EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR956379; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 200057 BP.
AC   CR956379;
DT   01-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 7)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-196P11 on chromosome 7
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-200057
RA   Whitehead S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 8a57b67a4dc39cc1c6d88d81dc5be5f7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL880251.
DR   ENA-CON; GL042162.
DR   ENA-CON; JH116061.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001646; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001651; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001652; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001653; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001654; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001655; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001656; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001657; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000022901; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000026472; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR956379.5:1-200057; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001830; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001836; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001837; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001838; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001840; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001841; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001845; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001846; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001847; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000027250; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000032979; sus_scrofa.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2323232; 17625002.
DR   GOA; K7GQ58.
DR   InterPro; IPR001373; Cullin_N.
DR   InterPro; IPR004939; APC_su10/DOC_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR014722; Rib_L2_dom2.
DR   InterPro; IPR021097; CPH_domain.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F1RU59; F1RU59_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7GQ58; K7GQ58_PIG.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   CH242-196P11 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..200057
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="7"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-196P11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-196P11"
FT   CDS             join(<7459..7579,8437..8537,9603..9664,10652..10797,
FT                   12672..12766,16189..16291,18377..19164)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000804"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6AI39 Sw:Q8CHH5"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFP9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13161.1"
FT                   SILEAAVNSILEC"
FT   mRNA            join(<7459..7579,8437..8537,9603..9664,10652..10797,
FT                   12672..12766,16189..16291,18377..22206)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW026001.1 Em:BE243853.1
FT                   Em:BX471595.1 Em:CF121830.1 Em:CF144027.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AL833540.1 Em:CR627378.1
FT                   Em:D87077.1 Em:D87077.2"
FT   polyA_signal    22166..22171
FT   polyA_site      22208
FT   mRNA            join(29156..29472,30045..30153,32197..32360,33604..33741,
FT                   34395..34504,34629..34843,35533..36866)
FT                   /gene="RPL7L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.2-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L7-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP166893.1 Em:BP433107.1
FT                   Em:BP436394.1 Em:BP460393.1 Em:BX917001.1 Em:CJ035784.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY609649.1"
FT   CDS             join(29459..29472,30045..30153,32197..32360,33604..33741,
FT                   34395..34504,34629..34837)
FT                   /gene="RPL7L1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000806"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L7-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6DKI1 Tr:Q6PBC2 Tr:Q6PFJ0
FT                   Tr:Q9D8M4 Tr:Q9DG69"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005998"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012988"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFQ0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13162.1"
FT   polyA_signal    35889..35894
FT   polyA_site      35919
FT   mRNA            join(94651..94824,97718..98038,99413..99457,100189..100697)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-005"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE752893.1 Em:BE753181.1
FT                   Em:CK772814.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC069336.1 Em:BC100772.1
FT                   Em:U16958.1 Em:U36759.1"
FT   mRNA            join(94656..94824,97016..97075,97718..98038,99413..99457,
FT                   100189..100810)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-001"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BP166287.1 Em:BX923446.1
FT                   Em:BX924912.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB193117.1"
FT   mRNA            join(94669..94824,97043..97075,97718..>98036)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-004"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE754259.1"
FT   mRNA            join(94736..94824,97016..97075,97718..98821)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-002"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB193119.1"
FT   CDS             join(94767..94824,97043..97075,97718..>98036)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000810"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13163.1"
FT   CDS             join(94767..94824,97016..97075,97718..98283)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000808"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13164.1"
FT                   QGFKR"
FT   CDS             join(94767..94824,97718..98038,99413..99457,100189..100442)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-005"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000811"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13165.1"
FT                   SPQ"
FT   CDS             join(94767..94824,97016..97075,97718..98038,99413..99457,
FT                   100189..100442)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000807"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13166.1"
FT   mRNA            join(97013..97075,99413..99457,100189..100256)
FT                   /gene="PTCRA"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.3-003"
FT                   /product="pre T-cell antigen receptor alpha"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB193118.1"
FT   polyA_signal    100773..100778
FT   polyA_site      100798
FT   mRNA            join(103399..103700,107350..107473,109186..109282,
FT                   110645..110767,111292..111409,111930..113773)
FT                   /gene="TNRC5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.4-001"
FT                   /product="trinucleotide repeat containing 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW357718.1 Em:BE014121.1
FT                   Em:BG385230.1 Em:BP143852.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY610363.1 Em:CR614568.1"
FT   mRNA            join(103459..103700,107350..107972)
FT                   /gene="TNRC5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.4-002"
FT                   /product="trinucleotide repeat containing 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CJ015684.1"
FT   CDS             join(103526..103700,107350..107473,109186..109282,
FT                   110645..110767,111292..111409,111930..112144)
FT                   /gene="TNRC5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000805"
FT                   /product="trinucleotide repeat containing 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O15412 Tr:Q8C0C5 Tr:Q9BT09
FT                   Tr:Q9BT09 Tr:Q9DAU1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021852"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5GFQ5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13167.1"
FT                   EL"
FT   mRNA            join(109025..109282,110645..110767)
FT                   /gene="TNRC5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.4-005"
FT                   /product="trinucleotide repeat containing 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE485657.1"
FT   mRNA            join(110482..110767,111292..111409,111930..111996)
FT                   /gene="TNRC5"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.4-003"
FT                   /product="trinucleotide repeat containing 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE809244.1"
FT   polyA_site      112648
FT   polyA_signal    113752..113757
FT   polyA_signal    113756..113761
FT   polyA_site      113773
FT   mRNA            join(126935..127214,128183..128310,128751..128867,
FT                   129007..129149,129249..129370,129449..129973)
FT                   /gene="GNMT"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.5-001"
FT                   /product="glycine N-methyltransferase"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE235679.1 Em:BG384696.1
FT                   Em:BG713399.1 Em:BP144649.1 Em:BP442606.1 Em:CJ005657.1
FT                   Em:DN515891.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF101477.1 Em:BC032627.1
FT                   Em:D13307.1 Em:D13308.1 Em:X62250.1"
FT   CDS             join(126970..127214,128183..128310,128751..128867,
FT                   129007..129149,129249..129370,129449..129620)
FT                   /gene="GNMT"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000812"
FT                   /product="glycine N-methyltransferase"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13255 Sw:Q29513 Sw:Q29555
FT                   Sw:Q9QXF8 Tr:Q6P607 Tr:Q8C4E3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014369"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029063"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFQ6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13168.1"
FT   misc_feature    129081
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH242-96L23"
FT   polyA_signal    129795..129800
FT   mRNA            complement(join(129809..130391,130550..130689,
FT                   130821..130898,131005..131121,131411..131519,
FT                   131762..131823,131942..132147,132231..132363,
FT                   132503..132579,132753..132948,133304..133512,
FT                   133842..133953,134541..134674,134759..134861,
FT                   137084..137167,138427..138557,140020..140963))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-001"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG895679.1 Em:BI342517.1
FT                   Em:BI975965.1 Em:BM257452.1 Em:C82423.1 Em:CB463625.1
FT                   Em:CK831004.1 Em:CR383423.1 Em:DN134677.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB051076.1 Em:AB168351.1
FT                   Em:BC033487.1 Em:BC048331.1 Em:D83703.1"
FT   polyA_site      129822
FT   polyA_site      complement(129929)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(129945..129950)
FT   CDS             complement(join(130255..130391,130550..130689,
FT                   130821..130898,131005..131121,131411..131519,
FT                   131762..131823,131942..132147,132231..132363,
FT                   132503..132579,132753..132948,133304..133512,
FT                   133842..133953,134541..134674,134759..134861,
FT                   137084..137167,138427..138557,140020..140901))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000802"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P54777 Sw:Q13608 Sw:Q13608
FT                   Sw:Q99LC9 Tr:Q8BJH7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003959"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFQ7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13169.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(130255..130391,130550..130689,
FT                   130821..130898,131005..131121,131411..131519,
FT                   131762..131823,131942..132147,132231..132363,
FT                   132503..132579,132753..132948,133304..133512,
FT                   133842..133953,134541..134674,134759..134861,
FT                   137084..137167,138080..138243,140284..140901))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000803"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003959"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFQ8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13170.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(130255..130391,130550..130689,
FT                   130821..130898,131005..131121,131411..131519,
FT                   131762..131823,131942..132147,132231..132363,
FT                   132503..132579,132753..132948,133304..133512,
FT                   133842..133953,134541..134674,134759..134861,
FT                   137084..137167,138080..138243,140284..140901))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-002"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB051077.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(130852..130898,131005..131121,
FT                   131411..131694))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-005"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF706604.1 Em:BF706630.1
FT                   Em:BF706704.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(132752..132948,133304..133650))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-004"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AV603813.1 Em:BI539290.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(134620..134861,137084..137415))
FT                   /gene="PEX6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.6-003"
FT                   /product="peroxisomal biogenesis factor 6"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG608526.1"
FT   mRNA            join(144196..144481,149847..149924,161321..161537,
FT                   161796..161995,162075..162185,162305..162397,
FT                   162804..162934,163074..163133,163240..163348,
FT                   163542..163595,163888..164058,164162..164289,
FT                   164954..165055,165150..165222,165364..165480,
FT                   165840..167037)
FT                   /gene="PPP2R5D"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.7-001"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B
FT                   (B56), delta isoform"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE032621.1 Em:CN157836.1
FT                   Em:CN159769.1 Em:CO610093.1 Em:CX009718.1 Em:DN125629.1
FT                   Em:DN936708.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB053464.1 Em:BC001095.2
FT                   Em:BC001175.1 Em:BC010692.1 Em:BC010716.1"
FT   CDS             join(144455..144481,149847..149924,161321..161537,
FT                   161796..161995,162075..162185,162305..162397,
FT                   162804..162934,163074..163133,163240..163348,
FT                   163542..163595,163888..164058,164162..164289,
FT                   164954..165055,165150..165222,165364..165480,
FT                   165840..165977)
FT                   /gene="PPP2R5D"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000818"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 2, regulatory subunit B
FT                   (B56), delta isoform"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q28653 Tr:Q6NWX4 Tr:Q6P3P7
FT                   Tr:Q7TNL5 Tr:Q91V89 Tr:Q99PC9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFQ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002554"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFQ9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13171.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(166500..167308,167876..167978,
FT                   168065..168427,168833..168868))
FT                   /gene="MEA1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.8-003"
FT                   /product="male-enhanced antigen 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW426808.1 Em:AW485655.1
FT                   Em:BF078776.1 Em:CX592123.1 Em:DN504959.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB168204.1 Em:BT009831.1
FT                   Em:CR606344.1 Em:D17341.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(166780..167308,167876..167978,
FT                   168065..168344,168722..168809))
FT                   /gene="MEA1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.8-002"
FT                   /product="male-enhanced antigen 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE722323.1 Em:CB220780.1
FT                   Em:DN346287.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC001754.1 Em:D17340.1 Em:L10400.1
FT                   Em:M27937.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(166780..167308,167876..167978,
FT                   168065..168344,168833..168927))
FT                   /gene="MEA1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.8-001"
FT                   /product="male-enhanced antigen 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF707053.1 Em:CJ009255.1
FT                   Em:CJ015883.1 Em:CK451116.1 Em:DN642661.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK008194.1 Em:AK008305.1
FT                   Em:AK010863.1 Em:BC089978.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(166916..167308,167876..167978,
FT                   168065..168344,168789..168872))
FT                   /gene="MEA1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.8-004"
FT                   /product="male-enhanced antigen 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK010904.1 Em:L10401.1 Em:M27938.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(166920)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(166936..166941)
FT   polyA_signal    167008..167013
FT   polyA_site      167028
FT   CDS             complement(join(167157..167308,167876..167978,
FT                   168065..168334))
FT                   /gene="MEA1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000819"
FT                   /product="male-enhanced antigen 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q16626 Sw:Q29407"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q95313"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009685"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q95313"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13172.1"
FT                   LQARQATPAWK"
FT   mRNA            join(168930..169273,169455..169594)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-005"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AU296686.1"
FT   mRNA            join(169396..169591,171046..171162,171694..171930,
FT                   172110..172286,172442..172557,172737..172808,
FT                   173036..173249,173329..173415,173530..173638,
FT                   173757..173830,173956..174034,174122..174487)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-004"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK079082.1"
FT   mRNA            join(169396..169591,171046..171162,171694..171930,
FT                   172110..172286,172442..172557,172737..172808,
FT                   173036..173249,173329..173415,173530..173638,
FT                   173757..173830,173956..174034,175147..175770)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-003"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB053465.1 Em:AJ278127.1
FT                   Em:AK004964.1 Em:BC018154.1 Em:BC079035.1"
FT   mRNA            join(169429..169584,171718..171930,172110..172286,
FT                   172442..172557,172737..172808,173036..173249,
FT                   173329..173415,173530..173638,173757..173830,
FT                   173956..174034,175147..175785)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-001"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ924706.1 Em:AU296686.1
FT                   Em:BP168976.1 Em:BP171455.1 Em:BP442322.1 Em:CJ029332.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB055925.1 Em:BC012987.2
FT                   Em:BC021546.1 Em:CR593356.1 Em:CR612447.1"
FT   mRNA            join(169521..169584,171718..171930,172110..172286,
FT                   172442..172557,172737..172808,173036..173249,
FT                   173329..173415,173530..173638,173757..173830,
FT                   173956..174205)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.10-001"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BT021774.1 Em:BT021841.1"
FT   mRNA            join(171591..171930,172442..172557,172737..172808,
FT                   173036..173249,173329..173415,173530..173638,
FT                   173757..173830,173956..174034,175147..175785)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-002"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK097719.1"
FT   CDS             join(171777..171930,172110..172286,172442..172557,
FT                   172737..172808,173036..173249,173329..173415,
FT                   173530..173638,173757..173830,173956..174185)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000835"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFR1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006652"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011498"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13173.1"
FT                   IYLWRVNWKEK"
FT   CDS             join(171777..171930,172110..172286,172442..172557,
FT                   172737..172808,173036..173249,173329..173415,
FT                   173530..173638,173757..173830,173956..174034,
FT                   174122..174185)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000833"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011498"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13174.1"
FT   CDS             join(171777..171930,172110..172286,172442..172557,
FT                   172737..172808,173036..173249,173329..173415,
FT                   173530..173638,173757..173830,173956..174034,
FT                   175147..175213)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000832"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011498"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13175.1"
FT   CDS             join(171777..171930,172442..172557,172737..172808,
FT                   173036..173249,173329..173415,173530..173638,
FT                   173757..173830,173956..174034,175147..175213)
FT                   /gene="KLHDC3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.9-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000831"
FT                   /product="kelch domain containing 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8N7S8 Tr:Q9W3D5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006652"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011498"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13176.1"
FT   polyA_signal    175750..175755
FT   polyA_signal    175761..175766
FT   polyA_site      175781
FT   polyA_site      175785
FT   mRNA            join(175866..176248,179483..179630,179761..179827,
FT                   179906..180010,180295..180369,180500..180617,
FT                   181030..183156)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.11-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate chromosome 6
FT                   open reading frame 153 (C6orf153)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AJ658368.1 Em:BP144806.1
FT                   Em:BP149526.1 Em:BP153608.1 Em:BP436108.1 Em:BP439172.1
FT                   Em:BP441694.1 Em:CJ037300.1 Em:CN158488.1 Em:DN128060.1
FT                   Em:DN352580.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF161371.1 Em:BC011933.2
FT                   Em:BT021772.1"
FT   CDS             join(176158..176248,179483..179630,179761..179827,
FT                   179906..180010,180295..180369,180500..180617,
FT                   181030..181166)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.11-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000836"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate chromosome 6
FT                   open reading frame 153 (C6orf153)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q91X71 Tr:Q96EU6 Tr:Q9BRF6
FT                   Tr:Q9P0C8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFR5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009292"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13177.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(185794..186849,187062..187267,
FT                   187351..187477,187838..187983,188679..188982,
FT                   189094..189313,189450..189631,192404..192586,
FT                   192679..192785,193034..193192,193523..193656,
FT                   193977..194152,194293..194388,194610..194715,
FT                   195155..195360,195789..196016,197164..197269,
FT                   197356..197596,199541..199769,200030..>200056))
FT                   /gene="CUL7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.12-001"
FT                   /product="cullin 7"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AM024623.1 Em:BE012980.1
FT                   Em:BE235041.1 Em:BF077550.1 Em:BG383119.1 Em:BI345713.1
FT                   Em:CA510488.1 Em:CA512155.1 Em:CN787421.1 Em:DN281439.1
FT                   Em:DN539618.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK172882.1 Em:BC033647.1
FT                   Em:CR858277.1 Em:D38548.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(186460)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(186474..186479)
FT   CDS             complement(join(186526..186849,187062..187267,
FT                   187351..187477,187838..187983,188679..188982,
FT                   189094..189313,189450..189631,192404..192586,
FT                   192679..192785,193034..193192,193523..193656,
FT                   193977..194152,194293..194388,194610..194715,
FT                   195155..195360,195789..196016,197164..197269,
FT                   197356..197596,199541..199769,200030..>200056))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="CUL7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-196P11.12-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000834"
FT                   /product="cullin 7"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q14999 Sw:Q80TT8 Sw:Q8IWT3
FT                   Tr:Q6PB63"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFR6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001373"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004939"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016158"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFR6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13178.1"
FT                   FR"
FT   misc_feature    200057
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-196P11"
SQ   Sequence 200057 BP; 52762 A; 48357 C; 50223 G; 48715 T; 0 other;
     gatcactaca tgatttcgta gatttcaaat tcctccagca gcacccagcc tgcactgggt        60
     gtgagatttc gggagtgatc accactgaag tctccagcgc tctttgcccc tccctgttcc       120
     tccctgtcca gctcagcctg cctgccttgc cgctgtctct tcagacattt agacttcaca       180
     ctctagacac tcttgttttt tcctttcctt ctgtaccttt aatcagttac caaatcctac       240
     agattcttct ttgaatgtct catatccatt ctttcttata gtaatgaaaa tagtggtcat       300
     attattaaca actggtgctt accaggggct gtctgtgtta tttctttttt tttttttgtc       360
     tttttgtctt ttgttgttgt tgttgctatt tcttgggccg cacccacggc atatggaggt       420
     tcccaggcta ggggttgaat cggagctgta gccaccggcc tacgccagag ccacagcaac       480
     gcgggatccg agccgcctct gcaacctaca ccacagctca cggcaacgcc ggatcttcaa       540
     cccactgagc aagggcaggg accgaacccg caacctcatg gttcctagtc ggatttgtta       600
     accactgcgc cacaacggga actcctgtct gtgttatttc taattcttat cttggggcta       660
     ctggtagcat tgtcgttcgc atttcacagt caaggagatg gaggttcaga gcatgggcaa       720
     gctgctgtaa aggtggacgt tgcctgcagc cgtctctctc ctttccacat ctggaccctg       780
     agctggattt tgacagggga cagcagtata atgggggcga tgagagctgg attaggaatc       840
     atagctcact tataggtcct gctctgccag tggctgggct tgtgatctaa gttcacagct       900
     tacactggga gccctagttt tctcttcttg aaaatgaaga tccctagaat catgtgggga       960
     gctttgtaaa aatatggatg cctgggtctc acccccataa attcttcttt tttttttttt      1020
     gtctttttgt ctttttaggg tcacaccggc ggcatatgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtcc      1080
     agtcaaagct gtagcttcca gcctatacca cagccacagc aatgcaggat ctgagccaca      1140
     tctgcgacct acatcacagc tcacggcaac gccgtatcct taaccactga gccacaacgg      1200
     gaactcctca ccctcataaa ttctgattta aacagtctgg attagacaaa taccacatga      1260
     tatcacttac atctggaatc taatatacgg cacaagtgaa cctttccaca gaaaagaaaa      1320
     atcatggact tggagaacag acttatggtt gccaaggggg agggggaggg agtggaatgg      1380
     attgggaatt tggggttaat ggatgcaaac tattaccttt ggaatggata agcaatgaga      1440
     tcctgctgta tagccctggg aactagagct agtcacttaa gatggagcat gataatgtga      1500
     gaaaaaggaa tgtatatgtg tatgtgtgac tgggtcccct tgctgtacag tagaaaattg      1560
     acagaacact gtaaaccagc tataatggaa taaattaaaa tcattaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      1620
     ccatctgaat taaaggctcc agacattaac atttttcaag agctccccaa gtgactctaa      1680
     agtacaacca ggagtgaaga ccgctgggct aggtgatttc caagacccat tcatattgta      1740
     attagacaac tggaacaatt gtctgggtga ttaatctgcc ttcagcctct tcctaaagtc      1800
     tggcttccac cgcattaatc ttcttcagac acttgctctg tgacctgaac caaatcgtct      1860
     gggagcttcc cattgcacag gagaaagtac aaacttctag gctggccatt aagggtctca      1920
     agttgaaccc cctccaggtt agccaggctg gatccctcat ggttccccaa ataggccaga      1980
     ctcatcgcga gcctccagcc ttagctgtgg gtattcactg aatgtccttt ccccgctggt      2040
     ctaaacgcct ccctccctca tggcgtccaa agcccctgga agaatgaacc ctttctcagt      2100
     ccctctgctg atgtcttctc tgcacttttt gtttctactg cccaccacgt gcatagtcac      2160
     tgtgccattt ccttcactga tttggcctct gctggcagcc cagggccacg ttcagggata      2220
     caccagaatc ctgcaggcag gaggcagcag atgagctgac agccacaaga cagtacttga      2280
     agtgtcccgg gggaagcagt ccagagcacc aggctccgtc caaaaaggag cctctcacct      2340
     agatggggtg gtttgggcag atttcagtga aatagtggtg tctgactgag ccctacaaag      2400
     ggagacggaa gagttagcca gtttgggagg gtttgagcaa agaacgttca ggcagtgaaa      2460
     tcagcacgtg caaagcctgg agagagaaga gagcacagag ggcactccgg gggaaggaaa      2520
     gcatgttcaa gtgagacgga aagactggag gtgggaaagg tagtgagcag acactagatc      2580
     atacagaccc ttgaggtcat attgaggagc cagaggcaca ccctaagcat gaagtagcga      2640
     agactcacac tagcccacag gcggcagcag tggtggggag tgcatggatt tgaggcaggt      2700
     tagatagaac tgttgattga ctggctatcg tggaggaata agggtgactc agaggttcct      2760
     ggtggtgaca cccaggttca ccgaaataga gaacgtggga agaaactgtg gttggaagag      2820
     acgttctgag ttacatttag gatacgtttg tcaaatgtga ggtacatgtg ggaccaccac      2880
     gctgtttggg aaacagctgc ctgtgctggt ccccagcatg aaatgtggac taaattgtga      2940
     ttggccggtt gagcagcatg tgtctgacaa tgaaacaatc aggatgagtg tgtaaatggg      3000
     gtggaagaac agccagaaga gaaccccaga gcacctcagc acttaggggg tggacacaga      3060
     aagaggagtc catgggtaag actcagaata ttccagagag gaggagtaaa accaataggg      3120
     ttcaagattt tagaaggcaa gaaaggaaaa cgtggcaggt gggagggctg gggtccacgg      3180
     agcggaggag tgtcactggg aagcgggcgg gaggaggaag gaggcaggtg ttgaccttgg      3240
     ttaagacttg tttgcatgga gtgtaaacaa atatgtggaa gccagtttgc agtagactga      3300
     gtgagcagag atgccctcca gaaaatgaca gccgctccaa tgaggaggcg gggtcggggg      3360
     acgagctgtt tttctaagac atgggaaagg attgagcttt cttgaaagcg tatgggaagg      3420
     agaaggacac gaattccaga acattggtgg gattctgtgt agaaaaaagg aaggatgctt      3480
     cttgcattgt accaagaaaa gggggaaggg atgagtgggg tgcaggtggg gttgtggctt      3540
     tggtggtaga aagttgaatg aattctcacc tggctgacag gtttgaagac catgaaatag      3600
     ccttctgtgg aaaatgagca aggagctggc ccggggaaag agaagatggc tggtcaggga      3660
     cgagggcctg aggttggacg ccataattgt ggtgcgctgc tgctggttgg gtttgggtgg      3720
     gcctgcgtgt tttccagacg gtaaacttgc agagggcaaa gactgagtgt gctgtccttc      3780
     ggctgccttc tctgtgatta ccacggtgtg gtgtgtacag ttaacaccca aatgtcttag      3840
     tcaaggttgc agctctcaga aattcaccct aacatgttta gcaaaaaaga acgtcttgaa      3900
     gttcccatca tggctcagtg gttaaaaaat ccgactggga accatgaggt tgcaggttcg      3960
     atccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat ccagcgttgc cgtaagctat ggtgtaggtt      4020
     gcagacgtgg ctcgggtctg atgttgctgt ggctctggcg taggctggtg gctatagctc      4080
     caattcgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccgcggg agcggcccaa gaaaatggca      4140
     aaaagaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaacatc ttgtgtagtg tagctccttt      4200
     ataaaggtca gaatccaggc tctctgctat tcccttggcc tcctctctcc ttcagggctt      4260
     tctctcactc ttctggacca aaatagccac cccaggccaa ctttacaatg ttacccaagc      4320
     atttaacaga ggccggcaag agcagtaatt tccaaaactt agcaatgcat caaaatcaac      4380
     tggagagctt ttttaaggag ttcccatctt ggctcagcag ttaacgaaca caactagcat      4440
     ccatgaggat gcgggtttga tccctggcct tgctcagtgg gttaaggatt cagcgttgcc      4500
     gtgagctgtg gtgcaggtca cagacactgc tcggatcctg cattgctatg gctttggcat      4560
     aggtcggcag ctaacctcca attcgacccc tagcctggga acctccatat gtcaaggtgc      4620
     agtcctaaag agattaaaaa aacaaaataa aaataaaaat aaaactggag agctttttaa      4680
     aatcatagat tcctaagccc tacattggat ttctgaatca gtctttgcgg atggaaccca      4740
     gaaacgtctt tcagaagctc tcccaagtga ttgtgattta attagtctat agacttgaac      4800
     ttgagaacta ctgcccttgg gattccctcc ccatctccct atgctaaatt ccaaggagag      4860
     agagtttggt tggcccacct ggggtcctgg cagcctcaac cagaggaacc aggcctgggc      4920
     tacaggaggc ggtagccatg ccgggcctct gctgctctcc atggagtctt agttcaaatt      4980
     aggaaaaagt gcccctctga gcaaagatgg aaaaggcacc cctctgggta gagaagctgc      5040
     tctctggaag gcttggcact ttctcattgg ggaaaggtgc ttgcaccctg gactctagct      5100
     cttaacgccc tctggaaggc aggtgacaga ccttcgtgtg ttctctagcg tgccagctcc      5160
     tgctcttttc tgtagcaggc gggcaattcc cagagaagag catgggctgg gaaatcccag      5220
     tggcctccct cactcagcaa atgcgtatta tttaatgact gtcatcgtgc taatttgtca      5280
     ttggtgtctt ataaagtgta ccacagacat atagaggatc ctgatccact gggggtttct      5340
     ctatgttcac atgatatcaa gagatgcaca ggatccaaag agttaaaatt gtccattgag      5400
     ggagttccct ggtaatctag tggttaggac tcagctcttt cactagtgtg gcctgggctc      5460
     aatccctggt ctggaaatag atcccgcatc aagccactac atgccacagc accctccccc      5520
     ccaaaaaaag aaaattgtgc attgatccca gcagagttct tggagctaaa ttcttttttt      5580
     ggggaggggg gctgcaccct cggcatatgg aggttctcat gctaggggtc caatcagagc      5640
     tatagctgcc agcctacacc acagccacag caacacagga tctgagccgt gtctgcagcc      5700
     tacaccacag ctcatggcaa caccagatcc ttaacccact gagcgaggcc aggatcaaac      5760
     ctgcaacatc atggttccta ggcagatttg tttccactgc gccatgatgg gaactcctag      5820
     agctaagttc ttaacaaaat atcaaaatat gaagaaaatg catttcaaga gaaaatctct      5880
     taggagttta gaggaaaaaa aaaaacacag aatgataaat tttatttctg gaaaagattg      5940
     tcaattgggg gggcaaccta agttttgggg ggatgaaagt tgctggctcc tggggagggg      6000
     gattgaacta ggaggaagtc cagaccccta tgacttacgc tgcaatggaa ttcattcact      6060
     tcttttctag gttttttttt atttttgctt tttagggctg cacccatggt gtatggaagt      6120
     tcccaggcta ggggtggaat tggagctaca gctgccagcc acagccacag ccacagccac      6180
     agccacagga atgccggatc cgagccgcct ctgtggccta caccacagct catggcaatg      6240
     ccagatcctt aacccactga gcaaggccag ggattgaacc cacaacctca tagttaccag      6300
     ctggattgtt tccactgagc cactacagga attcccagta ggaatttcat ttaacaacta      6360
     tttactgtgt gctcactatg gtgtcaggcc gttctggtgc cgggggtgca gacagcattc      6420
     ctgctctgaa aataagagga ctgagaatga cagtgaccag caaacatctg gaaagagggt      6480
     ggcccctggg gcagcagagc tttccaaaca tagacctggt gaatggaggg gactctagtg      6540
     tggtggccac accgagtgcc cagtagttta cggttctaat accacccagg ccctaccggc      6600
     cccacccaac ctctgtgttg ccccacataa cagcaggaca gcaggagaga tccttttggt      6660
     cccgagggag gggacaccat gaggcacact ggcagtaact ggaaggtcaa aatgcactca      6720
     tgccagcatt cagcccccac actggtgggt gcgcaggcgg gggctgtggc acactgccac      6780
     cagaacctgc tcaaacgaga cgtgtcccct gtaggtagta ccttgctttt agacacagca      6840
     ctactttatc cctttcagtg atgacaaatt ttcaagcttt ggcattagat tagattgttc      6900
     agaggttttt tgttttgttt ttctttttac tcttttgtat tgtgaaaaaa cacatttaga      6960
     gaaaaatgta tgaaacatac atgtacagtt aacaaataat taaaaagcaa atactcatgc      7020
     atctctccac tccagaaata gaatatcacc attcccccca aaacaccccc ttctctgcac      7080
     cctcctagcc tcaccccttc tcctgtcttt tatggtgatt tcttccttgc ttttcttaaa      7140
     gttgtactac ttatgtatat atggattttg ttttctttgt ccagtagctg gaagtaagtc      7200
     gttcaaggtc atgtctgata aagtgggaga tcaggccggg taatgccatt tatttatttt      7260
     tttaaaaagt catgtgctcc cgaagcagta aggatgttat cttggcagtt ttcccgatgt      7320
     gataggagaa taatgttttt aaacttttgt ttgagaatct aacctgacag tgatgctgga      7380
     gagtctgtga caggcttggt gggcgtatta agggatctct taaagctttt acctatgaaa      7440
     ttaatttttc cctttgggca atatttttca caggctcaga aaaaaagttt gaatcagacg      7500
     tcccccattt ctgcttccaa gactgcagag ggcttgaggc aagcgcccat cccaggcctc      7560
     ttgagcactg cgctgccagg ttaggattcc gcgccgtgag ctctgctcag ccagtcccga      7620
     cctcccagca cctgggaaca ctttgcgcac ccctcatcct gcatccgtcc ttttcatctt      7680
     ttcaacccca ccttcactct gatcctttct tctttctgtt tcctttccac ccaaataata      7740
     tataccattt tgcatctgta ctaccatttt atgtaccact aaaaacgaaa gcacttctct      7800
     ttaaattaca acacagtaaa tgatatgaaa aaaaatgtgc tacttagaaa caataacatc      7860
     tagtatcata tggcacgtga cacttggtga ctatcttcac cttgctttgc atgtgtatag      7920
     ttagaatccc tccccctcac ccaagacgga aagtaaaaaa gtaccctggg ctgtgtcttc      7980
     cacttcttct aaagctttga acacctgcac tactcagtgc tagaaaagat gaaagcatgg      8040
     acactcctag tcagtcccct agttgggcct ctcttccctt aaattgtggg tattttgggg      8100
     ttcgttagtc ctgacggatt accagtttga ggccgattcc tcagacctca gataatttga      8160
     aactggaacc ccgacggctt tcatttatta ccatttattt atgtgtttat ttctatttat      8220
     tacctaaatg agcttttata atccccacct ctgcctctag agctttggta gatgaatgaa      8280
     tgtatttcct gctttccttc ctcaccatga gcatccatga taaagaaatc ccgctcggat      8340
     gttccagagt cagtgttacc ttggcctctt ggggttacac catgggcctg atttactgtt      8400
     tctgttgaac attgtcttat gtgttcatgc taacagggca ggattctgga agcaaagtta      8460
     taccggcgtc cttaggaacc acacagccac agcaggaaaa agtagttgga tcatctcctg      8520
     gccagccagc tgtacaggta gaagccagtt tgcactgctt cttaatgctc agcgtgactg      8580
     aaagaaaatc cgatcgtgtc accttctgct tgctagctgt gtctggcatc atctctgcag      8640
     tcagccctgt cgccctgtgt gcccacgaaa gtgttctccg aagaccttcc ctgtgggcca      8700
     ggcctcgtta tgttaatgtc gataggatga acgtgtctgt tctattgctc tcttatttac      8760
     agtgctgtca tttccccatg aattaataat ataccaacag ccaacacatg gttggcactc      8820
     aaaaaatgta gtttactgtt gaatggtaat gatcactatc ttgtcaaaag tacatctgtt      8880
     cctcttagtt atatacagat ttttctttcc tgcaggattg tgtgaagtag tcagtcccta      8940
     tggtctttta acccatccac tggtctaaaa aggaggggga tattttttgt tttgttttct      9000
     aaggccttgg tttcttcccc atcaaactca ccagttaata cataaataaa atttaatgaa      9060
     attcgtaata gactagacct gctggaatac tcagtgaagg aactggctca gttctcaggt      9120
     ctgacttaag gcatatatat tccttaccgt gatctaggaa acgccctggt agatcacaca      9180
     cctgggccag atgtgacagg agttcagaag tgcttgctcc ctcacttacc acagagaaga      9240
     tgaattaagg accagctact aaattttcag atgttcatgg agccactact tacaaatatg      9300
     tttcttcaaa aatgtaatga agcatttata gagggagttg ggaatcgagg ccttaaggtc      9360
     caagctgcat ccttccaagg aactgatagc actgctttcc ataatctcga tccagtgcaa      9420
     ctttgccaca taggtctgtg gacgtccttg tttcattttt cagcagggca gattctgcat      9480
     tcttagaatc tggtcttaat acggagttga aaatatttga aacatagtga cctttatgtg      9540
     taactgtatc ctacttattt tttccacaaa agggactaat aagagatgtg ttttgtcttt      9600
     aggtggatgg tcattcggga ggacaaaaga ggcctgctgc aaaacaacta actaaaggag      9660
     ctttgtgagt taccttcgga aatgacccat tttgaacatt tttctaagtt cctaaccttc      9720
     aacaaatata cagcagaagt caggttataa tactatatat tttttaaagt atactttgaa      9780
     aatctttccc tatagtatat ttccattagg acctatatat gtgtgtatga atatatatat      9840
     acatgagtgt atatatatgt gtgtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      9900
     gtgtgtgtac ctcaaatgta gtttgagcct actgtttacc cctttgttgg gtttttggtt      9960
     ttttcttttt actttttagg gttacatctg tggcatatgg aggttcccaa gctaagggtc     10020
     cagtcagagc tacagctgcc ggcctacacc acagccacag caacatcaga tctgagctga     10080
     tctgcgacct acaccacagc tcatggcaac gccagatcct taacccactg agcaaggcca     10140
     gggatcgaac ccgcaatctc atggttccta gttacattcg tttctgctgt gccacgatgg     10200
     gaactcctac ccttttgttc ttaaagagaa tagttctttg tctttttagc aaccacgctt     10260
     accctttgac tggcctcagg gtctctgagg agaagcatgg tgtgataaag gcccatgttg     10320
     agaacagaaa tgttaccata accttagctg accaatgggc aggcattgcc aaggcctgtg     10380
     tgagcgcctg aacttgaatg gctggtggga acactgtgct ttggaggcca gggtcatagt     10440
     ttgagtcccc cgtggagatg gctagactaa actctaagcc catcatggta tacaaagtat     10500
     aaaactgaag aaaaaaaaaa aaacaaagca gagctgctct gctataatac taacgttcct     10560
     gtgggtctta ttgtctttgc atgcaaatag cctttgtggt tagatttctt accatggctt     10620
     cacagcgaca ttggcaattt ctctttcaca gcattctcca gcagttacag agggaccaag     10680
     cccacgcggt gacacccgac aaaagtcagt tccgatcact gagcgacgcg gtgcaaaggc     10740
     tgctctccta ccacgtgtgc cagggctcca tgcccacgga ggaggacctg aggaaaggta     10800
     aacaggctgg gcctcagagg gctaccctga caccagaggc cctcctaggg acgccccacg     10860
     gaagagccag agccatgtag ccctggacgg tagccaggcc taacttgtcc ccaacgtact     10920
     cgatttccca gtccttgttc agggttgtga cttcttattc tcaacattct gtgacaggat     10980
     ccccacatat ctgagtattt tatggacaca tttgagggca gggaatccag agcattgttt     11040
     ggactctggc tacagacagg acagccccag actaggtgct ctgcatggtg ctttaggcac     11100
     agtccttgtg tttaagcaga atacataccc ttagctgtta ctatccgttt taggaattag     11160
     atagatatca tagcccccaa aaagcagtgc tatatgtcaa gaaactggca aaaagtatag     11220
     cgataaggtc cccttatccc agcctagaac ctgacccatt ctgacctcag gccccgctgc     11280
     ctctcccagc tgtgctgcgg ccgagttcac cctccttcgc accacccttc ccagccttga     11340
     ccccgtcatg ccctccactg ccttcatctc cctgcggctg ccaccagtct tgctccctga     11400
     gccgagtctc tgatcagagc agccgtcagt ccccatgacc tttcctggag gtcccgggaa     11460
     gagcagccac gtccaacatt aaatagggat gtggaggctc tgcaaagagt gaagtagaaa     11520
     aggtgaggcc tttgaagaca caaaaggaca gaccacagac cagttggtgt cattacgtga     11580
     aacaggtctt cccagcccag acagtaggac ttcacggtct caacaatttc atattttctt     11640
     gctattggaa ggaagtggtg gcttaggtca cgtaaattag tagatcattc tctgatgttt     11700
     gctgcttgtc tggttttctt ttatagatga tcttaaaggc attatggtat cctaattaga     11760
     gtaaagttaa actagtttta actttactag agtatcctaa ttagagtaaa gttaaactag     11820
     ttttaaaatg agtttcagga gttcctgtcg tggtgcagtg gttaaggaat ccgactagga     11880
     accatgaggt tgcgggttcg atccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttaacgat ctggcattgc     11940
     cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtc gcagacgcgg ctcggatccc gcgttgctgt ggctctggca     12000
     taggccggtg gctccagctc cgattcaacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccgtggg     12060
     agcggcccaa agaaatagca aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat gagtttcaga     12120
     gagttcccac tgtggcacag tgggataggc agtgtcttgg gagaactggg aagcacgttc     12180
     aatcccctgc ccagcacagt aggttaagga tccaacattg ccacagctgt ggcttaggtc     12240
     gcaattgtgg ctcggatctg atccctggct tgggatatgg cctggcctgt atactgcagg     12300
     ggggcgaaaa atgggggaaa aaaagaggag tttctggagt tccctggtgg cacagcaggt     12360
     tgagaatccg gtgttgtcac tgctgtggct caggttgctg ctgtggtgtg ggttcagtcc     12420
     ctggcctgag aacatccaca tactgtggca tgaccaaaaa aatttgttat gagtttctga     12480
     ggtcacaggc cagtgaacag tgagggaagc agtgcagaag catgatgatt aaccgaggaa     12540
     gagctaaacc aagaagagac agtgccggac gtgtttgaat aatggaagag caaagcgttt     12600
     cggccctaag cagtgaaaga ccaggtggtt ttttgcactc tcttactatt ttcctttctc     12660
     tctttttaaa gttgacaatg aattcgaaac agttgccact cagctcctaa aaaggaccca     12720
     agctatgctt aacaagtaca gatgcctgct tctggaagac gccatggtaa agttctgcta     12780
     ccaggcacat ttgtttctta aactccacag gtcacagctc ctaattcaga gagaaaaact     12840
     tcaaggaatt acattttccc aacatagttt aaaaggcaca gatacttaag gagttccttt     12900
     gtggtgcagt gggttaagga tctggtgttg taactccagc agctcctgtc actgctgtgc     12960
     catggactca gatcctggcc taggaactta aacatgccaa tggtgtggcc aaaaaaaaaa     13020
     gatagtgaca cttaaaattg taggaaaaaa cttatctttg actgtaccta ataccaacag     13080
     cagctacatt tgctgtgctt tacatggttg accacaatca gtgctattgt tttcctggtt     13140
     cccagtgagg agctagggcg ttggttaccc aatttgccca acattatatg gccagtaagt     13200
     ttgcagtgta actagcagag ctaggatgca gactaggacc accgaactcc cacccacact     13260
     ccaaggctgt ctactgcctc tcaccagctg gaagacatgg gagcggcctg gcaatactgt     13320
     tggtgaagat cgttcagagt aatatctgaa aagatgaggt ggtgacagac attaaaatta     13380
     gtttcgtctt gttttcaatt gagagatcac taatgtgtca taaaaatcat gcttattttc     13440
     taaatgtaca acctgatgga tttgagtatg ttcacaagac tgtgcaccca tcaccactcc     13500
     ctaattccag aacattctca tcgcccccaa ataaaaacta aaattagttt ttaaagcacc     13560
     agataattag agaaaggagt aagatagttc agaaaatgat agaccaaacc tgtctgagat     13620
     ttttagaagc tagaagcagt gctaaaatca tatagacgtt agcaaattga tctcttaagt     13680
     ggctttgagt cagctttaaa aatgtatctt gggggagttc cctggtggct tagcagatta     13740
     agaatctgtc attgtcactg ctgtgactca ggtcactgct gtggcgtggg ttctatccgt     13800
     agcccaggaa cttcttcatg tcgtggatgc agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtactttgg     13860
     gagattagct aaattacatt atacacatcg tgtatacagt atagtataaa tatgtgtatg     13920
     tatgtgtttt tactaaaatg tatatattta cagacatatc tcagagatac tgtgggtttg     13980
     gttatagaca acggcagtaa agtgaatatc gctttaaagt gattcacaca aactttttgg     14040
     tttcccagtg catgtaaaag ttatgtttat actatgctgt gctctacaat gtatgtagta     14100
     gtgttgcatc tgaagcaaca atgtgcatac cataatttta aaaattcatt cctaaaatat     14160
     gctaactaac cctcatctgt gccttcaagt gagttgtaat cattttgctg gctgaggttt     14220
     tgaaatattg ggataattac cagaatgggc tacagagaca ggaagtgagc aaatgttgga     14280
     aaaatggtgc tgatagactc tcttgactca gggttgccac aaaccttcaa ttaaaaaaaa     14340
     cccaggagtt ctcgtcgtgg cgcagtggtt aacgtatccg actaggaacc atgaggttgc     14400
     gggttcgatc cctggcctta ctcagtgggt taaggatcca gcattgccat gagctgtggt     14460
     ataggttgca gactcgactc ggatcctgtg ttgctgtggc tctggcgtag gccagtggct     14520
     acagctccga ttagacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg cctctggagc ggccctagaa     14580
     aaggcaataa aacaaaaaga caaacaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa acatagtatc     14640
     tgcaaagtgc aatgtaacaa agtgtgtcag tacttatata catttattaa aaaaaaaaaa     14700
     aagccacagc tgtggcacag gttgcagctg gggcacgggt ttgatccctg acccaggacc     14760
     ttcagtgtgc tgcagttgca gcaaaaaatt aataataata aaaataaaat tatactacca     14820
     aagtctgaaa ttgttgttct tatagttaag atttgattct atacagccaa aaataattct     14880
     aaggaaagcc ttaataaaaa aatataatta tagcatagta caatataaag tgaaacatcc     14940
     tattgaaaag atttccagga gttcctcttg tggctcagcg ggttaagaac ttgactagta     15000
     tccatgagga tattatgggt cctcactcag tgggttaagg atccagtgtt gctgaaagct     15060
     gtggcatagg tcacagatac agctcagatc tggcattgcc tttgctgtgg ctgtggtgta     15120
     ggccagcagc tacagctccc attcaacccc tagcctggga acctccatat gccacagggt     15180
     gccgccctca aaataaaaag aaaaaaaaag aaagaaaata tttccaacat attggaaatt     15240
     ttcttaggag gaaataagaa acgtacagaa caggagttcc atgatggctc agtggattaa     15300
     ggatctggca ttgtcactgc tgtggctctt gttactactt tggcttgggt tccatccctg     15360
     gccctggaat ttctgtgctg agagcctagc caagggaaaa aaaagtacag aacagtgtaa     15420
     gttactgcca tttttgtgca aaaataaaga cgaatgtaaa tttgagtgtg cacataaaat     15480
     atctctggag aagtttatta aactgcgtgg cacgatgctg gggaggcaaa gaaggaaggc     15540
     ttactttcac atctccttta gtaccttttg aagtttgtac cagtgttgta aattaccttt     15600
     tccccaaaag tgcaattttt ttaaaaaagc acatcctatg tatgtagcaa ggatacatgc     15660
     aacaaaatgg gaccggaacc tttagaccac attctccttt tctctttttt tcctttttgg     15720
     tttctttttt cttactggcc accctgtggc atatggagtt cctagaccag ggatcagatc     15780
     caagccacag ttgcaaccta agcccaccat tctcctttct gattgcttcc tttgtcccaa     15840
     agacacagag agatgtttgt acttgtatgc ttgctaaaag gcatctgagg agttcccgct     15900
     gtggcgcagt ggttaacgaa tctgactagg aaccatgagg ttgcaggttc agtgcctggc     15960
     cttgctcagt gggttaagga tccggcgttg ccgtgagctg tggtgtgggt cgcagacgca     16020
     gcttggatcc ctcattgctg tggctctggc gtaggccagt ggctacagct ctgattagac     16080
     ccctagcctg ggaacctccg tatgctgagg gagcggccct agaaaagaca aaaagacaaa     16140
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaggcatc tgaaatgact acagcctctc gtttgcagcg gatcaatccc     16200
     tctgctgaga tggtgatgat cgacagaatg ttcaaccagg aggagagagc tgccctctcc     16260
     cgggacaagc gtctggccct cgtggacccc ggtaagaaac ttcagagtaa aagcagagga     16320
     gagctgctgc catggttcag gagccgaggc tttggggaca ctgaaccaac ctttggggta     16380
     ggaggcctga aggtggatcc tggattccgg ggaataaaaa cccagagttg cgagcaagat     16440
     atgaatactc ttgagtaggt ctgtgtactg caaaatccca actgcaattt tccattccgt     16500
     taagtgattc tttttttttt aaatgttttt attatagttg atttacagtg ttgtgtcagt     16560
     tctactttat agcaaagtga cccagtcata catgtaaata tacattcttt ttctcatgta     16620
     aacctccatc atgttccatt acaagtggtc agatacagtt ccctgtgcta cacagcagga     16680
     cctcgttact tatccatcca ctccaaatgc agtagtttgc atcagttaaa tgattcttct     16740
     tcccattgtc aactcaaact tctcagtctt tctctagttt ttgagaacta aagaaagtca     16800
     gaaggcttcc cagaagcaac taaacctcag tggatggtgt tactatgtgc aaggcccccc     16860
     gggggtgggt gtatcagtga aactcggtcc ctgcccacag gctggtagac tgcagtgctc     16920
     cttgtaggta ccattctctc accctgttgg cttcctgcca gtgcatgtgt gccaggtttg     16980
     acccacattc tgcttttaaa aacgaattct tgggtttccc attgtggctc agtgggttaa     17040
     gaacctgaca ttgcgtctgt gaagatgcag gttcaatccc tgaccttgct cagtgggtta     17100
     aggatccagc atggccatga gctgtggtgc aggtctaaga tgcagctcga atctggtgtt     17160
     tctgtatctg tggtataggc ctgtagctat agctccaatt cgacctctag cctgggaact     17220
     tccatatgcc acaggtgtgc ccataaaaag aaaaaaaaaa tgaggagttc ccgtcgtggc     17280
     gcagtggtta aggaatccga ctaggaacca tgaggttgcg ggttcggtcc ctgcccttgc     17340
     tcagtgggtt aacgatacgg cgttgctgtc agctgtgggt aggttgcaga cgcggctcga     17400
     atcccgcgtt gttgtggctc tggcgtaggc tggtggctac agcttcgatt cgacccctaa     17460
     cctgggaacc tccatatgcc actggagtgg cccaagaaat agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     17520
     aaaatgagtt ctgtttattt ttttctagcc tttaaaatgt tttaaaccca gagttccctg     17580
     gtggctccat gagttaagga tctgctgttg tcactgccgt agcatgagtt tgattcctgg     17640
     cctggggaac ttccacatgc atagtcaaaa aaaagtttta aatcaaataa cttggagttc     17700
     ccatcgtggc tcagcagtaa tgaacccaac taatatccat gaggatgcag gttcaatccc     17760
     tggcctcact cagggagtta agtatccagc gttactgtgg ctgtgatgta ggccggcagc     17820
     tgcagctctg attggactcc tagccttgga acttccatat gcgacaggtg gggccctaag     17880
     aagaaaataa ataaaataat aacattaaaa tagttcatgg aatattggtt tttacacata     17940
     ctttcaccgt cctataaaag aaatgttgag gggttcccat cgtggtgcag cagaaacaaa     18000
     tccaactagg aacaatgagg ttgcgggttc gatccctggc ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat     18060
     ctgatattgc tgtggctgtg gcataggctg gcagctacag ctcctattca acccctatcc     18120
     tgggaatctc cgtttgctgc aggttctgtc cttaaaaagc aaaaacaaaa acaaaaaaga     18180
     gcaagggagc cctctagcat cttttcaaag aggtttgtcc tcccccaccc tgcgggtatt     18240
     gtgcttctgc gccttcctgg ctgtgaaaga ccgattcggt gggtgggccg ggctggagag     18300
     ggtgggtttg cactggccca ctgagggcct tcttctctca ttctttcatt aatgttctct     18360
     ttgttccctt ttccagaggg ttttcaggcc gatttctgtt gttccttcaa acccagtaaa     18420
     gctgctcctg agacgcagtt tggcaggagt gaccagccag gcagtaaagc agccagttct     18480
     gtgcatctgc cggccaaggc ccagagcaga gaccgagcca aaccaggcat ggcagaacca     18540
     acaaatcatg accaatttca tctagtgcct aatcacgtcg tggtctccgc agaaggaagc     18600
     atttccaaaa aaaccgaatg cctcagcaga gccctgaaat ttgacaaaat gggctcagtt     18660
     cagtaccaga gtgcgtccga cgacaaaggc agccggagag actccctgaa aggcagcgag     18720
     tgctcgcccg gcccggaagg acaccggaaa aactcgtcca gaccagacca cggtcctgag     18780
     agcaaaccct ccagcatcct agcggactct cacctggagc tgacgtgtaa cagctccttc     18840
     caggacaagt ctctgaggaa ttctccaaag aatgaggttt tacacacgga tatcatgcga     18900
     gggtccggcg agccgcagcc ggatctccag ctcacgaaga gcttagagac aacgtttaag     18960
     aacatcttgg aactcaaaaa ggctgggcgg cagccccaga gtgaccccac ggttagcggc     19020
     tctgtggagt tagacttccc cagcttttct ccaatggctt cgcaggaaaa ctgcctggaa     19080
     aagttcatcc cggaccacag tgaaggcgtc gtagaaacgg actccatttt agaagcagct     19140
     gtaaatagca tcctagagtg ttaatagccg cagtcctccc cgccccggcc cgggacccgc     19200
     ccgccccgcg gacaagtcac atccttccct ggcaaaagcg atggaaacgg tctcctgtct     19260
     ccagcctgct tgatctttca tcacaggtta ttctttctaa tctcgacccc atcctttgtt     19320
     tcagagcaat actcgtcgtg gttacaggga aatcctttag gaagactgat ccttgttaga     19380
     aagcagtctg ataggcccta cacatttcaa gtgtttggaa agtgcttaga gtcctttttt     19440
     gtttgtttta tttaaaaaaa gaaagaaaac actgtaactc agtgagatca cagtatactt     19500
     ggccctgggt aaaatcctga caatcataag tcgtttgaaa agaacaagac ttattaaaga     19560
     aaatcaaatg ggactgatag aagatacttt ttaaaaaaaa tatcccactg catctccaaa     19620
     ttttggcttt ggggggtggt gtcttggggt tgtggtggtc gggagaaccg tggctctccc     19680
     ctcagccggc tctgagcagt ccgtcccggc tgcccggacc cacagcccag gcgtgggcac     19740
     ccgcagcgca cacgcagggc tccgcagggc ttccttgttc atcgttcaag tgcttttctg     19800
     atgctcccag agcaaaacct caccttttcc gcatatccac gttgaatctc atctagggaa     19860
     cattttgttc tgagttgcga cagcatgact cgaggtaatc tcgccaggct aaataaaggc     19920
     aaagagaaac cagttaaaag gcacagtgta taggggaagc cggggtagag ccatgaggaa     19980
     tataatatgt atatatgtaa aagcatatat atgttaacta ttgagaaaaa aaacaagcgt     20040
     tttgcattct atcattggat ctagtcaaca tacaacgtat gtttttgttg gttgctgggt     20100
     tttgtttcat ttaacctctc ttcgcaccct ctcccacaac aaatagccaa gcgcatcaaa     20160
     agcactttca tttgaaaact atgttgtaat ttttcagttt aaacgttaag gggactttgg     20220
     ccttgtttct gcttcttgtt gtctgagaac ggtagtcgcc ccccaccccc accccgcagc     20280
     gatcattacc aaaacacaga caaaccaaag gtagccagcc ggccagccca ccaccgagag     20340
     gagagatctg agacacggga ttcccacttg agagccaaag gacagccctg tcacggtttg     20400
     tgtttggccc atgtccacgt tcgtgaacgt gacttagtgc tttatttatt tatatttctt     20460
     ttcagggagc tttccccatt ttcctctctt gtatacctgc cccaggccat cgagtttctg     20520
     ttgtcacttt catcctcaat gtcattgtaa ccggcagtat ctcccagcac tgggaaagcc     20580
     acatgtggcg ttgtgtgtac cctcatacgt acaggtgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gggtctgggc     20640
     tgttctgatc cggaggtcgt tttggctgcg gtgtgcacac gcccacccgc tctctccttt     20700
     cctctgtcca tctctctggc ttttgaggag cacccgctgg cctttcctct gactcgttgc     20760
     caggatctgc ctctggccgt tcccagaagg gggacgaccc cactggcatc gtgttgggca     20820
     tttcttttcc aggttggcct gtgatggaaa ggaaggcttc tgattcctag aaaacacagc     20880
     aacagaagtc ctagactctc cccgcccctt catcccctgc acaaagaaac ccttcgagac     20940
     agccagcctt caccttctcc ctgcccccgc ccccgagcca atagaaattg gaaaatctgg     21000
     gccgttttac ggttgccatg gtttccttac ttgtgccaat gtccaagtta cggattcccc     21060
     cttttcttgt attgtaacat attagaaaga taagttggtg ttgccagttg gaactttctg     21120
     tttgggcagc tctggggtga caccctgccc tgaaccccat gatttcagag gcccttcttc     21180
     tcttaggcct catgctcccc taattcctag caaggcttag ggatggtccc tcccgatcaa     21240
     attcttctca ttgtggaaag tcatgcccag aagccttcac gtatgaagtt acattaatta     21300
     cttaatcaat ggaattctta gaagacgaga taagcttcat gtacgttgtc acctctcttt     21360
     ctgccctgtt ctgccctgcc gccccagtcc tagcttttca atctaccatc tgaaagggtt     21420
     ctttaagccc tgacacctgt ctagcaaacg gagagcctaa tttaccaaaa tgaaacttgt     21480
     aaatttttgt gtccttgtat gtaagtttac tttttattga gggaagattc tagataatga     21540
     cgaatgacga ttacgaaatg tattttactc ctgtgattag gtcataactc gcatgtccag     21600
     gcccctctgg gaaagggtta gagctccgcc tgggatggcc aacattcact tgttcaggtt     21660
     ccttagtcaa aattcagttt tagaactact tgtactcagt aacaaaaatc attttctttc     21720
     tttctttttt tccccctttc tgttgttgtg gaaaagcgtg aatttgttat taagcgtttg     21780
     attttctgtg tccttaagta ctgcctaaag ataaaagcaa attttaaact ggcaattaag     21840
     aaaaagaact attttagctg tgaagaattt agtagatttt gttagattag ggaggcctta     21900
     cagactgact tgacttaaag aggacgcgtc actcactgtc agtgtggtgt gggctttatt     21960
     tgcttcaata ccttcatttg tatagtatgt ctcacttgaa attgctttgt atacattttg     22020
     taaaaatatt tataaaatgt tttgtaaaaa aaagtataac aaattgcagt ttattttgtt     22080
     atgttggata aatactgtta aaagaaacca gtcagtaact atattgttaa tccatggtta     22140
     ggaaatgttt agttggagat tacaaaatga aacaaccatt gcaatacagc caaagatttg     22200
     ggaaaatgtg caactgtgat tgtcttgatt ttgcaaagag gaatggccgc ttttcccaga     22260
     agaaaacggt aagtgttgag tgggagttct gttattaaat atatttatca ctatcaaaaa     22320
     gtagcccagc cagcaaaggg ataggatttt tattgctcag cctttccaca cagttacaaa     22380
     ttaaagttgg tctgtgagaa ggtttagtgc tggacatctc tggtctccct cccccgctca     22440
     cacgggcgct taaggaagag ggaaaaacac gttagataaa tgagcctcaa tctgcaggaa     22500
     gtttccctga ataattgtat gtcttttgtt tctgcaggtt caagaaagcg aagggatagg     22560
     taaaaaatga aaagctcttt tacataagac tttttccaga attaacacct gtctctttgg     22620
     cttcacgctt ttgaccacac tgcgttagga aaacacctct gtaaccttat ctgtaaaatc     22680
     agccccagaa ggcccttccc tcacaagtgc gactctaccc aaaatgttag ggaaactacc     22740
     agaggggaaa cttctggggg cgagggtata agtttcctca aatttttctt cggggtctag     22800
     aatttatatt tatactcctt actttatggt tgaattgctc cctccaaccc ccaccctcac     22860
     cgccaccccc ttaggaaatt gttctcatgg aactaacgga agttcgaata attatggcga     22920
     gaacaattcc atcagtgaat ggatccctta acctctttgg cagtggtgtc ctgcagcaga     22980
     gcttcccttc ctgctaagga caaacatgtg tccaacatga cattctagcc tcttcaggcc     23040
     gtttgcaatg ggtgtgtccc atgagaaaga gttagaagga tcatctggct gcttagttag     23100
     gagcagaggc tgtgggttct gcagggacat tcccagagga aagaccagat accttccctt     23160
     aggctggtta aagccttctg cccggtggat gggagccctt gctccgggag aggggtccta     23220
     gtgctccctg atgacagtag ccaggggatt actgggggaa gggaagggaa aaaaaagaaa     23280
     ctccaccttc taggggcact gaaaccgcat tgctcaggga ggcctcagcc gtgctgtcct     23340
     caaggggctg ggacctgggt gcaggctctg gctctgcttc aagccttcat gctcttgaga     23400
     cagaggtagg aatcggggca tctggcttta ggcaccaaac gcctatggag ggagttcctg     23460
     tctgctgcag cggaaacaaa tccgacttgg aaccatgagg ttgtgggttc catccctggc     23520
     ctcactcagt ggggtaagga tcccgagttg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggct ggcagctgca     23580
     gctctaattg gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatacgg tggtcgaggc cctaaaaagc     23640
     aaaacaaaca catacggagg agtttccaga ctctgtgcta agtactaggg atcacggctc     23700
     aattaggtat gatttctact ctctaggagc ttggtctaga gagaaaacaa gcacacaaat     23760
     aactacacat caagaaagaa gaaacgggag ctaaaattct tccagattgc cacctggtag     23820
     agagctgcca tctctattcc cctgcccctc aatttccatg gttcttagtg cagtttcctg     23880
     agttatgttt gaggaagaaa gtatactgtt ttcggccatg cccatagcat gtggaagtgc     23940
     tggggggtcg gacctgtgcc acagaagcaa cctgagctgc tgcagtgaca acaccagatc     24000
     cttaacccac tgcaccacaa agacactcca aaaaaagtat actctttgca gaaatgaaga     24060
     taaaggaatt ttagagtgtt aaccatgtgg agaaatcaac ttctgtgtac acacaacctg     24120
     taggagcaca tctgtaggat aaagtggatt ctctaatgtg aatagcctgt aattacactg     24180
     ctgcagctaa aacgccttta taagagtccc ttatctatat tccttgtaag catgtgctgg     24240
     agcccggcct ttgaaaacac ttgcaaaggt gagagagagc cttaggggaa aatcacgtct     24300
     atgaaagtcc aggcaagcag tccagtgggt ggtcgggggc aggcaggcgc aggaggtgca     24360
     tctggcagca gagtctggaa acaggtccca ggacctcacc taacacttaa tcagacacct     24420
     tcatgcaagt tcttgcctat aaacgaggaa gacttcttag ggtgtaaagt gaagtgttat     24480
     tgatgaagca cagaagctag aaaactgatg ttccatttat ccctgaaatg attcagaaag     24540
     gtttggggtt ttccattttg catttggact tgcccaccgg gcacacgtgt ctccttccta     24600
     ccctggctct cttctgcctg cccccaccct cagcaggctg ctgccctcag cctgttcccc     24660
     tcagcctgtt ccctcctttt cccctcccac ttttgctccc tttgtttgtg tctcctcggg     24720
     acccaaagct gttgtccctg ttgtcttccc caactccagg cgcgtcagac tgctctttcc     24780
     ccacccgcct cctgcttacc ccatgtcact ctctgaggaa gccaacacgg aaactgggaa     24840
     acgaagtcaa ctacaaaaaa ggtcatagtc caagaaagag gtttggggca gatgggaaac     24900
     ggcaaacgga gtccacattc gctttcgggt atgtggggtg tgggggtttc tccttactga     24960
     gaaggcactg ctccatctct ttactgaaaa agagcaggat tccaagcaat cccaaaatgc     25020
     agccaatact gaaataattt actgcagtaa ggaaagtaat attattccta gtatttcagg     25080
     aaagggttcc tggagtcatt tcagagaacc acaaaatgtt gaaaggagtc tttaaaaaaa     25140
     aaaaatgtag tcaagtggtt tctaaaacag gcaaatcgca agaacctaat tgcccagaga     25200
     gctcgttctt aaactaatgc ataggagtcc ccctgtggct tagcagaaat gaatctgact     25260
     agcatccata aggacgcagg tttgatccct ggcgtttctc agtgggttaa ggatccagcg     25320
     ttcccctgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagac ttgactcagg tctggcgtgg ctgtggctgt     25380
     ggcttaggcc ggcagttaca gctccaattc gactcctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgctt     25440
     cagccctaaa aagacaaaac aaacaaaatc aaacaaaaac actaaggcat atgtgaaaaa     25500
     caaaggacac accacaacat atgtctttct cccattccag gccccattcc catttcccca     25560
     aaataacccc tgtcaaccct gtcttgtata cccttccaaa actgatacat acatttatag     25620
     ccaaaaaacg aaacacaaga aagaaacaac tgtgaaacac tcctacacgc tattctgtat     25680
     cttgcttttt caaatgtaac caaatatttg ggagaattac agcttggaat ctttggcttt     25740
     aagcaacaga aaccagtctg gttggttaac cagcctaaag gagttttaga ggaaagacaa     25800
     gttttaaagg gaagatagaa gaacctccag gcttaagaaa gactggaata agaaaattcc     25860
     aggagatctt agtaggtgga aatccttaaa agtctctccc caggagttcc cgttgtgacc     25920
     cagcagaaat taatctgact aggaatcatg aggttgcggg ttagatccct ggcctcgctc     25980
     agtaggttaa ggacctggca ttgccgtgag ctgtggtata gctctcagac acagcttgga     26040
     tcaggcattg ctgtggcagt gatgtaggca ggtagctgta actctgattc gacccctagc     26100
     ctgggaacca ccatatgcct caggtgcagc cctaaaaagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     26160
     cttgccccaa acctcttcca tttcttccat aatcattctg ctaaagattc aaaacctgga     26220
     ggagagaacc ctaaagggtc ttttggggag gtgggaagag ttgaaaacag acccccttca     26280
     atttatatat tgggagggcc atcgtttgga ttagatgcgg caccctctga ataatgtaca     26340
     cagtgaagga gatcagtcca caggagaaat gggatactgt caagaaatgg ggatggaggg     26400
     agttcccgtc gtggcgcagt ggttaacaaa tccgactagg aaccatgagg ttgcgggttc     26460
     gatccctgcc cttgttcagt gggttaacga tccggcgttg ccgtgagctg tggtgtaggt     26520
     tgcagacatg gctcggatcc cgcgttgctg tggctctggc gtaggctggc agctacagct     26580
     ccgattagac ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tatgccgcgg gagcggccca agaaatggca     26640
     aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga aagaaatggc gatggatgtc aacaggccga     26700
     aaaataaaaa atactctcta ctgagatttt gggacataaa gacctacctc actgcattta     26760
     attgcatagt cttccctaat ttatttagtc attccgtaat gatgcacaac tgaagtagcc     26820
     aagaaaaaaa gagaactgcg gcctatgagg acaggacagg ctaaaaggaa taattttttt     26880
     ttttggccac acccacaaga tgtggaagtt cccaggccag agattgaact tgtaccacag     26940
     cagcaacctg agccatggca gtgacaatgc cagctcatta accccctccc tgtgccacaa     27000
     gagaactcca agattcttca ggttgcaaat ggcgtgcccc attctcattt agtaacctta     27060
     ctttgaaatt ttaaaaaaaa atctcaattc ttgcccagtg cccagggcac atgcgcaatg     27120
     ctaagtaaac atgtattcgt gaacattttg gggttgaaga caacgccatc tctctctgga     27180
     ccagttgggc tttggctttg gcaccgaaaa taagtgttct cctagcacca tctgctggca     27240
     ctggaaagcc ttgcctgaat cctgacttcc aagtcttttt tcagccagga gtattgttgc     27300
     attgttaata cctctgaaat accttttatc tatagacaaa ggatattaca aaataatgac     27360
     ttattttcat tcctttttta ctgtttaatg aatttgttat actttagtgt cccttctcta     27420
     tttgcttttt cacaaactaa gacacatggt gagatgctga aagagtaagc atgaggcttg     27480
     agccacagtt ggtgactctg aaggccatgt tgtcctttga catttattta tcaggttctg     27540
     gattctgcgc atggcactgt ctttctggtt gtcttagatg catagcacat accaatgtga     27600
     tgccttgagt ttagatggtt aaccagcccc tgcaggtgcc tgttgttgtg agaggtgctg     27660
     tagaagattc agagatgtga tgacttccct gcattcagag aaccctgtct aatcagggaa     27720
     acaataaacc aaacaataca ggataaagtc tgtggtgatg cctttaagtg ctgactgtca     27780
     aacagtgaca ttgccttaga ccttaacata aatatacata gactgtgcta gacatttggc     27840
     aatgcctgga gacaagaact ttgtcaccac taggatggag atgctactgg catgcagtgg     27900
     gtagaaacct gggatgctgc caaaatattc tacaaccaac aggacaaaga attatctggc     27960
     cccaaaagcc tataatgccg agaaacattt aaaatttttt tttttttttt gctttttttt     28020
     taaggctgaa cctgcagcat atggaggttc ccaggctagg cattgaatca gagctacagc     28080
     tgctggccta cgccacagcc acagccacgc cagctccgag ccacctcttt gacctatacc     28140
     acagctcata gcaacaccgg gtccttaacc cactgagtga ggccagggat caaacccaca     28200
     acctcatggt ttctagtcgg attctttccg ctgtgccact acaggaattc ttaaaaaata     28260
     aacatgctga aggaattcag aaaaaggaga gacttctcaa gatacttgct agtcatgagt     28320
     tctcttgtgg ctcagcgggt taaggtccag tgtttcactg ctgtggctca ggtcactgct     28380
     gtggcacagg tttgatccct gactcagaaa cttccacata ctgagggggc cgccaaaaaa     28440
     caaaggaaag aaagagaaag aaaagaaaaa gaaaaagccc ttctagtcaa aatgcacttg     28500
     aagcatcccc atcactttga atcacgttta aaatgcagaa tattgactcc ccgcccctcc     28560
     tgaataaaaa cgtgatttta acaagatttt catgtgactc ctatgcacat taatgcttga     28620
     gacacactgg tctggaggtt tccattaaag acaacacgtg agtttttatt tctttctgaa     28680
     gagcaggaga gaaggaaacc tattccaggt ggtgagagct attatgaggg agttctgaaa     28740
     tcgtaagttg caatttctcg ttttcggtac agcaggaata ataattaaca cagtgttaac     28800
     tgcttactgg actttgttct aagcgcttta tgtggagcag ctcatataac tttcccaagg     28860
     ctattaggca agattcgcta ttacgtccac tttttgggta agggaaacga agggatagag     28920
     ggacccactt gatcagggac ccactgacga agccaggccg agggaatcag agatgccttt     28980
     gccagcaccc taagtcgtcc acacctccac caacacagaa ccaaagctgc agccccaagc     29040
     tctccgcacc aggtgaagga taccggatcc cgccagtcgc cttccgggag aagcgcagcc     29100
     tagcgagcag aaaccggaaa atcgtcacct cactccctac cggaagtcgg tgggaagcgt     29160
     ttcctcgttt gtgaccaggc ttccggcgat atgagaatac agctgaaata aaaagggatg     29220
     gtctttgaag atgaccgggc tctaaaaagc ttctaagcgg cgcccaggaa gctttgagcc     29280
     acttttgata ggaatcaggg ttagcaaaac ttcagcagtt cattgctgct aagaaggcgc     29340
     aggctacccg ctcgccctgg ggtgagctag agtagacatc tctatggtcg agagaccata     29400
     gagaggttcc ttcccatgcg tggggcaacg cctgagcagt agcagctgcg ctggaaaaat     29460
     ggcggaggag gagtgagtat caggggctct gagattctgg gtggtgccct gagcatctgg     29520
     tgccatcctc agtatttatt tctcggtggc ggaaaataag gatccttgtg gactgaagag     29580
     agacttagaa aaggctccag attatcgaag gaggagggag gaagtgttgg gctggggcgg     29640
     gcggatgggg cctctgtcag gttcggatta cctacctcaa ggggtgagga atgagtttga     29700
     ggctgcgggc tggagggtgg gtttccccag cctgacttaa gtattatctc tgcagctggg     29760
     tccgcacccg ccccaacccc acggggcgga atctcatcgc tggtggtatc tgtaaaaggc     29820
     tatgacagta aaagctccat tgacatacga ggaccagtgg ctaaggggtt catggttctt     29880
     gaaagctttt gagaactgga gtcagaaacg ccaggtggcg gggtgggagc gcggtcctta     29940
     ggaggtttta gacagtaatg tttgcgaagc ccaagctgtc gtttggaaac gcattgcaga     30000
     tttgtttcct aaatactatc gcttttctcc attttctctc tcaggcaaag aaaaaagatc     30060
     cctttggttc cagaaaatct cttgaaaaag aggaaggcat atcaggccct caaagccaca     30120
     caggcgaagc aagcgctttt gcaaaagaaa gaggtaatag tggggaacca ggtggaagga     30180
     atgagaattt gtgttcggtg agttttatcc agcacatgtt gaactaattt ggtactgaca     30240
     gtcggcttcc cccatcagct ggatgataca tatttgctaa acaaagcaag tatgtatcaa     30300
     atgctttctg caggcaaaat actggagtag agtttaagga aaaagccagt ggagagtgtt     30360
     ccttccggtt cataccaagg gattcgagaa catgcttgtg tacctaaaag aaaaaaaatt     30420
     ttcttttttc tttttaggcc ggcaggtgtg gcacatagag gctcccaggc tagggttcaa     30480
     attggagcta cagctgccgg cctacaccac agccacagca acccccgatc ccagccacat     30540
     ctgtgacata taccacagct caccacatcg ggtccttcac ccaatgagtg aggccaggga     30600
     tcaaacctgt gtcctcatgg atactagtca gattcatttc tgctgagcca cgacaggaac     30660
     tcccaaaaac ttaaaaattt tacttacttt tttcaaccac atccatggca tatggaagtt     30720
     cctgggccaa gattccagtc tgagccacag ctgtggcatt gctgggtcct taacctgctg     30780
     tgccatattg ggaactctaa tttttttttt tttaatgtac caggtttttt ggtttgcgtt     30840
     ttttgtttgt tttgtttttc tttttaggac cacatatatg gagtatggaa gtttccaggc     30900
     cagaggtcta atcagagctg cagctgctgg cctacaccac agctacaaca atgcagaata     30960
     cttaacccac tgagtgaggc cagggattga ccccacagcc tcatggatac tgatcaggtt     31020
     cttaacccgc tgagccacaa caggactctg aaatagtttt tgctatttgc caaatgtttt     31080
     ggagaaatac atatttggga ggcatgagct ttatgatgcc ttatgttcca ataaacgttg     31140
     actgacagtg tgtaaactaa ttggtttttt gcttattcaa caaggactgt ccccagtagt     31200
     tctcaggttt tctcaatttc acctttactt gagtatgttg gtgttgtttc ccctccccaa     31260
     cacccacgcc acagcagtga caacactgga tccttaaccc acaaaaccac cagagtgggt     31320
     ttttccatta tataataaag tcctagtgta tagcactggg aactatatct agtcacttat     31380
     gatggagcat gatggaggat aatgtgagaa aaagaatgta tgtatgtttg tgactgggtc     31440
     actgctgtac agtagaaaat tgacggaaca ctgtaaaacc aactataatg gaaaaagtaa     31500
     aaaatcattt taaaaaacga atgatgctgg gaaaactaaa aaaaagagaa aaaaaaggga     31560
     tgggagttcc tgtattgact cagtgggtta agaacttgac gttggagttc ccattgtggc     31620
     gtggtggaaa cgaaacccac taggaaccat gaggttgcag gttcgatccc tggcctcatt     31680
     cagtggctta aggatctggc attgccgtga gctgtggtta ggttgcagat gcggcttgga     31740
     tcctgtgtgg ctgtggcaca ggatggcagc tgtagcccca attggacctc tagcctggga     31800
     acctccatat tgcctcggaa gcggcgctaa aaagacaaaa aggaaaaaaa aaagaacttg     31860
     acattgtctc cgtgggggtg cagggtcaag ccctggcctt actcagaggg ttaaggatcc     31920
     agggttgcca caagctgtgg tgtaggtcgc agatgcagct cagatctggt attgccaagg     31980
     ctgtgatgac agctggcagc tgtagctccc atctgacccc tagtctgtgg caggttcgct     32040
     gtttttttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatagagg atgtttggtc ccttttccag aacagagggc     32100
     aaataagctc taccgatagt gactaatgaa tgactgttgc agaagtaaag acaattagag     32160
     acataaagtg gtggtgatag tctgtcttct ctgtagcaga ggaaaggaaa ggaactcaag     32220
     tttaaacgac tggaatggtt cctacatgat tcctggcggc aactacgtga cagagtgcgc     32280
     ctcagacgac tggaagtgaa gcctcatggc ttggaagtgc cagataaaca ttccttggcc     32340
     tttgttgtac gcatcgaaag gtagggaact tgctggatcc tgggaggctg aggcaaacta     32400
     ttggttcagg ctttttgggg ggtctttttg tttgtttttg ttttttgatt tttattcttt     32460
     ccattatagc tggtgtttac agtgttctgt caatttccta ctgtacagca aagtgaccca     32520
     gttacatata tatatatata taatttttct cacattatca tgctccatca taagtgacta     32580
     gatatagttc tcggggcagt acatcaggat ctcattgctt atccattcca aagaagagtt     32640
     tgcatctatt aacccagatc cccactccac ccccactccc tccctctcgt ttcagctttt     32700
     gcctgtcttt agggagatga caagatagta ggcctgaagc cactgatgca agttgtgcta     32760
     gaattcaggg ctgaaggaaa cagattgcta ttttcaagat tagggagcct caccttaggc     32820
     aaatagacat gaagttactc taattgcttt gagggttcag tgctggctgg atgtggggtg     32880
     agggccgccg tgtggcatgc agtggttgag ggcattctga agcaggagct tgaggctgag     32940
     acctgcaaag ggttggggga agcctttcca ggcatagatg caaaaagtcc tgaagtgggg     33000
     ttatcaaggt agcctcgagg tactcagggt cgagtggatc gagcatatgc agtgctgggg     33060
     agagtacgga cagcttgttc cacattcggt ggtgccttac ccattcctac ctgcaccccc     33120
     agctctgcct ccttctgttt ccctccccag ccaatcagac cacaaacctt tgtgttttaa     33180
     atatgtatgc acctctaacc actgcccatc atctctctcc tggactatcg catcagcttt     33240
     ctagctgggt ttcccagact ctggtgtcac actgctcctc agtgattgtc agaaacaaat     33300
     ctggtcatgt ttcctctact taaaatcttc catagctttt actgccacag gagcaagtct     33360
     ggcctcctta gcctgacaca caacccagca cagacacaca ttcggggacc atctgtattc     33420
     ccatagcccc tgagcctttg ctctgcatcg cattgacatg atctgtttac atagctgata     33480
     agcactcagc tgagctctgt gaggcgtggt ctgcgtcctg ccctccccct gggtgcccgg     33540
     tggtagcaca catttcgtgg gtgcttgctg atccagcctg acttgctctg ttcttcattt     33600
     caggatcagt ggggtgagtt cagtggtgca gaggaccatt gcaagacttc gcctgaagaa     33660
     gattttcagc ggtgtcttta tgcaggtcac ccctcaaacc ataaaaacgc ttcgtatagt     33720
     ggaaccttat gtgacctggg ggtgagtgtg gttttttggt gtgagttcac attaagtttt     33780
     atttgaaaat gttgagaaca ttaggatgca cagggtactg ttctccaagg cttattttgc     33840
     tgtgttgagg gagcattttg ttgtgagcag tcatcaggaa tcagctgcca gccttaagaa     33900
     tcttgagatg tggggtgggc agagcggggc tgtcagtgcc gctgatgatg gtcggaatgg     33960
     gccgtggcag ggcttggtca tccacaggct aaggctgagt aagccaagta gaggagagat     34020
     taattcttag aatctcaaag cagagttagg ctaatactcc ttccaacatt aaaatccaaa     34080
     aaggtcttgg gtttaatttc aaactcttga atagggacac ctaagaccag agtcttagac     34140
     tataagccag gattttactt ttgcctggga attatctttg cctggtgagc atttgtatct     34200
     gtaaatttta acttctagtt acgtagtttt tcatctcctt caggtgtatt ctccagcatc     34260
     ccagctgcag tgcgttgcag gacacttcct gggaaggggg ggggttggga gactccgtag     34320
     ctgggttgca ggactgtggc cagtacatgc ggggggggtg gagggctaag gttgtgcttt     34380
     attctgcctc acagatttcc aaatctgaag tctgttcggg aactcatctt aaaacgggga     34440
     caagccaagg tcaagaacaa aatcattccc ctgacagaca acacagtgat tgaggagcat     34500
     ctgggtgagt gagcatcctc ggggtcagtt agagcagaac ctgcctgagt gcccagctca     34560
     ggcctctaag acccttgtgt gtgctgggga gacgttgaag aaaggaatct gaaccttatg     34620
     tttcttaggg aagtttggtg tcatttgctt ggaagacctc attcatgaaa ttgccttccc     34680
     tgggaagaat tttcaggcga tctcagggtt cttgcgccct tttcaactct cagtggcccg     34740
     tcatgctacc aagaatagag tgggcttcct caaggaagtg ggctctcctg gctaccgtgg     34800
     tgaacgcatc aatcagctca tccggcaatt gaactaaacc caggtgaggt gaggtggggc     34860
     cgcacactgc ccgtgggctg acttttatgg gcctggcctt gccccttaat aggctttctg     34920
     catttaaaag tgtatggaaa taatgttggg gtagggaggg ttgtattccc aagtctaatg     34980
     gatggagttg ggcttggaat ggaaccctga atgcctggtt aggacatggg gctggtgtac     35040
     agagttacag gatagaaagc agagtaacca aaaaaacttc tgtgttgcca tggtcagtta     35100
     gttggagata gggagacaat attaaaaact aattgcaaaa ggatctgaag gtttaaatta     35160
     ccgctttcgt tgaaggcttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa gggccacacc tgcagcacat     35220
     ggaagttccc aggctggggg atgaagtgga gctgcagctg ccgggcagcc ttatagccac     35280
     agccacacca gatctgagct gcgcctgcaa cctacaccac cattcgtggc aacaccagat     35340
     ccttacttaa cccactgagt gaggccaggg attgaatctg cgtcctcatg gatacaagtc     35400
     aggttacact gacccacaac aggacctcca gaggactctt gattctcttt gaattccttt     35460
     ttattgttac tatgcttagg tccccaagtt gcagtaaatt tgtgttaata aagttgtgtt     35520
     tttcttcctc agaatacctg aaagcacagt gcattggaag catgtgtttt tgtcttatgg     35580
     aattatcacc cagtatcttc aaggaagatt attttctgct gtagcttcag aagctggagt     35640
     ggaagagtca gagaaagatg atgttcacgg caggcacttt tcatcccacc cacagtgcca     35700
     tggaaaagtt cctgtgtatt ttctgcagtg accgccatct acctctgaaa aacagcaaag     35760
     gactcattcc atggagaagg tagtcctgtt ttgtcacatc ttctaggaaa actcaagcat     35820
     gaatacaaga cagcagtggc atacttgaac ctgcgggctc ctcgggtctt gctttggaaa     35880
     gaacttgaaa tacaattaga aagaagcaca caaaaataat gctccattgt ctctgctgtg     35940
     agtctgtctt ctaacttctg tgacagattg atgtgctgtc actttgctgg gtctaggtgt     36000
     atctggtagc ttccttactt tttcctgcaa ctagttttcc accaactagt gcttactttt     36060
     tttccaccaa ctttttttcc accaactttt ttttcaccaa ctttttttcc accaactttt     36120
     tttccaccaa ctttttttcc accaactagt gcttactttt tccaccaact agtgcttttt     36180
     ttctctctag ctcaggattt taacccatga gaaggaaagg actctttccc taggaaaaca     36240
     tgaacacact acagtttttt cttggaagtt tagggtggtt gtagacctgt ctcagggact     36300
     gaggcacctt atgtgaagaa gtcctgttct accagtttgg ttacccaggc tctgacctag     36360
     ctggtctcct ctggttctgt gacgtataga agaccaaagc ttaccaaggt ggctcttgct     36420
     cttcaaccca aatgagttgt ttcccattaa gaacacagta atactgagtt cccgttgtgg     36480
     tgcagtggtt aacgaatctg actaaggacc gtgaggttgc gggttcgatc cctggccttg     36540
     ctcagtgggt taaggatctg gtgttgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggtcgca gacgtggctg     36600
     ggatcccatg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gcgggtggct acagctccga ttagacccct     36660
     agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccgcaggttt ggccctagaa aagacaaaaa caaacaaaca     36720
     aaaacacagt aatagagagc taagcccctg tactgtctgt gactcgggga aatgcctgct     36780
     ctttatttct cctgggctgc aagatggaat tttcttattt ccatgatggt cagtcctctt     36840
     taaacccaaa tcaggaaaaa gtaaaccatt ttcttggttt ggcatggatg aaattaacag     36900
     tatttgatct ttaggcccca ggcaagctac tgaattggat ccttccctga tatattctag     36960
     atttcagaaa taactgccct agatttcaga aatactgccc tctactgact acaggtaatt     37020
     ttatagacta acactggggc tcttggagat gttagaccta aaaggggaga gaggtcctca     37080
     tcctgcttgt atttgtcatc agtgtccacc cctaagtggg ccttccctct cctgtcactc     37140
     accagttgcc tcagttttcc atctgagcaa ttggtgaggg tgtgccaagc ccagctcaag     37200
     agctgaaaac atgcttaacc atctgtgccc tgttcccgta agatcagctc tgctgcagtt     37260
     ttggctcatg gggccctcca gcataactat gagattgagt tggcggtatt agctatgcct     37320
     taaaatgtgc cagattatga ggcagttagt ttttcatcag cacaacttag tcagtctaag     37380
     aattggaaat ttttatccca actgaatttg agggttaaac ccaggaagag catctcagaa     37440
     agctctgaga gctgttccac ccactaaaag tcaagacagt tatataagca attgagacag     37500
     agggctctac ctcatatgac atattattga ctatttacat aaaaccgatc tgagtgtctt     37560
     gtgattcctt atcaagaaag aatgttacct ttgagttgtc ttaggagaat gttcagcagc     37620
     ttctgccgac agggaaggtt tggttgatgc ataatgcaca gaaacaatgt acagcaaggg     37680
     aagagaggag gccaaagggc agagacaatt ttaagttttg cttgtcttgc caaaaaataa     37740
     tgtatttgat ttcataattt ctccctattg atcattgata gaaagcatta aatgatcaag     37800
     tatttggttc ctccaaacta gggtggctgc ttgcctgact ctgtccatca aggtctcctg     37860
     atgctgggtc cttatagccc ggttctttct atgagggact aggttgtcca ataaggaact     37920
     aagccaattt ttctcaaatg tgcattgtgt ttgtccattt atgtacatag aaaactatag     37980
     atgtgatctg tagtttcaac ataattcaga catcattttc ttagtgcagg caagttccac     38040
     ccagcatgaa agatgagcta cttagcactt tataagttcc tcaaacggta gtttaaattg     38100
     gtagtaggag caacaatgtc actggcaaag atttaagcca aaatcctgaa ccaaactggg     38160
     aagaggattg ttcagagcag gaattagact tcacaggtca taagatgagt gaacaaatat     38220
     tgtggccaga tagttatacc attggaaaac tgatagaaac aagcatgccc acagtcaagg     38280
     cagattgcca gattggcaag agctgtttcc agggctgcct ttgtgggaac ttgagcccaa     38340
     gggaaaccag ttgtgtatct ccccagccaa cttgaggaga gcccaaggtc ataaacttct     38400
     tccataaacc cactgggtcc tgttaggagc cacccagcat tcagcctcta atataaggga     38460
     ctgtttatgg gcagaaaaga caaaatttct aaggcccatc caattagagc cttgtagagg     38520
     agcaatccac aaggcaacct ggcagtgctg gacataagta attggccaca aacccaagag     38580
     ttgagttgct tttttaaact tgtgtatgat tgagcccaag acatacattt ggttcataag     38640
     taaaactgag cagtggtcaa aataatcatt atacaagcct ggtctgggtc acctgtctac     38700
     ttcagaaatc atctcctcct cctggtctgg tggtgctggt cttagtcaaa gtcgagtgtc     38760
     aaaaacaaga gtttcaggtc attcgggggt gcctgataat tgtcccttcc agcatggcta     38820
     caaggagtcc tttatctgat gtctttttca gtatgaataa tcttggctgc aggtcatggt     38880
     gaattcaatc ttcaaagtta cattactgtg ataaacttaa aaaacaagga tgtcatttta     38940
     actaaacttt acaaagatct ctctgggaag tgagtcctag ccagtaaata cagacttcaa     39000
     ccaaactaga attttaacat tcaccgaaac aatttttcta aaattaccct catttctacc     39060
     aaatacctgg ttgaccacat aggtgtaatt gacaagattt tttaaaagtc aaggttaaag     39120
     actgattaca atgcaattgg aaagaaactt cattattgct gggacataca ctataattat     39180
     gactgatagc atttatcagg acataccaag attttaggag ttccatataa tttctagaat     39240
     atatacattt ttagttttag ggctgcaccc gtggaatatg gaagttccca ggctaggggt     39300
     tcattcagag ctgcagcgcc agcctacacc acagccacag cactgaggat ctgagccaca     39360
     tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcacggcaat gccggattct taacccactg agtgaggcta     39420
     gggatctatc ccaaaacctc atggtcgcta gttggattca tttctgcttg ccacagagga     39480
     aactccctag aatacatata ttaattttta cacatatgac ataacctaag ttttgtcacc     39540
     acttatttaa taacgtttcc cacttaacat gccaggtaag tctaagtagt ttactcttct     39600
     gagaaaacaa atattttgag gtgttccagg aatcctttgg gaaacctcaa agttagctag     39660
     agattcaaac ttcatttaga attttatgtt tgggaaagaa agtgcatcaa aaatgccaga     39720
     aagttgagag ttcccattgt ggttcagtgg gttacgaacc tgactagtat ccatgcctca     39780
     ctcagtgggt taaggattgg cattgccgca agctgcatct taggtcagga tgcagctcag     39840
     atctggtgtt gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc cagcatctgc aattccaatt caacccctaa     39900
     cctgggactt tccatatgcc ccaggtgtgg ccctaaaaag acaaaaaaaa aaatttacct     39960
     ggaaactcta gtagtcactt acctctattt tgtttactta aaagttttgt atttttccca     40020
     ctgacaaact ttgtaacagg aatatggtct tacttaattt atactaaacc taggtacagt     40080
     aaaagttatt atacaatgtt gaagtttctg ttgtggtgca gcagaaacga atccgactag     40140
     gaaccatgaa gtcgtgggtt tgatccctgg cctcgctcag tgggttaagg atccggcatt     40200
     gctgtgagct gtggtgtaga tcacagacat ggctcgggtt ttgtgttgct atggctgtgt     40260
     cgtaggctcc gcttagactc ctagcctagg aacctccata tgccacaggt gcggccctaa     40320
     aaaaagtgtt gtactcaatg ttgatgacta aagacctgtc tatatgagtc aaaccaataa     40380
     gcttaagcta actttaatat cagatataaa ttcaatactg atttcccaga tcacatcaag     40440
     ccaaaattca ttctggttag tttcttttat atttctgaat atttatataa agcatttgat     40500
     tcctttaacc aaattaagta gagcttctta caaatttatt ttggcaatcc cacacatcta     40560
     caatgcctat agataagtac ggagacttca cagttcccat tctaaaaatt caaccatgaa     40620
     tcagacacaa caacgtaaaa aactcatcag ttacaaagca gttggattta taatgggttt     40680
     ctggcagatg gaacaaatca agatcatctg ttgagatggc taaacccttt ttactaatat     40740
     ttatggaaaa ggtaaaggtt tctatttgtc tctgagaagt caagttccct gttagctacc     40800
     ccctttcccg aatttgcatt ttaagaaggt ggcagagaag accagataga acatttgtat     40860
     ctcaaaggca tagaaggaga aagacaagtt cctctgaggc cagaaaaaaa tttctctgca     40920
     atgtttatta gccacttaga ggagggagtt ccctagtggc ctaagggtta aggattcggc     40980
     atggtcactg ctatggctca ggttcaatcc ctggcctggg aatttacaca cactgtgagt     41040
     atgaccaaaa aaagtaaata gggaagtttt aggaagtagt aaaagggttg gtggcttcag     41100
     attttttctg gaaacacttc tggtcctgta aagaccagat ttgtaggaaa aaggtttttc     41160
     ctcctcaaag taaaaggact gacacactca ttcaactatg tggggatatt ttacatttca     41220
     tcatttagct taggggcgaa gacctcccct caaaactgtc agtctccaaa ttttagctgt     41280
     agttatttta gttagacggg tggcctccca ttttggttaa tcttacgaac acttttgagg     41340
     atcctccttg agttgaagaa attacctgtt tttcagttca gcctctgatc taaagaggcc     41400
     tgcctagagc ctcacagtgt tcccatttct aaagataacc atttagggag ttcccgctgt     41460
     ggctcagcag taatgaaccc gactagtatc catgaggaca taggttcaat ccctggcctt     41520
     gctccagtgt tgccatggct gaagtgtagg ccggcagcta caactccgat tcaacaccta     41580
     gtctggggac ttccattgcc ataggtgtgg ccctaaaaag caaagaattt aaaaaaataa     41640
     aggtaaccat ttaatagtgc ctttcttagt gggaaaggca gttcagaaga tgactagaat     41700
     gattgctcat taatcataag tcttctacaa caaacttttg aatgaggcta ttggggattt     41760
     tgaagtcttt tggggttttc agatagcact taaaattggc acaatagttt aagatgaaac     41820
     ctctctaaaa tttttaataa tttagatgtt tctccaaagg atccatgggg ctagccctac     41880
     aaatattttt tactgctaat ctaattttag aaaaaacacc tctgcttcca gtagaacctg     41940
     cgaatacaga tctagaagac tgctatttta actgcatgct aaaaattcag ttttggagtg     42000
     tcgaaagaac ctcaatttgg ccatttcagg gcccaatttc ctttagttct caaatacgtg     42060
     caagcctaca taaacccagc tggtattccc ataggtggct atttgcatgc gagctgtttg     42120
     gcctttcccg gtattaattt tgtagcttaa ttcaggttgg ggatatgggc tgaaccattt     42180
     tctgaggaca gtgtgctgga tcacgtgtgc tgcttcggag tctaggtccc taaggagtca     42240
     catggctcgg tttctcccag tgacagccta gaaccatcat ggtgctccaa accccaggtg     42300
     atcagcctct gtctcccgcc aagacaagca gtgtttaaca gtcctagtgg gtctccccta     42360
     ttggacccct gcactgcctg aggttaatcc tctgacactt ctgcagggtc ctcagttacc     42420
     tgaggactcc ttgtagctgg gaggagcaaa atgtcccttt attcttcaga cctgaataat     42480
     ttggtctcat ttcattaacg cttggttcag accatatagc agtattttaa atgttaagcc     42540
     aaatttaata aaacatcagc cacctatgct tcccggggcc tcttgccaga ccccctacat     42600
     cctgcctagg agctgcaccc atgccccata agactccaag tcttgcccgg acctcgcagg     42660
     acccccagcc ttccataagg cggcctgtga agtcgtaggc cacgtgctgc tggagcacag     42720
     ccatcacctc acctgcaggt aagccaggcg gggtctctgt aggactttta gcccggactc     42780
     caaggagact cgaagagaca cgtgctggca ggctgggttc ttaagggctt taagaaggga     42840
     atggaggggg tagccaaggt ctggagtcca gcttcagccc cactgccatc ccactgggca     42900
     gacacctaca gagaggtcca ctgtctccag agccatgggg tctccattgg ctgctggacc     42960
     caccagtgcc aaggcactag ttgcacacct gtacagcagg aggtgcgctg gggcaccagg     43020
     cctgtcagga cccctgggcc accccctcaa gcctggcacc cacctacctg caggaagttg     43080
     tagctgaggt gctcggggtg attgagggca ggctggctgg aacaggtcgc agaacatgtg     43140
     ggggctgcca gcctagggga agtcatcctg ttccactgac tacagaggca ctgaaggcag     43200
     ggtcataacc cacaggccat gccaacccct caagcctttc cagtcctcca aatgtcaagt     43260
     gaggttggcc ctgttcagct cccaaaaata aaggtgggag tggagtggac tgcattgata     43320
     tggctcccgt tcgccagttg ctacagggag gtgtgggtgc gtggccctca ggagtccaca     43380
     cctgtcctgc aggcccacag tgtgcacaaa cattgtcatg cacaagcaca cacatttatg     43440
     catttggttg gctcagattc tcttaataca cattttgggc aaaaaccaat ggccaagtgt     43500
     gaatatagat gttggcagga gctaaatatc accagcctgg aagaatttca ggaatgcaag     43560
     aataaacctg aggtttttac taaaaaaaca aactccaagt tgaaagtgaa taccagctca     43620
     aacaaaattt taagggccat cacccaaact caccagaaca cctgagaagt accaagaggc     43680
     cggtggggct caatgggccc atcctggtac caagcactgg ttccaggtag attccagacg     43740
     tcctctggaa ggtgtcccca atatgtgctg actatgccaa gcacatgtcg acgaaaatta     43800
     atctaagaaa tggaaaggag ttcccgtctt ggctcagtgg taaacccgac tagtatccat     43860
     gaggatgcag gttcaattcg tggcctcact cagtgggtta agaatctggt gttgctgtag     43920
     ctccaattca gcccctagcc tgggaagtta catatgttga aggtgcagtc ctaaaaagga     43980
     aaaaaagaaa aaaagaaatg gaatatttgt tttcgtttgt ctttttaagg ccatacttgt     44040
     ggcacatgga agttactagg ctaggggtcc aatcagaact gtagctactg gcctacacca     44100
     cagtcacacc agatccaagc tgcatcttca acctacacca cagcttgcag caacaccaga     44160
     tccttaaccc aatgagcaag gccagggatc gaaccctcat cctcatggat actagtcagg     44220
     ttcgttgctg ctgagccaca ataggaactc cagggcagag aagagttttt gtttaaattt     44280
     ttcttgtctt gccataaaat atgaatttta ttttacagtt ggctcaggag tgaacctgct     44340
     tatactgtaa agtactgtga agttggatta cttcaaaagt catgggaaaa gagcaggtgt     44400
     gagtgtggaa gcccaaggtt tatctctcat atctctctta cactatatat gggaatgttt     44460
     ccacccttgc ctataaaata gggctagtag agtctacctg tctgactcac aggattaaga     44520
     gtactgagca aaatacagaa cagggagttg ctattgtggc ttagcagtta tgaaccagac     44580
     tagtgtccat gaggatgtgg gttcaatacc tggccttgct tagtgggtta gggatctgac     44640
     gttgctgtga gcagcagtgt gggtcacaga cacggctctg atccggctct gatcctacgt     44700
     ggctgtggtg taggccagca gctacagctc cgattggacc cttagcctgg gaccttccat     44760
     atactgagag tgcggcccta aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaat tttttttttt tgctttttag     44820
     ggccccactc acagcatatg taggttccca ggctaggggt tgaaacagct acagagctgc     44880
     tgcagctgcc tgcctacacc atatccacag caacgtcgga tccaagctga atctacaacc     44940
     tacaccaagg ctcacaacaa cgctggatgc ttaacctact gagcgaggcc agggatcaaa     45000
     cccgtgtcct catggatgct agtcagattc tttaactgct cagccataac aggaactcca     45060
     gtaaaaaaaa aaaatttaat gtattaagca aaacaatttt taacttagaa ttccatataa     45120
     ataaagatta tagggggagt tcccatcatg gcgcagtgga aacgaatcca actaggaacc     45180
     atgagattgt gcgtttgacc cccggccttg ctcagtaggt tcaggagcca gcgttgctgt     45240
     ggctctggtg taggccggca gctgtagctc tgattagacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat     45300
     atgctgaggg tgcggcccta aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaac catgtatata tatgcataaa     45360
     ttatgtactt ttgaaccacg taccatgata tataccattc caggaataag gtgggaggct     45420
     gtccttattt ctgacaaaag ctagtcccat tatctagcct gtagattatt tttatttttt     45480
     ttgtcttttt tgccatttct tgggccactc ccgtggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg     45540
     gtcgaatcgg agctgtagct gccggcctac accacagcca caacaactcg ggatccgagc     45600
     tacgtctgca acatatacca cagctcatgg caacaccgga cccttaaccc actgagcaag     45660
     gccagggatc gaacccgcaa cctcatggtt cctagtcagc tttttttttt tttttttttt     45720
     ttttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgctatttc ttgggccgct cccgcggcat atggaggttc     45780
     ccaggctagg ggttgaatcg gagctgtagc cactggccta cgccagagcc acagcaacgc     45840
     gggatccgag ccgcgtctgc aacctacacc acagctcacg gcaacgccgg atcctcaacc     45900
     cactgagcaa gggcagggac cgaaccggcg acctcatggt tcctagtcgg attcgttaac     45960
     cactgcgcca cgacgggaac tcccctagtc agatttctta accaaggaac cacaacagga     46020
     actccatagc ctatagatta ttaatgtggg ctcatggcag tcaacataaa tacctgatat     46080
     gttctgtgaa tagggagaac agaaaatcta gtttcaggaa gcaagattag gtgaggtgaa     46140
     ccacagggcc aatttaaaga aactgactta tggagttccc tgggggccta gcagttaagg     46200
     attcggtgtt gtcactgctg tggcatgagt tcaactcctg gcccagggaa cgtccacatg     46260
     ctgtgggtgt aaccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga gagactgact ttaaaaaatt tcccaaggtg     46320
     ggagttcttg ttgtggttca gtgggttaag aacctgacta gtatccatga ggatgtgtgt     46380
     tcaatcctgg ccttgctcaa tggattaagg atctagtgtt gctataagct gtggtatagg     46440
     tagaagacat ggctcgaatc ccatgttgct gtggcacagg ctgcagctgc agctgcagct     46500
     ctgacttgat ccctagtctg gaaagttcca tatgccacag gagcagccat aaaaagatat     46560
     atatatacac acacacacac acacacatat attccaaggt aatagaaata aaaaccaata     46620
     aacacatggg acctaatcaa acttacaagc ttttgcatag caaaggaagc cataaactaa     46680
     aagactactt acaggagttc tggctgtggt gcaagggaaa cagatctgac tagaatccgt     46740
     aaggactcgg gttcgattcc cggccttgct cagtgggcca gggatctggc attgccatga     46800
     gctgtggtat aggttgcagg cttggctcat atctggcgtt gctgtggctg tggtgtagac     46860
     tagcagctgc agctccaatt tgacccctag cctgggaact tccatatgct gcacttgcaa     46920
     ttgcagcctt gaaaagcaaa agaaaaaagg ctacctacag aagaaaatat ttgcaaatgg     46980
     tgcagccgac aagggcttaa tttctaaaac ataaaaacag ctcatacact tcaacaagaa     47040
     aataaacaac ccaattgaaa aatgggcaga aaacctaaat agacatttct ccaaagaaga     47100
     aatacaaata gccaataagc acatgaaata atgctcgaca tcactaatta ttagaaaaat     47160
     gcaaatcaaa actataatga ggtatccatt aaaaactata attcaaggag ttcccgtagt     47220
     ggctcagtgg ttaacgaatc caattaggaa ccatgaggtt gcaggttcag ttcctggcct     47280
     cattcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcgtggct gtgacctgtg gtgtaggtca cagacacggc     47340
     tcggatctgc cattgctgta gctctggtgt aggccagcgg ctacagctct gattagaccc     47400
     ctagcctggg aacctccata tgctgtgagt ttggccctaa aaagaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa     47460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagga gttcccgtcg tggcgcagtg gttaatgaat ccgactagga     47520
     accatgaggt tgcgggttcg gtccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttgaggat ccggcgttgc     47580
     cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg cttggatccc gcgttgctgt ggctctggcg     47640
     taggccagcg gctacagctc tgattagacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccacggg     47700
     agcggcccaa ggaaatagca aaaagaccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaccctata attcaaaaag     47760
     ataactgcac tcctatgttc attgcagcac tattcatgat agttaaaaca tggaaacaac     47820
     ctaaatgtcc atcaataaat aaatggatga agaaggtata gtacatacat acaatgtgac     47880
     tcatccataa aaaagaataa aatgccattt tcagcaacat ggatgcaatc agagattata     47940
     ctaagtaaga aagaaaaaga caaataccat atgatatcac ttatatggag aatctaaaat     48000
     atgtcacagg agtttccact atggtgcaat gggattggca gcatcttggg aatgttgatg     48060
     aacacaggtt caatcccaga cccggcacag tgggttaagg atccagtgtt tccatgagct     48120
     gtggtgcagg tcacagatga ggctcggatc tggcgttgct gtggctgtgg tggaggccgg     48180
     ctgctgcagc tctgattcga cccctaacct gggaacctct gtatgcctcg ggtgcggccc     48240
     tagaaagaca aaaataaaat atagggaaca aatgatccat ctacaaaaca gaaacagact     48300
     cacagacaag gagaacagac ttgtggttgc caagggggag gaggctgggg ttagcagatg     48360
     taagctgcta acaagatcct actatacagc acagagaacc acatacaatg ttctgtgata     48420
     aaccataatg gagaagaata tattttttaa aaagaatgta tagggagttc ctgctatggt     48480
     tcagtggatt aaggatccag cattgtcaca gccagaccct agcctgggaa cttccatatg     48540
     ccacacgtgc aggagcaggg gtggggtggg gagtgtatac atatacgtat gtatatgtgt     48600
     gtgtgtgtgt ttaactgaat cacattgctg tatagcagaa attaacattg taaatcaatt     48660
     gtactccaat aaaataagag gctgacttta gaaggtaatt aaagtcagga gttcccattg     48720
     tggctcagcc agttaagaac ttgactagta tccctaaggt gggtttgatc cctggcctca     48780
     ctcagtgcgt taacaaccag gtgttgctga gagctgcagc acaggtggca ggcatggctt     48840
     gggtctggcg gtgtggaata ggtagccact gcagctggga ttcaaaccct agcctgggac     48900
     ctttcatatg ctacaggtgt ggccctaaaa aaaaaattaa atctttttct ctgctctaaa     48960
     ccctctatcc ctctgcctga cacagctggt tctcagagcc tagggctcta ggggttgttg     49020
     ttgattggct cttttttttt ttattatttt cttgattggc tcttttttat gtcttaagat     49080
     ttcattgatt gaaaaaactt ggcaccagaa tgacaaactt tttttttcac tgcctatctg     49140
     aagaatggcc acctgaggaa tacccattgt ggcttagcag ggtaaggacc caacactgtc     49200
     tccctgagga ttcgggtttg atccctggcc ttactcagta ggttaaggat ccagcgttgc     49260
     cacaagctag attgctctag attgctcaga tgcagcgttg ccatggttgt ggcctaggcc     49320
     tgcagctgca actccaatgt gacttccata tgctgtgggt gcagctgtaa aagaaaaaaa     49380
     caaaaaaatc aaaatgccac ttggatccca aattcatttc cacaaccacc agaataagct     49440
     gagctgggag ataaacaccg acttctacat tcctaagtgg gaatcccagt gtatcggaac     49500
     tgttcattgt gtcataagca acatttataa aaatgaaaac atatctatgt actgcaagta     49560
     gtcaagtatg agatttgttg aaattacata caaggaatga aataggattt gggagttttt     49620
     gtcttggctc agtggaaaca aatctgacta gcatccatga ggacacaggt ttgatccctg     49680
     gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatccggcgt tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag gtcactgatg     49740
     cggcttggat ctggcatggc tgtggctgtg gcataggcca gcagctgtag ctccatttca     49800
     acccctagcc tggggaacct ccatatgccc caggtgcggc cctaaaaagc agagatacaa     49860
     atacaaaaca accctagtga tgttcctgga ggcctaagtc cagctgaggg gttggggatg     49920
     gagggattgg gggtggggca gtaaatgcat aaaagaggaa cagtaaagtg accagcatcc     49980
     agggtccatg tctgtggggc atggtcatgc cttccagatc tgaaagctgc atcacctgaa     50040
     aagaaataca caatctgaaa gttgagagct gttttatttg gtggactttc tgggcactga     50100
     agcctgggag gcagcctctc tgatagcttt gaaagactgc tcctaagagg taacggaaga     50160
     gctcccattg tggcttagca ggttaagaac ccaactagta tccatgagca tgccgattcc     50220
     atccctggcc tcgctcagcg ggttaaggat ccagccttgc tgcaagctga ggtgtagttt     50280
     gtagttgcag ctcagatctg tcattgctgt ggctgtggtg taggccagca gctatgaccc     50340
     ttagccaggg aacttccata tgccacagga gcagacataa aaggggaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     50400
     aaaaagaggt aaatgaggag ccaggatata taggagtttt gcaacaagaa ccagttaggg     50460
     agttcccatc gtggctcagc agaaatgaat ctgactagca tccatgagga tgcaggttcc     50520
     atccctggcc tcgctcagtg ggttaagaat ccagcattgc catgagctat ggtgtaggtt     50580
     gcagatgtac ctcggatctc gcgttgccgt ggctgtggcg taggccagca gctactgttc     50640
     tgctttgacc cctagcccca attcgatcca tatgctgtgt gcgcagccct aaaaagacca     50700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtagtcagaa catcaaaaga gtactgttaa ttaaagaaaa     50760
     ttggacatcc caagttaatg aatttagcgc ttttctctgt atgtgaagat gcaggagtct     50820
     gggctcattt tggcaggggg tgggggtaag gcatgcctag ggttcctggg ctagggattg     50880
     aacctctgcc acagctataa caagagccac agcagtgaca tggccagatc cttaatctac     50940
     tgagccacca gggaactcat aggactcact ggaatcattc ctttgatatg cactttctag     51000
     ggccagcatc ctgttgtttc ccagcccatg tcccctcagg gtgcaccctt ggtggcaggg     51060
     gctgcagtgg cttcgagctt ggcagtggag gtggtagtgg ctgatggcct gatggctaca     51120
     gcatcctttg tttgttgata tggcaggcaa tatttttcat tcacagtgct ttctcgtggt     51180
     aataaaatca actaatattt gggagacatt tcatgaccaa ttttgttcca tggtgctagg     51240
     aaagctcact cttagatcag gtgaagattc tgttgatcaa gtttcctttt aacagtggcc     51300
     tctgttgagg ccactcgatg tactaatttt tttgtaatag accctgctgt tcatctaaaa     51360
     tcctctggat cacctgtcta tctagtcaat tatgatgcag gaaatgtttt cccttgttgc     51420
     ttcttctcat acttagaatc acactattat aattattgac ctatttcctc aagatgttta     51480
     cccatcatta accttgttgg agacctggtt acacactgag taatgcaaaa gccagtctta     51540
     taaactgaac agcataatag agcaggtaac attaataagg tcaaaataca gcagagacag     51600
     acacagcata aacagtttgg aaacagagaa caaattaaaa caatgattag tacaactggt     51660
     tggaatctgg ttgtaagaaa ccatcgagtc cacaggagag gcagctggag aagccaaatt     51720
     ctggatcagg tagagagaaa aagatcaatg tttcaccttt gtttaaaagt tatactttgt     51780
     tgggagttcc cattgcggtt cagtgggtta cagacccaac tagtacccat gaggatgcag     51840
     attcgacccc tggtttcact cagtgggtta aggatctggt gttgccgtga gctctggtat     51900
     aagctgcaga tgtggctagg atctggcata gctgtgactg tggtgcaggc cagcagctgc     51960
     agctctgttt tgacccatag cctgggaact tccatatgcc acaggggtag gcctaaaaag     52020
     aaaaaacaag ttatacttta tcaccttatt ataattcctg gcacaagagg aaagtttctt     52080
     ctggaaaaca aagattaaaa gccagtgtag gagttcccgt cgtggcgcag cggttaacga     52140
     atcctactag gaaccatgag gttgcgggtt cggtccctgc ccttgctcag tgggttaacg     52200
     atccggcgtt gccgtgagct gtggtgtagg ttgcagacgc ggctcggatc ccgcgttgct     52260
     gtggctctgg cgtaggccgg tggctacagc tccgattcaa cccctagcct gggaacctcc     52320
     atatgccgcg ggagcagccc aagaaatagc aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aagacaaaaa     52380
     gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagccagtgt atttcaggaa aagtcaaatt     52440
     atacatcatt tttatcagtt cattcagtcc catgtaatta atttctgtta tctggatgaa     52500
     gcattcaggt tttccatcag agttgtgtga tttcttaccc agttaagtag tataatcgaa     52560
     aaattacaag aaacatggag ttcccactgt ggctcagcaa gttcatgata gtgtctctgt     52620
     gaggatgctg gttcaatccc tggccttgct cagtggctta aggatctcat gttgctgcaa     52680
     gctgtggtgg aggtagcaga tgtggcttgg atctggtgtt tccatggctg tggtataggc     52740
     ctcagctgta gctccaattt gacccctaaa aaaaaaaaat aaaaataaaa aataaaaatc     52800
     atatttatca aaaatccatt tatgcatttt cttgaacatt ttcattttat aaaagcatca     52860
     gaataataca atgattgtct ataaatgata agacttaaat ggcatggtta aagatctgat     52920
     tacaaagcga ttgacaagaa acttggatat ttctgtggca taatatttta agatattaga     52980
     attatgatgg ataacattga accagggcat atcagttttt taggaatttc ataaaaactt     53040
     tgaaatatct ataacattta tccacacaaa ataacctgaa gtttatctcc aatcatttga     53100
     caatgtttaa gtattttaac ataccaaata agcttaatta gtttaatatt cctctctgag     53160
     atgtcctttg aagcacctca gagttactgg aggtcaaaag aactatagtt agaatttggt     53220
     atttgggaaa ttcgtcaaaa atatcaggag ttcctgttgt ggctcagagg aaacaaacat     53280
     ggctagtatc tgtgaggatt cagatttgat ccctgtactc gctcagtggg ttaaggatcc     53340
     agtgttgcca tgagctgtgg tgtaagtcac agatgtggct tggatctcca gttgctgtgg     53400
     cttaggctgg cagctgcagc tccaatttga cccctagcct gtgaaccttc atatgctgag     53460
     gatgcagtcc tgaagcagga aaaaaaaaaa aaaattaata cttggtcaaa taggatcata     53520
     ggtcactgtg aaaccatact tacttaacta atagattttt aaaaatacag atgataaaga     53580
     caacaaaatt aaatgctgaa caaccttcaa caaaatggac ttgaaacttt caaaaaagat     53640
     atcctattcc agaagacaga ggaggcctca tcaagattgt agcaggggtt tggagttccc     53700
     gttgtggcac agtggttaac gaatccgact aggaaccatg aggttgcggg ttcggtccct     53760
     gcccttgctc agtgggttaa cgatccggcg ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagac     53820
     gaggctcgga tcctgcgttg ctgtggctct ggcataggcc agtggctaca gctccgattg     53880
     gacccctagc ctgggaacct ccatatgccg tgggagtggc ccaaagaaat agcaaaaaga     53940
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagattgtag caggggcaat tgcatgatat aagcaacccc     54000
     ataaccactg gatgggaagc acacagactg gaaagtaact ggatcacaga gactcaccta     54060
     caggaatgag agttctgagc cccacaccat gcccccacac ctggagatct ggcactggga     54120
     gaaagagcct ctggagcatc tggcattgaa ggccagtggg gcttgtgtac aggagctcca     54180
     cagagacccc attcttgaaa ggtgcacaca ggctttcata tgcactgggt cccagggcaa     54240
     agcaggtact ccataggaat ctgggtcaga cctgactgta gttcttggag gatctcctgg     54300
     gaaaatgggg gtgactatgg ctcattttgt ggaaagacct tggaggtaaa ggtcttggga     54360
     atagtcatca gcatgtgttc ctctagaggt gaccattttg ggaaaaatct ggtcccactc     54420
     atcagcactg agaagaccca ggccaaacaa taaaatccag gtgggatcac agccccaccc     54480
     atcattaagc agactgcata aagacccccc caggcacaca gctgtctcta atctcacaca     54540
     gagtcaaagc cccacccatc agaagggtaa gaatcagccc cacctaccag tgggcaggca     54600
     ccagtccctc ccatccagaa gcttgcagca agcccccata acaacttcat ccacaaggga     54660
     ggctgacatc agaagaaagg ctacaacttt attgcctgca aaaaggagac cacatcaaaa     54720
     acctataaaa atgacaaggc agagaactat aactcagata agggataaag aaaaaccccc     54780
     agaaaaacag ctaagtaatc tggagattat cagccactag gaaaaagact tcagactgat     54840
     gatagtgaag atgatgcaag agattggaaa taaactggag gcaaagactg ataatttaca     54900
     gcaaacattg agcaaagaaa tataagatgt aaaacttaag cagagatgca aaatacaata     54960
     atttaaataa aaaaattcat tagaagcaac caaaagcaga atacaggagg cagaagaatg     55020
     aataattgag gtgggggaca gactagtgga aatcactgat gcagaagagg aaaaggaaaa     55080
     aatattgaaa agaaatgaag acagtctaag agaactctgg gacaatgtta aacacaccaa     55140
     catccatatt atagagggcc agaagaagag agagagagaa aggacagaaa aaatatttga     55200
     agaggtaata cccaaaaact tccctaacat gggaatggaa ccactcactc aaatccagga     55260
     agcacaacga gtaccatata aaataaatcc aaggaggaac acaagacaca tattaatcaa     55320
     actgaccaaa attaaagaca aagagaaaat attaaaagca gctagggaaa agaaacaaat     55380
     aacataaaag ggaaccccaa taaggttatc ggcagatttt tcagcagaaa ctctgcaggc     55440
     cagaagggag tggcatgata tacttaacgt gatgaaagga aaaaacctcc aactaagatt     55500
     actttaccca gcaaggcttt cattcagatc tgaaggggaa atgaaaagct ttacaaacaa     55560
     gcaaaggcta agagaattct gcaccgctaa accagcttta caacaaatac taaaagaact     55620
     tctttaggaa gaaaggaaaa ggccacaact agcaacaaaa atactacaaa aatgacaaga     55680
     ataaccataa aggcatatat acagtaaagg taggaaatca ttcacaaaga aatatgctat     55740
     aaaatcagaa atcatgagaa gaggagggta caaatgcagg acactggaga tgcacttgca     55800
     attaagagga tgataactta aaacaatctc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatag     55860
     actcctatat caaaacttca gagtaactgc aagccaaaac actacaatag gagttcccat     55920
     catggcacag cagaattgag tctgactagg taccatgagg ttgtgggttt gatccctggc     55980
     ctccctcagt gggttaagaa tctggcgttg ctgtgagctg tggtgtaggt tgcagacgtg     56040
     gtggatcccg cattgcggtg gctctggtgt aggccagcag gctacagctc tgattagaca     56100
     cctagcctgg gaaccttcat atgctgtggg agcagcccta taaaaggcaa aaagaaaaaa     56160
     aaatctacta tagagtcaca aacaaataag aaaaaccaac tcaaatacaa cactaaagat     56220
     agccatcaaa ccacaagagg agagaacaag agaagggaag aaaaatagca acaaaaacaa     56280
     atccaaaaca gttaataaaa tggcagtaag aacatacata tcaataatta ccttaggagt     56340
     tcccgttgtg gcacagtggt taacgaatct gactaggaac catgaggttg caggttccgt     56400
     ccctgccctt gctcagtggg ttaatgatcc ggcattgccg tgagctgtgg tgtaggttgc     56460
     agacatggct tggatcccgt gttgctgtgg ctctggcata ggccggtggc tacagctccg     56520
     attcgacccc tggcctggga acctccatat gctgtgggtg cggcccaaga aatagcaaca     56580
     acaacaacaa caacaattac cttaaatgta aatggactaa acaccccaac caaaagacgt     56640
     agactggctt aatggatatg aaaacaagac ccatatatat gctgtcttta agagacccac     56700
     actgcttcta ggacacatac aaattgaaag tgagaggatg gaagaaatta ttccatgcag     56760
     acgggaatca aaagaaatct ggagtagcaa tactcagaca aaatagacct taaagaatat     56820
     tttaagagac aaagaaggac attacataat gatcaaggaa gatacaacaa ttgtaaatat     56880
     atatgcaccc aacataggat cacctcaata tataaggcaa ctgctaacaa ccttaaaagg     56940
     agaaactgac aataacacaa taatagcagg agactctaac accccactta cagcaacgga     57000
     cgggtcatcc agacagaaaa gcaacaacga aacacaggtc ctaaatgaag cattagatca     57060
     gatgaactta atatttataa aacattccat ccaaaagcag cagaatacac attcttctca     57120
     aaggattctc taggattgat cacattctag gccacaaatc aagtcttggt aacttttttt     57180
     tttttttttg ggctttttgc catttcttgg gctgctccca cagcatatgg aggttcccag     57240
     gataggggtc gaatcagagc tgtagccact ggcctactcc agagccacag caatgaggga     57300
     tctgagccac atctgagacc tacaccacag ctcatggcaa cgccagatcc ccaacccact     57360
     gagcaaggcc agggatcaaa cctaaacctc atggttccta gttggatttg ttaaccactg     57420
     agccatgacg ggaactccaa gtcttggtaa ctttaagaaa actgaaatca tatcaagcat     57480
     cttttctgct atatgctata tgactggaaa tcaaacaaaa aaactacaaa aaacacaaac     57540
     acatggagac taaacaacat gctactaaac aaccaatgga tcactgaaga aatcaaagag     57600
     gaaaaattaa aagaggaaat taaaaactac ctagaagaaa atgacaacaa agatacaata     57660
     cttcaaaacc tatggaaagc agcaaaagca gttctgagag ggaagtttat agcaatacaa     57720
     gcctacctca ggaagcaaga aaaagctcaa attggagttc ccattgtggc gcagtggtta     57780
     acgaatctga ctaggaacca tgaggttgca ggttcgatcc ctggcctcac tcagtgggtg     57840
     aaggatctgg tgttaccatg agctgtggtg taggtcgcag atgcagctcg gatcccaagt     57900
     tgctatagct ctggcatagg ccagtggcta cagctccgat tagaccccta gcctgggaac     57960
     ctccgtatgc cacaggagtg gctcaagaaa aggcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     58020
     agaaaagaaa aaaaaaagag agagagagag accaaaaaaa aaaactcaaa taaacaacct     58080
     aacctaacat ctaaagctgc tagagagaaa agaacagaca agacctaaag ttagtaaaag     58140
     gaaagaaatc ttaaagatca gagcagaaac aaatgaaata gaaacaaaga aaactataga     58200
     aaagagcaat gaaactaaaa gctggttctt tgaatagatc aacaaaattg ataaaccctt     58260
     actgagaaaa aaagacagga cttgaatcta taaaattaga aatgaaaaag aagttacaat     58320
     ggacatcaca gaaatacaaa gcatcataag aaactactac atgcaactat atgccaataa     58380
     aatggaagac ctagaagaaa cggacaaatt ctgagaaaag tactaccttg caaaactaaa     58440
     ccaagatgga atagaaaaga tgaacagacc actcacaagt actgaaattg aaactgcgat     58500
     gaaaaacttc caacaagaaa agtccaggac cagatgcctt cacaggtgaa ttctatcaaa     58560
     catttagata agagctaaca cctatccttc tgaaactatt ccaaaaaatt gcagaggaag     58620
     gaacactccc aaactcattc tataaggcca ccatcaccct gataccaaca ccagacaaag     58680
     ataacacaat aaaagcaaac tataggccaa tatcactgat gaacatagat gcaaaaatcc     58740
     tcaacaaaat actagcaaac tgaatccaac aatacagtat taaaaggact gtacaccagg     58800
     agttcccgtc atgatgcagt ggaaacgaat ccaactagga accatgagat tgcaggttca     58860
     atccctggcc tccctcggtg ggttaagaaa ctggcgtgct gtgagctgtg gtataggtcg     58920
     aagatgtgac tcagatctgg cattgctgtg gctgtggtgt aggccggtgg caatgctccg     58980
     attagacccc tagcttgaga acctccatat gccatgggtg caaccctaaa aggacaaaag     59040
     acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggattg tacatcatga tcaagtggga     59100
     tttatcccag ggatgcaagg attcttcaat atccacaaat cagggtgaaa cacattacca     59160
     aaccgaagaa taaaaactat atgatcctct caatagatgc ggaaaaagcc tttgacaaaa     59220
     tccaacaccc atttctgaca aaaacccttc agaaagtgga catagtagga acctacctca     59280
     acataaaaaa ggtcatacat aacaaaccca gagctaacat cattctcaat ggtgcaaagc     59340
     tgaaagaatt cctgctgaga tcaggaacaa gacaagggtg tctgtttttg tcactactat     59400
     ttaacatagt ttcagaagtc ctagccacag caatcggaga agaaaaataa ataaaaggaa     59460
     tcaaaattgg aaaggaagaa gtaaaactat cattctttgc acatgacatg atatcatacc     59520
     tagaaaatcc taaagatact accagaaaac tgttagagct catcagtgaa tttggcaata     59580
     tcgcagcata caaaattaat acacagaaat tgactgcatt tctgtatagt aataatgaaa     59640
     gatcaaaaag agaaattacg gagttcccgt cgtggcgcag tggttaacga atccgactag     59700
     gaaccatgag gttgcgggtt cagtccctgc ccttgctcag tgggttgacg atccggcgct     59760
     gccatgagct gtggtgcagg ttgcagaaat ggctcggaac acgcgttgct gtggctctgg     59820
     tgtaggctgg tggctaaggc tctgattaga cccctagctt gggaatctcc atatgccacg     59880
     ggagcagccc gagaaatagc aaaaagacaa aaaaacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaagaga     59940
     aattagggga acaatcccat ttaccatcac atcaaaaaga ataaaatctt taggaataaa     60000
     cctacctaaa gagataaaag acctgtactc tgaagactat aagatgctga tgaaagaaat     60060
     caaagatgac acaacagata gaaagacata gccctgttct tggactggaa aaatcagtat     60120
     tatcaaagtg ccagactacc caaggcaacc ttcgatttca gtgtaaatga ttcaatgcaa     60180
     tgtcctatca aagtaccaag aacatttttc aaagaactag aacaaaatat cttaaagttc     60240
     tggaagcaca aaagaccctg aatagccaaa gccatcctga gaaagaaaaa tggagctgaa     60300
     acaatcaggc tccctgactt cagacgacac tacaaagata cagtcatcaa aactgtatgg     60360
     tactggcaca aagacagaaa tatagatcag tggaacagga cagaaagccc agaattaaac     60420
     ccacacaccc acagtcaact aatctatgac aaaggacaca agaatacaca atagagaaaa     60480
     gacagtccct tcagtaagtg gtgctaggga aactggagag ccacatgcaa aagaatgaaa     60540
     ttagaacacc tcctaacacc atacacaaaa ataaactcaa aaatggatta aagacctaaa     60600
     tataaggcca gatactataa aactcttaga ggaaaacagg aaaaacactc tctgacataa     60660
     acaaaagcag tatcttctca gattcacctc ctagagtaat gacaataaaa acaaaaataa     60720
     gcaaatggca gagttcccgt cgtggcgcaa tggtcaacaa atccaactag gaaccatgag     60780
     tttgccatga gctgtggtgt aggctgcaga cgcggctcgg aacccgcatt gctgttgctc     60840
     tggtgtaggc tggtggctac agctctgata caccccctag cctgggaacc tccatgtgcc     60900
     gtgggagtgg cccaagaaat ggcaaaaaga caaaaataaa taaataaata aaaataaaca     60960
     aatgggactt aaaagtttcc atagcaaagg aaaccctaaa ctaaacaaaa agacaaacta     61020
     gagaatggga gaaaatttct gcaaatgaag cgactgacaa gagattaatc tccaaaattt     61080
     ataaacacct tctgcagctc aatacaaaaa aaataaacaa ccccattaaa aaatgggcag     61140
     aacatctaaa cagacaatcc tccaaagaag acatacagat ggccaaaaaa cacatgaaaa     61200
     gatgttcaac atcactaatt attcgagaaa tgcaaatcaa aaccactatg aggtacaacc     61260
     ttacaccagc cagaatggcc atcatcaaaa agtctacaaa caataaatgt tggagagggt     61320
     gtagagaaaa gggaacgctc ttatactgtt gatgggaatg taaattgatg caaccactgt     61380
     agaaaacagt atagagattc ctcagaaaac tagaagaaga attgccattt gatccagcaa     61440
     tcccactcct gggcatctac ccagagaaaa ccatgactca aaaggatatg tatactccaa     61500
     tactcactgc agcactacat acaatggcca agacatggag gcaaaggagt ggatgggaag     61560
     atgtggtatc tattcatagt ggaatattac tcagccatta aaaggaaaga aataatggca     61620
     tttgaagcaa cgtggataga cctggaaatt atcatgctaa gtgaagttag tgagacacca     61680
     gcgtcaaatg ctatcactta catgtgggat ataaaaaagg gacacaatga gtttctttgc     61740
     agaacagaca ctgacagact ttgagaggtt tatggtttct gaaggagaca ggctgggggt     61800
     ggcgggaagg gctggggatt tgggatgaaa atgctatata attggcttgt gatgatcatt     61860
     gtacaactat aaatgaaata aaaatttttt aaaaatcact taaaagcaaa gcagctcaca     61920
     atctgctacc aaaagcagta tttcaagaaa actttgttgt cagagttccc gttgtggcac     61980
     agcagaaata aatctaggaa ccatgaggtt tcaggttaga tccctggcct cgctcagtgt     62040
     gttaaggatc tggcattgct gtggctatgg cagaggccgg cagttgtagc tctgatttga     62100
     cccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgcctcg agttcagccc taacaagcaa aaaacagaga     62160
     aaactttgtt gtcttaacag agaaaggaac caaactcagt cttgcaccag cctactttta     62220
     gtaacaaaat ccatttacct aaatttaatc tgaacctgac catgtataac actccttttt     62280
     cagggctccc tttttacaaa ctttctacaa ctttctgtgt gcaccctaac ttgtcttatt     62340
     ctaagattca atccctggtt cagaatcttc catatgcaac aggtgttgga ggaagaaaaa     62400
     aaaactagct ctagtacaaa aatcactctt ttcccttatt aaaatgtgtt tccattcttc     62460
     atatcttctt ttgctgaaaa cacacaccct actttccatg tacactgaaa tatttcccat     62520
     attatcttta aaaataattt tattgaagta tagttgattt atagtgttaa ttcccttaat     62580
     atttttagta actctaatta catattacag gttttttttc attttttttt agggccacgc     62640
     ctgcagtata cggaagttcc caggctaggg gttgaatggg agctgcagct gccagcctac     62700
     gccacagcaa caccagatac aagccatgtc tatgacttct gctgcagctc atggcaacac     62760
     tggatctgaa cccctctttt catggatacc tgctgagtca cacagggaac tcccacatgt     62820
     taaaatttca acacttaaaa atcttcatct aaaaaaaaaa aagggagttc ccgtcgtggc     62880
     tcagtggtta acgaatccga atccgactag gaaccatgag gttgcaggtt cagtccctgg     62940
     ccttgctcag tgggttgagg atccagcatt gccatgggcc gtggtgtagg ttgcagacga     63000
     ggtttggatc tggctttgat gtggctatgg cacaggccag cagccacagc tccaattata     63060
     tccctagcct gggaacctcc atatgccaca gtgcaaccgt aaaaaaacta aagacaaaaa     63120
     caaacaaaca aaaaaatctt aaaatttagc aaaaacctat aagcaggaag cgatcataaa     63180
     ctgttggtca taccagcatt tccttgtttg tttggctgca gcatgaagtg gaatgatatg     63240
     ggatctcagt tcccagacca gggattgaac ctgggccaaa gcaatgaaag cagaatctta     63300
     accactagac caacaaggaa ctcccagatt ttccagattg gaatattcta taactacaaa     63360
     caggtatatg tggtgtatgt tactaataaa cccaacatct ttagttctcc tctcctaaga     63420
     ggacaaaagt ggttaaattt aggccttttt gcaattagcg tttcagcatt ttatcttatt     63480
     tgaaatgatc tgaacagtca ataaattccc atcatttaac atagcaaaac tcaagttacg     63540
     aaaaatctgg agcaattatt atagatagac atatccaaga cataattatt tctaatacag     63600
     ttcacctgaa aactcatctc atttaccttt agcttatgaa aatattacca tactaaatta     63660
     atttgttgta gttgacaaac tctaaaagaa ataacacgaa catattgacc tttagtaacc     63720
     ctagatacag taaagacagg catgtctatt aatcaatata gatggccagt ttctttcata     63780
     tttagaaatg tttagtttgt aagtactttt aagtcagtta aatagagccc ttttataaaa     63840
     tttaatttcg ataacatttt ctagaggtaa agacatctta tataatgatc acacaagata     63900
     aaataaacaa aactagagat ctcatagcct cacttttttt ttttttattt ttttcctttt     63960
     ctagggccgc ttccgtggca cacagaggtt cccaggctag gggtctaatt ggagcaacag     64020
     ctgctggcct acgccagagc cacagcaact tgggatccaa gctgcatctg caacctacac     64080
     cacagctcat ggcaatgctg gatccttaac ccactgagca aggccaggga tcaaacctgc     64140
     aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcattaa ccattgcgcc acgatgggaa ctcccatagc     64200
     ctcactttaa aacttagtta tgaatcaagt attaaaataa tataaactta ctagtttttt     64260
     tgggttttgt tttgcttttt agggccacat cctcagcata tggcggctcc caggataggg     64320
     gtcgaatttg agctacagct gccagcctac accagagcca cagcaacgcc aagtctgagc     64380
     cgagtctgcg acctacacca cagctcatag taacactgga tccttaactc actgagcgag     64440
     cccagggatg gaactcgagt cctcatggat actagttgag ctcactaaca ctgagccaca     64500
     atgggtactt cagtttgagt tttaaaacac cacttttccc cttttgtctt cgtttcagat     64560
     tctttgaatt aattaggttc agtctcaagt ccctgcaggc tctatttaca ttctgatttg     64620
     tcaagatttc caaaacagga attcccgttg tggcgcagtg gttaacaagt ctgactagga     64680
     accatgaggt tgcaggttcg atccccggcc tccctcagtg gattagggat ctggtgttgc     64740
     cgtgagctgt ggcgtaggtt gcagacatgg ctcggatccc gagttgctgt ggccgtggta     64800
     taggccagca gctacagctc caatttgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atattacaag     64860
     tgtggccctc aaaagacaga cagacagaaa gaaaaggcag agaattatga ctcaaaggag     64920
     tcactattgg gagattacca acctccatga aaaagacttt atagactaat aatagtaaag     64980
     aagattcaag atcttgaaaa taaactggag gcaaagattg ataaattata agaaacactg     65040
     aacaaagaga agatgtaaaa gattaagcaa gcagagacac aaaatacaat aactgatata     65100
     aaaaattcac tagaaggaaa caacagcaga atacacaagg caaaagagtg aataattaag     65160
     gtgggaaacg gactgatgga aatcactaat gtggaacaga aagagaaaag atattgaaaa     65220
     gaaatgaaga cagtctaaga gaactctgca acattttatt tttattttta tttatttttt     65280
     tgtcttttgt tgttgttgtt gttgctattt cttgggccgc tcccgcggca tatggaggtt     65340
     cccaggctag gggttgaatc ggagctgtag ccaccggcct acgccagagc cacagcaacg     65400
     cgggacccga gccgcgtcta caacctacac cacagctcac ggcaacgccg gatcattaac     65460
     ccactgagca agggcaggga tcgaacccgc aacctcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcgttaa     65520
     ccactgcgcc acgacgggaa ctccactctg caacatttta aatgcacaaa catctgtatc     65580
     atgggggtgg gggtgggggt gggggagcag aagaagaaga aagagaaagg gccagagaaa     65640
     atatttgaag agatagtagc tgaaaacatc cctaacaccg ggaaggaatc actcgctcaa     65700
     atccaggaag cacaacgagt accatataaa atatacccaa agaggaacac cccaggacac     65760
     atagtaatca acctggccaa aattaaagac aatgagggaa tactgaaagc agctagggaa     65820
     aagaaacaaa taacataagg gaaccctgat gaggtcatct gctaattttt cagcagaaac     65880
     tctgtaggcc aggagggagt ggcatgatat atttaaagtg atgaaaggaa aaaacctcca     65940
     accaaaatta ttctatccag caaggctcac attcagattt gaaggagaaa ttaaaagctt     66000
     tacagacaag caaatgctaa gagaattcag cactactaga ccagctttac aacaaatact     66060
     aaaggaactt ctctaggtgg aaaaggccac aactagaaaa ccaaaaacat tacaaatgac     66120
     aaggctcagc agtaaaggca tacatacagt aaagacagga aatcatccac acacaaatat     66180
     gctaccaaaa ccagaaatcg ggagacgagg agagtacaaa ttcaggatac tggagatgta     66240
     attgccatta agaggccaac aacttaaaac aatcttgttt atatatagag agagagactc     66300
     ctatatcaga acttcagcat aactgcaaac caaaaatcta caatagatat accaacaaat     66360
     aagaagaagc aatccaagca caaaactaaa gatagtcatc aaaacacaag agaagagaac     66420
     acaagaaggg aagaaaaaag accaacaaaa aacaaaccca ggggttcccc actgtggctc     66480
     agcagtaacg aaccctacta ggatccatga ggatgagggt tcaatccctg gcctcactca     66540
     gtgggttaag gatctggcat tgccatgaac tgtcgtgtag gtcacagaca cggctcagat     66600
     cctgcattgc tgtggctacg gattaggcta gcagctgaag atcctaataa acccctaacc     66660
     tgagaactac cataagctgt gggtgcggct ctaaaaagca aaaacaaaca aatccagaac     66720
     aattaataaa atagcagtaa gaacagatgt atcaataatt atcttaagtg ggagttcccg     66780
     tcgaggctca gtggttaatg aatctgacta gtattcatga ggatgtgggt tcaatccctg     66840
     gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatctggcat tgccatgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagacg     66900
     cggctcggat cccgtgttgc tgtggctctg gcataggcca gcggctacag ctctgattag     66960
     acccctagcc taggaacctc catatgccac gggaagcggc cttcgaaaag gcaaaaagac     67020
     aaaaaataaa ataaaaataa agaaggacat tatataatga tcaaaagatc aatccaagaa     67080
     gaacataaaa caattgtaaa catatatgca cccaacatag gatcacctca atgggcaact     67140
     gctaacaacc ttaaaaggag aaattgacaa taaacacaat aatagcaggg gattttaaca     67200
     ccctgcttac agcaatggac agatcatcca gacagaaaat caacaaggaa acacaggcct     67260
     taaatgatgc attagatcag atggacttga tagatattaa tagaatattc catccaaaag     67320
     caacagaata cacattcttc tctagtgcac ttgggacatt ctttagtata gatcacattc     67380
     tggtccacaa atcaagcctc agtaaattta agaaaatcaa aatcatatca agcatctttt     67440
     ccaaccacaa tgctataaga ctagaaatca acaagaataa aactgcaaaa acaaaaacaa     67500
     aaaccatgga gactaaacaa catactaata aacaaccgac agatcactga agaaagctaa     67560
     gaggaaatta aaaaaaatag gagctcctgt tgtggcgcag cagaaactaa tctgactagt     67620
     atccatgagg atgcaggttt gaatcctggc ctcggtatat gggtcaagta tccaggactg     67680
     ccatgaactg tgtgtggtgt agctcacaga cgtggctcag atcccatgtt gctgtggctg     67740
     tggcattgac tggcagctgt agctccaatt cgattcctag cctgggaact tccatatgcc     67800
     tcgggtgcag ccctaaaaag caacaaataa acaaataaat aaataaaact agcaaactgg     67860
     attcagcaat acattaaaag gatcgtacac catcatcaag tgggatttat cccaaggacg     67920
     caaggatttt tcaatatcct caaatcaatc aatgtaataa accacatcaa caagctgaag     67980
     aataaaaacc atatgatcct ctcaatagat gcagaaaaag ctttggacaa aatccaacac     68040
     caatttctga ttaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaccaaaaa aaacacctcc agaaaatgga     68100
     catagaggga acctgcatca acataaaaaa ggccatatat gacaaaccca gagctaacat     68160
     cattctcaat ggtgaaaagc tgaaagaatt cctactaaga tcaggaataa gacaagatgt     68220
     ccacttttgc cactactact caacatagtt ttcaaagtcc tagccacggc aatcactgaa     68280
     gaaataaaag gaatccaaat tggaaaggaa gaagtaaaac tatcattctt tgcagatgac     68340
     atgatactat atgttgaaaa tcctaaagat gctaccagaa agctgtcaga gctcatcagt     68400
     gaatttggta aagttacctg atacaactgc atttctatat actaacaatg aaagatcaga     68460
     aaaagaaatt agggaaacaa tcccatttac catcacttca aaaagaataa aatacttagg     68520
     aataaaccta cctaaagaga caaaagacct gtactctgaa aacgataaaa cactgatgaa     68580
     agatatcaca gatgacacaa acagatggaa aaatctacca tgctcttgga ttagaagatt     68640
     cagtattgtc aaaatgacta tactacccaa ggcaacctac agattcaata caattcctat     68700
     cacattacca ctggcctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttta caactagaac     68760
     aaaatatttt aaagtttgtt tggaagcaca aaagacccag aatagccaaa gccatcctga     68820
     gaaataaaaa tggagctgga gcaatcagga tccctggctt aagactatac tacaaagcta     68880
     tagtcatcaa aacagtatgg tactgtcaca aaacagaaat atagatcagt ggaacagaat     68940
     agaaagccca gaattaaacc aatacaccta tgatcaactc atctatgaca gaggaggcag     69000
     aaaaatgcga tggagaaaat acagtcccct caaaaagtgg tgctgggaaa actagacagc     69060
     tacatataaa agaatgaaat tagaacactc cctaacacca tacacaaaaa taaactcaaa     69120
     aatggattga agacctaaat ataagaccca atactataaa actcttagag gaaaacatag     69180
     gccaaacact ctccaacata aacaacagaa atatagtctc agatcaatat tgacattaaa     69240
     aacaaagaca aacaaattgg acctaattaa acttaaaagt ttttgcacag caaaggaaac     69300
     cctaaagaaa ataaaaagac acccatagaa tgggagaaaa tttatgcaaa tgaagcaact     69360
     gacaagggat taatcttcaa aatatataaa cacatcctgc agcttaaata tcaaaaatac     69420
     aaaccccatc aaaaaaatgg atagaagaac taagcagaca attctccaaa gaagacagac     69480
     agatggccaa aaaacacatg aaaagatgtt caacatcact cactattaga gaaaagtaaa     69540
     tcaagactgc tatgaggtac taccagtcag aatggccatc atcaaacagt ctacaaataa     69600
     taaatgctgg agaaggtgtg gagaaaaggg aaccctctta cactgttggg aatgtaaatt     69660
     ggtgcaaatg ctatggaagg cagtgtggag attcctcaaa aaactaaaaa tagaattgcc     69720
     atgtgatcca gcaatcccac tcccaggcat ctatccagag gaaaccatga cttgaaaaga     69780
     tacaagtacc ccaatgttca ttgcagcgct atatgcaata gccaagacat ggaggcaacc     69840
     taagtgtcca ttgacagagg agtggatgaa gatgatgtgg tacatataca taatggaata     69900
     ttactcagcc attattaaaa ggaatgaaat aatggcattt gtggcaacat ggatggacct     69960
     agagattctc atgctaagtg aacctagtgc gacacaatca ttatatgcta tttcttatat     70020
     gtgcaatcta aaaaaagaaa aaaaaaaaag atgcaatgaa cttatgggca gaacagaaac     70080
     agactcacag actctgaaaa acttatggtt accaaaggag acaggttgcg ggaggaggga     70140
     tgggctgggg gtgtgggatg gaaatgtcct aaaatcaggt tgtgatgatg gttgtacaac     70200
     tataaatata ataaaattaa aaaataataa actgaaattt aagagttctg tgtcctggaa     70260
     ttttgggttg taatttatca tgctttcaaa agcttgcaga aggcattcag caaaggccct     70320
     ctttctgggt gcacaggtaa gacccagagc aaaatctcta ttataatttg tattagcccc     70380
     tgaatatcac ttcccaggtt tttccttttt ttgttttgtt ttgttctttt taaggccaca     70440
     cttgcggcat gtagaggttc ctaggttagg ggtggaatcg gagttgtagc tgctagccta     70500
     caccacagcc acagcaactt gggatacaag ccgagtctgc aacctacacc acagctcacg     70560
     gcaacactgc atccttaacc cactggtcaa ggccaaggga ttgaacccgc atcctcgtgg     70620
     atactagtcg ggttcgttaa ccactgagcc acgatgggaa ctctccaggt ttttacttta     70680
     tgttgtatag gctcaggtaa ccctacaagt ttcctttagg ttgtttaatg tttcctgagg     70740
     ggcagatata cacgccctgt cttctaacac taagtaaggg aagcatttcc agtgaaaggt     70800
     gtctatcccg caacacaatt aagcaaaaga aatgtaacca tcttatattt atttattttt     70860
     atttttttgg tctttttgtc ttttttcttt agggccacac ccacggcatc tgcagattcc     70920
     caggctagag gtcaaatcag agctgtagcc actggcctac accacaacgg gatccaagcc     70980
     acatctgcga cctacaccac ggctcacagc aatgctggat ccttaaccca ctgagcgagg     71040
     ccagggatcg aacctgtgtc ttcatggatg ctatagtgtt tgctaactgc taggccaggt     71100
     gggaactcct gaagcctatt taaatgtaac aatttttagg agttcagcgg caaagaaccc     71160
     aactagtgta tccatgagga tgcaggcttt tgatccctgg cctcgctcag tggttgctgt     71220
     ggctgtggtg tagcccagga gctgcagctc tgatttgacc cctagcctgg gaacttccat     71280
     atgccacgag tagggccctt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gtaaaaacct     71340
     gggaactact tctgggaagt aataggggct aatacaaatt atagtagaga gattttgtgg     71400
     ccccaaaaag acaaaaaaaa ataattttta taaactttca ccttaattct gtaactttaa     71460
     aaataatgaa ttttatattt atcgttgtac aaccatcatc acaacctaat tttagaacat     71520
     ttccatccca aaccccaact tcaccccttc tttcctcccc ccagttccat caacttttat     71580
     acattttagt tttcattagg acccagtcaa gttttggtct tacaaggagt tcagaagttt     71640
     tttcttttta tcccccaacc atttatctat tttgttatct attttgtata aaaggatctg     71700
     gggccccttg tgaggggttg agccaaggga atcaggccct cttgccagtc ttttaacttg     71760
     attaattggc ctacttgttg cccccagtaa ttgtcagcca agcatctcaa tgtaactttt     71820
     tccccaacac tttaaatata catatatctt taaactgggt taaaaagagt ggacttactg     71880
     agaaccaatg gggtccctct gggccatcca agggtagtat cacaactttg atttaatccc     71940
     actaatgtct gttttattta tccttttttt tccccctaat ggcctcacct gcagcatatg     72000
     gaggttcctg ggccagggat ggaatctgaa ctgcaccaac actggatcct ttaacctatt     72060
     acaccaggcg ggggattgaa cccacaatct ccatagccac ctaacacttt tttttttaag     72120
     ggccgcaccc tcagcatatg gaaattccca ggctaggggc tgaatctgag ctgcagctgt     72180
     cagcctacac cacagccaca gcaatgccag attggacttc caccatagct caggcaacac     72240
     cggatcctta acccactgag cagggccagg gatcaaaccc acatcctcgt ggatactagt     72300
     tgggttcatt actgctgagc cacaatggga actcctgtag tcaggttctt aacctgccat     72360
     gccatattgg gaactcctat ttattccccc accccccatt ttgtctttta agaccacacc     72420
     tacggcatat ggaggtttcc aggctagggc tccattcaga gctatagctg ctggtctgcg     72480
     ccagagccac agcaatgtgg gatctgagcc atgtctgtga cctacaccat agctcatgca     72540
     acgccagatc cttaacctat tgagagaggc cagagatcaa acccgcatcg tcatggatgc     72600
     tagtcaggtt cgttaaccac tgagccacaa caggagctcc tatttgtccc gtttttaagc     72660
     aacaaccatc atctaaagat ttcttggaag ttcctgttgt ggctcagtgg taatgagccc     72720
     aactagcatc cgtaaggatg agggttcaat ccctggcctc actcagtgcg ttggggatct     72780
     ggtgttgtca tgaactgtgg tgtaggtcat agaccgggct cggatccctg tgtaaagatt     72840
     tatttatcca tttgggacaa gtccccttaa aatttccacc ttgttgggaa agtctctaga     72900
     ctttccttca gtttttttcc tccttacttt cctgtttttg ttgtttgttt ttagggctgc     72960
     acttgaggca catggcagtt cccaggctag ggatctaagg ggagcagcag ctgccagcct     73020
     acaccacagc cacagcaaca gggcatctga gccctcattt ccctgttaat caacctaatt     73080
     aacatcaatc attctaatgt ttttatcagc atctgtaaga cccactgagg ggaagcatag     73140
     tccacaataa ggcttcccaa accaattttt tagatttatt tttaaactaa gggagttctt     73200
     aggttaacca ttatataaat gtatgtattt tccacccttt tctcccaagt accaacaaaa     73260
     cagctgatta tgagacccct gtaaaacttt accaattttc caacttaaag gatccatcat     73320
     ctggccatta aggagatgta tcttaaaagt gactcaagga gttcctgctg tgactcagag     73380
     ggaatgaacc cgactagtat ccatgaggat ataggttccc ttcctggccc tgctcagtgg     73440
     ttaaggatct ggcattgctg tgagctgcag tgtagttcac agacaaggct tggatctggc     73500
     gctgctgtgg ctgtggctta ggctggcagc tgtagctctt attagacgct caacctagga     73560
     acttccatgt cacaagtgca gccctcaaga aaaaaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaaacaaca     73620
     aaaaaaaaaa cacaaacaaa acgtgtgact caaaccagta agaccaagag gcagtcccca     73680
     cagcagagtg tgaaggatgc cacctaaaca aggtccagaa aatttattcc caaaaataat     73740
     tcaagaaaag taaaggcctt cctgatgcaa gctgatgcaa tcagagttta aaatgacaaa     73800
     aagcccccga gagttggtaa ttatcagaca agacactgca cagaccctta gtccattcaa     73860
     ctggctgcca aaggtaccct caaagtgtac cttctcgatg gtagagactg agttcacaaa     73920
     acacagaaac atgaaaggcc cgaagatggg gtagaacatt cacatctcaa agacacagaa     73980
     gagaaatgaa gttcccccta gaagggctta gtttggtttg ggttttattt atttttttgg     74040
     tcgaaccctc ggcatgtgaa agtttctagg ccagggaatg aacctgcacc acagcaatga     74100
     caaagccaga tcttagcccg ttgcacagaa agagaactgt tttttgctat tgttttgggt     74160
     tttttttttt tctttttttt ttttgtcttt ttctagggcc gcacctgagg cgtatggaga     74220
     tctaatcagg ctaggagtct aatcagagct atagtcgctg gcctacacca cagccacagc     74280
     aacatgggat ccaagccgca tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcaatgccag atccttaacc     74340
     cactgagcaa ggccaggaat tgaaccagca acctcatggt tcctagttga tttctgctac     74400
     gccacaaaga gaactccaag ccagcttttt ccaaattaaa tctcagtcat ttcagagtga     74460
     gatttccttt aactgctagt tagggtactt gcaaagcatc agcaccaaat gttcacgatt     74520
     ctggctggag tgttagaggc tggttttctg acacgcctca gttttcgttt gggataatct     74580
     atttcctgtt ttaatgctga atttgtcagg gataaaattt actagtgcac ttttatccca     74640
     acacattctt tttttctttt ctttttaggg ccgcactcac agcgtatata cgttcccagg     74700
     ctaggggtca aactggagct gtaactactg gcctacacca cagcaacttg ggatccaagc     74760
     cgcatattca cctatccaac agctcacagc aacgccagac ccttaaccca ctgagcaagg     74820
     ccagggatca aacctgcatc ctcacagatg ctagtcagat tcatttccgc tgggccaaca     74880
     aattcttgtt aaggtggcca atttgaggaa atagtcaggt cagccttcta cctaaccttt     74940
     cagcccagac tgctcagtat gttttcaacc aagcaaattc cagtacctcc ccgagttatc     75000
     tttcagctgg tggggcattt tctcccagtg tctttcaact gagctcccct agcatctatc     75060
     aactggggaa gaggtcaatc cccagtatct ttcaactggg gagtaagcaa tatagacact     75120
     atcaaataaa actcaggatc atgaaccatt aattgggaaa tcagagaagc aggagggact     75180
     tacccaaatt cacctggcct ctccaaggag ggggttgggc acaagagacc tcttcctaga     75240
     gttcaggtga agcagagaag tctgctctgg gtcccttcat ggtgaccaaa actgttaact     75300
     gaaaacaaat aaaaagaaca gcaacaacca aaaaaccccc gcacaaccta aaacttgaaa     75360
     attatgcttt atttggtgga ctttctgagg actcaaggcc aggaggcagc ctcgcaaata     75420
     gctccaaaga gctaagggag aagccaggat atacaggagt tttccaacaa aaaccaggta     75480
     gtcagaccat caaaagagta gtgttaatta aagaaaacca gacatctcaa gttaatgaat     75540
     ttagcacttt tcaatgtatg ggaagatgcc agagtctggg ctcacttaaa tcattccttt     75600
     gatatgcacc ttggctttcc agagccagca tcctgtttgt tcccagtctc agttccctca     75660
     gtgtgccccc gtcggggtgg ccgcagtggc tcagggcttg gcagcaggca gccatctgtc     75720
     tccaccgctg ggtgggcggc agtattggct gatggcttca cgactgcagc atccctcgca     75780
     gatttgacag gcgtttttca ttcacagcta taaaggatct caaacctcaa gaatccacta     75840
     agttccacct agtaaggcgc cggtagtacc cttctccgag tcaggctcct ccaggcgatt     75900
     cctctgccca cagggagggt cggcaggcct gtggcccgcg gtctggaagg gcggccctgg     75960
     ggcctcggct gagacctccc agggcttggg cctccgcggg agctgggacg ccgtgggttc     76020
     gctgagggtc gccgcgacaa gaggcctctc caggcccgga agctcctggc cctgctgcac     76080
     cagctgcaga agacgcgcca gggtcaccga ggccggggct gacttctccg gtacaggacc     76140
     tccgccgcta gggcttgaac tgcctggctg ttccatgaca ggctccgaac ctgcgcgctt     76200
     ctcttccggg agggatggat gcaaccattg taggaggaag tgaagggggg agcatagacc     76260
     gtaccaagca gcccagagag cgggggagca ctggacgacc agctccgcga agaaacgcct     76320
     cgctcacact taaggcttac cctgcccaag agcctctaac gttgaaagct ttagaacccc     76380
     gaagtcttgc acagctgaca cggagatata ggtaaaaaga cacgaatttt cacaaatgca     76440
     cgggcatcac gaacataccg gctttcatgc acacgctgaa gtgcatagag tacagggatt     76500
     attgcataga tgcgtggcag gaggataacc tccatccggg gctcctgcag caccagacag     76560
     aaaataacgg aggaaatgtc tgcaagtggt ttcagaagaa ctgggaataa gtgatgccac     76620
     ggctctctcc ccattccctg ccttcaagac aattcctggt gttcccatag tggaagagag     76680
     aagatgaagg cggaccaggc tgctacagct tccttccacc tgcttaggaa gtcagtgtca     76740
     ataaagctca ggtttctaag tttatcagaa actagccaga tccgacactc accaccttaa     76800
     tcaagtgagc aaagcttaat taatagtaat agaacaaact agcatcagat gtctcctgaa     76860
     gtgatgcact gagaggggct gcaggtgtag gaacacagcc tcacttctgt agtgttcctg     76920
     ctaaaaatgt tcactctgaa tctaaacttg aggaaatgag tagacaaacc aaaatgacag     76980
     acattctgca aaatgacctg gacactttat agttgtcagt gtcataaaag acaaagacag     77040
     aaggaaaaag actgaggaac tgtgtcagac taaaggagac tgaaaaatac aaagtgtgat     77100
     cctggattgg atctagatga ggggaaaatc agttacaaag gacattttaa cccttgggaa     77160
     attttgaatt gacctgtgta ttagatgaca gtgttatcat ctaataacag atgatacagt     77220
     ttaactgtat atcagtgtta aattaagtac acaattgtgc tctggctatg ttagagaatg     77280
     accttgttta taagagatac atcctgaagt atttatgggt gaaatgtcac aacgaaaaag     77340
     ggaggggaaa aaaagcaaat gtggaaaaat tgctggaatt ggtggatcta aatggtttgt     77400
     aacttgttga aattaaaagt taataagggt gaccttgaga agccagtctt gaggaaactg     77460
     accataccaa gtcttgtata ataaggaatt tgaggacttc ccttgtggca tagagggtta     77520
     agtatctgaa gctggcacag agggttaagg atttggagct attcctgccg tggctcaggt     77580
     cactgctata gcatgggttt gatccctgac cccggaacct ccacattgct gaaggcacag     77640
     agccccccca aaaaagaaga atttgactgg tctttgtccc tggcatttcc caagtattag     77700
     aagtgatatt catggtgggc cctgacagtt tatgccaagg aggtgagtca tggtggcccc     77760
     taagtggttt caggattggt gctgaccagt catgtgattg gagggttggg gctttgactc     77820
     atgaagggtc caggaaagag gcctggaaat tgaattcagt ctccagccta tgatttattc     77880
     agccatgcct atgtaataaa acccctaaag caactctgga cacaaagctc agtggagctt     77940
     cctgattggt gaactcatca atgtatcagg aggggacatg ccctggttcc aggaggagat     78000
     gaatgacaca gaagccctgc atgcaggacc ctcccagacc ttgccctatg cgcctcttca     78060
     tctggctggt ccagctgatc tatattctct ctaataaaac cgtaatcata ggaataacac     78120
     tttcctgagg tctgtgttct gtgagtcatt ccagtgaatt attgaacctg aagggggggt     78180
     gtgatccccc aaattcgtac ctagtaagtc agaaatgctt gtggcctggg acccctccga     78240
     acttgcagct ggcatctgat tcagagctgt cttgtgggga ctgtgctctt ggacttgtgg     78300
     gatctgtatt aattacagga agttaacact ggagttgaat ggggttttta attgaaccct     78360
     ggatgcagga agaactcgtc cttctcgctg tggatggcat cagtttctgg gtgacctcct     78420
     gcactcctgc cctaaggact ccctcctggg tcaccaggtc ccctttcttt ctcagatgtc     78480
     cttggcccca gttctccact cccaacctcc tagccaaggg gctgtggttt tctgctccac     78540
     cattgctttc tttcctacca gccaagtgca agaggcaaac atctttagga gattaaaacc     78600
     gaccttgggt atcctcccag gctgagtaag gactaaattt tctcagaatt tgggacagtg     78660
     atgtgtttgt gtttgggacg tggggagttg tctcagtgtc atcatttttc ttctctctca     78720
     ttctttcatc ttctccttag cacagcacat agtatagaca aggacgagtc taggagttag     78780
     gggttgtcag gagggacctc aagcacaatc gagcccaaca ttcttttttt tctttctttc     78840
     ttttcacggc cgcatctgtg gcatatggaa gttcccggac cggatcgaat cagaactgca     78900
     gctgcagctt gagccacggc aacaccaaat ccaagctgca tctgtgacct atgctgcagc     78960
     ttgcagcaat gcaagatcct taatccacgg attgaagcca gggattgaac ccacatcctc     79020
     acggacacta tgacgggttc ttaacccact gggccacaac aggaattccc caacccactt     79080
     atatacagag aggtaaacag agcttgtgaa agggctgggt ttggatcctg agcccactga     79140
     ctgctaactc aggctgcctc ttgatggggt gtaggggcct ctgccctctg ggcagccatt     79200
     ctgagactgt gctctgctga agatgtgcat gcagaaggca gggaggcaaa agaaggaaaa     79260
     tcgagtgagc ccgtgggcag gggcaaagat acctcccatc caggcccatc cacagccttt     79320
     ccctgcatca gtgaggaccc cggagaccaa gaggtcatgt ctgcgggggg tggcaaggcc     79380
     agattcaacc tctggtgtag agacaggctc caaacacccc tgagttcatt tataactcat     79440
     tagccatctt tcacccacga ttttcttttt tttttttttt ttttttgtct ttttgctatt     79500
     tctttgggcc actcccgcgg catatggagg ttcccaggct aggggttgaa ttggagccgt     79560
     agccactggc ctatgccaga gctacagcaa cgcaggatcc gagccgcgtc tgcaacctac     79620
     accacagctc acggcaacgc cggatcgtta acccactgag caagggcagg gaccaaaccc     79680
     acaacctcat ggttcctagt cggattcgtt aaccactgcg ccacaacggg aactcctcac     79740
     ccatgatttt caacatcacc tctcaacagg aaatgcccct ccctctccct cattaattgg     79800
     agccccattc atccttcaaa ggctgctcag taggtccacc tctcccatca ttaccatcag     79860
     aattaactga tcctggagtt cccattgtgg ctcagtggaa acaaatccga ttcataacca     79920
     tgagtttgca ggtgtgaacc ctggccttgc tcagtgggtt aaagatctgg cattgccctg     79980
     taggtcatgg acacggttca gatctggcat ggctgtggct gtggcatagg ctggtggctg     80040
     aagctttaat ttgatcccta tcctgggaac ctccaaatgc atcggatgcg gccctaaaaa     80100
     gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg aattaactga tactttttct acaattccac     80160
     agtcccttgc tcatccacat gctgcctctc cttctctctc tctctctctc tctctttttt     80220
     ttaattttac agctgcaccc gtggcatatg gaagttccca atccggggac tgaatccgag     80280
     ccccagcagc aacctgtgct acagatgtgg caatgccact gtgccggact ggggatcaaa     80340
     cctgcaaccc aaaccactgc agtcaggttc ttaacctact gaaccacagc agtaactccc     80400
     tacaagtttt ctcttactta gtccatgagt cctactcacc tagtatcata atgtgcccag     80460
     accagcacct gtggagacct agtgatgctc agaaaatgtt aactaaatgc ctgcttgact     80520
     gaatctactg ttagaataaa cacaaggaga aaagaaagaa ttcaagtcac tgcgagcatt     80580
     gactgagagc ctgccatgtg ccatgcacgg tgccaactgc ttggtgtaca gatccctgtc     80640
     ctcaaggggc tcacagctga ctcgggaaaa aagtcagaat aaaattatta taattatgat     80700
     gtatatcata gaatttactc tataaataat gcagtgcagt gcctggtgtg gtaacaatgt     80760
     catgtgccaa ctgaaatcag cagactatgc tttagatggg ttttgaagca gatttgatca     80820
     catgtgtaag ctgctcttat ggtcaacgtg tcagcctgca gggctggccc atgcctgact     80880
     ctggagccag atcaagctca ggtcctaagg ccacctctgg ctctcacaag ctgtgggact     80940
     ttggagcaag cgatttccac ttctctgtgc ttccgattcc tatcagtaaa aggagagtga     81000
     tgacagtgcc tcacgggact gtccaacaga ttaaatggga taatgaatga tgcccaacaa     81060
     ggacaactat taatattctt atcagttggg tggttatgct gtctctctct ctctctcttt     81120
     tgtggggggt ggggtgggca atcacggcat atggaagttt ccaggctagg ggtcaaatcg     81180
     gagctactgc tgccagccta agccacagcc acagcaacat gagatccaag ctgcatctgc     81240
     aacctacacc agagctcaca gcaatgccag atccttaacc cattgagaga ggacagggat     81300
     ggaacccgaa ttctcacgga tactagttgg attcgtttcc gctgctccac aacagcaact     81360
     tcccactggc tctctcctgt tggcccctct gggtcctcac tccacccttg tccccccagc     81420
     ctcctggaca ctgacatcag cagacacttg caataggctc cctcaccctc tggctttggg     81480
     ttcggccaac tgtggatcca aaagaagaaa gaaggtggtc agggcattta ctctccactc     81540
     tccctctctt ctggatcacc gctggctgca gagtcccttc tcatggctct ctggcctcgg     81600
     gggcctgcca tcgttccctc tcctcactcc acaggccagt gacaagtccc aggttctgca     81660
     ctgtccctcg ggacttccct tcacgctata agcagtcctt tgattaattc cctcaaatta     81720
     cccaatataa tgtcatctat tcgctgcccc tactcatcaa tccaggaatc ggttccagga     81780
     acagagtcaa acaaatactg ggattggatt gctcataaat ttaaggagta caagggaagc     81840
     ttcctcgtag tggggaaaac gcactcaggt aatccactgc gtgcagaggt atcaccacca     81900
     ctcacaccat cactggaggt ggcctgggat gaagtgtggg gtaccgcacg gctgggtggg     81960
     gagatgggag gtaaaacggc tctggctctt cttcactatg gcgtggaatc atttgggttg     82020
     tgatggcctc agagaactcg tgcaggaaaa aggagaactg ggagttatca gtgcctgatg     82080
     aggaatatga gtgagaaatt aggactcctt gacgggaccc tgaaggagtc ctttgctttc     82140
     tacagacaga gggctcgtaa ggctgattaa atactcagcc ctcagagttc ctgctgtggt     82200
     ctagtgggtt aagaataaga ctggaagttc ccatcatggc tcagcagtaa tgaatctgac     82260
     tagtatccat gaggacgcgg gttccatccc tagcctcact cagtgggcta aggatccggc     82320
     gttgctgtga gctgtggtgc aggctggcag ctacagctcc aatttgaccc ctggcctggg     82380
     aacctccata tgccatggtt gcagccctaa aaacacacac acacaaaaaa aaagtcggac     82440
     tggaggagtt cctactgtgg ttcattgggt taagaacctg aaatagtgtc caggaagatg     82500
     agggttccat ccctgtcctt gctcagtggg ttaaggatct ggtgttgcca caagttgctg     82560
     agtaggtagc agataaggct cagagcaagc attgctgtgg ctgtgaggta ggccggtagc     82620
     agaagctcca atcaatccct agcctgggaa cttcaatatg ccacaggtgc agccgtaaaa     82680
     ataaaaataa aaaaagaatc caactgcagc agctcaggtg gctgcagagg cacaggtttg     82740
     atctccagac aggcatggtg ggtgggttaa aagatccagc atcgccacag ctgcagcata     82800
     ggttgctcaa attcaatcca atccatggac tgggaacttc catatgcccc tggtgcagct     82860
     ttataaaaat aaatgaataa atgcatacat acacactcaa ccctctaggc ttcttacgct     82920
     caagtgaggg tgttgatgga gaaggggtga gactctgaga tggaatgggg acatttgggg     82980
     gacatctggg cagacagaga catggctgag aactctgaac cctctatatt cccttgaagt     83040
     cttatctacg gagacatctt ttgctgttat tctttctccc aggacatgag cctcagaaac     83100
     cttctcacct ccacccctcc tgaccccagg ccttttgtga gttagatccc agcccagcct     83160
     gggtggagaa gcacaaggcc cacgctaaga ggagaatgcc cagacagaaa gagtgacggg     83220
     ccctgccaaa ctgcctgggc aggagccacg ggagcatgcg tgggagaggg ttctaaggga     83280
     aacagaccca ggagggtggg atgtaagacc cactttggcc agacacatgg ccacagacac     83340
     tcctccagga tttgggactt aatgtgtttg ctgcagcacc tgggaaagga agtaataatc     83400
     tgctaaattg cttaattaaa gcctgaactt aaaggcagcc tagagttaat aaacttgaaa     83460
     tgccagaatt tccttggcat gctctaagaa aggaatctga aatctcagag agatgggatg     83520
     gctgggttag atttattagg tgccatctgc ttagccaccc actagccacc tattttaagg     83580
     gggtctgaaa acactccctt taccaatgca ttgagaaatg cattggtgag ggccaccagc     83640
     atcctaggct agctctgatg gctgtcctct gtaggctgga gatgctagtg ggggatgctg     83700
     gatagtggaa ctgcattcgc tgatctcgag gagaataatg atatcttggt gggataaaga     83760
     acaggtggtg atgctcaaca gccaaaggca aggtgactaa gataaacgtg ggaaaaaatg     83820
     gtcatcaagt gaacaaaatg acagtctggt ggaccagtca gccttccccc ccaggcactc     83880
     taagacttgc tcactagacc catggtggca gggaaggaag ccatgctttt ggctcaataa     83940
     gacggtattc ctctctctga ggctaattta gctgtggcag agggttcatc ctatttacag     84000
     ctcaggcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc tttttagggc tgcacctgca     84060
     gcatatggaa gttcccaggc taagggttga atcagagcta ttgttgctgg cctacaccac     84120
     agccacagca gcatcagatc tgagccgtgt ctgtgaccta caccacagct cacggcaaca     84180
     ctggatcctt aacccactga gcgaggccag ggattactca cggttcctgg tcagatttgt     84240
     ttctgctgcg ccaagacggg aactcttcca gcccagcctg agtccctgat tgggcaccgt     84300
     tctcacctga tagtcgactg attggattgc tcacccccta gcgtagaggg gctgtgtttt     84360
     atcctcatag gcacatattc cgggtatgaa ttcacctcta cctctagtgc ttccatcagc     84420
     acttacagaa tacctcatcc atcaccacgg catgcaatat accatcaccc ccaacgcgga     84480
     cacatgtttt acagccaaag acatgtacaa atgagctcac gcccaaggca ttcactggtc     84540
     ttaccatgac ccggggagca gctggcttga tagaaaggaa gactggccag ttgaaggagc     84600
     acagctaaga aactacaccc tacaacatag aagtgctgtc ctataggata cagtgggttt     84660
     tttgtttttt tgttttttgt cttttctagg gccgcacctg cagcatgtgg aggttcccag     84720
     gctaggggtc taatcggagc tgtagccgct ggcctacgcc acagccacag caactcaggt     84780
     tctgagctgc gtctacgacc tacagcagag ctcacagcaa ctgcactggc tccttaaccc     84840
     actgagcggg gccagggatt gaacctgcaa cctcatggtt cctagttgga ttcgttaacc     84900
     actgagccaa gacgggaact ctggatacag ggtattctta aaccaaaacc agactcagat     84960
     atataactga gaggtgggga tagcagcagc ctcttcgcta ttacagctga agtctacgac     85020
     ctattggagg aatttttgct ccctaccccc ataaacttgt cctcagggag cttggcgagg     85080
     ctagcattca agggagaaac acctgccacc tgcaccatgg aacctcggaa cgatggtagt     85140
     actgatgacc tggaagctga gagggcccct ggccattttc gtttctcctg ctatggaacc     85200
     aacaggcaaa gaaaggggtt actctaatgt ctaaggtgac aaaccccaat taccagagaa     85260
     aattaggttg ctaccacata atagagggag gcactagatc tagaatccag tggactcact     85320
     aagtgtctct taataatttt ctgctcagga gttcccactg tggcacgggg gttaaggatc     85380
     cagcttgagt ctgtggcatt gccggtttga tccttggccc agtgcagcag atgaaggatc     85440
     aggcattggt gcaattatgg cgtaggttgc agatgcggct tggatttgat ccctggcctg     85500
     agaacttcca tataccatgg gtacagttag aaatcaaaat aataataatt ctctgctcag     85560
     ttgtcctggt tcatagaaga ctccagcaac cacaatgtca agattaccaa ggacgcagac     85620
     cccacaggaa taaaggtttg agtcaccacc cggtaaagaa cccagtccag ccaaggtgtt     85680
     ggcaaaggat aagaagagta catcaggagt tcccattgtg gcacagtggt aactagcccg     85740
     actagtatcc aagaggatgt gggttccatc cctggcctca ctcagtgggt cagggatcag     85800
     gcattgcccc aagctgcagt atagttgcct cagattgagg caatgctgga tccttaaccc     85860
     tctgggcgag gccagggatc aaatccgcaa ccccatggtt cctagtcaga tttgtttctg     85920
     ctgcgccacg atgggaactc catttttttt ttttttgtct ttttttaaag tctttttaaa     85980
     ttaacatcat aacaaaagtt ttccatgtca ttacaaactc tttggaaaga atcaagacag     86040
     ctcaagcatc atcttctaaa gcatttttgc tgatgctcac tccatctcta gaagaatagt     86100
     ctccctttcc caggaccccc tctaccccta aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     86160
     cacacacaca cacacacacg agttcagtca tctgacacac tccaagtccc ttatctgttt     86220
     ataagcctgt ctcctttctt gactacaggg agcttctctt tttgtcttat tatctccatc     86280
     ccaatctctg gtataaaaca aagattcaca agtgggtttg aatgaaagga cattttaaag     86340
     cctgcgtaat atttcatcat gtaaatgcgt cctagtttat ttagctattt ccttaacatt     86400
     gaacatttag atgatttaaa tttttttcgg ctatagtatg cagtggcttt gatgtgggat     86460
     cccagttccc aggccaggga ttgaacctgg gccacagcag taatagtgct gaatcctaac     86520
     cactaggcca ccagggaact ctctaggtga ctttattatt attattaaat ttttttggcc     86580
     atgcctgcgg cacggggaaa ttcccggacc aggcatggaa cccacaccat ggtagtgacc     86640
     agagccacag tagtgaaaat gccagatcct ttaaccacta gatcaccagg gaactccctg     86700
     attttaattt tttttttttt tgtcttttta gggtcacacc cacagcatat ggaggttccc     86760
     aggttagggg ttgaatcgga gctgcagctg cctgcctaca ccacaaccac agcaacgcgg     86820
     gatccgagcc gcatctgcaa cctacaccac agctcacagc agcactggat ccttaaccca     86880
     ctgagtaagg ccagggatag aacctgtgtc ctcatggata ctagtcggat ttattaacca     86940
     ctgagccaca actggaactc acctgatttt aatttttcat tttaaatatc attgcagtat     87000
     tttcatttgc tcagtggaat aggtgcccct gttggtatta ctggaagaga cttctacttg     87060
     tgatttcaac agaagcacac atgctgaccc tctgcttgct cctctggtta tagtctaatc     87120
     aaataagtca gatttacatt cagtaattat ttggtaatat cagcaatctt ctctaataag     87180
     cactgctact tttaattttc tttttttctc aatcagtgtg gctaatctca gcttaacaac     87240
     agccctgggt tttctacact gtgcatttga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggaaag     87300
     ggataatctg ctgtgtacca ggcactcagc agatactcat atttaattca attttgccaa     87360
     aaccttgtga aaagaacttt ggagagagac agacctataa acacacgcct gtagtgaatg     87420
     cccagctcca ccacttgcct gttagagaat cttcagcctg gccacttcgt ttttctgagc     87480
     ctcaatttcc tagactccaa aaacggggtg acagtacttg atgtgtgatt atgaggatta     87540
     attgagacat ctgtgaacga cttcagtccc aagcaggagt tcagagcagg tactcagctc     87600
     aggaacctag agcctcctct ggggatgccc tgcaggaggg cgtctttagg accagcaaga     87660
     ctctggggac aggggaaggt tcctggggct cttggaagga cggaacccac gtaagagcag     87720
     gcaaagaacg cttccaggcc aacctatgtc caggaagctg cgagtgggcc agtggaaggg     87780
     tagctgtccc agcgccaggt ggcccaagcc agccaagagc agcaggagaa ggaggaagct     87840
     ggggcgcggg gccggtgttg aggtgggtgg tcttcagcct tcttgtcctg ggaagatctt     87900
     gaaactcaaa tgaacgaagg aagccagcgg gctcttcccc atctgtattg tggtaactga     87960
     gccccagcct actcctcccc aggctggaag gcgggagagt cgttagggac acctgcctct     88020
     ctccctcccc ctcctggcgg gaacccaccc acagcgcgca cctgggcagc cgctatgcct     88080
     gggaacacgg ggcgccggtg gccccagcct gccccgcact gaaaaagggc aggagctcag     88140
     tcctggctgc agggggctcc tcgggacacc tcagaggacg atgactgtta aaataaccat     88200
     ccagacggaa aggggtgagg cccgcaccag aataaagaaa tcagggagcc aggaagcaat     88260
     aaacctgcca acgtaaagaa tattaacgtg taataaagaa tgtttctcca aaaaaagaca     88320
     gacagacagt ttcccacaaa caggagacag gaaaaattat ttatgaataa ccctgggata     88380
     attgattagc tctgccagaa aaaaaaaaaa aatgaaattt agatgcacat cttttacaat     88440
     ataccaagct taattcctga tagcaaatca ggggcaggat taaactacac acaccccaaa     88500
     agacaataga agtgggactg aggagttccc agtgtggctc agtggtaaca aactccacta     88560
     gtatccatga ggatatggag ttcgatccct ggctttgctc agtgggttaa ggatccagtg     88620
     ttgtggtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagac acccttggat cttgtgtggc tgtggctgtg     88680
     gtgtaggccg gcagctgtga ctccgattca actcctagcc tgggaacctc cataagccgc     88740
     aagtgcggcc ctaaaaaaga ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtggg aatgaatgta     88800
     tgatccttta gagggtagag gactgtctag gattaaaagg gagaagataa atcccaatag     88860
     ggaagatgat atatttattg gttcctacaa aacaactgca ggttaaaaaa aaagtgagga     88920
     gttcctgtgt gtctcagtgg gttaagtgtc catcgctgtc tctgcagtgg cttgggttgc     88980
     tgctgtggca caggttgctc cctggcctgg gaacttcggc atggccacag gcatggccaa     89040
     aaaaaagtga aattaaaagc agtaaatgac tggagttcct gctgtggtgc actggggtaa     89100
     gaatccaact gcagcagatc ttgttgctgc agaggcatag tttccatccc tggccagcgg     89160
     gttaaaggat acagcattgc tgcagctgcc acatggattc atcccctggc ctgggaactt     89220
     ccatatgcac aggtgttgcc attaaaaaaa aagtagtcaa tgacaaatac catatgatat     89280
     caattatatg tggaatctaa aatacgacac aattctcgtc atggcacagc agaaatgaat     89340
     ccaactagga accacgaggt tgcaggttcg atccctggcc tcgttcattg ggttaaggag     89400
     ccagtgcagt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gtcgcagatg tggcttggat cctgtgttgc     89460
     tgtggctgtg gcataggcca gcagctgtag ctccaattag acccctagcc tgggaacctc     89520
     cacatgccaa gagtatggcc ctaagaaagc aaacaaacaa ataaacaaac aaacaaaaaa     89580
     cgacacaggg aactcccatc aaggctcagc agaaatgaac atgactagta tccatgagga     89640
     cacaggtttg atccctggcc ttgctcaggg ggttaaggat ccagtgttgc cataagctga     89700
     ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcag ctcagatctg gtgtggctgt agctgtggtg taggccagca     89760
     gctgtagctc caattcgacc cctagcctgg ggcacttcca tatgccacag ttgtggccct     89820
     aaaaagacta aataaataaa taaatataat acaacacaat gaacatatct gtgaaataga     89880
     aacagacttg cgattgccag gggggcgtgg ggggtggagg agggaagggc tgggagtttg     89940
     gggattagca gctgtaaatg tatttataag atgaataaac agcagagtcc ttccgtagag     90000
     cacagggcac tgtgttcaat atcctgtgat aaaccataag ggaaaataat atgaaaacga     90060
     atatatgggt ataactgaaa cccattgctg tagagccgaa attaacagtt ttagaaatca     90120
     actatatttc aataaaattt tttacaaata ggtgggagcg gccgccagat gtgcctattc     90180
     tgaggagtgg ccagcggctt gatgaagcat gtcaggtaca cttacacctg agatggacta     90240
     tggaacagca agtaccagaa gtggaagtcc caagccacac atagagggac agcctcaccg     90300
     cgcaaccagg agcgtcagct gcacctgagg cgatctctgc agcagcaggt ccctgtggta     90360
     ggtttccagt gggaattgag agaggcattc cttatggagc caccaagggg tggttacagc     90420
     aatattggaa cagccaggtg gctgattccc agagagggaa aaaatccctg acaatgtgac     90480
     aaagctatta tctgtgaaaa aatatataca aataaaagaa aaagaaacat acatgactat     90540
     atcagaattc aaaaaaatat tttgattact aatttcaata aaattgattt tcattgaaaa     90600
     aaaagtagtc aatcaattgg gaaatggctc cagtcaagtg cattatacag aaagttggaa     90660
     tctttaatat ataaaaacac ttatgggatt tcccgttgtg gagcagcaga aatgaatccg     90720
     aagaggaact atgagagtgc cggtttgacc cctggcctcg ctcagtgggt taaggatctg     90780
     gcattgctgt tgctgtgagc tgtggtgtag gccagcagct gtagctccga ttggacccct     90840
     agcctgggaa cttacatatg ccgcaggtgc agccctagaa aaaagcaaaa aacaaacaaa     90900
     cacaccaaaa agctcttaca aaattggcaa gatactagga ttataagagg acaataaaca     90960
     ggcaacagag tgaagttttc gttttatttt ttaaagaaat gccaagtgct gatggggttg     91020
     aagtgggcct ttaataaact gtgatggttt tatactagcg taaatttgta taaaagatgt     91080
     attagggagc cttaaatcac agaggcctga gatgcgcaac atcactaagc atttggaatc     91140
     tgactaggaa ctatgccatt gccggtttgg cccctggcca cactcagtag gttaaggatc     91200
     tggtgttgct ctaagctgtg gtgtaggcca gcagctgtag ctccaattgg acccctagcc     91260
     tgggaacttc catatgctgc aggtgcagcc ctagaaaaaa gcaaaaaaca aattaaagcc     91320
     accttgaaat aacacttcac acccattaca atggctgcta tcaaaattaa ttttaccaga     91380
     gttcccattg taactcagag tgggttatga acctgactag tatccatgag gacgcaggtt     91440
     tgatccctga ccttgctcag tgggataagg atctggcgtt gcctcaagct gcagcatagg     91500
     ttgcagatac ggctcagatc tggcattgct gtggctctga cctaggccag tagctgcagc     91560
     tccgatttga cccctagcct ggaccttcca taagcctcag gtgcgaccct aaaaatggaa     91620
     aagagaaaag aaacaaatta aattaaccat atgatccaga aattccactt ctgggaattg     91680
     gaaaagaact caaagtagga ttttgaagag agatttgtac acacatgttc atcatagtta     91740
     aaacatggag gaggaattct tgcttttgca gagcatgtta aggatccggc attgccgcag     91800
     ctgtggcata ggtcagagct tcagtctgga ttctatccct tggccctgga atttccatgc     91860
     gctgtcaatg cagccaaaaa aaaaaatttt tttttaatta aaaaacaaac aaaacaggga     91920
     gttcccattg tggctcagtg gttaacgaat ccaactagga accacgaggt tgcaggttcg     91980
     atccctggcc ttgctcagtg gattaaggat ccagcattgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt     92040
     gcagacgcgg ctcagatccc acgttgctgt ggctctggcg taggccggcg gcaaaagctc     92100
     cgatttgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat gtgccgcagg agtggcccaa gaaaaggcaa     92160
     aaagagaaaa aaaacaaaca aacatggagg agttctcctg tggcacagca ggttaaggat     92220
     ctagcattgt cacttcagca gcttgggtca ctggtatggt atgggtttga cccctgacct     92280
     gggaacttcc acatgctgca ggtatggcca aaaaaaagat tgagtgtata ttattcattt     92340
     gattgtatat tctgtttgtt taaactttct gtgtatgtaa ttatgtttta aaattttttt     92400
     tgtctttttt tgtcttgaat cggagctgta gctgccagtc taccccagag ccacagaaat     92460
     gctggatcct taacccactg agcaaggcca catcctcatg gatactagtt gggtttgtta     92520
     ccactaagcc acaacaggaa ctctctctta ctatgtacag agaataatac tagacccttt     92580
     tcatgcataa tcttgtttaa acatcagagg accccttgaa ggtactatca tttcaattgc     92640
     atggatgacg aagctgagga ttatagaagg gagtgacttg gtggaagtca agaactcctg     92700
     attgatataa tcaggattga aagcaaggta ctctagcttc gcagcccacg ctctgaacca     92760
     aactcttatt ttatatctca tgtcatcgaa catgctttcg acaccatgat ttttaaaagt     92820
     tgctgcataa tattcacaaa tataatacac caaatattag ctcatttaac ccttctaaca     92880
     ttgaaaaatt agattgtttc caatatctct tggtttttta tttgttttat gtatttatat     92940
     ttttatttta ctttatttta tttttgcttt ttagtgctga acccaaagca tatggaggtt     93000
     cgcaggctag gggtctcctc cgagctacag ctgccagcct acaccacagc cacagctacg     93060
     ccagatccct taacccactg agtgaggcca gggatcaaaa gcacatcttc atggacacca     93120
     gttggattca ttactgctca gccacaatgg gaactccttg gcttttattt ttattttttt     93180
     gctttttagg gctgcacccg tgacatatgg gagttcccaa gttagtggtt gaatcggagc     93240
     gacagctgcc ggcctacacc acagacacaa tgacaccgga tcctagcccc atccgcaacc     93300
     tacaccacag ctcatggcaa tgccagatcc ttaacccact gagcgaggga tcgaacctgc     93360
     atcctcacag atttgtttcc actgcaccac aacgagatct ctagtccttg gttttttaat     93420
     ataatacttc aaagaatatt tttttggtgc atagatcttt gtcgtatagt ggctgaatct     93480
     gttattattc cattagtata tatgcctaga tgtgaaattt caaggtcaaa atgatggcta     93540
     cagctaaatt tagtgccatc attgaaaatg gcatttataa aaagtttata aaaaaggttt     93600
     gatgcgatgg ggcagggagt atacgtaaaa tctctgaacc ttctggtcag ttttgctata     93660
     aacttgaaac tgctctaaaa aataaaccta gggagttctc cagtggctct atgggttaag     93720
     ggtctggcat tgccactcct atggctctgg ttactgctgt gccacaggct cgatccctgg     93780
     cccaggaact ttcacatgct gtgagtgtgg ccaaaaataa ataaataaaa taaattctat     93840
     ttaaaagggt tgtgactaca tggaaataag tttattgggc tttttggata tagtaagacc     93900
     agccatcaga aaacagttca agccctgtct ctgccacttg ccatctggat ggccttgggc     93960
     aagtcactca gtctctcaga ggctcagttg cctcaccttg aacaggcggt tgggtggatg     94020
     gaattaagtc ctctggtcat gctaagtgaa gttggtcaga cagtgagcca ccaaagtcat     94080
     atgctatcat atgctttcat ttctttttaa aaaaaaatag aaataaaata tgccctttta     94140
     tggaattcct gtcgtggctc agcagttaac aaacccgact agcatctgtg agaacaggtt     94200
     caatccctgg ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atctggcgtt gccgtgaact gtggtgtggg     94260
     tcgcagatgc ggctcagatc ctgtgttgct gtgactgtgg tgtaggctgg tggctatagc     94320
     tccgtttgga cccctaaact gggaacctcc atatgccacg tgtgtggccc taaaagacaa     94380
     aaagacaaaa aaataaaata aataaaatat gcccttttaa tcctaaaaaa aataaaaatt     94440
     taaaaagtgc tctgcctcct gtagaagcag gggcagtgcc taggaaaggg ctttgcacac     94500
     tgtgaagggc tctgcagagg gggtgtgagc cttgggctcc tagcgtggga ggggcactga     94560
     gtcccctggc cctgtgagag aatgctgggt ttgggggtca gggtggggtg ggaggggccc     94620
     ctcaccctgg gaaacggctc agtggtggag cagctgagac gcagctgggc ctgtggcctg     94680
     cgaggcaggc ttgcggctgc ctcctccccc agcccacccc ccacccccag gcctgcagct     94740
     gggtcctgcc tcctctcggg tgggccatgg ccaggacttg gctgctgctt ctcctggccc     94800
     tcgagtgtcc agccctgccc acaggtgagc accttccttg catcccagtg tcccaggtcc     94860
     aagtcagctg aagcccactc cctcactctg ggtttctctg ggtgcgggtg gggtgcaggg     94920
     aggcagggca gaggtttgtg ggggttcctg aggagggtct cactggaagc ctatcatccc     94980
     ctttcccatc ttattctacc ccccagctgc cttgctctgg gcccccacgt cctgctctcc     95040
     tggagtccac ggtgttggta gggagggcgg tcatctgctg gaggtgtaaa gaaacaagag     95100
     caagttggac aggtgtccgt gatggctggg ggtgggggtg ggggtagcca ggctgtgtta     95160
     tgctttatgg ggtgatggga ctccagcagc atggtgagat cgttccccac ccacctcagt     95220
     accgcttcct gtccagactc ctgccttcag ggttcagagt gtctcaggtt cactcccagt     95280
     tcccctcacc taatggctct agtcctccaa agattcaggc tggagataaa ggactcgaat     95340
     tttgagaatc tcagcttcat ctagaaacat gtgcatgttt gcacgcacgt ggcgggggac     95400
     ggttcttgac ctttgagatg gggcatctcc tccttctaaa gctggcccgc ctgggtgtca     95460
     ccagctctcc ctcactagga agataatcca cacccgtgtg gagtggggag agctcttagt     95520
     ggaagtctga gctctgggaa agaagctgcc agagtgagaa ggagcaatcc tgggaggctt     95580
     catggaggag gcagactctg aaccaccttg gggagtatct ctctcgctac agctgaaaag     95640
     gctcaggagg ttaagggtcc tggagctcac tcccagcctt ctctcctccc tttgtttgtg     95700
     atgccttatt aatattagta ttgatgatgc taatacttat ctgacaaagt attttatatt     95760
     cataatcttt attcttcaca gtgttttatc tgggctggtg ttattaaccc cattatattg     95820
     atgggacaat tgagactcct cagtaagtta agtggttgag tcaggagtca aactgacttg     95880
     gtctgaggct atatcccaag cttggtccac tgtgtcacgt agcaaaatct tagccaacct     95940
     tccaagtggg ctggtctgtg gggtttggag tcatgcagat ctgagttcaa atcctgagta     96000
     ggctgcttac tatccacctg cttctagatc agttatttga cctccaagaa atcttttgtg     96060
     aataccctct aactctgagt ctccacagga ttcccccgca tctgtccctg aaccctgggg     96120
     catttcttta gcctggctgc actaacctca tggtgtgaat gtataggttt taacctttga     96180
     gattttattt atatgaaaag atatccagga gttccccggt ggtctggcag ttaagtcttc     96240
     agcattgtca ctgctgtggc tctagtttga tccctggccc aggaaatttt gtgtcctgtg     96300
     ggtgcagcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agacattcaa agactcaaaa ataacatttt     96360
     gtaatatatt gaatcagtca tttttactga aaagagtaag attgtggaaa ataggactat     96420
     tctgaaaaat atgacaaatg tttacagtat ccatataact tattttttaa ttataaaata     96480
     atacagacat atatgttaaa tgtgtgaact gcatggtatg taaattaaat ctaaacaaag     96540
     ctattaaaaa aattatagac ttagagaaaa gaactgagaa taataccaca aatgtccatg     96600
     catactccac ctagattagt gaatagttaa aattttgaca tatttgaatc agatttgggg     96660
     tttttttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttgtctt ttgtcttttt agggccacac ctgtggcata     96720
     tgggagttcc caggctaggg gtcaaatcag agctacagcc gccagcccta tgccacagcc     96780
     acagccacag caacactaga tccaagctgc gtctgcaacc tacaccccag ctcatggcaa     96840
     cactggatcc ttaacccact gagcagggcc aggtatcgaa cccatgtcct catggatact     96900
     agtcgggttc attaaccact gagctaaaac aggaactccc cggatgtttt gctttttttt     96960
     tttaagaaag aaacatttac agatatattt gcggcccctt ttgatctcat tccagatcct     97020
     ctttcctccc cttcctctcc ggaggtaacc tctctcctga ggctggcaca acaaggtacc     97080
     gtaagtattc gtttgcatgt gctctttctc atggggctga gatcattgag agcagggacg     97140
     atatttgaat taacgttgta tccccagggc ctggcacaga aaggttcaga tatgataggt     97200
     aggtgatgga aggactgatg aatggatgga aggatgtata aatggatgga tggatggaaa     97260
     gtagaggaca gatgtaggga agagggatgt agggaagatg gttgaataga tgggtgaatg     97320
     aaaggataga gggacggaat ctggcattgc tgtgagttgc ggtgtgggtc acagacgcgg     97380
     ctctgatcct gtgttgctgt ggctgtagtg tagggcggca gctatagctc cgatttgacc     97440
     cctagcctgg gaacctccat gtgccacaag tgaggcccta aaataaaata aaattaaatt     97500
     aaaaaattta aaaagcacaa aaagaaagga tagagggatg gcagtcggtt aaatggataa     97560
     aagcaaggag agagggatgg atgagtgggt aggacaaatg ggtagaagga tagatggaaa     97620
     gataaaaacc cagatagaag gatagacacc tactatagga tgctggcctg agaattcgga     97680
     cctagctacc ccctcacagg tgcgtgctct cttgcaggtg taggcagcac accctttccc     97740
     tctctggccc cgccaatcac actgttggtg gaggggaagc agcagacgct ggtggtctgc     97800
     ctggtcctgg atgttgcacc ccccggcctt gagagtacca tctggttctc agctggcaac     97860
     ggcagcttcc tggatgcctt cacctatggc ccttccccag cagcagatgg ctcctggact     97920
     agcgtggctc agctttctgt gccctctgag gagctggcag cctgggagac cttggtctgc     97980
     cacacggggc ctggacctgg gaaccccagc cagagcacac agcccctgca gctgtcaggt     98040
     ggggatggag cctgggccca tgtggatgct ccctgcccat ttcacacacc ttggaaccag     98100
     gatatggtgg gagggagggc agactccagg ccatgggggc atgaagggtg tccaagtgcc     98160
     atccttctag gtgaggtgat gcctggcctc agagcagggt ggcctcaggg ccctgagtcc     98220
     tgggatttgc aactgggatg tgtcattcaa gtccaggctc tgatgcaagg cttcaagagg     98280
     taacaagtat ccttcctccc agggttaata tttctcttta tatacccggg ggttaatctc     98340
     tctgtaatca ccctaaatac gacaccttac cttttagaac tgaacaataa tttaaaagta     98400
     attgctggag ttccaattac tgtctgtaat tggatcgatg gtatttctgc agcaccagga     98460
     cccaggttca aaaccctgcc agcacagtgg gttaaaggat caggtggtgt acgttgtcac     98520
     aactgcatct gggatgattc ctggcccaga aactccatat ggagttcccg tcgtggcaca     98580
     gtggttaacg aatctgacta ggaaccatga ggttgtgggt tcggtccctg cccttgctca     98640
     gtgggttaac gatcgggcgt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagatg cggctcgaat     98700
     cccgcgttgc tgtggctctg gcataggctg gtggctacag ctccgattca acccctagcc     98760
     tgggaacctc catatgccgc gggagtggcc caagaaatag caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     98820
     aaaaaaaaaa aagacaaaaa aaaagaaact ccatatgccg caaggtggcc acaaaacaaa     98880
     acaaaacaaa aagtaattgc tatcacttac ttattgaatg tttacactgt gccaggcact     98940
     attgtaaaca catttatgaa gcaggtcctt attctcctca tttcacaggc tcagagaggt     99000
     taactaatac gtccaaagcc acctattatt attattgact agagagatgg cttacttcct     99060
     ctgattggat tatgttagtt ttgtcatctt ccaaaaaggg aacgtttact gactaaatgt     99120
     tctgatttcc aaaaaggctc ccaagaaatc gactccttgt ctaaaagtgc taaggcctcc     99180
     ccagggtgcc agcctcctcc aggggcacag ggcagaggag agcaaccagg agagagggaa     99240
     atctgggccc ctcagaggac ttgcccagat gggctcaggg ttcccgctgc tgcttcattt     99300
     tccatttatc caacacacca tgaacacctg ccctgagcag ggcgggggca tagcactggg     99360
     gcggagggca cagcccatcc tgaagactca ttctgctctc cttggctggc aggcaagcct     99420
     tcctcagcca ggacctgcct acgggaacct ctcaggggta agtacctggg accaggacct     99480
     caggccctac tgggctctgg tcctatacat cccctctggg gttggtgggg gggtcccctg     99540
     aataggctgc cttgctgggt tggggcactg gctagccaca tgggtacaga tctctggccc     99600
     cagcctaatt cctggtcacc aatggagaag agcacatgag cgttcgcaga agtgtgctgg     99660
     aagctctcct tggccagacc agaagagtgg tctccgcatc aaagccttgg gagactgggg     99720
     ggtggaaagg catggtacct ccggaccaaa tagagaaaat tgagctggtg actctccact     99780
     gcagcagatg ccaattcctg ccttgccttc atccctttgg ccgttgggga ataaaattaa     99840
     atgatgcctc agtgggttaa gaactagact agcgtccatg agagtgcagg ttcgatccct     99900
     agccttgctc agtgggttag ggatccagca ttgcctcaag ctgcagagca tgggtcccag     99960
     atgtggcttg gatctggcgt agctgtggct gcggcatacc ctagcccagg aacttcatat    100020
     gccacacgtg cggccctgaa aaggggaggg acttaaatga agactagaaa gatgtttatt    100080
     attatcagca gtcagagctg aggtaggaca ccagattctc tggattcccc cgtgggaggg    100140
     gctgagcgcc agcctacaga cggctcaccc gctccttctc tcgggcaggg acgcggggcc    100200
     aggagctccg gctggaggcg ctgcggttgc tgctcttcaa gttgctgctg ctggacgtgc    100260
     tcctgacctg cagccgcctc cgcgccccgc ccgccgcgcg ggaggatccg acccaggcgc    100320
     ttggtcctgg ggaccccgct ccccgcgtcc cgcgccgccc caccggcgga ccgccttctc    100380
     ctcctgcagc ctctgccggg acgatcgccc gcagccccca ccgactggat tcgccgcagt    100440
     gatggtggga ccccaggccg agggctcagc ctgtccgccc cgccggcact gcagccctag    100500
     gatggccgtg cagttcccac ccgcggtccg ggtcaggatc ccgggagtcc agccttgggg    100560
     gaggggccgc gggtgctcag ggcctggcgc tcgcgacctg ccctctgtat tccagcctca    100620
     agccggggag catttgtctg cgatctacct cctccagctg actggagctt cctgaagaaa    100680
     aaggctttgt ccctcccagc agactggaag ccccttgagg gtggtgcttg actcaggcct    100740
     tgggacattt gagatgcaga taactgagaa caattaaagg aaaacttata agaccaaagc    100800
     aaatgaaaaa tctattaatt catgtttgct ctgggaggag ggaacttggc agacttggag    100860
     gaggaggtct gggaaggctt cctgagggtg agagcctggg aactgcaggg aggggcgggg    100920
     gttggggagg atgctgtccc acctcagtct cctttctcca tcaccaggca gggcgccagg    100980
     ccccctctct gtctcctcac tcctacccaa cctctctgag gggtcagggt gagaagccca    101040
     ggaacccagg ggtgttgggc ctgatgtaaa gtcttgccca gactcgacag aaaagaacag    101100
     ggccaggatc ccagagtaac aggatcctat ccaatgccaa ggatacagat aataattgca    101160
     gacttatact ctattcatca gttaagggtc attattcatt tgacaaatat tcactgagca    101220
     tcaactctga gccaggcact aaagagactt ttgttttatt tcttaaagag ggttcttgca    101280
     ctgatagtat agaatatgag gctcaatctg gcattgctgc agctgtggca caggccacaa    101340
     caggttcgat ctgtggtcag gaaacttcca tgtgttgcag gtgtggcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    101400
     aaaaaaaaaa atgaggctcc cacaatagag tgtaaccagt gtgttccctg ctcacccagc    101460
     tcttgcagga aatccagcct ttcccagggc ttcttctcca gtaatcaccc ccaagaatct    101520
     ctgggagctt tcatgtgaat ccagatgccc cctgggcagc ataggacagt ttttgaatta    101580
     acggccctac tttagtcttc ctctcctcat ggcggcagtt gggaacgatg tcctaatgcc    101640
     ccccccaatg cacacacaca tgatatcact gacactccca gcttccccga gcctcagtgc    101700
     cctcgtagct gctggtccat gaaaaccctc ccgttatctt ccactgctga tctctcatca    101760
     gcttgtaagg agattctccg gccctttttt tgggttcttc aaggagagag agggcacttc    101820
     ttcttgggat gaatctgtcc accatcccca cagggcctgc tccttcccta acacagacag    101880
     aggaagggct aggctgtggg gaaggggcat gtccacccaa accccagact ttctccaacc    101940
     actgtgcctt cccggctctt agcccagatg ctgagcccag ggctcctgcc aaactaattt    102000
     gtgcctcaat taatatcttc tcagagtcct gtttgtttat tctggaagca ggtgtccctt    102060
     accttcaggg ctcctcccca agttgccccc attcccctaa tcctggcctg ccccagactc    102120
     agcaggaatg cccactatgg atggcttaac attatttccc aggagggttc ctggccagac    102180
     tctgagcctt cctaagtctt aggaagccta gagaggatgg aggacctcag gagggtgtcc    102240
     tgatcctctg cgtcctgatc tattgtggaa ttctacacat cacagctcct acctatccag    102300
     agggccttat cacccacaca actgttttga gcaagaagct aaaatcagga aacaacaagt    102360
     caatgggctg agtaccagtc ctttcaagtc tttataaaat agcataaata tccaacctcc    102420
     aggaaggaaa cttgaagtgc tggggaacag gggcttatgg acaaaaatgg aatttgcaga    102480
     caacctgcaa gagaagcaga tttgggctgt tatagaacac tgagcagggg cagccagaag    102540
     cagccccaaa gacccagagt cctgctcttg atggcacagg agaagggggt ttcattgagc    102600
     aattgcggta ccaggcgtcc tggtgcaggg gaggtggaag ggaaatacaa ctgttcatta    102660
     gtccttctgg gagctcagaa tccaaagaaa taaataatag ggcagaaaat caggagaggt    102720
     tatacactaa aaagaaaatc aatgcataaa ctttttacaa tctgctccat aagctttaat    102780
     tctattaacc tgttcaagct tcccagagaa caaagctcga acagcagcta ggaggatcac    102840
     tgtgtcataa cacagacaaa agctgaggct ctgagtgact tgttctagtt ctccctggga    102900
     caaatctaga gttactgggc actaagaaag ctgcttgaag actggggact gaatcgtcct    102960
     ggtctcatcc acagcatcta ctagagtgac tggcaattac catcaccact accactacca    103020
     cagcaaaatt aaaaagcagg tgctcagtaa gggctggctg cattataacc gtggtggggc    103080
     ggggagtgac gcgcaaggag gcggagaagg cagtgaagac accttccagg accagagcct    103140
     tcttccctct cccgcagccc tagtcctcct gtccctccca gagcctctgt taaggggtgg    103200
     gaaaagatgt tgccataggt cactgaggac actatccgct atttcattgg cggaggtcga    103260
     aaaaagatcg tcctcccatt cgctagaaga caaaccccaa aaagtccatt ggctgcgtag    103320
     accgcaggcc ccggtcggct ctgggggccg gccgagacgg ccagaggagg gagctgcctg    103380
     gggggggcgg ggaggggggt gctcgccgtt ttcctggtta cgccgaggca cgtgtgcagt    103440
     cccggaagcg gctccgggaa gctgcccagc gcgcgcagcg ggaggaggtg cagcccggtc    103500
     cgctcaggtc gggtccggct gggccatgga accattacct gagcccacgt cccggcctcg    103560
     gctccggcct cggccccgct gtcttctgct tcttcccctg ctactgttgc tgctgctgct    103620
     actgcccgcc ccggagctgg gcccgaggga ggcccgagca gaggagacag actgggttcg    103680
     actgccaagc aaatgcgaag gtgagggggc ggggcccgcg gggagtatcc agctgggggg    103740
     gcggggcttg cggagaaggt cctgggctct ggagcgagtc tccagtgcaa gaacctgatg    103800
     tgtgtctggc actgtgctga gctctgggga cagagaggcg ggcgagagat cagatcttgg    103860
     tgcacctgga gctcagaaat cggtgaaaac aagcagttat aatcgggtta gtaaatgccc    103920
     tgatggagga ggcacaggac tttggcggct gggtgaggag cagctaatct agactagaaa    103980
     tggggggaaa ggcttcgtca ggaagccccg aatgattagg agttagccgg gtgagaagtg    104040
     aagagagggt cccactcagg aaaccacaga tgcagggtct tgcaagcaaa ggacaagttt    104100
     gaggaactga aaagatccgt atgactagtc ttggggagga aagagcttga gacgccccct    104160
     ctgtgccctc atcgcaagct ttgtgtcatt ggccgtctcc ccgacttgct gtcagctcct    104220
     gccggggcag ggacctctct cagatacctg ttcacacagt gcctggtagg catccaataa    104280
     atgtatttgg aataagtatg aataaacagg ggtgggggta ctgtgggtgt aggtgcagga    104340
     aggaggaggg tctgaagcct gggggaactt agggaggaag attttaggaa tatggaaaaa    104400
     gtatgactcc caaagacaga ggggtgaagg tgtggcactt gagagagaca gcaaagagcg    104460
     tcagcacaca atccaggact gtgaagggtc taccttcccc ccacccctcc atttctcagt    104520
     ttactcctca gacctttaca gatactcctt ccatctccct ccaccaactc cagcccccgc    104580
     acccctgaac gtcggctgta aatgttttgc atcttaattc aaagcctgca gccagccaga    104640
     tgttccctaa gcactcgaat gggggtggtt tgaaaggcat aatgctttca ttggagagat    104700
     gaaaggtgag atgcttcaga gatgagctga gctcactggt agtcttccca gtgtgggttc    104760
     tagcctgtac tttctccctc actcccttaa atagacagtc agagggttat ggtgccttcc    104820
     tttcactctt cctgtagcta taaccagtgt ctttggggat ttcacttccc cttcttattt    104880
     tctatcttat actgatagca cagagctctt actgcttctc attttcatac atagcagagg    104940
     aagctcacat ttcttttcct taggagactc atagaagcat agagttggca aagatctttt    105000
     tttttttttt ttttgtcatt tttagggctg cacctgcggc atatggaagt tgccaggcta    105060
     ggggtccaat cagagctgat gccacccaac tacgccacag ccacagcaac gccagagcca    105120
     agcctcatct gccacctata ccacagctca tggcaatgcc agatccctaa cccactgaga    105180
     ggggccaagg attgaaccca tatcctcatg gatactagtc gggttcatta actgctgagt    105240
     cacgagggaa actccgtcaa agatctttag atcattgtag tctgagctga ttttgtaggt    105300
     aattgataaa gaatcgttta aaagggattt tcaagtcaca ggatggcttg gcaaactcca    105360
     acccttaggc tcatcttaat agtgtatatt tactttattt atcactgttt cacctttgtt    105420
     attaaatgct gactgtctgg cccacaaagc ttgcctcctg gctcaggagc ctgagtggaa    105480
     gaggccttgg caaagagaaa ggaggaccgg cccagaaaaa agcaggtggt tgatccatga    105540
     ggatccatga ggatccatga ggatctgggg tctgtgccat gagtctcctc caagtctggt    105600
     tctgggtggg ttctgcagag ggggtcttga agaggtaaga tttgcaagag ttgggaagca    105660
     aggttgtggt tgtggatata agagagatgg gttggtgggt tccaaccccg ccccctgctt    105720
     ggaatactac atattgaggg cgtgggagga ggggcccagg agccagaaga atgatgagct    105780
     tgcacaaagt acaggacaga ggagaggagg gagcctagat ggtcctggtt ggagagccag    105840
     ggaggtgaga cacccccact tcattgcaga ctctgagatc actggcttac attatggaat    105900
     tttcgtatgt tccaagttct ccaagccatc tcttatgctg gcatgttata aaacttcacc    105960
     aagcaagcct gcagggcata tattggtttt ggtggtaggt cagttttctg cccaactctg    106020
     cttttgctgt tataacaaca ctgatggcat ttagcttgca gaccacatgc cattcggaga    106080
     tatcagaagc tgcctgacca caagcacagc ctctctgagc aatagttagc aagtacccaa    106140
     cacatacaaa gtcccagact agaggaatag agaaaaaaat ccagtttgtg atcctcactt    106200
     tggcatttaa ttggagagac acgcaagatg acccagccct tagtgagagc ttgtatccta    106260
     tagagtctct gaattaaatc aagagtgagt gggattcatc cggaagggct tcctggagga    106320
     ggaggctttt caggtgtggc tgggagcatg ggcagacaac cccccaaaac ccctagaggg    106380
     catcaggcac tttgctaagg ccttaggtac tatgcacttg ccctggtagc actccttatg    106440
     taacattaat tgtttacact tctttctgct ccattagact gagtatctgg aagggaggga    106500
     ccttgttttt agctctctat gcccaggcag tgcctgacac ataggaattg cctaataact    106560
     gtttgaggaa gggtatgagg aaatgagaga atgaatgtac aaaaacagtg gaaacaggcc    106620
     tctggggggg atggagcaaa ttaacttggt aggaatagag agctggtgtt ggaacaacat    106680
     atgaaatcaa gtaataaaac agccataaaa gacatttggg gaacaattgg agaaatctga    106740
     atatggactg aacgttagat gatattagaa ttactgttaa ttttcctgag agtattgcaa    106800
     acattttacg gttgtgtagg taaaggtcct ggttctcagg agatgcagga tgacttgttt    106860
     aggatggaag atcatgatgt ctgcaactta ctttcagaat cgttgccaaa actgtgtata    106920
     ttgttgcaat ccattagtat cacattgttt tctatgatgt atttggaggg aaagtgcagt    106980
     aaatcactaa cagctattga ctatgaatgg aagatatatt gttagtcatt gtattctttc    107040
     agcttttata catgtttgaa atgttttaac ataaatatgt gattgtgggg gagggggggc    107100
     acccgaagga gctgggagaa atgaagtcag tgggataagg gccaagaatg gacgtgggca    107160
     ggggatcgcg gagcccactt tcccgcagtg acctccactt gatggtccag tgctaactcc    107220
     ttctctgccc tcggcactga ttcgacccag tgtgggagag gtgtgcgctt gggtctgttt    107280
     ctctgggagc cggctcccat caaagactcg ggtgcactga gtaggctctg ccatgtctcc    107340
     ctcccccagt gtgtaaatat gtcgccgtgg agctgaagtc agcctttgag gaaactggca    107400
     agaccaagga ggtgattgac acaggctatg gcatcttgga ccggaaagcc tctggagtca    107460
     aatacaccaa gtcgtaagtg aaggagtgtg ggcacactgg actggcctgc tttgttcttt    107520
     gcggttcctt gagcggcttg aagttccctc ttcccttcca gtgaggcagg cccaccaaag    107580
     agaggcagct ctaactgaga cccaagtttg tcccccaact ggttctaccc tcaactctct    107640
     gtgtgccctt cataaatccc tgaactcctc tgggcttcag attcctcacc tgtaagagca    107700
     gcctgatggg gagtcccatt agtggctcag cagaaatgaa cctgactatg actcatgagg    107760
     atgagggttc gatccctcgc cttgctcagt gggttaggga tccggtgttg ccttgagctg    107820
     tggtataggt cacggatgcg gcttggatct ggtgtggctg tggctgtggc tgtggctgtg    107880
     gctggcagct acagctccaa ttggacccct agcctgtgaa cttccatata ctccaggtgc    107940
     agcccagaaa agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagggtgtt ggatcttatc agtgattccc    108000
     agactcttgg atttcatgaa caagttttta aaaacatagg attaaaaaca taggattacc    108060
     aacatttaaa ttttgccagg tataggagtt cccgtcgtgg cgcagtggtt aacaaatccg    108120
     actaggaacc atgaggttgc gggttcggtc cctgcccttg ctcagtgggt taacgatccg    108180
     gtgttgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gacgcggctc ggatcccgcg ttgctgtggc    108240
     tctggcgtag gccggtggct acagctccga ttagacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg    108300
     ccgcgggagc ggcccaagaa atagcaacaa caacaacaac aaagacaaaa agaaagacaa    108360
     aaaaaataaa taaataaatt ttgccaggtg taaacattaa aaacaaacca aaaatcactt    108420
     ctatcaacta tggtcagcct ctcaaaatga aaatattttc acatcaaatt ttaatacatt    108480
     ttgctttaca aaaaaaaaat actgggagtt ccctggtggc tcagcagatt aaggatccaa    108540
     tatagtcact gcagtggttg gggtcactgc tatgataaag tttcgatcac tggccctgga    108600
     actttcacat gctgtgggca tggccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108660
     aaatctgcta gatcatttac ctttattaaa aagaaaaaaa aaggagtttc cgtcgtggcc    108720
     cagtggaaac aaacctgact agtaaccata aggatgtagg ttcggtccct ggccttactc    108780
     agtgggttaa ggatctggca ttgccatgag ctgtggtgta ggttgcagac gcggctcgga    108840
     tcccgtattg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggcc agcagctgca gctctgattg aactcctagc    108900
     ctgggaacat ccatatgcct caggtgtagc cctaaaaaga aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    108960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacttcctt cccatagagc tgttaaaatt gtgtctctct ggtctgtgtt    109020
     ccagcatctc agagccccca gaccagatga cccatcttcc ttgcagctct gacttcccgt    109080
     tggtgagatg tgcaggtgtt ggggtagcag ggctggaggg atggaccact tacccactgg    109140
     ggcaaggagg ggaactcagg cactctcgtg ctgctgtctc cacagggact tacggctaat    109200
     tgaagtcact gagaccatct gcaagcggct cctggactat agcctgcaca aggagaggac    109260
     cggcagcaac cggtttgcca aggttgggct tgtgctcacc cgttcattcc caccagggcc    109320
     aggctctaag ggtgtctgtt ggtcttggca ccattggaag atcgtgccct gggaacttct    109380
     ctcctcggcc tctccctgtt cttcatctat tgctgtctgc acccctcccc tcctgagtgg    109440
     cctgacctct cagtagcagt gggcgcactc ctgatggcct gcccttgggg gtcctacctc    109500
     agcctcagac agaaatgctc ccgggtggca gctcccttag gggcctaagc acatgtgcag    109560
     ggaggactcg ggatgtgcag aactgtggag gtttagagga gatgtcagaa gactcctgga    109620
     cttggggcgg aactgccctg tccctcctct gggcctacaa ggcccccacc tggaccttca    109680
     tcaaggggcc tttgtaacat ttcttgcact tcctgtgtac gtgaatgttt ctctccctgg    109740
     aggatgagct ttcttgcaac aaggcccata tttctctgtc tctgcatcgt ccgtgcctgg    109800
     taagagagtt gtcacccacg tttctccacc aaagtagtcc catagtgcta cccttctagc    109860
     aaaggggatc tgtcagggga gttcccgttg tggcacagca gaaacgaacc tgactagcat    109920
     ccgtgaggat gcaggttcca tccccagcct cacttagtgg gtcagagatc cagcattgcc    109980
     ctgagctgtg gtgtaggtcg cagatgcaga tcagatctgg cgttgctgtg gctgtggtgt    110040
     aggctggcag ctgcagctct gattcagcct ctagcctggg aacttccata tgccatgggt    110100
     gccacccaaa aaagacaaaa agagaaaagt tggggtgaaa ggatatattt gtgtatgtat    110160
     ttgcttgtat ttgcatgcat tatttctgga aagataggga aaataggtag tttgtttcct    110220
     gggagaagac ctaggtgggt ggcagaaata tttttgatag aaccaagaat cctccctcca    110280
     tcaaggaagg acacaagcca tagggagaac ccgaagcaga ggatggacat gggggagcga    110340
     gtgtgcctgg ccacagtgag ggaaaagagc caagaccaac ttatttctgg ggaaaggggt    110400
     attcgctcaa agggcccgag ggcaatagca gaccctctga aaggaggagg tgcagggaag    110460
     caggacaggt gcacatgtgg aggggttgta ggccgcaggc ctcaaagggg aggggacagt    110520
     gaggtcaagc gtgaggagcc ctcgggggtc tccgcctcca gctgagtgct tggtcctcca    110580
     gcactcctgg gaggggaggg ggcagctaga agaagggtct ctcacgcccc gtcgcctctt    110640
     ccagggcatg tcagagacct ttgagacgct gcacaacctg gtgcacaaag gggtcaaagt    110700
     ggtgatggac atcccctacg agctatggaa cgagacctct gcggaggtgg ccgacctcaa    110760
     gaagcaggta cgggagttcc cgtcgtggcg cggtggttaa caaatccgac taggaaccat    110820
     gaggttgcgg gttcaatctc tggcctcgct caatgggtta aggatctggc gttgccgtga    110880
     gctgtggtgt aggttgcaaa tgtggcttgg atcccacgtt gctgtggctc tggcataggc    110940
     tggtggctac agctctgatt agacccctag cctggtaatc tccatatgcc gtgggagtgg    111000
     ccctagaaga ggcaaaaaga caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaag aagcaggtac    111060
     agaccccttg gccctcagag gcggctgtga cccacggggc gggggcggcg gggtggtcct    111120
     cagggaaggc caccaggagc tgaaggactg tgtcaagcca cttcacctct ctggcttcag    111180
     ccgcctcagg agagtcacgg cctgtccgac gatggcttag gcggcttggc ggggctcccc    111240
     tgggaaaagc cgatgccgag cgttgccgac atgaggtgtt gtggttaaca gtgcgacgtg    111300
     ctggtagagg agttcgagga agtgatcgag gactggtaca ggaaccacca ggaggaggac    111360
     ctgactcagt tcctctgcgc caaccacgtt ctgaagggca aggacaccag tgagtctgag    111420
     ggcgggtcag ccagattgta tcatgaggtg ggtagggaca ggatgggaaa tggagggtta    111480
     ggtttagggg ttagggttag ggttcccgtt gtggctcagt gggttaagaa cctgactagt    111540
     atccatgagg atgtgggttc gatccctggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga tctggtgttg    111600
     ctgtggctgt ggtgtagacc agcagctgca gctcagattc aacccctggc ctgggaactt    111660
     ccatatgctg caggtgcagc cctaaaagga gggggagcac ccaagcatct ctgttctcag    111720
     ggagcctggt gggtctgggt ggggtgtggg cagagtaacg ggcctcagat gctcacaggt    111780
     agtcctgggg gccacagtga ggatgagctc aggaccagtt ccagttgacc ctcccctgcg    111840
     ccccccctac accgcccccc caccttccac cccagcagct ccatacccag caaacctggc    111900
     tgttgagagt gtctctcctc ttaccctagg ctgcctggca gaacagtggt ctggcaagaa    111960
     gggggacaca gcagccctgg ggggaaagaa atccaagaag aagagcagca gggccaaggc    112020
     atcgggcggt ggcagcaaac agaggaagga gctgggtggc atcgagggag accccagtcc    112080
     tgaggaggat gagggcatcc agaaggcctc ccccctcaca cacagccccc ctgatgagct    112140
     ctgagcctca cccggcagct cctgctcacc cagaccccag tcctgggagc tgaagggtct    112200
     ggaccccggt tcccgcagac gaagtggcgc cggacttcag gccactgccc ggactgtgcc    112260
     tccttctgct gaggagcaac tcccaccctg gaaggactca catcagctgt gcttggcccc    112320
     ggccgggctg agccttcctc tcccaacaca ggcttcaggt gggccctggc atctcagggc    112380
     tgcccagaac cccggcgtga actctgccag gcaggcggcc agctgagcca ggggactggg    112440
     gcctccggag ccctcgcccc tcatgccttc ccacctggga agcaagactg aggccccgct    112500
     cctctctctg cctccccctc ctgtggacac gttatgctct gcccagccct ccccagggct    112560
     cacagagtaa acaccttttg gcctttttcg cttggatttg tgtccccttc agcccctcag    112620
     aggggcccag agccccctgt cactcttcct ggaccctcac cttccagcct tgggggctga    112680
     ggatgggagg ctgttcccat cctccatgac agaggccaaa cctgccgact tgtggggacc    112740
     agcaagcgca aggagggccc caggggtttg gggggaagcg tgggcattgg gtgtgcaggg    112800
     gggccgggca cagtgctctg gtctccacga gccacacacc caggccagga ggggcctccc    112860
     ttgggccctg gcacctggct gccctcgtcc cctccccctc ccgcctctct tctctccccc    112920
     aaggccttcc tgtttgttgt gtaaaaggta cagcagtgac cccaccagct cccatccctc    112980
     gtcaccacct ctggccctgc ctgttggtct tgaaccttgt tccctgatga ccacaccaga    113040
     tcactcagtg cttcctagct cttgtgcccg gagggacgga cacttcagtt cccgcacagc    113100
     acagcacaac acagtacagc ggctggtgac accatgttct ctgggagctg gggaggagca    113160
     ggagggctgg cctttgagga ggagggggcg aggctcaggc ccctccctgt ctgtcctgag    113220
     ggcagagatc aggcggtcaa tagcagcagt gaggccaggc agggagtcag tgctttaacc    113280
     cttgcagtgc actcaggtgg gtgtccatgt ggtagaagag gcaactgagg ctcaggggcg    113340
     cccaaagtcc tcctgtgcgc agtggcacag ctgcactgag actctggctt tgagacccca    113400
     gtccactgtg ttcctgctac cccagaacag cagggcccct tcacccaaca cctggcactg    113460
     gctgcgtgat tcgtattgaa ctggtttggt ttcttaccct taacccaccc ccaccaacag    113520
     gtccattttt aaaaggaaaa gaggaaagtt cctctcatag ctcagcagta acgaacccaa    113580
     ctagtatcca tgaggatgca ggtttgatcc ctggcctcgc tcaatgggtt aaggatcccg    113640
     tgttgctgcg gctgtggtgt aggacggcag ctgcagctcc tattcaaccc ctagcctggg    113700
     gaaacgtcca tatgctgggg gtgcggccct aaaaagcaga ataaatgaat caataaataa    113760
     aaggaaaata ggatgcaggt gccacttctt tgaaggagag aaaggcagaa ggtcctgccc    113820
     acgctgtgcc ccaccaggtc cccacgcacc caggctccca ggctccctct ctggctgggc    113880
     cagtgggtag gaggggtcac tgctgagggg ccccaggccc cagcttccag catagagcct    113940
     ctgggatccc ctcaacttgg gctcaaccct tctttcaccc tttcccacct ccacccccag    114000
     gttggaggca ccaaggctat agagagcaga acaaagtgga agttgctgct ctggcctgtg    114060
     aagcttagaa cagtccctta gatgatgata ctttgtggtc tggcccccag ccccccatct    114120
     ctgtagctct gacattgcct cctgttgatg gggctgtggg cagagatttc agtctagact    114180
     caggcccatc ctggcctttg ttctgggcat aggggatgac tggggtaggg tcaggcattg    114240
     gaacccaggg ctggggaacc atgtgcagcc ccttggaccg tctaggattt ggcagccagt    114300
     ctctgactcc catcctgtta ctacccacag cagtaaagtg cctggcttat atctgtcctc    114360
     agaacttcat tgtccttaga ataggatggg acaaataccc atccccttgt tggggtgttg    114420
     gcccagggac ccaatcccag accttggccc agtccagagg gcgggcagca ctgtgactgc    114480
     tctttgacct gtggctgctg cattgatgag caccctctct cctgccaccc cccccggccg    114540
     ggcttcttgc ctgatcacta gctctccacc cacccaccca ccccgcaggc aacttctccc    114600
     tggcccagcc cagaaaagga agaaaacagc atctggcttc ccaggtttat cttttcctct    114660
     ccccagcaca catacaagtg tttttgaact tgggtgttaa ctcccacttt ctcacacccc    114720
     ttccctccat gaggtgaggg ttctggcaga gctctagtga acctgatttc agtaccatta    114780
     aaaacttgat tagggagttc ccgtcgtggc gcagtggtta acgaatccga ctaggaacca    114840
     tgaggttgca ggttcgatcc ctacccttgc ttagtgggtt aacgatctgg ggttgccatg    114900
     acctgtggtg taggttgcag acgcggctcg gatcccacgt tgctgtggct ctggcatagg    114960
     ccggtggcta cggctccgat tcgaccccta gcctgggaac ctccataagc cgcgggagtg    115020
     gcccaaagaa atagcaaaaa gacaaaaaat aaataaataa ataaatatta aaaaaaaaaa    115080
     aaccctgatt agggagttcc cgttgtggca cagtggttaa caaatctgac taggaaccat    115140
     gaggttgcag gtttgatccc tggccttgct cagtgggtta aggattcggc attgcggtga    115200
     gctgtggtgt aggtcagaga tttggcttgg atcctgcatt gctctggtgc tggcgtaggc    115260
     cagggctaca gctccgatta gacccctagc ttggaaacct ccatatgctg cgggagcagc    115320
     cctagaaaag gaaaaaagac caaaaataaa aaaataaaat aaataaaaac ctgattagga    115380
     gttcccactg tggtgcagtg agttaaggat ctggcattgc tgcaggtgtg gcagaggtca    115440
     cagctgtagc cacaatttgc tctctggccg gggaacctcc ataggccaca ggtgcggcca    115500
     gaagaaaaaa gaaagaaaag aaagtcaatt agaacagggt ttgatatgct cacctggaca    115560
     tgagagtcac ctggatggtt gttaaactta cagatgactg gagaccctct cagacttgct    115620
     gggttgggga tctaggagtc tccatggatc ttaagatgag gcctcttgga gtccccgtga    115680
     tggagcagtg gaaacaaatc caactaggaa ccatgaggtt gcaagttcaa tccctggctt    115740
     cactcagtgg gttaaggatc tggtgttgcc gtgagctgta gtgtaggtca cagacatggc    115800
     tcagatcttg tgttgctgtg gctctggcat aagccagcag ctatagctcc aattagacct    115860
     ctagcctggg aacctccata tgctatgggt gcagccctaa aaataaaaaa aaaaaggcca    115920
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatga ggccacttca ggagaaatgt gggtgtcatg ctaaaatggg    115980
     gaaaggggat ttctcgacat ggcttagtgg ttaatgaatc cacctaggag ccatgaggtt    116040
     gagggttcaa tccctggcct tgctcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcattgcc atgggctgtg    116100
     gtgtaggttg cagatgcagc tcagatccca cgttgctgtg gctctggcat atgccagcag    116160
     ctacagctcc gattcgaccc ctagcctggg aacctccata tgctgcggga gtggcccaag    116220
     aaatggcaaa aaataaaaat aagaaattaa aaaaaataaa aataaaataa aatggggaaa    116280
     gggaagttcc cattgtggtg cagcggaatt taatccgact aatatccatg aagattcagg    116340
     tccaatccct ggccttgctc agtgggttaa agatctggca tggctgtgag ctgtgctgta    116400
     gtgtgcagat gaggctctga tccagcattg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggtt ggtggctaca    116460
     gctctgattc gacccttagc ctgggaacct ctatatgctg gggtggggcc ctaaaaagac    116520
     aataaataaa taaatacata aatacataaa taaataaata aaaggagtca agacctcatt    116580
     gaagccacac caaaaggaag acctgtcctc agaaacacgg attgtcagaa ccccagagag    116640
     gatctgtctc tgtaggagaa tttcatcatt gagaaccaca aaggctgatg gacaaaccac    116700
     aaagccagct tgttccagtt caatgacagt caaaagtggc tacatcaggg tctctgcata    116760
     ttcactttaa ggcacaactt ctaggaggca ggcttctctc tttatttcca agttcctggg    116820
     tggtattttc atgcaacatc taacatttgc aagttagaaa gtagtgcttt tcacaccttt    116880
     gactcctatc tgtcagaaaa ttgagtaaaa gttttgttag aatagacact tgaggagttc    116940
     ccctcatggc tcagtggtta acgaacctga ctagcatcca tgaggttcga tccctggccc    117000
     catccagtgg gttaaggttc tagcgttgcc atgagccgtg gtgtagtttg aagatgaggc    117060
     tcagatctgg cattgcggtg gctgtggtgt aggccagcag ctgcagctca gattcaaccc    117120
     ctggcctggg aacttcacat gctgcagatg cattcctaaa aggaaaaaag caacatttga    117180
     ctgccagaat tcctgtataa aatgataata aatgtacaag tccatgagga ttgcaatttg    117240
     aatggaagcc ctttaaatat gaagactttg tgcaatgcac catctgtcta catgttcaca    117300
     gcagccctca atcagtttag tttacaagta tgaaaaaaaa ttcctcttca taattttttt    117360
     ttttcttttt agggccacac ttgcggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtcgaatcag    117420
     agttacagct gccggcccac accacagcca cagcaacata ggatccaagc cacgtcagtg    117480
     acctacacca cagctctagc aatgctagat ccttaaccca ctgttcaagg ccaggaatgg    117540
     aacccacaac ctcatggttc ctagtaggat tcgtttccac tgtgacacaa caggaactcc    117600
     tcttcgtaat ttttgatctt gaaggaaaca cacatttctt tgtgatagat gcatggtcca    117660
     tgcctaactg gtttatggaa ggactccgtg tactattcct agcggcagag cctgctgaat    117720
     ccctctccaa catctcctgg tgacctggtt tgcactatta agaagtttca ctgaacttaa    117780
     acataagaca tgacatcata aaactcgtag aagagaacat aggcaaaaca ttctctgacg    117840
     tcaaccttac aaatgttttc tgaggtcagt ctcccaaggc agtagaaata aaaacaaaaa    117900
     taaacaaatg ggacctaatc aaacttacaa gcttttgcac agcaaaggaa accataaaaa    117960
     acatggaaag acaatctaca ggatgagaga aaatagttgc aagtgatgca actgacaagg    118020
     gcttaatctc caaaatatac aaacaactca acaacaacaa caaaataacc cagtcaaaaa    118080
     atgagcagaa gacctaaata gacatttctc caaagaagaa atacaaatag cacatgaaaa    118140
     tatgctcaac atcactttct attagagaga tgcaaatcaa aactacaatg agacacctct    118200
     tcataccagt cagaacagcc atcattaata cgtctcaaat atcaaatgct ggagagggta    118260
     tggagaaaag ggagccttcc tgcactgttg gtaggaatgt aaattggtgc agccactgtg    118320
     gagaatagta tggagatttc tcagaaaact aaggataggg ttacaatatg atccagcaat    118380
     cctactcctg ggcatatatc tggacaaaac tacaattcaa aaagataaat gcaccccatg    118440
     ttcattgaaa tactatttcc aatagccaag acatggaaat aacctaaatg tccctcagca    118500
     aatgaatgga ttaagaagat gtggtacata tatacaatgg aatgctactc agccataaaa    118560
     aaacacaaaa taatgccatc tgcagcaaca tggatgcaac tagagattat catactaaat    118620
     gcagtaagtc agaaagagaa ggacaaatac catatgatat cacttatatg tggaatctaa    118680
     tatatggcac aaatgaaccc atctacaaaa cagaaataga ctcacagacg aggagaagag    118740
     atttgtggtt gccaagtggg ggcagagggg gagggagtag gatggatggg gagtttggga    118800
     ttagtagatg caaactatta catttagaat ggataagcaa tgaggtccca tcgtacagca    118860
     cagggaacta tatctagtct cttgggataa accatgaaag ataacaagaa agggaatgtg    118920
     tgtatataca catatgtaca tatatatata tatatatgta tgactggctc actttgctgt    118980
     acagcagaaa ttgacagatt gtaaataaac tatattttaa taaacaaaac ttgctgagtg    119040
     aatattacta tgtggcaggc acagctctgc ataaacaact catttaacag ctatggattt    119100
     ttaaaaaatt tttaattaat ttatttattg ctttttttgg gccacaccca cgacatatgg    119160
     aagttcccag gctaggggct gaatcagagc tacagctgcc ggcctacacc acagccacag    119220
     caacagagga tctgagccac gtctgtgtcc tgtaccgaag ctcacagcaa cactgaatcg    119280
     ccgacccatt gagcaaagcc agggatcgag cccatatctt caggggcaat atttgtattc    119340
     attttcactg ctccacagtg ggaagtccct atttggtttg gtttttttgt ttgtttgggg    119400
     gttttttttt gctttttagg gccataccca gggcatatgg aggttccaag gctaggggtc    119460
     caattagagc tgtagctgcc ggcctacacc acagcaacac cagatccaag ccgagtctga    119520
     gacctacacc acagctcaca gcaacaccag atccttaacc cactgagcga ggccagagat    119580
     cgaacccgca accttatggt tcctagtcag atttgtttct tctgggccac aacgggaatt    119640
     ccctatttat tttttaaatg ttattggagt ataaaatgtt gtgttagttt cacgtgtata    119700
     gcaaaatgaa tcagccatgt atataggtat atatctattt tttcagattc tttccccata    119760
     tacgccatca cagagtattg aatagatttc cttgagctat atagtatatc cttgttaccg    119820
     atcaattttg tatatgccat ggattttttc ttttcttctt tttttttttt ttttttgtct    119880
     tttttagggc cacacctaca gcaaatggaa gttcccaggc taggggttaa atcggatctg    119940
     tagctgccag cctatgccac agcaatgtgg gattcagcct catctgcaaa ctataccaca    120000
     gttcatggca actgatcagc agccagatcc ttaacccact gagggaggcc agggatcgaa    120060
     cctgcgtcct catggataat agttaggttc attaccactg agccacgatg ggaactcctg    120120
     gatttttttt tttcctggct gcacccacag tatatggaag ttcccaggcc agggattaat    120180
     tcaagggtgt gaccgacacc cctgtgcagg gctgggcatc aaactggcat tgcaacagag    120240
     acaagccaga tcattaaccc actgtgccat gcaggaactc cccatggata tatacatata    120300
     taattttttg gctgcgctcg tggcatgcag aagttcttgg gctagggatt gaacttgggc    120360
     catagctgca acctaagcca ttacagtgac aatgccagat ccttatccca ctgtaccaca    120420
     agagaactcc tgagccacgg atttttaaac acgtcatcaa aagaaaacac acatacagaa    120480
     aattacaaat actataagtg tatagatcaa tgaatttttc ttctttttag ggctgtaccc    120540
     ccagcatatg aaatttccca ggcgaggggt tgtactggag ctaccagcct acaccattgc    120600
     cacagcaatg ccttatccaa gccatgtctg tgatctacac cacagcccac ggctcagtag    120660
     attttaaaaa actgaagtcc ccagcatgca gatcacgaaa cattattacc accaccccca    120720
     gaaataccct atacacactc tacaaaaaga atggggattt ttatctattt tgttcactgc    120780
     tgtatcccta gcacttaata cagtacctgg cacaaattag ttgcttaata aatatctgtg    120840
     gaggagttcc tatcgtggcg cagtggttaa cgactccgac taggaaccat gaggttgcgg    120900
     gtttgatccc tggccttgct cagtgcgtta aggatctggc gttgccgtga actgtggtgt    120960
     aggtctcagt ctcggctcgg atcccgtgtt gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc cggcggctac    121020
     agctccaatt agacccctag cctgggaacc tccatatgtc atgggtgcag ccctaaaaag    121080
     acaataaata aaaaaataaa taatcggtgg aatgaacgga gaagagaaag gttaaataac    121140
     ttgcccaagg tcacacattt aggaagcagc ccaacaaggt tacacgccca ggtggaatgg    121200
     cttcagcgcc ctgggcacag cctcagtgcc agagaacact gcagccacgc tggttggctc    121260
     gcccaccatc ctcccctcac atggctctct tctagaagga aggccagctg ctgtccacta    121320
     gtctatttat gtcttttttt tttttttttg ctccctaggc ccaaacccac ggcacatgga    121380
     ggttcccagg ctaggggtca aatcggagct acagttgccg gcctactcca cagccacagc    121440
     aacacaggat ccgagccacg tctgtgacct acaccacagc tcacggcaac gccagatcct    121500
     taacccactg agtgaggcca gggaccaaac ctacaacctc atggttccta gtcagatcca    121560
     tttccaccgc ggcacaacag gaactcctat ttatgtcttc agagttcagc attggccatg    121620
     cagttaggag tgaggtaacc ttcaggtctt tctccctttt caaagtacag tgtttggctt    121680
     aacagcagct tgacctttaa cgctgccctc aagtgctggc tcctctttac aatttcttta    121740
     agaggaatcc aattttactc attctgtctt taaaagtgta ctctccatct attaaggttt    121800
     tacaggccaa taaaacttca atttccacta aaatagttat tctctttggg gaggtgttgc    121860
     tgaacatcaa gttgggagag ttcagcaatt tttctaaaat agaaaagatt tggagttccc    121920
     actgtggtgc aatgggttaa ggatctggtg ctgctgaagc tgtggcatag gctgaagctg    121980
     tggctcagat tcaatccctg gcctagaaac ttccatatgc tgtacatgca gccggggggg    122040
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagca aacagaaaaa gctttctgtc caaaaaaacc aaaacaagac    122100
     aatcaaaaag ccagatgtgg agttcccatt gtggctcacc agaaatgaat ccgactagta    122160
     tccaggagga tgtaggttcg atccccagcc tccatcagtg ggttaaggat ctggcattgc    122220
     catgagctgt ggtgcaggtt gcaggcacac cttgaatctc atgttgctgt ggctgtggcc    122280
     taggctagtg gctacagctc cgaatcgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccatggg    122340
     tgcagcccta aaaagacaaa aaataaaaaa gattaaaagc cggaagttat tcggtaagga    122400
     attactcacc aaagtggtct tggtatgtta ctcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttggtc    122460
     tttttgtctt ttgttgttgt tgctatttct tgggccgctc ccgcggcata tggaggttcc    122520
     caggctaggg gttgaatcgg agccgtagcc accggcctac gccagaggca cagcaacaca    122580
     ggatccgagc cgcgtctgcg acctacacca cagctcatgg caacgccgga tcgttaaccc    122640
     actgagcaag ggcagggacc aaacccgcaa cctcatggtt cctagtcgga ttcgttaacc    122700
     actgcgccag gacgggaact ccttggtatg ttactcttaa tcgcatcaag atgtgtgcca    122760
     ggtcacctgt ttcaatgagc agtgcttata ggttgttacc agggctcaga gtatgttatt    122820
     tttatgggga aaaagagctc agtgaagtca gtgtatacag aagggatcta actggaacac    122880
     attggtggaa ttctcataga tgtactaagc ttaatagtaa tgtatctact gttatttagt    122940
     gttacaaccc accaatatag gaatgaattt cacactcact tgatgggact ttattcaagc    123000
     agattgagga gttccctggt ggcctactgg ctaaggattt agcattgtct ttgctgtggc    123060
     ataggttcag tccctgaccc aggaacttct gcatactgct ggtatggcca aaagagaaag    123120
     aggaaaaaaa gtttaaaaaa gtgaaaaaca aaacaaacaa aaaaccagat tgttttatat    123180
     caggtattgg aaaggctaaa aaaaggatcc attgtgataa atccactagc agagttcata    123240
     tggatgggag gctttctgtc cctcccatag tgtcccctgt gttcaatctg ggtagatggt    123300
     tagcagagaa gaatcttttt ttcagtggct tggattagag tttggaaatt ggcatccttc    123360
     ctctgaacaa ttaatttcta tctgatctga atcaaaacaa aaatagctag aacgtcctcc    123420
     atttgtagtt actgtttata catataattc acaattctaa gatttttaat gggtcctcaa    123480
     ataagaatag ccttggagct tgtccagttg cagccatatt cccaagctaa aatctctttg    123540
     caaacatata gtagatttaa ggatgaagaa tttagtcttt cttttttttt tttttttttt    123600
     ttttggcttt ttgccttttt ctagggctgc ttcctgcagc atatggaggt tcccaggcta    123660
     ggggtctaat cagagctgta gccactggcc tacaccacag ccacagcaac gcgggatccg    123720
     agccgcaccc gcaacttaca ccacagctca tggcaacgcc ggatgcttaa cccactgagc    123780
     aagccaggga tcaaacctgc aacctcatgg ttcctagttg gattcattaa ccactgcgcc    123840
     acgatgggaa ctcctagttt ttctttcttt cttcttcttc ttcttatttt tttgaatggc    123900
     tacacctgtg gcatatggca gttcctgggc caaagatgga atctgagccg cagctgccac    123960
     ctaagctgca actgtggcaa tgccaggtca ttttaaccta ctatgtcaca gcgaggactc    124020
     caatatcacc aattcatatt ttcagctaag tcaaactgta aattgactta tattctgtga    124080
     ccttctcctc catggctcaa ggcctcaaat ttagcttatc taaaattcac aggagaggag    124140
     ttcctgttgt ggctcagtgg ttaatgaacc cgactaggaa tcctgaggtt gcgggttcaa    124200
     tccctggcct cgttcagtgg gttaagcatt gccatgagct tcggtgtagg tttcagatgc    124260
     agcttggatc tcatgttgct gtggctctgg ctagattaga cctctagcct gggagtctcc    124320
     atgtgctgca ggtgcagccc tagaaaagac aaaaaataaa aaataaaaat aaaataaaat    124380
     tcatggagag ttcctgtcat ggctcagcac aaacgaatct gactagcatc catgaggaca    124440
     taggttggat ccctggcctc attcggtggg ttaaggatcc tgtgttgctg aaagctgcag    124500
     cgtaggttac agacaaggct gggatcccgt gttgctgcag ctgtggtgta ggccggcggc    124560
     tgcagctcag atacgcccct agcctgggaa tttccatatg ctgcagttgc agccctaaaa    124620
     agtaaaaaca gatagataga tagataaata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    124680
     tagatagata gataagacag atagataaat agacaaaata aaagtcacag ggactaatta    124740
     agtgaaatga aaggtaattc tgatacattt cagtgtgcag aggacagaaa caagaaaaaa    124800
     ctgcagttac ttggtacatt ttggtggtaa ttaaaaaata ttacagatgg agttcccatc    124860
     gtggctcagc tgttaacaaa cctgactagg atccataagg atgtggattt gatccccggc    124920
     ctcgctcagt gggaaggatc cagcgttgct gtgagctgtg gtgtaggttg tagatgcagc    124980
     tcagatcctg cattgctgtg gctgtggtgt aggcaggcag ctgtggctcc aattggaccc    125040
     ctagcctggg aacttccata tgccacaggt gcagccctaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa    125100
     aaaattaaaa agactttatg atttttttaa tctaaattta tccttagcat tcctattatt    125160
     taaaaaaaaa tcaggagttc ccatcgtggc gcagtggtta atgaatccga ctaggaacca    125220
     tgaggttgcg ggtttggtcc ctgcccttgc tcagtgggtt aacgatccgg cgttgccgtg    125280
     agctgtggtg taggttgcag acgcggctcg gatcctgcgt tgctgtggct ctggcgtagg    125340
     ctggtggcca cggctccgat tcaaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc cttgggagca    125400
     gcccaagaaa tagccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat caagacttct ctcgtggctc    125460
     agcagattaa tgatctgttg ttgtcactgc tgtggctctg gttatagcta ttgtgtgtgt    125520
     ttgatccctt gaccctggaa cttcctcatg ccagcaacct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcat    125580
     actgtaaact ccccacaaca gtgtctttct cagcctgctg ccaaagacct gtctgtaggg    125640
     ccagtgtgag cacaagactc cactactggg gcatgggctg acccatctga ggggcctagg    125700
     tgctaaaaaa tagaaagata agaatgatga cctatctttg gggtttcccc agctccagga    125760
     ttctattgat ggtaaaaggg gcagcggatg ggaggttcct ttgttctaaa ttccatacct    125820
     cggcactttc tgaagccaaa agataggtga ggaaggctgt tcttgctgtc ttgggcttcc    125880
     ctgggtggca ccaccttcct gaatctcagt ccagggtctt gtccaggaag agacctgttt    125940
     tggggaggag ggtggctgac actaaccaaa ccaaatgacc aatttatgag gtgataatga    126000
     gcgatataag agcaagagca agcacttcca cccctcactc tggactgccc agtctgtggg    126060
     cacctctgtg gaaagcagcc attagtgggg tgcttggtta gagaggaact ggaatcagac    126120
     tccatctcaa gtggctcagg gaaaagcttg atgcatcagc tacaggacag aggagcacct    126180
     gcccccagat gggtgggatg accccttggg ccagaactgc tcctagactt ggatggccaa    126240
     gccagcatca tccccagata ctcccatccc tcccttcgct ggctgaccag gccctctttg    126300
     ggcggggcag cccttcttta tatatgctaa taacccccac cctacctccc cacctccccc    126360
     cccagtaggg acggttttgc cctgggcact cattgtggac tgtgaagttt ctttccagct    126420
     cccgcttctg ttttttgttt ttgtttttgt ttttgtcttt ttgctatttc ttgggccgct    126480
     cccgcggctt atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggtcgaatca gagctgtagc cacaggccta    126540
     cgccagagcc acagccacgc gggatccaag ccgtgtctgc aacctacacc acagctcacg    126600
     gcaacgccgg atcttcaacc cactgagcaa gggcagggac ctaacccgca acctcatggt    126660
     tcctagtcgg attcattaac cactgcgcca cgacgggaac tccccagctc ccccttctga    126720
     cccctcctag gttcccctgg gacctggctt aagtgggcag gggttgggaa ggtccttttg    126780
     cgccgaggga tcatccacag ggcaggatcc tcaggcaggc gggaagggct ggtctaggat    126840
     tgccaggcag cgccctccca gcgtgcctac ccgggcagcc gcggctgcgg gcccagggcc    126900
     cagcaggggc gtgtccccgc tctcacctcc cattgggcag gtggggccgc cggcaggggc    126960
     gtattataaa tgcagagcgg gtggctgcgg agccaggcgc ctcgcaggat ggtggacagc    127020
     gtgtaccgga cccgctccct gggggtggcg gctgaagggc tcccggacca gtacgcggac    127080
     ggagaggcgg cgcgcgtgtg gcagctgtac atcggagaca cccgcagccg cacggctgag    127140
     tacaaggctt ggctgctcgg actgctgcga cagcacggct gccagcgagt cctcgacgtg    127200
     gcctgtggta ccgggtgagc ccggacggaa gccagggacc tgggatgagc aggcatccgg    127260
     gggccagggg gaaagaggag ccgggaggac acaggcgacg ggggacgggg tctgctccgg    127320
     ccggggtcgc ccgaccgcag taccacagcg gggcacgtcg ggcagcctcc tccgccgctg    127380
     ccgacctaga gccaggcagg ggcgcgacgc caggggccag gaatgagtgt ttacccaggc    127440
     agaacgagga gcagggcgag gccgacggca ggagggggcc gaggagaccc agggtgagag    127500
     cgagggtgtg ggcactgtgg gtggagaagg cgatctcgct ggggcggcgc aaggacccag    127560
     gctttggggc ttggaacccg gctccagggt cattccaggg tcattccccg gtatgatggc    127620
     ctccggcagc gttaacagtt aacgcttgtt taacatgtgc ccctgccaaa gcactgtacc    127680
     aggtgctttt gatacatgag gttttaaaat cctcacaaaa ccccatgagg tgggtagtga    127740
     tagctgttta ccgttgtagg aatttggcct cagagagata aaggtggaga ggagatgcaa    127800
     acccagatgg gttagggtct ggcctgtgct ctaaaccccc atgttacact gcctcctgtg    127860
     ctcaagttac ttaacatcca gaagcctcag cttgccccat ctctcgaatg gggataagac    127920
     catctacctt accggactgc aatgaggatt catgtgcatt tgtagaatgc ctgacttgga    127980
     ataggtgcta aaacacaaaa agggtgctac ctgatgatga gaatcagata tgccaggtca    128040
     ctgaggtcag tggagagagc ctggggacag gcagaaaaat ggactctgag gacctgagga    128100
     gacagaagtg tccggcacag ggcctcctcc ttgccttccc tgaccacccc tctctgcctg    128160
     ttgggattct ggtcctgccc agggtggact ccatcatgct agtggaagaa ggcttcagtg    128220
     tgacaagtgt ggatgccagt gacaagatgc tcaagtatgc acttaaagag cgctggaacc    128280
     ggcggcatga gcctgctttc gacaagtggg gtaggcagct ccagccaggt cccctcggcc    128340
     cagccaccaa ggacactgtt ctctctgctc tggctccttt agctcctgtg gtggggggtt    128400
     ttgttttcct caagggggac agtaaaatcc ctaaaaaggg aggcttaggc acaagaacga    128460
     ggtattgact atgctagttt taattacctt tatagtatct tatccttctc ccccaaaaga    128520
     aacccataag cacagggccc tccttcccca ccacagcttc ctattcccct gacccctctt    128580
     ctccttcacc ctccatgtcc atgatgatcc cctccctcgg gatcccctcc cctggggagg    128640
     ccctgtgtgt atctagaagg ggaaagagag gcaagactgc acttggtgga cacgggtgct    128700
     gcttgtactg tggtaccagc ctgttccctc ttccctttcc tggcccccag tcattgaaga    128760
     agccaactgg atgactctag acaaagatgt gcccaagtca ccaatgggtg gcttcgatgc    128820
     tgtcatctgc cttggaaaca gttttgccca cttgccagac tgcagaggtg agagggtgtg    128880
     gccttgggcg tagaccctgc tttgaaccat accctttcca gacgcagggg gaaggagaaa    128940
     gatgggaggg agactggtgc ccgggccctg agcagacgca gcctctctac ccttcctgga    129000
     gttcagggga ccagagtgag caccggctgg ccctgaaaaa catcacaagc atggtgcggt    129060
     cagggggctt gctggtcatt gatcatcgaa actacgacca catcctcagc acaggctgtg    129120
     cacccccagg aaagaacatc tactataagg tggggcccct gagggaggga gggcccagag    129180
     tgggaggtgg gctctctggg ccccaccaga gttgcagaag ctaacacagc tggcactccc    129240
     acctgcagag tgacctgatc aaggacatca cgacatctgt gctgacagtg aacaacaagg    129300
     ctcacatggt gaccctcgat tacacggtgc aggtgccggg gactggccac agaggttctc    129360
     ctggcttgag gtacactggc gaggcagggg cttgggcagg gggcgctgac acaccagtcc    129420
     tgatggttgg tcgggggctc tgttgcagta agttccggct ctcctactac cctcactgtc    129480
     tggcatcctt tacggagctg ctacaaacag ccttcggggg caagtgccag cacagtgtcc    129540
     taggagattt caagccttac aagccgggcc aggcctacat tccctgctat ttcatccacg    129600
     tgctcaggaa gacggactga gtgaggcctc agctcccact gccctctgcc caggcgctgc    129660
     caggctccgt ctgtggagga ggggaccaga agccccacac ggagcccaac ccccagtgca    129720
     gatccggggg tgtgggaagg ggtgggctgc agctgggggc agggattcgg gttcaaacag    129780
     atggaaagga aaacaatata gtctatgctt ttttcaggtc ctgtacacct catgtttatg    129840
     tcagaaggat caggttcccg aggtgcccac cctgcccctc cctgggttta ctcttcccca    129900
     tgcggacctc tcagaccacg ctgccagcag ggggcagcac acagtttatt ttcggccaca    129960
     gatggagctt cctcagggcc cagtccccag agctccaggc cttgcccctc ctcctgagcc    130020
     gatgggcctg gagggcagac aggtagaaga ggatgcctcc cgagctctcc cacccagggg    130080
     cccccagggg atctcccaga ggtaggcagg caggcagcgt tcaagtgggt gggtggacgt    130140
     tcaagtgggt gggcagacgg cagcctgaga aaaagccttt ctctctcagg tctctgagga    130200
     gctacctaga tacctttagc ccatgggggc agggtcccgg gtggcaggag gctcctagca    130260
     ggcggcaaac ttgcgctgga tgcgcttgta gcggagcagc tcgtgctcgc tgactgaggg    130320
     ctgcagccgg gccgcggcct gcagcaggtc ctccatggtg agcagcagtg ctgagctccc    130380
     cggctccagg cctggggggg acacggggag gtgaggccag ccgggtcaca gaggctgtgg    130440
     cctaagccca agcagggcag tgccctgggt aggcactttc ttgccccgag tcccagtggc    130500
     ccaccgtccc gcctctgaaa tccagaagca ggcctggtga ggggctcacc atcctccagg    130560
     tcccgaaccc tgcgtttcag ggcagctgtc atggcatcag cgcacaggga gtagaggtct    130620
     gcacctgtca gctggggtgg gcagtggtcc aacacggcca ccaggctcac agagggctct    130680
     agcctgaatc tgttggggga ataccaagaa gaaagagttt tactggcatc ccctgctcca    130740
     ttggatggca tccctgacca gcttctcccc taaccaccag aggccaagcc ctgtgggggt    130800
     ctccctatca cagggcatac ttgcgtgtga tggcgctcag aacacggagc tgggaggcac    130860
     ggtcctcgct cgctcccaca aacaccagct tgtcaaacct ttagggaggg aagtggacag    130920
     aagcgtcagg tagagagcac cggatggggc tcaagggaca ggcccaaagg ggcctggagg    130980
     aggtgagaca tactgggtgc acacctgcca ggccgcagaa gggcagggtc cagaaggtct    131040
     ggtctattgg tggctccgat cacaaacaca tcctgagtgc tgtgaagccc atccagctcg    131100
     gccaggagct gggacaccac cctgcaaggg aggaagtgaa ggcgggcgag tactcagcac    131160
     agcttcagcc cctgccctgc ctgtggtgcc tctccttgca ggccatctct aggggtcccc    131220
     tgcttggcca cgccccgtgt acccccgctt ctcctcagtg tcccacaccc aggtccagga    131280
     cccctttagc ttccgttatg ctatcgcaga actggaaggg caggaactct ctgggctgca    131340
     aagactggtg caagctgtct cgcctccgtc tgtcctggag cccagactcc attctggctc    131400
     agacccccac ctgtccatca cacctccgga gtctccactt cgcccccggc ttggggccaa    131460
     ggagtcgagt tcatcaaaga agataatgca tggggccgcg gccctggccc tggcgaacac    131520
     tgaggagaga aaggggccca caggacaggg aagctcagga ggcttggaag tcaggaagtg    131580
     gggagggaaa gccaggtgtg accattcccc acaagcactt caggcaggag gccccactgg    131640
     gcagacctga cctgtggaca gggaggctag cagcgaccag gagcagcctg cgggtggggt    131700
     ggcacagggg ccctggggtt agggcagggc tggaggcccc gcccccgcct ccactgctca    131760
     ccttcgcgta cattctcctc actttggccc acgtacatgt tgatgagctc gggccccttc    131820
     acgctgatgg ggagagagga tggagaaagg ggagactcag acacagaaac acaacccacc    131880
     tcctggcgaa gccctcctgc tccccagtcg gccgcagccc cccctctgtt ccgttcgcca    131940
     cctgaggaag gtgaggctgc actcggtggc tactgccttg gccaggaggg tcttgccagt    132000
     gccgggcggc ccgtggagca gaaggcccga gcgcctcagg cccaggctca gcagctcagg    132060
     gtgctctaga gggagctgaa tggtctccag gatctccttc ttcacctcct gcagcccgcc    132120
     cacatcgtgc caggacaccg aggggatcta ggacccagaa agggcgcacg gtggggcacg    132180
     tgctggtgga gggagggccg gtctcacctc caaggaccag gagtgtctac cttgggggct    132240
     ccgacggcct gagagtgcgc tgactgcagc tgctccagcg cctgccccaa gtcctcggcc    132300
     aggagaggga aaccggcagc acacagctcc ccctcgtcct cttcactcaa gccacctgcc    132360
     caactgcaag gaaagaccca gggaggcctc tagaggacct gacctagggc ctcctcccca    132420
     gcagggcacc ccccacccct tcctctccag cccctgccca cccccactcc tgctgccttc    132480
     ccctcctgtg ccgtttcctc accccgagtt cttgatcctg gtgcaggctg cccggctgct    132540
     gtgggtcaaa agggcgtaga gatcccccac tacaaagccc tagggaacca tgggagagga    132600
     cgtgtgatca gggcacagca ggcgggaacc ctagggggcc agtaccccag ctggggcaga    132660
     ggccccatgc cgatgcctcg gggtgttcca ccctcagcgg gaccgagtcc tcccacagag    132720
     caggagaggc ccgtgcccgg ctttgcactc accgcgcacc gtcgtgccag ctgtgccagg    132780
     ttcacctctt ggcccagggg gaggtgggca gtgagggcct gcaggatgct gagccgctgc    132840
     ccctctgaca gcacaggcac ctccagctca tgaggaaacg cagtctgcac atcagcaggc    132900
     aggtcctggg cccggctcgt ggtggccaca accatcaggg gagggtggct gcagacaggg    132960
     ggtgggcact gagggcaagg aggtggccgc agcccctgag cactgccttg tcctgaggct    133020
     ggtgcaggag ggctgggatg ggacagggac atgagcgtcc caaggtttcc tggatgggag    133080
     cctcccccag cactgggcgc acaatgaggc cacagggagt gccagcaact gcgtcctcct    133140
     ccccctggac accccctcgc tcctcagctc gggctgcctg gaggggcggc tgatgggcag    133200
     cagatgtctg agaagccact cggggtgggg aggagagggc aaaggctgca gagaatggga    133260
     gggctgggcc ccagcccctt acaggcccag ggccagacca tacctggtga gggggtcttc    133320
     gtccaggagg aggcggcgca gtgtggccac cacacgggcg tcctcaccta gcccatcgcg    133380
     gtcccggccc agcaggtcca cggctgtcag caacagaacc acaggccggc agcgccgggc    133440
     ccgggagaaa gcggcctgca gttttgtctc cacagccccg ctactgtctg cacagaggct    133500
     ggagcagggc acctggggag gggttcccga taggcctgtg agcaaggggc agaggtgact    133560
     ggggcaggag aacgggggcg gggagtcaga agaaggtgca ggccgtcttt gtttttggag    133620
     ggcagggatg aggaagaagg taacactggc tgggctggcc gcaaagcctt gaaaccccct    133680
     ccttctggaa agcctccctc agtagctcgg catcatggga ctatgcctga cccacgggcc    133740
     cagggggctg aggcggtggg gccaggctag tagccggagg tcagagggag aatccgcagg    133800
     ggaggaactg aggctggggt ctactctcca gggcctctca ccttcagtaa gtggagccca    133860
     aggcggccgc aggcggcagt cactgcggtg gttttcccac tgcccggggg gccccgtaga    133920
     aggacactgc caggtgctgt cagcagggca cccctgcgac cagagaagag acctttgttt    133980
     cctccattcg gcccacatgt gggtccccag aaacagggac agtcacatcc agaaagcaga    134040
     caccctctgc aggtggctga attgggaggc cccaatgccc ccaccacctg tggcactctg    134100
     gcgggggcac ggagctcatc caggagccca tgctaattcc cttttttttg tcagtaaagc    134160
     cttggctctt ctgccttgtt ggacgatatc aagaggaaca agggaggcat ctgtggctac    134220
     tcaggccagc agtccgagca cctgtctttc agggccaggg tggctcgtgg gccccccggg    134280
     gggaatggag gtcttactga caggtctgcc tgatggagat tagctgaccc tgaaggacaa    134340
     agaaagtcat cccaggcaag gagcctgggg acttgcttac agacaggaca gaggctggtg    134400
     gcctggggct aacggtttga gggaggtaca ccccatccaa ctccggccag ggcattagga    134460
     actacttgtc tggcctgccg cccctccagg gatgttctga gcaggttttt cgtacaccat    134520
     actgctgcgg cctcactcac cctggctgga ggcgcggctt cagggcagca cagagctcgg    134580
     tcaccaaggt ctccaggcct ggaggagaca agctgctcca gggcgtggat tcccccgagg    134640
     ggagccctgg aacgaggctc agggtagaac ccacctgtga gaggtgggag gaagctttag    134700
     gttcccagaa gttctttctg ctccttttcc aggtctaccc ccactgccgg ggcctcacca    134760
     agtacacgga ggtatggctg gcagcagcca agtaggcgca ggctggccca tctggagctt    134820
     ccccaactgt tttcttcact ttaaaaaaca tctcccgcca cctgcaggaa agacgcccag    134880
     tgaagcccag atccagagcc cacatacacc ctgccgccag gacaaggtgg ccatctcaat    134940
     gagaggtcca cggcagggac aaacacaaaa gcaacacaaa gaaatgcccc cagacatggg    135000
     aggaggcagg tcgtggggca aagggagggc gggtggtcat tctcatctcc ccgactggac    135060
     cacatgcgtt ttgagagcag gagctgggct tgtcctcctc cttcctcatg gcaatgtcac    135120
     ctgagcgagt gtttctccag gtaaatggcc tgcccaccac tccagtggga ggagccaccc    135180
     tgcaccgagc agaccctctg actgttttca ctggctttgg agcaccgtct ctccttcaaa    135240
     ttcataccca ccaagggcgc ccagaacctc agagcaaaga gccccttggc tcttatttaa    135300
     taatccacaa aatctactca taggcagatt ccttcataaa gacatttagg gattaatgat    135360
     tctccgtttt ggctgagcat tagaattatc tgcgaaactt taaaaaaatc aacatctctc    135420
     acctactgta tgaattctga tcagtagatt agtggctgcc aggagctgag gggaaggagg    135480
     gtaatgggtg ggggtttctt tttggggtga tgaaaatgtt ctggactgga atcagaggtg    135540
     ttggctgcac aactctgcac atatactaaa acccaccaaa ctgtacactt taactgcctg    135600
     acttgtattc catgtgaata atatctcaat ttaagaatta acattttccc tcctttggaa    135660
     aaaaaaatta aaaagagact gcacaggtcc cagccccacc ctgattctgc tccaatagct    135720
     ccagggtggg gctcaggcac ttgcagtttc tgaaagctcc cagccataac caggggctgt    135780
     gtggtcaagg actagtgtca gagcgagtga gggttactca acctactaag ggagcagaag    135840
     gtggtgggag aggaggtagc agagagcagt gactggtcca attttccaga gaaagaaagg    135900
     atgtactcct ccccgttaat ctccaggcag cacagcaatg acagaacctg ggctgaagaa    135960
     ccaatcaggg agcaaagtcc tttgctcatg gtgtcccaca gtcacagagc tgctccctct    136020
     ggcagcaacg ggggatagag gtggggggtg gagggggaag catagcaggt tagaattatg    136080
     aaactctgat aactatcacg gtaggcagtg attgcggtaa aaactaggac ataaagaaag    136140
     ctgtcctact gttattcatt attaaaaaaa ggagggggag ttcccactat ggctcagcca    136200
     taatgaactt gactggtatt cgtgaagaca taggttcgat ccctggcctc actcagtggg    136260
     ttaaggatct ggcattcctg tgaactgtgg tgtaggtcaa agacatggct cagatctggt    136320
     gttgctgtgg ctctggcaag ggctggcggc aacagctctg attagacccc tagcctggga    136380
     acctccatat gccatgggtg aggccctaaa gagacaaaaa gaccaaaaat aataaataag    136440
     taaagaaaat aatgtgggag agagacatga ttttccacta ggctctggtt gtaaagttga    136500
     tttgggaaag gttcaagagg ttccctggga caccaaatgg gattacactg ggcactccca    136560
     ggccctccat gtgggtacca cagccctgag attggagaga ttgagccctg gccagagaga    136620
     agctctgaat gttgaccaag gacaaatcag acacaggtca tctgaaaagc agcctgtgca    136680
     cccgccatgc attagggcag aaatcagggt ctgggtctct tcacgctgag tccttgggag    136740
     gtggggccga atcttggccc aaacagtagc cgagaatgga aagaaaggaa tcctaccttg    136800
     gtctaggcca ttcagctact ctgaacactt tactttacct gggaccacca aaccctctga    136860
     ggataaacac ctcccacggc cagcaggcag cagctgtaac cttctcattc acacgcctat    136920
     gtgagaacct gaagaaggtg tatgtacctt ctctccagaa aagtgtacac gacaacaacg    136980
     agatgttctc atgcacgaag ttattcaccc cgaggggagt ggggctgcag gactcctgca    137040
     ctcaggtcag gaaccccagt ggtgggagga ggcggctgca tacctgggca gtttctctgg    137100
     gcttccttcc aggatctcta cttgcccgac tgttggcacg cacagaacat ccccttcctg    137160
     gactgccctg taacacagca gtggcgccat cagctcacaa tgggaggcaa gcacatgggc    137220
     ctggcccatc cccaatatgc aggcagtttc ttaggggcct aatacccacc cagagaacaa    137280
     gtttgactag aatgagcttg gggaaatgcc agagaggcta gagaggggaa cagagaccag    137340
     agaggggcaa agcagcatct cggctctttg ggggccttct caaagccagg tgctttctca    137400
     gggtttttgg ttgttgttgt ctttttaagg aggtacccac ggcatatgga agttcccagg    137460
     ctagggtaga attggagcta cagctgccag cctacaccac agccacagca atgccagatc    137520
     cttaacccaa tgagtgaggc cagggatcga acctgagtcc tcatagatgc tagtcagatt    137580
     tgtttccact cagccactat ggtttctcag tttagaatgt ctggattcag cttgtagtcc    137640
     agatttcttt tctattgtcc gcttgacaca ctgctgggct tctagccaca acactgcctt    137700
     aaaatgtggc tttcttaaaa tcagaggcta agaggtccca tcgtggctca ggagaaacca    137760
     atctgactag tatccatgat gacacaggtt cacttcctgg ccgtgctgag tgggttaagc    137820
     atctgtcact gccatgagct gtgctgtagg ttgcagatca gcttggatct ggtgtagcta    137880
     tgggtgtagc ataggctggg ggctacagct ccgatttgac ccctggcctg ggaacctcca    137940
     tatactgcag atgtaaaaat accaaaataa aaaaataaaa tacaagcaga ggctctatgg    138000
     tacctgaccc caaggctggg ggtaggagga aagcaatgag ggtgagatgc catcctcctg    138060
     aaagggggaa gcagctaacc tgggtgtctg aaaatgccgg taaagaacat ggtcgtaatt    138120
     tgtattagtg ctgtagtgag gagaggacac gatttcgatg tgtaattctt tggcaaacgg    138180
     aggcccgggc agcactgagc agcttccttt gttttcaggg gtgctagaac cctccaggta    138240
     cctctgttag agaaataacc accactttat aacctccttc caagtagtca agctctgccc    138300
     agcctcttag caacagtatt ttactttcat cctttatact tcccgtaacc acagggcttg    138360
     tgggagaggg gacctacagc agaagagccg aacaccttta tcttctttag aaaacagaaa    138420
     cctcaccttc taatgagcac caggaagatt tctgactcca gctccaaaac gttcaccagc    138480
     aaagataacc aatctgcgat gcctttatgc tggcccaggg ccagtgaaat ggtaaagact    138540
     tttaattccc acaagtcctt tgagtgacat caggcagcca ctgggaatat taattggaca    138600
     tgagtgggga cactctgaat ccaagctgta cttagcagat ctgatctgac tgaagctgaa    138660
     agggttgggg cagctgaatg agcgccagtg tgaggtgctc cagtagtctt cctccattct    138720
     gagggaaacc cgcacctgca ctcacgcaca ccttctatct cttcttgaca ttccgtagca    138780
     ctaactgcct ggtccggcac ttccgaacat aactttctac agtgatagaa atgttctata    138840
     gttacatgtg gttatggagc acttgatatg tgactaaaat aactgaagaa ctgaattggg    138900
     ggggggcatg ctgatagcat gtggaagttc ctgggccagg gattgaaccc gtgctgcagc    138960
     agtgacccaa gccactgcag tgacaatgcc agatccttaa cccactgtgc cacaagagaa    139020
     ctccagaact gaatttttaa ctttatttag tttcaaccga tttaaagaac caccaagtgg    139080
     ctagtggctt ccctactgga ctgtgcagga ctaaaccata atctaggtgc ttaatgacac    139140
     atcagacagt tcctactgtg gtgtggtgga ttaagaatcc aactgcagtg gctcaggtcg    139200
     ctgcagaggc atgagttcag ggatctggtg ttgctacagc tgcagctcag attcagtccc    139260
     tggccttcga aattcaatat gcctaaaaag acacacacac acccccaaaa aacaaaaaac    139320
     cattagatta tatttgtccc cctcaacaca accatcttct taaaagtaag ctccttaaag    139380
     gcagaaagca aaaacttctc ttggatatat ttcataaaat attaaagtga aatactaagc    139440
     actaaagata ataaagggcc ctttccttca aggaatttac aatataaaat tgaggactag    139500
     acagattaca tgattataag aagacaataa aataaatgct ccctgaaagg tacaaaatga    139560
     agaggtaatg ttaaatttgt tgtggtgaga gtatacgagg ctttgagaag gaggtggcat    139620
     ctttagatgg gccttgaagg aaaggaaggt aggctcttaa cagaggaggc cagaaggcca    139680
     ggaaggaact tgaagtcaag gataagcact gaggtagcat cctccacact gcccagcaca    139740
     atactggaca cgcagcagca aatggacaaa aaaactgatt cgatctgtaa tttgactgtg    139800
     actctcacct ttcacaggaa tagtgaaggc tcttcccata caccaccaac ataattgtag    139860
     agaatggata cataagccta ggaggcatta agcagaaagt ccaagatcta gggagtaagg    139920
     aacccaaatt ctatagctct ggtcttccag ttcagctaaa gacaaagaag ggggggataa    139980
     agaagagaac gcattcctga cttcagtcct gtatcctacc tgaattttga gctctcccac    140040
     ttccagggga tcacagccga gattaaaagc cagagtggca ggcacaaggg ccagtccgtc    140100
     agcgaggggc tctcccagct gcccagaaac aggtcccagt ctttcagaga ggtcccatcg    140160
     aggctctagg acctgcaccg tggccaggtg tggctgggaa gtgatcgatg actctccgac    140220
     ccgggtcacc catacccatt cgccttggaa aaggccgagg ctacggagac aactcctgct    140280
     cacccccagc gagttcccag tccctcccag aactccccgg agtcgccgga ccgtgccaga    140340
     agccgcgaag gaggacacca agggtggcgg tgggggccgg ctgctgtcct cagtctctgg    140400
     acccagtttg gcccgcccac ggagctcagt cacagctagc cgcgttcctg ggcccagcag    140460
     cccttgcaac gccggccgcg tctccagcac ccgcggtccc ggcactggca gagcctctcc    140520
     gcgcctcacc agcaacggcc cgactctcgg tccgagccca gtccctgacg aggtgccaag    140580
     cagcgcccag cccagcgctg ggggccgccg caccggccgc gcccgcaccc aggccccgga    140640
     gcccagggcc aggagctgca gcagagcgcg gctaactagc agctgcgggg ggcccggccc    140700
     ctgctcttcg gtgcctgtgc ctggcccctc cagggccgcc acgagcagcg cgggccctgc    140760
     cgggctctcc cctgcaggcc gcagcgccag caccagaccc agccccgccg caggccaggg    140820
     gccctcgggt ggcagcagca ccgccaacgg gggtgcctcg gtcgggaagg gctccagcac    140880
     ccgcaggact gccagtgcca tggtgacaag agaccaaaga gctccacggc ggagcgcagc    140940
     ttccgtaacc gggaagccgg acgccggggc agctcacacg ccgcttccgc ttccgtcagg    141000
     ggaggcgcga gggaagtggg cgaggcgtag ggcgctagag ctgctcagag agggtggtgc    141060
     cttgggctgg tctggctgat gtcttgatgg cagtagcaca gtaattgtgg tcgggtagtc    141120
     tacgcacgca ccctttgagg tgtgtttaca gggatttacc ttccacgcct gcttggggag    141180
     taacgtcctg tcaattaccc tgccgcagag catgtactta gcagtttatt gattgatcaa    141240
     tgaaaggtca gcatgccctg gactaaactc ctgcccgcgt ctgggagctg taggtagagt    141300
     gtttaggcag gagttcactc tgtggcactg ttggcactga ggtttggggg ttgtggggaa    141360
     ggttgcagga gggagcagtc agattataaa actgtcttgg atgtgctcat ggatatggag    141420
     tggctgctgg ctgaattact gcatatgatt catgtagccc tggagtgctt ggtgctgcca    141480
     cacctgttcc aacacatcct acacaaaacc cacgttccag tgtttcttgt cctgtttgtt    141540
     ctattcccat caaacctgag gcaaagacaa aggagcttta ctttttcatc tttccaaaac    141600
     cagttgctcg ccccccccac caatcctacc tgactagaga tccattagag acgggtgggc    141660
     agcagaggag gcagaagaga ggggttcaag gcttcagtca tgagtactaa cccaacatct    141720
     gtgctgttac ttagaatcca tccttggctc cacctccact gctccgtata agtgtcctgt    141780
     gcacttggac actgactggc catacttcca gttagtaaca acatacttgc atttagaatg    141840
     attgggttgg ttggtggcaa tgtactttct ggaccttgca ttttgcattc tctaccagct    141900
     actacccaac tttctccttt cctgcatttt ttttttcttt tctttttagg gccacacaca    141960
     tagcagcata tggaagttct aaggctaggg gtcaaatcgg agctctagct gctgacctat    142020
     gccacagcaa cgtgggatct gagccacatc tgtggcctat accacagctc atggcaatgc    142080
     cggatccctg acccactgag cgaggccaga gatcaaacct gcatcctcat ggatactaat    142140
     tggattagtt tctgctgcac cataatggga actcctcctt tcctacatct ttttaaaatt    142200
     tttttgtctt tttagggcca tacccgcagc acatggagat tctcaggcta ggggtcgaat    142260
     cggagctgtg gccaccagcc tacaccatgg cctcagcaac accagatcca agccttgtct    142320
     gcaacctaca ccacagttca cggcaacacc agatccttaa ctccctgagc aaggccaggg    142380
     attgaaccct catcctcaag gatactagtc agatttgtta ccgctgagcc acaacaggaa    142440
     ctccattctt tcttacatct tgaagcagtc ttctaccttg tacattctgc attgctgaga    142500
     attttctgaa aacctgaaag ggtgactatt aggtttacat gttataagat atttttatcc    142560
     ctagagagat aagaaaatac ttttttaagt gtttgattat agttcctgga ggttacctct    142620
     agtcctaaac ctgaaaatgc ctagttccac atcttcaaaa cagcatgcaa gaatgtacta    142680
     ggtatctgaa ttcacaagga taaaagtttc catttggtag ttcctgccac ttagagggac    142740
     caaggactgg gaggattggg gtggggggag tccaaagagg atatgcctgc tttacatggc    142800
     agcaggaaag ctccaggcct tggggctgtg gtgctccttg agaccttagg agtgggtaaa    142860
     tacatctggt gtcctgcctg ggtcagcacc catacagaca caaatatcca cccaaaaata    142920
     aacatccttt cctcccaagc ttttccccta gcaaataatg gttagcatgc catccactct    142980
     ttattacctt gcaattgtca ttagtcactg aaagccaaat attactccca tacagaagat    143040
     agtcagaagc ctagatgtgt tgtttttact tccatctcct gttcagtctt caacccccta    143100
     taaccttctg ctcttctgaa attttcctgc ggagatcgcc tataaccttt taatggcggg    143160
     ttgatgccat ttgatcttga tcttactcaa actttctttg gaatctgaca ctattgacca    143220
     agcctcttac acttcctttg ctattatgac accagttttc ctcctacatc tctgatggct    143280
     tccagaagtc atcctcaatg cctccctttc ccatacggtc ctccccacaa tccaatgaat    143340
     cactaaatcc tgttgatact acacatttcc caattctgtt cttccttctc caagccaatg    143400
     gccaccacct tataacactg ttctcctgag caaggaccac aggcttgaac tttctccagt    143460
     ttcttcactt agccaatctg ctactggagc tgactttcta aaacatattc ctccagctac    143520
     ctttaggttt gtatgatttt taacatttta ttttaatcat ctgtgtatac accactgtca    143580
     gctgcaccag actgaattcc ttgagggcag gaactgatct tatctattag gacactggct    143640
     tcggcagggt gggaagtgag ggatgtgttt ccccactcaa cagtgaagta gcacttccac    143700
     tgcgttccca cgtgctcagg tctagcaggt cccacaacct caggacatat gcagtaggaa    143760
     ccgggatcct ctttccaaag ttgaaacaaa cccaggattc tcatcttatt tcacctcggt    143820
     cccggccttc caggctttcc ctttgatcct cctcaagccg tctaggaaac aggaaacgga    143880
     tgcccacgaa aactcctggg agctttctac aaattttgca taggcaatta atgctacgtt    143940
     actcagatga aaaaaggtac ccttcatttt agggcttctt tccctcaatt cggaccgggc    144000
     ggagtagcag tggggaaaga ataagaacca ctttagaagg gaacgagttg agaagaaggg    144060
     ccgaggctga cgcacaggag acgccagagt gcggcactgg gtactaagct tgggcttccc    144120
     ctgacccccg cctcccacgc taagctcgac cccctttagg gcgggacctc ccacttcagc    144180
     caattcttgg agccgaaccc tggcggtttg tactcttcct ttccaatgag aaaaaaaagg    144240
     aagccgcttg gctccagcga ccaatcggag aaggcggctc ctggttgtca ggcaggtttg    144300
     taagagttcg ggccaattgg aggagcagac accactcgac ccgggcgcag cgcgcaggcg    144360
     gtggcgaaga gacgccgagc gggccgagtg cggccgagca aagcccgagc cggagcgggg    144420
     ccgcaggagc cgggcagggt ccggacgggc cgagatgccc tataaactga aaaaggagaa    144480
     ggtgagcctg gccctttccc ccgcgcctcc gcctcggggc ctgcgcggag ctctgggagg    144540
     ggcccgagcc aggcccggga cagcctcaga ctgaccctcc cgtccggccc ccgcaagact    144600
     cccggggcca gccctccgcc cccgctgctg gtcgcacccc cagctcgtgc cgcagctggg    144660
     aacgctccct ccccttgtcc cggatagagt ccccccacat gcacctccct tcctctccgc    144720
     acggaccccc ggcccaggat aatctcctcc cttctgatcc tgccccactc ccaggtcagt    144780
     cccctgcttt ttctccctca tctcctcccc atccccccac gcatttgccg tttgggacag    144840
     ctctttatct gagacagcac ctccctccag aactaacccc cctccccacc cccgcgcagc    144900
     cccttctctt ccctcttttt ctcacccgcc cgggcctggg cctcggccta ccttctccac    144960
     ccaccgtccc ctacagcccc ctctccctcc ccgccaagct ccttgaccta gaacggctct    145020
     gctttctctc tcctccaccg aatctggcct aggcccctcc ctctagttct tccttcacac    145080
     tcaaacttgt aagccaggac tgagcccttc ttctgccgat ggaacctcag aacctccgtg    145140
     tctctgagcg catccagagc aatccctggt gatatagatg aggagactga gacccggacg    145200
     ggggcggggc gggggggatg acaggggcag ggacttggcc aaggtcacac aggctgctgg    145260
     aggcccagct gtaatatcag gtctcctgcc ttaaaggcct cctgagtacc aaagcccccc    145320
     taacaggcac caacccactt ctaggttcat cctaaaccag tcacctttcc cccggctggg    145380
     caagctcctc cccttattct taatcaagga taacctttgc attttacctt ttttgcacca    145440
     gtgctgggtt tctctctttc ctgggccaca ctatcctcaa attgggaatc tgccctcact    145500
     gtcagattag ctttccttcc tatggcacag gccagccacc cttggacacc cttgctttta    145560
     tcttggtgtc ctgacacagg ccattgcttg atgttgtctt ctttcgcctt cctcttctgc    145620
     ctccaaacca tcttcccctc ttcttcatcc ctgtctttct ctcccctctg tttcctgctg    145680
     tcactgaggt ctgactcaga gctgtggttt ctttgaggta cagactcaca cagaggatgc    145740
     taggatacca gttccatcct ccccagctgc tcctctcctg gggctggccc ctcatggtgg    145800
     gccctggctc tggcctggtg ttgtgctcac ccactttttt tttttgtctt tttagggccg    145860
     aacccatggc atatggaggt tcccaggtta ggggtccaat cggagctgta gctgccggcc    145920
     tatgccagag ccacagcaac accaggtctg agccacgtct gcaacctaca ccacagctca    145980
     cggcaatgct ggattcttaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg atcgaacccg tgtcctcatg    146040
     gatgctagtt gggttcatta accactgagc cgtgacgggt actcctgctc acccacttta    146100
     tgccccagag gtgtcttgct tttcacttgg cttctgactg gctgggttgc tgggctgcct    146160
     cttctgacct tctcaattaa actcttcctc ctggagctat tggagatctg tgcagcagtt    146220
     ctgatgctgg attgtcccca tgccctctca gggcctgagg ttctgagtgt tgggttggtg    146280
     gtggtctagc aggcactgaa cctcctgagg tgctgagctg ggcagctttg tgtgccccac    146340
     ccaagccctg tgcccttggg gagtgggcat gctgcggggc atgctgaggt gtatgtaggt    146400
     gatgcctgca cacaagtcag ccacgccagg ggatgaagga ctgctacaag gagtgtgaag    146460
     aggaatgggg accacgggaa gctggtgggg tcctcaccca tctgtggttt ttagtccgat    146520
     ggaacagata ctatcccatc cacagaaagc ctttatctac taggagacta agaaaaagaa    146580
     aaatactcag acttgctagg accacaggtg tgagtgtttg ttgggaaaaa gtattgggaa    146640
     gatcggggtc catagggcga ggcgtctctg atcccctttg aggtttaact ttctgctttt    146700
     gatttcctgt tagcatttgg cctcctacag tggttgacaa gtcctgacca tatgattggg    146760
     gtttgcctga atggggcggg ggggtgcaga gaggaggggg agaggggatc tctattgctc    146820
     atccattgct tctccccttt ctccttcatc ttcgtggtcc cattcttggc cagacctcat    146880
     ggcctcctcc ctgaagtctg tcctgaaccc tcagttgtgg ggtgaactct cctcctcccc    146940
     tgggtttgca aaacacgtgg taggtcactc atggcccttt tgtgttccca tggactggag    147000
     ttaactgtgg acaagtcttt tcttccccct tgagataata actaagttcc attttggttt    147060
     ggtttgtatg caataagtgc tcaaggaatg gatactgagt cagtccttgg tgtgtgtagg    147120
     ggggatctgc atccttcctc ttccttcgtg ttctgatcta ggacttcttt cttttaggcc    147180
     cctgggtggg gtgctcctgc cccccctttc ttcttgttca taataatagt cataacattg    147240
     gccaacatta aggttttcac atgtcagata ctcacaggta tggcgagtgt tgggcactgg    147300
     atagatgagg aaactgaggc tcagcgaggc tagttaactc ttaagagttg ggcctggaac    147360
     acaggattgg ctctaaagca cagtgccatg cagcacttgg tagctgagct gggccgaagt    147420
     gggtgcactt cacctgtcct gcagggacca gggggcaagg gtggcgagcc cagtttccac    147480
     acacccaccc acacccaggc agccgggatc tctgttcggc acattccccg agcgaggcgt    147540
     ctcagtgcca tagggtgggt ggaaggtacg gtcataagga ggagcttatg accaaggaga    147600
     gatgagacgt gtatgcggat gggtcagctt tgtccgagag gcctgttgct ggggtgtgtg    147660
     cagatggtcc cctcagcgtt gtgtcttgcc tgcacccccc caccccatcc ttttcctctc    147720
     caccgcaccc tctgcaccac gctgcaagga gtgagtgtgc ccagcctggt ctgtgggcgc    147780
     tgggagagca cggggctcct tcctgctgct gtggctgcct agagctgctc cacctgggaa    147840
     tggctttctg cctccctgct cccacgaagc cttcccccta ctcccgccca cacagcgctc    147900
     tctcctccct gaaatcctct tgcccccatc atcacaatcg ctggatttaa cacctctcac    147960
     ttgaaggggc tcaggtgccg aatctcagag ctggaagtga tttccagggt cctccaatcc    148020
     gatcttcatt taaggcttgc accccttctg caccgtgcct tggaggaggc gtgaatgcat    148080
     ctctgcttga atgctcttgg ggttggggag cttgcagcct ctttaggcag ccggtttctg    148140
     tgcagctggt ccaggaggaa agtcttcctt gttcggagcc tcagcctgtc ttcctgccac    148200
     ttcagcccct ggctcttggg cctccggatc cacatagaac aagttgcatc tttagtccac    148260
     gtggcagcac ttcatttatt tgtaaagatg cctcttgctt cttcacccgc ctgactcctc    148320
     cgttccattg ttaactatcc cagttcctgc agctgttgct ctctggtccc actcttgaat    148380
     atactcccag tatgggttgt atcccccccg ccccccgaag aaaacccagc atttgtcttt    148440
     gtctgtcccg aagtctgatg ttcgagattg aaccagatct tccagggtgg ccccagcagt    148500
     gccgaggaca ggcacttcca tatcccctat gctgagcact ctgccaggtc tgttacctgg    148560
     acgagcaggt catgtgagct gccattggca gccatagcac acggatgatt cgtgtagaac    148620
     ttgcagtcag acctaaatcc ccaagtcttt ttcacatttt ccccatcctg tccctcggct    148680
     gttgcttttt tggcccgaag cataggaaga gatgctgggc aggccggggc tctgagccag    148740
     cagccaggtt cctgaggaag actttggaca gtgcccactc tttgtagcag ttcagggcct    148800
     taccccatgt gctgtctgcc aaagtgttct tgggacaatt catacacctg ttgtcatccc    148860
     tgaaccccag tgactataca aatagcagtc tctagtctgg gtgctatttg tgatattcta    148920
     aaaatgcttc cccagggttc ccattgtggc tcagtggtaa cgaacctgac tagtatccac    148980
     gaggatgtgg gtttgatccc tggccttgct cagtgggtta aggatccggt gtttccgtga    149040
     actgtggtgt aggtcgcaga tgtgggctct gatcccatgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg    149100
     ccagcagctg tagctccaat tctacctcta gctggggaac ttccatgtgt gcaggtgctg    149160
     ccctaaaaag caaataaaaa aaatggttcc ccgtctttcc agatggcctt gggggtggaa    149220
     tggtgaatcc ctcccctcca gcatgagagc cttaggccac ccctgagcag cttgtccaat    149280
     gatgcttttc cctcaagact cctcacccca gttttttttg tttttttttt tttgtctttt    149340
     tgccttttct agggccactt ccgcagcaca tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtttaatcag    149400
     agctgttgct gccagcctac gccacagcca tggcaacacc ggatccttaa cccactgagc    149460
     gaggccaggg atcgaacccg caacctcatg gttcctagtc agattcatta accacttcgc    149520
     cacgacggga acttcatcac cccagttctt acttgacaga agccctaact tgtacaccag    149580
     ccttgtgcgg tgaaggagca tgaaatgctg aattattgtg tgttagagat gtcctcccac    149640
     ccagagtcta aactccgagg tgcctcggag ggactgaacc tccctttgtg tacctgagtc    149700
     ctcccgccca ggttcaaggt aggtgctcag tggtcctgac cgatcgagtt ggacagagga    149760
     taactacaac aaagacctaa gtgatgaggc cgaggcctct cccttcccca gcatctgcta    149820
     actcgacctc catcctctcc cttcaggagc cccccaagct tgccaaaagc acggccaagc    149880
     ccagcagctc cagcaaggat ggtgcaggcg agagcgccga ggaggtaatg catgtgggca    149940
     cagccctagt tatgttgcag gcgcagctcc aactatctga tggccagtgg ggtgagggat    150000
     ccaggggact ggaggttatc ggggctgaag gggaggagac tttcacagcc agggaggggc    150060
     ctggacagcc ccttgggctg gcctgccctt tggctgctat gggtcaaatg agccctccag    150120
     tttttccagc tccccagcgg ttcctgtgaa agccaattct ctgtctacta aagtggtgag    150180
     atttcctttt ctcttagggc aaaaagctag gggtaccggc tcttggggag gagagaaaag    150240
     tacatgggtg ctcagtgggg tgtcgagtgg cttcagcatg gctctgggga gggagtggct    150300
     ggtgtctctg tcgggcaggg ctgggcctac cgtccttggg tcctgatcag atgggagctg    150360
     ctgaaggaca gtcatgggca gaggtcagtg cagcttggtg atctagggct gtaaagcaat    150420
     aaatggcaag cagagagcac ccagcagggt ggagggactc aaggaagtcc atgagttccc    150480
     atcatggctc agtggtaacg agcctgacta ggatccatga ggataagggt tcgaaccctg    150540
     acttggctta gtgggtcaag gatcccgtgt tgctgtgagc tatggtgtag gtcgcagaca    150600
     tggctgggat atggtgtttc tgtggctgtg gtgtaggtca gcagctgtag ctctgattcg    150660
     acctctagcc tgggaacttc catatgtcca gactgtgacc atggaagctt gggcgtgcgc    150720
     ctggtgggct gcttgggtgc cgaatagtcc tgggaatgtg ctaagcaagc accaggactc    150780
     ccagaagctg gcaatcctca gtttctgtgg ttcctccttc tgttctaaac tgttcagggg    150840
     ggtggaggtg aactggaagt gaacagaatg aacagtgctc attctgggca ggtcttaggg    150900
     tttggtggga gtagaaacaa ggttgatgag caagtgtttg attgggatta actctggatt    150960
     ttgatttctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ggtctttttg ctatttcttg ggccgctccc    151020
     acggcatatg gaggttccca ggctaggggt caaattggag ctgtagccac cggcctacgc    151080
     cagagccaca gcaacgccgg atccgagccg cgtctgcaac ctacaccaca gctcgcggca    151140
     acgccggatc cttaacccgc tgagcaagac cagggaccga acccaccact tcatggttcc    151200
     tagttggatt cgttaaccac tgcgccacga cgggaactcc tggattttga tttcttctgg    151260
     gatttttttt tttttttgtg tgtctcttta gggccgcacc ggcggcacat ggaggttcct    151320
     gggctagggg ttacagcgga gttgtagctc ccagcctaca ccacagccac agcaacctgg    151380
     gatatgagct gcatttgcaa cctacaccac agctcacagc aatgccagat ctttaaccca    151440
     ctgagtgagg ctagggattg aatccacatc ctcatggata ctagttgaag gagcttgtgt    151500
     cttccccaca cctgtgtgct ggctcctgga tcacagagta tcactaggag atgcttgcag    151560
     ggaggcaccc cctctgggct cagtctcccc tgtgatgtgt gtgggaccca cagggcacat    151620
     ggtcgagagc cggcaattga tattcatagc agcaagagag acttagaaac aggattctgg    151680
     atttcccgtt gtggtacagt ggaaacatcc aactaggaac catgaggtta aggagctggc    151740
     gttgctgtga gctgcgcagc tcggatccca cattgctgtg gctaaggcgt aggcttgtag    151800
     ctgtagctcc aattcgaccc ctagcctggg aatctccaca tgccacgagg tgcaacccta    151860
     aaaagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaaagaaa agaaactgaa tttcagccga    151920
     cagaaaggaa tagtttggga gctgttcccg ccttctgcct cgctcactca tgctggttcc    151980
     ctagtcacca gccagactgg ccgtcatttc ctggaagcag ccccccttga ccacctgccc    152040
     tcatccccgg gcccaggcct gcttcaccac agcgcttaat cacagctgca atgaaccaat    152100
     tccgtgggaa tgcggtgtgc gtcagttgtc ttctgtgttt gcatgtgagc tctgagaggc    152160
     tctcactcat gctgaagggc ctggcacact agaggcacca gcatttgaag gtattagtga    152220
     gtgaacaaac cagcaaacca accaagttag ggctggaagg aagcagagtc taaccttttc    152280
     ctttcgtagg taggaaaaca aaggctcaag caggttaaat aagccaaggg agttccctgg    152340
     tagcctagca gttgaggatc cagcattgtc actgctgtgg ctcaggtcat tgctgtggct    152400
     tgagttcgat ccctgactca ggaacaggaa cttctgcatg ttgtgggtgc gtcaaaaaaa    152460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag gaaggaaagg agctgagacc agctactgtg atttttccac    152520
     cgcctcctgg aagggagagt gttggcgtac ttcttgggct ctgctttggg aaacgctgct    152580
     cagggctcac ctgtctgatt cagctgcagg aattctactc caccattttg cagaaatgca    152640
     ctcgcatggc cccaggcaga ggcacagtga aacacttgcg gggcagcctg tgaggcccag    152700
     gtcatcaaaa gctgtttggc atggtccttc ccttactctt tatctagtcc agaattttgg    152760
     gctcatacag ccaaatttac cctgtggcaa gtatttgccg gtctttccaa ttgatccgaa    152820
     taattattgt ggcccactct aattttatta ttttatggag cagtacttgc gcattgcttt    152880
     cctagggcag ccacaacaag ttaccgtgaa cagggtggct gaaaatagca gaggtttctt    152940
     ctctcacagt tctggaggcc caaagtctga tcaaggtgtc agcaggccag gttcccctga    153000
     ggttctagag aggttctctt ccatgcctcc ctcctggctt ctggtagctt tctgccgtct    153060
     gccgtgtccc tcggctgtta gatgcatcac tccagcctcc gcctctgtcc tcactcagct    153120
     cctccgctgt gcctctatgt ctcagtgtcc aaatgtccct cttttttttt ttttttcttt    153180
     tcttttctgg gccacaccca tagcatatgg aggttcccag gctaggggtc caatcggagc    153240
     cacaaccaca gcaactccag gtccgagccg catctgcgac ctacaccaca gctcacggca    153300
     acgccggatc cttaacccac tgagcgaggc cagggatcga acccgaaacc tcatggttcc    153360
     tagtcggatt cgtgaaccac tgagccacca cgggaactcc ggaaatgtcc ctcttcttat    153420
     aagaacacca gtcatgttgg acttaggccc accttaatct gcattttatt tttttatttt    153480
     acttttatgt atttgctttt tagggccgca cccgtggcat atggagattc acagactagg    153540
     ggtcgaatca gaattcggct accagcctat gccccagcca tagccatgcc agatctgagc    153600
     cgcgtctgca acctacacca cagctcatgg caacgctgga tcccacaacc tcatggttcc    153660
     cagtgggatt cgtttctgct gcaccacagc gggaacacct taacctgcat tttaacttga    153720
     ttatatctgc aaagaccctg tttccaaaca aggtcatgtt cacagatgtt gtgttgacac    153780
     gaatgggggg tggtgcgaac attgtacccc gcactgtgct aaatactttg catgcattta    153840
     atcgtataat cttctctttt aatctttacg acatgacact cccctgcagt catctgtcat    153900
     cagccccatt ttacagacga aattgaagct tcctgatgtt aaatagcttt tcctcagcag    153960
     tgaaatagcg aagctggaag tcaacccagg tctgcgtgga aagctagtcc tcctgtgttc    154020
     ttaatggcct gagactctgg ttctaagatt ctagaaaagt cttggaatgt gaaggaggct    154080
     tgagagatta ggtccgcctc actggaacct gctgctgccc cccatgggtc tttgtgccct    154140
     gtccttactt ctgggagcag ggacagaggg aagaagaaaa tgatcctggt cccccccact    154200
     tcagcctgac acccctgaag ccagacttgt taccccaaaa acatttttgc tcctctcagt    154260
     cctttactta aaaaccccta ttgtcatctt ttattgctca caaactcaaa ttcaaatttg    154320
     cacccttcgc gttcctgttg tggctccgtg gtagtgaacc tgactagtat ccctgaggat    154380
     gtggattcga tccctggccc cactcagtgt gttaaggatc tgatgtccta agctgaggtg    154440
     taggtggcag atgcggcttg aatctggtgt ggctgtggtg taggccggca gttacagctc    154500
     caattccacc cctagcctgg aaacttccat atgctgcaga tgtggcccta aagagacaaa    154560
     aaacaaaaaa aaacaaaagc caaattcgta cccccagccc tcctgtgctg gcctagccct    154620
     gtcctcctag cccccctgga ctttgcttct tacaacacaa accttttatg gctcagggcc    154680
     cttcttgatg ctaccccatt ggcctggatg gctttatctc gcgcctttcc ttctttgcct    154740
     aaacccatgg gggttttttt gttttgtttt gtttttccct tttggctgct cccaccagag    154800
     ttctggggcc agggatcgaa cccaccccac agtagtgaca gtgccatatc cttaacccgc    154860
     tgcaccacaa ggtcactcta gcttaaaccc atgtttatcc tgtaagagcc aactcaaaag    154920
     tcatctcttc aggtagagtt tgttgctcgg ccctctgtgt tcccgagtcc tttgcggctc    154980
     tctctggtct tgcctcgccc tgtactgatg gctgcttttg tgtctgtctc acccacctga    155040
     ctatgagctc ttggagggca agggccatgc cgtattcact ttataatctc cagtgtgtag    155100
     cttgatattt ccagaataaa tgaaggaagg acagaattaa gcacagctcg attagagccc    155160
     tagatgtcag tacaggagag atgcctctct gattttcaag gttttaaact aaaattatct    155220
     ttattaggct agttaattac gtaggagctt taatgttcat ctttgcattt tcttttcttt    155280
     tttttttttt ttgtcttttc tgggctgcac cctcggtatg tggaggttcc caggctaggg    155340
     gtctaatcgg agctgtagct gccggtctgc accacagcca cagcaatgcc agatctgagc    155400
     tgcatctgtg acctacatca tagctcatgg caacgccaga tccttaaccc actgagcgag    155460
     gccagcgatc gaacctgcaa cctcatggtt cctagtcaga ttcgtttaac cactgagcca    155520
     tgatgggaac tcccatcttt gcattttcat tgacaatttt atcttctgtc tttctcctcc    155580
     catactttcg atagtgctta aattctattt ctgcatcctg ttatttacgt ttaaatatgt    155640
     gggtttaatt agtactggag ttcgggtcag gttgggatag ggttggtcaa gagtagggag    155700
     gtgggagttc ccgtcatggt tcaacagtaa ggagcccaac tagtatccat gaggatgcat    155760
     gttcagtccc tggcgtcgct cagggtgttg gggatctggt gttgctgtga gctgtgggta    155820
     ggtcgcagat gcagctcaga ttcagcgttg ctgtggtggt ggtgtaggcc ggcagctgta    155880
     gctccaattc aacctctagc ctgggaactt tcatatgctg tgattatggc cctaaaaaga    155940
     ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagagcaggt atagtgcagt ttcccgagtg tgagagtgag    156000
     ccccacttcc tgaatctagg aaggcttctt ggcatttgga tcctgctttg agtttagaag    156060
     atggaggaga agatttttcc ggcagaagct gtggagactc ataagtgggg ccaggcagga    156120
     cacagcaagg ggtcatgggc aggccgccag cttgcctttg ggcagtgtcc acccttgctc    156180
     tgatggctcc agaaggttct ggggacacac ccccctccca tctccaggcc aggtcaataa    156240
     aggagaagtt ggaagctaga ggtttaggag aaagggctga acctgctgtg agttgctggc    156300
     atacacccat ccccacccct acaagtatat gtcctagggc agggcacaca gaccagggct    156360
     tgctggcatg accagctgtc tctcagatgc tccttgtatc tagggcctgg gagccagtgg    156420
     tccttatgaa acgagggtag cccagtggag tggggggcag ggcaggctca gttgctctga    156480
     ggccacccca gccttcagga atgccaccct gagtgggaaa ggaccttagg catcaactcc    156540
     ttggctggtt ttttaaacat tggattgcag ccacgtaact tctgttgtct tgaaacctta    156600
     cttgcagaag tttggcaaac tactgatcta gtccagcacc ctgctcatta gcagagaaag    156660
     ttgaggtctt gcttttccct ttctgggaag aatgcctcct ttctccgggt gtcccctcag    156720
     tccgaggttc ctggagacgc agggtgtctg gatcttacct gggagcgtgg agagacatat    156780
     attcctgcgt cttgttcctc agctgccact gagcccttca gccttgtatc actgctgttt    156840
     ctccttcccc ctctgctccc accgccgtgc ggagctctgg ccggggcctc cccggtcagg    156900
     ataggagggg tctgtgggga cgggcctggg catggcaccc ccaacaatca gacaggcaga    156960
     cattcactga atgtctgtta ggtgccagtg ctaagcaccc cagaggggta caaaccagga    157020
     cttgctttct ggtgggggga tgacatgtga acagagcgag caagagctgt cactggggat    157080
     gggctgatgg aactgacaag cagtgtcagg aggttggggc tagagtgtgg acatgcaagg    157140
     cttggagtga tctgagaagg ctttttgcaa gaaagtagat cttaaaagat gcaatacctt    157200
     cttttttttt tttttttttg ccctttttta gggccacacc tgcggcatag agaggttccc    157260
     aggcttgggt cgaatcggag ctgtagctgc tgacctatgc cacagtcaca gcaacgtggg    157320
     atccaagctg catctgcaac ctacaccaca gctcacagta atgccagatc cttaacccac    157380
     tgggtgaggc cagggactga atgcatatcc tcatgaatac tagtcagatt cataaccctc    157440
     tgagccccag tgggacctcc agatgcagtg ccttcttgag ttcccctatt tgaaaacaag    157500
     aagaataatg aaccctaagg aacatttgag gtgtgctagt ttcaggagtt tccaggcttt    157560
     gttcttaaaa tccagggatg ggaaataatt aatgataata atagcaatag ctgaagaggc    157620
     tgcttataag acattctgtg tgccatatcc tgttcattta aatccttgtt gcaggggttc    157680
     ccatcatggc tcagcggtta acgaacccgg ctagtatcca taaggatgca ggttcaatcg    157740
     ctggcctcgc tcagtgggtt aaggatccag tattgccatg aactgtgatg taggtcacag    157800
     acgaggctcg gatctggcgt tgctgtggct gtggcatagg ctggaagctg cagctccgat    157860
     tggaccccta gcctggcaac ctccatatgc catgggtgtg gccctaaaaa tcaggacaaa    157920
     aaaaaatcct tattacaacc ctatgaggta ggtgctgttg tcatctccac tttacagatg    157980
     aggaaactga ggcacagaga ggcttatatg acctcctgga ggttacccag ctacgcagtg    158040
     gcagaaccag gaatcaaacc caggcagtca ggttcaagtc tctgctcttg actgttaagc    158100
     tccacagatg aggattgggt tgttcctgac agggaactgg aggcctgaag caggggaggg    158160
     tctggtgcac accaggctct ggccctctgg ctttctgccc ctctcgccca ccctccacca    158220
     ggtgtgatcc cagcgagaga ccccagattc taggctgcct tgcactgtgt agccaaaatc    158280
     acactggccg gtgtggtcag gcaagggagg aggtgacagc tgctctcacc ccgcttcttt    158340
     gtgatcccct catcagattg gtgtctgggg ctcatttcag gcggaggaga gggccagatg    158400
     gccaaagcag taatgagctg catttgacct aaggcctgcc ctgggtgctg gaccctgtgt    158460
     tcctcccctg ccgctgatcc ccagataggt cacaagctta ccataattat ttctttaaaa    158520
     aagaaaaatc cagggagttc ccatcatagt gcagtggtta acgaatctga ctaggaacca    158580
     tgaggttgcg ggttcgatcc ctggccttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cgttgctgtg    158640
     agctgtggtg taggtcgcag acgcggctcg gatcctgtgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg    158700
     ctggcggcta cagctctgat tagaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc cgtgggtgcg    158760
     gccctaaaag acaaaaaaaa aaagaccaaa aaaaaaaaaa acctggagca tacaaagcgt    158820
     aacatttctg tccccctccc tcccccttat cccagaggtt tcattttctc ccattcttct    158880
     gcaccaagta agagtttatt ggcggggagg gggggagggg gggaggatgg caggcgtgag    158940
     ggcgggagga caacttccct ggggtgtggc tccccggcta gacctgacct cacatatctg    159000
     gttggggaca aggactgtcc tgggctcagc ctctccgctc tcccagcagg ggggttacct    159060
     ggacagtccc tatgggtgga cagccttgca gacacctgtg tgtgtgcttt ggaaaatggg    159120
     cttcgtgggg gctctgacac ccgtgtctgg gaagaaggaa agaaagcttt tggaaatcag    159180
     ctgtatatat atatttttta atctttcttt ttttggtcct acccctggca tatggaagtt    159240
     cccaggccag ggattgaatc tgagccacag ctgtgaccta ggccacagct gcagcaatgc    159300
     agatccttaa cccactgcac catagcagga gctcctgtat ttctcccatt ataaaagcag    159360
     tgttggcttg taaaaaattc agaaaagtag ggaaaagtca tctatcatcc tgccatcaca    159420
     ggggataagt catgaacaca atgcacttgt tctttttttt tttttaaact ggattttgag    159480
     ttctgtgcat gtgttttaat gtgggtgagc tcattttgta tgtacaggtt tgtattatcc    159540
     tttttaactt agcataggga gcagttttct ctcagtccat agttgtaggg ttttttcgtt    159600
     tcgtttttaa tttttatcca tgtggtagtg gttacattgt tcagaaagtc agatggtcgg    159660
     gagttccaat tgtggctcag tggaaccgag tcagactagt atccatgagt attcgggttc    159720
     aatccctggc ctcgattagt gggttaaggg tctggcagca ggtgtggtgt aggtcgcaga    159780
     cacggcttga atcccatgtt gctgtggctg tagcataggc cggcagctgt agctcagaat    159840
     cagctcctag cctgggaact tccatgtgct gtggggctgt gggtgtggcc ctaaaaagca    159900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aaaagaagaa aatcagattg ggcttgtcat    159960
     gagcagggca gcactgtccc tggcccctgt aagttttgag ctttagatat cttttgattc    160020
     cttaatgtga aaaattgaag cccttgtgtc tcatacctct gtgcagactt ttcccccttc    160080
     ttagaatatt tatcacccat tttgggtaaa ttactctgac tgtgtaaata tttttcacag    160140
     ctgaaccatg tgtgattaca tttagtacac agttttcata aacataagtt taactccatc    160200
     attttccatg tatttattta tgtatttgct gttataaata aggccataaa aagtgttttc    160260
     acacaaccct cccccctttt ttttttggcc gtaccttcgg cctgtggaag ttcctgggcc    160320
     agggatcaaa ctgtgccaga gctgccgcct gtgccatatc tgtagcaacg ctggctcctt    160380
     aacccactgc accacaagag gacttccaaa gccttttttc atagtttgga ttttccttaa    160440
     gctatatttc tagtagttaa actgctgaga catgggaaga aatttctttc tttccactgg    160500
     agaatgtcac ttacttagta aatgagaaaa tatggtaact tagatgtact gcttcatgaa    160560
     tttgtgcata tgtttatgct ctgaaccacc ttccagatcc aattaagatc tagaatgttt    160620
     ccatgactca gaaggttcct cgtgcccctt ctcaggccat acctgcatct cccagccctg    160680
     cacccctggc cagagagccg cttttctgac ttctgtcacc atcagtccat ctgtttgctt    160740
     tgcctgttcc tgaacgggag tgaacctttt gaaggctcgt gatgctcgtg tctcccaaag    160800
     gcatcacttt gggagacacg gcttccggac ccctccctcc cagggctgca gcccgtagtt    160860
     ttctccgacc ctggccttgg ctccttcagg gtgggaggca agtgccctcc ccatcaccga    160920
     aaggactgcc agtgaagcaa tttgctgtcc agtctcagct tccagtgtat gagtggccag    160980
     atgtgggatc tggagaatat gatgttggag tggtggcttc atttggccga cttttgagtg    161040
     aggctcttat tcttaaattt ccctagtaag ttttatttgt agggaaataa cagtgaagag    161100
     agttcagtct ttataatgca cctggtatct aaagtgcaat aaattgagct ctaattcttt    161160
     ctttagtatt ttctcttaaa ataaaaaatg ttattaatgt taaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaag    161220
     gcataaccag actgggggct gggggttggg tggggggcca ggcctggggt gggaagccaa    161280
     gtttggcgag tggactcgag cacatccctc atttgaccag gctcagcccc agccccaacc    161340
     ccagccccag ccgccaccac agccgcagcc gccatcatcc aacaagcgtc ccagcaacag    161400
     cacgccgccc ccgacgcagc tcagcaaaat caagtattca ggggggcccc agattgtcaa    161460
     gaaggagcga cggcaaagct cctcccgctt caacctcagc aagaaccggg agctccagaa    161520
     gcttcctgcc ctgaaaggtg cttggttatg caagatcaag ggggctgggc cgccgggcct    161580
     aggggatagt gggtattggc ggaatggagg tttgggggga cttggagggg ggatggaggt    161640
     tctagagaat gtgaagggga ggggccaggg gagcaggatg gtggcaggaa ggggtatggg    161700
     aacaccccga aaggtgagcc gggcatagca gcaaagggcc acagaggaga cctgactgtg    161760
     accacgaccc cccaccccac cccaccccac cccagactcg ccaacccagg agcgggagga    161820
     gctgttcatc cagaagctac gccagtgctg cgtcctcttt gactttgtgt cagacccact    161880
     cagtgacctc aaattcaagg aggtgaagcg ggcagggctc aatgaaatgg tggagtacat    161940
     cacccacagc cgcgatgttg ttaccgaggc catttacccc gaggctgtca ccatggtggg    162000
     tagaggggag ggggagggtg ggtgggggcc ctggaggagc ccagacggag ctctcacctg    162060
     ggcgctaccc tcagttttca gtgaacctct tccggacgct gccaccctcg tcgaatccca    162120
     ccggggccga gtttgacccc gaggaagatg agccgaccct ggaagccgcc tggccgcatc    162180
     tccaggtacc agggcaaggg ggcaggggcc tggatgcggg ggacgggcac tctgagcccc    162240
     gcagcaaggg gctcgaccag tcctcaggga ccccccctaa gcgaatgctc ctttctcccc    162300
     acagctcgtg tatgagtttt tcttacgttt ccttgagtct cctgatttcc agccaaacat    162360
     agccaagaag tacattgacc agaagtttgt ccttgctgta agtctctgca gctcctgcct    162420
     tcccctcctt cctgtctgtg aactctagcc ccacggcccc tgcctccagg cccagctgct    162480
     ttttgcttct gctgaatata ggtaccgtgc tgggttttca ctctgtctgg tgcacatcga    162540
     ctgggggttg aaatgacctc ctctgcctat aagaagcttc cagcgtaaca ggaggaaacc    162600
     agaaagcagc ccagttgcct ggccccctca ctggggtctg cacgtgtgca cctggggcag    162660
     agcagtgtaa cagcaccact cttcccagac tggtccccac gccctttctc cagagagcct    162720
     ctgggcttcc cctggccagg acccaagtca cccccagcac cccctcctgc ctcacttgct    162780
     gcctctcttc ccgcctgctc cagctcctgg acctgtttga cagtgaggac cctcgagagc    162840
     gggacttcct caagaccatc ttgcatcgca tctatggcaa gtttttgggg ctccgggctt    162900
     atatccgtag gcagatcaac cacatcttct acaggtgagg ccaggagccc gggctcagga    162960
     gcaaagcaag cccccccccc actaagggga ggtgggaaaa gggcgatagg cgggactctg    163020
     cagaacgctg gcggggcatc gggttatcaa gagagatttt attcttccct caggttcatc    163080
     tacgagacag agcatcacaa cgggattgcc gagctcctgg agatcctggg caggtgagag    163140
     gtggagccgg ggcacacgtg cctgcaaaag gtggggagga ctggtgccct gagcctggcc    163200
     ctggccctgt ggtcctcaca accctccctt aactcccagc atcatcaacg gctttgcttt    163260
     gcccctgaag gaagagcaca agatgttcct catccgtgtc ctgcttcccc ttcacaaggt    163320
     caagtctctg agtgtctacc accctcaggt gagctgcctt cctcctgatg agcagggacc    163380
     ctccggcaca gaagaacggg tggggaggcg cttcagccgc aacgggcaga gctcccctct    163440
     ccacctgtgt gtctctcctg gggtctggtt tctgtcgccg acccctctgc cccccttctg    163500
     agccctgcac ctcacctcct ttgcccttca acctttggca gctggcctac tgcgtggtgc    163560
     agttcctgga gaaggagagc agtctcactg agccggtaac tcccctcctg ggccccgggt    163620
     ccccctctct ccctgtccgc agtgcctgcc acttggcacc tctcgggcag tgctgtgagc    163680
     aggaactcgg gagggatgtg gcctggcacg tggcttggtt tcctctctcg acacacctag    163740
     gaaacagatg caggccgaga aacatgaatg tttcactgag gccacccaag ctgtgccgcc    163800
     aggggggagc aggcaggaag gcttcctgaa gaaccaggaa aggtgcttag tgaggatttt    163860
     acccccatgg cctcctcttc cctgcaggtg atcgtgggac ttctcaagtt ctggcccaag    163920
     acccacagcc ccaaggaggt gatgttcctg aatgagctgg aggaaattct ggatgtcatt    163980
     gaaccttcag agttcagcaa agtgatggag ccactcttcc gccagcttgc caagtgcgtc    164040
     tccagccccc atttccaggt gagacccagg cgcagaacat cccagcccct gcctcccaga    164100
     aaactgagag tctgggcata gtaaactgca tcccccccct gagtcccacc gtacccacca    164160
     ggtggcggag cgcgctctct attactggaa caacgagtac atcatgagcc tgataagtga    164220
     caacgctgcc cgggtcctcc ccatcatgtt ccccgcgctc tacaggaact cgaagagcca    164280
     ctggaacaag tagggaactg gggtggtggt gggtggtgag gatctggttt tggaacatgg    164340
     gagggtgcag gcgaacttcc gtgatctccc ctggtccctc tgcaagcggg gctggtgccc    164400
     actgcacgtt aatagtgcct tgagggacca gtggggagta aagacaccca ggtgagagct    164460
     ccgtgctacc cagcagctga gccatggcct ctatcacatc tcttcttgag gtcagatatt    164520
     ccgcagcttt ggagatttaa ttccatgttg tgagaagctg atgtgatcct cttagtatgt    164580
     actaaatccc agttttgtaa aaaggctttc ctgctaaaag cgaatgcgct gtggcgccca    164640
     cacagtccat cacacagctg ggagaccatc agtgcagggg agacaagtag gaagcagggc    164700
     gggggggagc tcttgggcat ggggttcggg gaaggatgga caggcacccc tatttgtaaa    164760
     gccctaaaat gctgatctca ggtcacgtga tttgacccag gtgatgagct cacacggtac    164820
     gcaggctggg gagatgggag tggtccatgg gaaaggtctt ggcagaggtg ccttgtggga    164880
     agagcaagtt gaggtcctgg cactaagggc gggctcgggc ctcctctacc tccctctgtc    164940
     ttcctggtgg caggacaatc cacgggctga tctacaacgc cctgaagctg tttatggaga    165000
     tgaatcagaa gctgtttgat gactgtacgc aacaatacaa ggcagagaag cagaagtgag    165060
     tgtctctctc ctcgggggtg ttcatcttgc acaccagccc ccggtgtttc tctctcaagc    165120
     cggcccccat cctgtctttg ctcccccagg ggtcggttcc gaatgaagga aagagaggag    165180
     atgtggcaga agatcgagga gctggcccga cttaatcccc aggtgagctg gttctgccac    165240
     cgccctgaac tgaggggtcc cgcgtgggct ggggcagggt ttatttcagg aggaatagga    165300
     agcagacggg gtcacagact tggcaatggc tcttgccact cgtccgtgcc tcctccctcg    165360
     cagtatccca tgttccgagc tcctcctccg ctgcctcctg tgtactcgat ggagactgag    165420
     acccccacgg ccgaggacat tcagcttctc aagaggacag tggagacaga ggccgtgcag    165480
     gtgggagggc acgggctggg gaggggggac gggggccaca gagctaaaga acaaagttcc    165540
     catcctggct cagcggtaac gagcccgact agtatccatg aggatacagg ttcgatccct    165600
     ggccttgctc tgtgggtcaa ggatccagtg ttgccatgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagat    165660
     gcagcttgga tcctgtggct gtggtgcagg ccggcagctg tagctctgat tccaccccta    165720
     gcccgggaac ctccatgtgc tgtgggtgcg gccctaaaaa gcaaaaataa aagatcaagg    165780
     ggaagcagta ggatctctca ggaatccgtc accgtctctc attttctata tccacacaga    165840
     tgctaaaaga catcaagaag gagaaagtgc tgcttcggcg aaagtcggag ctgccccagg    165900
     acgtgtacac catcaaggca ctggaggcgc acaaacgggc ggaagagttc ctaactgcca    165960
     gccaggaggc tctctgacct cctcacctcc ccgccacagg gccacagccc actcggccct    166020
     gggacactgc cccggccctc caccctctgc tccccactgg ctgactctgg gcagggcagt    166080
     gcctctctac tccagggagg ggggtgtggc gcttgaagca gggacccccc ccacagagcg    166140
     gtcccttgtc tcccccacat gtgttcatgc ctccccgcgg ctagtacaga ggctgtgcgc    166200
     tgcgatgctc agtgctcaga caacttgggg acgcctggcc ccctcctgct cctcacccac    166260
     agctacatga ggccgctctg agaatacaca caggaatata cgccccctcc cctcttccct    166320
     tcagcctcct tggcacccca ggtgtctcct cctctccctc ccctgcaggc atatagggag    166380
     cagtgggaga caattctcac caaagttatg tcgccccatt ggtccctgga gtggattagc    166440
     tgcaggggag caacccccga tggcacaaat aggcccccag ccccggcagt gcgcaaactg    166500
     atgggggtgc gttatttcct cttaccttct gcctgaccaa gacaacgtgg gagggcagaa    166560
     gggagaaagc ataggctctg gacaagaggt ggtgaatgtg gagccctgat ggaccaagag    166620
     aaagggatga acaaacaccc caccctgtgc ccccttttgg gtgaacagca gccccgggat    166680
     cattgacaca gaagggacca ccctggggct gactgctcta tggtgttggt tgccaaagcc    166740
     gggaggaagg aagcagggag cagtgcccca agcatggctc cccccaacac ctatttattt    166800
     ccttgtttgt actgatgcta gccaggccct cccttgtccc tttcaggcac cctggaggga    166860
     caagacgctg gggagggccg ggcttgaggt ccaggggcac aggcagcaca gcttctggct    166920
     gtgtacatag ggtgctttat tctccacaga gtgatacatg ctaaggtggg ttgggcctgg    166980
     gtggatgtcc ccatatgtac agaactgaat aaagtgggtc tctgagaaga cgtctgattt    167040
     gccttgatgt ggagagggag gtggggagga tggagatgga cactacaacc aggatgcgtt    167100
     cagtcctgtg ctggttctgg cctcgaatgc agggagataa ggcagcctca gggtggtcac    167160
     ttccaggcag gggtggcctg ccgggcttgg agggccttct gtaccacatc ttcccattgg    167220
     gcatctgata tctcccgagc ccaggcagga acccctggcg caggcaggct tactccagcc    167280
     atggtccttt tcaccagctc tacgtgttct gaaatcacag gcagagacca gttagggaat    167340
     agaaacaatg gacccgttcc cctctccttt ggctaaagga acccagagct tttgggacac    167400
     tgaagtcatc ttgtgattcc taagcaagcc tgcaccaccc ccccctaccg ccccacaaca    167460
     agtctaagaa aagcatttca cctggattct caagtttgca aacttaccac aaactgctgc    167520
     tttaggaaca gggtgatcct ctgtgactcc cctctactgg ctctaaccag ttcccttcct    167580
     ccgtaattat tccagaataa aagaacgatc tcttggagtt tccgttgtgg cccagcggtt    167640
     aacaaaccca actagcatcc atgaggacac aagttcgatc cctggcctca ctcgtgggtt    167700
     aaggatcccg tgttgccgtg agctgtggtg taggtcgtag atgtggcttg gatcccaagt    167760
     tgctatggct ctggcatagg cctgtggcta cagctccaat tgggccccta gcctgggatt    167820
     ctccatatgc tgtgggtgtg gccctaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactct tttacctggg    167880
     tccatgggaa tagagctgtg gttgctcaat gctgtagctc cctcttcatc ttcatcctca    167940
     ctttctaatg gggggtctgg caaatgaagc cccaaggcct gcagagccag agaagacagt    168000
     tcagggtcat cccttcaggg attccagctt cacctgttca ggaacaatgc ctcctccacc    168060
     atacctggat tcgatcctgg atatcagcaa ctacatcttc tccatctccc actggtgcca    168120
     gctccacctc ctcttgttca ggatcttggt tcaggggctg gtaggagtag ccagctgggc    168180
     ctgttcctgt ttcctcttgc tcttcctctg gctcctcact gctccaatcc ccagtgcctt    168240
     ctgtagggcc ctggtgtggc ccgagttctt cagtctgatt ggggaagata cgttcaggac    168300
     ccatgatgtc tccccctaga actactgctg ccatcgggca ggggctgcaa gaacatggag    168360
     acaggagaac agagatcaga caaaattagg cccagcttta gcctgtcatc cagtcccgtg    168420
     cggtctcctc ctgcgcccac aaaacattga aacgcccaag tttcctgcac cccacaacac    168480
     ctctcctgga ctctccacct cttgagctgg ctcttatctc caaccaaggc ccacttgcct    168540
     tgctccgaca attcttaaat aacagcccaa gcgaaggcca tgccaccttc caaaagacac    168600
     cccttcggga acgccctccc ccccgcccca tccacttagg aactccgggt caccaaacaa    168660
     gctcccctag acaaggcata cccgccccct tctctcctct ctaagggatt tccctctgta    168720
     ccgcctgata aacgcccttc ggaccccagg agatcccttc aaatggcccc agatgtggcg    168780
     tccccgaccc gcccccacca attctcggcg ccggtatttg cgcgcgcctc acccgctcag    168840
     agcccgcggc cgaaccccgc accttcactt ccggcgaggc aggacgttcc gaggcggccc    168900
     cgtcctccag ccccgccccg ccgcgctcat gattgacacg agtgaaggcg aagggtccgc    168960
     cccttgctcc gcctccacca tcttctcgcc aaacaaagga ctacattacc cggtaggccc    169020
     cgcggttgtt tgtgtttggt tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttttttaat tttagggccg    169080
     cctgtgtagc atatggaagt ccccaggcta ggggttgaat cggagctaca gctgcccggc    169140
     ctacaccaca gccacagcaa cacgggatcc gagccgcgtc tgttaccaac actgcagctc    169200
     gtggcaaggc cggatcctta acccactgag cggggccagg gatcgaaccc tcatcctctt    169260
     ggatactagt caggttcgtt accactgagc cgcaacgcga actcggcccc gcggtgtttg    169320
     ataggtataa gcacatgcgc agactcctcc gactcctgcc catccttcag cccctcgcgt    169380
     tcctcccgaa accgatggac tacaaatccc ggtagacttc cggcacttag agctgaatgc    169440
     acgtgcgctt acagctgccc gccggaagga ccgagcctgg ctgtgtttat ctcgttggag    169500
     atccagtcgg cagttggcgg gcaacgggtt caaagctgca ggcagcgcga ggacccgcgg    169560
     ccccgccccg gcccggcctg gcaggtagcc cgtggtgggt tgagggacga ggaaaatcat    169620
     aggggatggg gacgccgatg cctagagctg aattgtgggg gaggggccgg agaccgatga    169680
     ggtgggggtg gggaggggga tgacgggaaa ggagagtgtt aagggggaaa gaagggctgg    169740
     gggaggatgg tggggaaagc gatgggagag acctggtaac tggagaaggc actgaaggga    169800
     actggaagga agactgggtt aggaggagaa tgggaaagct gaggataatg gaagaaaagg    169860
     gcgggggtgt ctggtgttgt gggggcaggg aggttggaat gactggaaga agacccggat    169920
     agcgtcatat acagggagga atatctctgg ccgaaagggg tcaggggatg ttagcttgtt    169980
     tcccccctat cgaaagaagg aaaatggaag gctgtcgggg tggagcttgg agttgtggga    170040
     gaaggaaaaa gcagaaaact gcaaagctct caagagatct gaaaaggcca gaaacggaga    170100
     gtgaaaattg caagagaata ggaagggggg caggtctctg aaaggcatgg aagaagctgg    170160
     agaatgccgc agtgatggag cacggacggg agagccccag ggatcagagg cgcccgggag    170220
     atgctggggc ttgtctttca tgagcttgag ttgtcctttg gagaagacgc tgagggtttt    170280
     ttcctctacc tttggatgga attgcttccc tcttgcccag tgaattcttt actttacctt    170340
     gatatagctg aagaggagag tagaagctgt gagggaagag gaaggacccc cattcttaag    170400
     ctctccaact tccttcctat ctgtccccac aagcccagat ccaagagctt ttggattgag    170460
     gacgggagta atgaagtgag agtggtttcc tgctggggct atttcaggtt tggcagagtg    170520
     ggggagggtt gggggaagtt gggtgggggc aggggtctgg caagccagct caaagccctg    170580
     tgtctttctt gcaagggacc ttcctttact tgagcttttt ctgtgcctga ggttcgggct    170640
     agctcttctc tctgccaggg cttcttgaac agggagcaga tgatccaccc aaacccagca    170700
     ggtgcctgcc agcgaaggca gtgccagctg caagaggatt tgtctaacag agccttcaaa    170760
     tgtacccatt atctctaggt tggtgggttg tcttgcagag accatgaccg ctcatgcctg    170820
     ggtctttttc ttatcctgac caaaggcatt tttgtgttcc tgctcctctc caaggcacat    170880
     cgccaccccc atcccctttc agggccccaa acgggaaaag agctgctgga aacagcttgt    170940
     tccttaccac aatggcaggg ttgggcaagt ggcaagagga gaaaaccccg cctccccacc    171000
     cccaccccct caatccccgg cagacacata cctttctggc ttaagttctt ggcagcatcc    171060
     caggcacagc tgtcaaagga actcatcgtg cctgtgaggg gccctgggtg accctgctga    171120
     caacagctca gttgcacaag agccccccag gaggggctaa ctgtccatgg aagtccccgt    171180
     cccggattca tcccaccctg tcctggatag agggactgtt cctctctgaa agcctaaaag    171240
     cttttcagct tggagacact catgccagct ttcaatggac cgtttggggc tgcctgggct    171300
     attcatagct ctgagtattt tgagatcccg ctccccacct caaagagcac acagattctt    171360
     agagaggtgg caataagcag agcagagcca gagagaaaag aggagcttgg gcctggccag    171420
     ggacagggtg gagcctcggt aagtaggaga caaccatgtt aagccctttt tcagcagccg    171480
     agctggcagt caggtcagag tggccccacc cttcactgtt ggagaacaca gggccggggg    171540
     ccagctccct gacctcagca gctcccttag tacatagcca gccacctgag ctgcagaggg    171600
     gtggtgtgga agggccacca gggtgacact tggaggccag ggctagtcct gggcagagtc    171660
     acggtgagcc aggcaaaggc cttgcctgag gagcccacgg tcctaacttg tgtgcaggta    171720
     gcagaggcag caggccgtgc cgggggggca tgtggctgta accagtggcc caggggatgt    171780
     tacgctggac ggtgcacctg gagggcgggc cccgcagggt gaaccatgct gcagtggccg    171840
     tcgggcacag ggtgtactcc ttcgggggtt actgctccgg cgaggactat gagacgctgc    171900
     gtcagattga tgtacacatt ttcaatgcag gtgagctccc ctggggacca tccctgggcg    171960
     cccccatcag ggagggcaac tgggcggctg aggaaggttt gatgtgggtg cctgcagcca    172020
     aaagggatgg agaacacgca catctggttt ggggagaggt ggatagcctc aagggaggtt    172080
     cccagggctg agcagagctg tgcccacagt gtccttgcgt tggacaaagc tgcccccggt    172140
     gaggcccgcc acccgcgggc aggctcctgt ggtaccctac atgcggtacg gacactccac    172200
     cgtcctcatc gacgacacag tcttcctttg gggtgggcgg aatgacaccg aaggggcctg    172260
     caatgtgctt tatgcttttg atgtcagtga gtatgggtct caagctgcca agtggtacct    172320
     gggcgggggg aggggggggt tctgggaaag gtgtgggctg agggggctgg ggatgaggca    172380
     tcccgaagtg taggagggag ggtccgcttg ctcactgggc ccaccctttc cccctctaca    172440
     gatactcaca aatggtccac accccgagta gcaggaacag ttcctggggc ccgggacgga    172500
     cattcggctt gtgtcctggg caagaccatg tatattttcg ggggctacga gcagctggta    172560
     ggtctgaact cgacgttcag ggtggggaat gagaaagagg aaggggaatt aaggtagtgg    172620
     aatgggaggc tttggtttgc tcccaggatc agagggagga gggtggaggg tcggggggtg    172680
     accacttccc ctccctctct tattccttct cttacttcct tccttgtccc tcttaggcgg    172740
     actgcttttc caatgacatt cacaagctgg ataccagcac catgacatgg accctgatct    172800
     gtacaaaggt ctgccctttt tcctctctcc cagatctccc gcctcagttt aagaaaccat    172860
     agggacaaat cagctgtact ttactttaca aagagagaga gagagagaga gagagggagg    172920
     gagggaggga aggagggagg gagaaagagg aaggaaggaa gggaaagaaa gaaaccatag    172980
     agagcttcaa aaccaaagct gaccccctcc ccctcctgtc tctgctcttg cccagggcaa    173040
     ccccgcacgc tggagggact tccactcggc caccatgctg ggcaatcaca tgtatgtctt    173100
     tgggggccgt gccgaccgtt tcgggccatt ccactccaac aatgagattt actgcaaccg    173160
     catccgcgtc tttgacacga ggaccgaggc ctggctggac tgtccaccca ccccggtgct    173220
     gcctgagggg cgccggagcc actcagcctg taagcgtctg tcatgtccct tcccgttccc    173280
     ccttcctacc cattgtcccc acactcttga aaattcttct ccttccagtt ggctacaatg    173340
     gggagctgta catttttggt ggctataatg caaggctgaa tcggcacttc catgatctct    173400
     ggaagtttaa ccctggtaag gagccctgcc tttaagggag gaacagggaa cagttaggtg    173460
     agggcagggg tggagaggct gtctgcacta ggcaggtgtt gacccgccat tcaaccttct    173520
     tctttttagt gtcgtttacc tggaagaaga ttgaaccgaa ggggaagggg ccgtgtcccc    173580
     gccggcgcca gtgctgctgt attgttggtg acaagattgt tctctttggg ggtaccaggt    173640
     taggaggaga ggagggaggg ctccaggaag ggcctaagcc tatgactaac atttgagcaa    173700
     gagggtcttg tgggtggtct ctgcttcttc cttcatttct cttttgattc ctacagtccg    173760
     tctcctgagg aaggcctggg agatgaattt gaccttatag atcattctga cttacacatt    173820
     ttggacttta gtaagtgata acttattccc aaagtgctcc tgctatcagg gtccctggcc    173880
     ttgggtggtg atatccagga ctggcccctt tgcttggctt taaccatctt cctctccccc    173940
     actcctcctt taaaggccct agtctgaaga ctctgtgcaa actggctgtg attcagtata    174000
     acctggacca gtcctgtttg ccccatgaca tcaggtacag tgaatggttg gaaaggaggg    174060
     attggttgag ggcgatgggc agcacaggca tgacccgatt ggcttggtct tggtgtaaaa    174120
     gagagagaga ttgttctgct ggggatgtaa tatacttgtg gagagtgaat tggaaggaaa    174180
     aataagactg tcagctgggg taaattacat ggggggaaaa attcagtttc aaacaaacca    174240
     agctcataag catcacttcc tgagacctga gcttatgcag ttgtttttgt taacatgctg    174300
     agaaggtttg agtaaatctt agaatctagc tgcagagaga cgtttaggag cttctggatc    174360
     acattagttc cagagttaag ggaagtcctt cctacttccc tttgagtccg tattcttagg    174420
     tccaaatcaa ctgttgaaag ttatctggtg tacgattgtg ccctttgggg tcattctgcg    174480
     acacttcact ctttttgtaa cagttctgct taactcttac ttgctgaggg tctgtgtgtt    174540
     cagcatgtgg tgacagagta tatacaaggc tgaactgagg gatccaggct ggcccaagtg    174600
     cttaatacca agtagactgt agccttggca taaggaggta cttagtgaat ctttgttgaa    174660
     tgacagtatt gccaaaaagg gaggaattta atttgaattt ggtgggaggt gtggggaagg    174720
     cctctgggag gataggagag ctgagtcagg gccttagaag aatgggagtt gagcttattc    174780
     ttgggagggg gagggggagg ggcttcctga ctgtatctaa gcagaggaga aaaggtaggt    174840
     ttggaagttt gttgacatgt gtacagtgat ggttttctca ttgtgtacgg gggcacacga    174900
     atataaaaat gtaaacataa acaggaaatc cacttgagct tgcaggtgga ggagtgggtg    174960
     gtattggatt tggtggtggg aggggtgtga ttgttaaacc cgtagggctg taaggaagag    175020
     gtggttgtag gtagttgagc tttaggaagt tgaagggact ggtgtgttga tagctttgtt    175080
     tgagcaattc tagacttggg ggtggaagct ctcctttctt tctgcctgtc atttttggcc    175140
     ttccaggtgg gagctgaatg ccatgaccac caacagcaat atcagtcgcc ccatcgtctc    175200
     ctcccatggg tagaggaagt ttctgctgcc tcccttcctg agcctgcgtt gtcttcactg    175260
     cccctgccca tctctcaccc gcctgccccc ctttggaccc tggactcgta tacctccaca    175320
     tggagttgga ctagaggtgt tttctgtgct gtgaactcag tggggagctg tagggaggag    175380
     ggctaggtcc cctcctcctt gggccgaggg ccccttcccc ttggtgctct ttcccatcca    175440
     cctccctcca actgctcctg ggcctctgct ctgccctggc cagccatgct ctgctgggaa    175500
     gtgaagggaa tggggagaag ggagaagcaa gcagggtctg agcctcagga gcttcccccc    175560
     ccaacacaca tccctattac caccccttcc ccctgcttga gccatgagca tggattggga    175620
     gctgagagga gttgcagctg ttggcatgaa gcctccttct ccctgacttg gggaggcaag    175680
     gaccagcagg taatctcacc cttccttgag ctgttgctgc accctgacgc tctcagccgg    175740
     ctcggatttt ataaaaatga attaaaaaaa tctccaaacg tctgatctct ttttgtgaaa    175800
     cacgataggt ttgggaggag tttccgatga ggtactggct tctcagccaa gggcattagg    175860
     aaaccaagta ccaacacagc ctggctttag tttctcttca gtgctaagtc aatgccttgc    175920
     gacagacgaa aagttggtga cgttttcgca actgggtgcc cttttctgct gtaggagggt    175980
     tcccaggtgg cccgcggggc tgccgggcca gcctacccca gccttttggc tcggcagtgg    176040
     gcgggatcaa ctctgacgtc gccaagccgc gtggactcgg cctacggaaa tgcaggaagg    176100
     ggcggggctg ccagggcgga agtagtgcca ttagtctttg gctctacgca gaagccaatg    176160
     ccgagagtga gctcccggaa tgggttggct gccgcgtctc cccacggggc ctgggatggc    176220
     gaggaggacg gcgggggcct gcggaatggt gagggcacag catcgggccg aaggggaaag    176280
     cgcgggtggc ggggagaggg gccaggcagc ggcgcccgcc cggcgcccag tagttcagcg    176340
     tctggtgtgg gctcggaccc cgcagacgcc gttagagtga aactgctaag tcttggaaag    176400
     acgccagccg agagcgcctc caacgtattg gagagtaaga gaggctgctt cctgcgttag    176460
     gacatactga gcagtttctt aaaggaagaa agagggcttt gcgcaggggg aaaaacgtgt    176520
     gttcaaaagc agtcaggaaa gggcatggat tgttggggaa ggcttagtag gtgaaaattc    176580
     aaccaacttc gtgaacatgg agttccgtcg tggctcagtg gttaacgaat cccactagga    176640
     accatgaggt tgcgggttcg attcctggcc ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat ccggcgttgc    176700
     cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtc gcagacgcgg ctcggatctg gcattgctgt ggccggccgt    176760
     ggcataggcc ggcagtggca taggccggca gctatagctc cgattagacc cctagcctgg    176820
     ggacctccaa tatgccatgg gtgcggccct aaaaagacaa aaaaaaacca aaaaaactta    176880
     aacattatta agcgtttata gtatgcaggt acagttctag atgccacaga cagtgaataa    176940
     agcaacccca aactcttctt ataaagctta ttatttaggg cttaaaaaaa caagaagcaa    177000
     tttaatacat taaaaggcaa taaaagttcc caccgtggcg cagcgagtta aggatctggt    177060
     gttgtctctg aggcagtgct ggttcggtcc ctgctccgga acagtggatt aaggatctgg    177120
     accagctgtt gctcccattc tatcgttggc cgtggaactt ccagattgtc tggaacttcc    177180
     agattgtccg ggcacggcag aaaaataaaa tttacaaaag gcaataaagg acgaaattgc    177240
     atgttttgaa agggtggatt tgggagttcc tgcagtggca ccgtggatta agaatctgac    177300
     tgcagcagtg cccattgtgt cgcagtggtt aatgaatccg actaggaacc atgaggttgc    177360
     aggttcgatc cctggccttg ctcagtgggt taaggatccg gcatttgccg tgagctgtgg    177420
     tgtaggtcac agacacggct cagatcctgc gttgttgtgg ctctggtgta ggctgacatc    177480
     tgcagctcca attagacccc tagcctggaa acctccacat gctgccagag cagcactaga    177540
     aaaagacaaa aaagggaaaa aaagaatctg actgcagcgg tttgggttgc tgcagaggtg    177600
     tgggttccgt ttctggccgg cacagttagt taaaagatct ggtgttggcc tgtgttgccg    177660
     tagctcccga tgggattcaa tccctggccc agcaacttcc acatgccaag gaagcggcca    177720
     tttaaaaaag aggggggtgg gttggagttc ccttcgtatc acagtggtta acgaatccaa    177780
     ctaggaacca tgaggttgcg ggttcaatgc ctggccttgc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg    177840
     cattgctgtg agctgtagtg taggttgcag acacagcttg gatccctcgt tgctgtggct    177900
     ctggcatagg ccagtggcta cagctccgat tagaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc    177960
     ggctggagtg gccctagaaa agacaaaaaa aggcggggga gtgggtgggt gttatggtat    178020
     gtggattgta tatctcaatt tttcaaaaga gctttgaaga gaaagcaggg gagagtttgc    178080
     aattttaagt aatcacaaac gacctcagaa ggtggcattt gagaaagagt ttgaaggaag    178140
     ttgaggaagc aagcaataaa tacatctgga ggaagtattt caagcagagc cagaatcaag    178200
     tgcaagggaa ccgaggtggg aacattcctc cttagaaact gctgggaggc tgttgactga    178260
     agaggagtaa aagattagta ggagatgaga tgagagacaa tatgggggat aggtcatatg    178320
     ggggtttcca agcaattaca aagcctatag cttttcctct gagttagaag ccattagggg    178380
     gttttgagtt ctggagtgac tagtctgaag gatgtgtgtg tggaaatgag gtgggagtga    178440
     taagatgagg tttgcatttt atatgctgac ctgggctgag gtgggaaggc aggaagcata    178500
     gctttgaaag gagtgagact ggggttggga gagcagttag gaggctcaag cactgattga    178560
     ggtgagcggc gctgagcata ttctgaacca gaataatggc aatggtaact gagcaaggaa    178620
     gccagaggtc cttgtgggga ggcctagaaa ggaataattt aaaagagaag gcgatgggag    178680
     ttcccatcgt ggctcagtgg ttaacgaatc caactaggaa ccatgaggtt gcgggttcga    178740
     tccctggcct tgctcagtgg gttaaggatc cagcattgct gtgagctgtg gtgtaggtcg    178800
     cagatgtggc tcggatcccg agttgctgtg gctgtggtgt aggccggcag ctacagctcc    178860
     gattagaccc ctagcctggg aacctccacc tgctgcaggt gcagccctaa aaagacaaaa    178920
     gacaaaaata aaaataaaaa aataaaagag aaggtgaaaa agaagagact ggtggagttc    178980
     ctgtcgcggc tcagtggaaa cgagtctgac tagtaccagt gagggcacag atctatccct    179040
     ggccccactc agtgggtcag gaatccggca cagccatgag ctatggtgta gatcacagac    179100
     atggcttgga tctggccttg ctgtggctgt ggcataggtc agtggctgca gctccaattt    179160
     gacctctagc ctgggaactt ccgtatgctg tgggtatagc cctaaacaca cacacacaca    179220
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caagactggc ctggtccacc tccagccttc cttagcaagg    179280
     tgaggcccca ggtagctgga acggttggtg agttagatgt cactgtagca cctttgctgc    179340
     ccgggacctg cagtgattgg tctgaagggg atattgagac atgaggatgg ggtgacgtca    179400
     ttgcagtctt tgcagtagtg gaagatgctg agctgagttg actcccgaca cacacacaca    179460
     caccccccac ttccttccac aggcacttct gacatgtcat ttgaggagct gttggaattg    179520
     cagagccaag tggggactaa gacatacaaa caattggtaa ctggaaacag cactaagaag    179580
     caaagttcta gaccacctgt ccagaaagca tgtgtggccg ataagcacag gtgaggagca    179640
     tggcctgccc caggagttgc aggatacctg ggaccttgag tagctgcttt cttgtgtggc    179700
     aagtaggagg cctttgacaa gacaggagct ctcttgacct gtcctttcat ttctctgtag    179760
     gcctctggaa atgtcagcca aggtccgtgt gccatttttg cgtcaagttg tccccatcag    179820
     taagaaggtg aggaagaggc agtaaggtgc tctctcagcg aaaggacagc gaacagttct    179880
     tttatgttct ttgttctctc caaaggtagc ccgcgaccca cgctttgatg atctgtcagg    179940
     ggaatataat cctgaggtgt ttgataaaac gtatcagttc ctaaatgaca tccgagccag    180000
     agagaaagag gtgtgtagca tgagactggt ttgtggggat ctgaggggtg ggaaactgga    180060
     gccctggcag aggggagcag ggctgcccag tttacgggct gtgtgatcat tggccaggtt    180120
     actttacctc ttttgcttca gtctcctaac cacaagaaaa gaggtgatag taattcctct    180180
     ctcatggtgt tatagaacta acttatgtga acctcttaga ctaatgctcg gcacagagtt    180240
     ttagttaaac atttacacaa tgctaaccat catgtttcat cttcaattgt ggagcttgtg    180300
     aaaaaacagt tgaagaagcg ccgctcaggg gaggagcatg agaaactgca gcagctgctt    180360
     cagcgcatgg tgagtaatct ggggagtggg tcagtcacag gaggcacctg tgggagtggt    180420
     gagagcacgt ggaggcagga ggtgactggc ggtccctcct gttcactcat ctcactggtc    180480
     tctcctcttg actcttcagg agcagcaaga catggcacag caggagcgaa agcggcagca    180540
     ggagctgcgc ctggccctga agcaggagcg gcgggctcag gcccagcagg gccatcggcc    180600
     atacttcctg aagaaatgtg agtggggcac agccatgaca ggccattaca ggggcaggga    180660
     ttagtgccca tagtggcaga atgtactgcc actgtttagt gcccatagcg gcagaatgcc    180720
     cactgccgct gttcctactt tcctccactt taccacggga agaaacagcg ggaaagaact    180780
     gtttgtaacc atgcttgcat ccctccatag actatgggca ggaagtgtga ctttcctctc    180840
     tggcccaccc ccatgtaggt tggcttgggc acaaagaagg agctcacaat tgagttgaga    180900
     gagtggcttg cttatacacc attgaattcc agatgggtgt cgtagcccag tgtaatggtc    180960
     aaggcttgct gacctggggg caggggcttc ctgcttggct taccagcttg ctttctccct    181020
     gtgctctagc tgagcagcgc cagttggtcc tagctgagaa gttcaaggag ctgaaacgca    181080
     gcaagaagct cgagagcttc ttgagtcgaa agagacgccg aaatgcaggc aaggacagaa    181140
     gacatctccc tttgagcaaa gagtaataag aaaacgtcct cagctcttct gctgccccag    181200
     caagaaatgc agctcccggg acacatttgg gctgggtctc ttctggtcct ttcccactca    181260
     agggcaaggc tcacagctgc cttggaacta gattggctca gagatgactg agagggtctg    181320
     ggctgcccca gggctggacg agaagagcag ttcagccttg tgccgcaacg cacttcctct    181380
     ccttggacct ggttcaccgt gtcctcctgt ccttctccca cttgccttga gacagtgatt    181440
     ctggtataga aagaaaagga ccagtgagtg acactgaggc cggttgaagg ccatagggtc    181500
     tgcgagtgac acccaggact gagtctttat atgggagcca gttcataaac actcttgtca    181560
     ctcatctttt ttattctgct tattttgtag gcgacctaga attgctgttt caggggttgt    181620
     gcatggggta ggaaataaac ctgaggctgc tacaaagtgg ggagttaggt cacagccccc    181680
     tcctacttaa acctaacaga tgacatgatc attcaaagag ggaaccaatt ccacaactca    181740
     tcaacttagc tttggtatct gatgcaagga aagataggag gtgggggcag aaagcttccc    181800
     cagtaggtca gcacagctgg ctctactgtt tgggttgaga attcaatatt gcccacgtgg    181860
     actagaaaat attcttaagc tgacaattca gtttaaacgg cctcaggttg gtagtacctt    181920
     gaggctcctg acacagaagc aaatgcattc ttctcgagga ttgtatgtga aacacaggcc    181980
     ttaaggaatt ccttcagata aaatttcact tacagtgaaa acacaaagca cacaagggaa    182040
     gaaactactg tgagcaagag tcattaggaa catcagcaac agaatcagac gtgcaaagac    182100
     taagatgttg gaagcataaa acaaaatgta aaaatgtctc aggtttaaag aaaagttctg    182160
     gctaatgaaa aaacatcgaa aaggaccaaa ttggtttgat aaaaaaaagt ttttaatgga    182220
     aaatgtacta tttgaagtta gaaacttatt atggttaagt agcagaagag acacacccag    182280
     aaggagaatg aactggaagt agatgtgaag atgatggagc ccaggaaaca gggaaatgga    182340
     aactaaggaa aagaggttaa acacgtggaa gaaaggagtt ccctgctctg gcaccacaga    182400
     gtccatggcg cctccgcagc accgggacac aggttcaatc cccagcctgg cacagtgggt    182460
     taaaaggatc tggggttgtt gcaactgtag ctcagatctg atccctggcc ccaaggactc    182520
     catatgccac aagcggtggc cagaaaagaa agaaaaaaaa aggaagatag aatgaggagg    182580
     tgtgacacaa atcacagttc cagaaggaga gagttcttga gaggcagaat tttctaaagt    182640
     gatagaatgt aaagccccaa gaatcaggag ccccaagaga caggaatgtg agggggaggg    182700
     gggtggtcct agaaaaatca cacaaactag agaacattag attagcatct aaaaaacagc    182760
     tgataaagga aggggtagaa ttcaaagctg agacctctgt tattgcttgc tgcctctggg    182820
     atggtgggga aagacgtcct actgataaaa atgcacaaaa aaatgcattt ctcccagtga    182880
     ccaagatgaa ggttgtaact gccaggagag ttctggccca gagggagtga gggagccagt    182940
     gccacggcct ccccaatgcc acatgtgtca attctgccgt aaagccaaca aaccatttca    183000
     tgatgataaa agcagaaaaa gacaaactac tggggtcaca ggaaccttaa gaaaatagaa    183060
     gagaagcttg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagataa actcagcagt taaaagccct cttctttgtc    183120
     ggatcccttg ttgatgtgac gtcagtgctg ccacccaagg tcctccactt gccgccctgt    183180
     gctctagaca gacttccagc agagcatctg gtcaccaggc tgtgaggggg atgctgggaa    183240
     ggcaagtatc tggtctttta cgtggtggga gatgggctct atcttctacc tagattcaag    183300
     gtggccagtt tccaagcatg agaaggggat tcaggtgaag ggtggtcaag aaaccgagac    183360
     atgtgtccac cacaaggctg ctctggcccc aggccttcag accattactt tcagtagcag    183420
     gaacttgagg gagccagagg agacggtgag agcactgagc ttcagcttcg ggttggtttg    183480
     ttaacagttt tagtgagata caatgcacgt gccatataat ttacccattt gaagtataca    183540
     attcagtggg ttttagtata ttcagaattg taggagttcc tgtcgtggcg cagtggttaa    183600
     cgaatccgac taggaaccat gaggttgcgg gttcggtccc tgcccttgct cagtgggtta    183660
     aagatccggc gttgccgtga gctgtggtgt aggtcgcaga cgcggctcgg atcccgagtt    183720
     gctgtggctc tggcgtaggc cggtggctac agctccgatt agacccctag cctgggaacc    183780
     tccatatgcc gcgggagcgg cccaagaaat agcaacaaca gcaacaacaa caacaacaga    183840
     caaaaaaaga caaaagacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaattg tatgaccatc actcacccac    183900
     aattttgcaa catttttgac accttaaaaa gaaccctcat gccttctatc agtcactccc    183960
     catttcttcc cagtaccctc agctctaggc aaccactaaa ccacagtcag tctctagatt    184020
     tgcctatttg gggatagctt atattactgg gatcaatatg tggtccttgc gcaaaccagc    184080
     tacaggggaa taaggaattg agactgagga tggtctcaca agggcatcag gtagccaact    184140
     ttcatcccct aagtcagcca ggaagtgccc ccccccctgt agaggaggca gctcaggtct    184200
     ttactgatgc tggtgtcttt actgatgcag gtgggaccgc ttgcctggat ggatggattt    184260
     gggcagattg gccaggctgg agtcggattt agactgactc tgactccaga gtcagggcca    184320
     gagttggggt taaactgcag aggctagcat gtgacatagg agctggactg cagacagagg    184380
     catgcaagat ttgggggtca tggctggtgt gttctttcct taagaattgt tggagacccg    184440
     tccattgcgg aagaggagtt ggggactggg tgggagactg cagggcaggg tgactgagta    184500
     gggtataagg ggctgagcga gcacagtggg tgaggctggt gactcagccc acacaggagc    184560
     ccacagggga tgcaacagca caggggtggc agtgggagga agtcccatct ggtcccctac    184620
     atgtggtgca tgctggcctt ggtcctgagc ccagggtttc tgctgggaaa ggataggctg    184680
     gtagagagca tgagaaccca gagaagcaaa aagtgctacc tgagagttcc cgttgtgtct    184740
     cagtggttaa cgaatccgac taggaaccat gaggttgcag gtttggtccc tggcctcatt    184800
     cagtgggtta aggatccagc gttgccatga gctgttgcgt aggctgtggc tgtggcatag    184860
     gccggtggct actgctccga ttagacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg ccacaggagc    184920
     agccctagaa aaggctgaaa aaccaaaaaa aaaacgctac ctggagagct ggctcgacat    184980
     aatgagggca tggcctgggc cagtgaaaga gccacaatct ctggcacaaa ggtcaagagg    185040
     caccatgtga caaactgtag caaccccact gtgcccatgg cttccccagc ctgctgctgc    185100
     tgcctcagga tagcccgggc caacaggatg gttctgctgt gagaaccacc cacagcaccc    185160
     tggagccagc acactgcaaa gcaagcatgg ccctcactct gttttgctcc ctcatcccgg    185220
     gcatcctgag tcccaagccc tggctccttt ttccctttca gacttgtttt tttttttttt    185280
     ttttttgctt tttagggcca cagccggggc atatggaaat tcccaggcta ggggtcgaat    185340
     tggagctaca gctgctggcc acagtcgcag ctacagtcac agccacagcc acaccagatc    185400
     caagctgagt ctgcgatctc cactacagct caacagcaat gccggatcct taactcactg    185460
     agcaaggaca gggatctagc ctgcaacctc ctggatacta gttggattcg ttgctgctgc    185520
     gccaattcta ttccaagtcc tggtcctggg tggcactccc atccctctgt ctggcccctg    185580
     tgccatctca ccacctgact ctctcgctcc ttcccctcct ttcttctgta gcttcctcct    185640
     ggtcccctag tggtggactc aggatgcaga gctccaccgc tggcctcagg gtcctgcctc    185700
     tgtgtggatg gagccggggg gcgggggggg gctaatcaca gcagcacagt ggcacgggcc    185760
     tgtctccagg gttacttggg ctccagctct gtccagaatg tgcaccctgc acagccagac    185820
     aaggggcaga ggcagagtag tgaagggggg gcagggagga gtgaagaggg gctgcagttc    185880
     cttctaggtc tgcttccatc ccacatccaa gagtgtccgg ctggaacata cacaaaggtc    185940
     ctggatgcct gtagtggcca ccagggtcct ttacctcacc tcctgtccac ctgacctcgg    186000
     gaaggggcgg ggcgctgctg agcatggtga ccaaaagagg gattcggtgg caaagccttc    186060
     accctgtcaa gtgctctcac acctggcact tgtcagagtc ccacagtgac cggtccaatt    186120
     ccacaaacaa gggaaacgga gccctgcttg aagatctgcc aaagctacaa gccatccagc    186180
     tggcagcaag gtgggcttgg ctctccggtc tgccaggtga aagcacttct gaccacatac    186240
     cccctgagaa ggcccatcct ggagtccact taatccccct gcggagaggg gagactgtca    186300
     caccctctac ctttctcccc agcctgccat cttcacccag ggagtgattc cggcgtggcg    186360
     tgagacagcc tcagaacaca gggcttttct cctttgtcag ggaggaaagc gccccctgcc    186420
     cctggcacat ccccagcagt caccacacag gccaaggtgt cgaacttctg cattttattc    186480
     tgtagaaagc ccccagccgg acccagccct gagcctgact cagggctacc ggaaggtaga    186540
     gaagctctgg gtgccggtgc aggaggcgta gggcacgccc cgggagcgga tctgcagggt    186600
     gtggaaggtg aggggtgggt tggggcccga ggcacctggg ttcagggact cagtgtgagg    186660
     ctccatcaca gttacgggga ccgcatagga cagcatctgg ggccggtcgt cctggcgtct    186720
     cactgtgccc ttgcccagga ggtgcaggat gcaggagaga acatcggtgc tcctgcaggt    186780
     ggacccgctg ccaaggctgc tgaccaagcc cctgggagga catgggccct tgtgccaggc    186840
     cttcaacacc tggtatggtg gaggagggtg gggaaaggag agtcagagct caccccacct    186900
     ctagcttcca gtcccaggtc acccaggaca tcagatgcac cccagtctca ctcctcacct    186960
     acccacagct ccacagggag ccagaggctt caaaggtggg tccacctcct cctggggact    187020
     gccccccaac accccctctc cctccaccca cccccaccta ccaggcagac aagctggtca    187080
     atgtgcagcc cctcatcccc gtgggccttg aggattcgga cgatgaggca gttgaggagg    187140
     ttccgtctct tctccaagtt ccggacctcc tcgtcctcag ctttcacgta tgtcggaact    187200
     gggatgagcc acacgttgcc cttccgcggt gtgggttcat cactgtcatc tcgaatcctg    187260
     agaacccctg aaacaggcgg tcactcagtg ggggcctgcg aggaggctgc cccagctcag    187320
     agcagaggcc ccagtgccct aagtacagac ctcctggggc gtcctttggc tcatgaagtt    187380
     ccagggggcc ccttgaagag gcaagaggtc taattgccca attcagcaca tctggagaga    187440
     gcccggacag cgccagcaga cgctccacgg agacggcctt agaaagagga gggaaggttc    187500
     ccattgtggt gcagcggaaa caaatccaac tagtatccat gaggatgtgg gtttgatccc    187560
     tggccttgct tagtgggtct gggatccggc attgccaaga gctgtggtgt aggttgcaga    187620
     tccagctcgg cgccgctgtg gctgtggtgt aggccagcag ctgcagctcc gattcaaccc    187680
     ctagcctgag aactttcata tgctgcaggt gtggccctga aaagaaaaaa aagaggaggg    187740
     aagcatgagg gcttccccag ggggtggaac aaggaggggg aagggaagaa aggggagggc    187800
     caggcgagag agcagggagg cgcgagggct gggccacctg cagctcgttg agatgcagca    187860
     gcagccacat ctgcacggtg gtcacttgca gcgtctggtc cccaaactgc agcacagccc    187920
     ggcccagcca tgtccactgc agtcgccgat gtgggccccg ctctagagca gggtagctgt    187980
     gacctgagga gcatcaggga ggaggagggg tcaagggctg gggaggacat gctataggtg    188040
     gagttttgtc ccctctgcag agcctggggc ccagcatttg tggacactgg ttcctggccc    188100
     gagctttcac agctcagctt tctgtgtgtc tgcctccgag gaggcctgag tatctgggag    188160
     cccaccctgt gccaggcgag ctgtgatcag ggcctccaag gagttcccca ctgttttaag    188220
     ggaggaaaaa acataatgag gaaggactgg ggctttcatc aaactggaaa caatgtctcc    188280
     cctacaagtg taggagctcc ttgagggcag ggtctaagtg tccccctcct ttgtcactgc    188340
     ccagcccagg atcagcctct agtgggaaac gtaggttaca gtgactaacc aggagtcaga    188400
     cacctacatg gagggaaagc ccttcctggt ggcctcaggt gcctctcgcc tccatcctcc    188460
     ccaccaccca tgagagtcct gggtctcatt ttaaggacag aaagggcaac agcctgggat    188520
     caggtgccca tagtcccacc ctcccctcaa acccaagctg ctgccccttc ttctcaaacc    188580
     caccccatca aggctgccag ccccaggggt tgcccccaag cccaggttct tatcccatcc    188640
     tctttccagc ccccagttcc ctcagccccg ctgctcactc ttgatgtaga agttggagta    188700
     tcggttcaag gtgtccctca ggtaggcggg caagcaggtt ctggggttga gcgggtggca    188760
     gatggagcca gtgggtgagc cgttcagcac gagcacagac atttccggca tcgccccttc    188820
     atagtagagg tcctcgttgt cgtcctcgtc ctcgttgtca tcctcctcct tctcggcctc    188880
     ttcggctatc gccgctactg cctctgccac caccccaacc tccagctcag cttcctctcc    188940
     attccctctt gtgtgccccc tgccactggc ttcacagccc acctgagggt ggaacacacg    189000
     gcacccaaag ccagtgggct ccttgggtcc agcttgtgcc tctgtctctg cctcccaccc    189060
     acccacttgc taattcccct cccctgcacc cacctggatc ttcctctctg tgccctccag    189120
     cttcaggagt tgctgatcaa gccgctgaag ctggtacacg tggaactggc gctgccgctc    189180
     ctccgaggtg ctcaggctcc gaaaaatctg ctgggggagg cggttgggga agcaggggcc    189240
     gatctgatcc agtgcaacct cctccagcca gctcgagaag cccacggcaa agacacggtc    189300
     caccatgtag tgcctgcagg gcgcagagcc caggccgagc ctcagtgtag gggcttggca    189360
     tggggcggcc tccggctcag ggaccccaga gctggccctg cctgtcatcc tgcctccccc    189420
     cactgcccac tatctcggtc cacactcact ggtagtaatg ctcgaaagtg gtggcgatct    189480
     ccaaaccaga gaagatcaga acgctttcca ggcattgctg tagctgggcc agcatcccct    189540
     ggggcccacc attccggctg ccacggatac actggtcaat gtgccgggca aactgctcac    189600
     tcacctgggc agcaggaaga gaacaggaaa actatgaaga gagcggagga ggtgagtggg    189660
     agaagcagag ggcctgagga gggagttaca catggccagc agcttcatca atgggtcaag    189720
     ggttttgttt tgttttgttt aattttttgt cttcttaggg ctgcaccttc agcatgtgga    189780
     ggttcccagg ctagaagtcg aatcggagct gaagctgcca gcctacgcca cagccacagc    189840
     cacggcaact cgggatctga actgcatctg ccacctacac ctcagctcac agcaacgcca    189900
     gatccttaac ccactgagca aggccaggga tcgaaccttc gtcctaatgg gtgctagtcc    189960
     aggttcactc tcggctgagc cacgacggga attcctgctc aacgattttc taaaactgaa    190020
     atcattaaca gctgtgcgca ttgacaatga gaacaatact gaaaaatgtt ttctcacatt    190080
     cagcacatcc aaagtttaac tgagcatgaa gagacagaag cacacctcgg agattttgct    190140
     cgtttggctc caggctcaca ataaagtcac acatgttttc tggtttctga gtgcatataa    190200
     aagtatgctt acattttctg gtagtctatt aagtatacat agcattatgt ctaaaaaaca    190260
     atgtacatac cttaactaaa caatacatta ttgctggaat tcccgttgtg gctcagtggt    190320
     taatgaatct gactaggaac catgaggttg cgggtttgat ccctggcctt gctcaatggg    190380
     gtaaggatcc ggcgttgccg tgagctgtgg tgtaggtcgc aaacccggct cggctcggat    190440
     cccgagttgc tgtggctctg gtgtaggctg gcagctactg attagacccc tagcctggga    190500
     acctccatag accgcaggag cggctctaga aatggcaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaatacatta    190560
     ttgctaaaaa aagtgctgac catcacctaa caatgcagga ttgccacaaa ccttcaatag    190620
     gttaaggagt tcctgttgtg gctcagcgga aacaacctga ctagtatcca tgaggatgca    190680
     ggttcaatcc ctggccgcgc tcagtgggtt atagatccgg catgagctgt ggtgtagatc    190740
     gcagacaggg ctcaaatccc aagaggctca acctctggcc cgggacttcc atatgtgaca    190800
     ggtgtgaccc taaaaagcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtta aaaaatacat    190860
     tatctacgaa gcagagtaaa aagcaagggg caatataatg aggtacacct gtaagttctg    190920
     tgccaggatg gtcacatggc gttgttgcag ccgagcctcc tgctcccact gcgctgccct    190980
     ctgcttacca aggtgcttct cacattttag tctgtcattt gcttaactgt gcatcttctc    191040
     cagaagacaa ctttgaggga agggacttca cctacagctc tataaccgtg cttgacacat    191100
     tttattttat tttttatttt ggggcttttt agagctagag gaagtttcca ggctagaggt    191160
     ccaatcggag ctgcagctgc cggcctacac cacagccaca gcaacacagg atccgaacca    191220
     catctgcgac ctacaccaca gctcaaggca aagttggatc cttaacccaa ctgagcgaag    191280
     ccagggattg attgaacctg tgtcctcatg gataatagtt agatttgttt ctgctgagcc    191340
     atgatgggaa cccccctgac actttttatt tttgcttttt ctagggctgc tcctgcagca    191400
     tatggaggtt cccaggctag aggtctaatc agacatgcag ttgctggcct acactagaca    191460
     cagcaatgcc agatctgagc cgagtctgca aactacacca cagctcacgg caacaccaga    191520
     tccttagccc accgagcgag gccagggatt gaacccacaa cctcatggtt tcctgtcgga    191580
     tttgtttctg ctgtgccatg acaggaactc catccctgac acattttaaa gtgcttatta    191640
     aatattcgtg ggatggggtt cctgttgtgg cgcagcggaa atgaatctga ctagtatcca    191700
     taaagacacg ggttccatcc ctggcatcgc tcagtgggct aaggatccag gattgctgca    191760
     agctgtggtg taggtcaaag acgcggcttg gataccgagt tgctgtggct atggtgtagg    191820
     ctggcagctg cagctctgat tcaacccctg gcctgggaac ttccatatgc ctcaggctcg    191880
     gccctaaaaa gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttgtgggata atgggaatgg    191940
     tggagtaatt atagtatatc cattagatgg caatttatgc aaaagttttt aaatgaggac    192000
     aaatagcaac caggaaaatg ttgcttttag tgtaagggtc aaaagaaaac aggaaggagg    192060
     ggttaagaat ctggcatttt gtggtgactt gggtcactgc tgtggtgcag gttccatcgc    192120
     tggccccaga agttccacat ggggaagttg cagtcaaaaa gaaaacagga taaggcattt    192180
     tagctactca cgggtaagct acgtgaaatc aagcacacaa gtagaagaaa gcatgccgag    192240
     ctaagttagg acggcacaaa gtggccacgg tttttggagt ttttgataac aggtttctat    192300
     agcaggagtg ctcctcgtga agtgggagtg gaaggtgggc cattctgagg cggtggggaa    192360
     gcgagaggcc ccggcggggg ggaagggagg gcaggtggct cacgtgggca gctttgagga    192420
     aagggagcct cagcagggcc ccggcacagc cgttctgcag cgccagcaag aaggccgccc    192480
     gtggcccaaa cagctcggag ctcgacttct gcagattgtg aaagtggtcg cagtagcggg    192540
     gcacaaagtc atcatcctgc cagcgtgagg tcagaaagct gttcacctgg agggaaggaa    192600
     ggaaggggtg gcagcgtgaa ggggccacag tcttggtctg ccccccaccg ccgcaccacc    192660
     ccggcccact cctcccacct tctcctccac aaaggcctgc cagcaacggg tcaggtttct    192720
     catgatgctg ctgggaagcc cctgggtggc cagagagctc cagtcatggc ttctgtttct    192780
     gccctctgtg gagacagggg aaggggcaga ggcggcggca gtggggagcc ccgcagttcc    192840
     ttggtcccca ctcaagggtg agcctggggg cctttcctca tgctcctgcc caacgtgatg    192900
     gtcccgggta gggggtcaca gacaggaaga taaacaggct gagggagggg agggagagaa    192960
     gaacagacac ctgcagcatg cagggtggtg gggaccaagc acccaagctc ccgcctgaat    193020
     ccccagcact cactggggga cgcctcgcag ggctccacgt gcaccagcag gttggtgagg    193080
     cggcgcaccc gtgaggagaa agcagccgcg cgactctggg ggttgtaggc agcatcccgg    193140
     ctctccaggt actggtccag cagccagccc atggggctga tgccatcctc atctgggggt    193200
     gggggaaaac aagccaaggc agagcgcgtc tgcaggccag cagggaagct gggctggaca    193260
     ggagtgcaga gaaagggcaa cgggacagaa ccatacggta aggaaggttg caaggacccc    193320
     cttgaccttg tggtggcagc tggcacgtgg aagacagggg aaaggaggca gcccctgggc    193380
     tgtgagaagg ggaacacatg gataccaaac gaacgtgggt accaaaaagg ccaagagcat    193440
     ttcccaggtg gctctagagt agagcaagaa ggggccggtg agcagggcca cgcgagaggc    193500
     tagtgcgggg cggggcagtt accgggggag gtgacgttct gcaccagggg gctgaccagg    193560
     gcctcccagc agctcttgcc cagggcttgg gccgcctcgt tgtcagggag gaagcgattg    193620
     gcaaaattct gctcgtggcg aagagccccg ttgagtctgg ggaggaggat ggggagtaag    193680
     gtgtgggggg ctggaggctt aagtgaccta ccccgtgtcc ccccaaccta agatcgccag    193740
     cttccctaaa accagccaaa ctcccccctc aggatgtcac aaccccctcg attccttggc    193800
     acccccattc ccagccacca cagaaacctc tccttcttgt cctttctttc cttcctccaa    193860
     ctacagaaca ttccggcccc ctcccaagca tggtcacccg tcacaggagc cccccggcag    193920
     ccctctgtaa tgctcttatc tctctcacac acaggcacac acccactcac acacacctgg    193980
     agctcaggtg caggaggctc ctgcggtcct ccgctatgtc ctggctccaa gtctgggccc    194040
     gaaccatgta gaagaggcgt gtgtggtgac acagcagctc ccagaacaca ggccagaatg    194100
     tgggcttggg gcccaggact tccaaccccc gaatgcgtgt gtcgatgcca ccctgcaaca    194160
     cacacaggtc catttccacc agccccacag tggggcctta ggaagggctg gagcgctggc    194220
     ccaagatctg caacagttcc tgggggtagg gcccagcgcc caggggccac ccccaccatg    194280
     ccctggcccc acctgctggc agcgctttat gcggatctgg atgatgggcc agaagcggtt    194340
     caggttctcc aggaggacca cccgtctggc ggagggcatt acattgacct gggggagcag    194400
     agagtgctgt taccgccaca tgtaaggatg gagtgctgaa agcaccagcc ctggggtgtg    194460
     aggcctcctg atgaaagggt cctgacgcca ccttcactgc tcagggcctg atgctgtcac    194520
     atgggcccaa ggctggactt gatctatggg gctcaagaaa aggaggaata taggcattta    194580
     ggggtctggg caggagggga gctccctacc gagttgagtt ctgtgttaag agaggtggtg    194640
     ctgtcgcccc caaaaaccac caccctggcg ggcatgtaac tcgagtcttc gccagccacc    194700
     agcagagcca gctgcctgcg agcagaggag aggaaccaat cagaacctga tccaagagtt    194760
     cccgtcatgg tgcagcagaa aagaatctga ctaggaacca tgaggttgtg ggttcaaatc    194820
     cctggcctca ctcagtgggt taagaatccg gcattgccat gagctgtggt gtagattaca    194880
     gacaaagctt ggatccccgg ttgctatggc tgcgaggtaa gtccacagtc acagctccgg    194940
     ttcgacccct gagaacctcc atatgctgtg ggtgggctct aaaaagtcaa aaaaaaaaaa    195000
     aaaaaagaac ccaatccagt tctgtcctcg tggacacagc caaggggact ctttgatccc    195060
     gttcagggag gtgaggtgct tccccaagac aaacagtagg gaagtcacaa gaaagcacgg    195120
     caatttggct acgcacaggc aaggagcgtg ttacctgacg aggacgccct ggcgcatgtg    195180
     caaggtgatg tggtgggagc cggtgctgcc gttggactcc cagtaggtct tggggttgcg    195240
     gtcggtcagt ttgccggccc ggtgagggtt ggaggacacc tccaccttct cccagcactt    195300
     gtcctccttc acctccacac tggagcctac gggccagcgg gaaggggtgg cagtcacagc    195360
     ctggaaggtg tgagggaagg atggaggggt gcagacttgg ggtaatgtgg ggacaggcac    195420
     gaaccctggc acagatatct gaggaacacg tcaaagaagg ggatgttgat ggggcggtgg    195480
     gtgcgtctgt ggtcttcgat ctggcccagc accatctgca gccgggcgtc ggagagaagg    195540
     ggtgcggggc gggacaggga caaggaaaca cgtggaaaaa gaaccgcagc agccacagga    195600
     ctgcctctgt accactggcc cagcaggacc agatggcgag ggggcgggga aggaatgccc    195660
     ccagttcacg agactcacct gcctttccca acttcaggaa cacaccccct tcccctgcca    195720
     ctgctcaggt ctcagatcct ttcctagttg tgaacccaca agcccttccc cttgcccttc    195780
     ctcctgacct ggatacagcc tcccaggatg ttggtggtga gtttccggta gaggtgcgcg    195840
     tgcttctcac acttgaacac catgtcccgc agctcctgag ccagctccag ctttcccagg    195900
     tgcttttcca gggccttgga gatggcatcg cgggctccca gctgattcag caccacggcg    195960
     tagtccctgc tcaccgaggc caggcggtgc aggaagagga tcagctcctg gagcacctgg    196020
     ggtgggggca gggagagaga ctaaagggaa cctgctggag gaccaggcat cttcagtagt    196080
     gctgactaca cacccagtgt gtgctaggtg cccgggctac tgcagtgaac agtgaggaag    196140
     taaagagcca gggatgggaa gacacgaggc ctcggtggaa ttagggaacc aaacgaagtg    196200
     aaacggaaaa gccaagaggt gccctgaaca ctgggattct cggctactga tcatgctggc    196260
     atcagatgtg gagggcatct tctggggttt cttttcaggc cctgctgcct caagaaccag    196320
     ctgtggggct gtgttttgag atgctcaggc cccaagcagg gagagggacc ggaggtgtgt    196380
     atgctggagc cagagtctgg ataacagccc caggtgtgtt ctgcagacac ccactgccac    196440
     cgcgaccctg gttctctgac cccttcccaa gcctctgtgc ctaggatggc tctgtggcag    196500
     gaggacccca ctgcctcctt taccccctca cctccacagg tccagccaga cagacaccac    196560
     ggaggttctt aatgtaatac aaccttttat gtcaaaaaag gagatggtgg gaattcccag    196620
     cgtggctcag tggttaatga atccaactaa gaaccatgag gttgagggtt cgatccctgg    196680
     ccttgctcag tgggttaagg atccggcgtt gccatgagct gtggtgtagg tcgcaaatgc    196740
     ggctcggatc cagcgttgct gtggctctgg cacaggctgg tggctacagc tccgatttga    196800
     cccccagcct gggaacctcc acatgcgcgg gagcagccca agaaataaat ggcaagaaga    196860
     caaaataaat aaataaataa ataaaaataa aatccaggaa ttccctttcg gtgtagcaag    196920
     ccaaaaatcc agtgttgtca ctgcagtggc tcaggttgct gctgtggcac aggtttgaca    196980
     cctggcctgg gaacttccac atgcctcgga cgcagccaaa aaaaacacaa aagcctcaaa    197040
     cccaaaccaa gagctcaaag gctccgtggt gccctccaga acctcactca gggggtgtgc    197100
     cctgccagaa gctgttctat gtcctctctc tcccagcatc cccctggagc agggcagggg    197160
     tacctctcgg tcagtgtctg gggaccgcag gcaggccatg caggtgtcca tggcctcatg    197220
     ccaggggagc agcagtgcct caggaaagtc caccagctgc atcaggattc tggggaacag    197280
     gggacaggag gatagagatg tgcaggcagc ctcaaagacc cctctgctca accccacccc    197340
     tcaccaccct ctcacctcag gacagtgagg tgcagggccc tgttggctgc ggctggagtg    197400
     tcgaggctcc gcatcagcgc gaggaagggc tggggatgcc gctgcagctg cagcaggagt    197460
     ggcttgacct caccctctcg gggtccctct gagcggaggg ctcgctccag atccaggaag    197520
     atcttcccag caggaccata accctccacc agactctgca gggaagtgtg atggcactga    197580
     gttgaggctt cttttgctag aggaaaggaa agacacaaaa gttggccatt gttagtgagg    197640
     gatcagaaat ggagagatag agtcattaat tctcaatctt gcttcctaat ttctcctaaa    197700
     aatgtttttg attttttcgt ccccctataa gttaggtttg ggggagttcc cattgtggct    197760
     cagtgggtta agaacttgac ggaatgtcca tgaggatacg ggttcaatcc ctggcctcgc    197820
     tcagtgggtt aaagatctgg ctttgcagca agctgcagtg tagttcgcag aagtagctca    197880
     gatcccatgt tgccgtggct gtggtgtagg ctggcagcca aagctcagat tcaaccccta    197940
     gcctgagaac ttccatatgc tccaagaatg gccctaaaaa gacaattaat aaataaataa    198000
     aagttaggtt ttagaacctc acaacatctc ttaatctact tttaaaacag cttcatgaca    198060
     aattttttat tctatttttt cccctttttt cagccacacc caccacatat ggaagttccc    198120
     aggccaggga tcgaatccaa gctgcatctg agacccatgc cacagctgtg accacaccag    198180
     aaccttaacc cactacagca ggaactcctt atgctatatt tttttctttt tttttgtctt    198240
     tttagggctg catgcacagc atatggaagt tcctaggctc ggggttgaat cggagccaca    198300
     gctgctggcc tacaccacag ccacagcaac gccggatccg agccatctct gtgacctaca    198360
     ctacagctca tggcaacgct ggatccttaa cccacggggc gaggccaggg atcgaacctg    198420
     caacctcatg gtttctagtt ggatttgttt ccactgtgcc acaatgggaa ttctgcttat    198480
     tatatattct taaaacagca gaagagctta tctgcaaacc agagtgtttc cctatatcta    198540
     gaagcatgca cacatctgtt tttctccatg atagaaagaa attcagtata agggctttca    198600
     aagcttcata tctcctatga tgttctaact ttacatcctc cttcactctt tgcagggatt    198660
     ccacttgtgt gaggtatttg ggataataaa aaacctagag acagaaagta gaatggcagt    198720
     ggccggggct gaggcggcta atggagagtt agttgttcgt gggtcctgag tttcagttgg    198780
     aaaagagaga aaaagttcta gaaatggata gtaatgacag ttgcataaca atataaatgt    198840
     gctgggagtt cccgtcgtgg cgcagtggtt aacgaatccg actaggaacc atgaggttgt    198900
     gggtttgatc cctgcccttg ctcagtgggt taacgatccg gcgttgccgt gagctgtggt    198960
     gtaggttgca gacgcggctc agatcccgtg ttgctgtggc tctggtgtag gccggtggct    199020
     acagctccga ttcaactcct agcctgggaa cctctatatg ccgagggagc ggcccaagaa    199080
     atagcaacaa taacaacaac aacaacaaca acaacaaaga caaaagacaa aaaaaaaaaa    199140
     aacaatataa atgtgctgaa gttcccatgt ggctcagcag aaacgaatct gactaggctc    199200
     catgaggatg caggttccat ccctggcctc gctcaatggg ttaaggatct ggcattgcca    199260
     gaagctgtgg tgtaggtcgc agactcggct cagatcccac gttgctgtgg ctgtggcata    199320
     gcccggcagc tatagatctg attcaaccct taggctggga gtttccatat gccatgggtg    199380
     cagccctaag aagccaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaagaaaaac aaaatccgga ttcttcctaa    199440
     ggtgctgtct cttccagaca ggaatgcacc cacaccagca caggggttaa cgccctcctg    199500
     gggaccagtc tgcagagctg ctgtccattt ggcgccccac cttccactct ggctgcaact    199560
     gccgatttct gaggctgggc ctgggcttcc agcacggatg ggtagaccga ctgcccagcc    199620
     agggtctcgg gcccgtactt cctgtagaca cggcagctga gcaggtctct gagagcgctg    199680
     tcatcgagtc gctgtggcag agccagcagc agttcctggg ccaactccgt gggcacggcc    199740
     agctcagcca ggatctcatc atccagaatc tgccatcagg gagaagctgt cactgtaggc    199800
     agctctgccg gcagaggctc caagagcagc tgctggggaa ggggactccg cagatgcctc    199860
     ctccaccctg aacctctcgt ggctggctcc tcccaaacag ctcgccaaca cctccaaaca    199920
     tgctagactg tagaccccag gtcccattct gagccttcca aatgctctat tccagcccag    199980
     cccttgcaga acagccctcc aagctctgtg tgaatctgag cagctctacc tcctcatcca    200040
     ggttctcctg caggatc                                                   200057