EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR956359; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 139710 BP.
AC   CR956359;
DT   01-JUN-2005 (Rel. 84, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone CH242-256J18 on chromosome 17
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-139710
RA   McGuire S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 482fc18ccec3120c73cdd7235a600a14.
DR   ENA-CON; GL043841.
DR   ENA-CON; JH118029.
DR   ENA-CON; GL882245.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007510; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007511; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000007512; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008225; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008226; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000008228; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000034367; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000035324; sus_scrofa.
DR   InterPro; IPR002110; Ankyrin_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR021133; HEAT_type_2.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   CH242-256J18 is from a CHORI-242 Porcine BAC Library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..139710
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /chromosome="17"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-242"
FT                   /clone="CH242-256J18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-259E5"
FT   mRNA            join(39600..39719,41620..41701,43158..43259,49092..49585)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf85"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.1-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 85 (C20orf85)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA398083.1 Em:AA993460.1
FT                   Em:BU681063.1 Em:CB250558.1 Em:CN435066.1 Em:DT839729.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC035405.1"
FT   CDS             join(39652..39719,41620..41701,43158..43259,49092..49253)
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf85"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000934"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 85 (C20orf85)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9DA42 Sw:Q9H1P6 Tr:Q4R733
FT                   Tr:Q80YT4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020339"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFM8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13215.1"
FT   regulatory      49561..49566
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      49585
FT   mRNA            complement(join(91730..92043,94590..94755,96227..96357,
FT                   100952..101236))
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf86"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.2-001"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 86"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF021863.1 Em:BU946287.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK006546.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(91730..92043,94590..94755,96227..96357,
FT                   100952..101066))
FT                   /gene="C17H20orf86"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000936"
FT                   /product="orthologue of H. sapiens chromosome 20 open
FT                   reading frame 86"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BZ19 Tr:Q9CVU0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000626"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020683"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029071"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFM9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13216.1"
FT   misc_feature    92487..92698
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(103375..104428,105781..105922,
FT                   108310..108444,109296..109412,111574..111678,
FT                   112563..112724,112982..113182,114337..>114432))
FT                   /gene="PPP4R1L"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.4-001"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 4, regulatory subunit 1-like"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:CR857670.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(104151..104428,105781..105922,
FT                   108310..108444,109296..109412,111574..111678,
FT                   112563..112724,112982..113182,114337..>114432))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="PPP4R1L"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000933"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 4, regulatory subunit 1-like"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8K2V1 Sw:Q8VI02 Tr:Q3TLM9
FT                   Tr:Q4RIJ8 Tr:Q5F466 Tr:Q5RE67"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5GFN0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011989"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5GFN0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13217.1"
FT                   RLPGEEGFLKLW"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(112563..112724,112982..113182,
FT                   113278..113611,114337..114432,114733..114901))
FT                   /gene="PPP4R1L"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.4-002"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 4, regulatory subunit 1-like"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG609295.1 Em:DV227067.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(117523..117717,119644..120085,
FT                   121163..121340,122025..122191,124308..124373,
FT                   125120..125216))
FT                   /gene="PPP4R1L"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH242-256J18.3-001"
FT                   /product="protein phosphatase 4, regulatory subunit 1-like"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM544935.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC100980.1 Em:CR857670.1"
FT   misc_feature    131453..131535
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   misc_feature    139710
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH242-256J18"
SQ   Sequence 139710 BP; 35104 A; 37508 C; 36435 G; 30663 T; 0 other;
     accgctggct gtcgggtccc cctgcccctg cctcgtcctg cggtcccttc ctacagctgc        60
     ttcctgctcg ggaatcccag gaggagaggg acagccctcc gatctgggca tcagcagaga       120
     agcttccagc tcttccatgg gatcacgctg tgtgcacccc aaggcggctg ctaacagaag       180
     cccttccagg ggtacatgag gcggaagagg gttgggagat cctggtgaaa tcacagcatt       240
     cccacctggc atttcacagc agccccagca aaaagaaagg gtgttcgagg gaaccaggct       300
     ccgcgagtgt tcattccagg aaactcaccc gccttcctcc ttcacgaagg ccccagggct       360
     gccgcttcgg aaccagcgtg cagcaggacc aactctggcc aaaggctggt ctcagtgcag       420
     ctatgcaggc acccagcgta ttttttctct ggacctccat acccagtttt gtcacagcag       480
     aagctggagc attgtccgca agacatgtaa taataaataa tattgatact gcatcttata       540
     tttccgtttt tggctgccct gcagcatacg aaagttcccc aggccacaga tcacatccga       600
     gccacagttg caacctacgt cacagctgtc ccaccaccac atgcttaacc cgctgtgtca       660
     gggcagagga tcaaacctgc gtcccagtgc cccagagatg ccgctgatcc tgttgcacca       720
     tagcaggaac tcctgcctct tgtattttaa aatcacatct atttcattgg tatcctgatc       780
     ctacagatac agaaaccgag gctcacaaag ttgatttacc taagccctaa acaaccatgt       840
     agacaaccat cttgaaaata atgaaataga actagagacg ctcatactga gtgaagtaag       900
     tcagagagag aaagacaaac accacatgat atcacttata tctggagtct aacctacggc       960
     acaaatgaac cttcctacag aaaagaaaca aactcatgga cttggagaac agacgtgtgg      1020
     ttgccaagag ggagggggag ggggtgggat ggacggggag tccggggtta gtagatgcaa      1080
     actactgcat ttggagtgga tgagcaatgc gatcctgctg tgtagcacag ggaactctat      1140
     ctagtcactt gtgatggcac atgatggagg ataatgtgag aaaaagaatt atatatataa      1200
     ttatgttata ttatattatt atattattat atataatata tattatatta tttataatat      1260
     atattatatt attatattta tatatatata tatatggctg ggtcactttg ctgtacagca      1320
     gaaatcgaca gaacactata aatcaactac aataaaaaaa tttttaaaaa gaaaacgttg      1380
     aggctaagat ggattgatgt ccaatccttg gagaacatac acataacgta attccacaag      1440
     ttcattataa agttaataat aatgaagctc aaattagccg tctaccacta atgctgcatc      1500
     ttagccaaat acctcccatt acttttctta ccaaaattgg attctattgc atgaagacgt      1560
     aattaccata caccgtttgt gtgaggcagt agcacggttt acagggaccc ctggggacaa      1620
     aggaatagga gtattcacta gtccagccta ggggaaatca gggagggctt cctggtggaa      1680
     gagaccctgc ttgctgaggg gtttttttgg ggtttttttg gggggggtgg gttgtatttt      1740
     tgcctttttt ctagagccac tcccgtggca tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggtctaatc      1800
     agagctgtag ccaccggcct acaccagagc cccagcaacg tgggatccga gccgcgtctg      1860
     tgacctgcac cacagctcaa ggcaatgcca gatccttcac ccactgagcg aggccaggga      1920
     tcgagcccac aacctcatgg ttcccagtca gattcgttaa ccactgagcc acgacgggaa      1980
     ctccagagtt ttaaaagatc agtttgctga cttgctcttt tctctccttt gatggctaaa      2040
     gaatatttcc ttgcgagact gcttggacat ctctttaacc aagcccctat cgctggctct      2100
     cagggttgtc tctgatctcc agagccaggc tttctgaagc aaatactcag tcctttctga      2160
     cacacgagac agcgccccct acaggaagag acttttccga gtcacggact cagcctttgc      2220
     aaccagcctg aaaatggcga ttgaatggcc ctctgtctga cttggcactt cttccactgt      2280
     cgcatccccg aaggcacggg aggaaacgcc tgggatgaca gagttgagtc ggaagccact      2340
     ggcgcccgca tcccctcagc catcctaatt atttcagatc cacatctgct gctctctgtg      2400
     cgaaattccc tggcagccag gacctgctct gctaggacag tgctgtgtgc gagatgttca      2460
     gcagggtatc tggggacaag gggagccctg atctgcagca ctggccagtt ttcctgatgc      2520
     acatgtttcc acctccgctg attttaagcg actgatgcag tgcacctgaa tgcagagtgg      2580
     gggagagctg ggcacagtgg gtacctgtga gctggtagga gctgaaagta ccatcacggg      2640
     ggtaactcag ttacgagcgc ctcccagaat tccccagcgg catcagctca ggttcccaca      2700
     gcgataacaa cttaacaatg ctgggcttgg cttccttccc ttccccttta cacccctgcg      2760
     gaatttcctg ggatcatctt ccaaacaaat tacatgagcc cagggctcgc atccagggga      2820
     aattcaacct caggtgcccc cggtgcaaac tgcccacaat ggatggtttt gaacctgaat      2880
     cacgatagga aggcaggggt tcaaggcagg agtgggaatt atttcccgca aatgttcatc      2940
     aagaaaaagg ccattcacgt tggctgctgc aaggaggtac cgtgagatgt ggagttggct      3000
     gcaggatgag caaaggatgg atggacctct gctgaagcag aggggaaggc ctttcccggg      3060
     gtctggaacc ccggggggag agggcctttc tcagcgctgt ctccacctgc ccctgcccaa      3120
     cgccatcacc tctggcccat gtgggtcagc cccaccccac atgcagcctt tcctgccttg      3180
     acctgaaacg catggccaca ttgacctctt ccttccccgg cttaaaaccc tccagaggcc      3240
     cctagagagc tcagctcccg caccgtggcc tctggaccta tccatgatct ggcccccatt      3300
     gcctggaatt cccatcttct ctgctttgcc caaagcccgc ggatctttta aaactcagca      3360
     aggagggtct ctcccaccag gaagtcctcc ctgacttccc ctagcccgga ctagctagta      3420
     ctcctattcc tttgccccca ggggtccctg caaacccccc tgctgccgcc tcatacaacc      3480
     acggtgtggt aatttcgtgt tcatgcctca gtttcctccc tgagactgtg acttctccga      3540
     ggggagacgc cttgtttgaa ccaggtctgc atcctcacag tttagcatct tgtttgagaa      3600
     ggggtgggtg cttggtaagg attttatatc tattcattca gtcgttgctt ctggctgcaa      3660
     agattcctgt gtttcctcca caactggtgg ctaagtagtg aggggtggtt gacagttaat      3720
     aaaatgtatt aagtatctat ttgctaaata aaatgatgct ggcccgaggt cttaaggaag      3780
     agggcctctg acgccaagga gtctcccagg agctggttga catgttagac tgatggcacc      3840
     tcaaatggca tgttagactg aacgcaaacc acacagagtt cacgttcaag tgctgctgct      3900
     cactgagccg agagtctgcg cttctcacca gctcccaggt gaggctgctc tgtgtgccgg      3960
     caccacattg tgaaagccac gtccttggct tttaaagaat aatgtctggg agttcccagt      4020
     gtgactcagt ggtaatgaac ccgactagta tccatgagga tgggggttcg atctctggcc      4080
     tcgctcagtg ggttaagggt ccggcattgc cgtaagctgt ggtgtaagtt gcagacacgg      4140
     ctcagatctg gtgttgctga ggctgtggta taggctggca gctgctgctc cagttcagct      4200
     tctagcctgg aaacctctat acgccacagg tgcggcccta aaaagacaaa aaataaatga      4260
     aaaacaaaac aaaaaacaat gtctggcaag ctgtaacgaa agatggagtt acatggcaca      4320
     tcccccgcaa tcaccatccc aaactcagta tttcctctaa atcagctctt gcttctgtgt      4380
     cctccgtgta tttaaaagta aagtttagga gttcccgtcg tggtgcagtg gttaacgaat      4440
     ccaactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcg gtccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttaaggat      4500
     ccggcgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtc gcagatgtgg ctcagatcct gcgtgccggt      4560
     ggctctggcg taggccggtg gctacagctc cgattagacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat      4620
     atgccacagg agcggcccaa gaaatggcaa aaagacaaaa aaaataaata aataaaagta      4680
     aagtttaaat tgctatccta tatatataac tgggtcggtt tgctgtatag cagaaattga      4740
     tagaacattg taaatcaact gtaataaaaa atctttaaat aaaagattac tatcctagag      4800
     gaaaaaacaa gcatcacttc cccaaaataa aaaactaccc ataaacataa atataataga      4860
     actttctaaa tgtaatgcac ctctgattat atacccacac ctgaagtttc tgaacctgag      4920
     tcttactctc tctttgctaa aaggggagag gaaaaaatgt tcgagagata ctaaaaacct      4980
     attagcactc acctgagaca ttccctttaa aagtaactcg agggggaatt cctgttgtgg      5040
     cacagtggtt aacgaatcca actaggaacc acaaagttgc aggttcggtc cctggccttg      5100
     ctcaatgggt taaggatccg gcatcgccgt gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gactcagctc      5160
     ggatcccacg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag gctggtggct acagctctga ttagacccct      5220
     agcctgggaa actccatatg ccgccagagc agcccaaaaa atggcaaaaa gaccaaaaaa      5280
     aaaaaaaagt aactcaaggg gtttaaaaca acggaaaatc gaatgagttt ttcagtttgt      5340
     cattgtccgt tatttgaagt ctttcctgtg tgcctcaggc agcagtgagc ccacactcca      5400
     agagactctg gatttaacat gtttgaaggg cactctgtcc agctcaggca ggctccaagc      5460
     tcaaggcctt tagcccgttt cggagtagag ctacagagca cagagctgtt tgaccaagga      5520
     tgggaggaag acgagactag atactctctg gctcaagaat ctccatatgt ggtcaaggcc      5580
     aagcaaaacg cctttaggac ttcaatcctt tgaccagctt atcccactta tgacaccaca      5640
     caacatagct cataatactc tcccaactca ggtccaagat ctcaccccca ccccattaga      5700
     attgctctag acaaacgctg cccataggct gcaagaaatg aaatcacaga tgtggaaata      5760
     agttatggtt ctcaggcagc agagatttat ctgtacggct ttctcatctt tattgtgaat      5820
     ctacctgggc gccaacagca ttggaccagt catggtgatg aaggtcgagc cgctgttgct      5880
     gcacagccag ccacagaggg gcaacggtat ccgatgctaa agggcaggga gcaggaggca      5940
     aagacgaaca gaagactcga ggtcacagaa ggaggagcaa ggccccaccc gctcatcacc      6000
     taccaccacc aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag catctaccag gagtccagat      6060
     tgagctggtg cacctgcctt caaggagctc agccgacaga aggggcacag cctgctgatc      6120
     cagaaagggt tatcctcaca cactcagcct cccctgaatg caaacgaaat ggtttgcttc      6180
     tctcctccaa gaacttcagt gatataaagg acctcgtctc tgttttcctt ccccataccc      6240
     atcttccctc tgggaaaaac agattcctgg tctacctggg gtaagctagg gatgcacccc      6300
     tccccatgca tgataatttt ctgtgtcaac ttgactagga cacagggtgc ccagggattg      6360
     ggtcagacat tattctggat gggtctgtga ggatgcttct ggatgagact aacatttgaa      6420
     tccactgagt aagtaaagtg gataaccttc cccaatgaga atggacatca cccaaccagg      6480
     tgagggctca aaacaaacaa aaatagatag ggaaggctga atgtgctctc tgcctgactg      6540
     cttgagctgg aactgagacc ttcctggtgt gtgtgtgaag tgtaccgtgt actgtagaca      6600
     ataaacactt gaacaacacc agtctttagg gcaccgaccc acctcacaga ggaaaatcct      6660
     catatagttt atctctggtc ctctctgtct gcggttccac atctatggat gcaaccagcc      6720
     tcaggtagca tagtactgcg gtggttacaa ctggaaaaaa cgccatggat cagtggaccc      6780
     atgcctttca aacccacatg gctcaagggt ccactgtata cacacatatt tttttctttc      6840
     ccgcccattg attctgtttc tctggccaat cctgataaga cagtctgctt gagagagacc      6900
     ctgtaacccg aggcctcaca tggtacctga cacgtggtag atactcacca acatgtgtcc      6960
     agtaaataga gattccagga aacacgcctc tgatgccaca gaggggggcc ctcgtcacta      7020
     agaatcctac tgcccacgct cagggaataa cagggcacga ggttccctga ttgtcattgc      7080
     cccttgtttc atgagggtca gctggagtca gaaagggtta cagctgattt ctgtgctatc      7140
     agaagggctg agttaacatc ctgtccagat aaactagcac agcatttcct taagtttcac      7200
     tagtattttt tcccctacca tctacccttt ttgcctcttg cttttgattg ggagagaaaa      7260
     agagacacgc taggtgactt ggaacacaat ccagacccct gatactgatt tcaaagcaag      7320
     catcaaaccc ttcagcctcc ttttttggct ggtaagtaga aacttctgac tctctaagac      7380
     aagcccaaaa ggcgggggag gccctgaggc taagaaaaat ggcaggtgaa tgactgcttt      7440
     gagctccccc aaatcctggg gctccccagg gctggctgct tgtctgggtg ttacagcggg      7500
     aacgttagga tgctggcaga agcaggcagg agccttgatt gactcaaaac caataataag      7560
     agtttctacg cttggaccca gctagctgcc tttttcccaa cctctttctc cccatgaaat      7620
     taacagagag cttagggagc gagttgaggg gtgaatttag gtgtttacaa ctacctggaa      7680
     gaattggtgt ttcagaagaa gtccagactg agagttcttc ttcccagatg attgagttaa      7740
     agtcaagaaa taaaacacca tctattacaa actcaactgt ctcagcagcc aggccagtga      7800
     tatgggcagt gggtggatgt gagagaatac agtgactcct atggaggcca agaagccccc      7860
     accccatctc acctgtgacc ttccgtgatg ctccagacaa tttgtatgtg tgtgtgcatg      7920
     tgtgtgtaaa attatatttt tattcttatt ttcccaaacc agacaactgt tgctgtgtgg      7980
     aagtacagcc ccccagatgg cttgattttt taatagaagt tagatatctg tctttagaat      8040
     tcaaatctcc caacaatgag gctgattcac attttttttc ttagtctttt gagggccacc      8100
     cccatggcat atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggttgaatgt gagccacagt caccagccac      8160
     agcacagcca cagcaacgcc agaccccgag ccacctccac aacctacacc acagcttgca      8220
     gcaacgcctt aactttaacc cactgagcga ggccagggat tgaacctgaa tcctcatgga      8280
     tactagtcga gttcttactg agccacaatg agattcataa ttttttaaaa agcaatctgg      8340
     acaagtgcct ggctaagtaa gtctcaggct ggactcagcc ctcgggtcag atattaaaca      8400
     aaagagcttg atcaatgaga gctggaaaac aggcatttgt cagcaagttt gtgactgggg      8460
     agagttccct ttgtttctca ttaattccga ggtagcaaat cagtgtcctc tctgatgtat      8520
     ttggacaaac aatgtagtga ccaactcatc ctggtttgcc ggggctgtcc tggttttaaa      8580
     atggaaagtt ctgtctccta cagagccccc ttgggcccag gggaacaagg accatggtca      8640
     ccccaacaaa gagatccttg gtgagccctc tggttgtgtc cacttggcag ctcataagtt      8700
     tgaagaggaa aacacatctt tgggggaata actgtggcca gcaatacgtg gacccactca      8760
     tctcaaggtc aaaccttgct tcttctgacc ttcaccttgt agaatctaag ccgagcagag      8820
     ctgtgccttc caatacagcc tgtcccaggt gtccacatag aatttctggg agagcctggg      8880
     tccctgagtg attgcatgga gcagcctccc tgccacccgc actgggctgt gccaccaaca      8940
     agaatacgtt ttgatcacgt ggagcccctg agattgcaga gttgccccac tcaattagac      9000
     ccactggact tcctcctcag agagtttaga ctcagtgttc agagggccta agtggtttct      9060
     actggcttct tgaagataag tttgagcggg agccatgggt ccgatgctca gagaaaagga      9120
     gagaacatta caggctgagt tgtgtcccac tccccaaatc atatgttgaa atcctaactt      9180
     cgaggacctg agactgagac tgccctggga gatagggtcc ctacagtggt cactgggtta      9240
     gaacaggtgc aatagggtgg ccctaatcca agatggctga gcttctcata agaagaggac      9300
     atgaagacac aagcctgcac agaggaaagg ccacgtgagg acatgggaga gaacggccat      9360
     ctgcagggcg aggagagaag ccacagaaga aactgaccct ctccacacct gaatctggaa      9420
     tctctagcct ctagagccgt gaagaaatta attcctcttg tttaagcctc gcaatctgtg      9480
     gccctttgtt ttggtggccc gagttgatgg ttataactgg tcaacagagt ggaggaccat      9540
     gaaggcgagg caagagctgg gagtctcatg ttccagaagc ttccctgact tgtggagtct      9600
     ttcccttttc tggttctggg ccttcatggg atccgactct actttctggt cttgggaata      9660
     actaactctc ctctttcact taagggaatc aagggggtgt ctgtcccttg caaccaaaac      9720
     aaggcttaac cacatcatcg gttttgtgat tccaaccatt acctagagac cttattccta      9780
     caattgtcct tagcccatca gaaaagagcc ttttactcag agacatggag aacagatttg      9840
     tggttgccaa gggtgagggg tagtgggatg gacagggagt ttggggttgg tagatgcaaa      9900
     cgattacatc tagaatagat aagcaataag gtcctactgt atagcacagg gaactatatc      9960
     caatcgcctg tgatagaacg tgatgaaaga taatgtgaga aaaagaatgt gtgtatatat     10020
     atagggctgg gtcactgtgc tgtagagcag aaattgatac aatattataa attgcctatt     10080
     ctttaaaaaa ttaagttttt ttttaaaaaa agatgtataa tgcaaaacac ttttgtggta     10140
     gacagaatat gaacctccca gattagattt ccaaaattgg ggctgtgata ccttatacag     10200
     caaagggatt ttgagatgtg atgacgtcaa ggtcttgaga tggagagaca atcctggact     10260
     gttttgaatg atctgggtta acccagtacc atcacaaagg tgttataaga agaaaatcag     10320
     gagcaggagc actggagaga gacgggaaga cgctatgttg ctggctttaa agatgaaaga     10380
     aagagccaca agccaaggaa tgtcggaatc tctagaagct ggaaaatgat tctcccccag     10440
     agccgccagg tgtatacctt actgacacct tgctcttgac cctagaacgg taattactgt     10500
     atgttgtttc aagccactga gtttgcatac atttgttaaa gcagaaatag gaaactaata     10560
     tcactttgac tggtgtacgg ttcacacccc caggccctga acaaggtgaa attctcattt     10620
     cctttcccct cagctcttca cacggaagat gggtccatca accaacgcac ccacattttg     10680
     aattccggtt gaatgtccaa caagaggcaa ttaacagaaa gaataacttc acgttcagcc     10740
     aaagctgtta aaatccgcac agccatgtga atcttccaaa gcaagttccc catccttcct     10800
     cttcccatca tcccttgcac tcaaatggtg tatttgacgg agaatctgtg agcaaacagc     10860
     aggacttctg gagaagtgca tctgctctac cttgacctcc tagctcgggg cccatccaag     10920
     ggcacccccc ccccgccccc agtaggatca gaagacatca agagacttcg atcctaatgc     10980
     aagtaaaaca gcaaaagaaa acacgcagct tttctttgat cttgttttca acctagtctc     11040
     ccagcaagtc actcccctcc accaccctgc accttacatg gcatcgcagg ttagcagagc     11100
     agagctgccc agaggatgcc acttggccta gtctgtgcta tgggtgcagg cacaaatcct     11160
     cagactggaa aaagcagaca gctgcgcccg gcaggctcac atgtgccggc tccatctgct     11220
     aaatcattaa aacggagcct tggcagagtc tgcagaaaaa cacatttgtt ttctccataa     11280
     agaggaagag taaactttcc tgtcgtcctc ataagttttt gcaattactt taatgtgcaa     11340
     agcgccttat accaaggcag gaagcttttc cacaggctaa gaagccgaga ggcaggcttt     11400
     ccttaaatta tgttataatt atacatccgc tggttcctgt ggcttcccca tcatttcaca     11460
     gtaataagac gcagtaacac caaagttcac aatgacgtcc agagtttggc aacatgcttc     11520
     tcatgccaac atacgtctgg gggaacgtcc aatgtggtgg cccaggagag gtcacctgga     11580
     gagaacagag ctacttgggg atagagagag acgcaattca cacacagtcc tggagtttcc     11640
     aggaacagag aggctgagtt catgaaacct gaaaactagg ggtgtcccag cttctgaatc     11700
     caaagataag cctttatttc catcctataa atgtgtgcca gggcatctgt cccagatttc     11760
     atatgtcgta taccagttat attcccgact cgccctaccc aacgtgggac cgactggagc     11820
     ctccagcagc ttgaatgtcc actttctcac ttggtgcata tgtgactgag cttcaacctt     11880
     ctcatctgtt aaatgggtat aacagtagga gttcctggga gttccctggt ggtctagtgg     11940
     ttaggatttc gcactttcac cactgcagcc caggttcaat ccctgatctg ggaactgaga     12000
     tcccacatca agccatgaaa gtggccaaaa aagtaaaata aaataaaaga agacaaaata     12060
     aaataaaaag taatatagtt ccttcctagc actgtgagag aattggggaa aatgctttct     12120
     ataaatgatg cagcacagtg cgtgtctcgc agagaaattt tatcatcatt atcatttcgc     12180
     tggcacatca gataccttcc aagcatacac tgccctctca aaggcagtcc tcggcacccc     12240
     cattctaaac ctggtaccaa agtctgtgaa actaagagca aactgcagct cgtgggccaa     12300
     atcctctgct tgccacctgt ttttgtgcac ctgttgagct aaataacagt ttctacattt     12360
     tttaatagag aaaaataatc ttcttccaaa gaagactgtt accatgtgac gtgtggaaat     12420
     gaaaagaaat tcaaatttca gggtccacaa ataaagtttt attgaaacac aaccatgctc     12480
     aggtatttat gtacaggcta tactttgtgc cagaaccgta gagctgggta aattacaaca     12540
     gagtcatcac ccacatagct gaaaatattt actaaatatc ccttacagga agttttctga     12600
     ccttcattca agggaataaa accattgtcc ttggaagtct cggcccagtc tcacagttga     12660
     tgttgaaaaa ccataagacc tgacctgcta ggatggatgt gagaagcccc tagaaagata     12720
     ggcattttta tcagttcagt gatgtctcag atgtctcaac cagagacaat gccaggagga     12780
     caaatgactt ggagtcatgg gaaggacctg gcatgaatgc catgtttgaa acccagcttg     12840
     gccaccatgg aactgtgtgg ctttgaactg gtggcccaag ctcactttga cagtaaattg     12900
     ggtatcagcc ccagagacac agggccgtca tgacaacaga aataaagggc atccccactg     12960
     gaggatcccc agctctgctg gtgaatgaaa tgtgttggct ccctccttcc aaagtttgtc     13020
     tttgtggttt ttcaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag agagagaaaa agaaagggag tttgtcccat     13080
     atgaaaacta ctgttgactt tcggtctcag ctccaacacg caaagagtgt caagccatca     13140
     cccccattct tttttttttt ttgggccaca ccagggcata tggaggttct gggctagggg     13200
     tcaaatcaga gctgcagctg ctggcctaca ccacagccac agcaacttgg gatccaagct     13260
     gcatctgtga cctacaccac ggctcacggc aacaccagat ccctgaccca ctgaaggagg     13320
     ccagggatcg aaccctcatc ctcttggata ccagtcagat ttgtttctgc tgcgccacac     13380
     cgggaacatc ttcatcactc ccattcttac aacaaccaca acaaagctga gctaactgaa     13440
     aatcagtgac ttttcttgga cccatcagat acttgagttt tcaagataaa ctgccattct     13500
     gaactctgga aagacgggtg acttcagagt cacagtcaag gtgtgcttac ctgggaccga     13560
     agctgctgga gccatagtca gctcattttt atgaattgct aaaggctgag tatgaactag     13620
     ctgatactga gaaacccttg ggggctatgg gccatgggtt ggggggtgca gattttaagg     13680
     gctttatcat caggaactcc accaggttct tcctgtggag atccaagaca gatacccacc     13740
     tggctctggc caggagaagg gaagcataat ccttgtgaaa taaactcagc gccttctcca     13800
     taacaaaggc ccctctgcag gggaaagact gcagctttat cccagctgga ctaagggcct     13860
     tcctgtctcc actaaggatg gggctatagg tgagaaacac ttgttaaggt cactcaccag     13920
     acacagaggc ccactataag acatatttaa cctgaggatt atagaacact ccccatcgcc     13980
     cactcctgac caccgcacca agagggctcc aggataatag cagtggatta cagctgaaag     14040
     catattactt gatatgacat gtctggcttg cagcaaaaaa ttacaaagca taccaaaagg     14100
     gggcgggggg ggaacccaca gtctgaagag acaaagcaag catcagaacc agactctgat     14160
     atgacacagg tgttgaaatc atcagacagg gaatttaaag taagcgtgat taatatgtta     14220
     aggactctca tggaaaaaga ggcaatacag atgggtaatg taaccagaaa aataaaaatt     14280
     ctaagaaata atcaaaagga aatcctagag atcaaaaaca ttctaatgaa atgaagaatg     14340
     cctttgatgg gctcatcagc aggctggacg tggctgagga aagaattagc gagcttgaag     14400
     atacctcaat aggaacttac caaactgaaa agcaaagaga aaaaagaatg ataaaaacaa     14460
     aacagaatgc tcaagaagtg tgggaaattt tcaaaagatg taatatacgt gttattagca     14520
     tgccagaagg agaagaaaga gaatggagaa caatatttga aaaaaataat ggctgaaaac     14580
     tttcccacat taatgacaga catcaaacta cagatccagg aatatcagag aataccaaaa     14640
     agctacacct gggcctatca cagtcacact gtagaaaacc aaaggtaaag agaacatgtt     14700
     gaatgaagcc agagagggtg gaaaatccct accgctaaag gaacacggat aagaattaca     14760
     gcgggcttct catcagaatc tgtgcaagca agaatagagt gaaatatcta aaatattgat     14820
     ggacagaggg ggctaactta gaattctaca ctcagataaa ttatccctca aaatggaaac     14880
     agaattgaag atgttctcag acaaatgaaa actaaggaaa gggctctgca agaagtgttg     14940
     gaagattttc tgaggaagaa aataatagaa gtcagacttt ttttaaaaat cagcattaat     15000
     aagaaaataa aagaaaaagc accagagaag atgtaagtgc aaataaaatc ttacatcttt     15060
     cttatctgta ttcaatctta aagataccta tttaaagtat taattatttc ttaatctgct     15120
     caggctacca taacaaaata tcaccactgg gtggcttaaa caacagatat ttatttttgc     15180
     acagttctaa aggttgagaa gtccaagatc aaggctctaa ccaatctggt atcaggcaaa     15240
     ggccctcttc ctggcttgaa ggcagccatt ttttttttcc cttctttggt gcattggcac     15300
     agagagagcc agagaggtcc ctctgatgtc tcttcttaca aggacactaa tcctggcaga     15360
     tcagggcccc acccttatga cctcatttaa ccttaattgc ctccttatgg gccttgtccc     15420
     aaagacagtc acattaggtg ttagagcttc aacatgtgga ttttggaaag ggtgatacaa     15480
     ttcagtatat agaaaacagt aacattgtat tggggcatca gaaatatgga agctgtgcca     15540
     acaaagggcc ccagtggtcc acatggggac cctttcctta aatgaggata ggctatagac     15600
     cagctgaggt ctaccaagta gtggctgctc tgcagtcaag aggataggaa tcttagaggt     15660
     tgaacagtac tgaagatgta gttctggccc tcaccagatt ggagagagct ttctaatacc     15720
     tcattaacgt gcctggaatc cagctgagac accatattat tcttaggagg aagaaccaca     15780
     tcatagagta gggcctactc tagaacttcc ctaacaaagc ctataatcga gctctcagaa     15840
     gatctagagg gaccctgcag tgcttaggtg ttaagtctaa gttaggaagc cttaggaaac     15900
     accttatgct ttgcacaggc tcatactagc caagcataaa atcagggcta ccaagaaatt     15960
     tctagaaaat aagtaattga attgccttct aaaacaagaa tgaacaccct tcaaaggaat     16020
     atgacaaaag ccagagtctc tacaatatag tttctatgtc tctgggcttc aatcaaaacc     16080
     cactagacct aaaaagaaag aataaaatgt aatccatagg aaaaagaaac acacacacac     16140
     acataaattt aaataagatg gtccagatgt tggacttagc agagacttta aagcagcttt     16200
     tataaagatc tcgatatgag caaaggaaag tatggtctta atggctgacc aaatagggaa     16260
     tctcaggagc aaactgaaaa ttacaaaaaa agaatgaaat ggaaattgta gaactgaaaa     16320
     caccaataac tgaaatttaa aattccccag ggtgtttaac actacactga atatggaaaa     16380
     agaggtgata gacttgaaag caaatgaata gaaattatct aacctgaaga acagagagaa     16440
     aggagattga aaagaatgag cagctcctca gggatctgtg gcaccgtagc acacagtctg     16500
     atatatgtgt atggggcatc cttgaaggtg aagagagact gcagcagaaa atatatttga     16560
     ataagtaatg gctataaact taccaaatgt gacggaaaac acagattcac acatccaaga     16620
     gctctgaaaa acccccaaca aaatgaagcc aaagaaaaat tcactttggc acatcctgag     16680
     taagcccctg aaaacaaaag acaaagagaa aagcaactag agggaaaagc gttgtatata     16740
     aagtggagca aggataagga ttattcttga catcgcatct ggaaacaatg gacgctggaa     16800
     gacaatggaa tgacatcttt aaagcactga gataacacct ctcagaactg tctacctaag     16860
     gacctagctg aagaagtatt taatcataag ctcccactcc ccgttgcttg agggtttccc     16920
     cctgggtgtt aattctcctg aactttcagg ctgaagatgt gtcttgatta tcaggttccc     16980
     accggtggtt gtagcatcaa agcctcccca gggcaagggt gttaattaaa actacagggc     17040
     tacacttgta aggcgagtca aagccttcag gcaagctcca gcaaacacag ctgaaattag     17100
     aggggaagca agaggttata agtcaaaaca ccaaagacat ctggtactct tgtgtgccag     17160
     gcactgttct aagcctttga cacagagcat ctcattcaat ccagacagca actcgatgaa     17220
     gctgggacta ttattagcct gctctacaga gatggaagct aaggcagagt gtagtcattt     17280
     atcaagattc tatagctggt gcaagttaga gctgggattg aacccggacc tgactgacat     17340
     taaagtttac aggcactaac ccagattacc ttttgagatg cttatacaga tacacatcca     17400
     aagacctcgt gttcacacac agtgtgtatg gccacactgc cccacacatg catgtgtgta     17460
     acacactcac acagagtcag agcatgtcca tgcaaatgat cagactatat gcacgccccc     17520
     aaaatctatt cattagggaa acagtccagc ttttccctgg ctccgaagac aatgaactgg     17580
     gctcgctacg gatggaaaac gaaggctgct gtgcccacag gcaggagacc tccccactct     17640
     gcttccttcc cacctgctgc ggttagctca tcaccgccaa ggatgctatg cgttccccca     17700
     aatgacaccc cctcacacag agctctcctt gtgcccaccc cagcaatctg cccacatcca     17760
     ctctcagccc tcacatgtgc ttttctgaaa tctctgcctc tgttctgtca ccagtaattg     17820
     gattggaatt tattatccta aaccctagag tctcagcctc gagctggcaa ggaggcaggc     17880
     ggagcgggaa gtgcttcact gctggctgtt ggttcacgga acctggtccc aagcctcctc     17940
     cttcctgctg catcctccaa ggaggggtct cctcacgtga ctggacatgt gagctggaca     18000
     cgtgattacc tcccacactg tcaagttcca ctttccccat tcttcacgag ccattgcctg     18060
     aggaggcttg tcaagcatcc tatcatttac ttggtgtata tctagtcaac aaaccctact     18120
     gagcacctac tccacgccag gactggggtt ccatgagggc cccttttggt tctttccctc     18180
     cagtgcctgg caaatggtag gtgctcagtt tgtttctgtt gagcggatgg tgggtgggtg     18240
     ggtgggtgga cggatgaagg gatggaagaa tagataagtg aagcaggccc tatgcagagg     18300
     ggtggaggct gataaagaag actccgttgt cacctcaaag gagcccaccc tccagtaaga     18360
     ctttgcgtga tgccacagtg aggaagagag gtgtcccagc cagctgggct attttaggca     18420
     gagcatttgg aagaagcctt ccagaccacc tggagcccag tgagaggagc agtgcccacc     18480
     ccccactctc ccacctcaca gaaatgatca gccaggagtg tgcttactgg ggtgaccaca     18540
     ggacctcttg ggcccccgga gcaggaacca gcatcaactg gcttaaccaa ggtgcagccg     18600
     gacgtgggtt ctgcatggtg tcacccacct cagaaggctt cctctgcttt agcacattca     18660
     gagcaggtgg gcccacgccc gaggatccat ctcatcatgg tcacccccac ttcagcatca     18720
     tcccccccag gctgtgcata cataccttca gccatcacgc gctgcacacc cctcttgtgt     18780
     gggcaccctt cttgtgtggg caccgtctcc tccactgagc cctctccttc cccatgtgca     18840
     cacctccccg ccaggctcat gtcactccag gtaccgtcag tgatcagaac tgcccaaccc     18900
     ggatccaatt ccaggccacc ccagaagtgt aatcataact tctagaaaag ccaggccaga     18960
     ccccctgcca cgaaatccat tcttattttt aaaaacaaga acacggaagc aggtgggcgc     19020
     cgcccccccc tcccccgatc ctgctccacg tcaccgcaga atggcttcaa gactgagggt     19080
     ctccgtgtat ttaggagcag cggcatgggg ccgagggttg gcacctgctc acaattgttg     19140
     tttcccggtt aattggcggg aacaagaagt catggcttcc aaccaaaaaa cattccactc     19200
     catcaaccct gttgtcaaca ccgctgctct ctctcgagct ccagcctcat tactgtcaat     19260
     gtgttggggt gacaaggagg cttgtttccc tacagtctca ggtcagaact acccccactg     19320
     cctccccacc ccgagcatca ctggagattc agggtaaaca caagcaagca aatttaaacg     19380
     tgcagctctt aaaaaaaaat gaaattcagc tcctgccttc aacccctctc gacctcaagt     19440
     tttgacttgt gcgctgttaa aaaggatctc acagagccaa agcttcctca agtttttctg     19500
     ctacgttcac gggggagcct gcgcagactt tgaaggttgc catggaactt caacagccaa     19560
     cccagagaag cggagatggc agcccacaca cgcagacatc ccacctcttc cctctcccac     19620
     ccccagccct gcccgccctc cccagagctg atgctgtcac gctgcccatt cagatgggca     19680
     ctgccagctg cggtgggccc tccgcccgtg gccttgcatg gacgtcttca gctggctgca     19740
     ttctcgaaat ggctcgtctg ctggcccctc acctggcccc cctgttgccc ccgggacccc     19800
     atcgtccctt ccccacattc atgcagagcc cacagggacc tttctccccg caggtcatcc     19860
     atggattttc cctggatttg tgagccaggg gcctgcaggc ttatgcacca actataaagc     19920
     tacagccaca aattttgagg cccccagact ttcaggttcc tttttttttt tttctttaaa     19980
     gcaaatgaag tccccctctg agctcccgtg ttcaggaaac tggaccagca tccttgtgaa     20040
     gagcagcctg ggatccgcag gagttagagc caggaaagct gattgagggg atactttcta     20100
     caactcacta gctgtgggcc tcaggcaagg aacttaacct ctctgatccc gagtgccctg     20160
     gtgtataaag tggaagtgat ggcgcgtaca cacgcacaca cacacacaca caccccaaga     20220
     taacaggtta tagcgcttgg aaatccaagg cagagaatca acatgaccta ttagcactat     20280
     tatctaaaag agaaagccag aatattctca cgtttctgtt tctctgaaat ctctcctcct     20340
     cgataatttc ctcttgagag gtctgtttgg ttatcagtcg ccagaagtca cgggctacgg     20400
     cagtcccagc cagggaatgg caggcccagg ctccgagtaa gggctctgcc acctcactca     20460
     ctgaaccctg caagcacccg gaaagcgagg gctctcacat ccccatttta cagctgagca     20520
     cactgaggcc caagcaggaa gagaacacgc tgggcgatgt gggaagcccc caggagcagc     20580
     aagaaactct aaactgtcat atatatgaaa attaaaaatg atgtttagaa ttcaggctta     20640
     gggcactttc gagacatttc tgaaggctgt tcaaactttc tcccaagtcc acttcatgtc     20700
     agggcttgtg ggatggagta agtgggggag agagtgagtg ggcgctggtg tttgtcaact     20760
     cactttcctg ctttttccaa ccccagccct ggccccctcc catcggtcca gtggaggccg     20820
     agggatcctc ctgccaatgg ctttgaactt ggcccctcgg gggaagcatg tacaagcaaa     20880
     tgagtctctt tcgggtgggt ttgcagtttt gttcctccag tgaattcttt tcttattttc     20940
     atcctccttg aatccttccc aaccagctga aaccttctta ttttctcctc ttctttgcct     21000
     gagttgaatt aacttaatga gggcaccagc tttggacgat gctgggagat tctgagatgc     21060
     cgaacacgcc tcaggagact ggaagagaga gtcggaggct ccccgcctgc acttaggaag     21120
     cggattgctc agaacacgct tgctcactgt tagccgttta tatcctcggc tctaaacctc     21180
     catctccatt ttcttcagtt ctgccagttg tgccaggcag ggagctagat accagggacc     21240
     tgggacgagc ccacgtggat ggagagcagc tggagacaca ggtatgagtg gacagtaaca     21300
     ccagaaacac gcaatgacag ggtgcaaaga atgtcaccaa gagttagtag cctggaaaac     21360
     tgccttcttt ctggagtatt ttggaggacg gcgaatagca gccgtcttta aaacaaagag     21420
     tctttaagac aagagtaagt tggcttttta aaatactgtt ttggagttcc cgttgtggct     21480
     cagcggtaaa gatcctgact agcatccatg aggacgtggg tttgatccct ggcctcggcg     21540
     ggctgaggat cggtgtggct gtggctgtgg ctatggctgt ggctggcagc tacagctccg     21600
     atttgacccc tagcctggga acctccatgt gctgcgggtg tggttctaaa aagaaaaaaa     21660
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaattgt tctgtttgaa atcaagtctc ttcctcaccc cagccaatgg     21720
     tgggctcgaa tacccttttt gttctcagac tgccttctct ggtccccagt gctcagccct     21780
     gagctggctg caggacacac tgaggcatct tgtagaataa tcgcttctag aattcaccct     21840
     aaagctgcaa gagctgagct ctctataatt agacatattt tccagtttct ccttgggtca     21900
     cagatgtgct gctttctata tccgcttgtc aaaaagacaa acctttcagt gtcaggaaga     21960
     aaagtacaga gaaaaaaaaa gaagtaagaa agaaacctcg cgaccagctt ctgcgttggc     22020
     ttctgacttt tcagaaacaa atggtatctt ccccgggagt gactggcaac cactccgacg     22080
     acttcaccca atgacactcc ttcctttatt taaaaaacaa aaatgcaagc atttagttgt     22140
     ccttggctac caccaaacgt ctctaaatat tttattgcat ctcaaaacac tgcattggca     22200
     agttcaagtc gaaaggaaag aaacaactgt actgggagtt ttgcgaagtg cagcggtgga     22260
     attatgcaag tttttcttcc atgtgaggtc gcctctgagg acaggctcat tttgagcata     22320
     aatggtggta cttggaagac agaagactga attgcaagct gtgctggctt caaggagccc     22380
     tgccatcttc ttccgtccag ggccaccaaa caagcagttc ctggaggggg gacccatccc     22440
     caagggaggt cgccaggtgg ttttggcatc agagagcaca gaaacacaca ccgacagagt     22500
     tactcctttg taaccttctg gctcagccaa ggagagtctc tgctgggggc tggccaactt     22560
     ttaacgcgtc cccaaagctg ccaccacccc tttttaataa agagagtgag cggagaggct     22620
     acggcatcca acaggaattt aataacatgg acttacgttc cctttatgac cgccttctgc     22680
     atggggccaa taataccggc ttttcccttt acgatggtga cttaaagttt cctctttgaa     22740
     gaaaggaatg ttttcaaaaa cgtgtaaaaa tgtaaacgaa aagattaagt aaataatagc     22800
     acagatgtgg tcggtgggtt gcccatgaca ggtttgggaa agagaacagt caataaaaac     22860
     aaaatccaac gtgggccccc tgcttcccca gcgctgcagc tcaaacaaaa actaaaacga     22920
     atgccttttg cagcgtgttg gaggggaaag agcctccaga aggaaattca ctaagctgtt     22980
     aaaagccctt cccccaggga aggggctggg gcggggggaa caatgttcac ttttcacttt     23040
     aaacacatgt ggagtatttg gaagttttgc gtggcctaga aattagccct tttgtctatc     23100
     tccgttataa atatttttcc agatgggtcg tgtgcacagc gccgttgtga tatctttggc     23160
     aagccaaact tgttcatttc atagagtcaa aaaaaaaaga gaaagaatcc gtcttttctt     23220
     catagcttct gggtttctga tcttgagtac aatctccgcc agcgccagga ctgtaccgta     23280
     gtgcccgaag tttcttgcaa tactcctgct attaattacg tgcacgtcgt cgatccttct     23340
     agaattttct agttttgcag gtggcgggtg actggttccc tttccctttg ctcgcatttg     23400
     ccactgggtc catcctgcct cctctaacct gaactgcacc actggctctc ggaacagaca     23460
     ccatctgcat cggaaaagca gttcccgctc acttcctgca cccgaactgg ctcgtcggcg     23520
     gggccttcgg agcacacaca cgctacgatc tggaggagtt gattccccgt cttgttctta     23580
     ctgttcacac tttcccagcc agcctggggc catcccttcc tccaagatca caatattacg     23640
     tggtgatgcc ttacttcaat cattttcaaa ataaatgttc ttcgagtatt aaaaagggga     23700
     aagaggacag ttcctcctag ggctccgtgg aaacggattg gactaacatt catgaggatg     23760
     caggttcgat ccctggcctc tcgcagtggg ttacggatcc ggcttagcag atgtggctca     23820
     gatcccgcct tgctgtggct gtggctatgg cataagccag gggctacagc ccccactggc     23880
     cccctaacct gggaacctcc atgtgcctcg agggcagccc tgaaaagaca acacaaagcg     23940
     gggggggggg aagttctcta atgtttctct ctaatatacc aagaactaag atatgccagc     24000
     atcgtcaaca gaaagtggct gagggtacct ctggcactga accctagtgg gctgggaggc     24060
     tccctgaacg tcctgtacca gcaaggcagg ggggtgggag gggtgggagg gtggggaccc     24120
     aggagcaggt accatcctgt gcctgaatct tagtgatgcc catcatgaca ccacttcaca     24180
     gagaaacagc tcagagagct cagctcttcc acccgtgtcc gcacagctcc gggcacttgg     24240
     aacggagccc ttccctccgc actcatccca agctcgtgca ggagcaagaa aaacacagct     24300
     ggcaaccctc tccccaccca gaggaaaata ctcatctttg aatatgcacc tccctgatgc     24360
     atagatatgc ataaacaggt gaattcgatg ctagcctata atatacacac aaaaatgaga     24420
     gcccgctcat cctctgagaa gcaaaggaga tacagcagca ttgacgcggg gagctggcat     24480
     cttcgagcag acaaaacaaa gcaaagagaa tcactctttc gaagtgtttc tgcatcacac     24540
     ccaatatctg ttcaacccct tgctgttgct tagaggatgt cgaacctttc aaatgcacag     24600
     ctcggtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atctttatta tttcaccttc atttgtcaca gctcgaagtc     24660
     ttcatgagag gatacaaata acacaaaaca aaccaaaagt tctgggctgt ttctcccttc     24720
     ttgactttat aaaagtttgg cagccaaggg acttgacaaa cccagaccct gacgatgaga     24780
     tttttgtatg gaattctggg atcaaaatac aatatcaaaa ataatgcatt ttctgacatc     24840
     ccccaagaaa aaaaaaatta ccggtttctt cgctctaaaa ggatttagat ggaataacat     24900
     ctgtgttgag aatattgtga atacgttaaa ctgacaggca gtctccaagg cactccgctc     24960
     attaatgttc tgtgcataaa attaaaactt gaaatatatt tttaaatcca ttttgaatca     25020
     tttaagcaat tctcccgcaa agaaactatt gtgctgaaat aatatatttg gagggaggaa     25080
     tatgaaagct attaaaatgt cttagacccc ctgcctttca cgagaagaag aaggggggaa     25140
     atgtgctctc gctttgattt gaaacatgtt ctccataaaa tatacccaaa agaaataaaa     25200
     aaaaaaacaa aaaacctact ttgaaatcac actaagagct tgactcaaac ccaggagtca     25260
     aggaatgcag cttgggcctt cttgcttctg ctcagtgtgc ctggtggggt ggcaaggagg     25320
     tgtctgctcc actgtggggc tcacagccca gacagtcccg ggttgctccc gcctactccc     25380
     catttctgca gacacctcca tgacatacag aaccctcatc cgcccggtcg gtctttggag     25440
     ccagctggcg ggagcatgtc taagaacagc acacgggcct tctctccttt gtctcctcca     25500
     tccttctcac aaacaagcac tgagcgtcaa ccaagaccca ccaccaacct agactaagaa     25560
     taaaaccgtg gagactccgg ggacacgctg taagagaaag gacatgacgc tccaaagggc     25620
     tggggagggc ctccagcctg gtctgggaag gcttcctgga ggaagccgtt gcagagctac     25680
     acgctagggg aagaggagga aaagatacat gcatgccagg ccaagggaac agcaagtgca     25740
     aaggccctga ggtaggaatt tgtcccaagt gtttcttaga tggaaaccag gacggagcag     25800
     caggagcaca gattgagggg gggggcgggt gagagaggtg gagaggaagg gagacacacg     25860
     ggtcagcgca ggcagggcct gtgtccactg ccagaagcct gaacctgacc ctgagggcga     25920
     gtactgtcat tggccttgca ccagcggggc ttttcaggta gggattaatt ccttccttcc     25980
     ctataactgt caaggtgggt agtaatcctt ttacagatga ggaaggaatc tcttcagctt     26040
     cactcagctg gtaaatagaa gaggattcga accccaggtg tctcgctcag cagcccagcc     26100
     tcaccgcact gcagcatcac cgccaggaac cagggggcca cggggggctt agcacgagag     26160
     gcgacccacc cggtttgtga gtgtccagcc catgctggct gctgggtgca gaggggtgga     26220
     agggcctggt gggggctgat taggcgcgat tggaggggag gggctgtggg tgtgctgctt     26280
     atgtcccagc gctgtgtccc cgtgtccggg gttccctctc ctgctcctcg cccgcgggtc     26340
     cctgcccatc ctccacgact ccactgcggt ggggcatgcc ctgaccgtgc tgggccggcg     26400
     ggacaggtgg gtcctccggg aagtcctgca ggcccttctt caacctctgc aaggactgct     26460
     cccctcatcc gcccggcagg cccggggctc ctggaggctc caggctgggg cttgctcacc     26520
     accgtgtgca ccacgagcct gccaccacct gggggccaca cagccgtgtt ccccactccg     26580
     tgtcacaacg ggagacctct gcaagctttt gcggggtgaa ttgcagcgtg aactgagctc     26640
     cacaagccgc cgtgaagctt taaagagaat tgacgacatc atgaatttct ggcacttttc     26700
     cagctgaggt tccagggaac tgctatgtca tcagccacct gagaatgtgt gacacatctg     26760
     cagccaggag gatgtccccc ccttgtcccg tggcccaact cctcccatgc ccgacgttcc     26820
     agcaaatctc tgccagggac tttttatcta tcgtccccac ccccctgctg ctaagacctt     26880
     gagactcact gtcaacgcca gcccctcatc cagagggaga caaaatctgc cccgagagtg     26940
     accgaccagg agggagcagc agaggcacgt ggtgccagtg cagggatgtg atcctgagaa     27000
     gagccaggcg cagggccgag gcggcggctg cagccctggg ggccagcacc tggctcggtg     27060
     ggcacccacc caggcaaggc cgggctcttc gcactgcaca tgctctctgt gctccccagg     27120
     cctgcgtccc agcccctgga tggtgcggat tccagcccct ggattttgca tgataccgaa     27180
     cattgcacca tctctgaaaa cgagacacaa cttacgcttg atggatgtca gacagaacgt     27240
     gcaggtcaga tgacacccgg atgccgctgg aggactgatt cctccctctt gtgagagctc     27300
     agcaaggagc ggcccacagg tctgagtctg cttttccgag cacgggacca tcccgccgcg     27360
     aggctccaga ggctgtccgt ccccgcaagg ccaccccgag ctgtccgatg gtccctggcc     27420
     tccatgcccg tccatgcgtg gcacatgaca aggacggaat ccctctgcag gaggcttttc     27480
     ccagctgcct gcctccctcg ggcctgccaa aggaattccg ggatcgggtc cacccgggca     27540
     cctctccgcc acgtctctcg gccgcaaatt cgaccctgtg tgtggggggg gaacatgaaa     27600
     tagcagagtg tctcacagtt ggaggtgttt tagatctcat gacgtaaatc acggaaaagg     27660
     gaagaagaaa tctgactcca cattcaatca gtttctttcc attaaccttc gtgttccgtt     27720
     gcatttgcta caagaatgtt gccctatagc gtgaaatgca caggacagcc tgttctccag     27780
     gctctgacct ttaaagggat aacgtttgga ttcacacaga gataaaaaaa gagttccaga     27840
     acagaggctg acttttgacc tggagaaacc ccatgacctg acctactcag tcagctgcag     27900
     gaacaaagga ttctgacact aagaaaatgg gcagcaacca accacacccc ttcccctttt     27960
     agtataaaag aagccttcat tttaactggg gggcactagg tcaccaccgt ctccgtctgc     28020
     tgctttctgg ataacgtcgc tcttcctgcc ccagcaacgc cgctctcagt ttactggctg     28080
     gtggtgcagc gagcggtgtg agcttggact cggtgacagg cggtcgagct aagctggtag     28140
     cacagccacc gagtgcctca gtttccctct ctgcacaacg gggtaacatc atcaactttg     28200
     caagattaga aagggtgtgt gcccaccgcc agcgcgtggt aagggcctga tgaacaccca     28260
     ccactcccag aagatcggtc agccactctg aaatggggct gtgtcgatta aaatgtgcag     28320
     tcagatctag gaaagatcga tcaatggttt ttttcccagt ctttcccaga ccttttcctg     28380
     aaatccctgt ttcctgggga agcgctaaag agagctaatg cgtggccatt ttacaagtaa     28440
     actcggttac ataacagcgc ccagagcaat ctgaggcatt ttctgcaccc gctgggcagg     28500
     ttctgggaat aggaacattt caggcagacc ttgccgggaa gctcctcaaa gcagcctgga     28560
     atctcagcat cttgggtgag cttcccgctt caattcccga aggtgtgttt cttgcttaac     28620
     tcttttctgc cagactcggc tctccaccct tccgccttct tctgctcatt cccagcatct     28680
     gtgccctcag ggatggcatc tataaggtag ctgcgtatgt cctatgcaga agttttcagg     28740
     aggatgggcc ccctgctccg ggaagacgtc acagccctca gatggcacag attgctgtct     28800
     ttcccaaggc cttccaggca ccaagctgcc aacccctcac cgagcccgcg aggtgggtac     28860
     cactgtcttg cccatgttgc agaggtgaca gggagttggc ctgaaaacgc gcagcgagaa     28920
     gacgcagggc taggcgtgca tggagggttg aagggccgag ccctggagcc atccaaccac     28980
     ggcccacacc tccctccacg ctaccgcttg tcacctgggg gatgaggagg gtgggggggg     29040
     ggtgacaaga gaggaggtca gagtgtattg ggccagatgg ttccagttca gtgaggaggc     29100
     ctgaccgtcc acaggcaaag gcagcccttc tccctgggga cccagcagct tgatggcctc     29160
     ctgctcagat cccccgttat gctgggtgtt tggtttccgt gtcccactca ggcaccttcc     29220
     tggtagcttt tcctggattt ataaacccaa ctagtggccc aggatctgtg gtgccttccg     29280
     tccaagccct cggcgccctg ccctgtgggt gctgagagcc gtgtacagac cttggattca     29340
     cttcctgggg ctgcggtaac aaatgaccac aaaccggggg gcttacagca atggaaactt     29400
     ctctcccgtc tggaggccgg aagtccaaaa ccagagtgtc cacggggccg tggtcccacc     29460
     aaggctctgg gggaagatgc tcggtcgcct cttcctgtct ctgccagtgg cctgcttcct     29520
     cggcgttcct tcccttaaag ctgctgctct cccacctctg actctgtctt cacatatgct     29580
     ttctcccctc tgtgtctgtg agtgtcttac ggccttctaa gagagacacc aggagttccc     29640
     ctgtggctca gagagttaag aacccaacag tatccatgag gatgtgggtt tgatccctgg     29700
     cctcgctaag tgggttaaag gatccagcat gaccgggaat atagcttgga tctggcgttg     29760
     ctgaggctgt agtgtaggct ggcatctgga gctccaattc cacccctagc ctgggaactt     29820
     ccatatgcca caggtgtggc cataaaaaag accaaaaaac atttttttaa ttaaaaataa     29880
     agtgaaataa aataccattt tctggattgg gccccccaat tcagtatgac cttattgtaa     29940
     ctaatgacac caacaaagac cctacctcca aagaaggtca tgttcacagg gtccaggtag     30000
     acgtgaattc ttgggggaca ttgttcaacc cccttgcaag ataactgcat tttgagagcg     30060
     gggctggggc taatttacgg atgaagggtg tccacccatg tctgataaat aaatgcacac     30120
     acggggcttg gagatgctta ttctcactat caaatgccac aagcttctga gatcagcctg     30180
     gctcatgagc acctcaggca caaaggggag ccccctcctc acttgggggt ctccagccga     30240
     gctcaggggc tagaacatgg cagcaggtgc atctgcgccg gggatgctgt gaggtctgaa     30300
     catgaggttc aggggtcctc agctgggtcc ggggaacatt ttagaagtgc cggtggggag     30360
     gggcaccttg gggttaccac aaagatgggg ccacctggtg tagtaagaac gggggcaccg     30420
     caaagaaaga tccccgcccc caacgagtcg ggaccatccc actgaacctc catggagggt     30480
     cattcgtgaa aatctggctt gtaatgatct cagcgggagc ggcctgtgca ttacatataa     30540
     acacaaagcc cctcactcat acaaatacaa tgcgtcctac accgttttat ttgactttaa     30600
     attccccgga aatacaactg ccgccttcag ataagacgga gaattgattc ataaaatccc     30660
     atccccagcg gcagtggcac cagcagtagg agaagggccg atatgctgga ccgtgggtaa     30720
     gcggcgtcca cgacaacaca cacccagtgg ctcccccgga tcatgcatga gccctggttc     30780
     ccctcctggg tcagtagaag ggcccctacc tggggcactt agggaaccag agtccaggcg     30840
     agtgggacca gaagtccttc agctcgagtg tttcaccgat tttgaaccac agccaagaga     30900
     agggtgcctg agcgcccagt cactgagacc cagggaccag ctgcaggcac agggcctcag     30960
     ggacaaatgg gggatgttat gctcccatag gacccaaggt cagttggaaa aaggacaagc     31020
     agcatgtgga taggagagga gccagcgaag ggccaggggt gggtggagcc cccagggtgg     31080
     gtggggaggg agcctggccg tttaaccaca gcactagagg tgtcctaacc caccgaagac     31140
     acccccaacc gttcccccac agcagactca ccaggaaaat ggtttttgta ctggacccgc     31200
     cccccacccc aaattgttgt cctctaaacc ccaccccgat tatcatcagt gtgataagcc     31260
     aactgtccct agagagaaag agcacaattg cactaattca tcctttttcc ctgaacaagg     31320
     catggtgaac acactgcagg gtgacaagat ctcaactgag agagaaagtt gaaatgacag     31380
     ctgagttata ggcaaacaag agctggatgg tcgcaaacct ctaaatcggg aacacccaag     31440
     tcgagcagag ccggcgggtt gttttggctt aatttggtcc aaatgcatgg ctgtctttgc     31500
     cagcccccca agcccccatc agcaggctcc actcacggca cccagcccca acccctggtc     31560
     acatgtcagt gtgatgcccg gagtcacctg tgacgcccct tcctccccat gtccaccagc     31620
     ctccacccct gtagagtgga catttgctga gtttgcctgc ctgcaccttg accgtctctc     31680
     caggaaacaa catgcctccc tgcccaccag ccactggagt ggacacgtga cccagcaggc     31740
     tgatccgtca gctcatcctg tctgctggcc atggtgatct gtcagagaaa gacagacata     31800
     ccctcgggat ggtccggtca gagagaatgc cgagactggt acgggagccg cggggaaaag     31860
     aagagcctcc ggcccctcgg agtctggagc tgcagcggcc acggccacag agagctccca     31920
     tctgagatga gccagcaggc aggtgcacag agctctggat ggaggagacc aggtcctgaa     31980
     gaccttgctc taaatcctgg atacagcctt acctgaagcc tctgaacgct tcaaatacag     32040
     aagcttgaca attccccttt tttattcaag ttgatttgcc ctatcttaca ctttcaagtg     32100
     agagtcctgg ctaatacctc ctcctaattt ctcccatagt ccacagtatc tagctctttc     32160
     tccccacgtc agatgtcact tctcggggcc caggcctcat ccccactcgt ctggatatca     32220
     ttaccaccct cctgacaggg cctctggcct ccaagctgct ttacagtcca ttctccagag     32280
     cagagcaacc caaaaaacga gggcacagtg cacccttccc cagagcaaag ttaggaacaa     32340
     gttcaagctc attacggggc atatgggtgc cttgtacttg tcagacgggc ttcgggaggg     32400
     tctccaaaag tgggttctcc tttccctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gtccttttgc     32460
     cttttctagg gccactcctg tggcatatgg aggttcccag gctagggatc gaatcggagc     32520
     tgtagccacc ggcctatatc acagccacag caacgcagga tccaagatgc gtctgcaacc     32580
     tacaccacag ctcacggcaa cgctggatcc ttaacccact gagcaaggcc agggatcgaa     32640
     cccacaacct catggttcct agtcggattc gttaaccact gcaccacaac aggaactcca     32700
     gggctctcct ttcttctcgg aggttccagg ttccctctca tgaaggggga caagcagctt     32760
     ccccactgag tctggtagac tcatatcttg gagcctagga ctcacctcca caaggtacaa     32820
     tgtccgagga ccacaaaaat gtcctggccc ccaccctggc cctgtcctca ccttctcttg     32880
     ctccctctcc ccccacccca atcacagaag aacggaagga tggtgaggct gagagcacac     32940
     cgctgccccc tgctctgtgc caaccctccc cagattccca tccaaacggt ccctcctaag     33000
     cctctccgat gattagacaa tagggcggga gctgggagcc acggcagctg cgattcttgt     33060
     taaccagctt tcaaaggcct ggcacacatg taacccctca ataatcacag cggtagcaaa     33120
     tctctgaaat aagagctatt cccaacttgg ccttccggat ttcagagagc ccccaagctt     33180
     tcatttaaaa tccattttat aggaagttat ctgaacgtga acaacaggag tctccaccag     33240
     atgcctcccc agacaccagc gcgaaggagg tagagagatc aatgcacaaa atcaacttgc     33300
     cttttagatc aaatttgcag agtcccggtg ggtcctgcct ccatgtccct gacaggaagg     33360
     gcctctcctt gacacgggat ggggaccacg tttctgagcc gctcgtgttg ccgtctcccg     33420
     acccgggcag ggctcctagc cgctcaacag ctacaagtgt ctgctcaagg cctagggtgt     33480
     gctgggccct ggccagaggc tgggtctgga gggagaaatg agacatacgc cctaatcacc     33540
     cacaccggga gcttggctcg ggcgggtcct caaacactcg tctggagggc ctttcactca     33600
     agcctgggtt gcggggtcgg gggtacgagg tctggggcgg acacagacac atgcttcctt     33660
     tagaggctct aggactgctc agactggaac gtgggaaatg atgcagcgct gagaggccca     33720
     cgccgtcatt ccaggcgatg ctgctcgcga tttgcgacac tgatgattaa acgtgttatc     33780
     tgcatcttgc ctgttatctt tacagtgtgt gaccatgggc cggggggttg tgtctctgat     33840
     tctgcgtctg ccttggcaga atgagacgga gcaccattcc taggagaaag cctgtgtgcc     33900
     gggctagacg gcgttaccca gagacactaa ggtccccccc tgaacaaagc ccagactgcc     33960
     tgcctacagg gcctgctggg gccagcccca cagactgctc tgcctgggtc cttgctcaaa     34020
     ggccaccttc cctgaccacc ccctaagaga actccctgac tgcaccatgc tatctatgtg     34080
     tccacaacgc tggtctacag ttgaaactct cttggtttat ttgtttattg gactggaagc     34140
     ctcctgaggt tggaaccagg cctgtcttat ccctgctggg tcccttgggc ctggcacaaa     34200
     gcccagcaca gagaagagac aataaatatt tgttggttgg ctggagttcc cgttgtggcg     34260
     caggggttaa caaatctgac taggaaccat gaggttgcgg gttcgatccc tggccttgct     34320
     cagtgggtta aggatctggc gttgccgtga gctgtggtgt aggttgcaga cgcagctcgg     34380
     atctggcgtt ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggcc ggcggctaca gctccgattc gacccctagc     34440
     ctgtcaacct ccatatgcct gcaggtgcag ccctagaaaa tacaaaaata aataaataaa     34500
     taaaatttgt tggttgaatg aatgaacgaa tgcttggcca tgcaaagggg ccttgcctga     34560
     cgcctcagca tgtgacgatg gcagcggttc acctgccgcc accccgtgag cgaaggagcg     34620
     tgttgtagtc ttatggaccc ccgctccctc cccacctgcc cgcccaggaa tccaccttcc     34680
     cttcaaaccc tctatctgcc cctctgtcag cagaacccgg gcagctggtc ccccctgggc     34740
     agcagagccc tccgcacggc cagtccagct ccatgaaata tctctggggt catggagaat     34800
     tacagaactt ccacggccct tcaaggtcgg tacatgtgac ttaaaacttc aactaaaccc     34860
     ttcagaggcg acccctctgt cctcagagca tatgcatctc tgaccaggat ccttcgcaag     34920
     cttttcttgg cagatgcccg gacagcttct gcttctgtcc taacagccgc cggaggaggg     34980
     tcccggggca ctggctgtgc taagggactg agctgggtga gccttgttcc cacttggaaa     35040
     gcaaagggtt tcctttccgg ttttgcattc aaacttactt tcctttccac ttggtggggg     35100
     ggtgggcttt tctcacatcc taagagccgg gacaagagga gctggcaagg aagcaagagg     35160
     gaagagagaa ggggcaggac cacctgtacc gccagcctgg tgcggggtct ctaatgggag     35220
     cagtaatgca tcattaggcc aaatggcaaa ggggctccgg ggggaggctt ctcgggggct     35280
     gcggggaagg ggggtgctcg gctttcctcc ttccacagta agacccagag aaggatgtta     35340
     atgaggagag gtctttctgc cgggactaaa gagagcacaa cgggcgggtg aaggcgagca     35400
     ctttccagtt ccttaagctg aagcttggag aagccatcaa gtccactccc tgcaaattgg     35460
     caccttcggt tccagcctcc acatcctcaa agcatctttg ctgtgccgtc gaggtactaa     35520
     tcacccacgt ggagaaaaag gcacactggc tgatggggaa ccgcatccct gcaaagcttt     35580
     ctttggctag gaaaaaaaaa aaaatcatac aataaaaaag agaagtgttt aagcttcaaa     35640
     actaaaaaga agcagttggc tccagttgtt gaaatgtttt ataaagcaac agcaagaggg     35700
     aaaaaaaatt caaaatcaac ggtcccagaa tgtggaaaga gagccaaaaa tattaatata     35760
     caggaacaca gcaaaccctc tgcaagctgc aaaaaatgtc ttcgtttccc ctggataatc     35820
     aacaagtacg gcagcctttc ctctccatcg gctctccctg caaactgcct gtttgaaagc     35880
     tatgcggtaa aacccgtttt ccaaataaaa gaaaataaaa gcaaaggtcc atggctttct     35940
     tgtttcaaat atcatagcga agaggtttga acccctagaa cctgaagagg aggaagatgt     36000
     atataaaacg aagaaaccca gaccaccgga aattaaaaat aaatagaatt tcatatgcgt     36060
     gagtgtattc atttgctgag cacggcaggt ctcctggtaa agaacttcac tgagggtcgg     36120
     gtggtcatat aagatacaga tgcccagcta aatctaataa atgaataact cttcagtata     36180
     agtactgtat cgtagaggta tcttccatga cattcaattt aactggatgt cctgtatttc     36240
     cgtatgctgc atcttgcaag cctactggta gaaggttctg ggtgcttatg ctaactgggc     36300
     agtgctaata cacactctaa caggacagcg agcccgggct ctgctcctat ttggttgaaa     36360
     caaggcccgt gcccacccac gggtcaggga ggtccaggga gctggtgtct caggtcccct     36420
     gtgtcatctt agtccttgat cagcttcagc tgcctgaaag cacagtgaga gctgctccag     36480
     agggacactg tgccggcctc agatgccacc tcgggaaagc cgggactgag gtctttccca     36540
     aaggctgtgt gtgaccagat tcagcacaca gccaggcttc tgcccccgga agtcacccag     36600
     agagaagagg gtggggacat gtcctcctca ccctccggca gggtcctgcc ctggaaagaa     36660
     gagcgcctct aagtaacgtt tgtggttagg tggttgggga caggggggcg gggggcgggg     36720
     atccaggttt ggttcaaatc ctttctcttc cactatcatt tgagccagtt ttcccttctg     36780
     caaaatggtc acagatggaa tctcgcctcc aagaaggcca tgcatcgcca cgaagttagg     36840
     ggccgtcagg aagcatctgg ccggccctgg tgaaggacgg ctccctgatg gggaccgtgt     36900
     tcccgtggca gcctcggggc cgccccaggg agcaccccgg cgagtgtggc tccggttcct     36960
     ctctcacttc tcaggaaaga aggaatccca ccttcagggc tggtccacag gtggtccatg     37020
     gcctcgtctt caaaactgac atcctcaagg aggcaacccc aggtccagac aaagccccat     37080
     ttccacctgc ccacactgtc ccccaaacct ctgtgccgtg ggccgagggc ccctcctgag     37140
     ccaaggctac cgagatgcta ctccctggga acactctccc tcactggtga gcaccaaccc     37200
     tccaggcact gtgaggggtc ctgatcacct gcccctcaca gcctcctatg atccctacca     37260
     gctcattttg tagatgagga aactgggcct cagaggggtt agcccacttg cccacggtca     37320
     ctgagctggc acagagcaga gcccgggctt gagcccacat ccgatcccaa agccaacata     37380
     cttaaccaca attctcatcc tggacccatc ccccagagta ctctgtgcag atagttttga     37440
     ggggaatggg caagactggc aaactcttat tcatccttca aaaccccact gactcatcac     37500
     tcctctgccc ttttctgcct tatctggggc tctctcatcc tactgtttca tctttctggc     37560
     tgcattacca cggggctgca tccacatcca tgtccctacc taacaactcc tggaagacgt     37620
     ggggtttgct ttcctatttc tgccctgggc catgctctcg cgggtgctcc ccagctgtgc     37680
     tggcctcctt agagtccttc aaactgacct cttcgtgtgg gtcccttcct cgccagatct     37740
     gtgtttaagc ctccccttct tagaggggcc ttttctggcc acccacgggg cacagtcctt     37800
     ctgcagcact tcacttgact ctgtcacctc cagcctcctc ccctgattta actttcctgg     37860
     cagcacgtgt ctctccctgg tgttgcagca cgtttgttta tctgtcttca tttgcttcat     37920
     cgcacgtctt ccctccagac aaggcagccc caggaggcca acgactttgt tggtcttgtt     37980
     ccctcctgga tcctcaggca cgtgggaggc agtcagcaaa catttgttga atgaatgaac     38040
     ccttggcatc tggcacatag acactcggga aacgaactta ttcttaatga atcatttgaa     38100
     cagaatcctc ttagaagctt cccgagggac aaacaggctt tgcccccctg cgtgatggat     38160
     cctcttccca gctatccact gttcacaatt cttccaaggg tttcttccct cccactgtag     38220
     gcatggcgac ctcggagaaa aagccaggaa gaaaacccca ggcccatgtg gacacctgtc     38280
     cgcctgtggc aatccagccc tgccggcttg ttcagcggtg ggggtagcgt gctgcacata     38340
     cacgagtccc tgcagctcca gtcccagccc ctgcctggcc cctccctctt ttggctgagg     38400
     cagcagctgg gaccaccgca atcctgggcc cccacccagc atttcccaca gcccagaaga     38460
     gcatcacagg cttgcggtgt ggagaacgtt attagagggg caacagcctc caaacacccc     38520
     ccagagacgc acagatcgtg gataagggag agggaggtgg ggcgacccgc tggggagagc     38580
     cactgacagc cgatgggaga caaacacaca gcgtcctctc tgaagggtct tcctaaaatc     38640
     aacatggaga ccacccgtgg gcccacggaa gcctgctctc tgtctgggag gctccggacg     38700
     cctgcgtatc tgccctacgc cctggatgcc cgctctgttg tcttctagac acactttctg     38760
     ggaggcgggg ggcagggaga agaagtcagt gaacaaacac caatggaaca gcccaaggat     38820
     gagcaattgg tgtggatggc catgaaagac tgtggggtgc agggtctgga ggcgattttc     38880
     tcttttaact ccatttggag acggttttaa acagcagagg ataaagaaat gcatgcatat     38940
     gttctcctag agccacaggc gcaccaaagc tctgggcagc actttcctgg aggcccaaaa     39000
     ctcagccccg gtggcatcag cagcagaatg gaacactctt ccttgggggg tatggcagtg     39060
     aacacaccag ctacttctca aacatgacag tgggccaagt aagccaggca aaaaacgatg     39120
     ccaggatgag cccacaagga gtgcagattg tgctgaaaca aatctctgcc gcccagagac     39180
     aagagggggc caggggcagg gagaggggct ggattgtcct ctgtcgcaat ccagacggtg     39240
     gctacagggg tgtgttctcg gtgacggaat ccgttaagct cggtccattt agcattggaa     39300
     cactagacat gtacacttgc acgacagtct aagcgttaag gcggcggcgg gtggggtcgg     39360
     gtgggtgttg tgtagggtct ttcggtctcc ccaaggtttt ccgctaagga ggagggccgc     39420
     tgcagcgcgg agcctggcag gtgggcaggg aggcgggtga agagcgcagc tgcccggccc     39480
     aggcaggcag tgggcgcagc gacgcctcga gagccaggcg gccccacccc gccaggtgcg     39540
     gcgtcttctc cgcctccgcg tcccgcgttg ctcggcaacc ggtctcccag gcgacgcggg     39600
     acgctgagcc caggaccaga actcacaggg cgcgccaaga ccccaggctc catggcgcag     39660
     aaaccaatca gcacggcagc ggcggagcgc ctgaacctgg tggcccaaga cgagatctgg     39720
     taacgctgga gattccgtaa cccagtgggc acacggggcg gcctcggttt cccaccaagt     39780
     cctggcggtg gtcgacctct ccgcgcgagg agcgtgcact ggagatggtc agggaccttg     39840
     tggaaagggg gcagggctgg ggaccaaaga acctttcttt ctcttctctt gggcacatca     39900
     taaggcgtga aagattttgc atctggcttt acaaccctct gcgaagcttt gcttgttaag     39960
     agtccaccga tgtctgctta tttttaagat ttaccaaatg ttttttaaaa atcgtaaatt     40020
     tgttcagttc gaatgggagc actttacatt ctctcttgcc cctcctggtt ttttttaaca     40080
     agaaatgtca gagaatagct ccattttctc aaagatgtat gttcagcagg ggtttgtagt     40140
     cgatgttttt attctatcct tttgctaaat agcatcctat ctctgtgaag ttttaaccaa     40200
     taggagaagt tgctaattta gatgcaagta aatactagca acaacaaact gtcattgctt     40260
     acctcttaaa cctcagttat cctagttgtc aactctagga cttttttacc ttttccttgt     40320
     aaaccctgct atagtccctt catactttaa attagctctg tttcacttaa tgagtttatt     40380
     ttgatgggaa agtttatatc actcttaaaa atggaaagcc agtggtattt gccgtacaat     40440
     acacagctat tattattttt taaatattta cttttatccg aatccccgca atgggaagta     40500
     ctgccacagc agggtctgtt tccactgtct ctagaatgat cttttctcct tcctcacaag     40560
     accaactcct acgcgtcttt caagacccaa atcagagagc accctctgtg tgaacagagc     40620
     cagtgaagcc ctagactgtt ctgtcccatg tccaaaaggg ctgtcggcga cttgaaatgt     40680
     gacgattcca gattggaatg aagagtaaac gtaaaatact agatttcaaa agtttcagac     40740
     cctgaaaaaa gtgatgccca aattaagttt acctgtttat tttcactttt tgaatgtggc     40800
     tgctggaaaa ttttcaatta tatatatggg tcatattatg gctcgtggtt catctctttc     40860
     taaaatagat tcagctttag atgctctggg cccagggaaa gagcttggct ggggcctctg     40920
     aaactggtga gatatcggag ggcgtggggt acagatatgg attccaaaat aggaaaggca     40980
     agttgaaagt caaaatgaat aaaagtttaa tgggtaacat acccgctctt cagttgcaag     41040
     tcagctcagc tcataggcag ttacgtataa attatagtca acgtggcgca aaagcagggc     41100
     caggattagg gtgggacgag ggaggaaccc ggactgcgct gtctaagggg ggctggatct     41160
     tgaggtcatg ggggagctgg ctctgccctt gcaggaaact gggagtgggc acctccttaa     41220
     atgctgcact ccagggcctc gcttactctg ccctggtcct tgatctgaaa acaagggaaa     41280
     tttaaacgtc cctccgcaat gactgaaccc tcacccattc gtgtgggtca catggcctcc     41340
     cagaataagg agtctagcac ggagatgacc ccccgggaag ggtcagtccc aagggtgcct     41400
     gctccccgct gtaccatcgc agcatctctg gtccttagac acacatctcc cttatatttg     41460
     tggcaggtct gcagcggcag ggactccctc gcccttcctg gcacgggtca tcgttcggtc     41520
     cagatgcacc gaagaatgta aaaccaggag cacattttag gggttgctac tttaatcctt     41580
     ttcaaatgtt gcccagcact taaaaacgtt ctttttcagg aaataccgcc tgaaggctga     41640
     aaacgaagca cggcaaaact gggcccagaa ctggggattt ttaacaaccc ccctcgagga     41700
     ggtaaatgta aattttatga gcccgggggt tctagaatca atcatttcca agaataaatg     41760
     gttatgaagt gtataatttg caagaataaa aatcaaggag cgtgttgtag gcgaagacgg     41820
     ctgactctga cacctgaagc ttttgcttcc attcacgaat ttattgagta cttattatgt     41880
     gccaggcgcc ttctagaagc ttcatccaaa tcagctcatt taatctcttc ggcgaccccc     41940
     gtggaagggg gcagggtgct gtttgattcc catttggcag atgagggatt tgagctcaaa     42000
     gaagtgcaaa gtcacacagc taagaagggg aggcaccagg ggagaagctg gtgtggccaa     42060
     ttccagggcc tctcggcctc aggctcccca tctgtgaaaa gggtgacagt ccccaccacc     42120
     tcactgaagg acggtgggct tcagatgcca tgagaggcca ggtacatatc taagagattt     42180
     ttaggaaaat acccttggtg tttgctgcgc caggtagata agagaagcca ggcaaaggac     42240
     caggcatcat tcatggggag aggtggggac accagccaaa gacccctgac cccactcaga     42300
     ggcagcacca acagcccagc tgacagctac tggggcagag cttgggtgcg tgtcgtgatt     42360
     ggtcaaagcg ggttcaggaa taatccagct gccttcatga aatctcctga gtctagcatc     42420
     atggcttcaa tatatacaac accgcacagg cccacaaaag gcccatgtgg gctttcctgg     42480
     ggtggctgcc aatggtttgc aagcttccca gttatctcca ggacacaaga ggaggaagaa     42540
     gcattttttt tggacgcgtg cagaatcaca aagagccaga taattcaaag cgttcatgat     42600
     tccaggcagc ctaagcccca tttgtaattc accccgtccc cctagctctg aaattatgcc     42660
     attctaaatg agtttttttt aaaaaaaata cttagagagt gatgcagttt gaaattttat     42720
     gcatgagtcc ttattaatgt aatatgcata aaagagtcta tattaatatt ctttatgtgt     42780
     aattaaatca ggtttttgaa gagttcagaa tggctttaaa acttaaaagg ggtagggggc     42840
     gcttctcaga ctttgaaggt tggtcctgga accttgctgt cattttttag tttgagtcca     42900
     taacctgtaa aatgttctca gattacttgg cgggaataga aattggcagc ctgtgagttg     42960
     ccggcagtgg ccggcttggg gctgagctgg cctgccagca agtcccaacg ggatccttct     43020
     ccctggacct gagtgccacc tgcgttactg ggcaccacct gcgttacctg tgcagtgcat     43080
     tgttctgggg ggatgagaag gggacacccc tgagggtctc agctttcggg gtcccatctc     43140
     tggggcttgt gtttcagctg atcaagtgtg aagaagaagc cagcaccccc aagcccagaa     43200
     tcgagctccc cgagcggttc cgcatccggc cagtgacccc agtggagaag tatatccagg     43260
     tgtgcaaaat cgctttacat gctttttttc ctaaataaga aatcggccct gctaggagca     43320
     gtcttgctcc aggtagccta gccatccgca caggtaagaa ggcagcggca cccggccttc     43380
     ggggacacgg gcttccagcc ctttccaagc ccaccagtgg gagacacagc aggttactga     43440
     tccctgcacg tacgtacata tgtgccagac ctctgaggcc agaaggtgtt gggatttgag     43500
     cccactttgc agtggggcgc agggctgtgg catgctgaga ggggcctccg gtcactgagt     43560
     gagcggaggg gtgcccagag ggacaagacc tcggtggcat tcccactgag acgggtcggt     43620
     tgaggcctct agaagttgct gagctctgta cgtccctggg tctcctctca tggggctgtc     43680
     atttcagtca tgggttctgc cctccgccca ctacggagaa ggcaggtctg tgtcctgatg     43740
     gggagaaggg acgaaaactc aggatgaagg cagccagggg tgggggcttc ggctctggat     43800
     tttccttccc tgacatgccc tcagggtacg gtggggtggc ctgactcagt gggccctcag     43860
     tgggtgccct gggttagctg aatgagtgaa tgaaagcagc ccgctgagat gttgagaggg     43920
     tttcccgcct gagtatatag caatagagtc ttgcagattt ttctagaaat acagcaaaat     43980
     atcggtcata aattccaaca tccatgtgta ccctgacccc tggttaccat ctgggggggg     44040
     gggttctcct ccagggttcc atccatccgc acacccccaa cgcatgccag ctcttattat     44100
     gctactgttg tcctttagct gctctccata cagagggctt ggcacggtta tctcatgtcc     44160
     acgacatgcc cggaaagcag atttaatcac caccaaacct cttttgcaga tgcggaaact     44220
     gaagctgcca aaggccgtgt atctgattct agagccctgc tcttaaatac acacagacac     44280
     acacacacac acacacacat gcatacatat atatttaaaa gtcaaactcc acaggctgct     44340
     ttgtaacctg ctcttctcgc ttagcaggat atcctctgtg tctttccagg caggcatcgc     44400
     agcactcccc atcatttgca tattaatggc tgcgtctttg tccgtcatct ggaccaaccc     44460
     gaatttaccc agccctgccc ctcgccctgg atgtccaggt ggttcccagt ttggaacttg     44520
     aggtgttgtt ataaggaaca ccccgtagac atggtgcttt gctcccggtc agggaggttc     44580
     ttgggacagg cgcccagaaa tgcgctgcag gctctaatga agcacgcccg tggggagctc     44640
     cgtctgctcg caccaacctg agggctgacc agtggacaga gcggctctga tttttctcca     44700
     gggctgggct tcgattcggc cccctccctc ccctacctct acccctgaaa gggacacagt     44760
     ggtgaggggt cctgctgtcc ctcctgaccc caggcagtcc ccacaaggcc ctgctggagc     44820
     tggaccctcc ctctgccgtc ttgatgaggg accccagcgc ctgctcaagg gggtggccgc     44880
     tgtgatcaga gtatcacgtc ttcaaaggaa gcgtcccctc gaaatcggag cagtgtcccc     44940
     ttctggaggg agaagagagg aaccgtcctg tggccagagt gaaagagaac aggacttcct     45000
     cctacgcgag gctctgctta gggaagggcc cggggtgggg gggggggtac cagaatcacg     45060
     atcccggaaa gagaggcact gcctacttcc ctcggaactg ccttcctgtg gaagaaatgc     45120
     ttcccttcgc cctcctgtcc tagcccctct ctaggtggac agagctttta aaaatacatt     45180
     tatggagttc ccgttgtggc tcagtgggat aaggacctga cgcaggttca atccctggcc     45240
     tcgctccatg gctcaaggat ccagtgttgg cgcaagctgc ggtgcaggtc gcagctgcag     45300
     ctcagattca tcccccagcc tggaaacgtc catcgccaca ggcgcagctg taaaaagaaa     45360
     aacatatatg tattcatggt ttaaggggta acctataccc aaagtgcacg ctgcgaaaag     45420
     cctcctccct cccccgcctc ctgcgagctg tgtcccccgc gtctgcgccc ttccacgggc     45480
     gccatgtgca tatcccaatg cgtgtgtggg tctccagcct ttttttctta gctcactatg     45540
     ttttgacgtt gtttatgcat cctgtttctc tgagcagttt atcttcaacg ccactctacc     45600
     tcagaacaca cagagctgcc tccttctctc aaactgccgc gcagggtccc tggggctgaa     45660
     ggaggctcct ggatggcacg taggctgagt cctgtcgttg gctcttacaa acagggctgc     45720
     agtcggcgcc ccacatgaac atcggtgtgt atgtggcagg cattaggctg tcttagggtc     45780
     catgcccgga gatgccctgt ccggtcaaag agcactggcc ctttgctctt gcacggataa     45840
     cggcaacctt gccattcaca gggagggagc agcagcctct cccttgaggc cctggtttac     45900
     ggtggtgttt tcatctcttt gccagtccgg tgggtgaagg gcgacatccc agagtggttt     45960
     ctgactgcgt ttctcttaca agttgtggct ggacgggcga gctagtctgc aggttcccga     46020
     gagccatctg gaccagcacc agaacctgct ggaagaaact ctggccttgc tggggtttat     46080
     tcaggaccct ccctgcatgt ggcctctcga gagagtcatt ttaatacttc gtcaagaaca     46140
     tatattaagg ggcttcctcc accggtggcc gctggcccac caggactgtc gcctcctgcc     46200
     accatcttgc tcggagatcc tttggctgag cgtgaaccca tagccccaag catattaaac     46260
     ctcttcctct cagtcctgct ggaacaaata ttccccgctg ctgccggggt tccaggcgcc     46320
     ccatatgagc agaacagaag atcattccaa acggagggcc acctgccgaa acaggtcccc     46380
     tcgttttcca aaaattttcc acatttcaag aattaacaaa ttgtggtttc cagattccag     46440
     atagaatcct gtttcccttt tgggtttttc gttgtctttt ttgtcttggg ccactcccac     46500
     ggcatgtgga ggttcccagg ctagggatct aatcagagct atagccgctg acccacgcca     46560
     gacccacagc aacgccagat ccgagccacg tctgcaacct acaccacggc tgatggcaac     46620
     gccagatcct tgacccgagg ccagggatcg aacccacaac ctcatggttc ctagtcagat     46680
     tcgttaacca ctgagccacg acggaaactc ctcccttttg ttttttcgtt cacttcaatt     46740
     gcttttcatt cttgtggtgt ctgtggtttg ggttgcatgt gcgtacgtgt gtgtgtgctc     46800
     gcatgtgtgt gtttgcacac gtgtcagaaa gccttctaat gaaaactgga aggtctgtat     46860
     ctgccaggat gccatgtgag gatattactg tatattttat aaagggcatt gtgtatttga     46920
     tattcggtat ttctacctct tattttttcc ctatttgctt ttttaccaag tggaaattat     46980
     tttgctagag gtcgtgaatt aaatgcacga agcactacgg gattcaggaa cctgttaggt     47040
     gatcattatt ttcaaggaga acatgagtct ctgagtccac tgacaggacc atgtctacgt     47100
     tcagtgcacc ttcctagaga cactggctct tccttctgtc tcttcttcct attttttcct     47160
     tgcagtttta ttgagatata attgacatgc agtgccggag aagtataagg tacatggctc     47220
     gcgcgttgac ttacacacat catgaaatga ttctaacaat aagcttagtg gccatctgtc     47280
     ctttcataga gatggaagat ttaagaaata gaaaaaaaaa aaatttgttc cttagcatgc     47340
     gtactcttcg gtttgctgtt aacctttttc ctccgtaacg tgcagcaggt gttccttggt     47400
     tttatcccat tgcacatggc atccccagtc ctcatcatga gaagtttgta ccttctgacc     47460
     acctccatcc accccctgtc cccacacctg cctctggtaa ctgcagggtt gatcattttc     47520
     ctgtgagttt gttctgaagc ataattaaca ctataggtgt ttagctcttg tcatacaaca     47580
     gagggattca atatttctaa acatgtcaaa acaatccgag tctagttacg atctgtcacc     47640
     ctacggagat gtcgcataat tactgcctat ggtccccacg cggtacgttt cctacctgtg     47700
     actcattttg caaatggaag tttgcacgtc ttacctccct cacctatttc tctgctcctc     47760
     tgccctccct ctggcaatga cctgtttgct ctcaatatct atgactgtct ctgcttctgg     47820
     ttgtccacct gttttgttgt gtggacccca cgtttaagtg aattcgtgca gtatttgtct     47880
     tcggctgacg tgtttcactc agcgtagcac cgccctggcc catctctgtt ggcacaagag     47940
     ggaaggtttt ctgagctcta acagctgagt catagccatg gtgtgtgtac gcaccacatc     48000
     ttctttctcc gcttctctgt cgatggacac gtaggctgtt tccatgtctc ggcaactgta     48060
     aacagtcctg caatgaacag acaggtgctt gttatctttt tgaattagtg tttgcattta     48120
     tttcagataa atggaatacc cagaatggag ttgctgggtc gcgtggtagt tctacttgtt     48180
     tcgaggaacc tccatactgt tttccacagt ggctgcacca gtgtccatcc ctaccagcag     48240
     tgcccaaggg gtcccttctc tccacatcct caccagcact cgagtcctgc ttggtatgtg     48300
     ttgtcttttt gacagcagcc atcctggcag gtgtgagggg acaccctatg gtggctggtt     48360
     tgcctttcct tgaggaccag tgacactgac tatttttcat gcgactattc gccacctgta     48420
     tgtcttcttg gggaaaatgt ccgtttgggt cttctgccta tttttctaaa caggttgttt     48480
     gggttttttc gatgctgagt tgtgtggttt ctttgcatat tgtggatatt aacccttcgc     48540
     tggggacatt gtttgcaaat atcttccccc attcagtagg tggccttttc ggttggttga     48600
     taagttcctt ccctgtgcaa agaagctttt ttaccccatg tgtttatttt tgcttttgct     48660
     tcccttccct gaggaggcat atccccaaaa atcttgctag gaccaatgtc aaagagttac     48720
     tgcctatgtt ttcttccaga agttctgtgg tttcagctct tacatctgag ttgagtttta     48780
     ttcatggtgg gatgtagtcc agtttgattc ttttgcccag agctgtccag ttttcccagc     48840
     gccatcctgg aagaggctgt ccttccccca ctatatagtc ttgcctcctt tgtcgtggat     48900
     taattgcccg cagacatgtg ggttcgtttc tgggctctcg ctcctgttcc ctggatccct     48960
     ggctctgtgc cagttccacg gttcctcctg gcttctccac accaggcctc ccatgcggat     49020
     cctgaagcct ctgtggacac acgtctcgtt gtgtggccca cgatgattaa ccccctgcct     49080
     ttcccttcca ggtgcttcca tcccccccag tcccaaagac gacccagggc ttcatcggct     49140
     ggaggtctgg ggtgccaggc ctgaacaagt gtctggagca tgactgtgag atcaggagct     49200
     gcaaaggggc gtatgccaag gagctaaact ggcccaagca gggcatacac tgatccagac     49260
     agagacgcag ccctgggcaa agaaagggtg gaccaccaag ccctggagcc cagcccagga     49320
     aaagaggagg ccgccagcct ccccgtgaag acagagcccc ctccacgttt gctcatagga     49380
     tgttgctgca aagaacacaa aacagcccct agatgctctc aattcatcga tgcctccctt     49440
     ccagaatatg cttgtaacac attcactctt ggctaatgca atggaaaagg caaagcagat     49500
     tctctgaatt ttttttacga ctttgggaat gcctaggtat agctttatat atttaaaaac     49560
     aataaagcat gatctcattt ttaaatattt gtctaaatca tttcgtgtca ctttcaaccc     49620
     cacctctcac cagcctggtt tatgatgaaa ttgtcggcca gatgtctctg gacccaaata     49680
     tccctgggcc tgcttttcag gagacataaa gcactttagg gatccccgga cacgcctgtc     49740
     ccaggatatt cgcagtatgg caacagcttt aaagcagaaa tgagcctaag attcaccccc     49800
     gagcaccgtt ttcccaggtg cgccccagaa aacctcccac ttagcccacc ccccgcccac     49860
     gcagatggca gccgagctgg ccaccgaggc cacgttctcc ccctgtggac atctgacgtc     49920
     acctgcttgg gcaacgttct cttgctggtc cctgcccgtt gtcgaggctt cacttcagtg     49980
     cctgcacaca cggtgggggt ggagagcggg gcgtccagtt ggcgaggtgg ccaggaagga     50040
     gcagccagcc cacctgcggg tccaccaact gggccccaag gagaatgaga gccaagagtt     50100
     tgtaggtggc ctgtgaaagc tggtgcgtat gctctgagaa gcaggggtgg tgcctccatc     50160
     agacctggag gagtttgggg gtcggggggc tgccaggtac ctgcctccca gagtcacgtc     50220
     cctgactttc atcatttggc caagggtcac tgttcacagg atgggcccct cgcgggtttg     50280
     cttgacgaag ggggtctcag ggggcttgtg ttgggtggga cccacctaca ggctcagcca     50340
     tccaaacccc cctgctcacc ttgccgtctc ggtgtggggg gatgtgcttc accaacccaa     50400
     gaacacttca tccagaacct tcccctgacc ctgaacgcgg gcctcctcta gcacgcttct     50460
     aaagggaccc catgactttg ggggtaccaa atgcctggaa gacagagttc cgactggatc     50520
     tgaatctgca ggttctgggc tcagtgtccg tatcccagag ccccgggctg agcgctgctc     50580
     tcatgcaggc acgtgcttct ctatcaagtc tgcagaatgt ggtttgaggg accggtcttc     50640
     ttagggggtg ggagacgttg aggggtgctg atgcagaccc ttcagagcca gccgggcggg     50700
     cactgagagc agtcacagag caagcctcct cccagcgaca tcattggatc tgctccaacc     50760
     cagagcggga aactcagctg ctcacgggct gcccagcctg gaagagccag agcacgggaa     50820
     aaaccatcct tcaggaagcc ttgtcattcc ctctgagtgc agtgcccgcc ctcacgccct     50880
     gccactcggg ccacatgggc cacagccccc aggacctccc acggccatca cggctgacct     50940
     cccacctgca cctgccgacc acaggcttaa aggagaaacg tcgcaactct tgaggccctg     51000
     agaaaagagg gccaggtttt tatgggtcaa actgtgtctc cccctccccc ccaaaaggta     51060
     tgtccaagtc ctaattgcca gtacatgtga aggtggcctg atttcgaaac agggtcactg     51120
     cagagggaat tagtgaacat aaggtcacag tggaagagga gacacgagga ggagacgctg     51180
     ggtaaagaca cagacccacg tgggagacgc caggtcgtgg ccaggtcgtg gcggaggcag     51240
     aagttagagc gacgcacctt cagtccggag gccagccatc gccagcgaac catcagaagc     51300
     caggaggcag cgaggaagga tcccgccctg cggctgcaga gggagcagga ccctgccgac     51360
     cccgtgactg ggggctgcca gactccaggg ctgggagagg accaacctct gtcgctgagg     51420
     ccgcccagtg tgtgggtctc ggcggcccag gagagaagga tgggatggaa gacattttgc     51480
     tgccccctcc ccagccccgc ggcccagacc ccgccctcct ctgcgcacgc gtctctcatt     51540
     gtctggactc gggccgtgtc cgcctgagac caggtcacgt ggctcgttca gctgcaggga     51600
     tgtttctcat cccccagatg ttccgcctga tgcagactaa acaatgagat gctgggccaa     51660
     gcccgtctct tttaaatcct gatgttttgg cgtttcggtc atcgctgcag gcaaggcatc     51720
     cacccttgaa gaaacccacg tcccttccgt gatcagacgc tgccgccatg gttgggcaga     51780
     ggagccagaa ccttctgtct tccaggcctc gcctttagcc caccagggtc acaattccct     51840
     ccaactgccg tgcacagagg cagcgtgcac ctgtggccgg gacacagtgc cagtgccaga     51900
     tggtacttta tgtcctaatt cctgctcata aggtgtatct gagaacattt tccacaacag     51960
     tttggtgaca aaagagtcca gcaaaagaga tgggctccct tgacgtgtct ggccctcaag     52020
     cctggtcagg aatttagcat ggctggtttg attcttgtga aacttgctag ggggttgacc     52080
     ttaattctga tcttagctgg cttgtctggg tcaaccagca gcctggttgt agggaggctg     52140
     gccaacagat accatccatg gaaatggcca ggaggagcag agcaggtgaa cagctgaatc     52200
     ttcagaaaga ccagacatcc gagttggaaa cgtcccagca ggttgcgggt tcgatcccca     52260
     gcctagctca gtgggttaag gatccggcct tgctgtgagc tgtggtgtag gtcacagatg     52320
     cagctcggac ctggcatggc tgtggctgtg gtgtaggctg gcagctgtat ctccgattcg     52380
     acccctagcc tgggaacctc cataagccac cggtgcagcc ctaaaaagac aaaagaccaa     52440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggagcc cagaatcatt gtggactgta cacttgttgt     52500
     gggtcattgt ggtaccaaga ggctaccagc tgcttgtctg tgttcagttt taggagaggc     52560
     tcgtggggtt aaggggctgt gttgtgcgtg ggtgggtcac aattctgatt ggatgaaatg     52620
     cgaacaagga ctcctgggta agccacagcc ctggcatcag aggcatcagg gagagcggct     52680
     tgcttgtccc cccagagaaa ttaggccgga gcataagcaa ctgttgtctg agtgtgcgcg     52740
     tgggtgtgac tgacggattt actgtgcagg cagctccctt ttatttagga aacacatctt     52800
     gtttctaggc ggctcctcta acattcccgt gaggatacac atggcaggtt gagccaggca     52860
     cacgtgcgcc acagggcagg tgcagagctg tgcacagaac cagccctgga gccagaggac     52920
     acagaagggc tgcatggcca gggctgagcc aggctggtgc cccctatagg ctaaggaagg     52980
     ctggattgcc cccgggcagg ggctgaaacc atcgctaagg ttaaggggtt tactgggtct     53040
     ctactaagtg cctgtgttct agtcggaccc cacttttgat gtttgactgc cgacactttt     53100
     taagccttct ccccctctgc ccacctccag gcgtactggt aagaaagcca cagggcatgc     53160
     tcctttggca ccagagagac atccaagggg tgcatgggac gcctcgcccc accccgcccc     53220
     ccggccacca tcccaacccc aagccagtct gcttccccag agttctcaag ccattttaag     53280
     accagcttgg ggagcctgcc ctgccctccc aggaaccctc aggatatagg tgataaattt     53340
     gttcctaccg tctctccatc ggaccacatt tgggctgggg ggtctgtccc gtctttgcag     53400
     gttgacgggc tgacgacagc tgtcaggttc atgctaaact ccttaccttc gtagcaaccg     53460
     tgcaaactca atcttgttac aagcccctga agcaggtgga ggaagagaag ctacatgcag     53520
     tgaagtgact tgtccaaggc caggtggcag gagagccaga tctcaaatgc tgctctgtgt     53580
     gactccagtg atgccacaaa acccctctga gaacggtcca catgccagac ttccgcagct     53640
     gtcccctctg ccagggcagg gatccccaag tcccttcctg tccccagggt gccacaccct     53700
     cataccccga acctgtggtt ctgaggagac gtcactgcca taagggggtc gcagggcatg     53760
     gccccttcgt ccttgcgttg ggaaggttat cgggagtatc caagtgggcc cagtgtagtc     53820
     acgtgagcct ctgcatatgg aggcagcggg gtcggcagga gacgtggagc aagagaaaaa     53880
     ctcgacatgt catcaatgct gtgaagatga ggaggccgca tgagaaggca ggtggcagcc     53940
     tcgggaagcc ggacaaaaac cgggaagaaa acagggaccc agtcttgcag ccacaccgaa     54000
     ctagattctg ccaagagcca gaatgagcct aggagacgat gagcccaggg aaactccagc     54060
     tgagggctca ggccagcctc cagagaccct gcgcagagag caccggagcc cgtctggact     54120
     tctgacccac ggggaaggga ccttgtctta aagccctaaa attgtggtat cagtcacagc     54180
     agcaataaaa aacaaaagct ggagttccca ttgtggctca actagcatcc atgaggacac     54240
     aggtttgatc cctggcgcgg ctcagggggt taaggatccg gtgttgtggt gagctgtgct     54300
     gttggtcaca gacagagctc ggatccaggg ttgctgtggt tgtggtgcag gctggcacct     54360
     acagctctga ttcagccctt agcctgggaa cttccatatg ccactggtgc ggccctaaaa     54420
     caaaggaaaa aagaaaaaag cccccagaag ctaatacacc atgtcgccaa gaatgccagt     54480
     ccctgagtct ctgccgtgct ctttctcggg gctgcgttcg cagcaagtaa cagccaggac     54540
     gaggagcagg ccgcttacct ccggctccga caggcctggt ccccggctca gggctcctca     54600
     gctgggacac aaacctaccc tgttgccccc gtggaacctg aaggcaaaag cacgggatgc     54660
     tgacgtccat gcaacctgtt gtacagcgag tactgagtct ttgacctctg acccaggggt     54720
     ctgtgtctcc tgccagcatt cacggagtag cacctgctta gcttatgaat gaagcccgat     54780
     caaacccaga cctgaccaca cgtccgtccc cttttcacta ttaaactccc acccagcagc     54840
     cctgccttca agcagccctt tctgccccct caccgcttcc atgccatcag ggccacacac     54900
     ttctctcacg gcagctcatc atccaacaag cctgccttta tttgaataat gtatctttta     54960
     aaactgcaac ttttattgga gttccccttg tggctcagca ggttgaggac aggacactgt     55020
     ctctgtgagg aggcaggttc gatccctggc ctcgctccgt gggttaagga accggtgttg     55080
     ctgtgagctg cggtgtaggt cacagatgca gctcggatct ggcattgctg ggcctgtggc     55140
     gttggccggc gctccagttt gaccccctag cctggcctgg acacttccat atgcttcagg     55200
     ttcggctgta aaaagaaaaa aataataaat aaaaaaatcc cttttatttt ctcttgcttg     55260
     cttgtttctt atctttttta ttaaccttag gggttttttt ttcacttttt aagttttatt     55320
     gaagtacatt tgatttacaa tattgagatt gagaagtatt tttattaata ttttactccc     55380
     cgagtagcct gatgttcccg gtaggccagg gatccggtcc ctctttcctc accattacgc     55440
     acagtatcta gaacaatacc cagcaaatga caggtgcttc atatttgctg aaagggggga     55500
     gatactgcgg gtgatggaac cacaactttt cagcccttga aacactcacc gttccatcgc     55560
     ttctccatga ctcagaatgc taataaaatg acaggcacct caaaggctcc aatacaatac     55620
     ttccctaaaa acaggtgtga aagtcaaacg ttcaaaatct tagcagttgt ggagttcccg     55680
     tcgttgcgca gtggttaatg aatccgacta tgaacaatga ggttgtgggt tcgatccctg     55740
     gccttgctca gtgggttaag gatctggcgt tgctgtgagc tgtggtgtag gtcgcagatg     55800
     tgcctcacat cctgcgttgc tgtggctctg gcgtaggcca gtggctacag ctctgattcg     55860
     acccctagcc tgggaacctc catatgccga gggagcggct caagaaaagg taaaaagaca     55920
     aaattaatta actaattaaa taaagtctta gcggtcgctt tacacaccat gcggaaagct     55980
     gtcctcatca aagagggaaa acatttttac aaaaggtccc tgttcacctt cgcctctccg     56040
     atgtgccgtt gaatttttac aaaaggtccc tgttcaatgc catatttcaa aatgccatat     56100
     ttcacattca ataccagcta tttagtgtgt gggtttattt tctttattca agactgaaca     56160
     gaaaaccatc agatttgcct cccaggacct gagcgcccac gtgggccacg gatgtgcccc     56220
     gttgtcggag gtcaacttgc ggggcttgat gttgtacgta aacttgaccg gccgcagagg     56280
     ggctctgatt aagcatttct ggctgtgtct gggccggtgc ttctggatgg gattagcgtt     56340
     tggatcagca gactcggtga agcaggcccc tctctccaag tgcaggcggg tgtcctccaa     56400
     cccatgcaag agcctgaata gaacagaaaa cagagggaga agaatgcgtg ccttttaatt     56460
     cctgcctcgc tgcttaacct gggacagttt gtctcatgtt ctcctgcccc tggacggggc     56520
     tttataccat ccgctaaact caaaggggaa cagcagcacc agcccccctg ggtctccagc     56580
     ttgcaggcag ccgatcatag gacgtctcag cctccgttgc tgtgtgagcc aattcccaca     56640
     ataaatcaat agatgataga caggtaagta ggtgggtaga tagataggtg atggataaca     56700
     ggacggcagg taggtctgtc aactgaacaa aatacaccag gggagagctc tgagttaagt     56760
     ctcactggga gcaaaacgag ggtctagcct gggaggcggc tttccgagag ctccgaggaa     56820
     ccgcgcccat gggcccaggg gaggggtcag ttcagaggtg attctggcga agggggaggt     56880
     tcatgcagcc aagcgcccgt cctgcagaag ctcgttgcaa ggaacagaag gattgcatga     56940
     aggattttag tgaactccga gataggagga gctgcgagaa ctgggctctt gaaatcttct     57000
     cctgaaaaca tctaactgtc tgaagacctg ctgtgccagt tttcccagct cacagagggc     57060
     ccgactctgg atctccaccc tggacgcctt cggggggtgt tgaagggcag cagccgcagc     57120
     agcgcatgat tcaatccttg tggaggcaga tggtacgtgc cagcctccaa ctggtaggta     57180
     ggtagataga tgattgctag gtagatagat agatacagat gattgactga tagatagata     57240
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacaaataga tagacagata gacagactag atcgatcgat     57300
     ccgtctgttt ctctggaaac agagaactaa ctgatacgat acccattgca ggtgcaatgg     57360
     cattactgtg ggagaacttg acctctcatc tccggtttca gcaagttcct agttccccac     57420
     tcgtttttgt aagataatta gaccagaaca taggagcctc tccaaactct tgcaccacaa     57480
     aaagccaagg gagctgccaa actgctgctg gggcctgtcc tcaccttggg tgtgcagatg     57540
     gcaccgcgag cgggcagttc cagtcccccc accgactgat acagcgaggg ttaccctcca     57600
     acacccaaga aaagcaccaa gcggacccca tcataatttc tttgaacaat gactctctcg     57660
     cacttttgtt ttcttacttt ccgcagagac gtgagtgtcg aaaaagagtt aagattccac     57720
     ttcaccaggc agaacacagc atcctgagca cagcaatcgg ctggcgactg ccgtgcaaag     57780
     tcagtctgct tcctctctat ttaaaaaaaa aatggcttgg agcaaaagtg acataaaaag     57840
     gactggcgtg ctaggacgtg ctgcagtggg ggagaacttc agaaatatgc tcatggaaag     57900
     aagggagaca cggaaggtca cacactgtat tggccgctgt ttgtacgacg tgtccggatt     57960
     agcaaagtcc ccagcggcga agcagcgccc aggggatcaa aggaaggggg tgtggggatc     58020
     gcctgatgaa ggcctcaggg tttcctttgg gggcgacaaa ggtgtcttgg aactagattg     58080
     aggtcatggt tgcatgacac cgaggatgtt caaattaaca ccgaactgta cactttaaaa     58140
     tacttctttt tttggggggg ggttccattg gggttcagtg ctaatgaata cgactagtat     58200
     ccttgaagat gcaggttcga tccctggcct cactcagtga gttaaggatc ctgcattgcc     58260
     atgagctgca gtgtgtttca cagatgcagc ctggatctgg cgttgctgtg gctgtggtgc     58320
     aggccagcac ctgcagctct gattcaaccc ctagcctgga aacctccaga ggctgcaagt     58380
     gcaggcctca aaagcaaaaa aaataaaaaa taaaatgctt ctttttgtgt aagtaaactt     58440
     cagctcaatt tgtttttaat gaccagaagt ttaagctatt gattctgcat ggagtgcatg     58500
     aaattattct tccatagagt ttttcctaca tctgccatag cgatggaacc gtgtattacc     58560
     cacggaggag ggcaagttaa acttaagtta atctgtcagc cctgagccac cagtttgccg     58620
     cgtggaatct cagtcactcc cggtggcatc tggtcctcgc ctctcggcca ccaccaccca     58680
     tggacctgct tagcggcatc tttcccggcc tcagaggaac tgttgtggtg ggatcggatc     58740
     ggagataaaa atacatctgc aggatgcttg gccaaagaag ccagacacaa aagagaacgt     58800
     gctgtatgat tccatttata taaagtgcaa aacagacact ctggatggaa gcccagagaa     58860
     gtcagcgtgg ggggcggggc ggggggaatc cttgctgggg gaggggggtc gctggtcacg     58920
     ttccaggtct gaatctggat gctggtgaca caggcgtgtt ccctgggtga agacacatcc     58980
     agctcaacct ttctgatgta cgcgtattcc tgtatgaggt gagactccag cgtgagaaaa     59040
     gtttacaggt aaatggtaga agcatgaggc catcagatac atttaatttc ctgccaaacc     59100
     tttgcaacac gggcccaggg cttggcttca gggagcgaga ctccaggcgg gctccagtct     59160
     ggggctccag ctctccaccc cccgaggtgt cagatgttgt ttagggaggt cagggttggg     59220
     ggggggggtg gattgctaat tcccacacaa cttctttctt gtgcaaacag gttctcctct     59280
     ggagaccagg aggggaggac ccacgtttta ccgctttgcc cagcccagca caggaggcgg     59340
     agtctcactg agacgcggga aagggcctgg agcccgtccc cagcccagac cagactgtgc     59400
     tcaggtgcag agtcaggaaa acagacgtgc aatggctgag ggcaaattct tctccaggtt     59460
     tttgtttgtt tgttctgtct ttttagggcc gcatctgcgg catctggagg ttccaggcta     59520
     ggggtagaat cggagctgta gctgctggcc tccaccacag ccacagcaat gccagatccg     59580
     agccgcatct gtgacctaca ccacagctca cagcaaggct ggatccttaa cccactgagc     59640
     aaggccaggg atcgaaccca cgtcctcggg gatcctggtc aggtttgata accacagagc     59700
     cacagcagga gctccttctc cagttttttc agaaagaatc ccagtgtgtc catctgttat     59760
     tcagtccttg gagaagctgc tggcctccca cctccccacc gtggactctc agacacctag     59820
     gcaggagccc aggagaggct gtgacaggca tatgataggg tcccccagca tggccttcca     59880
     gaggccccca gcaggccagg ccccacgagg ctggcccttc gaaaggctcc tgcagcctca     59940
     gcctaaggtc tggtcagcat ctgtggccaa agagcaggcc tgggattcca gggactaact     60000
     accccaggcc ttcccctgag gacagacaaa gtcaagtccc cacagcggtc acagagcaca     60060
     ggtacggccc tgctccagaa ccttcctggg gaagggggga gggggaagag aaggagagag     60120
     aggaagagac aggaacagat aaaaatgggg gaggcacagt ggggaggggg cgggggaggg     60180
     ggaactgggg aactggtttc tttttttgag ggggagggcg cacctcaccc gtggtatatg     60240
     gaagtttcca ggctaggggt acaatcagag ctacagccgc cggcctacac cacagccaca     60300
     gcaacgccag atccgagccg cgtctgcgac ctacaccaca gctcacggca aggccgcatc     60360
     attgaaccca ctgaccgagg ccagggatcg aacccgtgtc ctcatggata ctagtcgggt     60420
     tcatttcccc tgagccacag tgggaactcc tcttttcttt tctttccttt tctttctttt     60480
     tctttctccg aacttctggc aggaggggac tctgccttcc caggaaagtg acagctcccc     60540
     agaagcagcc gtgggaacca gatgacacgg gttcaaatcc cagctctgcc ccctcacaca     60600
     gctcctgggg atgagctgcc ttccaagcat tcagtccccc tgtgatctta gcagcaggga     60660
     gagggtggcc ggcccgtgtc tgtatgacac agtcacacag ggaccgtccc tccaacacca     60720
     gccacccctc agcagggaca atgctggtga cacccatggt ccagcttagc attagaagca     60780
     tttggtcact cactctgtcc cccttggtca ccagatgggg ccagcctggg tgcaagtccc     60840
     gtctccacca cttgttccga gggacaagga caccccatgt gtgaggtgac agatcggggg     60900
     gtcctcaggg gtgctggcct gaggctgtgt gcgggtcgat gctgacaatg aggcaggaaa     60960
     agctcagtca tctcagccct gcggccccgg aggctcttac ctgacctgaa tgtcacaggt     61020
     cctgtacctg atggatacct caggaacctg tcttgacagg gtccccccaa aaacagagcc     61080
     tttgagggtt cagggacgtg tgggtgagga aggggctcag ggaaggagaa cagcaggagg     61140
     gcacagtgac gggaggaccc tgggcttaat gcctgggggg acccgccaag gaaccaggag     61200
     gccaggatgc tggcgcctaa ccagcacccc ttccccacca agggaggccc caggtgttag     61260
     cccccccact gcaggctggg ccagctcaag gctaagcagc ccccaggggc gggaagccct     61320
     tgcccgaggg aaggagaagc ccagctgagg tgggagctcc agctgcaagc atggggactc     61380
     aggtgggcac agcgcccaca gagcccatct gggtgcagaa aggactgtgg ccggggtggc     61440
     agacgttggc ttaaatctgc tgagagggag cccccacgtg tcacctgagg ttacctggcc     61500
     ctccaagcat gtcacctgat gcccagcaga gagcaatagt cagatgccat ccaggtccct     61560
     ggttcaaagc cctggcctcc catctggatc tctgcaaagg cacatgcccc cgagtgacca     61620
     cggcagctgc acccccatgc actcatgctg gtgggcttgt ggctgaattt catgagcaag     61680
     gccaggaaca ggctcagcac aggcccagtc agcacacatc accataatga aaaccgggtc     61740
     ccctttccta gaaatgaccc tgcaaccagc caggcttccc tggggaaagg ggctctcctg     61800
     ggggggtctt gcatccgctg gggggtgggg gctggaacct gtgggtcccc aggccctgcc     61860
     cagaaggaaa gaggaaagtc tcctggaaag gctggaggaa gcaggcaacc tcagtgtgag     61920
     agccaggccc ggcccccttc ctgcgcccct gaggcagaac cgcagatccc ccaaggttct     61980
     gaccagttta caggcaggca gctgacactc agtcacctct atgtcctgag ggcactggcg     62040
     gaaggatcct ggggggcggg aggcaaggga cgcctcccca caagtggctg ggccctgagc     62100
     gcagaggcca gaagctgcac ggctaagttc atcactggag acaggagcct gcggcctcct     62160
     ggtagcctga gcctggacga ggccagctga ggccaaggtc aaaggtctct gaagaagaca     62220
     gacccagttc ccatgcctga ggctcggctt atcagccacc aacaaggggc ggcccccgat     62280
     ggtggccctg agtccagctt cctgcccaca gaaccagcag ctccctcaca gaagctgcgg     62340
     agacccgccg acgacacaaa gggtgggctc cgggcggagc ggctgtcacc aggctaccca     62400
     ggacccctcc cactccaggg ggccagcctc ctgagagacc aggctgggag cctgaccctt     62460
     ccggaccctg cacacactca gaccccaccc tctcctcaaa accccaagaa gcatctgaag     62520
     cccccactcc tgggctggcg aggcgaacac ccagccctgg ggaccagcac agcgccacac     62580
     tttcggtggg ggcagggcac gagacccaca gtccagaatg caaaaaagca agggtgagca     62640
     tttactgagc gcttcctgtg caccccctgt gcactgcgtg agcacctaag gagcctctgc     62700
     tcagctgctt tgtgtgatta aatgaaactc atcacagatt acgggggggg gtgttcctgc     62760
     ccccagtttg tagacgcgga tactgaggca caaagggctc caagggccgt cagagccccc     62820
     agcaaagtgg gcgagcctgc ttcccgccct gaccatttgg cttggacccc agccatcagt     62880
     ttacgtagac cctagggtcc cttcggggtg gcagccaaga gccagggcag tggggcaggg     62940
     tccagcccac accacacctg accctgggct ataagggctg ggcctggggt ccccaggcct     63000
     gaaacccctt ccccagccac acacccaccc caagacaccc tggctttgaa aattaaaacc     63060
     agaagtgggg ttgttctcag aaactgctct cggctccttg ccacaaaatc ctgaaaagga     63120
     caggggaaaa aagcagcaag aacaagtcgc agattaatat ccaacaaagc aggaggtcac     63180
     atgtgtgttt tctgagggct caggagcctg tcaggtgtca cccgtctgct tcctgctgag     63240
     atgcacttcc tgcatcccgg tgacagtggg ggcctgacat ttaacgccaa ggatgtttct     63300
     gaacggggcc tcgacaaata gcagtcactt ctgaatccat tcctccaaaa ggtcaccagc     63360
     cagacaccca cagaaaatcc agccatcacc gccacccacc gggcagcccc tgccacccgt     63420
     tgcctttgtc catcccacct cctccccatc tgtctggctt gtgagcccag aacaggcggg     63480
     agggcaccag aaagggcgcc ccgcctgcca gacccttcac cctcctgact cctggcacct     63540
     cccccagccg cctcgggagg agcagcaggt cagaggcaca cctgtcctca cctgtgcctc     63600
     tcttacctgt gggggaccag gagggcgctg ggcccggaac cctgccctgc tgcctggggt     63660
     cagaccggac aggcatccct atgggatgct tttcctgcac ctggaggagc tgaagcctcc     63720
     ttccttcccg gacaaggaag ctcgtgaacg caccgtaagg gcagaccctt cccggctggg     63780
     ctctgctcag gcccctgtcg cttccgtgtg caagagaaat ggcaggcagc tgtcacaagc     63840
     ccgtctccac cccccagcaa agtgcaggac ccggggctgg gaggctgcat ggccaccccc     63900
     acccctgggc ttcagaagga ctgggggagg gatggtgccc aggacgaggc gtcgaggtca     63960
     gcccccaccc agcggaggga agagagctct tctcccagac aagggacagg acggccaaaa     64020
     gagaagtgtt cagcctcttt ccctggggag cgacagccaa gggtccttcc atgaccaggg     64080
     cacgtttttt gtttttcttc agtgagaaaa cagaagtgaa gctgggcccc agcagacaag     64140
     tctgcccgcc ccctccccga gccgccctgc agcatctcca ggctggcact gctcctgcat     64200
     tcgtgtagtc tctcattcac tcacgccctt ggctgggcac ctgctctgtg ccagtgctgc     64260
     accgagccca gccccctggc accgatggtc tcttgaagag gacactccaa cagctgtagg     64320
     cccggaggga ggatggcaaa cggagaccag tgctctggga cagtgcaggt ggccccagtc     64380
     tggagaagag ccctgagaag gtcatggtga ggctgaggac tgggccagga gagagggact     64440
     gggcagcggt ggcagtggga ggggaccaag ggagacagag aggcgggaac ctgcacaccc     64500
     tcgctggccc cacccctgct ggctcctgtc ccccgccccc acccacccac tcaggggcag     64560
     ggccctgagc acctgcgggc caattgcagg tgcaagggcc acagccagtg ggtgcagcag     64620
     ggcaactggc tttaggtgag ggcatggcat cggtgtgcct gcttcccctc agaagctgca     64680
     ggggccaggg tgggtgcggg cctcacacac ccagactgct gacctggact ccctctctgg     64740
     gggatgagac actctcttct gtggacctcc aagtctctga cctgcccgaa agatttcact     64800
     agctctgaaa aggtccgctt tgtatgcaga tcgtgttgga accccagtca aggggttcag     64860
     ggtgtcgggg tgccaggaag ggcagcatat cccctagggt ccacaagctg cctctgcggc     64920
     caaaatcctg atccacccat cctgtgctgt gtggccttct ccaaattact taacctctct     64980
     gggcctccat ttccttgaga aatgggaata agaataatag gaacaacacc tacctcatag     65040
     ggttactgtg gagactgaag gggttaatgg cacgtggtcc tcacagcagg ttaggggtcc     65100
     cttagggcgg ggcttcttgg agcaggcaat gcactctgtc cttctagagg ggacagcgga     65160
     cagaccctga acacccaaat ctgatcgctc acatctattg ggtcttcatc ccagaaacca     65220
     cctcggaccc atcaccctgc tcagagctca ctgcagccgc attctctcag tgaccttttg     65280
     tctaaatgtg cttttatctg aacatcttac gtttttatgg ttttcttttc aaattatgaa     65340
     aagaaatgca cacgggtctg tggtagaaaa tgagtgaaac ggaacgagcc cagagctgca     65400
     taaagagccc ccccgccccc gtcgccacag ccagccccga gccgggcgga agctcccctc     65460
     tccaggtggg tcctcagggc cagcatcccc ggcgcatcac cccggacctg gcctttccca     65520
     cggccaccca aagggaccgt cccgggagga atccaggtcc cctcactccc tccttactgc     65580
     ccggaaagtc tcgtcactcc ggttccttcg gctctccagg gccatgagac ctgggtctga     65640
     atgctgtgac cctgtgaccc tgccccttcc tcgtccatga aatgcggtcc cgtaaggacc     65700
     caaactggta aaccctgcaa agccctccac accgttcccg gcatacagta agtgctcaat     65760
     aaagagcacc aataaacatt actgctgatg ggggtgggga cggggcaggg aaggtgttat     65820
     caaggccagc cacccccctg gggccctgag gctgaggccc acctggaaac tgggggaggg     65880
     gtagccagcg ccctctggtc atctcacctg cgggcaggga gacagggtta gggttagggt     65940
     tagggttagg gttagggttc atcctcgctc ccaccgccct ggctgggggc tgctggaggg     66000
     ggcggcgggg ggcgggggtt aactccctgt cacttgggcc tggcctggaa tggtgagccc     66060
     tgggaggaag tggatgggac acccagccgg ggccaccaag tgccagatcc aggctgggtg     66120
     gtctccccag agacccggtc cccctgagcc caggtggcat gagcatccac acaatgacat     66180
     ttacggtagg gaccacctct tggggctgcc agcagaatca gcgggaggag agcctggcac     66240
     ctagtaaacc ctcatacaga ttttatatgt gtgaacgtgg gaacgttttg cagttcaaat     66300
     ccaagaaaaa aatcctgcgc acccaaacag aactcagagg ctcctccctc tcatcacccc     66360
     ttcctaggag agggactgtc agcaaggggt taaagagcag cctcgtctgt cggctgtcac     66420
     tcgggagggc gctcacgaaa gaaaagcagc aaaagtggga agaggaaacg gccccagggc     66480
     gcaggctgag aatgcacgtg cccacaccgc ccccttctgg gaagacgcgg agttgcagga     66540
     gcagaggcgc gcgtcgcggg aggtgtgtgg ggggggtacc cacccgctct cgcatgggcg     66600
     tgggtgtagc ttcttccctg cggacctctg gggtctctct aaggccacct aacgccttaa     66660
     ggaagagagg atgtggctga tggtctgggg agccctgaca gaggggatcc tggcaaagga     66720
     ccccccccaa accagagatg gggggactgg ccttcgtcca aatgccctgt tggcggcttc     66780
     tggaaatgcc agcatccatc ctttggcatt gcctggctgc tgggagccac tccctcaagg     66840
     ccaggactgg ggtgaatggg gtgtgaattg gaaaggggct gccaaaaaca gtatttaaaa     66900
     taagcaatat tttaaaattc aaaatcagtg caagcatacc cctgataaac aaaacatggc     66960
     cattttgaaa caacgacagg ctccgtatga ctgatttttc cctttgcctt gggctccagt     67020
     atggctcagc acagccctgg ttcttgtctt cagcgttgga tattttgctc atcatggatt     67080
     gtggctttaa tttcgatttt ttgcaaactg tataaaatgt caggtatctc gatgactctt     67140
     cctgtcattg tcttcaattt gacgttgggt gccacacttg cctcaccctc gtcccggccc     67200
     tgcttggccc tcccccgcct ccgacgtcct gtgccctcgg cccctctcct tgggctctgc     67260
     aggcaggcag acccatctga gtcccagcat ggcttcttcc catctctgcc acttggggta     67320
     aattactcaa cctctctgat cctcagcttc ctcctctgct acctaggacc gctgttgttt     67380
     ctacacacag ggtgctgggg gaattacaag agctgctcgt gcgtgcaaag cagtgggccc     67440
     tgagctgctt ggcaaacgtc tgtgacagcc tttgttctca cagcccaacc tcgaactccg     67500
     cggtagttga gagggatgtg tctgtgcagc catcagcaga agaatgttcc acctgccgag     67560
     gatgctcgtg gagaagccaa agcctggggc caaacctccc cgcctccccc tacaagtcac     67620
     tgaaccctca tcccttcgga attctccccc cgccggcccc aggggagcag gggtcccaag     67680
     gacctgaagg ctgccaccct ccagcccgct ccaccctccc tggctgtgac ccttggcaag     67740
     gcagctctca gtgctggacc cttggcttcc tcctctgtct gatgggaatg cggctcgtgt     67800
     cccatcaggt cccaggaacc agttcgttgc accaggacag cattcagggc agactggcga     67860
     aggtggtcct caggcacaga atcatggcgt gtcgggtggc agctcggggt caggccagct     67920
     ctgtggcttt ggacacgtga cccccatctc cagcctcagc tgcctggtct gtgaaatggg     67980
     gcgacgcctg tgaccacatg acacgttcat cggagggatt cgctgaggcg atgtgtgtag     68040
     aaagttccgc tcccagcctg gcccaaggag ggggggctgg cctgtcaccc cacctcccac     68100
     aggagagcat ccccgggcac tagtctccag gcctttccct tccttggtgg tgcagcaccg     68160
     cccccccacc ctccccccag gccccaccgt atccttcaaa cctgggattt gtcccatttt     68220
     tatatggtca gctgtcattt catgcagttt ctggccacag gagctaagct catgggatgc     68280
     cccacaggct cctggtggct tatgagccca acagatggaa tgacagcttc attgtgtgtc     68340
     atcagccatg gatgaggcca catcttactt ttatttatca taattgctaa taatatgggc     68400
     aaacccctgc cacttagagg agcatataaa cttatttatt tatttgtttg tttatttctg     68460
     ctatttaggg ccacacccga ggtatatgga cggtcccatg acaggggtca aatcggagct     68520
     gtaggggccg gcctgcacca cggccacgtg gatcctgccc ctcggtcact ccgccctggt     68580
     ggtttctgcc attgtcctgg tcacagtctc tacatacctg gtttggagcc cacattcccg     68640
     accctgaccc caattctgtg ctccttgaag ggagcgattt ctggttagtt agtggtttgt     68700
     aacaagtcac cttgaaaatc gtgtcactca gagcaaccac gccatccttc tgtggcagga     68760
     ctctgggcag ggctcccctc tgccccaagc agtgtccaag gaccccaggt ggccatgctg     68820
     gacgcggctg ggccccgggg gctggctggg cctcccgttc ccccaccccg cggtctctca     68880
     gttctcttct ttccatcaca gtcggtttct ttccatgcca tctccaagaa cacaagaggg     68940
     tgtgacctct cccagcctag ccccaaactg gggcagggtc cctgcggccg catcctgctg     69000
     gccggagcag ctcacagcgc aggtgccagg gagggaacgc tgagcccgct tgcggacctg     69060
     cggacgggag gagctgctgg cggctctggg agtggaaggc tggtggcagg tctgaagccg     69120
     tgcaggtcct agtcccggag tccgtgacca tgtgccctca gagggcacga gggactttgc     69180
     agatgtgatt aagctaagaa tcttaagatg gggagattat cctggattat ccagatgggc     69240
     ccaaacgggg aggggagggg gctggggaag gaagggggga atgacgagaa ggacagccct     69300
     taaaccaacc ttgcccacca ccccccatcc cgccagagcc cctccccacc tccgcttagt     69360
     gcgtcctgcc tcccagaccc tcttccctgc ggaataggga tgccccccca ccagcaccac     69420
     tcaggccggc ctctcactcc gtccccagaa ctcctcctcc cccaccctct acccccagcc     69480
     tccccggacc ctggagacct ggcctctggt tcacacatcc cctgctggag agcgagaaca     69540
     ggcccttctc acttcctgtc tgattttcct tcccgttctg accagcgctg gccgccccat     69600
     gcatcctgct tctccgtccg gagttggcct ggagtggggt cccgcctctg gacatgctgg     69660
     caggacagga ccttgtgcct cgctgagcct cagttctccc gcccccttgc tcactccatg     69720
     gcgagggcat gtgtgtgctt ggggggggtg agtgtggcac aggggacaca gcgcctggcc     69780
     gagggtgagc agtgggcgcc ccacctggac gtgtccagat cacacttctc ctctccattt     69840
     ccaaagccag ctcctcccgg tcaccactgt gggcccccag accctggctc agggctccag     69900
     gcgggaactg gctcacaggg gaacccagtt gggccacgaa tcttcatcaa tcctgtctca     69960
     agtctctgca gaggcaacca cttctcacgt cctgctggtg cccaggtcag ggtccccgtc     70020
     attgctcact tagatgccca cagcccctaa ccagcctccc cactgccctc tccgccctgc     70080
     atccaaagtg aggcccatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaaaata     70140
     cacagaacac aaaccttacc attgaaccat tttcgagtgt acgatgcggt ggcattaagt     70200
     acattcacgt tgccgtgcag ccatcacccg cacccgtctc tggacttttt cgtctttccc     70260
     aactgacaca gtcctcgctg aaccctgagc cccaaccccc tcccccagcc cctggtcccc     70320
     accctgtggt ttctgcctct atgactttga ctcctcctgg gagctcctct acgtggaacc     70380
     ctgcagcctg tgtcctctcg ggcttgggtt atttcgtgta acatcctcag ggttcatcga     70440
     tgtggcggtg ggtcccagag aacgttcctt tttatgcttg aagagtatcc cagcgtgtgg     70500
     ctggaccgta ttttgttcac ccacccatcc agccatcgac cggcactcgg gctgcttcca     70560
     cccttggccc gccgtgaatg gtgccgctgc gaacctggtt atgcgcaggt aactcttcac     70620
     gttccgggtt tcgactcttc tggagtattt acccacagta ggaacggccc caagtttctc     70680
     ctgtcgtcag aagacctcgt aggcgttttc ttttctaacc acaaaggggt gcttgggaaa     70740
     gacatgttct ctcctaaaag ggaaagcggg atcgatccct gcttctgtga cgtcatcaat     70800
     gaaagaggaa ggaacccccg cccatctggt cattatccga aagcgtcctc acgggggaca     70860
     tttccggtgt ccactgtcga ccgcgtcaga ggcagatctg agatgaccca cagccctggc     70920
     cctggggccc acgccatggt gtggtccctg ccctggagtc tgcgacggat tatgccaaag     70980
     gggaggggca tccatcagtg atcatgttaa atctaaggca aaggcgaagg gattctgcac     71040
     gtgtattcaa ggcccctaag cagctaagtt aatcaaaagg ggagtttcct gtggcctggt     71100
     gggtaaggac tgcacattgt cactgctgtg gcttgggtga cgggtgtggc ttgggctcga     71160
     ttcctggccc aggaatttcc acatgcctca ggtgtggcca aaaaataaaa ataaaagtaa     71220
     atttaaaagt tactcaaaca ggagattatt ctttgtggtc ttgacctaat ccaggcttag     71280
     agtgagagtc tgtgtctgtc tctctttctc tcccgctgac ttgaagatcc aagctgtcag     71340
     gaattccatc gccacgagaa aatgcaagaa cctagcagag ctaacatatg ccacccgagt     71400
     caggtctcca gataagaccc ttgacagcga cctcgtgccc agacctctga cctgcgggat     71460
     cataaacggg tgttgtttga agccactcat cttgtgctac tttgttatgt aacaatagaa     71520
     aattcacaga acgcacctat taagatcctt tgaaaatgca atagagcaag tgactgcccc     71580
     acggagatca cccgctccca cctaccagac agagcgggaa gtgtcctgac accacagaaa     71640
     cacgcctcaa cataaaacag tgcaaaaacg cctcagggag ggaatttgaa aaatgctatg     71700
     tcccctgcag ctcaggtggg aagggagctg ctgagccctg gagactcgtg gacgctccaa     71760
     ggcctggtga tgacaaggac cctggaggag accccaacga aacgtggcca taaaactgat     71820
     tcgtgagcat gaaaaaggaa ctccacccta cttccagagt gatacctccc gccttgcggg     71880
     gtttttaaac acacatgaat aaccgggtcg agacacatcg gaaggagcat ttgatgacgt     71940
     catctgcatc tcggccaaga cggccttttc gctttcaatt cttattcaga aagtaagggg     72000
     aatctccttc tctttgggat tctcatatat tcgggcaaat acggtatttg ctataaatga     72060
     attcatgggt gtccttttcc cagcaggggt ggggggtgag ggggtggggg tgcaggggag     72120
     tccccgagct tagaggtaag gaagccagga cacaaatact cgcattcaac caaagcccgt     72180
     ccttttcagg ccaccccaga caaagcgttc ccaggacccc aggaatccac agaagatgac     72240
     aggggcatcg aggcggcccc gggcattgtg gaggccaggg aggggtcggc taaggccctt     72300
     ccattggaag caggtggtca tgggaagaag accagatacc ttccagactc ccacaaactt     72360
     cccctttagg tgctaaaagt cacgcctctc ctcaactcct acctggaatc ccctcacttc     72420
     ccagagataa caacttggct ttctcgttaa tgggaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc cggaacaaag     72480
     gcttttaatg gcctgccatg catttctcat tcgccagccg gcaggggaat ggaagctgcc     72540
     tatttactgt ccccagcaag atttgggata aagtgtccca gaacttaatg ctcagactat     72600
     aatgacagga aaacccattt ggggccatgt tttgagttaa tgatatataa tcatctagtg     72660
     tctggacagc taaaagcaaa aatgcagtgg ctggaagatc actatcaaat tctacttttt     72720
     ttactttaat tccgttttgt ttgaagttcc atgtatcgca agcgccgtgg aagttctcaa     72780
     agttatagat aaaatgccac acatcgtctg atttccaaac taggtcagtc tcagggaaga     72840
     aagagatggt gattttgttc attatcaaag gacatattga acggataaat gtattttttt     72900
     ctgctcaaca cgctttgctt caggaaacgc cccccccccc caacacacac acactccaat     72960
     gatcctatgt gtccacatat gatcacaggt ccacaatcgt gtgtcaatca tgggacccca     73020
     ccccccaaca catatacagg ggcaggccat gaacagagcc agccaattag aagatgccat     73080
     tctattgggc atgtgaccca aacaaactaa tcagaggctt ccctgagact taagctagga     73140
     gagagtattt ctctttctca agccataaag accacataaa ctagagcttc ctgccgctgt     73200
     tgtcccctga tacatggagg gacccaatgc agggaaagtg agtggctcca agatgttggg     73260
     ggtgggggga agcagtgctt ggtggagata caagaagaga gaatctgggg acatcatttg     73320
     actccctaaa gcccctcaac ctggtggcac cctgaacttt tctgtttcgt gagcccaaca     73380
     aggtccactg tgggctaaag ccaggttgag ttgactttct gtcagtcaca ccccgaaacg     73440
     tcctgagcaa tacggagaat ttctgtcatc catccgctca ttcattcgcc gcctcgctca     73500
     cacaagaaag ccactgtccc agccccgggg ggaatagggc tgagcggagg cagcagccgt     73560
     tagatggagt ggcctggaga gcggccgcga cagaggtgac gaggaccacc gaggagaagg     73620
     tggggtctcc cggcgcgtgc aaaggagggc ccacccctga ctggggaacg cggggcaccc     73680
     tcccccagaa atcacccagc agtgctgacc tcagctccta aacgccccgc ttttgtttca     73740
     gaggctttct tttttaaggt ctgaagtcat cgcagacgcc ccctcctccg gggaaaataa     73800
     acatggtcat tcttctctcc tgagggaaag gctgcttcct cctgtgcaga gataaacact     73860
     ctcctcgctg tcccagaggt cgggggaggg gggcgcaaat aaacaatgtg cgcagagacc     73920
     caggctctcc gcccccctcc ccacccccca agaacccacg gctgtgtgtc tcccaggagg     73980
     gtgcatgtgg cccgtggcca gctccccccc caggtcccac ctaggaaacc ccgcagcaaa     74040
     ggtctccttc cagccacacg gcagcctcgc caggggtcac aaacacagac ctgtgtcccc     74100
     agaagcagac acacacacag agctgcaggc acagagagac acaggcgcac gcatgtacac     74160
     acatgtggac acagatgcac ctgccagcac agacacgtgt gcaatcatag gcaagtgcct     74220
     gtgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacagat gcacaataga cacacgtgtg cacagacccc     74280
     ccgagaaagg catgcatgca cacacacaca cacagatgca cagacacacg tgtgcacaga     74340
     ccccccgaga aaggcatgca tgcacacaca cacacacaga tgcacagaca cacgtgtgca     74400
     cagacccgcc gagaaaggca tgcatgcaca cacacacaca cagatgcaca gacacacgtg     74460
     tgcacagacc ccccgagaaa ggcatgcaca cacacataca gcgggggggg ggggcgtgca     74520
     cagtgaggat gggtcgagtg tgaaagggac gagtgtaaag tgaagaaaga cgagatggcc     74580
     acggatgtct gagtgtcatc agttggggcc aggggctcag ggccccgaag tggacacaag     74640
     caggcttcgg ccatttcttc aaatcccagc ttctccctga gccccctacc cttcagaggc     74700
     ttccttaaag agtggcgatg acggcactgc cctcgtgggc gtttgcgccc tgcgtggaga     74760
     gctggcagga aggttttcgc tcagcacctg gcccagagca gaaagaggtc aatcatgagc     74820
     aagaagtagc gtgtctgagg cagaggaagg gggacaggga gctgcacagt cacatccaag     74880
     ggggacgcct ccccagagca ccactggggc tcccgcagca tcacaggggc tcaggtctgg     74940
     ttccccagcc cacagccaga cccggtcagc gacgccagca gagggcagtg acagccaaca     75000
     gacagagcag ttcctgagca cacgtgtgtc aacctggaat cccccagaaa tgcagggatg     75060
     gacgggggga caggagcatc cttgggaccc aggtgacaag gccggggctc agggatgtct     75120
     ggacagccgc agaggaaagc tttgacctgc tcttccccag ccccgccggc tctagctgcg     75180
     gctcagaccc cggctctgac cccgagggtc ccagggcaga gagaagggaa gggcagaccc     75240
     ccgcttctcc gagacccagc cccccatccc tctccccacc gccccccacc ccagctgctt     75300
     cctcggcatc tgtcctcagc ctcctcctcc tcgcctttcc tgtgggacct cacggggtcc     75360
     ccacacccac atgcctcgga gacccgacct gggtgctgcc tccccgaggc cccactggcc     75420
     tgaggcacag cgccccgtcc acacagcgcc tcttcctctc tcccgagggg tccgtctgca     75480
     catctccgag ggcctggcca ggccatgggc ccccgtcctc cagcattgcc tcccctgtcc     75540
     tgccggcagg cgcgctgtcc tgaacactca cggttaagtc gacagctttt ctgccaaaga     75600
     aaatctccct ttgccttgaa cttcacaaac tttcctggtt acgtgttcaa aatacacagc     75660
     ctcgctggga taaaactcac attccagaaa gatcacccgt ggagagggta caattcgatg     75720
     gtttggacgc tttctacgga attacacacc acatgcctgt catctcaccg tggaccatgc     75780
     tccttggccc ccagaaagga actccctgcc cgttggcggt cactcttcat tcctcctggc     75840
     cccgagcagc caggaacctg tctcctgtcc ctgggggttt gcctgctctg gcctttcggc     75900
     caatggaagc caacaggcag tggcctttgg ggaccggctc ctttcacgcg gtcacatgtt     75960
     cttgaggttg ggcccattag acgccgccca cgaggacccc gtgtaaactg gaggattcgg     76020
     gtcccctccc tcactctcta cgaaggaggc agagcgggaa caagaacaac accccaaatc     76080
     attcatcgcc gtgcagatga ggagaaccga ggggtgcgct aaggaacatg ccaggcccat     76140
     gacgagcagc agggatggcg cggagggaga gggtgagagg ggtgagtcag ggtgagccag     76200
     acaaatagag gcgggaagag catcccaggc agagggaaca gcatgtgcga aggcccggct     76260
     ccaggaagga cataaacgaa ggctgcgtgc ctgggacccg gagctaagga acgtggccca     76320
     gaacgagacc tgtgagaagt cacggggagt ggggagcctc gaaacctcca atgctttgta     76380
     tccgaggagc aatggggagc cagtgaaagt ttgaaacgga ggaggaatat catcacaaat     76440
     tccatttgcg agatcattct gcaggctggg cagagatggg gacagcgggg ctgggtgagg     76500
     gagctggcag tggacgggag gagaagctcc atggggcttg gaggcaggtt ggacaaaggg     76560
     gtgagagaga gggaggggga atgggtgccc ccacccccac cccaggacgg ggcaggacgg     76620
     ggcaggacgg agcggcagca accgtggtgt cctgggctgg ccagcgtccg atcagtcttc     76680
     cacaggattc ttggccaaag cagctggagg cttccaggcc tcaacctcat tacccaacac     76740
     agctcggcca ttagccttca caggcggccc atcagcacgt ccgtggagcc aacagttgag     76800
     aactcatctg gcctgctcgc cacctcattg cttcatgtcc tcagcaaact ggcaccacag     76860
     tgaaattatg ctccttgctc agccagtgca ttaaacttaa acgttttctc taaccagcgc     76920
     accctgtgcc tgctttaatc cccaactgat ttatctcccc aatttatcac cagggctccg     76980
     ttcaatcaat actggctggg atgcacccac agaggcgtct gatttatgtt acaccaaccc     77040
     ctggggaagg ggggccactg gaggttctgc tcggcacccc agtgccccct gccccccata     77100
     atgatgggtc tgctccccct gcagggcaca ccagccttgg cccccagatg acaaacctga     77160
     gattcaccag accccccaaa tgccacaggc acacccctcc tcctgctcaa aggggcctac     77220
     aggtctgctc ccaagctgcc cggggccagc cccgagctca ggactccctg ggggaaaaac     77280
     gttttgaaaa ccacgaaggc tttgcgttac tccgggcaga agcgggctct gggaaggggg     77340
     ccggcgtgcc tgccctgtgc gattgtgtct tactgcccca ggaacagggt ttaaattaga     77400
     tcgctgtctc ttgctccgga cataggaaaa caggatgtcg ggtttctggt tcccaaggat     77460
     ttagcaaaac ttttgtttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactga aaaagatgcc agaaagattt     77520
     ttcccttcca aaaggaggga cctggggtct gaaaccaaat agatgaggtc aaggtcttcc     77580
     ctcttgaact tgctctggca aaagttcaat agaatcgcat cctctggttc taattctaaa     77640
     cttcctggag gagggcgggg ggagggcttg ctcagtctat agcctttctc aaaataaatc     77700
     accagcaggt cacggcactg ctcgttatta aaatgctaaa ttatttgacg tctccacgtt     77760
     tccactgccc cgctctttaa gcagacttgg aaatgccttt aggcagggag aaaacgtttc     77820
     caaaacctaa accactcgtc tggtactaaa cgcctttaag ggcccagcca gtcagaggtg     77880
     ggtagaagag cagggtagaa gaggcgatag ggcagggtag ggactggggc aaactcagga     77940
     agggggcggc tgctactcta tgtcaaccat tcattgcccg ggaagaggcg ctccagatac     78000
     tgaggttctt gaacttgcca aagatattcg tgccccccgc cccacaacta ggcacataca     78060
     tcctctgcca ttaagccgtg gagggaccag ggaccactgg ctatctgatc aacgactact     78120
     gtcccagcac caccaggagc ggagtccaca ggactgacca aagctcaatt tacctccagc     78180
     gcaaagggat gaagctctga gtctaaatta aattgtcatc aaaatagtat gtttccttct     78240
     tctttcgccc tgatgaccct tttccttggg aaccaagcac tgggtgccct tgcctctgag     78300
     caggaaggat gctccaggaa gcagaggaaa accagaggct tttgtttcaa gagcctcatc     78360
     catcgaggag gggtgaaaac taggggagaa cagacctggg agcaggtctg caggagagaa     78420
     acacttcctg gaaaacttgc cctcccacct cgcccatccc tgagacaggc aaggctcctc     78480
     caccagggcc ctgcaggggg cagggtggcc tctttccagg aagaccccct tagaatggaa     78540
     ccagaccccc caggtggcca cggctcccca gagtatccag gcagagagga cgtgagtcag     78600
     cctagcggag ctgctgtggc acaaaggaca gtggcaggtg ctcgagtcct gccagaggta     78660
     accccaggac atcatgggag ctggggcggg ggcgggggtg gttctgacag cttcctgggc     78720
     ccttaaggta ccccgggggc tgagggagaa gttccaatgc ccaaggcccc tacaatagaa     78780
     ggaaaacggc cgagagagaa cagaagtagg cagtgcccct cagatggtct tgagaaagaa     78840
     ttgagcatct gcacagactt gagtctgagg gtcgggcagg accacatgtc ccagcagagg     78900
     ccctctgctc ggccctgacg cccaggcctg ccccacacgc ccagaacaga aaggaaactt     78960
     cttctccctc tcatccagct ggaggacttg gacagtttgc cccagtccct accctgccct     79020
     atcgcctcag cggtgctgag gtcttctcag ggtggtgctg ccttggtgtg aaggggatgg     79080
     aagcctcagg tggtaccaca aagctcaaac tttaaggcac ctgctcgccc accccgggat     79140
     cttgttaaaa tgcaccttct gacgcaatag gtcggagtcg tgcttttcca acaaatgccc     79200
     aggggaggcc gatgtccttg aacggcaact ggggttccag gagtaaagga agaccccgac     79260
     tccaccggcc gaatcgcagc ggtttgccca caggcctgag cgcagccaga gggtcaaggc     79320
     cgcgtcactg ggcgcatctc tggaatcgca cacctggcac tgaaagtcat tgaaaaagca     79380
     ccaaatcccc acgtcaacat gcaagtccta tacgttgtca agctggatgg tagcgatgat     79440
     tacacaagtc tgagagctga ctaaaatcac tgaatttaaa gagttttcac ttagggctgt     79500
     gcaaatcata tctcaataaa gctgtttggt tttgttttta aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     79560
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     79620
     gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag     79680
     aaagaaaatg catcacaacc cggtggccaa attggagatt atctgagcag caggaataaa     79740
     aacaactgta attggttgaa cacactgaat acatgaatgt cacagcatcc gtcaccatca     79800
     gtaactgtgt cctctctgcc tctgcagttg gaaatgactt tcagggaaag caaagagctc     79860
     cagaggatga agtaaacctc tcttccagag gagtgccagc ccacgacgtg tggaagaagc     79920
     acagaagcag aagctcacca cccagcagcc cccgggaaat aactggctca ggctgggagg     79980
     atcaattcga taaggggtgg atcgacacaa aaccaccagg agacagggct tcacaccctc     80040
     acggtggctc tcgctgaaca gacactcagt ggcggggaaa ccagagccca cagacactcg     80100
     gtggcgggga aaccagagtc cacagacact cggtggcggg gaaaccagag cccacagaca     80160
     ctcggtggcg gggaaaccag agcccacaga cactcggtgg cggggaaacc agagcccaca     80220
     gacactcggt ggcggggaaa ccagagccca cagacactcg gtggcgggga aaccagagcc     80280
     cacagacact cggtggcggg gaaaccagag cccacagaca ctcggtggcg gggaaaccag     80340
     agcccacaga cactcggtgg cggggaaacc agagcccaca gacactcggt ggcggggaaa     80400
     ccagagccca cagacactcg gtggcgggga aaccagagcc ctcagacact cagtggcggg     80460
     gaaaccagag ccctaagaca ccccggggag gggggtaaag tgacgcagct ttttagaaaa     80520
     cagtctagca gttcctcaaa agattaaaca cagagtaacc acatcaccca gcaattccgc     80580
     tcacgggcat caacctgtga gagttgaaaa cgtgtccaca caaaaatgtg ttcacaacag     80640
     cgttagtcct cacagcctag aaacggggag agggatgacc agcaaaagag gaatgaataa     80700
     atggcagtgg tccatccctc cagaggctac tcttcagcca taaagaggaa tgaagaatgg     80760
     atacgtgtga cagtgagata catggataaa ccatgaaaac gtcacgccaa gtaaagaagc     80820
     cagacacaaa gagccacata ctctgtgatc ccagtgatgg gaaatgtcca gaataggtga     80880
     atccatcgtc acagaaagaa cagaggttgg cagggcctgg ggccgcgggg ggatggggtg     80940
     actatttaat gggtatgggg cctccttcgg gggtgacgac gaggtccttg gagccacacg     81000
     gagttccaag agcacaaccc tgtgaatata ctcaaagcca cgaatggtgc gtctcagatg     81060
     ggagcacggg ccggtaaagc aactgcaagc tcagtgtcaa tacggccgct ctctctaaag     81120
     gcagatggga ggacagatgt tgggtgattc cactaacatg aggtattgag gggcctcatg     81180
     ttcagagaga cagaaagtgg aaggtggttg cgaggagctg ggggaggggg agggggtaca     81240
     tatttaaggg ggacagattc tcggacgggg aagatgggaa acttctgtag ggccggcggt     81300
     gttggctaca caaccgagca aaggcactta aggccccgga cctgcacctt gaaagctact     81360
     ccaaatggtc acgtctatgt catgtttgct ttaccgtgac aataaaaagg tcgctgggga     81420
     acaggtgttc ccagggggcc aaatgacttg ccgagagagg ggcagctgtc aggtcctggc     81480
     cctcaggctc aagcttggaa tctgatgccc ccagaggttc catatccagt tcgaaggaat     81540
     gcaggggtcc gggacaagct taaagacacc acgtgggagc ccagctcagg aagcaggacc     81600
     ttcgtggacc tgggccggcc tcctctgagg ccagtgtcac agagaggggg tgggtggtcc     81660
     acgatctagg acctaagcac ccaattaaac ccgagggcta aatgaacaca gccagcgtgg     81720
     agcagccagc gctcacccag cagaggacat ctgggcgcag actggctgtg agatgctcag     81780
     tcttcttgaa aggtcagctg aagctcacat ttcagaacaa gcggtgtgac ccccaacccc     81840
     cggggccagg ccctcaccgt gcaggcaaca cccctaccaa agccacttct gagacccacc     81900
     ccacttccac ccccaaaaca gccactgtgt tctagaaggt cagaaactca gagcagggag     81960
     taagggtctc tctggagaga gcacctttcc ctttgggcgc tctgggcgtg tctcaccgtc     82020
     cccatcgcca cgccaagccc agctgggagc accaggagac gccagcaggg gcctgggctt     82080
     gccccgggtg acctgacacc tcccccaagg acagcgatca cccagccgct tccaggacaa     82140
     gtgcttggga gcagcccatg ttacaaaaat cccacggcac attcagagtt cccgttgtgg     82200
     cgcagcggaa atgaacccaa ctggtatcca caagaatgca ggttcaatcc ctggcctcaa     82260
     tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg tgtcgccatg agctgtggtg tgggtcgcag atgcggctcg     82320
     gatctggtgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg ccggcagcta tagctccgat tcgaccccta     82380
     gcccgggaac ttccataggc cacaggtgca gccctaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atcccacagg     82440
     accaaggcta tttttccgtg ggcccagggg acacagggaa ggcaggtccc aggcttgccc     82500
     cagccaagag caccacctgc catgcaacgc aggcgcccag ggatcagcca agggaggaga     82560
     acgaggctct cacggggtca gcaggaaatc cccaccagga gagtcccgag ggcgggtctc     82620
     caaaacccac taagtgcctg gcgacccccg agagagggcc tttggtggcc tggggagagc     82680
     cacgtgcagc ccttttaacc tggccctgca tcccgggccc accccagaga cacagacaca     82740
     gccgggcagg tggagagccg tggggggcag agcccagacc agagccccag aaccactagc     82800
     gtgccccagg ccggccctga gctgggggag ggagaggtgg cagtttctac tggggccagg     82860
     ctggacctct gaggacgtgc caatgacagc tgttcattca cagcagtaaa tggccaaagg     82920
     agctggagac aaccccaggc aggggtgggg gggagcctca gtggggcagc agtcaaacca     82980
     ttccccaagg ccgccagtca gaccagcctg gcggggcttt gtcacccgca tgggctccat     83040
     cagagcatct gctgaacgca gaggtgggca gcaggtcaaa taccttgcta aattgctcaa     83100
     agcccaaagc tcccactaca ggggccgaag cacttctttt caaaggaagt ggctttgctc     83160
     cccaagcctc tgtcaccgtg gggcaggaat aatgacacct cctgggatcc ttacaagaag     83220
     caaatgaggt actttatagc gctcacaaag gcagatctga tacatgtttt tttcattatt     83280
     taaatagaat tcctaaacca tgcatgagat gaaccaggta tgaaatacgc tgcagtttgc     83340
     tgaaaggtgg agataaatca tgaaattctt tgaaggtgta atttggtaaa aatagcattt     83400
     ctgatgcatg ctcattttta atctcagccc ctctctgcat ggcttctact ttgcttggga     83460
     aaaataatga tcagggtctt gagtgtaaag atacccagtt tagaaaaatt cttcctttta     83520
     ttgagggggg tgggccccac actcacggca tatggaggtt cccaggcgag gggtctaatt     83580
     ggagctgtag ccaccggcct gcgccacagc cacagcaacg ccagatccga gccgtgtctg     83640
     cgacctacac cacagctcac ggcaatggcg gatccttaac ccactgagca aggccaggga     83700
     tcgaacccgc aacctcatgg ttcctagtca gattcatttc cgctgtgcca caacaggaat     83760
     tctggaaaat tcttctttgc ttttcttgct gaagaccctc ccaggtgata agacattaat     83820
     taaaatgttc acaagacttg cggggaaggt cctagacttt tcctcccttt gagggggtcg     83880
     aaaaaataaa gtttctctct aaaactggct ggctcttatt cctgaccctg agagctcctg     83940
     gaggaagact tcttgaagga ttgtatttct ttctaaaatt cttgtgcaat taattttatg     84000
     tgaaaatact atccacataa agttagattt ttttaatatt ctataccatg caaagatcga     84060
     agcagcatag aagaatcgaa agaaacgttc ttggggtaaa tgtctaatgg gagtggcgaa     84120
     aattaaatgc aacaggctct acgatttgta cagggggcac cagacgtgct cacttctgga     84180
     tccaaggacg gttccggcgc tgcgagctca tccgcggtct cgttgcgacc cctggtggcc     84240
     gctgcatccg cccccgcccc gccccccgag gcagcagcgc tccgcagcgc cacctggcga     84300
     gtgccctgca gttgaccctg ggaggcctgg ggagggtctt tttttctgat gcaaagattc     84360
     agattagaag aaaatgctca gccccctccc cctcgggggg gggggggctg tcctactggg     84420
     gctgatattt cgccagggag gtggtgggat ttgattacct gctctccagc ctgggatgac     84480
     agggacagta ttttctgcgt tttacaagca ggggaagggg cccctagaga ggtacaggtc     84540
     acagccatca ggaagtcctt ccgggggagg ggggcggatt cacccctgaa gcaggatcac     84600
     ggtctgtgat caggcgaagg tcaacgccct cctgtgcttg tgagaaccgt ggtctggggt     84660
     caggcacctt tgctctgcca tttacatgct gtgtgactcg gggcaagttg ctgccttctc     84720
     tgggcctcag tgtcatcaat gaaaaacgca tggattagac tgtgttcagc accagccact     84780
     cagccctggc ctccctggga atttgttaga tggcttggcc cccaaactac tgaatccagg     84840
     atctctgagt ggtgaagccc agcaacccgt gccttaacca cccccgacct tcaggagcac     84900
     cagaaagact ccgtgagaga actcatgcaa aacatctggc ccgggataag ggctccgtaa     84960
     atgattgctg tgaatcctca aactttgggg agctccggtg tgggggttct cttttccttt     85020
     ttcatatttt tttggttaac atgtagggca ttttgctaca catcgaacgg ccacgggacc     85080
     cagcggttcc cctcctgggt ttgtactcaa aagaactgaa aacaggagct cccactgtgg     85140
     ctcagcaggt taagaccatg acacagagtc catgaggatg caggttcgac cctggcctcg     85200
     ctcagtgggt taaggatcca gcgttgctgc gagctgtggc ataggtcgca gatgtggctc     85260
     aggtctggca tggccgtggc tggggctggg gcataggctg gcagctgcag ctccgactcg     85320
     accccaacct gggaatttcc atgtgctgca ggtgcagcca ttataaaagg aactcaaaac     85380
     aagtatacaa acaaatcctg atctgcccgt atccatagca gcgttactca cacgggtcaa     85440
     aggatggaaa cagcctaaat attcatcaac tgaaaacgga taaacaatgg aagatgattt     85500
     cagccataaa aaggaatgga gtccatgcta caacgtggat gaaccccaaa aacgtgatgc     85560
     tgagaaatcg atccaaaggc cacctacggt gtagatgaac tatccagaag gggcaagtcc     85620
     ctggagacag cgtgtggacg ggtctagggc tgggggggac ggagaaggat ggggggcact     85680
     gttaatgggt ccaaggtttc cttccaggtg ataaaaatgt tctggaacca gctccggagc     85740
     aatggttgcc ccgcccgatg aaagcactaa atgtcattca gggccaattt tacgttctgt     85800
     gtgttttacc accaaaaaaa aaaaggcaga aaagaccagc cgatgtgatc attcagccat     85860
     gtgtggagca agcccgctgc cccaaagtag gcaatgccga gaggttgcgg ctctttggcg     85920
     tcattcgttt tgctcaaata aactaatctg ttcattgatt gcatctggtt cctttttaga     85980
     attctaactc aatgagctca tgcacatttc ctgggcgact tgctgttttt cacttcatga     86040
     cacatcccag gcccccctcg tgcccatccc tgggcctgga cacacaaatc aggtcccttt     86100
     gtaacagcgg cccaacgtgc cgccgtcctc cccaccgtgg gcacgtggtg tgttttcaga     86160
     cactcgccac cagacccgct gccaggagcg ttggcgcact cgttgcccta gggcctgggg     86220
     ttccgtctct gtgggatgca ttcactaagt ggggtccggc ctgtctgaac acctagtgtc     86280
     agatggaaac cctgccgtag gtcgtgacaa gcccccacgc ggcgtgagaa agccgggtcc     86340
     cagtgccccg cgcgcacgtg ggcacgcagg cacagcgccg ccccagatgc cccggggatc     86400
     cagggctttt ccgacggcgc gtgggcggca gaccctgcaa agaaaggggt gaggggatgc     86460
     tgtgtggaca ccgattaggt ctgacaacct gttaggcggt cagggttggg ggccccacag     86520
     accctcccag gacatgaggc gagcggggac atcccccgcc ccgaaaggtg cgcacgcaga     86580
     cacgcgtgtt ttgctgaaaa cttcaggggt tcaggccgag aagccagtct gggagccccc     86640
     gaggcggggc ccgctctcga gcctccggtg tggcgcaggc tgcggcagcg ctgacatttc     86700
     cgatggacac aaacacggcg tttttctaaa tgttaatggg tttctgtgcc ctctgctgga     86760
     tgctgctgta gtcagtgcgc actgcggagg cagagctcag aggctggaat tttcctctcg     86820
     ccttagagct ttatttttat tttttttttt tttttcctct ctctctctct ctctggcaga     86880
     actggccctg gagtttgaag ttcagaacaa ctttctggaa gtggctgagg aagccctgga     86940
     cgtaacccga aaatcagcac gtttcaggga aatgctttct ctcccacttt gggcctgatg     87000
     cgttgtggac ggagactctc gtggtataag gcttgcggac agtgtatgag gctccctgga     87060
     aactggcagt ggagccattc acagagagca gacatttgag gcgaattaag tcgtggtaga     87120
     aataggagcg gggggcgggg gtgttgaaga gtctgctctg ggccaggcat ttcatccctg     87180
     cggtgatggc agggggcagg tgtcatcacc tgaatgttat aggccaagaa actgagcctg     87240
     agagaggcca cctttggccc aatgccacac agccggtggc agaagaaaat tctacacggg     87300
     acctgctggg tggcggccca gacccctccc gcggggctcc gaggccgggc caacggggct     87360
     tcagctctgt gtgcagggtt cccccccccg ggtcctctca aacagcctgg ggggaggtga     87420
     gggcgcccct ggggagggga cagggtacca ggtcacccag gagtgaggag tggagaaaag     87480
     acgagaattc tcgcccacgc gtccactgaa aacgtggcat tgttatccag tccagcaaca     87540
     cgctgtcccc tgcggaaggt ggctctgtgt gtgtttttaa aagggagtct ggagggttgg     87600
     gggagggggt ctgacttcct gacaccaggt ggagacttgc ttcttgttgg aataaaaggg     87660
     ccgagagtgg tttgaaaagg gaggaagcgt ctcaccctat gtcttggcgt ccctttcatg     87720
     caacatcagg gccacctgaa gtcccctgag acgccaccag tgggtgcact tcctcctctc     87780
     tgggaaaatc tggtcactaa agatgcttca gggaagggag cagtcaggtc tgtgacagac     87840
     agaggtcttg gtggccagag cccaggcgcg cagctggcag ctcgtggaca acgtgccgaa     87900
     aacctgggta gaaccaagag gccccagggt ggccaggggc ccaggggggc agccaaggtg     87960
     ccccctccct ggttccggag gatgctgcag taggcccggt gcagaataaa gttcagcatc     88020
     tttgtttagt cgcctctgag cctgtggggg caggagaggg gaccagaggc tgcacgggcg     88080
     ggagccaggc ctgggcacga agttcaagcc atgggcctcc cagccccaca gctggtgtca     88140
     gctctttcca atgtatcttg ccgtgacttc cagaaaggat gcgagccaac ttaccatgaa     88200
     acacaggtcc tgggcagaga agctcattct aattcaatca ggggagggga tttactccag     88260
     gtgggtgtta acctcggctc tgagcagcct ggcagcccag gcaagtggca acacggtggg     88320
     ggacaccgct gaccccacct gcttagagcc agaggggctc cccagctccc aggggctgtt     88380
     ttccaggtga cagaggcaca ctggtgagca ggtcctggca gcgagggcat tggggactcc     88440
     ttcccgtggc tactgggaca tgcaggggtg cactgagcac ttcccccggg gcactgcact     88500
     cgaagggtcg ggtcatcggt ccttctgaaa cggagcgggg tcccgtgggg ctcctgggca     88560
     cacaagcctt tctgggtccc ccattgcttg tttttagggg ccaagcttca ggctccatga     88620
     ccttcgctga gttccaaagg gcaggttcaa accgctgctc atcaagaaag ggaagggaca     88680
     cagagaccaa ggaggagccg ccagagacaa gagtgcctgc cgccttgggg caggtcctgg     88740
     tccctcctca aggaacatag gtggcaatag ctctgcgctc ttctgcagat ctaaaacccc     88800
     caccaaacgg aagatgtgag ccaaaccttc tttattccca aaagaagacc cccagtcctc     88860
     tgaacatgag ctttgaaaac aatgcaagct tgcctctgtc ctgatcctta cctgcagccc     88920
     tatttttcac tcgcccaact ctaaaaccac ctcccagtct ctcctgaggg gggcccagtc     88980
     tttaaggcat tagcctgccg tgaccatcct ttgcctggta aagcaataaa gctatttttt     89040
     cctcctttgc cccaaaccct gtctccgcat ttctattcag cactggaacc gaggctgagt     89100
     tgcagcaaca ctgctgtggt cagaactcga agctggagag aggcactgtc cctgcaggaa     89160
     gagtctgcag ccaggctctc agatgcaaag acctggctca gctgggtcaa gggcttcccg     89220
     tctcccaagt cccccatcgc cccgggggac caggtgccat gaccgccctc ccccgccagc     89280
     cccctggacc ccagagcagc agggaaatcg cccgagacca tagggcagag ccaccaagat     89340
     gcaatcggag ccccgagccc tgagtcctgt gtgtccccgc cacccggggc gtgcgtccag     89400
     cccccagggg agatgagaga tacggggacg ggaaattgag gggcacgact ggggctcctt     89460
     tcccagagga agcctgccct ctccaggcag aggtgacgcc cacttggtga tgggcagaca     89520
     gccctctctg atctgagcac ttcagaccat ctccaggacc tggagcccaa agagatttca     89580
     gggtcctcca aaaatgtttg ggatccaccc ctggaaaaaa attccttctg ttgaccccaa     89640
     agtatgaccc tcaccccacc ccaccccacc ccaccccacc aaacttcaag cgatcaatga     89700
     agatctgcac actgtcagga gactgccacc aactgcaaat cagctctctg gctgggggat     89760
     ggttttccca ataggtgatg caggcttgtt ggaacatagg agccaggagg ttgagatggt     89820
     ctaaaaggaa gagcccccgg gatcgcaggc atgttctcat gaccctgtcg caggctgagc     89880
     aaaatagcac cacggagagt ctggaactgg cccaagtcct gcccaagagt tcgacggaat     89940
     gcagggcata caagatgagg cacttgcctc caaagttttg gggacaagtg tcaggcagtt     90000
     gactctcctg acaataaaga cagcagagca aagctcccgg aaaacacgtg actttgagtc     90060
     atgccacttg ttaagttaaa agggttcccg ggtcccctgc caacacacct cattagctaa     90120
     atgaactgac cccgcgggaa gaggttattt aatatctgcc tattgactct ggagaatggc     90180
     tgccaaaaac aagacctcgg ttttgacata gttgatgctg agctgtgtta ttttatgttt     90240
     tttttttccc tgactattat ttgtcaaaca gattgctgag ccgggtccag ccacgtccac     90300
     cgagtgtaga gccacatcat caacacggat ctggctctgc cacaacagca ggaaatgcgg     90360
     ccaattgctg taaaagccgg gtccagtatc gggatgtcgg tcagatacaa ggcggccggg     90420
     agacacggcc atgttccagc atcttaaaaa aacagaacgt cacccatcaa cagctttcag     90480
     agacaccacg tctgcggctg agggtgggat tcccctcaag aggcgtgacc gctcccgccc     90540
     tgcggcttca gagccgagaa ggttccaagg agccttagac tgcttccacc actttcctct     90600
     ttgaaccgag ttaattgggc agtggctggc agtcccatcc gtgtggccca aaccttctcc     90660
     tccttttgtg gcatctggtg atcttaaaac atttcaaccc accacgtgaa agtgagaact     90720
     tatatcaaaa agccagcttt ccagttctgg aaagctctgg gaagctctag ctgcctgtgg     90780
     cctgcctttc ggctgtagct gagtcacagt gccctcttca gacgaggggg catgtatcag     90840
     tttgccccag tccccacctc tccctctcgt ctcccacacc cagccctgtg gttttcgggc     90900
     ttttgcgggg tacagagcct agagttaagc gtagacacgg ccacacagtg aggatggtgg     90960
     cactccccca ggtctagtgg cagagacgac gctggcagga gggtgcttgg ccttttatag     91020
     atgggcgaaa ggaagaaaag aagctgccag cctgattctc tctacgaacc catcatcctc     91080
     tttgacgctg tctccaaacc ccgtgccagc ttttcacctt ctgctaagag gaagcgggca     91140
     cccctggggg acaaccaagc tctggagtgc ccgtctccag cctcgcttct cccccaaccc     91200
     cgcccccacc caggcagcag accccctgct ctcgccccgg gaaggttccg gaagactctg     91260
     tggcgttgct ggctgcgggc acatctcgtt ccatgagttt cacaagctga aaggtacagg     91320
     tcacgctgca cacgacctcg tgacatgctc ctgctcttgt tttgtccagt gagcacaggg     91380
     ctattctcat tatcgctatt atgctggtgc attagatggg ttctggacag gagagacggt     91440
     aattgggtcc cagcgtcact ggatccggca cacaaagagc tcaaaggcaa agacgagggt     91500
     gggagcttgt ctgtaatggg ccacggagtg aactcccact caccacctcc atcaagcccc     91560
     cccccccaac tcatgcacaa acaggacagg tcatttccta tccgattcag atgagctgcc     91620
     ctgctcccct gccacccccc accctcccac ctgcaccccg gcctccgtgg atctgagctc     91680
     gggaaatgac cccgaggcca cgctgatgtg cagaccttcc cagtgggacc tacgtcttct     91740
     tcttcttcgt ggagtcaaac ctggacttga ctctctgaaa agccttgttc accgcagggt     91800
     ctgccgggtc cgccgggccc ttcatcccca gcttcaccag ccagtagaag aggaacatgc     91860
     gccgctcgct ctggccgcgg ttcatgcggc gggcgagggt catgggcgtc tccccctggg     91920
     catccttgtc gttgatggag gccccatagt tgagcaagag gtttatacag tccagccggc     91980
     ccatggctgc agccacgtgc aggggcgtcc tgcccacggg ggatctgccc aggcagttgg     92040
     cacctgcgaa ataagagagt tggctgaggg tggaccacag gctggccagg agctgcacct     92100
     tcagaaacac cttcaagatg agaggccaga aaggaacgtt taggagatgg agtaactgct     92160
     gtccagccca tgcgccctgt gcagtggggg ccttcctcgc tgcatcccca cccccgctct     92220
     gccccctgca gcagcactgc ccagcctcca gtgcacctcc tacagtagcc aaggatcttt     92280
     ctatgctgcc ccatcgcgct cctgctcaga gcccgttgtt ggcatcttca gagctccgtc     92340
     tcaccccccc tcccctcctc actccagcat caccgccccc ttccccccct ccctccatgc     92400
     tccacttcca ccggctttat cctttcaata tacccgctcc cctatcctgc cccgggatct     92460
     ttgtacacac tgttcccttt gccaacaaca ttctcatcct tttgttttcc tgtgctaatt     92520
     ctatccttct tgaaagactg aaattttttt ttttttggcc acacccatag catgtggtgg     92580
     ttcccagccc agggatcgaa cctgagccac agcagtgacc acgtcagatc cttaacccac     92640
     tgcaccacaa gagaacttaa ttctctcctt cttgaggttt cattctcttc ctcaggataa     92700
     ccttccttgg cgcccctctg cacaaacccc cctgcctttg ctcagtctgc gcctccagaa     92760
     cacgccatgc acaattgacc gtggaattaa tgatttgtca tcacttgctg ccttcctttc     92820
     ataaactcca caagggcaga aaacacactc gtttggatca ttgctgcttt cgtccccagc     92880
     acggagcgcg atgcccgggc aatgacagac gactggcagc ctgactcacg gacagacttc     92940
     aattgaattc ctcgctgcct cccccagacg acggatgagc taacgacagg tgtcccgtac     93000
     ggacttgttg aattgaatca agttctgggt aacaaatatc atggcacaga aaacaaggca     93060
     attcaattgc gcgcagctga catttcggta gccggttttt atgagctatg gctggcagtg     93120
     cggcaacgtt ttaaataggt tctcacaccg cccggcctcg gccccggcgc ctcttcgcag     93180
     ccactgtctg caaaggacag aaaacgctgc ctagctggct gtaatttttt aactggtgtt     93240
     tcaaatacat cacagttcca tcagagtgaa aatgactttt tatgagctga aaggactgcg     93300
     ggactgggac gagcccgtat ttcatcttct ggcaggcgaa gtgcaaagag cagcggagga     93360
     gggaggggca gagtcgagca aggctctagc gtcccaggcg cacctgcccg ggcttcccag     93420
     atgttttgcc agctcgggtg gtggaagcgg gggaaacagc aaagagagcc tggggtccag     93480
     gccaaaggcc ggaagggggc gactaatttg gaggtgagtt gatatgggag accctcactg     93540
     tggcccctcg tgagccccaa atcactgacc agatgcccca ttcttccttt tcccagggaa     93600
     gctgttgggc tgggatgtct ggctatcgtg taccctccct cagtgggcct ctctgcccca     93660
     aatgccccac actcagggac gataaagcta ctcccgcaga acctcaggca aagccctgtc     93720
     tgtggatgga gggagaggag gagaaattgc ccttcggtgg aggagagctg aaaagggggt     93780
     ttgggacaca caattcaaag gcttggagaa aggagaccag ctgacctgcc aaccaccaag     93840
     agagggatgc tggctcaagg agagaccctc agatcagcgc agaagtgggg cttcgggtgg     93900
     gggagaaata acccagacgg ctattaggtc tggtcagaca caatgagcca ggaagcactt     93960
     tgggctgctc ccgtgtcttg gggccctgaa agctccatct tcccgcaaca gagagcatct     94020
     tcctgagacc tggccaagag aggggacagg gcctcagatg gacacgtcct aagacccctc     94080
     agacaggaac tgagtggctc cagggggacc ttgactggca gttgacaccc ttgggtccag     94140
     gacactgctg ctgaagggac taggaggaca agccattcgt tctgtccctc ttgcccgcaa     94200
     aagaccccca ttcctttttt taaaaaataa ttcaacgatt tttattatat ttatagtcgt     94260
     acaaccatca tcacaaccta attttagaac acttaagacc cccactcttt tttttttttt     94320
     ttttttttgc tttttagggc cacacctgtg gcacatggag gttcccaggc taggggttga     94380
     atcagagctg cagctgccag cctacaccac agccacagcc acacaggatt caagccacat     94440
     ctgcgaccta caccacagct cacagcaagg ctggatcctt aacccactgg gcgaggccag     94500
     ggtggatact agttgggttt gtaaccgctg agccacgatg ggaaccccaa accccccctc     94560
     ctgaacgtcc tgggctctac cagaattacc atgctctaga aggtactgca cagcctccaa     94620
     gtttcctctg tgtgaggcaa tatacaacgc cacgaacgcc ctctgggcga cccacttcct     94680
     ccactgcgtg tcctggaaat gctgcgagtt tgcggtgcgg tagaaggagt cctccgtgac     94740
     cccaaggaaa gacagctggg cgagacaaag gcagttacgc acgtgcgagg gagcacaggc     94800
     cgaggcgcag gtgcacctgg ctggtcctcg ctctcgggac agttgccccg gatccaaggg     94860
     caggctggtg atgggcacgg ggcagccctg accgggaagc cggaagcccc caggggacgc     94920
     cctcctcatg tccaggaaaa gacggatgta ccgtcaggca ggtcggggag gcaggaaact     94980
     cttcctgtcc atgttttgca gagagaaaat agcttttctg ggtgtccaga ggaaggggcc     95040
     gcggcacgga ggaagacccc ggccgctgcg ccccggccgc cccagagggg cacgtgctcc     95100
     tctggagatg tggtgacttc tggccttccg gtctattttc gggcccattg tctcgttaac     95160
     ttttggaacc ctctgaactc tgctcccaga tgaatcatag ccctgaaaca gcatcatctc     95220
     gtggtgccgt caggcgctgg gcccgggagg aagacggcag ggcatccggt acaggacccc     95280
     agggatgtgg gggccccggg cgggtggatt tctggcagtg ctggctcaag acgggcggga     95340
     cccaccccgg gcgggcccag agggagagcc agccagccag ggctggacac agtagacaca     95400
     gggtcagggg cagaggggga gcaacggagg gcggaggaca aggaggaaag aggggagcag     95460
     ccagagggct gtgcagacgg ctgtgagggg ccctcctcct cctgaggcgc agctggccgc     95520
     cctcctggcc ctgcctcccc agagcccacc caccctcccg agacccccgc ccacacccag     95580
     cctcccctga cccccatccc agctggaagt caactctgtc tcctccgcaa gctcacagct     95640
     ttcctcccaa atctactttc cagaaagaac agcacttgct cccctgtgtc tcagggactc     95700
     atcttcgctg ttgggtggat gtgttcattt ccccctcctt cccctacccc cgccacccac     95760
     cctggagcca gctcagggcc tggtccagag cagaggcacc cgcccccggg ctgccaagcc     95820
     ctgggccgtc tctccccctc gccgggggca gacccccggg agcatttttg cagcatcgaa     95880
     tgatccgggc caagcactgc taaggtgtgt gggattttcc gctggcaaag gagccttcca     95940
     gctctacaaa ctgcacacat gaagagcaca tgtgcttccc ggcatccttt gggggtggga     96000
     tgggtgggtt atccatcaca aacatgtgga cccagtgaaa tcgcgacgcc aaacagcaaa     96060
     gggcaacatt cgctttggcc acgatgacct gaggccttgg tgtctctttt ttctgctcgg     96120
     aaaggtgtcc tcaaacactc acattaaaga ctgagtgact tcacacacac acacttgacg     96180
     gttgcttcat gaagtgtaat atccccttaa agaaacatga aaacaccttg ctggaatctc     96240
     cttccacggc cgccaaaacc agctccgtcc atccatcata atgccagata cgtaatgaaa     96300
     taattccacc aggaacaaca tcgtagaact tcagggtagc ctcatccatc aaaattccta     96360
     tgggcaaaaa ttttatcttt aaaaagaaaa agtgggtatt aaagataaac tatgacatca     96420
     gtttagcaaa gagatgatct gacctcaggt atcccaacaa taattttaga actttgagca     96480
     ctaacctcat cggatcacgc cacatacatc tgctcatggt tgaaaaagag tttggcttag     96540
     cccaaatagc agcccaacct atatatctat ggcatatata cacacatggc aatgacataa     96600
     aatcctgtaa ttacaacttg acctatggcg aaaaaaatac acgggtgaat aaaagtcatt     96660
     gtaggaggca atcgctaagt agaactattt gaacttgaag tcacgctgtt acaggcgtgg     96720
     ggcagtgtgg ttagacaagt tacatacgtt aagcttaaat accaattctg gcaaaggatg     96780
     tcatcggtta gcttaaagag gtactaatga caaaatgtgc tggttctttc aaattatggt     96840
     ctagggcatc atttctccac cttggcactc ctgatgtttg agactggctg gcattctgca     96900
     ctggggtctg gcctggcatt gtagggggtt tagcagcatg gctggcctcc gcccactaca     96960
     tgccagcagc tgtgaccact gaaatctctc tagacattgc ctaatggtcc cttggggaca     97020
     aaagtgcccc agcggagacc ccgtggtcat gtaagccaca tcatcttgaa tccaccacaa     97080
     ttacggcttg agatggaaga cctcctgtcc tccgtgtccc cacccagaac agcccctact     97140
     cgtacgaaag aatggggtgg atgggtctac tcacgtttcc taaattcaga ctctaaggaa     97200
     gaccggcaga attactagaa gaggattata gaatgctttt ttaaaatgaa gttgttttta     97260
     gtaaaccttt tttcttggcc acacccacag catgcggaag ttcccaggtc agggatggaa     97320
     cccccacttc cgttgccacc tgcaccacag ctgcagcaac accagatcct taacccactg     97380
     caccacacgg gaaattccta gtttaccttt tccaagacac acacatcttc cgacatggcc     97440
     acctgtatcc ttgcttaagg ataacacaat aatttgcttt tgcccctaag cagtgcccaa     97500
     aatggaacat ctcaactctg cccaggttgg aagggcactt attccgagta gcattcatga     97560
     gttttggggt ttcacggtgg agtgctaggt gcccatatgc tcaacaccca cattctttaa     97620
     tcctctctac aaaccaggtt tgtcacctcc ctctgccatc ggggcagacc aaggcgcacg     97680
     tggccggcaa cacggggccc cccaccagac ctgccttccc tctggcatca tgcatttcgc     97740
     accctgaatt ctggtggcat gcttcggttc ctggcaactc cgcacggtgg atgtaaaccc     97800
     agaagggtaa ttagcaactc tggttcatca gggtcatatg tgtggttcta acacggagga     97860
     taatcagtaa ttagtttaag caagacaacg ccacgacttc ccaacaactt caagagaacg     97920
     gggaaggctg cgtttcctca caccggcagc agcaccattc acatgcgcga aacacctctt     97980
     agagaaatct gagcacattt tctttgccgt cagcctagac aaatactaat tatcaccagc     98040
     taaataaatg attagagttg acatcagatg tgggagggcg gggctcagcc gccaagatgc     98100
     tcgacccctt ttaggtctgc gcctctgagg gttttcacac gcattatctc atttgagcct     98160
     ccctggcaac cttggaggcg tcagactgat tatttaccag cagaagcccc atctccactg     98220
     ctcctccgct ctttcttggt ttgccatccg cgctaaggag ggcgactgca agagagatca     98280
     agcttctcac agtggctaag tgcggctgag tgacaggact gtgacatccg tgttaagcca     98340
     ctccatcccg ttcactccct cttagctttc tcgaatttat ggcacagcat agctcactgg     98400
     tgacaataaa ttaacagaag gggtgccaga catctgtagt tcaggatacg taattttcga     98460
     attacgtgtg tggggactct cactaagtcc ttgcatagct cacttcactt tttaacacct     98520
     taagtgcagg gacacctctt tccaaacaaa gcctagaaaa tgctcggagg catctcccac     98580
     atactcctct cgcaaagcaa atatttcggg gggagggggc ggaaatgctt aagccccttc     98640
     ccagagggca gaggaaagga tctggcctga cgtctacacc tgagtttccc tgagtcattt     98700
     gtgcctagag ggggagacgg cactgaggat tccatcgaaa agggctctgc ctctcaggtt     98760
     agaaactgag ccccggaagg gcagcctctg ggaggagact ggctgctttc agctttctct     98820
     cctcactccg gcccctgcag tatagctgca ggctccctgc agaaccagct gttgactttc     98880
     tctgtgcagg agcccagaga gttttgtttt gttttttaat atcttcgttt tcttaaggtg     98940
     tttttgcttt gatttcaacc gggtggggag acgatggagc ccgggggctc tgatcatgtt     99000
     ctcatatcct aaatactgca ggcagcgggg ctgggacagc caggtcccgg gctgagggca     99060
     ggagatggtg gaggagaaat ggaaggagga gctgatcggg ctccagggcc ctagccccct     99120
     ccccacggtg cctcccatgg gggggggggg tcgtctggat agtgggcctt ggggtccgga     99180
     ttcggccaca gtgagcttgg ggcactgggt tccgattccg gttgggctag ctttgagctc     99240
     cagccatgga caaggacgca gcttgatgtt caaggttctg atacggactg ggccagtgcc     99300
     aggattcggg gtctaaacgt ggctagggtt tgttttgaga tctggggtcc tgatgagggc     99360
     agcttgctct ggttctgggg ttctgatgaa ggcaagcttt gctttctgtc tggggggcag     99420
     tcggctctgg gatgcagagt ccttctgggg ccagggcttg tttgggggtt gggggtctga     99480
     tgcagtcctg ggtggtatgg aaactggggg tgaagaattg gaaaggtctg ccctgaggtt     99540
     caggggtctc gatggtgaca ggttctgctc tgggatttgg ggtcccgatc taagctgtgt     99600
     ttggtctaga attggtgtgg ataaagtggt gaaggatttg ggtttcaaac gcaagcagcg     99660
     tttgctttga gtttgggggt tctcatgcag acaagcttca ttttgaactt tggcttcctt     99720
     ccatggatgt ggttggctta aaccttatac tttccatgga ggttaggggt tcagatatgg     99780
     ggagactgga cttgaggttt ggggtcctat cgtgggcaga gtgtgtctca ggctttggag     99840
     cccttacgaa gacagctggc ttggggtttt ggtgtagcaa gggtgagttt gagaaccaac     99900
     tctcagatgc cggcagagtt agtttcgaat ctgggagtcc agaggcgagc agagttcatt     99960
     ttgggctctg gcatccttat gtagacagag gaggctgaag gattggggtt cgggtatgca    100020
     actggttaag aagagactgg ggtctccgaa tcgagtggat ccggcctggg atctggggtc    100080
     acgatctggg tcgagtcgga tccgggatct aggtttcggt tgtgagcagg ggtcacttgg    100140
     ggattgtatc cgaggttcaa acgtaggtac ggttcgtgag agagacgagg ccctgggaag    100200
     ggcagagttt aaggctttga cgtccttgag tctatacgat tgccgatggt cacacggtta    100260
     gcctggggac ttggggttca gtctggggcg ggtttggcct tggtttgagg gtcctggagt    100320
     gggtttgttc agagctctag agcccttgtg aggacacagt tatggaaaga tttgggattc    100380
     tggggtagtc atggtaaccc tggagatttg gggttcactc tggggcaggg ctggggcgtt    100440
     ctgatggccc acagcccagc acagggatgt gaagtttgcc tccacctggg gtcctgacca    100500
     gcaggtttgc ctgaggctgt ggggtcccac tgagaacaga tgtttccctt gaggtcttgt    100560
     gtggatggca ctgccagctc tgtgacttgg gtcccagatg aagacatggg gtctgggggt    100620
     ctgagggtcc tgctgcttgg ggatttgggg ttctgatgag gacagggttt gctcaggtag    100680
     gcaggtcgca caccttgctt tgggactgga gacccaacac aggtggggtt tgccaggaga    100740
     tttgaggtct aaggcggacc cgggttttct gcagttggga attccttagg tggtcagggc    100800
     tggcttttcc acctgcggtt ccaggggact ggggtctgtt ttgacctctg ggggtgctcc    100860
     taggcaggct tcccctcctg caccgcagga tgggaagggg actgggtctg gggagtacgt    100920
     gcggccagga aaggggtcgg gcaggggcca ccttggtcca ggtactggag ccgctggagg    100980
     ttgaagggga tgccaagcct caggtccagc tcctccttga gctcccgcac ggtcatgtcg    101040
     ctgtggcagt tggtcactcg gcacatttcc ccggaatcct ccagcagcac tcgcacgacg    101100
     aagacgtctg aggccacgtc gagcgccaag tgtacggcct gcgggtcccc aacacggctg    101160
     tagccgcggg tgcggacccc gggctgcgcg gccaggagct ggggccgggc tgagcccgcc    101220
     ccctgcccgt ctggccggcg gcccgcgggg tcgggacgat cggcgccccg cgacgacctc    101280
     tccgcctgcg cctctgcccc cgccctccgc atcgtcctcg gctccgcgcg ccccccagcc    101340
     ccccggcccc cgggccccgg cgcgcgttat ccccgctcca cgcggtggcc gcgcgtcatc    101400
     gccgcccccg ccccggcgcc ccctctggga caacagagcc caccctcccc ccggggcggc    101460
     aattaaccaa ccaaggcggg gctgcacgtg gacgcgggtg gcgcggctga aaccaggaaa    101520
     gggcacaggc acttcctcaa gtaagaggga gatttattga gatcaataca gaggcatcgc    101580
     cgcccagagg ccccgcgtcc cggcgcaccc agctccggcc acatcccaac tccttctcgc    101640
     agcttccaag ttgctcttaa tgtcagttcc tgtaacctgg aaaacggagc ggcttgtggc    101700
     cgtttaggca cctgtgatct cttctccgtg tctgtttaaa acacaatcat tgcacaattt    101760
     ggggccaact acctggagga attatgcgtg aatcatcgct gggtaaagca gagagttgtg    101820
     aagtgcagtc tttagtcatg cttaaaaatc gcatttctag catgaacgga aaaaaaccca    101880
     cactgcagaa acaggactcc gtttaggcag atctggccca acttgacagt gaaaaagccc    101940
     catacgtcgc accctggaag tggaagacag atctttctga aaatctgcaa agctccatca    102000
     cgacccatca actttgaaaa cgttctcgaa ttcttggagt gggaaaggtg ctgatgaaaa    102060
     tgcttaacaa gggtgaaatg tcacgggggg ggggggcgct gagatggttc tatcgctgag    102120
     acccctttaa gaaaccagct ggtgcttttc cattgactcg ggaagaaact ggctgtttaa    102180
     gtcaacagga aggggacgtc aggtggtgaa atcacacaca ctcacaacca cacctgtgac    102240
     cagtcagtgg gtagggcgct gaatccatga gaacagcaag ggcaaccaga acaatcttag    102300
     aaacatctca gctgttacaa accaagacta aaatgtgagc tttaaacata ctttttgcag    102360
     ggaagataca gtcataaaaa tgtcttctca ctggaaaggc attcctgtta cagaaaaatc    102420
     ttaacacgga cactcaaaac ttaaaggtca gattatttac caaagagtct tgacaacctc    102480
     tacaagcaca tctgattccg caggcaaatc atatgcaaat cgaacccatc ctcacaaatt    102540
     caagcgaatt tttttttctt aatggaaaaa tgaagctctg aacagaatac cagattccag    102600
     ttgaagaagt ctacttgctg ctagatcaag agatttttaa caatatgaca ctctcaattt    102660
     ctaggcaatt aaaaaaagta aaaattgctt gttaccaaag caaaacaata gctccatcta    102720
     tttactctag gcaagtactg aatataagat ggatggattt ttttccccct ttatatgtag    102780
     tctccaaagt attaactcac tctctgctca agttgccaaa atgttgggtt accatctgca    102840
     attctcatac atgtgcctta ttttctttgg cacggtatag attccttcct ttctttttcc    102900
     agagtcagcc cgtggaattt gggggaggaa catcctgtat accaggaaac tcaatatata    102960
     gctccagatc ttatttttaa aaagaaagaa agaaaagaaa gataagaaaa agagccacgg    103020
     gaagaatgga aacagctaac acgcccttgg cagcgagctc tcggacccca aatgggctgc    103080
     tgccccctcc cctcatgcct ggctttgaga aaataaaaat agaaacaaga aacataacat    103140
     cagtatgtat gtacaaggag tttaatcaaa tgcttgtaga acctcgagtt atttgttaat    103200
     gtaaagcctg tttaaattac agagtccctt tctcttagcc taaattttaa aagcatgaag    103260
     tctaagttct gtggacttag gtcaatttga agactatatc actgaacccc cccaaatcac    103320
     tgctacttgt ggccaaacta cacagaccag tcagaactct ggtttcctat gtttcgctga    103380
     gattctgaag catcagattt aaagtcgtca tccacgcttc tcagtgatca atcccccccc    103440
     acccgagttc ttaaacaaat gataagacat ccatataaga atgaaaggcc tttctgcttt    103500
     aggcttccat taaaggccga cacgttatct tatggaaaca gttcctgccg gaagaggagg    103560
     agatgaatgc tgaggaaaag ttccaaggac agtttatagc aaaagtacaa tattagaaag    103620
     gctgccataa atcactccct aataggtttc tttaactcgc atttttcaaa agtaaacaga    103680
     ttgggctata tttgcagcaa ctcaaagtgg agcataaatt taaatgatgt atgtgtcctg    103740
     ctcaatgata ggaggcgact attacattaa tagattttct tcctgtcaag aattatttac    103800
     atatgtacag tatttcagtt aaaaataaaa tagaatacca taaactatat ttcataggaa    103860
     agcatgtggg aagaggcaaa tatgcaagtc tattaaagac ttaaaagctt ctaataaagc    103920
     accttattgg gggggggggt aataacatag cctgtaatgg agaagacaaa cactcgtggg    103980
     cagtctgatg cctcggagac cccacgccca gctggcgccc agttctgcaa ccttctcgca    104040
     gacttccccg tcggaaggga aggggggcac aggagcgcag catgggcctg gcccgccccg    104100
     ggggcagccc ctgtgaccgc agacggggaa ggggccaact gagtgcacag ctaccaaagt    104160
     ttcagaaacc cttcctcccc aggcaggcgc gggaccttca ggtccccttc aacacggtca    104220
     agccacaggc gccaagcatg aatcgaccgg actgtgtgtg accggagtgg ttgattccgc    104280
     gtttctagca ccgcagtgtc tgtgacagtc tgctgctctg gctccagtgt ggcaaacgag    104340
     ttaacgtctt ggtcccggtc agactgcaga gctaagacgg tctctttgac gacttcaaga    104400
     tgagggttac cagcatttct aaaatatgct agtgagccaa cgcaggaaac tgagtcacat    104460
     gtgccatgaa ctgtgttctg aaacatactc ttgtttgggg tttttttaaa aaccgcacct    104520
     caggacaaca aatcacttct tcacaggata agtcctttca aatgataaaa ttgctttaat    104580
     caaagaggat ttcctaaatt ttaaagacaa acgtctaaga ataggtatgc attttttttt    104640
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgc tatttcttgg gccgctcctg gggcatatgg    104700
     agattcccag gctaggggtc caatcggagc tgcagccacc ggtctacacc agagccacag    104760
     caacgcggga tccgagctgc gtctgcaacc tacaccacag ctcacggcaa cgccggattg    104820
     ttaacccact gagcaagggc agggaccgaa cccgcaacct catggttcct agtcggattc    104880
     gttaaccact gcaccacgac gggaactcca gtatgcatat ttttaaagct ctaactaaaa    104940
     atctttcaat attttcttct ctccaataca aaagaatggg caacacagac cacaggaagg    105000
     gggaaagcag gctgctagca agatggggca gaggatggga gggaagaggc aagaaaggtg    105060
     cctgcagagc aggagagatg ttctcccagg agttcccgtc gtggatcagc ggaaacaaac    105120
     ccgactagga accatgaggt tgcaggtttg atctctggcc ctgctcagtg gattaaggat    105180
     ccgacattgc catgagctgt ggtgtaggtc gcagacgcat cttggatctg gggtggctgt    105240
     ggctgtggca taggccaggg gctatagctc caatttgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat    105300
     gtgcccggag cagctctaaa aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatagatgt    105360
     cctcctgtac acggggtgca gatgtgacct ctccagggga cagagtctta tattacaccc    105420
     tgttcaggtt taaaataact gactacaaag ttgataccat ttaaacctag tcatagttaa    105480
     ggcttaaatt cactgccttt cataactctg tcattacaat ttatagaaaa agtttccctc    105540
     atttctagaa caccgcgtag tattttgcat gtgagactat gtttactaaa tataaaacaa    105600
     ctattaattt ccttagtcat tgaataacat gttttatgca tacatacaaa ttaatacatc    105660
     aatttatata atacatctga agtaggttct cacaaaattg gccacaattc cctaaagaga    105720
     aatccagctg ctgcctgatg aggtttaaaa tctgtaagct cagagcaacg gtccgcacac    105780
     ccttttccaa cagtgtctgt tttagagtct tggcgagcgg aactcctgcg tttggcaccg    105840
     gatctgccgc gaggcataaa gggctgggaa ggaagcgttc agcaacctgg cccactggga    105900
     tcccctcctt gctcaccgcc gcctggacga acagaaggcc atggccaaac aggggacatt    105960
     ctccaggagt gatcagatgg cggaaaaaag aaaacgagag cgactccttc aggaacattc    106020
     caaattacga ctccttcagg aatgttccaa attagcaatt tcaggatctt ctggtctgag    106080
     gagcggtgtg cgggtgcgcg ccggaatttt aaaatctcga tgactgaatt tggtcagaaa    106140
     cacagttcac gttttctgtc ttgaccaagt tctggggcac aagtgctgcc ccccagcacc    106200
     cggtggggac ggcagaggct gctgagtcac acaggcctag gttcagggcc taacccgctg    106260
     ccttactggc ttcactcttc tgagccacct gtaccgggga gaagcaagca ggatggcaga    106320
     tcaactctgc aaaggccgag gagcgcccgc ctgtaagggt taggagcctg cccctccgtg    106380
     actccccagg actcgggccc tgagggcagg gaccatgtct gccatgggac agctagaccc    106440
     cagaccccaa tccagtgtcc agccctctgt gaacaagcaa cccatgctgc tcctgtcata    106500
     accaccagcc tctgcccact gcagctcagc tcacacgtgc attcgctcac ttcattccca    106560
     cagccagctg ggggaatcag aacgagccga gttttacagg tgagtccagt gtgggggtga    106620
     cactggaagg tctcaggacc agcagcagca gcagcagcag ggaggagagt ccaagccagg    106680
     aatgtggttt ccgaatcctc tagatctttt cccactagag tcacaacagc agctgctgtg    106740
     actgagagca tcccaggtgc ctggcaccgt gcgaggcacc ttgggggcat cagctcacta    106800
     aagcctcagg acctcaccgg gggcgggggc gggctggacc ccgggactcc gctccacaga    106860
     agactgaaag gcagcagaga cggtgctatg cccaaggccc ctcggcaggg aaacaggaga    106920
     ccccctacga gcgagcaggt ttggactcca aagtcggccc cttaaccgcc aggctgcgaa    106980
     cccccgctgc atgtaaataa taatccctag gaccccggga ggtatgcttg gcaggtaccc    107040
     tttctttttg cttgtgttat tgcgggcttt ctaagtattt cattagtgaa agcaccaaaa    107100
     aaaaaaaagg atttttctta aacagaattg gttggtgcct ttttcctcct gtttcatcat    107160
     ggattgtcta cattccagag aaagaacttt gaaataaaag ctaaaatatc tcgtctaccc    107220
     tttttcctga aactaacgtg tggcactgac ctcttcctga caagtctgtg gcctctggcc    107280
     tgcagggttt gacagtggca ctgaagtctg cagccaccgc agggccccaa gccggcagcc    107340
     aaagcgcccc cgtgataccc cgaaggctga tggggggcac cggtgagtcc ttcagaggcg    107400
     atggggtgct gctgagggac agaaaagagc ctctggagcc cagcgtctgg tccaatcaca    107460
     gctctgagat gaagctgggt gatgggttcg tggagattca tcccactgtg tgtgccctca    107520
     gcctttgaca gaatatgtgc atgaggggaa gttaaagttg ttaacactgt agcagaaaaa    107580
     aatcatgcct tgacacttcc tgtgtgatct tgacaagtta cttaacctct ctgggcttca    107640
     actccttcat ctaaagaaag tggtctacaa ggtacgtgga cgcgccccgc tcacgacagg    107700
     gtagctgcta ctcttgaggc tcagacgggg gatgagatgc ctggccctca gaggcaatca    107760
     agaaatggca gccaccaccc cagccagaca caaatcgcac tctcatcccc acgatgctaa    107820
     gtagagaggg tgacccaagg agccgagcag gccctgaact tcacacttaa agagacttaa    107880
     tggtcccgga cttgctctgt tccccacccc aacctcctcc ttccctgctg aggggagaca    107940
     ccgtgatgag cagccctgga ccggacgtgg caatggggct gcgcctggcc ctgctcacca    108000
     gacaggaggt gctgggagca caggaggttg tccgcctctg tgcccagcat ccggggcgtg    108060
     cctggcacac aggagatgct cagtcatgct ccaggggctg aatgcccatg caggctggta    108120
     accccgggca cgtccctggg cctgactggg ttgctcaaca atctcctggg ggtgaagagg    108180
     gttcggtgtg ctgatcccca agttcctggc tagtccctcc gccagagcgg ggatgctttt    108240
     cctgatgttc atgaaatgca cgtggcaaac atccgtccag ggcagacatg tcccccaggt    108300
     ggtgctaacc tgacacatga aagcccaagc ttgcctgccg acccacttcg aacagtgccc    108360
     gaatcttagc gtgagctcct tgatgaaatt taatcccagg gcactctcac tgtttgaacg    108420
     gaacttctgc agaattgcca ccacctggga aaaatatcag acgagcaaat ttaaaatact    108480
     gccatctatt tgaattatga gtactactct acatggaaac tagacatttt tatgcaccct    108540
     cccaccttta aaatgaatct ataagcatgg gagagagtca tttttgtcgc agtaatcatt    108600
     agaacacaga ggggaaaaga tgtttaaatc tatggcaaca cacacacaca ctcacgcata    108660
     taaaatcctt cataaaaatg agatttcaaa agggactggc attagacaaa tacattatta    108720
     atcttaagat tccaaatttt ggacaatgtc cccttgcata ataactaaag cattaccttt    108780
     cagaacatgt catttttata aaattttaac gccatcaggg taccttagta aagcagtatt    108840
     ttcaagtgtg ggtttttttt cccctcagta ttcacagctg atataagccc tcataaaatg    108900
     gcatcggctt gtctaggctg gagtctttgc tcagtacttt tctacaaaac cgtgctacag    108960
     agtaaaccca acctgttttt tagaaaaaca cgaagacact gtttaagggg tttcacatat    109020
     aaagtgattt gtccacaatt ttcatcactc gagcattcgc cttaacaaaa cagctgtctt    109080
     caaagaaaaa aagatagcta tcgcacagat tgataaagct ataacacagt ccctaatttc    109140
     aaaacttaac agccgctttc atgggtcgat tgacaaatta aggccggggg cgggggggat    109200
     aaaggagtta aaatgaaaga aacataaata ttccttgttc taaaaattag aataaaaatg    109260
     tattatatac atcatcaaag gtcatgattt cttactagtt tgaaggagag ccaccgaact    109320
     tcagaaactt tatcggcaca cagctttaat ggaatttgca ttaaaaaatc ataaacatca    109380
     ttggaattac agagttccaa aatcagtata agctgtctga aattaaagaa aaaaaacaag    109440
     aaatttgttt atgggacaag aaaacacatt acgaatctct ctttactctt atttcatctt    109500
     atacataaaa atagccaggc tgggagatca acagaagcag agacctgggt gaaaacggcc    109560
     atgcaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag aaagaaaaaa atcttatttc ttcatctctc    109620
     tctcacacac aaatcaaaca aaaaggatat aaattaaact ttgtaaaaca gaggctgaga    109680
     aatttatgaa tagagattta atatttcaac tttaggttat cagttcgaaa gcacataaaa    109740
     ctttaaaaat cagataacat aaaaatagcc agaatgttga agttcccaaa gatcaacaga    109800
     tcaaggggaa acaaatgaga tttcactgtc tccgcagcgt tcctgaagct gcaaattaaa    109860
     ttttctgctt ttgctggccg gctcacgcac tgtgcacaag ccttttcagt ccagcgaggt    109920
     ccgcctggag agccagaccg ctttactcgc agggaaaaaa ttcatcagat ggctggtggg    109980
     aaaaacctac caaagccttc gatattttct aaatgggaat ggggagaagc gtatgaaaat    110040
     aaatggcatt atttccacac tggcatagaa aggaaatgaa aaagagattg tagggaagtt    110100
     agaaccagaa gccaggagta ccggtgaata ctttcatatc gaaaggcact gttttcagaa    110160
     aaatgatgcc aatatcatgg tcacggaagc acagcattcc tatcagtggc tttggcatca    110220
     ataaccaccg cagagatgtg agatagcccg cgcccgcaga taacgccgtc ggggcgaaac    110280
     gagccggccc ggccgggccc ctggaagcgg gtcatcgcag ccggcaccgg ctcgggttcc    110340
     acatcgtcaa cgtccttgtg tccccgtccc cggtccccgg ccgcggaagc gggccagtcg    110400
     gtccccaggt ccgactccat cccgggtccc cgttcccatc ctggtccccg gggccgggct    110460
     ccgtgcccac cgcccgcgcc gaccccatcc ccgtccccat ccccatcccg tccggggcct    110520
     ccatccccgg gcaagcgggc cagcccagct cgagacggac ctcgccgagt tcccgagttc    110580
     tgccgctaga gggcgcgatg ccttcatgga aaaaaacgtg ggcctgtttt tctccgttct    110640
     cttagaataa taatacgccg ggaacatggc ataatgactg aagcctcaat ctctcaaatt    110700
     aagcataatg attaaggatc acagcgaaga gaaaatcttt tagtttgccc ccggcatcgg    110760
     ccacatcata tcctgaagag ctgcaaaagc ttgatgggtt tctacaggga agacaattat    110820
     tcgagagatt gctagttgag gacaagaaaa atgaaaacca gagatactga aataaatctc    110880
     ggcaaggtga aaactaaaac ccaaacaaca acatcacgca cacacaaacc ccctcagtac    110940
     tgcggagagc acatcagagc ctcggaaagg agaattactt aaagtgacgc ttttgccctt    111000
     tcagaatccc taaacccttc atagcattcc tcttgcctgc acgaaatgga attaaatgac    111060
     tctttcgcac acaaaatgat gtacagatct gagcctcctt gggggacgtt tttatttaat    111120
     aatcagctca tctgggttag accttttcgt atctctccct gtagcagaat tttctttagg    111180
     agctgaaatg tagaagccac gccacccccc tttgcaggga ggggctgcac tcagaatgtt    111240
     caagaaagct ctggcaaaaa actgctccga ttaagaggag aatattgaag agcgggtgat    111300
     tcatctttta tttggttcga ataaattgcc ttctagaaca gcagaacact ctaattccaa    111360
     agtgactctc gccctgtctg cctctgaaaa tgaatgtctc cggagactgt ggtatttgga    111420
     acttcgagct ttggaattca gtttatccct taataaaaac ataatctctt tatcccaaag    111480
     aacaccatta ctgctgcttt agaaatcaat tataaggtag gaaaattaag aattattcca    111540
     atttgccttc tcatagcccc aaacaggttt tacgtcctct gccaggtcac atggaaacct    111600
     ccaattcctg ctgttatggg tcactgcaaa tgcctgaagc tgataaaggc attctctcct    111660
     cttgtcttca tgaagcgact attttttaaa aatgtatatg tagagaaaaa tatataatcc    111720
     ttccacatgt cccccagtgt gctgtgctat tatacctcag atcctacatc tgtcaccggc    111780
     aagaaccatg ccctgacgcc tcgggctcca ttaccccgcc tggctgtgta ttagctttgc    111840
     tcttaacagc cgtcaggtgc agccctgcac gcctccaccc ctctcccctg gccagtgcat    111900
     gcgcttgtgt gtgtctccac atgcccccca ctcggccttc tttcataatt tcctgcctga    111960
     aaaacaagcc agcacgtgtg tgctcgcaag ataatgccac ggctgcctcc cggggaggcg    112020
     acgctgcccc gcgctcctgc ttgggcgcca cagcacgtac cagagcccat caagggcagc    112080
     tcttggtcgt gaggatgcga gtaattagct tccctgggtc attttaactc ttactttcac    112140
     actcatcatt cctttggggg gacaaaaaaa aatggcaagc agggaagcag caacgtcttg    112200
     taagaaagag tccttcgtgc agagctgaga ctggatttca gagggctctt ctcttagctg    112260
     accgccggca cgtcacacac ccccagggag cccagtcctt ctttcttgca gtgtgctggg    112320
     ccatctgtct accagcctcc gtggaattag agctccaagg gccagggcga ttaggaggaa    112380
     agctataaaa aatagccacc catcgctgaa agaacaccca ctttagggtt gggatgatct    112440
     gtttcaactg gaaaaaaccc agacagctgc cttttgtttt tttcactgat accttacata    112500
     tgcaggggtt taaacaacgg tgctgaagcg gggagtctgt tgctttcaat ccttcttcct    112560
     acctttagaa aggcacacag gtgcctaaga acgcctgtgc gcactgcatc caggtccttt    112620
     aaaaatccgt tgaagatggg cacccggtcg gcggccgtga gctgattgcc gaggatgaca    112680
     gccggctcgt ggacagagaa ggccagggtc cgacgtacct tccgctgggg gcgcacagca    112740
     gacacaccga ccacaaaggc aaaagcacaa ctcagtgtca ccaagagccg gaggccgtct    112800
     ctggaggaag acagatactg cccggtgttg accactgcag gctttacttc ctccaagacc    112860
     agtaaccatg cccactgtgc cccctaaaat acacactggc gagccctgta gcggcagccc    112920
     tctctcccca actaggcagc ccgtcctatc ccgtgcgcgc ctctgagcag gctgtattta    112980
     cctgcacatc ggaagccagc gtctcgtagg tgtccttgag ggagtgccaa tggggcctgc    113040
     ccagggcaag tgccaccgcc ggcaggctgg aggcgcagtg tttggctatg tcggtatcga    113100
     cggtctgggc tcgagccggg tcggtcgtgg acacatactg atcgtactga cggtgacggg    113160
     gcagcgggtg aggcgctctg tcctgggcga caggagagaa agggcaacgg catctctcgg    113220
     gaggggaggg gaccactcgg gggaggaaag gagcgaggaa ctcgggtgca gaccgacctc    113280
     cacgagggca ggaggcctcc ccgaagctcg gggctgggcg gggcgagcgt cttgctttgc    113340
     agggagtgag atttccacgt ggcccacagt taaagcgatg cctgcattca tctctctgaa    113400
     atcggcccag cgcttgctat cccagagccc agtccagagg gtcggcgttg ggttagcccg    113460
     acgcacacag ctctggccaa tggcacctgt ctcctctttt cttgtaactg ccccagcgag    113520
     acggctgcag ccccttccct ctgctcctcg ccgcttcttg ccaactgacg ggactcaggc    113580
     ttcccaagac atcagccact tagctttttc tctgcaaaga caatggggta caatgattaa    113640
     aaacctttac gagaacttaa gagcacagca agctaatgct cgaggtagaa ccaaaccaga    113700
     cacggttcaa caaaagaaac tgttaaagga attcccatcc tggcacagca gaaacaaatc    113760
     tgactagtat ccatgaggac gcaggttcga tccccggcct tgctcagcta gttaaggatg    113820
     tggcgttgcc atgagctgtg gtgtaggttg aggacgtggc ttggatctgg ccttgctgag    113880
     gctgtggtgg aggccggcgg ctacagctcc gactggaccc ctagcctgga aacgtccata    113940
     tgctgcaggt gtggccctaa aaaggaccac aaacacacac acacacacac aaagaagaag    114000
     aagaagaaga agctgtttaa aaacttgtcc aacaaaaaag gagataaaca gctcataata    114060
     aacagacact aaatattaat gtatacatgt ccaattcttt tctcatattt gacttgtttt    114120
     gttaaaatat ctttccagat tgttcagaag acttgaaata ctactttaga atttactttt    114180
     tttaagctag agaggaaata ttagcaacac agattatgaa ctaagatatg tcattaatat    114240
     tgatggcaga aaaacatttg gttccaacaa ccattcttaa atttaacttc cagaaaatgt    114300
     aaagttttga ggtgctttgc ttttcaggga acaaacctgt aatttagatt tattctcttc    114360
     aagtggggca gcgtcacgcc tctggccagc ctcccgatgg tcactggctc ctctgcaggg    114420
     ctggcctgga ccctacagaa tggagggggg cacatccact taggccacgg gaggaagctg    114480
     tcctgtggct cccccttcaa agaaccctct ttcagcacca gaaatgactt ctgcgaacca    114540
     aggccagcac ttcccccaga ggcaagagca cctctccaga tgtgagacgt acattcgagc    114600
     agctgtgtat gacacggtac agctcggcca cggcaggtgc cgagacaacc agatttcata    114660
     cattttcatt tccagactct gccccaggcc ctacaaacgg ctgtgagcac caacagcgtg    114720
     agtctacctt acccttcttg aagccccagg gtccccgggg tggctgacca atgcccttaa    114780
     gtaagagtcg catgttcaaa gcagagacgg ctccagaagg cagggtgatg ctggccagaa    114840
     gcagcaagcg agcgagcacc tccaggagct ccccggggct ggagggggca gcaaggccag    114900
     actccagaca gggggcggag aggcggggga gggaccacgg agacggaggg agacagcgtg    114960
     gccagtccaa gaggattcgc ggagcaagct cttctgagtt ttcacgtgta caaacacttc    115020
     tggtgtttgc tgctgaacct gcacatgagg ttaacaatga aaatgagcca gaacatccag    115080
     cagtgacata ctggcctctg atcattgatt aacattaact gagatgcgcc tgaccttctc    115140
     cttcgaccat agcatggacc ttcctcctcg cacttgaaat gtcatactgt ccactagctt    115200
     catggatcct gacgaatcag ctcaatatgc aatccgggaa agtcgattaa tacccggaca    115260
     gatgctccgt ctgctccgag gcccgctacc agaaccttcg gttcccaagg ttttccctga    115320
     aaggtacggc ttattttaat agggggcacg ataaaacaga aatgtttggg tatgataacc    115380
     taagacctca attctccaag ttaataaatt cacatgcatt aataaataaa aaatcattac    115440
     tcttctctga ggaatcagtt tgattccaga gtcttcggtg caaccgttac ggagagtgct    115500
     tattgcagga gccaagggat ggtttacgta aaccagccaa gtcagggcag tcccaggagg    115560
     aactgcaagg tgctgtcccc agaaaaccac ctgtcagtca aaagacatga ggggaagagc    115620
     gagcccctgc ctccccagag cacttcggga ccaaactggg gcactaatgt ggcagagtgg    115680
     gagctggagc agggtcagtg cgagggctcg agtgaccagc cagcctccca gcctcgcctc    115740
     ctcctctgct taagcgtttc aaggttttca tttctttctc cttctatttg ttgtggttgt    115800
     tgttgttgtt gtctttttag ggccatacca tggtatatgg aggttcccag gctgggggtc    115860
     gaatcggagc tattgccgct gatctacacc acagccacag caaagtggga tccgagccgt    115920
     gtctgtgacc taaaccacag ctcatggcaa cgctggatcc ttcacccact gagcgaggcc    115980
     agggattgaa cccgcaactt catggttcct cgtcggattt gtttctactg caccacggcg    116040
     ggaactcctc tttgtccttc ttttgcacct caaagcatcc tgactgagcc cacaggaacc    116100
     cgagtcaaat ctaccgtgaa ccagagccac acgggccctg gttcttccca cggcgggttc    116160
     actcaggaga accaacgtgg agaaatccct ccgcccttct tccttttcac ttctgtatct    116220
     gaaagacgcc caaaggccac tgcatctccc accaaggcaa acgtggccag acttttccat    116280
     gcaacgcaga tgatttttgg actccagata acaagggtaa caacatgagc tttcttgcct    116340
     atttttggaa acaagtcagc aaaatagggc ttcatctcat tccttacgaa tcaaaggcaa    116400
     ccttaaccaa ttcctaaaca tttctcctcg ggctttttca attcgtcttt tggttcgctt    116460
     tactggacca gaccaagggg gtaaagggaa gtgatgagtt agtttaacca caaaaatcaa    116520
     aatataaact gtgtgaatgg agaaacaacg gggttctgga gaccacgaat tggaagagat    116580
     tcgcccttgt cgcccacgga aacgaggcgg tgcccagaga ccatgacata aagaccaagg    116640
     accctcccta atttcagttc tttagcctcc tcaagcccca tgaaggcccc ggctcccagt    116700
     ggtccatgca cacatctagg cgtcaggagg ccgtcagagc ctccagccac aagcgcacca    116760
     ggagctttgg agaaactcca agcaagtagt gaagaagtgg gagttcccat cgtggcgcag    116820
     tggaaacaaa tccaaccggg aaccatgagg ttgcgggttc gatccctggc ctcgctcatc    116880
     gggttaagga tttggcgttg ctgtgagctg tggtgtaggt cacagacacg gctctgatcc    116940
     tgcgttcctg cagctctgat ttgaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatacgc tgcaggagcg    117000
     gcccaagaaa tggcaaaaag accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagccact ggcttttcag    117060
     aatctctccc ccaagaatca gcaggccagc atcactcctg gagcaaccac acggcaaagg    117120
     cgcgcccacg ggacgggcgc taggttgacg ctccgcctcg aaggccaccg tcaactttac    117180
     attctaggag gtgtgtgaac gcaccctcgc catcactgaa ccagggaaac ggcagccggc    117240
     agggagacgg tgcttggacg gccagggccc ccggaggacc aggccttgtc tttggggagg    117300
     agggaggtgc tctgtggtct ccccacctgt gcttctgtgg aggagagaga gcagggctat    117360
     ccatcaccgg attgattggt tgtctagtta tccaaaccat gaccttaaga ataaaattaa    117420
     gtttgccatg tatcatctct gccaggatct attaataaaa ggaaacgcag cgctgtgatt    117480
     tctgtcgcat cctcagtggc cgagggaggg gcagacactc acggcgatgt gtaatcgccc    117540
     ggccttggag gcccggctgt gccacccaga agccgacgcg ggcagcggcc gggcgggggg    117600
     cagggctggg gtcggcgacg gacactccgt ttggtccccc tgccggctgg cgctcgggct    117660
     cccgcacaga gtcaagctgt gtggctctca gggcagcggg taatacccaa acttgagctg    117720
     caggaagaga agtttcgagg cctttaacaa cttcggcgcg tggggattcg cttcaccacg    117780
     aggcaggctg gctgtggacg cgcaaacctg ctccctgcct catcggtccc tccaaatgag    117840
     ctctcaccga ggcggtgatg tttgcagcca ttaactttaa ctagttcaac taaatgccag    117900
     ccatgcgcag agcatcaaat ctgagctcaa aaagcctcaa ttaggcaaat cagagctcag    117960
     ttccaccgtc ctccacagaa ggacaacacg aggcggctga acgccgctgt gggcgaggcc    118020
     cagctttccc tgccacacgc acctgcacgc ccccgtgcgc gggcatccat ccatctacgt    118080
     ccacgcggtc ggggacgggt cccgctcagc cagccccaag ggccacccag gcttctgccc    118140
     accgcacgac cactgcagac cctcccaaca gcaaagctgc cacctttcgc acgcctttct    118200
     gtgcaaacaa acccgccttt ccacatcccc aacctccaaa cacccgacac agaatcctgc    118260
     ccgcgccccg tttcctacta tagttgaatt ctacaagatt cattaaaacg tggagagctc    118320
     gtcacagcct cacgcagggc ccgggccaag gtgccacctc ctcggggcag cacacgagac    118380
     cctctcctgt ggtctgagtg acgcttccag ccactgtccc ttcacaaaga cccaatgtgc    118440
     agagtatttc ggaatcttgg gaggtcccag acccctttga gctctgatga aagctgcggg    118500
     tcctctctta caaagaaatt aaatgtatgt gggcatccta caagcaaccc tttcaggaaa    118560
     ttggaagaaa gctctggcag gcctccctcc gcttctccag acgacggagt ccaggctgtg    118620
     gcctgaagcc cacgtccagt ggggtggtct tcccccagat gcctcctctg cccccagggg    118680
     tgggctcccc cagtgcggcc ggcccacgcc cacccccacc ccggccccgg ccactcccta    118740
     cactgcgtgg ctgtttccac aatcccctcc atcagaccgc atgggcctca cacgtccgtc    118800
     atttacggcc ccagcacaca gcccacgtcc aggcactgaa attactgcag ctttagagat    118860
     gcgttttcca aaaacatccc tttgtctaaa actattagaa gcgatacgtt acatgtgctc    118920
     gttccttcag cactcactga cttaatttcc ttgatacatt taaagacaaa gaataatcac    118980
     aggactaact ggattttcgc atttcctttc ccgaaagcgt cacagatctt tgcccagcaa    119040
     cagcagcaag tgctgctttt tttccaattt ccccaactca gggaagaata caaatagagc    119100
     cctgtgtaga gagagaagag gcgtgatgat ggatgtggat tgcaaggcct ggctcccaga    119160
     tcagacgctc agtgggaaca ctcatcacag gatgaaaaat accccaaaga agaagttgta    119220
     cttttcctgg ctgtacaaag gccaaaacct taaggtggag gtgagggctg agtgaacagg    119280
     ctcccaaagg cgcagcaccc ttccctgtcc acaactagaa agggcagcag aacacggaga    119340
     gcgagagacc cacgtctaag agctgatggc atgcccccgc ccccgacacg cccgagaact    119400
     acccgctttc atctgagaac tgacttcaga cgcacacagc tagaaggcga ggaggcaaac    119460
     cctcccaggg acctgcacag cagcacccct gggggagggg gactgggcca ggcaacctcc    119520
     cccccccccc caccatgggt gcaggcattg ataaaagcaa gtacacgcac cgaggccccc    119580
     gcgtcgcgtc gcacaacctg gaaacagccc actttctctt tcacgaccgt ggatggcagt    119640
     taccttgaac ctctgagtca tgcatcatat gttcctgctg cttctcaagg accctctgaa    119700
     tctcaccctt ggccacacag cccctctgca cggtctcagg tgggctgcag tcttctggcc    119760
     caggcccagc ctctctcagg agcagctcca agtccttgct gatgtcaggg agggagctcg    119820
     cccaaaaggg aaattactga gtacatcctc aggactctca gttggaccgg ggggtctggt    119880
     ccaggacgac cacggacggg ggcggctagg cagcactggg gagcttcgtg gcctctgggc    119940
     agagcctggt caactgggct ccagccaaga cagagtctgc ccctgggttt tctattcggc    120000
     caccggagga gctactgaca tacagggaag tgccggtgtc cgaggatgtg tcttccacgg    120060
     gcggatgcgg ctctgcctgc tctggcctcg tggggctggg ctccactgaa ggaagcgcgc    120120
     ttttagcgcc atggagcggg ccggaagtcc agagggaaca cgtgagcgcc acagccttga    120180
     acacccaccc ctctccgcct ggccacccag cctcctgcgt ctcctggagc cagaagatca    120240
     taacctcaca agaggatgag aggccagtct gtgccctctg ccctacaggg aggattctgt    120300
     gcactggaaa tgccacagga agggtcagct ggtccctcat cacactcggg tggcgcccaa    120360
     gccccggctt ctgcaggaac acctgccaca gcaagatttc acccacttct gctcctcagg    120420
     accgccacca gggggcaggc atgaggagat gacaggtgcc taggctgtaa agggctgggc    120480
     ttggtgaacc gcttgggaag ccttgatggg gagatgctgc ctgtaggcct ggcgttcggc    120540
     aaggagtcgg tgactttggt ggagaaaggt gcaccaacct tacaagggct ttggaccaac    120600
     tgggaggtaa ggcacggcct ctcatgcccc gaaactacac taccaaagag gaaatgcttg    120660
     tcaactgcct cggacgggct ggttagactg tacccatcaa cttcctagaa gagacgggaa    120720
     aaaaaatcca ggatcaatca ctagaactta ctaggaacac agcgcagggc ccactaacag    120780
     tggttcagca atgtcacctc tccatgcacg taagatccta tggcacagaa gtcttctggg    120840
     gagacctcac attttccctg tgtaaattac ccaaagaact tcattaatca aaaagtaaga    120900
     gaaaattttc tttataggtt atttaatcac tactctcaat gaatatttta tctaaattta    120960
     ggagacacag tagcttcatt atttataacc cactagtcat gtttcaaaat cattattgca    121020
     attacttttt gcttctttac ataattaaag ctctaatatt ccgtcttgcc cagaaggtca    121080
     ctgttacgaa aactccagac aagataattg ctagaatttt aggtggaacg ggatcctgat    121140
     aattatcctg gccgaaactt accagctgag gacgcgctgc caccgctgcc cctgctgggg    121200
     gacgcggggg tgaagcccga gtccaaatct ggagcccgtg gtcggagggt gccgtcccct    121260
     cgaatataag ggccagccct agaagggttt gcaaaggtgg agatgaaggg gcctcgggcc    121320
     tggaaggcag cctggagcac ctggaaccag agggaacggc acggtgaacg cggtatcggc    121380
     caggtctggt ccccggctga acaggtgcgg accaccagat aagtcactgt cggccaactt    121440
     acgtctaagc agatataccc tttcggaggc agtccctgag ctccaaacaa actgctttgc    121500
     aacagaaaat aaggaaaaat ttaggaccat catgcagttt gtattcttcc agaatattaa    121560
     tccttttttt ttttcctcct ggccgcgccc gcggcatgtg caagatccag ggccagggat    121620
     caaacctgca tcacagaagc gacctgagcc acagcagtga caacgccaga tctttaaccc    121680
     gctgtgctac caaggaactc ccagaatatt aattccacat caaataattc cagactctgt    121740
     gaagcacctc gacagaccgg attgatcatt acaggcagtt tacaaccgca acgagaaaag    121800
     ttaacggctc tgtgacagct gtctccgtct cagctctcat ttctgggcga ggcgtttgcc    121860
     agcgatgctg aggcctgtgt cacttactcc ctgcgcacca ggccgctgag attgtgggga    121920
     cccggtcctc accgtctaaa catgccaatc cgcagggtac agaagagaca gggtacagtc    121980
     acgctcccag aagccacatg gagggcccga gtggccacat ttacccatcg acgggggtcg    122040
     cggatccgtc ggatgaagag cggcgagagg caggcccgcg gacctcagag gacgcgtcgc    122100
     gggacacggc cacgaagctc tcggcacagg ctctcggcag cccccacacg ctgtcccagc    122160
     agagcacaaa gagctcgggg agccaccaag gctgatgaca gcgggcccct ctgactcgcc    122220
     ccagaccgag gaaggtgcac tgttccagtg acgccgccaa agcagagcta gcaggtaacg    122280
     ccacagagaa ggggagcaca gaggggtccc agaggaagca tctggaagcc ccatggtggt    122340
     gcagcggaaa cgatcccaac tggcatccat gaggacgcgg gctccgtccc tggcctcgtt    122400
     cagtgggtta aggatctggt gctgccgcga gctgtggtgc aggccggcag ctgcagctcc    122460
     aattccaccc ctggcccggg aacttccata tgctgtggat gtggccctaa aaagtactaa    122520
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaatcacc tgcaacaaac agagatcatg acgtgtaatt    122580
     tcctttgcct cttaattcta gacaatgacg tggctcaatt taacgagatg gtcgcgaaac    122640
     caccaaaagg ctgaacggct gacgcttgtt acgtgaacta cagagaaaaa tcgtcactgc    122700
     cgctgaaatg ctggattccc caactactgc gcccacccgg gcaccgcggt ctttgactgg    122760
     ggcgtttcgg tggcagaagg cagccacgca agggctcccg tccacagaac gcgcactgcg    122820
     tgcagacggg tgcgactgac cactgccctg gatgctgacg gttccgagtc catccacaag    122880
     ttcacgtccg tccgccttgg tgtgactgag acgtgcggtg ctttagttaa accagctgtg    122940
     ccctcaccgg gtccctcact tctcagcatg ctcggctctt gacccgtgct cctttgatag    123000
     cggtacggag gtcggggtta catcctccct tcgcggttac cctttaaaaa taaggctgtg    123060
     gttttgatat cctaacataa aataggcagc tccaggaata gaaatatgtg atcctgtaaa    123120
     tatccacctc cagagagact ggtacgctgg tcactgctgt tcttccttca gatacgtgaa    123180
     gtcgagggtg acacggcatt caaagcaaca gcccattaca aactaggtgg ggttagaact    123240
     atgttcagtg gctcatactt caaacagaat aagatgagct tctgcactta aattcgaaaa    123300
     tcacttagag attatacttt ctgaggttaa attccaacta tgcaggtaga agtggcaggt    123360
     gcttgggcag cacagttctc tgggtgtctg gccccgggca cgcagtgaag aaccaaagat    123420
     gaacatggtg ggggtaggct cccccacagc aacaccgtgg tgaggtgcag ggacggacac    123480
     acaggccctc tgagcagggc gtaatgaaat gctggacagg gaggggaatt ctctctgaca    123540
     cagtgggcag gtgagtctag acagggaaag aactcgacag aggcaaaggc gcatgcaagc    123600
     tggctggaag tgtgagcagc acctccaccc cctctggcag ggaagacgct ggtggtagag    123660
     gaggggggca taagaagcag gggtgaaggt gcatgagagc tggagagtcc cccagctggc    123720
     cagtggcgca gttctccacc tgctgtgcct ggagtcatca ggtgcattag cacagacaca    123780
     actccaggcc ccaccccctt tcgtcctcca aacgatttgg acgcatgacc agaggtcagg    123840
     gcacgattcc aacccgaggg aggagcctgg gggcaaggca ggaaagggac ttgtggaggg    123900
     gccagagggg acgaacgagg gcctggattt taatctgtaa acaagaacac atccccctgc    123960
     tgctgaagcc tggaagcaag atggcacagc agagttctag aaagagcagt ggagaagtgg    124020
     ctgagagagg tgtttagaca gtgaggagag accaggggag agtgaccagt gaggaaggga    124080
     cagcaaaagt ccacaggaag gcagacaggg tctgcttccg ctcagacaga ctggcggcct    124140
     gatgctgatg agaaacacta gcttcaggag tcaagaaatt tgaaattgat gaatgcgagg    124200
     ctgagctgcc attccaatgg cagactcata aacacgaaac ttcacaacta atttcaaaag    124260
     gccctaagaa gtgcatcagc aattacagtg gacaaaacct cacataccaa aaatttctca    124320
     gtggcttccg gtccaacagc gcgacaaata ccaccaaaat ttgtcgcgca caccttaaaa    124380
     aggcaaaagg cacactcgtt attctaagat ttcttttcgt cttaacaaat tgtgaaaact    124440
     aatgagcagg aaccttgaga gcaatttctc ctccactcag gcagctaaca agcacgtagg    124500
     aagcccagcg cccacacggc accacgccgg tgcctccgcg gcattgcaaa cagaagattt    124560
     acaacagcgc accacatgct aggactttct ggctcctaat tatctcaata cataatgcat    124620
     ttggttggcg agagagccaa agaggccctt catatgctct gcatggtaaa caagacctag    124680
     ctcctcgcct ctgcaccatg agggggcgcg cggggaagga ggatggtgcc acagccgagt    124740
     ggaaggtgac gcagctcagg gaggggggct ggccttgcga ggaagaatct gacacccgag    124800
     ggacaagcga ctgaaagggg aggtcggggc aggggctgca gatggaaggg gcagcaaaga    124860
     gcagagggca ttggagccgc tcggcccccg taatgaaagg cccgcacgtc tgggcagcgg    124920
     cgtcaaagcg cgagcccgag aggtccccgt ctctccattt actctcacgg aaccctgtgc    124980
     tgcgtgtccc cacatgcccg aactggccac gcttttcttc cagactgcgt ctactgagga    125040
     aggccagaaa ctttaaagga ctccatttag aattctttaa ccctttaatt tttttggttt    125100
     tgaaactgca tgttcccacc ttccgaacgt gaaagagctt cccatcagca cagagttcac    125160
     agaacccagg gagcagcagg cgttcagctc tgcccttgct cagcactgaa gccagcctgc    125220
     aaacaccaag aaaaccgggg tcacttgaaa gagcacagcc cagatgtcac acatatcatg    125280
     aactagatcc caaaaacgaa tgtgcaaaaa attgcctaaa gacccaagaa gccaaaacag    125340
     agaacaccct cttttttttt ttttcacctt tttgcctttt tgccatttct tgggctgctc    125400
     cggcggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtcgaatcgg agctgtagcc gccggcctac    125460
     accacagcca cagccacgcc agatccgagc tgcatctgcg acctacacca cagctcacgg    125520
     caacgccaga tcctcaaccc accgagcaag ggcagggatc gaacctgcaa cctcatggtt    125580
     cctagtcgga ttcattaacc actgagccac gacgggaatt ccgagaccac cctcttttgc    125640
     gttctgtcaa gttatatcaa tagaagggtg atatttttca agttttactc agattccgtt    125700
     tgtctaaagc tcaagagtta gcgtttgaca ggtgcctact gtctgtccag cagtaggcac    125760
     ctgcttatga gcatgacctc ttttcccttc cccaaaccct atgatgtatt atttaccttc    125820
     atttctccag gtgaggaaaa cgatgctcaa agaaggttgg cagtgtctcc acagccaaac    125880
     agtggtgtgg cgggacatac agtaacagct gcacaaagca tcgggcgatc accagagagt    125940
     gaccaaacac taacggggac caaaggggag gagtccctgg cgagggggag ctgccctggc    126000
     tacacaggca atgatgctgc ctttctgccc agggtacccc tcgttctaca tggttatgcg    126060
     tggtagctgg acttcaagca aaagctactg ttccactggc ttgagaagtc aggggacaga    126120
     gcctgaggcg gccagggtgg ctggaaagtg agggtggaat cctgggaggg aagggaggag    126180
     ggagggagcc aaggagcgag agcccccacc tgcagttaaa tcccactcta atcctcagct    126240
     gccctcagcc ccgtgcgggc acaggggaga tggtgaggtt cagagagacg cagtggcttg    126300
     aaggcagaag ggactgtgtg cttttagctg ctgagcctgc agaggaaaaa gaatctgaac    126360
     tgtttacaaa aacaaggtca acactctgca gaggaaaaac accgatttca gagcttctgc    126420
     agtgttccat cgagaggata cattagataa taaaaatcca caggcgctcc cacgtggcgc    126480
     agtggaatct gactaggaac cacgaggttg cgggtttgat ccttggcctc cctcagtggg    126540
     ttaaggatcc ggcgttgccg tgagctgtgg tgtgggtcgc agacacagct cagatcccgt    126600
     gttgctgtgg ctctggcgta ggccggcggc tacagctcca attagacccc tagtctggga    126660
     acctccatat gcggcgggta cagccctaga aaaaggcaaa aaaataataa taataaaata    126720
     aaataaataa aaatccacag acatgaagaa aaagggggaa atgcgacata ctcaacaaaa    126780
     atctcagtca gcggcaacaa atccacagaa ggtccaggtg ttagagttag tggactttaa    126840
     cctaaataga catttctcca aagaagacat atggatggcc aacaggcaca tgcaaagatg    126900
     ctaattatta gagaaatgca aatcaaaact acaatgaggc accacctcac accggtcaga    126960
     atggccatgt gaataagtct acaaacagca cgtgctggag agggtgtggc gaaaggggac    127020
     cctcctccac tgctggtggg aatgtaagtt ggtacgaccc ctacggagga cagtctggag    127080
     gttcctcaga aagctaaata cagagcgacc acatgatcca accatcccag tcctgggcac    127140
     acatccagac aaaacattgt aattcaaaaa gatacacgca cgcctatgtt cactgcagca    127200
     ctattcacaa tagccaagac gtgggaaaaa cccaaatgtc cattgacaat gcatggatta    127260
     agatagaggt acagtggaat actactcaga cataaaaagg aaaaaatcat gccatttaca    127320
     gccacatgga tgcaactaga gcttctcata ctaagtgaat taagtcagaa agagaaagac    127380
     aaataccaca cgatatcact tctgcgtgga atctaaaaca tggcacaaat gaacctcttt    127440
     acaaaagaaa cagattcaca gccttgtggt tgccgggggc gggggggggg ggggagtggg    127500
     aggcactggg agttcggggt tggtagacgg aaacgactgc atttagatgg agaagcaggg    127560
     aggtcctgct gtgcagccca gggaactata tccagtgtct tgggatagac cgtgatggaa    127620
     gatcacataa gaaagggttg tatatatagg cacgactggg tcactttgct gaacagcaga    127680
     tactggcacg gcactgtagg tcagctctat tttaactaaa aaaagaatta gcagccgtga    127740
     aagcagctgt tataaacgtg ctcaagagct gaaaggaaaa tcgggtgatg acagggagca    127800
     gggggaaaat cccatcccag aaacagaacc tctgcaagag tcaggacttc ttgtaataac    127860
     gcagtcgcct ggtcgggctt ccgctcctgc agatgacaac tgcagaatct tgaaaggaaa    127920
     caacaaaaca actatttaag aacactggag agaaaccaga aggtgggatc cagaggggac    127980
     atttttccta aaagatgaac agcaatggga gaaatttgca agtaaggtcc aaagtctggg    128040
     tctacgtttt cctgagagct ctggctgact gctaagcgac acacacaggg agagacccca    128100
     gggatctagc agaaaaacca cagccagaaa tgaaaccaac tgagcagagg cttcagctgc    128160
     tgcttaccac aaaggaaaca gacaagacaa ctgcctgcta cgtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    128220
     aaccaaatca ttttagaaaa ataaaacaga atccagaatc tctgtagtat atcattttaa    128280
     atttaaaaaa attttgtgaa tacattacac atacataata acaatgtata tgaaaacaaa    128340
     gtacagagga ggagagggct gagcggagcc actgctgcaa gacaccgtat tttctgaaaa    128400
     tccccagtag agggattaaa atgcaacacc atagaaatat tcaattagct caagagaagg    128460
     caggaaagaa ttaacagagg aacaaatgag acaaatggtg ttcaaataac aaaatggcag    128520
     aattaaattc aaaaatatca ataattacat taaacacaca tggactagac actccaatta    128580
     aaaggcagaa actggggcgt tcccatcgtg gctcagcgtt atcaaacccg actcgtgtcc    128640
     gcaaggacac gggttcgatc cctggcctcg ctcagtgggt gaaggatcca gagttgccgt    128700
     gagctgtggt gtgggtcgca gacacggatc ggatcctgtg ttgctgtggc tgtggtgtag    128760
     gccagcagct gcagctccga ttggacccct agcccgggag tttccatagg ccgcgggttc    128820
     cgccctaaaa agacaaaaag gtaaaggcag aaactatcag attggacata aaagcaagac    128880
     caaactctct tctaacgaga ggaggaacat ttcaaacgta aagacaccta aggttttggg    128940
     taaagagagg taaacgaaca cacgctgaca gagaggaagc caagagggcc agaggggctc    129000
     ccgtgacagc ccagaagacc acgagctgcg gatccctccc gccccgagag caggaaagcc    129060
     gcttcctagg aacagagcca gcacatcaca aagacacaaa cactaaatgt gcaattaaac    129120
     gcttagagga ggaaagaagg tgggctgaaa aatactaaga ttcctcctta agaagcgaga    129180
     aaactacagg caagtggaac tcaagcgagt agaagggagg aaagagtaag gagaggaatc    129240
     agcgagaagg caaacaagca acagagaaat cggcaaagcc gggaaacggt tctttacaaa    129300
     catgggtaac atcgatagac cctagcaaga ctgatcacga aagggaaaaa tgagagcgag    129360
     agaggaaagc aaattaccaa cagcagaaat gaaagggatg cactacagac cttacaggca    129420
     ctagagggat aaggggacac ggggagcaat tttgttccaa taaatgaaca acttagatga    129480
     aactaataaa tcctctaaaa tacataactc acccaatggc acaggtaaaa caccaaaatc    129540
     tgacgcgtcc aatatctgtg ctgaatcagt tatcaaaaac cacctcacaa agaaagccct    129600
     agcgccggaa gtttcaccgg tgaattctaa caactattta aggggaaaac aacaccaatc    129660
     ttaaacaaaa tctttcagca aacagaagat cagggactac ttcccaactc actttctgag    129720
     gccccaacaa ccctggttct cacacctggc aaaacatagc cggacgagaa aactgcctcc    129780
     agcaatcctc ctgaatgccg atgtgagcac ctccgcaaaa cgctggccaa cacaccagaa    129840
     ggtcaagagg agtcggcggc ggacgccaag gctagtgggc gaaagcctga tgaaaagcgc    129900
     gcttgcgcgg ctgcaacgtc acctgcctca cgaccccaga gcccagaaac agcgcagaca    129960
     gcagctctgc ccgccccgtc accagagcca acgccaccag taacctgccg tgacaagact    130020
     tgcaagatcc cctgcctgac gtcagagcct gaatatagcg gcgaggaaac ggcagacggt    130080
     ccaccacagc accggcctgt cctcttccag gaggtgaatg ttaagaaatt ccgagaaaga    130140
     cttaagatct gtgccaggtt aaaggagccc aaagagatgc gacgattcag caccatgtat    130200
     gatcctggac aagcgacatt tgaacaggag ccgtggatga gacgtcagca ttatatcaaa    130260
     tgtgctgatt ttgatcagtg cgctgcagtt gcttaagaga acatttcctt gttttaggaa    130320
     atacaacctg aggtacttag gagtaaaggg gcacgggtct cccatctact caaagtggct    130380
     caggaaaaca tacacgcata cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaaaca gagagaggat    130440
     gtgattgagc agaggcagga gttcccgctg tggcacaccg gggtaagaat gcaactgcgg    130500
     tggctggggt cacgacggag gcgtaggtcc catccccagc ctgccgccac ggcttaaagg    130560
     atccagtggc tcagatccag tccccagccc gggaacgtcc atatgccatg ggtgcagcca    130620
     taaaaagtaa acaagccaat aaaaaaacaa acagaggtaa acagaccgct ggagaagcag    130680
     gatagagggt atacaggagt ccactgctct aacttttcta caactttgaa actaagacag    130740
     aatgaagcat tacccaaaaa gaatgcttag cggactctcc aatcctcgcc taaaaaaggg    130800
     ggggggggaa agggaggact tcctgcctcg gagtctgctc tgcccactgc accgcccggc    130860
     ctccccaccc ccagcagagc gagtccccgg gagcggctct cccacctctc gatctggaat    130920
     ctgcgcgcag caggcaggag gggaaagaaa ccctcctagg ggcggggtgg gggggcgccc    130980
     ccacagcaca agtgaggggc aggctcatgt cttctgaacc ggaggatgca catctctgat    131040
     ctgatgctgg gcagagctgc acagagtgac agccgcataa atgagacacg aggcttcgta    131100
     tccagggcaa cgggcactaa agagtgcccg gcacctgcat ccaccctcgc catccgccac    131160
     acccacaaga ccttattact acccgtatac aacaaaccca gaatcattaa aagtccgcac    131220
     agcaagtgac gagaagcgat gttcccgggg cccgggaact gctcatctga aggaagctcc    131280
     tgggccggtt gctgggagcc agctcttcct tgcagcccag agccacgacg ctctttctaa    131340
     ataaatgcac aaataaaaat gtgctccaaa ataggaatga caacaaaaaa tgaggaagcc    131400
     ttaatgcgaa aacgtgttgg gagagaaaaa taggcttctg acaattagtt ataatctcag    131460
     aatgctaatg gccttcctgc aagcaagagg aattataatt ggtctccagt ggcctgttta    131520
     tgctgtcgag atataattac aggatacagc gcttccaggt tttaccgatt cattcattcg    131580
     acaactaaca tttatttagg accgactctg ggcctggcac tgtgctgggt gccgatggcg    131640
     gagagacagc tgtgtttaag aagcgcccca ttttgaagga gaaataaaca aacatcggaa    131700
     gtccccaatt caatcgctga gtgacagaag acagatagga gccaagcctc ctggctgcgt    131760
     gagggaggga ggcactaatg cttcctggca catcagacag gcctcacaag acaaaatgca    131820
     tttatgtgag gaagcaggac gtaggaaacc agcaggtaat gcgcacactc agtgctgtgt    131880
     aactcgattt taaaacgcct aggacatgtc ccgctggcca gctctgagtc tcccagtcct    131940
     gtgtacacgg gggttgctgg catcagaacc aactgattgt aacttccaaa gagaggcaaa    132000
     agtctcatga ccagacgcac gatttgccta cgaaggtatt tggtttccct ggagcaagac    132060
     gccaattcct gcaaaacggc gctgctccgc gagtgggtat gtttattatg tacacatgga    132120
     cgcagcagca gcaccaccgc tcagtccata tggctgcaga gaaaacgccc cagacacaag    132180
     gatcctggag cagtgcagtt tgcttctttt ctctcccatc acctcctcac aagtacacat    132240
     caacggccac ggaatttggg gtgtcaccca cagacccact gaatgagaac cccggcctcc    132300
     cgcgggagct ctgctaatca cacatgtggc ccctgttcct tgaagaatga aatccgctct    132360
     ctacccaggc tgccatttcc cagctacaaa gaaaacagca ccctctgagc cccaggactc    132420
     tggggaccca aggcatgaga cccctccgag tctccttggt ccccaggtga caggggaaag    132480
     aagacacaac agcttctgag tctgggctga gcacacacgg gccaggcaag gcccccacac    132540
     cccgagtcct ccaggcccca ggcgagagaa gtggcaattc tcctgaaaca ccccaaaagg    132600
     cagatgtgtc tccccccggg acggggggca gggttcaaga ccatttttgt tcttagctgc    132660
     atttgaaagc ctgcacactt cacgttatga tatcagcaac ccacttggaa tgaaaaacac    132720
     agtttatgag aactaatttg ttctgtaagt gaaatgtgaa aagagcttct tgaagatttg    132780
     ttctattttt ccaaatattt tcatccaaga agaagaagaa gaatactgct gacaagaatg    132840
     gagtggctgg aaacaaaaca caataaaaat catgcaaaaa tgcctgtagc attatttttc    132900
     atggtattat cagtctttaa ggataggata tcttgttgtc agctgtagcc ttggaaactt    132960
     gccgataacc aacttttaaa caaaaaaaga agattcggtt ggcaaagttc actgctcatc    133020
     tgccaaatct cccaactaaa tgatattatc caggttcatt tcacaaaata aatttaattt    133080
     cttagaggga aacttgaaat ttataaaaga accctagaga atttgaattt taataatcaa    133140
     ttattcttca gcctgactca taaatatatg gaatatgcaa aaaattaaat tagtttaaaa    133200
     gccagacctt tacctcatag ttgaggacaa cttttacata aatgaagaat aactgccaaa    133260
     cgttctgatg ctgtattaca aattttcagc tccatggtgt ataatgtttt cacagtttca    133320
     acaagaaaag aattcttttc tcaaacgtca ttcttttttc aaggaaccaa ctcttctata    133380
     acttactgta ctcataaata aggcttaaga cgattttttc tttttctttc tttctttttt    133440
     tttttttttt ttctttcttt tttgcctttt agggccgcac ccacagcata cagaggtccc    133500
     caggctaggg gtcgaatcag agctgtagct gtgggcctac cccacagccg cagcaactcg    133560
     ggatccaaac cacgtctgca gcctacacca cagttcacag caatgtcaga tctttaaccc    133620
     acggagtgag gccagggatc caactgccaa cctcgtggtt catttccact gtgccatgat    133680
     gggaactccc aggcttaaga ctttttcagt ccttatgtat ttccctcaag tgccagaatc    133740
     atcctggccc attttcttct gttaacacca acacaaaggg ccaggctggg cagcaccacc    133800
     cgtgtgggtc agcggaggga gaagcagcag ctgggcaaca cgaggtggcc ccgggtggcc    133860
     tccccctgag ccatgcggac tcccagggac aagctggagg tcttggtctg agggccctgg    133920
     ctccgggaca aggattcgag aagcaagaac aaggtcttgg attgttccca tcacttcgta    133980
     aacaaaccca aggataccac agaattcacc actaaaagca gaagtagtta cggatttaga    134040
     cgacgccttc cactgcacgc cttcaacgca taagcgcaca gacacttgaa cacagcatgt    134100
     ccccaacggc tgcaagcgtc tcggccgctt tctccagagg gactctctcg catttgctga    134160
     catgcctact ttagtcttgg cctaatttat gaaacagaca cacgtgtcta ttagattttt    134220
     ttttttttaa ttgtccaagc accacctaaa atcatctccc cttccacacc tggtccccta    134280
     ctttgggaaa cagggtccct gatccacgct ggctcaagga tttacccgtc agcctcagcg    134340
     tcctcctgcc cagcagaagc ccaagccagc tgccacgact ctgcctaaat caccctcaca    134400
     tgtctccttg aaacaactgg atctacaggt aatcactggc gatacacgct cacacgtgca    134460
     ccgtgaaccc tctgagtcca caccaccagc tgccttgttt atgcgaacag tgtagggtcc    134520
     acagagaatg cgtgtgacgc acaggccaag ttaaggacag tccggagagg tgtggggctg    134580
     ccctgcccag gtggactcac gttcgcggct tctgctctgg actcatcctc gccgtcgggg    134640
     acacaccgtg ttttcaacat cgtgctggaa aattaggtct tgctccagaa gaaccaacaa    134700
     cacttcctga cttcattttc taacctggaa gaggcaaaag gtgaaacaca gaataggcca    134760
     aagtgctttc aggatcagga tcaaactgcc tcctcaccga acgccaagcc agctgccgcc    134820
     gcctccccgc ccccgacccc gccgcagcag cgcctgaacc acgcacatct ggcccttggg    134880
     tcgcacttcc tccctgaggc cttttattac acccctgatg acaacaaccg tccctctgct    134940
     ctccagccaa acgccccctg ccccacccag gtcagggtcc ccacctacac gctgaaggcg    135000
     aaccgtcccc cgccctttat cttcacaacg gggaccccag atttacacac acacacacac    135060
     acacacacaa cttctcctgc atgactacac agcattgtct gccttgccca ctgcggagag    135120
     ggcacctgga gggcgggtac cacgtctgat ttatccttcg tcctccgact gacttcagga    135180
     ggacccggca ggatgcccac ggcacggagc acactccccc ctccgcgggc acaaggacag    135240
     gaacgtggtg ccttcctccc accctctgca aagccccaga gcgaatcatc tgtcgcattg    135300
     gaagagcccc agtcagcggc acccgggaac gaaggctcca cgggccagac gagggacggc    135360
     tgaggtcggc acgggggcgc agccacagag ggcaaagggt cccaagaagc tgcagggaga    135420
     ggcttcaggg caggaaaagc acaggaaatt ccaagtcagc aaggaagccg agaaccgtgc    135480
     agcccacggc cgtgatgagg aggcagggac gagcaaagga ccgagggggg tgggagcatt    135540
     gcaagtgatg agtggggagc aggtcccggg ggacggagcc tcggaggcca gcgagcattc    135600
     aagtttctga acaggtgacc ggatgaagac agcacctgag gaaggccatt ctggcagcgg    135660
     tgttcctgag ggcaggaagg tcggcaaggt ggccactgcg acaatcccgg gggacaccag    135720
     caggatcacc gggctcagct gggaggaccc gtgtccaacc agaggcagcg acagcccccg    135780
     tcactctgag catcagacac aagctccgag tagcagggac cacagggtgg gcgagccggg    135840
     cctgcctcgc gacaccacac gcccgggccg cgcggggagg ccgccccagg gggagggtcc    135900
     cgggtaggtg cacctccaga catcgaaggc cgtcggaagg cggaaggtgg ccgacgatgg    135960
     ccccagaagt atgtccgcgt cgaacccttg gaatccctga aggtgacctt ctctgggaca    136020
     agggtctttg cagatgtgat caagttaagc gtctgagatg gtccagcgtc atcagcatgg    136080
     gccccacctg tcacaggcgc acagggaccc ccgaggccca tggaagtaga tgaggtctgg    136140
     cactgtcaga gaagaactga caacacccca aagggtgggc gagggccagg gctggtaaca    136200
     gagaccaggg aaggaccttc agaacccgag aggtgacacc acagggctgt gaacacggca    136260
     cccagtctgc cccgtgcagg gcctcgcggg gccgcctcag gcacttggtc tcttcacccg    136320
     cggccgtggg cagtagcagc acctatccca caggtggccg tgggacgaaa tgacctgacc    136380
     tacataaagg ctggcatctg gggcccagca gccccaaatg aaggctggaa atcccgtgtc    136440
     agacctgccc gaggatgagc tgcagggaca gagaactcat tcaggaccag actcctctca    136500
     tcccgccgcc aggatggagc aacgtgaagg gctgagcggc tgagcgggca gccaaggacg    136560
     gcgccttcca aaccgcgggg ggcgcttaac gggacaagcg gaggagagag gacggcgcgg    136620
     ggttggtaag taaacggtgg aaaaacagaa acgcaacacc ataaagcggt tcaaatgaat    136680
     gaccacaagc tctcccgatc agcgtggatg gatgagaaaa acggggaagt aaaagcaggc    136740
     agtggagtgg aaagcacggc ccgacggcat ttacgccagg tcccaaggca cccgcgtcca    136800
     gatgctctcc tactcagggc cacttgcgca ggtggggtga cggtaaaacc ctgcctgaga    136860
     agggacagcc caggccagga gggcagcttc ctacagaaga gggaggaggg agaaggcggg    136920
     atgaggcccc gtgcagctcc caccatatct ctaacctata aacaaaacaa caaaaggttc    136980
     caggcaaagc tgccaaacat taacatctgt caaattcagc agcaggtaca tgagcgttta    137040
     tgacacaacc ctctcgtgtg attaaaacag ttcctgaaat ttaaaaaaat gaaagtattt    137100
     ttaataaagc ataaccatcg gatttcacaa tgaggtgacc tgggtccgtg gccagacggc    137160
     tctagggacc attggcggct tgcgatgagc tgagagccct gaccaggagc ccgccggggg    137220
     gtccaggctg cagagaaccc tgggaaaggg cggatgctgt gctcaaggtc agggcctggg    137280
     gaagcgacga cgagggggac ttgggtgaga ttataaccaa gagagaagag ccagtgagag    137340
     agacgaagtg acggacgaga gacaggacca aggcgggagg gaaccatcct acctgaaaag    137400
     gggtgggctg tgcgttaaag acagaggcaa ggctcccagg acagccacgc tggcagcggg    137460
     agcgcttacc gcggacgcgg ttctatagtc tttactacac taggccacag agagagtaag    137520
     agggacctct tcctggtgtc aggggctcag aatgggagag aaaccactgg ttacaagagc    137580
     caggagacct gggcgatcct aaaactctca ccagaggagc ctctggaacc caggctggca    137640
     tcctgtgctc ccaatacctc tctgtgccgg ggtccctcaa gtctaaaaca agggtgaact    137700
     aacgagctgt gcccacccct cccgggatgg tcagcaagaa caaaccagag tgtgggagct    137760
     caagaaacag ctcggagttc tgcggtacag cgggttagga cccagcgttg tcactgcagc    137820
     ggcacaggtc actgctctgg tgcgggtttg atccttcccc atgcctcagg gacagcagaa    137880
     ggaaagagag agagagaaag aggaagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag gagggaggga    137940
     ggaatggcag ctattagcaa gagcagcagg cacagtgata atactgccgt cgtggtgccc    138000
     cattctgtga atttcatcgc tcacaggagt cactgcctgt tcaatggccg tgaaaagtac    138060
     ctgaggatga gcagagaaag ccaggccgcc cgaaagcaga ccctggcaca gccactccca    138120
     cccgcagcaa cctgcgtctc tgcccagtta tggagcctga ctcctcgggg acctgggcac    138180
     ggccaggctc tgtggctctc ggaccttggg gctctcagga gggtgggcat ctgtcaggag    138240
     gtggaggctg acgggagcag agggcatctg gaagggcagg gagtcagcat gggagaatga    138300
     aaggccccgg gcagacgcct gtggcatcag gggcaggatg gggacgggag gcccacggga    138360
     agcgcgctgt gcccaaggcg ctgctgagta aggtatgacg tcatcttatc tctggttgag    138420
     gaccaggaag ggagtagagg gtgtgcccaa gggctgggca cctgttaggg acacaaggag    138480
     acatgggtct agagagaggc cggaggggag ggaaggaggt gattggatgg ttcttccgga    138540
     agagtcaaag gcaaggtcac cagtcaggcg tggggcgaag aggcccgatg acagcggcca    138600
     aggtctaaaa gagctgccga gggtgatgtg aaaagcagct gatgagggac aagcgagagg    138660
     acagccaggc agccccacga gcccagctgc gatggagtcc agacatccac aggggcgcac    138720
     acagcgatca acggacgccc cttgccaagc tcggcaaccg ggatggagga ggtgggcggc    138780
     ctggggacag gcaggcagag caggatggcg gagtcaccgt ccagaggaga agatggagag    138840
     ggaccgtgga gatggcccac agggctgggg cgggaggaag cgggcagcag ggggccgggg    138900
     atccccaggg aggcaagctg gggggggggg gagagcgggg cagagcacgg ggagcgcacg    138960
     aggccatctt tgggacttcg gaggcagttc tggagacccc agggaggagt gaccgagctg    139020
     tcagggtggt ggggtggggc tggaggcatg agcagcccag gcggacagcg ccaggaacac    139080
     gactctctgg caagcagagg aaccatacga gagcctggga tccaagccac agttcctgcc    139140
     ttgctcctct ggaatggaac acctgaccat gacacctgac aaaggtcaag gaaacgccac    139200
     atcccctgac tcagcggaac cgcactttta agactgtatc caaaggaaaa agaaaagcca    139260
     atggaaagat aaaactgcac ctctctgaag ctcacggcat ccacagtaca aaaaagctga    139320
     aagagctgta agcatccaca aaagctaaag acacgaagat catgaagatg tacaaggtcc    139380
     acggcgcaca gacgaacttc ccggggcgga aaatcgtcct agccacctca tcaggcccag    139440
     catggggcac ggcgctcggt gcgtaacgag cacccagaga cgctggacaa atgaatgaac    139500
     gggagaaccc gcagcccgtt atgatgagac ctacgcggaa gaaaatgcaa gcacctggag    139560
     aagaagatgc aaaaataatc aaattactgc tgttaggaga gaggggggag gcaggaggac    139620
     ttctttcctt atttaagagc catgtttgct cccatcacac cgcctaccag gtaaaagaga    139680
     cctctttact ctcttaaaaa ggcttggatc                                     139710