ID   CR936842; SV 21; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 208212 BP.
AC   CR936842;
DT   24-FEB-2005 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 27)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone CH29-189K17 on chromosome 1 Contains a
DE   ribosomal protein S6 (Rps6) pseudogene, the Cd28 gene for CD28 antigen, two
DE   novel genes (A430071F14RIK) (2310016D23RIK), a lactate dehydrogenase
DE   pseudogene, a mortality factor 4 (MORF4) pseudogene, the 5' end of a
DE   variant of the Ctla4 gene for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4
DE   and two CpG islands.
KW   2310016D23RIK; A430071F14RIK; Cd28; CpG island; Ctla4; HTG; MORF4; Rps6.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Sciurognathi; Muroidea;
OC   Muridae; Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-208212
RA   Matthews L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 6226ea3e4143f258e4c8c550a128cd46.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456036.
DR   ENA-CON; KK082441.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026012; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000102412; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR936842.21:1-208212; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000027165; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000193720; mus_musculus.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH29-189K17. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH29-120A16 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH29-189K17 is at 208212 in this sequence.
CC   CH29-189K17 is from a CHORI-29 Mus musculus NOD/LtJ mouse BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..208212
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-29"
FT                   /clone="CH29-189K17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH29-189K17"
FT   misc_feature    2001..208212
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(CR936839.12:212404..212697,
FT                   CR936839.12:224465..224519,CR936839.12:245134..245268,
FT                   3121..3327))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-004"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY720268.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(87278..87884,87949..88104))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.6-001"
FT                   /product="mortality factor 4 (MORF4) pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36120 Sw:P60762 Sw:P60762
FT                   Sw:Q13206 Sw:Q15014 Sw:Q9R0Q4 Sw:Q9R0Q4 Sw:Q9R0Q4 Sw:Q9R0Q4
FT                   Sw:Q9UBU8 Sw:Q9UBU8 Sw:Q9UBU8 Sw:Q9Y0I1 Sw:Q9Y690 Tr:Q569V4
FT                   Tr:Q6QI89 Tr:Q7PY89 Tr:Q86VR6 Tr:Q9CLU3 Tr:Q9KLE2
FT                   Tr:Q9UBU8"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(93431..93599,95919..95978,99169..99252,
FT                   125187..125260))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AV085943.1 Em:BY709139.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK009383.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(103373..103573,104124..104715))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.7-001"
FT                   /product="lactate dehydrogenase pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O13277 Sw:P00339 Sw:P00341
FT                   Sw:P04642 Sw:P06151 Sw:P13491 Sw:P19858 Sw:P20373 Sw:Q29563
FT                   Sw:Q9BE24 Sw:Q9PVK5 Sw:Q9TSX5 Sw:Q9W7K5 Tr:Q564E2 Tr:Q6P9U7
FT                   Tr:Q7T3M2 Tr:Q7YQK6 Tr:Q7ZVJ4 Tr:Q8BVP2 Tr:Q8BVP2 Tr:Q99K20
FT                   Tr:Q9PVK5"
FT   mRNA            join(115390..115674,126878..127437)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.4-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BB198322.2 Em:BB206023.2
FT                   Em:BB635379.1 Em:BB635488.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK040166.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(130744..134443,138690..138805,
FT                   140739..141095,157600..157770))
FT                   /gene="Cd28"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.3-001"
FT                   /product="CD28 antigen"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA163825.1 Em:AI152205.1
FT                   Em:AI327367.1 Em:AI386096.1 Em:AV313615.2 Em:BB159782.2
FT                   Em:BB165038.2 Em:BB208238.1 Em:BB619753.1 Em:BB631513.1
FT                   Em:BB637989.1 Em:BB859565.1 Em:BE848447.1 Em:BM241133.2
FT                   Em:BQ562727.1 Em:BQ562728.1 Em:BY174214.1 Em:BY225764.1
FT                   Em:BY575176.1 Em:BY577393.1 Em:BY688915.1 Em:BY755124.1
FT                   Em:CA573624.1 Em:CA575519.1 Em:CF913474.1 Em:CK343470.1
FT                   Em:CK343487.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB025316.1 Em:AF154842.1
FT                   Em:AK030812.1 Em:AK088021.1 Em:BC064058.1 Em:J02988.1
FT                   Em:M34563.1 Em:M74361.1 Em:X55288.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(134315..134443,138690..138805,
FT                   140739..141095,157600..157654))
FT                   /gene="Cd28"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000016443"
FT                   /product="CD28 antigen"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P10747 Sw:P31041 Sw:P31042
FT                   Tr:Q5SRG1 Tr:Q8CDB3 Tr:Q9GKP3 Tr:Q9N2I4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:P31041"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008093"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88327"
FT                   /db_xref="PDB:2NAE"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:P31041"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13249.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(139449..141095,157600..157726))
FT                   /gene="Cd28"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.3-002"
FT                   /product="CD28 antigen"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK041322.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(140911..141095,176476..176567,
FT                   178297..178486,179985..180186))
FT                   /gene="Cd28"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.3-003"
FT                   /product="CD28 antigen"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK357713.1"
FT   misc_feature    152760..152886
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   CDS             complement(join(200981..201538,201868..202046))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-189K17.1-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein S6 (Rps6) pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P47838 Sw:P62753 Sw:P62755
FT                   Tr:P62754 Tr:P62754 Tr:P62754 Tr:P62754 Tr:P62754 Tr:P62755
FT                   Tr:Q96DV6"
SQ   Sequence 208212 BP; 62270 A; 44674 C; 41686 G; 59582 T; 0 other;
     cttgtaggtc tttaataatg gcattaacct ccactgtcta ttcaccacaa gataattttg        60
     gatttactac actgaatgaa agaggactcg atagtaacaa agatttaata aagggaagat       120
     ctcatcttcc tttctttgat agtttttatt ccatagatca ggaaaccttt atagttgtta       180
     ctataatttc catatacata tgtaagatat atatacacaa acacacacat attacagttg       240
     tgcatttggg gacaggaaaa attgtcagtt atccaggatc ccatttacta cttggattta       300
     taggctctct aacaggagga caggaggcat ctttatggca ttttaggtct ctaagtattt       360
     gtatcacctc agactttgtc cattaatacc agatgtgatt aattatttgc ctcttcctca       420
     tctaagtgcc catgaatccc tttgagaaga gctaaaaagg tggtatagta cattcttcct       480
     gtagcagcat caaatcgctc cttctaatta gccacctgtt caacttcaag tctgaaaatg       540
     actccacaaa tggagcaaag actcatgctc agcctcctgc ccatctgctt ctaccattat       600
     ttttcccata atccccaagc ttccaagagt accatcaccc tcatgcatgt aaacaaaccc       660
     agatctgtga ccatctctcc taccaggacc ctaactcgct gagatatgaa tgttcttaaa       720
     agtaccttcc ttataactta gtgagtgatt tgtcttctgg tcttgctttg gagcatcatc       780
     tcctgcggaa tcttctagtc ttgcctacta tacccatcca acatgcctac ttctttggtc       840
     cctttatttc ttcctctacc atttctactt tgggaatatt ggccattgta ttacccaact       900
     ttctaagtgc tgcccaatgg tgagtttgcc tagtctgtga gcaactttcc tagggtatca       960
     aattccatca tatggaagtg cctttatatc aatgaattct tggttatcca acctcacagt      1020
     ctagccagcc tctttgatca agcccctcaa aatccaatcc cacgagtgtt tgctcaattc      1080
     ctgtcaacct aatgattgtg atttttcacc acacaaacct cccttttaat taaccaggcc      1140
     caacatgcct cagtcatggc accgagaatt aatccaagct acaggcttgg aaggcaggag      1200
     aggaggtaag gagagcatct tgaatgtggt ttctcttctg agaatgagac tttttttttc      1260
     ttttcttctg agacaaggtg tcactatgta ggtctctctg gcctgaaact ctctatgcag      1320
     attaggctgg cccacaactt cgtatcttga tctgcctgcc tctcgagtgc tatcattaaa      1380
     gatgtacacc accatgccca tcaagtatga gatttctgtc ctatcttcta gcaccttaga      1440
     attgatattt cttcctttgc ccattgagcc acttctgtaa gcccaggaca ctctgaaagg      1500
     tgaaataatc tgcctcttca ggtattatct ctagtgccat gccaatcaaa caatctctat      1560
     agctctatgg ttctgaccag atctttaatc tgcccctcat cttttatatc ctgtgacaga      1620
     agacatctac ctcttgagaa ttaccataga agccctcaag cactcacata tgagtaaggt      1680
     gtccatgatg tctggctttt atcaactcga cacaagttag agtttgagag gaggaagcat      1740
     cagttgggaa aatgcctcca taagatttat cttcttgtag acattttctt ttttcttttt      1800
     tgttttttca agacagtgtt tctctgtata gtcctggctt tcctggaact cactctgtag      1860
     accaggctgg cctcaaacac agaaatctgc ctgcctctgc ctcctaagtg ctgggattaa      1920
     aggcatgggc caccactgcc tggcgtagat attttcttga ttagtaattg atggtgccac      1980
     cctgggctgg tcctgaattc tacaagaaag caggctgagc aagcaatgag gaacaagcca      2040
     gtaagcagga cccctcctga atcagcttct gcctccaggt tcctaacctg tttgagttcc      2100
     tgtcctgact cccttcagtg gttaacaggg atgtgaaagt ataagtcaaa tgaacccttt      2160
     cctccccaat ttaatacggt catgatgttt catcacagcc atagtaaccc tgtctaagac      2220
     agtgtgtttt tccatcttca gtctattttc aatcctcacc ttcagggcaa ctaaggaata      2280
     ttcaggcaac tccactatct gtatgtcaat taatcaactc acagttttca ataacttggg      2340
     taatcatact ctgcactcct cttaaccctg atgcttttct gaggccacaa ttgttaagca      2400
     gctgagtttt taatggcctt acaccagagg caatctagga gccaggattg tgtgttttca      2460
     catgctggtt ggtggtaaaa ctcatccaaa atactatacc tatatgttta aagaccaaaa      2520
     aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaat agacctgttc ttctgaataa caaatgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa      2580
     atggggcata agtacttgct gagccttcat ctttcagagg aaatcctgaa gagcttccct      2640
     gtgtctacag aaagagactt agagttgttt cagactgaga aggggattaa acaacagtcg      2700
     agtgggatcc ttaggatttg tgcctcaacc ccatttgcta ggtgagcaca atcctgaaat      2760
     gaacttgtaa ctcccacaaa cactcttcca actctggtca cacacagcaa gcatccaacg      2820
     ctttattagt gtcacagagt gtggcatgtg tggaagacgc tccagaggga agccttccat      2880
     ccctctacct gcagaggaag aagcctaagg gcaaccatgc tcctgaaggt gggtcattgc      2940
     tttctatcga gaaacagaaa tgcatgggga gttgattctg ctaggtggaa acaggtcaga      3000
     gcatctgtga actgaaaata agttaaaaac atgttaaagc ataataagct gacgtttctg      3060
     tggctttaca aagccagaaa gaggggagat gtggtaaagg aaagaaaaca tgtctcttac      3120
     ttctagattt gcatcatctg gagcaactgt gtttgtccaa taggcttcct cgggcttcga      3180
     gctccaataa agttgagttt aaaagaagtt gcgtcttctc attcttctta cagtttataa      3240
     agttattttg gtttctaggg ctatgtctgt ttaacggaaa ggagccaagt atagttagga      3300
     gggaggagga aaggactggc caacaatacg ccacactctc ctctcaccct ttagtgcctc      3360
     ctccgcaaac acagctgagt tcaacacagg gttccatgaa atagccgtaa ttcctgttga      3420
     cctttggaag gatcactaac tagaatttta cgtaaaacca catgcaggaa tattcacaca      3480
     gtataggcct aatgagatac actaagagga cttctgactt ctgactgact tactttcttt      3540
     atcagaaatt attattcatt tgtgtactat gtagtctgaa ctgggggtgg gggagcaccc      3600
     taatgaactc attacccata atgcttagaa gaggcagtag gaaagagacc tgtgaactat      3660
     acttgcaaaa gcagatactt ttatgcccat atatagtgta aagataatta attcaacgaa      3720
     cgtaattttc ttcatataaa gatgttgtca taagacagat gacttgctgc agataagaaa      3780
     caagggtaaa ggaagatgaa ggcagctagg cagcctgttt taaaaagtta tattcccata      3840
     aagagcctga ttcataaaat caagggcata taaaaagagt atttatagtc atttttagta      3900
     ttttatggta aaatttctac acttaagagt agaaaattca cttaagataa tctgtatgag      3960
     agacaaagtt tggacctaag acgaaaggat ggactagcca gagactaccc cacctgggga      4020
     tccatcccat aatcagccac caaacccaga cactattgca tatgccagaa agattttgct      4080
     gaagggaccc tggtatagct gtctctagtg aggctatgcc agtgcctggc aaatacagaa      4140
     gtggatgctc acagtcatct ataggatgga acacagggcc cccaatggag aagctagaga      4200
     aagtacccaa ggagctgaag gggtctgcaa ccctataggt ggaacaacaa tatgaactaa      4260
     ccagtacccc cagagcttgt atctctagct gcaaatgtag cagaagatgg cctagttggc      4320
     catcactggg aagagaggcc ccttggtatt gcaaacttta tatgccccag tataggggaa      4380
     tgccagggcc aagaagcagg agtgggtgag taggagagca ggacggaggt agggtatagg      4440
     gaactttcag gatagcattt gaaatgtata taaagaaaat atctaataat aaataaataa      4500
     atatctatta aaaaagaatc tgtatgaggg aattcctata ttcataaata atatgctaac      4560
     atactgatat atgatgtatg tatgtatgta tattagaccc ttaacaaagg gtgttatcag      4620
     tcctactcac cacaaagtca ataaataatc tttggaagaa tgaatttaaa gtatctttct      4680
     gtgtacatat acatataaaa ctgaatcatc tcatacaccc tacttttcat ctgcagttat      4740
     gtcacaggca tatatgtatg tagatatatt ctccctctgc agcacagagg ttgctgtatt      4800
     ctatggcata tgtacatcat aatttatgtg gccaattatt tttgtgtcta cttccattgc      4860
     ttggagttct gcccgtcttt tttattatcc atctggatca ttatctattt ctttgccctt      4920
     ccatttcctt ggatggcaat agaaatatct caaatgttca ttatatatat atgtgtgtgt      4980
     aattataata attataatta taggtttcta gagaaattgt taaaaattca aactgggagt      5040
     gtcccatgcc cagaaatctg aattcctttg gcagaactgg actatgggaa attttgttac      5100
     agtagaattc ccacgagact tgtgtgcaga ggatggagaa actatcctga gaactacctg      5160
     acttgtcaga cttcagagta ctatgggcag cttctctagg cttcaaacat gaactgaaga      5220
     ccagtgatgc tctgggcctt cagcaccaga tggggctgct gatacatccc gtcttatgga      5280
     ctcagcaaat gccagcctct tggccacagt tggacttctc caaccatatg tcaggcactc      5340
     taatagatcc tctcagtata tatatccaca ccatagattc tgttactcta gagagctctg      5400
     actaaagcag aaagaggttc taatatcagt gaaggaatct aaaggttctt ccatccacat      5460
     tggaagcccg gagaagcctg ggcattattc caactttcca ccctctagaa accttgatcc      5520
     tgttttgaga atttgaagga gaaatatata aaagtctgct ttcagattct agattcctga      5580
     ataaaatgat gttttaaaat cctagccagg agatagtgta tatatatata tattcaaaca      5640
     gagatgtatg tacagggact agagagatag ctcagtagac aaaacttttg ctttgcaaga      5700
     acaaagaact gattatgata cccagaaccc acactcaaaa gagataggta taatagctag      5760
     cccttgtgat ctcagaggca gagacagaag tgttctatgg gctggctggc cagtggctta      5820
     gcctatttgg tgagttccag gccagtgaaa gacccaacct caaaaggagg agctatttgg      5880
     cactggcaga gtgacagtca aggttttcct ctagcctaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      5940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca caccccacac ctttgaatgt gtgagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      6000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggtgtgcatg gatgtatgga tgtatgccta      6060
     tagtggtcag aggacaactt gtgggagtca gttttctcct tcaaccatgt gaggcctgga      6120
     gttcagtctc caggttgtca ggtttaacag caagcacctt tacccactga accacctcaa      6180
     tggccccaag ttgatataat tttaatctct gataaatttt cacctaactc tgatttccca      6240
     gatgcctgga tatatatgtg ttcagttatg ccttacctct gatgagcaca gaagtccaca      6300
     aggtgaaaga tcatgcgtgg aagttcttca gctgtttgtc tcagtgtttt gctctccctc      6360
     cttgcctgct gatctcaggc tgccttgggc cctatcttca gtgttttgct gggaagaatt      6420
     tgccccatca ctgacagcct ttgaatgacc tcgtcttccc aatcagactt ggggttctag      6480
     ggcttatgga agtcccatgt gatggctaat attgggtgtc aacgtcatag aatctagagt      6540
     catatagcaa acctatatgt ttgaggatag cagacctcta tagatacaca cacacttaca      6600
     tttgaggtag gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      6660
     aaaaattgta aacctctgag cacatctagg aggaaatgta ttttttaaat taactcctga      6720
     gcataactga gaagaactct cttggttaca ctgtgtgaaa tgtaaaggcc caccttgaat      6780
     gttagcaaca ccctcctgtg gtagccctga ttaaggcgat cagaggaagg ttttgctgct      6840
     aacttgtttg ctttgggtct ttcaagtttg tctattctga tagcaccatc attcactaac      6900
     atcagaatcc aacttcttca gccttccaac attgactgaa gactggtgtc tccccaagtc      6960
     tcctccaggc catcactcac caccaggtcg ggactgctga ggtatccagg ctcctggggt      7020
     gagcattccc tgttccctct tcccagtttg aggatagcca tcattggact atcttaaaat      7080
     atacttattg ttactgttgc tctgggtttt tagacccaga ataggctcaa aatgaattca      7140
     cctatagacc catagcaatg aatagaatat ctgtgaggac ccaaagggta taacacaacc      7200
     caaaagataa atgttacaga gaagaaaagt tcaactgaag aagcattctt tgtgttaata      7260
     gcctgcatta cccatcaagg aaacaagctg cctcaaaaat caaagcagca gcagcagcag      7320
     atgtatcaga tatacttcaa aggtggaaga tcatcagagc acacaaagca aacagctttg      7380
     cctgagagac aaactggtgt agacttgtat tacatgacct ctgaatctct ttctaataca      7440
     gattctagtt ttagggtaag ttggaaattc agtgaatgaa cagatgtatt cattcaagtt      7500
     taattcagtt ggactttgaa tccccagtct gatacagccg caacgtcaaa ggaatggtat      7560
     gggcttctct taacattctt tcttcatcaa gctcctcacc tatcttggca tgattatttg      7620
     gctctaatat tgaagctgaa aaggatatac tgttttgaat ggcttgcagt gtagaaaaca      7680
     ctgcacagtt gatggcaggc agttgaatca tccaagattt tctatacttc tatttcatgc      7740
     aaatcagatt acatttcatt aaaggattag aatttcttcg tgatggagca ttcatatttg      7800
     ctgaatcctt gttcaagggt ttaatctgga aagattacaa catggggaaa ttataccgcc      7860
     agtatttcaa ggggacagat gagtgggtag atggatggat gagtgggtgg gtgaacaaat      7920
     agatagatgg tagataggta ggaagatagg agagagaggg agagagagag agagagagag      7980
     agagattaat tagttgttct ggttttaaaa atgagcccca caaaataatt tttccagaca      8040
     agctgatcac tggcatattt cttaattgtc attgtatctt actttaattt ttaaatgaat      8100
     attttcaaaa tctagtttaa aaatgagcat agaattctgt aatttttcac atatatacca      8160
     tttaaattca tagagccctc actttgagaa tagctaacaa ctccagtcat cacttggact      8220
     ccctcttgtt agccatgttt ggtgtttgtc tgtttgagac aaagtttcat gtagcccagg      8280
     ctggcctcaa actcactact tatccaagga tgaccttgaa cttctggtcc tccttcctca      8340
     acttcccaac atctggaacg tcaggtatga gctaccatgg ccagatcata caatgctaac      8400
     cactacccac ttgctgtaag ctaggcaaat tactctacca actgacctat gcccccaact      8460
     ctcctcttga cgccccccct ttcagtaaca ccaactccca accccttccc tgtcacccat      8520
     tttcctcagc atcatagttt aaggtcctgg aaagttcaaa ataaatggca tcacatgctt      8580
     tgtatatctt tttttaaaaa tggcttcttt cacttggctt aatgtttttt gaaatcaact      8640
     caagttgtta catataaagc aatagttccg tttatttcaa aatagtatat ccttgtgtag      8700
     atgtaacaca attcatccaa tcagtcattg aaggatttta gatatttctg tctctaatgt      8760
     tgataggtag aacatttaga tgcagatgtt gtgtgaacgt gtattttctc ttagataaat      8820
     attcagaagt gactcttcca ggtaacatga tggtaacaat gtcttaagaa actgttaatt      8880
     ggctgcatca ctctttcctt tacatgaaat atatggtgag tatggttgtt tggcatttct      8940
     gtaggtggtc agtattgtca tctatatagt gacatgtcat ttctacttgg gttttaatcg      9000
     catttgtaag tggcaccact cagaccttgg ggagaggggt cagtatccag cagaacagat      9060
     ggtccctctg acacattttg tttttctgat ttcccagtga ccttcaacac aaggtaatga      9120
     ttgatctata aactatctaa ggttaagctc agagctacat tatcactttc acaaactata      9180
     cttaaacttt acctgataat ttatggtata ataaagcaac agaactgtca acgaactctg      9240
     gcagaaatta tttatgagtc taacaggaaa tacaattaaa ccctacatgg aaaaaaaaaa      9300
     cacatggatc agtctgtagg taactcaccc tttcaggcct gcctctgggt aaggctcttt      9360
     ttcccaggca cctaaaattc agacacactg aacaattcca tcctcactgg atcacttgag      9420
     tacattttgc ccctctgtct gaaatgggca ttttctctac attgtaataa gcccagtccc      9480
     cactggattc tcagattcca gctcgagcac caacttctct agttttcatt gtggcattta      9540
     tcattttatc attactagaa attatctcac ttagttatgg cacatcttta cctattgctt      9600
     cgatagctcc ttgccaacaa aatgcttcat ccatagcaaa taagtaaccg tgagttgaag      9660
     ggacagatgg ctggacagat aagcatatgt gtaagaaatg ttttccttac agagactcct      9720
     ggaaggcatg tgttagtcac actacattac gtgcaggccc tggctgtaat ttagtcttca      9780
     cgttttcaaa gcacagacgg gaaggataaa aactggaacc accatttcta tgctctaagc      9840
     atttctctat cttgtgaggc acagacacaa aagaaactgc ttcaaaccaa cctgccacgc      9900
     tgggaaaatc gctggagtgg gcctttcgtt cagaccaaag accctaatca taagcacaga      9960
     tgtctgaggc tgtgtctcac caggaaagca agcaagtgtc tcttctgaga atgtaaaagg     10020
     ttgcctacgg ggtgggcagg ccatgctttc tttgaagaaa tgtttctttt ctgagaatga     10080
     gcttggatgg cgctgctgtg cctacacacc tgctctgttc tcatggagca gtgttttgct     10140
     tgaagagagg aatgcagaaa atccgttact ggggctctga aaatgcaaga catacaggtt     10200
     tgatctcatt tcatgcaaaa atagattgcc ctgggtttca ccatgatggc tatgttcatg     10260
     gtgccactaa agcgaaaaca gcctaaactt tgacaaaggt tgagtgaatg agtgaagcta     10320
     ccctttgctt ttaggattta gaaaaggaaa aacaagaaca tgaatgtcat ttatttacat     10380
     gtatgtacct ctgtatgtgt actgtctata tcaacgctgg cctgttattt tctgttgcag     10440
     acatctctaa ctggtcctat gagtagtatg aacattccaa gaagaaagtc aatctaagta     10500
     agataaggaa caatggggaa actggacctt agaataggct gcaaaggcaa tgtctcccat     10560
     tgtttggaac acactgtcta gaacccaaac catgaacgcc tgacacattt tcagactgtt     10620
     tcgtgctgtt ttctgttcag caaaatgata ggacttacaa cagcatccta gattgtggca     10680
     taaaaaatag tttggcttag ctattctagc atgtggaaaa tatttgttga gtacctaaca     10740
     catgccatac accttagaaa aggcaagaag tcagaagtat taaggaagta agccaatgat     10800
     gagatcacgg tcactaactg ccacctatat tttatgcttt gacatgctga gggtagaagt     10860
     cttcaaactg cttttcagtt tttgacaact ctatgttagg ctctatcagt agaagatgct     10920
     acagggtagc tgtgaatctt aagcgagaga ggttgtaacc tttccatctg ccttgtgtgt     10980
     gggtggctgt tgctctgggc tggcttctcc actctgaaag ttgtcctatc cactatcagg     11040
     agcttagcac actttagtct tttctaagat atggagaact tagcctgttt ctgaggtaca     11100
     ataacactag ccactggaga gtcagaaatc tgggtcccag gcatgcaaac cctcttctga     11160
     acaattgtat gttttattaa tttcgtgttc ttcctcttgc tcctgtagcc ctggggactg     11220
     ccattgttcc ctcatgacat tgcctctcaa aaccctagtt aaccacatca tgcccagcta     11280
     atgatccctt aagttaaatt ctctcagttc aaataataac tttgacttct gcctcatggc     11340
     tagaccccag caaataagga tgcagcaaat agaaatgtcg agaaacactg catttctgaa     11400
     gtttacagtc caactcaatt actccataag tgatttgtcc ctaaaattat aacaaagggg     11460
     aatgtgaaat tgtgaatggt gaaaactgga tccataatgg ttcctaataa acatttacta     11520
     agtaaattaa aataggcttg cttataaata tttgaagagt ctcaagacat ctttacaatt     11580
     ttagctcatt gtcttatctt gaaacacaat atatattcac atatgtttag aaaaaggtat     11640
     tactatgcta aaatagcata ggatcaatat ataatatttt atcatgggat tttgtgaagc     11700
     ccctattgat tgatgtaggt aaaaattatt tcatccagct taataactga ttcttaacag     11760
     accattttct tagcagaaat aaagcacact gctattgtgg ttttaggata tgactcttta     11820
     ggagggccta aataaaataa aggccccaag ttttcattta ctctgttgtg aaaagcagac     11880
     ttgtacccca atgctattaa taaaatattt aaactatcca atgaacctat gaaaatacta     11940
     attattttca taattagtat taagggctac aattttcatt aaattttaat tagatttaat     12000
     ataaagttgc aatgtctctt agtgtggatt tcactgtcat aaatttaaaa aaagactcat     12060
     atgtccatct tatggccagt tagctcccct ctcctccatt tgaaatacca gaatgagaaa     12120
     attagcatgg tgacacacac ctaaacacct ctgagtttaa ggccaaccag gtctgtatag     12180
     tgagttccag gatagcctag gggtaccaga gaaacaccat ctgaaagaag tgtgtgtgtg     12240
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgagagag agagagagag agagagagag     12300
     agagagagag agaaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaacttttg ttatactaaa     12360
     tttgacttat cttcctacat ctattgcctt caggcacatc tgttttattc ttttcttttt     12420
     ttaagattta tttattatta ttcataagga cactgctgtc ttcagacata ccagaagagg     12480
     gcctcagatc tcattatggg tggttgtgag ccaccatgtg gttgctggga tttgaactca     12540
     ggaccttcgg aagagcagtc agtactctta cccactgagc catctcgcca acccacatcc     12600
     tttcttttat ggactatatc ctcttggttc atccacacct actctcatct gtcaatcttc     12660
     tcttcaatga ccttagccag cttctcatta gattgttcca gcgacctaaa ttagatcact     12720
     aaatttaaca catacattca aaaataaagg gtgcttgaat aagaatttca aataaactac     12780
     ttttagcata agcatgccct acatgtttcc caggcattac acaggccata tttacatgga     12840
     aaaatgtggg ctttgtacat ggaggatcca aatgcaaatg aagcatagct tcttgtactt     12900
     acctgctcct actcttatgt tgatccctcc cttcctccta cccacctttg gatatttata     12960
     aactcccaga tacactgaaa agctggacct ttcaacagtc cataccacat ctcctgctct     13020
     gtttctgcat ttaagttttc aggaagaggg acctcagtgt tgattttaat gggaccagct     13080
     taccctggta tttaagggta tcacattgtc ctcttaagat gcaatattgg ccttttacct     13140
     aattattctc tcctcacaac tctgtccgtg attctttgat tccaaatctt atcaatatac     13200
     atcaaccttc caggaaatag aatcatccct caagatcagc ataagaaaca gtgataacac     13260
     ttatccacag agcactccac acacatttgc taataattat aacttcataa ttactggcat     13320
     ggtcgtgaga caccaaagaa tgagagagag agagagggag ggagagagag agagagagag     13380
     aggcaatgaa agagaaattg agggaaaatg ctgatccaat tctcaccaca acttgctatc     13440
     ttgaacccac caattttaat ctggaaagtc ttacgtcatg ctataataaa tatgaggttt     13500
     gtgggaacta gtaatgcaga atctttggca catgagaaat caatcataat tgtctaggat     13560
     ggaaaaactt tgaaacaaac caccaaggat ttaggcacta ctgaaacaaa aatgctcccc     13620
     atccagaccc attcctgttc caaaaataaa ctgcagtttc tttcttatta cccatgagtc     13680
     ttaatttgtt ctatttatac tatggagccg tttttgaaat cctgagagat tttctttatg     13740
     acaaagcttg gggaggtagt aggaattcac attaaataca tgctgtaatt ttctttttca     13800
     ttttatttaa ttttcaaatt acagtttatg tgtataacaa tgtttttgcc tacatgtata     13860
     tgtgcaaagc acatgtgtgc ctagtgctct cggatggaga gggtctcaga tcccctggga     13920
     ctggacagct gtgagtcaac atgtgggtgc tagtgacaga acacaggtct cctgcaggaa     13980
     cagcaagtgc ttgctcttaa tcactgagct atatctccag cctccgttca taattttatg     14040
     tatggttgaa aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaaacaa tctcaataat tccatacata     14100
     cccatcaggg tccctattta tatcaaattc caaccaagta tagtgttaaa tagggaagat     14160
     aataacatga ctttaacagc catttttaaa cagcagtggc tgtttgcatc gtattctccc     14220
     tccttaatat caccctatat ggaaacttaa cctgaaaaag aaatcacctt ctaagaaatg     14280
     acataaagca gcctacagta tacgggttac tcaaggcgat aaagaaaaga caaactaagc     14340
     caggcgtggt ggtgcatgcc tttaatccca gcactcggga agcagaggca ggtggatttc     14400
     tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag     14460
     aaaccctgtc tcaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa caaacaaaga caacctgttt cttcttgctg     14520
     gttggtttta tccgtctgca catacccagg cagtctataa agacattttt cagtgggttt     14580
     ctttccatga tcttcacaaa attcctttcc ctgctttgag gacaggtgac ctgctttcct     14640
     attaagaata tcagatgttg gtcataatgg aatccctgac tatgaagtcc tttgggagta     14700
     agaaatgtgg gcatggctaa taggtgtgac ctcatacagc tgggaaatga ctcttattct     14760
     caccggggtc attaggttca aatggtaatg actggctgca ccatcacctt ctccttgtcg     14820
     tattgctgag tgagcctcca ggaaatgagg tctctccacc aacattaacc ccaaaaccag     14880
     taagaggagc agcaagcgtt tcaggcttta ttcacaccct tctcagctct gtggcagtaa     14940
     cagttgtggc ttgtaaagag gtcagatgtc acatttctgc ctctggctcc agcagaccac     15000
     aaagacatac cttatgaggt cactaagttt gtacttcttt acctggaact agttacaaag     15060
     tattttggag gcccgtgcct tctgttgggg aaggaaaaaa agaaagaagg agagagagag     15120
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaacagaga agctaatgta     15180
     aaactcaatt gtagtccaca ctgtatctct ccagcactga attgtgccca gcacatcaga     15240
     gttcagtcgg tggatggatg gtgagctggc ttgtacctgc tcagaagagc cagttagtgg     15300
     catgtcttat ccatgccacc cacattcagt gacaccttag tggtatttgt aattagtcaa     15360
     tgatagtagg tataccacag actgagcaag tgctctgaat gtccgttctc tctcggagag     15420
     taagagagaa catatcatcg ctagacttca tcaatacatt gaaatgtatg acatgcctat     15480
     tacattccag gttttttttt aacacatgcc ctctcaaata cacatcatga cattggtaga     15540
     aataataata agcatgagtg agtgtgaaaa agctgtaatg tctgtcacgc ctatgattac     15600
     cgggttcgat actgacatat gacaaggttc cacgtgattc attcatttat aaggggcata     15660
     gctaaggttt gaatcaaagc cagcaaaagt gaaacctctg tgctgtctcc tctacagcat     15720
     cacacaacac acacacgcac gcacgcacgc accactacca ccaccagcag cagcaacaaa     15780
     ggctccacta atacaatttt tatgaatgca aaatgaaatt ctaaaggtct catcagctta     15840
     gctgctggaa ggagatcccc aacccttgca ccttatgcca gtggtccctt ctcttgagga     15900
     ttaaatttcc tttggtgcct gggtacgccc acaatctaca ctttaactga ggtaggaagt     15960
     ccagagaggg tccaacattg ttcctagttc ctgctgctcc tcactcccac actcttacca     16020
     tatgaagagt aagtagacca gaggacttaa ggtcctagga tgcgcccatg gctgtatcca     16080
     gccaccgact tcattccaga ggatggtggg ttaagtggat tgttttatca atattgggct     16140
     atgaacacag tgctaacatg ctgatttgaa tgcatctcac tcactacatc agacccggga     16200
     tgaatatatg gatgacaaca actacaaata tgttgtcaac agaacaacag ttctctagca     16260
     tctgcaacct ctgaaaatgt tgttttgtgg cagaagatag acattgcaga caagattggg     16320
     atagaggcat taaacacaga ggatgtgtct ggatgtctgg atgagctcaa taggcccagt     16380
     ctaatcacaa gagcccttca gagtatcaat atttcttcaa gtggaagcaa aagagaaatg     16440
     gaagcgaaga aaaaggtcag agagacctga tgcaagagga cgtgacccgc tgctgctgac     16500
     tttaaagaca agaaaaggag cacatgatct agagaatcaa agactaaacc taactattcc     16560
     tacactctgg cagagagaca gacaaaacag gaacttcatt cccacaactc cctgtaattg     16620
     gatttccccc caccccagca tttgaatgcc attaaaagta gatttactca gagagcccct     16680
     agaaaggaat atggtggtca gctatgccac accttgattt gggattgtga aacttaaaac     16740
     cagagaccca gctggaccct gtccaaccag atctgtgacc tacatgactg tgagatcagg     16800
     aggcaggcat tgtttaaagc tgctaaatgc catgcaacag atgtctgagg gagttcacca     16860
     cagccctagt gctcccctca cacgcacatg cccacactca ggcctaacct gtcctcctgc     16920
     ctcagtttta gccctgaggg aagcaggagt ggaggcaggt gctttgcctt gtacattatc     16980
     ttcatcgtcg tttagggtcc ctgcagcaag cataatgtga tgatgtcaca gccaggagca     17040
     cagtgtttac tccctagaaa gttcaaaagg gacatggtta agaaaatgtg ttatttcagg     17100
     tcacacatgc ttttgggcat gaccagaaca aaggctcatt catgctttct gaaaactctg     17160
     ggtcagactt gcatttgtgt aagatcacag tgtagcacag tgacaacttt tgtgacagtc     17220
     atcgaaagtc actatccaca ggcagcctga tgaatggtga gggatgcttt aatggccatt     17280
     aaatggacta agagaaccac ccaggttagc agttctaaac tgtttcaaca caaacaggtt     17340
     gtgaagagca atgagaaaca gcagcattgc tgtcctatag aaatgagcat cataactgag     17400
     agtagtgtat ttgacaagac agaacgtaga gatggttccc agacctgaac agaaatcttc     17460
     acagtgaacc gattgggcac aaacatacaa gcacttcctc tctacctgtt cttctgaatc     17520
     ttcattgaca aaccatatgg agctaacatg aatccataaa atttttttgc agaaatgtca     17580
     aatccaacac tctgaaaact gttcgtcatc caaatcggtg tattagtcag agttctctag     17640
     aggaactaaa tagtttggct tacatgacag gagctgggta accagacaat ggacatcata     17700
     acactggaga tattgagaag tcactcagtc cataaagcta ggttagatca actcctagac     17760
     ctgaattgtt agaaagacta tcccaaaggt aatgcaaagc attcagtaca gagctcgaac     17820
     acagacagat cttagtgaat ggtaacagat taactgactt actacttaaa taattccatg     17880
     agctgagtat tcaggcatat gagcaatttt ctgctattta attatctact cccaagattt     17940
     cctaggtcaa gacatgcttt tgtcaatata aagatgcaaa tcttattgga atgagcccag     18000
     actcattttc cccctgcaac aacagcaatg ttcaagtaat gtggactgct gtctaaaata     18060
     actgcatgtc aacagcaggc atgtcctcca gagtaaatca cctatgccac tactcaggaa     18120
     gttcaatccc cgcagtctct cattctcaac tgcatccttc tgtcagagac tccaccgcta     18180
     agtaagagga aactggataa tactcagtaa aaatctgaaa tgggacaccc ttttaaaagt     18240
     atctaattag aaatggcatc ttttgctcta tttgtgactt tttaaaatat aaaatcaaag     18300
     aaattggtta aataaggtta ctctgattaa tcaccatggg aattttaagg gttgaagtgg     18360
     tccagtttgg aagtttctaa aaatacaact tttatctaca aagtagaaat catcctgagt     18420
     gggaaacaag ccgccccagc tcaatactaa ggataatgta gccctgggga gggaaagaga     18480
     ggggagggga ggggagggga ggggagtgga gaagagcttc cctgaaagta ttctaatgga     18540
     gctgaaactc ttagcctagt aaactttaaa cacttacatt ttaagtgatt ctccaagcac     18600
     cgtggatttt gaaagcgtaa gctcccgggg actggaccat caatcaaaga gtacacatgg     18660
     agggacccat ggctccagcc atgtatatag taaaggatgg ccttgttgga catcagtggg     18720
     aagagaggcc cttggttctg tgggggtttg atgccccagt gtagggaaat gacagggtgg     18780
     aaaagcagga gtgggagggt gtgtagggga gaaccctcat agaggcaggg ggaggtggga     18840
     tggaataggg gggttctgga tgggagacct ggaaagggaa taacatttga aatgtaaata     18900
     aagaaaatat ccaataaaga ggaaaaaaga aaaagaaagc aagaaaggaa ggagagaaga     18960
     aaggaagaaa gagagaaaga gagagagaaa gagtgaaaga gcgaaagagc gaaagagcga     19020
     aagaaagaaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg     19080
     aagaaagaga gtaacacaaa accaaatagc aaatcagtaa agtatcactg ccaccatgat     19140
     tagtcttgcc agtctttgtt tggtttttgt ttagatttca ataatctgcg ccccgaggca     19200
     gaaagttggt gtcatttact tcacagcatg gacagttgtc acttctggct tcgatcatct     19260
     gaatgcctca tctttaaatg gagacccact cttaggaatg ctccattaga gaaggcaaaa     19320
     cattattttc acaaaaaaaa aaaagctgaa gtgtcacaaa ctaccttttc caacatcctt     19380
     tacaaggaat tatggctaca gaattcacca gtcagaactg atcagaatct ggtgctttaa     19440
     gcagtggcta tgtgatgtgc tctagcagtg gctgcagttg cagatcctgt tttcttggca     19500
     gcagtagggt ggttttgcca catccagtga agtctgcgtg gcaagcccaa aagcttggac     19560
     acagtcctga ggcaaaaagt ttcacggaaa cttagtctcc tggatccttg gcatcccata     19620
     gcgcaaatgc tccaaacttg tccctctgat agtgtggagg ctcttgtgta ctttcttgca     19680
     gtattttact ggataggagc tagaaagctc agggcaagct ttgcaaagta agtttagaat     19740
     tcttttatag ttatgtatgg cagactatat tacttaatag aagaaagtcc cccacaaaat     19800
     cacttagaat aacagccgag tcactcccat atacaggaat ttacaatggt ttaagaagaa     19860
     agtcaaatcg ggttgtggtc taaggaggaa ctagagtatt gtattgttca tgtaagggtt     19920
     agtagaacag aacttctctg gtgcatgttt ttctctaagc ccagaggaat agcataatta     19980
     ggtatttact aagggaccct tggtgatggg tcaagcaata gactaaaatt gcacctggac     20040
     gtatcagccc tttcacctgg ctcctgtgaa tagctgattt taaatagggc tgatcttatc     20100
     tcagttgtaa acactgcctg gttcctgtta gtctctattt atgcattttt ctgttttgtg     20160
     tcagataact tcaatgtacc ttggctgatg tgtcacctaa cttctttgtt ttcttctgta     20220
     ttgtaagtct gatgctcgct ttgagaaatt atattcagat acagcactct ctctgtgtca     20280
     gtgtctgttt gtcacttttc accgactcct tgtccacctg cttaccgaaa tcctggttcc     20340
     cctccggttg agaaactgac tgagtccagt ctgtggtatg gcttgacacc cttctgtggg     20400
     accctaaaag gcagcctgtg ttttggttga gcaaagctta ctctggagac ccagtagaaa     20460
     aactctacaa gggacagaac agtgagccat gctcccagac ataggtgcct gacaccacgg     20520
     agcccccaac tccataatcc tgtgactatc agtcacacag acaaagtccc aagctcctgg     20580
     cattctggct agacaccacc ctcacagtta cctggtaata gccaggtatg ctcctcccca     20640
     cagctaccct gcaactgcaa gatagccccg cccactacaa aaggggttgc ttggcccctc     20700
     ttctctctta agctcttgtt cccctactct cattttccct gatctccttg tccccttccc     20760
     ttccccctcc tctctccacg tggccatagc cagcctctct ttctctacct tctctctttc     20820
     tctctgcctt taaaaaagct ctaaagccat ggtctatctc tgctcatcaa gacccaccgt     20880
     gcttgaatga tggaataggc ctgcccctaa agagctacgt ctaatctccc aagaggcctc     20940
     cctgtgtttt cagccaccag accagaccaa ggactctcac cctcgtggaa accacccagc     21000
     gccccccttt ctccccctgc tctcttctcc cttttggctc tgggactgac tgagccatcc     21060
     ccagggccct cactttgttc tcagctcttc tgagacatac agtgacgtct gggatgtccg     21120
     agattgagaa cctgtcgtct ctggcctcca tgaggcccag aaaccctgga ctgcttccac     21180
     tgtaccccca cggactgggg ttccgtggct tcccacagcc tgacgcccac ccaggccgct     21240
     taaagagctc tcagcagtcc cccacgtctg cctgtccagt gcaccagagc tctggcagga     21300
     cacaggttct ctcccacccc cttttttcct aaaccctctg ccctcttccc ttccctgccc     21360
     agcagacagt ctactatgca gccctgacac cgtgaatgat cccttccctg tggcatgaat     21420
     tgagggttct tgtgtccccc cacagaagtt gtagcctggt cctttaactc tcctagcaac     21480
     cctgtaaaaa caccatttat tttgataaat gagattaagt cagctggtgt ttgttcgtat     21540
     tgcctacagg ttaagtctga tagactctgt gagcctagag ggggaggagg acactcagaa     21600
     aagaagggac taggatgctc cacataaaat atcagtccag atggctcctg atcacactca     21660
     ccactagagg gctgcctggt ctctgcgact ttcaacagat cagcccaagg caaatgaggg     21720
     cagagaagac aattgggaga cacagacggg tgcacaatgt ggcatgtaga atggaacctg     21780
     aaagaaaaca gatcaaagta attagctgcg cctaatgaac acgaaagtgc aagacacagc     21840
     acttggtgcc cataaaccga gactattaga aaccacgacc acatatctgt gatccctggg     21900
     ccttccaccc agtcagcttc ccgtggagct ctgcctctgt taatatagct ttagctgtat     21960
     ttaaataagt gacattgtat ttttacaaaa tcagttttaa aaaatctgga aaggatgtct     22020
     cacatacaaa gtaccaatcg aggttttata aaaatgcaga taccaatagc atgcaggctt     22080
     taacacctat aattttacct ttaaaaaaaa agtattacac gctcacagag taccccaaga     22140
     gatccaaagg gttacactat tttgggctca atatcttgat aagataatat atgctaattt     22200
     gtcaaggttt acatcacacc caatcagggc ttgggacata gatgaattgg tgaagcagct     22260
     gaggcctgaa tctgatcccc agtgcccatg aaaaaagaaa aaaagctagg ctgtaacccc     22320
     agttgctggg gaggtataga caagaaaatt gcaggggctt gcagagcagg cattttagcc     22380
     aaatctacag tttctgggtt cagtgagaat aagtaactat ccagtgtgtt ttctctctct     22440
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     22500
     cggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gataaaatac cccaaaggca     22560
     ccccaaggaa gaaagggttt attctggctt acaatctgtg tagcccatgg tggagctgtc     22620
     aaggcagggc aagcttgaga caactgttca cattgcagtc aggaagcaga gagtaatgaa     22680
     tgttcatgct aagctttctt tctctttgtg ccatccaaga ttccatccca agggatggtg     22740
     ccacccagag tgggagggtc ttccaacctc aattaaccta atcaagataa tgccccacag     22800
     gcatgttcaa aggcccacct cctaagggat tctggatctt atcaagttgc caattgaaat     22860
     taatcagcac agtatgcttt tacaataggc tgggagacca ggactggatg agtctgagtt     22920
     cagattggca tatgtgtgac aagcaaaaca ttctacattc agggctcgag aggtggctca     22980
     ccagttaaga gcactggcta ctcttccaga ggtcctgagt tcaattccta gcaatcacat     23040
     ggtggctcac aaccatctgt aatgggatct ggtgccctct tctggtgtgt ctgaagaaag     23100
     caatggtata ctcatatgca taaaataaat aaataaatct ttttttaaaa accattctac     23160
     attcacagca aaccatagtt gtcctttggc tctccaccct actgcataat gataatgtct     23220
     tgttccaatt aaagaagtcc aaaagggtct atctttgctt catagaaagc ctggggtcca     23280
     ggtcacggtt cagatccctc aggcttctca tggggaccct tgtatttggt gtccaactct     23340
     tctgtgcctg gcttgccacc cttccacagg tccttaaaat atatcagttc ccagagatca     23400
     ttcactgttc aagaagtgta gaatcccaat agagccccca aggaggactc tgttgtggat     23460
     agccctagtg ctgcttgtat tttgatgcaa ttctgctttc ccaggagggg ctggaatgag     23520
     gaatgagtca catactgagg tgacttcttg tgaaccttcc cccaatgaat aaagggacca     23580
     atcactggga gagtgggcgt gacttccagg ttgaactgag gaagaaagga agaggagaca     23640
     ggagcttttt ggagggggat agcaagaggg caagatgtag ctactagtgt ctcccaactt     23700
     atatggagga tttagattta atatggctta caagattagg attctagttg ttgtgcccag     23760
     caattgaatt attgttgttt ttgaactaag tttgtgtggt gttttccttc tcgtagggat     23820
     ttgactgggt tcaagagaaa agggtacagt ggcaaagggc aagtttgcca gatgtgcatc     23880
     acaaagtcgg gggggggggg cggtgaagca cagggctggt ggggtaacga cctgccagag     23940
     ggaacttatc gagctgggtg aagagatttt ggagctctgg gtcagagagt ctccatgaga     24000
     taagaactgg ccaatgagac agccagggct gagagtagct gggtgtatcg agggaaactg     24060
     gacttcacac ccttaagttc tttgttctgt gacctgggtg cttggggtga tagatccttc     24120
     tggaagtcag tggactacag tccacttgcc ccacatctgg tccactagtg tcctacatac     24180
     aaggtctttc aatagaagca gcattaaaat tctttaccca ttaattagta ttgtttcaag     24240
     ctttccaaac cccacacttt tgctctgaga atgacccgac agcctcctca cagcagcaca     24300
     gattatgcaa gatcaggcat gctccatgtt ggacacggtg atatgagaaa tctgtttgat     24360
     ctttgctgtg agctcctagc ttgggttttc tgagtgatag gaattaattc tctgttattt     24420
     ttaatgtgtt ccttttcatc acatctgagc tttgctgtga aataactaaa ggtagcccct     24480
     taagtagcat cagcatgaag ctggctacca gatagcatca gcatgaagct gactaccaga     24540
     aaatactaga aactagagat ttggacattt caacccggcc cccaatatcc tctgagaaag     24600
     agctcaggca gtagaaactg tggcttgaaa actcgagggc atgcaggttt ggagaacttc     24660
     tgagttggag aagagtactc ctgaggacaa catgggagcg tcttacctta actacacctt     24720
     accttgtctt acatttacct tgcatttagc tgtccttgtg ttggcatcaa atcaacgtaa     24780
     acaaaccaac gtaagaaaaa tgcttttggg gcaggggatg taccctcttg agcatactac     24840
     cagaattaag gaaatggggt ggggggtggg gctcctggta cacagtcagt aaaaaggctg     24900
     actggtcagg aacttgcaac tggcacctaa aagggaagtt gtataaggct gagctcctta     24960
     actggtcaga tctgacagta actcagaacc tagtgtcaca agtgaattac attgttggac     25020
     acccaacttg tgttcaagat ttgttaataa tagagaaaat tccccagaga cattcataac     25080
     ttcaccttgg gaaagactca gtcactgggc ccctactata gatagctcca aaatttccga     25140
     agcagtagca tgcctcattt tccaggatcc agttcatttt tttaaatccc tttgtcaatg     25200
     ggagacaaag ctaaatacac tctcctaaaa gctattaaat catagttacc ctgagggagg     25260
     aagaggtata tttagtccat tcagacttcc ttttccagtc ccacagggtt ggtgacttaa     25320
     cacacacatg ttcacatacc tggaagacca agatggtcta tccagtgggg tttcatcttg     25380
     gattatagcc accttctcac tgtgtccttg gtggcctttc aaagctctgt gtgttgatac     25440
     agaaaaacac ttgccatgcc ttttctcaaa cagcaaccct actagtttgg ccaccacact     25500
     aatggccttc tttacctctg tcttcccaaa tccctcatct ctaaatgcaa acatatagga     25560
     gcataagcac acacttcata ttcataacaa acgggatgcc tccatttgtt tccttacata     25620
     gctgcccaca gtcactaaat cataaagtta cagaatgata gagatggaaa gaacattatc     25680
     ctcgatcatt ctgagtagac agggttccag atagaaggga cgtggctgta cacatatgtg     25740
     gctgtgcggt ggggagcctg agaatggact gtctcctacc agacaaactc ttctttacag     25800
     ctttagtcaa catctcagag ttgactcata gaaaagatac gtcataaagc aagattaagt     25860
     gttttatagc atgaccttct tctgccagga aaaggttttc ctcatgagat ataagaaatc     25920
     ctatgtgttc actcaaaact ggttactaag tgtcagccca agatttttct cttgtcaaaa     25980
     aaaggacaag atgcaaagat ttttagctag gtctatgcag cggtaaattg ttaaatggct     26040
     ctaagcttcc agcaggtcta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     26100
     cacacaccag cttattttta atatgcctta gccagctcaa tggttggggc actcctgaac     26160
     ctccacgtgg ctaacacact gccctctgat attcctgaat taatacttac taaatctata     26220
     ttttatcttt gctgccctgt ttccttctgg gcagcctttc ttgggcccgc tttcccctta     26280
     catttctgct gtctcaccct tctgctcctt cccagcgtgg tccatcctat gtccttctca     26340
     tggtggattc tttctcgccc actcctgtct ccctgcccag ccattggtca ctggcaactt     26400
     tatttcccaa tcagatccat ctgggggtgt gggcaagctt cctttagctt acatgtggga     26460
     cactaaaaac aggtttaggg ggaacataat taacatgaga gcacaagctg ctacagagct     26520
     agaggtatgc cttcagcagc ttctccccca tgggaactaa acccagaacc ttattagcta     26580
     ggcaaatcct ctatcactca atcaaatggc ccaacctaag acagaacagt tcttttgctt     26640
     ttaatagtaa aaaaggaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagaga gagagagaga aagagagaga     26700
     gagagagaga gacagagaga gagagagaga gggagagaga gagagaccaa gtgtgtgagt     26760
     gcagataccc acagaggctt taaacaggct tcagtttccc cacagctgat gctaaggtgg     26820
     ttgtgaattg cccgatgcct gtgctgagca aaagaaccac tcttcctggc taagccatcc     26880
     ctctagccct gccccctcag cagctcttac tgaggagagt atcctcccgc acaaggacat     26940
     atcctttcgc cttcttactc ctgaacctca gcctccggga aactcatatt accatggtac     27000
     agctgtgaag atctatcctc ctcctctttc cttggtcact ctagagtgca cgtgaccact     27060
     cggcaaacaa atgtccaagc cagcatgtgg catataaact ccagctccta tttctgcccc     27120
     agctttgcaa agccaggtgc ttcctgctga tggccagaag cactgctctc acgaacctct     27180
     aaaaacgctg accgggcact cacaagggat gtgtgaggca ttattcatca gcaagactct     27240
     gtgaacattt ttccaggacc atgttgacgc taactgcaaa gccacatgac cctcgacagc     27300
     tcagccgctg tgccgagcaa tcctggaaca gcacggaccc tgagtcccag gcctttcttc     27360
     acgtaccatt tgtagattct gctccagccc taacacccaa ctttcctgaa tttatctttc     27420
     caacttgccc taagctgcag cccaaccgat ttcttggaat atctttcccg tccctcattc     27480
     tcagttttaa aaacaattct caaagactat gacctaatta atttttccag tcctcccctc     27540
     caatctggga aatagatttt ctctgtgaat ggacagcgtc ccctcctcca cttcctgggt     27600
     ttatgggctt atgctccaac agaggcctct ctgcaggcac tgttctggtc accacttaca     27660
     gggctggagg aaagacagct catgaagaat gctatctttc tcctacccag ggataatagg     27720
     aggaaagaca gctcatgaag aatgctagct ttcacctgcc cagggataat agcagggccc     27780
     agcagctcac ccctattact gtgctggtta cccattatat tctacatccc caaacagtcc     27840
     ctagctcagg ttgataatta gatgctgtca gtaaccttta gcccccactc tccaaagaca     27900
     gacggtgtcc gctgcactga tgctttacct ctgtggccct tccaggtgcc tcttactgga     27960
     tattgggaac acagatatga tcccaaacat gtggcctttt ttgaagattt ggttataggc     28020
     cttaaccttt aatagatgag ctataccttc agccctgtgt ggcctttctg aatgaacctc     28080
     tctttcactc atttttatgt acaaaataat aggctgcctt acgatatttt catgggtaag     28140
     ccgttgtatt ttgctcagtc tccccttcca ccgccttccc ttacctccag ccctgacact     28200
     ttcctttctg cactcacaaa taagttctcc ctgcttttgt gtgtcatata tacatgcata     28260
     tatatgaatg tatattatat attagccata tgagagaaac cataaggcat ttgtcttctg     28320
     agtggctcac ttccccttgc atgatgtaca atcgatacat cttcctgaaa atgaaacaaa     28380
     cattcttcac tatgattgaa taaaacttca ttgtatataa atgatgcata tcatatatat     28440
     catatatcac atatcatata tatcaccatg tttatcatta atgaacatct tagctggctt     28500
     cttgatcatt gagaataggg tatagataaa catggacgtg caaggatccc ggtggtatgc     28560
     tgacttagac tcaattgtgt agcctggagt ggtgtagcta aagcatatgg taattgtatc     28620
     cttaggtgtg gctttctggg aacctccaca ctgattttca caggcactgc accgttctcc     28680
     agtctcatca ggcataaaga aggactccct tctgccaccc tttcttcgtg tcggcatttg     28740
     ttgtttcctt ggtgacagga gagagatgga cctcagtgtc actttatttt gcatttccct     28800
     ggtggctaag aatacagagc attttctcaa ttattctctg cccatttata tttctatgaa     28860
     tccctcttga actgcagaca tggagcatac agggtggatg gtcttctcca tcccttacga     28920
     ctctcatttc acttaaaacc catttcatct cccctcaaag gctccctgaa tttccctctg     28980
     tttggtgcct ttccttcctc tgcagatgct aaaaatatca tcggaacaat agaaagcagc     29040
     ggtccctcca gcctctaccc cactttccag tgagccgtgg gaaactgcaa gcttccctgg     29100
     gcttttcaat gatgcctggg tcatgtaatg tcaggggaag aatttcttgg ctattacaaa     29160
     cacattaaca actgggatcc aagatctgcg tctcctcgtg caatgacatc actgtgcaat     29220
     gcacaccccc tcccatttca ttccaaagat atgactattg atactcacaa aaatggttgc     29280
     atctacaaag cagtaagaaa cagctttagt tggcccaact gggagagaga gagagagaga     29340
     gagagagaga gagagagagc gctaattgat aaaaattgac aataggttct cacaatctat     29400
     tcttacattt gcaatgaagc acactgacca atagatggca gtcattgact gctccacaaa     29460
     tgtctagttc ccacccacat tgaatcagcc acatctaaat ttgctgtgtc agggtgggat     29520
     tttcaggacc atccatcttc gctacaacca ccagactggt actgcagttt ctgtttctca     29580
     acagccatat agtcgcagaa gagaccttgt agtttaccat attaagaagc cccttctgtc     29640
     gttgatgaga gtgtgcccaa gtcctcagac aaagctgcag ttcatcccac tccatctcca     29700
     gtgacagtac ctgctttaag tgttcctcaa aagaccctgc ctccccttct ttgtgtatgt     29760
     ccttgtcctt gagcttctcc atgttgtcca ctgtctccct cagctttggc tcagatttag     29820
     ccataagcac caaaccatga tctatctata cagttaagtt tgccctggtg gtaatagttt     29880
     ttcaagcctg acctttacct cagcacaaga tgcttgatag aaccagatag aagtgtgcaa     29940
     tctgtaggtg agggagaagg caacacgggt tcagtgtgtt ccagccttgt gatgctaggc     30000
     caaaggtaaa atccagggat ttttcaaccc atctgaccat gtctatccat gactccttct     30060
     ttattttgag tctgctgttt tggtttaggt ttggtgcctg ttttctgcta gagttcaaac     30120
     ccagggactc acaaatgcta ggtaagcact ctgccactga accacacacg tgccctttgg     30180
     ctctagtctt cagagttaca gctatgacac attattaact ggtgcagtgt caagagcttg     30240
     catcatgcta ctgtcaacac taccaactct gctccacata cagaatgtct acagagcccg     30300
     gacgtcattg caggggcacc atgacaagct tggtgtggcc ctaacacact tgtgaagtaa     30360
     attgttggta ttaaccccca atttatatgt gaggaaatga aggcacagag aagctaaatg     30420
     attttgacaa aagtcacatc gagtcctagg atttgtgttc cagtcacctg tcctgaggta     30480
     ttacaccctt agcaactatg ctttcaccta tcgaaccagc agtgtgacat agaaagaact     30540
     aactttacct tctctgcctg tccaaatggt gacaggctgg cttgaaggtg agcctgggct     30600
     ttagctcctg cctgaaatct cctgtggatc ttcacaagtc cggactggcc aaaagaatcc     30660
     agtgcacacg tgatcaggtt acccacaagc acacaaggaa ggttccaaga gaattagccc     30720
     agatttcact actgagagaa ggctgggata cgatgctggc ttagcctccc atctatgttt     30780
     cacaggttga caatgggagc agtttcatca taataacccc agcatcttca aagggaatct     30840
     gctagacagt atgggagcag cttcactaac tgagaggacc atggatggct ccaaacacag     30900
     cagcgtactc cagagcctca gtgttatatc aaagcatgcc tgtaaacact agataaaaca     30960
     taaaatgtag agtgcacttg gcagctactc aggagttaaa aataaaatta ccacccggcc     31020
     cagtaactcc agtccatagt atgcactcat tcctcaagta gattaaaaca gaaagtttac     31080
     ttatatgtta atatttctag catcctatgc acaatagtcc caaacaggaa acaatcaaag     31140
     tgtctagcaa ccgaggacat ttttttgatg cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttggtccg     31200
     tgtatcagaa tgcaaattcc tgcgataaaa ggaatgaagt tttgatgtgt acttcaacaa     31260
     gagtagaatt agcaaactct agatgtggta aaataaagta gacatgggaa atgtagcggg     31320
     tgtcctggtc ctggtagaag gtgataaatt catagaggca ggaatagaag tgaagagtat     31380
     ctgagagaaa ggaaactgga cactgttgta taataggcac agaggtacca tttgcaacag     31440
     aggttcttca agcagtagtg gtgaccgtta ctcacactgt taacgtattt aatgtcaatg     31500
     aacgctgcac ataaaatggc taaaagaata acatttatat catattgtac cacaataaaa     31560
     aagtagtttt aaaaaaaccc aaagtatcta ggactttttc tttaaagatt ttcagttacc     31620
     taagatatat ccattttctt ctttttcttt accaacatag ccttgattta ttggagtaac     31680
     attgtgtcca ggaggaaaat gttttctccc atagcccctg aaggcagcgg tagctacatg     31740
     actttaagtt gtctaaagtg atataagctc ccctggtttc caggagagga gaagagattc     31800
     tggaagagtt ccttgaaaat tgaggatgag agacacattt atctggtgta cagaaaacca     31860
     gatggtagga agagaagaag ctgagggact ggggaagtcg gcgagctgct gtggcttttg     31920
     tggaacgctt cttggagtct ttgagagaaa aggctcctgt ctgattttat cccaaatgcc     31980
     tactgggata cacagatcct atcagctcac cgcatcagcc cccgtgttta ttgtatctac     32040
     tggttttgtc atggaagggg tgcagtacca gagtagggtt gacatgtcag gaaacagagg     32100
     acttagccat cagactaatt gaaatttatt cggagctaaa gagctgagta aacctcccag     32160
     cctgcgcttc tgccacagat gcaattctaa agcatggaga caccatttcc tgtcccctgg     32220
     ggcaaccatg ttgatagatg agcttcatca gctagctcaa gtgtgaagag tctgttattc     32280
     ccaggaggga gagacatgga agtgttctct ccagctccct gatacatcca ggggaagaca     32340
     gtggacttct taacccaggt cagagttaaa tgaacacggg gaggagataa acagacagat     32400
     gcctttgtgt tgtgggggtg atcgatcctc caccccacag ctcagctgac ttcctctgcc     32460
     tccttgacct tcacctctac tctaccctgc caacgacttc ctggcgtgtc cacacccagg     32520
     atcacgtcag ctccagagca agcttcttca gcagaatctc actatcttac tactccaccc     32580
     tccttccagg gaagctgtat tgcatgagca tcctttcgaa catgttgata ggtattatcg     32640
     gctatggttt ataacaaaag aacaagggca tacactgaca agctacccag gtgctgggag     32700
     cagaacccac aaggcagcac acaactatct ataacttctg ttccaaggga ttcaacgccc     32760
     tcttccggcc tcttgaggta actggcacac acgtggtacc caagcatatg ccagcactta     32820
     tgcatagaaa ataaaaataa atcttaaaaa aaaagaaaac ctcagaaaat aatatttgaa     32880
     ggaacatgtt tctgggatgt ggtggtattt atctataatt caacaatggg aaaataaaga     32940
     caggaggatc agggaaccaa gctcatgctt ggctacaaaa agactctgag gccagcctgg     33000
     gcaacatgac agtttgtctc agaggaaaaa aaaattacta aagaatgtgt taaattgtgg     33060
     tgtgtctata aagttgaact ttgtgaaaca agttaaggct gagacaaagt tatatacaac     33120
     aatacaaaaa gcttccgatt atacactcat agaagagcaa aataaatgat tatgtataca     33180
     tatgggtatg tctacaaatg catagacatg gatatatata catgtagata tacatacact     33240
     gaatatacac tttatatgct aaccatatca ttcatatata tatatatata tatatatata     33300
     tatatatata tatatatata caaacacaca cacacacaaa tagcatacct ttaataccta     33360
     tctctataaa acacacacac acatgattgc acactctatt ataccatctt tgacagaata     33420
     tgtaagaaac aacaacagta gaagacagag aaggatggta gaaaaggaga attgcttgtc     33480
     agtgtgtgct cttgttctca tgctgtaaac catatgccaa aactatctat caaggttttc     33540
     cgaatgctca ttcaatacag cttccctggc atatcactcc ccataaccag catctttcca     33600
     cctaaagtac ttctgtggcc accagagtcc actgtaccta catctatgac acctgacgtc     33660
     atcaaccaat ggctcctgca gaagcaggtg agaactggct catagtggtg acagttgggg     33720
     gtgggagagg tgtccacact ggttcccaga gttccccagg agaattccgc acatatactc     33780
     ttggttggct tctttgtctc ctatcttatt cctctcattc tttcttttaa agtgtgtgtg     33840
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg cgcgcgcgcg tgtgcacgcg     33900
     tgtgtgtaca gaatccagga gaaagtgatt cctcctgttg aagctgaaat tgcaggcatt     33960
     gccatgaata ctggaaactc actttgggtc ctctggaaga gcaacaagca cttaaccact     34020
     gaaccctctc tagctccacc ccctctcatc agtgattctt tgaggtcacc acctatcaga     34080
     ctctaaaact ctcaggatga acctgaaaaa gcaagtcatt ccaactacac accttttcct     34140
     tgtctggatt agcttggcag cctctgttct cccatcgcaa acctccaaca gcccattgtc     34200
     cctagagaca gtcagtcact tagctccagt tgagcctccc caaattcagt gttcacagca     34260
     gcaagctttt cagtgcagct caaaatgccc atccagtcac ttccaccttc cctcttctcc     34320
     ccctctccgt ggagcagctt ctccaagttg tcaccgttga gctccaggac agtgtccttc     34380
     ctatccggct ctgtcctcct agtcaccatc cacttctcca gaacagagcg gctgcaagca     34440
     caagctcctg ccgatgtctc catctgcatg gacctacgaa attcacaaat gtttattacc     34500
     ctcgtagatt cagagctctt ctttgggttt ccctttgtgt ctaacatgaa tccctctgga     34560
     tccagacacc tcagattctg ggttcacatc ctggctctac cactttttta tttgtcttct     34620
     gattttgagc aatagatttt aatctcatct acagaaaaag acagcatcaa tacctacttt     34680
     gcatggcagt ttaaagagta aattaaataa tgtgtgaaag ttcatagcct agaacctaaa     34740
     aagtatcata tgtgttcaat aagtgttagt tattttgtgc atttcccaat atatgtacat     34800
     acgtatatat tcatattaaa attatatatt taaatttaat aatccatatt attttaatga     34860
     tattatataa taatgcgtga ttagcatata aattcatata taattaattg tattagtcat     34920
     gtataatttt aataaaatgt aaagtatatg tttaaatttt atatacaaat aatatatttt     34980
     atacatttcc aaatacataa atatctattc taaatgttat gttaataagt gttgtatctg     35040
     tatatgtata gtcgtattcc tttctactgg gtcttatatt ctgtcttcct ttcttataat     35100
     agaaaacaaa aggtctctct cgctcctggt taacttctcc atctgtattt ctgtttgttt     35160
     tttgttttgt tttgttttgt tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg tttggtttgg     35220
     tttggtttgt ttggttttgg tttttcaaga cagggtttct ctgtagagcc ctggctgtcc     35280
     tggaactcat tttgtagacc aggctggcct cagaaatcca cctgcctctg cctcccaagt     35340
     gctgggatta aaggtgtgcg ccaccacgcc cggtgttcca tctgtatttc taacccagcc     35400
     actaatttgc catttaaaac aaatctacag aactgaagag atggctcagc ggttaagagc     35460
     actgactgct cctccagagg tcctgagttc agttcccagt aaccacatgg tggctcatga     35520
     ccatctgtaa tgggatccga ggcctgaaga cagcaaccct gtactcacat acataaaata     35580
     aataacttta aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac ctgtattctt tatcttcatc ctttcttttg     35640
     ctattaagtc agcatcaaat atacacaaat atttctcatt aaaaaaaaat caaaggattc     35700
     ttctacgctg tcatctaaaa aagctgattt tcctggtcct ggttgcttat tagtcaactc     35760
     tgatcaccaa acctagactt tcactttcta tctagacttc ataattgcca cattgctctt     35820
     ataaaaagta tctcctacca gatacttttg tgcagtcctt gacattgtca attgtgacct     35880
     ctgatcatct attattacat actgagcatt tatcattaat tttttattat ggacctttaa     35940
     ggatgcagat aaatagtgat aagggcagat aatagtgata agggtatgga caggaggaag     36000
     ggaggccaac gcaggtacac tcatggacac tatgagtaac tcagcttagt cccgtgacaa     36060
     cagctcggtg gtggcagaaa cccacgtcag ctgacttaac caagtctcat ctgtcatgac     36120
     ctttcccagc attccacctg cctcaagcaa cagcaagcct gctagggaaa acctctgata     36180
     gaaaactgca gatgcttcca gtggggtgcc attggtatct atggtaacgg gatctgtcag     36240
     ggacattggc agattctgct ccacagacaa ggttttttcc ccctatggaa atttcagagg     36300
     tgaataataa aaagcaagca ttataattgc agacagggac aacactatga agacaataca     36360
     gccgtggagt atggttgcac ttggctgtgt ttgtgggttg agctgtgccc ctctcccatt     36420
     tattgaggtt ctagtgtcca aatcctcctt atagaggtaa ccgggttaaa atgaacacat     36480
     gggcgtgaac cttactccag tgagccatag cctgatagag gaggggcttt ggacagaggc     36540
     acccatagag gaatccaaca ggataaaagg agatgcctgc caacacgcaa gcctgaggac     36600
     agcctgtaac aatctctagc tcacagaggg aaacaaacct ttgtctcagg tttctctcca     36660
     ccaggagata cttagtgtct attgtttaag ccacctagtg ggagatacct tattaacaaa     36720
     ggctctagca acttaaacac tctctgccaa tttgaccccg tggctaggga aatcccctct     36780
     ttggaggcag ctcttaaggt gaggcctcgt tgaaaaacag ttccggtcct gtgtaggtct     36840
     ggggcagacc actttacatg gaggaatagc agagacagtg ccatgggaag aatttggtat     36900
     actcaaaaaa atagcaagag ggtcactcca gctgggtttg gggagtggga gggggatgag     36960
     ttcaggctga ggcttgagag tctggcagga atgctacact gtgctatgcc gtagaagcaa     37020
     gctaggactt aagcagagca gagcaatggt aggggtcgtc atgctttgta agtactctcc     37080
     tcagtggcca gtaagtgtcc aggtaagggg taggggtcag gatcagaggc agaggaccag     37140
     tgaagagact acttccattg tccagggcag agacgttagg ttaacaggtc agagggacat     37200
     cgagggttcc aatggaaaga gaaagaggag agaacaaatt caggtatcat taggaattga     37260
     taagacttgc tgaggagagg agataggaag tcatcagaga cagctgtttg cttaagacac     37320
     agctggcagg tggttagtca cagggggtgg ggaagcctgg agcaagacaa ggttaaagtc     37380
     acaaaaggag acttgctttt ttctttttcc ttccagactt cctgctaaac tgtttcctgt     37440
     ctcccttctc tctatccaca ggcatgttgt cctttcatga tgcctttctt actgctcgcc     37500
     gctctctccg cttgctccgt gtgtaatttc atacattccc gggactccac ttagtaccac     37560
     ctacaagcca atcactgtga tctatggaca cttaacccaa atcctctaca gagttccaga     37620
     acctcgtcct caactgtctt gtagattcca cacctggaaa ttcaagctaa gagtccattc     37680
     tagccacacc caccctcggg gcaacttatt gctggagctc tgcttcgagg cttctccatt     37740
     cttacttcct catagttctg ctccatactt cccccacgcc ccttgattgt ttagtaatgg     37800
     ctataagaga ggcccctgag cacggactta aaagggaaca gtggatggag gattgcaaac     37860
     ggtgttgata gatagcgtaa ccaaacgagc cggtctcatc tttgagacat tattcttaga     37920
     ttatgtgaaa cattgtgagc ttatctgaag ggattaatgg ttgggttgtt tcttaatgga     37980
     aacacgtgtt ctaaaggaaa gcagagcgtg tgggagggga acccctaaac accaggagct     38040
     ccatatttgc atactactgc tgccctttgc ttgccctttg tttctggcta tctcagagtg     38100
     acaactttcc tcttaagtca catggctgta gagttaatat tgtccttgca cagctcacac     38160
     agctgcttca ttatagtggg cagaaggagc tgattatcat caataatgtt ggggaagaaa     38220
     tggatgaatt tagatagaat acctaatgaa tatgacataa taatcaagaa tcaggtcaag     38280
     ggtttagtat ttggattcta ttaatattac tcactatggt aacacagcaa aaaaggcaca     38340
     caattgagaa agatacctaa agccattcga gaaaaaaaaa aaaaccaaca ttgactttag     38400
     accctctcat attaaaaagg catgcaaaaa aaggttcaca catatcagct ttactttcct     38460
     taatttctgc cttgctcagc tagttatgtt ttctgcatgt tcctcatata cacgcttata     38520
     acaagagagg cttcaaaagc ccatgctttc aaacgtgatc tttccccatt tttaataaag     38580
     gctacaaaaa tgcttttcag cgataacaag catgaaggaa cggggtctga aaaagcttca     38640
     ttgtctgagg ccatttaaaa ggcttgtact tgttgcagta ttttcatttg gtgaatatta     38700
     ctagtcatgg ccttaattta ttaatgtaca gtctggaatc agaaatgcaa tctccaataa     38760
     taactgcgtg aaagaccttt cactctgggg gcagcggcaa gctcggcaag ccagaggcaa     38820
     gccagaggca gtgacacaaa atgaattctg atctatcttt ttctaaagga aattgacagc     38880
     agacattcct atctctttct agcaactcaa gctgactata attggaacac aaaggccagt     38940
     cattcagctc tcccacccct ggcctttccc gcagcttcca caccacagaa tgaatgctgg     39000
     cagccctgaa tcatattcaa gtcactggga atgctttgca gtcagcagag cttatattta     39060
     tgtctacttt cttcattgca agagtgattt gcttgtgttc catgctggaa agtcacaggg     39120
     cattattatt gaaaggcctc tgagcaaccc tgtctagacc agtggctttc agccccgact     39180
     gaacattaga ataactatgg gcctttttaa agagctaatg atacccgggc tacaccctcc     39240
     aagagtctaa tttagttggt ttggtaagtg gccttggctt tcctagtttt gaaaagcacc     39300
     cccaagtgat tctaacatac aaatagcccc agttagaaac taccactctt tagagtaacc     39360
     ttttcattaa atgagcaaaa gcagactagc caagaggtga gtgcaaatct caatgactcc     39420
     cagggagttc tcctgctaag aaagcttttc caaatcctgt cagtaaagca aaagatgagt     39480
     tgtggccact actcaatgct gcagccaaac ataggggcat cctactctgg gagaaaataa     39540
     ttactctttt acttactaac attaatttaa aaatcagaca tatttaaatc catgaacatt     39600
     tagatgttag cgtgcagaaa atcaacatga tatggtccaa atacattttg catgaaaaga     39660
     taaaaattat ctctgttcat tgaagatgtg tccaggggct atatgacttt actgccctct     39720
     ggaacattag tcagttttat ttttaaatta gtagatgtat ctcagtattc attctctctc     39780
     cctgcttttc cctccgttcc ttttctccct acttctaata ggtcatttgc cttctcttgt     39840
     ctcaccttta taactaactt tagcatcctt ccagttacct cattaatgag aaacaaaaca     39900
     ttgacttgct tcccacatat ttatgtaaaa actgtgagtg taagattatg agaactatgt     39960
     tttgacactt gaaaaatgat gtaaatttta tgagggcatt ttaaaatatt caaaaagcct     40020
     taattggtct atccagatgt aatttactgt ttgccaaaaa tattattcat caaccacatt     40080
     caaaaaccat aactgcagaa ttatcacttc gggcaaaggc atgacaaaga cctagctgga     40140
     aaacataaaa ataaatgata tttatacatc atatatatca agatatatga tgattcgctc     40200
     gtcctggtga tcccagtgct ggagaactgg agggctgacc agcttagcta ccatccaggc     40260
     ccagatccaa aatcgacatc atctgtgaat agatggagca tgtgaaaagg tcaggacaac     40320
     aacaggataa ctgggaggag tcccagtaag gatccagtac tgatgggtag cagaagccag     40380
     aggccttgga ccagaccaat gactcattgc agtgaccatt tgcaagtgaa gacatgtgga     40440
     cagaggggta tactctagga cacactggga cacactttag ctttacaatg agatgttttc     40500
     tatgctttgt ttcatttttg tttggggttg tttgtttagt tggttggttt ttattttatt     40560
     ttggggtgag tgggcacagt tgcaatggga gagggcagaa acgagggaat ggggaaatga     40620
     gtgggactgg gatgcatgat gtgaaactca caaaggatca ataaaaagtt ggatggaaaa     40680
     agataaacga tggttgtttg acaccatgag agtgaatcaa gtgatttgag ctctttaatt     40740
     tgtcccagcc ttctgtccga aatgtttctt ccaagacaca gagaggaggt ctccttgagt     40800
     tgaggagatg gaacaggaat tatcagacaa gaagacagag ttctcaggcc agactattag     40860
     agagggccca gctgcacaga caactgaaag tatgaaggag tctggttaaa tctccagcca     40920
     gtgtctgagt aggattcaga gggaggacac ccacctgagg ctaatgtagg gttagaggaa     40980
     ggaatgcttc ttgctcacat gggtgggaag tggctcacgt ccccatctgc cagaatggaa     41040
     aacctcctgt tctcatagct cgatgaatac agaatctgta gtgaggggaa aaaactagcc     41100
     ccaaagtaaa tgctggtcta aatttaactc acaaagcttt aatatgcagt ctagaagcac     41160
     cacactgttt ccagaattct gcatactaga accaacacta aaatatttat gagaatacga     41220
     aaataaccac cggacaacaa ggaaaatttt ccaactgcta tctaatccaa gattactaag     41280
     tattgtgggg agccgttgca gagtggcagt tacagagtgg cagttacaga gtggcagttg     41340
     cagagtggca gttggctatt gctggccacc acacatatat aggcagtaaa ggttcttttg     41400
     ccaagatgag gttttgagaa ttgaccaaag ttaaccaatc agatgagaga caagttaacc     41460
     aatcagatga gcgagaacgc ctctcctagg cctatataag cagcaccagt tctgggcttg     41520
     ggtctcttcg cctctgcaat caagctctcc taataaacgt gtgcggaagg atcctgttgc     41580
     agcatcgttc ctcctggcca gtcgagcgcg tgcaagaaag tataaagaag tagaaaaaaa     41640
     cataacaaca aaacattatc aaagatgtta gaattgtaga caagaacagt cattcttgtt     41700
     atattccaaa tgttcaagac cgtgaaagga actgtaaact cgttaatgaa ctatatttaa     41760
     agtgacccaa ctagaacttc ctttgattaa gtgccagaaa tttatgataa acagtgggtt     41820
     attgataaat aaaatagaat tagtgaactt gaaagcacag caatataacc gatctctaat     41880
     gaaaccagta ttggggggcg gggaaagaca gacagacaga cagacagaaa gacagagcac     41940
     ctaagacctt caagtggttc aatacacacg ttatcggaga aacaaaactc ttgaggggaa     42000
     acaagggagg gggagcaaag aaatatttca agagacagct tagattattt tcttaatttg     42060
     atgaaagtta taaacccaca gatcccaaat actcactcaa gccaaagcat agacaacgta     42120
     agaaagtttt actgaggtct gtaaccaaac tatctacacc caagaactgg tcgaagccct     42180
     cagaggaaga gatcatgaag gtgctctgcc cccctgagac tgaggaatgc cccagctctt     42240
     ccagcccttc acatgcccct ggctacaggg gtgccgctgg ggtctgtaag cctagagaac     42300
     atttcctcac ctcccaagct gaactcaaaa tgtaatcaga atttctagtg taatctatgt     42360
     atctttttct ttctttgtaa atctctatca ggttaactgg gtaaactgaa atatcagata     42420
     ccaattttaa agagctcagg aaatatatta agctaaatag atttttcttt aaaaatatca     42480
     aaatgaatgg aacaaaatcc attaagtaac aaaatataaa agtaagtggt aaaaagtatc     42540
     tgccctcatc cctctgtgat caccatggat cctcagtcct agccctggct acagagtctt     42600
     gacatcttca caaggattct ttcttctctc ccctctgttt ttcctctggc agtcctaaca     42660
     ctctgccccc attctctctg actttattca gtgccaaaat aagaaacctc taaagccatc     42720
     tcttcatttc ttgtttggat tgtcatcctc ttcaaaccca gattacttct ctaaaatgat     42780
     ttcctttgaa ctacaaaggg ttatagaata attggaatct tttaatgaaa tattcctaat     42840
     gaaatgggta aacaagaaaa aaatgctaac tttacttatt agcaagaaat cagagggttt     42900
     gcatttgctt agtttgggtt tggggacgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ttaagtgcaa     42960
     taacatggag actttatgtt ttaataaagc tgttttgttg ccatggttgc aaatttgcat     43020
     taacatgttc acaaggaacc aatgtgtggt atgaatattg ctcccacttt cacatctgcc     43080
     cacgtgctcc agacagggat tggataaact ggcttccagc cctgatctcc tccaccaccc     43140
     ccatagagtg agcatttttc acagaaaatc tagagttctc taggatataa agttaggatt     43200
     ggctcctgtt ccagacacaa ggtcaaacaa gatttctgac gggcttgctt catgaggttc     43260
     aatcaccctt cacccctttg gcatgatgca tatgcatgag atcactagga gactgtttat     43320
     ttagtatcta agctctttac aatgtatttc aagataaata taattactga agaagttaca     43380
     cagcttgaaa attctggcac taatcttaca gcagttctta caaaacaagt ttgcaaatga     43440
     tcctttctag gggtgggtgg aagattcaag acagggtttc tctgtgtagc cctggctgtc     43500
     ctggagcttt tgtagaccac gctggccttg aactcaatgt gatccccctg cttctgcctc     43560
     cctgatgctg ggatgaaagg cttgtgcagt gatctcttga tgcttctgtt tcaggtaaca     43620
     tattctctat tctttattcc tctttcttgc ctcttttttt ttcttgtaaa gttcataacc     43680
     atcatccaaa cttgtctctc tgaaatttga gacccaaatc tgatcatagg catattttct     43740
     agtaagcaga caggcagcag gcaaacagag cagactactg agcctcccga gcccctgctc     43800
     agagacaatt ccttaaagcc gcaatcctca agccaggatg gaactattag ctatgattac     43860
     actcaagcca tgaccatccc taactggtct ccgatcctgt atatccttcc cacttctcat     43920
     tgctgcaaac ccgagtgatc ctttaaaaag caattctgtc ctccatgaac ttgggttgga     43980
     aatcttgcag cgtgtcctgt tgtcgacaag atggtgtcca aactcctttt agaaagcacc     44040
     tgaggttctt caggttctga atcccacctc ctgctctgac ctgatatctc agtgtccacc     44100
     ccgctcctca cctttggatc cctctctctg tgaactacaa tttcaactga gtagtttcac     44160
     gatgtcagat gaccacagaa ctcttaagtc agtgacctat atgtttaaaa ctatttgaat     44220
     gcttactact gtgtggctct ggttgaagaa gaaacaattc ttgagtcctt aggtttccat     44280
     ttcctgagat ctcaaagtag tctctaatcc atccttgccc gctggctccc acagtggctg     44340
     tgagccaccc accacccaca ctctgctctc tgaacaagat gctttttatg atctagagca     44400
     gcacattcag gttgccagag ccacaagcag gagagtgcaa ggtatggtcc tgagtcatag     44460
     tctcccgttc cccttggagc atctgagctg ttctagctca atatcttaaa ataaaataaa     44520
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaactaa gaacacaatc atgcaggtga     44580
     tgaggtccac actgaaatcc ccctcccccc ctcccccccc ctcccccgta tctcatagac     44640
     ctcaagtaag tcatttgcca tggttttcac agtctcatca aaaactagtg agctgctgag     44700
     ttttctaagg cgtgtatgtt tctccagctg ggacacgccc acaagacaat tgcttgggtg     44760
     gtgtttggca gtgaaggcgc ctaagcccac accacatcat actttaacag cagtcaagta     44820
     agaaaattta gagaagcaga gagagctagg gttagtattt taatggcttc taaagtcagt     44880
     attacattta ctaaggctca gaatttatca aagaagatga tccccaaagc acgggctcaa     44940
     ctatgccctg agcacacagg tcaggttgct gtctgttttc agatatgtta caaagaaaca     45000
     aaacatatgc caaggatttc taatggttag agtttagaat tttaatgcaa aatttagggt     45060
     tttattcttt taaataatga tgaggggttc caggtaaact ataaactaca cctcactcgt     45120
     tcattggcat ttcctttctg ctttcttggg ttggaggaca atgttgtgga tttgatttaa     45180
     tgcttgcctt atgggttccc aaattacatg agaatcccga gtgttagctg ctaagggtcc     45240
     ttgccccaac tgattctaat ttgtaaataa agttgctggg cagggagata gagatgagac     45300
     tagattttct ggacaaggaa actaggaaaa ggatttggaa tcatcatgcc agggtttgag     45360
     agccatggaa gaagggtgcc agccatgtaa gagcttcgga agacagagtg gatctgggta     45420
     gcaaagattg aataatttta gtaagcaata attcaggagt atcagagtgt aggccttggc     45480
     tactagatga aatttgagag tggctctgcc attatattgt ttaaggcatg ttaaaataga     45540
     agactctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctttc attcaataat ccagaacatt ttggcaggtg     45600
     gtgggttggt gaggaatgtt gcagggagat ttgaataggg ttaagtgaat aatgtaacag     45660
     gacaaagcta aaatctctaa gattccaaag agaaggccca accgatacct tttttggcca     45720
     cctacatgct acttaaacta tttctttagg actaaatgtc tcacccccct ccctgcacac     45780
     cacttcaatt tcagccatga tgggcagttt tatggtaact caaacccctc ttcagtatct     45840
     cacctgaagc atctgccaag tggattgctt cattatttct aaataaaagc tttattgggt     45900
     aaactacaca ttcacagatc ttactgttta aaagtactta acggtgtgct tttactgtac     45960
     tttcagtatt gaacactggt cattactgct tattcagaga gctgctgttt gtttgtttgt     46020
     tggttggttg gttggatggt tagttggttg gtatcctttg tcagtttccc ttctttcaga     46080
     tacccacctt gggcaaccac tggtctttct gtctctgtgg attcagctat tcacattttg     46140
     tagaaacaaa atcatataat atttggtctt ttgtgactgg atctctttta ttaagtgtgt     46200
     ttccaaggtt cacctatgtt gtaacatcta ccagagctct gttgtttttt atgaataagc     46260
     aatatggttt tgtacggcta tgccacagtt tagaaatcca tgtatccatc cataaacatt     46320
     tgtttctatt atggatggtg ccgttatgag cttcccttgt atgtgagttg tttttaatgc     46380
     tgtaaccatg ggcttttcta ctgtgctcca gttaccaaaa taacgactcc aagacctaat     46440
     tatatttgaa taaatgccta ggccataagc ttggacttgt tccctgacta gctcgtaact     46500
     taataaatcc atttatcata ttctatgagt gccacatggc tggtttcctc ttctcggttt     46560
     caagcatctg tctcctcaga gttcaaggct aatcccttcc tatgcctgat tgtatcccag     46620
     agttcctctc tccctaccag aactcccacc tcccatttcc tgcctcagct cattgaccaa     46680
     tcagcttttt attaacaagt gatgcttctg gacagtacac aagagatcat cttgttttca     46740
     agaacctatt tgtttttgaa tatgctttat ggctttatgt atttgaagtc aacatatatc     46800
     agtttattct gcttagagtt tttttgtggt tttttttttg tttgttttgt tttgtttttt     46860
     taagcttctt ggatatgcag gcttacattt cccatcgact ttggagagtc tttagtccct     46920
     ctttttttca aatagtctat cagttctttt tcttttcccc tttctcaaac tcttctggaa     46980
     tgcctgatgc tatcaacaca atgagaagca gatatgacaa tgggggaggg gttgggtgga     47040
     aaggtgaaga ggattagtgg aatgagtgag ggacaagaaa aggttattat agggggtaaa     47100
     tatgactaaa tacacaatat acatgcatga aattttcata acgaaaccca ttactacata     47160
     taattgatat gtgctaatag aaattcactc aacagcaact tctcaaatcc tgatttctat     47220
     ctacttggtt cttctcttac aatttctaat tgtatcaatt ttctattatt tggacattat     47280
     tctcatactt tattttaaat ttcagccata acttccttta gatctttgac tacctattta     47340
     tgataaccag cttgtagcta ttgtgaagtg tggcatctgg ttttcctaag gcagtttcta     47400
     ttggtctccc ctaccctgtg cctcatatag gtcctacctt taggcttggc agcatgcttt     47460
     atgctttttt tttaggatga atattttaaa taatatcatg tgccaactct gaatatcagc     47520
     ttctgcttct gtctcagaga agttgtgggc ctttgctgct gttttccttg ctgctatatt     47580
     tttaaattaa ctaattactt agcttcacat cctgaccaca gtttctcttc cctcctctct     47640
     tccaaatcct tcccccacac cttctccata ccatccactc ctcccctact gatatcaaca     47700
     ctccttggca tatcacattg cattaggact atgcacacct tctccttttg aggctagaag     47760
     aggcagccca gttagaggaa agggccccaa aggcaggtta acagagtcag agacagcccc     47820
     tgttcctgct gttaggagtt ccacttgaag accaagctac acaactgtta cacaagtgta     47880
     gagggcctag gtcagtccca cgcatagtct ctggttggtg gttcagattc tgtgagctcc     47940
     tatgggctca ggttagtaga ttctgtaggt tttcttgtaa tgtctttgac ccttctggcc     48000
     cctacaatcc ttcttcccct tctttctcag gattccccga gctcagccta gtgtttgact     48060
     gtggatctct gcatttgttt ccatcagttg ctgggtgaag tctctctgat tatactaggt     48120
     tcctgtctgc aagtatagca gagtatcatt agcagtgtca ggggtgggct ccctctcatg     48180
     tcatgggtct caagctggat ccagccattg gttggccatt tcctcaaatt ccgttccagc     48240
     tttactcctg tacatcgtgt aagcaggaca gattgtgggt tgaaggttct gtggctggtt     48300
     tggtatcaca gtccttccat tggaagtctt ctctggtcac aggagatggc cagttcaagc     48360
     tctcccattg ctaggaaatc ttttttataa tttaattttc tttttttaat tcactttaca     48420
     tcccactcat tgcccccttc ccagtcaccc cctcccctct tttctcttct gagcagtggg     48480
     tgctcccact gagtatccct ccaacctggc acttcaagtc tccacactga ggccagacaa     48540
     gtaagcctag ctagtagaac atagcccaca tacaggcaac agcttttggt atagtcccta     48600
     ttccagttgt tcagggccca tatgacagtc aagctacaca tctgctacat atgagtgggg     48660
     agccctaggt ccagctgtgt ttggttggtg tttcagactc tgagagcccc aagggtccag     48720
     attagttgac tctgttggtc ttcttgtaga gttcctatcc ccttcagggc ctgcaatctt     48780
     ctgttcttct gtcaagagtc cccaagctcc atccactgtt tggctgtggg tgtctgtata     48840
     tatctgagtc aactgctggg tggagcctct cagaagacaa catgctcctg tctgcaagca     48900
     taacggagta tccttagtag tgttagggat tggtgcttgc ccatgggatg ggtctcaagc     48960
     tgggcctgtt attggttggc catttcctct gtctctgctc cctcctctgt gcctgcatta     49020
     cttgtagtaa cccagtccca aaactacatg catggtatgt actcacttat aagtggatat     49080
     tagccataaa aaaatggtac catgttacac tccacagacc taaaaaaggt aaacaagaag     49140
     gaaggcccaa acaaggaagc ttgaatctca cttagaagag gggataaact agataaactc     49200
     ataagaggca gatggaggga gagaccttgg agagaggggc ctggggagga gaatggagga     49260
     ttcaggatca ggagggatgg ctacatggcc atgagaatga atggaaatct acatctggga     49320
     tgggaaggtg gggggaggca tttccaggat gacacagaga cctgggataa gtgaggtacc     49380
     caagaatcaa taggggtgac cttagctgtg actcagtaca ctgggaatat gaaatctgaa     49440
     gaggtcacct cctataggca gacagaaata ccagtgaagt gatagagaca ccaacccacc     49500
     cacaaaactt tcaactcaaa atttacctgt ctacaagcat tgataggaat cttagctagg     49560
     gtcacataca ttgattcctg ggaatttcca ttccactaag tttctagctc atctcgaaga     49620
     tgcaaaactc ccccctaccc ccaaccccaa ccccaccccc acctccactc ccattctagt     49680
     tgtctctctc agttctcttt cctctgtcct ctccaaacat gatcacttct gttcttacat     49740
     ttttagatga ctttcctggc ctaattctgc aaagtctgtg ttcactgtcc tatgacgaca     49800
     tgggaatcag tactaggtta actttgtagt cagctaacat ttgggcagag ggttctttaa     49860
     gtaccttgaa tcaatgaatc tcccagtgtg tgtgtgtgca tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     49920
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtaaaaatt actaagaatc tctgtagcac tattaggcaa     49980
     acagcaacaa gacagagtga cctcctaaat ttgattgtct tctatgcaac aattcttcat     50040
     atttggggag aaatactttg tttcctttac aaatatttat ctagaagttt ctcctcattt     50100
     gttttgtttt tatttacctc atggcctctt tgaattctac ttaccatggc gcaagtagaa     50160
     gcccaagatt gcagagcttc aaagtgccca ggctgtcctg aatggtgaaa gaggatgtct     50220
     gtcctacaga aagatgcttc aaagagtatt ctgtgagctt tgcagaggtc ctgggaactt     50280
     ctagcatctg ctgcttcatg tgggaacccc caaagtacac tcttaagtca gctttttctc     50340
     cttccctgtc tcagtctccc aaataaactc agggctttgt agcccccccc cccttacaca     50400
     cacacacaca caaactacat gcttgcccca ggctctccgt caaagaagac ccaaactgag     50460
     gcagttattg gtcctggtga actgcatcca ggtgtgggct tggtgactta gtgtggggct     50520
     tcgcttcacc atattggctg aatttcaatc aatgctggat acattcagta ggaacaactg     50580
     tcatttctgt gcatcccagc atagaaagag aatgggttaa gatgctgtga cttctatgac     50640
     agaaaaaata actgtcaact gatgaacctg ggtgggaaca aaacaaaaca ggtcacctct     50700
     gtatgccacc atttctatgc tttttaaaca cattaaaaaa aaaaactgga aaattagatt     50760
     catttgtacc cagttcagtc tggaatcaac tgagatgagt caacctcttc cttggtcaag     50820
     accttgagca tccacaggga gggctacagg atcccaagga cagcagtgag tcaccattac     50880
     agagtactaa ccaagctggg tactttgcat gcatttgccc acaaagccct ttccacaact     50940
     ctttcaagct gagattctct tgctaatgaa ttgccacctg atgggaacat gagtctgagc     51000
     cctcctttat cagatgccag aagtctgtgg tgtttgtctc aattgaattt agatgtgcag     51060
     accaaaaatt cccaaatgta ctttttatag aaaatctcat ttgcagcatc cttctgtttg     51120
     gagaatcttg ttgctattcc aagcagccat aagattcatt agccactggg agccatagtc     51180
     accatcacca catgctcaaa gaaaagctct tacctcacag tttctatcaa gaggccagga     51240
     accactcgag ggctttatct taccacctca catgcaggta agggttggct catcaactag     51300
     caaacaacaa caacaaccaa acaaaccttt atggctattg ctaggcaaaa gtctggtcta     51360
     tcttatgaca gagttgatga atgtacaatg agcctccctg actcagagac caactagggc     51420
     tctcacaaaa attgaattaa aaaatattga caagtggtag atcttttctc tgagctatga     51480
     tttataattg gcagcgaaca ggctatagtg ccaatttatt ctcatcattt gttgagagag     51540
     gtcacctctg agctgggtac tgtgtcacaa gcaggctcta gtttttaagt attttcctgg     51600
     tgcctagaac ctcactcctg ctgtatgtta cctcatcttt tacagaaggg aagtaatgct     51660
     ctctgctgtc ctcattttac agactaagaa tcagccctac agagacgatg ctttgtctgg     51720
     cctagtgttg aatatatgaa taacttcacg agtgagccaa tgattatgaa aattaatgaa     51780
     ttcataatta aattaatgaa gtaaatgaag ggtaggttgg actgttctag acttgaccta     51840
     gtaattaatg atttcactct caccataata ataattgagt ttgccctctc attattgcta     51900
     cataccaaac cagtatttcc ctgagtgtgg atctaaccac tcataatttt agaacacata     51960
     attttcttgt ctgcaaatta tgcttcttaa tgtagagacc tttgacccag ctatagctat     52020
     tatgtttgtc tgcccctttc tactatttat aagttctttg aacttgaaat gaactttgac     52080
     tttcaagctt attgtttcca tgtttttcat tatgaaaatg atatgagcct agaacatttt     52140
     atggaaccaa aaataatagt aataactctt catagatata catgatatct cttttgagaa     52200
     acagccttag tgagtgccca gagacacgat atttcctagc tgtgttttct cgacacgttg     52260
     atccattgca ggcattacta catctatgat tctgttgctc ttatcctatg gtcttgaaaa     52320
     ggatttgagt cccctgtagt ctctttcccc ccaactttga agtgtaaggt ctcactggct     52380
     tactccatcc ttactcactt ggcttctcca tccttctgct tcagtctcca aggtatctag     52440
     aattacaggt aaccttttta aaaaatataa ttttatgaca gccctccccc tgccaagata     52500
     cttgatgcat gactatctta gaaatgacct gtatgtctaa cacttaaaga catagttaag     52560
     tacatttatt tgataatatt cagtgcaaag tcttttcaaa acatagagtt atttcttcag     52620
     gatgtagaga tgtgcaaact tcagagtcag gagccccacc cctatggcct ctgactatta     52680
     aatataatct taactctaag gagtttggtt gcgagccatg cgtttatttc ttcactaaga     52740
     gtttgtttat tttacattcg cttatgcatg ctactttgaa aagacagtcc atttcactac     52800
     gatctctttc aattccaaga cctgccttct gaagaaccag ctcaccagtt tccccacgct     52860
     tatgacagca agcaaagtta cacagttcca aaacgcacca agggatctgg ggagatggct     52920
     ctgtgggtag agtgcttgcc acatgcacac aaagactcaa gttcagatct ccggaacagg     52980
     cacaaagctg tacacagtaa cacaagagct ggtcccagag ctcctttggc taggtgggtg     53040
     gtagagacag gaggagctaa agaccttgtc tcaaacaagg ttaaagacaa ggaccaacac     53100
     ccaaggttgt cctctgactt ccgcatgcac acagtggcat gcaggagcca cagacactaa     53160
     cccctacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cactcttcac gtgaacagta     53220
     agataattta tgcaaagtac ttaggatgct gcttaacaat aatagctttt catttatttc     53280
     tgaactattt tcaaagaatt ctgtcttccc tgtgcaagtg tttcacatag ttcaacgctt     53340
     tgtggagttg caccatattt gcacattatt tgagggaatt tagctttgta ctaaaggtta     53400
     atttattttc agacttcatt ttgtgtgggt caaaaacttt tgtagttatt atccgagttt     53460
     ctgtgctgct gttgtcattc ctaggtgatc tatagattta ttttccttct caaccatttt     53520
     taagaacttg ctgagctgtg tagacagtct ctttttgtgc tattgaaagc taattttttt     53580
     attgttccat ttgttcatac ttaggtatta ttaaacaagt ctaggtgcca gtgtgctgtg     53640
     tatttttctt attttaattg gaaatctcaa cagactaccc atttgtagct ttcctcgcta     53700
     ttcactttca caaagcagac tttgtcatat ttaaataatc ttaccgtata gcttttgtgc     53760
     tcataatttt tgagggctca gtgttgccaa atgttttttt aatatctatt agcatgcctt     53820
     tatatgtttt gattaattgg tggtgttgat agaatctcat atttaaatta accttgcaaa     53880
     catggagtaa agtctatgag atcataggtt gctgtaccca ctgctgactt ctaagtgata     53940
     tcttaaataa ttctaccgat aatcagtagt aagttttgtc tgcaatgttt gggtttgctt     54000
     tgtactttat caagttcact gttaacattg tgctgacacc ataacagcga ctctcatttt     54060
     ctgtagtctg agatcgtttt atagaaagtc agggctaaac agagtttagc tataaaatat     54120
     ccaccaggtc ctaaagcctt tctgaagtga caggtttggg atcaccgttc ttgaccactg     54180
     cagcagcaac cctaggcttt agtaatagaa gcaactaaga gtcttgataa gcacagaaac     54240
     caccaggctc ctacccggga gacgcgggtc catttatatt gggatttcag ctttagcaag     54300
     tacagcgact cttcccctaa ctctcagtaa ttagtctaat caaaatttcc aagtaatttg     54360
     ggtctaaatt aaggaatcaa actttgctga aaattgtttt caaatttgtt agtattggct     54420
     tatatgtggt attatgctgc aattcttcta atatgctcta tttctgtggt tatgttttct     54480
     tttccattct aaatattata cacttttgcc caaattcctc tcttcttatc aaactcacaa     54540
     agggtgtgtc tatattatca gcttttacag agaactaact agtttaccat atttttcaat     54600
     aaacactttt acttcaatta aaatatattt ataccattct cctaattcct tatcctctct     54660
     tcaatccctc ccatgaccct ccccttcagc ccctcctatg tctcctctca ctccctctct     54720
     aattgattct ttgatgatta ttgttccaga tatatgcata aatgtatagt acaaccagcc     54780
     gagtttgtgt aggattgctt gcgtgtataa aagtggtttc aaagctaacc acttggtatt     54840
     ggatacacag ttaggggatt cattcctggt gtcttagtcg gagtttctat tcctgcacaa     54900
     acatcataac cgagaagcaa gttggggtgg aaagagttta ttcagcctac acttccacac     54960
     tgctattcat caccaaagga ggtcaggact ggaactcaag caagtcagaa aacaggagct     55020
     gaagcagagg ccatggggga ggggatgcta cttacatggg ggggggggat gcttcccctg     55080
     gcttgctcag cttgctttct tatagaccca agactaccag cccagagatg gtcccaccca     55140
     caaggggcct ttcccccttg atcactaatt gagaaaatgc cccgcagctg gatctgcccc     55200
     acagctggat ctcatgtaag catttcctca cctgtgataa ctccatacta tgtcaagttg     55260
     acacaaaagc agccagtaca cctggagagg ctaattctct ctcctctctc cctctccctc     55320
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc     55380
     tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctccctc tccctctccc tctccctctc cctctcccct     55440
     ctccctcccc ctccccctcc ccatcccctc cccctctccc tctccctctc cctctttccc     55500
     ccactcagtt gttattagtt acttgtagtt ctttgtctag tagcagaacc ctgtaagaca     55560
     tttccccttc catgttggca tctttgttgg tgtacttatt caagtcttgc ttaggtggac     55620
     atattgtaga ggtatcctag gtgtagcttc cctgtcgttt ctaggagata caatctcaca     55680
     cagacttaca catattctgg gtcttaaaaa cttcctatcc tatccagatg taggacttgg     55740
     attgtagatg tgtccactgg agcccacaca cacaccaggc taaaaatggg taaagtaatc     55800
     ccatagatgt cattagggaa tatcataaca catcatacca tatcgcatgg tatcatatca     55860
     gcaaaatttt tatttggccc acacaaattt catttacttc taaatcacta ctgttttctt     55920
     cccctatcca ctagtgataa gaaaaccaca gatacttcag atatcccagc accaaaattg     55980
     tggagaagtg agactcagat tataaattta tcagggagta ttttatcctc cattgccacc     56040
     tcagtgcaaa gcaaaatagc tagtttttct gaagatagtt tgataagttc aaacagaata     56100
     tgtttgatta aaaataatta attacatgcc tatcagagac attgaacata taatgttcta     56160
     cttaaaaatt ttttgttacc ttaaatctgt atggctttgg ggtaataaag acattgatga     56220
     gcaaaataac caacctttgc cattatcaac atcatgaaaa ggctttgaag gtttctgact     56280
     catgacagaa atctcaagtt tcaattttgt ttctgggaaa gtgggcacga tctttgaaca     56340
     ctggccctat tgagtcatgc tgttttcctc acacatacac taattgtttt ataaacctct     56400
     gacttttacg aagaagtact ccagagtact tgcaggaata ctgtagcccc attggtgacc     56460
     aagactgtga cccttggagt aactgtcttt atttatcttt gtttattttt atttttttac     56520
     tctagagcta cattgtgacc tatctcttta taaggcatgt catttactct gatccagggc     56580
     aggtgattaa tgcaaattat ttcatatgaa cctcagaaat ctgtcactag ggattattgt     56640
     tatcttcaat ttatcaacaa ttagctgaca ctgacaacca ggaactgagg ccacatagta     56700
     cagttgttgc tttggaaata gaattctggt atgatttcaa ctatgctttg aacaattctg     56760
     aatgtatatt ctcacttctg gctgagctaa acacatgctg ttcccacaag agaaaacaga     56820
     aagtaaacat tctcccttgc ttaaatacat agcttccttg tcaaaattga ggaatgattc     56880
     tattttcaat tgttctttca aagtatagct atcaactaga ctattcaaaa taccttactt     56940
     gcacttcagc cagagaagca ggtaaaataa ctgtagctct tcacccctct tctctcttcc     57000
     aaagccaatt ccccagtcat ttccagctct ctacctgctg tggcctcccc ttcctctctg     57060
     cccccacctc caatggacca cggtaaactt tctcctccaa ctttcctttc cccagctcat     57120
     cctgttgtcc ctgccccaac accagcaggc atttcctggg agtccaccag ccaagcctgc     57180
     ctgagaagca agtagtccag aaagcaggta ggcaagcttc aactcctcac tctctcctct     57240
     gtattcagtc cccaagtctc atcccacctc tgtagcagac accctgttgt ggcctctcct     57300
     cactctttgc ccccatttct ggaatagaat accctgtttt gctccctcct gtggaccccc     57360
     acagtgcccc cagcccatcc ccattcctaa attccagctc ctaataacta gaaacacatt     57420
     ttaccgggaa ccccggtggc cacacctatc aggatcccag aagaatttcc taccagacaa     57480
     cacacagcca tcacaccctc ctaagaacct gagaagacac cagaaaccaa ggaacaaaac     57540
     acatattcaa caaagacaag accagatatc agaacctaca attaaaatct tctcaaaccc     57600
     aaatacctag acactatcat aaaaacacaa tcagtaacag ccaagacaat atgtctccac     57660
     tagaatccag caactctacc acagtagact ctgagaacta cagcatagct gaaacacaat     57720
     aaaatgacct taaaatagcc ttaatgaata taacagaggt cttgttcccc gccccccaaa     57780
     agatccctta aatggaataa atcccttaaa gaaacctata aaaacacgaa caaacagtag     57840
     aaggaaatga ataaaactgt tcagacctgg aagtagaagt agagtcaata aagaaaacat     57900
     gaacagaggg aaaatctata aatgaaatat ttaagaactt gaaccgaaac ctcagaggca     57960
     agcctcaaag cctcatcaac aatacaagga tataagagac agaagagaga gtctaaggca     58020
     ttgatggcac agtagaataa atggatacta cagtcaaaga aaatgttaaa tctgaaaaac     58080
     ttctgacaca aaatatccag gaaatctggg acactgtgaa aagaccaaat ctaataataa     58140
     taataataat aataataata aagaattgat aataaataca ggttaaaggc acagataata     58200
     ttttcaacaa aataacagaa gaaaatttcc ctaacctaaa taaggagatg cctatcaagc     58260
     cggaagaaac atagagaaca ccaaataaac tggaccagaa atttccctct acacataaaa     58320
     tcagaacact aactgtacag aacaaagaaa gatattaaaa ctacaagggg gaaaagacca     58380
     agttacatat aaagacagaa ctatcagaat aatacctgat ttctcaatgg agactcttaa     58440
     agtcacatgg gtctgtaaag atgttctaca gatttttaag agaacacaga tgccaaccca     58500
     gactattata cccaacaaaa ctttccaaca caatagatgg agaaaataga atattatata     58560
     ataaaaccaa atttaagcag tcttccgata aatccagccc tagagaaggt gctagaagga     58620
     aaacatcaac ctaaagaggg taaccacata ccaagagggt aatcacatac caagagggta     58680
     accacacacc aaggttaata taaggaataa ataaccccag acaagcaaat caaaacacag     58740
     gacacacaca caccacgaca acaaaataac acaaattaac actgttcact gatatctttc     58800
     aacatcaatg gtctcaattc ttcaataaaa aagatactga ctaacagaat ggaagagaaa     58860
     acaggatctt gctagataac ccagggacct gggataaaat caaatactac tatttaaaaa     58920
     gaaaaattgc actaaaatca ttcctaatga cattctgcta tactcataga ccagtgcctt     58980
     gctcagccat catcagagaa gtttcctcct gctgcagatg gaaacaaata caaagaccaa     59040
     cagccagaca atgtgcagag aatgagcgac ctagaagtac tcagccctaa atgggatgtc     59100
     tccatcaagt ctttcccctc agaactgagg gaactctatg aaataagagg aaggaagagt     59160
     gtaagagtca taggggatgg aggacaccaa gaaaacaagg ccctttaaat caagaggatc     59220
     caagcacatt tgaattcaca gagactgagg cagcatgctc agggcctgca tgggtctgta     59280
     ccaggtgggt cctagagctg acagaagtgc acacatgcct ccatccctaa cccagaagct     59340
     atctccaatt gataaccact tgcaaatgat aatttagttt tcttcaaggg actctcactg     59400
     aggaaacaaa ctactattaa gggtaggctg tatgccctgc agtagttgcc tgtctcacaa     59460
     tgccatgtca gagtctttcc tttttcttaa tcttattatt tttatatttt tccttatatc     59520
     tctctacact gcaggtattt tgtgagtatt atattacagc tttcaggtta gtgtttttat     59580
     tgaatccctg agtgtgtgag tcagtgggtc tctgattctg tatctgtttc tcgtgccttt     59640
     tctcgggctc ttttccattt gatggtttgt tttgtcctat tctggtgagt tagcttttgt     59700
     tttatctaat ctttccttat tattttttat attattatta tcctttagaa gtctattcat     59760
     tttctaatga gagacagaaa ggggttgggt ctggatggag gaggtggagt ggggaggaac     59820
     cgggaggagt aaagagaggg aaaatgtaat gggaggtata ttatgtaagg ggagaaaatg     59880
     cttttttcaa taaaaaggaa aataaaatat atatgacata tttggatact gaaaaaatta     59940
     taggcaaact ctctatttaa actgattatg ggtaataact attgtgccat ctgaggaagg     60000
     gagacaggag gaaccaatgt gtgttctctt cttttgaagt tactttccaa agtttacaag     60060
     tgacctctgc ccacatcctg ctggccaaca tttagtaaca caggcatctc actgcttgta     60120
     ttctaactgt tctgtctgta ccagataaca gccagctatt gtggaagaag gtgtgggcta     60180
     atattagcac aacacgatct tgtcgtagtt gattaaaatc agctgcccat ggaagtttct     60240
     ctggagtcct actccagcct ctcttgtgaa cagtccacta atgtaccctt tcaacacaag     60300
     cacccaagtc acgagatcac ttcaacagtc tcttttcctc tctttctttc tctcaatctc     60360
     tcagtctttc aatctctcca tgcccccctc tctctgtgta tgtatgtatg tatgtataca     60420
     tatgcaactg taccacatat ttacagaggt cagaggacta cattaagggg tgggttctct     60480
     ccttctatct tgttgaggta gcatctgtct tcttgtttct gccctgcttg catacttcgg     60540
     ggtagtgaac ccttaatgtc acaggcaatt ttcctgtctc ttcctctcat ctcactgcag     60600
     aagagctgag atcacactac ctcatacagg gttttttttt tgtgggggtc ttggggattg     60660
     aactcagatc ttcaaacttg tacagcaagg gtgtgtcctt gctgagccaa actaccagct     60720
     tcccaacagt ttattgtaat tagtaagtat ttctgatttc tgatctcacc attatgttaa     60780
     tcaagaccaa atcaatgagt atgaggtatg cttttccttt ctaaagaaat ctggagaaac     60840
     agggctctct taagagtcaa ctccacatcg ttttactagg atgtctagaa gcttccctct     60900
     actgactagt gttttcttat agcacatggt tagagaatag gggtgtctgt gtatttagac     60960
     aaagatctta cgtgggcttc ttggcttctc atagcaccaa aggtaatgac cagcacaaaa     61020
     tatctccatt ttccaaatgt ataaactagg cctttccact gttgaggaca caatgtttgt     61080
     gcaatacttc tttgttgcgc tggaaacatc aacaaccttt tctcagctta catgaagcca     61140
     tagaaactta gcctctgctt tcttcttaca gaattaactt tgcctatgta cacttttgca     61200
     ttggaactaa ctcaagtatt aaaatgtttt ttttaaataa gtatataata cactgtagct     61260
     gtctccagac acaccaaaag aagacatcaa atctcattac agaaggttgt gagctaccat     61320
     gtgggtgctg gaatttgatt tcaggacctt tagaagagca gtcagagtac tcttacccat     61380
     ctcaccagct cagtttattt aatcttacag cttgtagtcc atcatccaca gaagtcaggg     61440
     caggaactca aggcaggagc tgatacagag atcaaagagt gatgtcttgc tggcttgctt     61500
     tttatggctt gatcagcctg ctctcttata gcacccaata ataccactag ctcgaaagag     61560
     cactgtccac agtgagctgg gctctcccac ctcaataatc agtcaagaaa atgcaacata     61620
     tactcgccag tggggtatgt tcgcaactga gattcccatt tccaaatgac tctagccagt     61680
     gtcaatggca taaaacttac atcatggtat ttttataggt atatatgtca ttacattttg     61740
     ttctcatccc cgtacttcac acacacaccc ccgccccccg aactgggaaa ctccctgatc     61800
     tttttgtgag atagactgac ttcaaactct catctacctg cctacaagag cagcgacttt     61860
     ggagcagagt cagactgagg cagccagata cagtgcctgt gctgtggcaa acccattgat     61920
     ggccagaaga ctgctagtcc cggaagtctg gcactcttgg actttggttt tgctttggtt     61980
     tgactgcaac tgtgtctgag ttcttccttc ctgtagtaaa caggtattta gctcattttt     62040
     cattttacag aagcccacaa tgagagattt tgaactttta atgtgacttt ggaattttag     62100
     agaaactttg aaactttacc aagattttgg aatttcagat tttggatatt ttaaaaagac     62160
     taaactccta aagtgcttgc atttttaaag actgtgggac ttttaaaaag ttataatttt     62220
     tattatcaat atgagcatgg catttggggg acagcaagaa tggaaagtta tagtttaata     62280
     gtgatgtgct tgtgtgtaaa gttgatgaag ggtcaattgt tctggcccgt tttatgttaa     62340
     cttgatataa gctagagtta ggcatttggg gagagggaaa gaacctcaat tgagaaaata     62400
     cccataccag actagccttg ggtaagccta cgttgcattc tcttgactga ctattgaggt     62460
     gagagggccc agctcatcat gggcagtgtc atcctgggtc gatggtcctg gtgctaaaag     62520
     aaagcaggct gagcaagcta taaaaagcaa gacagtaagc agcatccctt cgtggcctct     62580
     ggaccaactt ctaccacagg ctcccacctt gagttcctac ctgacttcct tggatgatgg     62640
     actacatgct gtacgatgaa ataaactttt tcttctctgg gctactttgg tcatagtggt     62700
     ttatcacagc agcagaaacc ctaaggtttt ttagaaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaac     62760
     ccctaaaggc tttttggaaa gaactgaatt ttgagctgtg attgaaggat ggagactgtc     62820
     agaaaagtat gggaaggata ttgcaggtag gattgctcac tcttcacatg agaactggcc     62880
     tggctcaagc agaactctgt tgaagagtgc aaagtccagg ttctacacag gaagcaatca     62940
     taagagacct ttgtactgcc taacacagga cattctatga gcagttaata aatgaatcct     63000
     gattgatttg ttgaatcacc aactctagtg caatgtgtat gttttcaggg agttgctcta     63060
     gtaggaaagg tgggggcagg tggggtgatg tgttcattaa taatcacatg gaaggaatga     63120
     tgttgggctt gacttccaag aaactgcaag taaaagcaaa catctgaacc agctcttcct     63180
     ggtacccttg ctggttttgg gctgtcgagc aaaggatggg agacacacaa agagattccc     63240
     ctgagattct gaatcaaaat aagatttcaa tctggataac cttctccact tttctcagtt     63300
     tctccgaatg cttggacact gtgtttcttt atccctcaag gtactttccc actaagtgaa     63360
     ggaaaaggct aaaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattct     63420
     ccatgctctg gcacgctcat ggagactctc cactttctca ctattaaata tgagagttat     63480
     ttcttgagca actcatccgt ggtcataaaa tactcagcaa tgtatacttg ctattatttt     63540
     tagattaaac atgacattac ccatatgttt gtcatctgtg ctagttgccc tgtatgaaac     63600
     cagatttttg aaggaagttt taacctggta gtcataaata aatgacaata gttgcttcta     63660
     ttttagaaat ccacattgga gcttgctttc ctaaaaaaaa aaaataaaat agaatgcata     63720
     accctgaaga atgccagttt cagcatccat gccgtaggat tcaacacaaa tttaaaatct     63780
     cacagcacgg tcagttttgt agcactacct ctttccttct gacataaagg ctgaacctgt     63840
     gttgttatat aaaatggata actctcagga aaaaataatc cttggagtgg atccaaattg     63900
     ctaacttatc tttaataatc atctcttttg tctctccact ctattccaga acacattgaa     63960
     acactccatc gagacaaatg cattaagtca cttggaatct gagcatctgc agatacatta     64020
     caaaataatt ctctttgttc agtgaaggaa ggccacatga tgcattagcc agcttccagc     64080
     tgctccttcc tcactggtga ctcagcctct ctggatgcca ttttggccac tcactatgca     64140
     tctaaagatg tgcttaaacc cactgcgtca cttaggaaga gcaaaccaga gtcacaggag     64200
     aacgcatgtg gccgcaaagc aatggaaaga tggttatctt tctccttggc atcgtttctt     64260
     aaacgcaaac agacttaaag gaagagggaa atctgccaaa ggcctctggg gattccaaat     64320
     gaaggaaatt cttccacagg atgaagctac gcatcctata gaaagtacat aaacaaggtc     64380
     ctgcgctgat gttggagtga ggtctctgaa gtcttatgtg tgccaagtgt tttaaaccat     64440
     taattgtttt attctgccaa aatggatgag ctaagatttg gctgcttgct tttaggagat     64500
     taaaagacaa gcaaaggaaa ggctcctgag taaaacacaa ccaaaatatt ttagttgatt     64560
     cgaacttctt cttagcactt agaactgata gtattatcct ggccaaacgt taaacaacaa     64620
     ataatcaaaa ataagagtgt tgacctaaag cagctgttta atcaaccaca taaggaaaga     64680
     ggggaaatgg tccaattgtt tcttgttgtg aagacaaaac aaatgtctga taaggttttt     64740
     aactttccaa attggtggga aggaagtctt gtatattgtt tgccattttt ccagcctttt     64800
     gttggtctgg atccagaaga atagatcttt ttactacttt ctataaaatt gtcccaaaat     64860
     agatatcctg tgccatggta agaactttaa agataaataa gcaagaccca tgacttggaa     64920
     gtctcctaca cagaccttca ggggctcgtg cttctgatcc ttactgcgat gttccttgaa     64980
     ttagattcag gtacagtcat ggatttgtcc catccccacc taccccaaca gggaagtaca     65040
     atggttagcc ccaaagtcaa ctgctctttg acccaaagag ccaggtggga ctcttgtttg     65100
     tttgcttgat ttctgtttgg aaaactggac tcagcctgtg gtgagggcaa tgagaaaaac     65160
     agaaggaggt ctctgatctt gccccacact tccctgcctg tcacccatgt gccctcccca     65220
     ggacagcagg gtcagtttat gatggctgtt ggtgtgttta gatttctcag atttagaaag     65280
     aacttcaaag catgaactct tttcatgggg acatggactt aaaacttggt gtttcataac     65340
     cgtgagcaaa agaaaaaaaa atgaatccat ttaaggagac acttaacatt cttgggactc     65400
     tggacataac atggtgctca cgtaatttgg ctgctggcat gggagacatt tttgctctaa     65460
     gctagtattt ctcaatctgt gggtagcgac ccctttggca agcctctatc tccaaaaata     65520
     tttacattat gattcataac agtagccaaa ttatagttat gaagtagcaa tgaaaataat     65580
     cttgtagttg ggggtcacca caacgtgaag aactgtgtta gagtcttggc attaggaatg     65640
     ttgagaaaca ctactgtggc agagtcttta aataggcatc taactgaaaa tgctgaaaag     65700
     agaaaccctt ccttcctgtt gctcctggtt tacttaaatg agttgctata tacaggacat     65760
     ctaccagttt ctgattctca ccatacttcc ccttccagat gggctgcagc cccatgtagc     65820
     ccacaagatc ccgccagctg tcaccctatg ggatgaacag ctcttggtcc atcacttgcc     65880
     cagagtccac acatgtcaac ccacctatgt ttctcacaat cacatctgca gccacctcca     65940
     ttgtaaatat tgttggggtg ataactaaac gcatattttc taggcacctt ttaagaccta     66000
     tcaaatccag agaagcctag gagcccacct ttctagagaa cagccaaggc agatctctga     66060
     agcctgaaga ttttggcaca gcttttgcac acttctatcc cactatccca ccgttaactt     66120
     gggccctcgg aaaagaattt tgcaccctgt catccgagcc tgtcacacaa ataacttcac     66180
     tgttttactt attaaaatta ttccttctgc ctttatggat agctggtcca agagccatgt     66240
     gaggcctcat ttcagagtct tttttatacc tgtcaagatt ttggttcctt cacaaatatt     66300
     tatgttttat ataagaaccc actccattca tttccggttt cctttccttt cgggggcgga     66360
     ggtctctctg ctggtgggct catttgcttt gtgttgtcag gaattgaaaa cttgcatccc     66420
     catttctcat ggcttcaaca accacaaatc agaaagccat tttctggcca acatgtggca     66480
     gtctgttcaa gtttgtggtc taagcatact taactctctc tcctcttttt aggtgaactc     66540
     cgttttgttt tacatttaaa taacatattg ttgctgctgt ggtctggtga cccctgaacc     66600
     accttaggca ggctataatc aagctgggtt taattcttgg catgaagtaa ttcccgaatg     66660
     gccacttgaa tcaggagaaa agcatgcctg ctttcagaca cttgtactat attctctgtc     66720
     tagttgagtc tcttcatcaa tctagatact cggatggaag ccatggtatt tggcttgttc     66780
     atctagtttt acaaatgtga gccaagcggg aaatcaggat gagatcccaa cgtttttcag     66840
     catccagtct cataggctat gatttcaagg gtaacacagt gtctccatgg ttacctgaca     66900
     aaattactct ggcttccaga gtctgcttct ctacaactga gtgtgagagg tttactacag     66960
     gtagctcagg gagatgcttc cccctccaca ccctgcaggg ggagacgttg agcacccaac     67020
     caacacctag caacgttcct gggcagtgac tcaacaaagg tttgctctag cagaagccaa     67080
     ggctcatgta catgaaattg taccacaggt cattttgtta cccctaaaca ctttgaggga     67140
     gggttcataa aggcatcaca tcacgttcaa gagtattgtg tgctttggcc atgttcacgt     67200
     gacagcagcc atacaaacag ggcagatttt aggactgggc tgtttccatc tttggctttt     67260
     ctctgcatct tccagcacaa aagcactagt tgcttagtag ggccccttga cattcccaga     67320
     agtttcttta cacggtcctg tcataaaaca acttgtatct ccgtccagtt ccatatccac     67380
     actgaccctt cttccacact gcccaacaca gaagccccag aaagcaacat gccagccggt     67440
     ttaagggtgg aggctttggt gcgctgtcag aagacgcaga attcacatcc tctctctgcc     67500
     ttttaacatc tgtgtgccat ggggcaagtg gcatggcctc tctaagtctc agtttcctct     67560
     acagcaaagc atgaatattt aaaatactac cccacgttag attaagagtt tgagaattag     67620
     cacatagtta gcgcttcctc cttcaccagt gctcacaaat taaccttctg tgagatgaac     67680
     agctctacag acagcaaact tcttgcttac actaaataga ctgaaatttg tctcaaaatg     67740
     atatcagttg ttctcttagc tctgccataa agctacccag aataagtcga agccttcttt     67800
     cacacagtgg cgctcacatg attaaggaag caatcatgag ccccctttcg aatgtccgag     67860
     gtgagctatg acttttcctg attgactgtc tcgctccttc tgttatttcc catatgactt     67920
     taaacctatc attatttgag gctgagccac ctaactgctt tctcatccct ctacttgggc     67980
     atacaggaaa gctgtaggct ttacacagga gtgctagatt agggttactt gagatcttct     68040
     ggacaacaaa gagtcggggg gggggggtaa agggtgtatg aggctctatg tgtcccacaa     68100
     tagtgtccca tgatgtcctc tttgctccct ttcactggtc tgttagtgta gaagattcag     68160
     tgggtgagct ctaagaagaa cctggcaggg gttagaagct aaataaggga agacattcca     68220
     atccatgagg ggccacttag atctctacct gtcacttatc agaccatgag ctgagtgaga     68280
     agccatcgtt tgttattcta aacgagaaag actctggact tatgatgacc tcgtgcatgt     68340
     ggctctgggg tttccctgtc tgggcatatg ccaacttgtc aatggcactc ttacaacata     68400
     atatctagaa ctgaacacaa atctccaaat gtgtcctgat gctaatagga caagactaaa     68460
     tagtgtggca tgaatatgaa ttgagtgggt cccccaaatg tccatgtgtt agaagctcct     68520
     tagaaggcac ttctgggggt agggctgcag taattgggtc actgggagga cactgacatc     68580
     agaagagatt acagaattct ggtaggattc tgggtagttc ctgtgagttg ttacaaaaga     68640
     gcagcctgac acctaagtaa caccctggtt tcctgcaaca ggatctctgt gttccatgtg     68700
     cttctgctgt ggtgtgatat aggggctctc accacaagtc aatagcaaag caccccccaa     68760
     ttttggcatt tgaccctcca aaactgagag ctaaataaac caatttttaa aaaaaagtat     68820
     tccatttcag acgttctgtt aaggtggatg atagtctaaa acactgcaat gcttgcttct     68880
     tttgtctttt cttctcccta actgccactt tttttagaag tgctttctaa gatgccttat     68940
     gtttagcaac atgtgacata gattccccag ctgtgcaatt cactcatttg cacttcagct     69000
     caaaactaca tatgtgtcct tattgtcaaa ggtttcgttg atgagttaac atacctgcag     69060
     gacactgcaa agtccaattc acaactcaac agatttttca cacactaaat gcacattggt     69120
     aaccaaccaa aagaagagtc tgacccagag cccccaaaac ttcatcatcc caacccccca     69180
     attagccata gtttgcccaa ggataaaaat tactctggta tggtagttaa tcttgatttt     69240
     tcaacttggc aggatttaga atcactgtga cagcacgcca tgtccccggg tcctgaatgg     69300
     aatgtgaagg taaaaacatg ctgagcaccg aatgcgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg     69360
     tctgtctgtc tgcttcctca gtgcttcctc tcctctcagc tcccctgctt gtcccaccat     69420
     gataaactgt accctcctca aaccagcagc caaactaaac cttctttaag ctgctttagc     69480
     cccagcagtg agaaaagtaa ctggcaggtc cgtcttccag cagcgccacc taattcctat     69540
     gattttatat gaatgcagtc acagtgtgtg ctctctttgc ccagttgtag ctctgggatt     69600
     cactcgcatt gttgtgatag ctactgtgag gccattctca ttccaaagtg atacttcata     69660
     ctcagattgc tgccttagcc tctgaaagat atcaaagaat ttattaattt taacatagtc     69720
     ctactaacta atttttttca tgttatgact cttccagcaa atgtttgtct actccaaatc     69780
     atgagattct ctatgttttc tcttaaagtc tttgttttct gttttaatct tttatttaat     69840
     ctttgacagt ttcatatgca tgtacattga tcatatacac cccagcaatt ctctcccacg     69900
     ctccccactc acttggcagc atatcccact tgcattccca tgccttctca gttgccttta     69960
     taactctctt ggtctaatta gtgctgcctg ctggagtact ggcttattgg gggaatctta     70020
     ggcactgact tcattagtgc aacagccatg tcatgaccag aagtcggcat ttcacagcag     70080
     gcctcccatc ttctggctct tactctctct ccaggcattc ttccaccatc tttcctgagc     70140
     cttggagtat gatatgatgt agttgcccca cctaggcctg agcacacagc agtcactcat     70200
     tctcagtgct ttgaccacta atgtgtctct gcattgactt ctacagtggg aagcttctct     70260
     ggccacagtt gagagcagca ctaacccata gacataaata taaatatata caaaacacat     70320
     caacatgtcc attaaacaaa acaatggtag aaagctcccc attaaggcct atcatttccc     70380
     agaccagaag gtttatttgt ttctgttttg agacagggtc tctctgtgaa gccctggctg     70440
     tcttggaact cattatgtag accacgctaa actttagttc acagagcttc ccctgtcttt     70500
     gcctcccaag tactgggact aaaggcatgc accacaccta gcctgtcatg agcttttgac     70560
     cagtgtatta tatagatgtg aattgtctag tggaacagcc cttagattcc atcacaaggt     70620
     ttgttattcc cacaatcttt ctgttttact tttcgaattg agattggtga ctcatctagg     70680
     gttagatttg ggactgtgag acaaaagcca agatatgttt ttattttgtt gtttgttttc     70740
     atttttcctg tatggatatc ctgtagaccc tacaccattt actgagaaat ccgtttttct     70800
     ttttaaatta atttatttat tttatgtgag tatactgttt ctgtcttcag acacaccaga     70860
     agagggcatc tgatcctgtt acagatggtt gtgagcaacc atgtggttgc tgggaattga     70920
     actcaggtcc tctggaagag caatcagtgc tcttaatcgc tgagccatct ctccagctcc     70980
     tgagaagtct ttctttctac tttggactga gtggtttctt tatcattaag caggtaaaag     71040
     cacctgtgga ctctgttcct ttggttaatt tgactctcct ttataacttt ggcttatttg     71100
     tgtttccaca agtattgtag aattatgttg gccctttcca taaaataatc ccaggtatct     71160
     tgaccagaat tgtgttgaac tcataacata aatttctgta tcactgacat ctttataatt     71220
     ctaagtcttc ccatccatca tcctggtccc ttcttctact tgcttaggtg ggtttaattc     71280
     tcctgtagcc tccctcagcc ttgaagcagg ctgatccaga ctttgacctt gctgccacta     71340
     agaaggaaat tacctagggt agagccttct gaccttgatg gctctatttg ctcttcttca     71400
     agactctgct actgctaaaa ggtccttgag atgttccgga gacacaccct gtagatctcc     71460
     tatgggctgg ctccaggcac caagaatggg ctggtggggg atgggcctac cctctttata     71520
     agcacagact ctcagtaaac ttcggagggc cttaaacaaa aaagtgtctt ggcctccatt     71580
     atttctctcg ttgttctctc ccatacagct cctgcctccc actcaggaac ccagttagtg     71640
     tagctgcagg cagctacagg cggcttacat tctcccaata atgttttata ctgtttaaaa     71700
     caaaaggcat ccgtgcattt tattacattt attcctagat atggaatggt ttttatgtca     71760
     ttacaaagaa tctcttattt aattctctat ttgttgctag tatggaaata tgactaattt     71820
     tgcacatatg ccaattatct aaagagcctg acaatttcac atagcaatat agtttgtaga     71880
     ttcttctgga ctttctccat atgtaatcat gttatctatg aataatatca ctttgttccc     71940
     tcccttccaa ccattacgcc tttacccact gcatttcatg gctccttttt aagtcaaaaa     72000
     ttccaagtga ctgaggtaat ttgaaatcat gatcttataa ctcagaacat tatcttttct     72060
     tcaacaattt atcaaatttg tagatgttaa atatgattcc catgtatccc agtatcttgg     72120
     agacattttt aaacatgact aaaaccaaag ccattgagaa tgcccaagag acttggttcc     72180
     aagctgacac tcactattaa tttgcaacat ccccccacat aagaacaaaa atcttcattc     72240
     aaaaaaaacc tacataaatt tcagctgcca ttcatttctc tactagaaca tcacaatatt     72300
     tctgtcaaag tattctcaca ttccatagag gtcatggttc aacaagtatc tatcacttta     72360
     aacaatgtga aaaaatttac tgctttctct gaatgaaacc tctcctggca tctttgtgaa     72420
     gaccacttct ccagaactaa gcaatcataa tatatcattt aacagtctgt tctggaattt     72480
     agctaggagc ctatttacta tggatataag ttttcttttg gaactttggt gtcaacaact     72540
     tcctcatctc tagttttctg ttgtactgtt ttcatacagt agaacatcta actccagctc     72600
     ttttaaccat tctgtagctg agcaggccat atccaaccac atcctaactt atatgtcagt     72660
     cagggtcctg gaggacccag aatccacacc ttactccaga agaaaagggt gaagggattt     72720
     taacaggact actagtgcag tgtgagcaga actaaggaaa cacacagaga tggtgaaagc     72780
     acctgaagag agtaaaaaac tgaaacaatc ctgaatcagg ctgggtatca gctgacacag     72840
     gtggcactgt gtaattgaag aaagggacca ataacaaaac tgtgcacaat ctttacgtaa     72900
     ataagaactg atagtgtggt atcttaatat gaataagagt caagaaaggg actatccagc     72960
     aagcctgaat gaagcagagg aagctactac tagaatccag agactgtcat gtggggcagc     73020
     caacccaaca tagtcagagg atcaggtatg ggaagacaga aggataaggt acccgaactc     73080
     actctctcca tcaacgtgac cttctaaaat ccggctgatg cttctcattg actgaacccc     73140
     actcgaaaaa ggaaggcaga aagacagaca gatagacaga ggttggcggt aaggggaaga     73200
     gagggggaag gagggagaag gaggaggaaa gggggaagaa ttgaaatctt aaaataagat     73260
     ccagtaatac ttggagcaga tttttgtctt ccatcatggg atgtggctgt ataaactctc     73320
     cagctcatcg gccactcctt ccccacttgc tctgctgttt ccatccattt ctttcgtact     73380
     gcagtcattt acaagagtct gtatctcatt tcaagcaaag cccagctgat gaagcagtgg     73440
     gttaaggtgc ttgctgccaa gcctgatgac ccctaggagc tacatcatag aaggtgagga     73500
     ctcccttatt ctctgacctc cagaagagca tgaagacaca cattcccatg catatacact     73560
     tatacagaca catattagat acaatagaca gacacacaga cagatagatg acggacagat     73620
     aaatgtttaa aaggtccatt cactttgtgt tatctccctt ttggagactt ggaaacccca     73680
     ccaatacatt ttgaaataag tcaagtattg tattttttaa ctgtttcata agctgtaaaa     73740
     tggaagataa taccctccct atgttagctt cacttcaaat gagaatattt cttttttgat     73800
     gaccaattat tccattgcta gggtcttttt catttatttt ccatcattgg taaatcatgt     73860
     tttaaaaaaa caacatcaaa tttttaggag actgagatct ccagtgaaag cccagtggtt     73920
     ccatttacaa gcaaacttca ctccacactt gacaatacga atggcacact aagcatgtca     73980
     acactgagtt cttgacttgt ccttcactgt ggaaatagcc ctacaagtgt aatctcaccc     74040
     tgcttagtca cagactagga atagcccatg gagaggttga ccttagtgtg aacctaacac     74100
     ttggatccag tagcagtagg gttcatcagt cagctatgct ccctacagcg aattaaggaa     74160
     tacgttgtcg cacctatcaa aacagcatgc agcgtttaga attagaaaag ccttgagatt     74220
     agctcgaaaa gggaaagtat ttgccaatat ttgccagttc actgttcatt tgtaattttt     74280
     aaaagaatct tcagcaaatg atcacgtgaa cactctttac tggtagatac ctgctagata     74340
     aaaagcctgg agaaagctaa tggagtaaac ctcccactta atgctgaagg caaatcactc     74400
     actcctacat caggacggga aagcccattc ccaacaccca ccactgaatg agaaactaag     74460
     ttgtcaaata aaacacacaa caactctttt attaaataaa agttaaaaca tgtaaagcta     74520
     aaatattacc taaagagtca tatataatct tggtccggga cccgccgaac ttaggaaatt     74580
     agtctgaata ggtgagaggg tgcgccagag aacctgacag cctctggaac aggcagaagc     74640
     acagaggggc tgaggcagca ccctgtgtgg gccggggaca gccagccacc atccggaccg     74700
     gaggacaggt gcccgcccgg ctggggaggc ggcctaagcc acagcagcag cggtcgccat     74760
     cttggtccgg gacccgccga atttaggaaa ttagtctgaa caggtgagag ggtgcgccag     74820
     agaacctgac agcctctgga acaggcagaa gcacagaggg gctgaggcag caccctgtgt     74880
     gggccgggga cagccggcca ccttccggac cggaggacag gtgcccgccc ggctggggag     74940
     gcggcctaag ccacagcagc agcggtcgcc atcttggtcc gggacccgcc gaacttagga     75000
     aattagtctg aacaggtgag agggtgcgcc agagaacctg acagcttctg gaacaggcgg     75060
     aagcacagag gcactgaggc agcacccttt gtgggccggg gacagccagc caccgtctgg     75120
     accggaggac aggtgcccgc ccggctgggg aggcggccta agccacagca gcagcggtcg     75180
     ccatcttggt ccgggacccg ccgaacttag gaaattagtc tgaataggtg agagggtgcg     75240
     ccagagaacc tgacagcctc tggaacaggc agaagcacag aggggctgag gcagcaccct     75300
     gtgtgggccg gggacagccg gccaccttcc ggaccggagg acaggtgccc acccagctgg     75360
     ggaggcggcc taagccacag cagcagcggt cgccatcttg gtccgggacc cgccgaactt     75420
     aggaaattag tctgaacagg tgagagggtg cgccagagaa cctgacagct tctggaacag     75480
     gcggaagcac agaggcgctg aggcagcacc ctgtgtgggc cggggacagc cggccacctt     75540
     ctggaccgga ggacaggtgc ccacccggct ggggaggcgg cctaagccac agcagcagcg     75600
     gtcgccatct tggtcccggg actccaagga acttaggaat ttagtctgct taggtgagag     75660
     tctgtaccac ctgggaactg ccaaagcaac acactgtctg agaaaggtcc tgttttgggc     75720
     cttcttcttc ggccaggagg aggtccaaat acaagatatc tgcgcacctt ccctgtaaga     75780
     gagcttgcca gcagagagtg ctctgagcac tgaaactcag aggagagaat ctgtctccca     75840
     ggtctgctga tagacggtaa cagaatcacc agaagaacaa tctctaaaca gagtcaacta     75900
     taactactaa ctccagagat taccagatgg cgaaaggtaa acggaggaat cttactaaca     75960
     ggaaccaaga ccactcacca tcaccagaac ccagcacacc cacttcgccc agtccaggga     76020
     accccaacac acctgagaac ctagacctag atttaaaagc atatctcatg atgatggtag     76080
     aggacatcaa gaaggacttt aataaatcac ttaaagaaat acaggagaac actgctaaag     76140
     agttacaagt ccttaaagaa aaacaggaaa acacaatcaa acaggtagaa gtccttacag     76200
     aaaaagagga aaaaacatac aaacaggtga tggaaatgaa caaaaccata ctagacctaa     76260
     aaagggaagt agacacaata aagaaaactc aaagcgaggc aacactagag atagaaaccc     76320
     taggaaagaa atctggaacc atagatttga gcatcagcaa cagaatacaa gagatggaag     76380
     agagaatctc aggtgcagaa gattccatag agaacatcgg cacaacaatc aaagaaaatg     76440
     gaaaatgcaa aaagatccta actcaaaata tccaggaaat ccaggacaca ataagaagac     76500
     caaacgtacg gataatagga gtggatgaga atgaagattt tcaactcaaa ggtccagcaa     76560
     acatcttcaa caaaattatt gaagaaaact tcccaaatct aaagaatgag atgcatatga     76620
     acatacaaga agcctacaga actccaaata gactggacca gaaaagaaat tcctcccgac     76680
     acataataat cagaacatca aatgcactaa ataaagatag aatactaaaa gcagtaaggg     76740
     aaaaaggtca agtaacatat aaaggcaagc ctatcagaat tacaccagat ttttcaccag     76800
     agactatgaa agccagaaga gcctggacag atgttataca gacactaaga gaacacaaac     76860
     tgcagcccag gctactatac ccagccaaac tctcaattat catagaggga gaaaccaaag     76920
     tattccacga caaaaccaaa ttcacgcatt atctctccac gaatccagcc cttcaaagga     76980
     taataacaga aaaaaaccaa tacaagaacg ggaacaacgc cctagaaaaa acaagaaggt     77040
     aatccctcaa caaacctaaa agaagacagc cacaagaaca gaatgccacc tttaacaact     77100
     aaaataacag gaagcaacaa ttacttttcc ttaatatctc ttaacatcaa tggtctcaac     77160
     tcgccaataa aaagacatag actaacaaac tggctacaca aacaagaccc aacattttgc     77220
     tgcttacagg aaactcatct cagagaaaaa gatagacact acctcagaat gaaaggctgg     77280
     aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa tggtatgaag aaacaagcag gagtagccat cctaatatct     77340
     gataagattg acttccaacc caaagtcatc aaaaaagaca aggagggaca cttcattctc     77400
     atcaaaggta aaatcctcca agaggaactc tcaattctga atatctatgc tccaaataca     77460
     agagcagcca cattcactaa agaaacttta gtaaagctca aagcacacat tgcgcctcac     77520
     acaataatag tgggagactt caacacacca ctttcaccaa tggacagatc atggaaacag     77580
     aaactaaaca gggacacact gaaactaaca gaagtgatga aacaaatgga tctgacagat     77640
     atctacagaa cattttatcc taaaacaaaa ggatatacct tcttctcagc acctcatggt     77700
     accttctcca aaattgacca cataataggt cacaaatcag gcctcaacag attcaaaaat     77760
     attgaaattg tcccatgtat cctatcagat caccatgcac taaggctgat cttcaataac     77820
     aaaataaata acagaaagcc aacattcaca tggaaactga acaacactct tctcaatgat     77880
     accttggtca aggaaggaat aaagaaagaa attaaagact ttttagagtt taatgaaaat     77940
     gaagccacaa cgtacccaaa cctttgggac acaatgaaag catttctaag agggaaactc     78000
     atagctatga gtgccttcaa gaaaaaacgg gagagagcac atactagcag cttgacaaca     78060
     catctaaaag ctctagaaaa aaaggaagca aattcaccca agaggagtag acggcaggaa     78120
     ataatcaaac tcaggggtga aatcaaccaa gtggaaacaa gaagaactat tcaaagaatt     78180
     aaccaaacga ggagttggtt ctttgagaaa atcaacaaga tagataaacc cttagctaga     78240
     ctcactaaag ggcacaggga caaaatccta attaacaaaa tcagaaatga aaagggagac     78300
     ataacaacag atcctgaaga aatccaaaac accatcagat ccttctacaa aaggctatac     78360
     tcaacaaaac tggaaaacct ggacgaaatg gacaaatttc tggacagata ccaggtacca     78420
     aagttgaatc aggatcaagt tgaccttcta aacagtccca tatcccctaa agaaatagaa     78480
     gcagttatta atagtctccc agccaaaaaa agcccaggac cagacgggtt tagtgcagag     78540
     ttctatcaga ccttcaaaga agatctaact ccagttctgc acaaactttt tcacaagata     78600
     gaagtagaag gtattctacc caactcattt tatgaagcca ctattactct gatacctaaa     78660
     ccacagaaag atccaacaaa gatagagaac ttcagaccaa tttctcttat gaacatcgat     78720
     gcaaaaatcc ttaataaaat tctcgctaac cgaatccaag aacacattaa agcaatcatc     78780
     catcctgacc aagtaggttt tattccaggg atgcagggat ggtttaatat acgaaaatcc     78840
     atcaatgtaa tccattatat aaacaaactc aaagacaaaa accacatgat catctcgtta     78900
     gatgcagaaa aagcatttga caagatccaa cacccattca tgataaaagt tctggaaaga     78960
     tcaggaattc aaggccaata cctaaacatg ataaaagcaa tctacagcaa accagtagcc     79020
     aacatcaaag taaatggaga gaagctggaa gcaatcccac taaaatcagg gactagacaa     79080
     ggctgcccac tttctcccta ccttttcaac atagtacttg aagtattagc cagagcaatt     79140
     cgacaacaaa aggagatcaa ggggatacaa attggaaaag aggaagtcaa aatatcactt     79200
     tttgcagatg atatgatagt atatataagt gaccctaaaa attccaacag agaactccta     79260
     aacctgataa acagcttcgg tgaagtagct ggatataaaa ttaactcaaa caagtcaatg     79320
     gcctttctct acacaaagaa taaacaggct gagaaagaaa ttagggaaac aacacccttc     79380
     tcaatagcca caaataatat aaaatatctc ggcgtgactc taacgaagga agtgaaagat     79440
     ctgtatgata aaaacttcaa gtccctgaag aaagaaatta aagaagatct cagaagatgg     79500
     aaagatctcc catgctcatg gattggcagg accaacattg taaaaatggc tatcttgcca     79560
     aaagcaatct acagattcaa tgcaatcccc attaaaattc caactcaatt cttcaacgaa     79620
     ttagaaggag caatttgcaa attcatctgg aataacaaaa aaccgaggat agcaaaaact     79680
     cttctcaagg ataaaagaac ctctggtgga atcaccatgc ctgacctaaa gctttactac     79740
     agagcaattg tgataaaaac tgcatggtac tggtatagag acagacaagt ggaccaatgg     79800
     aatagaattg aagacccaga aatgaaccca cacacctatg gtcacttgat cttcgacaag     79860
     ggagccaaaa ccatccagtg gaagaaagac agcattttca acaattggtg ctggcacaac     79920
     tggttgttat catgtagaag aatgcgaatc gatccatact tatctccttg tactaaggtc     79980
     aaatctaagt ggatcaagga acttcacata aaaccagaga cactgaaact tatagaggag     80040
     aaagtgggga aaagccttga agatatgggc acaggggaaa aattcctgaa cagaacagca     80100
     atggcttgtg ctgtaagatc gagaattgac aaatgggacc taatgaaact ccaaagtttc     80160
     tgcaaggcaa aagacactgt ctataagaca aaaagaccac caacagactg ggaaaggatc     80220
     tttacctatc ctaaatcaga taggggacta atatccaaca tatataaaga actcaagaag     80280
     gtggacctca gaaaatcaaa taaccccctt aaaaaatggg gctcagaact gaacaaagaa     80340
     ttctcacctg aggaataccg aatggcagag aagcacctga aaaaatgttc aacatcctta     80400
     atcatcaggg aaatgcaaat caaaacaacc ctgagattcc acctcacacc agtgagaatg     80460
     gctaagatca aaaattcagg tgacagcaga tgctggcgag gatgtggaga aagaggaaca     80520
     ctcctccatt gttggtggga ttgcaggctt gtacaaccac tctggaaatc agtctggcgg     80580
     ttcctcagaa aattggacat agtactaccg gaggatccag caatacctct cctgggcata     80640
     tatccagaag aagccccaac tggtaagaag gacacatgct ccactatgtt catagcagcc     80700
     ttatttataa tagccagaaa ctggaaagaa cccagatgcc cctcaacaga ggaatggata     80760
     cagaaaatgt ggtacatcta cacaatggag tactactcag ctattaaaaa gaatgaattt     80820
     atgaaattcc tagccaaatg gatggacctg gagagcatca tcctgagtga ggtaacacaa     80880
     tcacaaagga actcacacaa tatgtactca ctgataagtg gatactagcc caaaacctag     80940
     gatacccacg atataagata caatttccta aacacatgaa actcaagaaa aatgaagact     81000
     gaagtgtgga cactatgccc ctccttagaa gtgggaacaa aacacccatg gaaggagtta     81060
     cagaaacaaa gtatggagct gagatgaaag gatggaccat gtagagactg ccatatccag     81120
     ggatccaccc cataatcagc ttccaaatgc tgacaccatt gcatacacta gcaagatttt     81180
     actgaaagga cccagatgta gctgtctctt gtgagactat gccggggcct agcaaacaca     81240
     gaagtggatg ctcacagtca gctaatggat ggatcacagg gctcccaatg gaggagctag     81300
     agaaagtacc caaggagcta aagggatctt caaccctata ggtggaacaa cattatgaac     81360
     taaccagtac ccctgagctc ttgactctag ctgcatatgt atcaaaagat ggcctagtcg     81420
     gccatcactg gaaagagagg cccattggac acgcagactt tgtgtgcccc ggtacagggg     81480
     aacgccaggg ccaaaggggg ggagtgggtg ggtaggggag tgggggtggg tgggtaaggg     81540
     ggacttttgg tatagcattg gaaatgtaaa tgagctaaat acctaattaa aaaaaaatga     81600
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagag tcatatatat aaggtggcac acgcctttaa     81660
     tcccagcatt tgggaggcag aggcaggcag atctctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac     81720
     aaagtgagtt ccaggacagc cagagctaca cagagaaacc ctgtctcgaa aaaccaaata     81780
     ataataataa taataataat aataatatcc aggaaaggaa gaaaatgatt aaagcacaac     81840
     caatatcttt cctcgggtaa ggaggaagag gatttaatag aggaagggtc aatgctacta     81900
     gttaaagctt atttcttaca ttaaaacagg tatacattgg tatacatggg attgttttaa     81960
     ccgtgtacac atatacaagt tatggataca ttatttgtgc taattcattc attgtatatt     82020
     acacatttat tagaaaaatc actttgagag taaatataat aaagcctttg acccttcaac     82080
     cttccttttg aaatagtttc tatgtagata ctattcctag aaattaaaca tactgctgag     82140
     aattttgaag ataattgatt aaagatggaa agacaaaaga ggcctgggga gccagcccta     82200
     ggtttctgtt gtaatttatt actaaaattg aactacttta ctctcagctt aataaaagtt     82260
     taagagaagg gagtatgagt gaagctctgg ggatcccagc ccctatgagt cttttgtttg     82320
     gaacatctga ccctgttcat gtcaatgagg tatgagctat tgtccatgac cctccttgta     82380
     ctggacggta atagaccacc ccaagcacac tagagtgtat ctaatatagg agctctgatt     82440
     taaacagtac tttcaagttc aaccacatgc tttgctgacc tgtcgtcatt acacttgtat     82500
     atattaccat gtgtatctat gcacagcccc agatttgtgc ttcttgtatt tgtggtattt     82560
     ttgaagatgc aggaagcact aaggtccttt ggagaaatat gggatagaac aaagcctgaa     82620
     aatgtctcct atgaatacta ctattttttt taaatgtatc tctatgaaaa aaactaagat     82680
     gctcttactt gatgcaggaa ataagtatca tcacttctgg ttatactagg acctaaatct     82740
     ctcctcaatg ttattcatat ttttttttcc tttttatggg ggttatcaag gtcttatggt     82800
     caaaatcaat catgcttcct cgctgtctct ctatctctgt ctgcctctct tatctctgtc     82860
     tctgtttctc tgtctctgtt tctctgcctc tctctctgtt tctctgtctt tatctctctc     82920
     tctgtctctc tatctctgcc tctcttatct ctgtctctta tctctgcctc tcttatctct     82980
     gtctctctgt ctctctctct ctctccccac gttaaaaatc aagctgcctt ttattttggt     83040
     gagatgttta atttgtatgc aagaacacct ctgtttaata cttttgatct tagctatttg     83100
     gaaatccttg ccctgtttct gtctgtgatg gaattagcag ccacaggcct ggagctctgc     83160
     ctttcttcat cccagtgaca aagatggatt gtttttgttt gggagggttg ttgttgttgt     83220
     tgctgatgat ttatgtcaag gtgaagatag aatcattatg gaatccaagt tagtaagcaa     83280
     aataagcttt ttttttttcc caggatcaac tgcaactgaa aattagtctc tgttacctga     83340
     gctctgatct ttgagagtgt cctagcttcc cattttaaga ctaaagaaag tgaagttttc     83400
     tggacatcga ttcagatgtg aaaagaacag gcagcttctt tatcttatcc caggtccttc     83460
     tatcttcctc ctccaagtca cgtatacata tcctcaagca caaagaacga tacagatcct     83520
     cttctgagca tgctcaatac aggctttcca ttaggaagca gaagagtagt attcaaatct     83580
     ctctcctctg tgttgtcata acaaccagtt gaactctctg cacctcagca accacatcta     83640
     taaattggaa caaacatcta cctttgagcc ctgtgatgaa ggtagacaga gaaaacccat     83700
     gcaatggcat ttcataacta agtgctccac acaatttaaa gttattattg tttgattcac     83760
     agcttcagtt tggatacaaa tgttagcagc cttgagtaga agccaatggt agagccaaga     83820
     gaggactaac attccaaact gtgtcatagg gcatcaccag tcccctgagt tcttaatagt     83880
     tgttacataa aattaaaatt ttggggaaaa atattttagt tacttttctg ttgcggtttt     83940
     aaaatattct agtcaaaagc aacttggggg ttaagcctat atttccaggt cataatccat     84000
     catggataaa gtttgggaag gcacgtttaa gaagaaacac caagcaaacc ccataattcc     84060
     tgcttgctgg tgtactctct ggctcaccat caacagattc acatgtagct agtagtgcgt     84120
     gcatgtggta ggatccataa aggcacacca tgcaacaggt ctcatgtggg aggtgttttc     84180
     agagatgggg gtggcgatac agaggctgcc tctggtggag gtagaggaga aagggggtgg     84240
     gaaggaggaa cagacagagc cttttttgtt gttttttgtt tgtttgtttg ttttagacag     84300
     ggtttctctg cagccctggc tggcctggct ggcctcatgt tacacatgca caggaggata     84360
     tgggatgtag cctctcagca gctagtaatg atatgtccta ctgttgctga gggcccttgg     84420
     gctggccatg gaggtgcctg attgctaata gctaactttc ttagatagcc ctagactatt     84480
     ttcctgggga tagtggcacc cacagtgatc tggcccttcc tgcatcgatt actaatcaag     84540
     acaaatctac cagaaatgcc caaaggccag tttaagctag gaaattcttc agttgaggct     84600
     cctcctctcc catgactcta ggctacctca agttgacatt tatgaataag gataggaagg     84660
     atcagagcaa attggtgaac actgggagag cagtggtctc acagagttaa attctctttt     84720
     tatcaccaga tttctcagaa atatcaatat gttaatgtga caatttgaca ggaatgtcat     84780
     tgtcttagtt tgggttttat tgctgtgaag aaataccatg accaagacct cttataaagg     84840
     caaacattta gttggggata gcttacagtt tcagaggttt agtccattat catggtggga     84900
     gcatggcatc atgcaggcag acctggtgct ggagaagcca agagttctac atcttgatct     84960
     gacagcagcc agaaggctct cattctaccc tgggaggagc ataagcaaag cagaccttaa     85020
     agcctacccc cacagtgaca cacttcccta ccaaagccac acctactcca acaaggccac     85080
     acttcctaat agtgccactt cctgtggcca agcattcaaa cgcaagaatc tatgggggcc     85140
     aaacctattt aaaccaccac attccacttc ctgaactcta taggcttgta gccataacat     85200
     aatgcaactt caaaagtccc catattctat caatctcaat aatatttaaa agtccaaagt     85260
     tcaaagtctc ttctgagatt catgcaatct cttaactgta ataccctata aaatctaaat     85320
     caaaaggcag atagcatact tccaatatca caggatatac attaccattc caaaatgtcg     85380
     tagtgaagaa atactggatc aaagcaagac caaaaaccag ctgagcaaac tccaaactgc     85440
     atctacaggt ctgacgtcca actcctttca tctttgttga ctgcaacaca gctctttcac     85500
     ttgggctttt tcaacttcct gttagcagct tccctcagca agtatcccac atctctggca     85560
     tctcttactt cttttgggaa tccaaggcaa ctttaacttc acggtttctt gtgccaatgt     85620
     cttggatcca catatgatct tctggactcc tccaaaagat ttgagtcact tctccagctc     85680
     tgccctctgt agcactctag ctctgactga ctccactcca ctgctgctgc tattcttggt     85740
     gatcattcca tagtactggc acctccaatt ttctggagtc ttccactgca attaggcttc     85800
     actagtttct cataacttaa cggtgccaag cctcaccttc tttgcattac cccttcattc     85860
     ctgggccatc aactgcccag agtctgtacc ttcaccagta gtctttgctg tcctctcaca     85920
     gtgctaagcc tcagctgttc tccatgtccc cttcatgctt tcaaaaccag ttctacctgc     85980
     atgatactta cacattacca aatctggctg ctagcacaag gtctatctct ggaacacagc     86040
     ttctttgtgc tctcagaaaa tacttcatag aagattgcac catagtgata ctggtctctt     86100
     cttaatcact gctgttttct tagttccaac taaccagtac caattgtccc agtaacctct     86160
     tctattctta actccaaagt cagagctgca tggtcaaagt tgccaagttt tgctgcttgc     86220
     ttggttctat tacatcatca ccagctttct gttttctttt ctctttgcag aacaatatat     86280
     ttatttaata ataaaaaaat taaaagaact ggatccctcc cttaaagatt gcagtctcac     86340
     cagcaatgga ggagtgtttt tctttctcca catcctcacc agcatctgct gtcacctgag     86400
     tttttgatct tagccatctg actggtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgaattgta     86460
     tttctctgat gactaaggat gttgaacatt tctttaggtg cttctcagct atttgagttt     86520
     cctcagttga gaattccctg tttagttctg ttccccattt tttaaatttg gttctctgga     86580
     gtctaacttc ttgagttctt tgtatatagt gaatattagc cctctatcgg atgtaggact     86640
     gttaaagatc ttttcccaaa ctgttggttg ctgttttgtc ctattgacag tgtcctttgc     86700
     cttgcagaag ctttgcaatt ttatgaggtc ccatttgtta ttgttggttt tttttgtttt     86760
     tttttgtttt gttttttttt tggctttgaa atttagaaac aagttttatt taagatctga     86820
     actacaattc ctaagttatc aacttttcag aaaactgtgg ctacacaata atgcattgcc     86880
     tctatcctgt tagaacatgc attagaccca aatacaaaaa ccaggaagga accagagcat     86940
     ctcatcacat agcattaaca catattagaa aactgtgtag tgtcaaaggg atagaaccac     87000
     cagcattcaa acaatgttgt caactaggca ataaaaatgg tctactgaat tttttctttg     87060
     tctaattact acatacactg gtagcagctt tgaaatgagg aaaggacctg ggtactcctt     87120
     ttattttctg tctgcaacag aacaggaaaa caatctgaaa cataagccca gttttacatt     87180
     gacagtttta aagaacatca attataccat gaaaggacac aaacaaaagt ctttacagat     87240
     accaaacaat agtgagtggt cagtagtggt cacagagctt gcaatgacag tcagcagaag     87300
     ccactttgta atcattggca gtaaacatag aggcagaatt ctttgccaga tgcttaagga     87360
     gatcatgcag atagcccagc cataatgcca ggcttttttc atcaagggga gtatacattg     87420
     ccccaattct cacgagtaat ctcagtaggt gtggcgctcc atagatctgc aacattgacg     87480
     cgtcagggtg agccagcaga atctcagcat actgaggcct ttcaacctcg cagagcagct     87540
     gagtgcccag catcacattg aaatactctt ttacccctcc cacaacttca ccaagtgcac     87600
     gctccttatt atcaacattt ccctgcgatt tcttgcaatt ggcatactcc tcaagaggag     87660
     ctggaacaac cgcttctgtc tcgtaaccaa gtcccagtcc tccaccagcc acagttttaa     87720
     ttcttcaggg atcgtcgcct tcacctccat cctactcttg aatgcctcct cgctctccac     87780
     agcagggtca gcccatgccc ttttcttctg aggtgtctga ggaacttcac tggtactgcc     87840
     accgtctctg ttgccaggag ccttctgctt gttcttcctt gtcttccaca cagaaccaga     87900
     agcgtgtttt tcagcagagc gacctcccca tcctccgggc agggccggat cgagattctt     87960
     tggctgtgaa ccaactgact tctttcctga ggcagctcct ctctcatctt acttctctgt     88020
     atattgcttc gagttggttt cttaaagttg tcttcttctg cagattgttg tccgagtttg     88080
     tgaagcctgc tttctggaac tcattcaacc ctgtttttat tccaacaaaa tgtttcttct     88140
     ttcccttcca aggattccta gtaatctcct aggatggtct ggagaaatga agtgggaata     88200
     caaccctgta ttctgcaact aggattggtt ctgcaaccag ggtgagatct cctgatcctt     88260
     actgtgtagc aaacttggct tttctgatga tgacctgaaa tgagaatcca gcctctgtct     88320
     gctgagtgct ggaattaaag atgtgtaccg ccatgcctgg gtttaacctt ttctttatgt     88380
     ccaagtgaaa acaataacta ggtcataacc ctaacatgat ataactatct ctcatacggc     88440
     caaaaacaca tagtaaattt aaaataagtg gcaatgtccc cttttcaaca tctttttcac     88500
     aagatggaag cttagctggg ttggatcccc cctagcccca ccacctgagg tcaccactca     88560
     ccctgtttgt ctccttgaac acaggattta gctccattcc acttctcggt gccctttcaa     88620
     tacttgaaca agcattgtgt acttttcctt tgtaagcttc ctatgcctga tctaaacatt     88680
     cttcataaga gtgaatgaca gaactaagtc tacactaaac ttttttgaaa ttccctttgt     88740
     caatgcaatt attctaaatc tcttcacctt agcctcagac agactcttca aatgagggca     88800
     aaacgtaacc atattcttca ccaaaatgtc acaagaacga tctccaggca acatactaaa     88860
     attcttctct gaaacttctt gagccaggcc cccagagttt gaaccaccct cagcatcaat     88920
     gtcttctatg ttcctactag gttggtccat taagcaccac ttaaaacatg tgctgctttc     88980
     taaatccaaa gtctaaaatc tacattcctc caaacaaaaa catgatcagg tccatcacag     89040
     caatacccca gtccttggta tcaagttcta tcttagtttg ggttttattg ctatgaggag     89100
     acactatgac caaggcaact cttataaagg caaactttag ttggggctga cttacagttt     89160
     gagaggttca gtccattatt atcatggtgg gaagcatggc atcacgcagg tagacatggt     89220
     gctagaggaa ccaagaattc ttcatcttga tctgaaggca gcaaggagga agctgtcatt     89280
     ccacactgga aggaacataa ttataggaac cctcaaagaa cacccctaca gtgacacact     89340
     tcctctaaca aggccacacc tactccaaca aggccacacc tccaaataat gccactctgt     89400
     agtgggcttg gcctagtgct acttgtattc taaagtcaat ttgagtcccc aaaattgttt     89460
     gcaggagaga gtccacttgt aagacagtga gggaccctgc ccctacttaa ctctgattgg     89520
     taaagaggcc tgcagccaat agctgggcaa ggcagacaga ggcattcgca aactaagata     89580
     gaacttggaa ccaaggactg gggtattgtt gtgataggcc tggccatggt tttgtttgga     89640
     ggaatgtgga ttttagactt tcagattccc aggcttgggg ctgggagaga aggaggaaag     89700
     agatctgcca ttctgggaga gaggggagga gaggagagac accatgcctg agaatagtac     89760
     aagacacgga gagatggtca ccatggaaag aagccaggag agcatggccc aaagggctgc     89820
     ccaactgggt ccagagcaac caaggtaaaa tatagagttt agtaagtgat aactcaggat     89880
     tgttggtggg aggggggtta gtcacgtgga ggttaggtag tggcccagtt attgagctgt     89940
     ttaaggcaca ccaaaatata aaggctgtgt gtgtctttca ttctggaaca taaggtttca     90000
     ttaatttatt aattaatact acaccactcc ctatggccaa gcatttaatc acatgaatct     90060
     atgagagcca tacctattca aaccaccaca gtcttctata atgtttaatt tcttacccca     90120
     tcttctttaa tgctttttct tccataatac catcttaaat acaccttgtc tgttggccct     90180
     tcccttttgg tttctatatt ctgaaatcat gatactgaat tctcaatatg tattctgtaa     90240
     ttttggctac attggatttc tattaacaaa cagaataaca aatgctccaa aaatgtttta     90300
     ttggagcaaa ggtccacaac tgatcccacc aaatataata gagtgtagta tatggagtat     90360
     aggatatgga gtatagtata tggaaactgg aaaggaactt gaagggctct aggaggccca     90420
     aaggagcaaa cacaggcctg agcgcagcaa acatggctct gacaggtttt atcttttacc     90480
     tctcttccct tgctaaaaac cattagatta tattcttaaa actagccacc aaagtttgct     90540
     cccttatttg gccatttcct cctcctgagg ctgaccacca aggtccagct atcaaagtat     90600
     cagtccagca atcaaaagcc cccttttggc tcaactaatt agcaagcttc atcaaaacaa     90660
     agcaactcat cctaacacag ggtttccccc tttcctttta taaactgcca tttgcctagt     90720
     gcccatgtct gtctccctct atctagagac agccctttgt tcttttggag caaatatacc     90780
     tttcccttct ttttccttct ctttggtcct ctgtctcctg tctttctctc ttattctctg     90840
     ccctttgttc ctctggggca aataaatttc ctttgtgctg agaagttggt cttggagtgt     90900
     cctgtgccaa ctctggtctt ttcaaaacta ttttccagga tccaagcaag tcactagaaa     90960
     tatgaactat actgcatgga cagatcccct tcccaaacta taggtcagat ttgcataaaa     91020
     ataatttgac tgtcaactct attggtgcca tgaagtgtct taatcacagt tctctttact     91080
     tctatttttt atctgtgtct gtttggttgg ttggttgctt tttggtgagg aagtttaaat     91140
     tcacaaattc cttgcctcaa cttcccaagt gctaagataa tcctgacagg catgtgtcac     91200
     caatcctgct actacagatt cttttaaaag tacagtttgt tcatgacaca ttttcaagtt     91260
     atacaaaagt tttaagggta ggcagtctgt gtaatatagg actcagccat catggtatgc     91320
     acagtaaggt agaaaagtgg agcacagctt ttcccttggc acattccagg cctacctttc     91380
     aatcattttc ttactcaggg tatgaaaagg ctccccatac tccctcaaac tcacagattt     91440
     gctatcttct gtttatacac tcatatctta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     91500
     caccctcttc ccttctgtca aatgttttct cgtctctatg actcagatca taagttcttg     91560
     ggccaaatct aattcccttg cccttatttt ccctttttgt atcatgttta gcacatataa     91620
     tctttctcaa acacccagag gctacccagg gcacctctaa ctaccatggc tgtctctcta     91680
     aatatcacct acaccttctt caatgtgagc cccccatact cccacaaaac tttatggctc     91740
     atctgctcca ctccagcctc aactgccagg ttcaagcttc ccccaatttg taaatgacta     91800
     ccttctgcag aagcccgtct agagtcagaa aaacaacctt gggcttgatt tgaatgtgaa     91860
     aaccactgtg ttcctctctt tgctaaaata gttactgtgc atggcccttt tcagtttcta     91920
     gacccctttg ccctaaaaaa catgaagaaa agaaaagcag gtggaaagga aatcttgtac     91980
     atttaactca ttccctttgc taccatgcct tgttacaaag cctcaaagac ttaagaatat     92040
     ctgagttagg ttgtcaggtt ggtttaccat ctgcactacc tggctttatg gcaacttgac     92100
     acaagctaga gtcatcagag agaaaggagc ctcagttgag aaaatgcttc catgagatcc     92160
     agccgtaagg cattttctta attagtgatc agtgtgggag gatccagttc atggtggctg     92220
     gtgttatccc tgggctggtg atcctgagtt ctgtaaggaa tcagactgag caagccatag     92280
     gagcaagcca gtaagcagca cacctccctg gttctgcatc agctcctacc tccaggttcc     92340
     ttccctgttt gaattccttt tctgatttcc ttttgtgata aacagtaatg tggaagtata     92400
     agccaaataa accctttcct ccccaacttg cgttttcagt catggtgttt cactatagca     92460
     gtagaagccc taagacagca tcgaactcat aaagggaaat gtgtattcct gaaaagacaa     92520
     tgcactttga atcaggacaa actaagttgt tttgccagtt cccatccaca tggccttaaa     92580
     caactttgct tgactgaacc tcaatttcct catctaaaag gcaacgaaaa tagacagtgt     92640
     gtgggttatc ttgatgaggt aacatagtta agatgccatg cctaaggcca agtcatggga     92700
     aatatgatgc tgtttattag cccagctaat tcccatatat ttgataatga tcatccagca     92760
     actttaagcc tccactgttt ccccagtcag tccttgggac agcctccaag tctattatat     92820
     tcgatgttat gcttgccaac tgttcaacaa ggaaaggcta gatggaactg ggctataaca     92880
     agaactgtat ctgtgccaac agaggagcca tagagtcagc tgaacagtga gggaaaacaa     92940
     aatttcatgc tcggtcagct caccatttgc tccttcccct tctgcatatg cacaccatgc     93000
     ctccctagaa aagtggttct caacctgtgg gtcatgaccc ctgaggaggg gtgcatgtcg     93060
     gataaccctc tcacaggatc acacagcaga tatcctgcat gttagatgtt tacatgaaat     93120
     ttcataacta atagcaaagt tacagttagg aaatagcacc aaaattaatt ttatggttgg     93180
     ggggaggtca cccaatttga ggaactgcag cattaggaag attgagaaac actcccctaa     93240
     aaccatccaa aaagaatgag ctaatttgac tgctgtccag ttgctagcaa aagtgtgaca     93300
     gatcaaagac aatgagcact gagaccgcca gtatctggac attgtatgta aatctgtagt     93360
     caataaaaat tagaagtaaa tgtagaatgt cttcacttgg gttccagaga gcaaattatg     93420
     acacaaagac ttcaatatga atattttatt agggaataga gttcaaggac caatagcagt     93480
     ggcctggaaa tgcaaactag gaagagaaaa accagttcaa ggaagggtta ttaagtcagc     93540
     caccaacata gatgctgtgt tgctcaatcc ttcagaacca tatgggacgt gtgtgaagtc     93600
     tagaaatgaa aagagagaac aagttaatca ctgtctccta ctcccacagg acacaaatgc     93660
     ttcacactta taggctgcat gttcatgtta gccaactatt aatgaaaatg atgtgtgata     93720
     actaaatata aggctttgct gacttacaaa ccacttattc ttttacttaa gggtcttcgt     93780
     aagggttagc tggccatgct ccacttcaga ctctgtgaag ggaggggtta ggtttctttc     93840
     tagtctacat gtctatcttt aaactaaaat gtgcctggca catgtgtctc gtgatgacta     93900
     gggaaacgct aggctgattc aaaccacaga aacacattta aagcccttct ctacattgca     93960
     tgcactcaaa ttccatggga cacagcaagt tataaagcca aagtcaagga gggagataaa     94020
     ataaccatct aatctactag gaggcactaa acataaaact acttgacaat gagtaccatg     94080
     ggaagggagt gagactgaga gccatcatct aatctaacaa tgcaagcatc aagtgtgctt     94140
     gtgagaggtc tacccggaag ccctatggca gatgagagat cctcaaggac tttgagagaa     94200
     ggtcctgtca gttgaaactg tgtattcacc tcaacaaagg catggaaaag tgatgggcag     94260
     agctgaaaag atttgaagtg acatataaga gatgtatggg gcacatagtt aactatgact     94320
     ccagctagag ttttacagca tggcaaggat aattacttca tcacaggatt taagaaggaa     94380
     gctcctgaga tatgcacttt tcctgtgcaa ataagagacg tcatgtgact caatgcaact     94440
     gtgtggaggt cagagaacaa ctttcaggca tcagttccat ccttctacac tgtgggttct     94500
     aggatagaac cctggtcatt aggctttcaa agcaagaact tttacccact gagccatctc     94560
     acttgtccta tactgttgct gaaattttta atcacaaatc cagggtttct acaacccccc     94620
     ttgccccttt agttcccaga taaaagacac acacaacctt ttatttacaa taagccttaa     94680
     tcagcactag aactggacag atagctaccc tctagtatgc tattagaatt tactttccta     94740
     ttgataaccc tgagttatta cattatgttt ttcatctggg ctgctcttaa cttgagtttg     94800
     gccagccctc agggccacag tttcaaggct cagctaaccc atggtggctt ctcctccatt     94860
     aacctttttc tcttccctgg gtcctcctcc aaccccctcc cccaaagcct acgaacccta     94920
     aaccctgcta ttgtctcttc tgcccagcta ttggctgttg gtatttttat ttaccaatta     94980
     gaaatcattt gggggcaaga ttacatagtg tcacttggaa atcaggtctt gggggctgca     95040
     cttaccatta caatacacag caaaagacca aacctcacca ctatgctgct atgtttagaa     95100
     ttctggaagt ggaggtgagg aatcctgagt ccctcataga agaaatgagt tgttggccaa     95160
     ggtggtgatg tcagatagtc agatatcctt agccatgcac actccaagac agcaaacctc     95220
     tcttcctcat attgtcctag agttcaggga aagcaggaca tcctggttcc atcttttaaa     95280
     taaatcactc ttcctgaatg caacctaatc ctctcacttg tctcttaaat atacaactct     95340
     tgccattctg gaatgaaagg aagcagacat tcagtattag ttctgggatc caagtcactg     95400
     tcccacatgc tatcctcctc tatttcagtc taaagtggca ctcgtctatc ttcttcaagg     95460
     ttaaaacagt caaatatcta agtatcttgt ccaacttaga atagccagaa atacaaagcc     95520
     gtcaactgaa aaaaatttga ttgaacaaaa gtgacttaaa atttgtgtat ctttctgttg     95580
     ggccccattt tggccctggt ttgggccttg aggacaaacc cgagcctggc tgaagttttg     95640
     agacatgtct cagttacttc cgtattgagg tgactcagca aaacctgttt ggccctgcct     95700
     ctgccccacc attgctgatg tagagctttg ccattggccc tgtcagttac tccataccct     95760
     ctgtcaccct tctctgcctc catcatctta cctcaccaaa aatctccctt cctttgttct     95820
     aaacttatat aagtgagagg ctgatgccat aaagttgagt tcctgctttg acaagactct     95880
     cagctcggtg tgtttctttt gggtaggtca acactcacca tcctgttcag cccagagaga     95940
     ccccagcagg accaagacct ttctcctctc tcttggacct gcaggcaagg agcaggcata     96000
     tttccataga tggattcaat atgaagattg cttttcaaaa acgtacattc atagccaaac     96060
     attgggtgga acttggggaa tcttgcagaa gaggggaagg aaggattgca gtagccagag     96120
     gagatgggat taaacaagaa aacccacaga atcaactaac cagggctcaa agggactcac     96180
     agacactgaa ccgacaatca gggagcctgc ataggactga cctaggccct aggcatatgt     96240
     gctatggttg catagcttgg tcttcttttg ggactcttaa tagcggtagc agggcctgtc     96300
     tttgactcct ttgcctgctt ttgggaccct cttattggat caccttatcc agccttaata     96360
     tgaagggaag tgcctagtct tattgcaact tgatatgaca tatttggttg ctatcattgg     96420
     gaggccttcc ctttttggaa aggcaatgga agaggagtgg attctgtagg gaggctggga     96480
     ggaaaggagg gaggggaaat ggtggttggg atataatatg ttaaaggaaa aaaccacatt     96540
     cctatagcaa gtaaccaaaa atctcttgac atgttaatat gtccaaattc acactacact     96600
     aacatctcat tttctttctt aaaatgagtc tcctgcattg gtttactcga gggtatttgt     96660
     ccacaggttt atgaactata ataaatcata tgaagaaagg ggaaggagtg tatgtatatg     96720
     tgcttttttt cctggaaaga aattcaatga cctttaagat ccccaaaggg tctgagctca     96780
     gaaagaatat gaacactata aaatatctag tatatatata taaaaaaacc tcacagtata     96840
     gattatatga aatatataaa gtggcactct taaaactttg ccagtgggtg aggcaaaatt     96900
     atactccaaa tctgttttct taaaatgagc atttcctaga cttttgttgg aacaagcaga     96960
     agatggcagt ccagccaatc tggcatctcc agaaaccaag ctcattctct gctctccctc     97020
     cagcaaactt tcttcccact ggccactggc actcatccaa gctgagcagc tcagaataat     97080
     tcctgatatt cttcaggctg aatctgggag aattacatgc attttcctct ttgatcatcc     97140
     tcccaacagc tgtgaaccta ccgagaaagg ggaagatgag aacagggtga gtttctagaa     97200
     ggaagcagac aacagaggtg gaaacagccc taaaagcatt tgtcctggtt acactgtccc     97260
     ctcctatcca agctactagc ccctccccct tgtttccagt actatctctg gttagcatct     97320
     tcatttttag gttatagata gataaataga tagacagata gactgacaga cagataaaat     97380
     taaaaatctc tcacagccat ggtcagagag cagactccca tgtgattcta cattctgtca     97440
     acttgacaat taacactaac tatcacagaa taattagcac aagccacgag tcctggtgac     97500
     tctcaacaac ttaaaagaca gagacaatgt tcacataaaa agattaagaa tgtcactctg     97560
     ggaacaaacc tggacttgaa tcattgctct acacctggac atgtcattca aattctctaa     97620
     gtctgtttct ttgtctataa agtaagcaaa atggtggcaa agtcaatttc attaaagaat     97680
     tgtgaagatt agataaaacc tgtgtggaac atacatccta tatggcccta cacacagcat     97740
     tctttaatat ctataattat taataagtga agcttcgaat cttagcactt tcaatgccaa     97800
     cccacctcaa aaactataca aatgcacgca acactcaaaa ggaacttaga ggtgtgcagt     97860
     gcatagatgc tacatacaag tgaagggaga tccaccaagc agtgacattg gcactctgtt     97920
     gacatctctc cttgtgtttt aaaagaacag agtgttaaaa ggtgacttat aggcaagtta     97980
     gttactcagt tcccttcctg atacccaagc cttttcactt tgtcatgctg aactggaaaa     98040
     caagctctag ggagagtctc attatcttcc ccttgaatat gagttggtat tactctaagt     98100
     tctaaggcaa cttttgcttt gctctttcct ggaacccttg ccatagaacc tttgatgcca     98160
     cattattagg aagtccaagt tgtgtggaga tgttctgtgg aggccaacag cctgcaacca     98220
     gcagctctcc tggaaattct agctggcaac caacattagt ggccaggctg tatgaggaag     98280
     cttttatagc agctccactg ctcatgtgga gagaaacaag ccaagcatga tcagcctcca     98340
     actgtaagaa gtgaaggtga gaacagtaag agtgtgagac ccttgcgttg tgccagagag     98400
     tttaggatag tctgccacca gtcagcaaat aaaggaatgg aggtcccaaa gaagagaaaa     98460
     ccccatgggg ctgaagagat tagcttagtg ggtgacaggg acaagtgttc ttgcagaaga     98520
     attctgatcc cagcactcag ctcaagtggc tcacaaacct ttaactccaa caccctctct     98580
     ggcctccttg ggtacttgca gtcacataca cacttctgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     98640
     tgtgtgtgtt tatgctctca ctattgcttt agtacctcta tgcattttac actaacagaa     98700
     tagaagatgc tgctttgcaa aaaaaaccaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaaaaac aagtcttcca     98760
     tagtccattg atttgcatcc agtttatagc gcttgacttc ttacatcctt taaagctcca     98820
     atatgtggtt tcagaagtta gtacagtatt ctcaggagtt ttctttgata tttttgaccg     98880
     tatacaatag taaacattat taataattac aatgtgtgtg tgcatgtatg tgcgtgcatg     98940
     tgcatgtgtg tgtgtgtgag tatgtgtgtt ggaacacaaa tgcatggtgc tgagtcaatg     99000
     ccattgtatg gttattacct agagaacaca atctgagata ctgaaatttg ttggtgtttt     99060
     tacagaagaa cattctggat agagaggggt ggtaggggaa acagaagtga gcagaaggag     99120
     aaggaggcct ctgatgtggt tttagttcaa acagaagtta atacttactg gaagtcatgc     99180
     agcagggatg gatggctctt ctcaatcgcc tccctggagg gacctccaaa tcaaccaacc     99240
     aacgaacaga cactattcca ggaagaagac atgactttaa gggaggcacc tgccttcagt     99300
     aaaggatcgt tcccacaaag ggactcattt atttatgggc tatcagaagc aaacacttca     99360
     gcagcttcag gaacactgcc ctgttctata gggaggtctg gatgccacat ctcagtgtga     99420
     ccacatctag atcaacacct aacagacaaa atggtagaat tgcaagtatt tccattttca     99480
     taaaactact aatacaattt accgcttttt tttctgaaga gaaatggagg ataagtggat     99540
     ctggggagga gggggcactg ggagaagaga agggaggaaa aaattcagtc agaatgtaat     99600
     atatgaaaga ggaataaata aattaattaa tttacaaaat aaataacttt agttttatgt     99660
     taatattttt taaattgtca aaggaaggtc tgtgagaatg gccctttcat gattggagag     99720
     agataaatat gatggaattt tgtctccaaa cataggagct ataggtgatt ttaattctat     99780
     ttatataaaa tattcaatgg tacaagccta ccagaaagta gaactttcaa tacttttaac     99840
     tgcaacttct ctgagtacat ggttggtgct atatactaca tctgggcatt ttattagaag     99900
     ttcctgcact gaaccccagc ccatcaatgt ggcaaacagt gttttctctc tctctctctc     99960
     cattttttgc catatgagga cataccaagg tgtccagaga gtgagccctt accagacagg    100020
     tatcttggac tctccagctt tcatgagagt gagaaataga tgtcgattca tggtaatttg    100080
     tcttggcagg gcgaaccaaa aataggtaga agcccagcta aatgccatta aagcaattag    100140
     atgtaactta gacagatgtg ggttgcacta aagggggtaa atgaaagact aagaggctcc    100200
     agaacaaact gcaaatttgc cagaaaatga agtgacctca atgttagttt cacccctagc    100260
     tgtttgatat gaagttacta gttattgcaa aaagaagcaa atcgggtgtt ctgtgtttaa    100320
     aacaaaacaa agcaaaaaac ttaaatacct tttttactta gagtaaatga gttttccaca    100380
     aaaggaaagc acgtgtggaa aaaaatatat tattaaaatg gcttcaacaa gcacagggaa    100440
     ttagaacctc caaaaatatg tttgcatggc atggtataga agattaacct tcaaataacc    100500
     tcatttctct agaaactctt tctggccacc tgagagaaga tgagataaag aactatgtca    100560
     ctatgttata gtcatagata caaaaaatat gtttaaagtc ttattttcaa attcttctat    100620
     cgacttgtgg actttttttt taggtatata tcagttgtac aaaggagttt cataatggca    100680
     tttccatgca gtgtgacata ttatttatac ttgaataaaa ataaaattta tggcataagt    100740
     atatcttaaa ccttttaagc atttgttaac tatgcagaaa agtacaaagc aaatgtatat    100800
     agctcagaaa atctgtagta accagcaccc agttcaagaa gcagaacact gtaccttcca    100860
     taactctatt gctccattac cattaacaga tggctggatg tgcgtgatat ttatattcac    100920
     ttgtcattta taatttgcca gtatttttac tctgcatgaa cattatattg ttgatatacg    100980
     ataatagaca tattactagt ttgttgtttt atgtttttgt ctatttagtg gatctccatt    101040
     gatctttctt tatctcaagt atcacaaaga ctaggactga gcctgcccat cgtctcccct    101100
     tgctgacacc ctctgctcac agcctccctc actcctgtgc atcggcaggt ctgtcataaa    101160
     gaagctgcac tgcccatatg tttcccaccc accaccttgg tctaaatttg gttcatactg    101220
     ttactctctc acataaacct aactcttttt tttgtaacac ctaccatagt ctataattgc    101280
     atatatattc atgagtgtgt gcatgcctgc tgatcatctt catcaactta aaagctccat    101340
     gaggtgaaga aatttaagtg ttctcttagt atttcctagc cagcatgaag ctcatccaag    101400
     acaatcagtg ggtgttcaag ggaaaaagaa acggaaagag ggatgagagg ggtaaaataa    101460
     taaacttcac agtgatgact gactcagaga tctatgcctc cctagacttg ctcctctgta    101520
     acaccccata aggcatgtgt agctgtattc ccacaaacat attaataaca aaatgaagtg    101580
     catcatcctt cctctgtctg ataccagctt tctcctgtgc atcctgacct tgcagggtga    101640
     aacaccatct accgtcacag cagtcagaac tcaggagtga cttgtgtccc tctaactttg    101700
     agtgagccag cctttccctc aactgagtac cttcccaatc agccaatctc caaaccaaat    101760
     ccttgcctca tttctgcagt gcctgccaca acttctttca tgtgctagca aagagtcctt    101820
     ccaacacttt tgaccaggtt cctctggtgc ttaaaatctt tccagaagtg tgagaggtag    101880
     tagacgcctt ccatagtaga gagtcaatcc attttgtcaa gtttaacaaa tcaagaaata    101940
     ggaatataaa tatattgaga actacagggg taaataggaa ctattttaaa aatggttaac    102000
     ttgtaaataa tagaattgca gacaggggac atgaaaaagg aagatatttc gtttttattt    102060
     gtatagcctt gggtactgtt agaacattga ttatactctg tggcatgtag tttttcctac    102120
     cttgctttaa gctccagaca gaccacacta ccagccccta ccctgattcc cttggatcca    102180
     cagataaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaccagtta atcttaaaaa    102240
     tgcctttgct aactcaatta ctggacacta ctaaacctcc tctgccaccc taggcataat    102300
     tggatagagt gactattggc tactccaact gaaaatgcac atagctggtt ggctttatct    102360
     cctgtcacta ctgcctcctt ctcccctctc acacccctcc tccacccctc acctctcacc    102420
     ccaccccact cctgtcatcc ctattctccc tgcatcttcg tcccaggaaa ctctaagtgt    102480
     cctgccctgt cctcagtcat tggttgctgg tatctttatt gatcaatcaa gaaccagttg    102540
     gggagtcttc cattagcagc cttcagaaga agatgtagaa ctctcagttc tgcctgcatc    102600
     atgcctgccg agatgctgcc atgctcctac cttgatgatg atggactgaa cctctgaacc    102660
     tgtaagccag ccttaattaa atgtaggtct ttctaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa agaagaacca    102720
     gttggggaat aggaccttag tgtcagaacc accatctata atactctata aataatttaa    102780
     gatgaagatt tttaaatgta tttttattaa gtttctggtt ctctctctct ctctctctct    102840
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctgacatt tttgttgaca tggcacttgg    102900
     gtagttgatt gcattatcca catgcaaatt ttattatgta tattatgttg caatgcacat    102960
     aatatacata taatacacaa aaatatcctt tagaacagtt atgcttaaga catgagtaat    103020
     ggatttatac tctgaagctg cagtgtaatt aactgggaac tcaatgtcct aggagtgttt    103080
     ggtgacagtt tgcagcacaa ggctattatg ctgcacacaa ttgtcagagt gtcccagaaa    103140
     caaggtactg tcacattaac aaggttactg gtacacaagt accacttagc atcagtgcat    103200
     agctgtaagg aattgaggtt tacccccagg ctgccttaac ataactggat taatcacagc    103260
     tcagatgaaa aggacaggaa gtgtggtctc catagaaacc ctgctgcagt ctggatagta    103320
     aagtgctaag acacaggaag actttagaag tgcagcaaat tctgaatttt cagagcctat    103380
     ctacactctt cttcaagctg gccttctcct caggtgtcag agtcactctg caacatctga    103440
     gattccagtt tgttccagga tgaagggctc actgaggaag atgtcatcct tttttcataa    103500
     agagatcctt aattatgctg gaaatggtat atacatctag attctccatt atgctcttga    103560
     ccaaatctgc cacattagtc agggttttct agagtaacag aacttatgga tgaatctctg    103620
     aatccatata taatcatata taatatcata tatatattat gtaaataatc cactatacat    103680
     ccatatataa aggaaattta ttggaatgac ttacaggctg cagtctaact aaatcaacaa    103740
     tagctagctg tgactggaaa gtccaagaat ctagtagttg ctcagtccca caaagctgag    103800
     agtttcagca agtcttctgt atattctaga atcccaaaga agcaggcgca atgccagtga    103860
     aggaatggat gtgctagcaa ggccagagca agcagacaaa gaataagagc ttccttcttc    103920
     catttcctta tataggcttc cagcagaagg tgtggcccag attaaatgta tgtcttcccg    103980
     aatcaagacc ttgatcgaaa gcctgtgtct tcctacctca aaggtccgga ccaagcagaa    104040
     atctcaggtg tgccctccat ttctgggttt tagtttattc cagagatagt caaagtgaca    104100
     accaagacta gccatcacat ctaccctttc aatgtaacca cctcacaggc attgtcaacc    104160
     acctgtttgc gaacctcttt ccactgctcc ttatttgtgt cagtgccaag ttctgggtta    104220
     aattgttctg ggagtaacat ttgcgtcact ccacacaaac acactaaagt ctctacgctc    104280
     cataagtccc atccatgaca gcttggcagg tgaacttcca gccttttccc ccatcaggtg    104340
     atggaactga gctaaatcca aaatgcaacc acttccggat aacttggttt tgggaaaagc    104400
     cacttgtctt tcaagcagtg taggtcaaga catccaatga gtttgaccca acaacaactg    104460
     ttcagatcat acttcagctc ttaaaggagg tcacattatg ctggaccaaa tagagccagc    104520
     tccctttctc ttgctgccag tccccagatg caataattac cagcttagaa ttctcagtca    104580
     cactacagtc tttgccaggt gttctagagg tgttctggtg ttctaaggga catgttcttg    104640
     gtccatcatg ttgcccttca gtttgtcttc caagatatca agttcatctg ccaggtcctt    104700
     cattatgcat gccatcatgc catcagtatc ttcaacctgc agctgtgtgc cggacatact    104760
     cattgggtac acttgggtcc tcttgtttct gagtccatga tgatgagggt tggtactgtt    104820
     ggcatggttt acattaacag tatcttttat tttctttatt cttcccgtat acaatatatc    104880
     ccaactgcag catccttcag tttctccaca catacctccc ttcaccccca gatccactgt    104940
     tcctccattt cccttcagaa atgaacaggc ctccctgtga tatcaactga atacagcaat    105000
     gattattgcc acaaacccac tagaagaggc aacccaggat gataaaaagg atgccatgag    105060
     caagcaacag tcagagacac ttccacttcc actgttagga gtcccacaag aacaccaagc    105120
     tacccaaccc tagcatgatg ctgactccca gttgtgataa tgaccagcaa aaactgtact    105180
     gtgactgaca actctaaact ggttataggt acttttgaaa tggtcatttc tagttctctg    105240
     gaaagttagt tataacaaat gatgttttgc tggggcacac aggtgaagag gtatcttgct    105300
     aaagcaaaca tgaaagactt ttcctgaagc agacccaggt gtgaggatgt ttggatatag    105360
     cagacatgta aaaggatgct tgatgaagat gtgtagtctc ccctccccca gtctgaaacc    105420
     tgcttgctca ggggtggagc ttcctgctca ttcgttctgc cacgcccact gctggaacct    105480
     gcggagccac acacgtgcac ttttctactg gaccagagat tattcggcag gaatcgggtc    105540
     ccctccccct tccttcataa ctagtgtcgc aacaataaaa tttgagcctt gatcagagta    105600
     actgtcttgg ctacattctt ttctctcgcc acctagcccc tcttctcttc caggtttcca    105660
     aaatgccttt ccaggctaga acccaggttg tggtctgctg gccggacaca acaattggcg    105720
     aaccaacgcg ggactgagaa acggcaaagg atttttggaa gattcgctgc tggttcggag    105780
     ctccataaaa taaaggatta aggaaattca taccggagaa ggtatgggct aagctgagac    105840
     agcgttaaac ccgagcgctg gttcacttag gttcagcagt gaggagctgg gaatcaggcg    105900
     gtaggccgta gctctccgaa gctacatgag gtgtgagaaa agaaagggtt tattaaaagg    105960
     aataggcgga ttgccccagt taataaaaaa tgcatcataa gggaggaaaa tgtcccaaaa    106020
     agcagagaga aatttctctc tgggccttat agcaggagta ctctgttccc ttttgtgtct    106080
     tgtctaatgt ccggtgcacc aatctgttct cgtgttcaat tcatgtatgt ttgtgtccag    106140
     tctgtatgaa tgaatgttct atgttttgtg ttggataata aagatggtat aaaaaacttt    106200
     atctgcaaag ccgagagctg ccacgtgttt catccaggaa tcagacacgt ggcgggaggg    106260
     cccctgctgg aaaaaccgtt tcttttagga aataagggcg agtgcacagc ctctaatttt    106320
     cggagtaaaa aagctaataa atggttcatg attaatgtgt ttgacaatgg taaagagttt    106380
     tttattctat gattgtagct acaaaaatta ttattctctg attggtctaa atgtaactgc    106440
     ttcatttggt tcttttttat tggtaatgtg ctctgagtgt cttcacattc agctcataag    106500
     ttgttggtta agattaataa ttgttacatt gctacagatg gttagtgtta aatttgataa    106560
     ctcaagttta gagtccttcc gacacatggc ataaagcagg ccaagaggct gggtctctaa    106620
     agatatttct agtttaggta ataattaata tagtttgtat cctaaatagt aaaatttaag    106680
     ataagattta aagcaatgtc tctttattaa agcattaaag cttgctttaa taggtattca    106740
     taggtattaa ttgacatcca aacttcgtaa tatgatagta atgcttctaa tattgatttt    106800
     aaagataata aattgtttta aacttgggtt ttgctttccc aaggttgtag gtattatcct    106860
     aaccttgcac aaaaaactta aaaattatgg ttaaaactgc tattgttcca ttgactgcag    106920
     cttgcagttt gatttcaaat ttaagatctt taattcacct gtatactgta attaagataa    106980
     ttacaagagt aatcatctta tgagagcgct catacagctc acttcataca aaactgtgac    107040
     agagttatct agttatgttt gtctttgtga atagattaga caaacagttt ggttatagtt    107100
     gctgcctggc aggaaactgt agtacaggca attttttcac aacactaaag ttgtgaagaa    107160
     cgttttaact gtaagtcatc ttaagaaaga gtatcaaaat ttagaggcgt agacagttat    107220
     attgtttctc taaaatcggt ccttattaca ggagggccag gatgctcaga ttaaaaagta    107280
     ttttacgttt gagtcaatac atggctctgg gcagccccag agcagcttgt ggcctttctt    107340
     ttgttttgca aacagtgcct gagaaagatt tttccctgtg ttcaagagaa attcttttta    107400
     acagtgttgc agatctattc agatgtttaa aataatgctt aaattcaaag agttttgctt    107460
     ctagtgaact gtaaccacta gaaaattttg cctctaggta tggctaatgt aactttacct    107520
     tatgtaagaa aaatttttat tgtttctgct tctatacaag aagccaagag ttttaatctt    107580
     tcagtgtata ttgtttccta agaggaaagt attaactaat gcttcttaaa gtttacctta    107640
     aatccttgct ctcacccaaa agattcagag acaatatcct tttattactt agggttttag    107700
     tttactgcaa aagtttctac aaaaaataaa gcttttataa ttgttgttaa ttggtaatta    107760
     aaaattggtt gtgcccaaaa caattctttg gccaaaaaga aaacattatt gtaaagtcat    107820
     ttttctcatc ctcccagcca atcgttggcc cacgtgggcc caactagctt ctgtggggca    107880
     aagtcttaag acacagtttc ccctgttcta gcacagatga tctagttgtg tgctgtagat    107940
     gtgttttaaa atgctgaaca atcaaacctt aatttgtata ttaatagtca atgccatatc    108000
     tctgagctcg caattgctta aattgttcat ccctcagata ctattctcaa atttacaatt    108060
     gcttatgcat atttctagtt aataaattat gcacatgtga ctcttaataa ctttgcaagc    108120
     cttctagtta caactgctcc ttaagaaaat tgattgaaag tgcaactagt cactgcccct    108180
     ttacagccat gtatttaaaa tgttttgtca actagttatt aattcaaaag tttaggtatt    108240
     gtaaaatttt aaaactttaa cttcttaaaa gacaaaaaag agagaaattg tatccccgtg    108300
     catactattt agtgcattcc catgcacact attgaagtct tacctttatt ttcaaaatct    108360
     aatattttaa tgtcaaagag tttaataaat gctttatagt atcttaaagg gatctactta    108420
     ttggcttata gattaatcct aaaacagcta ccttattaga aaagggaaaa acaggttttc    108480
     tccacaaaac gctgtagaag catattagta aattcgtgtg acaaactggt aggtaagttg    108540
     actcatgtcc tgattgaatt gactaaaaaa ctaaattaaa ttcatgtttt agatccatcc    108600
     ttacttgtca tttttccagt ttagactagc ttctagcctt ttaactttat ggcaatagta    108660
     catcagagac tgtatattca gacttagtaa aattagtcat ttaatagagt cataatgatt    108720
     tttctctttt cttcagtgtg accggccatt ctaactcaat ctcagactgg tctaatattc    108780
     agtccaatgt tagagattcc tatattctaa attacctaac aaagttaatt cagagcacat    108840
     cccccacttc ccctagatcc ctaacctcag aaggattgct ggccttacag ctagtagaaa    108900
     aagctattaa agagcaattg gtcacttaat acattggtaa aatagaagga ccccctgact    108960
     aacaaatgga agggtccaga tccagttcta atttggggta gggactcagt ttgtgttttt    109020
     tcacgagatg aagatggagc gcagtggctg ccagataaat taatttgtta gatgaacaca    109080
     gattctaaat cttctaaagt atcaccttga ggactaaaat tcctcttttg cttaaaagtc    109140
     ggcttgagga ctcaggctcc gaaaaaaaac tactctctga gccagctccc aacaggaggc    109200
     cggagactag cctcagcttt acaatttgca tttgaataaa gtacctggac ttccccaaaa    109260
     taagttctgc tttcctactt tctcactgtc gagattttgt ctttcaagca ggtaaatcaa    109320
     cattctcgag gcggaccagc ggatgtgcat ccccgccccc ctagagcaca caggtggctg    109380
     ctgttatctc ctttccaagg acatttccag cacttggcct tcagtctgat ttaaaaatta    109440
     ggtttaccaa gagggctaga aaagtagata tttctatatt aataaagatt ggtttttatt    109500
     ttgatagaca ggcttagtcc cttagctgac ctctggcttc acccttgctg ttactgcaag    109560
     gtgtccttag gctgtggaaa aaacagggat gaggaggaac aacttccagc tcctatttca    109620
     gccacaagtc atggtgttac taatgacata attattgctt aggccttgct aatctgaggt    109680
     tgataattct cctttaggag ctgcacagca ctcagaactg tgcatactgg tttgtgatcg    109740
     tacaaattca gtatgggcat cgcttggtgc agaggcactg caggggaagg tccagcttga    109800
     ccatttctga gtttcctgtg aataaacccg gtttgaaaga ggttggtatc atattttggc    109860
     taaaaatcaa aaatattttt cggctctgcc tcacctcccc aaaagatacc cagagccaca    109920
     ggtgtgggtc ttatcagtac ccacgggagg aatcgggtca atgtccaccc aagccaaggt    109980
     taaaagccca ctcatctacg gatgagaaaa atcatttgat cacctcagtt aagcgttgcc    110040
     ttatttaact taattaatag gggggagaga gattggagac gtactattga aagggcaagc    110100
     ccttcactgc ctcccaccca aataaaaaag ccaattggcc ttgtactaca agagccggtc    110160
     gaactcctcc ctgtttccca cctatcatcc aaaaatgcgg aggaatatca acttagtgtt    110220
     attcttatta taatgtattt cacatttgtt cagtcaaact tagccagagt tccaacgccc    110280
     tacttaaaat ttcaactaga aagttaccta ccaagtacta attagcatta taaagtcaga    110340
     gcctacagct ccaggctttt cagttagttg tttactaaga taagaaagga cagtcttagc    110400
     cttatacagt ttaccataag aaaagttaag gaatctcatg aaagcaagtt ttttctttag    110460
     ccctagattc caggcagaac tattgagcat agataatttt cccccctcag gccagctttt    110520
     tcttttttta aaattttgtt aataaaaggg aggagatgta gtctcccctc ccccagcctg    110580
     aaacctgctt gctcaggggt ggagcttcct gctcattcgt tctgtcacgc ccactgctgg    110640
     aacctgcgga gccacacacg tgcacttttc tactggacca gagattattc ggcgggaatc    110700
     gagtcccctc ccccttcctt cataactagt gtcgcaacaa taaaatttga gccttgaaca    110760
     gagtaactgt cttggctaca ttcttttctc tcgccaccta gcccctcttc tcttccaggt    110820
     ttccaaaatg cctttccagg ctagaaccca ggttgtggtc tgctggccag acacaacaaa    110880
     gatgtataaa tatgacccca cagacagtgg gagacaagca ctgagccttg ttgatttgct    110940
     gtgccttgct attcttcact aaagacacat atgtattgct tcaacttata tagcgttgtt    111000
     gagctctact tgtgataata ttgtcattgt gagaaattcg cccaagaact gctctcgagg    111060
     ctcctgaagc agcgtgccgc ttctgcagcc tcacctcagg ctggttggtg agcctggtcg    111120
     tttcttcagg attgaactac agtttccagt ttgtgcctga tgactgcttg gtgaaaggac    111180
     tggatagtag ctgctggttc gtgcctgttg tcgcctgcct agaggactgg tctgcagctg    111240
     ctgaatcgta tttggtgttt gctacatgac tgaactgctg cccaagaaga tcaagcttgc    111300
     ccctaaagaa ctgtttttcc tgtaggcata agtttttaca accaattcta ataagggttc    111360
     agcctctcct ctagcacacc acccagtaga ggtagtagaa aggaaatgtt atcaggatat    111420
     aggggctgtt cagcaacagc cttgtgataa gagttcatta gaagaaaaac agggcacaga    111480
     atagatggct cagtcggtta aaagtgtttg ccataagtag gtttcattcc agggatgcag    111540
     ggatggttaa atatatggaa atccatcaac ataatccact atataaacaa actcaaagac    111600
     aaaaaacaca tgatcatctc attagatgca gagaaagcat ttgacaaaat ccaacaccca    111660
     ttcatgataa aagtcttgga aagatcagga attcaaggcc catacctaaa catgataaaa    111720
     gcaatctaca gcaaaccagt agccaacatc aaagtaaatg gtgagaagct ggaagcaatc    111780
     ccactaaaat caaggactag acaaggctgc ccactttctc cctaactatt caacatagta    111840
     cttgaagtcc tagccagagc aattcgacaa caaaaggaga tcaaggggat acaaattgga    111900
     aaggaagaag tcaaaatatc actttttgta gatgatatga tagtatatat aagtgaccct    111960
     aaaaattcca ccagaaaact cctaaacctg ataaacagct tcagtgaagt agcttagctg    112020
     gatataaaat taactcaaaa caaatcagtg gcctttctgt acacaaagga taaacaggct    112080
     gagaaagaaa ttagggaaac attaccctct caatagtcac aaataatata aaataccttg    112140
     gcgtgactct aaccaaggaa gtgaaagatc tgtatgataa gagcttcaag tctctgaaga    112200
     aagaaattaa agatctcaga agatggaaag atctcccatg ctcatgaatt ggcaggatca    112260
     atatagtaaa aatggctatc ttgccaaaag caatctacag attcaatgca atccccatca    112320
     aaattccaac tcaattcttc aaccaattag aaagggcaat ttgtaaattc atctggaata    112380
     acaaaaaaat ctaggatagc aaaagctctt ctcaatgata aaagaacctc tggtggaata    112440
     atcatgcctg acctaaagct gtattacaga gcaattgtga taaaaactgc atggtactgg    112500
     tatagcaaca gacaagtaga ccaatggaat aggattgaaa tctcagaaat gaacccacac    112560
     acctatggtc acttgatctt tgacaaggga gctaaaacca tccagtgaaa aaatgacaac    112620
     attttcaaca aatggtgctg gcacaactgg cggttatcat gtataagaat gcgaattgat    112680
     ccattcctat ctccttgtac taaggtcaaa tctaagtgga tcaaggaact ccacataaaa    112740
     ccagagacac tgaaacttat agaggagaaa gtggggaaaa gtctcaaaga tatgggtaca    112800
     gggggaaaat tcctgaatag aacagcaatg gcttgtgctg taagatcgag aatcgaccaa    112860
     tgggacctca taaaattaca aagcttctgt aagtcaaaag acaccgtcaa taagacaaaa    112920
     aggccaccaa cagattggga aagggtcttt accaatcgga aatcagatag gggaataata    112980
     tccaatatat ataaagaact caagaaggtg gaatccagaa aaatcaaata accccattaa    113040
     aaatggggct cagagctaaa caaagaattc tcaactgagg aataccgaat ggctgagaag    113100
     cacctgaaaa aatgttcagc atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg    113160
     agattccacc tcacaccagt cagaatggct aagatcaaaa aatcagatga cagcagatgc    113220
     tggcgaggat gtggagaaag aggaccactc ctccattgtt ggtgggattg caaacttgta    113280
     caaccactct ggaaatcagt ctggcagttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt cccacctgag    113340
     gactcagcaa tacctttcct gggcatatat ccagaagatg ttccaactgg taaggacaca    113400
     tgctccacta tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacccaga    113460
     tgtccctcaa cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tttacacaat ggagtactac    113520
     tcagctatta aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctaggca aatggatgga cctgggggct    113580
     tcatcctgag tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa ggaactcacg tgatatgtac tcactgataa    113640
     gtggatatta gcccagaaac ttaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gcaaaacaca    113700
     tgaaactcaa gaagaacgaa gaccaaagtg tggacactgt gccccttctt agaattggga    113760
     acaaaacacc catggaagga gttacagaga caaagtttgg agctgagatg aaaggatgaa    113820
     ccatctagag acttctatac ctggggatcc atccaataat ctgcctccaa aagctgacac    113880
     cattgcatac accagcaagt ttttgctgaa agaaccctga tatagctgtc tcttgtgagg    113940
     ctatgcctgt gcctggcaaa cacaaaagga tgctcatagt cagctattgg atggatcaca    114000
     gggcccccaa tggaggagct agaggaagca tccaaggagc taaaggggtc tgcaacccta    114060
     ttggtggaac aacaatatga actaaccagt acccccagag ctcgtgtctc tagctgcata    114120
     tgtagccgaa gatggcctag ttggccatca ttgggaggag aggccccttg gtcttgcaaa    114180
     ctttatatgc ctcagtacgg ggtaatgcca gggccaagaa gtgggagtgg gtgggtaggg    114240
     gagtttgcgg ggtgagggtc tggggggact tctaggatag catttgaaat gtaaattaag    114300
     aaaataccta attaaaaaaa taaattataa aaaagtgttt gccatgaagc ctgatgacct    114360
     gagttcaaaa ttcatataaa ggtggaaaaa gagaatcaac cccataaagc tgtcttctga    114420
     catctacata tgtgccacaa cacacacaaa cccctcacac aacaataata aataattttt    114480
     ttaaaatgac aagatgtggt actacaccca aagaaataag ccactgatct aaatgtgtaa    114540
     tagcatttta aatatatttt ttaatataag catatattga atttttaaat gcaccatatt    114600
     aagagtattt tgaattaagg agtgcagcag gagaacgaga ccactggcat agaagactca    114660
     gcctgattct gtgctttgtg ttttcagagg actctgtgaa gtagtgcaac agccctattt    114720
     ttcacatctc ctgttgatat caaaacaaaa ctctactttt cccagattcc ttctagaaca    114780
     ttctcatcac caattcatac aaaaagagaa agaggagaaa ggatttttat ttaactattt    114840
     ttaatttata atatatttac tgcatttccc cctcctcttt tctccatcaa aatcctctca    114900
     tgtatttctc cttactctct ttcagattca tggcctctct ttttcattca ttattggtgt    114960
     gtgtgtgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttcct    115020
     aaatacataa atacaaccca tcagtctgta tactattgct tctatgtgta tgctttcagg    115080
     gctaaccatt tggtattgga tttgttcctc cctgaggaga ctatttcccc cactctcagt    115140
     gttgttcctt agctgcctgg agttctttgt gtagggttga ggcctcatgg gttcctcaaa    115200
     ccaccaccat ccacatcagc atgcctttcc atgttgtcct tgctcagctc agttttaggc    115260
     agtcagtttg gtgaaacatt gtgggtgtag cctctgacgt tcttaagaga cacaacctca    115320
     cagcaaactc tctggccttt ccagcccctc ttccgctcag cccctgatcc ctgagcctca    115380
     ggtggaggag tagtattgtt gatgtgtcag ttggtaccga gctccacagc tctgcctttt    115440
     gatttgttgt ggtttttcag ttcaaaaagc agtttccttg atgagaggag tacattctaa    115500
     atgtattaga agacagttag gggttatgct aatttaggaa agcagcgatg gtggtaagtt    115560
     ttaagaggag aaaatgcgaa tgagtgcttg aatcttctgt tcttttctaa cttacagaac    115620
     ctcaggagcc aatgtttcaa agaagccagt aacccaaatg tcatctcttc tgaggtaagg    115680
     acattgttac caatatactg ataacatcta gttcttcaag ttgtcagaga ctaataactg    115740
     agcataccaa gagggtaagg tagtgttgag ttctttattt ctccaaacaa tgtgaaattt    115800
     atgaatatat gttcatagat tatagataac attatatatt atatatgtaa tcagtcaaca    115860
     tgaagttaat tagtattata tatatgcata taaacatata tatataatca gtcattatga    115920
     agatattaat taggacggtt atatttctct gaatcttttt cttttaattt atttattatt    115980
     atatgtaagt acactgtgtc ttaagacaca ccagaagagg gtgtcagaaa tcattttgga    116040
     tggttgtgag ccacaatgtg gttgcgggga tttgaactca ggaccttcgg gagaacagga    116100
     agattatact tcttcatgta ataagaaaat ccacctgaaa tgtcttcaat aataaagcta    116160
     tttgttgtca gccatgtcaa gaagctgaag acagacactt tcagggttgc tcggccttct    116220
     gctcagttcc ctcaaggttc ggctgctttc tctgccctcc tctcctggcc tcagcctgct    116280
     ctgaccatcg ggccaatcct gctcattgtg caaaatcccc ttgaagacac agcaatctaa    116340
     gattcaaaaa aggcattctt tatttccaaa tgtcttttaa gaacaaagag aaactttccc    116400
     aggggagctt tggtgcacac tcacggcctt attggttaga attgtgtcac gtgtcagcca    116460
     atcctggatg agagggttac catcactcta gcgtatgcct accgttatcc actctttgga    116520
     tttcctggaa agcataagtg ggaaaataat acagagttct gtgtgttgcc aagcgagagg    116580
     acacagtttt tgatttgagt gtaagaggca tggtaataaa atgcactttg acatttttaa    116640
     aaccttgtaa attgctaacc gggcggtggt ggcacacgcc ttttatccca gcactcggga    116700
     ggcagaggca ggcagatttc tgagttcgag gccagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg    116760
     acagccaggg ctacacagag aaaccctgtc tcgaaaaacc aaaaaagagc agcggtcgcc    116820
     atcttggtcc gggacccgcc gaacttagga aattagtctg aacaggtgag agggtgcgcc    116880
     agagaacctg acagcctctg gaacaggcag aagcacagag gggctgaggc agcaccctgt    116940
     gtgggccggg gacagccagc caccttccgg accggaggac aggtgcccgc ccggctgggg    117000
     aggcgaccta agccacagca gcagcggtcg ccatcttggt ccgggacccg ccgaacttag    117060
     gaagttagtc tgaacaggtg agagggtgcg ccagagaacc tgacagcttc tggaacaggc    117120
     ggaagcacag aggcgctgag gcagcaccct ttgtgggccg gggacagccg gccaccatcc    117180
     ggaccggagg acaggtgccc gcccggctgg ggaggcggcc taagccacag cagcagcggt    117240
     cgccatcttg gtccgggacc cgccgaactt aggaaattag tctgaacagg tgagagggtg    117300
     cgccagagaa cctgacagcc tctggaacag gcaaaagcac agaggggctg aggcagcacc    117360
     ctgtgtgggc cggggacagc cagccacctt ccggaccgga ggacaggtgc ccgcccggct    117420
     ggggaggcga cctaagccac agcagcagcg gtcgccatct tggtccggga cccgccgaac    117480
     ttaggaaatt agtctgaaca ggtgagaggg tgcgccagag aacctgacag cttctggaac    117540
     aggcggaagc acagaggcgc tgaggcagca ccctttgtgg gccggggaca gccggccacc    117600
     atccggaccg gaggacaggt gcccgcccgg ctggggaggc ggcctaagcc acagcagcag    117660
     cggtcgccat cttggtcccg ggactccaag gaacttagga atttagtctg cttaggtgag    117720
     agtctgtacc acctgggaac tgccaaagca acacagtgtc tgagaaaggt cctgttttgg    117780
     gccttcttct tcggccagga ggaggtccaa atacaagata tctgcgcacc ttccctgtaa    117840
     gagagcttgc cagcagagag tgctctgagc actgaaactc agaggagaga atctgtctcc    117900
     caggtctgct gatagacggt aacagaatca ccagaagaac aatctctaaa cagagtcaac    117960
     tataactact aactccagag attaccagat ggcgaaaggt aaacggagga atcttactaa    118020
     caggaaccaa gaccactcac catcaccaga acccagcaca cccacttcgc ccagtccagg    118080
     gaaccccaac acacctgaga acctagacct agatttaaaa gcatatctca tgatgatggt    118140
     agaggacatc aagaaggact ttaataaatc acttaaagaa atacaggaga acactgctaa    118200
     agagttacaa gtccttaaag aaaaacagga aaacacaatc aaacaggtag aagtccttac    118260
     agaaaaagag gaaaaaacat acaaacaggt gatggaaatg aacaaaacca tactagacct    118320
     aaaaagggaa gtagacacaa taaagaaaac tcaaagcgag gcaacactag agatagaaac    118380
     cctaggaaag aaatctggaa ccatagattt gagcatcagc aacagaatac aagagatgga    118440
     agagagaatc tcaggtgcag aagattccat agagaacatt ggcacaacaa tcaaagaaaa    118500
     tggaaaatgc aaaaagatcc taactcaaaa tatccaggaa atccaggaca caataagaag    118560
     accaaacgta cggataatag gagtggatga gaatgaagat tttcaactca aaggtccagc    118620
     aaacatcttc aacaaaatta ttgaagaaaa cttcccaaat ctaaagaatg agatgcatat    118680
     gaacatacaa gaagcctaca gaactccaaa tagactggac cagaaaagaa attcctcccg    118740
     acacataata atcagaacat caaatgcact aaataaagat agaatactaa aagcagtaag    118800
     ggaaaaaggt caagtaacat ataaaggcaa gcctatcaga attacaccag atttttcacc    118860
     agagactatg aaagccagaa gagcctggac agatgttata cagacactaa gagaacacaa    118920
     actgcagccc aggctactat acccagccaa actctcaatt atcatagagg gagaaaccaa    118980
     agtattccac gacaaaacca aattcacgca ttatctctcc acgaatccag cccttcaaag    119040
     gataataaca gaaaaaaacc aatacaagaa cgggaacaac gccctagaaa aaacaagaag    119100
     gtaatccctc aacaaaccta aaagaagaca gccacaagaa cagaatgcca cctttaacaa    119160
     ctaaaataac aggaagcaac aattactttt ccttaatatc tcttaacatc aatggtctca    119220
     actcgccaat aaaaagacat agactaacaa actggctaca caaacaagac ccaacatttt    119280
     gctgcttaca ggaaactcat ctcagagaaa aagatagaca ctacctcaga atgaaaggct    119340
     ggaaaacaat tttccaagca aatggtatga agaaacaagc aggagtagcc atcctaatat    119400
     ctgataagat tgacttccaa cccaaagtca tcaaaaaaga caaggaggga cacttcattc    119460
     tcatcaaagg taaaatcctc caagaggaac tctcaattct gaatatctat gctccaaata    119520
     caagagcagc cacattcact aaagaaactt tagtaaagct caaagcacac attgtacctc    119580
     acacaataat agtgggagac ttcaacacac cactttcacc aatggacaga tcatggaaac    119640
     agaaactaaa cagggacaca ctgaaactaa cagaagtgat gaaacaaatg gatctgacag    119700
     atatctacag aacattttat cctaaaacaa aaggatatac cttcttctca gcacctcatg    119760
     gtaccttctc caaaattgac cacataatag gtcacaaatc aggcctcaac agattcaaaa    119820
     atattgaaat tgtcccatgt atcctatcag atcaccatgc actaaggctg atcttcaata    119880
     acaaaataaa taacagaaag ccaacattca catggaaact gaacaacact cttctcaatg    119940
     ataccttggt caaggaagga ataaagaaag aaattaaaga ctttttagag tttaatgaca    120000
     atgaagccac aacgtaccca aacctttggg acacaatgaa agcatttcta agagggaaac    120060
     tcatagctat gagtgccttc aagaaaaaac gggagagagc acatactagc agcttgacaa    120120
     cacatctaaa agctctagaa aaaaaggaag caaattcacc caagaggagt agacggcagg    120180
     aaataatcaa actcaggggt gaaatcaacc aagtggaaac aagaagaact attcaaagaa    120240
     ttaaccaaac gaggagttgg ttctttgaga aaatcaacaa gatagataaa cccttagcta    120300
     gactcactaa agggcacagg gacaaaatcc taattaacaa aatcagaaat gaaaagggag    120360
     acataacaac agatcctgaa gaaatccaaa acaccatcag atccttctac aaaaggctat    120420
     actcaacaaa actggaaaac ctggacgaaa tggacaaatt tctggacaga taccaggtac    120480
     caaagttgaa tcaggatcaa gttgaccttc taaacagtcc catatcccct aaagaaatag    120540
     aagcagttat taatagtctc ccagccaaaa aaagcccagg accagacggg tttagtgcag    120600
     agttctatca gaccttcaaa gaagatctaa ctccagttct gcacaaactt tttcacaaga    120660
     tagaagtaga aggtattcta cccaactcat tttatgaagc cactattact ctgataccta    120720
     aaccacagaa agatccaaca aagatagaga acttcagacc aatttctctt atgaacatcg    120780
     atgcaaaaat ccttaataaa attctcgcta accgaatcca agaacacatt aaagcaatca    120840
     tccatcctga ccaagtaggt tttattccag ggatgcaggg atggtttaat atacgaaaat    120900
     ccatcaatgt aatccattat ataaacaaac tcaaagacaa aaaccacatg atcatctcgt    120960
     tagatgcaga aaaagcattt gacaagatcc aacacccatt catgataaaa gttctggaaa    121020
     gatcaggaat tcaaggccaa tacctaaaca tgataaaagc aatctacagc aaaccagtag    121080
     ccaacatcaa agtaaatgga gagaagctgg aagcaatccc actaaaatca gggactagac    121140
     aaggctgccc actttctccc taccttttca acatagtact tgaagtatta gccagagcaa    121200
     ttcgacaaca aaaggagatc aaggggatac aaattggaaa agaggaagtc aaaatatcac    121260
     tttttgcaga tgatatgata gtatatataa gtgaccctaa aaattccaac agagaactcc    121320
     taaacctgat aaacagcttc ggtgaagtag ctggatataa aattaactca aacaagtcaa    121380
     tggcctttct ctacacaaag aataaacagg ctgagaaaga aattagggaa acaacaccct    121440
     tctcaatagc cacaaataat ataaaatatc tcggcgtgac tctaacgaag gaagtgaaag    121500
     atctgtatga taaaaacttc aagtccctga agaaagaaat taaagaagat ctcagaagat    121560
     ggaaagatct cccatgctca tggattggca ggaccaacat tgtaaaaatg gctatcttgc    121620
     caaaagcaat ctacagattc aatgcaatcc ccattaaaat tccaactcaa ttcttcaacg    121680
     aattagaagg agcaatttgc aaattcatct ggaataacaa aaaaccgagg atagcaaaaa    121740
     ctcttctcaa ggataaaaga acctctggtg gaatcaccat gcctgaccta aagctttact    121800
     acagagcaat tgtgataaaa actgcatggt actggtatag agacagacaa gtggaccaat    121860
     ggaatagaat tgaagaccca gaaatgaacc cacacaccta tggtcacttg atcttcgaca    121920
     agggagccaa aaccatccag tggaagaaag acagcatttt caacaattgg tgctggcaca    121980
     actggttgtt atcatgtaga agaatgcgaa tcgatccata cttatctcct tgtactaagg    122040
     tcaaatctaa gtggatcaag gaacttcaca taaaaccaga gacactgaaa cttatagagg    122100
     agaaagtggg gaaaagcctt gaagatatgg gcacagggga aaaattcctg aacagaacag    122160
     caatggcttg tactgtaaga tcgagaattg acaaatggga cctaatgaaa ctccaaagtt    122220
     tctgcaaggc aaaagacact gtctataaga caaaaagacc accaacagac tgggaaagga    122280
     tctttaccta tcctaaatca gataggggac taatatccaa catatataaa gaactcaaga    122340
     aggtggacct cagaaaatca aataaccccc ttaaaaaatg gggctcagaa ctgaacaaag    122400
     aattctcacc tgaggaatac cgaatggcag agaagcacct gaaaaaatgt tcaacatcct    122460
     taatcatcag ggaaatgcaa atcaaaacaa ccctgagatt ccacctcaca ccagtgagaa    122520
     tggctaagat caaaaattca ggtgacagca gatgctggcg aggatgtgga gaaagaggaa    122580
     cactccccca ttgttggtgg gattgcaggc ttgtacaacc actctggaaa tcagtctggc    122640
     ggttcctcag aaaattggac atagtactac cggaggatca agcaatacct ctcctgggca    122700
     tatatccaga agaagcccca actggtaaga aggacacatg ctccactatg ttcatagcag    122760
     ccttatttat aatagccaga aactggaaag aacccagatg cccctcaaca gaggaatgga    122820
     tacagaaaat gtggtacatc tacacaatgg agtactactc agctattaaa aagaatgaat    122880
     ttatgaaatt cctagccaaa tggatggacc tggagagcat catcctgagt gaggtaacac    122940
     aatcacaaag gaactcacac aatatgtact cactgataag tggatactag cccaaaacct    123000
     aggataccca cgatataaga tacaatttcc taaacacatg aaactcaaga aaaatgaaga    123060
     ctgaagtgtg gacactatgc ccctccttag aagtgggaac aaaacaccca tggaaggagt    123120
     tacagaaaca aagtatggag ctgagatgaa aggatggacc atgtagagac tgccatatcc    123180
     agggatccac cccataatca gcttccaaat gctgacacca ttgcatacac tagcaagatt    123240
     ttactgaaag gacccagatg tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccggggc ctagcaaaca    123300
     cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctaatgg atggatcaca gggctcccaa tggaggagct    123360
     agagaaagta cccaaggagc taaagggatc ttcaacccta taggtggaac atcattatga    123420
     actaaccagt acccctgagc tcttgactct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag atggcctagt    123480
     cggccatcac tggaaagaga ggcccattgg acacgcagac tttgtgtgcc ccggtacagg    123540
     ggaacgccag ggccaaaggg ggggagtggg tgggtagggg agtgggggtg ggtgggtaag    123600
     ggggactttt ggtatagcat tggaaatgta aatgagctaa atacctaata aaaaatggaa    123660
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aaaccaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttgtaaatt ttatcagtag    123720
     ttttcaaatt tcccaaacct tttaatagta cctagttcat ctaatttatc aaaagacaaa    123780
     acagtttttg tgtgtttttc agataaaagg ttgtatattt acctatccac ctgtttgttc    123840
     actcagttaa aaggttttaa gcaccaatat attatactca agatttaata tactatgaag    123900
     aattcagaaa tcactagatt tatactatca agtattatta ttattattat tattattatt    123960
     attagagaaa tgtctatctt taaaaaaaca atgaaatttt tcatgctatt acatgaaggt    124020
     gattttcaaa ttaaattcac acaagaaagc ccatataaat aaatatttct accttaaatc    124080
     cacaagtatt tcactattta tttaagaaaa agtgacacat aatttttaac tagtgaagat    124140
     aatgtgtaca agaaattgta ggctttttca aatattccca gctgacaaaa acctcaaaaa    124200
     atacacatgt atataaaagc tataatatga aaaaataaaa cagttgtaat gtgggatata    124260
     aaaagtacaa gacatctaca cagaagtccc tttgtctaat cctttcatat agtagtgagt    124320
     agaaactaga gacaatctgc cgttgtccca ccagaaggtt caagggcaaa gacaagaatt    124380
     agccccaaac ttagtattct acggggcaca ataagtcata atttccccct gagctctaaa    124440
     cctggaagtt tacttttgca ttactaacct taattcacga aacaaacaac ctactgaaag    124500
     aggccagatt tgaggggcaa tgaaggttaa aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca ggagagaggt    124560
     gcttgtagga gctgggacct ctcttcctgt tttgttctca gtggttttca tcctaggttg    124620
     cttccttttg agactgagaa tatgtctctc cctataaagc tagtaaccaa gcggcagaaa    124680
     gatcgaagta ggctccacaa gataagtact ctcctgtcac agcttcaaga ggaggctgag    124740
     cagatttaag tctttcttat ggcctctgta gaggccctgg gaaggaactg agtgaataac    124800
     ctacacagca gtcctacaca ctatataaga aaagtcttgg aggtcctaag gctgttcacc    124860
     cagactgtaa cttgaacaca ttagtgtatc ctggttttgc aggatacacc attctgagag    124920
     aggtgtgcct gctcctggta ttacaggctg tttgcatatt aaatcttagg tattacaggc    124980
     tgcttgcata ttaaatctta ggtattacag gctgcttgca tattaaatct taggcatctg    125040
     accttttggg gagcaatttc ctattcttgg ctgcacaaat gaagctaaat cttaccctat    125100
     ttctaaaatg tccagataga atgaatgagt gtatggctca gagtgccccc acaggctatg    125160
     ctgtttccag aaagaactat ttgtaccttg ggtgtaacca gcagctgtag acaaacaggg    125220
     tggagcagcg ataagggatg acaaaggccc ggtcagtgtc tatgatctgt ataaagctga    125280
     ctttcacgcc tacctgtgaa atgccaagct ttagtttgcc cttccagtgg gcagcagcag    125340
     gggttgcggg tgcgggtgag ggtgtgctct cctggtcacc tataaatagt agctaaattt    125400
     agatttgaaa aagtcatgga aagtggtagg aggccagtcc tgagacagct gcttctggtc    125460
     tctgctccac ccactccaca ctggagctga gtgtggtcca tttggaagga tttgcagggt    125520
     aattcgtctt tttcattacc ttggacacgg gccatacccc ccccaccccc actgtgaata    125580
     aaaatttatt ttgtttcctt ggagattgca tggatttgat ggttggacga gagggaaaag    125640
     agcaaagaaa atgtaacagt aatcattggg cttttagcac taatttcccg aggatgctgt    125700
     catcttgaaa ttctcgtccc ctttgctttt agtttcctgt ttctcctccc caggatagct    125760
     ctctcttgga taaagtctct ccctcattct ctgcaaatcc ttgccttttt tttttttaaa    125820
     taaagttact tggacactca cactcccaag aggtctttac atgcacccag actgatccct    125880
     tctagatggt gtctggcgtt caaagacaag ctcaaagctt aaaagtggtg ccttggttct    125940
     gtctcagagg tcagcaaact gcggcctaca ggccaagtct agccactgtc tgacactgca    126000
     caggccatga gctgaagaat ggattgtatg tgtacatacg gctagggtga tggtgcagca    126060
     atcagaggaa tcacaatatc tggcaagaaa attaaaggag aatcaaatac caatatccgt    126120
     aagtaaaagc ttgctgaaat acagctaatc tcagttgttt gtctacagtg acagactgca    126180
     gtagctacaa gaaactatac agtcaccaga gtaacagtag atacacaatg tctaagttct    126240
     acagtcagga ctaagtaggt gccttaaggt gaatagaagg aggtgaaggg ttgtaaaata    126300
     cactctgatt ggtccacgca gagataagga caacagcgtt gctctatcgt ttctcctgta    126360
     cccagtccgc ttttcagagc tgggaagacg gtcatcaaaa tgttgttgga tgaatgaaga    126420
     agaagacagg acagagaggc acaaagcaaa tgaaacatga gttgcaccct gtttggaatg    126480
     aaaaagcatc cccatgacaa cctccagcta gtcttgcttc atatcatcta tatcactggt    126540
     tcccagacgt tagcaaaaac cctcactttg gatgccaacg tatcgaatgc tcagtgtgtg    126600
     cataagaaat tgaaaaaaaa aagtctgtat gaatctggct aactttgctg atgctaattc    126660
     aaacccacct ttctgaccct cttcctcagt caccaaatgt acatcaattt agtctagaca    126720
     ctaaactcag atgaggaagt tatcaaggga aaggaaatca aatgtaaact tcataaataa    126780
     accttttgtt catctctctc tcttcttccc tccccctccc tccctccctt cctccctctc    126840
     tccctccctc cctccctccc catctctgtg cttgcaggtg acacccacac atatccttca    126900
     gcgttggcag agatgttcac tcagataatg actggagttc atgctacctg ttctcatctt    126960
     catgtgtcat cgtcaccatg caaaaccaca actataggaa aacagagctg tttgctgctc    127020
     ttctgtctca actgacattt ccacccagtt cacagcttgc cctttggaga caaaggagat    127080
     tatctgtcat tgagatgcct ttacataatg aagtatgagt gaaatccagg ctatccttta    127140
     caacttttta tccccttgag tttgtagcct ttccaatcct ttcgcagagt ttaagtgggc    127200
     aaatggcata gggcatggcc tttgggaagc acacattctg atccttgatt ttgccccaag    127260
     agtgaggtca gctcagaaag tctgacatat tcttggacac acagactttc aatgcaagta    127320
     gtttcaagca ttgggtccaa tgtcaaccct gaaatgagca aaaggcactt aagctagtgt    127380
     ttcacatact gctctggaca gtagtctaca gttttaagaa ccataaacct atgattcaaa    127440
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaaaaa caaaaaccac acacacaccc tactttcaga atgtcagatg    127500
     ggaaaacata aggaggtcca atctctcaga tgtatttctc aaaacccaag atcctgagta    127560
     ccactgccag cacatcaatg gaggctcagt tgaggagaac acagagcaca ccatcagcag    127620
     gtttctaagg tggttcccag accatctgta gctgcctttt actgtggggg tcagatttct    127680
     gttgcaatga acccaggaat ttctttgatt tgtctcaact atctatcatc tctgttccag    127740
     atataacgag agatgacaaa agatactgct taaataggaa tgtgggtcta gggaggtggc    127800
     tcagtcagta agggacctgt cgcataaaga tctaagtttg gatccattcc aagcagtcac    127860
     gtaaagagtc aggctttaag gggctcacct gacgtactag agctgggaag gtggaggcag    127920
     gagcttactg cagctcactg gcatgagtcc tacattcagt gagaaagtct gtctcaaaaa    127980
     gtacagtgca gaatgataga gaaaatatcc aacatcagca tgtacatgca tacacatgtg    128040
     cttatgcaca cacacacatg cacacacaca catacacaaa gatatataca cacatggctc    128100
     ttcccactga aaaggaaact accctgggct ggggatgcag ctcagttgtt tgcctagatg    128160
     gagccctgga ctgaatctcc tacaaagtgc actaaaggct gttgtttgtt gattgtaaat    128220
     tctcacattt gtggggttaa ggcatgatag aggggcctgt ctagtgatgt catagaattt    128280
     gccttgtgtt ataccttgag gatgagtctg gaggtacctc aactttttaa caggttatac    128340
     aattttccat tagtacaata aacacatcct tactgagatc tgtgcagagg tttttccatc    128400
     tattaatctg gtacctttcc agtttgatct gatttccctg ttgaaacatc cacgagacta    128460
     gctgattcca gactttctta agtagtagcc tggatgtgag ctcatctttt tcaagctttc    128520
     tctgcattta ttgaactcca caagtctcgt ttcaacaaaa caaagagtgg gtttaaaaat    128580
     gagttcatca tgtaccttgt ttactccagg tcatctgcaa aggaaaactt aaggccaaat    128640
     agaaacagct acatggatta ccaagtatca gacaagctct tgtgtctgtg gctcaagtgt    128700
     ctcctcctcc acacacagga ttcttttgca ctgcccccca ccccacccca cccccagcca    128760
     ctgtccgctg atgtgtgtgt taaatactag tatggtataa attttcagct tgctcccaat    128820
     gccacgtatt ttgcttgttt gctcttcttt ttggctgaag ttgttgcaag cttttcaagc    128880
     acccacttac gccatgagca agacaggtaa agagactggc atttcctgtc ctgaccattg    128940
     tttgagatct ttttggatca gagctaacaa agcatttcta gacttcactg gaacaaaatc    129000
     actccacaga gaagagcagt aattcagctg tagggtgagt ttttaactac aaaagccata    129060
     ttttcagaaa ccagaagcta aagatgggtt taaagcattg acaaaatgct tccctcagaa    129120
     acatgggttt taaatgaaaa aactctcagt gccaggcatg ggatatgtca tagagactgc    129180
     ggaggcccgc aaggcagcag aagctgctat tgtcctggtt gcccacctta actgcatggt    129240
     aaagccctgc tgctgaagat acaacagact ttaattacag aacagaacag agtagtcaag    129300
     gtagaaatgg cctgagaatt tctttcctgc tggttaactt tcatagtgcc gagaggtgct    129360
     tttctggcaa ctgaggggtg gggtggggtt ataaacaatg ccaccaagaa ccggtccctg    129420
     gaggctacaa tatcaacctg acagagaaga tgtgcccaca gatgcaatgg tgacaggaag    129480
     gttatgggtt aaccagtcac tttctgatta gatttgagtc ctacactata ggaaggaatt    129540
     gatgcctgat actgtgaacc tggtcaaaag tccgtggctc atggttcata agtcataggt    129600
     cataataggg aacccactgc tattgtttta ctgaatagac aggtaagact tccttctaaa    129660
     tatttctttt tatatccata ggtaagtgct gctctcagcc tttgccaaat aagcctcttt    129720
     tctgcactag gcagaaactg gtcagattgg tgagaatgag tgacttttgt gttttcttca    129780
     accctaaatg ggaatctgta gcaagcaacc tttcccacaa agttcggggg acgtcatgga    129840
     agagggaact aacttataga atgtcagagc cagagagtgt ggcatgctgt gacgtgctgt    129900
     cttctagata tgccacagcc actgcacagc cattgtacta tgaacttaca ggagccatgg    129960
     ctacctgtac aagacctgtt caaggtcaag ccaccatgac tggtacacat tccagcaagt    130020
     ggcactaact ggactaggtg ggttaccaaa atgaaaagaa aaggaaaaga aaggggagga    130080
     cgtgaaaaca agagggggtt gtgcattggg gactgcccag ggccatggtg gccaggagct    130140
     gggtatgggt attgtcagat acagcgaaca aatgcatgaa attgtcaaca atgttatttt    130200
     tatttatttt ttatgtgtgt gttttgccta aatgaatgtc tgttggacca cataagcatc    130260
     tggtggccat agaaatcaaa agagagcatc aaatatgggt gctgggaaac aaacctggga    130320
     cctctggaaa aatagcccat gtcatgctct aaatgactgg gatatctctt cagccccaat    130380
     aacaacattt taaaagaagg ttccaaaaaa taaaaaataa aaacaaaaag gatgtcaaga    130440
     agctattgag agagaacttg agaactttaa atggaaaatc aacctattcc taattggttg    130500
     tttttagaat aacattttta gaatgactcc gactgtattc atctttcagg atgcatgaaa    130560
     atttctaagc tgtaaatgaa tttgtatcaa tgatatgtcc ttctaccaga tttctctgtg    130620
     tctgctttac ctcttctgtc tctaatagga agtggaaaac agaagtgatt ctgcttcctt    130680
     ctcagactat gagcagatca ttcagatttg ccactaactc ataaacccac gtgaaatcca    130740
     tctagtcaat gaataaatat ttattgcagg ctaagcatta ttctaggcac tggggataca    130800
     gcaataaaat caaagcaaat ggagttcttt ccctttggag atccggtgta gatttaggaa    130860
     aaaaaacagg caataaacca ataaataaga aaaataccta ttagtagagt tatagagaaa    130920
     ataaaacaag gcatggagac aggttgtaca ggtaattaac tacagttgaa ggtggcattt    130980
     gggcaaatat gtcaaggaag taagagcaaa ccaagtagat atctatgaaa taacattgta    131040
     gacagggaaa atagtatgaa tagaatgtgt taagtccctg gtacagaaac aatcttgata    131100
     tttgcataaa catagcagtg caagagagat ttaagcttca cctgtctttg tagagagcat    131160
     aaactcattc acaagtcctg agagaaccca cactactgtg cttaacttgg gttaatggtg    131220
     gctatatgga catgaacatt gcaatttctg gtccatctta ccatgtagtt gaatttaaca    131280
     tattcaggta agtatacaag ttacatatag ttcccatatg gtagtacaga aagctgggat    131340
     gagagatcag acatccattt gaccatcagt atgcatatta aaatagccat tgcagattag    131400
     tggctcactc cgttgactaa atgattgaag acctaaatga tttgaaggct caatcaagtt    131460
     atatctgtcc ccagcagtca cattacagag aatacattgg gtaaacccag actgaaatct    131520
     ccaagagata aaacattggc ctactgataa actgctactg actcgtagca aaccaaccac    131580
     agcttgtatt tcttccatag aaaaacaacg ttttgaaaat ctgcagagaa agagacagac    131640
     agagagatac acagagacag agagacacac agagaaagac agagagaggg agagaggaag    131700
     agacagagaa gtgagggagg ggagacatat gcacaggaga gaaagagaga gacagagaca    131760
     aagagacaca gagagaggaa accaaaggtg ttaaaaatgt ttgtcataca ctttttcaaa    131820
     atctctccca actcactgca aagggggtgc atacctgccc taagaaaaac attaaagcac    131880
     gagtttaaac acaggcatgt gctagtgtgg taattttatc attggatgta gctataaggt    131940
     acaccgggtc tctttaaaat tggcatgctc ggtaccaaat aggtgagctc ataattagaa    132000
     attacaggca cacctttagt tcttagactc ttacaataat agcagcaagt gacatagttt    132060
     tcttcataca cactacatct gaaactgcaa aagctttact ctgacccagt gtttttaacc    132120
     cgcctgttgg ttcataccga gagcgaaagg ctttggacac ctatgtttcg gttgtgttca    132180
     gaggaggtat gaaaactttc aggtgtgatt catctccagt aaacctcctt ttccagttag    132240
     aaaacaaagt tattgattgc caaagaccaa atctttccgt ttaaaaaaaa atggtttgtt    132300
     atttgctatg accctttcta taaattctcc agctctgtca ttttcaaata taattttata    132360
     acttagattc aagaactcta tgtgtcaaga ggctgactgc aatcacaagg gccagcattc    132420
     ttttatcaca caagtagggc taatcttggc cttctctggt ttaattaaaa gcacagaata    132480
     gaagccatta aaaaaaaaaa aaccaaagca caatatcttc tgtctagaat taaaagattc    132540
     ctatcttttc ttacccctca tattaaaaaa aaagtttaaa gatctcttta tacacaaaaa    132600
     cagtgggggg aggggaaatg cctcatgttt gattacagga tattccaatt agctggaaag    132660
     ttattgaagc tgagagatta tcacgagttt gggtcatgat tgtgcactcc tgaaatccca    132720
     actcttggga ggcagaggcc agaggatctt agcaagtttc agtgtggcca tcttacagtt    132780
     gaggagtcat agacttggat gaacagtgac ttgcctgagg ccatttaact cataatgaaa    132840
     tgttttttaa accaggtctt cctgacttta aaacctctga ataattcaaa gcactataca    132900
     aatggtgaag acagctggac agccgttctt caaggtcccc agatacattc cagttgatcc    132960
     gaactggaag caaaaaagaa agtccacctt cattccagta tcaggtcttg taggtacttg    133020
     agaactttga tgtcatccct aaagacacat tccaaaataa ttgttcatgt caatgtatcc    133080
     ccatggtatg aagcagctga gcccacaaag ttctggagtc ctgagtccta ggacatataa    133140
     aatccctcta aactgtagag tctaaaggaa cttatactgg ggctcccaat ggtgccttct    133200
     ggaaaacatc tatgtctttc atacatggca agaatgacct cattcccttc ctcagaggaa    133260
     gcttcctgga atgcatcctt accaccctga caaatactaa cactaccctt tttgttcaca    133320
     gtatcatgac tagcaatata tagacacaat ttcagatatc catccacaag gacaacaagt    133380
     ggcccaactg taagaagttg aaacttaaat gatttgacta taacaggcta ctaaacagat    133440
     aactcttcat agcattttgt gtgtatgtat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgcacat aggtatgtat    133500
     gtatacatac atatgtgtac gcgtttgttt tttttttttt ttacataaag tgaccttact    133560
     tcctctcaca ttcttcttgg tgtgggaggg ctatctagtt ctgaaatcat gttgtgacta    133620
     ttaataatac tgagttccca tgaccgggaa tgaggaaaga agcactgggg ggtgctttga    133680
     ggccattcca tgagtcaatg tgattaaaaa tggtcagaaa tcattaaaaa aatatgtcca    133740
     caactttcta aactaacagg aaaacactat ttaggagcta agtggctcat ttcatgagtg    133800
     aaaaaagtgt tttcattatt tttcaaatag ttaagtacta tactctaacc tatccccacc    133860
     ccaaacacca acttagccaa agagaaggtt tttctatcct ttcttctctg tccaaaacat    133920
     ctttggctat cacaccacat gactgaaatg tgctggcaag tgaaaacggg gcagggctca    133980
     tccaggagcc tgcaaattga cttcccaagg ctgaatgaat gatctttttg attgctctac    134040
     tctaacttcc ccaatcaagt caataaatgt attaagcttg agtttgggtc aagccacaca    134100
     gactttatcc tgccatagaa gcttctgtca ttcattccag agtctcaaga tgatcatgat    134160
     gttagatcta gacactctaa aatagttggc attggtggcc cagtagaggt ccaaagtggc    134220
     cggctgaaga tgaggctgtc ctttcctatc cagagcagtg atgatgagca ggtagacggg    134280
     taccagccgg cgggcttctg gataggggtc cctgtcaggg gcggtacgct gcaaagtctc    134340
     tggcaggggc gtagggctgg taaggctttc gagtgagccc aggcctccgg ggagtcatgt    134400
     tcatgtagtc actttgaagg agtctgttcc ttctactatt tgtctagggg gggaaatgaa    134460
     aaaagaaaaa ggtcaatatg gaaggactta gaggaggtat tattggaggg gttctaagac    134520
     tttagggata attactcaga tcatcagctg ttaaatgacc ctgaggagcc tttttgtgtg    134580
     ccttggacta ggataatgac taatcaaagc ctgactatca acagctctac taaaaatcta    134640
     aaggaaattg ttttataaaa atgcaaccat tattctcaat gttgtcatct aatccgaagc    134700
     ccaagaatgt attttagaac atattcacta ttgatatgta aatgcaatag aaagccttta    134760
     gtctttggat agattaaaca ctcccacttt aatcattcat taagtaagct atttttctgt    134820
     aattaaacaa caacaagaca aacaaataaa caacaacaac aaaaaaaaca ccaaattcta    134880
     ccaggagcag agaaagagga atgatactaa gcctggaact agaggtaaac tcactttgca    134940
     tcttgaccat gttttttatg actgtggtct agggcatcat tgctagatca atgtgatggt    135000
     aatgtttgca tagttgtcaa aagcagaaag tcatgtggat tgcagagtcg ggattctctg    135060
     ttatttaaac acaaagcctt attctaagca gacaagtcag atgtgataag tatatacaat    135120
     aggtatgagg gacaggtgtt cctggattga taatgagtgg ttgaggacag ccttagcctc    135180
     cttttcatac ccacatgcca aggcctcaaa gtaagcaaag actgctggga atactatcca    135240
     ggcaagcagt tttcagtact gatgctagct tttagggtct cctttgccaa cccttgcctg    135300
     tggatcctcc agtgaaacca tagcttaaag aaaggcctca gtaagaaggg tgttgtgact    135360
     ttgaggttct ccaagctaca cacaaagata aagaaaatct gttacaatca gctcccatgc    135420
     ttaccccaac actattatca gacagtgggt ttagctgatt cttaaccaat gggatggaaa    135480
     tggctgggga tccagtccaa aacctatggt gttcatgtgc actctcacaa tgtatatgca    135540
     tagaacaccc accccttgtg tctgtgtatc tgtgtccctc accaaccaat gcccgttaaa    135600
     gatgcatgac ttcaaggcca ctctatcctt tgcctttcct cctacctctg ccttgtttcc    135660
     tagacaaagc agccacacac agggcacaca taagcaatgt actaaaatgg tcaagaatgc    135720
     agatttaaag gcagataatg ctacctaaat acgcattacc tacacattgt ggtacatact    135780
     ggcataaagc atgttaaaac caaaaccaaa acaaacaaac caaaacaacg ctcctctaac    135840
     ctagaaaggg agccagtgtg acagctcagc tgaatgaaca gagaattaga aaaaaaaaaa    135900
     aaaaaaaaca ggtcgcagtc tgtggcaacc tgaccaagaa atgccttttc tttactcaaa    135960
     tgccaacatc aggtcaagca cagagacaga aacccacaca gcctggagct tcctacagtt    136020
     gcacagcatg gattctcaga aggctctgga acccagttaa ctttcaccta gggcacattg    136080
     ctggccagac aaaaatagga tcccagaaag tggttaagtc ctcgggatcc ctaaatgccc    136140
     agctcaccaa gatgtttcct gaccaaatag caggaaagga agagctcatg gtaaaggcgc    136200
     tacattgttc tgtgaggtgc aaattattct tataccccca cttggtcaga gagtacaaag    136260
     acctgggttt gaagtccaaa taagtggcat ttttgttaga tagcctggtt tgactcccaa    136320
     aatccacaca agtagagcac taaggctgtc tagtcacagt gagcctgtga gataagtcaa    136380
     gaacagtttt cccaaggcag agaagacgaa tcttaccaga aattggaggg gctgccaaag    136440
     gaaagcacaa aacatatctg atgcatgact tgaaaggtga attgttttaa ctcattgaaa    136500
     gtgagaggct gcttttgggg tgatttcagt cactcagtgc attggtgcct catcttagaa    136560
     gctgatttcc ttgatatata tttaccataa gtgttaaagt ggtgcctgtg ggatcactga    136620
     aagccaaagc agtttccaga agtccttccc acgaagctag taaattcctt tgacctaggt    136680
     caatacatga caagggagcc ccttcttgga agggtaccca gagggctatt gcacctggtc    136740
     tttagattag gaaattcaag ttcttggtta gagacttgga aaggaagaaa gtcagtagtt    136800
     gaggattaga aaaaccaagt caaacctaag gattctaaag tcactggagg cccctgtaga    136860
     gcaagaagat agcaagagtg cagactccaa agtccagagc gatggacgtt ctcaactaat    136920
     atcagagcca gaagttgggc aatagtttct atactaaagc ctctgtcacc atacccagat    136980
     tgacaacttt tggaattctc aagatgaaac aattcccatg aacaagctag cactgttccc    137040
     cactgtgtaa aagttataga ctcgtcaaaa ggtagcctga caaatgtcca cctgccccat    137100
     ggcctgtgaa ctacaggaat gtgtggggaa taatagaata gagaggcaac tttggctaag    137160
     caaataaaca atttaaatct ctggtgggaa gatacaactt gatgacttag agctagagct    137220
     gccctgtgcc ctctccaatg ctatagtaaa taagatggca tcacatggca tgagttctag    137280
     aaatccctga tcataagttg tctctttaaa tatttggatt atgcctttaa atgggtatca    137340
     tatctcaaac aggcttagtt aggtccttat ttgctttgta tggtggttac ctatttagca    137400
     gcacaatacg cattcactaa gtcctaagtg tgcttcgtag tagatgggtg aagagtagca    137460
     agataagggg tcttttttgt cttgtgcagc atacatttct cattgaagaa cttacctgta    137520
     tattcaccca acttctggga aaaaaaaatc agaggcattt ggaatcaata cataaggcat    137580
     tctgttactc ctacacaaag gggtttctaa gaaaaggatc cttgttaagg tcgtaccatc    137640
     ttaacagtga atgtgttcat caaaatgtgt tcaacaagca taaggaagat agcttagcag    137700
     ttaacagcac tggcctctct tccagggaac ggggttcaat tcccagcacc tacatggtag    137760
     ctcacaaata tctgtaactc cagtttcaga aaaactgatg ccctcttctg gctttcaatg    137820
     agtgccagac atataaatgg tgcacagaca tgcatgcagg caaaacactt actcacacaa    137880
     attaaaattc aaaaatcttt aaatatgttc aaaagtcaga catggtgcta tacacctata    137940
     agccctcaag aggatggagc aggaggattg acatgagtcg aggtcagttt ggattgcata    138000
     gtagcttcca gacgaatctg gtccacatgg tgagtcattg tctcagaaaa aaaaaaaaat    138060
     caaacgaaca caaaatcttg aatcaaaaat tcaacattga ggaagaaaat atctattaaa    138120
     cttattgcag aaaaatctat agagactagt aatctctatt cagtggggag agctctgaac    138180
     agtccctctc ctcttacagt cttataatga cagcatccaa gttgacctca cacagggcaa    138240
     ctgcttcaga agagacagaa aataggactg acataaacag acctgctttc ttctggtttg    138300
     aatgcacaat ttcagcagcc tactttctcc tgatttttga ccccaagcca aagcacgggc    138360
     ttcagttgcc taatcctgat gagatttaga ttttatacct tatgtatgca tttaagctgc    138420
     ttgatatgca attattatgt tagaaaatta agaataagaa aagctaattc tctaatttcc    138480
     caccgtaatc ttcccatttc attctaattc tgcctggcta cttggtgcct tctgggaaac    138540
     agaactcaca tcagatcatt actatgtata agttggacag actgaaaagc gtcatctgct    138600
     ttaacgtaga aaagatacag gccagagtct taatatagtc agagggcagg cgcagagaag    138660
     ttacataaaa gcaatgttgc tcctcttacc cagataacac aaagagccac tgtcactagc    138720
     aagccataac aaaacaggac tccagcaacc acgaccagtg cccaaaacag cttaggagat    138780
     gactgagtat gacaaagatg tttctctgaa aaacacaaca tgtgggttaa aggacacaga    138840
     aacagcagtt gagtacattt ctgtcctgta catcagaggc gaatttgaaa gtactaaaac    138900
     atgcaaaata ccaccagctt agatgatcga gtcttgctct ttgggactta ctcaacccca    138960
     ccactgatca tactttgtca gtatacaagg ctaaggttac aaacactgct ttgtagtgct    139020
     acacgggtgt cagtcactgg gtcttgttag cactgcatag tgctaatggc gactttcagt    139080
     gactttaacc tgacccccag ccctcgtcag gtatatagat aatttaccta taccctaaac    139140
     tctttgaaat aagtaaaatg atacaaatgt tttcaacccc taagaaaaat catcagctta    139200
     atatggcagt cagaactcta gcctggaaaa ttttgaaaag ataaatatct ggctccaacc    139260
     ccaacagatt atccgatact gaatgagtca ggttatttat ttggtatgag aaaggggatg    139320
     gggaaagaac tccatgcagt tctattaaaa ctcgtggaag attataacta agcagaatac    139380
     ttcagagttc attgagatgt atagactttg agtctgatga atttggatac atgagttttt    139440
     ttttatttcc aagttctttc taataaagtt gtaataaaat acaaaaataa aaaggatatc    139500
     aacaactctc tgatccatga ggttttaatc ctggctacac attagaatta tccggcagag    139560
     tatgaaatca ctatctacct ccccttcctc aagccatgtt ggttaagtca gaaacttaaa    139620
     gttgagcaca ggcatttttc cagttaccta cttagggttt atgatataca aatataaaca    139680
     gggctgaaag ctgccaagta cagaatccct gacttctttt ctagttctcc taaatcgata    139740
     tgtatgcata cacacaatat actagcctaa agtaatgtat catttatatg gaaaagtgtt    139800
     ttactcttcc aaaatagtat atctttttat cctctgactc aatccaatta aatattttgc    139860
     ctgagaatta ctgatattag aaatcttaat ttgtgtatta attgcctctg tttttgccag    139920
     gacatgaaag atactgtcat gttaacataa taattctttt cttgtttgat atttaaattt    139980
     tcttaagtac acctttgtta tggcataaga gaaaatgcat ttattgtaat tgtgctaaag    140040
     ttgaatataa aatggagtat atattttctt atctatcatt ctcatatata cataaaaatc    140100
     tatccaccct ccctcagttt ttaatgttaa tgccaataac tatatttgag tttgagaatc    140160
     ctattatttt tcttcccagt gtttacacag aacataatct caacgtaaac ataatgtact    140220
     tattgctgct gattcatgag tgctgcttaa ttatattggg tttggggcta ttaaaaagtt    140280
     ggataactta gccaagatct caaattgcat gccccctaaa tttctagacc agcatccttt    140340
     ttatgttttg gaaaatggaa agaaacttag taagtggaag aacatggatc aaaaaaaatt    140400
     aatttagtat ccaacccatt cttcctgagt cctgatctgt cagactatgt tcattgtaga    140460
     ggactctgct caatttcata cttgatccaa aaggtcaaat gaattcagga aaatctcata    140520
     gtttctattt ccatagactc ttccctcatc cttcagtgag gaaagataga ggcattccaa    140580
     ataagctgga atcattgctg gagtaaaaag aaacaggttt atgagatttg ccttcgagtc    140640
     tcagatcaca tgcgagagcc ccagcttcac ttatcccaac cctgccttca gcattctgca    140700
     accgtccttt aggttacagg agtacagtgg cgtgttacct tttatgtgaa taatagttcc    140760
     attgctcctc tcgttgtcta ggtaaggcgg agggtacatg aactcaattt tgcagaagta    140820
     aatatctgtg tgattgacgt gcagattcca gagacggaac gtcactgttt cgttgtcgaa    140880
     atccccgtcg cagttgaact cggcattcga gcgaaactgg ggctgatagg taaaattccc    140940
     attcccgaca cagacttcca cgtcgctgtt cacgcccttg tacagggatg cccggaattc    141000
     ctttgcgaga aggttgtagg aatacctgca gctgaggctg acctcgttgc tatctaccac    141060
     aagcaggggc gactgcttta ccaaaatctt gttttctgaa gggaaaaaaa aaacatttag    141120
     ttaggagcat aagaataata attccattgc cctgaaatca aagtgaatta attagccaac    141180
     tgaacagatc tccaacaaag ttagtccctt ggcagaaaaa gatatattaa tagcttttct    141240
     tggaatgatg actacaatga aagttctcaa gtttatattt caatgatgct ggcatctttc    141300
     tctgaatggg aagacaggag cgtgcttcca cctggacagc acaatgtgag ctgctgtgag    141360
     cactgagtac cccagctaaa tgtgagctgc tgtgagcatt gagtacccca gctaaatgtg    141420
     agctgctgtg agcattgagc accccagcta gtcactagaa ttttgttagt ccagttgaga    141480
     ttcctatgat gttagtcagg cattgggttg acttcctgaa taactgatca gcttggaggc    141540
     ctcttgaaag cctgacacag atgcccaagt gatttttttt ttcaactctg caacagattt    141600
     ttgtaaaagt atttcaaagt tttaaaacat tctgactctg cttattcacc aaaccaagag    141660
     cagtcaataa agggtaaaga aagaggcacc acgtttgaag ccccaaggac tggcttaaat    141720
     tactcttcca gagcaaattc agataagagc ctcccaagaa acttgcatga ttattctctc    141780
     aaagcaagaa gagttctatc tttatgcaac tatcaaagct ctggatacta tctaattcaa    141840
     tttctcccct taaaggcaaa gaaaataaaa ctatactctc agttcctttg ggggaaggga    141900
     gacaaagctg ttactgtttc caatgcaccc ccatttccag aacacagaaa tacagaagta    141960
     cactcctttt ttaaaagaaa gtattacatt ttaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgt    142020
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    142080
     gaacatgcat gcaaatggag gtcagaggtc aagttgtagg attggttctt tccctcaacc    142140
     cacaggtcag gcttggtaac aggtgcctac catgtctttg actctctatt ttttttctaa    142200
     acaaacaaaa caaaacagaa acagaaacag gtattcactg gctgtctact acatagacca    142260
     ggctggccta taattcacta attcacctgc ctttgcctcc tgagtgttgg gaataaaagt    142320
     gtgggacact gtccctgtac atttgtttaa aaagaaaaag atgactgaat gaggtctaga    142380
     aacatgaatg gttcatttac agacattgag caaatggtga acaaaatcag aactgaaacc    142440
     aaaggctaca ccacctaaat agctgaccgc ttaggcacga agagtcaaca tcacagacca    142500
     aagacggata ggatgtaggc atcctctttc tcagacatga cctcaatttt tcagtagtaa    142560
     acaaattgct gtctgtgaag aaatttttaa aaataaataa ataaaattaa aatcaatttt    142620
     tactgggaaa gcatgctaag agctacctat ttatagttct tgttgtgagg ctgtcctcta    142680
     attgtggagc aatatcttca gcctgctagt tctaattttt aaaaggttat ttgtaccaca    142740
     cccaagagcc agttagactc cgaagttgtt aaaaatgaaa tttatcattt aacctgggat    142800
     tgaatccatg tacacaggtg ttttggtttt ggtttctgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt    142860
     tgagtttgtt tttcctttct tccttcctgt atttcttctt ttttgctttg ggtagaaggt    142920
     gagtacacag aattaaatct ctactaactt ttatcatcta tataattatc agtatttcaa    142980
     tacatataga acttaaaaag aaaacgcata tccacaacct cttactctca gaaattctga    143040
     tatatttgat ataagttaag atgtggttag tgttgatatt tgggttgaaa taactttact    143100
     gaaatgtaat tcacgtatca taaagttctt cttgttaaaa acacgattaa gggatttttt    143160
     tttaatacag tgggagttgt gagtggacca ccatttctgt aaaacatttt cattacacga    143220
     aaaggaaacg tccatcgcag gagccatcag ttcccgtcat gctctccctc cagcccctgg    143280
     caaccactcc tctacttctt gtctctactt gcccattcag gacatatcct atgtttgaaa    143340
     tcacagtacg tgtgtcgttt tgtatctggc gtctttcaca tagctatttt caagtttcgt    143400
     gtgtgatgtg ataaagtatc agaactccag tttatgacta ttctgttgtg cagctgtagt    143460
     acattttgtt tttacactca acattttttt gcctgttatg agcaatgcta ctgtgaacat    143520
     ctgtgtaggg gtagggagga gctagaggga taggacaagc tccaacatcc aaactccaat    143580
     gttcttttag taatccctgt ctgattcagc agatgacatc ttcccaagac acatgtgaga    143640
     aggaaaacag atttcctaca catgaattcc ttgggcagtt cccagtctag taaggaagaa    143700
     aaaatatata tatatatata tatagttttg atccagtaga caacagtctg caggttgtgg    143760
     gaccagttga tttcctagac atgaagactg ctagtctgtg ggataaagga tgatgcctac    143820
     attgattgac aaatgtttac caagatctcc tgccagtgat agagaccaag tgaaggctct    143880
     taagccgaaa agcaggtgct cacagctttt catttctgta gatcacgcta accaaagtgg    143940
     aagcagtatt ttggaaggta caaggctgag ggcatggaga gtgggcaaga ttcatcagag    144000
     gtgagaggtg agagactaca ctggcttaga agtagtggat gaagtgagca atgtttacag    144060
     gctaatgctt acccaacttg acagtgattt aggtgtggtt aaagagaaaa ggaagcattt    144120
     aaaatgactt cctcagccaa acagggtaag aaacaagaag gtatttttct ttttactcat    144180
     ttctacttca ttaccagaat agacagatcc aaaaactaag tcaagtgtgg acatctgggt    144240
     ataacgaaga catgttttca gcatcagggg tcgggacaca ggatggaaac tttcagagga    144300
     agagactgca gtcattctct gaaacggtct ttcttcacaa ggagtaatat gagaactcaa    144360
     aggtagcttt tcttcttctt cccagcacga ggcctctgag ctcaagcctc agcatgactg    144420
     aggttgtctg atttctccca agcccatttg acctcagcgt tacaaaccaa gcatgctctc    144480
     aatgagaact gcacagcccc tgtgtcaagg ctgtgtgttg gctgccattg tgctggagat    144540
     caagcacaga ccaaggaaag gggaaatgcc tcattcagtg actgtgccag cttttgctgg    144600
     gaagagtttg aaaactgtga aaaggagatg ggcagtttat ccgtcggtgc tcacatttct    144660
     ctcttctgtg tcgacagata atttttagat tagctgatgc ttaaagagag atgctatagt    144720
     caaggtaatt tcttgtattg tgctgatatg tggctaacag cttcctagct taggatttga    144780
     gctgataaga cctcttttta aatgttaata caatttctag atttcagtcc caccttaatt    144840
     tattccccgt gagaagctac ctgacaggac ctcagaatcg acatcttctc tggagacaca    144900
     cgaaataaaa taggtttctt taggtatgaa agaaagatta cagttgtcct aaatggtatt    144960
     gaccatgtgt actcactgtg gtttctaata cgtatgatac tactagctcc ttttaatttc    145020
     ccttaaaaat ggagcatgcg tgaagagatc catctccacc ctacagcagt acagcacaaa    145080
     gatacagatg aactgaagca catgacaatg gtcagcttgg ctatgtattt tggtttgttt    145140
     tttggagttt ctggggatct gtggtatttc aaataattta agggaatatt ataaaattta    145200
     aggacatacc tagacttaga ccagtggttc tcaacctgtg agttatgacc accttgaggg    145260
     taaaatatca catatcctgc atcacagata tttacattgt gattcataag agtagcaaaa    145320
     ttacagttat gatatagcaa caaaataatt tgatggctgg ggtcaccaca acatgaggaa    145380
     atgtactaaa gggtcaccac attagtgagg ttgagaagca ccgacttgga aggaactaga    145440
     gatacattta gctttcctct atggacttct gtttgaagat gtgttgtttt ctaaatcatg    145500
     ctaggaacta tctttctttc cctctgcaaa tatttgattc tgttttcctt cttgtgagtg    145560
     gtttacctag gctacaccca caagaaacag cgttactctc ccaactgcat tcactcaaca    145620
     cagtaaaaga ctgccttggc tggcatgtct accaatcatc aggttgtttt gatggtgaat    145680
     ttgtgctttg cttttcaaag cctctcctag cagctaaaca agccaaagct gtggagacag    145740
     gaagcagtaa cctcaagact cttttcctca caaataggct ctacaccagg tgacatgaag    145800
     actaagggca gaggtgagaa agcacttatc tgcagcccag ggcaaggctg tgagagccag    145860
     agttcccacc aatagtctgt gaaacttgtg gtagaactgg cttctagaag gttgacaatt    145920
     gattgtgttt ccaagggaat gcaatagtta caaaaacaac ttctttcctt ctcatcaatt    145980
     ctaagtgggt caattactat gcttaggaac caaaccaacc tctgtacagg tgcactggaa    146040
     aatcatctct aaggtgatca aacatcaaag aactttgacc ttaaaaggat gtatacacac    146100
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacaaac acacacctcc cagttaagct    146160
     aaattgtgta tttacaaaga atatgaagta taaaatacaa tgtagggaac atagtagttt    146220
     agaatcatga gcctataaga cgagtccaag ttcaagacaa atgagcagcc tttgagactt    146280
     gaactcaagc ctcccaacag attttggtct attgttcctt tccctctgac acactgcatc    146340
     aacattctaa cataattcca gtggttggtt ttaggtcctc tagagtctgg acttgatcaa    146400
     agagctgata ctgagatgtt catgtgagaa tcaagggaat tactattcag cagtcggtaa    146460
     gttgaatggc aagaggactg gaccaaagta aacttcattt tctccaccat tttagtggag    146520
     ttctgtatgg agagagagag agagagagag agagagatct cagctggaag gaacttgaaa    146580
     attatctaaa gccattccct tgttttatag atgaggctac tgaaaacaaa aataaatgac    146640
     tttttttttt caaacaaagt cacacaaaat actaaagagc taatgtgtaa tttattcgtg    146700
     actgatactt tcaatcataa atgaacagaa gaaaaaaaga acaactttgt tcattcgaca    146760
     agacaacatc agttttgtgc tcatatttag aggaagtatg gttccaacta gctcttcctt    146820
     gtctgtgatt ttccattcca cagtctctat tacctatatt catctgtaaa cccagatcat    146880
     taaatgggaa atttcagata taaacaattc ataaattttg aattggcatc actcttgtga    146940
     tgaggttcaa tgttagtcac ctgagatgtg aattatccct ttagttggtt gttctactat    147000
     gcacaatcac cagttagcca tgaaattgtt ccctgagcta tcagatcaac cactgagata    147060
     tctcactggt tttgttcaaa ctacctttat tttacttaat aatgacctgc agtgaacgaa    147120
     cggtgattct ggcaaaaatt tctataatta ataaggaaaa aaaaaagatc aaatgctgag    147180
     gtatttagga ttcacactaa ggagggaaag tcaggctagt ttgctgttac acctctgact    147240
     gcagaagttg cagacacagt gtgtggtggg cttggcaaag atgggaaaga cattcattta    147300
     cagagtttta ctatctagga tttcaagtgt ctacagagag tcttggaaca tgttctccat    147360
     ggataacgag ggataactac acacaaagag tttgcgcaca atttgagaga cctacagatt    147420
     catagatgaa tctcagatga gacctacaaa cactattatt atacaaactg cttttcataa    147480
     agaatttcta ctttacaatt agtgcttatc cattgtagct cttccatttc attttagctc    147540
     catgtacaaa aatatgtcaa tcagctcata aagttacctt tcagtccaac ttttaatggc    147600
     tgaatcctta actaaaaaga tttacatttt aaatcatgtt taaatttata atattctgtc    147660
     tttctttttt tatatcataa gcatcatagt gaaataaagt ggcccaccaa ggctggtgtg    147720
     actcaagact gaagcataga ctggcatgct aaagatgata ttagaaagat attatacata    147780
     cttaattaga aattgatttt tcttctagag attctaatga attccattta tttccatcac    147840
     aacacttcta tacatttggg ggaaaaatga agttatagct tcctaattct ggtgttttct    147900
     tttgaaaatt ccaagtgaac agaatttgat gtgttagtaa catgttagat agggggcgag    147960
     gctatgtttg gctgctttgt actctcgtgt ttgtagccag ttatgaagac gtcattggtt    148020
     gccctggcaa agaatgcctg ggtcctgacc acagatctga ttaagttact ataattttcc    148080
     tccaaacgta tttcctgttt gggactagga tatccttcac cttctagccc cctgaccact    148140
     agcttccttt cagactctgt aaggtacagg ctctctgatg agccaatcta gtgcttgttc    148200
     ttgagcctgt aagtcatact gggggctcaa catcttgtag ctcaggtaaa tagtttcaaa    148260
     gtaactatgg ttatttcctc tcattttcca tcaactgttt tcttgcaatt cttctcattt    148320
     ttaaaagaaa gcatggtata agtaaaatct ttttttaaaa tgaatttcaa caatatgata    148380
     tacaagcatg tatgttgtct ctttcgggat tccaactgaa aatacgtggc ctgttaagtc    148440
     actggcaccc ataggcaggc ttgtttatga aagatgcact gttcaaattg tgagagagta    148500
     gaagccaaca ggagcagggg acacctgtgg catgcagcac cacagctgtg accactgtta    148560
     gatctgaaga caggagttgc cagagtcaga aggaaacaga agagtagtag agaccactgt    148620
     gacaaagcat gactattgtt gatttaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agctaaccgg ctaaccttgt    148680
     ccaagactgt atgtcattgc tatcaactgt atcaagtaca ctaaatctta ttaatagtac    148740
     ataatatttt aaaacaaaac aaatatcatt caactcaggc aattacaaat tgattatagg    148800
     tgccaatgaa aacagaaata gaaatatgat gaataaattt actaaatgaa tcactttgga    148860
     ccattactta tcaaagctat acccttaact ctgttctatg acctacagtg ctttggatgc    148920
     ccacagacag atgacacagg tgaaaatcat attaaaaatt taaatgcaag gtaaattttc    148980
     aagaaaaaaa aaacctatgg tcattttctc tcattttcca ttaactgctt ttgtgaaatt    149040
     ctcattttta tatgaaatca tggcagaaat aaaatctctc ctcccaaaaa tgacactgaa    149100
     caatatgata cacatgtaca ataatgtaga agacacttgt ctttgtctct ttaaaatatt    149160
     actgtcctat atgcaactgt cagaaagttc cggtgcaaaa accaaccaac caaacaaaca    149220
     aacaaacaaa aaaaccatat gagtactgag acataaaaca ttcatttcta ggagagaaaa    149280
     tttgtcagaa taattaatgt atacactctg aaaacaaaat ttgattagtc agaaaattgt    149340
     tctctgatat tctaaattct tccatgacaa agtcattaat tcagcaagtt taaataatga    149400
     gctctgatta tttggttctt tggaaatgga aagatataaa agaaagccct ggtaggttca    149460
     cagttatact ccaaacccat ggacagtgca tgaattctat agagtcattg acagttccaa    149520
     ggaaaagctc acagaagcaa tgagtctgga ggcttatata cagagcagtc ctgagctgga    149580
     ccatgaagtc tacagcaaat tgagatagga caagattaag gaaatgacct tactgcaagg    149640
     gtttatcaga aagtaacaag gaattttatt tatttaagga cgaaataggt attatgttta    149700
     caccaatcat gcggggtgca gggggctttg ataccaagaa aaggcgcgtg gatttttcca    149760
     ggactcttca catctaaggt aagaatggag tcccacctct cccgactccc tgcggggaga    149820
     ggttgcacga tagtatgatg gaaggttaag gacaattcag agcagtgagg ctgttgccat    149880
     aacagatgtg agctggcaag gcctgagctg caaaaggatg agcaaagcac cagcgctgga    149940
     ctgactgaca gtcagtgcgc atgggtggag caaagcacca gcgctggact gactgacagt    150000
     cagtgcgcat gagtggaaac ccacccaagt tccagtgccg ctaagcgcaa gaattgaggc    150060
     accgttgata atgtaagtta ataaatgata tctgtttgga gaaaagaaac tgatggattg    150120
     tttcagaaat gttagactta aggggtggat aaggcctccc acagagacaa tcaggaggac    150180
     acaaaaggat agggcagagt tttaggaagc cgctggagac tgaaatatcc ttaggtcacc    150240
     tgtgttgagg gtgaatggta attttaagag gtctagaaag ccattgccta ctcctgtgta    150300
     atccagcccc acctcccaga gattccactg tggagctgaa actcttaaac acacaacctc    150360
     ataagcctga gatcagtccc gtctaccatg tataggacga caactgtcct ccggttttct    150420
     agaaatagga caccatggca gagcaaattg attaaacaga agtggtatca tagtaaatac    150480
     cactgagcca ttcaaaagag tcaaactgca ttattctagt accgaaagag cagttatctt    150540
     tattaacttt caacacgaat attatgaccg taattcaatt ttcaaatatg gaaaacagtt    150600
     ataaaagaat tatttacatg agcataatat ttttaatcac ttcattgtat aaactcacaa    150660
     ataagattac acaaataaat taagttacag tgactccttc aatctggcta ccctgatata    150720
     ttgttctcta tatgtgcttt ttaatccaat gaccagatct tagggctcct gagtcttcat    150780
     catctgaatt cctattcaaa acatgtaaga agatagcaaa acatttatct tatctgtgct    150840
     gctctctgta aatatgaaac atttgaacaa gctgctcagg gctcctgtga catgcacaga    150900
     ctcttctggg taggtgtcag agcctggaat tctggaaata atgactgttt tagacctgaa    150960
     ctttacggtg gaaaataaga gtcaacaaag gtagtatggc ttccccaacc ctgcagccat    151020
     ttagaagcac ataggcacct aagattctaa acaacagata taaaagattt cagagataac    151080
     tggcttgcaa ttctctacat atatgcatct atgtatatat gtatgtatgt atatatatgt    151140
     gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtat atatgtttgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt gtgtatgtat    151200
     gtatgtgtat atgtatgtat gtgtatatgt atgtataaaa tacattcttg aatccaatcc    151260
     cttcatgtac cagatgagta aattgatacc cagatcatgt atgtcatgat gtgacaaact    151320
     aaagacccta accacatctc cctatcttga gaaatcctta gatttatatt ttgagttggg    151380
     agtgagttag aaagtttaaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aagaacaaaa accagtcttg    151440
     gtcttcccaa gatcaagcag ctacatactt attccaaaaa caaaacaaaa caaacaaatc    151500
     aacctaaccc cacaaagaga tgctaagatt aacatccctg cctggaaact ggtagcttct    151560
     agttggtttg aaccttgtgg ccctgttatc tcagccagga gctgaggtca agcccacaca    151620
     cactatgcac ttagagattt gtcctctctc taattttcac atcttttgag aagacttccc    151680
     aacctccctc tgaagtctgt tctctgactc cagtgctcac ttcagttgcc tcctaaccag    151740
     atttcatagg ttgtatccca ttacaaagct cagtccatga aaacaagaaa actcaactaa    151800
     tgatacaagc agatcctgtg tgttgtgacc ttgtgcttct tgtccttttc ctctgtttcc    151860
     tcagtgccat gaaggattaa gatatgagag gtctaataaa tatttgctaa agggagctac    151920
     gttctcatag aaccatctct taaaataaag gcagcctttt cctcaaggag gtgactcgtt    151980
     cacccaaaaa aaaactagtg tgaaaaaact ttcacccaaa aaactactat gaaaaacagt    152040
     agatcaggaa tggcagagat agacagaagg aaccacaaga caaatacagc cttagtaaag    152100
     tcaagaaggg tggggtgcca gtgtgagaca gtggaggatg ttggagttaa gggccttttt    152160
     attagggtac agaagacatt agcttggaaa aactaagatg agagcagccc aaaagcatgc    152220
     aacaatccca agaaacttga caatgtaatc tttttctcaa catcttctag tatgattgtc    152280
     agcacagctt tcttccctgc aaattgagaa atacgggttt cctcccatct ctaaacacct    152340
     gtggtttatc attgttttct accacattaa attagtgtgg atagaatgct attcataatt    152400
     gacctaagac tgaaaaaaaa aaaacctaag gttttacgat tctccccttt actttatcac    152460
     atcttgaagt gttttttctt tttttaacct gtcacaggaa ccagactatc ctgcacatag    152520
     aagattctca ataaatgcct cccgaaggag tgcatgaatg agaacttatc ttgccaaagt    152580
     acatggtcaa gccagacact taatagcact ctggtttggg ggtccctgaa gtgtcgcaac    152640
     agaagaaaac attctcctcc tatgtgccct tccacactta aaccctgagg atagaaccaa    152700
     tgtgtttcag ctagacccct gctgatctcc aattatgtat tagtatcact caatatcaaa    152760
     gacggttacc aggtcccaaa caagctgcaa atacatctaa gtgatgttct ggctcttcct    152820
     cctcagcaag aaaaccacaa ccttctaatt gatcactgat taaaaaatcg aaatgttgac    152880
     tctggagaga taggtcagtt ggtaaagtat ttgctgtgca agcaggagga actgagttca    152940
     atgaccagaa gtcatatttt aaaaactagc tgtgatggca tccacttgta atcccagtac    153000
     cagggaggca gagataagca catccctagt atttagtggg ctgccaacga agcctactag    153060
     gcaagatctc gaaacagaga gaattcaaaa accaaaaaca aacaaataag aaatggtggt    153120
     cagcaccaca gaaatggaac ctgaggctgc cctctgcttc cacactcatg cacacatgca    153180
     cctgtaaata cacaaacaca caacaaaaca caaaggtgaa aggttgaaaa ttcaaacacc    153240
     cgcctaattt ctcgaccagt atcattgtta caatgagggg catgtcaata aatcagatgt    153300
     ctagatgaac agatggatga tgaagatact taaatgtttt gattatacat tatatggtca    153360
     attatgagcc aacaacgtaa ttcagaagct gtggaaagga tttcaagatt agattagaga    153420
     ctaatgtgaa ctataagtaa ttctgaatga catcggtaac ctggttacct tgtcaaccaa    153480
     catcctagag ataatgataa tggtggcggc gaggagatga tggtaaccat gatgtgaaga    153540
     taaagaagct cgaagttaag caaaaagctc tccaccgaca tgaagtgtct cttactcatg    153600
     aagatacaat ttgcataatg atacaaaggg gaaaaaaaaa catgggacca gttacattag    153660
     caataaatca ctaaaggcag agaaaacact ccctttctga gtctctgcca agaaactgag    153720
     gacttcttga tcccacccag caaacctctc ttctacagct taaggctgtc aaactgagag    153780
     tcacaagcaa aaaaagaaac aagaaaacct accttgtgaa tgctttcccc tcacccctca    153840
     ggccttaatg ctccccaccc cagcctgctc ccccagcttc agggactaat tgccactcac    153900
     caagtctcct gataaaagct ctgggtatgt tgagcatttg ttgttttggt cctcttcctt    153960
     ggttggttaa ctagttgatt gggtgtgtgg gtgggtggtg gtcgagctat aaccacatca    154020
     ctacccagag agtccaaaga aagcctcacc tgacttagag agctggacac ccctccagtg    154080
     agtcacaaaa acacccaggt catttctctt cgagtttgac taaactctca acagaaaaat    154140
     tcaaacatct gtgaataaat ttcttaagga aaaaagcaaa ctataattta gctgagagga    154200
     gaggagaaaa ggatttatcc ctgtcaaccc gcctgctatg aggtaatggt gctttctggg    154260
     agttccttgt cttctagtca cgacaagtga accctgttgt ccccaccaat gcctgtgaag    154320
     gtgaacaaaa agaacaatgc tttagatgat aaaccacaaa tgaaatttgc ttctggaatc    154380
     ttagtggcat aatttttttc acttggccaa ggtcagcaca ctgccaacta agaagtactt    154440
     gaaggaagat atcgacacac aacagtcatg gtaattacag ggaatttctt cactcgtgaa    154500
     aatagaaaag ggggtcatta gatagaagag tccatatcta aggaagggag gcaatgagag    154560
     cccttccccc accgcaaaat ttgcatgcct gctcttcaca gcaactctca cagattcgtt    154620
     tcttctgatc tgcctgtggc gatgactcat tctgcttctt ggaattgata aatcaatatt    154680
     aattttaaaa ctccttgcta ttaaagtctc tgctagatgg gttgccttta aaagagggta    154740
     gttgggggag gggacactaa aaagatagtg tattaattaa gagcatggta gtgaaccaaa    154800
     ttcttagcaa atcctgtatt ttggaagtag ctatcagatg tacttcaaat gccagaatgc    154860
     ctggtcagtt tttaacaatc agaagagctg gccacgatgc atcagaatca gtgcaaaggc    154920
     agcagcctgc agattacatc acattcctcc gcactcatct tttcttatct tactttgcaa    154980
     gcccagcctc agagcgacac ttaaccgtga gaagccaatt atttttctgt gcatctacca    155040
     cagaggaagt catttgccga agatcgggca agaatacagt ttttaattac tctactttgt    155100
     agatatgact ttttattaaa tgccaatcat ttttccatgc ttcactatgg aaaaggagtt    155160
     ctgaggggaa tgcagaatca gtggagaagt cattcatgtt caacctggcc acttgggcat    155220
     gctctatcca ctacgatttg gggagaaatg aaaagaagtg ctctcacgga aaagtaaaca    155280
     ggtatttcct gagtttagtc tctagactac atggtcagtt tgctgaaaaa ctaacaaaag    155340
     gctaggatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    155400
     agatagatag ataaccaatg atgcatgtta tctacccacc cccactatca accacaaatg    155460
     attattctct caggaacctg cagctatgag ctggacttac actccaaaac ccaacagaat    155520
     ccggtctttt aagatctcag gagcactatt atccaacatg catacaaaac atgtaacttt    155580
     agcagaagaa gcatctaagg tacagcttcc taacccttcc tgtatcagac ttctttaatt    155640
     gagccataat gatctttctg ctgtatcact caagccatga gaatcaggtt gcacttaagc    155700
     atcatcaagt aagtgcatta atgcatgctg tgaaccaatg agtcaaaatt attcaattaa    155760
     tgaatctaaa gacctgcccc taacacacag gcacatttta atgcagttac atgtctcatg    155820
     tagcccaggt tagcctcata cttgttatgt agccaaggat aactttgatc attctgattc    155880
     tcctgcctct actggattat aggaatgtgc taccatgcct gttttatgct gtgctgtgat    155940
     caaacccagg gtttcatgta tgctagataa gtgctatgcc aactgtacta tatccccagc    156000
     ccaagacagt aacatttgac cagggagttt ccttgtgtga gatggtggac atgaagagag    156060
     aaatgaaaag catacaaaag gcttcacatc cttttccatg ggtcacacat ctttgcattt    156120
     gcaattatct tcctttcctt ttaacttctt tctcttcagc ttcctacctc taccccatcc    156180
     tactttttca atggctgctt ggcatcaaat cctaagacgt agtaggaaaa tgtattggta    156240
     tctatgaagc aaaacctatc ttaaggtaaa taaaactaac gacctgcaca catgtgaact    156300
     tgccaacttc tcttttagct aacccctgta aagattctaa acagtgaaac atacaaagct    156360
     ttgagtccaa cccaaaaagt ttccaaagaa aatacatgag tttataacaa atggctgtcc    156420
     acagagggca tcagaaaagc attctgtgta aaatcactaa tgttgcatga ctttcaacaa    156480
     gggtaaggct ttactatcta gtaaattaag gtgtcttaag tattccttta aaagaaagtt    156540
     aagatccctt aaacatgata tacagaaacc tttaaacata aattttaaag attctttagc    156600
     tgtaaatatg tgttgccaaa tactggagac ctgcatcctc tggagaaatt attgaacatt    156660
     ctcttcaata gatggcctcc ttccaatggt ctcttcattt ggaatggagt ttatgacaat    156720
     aaatagctct tactcgtgag aaccaaaggt tgtttagggt aagaactttc taattgataa    156780
     atatatagcc tccttgccat tgctattggg aacttgaagg attttaacct aaataaacat    156840
     atttcaacca acagtaaaag gaaacttact ggtgtctata ccagcttttg tgcttacttc    156900
     aggattcttc ttggcactcg ctgaattcag gtagacatac tacttacatg aacaccatgt    156960
     ttactgctca agcctgaact aagacctcca caatgtctat ttcattttat ctcacaatga    157020
     aattgaggtg atactcattt agggtcccat tttacagaga tttaggtagt aaatcctgct    157080
     ccaaacgcca ctagggagaa ttgagatatg agcccaggca atctaatcca agacctctgg    157140
     aatttaccta ctctcttact tatcacagtt ttataggatg taaaaagtag aatcctgact    157200
     gggcggtggt gtcacatgcc tttaatcctt gtactcagga ggcagaggca gttaaatctc    157260
     tgaattcgag gacagcctgg tctacaaagt gagttccagg acagccaggg ctatacagag    157320
     aaaccctatc tcaaaacaaa acaataaata aaattctgaa tataaaagtt cttgggacta    157380
     gttgttaaat aaaatgttac ttcttcccaa agaacttgtg ttaaagttct atttgctgta    157440
     ttatgagaat tagctagttt ctaaatagta gcttgtcaaa ttagcacaaa actctaaatg    157500
     cattcaagtt tcacaggtca ctacagtttt aaaataaacc atgctggtca tgagaacaca    157560
     aatgaaaaca gggggaaaaa tggtatcaaa attgtttacc tgttacttga actgagaaga    157620
     agttgagagc caagaacagc agcctgagtg tcattgttct gatgagggcc agggctgcag    157680
     cccctcctct gtgagcaagg cagagtgtgg tgtgaactga agtcacatct gccaaggtct    157740
     atgactctct gccatccagg gccactttac agggcacatg atcaagggac tcaaaccaca    157800
     aggcttcgtg actttcacac aggatattac attgtttttg atgacttgac ttttacttct    157860
     tttagcaacc agtccttttt ttcttttttc ttttttggga gggggggggg tactgaagag    157920
     agtgtcagcc accaccagat aatgtgctca ggagagtcat gctgatgagc atcggagctg    157980
     tgaaatgtgg gcgcttaggg cccagcaaca acaaaagcag acaaacaagg cattctaaag    158040
     aagagagaaa aacctctctc agaagacaaa ctcttacaga cgaatccaaa atacaaggct    158100
     gtgtgggaag ctgagagatt tctatgcacg tgtttaaatt ctgcataaac gttatgagat    158160
     tgaagtttga aataatctta aggcgatcct atggagtgta tgtataactc acttctacca    158220
     attttgaaaa ccgcttccaa gtacacactt ggcaagcacc caggcatctg agcagctgca    158280
     gaaatttcca gagcaaagag gaagtcataa aaacaccata ttttcttagg gaaacaggag    158340
     gtaaacgaaa cacccttgct acctcatgtt ccctatgtcc ctcaaagaaa catttcaaac    158400
     agcagaccat tggaagattc accacagaga cacccggggc ctttgtaacc agctctccac    158460
     acctctcccc aactcctggg ccttctgtag acagggctag cccaccagca tggccagctc    158520
     cacattcctc ttctagagcc atcctggatc cccctggtca gcatctgtac tcaacagctt    158580
     ccctgatagt ctgactctta tagaagctat aatcatcgga gtttgtggtt atatgtatct    158640
     catacacatt agctttctca aaactttctt ggtgattttt tttctttctt ttctgataat    158700
     ctgagctttg tgaaaccagc ctcatttgtg attttgtgta tatttaaaag aatgatttat    158760
     attttttatt ctgaatacaa aagtgagcta tattgcatac gtaaaaaaat ttagaaaaaa    158820
     atataagcat aaagtcaagg tttacctata ttcttaccga attataaaaa tacttaatat    158880
     ttgagccatt actttccatg ttgttttgtt tatagttttc aatagatatg ttatcaattg    158940
     ttaatttcta aggcatccat atatgatata aatattttta ttacatttta gctggtatat    159000
     aaaacttaaa tattaaacgt atcagtcaaa taccatatga tgttttatag gcatatatac    159060
     atattttatt tttcgagaca gggtttcttt gtgtagtcct ggctgtcctg gaactcgctc    159120
     tgtagatcag gctggcctca aacttgtaat cctcttgaca caacctctta aatgctagta    159180
     ttatagatgt ggaccataat acccgattct actctctgat tctaggcaat gaatgttttt    159240
     ttgttttgtt ttggtttgtt tgtttgtttt tttatcttca attggatgaa attatgtgat    159300
     acttgtcttt gtgtagctga cttctctctc aatggcagta tacagaatag aaaaagattt    159360
     tcacaaaatt cacatctgac agagggctaa catccaaaat atttaaagaa ctcaagaaac    159420
     tagacatcag gaaactaaat aatttaactt taaaatggga tacaggtcta agcagagaat    159480
     tctcaacaga ggaatttcaa atgggtgaga aacacttaga aatggtcagt gtccttcgcc    159540
     atccaggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaactttt gagattctgt gctatgccag tcagaatggc    159600
     taagatcaaa accacaagtg acagctcatg caggccagga tgcttaacaa gggaaacact    159660
     ctttcattgc tggtgggagt gcaaacgtgt ataaccactt tggaaatcaa tatagcagtt    159720
     tctcagaaaa gtgggaatct atctacctca agactcagcc ttaccactcc tgaacatata    159780
     taactaaagg acactccaat ctaccatact catctgttaa aaagatgaca tcacgaaatt    159840
     tgaaggcaaa tgagaggaac tagaaaaaaa tcatcctgtg tgaggtaacc cacaaccaga    159900
     aagaatgttt aaatgctaaa aaaccatgtt gcatggtatg tactcagtta taagtggata    159960
     ttaactgtaa agtaaaagat aatcatgcta caatccacag accataagta acaaggaatg    160020
     cttaatggaa agaaggaaca acacagaata ttcctggaaa gtggaagtag aatatatttc    160080
     ctaggtgagg atgaaaacag gaggggttgg atggtggagg gaggatggaa tgagaaaata    160140
     ctgggagaga cgactaggat cggggagggg catttgggga atgagttaga aacctagtga    160200
     aatggaaaga aactccatgg gatctacaag ggtgacccta gtgaagactc ttagtaatgg    160260
     gagacacaga agctgcagcc atcctctgca acgaggcagg gcctcaagtg gaaagactgg    160320
     gacatcaacc caaccatcta acctccaacc taccatgtca tgcctgcgtg acatgctggc    160380
     actggagcct agcataatca tcatcaaaga gaccagagag acttcatcca ataactgatg    160440
     ggagaggata cagagtccca cagccaaaca ttagcaggag ctcagggagt tctgcagagg    160500
     aagaggggtg agaaggattg gaggaaccac aggggtcagg ggcacaagaa cacagcccac    160560
     attatcaact gactgggact caagtggact cacagagatc agggatcctg tatgggtgac    160620
     ctaggtcctc tgcatatctg ttatggttat gtagcttgat gttcttatgg gactacaaac    160680
     agtgggatcc agggatactt ctgactcttt tgcttgcttt tggaaccttt ttgttcctac    160740
     tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt ccctgtccag ccttaatgtg acggcatgta aattgtagct    160800
     tgttacagca tatttggttg atgtccctgg aaggcctgct cttttctgag gggtggaggt    160860
     agggggagat ccaggagaaa agggaggtgg tgagggagtg tagctggaca tttgactact    160920
     ttatgggttt tttttttttt tcttcatgga gaaggttttt acccttcatg cctttcctac    160980
     tctttcaact cattaacact agataggaga gaaaaaagga tagaggtgaa aggggctgac    161040
     attatcatta gactactttc tgctgattag gggcattgag ttccttgggg caagtttgat    161100
     atttgcagtc aagatatcta attattcctc ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct cctcctcctc    161160
     ctcctcctcc tccttcttct tcttcttttc ttcttttctt cttcttcttc ttcttctttt    161220
     cttcttttct tcttcttttc tttttcttct tcttcttttc ttctcttctt cttcttcttc    161280
     ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttct tcttctcctt ctccttctcc    161340
     tcctcctcct cccctacctc ctcctcctct tctctttctt cttcttcttc ttcttcttca    161400
     ttctttgcac ataagtactt aaaacacaca cacaaccaac aacccaccat caacaacaac    161460
     aatcttacct cttgggtccc tagcaaggac cttctgaaaa gtccccagag ttctaaacat    161520
     cacacactca cagaaactat cttcagctag caaaatcatg cccctgctag agcacaaggc    161580
     aaatcatagt cagctgctgt ggacagtctg aagcagccca tatatcctag gcctggaatt    161640
     aaaatgaata catatcctta taatatttct gtatttttta agaaaccaaa attctcactc    161700
     taggagagag actgagagga ggggaaggag ggaaaactga attgcgatgt aatatataag    161760
     agaagaataa ataaaaaggg aaagtataaa acaataaact tatattttaa attatgtgta    161820
     tgtgtacatg tgagtgcaag tgcccaagga attgagatga ggatgtcaga gccttggagc    161880
     ccaagtgggt gcaaggagtt gaacccaaag cagcaagcac tcctaaccac tttttagtca    161940
     tccctccagc cccttgactt actcctctta acataatgac ctccatttct gccacacaac    162000
     ggcatctcct tccttttcat tgcagagcct attcagacca aatgctcctg ttcattcatg    162060
     aatgaacagg cttttaggtt actcccatgt ctcatctgtt gtgaatagtg gtgtggtgta    162120
     ctttggagtg gacatagctc ctctatttct gattaaactt cccttggatg tactctccca    162180
     ttatcaggat agccagatca tttggtggcc tctttccccc acattctcac caacatttac    162240
     cactcttctt ttcagcaaat tctgttctca ctatggcttt gatttgtgtc tttatgatat    162300
     taatgatgtt gaaatttttt cctgtattca ttgtcctttt gtgatggcat tgtttgagaa    162360
     atgtctatca aagctaaaaa cttattttta cttgacttac ttacaatata tccattggat    162420
     tttggagttc tttatacatt ctagatttca accctttatc agacacatat tttgcaaaca    162480
     tattcttttt tttaatattt tcagtccttt aaagatttta ttaaactgga atactacatt    162540
     tattataaac aaattacaac ttattctttt ttaaatataa ttttttcttt ttttcaatta    162600
     gatattttat ttgtttatat gtcaaatgtt atcccctttc tcagtttccc ctctgtaact    162660
     cccctctttg atctcccttg ccttgcttct gtgagggtgc tttctaaccc gcccgcccac    162720
     tcccacctca ctgtcctacc attcctctac actggggcat caagccttca caggcccaag    162780
     gacctcctct cccattgatg ccaaataaga ctccttcagc tccttcagtc cttcccttaa    162840
     ctcttccatt ggggtccctg tgctcagtcc aatggttggc tacaagcatc tgtattggtc    162900
     aagatctggc agagcctctc aggagacagc tgtatcaggc tactgttagc aagcacttct    162960
     tgcatctgca atggtgtctg ggtttggtgt ctgcatgtgg gatggatccc aaggtgaggc    163020
     agtctcagga tggcctttcc tttagtctct attccactct ttgtccctgt atttccttta    163080
     gacaggagca attctgggtt aaaattttgg agatggagga gtggccccat ccctcaacca    163140
     gggagccatg cctaacctct agatatggtc tcgacaggtt ctcccttcct tttgtagggt    163200
     atttcagctg atgtcatccc tgtggggtcc tgggaggctt ttgctttcct ggatatggga    163260
     ctttctggtt gctaccccca gttccccatc ccccattgct acacacctct tttcaatttc    163320
     ctgaccctct gtacatctcc tccatctcct cccatatctg attctacccc tcattttccc    163380
     ctccctctcc tctcttcctc ccaagtccct tttaccctct acttcccttg attatattgt    163440
     tcccacttct aagtaggact gaagcattca ctctggtctt ccttcctctt gatcttcatg    163500
     tggtccatga gttgtatctt gggtattcca cactctttgc ctaatatcca cttatcagtg    163560
     agtacatacc atttgcattc ttttgtgact gagttacctc actcaggatg atattttcta    163620
     gatccatcca tttgactgca gattttgtga tgtcattgtt tttaatagct gggtagtatt    163680
     ccattgtgta aatgtaccac cttttctgta tccatttctt tgttgaggga catctaggtt    163740
     gttctaaaaa ttctttaatt cctttttatt cattgcataa ccaagttatc attgagtaga    163800
     gcattttaca gcttccatgt atatgtgggc tttctgatga ttttgttgtt attgaagacc    163860
     agccttagtc tgtggtgatc tgataggatg catgggatta tttcaatttt cttgtatctg    163920
     ttgaggctgt tttgtgactg attatatggt caattttgga gaaggtatca taaggtgctg    163980
     agtagaaggt atattctttt gtttgaggat gaaatgttct atagatatct gatccatttg    164040
     gtccataact tctgttagtt tcattgtgtc tctgtttagt ttctgtttcc acgatctgtc    164100
     cattgatgag agtggggtgt taaagtctcc cactgttatt gtgtgatgtg caatgtgtga    164160
     tttgagtttt agtaaagttt cttttatgaa tgtgggtacc gttgcatttg gagcataaat    164220
     gttcagaatt gggaggtctt cttggtagat ttttcctttg atgagtatta agggtacttc    164280
     tttatttttt tggataactt ttggttgaaa gttgatttta ttcaatatta gaacggctac    164340
     tccaacttgt ttcttgggac catttgcttg gaaaattgtt ttctagcttt ttactctgag    164400
     gtagtgtctg tctttgtcaa tgaggtgcat ttcctttctg cagaaaatgt tgggtcctgt    164460
     ttatatatac agtctgttag tttatgtttt ttttttttta ttggagaatt gagtccattg    164520
     atgttaagag atattaagga atagtgattg ttgtttcctg ttatttttgt tattagaggt    164580
     ggaattatgt ttgtgtagct atcttctttt gggtttgttg aaagatgatt actttcttgc    164640
     tttttctagg gtgtagtttc cctccttgtg ttggagtttt ccatctatta tcctttgaag    164700
     ggatggattc atggaatgat attgtgtgaa tttcgttcta tcatggtata ctttgttttc    164760
     cccatctatg gtaattgaga gttttgctgg atatagtagc ctgggctggc atttgtgttc    164820
     tcttagggtc tatacaacat cttcccagga tcttctagct ttcttagtct ctggtgagaa    164880
     gtctggtata attttgatag gtctgtcttt atatgttact tgatagtttt tccttactgc    164940
     ttttaatatt ctttctttgt tttgtcattt ggtgttttga ctattatgtg atgggaggaa    165000
     tttcttttct ggttcaatct atttgtagtt ctgtaggctt cttgtatgtt tgtgggcatc    165060
     tctttcttta ggttagggaa gttttcttct ataattttgt tgaagatatt tactggccct    165120
     ttaagttgga aatcttcact ctcttctata cttattaccc ttagttttga tcttctcatt    165180
     gtgtcctgaa tttcctggat gttttaggat aggagctttt tgcattttgc attttctttg    165240
     actgttgtgt caatgttttc tatggtatct tctacacctg agattctctc ttgtagctct    165300
     tgtattctgt aggtgactct tgcacctatg actcctgatc tctttccttt cacacacaca    165360
     ctttctctga tattgaagat ttctttagga tgaaaaaaat agtcataatt tatagcatca    165420
     ttcagctgac ccatatgaca catagtaact ccagtcattg gggtagggga gaatggtcct    165480
     gataacacct gatgacttca ttaaaatgca taagtatctt actaaaataa ttccagatac    165540
     cttaagtcta catattcttg aaaattagga acatatacat aataatgaaa taaactacct    165600
     tagtcaatca actaatgtat tcaaattcca agcacagcct ttgccagaat gtgtgtgtgt    165660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt aaagatgact agattctata tgctctttga    165720
     aacataatag gaagtaaaca tgggcatggc cacaaagggg gtgaaaatga atttgcgcat    165780
     tctgcattta ctgtggctag ctagtatgtc tgtctccagt ctggataaat cacactcatt    165840
     ctaccaagtt cagtgtaaac agtcatgcct tctccaacca aacaacacac acatgcgcgc    165900
     gcgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ctcatctccc    165960
     tgctataacc tctaccacac tatttacaga atcatatgat accacaaaga caaagtaccc    166020
     acagattggt gcatggtgct atttgtctaa tgcctctcca gcaccatgca aggatgagga    166080
     tagagtcaca tctgttcttc acagctacat ccctaagtct agcactcagt aaatgctcag    166140
     aagttattgg aatgaaggtg taaaaggcat gaaactccct acaactccca ctcttccagc    166200
     caatatgtct gcaattgtgg acatccctgt cttggagtct gatcagcgaa gtctttaccc    166260
     tgactgtatt cttaaacacc agacactaag aaaccgtgca aaatatgcct tctcgctagc    166320
     taggacctca gcaccagatt cctggctgct cctctacccc ggtgatgtgc tttaaaccag    166380
     taggcatctc ggagagctgc ttccttcata aatcatttgt cttatagcca aagccagagt    166440
     cacatctagc cactcagcct ctcctcccct ttctcccgca ccctctgtgc atcccttaca    166500
     ttttggaaaa tgggatgttt cctccactgg acacatattt aagacgtgct tagccaattt    166560
     ggctacagaa aaggaaagac actgagcttg ggattctgtt aactaaaagc acaggatttg    166620
     aagcctcaca gaattaggga ttgcctgctc tgagagagct acaacctcaa ttccttttat    166680
     ataaaacaga gatgaaaata tttcactcaa tgtgttgctc atatttcaca gagtatgaat    166740
     ctcctccacc cttaagatag aaatatattt aatcttcatt tcacgttgct tgtaaaggct    166800
     gaataaatgc ttgttggatc aatcagagca gatcatcaaa tgtacctgtg gtctatttag    166860
     atgaacccac tttgctacac agagtaggtt cctccacact cttctttgga aattagcatt    166920
     agtttctcct tattgaacac tcctgaagtt tgaacatata taggtattaa ctgcaaaagt    166980
     agcattgaaa gcttccaaga gttacagctg tcaagctgca agttattaag aaaaaaaaaa    167040
     aaagacttgt ggctagctac tggcacacag agcaagccaa gcagcataaa gtgtctttga    167100
     tctggattct agctagatac ttactactca tttatattcc taattctccc cacagctcct    167160
     tcttacagag gtttgaatgc tcccaggatg gttgtaggaa aatcataaaa caagtgatcc    167220
     tgtctttcag ctttatagga ttatgccagc tactagtatt ttaaagaaga atttatttaa    167280
     aatgatagac aatgatgaag ttacaaaagt agtgtatatt atccaaacac acagaatcaa    167340
     tgccttacac agaaaattat gcgaaaccca gaaaggaaag ctaaggaaag gctacactga    167400
     tcatctaatc ccactgagta tgcggtacta aaaacttttg caagaacaac ttaagaggtt    167460
     ttatcaagaa ttacatgaaa cgatattgtg aaaattttct tagagcaatt acctaaaaga    167520
     tctaagtgga tagactttgg ccacttagca ggtaggctta tcactctgaa ttataaaagc    167580
     tgtagctaag atttattctc acttaatcct cattccaacc caggagatgg aagcatcatt    167640
     atccccattt catgggtaag gaaacaagag ctcagagtgg ttaagccgtg tgtccacaat    167700
     gtaactctaa gcaaccgtct tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttcattct gctaaatgtg    167760
     actctaaggc actggttctc acccttccta atgctctgac catttaaagc atttcctcac    167820
     tttgtggtga ctcccaacca taaatttgtt ttgttgctac ttcgtaactg ttgtgtttct    167880
     actgtcatga atcccaatgt aagaatttga tatccagact gtctgatatg ggacccccag    167940
     gggggcatga cctacttgct aagaactgct tctccaaagt cgtctttgat caggaaggcg    168000
     tggttctcag cactacggtg ctgaccttat actcatggag accccaccag aagaggaagc    168060
     gaagcctgta cagccttgat ctcatctgaa aggaagttat cctgaccaga caaagaactg    168120
     cattactgtc agcaagatgg acgtatcatg agcctagaca acaggcactg acaaaaggtt    168180
     catgtatttg ttgatctgaa gaaagcgaat cggggcacag catcatgaac atggagaagg    168240
     tatgctgccc tcagactcca gctaggtcat ttcaacgggg taaacttaca tacctgacat    168300
     ggttttctaa gaagatggtt attggtgaaa tagttgacta ttcctgaaat tctgcatttc    168360
     tgaaaatctg atggtttcac tgaggttgat ctaaagacag ccgcctacct cctgggtggt    168420
     acggcacaga gggagcaagc atcctgtgtc tgactgattt gctgttttaa aaatctgggc    168480
     tgtttggata ttttctggag accagaatga taattaacta tgactggggt gggagagcaa    168540
     ggaaaggaat gtatttcact ctgtgtcctg tattgactga tgtcaacctt ttctattcct    168600
     gaccatgcaa tcagtgggat tgtaagcagg gcacctctga cctcttcagg aactaaaatc    168660
     ctgtccaagc cttgggaaaa tggccacgct tgggcttcct ccccctctgc tgcaagtttt    168720
     acaggccttc gacgtgttgc ttaaagcagc aaccccggga aataaagctg ttaacttcaa    168780
     cattgctccc cgcggctgct catgttactg acccactggg aatctgttcc tcctccctgc    168840
     tttgctgtgg ctccctgtct cctgctcttt cccacaagtt cccacagtca ctggataagg    168900
     aaggtcaatc tgaatgcatc tgtccacttt ccggaatgtc acggaagagt aacagctgtt    168960
     gacctgctat cctgtttgtc tcaaaagcag cttggatgaa ctccagctaa tatatacagt    169020
     ctctacttcc tatgaaggat gtagggccag gacagtgtgc tttccacact tgctttgaat    169080
     tttagcataa atgcagtctg ctttttaaca ttggatctta ttactaataa ttaatggtta    169140
     tacttatgcc tacagttcgt caagcatttg cgatgcaaga caaggtagaa ctgtctcaaa    169200
     gatgtaagac ttaagttatc tagaaaaagc agtattcttt tcttcctaag tgaccatgct    169260
     cagatatttt tacacacaca cacgtcttta tcaatttccc acaagtacac aggatgaaat    169320
     taaaattgtg cactttcttc tagagatagg aaagagaggt acttgggagg gggagaggga    169380
     gctaaatggt gatgtgagag aataaagaag cctttggaag ctaaggcaag tagatcaaga    169440
     atctgagtgc caggggctgg agagatggct cagtggataa gagcactgac tgctcttcca    169500
     aaggtcctga gttcaaatcc cagcaaccac atggtggctc acaaccatcc gtaatgagat    169560
     ctgacgccct cttctggtgt gtctgaagac agctgcagtg tatttacata taataaataa    169620
     agaaatcttt aaaaataaat aaataaaaga atttcagtgc cagtctgggc tacgaacaat    169680
     cagtttgcgg ccagcctgag ctacatgatg aaaccctatc tcaaaaagaa tgtacaagaa    169740
     agaacaggga aagaccacta agagcagatg aacatgggtt ttgtctaaga atgcacctag    169800
     aacacccaca acacccagaa caccagcggt acatatggta tcttctacat gttgccttga    169860
     gaaaaatccc agactatttt tgtgctcaca gaatgtagct cctatggtat cccaggccac    169920
     tcagacttgg agtgcctggc accaggctca tcattccacc cagtcacaga ctctggatgg    169980
     agactatgaa tatgggaaaa ccttatcccc tcggggattg gctctgagtt aatttctcct    170040
     gctattgctc acagtgtgac atttactcat gtttgctgga ccaaattata gggctcttct    170100
     gggaaaactg cagttgttta gctgacctct caacagaaca aataagacta gaaatgtata    170160
     taagtcatat gaactcgttc acccaataga ctggtacaga gaatatccaa gggagattaa    170220
     gggaattccc gtgttccccc caaaatataa gccttgaaga aacatggtgg aagaaaaccc    170280
     taacctacct ggagaggcat gtgtgggtgg ggtcaccatg ataaagagaa taagcaaaac    170340
     tgtccagacc accgtcagga ggggagcttg ctttccaggc acaatatata ctaccaataa    170400
     aagccatgct gcctggactg cttgtgcacc cacagagagt tcagtgaggt gacaaggaaa    170460
     agacaccaag gaaggcttgg gctgtggcag gctggtcacc atgagtctcc atgccacact    170520
     tactctctga actgagctca gggaagaagc cttgaggtaa ggcacagcac acacctctgc    170580
     tttgctggca tggatttagg aggcattcgc ataaaagatc tggtgtttag aacaggttga    170640
     ctagccaatg tcagtttcat atgattgcta tcagttgctg taagctgtgt ccagccggag    170700
     tgctgcacgg tcacagcagg ggaaggggaa cacgagcaat aggcagtggt actcagggga    170760
     ctcccagctc agggccgcta ccagccgtga aaaggctcct tctcacctgt cccttaaatc    170820
     ttggcatttt ccatcgttga ggtttggaaa ggataataaa ttactgtctc ccacttgctg    170880
     actcagttta aaatcaagta ataaagacta agaaaggcaa aggagtcagg ctgatgggca    170940
     gagaactgtc accgaggaaa tctattgaga cctgcagcca cagaaagcag cccagaattc    171000
     agcacattta tccaccagcc acaggcatct ctggggaacc acaggcacta cctccaacca    171060
     tagagtcgtt actcctagct agtacatagt atagaaaaaa agttggtccc agaggtgggg    171120
     atgagataca agagagtcag gggagatgtg acatcagggg agtgattgtg taagtcaaca    171180
     gaaaaggcga gatttcagat gcacaaccaa atgcatccca gagaggaaaa ctgaaagccc    171240
     gagaagcaga tggtcgaggt gggcaggggg attggggaca aggaaaaaga ggaaggaacc    171300
     cagaacataa gccagttttt taatgtctag gatcagaagc tacaggttga caaacattga    171360
     tcggtccctt ttccagttca cccatattgt ctcagaaaac ctgcgtgtgg gagcttgtag    171420
     tccctgccat tgatgaaaag acctaagcta cagccacaaa ggatgcaggc acacttctct    171480
     cagctcagag gtcgtgatct gggggaagct gatagatgcc ttgacttctt gctttttgcc    171540
     attaaatcac agttttgaaa taagctaccc ctaggctgtg agaaatgaca gaagcatcag    171600
     aaactatact cctgtagctc agaagttcaa ggtcagcctg ggtggcttga gacctagtaa    171660
     aaagaaggaa gcaagcacgg gaagcaggca ggcaggcagg cagactagct catacattgt    171720
     ggtgggtgat gagtgatatt ctgtacattt ttacattcat cctttagtct ttggtgatat    171780
     gaccagacat agcttctatc tcttctccct ccctcaaaaa ctgcataaat agaagcattt    171840
     tcatcacagc agagagtgag aacatggcac ttaactcggg ggtgccacct cagtcagaca    171900
     ttcggctaac ctctcaagct tgctactgtt gctgtctctg atgagaaatt cagacttcca    171960
     aaaatagcat ctgtaaggtg gctgagcagt gggaagtggc agactgaata atgatttgca    172020
     ctgtgtcttc agatgtggtc cctaaggact actgtgaggc tgcagcccac agggactgga    172080
     aaggctctgg ctggttgctg gactttgccc agatcctgga ggtcataact gcaaaacaaa    172140
     tgatgtctgt tatttttcaa atccctgttt agggaacact tgtggaaatg tacaatttgt    172200
     acccaatatt atggacacag tctctcagat ctgcctaatc tctaaatcta ccactctttc    172260
     taattcttag aaatctagtc tctgaattgg tctacaaact ggacagtatg tatggtgtat    172320
     ctgcacagaa aaggggttca cagaacctct tgactcttgc ctttttgcca cccaagtgga    172380
     agtaatgtag catatgagag tggatatgaa aatgagattt gttgaaatgt gaactcctat    172440
     tacatcccag taactaagcc tgactgttct tggcctttct tgtgtccaga acccctttac    172500
     ccatctaaaa gcctcatctc agtatttttg aaatgtataa aataaataca tatgattgca    172560
     aaatcaaaaa ctcatctaca ctacactact agaacacagt tgtcatcaat caagcatggt    172620
     ggcacatctt tagtgccagc actcgggaca gagacagaga cagagatagg cagatctatg    172680
     agttcacagt catcctcaac tacagagtga gttccaggac agccaagctg aacaaagaaa    172740
     ccctgtcttg gaaaaaaaaa acccaaataa acaaacaaaa caaaaagaaa acagttttca    172800
     aatatttgag ggaggggtca atatggtggt gttagtttgg ggggctgtct atgtgtgtat    172860
     gttttgaggg ggatcagact tcaagcctta ttcataagaa cgtacattga gctacattct    172920
     acagagcctt ttttagtttt ctgatacagg gtttcactgc atagcccagt gaaattccca    172980
     gcttggaatc cactccagtc ctgccttggc ctcccattaa agctgtatac ttcaacactt    173040
     ggctttaatt tttttcaaag gaatatttgc atcaaataat gtgataagaa aataatttgt    173100
     gatttctact gatgacaaag tcacaagtta aagtaaaatt actgtggttc attgcctaaa    173160
     tatatcattg cggtgttaaa tttcagttag agaggatcgt gaaaaagatg tcattttcct    173220
     cactgagttt atatagatgt ctccctaaaa agcactggat aaggcagaac atctgacagt    173280
     cattagcacc tcatatacct acacatgaat cataaacaca aactcgcaca tacacactca    173340
     gcactgtatc atcccagacc tgggatctga acacatctta atgacatgca tgagagagga    173400
     cacttcccaa atggctgtta ttctaaaaga tggtgaaaca gacagtgtaa ataacatcat    173460
     acacttcagc ctcagtatgc tgcagagctt ccagttccaa atactggctg actgtggatg    173520
     atggcttcca ccatggctct gatgcttggg ccaggatcag aagctccacc agtccacttg    173580
     tctagttttt ttttctccct tgcattttag atgtagtaca actttccatt ctgaccatta    173640
     ttactcagtt aggatgagac tttaaatcca tgatgggagg acctcaccca cgccccgaat    173700
     cctttttttt tatagtctgt ttgttttttt atcttgatgt gtatgtgtgt atataccatg    173760
     tgtggggagc atatgtggag gccagaagag agtcttggat cttctttagt gatgtagcca    173820
     ctgttaacca tgctccagta aatacaccca ccccatgctc atgaaagcaa ttctaattag    173880
     actcactgag tcacatccta tatcctccaa aaaccaagaa aatgcatgaa aataagggac    173940
     aagtttggga agaggagggg gattcagcag aaacaggcag gatgtatgag ggtgtagtgg    174000
     atgcttgtga gtgtcctggt ttgccttcaa ttgctacagt agacaccatg accatggctc    174060
     ttgtggatcc tgtgagccat gccatgtgcg tactggaaac aaaactcagg tcttctataa    174120
     gaatgacaat cactcttaat aaccactgga ccatctcccc agcccaaaca attcttgttc    174180
     tagatataga aatgaagccc caacttcttg aatacattca acacatacct ttgcatatta    174240
     tatcctgtga atagatctga acatttttgg agggcttttg ccagttagag cacatactcc    174300
     cacaccgtag gagactccta acattgcgtt tccttttgct ttctccccta aaacaagaat    174360
     tcttttcagc catcaggtca ttaagattac ttccttccac tctgtgatat atgctcttct    174420
     ccttcactct ccccaaagtg tatatcttct cctgacagag tttttcggtg gtggtggtgg    174480
     tggtttggtt tggttgtttg gtgttttttg tttttgtttt tgttttttgg agagggtggt    174540
     tggttttttt ttttttttag ctttttcttc ttttagtctt ctttcatttt ttaaaaatgt    174600
     tttattcttt gacaatttca ttcatgttta ctatattttt ggtctttttt actctgccag    174660
     ctagtttgtt gttttttgtt tggttgattt tggttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttgtttgtg    174720
     tttgtttgtt tttttatcag cttgacacta gctagagtct tctaggaaaa gggaatctca    174780
     cttaagaaaa tgcttctatt cagattgcct atagccaagt caatggggca gtttcttgat    174840
     taataattga tgtgggaagg cccagcccac ggtgccaccc ccaagcagat aaacctaaat    174900
     tctataatac aacagactga gaaagccatg agggctccca gtgacaaacc tcctccaact    174960
     aagtcttttc caacaaggcc acacctccta atattaccac tccctatggg actatggggg    175020
     ccacttttat tcaaactacc acagtgttta ttacagcaat tgaaagcaaa ccaggacaat    175080
     catgttcacc cattatagcc tctcatacct cctgcccttt tctgctgaat ctcttcttca    175140
     caacaagtct atctaagttg tttgtttgtt tgttcgattt gttttgttat ttacattcca    175200
     aatgttgcca ccctccaggt ccccctccca gagttcccca tcccactctc cctccccttt    175260
     gcctcttaga gggtgttccc cctccccatc cccatcctgg gcatccccct tccctgggga    175320
     atcaagtctc tacaggatta ggtgcattct ctcccgctga ggccagacaa ggcagtcctc    175380
     tgctacatat gtgccaggag ccttggacca gcaaatgtat gctctttggt tggtggcttg    175440
     gtctctgaga gctccctggg gtccaggtta gttgacactg ttggtcttcc tatggggttg    175500
     ccatcccctt cagctccttc aatccttccc ctaactcttc cataggggtc cccgacctca    175560
     gtccaatggt tgattctgag tatctgcatc tgtctcagtc agcttttggt agatcctctc    175620
     agacaacagc catgctctct aacagttgct cctatcagca agcacaacat aacataagta    175680
     attgtgtcag ggtttggtgc ctgcccatag gatggatccc aagttgggcc tatcactgga    175740
     tagcctttcc ttcactctgc tccatttttg tctctgtgtt tcttgcaggt atggaagaag    175800
     acaggaggag agaagcccag tgggccagga gaatgaacag aaataagcag cttctggggg    175860
     tgaggtgtgg ggaacctcta aagttccaga aacctgggat gtgagaggct cccaggactc    175920
     aatgggggtg accttagaca aaattgccct gaagagacca cctccagtag acagacaggg    175980
     tccccagtgg aaggatggga tcaccagctc accttcaaca ttgttgaccc agcacttttc    176040
     ctgtttacta gtctgcctct tatttttaca tatttatttg gttttggagg gtgtggggtg    176100
     tgattcgttg agtctaagta ggatggcttt catgagcacg gggagaatgt atgtactgga    176160
     gcatgactga cttaacagtg gctagaccac tgaagaatat gagtttcgct ctcctaccag    176220
     tcattgcctg ccaatcattc ttcaggaagg gggagaggct tgtgatatga tgtgataagc    176280
     cctcatcttg tttaggtctt gtgaaagtaa ctgcagctgc ttaattcatg ggtatcgtga    176340
     ccatgtccta tccacaggca gcacttcatt attttctagc ccttgcctac cacttctgca    176400
     gtattccctc atctttggag aaagtagcct aaatgtccca tttagattag agacaagcac    176460
     tcaaaggtca cttactctct gtaattcaac cagttctgag tctctgcatt aaccactgct    176520
     cactgaaagg agaagctcct ctgaccaaag ctgagggcag tgccaatctg tagatataaa    176580
     gaagatattt ggagagactg gagatggctc agaggttaag aacactgtct gctcaaacag    176640
     agatcctgag ttcaattccc agcaacctca tggtggctca caaccatctg taatgagatc    176700
     tggtgccctc tactggcctt catagttaca tgcgggtgaa gcattgtata tatagtaaat    176760
     aaattgaagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gaggaggagg aggaagggaa ggcaagggaa    176820
     ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa    176880
     ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa ggcaagggaa gaaaaaagag gaagaagaga    176940
     ggaggaaatt tagaggcagt ttgacacaat tatccacttg ggcttttaac catgtttaca    177000
     gaaccaggca ttaattctct cctataaaac aaccctcaaa tctaagcaag aaacagttgg    177060
     ttaccactta atagccttgc cactgtggcg ttagtaggca catcttgccc agacagtcgt    177120
     ttctagccct tggtaaattt tcatttattc tgtactgcac ataacagtct atatttcaca    177180
     aatgaatata atttataatt attttgtagg taggttttcg tttgtttgtt tgttttgtcc    177240
     attagacctc tattaaaggc gaaatttctt atggacagga accatgcctg attcgtacat    177300
     gtctgcacct caaccaaata gacactcaac caaaaattgg taagtattga acattctcta    177360
     ttataatatg atgctctaca agctgtaatg tattgcttct atagactagc aattgaggaa    177420
     ggtaagcaga gtgaagtgta ctagacagag tatatccaaa gttgtccctc tagttagatg    177480
     gatcagaaat ggaatcctat ttaatttggt ttgatggtct gttacctgtt ggtccaactg    177540
     gcatattcac tccacatgct gtgccaatat ctcacaaggt ataggtaatc ctgatcctac    177600
     ttctctgatt cttagacaga tggatatatg aagcataatg ttacttaatc tctggaatca    177660
     tgaaatctgt tgccttagtc aaactctagt cctggatagc aaagtggcct ttcagccaga    177720
     gtcacagtac caggacaagt caaaatgtag gtagaactct cctcactggg atctatttct    177780
     ttggcaagcc attcattcat ccaaaaatgg ttaacgagat taatcattta atgaaagctg    177840
     agaagataaa ggtaaataaa acatctcaag tggttcaagg cagacaagtg caaagtaagt    177900
     ttctccttcc aaattaatcg aaagaggata tgttatattc tggttcatct agaattatct    177960
     tcctaaaaca tctatacact aggtacatca acctacttta taaatgcacc acggaagaat    178020
     taatgagact gtgcaaatat acgtgtacaa ccacatttat tctttcatga gatcctgaaa    178080
     gtatacaaaa gaaaatgaac ctcccaccca cagacataca aaccagactt caccatttaa    178140
     tacaatgact gttcctttaa gagatgtctg gagtcacttc cccgcccagc ccaataagca    178200
     caatggaaca ttttccttga gattacctca ctcccgctga cccacacagg aaataattat    178260
     tttggtagtc tctcataaac agtaaaatat acttgcttga aaaataagct ctttgaccct    178320
     gtaagtcagt ggcttcgtga gcataccaaa ctaagtatcc ttccaaatcc aacaattttg    178380
     tacgtaaatg gtgccttatt cttgaattgt gggttcccag atccaggctc cacttgacag    178440
     ttctgccaag atgccaccac ggacagtggt ttccttgtat ttctgcctaa agaagaatgt    178500
     ggcatcaaag aaaaattata tttctttcct aagatagaat ttggaaattc aacagatgtc    178560
     ctagcaacag attcaaacac agtagtcatg gctgagaaat cagctctgct cttgcatgta    178620
     tccatcctag ggtgcaccag agaaatgcag cgatgtttaa aagagtgatg gtttggaatg    178680
     aaatttctga gtctagtgaa agatcaagat gtccactcct aagctaactg aaacctgcta    178740
     ccatgtatgt ccctttcttt cactatagaa tccccaaaga cagcaatgta gaggattcca    178800
     agtaaactgt ctgtgagagg agtctggcta cctgcagaaa acagaagcat tggagccata    178860
     aggccatgtt cccagttccc agttgaaggt gacactaatc tactgaacac ccaagtcact    178920
     cccttggtat aaaagcaact ggagccaggg ggctgtccct aaatctgatg cctgtctttg    178980
     gatctcattt ccctaactaa gctgccttgt ctggcctcag tgggagtgga tgtgtttaac    179040
     tctgcagaga cttgatgtgc cagggttggg agatagccag ggggacctcc gccctctcag    179100
     aggagaaggg gagaggtatg ggggagggac cttgtgaaag agaactggag gaggtgagga    179160
     cagtgatcag aatattagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    179220
     agataatgga aagggaggaa aagcctttcg ggactacctg acaagcaccc aaattgattg    179280
     gagctaaaga caatggtgtg ttttcctacc tctttcaaca gtctgcaact aagcaggtca    179340
     gatcaggact caaaatgtca actgaagaat caggaactca gttaccttcc atcaagtcac    179400
     cacactcttc tctttcaggc cacaagccag aaactggagt atttctgctt atttcctatc    179460
     gacgaatgct tagtcacatg accaatgtag cttcatggtc gttcccattt ccatactcag    179520
     aattcaatga taatgaacaa aatggaaatc aataccaaga gacatccagg agtctaccac    179580
     actcctcagc tttctgattg tttcacttaa tgatagatat gttatcagaa gacataacct    179640
     cttgtcttac ataactgttg tagtacccat ccctcccaaa ttactctgct cattagacct    179700
     gtgttagttg gatccactga catactaagg catgaaagat cctaaagaat ggagccaggg    179760
     ttcttgtgca caactgtgtg ataacatctg gccagatgtg taagcaagct tgctcttacc    179820
     tctggagtct accttgatga ccacaatacc caactattga ccccatggtt gtgagggtca    179880
     ccttgtttca ttttgtcttc ctttccctat acataatagg agaattatcc aaggtgactc    179940
     ccagacaact tcaacattgg aaaggaaaga gaatgtctcc acacttcaac tgaaggtaaa    180000
     ctagtccaag aaaggactta catgtcaact tggaacttct ctgagagctt ctgggatggt    180060
     accaagaaag aagctatgta cagaggaggc ttgggagtga ctgggccagt tcccttcttg    180120
     tgtcctttgg agttgctgac ttctaaaggc acagagaatt cctgactggg acttccctct    180180
     ggcttccact cactgaggag gaatggaaga agactctctg gtgagtggat tagaatccca    180240
     cctggtgttt acaccaagct acaggatgtg cttaacatcc tggcatgaat gggccagtgc    180300
     ttggcggcaa tgaacagcac ctgcttcgag tatctacttg gccaaataaa cgaacgatac    180360
     tcgaatatca agtaatttaa gaaccaaata tatggatgct caatagctca aagacctctg    180420
     aaaggcaaag cagtagtgga aaccacatcg atacaagttc ttcctaaagg aatgagaaaa    180480
     agacgtaaat ttgtttctgt gctattagca gaaatcatga tatactgcaa ctaaatcatt    180540
     actgttttgg aaagaaaaga tacttgaggt aagaaatatt aataaacaac ctatactcaa    180600
     catagaccta taaaccacag aaatgggaag atttaaccag tctcacacct ggtgtttatg    180660
     ggttttgttt tttacagcac atttattggg gcatataaat acagaatatt tatataaata    180720
     cagaatacag ataatgtata tacatgccat cgaaccttaa caatatttta attacaaacc    180780
     tattccaaag tccaacctag gtcaggaaac attagcacat ccttttcctg tttctgcctt    180840
     atccgaaaac tggaacaaaa ctcttggaag ggatccagag tatcaggaag aaattgtttt    180900
     aagtgttgct atgcatgagc caggcagcag agcagcatga gctgacctcc atagctgagg    180960
     ctcttcctat gtaataataa cgcaagtcct aaaaagactc tgctgtgctc atttctggca    181020
     gtgggcaagg gaatttgtac aaacggctga ctctcagatc ggctgtcact ccttcctcta    181080
     ctccacacag ccccgttagc acttacctca ttcattacac tgtaattatt tgttcacagg    181140
     cctgtctcca ggacatggaa aggagttaag aacactagct ctgcagccaa actgtctaga    181200
     tttgaatcat agctctgccg ctagctcgtt tctgtggctc tgagcaagtc ccttaacttg    181260
     gccaagcttc tgttttacca tcgccaaagc ccagttaata ataggtcatt agagtgtcag    181320
     ctgtgcaaac ctcgtgacaa atggatgaaa gccacatcca tccttaaaga acatcttcag    181380
     taactattag tgttctcact tagagtaaaa tcactcatct gtgtattcct gtccccagtg    181440
     tgcctgactc ctgaaggcaa gagaaacagg gtaagaaaga caatgtcctc ggctggtctg    181500
     ctacagtgca ctagtgggac ttctctactg tgtacactaa agaagaataa ccaggcatct    181560
     gtggcccagc tccagccatc ttcctcttag gcaagagatg ccctcacagg gtataaccca    181620
     aaccctacat tcccagcttc atcttagtgg gcagacccac atttttcctc cccaaaagaa    181680
     agcaactatt ctctgttttc cttcaagagc tagctttggt gctgtctctg ggtctcactg    181740
     ggaaagatga attccaggtg gtgctggcag agtcacaggt ccccacactg agctcttccc    181800
     tgcaacctaa actgatcagt cataagcagg atagtttgac ttccatctgc ccttcagtgt    181860
     gtcgtttctc aacatgtcct gctcattgtg cctctaagac taaacagaga gggatggggg    181920
     aggagagggg aaagggaagg ggaggaggag gactagttct gcatccagat ggtagcacac    181980
     atctgcaatc ccagaagcaa ggggattgag gcaggaggac cacaagttca aagccaacct    182040
     gaactatgta tcaggatcct ggtcttggaa aaaataaaaa attcagattt ctaatttttc    182100
     ctgagtttaa tgaagtgttg catatgggag aaactgaaag gcagaccttg gcagtactga    182160
     agaattgaag agaccaggtt tgacctgttc tgaccacttt gggcagtata acctggactc    182220
     tcttgaacct tttgccttct gtttggattc catcaattac atgagactct gtgggtagga    182280
     ggagagaaac ctaagcattt gtcagtctac ccttgccctg actgactagg tttgacactt    182340
     atggcaaacc tctacatagc tctcactctg actgtgtggc cctctctgca gatctagctc    182400
     ttgctgggtt ctccccactt gtccccaatg tcccctcaag tctaagagca gtaacagctt    182460
     tccaacatgc ctagtttcct tggtcctccc atactcatgt tatctctatt aaccctttcc    182520
     acacttctga aaggtgtccc tttgttaaaa atctctttaa ggatgctggg catggctggc    182580
     tcgtgcctat actattgtta catgggcagg cggcaggagg atcactgtaa attcaaagtc    182640
     aacctcatct atataatgag ttccaagcca gccatggttt tatatatatc aggtcatagg    182700
     gaaaaaccaa acacaaaatt taagttaaaa taaagtattt tgggaaaaac tcatttgact    182760
     gctaaaatcc taactgaaat gagtggtcaa acacaacagg aagtctagtg gagaggaaaa    182820
     cgtgagccct tcatcgtctg acggcagtga acattgtctc atccagaaca gtataatcct    182880
     ccttttcatt acaccttgct gtagcaacct gcagacagtg ttgttctgct taaagagaga    182940
     gaccctgatc aagccaccct tatactcagt tgcatgtgat ggttcggaat ctcttctcaa    183000
     atcaaaacat gatagggagt ggaaagtcag agagaagtag aagtgacaca attaactgtt    183060
     tatttttagc tcaatgagga aggatttgca cttttgaaga tgtgacatta tgatatagag    183120
     agcactcaga tcaacataca aagataaaag atctgaagtc tgcaagacag gagcttctga    183180
     gaatatcgcc tctaagcgaa tagagataca aactctgttt ctgtttttct ggctttctat    183240
     caagttcagt cttccctttc atgttttaat gtgtttgact atccatattt ccaaatgtag    183300
     gcacaaattt gtcatagcgt aaaactccat gtgagaacga attcttgcta gaagggtagc    183360
     attagtaaag attagcccat tgagaaattt ctaaaggcag cagtcaaatg ataattattt    183420
     ctctacaaat agaaaatggc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcaa aaatgccctc acttcaacat    183480
     ttggactttc agagcccaca gcggccctgc agtgtgaact ccctgacaca atacagcacg    183540
     cttcctccta ccgtttgtca gttgtgcacc ctgtgaccca cagtctgaaa cactgtgccc    183600
     agttctgtcc ttctatctca atctgacttg tcagcatcaa tactcagctg tgacccacac    183660
     agtcccctgc acttgtcaat catggttgta tataatgaac attctctgtc cttggagcac    183720
     tgggccactc actgctctgt cccttggtaa actgcatttt tcaaaccatt ctattgtctc    183780
     cttccaaccc ttttgactta gctagggttc ttttttttta attagatatt tatttcactt    183840
     acatttccaa tgctatccca aaagtccccc acctgctccc ccacccactc ccccacccac    183900
     ccactctcac ttcttggccc tggcgttccc ctgtactgag gcagataaag tttgcatgac    183960
     caatgggcct ctctttccac tgatggccgt ctaggccatc ttcggctaca tatgtagcta    184020
     gagacacaag ctcttgggga tactgggtag ttcatattgt tgttccacct atagggttgc    184080
     agatcccttt agctccttgg ttactttctc tagctcctcc attgggggcc ctgtgatcca    184140
     tccaatagct gactgtggac atccacttct gtgtttgtta ggccccggca tattcctaca    184200
     agagacagct atatctgggt cctttcagca aaatcttgct agtgtatgca atggtgtcag    184260
     cgtttggacg ctgattatgg gatggatccc ccgatatggc agtctctaga tggtccatcc    184320
     tttcgtctca gctccaaact gtgtctctgt aactccttcc atgggtgttt tgttcccaat    184380
     tctaagaagg ggcaaagtgt ccacactttg gtcttcgttc ttcttcagtt tcatgtgttt    184440
     agcaaatatt atcttatatc ttgggtattc taagtttctg ggctaatatc cacttatcag    184500
     tgagtacata ttgtgtgagt acttttgtga ttgggtgacc tcactcagat tgatgccctc    184560
     caagtccatc catttgccta ggaatttcat aaattcattc tttttaatag ctgaatagta    184620
     ctccattgtg taaatgtacc acattttctg tatccattcc tctgtggagg ggcatctgga    184680
     ttctttccag cttctggcta ttataaatta ggctgctatg aacatagtgg agaatgtgtc    184740
     tttcatacca gttggaacat cttctggata tatgcccagg aaaggtattg caggatcctc    184800
     cggtactact atgtccaatt ttctgaggaa cctccagact gatttccaga gtggttgtac    184860
     aagctcgcaa tcccactaaa aatggaggag tgttcctctt tctccacatc ctcaccagca    184920
     tctgctgtca cctgaatttt tgatcttagc cattctgact ggtgtgaggt ggaatctcag    184980
     ggttgttttg atttgcattt ccctgatgat taagaatgtt gaacattttt tcaggtgctt    185040
     ctcagccatt cggtattcct caggtgagaa ttctttgttt agctctgagc cccatttttt    185100
     aatggggcta tttgattttc tggagtccac cttcttgagt tctttatata tattggatat    185160
     tgggccccta tctgatttag gataggtaaa gatcctttcc caatctgttg gtggcctttt    185220
     tgtcttattg acggtgtctt ttgccttgca gaagctttgc aatttcatga ggtcccattt    185280
     gtcgattctg gatcttacag cacaagccat tgctgttcta ttcaggaatt ttccccctgt    185340
     acccatatct tcgaggcttt tccctccttt tcctctataa gtttcagtgt ctctggtttt    185400
     atgtggagtt ccttaatcca cttagatttg accttagtac aaggagatag gaatggatcg    185460
     attcgcattc ttctacataa caaccagttg tgccagcacc aattgttgaa aatgctgtct    185520
     ttcttccact gtggtttttg ctcccttgtc aaagatcaag tgaccatagg tgtgtgggtt    185580
     catctctggg tcttcaattc tgttccattg gtctacttgt ctgtcgctat accagtacca    185640
     tgcagtttct atcacaattg ctctgtagta cagctttagg tcaggcatgg tgattccacc    185700
     ggaggttctt ttatccttga gaagagttgt tgctatccta ggttttttgt tatttcagat    185760
     gaatttgcag attggccttt ctaattcgtt gaagaattga gttggaattt tgatggggat    185820
     tgcattgaat ctgtagattg cttttgccaa gatagccatt tttactatat tgatcctgcc    185880
     aatccatgag aatgggagat ctttccatct tctgagatct tctttaattt ctttcttcag    185940
     agacttgaag ctcttatcat acagatcttt cacttcctta gagtcacgcc aaggtatttt    186000
     atattatttg tgactattta gcaattcgac aacaaaagga gatcaagggg atacaaattg    186060
     ggaaggaaga agtcaaaata tcactttttg cagatgatat gatagtatat ataagtgacc    186120
     ctaaaaatcc caccagagaa ctcctaagcc tgataaagag cttcaatgaa gtagctggat    186180
     ataaaattaa ctcaaacaag tcaatggcct ttctgtacac aaaggataaa caggctgaga    186240
     aagaaattag ggaaacaaca cccttagcta gggttctact gctgtaatga aacaccatga    186300
     ccaaaggcaa cttagggagg aaagggttta ttttgcctac tcttccagat cacagttcat    186360
     catcttcaaa gacagccagg gcaggaattc aaaccagcca gaacctggag gcaggagctg    186420
     aagcagaggc catgaagggg tgctgcttgc gggcttgctc ttcatgactt actcaacctg    186480
     ctttcatatg tttagaacct agcaccacca tctcacagga ggcaccaccc atggtggtgg    186540
     gccctcccct gtctatcact aattaagaaa atgccctaca ggcttgtcta cagctcaatc    186600
     tcataaaggc attttctcaa ctgaagttcc atcttctcag gtgacactag cttgtgtgaa    186660
     gttgacataa aactagccag cacatttttt tgctgaggca attcttcatg actttaatat    186720
     ccttttaata gccttatgtt ctttgtgtca ccttcagagc aataagcaaa caggcccctt    186780
     tgttattttc attaactgga ccactctcat aatcttaatt tcaaggattc cagtctacag    186840
     ttgcaaccct tagtatctca gatagattac tgtcacccca gtgctcttca gttaaccaag    186900
     cctatatttt taggttctca caactttttt tttttttttc gaggcagggt ttctctgcat    186960
     agccctggct gtcctgcaac tcattctgta gaccaggctg gccttgaact cagaactctg    187020
     cctcccaagt gctgggatta aaggcatgtg ccaccactgt ccagctaggt tctcacatcc    187080
     ttaacagtta tctttttaat gcaatttaag gaccaacagc catcactata ctcaactacc    187140
     atatgtatgt atgtttatat atgtatatat gtatgtatgt ttccatatga atatatatgt    187200
     gtatgtatgt ttatgtgtgt atatatgtgc atttgtacat atgcatatat gtatatatgt    187260
     gtgcatatat atgtacaatg tgtgtatatg catgtgtata tatgtacata catttaattc    187320
     cctctatttt ctctgtttct tttataatcc tctggtgaaa ccccaagctt atctaaatgt    187380
     tgcggccgcc agcagctcgc aacgtgaacg gttcgactga gaaggccgct cgagctgtaa    187440
     gagaggaatc tagacggggc aaaagaagaa atgtagccaa gacagttact ctgatcaagg    187500
     ctcaaatttt attgttgtga caccagttat gaaggaaggg ggaggggacc cgattcccgc    187560
     cgaataatct ctggtccagt agaaaggtgc acgtgtgtgg ctcctcaggt tccagcagtg    187620
     ggcgtggcag aacgaatgag caggaagctc caccccgagc aagcaggttt caggctgggg    187680
     gaggggagac tacatctcct ccctattatt aacaaaataa aaaaaaaagg aaaaagctgg    187740
     cctgaggggg gaaaattatc tatgctcaat agttctgcct ggaatctagg gctaaagaaa    187800
     aaacttgctt cactgggatt ctttaacctt tcttatggta aactgtatct ggcttaagac    187860
     tgtcctttct agtaaacaac tgaaaggcct ggagctgcag actctgactt tataatgcta    187920
     attagtactt ggtaggtaac tttctagttg aattttaagt agggcgttgg aactctggct    187980
     aagtttgact gaacgatgtg aaaatagcac taagttgaat tcctccgcat ttttggaaga    188040
     taggtgggaa acagggagaa ggagtgaccg gctcttgtag tacaaggcca attggctttt    188100
     ttatttgggt gggaggcagt gaagggcttg ccctttcaat agtacgtctc caatctctct    188160
     cccccctatt aattaagtta aataaggcaa cgcttaactg aggtgatcaa atgattttct    188220
     catccgtaga tgagtgggct tttaaccttg gcttgggtgg acatggaccc gattcctccc    188280
     gtgggtaaaa cccacacatg tggctcttgg taccttttgg ggaggcgagg tagagccgga    188340
     gaatattttt tatttttaac caaaatttgg taccaacctc tttcaaaccg ggtttatctc    188400
     acaggaaact cagaaatggt caagccggac cttcccttgc agtaagtatc tctgcaccaa    188460
     gcggtgccca tactgaattt gtacaatcac aaaccagtat gcacagttct gagtgctgtg    188520
     cagctcctaa aggagaatta tcaacctcag aattagcaaa gcctaagcaa gaattatgtc    188580
     gttaataaca ccacgatttg tgggtaaaat aggagctgga agtcgttcct cctcatccct    188640
     gttttttcca cagcctattg agctaaggac accttgcagt aacagcaagg gtgaaaagcc    188700
     agaggtcagc taaggggcta agcctgtcta tcaaaataaa aaccaatctt tattaatata    188760
     gaaaaatcta ctcttctagc cctctaggta aacctaaatt tttaactcag actgaaagcc    188820
     acatgctgga aatgtcctga gactgggggt aacagctgcc acctgtgtgc tctagggggg    188880
     cagggatgca catccactgg tccgcctcgg gaatgttgat ttacctgctt gaaagacaaa    188940
     atcttgaaag acagtgagaa agtaggaaag cagaacttct ttcggggaag tctaggtact    189000
     ttatttaaat gcaaattgta aagctgaggc tagtctccgg cctcctgtcg ggagctggtt    189060
     cagagagtag ctggagaaca caaacagctt tgagagctgt tgctctcagc tgaattttaa    189120
     gcacaaaagg aattttagtc tttagaatga tacttaccag aagagtcaga atctgtgttc    189180
     atctgacgaa ttaatctctc tggcagccac cgcgctccat cttcatctcg tgaaaaaaca    189240
     caaactgagt ccctacccca aattagaact ggatctggac ccttccattt gttagtcagg    189300
     gggtattaag tgaccaattg ctctttaatt aacttgctag gtaatttaga atataggaat    189360
     ctctaacatt ggactgaata ttaggaccag tctaagattg agttagaatg gctggtcaca    189420
     ctgaagaaag gagaaaaatc attatgactc tattaaatga ctaattttac taagtctgaa    189480
     tatacagtct ctgatgtact attgtcataa agttaaaagg ctagaagcta gtctaaactg    189540
     gaaaaatgac aagtaaggat ggatctaaaa catgaattta atttagtttt ttagtcaatt    189600
     taatcaggac atgagtcaac ttacctacca gctcgtcaca cgaatttact aatatgcttc    189660
     tgcagcgttc tgtggagaaa acctgttttt cccttttcta ataaggtagc tgttttagga    189720
     ttaatctata agccaataag tagatccctt taagatacta taaagcattt attaaactct    189780
     ttgacattaa aatattagat tttgaaaata aaggtaagac tttaatagtg tgcatgggaa    189840
     tgcactaaat agcatgcacg gggatacaat ttctctcttt tttgtctttt aagaagttaa    189900
     agttttaaaa ttttacaata cctaaacttt tgaattaata actagttgac aaaacatttt    189960
     aaatacttgg ctgtaaaggg gcagtgacta attgcacttt taatcaattt tcttaaggag    190020
     cagttgtaac tagaaggctt gcaaagttat taagagtcac atgttcataa tttatttatt    190080
     aactagaaat atgcataagc aattgtaaat ttgagaatta atagtatctg agggatgaac    190140
     aatttaagca attgcgagct cagagatatg gcattgagta ttaatataca aattaaggtt    190200
     tgattgttca gcattttaaa acaccatcta cagcacacaa ctagatcatc tgtgctggaa    190260
     caggggaaac tgtgtcttaa gactccgccc cacagaagct agttgggccc acatgggcca    190320
     acgattggct gggaggatga gaaaaatgac tttacaataa tgtttttttt tttggccaaa    190380
     gaattgtttt gggcacaacc aatttttaat taccaattaa taacaattat aaaagcttta    190440
     ttttttgtag aaacttttgt agtaaactaa aaccctaagt aataaaagga tattgtctct    190500
     gaatcttttg ggtgagagca aggatttaag gtaaacttta agaagcatta gttaataaaa    190560
     tacttttcac ttaggaaaca atatacactg aaagattaaa actcttggct tcttgtatag    190620
     aagcagaaac aataaaattt ttcttacata atgtaaagtt acattagcca tacctagagg    190680
     caaaattttc tagtgattac agttcactag aagcaaaact ctttgaattt aagcattatt    190740
     ttaaacatct gaatagatct gcaacactgt taaaaagaat ttttcttgaa cacagggaaa    190800
     aatctttctc aggcactgtt tgcaaaacaa aagaaaggcc acaagccgct ctggggctgc    190860
     ccagagccct gcattgactc aaacgtaaaa tactttttaa tctgagcatc ctggccctcc    190920
     tgtaataagg accgatttta gagaaacaat ataactgtct acgcctctaa attttgatac    190980
     tctttcttaa gatgacttac agttaaaacg ttcttcacaa ctttagtgtt gtgaaaaaat    191040
     tgcctgtact acagtttcct gccaggcagc aactataacc aaactgtttg tctaatctat    191100
     tcacaaagac aaacataact agataactct gtcacagttt tgtatgaagt gagctgtatg    191160
     agcgctctca taagatgatt actcttgtaa ttatcttaat tacagtatac aggtgaatta    191220
     aagatcttaa atttgaaatc aaactgcaag ctgcagtcaa tggaacaata gcagttttaa    191280
     ccataatttt taagtttttt gtgcaaggtt aggataatac ctataacctt gggaaagtaa    191340
     aacccaagtt taaaacaatt tattatcttt aaaatcaata ttagaagcat tactatcata    191400
     ttacgaagtt tggatgtcaa ttaataccta tgaataccta ttaaaacaag ctttaatgct    191460
     ttaataaaga gacattgctt taaatcttat tttaaatttt actatttagg atacgaacca    191520
     tattaattat tacctaaact agaaatatct ttagagaccc agcctcttgg gctgccttat    191580
     gccatgtgtt ggaaggactc taaacttgag ttatcaaatt taacactaac catctgtagc    191640
     aatgtaacaa ttattaatct taaccaacaa cttatgagct gattgtgaaa acacttagag    191700
     cacattacca ataaaaaaga accaaatgaa gcagttacat ttagaccaat cagagaataa    191760
     taatttttgt agctacaatc ataaaataaa aaacacttta ccattgtcaa acacattaat    191820
     catgaaccat ttattagctt ttttactctg aaacttagag gctgtgcact cgcccttatt    191880
     tcctaaaacg aacagttttt ccagcagggg ccctctcgcc acgtgtctga ttcctggctg    191940
     aaacacgtgg cagctctcgg ctttgcagat aaagtttttt ataccatctt tattatccaa    192000
     cacaaaacat agaacattca ttcatacaga ctggacacga acatacatga atcgaacacg    192060
     agaacagatt ggtgcaccgg acattagaca agacacaaag gggaacagag tactcctgct    192120
     ataaggccca gagagatatt tctctctgct ttttgggaca ttttcctccc ttatgatgca    192180
     ttttttatta actggggcaa tccgcctatt ccttttaata aaccctttct tttctcacac    192240
     ctcatgtagc ttcggagagc tacggcctac cgcctgatcc atgactttaa accctttctt    192300
     ctttcaccta agcagcttcc taaaaagctg cggctaacct gcctgtttcc gtttctagtt    192360
     ccgattaaca cgctgctgac ccaagcagaa ccagcgttgg gttagcactg attcaagctt    192420
     aattcgtatc ctaccgcatc ctcagcaaca ctttacaaaa ctgaaatttt aagctagcgc    192480
     tagcatgtgt acttgtccgt tgctccgatg tccgatacga agatcctttc ctgtggagct    192540
     ccaatgcagc gttcctctta gcatctctct gccattcttc aggtccctgt tcgggcgcca    192600
     aaatgttgcg gccgccagca gctcgcaacg tgaacggttc gactgagaag gccgctcgag    192660
     ctgtaagaga ggaatctaga cggggcaaaa gaagaaatgt agccaagaca gttactctga    192720
     tcaaggctca aattttattg ttgtgacacc agttatgaag gaagggggag gggacccgat    192780
     tcccgccgaa taatctctgg tccagtagaa aggtgcacgt gtgtggctcc tcaggttcca    192840
     gcagtgggcg tggcagaacg aatgagcagg aagctccacc ccgagcaagc aggtttcagg    192900
     ctgggggagg ggagactaca tctaaatcca aagttctagc tgtgtttgag tgtggctgag    192960
     aacatgcata taaaaccttt ttgtctattc ttcgtactca ctctctacaa agcattcgtt    193020
     gtggtttttg tagaaactac gatcctattt cctttctatt cactgattta gctgatgcct    193080
     cattacataa taagtgtact agtaaatgca agtgctataa acagctcagc tcggggaaca    193140
     agcacactga ctctgggtaa gcaactgaag agatcgggag tatagcatgc aacaaagagt    193200
     catccccctg tatacaatgt tcaaagtgcc acgtgtccca gcatatatat acatatatcc    193260
     tccattaact tagtgagaca agtaagggaa gtggagagaa tgccttctgg tcatacacac    193320
     aagagcgcta tagattctgt aaagggacaa gaggctttac cttctacttc ttttgattcc    193380
     aattctgaga gtctggccta catttctttt cttttttttt tttttccatt ttttattagg    193440
     tatttaactc atttacattt ccaatgctat accaaaagtc ccccatatcc acccaccccc    193500
     actcccctgc ccacccactc cccctttttg gccctggtat tcccctgtac tggggcatat    193560
     aaagtttgca agtccaatgg gcctctcttt ccagtgatgg ccgactaggc catcttttga    193620
     tatatatgca gctagagtca agagctccgg ggtactggtt agctcataat gttgttccac    193680
     ctatagggtt gcagatccct ttagctcctt ggctactttc tctagctcct ccattgggag    193740
     ccctatgatc catccattag ctgactgtga gcatccactt ctgtgtttgc tgggccccgg    193800
     catagtctca caagagacag ctacatctgc gtcctttcaa taaaatcttg ctagtgtatg    193860
     caatggtgtc agcgtttgga tgctgattat ggggtggatc cctggctatg gcagtctcta    193920
     catggtccat cctttcatct cagctccaaa ctccgtctct gtaactcctt ccatgggtgt    193980
     tttgttccca aatctaagga ggggcatagt gtccacactt cagtcttcat tctccttgag    194040
     tttcatgtgt ttagcaaatt atatcttata tcttgggtat cctaggtttg gggctaatat    194100
     ccacttatca gtgagtacat attgtgtgag ttcctttgtg aatgtgttac ctcactcagg    194160
     atgatgccct ccaggtccat ccatttggct aggaatttca taaattcatt ctttttaata    194220
     gctgagtagt actccattgt gtagatgtac cacattttct gtatccattc ctctgttgag    194280
     gggcatctgg gttctttcca gcttctggct attataaata aggctgctat gaacatagtg    194340
     gagcatgtgt ccttcttacc tgttggggca tcttctggat atatgcccag gagaggtatt    194400
     gctggatcct ccggtagtac tatgtccaat tttctgagga accgccagac ggatttccag    194460
     agtggttgta caagcctgca atcccaccaa caatggagga gtgttcctct ttctccacat    194520
     cttcgccagc atctgctgtc acctgaattt ttgatcttag acattctgac tggtgtgagg    194580
     tggaatctca gggttgtttt gatttgcatt tccctgatga ttaaggatgt tgaacatttt    194640
     ttcaggtgct tctctgccat tcggtattcc tcaggtgaga attctttgtt cagttctgag    194700
     ccccattttt taatggggtt atttgatttt ctgaagtcca ccttcttgag ttctttatat    194760
     atgttggata ttagtcccct atctgattta ggataggtaa agatcctttc ccaatctgtt    194820
     ggtggtctct ttgtcttatt gacggtgtct tttgccttgc agaaactttg gagtttcatt    194880
     aggtcccatt tgtcaattct cgatcttaca gcacaagcca ttgctgttct gttcaggaat    194940
     ttttcccctg tgcccatatc ttcaaggctt ttccccactt tctcctctat aagtttcagt    195000
     gtctctggtt ttatgtggac ttcagaaaat caaataaccc cattaaaaaa tggggctcag    195060
     aactgaacaa agaattctca cctgaggaat accgaatggc agagaagcac ttgaaaaaat    195120
     gttcaacatc cttaatcatc agggaaatgc aaatcaaaac aaccctgaga ttccacctca    195180
     caccagtcag aatggctaag atcaaaaatt caggtgacag cagatgctgg cgaggatgtg    195240
     gagaaagagg aacactcctc cattgttggt gggagtgcag gcttgtacaa ccactctgga    195300
     aatcagtctg gcggttcctc agaaaactgg acatagtact accggaggat ccagcaatac    195360
     ctctcctggg catatatcca gaagatgccc caacaggtaa gaaggacaca tgctccacta    195420
     tgttcatagc agccttattt ataatagcca gaagctggaa agaacctaga tgcccctcaa    195480
     cagaggaatg gatacagaaa atgtggtaca tctacacaat ggagtactac tcagctatta    195540
     aaaagaatga atttatgaaa ttcctagcca aatggatgga cctggagggc atcatcctga    195600
     gtgaggtaac acattcacaa agaaactcac acaatatgta ttcactgata agtggatatt    195660
     agccccaaac ctaggatggc ctacatttct tgagtttgta gtaagtcagt tgaaaaactc    195720
     atttatttgc cctgataatt gcccactatt atttttttta gccatgctac catttcagct    195780
     tcatcccatc atatcaattt ctagttgatg ttgttgcata aatattgagt tactcaagat    195840
     taagaaactt ttccaaaagt tctctaatct tctctgtaca acacgagcat cctgctaaga    195900
     aagcacgtct cagccatttg ctttcaatat taattcttct cctgccgggc ggtggtggtg    195960
     catgcctcta attccagcac ttgggaggca gaggcaggag aatttctgag ttcgaggcca    196020
     gcctggtctc cagagtgagt tccaggacag ccagggctat acagagaaac cccgtctcga    196080
     aaaaccaaaa accaaacaaa acaacaacaa caaaaaaaca ccaaaaaaaa atttctcctc    196140
     ccagtgaaga atctttaaga cattcttttc caagttgcca ccctatgaat ttttaacatc    196200
     atacttacac tgtatacctg cttatgtaat tgtacatata tccatgcgta agatattaat    196260
     aagcaatttt atataaacac acatacgcac acacatgcac acacttttca cccctggtgg    196320
     gtaatttctg tttagacaga gcataggaag tacatcctat gtacagcata tggctgttag    196380
     gtgtggctga tatgttacgt gcagatggag tattcctttg gggaaatgtc tgctttaatg    196440
     tttaagccct tcttttggtg cttcattatt atttgacctt tcttaccttg ctatctttac    196500
     caaatggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagggaggg aggaaggaag gaagggaggg    196560
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggaggaag gaaggaagga    196620
     aggaaggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaagggagga aggaagggag ggagaagagg    196680
     ggagaggagg ggagagaagg ggagaggata gagagaggga aggggagagg aggggagagg    196740
     aggtgagggg aagggagagg aggggagggg aggggagggg agaggagaca cagcttcttt    196800
     ttttttttat tacgtatttt cctcaatgac atttccaatg ctatcccaaa agtcccccat    196860
     accctccccc ccccacttcc ctacccaccc actctcattt tttggccctg gcgttccgta    196920
     ctggggcata taaagtttgt gtgtccaatg ggcctctctt tccagtgatg gccgactagg    196980
     ccatcttttg atacatatgt agctagagtc aagagctccg gggtactggt tagttcataa    197040
     tgttgttgca cctacagggt tgcagatctc tttagctcct tggatacttt ctctaactcc    197100
     tccattgggg gccctgtgat ccatccaata gctgactgtg agcatccact tctgtgtttg    197160
     ctaggcccct gcctagtctc acaagagaca gctatatctg ggtcctttca gcaaaatctt    197220
     gctagtgtat gcagtggtgt cagcgtttgg aagctgatta tggggtggat ccctagataa    197280
     ggcagtctct agatggtcca tccttttgtc tcagctccaa actttgtctc tgtaactcct    197340
     tccatgggta tttagttccc aattctatga aggggcacag tgtccacact ttggtcttca    197400
     ttcttctaga gtttcatgtg tttagcaaat attatcttca cagcttctta tatctcaaaa    197460
     ttccaaaggg caccatgaaa caccaatgta atagtagtac attgttttat tgtattagaa    197520
     aggtcagctt gttcccccag tgttcatatc taatactgtg aagttgcttc aaattatttt    197580
     cttggatcta taaacagaaa aaagtgctat tctgtgtata ctaataagcg tccagcagta    197640
     atctgcctga catttggaaa acaaagaaaa ttcctgatgt ctgttttttt ttttccactt    197700
     tggcttttcc ttctaagctt tcagtgtgca agaataaccc tcctctgcca ggtgttagca    197760
     atattagatc tccaaagtac ccatggaaaa aaaattggat tgacacacta gataatatca    197820
     ggataactgg aagacagctt tagagagaat ctgaatgctg gttatgatta actggtatat    197880
     aattacaaac aaaaaaagtg tctcttgtta ttagcaatta agccaggcca gaaaactaaa    197940
     atatctaaaa ggagccttgg tgtatgtccc ccttccaata gaaagtatgc accttgagta    198000
     taaaacatta gttattatag gaaaataaaa cagaataata gaaatatgaa atacagcttt    198060
     ataggcatcc aaaaatgcag caaaaccttt gattttctta ccactctcag caaaaatatt    198120
     ttattttgag atttgtatct gtattgtttc ttttggtaaa attggaattt acgtacttat    198180
     aaattaatat gtaaaattct cttcatcttt cacaatgtac gttccataag aaccagaacc    198240
     tcgtgatgtc tgctggccac cctagcccag ggaaaaaaca caggatctga acatattaga    198300
     tgcccaaggc acttacttag aagaattaaa gaaattcagt gggaggaaag atgttttgac    198360
     ataactctct tctcaatgca aagatactgt gaaaatatct tactttttct catctgtctc    198420
     aatttctcct cctcctccat cctccatctt cctccttcca tcccagggct atgttgtatt    198480
     caacagagtt taccaaggca tggtccccaa ccttgtggga cttacaatct attgggggag    198540
     aaagattcaa accaagaaat caccatatag cagcatgtga ggaacgctat ctttgtaagg    198600
     acaaagaagc actaacctgc tgcctcctgc agaaatctga attgtgcttt ggcaggcaac    198660
     catctaaggg caagaagaaa taaacctttc agaattgaaa ttttactttt acaattagtt    198720
     cattgaagat gaagcctgtg ctacatagct ttacatcaac ttaacacaaa ctgaaatcat    198780
     ttgagagaat ggaacctcaa ttaagaaaat acctccataa aatcaagcta taggcaattt    198840
     aatttttttt aaattagtga ttgatgggag agggcccaga ccattgtgag tactgccatc    198900
     cctgggctgg tagaagaaag caggctgatc aagccttgtg gaccaagcca gtgaccagca    198960
     ctcatccatg gcctctgcct cagctcctgc ctccaggctc ctgtcctatt tgagctcctg    199020
     cctttacttc ctacaaagat ggactgtgat ttgaaactac aaaccaaaca aagcctttcc    199080
     ttctcagctt gcttttggcc atagtgtcat cgtcacagca ataggaaccc tagcaaagac    199140
     aaaggcaaag taacttgaga gctttagcca tctaagcact ttaagttctt tttttttttt    199200
     taaggtttac ttattttatg tacatgagta cactgtagct atcttcagac acaccatgag    199260
     gttgctggga attgaacttg ggacttctgg aagttagtgc ttttaaccgc tgagccatct    199320
     ccccaacccc ccattaagtt cttgatttaa gcatcactca gaagaatcac tacagagccc    199380
     atatatttat ttttctctct ttaaacccaa tttatctcat tcttccattc aattaataga    199440
     aaattatttc catccctaaa taatatcatt tgccttctct ttaaagtttt cttttcccct    199500
     agtttcccca agcaattgaa ctgccattca ataactggga gtgaattgtg ttctgtgcat    199560
     ttgtacccag gaaagaattt accccaggag tcttcctaag gttgtttcct ctcctcttgt    199620
     caggtagcca caagaagcaa gtttatttgt aggctcccag aactgtttcc ccatggggtt    199680
     tctcttgcct tctgtataca tggaattcaa agaatttagt ctgaaaaaag taagagtttc    199740
     ttttggagag tagtttaaaa ttaatgttct caggggactg gcaacaggtc agcattgctt    199800
     ctgtttccaa aattaattct tactctctgc tttcacttac gaggggaaga gggaggcaaa    199860
     gagtaaggtc ctggtttaag gcttaaagtg gtccagatat ttaaaaatag aaatatcaga    199920
     aggaccctga aagagttcta gtcctgaggc acccagaagt ctctaaagtc ggtggctgct    199980
     aagtttggtg tctccatggg ccatctggca gccagagaga gatattttaa gccatggtaa    200040
     ggcatgttgg caacctcaaa aaccacaccc tttgaatgtt aaccttgtcc accagcatga    200100
     ggcacgtctg acaggggcat ggggcaggaa ataagggcta tgctatgaga ttgccagttc    200160
     cacagaaatg ctgttgactt ctttaaaaga catgtggtta ggacaagtgc cttattcttt    200220
     tatttactga gtgttctaaa aactggaaaa gtcaatcaaa tttggatgtt tccaactgtc    200280
     cagatgtgtc ctagatttgg cctggatgtg agggagagac ttggattgat ttaaatatgg    200340
     agtatatttt ttcacagtag aaataacttt tctgaattat actatctttc acatgaccct    200400
     tgaaggaaac aaaaaatata gtttctgagg aggaattata ttggttctta taaatattag    200460
     gtaaaggtag acataggact aaacaaaaaa gtttaaagtt tctcttacta gcttaagatt    200520
     tcatacacat aggatgagct gggtgtgaat gtttgtaatc ctgaccctag tagactgagg    200580
     caggaggatg gctgtgagtc tgagggccag cctgaacagt ataatgtatt taagactagc    200640
     ctaggctaca gggtaagacc caatttgggg agtagaaacc atgaataaaa tgactaccaa    200700
     aagaaggtat tttcttaagt gttagatatc tgttttcagt cgcagttaca attcataaaa    200760
     tgctatactg ttatatcaat tataacaatg agcaggaatg gaatgcccta aagtttccta    200820
     tttgggtttt attccaactg aaaataggaa ttattctttc ttcctttctt tcttctttct    200880
     tttctctttt cctttctctc tttcttgctt tctttcctcc tttctgtctt tctttctttc    200940
     ttcaaaggtt gaccatttat ttgttcctct taaagactta tttttgtttg gactctgact    201000
     cagaagtagc agctctctgc aaggacagac taaatctcct ggcaatctgt ttctggcatt    201060
     tggctttagc ttctgtcatt ctcttggaga aaagtttagc acatcctgca gcttcctcct    201120
     catttttctt agtgcactgt ttctttggag caatatgtca gcatttgggc tgcaggatga    201180
     gtggagtgac aagatgctaa atcttaggtg ctttggtcct gggcatctca ccttttttgt    201240
     ttcagagctt tatgacagtg tattggtgga catcatcttc tttagagaga ctgaaaagct    201300
     ttctgatttt gctagctcac ttgggccctc atggctgagg cacagtagta ctcatcagtt    201360
     aatactactc tttcccccac ccctttttcc ctaataactg aattgagaaa ctcagatagg    201420
     catctacaat gcatttttga gcagacttgt atgtctttgc tccagttctc cttggtctat    201480
     aacaagaatg cccattactt aatagcagcc gcactctacc atgggtcaag acattttgct    201540
     tcctgggtgt cttagttagg gttttactgc tgtgaacaga taccatgacc aaggcaactc    201600
     ttgtaagggt aacatttaat tggggttagc ttacaggttc agaggttcag ttcattatca    201660
     tcaaggtggg gagtgtggta gcatctagac aggtatgatg caggaggagc tgacagttct    201720
     acttcttcat ctgaaggctg ctagcagaag actgacttcc aggcagctag ggtgatggtc    201780
     ttaagcccac acccacagtg acaacacccc ctccaacaaa accacatctc ctaatagtgc    201840
     cactccctgg gccaaccata gacaaaccat caagtgggaa aatcttgcct gtggttccca    201900
     ccctgattca gactacataa tccttcaagg cttcactaag agttcatcat ctacttttca    201960
     cagaaagcac caaatttgtg ttcattgtcc atttcagtga gcttctgaca gcgggtagct    202020
     ggaaagaaga agatgttcgg tttcatcttg acatggttaa ctgcctagga aatgctcatc    202080
     ccaactccat ccccaccccc aaaagctctt agattcttta agttgaaata tctcaagttt    202140
     aagggaggaa tgctacctta ttcgctcttg agttgaaggc agcaggtagg aagtttctaa    202200
     atgacccaga ttttagtgtc agttctgaaa cattctgttc acctgaaaaa caaaccaaaa    202260
     ttctttctac aaaatggaaa aactcatatg tccatgtctc caaggtaaaa tttattaacc    202320
     aaaacatcag ttttgcactt caaatatgta tcattttatt tgctgattag agaccaaatt    202380
     aatttctcta agatttctaa gattttccgg tgtgtgtttg tttgtataca tgttcttgta    202440
     tgtgtgtgtt tacatgctct ggtgaatgtt tgtttgtgta caagttcctg tatgtgtgtg    202500
     tttacatgtt cctgtatgtg tacatgtgtg tatgtgtaca tgtgtgtaca ggtcagagat    202560
     tggcagcagt gttttcctta tttgcttctc tacctttttt aaaatttatt tatttaatat    202620
     ctgtgaatac actatcaact gtcttcagac ataccagaag agggcatcgg atcccgttac    202680
     agatggttgt gagccaccat gtggttgctg ggaattgaac tcaggaccct ctggaagagt    202740
     agacagtgct cttaacctct gagccatctc tccagcttct ctaccttttt agacagggtc    202800
     tttcacctaa cctagagctc actggttggc tagcataggg ctgggcagaa gtctcagcaa    202860
     tcctcctgtc tctaccccta ggactgggat tataggtttt catgcttgtt cggtgagtac    202920
     tttaccaact gagccatctc cagtagctcc aaagattctt cttcctacca atattcctcc    202980
     ggtagtgttg tgaatgataa tgtcccccat agacacctat ggtcccaggt gatggcactg    203040
     ttagaggaga tttaagaggt atggacattt ttggaggaag taagtcattg tggatagctt    203100
     tgaaaattta aggactcacg cttcatgctt gtagttcaag gtgtgattcc tgaacttcct    203160
     gttcctgctg ccatgcctgc tgccatgcct gctaccagct gctcccattc tgctatcagg    203220
     gactctgacc ctatacaact ggaagccaga ataaaggctt tcttccatga ctgtgaccgt    203280
     gacagtgacc atgaccataa ccatgaccat ggtgctttat caaggtaatt agaaagtgac    203340
     tgatacacca actgcagctt gaaaacaact tggagagcac taggccaaat gtctgcctga    203400
     atacaccacc cagaagcttc actcctgcag ccttctaagg ctctggaacc ttgtgaggct    203460
     agaaaattca gcaatttcat tttttgtttg tttttgtttt cacaaggctt agcagtaaac    203520
     caaatagaaa gaaggaaata ccaaaaatac atctgctgat gtctcaagta tgtgacaata    203580
     ttttgtacct tacaaaaaca atgtacctga tctagatatt tgaatgaagt cgccacagaa    203640
     gataaatagt atgagaaaat aaactaaaaa aagaaataag tccaagtcct ctttgttagt    203700
     gacaatttgg acaaactttc ttctttcctt tctttctttt ttaagattta ttttatgtat    203760
     gtttacactg tcgctgtctt caaacacacc agaggtgggc atcagatcct attaaagatg    203820
     gttgtgagcc accatgtggt tgctgggaat tgaattcagg acctctggaa gagcagtcag    203880
     tgctcttaac tgctgagcca tctctgcagc cccatggact aactttctaa ctgtaactca    203940
     ttatagtttt ctgcaagcta taaggaaaca attcacaatg gtggctacaa agccgaagcc    204000
     tttggaagtt tcaagtcttc agctatagcc ttgagttcca gcttggaatg tgccgatgga    204060
     gcccatagta gagcctgcca tctgggcaaa aaccaacatc actttggctc tggggtggat    204120
     ccagacagaa aaatctgaaa atcaactgag taacttgtgg ttgatattgg ttattaactt    204180
     tcttagaatc tcctagaaaa caagccagta ggcgtgcctg tgggggagtt gtagattggg    204240
     ttaatgagat ggaaagactc agcctgagta taggcagcat cagtctgtgg actggtgtcc    204300
     cagactgaat aaaaagagaa agagagttga atcccactga tcccacctct gcttccttac    204360
     aacagtgtag cagccccacc accattttct caccctcaaa tgtgagacaa agaaaccctt    204420
     ccttccttgt ttttctcagg cattctgtca cagcaatggg aaaagaatcc aatactgtaa    204480
     ccattgacct ttcctgccac aagacagaat acacagatct ttcataaaca tcatttctgt    204540
     ttttctgagt tatccatcac tgttttgagg gaaaacaatc cttaaatttt tcagaaagca    204600
     cattaagtgg aaacctaatt ctaggtttgg tacaataagt atatgattct aaacactttg    204660
     atggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgctgt tgctgtggcc    204720
     aaaaaaaaaa caaaatgaag aaagaaaggt ttattttgac gtatgatttc agtggtttta    204780
     gcccatgtgg ttatttggct ccatcacttc tggacccaca gtgaagcaca ccagactgga    204840
     gagcacatag ctgagcaaaa gccactcctc tcatataaat ccttatcgtt cttaaaatta    204900
     taaacattgc tggaacaggg ccactcttga actcactccc agacttttgc atgctgagct    204960
     cattagaaga gagagtaaat atcttagtta cttttctgtt gtggtaagac agcatgcctg    205020
     aggcactgtg aaaagtgttt cattttggac ctatggtttc agagggctag actccgtgat    205080
     ggcagagcag aggagggatg tggtgacgga gagctcacat ctggatcttc aaacagaaaa    205140
     caaagagcac actggagatg tctcaggtct tttgaaactt caaagctacc cccagtgaca    205200
     cacctcctcc aacaaggcca tgccccctaa tccttcccaa atggttcaac caactgaaga    205260
     ccaagaattc aagtagctga gcatataagg gccattctca tttaaaccca cgcggtaata    205320
     aatggcaaat ataggcagtt catccatttc caggataaac cagtctgatt tcgttctata    205380
     ggcattcatt tacctcctct agcctgaaga gactgcttga ctagactgac atgagaggac    205440
     aactcatctt cctgaacatt ctactgccag tttccatatg caaacctggg aagattctct    205500
     tgtacatact ttaatattgc ctcttctaat attttcctta cttatggata agttaaagac    205560
     acacacgcac acacaaactt ttaaaaataa ttgctgtgag ttaaaccctt aaggattcat    205620
     gtaacccctg ctctcttctt aagtattttt gtaccaatcc agaaatttat caacaataag    205680
     tccaagcaaa caatatccaa gttgggttgg gaagatgact cagtggataa cgtgcttgct    205740
     attcagcatg aggaattggt ttcagatccc cagaacccac ataagaagcc aggtgcagca    205800
     gcatgcctaa aaccccaacg gggtgggcag atacaggtgg atgggggggt actttctggc    205860
     ccgccagtca agcagaagca gggagctcca agttcagcta gaaaccctgc atcaaaaata    205920
     aggtggagag caatagagga aaggtatcca acgttgacct ctgaccctca catgcacagg    205980
     cacagaagaa cacatcttac atacatatgt gcacgcagaa ctataccatc cacacatgag    206040
     tacaaaaata tctggtaaat catgagtcag ctttccctat gcctaatgag agcctactaa    206100
     gatggcttcc tcattttcat cttcatttga gagggagcat atctcctcaa gagccatgat    206160
     ctcattggtc tcagaaatcc tggccaagag ccccagggaa gattagattg ttacttcagc    206220
     tatggcaagc ctcagccagt gcaaagtcta taggaatatg tcagagcttg tcattaaatg    206280
     tagtgttaac ctttatgttt agataccagg atgaaaatcg aaatgttgga accttgcaag    206340
     ctcccaaact ctgttttcag taacatagca aagtcattta ttctcccagg aaaataatca    206400
     tctgttttct aaatcagtgg ttcttaaaat acaaggttgc tagcccagaa gcaccattat    206460
     tacctaggag cttgttagaa atgcagatta tcgaccccct cctccacctg ctgaagcagg    206520
     cattccaggt gcagcaccca gaaatcctgt tggaacaagt cctcccagga attctactgc    206580
     atggaaggct tgccagccac agctaggtgc agtctgtgaa ttagagcact caaatcctcc    206640
     aggatcatat tagaaatgca gaatttcagg ccctcgacca gacctgtgga accagaaact    206700
     gcactgcagc aatccctggg tggattagta tgaacattga tatttgaaaa gtgtactcaa    206760
     ggataaaact gagaaagcaa acctgaataa gtaaattaat gtggcactct cttgtacctc    206820
     cctcagggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tacaggcagg gggtggtgtg    206880
     catatggagg gtcagaggcc aacatcaact gtctgctgtc ttcttcagtg gctagccacc    206940
     tttttgtttt tgttttgttt taaagcaggt tcctcgatga acccagagct cacagctcac    207000
     tgactggcag tgaccaatgc attctaggta tctgtctatt tcttctccca tggagtgaca    207060
     gacacatcca gcaggcctgg cttttactgt agatctgaca tgtcttcatg tttgcatgac    207120
     aggctcttta ccaactgaac tgtctcccac actttcctca ttcaagcctc tcaatagcat    207180
     tgaagatcaa gtacagtggt aaattcctac ttacacatga gacacgagga gggtagacaa    207240
     tcgaccaaat gtcacaaagc cagcaaacac ggaatccatg attggactca ggcagtataa    207300
     atctgaaatt caggctctta gccatcgtct ataagtaatt ctgatcataa ttacagcaat    207360
     cccacacaca cataatacag ccgctctaac ataattttgt tcatagtaac ccagcaagcc    207420
     tttccataaa actaaaagca gtgtatgcat atattttaac tgaaaaaaaa aactgtatag    207480
     aggtatattt tatggcagct ctgacctgtt gaagcttatg gtgcaaggtt aataaatgta    207540
     ggtgtgctgt aaccattctc tgaaccaatg aatgagtgaa tgattttatt atatgctcag    207600
     ttatgcagga gcagaaatac tgtgaccaca gatgtttcct atgcatatga acaactgagc    207660
     taaacccaga aaatgagaaa gagtcagaca ggcaaagaat ggaagatgaa cattcactgg    207720
     agtatccgag ggaggactcc agactcaagt aaatagatat gagtatacac catggagata    207780
     cacaaatcat ttacaaatca agaataaccg ccaaagtatc agagcttcac atctaaccca    207840
     ctcggactca gatgacctgt gagtacatcc tggtgagtac ctccatgggt gcgttgtgag    207900
     gtttacttac ctttcacaca gaaacagaga cgcagggtct ggcttgataa cggtagctgc    207960
     ctcactaatg gtaaaggaac acaaacgagc cagaagaggc aatagcttca acagagacgt    208020
     ccctcagctt caggaccagc tctcagcagt cacagaaaat agaggcaggc acctgaggct    208080
     ttcatcttag ccattctggt tggtgtggtg gaatctcggg gtcatcttaa tttgcatttc    208140
     catgatcact aaggactctg aacatttctt taggtgcttc tcagccattt gagagtcctc    208200
     tgttgtgaat tc                                                        208212