ID   CR936839; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MUS; 250586 BP.
AC   CR936839;
DT   24-FEB-2005 (Rel. 82, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Mouse DNA sequence from clone CH29-120A16 on chromosome 1 Contains a
DE   ribosomal protein L17 (Rpl17) pseudogene, the Icos gene for inducible
DE   T-cell co-stimulator, a dynein cytoplasmic light polypeptide 1 (DNCL1)
DE   pseudogene, the Ctla4 gene for cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4,
DE   a ribosomal protein L18 (RPL18) pseudogene and two CpG islands.
KW   CpG island; Ctla4; DNCL1; HTG; Icos; Rpl17; Rpl18.
OS   Mus musculus (house mouse)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Glires; Rodentia; Myomorpha; Muroidea; Muridae;
OC   Murinae; Mus; Mus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-250586
RA   Johnson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; dc366829e167ba26d1fc7365af1d6c6f.
DR   ENA-CON; GL456036.
DR   ENA-CON; KK082441.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSMUSG00000026011; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; CR936839.12:1-250586; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000027164; mus_musculus.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSMUST00000097720; mus_musculus.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Sequence from the Mouse Genome Sequencing Consortium whole genome shotgun
CC   may have been used to confirm this sequence.  Sequence data from the whole
CC   genome shotgun alone has only been used where it has a phred quality of at
CC   least 30.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH29-120A16. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH29-120A16 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone CH29-189K17 is at 246738 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH29-120A16 is at 250586 in this sequence.
CC   CH29-120A16 is from a CHORI-29 Mus musculus NOD/LtJ mouse BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..250586
FT                   /organism="Mus musculus"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-29"
FT                   /clone="CH29-120A16"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:10090"
FT   misc_feature    1..250586
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH29-120A16"
FT   misc_feature    3849
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH29-189K17"
FT   CDS             complement(40963..41514)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.5-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L17 (Rpl17) pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P18621 Sw:P18621 Sw:P24049
FT                   Sw:Q9CPR4 Tr:Q6NZ54 Tr:Q6PHZ1 Tr:Q6ZWZ7 Tr:Q6ZWZ7 Tr:Q7PUX3
FT                   Tr:Q7RR03 Tr:Q7TPJ7 Tr:Q7ZY53 Tr:Q80V08 Tr:Q862J9 Tr:Q8IDI5
FT                   Tr:Q9IA75"
FT                   /db_xref="PSEUDO:CAM13240.1"
FT   misc_feature    44830..44833
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(117570..120183,122301..122385,
FT                   123190..123296,123896..124234,139918..140007))
FT                   /gene="Icos"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.4-001"
FT                   /product="inducible T-cell co-stimulator"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA174219.1 Em:AA561175.1
FT                   Em:AA596654.1 Em:AA655814.1 Em:AA822851.1 Em:AI006009.1
FT                   Em:AI451625.1 Em:AV313923.2 Em:BB160976.1 Em:BB207460.1
FT                   Em:BB235443.1 Em:BB235626.1 Em:BB589738.1 Em:BB619769.1
FT                   Em:BB850356.1 Em:BE633294.1 Em:BE634759.1 Em:BE686365.1
FT                   Em:BE687134.1 Em:BF661732.1 Em:BG229856.1 Em:BM241001.2
FT                   Em:BM241341.2 Em:BM242277.2 Em:BM243817.2 Em:BM244660.2
FT                   Em:BM244664.2 Em:BM246267.2 Em:BM246747.2 Em:BM247241.2
FT                   Em:BQ562708.1 Em:BQ562896.1 Em:BX515282.1 Em:BY214232.1
FT                   Em:BY217406.1 Em:BY218135.1 Em:BY221302.1 Em:BY221517.1
FT                   Em:BY222326.1 Em:BY223583.1 Em:BY563990.1 Em:BY566828.1
FT                   Em:BY572352.1 Em:BY577141.1 Em:BY577805.1 Em:BY751853.1
FT                   Em:CA575388.1 Em:CA575484.1 Em:CA576254.1 Em:CA576546.1
FT                   Em:CF913227.1 Em:CF913232.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB023132.1 Em:AB023134.1
FT                   Em:AF216748.1 Em:AF257230.1 Em:AJ250559.1 Em:AJ277832.1
FT                   Em:AY342349.1 Em:BC028006.1 Em:BC028210.1 Em:BC034852.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(120170..120183,122301..122385,
FT                   123190..123296,123896..124234,139918..139975))
FT                   /gene="Icos"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000016441"
FT                   /product="inducible T-cell co-stimulator"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7YR73 Sw:Q9WVS0 Sw:Q9WVS0
FT                   Sw:Q9Y6W8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2A6A7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2A6A7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13241.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(122111)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(122111..122385,123190..123296,
FT                   123896..124234,139918..140007))
FT                   /gene="Icos"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.4-002"
FT                   /product="inducible T-cell co-stimulator"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB023133.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(122126..122131)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(122218..122385,123190..123296,
FT                   123896..124234,139918..139975))
FT                   /gene="Icos"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000016442"
FT                   /product="inducible T-cell co-stimulator"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9R1T7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2A6A6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2A6A6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13242.1"
FT                   F"
FT   misc_feature    142561..142595
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             169491..169726
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.3-001"
FT                   /product="dynein, cytoplasmic, light polypeptide 1 (DNCL1)
FT                   pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O02414 Sw:P61273 Sw:P61285
FT                   Sw:P63170 Sw:Q22799 Sw:Q39580 Sw:Q96FJ2 Sw:Q9D0M5 Tr:P63168
FT                   Tr:P63168 Tr:P63168 Tr:P63168 Tr:P63168 Tr:P63168 Tr:P63170
FT                   Tr:Q78P75 Tr:Q7SZP6 Tr:Q80ZS7 Tr:Q8MY60 Tr:Q8WNY6
FT                   Tr:Q9NJE1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(209305)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(209305..210525,211792..211901,
FT                   212350..212697,215838..216092))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-001"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA124827.1 Em:AI323244.1
FT                   Em:AI323635.1 Em:BB201377.1 Em:BB206586.1 Em:BB211686.1
FT                   Em:BB232094.1 Em:BB234917.1 Em:BB239975.1 Em:BB240158.1
FT                   Em:BE853658.1 Em:BF020505.1 Em:BG915011.1 Em:BM242448.2
FT                   Em:BM243158.2 Em:BQ562980.1 Em:BX520871.1 Em:BY578540.1
FT                   Em:CA575555.1 Em:CA575799.1 Em:CA576191.1 Em:CA576286.1
FT                   Em:CD639535.1 Em:CF911076.1 Em:CF911255.1 Em:CF911736.1
FT                   Em:CF913435.1 Em:CN660781.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB029395.1 Em:AF130428.1
FT                   Em:AF153202.1 Em:AF154843.1 Em:AF154844.1 Em:AF170725.1
FT                   Em:AF215893.1 Em:AF220248.1 Em:AF281633.1 Em:AF344834.1
FT                   Em:AF344838.1 Em:AF344846.1 Em:AF344848.1 Em:AF344854.1
FT                   Em:AF414120.1 Em:AY209009.1 Em:BC042741.1 Em:BC052683.1
FT                   Em:BC069566.1 Em:BC070162.1 Em:D49844.1 Em:L15006.1
FT                   Em:U37121.1 Em:X05719.1 Em:X93305.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(209324..209329)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(210369..210525,212350..212697,
FT                   215838..215946))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-002"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U90271.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(210414..210525,211792..211901,
FT                   212350..212362,212512..212697,215838..215946))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-003"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB097214.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(210421..210525,211792..211901,
FT                   212350..212697,215838..215946))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000016439"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P09793 Sw:P16410 Sw:P42072
FT                   Sw:Q9MYX7 Sw:Q9XSI1 Sw:Q9XSI1 Tr:O97631 Tr:Q28090 Tr:Q62859
FT                   Tr:Q6GR94 Tr:Q6GR94 Tr:Q6GR94 Tr:Q6GTR6 Tr:Q7TMX1 Tr:Q9BDP1
FT                   Tr:Q9GKP2 Tr:Q9N186 Tr:Q9XSY7 Tr:Q9XTA1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6GTR6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008096"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88556"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6GTR6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13245.1"
FT                   N"
FT   CDS             complement(join(210458..210525,212350..212697,
FT                   215838..215946))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTMUSP00000016440"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9Z1A7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SSM0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008096"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="MGI:MGI:88556"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5SSM0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM13244.1"
FT                   LCENAPNRARM"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(212404..212697,224465..224519,
FT                   245134..245268,CR936842.21:3121..3327))
FT                   /gene="Ctla4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.2-004"
FT                   /product="cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated protein 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BY720268.1"
FT   CDS             complement(223664..224188)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="CH29-120A16.1-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L18, related sequence 8"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O57561 Sw:P62718 Sw:Q02543
FT                   Sw:Q7ZWJ4 Sw:Q90YU9 Tr:P62717 Tr:P62718 Tr:Q02543 Tr:Q7SZB7
FT                   Tr:Q7ZYQ8 Tr:Q862R3"
FT   misc_feature    250586
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH29-120A16"
SQ   Sequence 250586 BP; 75152 A; 52896 C; 50384 G; 72154 T; 0 other;
     gaattctctg tttaactctg aaaaggtcaa ctagtttata taagcaagaa ggataagagt        60
     ctaaattaac atactacttg ccagagtctt gacacatttt gtttttcttt ccctccttca       120
     ataaatttat ttaaaatttt ctgtataata tgtgctctgt taagttcttg agctgcatgg       180
     agacagaggc caactagctt tccactccga gaatctacat tctagtccaa ggcctttcct       240
     aatgtgaggt gtgaggtatc ccattgtatc tttaggaccc acactaacca tcttaatttt       300
     atttcatcag cattttaagt gtgagaacat tcaagctgca ttggcaaaga gttcaagaat       360
     taaataggca tgatttttgt gagccaagat atagagagac tggaggcagt tttggtcttt       420
     ctcgatgaca cagttttgtg aaattccaca gtatctttta ctgtgcataa ctcaatgtaa       480
     tgtgaaactc tcctccaggt atggtccaga tatgctcatg cttatccagg gctgcagtac       540
     tttcttgtgg ttggttctga tgcccttcat caatgctcta gaaaaagcag cacaccactt       600
     tttattcttt cctgttttcc ccctagattc aaatcaaatg tctgttccat ggtcgtccta       660
     gcaccttgcg tagcattctc ttcctccttt tctctccttc ctggtaccaa gcaggcggaa       720
     ctctatggag aggtcacatc agctcaacct gtgttcatga ttttgtgatg gatatgtgcc       780
     tatctgtaac caaaacagta taattctttc tttttctttt cttgttcttt ctttctttta       840
     tgagtttttg agacaggatt tctcggtata gccctggctg acctggaact cactctgtag       900
     accaggctgg ccttgaactc agagatctgc ctgcctctgc ctctttattc ttcttttttt       960
     tgtcttccac tagcagcctt tggatgaaga catagaactc tcagatcctc ctgcaccatg      1020
     cctgccttgg atactgccat gcttccacct tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgaacctg      1080
     taagccatcc ccaattaaat gttgcttttt ataagacttg ccttggtcat tgtgtctgtt      1140
     cacagaaata aaaccctaac taagacagaa gttggatcaa aggcatgtgc cagcaaagac      1200
     agaatatttc aaggcttaac ccactcaaaa acaaatgaac atacaaacac tcaatgcttt      1260
     cacgattgtc ctataaaacc ttccacaatg aaatgtttgt agctgtgttg tccaataagg      1320
     ttcctgacgg cacccgttaa ccacttgtag ctactgagca cttcaaatac accccatgga      1380
     actacagaat tatattttca tatatttttc aatgaattta aattttaaaa gcgagcagaa      1440
     agaggaaagt atgttgagct aaagtatata acttcgaaga gaatagcttg ccactgacac      1500
     acaggctgta agagtaaaaa gatcacagtc ttcaaatctc tgagcctcgg gtaccctagg      1560
     tactgaaagc tccatccctg ggcataagga ctggacagtt ctcagctagc ttctgaactc      1620
     catcccacac aatgcatcca tcccacactc tatcctgaaa gtcagtgagc atggagaaac      1680
     tttcattaga gctctaagca gtctctttgg ggttcaaagc taaattcctt cccatcattg      1740
     agtatgtatc aagaacaaag gagaatgtag catcacatgg atggagcaca agttcagggc      1800
     atcaggaatg caaggcttag gaagacaatc ctaattctag acctcactta gggtagaaat      1860
     gaaatcctac tgcacagacc atgcaggtta gctcgtggcc tgcctagagt tgcacttgtg      1920
     aatgaatgac atcttcatta tcaatgggta gaaaggctca gatagaacag agtagggaag      1980
     ctccgtgtct gactggtgta ccctccttaa ggtcctcatt tattaaacta ccaggtgcac      2040
     agccccccac tgtaccgtcc agagctccct gctctgctca gccgtaacac cacagccaaa      2100
     cttacctgag catgcatact tacagagcat gcccacagcc gttcctgtac tcaggctatc      2160
     gccaaaaatg ccacactcta gctttcttct caatcaacgc gcgcgcgcgc acgcgcgcgc      2220
     gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgg ctgatttggg gtatgtgccc      2280
     tctgaagcca tcttccctga gacccacagt cagtctccaa gaattctcac tactgaaaca      2340
     aaggaaagat tgctgtatcc aacagaagaa tttcagtgat gattcaggag aaggggacgc      2400
     tctcagcagt gacgtgccat atgcatatat gttctgtctc atatacaata tcagttttca      2460
     gctgacacta atacttaagt ttagggaagt tcatataaag atttctgtct ccagattttc      2520
     ttgaaaagca caaaatcaga tacaacctac tggccagtta tttctctcag gcgatttgcc      2580
     agctctccac aatccctgct ttgctcactg taagcactga gctgacgtga gttttctgta      2640
     cgcacatcag atatgagcaa agtctgtgca ctctggacaa tgataatgat ttacctgtgc      2700
     acttatgaag cttgtattgc ccgtcttcaa tacatactga ttctgattac tttaacggtt      2760
     atgatttcag cctgcttttt ttttccttta ccgttcaccc aaatcctgag agtacagccc      2820
     atgtccagat ataaataaga tttaaatcct gttaaaagag tgtgagagca gattgaggtc      2880
     cattgtcact aagtctgcaa gtgtgatctt ttagatatta ggttaatcaa ggagatcagg      2940
     gcagcaggtc aagaggctcg cttgttgaag gcagaagaga taggcacttg aaacaggaaa      3000
     gattgtggca cctgcaagat attggatgtt agcacttcac agcacatcca ttgtacctct      3060
     ggcgtgaaga ttgtcaagta gatatcaagc agcaatggag tttcacagcc tttgatgaga      3120
     atagcggctg ttgtcctcat tgtccgacat agtaaactga ggcactatct gttcgtgctg      3180
     gtgaggaacc ctctacaaga ggcttggtaa ttaaatttaa ttatcctcct ttcgacctct      3240
     ccctccctcg ctcactcttc ctctttggtt tcaaagtgat ttatgttaga tcaatttaac      3300
     tcactcccag aattgaatca ataccacctg taactcccaa ctcccctcag agaaatctta      3360
     agcttcagaa aaatacaagt gctaaggcac acaaagaggt aaaatgtaaa agcagacagg      3420
     cctctctgcc ttgtagacaa atacctgaat ttatttattt accatttatt atttatttat      3480
     ttattgtttc ttgagataca gtctttctat gtagccctgt gtgttctggg tcttaccagg      3540
     ctggccttga actcagaggt ctgccagcct cttgcctctt gggtattgtg caccaccatg      3600
     cccaggccaa cacctgaact tcaaagtgct cgcactccgt tgtcagtagc ccttcactgt      3660
     cctctctctc ctctgcacat ttcctccacc aattaataat agcattaagt gagcacctgt      3720
     gttcagaatt tactccagtg aaccatactt gccccgtttg gagaaagagt tcttaacttc      3780
     tttgacccat ggaaagttca ctgtttttag aagtagatct tttagctaag tcaacacttc      3840
     aagtatccag catgtgcttt tagttcagaa aagaacaata ttctgtcttc aactgttaaa      3900
     cccattaacc taatcatagt acaagcgaac cgttccaggg caccctttaa gcctgctatc      3960
     ctcatgaaca taggatttct tgagtgtaga cctttttggc attttgagta tgacctggct      4020
     gtcacttctt ctttgtaatg atcaatctca cctctcatga catctccctg accagctaat      4080
     tgaaaacaag tagaaaaggc aagaaatact aaatcacaag tgggttcagt gaccttttac      4140
     ccctgaaagg gtaagattaa atgccatcag acaaaggtaa tttatcgatc tctatcctat      4200
     gcgattaggg aatcgagaaa aaaaaaagaa aatgattata tgattattca gacctaccta      4260
     gaccatcatg gctatacgga agaaagtaca caaacattta gcttgtgttt cctgtctctt      4320
     gtagaacttt gatatcctca aatgacaaca tatttgtcta gttccatgcg ggatttggat      4380
     gctcaacatt tgctcccagg gaacaagtag aagttgaatc aacatcaacc tgggaaaatc      4440
     attagctgcc ccccccaacc ccccaagtgt gtatcctgta tgtccccagc caaagctctt      4500
     tctgacttgc ccccaaggcg ctcgcccaca tggtctccac tcacagctcc tcccctggca      4560
     ttcaccatca ttagatcatt agatcatgct accagatcgt cagctcgttc tgcctgtcat      4620
     ctcttcttgt gcaggtgacc tcccctagat cattttatgg tctgtatttt tctaaattac      4680
     attgttctct ggagtctgtt gcccagctga aagagttaca ttttctttct ctgttagtta      4740
     ctgcaggtat caatcattcc ataaccacct gtactagtgt taaccttctt cctgtcttcc      4800
     aaatcaaaac ccatttctca cttccatatg tcaacacgag ccacatgcgt tgattaaatg      4860
     tctttcattc gaaagcacac agtcctgcct tcctgcctgt gtctgagtgc ttcccatatg      4920
     ctctgcatgc aagccgaatt ctcatgttcc cttcctctgg aaaggcattc ttcattgtaa      4980
     taagtcgccc aaagtaaatg tattcgtcat ctttttctct gaaaaccatg tttctccact      5040
     atgggaaatt aaacactgca gcatatggcc tgagcagcaa actttagtgc ttgctcgctc      5100
     aattgtttta acacattgcc gccttcacat aatattctgt ttgccactag cgtgtcaggc      5160
     ttccacttga catatgcatt agacatgtta atggcaagag cgaaaccaac tgaagctgac      5220
     aacatgacga aagaagggta agtgcctatt aattacaaaa atccactttc tccactcttg      5280
     agcagaggaa ggaaaaaaaa aaatgaacgc ctacagaaca tgctgccata ttagctcgct      5340
     gtggtgccat ctgacaaaaa atgcaaactc taagtacaat ggaaggaatt tgtagattgg      5400
     ggaaagccag tacaaatgac accagggttc ttcctactac tggctggctc agtctgcttc      5460
     ctggcatgtt ggttacaaaa ccagagtgct accagtggcc aaattcttta tgtagcatcc      5520
     aaacacctcc catacttatc ccagatctct cttttatgtt agtaggagca ccgctattgt      5580
     gaagtccact ccaagtgctc cccaaccctg agaataatag aacactgttt ccttccaggt      5640
     cactgtttct gagattagat tatgtaatta attatgaatc ttcgggtttc tattgtgaat      5700
     ctactgactc tgaactcatc tttcagtgaa gtcattctga tctcagtgtt tgtttataga      5760
     ctttagtcat ttacttgcaa gcatttttca ggtttttttc aatctgcatt tttttttcaa      5820
     aataatattt ttattgattc tttgggaatt tcacatcata tacttagtcc ttcaatgtca      5880
     gacccacctg cccttgtgat acctcctcaa caaaaacata gcagcagcag caacaatagt      5940
     agtaggtcca atttgtgttg tccatatact tactgaagca tggtcaaact cctattggtc      6000
     tgcccccaaa gaaaacttag tccttcacct gcatccagac cagaagccat caattgtgga      6060
     gagctacact tcagcctcct tatcataatt ttaagagtgt tctttgatag tttccttttt      6120
     agtttgttac cttttttgca gggtaggggg tgggaatagg ggttgtcaca gaagcctttc      6180
     atgtccatct ttctcaattg tgtgtctgct gccttagata ttatgtcaaa gtaggttctt      6240
     tgccctctac aatcagccgg agctcagatc ctcctcttcc tcatggtttc tggtgacaac      6300
     acagactatg aatacagtcc ctgactgctg tagaaccata gacccaacat tgattatgga      6360
     catctgcttg gcctttggtg gtaacatggg ccacagatat caacccagat gctggcaaca      6420
     ggaggatctt ggatccagat atggccctcg gcggcagcac ctgcccagac ttcatggcat      6480
     aactgcacaa gccactcaga tcacatcaat atggctccca gggatggcat ggcccatggc      6540
     catttagtcc ccccaccccc ggccacatta tgatcactga cccacacaca gttgaccctt      6600
     cgaggaggtc caatccagga agtgattccc atctcattgc ccagagccag caacgtgttg      6660
     gggttggggt gagggttgag tctacatcta cgtaagctcc aggcacacca ccccgtggac      6720
     cctactgggc agccatctgt tctactgttg acctcagccc tctctcacac ctgtctctgc      6780
     caacacatct ccagttctgc cactctcctc cacacactca ctactccgct cttccatctt      6840
     tcccccttct ccaccatgct ttcattcatt ggcttctgag ggcccacaat ctatattttt      6900
     taaaaaataa tctactgtag ttataatttt cagtacatat cttcgaacat taaaaagttt      6960
     taaaggtttc cagtggatac tctactacat tttcttttgt gtattgaatt ttctttattc      7020
     agccagaaat catattgagt catgtgatat atttgatacc agagaacatc ctatggccag      7080
     caagtttcct agagcctccc agtctgagag ttctgtattt tttacatttc cagagatgct      7140
     gaagatggct cctgagggca tgctctctgt atcaacgaca gcaaggtttt gaacttggtg      7200
     tcaggcaata attctccaaa gcttaattga aagggatcta gaggcatccc aatgtccacc      7260
     catgcttctg actctctaaa aacccatcct aagattagga tacatggcag ttatgtccct      7320
     ctgacctcaa caccctggtc ctgttgaatt gcttttacat tgagtttgat gtcatctgcg      7380
     tacactaagg gacattgtca gaagcagtcc tgaaaagctc attttgcttt ctgtagagat      7440
     gttcaaggtt ttacccacta cgttacaatg tggcatggct ataaggacct atacaataaa      7500
     tttccattac agaaagggct gtgccacccc tgagcatctg ttttatctta taaggagtaa      7560
     gaacactgaa ttctgcttta tgcattgcct attaaagaac ttgaagcaca taagtaggcc      7620
     ccaaggaatt cagtttttgt gtcccagcct gtacaatggt attattcccc accccagtcc      7680
     aaatgggctc tattttctct tactcttatt ttctcaacta ttcattttta attgaattat      7740
     gtatcataaa acaaatgaac gtgtacaaag gccctatgtt tttctagaaa tgaattagct      7800
     attaggaagt aaatatgtgc ccagaaacta tatgctagca tgtactcgca ttcatttttt      7860
     cagattatac ttgtttcatt ttaacaaaaa tatgacacag tgcgaaccca tgcttgttgt      7920
     gtttgaagcc atgcagcacc aatatttttt taaatctatt ttacataaaa tacagttagt      7980
     ccctctcata acagtgctat aaaagagaca taggaatgca tgcatactat aatttacaaa      8040
     gccacacaaa taattgcatg taagaataca taagcattaa gatgctactg agaacagagc      8100
     tactgaaaac aaggaaagta attcagatga tctaccagcc tgaatgtgac agtaacagtc      8160
     ctgttgataa tcccaaaata aatagacatg tcatattgag aagtccaata ttatcaaaat      8220
     ctgaattcat tcatccattg gttctgtaag cttgaattaa acaatgtact agaggagagc      8280
     tcgtgagagc aatgggtcac ggctcactgt gataaaagag aggaacttta taggctctat      8340
     gccagaagga gcatcctgca gggtttgatg gtctatggaa gacctagaaa agatacagag      8400
     tcatccaaga atagtcttag catcacagct caacctaact aggaaagata tagaggcaat      8460
     cccagaatag tcttaacatc acagctcaac ctaactattg aaaggttcaa aataaaggtt      8520
     gagtggccca ggagagctca tcttgttgga tgagagatgt ccctgggatg aaggttggac      8580
     acttgaaact gttccttttc caggtcacag ctagtgagca actgaaataa cccactcagt      8640
     gacattccgg tgaccaaaag tgctcatggt cctcacacag cagttgataa gcctgaaacc      8700
     atcacagcca ttattttctt ctcttttttt acccatgaag atctcagatt attttttctt      8760
     ggagaagcct gacaagaatc catttagttt atctttaaag tatctctaaa gtttttttct      8820
     ctctgatatt ttcattgtgt gagtttagca acacagagag acttcacaca cagccattct      8880
     gaacatcaaa aaacataaat ttcttttcaa gattcgttac tccaagccat gtacttggat      8940
     taaaccatat cccaaggttt tcagggttaa tatttggagc caagagattt ttttttgtta      9000
     atttcaatat ttaactatca actgaggcag aaagcaacct atgaaattgc ttgaatgggg      9060
     tgaaagatca aagttattga gctgaattgt accgggtaca ggatgacagt aagttcagtc      9120
     ttcaaacaaa gatctaaaaa cccaatatgt ggcacaccac tcttaggtga ctgctcagct      9180
     gttcctggtg ttaccaactg atgcatccaa ggagaccctg attaaggaca ctacactaac      9240
     tccattttaa ggctctaagg tctggaacta tttttgagaa gacagacaag gtctatttgg      9300
     attttgttgc tttagatata caaatgtacc ttatgtacaa atgttaaaag cttttagcat      9360
     ttaacctaca catacaaaat ggatctctag atttggagag ttctaatgtc ttccctcagg      9420
     aaggtcgact tggagactgt ctcggaagga ttgagcattt atagtcttgg tgccttaata      9480
     gctcttgaca caagactatg aaactaaaca ggaagtgtac aggatgacta ctgtcaaatc      9540
     tgatttctcc agtagattct tgtttctgtc atgcacatct gactccacta atacagtttc      9600
     agacctatat ctcaaatatt gaccagaagt ggggaaccac aacacttcac cacatttgta      9660
     aactaaaaat gttatgagtt cttttctcct tgtcccattt tgaccagaac cttctgtggc      9720
     aacactcata tttgctcaag atttattatt cctttctatc ttctaggaat catgtgactt      9780
     ttttggccag ttatgtacaa aaatatataa gaattgccga tcttcttgtc tgccttctcc      9840
     tttgtggcca cattgacaga agagaatgct gaactcttat ataaagaaag ataacattgg      9900
     agtttcccag acccccaacc ttcattgtat gaataagtaa actcttgctt gttgtaaggc      9960
     actgtaggtt ctgatgtggt ttgctatccc aacaggaatt agagtactct gattaatgca     10020
     ccctacattt tgattattgt gctacctact aaatccaact catgatccta tattttcctc     10080
     aatacaaaga aaacatagca accagatgtg aactttaggt ttttgccttg gccttctcct     10140
     atgtatagga cacacatcct attaccagtg tgtgaattac aaatattgaa tattccaaag     10200
     actccttgaa aaagctatgt ttctgaataa tgcacttgat cattcaaatg gtcagatagt     10260
     caacatggat ttaacaagaa accacctagg gcaggaacca ttctatatcc tgacagtaca     10320
     gaaataagca aaagaaacaa gagttcttct atcaatattt tgatctagca agagaaatta     10380
     tatactaaac aaatacataa ctcagtaaga tagtgaaaac aaattggaaa atctgacagt     10440
     gagtaaggga gaggcataca ttattttatc taagactgcc ttgaagaaat gacattcaag     10500
     ctgataccta aagaatcagg agactgcagt aggaagaggc ttcctgcaaa agggacaaca     10560
     gataccaaag ctctcagatg agaatcatct tggcccacat aggaggctgc tgtggctgca     10620
     gcacagcagg aatgagagag gattgaagaa aaatgtgaaa aaagaaacaa caaagttaca     10680
     tctatagaat gtaccaaggc ctggagtatt ctacacagga ggggggtgcc tgcttgccat     10740
     gacctacatt tggaatagat cactttatca actgtgtaga aaatggatgg tggagggaaa     10800
     gaaaaacatg tcagcaatca tttaagagaa actgcagtca tccaagtagg gttgatggaa     10860
     aggcatggca atgtggctca agctatatgt caatggtcct caaactcgcc tgcagctaca     10920
     agcactggag atgggacatc ttaaaattca gatcaattag atcatcacag aggataggac     10980
     acagatagcc ttgaaaatgt tttccttggt tgattgattt caatgagaaa taatgttggg     11040
     aaggattgat gtgacgtgtt tagaagatgt ctcacagacc ttactgagac tagagcatgg     11100
     ggaggtagag gaaagaaagt aatgatgctg cctgaattta tgatatgagc aaactgcatg     11160
     gacattaatc ctatttactg gaactgggag gctctagaca ggggaggggc ttgaggtgga     11220
     aggtgtcaga atcgagagtc cagttttgca tgtggaaatt ttgagatgtt tgctagatga     11280
     tttatattat atactttatg taggttgaca ttatacaggc aaaaaaggaa tcaagacatc     11340
     taaagagata actctttgag acatcattgt agagatggca taaaagtgtt gggaaaagag     11400
     ggagccaggg cgcaagtgag ggtggcctga gcaaaaaaga ctgttcagag gatttgccat     11460
     ttggaatcac ctgtcacctg agtcggaaga tcctcctaac cgtgccttga tcccttggca     11520
     agaagacaaa gaagagtaat ttcctttcta gaacattcat attgtctcaa ctctgctgtt     11580
     tactttggct gctggctcca tatcccaaga tattcccttt ggaattgtat gcaaagcccc     11640
     ctagtcaaag tctgagagct cttggattct ggctctgcct cttcctaacc ttcatgcaga     11700
     tagcaaagtg tccagtgaag ctgctgcagt ggcaggcact gagccagatc agctgaatgc     11760
     acccggttta actcttagtt atgaggcacc agcctctttc acacagatgc gccaaacagg     11820
     attctaagag attcagatat tgctgccttt ttgttattgt ttatagttct ttatagagtt     11880
     tatttcttaa taaaatacat ttcttttgta tgcccaagtt agtcctgttc tttcaccatt     11940
     ttgactcagt ttttcattct ttcatacaaa gagtcctaaa gtcaactaag ctgtgcttga     12000
     gtcagctatg tcatggcaat tcttcacttt gtgactttgg accagtgtat tgtatcttct     12060
     tcaagcctca gctcttccac ctagaacaaa gggtttttag ctaactgtat ctacctgaga     12120
     gttattaaat aggttggtgt aaaacacctg ggtaatatgc ctcatgtaaa caaatggttg     12180
     ccgtacaact agtgtgtacg tctgctagtc catagtctct gtcttctctg agtcctggag     12240
     cactgatttt aagctgttct tttttgtttg tttatttgtt agatattttc ttcatttaca     12300
     tttcaaatgc tatcccattt cctagtttcc tctctgaatg tcccttatta cacccgcccc     12360
     ccccgccgct gccctgctct gctaatggcc ccaggtccat ttctaggtat ataccattga     12420
     tgcactctgg tttctctact gaagtggctc atatcgccct gtctgcaggc tccgttacaa     12480
     attaggagct tgcctcagaa aatgacagct gcccaagtgg ctagtgttct cattttctcc     12540
     tccttgactt catcttagca gctgcacaca cttcccatgt tcaagctaat gaatccatca     12600
     tctatggttt cccccagggt gactttccag tgtttcctta ttataatatg gtatctttaa     12660
     tcatatttaa tcatacattg agatggaaat acaaacaact cccatctgac tataatggga     12720
     tctctttcca tattatgcgt agccctttaa cagtcttctc aaaaagcagc atgcaaagtg     12780
     tctttggcaa cttttgaaga gtagtggaat tatgggatgt aagtgtttag agttattgac     12840
     tttcctgaac taggtaaatt atctaataat ctatatcctt gaaagcatgt tgagatactt     12900
     tttttctttt gctacaaaag accattctta ttaacttgag cttttctgga gggatagaga     12960
     aggggcgaga aaaaaaaatt ttaacaacat aaccagaggg gaaggttaat gaatgtgttt     13020
     aatggtttcc tcttggaaac tgctcctctc acaattacgt tagcaaaaga ggtttttgag     13080
     gacatccaga gtcttctagc caaacgtctc ttacgatctt catcatttat agagtaaatc     13140
     ttagtgtggg ccaaataatc taaaactgat ttgtgcaatt ccacatccac catgggtgtg     13200
     gagagcttag aagttttgcc ggtgcaacgg cttcccaagc ccagctgatg gagcagagcg     13260
     tgggagatta gctacacatg ttctccatca acataatcac gctggtgaga tgcctgcatg     13320
     tcatcatatg cgagccggtt aataaaaact ggtgtgataa aaataaacag taaagtgata     13380
     gtttggttct cgatccagcc tgtcgatctg tgcttggaag agagtactca tggcgttctt     13440
     tctccccata acatgcatgc atgactccca ttagactcag tgagaggaac atgtgtgcat     13500
     agagggaaac tccagggaaa cggtaaagca taagaggaca agacttttgg cagcttctga     13560
     gatgagagca tgggagaact ttggtgactc tgcttatagg aaatgatagg aagatcactt     13620
     tgtaggagat gcacacacac acatatctat gtaggtgtag gtgtaggtat aggtatgtac     13680
     attgcttcta taacaagtgc caagggagag ctgaatgaaa acagaatact aaatgaatgt     13740
     aaaataagga aatgaggact agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     13800
     tgtgtgtaat gtaatccaga attatatgtt gctttctaaa atgcaaagac agaaattagt     13860
     atattctaac ctcaaatatc ctggacttga ccaaaactaa gacaatactt ggaaatccct     13920
     cttgtctatt tcagaaagaa tgtactggga cccaggatgc tcttaaaatt ccatcgaagc     13980
     tgagcccatg gatcctctgg gcataatttg atccagtggg taccagccat tgccatgtct     14040
     gtagcgcccc tcccttcttg catttgacca tggcaagcac tatgtagtaa cattctcact     14100
     tttgtcttct ctacatgatg ctaacagata aggctactga tccttaggag gtcttgctgt     14160
     tagtttctaa ttagaaaaca gatcatgagc agtcttgaca ttcatgctct atcaagaaca     14220
     ggggaataca gctcttgctt tgacaagtgc agcctgctat taccagaggc tctggcacgt     14280
     ggcagcaaag gcttcttaac taatgacaga ctctttaccg tctgtagctg agttctagaa     14340
     ttagtgcaca cgagaataga cgcattgtga agcactgagc gatgttgata acctttcaga     14400
     aatgtttttg agcctagatc aatgatcatt tttgacacaa ctcaagaaaa aaaaagtgta     14460
     ctaattgatg acttcctgtt tgcatctagg gtgttgatgt gtttctgata tggatacgcc     14520
     aagcctttct ctgaataacg gagttctcta atctgatggt gcaagagatt atttgaagaa     14580
     agcttcttat ctgctttcct ttgtggtact ttggggagaa agaaagagga gtattataac     14640
     tgataacagt ttccttgatt ggcactctac tgggtaccac tacctcaaag ccttatctca     14700
     tcaaccctta cagcaaacct tgatgggggt gacacccagt attaacataa gggggtaagg     14760
     tcttgcacca agttgcccac gaccacacag acagggagta tggcagattg taatatgcaa     14820
     taaaactaat ggattctcaa ccttattttc tctcaaaaat gagagactca tctttctcct     14880
     tgtttaagag aagagtggga ccccagtgag gtactaaaag gatgttaaat gcccatgcca     14940
     atgagaaatt ctttcactct accagcataa gtcagcatgc caggtgctgt ccacactccc     15000
     cagcaaagcc ccttgggtct ctttccattt ttaagcatac cagctcacaa attgccaaca     15060
     cctgcatctc tctgtcagag ggctgtcctt aggctgcagg agcctgttct gtgcacatgg     15120
     acagctcaga gtgcttggga atttatggac ccctggggac gataactgac agctctggag     15180
     gcataaatat gggcttgctt ttctctgttc aggactcact cggtatgacc ctcttagact     15240
     ctacagcccc acctgctgga cagagcaaag attatcctgt gcgatgcttg gatactgtcc     15300
     ccttgttatt taaaagttac tatgctctct gaatataaaa gtgaattatt aggcataata     15360
     ttactagtta aaaggacaga cgggtgggct aaagttcatg cctttgaaaa tctttgtatg     15420
     aacataaaca ctaagttttc tcattttgat ctctatggat taccaattaa aacagaggag     15480
     ccacacaggg taaaaaccac agctaactat agtaaaggtt tctaaattat aaagatggtt     15540
     aaatactgaa agtgcctttt gaattcttag agatgtttga aaaaaaaaat agacagctac     15600
     ccaggtgctt caaaatggtc taattgtcag cgacaattga aataatgatg atagttttct     15660
     cacagagctg agtttgttca ggttttgccc agtaacctct ctacctcagt ttcctattct     15720
     gtaaaaccag agtaaaatga aagcaacttc agctgctgtg acaccaatgt gatctacatc     15780
     taacttcccc gatgcagaag agccagggct ccatagatgg taggccctaa cgtcaacttt     15840
     cactgcttaa taagtcaaat ggaccctgag ctacttctca gggttgtaac tgtaggtccc     15900
     ttcctaccaa aggtctgata ctagaagtag gactctgaat gcctcggcac caagcatgta     15960
     aacaccacag agaggaagcc aggaagcacc accaccaaat cctaggagga tgaacatgtg     16020
     taatcagtaa gcgcagtcac catgtactgg ttctagagac tattagtctc tcagtgacat     16080
     gtcatgtaat catgttattt aactgagctt ctcttatgtg ttaaacacta tgttctatag     16140
     taccctatat tcccaggtat atttaatcct cacaataatt acttgaagta tccagtatcc     16200
     taatctgcag gggacaccaa gtctcagaga agttagcagc tttaagatca agaaattgag     16260
     gcaagatcta gacccaagtc tccatgtctc caattgctac caccacaacc accaccacca     16320
     ccaccaccac cactaccacc accaccacca ccaccaccac caccaccacc actaccacca     16380
     tgctccattc catgcagaga ctatgtcttc tgagaatttt tggttttgtt ttgttttgtt     16440
     ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt ttgttttgtt tttcgagaca gggtttctct gtgtagccct     16500
     ggctgtcctg gaactcactc tgaagatctg actggcctca aactcagaaa ttcgcctgcc     16560
     tctgcctccc aagtgctggg attaaaggcg tgcgccacca tgcctggctg tcttctggga     16620
     attttgattc ctctactaac agtaagagtt tctcctggga tgaggaagtg catcaatgta     16680
     caattaggta cccagcctaa gtagcttcag ttattcagag gagaaatgag aaatccaaga     16740
     aggttactaa aataaaaaga tcacttcact ccagtattaa gcttctaaaa tcatgaaatg     16800
     ccttagctga gcatcctcac cccacccccc cttttaggaa gtaagtaacc cagtcttata     16860
     aagaaaggct gtttagtaat tccaaacatt catttagaac ctatatattg tttgaagagc     16920
     ccactaacaa tgagctgact tatagtctcc ctctccttta atttctgcag actgccagag     16980
     gcaggagcat gccatgaaat acagatgtgg gaaaggatcg gaggtctttc cagttttcct     17040
     agcaagcccc caagccaagg agccctacag gaatcctgaa agacccacaa gatatcttca     17100
     ttccatcccc cactctcaaa agactgtgtg catgccaggg cttgctagca ggatgagagg     17160
     ccagccagat gcctctggca gagagactgg tacctccatt gattcagctc ctgcctcctg     17220
     ctgaaatcct ggagaacgtg tataaaggct gagggtctta tttagttcag aggccaggtg     17280
     tttcactggt gacttcttca gaacagcggt tcccacagga gtccctgtga tcctgatgca     17340
     attttccata aagaagaaat gactcttgtg aaagaagctg tattctattc aaacattcaa     17400
     acattcaact aataatggtg gggtttggaa agaagcctgc atttccttcc ctttctttct     17460
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct tccttccttc cttcctttct     17520
     tccttccttc cttccttagt atttcagtta agacaaagaa ctagtattaa gataagtaca     17580
     gtccaattcc ctgccctgtg ctcccctgtc aggaatccat tcttttttat gatgccatct     17640
     gcatagctgg aggtgatatt ggaacacata aatctcttgt gagccacaaa acgttaagct     17700
     gccgctgtcc tcataatttc attatcttcg tttctgccct aaaacgttta acactaattg     17760
     aacacccgag gttttcctgt gagtttattt tctgaacatt attgaagtgc tgttgataaa     17820
     agtcagaatt tatggagtca gcactcctta aaatgccatg atagatttga gcaggagtat     17880
     atatatatat aatattttaa agcaggaata ttttttaatg actttgcttg gaatttcaaa     17940
     atctttcaat cattctacat tataaagctg tcaatttcaa agtgcatttt gcaagcacca     18000
     aattacttca ccaaactcaa cctttgcatc tgcaggtcca gggtagacac atggggctat     18060
     cagattcagc tacatttcag actggctctc tatgtttatt tgttcctggt taaccataca     18120
     tgacttctcc cacccccacc ctcccatcca ggctacccaa aataatgtta atattagcag     18180
     tggtttcact aatgacaacc cattcttctt ctctgaaaga aacacatttg caggagtcag     18240
     aggcctcaag cattctttag tcctttaggg aagaaaaagg cttttttctt tttcttaaaa     18300
     accatagtaa aaagtagcca tgtgctaaat ctatcttttg gatattgatt gcaattcaat     18360
     taatttcaca tgtctttgtc agaaagcaat ttagttaaaa aatgagctat gaccggtgtc     18420
     tctcatggat ttgtattaat attcatgtgt tcatacgcat gcacaaatta tcaacactca     18480
     caaacagaca cacagtttat ggtatgcaat tcacaggtag tcttcacaaa gcataggact     18540
     gtatcctgac ttccaaaaat aaagcaaaac ttagagttaa gtgtccatct cccagttaaa     18600
     aggagttgtt cctggttact atggtaactg ccaacagact ggcatttttc tgttattact     18660
     gtaattggaa aagcaaagaa tctattttta agttataaag catagagggg actgtgaaca     18720
     gaaagtgggt ccctaaccta gccaaggaaa tacaacagat atttgtccca cctggggttc     18780
     tgactttatc ctcctagacc taaagatgat ggcttctgaa gagctaagca agagtaaatt     18840
     gtttgtcgtg atcctgaaac tgcagcaacg ggaaagaaaa acaatacaga ggtttcaagt     18900
     aggccctgaa aataagttgt aaaatacaat gcaccgctgc tgtcacagtg tggaacgtga     18960
     ctaagaactg tggggtgcca gtttgttttg gggctctgaa agtgtcatct gtgtgcctca     19020
     cggtacctgt gtgcctcgtg gtacataccc acctgtgccc tctactccca tttcctacca     19080
     cctacaagaa atcatccact aagaagagac agctttccct cattccctca cctctctctg     19140
     cacctactat tttctccctc atttttttct ttctgtgcag gaagaaagct aaaaaaaaaa     19200
     atccaaattt ctaacagtgg gcaacaccaa aagtgaactt catttttatg cttccctgtg     19260
     aaatataaat tttccgccat aaacatgcag ctcattcata atatgaaaag cagatatatt     19320
     ttttaaaaca tactttttaa aaacatactt ttaaaaatat actctccata gatttaaatg     19380
     actttctccc agaaataaaa atctcaaata gaatcagaac accacataac aaaatttaca     19440
     tgataaagct gaaatggttc ttgaagggat atttctcacc ttaatcatca tatcagaata     19500
     caaaaaaaaa aatggaagtg attgacttag caatcttttc ttttaaaaat gagtcattga     19560
     tgaaacatat ttaaagatat gttttagaga gatacttctc ctggcatttc ctgtgcacaa     19620
     caggtaaaat ggtggccaca aaggtttccc tgtggtggag ttcccttgcg tgtcctactg     19680
     taacttgcat ttgagcagct ccagtggcca tagcttagcc agccatggca atacacattt     19740
     caagagacag acaatggcag agagcagaga aaggaaatgt aaggaatgta tgctggaagg     19800
     atgaacagat aacgggatcc agtgatccta agtccacctt tttttttttt taaagattta     19860
     tttattttat gtatgtgagt acactgatgc tctgttcaga cacaccagaa gagggcatcc     19920
     cattacagat ggttgggagc cacctgtggt tgctgagaat tgagctcagg acctctggaa     19980
     gagcagtcag cgctcttaac ctctgaacca tctctccagc tccactaagt ccttctttcc     20040
     agcactgaca gcttagtatt taaggaaaga gagaaatgga gggaagattt gtggagcaag     20100
     aggtatctat aactaagcag ccctggtgaa ggtgtggtct ggcccatcac tgccaggatc     20160
     cacactgtag tctaaggaag tccttaccgc ttgacaggat catctgctcc tctggagcta     20220
     actattcccg tgggccttca tttgtcctgt gttctcttga ttctgcaggt ttaagagaac     20280
     taacagagac cttttaacac tttgggggag tctggaacag attgctgtaa aaaactgctg     20340
     acaggaagcc gtccatgtta ctctttcctt tgtaccttta gtctttaaga gcaacgagcc     20400
     aggtaccact ggtttctaaa tagatgatcc ttgagtgatt agtgatgggg aagcagggct     20460
     ccggggtaca ggatggagaa cgtaagtaga gaagctagat ttttatcatg agttgagttg     20520
     ctttgcaatc cttagcaagg ggtcaatact tcttggctaa cacagtttct aagggatttt     20580
     tatgctagcg actgataatg agaaacacaa tttctacact tttcagttgc agagggtctt     20640
     tccatagcct gagttcttac acattaccta atgttttaat agggcacgta gacagataga     20700
     ctcaatttct cttacttcac gtggttcacc tacatttttt tatcttttct ttttcttttt     20760
     ttttttattg gatattttct ttatttacat ttcaaatgtt atcccctttc ccggtttccc     20820
     tccctccctc ccgaaaaccc cctatcgcat cctccctccc cctgcttcta caggatgagt     20880
     gtagtcagct aatacacaca gaattatctt gtggcccaca taaagtctcc tggagcacac     20940
     acagtttgtc ctgaatggtg agcaagagca acggccccat aagagagtgt agcttcagca     21000
     gcaatcatag ttgccatgtt ctttaagcta gaggggaatc tctttgcagt gatgaggcag     21060
     tattccaaac agctgggctg ccatgatgac agagcagctg gttgccaagg caggggctac     21120
     ttggctgaca gctgccactc aaggcagtca ggagtttaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaaaaaaca     21180
     aaaaaacaaa ataaaaaagt ctgtcagctg tcattcaaag ggcccaacac ccactctaga     21240
     cagctttact cagtcacaga agggaaaaaa aatcaaagag tacaataaag acttgggaaa     21300
     ttaacattct tgacaaaggt taacaatgtt tagcccctag gcaaatacaa tgtagtgagc     21360
     aaagagtccc tctgatctgt cacataagaa ttactaaaga cctccccact ttctttattc     21420
     atatacatgt taaatttttc ccatgtgacc tctgacatgt gccctgagga tgtggaacaa     21480
     gaagggactt tcccacattc cttgcattta caacatttct ctctattgtg tctacttcta     21540
     cttttaaata caaggaacaa tagcaggccc accacattcc ttacagtcag aaatgtgcat     21600
     ttaggtaaga tctgacagga ttcttaagag atgaaagacc cataaaggct tttttcttca     21660
     cactgctgca atagaatcct acagcagtgg gggttcttag cacagtaaca cttgggaagt     21720
     agctagttac attcattact tttacagaga tgctacaatt caagactttc taattgtctc     21780
     tttgttttgt gctgaacttt aatgatatat cattcccaat tttctcctaa aagggaggac     21840
     caaccaagag tcattactta atgctctatt ttctgttcat tgaatttttt ttctctatga     21900
     atattctgct gagcaatcga ctcagtaggt tttaaagtga gtcgacaatc tactgtaacc     21960
     agattcctac agcattttct ccccctcatt acatcagctt gctacagcac tcctttgaga     22020
     agaagccagc aaatcctatt ccttcgaagt caatttcaaa accacatcct caaagaccac     22080
     caaatccatt tgaaggcttc tttggatatc agcccgaaag tccaaaatca gtgtgggaag     22140
     atggtagagt tagggccacc tggagcaact tgaagttggt tttaaagagt gtgtgatact     22200
     caagcttttt gttttaacaa taatattctt gtacttgctt ttaaaatctt ctattacaac     22260
     ccagacaact ttttaaactt atgtatgtgt ttatggcccg tacttatttt attctatcag     22320
     tacctttctt aactcttagc atcacagacg gaagaactca ggtaagatat cccatcttcc     22380
     ttcatccttg tgacctatta agagacagtg gatatgtaaa cagacagtca tttgaacaca     22440
     catgtcagaa ctcccaacca taacctctgc agacatagag ccaggtgcca aaccccagcc     22500
     tccaccagcg actggcccca cgtaagcagg gctggccaat agttaccagc tactctattt     22560
     tcccgtcatt caactcaaga tcaacagaga aagccaagag ttctgcctaa aaccaagtaa     22620
     aataatacac actttgaatt aagcttcccc gtgccaaagt gctcctctag accagactgt     22680
     aggagcagaa aaatatcttt tttttatttc cctgttagtt aagtatgatg tcaaggcaca     22740
     caatagaaat aaatgaacaa gataaaagtg tacctttttt tggcatggga actttcataa     22800
     tgacatgaag actcaaagtc aaaggcacag ggaaatgtat acttttaatg tttgagtctc     22860
     aaaagtaaga ccgaaccaag tagctaggaa ccaatggcag tgaactggac agggagggct     22920
     tggcaaggtg tgtctattca ggttcttctt ggtatgcctc agtcttcagt tgaaagatgg     22980
     acctgtccaa taggcacagg aagtcttgct ttagaatgag tgtgctatta cctgctttgg     23040
     gggtgaagga cagggaagtg agtggcctct ttacttctac atttttctca aaaacttaga     23100
     tgccatatat agaggtagct tatcctgaag ctaatcaata tctaaagcca tctgtgaggt     23160
     cttagtcccc agacatcttt tgagattctg ccaacacgca actgatggtg tctaattctc     23220
     ttgttatgag ctctggataa gtgtttgctc tgagtgtttc cctccctctc tctctccccc     23280
     tatctctctt acttctacag tttaatttgt acttatttta tatttaattt attctgtgta     23340
     tatatgtgta tgcacatgta tgcatgggtg catatacatg ccataacagg tatatagaca     23400
     tcagaggaca tttttgtagg catcagttcc ctccttctgt gatgtcaggc ttgatggaaa     23460
     gtgtctttaa tcacggaccc atttcactct cttggttatt tattcatttg tttgtttatc     23520
     tttacaaatg aaaatgctgg tggtttaaaa tacttgaatc ttggtcaaca ctcacagctg     23580
     aaggaaataa tgaacaccag atttagaaaa attacatctg ttttacaaag gaacagaact     23640
     gcaatattgt actttgttca tattaaacaa tgaggaaaac ccaacagaaa caggtaaagc     23700
     tctttgtcac ccttcctcct tttctgccca taatatctga atgaatatta tatatatgta     23760
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtatata tatacatata tacatatata     23820
     tatatataat aaaacagaag gaggaaactg attcccacaa gttgtcttct gacctctata     23880
     tatctgttgt ggcatgtata tgcacccgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     23940
     tgtacacgca cataattgtt ttaaatttca ggacacacag tggtttatcc atccatgact     24000
     gaagtaataa caaaatccag ctataaaata acaaaatcca tttatggagt gtgtagcatg     24060
     gctgctgttt ctgtagaatc atggtaaccc tacagatgga tgcttacctg ccttccccaa     24120
     gtagggaaac agaacaacaa aacataaact tatagctgac actccaggaa ccaggcctgg     24180
     gctttagcta ccttgctttc aacctttggt ctcctcattg catttctcag gtcacttgaa     24240
     ttctgccaca ttttatacgt attagtcaac tgaacttttc tgtgacacca aggacacttc     24300
     caataaagag tagcatttct agtcttttta aaataattta ttattcttgt taatattatt     24360
     attttactta ttcactttcc atcccactca ctgcccacct cctagttacc ccctcctaca     24420
     atccttccct cccccctcct ccccatacac aggcctccac acatacatag cagatgtgca     24480
     gcttggtctt catatgggtc ccaaacaact ggagcagggg ctctcccaaa agctgttgcc     24540
     tgtacctgag atatgttcct gtcactgggc tggtttgtct ggcttcagtg gctgaggatg     24600
     tgcttagcct cagagacttg atgtgcgttc ctaggttttt cctcctcact tgcagatgta     24660
     ttgatgagtg agtctgcctc catcttaggc ttgaaaacca tcttacagta aagacaaact     24720
     gggttcattc ctgtctatga ttaaatctgt tcctcaaaaa ctgggctatc cccctgttcc     24780
     ctaccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cctgtaacct taactacaaa     24840
     tggtcctcta ctgcctattg caggaaacaa cagtcaagtc ttcatttcaa aagttgttgt     24900
     aaccaccttg caactgtacc tgtgtatcag gaagttgcta tgactacctt gttatggcta     24960
     ccttgcgtcc aacttgcatg cctttgtttc aggaggttgt tatgactgcc ttgttgtgcg     25020
     tatgctctgc tcctggaacc cagcttattt taccagccaa atgtcccatt gggaagcccc     25080
     ctccccatga gctattaaaa ccttgtcttc ttcatgtcca atgctgacct cttgaacccc     25140
     gcctgagggg aagtctgcct gtgtacatga attaaaaaaa aaaaaacttg ctttaattaa     25200
     ttatctgttt taattaattt ggccacgatg atttgggttg atggtcttct ctttgcatct     25260
     ttgggattaa cagtatcccc tcagccctcc atctctctgg cattctgtgg ggtatgtgat     25320
     attttcacag atgatataca tttcccatat cagttgctac tctaatgaac cgggtctact     25380
     ctcctcattt tgagatagac ttctccacta tttaattgcc agtgctttct cccccacccc     25440
     caccccttcc ttcctccctc ctcccctccc cctcttactc aggaggtagg atgcactctt     25500
     ccttttttta aacctctggc cctcacatgt tcatcactta tctgcataca gccttctagc     25560
     gcttctttag tgctgccaag tctccttgtg ctgaagttgg ggtacttaag ggtagaggaa     25620
     aatagcaacc ctaaaacact gtggggggca tcatttactt ccccaactag aacccggttt     25680
     ccatagcaga catttggatg aatagaattt aagttttgcc agaaaattca gattgtattc     25740
     tgtgctgagc ttggaaggca ggaccctagc agtagtggct gaccggccat ggaaggagtc     25800
     ctgctgactg ctgactggcc tctgggccat acttgttagg ataccccagc ttactaactt     25860
     tccaggagtt tcaggttagt tgtcagcaac cgaatagcac tagcagctga gactggcccc     25920
     atgcagtatg agatttgttc aactaagagg taacatactc ccagggttcc tgcatgctct     25980
     ggacaaattg tgggaaaaca gccacattca acagacagaa gaggcagtga gtgactagaa     26040
     atgtcacctt cttgatcctc tccatcattc tgcaggagag gaaaccttgt catcaagccc     26100
     tcatgtgagc cagaggcact aatcttgctg acagagcttt tgtcctaggc agggctgtgc     26160
     aggcagttaa ttatacccag agttaattga gtggtcagat taacagtctg gtctcaggag     26220
     gtctcagaga agattccaga aatttaggta tagaacgccc tcacaacaat gtcaaatgag     26280
     acatcatgtt cttggtgacc ctccctttca atttgggatg atgatttcat taatcaggag     26340
     tccttctctc ctgtcatcct aattgacaga tgctaattaa aatagcaaat ggaatcctct     26400
     caggcagttt cgtctgtgtt tcttagatga ccattcagtt tttgactgat ttagcacagc     26460
     tctttcccct ccattaacag acaagttaaa ctttatattc ttttaaattt tatcactcat     26520
     aattaggaag tgaaaaaaaa taattctgca ttttacaact ttaaaatgta aaagtaaatt     26580
     ggatgctcag ataatgtggg acagatagct aataggatgg aagttagagt gaggtgatat     26640
     accagcatcc cccctagacc ctgggtccct cactcctcat cctagcaacc ccacccaagc     26700
     cagtccacac agccgagggt ccttgtaaga catttgattt ttatttactt ttaattcaaa     26760
     catgacttaa aatttgaaag tctccagtag taaaattaaa gaatataaac attaaaaatg     26820
     cataagagct tgcctttctg ggctttgaac atggctcgat gcataaagtg cttgccatat     26880
     aaacatgcag acctgagttc ccagtccctg catgcaaacc agaagtgggg tgtggtggta     26940
     cacacctgta atcctatcac aggaagagcc taaagcagag gttctcaacc tgtaggtcga     27000
     aactcctttg gggctggggt gtcacatacc agatttcttc catatcagat attagcatta     27060
     tgattcctaa cagaaacaaa attacagttg tgtagtagca atgaaacagt catatggttg     27120
     acagtcacca caacctgagg aactgtgtta cagggttgca gcactaggaa ggttgagaac     27180
     cactaactta gtagaaggtt actagccagc cagtctagtg aattggtggg ctccacatcc     27240
     agcaaaagat gctatttcaa aaactaaagt ggagagaaac ttaaaaaaaa aaagacatct     27300
     gaactccata tgtgcaagta cacatatgtg tgtgtgtaag ggcacacaca cacacacacc     27360
     ttacctcaca aaacaagttg ccttttgttt cctagccaag gtgctgcatt atttctatgc     27420
     ccacactata ggaacatgga agaacacaca ctggtctaca ctctactctc ctgaacagta     27480
     taccaaacca tgtaaattct cagcaaccta ttaaaatgaa tggctcgatt gtatcagtcc     27540
     tctgcatcac acattcttag tgctattata tctgttttta acattcagaa acactcataa     27600
     tgagaaattt gagcaccaag aatcaggtgg ttgacacttg agtggccttt cttgaaagtg     27660
     ttgcttggtc ttaacccata gcaaaaagag taagtaataa atactcattg cagcttacac     27720
     ccaaaacaca gaaaaggaaa ttagctatga ataaaataat tcacattaaa ttaaaatatg     27780
     ctcagtaatt acctttaatg gtattgattt ttctttgaca cacattttca ttaaaatgcg     27840
     attttaagtt ctagcctccc ccccaggaga aaatattgga tttctatggt ttatgctttg     27900
     attctgagat gaaatcatgc tctttgtctc agaagacaca cacacacaga gactgagaca     27960
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagact gactggtaac     28020
     tttgtggatg acatattctg aaagtaaagg agaagcagga tggaggggag gaaaactgaa     28080
     tttctgatta tccattcttc ccccataagt gtcttaccat taaacctcaa tagaaacttc     28140
     catattccgt ctggaagaga tgaagcacca acacagtccc atgcagtccc agtgcagcta     28200
     aggattttca cgatcgccta ggaaaattcc tgctctccag gaactgaaaa tgatcataga     28260
     acctaactca cacaaatgta cccttgagat ggccacatat gtctcaggag atgagacagc     28320
     acatgtcctt gaaaagtagc cccaacttga aactagcaaa gaagccctct cctgccttaa     28380
     atcacagcta gtcccagagg gtcctggccc ttgcagtctc tctgggacta gagaaagctc     28440
     caatgagcat ttatataatg acctagaaag gacatttcaa aatatgtgat tgcaggttcc     28500
     ctcctgtgtt gtagaatccc atgatacaat gcgggaggtg agcatcaggc cagctgcagc     28560
     ctctcttagt ctgcctggga ctgaggtggt cctagaagca ggaaatgtca ggaaaactaa     28620
     tggtctccag ggaaccagga caactgccca ttagacattt gacaagaatt gtctacttcc     28680
     aattgtaagt atttggggca tcactgagtt gttattactt aaacacaaac ccaatcttct     28740
     gtagaaaata aggatagtcc aagatctttg attttgtgtt tctggcaagg aattagtcaa     28800
     aaatgttccc tggtaaggta aggaaactgg ccagaagaaa tattttagga gtataaaaag     28860
     gtaccactca ggtatgtaaa taatcatatt taaatactct catctcaaat tgtcctagta     28920
     acctatctac cttcttgtct ctccttatcc caggaaaagt agcagtccct ctactctttc     28980
     ttttggtatc agttacactt tccttccata agcccaactt cattacccat tttaatttcc     29040
     acatctagat agtggcagtg gtaccttata gtgaccctgg ggctttgtcc tgaacagatc     29100
     atggcataca atcattgata atgaacaggg aacaggtagg tagagagatg ggatcaaagc     29160
     tcttaggtta agattccctt acacttggta tgctttagtg ggcaatgact cagcccactg     29220
     ccacctcaca gttccatatc tatcgagtag gacagtaaag gtgcctttgg tcacacagtg     29280
     gaagtcagga ttcagctgaa aactcttcaa ggctatgggt agatgctaca gccaccagaa     29340
     caattgaatt tattaatgat taacttgtta atcattaata aattagagat tgaatttgta     29400
     cccatgaatg tccttgtatc caataaaatt gaagggattt ggaactgggg gcgcattgtg     29460
     cactactacc atggaaaagg aatttcccac ataagcttgg atctgtctgc ccctatttga     29520
     aaatgtttga caacgtttgt agtttctttt ctaaatatat ataatccttt ggtatctaaa     29580
     tggcatatta gtatcttctt ggtgttcttt cttagactta aaggatactc cacgatcaaa     29640
     acaagcatgt tcaaagcaca tatttgaatt tatagataca gaacttgtgt ggcaacagtt     29700
     tggagtgcag aggtcagtgc atagcaactt tcaagccagg tcatttttgg aggagtaacc     29760
     tttgagaggt ttgcaaccct acattgtcat ctataagaca ataatgactg gtgtaactac     29820
     cgggtctctt gtgagattca gggaaagaat ttgcatggag aaactgcaca gagccatccc     29880
     caaggtgttt tgcattttgt gatttccctt tcacagagct tgagggctat taaagaagat     29940
     gaaggcacag acgcatgttc aggagccagg ctagcatccc ttaaacctag gtgggtgttt     30000
     aaaaatgtgc taggagctgc actctgctcc aaaccagtta aattggaatg accagagaga     30060
     gggacctaaa ctttgatata cgtttttaaa gctctgctgg tgactatcaa aggcaatcaa     30120
     gaccaaggac aggtgattca tggactttgc tgcttgtggc ttaagaacta ataataacca     30180
     gccgccgtcg gactgccaac tactgggctg gttcacaggc aactctgcta agactgtgtg     30240
     gccatacagt tctgggtgga gtactgtaca attattttac cttgatcctc actctaggct     30300
     ggtaagtgct cagtgacata tcacaaagca aggtagcaag gctcctaaga gttgagagat     30360
     tcggatggaa gcaaattgaa gggaacactt ggctccttaa gtgcttccta aaggtgctct     30420
     tgtgtctgaa ggagagatgg gagatcacag acttgagagt actggagtga atcacagacg     30480
     gacaagagag aaactgaaca tgaatgtgaa gtctttgact ccagcagtca aagacaatag     30540
     cacacatttg ttattcacgg tctaaaacaa ggaagagttg tgagtctcct ataacttaga     30600
     tcaacttctt tgccatcgga tggcttctga gggctggttt agctttttca gattgatggt     30660
     ggatatttaa acttgtatgt agctacatgt taaagctaca cgttaaatca attggtaatt     30720
     ccccaagctt ctgctcccct catggtacta cagaaatcat tatattaatc tttttatttg     30780
     cccttgagat ttcatgatga taaaaagaaa tagcagccca cggaaaactt aatttgagct     30840
     cctaggaaga aaaaggagta acttaagtca aggaaatagt attgtcaggg aggaagatgc     30900
     tggaacaagg taatactctt tttcttatag aagtcccatc tttctgggaa aatcacagcg     30960
     ttttcctagg agagatttca actcaagaat tatccaataa atcctgacat tccatttgtc     31020
     ctaatgagcc acatgtgaaa ctgtctgcca tgaagcaccc atgaggacaa ggtgattaaa     31080
     gaaaacagtt tatggtaacc cccaaaatga atcacactct agaccctagc atgcttccct     31140
     ccagcaccat gactgcctca ctgaggtggg cactgggttc acagctgtca tgactgcccc     31200
     tctgaagtgg gcagtgattt tataattcaa gccactgccg cctctctctg aggttagttt     31260
     aacagccctg tgagggtttt gattgcaggt aataatgttg actctagctt ctcctactga     31320
     atcttaactg cttctctttc cactgtgcac ccatggacga actagcccag gattcttaaa     31380
     cagtaactta tgttttcctt tgagaacatt tttcacagct cttcaaaact tctggtcttt     31440
     tttctccact taagctcatg ataccttttt aactaactat tcattccata aactcttatt     31500
     agcatctcaa acccgataat atattacagc tttcaggcat atcagatctt ttgtgcagcc     31560
     tgtctccgag aatgttctca agaatcgaaa catgagagca aacaatgccc tctaacttgt     31620
     tgacaattct actttgtaaa acttagggat gcagcatggg ccaagagagg atggaagaga     31680
     aaggataaat aagatgaaaa taatttttta aagaaaagtt ggggaggtgg cgatagcagg     31740
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaagatgta gggtctagac agtgcttagt tgcaatgctg attttcatgg     31800
     aacaattaag acacttagaa attactgtga cccttgttgt atgtccactt tgaagagtat     31860
     ccagacagaa agtggcaatc cattgatgaa tctaaatgtc attaagcccc atgactccag     31920
     gttcctacaa gaccagttat ctaatgtttc ctggcacaca tgctccccaa ggagaagaga     31980
     atgctggtag tcagtataca ctcaccaccc aaagattaca ccaaattctt ttttaaagaa     32040
     ctaccctctc ctgtacagcc cacattggtt aggtgggatg ggaaagcagc taagcaaagc     32100
     attgcagaat ccacagtaag catgtgaccc aatggtaact accatggttt gattgtcaat     32160
     ggtgtcacat aggctcagat gtttgagcat ttagtcccca gctggtggca gtgttttatc     32220
     cagctgtgat acccttagaa ggtaagtggg gagtaggaca cgaggggtaa cagcagtgag     32280
     gcttgtcacc cagccctacc tcctggtctc tgcttcctgt ctcaccagta tgtaaggtga     32340
     gacatctcag ttgcacaatg ccaccaccct gtagtctctt gtcaccttac ctccttcatg     32400
     atgaactgta cccccaatct atgagctgaa ataaaccctt catcctttac attgtttctt     32460
     ttcaggtatt tggtcatagc aataagaaaa gtagctaata cagtagccaa tgagattgca     32520
     tgaaattctg taccttgcca gtagtctgtg ctgcatcttt ggtaagcagc ttgtaccaca     32580
     catatattca ttcatatttt cttttctttc tctatttttt ccagtgctgg gaatagaact     32640
     tgggacccta tactcgtcag acaagcactc tacccctgag ctaaatccct acattttggc     32700
     tcacagtttg aaggtgcaat ctatcatgac aaatctttgt agcagatatt tgaagcaact     32760
     ggtcatagtt tagctgcagt caggtaacac agagatgaat tctggtgctg aactcagcta     32820
     atattctcct ttttacccag cctaggagcc caagcctatg gaatgacact atctacaatt     32880
     agggtgggtc ttcccatctt aattagccaa acctaaagaa tccctcctag ctatttccag     32940
     agagttgttt tctagatgat tctagacctt gtcaagtgga cagttaatat gaaccatcgt     33000
     agacatcagc cccactcctt ttaaaacagt caacataata gaaggcaaaa ctaagatgta     33060
     gaagggaaga gagaagccag gacctggtga catcacctga atctagtaaa gcaatgccct     33120
     aaactttacg ttatatgaac tactaaatca catttttgct tatgccagct tgcagtggat     33180
     gctagactac ttgtgactga atctatctaa tatgggcaaa gcctatattc tatttactta     33240
     cgtttattct ttcattttca tagatgtata taatgaattt actccccctt tactctttct     33300
     caagccccct ctctcccatt ttatttcttt ccatagagcc taatttagta acttgtacat     33360
     aatagccact cattaaacac acatgaagtt ggattaatgt ttaaatgtcc ctatcaacaa     33420
     cgatattgtt gtggtttttt ttttttatct caacatcatt tgtagaatat tcaactttct     33480
     tagtcaccaa aggagtctgt gtcaacacac tgagaaaaat tcaaaatgtg tcttcacata     33540
     aaattgaggc ctctcattac tgtccatata aatatcaccc agaacaacag gaaaataact     33600
     atgtaaggtt gtcaattttc tttgaatttg accacatgtg ttcatcacca gtagacatca     33660
     tcccttcctc accatgcttc ctaccaacat atcccaaagt gaatttccaa acattcttga     33720
     atgtgctgct ctaccattta aaaactaaaa cattttatat ttggactttg caaatttgga     33780
     ttcctctaac agcaaattgc ccgatacatt aaaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     33840
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatatatg tccagagact tccagccaaa cttaagaaag     33900
     ctttcatttc attggttttg acttttttct tgcttcttta tgaagaagag ctacaaatag     33960
     ctcagaatag agcagccaca gtgattcagc aatgagaagg tagtggttca caatattaaa     34020
     tattagtatc atcagtctgt aaatatgata taaatacatt gaacaccagt ttgttcacta     34080
     gatcccaggg cactatgcga cagaattttt caaggggcac atttaggaat aacaagagta     34140
     tttcactgtg tatagcaaga gtagagtctt tttaaaaaca ccacatgaat aagagatcca     34200
     taaatggatt aagagaaacc attgatgatt tatagtatat tacaaagaga gagagagaaa     34260
     aaagagaatg ctggacttta ttaatttgtg tttgacccat aaaaatcttg tatttatgtt     34320
     ctttatctga ctaaaataaa tctaaaaatt ctcaaaagga ttttgttgct gagagcctga     34380
     aaatgctcag cagaaggaag acacaaatag gaatgctttt atttcaatgc acacatgtcc     34440
     atagatacag ggtcctagaa gttgtgccct catctctcac ccattttcct gtccaatttg     34500
     gttcttagtg gtactaaagt acagagccac gtaccttgaa aattaatccc cagtcttcta     34560
     ataaataata tggaacctga gtgtttgttt gtgagcattg tatgcatgtg ggcacacatg     34620
     tgtttgcagg tgtgctcatt catgcttgca tgtgtggaag ccagatgcca atattagctg     34680
     ttggcccagg atctctgact gaacatggat cttgctatct gcactagtct ggctagtcag     34740
     tggatgcagc ctggggctag agatgtgcat ggctatgtct gacttttaca tgggaattgg     34800
     agatttgaac tctggtctgc atgcatgtgt agtaagcatt ggtcatttcc ccagaccctg     34860
     gtcccaggtc agcagtcttg aatgcatcat tttactaact tggttttaga ctcttcatct     34920
     ataaaaacaa ggtttagatt taactgtaag gactctgcta tctctataat catttgaacc     34980
     tagcaagcaa accctgtagg acaggcagta gaatctcctc tgtgtcaagg agttggggaa     35040
     tgggagagtc ctcagacata tttaacccca aggtgatttg cttatgctaa agagctgtgg     35100
     ataaagggcc atcctatgga gagaatgaaa caatgcaaca actaaatagt taataaagga     35160
     gcatgcgcac agcacaatcc aggctccgag ggttctcttc cctctttctc tctttctctc     35220
     tcattcttcc tcttagctct ctgggatatt acgcactgca aagattggga aaaataagag     35280
     ttaactttac tccttagtga ttgacagtgc tgcgggctat gacaagaaat ctttcattgc     35340
     tcagctagat aacaatggaa ataagacatc ttctactttt tatcaaatac aatgtttgcc     35400
     atctcttgtt agggaacatg atacaattaa accaccaatc ttacccccgt cttcctctcc     35460
     ctgactcaca acttattcaa acagtgttgg ctgatacttt agaatctctt aggcagcatt     35520
     caacattgaa attgtttgcc ttactctgtc ccctgtccaa cttccaaatt aaaaaaaaaa     35580
     aaaaaaaaag tgaaggagaa agagggtttt tttcttgatt gcaaattcac cagggaggtt     35640
     ttggattttt ttttttttca gacaaattgc tttaggtata tagactttgt aatttgtgtg     35700
     tggctaattg gattgcctga ttaaaggaca tagccggcat ttcaaggtag cggttgctgg     35760
     actggggtgc tctggtggct gaaagggcct ctggtgtgaa accctacacc tctaacttga     35820
     tgagcttagt ggtgtgcaca ctagagggaa atcacaagac ctctcaaaac agggtactgg     35880
     taaggaatcc acaggctccc gcaggcttca gggtcctgta ggattcttca ggggctatat     35940
     cctgagtctc acccttgatt taggatctgc attccagatg cctgaacccc ttattgtata     36000
     aacaggagtg ctctgacagc actgaactct aatagagtct ccattcagtc actcagtcac     36060
     tcagtcaggt accagtaatg tacatttgcc tatcattatt atactatctg tgctggttag     36120
     taatgattat caacatcaca gactgtagag tcatctaggg gacaagtctc tggacatacc     36180
     tgtaagtgac tatctaaatt gggctaatta aggtaggaag acctacccta aatatgggtg     36240
     tcgtgttcca tgggctgggg tctctggact gaacagtaag gagacaatga ggtgagcgcc     36300
     agcatccctg tcttcctgct tcccaactgg agatatgagg tgagcagcta gcatctggct     36360
     gttaccatgc ctacctcacc tgctgctgga tcttctcaac cctgatggaa tgaccctcta     36420
     gaactacaaa aaaacccaac ccaaccaacc cccaaaccca gacacttctt cccttccatg     36480
     ttacttggtc ccaacgagaa aagtaactat cataccatct tgtcttaact tgagcagtgt     36540
     tgacatgcta aaccaataga gctaagagat cagtttcact cgaactttta cccctaatgc     36600
     tttgatgatg taaaatgtca cgtgatttac tctaagtctg caggcgaata ctcagaggag     36660
     agggtagcac acacccatgt gagaatgtgg tgcctccact tgtgaacttc ttcctttttc     36720
     ttttacccta attcctaggg tctccaaata agtgtcaagg gaacacaaaa tattacctaa     36780
     agcaaagcta aaattgaatg ttttaaattt ttatgtcagg aaatgcaaaa ttaatactct     36840
     ccttgagata ttgttcatta atactgtact tagagcaagc tatagtttta atggcctaat     36900
     tcaaaagagt ggaaattttt attttactta atttaaatca tttagatata tgagctcttt     36960
     tatttccact ggcacttttt tttaacatta agtgtaacag ggaagaaatg atctgacact     37020
     ctctctcaga acataaaccc ttgctggact gaaatacagt tgagcttcta aatacttatg     37080
     acataatgaa tcaatgtatt gggagagagg gccatctgaa tattctcagg aatggggata     37140
     ctcaactcca catgattggg tcagagagaa agcagaacat gatggaggtt ttccatctct     37200
     gtatgaacta cccatttgga atagagaaaa attgccacaa ttgccaaaca agctccacaa     37260
     tttcagcagc tgaaggtagt gatgatgctc agaagtgccg tggaggaaac acttgtggca     37320
     gggattgaca gaggaagaat tagaacaaga catttttcca agacccaact tttaatcaag     37380
     agatagtccc catatgttct cagcatttca gggctatggt ttagggggtc tgaatagagt     37440
     gctggccagt cctgtcacat ctggcctcag ttttctcatc tgcgacagga gtgtgctctg     37500
     ggctgaaagg acccagtggt tcctgccagc tttgccttct attccagggt aacacagttc     37560
     ccgggaaata gaatgtcagt cacagttaaa ggaaagccta agaaacagtc actcatgtat     37620
     catctctctt ctagataaat agctctatac tgaaaactac tcatgggatt tgtctgtatt     37680
     tcagaacgta cacaattcaa aggcaaacag catatatact caaactacac aagtcacagt     37740
     tttcagtatt tcttatgaat acttctatcc tctgtcccac tcatttctgc tccagatgaa     37800
     gcagccataa aggaataaaa gcacatgagt ttctaaaata agccagaagg cagtgttggt     37860
     atcagccatt gattttcttt ttctttttat tggatatttt ctttatttac atttcaaatg     37920
     ttatcccctt ccctggcttc cccactccca cctcctatgc catccccctc ctcctgcttc     37980
     tatgagggtg ttcctccacc cacccaccta cccacccaag ctggatctga catgaaaacc     38040
     tccttcttgt gatctagcct ccatggtacc ataaaatact atggaaattt ccaagcaatt     38100
     aatagtccta cccagccatg acatctgtga aatacaacca tgaccagcat ggcaagatag     38160
     ctgtaaaggt gtagcaaata gtgcttggat gttggtgaca accaacagct ttctaattgg     38220
     acataagttt ctctcaatag aaaggagaca atgtcatgag tgaagtcatg aaccttagaa     38280
     aagaatctgc tactgccact ttgctagagc agagtaattc cttactacat tcgaaatatt     38340
     aacctatcca caaataagtg taaccatcag tctcatcaaa gaagctttcc ttacagagaa     38400
     tggagaacat cacaggaaac cataactgga cacaatactg agatcaatga attgtgggga     38460
     atccagccct gttggataca ttacaactct tacatccatg gctaaggaaa catcatggag     38520
     gggggaatgg aaagatcata agggctagaa caccaggaag tcttctgtga aacagtctct     38580
     cgcataaatg gctgtgtaaa caagatctca atggcaatgg caatagacat gttaataaag     38640
     aagggagaaa atcgcacagg atcacagccc tggacaagga accgtaggca actgatgagg     38700
     actgagagag gtagagttca tctctcccag ggatgacccc tttaactggt tatccaatac     38760
     aaaatggtca gctctggagc catatacaca cacacacaaa cagcaaggac tgattctaca     38820
     ggctgtattt acacatgtgt gtctctatat acatatacgt tcaacgttaa taatggggga     38880
     aggagaggct atcaatttta gactgatggg agaccatgga aggattgaga gggtttggag     38940
     agaggatagg agagagagaa catgatataa ttatctttta atttaaaatg tataaaaaat     39000
     taaaaataaa gataaaagaa aaagataata ttatatttta aatgatttaa ggcacagcaa     39060
     gtagattgga aattattaaa atggaatcca gatcaagaga aggagaaatg aaatctatta     39120
     aggcaggcag tagtcagaac ccaagcaaag ctaaccaagg gtcagatgaa gttttaaagt     39180
     cttcaattga aatagtgtga tgggacaaaa gtaactgctg tccactccag ggagcactta     39240
     gcattttgtc catagtatct gtcctcttct ctgctggcct ctgggacaga aaggccagag     39300
     acacatgaat agattctttt cagggtgcat tatgtcagga tgaccacggg ggagaggaaa     39360
     tgatgagcag ggagtatacc aaccagagag aaccatgcag aaaaggcttg tgaacgtcaa     39420
     ggaacctcta aactacagca tgtgtgtcaa ggcaatggta agcaagcaga actgtatgtc     39480
     acatgtcctt tatggcaaat ctgtatggat ctccatcgat gtgtgtaacc cctgacaaca     39540
     ttctttctca gatcacatta acagaaccac atgtaacctt ccacgaagca aggattaaag     39600
     gcagagtact ttgtgctgtt aaagttttca caaggcatag tgtttcaaaa aataggacca     39660
     ctgtgtgaat ggaggaggag gggaggagat gaaacacagt tgttagtgtt cactgtgttt     39720
     ctgaatatat agaggacata tttggagtta cgtagcccaa gagtaagaag gcagactttg     39780
     gtctaagtga ggaccctgga gtgtaacatg ggatcattag ctttagactt accaaacctg     39840
     gttcagttcc tgattctacc tcttatcaat actttggttt tgtggaagga atgtaaaccc     39900
     tttagaaatc atcgtgccag tgcccatctt atttggtcct cgggacaatt taactgaagg     39960
     gaacaagtaa agtgactgtg gctgttctta gggcatcatg agtgctcaag ctgattgtgc     40020
     tacaatttat ggggatgttc cccaaggact ggatatctaa gatagcattt tcccctgagg     40080
     taaatggaga aagtaatccc cagggtatct gcaagaagat gaatctcaaa gaaataggcc     40140
     atccagacac acaggcgttc agaagccagt taggtttcca cagtagcctg tcttctacaa     40200
     agtcatttcc agaaggcttc ctactcttaa tgctcatatt aaaccagagg ttaatttcat     40260
     attcttgctt attaaacatg tattctcctt accttttaga acttctttac accttctcca     40320
     ttcttgatca tggaaagcaa ccctactttt catggggcta aagtgtactc cttaatcctg     40380
     agtgagaaac aaacagaaat gtattgtatt ttataataat agaagcagtc tgtggtttgc     40440
     tttattctcc cctttgaaaa tatgcaaaaa cctcttcttt ttccatttca atttttaatt     40500
     tgctttcttt ctatgttagg caaggattcc cctgagttcc tgttctcctg atgtgtgtgt     40560
     aaaatttaga aagtgattag aaaaaaaatt tttttactat gaaaagcaat cagagctaat     40620
     acacataagg actaattacc gtggagatgg atgatgtgtt ttggtatcta atcatatttt     40680
     atttgttaag ggtgatgcat tctaagtggc tccatcttgc cttcatttaa atagaaaatg     40740
     aaagaaataa tcactgggca gaaacatcca gtgatgatca tcccagaaat cttgtaaacc     40800
     ttcaaaccca ggtttctagg tagactggaa ctgcttgcat tctctctctc tctctctctc     40860
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctttctttc tttctttctt     40920
     tctttctttc ttaactttat ctgcatttat tttatgctga atttattccc gggccatgag     40980
     tttttgtttc ttcagttcct tctgggatat ccttttcttc tgtgcagcct cctcttctgg     41040
     ctctggaatg atctgttccc tctcagtgag gatcatctca gtgtggcagg gggagctcat     41100
     gtatgggtta atccggccat gagctctgta gggtcgtcgg cgcatcttag gtgccttgtt     41160
     cacctggatg tgctcagtga ctagagaatc tacatctaaa cccttaagtt cagcgttact     41220
     ctctgcattt ttaagcatgt gcagcaaaaa ttcagcactc ttttttggcc accgaccctg     41280
     tgtccagccc cactgtttgg cctgggtgca cctaccgact ccattatacc gccagaatgg     41340
     cacacattgc ttctttaaag tgacatcctt cagatacttg gtggctttgc agatgtgcat     41400
     aaccttgatg gcctgggcag tttcccaggt gttcttaaag tgaacacgaa ggtttgaacc     41460
     tcttgatttg gatgattttg tggggttttc tgggtcaaga gagtagcaaa ccatcttggc     41520
     aggtgacctc tggccgctta aaggaagagc attgcttgca ttcttgatta aactttaagc     41580
     ccctgggaac ctgtggtgtg ggaaaagatg catgtgagtt tcaagttcat gtgggtttgt     41640
     ttctccttta cacaccagtg tctggttcct atgcagaaat ggctcatgga gtttagtaaa     41700
     tcaataatct aaaatatgct gtgtaggtaa agtgtaaccc ctaaggtggt tacaagacac     41760
     ctgttttttc ctcctcctgc ttgccccacc cccaccccat gaggtttcaa accccctttt     41820
     tagtctttgc attgatgacc acctcagtag catttcatgc taactatcct cttgctttca     41880
     aagcatgatg acgtgttggt tttaaaccaa tagctttttt tttctggctt ctgcggcttt     41940
     ccctcgggat tgcttgtcag ccttcgctct tctttttctt tagattttcg taaaagttgt     42000
     gtgatgtgac ttttaacaaa tagcgtttta gatgcagcta gtgattttca tcttagtagg     42060
     tgaagcaatg gaatctgtca ttttctcctc ccgcaaaata cgttacctct tctctttctg     42120
     caatttctct ctctctcaat ttcaggcttg atctatcttc ctcatcatgt ttattgttaa     42180
     aattacataa gtacttatta ttcaggagct gaaagtggtt gctcatgcct gtaattatag     42240
     tccttaggag gctgaggcag gagaattatg gtgagtttga agccatcctg gactacatag     42300
     taagtcccag acaagcctgg ctactgtagt aagatccact ttcaaaacaa acacattcta     42360
     aaagtattgc tcatgactaa attatgaagc atgccacatc ataattcctt tatttatagt     42420
     aataatagct gctatatcaa agatacttcc aaatctaagt ggcttaagag taccggttca     42480
     tttctcacac acagaaagtg gaatgcagat gtcactagtt tttgtaagga tatctataga     42540
     tgattcagag acacaaaccc ctcccatgtt gtcctacttt ctggtatctt ggaatcccct     42600
     gttaaatctt tcatatcttc aaggaaacca gagatacatt gggagtatct ctgagataga     42660
     ttgggagtgg tatgtataat ctccatttat ttctccttgg tcagattcaa agaatgaagc     42720
     acaaccaacc agcaagaaag gttagaaaca gaatctcatt ttgcaggaaa ataacagctg     42780
     ggggattggt gctgtccctg ccatccagcc aacatctatg tgctttgttc tccctcccac     42840
     cgataaacaa tcagtccttt cactagggca ataacccaaa ggcacactgc attcccatca     42900
     aagagcaaga cccttaggta atgctcagaa ttccatctct gacttttcca gctcaacagc     42960
     ccatgagcca aacacacaaa taatactctg cccccacccc accccactct aatacatcca     43020
     tacagactaa atagctactg gggaaagcag ggaacgtaaa gatgaaaaga gaaaactctg     43080
     agcagttgtt ggcatattcc aattatggaa tccttgccaa caggcaggat tttactcccc     43140
     tggcactggg taattcctag cctggacctt gactctcttt tccaggatca catcctcatt     43200
     cattgttttt catggctcct gaatccactt tatgggtttt tttttccttg ctcattattt     43260
     tccattgaca catcagaagt aagtgttggt gtgcctgcct tttttaagaa ctatgtgggt     43320
     ttaaaagagc attttcaact aatattaacc aaaactttcc agggtgcttt ctaattttat     43380
     ggtgcatttg atacaactcc ctcaaacact catcagactt ctgctttcct ggctgccagt     43440
     cattttcaca tctactcaaa gtttattccc aggtatattt ctcaatcctg acttcatttc     43500
     ctcaccttca tttcctaact cagggtaact atctgcaagc caagataaat ctgcctctca     43560
     ggtaggaaag tcaagacttt aatggagtct tcactgtagc agtaggaagg tcatgtcctt     43620
     aacagggttt ttgctacacc agaattgttc tgggtaactg ggaattcttc aagtctcttc     43680
     atcctccatc ttctaattct ccatcaggca tgtaagcccc ctttatgctt aaacacccca     43740
     ttctccttgt tgtatttttc ttaaagaaat tgttcctggg tccactttct tctgtctcat     43800
     ttgggtctag ttgctctctg ggatgcttgc acagttaaaa aaccaaaatc tatctttata     43860
     ttcatcctgg aaaacaaatc tccttttcta actgacgttt taaagcccct ctttcctgga     43920
     tcccattgtc aggatctggg attttatttt actcaacaca caaagtaata catttgtctg     43980
     attttgtgaa atagacctta gaaaacagaa acagacctca aggtcataaa gggctttagt     44040
     agttacaaca gagcaagcac cctatctgtt cctgttgtac tctcgtcaag aggatgacat     44100
     ggagaggctc aggtagatgc ttcgcacact atggctatga gttgctctgc agtaagagaa     44160
     tgctgaactt gcattttatt gctggggttt tattaggaag tggtgagcaa gctccctcct     44220
     ctttccagag ggagatatca cttcatctct gaagtcagag tcctttgaaa tggaccttgt     44280
     aaagaagaat caggacccta cgttcttggc atattttaaa tgtgcaggga tgctcatgat     44340
     ctatgatagc tgcctttttc aaaacctatt taagacacac ccagatcctg aactcttcag     44400
     attcatccca tcatggtttt ctgagaggaa gatttctaag aaaaatcaag gaccaaatct     44460
     gctgtttaac attgaatgct aaaagctata tatgtcacat ggtggtcagt cagtctataa     44520
     ccaaactaaa tgaagactta agtgatttat tctatgagtt gtagaataat gggtaaaatg     44580
     cttttttaaa acatgcatct attttctgta tgttgaacat tttaaaattt tttctttttt     44640
     tcttttcatc catctcacat tccaaaaccc tgtgactgag ataaagtaat tcttagctta     44700
     gaattcacat ttgcctgacc ttaaaatctt tgccttccca aacactcatt gcatttttct     44760
     tgagatagta ttccataaag atctaattgc tgaatatcca gactccatca atgatagctc     44820
     aggtgtggtg gttcttgacc aaggatattt ttgtgacacc tagaggcatt ttggtcattg     44880
     tagctggtat gggaggtgat gatggcaatt tgtggacaaa agttaaggat ttaccaaata     44940
     taacacatgg gccatgaagt atctagtcct aagtggccac catggcaagg cctagaaact     45000
     cggttttggt ggacaacact tcctcacatg tgtccctctg ttcatttttt cttgtgtaga     45060
     gtgaatatga attctttccc caattttcat gcctttagcc cttcagacgt ctaatttctc     45120
     tgtcctttaa tgctatagtc ttagtttact ttatcacatt tctctctttt attctttctt     45180
     atagcacctt tgcctttgta aagtaaatga tctccaacaa aagagaagag tctcagttaa     45240
     acaacatgga catagggttc tcttatccct gcctcccagc cataaatact cctgtgtggt     45300
     ctaatttatg gcatgctact gtttggttaa caaggacaaa atagacattt cacatcattt     45360
     tatcttgccc tcagcagtaa aacccagttt aagattattt caaaagaggc cttatctaca     45420
     taaacaatct gacccttttc tcaaatattg gcctcactta aacccaaagt ttctgaaagt     45480
     ttagaagagc taatcccagc aacttaacta agtatttctg cacttgtgtt taggctgggt     45540
     caggaaacca tgtaaacatt aataatccag caccagataa gtcctgtttg catggcctaa     45600
     gcctaacctg acctaagtca ggataaacta gtaaatcagt acacgaaagt ttggcatgga     45660
     ggctgaattt ccagacctaa gagattagat gtgagtttgg aaagccatgt aagcacagac     45720
     ctacaaatgt atacagatca ctgttaagcc attccacagg tagagctctt ttgcatcctc     45780
     tgtacattct cctgcgtgac aactcggttg gcattccctc ttgacaggtg tttgctataa     45840
     ccacagcatt ttccattcat caatagtatt ggaaagtaac tggttgcaca gaggcctgaa     45900
     acctcatcca gaatgctcag tctctcctgg tctcttgcat ttcttcatgt aacaccaccg     45960
     ttctccattt gtctgtattc tattttctgc tttccctaaa cacggccctg cccactcttt     46020
     cccagcaacc ctttctgtcc cctctggctg ccagctcctt tttcctgcta ctaccctggt     46080
     ttctggctcc aaagaaatct actcagcaat gatcaaatga gtgagctcct ttgccataag     46140
     agaatagtca ctactaaagc ctgtgtcatc tattacaggg agttatatca agcagtaatt     46200
     ttttttcttt ctttttttat tattattttt attagatatt ttcttcattt acatttccaa     46260
     tgctatccca aaagtccccc ataacccccc cacactcacc tacccatcca cttccacttc     46320
     ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactgaggca tataaagttt gcaagaccaa tcaatgggcc     46380
     tctcttcccg gtgatggccg actaggccat cttctgatac ttatgcagct agagacacaa     46440
     gctccagggg gtactggtta gttcatattg ttgttccacc tatagggtgg cagatccctt     46500
     tagctgcttg ggtactttct ctagctcctc cattgggagc ccagtcatcc atccaatagc     46560
     tgactgtgag cctccacttc tgtgtttcct aggccccagc atagcctcac aagagacagc     46620
     tatatcagca atggcttgtg ctgtaagatc aagaatcgac aaacgggacc tcataaaatt     46680
     gcaaagcttc tgtaaggcaa aagacaccat caataagaca aaaaggccac caacagattg     46740
     ggaaaggatc tttacctatc ctaaatcaga taggggtcta tatccaatat ataaagaact     46800
     caagaaggtg gactccagat aatcaaataa ccccattaaa aaatggggct cagagctaaa     46860
     gaaagaattc tcaactgagg aatactgaat ggctgagaag caccagaaaa aatgttcagc     46920
     atccttaatc atcagggaaa tgcaaatcaa aacaaccctg agattccacc tcacaccagt     46980
     cagaatggct aagatcaaaa attcaggtga cagcagatgc tggcgtggat gtggagaaag     47040
     aggaacactc ctccattatt ggtgagattg caggcttgta caaccactct ggaaatcagt     47100
     ctggcggttc ctcagaaaat tggacatagt actaccggag gatccagcaa tacctctcct     47160
     gggcatatat ccagaagatg ccccaacggg taagaaggac acatgctcca ctatgttcat     47220
     agcagcctta tttataatag ccagaagctg gaaagaaccc agatgcccct caacagagga     47280
     atggatacag aaaatgtggt acatctacac aatggagtac tactcagcta ttaaaaagaa     47340
     tgaatttatg aaattcctag ccaaatggat ggacctggag ggcatcatcc tgagtgaggt     47400
     aacacattca caaaggaact cacacaatat gtactcactg ataagtggat attagcccca     47460
     aacctaggat tcccaagata taaggtacaa tttgctaaac acatgaaact caagaagaat     47520
     gaagactgaa gtgtggacac tatgcccctc tttagaattg ggaacaaaac acccatggaa     47580
     ggagttacag agacaaagtt tggagctgag atgaaagaat ggaccatgta gagactgcca     47640
     tatccaggga tccaccccat aatcagcatc caaacgctga caccattgca taccctagca     47700
     agattttatc gaaaggaccc agatgtagct atctcttgtg agactatgcc ggggcctagc     47760
     aaacacagaa gtggatgctc acagtcagct aatggatgga tcacagggct cccaatggag     47820
     gagctagaga aagaacccaa ggagctaaag ggatctgcaa ccctatcggt ggaacaatat     47880
     tatgaactaa ccagtacccc ggagctcttg actctagctg catatgtatc aaaagatggc     47940
     ctagtcggcc atcactggaa agagaggccc attggacacg caaactttgt atgccccagt     48000
     acaggggaac gccagggcca aaaaggggga gtgggtgggt aggggagtgg gggtgggcag     48060
     gtatggggga cttttggtat agcattggaa atgtaaatga gctaaatacc taataaaaaa     48120
     tgggaaaaaa atcctcaaaa aaaaatgggg ctcagagcta aagaaagaat tctcaactga     48180
     ggaatactga atggctgaga agcaccagaa aaaatgttca gcatccttaa tcatcaggga     48240
     aatgcaaatc aaaacaaccc tgagattcca cctcacacca gtcagaatgg ctaagatcaa     48300
     aaattcaggt gacagcagat gctggcgtgg atgtggagaa agaggaacac tcctccattg     48360
     ttggtgggat tgcaagcttg tacaaccact ctagaaaata gtctggccgt tcctcagaaa     48420
     attggacata gtactaccgg aggatccagc aatacctctc ctgggcatat atcaagcagt     48480
     aatttaactt aacaaaattt ccaatgtttt taaggtagaa aggaaaagag ggatgtaaga     48540
     ggagaaaaag gaatccatga atagattttt ttgtcttgaa acataccaga aatgggagtt     48600
     tatgtgccag cagaatgttc catacattat tttttaatgc ttttccatga atgtaaagtg     48660
     taatccaagc acgtagttta ttactggaac tggtgatcat cggatcgaca gttaaagggc     48720
     tactatagct tcctattact tgagtgacta aagtctagat ggacagaatg ggaaaatggt     48780
     gcttgattga gagaatgggt ttcacaagac agcaaaacat ttctcaaatc tctgagacag     48840
     acaggaagtg gagacagatg aaagactgaa ccagaacata aaacatgcac atcctctaag     48900
     ggaagaagag ctatttttaa tgcattcatc tttcaagcaa ggaggtgagg aataacaaac     48960
     attgaacgtt tgacttacaa gctcactaac agcttgttct catttggttt aatttaatcc     49020
     aacagatagc tctgtatcca attctcatcc aaagcggtca tgagacttga cagcactgaa     49080
     tccacactct ctttttcctt tctttcaaaa cacgcataga actctattga ataccatctt     49140
     cccagcacca ggagttggat ggctacaaag tctaaaatga aaaatgtgag ccattctagt     49200
     ggaagatggt gaaataattc catgtaaaat tgtccttagg gtcctacaat ataagatctg     49260
     tctcttcctc acctcctcca ctcccctgtc catcctcaaa gcactaaaac ttaagtaagc     49320
     actaaagtct atttgatgac aacatttgac aaatgaactc atggagctga ggggaaagga     49380
     tcaggtttga ctaagctgag gagcgaaaga atgtatatgg gttggcctat ggagagttcc     49440
     acacaatttg gcacgttcct tattgtagag agtaattggc aatggggcag gcataactct     49500
     ttcctttgga aaatttccca tggaccttga catcccaaga tggtgatagt cttccttgct     49560
     tccttgtatt ttgatcagta agaggaaaaa tgtaagaaaa gggaagaaaa aaatcacttt     49620
     tcatttgcat gtgagtctcc ttgaaatact ttggagagaa ataatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     49680
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tattaaagat atttattata     49740
     aagaataaac cctgttttgt cttcctggca tcccgattca gacctgagga gtaactgcta     49800
     ggaacccttg gctgtttatt ctccacggct accttcacac tctttgctta aacctcctat     49860
     agtacttttc acatatgaag gtaattaact attaatatat ccgtctttgt ctacagccct     49920
     aggcttttaa agaaaaggtc tgcctttttc agcccagttg ctgcttgaca cagtcgggat     49980
     ctttaaatgt tgaatgagtg aaggtatatg tgaatgagag aacattctgt ctgatgttcc     50040
     ctcttttgaa aaattccccc atcgaagagc cattatgtgc ataaaatgaa tggaagtaag     50100
     taaaagtgtc attaaaatgc aatgcatcat cagtaatcac ttaagaaaca atgacaccaa     50160
     gataaatatg gaatatgagc agacgaaggt aagagggact taaaagaaca tctagctgac     50220
     agctcactgg ccacagccaa ctttcaaagg tctaataata tctgaggacg gcccaggctg     50280
     gagctaccta aggagaagac catccatggt tattattcac tgcattgcta atcccagttg     50340
     tccaatttat gaatccaagc ttatgttgat tttggaagag tctctccacc ttgatgggcc     50400
     cagcaaaggc acaggagcca gtacctctct tcctgactcc atttgagtga tctaatccag     50460
     atggaaaatt tttcatagac attgtaaagc actccatctg tgaggcaaac aaaagaaaga     50520
     aaaagataat gagccatatg aaagctgaat tacgcattag gaggttacac caaggtctga     50580
     tagtgaatta acgcggtgct gcgcgaaggc tgccgataac ggcgagcaaa acgctttctt     50640
     cctctgcttg cccttttgag ggtcactgaa attatgaatg tctttctcag ttggtggaaa     50700
     atataacttc ctaattactt ttaaaactct agttaaataa gatttttcag ctggcctttc     50760
     atcctttgtc ccattgtgat ttagatacac tctttggtaa cagtgtgacc ttgggcaatt     50820
     aaaaaaatac attctgagct tcagtttctt tatttataag agaagagact acacttattt     50880
     cacaagattg cttcaggaga aaaaggacaa tgtctctgat aaacaactca gcagagtgga     50940
     ctgtctggaa aatcttctct ctgtgatgat agtgaaggtt gttaacacgc catgctttgc     51000
     tctgtgtata tctgtcattt agtagtgaaa agcaagaaca agaggacatt gcctaaaaac     51060
     cagtgaccac tgatcctcca aattgataga gtagaggata gttagaaact atgagccccg     51120
     gttgcactga aattaggctt agaaaaatat gttttaaaat atgctgatgt ctaaatctag     51180
     cagaacaccc aacattaaaa acaacagcaa accccagcaa ggctgttcta gacctttctc     51240
     tgctggtggg atcataaaat gataaggcca ctttgggaaa tgatctgaca ctttcttgta     51300
     agatgaactg cacacctttc ctgtgaccca gcaaggacac tcaggaattc atccaaaaga     51360
     aataaaaaaa ccacacttgt atgtgcaaaa tgcagtgtga aaacattcct agcaagtcta     51420
     ccaaagctga tccctgagaa cacagcccag atatccatca ataggaaaag gatccattgt     51480
     ggtaggaaat aaaccctgtg taacaataat actatttaaa aaaatcagtg ttggtgttgg     51540
     gtgaatctca aaaatgtgtt cagtgaaaga agttttgctc aaaagagaat gtagtgtgtg     51600
     tctttcatat gcctttctac aagagaggga gagagagagg gagagagaga gagagagaga     51660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagcta gaaaggagcc tgaaggaact ttggagtgat     51720
     gatgataacg ttcttcaaaa tttttattgt atttgtatag atgttttgcc tgcatgtatg     51780
     tctgcatacc atgtgcatgc ctggtgccca caaaggccag aaagggtatt ggatttctct     51840
     gggactgaag ttgtagactg ttgtaagcca caaagttcca ggaatctaac ctaggtcctc     51900
     tggaagaaca gccagtgctc tgaactatca agcgatctct ctaaccccag atggtaataa     51960
     ccttctatgt cttggtaaga atggaggtag acagacattt gcatttgaaa tactttgtta     52020
     taattaagat ctgcctattt cattggatta acttcatctt gaacttaaat ctgtaagtca     52080
     gtttcacact ctacttaatt agacacaaga aaaaatattt atggagaaat gtactgatat     52140
     cagcaattta ttttgaaatg tattaaaaag tatgacgggc tggcaatggc tagaacttta     52200
     aatacctatg tgataaagtt aatgctagca gtgagatggc agtgggcata gggctgtttc     52260
     ttgtaaagtt ctttcaacac tatggtatgc tggatacttt ttataataaa atggcagaag     52320
     tgcttcccag tctacatgag tagttctgaa acatttcctg gtcatgggag tcttgctcta     52380
     ttaaagaaag ttattcaata aagtttgatc aaagggatag cagatgtaca agagtgtagg     52440
     atgagaggag ctgatcaaag acctccccaa agatgggcgt agttagaatc gcacgcccct     52500
     tgcaatcttt cctctttcat gtttctttct gggtttccta ctggctgcct gtgccctttg     52560
     accaggtccc atgttaaagc agagccttgc ctatttgtgg tctaagttgg aggcaaaact     52620
     tctatttaaa tatcacactg tttaagagag aagttgagat gtgacagaag attgaagatg     52680
     gagctagcat tcttctgcaa aggccaagct gtgtgtgaaa tgagcttggt gacagatgcg     52740
     tgcctttgcc ttaaagattg aaacacctgc gttgccagca cattaatata ataaatatgg     52800
     agaaaaggaa agagtttgtt tctcattgag ccaggagcaa gaacagtact gtgaatgaaa     52860
     aatggaattt tcccttctgt taacggggtc tggttttcca tttttttcca cattagaacg     52920
     agttggtgta gttatttata gggtctggcc caaacacact agctatatct tgattttgat     52980
     gtgttttctc gattaaattt tacagtaaaa tggaaaagaa atacattatc tcaaagaata     53040
     aaataaattt tcaataaggg ccacatcaag gcaaggtaat ctgttctttt tagaatacca     53100
     cagcattttg catttttata aatgagcgtg agatctgctt attgtggcac aaaggaaagg     53160
     aaaattcagg aagaatccaa gcaagtgacc cttcaaatgt aagactctgt aatactgggc     53220
     tgacaacact tgatttgaaa gaacacatga gggaacataa ttaagcacaa ttattaattt     53280
     tgccttatat aattttggaa tgatcacttt caggagatgg aacttctact ggcaacttca     53340
     cagaagcagc caatgagcat tctaaagtgt caactgttcc ctcccccacc ccccaccccc     53400
     agagtgacag aaaacagcag ttcaaataca agcccaagat ggctgtcagc cacgaacagc     53460
     acaggaaact atatcaccta aaagtgactc aaaacctgtg tctacttggt gaaaaaatta     53520
     tctccttcaa tttttttctt tttttagctt tgctttgcct gcttgttcga tttttttttg     53580
     tattagtatc aatttctgta ttagtaaacc tcaaagtcag tagttcaaag ccagaattca     53640
     aatcattttt tgtggacatt tgaaaaatag aaaacattaa aaagtggtca actctgaaag     53700
     catacataca aataactata tagaccgaga tggactatgt gtaggaatat atatgtacac     53760
     acacacacac acacgcacat atacacacat acacacacac acacatacac acacacacac     53820
     acatacacac acacacatgc acgcgagcgc gtgagcgcac acacacatac acatatgcaa     53880
     taaagcgttt ggagggagga aaacatagaa agaaatgtaa ttaaattata tctcaaaaat     53940
     taaaaatata aatgaaataa gatgcatttc tggattttct ggaaatggaa acccaaaata     54000
     cattcttgtc acgtgccgct ctttgtcttt ctgattttaa aacgaagcat ttagacatga     54060
     tgatcaccaa aaaaatgcac atgaccagta taagtgaaaa atgtcccttc tcactaataa     54120
     cttaagaagt ataaataaag caatgaaata tcatttttct tacctgttag actaagcaag     54180
     gattaaaaat aattcttggg taaatagata taagttcatt gtatttttgg agggaagttt     54240
     tggcaatatc cattgagatc tttaaaatat ttttatttta aatttttcta ctgatgtaat     54300
     agaagtatac actgaaatgt ataatctaaa agatttagtg cagatatttt ttttttttac     54360
     agcaggcaaa aactgaaaat aacccaaatg cccacccatg gtgaaaattg gtgaaataaa     54420
     gaataaggca tttcttcaaa gcaatattgt gcaaaataaa attatcattt ttaaaggaaa     54480
     tttaggactg tgctcacaat atgccattaa gcagaccaga aaaccagatg aaaatcacat     54540
     tctcagtatt gttctgctta cagcacaagt ccacgtcagt gagaacctgc aagaatatgt     54600
     gtcaatattt gtgtgtggca ggactttggg tggatttgtt ttcttatgtt ctctgtagta     54660
     tctgcagttt ctgcaatgag tgtattctac caggcaacaa tgaatcaata ctttgaatta     54720
     gacaaaacag attttatgtt ttgtttggat ctcataggct attgtcagtc aattcagttg     54780
     aatgatggga caaatcagtg acttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagacaacct ggtgggctgg     54840
     cagtttgcag acaaaaggat tggctaattt cccattcttg taatttttca actagttggt     54900
     ttggcgtcac ataaatacag ccagagttgg aacatttgaa actgaaaaag gggctgtgcc     54960
     aaaaatccct tagactcaaa ttgaaaaaag atgaatactg aggttttttt actgcagttt     55020
     ttctcataca taaaaatgaa ctaataaagc gaaactccca tcactaccag ctctatctgg     55080
     agcattttaa actgtaaatg tagccattaa ccccagctgg ctgcagagag ctttttgtta     55140
     ggctgcagag tgtagggggt ttctgtttag agcatcccta ggagtcctgg tgttcgtact     55200
     gctttgttgc attctaccat gttgctattt tcctattgat cacttaggag agagtcaaat     55260
     tagccattat aattattacc tcatcaagat tgggtgaaag gctgcccaga acttgtcttt     55320
     tttttttttc cactgcaatg tttccagcac ctagaataac ctctgacaca tagtaggtcc     55380
     ccacataact atgaatggga aaaatctgta atccaacaaa ttcctagggc tctgtagcca     55440
     ttcagtcatg acaccataac ccagtttcag gagaagcatt taaggcaaac caaacaaaca     55500
     agagagaaaa aaatctattt gtaggttaaa agtttaggtt atcagtaatt tatgcttcaa     55560
     catatggatc cttgagaatt agtgtgactg agaaggttga tggtctaaaa gggaaggagg     55620
     gggtgataat gcagacccgt aacccatcta tggcactcag ggtcccaaga taggagttta     55680
     gaagtttgag accagcttga gctaaatcac aaaactcttt caaaaagaag ggaagaaaga     55740
     aaaacagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga     55800
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagaggga gggggaggga gggaagaagg gaggggggag     55860
     ggagggaagg agggaggggg gagggaggga gggaaggagg taggagggag gaagggaagg     55920
     cagagaggga gggagggagg gaggaaggag ggagggggag ggagggaggg agggagggag     55980
     gaggggaagg cagagaggga gggagaagat aaaggagaaa aggaagagga agaaagagac     56040
     ctttccaact ccaaatgatt atagctttaa ataagtcatc atatctctaa gcagattcct     56100
     aaaatataaa ataaataaaa agaaaaaagg aagggaactt tggatagcag aaacttctaa     56160
     cattatatta gatagatgct tctcactcaa cttctgcagt ccactctcaa ggaagatatt     56220
     tttatgccca ttttgcagat aggaaactga gtatcagatg gttaagaaat ttgttaaagg     56280
     actaacaggc aaaaagtaga aaagatttca tttattctaa agtcttaacc acacagggga     56340
     tgtgtttcaa tggtatcctg ggaatgctca aacagaattt ggccatctta tcagttttgc     56400
     taaattttgt gtcactgagg gtactctctt ggcagagctg ggccactttg gtgggtctgt     56460
     gaaagagcag atccagaggg tcacctctat aaccacacag acaaaagtct gtaaactact     56520
     cccaccttct cttcacaaac gctatagtgc tgctgcagca accacccggg cagtcagaac     56580
     cccagtcccc tatcccaagc acttctgatc tccttaaata aatacagaga agttctaaat     56640
     gtccagaaag caaaggtcga actgagagct aaacaacatt aaattattaa aattcctgaa     56700
     tatcaaataa aagtcccaga cactaggtaa attagtggga tgtttacact cgaactggat     56760
     aatttctaat ctaatttgta gtggcatttg gaacattgct gaccatttga aataaatagt     56820
     atgttatctt agatttggat gattaagata ctctgcaagg atctgtttca tagtacaaca     56880
     caggctagca aaggaatatt gctttcagaa cgactactgc caaactggga ttgttttcag     56940
     gatatacatg gctgacgata attgtgtgca acatcaatct tatcacccta cagaaaactc     57000
     aaacaagctt tcatggataa tagctgaggc agaaataaac atgatttaga gagcttttat     57060
     tccagggggt aattgttcac tctggccagc agttgagaac tataaacaat gttcgggaag     57120
     tcagaaacaa atgttttaat tttagtgagt taaaaagttc gcgaaagaac atctgagaag     57180
     aacaagaccc ctcttggaag cgtgagtgaa aacgactacg ccctcagaag tgcggctttc     57240
     caggagagcg tttggagaac tggaaagttg gactcccttc agcccagctt cctaatttct     57300
     gcatctctgg tctcctcttg tgccaagaga aaaaaagcaa ggcaagtgtg agaatggaaa     57360
     atggatactt tctgtgatgc ttgcgggtgt cacagccctc acgtctcaag gcaaagtgtc     57420
     taagaggtaa cggcgactca tcgggacaga atcattctgg accagttttg aactgtatca     57480
     gtgagtaggg tgacaagagc attccagcag tacattgcta ggtttcagga ttttaaaata     57540
     ttgatttcag aaatgaataa tatgaaccag gagttcatgc ataatcgtgt ttaatgtcag     57600
     attcaggtgt atgggtatgt aggtgaacca cattctggtc aataagtatt aagaactact     57660
     gtatgattgc atgtaatgcc tgcattggaa gagacaacat tatccaataa ccttctggga     57720
     aaaggaaaag ggaagaagta ggaaacctag caaagatcaa gtccatgcca gctgtggttc     57780
     taagcctttt atctttaatg aggcaatgct tcaagggaca cattagaatt ttatgaatga     57840
     agtgtgaatg agacagttgt gagatgacat gaccctatat aaaaaagcct catggctaac     57900
     acacccaagc tcaatagttc atgaatctta gggaatagca tagatagaaa ggataaaatc     57960
     atttatgagt gaccactaca agtgttttcg tgaagaaggt ggtccttgga gtagattttc     58020
     aacacacatg tatggtggtg agacatgaaa cgatgtctgg atgagaagtt gaatgccata     58080
     gcaaaaattc acataagcaa aagtaaaact ccattcataa aatatgcata agacagtggc     58140
     cactggataa gatcagatgg agaaattctg gtcagaagag aaagtacact tggcaaagtg     58200
     tagtacatgg aaactcaatg agaagaaaag acttaggtgt tgagatgctg tttgatagga     58260
     gaaaaagcaa ttcaagtaag gttgatgaag aagttcttag ccactgaggc acacagtcct     58320
     gtcttgacat cattagagaa tgcgttatga aaacatggct gctttaggaa gataacactt     58380
     tgtctgatat ggtagaaact agaacaggaa taaaacccta cacagagaga tgagcatatc     58440
     cctttcacat gaccaccaca gtctgaacta gagtcacaga agtaaacaga gaaaaaagga     58500
     aagtggtggg ctaatttaaa ggaagagtct atgggacttt gtgatacaga tagatagtta     58560
     caatgaagtg tgtgtaggtg agctctagat cttctgctag gcagtggaag aacccttgac     58620
     aatatatgca aaggtttaaa atgagtacat aaaaatcagc tccagcaagc tctggaagca     58680
     tccatgattt aactagctag cttgtcttca cccaacacat gctaacaatt aaacgcggga     58740
     gctagggaga agggctaaag agtgcaagga atggtttata atgtttacct ttcagtccaa     58800
     atattatctt tctgtaagag attttcagaa tgagggcaag ggacttcaga gtaactccac     58860
     agtgtggagt gatcaaaaat taatgtgatc acattagtcc cattggcctc caggaactct     58920
     caagtcatct acagtttcat aacccaatgt caatgatttg ggcagcatta ccatgctgcc     58980
     ctggccacca gtttaacata tgagatgttc tattatgaga acagcaggac ctgaaaatat     59040
     ctagttgatg aaagtaacag tcctgaacca aaactggggt tgtgaccctc taggtcttca     59100
     tttctcaatg ggaaaagaag aggtggatag aaggaatctc acatgacctg gccaccacct     59160
     ctgagctggt gcaaactaac tgatgctagc ctaccattgc ctggagcctg cccagagtat     59220
     ctggttccat aagatcttga ctctagtctt aaaatataaa tttggatttc cttttcacac     59280
     tggatgttca tccttccaaa ggtcttctgc agcaactgta atgaatgtgg ccctcaagcc     59340
     cttccagggt ctttacattg atacaacaat tgatccatca catctataac tcacccgtga     59400
     attttagcag agtaggcata gcatttggtg attattggta tgaccccttt cacaggaaac     59460
     acctgccaag atgagtctca gccctgctgc tctaaatatg aagcactttc atatgtgccc     59520
     ctctacagag agagaaacaa gccaacctcc aacagccctg aagtctgtag cttcctcttc     59580
     tccttgtctc ttttatcagc catccaccat cttccctaga gaacgcactt catatttttt     59640
     tcccctggag agaaagaacc aagaaaatac cgctagtatg tgccccttaa ccaaacccac     59700
     cacatttgat ttttctcttc agattcagac tttagagtct gtttctttta attttcaatt     59760
     aaaatcagaa atacattcat gtagattttc ttatctagaa aatatccagt gatagaaggt     59820
     ggaccagaat gtactggatg gctttggtgc tctgactcac tcagacccag cactagagaa     59880
     ttacatccca gggatcctaa ctccttcagg tcagttgctt cagtattcta gtctgatact     59940
     agactagact agagtagact agactagact agactagact agactagact agactagact     60000
     agacaaatac tagacaaaga ctagactagt aaccccagga gaccccacac tgtggactgc     60060
     cagtccatgt tctcctcact ctcctatgca atcaccatta gctaagattc cctcattctg     60120
     taacacttca tcttacacag tatacatagt ctcctgtctt gaagtgatgc agaatcaagc     60180
     tccctacaaa gtatgtttct taaacaacaa tctttcccta gagctattag agaaagcaaa     60240
     gccccgatga caccttcttc cctctggagc tgcaagaata aactgttgtt ttaggctacc     60300
     acacctgtgg taatttatcg tagccaccct atgaaattaa ctcagtttat caaggagatt     60360
     aagtacaggc agacaagtca aagacgctga gcaccttctc ctggaatagg aagacagagg     60420
     agctgacatc aaggttcctt cagtgtggga agtcattgca aagctgtgtt cttctaatgc     60480
     acaggaatgt cagtgttggt gtgcagggca gatgatggtg gtaacattac catggtgact     60540
     atgtttgtta ttaagataat cagaaaagga acaggaggga acaaaagaag gaaggggatt     60600
     gtaaagaaga gaatggtttt agaactaacc agtaccccca gagctcgtgt ctctagctgc     60660
     atatatagca gaaaatggcc tagtcagcca tcattgggaa gagaggcccc ttggtcttgc     60720
     aaacttgata tatgccccag tacaggggaa cgccagggcc aagaagtggg agtgggcggg     60780
     taggggagtg gcaggggagg gtatgaggga cttttgggat agcatttgaa atgtaaataa     60840
     agaaaatatc taatcaaaaa atatttttta aaatcctcac aatataaaaa aagagagaga     60900
     gagagaagaa ttcctatgac ttcgtatctc tgatctgagt caaagtcaac ggagaataga     60960
     acagtcacat ctgcctctgc tagataaaac tattagctag acaacttgat gactatttat     61020
     ttctaattac tttcttggca cataataata attaagtgtt tctatcaatg ttaggtataa     61080
     gttactgtta aatttatttg accaaagatt taaactctat ataaacagcc tataaacaag     61140
     gacttccaca acacagccat tagctcacag tctaaaagag acacacaaaa gctgtctgca     61200
     gcattgctct ctaccattta aataagcatc gaaaaattgc atgatatgta tgttactcac     61260
     gaactgtaaa atgtagacag gatttgaaaa taagagttag gagaaattaa gcacattcca     61320
     aacgaaagca agcatttaaa gaaggcatca agtccacagt gatgctgtgt ggccctctct     61380
     atgtaatatt cctggcccca aataaaagtg gcacgtgttc aacagaggaa cgttaagctt     61440
     tctttggcat acccctgact tgactgggct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa actatttgta     61500
     ggtaatgcgt gctctctggt ttatatacca tttctacctg caaaataaga tcccttttca     61560
     tgctcaaacc aaaacatgag agaaatatcc tgttagtgga tgtcctgtgt aattattggg     61620
     actcaactga atgtggccat ttctattttg aaaccatgaa cacagtctcc cagttttctt     61680
     ccccatgaat cactggattt ttgttgttgt tgtttaatga ccagtctggg tttaaacaaa     61740
     atggaatttg ttctcagaga tatttgaaac taaaatagga agtcgtcgtt attggtttat     61800
     tggtttataa ccagattctt tcctgtcgag aattgtttta aacacgtagc agggaaacgc     61860
     gggtccaaga tggggcgttg gtgccctctg gaggaagaaa gggcaaggtg gaggaaaggg     61920
     aaagttgaat gaagcagaca gaagccagga gaatcctcac atgagttccg agtcacataa     61980
     atcccatcta tctctaagga caattcagtt ctccctggga ggtagccaag aagctttctg     62040
     catttttttt ccagcacaaa tacacatatt gtaatattta taagtacagg gtgccttgct     62100
     cccactcttt atgtactgtg tgtttcccaa ggtaatgcca tctccggcaa cagtgtctca     62160
     ctgtgttgtc atggctctca attaagagtg atattagaca atgaaatcca cactgtctct     62220
     ctgccactgt gtttgctatc caatcatatt ggccgtacct gagcaccaca agcctcgaag     62280
     agctccaccc agctcactca ggtcctccac ttctttttac tgtgccttct tctaactaag     62340
     cacatttgat aatttcactt ctttttttct cgttactcac ttctgccaaa tatctaatca     62400
     cttgtcttac acttcattga actcaatcca ggtttctgcc taattctgat tccaagatta     62460
     tgagcttaga gagtcttttt tttttaatgt aaaagaacta aaattgccct aaaacacccg     62520
     tatcggtggt tgtgattcag tgaggttgtg gtctccatgc tcagaccagt acctatgaaa     62580
     tgactacagt cagtagacat tcgtcacttg ttagcaatcg tttcctctct ggctcttgca     62640
     agcatcttaa caggtgaaac agaggactat gcttgcgtct gcacaggcaa gttcactgtg     62700
     tacgtaaacc ctacagaggc aggatgccag gcaaggtcaa acatgcagac tgcacatttc     62760
     ccccagttac caccattcaa gttcaccatc ctggcaggac ctgtctcagt atgggcccaa     62820
     gggttccgct gctaagaaca ctctgcaaac tctctaccct cttccgtaag gggcaaagag     62880
     agacagctct tccaagagtg caactgccct tcccactgat tctgttaatg aaccctggag     62940
     aatcgcatgt tagccagtgt gtgctattgg ctattttgtt ggcgctcaat tctggattct     63000
     caaagaagaa agaacagggc aatcggcccc caccctgaag ccgccttaaa tcttttagag     63060
     gttgtgattc actgggtttg aatgcagcac aaaatgaact tccgccatat tgttacttat     63120
     gacagcatca tcgcccacag agttgactgc ttgaatgatt agaaaagatc ccatttttct     63180
     tgctaacaaa taagatccat atttttaggt gtgacctctc ctttcccagt atattttaga     63240
     ctgttgcctg tatgacttat cctgagggtt gtataaatgc atatcagatc aggatattgt     63300
     aaaaaggata ctcagggctg cttttgcttt gtatcagagg tatttggggc agctagccaa     63360
     aaagggcaga acagctacct tccagaatat tcccagtgtc caactgccca tctgtttctc     63420
     ataaaaccca caaaagcaag aaggttcttc ttttgcctca ggtggcaaat tagattacac     63480
     aggcatcctt ggggttgaga atacagccaa gtgtaaatga aattttaact tacacaggac     63540
     gtgcatggat aagaatgtgg cagggggtta gggcctgttt tctttttaaa aggatctatt     63600
     gttattgttt aatcatttct ctggttcaag cacataaatt caaaggatcc aagatctgac     63660
     tttcaccctg cagagttttc cctatcacca tggaatttcc gtaatatagc ctcctcatca     63720
     ctaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa aaacagtgat tccatgtgct cagtccatgg aagtgttttc     63780
     tgagataagc cttgtctgcc ttaattctgg atagccacaa aataaagtag gatatattga     63840
     atcatttaga taccatcaat cagaaagatt aaccaaggct atctagtcct tttctaatat     63900
     tttaaaagct gagttccaag tagactgttc agtctacagc cacagactgc aaaatatgaa     63960
     ctgaatatga aaacatttta actttcatgt tttaatgata agaatgttgt tggcattaat     64020
     atttgaacat ttccatgtac ctagttctga aagctatgtc attgcaggct cagaatccac     64080
     tggcagacta taaataaaat ctttctataa atacacttta tgccaaacta ccagcagaat     64140
     tcatttttca tcttttaaac agatggtata agaggaaaat catgcatgta tatgattaat     64200
     caaatgtgct tttgctgttc gaattttcat taccactacc agcgtgagtt ttgagaaatt     64260
     tctgcatttc atattttctt ttgagaatct ttttatttaa ggaaaccatt aatataaatg     64320
     aagacagaaa gatgaaccca ttattaggtc tataccttct tgttacccca accccacttt     64380
     aagtcctcac tgtttgtttg ctttttcttc tttcagaatt tctattcttc aaagaatgtt     64440
     gtctttgaca gactttctta atgtgacttt aacattcttg ataacgctga tgtgtgtata     64500
     agccactggg aaaaaaaata aggacacctt ttgggtaaat tacaatgaag aatgccagga     64560
     tactaaaata tgataccatg acataacgta ccagctgcta ttctgaacta tgtagtggcc     64620
     acaaggatga aagtgccaca ctaggacggt gtatagcacg tagtccccca agtcaccaag     64680
     gagctaccat cccagttcct tcctgtctcc tgcaaagctt ttctcgggta aggaagaaat     64740
     aaggatctat aatatctagc atattggtca ggatctataa tatgtagcat attggttaga     64800
     agctataata tctaggatat tggttaggat ctataatatg tatcacattg attaaaatct     64860
     ataatatcta gtatattggt taggatctat gatatctagc atattgttag gatctatgat     64920
     atcttgcata ttggttacag tctccttact tcagtttcct tcaacaaaat aaagataaac     64980
     ttgcatataa atagtttcta tttttcactt gcaccgaatc aaagacacgt ggggtttttg     65040
     taggctgaag tcataagaaa gagctaatgt aagatgtgca ggtacttctt ttaccaccaa     65100
     gccaacctcc ttccccatca gcaatatgct cagtgccagg gtttggagca atataaatgc     65160
     tggcaagaag gttggcagaa agaagccctt atatattgct gatgggaatg acagcattta     65220
     tagacactgt ggaaatcagc gccagtttcc tccaaacact aaaagtagaa ctactatatg     65280
     ctccagccat actactactg gatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     65340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgga atctaaatca acataccaca agcataacta cacacccata     65400
     tttattgcag ggctagtcac aataccaagt aatggattca gtataggtat cattaacagc     65460
     tccatgaatc aaaaactatt atctgtaggg atacattata tgtacttgta cacacagtgg     65520
     agctttattc atttagtcac tggcagggga aatgaatgaa attagacatc tcaatgctat     65580
     gtcaaagaag ccagattcat aatgacatta catgtctttt gttatatgtg gggggtggta     65640
     gtggaggtgg tggtggtgtg tgtgtatggg ggactgtttg gtgaggacaa aggaactaaa     65700
     gagagataaa agggataaca tctcatgttt tcttctgtat ttagaatcca gatagattat     65760
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agaatgtata cacacttgta     65820
     tatgcttgta cacacacagt tacatatggc actgacaaga aacagaaggg ataagacttt     65880
     tggggaaaat aagacaggca ggaaggaaga gggtaaacaa aggagaacag tgtgcaggtg     65940
     aaataaagag gtagagtaat atatgtatat aaaaatgttt tcctgaaacc taccatatta     66000
     tatgctcact caaaatactg gtaaataaat aacttaaaat aaagataata ccatgcttag     66060
     aggttatagg cactagaaga tgctatatgc aaaaaacata gagtaaacac ctgtgctggt     66120
     aacttctgat ttggtagaat ctaaagtcat cttgggaggg aaaggccaat acttgattgt     66180
     ctggtcagga tggcctgtga gaggctccct tagttgggtt gaagtaggag actctgtctg     66240
     aatgtgggca gcaacatttc ttgagctgga ccttgggctg caagaaaagg agaaagatat     66300
     ttgagcatta gcatgcaccc attaattttt gctctctgct ctttgctatg gctatacccc     66360
     aagttcctgc tgccttgaca taaattttat ctgtaacatg gaactgtggg ccaaataaac     66420
     cctttttcct tgaagttcct tttggttggg gtattttatt acagcagcag taaaagaaac     66480
     taaggcagaa gttgaacatg ataaccacac agaaaatacc agctcgtgcc cttattctag     66540
     atgcctgaca tttaagtaga gagaacagtt tcaacaactg agaagtaacc tgggctgttt     66600
     ctcagcaaaa ccttggtttt gaatgttctg aagtatgaaa ctaaacccta ccctctgaga     66660
     gggaatgagt catgcagcta gcgaagaaga ctggcatctt ccttccagcc ctacgtggtt     66720
     ggcctccgct taggcactgg cacactcatg gtttgactaa caccttgctt cttcgtgtaa     66780
     atagcactag aacagagaag ccagtgcagc accagtggca gccataaaaa aaaacaaaaa     66840
     acaaaaaaca aacaaaaaaa aaaacacttg aaatcctaat aaggatatga aataaagttt     66900
     cctagtgaga aaaattgaca ctgtggctgt ggttctgagc catggtgtga gcgtgtgtgt     66960
     cataggtgac ctggcaagga aacaatgggt tctagagcac atcaaacatg atccttccaa     67020
     acagccctcg ctatctcatt gacaaatgtt agagacttgc tatgctgtgt gatccacagg     67080
     caaaacccaa aggcaacaaa gtgaggaact gagatggatt aggacctgcg ggattctgaa     67140
     gacttggacg cgctatgttt atttgcttta gaagagatcc agaagagaag cagcttccat     67200
     ttacctcatt tatacacttg tcctctgctc ccccgatgcc acgagacatt ttacagtcaa     67260
     aggcacagaa ttaacacaag gatacagcct gtgaactcat gggaaacgga tggagaaatg     67320
     gagacgtgtc acagctgcaa tgcctatgaa cctcaatggt aaccaacatg tcatgatagt     67380
     cctaagagtg caatagtgaa acatgtcttt gtggtaacca acagcttcct aattggactg     67440
     aaggcagagt caacacaaag aaaattatat ctagtactag aaacctaaca aactttctgg     67500
     ggttagtgag gtcatggatc ttagagaaca acttttcacc attttaataa accaacatag     67560
     ttcctcacta gattctaagt ccctcagaca aatttagctc ccacctcctc atcatagaaa     67620
     cttctttgca acaggagacc attacaaaaa attataacca gtcaaatgca gaaaacaagt     67680
     aatcatgggg tgcccaggcc caatgagtac atccacaaca agaaccccac accagagtct     67740
     cagggaacat gacagagaca agggagcaat aggactgtga gagtcaggaa agcttctgtg     67800
     agattgtgtc tcctagatat gatagggaaa cttcaaccat ggtaccctat caatatgtct     67860
     gcctaaacaa gacctgaaga agtacaacac caacagacat gctaacatgg aaggaaaaat     67920
     gctaatctta aagagccttg cccttaaaca aagaacaaca ggcaactaag gcatagggat     67980
     gggtagagaa acgacccttc ccagggatga gccgcctcat tggtcatcca aaagcaaatg     68040
     ggcagcaaac cagatacata caaataaaac taagcaagta acaccaagtg agctgaacag     68100
     attatatttt agacttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaaatgccaa ttttaaagaa caaaggccat     68160
     gatttcaaaa ggaagcatga tgggaagaca aatgggaggg aaaggatgga gaaaagggaa     68220
     ggggaaaatg atatagctgt attttaattt tttaaaaaag gggcatgaag ttggggatgt     68280
     gtatatagaa ggagttaagg ggaggaagaa gtatattttt taaaaattaa aagaagaaga     68340
     aaggggttgg gttgaaaggg agtaataatt acagttgaac attttggctt ccagtctaga     68400
     gatgccaact tgaaccacag tcgatgctca gaacatgctc actgaagcag agaaagagga     68460
     cactactgag cctgaccctt ccatgaggcc ctatagatgc cttcctactc tgtctgttca     68520
     ccactgcctt catggcctga taatttctcc ttaatcatcc ttagtagtac ccacagagaa     68580
     gcagcgacca aagaagactg agatccacag cactgtctca tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg     68640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtataca caagtataac agagcatccc     68700
     ggcatccctt gcctaagctg tcaactacta atcctgagtt cttgctacag tcacagtttc     68760
     tcttttcctg cctactttga tatgaatccc tttgtctcta agccattctc aaactgtccc     68820
     aattttgaga gtgccatctg ttttccctca ggatactgat acagccatca caccccttag     68880
     ttagtcgttg tcaaggttat ttcctcacat ctgcctcttg tatgccattt tttcttcttc     68940
     attgctaagg attatgtcca gggccttgca catgctggcc aagtaagtga accacatttg     69000
     agctatacct ctggatcatg gccttatgaa acttgctatg tattctaagc tccttcctca     69060
     acttctatat gctaggatca cacaatgctc ctgcctcagt ttccatgtgc taggattaca     69120
     gatctgattg cataccacca cacccagatt tcatataaga tttctttcat atttttctaa     69180
     atgttctatg gaagaaaaat tcaatgacat catcattctc cagaaaacag acggtgcaga     69240
     tgtggcaaag ccctcttact aggagactcg aaaatctgaa agcagagtct aagacagagg     69300
     cctccttaca gatggtttgt ttctgaatac aacactgggg agccagagtc caggggaggg     69360
     aagatggaaa gggggtggca caaagtgaac acatgcagga gctattgtgg tggctgaggc     69420
     aacaggatgt agctccataa acaacttctg aggtccttac aaacacgact ccgaccctct     69480
     gtctaggaca tcaagaagaa aagcatttac ctgtctgcag tggttaagaa tggccccaag     69540
     cagccattgc atctctagtt aaacattcaa gaatgccaga cctggacatg cgctttctat     69600
     gtgacgttag agaaacttca agccaaaaag tgttatgagc atgctgtctg aaggttacca     69660
     aagcatcctc agcacaaggc tgacttaaat ggaatctgat taagcaatca tcatgttccc     69720
     tgcccaagga agaatgggtc cacctgtgta cagagttaag ctcattggag aacgttctct     69780
     cttagtgtag tatttgcaga ggagttgcca ccagcagcag ttatgagaac ttacacatgt     69840
     tctcaagccc tggacatgag gttggatgct tgagtgaaaa gaaggtattt gtgagatact     69900
     aaatttggct ctcctttaaa gcatgggctt atatgttatg tatgtttata atgggctaca     69960
     cctggaccag cccagagaca attcacatgg ggaatttcta gctgttccag tctagatcct     70020
     gctaagagta atttacccca gtccctaaca acaacaacaa caacaacaaa atcagtaaaa     70080
     acacacgaga gagagagaga gagacagaga aagagagaga cagagaaaga gagagacaga     70140
     gagagacaaa gagagagaca aagagaagag aagagagaga gacagagaga gagagaaaga     70200
     gagagagaga gagagaggga gggagggagg gagggagggg gggagggagg gagggaggga     70260
     gaggttctca agtgtagtta aaagcactta ctgctcttgc agaggaccca gatttggttt     70320
     tcagaaccta tgtggtggct cacaactgtc tataacttca gttccaagga atttgatact     70380
     gtttctggct tctagatact ggacacacat gttcatattt atacattcag gggaaacatt     70440
     catacacata aaataaaaat aaataaatat aaaacaataa agatgttctt aagtgaatcc     70500
     aaaccttcat ccccattcat ccttgaaccc aacttatagt cccaggtcta atccaaaagc     70560
     agatcttcag caggttaggt agaaaacaca gtgactaggt actggtaaca ttatagagct     70620
     ttaccaagaa aacacaattc cttacttagt cacatttgta actcatatgc ttctttagca     70680
     gaattcagag agaacaaaat ctagtctgag tcatgttgtg gcttgagact gaagtagaga     70740
     tagcagacag ccttcagttc caaggaattt gatactgttt ctggcttcta gatactggac     70800
     acacatgttc atatttatac attcagggga aacattcata cacataaaat aaaaataaat     70860
     aaatataaaa caataaagat gttcttaagt gaatccaaac cttcatcccc attcatcctt     70920
     gaacccaact tatagtccca ggtctaatcc aaaagcagat cttcagcagg ttaggtagaa     70980
     aacacagtga ctaggtactg gtaacattat agagctttac caagaaaaca caattcctta     71040
     cttagtcaca tttgtaactc atatgcttct ttagcagaat tcagagagaa caaaatctag     71100
     tctgagtcat gttgtggctt gagactgaag tagagatagc agacagcctt catatcttaa     71160
     cttataactg ctcacaacac caaagcaagc atacactttg taagctaatt gtaagtcaaa     71220
     ttaatatcac cacaaagata gttcaactct cccactgact gatgtagaac agaaacctgt     71280
     aaaagacata ttctattttc cttttgcatg caaaacatat tcatatgaaa tatggtcaca     71340
     gtaacttgaa tgatgatctg tttcaacttc attttagatt cttccggtgt tcagagaagt     71400
     cataaaatac gcaagccacc aaaccacatg acctaaaaag atttagaaac acgtccagaa     71460
     accacgaggt ttttttttgt tttttttttt gttttttgtt ttttttttat ctactggtag     71520
     gaatatactc aaatcacaac cattgttaag aatttaactt cagctgcagt agttaaggga     71580
     caagactaca atgattgaac actcatctgc agaaactgtc acttgatttc acacacccac     71640
     cctcctgttt ttacacagga cttcactatg ccaccctgct catctggaac tcaatctgta     71700
     gagcaacctc tgctgaaact cacagagatc caccagcccc tacctccaag tgcctgaaat     71760
     taaagatgta tgccaccaat ggacttattg cctcttactc caaaacttca catcctctaa     71820
     ggtttctaaa tgtattatgc tccgagttac ttgcataatc taaagtgtga atgaaatccc     71880
     ttgagtggga tggccacagg tatcttcatc catgaagctt cctcaaaata aactcagatc     71940
     acaaatatat ccctacacag caatcataaa gataaaatat tccaattatt ttctccctct     72000
     ctgagatgag ctggttcgtt aagtcccaaa acatacaata acacaaatga cagagaaatt     72060
     tatcaattgg agactgtgat gaaaggggac tgagagaagt gatttgtggg taaattatga     72120
     tcagaccaga attggagcta cattaaaaga tgttttgact cattaataag tgattgaact     72180
     tgacaagtgc tgaaaggaat ctgagagatg gatagtgccc cgggttatgg tcagtgaggc     72240
     aggatgttga gctgagaaga aatacttgat ttctttggcc aagtatatgg ttcccagggc     72300
     ctcaataagt tcttggcaaa agtgtaaaga atgtggctag agcctgtctt gcctgctgca     72360
     tgatgaccaa ggtagatatc aaggaatgga gaaacaggca accaaaattc acttgtgatt     72420
     tcctgcctca gctgtggata aggattggaa ataatcagtg ctgtttttat gaccagaaaa     72480
     catcagacaa atgaaaaaaa aatcaaactt tccctggacc caccattagg tacagttgta     72540
     gaacagactg ccaccctgaa acctgaacaa acagaatgtt caggagatac ggtcaagatc     72600
     tactctctta gaatagaagc cgtgggaacc tgtttatagg tgagaaccct tacatggtta     72660
     tttgggatct gggatggcct gctgggttaa atacttgctg agcaagcatg aagacctgag     72720
     ttcagagccc taaaacctat attaaaagct ggaagtggtg acatatgctt gtaaccccaa     72780
     taaggagcag gagggggcag acactggcca atccctaagg taataagtgg taagcttcct     72840
     tagtgttctt ggcatgatga aagtagcatt aaaaccacac acacacacac acacacacac     72900
     acacacacac aaacttaggg aattttcagg cttcatatgt aacttggctg aatctactga     72960
     taaagctcct atctcagttt caatgaacag aaacattgct caaagtagct tcatagacat     73020
     aggaatatgt cagcttctgt tactagcaac caggggtaga gttgttgttg tttttgttgt     73080
     tgtcattgtt gttgtttaat taaaatctaa gtataatttt aaaatataga tctgtccatt     73140
     tcctcatctt tacctttttt tccccatctt ttcttacatc tacttctcct tctaagtcaa     73200
     tcccattccc aacttatgta aacattactc ttagtttggt ggggcaatag ccagcatatt     73260
     cttactcata gactattcca gtcctaaaac cccagcagaa gggcaagttt atttctctaa     73320
     gagttcatgt gataccccag agaaggactg aaactggtct gtcaatcact gttcctggaa     73380
     tgattgccta gagtgtgctg tggccagtag ttgcactagc accccatgga atgagaaaag     73440
     gccgttctgt caagagaagg atgggactgt tgctaggaga aaacaagaga tgaagacatc     73500
     tatgaatgac aaaaacaaga gttgttcgct atattctcat cttgatttcc cagcatgcat     73560
     gtttatccaa tacatgtctt ttcaaaagta tcctttgcct gagaagccat gaagtttctc     73620
     cctaaagaag atgttgctgt ctataaacac tatgacaaaa tataacttgg gaagtaaaag     73680
     gtttgtttgc tttacatgct ccagtcacag ttcatcactg agggaagcca gggcaggtag     73740
     gagctcaggg caggaaccta aagtcaagaa ctgaaccagg gacaatagag gaatgactac     73800
     tgcttactgg ttcacttttc atggcttgct cgcctcacat ttttacacaa ctcaggcctg     73860
     agaatttcct caagggttga atcattccag agcccttcct aacagtcctt atacagtgat     73920
     gttcccctgg aaagccatga tgttcccctc tgacccagaa agagggtatg aggaatgtca     73980
     tagagaattc ttatctttgt aactagtggt actcactaaa cactaaattg ttctctggcc     74040
     aggaaacagt gagacaaaga atcaaaggaa acatacaaac caacaaagga gagctgggca     74100
     gctatgctac acaacagaca agggaacacc aggaatgctt cagagtatac ccagaggagt     74160
     cactgaggaa gaccgagtgg caatatggga agccttatgc tgtagcctgt tgcatcctaa     74220
     agggctcctt ccatgggtgt ccgcctaggt gaaattcctg acttatgcca caggaaaaaa     74280
     aaaaaaaaac ttctgaacta gtcaatgtga agcaaagttg gagtttaatt gtttaacttc     74340
     tagtgtagat ttaagtaaag gctttaagag gaacattaaa aaaaaagtgt aagaaaagga     74400
     cacacatgca tacccctgtg tggccatgga cttctcaaga gagttgtcac aggtctcttt     74460
     ctagatgtgt ggtttccaag ctagcataac tccttaaaac tctagtaaaa ttttaatgga     74520
     atcaattctg ggaaagctcc attaacttgg aaccagttcc agaaatcttg gccagtcacg     74580
     atttgtaaat ctaaattctg acttagctac aagccttggt tctttgccga agttcccact     74640
     ctctgtttta tgcatcagtc ttagtcactg ttttgagact atatgaggca atagatgggg     74700
     atactaggac agagccaatc tgcctctggc tcctgggtct ttgtataggg ctaactatta     74760
     gctatattta gcactgtgcc ataaaaaagg aagtatttgg gaggtgtact catgtgctct     74820
     gagctttctc tgtttatggt ctttttatgt attaaagtga ggattggacc actattttaa     74880
     cactcacaac tccacaatat ataattatat aattatatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     74940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaata tataattatc ttacccttag     75000
     tggtctaaat tttatatcta tggttttttt ctctgctttt aactctcaaa cttatccttt     75060
     tctttgaaga aaatggtaga gaattcaaag tgggtaatat ttaatatttc tttagcaaat     75120
     gtcccatcac tcaataattt gtaagctcat agtataaact tgcaaaggtg ctaatgacct     75180
     gccttatgta ctagggcctt ccaaagactg ttaattacta tgataggcaa atctttgctc     75240
     ttaaatgaca ggcacacagc aaataacatg cagaagtagc tcatgtgctg aggtggtcca     75300
     caaggtgact cagaactata cagacttggt ttataggtta ttctctcact catgcttttc     75360
     ccaagttgtt gttctaatgc tctttcagga aacagtctta tcctgagtga tgagaagatg     75420
     accccctgca gcccccaggc ccaaggagtc caggtacatc tagcagaata agaagagtaa     75480
     ttgtgcgtag gtcgtaaaat gctgttagta ttttctccag ccctcagtta cagtccaaca     75540
     attaattttg cgggacttaa tcacagcaaa gtgacagact ttggtaaaat aacagttata     75600
     aatgccaccc ctttccaaca tactcacacc acatagaaga gtctcccaaa taaagagtgg     75660
     gtcttaattg ctaaattaaa cagggaagat acacaaagga caatgattct atagcttaac     75720
     ttcattcacg ttgatattcc taatgagaca tgcatagtgt cttgactaaa atcctgaggt     75780
     ttaaagtcca cagagtattt cagtgagaga agagagctct gccactcaca aaaatgcaga     75840
     tatctaccca tgcatcctac aaaaaagaca tcatgaacca tgaacatata taaaaagtcc     75900
     cttcatcacg ggctctttcc catcttgtgg gtggctttct ttgagtgcca atttggctaa     75960
     acataggcaa cgcatgtcaa tctacgtatt cttccaatca ttttcagaat gagacaacat     76020
     ctatgctata caaagactgg tgctctggac ctgaagtaat gaggtaaacc atctctttta     76080
     ttagtctgta ccacattagt gcttctgtga acctcagtgc gctaagcaga ataatacatg     76140
     gaagaaaaaa gagtcagaaa ggcaagtttt attgtaacaa taatatgtaa gagtcacggt     76200
     gggtaggatg cttggcactg actgcctggt ccaaaaagac agctgagcta tttgaaacat     76260
     gttaggggca tggttcagga ctaaccacca gaacagtcct ggaccctgaa agcttgtggg     76320
     gagagatggc ctaaagaagg aaggaacagg aggcagaaag acagtggtcc atgtactgaa     76380
     agcattgtct aggtgctcag ttttaaatgg gtattttctt gagtataatc ctaaagtaaa     76440
     gaaaatgtat cttacacaat aatgtggagt attttttaac ctctgtctat tatatcatat     76500
     cctaagcatt gtggagttgc ttttaaaaga ctggaggaat ctctttattt ccccaatcaa     76560
     aatcttataa gaaaacctta cctgtaggga tgccgttcct ttagctaata actgctccaa     76620
     actcagagct aagcaatagc acagggccgg atcaagtaag atctatcagt acaattcctg     76680
     ttgaagacaa gtggaatctg gaacctcctg cagaacgaag ttccaaatac ctagggacct     76740
     acgctcactc tgtcattcat cattcagtca gaggtagaac tgcctgcagt agttcacaga     76800
     tcaaccatca ggatgtttag ctgcatctat catttttatg ctactttaaa ataaaagaac     76860
     tgcaaatttc ccacctccct gtttctaaaa actgtattcc tcctacagct gacttaaact     76920
     cttctgcttt aagtagagaa gcaacacccc cctttactgg gattggggga gcttacctat     76980
     ttctactgtc attttatttc tggaaagaaa tccaggtggg agggtgagag cagagttagg     77040
     tcggtggagc gagaaatcaa ataatggtcc tgtaggcagt tgaagcctaa gggtagagga     77100
     gtaggaggcg cagaagcgtg actgttataa aggcaacagg agagaaagcc tggaagttaa     77160
     gaccacaaga agaagaaaat gtcactcact aaggatgccc acagatgagc agtgtcagag     77220
     agaagcatga tgttaaggag agccctatag aggtcatcag atgaccagaa aaaatattgc     77280
     acaataaaga aatatccata gaaacacact tttctcatga aggcattatt atcttgctgc     77340
     cttttagcta aagaagctct tagggtccaa ttcctggtca aactcgagat cattctgtca     77400
     ctgaatggaa tacgatgcca tcaaaacaca ctgaacagct accgcataga aagagttaac     77460
     cctgcctccc aggagctctc tggatggaaa gagagaagag gcaaccccaa acaaatctaa     77520
     tattgactca ttggtttggc tactgtgtgc tcagtaccta tcctgagctc agtatcgggc     77580
     tgaacagatg gacatatgag ccagcaacaa caggagcatt tcctcagctc ctagaaaaca     77640
     cacgatttag agacgacagt caaacaaata accacacaag caactgtaga attgtcaagt     77700
     atgggctatc aagctgggtc tcagagaact atgagaactt atcctgtggg atttgatctc     77760
     agcacagaat ctgggaaaag cttccccagc tgagatatgg agggaggggg aacctaagac     77820
     ttaactcagc atatagacag gaataagtat tctagcaaga tctgtagagg tcaggaaggc     77880
     atctggatgc aggactgaca aggtgagaca agtcctaaat aggaacttat aaacacaagg     77940
     agggtttttt ttttaaatca tcatctggga gtgatggaga gccataaaac ctttatgata     78000
     ggtctatata agaaatgctg tgagcacgaa gaggatgcag ctggttctta ctgaaaggtg     78060
     acaagtctga tagtactgcc gagaaggtct gacatttgcg ctgggttctg tcagacagtg     78120
     atgacagtgg gttatgtggt gaagccaagt aggtgagcaa gaacagggaa gtagcgtgac     78180
     acagcaggat acatgatgtt gtggctgtga tggcaagtgg ttggggagca tttggttgct     78240
     gaaggagctg gcaatgatat caataaacca cacttgagca atggaggtgt gtgttggaaa     78300
     catgaagtat gagaagaaaa aaagaaaaaa gaacatctag aaaggttaag acaaagttga     78360
     tttctactga gaatattggg atctagaggt tcagttttct taccaaagcc taggactgtc     78420
     ttccttttct cttttaggca atcccatagg taaacatgtt tctatggcca taattaggta     78480
     cttctgttcc gagaagctgt tctagctctg ggagggtgtc tatcaaacac caaggctccc     78540
     ccaggttgcg ttctcattcc tgaaccccat agtgttgttt ctagttcttt gccttgatgc     78600
     caacctttgt tgttcagatt ccttgttaag ggttcttgaa cctgtgtcat atggactcaa     78660
     ccatctgata ttcatgttca agttcttctc aaattgactt cccaaattcc ttgccttcca     78720
     tccctccatg gccacatctg tttttagatt cttcaagcac tttgaggctc acaagcacca     78780
     tatggacacc ttttgtgccc tctccactac ttgtccagtc ggtttcctca cttgattctt     78840
     tctgatccat tttaccagtc tttttcaaaa agaccccggt atatgttgtc atgtgcaaac     78900
     ccagccaaat aaatgagaca cagtgggttt ttcatagttc ccagtattcc cacaagtgcc     78960
     cctcttgccc tatattacta tgtctagctc attctcttta gctttctgga ctgtctaaag     79020
     gaatatagca tctgtagacc tccaaatata agttactcca gtcttcccag cttcttggtc     79080
     gcaactgaga gggaagctga tactagctca catttttcca catcagtatc atagttctgg     79140
     gaaaccacat taaacgcttt cctttccaac tatgacgagg acctactgtt gtttcacaag     79200
     aggatgtagg cagcatgctt agctgaatag ctgacacaca gccagtgttc actgaggatt     79260
     cctataataa acacttcagc aatgggaata tacagattca ctttattgca ttgtattttt     79320
     ttcctgggat taggttgcat ggcaactggc taatgagcta agcaacaagt agatgattta     79380
     gaccagcagt gacaagtatc ttctgtgaag gaccagggag tgagcagttt agactttcca     79440
     ggcaacataa tctttgtctc aagaatgcca tggtgccttt aaagacgata attaaccacc     79500
     aaatctagtc aacaaataga tgtggccatg tctcaatgga ctatacacaa gccggtatag     79560
     agtcaggagg ttctgcttag ctgaccttga atgctagata ccttgcaatg agatcacatc     79620
     ctggtaaagc tggagtcttg tgagaccaaa cagcatacta taataggtca gctgtttgcg     79680
     ctcacggtag catggctgtc tagaggtcga agctcactac caatgctcag catttcatta     79740
     acccagtaaa agatcaaaat ctaaaatttg agtatgattt ctgcatgtgt cacttttgtg     79800
     ccattataaa gtctaaaggg cataagtcaa aatcatgata tgttagagac catctaatca     79860
     gatttccagt gactataatg actaattgat tctccaactt gcatggtttt aatatgaaca     79920
     gttcagtgca gattcatata ctaagcactt ggtgtccatc aaagtgattc tctttgggga     79980
     gatcatagga acttgaggaa attgtgccta gctagaggaa gtaggtctca tggagtgtgc     80040
     ctttgaagac tatatacatg gttcctagtt ttctgccatc cccctgccac accatcttcc     80100
     ttcccagcca tgaggtggac agcctcttct tttatacagt ccatgaatat tctgcctcac     80160
     aactaatcca gatacatgaa accaaataat catagattga accttctaag tcagtggttc     80220
     tcaatcttcc taatgctgtg accctttaac acagattctc ttgttggagt gatccccaaa     80280
     cattaaatta tttttgttgc tacttcacag ctgtaatttt gctgctatta tgaattacaa     80340
     tgtaaatgtc tatgttttct gatggccttt ggtgacccct gtgaaagggt cattccacac     80400
     tcaaaggggt agcaatccac aagcttagaa ccactgctct aaaaccatga aacaaagtta     80460
     agtcctttct tctttgaatt gcttttctcg agtatttggt cacagcaatg aaaagtacaa     80520
     atacatgaat tcctagagag aagctgtgtc ttcaaaggct gatcaaccga ttagaacttc     80580
     aggccatgaa gaggttggaa tgctgccaat cagggaccga atttaacccc ctagaccatt     80640
     attctgcacc tactcttgtg ttagacttaa cactttgtaa ctaacaatag aaagccttta     80700
     gaatgtaata acagatccct atgtttcacc aatcaatgga ctcagaatgc tgtcagatag     80760
     cacttaatgc ctacagcaga gttttctata gcagtttttc cttcctttct attgcctaca     80820
     tacctaatgt atttgccaat gtatttaaaa agtgtcttga tttacagcta tctttattct     80880
     gttaccataa aattttcaca aaattatatt cacattagaa tacggagttt ggggtggcct     80940
     aaatctgtgt tcctgagcaa tagtcatatt tggctctaaa atatacgcta tcttatttcc     81000
     tttgaggtgt aagttgtgct tttgtatcaa aaactttgtt tattatttta acaaatattc     81060
     atagagccta ttgtgctgag tgccaggaat tcagtggtaa gataatagat gcagtttctg     81120
     ctcagtaaaa atgggagata tgtagagaag tcagatgtgg atccaataag cacccacatg     81180
     aagatataaa catcattaag gcgatgaagg aaagatacag aatgttttga gaccatttga     81240
     caacaagatg tttgcttctt tgtttatctg gtaacactgc atagagaagt ctctgaggaa     81300
     ctcttacacg agccaggatc gggaatctgg ggatgagcta accaaatgga agaagccgtg     81360
     ggaaggcttc ccaagcacag gatggatcaa gtgcaaagat ctgtgtgtga atacgcaaag     81420
     aactgaagga agatcagtat ggccaaagca catgtttcag agatccgtgg tttaagatga     81480
     gatgaaggag tcttccctag caacctagcc attcagatat gcaattagtt gaagattatg     81540
     atccttagtc taagagcaat gcaagctgat agataataag ccttgaaata taacatcact     81600
     tgtatgtgaa acattatgcc ttcaactcag cattaaagtg aaataaagat aggtattgtg     81660
     gtgattagtg taaatagtca gcttgacaaa aatctagaat catctgggag aaggtcctct     81720
     gggtacgcct atgagagact agcttaattc cattaactga ggtgggccga cctgctcact     81780
     ccagtggtga ccattcacac agctgaggtc ctgggctatg cagaatggag aaagcaagct     81840
     gagcactagc aagcatccat tcactattat ttttttttac ttcctgattg tgaatacaat     81900
     gtgatcaggg gctttaagat cctgctacct tgacatctct accatgaggt actgtgagct     81960
     gaaatcagat ctttctctat gaagttgctt ttgtcagagt attttgtcac agttacagaa     82020
     aagaaactaa gaaagacaat atcacaatga gagaaccttc cagatacggt gaaatcattc     82080
     tttttaagag gtggggggac tcagtaatct ggtgatttac aagtaaaaca aacacttact     82140
     tgcatcatgg aaaaattcat ttaaactctt ttttgacctg tggaaaataa agacaaattt     82200
     gaatgcttgt cttagcaatg gcagcctttt gatcttcttg atgtttcttt ctttcagtgg     82260
     caaaatgcca atatatttgc ataaaagttt attcacacac agttttggtg acctactgat     82320
     tcaacttgtt cttcaacttg acttaatttc cacacaggaa acattttggt tcagacagca     82380
     gacgggttgt agcaaaaggt atctcctatt tgatttaaaa tcaaacctct tggaaataag     82440
     ttattatcaa agattattgg ttacttggct acctgttaaa aggagttaaa taaaagagac     82500
     catcctttta gggtccttta tttgttcatg ttcctcatta tggtaccaaa attaccaagg     82560
     tctagaaaaa tgcttctcaa caaaaggggt tttgtatacc taagggccac ttttggttgc     82620
     catagtattt ggagtgggag gagactgtta ggagaatctg ggaatgatat tcatattgac     82680
     tatactacaa tatacatagc agtccttccc atcttaaagt aacaaaggat ctctatgaaa     82740
     ctctctcacc tagaactatc tataggatgt tccaggtcat atctcctacc ccatcttctc     82800
     cccttcctcc ttctccttct cccccctcct tctcctcttt ctcttctctt cctgttttta     82860
     atttgcatag tatataatct gacccacatg actattcccc tttccattcc caggttactg     82920
     ttttctttta acccttgcct tctcatgact gaagcttgcc tttaagaaag catatgaagt     82980
     cctctaagac actgactata agagttcctg ctttactaat gaaattctat gccagaaaca     83040
     tttttggaaa ataactcaaa atgtaaatat taaaaatatc ttcgattacg tctctccagc     83100
     catctatcct ctgctgggaa tagacccaaa taccttcatt tctgagtcca cctatcttac     83160
     ttgatatggt tccaactgtt aaagtgcctc cacattttga actaagatat aaaaacttaa     83220
     tatgtgccct gatgctcttg gctgagtcac cggtggttca taagctaaag tgatgtttct     83280
     tggctttctc ataaaccatt aaatttctca tgaacacagg tcatttcccc tctggtattt     83340
     attagcatct atagttgcat agctaagttc taatcacagt gaaccatgtc ctcattctgt     83400
     caatcatttt ctctcacttt gcatgcctta ctaccctaca ttcattcttg tcccctctct     83460
     accaagcaag cagactttta aacatgtcta ttttatcttc ccaatgttag tgtattagta     83520
     atatactgta aatatatata taatatataa taaacatata taactataaa taaataatat     83580
     agtgtaaatc tgtagtttgc aatgttgact ggccctctca gaatctcttt ctgctgtacc     83640
     aatttccaca tgtccacttt cactttatgc ctttcttctt ccttcctcct tagctacact     83700
     ggattctcca agccctttaa gcatgttctg tttcaattca ggctttacct attggctctc     83760
     ctctctctga ttggcatgct gttccatcta ctttcatagt ttctacctat ctttcaagtt     83820
     tttgctcagt catcatttct caaaggaact tccttgactt caatctagat atagaacatt     83880
     tgagagtact taattatgcc tgtatctttc atttattgtt aatgttggcc tcctctggta     83940
     gactttaaat caaactatga gtgggtgtgc aaaaagcatc ttgcatttta agctattaaa     84000
     acactttcaa tcttttttat cttctatttt gtaaccacat gctatggatg caatgctccc     84060
     tctaacaaag aggaagactt gggcaaatgt aataacgatc tggcttctca tatagaattg     84120
     ttcagtgagc cacatttgtg agttccaata tagtcattct tcttgtgata gtctcctcta     84180
     agaaggtatt agatatctct tgtgctacat ctcatgtgct tctggatcgc tctgcactct     84240
     agtggtgtag tgttattcat tagggtgatg tacctgctca cacatctcta gcttttagcc     84300
     ctaagacttt tctaatgtaa gataccagag gaaatggaaa gcttgagatt tcaagacagt     84360
     taacactttg ggaagcagca cttagtcaat ggtgagtagc aataataata cctatctgcg     84420
     ctatcgtctt ggtcaggctc ttctgaagta ttccctgtgt cttattcaag gggccttgca     84480
     tggatttagc cacagatgtt tacaataaaa gtcaatccaa taatctatct ttgaattggc     84540
     tttccctcct cccctctttt ttaaagtcta ctactgatgc tctcaggagc tgcatttggg     84600
     ataaatgatc tgtatataaa tccctgtact gtgctctcat tctaagactc agtctaagac     84660
     aatgacataa ttttgtaatt aagaggctac agttgcaacc acttaaccac atagtaagtg     84720
     aactccactt gattcctccc tacagtggtc taaataatga tagcaccacc ccgtgcatat     84780
     actataatcc ccttatttaa aatggtaaaa aggattttgt agatctgatt aagatgagga     84840
     tcttgttgta ggtagattta tccaagtggt ccctaaatgt gatcacaagc tattgtaaaa     84900
     tagtcattta aaaagccatg tgacaatgga agcaaagatt ggagtaatat actttgataa     84960
     tgctggaaat gaccataagt caagaaattc tgaacaccgc caaggtggga aagcaaagaa     85020
     atagattgtc tgctaagctc attaaattaa ctatggactt ctaatctcca gaactctata     85080
     tagtattttg aatgagaaat gttctccaca gtctcaactg gtcaccaatt tgtggaactg     85140
     tttgagaagg tgtggccttg ctggaagatg tcatagggca cagattttga gagataaggt     85200
     tttccccttt gtgtttggcg ttcaacatat gagtttgcag cttgctactc cagctgtcat     85260
     gacagttgct tccaaatctt gattgactcc tatctttttg gaaattagcc caaataaact     85320
     ttcttctata aatactttgg tgttttatca cagtaacaga agtaagaaat acactctggg     85380
     aagataaatg tttcttgttt actcagtgat atatatatac atataccaat aataagaaat     85440
     caacatacca tttcattctt ggattctctt tagctccaag gccgcagcac agattcgcct     85500
     ctgtccacct tgatgacatt agttccagca tagctggctc ctgcaagaga agctcaaaca     85560
     catgacaagt ggtacaatta gaagcctctc gtaacagaaa tgacagtagg tcctaatgca     85620
     tagtgagaca tgagctcact gtgtcaacct tgtctccctt cctctactct tctctgtgat     85680
     ctgtagtgtt gatcagttta ctgtcccaca aggtggatgt cttcatcatg aaataccact     85740
     ttctatggta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacatata tatatatgta     85800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataccag aaatcaacat acaccatctc     85860
     attcttggat tctctttagc tccaaggcca cagcacagat tcccctatac tatagaaagt     85920
     ggtttcctat agatcacctg cctgactccc ttgaccagat accagttggg tttcaatggg     85980
     agacaaaatc aggagacata gagagtaagt ctgaatctct ctccctccca ggttatatgc     86040
     atggtcttct aagatcacat aatatcagat aatactacag aggacctgct cacaggatca     86100
     tgttcctgtt actcttggga gttgtcctat caacccggtg tccttccgga atcctcccta     86160
     cacatcacta aatagcctct cattgttcgt ttagggcctg gagaaatggc tcagcattta     86220
     aaacatgtac tgcttttaca gaggactttc aattccctgt acatagggag gcttacaatg     86280
     acatgtaact ctagcctcag ggggaatcag acgcatctga ccttcgcatg tacctgcacc     86340
     caggttcaca tttacaaaga cagacagaca gataattaaa aataaatctt aaaaaaggca     86400
     ttcctttgaa aattcagttt gcattgtgtt acttgatttc agtttgcttt gtcttatttg     86460
     attttttttt aacttcctta tattctccat taaagctaac tgaagctcag gatggttacc     86520
     tcacacactt cttccaaatg tcagatcatg atttcaggta gctaacagag gcctcatctg     86580
     ttctcactga ggtgggagat tgctgatgtt ctcctaaact taaaaagggc caacctcatt     86640
     attgctaaca tcaggtctgg acttcacaca tgcacttaat cagcttgtgt tttcttcaat     86700
     gtctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     86760
     ctctctctct ctctggctct gttctcattc tgtaggtcca cttgttatta tttttaataa     86820
     tgtatgcaaa ttctgtgaaa atatattgtc tcctatcttg ttttgatcat cttgacacca     86880
     cattttcctg ttatacaaac atttcagagt gtggtttgtc ctcaaagacc atgccaactg     86940
     agaggaagtg tctctgagag gtgtctgagt tatctgtggc catttttgat gaagtttgca     87000
     attctgacag ctgtgtccta aattaagaag aagatgggca tttctccaga gataaaccaa     87060
     ttcatcaaga actcatcttg cacataatag aaaactttaa taatttagct ctactctggg     87120
     atcagccagg ctgaaacatg ttgttgaaag atatgcagtt tgggctttga aatacaaaca     87180
     agaacttgaa gtaggtaaac agaacgtggc caagcatagg tctcaggaaa tctgcctgaa     87240
     tgaacagcga agaaagattt ataattggcg tatcaattat ttctgtggga gtggatgttt     87300
     tacgatgctt aagggtactt aaaaagtttg ttctcataag taatttaaac attcctcttg     87360
     aaatactgtt tgccctattc atttattttt ttttaattaa tcacagaatc ataacatttc     87420
     aaagctgaaa gaggcctcag agaaaattca gtgtaacttt ccttttgcaa acagattctt     87480
     gggtcactct tagctgctta gtcacagtgc aaggcctgca ctgtacacac cctcaataca     87540
     gcttcaattc cagcgactct gactccagct cagctggatc cttcttgact ctagggtgaa     87600
     atccaaccaa acaaagcact ttgtgctgca caacactcct ctctcatagt cactgcctaa     87660
     gacaacctcc tacaggtcta ctctcacttt ctcttccatc aaagaaaagt gtgttcatac     87720
     attcagattc caccaatctc ttctgccaca atattcagag ggggatctgg tccaccatct     87780
     gcacactcta tccagtcctc tggaatcccc actccatcag cttttgtcac taatccctat     87840
     gtccagaaca ttccttgata gcattctgtt cttttaataa ttgtttttaa ctgggcttgg     87900
     tggcacctgc ccctaatcct atctctctgg gggcagcagc agacaaatgt ttaagaggtc     87960
     aaaaggcagc ctggtatata catttgtgag ttcctagtcc agccaacgct acattgtaag     88020
     actgactcaa acaagcaaac aacaaaaaag cccagcagga acaacaaaac ccaaagatta     88080
     tttttaatgt attctttgac atttcgtgca tatatacatc atattataca tcatgtctta     88140
     tttgtatcca cacccagttc accttccttt tgatcctccc caaatggtcc tctttcatac     88200
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acacacacac acacacacac     88260
     acacacatac acacacacac atattcttga attctcttct gctgtggctt ttgttcccct     88320
     tccagttttc cctctgatgt tatattcttt tcctattctg taactttttt aggtcaaagt     88380
     gaaatcagcc cgaccatttc ctcaatgcct tagagattat ttactctaag attgcactcc     88440
     ctggcccaca tctttctcct cacctaacca tctactgaca gtttctgaag cttcacaagc     88500
     tcttgaaact taaacacata cacacacaaa cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     88560
     caccctctcc ttccccacaa acacgcttcc cactcatgtt attctttctg tgaatagtgc     88620
     tatctttcgt acaagtacct cctccacaca cacacagata ttagatctgt ctatcaatgc     88680
     ccccccccct tgcttctgag gcaaaggcca aactccttaa tataatgtag gtgggaaatc     88740
     tactgagatc tgatacctac ctcagcaact tcatctttta tagcttaaaa tcaccccacc     88800
     tactaagatt ccatgaccct cagatgaatt ctacctcacc ctccaagagt cagcccaaac     88860
     attgtcatgt cctctataaa actttttctc accaacttgc acttctttgg aagattcagt     88920
     ctccccgctg tgtgcctcta cctgtgactt agttaggcat atttagtgat ttactcctct     88980
     gcctctctat atgagtaaat atgtattcag gtcaggctct gtatctagac tctcatgatg     89040
     tctactggct ttcaggtgga agtatatcat agtcgatcca agggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     89100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt ataaatatat attgtatgat atatatatat     89160
     gtatgtatat atatatatat atatatatat acagagagag aggggggaca ttggcattac     89220
     atcagtgaag agatgaacga gggaatggga aaatataact gaagatctaa tgatctaaag     89280
     ttgctacagt aaattcctag agatccaaat tgtaatttgt ctcttggtgt cagaattcat     89340
     ttgaggttga ggctggaaac aataggagaa gagatacagt ggttgaatca aatttgctgg     89400
     agaaaaaaac tttctaaaat taaaggaagt aaagagcaaa aagtctagag agatagttgg     89460
     agcctgattt gatgaacttt gaaggtcaag gtagagtgct gggatgctgt ggattcagtc     89520
     aaggcttcag gactgaagaa tagcttggag ctgtcaatgg ttcatgaaca gaagaacaat     89580
     gacaatgaaa atccttattc taggaagttt aagatcaccc cactctggaa agaattcaaa     89640
     actgaagtca ggaggagtag atgggggtta gtggaccaat ttaagccctc tattgagatt     89700
     ttaaatgggg ttattattgg gaataaaagg aaagaacaga gctaaatgaa gaatcagtgc     89760
     tactgaggaa atgaaagtct caagtaaagt gaactgtgct gactaaccag ctgtaatcct     89820
     gggaactttt cgaagctatc tcctgtcatg gctgttcaga agatgttgct gaaagtgaag     89880
     tggctttaag atgctgttga cataacaact tctatgtggt ttttcctcat tggctactga     89940
     gttctggaga cagacatctt tgggtgcaac cacagcccca tcagtaaaga gtaggtagag     90000
     gaaggatgta ggtaggacac aaacaaagac agttatttcc cgtatatccc tatcttacat     90060
     ctttcttcta gaaaggccag acatgtagga aggaacaaaa ctgaatgaca gaatgatgcc     90120
     aagaaatcac aggctccaca gagtggggct cggctgacat cgaaaggagg gatgaaggct     90180
     gctatggaaa gcaaagacag gatctctttc tgctggtttt gcccatgtag agtagggcta     90240
     aagttgtcca gacaaataac cagggtcaat aacatctacc aggactcttt aagtcttttt     90300
     gtttactttc aaattacttc taatacctca accaaccatg cccactaaaa ccaatgttct     90360
     gggcgaggtg gcaaatacaa gacgatgtca ccagtagtcc tccccgtgtc acctgtatta     90420
     tatgcacaga aattttataa tttaccctct aggcatttaa atgtcacatg gtctatccaa     90480
     cttgttgggg cacttgtata aaaagttatg aaaacaactc tctggcctaa agccatttaa     90540
     cattgtttct gccttagaaa tgtaaagtca gaagattcca aaattgaacg ctaagagcag     90600
     aagtcttcat tgtcacgttc tctgggtaaa aatcttttgt agatgtctcc ttctaagttg     90660
     cagaatgaga gacctatgca aaatctgtag aagctttggg agtttgctga ggagagtgga     90720
     ggacactctg cacacgattt aactttgtct ggctgagttg aaagtttctg aatgactaag     90780
     aatctgcaac ttgactcagt cagagaccat gtggcctata acagaaaatc ttctgaagga     90840
     aaacaacata aatttgcaga tgaagcaaac agatcatctc tccacgtccg tgacaagaac     90900
     cagagctgcc atttgtcctc tgcttctgaa caaagaccac agcaggacaa gaagctaaaa     90960
     tatttttcta gtgaattttt ggagaaggaa aacttatgtt ttaaaaccaa gtcctctggt     91020
     tccctttaat acctccattt cagttggggg aaaataagaa gaattcttgc tgatatgaag     91080
     gatgtttaac atgtcatact ttttaacggg aggaaacacc attattctcc tcagaggatt     91140
     atgtgctcaa atccattgca agggccatga actgtgagag aactcctatc acaaatagtc     91200
     tcactttcag acatgggagc aataatgcca atggtgttag gatagatcct aaatgctagg     91260
     tattttaaac agaacttaca ttgtcaaggt tttcaaagtt catctatatt ctcccatgtt     91320
     tcagaactcc aattcttgtc tgattaccct tcaggaaaac aaattctcat ctgtgaagga     91380
     tagctgtggt ggccacagat acactgacca atcagggtct taacagttct tctacacagt     91440
     tactcccata caatcccttt agttcttgtg taagaacaac cagtatcatg ttatttctta     91500
     ggaaacacag cattatatgt cttctctgtc tttttttaag cacactgatc atttgactta     91560
     ggagtttacc acccacacct aaagccaagt caaaagaacc aatcagcaca gccctgccat     91620
     gctcacagaa gaagaaagga cagattggaa ggaatccgtt tgtcagtttg aagggttctt     91680
     ctctatttct tgctatgttg cttgcctgtc ttacctcaag aattcagcag ttctaaatca     91740
     tgagtttaaa cttctaaaaa ttctgtcatt tgaaattttt tctactgtct taccttactg     91800
     aggccaaatt tgttttaggt acccaggctg acactggtca cattatttcc tcccacggtt     91860
     cgtatttatt tctaagcctt tgttagctaa cataatcaga aagagactca aaatgttgga     91920
     aacaacgtcc atcaatatct ctttaagaaa cctactaaag ttacacagcc agttggtagc     91980
     agagctagag ttagaactta gcgggtcagg atatatgttg gtgaacagaa ggtaatgcaa     92040
     gcacatttca gactgaaaag tctagcgacg gatcttcatt ctatggtggg aacttgcatg     92100
     gttatctaat ctcaccaagc tgcctcctcc cagtggtgtg accattaaat gagacaatga     92160
     acagaatggc aaacactccg tttatccgta gtgagtgtct attaagagtt aatagttatc     92220
     catcccaggt tagttgacca gaacccatta gttagttgcc actactgctt cctgcagatg     92280
     cagagctgag atacttgggg gcactcggat ccatttgctg agtgggagcc tggggcttag     92340
     ttgacactgt actgggacag accagagcag agcactgtgt tcctcaggat ccggcagatt     92400
     cttctccagc atcctaaagc cagtcatcat ttcgatccct tatggttgct ccactctgag     92460
     acgcacaggg taagccccta ggaagcattt tgaatatgaa attaaagttt atagttccca     92520
     ctttatggtt cccaggagca aacccaaacc caaaatgtag cccgaactcc cacttaggcc     92580
     ctaaacacat tatactatca tatgcaaccc actacttgta attgaatcct gttacttaca     92640
     atcacagatt tctcattaca aaatattgtc ttaattataa cgaatgcgct tactcctcaa     92700
     aatctaactg aaaatgttcc atgctaccca atcagcattc acatcagttt gtgcaatagt     92760
     gttcgtgcca gactttcctc tttctcacag gttattggac tccagttcct ttacatttta     92820
     ccacttccca cataaagaac ctcctagcaa tttaatacct cctagcaggc tctgctacct     92880
     tcctgatggc ttcccatggc tctcccagag cttaccccaa aaccatctct cccttctcag     92940
     cacctttgct ttggtgcttg gcaggaaaac aaaaccactt cttgtaacag tggctccacc     93000
     tttggggtgc ctaagacttg aaaagaccag ctagagtctg tgctcaaacg accttgtgca     93060
     aagtattttt aatgctcaag cttgtttttc ccacttgaag aaaagagtca ggaaaaaacc     93120
     ttgtgtttaa ggtggttttg agtcacattc taatactccc attataagtg gaaaacactg     93180
     taaatagaaa atggattgaa tacacctgac ctactactga gtgtcctcat acagcctcat     93240
     acctcgtgac tctgttgtct ccccttgggg gtctcaagga tacagggaac tgcagctcat     93300
     tgctctgccc cacctcacga gagagagagt gatcactagc ctgggaaaat actgatattc     93360
     aaaatctgaa ctatggtttc tattttcaca caatcataaa gttaaaggat aaatcaaacc     93420
     atcatgatct gggaaccata tttatagtag aagagatatc gcaaaggtct tgtggtggtg     93480
     tctatgaact gtaagtgatt tggcaatatt agcttttgtt attgtcactg tcattggaca     93540
     atgatcaata caaagataca taagtcatat tctgtaacct ccacaaactt ataagatcct     93600
     tggatggtga gatgcaagca tctcataaaa atatcctaat aatttacctg acgtcattat     93660
     gggcctagtc aggatagaat actttgacta taatacagca tagaaggact ccaagagtta     93720
     catggagaag gagctgggtt ttgacacatt gtcctcagag aggaatggag aagggttgag     93780
     ggttctagac agagaaacag caatagctag gcaccatggc atgccctggg gatttaagac     93840
     ttgagaggtg aagcaggagg atcagaagtt tcaagtcatc tttatacata cataacaaac     93900
     ataacaagtt caaggctaac ctggggtaca tgagaccttg tcagagagag agagagagag     93960
     agagggagag agagaggtga agaaaggcag aaacggggaa ggagaagcag cagtaagcag     94020
     catgcagagg caggaagacc tctgtgtgaa tgaagaacgt gcatgacagg ttccacgagg     94080
     cattacctca gtgtcatggc agctagattc catgtaaatg cacatacact gtgggcattt     94140
     gagcttaaga agcacaaaac tggaagctta acccagcaac agcatgtggg gtgggtttag     94200
     aatctaggaa agttcaacaa aaagaatata ttgttgcatt taaggtgaac tatggagaat     94260
     tggggagccc tctggaggta gaaagacatt ccaagtgaaa gatacttggg cggggggatt     94320
     ctcatccaaa aggcaagtac aaggtaggac caagtgttga gtatgcagag tgacacccag     94380
     gatactgttt taatctcagg aaacaaagag aataggggat agtattgcct tgtgaggcag     94440
     cctgcctgct ccctccccca cccccagatc ctatgtctgg cctctgggat ccagaatttg     94500
     actacctcca tcttccagga aatcacagtc cagtcagaag gggaaacaag cttggggaag     94560
     agagaagatt atttactcat gagtgattca taagaactta tgaaacttaa atgtcaccta     94620
     gaagacacct cacctgaaac acactttaaa gatgggaacc ttgtatctaa aggaactaaa     94680
     cagctgcccc aattcacacc ttgagatatt cttaccccag agggtacagc cagagttctc     94740
     tcagcccagg cagccgtggc tccatgcaca gccctcgtta tctggatgta catttgacat     94800
     gccatcatgc attgctgtag gacagcaacc acaggccgtc cagagagatg ggagtgcaaa     94860
     ctgtggggaa agagaaggtg atgctagctc acttctcctg tactggggcc tttttactcc     94920
     caaaagattc tgtagatttc caatgtctag tcatccaacc tgtaagagca aggccatcat     94980
     cacttgccac cctgatgaaa acctgtgtct cccctgtacc caaatgttgt aggaaccacg     95040
     tggttaggtc tcctcagtac taatcagatt ggttaaatca tttcactgct cccattatta     95100
     tcttagctca ggcccttggt gccatggtct ctgaactttt gcctactttc cacccatctt     95160
     tcattctgcc atcaaagaga caaacatgat attgcactgc ttacaaacca acacattttc     95220
     tccactgact acaagataag atccaatctc ctgcgtatgg gctagaagtt cattggcttg     95280
     tagaagttcc tctccattgc tttctgggta tactacaacc cccacaaaaa gttgccacca     95340
     ttatcagaat atttcaaagc tttcatctcc ccgtgctttc cttcatgtgt accttcacct     95400
     tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttct tttcttttcc     95460
     ttttggcacc tgaactccta ctcagtcttc aaagccaatt tcaaacatca ccttcctgaa     95520
     tatagattcc tattaattac attagtttag aatgcatact atgaaaaaat gtaaggatag     95580
     gcaagatctc acacacacac acacacacac acaagacata aaacaaataa agcacactca     95640
     ggttgaccac ttggaggaac gcagaatgaa gactgagtag catcgggcca cagattgatt     95700
     cctaaacaac cctcagcatt ggctgaattt tcataaccac ccccacaagc ctctgtgcat     95760
     ttaggtgttt gtgtgtttta ccattgccct agatgatgag tccttgaaaa caagaagata     95820
     tatcttaatg atttctgtat ctccactttc caaatattgt ctagcactta ttaaatactg     95880
     aagaaatgat tattgaatgg atatattctt aatagactca gttttacaac tctgcccctt     95940
     agtgaatact ttagaaataa agaacatttt tttaaaaaaa gaaacatcta agtgcttaga     96000
     gatagacatt gtgtattaaa aaggggagag aaatggaaaa gggaatcagt ggagggaata     96060
     tgctcaaatt agaaagggtg actaaggagc aaagaaagcc agggagagta atggatccaa     96120
     agctgtgaag ttttaaaatg tgtaagctct tcaaatacaa accaaatgag ctttgcattc     96180
     tctgtgatgt cctgattagg ggagccatta aatagaaatt gtcctttaag aagttggaca     96240
     gaggaatctt aagactccaa gttgggatca cagcacgtgt acgacctcct tatcctgggt     96300
     ttgagtttgg gcttgtgtgc acatcttcat gccagtcacg atacccatgt ttacctcaga     96360
     tgtccttcac ttccgggtat ccggtcctct agactccaag actcacggca actccttcat     96420
     ctctgacacc ctgattgtta cacatttctt tgagatttca cttggtttct ctatccacat     96480
     tgacactgct gacctactcc ttccctgact ataagctatg ataagtagtg acatcttgtt     96540
     ctgaaaatgt ggttgtgata tccactcagt tccacaactc aagaactctc actcctttcc     96600
     acgtcccaaa cgtaagcagt ctcggctctc ccaggcttag aggttccaaa gctgcttatg     96660
     ggagcaagca tacgacagcc actctaaagg gagactctgc tttggttccc actgttctct     96720
     tttttagccc actatgactt aactgaaatc actacagagt cttaagacac atgctaacaa     96780
     aagaaagcaa ttacatggga accctctgca aaatccctgg catggttttc gaaggaatca     96840
     catccaaatg tttctgactt gcgattgctc atctctaatt gctaacattt aaatccagga     96900
     agcattgctg atgccatctt tgacagtgtt taagaattta tttttctgga gctaatattt     96960
     ttgaaagctg ggttctgtgt atttctagaa tccaaagtta agacttaggt gattactaag     97020
     tggacatatt ctacatataa gattgtcaca aataaaaatt gcttgctgta gtttacaaaa     97080
     tcattcccac ctaagaattc ttttgggaac agtcccttac ctcccaccta atgttcaaga     97140
     gaagaaagta tgagtatctc aacaaataaa tattaaaaca gggaagtctg gaaacttaga     97200
     aactgatgta aaacctgaac aaattattcc tttcctaaga atgtcgacaa agaatcaatg     97260
     aaggtaggtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg ggcacatgaa tgtatgtatc ctgtgatttt     97320
     tgatgttttt catagtcatg tgacttttta ggtgccttga aacttttcta gaagctagag     97380
     agataaattc tataaattta aaagttgagg ctctaaagaa ggtaaaccat actaaaataa     97440
     caatttaaaa gacacagaga aaattttgca aatttactta atgatacttt tgcacactga     97500
     ggagttttct ctcatccata tgaacaaaac caagagccaa agtgatccag gacagtggcc     97560
     tccagcaatg atctgcgtgc cagcctaaaa tcagtacgtt ttctcctctt ataattatct     97620
     ggagcatttt tttggctctt gcacacacat ctcttccttt ccccacaact gtcacctgga     97680
     gagaaggact tcttattcat ccatgtgtta acggctgagg tccccaggga cacatgagaa     97740
     aaccgtaaga agtttttaat gtaagtttcc tgactatatc cgaatacaga tgggaacgtg     97800
     tgcatcattt acgcttagct ctgataaggc atgggaaagt gggattgagc agaggcgttt     97860
     gatctgagca tgagaaacca tgggaattta gcccagccag actcttccca ttcctctgca     97920
     tccttgagtc ttgaggtagg gatatgcctt ttccccaggg acaggaagag catttttcaa     97980
     caagggtctt aggatctgct ctccaaggga aactttggag aatcccagac cttattttga     98040
     aatactctct gaagtctctt ttgtccctac aattttacca ctctagcatt tctagcattt     98100
     cttaaaacat ttaccggatg ataactttgg gataagcatg ttgcttagtt ctctacttgt     98160
     acttcaatgg cttattatta ttgatagtat cttcatcttc atcatcatca tcatcatctg     98220
     gtggcttcct acaccgactg gtgtgaggtg ggatctcagg gttgttttga tttgcatttc     98280
     cttaatgact aaggatgttg aacatttttt cagatgcttc tcaaccattc ggtattcctt     98340
     agttgagaat tctttgttta gctctgtagc ccagttttaa tagggttatt tggttctctg     98400
     gagtctaact tcttgagttc tttgtatata ttggatatta gccctctatc ggatgtagga     98460
     ttagtagaga tcttttccaa atctgttggt tgctgttttg tcctgttgac agtgtccttt     98520
     gccttacaga aactttgcaa ttttatgagg tcccatttgt ggattcttga tcttacagca     98580
     taagccattg gtgttctgct caagaatttt tcctctgtgc tcatgtgttc aaggctcttc     98640
     cccactttct cttctataag tttcagagta tctggtttta tgtggaggtc cttgatccac     98700
     ttggacttga gctttgcaca aggacatagg aatgggtcga tttgcatttt ttctacatgc     98760
     tgactgccag ttgaactagc accatttgtt gaaaatgctg tcttttttcc actggatagt     98820
     tttagctcct ttgtcaaata tgaagtgacc atatgtgtgt gggttcattt ctgggtcttc     98880
     aattctatcc cattgatctt cctgcctgtc tctataccaa taccatgtag ttttttatca     98940
     ctattgctct gtaatacagc ttgaggtcag ggatggtgat tccctcagaa gttcttttat     99000
     tgttgagaat agttttcctt atcctgtttg tttgttgttg ttgtttttgt ttctttgttt     99060
     tcctgttttt ttccaaatga atttgcaaat tgctatttct aactctatga agaatgattt     99120
     ggaattttga tggggattcc atcttagaag gagaacaaaa tactcacagg tgcatatatg     99180
     aagataaagt atagagcaga gactgaagga aaggccatcc agagactgtc ccacttgggg     99240
     attcatcccg tatacagtta ccaaacccag acactattgt ggatgctaac aagtgtatgc     99300
     tgaaaggacc ctgatatggc tgtctcctga taggccctgc cagagcctta caaatacaga     99360
     ggtggatgct tgatgccaac cgttggactg agcatggggt ccctaataga ggagttagag     99420
     aaagaactga aggagttgaa ggggtttaca accccatagg aagaacaaca atatcaacca     99480
     accatacccc tcagcactcc catggactaa gccatcaaca aaggagtaca catggctcca     99540
     gctgcatatg tagcagagga tggccttgtc aggaatcagt ggaaggagag gtccttggtc     99600
     ctatggaggt tcgatagatg ccccagcata ggggaatcaa gggtgggggg gtgagagtgg     99660
     gtgggtgggt agaggaacac cctcatagac acagggaaag agaggatgtg atgggtgttt     99720
     ctgggaggaa gggaaaccag gaaaggggat aacatttgaa atgtaaataa agaatatata     99780
     tatatatata tatatatgct tcctatggtt ttcttatgtg tccctgggga cctcagctgt     99840
     gaacatatgg atgaataaga aaaccttcct ccctgacaga agaaattgag acatcaaatg     99900
     tcttcatttg tctaacaatg agatgtctat gtgaagttaa ctacgtagac aaaggagaat     99960
     gtgcttggag aagaataatt atggacagcc aggcatggta gctcaagcct gtaatccaaa    100020
     acctagagag gttgaggtag gaagatcatg agtttaaagc cagacctctc tccatgagga    100080
     gttgtaagcc aatgtgaact acctaaccag acactatgtc gggaaagtgt tgtgtacaaa    100140
     agcttggatt tttaaaacct tgaatgtcct tgggacagat aagtggcctg ggatttgggc    100200
     cagagtccct gttccttggt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctccca    100260
     gagcacggag agaggtgagg acaggaaggt ggtaacaaag agactgcaag gctcaaagct    100320
     ggtgacaact gtggggaaag gaagagatgt gcatgccatg caagtgccaa aaagctcctg    100380
     ataattatta gaacagaaaa cgtattaatt ttaagcagat tattagtgaa cattgtataa    100440
     ccaaattgta aaatttcttt caagcatgta attaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa caaaaacaaa    100500
     aacaaaaaaa ggtttctaat cttttttttc cttaagagga agtaccaatt taaaattcag    100560
     gtttgtcttt ttaaaataag attcatatgt taatttgatc tacagcaaca gaagtacaac    100620
     ctcttcagaa aaacaaatta cactatggga aaaagtgctt agcaagaact tctgttttgt    100680
     cctttgtggg ggtggcaaag tttctagatt ataggcacct agcatcagaa ctcctcctca    100740
     gatcactagt gtcccacctg tgcaatgcag ctgagtggaa acagctgcca ggtggcccct    100800
     actcccagct caggttcaag gcacatccat tgagcacttc cggaagaggc tgacctgggt    100860
     gggggtgctt gaccttgtga gagtcaatac ctctagacac catttgctct tgatcatgaa    100920
     aataataaaa agaggtgaaa acccacataa cttcaaacac ctccaaacat caaaggtcta    100980
     accagcaaga gactggtaaa tctgagttaa ggatctttca ggtggaggaa cttgccataa    101040
     ttagtgccct acccctgcct ttaacaacag tgcattttaa agaagagaaa tccagtcttc    101100
     tggaaataat agcaaaaaaa ggcattggat ccaaattgac ctaaaaagaa gcagtagaga    101160
     agagatttgc tagccaacct ttaagaacaa taaataccac atcatgaacg accctttcac    101220
     atggggtggc ataacagata gcccaaatat caaatattta catttacaat ccataacctg    101280
     caaaattata gttacaaagt agcagcaaaa taattttatg actggggtca tcacaacatg    101340
     aggaactgta ttaaagggtc acggcatcag caaggttgag aaccacggct ctaaggggtg    101400
     gggagaggga tggagagagg ggcagggaga tggttccatc agcaaagtgt ttacaatgca    101460
     aacatgagaa ctggaactca ggttctccaa cacttactcg tgtctacaac ctcagcactg    101520
     ggagagggga gaaagcacag agacaagcag atccctgaag ttcactggac agccagtcta    101580
     gccaaattaa tctgttttgg gtttacaaag agaccctaac taagaaaaaa aaagttggag    101640
     agtgactaag gaaagatttc tttcactgac ccttggaaac ccagatacaa gcacacaggt    101700
     acatctatac ccacccccaa catatatata ctctaattct agcaagtaat ataccatttt    101760
     tacaactatc acacacacac acacacacac accacaatac acatacatga ataaacaaat    101820
     taaaatttag aaaagaggaa atacaagcta gtgaggacta ctgaaaatac acaggaagca    101880
     ctggtctctg aatgctttag gatgggtgaa aagcctaaat cgttccattt cttctcaggg    101940
     acaaaactgt ctacctcccc tacaaccatt ttagaggtgg tctcagaatt atttgacagg    102000
     aaactattgt ttataaccta aatactctta agcccatatc agtggtagag acaagctttc    102060
     tgtcactatc agctcctctt gcttgcagag atctttgttt ctttgaatca ggaaaggatt    102120
     ggagcagggg gtgggggtga ggaaaagtct aggagaatca gcaacatgaa aattctcaga    102180
     aagaaaggaa gccatcttag aaccaaggag tgtcaaagca gatttttaag aaccctggct    102240
     tcactagcgc tcaagctgcc ccctcagagg aattctcagg acactaatgc gtggtaaaga    102300
     gcgaagctac ctagactgag tgtcctacat tatgccgcct gagctcaagt ttgcagaacc    102360
     tccatccctt ttgccttgtg gaaatttaca atttttagga attcctaggc taagagataa    102420
     agcattcgtt ttagacttga ttacttatgg cactgacaca aaaatatttg acaacatgtt    102480
     tttctctcat tgatgccacc tgactcccga aacattggaa ggaataatac taataacact    102540
     tttgctgcaa atgttccata atcggcatca gaaaatatca gagcatgtcc ctcaggcaga    102600
     actaaataca ctgaactcac tgaggtaggg gacagtctaa gtctaggcgg ggtgaccttg    102660
     aggcagatct tataaagcag aaaactggat ggaattttgg atagtttatg tccaatgact    102720
     tgatctgaag agcacaatga ggcaaggatg cacacactgg gcctgatgag aggcaagcgg    102780
     taaaagccaa gcggtggagc tggtttgtca aggtgactat ctgtgaagga gactcaggag    102840
     gcagtttagg attcaacaca attattggaa aatgacattg aggggacatc tatggataga    102900
     cagggaggaa gctggcttgc ggaatgtgaa atctccgttt ttgagagctg tgtatttgaa    102960
     tgacacatca gatatgttcc atattggctc acatcagtag acatgaggtg ctcttagaaa    103020
     agagggactt ggagccaacc cccaggagaa tgacaaataa aggcttgctt ctaacggcat    103080
     tccagcagct tactgtgaag cggggtctgg acagaatggg cctgtgtctc atcaaccagg    103140
     atttacccgc cccaagtaaa cagcttctta ctgttgatta gcctcagctt tgtttaggag    103200
     aaaattatga cattttattt ggtctcatta ttgttgaagg gataggtagg tttcatatac    103260
     taataataaa tgttgctttt cctcacccct gagcttatct gaatctcata ggaaaaggtg    103320
     ttcttcctgt atgttatttt catttttcca tctcagatat cctcacccat ctctgccatt    103380
     caggcactat atgtgttttc tccctttttt tttgtacata tcatataacc ctctcacaac    103440
     caatagttct tctctaccca agaatttctt caatctaaat taaagtcaac agtaaaacct    103500
     acaccaaaac tatttgattc atctaggccc ttaaatctct ttatagacgt ttaccattaa    103560
     ataccagttc acttctctca ccaactcttc caaatccacc tttgcatcca ggcacattat    103620
     ggcatgcttc taatctcagc cctttcgagg cagaggcctc agaatcaggg attcaggatc    103680
     atactcagtt acaaagtgaa ttggggacta gtctcaaaaa cacacacaaa caaacagcaa    103740
     caaatagttt catctttgca cacctactga aataaatatt aagtaagtca ctagtgatga    103800
     cttataaaca tctcccttga tatttgaaga acttcccatg ttgagtaact ctctacttcc    103860
     tggatttggt gggtgtcttt tctttctcta ggataatcca ttgtctcata aaatgaatat    103920
     atttcctatt ttggtcttct cttcatgtgt actagatatg ttttctgatc atataaacaa    103980
     taacttgatg aattcaaatc cttgatttct gtcaaaatct gcttgccaga tagatatctg    104040
     taaatcatca atttttcagg acttcaagcc attggtttct gtaagtatgt gtgtgtgtgt    104100
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgtgt gtaattgatt aatataatat attgtattaa    104160
     taaggattta agactgtact tcttttattt cctactatcc cccatgcaga acactattct    104220
     aggtaaaata tagttttata ttgatcagat ttcagtgaga agaaatggaa actacatcag    104280
     ttagttcaac tgaatttagt acaaggaatg gggtaagttc tgagaggttg aaaatgcaca    104340
     aagaagtact gatgtatcac aaagacagtg acttcaggaa gcactttcac tcctggagct    104400
     ggtagaacaa agcagagggc tatggttatt aggacatgga atgtctgagg tatagccaga    104460
     agggacagga tgtttgcagc tgattcatta ggagcttgta acagtacttc aggatactga    104520
     aatgagcctc tggggggagg ggactgtgct agcagtgggt gttggtatct ttgaaccaga    104580
     tcacagctga cttctgaaaa tgtgaacaaa ctgaactaac gccagatacc ttgtcaaaac    104640
     aacaacaaca acaaataaat aaaaaaaact gaggtgattc ccaacaagaa cagaaagcaa    104700
     aaaaaaatgc aagaggacat tatttccttg ctacctcaga cctccagaaa atagaaatgt    104760
     catatgcaga gtcacagccc agtgtcccat gaggggttga aaggttgaat ttagacctca    104820
     gaggtaacaa gttactagct agtactgtca ccataagcct ttaaaccagg ggtcagtaaa    104880
     gggttactgg aacataaccc tacttatgtg tttatctttt gtccatagat attttcatac    104940
     cacaatggca gcgctaactt gtcaccatgg agactatatg acccacacat gactgaccct    105000
     ttatatacaa atgtttgcca gctcttaatt taaacttcca agaatgaata agattatttt    105060
     ttgacaactc tactccccaa atcagaatca agttctacta gtgccatccc tataacagta    105120
     gtattattct tctctgcctc tttactgtca cccagctact atttggaaaa cttatgtctg    105180
     aaaatgtttc tgctcttgtg accctcattt ggtctaaaaa cattttcaat ctaaacttct    105240
     ggtcattgtt tgacctgagt tatattccct aactaatttt cagtcactgt ttaaccccaa    105300
     gttatattcc ctaactaatt ttccaacatt ttcaggtact ttctggtcac ttatcactaa    105360
     ctaaacctac tctcctctac ctttgcaatt tttgagaaat taacatcctt attacacacc    105420
     taagaataga aaacattgag taatatatta ccattgagaa acacaaaaca taaaaatcaa    105480
     agtattgtgt ttataattgt aaaagctgaa aagactgtgt ggctaactta taaaagaaga    105540
     aggagaagga gaagaaaacc ttgaatctga caaataaaac attttaggtc cctacttcac    105600
     atagataagc aaaataatat agactaaaat cctaaactaa gctgatggca tatgtctgta    105660
     atcctagcaa tgcaggaggc tgaggcaaga ggatcaagaa ttcaagacca gttgtgacta    105720
     catagattat aatgaaagga ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    105780
     ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaaatttctt    105840
     atatttggaa ttcagcccat caaacaggaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaac ccattgggtc    105900
     ctaagactga aaggagaagt ggacacatgc ctactaaccc agaagcgatc tccaactgat    105960
     atccaactga tatccattca caaatgaaaa tgtagtgttc tccaagagag tcccactgat    106020
     gaaacaaact acttgtaaga gtagcctgcg tgtccaacag tagatagaca acagaaaatg    106080
     agctcaatgg catctgtgga ggttccttgt ctcataatgt catatcagag cacttttaaa    106140
     atttatctta ttttgtattt tatttttctc tcttttaccc tatatatatt ataggtactt    106200
     tgcatatatg ttatggcttc tgatttagtg tttttatgtg aaagcaagtg aatgtgtaaa    106260
     caagtgagcc tctgcctctg tatctgtttc ttgtgccttt tcttgagctc ctttccatct    106320
     gtttgtttgt ttgtttatcc aatttaaatg tgttagtttt atcctataat acattttatt    106380
     ttcttattat ttcttaggag tctgtttgtt ttttaacgag agatagaaag tgggtagatc    106440
     tgggaggaga actggtaata gagatactgt atgagaaaaa tttattctca ataaaagagg    106500
     aattttttaa gcaaatgaaa ccattgatat cttccattgg ttaatcaggt tgaataagaa    106560
     agccaggtca aggacaattg tgtcagctag ttgattacag aattgggagc agatgatggt    106620
     gatgggactg ggtgagagtg ggtgtgattc tccaagcatt tccaccatat tttgctctaa    106680
     acctctgaga gatgaatcat gtgatagtga actttaattg ttaatttgac acagcctaga    106740
     ctcacctggg aagatagttt caaataaggg attgcctact ttgggtagat ttgtagacat    106800
     ggctttgaga taggttatct tcattaactg gtatgagaaa ccccacccac tgtgggcagt    106860
     agcattccct agacaaggat ccttgaactg agtaagagta gagaaatcaa aacaagcaca    106920
     gactcacttg tacagttgag tatgtatgca attatttctc tctgatcttg aataagaatg    106980
     tggcatgatc agctgcataa agttcctttc ctgacttcct tgcaatgttg aaccacaacc    107040
     agaaactata agttaaatac ccctcctctc ctgagttgct ttttgttcag aaggaatttt    107100
     atcacaataa tagaaatgaa caaaccatga catctttata agccaagaat atgtatgact    107160
     ttctgtatga ggaggttttg atactaagtt ctagtcccct aattggtttt tgatttgtca    107220
     ataaaaaaga ctgggagcca attactgggc agaggtacaa gtaggacttc tgggtctcaa    107280
     gaggacaagg agatgcaggg aaggagagtg atgcttcttc tgccatgctt ggaggaaagg    107340
     ggacatagca attatgtaag gcccctggaa gagctagggc ctgtggggtc cgctataggt    107400
     gggtggccaa ggacatagaa gagagatgga gataataaat tggtaagggc atgcctttcc    107460
     agggaggtat ctgcacccag gaactgtatg tagcaggcaa gttaaggtaa caaaactgtc    107520
     tgtgtgtctt ttatccacag attcaaaagg aagccagatt aggtctggtt gcaatcaatc    107580
     gatcaattgg gtagaacaaa agggagtcag aaggagacag agttcatgct gtggtcctga    107640
     gcaaaggtgg tagagtgttg cttttaaaac tacatacaca actttctttc acaagatgat    107700
     atttatttat ttattcaata ttattctcac cttcaaaggc cactttcttt tttaattata    107760
     tttttataaa ttatttgaga attttatacc atgtgtttga ccatattcac tttcctgatt    107820
     cctcccagat ctgtcccaac ctccctacct acctccctac ccacccaaca gcatctgcat    107880
     atctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctccc ctcccttccc    107940
     ctccctttcc ctcctcttcc ttctcttccc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc    108000
     ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ctctcctctc ccaatgaagt gcaacttgtg    108060
     ttgaaggact tatttgctaa tatatctatt gctcccttag attcctcttt ttgactggtg    108120
     gtaggaagca taaaattgct tcaaaactat acactaacta gataactcca aaaatgtact    108180
     acacccaagc ctgaaaattt gatgtctctt ccattcacca ccacaaatga tggccaaata    108240
     tgctgttcaa tatgccgtac aagaaagtgt gcaacaataa tgtattccac taatcaatac    108300
     tactgaacaa cccaaagatg ctcaatagaa actccctcat attgtgagat ccccagaaga    108360
     aaatagttta aaagattaaa ttctcctcca agttaaagtt caaataattt aacatccaaa    108420
     taattaacaa ccttaatttt ttccttcaga agttattgtt ccacacgggc tcatatagag    108480
     ctcaggctca gatatcagta gagcctgggt ttattcaacc actgctgcct ggacctttct    108540
     cactgaggag aatacaattt tttttgtttc ttcccattaa aaagactctg aaacatccca    108600
     agactatcat ggcaagagca atctagtcat aaacttagat caatgcaaac acaaatttaa    108660
     agagaggcca tccaagagat cacaacactg aatctaaata tatcttagca tggccaaaga    108720
     tcatagcaat aaatcaatca tggatcctga ggggaagggg gaaccaaagt gggaaaggtc    108780
     tcagacacag ccctgacagg atgccaatca gttggtatgg gtacttaaag ttcatgatca    108840
     tgagctcata accagttggg aatacttttt gtgagaactt ataatgtctg atgggaaatc    108900
     taagggaata ttatctcctc tgctgtagat tctgaggaca gaattattac ccccaaagaa    108960
     attttagaaa tttatcatct ttaaagttct atctccttcc ctcctgttag ggcttttttt    109020
     tttccttcca ttccatcatc taagatatca ggatttctct gaaggaaata tattacctgc    109080
     ttcagcttaa aaagccaatt tccttccata gtcttcattc atcttttgtg gtattttgta    109140
     aagagagagc aaaatatgct cttcaaacca cctccatttc ttctagttgt cttcagagaa    109200
     aagttattcc caatggctga gtgtcacaga aggaaatagt caagtagcct tcttggcatt    109260
     tgagtccata attaatttag tggattattt ctttaaaaag tcatctaaga gaataatctc    109320
     cttacaataa ataatcattt cttagttttt tgagaggctt caatacactt cctcatttcc    109380
     agtgttttta gcttgatgat ttttagataa tgtatataga aatgcaacca tgattgaaat    109440
     tgagatacat aatacttctt caacatcaga aaattttttc cttatcatct ctctcagctt    109500
     gattccagga aggaatgatt tgctttctat caataaagtt ttgactgtta tagaatgtca    109560
     tataaatgta attatataac agaatatctt tgataccaag tttctttgaa tgagtcagat    109620
     gttttgtgat attttcatgc tatttcatat attaattatt tcttctttca cattactggt    109680
     attccagtgt atatattttg catagtttgt ttatttattt attcagcagc tgatgaacat    109740
     tttgcttatt cttagttttt actcaactat gaataaacat ttgcatgcaa gattttgtat    109800
     agacacaaaa ttttcatttc tttggggagg ggggagaaac ttgaaagtga aattgctaga    109860
     tcatagggta aaaggatatt aaagtttcta ggaaattttc atgctgtctt ccaaaataat    109920
     cttactactt taaattccta atagcaatgt aagagaggta cagctgctct aaaaggctac    109980
     ccctgggaga tacactactg tgtgcttggt actatgtgac tgtggtttta atttacattg    110040
     gcctgctgtc agatactttt ttcatgtggt cattgccaaa tgtagatctt tggagtactt    110100
     actacatctt gggtctattt ttaactggac tgtttgtaac tattgatgtc taagaactat    110160
     ttataaattc tggcaacatg ttaaatgtca gatatataca ttaaaatatg ttttacatgt    110220
     ctatgactta attttttaaa ttttacttat tttattttgt gtgcatatca gtgttttacc    110280
     tgcctatgtc agtgtactac ttatgtgttc ctggtgccca cagaggccag aaaggatgta    110340
     agatgtatgg acttacaaaa gacttttgag tcatcttgtg ggtgctggta attgagcctg    110400
     ggtccatctg gaagagcaga cagtgttcct aacaactgag cagtctctcc agttccattt    110460
     tcttaatagt acctttcaaa gatcaaaagt ttccatctat aaattctaat ttttagttgt    110520
     ttcataattt gtacttagtt cacttaactg ccctgacaga atcagccctt gcttactaac    110580
     ctacaaaatt tagagcatcc tactcaaggg acccaaatct tcatttgttc ttttactcaa    110640
     gaagtgtctc catggctgct gtctatcatt cagggatgga aaaatgagta ttatgtgggt    110700
     caaaactaga agtgtcctgc tgtaaaaagt tccctacaca agaaatataa gcaaaacggg    110760
     acaattgtgt ctccttagtg tccctcacct gaaatagccc cttggaaaaa acactgacac    110820
     tgtcctgttc ctcctatcaa agccctactc atctttgaag gtgtattcat gtgtcgcttc    110880
     tccattagga ctccttcctc tcttgaatct cctggcctgt tcactactca gtacttcatt    110940
     tcatttagct taccatttca taacctcctt ggacacttgc tgtgttctag actgcctaat    111000
     caagatgtac attctttatt ccctatggta tctaatagag tgccttggat acaaaggagt    111060
     tttttctttg aataaataaa aaaactgaag ctcagtgagt gtgtgtgcgt ggtgtatgtg    111120
     tatgtgtgtg tatatttctg tgtgtttata tgtgttagtg tgtttatgca tgtgtaagtg    111180
     tgcgcgcatt ccacacaatg agaactagga ccaaatgatg tataaagaag cagactttag    111240
     ttaaacatag gaagagtttg ctactatttg gaatgtttat aaaatgaaat gggtccctat    111300
     gtcagagtaa aagctctctc cctcagtgag ctcacccaaa gctcaatgtc tctttcaaga    111360
     ttactatgga aacaatccca gcattgacta agggttagac taaacaagcc atccatttcc    111420
     tcactttcta aatatgcaac agtcagccat tgatcataca gatccttgat tggctgagag    111480
     ttactacaat ttctttttat atcattattg acccaaggct ggattgtccc caaatggcac    111540
     tggtcctcta tcttttatgt tcaccagtac ctttacagta tggtatccta aatgattcag    111600
     aatacttctt tgacaggaga agtctgagaa agcaaacatg agccagagca atcaggacat    111660
     atccaaacaa atttatgcac aagaaaatgt tttatgcatt tctacttagc tcaggagcca    111720
     agcgaaccag tggctagccc agagctgtaa gccagactac attataatag atggttaggt    111780
     aagatgttac agctgttgta taacgttagc ataaactaca gaatctggta caattaagca    111840
     ttagtgactg ataggaacca cttctcttat aataaatgct tcctgaaaaa atcctagttt    111900
     aatgttagtt agaggtggtg aattgtttct tatgtgaatt atgataatag ctgtgaaatt    111960
     ttcacatccc ctggaacttg gttacaggca attgtgagta ccatgtgagt gctaggaatt    112020
     gaacctgggt cctgtgaaca aataacagcc agagctcttg acttctgagc actggctcta    112080
     ttttcttaac agtacttttc aaagagcaaa aacttcaatc taggaattct gatttttggc    112140
     tgttttcata atttatactt ggtctcacgt aattgccctg acagaattaa cctatgctta    112200
     ttaaattatg accatctgta gatccagttc cagaggagcc tgtgccctct tctggcttct    112260
     gtgggcactg ggcatgcagg tggtacacag acatacatac agacaaaaca ttcatacaca    112320
     taaaataaaa aacaataatt aaaacaacta ttgaccagca ttttccagat gtgacaaaaa    112380
     tttacaggaa aaacatttac agcagttttc tggtcagagc agaatggaga gctggtgggc    112440
     actggctgtg gaacagggag acttgaagtg gaggccaatc ttcatgaagg gctagaagac    112500
     ttttctcatc tagaaggtgg cctagcacct gctgccaccc agaaactccc cctccttctc    112560
     ttttaatctt cttcacattc tgccccccct agggtgtgtg aagtgagatt gggtagaaga    112620
     tgggcattga cttctggtct aattctattc tctgtaggaa cagagacaaa gggagtcatc    112680
     tggctccctt gggcaatctg tgaggttgga atgggagtct ttggagcatc tataattggt    112740
     gacagtattc tgttctgctg agcgttgtaa atacttttcc tcttgaacag atctgatgcc    112800
     tgagacttag ctcttacttg catataactg attacttcag acagttaaaa ctcgggacac    112860
     ttagacttct gtaataatct gcttgaaatc cagattagca taattgttcc tttaggatga    112920
     ggaaacagaa tcagacaggg aagagaacaa tgcggaggca gtctgattat tttaaatgac    112980
     tcctttgatc cttccatccc aaaaggattt gctatcaaag ccctggtttg gaaacattag    113040
     accagatcca acccggggct ggaaggcagt cagcgccctc atgttctgca tgttagctct    113100
     cttgggtttc tttctgccgg aagaatgatt cccagaaata actgtttttc ctgagtgtgg    113160
     caagaaacta gattcacaca ccatagtgtt tgatgtacat gagggctgga ggaaactgta    113220
     aggcacaaac cctgttttcc attagaagga aaattctgac ttaatataac ttaattacgt    113280
     ctagaccatt tccaaaagcg atgaagcaaa ggaacattag aaaactaatg tcaccctctt    113340
     ttaaaatttt ggcaaactct accagaagaa aaaatacaaa aacaaagaat caccttattc    113400
     cagagcaatg agacataaga gacagggtca cttctagatt aagccactaa gcctattctt    113460
     cattctcctg tcttgagagt gtgctgagtt gggtatagac tgccctctaa ggatagtttt    113520
     tctctaacaa attaactggc aaagaaatca ctaagcctat gggtgctctt tgcaataaag    113580
     gcagtgcagc tagcattgac agagttaagt ttatcttacc caaggtacag aagtgcatgt    113640
     tccctgccct ttcccagaca aggagacgtt ctccccagtg gactgatgtt agaaactctg    113700
     agcagaactg ggggactcac atttgggaca tgaccactgg acatagagac agcctaaaga    113760
     agatgatacc aggggctctc ttaagaaaag ccacagagtt tcagaggaga cctgaagaaa    113820
     gatgccatga ttcttaaata tagaaaccag ggttaggaac agaggggagg atccactggg    113880
     ggtccctttc ctcttccaaa gctttagtgt ttcagccatg tggtgtccac acccaggaac    113940
     caaagagcta tgaatgcttg tccttggctc cctttcctag tttgaatcag tccaggacct    114000
     cagtccaggg agtgatacca cgcacatggg ccatctcgcc taaattaaac taacctagaa    114060
     aatcactcac agacatacct agatatttgt tttcatggtg actttaaatc tcaccaaatt    114120
     ggtaacctat gggaaatgat catgaattaa actgtaggcc ctatgctgag cggtggtggt    114180
     gcacgctttc aaacccagca cttgggaagc agaggtaggc agatctctgt aagtttgaga    114240
     ccagcctggc ctatagagtg agttccagga caactagagc tacacacaga aactgtctca    114300
     gaaaacaaac aaaaaactgt gggtcctaaa tgttaaggtg ttataaaagg atggtagaag    114360
     gagatttgcc acagaagaga gactgtgtag caatgggagg agagactgct atgacatagg    114420
     cataggtcag catgtgcaca gtaagaaagt ggagtctctc ctcagggcta ccgacagttt    114480
     gggttgagct cagtgaaaat gattatcaag cgtcagcctc caatagagga atgaatgtgc    114540
     attggtttgt gccacacgaa caagcaagtc tgtggttatt tgctgcggca ggcctgggaa    114600
     aaccacacaa ggctaatgtg aatgaggaag agcgacaggg aatcacagca gctgtgtgaa    114660
     gtaagagagc ctgagagaag ctgtgagaca ggagaaccac ttaaggaaga aggaggtgat    114720
     actcagtagc tctctccatg cgtgcaggag gtcttaatca tgagaaaagg ggcttctccc    114780
     tgctgctggg aagtttggct gtgcttccag aatgaaccta tccctcaaag actggagaaa    114840
     atatgctttt cagatgaaac ttgtttctga tgagctatca tttcgttgag tggacctaca    114900
     gctacttgga ttttatacta ggtattttcc tgcaattttt gtaagagttt ggacagcaga    114960
     tgagaatttt agccccaaga aagcatttct ggcggactcc acattatttc aataattatt    115020
     gaaaaaaaaa gagtgctaca attttcagtc atagactaca atcacgtggg attattatta    115080
     taaaactaaa catagcagac cacagagaga tgtactaagg agaaatcaca ttctaagagt    115140
     gatgatcctc atcagagaac atacagagat gtcattgtgc tagttgttgg caccacaaaa    115200
     ctgttttttc cataagaaat tggaaaagtt gtttttattc ctgtttcaac agatggatgt    115260
     acccagagaa agagagtcag acatccatgg gttttgccat ctctaccctc agggatccta    115320
     tttcccagtg aactggactg accactgctt ctagactctt gaaaatttta caaaacaatc    115380
     ctaggtccta tcatgttgag ggtcgaaagg gaaaagggat gatacagaca gggttctgat    115440
     tagaacatgt ctccaaaatg acacagcagt ggctagactg aaaagccaag acagagaaga    115500
     gtcctcatgg gttggcatct gggctattta taggcttgat cccaatctgt ctcactgcca    115560
     cagacagaac atatggcaag gtggtgagct gttaagattc agatacggaa atcggaaatc    115620
     ggtaagcact aagcagcaaa gtagagagaa atgaaacacg gcctggagtg aagggcgtcc    115680
     tcactcacct tctggtggct ctcaccagct tcctcatctt acctgaagca cagaccctag    115740
     aggaggagat tagatgttga tactgatgtg ttcactcttc tggaaaattt cggattcccc    115800
     agttcctctt tccacagagc aaaggttaac taacggagcc tgggcacagc ctgtcttctg    115860
     tggcaccaag ggacatctta gccacacaag aaaagccttt atttatttat ttatttattt    115920
     atttatttat ttatttaaat tgaggaagtt aaggatttgg atcacataag gcctgtcttc    115980
     tgtggcacca ggagacatct tagccacaca agaaaagcct ttatttattt atttatttat    116040
     ttatttattt atttatttaa attgaggaag ttaaggattt ggatcacata aggcagaagt    116100
     gctcttttct ttccagggct gtgatctgaa ctgaaaagaa aacagatatt acacgtacaa    116160
     aactctatcc atcacaagtt aagacaccat acgtcagact cttagaagag tctgtgttct    116220
     gaggctgtgc tggggacagg ataagggata aagctagatg atagggcaca ttttgggatg    116280
     acttggccgt ggttcctcag aaatgtgtag aattttaaaa gattacatgg gatgcagaag    116340
     atgctgagga gttagcaagg aaatacaaga tgctctcact ctgacagagc aaaaagaatc    116400
     tttccattgt gcccctctag aaacaccaag gcagagagtc tgtgacaaag aaagactaac    116460
     actaacaatt gtggaaaaaa gaaagtcagg gaaggagtat ctactgatac ttagcaagcc    116520
     aggtactttg gcaggtaatt ggaacttgaa cctatagaca tattctgtaa agcccgaggc    116580
     atacaactgt gcatctttgc caagggagtc cactgtagcc ttgagtgagg caaggaggtt    116640
     gtcctcctag aggaattcct agcctggtgt gtgagccccc tcacccccaa acaggagaaa    116700
     aatccattca tgcagtggga aagctcaggg taatagttgt ggttcagcct ggacaaagag    116760
     agcaacaaga ttgggtagct aggcatgaaa gtcagtgtct gaaggaagga agatgatgcc    116820
     aggtggattt caggccagga attgatcata taattaatgg actaagaatg taaaagtcag    116880
     gtttggtttc ctagtatcat ataaataaaa ggattacaag ctagaatagt ccatgaactg    116940
     tgtgaggttc atggcatgga tgtgaactta cagatttctg aatagatgca agcacaggtg    117000
     tgtgtgtctg tagaattgtg tagacacaca catacacatg taatatgcat tttggttgtc    117060
     ccagtattta ttcttataat acatctacct gtctagatag atgcatatct ccaatactgt    117120
     ccaccttctg gtcctagcag catggaaatc ccagcagcag agagaaaagc tgatacatag    117180
     acattgtctg tcaaatgcat ttcttactga ctgctaagga tgggtcaatt ttattatcaa    117240
     aacagagtaa tggttgggag atacagatca gtggactcga atactagaca ttctgacttc    117300
     aatcccatta tcatgaaaac taggtctggt gactcatgct tgcaatacat catgatactc    117360
     acaaggtaga ggccagagaa tcaaaaatgt aaggttatcc ttagcaactt tgagggccag    117420
     ccaaagccac atgagaccat ctctaaacaa caaaatagaa taataataac atttttaccc    117480
     gtttaatgaa ataagcaacc atgacaccat gaagctacaa atgaactcat gaataagttg    117540
     aaatgtgagg aacagaggac ttcaaaatat tctctcacaa agcatattta ttggctgttc    117600
     aggagcagaa tccctttaca atggagaagc ttgacaggag atgaaaacaa acactggcag    117660
     ttacttggca aaccaaaatg tgagccgccc tatagggcac aacaccactt ctgtgttatt    117720
     tctgctaaag acgagtaacc tcatttcatt catgaagaaa catcagcgtg accccccaca    117780
     aaaggaacat tctacaaaat aatggtgtgt gatctgcaaa agggcccagg ctacaggctg    117840
     aagagaactg tctagactga agaacactcc cgagacaggt caatcgaaca caaagggaca    117900
     tccccagcag aactttcagc tcctacatac atcctagaag ccaggggaag atcttgaatg    117960
     cagaccaaag actagagggt agtgacatat cagtgttaat tttctgatat tggtgactgt    118020
     caagttatca agagtgcagt cttcatttcc ataggaaata ggcaccattc tgtggggcca    118080
     ggaggtcaac gcagaaacta actcaggcac agagcgtgct gtttcctgtg cttctgactc    118140
     ttttataagc ttgtgaatat ttcagagtct aaaaggggaa aaacgagaca aagggagcaa    118200
     ctatcttatg tagcacgaaa ggtcattgga gagcaagggc taatttgcat atggtagcta    118260
     aggtcatcac ttcttcaccc ccagaaaaca cagcaaggtt atagcccatt gctgcacaca    118320
     agtgcttagc ctttactttg tattattgct aacatctttt agcaagtggc tcctctttaa    118380
     gccagatttt atttcacaga aattttgttc ttcaagaagt cattgttagg tgttcgtgtt    118440
     gggaatgggg atccttcaag gaacagagta aagcaccttc accctcacac agaaaggacc    118500
     gtccaacttg gggaatgccc taacaaagcc agtcagactg cccgggtcat ctgaagagag    118560
     agaacaccat acttgattca aattacacgt tcagtactgt actgtacata gccagcatta    118620
     cacatgctta acgtaataac tatatactga tgcacagctc acttttaaag taaactgtaa    118680
     gtaagcaact ataacttaaa actatgatgc agccatattt tacttaaagt ttgtgagttt    118740
     ttttgttttt tgttttttta tgttgcatac acattggctg ctccagaagt cttaggcata    118800
     cagacaggaa agtagagaaa atggtccagc tcagagcagt catatgctct ttacacttca    118860
     gaatccttcc aactaactca tattctaaag aaggctatct taaagtgcta gggctgactt    118920
     ccaggctgca tagtttctag gagagggaat tctgtcttgg ccctactgta cttcccagat    118980
     cccagagacc aaagcagcag cttgtcccag gcatctccca actctgggac tccagcgtag    119040
     cctggagtgc tgctccaggg ggactacttc aacctgtcaa actcagagag agcaaagtgt    119100
     ggctgtagtc tggcagccac cacccagaaa ccgcagcttt caggctaaat agataattca    119160
     ttctacccca ggagaatgtt tgcccattaa cagagggttg ctttccttgc ttgcaacttt    119220
     aatatgatct acaaaaatag ctaagcttgt gattaatagc accatggaaa cacagataat    119280
     agtagaaaac accacagcaa aattaatttg cttttgtttc tgagaaatgt ttactaccac    119340
     taatatcaac atagtaaacc atattaactg aatttagatg tcttttctgg aaaaaattac    119400
     tttggcaggg agaatatggg aacatcatat ctactaattt ttttttttga gcaacagggg    119460
     tgggagggaa tgtaggctga gcttcctatt tggagtggca gcaggctgcc aagtagacat    119520
     gtggacatat ctttaagggg aaatttgaag gcaagagcag gcatctaagc cctgaagcag    119580
     tgatcagcta gagtctagga attggaagag agcatgttgg ttctaatgca tgagttcgat    119640
     aaagtatata catcaaaatc gcagaaacac aagcgcttct gttgtgaagc atctccctct    119700
     actgtctgat tctagaaaga atgctgatct ccatggaaag aaaatggaat ctgaaaaatg    119760
     aggacagatg gtggccattg gctgcctgtg tgctttacag attcataccc ttggcatttt    119820
     ttgtaaaaaa atgctggaga tatgtttgtt ttcctggcca gtgcatagct agaatcaggc    119880
     acggagagag gggcattcta tcccagtgag gtctgtttgt tgaatatata tgagctgggt    119940
     cttccttaag aaggggttca tcttaaaagg actcagcaaa cccagggcag tctgctgaaa    120000
     ttctgaatga ctgatagtca ctgatccaga caaacaaaac accagcagaa tgttgtctgt    120060
     agttaaatca agtcaggtgc cctgtggtcc agaaaataga agaatttctc cattcaagtt    120120
     tcaggggaac tagtccatgc gtttcctctg tgggtccggg tgttccagct tatgaggtca    120180
     cacctgtaac aaaacattca acatgagttg agttccttcc caacagcttt ctgcttttcc    120240
     ttgtagtgta cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    120300
     caagtcttca ggtccttatt tcccatgaag ttttgctcat tccactcttg atgtgaggac    120360
     tggacattat ctgaactttg aaccatccat cacagggtcc agatgcagtc aagtaagact    120420
     ctcatgggta tgtgttgact gcttcagcac tgtagtgcca cgtgaccccc cccccccatc    120480
     cctgtcccca ctttcctgcc tctggcttta cctgaagaca tgagaacagc tttagttgga    120540
     ggccagttca gggagcacgg agagatgctc tctgcatcca gctcccaact gttggtaatg    120600
     aaaccagtga ttaagcaccc cataccctgt ccttcataga aaagaaatta tgggaggtct    120660
     ctgtacagtt gacagaggtc ccattaaggc agacctccag aacctagcac caacaccttg    120720
     ccttttcttc ttgccccgtc tctcttccct ccccctttgc cacttctccc tgggatcacc    120780
     actccagtga actatttaca cccaagtcct tatcataagc tctatttgag ggaatccaaa    120840
     ctaagatgca atgcgttatt attaagacag tgattggggt gaagtatgct gttgttgttt    120900
     tcaggagcaa agtaatcaaa taaaagtgat tgcaagagcc aaagctgtga tcttaactct    120960
     ctgggaagga gccactgaca gtctggacct caactccagc tatctaaaga gagagcaaag    121020
     actaacagtg caaggccaga ccctcatcca tgcagtgatt ccatgacaat ctatgtgtgc    121080
     cgctgagcca ttgagtggta gcaagaatgt ggtagcttct gtttcttttc ctgtcctacg    121140
     tacatcatcc tacccatggg tgcaagatgt gtaaaatttt ccacagtggg tgtttcaagc    121200
     tctctggata ttcctcagat ttgacagtac accccactaa ctctccatgc actaggcaaa    121260
     agctccacca aagtgttcta accttgtaca tttttccaaa caactgagtg ctttcatgaa    121320
     ctccccctcc ccccagaatc cacctaaatc tcccttccca gcctcatcta aaattctcat    121380
     cacccacacg gtacctcact cagaagcttg catttaaagg atagtcaata aatgaccaca    121440
     acctggtttc atgaacttta caaggaaaag ccagatacat ctctgaaaat caccttgaaa    121500
     caactgttaa ctatggattt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg gtacttggat    121560
     tgaacctaag acctcatgca tggtaggcaa gtgttctacc agtgagctgc atacatctca    121620
     atctcctttt taactgtttg tctggaggca aggactcatc aagtggctga gcctggcctt    121680
     gtgcaactca ttctgtagcc caggctaggc ttgaattgct atcctcttac tccagtctgg    121740
     gccttgttgt tgctgctgct gctactgttg ttgtcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    121800
     ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc ctttcctttc    121860
     ctttcttccc ttccccctcc ccatctctct gataatcttg agacagtatc ttataaatca    121920
     cagatgggtc tctaactcac cacgtaactg aaaatgcctt tgcccttctg acgatctgac    121980
     ccccaagtgc taggattaca catgtgtaac accgtgccca tttgtgtagt actgggatgg    122040
     aaaccagggc ttcatctatg ttacactagc tgaactccat tctttaaccc tgataattta    122100
     ctaaaaccaa ttcacaaaca taatttttaa tattctacag agtacataag cccagttaaa    122160
     gtgaaaattc agactttcac ataaaatact aaaattatcc ttagggaaaa aaatctatta    122220
     aaatagaaat aaacaaatta attccagtct taaccatgaa gtgtgttctt ccctccccaa    122280
     agccgtaagg ggagctgtac ctgcaagtct agactttttg tttgtgttga ctgccgccat    122340
     gaacatgtat tcactattag ggtcatgcac actggatccg tatttctgaa agagatagtt    122400
     agaaacatgg cttgttatct gttctttccc atcttcatgc ttgttttcca agtgttttct    122460
     ggattttttt tgtagaagta gcatgtgaca aaagtgtaat tatggactta agctcagtaa    122520
     aacaatatac aaaaggttcc caatgaaagg ggctttctga attggtgaga tggctcagta    122580
     ggtaaaagca cttgctgcca aacctgatga cctgagtgtt caattcccag tatctgaagt    122640
     gatacaagga gagaatagac tcatatgctt acagttgtgc atgcacacat acacacacac    122700
     actcacatgt gcacacacgc atacacacgt atgcataaac agactcattc atacacacat    122760
     acacacacat gcacacatac tcacacacag tctggccaac ttatatactc atactcataa    122820
     tatgcagaat gcagtaagtt ctttgattgc aaagtttgct atgtgaacag ctaaagaaaa    122880
     gttccaccac aaaaagatat ttcgttgtcc ctgttaatac tgtccagaat agtttttcag    122940
     atatttttct taaaaacaag tttagatgat gtaacatatt tttaaaaagc agtttccttc    123000
     ttaactacta ttggtacctt gtgaggaaaa tgcatggtct atcctagctt aattagtatg    123060
     cgtgtcttaa gggaaatgtg tggtatatcc tttgctcagg ttactctgag aagcatctgt    123120
     cattctttga tgagagaaaa aaaaaacacc taggaaagaa agtataagaa aaaaataaaa    123180
     atcacttacc ttttttgaaa accagatgat aagtatgcat ccaaaaagga gtaccacaac    123240
     gaaagctgca caccctacgg gtagccagag cttcagctgg cagcagagct gggattctgg    123300
     gttgaagagg ggaaagtatg ttgatgaaag accctgaatg aaagactgtg tcctcattca    123360
     taagtagaga atgctttcat aaaatgtaaa gaaggttttt aatcaagaaa ctttacgaat    123420
     ctagtgtgtt tacaaatgtg actaataggt ggtgccttcc tgtctgctgc tttcacaaga    123480
     ccacgtggga acatacttgg tgtaacactg atgttcactc ggctcacctc attctccaag    123540
     ctgcttccaa ccttaggcaa gtagacggaa tagccactga gtcatgaaag atttcgaaag    123600
     actgtgccct aattctaact taacagtgta tgtaaataaa tcacttattc caaataaata    123660
     tcaactaata ttaacgacat atcatttcat gaatatttca tccaaaatga gctgctgtca    123720
     actacttcta aaggaatttc aacacaacac acacacacac acacacagag agagagagag    123780
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agaggtgtat ttcccttggt gggagaagtc    123840
     ttggagatga gcatatactt ttaaggcacg atgataaaag cagccaatgc cttaccataa    123900
     atatgcaaat atcctccact aaggttcctt tcttgaaaag gaggtgggtc aaaaatggac    123960
     aggctgcaga agtaatagct tccctgggag ctgtctgggt tgtttaggaa aaaagagacg    124020
     ctgttgtttg acagatgata tagacagagc attggattct tgatggacac cgcatttccg    124080
     cttcccttgg tcttggtgag ttcgcagagg acttctctct ctctgaacaa tcgcattttt    124140
     aactgctgga cagtctcagg gtatttacaa gaaatctgta cacctccatt gtgaaatgaa    124200
     aacatcctat gatcggccga gccattgatt tctcctggat gaaaaaagag aacaaagcaa    124260
     gtgtgttatg ttgtgaacac attgtcataa taattatttt taagtgagca cttaagtgat    124320
     ttctttttat aaagccactc ctatgtatac caaaatgaaa gatcttatag tcaagcaaac    124380
     aaaaccagaa tgtgacaaga gaaaactatg cactagaata cacctaatga gaaatgggct    124440
     tttcatgtga tagacagaat ataaaatgtt atgtatcaag taacatgttt agataatatg    124500
     actcagatag tctccacgct tttacaggtt ccacactggg gatgggggtg ggggacgcag    124560
     atggtaaaca gataaacgag tgttgatttg ccatcattta tactaaggaa caaagacgtg    124620
     ccctctgggg aaatgtggta gggctcggtg gtgtgttaca gtattcactg tagggtcaga    124680
     aaatgccttt aaaggtttaa acctgaaacc acagcatgag tctcttttaa cttaataagg    124740
     aaaaactttt agggagatat tatggcaaat aaaagctttt aaaagtatgc aaatttactg    124800
     gagctaaaat taaatatata tgtgcatata tagatagata tagatatata tagagagaga    124860
     gacagacaga cagacagaga cagagacaga cagagacaga gagaattaca tcctccaact    124920
     ggaaaggaaa gaaacagctc tgctatgatt ggacaatagc atgtcttcca ttcactaaga    124980
     accgaattga cccagtcatc aaggtgaggt cccagggttt tgctcatttt tcacttttta    125040
     ggatcactgg aaccagggtt ggccttgagg gcttcatgga gatcacagga ggaagacact    125100
     gaaatggttt taacctggtt atagtttgtg aactactggc ttataggttc aaattgtttg    125160
     gtttatgtca tttttttaaa atgatgtatc tttttttaat gaaaaacttt acactaaaat    125220
     tgtttggaaa aatatcagaa tggtagttct tactcaagtt gctaaatctc tttttttttc    125280
     cttaaaaata tcaaacaata caaaaaaagt ttaaagaaaa aatacccatc cctagtaaaa    125340
     caaaaaatat ttctgtattt ttgattttga cttttagtgg cattattttg catagcaaac    125400
     gcattattat attgttgtga tcatttaatg agtgtatact gagccatcag tgtccatttt    125460
     ccatgcttta ttaaaattag cactggggtg gtaccaggac ttttctcagc acttggcttt    125520
     tctgtaaaca ctatggcatt tgtccaaatt catcttagca tattacttcc ttaaagaagg    125580
     gtaccgctta cattaagatc agcatcaatt tgcttggtgc cttagcatct tttaagcttc    125640
     atcaaaatcc ctttgaattt atttatcaat tcatatattt attttagtgc ctctagccct    125700
     gagtgcattc ctctcatagt cctaggggtt attttccaat gagaggcatg gctataaaag    125760
     acaaacaaca agtgttccag cttctaattg tatcagtcaa cacactttat tcaaccataa    125820
     aacaggaaat ggtaaacaga gtgcctaaag gtagtgttgc tgggattaag taattaccct    125880
     agaaaatgca gctcaaagta aacaaggccc tggaaccagg ggcgggagca ggacttccgt    125940
     ggcgattttg ctcttctttc tttctttttc tgctttatct cctagagtca gcaaagcaag    126000
     gaggctgggg gtgtttcctt caataatctg ctttccaaag aatgctggaa gggcccttgg    126060
     aatacagaga aacctcagga aactgacact catgttgggt gtagtccaga aaagtctctg    126120
     tccggggatt ttagtcagag tcatctggga ctgccattac cctagacttt aaaagtaaaa    126180
     attcgagcca ggtagaaaag atgtggagtt gattttacaa atagctgtct cctgagaggc    126240
     tctgtcagag ccttacaaat acagaggtga atgctccaag acaaccattg gactgagcac    126300
     ggggtcccta atggaggagt tagaaaaagg actgaaggag ctgaaggggt gtgcagcccc    126360
     ataggaagaa caacaatatc aactaacctg acccccaacc cctaccccgg gcttacaggg    126420
     actaaaccac caaccaaaga gtacacatgg agcgacccat gactccagcc acatatgtag    126480
     ccgagaatgg ccttgtcagt catcaatggg aggagaggcg cttggtcctg tgaaggcatg    126540
     atgcccagta taggggaatg ccagggcagg aaggcaggag taggtgggtc atccacccac    126600
     ctataagggg agcaccctta tagaagcagg gggaggggga tggaataggg ggtttccaga    126660
     ggggaaactg ggaaagggga taacatttga aatgtaaata aataaaatac ccaataaaaa    126720
     agaaagtgaa tctaataaat catacatttt agaatttata attcaaaaaa aaaaaataca    126780
     ccgctagaca tacgaccatc tagagtgtct aaaattgata gcactgacta ccttccaaac    126840
     aatgcaagtc taggacacag cagtgatgtc ttcatagcag ctatacagac tatccatgag    126900
     gcagcagaat tagaaatcac atgtgtgcca aaagaagcca cctgtctgcc cagaacacat    126960
     tataaagata gtgaatgtac acacgttttg atttgctgca tcaccactga gagcagaggt    127020
     gcaacaaaca cctgaatggc tgctacaaaa tccacccata atgatcttgc ctgaagggga    127080
     gaagagagtt tgcatccgta aagaacatag aaagcaaaag ggtctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    127140
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgctaa caacacttta tccttggctt    127200
     gaggtaattg tgggggtgag gtagcctgtg tcatggttat tcactctaag ggttcattta    127260
     ttgtttgttc acacctctgc tgggtgtttt gtcttacagt ctaaaagcac gcagaaggaa    127320
     aataaagcgg ctttcgcttc ttttcataga gttaaaggag caagttaaaa gcaaaggggg    127380
     tgagatcgga ccacaacaac gggtgcactg gcttccagcg aagttgaagt tgcgctgtct    127440
     gaggactttc cgccagtaag tgccaagttg cactcctgct gtgctgcagc ctctgtctct    127500
     gctatctgct gcagaagata agatcagcca gcggacagct tctcggttcc tttagcattg    127560
     ttcagagaaa atttcccaga gactttagaa tggcagcaag caaaccacaa agagatcctg    127620
     ggtcaaaact gtctatagcc tctgtataca cacatcacat aaaaagtgtg tcagcagctt    127680
     ccccttcttt gcctacacta tgaccatcaa gccggcacta ggtgaaaatt agctttggga    127740
     ctgctgtaca gtgctgctca aggagccgaa gagcacagtt tgggttctgc ctcatgcctg    127800
     gcatgcaggt ctctgcctag aatacccctg cgaatgcctc tctttccgtc tgtaaaataa    127860
     gtgaaaagag tgtctttaaa gagttctttc tggagagatg gctcagtggg aaaattgctt    127920
     attacacaag catgaaggct tgggtttgga caccagaagc ctggcatggc agtgtgcatt    127980
     gataacctgg tgctgcagga tcggaaacag gcagaaccta gggacttgca gagcacatac    128040
     gaggcaaaat ggtgatcttg agttctggga gagaccctgt ctcgaaatca aggtcaaaag    128100
     tgactaagga agacacctaa tgttgaccat acacacatgt acatatatat gtacttctgt    128160
     gcactcgagt gtgtgtgcac acgcgcatac acacacacac acacacacac agagagagag    128220
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag atcctttcca acacttactt tctgtgggtt    128280
     aacgcatcta gaagagatca cagacaatca agagagacaa cttcactgcc aggtgagttc    128340
     ccttcaatga tatcatgttt cccacgatct tctttttaaa aaagaatatt ccaaggactc    128400
     tggaaaatgc taaaatgagt gcaactatct ttcttgccta cagaatgata tgggatggct    128460
     aggaagagtt cagtttttct tatatgcaga accgagggta ttaaaatcaa cagcagcctc    128520
     cagagtgtca tctatcaggt actcatgaat attcatgttg atgatcattc ttagcttaaa    128580
     cacgtcctgg ctcacctttc cattattgaa tgtgctaatg agaagactga ctcatgtttc    128640
     cacattccct atgcttaagt tttaagcttt cagtctgaaa aaaaaaagtt tggcaactgt    128700
     aaacgtgcaa tttgaatgtt tgcaaccaca gtagttaaat acttacctcg aaattacttt    128760
     gtacctatag gacggatgtg ctaaatatca aatcataaat tcttcttagc ctttagctga    128820
     gtttggctca ttaatataaa gagcgacagc agtgcactat gactggggag ctccatgcaa    128880
     gtctgagacg tcagttcaga tccccagcac ccataaacaa aggtgagtat gccagcctgc    128940
     ctagataacc ccagcactga gagtggctag ggagaaagtc ttggaattca ttaacatcac    129000
     accagtcaga atggctaaga tgaaaaattc aggtgacagc agatgctggc gaggatgtgg    129060
     agaaagagga atgctcctcc attgttggtg ggattgcaag cttgtacaac cactctggaa    129120
     atcagtctgg cggttcctca gaaaattgga catagtacta ccggaaaatc cagcaatacc    129180
     tcttctgggc atatatccag aagatgcccc aactggtaag aaggacacat gctccactat    129240
     gttcatagca gccttattta taatagccag aagctggaaa gaacccagat gcccctcaac    129300
     agaggaatgg atacagaaaa tgtggtacat ctacacaatg gagtactact cagctattaa    129360
     aaagaatgaa tttatgaaat tcttagccaa atggatggac ctggagggca tcatcctgag    129420
     tgaggtaacc caatcacaaa ggaactcaca caatatgtac tcactgataa gtggatatta    129480
     gcccagaaac ttaggatacc caagatataa gatacaattt gctaaacaca ttaaactcaa    129540
     gaaaagaaga ccaaagtgtg gacactttgc cccttcttag aataggaaac aaaacaccca    129600
     tggaaggagt tacagagaca aaatttggaa gtgtgacgaa aggatggaac atctactgat    129660
     tgccatatcc agagatccat cccatgatca gcttccaaac gctgacacca ttgcaaagac    129720
     tagcaagatt ttgctgaaag gacccagata tagctgtctc ttgtgagact atgccagggc    129780
     ctagcaaaca cagaagtgga tgctcacagt cagctattga atggaccaca gggcccccaa    129840
     tggaggaact agagaaagca cccaaggaac taaagggaac tgcaacccta taggtggaac    129900
     aacaatatga actaagcagt accccggagc tcttgtctct agctgcatat gtatcaaaag    129960
     atggcctagt cggccatcac tgcaaagaga ggcccattgg acttgcaaac tttatatgcc    130020
     ccagtacagg gaaacgccag ggccaaaaag ggggagtggg tgggtagaga gtggggggag    130080
     ggtatggggg acttttggta tagcattgga aatgtaaatg agctaaatac ctaataaaaa    130140
     tgggaaaaaa tgataccttg gtcaaggatg aaataaagaa agaacttaaa aaaaaagcca    130200
     atagagccaa atagagctac tcgagccaaa tcggtgagct tcagggtcag tgaaagatgc    130260
     tgtctcaaag aaacgtaaag aacactagag aaaggcaccg gtcattaacc tctagcctca    130320
     agatgcatgc atgcatacac atatgcacag gctctaatac acacacacac acacacacac    130380
     acacacacac acacacacag ggggagaaag acagaaaaat gggtgggagt gatactctta    130440
     actgtagata cctaccaggt tcaaaaaggt ttgccaagct aactgacagg tttgtttgtt    130500
     tgattttttc ccttttcatg attacttagg gccagacagg tttaattctg attctttaac    130560
     tctcttgaaa tatataatag tttaatctgc ccagtgtgtg aacaggccat gggccgccag    130620
     aacaagcatt ctgctaatcc accgaatgtc tataaacacc acatattagt gatttttttt    130680
     taaatccaag caccaatgat acacatttca acacttaagc taaagcacaa atagtaatgt    130740
     gctcatttat atccttgtga tgtcttaaaa tctgagtgtt aagtggaaca ctttgatagc    130800
     aatgtacatg tgccctctgt cgacacatct agatgatatt cactctagag aagaggtggt    130860
     agatttattt ttttaatcac tcagagcact acatcttata gggtatactc ttctcaccag    130920
     gctcaaaagt gtcacctgct gttgtgattt ttataatagt ttttaaaata aagtggattt    130980
     tatgatataa tactaccaat ggactgtttt caaaagcaaa gtcagagctt ttgtattatg    131040
     ggagttttta gatctttttc ttttcttttc ttttcttttt ttccaaaaat aagagcattt    131100
     gtgtctttta ttttagggac ggttaagatc tctggagcca gtatgataat gcatcctata    131160
     atcccaacat ataggaggct gaagcagaag aattgccgta ggatcaagcc catcctgagc    131220
     tacatagtga gctcaagccc agccttgact acaaagcgag gtgatatccc aaccaacaga    131280
     aaaaagaagc tgaacagagg agaaggaaga ggaggaaaaa gaagaaaacc tcttgagaaa    131340
     ggtccctccc cgaagaaaga atccaggaga attcagagat tctacttgca aattgatgcc    131400
     tttgatatcc aacgtatttt atttttaagt atcagatagt gcacctagga cttatgcagc    131460
     tgggactcta taagcagttg tattagctct ggttgaaaaa agctttaaag aaacatatag    131520
     agaccccaca ccatgcagag gatataaaac agactagcaa tgtgatttta ttctttttaa    131580
     ctcagacttc taaccacaaa cctctacaaa ggtctcagag tgagcgataa gatcttctga    131640
     gtttgcaatt attgatagtg cttattaaac atattttctg cagtcaaaca atgataatct    131700
     tcaggtggct cagtatagca cgagagtgtg acacaaaaga cttttatcag agttaagatg    131760
     attgtattag agacttgtta catttgatct tctactcgtg aattttagca ttattttaaa    131820
     aatgtgtttt ctaccagtct ttcatctttc ataaaaactg ccatttctta tgtgccgcag    131880
     accctctggg acaggctgac tcaaccagag tgcgcggcac ttatgagtcc actagctaaa    131940
     ccctttagaa tcctggctgg taggctctta tctgtatatt gtgcctacac tcacattata    132000
     tttcaaaaac atccctaaac ccagtaagag agagtaggtt ccatagtagg atgagtgagc    132060
     aaaataaacc ctatgccatt tagagaaagc agaccaaaaa tgtaaggaaa actggagaca    132120
     acccccacaa accaaaatgt tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    132180
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctccctc cctccctccc tccctttctc cttctctccc    132240
     tccctccctc cttctccctc tcccccctct ctctccctcc ctccctctat cccccccccc    132300
     acacacacac tatgacagct gcttttactc tccaaggaac tctgaaaggg aggggaaaac    132360
     aaccttggtt ttctaagcat gtataataag aaaagtgaaa gtcccatttt cttctagtta    132420
     aaagttattt tctttgtgaa aatggaaaaa ccccaaaggt gctgtaaaac tttgaatcaa    132480
     tattcacagc ataattaatt tgcaaataaa ctactctgtt agtgatctcg ctgccactgg    132540
     tttgaaatta tcataggaag gaaatcacat gagattaagt gaaatcagct ctattccaca    132600
     gaggggaggg gagattggtg ttgagatcat gaatacaaat attgctttcc tcttcccagt    132660
     tgccatgcac agtgctttaa gctcacacac aaggacatct gtgtgtgaac tcatttacat    132720
     tgatgcttat ctccagctca gccctccagg ccaatttcct atccgtttta gcatctctct    132780
     ctagatacag tcaacacatc aagtgtagca tgcccaagca aaaccttatt cactcactaa    132840
     accctacact gtatctttag agaatcactg accaggccca ggacacgcag agccttcatc    132900
     atctcttctc ctctctgact ctttcatcca atcagtcact aagttcagtt gactctagct    132960
     tatagaaatc tcttgtactt agtctttctt ctctgttcca attgccaatc caaaccttat    133020
     ttgtgtcttc ttccatctgt agaagcaact tcttagctgc ccatccccac tccaaaataa    133080
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacatgt ctgtctcttt cctccatctg cctctaaaat    133140
     tgggtttcta aagaacattt tattccccag cttgaaagtc ttcattagtc ccctgttgct    133200
     tataaggtaa aaagcctgtc tctttggcat gacaccaaag cctccgtgat cccatgggcc    133260
     atctggtcca gccatactga agttgtaggc catcccctcc acagcacttc ttctgtttct    133320
     acaaactaca aagttcaatc tgccccttat cccactagaa atactccttc attctttaag    133380
     aactgtttta agtagcaaat cttcccttta tctgttgctg agatgcccaa agactcctaa    133440
     ctctatgctc ttaacatttt acttagccaa catatttcta acatatatag tagatcctaa    133500
     ttattcttgt catttaatca tgaagtctac aaggataaga attgcattgc tcctgggatc    133560
     tggaacacag taggaattca aagatacttt ttttttttaa ataaatgaag attaggccat    133620
     gaaggttcaa catgctctta gcatggacca agaaaataag acaaatggag aaagaggtct    133680
     tatttgctgg aaattgggga gcgcttacat tacaaggcaa ggccaaagat tcaaaatgat    133740
     tgatgcccat ccaatttttt gaatcccaat cattttcagg agcttccatt gtattaacta    133800
     cttacagggt acattcctaa atgtattata aaaaatatat cacttgcttt ccaaagctaa    133860
     cttttaagtc agacggtcat ttcttaatcc ctgttttaca actggggaaa ctaaggcttt    133920
     atatatatat atatttatat atatccaata gcctttatcc aagctaataa agtcagcagt    133980
     aactataagt tgtccattga atcaatgtga cctcagagtc cacttactga atgggcctcc    134040
     cagtctgata tcctcatcca gacccctcac tttacagaca ctgaagtaca ggatctgaag    134100
     agatttgcta tgggaaaaga aatgttaagt gagaggtgca aattcctctt agcctttctt    134160
     cttttccttt aaggtgtatg tattagtttg acaaatactt agtgcttgca ttggtgctgt    134220
     gcatgtgttc tgtgactaaa aagcaattag ccaccaaata aaagtaagat tgctcctcaa    134280
     acatgcaatt acatgtgttt aacaccttta gttatctaga tatttattta tcaaccactg    134340
     tgtattaagc tgccctgtgt atttaaacct gaaaaaataa tctgaattct tgatatcagg    134400
     gtcgaaattt ctcacgaaat ttttccagta atttgtcttc ctgtaaaaat gcaattatat    134460
     atgtataatt aaacaagtgc aaacagacat tttatagtat ttttgcttga atcttagatg    134520
     gtacaaactg attttgagtg taatgaagtg cctatgttgt ttctgttgca tggatggatt    134580
     ctccaaggcc agcataaaca ctagctgttt aagtctgatt tctcaaatgt aaaagcagtt    134640
     ccctctgaaa aatcttggat tgcttgtggg aagtacttta cctgcaacaa catgactcag    134700
     aaaaagttga ttcatcagca cccatggtca agttcacaca aacacttgag tctattgctc    134760
     tgcttagtca taacctatct cttctccact tttccttgag caaagcagtc atagaaacac    134820
     actaccattc atggccctca gaagctccca gccccaagtt ctagtctctc ttcagatttg    134880
     cacaccattg tctgttttag acaactttac agaccaaacc agtgaaacca aaccatggct    134940
     tgaccaacag cttcaacttc catgtttcat ggtctgcaca tacttaggct ctacttttta    135000
     aaacataatt ttgaattttt atataaattt aatattttct tcttcccaga ttgactgaaa    135060
     cctaccacgt aacagacttt gtttactaga caagtaactt gtttattaga agattaagaa    135120
     acacagtcac cacttatgta gaaaatatga atgatttaaa tcttttctaa attggagagc    135180
     tcaggaattc actttacatc tcaaacagaa tgatcgaatg atcttagaag aggaaggtag    135240
     cataggtgac aatattcatt caatttatta cacttgctgg tgtgaacatt ttacatcgag    135300
     taacaaatgc tatagatggt gttgtgggca aagctaagac aagagttggg ttgttttctt    135360
     tctctgtgtg cctacaggtt acttgtaagg ttctagtaac tttaaaagct taatagatct    135420
     gaagaagctg tagttaataa gcataaaaat gagaggaatt ttgttcacac tggtgagaaa    135480
     ggtttcacgt gagagtaata gaaatttcta gaaagagggg gagacaaaga agaaaatgtg    135540
     atccaacact agaagaagaa aaaaattact ggaaataagg aataaagttt gagttcacaa    135600
     attgagacgg agtgtctggt cccagacaga gttcatgaaa atacgtgaga aagagagcca    135660
     tgtgagggtg aaatccttga atttcaatgt taaaatgagc ggctttcaag atcacagagt    135720
     tctacaagta tggcagttgg tcagttggta gggtctggca tacaggaggc cctaggttca    135780
     gtctccaacc tcatagacca gtggtggccc atacctataa tcccagtact agggaggtgt    135840
     agaaggagaa tccaaagttc aaagccagag taggctacct gagaccttgt ctaaaaattg    135900
     tttttcacta aatactagaa agatttttct ttgattaagt taaaaaaaaa aaaaagactc    135960
     agactagcat aaagtgctta atctgcaatc cagaaagcca cagagcttag atgaaaacct    136020
     ccagggagag caactacaga ctagaactcg tagtcacgag aatggtgtct gtggtactag    136080
     taactttaag ccataaaggt ttccccccaa tgtttaagga gggagacata gtcccctgtg    136140
     ttgagactaa cagaagggct ctgagcactg gttaaatcag aggcctcaag acaggagcag    136200
     catccacatt gatgctgact ctgaagtcca gttctgtgat agaaggacaa agaaagggtt    136260
     agagggacag gagaggagtg ctctcaggag ggaacacagc aatgctctta cttgaggcga    136320
     tttcaactaa ggccatgcat ggaccaatga tggggccagt ggaagagtgg cagagagaag    136380
     gtcacttcaa ggttcttatg ccagtgtggc aactaggggt taggcattac agacgacagc    136440
     acaacaatgc ttatttctat aaaaaagtag taaatgggac tggaagtgca gctcagttgt    136500
     agaacacatg ttagcaagca taaggtcctg ggatcaattc ccagcaatga ataaatttaa    136560
     ctaattattc attatggttc tctgaacata acaacttgat agattaagaa gtgtcatcag    136620
     ggcttggaga gatgacttgg ttactaagag cacttgctgc tgttctggag gatctgagtt    136680
     caaatctcta caccttcatg gtggttcata gccatctcta acctcagttc aaggagcctg    136740
     ataccctctt ctggcctcca tggaccccag atatgaatgt ggtgtacagg cgttaagtat    136800
     agacaaaaca tccaattgca taaaataaaa agaatcttta aaaaaaaaaa agtatcgtca    136860
     gcctttcata ttcaccagag aatttaaaag gaaaggttac tatctcaaca aaacacagag    136920
     aaaaacaagg agattaaata acacaggaaa atcagaggta aatacataca ctcttggagg    136980
     cataaaatca aggcttatca tgctgagaat ggcttacatt catctatcca gacaaaaggt    137040
     tagcaatgca gagtttttca atgcagtttg aattctagaa acaggtgctc aaagggagga    137100
     cccagaggtc agctcatcac cccagacctc tctgagctct gtggggagga tctggtgcta    137160
     agaacaccaa atggctattt ctccagagat ggtgggattc tcgagtaact gttcagtcac    137220
     tgtcagagat agagtgagtc tgaggtctac catcccagct tcctaggaga atgccttctg    137280
     agacaagcat ttgctggata tcaccagctg tcagtcattg ccactggctt cactctacac    137340
     tgccttcaaa gtagtcttcc taaagccaga attcagcagg tcacccacac cacccccatt    137400
     gcccaagtag gggctcttct cttatagctt ctttctgcgg atccttctgt aagaaagagc    137460
     cttctgccat tccagaatca ttaaaacaaa aatattttgt agacttttac actgagatcc    137520
     attgaagact gggaatgttc aagactctca accttcttaa ttctcaatct tcttaatttg    137580
     tgttgttcac aaatcttcaa tggagctggg cacattgggc ttctaccaat ggttctgcca    137640
     ctaggtgttg tgtgacaaat cacttagcct tccctggttt atgagtcttt atcagtactg    137700
     cctgagggca agaatccctg tatcattttg tcaagacaga gccaagagtt agaaacacta    137760
     aaagtgttat aactacccat gagtgtttag tttcctgcag tttggttctg tttatagcta    137820
     tgaaattagg agttcctggg tgtgtgtgac ctagggcaac gtttaatatg atgatcatta    137880
     gcatgtttat tacccctgtt tacctgtcat tggaaaatgg cattctacat aacacagttt    137940
     tttttgtgtc ataagactaa cgaacattgg tttttactca ctaaggatct caggtgacta    138000
     ttccagaaga tcttattgat cagcttagct tggcaactca tgagaatcct acagctgaat    138060
     ccatccctct acagaaatga caccactgtt gatacaagtc ttttgagtac agcaccacca    138120
     ccacaactac ccgaatgggt ttgggataca gaaaactttt gatgcatccc aaaccaacca    138180
     tgcaataact tgtacaaatg ttcttggaag aaattccaaa ctctttagca tggccctgtg    138240
     ggctgagaag tctgaccact gacttctttc ttagcctcat ctggcatcat gcccagcttc    138300
     ccttcctccc tgtgctcagc cacatcagcc ctctgacctt ccttgaaaac tacagatcct    138360
     ttggattgac tttccattga attgtctttc ctctcttgac actgctcttc ccactgattc    138420
     ctatctgtcc ttccaatttc aactcaagcg tcatttccac agaacagtct gtatggctct    138480
     agctacacac acacacacct ccctgtctga cctggatcct tggtgccctc tcttgccatc    138540
     aattcatacg attgtttgat tcatgtctct ttcactagta ctcagctagt ctcagcagag    138600
     tgggcctgcc tggtcttgct caccactgtt tatacaatag ccagcccagc atctcctgca    138660
     tggcaagtgt ccagtgatgc gtgaatgaac ggatgagtgg atgagtaaat gagtggatct    138720
     ccctgccatg gtttttcttg tttcacgtat gctgctaagc ttttcagggg ggttggaaaa    138780
     ctagcgtgca gagtagaaaa cacatctggc ccagagctgt tcttagtact tcttccaggt    138840
     aaatacaaca aggtcttcgc tcttcatcct tcttaagaac atttgagtgc ctttgaaaca    138900
     gcacaatact aaatgtttaa taaatccaat tttaggtttg acttcttttt ggagagaaaa    138960
     gtaatgtctc cttctttcta ccactgaaaa aaatgcattt ccagatggac ttataccact    139020
     gagcattctg cttttgcttc tcctattaaa ggcatttccc accacttaat gtttcatttc    139080
     acttatccca atttcaagaa cagtatgtaa gtgcatataa taagaagcag caaaagactg    139140
     tatgtaatta cttacactgc acatgaccct ctttaaactt ctcatgtaga gtctgataaa    139200
     tgtcacccac gaaaaagagt caaagattcc agaatgttta aggtctagag ggactagtga    139260
     atgctgtcag tcattttctc ccccttttta catttggggt gatcttcata tctagtgtct    139320
     aaaagcctta taagataagc caggattggt ctggctctgt cttgaaaaac aaaacaatca    139380
     aaaataaaaa gcaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa ccaccaaccc tatggcagac tgtacattta    139440
     agacttagga ccaaccaggt aagagtaaag tcaaaatttt ccttttggaa gtcatccact    139500
     tttttctcta ctatagaagg atttccaggg ctattcaatt tctattcttt tgacacaaat    139560
     aatcttgcct ttcatctttc tctaaaaaga gtgagctact ctcctacttt atacactgtc    139620
     aggtaacttt gaacaagtaa tttaaaattt taatggtctg ttgaaatgta ctttttcatg    139680
     ttaaaacaca gtatcaaaag aagcactgac atccacgctg accgggcatg acgccctgag    139740
     ccgtgagctt cagtgcctct gaaactgtct gtgcttgtta aaaacaaaac aaaataaaat    139800
     aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaatcattt tccattttta cttaattttt ctacttcaga    139860
     tttttcttaa tgttctcttg aagtagaact caataagagc tatggatggc cactcacctg    139920
     ttaaaagtct gattaggaag cagaagacaa agacatggca gaagtacggc ttcatgtctg    139980
     ccaggagcag ttgcagtctt ctcctccagt gctcaaaagt gtcagtgaag tcgtgatctc    140040
     agttgttttc agttttctgg agaggaagtg ggtttgtgga ggttgatgtg gtgtcacatt    140100
     tatcatccac ttctacttgg agagctatca cagcgcctcc tgcatggcaa gtacccggtg    140160
     atgtatgaat ggatagatgc gtaaatgaat gactagatgg atgaatgtgt gaatgaatac    140220
     atggatgtgt gaataaatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg    140280
     atggatgaat ggatgaatgg atagatggat gcatgcatgt atgaatgagt gaatggatgg    140340
     atgtgagaat ggaaggatga atggatgcat gtatgtatgt atgtatggat ggatggatgg    140400
     atggatggat ggatttcatt ttcaaagcta tttatgtgtc atttgtgctt ctagggactt    140460
     catggaccat tcatatcact gctgggtgga aagcattacc gtttgtaggg tggatgctta    140520
     attcacagat ttttgttgat catgaaggca ggaagaaaat gtgaccctct ttctggttag    140580
     aaacacaaag cccatcattt tcagaagcaa ttcattcaga tctctatatc aatagctact    140640
     ggggactgca ggatccaaca caaattatga ataaggcata ttttgacaca tttgtcaggg    140700
     ctatttactc cagagatgta aggcctttga aataggacag aaaataaatg aaagttttta    140760
     agaaaatgac attttaaaac atctgaaaga ggaatattcc tggaatatga gaaataatat    140820
     ttatatggtg ttcattgtag attatgattt tataaatgat agggtcaggt ttaaagtgac    140880
     ttaacccctt ttctctaagt tacagtcatc tgtagaaact cgagagtctg tctgcatgta    140940
     tggtgcaaat gaagcaagaa agctaagatg cctgataaaa atctctgtct ctgcagaaag    141000
     agaaaaaaga cagtagcaat ggcaataatg caaataattt atttacagcc acctaaattt    141060
     tatatgaaat atatcttaat taattatatg taatatataa tataatataa tataatataa    141120
     tataatataa tataatatat atgtggtata tatattatat atatatatat atgatatata    141180
     taatttaaag gtaaagagga tgagaaatgg ctcagtgggt aaaagcactt gctgtcaaac    141240
     ataaggacct gagttcaaat ccttaacaac cttgcaaaac ctgggtgtgg ttgtgcatgc    141300
     ctgtaaccac agaacaccac aggagggcag acaggaggat cctcagagct cacttgtcag    141360
     tcagcctaag caaaatggtg agtgtcaggt tccatgagag accctgtctc aaggaacagc    141420
     aggaagaatg atagaggaag gtgcccagta tcctcttctg gcctctcaat gactgctcat    141480
     agactacaca caacacatgc atactacaca ccataccaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    141540
     cacacacact tcaatgtaga ataacaaatg gcttactttg tatagagaat accaaatact    141600
     atgaatatag ttaatattat gcttaaattg ttttaatgga ctttttgtgt gcatacatat    141660
     tcatattatt ctatgcatat tgttatttac tttatgaatc gtgggccact attttcctca    141720
     tctcagaaat agggaaaaat gaggcaaaga aaagtaaaag gcctggcctc gcccaagccc    141780
     tataggaagt gactgtgctg gcatttgaag agtctagttc tcaagtgccc actcttaact    141840
     aaccagaaag agtcattcat gccaaggcct gccactaaga tgtagctgag gtctcctgtg    141900
     actgcctcag ttctagcctg tcctcaatga ggcatgtgta agtgacttac actttttagt    141960
     gtgggtccct tccccttact atgtacagag agctagctcc tacgtcacga gtatagtgct    142020
     ctcgtgaaca ccaaggggcc ccaattctag agctcagaaa catttcatga ggaaggttgg    142080
     aggtcacatg cagatgatga gaacctgaaa tatttctaat acattcactc attcttcaag    142140
     tctcccaaca attctaccaa gaagatctcc tcatcctctc tgggtcattt atgagaaact    142200
     gagagttgga gaggttgtgt gattaaccca gggtcacatg gggtacaatg ggtactggtc    142260
     aaactcagca cagtggaact tcaggttcta cactttacac tgccatcaca cacactgatg    142320
     ctggcccctg ttcatctggc cagaaattcc tggtcatgtt tttactgaga aaagtcctaa    142380
     actctccctc ttcttagttt gttcttagtt gagcttttgg aaatctttac atgtagaagt    142440
     gacatggctg ggtgacatgt tattcacctg ccactaactt acctgaagac gacccttctg    142500
     actgaggcca cccaacaggg taaaagctgt tctttctgta ttcagagagg cgcagtaact    142560
     tttatacagt tagtagttca gtggagaatt aactatttct gggaaatggg accgaaaggg    142620
     catgagtcat aagtctttct aatcagtaac ttcagattta cagaatctag atttcagtga    142680
     ctacagataa cagcaaccca cgccccgcag aagtgtggca tccatagttt ctaactaccc    142740
     tagtgactcc ccagaaatcc ctacataacc tacaggccat cttgtcctag aaagccatgt    142800
     tggcaacaac ctccacctct ctatcttact cggtttgata actttccaag taaatctctc    142860
     ttcttgccct gataacttat ccttgagttg ctggcttttt ccattcacaa gcagtgaact    142920
     tgggttcata gttgcatcac accatcagcc ttttgtgttc atggagaaag ggtatactta    142980
     gtcccaagag gaagtttcaa gttcctgtaa tgcaaaaaaa aataaataaa taaataaaac    143040
     gacttttcta gtgaaattta agtgtagtgc ttctacctca aggggaaaaa tgttggacca    143100
     gctatggttg aattccactt tagttcaagt gaatctgtat gtttttattt gatatgaatc    143160
     tgattgcttc taaaccacca tggtcctcga tatgtaggac atttgggacc aagcagggga    143220
     gcaaagctag catctatgta aatggtgttt atggccaaca tccccaattc ccaaaatttc    143280
     tataaagaat acaagtgttt gtggtttcaa gtattcggaa tcacttttct tgtgcctgaa    143340
     aaacaagttg agaaaaaatt ccattcaccc ccctgccccc aaggaagtac tttttatttg    143400
     cttgtttttt ttttttttca tttttttttt aaattccatg acttaagaag gttttgattt    143460
     gtgtgtgcag ataccagagc tgagggtggg gaatggaaag tttgttacat ataaaacaac    143520
     atttgcatct cctgccttct aagctgcgga gtacctagtg ccagactgct tgcttttctc    143580
     aagcgctgca gatatcctcc ttttgccttg cttaaagctg tcagaaagca acatttcagt    143640
     gagcagagga gctcagacac taaggcccca agaaccaaaa accaggaagt aaaataacca    143700
     tcctaaaagt acctagcagt cccttaagtt gcattttcat tttcaagtgg gcagacatgg    143760
     aaagactaat caaaatggtg tctccttcca cacgttctct gtggagtagc actgccatcc    143820
     agccactcaa ccagccctct cctttctctg cctgtcaaca gctgtccttc ccagctatgt    143880
     cccaagcatt tttcttcctc tcatctcagg gtcactgcat aatcgacatc ctctttttcc    143940
     ccctccccct ccccctctct cttcaccttc tagatgctcc ttttcccatt tcaaagtctt    144000
     caactgacat tggaaatgta tgcagagttc atgtagactt cctctgctgc acaccctcca    144060
     gggcttcccg tggatcttag gttaggttca aacgcccccg cccccccccc cccatgaccc    144120
     tgcacaagag cagctctcgc tcttgttcct catgtctcaa tgtgcttgct ctttctcttc    144180
     ctgcaccaaa tgcttatgct gcacagaagg atgggggcgg gggtgggagc ttctccattt    144240
     cccccagttg gcacttccac ctgctttcag gagccccttt cttctccttg ccctccctcc    144300
     aggtgttctt tcttccacag aaatcctgct tggctttcac attcattagt taagggagga    144360
     aggcttgccc gggtgatttc attcactagt tacttaatgg tttttgttag ttctatccca    144420
     ttttatttta ttgggggggg gtgatttaca agggaagagg gcagatgcaa tggtttttct    144480
     gcatccattt gatctaatac aacaccccat ctgaagactc accacatgag tgtgatggcc    144540
     tgtttgattc tgtcaaccta ataccaaaca aacaaacacc cagagagaaa tgtccataga    144600
     attatggcat ttctatggga ctagtagaac attgcaaggg gcgcacacac acacacacac    144660
     acacacacac accacagtaa agcaaagaca tagtccaaca ctgtgaggcg gtgggaagtt    144720
     tttaaaaata aactgaggat tacatcgaat actgacaaac agtagtcccg gcgctgagga    144780
     gtcacagtga aagtgtcatt agtctgaggt tagagcagat agttgatgct tgtagaagta    144840
     cttttgtgtg taaggctgta gtactccgta caactttgtg gttctggaag attcttctga    144900
     aatagtttct atcagccaat catacttaag actccttcct ttagaatgca ctttccactt    144960
     gaattttttt gggggaggtg acggttgagt tgacacaagt gactccattt tgtccatttt    145020
     gattctgaca gttttcactt tctcatcacc tcacactttt ttttttgtag ccctagactg    145080
     tgagtaacct cacaacaagg aatgcaggtg ccttttccac agtgcttctg caaagctgac    145140
     aaggtgcctg ggacatgggt ggtccacaac tttactgagt gatgtgtgtc tttaaaaaaa    145200
     aaaaaaactc cttctgactt ttgaaagaac cgtatttctt caatagtcac tatttgtgtg    145260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag    145320
     agagagaatg agtgcagtgg ccacagaggc cagaagatgg aattggactc cttggagctg    145380
     acattacagg gggtataaga caccccattt gggtgctggg aactgaaccc caactctctg    145440
     caggagcaga cacatgctct taaccagtaa gtcacttctc tttcttttaa atgataatgt    145500
     gaacatggac caaagtatat ttgtatttcc cataggaact agttcagtac acataataat    145560
     tcatcatact aagctaactc taacctcatc agttgcccac ccctaagcat caaacaaaag    145620
     attattctaa tagtcaaaca tcttctcatt gaaagttatt cgttaaccaa gaaaagcaat    145680
     tatacgtccc cttccaggtt taaaacaatg agataacagt gtaagttgtg acattagatg    145740
     atatgactaa tatgttaaac aagtgaaccc taactaagac gcactgacct tcgtcccagt    145800
     tagatgccat tcaaagcatc catgagtcgt gcctctactt cccagtccct ctgccatctc    145860
     cgggggtttg gccaccttgt tcctaccttt gatgccagat cactaacaca catctcttcc    145920
     cttctgttta taaacatgcc agtatcaccc caatcacagc ttcagctttc tgactgatga    145980
     ggtcacggga gcgcatcgcc acgccctgct tggaccgtcc atttgaaacg cgtgctttga    146040
     agcataacac attttgacat tatatacata catatggatt tgactaacgt caagagactt    146100
     acattctaga ctcaactcca tcattcacca gctccatgct cttgggaaag aagcctaact    146160
     tctctgctca ggaattactt tatgtgtgac ctcagaggtc ccttgtaagg aaaaggatga    146220
     tgcatacgaa aattctccaa aatcattaag agatactagt aatgaatatt taaatatttt    146280
     gtcagtatta atgattattt tatattttaa agaattttaa tatgtttcaa tttttcattg    146340
     ataggactat gaccattgca ggaaaccatg acaaccttct tagggtagct gttcaaagca    146400
     aggctttaat aaattcccct tagtgactaa aaaatttggg agatacaaaa gtgatatctt    146460
     caaacatatg aacttcattc cattaaaaaa ataataataa tcctgccttc tagctgggga    146520
     gatgcaaacc tgaaaagtga gttcagatat ccaaaatcca tgtaaagcca ggtatgttag    146580
     tgcacatctg tactcccagt acttctacat caagatggga gaccagagaa ttttctgaag    146640
     cttgcgtgac agataacctg ggttagatag taatgaacaa caaagagacc ctggctcaaa    146700
     caaggtagaa tgtgtagact gaaatccaaa atctcacgtg cacacacgca tgggttcaag    146760
     cacacacaca tagaaggagg agccctaaaa tctactaaac ttaaacaccc tccacccaag    146820
     gcacttgtgt gggctagaat tagacattag gttgaattgc tttagacttt ttagactatg    146880
     ctgtgtgtga atggatgaca cctactggta taaactgaaa atgtgctttc tatttttaaa    146940
     gaaaaaaaat agctattcat ctttcaaggc caccaaaaga agcaaaagaa aatccacatc    147000
     agcagaatcc agcacagaga ctcaagccaa agactgcatg gaatggttaa gaagccgctt    147060
     agtacatact caggggaaaa ggcaagtgac atgcacgcca tatatttaat cttaatattt    147120
     aaagtgtctt atgaaatata taaaggtata accaggaata tggctcagtg ggtaagaata    147180
     tttgctgcac aaacatgagc ttctgagttc tcaatatcca cacagaaaaa gctaggcaaa    147240
     gccagcaaga cagcccagta ttaaagtggc ttgctgccaa tcctggtgac ctgagaatga    147300
     tcccaggacc cacatggtag gagagaatct actcccatca actgtcctat cacacacaca    147360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa    147420
     agagagagaa agagagaggt gaaggaggaa gggagagaag ataaagggaa cttttaaaaa    147480
     aaatcaagca agattgcttg cttaactgta actccatcac catgaagatt ggagacagga    147540
     gaatctctaa ggcttgctag tttagctcct aattgagaaa ttccacctca aggaacaagg    147600
     tagacttaat agagaaagat tgacatcgtc ctctgccatc caaatatgca cagcacacaa    147660
     gtacacatat gctcacacat acatacatat gaacaacagt aaaagattat atagaaagaa    147720
     aattgtgtag gaattatagc agaaagaaag gctagatacc agaatcttca tttgataatt    147780
     aaaatatcat gtcaaaatat aattaaaatg ctaacatttc aaaaaattgt attttctttg    147840
     tgtttttcta aactttaaaa atatttctac atcatatatt attcagtgag aataaaatac    147900
     attgaatgtt gtgaggggtg ttgttgttgt tgttgttgtt gtaagttttg tgcatcttca    147960
     ctgtgtatgc aggagcagag tgccccaaac acagagagca aaggtgatcc gatgactaac    148020
     aatgagcctt tttaaaaaat atttatttat ttatttattt atttaatgta tatgagtata    148080
     ttgtagcttt cttcagacac acgagaagaa ggcattagat cctattacag atggttttga    148140
     gtcaccatgt tgtagctggg aattgacctc aggacctctg aaagagcagc cagtgcactt    148200
     aaccacggag ccatctctct agtccagcca tgggctttag aatatgccca gaaaagggtc    148260
     ctcatttgct tggctgttag ttaccactgc acctaactgt ttcccatgtg aaactgaggc    148320
     ttgtttcttc cccatcctcc acattcagcg tcctttcctc ttagactccc ccaagcactt    148380
     gactccttat gtaagagagt cagaccccta cagtcctact gtgagtctta gcagcacaaa    148440
     cagcctacta attcataagc aattatatga gtaaagatgt ggtttagtag ctataggtct    148500
     gtatctggat acagaaatgg gaagatgggc ggctcgtcag ttaacacgct tgccacacaa    148560
     gcaagagagc cggagtccag gccatggtaa agtaggtgtg ggggcccagc tgtaatccca    148620
     gcctcagaga acagggacaa aggatccctg ggaaaacctg gctgccaagc cttagtcata    148680
     ctatgaagct ctgggtctga gaagacatcg gaggaggtaa atagatacct gcttgagtct    148740
     caagttatgg caagaaaaat cagagctgac tgaaaagctt aatggagaag atgttgtgaa    148800
     acatcccaga atgccttagt tagaggcaaa tggaagagct ggtgggaaga ggaaaatcca    148860
     tttacatggc atggtgcgtg gtacacaaca cctccgcaca tgatatacta aggcaaatgg    148920
     cacttacaca ggcagatatt attataatct ccatctcatt aacacgggag cctgtctcat    148980
     agaagtcgct ttacagtaag ctgggatcat gtttagaact cagacaaacc tgcttctacc    149040
     ttagtactcc ttcatgtgcg gggaagcaaa ggctctgggt tgcaagaatt ggccctgaaa    149100
     gtttgcttgc agccccatct cacagaggct atgttgccta aagaatgcaa ttataaataa    149160
     ccttgggcac agctaaccac tccttgctcc tctaattaca ggtacaaaga agcatccata    149220
     cctccttggt tctggagttt gataaaccat ttgggtatat gaatataaac aaagttttct    149280
     gacaggtgca gctataaatc catgaatatt aatgtcactt tattacccaa ctccccagtt    149340
     taaatcttca gataagttca ggacaggatt gctgggcttg tgatcaaaac caagtcggac    149400
     tcctcggctc agggcgtaat tggtttcctc aaatggcatg ttgaatcaga atatcttaag    149460
     gtacatgcat gaagggagag gaagtacaaa aagactgcca gagtgacact aaatttcatt    149520
     ctgaaaagtg ttgagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagagg atgaatacta    149580
     ggccttgtgg gaccgtgaaa ggcagactgt tttctggttg agctaggttt aaaccctggt    149640
     gacccagcag ataactctgc aagagacaga aggcctgttt gccatgctcc cagacactag    149700
     gctcccgaca caaggcccca gcttcataat tctgtggtca ttagtcacat agggcaaagc    149760
     cccaagctcc tggtattctg tctggactcc acctccacag ttacctagca acagccaggt    149820
     agtcctgacc cactataaaa ggggctgctt gatccctcct ccctctctta ctactgcatc    149880
     tctcccttgc ctcttgctcc tcctctctcc ccattccctc cccgcctcgc tccacgtggt    149940
     catggccagc ctctatttct ctacttgctc cttctctctg cctttctcta cctctactcc    150000
     atgacaatgc cttaaaatca tggactgcct cttctcatca ggattcactg tgctggagca    150060
     atggagcagg tcttcctcta aggagcagtg tgtctaatct cctgcaggag gcctccctgt    150120
     gttcccagcc atgacttcca ccaaacccaa ctgcctgcct gaacaagcct aggactctcc    150180
     tccctgcagg aaccggctgg aactctctcc tcctgccctt tacccttcag tcccaggctg    150240
     gtttctgtta ccaggctctg caaaaccagc ttagcaaaaa aatggacgtg ttgccagcct    150300
     caagcttgac aggaggactg gaggtagggg ttatctgaag aagatcccag gctcagtatc    150360
     caacccctct tcctgctctt aatatttctg tgggtttctc atggccataa ggctgcatcc    150420
     atgaataaaa ctccaggcat ggctgcatat gcctgtagcc ccaacataac atatcaaaga    150480
     caggcagagc ctgagagctc agtggccagc agacgaacca aaagaacaag cttcctgttc    150540
     aacaagaggt cctgtcttaa ggtagtagga tggagtgtag tagtcacttt attatctgtt    150600
     ctggtcctac atgtgtgcat gcatgataca cagagagaga gagcacacat acatatatac    150660
     acatgcacat atacacatgc acatacatgc atgcataaac acacatgcat gcatcataca    150720
     cagagggagc acacacacat gtacacacat atgtacatac acacatacat acatgtatgt    150780
     accatacaca aagagaatat acaaccatat acacgcatat gtgcatacac acatgtacca    150840
     tacacacaga gaaatagcat gtatccctat cacatatgta catacacaca tgtatgcaca    150900
     tacacacata catacaccac acacatacat gaacaaatta aattaaataa tgccaatgaa    150960
     taagtctttt gatttgatag taattcaaaa agaataacta aatgaatcct tataaatcag    151020
     aaatatagaa ttaatatatg ttgtaaaaca aaaatattaa gaaccaggaa atgttaaata    151080
     acaaactaaa agtgctatct ttatttcaaa actaatctgg gtgagattct tttagtatga    151140
     caagagaatc catagtacca atattggaaa ggaaaggagc acatatacta atgagtctta    151200
     ttttaattta aaagaaaaag caacaccaaa tataaaccac ttaacttaaa aatatgttag    151260
     acattgccaa ttttctagaa aacataaaat ttgtagagaa atggaaaaat ggaacagact    151320
     atcaacctgt gaggaaatca gaaacagaac taagaaagtg accagcacag aaggattgaa    151380
     aacagacaat gaacttcagg ggtcctcaaa agccagagaa tttccagact atttaaaatg    151440
     gtctggaggc aaaatatggc attttgaggc tgacatagtg ttaacaggaa ggtgtatgca    151500
     agataaatca gagataagcc acagactata tatgtatatg catgcatatg tgtttaagta    151560
     ctcaatatat ctaatttggt gacttattaa agaaaattca ccttataaaa tcaattcaaa    151620
     ttgtccaaat gtaagcagct tccttccttc ctttctctct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    151680
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ccttctttct ttccttcttt cttagtcttt    151740
     ctttcttcct ttctttcttt cttattattt tttttaatgt atgtggatgt tttgcctgca    151800
     tatatgtgtt ttaaacacca cgaggaaaag caatcaggga gaaaacaatt tattttagct    151860
     catacctgag atgagttctt tacctaaaca atggcacaga ggtcaaagtt caatacccaa    151920
     gtactggcca tctgcacccc agaactgatc ctgtgccaca gtgctccata cccaaatccc    151980
     tcctggagag aactggtctc ccaggagtac tgaaacacag gcttgcagga aggataagcc    152040
     acagtcaaag acagcaagac cagctaacac cacagataac caaatggtga gaggcaagtg    152100
     caaaaacata agcaacagaa accaaggcta cttggcatca ttagaaccca gttctcccac    152160
     cacattgaac cctggttacc cccaacacac cagaaaagca agactctgat ttaaaatcaa    152220
     atctcatgat gatgatagtg gactttaaga aggacataaa taactccctt aaagaaatac    152280
     aggagaacac aggtaaacag aaagaagccc ttaaagtgga aacacaaaaa tcccttaaag    152340
     aattacagga aaatacaacc aaacaggtga aggaattgaa caaaaccatt caggagctaa    152400
     aaatgaaatg agaaacaata aagaaatcac aaagggagac aaccctggag atagaaaacc    152460
     taggaaagag attacaagtc atagatgcaa gcatcaccta cagaatacaa gagatagaag    152520
     agagaatctc agatgcagat accatagaaa acattgacac aacagtcaaa gaaaatgcaa    152580
     aatacaaaaa gttcctaacc caaaacatcc aggaaatcca ggacacaatg agcagaccaa    152640
     acctaaggac aataggtata gaagagagtg acgatttctg acttaaaggg ccagtaaata    152700
     tcttcaatga aattatagaa gaaaatttcc ctaacttaaa gaaagagatg tcaataaaca    152760
     tacaagaggc ctacagaact ccaaatagat tggaccagaa aagaaattcc tcctgtcaca    152820
     taatactcaa aacaccaaat gcacaaaaca aagaaagaat gttaaaagcg gtaagggaaa    152880
     aaggtcaaat aacatataaa tgcagaccaa tcagaaatac accagacttc tcaccagaga    152940
     ctatgaaaac cagaagatcc tggacagatg ttatacagac cctaagagaa caaaaaatgc    153000
     cagcccaagc tactataccc agcaaaactc tcaattatca tagatggaga aactaagata    153060
     ttctatgata aatccaattt acacaaatct agcccttcaa aggataatag atggaaaata    153120
     gcaacacaag gagcgaaact ataccctaga aaaagcaaga aagtaatctc cttccaacaa    153180
     acccaaaaga agccacacaa acataaaaaa attaacatca aaaataacag gaagcaacaa    153240
     tcactattcc ttaatatctc ttaacatcaa tggactcaat tccccaataa aaaggcatag    153300
     actaacagac tggatatgta aacaagaccc agcattttac tgcatacaga aaatgcacct    153360
     cagtgtcaaa gacagacact aactcagagt aaaggactgg aaaacaattt tccaagcaaa    153420
     tggttccaag aaacaagccg gagtagccat tctaatattg aataaaatca actttcaacc    153480
     aaaggttatc aaaagggata aggaaggaca cttcatactg gccaaaggaa aaatctacca    153540
     agaactctca attctgaaca tctatgctcc aaatgcaagg gcatccacat tcataaagga    153600
     aactttacta aagctcaaag cacacattgc acctcacaca ataatagtgg gagacttcaa    153660
     cacactgctc tcatcaatgg acagatcatg gaaatagaaa ctaaacagag acacagtgaa    153720
     actaacagaa gttatggacc aaatggattt aacagatatc tatagaacat ttcatcctaa    153780
     aacaaaagaa tataccttct tctcagtacc tcatggtacc ttctccaaaa ctgaccatat    153840
     aattggtcac aaatcaggcc tcaacagata aaagaagatt gaaatcatcc catgcatcct    153900
     atcagatcac cgtggactaa ggctggtctt caataacaac agaaagccca catacacatg    153960
     gaagctgaac aatgctctac tcaatgataa cttggtcaag taagaaataa agaaagaaat    154020
     taaagacttt ttagaattta atgaaaatga aggtacaaca tacccaaact tatgggacac    154080
     agtgaaagca gtgctaagag gaaactcagc cctgagtacc tccaaaaaga aactggagag    154140
     agcacacact agcagcttag cagcacacct gcaagcttta gaacaaaaag aagcaaatat    154200
     acccaagagg cataaaataa tcaaactcag ggctgaaatc aaccaagtag aaacaaaaag    154260
     aactgtacaa agaatcaaca aaaccagaag gtggttcttt gagaaaatca acaagataga    154320
     taaaccctta gccagactaa ccagagggca cagtgacagt atccaaatta acaaaatcag    154380
     aaatgaaaag ggagatataa caacagaaac tgaaaaaaaa aatcagatcc tactacgaaa    154440
     gcctatactc aataaaacta gaaaatctgg ttgaaatgga caattttcta gacagacacc    154500
     aaataccaaa gttaaatcag gatcagataa accatttaaa tagtcccata acccctaaag    154560
     aaatagaagc agtcatcaaa agtctcctat ctcaaaaaag cccaggacca gatgggttta    154620
     gtgcagaatt ctatcagacc ttcaaagaag tcctaatacc tgatgtatta ataataatat    154680
     atagtggata tacccgaaca gaacaccagg ccaaggctgt tccacgtgag agaggtttat    154740
     tgtaagggag agaagaaaag gagtggcagg gcaagtggaa ggggaaagaa gaaagagaga    154800
     gagtggggag ggggtgttct cctcgtttat atggaaagtg acgtaacaca agtaacagat    154860
     gtagctaaca gatgtaagtg agctgaatta tttcctagac tctgggtgga ttccaacttt    154920
     aactaccagc agtatgtatt tacctaggtc tcactccctg ccactctaaa cactttgcat    154980
     gcagaggacc cttaaacctc tgtagaaccc aatgagagag acgcctctaa ttattcctga    155040
     aaagtgcact cactgtaaaa aggtttaaaa ttgtacaagg tccccactca gcttacaggg    155100
     caagaccgga atgaaacaag gagaaaaatc taaatcctgg acttaaatgt tttagagttt    155160
     ctatcaattc acaatcaaca gctcctgccg cagcggcagt ggttggcgca tgctgattaa    155220
     agtcctctca cctgaagggt gtggcgtagt tatagacaac actgtttgtc agtacgcttc    155280
     ttccatgtac tgtgctaaac gcaaaacatt cgttgtctaa tcctcacagc agttccgtct    155340
     gcagaaaaga aactgaggca cagaaaataa catgtaggaa gggcttgagt tcaagaaagc    155400
     ctgcccacac tcttttccat tatacaggcc tcttggggaa aaaatggcat gttcttaacc    155460
     agagttcgtt caactgggtt tgccctgatt atgtaaaacc agaagttttg ctgtaattgt    155520
     gaatgtgatc ttttaaaaat attttaactt ttatcttatg tgtatgagtg tttacctact    155580
     tgtatgtatt ttgcaccacg agtgcagtac ccacagaggc caggaggggg ggtcctctgg    155640
     aactgggttg tgagctacta tatagggact aggaacagaa cccaggcctt ctgcaatagc    155700
     agcgaatgct cttaatggct gagctatctc tccatccctt gaatgtgatt cttatttcac    155760
     ctagtatccg ggaggtttcc taataaaaca caacttgatg tgaaaatatt aaactggatt    155820
     cctcttgcag actgttgctt ggcgactgag tctcagcaat gatgctatgt tgttgcctaa    155880
     ttttaaaaga actgtgttta aatgagggga ccctacttgt cagcatagtt tcaacacatt    155940
     atttttatga acattgatat taacaatcct ggtatgtcca ttttaggtaa caaaggttaa    156000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagta gtatcacact agcatgaaac accaaatgtt tatgttgcag    156060
     gtatagcagg tgttcgttcc tacagggtaa ctctcagttt tccagaatgt ctgatggaga    156120
     agatgggggt ctctgaccta tttgtagtta gtgtgactag ttctttttac aagcactcat    156180
     agtatagaaa gtgatatcaa aatggaatac ccattaagga atatgggatc gctttgcatt    156240
     catcaaatag ttattcagta agttaatcaa ttgcatgaca aaatcttctt taagaaagtg    156300
     cctaactggg ctccacttcc tagggtctta taacctaaat ggaagctcaa ctggaaaatt    156360
     ccaatgattt ctacagccaa aaatacagaa aaataacgct tgtttgttca gctgggttgc    156420
     ttttaaaaag tagacatgtt tgaaattttt aaattagttc tatgcaacaa aacatacttg    156480
     tttaaagtgg aggtgatgtt atcttattgt gtatttaaaa gagaaaagca tattcctaag    156540
     ggtttcctgc tatgaaattt caattccttc ccatctatga gccttcgata gttaccaaat    156600
     acgaccacaa gggagcactg ctgaatcaga cttgtgatcc tcaaacccac agctgtacaa    156660
     atgcttgtgc tcccttcctg ggggaacaga agtgactcct caggcattcg tgcaatgcat    156720
     gtgaggtgca gtatgaggaa tggatttttt ttttttagtt agtcacagcc cccagaaatg    156780
     aatttctgta ttctcatcgg aagccaggtc tccactagaa gatagacaga ttgtctgatg    156840
     aaagaaagca acaccttagc taggcagtgg tggcacacgc ctttaatccc agcacttggg    156900
     aggcagaggc aggtggattt ctgagttcga ggccagcctg gtctacagag tgagttccag    156960
     gtcagccagg gctatacaga gaaaccctgt ctcgaaaccc agcccctccc cgcaaaagaa    157020
     agctacaact tactactttc ttaaaatttc tctgtcagcc ttgaaagagt cgatgacctg    157080
     caaagctgca tgtttttttt ctctcttcgc tccaggagga agtgtaggag cgtccactca    157140
     gagatttgag aaggaagcca agatatcttt ggaggattgc aaaatcctgg ggaggctaag    157200
     gaagctggct gagagtgata acacggtctc ctcccatcct gttcccatgc tctccgactg    157260
     ctagcaggct gtgcagccgc cctgtcagat ctgcgacaga tcggcgatgt ggcgagcagg    157320
     agttacttgt aactttaaat aaaatatatc tcgcacacac agggaagaag cagaacaaga    157380
     tatcaatgga ggagattagc acatgacccc agctccctct aggctctgcc atgaccagat    157440
     gcagggattg gacagctaag atgtcagcac accctgttac tgcagatttg gattctgaga    157500
     gttcattggc aggaccaggt ttggaattga gagagatttg aagggaggtt agagtcctgg    157560
     aacaggactt gtgtccttca ggctggacta caacatgggg aacggaagca gcctccctac    157620
     ggtgtccact tcctagccac cacctgcact caccagtcac cacggttttc tctcagagta    157680
     atgctttaaa gtgagtgttt taccatccca gacagaatgg actccatagc tgggagggct    157740
     tatatatgct tgacccaggg agtggcacta tttggagatg tggccttgtt ggagtaggtg    157800
     tgtcactgtg ggtatgggct ttaataccct agtcctagct gtctggaagc cagtcttctg    157860
     ctagcagcct tcggatgaag atgtagaact cttagctcct actgcaccat gcctccctgg    157920
     atgctgccat gttcttgcct tgatgataat ggactgaacc tctgagcctg taaaccagcc    157980
     ccagttaaat gttgtcctta taagagttgc cttggtcgtg gtctctgttt gcagcagtaa    158040
     aaccctaaga cgatagccaa gtatcctaag gcatgcatgt aattccagca cttaggaagc    158100
     agaggcaggg agatcaggat ttctatgtca gcctggccta cgtaagacct tatttttaaa    158160
     aaaaaaaaaa atcaaaattt aaatgaatgc ttataataat gttctcaaag cttaccaggc    158220
     agaaaatgac agggcaagct agtgactgtc aaagcctttg cccttcactt tgcccttgct    158280
     cctattgagt cttcagttca ggtatcacac ccctaattct atttgcactg cagtcagtgt    158340
     cttaccacat actgttgcta ttttgaagct gcagcagcgg aaccagaggt aaggaaattc    158400
     ctacaagata gcagagtcag aagttgatgt ggtctgattc cccaccagag ctccatctat    158460
     ggcatcttac agccctcgct agacacgggc ttcagttgtt atgaatcctt ggactggagg    158520
     ccacaactgc caaaagagaa agaaagggtt tgctttccct gcagtggttg taggattagg    158580
     taactcttga ttagaacctg ttgcttgccg ggttcattgt tttagagatt tatatatgtg    158640
     atatcaactt gttctcacaa ttgtctacag agaaatgctt gactttataa ttaggtggga    158700
     aacttgtgcc agaaagatga cgtcatctgc ccaaagacac acgattaata aatgtcagag    158760
     tcgggactaa aaggtaacat ctgtttaaca tcgtagggga tgtctatgaa atgtttttgg    158820
     atgaaaacat aaaatgtaca aatgtacatg agacctacct atgtaaataa tgacattcct    158880
     atatagaaaa ataagaaggg acctgtgtgc tgtgaggagc acattgcccc agaacgtgga    158940
     agatgaagga ggagaggcag gagcttgagg ctaccctcag ctacatagct tttttgagac    159000
     cacctctcac aagatattaa taataagaat ttaataataa taacataata gataagagat    159060
     ggaatatttt aaaagatgtg aaattacatg tgttaattat tttattatag agaaaaatag    159120
     gagtgagttg tagctcttta tcgagtgttt gacgggcatt caggatgcct gcttagctct    159180
     ctccctacac ataaatcagc agtgatacat gtctgtaatc ccagcacagg gaggcagaag    159240
     gaccaaaagt tcaagttctc ctcggctaca tagcaaattc aaagctagcc tggaatgcat    159300
     aagaccctga ctcaaagagg tagggtggtg gagagatgga cagcagtaaa gagcactgac    159360
     tgatcttcca gatggccaaa gtttaattcc cagcactcac atggcaacaa ctgcttttaa    159420
     ctccagttcc aggggctctg atgcacccta ctggcctcca tggacattgc atccacttgg    159480
     tgcacaggca tgcatggaaa acatctattc acataaaata aaaaatatta atttattttg    159540
     aaagagtatt tgctgccatt gaaaaggatc taggttgcat tcccagttat ctacataatg    159600
     gcatacaata tccataactc cagttccaaa agatctggag ctgtcttctg gtttccaccg    159660
     acactaggta tgtatgcagt gaacctcagt acatgaatgc aaaacaccca tacacgttaa    159720
     agaaaaataa atctctaaag aaaaagggga aatagagagg agactaacat aatactgccc    159780
     ccacactgca taggaataag tctagtatat tagtcagggc tctttaaaaa aaaaaaacat    159840
     aaccaataag aagagtagac acatgggtag acttggtaga aggatcaatg gatgaatgga    159900
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggattga tagaaatata gatgatagaa    159960
     gacatatgat agatagatgt tgatagaaag atggaagata gatagtagat agataaatag    160020
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    160080
     attgatggat agatacttat tattagggct tggcttatgc aaacaatgga agctggaaag    160140
     cgagacagtg tgacatcggc atctgaggag gatgaggaaa gccgatggct ccaacacaaa    160200
     gccacagact tgagaaccat taagataact aatgatctaa gtcccgatcc cagtccaaga    160260
     tccaacagcc aagaacatac aaacgagtct gagggaagga gaaaccaccc ttcctccacc    160320
     tcagttgatg ctctactggt cacccaaaag actagatgtt gcttgccgca ggaagaggca    160380
     gatctttact cttcccactc atcagaacat tactttcccc tggaaacacc ctcacagaca    160440
     tacgctgaaa tagttcacca ggcaatctct tagctcactc atattgacac ataaaaccaa    160500
     ctgatgctct tggggactcc ttttaaattg acaaaaatta ttgaccatat ttgaccttca    160560
     tacaccttga cacacatgac cttcatacca cctacacctt gctagttgtt tcttccccat    160620
     ttttgatgct actacaggtc cacctccctc ctttctcttg atagtcatac tttgcttgag    160680
     aagagtcaac tgtacccaac ctaattcata ctcaactgtg aaaaaaaaca ttaaaaagtc    160740
     cttaatggtc caaattttta ttaataaata tcatttgaac cagcatgaat aaacctgaag    160800
     agaaagcaca ggcagttgcc atacactcca tccctacgtg agcacaaccc ctgcttccac    160860
     caccgttctg cgctagagtg ggacatttgt tataatccat gaagctacag ccacacatcg    160920
     ccatcactca aagctcgctg tttatctgag cctcgttctt ggtgttacag tctatacatt    160980
     tggggaaaaa aacaatgatg tgcaccagct gctcctgtct atcacacaga agtgtccctg    161040
     ccctaaaagc actctctgtt tcccctactc acttctccct ttcccgtctc cgtggaaacc    161100
     actcatttta aaaaactgtc tccatagttt tttccccctc ttttggaatg tcacagccat    161160
     catcatacag ataagtgggt ttctttttac tttgtattta tttaatgctt ttaatatccc    161220
     tccatttttt tgttttgatg gctttatatc tcatttcttt ttttttcttc tttatataca    161280
     tgggcacatt taaatgcatg tgagagtaga tgattgcctg tgtgtgagta cacacaggta    161340
     aggctgcatg tgcatatatg tacctatgta tgtagaggcc caagattgat atggaaaaat    161400
     ttccttcgtc agtcttcaac caccttcttt gagtcagggt ctctccatca aacctagagc    161460
     cggcagatag gagagtctcc ccgacagctt gcttagggga tccccagtct ctgcctttga    161520
     ggctggagtt gcaggcaggc caccactccc accagcgttt acacaagctt ggggagtcta    161580
     aactctcgtg cttgcatggc gagtgcttta accactgggc catccatcca ctctcttttt    161640
     ggccctgtgt ctggatctac catagttgtt attgtctgtc ctcccatgag aggatatttt    161700
     tctctcttga gttctgtcta ttatgaataa agctgctata aatattggta tgtggatctt    161760
     tgtggagaca tgaatttttg attcatgagg ctgtatataa taaagactat gactgtgtgg    161820
     cttacgtaat aagacaatgt tgagttaact caattccaac aagacaataa ccgttttaaa    161880
     atgctgctgg caatgactgt cattccctgt cgtttcaaat ctttgccagc actaggtgtt    161940
     gagggtaatc tgtattttga acattgaatt cgacgttgaa cgggccgagc atccattttt    162000
     aggagcagtt cctcagtggc atgatactga gcagctgccc tgccatttgt gtttctcctg    162060
     tgtgaaatat tagctcaggg gttttaccaa acttttattt gggtcgtata ttttctcatt    162120
     gttgaatttt gagggcagcg gctgttgtta tactttgggc aacagtcctt tatcaggtgc    162180
     attttctgca cataattctg tagtttctct cctcactctc cttccgagat ctcttgaacc    162240
     acatcaaatc cagactcttg tttgctctcg ggcctttgct attgtagctg gacagccatc    162300
     cccacaatca aggtcggctc agtttttctc atacatcatc tttgcctggc tttatagttg    162360
     tgtgtcttca tctctcttct gctttgttca tctttttgtc tgttgttttg ccaaagcatg    162420
     ctgttttgat tatcgtaaat atgtctgaag cacaagagct gtccgtcttc caactttgct    162480
     ttctgaaatg ttgggttggt tgtctggagt tatatttgta cctaacaagc tttgaaattg    162540
     cctcccttgg ggtcctactc agggcttccc acacagagag tgactctctg cacatgccta    162600
     tctgtatctg cccttacaag tttgatgcat attctattac ctcacgcctc tagtgaatct    162660
     aaagacttat gcaattcttt gcacactctg ctaagaatca aatgacagct tctaagctct    162720
     taaaatgttg cttccaaatc agaaattttt tctttatgtg ttaaagaaaa aataattatt    162780
     aaactaatga ggaaataact ggtaaaattt cagttaatga aacaatttaa aatggaaaaa    162840
     aaaactgtat taatgagggc taacagcagg gggcactctc ctatagggac agggtaggta    162900
     ttgatggtag tgatggcttt gtgaaagcag agccccttct gtgcagaact atgtacatga    162960
     aatgggatct gaaaaggact ctgtagctca ctagcatgcc agtgttgagg ggagtggaac    163020
     tgcatgactc atgtgcatag atacacatgc acgtgtctat ttaaaatgca aataatgaca    163080
     agcagtaaaa gcaaagattg aaacatatag aggttttttt ttaaattaat ttctacaaga    163140
     aaggggagac tggatagatg gctcagcgat taagagcatg cactgctctt ccagagaacc    163200
     tcagtttggt tcgttgcctt caggcagctg tgagctgcta gtcactacat cactagggag    163260
     tctgggattt cttatggtct ctgcaagcat atggtgggca aacacaagac gcgtatacac    163320
     aaagaaaaca cacacacttt ttaaaaggga gagaaaaaaa aacatgtttc ccacaaaaat    163380
     aaatagataa ataagtaaat aaataaataa aatcacactg gcaagatatg ccttcaaaat    163440
     tccagaggca agttattttc atttacatac attaaggcaa agtaaaaaaa gagtttcagc    163500
     atggcaagtt accaaatatt caccatcaac atattttttc ttaataattt actaaagaca    163560
     ttaaaggcaa gtctcaaatg tcctcgggag ttagatgaga gtcaaaggcc aggctctgag    163620
     agaggagcca ggagctgtaa ctgaggaagt tatatcccgg gggaaacaga ttgcattgga    163680
     ttccatctcc agccccacca cccatgagaa aaactcccat ttgatacact tcttactgat    163740
     agagattgta gaacacttcc tatgaagaaa attctaaaac tttcatcgtt taggaacttt    163800
     tagtctggag caatggttct caacctacaa ccctcatact gtggtgggcc ccaaccataa    163860
     acgtatttca tccctacttc ataactttgt tactcttatg aatttactct tatgaattat    163920
     aatgtgaata tctgtgttcc ctgatgatct taggcagccc cagtgaggaa tccctggtct    163980
     agacagtcct ttctaagggc ctccacactc tagcggtctg tgggtgaatt taatcgagca    164040
     acagtattgg atgacatccg caaggtaggt gctctgtgca aacaagtcgc aatttccttc    164100
     atgagaacca agaagacttt cccagagact ggctatgatt tgtaccactc tacatgaata    164160
     tttcctttag agtcaactgt tcagtggaga aatcctgagt aaggcagtcc agtggaaaga    164220
     aggagaggcg ggagccaggc gaactgagca acagtgtaca aaatgattaa cctctgtggg    164280
     tttctttcct ttcactaaca aaaaaaaaaa attatgattc cctcttcctc ttcctctccc    164340
     tctccctctc cctctccctc ttccctccct ctcccctccc tctccccctc ccctccccct    164400
     ccctctcccc cttcatctct ctctgtctct ctgtctctgt ctctgtctgt ctctctgtct    164460
     ctctctgtct ctctctgtct ctctctctct ctctctctgt ctctctctct ctctctctcc    164520
     tctcctctcc tctcctctcc ctttccctct ctctaaaaaa cagccaaata gaatgctatt    164580
     ttgagcagca gaaaccctgc tgaggttctg atgtgaaaac agtcccactc cagcactcca    164640
     gagccctcac tggctttctt tcctgaagcc tgtctgccag ctttcttgtt gtgaacaaga    164700
     tagtgaaatt gctgaagtca gtaagacact gcaaatcaag taggtccagg agtgaagctg    164760
     tgcgtccaaa cccaacgacg acatacacca ccaagagacc aagggcagcc gcctctgctg    164820
     taagctgtgg gctttagaaa acggtagctt gtgagcgtaa actcctcagc tatagcaaac    164880
     agaaagctct agagcagggt gtggcaggct gtgtggccat ggggacttga agcgtgcagg    164940
     gacactttat gcattcaact ccattttcct atgaacctaa aactaccctg aaaagagttt    165000
     attaaaagag ttaattaatt aacaactatt tgaaagcatt tggcacacag gacagatgtt    165060
     aaaatgtagt attttaaaat aaaacaagtt caaatcatgg tgtgggtttt ttttttttcc    165120
     tgtcatcttt ttattggcag aagagcattt ttaaagccac gggtcattgc tgatttgtag    165180
     actttactta aagaacttag agactgcaag agcatacacc ataatgtaaa aacccgatga    165240
     aatgttttaa tgcgtcttca aaacactcta taatcaaacg gctggaatga gtcttgagag    165300
     gccaccaggt cctttcagag gctgaaatgt agacacacct gaactggcat tcacaggggc    165360
     ttaagcactg tcaaggacag cagctgctcc aatgtcttgg ttctttcttc ttactcaaca    165420
     aatacattat ccagattaac ctaactctgc ctattttgat tggtaaaaac atgaaggacc    165480
     caagcttccc acatcctaac ctctctgttt ttgagagacc ttaaaacctg aagaccgaat    165540
     gcaacttcaa atccttctaa ctgccatctg gttcttttct acaacaactt tgctctaatt    165600
     gataacaaat cagagaattg aagggacagt caggaaaaac tggggaggga agggaaaatg    165660
     agaccagaaa cgatgagttg tacggtgcgg tggcagggag gggtcctgga aacacggcta    165720
     acactggcta acactattgc tgcagtctcc cccatgtgcc gcctaatggc agctccacat    165780
     ccccaaacca gggccataaa acaggcccaa ggcttggaga aacctgaggc ccgtggagct    165840
     gcaaaaaatg gctggaatgt aatgtaatga tgcccattac atgtcctgga atcccgagat    165900
     tgaaaagggg ggggggggca atctgacctt tgatgactcg ccctggagtt ccagagagca    165960
     gttaatccag aaaagcaatg tctacggctg gtggagggtg tttctttccc ccctcctctc    166020
     cagtacaaaa ctgttgccag accccgcatg gtggcttctg ctgctctcac gccctgcgcc    166080
     ttgggtctga aggtgccaat agagctttgc tatggctgtc tttcattttc ttcctaactt    166140
     atttcttatc atgcccagct tgaatataac aaagcagact tcaaaaccaa ataaattaac    166200
     cttcattctt agcgttttac cttatcaagt gatactatta aagaaataca aattcaaaga    166260
     caaaaaggat cctagtattc atgacatgac aaattcatag aaattatata tgctagcgcc    166320
     ttactttaag ttcagagcat gctatgtcag accatgttgt tgggcgtccc gttcatttta    166380
     agtgtcgcta caagcaaatg aaatgctgtt aaaggaaatt gtttcacctc caggacctgt    166440
     atttgaaggc cagtagatga ctctgtggtg ttatgaaatt aaccagaaaa aaagaagaaa    166500
     aagaaaaaga aagtgccaag agaagatggt ttcagagtgc acaccagctc tgcaccacag    166560
     gcaaatgttc cctcatttgc accccaccca gacagtaaca ctttggccaa aactggaaac    166620
     tgatttttta ccatgctttg aattgaacca actggtcaat gataaaaatt atatatatgt    166680
     cataatgaat cccttattat gaatacttaa tatgtattaa agaaacagcc agtacaatag    166740
     actagatttg taaaccaggg catttttcga gtagtaaatt atattgatta aaaaattcct    166800
     accatatatt aattgtacat attaatgggc ttcactagga catttccata tagacatatg    166860
     ttttatcata ttcactccct gttatccttt ttgctcctcc agccattccc tgatcccttt    166920
     cctcttccca tctaatcatg cttctcacct tttatgcact tttttaaaag tgtatttact    166980
     cttaccaatg actttactta gggctcttta cgggagcatc agtgaggaac agttgcaaga    167040
     acatggctgc gtaccacatt aagaaaatac ctcatccgcc ccaacaaacc agtaactgcc    167100
     aggaaatcct cagagagggg caggacctcc tgagcccctc cccactggaa tgtagatggg    167160
     ccctgtcttg tgctggaatt gtgtaggtaa agagcaagcc cttctgaaat ttcccgcgat    167220
     ggcactctct tcttcctcag gctccgacat tcttcctgcc tcgtttccca ggatggtcct    167280
     tgcaccttgg agggtgtgaa atagattttc catttaggaa caggcactca acagtcactt    167340
     attctcatct ctttagccag ttatgtgtct ctgcagtaac tactgtccac cacaaagaga    167400
     aggcatctct gaccaaagct gaaagcagtg ctaatctacg ggcgtaaaca aacctatgta    167460
     gaacgcaatg gaacaggtac atcttgctcc ttcagaaaaa gagcagcagc agcctcctct    167520
     ccaccagagc ctgggacctc actggcaaga ggctttcgat ccaggtgaca gtcagccatg    167580
     aagtcttcct gcagagcagg ccccaaatcc aacggatggt gattggttac tcccctaaca    167640
     gttgcggtac tattgcagga ttcttggacg gctagtaaga ttggtgatgt cagttcttcc    167700
     agaaacctga gcaatacctt ccggcaccat gaaagcccac caggaggagg acgcttccag    167760
     atccagtcca gcttatttag aaggtgaatg gtcccagata ttttgtagac ttcttaatct    167820
     tttcctgttt gcgacccctg agaaattttt atgcaaccat gagtatataa gtaaataaag    167880
     caggtttaca agccaaactt tttctaataa aatcatgaag attcttattt taagacagtt    167940
     ctttgatatc atataatttt atcatttatt attaaagatg aaagaaaagt tgtgttagca    168000
     tatgcttaat tttacatgaa gaattaaatc ttggctaagt agtcgatatt gcagtatata    168060
     aaatttcaaa ctttatttat taaaaccctc agccatggtt gtggacaggt ttacagcacc    168120
     aggcatggag atcccctgtg tagagcaggt ctcaaatcta accggaaagt gactggttaa    168180
     ccctgtaaga gtcattccac tgttgtgtca atggtaacat cttcctggca gattgatgtt    168240
     gtaggtagcg gagttcatag ttgcataaga gtgttgacga ctttctcatc cagcagcctg    168300
     catagcccat tcccatctac caaagtgtgt ggtatcatta gcaatacgct cttatcattt    168360
     agttctgatg ggcaaccaag aggagtatgg agcggtacct ccgtctgggg tcccctgaac    168420
     aagcatctca taggaggaaa cctataccta gcattttgtt ttttgttttg ttttgttttg    168480
     ctttgttttg ttttttaatt gactaatcta tagaagcaat gttatccaat catgcaggat    168540
     atcccccttc aaagtctttt tttaatgtat tttaagtgac ttacaaagta ataactttat    168600
     gtgtggcttt ttcaaaatac accttttatt ttagctaacc ctcccctctc caccacccca    168660
     tctccctatc actcctaata ctacttaaac ctttatatca ccagtatttt cccacattgt    168720
     tttatagcat ctctactcta ttcttgccag tgtcttaagg cattccattc ccctaagggc    168780
     cctctctagc ttacttgcct ctattgatat tccaaattaa atatacaaat gtgagctgtg    168840
     ccctggcttc ggtagagacc ggctgtcctc tgctgcttga gtggctccag catcttcccc    168900
     aggagctcgc tgcagcagcc gactggcctc tgctccacag taaccatgtg tgaccagaag    168960
     gcagtgatca aaaatgcagt ttggagctga gacgaaagga tgggccatct agagactgcc    169020
     acacccgggg atccatccca taatcagcct ccaaactcag acaccatcgc atatgccagc    169080
     aagattttgc tgaaaggacc ctgatatagc tgtctcttgt gaggctatgt cggtgcctgg    169140
     caaacacaga agtggatgct catagtcagc tattggatgg aacacagggc ctccagtgga    169200
     ggagctagag aaagtaccca aggagctaaa ggggtctgca accctatagg tggaccaaca    169260
     atatgaacta accagtaccc ccagagctcg tgtctctagc tgtctgtagc agaagatggc    169320
     ctagtctgcc atcattggaa agagaggtct tgcgaacttt atatgcctca gtacagggaa    169380
     acaccaggcc aagaagttgg agtgggtggg taggggaggg ggggtgtata agggactttt    169440
     ggaatagcat ttgaaatgta aatgaagaaa atacctaata aaaatatttt aaaaatgcag    169500
     acacgtcaga agaaatgcaa caggactcag tagagtgcgc tactcaggcg ttggagaagt    169560
     acaacataga gaagaatatt gtgacccaaa tcaagaagga gtttgacaag aagtacagcc    169620
     ctacttggca ctgagccaaa acttcaatag atacgtgaca catgaaacca aacacttcat    169680
     ctacttctac ctgggtcagg tggccattct tccgttcaaa tctggttaaa agtctggact    169740
     gtgccaaaca cccaatgatc catccagaaa caaggactgc atcctaagtt ccaaatgcca    169800
     gagactgaat cttcagcctt gctaagggaa cacctcgttt caatctgttg tgttgtgtac    169860
     agggcctcat tctctgtaca agcctgtggt tataaaatta gttaaacagc ttacatttgt    169920
     atttattttc tagtccatac ttctgtaccc ccattttttt ctcccttaga tcattctttt    169980
     aaaaataaat ctgttggaga tgaaaaaaaa aaccatacaa atgtaaactt ttgaagctat    170040
     ctaaggaaag agagcatgtg atgtttgtct tacagggccc aggttccctt gctaggtgta    170100
     acattttcca attctagttt tcctgaaatt ttcaaaacac tacttgcata tgtaccacat    170160
     tttgttatct ggtcatcaat tcatggacgt ctaggctcat tcatttccta gctattatga    170220
     ctagagaata aatgaacatg gatgaagagg tagctctgaa ggaggatata gacttccttt    170280
     gcccaggact gatagagctg ggtcctatca tagttctgct gtagtcctga gagacctcgc    170340
     cgctgatttc caccacgcct gcaccctgtt catgttctcg ccaacagtgc atagagaaag    170400
     gctcctctgc ccacattctc tccagcattt gctctcatct gatttcttga tgctactcat    170460
     tctgacatgg gtgagctgga atctcaaaag tagttttaat ttgcattttc cttactgata    170520
     acttttttaa aaggttaatt agccatgtgt atttcttttc ttgagaactc tgttcagatc    170580
     tacagccctt ttattactgg gccgtttgtt ttcttgatgc ttagctcaga gagcttggaa    170640
     gcattccttc cttctccgtg tgatgaagtg attaaagaag ccctagctag ctagctagct    170700
     acctagcaga gcggtagtgg gacatgcctt taatcccaga actcaagaag cagacacagg    170760
     cagatctatg agttcaaggc cagcctggtc tacagagtga gttccaggac agctcttgct    170820
     ttgatagaac tcagttgtaa atctccatct ggatccacca ggactttttt tcactgacag    170880
     acttttcatt atagcttcaa ttttatttct tgctataact ctatttaaac tgtttatctc    170940
     atcttggttt actttaggta catcacatac aacgaaaaag tttatccact tcttttaata    171000
     caggttttta aggtgtatcc ttagagtttt tattggtatc tactgtaatg tctctctctt    171060
     tatctcaaat attattaatt tgggtcttct ctctgtttct tttggttaat ttggattgtc    171120
     attttttact ttaccttttt taaagaataa attatttgtt tcattgattt ttattgtctt    171180
     tttcccattt ccatctcatt gatttttttt tttgccctga tattaagaat ctctttccac    171240
     agatatgtct ggcctgatct tgtttttcta atgcattaag gtgtgtccat catcctgtgt    171300
     gtctgccatc gctaatgcta tagttcctct tctcacctgc ttacctcaca gaaaatagcc    171360
     agcctgccct gatgtggaat tcctaacaag aaaaaaaact gaggttcaat aatgaaactc    171420
     catagttata tttgctatgt ataattatgt tcaaggtaac tattaaaaaa tatttttttt    171480
     tctccatagt catagttcag ttactttcaa aggtttctgg cggcagacat ttataatttt    171540
     cactacaata tctattcttt tggttctctt ttagaaaaaa ttagctagac actgaactgt    171600
     gtaatccaaa ctgcattcct tagtcacctt tacagatagg caaagctcta tggttagatt    171660
     ctggccaaca agaaggaaga gaggagggga aggacaggaa tgtgcagcgt actattaata    171720
     ccctaaaaaa gacaaggcta caatgtaaca gaagccagag gcctccaagg gactaagact    171780
     aatgactcac ttcagtgaac actcacaagt aaagctgttg gggaaagggt gtactgtgtg    171840
     tgggacacag cgggacacac tgacgtttcc acagcaagac atttttgttg tttattttaa    171900
     tttttttgtt ttgttttctt tcgggaggag agttgcaagg gaaatgggag gatattaatg    171960
     ggctcagaga tgagtgcgat tggggtgcat ggtgtgaatt cagaaaaaaa gtccataaaa    172020
     agttttttaa aaggtaagtc tagacactcg cctcctctct ctttctgtcc ctgcttgtcc    172080
     ctatgaaaag cacagtggga tccaaagcct ccatcttaga ccacaagatg gaagccaaga    172140
     gctgagcaag gctgagcaag aaagaactcg gggcctcaga ttccacacac accccaaccc    172200
     ccaaccccca acccccaatg atgtcacttg aataattaat cagaaataag gtttcttctt    172260
     attggcgtat tggtattttt gcctttgtca cagtgtaaaa tttgtaactt gttaacacaa    172320
     ttttcctcta aaatttaggt tatggaaggg ctacttggca acactgttga agactctctt    172380
     tttctgtaat aaattgtaac ttcctattgt agacacaact ttcagtatta caaaataggt    172440
     gaagaagact taagccaaag caacagtctc aggcagtatg ctattcagag cattgcttaa    172500
     gtaaggcttt actttcctag ttaagtctct cctctcactt ccttgaacac actttagttg    172560
     ggtcccttct cctcatcctt cagtcgaaat tacttttttt cagaatcaac aatggcttcc    172620
     ctttaaggaa atccagaggc tggccaccct cctgtctgtc tggtgtacat tctgtctggg    172680
     ttttgttttt ggcttgtttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tctgtttgtt tttgaaggtc    172740
     gtcactttgt ttgcagagcc cctctctctt tcctgccttt gccccgccat tgctcactcc    172800
     tcttgcagtt tttatggcat ctccttggcc gcagggagct ccctgcagat ctcagacatc    172860
     tcttctatct aattttatat ccttggcact cttcgccagc cttatagctt tccctgtcac    172920
     acagacactg aaattccaaa gttttatttc cagccagcca ggccatgaac cttttgagga    172980
     tgggtcatca gctgctttgt tcctgaggcg tttcagcttg aaatcagttt ggtacacact    173040
     ggcgcagcaa atacgctacc tgctggatgg atgcgcaaac aactagacgc cacttcactt    173100
     aacttgtcct tttaaagagt ctaatattta cttctagctt gaaaagtcca gtgagagggc    173160
     aaggaaaagc cataccctcc cttaacgtgt gaagcagata tggaggaaat tttgggcaga    173220
     gccagcttgg ttcactgttc tgccagcaaa gcgcggttga gggtttgagg ggtggcattg    173280
     tcctgacttg gttttgagaa tttatagctc tgcaaaatat gaaatgatat ggcaaagtca    173340
     atagcagact ttattattat tattttataa tgaatgtttc ttgtattcaa gtcttcttgc    173400
     ttgtgaattc tagcccccaa cacaaaccct ttcagactca taaacaatgc tcaaagacac    173460
     agcacaatca aagagagcat gccttgcaga gtattcttag ctgcccgcca cactcacagg    173520
     gatgcccagg cactctcaaa ggaaagaatg catgttaaat tggaagtatt gtcaattaaa    173580
     ggcagcctca ggccttacag atcctgtatt taacccaaaa ctgagcacag gactgtgtct    173640
     ccctctgcaa gccatcctga gagcataatc aagtttagtc tcttggatgc tgatgctcaa    173700
     tagagtggat gtctctgtct ttgtacccgt ccctgtactt aagtgcgtct ttgcctatgc    173760
     ctggttgtgt gtatcagtgc tctgaaaatg ctctatttca gacttcccag ggaaaagaag    173820
     acctggccat aacttggaaa atttgttggc agataaaagg caatattcca aagagtatac    173880
     ttctccctct agaaacttag agttttagga attgtgtcta aagatcttgt gtttgacaga    173940
     atggccctcg ttgtgctggg cctgctagtc tctagtgcag taagggtaca aggtttactg    174000
     ctacaccggt cctagtattc tctatgggtt cttactgtta actatctatg gtgttttaag    174060
     aatatgaaag cattttaact tcttgatcac acaaaaccag gctcatggtg ctgaatttgg    174120
     tgagttgccc aagactttgt ctagaaaact gtgacagctg aaatgtcttt gtcagtaacc    174180
     atttgcaaga gggcatggga tggagttcta actgattaga tgagggaaga tctgttgaga    174240
     ttccttggga aaaatgttct tgcctctccc atcacctaga cactgggaca gttgcctagg    174300
     ataggagcca acataggaag acagcaaaga ggcagttcgt gaggaaacaa actcagaagc    174360
     ttaacagcct taagcctgcc cagcagtcac atatatgcat aatatatata catgtatacg    174420
     cacagttttg gacatgcaca caaatatatt ttgagtttag gtctcatttt attgtccagg    174480
     ttatctttaa ctccctggac ccaagcaatc ctgctgcctc ggctattcaa atagctggga    174540
     tataggtaca cacatggctc ccagattact ctgatcatta aatggattgg aattaggctg    174600
     acaagtctcc aaacctccaa acagcaaact ggagcccttc gagccctgct gctcagagca    174660
     ttgtaattga tccagaaagt aaggaatcca agcctgataa gaggaaagga tatatgtcat    174720
     tagatgataa tgttacctca ggtctccaga gaccctgccc ttcccttttc cacttcaccc    174780
     tgccccctta gatttcactt ataagaatga cttgtggctg ggcctaatga cacatgcctg    174840
     cagttctcac tcaggaagct gagacaggat caggagttca aggtcagcct gagctataca    174900
     aactgtttca tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaaagt aaactgaatg    174960
     agtgttaact attttagttt ttataaaact atagagttca aagttccaga cgtgtaagat    175020
     taaaaaattc taaaatagaa taatctcatg tacaatggga gtctaatgta tgggacaaga    175080
     actttagcta caatatattg gaaactagtt attttctaaa atatttggga gtgtttgcat    175140
     gtatgtgtag tacatatgca tgcacacatg tatgtggaca caaacatgtg tgggtgtgca    175200
     tgcatgtgtg tacgcttgca gaggtagccc aaggtcaatg ccagaagtct tttttgagca    175260
     ttctccacct tatatattga agcagggtca ttcactaaac ctggagcctg ctatttcaga    175320
     taatctgagt agacagcttg ctccagggaa ctccagcacc tgcctccctt atgctgaaat    175380
     taaaggcaag ctgccacacc cacttggcct ttgcaagggt tctggagctc ttaactctga    175440
     tggttctcag tcttgcatga aaaacactta actaacagag ccatttctcc aacctaaaag    175500
     agcctaacat gttagaggtc tccaaaaaag gagcagagaa aaagagttgg ggcatctaaa    175560
     gaaagaaaaa ttggctcgtg caactataga ggctggcaaa gtctaaaggt ctgctgatag    175620
     ccaacagagc cccaggggag tcgctatatg cttctagttt agattgagat tagcctgagg    175680
     atgaggaaat aattggtggc attatcaagt atctgggcat cgtgtggacc agtgaacaga    175740
     taaaattagc taccaaggtc tttcatcaat agacttctgg atctaagcca acaaaagaca    175800
     gattcacgtg acccacacaa acaccaatga atctatcctt gacaaatgct aatggccaag    175860
     gtgctggtgg agatgagggt agagcaggag aagggacagg cctccttgct gaacctgttc    175920
     tttaagctga agaagaaggc agatacatga gagccagcga tggtcgcctc ctttaccgtg    175980
     aaactcaaac cgtagatctt gacatttaca agtgaaatag agaaaagtta aaaggtaaca    176040
     tacaggctca gagactttca tgtcaagggg ggggggagat tctgcaaagg gagagaggct    176100
     attgagaatg gcactacagt tctgtggttt ttctagaaag caggggccac agggtttggc    176160
     agtaataagc tacttccata cccttaatat tcacaaacac agaagattga ggagaggaaa    176220
     aggccacaat agaaacaaag taggggaaga aactttctta ccaactggaa ttttacaaac    176280
     cacagaattc tctgctggca atcttaaaga gccccacaat gaagattaaa cctatggtct    176340
     gggcccattg gcattcacat caaatacccc ataaatgctc aaaaatgaaa ataacaggaa    176400
     gggggaaaaa aaagaaaaat ctctatagaa gttccaagta gggtaaaaag atcaccaaaa    176460
     agaaattttg aagctaagtc agcactttgt agtgggaagt gaaagagaga agaggaactg    176520
     aatttcaaaa ctcaagagaa gctccataag tcagaaggta ccatttgtgg atctgagtac    176580
     aattttctct gggatttgtt tagtggtagc aaattctcta tctgcagtcc attgctgagg    176640
     ctacattagt tttcaggcca tcatatggac cacatagcat aggaaaccca atcagaggca    176700
     agaagactca gctattgctt gagtgtgagc ctatagctca tgccctcagt gcattaggga    176760
     gaacacctag cgataccaca agagctgcac acctgaccag caatatcctg ttttgaaaaa    176820
     actaaagaaa agtcagttaa ttgccatcat ttgaagatca aatctggtta ctaccttcta    176880
     ggctgaaaat cttctttttc taattaagat cctggaaatc ttccaaaggg gatgtgtgcc    176940
     ctcacccagc ccctcctacc caagaaagca gctctttgcc ttgtgccaca gcagagagag    177000
     agaatcaccc atgtccgggt gtgtagaaat ggtaccttgt ttcctgacca ctcttagaac    177060
     tgtagcaaga ggtagagaaa ttggaagcaa aggagttgga acagggagat aaagcaaggg    177120
     agcaatacca aaggggaaaa accccatgct tgcttctctc tcatttcccc tttccaaaca    177180
     caatctgcag aggagctcaa acacaagctt tcttttcact tttccaataa gtatgtttgt    177240
     tacccctccc actgaaggaa gttttccaaa ccctgttggt ttgtcttaac aggttggagg    177300
     gattcccatt agaaaagaga cattggagag ccctagttaa taactcctga gcaggagagc    177360
     acaggtcaca tctctctgga caggtggcat acaatacact ctgtgcctta agccaacgcc    177420
     agttctgaaa aggacaagat ggagtaactg gtgtttgtca agcaaagcta agagatgaga    177480
     agggatgggg acctctgcca acaggatgag ccgctctagg cgacaaagat aaggtcaccc    177540
     aggcatttaa agggttaagt caagatgagc aaaaagaaaa ggaataagct gagacccggg    177600
     gtaagtgaga cagagatggc ccaccacaca gttcgtgact ccagatctca tgcatcatgg    177660
     tatccagtat tttagatttg ctatttttgt tttaaaatta tgtgcatctg taagtgtgga    177720
     tgccactaga ggtcagaaga gggtgttagt tgtgggtggt tgtgagtcat cagatctagg    177780
     tttctgaaca tgggtcttct acaagaacag tacatgctct cgaccactaa ggcattccct    177840
     tatcccagag tgttttagat aacatgtcac ccatataagt tatactctgg tgccccttct    177900
     taccagacca ttctcatctc atcacttcct ctccaaagat agagaccttt gaccacatga    177960
     ctcaagaatg ctataacaga agacagttgt atcctcagct aagttgggtg ccctgatcat    178020
     gcctatggtc catccatgtc cttgatgatg cagaacttta gggttacttg actccaaaga    178080
     atgcacctgc ccattcaggt tgttcctgca ggatcttcaa gttcccagga tttcctgaat    178140
     cccagccttc agtatctgta gggttttcta aagtttcctt ctatcccagt gtttacaaca    178200
     tggatcccca catccctctt caactacatc ctgtctataa agttcaacga gctgtgacag    178260
     tactgtgcca caccacttta acagactcca aaacttctcc atgttttgag ttcacagtgc    178320
     aataagatga gatcactggc tcctctaaag ttcaccaagt tgaaattcta aatggaatgc    178380
     ctctgtggga aattcttgaa acatgggaga agaaagcaaa gtaaatttct catcctggtt    178440
     ttatttcaaa gaccacagag gcaagaaatg ctccatgcac acagcaactt gctcttgtct    178500
     agtgctttgc ccatcgtgcc caagcatgga tgcacttaga gtatggaaag ctcttctcag    178560
     gcagtatgtg gggtcctgat gcaactgatc tgttgtgctg tccctgcatt aatgaataac    178620
     tcagcttaga aatcactgct agttccctcc atagtgcctt taagagacaa tttttacaat    178680
     caacattcta tgctggtctc ttgtctgtca catatctctt cacaattgtc ttagaatgac    178740
     tctgtgactc atttcacaag tcaaaaaaag cccgattcca tttttagtag atgtgagtaa    178800
     ctataatttt tatctctccg tgtttggaaa gtgtgtggcc tttataatgc attttctggt    178860
     gagtgttctc aatcgactct cactgcaacc ccaagccaaa gtcagatgtt aaccttctcg    178920
     ttttaaagac aaagaaggtg aggcctaaaa gaagggacac ggagacaaaa atggaagagc    178980
     caggtctgcc attcctatct tctaggcacc acccagtgcc ggccacagca agttctcagg    179040
     ttgtactatg agctaccatt atttcctttt catcatgctt ttcagtgcga aatgcactag    179100
     gtttgagcta aggcctggga ctctgcattt ccgacctgct attagtgata gcaatgcttc    179160
     tctggtccat aacactggga gtcaagtcat tacagattca cacaatgctt cctttcaagt    179220
     cgtagtgaag aaaatactga acttctcgtg tcttctagac actcctgagt caatacacat    179280
     gtgttcatca agccgttaga tccttggctg ttacctctgg ctagaatatg tgttattgtt    179340
     ttggcaggca gatcataatc gtgtttgtat ctgggatcac tgacagctgg agtttcagca    179400
     gctagagtcc ccctactctc cctctcccac tgtgttccta gttccttcac actggcatgg    179460
     ttggatccat gggaccactg ggacatctgg ccctgcagct ggcctgagct tgagtctggg    179520
     aacataataa tgattcattt gatgtcatct aagtccttag atgacatctt cagtttccaa    179580
     aaacagagga gagttatgtt aacaatgagt ttggtctttg aagccacttc agtattactg    179640
     tattaacact aatgagagta tttttttcag cctgtccttt taaaattaac agaattgtta    179700
     aatatgtcta cagtatagga aggctctgga atataaccaa aatagagata acttccattc    179760
     ttacagtaga ctacatgatt tgtctaaaat tttgaaagga aataattact tcagagaaag    179820
     ctttgccttt ctttctgctt tcacacacac atacacacac acacacacac atacatacat    179880
     acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atacactcag agttacactt tatttcaagt    179940
     cttccacaag tcatttgatc agttctccct gattgctggg ctattctacc ataaccaatc    180000
     atttctaggc actaactgcc agaatgctac ctaattttaa agagcccact gagagctcat    180060
     atctctgtac agacccaaaa gggaccttct ccattgcata ggagctgggc tctgcttttc    180120
     tgctgacctc tttgctccca caccttgctg gctggctttt gatgagcaca catatttgca    180180
     tccatgtggg tttagggagc aatattttga taaacatata gctttatctt ccaaccattt    180240
     tccctttcca tctctccagg gaaggtggtc tcccaacttc cctgcccttc catgcctcag    180300
     aggaagaaaa agtgagagaa aggggtagaa ctaccccatt agtctttttc accttgtgtc    180360
     taccaaagcc ctcaagatta gggaagtcct ttgaagggcc cgaaatgaga acgacttcct    180420
     cttcctttaa acagcttccc ttgggggtca ggaataaaga gaggtcagtc aaggaacaga    180480
     aaggacctat gcttcagtcc ctagcagtgc tgtctagaag gaatgaagag aggaacggga    180540
     gctggagaaa agacacacat gggcaaacaa gagcagacac agtcctctcc atccccctcc    180600
     cttgcccaag tcaagtatgg tggcagagga taagagtcac catctttgaa ggataaggaa    180660
     gacagatatg caagtggaca ggtgtgggaa gacatgacag cccctgaccc cagcgtctga    180720
     atattgcaca agacccagaa gtatgacaca gtcctggaga cctggggaaa ccccgaaagg    180780
     actgagatta aggtttcttt ccactagccc agcagaataa agcttacagt cataaattaa    180840
     aatctgaagc tggttactaa aatgaagact attgctaaat atataatctg tctcagaact    180900
     agacctattc cgtagtattg gcatcatata taccataatc aacaaaacta tgtgtaaagt    180960
     attgctagga tttgaagcat cgagggaacg ttctcatcag gtatcaggac tcataacaaa    181020
     ataagctcca gtatcacaag gttgtccttt gtggcagact gagcaactct acctggaatt    181080
     tgctttacat tgtgtgcgaa cccaatccca aagatcattc actaaatagt attctgcgca    181140
     cgttacatga cactggagca cctgaaacag tgcatcacat tcaggagcct ctttcaataa    181200
     tgttggtcgg cttgccgaat gaccagcata cttactgaaa tgctagaatg actcccatcc    181260
     ttcattttat tctgctagtt tgaattcata aagacagaaa actattagaa tcagtagggt    181320
     gtgaactgaa agtgtaccag ctcttttacc ttgtatgact ccaacgatca agctttatgg    181380
     agtgtaatcc tatcaccaga gaactaaccc taaaggcaga aggctgctgt gtgtgctttt    181440
     acaatgcctg tgaaggcgtt aacggtttgg aagccccggg atgactgtga aatctgggac    181500
     actgtgtttc aaagggagac atgggctctg ctcagctgtg ctatgactag gcatgctctg    181560
     gtgttagcca attggaaaca gactttcagc cgcaccgggt cctcatgatt ttccacattg    181620
     cacttcatgt tgctaaaaat atgcttcaac ctctccctgt tgataatttg gaagaggatg    181680
     tattatagtg agaaacagct aaatattaaa cacctcctaa tggtcgcttg ggatgaatac    181740
     agagaataca ctccagctgc tcagagcaag ctctctgccc cctccctctg ctagaaaacg    181800
     cttcaaacaa tggtgtccac atctccactg accagaaaac gtgattgcac atttcagatc    181860
     actggcagtc actgcttcaa aatactaact caccacccac ctacaaatcc tgttcttttg    181920
     ctttctctta aatagtaaat gcagtttgga atttgggatg taaagcaaga atatagggaa    181980
     ggtatatggt ttcataggca gagctgtgat gctggagttt atctgaatat cagtcctgat    182040
     gcctcatggg aatgcttcct tgctgtttca aatcctagcg gcatttgatt tttgttggtt    182100
     acacaacagt aattgttaaa cacaacgact aaataaagca caaagtcctt ttttaaaaat    182160
     tccctactca tagacaaatg caaagggctg agtggcagac actaagtgac taacaagaaa    182220
     ctattgtctc tgcttttcca aggaagcaat gagaaaaaga aaaactatgg ccccaaggtt    182280
     ttctaagtga gaagcacgga tgaaaacacc tgggaccact attccacagg ctgttagcac    182340
     acttagcatt aaactgtctt gcctctgaag tgtttctagt cctctgaaca tccacagaat    182400
     aactgaggct gtagctgtca gtggaatgcc tgaccctctt tctcaacccc acagcaaaga    182460
     agaaaacatt ttcatacctt tgtcttgccc aacctgctta tcccaacacc tccagaatta    182520
     cctgcagtgt gaagccatcc ccctccttct tcttaggtga gttgacaacg gatacatttc    182580
     ccacactgtg cctcaagttt cttatcttac aagtgaatgc aataatggtt ctgcctcata    182640
     atggccttat gacaatgaaa tagttcaatt ttaagtcttt aagatagtat tgatgcatac    182700
     tgagaattaa atgtttgtaa ttattatccc aacatccctg aagactctgg aggtttattt    182760
     ttttttttat ttcttgaaat taaaatatgg ttacatcatt tctccccctc cctttcctca    182820
     atctacctcc tctgtgctcc tccccactta ctccttctca aattcaggac ctccttttct    182880
     ttaattggta agtgtgtgta cgtgcatgtg ctcatgtatg tccgtgtgtg tatgtatgtg    182940
     tgcgcatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtacgtg tgtacaaatt    183000
     tataaataca acctgttgag accacttagt gttacttgta tgtctataat ttcaggggtg    183060
     accacttgct tttggataac cagttaggag gctcatccct agggaagggt atttctcttg    183120
     cttgcaacat tccttagttc tctgtaactt tttgtctagg ccgtatgaga ttggtttttt    183180
     ttttcccttc cacattagca tgtctattgc tgttggactt gtttgggtct tacttagaca    183240
     gccatattgt tggggtagca tgggtaaagc ttgcctatca tttctaggag ataagatgtc    183300
     agagcagatt tcttggctat ctagttctta caaatgttct ttcccaaacc cccagctccc    183360
     caacccttcc cccccccgcc cccgcttgat ggtctctgag tctccagtgc cagagttgtg    183420
     ccatagattg gggctggaca ccccacaact agttcttctc ttattttggt tagctgtgga    183480
     tgaggaatga aacctgcagt tatctatggg atacaaggat aagcatctag aatgtgctta    183540
     aaaagtatgc tggtttagtg aagtggcaat ataagcttct cctctaagat ccataatctt    183600
     actagccctg aaaaaggtag atttccagta ccaggaataa tttcactcct cttaaatggg    183660
     ccttatgttc aatgagacag tggttggtta gcattgagtt aggaatacca aggtatccta    183720
     cccgtggaga taccttgtca tgctggggct gttatggatc atagacatca cagctgggta    183780
     tgaccattgg ttgcctccct ttcttggaaa cttgcgtagt accttacagt tctttgaatg    183840
     ctagtcctca ggggaaaggc tttcaaatcc gatccaaaga gcctctgaat cctgtgacca    183900
     aaggacattg tgtcttcatt cttagcaact tcttgagggt tttacacaca cacacatgca    183960
     cacataaatt gttggggaaa ccatttgcca aatgtaccca gatatcattt tagcaaatat    184020
     atcatgatca ttctcgaatc atgagttaat tacatgctaa tatgattgtt ctagaattat    184080
     aaattattta cacagtcttt gtccatgctc ttcctggcac ggcaatgatc ccgccaccat    184140
     ttcatctgaa gtcctttgga gatgacagcc tttatgagtt tttccacctc ccctcactta    184200
     tagtttcttt ataaaaaaaa tcattagaaa acataaaagt atcataatta aatctaagct    184260
     taacactatg aaccaagaag ctagctctct gatctcagtc tgaggaagtc ctacctacca    184320
     gccgaccagc agcatgagaa aatgctgagt gtagagggac cgagatttcc tggagctttt    184380
     caactgatgt actaccaaaa atgatggctg ggtttcctgg tagaagctgt ccccgagggt    184440
     ctcagcacat gactgagtca gcagaattaa ccacatacct ttcttctttt gttcctctgt    184500
     tctcctagac tagtatttga agtcagaaag actgcaagag ttactatagt tgtagctttc    184560
     tatggaagaa ggctatctgt acacctaaaa gtggttatta acattagtaa aatgtttata    184620
     taataggaga agatatttca gcttctacct gactacagaa tcaagcttct gctcatggaa    184680
     gttccaaata gaagcttcac acaggttccc atagatcatt cattcctggg aaatggttga    184740
     cagcatattt ttatatagtc tgtatctcat tttatattat tattctggag tcagagcatt    184800
     tcaccttgag cttggcttgg gatatataca gtcccatgga acatcattgc tatggaattg    184860
     accttgtaaa tgtttactta acttgggaat ttttttgcgc actcccttct ttgaagagtc    184920
     tctgagactt tgggcaacaa agaaatgagc ttcaggggca agcacacaat ttgatgcagc    184980
     accacttagt aactagcctt ggttcaaact tctggagtca gcacagacat ttctgtgctg    185040
     ggagaaccta gaatgttata cacctgagtt gttacttcaa ggaaaggaat ccaaaaccta    185100
     ttttccacca gaagtctgga gtggatatac attcttgcct ttttggcctt tctctgtggt    185160
     caaagacttt cttgcactgg accctactcc agacccttct cacaaactta tttttcttag    185220
     ccaatctata agacctatct ttaaggaagc tgtcagatgt actttgtgaa gagtttcaat    185280
     gtactcacat ctgatctgta tttagtttgt tttgttcctc aaggagattt gggtatgttt    185340
     tgtcatacat gagggattga gttagttatc acaaacatag ttttcattga atagtgatgt    185400
     ttaaacactc ctaaataaac aactcaggtt cagacccctg aagtttgaac caaaactggc    185460
     tactcagtca aattgcacca aactgccttg ttgccccaac cccaggctca tctctctgct    185520
     gcctgtaaag tttgcagaag cactccccac aactatttct cactaactca gttcttctcc    185580
     tcctccttat aaaatttcat gtcttgtttc ttctccatac tttccagttc caaacttctc    185640
     agtatgttat gtagacaaat gacaagattc tgtacaagct tcagagagag acgctatcaa    185700
     gaatatttgt gcaatatgtt cttgttaagc atgatgaagg actttctgca atagtgctgt    185760
     tccaggcaat atgaggctag agcagaggca caatgtacat gagtgacctg tggagactgc    185820
     aatgatccat aggcctctcc aatgcacttt atcatattct aagaaagtgg gcagtacata    185880
     tgtatcaaaa gatggcctag tcggccatca ctggaaagag aggcccattg gacacgcaaa    185940
     ctttatatgc cccagtacag gggaacgcca gagccaaaaa gggggagtgg gtgggtaggg    186000
     gattgggggt gggtgggtat gggggacttt tggtatagca ttggaaatgt aaatgagcta    186060
     aatacctaat aaaaaatgga aaaaaaagaa agtgggcagt aaatcccaga tgaagaaaaa    186120
     tggtagaaat agctagatat gactaaatcc ccaattactc aacaatagcc cagaaaacca    186180
     gcattaagtg tctttgataa taagcagata gatgtttaaa taagaaaatc atcaactcat    186240
     atgacagagt tatcaaacac agagatatgt acaattgaat tcatggtctt tctctttgtt    186300
     ttcagtctga agtccttttg cacatctgtg atgagtgaga caaactaagg ccatgtgtct    186360
     tattaggaac ctctgcatct ataattcatt aaatggcaac acaccattct tctggttctg    186420
     tgcacctatt gtttaagttg gctttataat aagcagcctg aatggctccg tctcagctag    186480
     acaacatgca tattcatgca actacaactg tgttccaaag tttgtttttg aagtagacat    186540
     aatgtctaga aggaaagaaa acacccataa taatgtctgg tttttcctca tgttttttgg    186600
     cctctataca aatatggaac acaccatact cctcagaaga cagaagactt caagatgcca    186660
     gagtgttcta aggctgactc tatccatgtt gttcagttct taatgggacc ctagaagatg    186720
     gccagtgctc aaagtggcta aagtcctccc acttaaagaa aataaagata tttttggtta    186780
     taattttagt ataaggtctt ttaacttaaa tgttctatgg gcagcctaag attttaagct    186840
     gcaattaaaa aaaaaagtgg atagtttacc ctgtgaaaaa ttttaccaaa gatgaacaca    186900
     gagttttttg atgactctat gatacaatat ccaacacaca gagcctaaat gcctactcag    186960
     gggtaaaagg atttcagtta agttttttct tgtcccttca aactctcata ctgagttgaa    187020
     tgatctcatc ctggcaatac cttctttttt ttttttaagc aaaaattatg ctgaccaaat    187080
     ttgctgagga aatagcatga agcaaatctg agcaatgtgt gaagctgtgt gtcaccacac    187140
     tgggattcaa caggtgaaaa agaaagagag ctcctgagaa atggttggtc gtggggtgca    187200
     gccgcccctg acagcccttg caggtgaaac cctctcactt tgctgagaag atccattcgc    187260
     tgagctttca gagatgcaga agtccggact cagcagtttg caaagccaag aggtggtttc    187320
     agtcgtgtca cttacaagaa cagtttgata accgagtcag aaatgaattg tgttcctctc    187380
     ctctctcaat tagcaaacct cacgcaggtc tattctgact gtcccaaatg tgtggtcacc    187440
     agtctttttt gttgtggggc ttatacagtc acttctttcc agagggcaaa tatctgaggt    187500
     ttgggggtaa caaggagaaa agatagagcg tctataaaat caaatgactt gccttttatt    187560
     taacagtaaa gactaatttt ctagcaaaaa gcaactttaa atacagcctg tgttgaaaga    187620
     cattctcgtt tcaaaacttg caaacaataa ttacattatt atttgtgttc ctcatgaaat    187680
     atctcacaga gacagtacca cagcaaaatg aagctggaaa caggggggag caagtaaaaa    187740
     tattatgtaa gttaattggt caaatgtaac tgttccctaa ggtaattaca acccctgggc    187800
     cttgactttc ctcatctgta agtcatgtca atctaactct atacacttct ctgggtgttt    187860
     tgatatttaa atgaatttac ttgaccgttg aattttagcc aggttcatga aaatacttgg    187920
     aaagtacaaa tgtgtccctc aaatttaaag tagtaaacaa gctccattcc aaagatgtca    187980
     agctgcttgt acaagtgcag ctagctaatg atgggactgg aactcagcct ctggattcca    188040
     gatctccctg ctgcctacct aatttctcct gtgaatcaac actgacacca aaacgaacat    188100
     tttagaatct atgcacagct ccagaaataa ccttagcacc caggccttat tacctagtag    188160
     caactgaaag cagcctaaca tcaacatgta aaacacattc aaatggccat cttctaatcg    188220
     aaacaactga atattctgct ctgttcccaa ctttgggaaa cgtgtaggta gatacagcca    188280
     cagctggtcc tatggaatga cacattcttt ctccccaaac tgttgaccaa ataaacatgt    188340
     tggaatgcag attgcagatc aggcatctga ggtaaatgcc tggttctccc ttcaaggctg    188400
     tttcttttcc ttatcataaa tccattcaat gctgatcatg gccacatttc atattgagtc    188460
     aggtgggttt tatctcctag agacattcat tgaaaaccta ctacgcaggt tatctatgtg    188520
     tgagaaacta atgagcatgc caatggagac tcacagctgg ctaaagtaag gatagcaaat    188580
     gactgtggtg tgctctgctc caaatagcac atttagacca ccaccaaaag cctcaaggaa    188640
     catcctgaag aaaaagggtg gagtccaggg ttgggaaggt gtgctatgaa atagtgtttt    188700
     ctgagcatga caactaatag atctgtgacc gcactgcagt tgtggttacc cacatactac    188760
     ctgtacaaga tgtacctctc catttcgtca ctcacagagc aggagacaga aacttcatga    188820
     gacctaggaa gggagactac gggtgattaa tgggtataag agccaccatt tctttaattg    188880
     aatagtcact gataagttgc ccatgttacc gtaaataatc cataattcat gctcatgcaa    188940
     gcaaccaaac ataaacattg tgagttaaaa aggaggagga ggaggaggag aagaagaagg    189000
     aggaggagga gaaggaggag gaggagaagg agaaagaaga agaaggagga ggaggaggag    189060
     gaggaggagg aggaggagga ggaggaggag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag    189120
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag    189180
     gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag gagaaggaga aggagaagga gaaggagaag    189240
     gagaaggaga aggagaaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa    189300
     gaagaagaag aagaagaaga agaagaagaa gaagaagaag acaacaaaat aggaggaagt    189360
     ttattaaaaa gagggattcc caaagaccat acacaggctg ggcctagccc tctccccctc    189420
     acatatgtag cagatgagca gcatcatgtg ggtctcccaa caactggagt gagggctatc    189480
     cctaaagctg tccgtggaat acattctcct aagtgggctc tcttgtctgg cctcagcagg    189540
     agaggatgtg cctagctctg cagaggcctg atgcatgcag atgcactagg gtggggtgat    189600
     acccaggggg gctctacccg ctcagaagag acggctgaca gggtagtgtt aaaattacct    189660
     agactgatat attaatgcat gaaattgtta agaaaacatc aaaatacaaa aggatgtgct    189720
     gaaaatgaaa tattccaata ataccaatta caaacccatt gacaagatat aaattactaa    189780
     atattataaa ttgtgtctag gattacatgc atgattgacc aaggaatgat ttgttccaaa    189840
     gccttatgtg ctagagtttg agtcctctgt ccaccagtat tggaaggtga tggatagagg    189900
     ctttaaaaga aagcaagaat gtccctagag acatcacttt ccagaaggaa tcaatgccca    189960
     ccttgcaggt ctagtttgtt acctcaaggg caaactgaga ccatgccagg tatttggttt    190020
     cttccataat gagggcttca gcacatgctc tttccataaa atgccatctg tataacacaa    190080
     ctttataaca cagtagtgtt ataaaacagc atgaggccct tctcatggct acctgagcat    190140
     gaacatttta gactccaaca ctgtggctga ataaatcaca ggactgaaac attcaagaca    190200
     tggggaccta ggatctcctg tcacatgcag gatgacagct ccttaattcc accttcagtc    190260
     accacagaaa gaggagggga agggagtgtg agaaacggac ctcctagtca gccatgttct    190320
     gagtttaact ctcaccccca tacaattagc acctagaatc tctgtgattt gttttccctc    190380
     ccaaagcaca cttctccaca cttgttttta atagagatgt gttgtgttta taactgaaaa    190440
     ctccgactta acaaggtctc tccaaatgct aataatagcc aacttacaga gtacctgaga    190500
     gacaagggag tctgaccaac tccctaaaga ttggagttca gaggcataaa agggcatgtc    190560
     cagataagtg atcatcacca aggggaattt acctctgctg actcacccaa agaaactcga    190620
     atgaaggaac tcataaggaa gggaaagggt ggattctaag accctcagtg actaacaata    190680
     acaggaatcc tttactttta ttgaggctgg agaaggaaaa aagaattacc tgatccaaat    190740
     aacaacaaca gcaaaagaaa gaaagaaaaa aatggctaga ccaaatccat agtcaaggaa    190800
     ggacacgggt gctgctgcag atgctgggtc aaagcaggca cgttgggaaa aggaccccat    190860
     cactctatct tctcactctt ctgcctcctg ccaggtttcc aggatcagtt gacaaagaca    190920
     ggcaagtgat gctgtctgtt tagattactt ttccaggcac agaatggaac ctgggaaggt    190980
     tagaaaaaac aaaggaagaa tagtgaggag atgagggcaa ctcaactgcc catgcttagc    191040
     atgcgccttc cttttaacca acatgtgtct tgtttgccta acagcaaaca aggtgaaggt    191100
     taaggaaagg aaggcaagca gaagaacaga actgtctcag cctgacacaa cacccagagc    191160
     actgagaggg tcataaaaaa ataaagtgta ctatagcatt tcacttctgt ggtttagtga    191220
     tgaacccatg ccacactcac tctacgctct atgtgtagcc taacatttta tatgcaggct    191280
     cattttagat aggaggaaac tgaggcatag aatactgatc aagtcaatcc ccctagctgc    191340
     agagatcaag ctctagctaa actcctcatg gcctctgaag agtggtagga gccaataata    191400
     gatgataact gtttcattct cagttaaagt tttgggcatg cttatcgtgt aatgaattag    191460
     gtcattataa gacaagcaag accatatcta agggtgggga gttcactttg ggctggaatg    191520
     acaaggcaag aaatttgcat ggctactaat cagcacctaa tccaggaatg gctcagcctc    191580
     ctgcaagagg aaacctggat ccctagcctt ccaaacaagg gtaactagct cccttggcct    191640
     tcacaactcc attcagagct ccacagatat gatcccaggt acttcaccca actggatatc    191700
     agagaatcgc cttggccagc ctccttctta agctctgggt atattataaa ttcttgacaa    191760
     cgaagcaaag gttctctgct tattttctag atctgtggga aaaaaatcaa tgaccagtaa    191820
     ttctcaagga actaagaaca aacttgtaaa ttcatgacca ggaaacatcc aaatgataaa    191880
     atatacacat ggaaagctaa ctttatcatg atagctttgt acattttata ttcactcttg    191940
     aatataattt agaatcaatc tagatctatt ttataaatgt gcaacattta aataacagga    192000
     ctaacaaatt tcattctaag tccaaagcaa gtaatatatg atatgttata tatcatatct    192060
     attatctaaa acaaactaga aaaggcatct ggttttatga tttacagcta ggtttctttt    192120
     cttcaaacag aaaaactagc cttggtctaa tttaatatca aaattttcca caagtaaaat    192180
     atatatggac tagtaaataa agagtttgct acatattttc caattcgtga tttaaaattc    192240
     tgttactacc acatacgttt ttattaaaac tttccaatga ctattttatt tccagagagc    192300
     atgattataa aatagttctc tcagtttcac tgggcaaaac agacatcaga tttaaaatag    192360
     tttggaagct aggcagccaa gttcgacaga aatagttcag tagctactag cataaaagta    192420
     atagagccgg gcgtgatggt ggacaccttt aatcccagca caggaggcag aggcaggcgg    192480
     atttctgagt tcgaggccag cctggtctac aaagtgagtt ccaggacaga cagagctata    192540
     cagagaaacc ctgtctcaaa aaaccacaca tacacacaag taatagtttt gggacagttg    192600
     tcaaactttg gatcaagact agcttgagct aagtgtatat aatatactgc aaacgatgta    192660
     aatttctgag ggtacagcaa gagccctatg cttccagaac atccaggaga gtcttgctat    192720
     gtctgcctgt gttaagtgtt ttttttaagt aaccttggtc tcctcctgcc taagcttatg    192780
     ccaggatgta ctaccaagta cagaatttaa ggcccccaac tgacttgaat acaaatctac    192840
     ctttgaaatg attctaagca aatcatttgg caaaaataga aatactttct tactgtctta    192900
     taggtttgtg tagacataaa tgaagacttt cttgttgccc ataatgagat taatccagag    192960
     acaagactgt acaaagagca aaaagtgctg attgcagtgg agtcgccaag ggttaaaagt    193020
     tagtacgatt aacaaaggga gggacaggca tttgggctaa gtcataataa gaacaggaag    193080
     tataaaggta acattgccat cttgaatgcc aatagctact gctattcatg gttcctcata    193140
     gatgtgtact gagacatttg gggtgtgtgg ctaagatcag tggcccaggg gtccattgca    193200
     gaccctgtct caggcaagta ctttcctact atgttcccca ggagaatata gtacccctag    193260
     tttatggatc tcagctcaga tcttgctctc tgaatctcta agggttatca gggatctaaa    193320
     gtaaactggc tggcctacta ggaagccaac agctatctga tttggggtat tttccaccaa    193380
     tcttttcctg ctatgacatc ttcctactaa gttcaaccca tattgagaga cacagaactg    193440
     aacggaggct aaacccattg caagattcag atgcagtccg catgagtgct gtgtgttaag    193500
     aagaattccg accagatcca cctccacttc tttctccctg actcactcct gttccttctc    193560
     tttatccatc agttagtggg aatccagaag gcctgcccca agctagttag actctgtcta    193620
     acaggacaga gttatctaac accttctgtc tggctctgat tccaagccca acatatcaag    193680
     aaatattatg tcaaacttcc cttcctttgt atgctgctat gggagcttca ggctgaatac    193740
     tccaggaagt gcataaagca aatctaatat atctttcaca tgacatccct tcaacacaac    193800
     catcatgcca tttaaatgat gtctccttaa gcaccagtta caagcattgt gaacactcaa    193860
     attgggacag atgtggtggc tgtgcctcag cttgggacag gcaagggcac tcagccattg    193920
     ctttgtgact ttccctgatt cttctcccca tggtcagctc tgacccctgc tcagtcccca    193980
     cttataccac acacacccct gtctccatct tttcaattca gagtggaatc aatagcacca    194040
     ccaatcctag gtgagaccac tgttgtccat gtatattcca caaaggaaat gtttcctact    194100
     atgtttctgg ttactttcac agatttgtca caacctcagc accacaaacc tgggttctga    194160
     tgtgggcaat tctctgtctt ctctgaggcc tacagggttg gcctgtgcta tgtaacttta    194220
     ttcacagaat aatagtccac catgtttgcc atttggggtc atcttcaaat tttagtcttc    194280
     tacttttttg tctcaggaag ctttgtggtt attttccagg acattgcggc catccattca    194340
     gagacactct tcctcttcat gcccgtacct tcaccttctt ctcctgtaaa agagtattat    194400
     tcttttacag tctagccctg ccacagaccc tctgggcccc agtctgtgtg gactgagatc    194460
     tcttaagcag atgggcaaag agtcggatgt agttacagac agacaaacac gcaagagtga    194520
     tgttggatct gaatgtaatg ttctggttga gcttcagact tatattacaa cgaattatca    194580
     gaagatacaa atcacaaaaa gacaagatac actgagattc accagttaca gcagaaagga    194640
     atttgcaggg actaattaaa tgtttacatt agggataaca agccctgcct aggatcagcc    194700
     taatgccagg caagaatttc acactttagg gttaatagca tcagggggtt gttacctctt    194760
     gacaggcctt aagagtaatg tgttatcaca gagctctaaa ttcttaggtc tagtaaaact    194820
     tatcctgtct ggagagttcc cctttatcag ggtagtatat caacttactc ttgacatgga    194880
     atgtagcctg tagtaaaaga tttctatctc agtgagactt ttagtctctt tctgcagaca    194940
     gctgagttaa tggctagtgc tttattgttt tattgtagtg cttaattagt tactgaatgg    195000
     gttaagctcc ttactgctat ctggaatcta agaacactgg gaaaaggctt taggatacaa    195060
     tcttaaaagg catttacaat aaggtaatac tatatagaga gcacgtggat ccatacacta    195120
     gactaatgtg ggaatggaaa aattaatttt atggtttata tagattaggg agaaaatgcc    195180
     aggcccccgg gaagggagtt tccttgaaac tctttgcttc atgaaccagc ttcccagctt    195240
     ttgctttgtc aagctgactc caccagagtg ccgtgacatt tccccctttt agttttgaca    195300
     tagccccatt tcaaggttca caggtataca tgcagggtaa cacccattgg cttccattgg    195360
     ccattatttc tattatctca aacccacctg ggttacatta tcatctcatt ctcaggaaac    195420
     acaccatgaa ttcctcaccc actgacctaa taacagcctc tatttcctca tctgtgagtt    195480
     gagtcccaat atgagaacct ctgctcttca tccaccattg catggtgaat gctggtgcct    195540
     aggcttaggg ctgcaaccag atactcatct ttgaatggcg tccacctccc attttccaca    195600
     gtcaccattt agagccagtc tggggatagt cttaccaaaa gcatcttcag aaagcttttt    195660
     aagcatctgc ttgctccaat aacagtttgc aatgcccttg gcacatgctc aacttctctg    195720
     agcacatcag tccatatttc tttaccatat tctctttcct gctttcaggg accaccagaa    195780
     ttcagaaacc atcatttgaa aaaaagaatg ctgccttgga gttgaactcc agcactccac    195840
     ctgatgtagg cactgacggt ctgcctggcc tttgttaaga attaaaacct atctcgactt    195900
     gtttcctcat cttaaaataa agatggtggc aggacctcat ctgtgggatg ctgtgggaat    195960
     tagttgaggt agtgggtgac tatgtgcagc ttctgtcccc tctgtggtgg ttaacattga    196020
     ctgtctattt ggcaggctct agaatctcct agaaaacaga cctatatctg tctgtgggtg    196080
     agtttctata ttaggttaac ttaaatgggt atactcaccc gaattgtggg cagcactgtt    196140
     tcatggggtg gggccacaga tctaataaaa gggagaaagc aagccaagta ccaacattaa    196200
     tcttctcccc ttccccctcc cttcccctcc ccactccccc ctctttttct cactctctcc    196260
     attgtgacca gctgcttcat attctgttgt aggaatggct agaccacctc tgcataaatg    196320
     gcagggctag agctgcaaag gtgtctcttg caggaggacc taattgagga ctgcctgaga    196380
     gacaaaagat tgctgatgca gacaatgaca gccaatcggg aactgttatt tagaagagat    196440
     gctttcttgg gaccaatggg gcatgggtgg agggtattaa aggagcttga agtagcagtg    196500
     ttcagatgaa cttgctgcag cttttctcat ctgctccata ttctgtgcca cctcacctcc    196560
     aacctccaag ggcaggtagg gtagggcagc aagtagtcca gggcacaggc agcaatgtat    196620
     ctgctgccat ggcccctcca tcatgaagga ccctcgaacg gtgagacaag agaagctttt    196680
     tcttactcca gtcgtttttt gtcaggtgct tggttacaca gagaaaaaag tggtaccttc    196740
     tcccttctga ataaggagct cctgaaccag actgagcaca aaagcaaccc ttacctcaag    196800
     agaaacatgt ggagatgcta ctcttaattc attacatgta tttctttgag ataaaagcca    196860
     ctgtgagcct gacacagatt gtgcgtgtgc gcgtttgcgc gcgcgcgtgc gtgcgtgtgt    196920
     gcgtgcctgc gtgcgtgcgt gcctgcgtgc gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtctgg agggaggaca    196980
     gaagatgact ggtgggaatt cattgtctcc tcccacattg tagatcacag aaattgaggt    197040
     caggtcctca gatttggcag caagcgcctt tatttattgt gagccatctt acaggctcac    197100
     agaattccag gagcaaaaag atgtttccag gacagacact atatttcagt tgccaggtta    197160
     ccacaaagaa ggaaagccaa gttcagtttt gacacattga aaacaaaaaa caaaaacaaa    197220
     aaaacaaaaa aacaaaaaaa tgcagctact ggcaggatga atgtggtgtg gattcaaaca    197280
     gtttcaagtt gaaacaggag aaagagaaag aatgtccttc aggccgggca gtgcaagagc    197340
     agccatttgt aaggctctct aggacaactt ccatacagtg cttcccaggg tctcctccct    197400
     ttattcaaat acataatttc actctgtgtg agtcacgttg tttttgaaat cctgttggtt    197460
     gctaaggtaa cttgatcgtg tgtgataagt cactgactcc cagcagaatg gagaggctct    197520
     ctcaggcttc caccagcttt gctgacaggg tgtcctgcag tggaatgtct tatgttttcc    197580
     cagaagcatt ctgtaaagtt gctaagggtg ggctggtctc tgttgttagc atcagggaag    197640
     gccaaggagg aggtaggaaa gatggaaaca acccagtatt ggtgacggct aacatctcat    197700
     ttatccagat gtttctacct agcacttggg aagcagattt ctaagagcag gttatgtgtc    197760
     agcattgact ctctagatac agctgaaaag gacagccctt gggtagaatg gctcagagag    197820
     gtactcgatg cacaacctca atatgaaaac ccagagctct gacttcctag actggttcaa    197880
     actacctcac actgtgactg tggataaggt tcctggtgtc tctgctgctt cttttcctct    197940
     agagtatgac agtgatttca ccaccccctc tagttatagc catttatgat gggaggatac    198000
     caagtgggac agtttcagag aatatgactc agacacctgg gagaacactt gaaggccctg    198060
     ggcctgttcc ctggtgaatg ggaagctcag agtctgaagc acaccatctg cacttccaag    198120
     tgccccagat gacaactata tacagttaat gcaagagcat ctgtgacagc atgaagtccc    198180
     agagacccca gatttccaag aagaggctga agctagacat tttgcaccgt acagcagagt    198240
     gagttgacat ctaagaaaat gcttgaaaac caattgttgc ctctgcttca gaactggtta    198300
     cctgtcagtg ataacgtgtc catgcgtgtc ctggagtggg aatgggagtc aggttagaat    198360
     tataaccgtg accatagatt ctgcttgtac ttgatcaaaa acttcaaatg agaggactcc    198420
     agcatccctt ttattcttac tgtcattaag aatataaact gtcggagact cgagccccgg    198480
     gctaccttgc cagcagagtc ttgcccaaca cccgcaaggg cccacacggg actccccacg    198540
     ggaccctaag acctctggtg agtggaccac agtgcctgcc ccaatccaat cgcgcggaac    198600
     tcgagactgc ggtacatagg gaagcaggct acccgggcct gatctggggc acaagtccct    198660
     tccgctcgac tcgagactcg agccccgggc taccttgcca gcagagtctt gcccaacacc    198720
     cgcaagggtc cacacgggac tccccacggg accctaagac ctctggtgag tggatcacag    198780
     tgcctgcccc aatccaatcg cgcggaactt gagactgcgg tacataggga agcaggctac    198840
     ccgggcctga tctggggcac aagtcccttc cgctcaactc gtgactcgag ccccgggcta    198900
     ccttgccagc agagtcttgc ccaacacccg caagagtcca cacaggactc cccacgggac    198960
     cctaagacct ctggtgagtg gatcacagtg cctgccccaa tccaatcgcg cggaactcga    199020
     gactgcggta catagggaag caggctaccc gggcctgatc tggggcacaa gtcccttccg    199080
     ctcgactcga gactcgagcc ccgggctacc ttgccagcag agtcttgccc aacacccgca    199140
     agggtccaca cgggactccc cacgggaccc taagacctct ggtgagtgga tcacagtgcc    199200
     tgccccaatc caatcgtgcg gaacttgaga ctgcggtaca tagggaagca ggctacccgg    199260
     gcctgatctg gggcacaagt cccttccgct cgactcgaga ctcgagcccc gggctacctt    199320
     gacagcagag tcttgcccaa cacccgcaag ggcccacacg ggactcccca cgggacccta    199380
     agacctctgg tgagtggaac acagcgccta ccccaatcca atcgcgtgga actcgagact    199440
     gcggtacata gggaagcagg ctacccgggc ttgatctggg gcacaaaccc cttccactcc    199500
     actcgagccc cggctacctt gccagctgag tcgcctgaca cccgcaaggg cccacacagg    199560
     attccacacg tgatcctaag acctctagtg agtggaacac aacttctgcc aggagtctgg    199620
     ttcgaacacc agatatctgg gtacctgcct tgcaagaaga gagcttgcct gcagagaata    199680
     ctctgcccac tgaaactaag gagagtgcta ccctccaggt ctgctcatag aggctaacag    199740
     agtcacctga agaacaagct cttaacagtg acaactaaaa cagctagctt cagagattac    199800
     cagatggcaa aaggcaaacg taagaatcct actaacagaa atcaagacca ctcaccatca    199860
     tcagaacgca gcactcccac cccacctagt cctgggcacc ccaacacaac cgaaaatcta    199920
     gacccagatt taaaaacatt tctcatgatg atgatagagg acatcaagaa ggactttcat    199980
     aagtcactta aagatttaca ggagagcact gctaaagagt tacaggctct taaagaaaag    200040
     caggaaaaca cagccaaaca ggtgatggaa atgaacaaaa ccatactaga actaaaaggg    200100
     gaagtagaca caataaagaa aacccaaagc gaggcaacgc tggagataga aaccctagga    200160
     aagagatctg gaaccataga tgcgagcatc agcaacagaa tacaagaaat ggaagagaga    200220
     atctcaggtg cagaagattc catagagaac atcgacacaa cagtcaaaga aaatacaaaa    200280
     tgcaaaagga tcctaactca aaacatccag gtaatccagg acacaatgag aagaccaaac    200340
     ctacggataa taggaattga tgagaatgaa gattttcaac ttaaagggcc agctaatatc    200400
     ttcaacaaaa taatagaaga aaacttccca aacataaaaa aagagatgcc catgatcata    200460
     caagaagcat acagaactcc aaatagactg gaccagaaaa gaaattcctc ccgacacata    200520
     ataatcagaa caacaaatgc actaaataaa gatagaatat taaaagcagt aagggagaaa    200580
     ggtcaagtaa catataaagg aaggcctatc agaattacac cagacttttc accagagact    200640
     atgaaagcca gaagagcctg gacagatgtt atacagacac taagagaaca caaatgccag    200700
     cccaggctac tatacccggc caaactctca attaccatag atggagaaac caaagtattc    200760
     cacgacaaaa ccaagtttac acaatatctt tccacgaatc cagcccttca aaggataata    200820
     acagaaaaga agcaatacaa ggacggaaat cacgccctag aacaaccaag aaagtaatca    200880
     ttcaacaaac caaaaagaag acagccacaa gaacagaatg ccaactctaa caacaaaaat    200940
     aaaagggagc aacaattact tttccttaat atctcttaat atcaatggac tcaattcccc    201000
     aataaaaaga catagactaa cagactggct acacaaacag gacccaacat tctgctgctt    201060
     acaggaaacc catctcaggg aaaaagacag acactacctc agagtgaaag gctggaaaac    201120
     aattttccaa gcaaatggac tgaagaaaca agctggagta gtcattttaa tatcggataa    201180
     aatcgacttc caacccaaag ttatcaaaaa agacaaggag ggacacttca tactcatcaa    201240
     aggtaaaatc ctccaagagg aactctcaat tctgaatatc tacgcaccaa atgcaagggc    201300
     agccacattc attagagaca ctttagtaaa gctcaaagca tacattgcac ctcacacaat    201360
     aatagtggga gacttcaaca caccactttc ttcaaaggac agatcgtgga aacagaaact    201420
     aaacagggac acagtgaaac taacagaagt tatgaaacaa atggacctga cagatatcta    201480
     cagaacattt tatcctaaaa caaaaggata taccttcttc tcagcacctc acgggacctt    201540
     ctccaaaatt gaccatataa ttggtcacaa aacaggcctc aatagataca aaaatattga    201600
     aattgtccca tgtatcctat cagaccacca tggcctaaga ctgatcttca ataacaacat    201660
     aaataatgga aagccaacat tcacgtggaa actgaataac actcttctca atgatacctt    201720
     ggtcaaggaa ggaataaaga aagaaattaa agacttttta gagtttaatg aaaatgaagc    201780
     cacaacgtac ccaaacttat gggacacaat gaaaggattt ctaagaggga aactcatagc    201840
     gctgagtgcc tccaagaaga aacgggagac agcacatact agcagcttga caacacatct    201900
     aaaagcccta gaaaaaaagg aagcaaattc acccaagagg agtagacggc aggaaataat    201960
     caaactcagg ggtgaaatca accaagtgga aacaagaaga actattcaaa gaattaacca    202020
     aacgaggagt tggttctttg agaaaatcaa caagatagat aaacccttag ctagactcac    202080
     taaagggcac agggacaaaa tcctaattaa caaaatcaga aatgaaaagg gagacataac    202140
     aacagatcct gaagaaatcc aaaacaccat cagatccttc tacaaaaggc tatactcaac    202200
     aaaactggaa aacctggacg aaatggacaa atttctggac agataccagg taccaaagtt    202260
     gaatcaggat caagttgacc atctaaacag tcccatatca cctaaagaaa tagaagcagt    202320
     tattaatagt ctcccaacca aaaaaagccc aggaccagat gggtttagtg cagagttcta    202380
     tcagaccttc aaagaagatc taattccaat tctgcacaaa ctatttcaca aaatagaagt    202440
     agaaggtact ctacccaact cattttatga agccactatt actctgatac ctaaaccaca    202500
     gaaagatcca acaaagatag agaacttcag accaatttct cttatgaata tcgatgcaaa    202560
     aatcctcaat aaaattctcg ctaaccgaat ccaagaacac attaaagcaa tcatccatcc    202620
     tgaccaagta ggttttattc cagggatgca gggatggttt aatatacgaa aatccatcaa    202680
     tgtaatccat tatataaaca aactcaaaga caaaaaccac atgatcatct cgttagatgc    202740
     agaaaaagca tttgacaaga tccaacaccc attcatgata aaagttttgg aaagatcagg    202800
     aattcaaggc ccatacctaa acatgataaa agcaatctac agcaaaccag tagccaacat    202860
     caaagtaaat ggagagaagc tggaagcaat cccactaaaa tcagggacta gacaaggctg    202920
     cccactttct ccctaccttt tcaacatagt acttgaagta ttagccagag caattcgaca    202980
     acaaaaggag atcaagggga tacaaattgg aaaagaggaa gtcaaaatat cactttttgc    203040
     agatgatatg atagtatata taagtgaccc taaaaattct accagagaac tcctaaacct    203100
     gataaacagc ttcggtgaag tagctggata taaaataaac tcaaacaagt caatggcctt    203160
     tctctataca aagaataaac aggctgagaa agaaattagg gaaacaacac ccttctcaat    203220
     agtcacaaat aatataaaat atcttggcgt gactctaact aaggaggtga aagatctgta    203280
     tgataaaaac ttcaaatctc tgaagaaaga aattaaagaa gatctcagaa gatggaaaga    203340
     tctcccatgc tcatggattg gcaggatcaa cattgtaaaa atggctatct tgccaaaagc    203400
     aatctacaga ttcaatgcaa tccccatcaa aattccaact caattcttca acgaattgga    203460
     aggagcaatt tgcaaatttg tctggaataa caaaaaacct aggatagcaa aaagtcttct    203520
     caaggataaa agaacttctg gcggaatcac catgccagac ctaaagcttt actacagagc    203580
     aattgtgata aaaactgcat ggtactggta tagagacaga caagtagacc aatggaatag    203640
     aattgaagat ccagaaatga acccacacac ctatggtcac ttgatcttcg acaagggagc    203700
     taaaaccatc cagtggaaga aagacagcat tttcaacaat tggtgctggc acaactggtt    203760
     gttatcgtgt agaagaatgc gaatcgatcc atacttatct ccttgtacta aggtcaaatc    203820
     taagtggatc aaggaacttc acataaaacc agagacactg aaacttatag aggagaaagt    203880
     ggggaaaagc cttgaagata tgggcacagg ggaaaaattc ctgaacagaa cagcaatggc    203940
     ttgtgctgta agatcgagaa ttgacaaatg ggacctaatg aaactccaaa gtttctgcaa    204000
     ggcaaaagac accgtcaata agacaaaaag accaccaaca gattgggaaa ggatctttac    204060
     ctatcctaaa tcagataggg gactaatatc caacatatat aaagaactca agaaggtgga    204120
     cttcagaaaa tcaaataacc ccattaaaaa atggggctca gaactgaaca aagaattctc    204180
     acctgaggaa taccgaatgg cagagaagca cttgaaaaaa tgttcaacat ccttaatcat    204240
     cagggaaatg caaatcaaaa caaccctgag attccacctc acaccagtca gaatggctaa    204300
     gatcaaaaat tcaggtgaca gcagatgctg gcgaggatgt ggagaaagag gaacactcct    204360
     ccattgttgg tgggagtgca ggcttgtaca accactctgg aaatcagtct ggcggttcct    204420
     cagaaaactg gacatagtac taccggagga tccagcaata cctctcctgg gcatatatcc    204480
     agaagatgcc ccaacaggta agaaggacac atgctccact atgttcatag cagccttatt    204540
     tataatagcc agaagctgga aagaacctag atgcccctca acagaggaat ggatacagaa    204600
     aatgtggtac atctacacaa tggagtacta ctcagctatt aaaaagaatg aatttatgaa    204660
     attcctagcc aaatggatgg acctggaggg catcatcctg agtgaggtaa cacattcaca    204720
     aagaaactca cacaatatgt attcactgat aagtggatat tagccccaaa cctaggatac    204780
     ccaagatata agatataatt tgctaaacac atgaaactca aggagaatga agactgaagt    204840
     gtggacacta tgcccctcct tagatttggg aacaaaacac ccatggaagg agttacagag    204900
     acggagtttg gagctgagat gaaaggatgg accatgtaga gactgccata gccagggatc    204960
     caccccataa tcagcatcca aacgctgaca ccattgcata cactagcaag attttattga    205020
     aaggacgcag atgtagctgt ctcttgtgag actatgccgg ggcccagcaa acacagaagt    205080
     ggatgctcac agtcagctaa tggatggatc atagggctcc caatggagga gctagagaaa    205140
     gtagccaagg agctaaaggg atctgcaacc ctataggtga aacaacatta tgagctaacc    205200
     agtaccccgg agctcttgac tctagctgca tatatatcaa aagatggcct agtcggccat    205260
     cactggaaag agaggcccat tggacttgca aactttatat gccccagtac aggggaatac    205320
     cagggccaaa aagggggagt gggtgggcag gggagtgggg gtgggtggat atgggggact    205380
     tttggtatag cattggaaat gtaaatgagt taagtaccta ataaaaaatg gaaaaaaaaa    205440
     atgtaaacaa accaacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaatat aaactgtcct tatgacagag    205500
     tcctcagaag gaaatatggg gtgtttttcc cactgtaggg ccagttcact tctgtttgtt    205560
     tatgtagttt caagaaagag agtttcaaag taaaatgtgg caaaggtttt ttttattaga    205620
     tattttcttt atttacattt caaatgctat cccgaaagtt ccctattacc acccccctgc    205680
     cctgctcctc tacccactca ctcctactcc ttggccctgg cgttcccctg tactggggca    205740
     tataaagttt gcaagaccaa ggggcctctc ttcccaatga tggccgacta ggccatcttc    205800
     ttctacatat gcagctagag acacgagctc tgggggtact ggttagttca tattgttggt    205860
     ccacctatag ggttacagac ccctttagct ccttggatac tttctctagc tcctccattg    205920
     ggggccctgt gttccatcct atagatgact gtgagcatcc acttctgtat ttgccaggca    205980
     ctggcatagc ctcactggag acagctatat cagggtccct ttagcaaaat cttgctagca    206040
     tatacaataa tgtctgggtt tggtggctga ttatgggatg gatccccagg tgggttagtc    206100
     tctgcatggt ccatcctttt gtcttagctc caaactttgt ctctgtaact cctcccatgg    206160
     gtgttttgtt ccctattcta aggaggaatg aaacatccac actttggtct ttgttcttct    206220
     tgattttctt gtgttttgca agttgtatct tgggtattct aagtttctgg gctaatatcc    206280
     tcttatcagt gaatgcatat caagtgactt cttttgtaat tgggttacct cactcaggat    206340
     catatcctcc agatacatca atttccccaa gaattccata aagaatgtgg taaacttacc    206400
     tattaatgtc tatcatagtc ataaccaagt aagcatataa gaaagagaaa cctctcctct    206460
     ctctcatcca tacactggca tagctctgga cagataggat agaggaagtt gatctgaact    206520
     gagaaagaag aaagtataaa ggcaataaag catgggctct aaggagacat gaccctcaaa    206580
     agagaagtgt agccatggca actacgcttc aagaatcatt gcctctttta tttgtgatct    206640
     cccaacatga ttccttggac ttgtaagtta acagcataat gacatcaata ttttgcaaat    206700
     gcaatcccag ttaagcttaa actaggtatg tgtctaatat ggccattgaa gagtctctgc    206760
     tggagtacaa ataaatttag tcggctttaa caattggaga aggagatcat aaaattgaga    206820
     gtattcttcc cataaaatga ttgagaacat gacacaaatg tagaatgtgg tgggcattga    206880
     actcatactc cagaatctta aaggtttaag acaagatgaa ttaactcata cagagatttt    206940
     cttatcagag gaatggagat tagactgaac tactcaataa aacacagaaa gctttttagt    207000
     agaggacagt tatccctccc aaagtcccag agagcctagg tccccagcac tttaggcctt    207060
     tggctagagc atctccagta tgcctaaagc tgtgaggatc cctagagggc ttcattcaag    207120
     ctaggcataa aattcaggca tacttgaaac tattagaggt gaaaccaaag gtggctgtga    207180
     aacagaaagg ggggatttgt gtgggcttaa agtgccagta atcttaagca cgaggatggg    207240
     ggttgagata ttaggagaag actaggaaaa tgactcaatg gacagagcct tgctacgcaa    207300
     gtactagtcg tttggaccac tggacgccat gtgaggctaa atgcggtaac ccatcctgga    207360
     ttcccagtgt tcctgtgaga cgggagtctc ctgggtcagt gagacttggc acacagtgtc    207420
     acacaacaaa gaccctgtct caaaaaggag gaaaggtaag ggacaatacc tgaggctgtt    207480
     ctctgacctc catagacact gtggtacaca ccacacacac actggactta cacaccacgt    207540
     gtgcatgtga aaacacacaa acaggagttt taaataaata tacttagaga taaagataga    207600
     gaaatagaaa tagcagaaat gaggttatca taactggaaa aaatgaataa aggcatgtgc    207660
     ttgggtggta aggagatgaa gccaattctg cagccctgag agttctgtct cactcccctg    207720
     tcatctacat ctgtgtctga aagtcagggc ttcctgtgta taatagacta ggtttcattt    207780
     agacacatgg aatatttagg ctttcttgag acctgttccc agagctacat gggttggaat    207840
     acaaagataa ggccagtctt ctggtctcaa gacaatgtcc ctttctgatt gctaaaggta    207900
     aacgaaatag ctgttagaaa aagcttttat gtgtccatgg tcctttggcc attgagacat    207960
     attactgttg aaatttgcct agagatattt ggagctgaaa gacatttaca tatttcatca    208020
     aggatatcaa ccaaagacca agagagcagg aagcagagcc tcccgtgtta taccagcatg    208080
     ttttaggtaa taaccacaac cctgtatgga aacatctgtt tgtttttact tggcaagcct    208140
     ttctggaatg cttacagtag ctgtctcatt tgttaggact ttggggagct gtgtgtgtgc    208200
     aagagtgagc aaatgggaga gagagagata ctgacagaga gacaaagaca cagggagaga    208260
     gacggagaga cagggacaga cagacagaga cacacagaga gagacatagg taaagaaagc    208320
     cacctaagtg atcatgagaa agaaaacact aggagcttct gggagatttc cagagcctcg    208380
     ccatccgaag cctctgagtc agagcacaga gagtcaaggc cctgagccag cgtctgtggc    208440
     aagtgttcca acgtgttcag taacaggtgg tctccaacca cacaaagaat gctgcacatg    208500
     acaataacag gatgtggagg tcaagaatga gaaactttac gtgacactaa tcaggctaat    208560
     ggtacacctt ggtgaaccaa gaatcagaga aacttgaatt ggcccaaatc ttgagtgttg    208620
     ttaataacac agaagagtag atatgtttcc tctacgtctg taaaatcgtc catatctaag    208680
     acacagggga actctccatt tacaatgaag actaatcaaa acagccacgg gaggaacatc    208740
     taacagccct gggagctgtt atggcaacag taatcagtta gtgaaactgt gggtaagaaa    208800
     gaggaagtgg ggaatctgga taaagagaac tgcgtgtaaa gtttaaagga tggttgtgcc    208860
     tgaattttat ccaaaaagaa gaaattaaga gtacatgata gactctttcc aggaatgggc    208920
     ttcagataac ggctggtaca tggctgatcc atagaatatt cttttcctct tttcactgat    208980
     ccagtttgtt tccaggattt ttagcataaa aggctctact tagtgctgaa tgaatccata    209040
     aaaaacaaat gcaggggctg gagagctggt tcaggagtta ggggagcaca ctgctcttac    209100
     agaagacagg agttggattc ccagcactga tatcaggcag ctgacaacca cttgtaactc    209160
     cagctctagg gatatcccac acctcagggg cacctacaca catctgtgca tatccacaca    209220
     cagacacacg taattgaaaa catttttcaa aaccaaacac aaacactaca cttaaaaaca    209280
     aagctgataa attgggcagc ccataaaaca atcacaagaa acttttattt aattaaaaat    209340
     attatacatg tggttgcatt ttcatggaaa atattgagtt aaaaaaaaaa acactaacag    209400
     tgttagtttt caggaactct tgtgcatccc atcctaccat ctgctgcttc ctgtggcatt    209460
     aactttgtgt tttcgaggag ccatagtact tgtagggggt cctagtattg gaacttccta    209520
     aaaaaacaga cctactggtc tcaggaatga ggcatttcct tgaagacagt gttctgtcag    209580
     gttcatacaa acactgccag cttttggttt ccttgcaaat cattgaagaa aacaaaagca    209640
     gaaacaaaaa ataaaatgag tgtaaagacc cagtttacac tccatcacca tcggtttatg    209700
     caactgagcc ctgtgacagc ctcatctagt ttccaagcca gttggtgcag gacctcgagt    209760
     ccaacctgat ggattagtgt cctaagctcc ccagccaaac ctccccagga cccactgtgg    209820
     gacgacactg atacatagtg tttatattca aaccaccagc aaatacacaa cagcacatga    209880
     aacacccatg tacaatatta cttaaaaata catcttggaa cactacaacc tttggaacca    209940
     ctggctatgt cacatagctc tgtgaataaa tgtttaaacc ttcgtgtaat tatacattgt    210000
     taaagaaaat aacagcatga aaaatttaaa aattatttaa gtcataaaca tctctcaggt    210060
     aaatacaaga tgtgtacaat ataatctctt ccttcacccc cttcctttct ttgggctgtg    210120
     ccattcccta atgttccctt gaccccacac cataatgcta tatccttatg ctgcttccaa    210180
     gtgatgcttt tagtaaaatg gttctgacac aacagaaata tcccagctct ctgttcatgc    210240
     tccttagctt taaattgtag tatgcttaat tggaattttg catccagctt tctattaaag    210300
     agaggcatac tctccttaaa atatacaaac aggtaaaaat agctggagag aaaaggaaag    210360
     ttgaaattgc ctcagctttt agagactgaa gtatgctcct tcttcttcat aaacggcctt    210420
     tcagttgatg ggaataaaat aaggctgaaa ttgcttttca cattctggct ctgttggggg    210480
     cattttcaca tagacccctg ttgtaagagg acttcttttc tttagctgca aaaaacattt    210540
     tttaaaaggc aattattatc aaagaatata gaagccaatt gcaatcataa taggacccag    210600
     taaatatcgg gtccctcccc agcaaaaata aaacatccac aacgacatac agaattataa    210660
     actctgggag attttcttaa ctgagctagt caaattcacc ttagataaat aattctgcaa    210720
     aagggagaaa ggggctttga gacaacttca ccaagaacaa ccaaaatgcc caagatagtt    210780
     ggctagatcg tgtctgtggt aatcaaagca cctgaaatat ttgaaggtgg ctctgataac    210840
     ctgctttgaa gctgaattct gcatctccat tcctcttatg tttgttagtg ctttttcttt    210900
     gtctgtgtta gtttccagtc tctgtcacct caacacttca acaatggatg tctagtcagc    210960
     cagcctgggt ggtagcttaa tggtagataa aaaaggaaga cagcaacaga acaaagattc    211020
     tgtgaaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgaa tatagatgca    211080
     gaaagagata cagaaagtgg caaaggtaga gagatgagga aaatggagga gtaggaagag    211140
     taagaaaaag aagagaagag atggggtcaa aggatattgc ttgtgataag gaaagccagc    211200
     cttacacaga catggtggag gactgttcag aaccctgact ggagacttga ttctacactt    211260
     ctctcttttc actgccaata tactaaataa aaacaagggc tttcattcac tgagctaggg    211320
     agggcatcaa ggcaaggtaa gtaagtacat agataatggg gatgggtatt ctacaagtat    211380
     ctatgccttg aacaaagaag acacaagagg gaccaagaga tggtgcttgg taaaggacaa    211440
     aaatccatct aggtggttct aactagaaag ggttgcccag agactgctgt gtgtcctagg    211500
     attaaggaca ttgccatgac agtgacaacc aaaacagctg ctccatgttg ttcaaacagt    211560
     tactcaaact gaaaccctgc tcagaagcac acaaacattc actgtcaaac atgctcacgt    211620
     acagtattag tcatcccgaa acctctaagg caagtgcatg gggttctagc gtgttcttta    211680
     ccctatcctt cctgctcctt gtttattgct tcaactcaac accaattggt cagtagggta    211740
     caactaaaag tatccccatt aactgtgggg aaacgtcaac atcacactca ccatcttgct    211800
     caaagaaaca gcagtgacca ggaaactgta aaaaaacaac cccaagctaa ctgcgacaag    211860
     gatccaaagg aggaagtcag aatccgggca tggttctgga tctgcaacag aagacgaagc    211920
     atcaacctcc tgagagagtt tccaattgtg gggtcctagt tcctcatggg tagtaaaagg    211980
     aagttagagg ttccaggttt tgctagtcaa ccctaacttg tattggtaaa ctatagggaa    212040
     gtctggctac ttatttaata catgactttc ccagagtgcc atcaaaggga caagactaaa    212100
     cttcaagaac aagtgtccta gactatcagc aagcagtata aaaaacacat ccccaaatgc    212160
     gtttcattgc aatcagagtg atggttatgt aacttctcag tataagcaag actactatct    212220
     actagggaat tcctagctat gcatcacaga cctaactatg aaggactcca aaccaaggaa    212280
     caaaactatt ctggtgtaaa gacaataata atgcaacaga cttgttctta gtggaatggc    212340
     tttgctcacc aatgacataa atctgcgtcc cgttgcccat gcccacaaag tatggcggtg    212400
     ggtacatgag ttccaccttg cagaggtaca gtcccgtgtc aacagctctc agtccttgga    212460
     tggtgaggtt cactctgctt tcattaaagg taccactgca gaaggggtaa tctaggaagc    212520
     ccactgtatt cttctctgtg aatgtcgtgg cacagacctc agtcatttgg tcatttgtct    212580
     gccgcagcac agtcacccgg acctcatcag tgttgtgtga cggtgaatat tcacatggaa    212640
     agctggcgac accatggctg ctagccaaca ccactgaagg ttgggtcacc tgtatggctg    212700
     acatggaaag tccaaagggc acttagtggg ctcatgatca tccacggttt gaactattag    212760
     gccacacctg aggccagggg aggttcatct tggatgaact cctgcaagct cacccctcaa    212820
     caaactcatc actcccttca ccctttgcct ctccacccat ccaccctggc actccacttc    212880
     ccatctttca gctgtagtca gtcactctcc aagatcccct tattgatagt ttattgaaga    212940
     cagttggcta tggcaaggag aatactggta tagcaaaaag aagatctggc tctcataaaa    213000
     tgtgtcattt tggcaaataa ttcttccttt catttattct cccctgcagt aagaaaaggg    213060
     ggtagcctac atgtcagtac agcgccttct ttggtgataa tagaactata tcacgcagga    213120
     aacatagtga atggcagtcg agacattcct ggagcttgag gtgcagaacc ttgcctcatc    213180
     tctcaaagta agcttcaaaa ttttcctacc tacttattta taagcgtacc tctgtcaacc    213240
     aggagcagtt gaacctcagg tcaatgcatt ggtcaccctt ttcctggcat cactgtggta    213300
     gagtggtgta tacatcagtc aaggaagcca cagagctgag ggcaccaggg tcatttcctc    213360
     tctgggttga gacaaccctg ctttaacttc tgtgggcttc ccctgcttcc ctgccacctc    213420
     ttctgcctcc cttctttcct tcacttaaca ctttccttgt ccttggggtt tttgttgttg    213480
     ttgttgttgc tgctgctgct gctgctgttt ttgttgtttt ctctttcctc cctgtatact    213540
     acagaagaaa ggagtccagc tctctataca aacatgcctt catcattaga aattagtggg    213600
     tttgcagtcc ggtattggtg gtacaaatct gcagtcctag cagccagcag atgaaggcta    213660
     catagcaagt gcaaggccag catcagctaa acaacaagac attgctttac aagacaaaga    213720
     accacaggca gaagggctgg agatgtaggt cggtggtaga gtgcttgcct agaatacaca    213780
     cgatctcggg ttgtactctc agcacacaaa agtggctttc tgtcatattg ccttttcata    213840
     actaacctgg atgttttccg gtcagtattg aagattacac ccaaaactta aactgaacaa    213900
     tgtcattggt agtttactaa catagattgt aaaaacaaga caataattag ttttcagtgt    213960
     attgcaatct tgaatactac cccaggctta gtttccaaga ccacctctcc tatccataaa    214020
     ccaggctata tagataccct agtctcttct gaaagcacct gtactgatta gcatctgtcc    214080
     tcagaaaaga gaacaatatg gtggcagttg ccatggttac tccatcagct tggcgggtga    214140
     aacagcaggt gtctgcctag ccttcatctc tactatcaga gactttctgc aagcaccctt    214200
     tgctcatgga aaccccacta gagtgtttaa aaaatgttct ctcccacatt aaagtttttg    214260
     tgacctattc agacaagaaa ctgtccatga cttatttagt aaaattagat tatcaaatat    214320
     catttgtgca tcagtgtcac acaaactatg tgatttctta atttaaaaga tctagagaga    214380
     gatgctcagg gtccagtaga tatgtacatc tcaaggcaca taacaagcct ggtattagcc    214440
     tttcaaaagt ttctatttca tctgaaaaaa cagggattcg tacttaaaaa tccatggata    214500
     gttaatgaaa caattaagga ttttatgaag aaaaaaataa taaaaagact cttaggccaa    214560
     aaagctgata attgttttct tcctttctcc ctttctccct tcctccctcc ctccctccct    214620
     ccttcctgtc ctcctccctt ctctcttctt tctttttccc tcccttcctc ccttccttcc    214680
     ttccttcctt tcttccttcc tctcttctct cttccttcct ccccttttct tgtctttcta    214740
     tcactttgcc tttctttctt ccttcgactt aaaactattc catctttaaa ataattaact    214800
     aatttatttt ccctttactt actacttctt ctattctttg agattaatat aattacatta    214860
     tttctccttt ctctcctcca aaccttctca tgtacccctc cttgcttttc tttcaaattc    214920
     atggcccccc ttttcattat ttgttgtgat atgcacagac tatagttata gtcattctta    214980
     atgaaacctg cccattctat atgttatttg ctttttgttt tgaaggctga ccatatgtta    215040
     ttggatagcc agctggtgtg cttttccctt ggcaatttcc tactctccat attccttggc    215100
     ttcctgtagt tattgctata gtgctgaggc atcttggtct ttccccatcc acttgggtat    215160
     gtctattgtt attcatgtcc ttattcagct caagtttagg cagtcgtgtt ggtgagactt    215220
     tatgggtgta ccatttgaca tcctaagaga cacaatctct cagtaaactc tatgtacctt    215280
     tggctctcat agtctttctg ccccctcttc tgctatgtcc cctaagcctt aggtgtgata    215340
     atttaaagaa ctaagagtgt ctcaaaatct taaagtgaat gaggaaaact tcttatttat    215400
     ttgaatttag gtaagttttg ggggtgggat tgggggtaag gagaaaaacc ttaatgttac    215460
     tgtgatatca agatcaaatg tactcacgat ttcaaatgcc ccccttaaat ctcttaactt    215520
     tacaggattt tctagcagtg acaaagaact tgttctcccc catatgggac ttaaggaact    215580
     ctcatggttc cttaagtccc agctgagatc ccagcaagct gctgtggcta gtctcagctc    215640
     cttcgctact gctagacctc ctatattctt cttggaactt gtctgtagga agctgttaaa    215700
     ccaaaaagta gagggtttgg ctttaacttc tggcatttct ataaatcact gtcctcagct    215760
     tctgaaagaa aaaaaaaacg aaacccatgt aggaaaaaca cctcctccac ctccatgttc    215820
     cagaagtctc cactcacctt cagagaagac tgggatgaaa agaagagtga gcagggctac    215880
     aaaaggccaa gtcctagaag gcagctgcag ttgagctttg tacctccgga gtccaagaca    215940
     agccatggct ggggggcaaa tgtgctgagg tcctcaggga gcagagtaaa acccaacagg    216000
     atccagaagc cttgagatgt gtttgaaccc acacagactc ggggacttta tatagacagc    216060
     tttgatccaa ggtacgtgct acatatgtgt agtgcacaca caggacacct gaacagagag    216120
     cctttttgtt ttggttttac gagaaaggaa gccgtgggtt tagctgttac gtcgtaaaga    216180
     cgacctcaaa tattcaaact aaaactgaac aaaacaagca aatccatgga tggaaaatgt    216240
     actcaacttg aaactgaagc ttcgagtcac ctctgaggac ctggagacgt ggagtcttgg    216300
     agagtataat ttctgtagta caaggaatcc ctaaatccca gtcccaactt tatccagtca    216360
     tctggtcatc tttaatcccc cagtactctt acttagcgtc ccatggccat ccctcttagt    216420
     cctggagctg atgtctgaat ttctctttgg aaggcaccaa gaaaaattgt gtccttctat    216480
     gagcccctca gtacacaaaa gggtttattt ttgcctaact ccacttagta ttttactgag    216540
     agaaaaatgc caaaatcaca agaaatgaaa gacacacaca catttgtaca tgcacatgca    216600
     tgcacacata tgcacacaca tacacacaca cacaaaacag ggaaaggggc ctctggtttt    216660
     gtccgttggg aaataaacca gatgctttta aaactgtaac aacggcaaaa taaagttgtg    216720
     gatggcccag agaaagtcaa tccaaatgaa aagacattta aaacctccac aggaggatgg    216780
     gcttttaaaa aaaatagtaa aaattttcaa aggtagaaac ttaaaacttg gaggcacagc    216840
     tcagtgatag agacgtagtt catatacctc agcaatgaag acacagctca gaggtataga    216900
     tgtagctcag tggtagaata cttgcctagt atgcagtaga cctgaggttc aattcccagc    216960
     accaccaaaa ctaaggatat atattaccag aattcttaac ctaagctgta aagaagggca    217020
     aacattcaat cataaatact atggtatttt tataatatta aaattattta gaatgttcag    217080
     tatttaaaat atttaagtat tctctatatt aatgcatatt agatagttag gataattaat    217140
     acacacatat ttgtagtgca tttttagaag actatacatt gaagacttct cttaagtctg    217200
     ggaagctctc atatagttca aggatgagag gggtgttcac tgcagatcta taacatgcta    217260
     tgaattgtgg gcacttagga tgggatgatg gcaggataaa aaaacctagt tggttgcctg    217320
     gcatggcaga ggatgccttt aataagagct cttggaaggc agtggcaagt agatgctccc    217380
     ttgtttctgt ggtttcctgc catctctgca ccccatcaga agaggctctg tagagtcggg    217440
     actgtatgct tcctttagag cctgcccact agcatgtgct cacacaggcc tttcattctg    217500
     catgccattt cccaccatgc ttccttcggg tcctatgaca atgacacaag cttcctactc    217560
     tgtatttgct ccttctattt tgttgcctcc tctccacatc ccctagcatt tagctgaggt    217620
     gtcaacaccc taagaagctg cttgtgaagt gtctcttttc tagattcccc tagcactgta    217680
     gagaagcctc caatccccaa ttcgtgtggc aagaagcaat aacaacctaa tggcattaat    217740
     aaggagccag gaaccagact ggcactaaag actttaagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    217800
     tgtgtgtgtg tattcctgtc ctgttggaga gccatggcag tggcaatggc aggcagttat    217860
     acttacatca taatcatggc agaatgggaa tgagatagat gatagtgttg aagtattacg    217920
     cagttagaga ggagcaggaa ccattggttc aagtatggac atcagggcag tcttcttgga    217980
     ggagggatac actggactca ttattgatga caaaagtaag aggtaagtat tcagacagaa    218040
     agagcagtat ttccagagaa cctggtggga gatgctgcct ctgcaagagc cagtgaaaca    218100
     gaaaaagcca tcagcacaac caagctcaaa cttcataaaa ctgtcttctt gcccgttttg    218160
     aagagaggga gaaagggaag atgggctcaa gaacatatga tatataatca ggaagaagtc    218220
     tactgcaaaa ccccaagcaa taagaattca caagattttc atgtaaagaa catgtagtaa    218280
     atgtattctg atttgcagaa tttatggcct gggaggaatg gcggtcctta gtttcttttc    218340
     cagtggctgt gataaaatac tctgacaaaa gtaacatatg ggaagggtgt ttaagtgggc    218400
     tcacagttga aggctcatag tcttgtgtgt agtatggtag tcaaggtagc aggaccttga    218460
     ggtagcagct gttcacagca attaacccca tcaacataat ttctcacaag actgcccaga    218520
     gactattagc taatctctcc caggtgtgcc tgggtgcttg ctttctaagt ggttctaggt    218580
     cttaccgagc gattaacagt agccgtcaca aggacaacga tcagaagttg tccaaatatt    218640
     tgccatttta tctcactcga gtctcataat aaccatacaa aataaggatt gttacttttc    218700
     cctcttaata aagggataaa gcaaggcctt gagagttagc tgacttatcc catccttgat    218760
     gaaaagagac aaagaattca aagacagcta gatttgaatc ctaccatgaa gatttgccag    218820
     ctgttgcctt gagagcctac tgttgctcag gcaatggctc caactcaaga ccttttcaag    218880
     ggaaatacca tcacatgggg gaagagcgtt ctgacgatgg ctggcaacct agtaagcagg    218940
     aatcttcttt tgctcaaggc tcactgtgaa gacagaagtg cagttattgg actaaagaag    219000
     atgggaagag caagtcatgg cttccatttg agagtattca acctacagca cccgtggaaa    219060
     gaaccaaaca cagtttccaa caggaatcct gagggagagg gtgtggtcca aagacatcag    219120
     tttgtgcatc tatgaacaca ctcgtgaaaa ttagattgat caggcttgaa aggaacactc    219180
     tggaaatgtt tggtgaacga gtgcgaacag ttcagcactg gaaaagagtg gaggttataa    219240
     tcggaacttt caaagaagtc ttactgggtt ttctaagttt gcttttatga aactatttct    219300
     gtcaccgtaa gaaaattcaa tggctataaa agagcatgtg tgaaagagtg ttgatgagaa    219360
     gatattcacg tgtatcactc actagatgac tgggctggta agctggtaag aggtaactga    219420
     gttctgtaga tagtagggtc catgcaagat ggaacattct gaaatcacat gcctccagat    219480
     gcagtgagtt aagaaggctg taatgcctcc atggcagcat tgcccacaag cctgtgtctc    219540
     acaaaactgc tggcctggag ttacacttcc ttttagaaat tagtatccta gatgatgata    219600
     aaaagaaacc ctggaaaata attctagact gaagaggaag aggagtagat gctggggggg    219660
     gggatgtatg atctttgatt gtgggcacca ctgagagaca cggggaaaca tcaggagctg    219720
     tacattgcag taacaacatt ctactgttaa gtcttgggat atcagcaagt agcccgtggt    219780
     tgaccaagca caaattttgt gtgttggggg ggggggatac gttagctcat gtgtgttgga    219840
     attaaagagt aaaaagtata cagcaatagt gacaatgtta acaaattgtg aatgtggcta    219900
     atgaataagt gtatgcgcat gtttattctc tgttaagttc aaagtttggt tgtttttgtt    219960
     tttgtttttt aagatttatt tatttatttc atatattcag acaaaccaga agagggcatc    220020
     agatctcatt acagatggtt gtgagccact atgtggttgc tgggagttga actcaggacc    220080
     tctggaagag cagctagtgc tcttaactgc tgagccatct ttccagcccc aagtttgaag    220140
     attttcaaca taaagtgtta aaagcaggaa tttgaaggcc agctatcagt gtggaagcca    220200
     tataccacct tggaaataac agaaatgtag agaactagtc acctgctcag gatcactccc    220260
     gttgtctttc ctcagacccc tcagacacag gcagggccct gtgtctattg tacacattcc    220320
     ctgttacatt ggcttctaga ggatttagac cagaatgaaa tcaggggatt tcctatctgc    220380
     tgtcacccaa attcagaccc tgggtacagt ggtaacagta cttccccata agtacttgtt    220440
     aagtgagttc cattctatga tgtcatttct ccctgaaact tagtagcact caccccacca    220500
     aatgggtccc ttaaatctta aggctgatat ctgttttcac tgtggctaat gtcagggtac    220560
     actgccactg ccctccttgg tatctaccac agtagctttt cattgactct cctatttgaa    220620
     ccatctgctt cttgctaaaa ccccaatcaa cccagcctgc caagtagaag acacaagatt    220680
     tctatccagt acatgttttt ccctatcaca tgacattaca tcatatggac tgtatttaac    220740
     taattgcccc tgtagacttc tacctctcct acatccaatt cgctttccag aacacttgca    220800
     gacatacctc acatgtatta gcccaccagg gcccctttgt ataaagaaga tgatggagat    220860
     ctcctgtatt tcattcagct taaccctcca gcctcattct ctcctacccc tattcaaccc    220920
     tcagaaaata ctaacaacta aagggatcat tggaggactg accgatgagc accaaagagc    220980
     ccacgaaggt agttaatagt attggtcgtg tcctgcagac agaaattcaa atcctggttg    221040
     tgctgtttcc tacaagaact agtggagaat gaaggacagc ttgagagtca gttctcttct    221100
     tccacctcag attgtcaggg ttggtggcaa tcacctttac ctgctgaacc tggcccttag    221160
     aagacattta acttctctgc tcttcatctt ctctgtccct aaagtatgcc tcattctaag    221220
     gatcttattg ttgctgtaat gattcgtcaa gcctgtgcca acacatcagt caactatgtc    221280
     caaaataatg agaggactag cttgagaggt actatggagg atgggggagt acactctgac    221340
     cctgcctata gagcatgggg gattttgccc ttcgactaaa atttaatatt agcttatctg    221400
     ttaaatgcaa agttacaaat ttccaacttc agtttttaca cacacacaca cacacacctt    221460
     tcctttggta cctttagtga atgggtgaaa tggggctctg tgtttgtgct catgtttgat    221520
     ggatttctgc ccgtcgtgtc ttcctcagca tctggaagcc aatagttgtt ttctttctgt    221580
     ttgattgaaa taaaagcctt tttacagctc tactgagaat ctaagactta tgtactgcag    221640
     ttctcacgat gttactcgat ggctggatag tcaactgtct gagggtatcg ctccctcggc    221700
     tgctgtcatt tcagggtagg aaggggaaag tcagatttct gtttacctta ccactctgat    221760
     tctttctaaa ggctaatggt gaagaaaatg aaaatcactg gctaaaatta ggacctgggg    221820
     attcactgtg acttcatctc gtcactgtct tcctatatcc acgttgccta agtaaacccc    221880
     agatcagctt tatagtactc ttggtggtta ctggatttga aagctttcaa gatttgcata    221940
     attcacagtg gtgcccgcag agaaacatat tagaattcca aaggaggtat atactcaggt    222000
     gaggtaacga cccccccccc ccgcagctta atcataaaat cctgagtttt attcaacttt    222060
     ttcttatctt tgaatttttt cctttccctt tttttttttc ccaataagta cgcccaaact    222120
     accaggcttt ggttgaaaga tttgcacctg gcactgagta cactacacac tgcaaaaaca    222180
     tcctttgctt gatggtttca ggggtaatgg gaagaatgaa gaggctaata tttgcatagt    222240
     gtgcagtttc aggacatccc attaccgttg agctcataat cttgcctaat taaggtaatt    222300
     atatgcttta ttttcatgtt aattagctca tcacactcta gctcctttca acatcaactt    222360
     caaaggaaaa aggtaatcat ctaccaaaat aagagattgc tgaagaagaa tttatcagtc    222420
     tcacttcgaa agagagagaa aaaggaaacg ctatgcaaag tgactggaaa gagagggtag    222480
     cttcactaca acgaaacagt ggaaatatgg gccgagccag gccgatttaa ataaatgtag    222540
     ctgattaatt tcagtcccta ggcaacaaga atccacacca taaattaggt taaaaatgga    222600
     tgcttctgag ttgttgagtt tctgtgggtt ctttcatagg aatatacaga tggctcctgc    222660
     tggcttttgg cttatattat tctgtagcct gtcagggaag aagggttttg ctgttctaga    222720
     ttaataagtg tgacagagag gtcttcagtt gaaggctaac ctctgcctgt cagagcttca    222780
     tgtacatgga gatgaaaata agattttttt ttgatgaata tccagaaatc aacttttaga    222840
     cacaacaaaa atatctgtgt tttaatttct taagctcttt acataatatg attaattctt    222900
     taaagaatag cttatctcta gttaaatgca aatgaaattg tatcccttaa tcctacactc    222960
     ttgtaacacc gctatgaaat tctggtaaga ggctttatca aagataagta ttctcgttac    223020
     ttttcctgtt gccatggttt aatttttttt aatttaaaaa ttagcctggt tatagcatca    223080
     actcaagtga gaaggggttt cttctggctc acaggtcaag ggcatattct gtcaaaatgg    223140
     caagagctag aagtagctgg tcacactgca tgtgcaatca ggaagcagca agcaatgaaa    223200
     gcgtgcactc agctagattt ctactttctt gaagtccaga acacatgccc agggaatagt    223260
     gcttccttac tttagtgtgt gtcttcaggt cttcctacct caattcatct aaacaagata    223320
     attccttaaa ggcatggtca ttgtttgata taatctaaat gatcactcac tgtggtggtt    223380
     tgaatatgct tggcccaggg agtggcacta ttagaaccta tggccttgtt ggagtaggtg    223440
     tggccttgtt ggaggaagtg tgtcactgtg ggggtggaca atgagaccct cctcctaacc    223500
     acatgggggc cagtcttttc ctgttcgctt tcagaacaag atgtataact cttagctcct    223560
     tctctagcac catgtctgcc tggatgctgc catgctcctg cttttttttt tttttttttt    223620
     tgacagtctc aagtttttat tcagtgggtc tttgtgtcta gcagaaggtg ttgggcctct    223680
     tggtggtgaa gcgtggcttg tgctggcgcc gcaacacacg gtggggcagt gggaatttga    223740
     tcttggagtc gtggaactgc ttgacagctg tccggcggca cttgccagct gcaatctctt    223800
     ccaccttcat gatctggatg gagtgggcac gggcacggtg tcgggcaccc atgtctaggt    223860
     agcactgtgt gactgcacca gcagtggtca ggtccctgta ctcccggtac atgttgtgtg    223920
     tgccactgcg ggagtcatag cgcagccaga tgccaaagtt cttcacacgc aggggtgatt    223980
     tctcaaacac ctgtccgcag tacacaatct ccccagatga cttcttcatc ttcttcagct    224040
     gcgacacaaa gtaccagaag cgggacttgg ccaccacatg gttgggtgca aagattcgca    224100
     tacggtacag tggtggtgtg tggcattttg gggttggcaa gcagcgcccc accaccttgt    224160
     actcccgaag cgtgcccgag gccttcatgg cactgcacgc tcgttcaccg ccagtcacaa    224220
     aagggctcct gccttgataa taatagacta aacctctgaa cctataagcc agccctaatt    224280
     aaatgttttc ctttataaga gttgccttgg tcatggtgtc tgttcacagc agtaaaaccc    224340
     taactaagac actcacggtt gtgcttgaag cccttctcct aggtgattct agatcctgtc    224400
     tgattgacaa taaccatcac agaaacagta gatattttca aaataggaac ccatgttatt    224460
     ttaccgaaac agtcgttgac ttgttcagga ctacccatta gatcatataa cttgattatc    224520
     taggagaaag gggcagaaag gcttagtaaa tagtttaata tttggcccat gaagtttccc    224580
     aggtcactcc ctcccaacct gtatggcaca ttgaatatat gtgattacct ttaaaatagg    224640
     atgaggtaac tcagcaagta ggctttccat ttcacaagag aggaaccttc ccaaaccagt    224700
     cacaacattt tcttgccttg attcaagtaa taacaaaact tggaatggaa tatgaccaaa    224760
     gcttttaaaa tattttctca ttaattaatt tatttattca ctgtttatcc aaatctattt    224820
     tttctttttt taatgctgaa caagcctttg acccacacca ccactcccca aatgctttgc    224880
     tgtccataaa gaatcacatg gcaaacaagg gtggcctgtt tgaaagatgt catttcttac    224940
     acaatctaat ctcagctgta agcccttatt tcagcctcct ggttacacaa tcactatttc    225000
     atctattaag ttgtatcatt tcaggtcctg ctgtgactgc agcaattgaa tgacttcaca    225060
     cctcaggtcc atcagagacc atcatggtca caccttgatg agagaggagc accctcgtgg    225120
     ctttgccaag taaggaaccg tagctgtggc agtgggaaag ctctgctggg tgatggtgcc    225180
     tttgcacaca ccttgtgcag aaagtgaatc cttgaatcca aacaagtgct agcaaactgt    225240
     gctctctgtt gactgaagat tcaaagactc agaaccagga gtgtggtaca agcccataat    225300
     ctaagcttct caagaggcta gatgaagagg acctctttta aggttagcct agaaacttta    225360
     gtgagactgt ctcaatataa aaagtaaaat gatggctgga ctgtggcttg atggtggagt    225420
     atatgcctag cacagacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacagccact    225480
     gatagatgta cagtctgagg caaggggaag agattctggc tatttgtcat cttccacagt    225540
     ctcgaccaca catcacaata aaccatcttc agccagagtc aagttctgac atgtgaccat    225600
     tcagctctgt cttcccaggg cagttttcta aaggttactc agttgtggag tagctaaatg    225660
     agatggagga aggccacgct agtaggaaac tttagttcaa tgaaccgcat tattgaagtg    225720
     ggctgtggag ggttatttag aagcagctga ttgcattagc agctttccta agctggatta    225780
     cattcagagg aaatgctctg gctgggtgtt tcttccatga gcaggaagct gggtcatcac    225840
     aaatccacag tcacagcagg acccaccgaa ggttttagcc cacaaagcat aactaaaacc    225900
     caagctcttc gagttctgcc taacacattc aaagcccagt ttcttcattc ccctaatgga    225960
     atcacaccac tgacactagt tcaaatccac cgcttatgta attcctcccc aacattactt    226020
     aagggcagtc tgatcactaa taagttcttg ccacatgtaa actttgaaat ctgcaattct    226080
     ggtcatttct cttccattgg ttatgaaatg ctgacaggta gaatgtatca gaaacacttg    226140
     tttcctgtac tcttgaaata cgagcaggtc aaaaccattg agtcagccac accccttgtg    226200
     tgtcaccctt tgtattagaa agaaaaatat gaacttagaa catatgagtg tattagggat    226260
     tgactcatgc tattgaaaaa agaggcacag gaagttatga tagtttaaaa ctaaatgttc    226320
     tagtagaact gatgatcctg gtttgttgaa cacctcccta gaaccaagtt tatggtaata    226380
     ttgttcagta catgcagttt ttaccccttc tcatctctca gaacctgttt tcccctgagt    226440
     acacaagcca cttcctcagg tctctgactc tctgcagaca ccaagactct tagccctaaa    226500
     atgtgagcga acggcattta tttaatctga ttctactccc ctcctgaagc aaaaacacaa    226560
     gactcaaaaa taataaaccc tcaaggcttt tgctctgagt gaagagaagt aaagaagaaa    226620
     actgagaaac aaatggagtc agggaagaaa gccaaaatca gaaactttaa atgaagggta    226680
     atttacatat agaagtttca atatgccaag cctcaagtat caatttggac ccgtctgaca    226740
     tagttcctca acagtgtgag agcactgact gcgagtgggt ggaactttta tgaaattcca    226800
     aaagccatcg gatagcacag cacgtcccaa aatatactct gtgagatttt ttttacacaa    226860
     agaacacaca gataatgtca ctctagcact aaatttagca aatagaactg attgtgattg    226920
     ataagaccct gaaccttttt tagactcttt tttattagat attttcttta tatacatttc    226980
     aaatttcaaa tgctatcctg aaagttccct ataccctccc ccctgccctg ctcccctacc    227040
     cacccactcc cacttcttga ccctggcatt cccctgtact agggcatata aagtttgcaa    227100
     gaccaagggg cctctcttcc cagtgatggc tgactaggcc atctctgggg gtactggtta    227160
     gttcatattg ttgttccacc tatagggttg cagacccctt cagctccttg ggtactttct    227220
     ctagcttctc cattgggggc cctgtgttcc atcctataga tggctgtgag catccacttc    227280
     tgtatttgcc aggcactggc atagcctcac tagagacagc tataccaggg tctcttcagc    227340
     aaaatctttc tggcatatgc aatagtgtct gggtttggtg gctgattatg ggatggatcc    227400
     ccaggttggg tagtctctgg atagtccatc ctttcatctt agctccgaac tttgtctctg    227460
     taactccttt catggatgtt ttgttcccta ttctaaggag gagcgaagta tccacccatt    227520
     ggtcttccct cttcttgatt tttcttgtgt tttgcaaatt gtatcttgtg tgttctatat    227580
     ttctgggcta atatcctctt atcagtgagt gcatatctaa tgacttcttt tatgattggg    227640
     ttacctcact aaggatgata tccttcagat acatccattt ttccaagaat ttcataaatt    227700
     cattgttttt aatagctgag taatactcca ttttgtaaat gtacattttc tgtatccatt    227760
     cttctgttga gggatatctg ggttctctcc agcttctggc tattataaat aatgctgcta    227820
     tgaacatagt ggagcatgta ttcttattac cagttggaac ttcttctggg tatatgccca    227880
     ggagaggtat tgctggatct tccagtagta ttatgtccaa ttttttgaca taatactcca    227940
     gactgtcttc cagagtggtt gtacaagctt gcaatcccac cagcaatgga ggagtgttcc    228000
     tctttctcca catcctcgcc agcatctgct gtcacctgaa tttttgatct tagtcattct    228060
     gattttttag actcaagtca aattactgca atgtaaatgg tttttctaaa agccataagc    228120
     ccaaaagtca ggaaattctt tctttagttc taaccatatt tctactgata ctgggtaatg    228180
     gtagacttac agagatttat agctctactg caggctgaga tgtaaccgag atacctcagc    228240
     atccctgcag agaactcaac tgaagtcttg aagtttggaa actagttctt tctcaataga    228300
     ttctaagcta atctgtcttc tccaacaata ggcaagcaag ctcaaaaagg aggttttggg    228360
     gtttttttgt tttgttttgt ttttttgttt tgtttttgtt ttttctgctc actaatccca    228420
     gtttgacatg taggactgag taataggaaa acataggaag gaacccgcaa gatgcagtaa    228480
     gtagttacct gttgtattag tcagggttct ctagagtcac agaacttatg gatagtctct    228540
     agataataaa ggaatttatt gatgacttac agtcggcagc tcaattccca acaatcgttc    228600
     agtcacagct gtgaatggaa gtccaaggat ctagcagtta ctcagtctca cgcagcaagc    228660
     aggcgaagga gcaggagcaa gagctagact cccttcttcc aatgtcctta tattgtctcc    228720
     agcagaaggt gtagcccaga ttaaaggtgt gttccaccac acctttaatc ccagatgaaa    228780
     ggcgtagccc agattaaagg tgtgttcctt aaactcggag attcaatctt ctggaatcca    228840
     tagccaatat ggctcaagat cttcaaacca agatccagat aaggatctcc aagcctccag    228900
     ataagggtca ctggtgagcc ttccaattcc ggattgtagt tcattccaaa tattgtcaag    228960
     ttgacaacca ggaatagcca ctacaatcca ccccttgtca acttgacaca aataatatct    229020
     catgttcaca tgaaacaata acaaggttgt aaatacgcct aacatgatat aactatccct    229080
     cgtacaatcg caaacgcatt agtaaattta caatgggcat tcatattact ttataatcct    229140
     cgtttctgca actggttacg tggccttaat tggtatttat aactaccttc ctctactacc    229200
     cattctgtat ttccttctcc ttcagccagc acctcagcag gtcttggctc ttttcctgga    229260
     ggattgaccc ataccttcat tcctgatgga tctgcgttct ttgtcatcct gcttggatta    229320
     agctgttgta gtttcccatt gactttaatc acaggacatg gtagtactaa gaggcgccct    229380
     aagggatctc ctacactcca gacataatct tgcttaccac cattgtgaag aggtaatcca    229440
     atttccccat ggtaatctgg atctataacc cctcctaaca ctgttattcc ttttttagcc    229500
     tgttggttta agggcattag aagcccaaaa tgaccagggg gaagtctgag cttccagttc    229560
     aatgaaatgt ttgttgtagc tcctggtagg agcactcccc tctctggagc caaaacttct    229620
     aagccagcag aacctagagt tatggggaca ggaagcaaaa attttcctag agggtcacta    229680
     ggagtgatag taagtggaac tattccgttt tccacccctt gattcctgga cccatgaatc    229740
     ctggctatgg gtgaaactgt accatatatc gagcgctgat tcaaagcata tactgccttc    229800
     tgaagaactc tgccccagcc ttccaagctg ttaccaccta attggcgctg taactgcgtc    229860
     ttcaaaaggc cattccatct ttctatcagc ccagctgctt caggatgatg gggaatgtgg    229920
     taagaccagt gaattccatg atcgtgagcc cactgtcgta cttctctggc tgtgaaatga    229980
     gttccttggt cagaagcaat actgtgtgga ataccatgac gatagatgag gcattctgtc    230040
     agtccgtgaa tggtggtttt agcagaggca ttacgtgcag gaaaggcaaa tccataacca    230100
     gaataagtat ctactccagt aagaacaaaa cgctgtcctt tccacgaagg aagtggtcca    230160
     atgtagtcaa cctgccacca ggttgctggc tggtcacctc gaggaatggt gccatatctg    230220
     gggctcagtg ttggtttctg ctgttggcag atctggcaat cagcagcagc tgtagccagg    230280
     tcagctttgg tgagtggaag cccatgttgc tgagcccaag cataacctcc atctcgacca    230340
     ccatggccac tttgttcatg tgcccattga gcaatgacag ggatggctgg ggagagaggc    230400
     tgactgtcca cagaacgggt catcttatct acttgattat tgaactcctc ctcggctgaa    230460
     gtcacctttt ggtgagcatt tacatgggac acaaatatct tcacatcctt tgcccatttt    230520
     gagagatcta tccacatact tcttccccag atgtctttct caccaatttt ccaattgtga    230580
     tctttccaag tccctgacca tccagccaat ccattggcta cagcccatga gtcagtgaat    230640
     aatcgtacat ctggccactt cttcttacaa acaaactgta ataccatgtg tactgcccga    230700
     agttctgccc actgtgaaga tttcccttca cctgtgtctt tcaaggttgt cccagaaagg    230760
     ggttgtaatg ctgcagctgt ccacttctgg gtggtgcctg cataacgtgc agagccatca    230820
     gtaaaccagg ctctagtctt ctcctcttcg gtcagttgat catagggaac accccatgag    230880
     gctataggtg catgcttggc agcagatggc attgtaacag gagtagaaac cataggcatt    230940
     tgagcaactt cttcatgtaa cttgcttgtg ccttcaggac ctgctctggc ccgatcacgt    231000
     atataccact tccatttgat aatagactgc tgctgtgcgc gtcccacttt atgacttgca    231060
     gggtctgata gtacccagct catgatgggt agttcaggtc gcatagtaac ttggtgtcct    231120
     attgtcaaac gttcagtttc cactaaggcc caatagcagg ccaagagctg tttttcaaag    231180
     ggagaatagt tgtctgcaga tgatggcaga gctttgctcc aaaatcccaa aggtcttttc    231240
     tgtgattcac ctacaggggc ctgccagagg ctccaaacag catctctatc agccacagac    231300
     acctcaagta ccatcgggtc tgctgggtca tatggtccaa gtggtagagc agcctgcaca    231360
     gcagcctgga cctgttgaag ggccttctcc tgttccaggc cccacacaaa gctagcagct    231420
     ttccgagtca cttggtaaat aggcctaagt aacacaccca agtgagggat gtgttgtctc    231480
     cagaatccaa atagacccac taaacgttgt gcttctttct tggttgtagg aggggccagg    231540
     tgcaataatt tatctttcac cttagaagga atatctctgc atgccccaca ccactggact    231600
     cctaagaatt tcactgaggt agatggtcct tgaattttgg ttggatttat ttcccatcct    231660
     ctgatacgca tatgtgttac caatgagtcc aaagtggttg ctacttcctg ctcacttgtt    231720
     ccaatcagca taatgtcatc aatatagtgc accaatgtga tattttgtgg aagatccaaa    231780
     cgatcaagat cccttctaac taaattatga cacagggcag gagagttaat atatccttga    231840
     ggcaaaactg tgaaggtata ctgttggcct tgccaactga aagcaaattg cttctggtgg    231900
     tccttatgga caggtactga gaagaaggca tttgccagat caatagccgc ataccaggtg    231960
     ccaggagatg tgttaatttg ctcaagtaac gaaactacat ctggtacagc agctgcaatt    232020
     ggagttacta cctgatttag ttttcgataa tcaactgtca ttctccatga tccatctgtt    232080
     ttctgcactg gccagatagg agagttaaac ggagatgtgg tgggaaccac cacccctgcg    232140
     tctttcaagt ccttgatagt ggcagtaatt tctgcaatgc ctccaggaat acgatactgt    232200
     ttttgattca ctattttctt tggcaaaggc aactctaaag gcttccattt ggcctttcca    232260
     accataatag ccctcactct acagttcagg gaaccaatat gagaattctg ccaatttctg    232320
     agtatatcta tcccaattat acattctgga actggggaaa tcaccacagg atgtgtccgg    232380
     ggacctactg gacctactgt gagtcggaca tcagtcaaaa ctccattaat cacctgccct    232440
     ccataagccc ctactttaac tggagggcca caatgtttct tgggatcccc tgggatcagt    232500
     gtcaactcag aaccagtatc cagcagaccc cgaaaagtct gattatttcc ttttccccag    232560
     tgtacagtta cccttgtaaa aggccgtagg tccctctggg gaagaactgg agaaagggta    232620
     acagcaaaac ctttgagtgt cttatcaaga tccttcctca gcggaacctg gccacccctt    232680
     cattcaaggg gttctggatc tgcaaactgt ctcaagtctg gaaattgatt cactggccga    232740
     gattgctgtt taccacgatc taatgtagcc tttctttcat ttggctgttt accacgatct    232800
     aatgtagcct ttctttcatt tgtttgagaa tttttctgct tatacagatc aaacaaatat    232860
     gcagtaggct tcctatgtat ttcattcctg gaaacaccat gattggttag ccagtaccaa    232920
     aggtccaacc gagtcatgcc attataaatt tcacctctcc tgtgctgacc attactgggt    232980
     atgttattat aaacattctt ttgtctacgc tgtccattat aataactaga atcaccttgt    233040
     ctcgggcgat tcaatgctgc cacctggccc ttgttacctc ggaatccaac taaacccagt    233100
     gaatttaatt catctaattg agcagaagca tctccaatgc taagatctgg cacaaggaaa    233160
     agggaaagaa caaaaccctt caaatgtgct ggtgcccctc tcaccaattt gcgtcttata    233220
     gagctggtga aaggcatatc ttctggacct tcccattgtg gacaattatg ctttacacaa    233280
     tatatccact ctagcattgc aatttcccta agtcttaaaa tcccttcatc aacactaagc    233340
     catggaatat caggcatctc caagtcattt ccagtaggcc atcttttgat aaacacctca    233400
     gccaaccatt caaacaaact tttgacacct tttttaacta tgcgagcttc cgtattaaac    233460
     ctagaatctc tactcagagg acccatgtca ataaactcag cctgctctag ttttatgttc    233520
     cttccaccct tatcccacac ccttaaaatc cattcccaca catattcacc aggtttctgc    233580
     ttgaatgaat tagcaaactc attaagctcc ttagtagtgt agcgaatttc ctcatggact    233640
     acactttcta cctcccctct aggagcctgt tttgctttga gtctggttac aggtctagaa    233700
     gaaactattg gtgggccgtg agcagactct gcaaaattaa tttcctcatg tggggaaggc    233760
     attatttcaa gaggtggggc tgagggtact acttcctcag gtggggcaaa cccttgagaa    233820
     tctgaggatt caaaattctc agcttcaaca tggtcttccc acacatcccc atcccatgtt    233880
     gtaggatccc attctttgcc aattagagcc cttactttaa ctgtcgacac actctgaggc    233940
     tgagacttga attttctctg tagttcagcc aatcttacaa tgagagtttc cgtttgattt    234000
     tctgcaactt gagctctatt gctacaagag agaagattct cctcaaggac acacttagca    234060
     acttttagat tgtttacttg tgtctggagc ctttcgattt tatcacacaa ctccttcctt    234120
     tcattcatca ttttttccac agatactaag agcagccagc cagtaaaatc atttttcgat    234180
     tttttcccca tcttgtagaa agctttgtgc actgaatcac ctaattcatt aagaaaatca    234240
     agggcattag cttctttaag ttcggaatat agtttcaacc atgggtcttc aaaattctct    234300
     gagctcccag gagggagaga atctgtagag gtttcaatag ttgaaagtgc tggtggatca    234360
     acaagccaat tccagaattt taaaagattc atccttgtac ttctgttact ctagaaccac    234420
     tcctggtacc aacttctgta ttagtcaggg ttctctagag tcacagaact tatggatagt    234480
     ctctagataa taaaggaatt tattgatgac ttacagtcgg cagctcaatt cccaacaatc    234540
     gttcagtcac agctgtgaat ggaagtccaa ggatctagca gttactcagt ctcacgcagc    234600
     aagcaggcga aggagcagga gcaagagcta gactcccttc ttccaatgtc cttatattgt    234660
     ctccagcaga aggtgtagcc cagattaaag gtgtgttcca ccacaccttt aatcccagat    234720
     gaaaggcgta gcccagatta aaggtgtgtt ccttaaactc ggagattcaa tcttctggaa    234780
     tccatagcca atatggctca agatcttcaa accaagatcc agataaggat ctccaagcct    234840
     ccagataagg gtcactggtg agccttccaa ttccggattg tagttcattc caaatattgt    234900
     caagttgaca accaggaata gccactacac ctgtgcttaa gaatcttgtc tttgacctgc    234960
     ctctgatgct gcctaaatgt gcatcatgtt aactgtatta agtttttttt tttttttttt    235020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tagagtctgg ttcccagcac ccatatctgt cagctcacaa    235080
     ctgccggcaa ctctgcccct gccacttctg ggaaaatctg acaccttctt tggacctctt    235140
     tgggcacagg catatacgtg gcacatattg acacaaacac acaaatgtac ataaaaatta    235200
     aatgaaaatc ttcttttagt gagattatca atagatagtt gttcaggtta aaaattctta    235260
     tttttaagaa ctaaagttaa aattttcttt gaagaggtag attaaatgta tgaatacttg    235320
     ggaaatctct tctaattctt tttttttttt tttctttttt tttttttttt gatattttta    235380
     tttttttatt tttttttcca ttttttatta ggtatttagc tcatttacat ttccaatgct    235440
     ataccaaaag tcccccttac ccacccaccc ccactcccct acccacccac tccccccctt    235500
     tggccctggc gttcccctgt accggggcac acaaagtctg cgtgtccaat gggcctctct    235560
     ttccagtgat ggccgactag gccatctttt gatacatatg cagctagagt caagagctca    235620
     ggggtactgg ttagttcata atgttgttcc acctataggg ttgaagatcc ctttagctcc    235680
     ttgggtactt tctctagctc ctccattggg agccctgtga tccatccatt agctgactgt    235740
     gagcatccac ttctgtgttt gctaggcccc ggcatagtct cacaagagac agctacatct    235800
     gggtcctttc agtaaaatct tgctagtgta tgcaatggtg tcagcatttg gaagctgatt    235860
     atggggtgga tccctggata tggcagtctc tacatggtcc atcctttcat ctcagctcca    235920
     tactttgttt ctgtaactcc ttccatgggt gttttgttcc cacttctaag gaggggcata    235980
     gtgtccacac ttcagtcttc atttttcttg agtttcatgt gtttaggaaa ttgtatctta    236040
     tatcgtgggt atcctaggtt ttgggctagt atccacttat cagtgagtac atattgtgtg    236100
     agttcctttg tgattgtgtt acctcactca ggatgatgct ctccaggtcc atccatttgg    236160
     ctaggaattt cataaattca ttctttttaa tagctgagta gtactccatt gtgtagatgt    236220
     accacatttt ctgtatccat tcctctgttg aggggcatct gggttctttc cagtttctgg    236280
     ctattataaa taaggctgct atgaacatag tggagcatgt gtccttctta ccagttgggg    236340
     cttcttctgg atatatgccc aggagaggta ttgctggatc ctccggtagt actatgtcca    236400
     attttctgag gaaccgccag actgatttcc agagtggttg tacaagcctg caatcccacc    236460
     aacaatggag gagtgttcct ctttctccac atcctcgcca gcatctgctg tcacctgaat    236520
     ttttgatctt agccattctc actggtgtga ggtggaatct cagggttgtt ttgatttgca    236580
     tttccctgat gattaaggat gttgaacatt ttttcaggtg cttctctgcc attcggtatt    236640
     cctcaggtga gaattctttg ttcagttctg agccccattt tttaaggggg ttatttgatt    236700
     ttctgaggtc caccttcttg agttctttat atatgttgga tattagtccc ctatctgatt    236760
     taggataggt aaagatcctt tcccagtctg ttggtggtct ttttgtctta tagacagtgt    236820
     cttttgcctt gcagaaactt tggagtttca ttaggtccca tttgtcaatt ctcgatctta    236880
     cagtacaagc cattgctgtt ctgttcagga atttttcccc tgtgcccata tcttcaaggc    236940
     ttttccccac tttctcctct ataagtttca gtgtctctgg ttttatgtga agttccttga    237000
     tccacttaga tttgacctta gtacaaggag ataagtatgg atcgattcgc attcttctac    237060
     atgatatcaa ccagttgtgc cagcaccaat tgttgaaaat gctgtctttc ttccactgga    237120
     tggttttggc tcccttgtcg aagatcaagt gaccataggt gtgtgggttc atttctgggt    237180
     cttcaattct attccattgg tccacttgtc tgtctctata ccagtaccat gcagttttta    237240
     tcacaattgc tctgtagtaa agctttaggt caggcatggt gattccacca gaggttcttt    237300
     tatccttgag aagagttttt gctatcctcg gttttttgtt attccagatg aatttgcaaa    237360
     ttgctccttc taattcgttg aagaattgag ttggaatttt aatggggatt gcattgaatc    237420
     tgtagattgc ttttggcaag atagccattt ttacaatgtt ggtcctgcca atccatgagc    237480
     atgggagatc tttccatctt ctgagatctt ctttaatttc tttcttcagg gacttgaagt    237540
     ttttatcata cagatctttc acttccttcg ttagagtcac gccgagatat tttatattat    237600
     ttgtggctat tgagaagggt gttgtttccc taatttcttt ctcagcctgt ttattctttg    237660
     tgtagagaaa ggccattgac ttgtttgagt taattttata tccagctact tcaccgaagc    237720
     tgtttatcag gtttaggagt tctctgttgg aatttttagg gtcactcata tatactatca    237780
     tatcatctgc aaaaagtgat attttgactt cctcttttcc aatttgtatc cccttgatct    237840
     ccttttgttg tcgaattgct ctggctaata cttcaagtac tatgttgaaa aggtagggag    237900
     aaagtgggca gccttgtcta gtccctgatt ttagtgggat tgcttccagc ttctctccat    237960
     ttactttgat gttggctact ggtttgctgt agattgcttt tatcatgttt aggtattggc    238020
     cttgaattcc tgatctttcc agaactttta tcatgaatgg gtgttggatc ttgtcaaatg    238080
     ctttttctgc atctaacgag atgatcatgt ggtttttgtc tttgagtttg tttatataat    238140
     ggattacatt gatggatttt cgtatattaa accatccctg catccctgga ataaaaccta    238200
     cttggtcagg atggatgatt gctttaatgt gttcttggat tcggttagcg agaattttat    238260
     taagaatttt tgcatcgatg ttcataagag aaattggtct gaagttctct atctttgttg    238320
     gatctttctg tggtttaggt atcagagtaa tagtggcttc ataaaatgag ttgggtagaa    238380
     taccttctac ttctatcttg tgaaaaagtt tgtgcagaac tggagttaga tcttctttga    238440
     aggtctgata gaactctgca ctaaacccgt ctggtcctgg gctttttttg gctgggagac    238500
     tattaataac tgcttctatt tctttagggg atatgggact gtttagaagg tcaacttgat    238560
     cctgattcaa ctttggtacc tggtatctgt ccagaaattt gtccatttcg tccaggtttt    238620
     ccagttttgt tgagtatagc cttttgtaga aggatctgat ggtgttttgg atttcttcag    238680
     gatctgttgt tatgtctccc ttttcatttc tgattttgtt aattaggatt ttgtccctgt    238740
     gccctttagt gagtctagct aagggtttat ctatcttgtt gattttctca aagaaccaac    238800
     tcctcgtttg gttaattctt tgaatagttc ttcttgtttc cacttggttg atttcacccc    238860
     tgagtttgat tatttcctgc cgtctactcc tcttgggtga atttgcttcc tttttttcta    238920
     gagcttttag atgtgttgtc aagctgctag tatgtgctct ctcccgtttt ttcttgaagg    238980
     cactcatagc tatgagtttc cctcttagaa atgctttcat tgtgtcccaa aggtttgggt    239040
     acgttgtggc ttcattgtca ttaaactcta aaaagtcttt aatttctttc tttattcctt    239100
     ccttgaccaa ggtatcattg agaagagtgt tgttcagttt ccatgtgaat gttggctttc    239160
     tgttatttat tttgttattg aagatcagcc ttagtgcatg gtgatctgat aggatacatg    239220
     ggacaatttc aatatttttg aatctgttga ggcctgattt gtgacctatt atgtggtcaa    239280
     ttttggagaa ggtaccatga ggtgctgaga agaaggtata tccttttgtt ttaggataaa    239340
     atgttctgta gatatctgtc agatccattt gtttcatcac ttctgttagt ttcagtgtgt    239400
     ccctgtttag tttctgtttc catgatctgt ccattggtga aagtggtgtg ttgaagtctc    239460
     ccactattat tgtgtgaggt gcaatgtgtg ctttgagctt tactaaagtt tctttagtga    239520
     atgtggctgc tcttgtattt ggagcataga tattcagaat tgagagttcc tcttggagga    239580
     ttttaccttt gatgagaatg aagtgtccct ccttgtcttt tttgatgact ttgggttgga    239640
     agtcaatctt atcagatatt aggatggcta ctcctgcttg tttcttcata ccatttgctt    239700
     ggaaaattgt tttccagcct ttcattctga ggtagtgtct atctttttct ctgagatgag    239760
     tttcctgtaa gcagcaaaat gttgggtctt gtttgtgtag ccagtttgtt agtctatgtc    239820
     tttttattgg cgagttgaga ccattgatgt taagagatat taaggaaaag taattgttgc    239880
     ttcctgttat tttagttgtt aaaggtggca ttctgttctt gtggctgtct tcttttaggt    239940
     ttgttgaggg attaccttct tgttttttct agggcgttgt tcccgttctt gtattggttt    240000
     ttttctgtta ttatcctttg aagggctgga ttcgtggaga gataatgcgt gaatttggtt    240060
     ttgtcgtgga atactttggt ttctccctct atgataattg agagtttggc tgggtatagt    240120
     agcctgggct gcagtttgtg ttctcttagt gtctgtataa catctgtcca ggctcttctg    240180
     gctttcatag tctctggtga aaaatctggt gtaattctga taggcttgcc tttatatgtt    240240
     acttgacctt tttcccttac tgcttttagt attctatctt tatttagtgc atttgatgtt    240300
     ctgattatta tgtgtcggga ggaatttctt ttctggtcca gtctatttgg agttctgtag    240360
     gcttcttgta tgttcatatg catctcattc tttagatttg ggaagttttc ttcaataatt    240420
     ttgttgaaga tgtttgctgg acctttgagt tgaaaatctt cattctcatc cactcctatt    240480
     atccgtacgt ttggtcttct tattgtgtcc tggatttcct ggatattttg agttaggatc    240540
     tttttgcatt ttccattttc tttgattgtt gtgccaatgt tctctatgga atcttctgca    240600
     cctgagattc tctcttccat ctcttgtatt ctgttgctga tgctcaaatc tatggttcca    240660
     gatttctttc ctagggtttc tatctctagt gttgcctcgc tttgagtttt ctttattgtg    240720
     tctacttccc tttttaggtc tagtatggtt ttgttcattt ccatcacctg tttgtatgtt    240780
     ttttcctctt tttctgtaag gacttctacc tgtttgattg tgttttcctg tttttcttta    240840
     aggacttgta actctttagc agtgttctcc tgtatttctt taagtgattt attaaagtcc    240900
     ttcttgatgt cctctaccat catcatgaga tatgctttta aatctaggtc taggttctca    240960
     ggtgtgttgg ggttccctgg actgggcgaa gtgggtgtgc tgggttctgg tgatggtgag    241020
     tggtcttggt tcctgttagt aagattcctc cgtttacctt tcgccatctg gtaatctctg    241080
     gagttagtag ttatagttga ctctgtttag agattgttct tctggtgatt ctgttaccgt    241140
     ctatcagcag acctgggaga cagattctct cctctgagtt tcagtgctca gagcactctc    241200
     tgctggcaag ctctcttaca gggaaggtgc gcagatatct tgtatttgga cctcctcctg    241260
     gccgaagaag aaggcccaaa acaggacctt tctcagacac tgtgttgctt tggcagttcc    241320
     caggtggtac agactctcac ctaagcagac taaattccta agttccttgg agtcccggga    241380
     ccaagatggc gaccgctgct gctgtggctt aggccgcctc cccagccggg cgggcacctg    241440
     tcctccggtc cggatggtgg ccggctgtcc ccggcccaca cagggtgctg cctcagcgcc    241500
     tctgtgcttc cgcctgttcc agaagctgtc aggttctctg gcgcaccctc tcacctgttc    241560
     agactaattt cctaagttcg gcgggtcccg gaccaagatg gcgaccgctg ctgctgtggc    241620
     ttaggtcgcc tccccagccg ggcgggcacc tgtcctccgg tccggaaggt ggctggctgt    241680
     ccccggccca cacagggtgc tgcctcagcg cctctgtgct tccgcctgtt ccagaagctg    241740
     tcaggttctc tggcgcaccc tctcacctgt tcagactaat ttcctaagtt cggcgggtcc    241800
     cggaccaaga tggcgaccgc tgctgctgtg gcttaggtcg cctccccagc cgggcgggca    241860
     cctgtcctcc ggtccggaag gtggctggct gtccccggcc cacacagggt gctgcctcag    241920
     cccctctgtg cttctgcctg ttccagaggc tgtcaggttc tctggcgcac cctctcacct    241980
     gttcagacta atttcctaag ttcggcgggt cccggaccaa gatggcgacc gctgctgctg    242040
     tggcttaggc cgcctcccca gccgggcggg cacctgtcct ccggtccaga cggtggctgg    242100
     ctgtccccgg cccacaaagg gtgctgcctc agtgcctctg tgcttccgcc tgttccagaa    242160
     gctgtcaggt tctctggcgc accctctcac ctgttcagac taatttccta agttcggcgg    242220
     gtcccagacc aagatggcga ccgctgctgc tgtggcttag gtcgcctccc cagccgggcg    242280
     ggcacctgtc ctccggtccg gaaggtggct ggctgtcccc ggcccacaca gggtgctgcc    242340
     tcagcgcctc tgtgcttctg cctgttccag aagctgtcag gttctctggc taactgtatt    242400
     atgttacctg gacataataa ggaggctcaa ttaaaaagca tctccaactt tcagtataaa    242460
     taatttttag ttgaaagagc acttttaatt tggaactcag taacagtaaa aaaaaaatgt    242520
     aattccctta atgatttgta tatgaataaa aaacctacta gaaaaaaatt attgtatgat    242580
     ccatttcata aaattaaact aaaacacatg tagaactata cacagctaca tgtgatgact    242640
     atgtaaatct tttatgttcc tcttttccaa ctttaggact atgtatgcat tattttgtag    242700
     taacaaaaac agaaaatata taacaaataa taaaaactga gttcttccga tgttatggaa    242760
     cacttgatgt attttaggcc atcagaactt ggaaaatcct gatatggatt taaagaaagt    242820
     taaagaagac aaagatatgt atttagattc ctctatttca tgcagatatt tgacatctaa    242880
     aggagtccat ggtgagctcc aacttttcag gcacatctta aaccatcccc caagtttctc    242940
     aggtgcaccg tgtaccaaca actctctacc ttggccatcc cgccaatagc acagttccct    243000
     gaaagtgctt tgtgagttaa ctttccaaga atactacaaa agtgctgcac acattaagaa    243060
     atacccttta cccgaagata aataacatta tgagtgtggt taatttgatg tgcaagcagg    243120
     taagttgtgt gactgataaa gaaatgacac attaatggag gtttaaaaag agttttattt    243180
     agatgtaatt catatacaca agctgcacac gtttgatgca cacaggttgg caagtttaga    243240
     catatgcata ctgaaaccac agccaagata ttaaagatat atattaggag ggaaatttca    243300
     ttagaaaaaa gtaatctgat ctatcagggt cctaaattca ttggaaccag acctgtaaag    243360
     catacctctg actgttcatg acaaagcaac tcgaccatac cagcagacgt tagtttgact    243420
     tcatatcaac tgcagtcatt ctattttctg agtgtatgtc cttagtgtct aactctacag    243480
     agatcaggca agatctacca atctggctag gcaaacagat caccttcagt ttaaggtaaa    243540
     ccccatgttc agtcaagtaa ccccaagcac attgctgata gaaaactgaa gaagcaaatt    243600
     ttaaacaatt ttagaataat tttctaccta atccttctct ggcaggctaa tgctctgaat    243660
     taaagacacc tttttaaaaa agctgtacat atgggttcaa acctatgatc ccagaactct    243720
     ggagaatgag gtaggagtct caagtttgaa gccagtctgg gatacataca gagttccaag    243780
     tcagtctaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa agaagagaaa aaagaaaaag aagaaaaaga    243840
     aggaagaagg aaagagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagagagag agagagagag    243900
     agagagagag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag agagggaggg    243960
     agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaggg agggagggag ggagggaaag    244020
     aaagagaaag aacagttccc tctcttcttc cctccctccc tcccttcctc cctctctccc    244080
     tgcctccctg ccccctcctt ccctccattt ctcctcacct ccctctctgc ttcaggaatc    244140
     tatgtctgta tagttaaaat tctgccctgc cagctctttt ctgaaaggag acaagagaag    244200
     aaaaggttca tctttcataa gcgtgcagag ctttgcagat cactgcaatg ttcaaaagac    244260
     atcctcggta gataacaagg aggctctgag aaaatgtcta gagagcgagt agcctctaca    244320
     gctcgtgata gctcaaatag actttctata atgaaaagtt cagttgcctc attgtctagg    244380
     gaacatgagc acagaactga ctcctttgaa attcattctg aaggactata ttttctagca    244440
     acattgtcat tgttcagccc cccccccccc ccgccaggat atttcttttg gaatgcattg    244500
     ttgctgctat agactaacaa aaaaaatgta atatttcatt agcttaaaat cctactttgg    244560
     ttttggtaca aaataaaaag acaactgatt tggtcacaag ttaataaatt atagggaaat    244620
     tcatatccaa attacaaatg agcaatgcct ttgaagagga taaaaagatt tcattaacag    244680
     actatcaaga atgttctcag ttaaggcatc aaccctagaa caggagatgc cctaatcaca    244740
     tcctggcagt tggttctgct ccatgacaca taagacagtg aagatggaga aaaaggtggt    244800
     cgtctgatcc catactgctt ctgtggggac cacagcagag caccagggcc caggggatta    244860
     tctaaacaaa gcatgagcca tccacatcac agtttggaaa cctaagacaa ggagcttgca    244920
     tacaagcggg tggtagcaca aataggaatc caggcgggca gtaaccagct atttctttgt    244980
     tcagagaggg tctgaccaag agtgatcaga aatacctcgg gatagaaagg catggagttt    245040
     gagtcattca gaggaacaca accaaaaagg ccaaagcaga cactcagtca tctgagaaat    245100
     aggtgaaagg gattcaggaa agacagacct tacctgagca cagagggaat ccagtaacca    245160
     ttgcccctgg catgtcagct ccatgcttca aaactccttg gatacaagtc tcgagtagtt    245220
     atcaattcta agcatcatcc acagaagaat cgagacttta gacgcaacct gtaagagagg    245280
     gtggggaata aagatgtctg agaacacatg aacatgaaca gatgaaagag accaatgaag    245340
     atggagatga gacaccaaga aggtctcctt gaagcccagg accactctct ggagagatga    245400
     acactcacac aaaatctgct gcatctgttt ccagtgtctg tcactgtctt ctgctggaga    245460
     gcctcacagg taaaacacta cccctccttc cccctcagtt tattgttctt agaagggaac    245520
     agctctattg catggatgga taggacttgt ctttctgctg tcttaattca actatccaag    245580
     attggtacag ctgaaaccag actgtggttt tcaaagagca gacaaattga gatcagactg    245640
     aattctaaac tcctctatgt tctggttcca ttacactctt gaaacccaag tcaattttgt    245700
     gaagaagaaa aaaaaagttc ataaaactgg gcttggatcc tcacaaaatt gacctagtta    245760
     taatctgcag ttgaagtata ttcagtgtta actcagggtg cacttcaaac agcagaagtg    245820
     aaactcagtg tgtgcatgtg gataagaggt ggagggaaac attattatgt gatggactta    245880
     ttaacccatg aaaaagttat taagtgacta atgtatcagc ccaaaccctg gacaaagagt    245940
     ggacataacc agctgaaaaa tatttccaga tccacgaccc tagaaactcc tcaaagatca    246000
     taattctaaa ataacttttc tgattaagtt caaactttcc aagaacattc actctttatc    246060
     tgaaactaaa tcatgagaaa ttccaaacta aaagtcactg taaaccactt acatgagaac    246120
     tgtattttca cattggaact ataggataaa ctctgtcagt gtgatcatga atcaaaaagg    246180
     ctgatcccag cacacacacc caagaaaaag aagagataag aaagaagagc ggggagaagg    246240
     aaaacaagag agggagaaaa gagaggggag ggagagagga gggagggagg aaagaagaaa    246300
     ggaaagaatt tattaaaccc atacagtcaa caagctagtg ttgtcaaagg aacaagataa    246360
     ttaatattta tcttattcta tgtgtttctg agaaacattt ttacagatct attacctacc    246420
     atctgaacca atcgcaggaa tctccattcc ctgggttatt cttgaccttt taccatgatt    246480
     ttctctttca ggcagcgacc atcagtagga caaccattga cattctgggt caaaactgaa    246540
     ttaaccatgg aataattttg ataaaggaaa catttgggaa agaagtggag aagggcaggg    246600
     agagccccag atgaggagca gaaggaagga agagtgaatg gtaacattta gattcatgga    246660
     cagtctaagg tgtttagaaa gactattggg aatcttggag ctcaagtgga ccaactatgt    246720
     ttaataggct tactttagaa ttcctgcctt ggtcaccaac agctaggagc agtcctgaga    246780
     aaacaagact tcaggtgcca tggattgaat gcttgtacct tcccaaatcc tcctcaaatt    246840
     tccgtgctga aaactagtcc ctaatatgat agtattagaa ggctgatagc ctatagaagg    246900
     ccatccgttc acagggagga actgtcaaga atgaaactgg tgcctttact aaggaggccc    246960
     cagagagctt ccctgcactt tctaccatgg gagagcacag tggacaatgc cttgatcttg    247020
     aattgatcag ctttagaatt gccaaagcac tgtttcttat ttataagaca cctgtctgta    247080
     ctatcctctt gcagcaacct ggacagggac aatagacact tcagtataga agcttagtcc    247140
     cttgcttaat tataatcctt tcagtagagg gtctatgtgg ctcatacccc ttcctggata    247200
     tgagtgcaat tctccacatg gacttgggta gctactctcc cacaattcct atgggctttt    247260
     ctttctgaga agaaacactg agaaggagca agtagcatga acagctcctg tcactaccat    247320
     tgacctcaag actacaacta ggcctggctg agagttgaga gtactggctg ctctcccagg    247380
     ggacccaggt tcaattccta gcacccacat ggcaccttac aaccctctct aactccatcc    247440
     tcagagtatc tggagccctc ttctggcctt ctcaggcacc aggcatgcat gtggtgtaca    247500
     gatatgcatt taggcaaatc acccccacac agtaagtatg aaacaaataa acaaacaaac    247560
     ttgaaagact acaattgttc ctctgttcaa cttctggtag ccattctgaa ttccctgacc    247620
     tcaacttcaa gcatcacatt ggcaatcttg atggtatgaa gcgcactctc attcttgaga    247680
     agtgggactg aggcaccagt agccatacac ttcacaattc tgagatgtat atatgtttgc    247740
     tcttagaaaa atgaagcaag aatacaagac acactcccag tatactaccc ttgctacagc    247800
     tatttctctc tgtcctcatt gtacagcctt atgtcctcct ccttggtcag agctaagtct    247860
     ttccatatgt atcatgactt tacttcctgc tttatggtcc ttgtttattt gacatcctac    247920
     tgggctctgg atactactgt tgatgcaatg ctctgaaaac agaatcagta tgcttagatt    247980
     attaactttc tctttgaaga tgaaggatcc acttactctt ttagattgaa aagacttcag    248040
     tgtagccagc ttgctagttg gtctcctagc attgagtcac atgaaagact gtattcctgt    248100
     cagtctggca ttcataatgg attgatatta ttaatagata atatgtgagt tcatgttcct    248160
     agaaccaaca tgctatctct ctaaaatttt tattttatgt atgcatgcat ctctctgtct    248220
     ctgtctctct ctgtttctgt ctctctgtct ttctgtctct ctctgtgtgt ttctgtctct    248280
     gtttctatct gcttctgtct ctgtctgtct gtctctgtct ctgtctctct gtctctctgt    248340
     ctgtctctgt ctgtctctct ctctccctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct    248400
     ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg tgtatccgtc    248460
     cctatatcct ggctgtgcca gatagttttg gttggacact ctactaggct ttcagaatct    248520
     attaggcttt tgaaaaacca gaaaggtgaa ttaaacagag agataaaagg agttgctccc    248580
     ttgcatcttg taggtcttta ataatggcat taacctccac tgtctattca ccacaagata    248640
     attttggatt tactacactg aatgaaagag gactcgatag taacaaagat ttaataaagg    248700
     gaagatctca tcttcctttc tttgatagtt tttattccat agatcaggaa acctttatag    248760
     ttgttactat aatttccata tacatatgta agatatatat acacaaacac acacatatta    248820
     cagttgtgca tttggggaca ggaaaaattg tcagttatcc aggatcccat ttactacttg    248880
     gatttatagg ctctctaaca ggaggacagg aggcatcttt atggcatttt aggtctctaa    248940
     gtatttgtat cacctcagac tttgtccatt aataccagat gtgattaatt atttgcctct    249000
     tcctcatcta agtgcccatg aatccctttg agaagagcta aaaaggtggt atagtacatt    249060
     cttcctgtag cagcatcaaa tcgctccttc taattagcca cctgttcaac ttcaagtctg    249120
     aaaatgactc cacaaatgga gcaaagactc atgctcagcc tcctgcccat ctgcttctac    249180
     cattattttt cccataatcc ccaagcttcc aagagtacca tcaccctcat gcatgtaaac    249240
     aaacccagat ctgtgaccat ctctcctacc aggaccctaa ctcgctgaga tatgaatgtt    249300
     cttaaaagta ccttccttat aacttagtga gtgatttgtc ttctggtctt gctttggagc    249360
     atcatctcct gcggaatctt ctagtcttgc ctactatacc catccaacat gcctacttct    249420
     ttggtccctt tatttcttcc tctaccattt ctactttggg aatattggcc attgtattac    249480
     ccaactttct aagtgctgcc caatggtgag tttgcctagt ctgtgagcaa ctttcctagg    249540
     gtatcaaatt ccatcatatg gaagtgcctt tatatcaatg aattcttggt tatccaacct    249600
     cacagtctag ccagcctctt tgatcaagcc cctcaaaatc caatcccacg agtgtttgct    249660
     caattcctgt caacctaatg attgtgattt ttcaccacac aaacctccct tttaattaac    249720
     caggcccaac atgcctcagt catggcaccg agaattaatc caagctacag gcttggaagg    249780
     caggagagga ggtaaggaga gcatcttgaa tgtggtttct cttctgagaa tgagactttt    249840
     tttttctttt cttctgagac aaggtgtcac tatgtaggtc tctctggcct gaaactctct    249900
     atgcagatta ggctggccca caacttcgta tcttgatctg cctgcctctc gagtgctatc    249960
     attaaagatg tacaccacca tgcccatcaa gtatgagatt tctgtcctat cttctagcac    250020
     cttagaattg atatttcttc ctttgcccat tgagccactt ctgtaagccc aggacactct    250080
     gaaaggtgaa ataatctgcc tcttcaggta ttatctctag tgccatgcca atcaaacaat    250140
     ctctatagct ctatggttct gaccagatct ttaatctgcc cctcatcttt tatatcctgt    250200
     gacagaagac atctacctct tgagaattac catagaagcc ctcaagcact cacatatgag    250260
     taaggtgtcc atgatgtctg gcttttatca actcgacaca agttagagtt tgagaggagg    250320
     aagcatcagt tgggaaaatg cctccataag atttatcttc ttgtagacat tttctttttt    250380
     cttttttgtt ttttcaagac agtgtttctc tgtatagtcc tggctttcct ggaactcact    250440
     ctgtagacca ggctggcctc aaacacagaa atctgcctgc ctctgcctcc taagtgctgg    250500
     gattaaaggc atgggccacc actgcctggc gtagatattt tcttgattag taattgatgg    250560
     tgccaccctg ggctggtcct gaattc                                         250586