EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR759821; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 169089 BP.
AC   CR759821;
DT   05-SEP-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-190C14 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate praja
DE   family protein, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate fer
DE   (fps/fes related) tyrosine kinase (phosphoprotein NCP94) (FER), a novel
DE   gene, the atp6v1g1 gene for ATPase, H+ transporting, V1 subunit G isoform
DE   1, the Slc31a1 gene for solute carrier family 31 (copper transporters),
DE   member 1, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate cell division
DE   cycle 26 (CDC26) (zgc:100965), two novel genes, the 3' end of a novel gene
DE   and five CpG islands.
KW   atp6v1g1; HTG; Slc31a1.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169089
RA   Johnson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 2af4f80060ead51203ddeaf1c5af4776.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991887.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000022315; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000077815; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000036331; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000112793; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-190C14. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-190C14 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-79C1 is at 113050 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-190C14 is at 169089 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-190C14 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169089
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-190C14"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..169089
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(CR759946.5:43135..43202,CR759946.5:48788..48979,
FT                   CR759946.5:50919..51864,CR759946.5:53453..53623,
FT                   CR759946.5:57771..57956,CR759946.5:58960..59074,
FT                   CR759946.5:60284..60398,4823..4938,7461..7949)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79C1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate praja family
FT                   protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW077804.1 Em:AW154496.1
FT                   Em:BM315618.1 Em:BM860431.1 Em:BM861702.1 Em:BM957124.1
FT                   Em:CK024411.1 Em:CO914219.1 Em:DT060958.1 Em:DT066304.1
FT                   Em:DV595123.1"
FT   CDS             join(CR759946.5:48790..48979,CR759946.5:50919..51864,
FT                   CR759946.5:53453..53623,CR759946.5:57771..57956,
FT                   CR759946.5:58960..59074,CR759946.5:60284..60398,4823..4938,
FT                   7461..7583)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-79C1.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018967"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate praja family
FT                   protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O55176 Sw:Q8NG27 Tr:O43164
FT                   Tr:Q63364 Tr:Q810E3 Tr:Q91W46"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CES5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CES5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM15223.1"
FT                   SSEQETSPSTHSASGGAC"
FT   polyA_signal    7922..7927
FT   polyA_site      7949
FT   CDS             complement(join(17826..18001,19548..19670,21835..21989,
FT                   30457..30580,30728..30822,30935..31050,34692..34748,
FT                   37534..37656,40093..40296,40396..40497,44738..44942,
FT                   50709..50831,51000..51119,52641..52778,55108..55291,
FT                   58057..58156,61038..61211,61417..61626))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018964"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate fer (fps/fes
FT                   related) tyrosine kinase (phosphoprotein NCP94) (FER)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P16591 Tr:Q8C481 Tr:Q9TTY2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CES6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001060"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008266"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016250"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020635"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028539"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CES6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM15224.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(17826..18001,19548..19670,21835..21989,
FT                   30457..30580,30728..30822,30935..31050,34692..34748,
FT                   37534..37656,40093..40296,40396..40497,44738..44942,
FT                   50709..50831,51000..51119,52641..52778,55108..55291,
FT                   58057..58156,61038..61211,61417..61713,77417..77470))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate fer (fps/fes
FT                   related) tyrosine kinase (phosphoprotein NCP94) (FER)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM183534.1 Em:CK139635.1"
FT   mRNA            join(81012..81070,81383..81438,81705..81715,81951..82611)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.2-003"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO913925.1"
FT   mRNA            join(81012..81070,81383..81438,81951..82686)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.2-004"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA472835.1"
FT   mRNA            join(81380..81757,81797..82010,82114..82182,82815..82929,
FT                   83194..83305,84388..84628)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC075974.1"
FT   mRNA            join(81382..81438,81951..82010,82117..82732)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.2-005"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM141319.1"
FT   mRNA            join(81382..81438,81951..82010,82815..82929,83194..83305,
FT                   84388..84622)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN513106.1 Em:CO352965.1
FT                   Em:CO359523.1"
FT   polyA_signal    84604..84609
FT   polyA_site      84628
FT   mRNA            join(90741..90932,91881..91981,95768..96502)
FT                   /gene="atp6v1g1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.3-001"
FT                   /product="ATPase, H+ transporting, V1 subunit G isoform 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG305596.1 Em:BG308517.1
FT                   Em:BI430249.1 Em:BI671226.1 Em:CK693256.1 Em:CN024082.1
FT                   Em:CN500271.1 Em:CN512462.1 Em:CN512816.1 Em:CO919485.1
FT                   Em:CV484485.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059611.1"
FT   CDS             join(90851..90932,91881..91981,95768..95941)
FT                   /gene="atp6v1g1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018968"
FT                   /product="ATPase, H+ transporting, V1 subunit G isoform 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9TSV6 Tr:Q3U7E0 Tr:Q6IB33
FT                   Tr:Q6PBR5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6PBR5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005124"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6PBR5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6965"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM15225.1"
FT                   DIKPEIHANYRVAG"
FT   polyA_signal    96477..96482
FT   polyA_site      96502
FT   mRNA            join(99485..99649,111557..111696,116333..116405,
FT                   119565..119733,122103..125885)
FT                   /gene="Slc31a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.4-002"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 31 (copper transporters),
FT                   member 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM182624.1 Em:CF103212.1
FT                   Em:CF996108.1 Em:CK694528.1 Em:CN330244.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC050484.1"
FT   mRNA            join(108665..108829,111557..111696,116333..116405,
FT                   119565..119733,122103..125885)
FT                   /gene="Slc31a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.4-001"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 31 (copper transporters),
FT                   member 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW018918.1 Em:BF717529.1
FT                   Em:CA471819.1 Em:CA787603.1 Em:CF998460.1 Em:CK354196.1
FT                   Em:CK694062.1 Em:CN169182.1 Em:CN174105.1 Em:CN317573.1
FT                   Em:CN328848.1 Em:CN331650.1 Em:DT318222.1 Em:DT318223.1
FT                   Em:DT878426.1 Em:DV596702.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC067161.1"
FT   misc_feature    111050
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-79C1"
FT   CDS             join(111574..111696,116333..116405,119565..119733,
FT                   122103..122304)
FT                   /gene="Slc31a1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018970"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 31 (copper transporters),
FT                   member 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8QH07"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CES8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007274"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CES8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040415-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM15226.1"
FT   misc_feature    119715
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   polyA_signal    125867..125872
FT   polyA_site      125885
FT   polyA_site      complement(130462)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(130462..130851,131801..131906,
FT                   132396..132441))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-190C14.5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell division
FT                   cycle 26 (CDC26) (zgc:100965)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI957753.1 Em:BM265825.1
FT                   Em:CK685080.1 Em:DV597226.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC080217.1 Em:DQ352177.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(130480..130485)
FT   CDS             complement(join(130666..130851,131801..131881))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-190C14.5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018969"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cell division
FT                   cycle 26 (CDC26) (zgc:100965)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q68EK9 Tr:Q6YDN7 Tr:Q8NHZ8
FT                   Tr:Q99JP4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q68EK9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018860"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q68EK9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040822-18"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM15227.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(134075..134284,140670..140795,
FT                   141029..141141,141647..141678,142163..142566))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.9-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK687775.1 Em:DT864932.1
FT                   Em:EH586819.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(134121..134284,140670..140795,
FT                   141029..141141,142163..142625))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH442696.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(145849)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(145849..146401,148266..148495,
FT                   148583..148635,148755..148803,148887..148929,
FT                   149555..149659,152733..153113))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD604892.1 Em:CD606170.1
FT                   Em:CK694444.1 Em:DN770225.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(145863..145868)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(146085..146401,148266..148495,
FT                   148583..148635,148755..148803,148887..148929,
FT                   149555..149659,151894..151986))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.6-003"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH451543.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(146085..146401,148266..148495,
FT                   148583..148635,148755..148803,149555..149659,
FT                   152733..152822))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.6-004"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH451543.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(149172..149659,152733..153016))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.6-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN324283.1"
FT   misc_feature    152237
FT                   /note="Base difference cannot be guaranteed to be in the
FT                   correct copy of the repeat"
FT   misc_feature    152781..152782
FT                   /note="Base differences cannot be guaranteed to be in the
FT                   correct copy of the repeat"
FT   polyA_site      complement(156392)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(156392..156944,158809..159038,
FT                   159126..159178,159298..159346,159430..159472,
FT                   160098..160202,163274..163655))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DV585346.1 Em:EH495719.1
FT                   Em:EH498095.1 Em:EH592778.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(156406..156411)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(156626..156944,158809..159038,
FT                   159126..159178,159298..159346,159430..159472,
FT                   160098..160202,162435..162527))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.8-003"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH494794.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(156628..156944,158809..159038,
FT                   159126..159178,159298..159346,160098..160202,
FT                   163274..163364))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.8-004"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH451543.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(159567..160202,163274..163655))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-190C14.8-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN324283.1 Em:EB938835.1
FT                   Em:EH489227.1"
FT   misc_feature    162779
FT                   /note="Base difference cannot be guaranteed to be in the
FT                   correct copy of the repeat"
FT   misc_feature    163324..163327
FT                   /note="Base differences cannot be guaranteed to be in the
FT                   correct copy of the repeat"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(166938..167494,CR925761.25:45254..45483,
FT                   CR925761.25:45571..45623,CR925761.25:45743..45791,
FT                   CR925761.25:45875..45917,CR925761.25:46543..46647,
FT                   CR925761.25:49691..50072))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-69I3.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK694444.1 Em:EH439250.1
FT                   Em:EH495643.1 Em:EH498095.1 Em:EH505265.1"
FT   misc_feature    167089
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-190C14"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(167109..167494,CR925761.25:45254..45483,
FT                   CR925761.25:45571..45623,CR925761.25:45743..45791,
FT                   CR925761.25:45875..45917,CR925761.25:46543..46647,
FT                   CR925761.25:48852..48944))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-69I3.3-003"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EE711521.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(167174..167494,CR925761.25:45254..45483,
FT                   CR925761.25:45571..45623,CR925761.25:45743..45791,
FT                   CR925761.25:46543..46647,CR925761.25:49691..49781))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-69I3.3-004"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH451543.1"
SQ   Sequence 169089 BP; 54750 A; 30110 C; 29249 G; 54980 T; 0 other;
     aagctttctg caaaattgtc tattttaact ccttaggtca cgttttaact gaactgcatt        60
     ttggctgttc atttttttat gttcattcct gtttgttctt tgattttgat tattgttgag       120
     cccagtatgt tgagcctgga ttttttcccc ctaaaatttc attgcagaat taactcactg       180
     taaaataatg aaaatgttga tgaaatgtat ttaccaccat ctattataag aaacttttgt       240
     gtaactattt tggttgggtc tgatgcaaca tggaaacaac taagaaagaa aggatgcatg       300
     ttaaagtgct gtgtcttgtt caggtttctt gatgaatttg gtgatggttt cgggatggct       360
     caagcaatct cttatgtgga tcattcccag ctcctcactt acatggcatt agaagagcgt       420
     ctcgcacagg ctatggaggt gagtgactgt cactctgcct attatataaa cctggactgc       480
     aaaatttgag gaggcttacc agataaaaac caagaataat gctattaaaa ttacttattt       540
     atttttttct tttatttgtt tttgtttgtt tatttattta ttaaaaacta caaattttct       600
     ctgtaaaatt aaagggttaa tttgttttaa ctttatttat agaagttttt ataaaaacat       660
     aacacccaat agtgtacatc atgtatatag gttaacaaaa tgatctctgt gttattacct       720
     aatacttact agaacatgca ctacaaaaca ctagcaaaca atacagcaat tatacagcac       780
     catcaacaac aaaaaaaaat ctcagccaga ctaatcattc cagcttgagg gcagaaacca       840
     tttcacctaa ccatttaaaa aaaattggag gtgtcatgga tttccactcc atcagaatca       900
     ctctcttggc cagcaccatg ccaaacataa gcaagagttg ttgatgttta agccaagttg       960
     gagctttgtc tgacgatgac aaacagtgct aatcccacat caattttaat gtccatttca      1020
     aaagcctgag aaaaatttcc aaagatgctt ttccaaaatt cagatacttc tggagaggac      1080
     cagaatacaa gaccaaaggt cccgactgaa cctcttacaa aggagagata gaaggataca      1140
     gcttgttaag tttggctttt gtatagtgta atctatgcat cgcttgtaac aaattgtatg      1200
     agctgcagtc ttacattttg tatcttaggt tctattttaa ataattgtga tgtcagtgag      1260
     agtacccttt tttatacatg taaaaacata atattaactg gaattaaaaa acagtcccat      1320
     gacgccttgt ggtctaattt gattattgtt tgtcttttaa tgagaataaa gcctagtaat      1380
     ctttcattat gtatgatgct ttttcattta cttataaata ttgtatccgc atgaacagct      1440
     acgttataca aacaagtgat ccatcttaat ttagcaaaaa ggcaatatta agaaatagga      1500
     ctccattgct acgtgaatgc ctagcaaact tagtttttca gccaatgaga aggcacatta      1560
     gaaatgtaag gcttaatgta taattaactc tcttctatct ttatcctagg gaaatgaaat      1620
     atgctaatgt gctttgttgt ttcacaggca gcgctagctc atctggagtc tttagctata      1680
     gatgtggagc aggctcatcc cccagccacc gaacagatca tcgactgcct accacagatc      1740
     accatgcatg cagaaaacat tggtaatact cacaacacca ctgtcagcaa gtgtcttata      1800
     gtttttaaac aatattatca aagaggctgg gatttattcc aaagaaagtt agattattac      1860
     attataataa agtgcagcaa atgcaacatc aaacaacaca tgaaaaagcc atcatggcct      1920
     gatttagaat atactatttt ggcaggaaga atcagaccaa ctgcaacagc tatgtttcca      1980
     tctctagatg tgaattagac ttgtgtgcaa aactgaaata ttttactcca ataaaaagca      2040
     gtttccctca agtgagtcaa agagaacaaa actgacactt cctaaaaagc tgatgtcaaa      2100
     tatcaaaaag aaaaatgtaa tttgcgacag tgagagaagc aactgtgggt cttttttact      2160
     tgtataatga agaaatttac cttagaatat gaaacgtgtt ggcttttgga ggcacaagac      2220
     cactttctgt gtgcgcagct attcaagaca gttctaggaa gtaataataa ttaccttagc      2280
     tttaatggat atggctaagg cgtttacgat gtggccagtc cgctggtttg tccattaatg      2340
     tcggaccatc acacccattc atgttatgac atggcctttg atgctcatgc tggagtttat      2400
     ttaataattg tttccctgat agtttatgaa tctttcttat tgtataaaaa gtgtatccta      2460
     gtctgttgtt tgcatacatt tagcatgtgc attttcaaaa tggatgtaca tcttggcatt      2520
     ttcattattc atttttatga gatattagaa aatacacatt atagatacac cttttacagg      2580
     tgggtgtaaa caaagcattt acatgcacat tcctcagcca attatgccta ataatttaat      2640
     atatgtaatg tcatgtgaac atgttgtccg ttaaagctca aaaatggctg gacaaaatct      2700
     gatcagaact ggggcctcaa tttattcatg ctgtaaaaaa aacacacaca cacattgctt      2760
     attggctcta aatctgtaac ttttgcccag catagtctga aaataattca tgtcaaattt      2820
     ggtagtaaga tagggcaacc gtcttaaaaa aataacatct aaaagcaggc cggaagctaa      2880
     ttatgccata attaatatca gtatttgctg cattatccaa ggaatccata atatttttac      2940
     aactggttct gagccaaaat atagatttgc tcaggttacg cttattatat tactccaagc      3000
     ttagtttgaa tatgctaaaa cctaatgccc actaagtcta gatcttcatc agattttttc      3060
     acacattact acggagcagt ttgactaaac aacttttttg taaacctcat ctaaaggtat      3120
     tcaggttcaa tcttaaaaat ttaaacttcc aaaagccata aaagtttaca taagggaaaa      3180
     tgaaatcatg tgcagtaatt ttgtcttgtg ccagggggaa aaacggttat acttgaatgg      3240
     tttttgtaaa cacataactt gtgaacactt ggtccgttgt tcctacctct tataaattgt      3300
     ctatgttaat ttgacagatc cttaatcttt caatcatgat aacagatctc tgcttagttt      3360
     ggttcttcaa acaagtttgt gatttagatt aaaatgtcct gatgaattga tctaagatag      3420
     ctatgactgt tcgttttaaa ggacaattct agcaattatc aaaatcatga tcatcaatgc      3480
     aacgattggc ttacagcaca gcagcgtaat gccattatct aattaatatt cagttatcag      3540
     ccatgctaaa tagcaaaatg tgtagtaaac aaaactgtta aatgatatat cagattttca      3600
     cgcaaaatgg aagtgtgaaa aacatttcac atccataact tctatcattc attgtataat      3660
     cattccttca taacaaaaac aaaaaatctc tcaatgaaaa tgttggccat gtctgttata      3720
     ttaccaataa taatatatca gaattaaata tgtactttat caaaaatgca tccaatcagc      3780
     tcaaaaatct gtatatttag tgttcatcta aacaataaag ctggattcgt ctgtcagata      3840
     gatttcattc caactgaatc aaaagatgtt catgaaaact ttaattattt tatttgtaaa      3900
     attctgaaac agtgtgacta cttcatcttt tatttctttt acctggtgca ctttgttttc      3960
     atgcatcttc atcaacagca cattgaagta ttcaatgaat acccaaaata gtgatgaagt      4020
     gttttgctgt catccacatt ttggtgttat gagcattgtc attcatagaa actagagttc      4080
     aaggacatga gctgcactta tttctgacat gactcgcagc attacatcat aagtgttgaa      4140
     aacagacaag aaaggtttgt aatgtatata tgcaattgca cacttcacaa tgtagcacat      4200
     tgggctgtag cagactgacc gtatgtgctt ctctgtatcc atcagcagta ttatagtcaa      4260
     gagggacatt acagcctctc tagctgtgtt atgaacaagg tttgcggtta catgattgca      4320
     ctgtatatat aatttgtctt cttgtttctc actgctggcc atgtgaagtg ttttgcagat      4380
     ggaaaattgt atgaatgcct tcgtgttgaa tgtgtgaaac agtcacagac gtgagactag      4440
     aatatctcta attcacttta ataataatac tactattaat acataattat tgcctaataa      4500
     tgctcttctt acattattat aatattttta ttcctttatt taaataccag atatgaaatg      4560
     tttttcacaa aactcaacac ttatgatgaa tgctaggaca ttcacactgc cacactaatg      4620
     tcccacttta gctttatgac cctgaatgca tttagggtga taaatctgct ttgggaagca      4680
     tcaaataacc gtagtttcaa ccccctaatg accaaaatga tgaattggat gtgtctgtgt      4740
     ctggaaggag atgtgtttaa atatttgcac tcgtgtggtt taggatggag cattgacaca      4800
     cacattgttt ttggttgtgc agagcaggag cagtgctgtg ccatctgctg ttgtgaatac      4860
     gtcaaagatg agattgccac cctgctgcca tgccgccaca tgtttcataa actctgtgtc      4920
     actctctggc tcagaaaggt atttttcttg tttttatttt ttatttattt tttcttggag      4980
     cttgtgaaag agaaaagaaa tataactcat aacaaacctc agctctggtc cacgaggtct      5040
     tcattcctgc actgcaaaaa gtatttttct agtttaaata tctaaaaact ctcaaatcaa      5100
     gaagcgtttt caacatattt tcttttttta ataaaaatta tgctgaaatt aagttttttt      5160
     tttctttaaa acgagcaaaa taatctgcca atggggttaa gcaaaaatat atatagtttt      5220
     tctttttgac agttatttag ttttctctac tggcagaata ttttacttgt tttaaggaaa      5280
     aactcactta attttgatgt agtatttctt aaaacaaacc tataaattta gctaaaaaat      5340
     gcttcttgaa taatgatttt ttcagatatt tgaactagaa acacgacaaa aaaaatttag      5400
     taaaaaaagc atttcgtgaa gtgtactgag tttagttctt atcctgatct cctctgcctg      5460
     taactttcta gtagtcctaa agactcgatt agctggttga gatttgatta aggttggaga      5520
     gaaactctaa agaaaagtaa atctcgaggc tcagagatga aatttctttc attgtttatt      5580
     tttatacttg gaataatgat acaattccag tcttggttag ttttttattt gaaaattttt      5640
     gggtacaaca atcccttaaa aatgtagttt aatttaatta aaaccaaaag ttagttgatt      5700
     tggctcaagc atgagtaact cattatttag aaatcaaaat ttgtgtctgc taataagttt      5760
     ttgtactgag ttaatatcag ggttacctca aaagtacttg aatttcagac atatggattc      5820
     aaggcctgga caaacatata ctacctgaca gaagtcttgt cgttgatccc agttttaaga      5880
     gcaacaaata ataacttaga tggtagattt ggcagaaggt agatttttct gatgaaccat      5940
     ctgttgaatt acatcccaat catcacaaac actgcagaag acctattgga acccgcatgg      6000
     acccaagatt ttcacagaaa tcagtcaagt ttggtgaaaa ggaatgcgag agatctccag      6060
     acgagatggc aacatcaaca acctaaggta tcaagacttt tgtgctgccc attacattac      6120
     aaactacaag agagggcaga ttcttcagca ggatagcgct ccttctcgta cttcagcctg      6180
     cacattaaag ttcctgaaag caaagaaagt caaagtgctc cagcattggc cagccaagtc      6240
     accagacatg aacagacatg gagcatgtct agggtaagat ggaggcattc aagatgaatg      6300
     ttgatgaacg ctgggagtcc tgcaagaacg ctttttttgc cattccagct gactatttat      6360
     aagatttttg agtcattgca gagatgtatg gatgcagtcc tccaagctca tgggagtcat      6420
     acacaatatt cattcatttt ccactgcacc atgacttcat attctatact gtgaattatt      6480
     tctgttaagt gacgagactt ttgtctaagc aaaataagac cttgctgtct gaattaaatg      6540
     actaaaaatc aaggcatgat catattttat ttaggtagaa aatgtgtaat ctagaggcct      6600
     ttgcatttta taaaagccac ttctgatgtc aaatgatcaa ttagaagtca agttattata      6660
     tgttgttcct aaaacttgca tagccgacaa gacttgtcag gtagtgtagg tcactgaaag      6720
     tgcttgaatt aaatttgaaa ttaaatttgt ttttggtgta ctttcaacaa ttgtcatgct      6780
     gctgtcaaac acagaagtgc ttaaaactag aaattcttct ttttttgttt atttaaatat      6840
     tattcatgat ctatgacaaa taatgcacta tatatttcaa tattaatagt ttggattcag      6900
     caacaacaat acaactgttt aaaataacca acatttttgg aaaatgacat tcaaaaaatc      6960
     atttctgaca tatttaatgt aaatattaaa tgtacatgaa atatttagta cacttaggac      7020
     tttcatagca caagataatc ctggggtgtg aattataaag gtgcttgatt tgaaattaat      7080
     gttaaaccct gtaatgttat caaccctgta atatcaacca acacatttat ttctttttaa      7140
     attatttaaa taaactttat aaatgatctt tcacccaaaa taaataattc agacatcatt      7200
     tacacatttt attggagata ttgggtgcca gaaagccata acccttgatt cacagtagga      7260
     aaagcaggta ctatgggcgt caatggttac aggtttccaa cattttacaa tttcttcgtt      7320
     aaaagaaaat gaaatgaatc ttgttgcaaa aatgatgaca taagtttgag ttttgggtga      7380
     gctatcactt tgagagggca agcattcata atgtgataac ttggtcatat taactacatg      7440
     ttgtctctgt gatttttcag tctggcacgt gtccagtttg tcgccacgtt ctgaccccgg      7500
     cagtgaccac cgaccctgcg tctttaagct ccgaacaaga aacttcgccg tccactcaca      7560
     gtgcgtccgg gggagcgtgc tgaacgacaa taattccatc aaaaccatcc cgcagagaga      7620
     tatcccagta ataaatcaca cacacaattc ccatctaaaa tctctttttg ctggcaagca      7680
     gcagcctgaa ctagcattca gattcctatt aacctagtgc tgcaattcat ggtcctaacg      7740
     tggcaaacta aaacttattt tctgagaaaa tatgaatgcc tatatatata tatatattcg      7800
     taggaagcat atttattcat gtttcaatta atgtttttgt acatccaggc taaacgataa      7860
     catgtattta cagtaacatc tcgcgtgtca tgtcaagtca aactaccaaa cgcaatccct      7920
     caataaaagc tcccattcag ttcaaagaac acttgcattt ttcctctatt cagtgtgtaa      7980
     atgatgactg ttgtgacttc tgaaggcgtt taactctctt catgcttcat tcagctgcat      8040
     tggaacttct agagctggat gggaatgata ataagcatgc ggtaaatttc accgtagttc      8100
     ataaacgcat ttgtataaat catccaaatg atgtccgctg aatgggtagt tttcacaata      8160
     gcaccttcgg gagcattatc gtttgcaaaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      8220
     gtgtgtgtgt gagtgtgagg ctgacagtct gaactgggga gcgtaatggt ggcgggggac      8280
     tataaatatg agatggcttt gaatacgcgc caattgcctt tgcaataaac ggcacaatgt      8340
     catgttattt agaggcggca tctgtggaga aaagcatcag cagcatggaa taataaagaa      8400
     aagcgcaggt gggaggctgc tgggtgactg taaccccatc tttaaaaatg agcttattat      8460
     tgaagactct taaggatttg tttactgtaa tcgtgcaaac cagatttatt acagtatgtg      8520
     tatttaagat gccgtcaacg tgaccatagt ctagcaaatt tattttttaa aaaaaagctc      8580
     ccgcagattt gattggctgc atgatcagtt agagcagctg taggcacatt tcactaatgg      8640
     catgtcgatg gttctatatg ctaataatta gatgggttta tgggcacagg aaatcatctg      8700
     attctgaatt tctgttgata cgctgcacag cacattcatt tgttcgaaat ctgttgtatt      8760
     cttaattccc caaccaaccc ccacccccat tctccaaaat atttatatat tgtgtcaaaa      8820
     aaaacaataa tggtaatcat ttgcagcagt ttttctaact ttcttactgt tttgattgtg      8880
     aaaatataca cattttcata attatttttc tttacttttt caaaaccatt gatcaatgta      8940
     atttatttta tacaatatta tcagagaaat gtaagcttac tgtatcatat ttgactcata      9000
     aacttgaata ctttttgtta aaaaaatctt ttcaacggta gctttagaaa agtcattgtt      9060
     aaaaatatta actatgatgg atatgttcaa tcaatatgaa ggtttttttt ttggtcccac      9120
     tttatattaa gtgtccttaa ctactatgta cttacatcaa aaaaaaataa atacaatgta      9180
     ctcactgtgt ttataatgta tttgagaaca cttgtggtgc ttttgagttg ggatagatgt      9240
     tgggttatgg acaggtttgg tggtatgggt aggtttaagg gtgggttaag gtgtaaggga      9300
     tggtcaacgg tgtatttaca aatgtaatta cagaaattaa ttacagatgt aattacttac      9360
     atgtatttaa tcaagcataa gtacacagta aatacatgta tttacacaat aacattttac      9420
     attggtacat tggaacaaac tattaattcc tgtgtaacta catactagtt aaggccactt      9480
     aatataaagt gggacctttt ttaactccta atgcattgca ctgcatacag cccaacagaa      9540
     ttaaaatgac atcatgaaat gaaacattta aatgctatta ttttaaagac aaactagtgg      9600
     gagatactgt aggaaatgat gctatgatca gtgtctgcgc ttatgatgaa aggtgcatat      9660
     atggagtata tagaatttta gcaattgatc caacattaat ccaacaataa tttgtgtgta      9720
     cacacccaca ccatataagg tctttcctgt atgatcacgt ctctgtttat taatttgcat      9780
     aaatatgccc tcaccatata agggctttcc tctattatca cgtccaggtt cgttaacttg      9840
     cataaacacg ccctcaccat ataagggctt tcctttgtga tcaggtccct tttattaatt      9900
     tgcatagaca cgccctcacc acataagggc ttttatgtat gatcacatcc atgtttatta      9960
     tttgcatact catgccctca ccatataagc actttcctgt tttgtcacat ccagctttat     10020
     ttgcatatac acgccctcac catataaggg ctttccttta ttatcaagtc taggtttatt     10080
     aatttgcata ttcatgcctt cacaatataa gggctttagt gtatgatcat atccaggttt     10140
     aatttgcata tatacaccct taccatataa gggcttttct gtatgatcac atccatgttt     10200
     attatttgca tattcatgcc ctcaccatat aaggactgtc ctgtattgtc acatccagct     10260
     ttatttgcat atacacgccc tcaccatata agggctttcc tttattatca agtctaggtt     10320
     tattaatttg catattcatg catttacaat ataagggctt tagtgtatga tcatattcag     10380
     gtttaatttg catatataca cccttaccat ataagggctt ttctgtatga tcacatccag     10440
     gtttattatt gtgcatattc acaccctcac catataagga ctttactgta ttgtcacatc     10500
     caggtttgat ttgcatatac acgccctcac catataaggg ctttccagta tgatcacatc     10560
     cttgtttatt aaattgcata gacactctca ccatataaag gctttttttc tgtatcgtca     10620
     catccaagtt tatagatgtg catatacaca ccctcaccat ataaggactt tcctgtattg     10680
     tcacatccag gtttattgat ttgcgtagac acgccctcac catgtaaaga ctttcctcta     10740
     ttatcaagtc caggtttatt aatttgcata ttcatgccct catcatataa gggctttagt     10800
     gtatgatcac attcaggttt aatttgcata tacacaccct caccatataa gggggttttc     10860
     tgtattataa cgtccaggtt tattgatttg catatacaca ccctcaccat ataaaggatt     10920
     ttctgtatta tcacatccta tattgcatcc tcactctcac catttccata taaagacgtt     10980
     ctgcaaaatc ttttctttca gccttgtata gagctcaatg atacaatatt tcaattttga     11040
     aaatcaaaat gaaagtatat tgtatattaa gtgcatttat gttcagacat atgccagcag     11100
     ctcatgtaac atttcagtca acctgaaggt ctttgcatcc ttttgacaga acatcttcac     11160
     tgcactgatt attattactt ttgtactgag ctcatgttta ataactgacg tcaagcagca     11220
     agttcaaaga ctgaaaaatc tttattgcaa gtgtacaata taaacaatga gcagacattg     11280
     ttatagttga atgtccatca gagaggtgtt acgagcaaac agagacagat gaaagaaaag     11340
     ctacacgaaa aaaaagaaaa ggaatcacgc tttctaaatg tcaaccattt atcttgtcat     11400
     attttctttt aagctggcag ggactgaaaa caaaacaaaa acactagttt gaaaaatgaa     11460
     acgtccagtg ttgcttttct acgtttgttt gcggatcaat tcaagacgct tttgagttga     11520
     tcgtcacttg atccaaccat aatttgcagt tttatattag ggggatcatt ttagagcatt     11580
     aaaaaaggcc aaaagtgcat taaacatcaa ataaaagctt ccatcacaga ataaatagtc     11640
     cagcacaaag cagaagagtc caggaaagga cagagaacac aaacttattg ttaaaggaac     11700
     actccacttt tttcccccta taatgtcaaa agttgagttt taccattttt gaatccattc     11760
     tgctgatctt gaaatccggc tggagcactt ttagcttagc ttagcataaa tagttaaatc     11820
     agattagacc attagcattc atacattcat tcaaaataaa aaataaagtc aaaatagttt     11880
     gataattttt ctatttaaac tcgactctgt cgtcgttaca tcatgtacta agaatgatga     11940
     aaaagttgct attttcacag gtaatatgtc taagaaccac actcattcca gcgtaccaat     12000
     caaggcgctg tgtaatatca ttgctcctgc aaacggcagc aaagttcctt gattattaag     12060
     ccagaatgag tcaaacttta aatggggaac atttttacat cttttttttt taaggataac     12120
     gttctaatcc gattctatta tgtatgctaa gctaagctaa cagtgctcca accaaacctg     12180
     gagattggct gaatggatta aaaaataata aaacgtaact gtttaaccta ataaaagtgt     12240
     agtgttcctt taagatgtta actttgagct caagatgtga atgatttaca agcgatacaa     12300
     atttctgatg gagattaaca tgaacataaa ataaaagctt ccatcaccga ataaatagtc     12360
     cagcacaaag cagaagagtt tgagaaagga ccgagaacac aaacttttgc ttattcttaa     12420
     agaaacactc cactttaaga aaaaataggc ttattttagg tctcctataa tgttaacagt     12480
     tgagttttac cattttttaa tccattctgc tgatctccag gtctggcagg agcacgttta     12540
     gtgtagcata aatagttgta tcgggttaga acattagcat tcatttattc caaaaaaaat     12600
     tataataatc aaaatagttt cataatattt ctattaaaac tcaactcttt cgttgttaca     12660
     tcatgtatta agaatgacaa aaaaaaataa gttgctattt tctaggttga tagggttagg     12720
     tactatattc tcattccagc gtaataatca agtcgcggtg taatatcatt gcgcctgcaa     12780
     acgacagcaa tgttccttgc caaatgagtc aaacttaaaa taggaaacat tttcacatct     12840
     ttctcttttt tttttctttt ttaattaggc taacggtcta atccgattca attatgtatg     12900
     ctaagctaag ctaaaagtgc tccaaccaga cccgaagatc aactgaatgg attcaaaaac     12960
     aacaaaactc aagtgtttaa ctcaaaatat gaaagtgtag tttatcttta agataattag     13020
     ctcaagatgt gaatgattta caagcgatac aaatttctga tggagattaa catgaacaca     13080
     ctgtgcaagt cagacatggg aaagggaaat ctttaggttt ctgaataaca caatttcttt     13140
     ttttaatata ttgctaaaca atactggcat tcgatttaat accttgacag taggaattat     13200
     agtgaacggt acacaaaaaa aggcaaagat taaaaatgct aaataatatt acagtatttc     13260
     aaataaataa aaagaatcaa acaacacact atggataatt gctttgatgc ttaaaaaaac     13320
     acgctaaaaa agggggggaa aaaagcttgt tgaccagcag tttaaacaaa acgataataa     13380
     aacacgaaca taatttgatc tggagctacc ggtgaatcat gcaaggctgc gaattgaaac     13440
     tgtattatac agtagctctg tgtgtagttc tgcatgattg gcacatgctt ctaacaaaca     13500
     tactttgatt tctgggctgc gttggtgatg gtaacagttt gaagtgtgaa ttatttttat     13560
     tgcttgtgct acgagagcct ctttacatat tacaaatgtg caaatactag agctgtactg     13620
     atttgggctc ttcaagctga aagttgaagc tggcagagat ccactacctt ttaatatcat     13680
     tagtttcgca gtgaaaaaaa acaacctgaa atgcctacca aaattacatc actgaatcta     13740
     caaaaaagta tttacaaaat acaaaaagga atgctttcat agaataaacc ttgaaaccac     13800
     tattccattt ttttatttgg gtaaatggaa tgacatattt atgtgactct ggaaacacaa     13860
     cgttgctggt gagagcgaag acttgtccat ttcagctctt agaacttgtg agcaaaggga     13920
     aaatggcacc tgacaaaaat ggcagaaaac aacctggaaa aagtcttaat acaaaaacac     13980
     accaccgacc aaccgaacat ataatacttg tgtgaaattc taatctatta gaactcaagt     14040
     gttgtttgag tgagaaacct gatctttaca aataaaaaca aacacgattc atacttttgg     14100
     ttgctctttc tgaggtctgt aaatgttcaa gggaaagttc agccaaaaat gaaaacgctg     14160
     tgatcatctg ctctttttct tcaatctttc atctatttga tacagtggaa gtaaagagaa     14220
     attgggactc tcaaatttta aatgtgaata gtcgattgaa cagtttgacg gccaaaaatt     14280
     tacgtagtta tttgctgaaa atatttcttc agaggtgaaa taaaaaaaaa aatcacatac     14340
     ttgtgtgaat cttaaaggga tagttcacgc agaagctgct attaattcac tctcaggaca     14400
     tccgaaatgt agatgacttt tttagtagat ataaaatata acagtaaaat attttgaagg     14460
     ctgaaatatt ttgaaggctg aaactggtgc tttggtgatt gatacaacgc aagtcaatgg     14520
     atggaaacag agagaaaaac aaaaagaaaa cttcatacaa atagattatg ttttagatta     14580
     tgttctagtg cttatcctgt cttctaaagc ttatataaag caaaataaag actttgtctg     14640
     tttaaagtgt cagcagtgga agaacactag aatattctgg atttatgatt tatagctgtg     14700
     ttctagcaga atgtcatttg gttcattctg tcaacatttt agctaattta atgactttaa     14760
     atgacaataa gtctaaatga cagaaaagtg cagtgttttt atctttatgt tcatatttag     14820
     gcaacacaat gtcaaagttt tatctttaaa acagttcaaa aaacttaata tttagtgaaa     14880
     taacttagaa aattatgttt tcatttgttc attcaagaca aaaaaactca actagaacac     14940
     aatatttgtg gatgaaactt ggaaacaggt gcttttgtga acgataaaat gcaagtcaat     15000
     tgttagaaac acttttgaga gtaaaacaaa aggaaaacta catccaaaca gatgttctgt     15060
     tgttgatcag aatgatactt gtgtttatca tgtgttgtaa agcctacata aaagaaacca     15120
     atgacttttt gtctgtttaa atattagcta tggaagacag agatcgcttg aatattctag     15180
     atttgtagtt gtgtacacgc aaaatgtcaa ttctgtgaac cactataaac atttcagcta     15240
     atttaatgac aataaatgac aatgggtcta aatgacagaa aggtgcagtg ttcatgttta     15300
     tatagatatt taggcaacac aatattaatg ttttaaattc agaacagttt taaaaaaact     15360
     caatattttg tgaaataact caacaaatga atgaacaaca aatgtaaacg tgattttaac     15420
     cactcgtcat tttcggaggc aaaaaaacga aagtaaatta caatatttgt aaatgaaatt     15480
     tggaaaaaaa tgtactactt atttaaaata agctcaaatg ttcttttttc aaccctctta     15540
     aatttgtaaa aatgattaag ttcacttgat cagtttgtgt tgagacaaca taaaggaatt     15600
     gtgtggaacc ttgttttttt tttttttaca gtctaagacc aagaataaac caaatatgaa     15660
     ttggtttcct caatcataca actagttaac ccacatcttc ttgcaaacac actcaacacc     15720
     atttgccaag gatgtgaatt caaaataata tggatctcta aatagtgttt cttgcacaga     15780
     tcaactgttt tagttcatac gaagacgatg tgaatctgaa tggggtagat attagttttg     15840
     ttatgcattt tcatagtttt ctgactctca aagtgccagc cattttatga atcaccaaga     15900
     actagtttca gatctccttt agtggtcaac tcaaggacaa aactgcatct tagacggcct     15960
     gaaggaacta atagcacaat ttgattttta agctttcctt ttaaagggtt tgttcaccca     16020
     aaattgaagc ttctattatt aacgactaat ccttgtgttg ctctaaattc cagagagctt     16080
     tgttcagttt tagaacataa atgaagatat cttagatgaa atccgagagc tctccaagga     16140
     cagagatgtt ccagaaaagg aaccaaaaca taactgtaaa aacagctttg ttcgccaatg     16200
     tcttcctcat cagataagta tctgtgttaa tcactacaca cactttagat aaagaagaac     16260
     aaagacatat ttactggttt ttggtgccca aaagtgttct tgtagctttt ttgattacac     16320
     tccaaccacc gaagtcacat ggaatatctt gacaatgtgt tttgttcctt ttctggactt     16380
     ttaaggcctc taaacttgct gttattgagg atgagagagc tccaggactt catctaaaaa     16440
     aaataaattg tgcactgaag ataaacggag gtctcaggtg gactttttag gcctcttgac     16500
     ttgctgttat agaggatgag acagctccag gatttcgtct aaaaaacaaa tgtgtactaa     16560
     agatgaacgg aggtctcagg tgtttggaag ggcaatgaaa tgagtaatta ataacagtta     16620
     gttgtaattt gtgagtgaac taacccttta atattgcatg tacaatattt aaatgaaagt     16680
     catcagtgaa aatctattaa tgacttcaaa gttacagcaa aagtcatata aaacactgtt     16740
     atgaagcagc tcattatatt tgaagatttc attttagtcc tcatatactt tcactgtttc     16800
     gtgaagattc cgtaagtgcc tccattcagc gttttatcat acagattgag taaatgatgg     16860
     gcgttttcat tttttggctg aactatcagc tgaagaggcg agtggttgca gtattatgcg     16920
     atttggaagt agactttgta aactgtagat tgctgcattg tccatgtctg aagcaggccg     16980
     gcagtactgt gtgtctgggt tttactttaa ggctccctga ctggagtatg acatctgtgc     17040
     tgctgatgag atcaaaaaaa ttgcacttgg gtaaatgtat cacgaatttg gtctcattgc     17100
     ttgatgagtt ggaatgtaac tctcggaaag tcttaattga tgagttattt tatgtaaata     17160
     tctgtacatt ttgggttctg taattctaga agaacataaa acaaacataa aatggcttaa     17220
     ctataaaact gcccaaaccg acaaacaagt ttaggattct aaaaaaaaaa aatttgattt     17280
     tctaaatgga caaaaagtcc attttcagac attcatctct ctattttaaa gggatagttc     17340
     acctgaaaat gaaaaatctg tcatcatttg tttacagttc caaacctgaa ggcttttaaa     17400
     tttgccaaac acaaaacaaa caaagaaaaa taaggaaaaa agccattttt ctttgtgttc     17460
     cacaggcata aaagtcattt aggtcagaaa gcacctttta taaggtgaac tatccctcgt     17520
     tttactggta cgttgactgg aatactcgac ggcaaactga atacacctca tgtatcttac     17580
     cttctgtctg tcgtagctta actgttgctc agttacaaaa agcaaaacaa taaaaaaaag     17640
     ggagaatctg cataattttg acatcagagc aaagcggaga gctctatctc tctccatgct     17700
     aatggctcaa aacagctggt gcgcaggcag ttcacacagt gattttgtga ccgagtactc     17760
     tctctttagt acaataatgc atgagattct gagggcgaaa cgttcctggt gtttctttct     17820
     gcagattagg gatcacctgg atgtgaagta tgagttcggc ctttacagtc agctcctcca     17880
     taaaaggcta ttttttcttg acggcggcca gttctttctg aatgtcggca aatttgggac     17940
     gattctctgg cttgtactcc cagcatctct gcatgaccct gtagacctcg tccggacact     18000
     tctgcgggca ggacatcctg taacctacat tagacaaaca ctatttattt taaatgaaca     18060
     gttggacagg tttttttttc attgataaaa cgctaatagt aaatacaatc aagtcatgtt     18120
     tacaacattc taacgtaaag cagtcaaaca tacagaataa ttaagtaata gtaatatata     18180
     tctttggttt attcactaaa agtgcaactt gtatatagtt aattaagaaa taaaagcaat     18240
     tcttatttta ggtttgttag attcaatttc ttgaacagtt tattttatag aattaaaaga     18300
     tcaatgaata aaatctcaca aaggtaataa aatgtcaatt aaattatata taatttaatt     18360
     catattaatt tcacatggtt catttactac aaaaacaatt tttgttcagt aaatccaaaa     18420
     ataaaaacag ttatgaatag tatttgtact atttcacttc agtaactatc aataattatc     18480
     attattgttt taggatataa ccactcaccg gccactttat taggtacacc tgtctaattg     18540
     ctcgttaatg caaatttcta atcagccaat cacatggcag caactataaa tttaggcatg     18600
     tagacatggt caagacaaga atcagaatgg ggaagaaagg tgatgcaagt gactgaacat     18660
     ggcatggttg ttggtctgag taagaaacaa agtgttgatc tactgggatt ttcatgcaca     18720
     accatcctta ggatttacag agaatggcct gaaaaaggga aaatatccag tgagcagcag     18780
     ttctgtgggc gcaaatgcac aatttggcat caacaacatg aaagcataga tccatcttgc     18840
     catgtttaaa tggttcaggt tggtggtggt gtaatgatgt tggacatttt catggctaac     18900
     tttgagccca ttagtaccaa ttgagcatcg tgccaacact acagcctacc taagtagtgt     18960
     tgctgaccac gtccatctct ttatgtccaa agtgtaccca tcttctgatg gctacttcca     19020
     gcaggaaaaa gcgccatgtc aaagtgtgaa tcatctcaga ctgatttctt gaacatgaca     19080
     ttaagttcac tgtactcaaa tggccacaac agtcaccaga tcccaatcca ataaggcact     19140
     tttaagatgt ggttgagcgg gagactcgca tcatagatgt gcagccgaca aatcaacagc     19200
     aacagcgtga tgctattatg tcaatatgga ccaaaatctc tgaggaatat ctccagtacc     19260
     ttgttgaatc tattcaacac aaatccacga aggattaagg cagttctgaa ggcaaaaggg     19320
     gtccaactct atactagtaa agtgtaccta ataaagtggc cggtgagtgt acattgaata     19380
     taatgaaata taaatacaaa aattcatcat aaagaaatca taaattaaac atgtaaacat     19440
     taacaaaaac aacttgagac caattaaaat gaaagataac tcgattacta ttatgaacat     19500
     cacatcagca catggttctg ctgttaaaag tggaatctgc attgtacctt tttccacctg     19560
     ttctcgggcc tgctggttgg tcatgccagg gtaggggcac actcctagac taaaggtttc     19620
     ccacaggagg attccgtaac tccacacgtc actctctgag ctgtatctcc ctgtcatgta     19680
     aacaacatat cagtctgaac caaagcttat ttaattaaca tattcgctta tctgaacttg     19740
     ttagattata ctgcatgtac caaacataaa acaaatatga gtgctatgat ataaacagcc     19800
     attgttttca tttcacagta gaagtcaaaa tgatcattta taaacataca tacaattttt     19860
     taaaataatt attacaccat taagtggaag aaaaaccctt aaaattgaac atttcatcac     19920
     atgagtaagg atgttacgac tgtaaaggga tggatcacaa cattaaaagc aaagtgataa     19980
     ttcattgagc aatatttggg agtggaaggt ataaaattta tttatttaca aaccaaaaga     20040
     caaataaagt atttcaggag aggacaaaag ccaaaacaac aaactaaaat cttttattta     20100
     actacactgt agaaaaaaat gcacgtaaag tagcagtttt ccacattttg tggttcatgt     20160
     ttttattttt tcttatttat ttctgctttt gaattgcatt aaaacacctt gatctttctt     20220
     caaacaactt ttaaccttga aacagtcaaa aaaagtgact ttcatgaaca tttttaatag     20280
     tttaaagagc tatgttgtct gagttggtgt gatatattac tctacaaaaa ctttctgata     20340
     aactatcagt atttgctatt attttacaga cgtatatctc taaatattat ttcttttaca     20400
     ttagaatgtt ttaaactaac aaaatataaa taattcacta tagagttgaa ttttcaacat     20460
     caaaagctga cagagcagag atcaaggtcc catagagcaa ttcacaaccg taaaaataaa     20520
     taaataagga aaacacaata ttaaaagcaa tctgttatta aacatatttt ttacagtgta     20580
     attgtttagc tgctaagtaa tagtagtatg aattattagc cccctggttt attttttccc     20640
     taatttctgt ttaactgaga gaagattttt tcagcacatt tctaaacata aattattaac     20700
     tcatttctaa taattgattt attttatctt tgccatgatg acagtaaata atatttgact     20760
     agatattttt caagacactt ctatacagca caagtgacat taaaaagctt aactaggata     20820
     attaaattaa ctatgcaggt tagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttgtataacg atggtttgtt     20880
     ctgtagacta tcggggggaa aaaaaagtta gtttgaaggg gctaataatt ttgtccttaa     20940
     aatgtaaaat tataaaaatt aaaaattgtt ttttttctag ccaaaataaa aaaaataaaa     21000
     ctttctccag aggtcaaaat attatcaggc acaatgtgaa acatttcctg aatttcatac     21060
     gggaaaaatg aaaaaaaaaa aaatgaaaag gggttctaat aattctgact tcaactgtat     21120
     gtaagtaaac ccctgtgaac aaaaactgtg aacactgcat ttatgaggaa ttatgtgcct     21180
     cacacaggtg agtgggcttg acaaacctca tgtaaaaact ctctcctcta tattaagaaa     21240
     aaaacattcc ccctccatag tccagcaatt aactctctga gcacaaacag ttctcttgta     21300
     ttattagcac ttcttgtgtg tgttgcctcc tcttgaagag acgcacacta aacgtctcct     21360
     gaattgtaag ttgctttgga aaaaagtgtt tgtcaaatga ctaaaagtat aaatacattt     21420
     taaatgtgaa aaatacattt tatatattga ataattaaaa taaattttta agtaaaaaaa     21480
     acacatatag atgaaccatt ttattattta ttttacattt tctttcaata aggaagattg     21540
     gtaaacaaga tattcacgta tgtgaaaata aacactattt gtattcattg ctgtaacact     21600
     atcaaaatat caaacctaca aaaacctaaa tatgaacatt tgtgaacata agtgttctat     21660
     ttaacagcat ctcaattaat aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actatcaaaa     21720
     aattaaaaca aaaaagaatg taatgataca gtatgattta aacagccatt gtttcctgtg     21780
     atcatttcta aacgtacata aaacacatta aaataactga tttggttttc ctaccatagt     21840
     tgagtgcttc tggtgcggtc catttgattg ggatctgttt cagtcctgat gaggagtaga     21900
     tgccgtcgtc ctcctgtcgg gacatcccaa agtcactgat cttcagcaca ttgttctctc     21960
     ccacgaggca gttgcgagca gccaggtctc tgcaagattg agagaaatgc tggaattcag     22020
     taccttcagg gtttcactgg accattcatt ttttgttttg tgcttgtaaa ctaagagtca     22080
     atttgtgaca actttttgct aaatattcaa caatatttgc aggatttctg gtttactttt     22140
     actgttaaaa tacacaagaa agtatttaaa tttttgaact taagaactgt tggactcttt     22200
     aatttatata agggaaatca tatcaaagat ctctccctca taacctccat caaaatattc     22260
     ttaattttgt ttaataatct cttccacatc agcaaaatca ttagcattat aaaaatcata     22320
     cctaaatatt tattacattt gatgcatttg ttcagtcagt ccgttgtcat acactacatg     22380
     gcctgacctg atacaatatc taatttttat tgtgcgatac attgcaccaa aatgtattat     22440
     tattgtcatt ttaagaccat tttctgccat tcaatatata atgccagtat gacaaaaaaa     22500
     atagcataat aataaaagta aaaactaaat aaacacggac tattttattc ttaagagcac     22560
     aaataaaaat aatgaatgta ggcctgtcac aacaattaat ataatgattt attgtgcaat     22620
     agaataatta ttattaataa taactcaata atttttgcca ctgtaaaata tatttacaaa     22680
     ttaaagccat tttacagtga catttacatt ttacctcatc ggtgtcaaag tttataactg     22740
     ggcatttacc taataggaca tttagtagta tatataattt acctttttaa catcaaatta     22800
     tagaaactaa ataaccttaa aaattgtgag tattttaaag tgtttatggc tatgtgcaat     22860
     atttgcaact gtttaacaaa gtaattctag actaagattt taaaagaaat tcatttagat     22920
     ttgtattatt tgtgttttta ctttgcttta aacaatctta tttaatcaaa agcgccagca     22980
     aaggcattta atacttttta aagcatttct agttttattt aaatgttgta ttcttcatag     23040
     aatcacaaag aaaatggcac tttttgatac catgacacca caaaaaaagc aacataacag     23100
     ttttctaaat tgataataaa agaaacgttt cttgagcacc aaatcagctt ttggaaaacc     23160
     taaattcaac atcataaaaa tttttatttt aaaatatact aaaatggaca acctttgaat     23220
     tgcaataaat ataatattat acctgctttt acagcgtttt ttttgtgtac aattttggat     23280
     tagcttttgg atattgttgg caaattaatt gatggttatc aaaatgtgtt tttttttctt     23340
     ttggtaagat tgatttggag agatatggta tgatatggct ataccacttg ttcccccttt     23400
     ttttttgaca gtggtgggga gttcttctca tttcaagtga ctgtattctt agcggtagtt     23460
     ttgctgttat ggtccatgtg acaaatctta aagggtgtac tcacactagg ctatttgaac     23520
     tgtgcccagg cacgttttac ccccttttcc cggttcattt gacaagtgtg agtggtgcga     23580
     attgggccca ggtaaagttc agttggccag ccctggcccc gttggaagag atgtgtcaga     23640
     gcacggttcg gttgggcttt gttgcagtaa gcttgtagtg tgagtgcaaa gcatgcttga     23700
     gcgccaaact gaagacagga cgtcacttat aagtaacagt tttatatgga tttattaatc     23760
     attcttactt ttccaagaac atgaaccatc atagtttatt aaagatgcaa atcccctgct     23820
     gtgtgatagc tgtctccttc agtaaagctc ctaatacgtg cattatgacg actttcatga     23880
     acatttatgt gcgtcaaaag tggtggatct gttcagcaaa atattggact gcgtgtcact     23940
     gcatataaaa cgacttaaaa ataatacaaa acaatataaa tactgcaatc tccattgtgc     24000
     ttctcttcca gtttaactga acagttgcat cattgatgag gtaagcgtgc tcaggcttgg     24060
     aaggcaaaaa aatgcaacgt gagtgctgac caaggggaag aagggagagg gggacaatcg     24120
     tgcttgagca aggtttttta agacaactgt gcctagtgtg agtacaccca aagactgata     24180
     ggagtagagc tcacagaaat ctgattttgg tttctagaca gatatttttg tctttccaaa     24240
     ttccttatct ttgatatagc agaagttgac atctattttt gtccctcttc actaatgaca     24300
     ggtcctaagt gcttgaactg actccagttt ccagttcttg cccgctgact ttgatattgg     24360
     ttgagatttg tttgacatca tttgtcatta acttagtctt ctctgcactc atccccataa     24420
     cgaatctgga gtttttttta atcaagggtt ttcactaatg tggcaagctc atccttactg     24480
     ccagccagcc cattaatagc ccctttcaca catacagacc ttttcggaaa attgccggca     24540
     attttccgga aaggtgtgta tgtgtgaacg ggtccttttt gaaaataccg gtaaattcgt     24600
     tctggctatt ttccggaaag agaagttgta acattaccgg caatttgccg gaatgctgcg     24660
     ctgtgtgaat gcagaaggaa gattcccgta ataagcgcgt gcacgtctag aacgtgctga     24720
     cgtgaggcgt ctgctttagc caatcacaac agtcagacgc atttacgtcc gcgcggtttg     24780
     tgaggataaa agcctttgaa tatttttcca gacacattta gctgctagaa gttagtcaga     24840
     tcacgtttat atgttcttct taatgccaac tgtgtaaata atcatcgatg agatgcttat     24900
     gataagccgt tgtttgttta ccttcaagct ttgcgtgcgc ctatgagcgc cagcacacgc     24960
     acatattatg aacatctcga gatgcgaaag tgatcctgca aaagttgttc ataatattga     25020
     tcatccacag agtttgtaat gtagtcaaat gtttacaaat acaagcgcag ccgtttaaag     25080
     ctcatttgtg gtgaatgatg tcagaattta ccggtatttt ggaatggatg tgtgaatgct     25140
     cttttccgga aaatttccgt aacgtcctcg cctgtgtgaa cagcgctttt ttgaatatac     25200
     cggtaaagtc gttctggaaa ttttccagaa atttactggt atcactgtgt gaaaggggct     25260
     aatgtcatct ccaaaaggaa aattggtgat gttgcgccct ccaatgctta ctgtgcccta     25320
     gtgatgctcc agatgggctc aaagtagatg ttaaaaagtg tgagtgatag aagacagcct     25380
     tgatgtacac taactgtttt ctgaaacaat tcccccaatc atatattgag tgtgacaatt     25440
     ttttttaaaa aagaacaaaa aggcctacaa gtatgcatat cacaagagtc ggaattttaa     25500
     atcacatctt taaaacacct ctaaacgctg ataatcatat tgagaacatc tctctcagac     25560
     atgaaagatg actgtctaac actcctccat cctagagcag cgatttaaga ttctggtctc     25620
     catccaccgc gggggattta tgctgagcag acatcctcag ccacacagcc atattagctt     25680
     gtcacatccc aaaaattgcc ttgctgacat gagatgggga aagacagtgg gggggcggcg     25740
     gagaagagag cggtgatctg acagaaaggt gctccaactg ctgccgcctc taacatgatc     25800
     atgtctgata gtaaatgggt tttagagggt gctgatagag ccgtggctgt gaaagcggtc     25860
     tgagctcatt tctcagactc aattgtgagc gacgtgtatt cagcaggctg actccggcct     25920
     caacagccca atgcacaaaa gcccatttca cagtttaaaa aaataaataa ataagaaaaa     25980
     tctccaccaa acaagaaaca ggaggaatgg tgccgctcag tcttgttatt tttcagttgt     26040
     ttatatcacg aaaaagaaaa gttttattat gatactggcg atggtgcaca gtttaaaaac     26100
     attcaagagg aaatcagttt ttgggatgca ctgatattga cattttggca ccgatattca     26160
     ttcattaatt ttccttcagc ttagtccctt tattcaacag gggttgccac aacggaatga     26220
     atcgccaact tatccagcat atgttttagg cagcgaatcc ccttccagcc acaacccacc     26280
     actggaaaac actcatacac tcccgtccac actaatacac tatgcccaat ttagcttacc     26340
     aaattcccct ttagcgcatg tctttgatct gtgggggaaa gcggagcacc cggaggaaac     26400
     ccacacgaac atggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg acccagccga     26460
     gacttcttgc tgtgagggta aaccactgag ccaccatgtt atattataac caatatgttt     26520
     atatttgcaa gtcgataacc gataaatcca aatcatgcca cattacgttt cctaaaccaa     26580
     tttacaaaaa caaaggcgaa acaactacgg tagaactgca gaaactcttt ctgcaaagtt     26640
     attaaaaaaa aaagatgggg tgcaaagcaa tatttgctca tgcttcattt gtagaaaatc     26700
     acgttatttt ttcatttacc ttactttgat tatatactgc tactcagcat acatgaaaac     26760
     aactgtcata tttcccaatt cctctgaaaa cccgccctca agaggcttga ggttgattgg     26820
     tcagctaaca taatgtgcag taattcgcag atcagaatca gaaagagctt tattgtcaag     26880
     tatgtgcaca caaacgagga gtttgttttc atgacagagc ttctacagtg caacagaata     26940
     caaagacagg acaaaaaaca gataataaat atattttaaa aataaaagta gtgaatgcaa     27000
     atatacaaat tgacaagcgg ttgtacaggt atattactat ttacatcacc aggaagcatc     27060
     tctgttataa cattacagcg cctctggcca cacccctttg ctgcgtgtgg tgtatgtgca     27120
     taacctaaag gctttatgac atcattaacc tggatgtatt ttttgtagtg cccaaacttt     27180
     attcgctgta ggctttgcta ggctaacttt gtaaaagcca atgtctccct ttgcattgaa     27240
     cttaaagcgt cttacattca gagatgctgt ttatgttcac acagctacat tacacatcaa     27300
     ctttagacca cctctttagt gacacgtgta aaacaaaaat ctcacaatat tatactattg     27360
     atgacatttt ttaaacttca tttggctgaa gcaggtaact ttactgttgg gcatttttga     27420
     gaagtgctca tttacagagt caggtttgaa atattgactg tctattagtg ttagcttttt     27480
     acagacttta tgatcccgat taatgctttg tttctagata gaaaaaagtg ttggagcaca     27540
     tactgaataa agccctgtat gattgggatc agtcaaaaag ccattcattt ttcatatatt     27600
     ctgactaata tatataaaaa gttatctgtg tattttactt tcattttcca agtctaattt     27660
     gtacagcacc tgcatatgaa tcaaaggtgt taacaggcaa acgttaagac cttggagagg     27720
     ctgttagtca gcaaaggttt tagcgctaca caagtgactg tttaacttac tgagagatat     27780
     tgaacacgga gttattctgt actttcacag tgaattcagc aacccaaaac cgattggtag     27840
     cagttcaatt tgggccacaa ttgagggtat taacaaacca ttaactaact ctactagctt     27900
     aataaactac taattagctg taaatcatat atacatttaa aatcagaatt attagccctc     27960
     ctttgatttt ctttttaatt tttttatatt acctaaatga tgtttaacag agcaaggaca     28020
     ttttcacagt atgtatgata atattttttc ttctgcagaa agtcttgttt gttttatttc     28080
     ggctaaaata aaagcaattt ttaaacacca ttttaaagtc aaaattgtta gcccctttaa     28140
     gcaaattttt tttgatagtc tacagaacaa accattataa tataataact tgactaatta     28200
     ccctagcttg cctagttaac tgaattaacc tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct     28260
     gtatagaaaa ttcttaaaaa aatatgtagt caaatattat ttactgtcat cagggcaaag     28320
     ataaaataga tcagttatta gatttaagtt attcaaacta ttatgtttat aattgtgtag     28380
     aaaaaaaaat ctctgttaaa cagaaaaata aactgggggc taataattca ggggggttaa     28440
     ttattttgac ttcaactgta tttagatgtt gggtttaggt tttcagaata agatcattct     28500
     ttataactac taatcaaccg ttaatatctt ctgatggtaa gcatgacttg tgacctaaac     28560
     taaagtgata ccaaccattt ttctaaaatc acaggtaaaa ggtcacctca gacgacctga     28620
     tcctactatg agcactccac ttgtgatcag acctctgaaa atagatgtta ataccaggtg     28680
     gaaacagagt ttgtgtcact taagagggtc agattttctg gctttaactt aatttgaaca     28740
     tgattttggt gttgtggatt agacaaatat tccgaccaat catcgtttgc agtctcgaac     28800
     aacatgcata atgtcattac aaaggtggaa ctagaaacga cttccagaaa caagagcata     28860
     aacgaacagc atttacccaa gcagtgtgat ttatactgtc cgaggaaaag acaaaagaaa     28920
     gattggtgca atagctccat gtactccacc tagcagcacc aactccatca tctttctttt     28980
     gtttctccat gcatgaaagc tgtgcatgca agagcttttg tgctcctagt ggtcagtgta     29040
     aaagatgtca tacagcttgt tcgggagaac tgtaaaagat taaactaatt ctgttgggtt     29100
     atcatgaagt atcttcaccc tggtatcagt tgtcatcaac tcttgcagaa tatacaagat     29160
     aaaaccgttg aatcttccat ctgaagccct ccattgttta cgaaacactt caacactatg     29220
     tcaaacagat atcgtaacag atattatact gtatactgag taaattacta gatttcactg     29280
     cttttcactt tttttatcaa cacttttgat aaaaaattac attacaacta tttacagcaa     29340
     tgtttctaaa ctaagggggc attcacacag tatgcactgc gtgtctgaaa atccaacatt     29400
     catcgtttac gaatgttatt cgtaatgtgt taatgtcatt taacttaacc cactggttga     29460
     ttatttagct tgttttaaaa tgtaaaactc acttaagctt gacttattat ttatgaaaat     29520
     aaaataatgt tttatagctc tttataaaat gcttcttgat ttaaggactt ttagatattt     29580
     agatatttag atttagatat ttagttatat atttcttaat caggggcaag ttttgcaaaa     29640
     aaaagagtag gcgctgtgta caatattgct ttttttaaac caatagccat gttaataaag     29700
     gctttttaac tttttcactt actttccgag tgccttggat tagcggtctg cattcggacc     29760
     aaattcctgg catttcctta aaggacgtat aggagtcttt tcaatgcgtc ataggcacaa     29820
     atggaaaaaa ataccctttg cgcaatgtga taatatttat ttttaccctt tagcagtcac     29880
     aagactgaaa cctcagattt aaggtggcac tcatgtctca tcacaaaggg gcaaacaaaa     29940
     ctgacattta gcctacaatc cttgcacaac ccgacagttt tatctattac ttctcttgtt     30000
     ttgtagtacc caatttaaat gtgagatttt ggaaaccaga tctaaattta gctgaaacgg     30060
     ttgggtcagg cagaatatta tactaagcgg gcagtaaaga ctgaaaatag agggagcggt     30120
     cgggtgcgga ataaaacctt gcgggactgg gactataaaa acagtcctgt gcagacctct     30180
     accttggact tagattagac ttagattttt tttttttgtt gtttatctta tgaatccctt     30240
     atccaagacg cacatcaaat acccctgaag cactttttta ttcttgtttc attgttatat     30300
     tatgaataat aaatctagat tgcattaaat gaaaatttac aactcagaaa atacagaaga     30360
     gatactacaa tgtaaatagt tcagattaat ttcagtaaaa aagcaaattt tagcaaattg     30420
     tcataaaaat aatttgacta aaaaattttt tcttacctgt gtatacagtt ctttagctcc     30480
     aagtatgcca ttcctccagc agcatctaat gcaaacttta caagttgctt tgtcttgagg     30540
     tcttcctttt tcttccttaa gaatgataaa aagtctccac ctgtcgagaa aaaggcaaag     30600
     caaatgagct acaaatatgc aatacattaa aagagacacc aacatcccaa acaagtgtat     30660
     gacacaactt ttaatgagga atgcttttca gtggctaatg gcggagggaa agatccagtt     30720
     tactgacctg gcacaagttc cattactatg taaatgggct gccgttgggt acagacgcct     30780
     attaacttca caatgttagg gtggtcgtac tgcttcagga tcctagaggt agaggaggca     30840
     taaatgacca cgttatttca tctctcatct ttatttttag caaaattatt aatcaagtga     30900
     acattattca ttgatattgt atggaaagtg tcacctggct tctgagagaa actttatctt     30960
     gaggtcttgc ggtagatctt ctttacaagt tttgacagcc accggtgttt tatcgcgtag     31020
     cgttccttta aaaacctcac caaaatttcc ctaaaacaac atttgcccaa aatcaattag     31080
     tgtctatgtt taaaataata aaatgacaaa aagtactatg aagatggagg tttttcttaa     31140
     aatacacgtt attatgcctt ctgaaaatat gccatagtgt ttaaacaaag aatgggtaat     31200
     tgcagctgac aaatgaacaa aactctctgt gaaatttcgt aattgtgttt aatattttac     31260
     tgactagttg gttagttctt caggctacca tttttaaaaa acttacactt ttactattgg     31320
     taaaagtcta acaaaaaaaa tcaccatggt acttaaatac agtaagagtc attcagcatc     31380
     caatgcagtc tgaatatttt tcaaatatat aatcatgtaa aagtttatgt aatcaaaaac     31440
     acagtaacac aattgtatac actgcaaaaa aaatctgttt attaacagtt tctgagttat     31500
     ccatttattt tcagttgtaa attgcactac gagaccttga tttctgctct gtcgactttt     31560
     gatgttaaaa attcaactct gcagtttaac aaggtgacgt tattgacatt ttagtcactt     31620
     gaaatagtat attgtataag atataatata tacagagaga taagtcagaa gatgtactgg     31680
     cagtttatta caaggtcttt gtgctgtaat atacaacatc aaaccagaca atatatcact     31740
     ttaaactaat aaaaatgttg ataaaagtca ctttttttgt ggacttttca aggtccctta     31800
     atgcaattca aaagcataaa taaacagggg gaggggggat aaaaacagga accacaaaat     31860
     acagaaaacc gctaatttac agatattttt tagagtgtag tgagatattt tgtactttca     31920
     atttgttaaa gtgatggcaa agctgaatct tcgctattac tactcaagtc ttcagcattc     31980
     ttcagaaatc attcaagctg ttattaaagt gaaatgtgga aacaaaatca aaaatgtcaa     32040
     ttcatggcct tacactttga tctgcggaat gtttttttta tttttttttt atttgcagtg     32100
     ctcaactaca caaccaatca cacatttctg ggttgaactt acatgccctc actgacaaaa     32160
     ataagcacta tactgaattc tctcaacata aacgaactgt acagatcata aaaaaagtta     32220
     tgcatcgtgt ttcagtataa tggatgattt tttggtaaat atgccaaagt tgcaatagaa     32280
     agacatcacc ataaacacat ttttaaaaaa tattttctaa taatcaacaa tattagaata     32340
     ctaacagcaa taccaaagaa atctgtacat tctgtcaaaa aaatcaaagc cctgctctat     32400
     agctgtgact tttgtaaatg tttaatttat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32460
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32520
     attatttatt ttatttattt ttttttaact ccataaaaaa tctaaattca aaaaaaaaaa     32580
     tctaaaagat ttttaaagat taatttttgg ctttatcatg atgttgacat tggcaggaag     32640
     cgaagtcgga gggggatgga aacaggaaag gtcagaattg aaacttggaa tggccacagt     32700
     gcagttgtgc tttatgttgg cacactgatc actaggctat tgaactctta gtttaaatat     32760
     tttagggtta ggggttagcc aaaagcagag ccagacagaa tctgtggaca tttattgcta     32820
     tttttctgca gaattttgta caaaaatctg taaatttaag cacagtacag taacttaaaa     32880
     ctaacagatt aaaaaactac tttaactttt atttaaggtt tacaatacaa atgcacagct     32940
     agtgtttttt agccaatgat gaacttccgg tgaaagcttt atgtggctat tttcaatatc     33000
     ataccctttc ttttacagca tagatgttgt aatgtaatca aaatttaatc agttaaattg     33060
     acttgagcat tcattttttt ggtaaagtgt aaaaagagac taaagactgt ttaaacgcag     33120
     gtgccgtcat aagcagcagg cttgcgcaga aactccactg aaaatactgg ggtaaaatta     33180
     atttccacat tttgacatgc tacagaagga tataatttaa agataaaagc tgcaagcagc     33240
     ggtgaaaggg accaccgctg cacagtggcc tcaggataac agagaacagc gaacaataat     33300
     aatttaaact gatatatttt aaaaatctga gaagattaca gatttatgct aaacgtcctc     33360
     ctgtcagcag gtggcgctat aactgtggct caatgttggc atgtatatgc cttcagaaaa     33420
     ggaatctcat caaaactgtg aattttcagg cagatcagac attgtttggc tgcgttataa     33480
     gtatttcctc cttcacgaag aagcactgaa ttttgtcagt ccgccacgga cacgctcttc     33540
     agtgaaaact ttagatcttc acaatatatc atcatcacaa tatgttatct aaagtgttca     33600
     gataacacca cccacatttg gtgctgatac gataacattt gtaggagtag tttgttgcac     33660
     tgtaaaacat gtcatttcct gttgccagca ggtggcgcta taactgtaac tggaaattgg     33720
     catgtaaaca ggttcaggtc aggactgtta tcaaacgttt gaattttgag gctgatcaga     33780
     caatgcaatt ataatgaagt tttaacaact tcctgtttca tggcgaatcg tcaaagtctg     33840
     agaggctgcc acggatacgc cctccgatga aaactctaga tcttcacaat ttaacatcac     33900
     caaggccttt aaatgacaaa cccaattttg gtgttgattc gataaaatcc ctagaaggag     33960
     ttcgttaaag tacaacacct ggaaatggca aaaacgccac tttttcggtg cagaaagtta     34020
     aaaatatctg acttcctgtt gggtttgaga tttcgcaccc agatactttt ttgtaggtat     34080
     tggcatgttt gaggtgtctg ccaattttgg tatgtgtgag tagtttgcgg ggcactttgt     34140
     tgaattttta taggtggcgc tattcaatca ttttgccaca cctattttta aaacctataa     34200
     caaatgtaaa tttttgccac ttctgcggcg tgtgcacatt ttcgtgagtt ttcaggcatg     34260
     tttagaccct tcaaatccta attcattccg aaacagaata ataagaagaa gaaacggaaa     34320
     aattccgata gggcctacgc accgtaggtg ctcggtccct aaagagcttc ttgtttgatt     34380
     tatgcatatg cagattctac gtggtcccag tcataaggat atataaacta ctatactcca     34440
     aaatactact atactgtcaa aatacttcta ctatactgtc aaaattcgtt ttttttgttg     34500
     ttttttttgg cattcaaaac ttaaaatctc tcactttatt tctagtactg tgactactta     34560
     caacgtttac aacaaattta cataaattat cacaaagacg ttattaaaag ttttataatg     34620
     agagtaaaaa aaataatcat cctactgaaa atcaaatcta gggagcaaac tttgctctgg     34680
     tgaggactta ctttgccgag aagctctccg agaatgacat cctcgtgatt gagaatccac     34740
     ttcttatcct gagcaaacaa aataaaaata gcaaattatc tttctgaagc gtgttcatta     34800
     atgaactaat gactcgtgca gagacgaaca gaagagagat gctgcgagtc ctgtgggtca     34860
     gtcactctga tgaatgataa tgatgcaatt atcacctcat tccacaaaaa cactcgcttc     34920
     gatagagaca tactgcggta tcaactgaac atcaccaaaa tcccacattc tattgcgaag     34980
     catttttttc aaagtaccaa aatatacttt caaaataaga gaaaaacaaa gtagtacaat     35040
     ccactgacat ttgcaaatta caccatgttg acatacattt catgaaaaaa ggaccaggaa     35100
     tgcaaataaa gcagaataga gtcaccaaaa cacacctgta catctatttg tcagtgattt     35160
     cctcttagcg agttcaatta aacattttag gtcaaacaat tgacccaatc tgcttttaag     35220
     gatcacaaat agtcgattta gcgctgtagg cgacattaga gaattcaaag agtttcaaag     35280
     gcaattaaaa cacacaaaga aagacccttt ttaagacctc tccgcactta catcagtgct     35340
     aatgacaaca gacatttact acaatgctac gataatggca tcaattaaaa ggctgttact     35400
     ggaaacatca tgaagacaag tgaccttcta tttcgacaat aaaacctgga caataatgga     35460
     cttcattcaa catgctaatc cccaataata aaaaaataaa taaatcaaaa ctgtattttc     35520
     tgggtttata cagatttgtt tagtttcact gctgtcattt tactacgcat ttccctttgc     35580
     ttgtctttta agtcagaagt tcccgaacct ttcagtctgc gccccacaaa ataacaatgc     35640
     cagtgactca cgacccctaa tattccctga ggtggttatt gatatataat ccttgcacac     35700
     aacggcgcac acatattaat agtctcaagt ctattcatcg tttaatttta gagaacacca     35760
     cttagagacc atcctccata tgtagttgtg ccctgcattt atttttaatg tacatgagtg     35820
     ccgtaaaggt gtcagacagt ttaagctggt gacataaaat gaatgtgctg cataaaacac     35880
     tgttgctgtg cctttaatac aacgtaatca ccccagggat tacaagctgt tttgtcaaat     35940
     catgcttgct atgtatttta taattctctg gaacataatt aatattgaac tgtaagcact     36000
     tctgtctttg tgtcgtgtct tttggaagcc caaatacaga aacagacgaa gctctgtgga     36060
     aacagcagcg tttagacgca tttttagctt catctctgct ctaacgttgc agcgcctctg     36120
     gccacggccc ttacctgcgc agttttgggt gcgtagtaac aaacctttgt gatctcacag     36180
     ggggcggaag tattttttgt agtccccaaa attcgttcat tgtaggcttg gctaagctaa     36240
     ctttgtaaaa accaaggtct ccctttgcac tgaacttaga actttttacg ttcagagatg     36300
     ttgtttatgt tcacacagct acattacaca tcaactaaag tttaaaatat gagaacatag     36360
     tggaccaccc ctttgataaa atgcgttcct ttctttttga aagtgttgtg agaaaatgcg     36420
     gcacgttttc gtaacctgct tgcgttgtga gaaaatgcaa cgtgttttcg tgactggttt     36480
     atgttgcaag acaatacatc acgtttttgt aatttgtttg cgttgtaaga aaatgcacca     36540
     cattttatta acttgtttgc gttgggaaca aaactaagca tgtttttttt aaaaagtgtt     36600
     cgcgctatga gaatttgcag catgtgtgct gtcaaacgaa tagagatctt ttcttaattt     36660
     gcaaactttt tttgtaattg cagcacgtta agctctctag gccaccgtac aaacctttaa     36720
     aatgcaatgt acatttgtac gacactaata aatcaaagcc taaaaattac acgaccatat     36780
     gacgatttca attttgtctc taaatgtgaa actccacaaa gtctgaagag atctcagcat     36840
     tcgcaggggt ctgatagtgt ttcttgcatg cagcagcaga aacatcccca ctattatgat     36900
     ttcagtcaac atgctcggat gaggtgcttt acccctgtca tcaaaaaccc atcagaggaa     36960
     cagcatggca ggcaatcatc caacctgatg gatacacaca cccacacaca cacaaaaata     37020
     caacacaaaa acacttacac aagcagacac acagacatac aatctggaaa tcttcccatc     37080
     cctaacacag acagacagac gcacagtcac agagaggcag actcacacag tcacatatac     37140
     acacacagac gcagaagcaa acacaacagg cttcctgggg gaaatccagc cagtgtggac     37200
     caccatcaaa aaaacgagtc caaactcata ttttctaaag tgctacagtc ttttcccgta     37260
     gccaagaaga aatcaacaag cacatcctat cacaggactt tacatcagca gaagaggttg     37320
     atttgagaac cgcacagcac gacatcaatt tcatgtccta tgtagttgcg tacattaggg     37380
     aaaatgagca atgcacccgc taaatttctg caataagaca tttgatggtt tcatattgga     37440
     aaaagagtga tagctttagc agtgaagaca tctcgaaaga ctatgctgaa aacaaaatgg     37500
     cttgttaaaa tgagaagcag gatgacattt cacctttatg acagggttca ggagcacgac     37560
     cccagatttc ttggtgatga cttgtttagt ggtgtagtga tgatctatga gctgagggat     37620
     ggtggggaag cctgtgcctt caaatctgta ctgattctgc agacaaaaag agacaaatga     37680
     aatcagacag cgagcttgta aaacttgttt tctttttttg taatcagact cagaagaagt     37740
     caaattaaat gtattaactg gcttttctcc agatattttc aacagaccct caagaagcct     37800
     ttttaaaatc ccgtttaagg gtcccgaaaa tgaaaatgaa tattagctca ccctttatta     37860
     aattctaaat gcctaaattc taaataggct ttaaaatagc tacgagaaga cttttagtgc     37920
     tcacataaaa taacagtaac gactttttac tctttttttt ttttttattt aacggattct     37980
     tctcagcgtc agtataggat gcactttcat gagcactgtg cactgatgta tcacccggaa     38040
     gcaactacct ttgactgaaa caatgcacaa gcacgatgca cataaacagc acattgctct     38100
     cgtgaatgct tgtgtgacct gtactgatac tagtgttgtc acaataccaa aaattttgac     38160
     ttcgatacaa tacctaaatt aaatattaga atatcaatac caaatcaata ctatagaata     38220
     aaaaagagga attattactg aataaaatta ttattattat ttattaataa cacacagtgt     38280
     ttgccatcac ctgtgtgtac gaataaataa ataaacaaac agttaaatta atatttataa     38340
     attttttttt tattttcctg aatatgttgc ttggtcctca cactgtcctt atcacacagc     38400
     tatcctgtca tattcatata ttataaaaaa cattttcgct gtactttttg attatatgtt     38460
     gcatatttgt atatatttat gaaatatata tatacaacgc tgtggtgcag taggtagcat     38520
     gttagtctca cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt aaagcaccag ctgagttggt tggcatttct     38580
     gttcaaaagc cgctaaatgc cacttgccat tgacaacaaa agttgctata tccaaagaaa     38640
     caatcagaag acgctaatcg aatcatatgt tttcaatgta gcagcacgct gatacgccga     38700
     cttttgtgaa gagactgttt tattccgctt tcgattttaa aaaatttcga gtttgatgaa     38760
     ctgaatgagc ctgtctgact gtcagtgaat ggcaaatgaa acgtcccata cctcaaaact     38820
     tatgtgcatt ataagaaaaa gaaaacacaa tgtaaagtcc gatgtgtagc atgcatttat     38880
     aacgttttgt tgcacagtgg cgctgattta ctatacagta cattaagcag caactccatt     38940
     tcacgaaaga cttaaaggat aaacaagagt ccaagacctt aagtatggtg agaataaatg     39000
     aataacagct tctaaaatgg tctgaggcat cctctttttc cccagaagac ctactttgtg     39060
     ttttatttgc taatttgagc aattgatttt taaaaaagat aaatatagta tataaaacta     39120
     tacattattt atattatatc atattaccca tatgtctgat aagcttttta tcttaaggga     39180
     cgaggcacag aaaatgatgt ttcacaattt ttttacacta cattatttga atctaccaag     39240
     cctagtttac aacgattgca atgtttacat tgctctactt acattaaaaa aaatctaaat     39300
     cccaaatatc agaaatgaca acatattatt aagatttaat taatgtcagt tttaatgtta     39360
     ttgagtagag cactcacttg acagatttca ttcattcatt cattttccgt ctgctttttt     39420
     cctggtttat cacaacaaaa tgaaccgcca cttacttgac agatttatgt atttttaatt     39480
     ttaggtggtt tgtataatgt gttttttgtt tagtaaaata atttctaatt gcatctttag     39540
     tgattttcaa ataattacac gtcttgtccc aataggtgga tttagaggtt tttgcaaaaa     39600
     aagcacaagt caatttagct ggttttgacg caaaaaaaat ttaccttgta aaaaaaaaaa     39660
     aaaaagaatt aaagaattgt ctaaagtgac aattttttaa aaaagggtgt tttattttca     39720
     agctaaaaac cttattacat ataaaatcaa acgtctaaac ctaattatag gaggctgata     39780
     gaaattgctc atttacagga aaagaggtct gatggatttc ttgtaaattt tgcatctgaa     39840
     ctcctcattt ctagatatat aaaattttat taatcttata aaagatattt ttgtgttttt     39900
     atattgaaaa acaattaatt gataaacaaa ataacaaaca aattattact cagttcaaat     39960
     gtttgttgtg aggtttttat ctgcagttag ttaaattaat aaataaacag gataaagtaa     40020
     tgcattgtta aaacaaatta gggtcaataa tattactgca attacacacg gactatttta     40080
     tcgtctactc acatcagcga actgaatgat gaaatgtctg cgctgtccgt cggagaacac     40140
     agacagcacg tattctccag gtttgccatg gctctcgcgc accagaaagt ctccctgttg     40200
     ttttagtagc tcttgcgcct ctgtcctggg aatggcacca tgataccact cctgctcgcc     40260
     cagtggcttc tcactggtgg gtatcacgtc gaaaaactta ggaaggacga gaaccaggag     40320
     gtcaaagcag agaaaatgac aggtcggata gaaacgagga ggtgttaatg gaaaaaagca     40380
     caagactggg attacactta ctgacgaaga gcccaggaca gacttgggcg agcggatgat     40440
     tccagcgatg gagtgtctga gggtgtcaaa ctttgatatc ctgtctttgc ttttatcctg     40500
     aaatataatg tgcttgtcaa tgagaaagtc ttgttgtaca ttcactgtgc acaaagagag     40560
     aagaaaataa agttttaaat aaaacaaatc aaatacttag gaaagaatag cagaaagaca     40620
     atttttttaa tgtttttttg ttgccttttt gagtgcaatg acaaaacttt tttatactgt     40680
     gaaaaaaaag attatctgaa agtcatgaaa acgtcgattt tttgctaact cgttttaatg     40740
     ctaatgaagc ttaagcttta tttttttatc atacaaattt tattttgatg ttttaaagga     40800
     acactccttt tttaaatttc cctagagtta aacagttgag tctaactatt tttttatact     40860
     ttcagcagat ctctgggtct gctgggttca cttttagctt agcatagcat aaatcattaa     40920
     atcagataag accattagca tccactcaaa aatgtcaaaa aagaagctta gataattttc     40980
     ctacttaaaa aggtgatcca gagtgtattt ttaaggctta gttgtgttta tggggtgcaa     41040
     attaatgtgt ggccatgctt catttgtaaa acaacacatt attttttcat gtctttgatt     41100
     atatactgct actcagctaa cataaaaatg actgttctgt ttcttagatc gtcaccagaa     41160
     agcaccatgc ctctactggc acacactttg ccgttgtgta aatactgtca gtcagtgtaa     41220
     ctgttagctt tatcaatgtg atttcgaatt acaggggttt gacagataaa tatgaatttg     41280
     tagctaaatt gttaacgctg ccaaacagca tttgccattg tttacatgct tgtttacatc     41340
     cttgctacaa catactgtta acgctagaaa ctgtgcatgt aatagatcaa ttttaacaag     41400
     taaaatactt acaggttgcg gctctcaatc cacagcttct atgaatgtag ctatgaatgt     41460
     agctgctctt tctgtgagga ttttttagcc aaatctacca cagaattggg agagattttg     41520
     gaagttgttc tctgtcaaat ggtagtgata tatatttttt ttataatttc ctggaacata     41580
     attaaaatta aattctaacc gcttctctct ttgtctcgtg tcctttagaa gcccattcag     41640
     agacagaatt agctctgtgg aaatagcagc acttggatgg cattttagct ttcctttgca     41700
     ttgaactttg agcgtattgc attcagagat gttgtttatg ctacattaca cagcatctaa     41760
     agtttaaaat atgatatcgt agtggaccac ccctttaaag cttgactctt ctgtagctac     41820
     actgtgccca acagaaaaag aaaaaaagtt gtacttttct atttcaatat ggctaagaaa     41880
     tgtactctct ttccactgta atgttcaagt aactttggtg ccataccatg gctgcagcag     41940
     ctgaaaatag tccccagcta gttaacatgt ttccctctct cttttttttt tttttttttt     42000
     ttttttgaat gagatgctaa cgatctaatt caattctatt atttatgcca agctaagcta     42060
     aaagtgctcc caccagaccc aaaaattgtc tgaattgatt ttaaaacggt tcgatcttaa     42120
     ctgattaact ctaggggaat ttaaaatgaa gtggagtgtt cagtcagtgt aattgattta     42180
     agtgtaaatg actttaaagt taatttgatt caatttaata atgtaaggca gatcaaatac     42240
     atgttttaca gtgtaaacat tgcactatta aaacatcaga gatttttgta gcactatgat     42300
     atggtacaac caaggagcag ttttgctaga aaaacccact ttttgggtgc atggggaaaa     42360
     aaactcagtt acaatccctg cagtgcaagt actcattttt aaaacagtct taataaatca     42420
     tactgtgcat caatgcactg ccaaaaaaga aacggataaa agcaacaaca gtaaaagtga     42480
     gaacacactg ccctcttctg catcttcaac accaacagct agtcaaatca caagccttct     42540
     ttttacacaa ctaaactgca catagatcat aaaattaaat gacaggacaa atgaatataa     42600
     tattggagtg tagctaggaa aactttaaga cgttaaagaa aagtttaaga cgtttaataa     42660
     catcacaatt actgctcgtt ggcaatagca gctgtggtat ttaaatgttt tctactgccc     42720
     tgactcagtg tagggaaacc acttcacatt tattatcagt tttttatagt gtgctgtgtc     42780
     tcatgcaccg gttgcgcaga tgcgatgtgc gccactttgt aagattattc agtaatatca     42840
     aaatttctgt tctctcatcc ttccgactga ctttattctt cggaggggaa tactttcaat     42900
     gctgctaata gtttgtaaag actggctcat tgtggtcaaa gtagttgatt taattaataa     42960
     aagtgaaact gacaggcaca ttatggattg tcattaacag agaatttttt agcctatagg     43020
     ctactctgaa actgaatatt tcattgtaat tttatttata ttaatatttg atttaacaga     43080
     ccagattgtg ttctgactag ggtaaatggt ggtagcctga aacagatttc aaagaaaaat     43140
     cttaatatta aaaaaaaaac aaaccaaaaa aaaaagctgg cccacaaaag atcaatgtca     43200
     taacaaaggc tcaaataatg taacctagtt tacagcaagc atcatgttct tagttagatt     43260
     gtgccgtcaa tttttactaa agaagatata ttgttggagt ttatcacaag aactatataa     43320
     actgtaatat tatgcttaca tttttttttt aaaaggcaca gtatcgtgat cggagctgta     43380
     ttggtcgata ctcagaattt tgaggaccgg ttcctaaaaa atggtatcga tgcatcccta     43440
     attgtaccta atgtccatgt gtgttttatt ttgagctact gatttcaaat aacaatattt     43500
     tctataaaat ttacagcatt tatttgcaaa aatatcaaaa ggtctacttc tagcagacag     43560
     actattagtg gtctattatt aaaaataata atgtaaaaaa tcaataacta ctaaggtgaa     43620
     cacttaaaca aaacgttaaa aactacaatt ccacacggta gttttacaaa caaaagacgg     43680
     tcacaccaac taatgttgat ttaatttagt taatagatgt taattgataa atacaacata     43740
     attatggcct tatttttttg aaaatgtcct caatttaaag tattttgaca cataagggga     43800
     tacattgata cagtattgta gctttgcatt tctttaagcc catgaatgct ataggaatag     43860
     gaatgctatt cacactacca atcgcaggtc ggcgttgcat ttaaaaagac cgcccaaact     43920
     gcaatagcaa tctctctttc tctctcattc tttctgtggg tctctgtgtg gacagtctct     43980
     cttgctagtc tgagagaatg cgtttggttt gtggttaatg ctcttgtcta aaatcttttg     44040
     aaactgcaat gtgtttgttt gtgaactcat ccagttaact gatacctgtt tgagtaatac     44100
     ctcggagagg gtgtagaaat gagcaagtca tgcgatatgc atatacaaca ctcagattca     44160
     tttttgcatt attccagtag gttcaggaga gtgtgcggtt ttgattatgt ttggtagtta     44220
     agacgtttgc tacattgaag atgtttcttt tcatgctttt cttataattt tccgtttagt     44280
     ttgttcaaca cagttagtgt tttgttataa ttatttctgt gatttaagca cctctaatta     44340
     cctcctctcc aacaggtaat ttatcattta attattgtaa atatgttttc cttcactgta     44400
     caatttttat cacttataaa aatctaacta agttactcat ctaactaaga ataggcaatc     44460
     aattaacaaa ttgcctgttg tctctttccc tatccattgg tcaagcacac actaaactat     44520
     tatatgttat gtcaaaatac tcttggatta ttattaacat ctaaaaggaa gtaacagcca     44580
     gcaaaaaata gaaactcctc ctcttctggt gcatgacagg atgtggctaa tctgagctca     44640
     aatgagaatc cggcggatat aaaacaccat ctgcgggcga tcccacgttt tcttattcaa     44700
     atctgtatac tgtaaagatc tagtctgaat gccttaccaa gtggtgcatt accattgagt     44760
     tgacggagcg ggcatcctct tcgtaattga cgacgggtgg tggctctttg ccctcgttct     44820
     cctgcatctt ctgctccagc agttctctct gtgccatgag tttggcctcc gagcagcgca     44880
     gcagctggac cgtctgtctg agctcctcca gaaactgtct ctgactgaga aacagcacca     44940
     cgctggaaga gagacagaga tcacactgct caatccacaa taaacgcttc ttttaatctc     45000
     ttatttcagg actttttttt cagagcgtta tgtaagaggc agaggcactg aatgctattt     45060
     ctgggtaaaa tgtgtcctaa gttcttttaa cttaccagaa taaaaatttc agaaatatat     45120
     tgtcagacat ttttattctt gaaatttttt taaatagttt ttcattcatt cgtggatcac     45180
     agtggagccc taaagaacta tccagttact ttaaatggtt atactttgac actacccttt     45240
     aaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaaa aagttccacc caatttgtca agatgtttta ataattatgg     45300
     tggcttgaga gagccaacat actgttataa tatataaact taatattctt ccgtcttctt     45360
     ttgagtcttc ttttctatac gcatctcctc ctagaccgtt caggctacaa taaccaaact     45420
     aacaacaaac ctccaaactg gtctgactcg ggttgctata tcttttctaa ctcatgtgac     45480
     ttacgattat cctaaaacag acccagaaaa ttcgaaaaag tcccactgac ttaacattgg     45540
     accaaatttt gtgacctcat aactctgcat cagactgcca tacagactta aggttacgcg     45600
     tatttaactc aggtttcctc cgggtgctac ggtttttccc tcagtccaaa gacatgcgct     45660
     ataagtgaat tgggtaaact aaattggccg tggtgtatgt gtgtgaatgt gagagtgtat     45720
     ggatgctttc cagtattggg ttgcagaaga aagggcatcc actgtgtaaa acatttgctg     45780
     gaatagttgg tggtttattt ggctgtgaca acctctaaaa aaagtcagag actaagccga     45840
     agaaaaatga acgaatgaat aaaatgtacc tactttttat tcgccttgag tctgagattg     45900
     agtgttttca ctaagcaata tattaaaagc cataaaaatc taatgcatta aacatgatac     45960
     ataacacgaa tgcagtcctt ttagatctgt tagtttgtta ttatctacaa atactctaat     46020
     aagaaattgt tgacttgttg taaagttact tattgctaga acattgtctg aagaggaaaa     46080
     aatttctgct tttttttacc ttactgataa acagttaatg tgactttttt caattttata     46140
     cagttccttg tacaacaccg atgttgaaat taagaaacat cgcaacgcat taggaaactc     46200
     caatactgta aaatactggg gtacaatcat ttttaatatt ttaaagatat ggtgcagaaa     46260
     aaatggaatt taatgtagtg cttcttgtcc tgtcccactt tatactattt atgtcgatca     46320
     ggcagtgaag atcgttgatt tttaaggaaa acagacgttg aacgtggaga ttttgtaatg     46380
     gtatttagtt caccagaagc attttaactg ggttactaaa aattaaaagt ccttctgtat     46440
     aaaccctatt atgaatgaga ccaatttttg ctgtttattt tttaaccact taaactctgc     46500
     agctatttgg tgattttcat ctggattttg cctacccaaa tttaaaagct ttccaaatcc     46560
     acatgcagag gtgtaaatgc aaaaatttgg tatcatttta aagaaaaccc tttgaatttt     46620
     cacaaaacac tattgaaacg gtttacaata tctgtatata tcatctgtgt tataataaac     46680
     acctaaaaaa aaaaaggcgc ttttttttat ttttttttat aaactcaaat ttgaaagtgt     46740
     accttttagg ttcagtgtgg tctaattaat ttagtgctgt aattaatttt ggtggttcct     46800
     gcacatgtct gtaatcatag gaaaaaagaa aaaggtctct accataatct atgcaaaagt     46860
     tattgcattc caactgatga gaggtgctgt acaagccacg gaaacctatc cttgtttgca     46920
     tatttcacta ttcttttgtt tgatcaaaga taattcactg tgtttggact acatcagaca     46980
     tataaaagta tttatttatg cacatcacct caaaaagagg agaatggccc tgaagggcac     47040
     agcataaggt aagagatgac agctgtctgt gctatctggg gctgcttatt gatcatgaat     47100
     gtattgttta catttctgcg ccatggaaac accacaattt catttaacaa ctgtttggca     47160
     tatgaatata attcagtaaa aagaatgcta gaactgtatg agcactggca agagctttca     47220
     tttgagctat aacttgtaca tgtgtcatat aaaaaaatat gaaaatgaac caatgtaaaa     47280
     tacccagctc gggtatccaa aatactgtga atttaagtgt aaataatttt tatacagtgg     47340
     aataccaaag tgatgcatat gtgcataaaa tatagattct acactttcaa acgacaccaa     47400
     ttacgggggt ctggtgcaac gctagccctt taaatctgaa agtgaaagtc catgacgtca     47460
     tggacccggt accgggtccg cagagtttaa gtggttaaac atgaattaaa tttgatggca     47520
     tgatttgcac taagcacaga atttcatcaa gcatgattgt cattgattta attgtataca     47580
     tataaattgt gagtaatata ttaaagcatc catattgcag attgagtgtg gcaaaataaa     47640
     tctaatatca gcaagctgaa ctgggtaagt tcaggtgtag agctgagcag atctgctgct     47700
     catttgattt ttgcagaggt gattatatca gcatctcttg tactggatta cccagcagac     47760
     cttaaagaat gtgctgaagc tggacaaatc ctcatccatc caacacaaca gcacagttca     47820
     gtgagctcta tcagcctgag ccctttcatc ttcacagagg tgctgaggtc aacaaggacg     47880
     ctccgctcag cctaatgaag ctctgtggaa acacttgagt tccccacaca tcattgctgc     47940
     atccacacac ttacagctga catgaacaga acactaaagc aggagtaacc atgaattgat     48000
     gttataatcc aaaagggtga atcagattta ggtgcatgca cagtacaaca tatgcttttc     48060
     ttttgtttaa aatcataatt ctagtctaaa tatctaaaaa ctgtaacatc aaaaagcatt     48120
     atatacacac aagtaacaaa cattgttttg ttaaacaaaa taaaataaat gaaattaata     48180
     aatcatctat aatttcatca gccagtgcat gaagtagcat attcataatg tgtgattcat     48240
     tgataccgca tattttttag tttttgtaaa ttatgaaaat tgcgccatga ataaatgttt     48300
     gtcaacagaa aattgtactg ctcaaatgaa atgcctaaag tcaacgtgct gatgcagttt     48360
     ttacaaactg gaacactagt gaagtaaata gcatttctga taaatgagaa aagtagtttc     48420
     agcctgtacg ttgtatataa tgaaattaac cttattatag tttttataga atttatagta     48480
     ttttaattca ctgcacagct acctattttc agattttttt tcttatatag acccttttca     48540
     catttccagg tttctcagta gcggaagtcg ttataattga aaaactttaa gcgcagtaaa     48600
     cgggagaatg caacaaaaac attttttaca atcttttttg ctgaaatcct taaaagaaaa     48660
     actccacgat gatgttataa agactttagg aaaaaggaaa aaaaaatttt ttgtaagact     48720
     ggtgacggca gccagagggg agaataacat tatatgtatt gtcctgcccc atagtcgctg     48780
     cattggacac ctcgcacaag ctgtaattag tttttttgta atttgaggca tagataatat     48840
     aatacatata gaactacata taaataacca taagttttac gtaaaaatct aaattttaaa     48900
     aactttcaag gattaaagat gctaatgact gttaaacgcg tcataactgg cttttaaaaa     48960
     gggtccatta agatgtctct taaaaaagaa aaaaaaaaag gtaaatgttt aaataaacct     49020
     ttaaaactta gaaaaccttt ttaaatgttt aaaagttaat tgaataaata cactgtgttg     49080
     tgtttgcttt ggtaccaaga actgtatatt ttcactggta tcggtacaga atactgaaat     49140
     gttgctacca tgacaaccct acttgaaccc aagttcaaag tggaaaaaaa caaggcaact     49200
     cttatggcaa gaacacttca ataataaata aacaattaag aacaacaaac aaatgaatac     49260
     acaagttaaa taagattttt agtgttaatg catgataaga attcaaaaaa tttcccggtc     49320
     actttgctaa aaatgtcttt aagtgagttc attttatgaa aaaggcatct ggaatcatta     49380
     aaagcgggac agtccagtaa aatgtgtttt acagtaagga gagttgtgcg gaaaaaacat     49440
     tgagtggggt cttcaacttt aagtaaaaag gagcgggtta atcttgcatg tccaatacat     49500
     catctggtaa aaatcactcg atcaaatcta gtcttaaaat gtcttaaaat tctgtttgag     49560
     atttcaggtt ggatttcata taattcatta ttttccaatg cattattcgt cttgccactt     49620
     atttaaaatg taacctttgt tacatttgta acctttgcag acatttgttt caaccacttg     49680
     cttcaaagcg tctttagcaa cggcatcagc tcgctcattt cctgaaagcc caccatgtcc     49740
     tggaacccag ctaaaaatta tgtaataaaa cagtttttgt aaatggttaa ctttggtttg     49800
     tgtctccttt atacacttgt gattgtatca atggaaacac atcttatgac caggtgcgaa     49860
     cagggtctta tggcccattt ccactgagtg gtacggtaca gtatctaaaa gcacaaatgg     49920
     ttttactttt tctgtttgcg gtcactcacc gtacgtctat atttgaaata acgaacttga     49980
     gctcgtatta ataacgtgag cgtgattaca gaagtgtgga ttttcacatc ctttcagaaa     50040
     cagacaaacg tgagagtgac gatcaaaaaa ataaaggagc aatttattcc tctagcaact     50100
     taaaagataa acaaactgcc atgtttaatt attaacatca ccttttggag cattatgaac     50160
     tcaggatgat gaaattgctt tctaacaatg tgttaacgtt acatgtgctg atgaagtgta     50220
     aagatgagag gtttgtactg actgtatatg ttttgtatcg tttatgaacc caaatgtatg     50280
     ttttttttta ttttttgttt tttttgctat tggtaacatt ttagagatca acattttttt     50340
     ttaaatcgca gatgatacag taccattata gtacagtgga tcaacattga tctgcatcta     50400
     taatcaattc ctattcatag aaaggttagt aattaacatt tatacataaa tatttatgaa     50460
     tataaaggat ttttgggaac tacaagtgag aatgatgtcg actgcagctt tctgttgtag     50520
     aacacgccta ccaaaggtac tattggtaac acttggcagt ggagaaccaa gtctgataaa     50580
     ggtgacccgt accaaaccga accgcactac tgatgcagat taaaaataat gctcatttgc     50640
     agaaaacaaa gtccactaaa ctattcaaag ctttctcttt caaatactcg aggagttgtt     50700
     tttcttactc tgatttcttt tcataagctt tggtagattc ctccattttt ttctccaggt     50760
     ccagcatgag gtcctctttg ctgtgcagat tctgctgggt tattagtagc tcctctgtgg     50820
     tggacttgag cctgaaataa gtcaaacgct cacctttacc acgttatctg acatattaag     50880
     tctaccactt attaaaggta gcataaaaca tctgtgccta caaaatggaa aaactgcaga     50940
     aaaaaatatt actaaacata aggactgaag cacaaatgca gtcgaaataa cccacttaca     51000
     ttacttgtaa gctgtctgct gtcaaattat tccacagaat ctcgtttgct tgaagattct     51060
     cggtttcgtc taatagtgtt gcatcaaatt ctacattagg ttctttggct tctggtgatc     51120
     tgttgaaata gaaatggaga ggatgtcaga aatatattta catttgtgac aaaaacgata     51180
     tttaaagtat acatgtacat aagctagtat aaggttctga cagtttgatt accttggata     51240
     aaaatatcat agtttcaagg tgttgtgatt actgctatac aatatatttt tattaaatgt     51300
     ctgggtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaattcca ccagtaaaca caatatacat ctatttttta     51360
     aagacacgtt taaaatattc aatgtgaact tttgatttgg atggtctttt gctgctggag     51420
     atactttcac cttaaaaaaa ataaaaacca tttacattcc gcagaaatga tttaacaaaa     51480
     aattttcaaa cttttggatt tttccaaagc acagtaaatc ttgaaactgg taatcgtgcc     51540
     atgcttaact ataggtcaag acaagacatt actttttttt ttttttataa acttttggac     51600
     ttttccaaag cgcagaaaat cttggaactg gtaatcgtcc catgtctaac tatactacag     51660
     ttaggcatta aacaattacc agtttcaaga ttagcatggg tcaaggacag tatactgtag     51720
     gtcaagacat gacatatata taatataatt atatatatat aattaaatat ataattatat     51780
     tttgggggct ttcaccttta atagaaagga cagtgaatag tattaacggt aaagcatggg     51840
     gtgcagagag atgggaggtg ggaagagagg cagcaatata agtctgaatt tgtttaacgg     51900
     agggaaaatt tagtcaacac atttctaaac ataatagttt aaataactca tttctaataa     51960
     ctgatttatt ttatctttgc cataatgaca gaaaataata tttgacttga tatttttcaa     52020
     gacatttctc tacagcttaa agtgacattt aaaggattaa ctaggttaat taagttaact     52080
     agccaggtta gaataattag acaagttatt gtataacaat ggtttgttct gtagactatc     52140
     gtaaaaaaaa tttagcttaa aggggctaat aattttgtct atgaaatggt gtttaaaaaa     52200
     ataataactg cttttattct agccaaaata aaacaagtaa ggctttctac agaagaaaaa     52260
     aatattatca gacataatgt gaaaatcctt gctctgttta acatactttg gaaaattata     52320
     aaaaataata ataataataa taaaaataaa tcaattcaaa gggggggcta ataattttga     52380
     cttcaactgt acatacatac atacatacat gcatgcaaac atacataaat atctaaatac     52440
     ataaatcata ttgttccaca gaaacccaaa gtttttgcac tgccaaacat tcctacatca     52500
     tatgtaaaaa gtagtgggtc tcttctgtaa atcattgtga aaatgtatgg aaattaaaca     52560
     gaacacataa aaaatttaca tatttgaccc atatacagac acaaacacat ttattttaca     52620
     catttaaaaa agtgccttac ttataaactt caatgaagtt gtcatactct gacagcggat     52680
     cgatttggtc gatggatgtg tggatttctt tatgaacctt cacgatttca tctgttagca     52740
     ggctggtgat ttcactgtac tcctccagaa tccccttact agagaagaga agaaaaaaag     52800
     caataaaatg aaaagcattg tgtgtaccaa ttaataaatg tgcagtttca ccaaatgaat     52860
     taatccatca atctggactg tcaactgtat tgccaactgt gaaagcactt attgaccata     52920
     tacttgtttg tctttttagc aaaccttaaa ttttctcata aattacacta ataatcagtt     52980
     attcattcct ttttttattc atgagtttta tcattcaatt cattttaaaa taaactgcat     53040
     agatcccttc ataccacacg ctcctgcatg tcttctattt cctaaataaa tcagatatag     53100
     gctatagacc atggtgtgct ttaaatcaat cccagaaggc ctttgcaatt gtttccttca     53160
     tgtggattaa cctctactcc agattactgc atactctgtg attaaaaaac agcttaggaa     53220
     aggaaaaaaa gcaaagagac ttctgttctc tgctaatcct ctgacagcta tgagatattg     53280
     gattgagggt acaacatgca gtgagggttt tagtgtagta ctggttgcgc aggatccaca     53340
     acaaaagact aatatacacg tgacagtcca aagcattcac aacaagcaga catggtacag     53400
     tgagaaaggt ctgcactgcc ctccacagat caagaggaag ctgtattcta atatcaatac     53460
     taaaaagtag tataatgtta ttatatataa caatcatagt tttacttagg gctgcacgat     53520
     aatgaaaaag tctgacattg caatattttc tttgctatac agtgcatttg gaaagtatac     53580
     atagctgcac ttctctattt tcacattttt tatgttacag ccttatttca aaatagatta     53640
     aattaattta tttcctctta attctacaca caatacccca tgacgacaat gtgaaaaaat     53700
     actttttgaa attgttgcaa attaattaaa aataaaaaag ctgaaaaatc acatgtacat     53760
     aagtatccac agtctttgct caatactatg ttgatgcact tttaacagct attacagcct     53820
     caagtctttt tgattataat gccacaagct tggcacacct gtctttggga atttttcaaa     53880
     atgacatcat ttcagttctt ttttttcgat tttgtttcat gtacactaga gccttaacag     53940
     taagaggtgg ttaagaattt tgtggctgaa gccatcaaac taatatcaac agaagactgc     54000
     cacttcaaac atgaaagcaa atgatcaaac tttgaaaaaa aaaacattat tttcgtggat     54060
     taaattaatt gtttacctaa aaacaataat aatgtgagct agccagagtt aattttgaca     54120
     ttagatttta atttaatttt agtcttagtc ttttgacaaa aattccattt tatttaacta     54180
     atcattttag ttttggtcta gttttagtca acttaatttc ataagatttt agtcgactaa     54240
     atctactcta gatttagttg actaaaatat atttggttta atttaaatga acatgcagtg     54300
     aaccttcgtc caccagtaga tactgtcatt ggaataactg gctgatcctt acagtacaac     54360
     ctaatagcat ctataaaggt cagcgagagg ctacaccgtt tcagttaaac aaaagcacat     54420
     actcgagtaa ataaaaaaaa aaaaagatgg agtttaccgt gaacttaaga atgattctct     54480
     ggcatgctaa tgtcactgag attggttgtt tatatcagct ttttcctccc cgtacggttt     54540
     acagactttt tgtcttggca tcaaacataa atctttttct ctgagctgtt gccatctcac     54600
     ctacatagtt taatcagaca gacgccccta tggatgatgt aaacgcatcc cgtgtttact     54660
     gtgaattagt tacttttcaa tgtgtgtgtg tcatgcaaga gacatcaaga ttaactgtga     54720
     ttagatattt ttcaaaaacg tctctcaatc acattctcgt ttttattagt caacgaaaat     54780
     gtcagtaaat ttttattata attgtcgtca tcatcactta atttgtcatt agaattcgtc     54840
     tagttttcat cagtggaaaa tttgtttgtc acaaaaatta tgttgaaaat tttcgtcaac     54900
     gaaattacca ctggagctag caaaataaac attttaaatt ttgatttcac atagatataa     54960
     aaaaaaaaac taatttcgtt atgactgaag aaacaaagtc atatagatct taaataacca     55020
     gggggtgagt acatttttat tctgcaagta aattaatgct ttaaacgaat cgaatagcca     55080
     gttgtgtgat gtggtgaact gactcacagt gcactgatca tctcctcctg catcttctgt     55140
     agggagtcca gcagcagagg cagtgcaaac tcatggtagt gctcctgatg cagctgtgcg     55200
     cttttcaccg ccagcacgta ctggttgtgc agattatgca gcttcatggt ggctttgtca     55260
     tagcgctcac gggctttctc agtctctttg cctgtaggga agtgaaacac ggtcgtgccg     55320
     gtgagatgaa aagcaaaagt ggaggtggtt tctttgaaca tctgattgtg ttagaaaagt     55380
     ctttgaaaaa cgcagtttga taaacaagtt gtaagtaaag caatattggt ttttaaaggc     55440
     ccaacaccaa agtcaaaagt ggtggttttg aaccaaaggg tatcagcaaa cttacagcac     55500
     aacctaatta ttatattaaa agtttaagac accctggagt acttttaaca gatttgtgtc     55560
     tgttgagcat cagttaggac gacgttagca cctgtctgct ttaattgagg gagaaacaat     55620
     aattttgagc ttgttaaata attttatctt ccaggtttaa aataattttt ggggcgggat     55680
     caaaatcggt gacgtagcat taatctgcta gtagagtgat gacactcaat atttttcata     55740
     gcggagtttt cttattctat gagaagaccc tgcttctaaa ttatttatga gagcatgtaa     55800
     aagcacaaag gcaaggcaga cctgcaaact gtaagaccca atgactggat gagaccacgt     55860
     ccacgtacgg caagctcagt ggagtagcgc aaaatgtgga ggcccccctc cagggatcac     55920
     tgacagggtc cccagttggg ggggttgggg gggcaacgcg gggaagcctt cacaaatcga     55980
     agagcgggga agggaggcgg ggtggagcga caacacgggg aagccttcac aaactgagga     56040
     gcaatcacta actgaggagc gggaaagggg gcggggtgga gcgacaacgc ggggaagcct     56100
     tcacaaactg aggagtgatc acaaaccgaa agcggcgaga gcgtcaaagt agccagaagt     56160
     cattcatttt taatgagaac cagtggcgag gaacagcgcg gggcgtcttc tcctgtgcgg     56220
     gcgtcgagga gagttgaaat caaagtcaac tttatggtat gagctatgac gcggttcagc     56280
     ggcaagcaat caggatgaag tagtccaccg cttgagagaa gttcagagaa cacgtacaga     56340
     cctgtgaact ttggttccga ccacggttgt tcccaaaagt ttgattattg cggttgccgg     56400
     attttcaatt gttgaaaatc acaacgacgt ggggccccct aatcacgcgg ggccccccgc     56460
     ggtgcgtgcc ctacgggccc gtccgctatg ccactggtta agctgttcat gaagggtcgt     56520
     ttatatttgt ttccatgatt caaagggttt gttgcatttg ttttcccgcg atgccgtcag     56580
     agctgataca gcaaagctgt tgattttcag caagcatttt tgtcaggaga gctgtacaag     56640
     aattggagga tggccgacct cgtcttttat cagttaagtt tgttaccatt caggcacatt     56700
     gcctattcta tgtttaaaat cacacagatt gccagcaggg ttaatggttg gaatagacat     56760
     ggtacaagac ctgctgcact actatccact gtgtctgcat tcagacccgg gcactgagga     56820
     ggagagtcct cacttatagt gtttacatgg ttatccttta taataataat aataataata     56880
     ataataataa taataataat aataatgata ataataataa taataataat aataaattgt     56940
     gcagggcatt aatttgctgt ttatttgttt gcattttaac tttgtaaact ataaaatcat     57000
     gggttccctc acggtttgtc tctcattttg tgagtcaatt gaagacaatt gttcgctccc     57060
     cttttttctc ctgctctgcc ggccatgccc actcctccct ctgctcgcag agctccactt     57120
     ggatagactt gaaccgaaac aggggggttt catggccctt taagtggacc taactactag     57180
     gtacttttta aaaatcatgt tgtattgaac aacacttaaa gtgctactga ggtggtatat     57240
     ggatatggtt agggtcagct ttggtggtat aggtagttta agaatgggat gtaaaagatg     57300
     ggtcagcagt atgattatag atgttactac agaaattaaa acaaatgtaa ctacatgcat     57360
     ataatttgtt taatataatt acattgatga cataaaaaca tcattgtact gaagtcaatt     57420
     gaatcaaatt attatgactc aaagtcaata gaaactatta taatgtctat gcagttaaga     57480
     caaaatctag caaaatcttg aaaaaaaatg cataattcta atgatctgtg attattttat     57540
     tgtattataa taatgctttg ccagtcttat tttagcagaa gagccagaca tatcatggga     57600
     ggcttcaaat attgtacttg acaaaggggg gcattgaagt caaaaaggtc aagaagcttg     57660
     tgtttctttt ttccagttgt caaattaaag aactacaaat cttcttcatt ccagaaaaca     57720
     atagtatact acttttgtgc tctgtaaaag atttgtttgc actgctttca tacaaacaat     57780
     aaaggttaat ggggaccaca acacttgact ttcatttcaa aataaaagac ctttgatata     57840
     tgatcttttt gtgttacaca ggataaagtc atactgtttt ggactaaaaa aaagactgcc     57900
     taacctatgt tgcacatcat atcacagtaa taattctcat tctgaatcag accagtcata     57960
     taaatcactc ccatcacagt aagtcattat ttgtgaactt agacatagac aaaatcagct     58020
     atttataata aataaaaaaa gaataaaaca cctcaccttt cagaacagcg tccttgtatt     58080
     tttctcttgc taaaacagcg tccttggtta actgccggta ggtgcatttc aatctctcaa     58140
     gatcactttt agttacctga aaaaaagaga aggcaagaaa actgatccat cacactgatg     58200
     ttacctgaaa tggcacaaac tataccatta ttgaaaatta ataggagtat aggggaatca     58260
     aaattaacaa acaaatgtcc tacagaacag ttttacaaaa gttccttttt gcaatatttg     58320
     gatgaccttt aattattaat aaattaattt ctaaatatta gaaatcaaga ctaaatattg     58380
     ttaattacac atgtactaac actgtaacaa tacaaagtaa atttaaattt cattcaaata     58440
     caccatgtaa cttgtcaaat ttaagtaatg acaaaaaaca caagcccttt ttgaagctgg     58500
     aattaatgtg ctcatgaatt ggttatattt attttgtttt gaggtctttt aacagtatta     58560
     tcaaatatgt tgactaacat gttgacgcag aggccatgat tggcgaacag ttgcattttt     58620
     aaacattttt acttgttttt aagggcacca atttcaatca ttttttaaga tttaatttaa     58680
     atcccttgtg tctccagaat gtatctgtaa cgtttcagct ccaaataccc atcagattat     58740
     ttatcatacc tttttaaatc tgggtaatgt tagctgtttt aagattgtag ccgtttttgt     58800
     tgtctgtgcc cttaatgcta attagctagt tctccaccct cccaatttta cagtaaaaca     58860
     ctctctgata tgtcaaaata tcacaggaat gttgattttt caagttcata acacctttaa     58920
     gatgcatttc atccctctgg ccacaaaagt gcaacacaga atacagccga aaaacgaaaa     58980
     ctaaaattaa aacatttagc acgttttagc aattctagag tttgtcaaaa atgcatttga     59040
     tcagatttct tttatagtgt aaatgtgcat gtaatagaaa tatctcaaca tcattcatac     59100
     agctggttac attacacttt tgttaccaat gcaatagctg acccatttgt attgcattgc     59160
     aaagttttcc attatcagca ccactgtggg aaatggaaca tgtttcctgt gtgtctatat     59220
     gtgcgcgcac atacagaagg ccttaggctt atcaaattca tccacaactt tggggtgggg     59280
     ggttagggga ggggattgtc actcaaaatc aggtgtgaac caagcaattg agccaaatgt     59340
     gaaaacacca gctaattgtg agctcccaca tataaaaaat ctttgataca gcaatataca     59400
     tgtcatatat gtgtactgca tttgttgaat tttgtaaaca attttgttgt ttaaatatga     59460
     tattgcatta atttgcatac atgctttata aactgaaaaa taaaagctaa agcctatttg     59520
     ttgtgtttat gacgcagatc caggaggcca tcagcatcag cgctggtttc gcatcaactc     59580
     gtctgtatca aacagcaata ttcttcttcc atttggcttc tttggcaaat ttgtctgtag     59640
     gcacgtgtgg tcatacgtta tcgtcccgtg agttacaaat atgtgtgatc agagcaaaca     59700
     tgattttcca ttccaaaaac atgaggcgta ccttgctcct tttgacaaga aaaaaaaaaa     59760
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagagcgtg gtcctctttt ttaatgtcac tatgaaacgt ctgaatcagc     59820
     tgggtattaa ttgtgcaaga gtgttggtgt ctatgatgtt acaattgtaa tatttaatac     59880
     tattgtgata tttaagattc agtcaactct ggataacttg aaacagcgag ctctagtaca     59940
     aactgctgct ctgggatgag ccgcgtgcaa aataattgcg gcttttagta aaccattcaa     60000
     aagacgtccc tctttacgca gaaagtgcat tcaatcggct acttatgcag ccaaactaaa     60060
     attatttaaa ataatatttt taatcgttta actgaaacta ttaatcaaac gcacccttta     60120
     ggttaacagt taatcgatta ttttgagcat ccctagcacc aaactattat aaacaccatc     60180
     actacaagtt taagattaac agatttattg caattgaaat caccaataat ttgtaaatta     60240
     ttgcattctt tttcttcagt gccccaactt tgaacaaatg gtaaacaaat ggaaatatat     60300
     tcccataata gtacatacag actacactac atataaccta aatatttaat atataatctc     60360
     taaatagcac aataatatgt cttaaaagat aaatattgct gcaaaatttg ataaaagacg     60420
     ccataaaata gtcagtataa tctcctaata atctttcttt aggtgtaaac caagaggaaa     60480
     cacttcaaat ttcattgtta taatccatct ttatagattt ttaacaaatt ttgctgcttt     60540
     ttctaactta ctcttattta ctccgagggc cgtttatatt gaagttgaca tttagccata     60600
     ccatgttggt gttttgtagc atctaatgtt tacaatgtag atagtaaaaa tacacacata     60660
     catacactat ggacaattag cttacacaat acacctatag gaagtctttg gacttgtggg     60720
     ggaaaccgaa gcaccctgag acaaacacca cacagaaatg ccatctgacc cagccggtgc     60780
     tagaaccagc gactttgcgg tgacaatgct acactctgcg ccaccatcca taaaatgggc     60840
     tgatttaaca gcttttggaa caacctaatt gttttctgtt caattaactt aaatttggaa     60900
     aaacaattac gttaacttga tttgtgttgg gacaacatga aggaattgag tagggcccag     60960
     cattttttac agtgtatgca atgacaataa aatgtgacta atggattttt ctgaccctga     61020
     tctttctaaa ggctcacctt gttcatctcg gactcgatct gctggtggag gctttggtaa     61080
     ctcttcttaa cctgttgctt gtctttgatc atcatggtga ggcggtgaag aggccctgag     61140
     ttgagctcct cagcatggca cttcatgatc ttactcaact gctctgtctg ctgcaccatg     61200
     tgagtccacg actgataaca caaaaaaccc acatatgaag atacaaagag atagaaataa     61260
     gaaaaaaaca tgtgggcgag agactgcgaa acaaacaaag agatcgaaac agatagatat     61320
     gatgagagga acagacaatg cctgattaac tggtagtgag catttaacag atgataagca     61380
     tcagctccac cggtctacct ataatgcagt gcttaccttg gacacatggc tgacatagtg     61440
     gatctgagag gagttgtcgt gcttgtccac ctgctggctg atgttgatca ggagcgatgc     61500
     gtattccttg tcgctcttca cccggagggt catgaagcgc ttcactgtct ccagcagctt     61560
     cagctcccag tcctgcagct tcatcagacc ctcgtgggag ttcctcaggt cccggccgaa     61620
     ccccatctta cacgcaaggc acgcagtctc tctctctctc tctctttcgc tcgctcagta     61680
     ggctgtggtg atcaggtctg cattgttact gtgctgaaag cggatatgag taaaaataat     61740
     ggcgggttag atgaagtgaa tgaaagtaag gaatcacaaa ctgtctatct gctattctat     61800
     ccattttgat gctggtttct tgtggttgag aataactttt gtacaacttg ttgaaatgtt     61860
     ccatgggcca tttttattat atttggtcag aaataggttt atttaagaaa ctaatcttac     61920
     aaaccgtttg caggggtcat ttctatgatg caatttccag tttttatacc atatgttggc     61980
     tgtatcacat gacacattta tatttgattc tcactttaaa atatctttcg ttaaaggagt     62040
     ttattaaatc aaaatctaat aaaaatgaca ctgtacattt ttttcaagaa gaaaaccttt     62100
     ttctattagc tatgctatag cttagccctg ttgttgcttt tttttaaatg ttatgaatag     62160
     tattttgatg cttttatgaa taaattaaaa tagtagagga tctgagagga tctgatggat     62220
     ggggcaacca ttactgcatc caaaatggtg aaaagccttg gagtaacgat tgatgaccaa     62280
     ctaaacttct ctgaccacat ttctagaact gcatgatcat gcagattcgc actctataac     62340
     atcagaaaga tccgaccctt cttatctgaa catgcagctc aactccttgt tcaagctctt     62400
     gttctctcca aactggatta ctgcaactct ctactagctg ggcttccagc taactctatc     62460
     aagcctcttc aactgctcca gaatgcagca gcacgagtgg tcttcaatga acctaaacga     62520
     gcacatgtca ctccgctgct agtccgtttg cactggctgc cagttgctgc tcgcatcaaa     62580
     ttcaaagctc tgatgtttgc ctacaaagtg acttctggcc ttgctccttc ttatctgctc     62640
     tcacttctgc agatctatgt gccctccaga aacttgcgtt ctgtgaatga acgtcgcctc     62700
     gtggttccat cccaaagagg gaagaaatca ctttcgcgaa cgctcacgct caatctgccc     62760
     agttggtgga atgaactccc taactgcatc agaacagcag tcactcgcta ctttcaagaa     62820
     acgactaaaa actcaactat ttagtctcca cttcacttcc taatttgcaa ttgccttttt     62880
     gaatatcaca ctaactgtac aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaactaa tactactaat acttcccttc     62940
     ttagacttta cagacctgaa acttgccttt agtacttatt cattgttgct cttagttgtg     63000
     taaattgctt ccttgtcctc atttgtaagt cgctttggat aaaagcgtct gctaaatgac     63060
     taaatgtaaa tgtaaatgta ataaatacaa ttagcttcac attgttgtca catgcataag     63120
     atatataaaa gcaactaaat aaccacagga tgtactgtgc tctgcaaaag tcttaggcca     63180
     gggctattca attggcggtc cgcaggccga acttggccct agagccaatt tgttctgacc     63240
     ctccaaatag tatgaccaag acatcaaaag taaatttagc tcagtagaaa aagggccact     63300
     atagttatta ggtgacgtgc atctgttcaa aacagtcacc tgacatcaag tatccgaaaa     63360
     catttggata cttaatcgta aaggcttctc aacgccatgt ttctgtttca ctaaacgaaa     63420
     ctgctgcaac taaacgttat gtcacctgtg cactgattaa agttccgagc ttatacacca     63480
     aggctaatat gcacgcacac tggataaact agcagcgggc cattcacata ttgtatcttt     63540
     tctacgagca agtttattat tttcaatgta agaatatatg ccaatatgcg tgcgcaccca     63600
     gtagaaaaca tagtggtgag ttgtgtgtgg ctttcagtgc aacgtaaaca aaatgtatgt     63660
     tagacgaatt attggaaaat attaaaatta tgatgcatgt atgtatgaac gcagatagta     63720
     acaacagttt atttaactcc ttacctaatt aaaagcttaa atttaaatta gacattataa     63780
     ccgtgaaacc acgattattc tttagactat atcaggggtt tttaaagtgt gaggcgcgcc     63840
     tcccatgggg ggcgccagag catgtcaggg gaggcgcgga aaaaatataa tataataaaa     63900
     atataattat taagattaat tattatatgt atttttttat tatatttaaa cgttttaatt     63960
     aaacaaagca aaaaaaataa tacgtcaaat ataagaaaag cttttttacc cagaaggcca     64020
     tagctgtgaa ttcgcttttg tttggcaagc ccaccaatac aggtatatgc ctgctaatac     64080
     aattggtcgg tttctgagaa cccccgattc aaagctgtaa taaagttcac ggccctttgg     64140
     ccgccgggaa gaaggaggcg gagaaccgac gcagttttaa aatgatttat taataacagt     64200
     gacggcagct cctcaaggag gctgccgtct aaaccagaac aaacggacgg cagctcctca     64260
     cggagactgc cgtcaaactg aaagcaaaag taaaatatgt ccgggcctgg tcctctctcg     64320
     gcttcctctg cccccgttac tccttttatg atccagagct ctttccgtgg gatccgaggc     64380
     aggtgcgcac cgcaggtgta tccacttacg cgatggcctc actccgttcc cacggctctc     64440
     ggtcacgccc cctcgccaca aaagccttca agttcagggc ttaaacccaa aagacgacga     64500
     tatgatgatc agtatttgag tttaggattt acgtggacag gaccagctga tgaaccacga     64560
     cctttatgtg tggtttgtca aaatatatat aataataata atatatatat atatatatac     64620
     agggggtggg ttgttgttgc gcgcgtactg aagagcggta ttgtcacgcg ttctgatcag     64680
     ctgttttgtc gcttgcgtag tcaaccactt aagagcgggg cagagggtgt gccgcgtcgc     64740
     gggggcactt ttcatcattt tggaagggaa ctttctatcc aagactaaaa agggcatgtg     64800
     cactgcacag gttgagccct atgtgtgcac gtgcctgtgc gtgcgtgcgt gtttgggagg     64860
     aggggggcgc caatggataa gttgtgtcaa aagggaggcc caccgtctta gactttgaaa     64920
     aaccctggac tatataatcg tccaaccaaa atatatagtc tctgcatccc taattgttat     64980
     gcagttcaaa acttaacatt ttaatgtaaa aaaaaaattc agcgtgggtg tcttaaggag     65040
     ctaaactata tgttgttgtg tcatcactca agttgcaagt catatctttc cggccccaca     65100
     tttgagatgc ttttcatgaa ctggccccca tgacaaacta attgaatagc cagctaattg     65160
     aagcatcacc agcttcggga ggctaagact tttgcaacaa tctagcgaaa ggtatggagg     65220
     caagtgctgg gtcataactt ttggacaaac tataccttta atatacaaac agaaaatatg     65280
     ggaaatatgt gcacaacatt cagaacaact ttactttttg aatcaaaagc ctagcatcaa     65340
     aagtctaacg tgtttaatgt gacctcttta gcactaagca acagcttgaa cttttgtgag     65400
     acatttctga aataatgtgc tatttaatat caagcatctt tcaagcattt caaagagttc     65460
     ttccttacag ggttcccatg cttttaagag cagcagattc aaggactttc aatgactttt     65520
     taaagcacca tcaattttaa aacaagtacc tatgtaattc ataccccagc atatgtagtg     65580
     ccatagaagc acttaacatt tcttatacta aatatatagg ttacatatat cagagtaact     65640
     ttcaaaaaaa tttgactaat ttaaaaagtc aagtttaaag aactttaatc aaatttgctg     65700
     aattcaatgt tggtaatatt aaaatgtggt ctctaaaatg ttgaaaaaaa gtttaaaaaa     65760
     taaggtgtta ttgtacaaga cttaaaggca agattattaa tttaagaatt tcactgtttt     65820
     ttctctcagt ttttgacaat ttgagtacaa ttgttggaaa aataaaacaa taaacaattt     65880
     ttttatttca tttaagcact ttcaaggacc tatgtttatt ataagtactt tttcaggcct     65940
     tgaatccata tgtctaaaat tcaagtactt ttaagaagca agggaaccct ctccattcta     66000
     aaatgaccac gtttaaagtc tgatttcttt aaaaaaatct gtgattttat ctacctaata     66060
     catatatgat ataaagtgga tcttagactg acaagaagca ctgcattaaa ttccttttgt     66120
     taatataata cttgtagaaa tggtaactgg tgggtgcgac tacattttgg ctggtgctcc     66180
     taaattttta aagttaggag caccagtgct accaagtaaa atggttcgtt tctagcgatg     66240
     tgtatctttc tttttctctg caagtgaatc ttataatgcc tttaatattg cctatacatg     66300
     ctttttataa tttttaaaga cttttgcaca gtacgcatgg gccggtataa gattctgatg     66360
     gtatgacaac cttgaataaa aatatcacag tttcgcagta ttgtgattac tgctctaaaa     66420
     tgtattgttt ttaaatgctt gggtaaaata caaaaacctt ttttacaaaa acacaatgtt     66480
     tttattttga gaaacattaa atattttgga actgtaaaca tgttaggcta aatgaattat     66540
     tgacttttgc tgtcttcgct tgtttgaaaa acagactatt ttacaactta aaacaccatc     66600
     tttggtaatc atttctaatg tagatacagt tgtcctaaaa acaaattgca caaaactttg     66660
     aagattttaa aaccttgact tttccaaatc acagtataac ttgaaaatgg ctattgtccc     66720
     aatgtcccat gcctattgca cagtactgta tttattatgt tctaaacaca agttaataaa     66780
     tagtaactgc aatcccttcc agcagaaaac cataagcaac atattatacc caactatcca     66840
     atgcctaaac atatttgtaa aagactctaa cataagtctt catctgagca tcccaccaaa     66900
     accttaattt gtgttgtcca cctcaaagtc ctgaccagtt ttaaataacc atgcagcaaa     66960
     aacaccacag atcatactta cctttttatc atcagcacat ctaaattcca ccaaataacc     67020
     tcacccaacc agtgaatgca acagaaactg agaaatatgc cggcaaacat tcacgctgta     67080
     ctttgtgaaa caagttaatc taaagagaat gcagtttatc aagtgcaaat caagtgaaaa     67140
     cagacttcct gttagacgac gaccatctaa aacccacacg agcaataaac tcaagtctgt     67200
     caagaaattg ccagatttac aaaacagtca ctactggtga actgaaagta tgtacagtaa     67260
     cgcaacaact catttgcaca ccctccggtt cctttcttag cagctgaaaa aaaaaaaaga     67320
     agaagaagga ggaggaggtg aagaagaaca acttcaggta tttgtgcctt gaggctcata     67380
     tataaaaaca tgctagaaga caatgacata caactactac tgttaatcca aaaccctttc     67440
     aatatcagaa gctgagaccg tgtcagtgct tttcaattga tccagaaccg tgcagctcta     67500
     gtctggatta aagcagaagg ctgtttaatt acaaagatta gtaatgtcat ttaatacttc     67560
     acaaagccct taataacctc cttatctgag agtacaagcc ttctgctctc cttcttccat     67620
     caaataataa cacgagagga ccacttttag cttaaagagc acagaatcat taagaagatt     67680
     acaagaaagc agctttattg tggatgtttg ccactaaaag tgatgaagac gactggtctt     67740
     gcagaaaact gactatttct tttcctcttt gtttatgagg attaaaaggt attgttctgg     67800
     caaagcacat gtaaaatttg atttgcatca taaagtcaag tgagtgacat gtatatacct     67860
     aacagcaatt tcctgacagc aattatctgg tttgttaaaa tagccaactt taaaagcttg     67920
     gtaattcgtg tcagcaagcc acaagaagag acagaagcgg ccagataact gcatgttact     67980
     gaacaagtgg ttgttaattt gagagtaaca gccatgtggt ttcctgtgaa attacaaaga     68040
     gtgacaaaat gacaactcgt gacagatgtc agttattcaa atatttttta aaaagttgac     68100
     gcagaatcat cttttattca ttcatatctt atggatgttg ataaagagac actgcgagga     68160
     tagatgactt aatattgaga aaaggtgatt agaaggaatt aggcaattag gatcaaatgt     68220
     tgtcaaaaat tgtaatttaa gacaacagct gtgcaaaact tatagaattt atgatatttt     68280
     tggcaacaaa tttgagtcct tttaaataga gatttttcca atggtatttt tacacaattt     68340
     tatttttaaa taaatgttaa aaagcaagct ctttcattgt taggtcaaaa taagcaatac     68400
     acatagggga cattagcatg acaagaaaca gatcaagaat gatgaagtgt tacaaagaga     68460
     aacaattctt tggatgataa gaccaggaac gtctcatcag aaagaatata ggtctaattc     68520
     tgatactata ctgaatttta aaaccaactt ttgtgtaact cctgaaagtt gcataaaaaa     68580
     aatagcgaca gatattttct tctgcattgc catattaaaa aaaagatttt taaaaattgt     68640
     gggcagacaa gtgttgtcac agtactgcat aaaaaaacct gtccattttc tgcttacttt     68700
     tgagcgctgt tgagtgcgtt cctaaacact gctgatttgc catcgtgttc acatgctcaa     68760
     cagaaatgac tgtgactggc catgaaggtc atcagtttat tgcttttcac agtgcagaaa     68820
     cagacattgg agctgtttaa agcagtgaaa atcagttgat ctctttatga gctgacatac     68880
     aagcgatcca ctgatgaatc caccaatctt tgcggcttta aactgctcta gtgtccctgt     68940
     atacatgtta cagcagtgaa ttgatgagct tcaaagccaa ccacagtttc tgtgaagaat     69000
     gtgctcaaca gcgcttaaac gttagtggga aattaaagtt tttaaaactt cagaactgat     69060
     tggtgccgaa attcagtatc gggacaacac tagggcaaac ttgatccacc cacttatcca     69120
     gcacatgttt tacgcagtgg atgcacttcc agcaacccat ctcagggaaa catccatatc     69180
     cactcatata ctacagacaa tttagaatac ccatttcacc tgtactgcat gtctttggac     69240
     tgtgggggaa accagaacac ccggaggaaa cccatgcgaa cgcggaaaga acatgcaagc     69300
     tctacactga aacgccaact gacccagcca aagctcgaac cagcagcctt cttgctgtga     69360
     ggcgacagta ctacctactg cgtcacccca tttatcaatt attgacttta ttttctaatg     69420
     tgaccgctga actgtaaggc actgttttca cctggtatta acatacattt aaatgaatct     69480
     cttatgacta gcacaacaga tgacatcact caaataattt ttttctgttt ttctgcctgt     69540
     tcaaactacc catttaacag ttaagggaga tttatgctgg gagtgtgaca ccatgaagga     69600
     actgtgtgga acacagcatt ttcttacagt gtaaactgaa tgaacaatcc catgatatag     69660
     aacttatccc tgtttctact aaaagcagta aggtatggtt cagtacaata tgctacactc     69720
     tcagaattaa aggtacagga gctgtcactg aggcaatatc ttttcaaaag atacattttt     69780
     gtacccaaaa gagtccacag tggtgcctca aaagtgcata ttaatgccca aaggtaccta     69840
     aaaagtacca ttaaggtacc gttatggacc ctctaagaac aaatatgtct cttttgaaaa     69900
     cgtatagctc cagttacagc tcctgtatct ttatttctga gagtgtatgg tacacatttt     69960
     tttttctgtt tccaccatgc catatcactt ttttttaaac cttttccaaa gggtaccttc     70020
     atttaccaca acgaaatgac accaaaatat taaagactgg caactgaaag ctactggttt     70080
     agagagaacc atcaacagcg aatgctacaa gccatgaaaa taaaacacag gaagttccat     70140
     ttttaaatgc acaaccaaga catgaccgta ataacacagt gatcgcacac gacaatgagc     70200
     catggcttga cagaagttta aacaaacctt ctcgtcttct catgacaaac agccacatgc     70260
     caaaaaacaa gaacagaatc tgctctatgt cctctattgt tgtttacaag ggtatatttg     70320
     aaataatcat gatatgtgaa ttaactgtat aactttataa ttaggagtag tgatgtagtg     70380
     attcacctga ttctcgattt gatacaattc acaactctaa tctttcaatt cagtcacgat     70440
     ttttttaaac aaaattattt gaaacaaatt taaggtgagg agccctttta tttttttcat     70500
     atttttgcaa aatactattt tctgccataa ctaaattgtt attttaaaaa caaattccaa     70560
     aaaataataa gcgctgggat tttacatttt tattaaaata attatcagca tatctatgtt     70620
     ttctggcata agctgtggtc ttagcacaat gtcccctact gataaaaaaa aaaatatata     70680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttcagtg gggacagaga tggctggtgt     70740
     ggagaagtaa gcctatttta aaccagagag cagccttctg ctccaagtga ctggacactg     70800
     gcataaaaaa aaatattatt aaattactaa ttaattataa aatagaatag agaccggaat     70860
     tgaacatgtt tacgaaggtg agtaattaat attacttgta taattaatta gtagaagtat     70920
     catatttgat acacttaaga agagatcatc ttgaacattt ttaaatattc aataataagc     70980
     aaactattaa aatatgcaaa aactaatttg aaaaggagag gataaaaata gtctaatacc     71040
     tgcttctgta accactttcg ctatgataac actgatgcac tgtgtgatct ctgtagcact     71100
     tgccagagca agaggtgcac atggtctagc ttataaatag tgtttttgcg tatagacgtc     71160
     tgtaacagta gttttttact gtgctactgt tcatgtgcat catattcgtt cttctgttag     71220
     tatgtaaaca tctttttgca gtatctgcac acagtttgag tttgtctggc gcacttcacc     71280
     gatgtcattt tactctgcgc cccacctctt gcttgccact tatgtgaagg taaagcagga     71340
     ttgcaactgt aaacacagac cccctctgtt caaaacatgc atcacgcaca tttcaactgg     71400
     tttgaatggt cacatatttg aattaatttt cacccgactc aaagtgaatt gttacatccc     71460
     tacttgggac acgaatgctg tcgatcaaaa tcttcttgcc tacacaacct ctaccaaaag     71520
     ggtactgttt gcagtaagcc tgattagggt gacccgtaag aaaccataca gtactgtaat     71580
     attttttttt tatgtgttgt tcaatttatt ttcaatttca atttcccaag gtgttttttt     71640
     acatgcattt tttttatttc tctttgatat ttggtcttat tggaacctaa ttggaatttt     71700
     ttttaaaaat ctaagtatca tcttttgaca tgatgtactt gtacaaaaaa aatgtccata     71760
     tatgtggact cgtggtccga atttacataa aacacatttt cctgaatgtt ttgtaatgca     71820
     tacttaacat agaaatagtt ttgaaaatgt tgactataaa agacagtaaa aacaacattt     71880
     ttgtttccca tttaggacag ttaaaaatag tttttgggac atttcatttg ctgcaaaact     71940
     gttgcaggat gacatggtat gttggtaaca aaatataaaa ccttcaaagt tttaaatagc     72000
     cacttaagag ctaaatgtgc aatccacgat tgtggccact aagccctagg aggttaatgt     72060
     tctcagtgtg tttttaatgt gattaggtgt agcctaatca ttatagattg agattaaatt     72120
     tatggatgaa caatttaact atttagattt tttttttcat ttgttgtgaa tgttatgtaa     72180
     tggttttgtt tttaaaaaaa atgtgtgcat aaactatcag tgaaaactgt tgagagtaga     72240
     gttctgctat caatggacat gggcagcata tctattttct ccattacata caacctgggg     72300
     cagattttca aaagcacagc tagccaacta atgtcgcacg ttctgacatt agtgaacttt     72360
     tgcaaacagc attgcaaatt tgtatgagtg gaactacagc tcttgaccta tggttagaag     72420
     tattccaaat atgaaatcta aaattaatta tatcatgcat gtaatcaaac tgaatactag     72480
     catgcattac tacctatatt cgtcattgaa taaatatttc attttacttt tagtttgcta     72540
     tgagtattaa atcacaatat ttgaacagtg agttataggg ttgtgtgatt aatcgaaatc     72600
     gaatcgcagt ttgaaacgtt gcgattagct aaatcgcaag gggctgcgaa atgaaatata     72660
     tttgtattat ttaatttccc ctgcccagag catcacatat atttgtgatg gttttaccag     72720
     caagtgagca agcacaatta agtgatgagt gtctttgtaa aaagccaact gaaagtattg     72780
     ccagtgacac tcaatctagt agaaagctac agcaaagtag agagttgttt agccatgaca     72840
     gtttcctgag tgttctgaat ttttataatt attttttttg tataatatgc tacactatct     72900
     gcctaaaacg agttaaagtt gtttacagaa aactcaggtc attttatttg tgtttactgt     72960
     ttgctataga gaaaaaaatg tgtttaattt ctgaatattt aaaaataaat ttgaataaat     73020
     gttgaaataa gttaatatct ttaagttcct ttttttaact aacactcaat gcattttagc     73080
     agtaagaagc tatggtatag attattgagc taaagcttga ctacaaaatt aaaatcgcaa     73140
     atcaaattga aaacacaata tctgtcaata aaaaaataaa gaaataaaaa catcaccaat     73200
     agatattttc cctaaatcgc accgccctag tgtgtaagtg ctatattacc cgaatgtaac     73260
     ctctaaatga tgtaaggaag cccttaaaat ataccaaaat aacaaacaaa aatagcaaac     73320
     caatgccatg tctggtattt acagcaataa tctgacattg gtttgatctg gaacttttaa     73380
     aatcaggtta tcactccaca tgtaggatgt cactaactaa tagagagacc atccaaaaat     73440
     ctgtctttat ttacttacat tttatgagtt cctttcatct gttaaacaca gaaaaaggta     73500
     ttgtaaaata tgttgttttt actttaatcg aattcatctt tatttctaca gcgctttaac     73560
     aatgaagatt gtgcttaaca ttgaaattat agtacaattt ttgaaattat agtatataat     73620
     tatagcagta tagtaatttc actgctgaaa gcagtccaaa cattgaagag gaaatgcatc     73680
     gatgcgcagc ttcacaagtc ccaaaccaaa caagccagtg gcaacaatgt cgagaaacaa     73740
     acttcatcaa ttgacgaaag tgaaggaaaa aagctcaaga caaaccaggc tcagttcggc     73800
     attaccattg caatggttac aagtttcaga aacctgtaat cattgacttt tttttttcta     73860
     taaaacttct gggtcaattt ttttgcttga tggtcagttc agacaaaata aagcactact     73920
     agattactat tataagtatt aaatacacta cattgatcta ttacatgcac agtgtctagc     73980
     attgatggta tgctgtagca aggatgtaaa caaggatgta aacaacagga aatgctattt     74040
     ggcaccatta actatttagt agtaaataca ctacattgta gtaattttta ttatttaatt     74100
     aaaattcaaa gatcttaagt tacgcatggt ctaatgattt aaaaaataca aataaaattt     74160
     gatatatgta ttataaaatg tacataaatt atttaaaaat taatctatta aaatataaac     74220
     tgaaatgtat aaactattaa ttatttattt ataattttgt agaaaagata tatccatttt     74280
     tatttaaata acgtaaacta tcacatgaca ggctacttat tacctttgaa tcgtatatta     74340
     tatactaata ataatatact acaacataat aatattaata aaaacaacaa caacaacaac     74400
     aacaacaata atacaataat aataataatg aaatttacta ctgatcttgt ttaaactgac     74460
     catcaaaact ccatatcagt caattataca aattaataaa ttaagcatct tttaagcttc     74520
     taatacaggg ctgcgtaata attctaaatt atctaaataa atatcgatat aggtgcaaca     74580
     aataagtgtt ttaatacaaa aatcctgttg taaaattgta tgaaataaaa ttgtatgttt     74640
     tgccatgtaa aaattaaaaa atgtaatgtg caattgaaac agcttcatgc aacaaaatca     74700
     ataccttcaa tgacagctca aaagcaaaag cccaacccgt ccgtgaaaac acatcataga     74760
     gctgtaaact aaataaccac tgtggccaaa cgctgctgta taatcctctc acccataaca     74820
     caattaggct ggttaatgca catcagtggg agtttagctc aacaaggatt tgctgtgtga     74880
     gctctgtggg ggcacagctg cttgaatagc acttctgagc acactagcag aggaatgtgt     74940
     gccctctaaa tgagcgtctg aggaatgaga caccaaatac atcatgtaaa caaagtcagc     75000
     tgcttgtgag tgttaacatg tattggcgat caaagacaga cagtgtgtgc tcttccactg     75060
     taatccaggt aaactgcaat caggacgttt ctcatcacct gtttctagac acaaaacgtt     75120
     tgcttccttc acaggccatt ggttgtgata gctttcccac aggaaatgaa tagcatttta     75180
     ctcataatcc aaaaaatgtt caaatataaa caatagacta acaggtgtca gtggtacaaa     75240
     tgaggcaaaa gtacatgaca attgtgattt aatccatgtt catatttatc ctagacacaa     75300
     atacgcttac cagccacttt actaggtaca cactactagt acagagttgg aaccccgttt     75360
     gccttcagaa ctgccttaat ccttcatggc atagattcaa taaggtacag gaaatattcc     75420
     tcagagattt tggtccatac tgacatgata acgtcacgca gttgttgcag atttatcggc     75480
     tgcacatgca tgatgtgaat ctcttgttcc actacattct aaaggtgctc aattggattg     75540
     agatctggta gctgttgggg ccatttgagt acagtgaact cattgtcatg ttcaagacac     75600
     cagtctgaga tgattcgcac tttatgatat ggtgcgctat cttactgaaa gcagccatca     75660
     gaaggtgggc acactctggt catataggaa tgaacatggt aagcaacaat actatgaagg     75720
     ctgtggcgat gacacgatgc tcaattggta ccaatgggcc taaagtatgc cccacaccat     75780
     tacactacca acctgaaccg ttgatacaag gcaagatgga gccatgtttt catgttgttg     75840
     atgtcaaatt ctgaccctac catccaaatg tcgcaccaga aatcaagact catcagacca     75900
     ggcaacattt ttccaatctt ctattgtcca attttggtga gcctgtgcag attgtagcct     75960
     tagtttactg ttcttagctg acaggtgtgg cacctggtgt agtcttctcc tcctgtagtc     76020
     catctgcctc aaggttagac atgttgtgca ttcagagatg ctcttctgca taccttagtt     76080
     gtaacgagtg gttattcgag ttactgttgc ctttctatca gcttaaacca gtctggccat     76140
     tctcctttga cctctggcat caaaaaggca tttgcgccca cagaactgcc gctcactgga     76200
     tattttcttt tttgtgatca ttctctgtaa accttagaga tggttgatgg ttttgtaaaa     76260
     atcccagtag atcagcagtt tctgaaatac tcagaccagc cggcctggca ccaaccacca     76320
     tgccactttc aaagtcctaa atcacctttc ttccccattc tgatgctcaa tttgaactgc     76380
     agcagatcgt cttgaccacg tccacatgcc taaatgcatt gagttgctgc caaatttaca     76440
     ttaaagatca gttggacagg tgtacctatt aaagtggccg gtgagtgtat atagagaaaa     76500
     ttaagaaatt agtatttttt tggaatattg tatttaatca caaacaattt ggatattttg     76560
     accgcttgac attttctttc tttactttct tttttaaaac tctgaatatc aatgttgatg     76620
     taatttaaaa gttgtattag actttttaaa aggaaaacaa ctattaaaat tgtagtcaaa     76680
     caggctagta aacccataaa ttggtatttc caaatcgtct ctcaagttct tccatatatg     76740
     tacgtgtata aaatccccaa ctttatctgc ctgtcaaacg ttcatgtccc cttcattctg     76800
     caataaaaca cattagtatc atctgatgcc acaaccgtaa agtaatgatg tgcaaagtat     76860
     gttagaccta aaataagtta tgagcatcac atgaaggaag tagggaggaa actgattaac     76920
     gttagttaat attttactct ttcaaagtta ccttatcaat ataaaagccc ttctcaatcg     76980
     tcctcaacgt cacagtgaca gaatgatctt acagacttca tttgcaatgg gttatgtcgg     77040
     tcaaggtaat taaaccgcag tttagctgtg ttgttcatac cgctgttgtc aaaagtttaa     77100
     taagagtgac ggccgactct gcgtttagat tcagcacaca ctcacacgtc cataacaacc     77160
     gcaaataaca acgacggaca gttgacaaac tgcagaacat attttatacg cttactgaac     77220
     atgttcattg gctttcctgt gctggtggga cgttagccgc tgctagcgct gccctgctaa     77280
     tgctgcctgg ccttttcctt tggaaaaaca gcaaaacaat tgaacacaag cgcgcattcc     77340
     cgagacctgc agcgcactaa acacaatttg cgtgcgaaca aaatagcgta tgtaataaaa     77400
     tagctcgtcg gcttactgta atggtgtact gtggtatttg tccgtgtttc ctgattcctc     77460
     ggtattcctc ttttctttga ctggggttgg aggagttgag ttgggattcg ggaggggttt     77520
     ccgctcagct ccagcgctgc cacaggctta tgacgtttac cacacgaccc tccgagccct     77580
     gcaactgttc ctgtgtgtgt gtggtcaagt atgatcactg ctgtgtgtac ctgccttaaa     77640
     ggtctttcct tgaaagaaga aggcggacag gtgttcattt aatggtcact cactgacctg     77700
     acacgagggg tgtggagtag gagactgcag gatttctcga ttatatacac tcctaaaatg     77760
     attgaaaatc tcaatttaat atactttaga aacacttcac ttaaagagaa agatagtcac     77820
     agcttatagt cagtgagtgt tgattttaaa tggatggtca gcagatgcct gcctgtctga     77880
     cgaataccaa atatccatcg catgtaatta attatagaaa cgaccataag atggcgacat     77940
     ttcctctagt ctacacgcac cagtacgtac tcattactct gggcttaaag ggacagttca     78000
     cccaaaaata aaaatgtact caacattttt tactcaccca ccctcaagtg gttccagact     78060
     tttatgagta tctttcttct gttgaacaca caaaaagcga ttctaaagaa tgttggaaac     78120
     cgtttacacc catattagta aaaacaaata gcctatgggc aaccagtttg caacatttta     78180
     taaaatacat ttttctaaat aaacacagaa gacactcaaa caggtttgga acaagtcaag     78240
     gaagagtaaa tgatgacaga attttttaac tactactaat tactgtgttt attatacatg     78300
     ttacacatta ttttgttctt tttaatgtaa actttataaa tgctttgaca ctacatttgt     78360
     tacatttgtc atgccaataa agcgattatt gaattgaact gaactgaatt aaatcgaatt     78420
     gaattgaatt aaattgagag agagagagag agagagagag agagatactt aaaagggtgg     78480
     tccagagtgt atttttaagg cttggtttgg ttgtgtttat aaagtgcaaa acaatgtgtg     78540
     cgtatgcttc atttgttata aaaaataaca tgatattttt ttgtatgtct ttaactatat     78600
     actgctactc agctaacatg aaaatggcgt catatttcct agttcctccg aaagcccgcc     78660
     ttcaagaggc tctgattggt cagctaaaat aatgtgctgt gattctcaga tcagttccat     78720
     gtcaccagga agtgtcgatc ctctactagc aaagtgtaaa taagttagag taaatactgt     78780
     ttgataaata ctggtaaata tgaacttgta gctaaattgt taatggtgtc aaatagcatt     78840
     tcctgttgtt tacatccttg tttacatcct tgctacaaca taccatcaat gctagacact     78900
     atgcatgtaa tagataaatt ttaaataaaa atacttacag gttgaggctt acaatccaca     78960
     ctttctgcta ttatgtttag agctgctcct tctttaagta gttttagctg aatccagtac     79020
     tgaacaggga aagtttctgg aagctgtcct ttgtcaaatg ctacctatat atttttttat     79080
     aactctctgg agcattcatt cattaatttt cggcattttg ttggcttagt ccctttatta     79140
     atccggggtc gccacagcag aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcaagtttt tatgcagcag     79200
     ttgccctttc agccgcaact tatctctggg aaacatccac acacatacat tcaaacacac     79260
     actcatacag tacggacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcatg tctttggact     79320
     gtaggaaacc ggatcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaaggc agagagaaca tgcaactcca     79380
     cacagaaacg ccaactgagc cgaggttcga accagcaatc cagctgtgag gcgaaagcac     79440
     tacctactgc gccactgcct cgccctttct ctctggaaca taattaaaat taaattgaaa     79500
     gcacttctct ctttgtgtcg tgtcctttgg aagcccaaat aaagaaacat agaagctctg     79560
     tggaaatatg tcaaatgaat gctcctaacc tgaagaattt tggatcttat tagcccacac     79620
     tgtaaacgat ttctgttgtt ttcacggtat tatactgcat ttctcaacag ttgtttactg     79680
     tataagctgt gcacagtgtg ttactgtata tattgctgtt ttcacagcat gataatgtat     79740
     tctcaacatt tccatactgt gaacatggtt aacagtatgc tactgcagat tttacaatga     79800
     atttggggaa aaaatcagtt actgtgcatc taaatacagt actgcaaatg accatgaaaa     79860
     actctacaca cactttatat tattactatt atgtttattt tattttttga caaagtattt     79920
     tgtgaagaaa aataaactaa ccagtttctt cagactgttc agtgcataaa actgtcccct     79980
     ggttttccat ttttgggtgt actgcaactt aattttataa ggttaacatg aaaatattaa     80040
     ataattttta atcaacataa ctttgtgctt aaccaaaacg taaactggaa caaaagtaat     80100
     tgattcatga aaccaaagtc agcttaactg tcagaatgac cagcctgctt tagacggatt     80160
     catgaggatt gggcacccgt caccatggag gtcacatctc cgcattttca aaacaatatt     80220
     ttaaaatacg caccatctct ataaataaac cacagactcg agtttaaaac aactacattc     80280
     ccgcatgaaa aacggttaaa actaaatttc ataacacatt cattatagag ccatctaaga     80340
     ccggggcaag tcttacatgt ctagccgatt ataacctcgt ttcgccggat acatgagtga     80400
     tgatggacac cctggaggaa tctccgctat cggcaaagca cgcttaaaat ttacacatga     80460
     tatctataaa taaaccacag atttgagttt gtaagaacta cattctcgca tgaaacactg     80520
     ttaaaatttc atttcgtgac atattaaacg caatatttat aatattagct gggctttctc     80580
     atccgccatt accatttgct tgttgatgtg aaatgaattc tgggagaaaa aaaaatatta     80640
     attctcaaaa cacttcaaac gaattttatt cttattgtca acgtcagata tatgcaataa     80700
     tttcgctggt aaagtgaata aaaaataatg ttactatatt gtaatcaata tcacgtttgg     80760
     actgattcgg ttcagctctc gagcgactct gaatcgtatt gaaccgtttg ctcgggaatt     80820
     atttgatcac gtgttcacaa gcacattcag caatatgcaa ttagtgtata attaatgcgt     80880
     gtggcaaagc agtattacga aatagtaatg aatcatatac aaaaaggaat cggttttagg     80940
     cggattcaaa tctttactgt tcactaagga gccgattcat agaaccgaac ggacacgact     81000
     cgacctgcag gcaacggctc tcctaatttg aaattcacct gtcgtctttc atccagcgaa     81060
     ttcatcctcg gtaagtgttt taaagtcaaa ttctgtccgt tgaaggattg ttttgtatat     81120
     atttctgtgt attgagtgtg taatttaaaa gaattaacca agtgacaata gttgtaacgt     81180
     taggttctta tgttatgtca cgctcgccgt taacgaatgg tattttaaac aagaaataac     81240
     agacgccagg cggtcattgt agtgtttgcg aggtatagat acagtgagtt tatctttagt     81300
     gagtttttga ccatacgcta agttacctga aaaaacataa ctttaactta ttgtaactgc     81360
     attaatgcat tctctatttc agcacaacac tgagatgaag gcgaagtcac catgaaacgt     81420
     taaacgttta ccgttaaggt aagctctggt cttcacatag tcattttgac taagctatca     81480
     ttatggtaaa atttttcaac tttaagttag ttatttaaac taaactcata atgaaatgag     81540
     tcttaactgt tttattaaat ggagctgaaa attaaatgca gttgaattat tttaagctaa     81600
     agttaatatt aacaaaatac atattaattg tctatttctc aataatgtta atgagcttga     81660
     tgtatagtgt gtcattaatt gtacatttaa tttttggtgt tcaggtgtac ctgaggtgag     81720
     tgtacgttct gagtacacag atataaccca aagtcattat cactatatat atatatatat     81780
     atatatatat atatatatcc atcctattct aagagaaatt gatggggtca gggaatgatt     81840
     tgtgtacaaa tgtattttaa cctcatacag attggtatgg ttgtaccata gatttagatt     81900
     aattaatgtt aaatcttatt ttactcttat tatatttatc tgtttttcag ctacagtaat     81960
     tgatgttgaa aaactgatgc taccaatcac tcctcacttg attattcaag gtaatgttga     82020
     tgtcttcctc attttgatta gatttttaaa tgtcaagttg ttcacagatt tgttgtgagg     82080
     agtttcatgt acaacctctt tttcttcttc cagcagttcc taagataaaa aaatctggtg     82140
     ttaaaacatc cacggctagg ctatttgcct accaagtgct gagtaaatat tagacaaaca     82200
     tttttttcta taactgttgt ctttgtgttt attagcaatt ttactgggca tatgtgtttg     82260
     tttgtttttt ttcaaacagc ctggaaactg taagtttagt tcaatatgtt attttatgct     82320
     attcattttt gtcttaacat ggattgcatg ttgaagctat cgtttcatag tgggaaaatg     82380
     taaaagagaa tcactgaata caatggcata atgattctgc ttgttcacag aaggtacttg     82440
     atttagtttt cctcaagcga cacatcagtt tttatgacta ttgcttgaca cttgaattga     82500
     agggacagtt cacccaaaaa tgaaaataat agcatctttg gcattctcca cttgtttcaa     82560
     aatagttata tatttatttt gttccgttga acacaaactc atatttttta aagaaatttg     82620
     gtttaaatat ggatgtcaat agttactggt tactaacatt cttaaaaata tctgctttag     82680
     tgtttaacag aaattcaaac tagtttaaaa cacgtggagt aaatagtggc aaaatagtaa     82740
     actattcctt taaatatttt attctgagac ttttatttat atgtgtcttg tcttttgtca     82800
     tattgtcctt ctagcccaga ttgtgatgga cctggaatgc gacaccagtt actcttaaga     82860
     caagaaccaa ataaagcaca gatgtggagg gatttgcagc caaactaact ggaaggaagg     82920
     aacctttagg taaaaacacc tgctttattt agatctgaag tattttattt gacatagaga     82980
     tttattgttt taattctaat ttaaagcaaa caaggttgag cacccctggt ctaaaagctc     83040
     aaaaatgctg tttccgtgat aaggttaaat gtagttcaga aatagattca ttaggatcaa     83100
     tgcttaaagt aaacattttc ttctctctgt agaccaaaca tgtttaccat ccctcacatt     83160
     ttaataaatt gtttctgttt ttgtttctta cagtgtgggt gaacatacta cctggatgtc     83220
     caacaaaggc tgcacaagag ctcatttgat agcacacatt ctgtcctgtc tacatctctg     83280
     atgacctgga agtgcttcga catcagtgag taatacatct ttatattgtc atgcatacag     83340
     gatttctgta agcttagctt taatgttagt ttgtaatcag cagtgactgt tttaaaaaat     83400
     taagtattta aattattcta aacgttttac tgatgctgtg cacagtaacg ttatgatgat     83460
     ttagtttgag gaaatgtcac tggagaggtg ttcgtatact aaaatatact ttttttcgta     83520
     tacttttttt tataaaaaat aaataaataa attgtatgaa atgactcgat aaaatgttta     83580
     tttgtctcgc tgacatgcca tcactgctgc atattgaaat acagtaatat gaattgacag     83640
     cagaatatta ccacaaacat ttcatgtttt caagtgggct agactgctct ttagttctct     83700
     actcaacttt aacacatttc ctcgtgtcgc tgagcctctc tgcagatttt gccaaaaatg     83760
     aatgcttagt gattactttg ttttatgcaa accatatatc agtaacttat cattagcatt     83820
     attttttaaa aaatcaccca cggctttcat gttctctaac gcaatcttat ctgtaagtta     83880
     gaagtggatt tatacgtgtt aaaagcctta aagtatttaa ttaacattag tcacgttaac     83940
     ttagattatt ttatttattt aattttaaat atgtagcctt ttaaagtcag aatgaactgt     84000
     gttcacccct cttgaatccg tggaagcact agtagtgtga tcatggaatc agatattcga     84060
     gctatacaga gtcggacatt aagttaagat gagactttat tttttacaca cctgtgtgga     84120
     cacctgacta gcgattctca agaacaatgc ccgctgatct tttccccatt aacgttagtg     84180
     taattgtgaa ttgacaacaa actgtatttc accaacaaaa acaattaaaa aattgtttta     84240
     tataactgat atatatatat atcaaactat atatatatat atatatattt aaacagcagt     84300
     gcagtgtttc gtttctgaat gaattaaatg gtttgaggga tgattagttt ttacttcagt     84360
     gattgatttt gcttgtcatt tttgcaggat catcatcatg ttgctgccct ttttcactgt     84420
     ccctttccac aacatcattt ggccttcatc atttcctgtc ttgtagcagt attctcacct     84480
     tttttaaaat tgtaatgctt tttgatgcat taattgttga ctggttttaa tgatcaattg     84540
     tttattagtg ttctgttgct ctgttatatt gaattattgc tactgtttta gcatggttta     84600
     cacaataaac ctttattgtg aagttaaagt ttcagtttct ttatttttct tgtacgtctt     84660
     gaacagttaa aataacactt gtgcaatttt tgaacatttt aacccattac aaagtagcac     84720
     tattaaataa aataaaataa catttaataa ctgtaaaata ctatacagta ataatgaaag     84780
     taacattaaa ataccgtagt tcttcatggt aaaaatgtac aataaaatac tgttttcagt     84840
     tttgcagtat gtgtatcact actgtaattg gtgttacagt aaaaatcaac aacagtaaaa     84900
     tgatgtatta cattttacag taaatgtaat actaatgtaa ttagtattac agtaatgtta     84960
     ctgttttatg aaatacagca gctactggat aattgttgcc agtaacttac tgttaattta     85020
     acaagaaatc gtttacagtg caggtgtatt tttttttttt tttttttgta gtctctaaac     85080
     tttgttcgct gtattctttg caaagctaac cctgtaaaag ccaatatccc cctttgcaat     85140
     aaatttagag agtattgcat tcagagatgt tgtttatgtt cacagctaca ttacacatca     85200
     actaaagttt aaaatatgat atcctagtgg accactcttt taaaacattt gatcgatcaa     85260
     ataagatatg agatgagata tgttttcagc ttttgtttcc aggtatttat ttacaactca     85320
     caacatggga cagatatgtg tgttgtgttt cccaggtgta acctattaca tcaactactc     85380
     aaacaagaaa cactgaaact atgctcagtt ttagattagg tttttgtccg ttcagactgc     85440
     atttatattt cagagatgta accaacatac aatccgggca ttgaagctga gaaaagatga     85500
     acagaatcat tgtagccagt acaaccattt tttatgtccc tataggaaga aagaaacctg     85560
     ctgtactaag taacagacgt caaacgggtt gatcaagtaa aacaatagta gttgacaaca     85620
     gaaacattgt gagaacaaat tgtttagact gaccctaaac cgactgttag ttatattagc     85680
     aacaacctca agggggcaaa aatgaaggta tctcagtact gtttatagaa gactttgtca     85740
     acagaagtgg ctaggctaca tcagacgatg caagacaccc attacagaga tgagcatcaa     85800
     aaatgatggg acacaaaaaa atatatggac taatgagtca aagatgagcc attaccaaag     85860
     taatggacag gctaatgttt ggagaaaatg aatctgtaca tgatcctata caagctcgtc     85920
     tgtgaaacgg aggtaatatt gtgccttggg ctttaaactg ggcatgaaac ggaagaaatg     85980
     gttgttcttt ctgtcaaaat ttttatgtac atccaattga aaaggtcctg aaataagaaa     86040
     aaaatggaag ggggtgcatt attttgtttt ttggtaacca attcgatcac tgaaagtttg     86100
     gcgttgctaa gaaaaaaaca gggcagaaat gagacaaact tgaaagcccc atttgaaatt     86160
     ctttctttgt gaccagaagt gaagaaaaaa atgtttcgag atggaaggga aggttatgtt     86220
     atttgataaa aaattatgag ggcaaaataa ttaattatga agtacacatt gtttatagcg     86280
     agtactgaca tatccttcag tattggagat ccttcagtgc agcaagataa tgacacaaac     86340
     acacactgcc aaaacaacat acaaaacaaa caaaaacaac aaaacaacaa gttttttttt     86400
     ttgtcagggg aattacatct catgacctaa gccctataaa acacagattt caaattcagt     86460
     tccgggagta ctgcagctct gcacagttaa gcattaaccc caattaagca cgcctgattg     86520
     gtccttcagg cttggataaa acttctaggt aagtgtgttg aagcagggtt gaaactaaac     86580
     tgtgcagggc tgcagccctt taggaactga atttgacaac ccagttatag agcaggtatt     86640
     tcacctgcta aacagaagac taacacacca aaacaaacag caactgaaag aggctgagat     86700
     gaaagcctgg aacacatgac aacagtaaaa tataaagctt tagtgatcac aggcttgatg     86760
     cagataattc aaacaatgga tttctaactg aatattaagc atgattcatt tttgtctaat     86820
     gtgtattgtt ccaaactttt gctcatataa acatggtttg aaataagaca tgtagtattc     86880
     taagttgttt atacctatat tttggatact atagttattc attcattcat tcatttagtt     86940
     tttttttcag cttagtccct ttattaatct ggggttgcca cagcagaatg aatgaactgc     87000
     caacttatcc agcatatgtt tttcacatca gatgcccatc cagttgcacc ccatctctgg     87060
     gaaacattct tacacactca ttcacactca tacactacgg acaatttacc ctatacccat     87120
     tcatctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgt gggaaaccgg agcacccgaa ggaaacccac     87180
     acggacacag gaaggacatg caaactccac acagaaacgc caactgaccc agctgaggct     87240
     caaaccagcg accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagcagtacc tactgcacca ctgtgtcgcc     87300
     ggatactata tattagaagt ggtaaatacc tgagtattgt atcacttcat tgtgttttta     87360
     tccattgcgt ggtcagtgaa atctcttata ttttaagatg gtgatgtata caaagttttt     87420
     attaattaat taatttattt aattaatttt aataaatcta ttttatttgc aattgaaatc     87480
     ttcaatacct aatgtaaaga catgatttct gaaaactact aaaatcactg tcattgtaaa     87540
     ttactggtct tagcattgtg cggtatacta ctttaaatga tttttgactt ttgttgccgt     87600
     ttgtcagtta ttttctttac atgtgttgca taatttcatg catagtccaa acattgacca     87660
     ccttcttaat caagtttctg ttctgatctc atgccatggc aaataactga gaaagcatca     87720
     atatgagacc gaatatatat catcatgtag acttcttaca aagtatttta cagtatttaa     87780
     aaaacacaaa aataacaaga caaaaaagta ttttgattga aaatattaac ccattttcat     87840
     taactccaaa aaaattcaaa ttacaaaatt atattttgta tttgaaatac gtatttaaaa     87900
     tgcatgcatc agaaatactg cccatccctg cacacaaaag atgattattc cgctataact     87960
     tgaatatgat caagaattca gtgtttcaga cgtgtttaag atcattcctc tagtagaagc     88020
     aatgcctgag tgattatatg cctttctgag atggtagcat gaggtgttgc tcatcaatta     88080
     caggcttctg gtgggcatgt agactcttac tgtaagtgca gatacaatgc tgtagagccc     88140
     aagcattttg cactagctgc aaccagtagc caattcagag aggtaaagtg acgtgggctc     88200
     tcttggggtt gttgaagacc actcatgctg caacatttta agttttttga agaggtttgc     88260
     ctgcagatga tggacctccg tccagaattg ttgcaaaaat ccagcccagg aaggacgagg     88320
     gcctggatga aaagttgggc agcatgcttc atttggaaag tcctgatctt cctgatgctg     88380
     aacatgtaca gtgcccacct gcaatggagt gctttaggat tagatgataa tcagaggtta     88440
     cactaacatt tctgggctgc aaacttttat gtttaggtaa tttttaacca acctagcaac     88500
     attaattggt ctttagagat taaaaagtaa ggttaattac aagttaacat ataaggaatt     88560
     caatatgcaa tgtttatgtc aagctgaaca acatgaagaa cattggttgc tactggcaca     88620
     tttatttctt aatataaggg gttgttaatt ttatacttta gaattattta atgagacact     88680
     gtataattat ctaatttatt ttattcatat gtatatgaag aatgtgcaaa tttacagaag     88740
     aatttgtaaa tataacagta gctaataaaa ttcttcagca aagatacact gcagtttttt     88800
     tccaagtcac agatgtaaaa cagaaatccg ctgttaaatt tttaaaaatg aaaatatata     88860
     gatagatagg ctattatttt tccgtatctg acaagctaaa actacccgac agaacattgg     88920
     aagtggtgtg cacactgatt agctgacagg agctaaaatg agggcaaggg cctattggga     88980
     gtatatggac accaaaacat gtaaacatag agaaaataag tagtattcgc actataattt     89040
     tagatttttt tagaaagtct gccattacac aaccctgctg agcagcacaa aataactgtt     89100
     gtcatggtct tcgttgtgag gtaggtaaac gtgcattgtt atacaatttt aaaagctttt     89160
     ttgaaatgtg gaaattttat gacagaaatg tgttttgctg ttattgtttc gttttgtatt     89220
     ttgaccgcta gtgattgcat gcggcgttct tagcatctaa cataagttaa cttttccaat     89280
     gtggctgttt tgtgcggtat ttttataata ataattcctt acatttagtg cttttacaca     89340
     taggggggta atgttttcat tcaccaccag tgtgcagcat ccacctggat gacgcaacgg     89400
     cagccatatt acaccagacc acacatcaca caccagctga ttggtggaga ggagacagag     89460
     ggattaaacc atttatgata tagggatggt taggaggcca tgatggacag agaccagaga     89520
     gcagatttgg ccaggatgac agggttaaat cactgtactc tttttcaaga ttttcttaga     89580
     tttttaacaa ccacagagag tccgctcatt ttaacgtctc atccgaaaga cggcacacac     89640
     ggagtgcaga gagtctctgt cactatactg gggcattagg acccacacag agagcaggta     89700
     gggcacctcc tgctggcctc actaacatct attctgacag caacctagct ttcccatgtg     89760
     gtctcccatc caggtactga ccggacgcag ccctgcttag cttttgtggg cagccatgtg     89820
     agagttgcag agagctgcca gtatgttttt aaaagttgtt gatgtgaaca agctaacact     89880
     aactaataat ctttcctttc tctgtttctg aacatgtgtg ttcagtctta aaaagaagtg     89940
     atacttgatc agataaagaa agctgctgtt tacatttcaa gtaggctaac ttacacagca     90000
     agataacatt tatgttttat ccagcagtac cgctttatgt ctgtaaaatt ggacacattt     90060
     aattttgctt atggaatgtt ttgaattgta acatgattta gtcgcgaacg tgatctctgt     90120
     aggattacaa ttttaactcc agaaagactt aaaatttaac tcaaaaatgt gtttaaattc     90180
     aactccaaaa gcaaaatgat tttaactcag ggaataaatt tgatggtcac gcatatacac     90240
     tcagattgag ttgattttaa ctccccggga gttgatttca aagaccagaa tttgctgtgt     90300
     ccatgtaaat aagtctacat acatttaact aaaggaataa ttcactcaga aatataattg     90360
     cactcattat acactctcaa gtggttgaaa acctttatga gtttatttta aacacaaaag     90420
     aagatatctt gaaaaatgtt aaaaacctgt catttttata ttaggatgaa acaaatacta     90480
     tggaagtgaa tggtcacagg tgtccaacat ttctcaaaat atttttattt tgtgttcatt     90540
     agaagaaaga aactcaaata ggtttggtca agcgaatgga aagtaaatgt cagaatattt     90600
     atttttgtat ttttgggtga actatctcta taataccatg ttgacatcaa aaatacattg     90660
     taacgccagc gccatctaat gaaagcctga agtcatgaca cgctgtgagt ctcgtgcagt     90720
     cacgtgattg tcatcagcgt tcagtgtgac gctcgatcag ctgacgttca gtcgaccttc     90780
     tccactgcgg gagatacgga catccaaacg cgtccatctg cattgattca aataaaatcc     90840
     gtaccaaagc atggcgagcc agtctcaggg catccagcag ctgctccagg ctgaaaaacg     90900
     agccgcagaa aaggtcgcag aagcccgtaa aagtaagtaa tcgttttgct tgtcatcgct     90960
     atacactgga gcttagctga catgctagct gtccagcaag ccgatgtcga tgtaaatctg     91020
     tatgaaaaca acgagagaat gaataaatga ataatatggt ttgaatgcgg aataaaacct     91080
     ttctgttgat catttcagtt cttttgttga caaaattgaa tcgtgtcgtt tttcatttct     91140
     gtttttaatg ctaaatactc catagaaaat catgtataat tgattacatt tatatcaatt     91200
     gttgacatgt aaccttaatg ttatatcctt aattcttact tttttacaac aatatgtttt     91260
     acactaattt taaaaccatt taataaggac atattttgcc acaacacatt ttaagatttc     91320
     atatcatctt tgacttcatc aagttcttga ggaatttgac acgtttttgt tgttattcgt     91380
     aaaaaagcgt ttatgttttt agaataattc tttgtagctg gggaaataat gactaaatgt     91440
     actaaatatc gtctttacta gagtgtcaca atgacactga ctcactggac attcactcag     91500
     ttcctgtttt ttagatattt tttgctgcct gctttcattt cccatatata aaaaagcatt     91560
     ttctctaaaa cagtaatatt ttattgtatt ttctctcttt ctgcctatag cactgttttt     91620
     tttttttggt ctttttttcc ctaatttttt ttaattgaac atttttgaaa aaataatata     91680
     ttttaaaata ttattgtaca ttttgacata tcgagataga aaaggaaagt gtccgaagga     91740
     tccataatga ttgtgacaat tattgaaccc caaatatata aataaatttg gttatgacac     91800
     tattttaata atgataactg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91860
     tgtgtgtgtg ttaataatag ggaagaatcg tcgtttgaag caggccaaag aggaggcaca     91920
     ggctgagatt gagcagtatc gtctgcaacg agagaaagag tttaagacaa aggaggctgc     91980
     ggtgagattc attacttttt aaattctaga aacattaata aatgcatatg atcaacaatg     92040
     ttaaaatatg tgttaaagaa ttctgccttg cctttaatgt gattgtcttt gcagtgttta     92100
     aatagggttg tttttttcct gttaaaaaaa agcttaaaag ttccattatt aaagggttgg     92160
     ttcacccaaa aataagataa tttgctgtta atttactcag cctcgtgcta tccatgatgt     92220
     aggtgacttt ttatcttcag gagacatttt tggataattt ttgctcagat ttttgtacgt     92280
     catgatttat aaaattccca ttaacggtta cttttgacag tcaaaaactt atagacataa     92340
     aattaatatt tccctcatga tacatgtgtg caattttaag aaacgtacag tatgtactgt     92400
     tagaaaaaac agtaatataa tattgttaat aaagtctcct atgtttcaat cccaagagtc     92460
     tttttgatct tccaaagttt ccacatatca attattacac catgctgtga atggcagtat     92520
     ttttccgtgt ctctatttaa accgcaacaa gtgagcagct gtttcccttc ctgcctttct     92580
     agaagcaggc agaactttct catctcatgt catagattct actaaacaaa catctatttg     92640
     attttgattg tcatgtgcac gtgatattgc agttctttgt catcattaac ttcttgttgg     92700
     ataaatctcc aatggacgta ttccgaagca tattaaagct aagaatgtca tgtacattta     92760
     gatttgggag aaaatcttat aaataatgtg cttaaattat aaataaaaat aactctttaa     92820
     ctttagcttg aagagtatgt cacaaagagt ttgactaaaa ctggctccta aattagtcaa     92880
     acgttagaag tgaagaggac ttctaagtaa ctagtaagac caaaccgcaa actatgctaa     92940
     attgactgtt gccagtaatc tgcaatgaaa ataaaacatt ttaatttgac tacaattagc     93000
     ttttaataag ttattaccat cagtaaggag ggattcccat actgtaagaa atacgctttc     93060
     aataatatct taagtcttat ttcataatgc ccaaaaatat attatttgtg caaataaatg     93120
     ttctttaaat acatattggc ctatttctat atatttggtc aaatgtatta aaaaattatg     93180
     tatttaaaat attttaaaag tattttaaac tatgtttgct taacaattaa aaaataagaa     93240
     aatacactaa cctcacaaga acatagtttg gaagaatagt ttttatttta ttttgtgtcc     93300
     acaacattaa aagcaaggaa cctgcaaaaa gttaattgaa tgtggcaaca ttttaatttt     93360
     gaaatttttg gaatattgca gcataatatt gctctgcaca aagtttcttt taataaatct     93420
     caaacataca ccactctcca tcaaggtgtg cgtaataagt aatcatgcag acatcatcta     93480
     tagtaatgag gtcagcccca tctttacttt tagctaaaaa tataaattct gcaatctttg     93540
     ttccaaacta gtttggaaga gcaaaggatc aacgtattaa atactctgaa aaggcacatt     93600
     tattaaaata gatctccaat ataaaaacaa gtggaattaa aaaaaaggca aactttacag     93660
     gttcaaagat catgagacaa tctcgttcag ccccaactgg caatccatga catcacaagc     93720
     taaaaatatc caacaatttg tagccaaaaa attcaattta caagcatgat gaacaccgaa     93780
     cgctgttagg ccagtttgag tgagtgtgtg cttttttttt tgttgttgaa cacaaaagaa     93840
     gatattttaa agaatgtacc tattgacttc catggtattt tttccctact atcgcgttta     93900
     gtagttacag gtttccaaca ttcttcaaat tattgttttt tttatccaac attagacaga     93960
     cactctaaca ggtatggaac aagaggagga tgagtaaata atggcagaat tgtcttgttt     94020
     gtatgaacta ctctttttac acttctccct atttcttagt aaaactttgt ctctggatat     94080
     gaatggatag ttttaaagaa aaaaaaaaac ttgtaaataa aatcaataga ctcttaatag     94140
     taagatcaaa tgttttgtta atacaagccc ttatatacta ttttctaaat gtacacattc     94200
     aaggcacatg caggtgtcac atgtttttgt tagcatcagt gcaactgatc aactgtcaaa     94260
     tagaccgaag gttatgtcat aagcacacat agtggagcac acaaatgcag tctgttttat     94320
     cggtcagtga atctaatgtc actctgcaac gttcaaaatt tgcaattaaa ccaacctcta     94380
     gactggtagt tctggtatac agttggaagt cagaattatt agcccccctg tatatgcatt     94440
     tccccaattt ctgtttaacc tgttttttcc aactaatttc taaatataat cattttaatt     94500
     tctgattttt ttctatcttt gcaatgatga cagcacatta tattttacta gacatttttc     94560
     aagatgctag tatttaggtt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatctta     94620
     cctaaatact atgcagatat atatactagt agtggatgct tctctcattg gctgtagtaa     94680
     tcgccgatgt tattttctgt cagaacacat ttcacatttg aatcgggcta aaatcatgca     94740
     atctgaactc tgcattaggg taattagcca agttattgta taacgatggt tttgtagacc     94800
     agggtttccc aaacttttca gcttgtggcc cccattaaac aatttcagtg actcgcgacc     94860
     cccactatcc ttggaggtgg ttataaacat acaaacattg cacacaatgg tacacacaca     94920
     acagtaggca ctttataaac aagcgtattg acaaagcaaa aaagtgcaac agtctaacaa     94980
     ccatataatt tttaatggtc attattcatt tgtttcattt gttaatattg acatcacttc     95040
     atgagaatgg tggacacaat gtttacagca ccagactgta aacattggag attttggaga     95100
     ctgcggcatg gagcctcaat gttcagtcgt ggcctttatt tttatgtatg tgaatactgt     95160
     aaaggtgtta aagtttaaca ttttcatgta aaatcaatct gctttttgtc atcactattt     95220
     tggagtcatt agtctggcct aataataaca ccagaagtcg caatccaatg gcaaaactgt     95280
     tgaaaggctg ttgcttttta tttgcatgtt ttttttaatg taaatattat aactaatatt     95340
     atggataaaa tatggtaaat ctaatagtat aaaaacatgt atgatatttt tggaaatcac     95400
     caagcgtgat tgtctctcaa cccccacttt gggaaccact gatgtagaca atcaaaaaaa     95460
     attgttgctt aaggaggcta ataatattga caatataatg ttttaaaaaa aattcaaact     95520
     gcttttattc tagccaaaat aaaacaaata agacttgcta ctgaagaaaa aaatattgta     95580
     gaaatgattg tgaaaaattc ctgactccta attaaaaaaa atttaagaaa atcaaaattc     95640
     acaggagggc taataatttt gacatcaact gtacataaca gtatacatga gtataatagt     95700
     gatacataat agtatgcatt agttttaatt atgaatgaca gttatctccc attgcatgtt     95760
     cctgcaggca ctggggtctc atggaaactc tgctgtagag gtggacaagg agactgtgga     95820
     taaaatgggc cgcatccagg ggagctatca gcagaacaag gaggctgtgc tcggcaacct     95880
     actgaaaatg gtgtgcgaca ttaagccaga gatccacgcc aactaccgcg tcgccggata     95940
     aaccgttatg tccaaccgtt gcataagtta caattcttaa aggctcacaa agcaatgaga     96000
     caaagactgc tactggacat atcatctaac aatcttaact atataaaaca ctctttatca     96060
     actttacaac acatgtcctg cagttcaaac aaatcaacgg tcgggatatt tacatgccca     96120
     ttaccacagt atttgcaatg gcttgcatgt atatctttga tgtgatccaa tgcaagtctt     96180
     tgtctctttg gagtattgtc tggtttatca gcgtgaggtt ctttcttttg tgaatgatac     96240
     ctttaaatgt ttgtaagagt gtctgtatct tgaagctatg ttcttaattt atgagtaatc     96300
     ggatgttatt gttttatcta atcgatgtat acaggttgtt tccagtggct tttgtgtgac     96360
     aaatctcata attattatac taattaattg gagtaagagt aaccaaacta gcttcacaat     96420
     tcctcccctg tatgagtaga tggcattcct ctatccaatc ctgctgtgta aaatgtaata     96480
     aatgtctccg tgtacagatt aatccactgg actgtttgcc aagagaattt attccattta     96540
     ttattactga tggtgcagta ttaatgtttt ggagcttggt aacactttaa atgataccag     96600
     tgctgagcgt tggtttgaaa cgaagaggta taagtaaata taaaataggt ctttagtgtt     96660
     attgattatt tctttatttt ttaattagat gattagatta gagtcaactg tatttttatt     96720
     gcacgtgttc aaggcaatga aaagcagttt aggtctaact aggagtgcaa tagcagcatg     96780
     tgcaggatat acagttgaag tcagaatttt tagcccccct ttgaaatttc gtttcttttt     96840
     aaaatatttt caagatgatg tttaacagag caaggacatt ttcacagtat gtctgataat     96900
     attttttctt ctgaagaaac tcttatttgt tttatttcga ctaaaataaa agcagttttt     96960
     aaatttttaa acaccaattt aaggtcaaaa ttattagccc ctttaagctg tatatctttt     97020
     cgatattgta taacaacggt ttgttctgta gactaacttg cctaattacc taaacctgtc     97080
     aagttaacct aattaaccta gttaagcctt taaatgtcac tttaagctgt atagaagtct     97140
     taaaaaatat ctagtcaaat attatttact gtcatcattg caaagataaa ataaatcagt     97200
     tattagagat gagtcattaa aactattatg tttagaaatg tgttgggaaa aaaaatcttc     97260
     tctccgttaa acagaaactg ggggaaaaat aaactaataa tttagggggg ttaatagttc     97320
     cgacttcaac tgtaaatata agttattaag tgcaattatg aaaaaaacta tggttatatt     97380
     tacaggtgca tgtactatga acattataca caggttatat taactatgaa cagatttaca     97440
     atagatatgt acaggttgct ataaataatc gggggtatgt agatagatat aagcataatt     97500
     ataattgtat atgtacagag agtatgtaca aatcaggtat ttatatacaa taatttagtt     97560
     tgaagtttgc attctcagag acctgtaata agcatatgca taatatatat atatatatat     97620
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatta gtgctgtcaa     97680
     tcgattaaaa attaactaat taatcacact ttttttaatt aattgcattt aaaagactga     97740
     aatttgtaat tttggctatt ctaatgtaaa attaatgtaa acgccagaca aaaactgttt     97800
     aaaatcaaaa tatcgtttat tagaattttt gtttaacttt ataacacaga tttcttcata     97860
     aaaacaacat acccacaata aaccatcaag atcctggctt gacagccata tttattgaag     97920
     aaattaaaac acaggcatgt taatgccatt tgaattttta aacaattaat gccaataaag     97980
     aaaaaatgta tttccatgtt ggattctaag tggactgcaa aaaaatgcca aaataggcat     98040
     tgcagatatg gaaaatggaa aattataata atattaataa agtattgaat acaaacaatt     98100
     gtactcatac acaacaggga aaaaaatgca actgcattaa ttgcatgaat ttttttaacg     98160
     cgttaaatat ttcaaattaa tctcatacgt taacgcacta attttgacag cactaatata     98220
     tgtatgtata catacataca tacatacata tatgtatgta tgtatgtaca tacagcggat     98280
     gcccttccag ccgcaaccta tctctgggaa acatccacat acacaaacac tacggacaat     98340
     ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcatg tcttaggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc     98400
     cggaggaatc acatgcgaat tcagggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa acgtcaactg     98460
     agccgaggct cgaaccagcg accttatata tgttttattt tttttagttt aattgtttgt     98520
     cactttaagt tctgaattta aatatcacaa agcattcatc cgaaacttca gttcagaact     98580
     ttttatacct gacacgatgt ttagttcaaa cgaatatctg tgatataagt ttactagctg     98640
     agtagcaacg ctagaggctg ctatttagct gaattgtcac tatcattctt ccaaacacct     98700
     acttttcgtt cattcaatat aatgtattac actaagtttt ataattgtta attttgttcg     98760
     tatgtgtatc gctaatattc gacgagcagg aagctaaata tggagtctta tatagtcttc     98820
     acaaataaat aaaatgtttg ctaacttata ttgtctagcc taaagaattt caatgtagaa     98880
     atgaaatgtc tcgtgaaaac aagacagttt tcactccgtt caacgaagga atttgttgga     98940
     agttaaagtc gtcacatgcg catatatgtg caaaactata aacattgcca ttctttacat     99000
     tacattaaca tcgtggataa cttgccatgt ggcaacggaa gtacggaaag ttttcacatc     99060
     acgtgaaacg taacggtaaa catgccacaa aaagcaccgg aagcattaat ttccatggca     99120
     tccactgaaa atttgtaatt ttcaaaacaa taaaatagat tttcttcatt ttgaattaat     99180
     acacaaaata gtaggaccac gacttctttt aaatctgtgc tgaaaatggt ggattactga     99240
     ttttctttca tcctattatc agatttcttt aacagtcttc aacttctttg atcttgcttt     99300
     tgatgtttca ttagtgttgt tgaaataatg ctattaaaat gattcgcaat tacttaacaa     99360
     tgttaagaag aataatacat gcgattggtg tgtcagtatt actgataacg actaggaata     99420
     caaatcactc gctcaagctt ttcccctcat aggactttta ttttggatta cggtcagttt     99480
     tgttgctgac ttcgtgcacg ttacttcgct gggtcggagt atctcggtgc tgctctgtag     99540
     gaacagtgca aagattgggt tcatttacta ttttcccaaa actaatgacc ttcagttgat     99600
     attaaaacac taaaggaacc ggtggacgcg ctcgtctcct gctgttgagg ttagttttgt     99660
     gtgatgtact ttttgtaatc tctgttgctt tgacctctga gagacatgaa gctctgtttg     99720
     caagcgactg tttgtgatgt acataaagat tctgttgatt tgtgctgaac agcaaattat     99780
     gatgacctgt aaacgctatt atattgtcaa aatagttgat catgctggtt ttgggttcgg     99840
     ttttttcact tttcgtaaac tcgagtcata aaccatgtga atctgctatc ctgaggcata     99900
     attaactgta accgcacttc aactttgttt tagtggcctt gaaaaatatt taaagataca     99960
     aataaaagta acacctcaac aaaataaaac atctttagta gagaacacac aagaagaaat    100020
     ccttaaaggg acagttataa aatgaaaagc tgtcatcatt cactcactct tcacttgttt    100080
     aaaacctttt tgactttttt atcttgtgaa atcgaaagaa gaaattttga agaatgctgg    100140
     agactaaaca ttgatttcca tagtgttttt tttaattttt ttttatgtac gtcagtggtt    100200
     acagcaggta cacatatctt tagtgtaagt aaataaacca cacaggggcg ggtaaatatt    100260
     gagtaattgt tttaattttt agtggactat ccctttaaga cctgttctgg tgtgttcatg    100320
     actctgttta catgtccatt tagtattttt ttctaaacat tttgagtttt aaggttatgt    100380
     cttactttct aattataatt tcattaatgt gtttatattt tttagaacat caagtttttt    100440
     catttatata atttcttaat gacagtttta acaattatca atcttgatat tttaaatgtt    100500
     gttttacatc atgaagatta aaacattcct aaaatattat tttttctttt agtaatctaa    100560
     aaatctatta aatctagtat ttaataaaca caatttttaa taaaactttt tgttctattt    100620
     tatgtcttcc cccaaattct gtttttatat ttttatattt tcccaaattg tttttttttt    100680
     ttttttttta atgttttttc agttctaatg gttaaaatct attttagtaa tcaaaaagca    100740
     tgttcaatta aaaaaaacaa cacaaaagct gctcattgca ataacagctt tttggtgtgc    100800
     atgttaatta tttttttcaa gctttgctac aacaatattt ggccccatga tgtttccact    100860
     tgtttgtgat ttgctggata aggattaagg aaaagggaat ttttctgtgc atttctgtgt    100920
     ggagtttgca tccccgtgtt ggtgtgggtt tgctccggtt tcccccacaa gtccaaagga    100980
     atgcactaga ggtgaattgg gtaagctaaa ttgtctgtag tgtatgagtg ttaatacgca    101040
     agtatggatg tttcccagtg ttgggttgca gctggaaggc atctgctgaa taaacataat    101100
     caggataagt tgacagttca ttatgctgtg acaaccccag atcaataaag ggactaagca    101160
     aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaaacaaa ttattaattg atatagtttt tttttcagat    101220
     ctagaaatgt atttaaaaaa gttgaaaggg tgagagaaaa caaatattgt ttagcctttt    101280
     ctaatgccaa gatcaccatg tcagtaagta tgtaagtaca tgtggtcaat atgacataca    101340
     tgcgagacat ttaaagcttt tttgctagca ttgcctgagt aatgatctaa aatcacactt    101400
     cacaaataaa caagactaat tatcagtgct cattttttca gatcagcaaa aaagtagaca    101460
     aatgtcattt gtaatccatt tatagaaaat ataatataga aatatttctg caaaaaccat    101520
     tggttttaac aaacacaact tagaacctgt agttttaata aaaataacaa tgaaaaagaa    101580
     ccagctgaaa aaattaaaat cattcaatat gaaaatgatc tttgctactg ttgctgaaaa    101640
     tgctaaatat agaaatctaa catcttgtac aacagatcat attcattttc aattaatgat    101700
     tcaacaattg acacataagt ttcattatag gtggataatt tttacttgtt tgtatccaca    101760
     gatagtgtct gtaaatacac tatctgtatt ttgtactgtc tggagccagc acctaggctt    101820
     ttcactcatc aaaccacaca tgctgctgat gatttgacaa taaaagtgat ttgatttgat    101880
     aattttgatg gttgtttgtc gccacctgtt ggttatacaa ggtaatcgct acaacattca    101940
     cctgcatcaa gttccattaa acagtgattt taatctttac cacaaccatc agtgtttata    102000
     tctataaact gttcttccag ttcttctgtg ttattttatt gtttgtaact aactgaaaaa    102060
     gtataaaaca ggatttctct ttataaaatg cagatttgaa tgcagtgctt tgaaagatta    102120
     ataaacatac aaatgtcata atttctcatt catgttgcgc gggtttgaat tgagatcaca    102180
     atcttttatt atttaattgt gcagcttaca ctgaacgcat taatgcaggc aaaacaaacg    102240
     gtaacacttt ataataacta cacactatga acaatttatt acgcattata gcaaatagtt    102300
     tattcattat ctgttaagca ttaactctac attaacaaac gttaataagc actttataac    102360
     tgcagctaca aatgctgtaa tcttgacttg taagcacatt tataatgtgc ttaataattg    102420
     tactttcata ctttggtaat gatttatttt tcattgctaa attaagtaat gcattattta    102480
     caaaccagtt atttaagcat aattaagatc agagtttgta aatgattaat aaactattga    102540
     aattaacatg tttaattctt attattcagg catatactag tattaatttg tctgttaaca    102600
     aatgctttat taactccact tcatccagtt ttgtgaccaa atctaaagtg atgactattc    102660
     atggtttata aatcccttat aaatgacaat taaaggctca gttaaattct aaacaggaaa    102720
     aaagaaaata aacgacttta ttcagtccta ttaatttgaa gatacacaaa tgaatgtact    102780
     tttaattgaa aaacatactt tccatgcttg ttcacgaaac tataaatatt ggatgtgttt    102840
     cctcaataag tttaggctgt ttttaaaaat tttttttgtg accaaatcta aagtgatgac    102900
     tattcatgat ttataaatcc cttataaatg acaattaaag gcttagttaa attctaaaca    102960
     ggaaaaaaca aaataaacaa atttatttat tcctatttat ttgaagatac acaaatgaaa    103020
     ctgtactttt aattgaacaa caaatctgtg caatctttgc aatctaaaat aaaatgattg    103080
     tgcagtttaa tgcatcttat tatattctta aattattata tagttgtttt atccaatttt    103140
     atgtcacatt ttgataatca gtcactcctg ttattcaaca atgtttaaac tttacagtaa    103200
     ttttaatctt taattgtcat ttataaggga ttaataaagc ctacttactc cacactttag    103260
     attaggccac aaaactggat aatgttgagt taattaagca tttattaaca tacatagtaa    103320
     ccattactat atgcctgaat aatacacatt ataaacgtta attttattag tttattaatc    103380
     atttattaac tcaatctgaa ttatcttaaa aaccaccaac tattcttaaa tacaaatggt    103440
     ttgtaaaaaa tgcaatactt catttagaca tgaaaaatca accagttaca aactataaaa    103500
     gtacaattat tcagcacaat aaaaatatgg ttataagtca agaatggagc atttgtagct    103560
     tcagttataa actgcctact aacgtttaat aatgtagagt tatttcttaa caaataatga    103620
     aatcactaga tgctaatgct taatatgata gtgtgtagtt attataaagt gttacctata    103680
     tatcagcagc actgttgtat tttgaggatt gttggttgtt aatgataaat aaatactcct    103740
     ttacatactt tccatgcttg ttcacgaact atactatact ataaactata aatattggat    103800
     gtgttccctc aataagttta ggctgttttt taagagaatt aatggacatg cagcgcttgt    103860
     tagttttagg cctatacaac acttaattaa gatttcagca gctcaagaca ttcagctttt    103920
     ttattttcca caggatagaa aaatggtctg ttgttttatt ttgtgctgca agaattggcc    103980
     tgatggcttg agctatgtaa aataaagtct attgtgtggc tacaaaggag aaatatcctt    104040
     ttcattttgc catgacttgc ttttgttccc ttatacaacc tttagtttct tctgcgagga    104100
     agttagtatc aaaagttcag gaaggaaggt cactgaattc aacgtgtgtg tttatttata    104160
     ggttgattgt tttgctgaac tatagaaaac tagggattgg aactcggcaa cccttgttag    104220
     atgaagtcct gagccatatt tcatttccat tgtctagaat gttactgatg tagatgagac    104280
     ttcttagccc caccgtgatt gggaataatt tatcttgttt ttttttacct ctcttatgaa    104340
     ttactcttgt gtaaacaggt gtaaagtctt ctgatttaga tctgtatgaa agtgcagtag    104400
     caggtcagcg caacactacc tcattgtccc tctgctgtat gagcatgaca ttctttttag    104460
     aattaattag acgcttccag ataaaagcat ctcaattttc tcaaattaga tgctctgtgt    104520
     gtcacaaact cactctcgac aagatttagt gtgtatttat aagctctgtt ggttgttgag    104580
     tgcagtatag atagacatgc gttatacagt ttagtaatga ataaatgaat aaagtactta    104640
     taagaaccac gtatatgtga cttaagcttg gtttttaaat tgcatgaacc atcaattttg    104700
     caatatgagt tctgtatttc atcatacact gtgattttgg tttctgagag tgaggttttg    104760
     tataagactg ctataaaagc aaaatgtaaa cgctgcgagt cctatcagac tggattcatt    104820
     tagattttaa ataaaattgt tgattttttt ttttttggtc atcatttttt ctacattctt    104880
     ttatggtcag tctcacaaag attgtgcttt gcactagatt ttttatgatt tttaatatat    104940
     atttatatat tatatatata aattctcata atataaaaaa tgcaatatat ggaaatacaa    105000
     cattttattg tgcagtgatc taaaatgata tccaaactga aatgctaaat atatatatat    105060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    105120
     atatatatat aaaatacaaa aaaaattata cttatattta tagcaatagt cctttggtca    105180
     gagtatatga actattaatt gatttaattt acagagatgt tattgtgata tatattgtta    105240
     tcaggatatt agatgacttg tatattgtta tttaagattt tttgtcattg cacaaccgtg    105300
     tttataatac aagtacacat aaatcagcaa aatataaaac actgttctgg tggcttcagt    105360
     gttgtgccta taagtttttc ccaaatgacc ggaatgagtt ttaatgggac taaagttata    105420
     tcttaagcaa tagttgacca ttaattgttt gtttccttaa gattgaatca gatctgtttg    105480
     tttgaccata ttatccacga tctctagtaa accaaataaa atcaacattt acatttaacc    105540
     tcatttgttt gctgttgtga aactttgaaa tgcactgtgt gtctcggctg ttgtggagtt    105600
     gatttgatct ttgtacctca tcttgatctc tgcactgaag ttggtagatt aacactactt    105660
     tacactgtta acagtagttc atcctgcccc cttcacattt atttgcgcac tttccagttt    105720
     ttatgacctg ccaatgagag ggtctgacca tcataatgat cagtaatgat tgaccaaatc    105780
     ctcgtccttc acttaggtca tctatcaatg ttgaaaaggt tattgatgta atcccttttt    105840
     atgtaacatt tgaagtcaaa ttaactctgg aatatagctg tgcagatatt taacactcaa    105900
     gacagtttgt catcttggtg acatctgtct cacacacttg ttttttgtat cttaatttgt    105960
     cagtcggtta tctttatggg aacaagcgtt cagcacgtaa ctgaagcctt atacaggtga    106020
     acgttgttaa aagctgttct ttggacatcg ataagttctt aaaacgcaca cgtactctcc    106080
     tgaactcaag caaaggtttg caacgagttc acattgtctc ttgaagacat attctggtgt    106140
     aattaacata aagaaacaaa gaaaaacgat ttgggtcatt aatatactta attttatatg    106200
     tgttagggct tcatgatatt ggaaaaaata tgacattgca atatttagtt tttctgctat    106260
     ttaaatattg aatataattt tttcacaaga tgcccttaac tctatttaga aagaatttct    106320
     aattttgcat tgataataga cctgcatgat taaagttaaa atgagaatcg tgattatttt    106380
     attttattta tttgtttttt tgcttaaaat aaagatcata attttctcac aattctgtag    106440
     atgtaaaata agggttaaaa aaaacttatt tttatttctc aaacaaaaat aaaacaaaaa    106500
     taataatatg ttggtctact gtttgtttaa atgctttatt ttgaatagac ttaattagtc    106560
     ttaaggttat attaaattgc actctgcatt aattaattgt tacatattcg ctgtatttgg    106620
     catattcttt catttaatca ttttccttcg gctaagtccc tcaattatca ggggtcgcca    106680
     cagtggagtg aaccgccaac tattccagta tatgttttac gcagtggatg cccttccagc    106740
     tgcaaccaag ttctgggaaa cacatcatat tttcacaaga caaattaact ttttttttaa    106800
     aggtaaaaat gattatgcat gctcaaaaga taactagtgc ttttcattta tacagaaaat    106860
     ttccgttggt ggttattatt tcttaaagtt aaagatgaac tgcgttttat acttgtataa    106920
     actatttatt tttgtactta atgacacata gtcacacatt aacacatgat cgcgtaatga    106980
     tacatttata gagacaatta tgattctact cttgtttgaa ataaaatttt aaatagtcac    107040
     tgtacaagca taaaaatgta aatattgaag aaagggatat ttaaagacac agaatatgca    107100
     ccaaaatgca tatatttatt ataatgctcc actttagaat gaattaaatg tttatagata    107160
     ttgacttgct ctgcagtaaa tgtatctgat ggattttagt atgaaacact gatctgtaat    107220
     ttacatgaga cacgatacag tttttggtaa gttttacagt aactttcagc ataccttaat    107280
     gttaattaat aaggcagagc tgcatttttt tcataataaa atccaaattt gacagctgag    107340
     gctttgtttc acatccaaag taaaaagggg caaagctaac tgggataggt aaatcaattc    107400
     ttcagattta aattttagta ttccagtcag ctatattggt aaacactgag tgtttacaca    107460
     atatatatac tgagaaaaag ggggggaaat tgttgtagtt ggtcaaatgg tgtagacttt    107520
     gaagtagcta aaatgcaaaa tagtttgaag aaagaataaa attgacaaaa taaatttgtt    107580
     cattattatt ttgtacattt aaatacattt ttactaggcc atatcgttat cggccgataa    107640
     atggtacttt taatgttatc gttatcggtc tgatgtcaaa attaggccga tatctataag    107700
     ccgatagata acataaatct caaaacactt tttcggacat tacatatttc tgcatatgta    107760
     ccttactgtc acacgtttta ttcaaagttt ttttattcat tagtttttag ttgagtttct    107820
     agatctttca ttttatttaa aatatgtttg tgtaactatg gttattaaat actagttcgc    107880
     tatttaacct attattttta tgcaacggtc aagtggcatg ttaatttgct atgcaaagaa    107940
     aaggaaataa tttattttgg catgattcgt gtgaaatcgt aaatatatct atataatcac    108000
     cttgcaattg tgaaattatt gtttttttca catagaggaa gaggctattc agtttataaa    108060
     attagttcaa acttttatga agtttttaaa ataaattcag ttgttcactg tataaaaaat    108120
     ataacatttt gaaatattta tatttaccag ctatagtata tcagttatca gcctccaaat    108180
     cttaaaagtt atcggttatc gatatcggcc aaaaaaatcc atatgggtgc atccctatac    108240
     ctagcaaatt tgagagtcat catataaaat gtgtcactat actttgaagc aattatttat    108300
     tcttttttaa attaaaataa ttttaaggta gattcaagaa aaaatgtcat ggttcattct    108360
     gctgtggcga ccccagatta ataaagggac taagctaaaa aaaaataaat gaatgaattt    108420
     tcaaaattgt accaaatttg acaggaatta aatttaatct ggcactacac ttttattttt    108480
     ttaatggtgg tttttcagaa atatagcaga ctttccaggc attctaagca gtggtgaatg    108540
     aagagaggtt tttttagaca gcaggttttg tgggcgtgga taaagccttg tgattggatt    108600
     aatggcaaaa gagggaaatg aaaggcagat gagaggtcac atgagaagtc agttcagttc    108660
     gacacactct tgaacagtaa ctacagagct gcactttaca cactcgttac gcctgcatgt    108720
     tgaaagacaa ctgagaaagg acagacagga attacctgca catttctgtg gttgaacagc    108780
     aagacacttc tttgaggaag caaggaattc agagagattt tttttttggg tgagttatgt    108840
     ctaggaaaat tctctattgg gttttcttaa tgtttgtttt gtttgcgttt tcaaagttta    108900
     agtccttaca cacacaaaaa aactaacaac ttaattgttt tattttcaat caagtttaaa    108960
     aattggtgtt aagacaacat aaacgaatca tggggaacac tcatttttta cagcaaattt    109020
     ctgaaatggc cagaaaaaag ttaatgtatt gtttaacaaa cttgttcaga agccatccat    109080
     gttggctgta ggaaacattt ttgtatttta tttgaacaat tttcttttta aaatatgtat    109140
     gtagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    109200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    109260
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg taggctataa gaacagtcac atgattactt cttaactgtg    109320
     tacattcatg tctgaaaact ggatacaagt ggagacttat tttctgaatg tactttgact    109380
     gctttctccc taatgtggct gagctaaaca tgtgggaaaa tgtcattcta gactagaaaa    109440
     aaagcagcca agtgctgact taagcaaaca agaacacgct gactaattgt aagtgcagaa    109500
     atcacattca tttagtctgc tgtgtgtcat ctgcgacgtg catttcatcc ctgcagctgt    109560
     cccaaacctt taggaaagca tgtttgcagt ttaaatgggg aaagtaatgg ttttattgag    109620
     gcagtattag attatctgga caatattgtc caagtgagtt gcctagggct gtcagggcat    109680
     tcgattaacg aaggtctctt tatctgttat ttgttttctc caaacttgat tgtttttttt    109740
     gttgttgttt tttttacgaa tggaaaatat ccaaagggtt tactttatac ttcagttgta    109800
     cttgtaatgt acatgttatt ttcttggata caaattgtga attcatattt atttttagtt    109860
     gtgctgccaa aataataaaa ggtaatattt gcaaaatata tttgtgcata tactgtgtat    109920
     gtttgtgttt ataaatatgt acatgattgt attggttgca caatattgga aaaagctggc    109980
     attgtgatat tttgttgtgc tgtgatatga atataatttt accctatgat ttgagtagct    110040
     tatttattga tttagattga ctgggatgtt caagtctttt ttctgcagtg caactgcata    110100
     aaatataata aattacaagc aaatataaat atgaaagagc ctaaataaat caataaacag    110160
     tggtttatgg ctctctgggg agtctaacac accgtaaaac caagcagtca actttatcaa    110220
     atgaaacgag tgtagttaac tcaatttact gaaagtttat tctactcatt tgaaaagagt    110280
     tttgacctca gtgttgaagg aaattagttc attaaatacc taatttcttt aacttaaatg    110340
     gagtaagttc acagtactcg cataatttag tttaactgaa atagtttgta gcaatttgtt    110400
     tcctcaaacg gtttgagttg ccttaactta ttgggtttta cagtactcag ttggtttgag    110460
     ttctcttcat ttattgggtt ttattgtgct caaattgctt ttgtttactc aaatgggtta    110520
     agttcacagt actcattaag attagttttt caacttaaat ggtttgttgc aatcgttttc    110580
     ctcaaatggt ttgagttacc tgaacctttt tggattttac agtgcagtat tcaaatagtc    110640
     tacagaaatt gtagtcgtta aaggtaaagt aacaatattg cagatattaa gacattgtga    110700
     attttaaaac taattttaaa actaaatctt ttgtacattt ttgtatttta tgtgcagtat    110760
     atgtgtgtat ttatatacat tttttaaatt aatcatatgg cagcactttt taaatcaaat    110820
     ttacacgtta atacaagaca ttcattattt gtttactatt aaagttgttt tgtattacac    110880
     aaatatgcta cattatattt attgggtaca tttacatatg acccctgtta gagggctata    110940
     tgtacaaatt tttatatctt cacttttttt tttttttttt tttatagatt tgtttgtaga    111000
     ctacttgtaa tgaagcttga gatcttttca aatcatcctg attttctagg atgtctgaaa    111060
     gcctgtgtct gtctgtgtgt gtgtttattt gtaaagcact gaggaaattt ttggctgaag    111120
     aatcaaaagg atgtgatgtt tacatttgct ctcttccgct ctaatacaca tgaaacgaac    111180
     actcacaaag cattcaaaat aatgcaaaaa agagtcacag tgtgtgtttg ggataaaaaa    111240
     tctgattttg tgatatttta gttttctgca ataaatatta tgatacggat acagcttcac    111300
     aagatttaaa tagcactatt cgacggtttt ctggggagtc taacagtttt caggtagaga    111360
     aatttaatga tcacaatgca aaaaaatgct tttctatgct ttttttctaa cgctgctata    111420
     gtaatctgtg tgctgaatat acttagaaga aatgtatatt taatatactg gtgaacggtt    111480
     ctttatcata ttggagattt gttaaattcg tatcgagaat gtttaagaat tgttttgttc    111540
     tctgatctct ccacagcatt tctgtacagt aagatggatt cgtcacattc acatcaccat    111600
     gtcgaggaga caaccatgcc gtctcctgcc tcagacgatc atgggggtca tttaacgacc    111660
     tctggcaatg gccacggaga tcacatgatg atgatggtga gacaacctgc atttcattta    111720
     tcctgtgtgc caggatttag aacaggggtt accgcacttg gtcctggaag gtcttgcaga    111780
     ttttaactcc aaaccttaat caaacctacc tgatcttact atatctcaat cagcagcacc    111840
     ctagctctca gaatcattta tcagtaggtt gtgtgcatga atttgggcac tgacaaggac    111900
     attgatgaac tttgtttaca actttgagac acactgagta ttacatgaga acatcctgcc    111960
     gtacagttaa agtcaaaatt attttcattt ttcaatattt cccaaatgat gtttaaaaga    112020
     gcaaggcatt ttccactgta tttcctgtaa tattttttct tctttagaaa tcttttattt    112080
     tggctagaat aaaagcagtt ttaatttttt taatgatttc aagatcaata tttttgattg    112140
     tctataacag tggtcctcaa ccttataatc accacagacc ggtcaatgca tgacaatttt    112200
     gccgtggact gggggtacag ggatgcgggg gttgctaggc gacagcaaaa catcgctctc    112260
     actctgatac aagttttatt tatggaaaaa attacaaagc attgcagtgt ttgtgtgttc    112320
     tgtgtttgtc tgagataatt agtcttacca acatgtttat gttccataaa agctaaagct    112380
     gatcaattct tgtcatacgc tcctgggatt cattagagtg cgtctggaaa acgcgagcac    112440
     atcatgctgc tactgcgcgc aagctgccca cctctattgg aatctacgaa cttgtgcgaa    112500
     aaggcgttat ttcaatgaca aatggagaaa tttcgtgagt gcagtattac aagtcgagat    112560
     cgtatttatg caataagagc atatgcgaat ctctttgctt gcgcgccgat ttcctctgct    112620
     cgtgcacaaa acttcttgca cgctctcaaa tatacgcgtc tcaagcgcag atcttcttgt    112680
     gcgctctcaa ataaacactg ctgaaatgcg atttagcgct tttatgtagt gagtatgtct    112740
     ccaacattta ctagatttgc taggaatatt tatgaatttc tccaatagac ctacagagca    112800
     gcattaatgc ctcctgaagt aaagtgaaac ggctttaaac tccagcaaga taatgtcatt    112860
     gtatgcataa ccatttaatt atttatctat aattaaagta taattatgga aactgtgttt    112920
     atcttaactg aaagctatgt cgtgtttgct ggcatcacgc acctgtcagt cagtcagtca    112980
     gtctgtgagc acgtcacctt aaagggttaa acaaataaca cacaacacta ctacggttac    113040
     agaaaagctt gtgctgttat aattcacgta ccttataatg cgttttggtg tgatttataa    113100
     tcagctatta aaaacaacag ctgactgaat gttttgtatg agaagctatg taatgtagct    113160
     gtgttgggat gaattttggt gtggcgcccc gccatggcag aacgaatgta gcggaaacca    113220
     tgctatatgt taacgggcac taaaaggtca ccatccttcg tgtgcaacag ttgatcttct    113280
     tacacagtca tgctgatttt gaacctgatt tgttgacaaa tgggttgcgg atccattcca    113340
     tggcagttcg tgggtccttc actgggcctt ttccccttag caaagaaact ttcaatagtg    113400
     atgggtcgtt cttgaatgat tctttcattt ttaacaaatc ttcaatgtga cttgggaacg    113460
     acgagcctag gggcggactg ggactaaaaa tcagccttgg cactgtagcc acatcagcat    113520
     taccacaccg acacagccca tgcactattt atattggtgt acagatggtg aaataatata    113580
     aggagtacca tatgtcatag atatttaaac atttaatgca tgtgactgga acaaaacaac    113640
     ctatttataa caaatttata catgcaatca tttcattcat tcattttctt ttcggcttag    113700
     tccctttatt aatctgggag tgcaacagca gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt    113760
     tttacgcagc agatgccctc caagctgcaa cccatcactg ggaaacccct atgcacacac    113820
     attcacatac atgcactacc gacaattaag cctatccaat tcacctctac cacatgtgaa    113880
     acccacgtga acatgtatac tccacacaga aacaccagct gtcccagccg aggctcgaag    113940
     tagcgacctt cttgctgtga agtgacagcg ctacccacta tgccactgtg ctgccccaat    114000
     ttaagactat tttatttaat tttatgcatt tggcagcgtc tgattttaga gccatttttt    114060
     tgctttcctt ttttatggtc caactccaga aatgctagat ggccagtccg tccctggacg    114120
     agtcctctca ggtattgatt tgtccatccg cgtatgtgca cagttgtgca ggtggtttca    114180
     ttcatttttc aagtcttttg atttattcat catgtgaaag actgaagcca atcatatgcg    114240
     tttagagctg gaaaaaggtt tgatcctttt aactctcgag tcctcggttt gactcgtttg    114300
     ttcatcaagt aaaaggcaga agccaatcat atggatttag agccgtaaaa agatgagatc    114360
     cgtttaattt ctcaagtcat ccttctttac atgctgccca tcctgtcatg tgatgaacaa    114420
     atgactcaag gtgacccaag gtaaactaat tcatatgtcc ttccggctca gactgtgcat    114480
     tggttaggat tatatgtgac tgtcagtgtc acgagaatga accacacaaa ttttaataca    114540
     tgaagaggtg agcagagcaa agagacaaaa ataccatcat agacaaaagg ccaggtaaac    114600
     aatgaacgat tgttttctct tacttatagc attctataac attctatgac ttgtttttaa    114660
     tatgttcaac ctttgggcta gttgtagatg tgtttggaag caactcatag catattaatg    114720
     atattttggc aaattgaact aaatgactca aaaagattcg ttcatcttat ttaactcgag    114780
     tcagttaaat aaccttccat cactactttt caaaaatgtc tgtttcttac tctttttgct    114840
     gtttgtgggt taaatttggg tgctcaagtg accaggatgt aagcgagaga atacggtcat    114900
     ttttcaaaat aaaagactaa ataattaaga atttcttgtg cgaccccgta ccaatcgatc    114960
     catgtaccgt tccgcggccc ggtggttgag gaccactgat ctacagaaca aaccactgtt    115020
     aacaatagcc cctttcacac atacagacct ttccggaaaa ttgccggcaa ttttccggaa    115080
     aggttgtatg tgtgaacagg tcctttttga aaataccggt aaattcgttc tggctatttt    115140
     ccgaaaagag aagttgtaac attaccggca atttgccgga atgctgcgct gtgtgaatgc    115200
     agaaggaaga ttcccgtaat aagcgcgtgc acgtctagaa cgtactgacg tgagacgtct    115260
     gctttagcca atcacaacag tcagacgcat ttacgtccgc gcggtttgtg aggataaaag    115320
     ccttggaatt tttttccaga cacatttagc tgctagaagt tagtcagatc atgtttgtat    115380
     gttcttctta atgccaactg tgtaaataat catcgatgag atgcttatga taagccgttg    115440
     tttgtttacg ttcgtgtgcc tgtgaaacag cctgtgagcg ccagcacacg cacatattat    115500
     gaacatctcg acatgcgaaa gtgatcctga gaaagttgtt cacaatattg atcatccaca    115560
     gagtttgtaa tttagtcaaa tgtttacaaa tacaagcgca gccgtttaaa gctcatttgt    115620
     ggtgaatgat gtcagaattt accggtattt tggaatggat gtgtgaatgc tcttttccgg    115680
     aaaatttccg taacgtcctc gcctgtgtga acagcgtttt tttgaatata ccggtaaagt    115740
     cgttccggaa attttccgga tatttaccgg tatcactgtg tgaaaggggc ttagacttgc    115800
     ctaattaccc taactcacgt aattaactta aaatattagg tactgtcatc atgtcaaagg    115860
     taaaagaaat gagatattag ctattattaa aattaactat catgtttaga aatgtgttga    115920
     aaaaaatctt tccattaaac agaaattggg gaaaaatata caggggagct aataatttag    115980
     gagggctgat tattgtaacg tgaactgtat atcatcaaaa ctaaagttta taaacagcag    116040
     aactaataat tttagtactt taactatgtt tttatcatga aataaaacat tgttcacaaa    116100
     gtaatgattc gaggttcagc ataaaataaa taataaaaaa tattgctaaa ttaaattagg    116160
     tgtaaatatt gttctttcaa gatggcaaca ttctcaccat gctgttattc atgtttgatc    116220
     ttgggaagtt gttgtttgat gtgcggattg atgtgatttc aaactataat agattttcat    116280
     tatataaaga aactttggca actgattggt tgatttaatt tatacattgc agcaaatgac    116340
     cttctacttc ggctacaaaa atgtggagct gctttttgct gggctggtca tcaacacacc    116400
     aggaggtgag acgatctgtg taactcaggt tttcaaactt ggagaagtta tggcaggact    116460
     gctggctgtg taatctgctc ttttgaaaaa tatgtatttg tcatcctaaa taacaacaat    116520
     tttcttttct tttttttata tatatttttg ttattctggg tttcacagtt ttataaaagt    116580
     atgttttgtt tatgaaatga gtgcttaaag cattttaaag ggtaatgaca ccctctgttt    116640
     tagcagagtg tgtgtgttta gctgtggagt ggagaaggca gactgtcaac aacacactgt    116700
     cttcagattc caacatttac tttcagagcc aaaaacatca aagattccca caaatgcaag    116760
     ctggacttca ccatgacatg caaaaaaaaa tcaacacatt caaacttcaa acttactgtc    116820
     atgacacgcg tattttgttt tatataaggc taacaaaata tgtatagtgt actcgtgtaa    116880
     atatacacaa cttttttttc attcattcat tttcttttcg gcttagtcca tttattattt    116940
     tagggtcgcc acagcgaaat gaaccgtcaa cttatccagc atatgttttt gcagtggatg    117000
     cccttcctgc tgcaacccat cactgggaaa cacccataca taatcattca cacacacaca    117060
     ctacgaacaa cttggcttac ccaattcacc tataccacgt cttttgactt gttggggtaa    117120
     ccggagcacc cggaggaaat ccacgtaaac gcatgaaaaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa    117180
     atgccaactg acccagctcg aaccagtgat cttcttgatg tgagggaatc attctaccca    117240
     ctgcaccacc atgtcgccct ctactttttt ttaaagaaaa ttattctgtt catcaaggca    117300
     gcatttatta aatgtaacag aaaattgtta aatatttttt taaattgtaa ataactgctt    117360
     tcttattgta tgtagtttca aataaaatga ttactccagt cattattgct tataactatt    117420
     accattaata ataataataa taataatgat aataataata atgggcgaca cagtggcaca    117480
     gtaggtagtg ttgtcgcctc agaacaagaa gatcgctggt tcgaggtttg gctgggtcag    117540
     ttgcatttca gtgtggagtt tggatgtttt ccctgccttt gcatggattt tctgtggatg    117600
     ctttccccca caagtccaaa aacatgtggt acaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaaattgtcc    117660
     gtagtgtatt agtgtaagag agtgtgtatg ggtgtttccc agtgatggat tccagctgga    117720
     agggcatctg ctgcataaaa catacgctgg acaagttggc ggttccttcc gctgtggcga    117780
     ccccagatta ataaagggac taagccaaaa agaaaataaa taaatgaata ataattcatg    117840
     ttagagtgat ttctgaaaga tcttgctgaa aattgataca gctgcatcat ttcattaaat    117900
     ctttgtctga taagggtaaa ctgagatttg aacttgtagc cataaagcaa attgtagtag    117960
     ttctacatag agcaaaccac tgtagtagtt ctacagttta acaaagggac ttttattgac    118020
     attttagtag tttgaaataa tgtaatgtat aaaaaataat acatagataa ataagtttgt    118080
     aaaataactg aaaatgtact ggcagcttaa tttaaggttt ttgtagcgta atataccaca    118140
     acaacccaaa taataggtca ctttaaacta ttacaaatgt ttataaaagt cactttttct    118200
     agcttctcaa ggataaaagt tgttggaaga aagatctgta catcataaca cgattcaaaa    118260
     gcacaaataa acagggagaa aaataataaa aacatatcgc aaagtacaga aaaactgtta    118320
     atttacagat attatgaata tttcctacag tgtaggaatg aaatgataca gacatattgg    118380
     cagattaatt aattatcaat gctgatttac caatgagagt ctcagtcaac agccagtaac    118440
     ctcctgacct tgcgttactc actttccgca atgagacatg aaataagata tcaacacatc    118500
     aacaacacgt cactgtttgt tgttgtttgt accacacaaa acagtggcat tcttgtgaat    118560
     aatggctcta gatctcttct ttcagtgaaa agcattagca ctggttgtac aggtcttact    118620
     agatttgtac ccgttttatc aaactcattc attggaatta taaaaaatgt ccagattaca    118680
     cttggatatt ggtacaaaga tgaaatgagg gtttctctta tcaagacaat ataagtgata    118740
     gctaatgcaa tttaatgata attaaagtca aacattttta ttgtggttta cagaagacac    118800
     cttctaaatt ttcattcagc aaaacaatat attcccaaac cctttcaggc atatttagaa    118860
     caagaagact ttgatgacat attaaaataa taattaatga tcaaaccaat tattaaatta    118920
     aatataaatg aagttaatta aaaaatgaaa gcctaattaa ttgccatttt aaatcttcct    118980
     ttgtggtggg caaatccctt attttcacat cccaatgttg ccaggtatga tccacaccaa    119040
     cacagggaga acttcacaaa ctccaaactc cacaccgaaa tgccaactga gccagcctgg    119100
     gactcgaacc agtgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcaacagtgc taaccactga gccaccatgc    119160
     cccatttttg ttttatgtaa tttgataaat gagtcttacc attttgtatg tcttcatata    119220
     gtttagagag attgcatttt gttttatatg tttgaataag tacaggtcag aataggcata    119280
     tcgtttcttt ttttacatga atagatctgt tacactaaat gacaatggaa cgttctttaa    119340
     cccatatttt atatttattt tatatatttt tttattttat tttatttatt tatacaggga    119400
     caatgtacaa aatgaaatat tgtttgtcac taaagtcatt tgaaatgaaa ggcgtcactt    119460
     tacttgcatt acttggtttc tttgtatata aaatcccttg tgttactgta atttattgca    119520
     gactcaagtt ggtttttgac attttatttc tctctgttct gtagagatgg ccggcgcatg    119580
     cattggcgtg ttcttgttgg ctgtgttgta cgagggccta aagatcggcc gggaggtcct    119640
     gttgagaagg aatcaggtga acgtgcgcta caactccatg cccgtaccag gatctgatgg    119700
     caccgtactc atggagacac acaaaacagt cgggtcagtc aatggaataa tgtgtgctac    119760
     tcagtttgct tacttattta ttttttactc tatggggtaa tacttgagcc aatgaaaaat    119820
     aactagagga aaaactaccc aaaattaaaa cctgaagact tggatctgtt aaaccgtctt    119880
     ttcactgcac acgacatttg gacacagctt tcggaaaatg cccccttgtg gcagtcttga    119940
     ctttcggtat gactttcggt ctgtagcttg tcatgtgccg tggaaagtat tctgattttg    120000
     taagcccatt ttcagctaca agcgggataa aatcaggcat ttgtaaataa ttatggaata    120060
     atggtcacaa ttataagaca aacttattaa aaatataaaa ataaattccc attttaattt    120120
     aacaaagccc aacaaactag gtaatatttg acaaaatagg taattttgat aaaagccaga    120180
     aatatttagt tgaaattatg acgtacagtt gaagtcagaa ttattagccc ccttgtttat    120240
     tttttttccc caatttctgt tgaacggaga gaggattttt ttcaacacat ttctaaacat    120300
     aatagtttta ataactcatt tctaataact gatttatttt atcgttgcaa tgttttgcca    120360
     ctttgacagt acaaaatatt ttaatagtta tttttcaaga cacttatagt gacgtttaaa    120420
     ggtttaacta ggttaattag gttaactagg caggttaggg taattaggca agttattgta    120480
     taatgatggt ttgttctgta gactaaaaca gaacaaaaat atagcttaaa ggggctaata    120540
     attaaagacc ttttaaaagt actcgagtag tgattattac gctgtaaaaa gttgatgtgt    120600
     caatttgtgc atgtgtttgt gaaaatgtgg tgcatttagt gattgtttaa ggtcattctg    120660
     tgatttcagt catcatacgg tagacatcca ctatcttttt atcagtgaca tgaagtctaa    120720
     acagtttctc tgtcattgtg taacgatttt ctgtcttgag gttgttcttt ataatgacat    120780
     tttctatgtg cgattttgat tggatgacaa tcacagaatt tattgttcca tttctagtac    120840
     tctacttcta cttctctact agccaatcac catagataag aaaaacaata aagtagtgac    120900
     tgcaagttga aggatacaac actaaaaatg acctcaaggg aaagtaaaag tacactttta    120960
     aaagtacaca attacagtag tttaaatatt tgtaatttgg tattttacac cacagcactt    121020
     aaaattatat gaaaattagg ggataggtca aacttatgac agtcaataat attagattag    121080
     tattatatta ttattatagt aaaaagttat gatagtcaga atactgttat aaaaataaaa    121140
     aacttaaagt tatgagaaat gtcagtgaca atttagacaa tattatgctt ttaaagttga    121200
     agttatgaaa aaactgacaa caaatgttga cttttatgcc agaattatgc aaaatataat    121260
     ataaatataa atttatataa tatatataat atattataaa atataaataa tatataatat    121320
     aaatttgaga caacataaaa tgttaacttt tcatttgtca tgatttacca aagcggatgg    121380
     aaaagggctt agcaggtttt cttattttta tggttgccaa ataatacatc taaaaaaaaa    121440
     tgtatgcatg acaataaaaa ggtatgttta aaaattgaat aacttcattt atatcatagg    121500
     tctcaaactc aatttctgga gagccgcagc tctgcacagt tttgctccaa ccctgatcca    121560
     acacagctga tccaactaat gaagatgttc atgactcttt tgaacacctc agttatttgg    121620
     atcagctgtg tttgattagt gttggagcaa aaccgtgcag agccaaaaat tgagtttgag    121680
     acacacacac acatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaatta    121740
     cagatcatat gtgaacaatt tatattattt gtgtaaatgc acaagcataa ttactacgtt    121800
     ctcccatctt cagtgtagtg ctctttagat tagtttgaaa acccattgca tccctgatct    121860
     gttttgaaat cattttcttt catcactgct gttagactga tgtcattatg actgatgatg    121920
     tcagtaaaaa caggctgacg tggatcagcc ttaagctttc acacactgat ttaatcaccc    121980
     tgtgtacaca gtcattccca cacagagggt aaacatgtgt ctcctgggat ttcttcacac    122040
     tgataacatg gtgactgttg tcctgtaaca atatgaacac ctaattctgt tctctcttcc    122100
     agccagcgaa tgcttagtat ggcccacttc ttacagacgc ttcttcacat catccaagtg    122160
     gtggtcagtt acttcctcat gctggtgttc atgacgtaca acggttacct gtgcatcgcg    122220
     gtggcggcgg gagcaggcct cggctatttt ctgttcagct ggaagaaggc agtagtggtg    122280
     gatattacag aacactgtca ttaacctctc gtgtataacc tcaaaaagaa aaaaattgcc    122340
     cactgtacaa tcccagcatg caacacaaca agtgtaaagc accatatgat ttcattcatc    122400
     ttggtaaata ttggccaagt agcattttaa agatttattt tgatttgttt acacaaatta    122460
     gcaccatatc tcatttcctg acagctctgt tttggttatt taattttgga aaatatgagt    122520
     gaggaagttt tgtttaatgt taatggtgta gttgtgtata ttaagcaaag ctaaaaaaga    122580
     actttacatt gcttagcggc acaaattaat atgaaacatt tgtaaacatt ttttacctct    122640
     tgcgaccaat catgacaaat cagtgtggaa tttcaccaaa tttttgcagc caaactcgag    122700
     tcattttaat aggaatccgc ataaccggta ataaggtttc caaattaact gattcgaaga    122760
     taactaatct taaaatcgtc ataatttaaa tatcatttat taccatttac taaattttcc    122820
     ggccattgtc aattttgcac aaatacaaaa gatttctcta tttcattatc gcaacgattt    122880
     acgaggcttc caaatttact gataactaaa ttatcatgac attcgtaaaa attaaaaagc    122940
     ttaaatttga aaaaagacat cagatttatc actattcatt gaatttttac tgacaaactc    123000
     tagccgtttt gactctagta gtcgtttgca caaatgcaaa aggtttctct acttatttat    123060
     tgcaaagatt tacaaggttt ccaaattaac tggtacctta catcacattt ttacatttgt    123120
     gaaaattaaa aagctcaaat ttgaaaaagg cgtcacattt atcaacattc ataactttta    123180
     cagacaaact ttagacattt taatgtacgc aatcattttt gcacaaatgc aaaacagttt    123240
     gtaactgttt ccaagtttca aaaaaagtag attggattcc agttcctttt ggaactcact    123300
     aaatatgata caacttacag catttttgac ctcttgcgac cagtcatgaa gaaaaacact    123360
     caaaatttca ccaaattttt gcaaccaaac tctagtcatt ttaataggaa tccacgcaac    123420
     cgctaatatc gcaagtgcac tattattgca ccagttgaca aggttctcca aattaactga    123480
     ttagatggta attggatttg cgtgaaattc caactcattt attactattc accaaatttt    123540
     cacaccatca tcagttttgc acaaatgtga aagatttctc tacacattta tcacaaagat    123600
     ttacgaaggt ttccaatttt cactgacaaa cctgttttaa tgtaggcgat cagcattttg    123660
     tgcaaatgtg aaagattttc ccacaccttt ctgtaacagt ttccaaaatg caaaagaaag    123720
     tagaatatta ttcccataaa ctttccctgt cttaaaaatt tcaatccaat acatgtgaaa    123780
     gatttttact aaattttcgc agacaaacta atgggaatcc acaaaatttc gtaaagtact    123840
     aatgacttcc cttaatattt atcgcaacgg tttacaaagt ttcctcgcaa actattaagt    123900
     ttattggagt catgttaaat tcccaatttt gaaaatttac aaatttgcaa atattgggaa    123960
     gagcgaattt tcaaaggtga aattttacaa tcttttgcaa tcaattttgg gcaaatacgg    124020
     ttacgttttt tgttacattt tcctgttgca aattggccaa tagaaagtag actgaattct    124080
     tgtaactttc ccagtcttaa aaattttcag tctaattaat ttaagaaaga tttcacttaa    124140
     ttttcgcaga caaattcctt ttcatcggaa tccagacact tttgtaaaat tctaatgatt    124200
     tcccttaaca tttattgtga caatttacaa gtaaagttta ttgaacacct gtgtaattcc    124260
     caattttaaa aatttaattg caaatattaa aaacagtgac ttcactgaat ttgcaattac    124320
     aaactctagt tatattaatg ttcacaatca ccaattttga gcgaatgcgc ttacgttttt    124380
     gtaaaatgtt caagttgcac atgggcagat agaacataga ttggatttct ttaactttcc    124440
     cagtcttgaa aatttaaatc caatacattt ttgacatatt tacattgcta actgaatttt    124500
     ttgcgaacat tttaattttt tcgtaactct aatttttatg aatttgtctg gcaatttggt    124560
     aaaaagaaca aacaagctgc gcatccttca tctctacaca tcagcctgca caatttaaaa    124620
     cattaagatc ataaccgtca ccttatcagt ctacctccag atggtaccga gtcccgagtg    124680
     accctgttca ctataaacac atctgttcta cacatctcat ggattattat gtttatgaag    124740
     gtgcttttgg gtgcaacaga gccttactaa acccctttgc cttaaacaag ggtactgaca    124800
     cccaggaggc cgactctgta aactctaaaa gccaaactgg atctgctgga cccagtaaac    124860
     aagcactagc ggcggtggga aggtgtttaa tacttttttt tttttttttt gaggttgtta    124920
     tggccaagtg tttcaaatca gtgaaacgac agttaataat cagtgaccat tgtttagact    124980
     taaacactgg actgaatgat gtttgcacaa gaaagagagg ttttgggact ctgtgtttgc    125040
     agagtttgaa gtcgaacttt gctccctttg gagtgatttt aaataaatat tgggggggag    125100
     attggagaaa aataaattat atctgatgcc agtgtcaccg atttcttttt ataatttata    125160
     tttgtaacac tctagtatga ctgtgtgtga tatcaatgtg ttctggcaat ctttatgtag    125220
     atccttttac gttatgacat cttttaaatg acaaaatgtg gcgcgtttgc gatgtcgggt    125280
     aaatcatgag ccctttggaa cattaaggtc atcactctga ttgttactgg gtagcagaat    125340
     gtgaatttta tgttcaatat atgccccttt gtttgggtgc gccttttaca ttcaggaccc    125400
     aattaaagtg cccaaagagt gtctgaattg cttgtgaaaa caaaagccga ggctttctta    125460
     cggagaaaat cacatatttt aaaccagtaa acatgtgggt tttagtagaa agcctattta    125520
     aaataccttt cctttatatt ttagttacaa gcagaacaaa gaaatgtgtg taatctcaga    125580
     ggtaaatatt cacatcatgt tgtttttgta gcaggtgcca ctctgtagaa ctgtatttga    125640
     ggatcggttc tccgttacga ggcttattcg tactgcagat tgctttcgat atcagaagat    125700
     gtttgtgctg tttaatgtgt agggaaaaaa ctgctagccc ttgcgtggaa ggactgaacc    125760
     tcatgtccag tgttgtggcc gtgttaacat ttcttagtct gtttacagtt caccgtctgt    125820
     aatgtccgac atgtaaaccg tactgtaatc gttaaagaaa atgatgaata aatgttatga    125880
     tttcagcgat agttgttggg atttcattta taaactaaat tgtttttgat gcttgacgtt    125940
     tttaaatgtt tcttttttct ctggaatatg tatatcgcag ttgcctcttt aaactattgc    126000
     tgttgctttg gaaaaaaaca taaatgcagt gcaaaaagat gccgtgctta aagactccaa    126060
     aagcattcac tgcatcataa acattcatta gaaagaactt caaaagcaca atgttatgaa    126120
     cacaatatct tttgtatatt tgttttttag attgagaata tttgcagaat ctgtggacat    126180
     tttttgctaa ttctgcagag aattttgtaa aaaatctgca gatttatgca gaattatttt    126240
     gggagtatcg taactaaata tgacataaat aatagctttt taaattttat tgaatgttta    126300
     caatgcaaat ccatctagat ccaatttatt tggtaaacaa agcaagttgt ataatatatc    126360
     atataatata tctactgaaa gacagaaaat aatccagttt cccccacaag tccaaagaca    126420
     tgcgctttag gtgaattggg taagctaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgtgtgt gaatgagtgt    126480
     atggatgttt ctcagtgatg ggttaactga ataaatataa atttaagcac gtttacacaa    126540
     gcaaataagt aaatagattt ctgcgcatgc agattttgtg ttggctagct ataagtaata    126600
     tcatagaaca aataatttcc tgaatatcaa cacgtaaatt acaactatgt tctacagacg    126660
     aagcggtgtt aagttgacaa atattagtag attttttttg tgttgtgcca aagaaaaggg    126720
     tttcaaacag agcaattctt tctgtctttt tgtgtgtgtg tctttctgaa tgaatctgtt    126780
     ttcaactcaa tgactaggcc cacacgaaat ctgcacgcgc agaaatccac agatttccac    126840
     agaatattta gcctatcatt gagtctatgt gtttacttgt gtaaatcggt gtagatttat    126900
     atttattcag tttttaaaag aatttcatta ttattattgt gatataataa tagtaataat    126960
     aaaatgttca tttgattcat ttacaataca gtttgtaaag taatattttc tgtcctttag    127020
     tagacatatt atatgacaga cttgctttgt ttatcaaata agtggatcta catgtatttg    127080
     cattgtaaac attaaataaa tgtaaaatgt tttatttcat ttaatatata aagtttttag    127140
     ttacgatact cctaaaaaaa ttccggataa atttacagat ttttaacaaa agtatccgca    127200
     ggaatagcaa aacatttcca caaattctgt ctggccctat caatgactta gtaatgcatt    127260
     cattaaaaga gctacttgtt ttgtttctaa atgaatcagc tgttttgaaa gaatcattta    127320
     aatgaatgat tcagtgaaag catcaaggca ggaaattatc cactgtcact tttagggttt    127380
     gtttacatag acatccgatc agagaaaatg caaaaaacat ctgatttgtg aaaaacgatt    127440
     acatttggcc acataaatgt ctccaaaagt tatgttgact aaaaggtcag atgtacatca    127500
     ttcttcccag ataaatatgc agggctcaaa attaaccttt tgcttggttt gcatcaaaaa    127560
     tgtagtcgtg cccaccattt actcttacta caagttttat attaacagat ttattgcatt    127620
     tggaatcact actcatcaga actaaaaaat atgcatgcac ccaccggcac tgcatgaatg    127680
     aaacatagtt acgatgatag tagggatgat gtgatgattt acaggtggtg tctaatattg    127740
     cgcagatgat attgatgcat aacttattat ttgcatccat catcttaata gctggtcttt    127800
     taatgagctg caatattagt ttaatcttag taaaagcaca cccttttact attgtgtatg    127860
     tggtgttaca atttacatat agctgccact tgcatggctg acagcatcct gacaattaaa    127920
     cgaagtatca aacggaaccc ctcatgcata aaatgtgtag atgtggtaaa cacttttacc    127980
     tgctaactcc gtcccacagg ctttaaagag aatggctttt agttattttt atagcggatt    128040
     ttaacccact agaagagtgt tttatacact cttgaataag tgtttatggt gtattaacat    128100
     tcaccacatg atcactaatc agacgtgcca ttactggtaa ctttaggtgg tttctaaaat    128160
     aaaatctgtc agtgttttca ttctcttatc tccagtgctt tttatttttt atttcagtgt    128220
     tgtgttatac ccagtgttgg ggaaagttac ttttaaaagt aatgcataac aatagttact    128280
     cccccaaaaa agtaagtagt tgagcaagta tggcaagtaa tgtattatgt catatagcct    128340
     gtacatacat tcggtacgac ctccacggtt caatacgtgc ttgtgaattg cggttttcac    128400
     ggttttgcgt ttaaataatt tgtgtgcgtt ttatatctcc ccgaattgac tgtgtgtgcc    128460
     tgtaagtcca tgagctgaga tgaggaaact cctcctcgcg agtatatata caatcactat    128520
     gtcttaaagt taggggttct tgaccatcat tccacacttt aacatggcga gcagcggtaa    128580
     agtgaggctg aggcaacagt acaaggaagc gccggcgaag agaagcaaca gtacgaggaa    128640
     gcgcaggcgt cttacaaatc tgcggtgtga ggacatttcg gttttcccga taagtataat    128700
     gccaataaaa gaaaaaacgg tgacaaaaaa taactgtgaa agcattgttt tacacgtata    128760
     accatgactg cacatctgct gcaccatcac ccagcaatat cactgtatga aggcaggata    128820
     gcagagaagg taataaagtc ctccaaatag caacagtccc tcgctgaatc tttcaagcca    128880
     acatacccaa ctggttccga gagacgcata taaataacaa aggcagtgcg ggtgtttatt    128940
     gctaaagatt tgtagtcgtt tatggtgatg ggagatgtgg gcttttgtca tcatataaaa    129000
     gcactcgatc catgttacag attacagtct cgcatttttc agcatcgaga taattaagat    129060
     ggtttattta tgtttactta agtacaaata tgtttatttg aaatggccaa tttatcttta    129120
     ttacttccca tgtatgttta ttttcaaagt gtaggatttt atgtgttccc cagtttgtac    129180
     atgggctacc agcagctgtc agatttcagt gttcattttt ttattcaata caccaggaac    129240
     tactgtactt tttttggctt ttaagtaaaa caaaatgagt tttgcaaaaa atctttttta    129300
     tttttttctc ctttacctct tactgttcct attgcctgta gaataaaaaa acgtgttaag    129360
     ccatgagaac caaaccgaac cgaaaacagt gttaaaaaac cgaggtatgt attgaaccgt    129420
     gggctaactg tattgttgca tccctaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    129480
     atatatatat tagtagtata atctgtatta gggatgcaac gattagctgg tttcactatt    129540
     aaccgggatt taattagtca cgtatgggct tctcaacact gcatttctgc acggaacaag    129600
     actgcagcaa cttgttatgg caactgtgca cttgtttgta cattaaggct aataagcagt    129660
     gcactctact cactatgact ggggctatta actaaggcaa gctcgtccaa gttagttttt    129720
     ttcaatggag ggacgcgcac gcaacacaac acactcgtgc ttttcaggtg cacctagttg    129780
     agatgacagg gggcttttgt gaccgtggga attgcaaacg gctaacggtt taaggaagaa    129840
     gcactggaaa ggacacagat tggcaaaccc acttaaagtt acaaataatg gcgttgtgga    129900
     gagcaatcat gtggcgaatc cccagctggg atcaactgaa tgtttttaaa gacagtggtg    129960
     aaagactcaa gcctgtttca caccgcaggc atgaccagag agtgtttttt ttcgcatcca    130020
     tgttaacaga ttagagcttt catactgcat gcagaagcag tgcgtcaaca cgaggcatga    130080
     gcatcatgca agcagtcgtg gtttcgccgc tgggtctatt ttaccggtgc attgataatg    130140
     accaaaaaca cattgaatga gcagttttac caaataatgc atcaataata tccactgaat    130200
     tttttatatg cacttaaata aaattaaacg attaaaccag caacaaatat ttagttgggc    130260
     acaatatata aaacaaaatt taaaaccgtt ttaaactatt tataaactaa tggggttttg    130320
     ggatcaatga atgcaaataa tcatgataaa cgtgattatt tctaatacta taatcgtaca    130380
     accaaaattt ataatcgttg cgccctaatc ggtattatca aaaatataat tctgccaata    130440
     tcacatttac acaccatttc cacatccaac tagaaaggct ttatttattt caatagaaaa    130500
     atagtcattt gaaatcagtt atcacaaaca ccgttaacca aagccataat tttatgtcca    130560
     tttctaatct ggcaagattg atgcagaata tattctgtgt gcacgtacgt gtctgtgtta    130620
     cagattctca agaccttata gtccattgtt caggattggc acttgtcaaa actgaaggtt    130680
     tccgaagagc gatggtaacg tgttaggctt ggggtggggt ttgtatccaa ttctctcgtg    130740
     aatcatctgc tctctggttt tcccatcagc agtgccacct gccgctccgc tcatctcact    130800
     ggatgtggcg acaccgacga catccacctc atccctctgt ttcttccgac tcttaacaca    130860
     tgtggggaaa gtaacatgag attatagaaa gcttcttact ttctgtaaga tttgcttaca    130920
     tgcttgcttt taaatgagaa aaagaatgat gaagaaatca cactattact gactgatttg    130980
     cagtggtgga ctaagaattt ttgctttatt ttaattaagt aggggagagc agggactaaa    131040
     gtatcatttt cataacctaa taatatcatt atcataactt aatcataatt gataatgttt    131100
     ttagcagaaa tatattttcg ctgtggttac taacacataa ctgtagtcta tcaaaatcag    131160
     ctgtagaaca actccaatac aactttactt ttgatgctac aaaaaagctg gttgatgcaa    131220
     catttatgtt gatattggac tacgctgatg ttatctatat gtatgcttcg tcttctagtc    131280
     tgcatgcact ggacactgtt taccatgctg cactaagatt tataactaat tttactgctt    131340
     tgtccatttg taggctcaag cactagcgta tctctgttta catttctata ttgggtttac    131400
     tcccatcaaa tttatagaat tacattcggg aaaatcctgt cctcggacga agcagtcgca    131460
     ccagacctag tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcgctg gttcgaacca tggttcagtt    131520
     ggcgtttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc cctgcattcg cgtgggttcc ctccgggtgc    131580
     tccggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc agtacagata aattgggttg tgtttagggg    131640
     tagggggata gaatctactg tttgtacagt agaaccatca ttaaggggtc tatgagagtc    131700
     cccactggga tgaaggaaca tgtctttatg tgtgtacagt aaattgaagc aactatttat    131760
     gacacatgtt taagacacga tgacaagtcc aaaattttac ctccagctct ttcttgacac    131820
     tttcaaactc ctccgtgtcg tccagcttga gctcgaggcg cgttggtttc ctcctcagca    131880
     tcttcacatc accggcttct cgttgcctgg aaacacgtta cacgcgctgc ttaagttaat    131940
     ttacacactt attaacgtta acgttacata tataatgtat gttcattaga aatcgatggg    132000
     ttaacctagt tgagttgtgg tagttctatt caactcttca tatatatttt gactctgaga    132060
     aagctcaaat gctatgtttt aaggaaccta acgttgcaaa agcccatgat tgcagtatta    132120
     tatctgcata cacagtacac tttacttgaa cgtttaccgt cgtgttgtgt atttcgtaat    132180
     ttcaagaaat tcagcgacgc ctgcttcaac accataacgt tattgtttag cagctacatg    132240
     ctaattagcc tagtagctct aaattctggg tcttaaacag tgacaaacgt caggataatg    132300
     aaccgtgaag atcgtttatt ttagtaagct tggcaaacta ttgacaaaca attctaaact    132360
     gaaagaagat gactatttca gctcacatca cttaccgtaa tcattcacgc tttagaccgt    132420
     agaaagagca gaaggaatca tgggaaatgt agtttaagcg tgaagggaga aaaaagggat    132480
     aaacgtgtgt gttttttctg tttttatatt ttttcaagtt ttaaattgat aatcgcatta    132540
     gttgaattat tctttcactg tctatttaag ggcatagacg gttgaaatgt tcattaacct    132600
     tagttttttt cttcaagttt ttgatcgatt tatttagtta aacctttaaa actaaatgta    132660
     caaaacttgt tgttttagaa cggtccgtgt acgttttgtt catttgtttt ccattttcaa    132720
     acggaataaa ggaaatggag aaaacggccg tttttccttt tgctcacgag aaaacgaaaa    132780
     aacgagattt tggctggatt ttcgtttttt ggtttagggt aggaaaacgg ataaacgact    132840
     ttaaaattca ttttacacat gtaggcggtg ctgaaacgcc cactttcctc taattggtca    132900
     accaaatctg cgctcgtgac gtcaccctca aaataaaagc cttacacgca ggcttttaat    132960
     tattattatt taattatata ttaactaagt ttacatattc tatcatttga accacacaca    133020
     gttagcaggc ttacattcat tgcgtatgta taaattaaat aaaaacgtaa agcagtattc    133080
     ttagacattt gtcattaaaa taaggtcata gttcactgcc aagcttcttg ctgctgtgca    133140
     cctgatgcag agcaaagata gccatttccg aggagcacct ggtttacatg attgtttcat    133200
     aacaatcttt ataataatat aatagggctt tataataata ataattatta ttattattaa    133260
     tatcagttac tagtgttttt attgtttggt gtgttttttt tctttttaat agttgttagc    133320
     agaaccagaa taagaacact ttgggccctg ctataaaaac aaagggtacc atttgttttc    133380
     atttacttct tcctatttta attatatatt gtaattattt ttttgataat taatactatt    133440
     ttattgcaac gccaaagtag gcctgtctta ttattttttt ctattattaa atttgctgtt    133500
     attgtaggct agatggcagg ctttaaatat tttaaataac atttactcat aaccttacta    133560
     attcgagagc cgaacctaaa aaagtttaag tgcaataagc ctgtacaata aagggagccg    133620
     caatgcaaat ttctagcgca ttctttcact caacaattat tgctggaata atgaaatgaa    133680
     ttttaaatta actaattaaa cacattatag ttgataaaaa aaattgtgtc tagtagttcc    133740
     gacaaacaga tgagctcccc acccagcaat agttcgtcga atagacgtcg aaaagacgac    133800
     attgtcagac gtccaaacaa cgtggaaaac aggtgggaaa gtgaaagacg aaactacgtc    133860
     tttttaacgt cgtcgaaaag acgtaattgt aaggcgtcca aacaacgtgg aaaacaggtg    133920
     gaaaagtgaa acgtgaaaag acgtcttttt catgtcgtcc aaaagacgta attgtaagac    133980
     gtccaaacaa cgaaaaatac gtcaatttta agtcgaaatt tggttgtgag aaataccttt    134040
     ataaacgttt tagaaaattc acatgattca gaaattcaac attttgttta aaaaatatta    134100
     tttattagcc taatatttgc agacaaaagt aatgacaaaa catgtattag tcaatttaac    134160
     attaacaaca acaaaagcat cagatagttt ttccgctctg cgtctgccac cgccagaccg    134220
     tacaggtgat ctctcacggc cctgtaaatt ccgtggctgt tgtgtcgcag tttggctgca    134280
     cctgctataa caaagaaaaa ctctgtttta gttgatataa tgcacatcct tatgtgttat    134340
     tttaagaaaa ttaacgtgac attcaaataa taaatgctat tttgactgca tgctacacac    134400
     gtttttgttt aagaacacat ttcagttatt taaccatact ttttattgta atattattta    134460
     tttttatgaa atggacagag atggcaaaaa tacacacatc ctactcaaaa aaaagtgata    134520
     ctgatgctta aaacaactct ggtaaaagtt aaagtagcct actgactgca cttttgtagt    134580
     caaatatggc ctcaaacacg tgataaaaaa agtttctatt actacctgtt tttcacgctg    134640
     gtaactagac tcacatccag gcccggcgcc aggaatcaga actgaggggg cattttaaat    134700
     ccataggggg gcactaaacc tggtggctga ttttggtctc tctagttcct ttcatttagg    134760
     ctatttattc acatttatta ttacttcact ttgttacaga cctaaggcag tattatacgt    134820
     tttaatagta atattaatat gcacagtgtc gctattactg attttattaa tgatggtatt    134880
     gcaacgatac cgcttattaa tgcagacgga tcatggcttc agtgccaaac gagtgcttta    134940
     aatcatattt tattctcctt atttatttca attttatgtc aaatagcagg catatgaatg    135000
     tttaaagttt taggtaaaga cgtcaaatta tgcccacaca tgcaagctga cccacgatca    135060
     gactattcgt atatccggta aataaatata gtaaaatcag cttaaccgag tcatcccgct    135120
     ttacggagcc tattatccaa ccaacatcag tgttagagaa aagctaaatg ttaccctaat    135180
     gtcattcaaa acaatgactt agttacattt taaggcatta gtgtagccag aaaaatacct    135240
     aaaaaagatg cctaaattca cagttattac cgtgaaaata tgtttggcac ggataacagt    135300
     caacttaata ggctataaaa cttttttcat cattttaaat gtaaaaataa agatttatct    135360
     taggctatca taagtgtatt tttttcgtga tattgtctgc ttgtcatttg taaaccatta    135420
     taaaccatta ggtgactagg cctacccgtc attttattta ttaatttata ataaattaac    135480
     atttttagtt atttaaattt taataacttg ttttcgggtt atttttattt tagggccatg    135540
     agctacaagt caaaacaaat tcgatatgct gtaatatatt taatgttgtt taattttgta    135600
     taagcaaata gcagtatagc cttaattaca tatttgtaaa agattgtgag aggtttctcg    135660
     gttgatccgc ggtagttgca cttaagcaat atatatattc catttatatc actgcaaact    135720
     tgacttcgca ggctggacat ctttaaatgc aaaaggcatt tattatacct agactgctgc    135780
     tgcataatgg gatgtttctc tacacaactg taaaagtgcg ctttttagca atgtcaaaat    135840
     gaaagcaaac attcaaagtg ttatgcgttt tgtcaatttt agcttaactg taatcatatt    135900
     aataataaaa ctttaatgaa taaatttaaa tattatttat agtgcagcct actgtgggac    135960
     tgtgcagtga actatttatt tttatttaaa cattttatta ggctacatct tcccgaacaa    136020
     ctaatgtgaa aatgactggc agttgagtct ctgctaaaat ttatttaaca gcaaatttct    136080
     tctgcgtttc ttccttttag agctcaagag ttgtgtttaa agatttagtt gaccgaaaca    136140
     tgtaattaat taagctgatc gtctcatgtc acccactttt ctcccttgtg agttgagtgc    136200
     gcctccatcg ccgtgtgcgc gttttatttt cgggcgcacc tgacctgacg cggggaccgg    136260
     atctctggac tataggacta gctttaatct cacaattttc ataatttaat tgctatgtca    136320
     tatattttaa aatatttaaa tgtgtgttct aaaggttgga acgacgggag tgtttgtaat    136380
     taatgacaga aagaatttta agttttgagt gaacaatcct ttataaaaac tggggggcac    136440
     aaattattat atatagtata catttattct atttaaaaaa ttgcatgatc ttttttttta    136500
     cgtggtattt tcctgatcta tgcattataa ttttatctat aaatggcctg caatccgatc    136560
     aataaaaaag agtcaatcag ccattacaaa cctgttgtaa tcatctaaat agccattttg    136620
     ccttcataaa aaatgggtgt gagaaaaaaa aaattttttt gcgttacctc agcaaagttc    136680
     cctcacaaag atgttttcca caaacactta atgttttcac aagcacacga tatactcttg    136740
     aaggcctatt tattattgat ttttttacat taaacgcata ataattaagt gcaaaaagaa    136800
     cagccgaact tcggaaaaag tgatcactgc ggtgccgcga tggttgcttt gttgattgca    136860
     aagcatgatt gatgattgcc ccctcagaaa gaatctgtgc gccccctagt tttcacaaag    136920
     gattgtttac tcaaaactga aaattctttt tatcataaat tactaacact ctagtcattc    136980
     caaccttcag aacacacaat tagatatttt ataatatgaa atagaattaa atagaatatg    137040
     aaataattaa attatgaaaa ttgtgataat aaagctaggc ctatggtgca gagatctagg    137100
     gtgcggttcc caaaaccatc aacttaggtc gcaagttccg tcgttacaag cagtttgttg    137160
     atttgccatt tcccaaatcc atcgctccaa caaacatttg caaactgcgt cgcaaacttg    137220
     agcgctcgca actacagctc tgcagctagt tgaaacatag ttctagatgt gttctattgc    137280
     cacttatccc cctatgccct attcatttag aacaatataa catttaaaca ttgaatgatt    137340
     aaaaataaaa aaagcattaa gatcatctct cttaggtgta atttgctttt tacctatttt    137400
     tacagtttag ttttagcgat cttcatattt acagttgtgc tccctttgca gtgcacttta    137460
     aaaacactga tgtcattttg aacacagcct caagtgaaag ctataggtga cctattattt    137520
     aaaagccgaa tgttacatct ccaaagcttg tgaaaacaaa aagcatgcgt gaattctttt    137580
     gatttatagt aggttattta ttaaatatct gtactgcata tgacatgggc ctgccggtta    137640
     gaactttctg ctctggttta caagtgtcaa attgtaaaag tagacttttc caaaaataaa    137700
     taaacaatac cctacttatt attattatta ttattaataa taataataat aacaacaaca    137760
     acaacaagaa tctccatcat catcattaat attattatta aattatgttt ttttttcact    137820
     tctaatacac aaaattaaaa ataatagtta ttatcatcat gatcatcatt agtattatta    137880
     ttattattat taaattatta tttttaaatt tcctaaaata taataaatat taaatttcat    137940
     tttataataa atcgcctagt gattatttat tcatatgatt tatttgcagc atctgggggc    138000
     aacacaacta atttatacat gcacctttaa cacacctact tgatgtttaa ctctgagtgg    138060
     gtcgccggta gataagatca atagccataa atccgcaatg catactctca ttttaaaaat    138120
     cacgcgacca tcatcttaca attttaaata ataaataatc ttatttatta ttaaaacgag    138180
     tgattaagca atgcagcgcc attaataagc ctagccaact acagagaaac aaagcaacca    138240
     ttgcggcatc cgcagtgatt actttttcca aagttcagct cttctttttt gcacttgttt    138300
     attatgcgtt taatgttaaa aaatcaataa tgaataggcc gacaagagtg tattctgtgt    138360
     gtgtgcgtat gttatcactg aacagaaagt tgctttgtct gtctggcaat atttcggctt    138420
     ttaatcgaat gaaaagttaa tttagatgag ccaatttttt ttttaaatgc agtaaagtaa    138480
     ctttgacatg aggccacaca tcgaatctgg ggtctgatct catctcgttc tccctcgctg    138540
     tcatccagac acttgataca gacgccacac agtcacaaaa cggtaccagc tgagaggtag    138600
     aacagctgaa gcctttgcga aatctgtcaa aatacagcgc tgaaattaac aggcatatgt    138660
     ctttgagcca aaaaagtctt taggatatgt aaaaacgcaa gagccagtgt agaagttgtg    138720
     tcgcctaata attatattta ttctaataaa atgaaaacca aaataaacaa ttcattgcat    138780
     tttttgtttg ataaaaatat acagaaacta aaaaaatcaa agagtggcta gtttttatta    138840
     atgtgtttta atattaataa aaatatgctc agcctattta agcttaattg ttacaccgcc    138900
     aataaatgtc tcactgtcat ttaaaacatg caattcataa cacaccagca gggctgcgtt    138960
     tctcaaactc accactgcac tatcatacga tgcattgttt ggggaaagaa ctatgtagtg    139020
     aagaatgttt cccaaaattc tctgtcgctt acccatctct tgaaccacgt tagttatagc    139080
     gtaaaaggcc catatgtttt aaagggggta gagaaactac tttttttaaa gaagaacccc    139140
     atcatttatt tgtgcaaata atattgtttt acaagcacgc atttaaaata aaatactaaa    139200
     aatattagtt ttgccaaaaa catgcactcg ctttccatat taactgacat atatattaat    139260
     gccacataga tccaatgttt cctttactaa taatattgag aatgtgacat atactaaatc    139320
     aaatcactta caaaagctaa cacgtattct atattctata ttcatatatt aatcatatga    139380
     ataaatgaat aatgaggctg tttattataa aatgtatttt ttattatata ttaggaaatt    139440
     aagaaaaaaa tcctaattta atcataatat taataatacc aatgatgatc atgatgatgt    139500
     ctgaaagata acattattag cgtgaaaaac aaattatata tacatacata tatatatata    139560
     tattagcaat aaactgtagt atggttcaaa aacatatttt tactatagtt ttttcatgcg    139620
     agtagcttac agtagttttg tcaatggcag aaaatatatt tcagttcagt agaaaactct    139680
     gtcctcttta taatatttct atttatttct cctttgtatt atagtatcaa ttaaaaaatg    139740
     cagactttcc tttgtctcac attcatattt tttatttcct gctcaccatc ttaattttat    139800
     gagtcaccag aatctcttga ttacacccaa agttttgctg ataaaaatat atatattttt    139860
     tgcaagcatt cactttaata agtcaataac agattattaa tatccaatta aagatcattt    139920
     caccaagctc ataccacagt gcttaaaaac aggatgcttt tgatttatac aactaacaat    139980
     ctccctaata gagcatgtgc tggctactga caatttgtaa aggtaaaaaa taatataagt    140040
     actgttcagt aacactcttt ttactaatac ggtttaagta taatttaata agactctcaa    140100
     tttatgaata gttaactggt aatctgaaac cttcaacctt cgttaaaata tcaattgtta    140160
     aaaaaagtta tattgctgaa taaaaagagt taatatatgg acaactacta tacatttgtc    140220
     ttcttttgat acacaatttt aaacatgtgg ttaaaaactt atcttaatta atggcataaa    140280
     attatctttt atattttttt ggtaggccag agaaaaagtt ggcaggacaa gtaaaaatct    140340
     tttccactgg ccacaccagg ccagtagaaa aaaatcttaa gtgttgagcc ctgttgacta    140400
     attctcattc tcattctcat taaaatatgc atggttttaa gacaattact ttggattaca    140460
     tatatatata tatatattac aacccgcaaa gtaccgcgta agtacagtga aataacggtg    140520
     tacttttctg tacatataat taacgtttgc gtaggtacac tatatgtaca gaaaagcaca    140580
     ccgttatttc actgtactta cgcggtactt tgtgggttgt aaaagaaagc gttaccgtca    140640
     tgggtgctgt tgttttacta cagtaatacc ttcaggttct gcgctgcagt ggcgcctcac    140700
     agcaagaagg tcgttggttc gagccttggc tgggtcagtt ggcgtctctg tgtggagttt    140760
     gcgtgggttt cctccaggtg ctccggtttc ccccactgtc caaagatatg cggtacaagt    140820
     taattgggta ggctaaaatt gtccgtagtg aataagtgtg gatgtttccc agagatggat    140880
     tgaggctgga agggcatccg ctgcataaaa acatgctgga taagttggcg gttcattccg    140940
     ctgtggtgac cccagattaa taaaggcact aagccaaaaa gaaaaagaat aaatgactga    141000
     atgaataaat gaatgaatga atgaatacct tcagagaaca tagtagtcag tgatccacat    141060
     aagcagagtg gtgtgtagtc agaactggaa cagaagtcta agcgcacacg atgatgtttt    141120
     caattggaga ttccagcgaa actgccatta aaaagttata tgaaaaataa catgttaatc    141180
     agtatgacat ctcacctggt atctactatt acaaagtaca attccattaa tatatatgtc    141240
     caatccacag tatctgtacc ataaactagc cacaattttg actcctcact cagtatatta    141300
     agttgcatgg tattttgtga gaaattcaat gatcttgttt ggattgcatt tccttgtgaa    141360
     attataaaaa gcttcatgat ataattttta aaaaaatgaa tgcgtttaca aacattttta    141420
     aagatacttt tatgagtaaa ctgcagtaac gtgaatcgaa agagaaggat gtagacaaaa    141480
     ttatttttaa taaacaggga aaaaaaaact tacaccagaa catagcacag caatcagaaa    141540
     aaaaaacaga caagcatggt ttgtgaacaa aggaaatcag taaagaatga aaccacaaag    141600
     aattaacttg acttgactag cgatagggta acgttagaca acttacgaaa tagcaagctt    141660
     ctctggcgag gagaccatct ataaatttac aaacaaagta acaaaaccgt gaaccgacag    141720
     cgattcactt tgttaggatt acatgttaaa aaatgttagc tcgatgataa gcaccgttaa    141780
     tgctatttgc gaagtgctta taacgttaag ttagccttta acgttatagc cggagcaata    141840
     ctttttatgc tcattccaag tcgatttgat agatcatctt atatttttac acaggttaga    141900
     aagcaatgaa gacataaaat taagtaattt tgctgaaatt gccaaataaa taaccaaaac    141960
     agctattttt ttaaatatat atattcatta gctgctgtca atgacctcgt caatacaggg    142020
     cgacataaaa acgtataaag tggttaagtg ttcattaaaa atttattata atgtaaaacg    142080
     ttacacatct aaagttcaat tcaacataaa ttataagtaa aacgacaaat aaaacatgtg    142140
     aaacgtcgaa tatcgtactt acctttgatt accgttccgc ccgttgcttg tatccgttat    142200
     ttaattcaaa tgatgagccc gcgcacgcac gtcacgctga ctcgcgcaga agagttcctg    142260
     gctgtgttct attaactcac cttatatctg ttatcgagca tctaaaaata cagctcctga    142320
     gatgaagagc atctgacagt cagggctaat gatgaaactt ctgctcagac aatgatctga    142380
     ggacagcagc gatgtttacg agcgagctaa atgctgcatt gtgtagctat agtacacaga    142440
     tggcactgtt acttcatatg tgcttaaata tctctctgaa ataacgcaaa cactctcaaa    142500
     gtgcgtaaaa gagtattaag agttgagcat gatacgacgt gaatacttgt tagcgtccat    142560
     agatatatac gttaaatgtc gcctacccta atgttgtgtt gtggacggaa tgcgtcaaca    142620
     gattcgccat tttagtacag ggtaacgctc ctttgaaatg aacgcttctt ttaaatgagc    142680
     gccatttagc ggtcacataa tctaatgact attatgaact tattttataa atacatataa    142740
     cttgacatta actttttttc ttaccaaccc cactggtctt tttcataaga caaaatttta    142800
     ttgttggaaa ctgtgtttta tatatatcta tatttgactt ttgcatgctt gaggaagaga    142860
     cgttttactt gatttgggtc attaaataac tcatactacc aatattatga tataggttgc    142920
     ctatatctgc tgtattcacc ctaaaaccta cagtaggttg acataaaacc aatgacaaca    142980
     cccattcttg tcttaagata ttttaagcaa ttttttgaat aacagtaagt tcatgacatg    143040
     ttacatatat agtaaatctg ctagttttaa acatacagca taataataaa tacaggtatg    143100
     taacaaccat aacattactc ttatgtctta ggacaaatat gattaacttt tgattaccta    143160
     cactaaatgt tgactactga aggtacattt ataacaacta tttatttgta gactactgta    143220
     ttatcaaacc atattgcata caaatgcatt caacagactt aaatgacagt gtattgctgt    143280
     agaagacaaa taaaacacga gacaggtgtt taggaagagt atagtttatt ttgtttgacc    143340
     tgcaaactta tctaaaaaga caaactctca gaaaacaaac cgaaaacatt atgatgcgcg    143400
     cgctcgtgga gatgacccgc ggtcgtcttc aactgttgtc ttcaatagtc cttctttgct    143460
     caacaactca tctgaaaaac aaagcaaaac attacaacat tcagacaaag agcagagagc    143520
     atagaatcac caagaggcga tactctagtg caatttggga aacaataacg cgctttttga    143580
     ataaattaaa taaaaacaaa gccgctgttt gccattgcga cagcaatgat atccaatgca    143640
     cgagcgatcg ctttcacttc aaaaatggcc gaatctgttg ctcttggtca tcctaggctc    143700
     tttgcataaa gttaaatcat aacagttatc atggtttcta tttcaaacta tagtaaacta    143760
     aagtttgaaa ctatagttta aaatagaaga tgagtgggcc tcgctactcc cacccaccat    143820
     aaccctcgca gcgaggtccc actaccggcc ccccgtgttt ccctgagggt cctcgggggt    143880
     tgtttgttcc ctgcctaggg ctcaaaggcc gcctcgcccc agggagtgca cggaatgacc    143940
     gggcgccagg ccgtgccagt attcactgga tgttgctcgg cggcacattt cgagcaacaa    144000
     acacgtaata ttcttcgcga tattgcgttt atgtacgcaa accgcaagga actacagcac    144060
     agacgggccc gggtgaagca tcacgaagcg gacttcgtga gtttggcgta gctccactcg    144120
     taccgtcggt attgaactca ccttggtcaa gtacaaacag ctacaccggg cgaactgaca    144180
     acgctgactg agagcacacg agctttatag gaatgcatat gcaaattttt acaaggcacg    144240
     tcactgttgt ctcgttgtca tggcgagcgc tgaggagggc tcacctgatt ggagcacaga    144300
     gactcgtgaa tttgcgtcac ggctagttgc cgtctgctgt tgacaaaaat atcttaaata    144360
     taataaatat atatttttac atttttggtg ctctgtaata ttctgggatg cagtagaata    144420
     tcgagacaga tgaatataat tggatatatg ccgagctagt gttgttccca tacttataaa    144480
     cttccggtga ccggttattg tgagtttttt ccattttata cggttccttt tacagcattg    144540
     atgttgtgat gcaattaaaa tacattccgt taaataaact ttggcattca tttagttttt    144600
     caagcgtaaa acgagacaaa agacccttta ctcgcactcg cccgtcagaa tcggcagact    144660
     agcgcagacg ctccattgaa tacaatgagg taaaataaat gctcatatta taaagacatg    144720
     gcgggggaaa tgtaatttaa tgcagtgctt cttgtgcaac ctgagaccca ctttatttcg    144780
     gatatcactc agccagagga gatcgctgat tttttaaaga aaacagacct taaacatgct    144840
     gatttttcct ttggcagttt gctggaagcg cttaacccag gttactgaca aattaaatgt    144900
     cctattagca tgcttcagca tataccctaa aatcccaggt agtctttcga aaaagagtac    144960
     gggtttaaca ccaccatcct ggccaaattt acccactggc ctctgtcctt catggcctcc    145020
     cgaccctccc catatcacaa ttggctttat cactctgtct cctctctctg tggtgtgcgg    145080
     tctggtggaa aacggctgct gtcgcttcat ccaggtggat gctacactgg tggtagatga    145140
     ggagattgct acccaataaa taccaaacta gctaaattta ataacaatat ttccccctaa    145200
     tgctaatttt gtactcagta tgatgaaaca ctaaagcatt tattttgaga gtgtacttac    145260
     tgtaaagtgt tttgggttga cttttccaat ttcattaaaa aaattcttat ttccaaactt    145320
     ctgtatttcc ccaaaaattg tgttctttgg ttactctctg agtgtagatc cttctcattg    145380
     taaatttatt attgatttat tgttttttta tagcaaagtt ttacttccat aaatgttaat    145440
     tttcaaagat acacccttac ttttttattt tcagaaagat cttagaaatt tatgtgaact    145500
     ctttaaaaga ctctaacaat tacactgcat gtaaaacgct ttcttggtgt aaattattta    145560
     aacttgatta atttgctgga attctattta tgtaaccctc tttgtctctt tgttcatatt    145620
     atatatttgt aatgttcttt cttgcattaa aaaaagtata tgaggagatt ccccctatgt    145680
     gtaaagcgct ttgagtgcca agaaaagcgc tatataaatg taaggaacta ttattatttt    145740
     tattataaag cactgttcta ccatcatgat atagccagac taaaataaaa atcacattat    145800
     tacgattagc ttaaactaca gcaaacactc cactcactga caaacagccc ctttcataaa    145860
     gatttattcc acaggtctgt cataatcagg caaatataca ttaacataca gaatatcggc    145920
     ctcttctgat gcgccacacg ttaaataacg caatagttca agacacacgt ttgctttttt    145980
     tctctactta aaagaacgat aacaatacat cataacaaga gcaacaacaa caacaataat    146040
     tcatatcata aagataagcc aagttgtctt ttctaaaatt caatatatag cgactctttt    146100
     aaggtgcacc acatgatcgg caggtgactt gttaaagaaa ctcaacaaat gttgcaccat    146160
     gacacacaca ctgaaataga cagagacttt ttgcaaacgt tgtatatgta tataagtgtc    146220
     tctttaagat cgtcttctgg cactttctcc tgagcgcgtc cggctcggct gtgtttctaa    146280
     agttaaagca gtctgttttt gttggtttgg cacacgtcag ggtggaagcg gtggtagagt    146340
     aaggcttctc ttcttctctt catatccaga agactctgat atctcatctc tcacagcacc    146400
     tctgcaggaa aacagcagaa acacatgtga gaagatgatt tattgaacta ttaaaagctt    146460
     gccaacaaca tctatgactg gtattatgaa gctgaaaata gagacgcttt gcagaatgcc    146520
     aaggctgctt ttttcagtca ttcacactgt cctaaagtca acaaacagca gaaatcatca    146580
     gtttcatgcc tggaaaatag cttggagact ctcttaatca tcctttatac attattttca    146640
     agattttatt ttaggttcag tttagttcag ttcagtataa tgtaaatgtc actgctgaaa    146700
     gacgaaacac tgaaaagcaa ctccactggt gcccagattt gatccatata tgatctaaca    146760
     tacagctgaa accagaagtt tacatacact ctaaaaaaag aaacacaacc atttaaaaaa    146820
     atgtctgatg gtaaatgata ctaatcgttt actattttag gtccgttagg ataacctaaa    146880
     tgatttacat ttgctaaatg ccagaataaa gagagatttt tatttgagaa ttttctatta    146940
     atttctagac agtcaaaagt ttacacacat ttccttggta tttttttgct ttgcttttaa    147000
     actgtttaac tttggtcaaa tgttttgggt atccttccac aagcttctca caatagtttg    147060
     catgaatttt ggctcattcc tcctgacaga attgatgtaa ctgatacaga tttgttggat    147120
     gtcttgctcg cacaagcttt ttcaactctg ccgagagggt gctcgctgca gagccatttg    147180
     aggagagctg agctccagca aggggagagc atgagctgtc gctcctcctc ctgtaagctg    147240
     ttttaatgcg tacaccaacc ccacccctaa ccctaccccc agtgacatca ctcgtagaag    147300
     aagtgcaaaa aaggtggagc tcaagcttaa gctccccctc tctggagctc agctctcctc    147360
     aaatggctct gcagcgagca ccactggact ctgcccaaaa attttctata ggattgagat    147420
     cagggctttg tgatggccac tccaaaacat tcactctgtt gtccttaaag cacatttgaa    147480
     ctaatttggc agtatgctta gtgtcatagt ctgtttggaa gagccatttg tggccaggtt    147540
     ttcatttcct ggctgatgtc ttgagatgtt gcttcagtat ttctacataa tgttctttct    147600
     tcatgatgtc atctatgctg tgaagtggac cagtccctcc tacagcaaaa cagccccaca    147660
     acatgatgct gccgccccca tacttcacag ttaggatggt gttcataagc gtgtaagctt    147720
     tcccctttgt cctccaaatg taacactggt cattatagcc aaacagttca atcttagttc    147780
     catcagacca ccagcatgtc tcatgaaatt attccttttc ccagtgtaat tcaacaaatt    147840
     gtaatctggc ttttttgttg attctgtctt gttgattttc ccatgttgtc acacaaggaa    147900
     gcagtgtgtg tttgaggttt tccttcaatc ctattctaca gttgtgcctc caaataactc    147960
     aaatgttgtc aattatccaa tcagaaactt tcaaaagctt gacatcatca tctgagcttt    148020
     ttcagaggca gaataatctt actgcatgta aacgtgactt tcaagaaagg ttataacaat    148080
     ttctcaaaaa tatctctctc attattttgc tattaagcag aacagaaaca aatttgatca    148140
     tcctaactta cctaaaaaaa taagtttagt ctcattaaaa aaaaataata attatatgcc    148200
     tctttataaa gtgtatgtaa acgtctggtt tcaactgtac gtaatcgaac aaaatctgat    148260
     tctacctgcc acatgttgag gtttcatagg ccacgcctac atcatgaacg gttctcctcc    148320
     ctcgaaggcc atgattgggt cgtcagccgg ttgactctgc ccactgttcc cactgtgatt    148380
     ggacagcttg attatctcct caaagtctgc agcgtctcca ttggaggaca gtccattctg    148440
     atgcttagtg ggcggagctc cgttattgac cagtgctgcg tcccaggaca cagagctgag    148500
     gaagacacac aagcgggaaa ataagcaaaa cataattcat gcagcttcat ttcaatttca    148560
     attcatgcag cgcctcgatt acctcattgg tgattagttt gtcgcaccag tatgaagagc    148620
     ttctgacgga tttttctgta ttattgcaag acgagaggaa aacaacattg tattttttta    148680
     ttttaaccct acttacatga tattaataaa aaagtgattt ttatatattc acagtactat    148740
     aaatagattt ttaccgctgt cagtgactct gcgattcact tgagttcaag ttttaacatc    148800
     tttctgcaaa gaaatgaata aaccaggtta attttctttt actgagtgtg tttaagatga    148860
     atttatgaaa cacacacaca tctcacctgt gctcctgcgt caagtcctct tcatgatttc    148920
     ttccagacgc taaaaatgta aacacaaacg ttaaaccaac agtactgaac taaaatctca    148980
     aatacaattg aagacaaaat gttgagccct cctgtgaaat ttaaatcgtt taaaaatatt    149040
     tcccaagtgc tatatttaac aagttttaaa aattcattca ttcattttcc ttcagtttag    149100
     cccctttatt tatcaggggt caccacaaca gaatgaaccg ccaacttatt cagcatatgt    149160
     tttacacagc ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa agcagtactg ggaaacatcc atagacactc    149220
     attcacacac actaagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat gccaaatgac ccagccggga    149280
     ctcgaaccag tgaccttctt tctttgaggc gacagtgcta accactgagc caccgtaatg    149340
     ccagattaga ggtctgcggg gcctgaccag atttattgca acgtgggatt aatttccgga    149400
     taaagcatgg gagcggtcgg taactggtgt aatctgaacg ggagccggcg gtctaacaat    149460
     atcactcccg agcgagcgag cacgcctatg tgtgtgtgtg tgaatgagag agcgtgatgc    149520
     tgtgtttagc ttgattggtg gacttttatt ttaccttctt tctctccaag cgttccagct    149580
     cctccttctg gaagtgtttc tctcgttcga tcctttgttt ctctgcttct tctcgggctt    149640
     tggattcagc ctcttctcgc tgccaaagac acataaaacc acatcataca tttatttatt    149700
     acacatctct aaaataccta aaagtctagt gccacgtcac atatgggacc ccacatttgg    149760
     ctggttagtg tggtccaata atgtcgtttc accatgtcca gtcagctgct ttaatcagct    149820
     ttatcagtgg ttatcagttg atagatatgg gccagtaggg gccttccgcg cagtaaatgt    149880
     cactcagaag gctgttatcg tccattcaca ttgttaatca gctatactaa tagagaagag    149940
     tccagatctg ttttacatta cggtgacggt taaggtaaca ttaatgagtt ataattaatg    150000
     ggaaatttaa taaataatat aaataattct agttaagttc cggctgcagc cttatgtgat    150060
     ctatagctga ttaaccatgt ggatggataa taacagcctt caaatgatct tcttttgcgt    150120
     tccagcagaa gaaagcgaag tctgagtaaa ggttgacaga acttgtagtt ttgggtggac    150180
     tatctcttga caatggcttc caatatgatc atcatagtaa aagcttagag attatagaca    150240
     cacattcttc tccggctgtt attaagactg ctggcagctg ctaacacaaa aataatcatc    150300
     tactataggg cccatggaaa gtttctggag cgatgagtgt cgcagagaaa actaataaag    150360
     tcaatacaca cacacatacc ctcactggcc actttattag gtacacctgt tcaactgctc    150420
     gttaacgtag tgaacgttat caagattgga aaaacgttcg ctggtctaat aagtctttat    150480
     ttctgctgcg acattcggat ggccgggtca gaatttggca acaacaacac taagcaggga    150540
     tccatcctgc cttgtatcaa ccgttcaggc tggttgtggt ggtccattcc tttataacaa    150600
     cagtgttaac aacagcgata acacaccatg tcataaagcg tgaatcatct cagattggtt    150660
     tcttgaacat gacaatgagt tcactgtact caaatggcct tcacagtcac cagatctcaa    150720
     tccaatagag cacctttggg atgtggtgaa acgggagatt cgcatcatgg atgtgcagcc    150780
     gacaaatctg cagcagctgt gtgatgctat catgtcaata tggagcaaaa tctctgagga    150840
     atatttccag taccttgttg aatctatgcc atgaaggatt aaggcagttc tgaaggcatt    150900
     taaataaggt gtacctaata aagtggccgg tgagtgtaaa caagacaaaa aaatattgtt    150960
     tatttttttt ccggctgtta aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaacaa agtggcccga aatccaacat    151020
     gggagagtta aatgaccgag aaaatttggc caattgaaac ttgattctgt ccttcaattg    151080
     gcttgaactc tggatcgctg taatgtaatc agtgtcaatg agaccgtccg gagtgaatga    151140
     aggatcgccg cacagcacga ctctgcaatc ctgcctgtca caccagcaaa ctgtttacat    151200
     tcccaaactg atctagaggg taactacatc aagacattca attcacattc agcaaatatt    151260
     cgttttgatg tacagttgaa gtctgaatta ttcacccctg acttattagc cccactgtat    151320
     gtttttcccc aatttctgtt taacggagag cagattttct gaacacattt ctgaacataa    151380
     tagttttaat aactcattta taataatgac acgccatgaa gacagtccat attatttgac    151440
     aagacatttc tcaatattca gcttaaagtg agatttaaag ggttaactag gttattcagg    151500
     caagttaggg taattaggca agtcattgta taacagtggt ttgttctgta gactatccaa    151560
     aaaatattgc ttaagagggc taataacatt gaccttaaaa tggtttgaaa aaaaataaaa    151620
     actatttttc ttctagtcaa atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    151680
     atatatatat atatatatat ttgtgtatat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa acccattaaa    151740
     caaagcaatt cgtattcaag cgaaacggct gatggaaaca tgctgcgaga gagactttta    151800
     cagtctatgg agagagagca catttaaata cagaggtcca aaatacaaca catacagaga    151860
     gtttagatgc aaataaatgc accacacaca cacattagct tatcaacagc aaccgaaaca    151920
     gccccacaac aaacacagtc aattctcagt tgtctttaca ccttgcactg gcttttggga    151980
     aattgtgtaa tgaggcttta tagccagatt tatactgaca caacatactg tactgctgga    152040
     tgggaattta aaggtcaaag attaaaggca aacatgaact ttgcatccag agcctcatca    152100
     gccagttcag ttcagacttt gggatcaaat aataaaaatc tgcattattt atgggctttt    152160
     aatattcttg taatatttat taaatgcaac acagcaatat ttctatggcg atctttatca    152220
     ttttaaaact gattgcttat tcaagttaag cctttcatct aatattcaat gttcactttt    152280
     tattttaatt gtagtttact gcaggtatta gtaatcttgc taggttttct tgcaatttat    152340
     gtttaatatt gaaattgaat tatgtttatt tattatatat ttaaataagt caatcaataa    152400
     gtcgatcatg atttcataat atgggtttac gatttacctg aaatcttata caaaggtact    152460
     ataggctatt tcagtactta tattaattta agtatatgtc ttaaactgaa acatttgtca    152520
     cctttctaag acgacaaatc tgacgagaaa cacctgaggg aaaaacctga ggcaagactt    152580
     gaagctctaa aagataatat tcatcaaatg aaatgcaacc ggagagcagt ttttgtggac    152640
     tctctctgtc actcattagt atcctgttct ctcctgtcat gccaaaatta atataagccc    152700
     gtctgacagc gtccactcca gccataactc accttatatc tgttatcaag catataaaaa    152760
     tacagctcct gaggtgaaga gcatctgacg gtcatggctt atgatgaaac ttctgctcag    152820
     acaatgatct gaggacagca gcgatgttta cgagcgagat aaatgctgca ttgtgtaact    152880
     atagtacaca gacggcactg ttacttcata tgtgcttaaa tatctctctg aaataacgca    152940
     aacactctca aagtgcgtaa aagaatattt aataatattt ataatagagt tgagcatgat    153000
     acgtgaatac tagttagcgt ccatagatat acgttaaatg tcgcctaccc taatgttgtg    153060
     ttttggacgg aatgcgtcaa tagatccgcc tttttagtac agggtaacgc tcctttgaaa    153120
     ttaacgcttc ttttaaacga gcgccatcta gcggtcacat aatctaatga ctattatgaa    153180
     cttttataaa tacatataac ttgacattaa ctttttttct tgccaacccc actggtcttt    153240
     ttcacaagac aaaattttat tgttggaaac tgtgttttat atatatctat atttgacttt    153300
     tgcatgcttg aggaagagac gttttacttg atttgggtca ttaaataact catactacca    153360
     atattatgat ataggttgcc tatatctgct gtattcaccc taaaacctac agtaggttga    153420
     cataaaacca atgacaacac ccattcttgt cttaagatat tttaagcaat tttttgaata    153480
     acagtaagtt catgacatgt tacatatata gtaaatctgc tggttttaaa catacagcat    153540
     aataataaat acaggtatgt aacaaccata acattactct tatgtcttag gacaaatatg    153600
     attaactttt gattacctac actaaatgtt gactattgaa ggtacattta taacaactat    153660
     ttatttgtag actactgtat tatcaaacca tgttgcatac aaatgcattc aacagactta    153720
     aatgacagtg tattgctgta gaagacaaat aaaacacgag acaggtgttt aggaagagta    153780
     tagtttattt tgtttgacct gcaaacttat ctaaaaagac aaactctcag aaaacagacc    153840
     gaaaacatta tgatgcgcgc gctcgtgggg atgacccgcg gtcgtcttca actgttgtct    153900
     tcaatagtcc ttctttgctc aacaactcat ctgaaaaaca aagcaaaaca ttacaacatc    153960
     cagacaaaga gcagagagca tagaatcacc aagaggcgat cctctagtgc aatttgggaa    154020
     acaataacgc gctttttgaa taaattaaat aaaaacaaag ccgctgtttg ccattgcgac    154080
     agcaatgata tccaatgcac gagcgatcgc tttcacttca aaatggccga atctgttgct    154140
     cttggtcatc ctaggctctt tgcataaagt tcaatcataa cagttatcat ggtttctatt    154200
     tcaaactata gtaaactaaa gtttgaaact atagtttaaa atagaagatg agtgggcctc    154260
     gctactccca cccaccataa ccctcgcagc gaggtcccac taccggccgc ccgtgtttcc    154320
     ctgagggtcc tcgggggttg tttgttccct gcctagggct caaaggccgc ctcgccccag    154380
     ggagtgcacg gaaagaccgg gcgccaggcc gtgccagtat tcactggatg ttgctcggcg    154440
     gcacatttcg agcaacaaac acgtaatatt cttcgcgata ttgcgtttat gtacgcaaac    154500
     cgcaaggaac tacagcacag acgggcccgg gtgaagcatc acgaagcgga cttcgtgagt    154560
     ttggcgtagc tccactcgta ccgtcggtat tgaactcacc ttggtcaagt acaaacagct    154620
     acaccgggcg aactgacaac gctgactgag agcacacgag ctttatagga atgcatatgc    154680
     aaatctttac aaggcacgtc actgttgtct cgttgtcatg gcgagcgctg aggagggctc    154740
     acctgattgg agcacagaga ctccggaatt tgcgtcacgg ctgccgtctg ctgttgacaa    154800
     aaatatctta aatataataa atatatattt ttacattttt ggtgttctgt aatattctgg    154860
     gatgcagtag aatatggaga cagatgaata taattggata tatgccgagc tgttgttccc    154920
     atacttataa acttccggtg accggttata gtgagttttt tccattttat acagttcctt    154980
     ttacagcatt gatgttgtga tgcaattaaa atacattccg ttaaataaac tttggcattc    155040
     atttagtttt tcaagcgtaa aacgagacaa aagacccttt actcgcactc gcccgtcaga    155100
     atcggcagac tagcgcagac gctccattga atacaatgag gtaaaataaa tgctcatatt    155160
     ataaagtcat ggcgagggaa atgtaattta atgcagtgct tcttgtgcaa tctgagaccc    155220
     actttatatc ggatatcact cagccagtgg agatcgctga ttttttaaag aaaacagacc    155280
     ttaaacatgc tgattttccc tttggcagtt tgctggaagc gcttaaccca ggttactgac    155340
     aaattaaatg tcctattagc atgcttcagc atatacccta aaatcccaga atatctttcg    155400
     aaaaagagta cgggtttaac accaccatcc tggccaaatt tacacactgg cctctgtcca    155460
     tcatggcttt aatactctgt cttctctctc tgtggtgtgc ggtctggtgg aaaacggctg    155520
     ctgtcgcttc atccaggtgg atgctacact ggtggtagat gaggagattg ctacccaata    155580
     aataccaaac tagctaaatt taataatatt tcccctaaat gctcattttg tactcaatat    155640
     gatgaaacac taaagcattt attttgggag tgtacttact gtaaagtgtt ttgggttgac    155700
     ttttccagtt tcattaaaaa attcttattt ccaaactttg tatttcccca aaaattgtgt    155760
     tctttggtta ctctctgagt gtagatcctt ctcattgtaa atttattatt gatttattgt    155820
     tttttttata gcaaagtttt acttccacaa atgttaattt tcaaagaaac acccttactt    155880
     ttttattttc agaaaggact ttaaaaattt atgtgaactc tttaaaagac tctaacaatt    155940
     acaattcaat tcaattcaat tcagctttat ttgtatagcg cttttacaat gtagattgtg    156000
     tcaaagcagc ttcacataaa tggtcatagt aactggaaca gtcataaaca gtcataatta    156060
     cactgcatgt aaaacgcttt cttggtgtaa atcatttaaa cttgataaat ttgctggaat    156120
     tctatttatg taaccctctt tgtctctttg ttcatattat atctttgtaa tgttctttct    156180
     tgcattaaaa aaaaaaaagt agatgaggag attcccccta tgtgtaaagc gctttgagtg    156240
     ccaagaaaag cgctatataa atgtaaggaa ctattattat ttttattata aagcactgtt    156300
     ctaccatcat gatatagcca gactaaaata aaaatcacat tattacgatt agcttaaact    156360
     acagcaaaca ctccactcac tgacaaacag cccctttcat aaagatttat tccacaggtc    156420
     tgtcataatc aggcaaatat acattaacat acagaatatc ggcctcttct gatgcgccac    156480
     acgttaaata acgcaatagt tcaagacaca cgtttgcttt ttttctctac ttaaaagaac    156540
     gataacaata catcataaca agagcaacaa caacaacaat aattcatatc ataaagataa    156600
     gccaagttgt cttttctaaa attcaatata tagcgactct tttaaggtgc accacatgat    156660
     cggcaggtga cttgttaaag aaactcaaca aatgttgcac catgacacac acactgaaat    156720
     agacagagac tttttgcaaa cgttgtatat gtatataagt gtctctttaa ggtcgtcttc    156780
     tggcactttc tccagagcgc gtccggctcg gctgtgtttc taaagttaaa gcagtctgtt    156840
     tttgttggtt tggcacacgt cagggtggaa gcggtggtag agtaaggctt ctcttcttct    156900
     cttcatatcc agaagactct gatatctcat ctctcacagc acctctgcag gaaaacagca    156960
     gaaacacatg tgagaagatg atttattgaa ctattaaaag cttgccaaca acatctatga    157020
     ctggtattat gaagctgaaa atagagacgc tttgcagaat gccaaggctg cttttttcag    157080
     tcattcacac tgtcctaaag tcaacaaaca gcagaaatca tcagtttcat gcctggaaaa    157140
     tagcttggag actctcttaa tcatccttta tacattattt tcaagatttt attttaggtt    157200
     cagtttagtt cagttcagta taatgtaaat gtcactgctg aaagacgaaa cactgaaaag    157260
     caactccact ggtgcccaga tttgatccat atatgatcta acatacagct gaaaccagaa    157320
     gtttacatac actctaaaaa aagaaacaca accatttaaa aaaatgtctg atggtaaatg    157380
     atactaatcg tttactattt taggtccgtt aggataacct aaatgattta catttgctaa    157440
     atgccagaat aaagagagat ttttatttga gaattttcta ttaatttcta gacagtcaaa    157500
     agtttacaca catttccttg gtattttttt gctttgcttt taaactgttt aactttggtc    157560
     aaatgttttg ggtatccttc cacaagcttc tcacaatagt ttgcatgaat tttggctcat    157620
     tcctcctgac agaattgatg taactgatac agatttgttg gatgtcttgc tcgcacaagc    157680
     tttttcaact ctgccgagag ggtgctcgct gcagagccat ttgaggagag ctgagctcca    157740
     gcaaggggag agcatgagct gtcgctcctc ctcctgtaag ctgttttaat gcgtacacca    157800
     accccacccc taaccctacc cccagtgaca tcactcgtag aagaagtgca aaaaaggtgg    157860
     agctcaagct taagctcccc ctctctggag ctcagctctc ctcaaatggc tctgcagcga    157920
     gcaccactgg actctgccca aaaattttct ataggattga gatcagggct ttgtgatggc    157980
     cactccaaaa cattcactct gttgtcctta aagcacattt gaactaattt ggcagtatgc    158040
     ttagtgtcat agtctgtttg gaagagccat ttgtggccag gttttcattt cctggctgat    158100
     gtcttgagat gttgcttcag tatttctaca taatgttctt tcttcatgat gtcatctatg    158160
     ctgtgaagtg gaccagtccc tcctacagca aaacagcccc acaacatgat gctgccgccc    158220
     ccatacttca cagttaggat ggtgttcata agcgtgtaag ctttcccctt tgtcctccaa    158280
     atgtaacact ggtcattata gccaaacagt tcaatcttag ttccatcaga ccaccagcat    158340
     gtctcatgaa attattcctt ttcccagtgt aattcagcaa attgtaatct ggcttttttg    158400
     ttgattctgt cttgttgatt ttcccatgtt gtcacacaag gaagcagtgt gtgtttgagg    158460
     ttttccttca atcctattct acagttgtgc ctccaaataa ctcaaatgtt gtcaattatc    158520
     caatcagaaa ctttcaaaag cttgacatca tcatctgagc tttttcagag gcagaataat    158580
     cttactgcat gtaaacgtga ctttcaagaa aggttataac aatttctcaa aaatatctct    158640
     ctcattattt tgctattaag cagaacagaa acaaatttga tcatcctaac ttacctaaaa    158700
     aaataagttt agtctcatta aaaaaaaata ataattatat gcctctttat aaagtgtatg    158760
     taaacgtctg gtttcaactg tacgtaatcg aacaaaatct gattctacct gccacatgtt    158820
     gaggtttcat aggccacgcc tacatcatga acggttctcc tccctcgaag gccatgattg    158880
     ggtcgtcagc cggttgactc tgcccactgt tcccactgtg attggacagc ttgattatct    158940
     cctcaaagtc tgcagcgtct ccattggagg acagtccatt ctgatgctta gtgggcggag    159000
     ctccgttatt gaccagtgct gcgtcccagg acacagagct gaggaagaca cacaagcggg    159060
     aaaataagca aaacataatt catgcagctt catttcaatt tcaattcatg cagcgcctcg    159120
     attacctcat tggtgattag tttgtcgcac cagtatgaag agcttctgac ggatttttct    159180
     gtattattgc aagacgagag gaaaacaaca ttgtattttt ttattttaac cctacttaca    159240
     tgatattaat aaaaaagtga tttttatata ttcacagtac tataaataga tttttaccgc    159300
     tgtcagtgac tctgcgattc acttgagttc aagttttaac atctttctgc aaagaaatga    159360
     ataaaccagg ttaattttct tttactgagt gtgtttaaga tgaatttatg aaacacacac    159420
     acatctcacc tgtgctcctg cgtcaagtcc tcttcatgat ttcttccaga cgctaaaaat    159480
     gtaaacacaa acgttaaacc aacagtactg aactaaaatc tcaaatacaa ttgaagacaa    159540
     aatgttgagc cctcctgtga aatttaaatc gtttaaaaat atttcccaag tgctatattt    159600
     aacaagtttt aaaaattcat tcattcattt tccttcagtt tagccccttt atttatcagg    159660
     ggtcaccaca acagaatgaa ccgccaactt attcagcata tgttttacac agcggatgcc    159720
     cttccagctg caaagcagta ctgggaaaca tccatagaca ctcattcaca cacactaaga    159780
     acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaaat gacccagccg ggactcgaac cagtgacctt    159840
     ctttctttga ggcgacagtg ctaaccactg agccaccgta atgccagatt agaggtctgc    159900
     ggggcctgac cagatttatt gcaacgtggg attaatttcc ggataaagca tgggagcggt    159960
     cggtaactgg tgtaatctga acgggagccg gcggtctaac aatatcactc ccgagcgagc    160020
     gagcacgcct atgtgtgtgt gtgtgaatga gagagcgtga tgctgtgttt agcttgattg    160080
     gtggactttt attttacctt ctttctctcc aagcgttcca gctcctcctt ctggaagtgt    160140
     ttctctcgtt cgatcctttg tttctctgct tcttctcggg ctttggattc agcctcttct    160200
     cgctgccaaa gacacataaa accacatcat acatttattt attacacatc tctaaaatac    160260
     ctaaaagtct agtgccacgt cacatatggg accccacatt tggctggtta gtgtggtcca    160320
     ataatgtcgt ttcaccatgt ccagtcagct gctttaatca gctttatcag tggttatcag    160380
     ttgatagata tgggccagta ggggccttcc gcgcagtaaa tgtcactcag aaggctgtta    160440
     tcgtccattc acattgttaa tcagctatac taatagagaa gagtccagat ctgttttaca    160500
     ttacggtgac ggttaaggta acattaatga gttataatta atgggaaatt taataaataa    160560
     tataaataat tctagttaag ttccggctgc agccttatgt gatctatagc tgattaacca    160620
     tgtggatgga taataacagc cttcaaatga tcttcttttg cgttccagca gaagaaagcg    160680
     aagtctgagt aaaggttgac agaacttgta gttttgggtg gactatctct tgacaatggc    160740
     ttccaatatg atcatcatag taaaagctta gagattatag acacacattc ttctccggct    160800
     gttattaaga ctgctggcag ctgctaacac aaaaataatc atctactata gggcccatgg    160860
     aaagtttctg gagcgatgag tgtcgcagag aaaactaata aagtcaatac acacacacat    160920
     accctcactg gccactttat taggtacacc tgttcaactg ctcgttaacg tagtgaacgt    160980
     tatcaagatt ggaaaaacgt tcgctggtct aataagtctt tatttctgct gcgacattcg    161040
     gatggccggg tcagaatttg gcaacaacaa cactaagcag ggatccatcc tgccttgtat    161100
     caaccgttca ggctggttgt ggtggtccat tcctttataa caacagtgtt aacaacagcg    161160
     ataacacacc atgtcataaa gcgtgaatca tctcagattg gtttcttgaa catgacaatg    161220
     agttcactgt actcaaatgg ccttcacagt caccagatct caatccaata gagcaccttt    161280
     gggatgtggt gaaacgggag attcgcatca tggatgtgca gccgacaaat ctgcagcagc    161340
     tgtgtgatgc tatcatgtca atatggagca aaatctctga ggaatatttc cagtaccttg    161400
     ttgaatctat gccatgaagg attaaggcag ttctgaaggc atttaaataa ggtgtaccta    161460
     ataaagtggc cggtgagtgt aaacaagaca aaaaaatatt gtttattttt tttccggctg    161520
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caaagtggcc cgaaatccaa catgggagag ttaaatgacc    161580
     gagaaaattt ggccaattga aacttgattc tgtccttcaa ttggcttgaa ctctggatcg    161640
     ctgtaatgta atcagtgtca atgagaccgt ccggagtgaa tgaaggatcg ccgcacagca    161700
     cgactctgca atcctgcctg tcacaccagc aaactgttta cattcccaaa ctgatctaga    161760
     gggtaactac atcaagacat tcaattcaca ttcagcaaat attcgttttg atgtacagtt    161820
     gaagtctgaa ttattcaccc ctgacttatt agccccactg tatgtttttc cccaatttct    161880
     gtttaacgga gagcagattt tctgaacaca tttctgaaca taatagtttt aataactcat    161940
     ttataataat gacacgccat gaagacagtc catattattt gacaagacat ttctcaatat    162000
     tcagcttaaa gtgagattta aagggttaac taggttattc aggcaagtta gggtaattag    162060
     gcaagtcatt gtataacagt ggtttgttct gtagactatc caaaaaatat tgcttaagag    162120
     ggctaataac attgacctta aaatggtttg aaaaaaaata aaaactattt ttcttctagt    162180
     caaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    162240
     tatttgtgta tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgta aacccattaa acaaagcaat tcgtattcaa    162300
     gcgaaacggc tgatggaaac atgctgcgag agagactttt acagtctatg gagagagagc    162360
     acatttaaat acagaggtcc aaaatacaac acatacagag agtttagatg caaataaatg    162420
     caccacacac acacattagc ttatcaacag caaccgaaac agccccacaa caaacacagt    162480
     caattctcag ttgtctttac accttgcact ggcttttggg aaattgtgta atgaggcttt    162540
     atagccagat ttatactgac acaacatact gtactgctgg atgggaattt aaaggtcaaa    162600
     gattaaaggc aaacatgaac tttgcatcca gagcctcatc agccagttca gttcagactt    162660
     tgggatcaaa taataaaaat ctgcattatt tatgggcttt taatattctt gtaatattta    162720
     ttaaatgcaa cacagcaata tttctatggc gatctttatc attttaaaac tgattgctta    162780
     ttcaagttaa gcctttcatc taatattcaa tgttcacttt ttattttaat tgtagtttac    162840
     tgcaggtatt agtaatcttg ctaggttttc ttgcaattta tgtttaatat tgaaattgaa    162900
     ttatgtttat ttattatata tttaaataag tcaatcaata agtcgatcat gatttcataa    162960
     tatgggttta cgatttacct gaaatcttat acaaaggtac tataggctat ttcagtactt    163020
     atattaattt aagtatatgt cttaaactga aacatttgtc acctttctaa gacgacaaat    163080
     ctgacgagaa acacctgagg gaaaaacctg aggcaagact tgaagctcta aaagataata    163140
     ttcatcaaat gaaatgcaac cggagagcag tttttgtgga ctctctctgt cactcattag    163200
     tatcctgttc tctcctgtca tgccaaaatt aatataagcc cgtctgacag cgtccactcc    163260
     agccataact caccttatat ctgttatcaa gcatatgaaa aatacagctc ctgagatgaa    163320
     gagcatctga cagtcatggc ttatgatgaa acttctgctc agacaatgat ctgaggacag    163380
     cagcgatgtt tacgagcgag ctaaatgctg cattgtgtaa ctatagtaca cagacggcac    163440
     tgttacttca tatgtgctta aatatctctc tgaaataacg caaacactct caaagtgcgt    163500
     aaaagaatat ttaataatat ttataataga gttgagcatg atacgtgaat actagttagc    163560
     gtccatagat atacgttaaa tgtcgcctac cctaatgttg tgttttggac ggaatgcgtc    163620
     aatagatccg cctttttagt acagggtaac gctcctttga aattaacgct tcttttaaac    163680
     gagcgccatc tagcggtcac ataatctaat gactattatg aacttttata aatacatata    163740
     acttgacatt aacttttttt cttgccaacc ccactggtct ttttcacaag acaaaatttt    163800
     attgttggaa actgtgtttt atatatatct atatttgact tttgcatgct tgaggaagag    163860
     acgttttact tgatttgggt cattaaataa ctcatactac caatattatg atataggttg    163920
     cctatatctg ctgtattcac cctaaaacct acagtaggtt gacataaaac caatgacaac    163980
     acccattctt gtcttaagat attttaagca attttttgaa taacagtaag ttcatgacat    164040
     gttacatata tagtaaatct gctggtttta aacatacagc ataataataa atacaggtat    164100
     gtaacaacca taacattact cttatgtctt aggacaaata tgattaactt ttgattacct    164160
     acactaaatg ttgactattg aaggtacatt tataacaact atttatttgt agactactgt    164220
     attatcaaac catgttgcat acaaatgcat tcaacagact taaatgacag tgtattgctg    164280
     tagaagacaa ataaaacacg agacaggtgt ttaggaagag tatagtttat tttgtttgac    164340
     ctgcaaactt atctaaaaag acaaactctc agaaaacaga ccgaaaacat tatgatgcgc    164400
     gcgctcgtgg ggatgacccg cggtcgtctt caactgttgt cttcaatagt ccttctttgc    164460
     tcaacaactc atctgaaaaa caaagcaaaa cattacaaca tccagacaaa gagcagagag    164520
     catagaatca ccaagaggcg atcctctagt gcaatttggg aaacaataac gcgctttttg    164580
     aataaattaa ataaaaacaa agccgctgtt tgccattgcg acagcaatga tatccaatgc    164640
     acgagcgatc gctttcactt caaaatggcc gaatctgttg ctcttggtca tcctaggctc    164700
     tttgcataaa gttcaatcat aacagttatc atggtttcta tttcaaacta tagtaaacta    164760
     aagtttgaaa ctatagttga aaatagaaga tgagtgggcc tcgctactcc cacccaccat    164820
     aaccctcgca gcgaggtccc actaccggcc gcccgtgttt ccctgagggt cctcgggggt    164880
     tgtttgttcc ctgcctaggg ctcaaaggcc gcctcgcccc agggagtgca cggaaagacc    164940
     gggcgccagg ccgtgccagt attcactgga tgttgctcgg cggcacattt cgagcaacaa    165000
     acacgtaata ttcttcgcga tattgcgttt atgtacgcaa accgcaagga actacagcac    165060
     agacgggccc gggtgaagca tcacgaagcg gacttcgtga gtttggcgta gctccactcg    165120
     taccgtcggt attgaactca ccttggtcaa gtacaaacag ctacaccggg cgaactgaca    165180
     acgctgactg agagcacacg agctttatag gaatgcatat gcaaatcttt acaaggcacg    165240
     tcactgttgt ctcgttgtca tggcgagcgc tgaggagggc tcacctgatt ggagcacaga    165300
     gactccggaa tttgcgtcac ggctagttgc cgtctgctgt tgacaaaaat atcttaaata    165360
     taataaatat atatttttac atttttggtg ttctgtaata ttctgggatg cagtagaata    165420
     tggagacaga tgaatataat tggatatatg ccgagctgtt gttcccatac ttataaactt    165480
     ccggtgaccg gttatagtga gttttttcca ttttatacag ttccttttac agcattgatg    165540
     ttgtgatgca attaaaatac attccgttaa ataaactttg gcattcattt agtttttcaa    165600
     gcgtaaaacg agacaaaaga ccctttactc gcactcgccc gtcagaatcg gcagactagc    165660
     gcagacgctc cattgaatac aatgaggtaa aataaatgct catattataa agtcatggcg    165720
     agggaaatgt aatttaatgc agtgcttctt gtgcaatctg agacccactt tatatcggat    165780
     atcactcagc cagtggagat cgctgatttt ttaaagaaaa cagaccttaa acatgctgat    165840
     tttccctttg gcagtttgct ggaagcgctt aacccaggtt actgacaaat taaatgtcct    165900
     attagcatgc ttcagcatat accctaaaat cccagaatat ctttcgaaaa agagtacggg    165960
     tttaacacca ccatcctggc caaatttaca cactggcctc tgtccatcat ggctttaata    166020
     ctctgtcttc tctctctgtg gtgtgcggtc tggtggaaaa cggctgctgt cgcttcatcc    166080
     aggtggatgc tacactggtg gtagatgagg agattgctac ccaataaata ccaaactagc    166140
     taaatttaat aatatttccc ctaaatgctc attttgtact caatatgatg aaacactaaa    166200
     gcatttattt tgggagtgta cttactgtaa agtgttttgg gttgactttt ccagtttcat    166260
     taaaaaattc ttatttccaa actttgtatt tccccaaaaa ttgtgttctt tggttactct    166320
     ctgagtgtag atccttctca ttgtaaattt attattgatt tattgttttt tttatagcaa    166380
     agttttactt ccacaaatgt taattttcaa agaaacaccc ttactttttt attttcagaa    166440
     aggactttaa aaatttatgt gaactcttta aaagactcta acaattacaa ttcaattcaa    166500
     ttcaattcag ctttatttgt atagcgcttt tacaatgtag attgtgtcaa agcagcttca    166560
     cataaatggt catagtaact ggaacagtca taaacagtca taattacact gcatgtaaaa    166620
     cgctttcttg gtgtaaatca tttaaacttg ataaatttgc tggaattcta tttatgtaac    166680
     cctctttgtc tctttgttca tattatatct ttgtaatgtt ctttcttgca ttaaaaaaaa    166740
     aaaagtagat gaggagattc cccctatgtg taaagcgctt tgagtgccaa gaaaagcgct    166800
     atataaatgt aaggaactat tattattttt attataaagc actgttctac catcatgata    166860
     tagccagact aaaataaaaa tcacattatt acgattagct taaactacag caaacactcc    166920
     actcactgac aaacagcccc tttcataaag atttattcca caggtctgtc ataatcaggc    166980
     aaatatacat taacatacag aatatcggcc tcttctgatg cgccacacgt taaataacgc    167040
     aatagttcaa gacacacgtt tgcttttttt ctctacttaa aagaacgata acaatacatc    167100
     ataacaagag caacaacaac aacaataatt catatcataa agataagcca agttgtcttt    167160
     tctaaaattc aatatatagc gactctttta aggtgcacca catgatcggc aggtgacttg    167220
     ttaaagaaac tcaacaaatg ttgcaccatg acacacacac tgaaatagac agagactttt    167280
     tgcaaacgtt gtatatgtat ataagtgtct ctttaaggtc gtcttctggc actttctcca    167340
     gagcgcgtcc ggctcggctg tgtttctaaa gttaaagcag tctgtttttg ttggtttggc    167400
     acacgtcagg gtggaagcgg tggtagagta aggcttctct tcttctcttc atatccagaa    167460
     gactctgata tctcatctct cacagcacct ctgcaggaaa acagcagaaa cacatgtgag    167520
     aagatgattt attgaactat taaaagcttg ccaacaacat ctatgactgg tattatgaag    167580
     ctgaaaatag agacgctttg cagaatgcca aggctgcttt tttcagtcat tcacactgtc    167640
     ctaaagtcaa caaacagcag aaatcatcag tttcatgcct ggaaaatagc ttggagactc    167700
     tcttaatcat cctttataca ttattttcaa gattttattt taggttcagt ttagttcagt    167760
     tcagtataat gtaaatgtca ctgctgaaag acgaaacact gaaaagcaac tccactggtg    167820
     cccagatttg atccatatat gatctaacat acagctgaaa ccagaagttt acatacactc    167880
     taaaaaaaga aacacaacca tttaaaaaaa tgtctgatgg taaatgatac taatcgttta    167940
     ctattttagg tccgttagga taacctaaat gatttacatt tgctaaatgc cagaataaag    168000
     agagattttt atttgagaat tttctattaa tttctagaca gtcaaaagtt tacacacatt    168060
     tccttggtat ttttttgctt tgcttttaaa ctgtttaact ttggtcaaat gttttgggta    168120
     tccttccaca agcttctcac aatagtttgc atgaattttg gctcattcct cctgacagaa    168180
     ttgatgtaac tgatacagat ttgttggatg tcttgctcgc acaagctttt tcaactctgc    168240
     cgagagggtg ctcgctgcag agccatttga ggagagctga gctccagcaa ggggagagca    168300
     tgagctgtcg ctcctcctcc tgtaagctgt tttaatgcgt acaccaaccc cacccctaac    168360
     cctaccccca gtgacatcac tcgtagaaga agtgcaaaaa aggtggagct caagcttaag    168420
     ctccccctct ctggagctca gctctcctca aatggctctg cagcgagcac cactggactc    168480
     tgcccaaaaa ttttctatag gattgagatc agggctttgt gatggccact ccaaaacatt    168540
     cactctgttg tccttaaagc acatttgaac taatttggca gtatgcttag tgtcatagtc    168600
     tgtttggaag agccatttgt ggccaggttt tcatttcctg gctgatgtct tgagatgttg    168660
     cttcagtatt tctacataat gttctttctt catgatgtca tctatgctgt gaagtggacc    168720
     agtccctcct acagcaaaac agccccacaa catgatgctg ccgcccccat acttcacagt    168780
     taggatggtg ttcataagcg tgtaagcttt cccctttgtc ctccaaatgt aacactggtc    168840
     attatagcca aacagttcaa tcttagttcc atcagaccac cagcatgtct catgaaatta    168900
     ttccttttcc cagtgtaatt cagcaaattg taatctggct tttttgttga ttctgtcttg    168960
     ttgattttcc catgttgtca cacaaggaag cagtgtgtgt ttgaggtttt ccttcaatcc    169020
     tattctacag ttgtgcctcc aaataactca aatgttgtca attatccaat cagaaacttt    169080
     caaaagctt                                                            169089