EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR759766; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 127280 BP.
AC   CR759766;
DT   03-SEP-2004 (Rel. 81, Created)
DT   24-APR-2013 (Rel. 116, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DAMC-177C8 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-127280
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Gray E.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (24-APR-2013) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 1c521141f1781ed0081cb17bc14ab113.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000254.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000137345; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204644; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204655; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000452744; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000453513; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000454628; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457090; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457626; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000458179; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000458612; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547293; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547390; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547410; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547542; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548001; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548017; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548337; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548574; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548767; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548769; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549167; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549312; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549501; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549967; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550349; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550428; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550605; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550849; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551140; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551175; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551392; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551423; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551993; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552399; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552809; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552898; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552956; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552987; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000553111; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000553137; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00133; SNORD33.
DR   RFAM; RF00876; mir-684.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DAMC-177C8 is from the BAC library MCF.1
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..127280
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib=" BAC library MCF.1"
FT                   /clone="DAMC-177C8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    72808..73110
FT                   /note="Single clone region."
SQ   Sequence 127280 BP; 36319 A; 29535 C; 27969 G; 33457 T; 0 other;
     ggccatctac acctacctgc agcccgcgca gcgctacaac caggcacggg gcaagttcgt        60
     atcgctcttc tacaccgtgg tcacacctgc tctcaacccg ctcatctaca ccctcaggaa       120
     taagaaagtg aagggggcag cgaggaggct gctgcggagt ctggggagag gccaggctgg       180
     gcagtgagta gttggggagg ggagaaagta ttaagccaga acccaaggat ggaaataccc       240
     cttagtgagt cagtttagac ttcaggctgt tcatttttgt atgataatct gcaagatttg       300
     tcctaaggag tccaatgggg gatatgtttt cctcccgtga ggaaatgttt agttcttgag       360
     ggaaaatccc taaatcctct atatactcag gtttagggaa ggaaaaccta cccctcacaa       420
     ctccacgcgc agggaaaatg atggacgtga cgctcgcctt tagcttcctc cctatctgat       480
     ggaagaccat ggaagacctc ttggtctctg caatcagaag tctcaagttg acaagaaaat       540
     catagtccct accctgcagg agagggtaca tccagaaaaa gcgaccatgg actctattct       600
     cagaaatcag tccaacttag tgcagacctg gccagatgac cagtgccctc cccggggcat       660
     ttcacccata aatgtgatga ggaaagccca taaatggtgg tgaattttgc tgagtggggt       720
     taagactgga aacccccctg caggagttgg ttcttgagca agttttaaag aaacaaggaa       780
     ctaggatgag tgtggaagaa ggcgggcacg tctcagcccg tgaaaaaaac tcacaggtga       840
     tcagtagtga gtcatgagag agagagcaag agagagagtc agagagagga gtaaatggag       900
     ggaggaagat ggaggaaggg actcaagttc tcaagacagg aacagggatc tcctcatgaa       960
     aaaaagaaga gaggaaaatg ctcaatcagc agaacctgag cagaatattg aggtcaaccc      1020
     agaagccagc tcctcaccca ccctcaccca gactggcgcc ctcatcctgg agaagacctg      1080
     ctagacccta aggcaggtag gagagagggt ggtccacagt cccccagctt tagaaagttt      1140
     gttcgctccc aatgtccatc tacccctagg aatccccact agttaaacag aattgctaga      1200
     tccctgtgga aaataccttt ccttgcccac catcatcccc agaaataata actattttag      1260
     ttgggtgtga gacatagaga ataaaagggg gcatggtgcc agacttcatt tcatacaaat      1320
     agctttaaag gagaagaggg gggaaggagt ttaatttagt ttctaaaatg tttagtaatt      1380
     tgattgtgat catgtcagag caactaattc attttataaa atatcatttc actatgctct      1440
     ataagtagaa attcaatttg gttcaaccat tattgagtga tataaataaa gcactggact      1500
     taacaaagac agaaatacag aaatcagtag aacatggatc ccaacctaaa acttactctc      1560
     ttgtcataaa ggaaaggaga taggagtttt tgcataaata acaaggtatc aagacagaat      1620
     taaattccaa gctggctttg aatgctctat tttgccttaa aaatttattt actagtctca      1680
     gtaatacatt agtaaaaatc atgtcactta attaattgtg ttagaatcaa agaaacatag      1740
     agttgggcaa tatacttcat cctacccatc ccacccaaat cttactctac tcatctcatt      1800
     ctcattaatt ttgggaaatc atcagaagat gtgttcgttg agtaagagat taaaagaaat      1860
     aagctttttg acccctgcca acaccccatc cccagggtgg tcaccctcca atacaataag      1920
     atgccaggaa gagtaagttg ccctttctga tgccgtaatc tgccatcatc ttcccatctt      1980
     ccagtctctt tccattgcaa gtcacaatct gggtctcagg gattataccc gtcttagtct      2040
     cgatcattgc tttcacttgt gccactgagc tggaccttcg cacctggagg aggtgcctct      2100
     ttgcctcatc acctgactcc acaagaaaca agggcagctc ctcatcactg ggcttcacca      2160
     ctttcagggt aaggtggatg gtcttctctt tgtcaatgcc ataagatgag aggcttctcc      2220
     gtggctttaa gatcttggag cccagcaaaa gaacctggtc ctgcacagga accttggtct      2280
     tagaccggac atgttctttg atttttttca cgctgtcata tgggttggca tcaaaggtca      2340
     ttaaatccca ttcctcggaa cggacatgca cctgggaagt gaaagccaca agacagttac      2400
     ctaggatgcc tgcctccttt acacttctac tccccaccac aatggctccc cctcttccac      2460
     tatctatctg gtcctctagc tcctattcag tagccagtgt ccctctcttt cttggaactt      2520
     cttttttgga attaccaagt tacaacacaa ataagataat ttgtcccatt cctttataat      2580
     cacacctttt tttcgatctt gagaatggaa aataaaatcc tgagccccca accaactgaa      2640
     cggacgctct tttgctcagg gggaccctag agaaacttta aaaacttagt cattgggcca      2700
     agggtggtgg cttacacctg taatcccaga actttgggaa gctgaggcag gctgatcaat      2760
     tgatgctggg agttcgagac cagcctggtg aacttggtga aactctgtct ctactaaaaa      2820
     tacaaaaatt agccaggcgt ggtggcaagt ccctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga      2880
     ggcaggagaa tcatttgaat ccaggaggca gaggttgcag tgagtggaga tggcactact      2940
     gcactccagc cagggcaaca gagtgagact ctgtctcaaa aatataaata aataaaacat      3000
     tcagtcatga tggaacagga ggttggatat gcctcattgt atcttctccc ttttgcagtt      3060
     tagacacaac tgaccagcaa agttagagat tataagactg agagaatgga ttctttgtgg      3120
     caataagata gcaaattata aacaagaccg agggctataa caggcaaaag ttaagtcatg      3180
     catcccttac acttaaagaa taaactatgt tctgccacaa agttttttct tttttctcta      3240
     gcagctaaac aagcactggc cttgacagga acaatattaa aacaattaca gctcaccctg      3300
     tgttggggaa cacaggctaa ctgaccccgt gttccacaag ccataactac agttttaatt      3360
     ggacaaaaga ctgatttcag taattttctc ctgataagag accactgacc atggactggt      3420
     tctggctagt ttacagaagc tgtgcatttg aatgcctttg tgtccctgct tcaccttttc      3480
     atgtataagg cctaactgta atgcaattaa atgttaagtc tccacttcag agtgaccatg      3540
     ggtggtatgt aacatgcaag cttattcaat atgcatgcat taggaccccc tccatgaata      3600
     ttcattgcct ctgctataac ctattggata tgtatactta gcaaacccct tcagcataaa      3660
     ttcctgtgtc acctttcctc ctgcaaagtg cttgcttttg gttttcaatc agaagcaaaa      3720
     cttcccagcc tgtcagaatg gctaccttgc agactataac ctttcataag aaataaactc      3780
     cccttctaaa tttatgaatt gtgtgatttt ttttagttga caatctttac atttcgtttt      3840
     tctgtgcatt tcaatggatg taaaaaacat acctttatcc atctcaaaat gtaattagtg      3900
     attttccacc ttatttacct gcctctccta tccagataaa gtttgtcaaa tgtcaacaag      3960
     taaatacgag gcttcaaaag atgtacatca gactctaaaa acaactctca aagagaattt      4020
     ccaaaatatg acagcctcat gaagatactc atagccatag gataccctct gtcaatactt      4080
     cagaaggaaa tcctgggtag gacacataat cactgaactg ttagtttctt ttcaaatatc      4140
     ccactgcttt ataataataa ctcacatact accgtgacac tatgttcagt gtttcttgtt      4200
     aatttatatt tcttgtgttt ttatttctat ctaatgagag acaggactag ctggatttcc      4260
     taggccgact aagaatccct aagcctagct ggggaggtga ctgcatccac ctttaaacac      4320
     ggggcttgca acttagctca cacctgacca atcaggtagt aaagagagct cactaaaatg      4380
     ctaattaggc aaaaacagga ggtaaagata tagccaatca tctattgcct gagatcacag      4440
     cgggagggac aatgatcggg atataaacac aggcattcga gccagcaacg ctaccctctt      4500
     tgggtcccct ccctttgtat gggagctctg tcttcactct actaaatctt gcaactgcac      4560
     tcttctggtc tatgtttctt acggctcgag gtgagctttc gcttgccatc caccactgcc      4620
     gtttgccacc gtcgcagacc cgcggctgac ttccatccct cggatctggc agggtgtccg      4680
     ctgtgcttct gaaccagtga ggcgcccatt gccgctcctg attgggctaa aggcgtacca      4740
     ttgttctgca cggctaagtg cccaggttct tcctaatcga gctgaacact agtcactggg      4800
     tccacggttc tcttccgtga cccatggctt ctaatagagc tgtaacaacc accacatgac      4860
     ccaagattcc attccttgga atccatgagg ccaagaaccc caggtcagag aacacgaggc      4920
     ttgccaccat cttggaagcg gcctgcggcc attttggaag cagcccacca ccatcttgag      4980
     agctctggga gcaaagaccc cctggtaaca ctaatataga atgtgatctc ctttgataag      5040
     actagggcct cactcacaga aggtagggac tatatctaag tcttacttca atagctggaa      5100
     aatcctaaaa gatgggaaaa ctcaccccta atggccactt gaaagcctga gaagacctcc      5160
     ctcatactcc attcagaaat attctcccaa tctagatatt gcagacattt cttcactgga      5220
     agatctgtgt taagcattgc cttacttcca ggttctctcc atagtgcata ttttcttata      5280
     taatgtaatg tgttagatca ttaacaactt cagatgaatg agttttgtga agctctcctt      5340
     tgagaggaga gggaagatta agtttaagaa ccttaaaaaa tgttaccata atttcaaatc      5400
     tcaccagccc tgtggaacac aaagctcacc cccacttttt cttctaccat ttatccctaa      5460
     gagtagctag tccaatgttt tatttaaaaa agaacacaga agccagataa ccagcttctc      5520
     ttcagacaat ccctcttccc attctgcaaa tgtcaatgcc agcctcttct cctgaaggat      5580
     gcctgcccag ccccccagag ccctgagtac tgcccagccc ccgtttctaa gatctctccc      5640
     caactcttga aagtgctttt cctttcccca tcccctttat caaatcccaa cttacacaga      5700
     ggcaggaagc attgggagcc atctctgcag acaaggggcc agaaaccaga gacagaaaaa      5760
     ggactttgca tgcagcttat ataccagagt tgagttggaa atcccctgcc tggattgctg      5820
     tgtttgtcca gctttgctgt gctctttgtt cttgcatgct cccatgaatt ttctttcact      5880
     tttgctgggc aggagttaat agacaaagaa tgctttctga tcacatactt ctctcctcaa      5940
     gcaatctatt tgcaaacctc attccaaaca tgggatggtc tttctgtgtt gaaaactttt      6000
     cccttttctc aggaaagatc tttgtctgtt gaagccacct ggatctatac ccacagccca      6060
     aacctaagct gcagatctct atgtctagct gtgtctgtgt ctatgggaat tctcgttcct      6120
     tgaattcccg gcatatcctt gaacacccca atctctctgc catctccacg ccactgagca      6180
     tgccttttcc tccaactcta tccccaccac catgaattta taagaacaca cggtgtaaac      6240
     agtatcttcg tcaaaaagcc ttccctaact cttttcctcc ccatcctggg ttatgtgtcc      6300
     atcttctatc ctctacactt ccttcaaatg cctctcagag catgtttctt caacaatagc      6360
     atcgtctgct tgtctgtaat ctttagaaaa gagtaggaat cttgggggtc gtgattgtgt      6420
     cttaattaac ttgtatcttt agcactgttc cagcatgctg tcaggcacag gaaataattt      6480
     ataaatgttt actaaatgca caaatgaatt aataaatgaa tgaaaagtaa gtaaataaca      6540
     aaaaaaggaa aagtaatatt tagtgagtac ttaaatttca agaactgcac aacatattat      6600
     taaatgttac cttatttact gtttcagcat tttaatgaag taagtacagg tgctccttca      6660
     cttatgatgg ggttacatcc ctgtaaaccc attgtacact gaaaatatcc aaaatcagaa      6720
     atgcatttaa tacacctaac ccaccaaaca tcatagctta acctaacctg ccttaaacat      6780
     gctcagaaca cttacattag catacagttg gacaaaatta tctaacaaaa agtgtattta      6840
     ctactgaagt gtgaaatatc tcatttaagt tattaaatac tgtactgaaa gtgaaaagca      6900
     gatgatttta tgggaacttg aagtaggttt ctactgagta tgtattgctt tggtatcact      6960
     attaaataaa aaatcataaa tggaatcatt gtaaggaacc acctctatta gtatccccgt      7020
     taataagtaa gaagctacct catccacaat catattagta gtagctggta agcaagggtt      7080
     caaacactaa tctgtatttc tatagtcctt gtattcttcc tatattatta tgttatttca      7140
     gtgggaaaag gcagggagaa aagtgctact ggagttgggt atttccagca tggggttact      7200
     gtgagggcaa atctaatata ctctcagaaa aaactaattc aggggattcc ctacccagag      7260
     atgacctgga ttctgggaaa tagtgccctt tcaagaaaac atatgaacaa caaacctgga      7320
     ctctgacctc tctctctctc tttactcttc ccttcctatg ggaaattccc tccctgccca      7380
     tagccagggc caggactgtc ccagacacct tggtgcccct ttgctgacca caggcaggac      7440
     ttcatcttgg gacctgacct ccttgcttct tacccagtgt caatctgact tttttctgtc      7500
     tctctctatg tcacaataag ttctttcaga gacagatctc ttttcatttg ctgttttagt      7560
     ctcttttgca tactataaag gaatacttga ggctgggtaa tttataagga aaaaaagttt      7620
     aattgattca tagttcctcc aactatacaa gaagtatggc accagcatct gcttctggtg      7680
     aggcctcaag aagcttttac tcatggtgga aggtgaagga gagcaggcgt gtcacatggc      7740
     aagagaggga ggtaagagac agtgggaaaa atgccaggct cttttaaaca accagctctc      7800
     ttgtgagcta atggagtgag aactcattta ttacaatgat gacagcccca ggccattcat      7860
     gagggatctg ccaccacaac ccaaacatct cccagtgggc ccatttccaa cactgggggt      7920
     cacatttcaa catgagatct ggagagtaca aacatccaaa ctacatcatt tacccctctg      7980
     acaaattcag aaaaccagct aaagtgtcag aggtgtttga accagagcaa ctccatcttg      8040
     aataggggct ggataaaata aggctgacat ctactaggct gcattcccag gaagttaggc      8100
     attctaagtc acaggatgag agaggagatc agcacaaagt acaggttata aagaccttgc      8160
     aaataaaagg aagcagtaaa gaagccagcc aaaacccacc aaaaccaaga tggcaacgaa      8220
     agtgacttct ggtcattctc actgctcatt atatgctaaa taaaacatta acatgctaaa      8280
     aaatattccc accagggcca tggcagttta cagatgccat ggcaatgtcc agaagttact      8340
     ctatatggtc taaaaagagg aggaaccctc agttccagga atttcccact tctttcctgg      8400
     aaaacttgtg aataagccac cccttgttta gtatataatc aagaaataac cataaaaata      8460
     gtcaaccagc agccctcagg gctgctctgc ctataaagta gccattcttt ttttccttta      8520
     ctttcttaat acgcttgctt tcagtttact ctatggattc accctgaatt ctttcttgtg      8580
     caagatccaa taacgctctc ttgggggctg gatcaggatc cctttccagt aacaaaagta      8640
     aaaagatgat ggtatgaaga tcttgccaag ttataaaaca attgtggcgg ttatctacga      8700
     gtgtcccaat gtggccctgg ctgacgggat gctcttgggc ctgtcactgc ccccattgaa      8760
     gcctacttga agcctacttg gaacagatgt ctctttctag tctctttaat aacgtccatg      8820
     aaagagtttc taaactgctt tgagatctag aatattgctt caaaaatgcc agccaaactc      8880
     agtcagaaag ctagtgtgaa ttctcattta ttggtgattg ggaaaaaagt ctacactcaa      8940
     agaagaacag tttgaaaata cctaccaaaa tttaacatgg acataccaaa ccaagacaac      9000
     caaatgccta tcagtattag ggaaataggt aaccaaattg tagaatatca taagcagcat      9060
     aaatagaagg atcatacctg caaacaacga tacagatgaa tgtgctagaa cttattgagt      9120
     gaaaaaagtg ttagaaacaa atgcttattc cacggtgccg caaagaaata gcactcagac      9180
     ataaattcaa ttttctcagc aaggaatttt tacttctata gaagggtgtg actcgcggat      9240
     ggagtaatgg caagagcata cctggacaag ggaggggaag gagttcttat tcctgaggca      9300
     ggtagcccct actgctgtgt cgttccccta ttggctaggt ttggaccaca caatctaagc      9360
     taattccgat tggctatttt aaagagagca ggggtatgag ccagagcggc agggtgggta      9420
     gtttggtggg aagggtggtt acagaacagg tgactcagga tgattcaaat caaagcaggt      9480
     ggccgagggt gactccggat ggagcaggtg accaggggaa cagatatgaa ccactgatta      9540
     gaactgacag gaaagttgtt tactgaaact agaggcaaga gggtgaagag aacccggaag      9600
     ctcaactttc aaatggagaa tcaaagaata agagagatga atatgctgac atactgattc      9660
     tttgaagaga atcttggagt tcactatatc taacaaaagc aagatgagta agactacata      9720
     aagtatgata ctctccataa atctcaaaag caagcaaaac tacatagtga gacagagaaa      9780
     aagaggaact acttgaaatt caggatatgt ctgcttttta acaaaaatga agcccaatct      9840
     aaattttgat ataagctact tgaaggagat tttcaacagg aagtaagagg gcattagaag      9900
     ccctgatatt atttcatctt gccatattca gaatctgaag tttaaccaag agaacttaat      9960
     gtttgttaaa gcaatttatt acttgagaga cataccgtat attcacttta ttaaaggtaa     10020
     agtaataata tctaaaacaa atgttccaaa gaaaactaaa cataagcaaa actgaatata     10080
     gtatctagaa ctacatatgt aagtaataag gctcttataa aaatgtaaaa accatgagtg     10140
     ttcattatgc tactattatg ttttatagtg ttacattata ttattctata tgggttacat     10200
     ttatttatct gtagtatcaa agattataat aaaaatataa tttaaaattt ttcatgttca     10260
     tatcctctag ctcagcaatt ctgcttctag gaacttatcc tattagtact cttttggttt     10320
     ttttttaagg agtatcactc ttgcctccca gcctggaatg caatggcgcg atctcggctc     10380
     actgcaacct ccgcctcctg ggttcaagcg attctcctcc ctcagccttc tgagcagctg     10440
     ggattgcagt catgtgccac catgcctggc tattatttat ttatttattt atttattatt     10500
     tttattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcagca tgctggccag gctggtctcg aactcctgac     10560
     ctcaggtgat ccacctgcct ccgcctccca aagtgctggc attacaggta tgagccacca     10620
     tgcctggccc tattagtaca cttatatatg tgtgaaataa gccatgtaca agaatattca     10680
     tgtgaaataa ttatttgcaa ctgaaataaa tgggaacaac acttatcaat agacaactaa     10740
     ataagtgctg gtgtatacag ttgaattaaa tttaaaagcc aagttgcaaa atatatgtat     10800
     aatattttgt tatttagaaa ggaagaaaat atacacatat gctaaaatgt gcatacaaca     10860
     tctctgtgag gagacactga ctctgcaagt tgcctgagga gcaggaatga gaggtggact     10920
     attcattata tgtcttatct tattattgtt gctatttttt agttttgcaa ctgtgcatgt     10980
     tttacacatt cagataggca gatagtatgg gaagggatag tatatttttt atgtagtcat     11040
     cagctcagaa tggagctggc tataagctat gcaccaatgg gaaccagttt cagtgctcat     11100
     cactagttga caggcaaagg gccatgaaaa gttggtggct atagtaggtt aactattgtg     11160
     attctgtgcc ttccctactc cccaaaattt attttccact aatcttttac atactgcaaa     11220
     atttagaaac attgataata tagcccataa tatatctgaa agcaaagaaa tttataatta     11280
     gctaaaatca gagaccaaac ctaatgaaaa aaaaaaagta attctgagac aattgctgag     11340
     cctggtacat gggactgatg tcaatgtgca aaaattgtcc aacctgacaa agcaactgga     11400
     ataactaatg cagtcataag tgcaggatga tgtgttgacc aatggcgcat ttccactttg     11460
     tagcagtcag gccatcttgg agtgaatcca ggctctgcct cctacttctc atgcaagtta     11520
     tttggtactt tcttctgtca gctggggatt tcggatttca cttaggatta ggctctgcta     11580
     ccattaacag acatctgaaa ataatgtgcc tttaactaaa accccaaaag gaccagatct     11640
     tagaagtcaa aatgacaacc aaggcttaag gagttcaccc tagaaccaag aaaaaactgc     11700
     aatgatccat tccagcaaaa tgtaaagcca gtttttcaga agttcaaagt gataagtggg     11760
     taatatatct gcttattaaa caagattcaa tacgcttcag agaaagataa tagaatacaa     11820
     aatagataaa ggtaatagaa tacggaatct ctgtaacata ttactcacat catcaagtgt     11880
     aaaacaggaa atcaccaatc atgtgaagaa acagaaatat tagacaaaca gttttaaatc     11940
     ctcaataaaa acaaacccaa acgccaccga aatgttagaa ttatcagatg gagactttaa     12000
     aatcactata gtattttaaa gaatccacag ggaaagattt atacaatggg taaagaaatg     12060
     atgaatttta ggagacagat gtagaaactg ccattttaaa aagccaaacg gaaatgctgg     12120
     aactgaaaaa tacaatatcg ttgacccttg aacaacaagg gtttgaactg catgggtcca     12180
     ttgaatgtag atttttttca gtaaatatac tggaaaattt tgtacctttg tgacaatttg     12240
     aaaaaactcg caaacttcat agcttagaaa catcaaaata attaagaaac aattaggcat     12300
     atcataaatg cataaaacat acgtagatac tagcatactt tatcatttac tataaaatat     12360
     acacaaatct attataaaaa gttaaaattt attaaaactc acacacaaat acttataaac     12420
     aatcataaaa tacagtatta aatcataact gcgtaaaatt agtcatagta cattctgtcc     12480
     tactataata attatgtagc cacctcctgt tactattggg tgagctcaag tgttgggagt     12540
     atgggattaa aatgtcatgt aatactaatc attcccacgt aagcagttcg tcttctcttt     12600
     aggaaaaagt gatgtctcac ggttcttgcg gttgtcctgt ttttgttttg tttgtttgtt     12660
     tattacagag ttttgctctg tcgtccaggc tggagtgcag tggcacgatc tcagctcact     12720
     gcaacctctg cctcccgggt tcaagtgatt atcctgcctc agcctcccaa gtagctggga     12780
     ttagaggcat gcaccaccac gcctggctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagaa acgttctttg     12840
     gttcaagacg gccaagctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa gtgatccacc cccctcggcc     12900
     tcccaaagtg ctgggattac aggtgtgcca ccgcgcccag gatcttgtgt atttttaatt     12960
     gtgtttagtg caattccata aagcctgaat aacaccacga gacccatata gtgatgctgg     13020
     aagttttccc tggagacaga gaaaagccat aacattacag gaaaaagttg aattgcttga     13080
     tatgtgctat agattgaggt ctgctgctgc agtttcctgc catttctgac tgatgtttca     13140
     tctcttaaca gatgacacaa acttacataa ttgataaata cggtattgta ctgtcagtgt     13200
     attttctctt ccttataatt ttcttaataa cattttcttt tctctggctc atgttattgt     13260
     aagaatacag tatataatac atacaacata caaaatatgt gtcagtcaac tgtatatatg     13320
     atcagtaagg cttctggtta acagtagttt attagtagtt aaggtttagg ggagtcaaaa     13380
     gttattcatg gatttccaaa tgtatgaggg ggtcagcacc tctaacccat gcattgttca     13440
     agggtcagct gtatacgact ttctggtaaa aagaaccagg agtccttgga gagatggttg     13500
     atcccagaca gaggaaagag aacatacaag ataaccctgg aatactgtat gatgccagaa     13560
     actaaagaag tcattaaaaa aaaaaatgag gacacatcaa aaaactcaca gtaatcacgt     13620
     taaaggattt ccccatagcc aagtctggga aaatgtaaac agcaaagtaa ataatgagaa     13680
     taatgaagaa agaataaaat aaacatccag gagtcattac tggatatgaa taaagaaaat     13740
     aaacagtaaa cgaataggag gagagggaca gctcttacaa aattcaaaat aacaaacata     13800
     ggagaaatga tgaaagttat cattaggcaa acagcccaat agtaattgtt acagtcaaaa     13860
     ctcatttgtg gatgctaaaa ttagtaggca aaactataat gagaaaaaga tacttgcata     13920
     atctcaaagt attaccataa atacttatta tgttacttat attattataa gatatgacta     13980
     cagttttaat aagacaacac agttaaaaaa atgaaaaata atttgaataa aagacacgta     14040
     aggaccaata aagcacatga taagatgttt aacaccatta accatcacag agcaaattga     14100
     aacgacttga gggagcactt cacagccgat agaatgccta aaaccaagag actgacaatt     14160
     ccaagtatta ccaaggatgt ggaacatctg gaactctcat cgctgtaggg agtgtaaatg     14220
     gcacaatcac tctggaaagc agtttagcag tttcttataa agataaacag acagcaaatg     14280
     actcagaaat tccaattcta ggtatttacc caaaataaag aacacatgtg ttcacacaaa     14340
     gaacgaagaa ccatatacaa cacaactaac tgttctctcc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     14400
     cttcctcttc ctcttcctct tcctcttcct cttcctcttc ctcttcttct tcttcttctt     14460
     cttcttcttc ttcttcttct ttttttcgga cccaggctgt tgtgcagtgg catgatcatg     14520
     gctcactgca gcctcaactt cctgggctca agtgatcctc ccacctcagc cccccaagta     14580
     gctgagacta caggatgcac cacgatgccc ggccaatatt ttgtattatt ttgtagagac     14640
     agggttatat catgtttccc aggctggtct caaactcctg ggctcaagta tcctcccacc     14700
     ttggcctccc aaagttctgg gattacagct gtgagccacc atacccaaca attgtggctt     14760
     ctttcatagc agcccaaaac tagaaacaac ccaaatgccc atcaatgcat gaatggataa     14820
     actgtggtat atttatacag tgaaatacta ttagcaataa aaaggagcaa attactaata     14880
     tatgaaacac tatgaatgaa tttccataac aagccggata acagaagcca gaaataaggc     14940
     atgaagccag gcatggtggc tcatgcctgt aattctagca ttttgggagt ccaaggtggg     15000
     tgaatcactt gagcccaaga attcgagacc agtctgggca acacagcgag accctgtctc     15060
     tacaaaaagt acaaaactta gccgcgtgtg gtggcctgca cctgtaatcc cagctacttg     15120
     gggggttgag tccaggaggt tgaggctgca gtgaactgtg atcacaccac tgcactctag     15180
     cctgggtgac aaagtaacac cttgtctcaa aaaacataaa aaaagtaaat ttcattgaag     15240
     tacaaattac gggtaataaa atgcacacat tttaagtata ttgttcaata agttttgaca     15300
     agtgcataca cttggataac caatacccca ttcaagatat agagcatgca ttttcattat     15360
     tctagaaagt tatcctatgc cctgtcccag acaaccaatc atctgatttc tatcttgcta     15420
     gatttgcttt tcctgttgta ggaaagttat gtcaatgaaa tcaggtggta tgaatgtatg     15480
     aatgcttgct tgcttgcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gagacagggt ctcactctgt     15540
     cacccaggct ggagtgcagt agtgcagtgg tgcaatcacg gctccctaca gccttgacct     15600
     cctaagtata ttgaacaata tacttaaaat gtgtgcattt tattacatgt aaattctatc     15660
     ttaaagaagt ttattttatt ttatgttttt ttgagacaag gtctgactct gtcacccagg     15720
     ctagagtgca gtggcatgat cacagctcac tgcagcctca atctcctagg cgcaggttat     15780
     cttcccagct cagcccccca aggagctggg actacagatg aaggccacca cacccggcta     15840
     agtttttgta cttttcgtag agacaaggtc ttgctatgtt gcccagactg gtctcgaact     15900
     cctgggctca ggtgatccat tcctcttggc ctcttaaagt gctgggatta cagatgtgag     15960
     ccaccatgcc cagactgaag ttgattttaa aagcagaaat gagctactga tacttgaaac     16020
     aacatgaata aattgcaaaa taattactcc tagtgaaata attcttactc aaaggagtat     16080
     atattattcc atttgtatga agtcctagaa gaggcaaaac taagtatcaa ggaaagaggc     16140
     aagtggaagg tttgtaggat gatggaaatc ttctgtttct tcattgaagt catcaaaatt     16200
     catcaaaacg tatatttcaa atctgtgcat tttattgcat gtaaattata tccaaatgtc     16260
     taccagtaga gaagaaacaa gaaataacga agtcttacat gggttcaaat gagacttgag     16320
     agaaaagaat gggacacact caggagaggt ggcaatgaga aaacatgacc ttgtgctcct     16380
     caatgacaca gaggagcaga agtgaccttt ttacttacca cagggagcac caatgctggc     16440
     acgtttcctc tgaatcatct ccttctttct taatcatcat tagcaccagt ggctaattaa     16500
     ttgtctgtga actgtgacgc tctggagtct tgggagaatt aacaagccat ttctctccat     16560
     gggatgggag tcccgggatc cctccctcca tcacttcacc acgttttctt ctctatctcc     16620
     actaccatta aaagagaggt taacttacta ggttgaagag gagaggttgt gggcaaagag     16680
     caaccttcag ccttacaggt ccagaagaag gatggtggtg gggtatagtt tgtgcctgac     16740
     tctagagcca acccacctgg gttcaagtct cagctctggc tatataattc tgagctaatt     16800
     atttaaccta tgttttagtt tcttcatctg aaaataaata tagaatatag aaatattatc     16860
     caggtcatac agaggttgtg aagtgctttg aaaggtgtgg cagcagcatt agaagtcaac     16920
     attactacct gagccctaat ccaccaccct ttcaaaggtg cccaacactc ctgactttgc     16980
     ttgtagattt cattgtgagg attaactaga ggctcactca gtctagaagc tcgttgtcag     17040
     ggagaagctc cggcagcagg caatggggag attgtgacat gattgaggaa aagttataag     17100
     tttattcttc tcctactgtc cattaatgtc cacatatcgt caatggtaga gctaccccag     17160
     gagcaccaga tttggaatca aacaggactc agactccagg cctggtcttc atcggctatg     17220
     taaccttggg caagctactt aacctctctg cgaccatttc ttcttctgta aaaggaagat     17280
     gatattaact acctcaaaga gttatgagaa ccaggtattc aggaaatgtt tagcatggtg     17340
     cctggtgtat aggaagcaca caacagatgg tagctgccaa agtattaacg tggttttcac     17400
     taatgaattg gagaaaagaa ttgatatttc attcccttgt agcacctagt acacaactag     17460
     gtctttggtg attaataaag aaataaatac atccgtgaat atgaaattaa taggaagaga     17520
     gtaaagttgt actggacttt tgtgggtgtc caagaaaaat taaaaagacc agaagaaaga     17580
     gagtgagaac aaatacacgt tgtgaaacac agaacaagag agaacagaaa gagagtcaaa     17640
     gaactatgta aattgaagag actgaaaaat gacatagagt gaagcaatga attaccaaga     17700
     gtataagagt gtaaaagagg gatgcagaaa gtgtattaga atgatggttg acagataaat     17760
     aaggaggagt tggctatttt ttaccaacac aaagggtgta atgttataag acaatatagg     17820
     aatgattttg taaaagtaat aattgaaata gtcattgcgt cttcaggagt aggtagtagg     17880
     tatgattagg gaagggcacg cagaaggctt ttaagattta aacaatcttt tgttaaaata     17940
     ttcaacaata ttttaaagga aaaatttttc tcagagtaaa aagaatatag gaggaaggaa     18000
     acgaaaaaag agacaaatat aaacaggttg aacaaataaa aagatgagat ggggctttta     18060
     aacacacaaa aaagagacac tgcaatgggt agatgctgcc aacctatagc ctctccagcc     18120
     acctccccat caacttgccc agttcctgcc tctcaactgc cagagtggct gccaccgtcc     18180
     acccatatct gagttggccc tgtgtgctga aactctcttc accttctcaa aaacacagtc     18240
     ccctcctcca ggaagcattc cctgattcac tcaaccaccc tactcatttt ctttacagat     18300
     ctatctctca cctctagccc cctaccccaa tatttttgcc ttatttgcct gcaatgtttc     18360
     aagttttctg ctgatgttga atgtactacc cagggttttt caaagccatg agactactct     18420
     ttcttccagc ccataagctc ctccgccttg aatgaccaca ttgttcaata atttgaagta     18480
     gactccttac ttcagtgact taggataggc tactaaagag gataaagtca gacctgacat     18540
     ctaagtacaa tatgtgactc tcaactggat cctacgtgga aaaaaaaaaa tcctacaaag     18600
     aacattattg ggacatagag aaaataagaa tatggactgt gtgttacata acaatactgt     18660
     atcaatttta agtttattga atttaattgc tgtacagtgt taattaagat catcttgttg     18720
     tagaatatga atactaagac aataaggaga aagaggcatg atgtccacaa gttattccca     18780
     agtgactcag agtaaaaatg aaaatacata aacatattga gtataatgat agtgaaaatg     18840
     agtaaaaata ctaaaaattg atgaatttga taaaggttat atagaagttc ttggaactac     18900
     acttgcaact tttctgtaag tttcaactta tttcaaaatc aaaggttttt aattgcatgt     18960
     gaataaaatt aaccgagtat tttcaaaagc aaaattctac ttacatgtcc caaactcaac     19020
     atggtatgtt tttactacta tattttatct tacatgaaaa ggagaggata ttgaaatcta     19080
     tttcagcttt ctatcaccaa acatcaattc ttcaggattt ttttgcagtt acagaaccag     19140
     aaaataatct ttctgactga cattatattt tttcttattt ttacatatta cacataatgg     19200
     aaaatttagg caggacattt catttgcagg agaaatgttt gttcttagtt taataagtca     19260
     taattttttt tgaaagacct aaatcacctg actgatcttt ctagcagttg agtcatttca     19320
     catacagaag aaatctccac agtccacatt tctatcactg gtcaaatctc ttgcaaaagt     19380
     gtaaagtaga tagaatgtga atgatttgag aaaatttatg cccaccacta gaaaacatga     19440
     tgaattctct agtaatgttt acaattagga aactcactga acacacattt ctttgtattt     19500
     ccttccacac ataacaaagg gaaaattcag tagtagcata gcgatcagaa cataataggt     19560
     acttaataaa tttttgcaaa attaataaaa actaactagt tagctgatct atgcttcaca     19620
     tcagacgttt tgcattcaac caggaagtca gaggcaccag tgtgaggctc aatccgttgt     19680
     tgagcacatt aatggtttcc tcactcccac tagacaatgt ttgatcagaa ggaacagggg     19740
     atgagaagga gctgcttgat ggtgatgaga ctgggaaagg aacgctgggc gagcagagac     19800
     aaaagagaaa cactcaccta ctgggacctc acaaacaccc aggctgagtt ttaataagac     19860
     aggttgaatc acactggggt gacagcctca tccttccaga tacagagagg aacaggccat     19920
     ggttaaccaa agctccgcac caggctttct ccttctgggc ttctctgaac acccagcact     19980
     ggaaaggact ctctttgtag ttgtcttcac ttcctacctc ctaaccccgg tggactcatc     20040
     atcctgctgt ctgtgctgga ccccaggctc cactctccaa tgtacttttt cctctccaac     20100
     ctctccttct tggacctctg tttcaccata agttgtgtcc ccgggatgct ggtcaacctc     20160
     tgggagccaa agaagaccat catcttactg ggctgctctg tccagttctt catcttcctg     20220
     tccctgggga ccactgagtg catcctcctg acggtgatgg cctttgaccg ctacatggct     20280
     atcttcaagc ccctgcgcca tgccaccatc gtccacctct gcctgtgctg gcagctggca     20340
     tctgtggcct gggtcattgg gctggtagag tcagtggtcc agacaccatc caccctgcgc     20400
     ctgcctttct gcccccatca gcaggtggat gattttgtct gtgaggtccc agctctaatt     20460
     cgactctcct gtgaagacac ctcctacaat gagatccaga tggctgttgc cagtgtcttc     20520
     atcttggctg tgcctcagcc tcatccttgt ctcttatgga gccattgcct gggcagtgct     20580
     aaggactaac tgcaaaaggg cagaggaaag cttttgggac ctgctcctcc catctcactg     20640
     tggtcaccct cttctacagc tcagtcattg ctgtctatct ccagcccaaa aatccctatg     20700
     cccaagagag gggcaagttc tttggtctct tctatgcagt gggcactcct tcacttaacc     20760
     ctctcatata caccctgagg aacaaggagg taaccagggc attcaggaga ttgctggcga     20820
     aggaaatggg gctcatacaa agttgaggga gagctgttta atgtgctttc taaattaaga     20880
     agaaattatt tatccttttg tgaacaagtt tgagctccca agtatactac ctttcataca     20940
     cccatcacag tgtttacaat gggtcacagt atatgagtgt gtgtgagaga gagaaagaga     21000
     cagagaaaga ctaagagtca ggtaagagga ggtaggtatc tttaattaac atctaaagct     21060
     caaaaagatt atcatacctg cccattttta atatttaatt tctatatttt tattttcttt     21120
     tcaatttggt ttttaactct cttctcccct acaggttctc caaatgcacc atgcctattt     21180
     ctggttatgt aacccctctc cgattgttac attatcatca tcattttacc atcacttgtg     21240
     attctttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg agatggagtc tcactctgtc gcccaggctg     21300
     gagtgcagtg gtgcgatctt ggctccctgc aacctccgcc tcctgggttc aagtgattct     21360
     tctgccccag cttcctgagt agctgggact acaggcacat gccaccatgc ccagctaatt     21420
     ttttattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc atgttggcca ggctggtctc gaactcctga     21480
     cctcaggtga tccacccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg gattatagga gtgagccaca     21540
     tcacccagcc acttctgatt ctgacaatgt cttctttcct ttgtcatcag gatggttcat     21600
     ctccacttgc ttgaggtgga ctgacaggaa gctgacactc agagaattta gtaatttcac     21660
     ccaagaacac acagcaattt gttagaccta aattgagatg catatctgtt aacttaccaa     21720
     gtgcatgctg ttggttttac accattataa atataccaac atcattagga tttataccca     21780
     aatgggttat caggcagaaa actctatttt tccagtccta gtaagttttc tgatcatcca     21840
     gctttccagg gatcacaaca ctaatctcct gccaaatcct gaaaatgtgc tcccattcct     21900
     ggagatgatt ttcctttacc tcttctcaac ctctgcatga cagtgaccat gaggagttgt     21960
     gagtctgctc ttcagtggct acacagtgct aacagctgtc ctgcatccat tttctagtgc     22020
     agttctgaaa ttctgaccaa cctctactag ccaggcacaa acatgaaatc caattgtaag     22080
     taataaagtg ctgcaatgga gcctggatgg agcaagggcc tcagaaaaaa gggagcagca     22140
     gtgtaagccc caacttctat gaaatcttat ttcctttttc aagttgatct acattcatta     22200
     cattctcaaa gcctcacatg aatggaatgg agagtgtgat ggaaaaatct gtttagaact     22260
     gaaccattct ctcctctttc ctgtcaggaa agaggttatg ctgtgataac aataccaatc     22320
     ctcagtgact tgaaacagca taggtttatt tcttgctgct gctgcatgcc cattgtcatc     22380
     caaccagagg ttctgccttg tcatcttcac ccaaagatgt ggactgacag aacacccacc     22440
     atctcaaaca ctcctaggtg ctgggaaagg aggaaataat aagcatgaca aatggcaaac     22500
     tagcacttag tttccaatcg gaagtggcat aacactttga ctcattggtc atttgccaaa     22560
     gcaaatctca tggctacata taacttcaag gtgaggggaa ataaaccaat catgtggcag     22620
     gaaagggaac cagaaatatt tggtggatga tatgaatgac tactaactgg ctctttgcct     22680
     ccagtcttga ccgattgaaa ttgattatcc atgttgaacc agagtaatca ttccaaaata     22740
     caaatttgaa tatgttactc ccttagccaa aaataatata tagaatcccc ctgcaataaa     22800
     atgtggagcc caaactccta gatcgggttc ctgttttcca gactttacca tccccacctc     22860
     ctaaggctca accacctaga atcctgcaag ttcacacaac tacctgcaag tgcaagtgta     22920
     tgaaccacac caggctctct gccaccttta gcctttgaac gtgctcctcc ctctctttgg     22980
     aagactctcc cctccagctc ctctctacca ccaacaaaaa gcacttccca tgaagtaaca     23040
     ggatcttttt aattgtctac ctctcaaagt acacagtaag gaaagtgagg gtcagggttt     23100
     tggctcactt atccttatac tcttagtgcc tggcatagta tctggcacag taggtatgta     23160
     atgaatattt attacagtca cccctcagta tccccaggga attagttcca ggacacccct     23220
     cagataccaa aatctgcaga tgctgaagtc ccaaagttga ccttgcagaa ctcacaaata     23280
     caaaaagtcg gttctcacat ccatgagttt agcatcctga gaatattgta ttttcaattc     23340
     atgtttgctt gtggatgcag aacctgtggg aatggaggat agactatatt tacagaaaga     23400
     aatcctaggg cctgcgtcct cacgaaagca ttggcctcca gcgtgggcta acagcagagc     23460
     agggcggagc tggcccatgg ttgcagacct ctgtgccagc ctcccctaga caagagcacc     23520
     gtgtcgagga gaagaaatcg gctcaagctc tgggcccatg atgcctgctc cttccaaaga     23580
     ctgtggcaga ttacgccaac tgggatccgg cggtcgcaag gtctagagga gtcaagaaag     23640
     ccatcaccaa cgtcgttcag caggaagtaa aatccctttg tgtcttggaa gcctcccagg     23700
     ttcctgcaga agaagctgtt tctggaggta gtgagcccta tgacatcatc gacagcagta     23760
     acttgaagaa gagcagacat ggaagagaaa tctgcttttc actttatatt tttgcctgtc     23820
     ttttaaatgt tacagctgtg tgtgctttac atattcaaaa taaattgtgt gtatgtgtgt     23880
     gtgtgtgtgt aaattttaag cagttaatag gttcaaggca gaagtggcta caagtttatg     23940
     ccccagtagg aatcagttcc agtgctcttc attaattgcc aggcaaaata gccatagtaa     24000
     tgtagtaact agaataaaat ttaaattagg ttagttataa acaccctatc cattatcgac     24060
     tcccaaagct gcttcatcca tgaatattta atatgccaca aaactatcag agattgctaa     24120
     tatatcccat aatataatat gaaaccaaaa gatttttcaa aaagctaaac ttgggagaga     24180
     ctcatagcaa aatgacatgt aattctgagg tcatcactga gtatggtact tgagtctatc     24240
     gccacatgtg aaaagcatct gaatataatc caaaaagcta ttgcagtcat gggctgcaga     24300
     ataatgcggt ggccaagagg ctgtaatatt gtgatataat aagatataca tatttggcct     24360
     ttgatcccag ttcctggcac agagttccta aggcccttgt aattccctga gcaatagggg     24420
     tgctaggaga gtcttttgtt ctaatatttg gtctttgacc aaatatgtca gttcctaaca     24480
     ttgagctcta atcccttgga atttcctggg taacaggagc atcttttgtt ctaatgaggt     24540
     gaccccttgg gggacccctg aatggggact ctgactagaa ggaccaagcc atgattagaa     24600
     gtttgaaact ttcagctcta ccctcatctt ccagaaaatc gagagtggct agacattgag     24660
     ttaataatca actatatcta tttgatgaag cctccacaaa aatccctgaa ctacagagct     24720
     ccgagaactt ccaggctggt gcacacacag aaatgctgag agggcagcat gccccagaag     24780
     ctctgtaacc cttcccacac accttttcct gtacatctct tctattttgt tgttcatttg     24840
     tatcctttgg aatatcctct ataataaact ggtaaattga actaaagagc tttcatgtat     24900
     tctgtgaact gctctaataa atcatcaaac ccaaggaggg gattgtggga acccccagta     24960
     gggttcccag taggtcagaa gttccagaag cttggacttg tgattggcat ctgaagtggg     25020
     gagcagcctt atgggatcct ttaacctgtg ggatctcact gtatctccag gtgaataatg     25080
     tcagaagtga attgaattga attataggac accaagttgg tgtccactga agaatgtatt     25140
     ggtcagtctg gaagaaaaac caacatgttg gccgggcgcg gtggctcagc cctgtaatcc     25200
     cagcactttg ggaggctgag gcgggcggat cacaaggtca ggagatcaag accatcctgg     25260
     ctaacaaggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa atcagccagg catggtggca     25320
     gatgcctgta gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaggcagga gaatggcatg aacccaggag     25380
     gcagagcttg cagtgagccg agatcgcgct actgcactcc aacctgggca acagagcaag     25440
     acttccatct caaaaaataa taaaataaaa caaaacaaaa taaaataaaa taaaaacgaa     25500
     catgttttgg tgactagaag tgttgaatgt tgagaatata gtaggagaaa atggtcagtt     25560
     tgggggtttt ctacaaatac acagagccct ttcgcattgc gcagcatcca atttgaatcc     25620
     tggacctgca aactcatgcc caggatatag tgccatatca agggcagcat ttgcatgttt     25680
     ctggcaggcc ggacgttcag tagctgcagg agttagatca gtgttggtga gtgaaagcca     25740
     tgctgttgaa cacatacaga cctgcatcct gccaccatag ttactgcctt cataagtcca     25800
     tttttaccag cactagggtg gcctgtggag aagactgctt agtgtgaact ggcctatagt     25860
     cactgtttac ttggtttaga agaggtttag agcctcttct attgtggatg ctttctagtg     25920
     ggcattagca tgtaacacaa agatattcac aattttccca atttcataaa taaaaagatt     25980
     tcccattttc ataaacctat ccaagtgcct cttcctcaaa tttcattgtt cttcatcttc     26040
     taaacctcct ccttccaagc acttgaccaa ccaaccaagc catttgccac tgcccatgta     26100
     ttcacaaata ttcttccatt aggccattat tctttctaca caaaatagat aatcaggtgc     26160
     actactcaaa gctttgccca ttgggaagat ttacaatttc tactgtcttc cagaactact     26220
     cttgagtgtg gctataatgc agcagcagtc cattttcagc tcacaccaat gtgttgagca     26280
     gatacatcca tgaaccaagg tcatcttatt tttcctccat tagccaatca taaagtaccc     26340
     ctcccccccc catgacagat taaagatggc tgcaaactat cggacaatca tcccatcagg     26400
     agggctatct atttcccctc cccttgaatc tgtgctagtc tatgactgtt ttgacaaaaa     26460
     cagcgtggca gaagtgacac catgccagct ctggggccag cctgtaagag aactggctgt     26520
     tcctccttgc tatcctggag tcctgaattt ccaagtaaaa agtctatcat gctgggcaga     26580
     ccatgtagaa aggccctgag atagcatgaa gacagagaaa atgagcccaa acttacagtg     26640
     aacccaccaa ggtgccaggc atgtgagtga agctgtctcg gaccctctag agcagtccat     26700
     ctgccagctg aatacttcca agggatccca gctgatgcaa catggaatat aaggaaaccc     26760
     agccaatttc gttccaaatt cttggcccac aacatgtgag atacaataag gtttgtgttc     26820
     atttaagcca ttaaatttgg ggagactttg ttatgcagca ataaataact agaacactcc     26880
     catgagccac tggtatgagc aagttgggaa gtaccaaggc cacagcgtgg aggacatggg     26940
     aatctgggcc ccccacttca gcaccttgca tttaccctcc agttctgccc atgactgatg     27000
     caggatatac gacttctctc ttacaactga tgatgttgca accactagac ctcatcactt     27060
     gattgatttg acaggaccca gctcatgatg gacagttgta gcctaatagc catttgatgt     27120
     ctcatgatca ggagctctgt ctctagtaag gcccaagagc aagctaggac ttgtttccta     27180
     atggggttta ctttcctgca gcagacagca tagatttgat gaagaacccc agggatctat     27240
     gttgtgattt tcctttcaag gcttgcccaa aatgccacac tgtatctttt cccaccactg     27300
     atacctttag tgccccagag tctattgagt cacatgacca aagcactacc acacggctga     27360
     tatgacagct tagaacagct gcggacccca ggtctgctct gggcttcagt cagtcgctag     27420
     taaactgttc catgtggtat tcccatgagt gtggaatatg tttcctctag atcctaaata     27480
     ggacaaccaa gcattatcta ccctggagaa gaggaaggag aagaccaaga ttcactgctg     27540
     gaagaagaaa acagcctatg aggctacaga aacaggcaga aaagaacgtg gagaagaaaa     27600
     ctgacaaata cacacagttc tcctcaagac ctatggactc ctggtctgag cctaataaag     27660
     actgtttatt ccaaaaaaca cctctgtatt ataaattctt ctgtgtaata gtgtgttact     27720
     gtgcatctct ttccaattct gcattactgg tgttaagtgt gaaatgcaat aatgtgttct     27780
     tactttagag ggatgtcctg gcacaaagtc taaaaacttc aaagatgtgg aggatgctga     27840
     atcttcacag ggtgtatttc ccactctctg gagtgcattt gtcttaccag tgccgccaat     27900
     atgcttgccc tcatggctca ttctgtttgg ttaataagat attgttgata cagtggaacg     27960
     atgtcatgtt ttgtggaatg tccagaaggt ccacgtccag tggtgtgctg catgcagcta     28020
     gctcatactg cctcatggag ccaactgtta aattttcaga aattgtgcaa accagttgtt     28080
     aaacatgact attattttaa aataagttat tttaaggcat aggtaacaaa tccctaagct     28140
     cttcattttc taggtattta actatcttat catattttcc atactcttct ggttatttat     28200
     atctgttatg tctatataat aaagatacta aataatgttg tctgtataat aaaaatattc     28260
     tggattggtg atgagcaaca atcaccatct ttcgtttgag tctcatggcc atgagaccaa     28320
     ccccatgcac tgctctgaga cctgccagcc actcccattc ctggggtgcg gtcctcctgg     28380
     ttcagaagtg attttccatt aggctatctt ttaatttaaa catgaactct gctgtgccca     28440
     tcactgtctg tgtgcagtca caggtagagg gagagccttc agatggcacc ctcagcactt     28500
     cccaaccctt tccttccctc taggccagaa ggtggtggtc gtacaatgcg agagcatcaa     28560
     catttctggc aagttctaca gaaacaagtt gaagtacctg ggctttctcc gcaagcggat     28620
     gaacaccttc tggaggccct gccatttctc agccctagcc gcatcttctg gtggatggtg     28680
     caaggcccac tgccccacaa gactcaccaa ggccaggccg ccctcaacca cctcaaggtg     28740
     tctgacggca ttccaccgcc ccatgacaag aaaaagcttt ggtggttcct gctgccctca     28800
     agcttgtgtg tctgaagcct acaagaaaat ttgtccgcct ggacaccgag ctcatgaagt     28860
     tagctggaag taccaggcag tgacagccac cctgaagaag aggaaggaga aggccaagat     28920
     ccactaccag aagaagaaac agcttatgag gctacagaaa taggtggaaa agaacatgaa     28980
     aaagaaaact gacaaataca cacaggtctc ctcaagatcc atggacttct ggtctgagcc     29040
     taataaagac tgtttgttta ttcctcaaaa acaaacaaac aaaaaaaaac cctctgtatt     29100
     ataaattatt ctgtgtaatg gtgtgttacc atacatttct ctacaactct gcattttcag     29160
     taatctcaca ttgacagttt aaaattggcc atggtgagaa tatttacact gcagaaatca     29220
     gcaaatgatg taaatcaagg cttttttgcc tggacttgca gcacatccat gtcccattgg     29280
     accctattat gacgggagag ttttaacatg gtactgaagc aaaaatgtaa atgtaaatgt     29340
     acacttatat ccatacctgt aaattcaaac tgcctttggt ctttcttcct gatagtattt     29400
     gaaaagaaca cattcagcca ggcacggtgg ctcacgtctg taatcccagc attttgggag     29460
     gctgaggcag gcagatcacg aggtcaggag ttaaagacca gtctgatcaa tatggtgaaa     29520
     ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ccaggcgtgg tggcattcgc ctgtagtccc     29580
     agctactcag gaggctgagg caggagaatc gctcgaaccc gggaggggga ggttgcagtg     29640
     agccaagatc atgccattgc actccagcct gggcaacagt gagattccat ctcaaaaaga     29700
     aaagaaaaga acacattatt caccagatta atagccatat aacatggacc tgaaaccgtg     29760
     ctaatcaggc acaacagctg taattacagc tatttcttgg ttgagtttgt gctagtctgg     29820
     tcatctttca agttgcatct gatatttgta gtgaccagac tggtgaatta aatgtgaaat     29880
     atgatagaaa caaacccccg caccctttaa aggtggcctc aatcagccat ttcccttgaa     29940
     ttgtgatatt gttcttgatt cactgtcttt gcggtaagag gtgtagattc agggcttcca     30000
     cttcaatctg tagctcgtac tccacagact aaagaactat gtggggattc tgccaatggc     30060
     caagcatgtg cattccagtt acagatttag agactacaga aatgactact gggtagatcc     30120
     atggacctag tacatgccat ttattagctg atctcatagg ctccctttct aatggaagag     30180
     aagcataacg attcagttat atgaagattg gctaaatgtt ctaagtactc tccaaaccca     30240
     gagctttata attctctgtt actacagtgt gctccatctc agaataacta aatagaaaag     30300
     gaggaagctg agaactttaa aaactgaggt cctgaataga tgaatcataa gcctgagagg     30360
     actatcagga tgcccgggac tcactggagg tgggagtaga gacactgtcc tttttcttcc     30420
     tgttgacaga aagaagcaat gagtgacctc ttttacctac cacagtgatg actattgttg     30480
     gcatatttcc tatagatatt cccctgcccc ttttaccata atttgtggct aatgaattgt     30540
     ctgtgggcta tggaccctag agtctcagca gaattaatga gctctttccc tccgtgggat     30600
     ccctctacca ccataccatg tcaacatttc tacctccaat gccactaaaa cagaggcaca     30660
     cctctgccta gactgagggg gaaaattgtt ggcaaagaac tcaatggcaa agaactctat     30720
     ggcaaagaac tcgatggcaa agaactcaat ggcaaagttc tgaccttggc ttcatcctcc     30780
     ctgcagagat ttggtgggct ttggttggtg caaaccctct acagttagca gatttgggtt     30840
     caaacatcag ctctggtgct tactaactat actgccttgg gaaagttatt tatatttctt     30900
     tgtttcaact tcttcatatt ggaaggaaga gaataatatg tagagttgtg aaggataatc     30960
     agcagtgtag agtaaatgtt taataaacaa cttggttggt ggcagatggg gagagcccta     31020
     atttgtagtg tttgccaatt ttcatagtgt aaatattcct gccatggctg tctcaagcca     31080
     ctgatggttt aataactgtc tcacaaaatt cctaaaaatt tactaatcaa gagataatct     31140
     gagccagctc cagctcatca cacacatgtg tgcttagaaa agtgccagat ggtcagcatt     31200
     agcaatccct attgtgacca gagatgcagt tgcccattca aggatgccca ttccttttta     31260
     tttttttgtt tcttcctgat gtacaagtgg aggctgggca ccagttaaga gctctgtcat     31320
     ggggaattgc tggtaccaga agagattttt atttgattga aggtaagcag aacctttgct     31380
     ctttggctgt gagatatcag tttccgccta tcctcaacac tggaggacca gatttggagt     31440
     taaacttact ctaaaatcct agtcctagca cttattgact aggtaacctt ctacaagtct     31500
     cttgtcccgt ctgtgactgt tcactttttg gtaaaattgg gataatttta tctctttgta     31560
     gggtcactgt gagaaccaga tgttcaggga gttgtttatc accatgcttt gatggtagct     31620
     actaacagca agggtagctc atggtcacta gactatcata aacccctttc aaaggacctc     31680
     ccaactcctt ccccagctcc taacacaatg ctggcacttt ggggctcaag aaatgaataa     31740
     atgcgtagac caatgcatga atatttcaga aggaaaagga gtaggagaaa aataatgaga     31800
     gtggaaaaga cagagaacaa agagggaaag ggaaacagtc actaagaaag gtgtaatcta     31860
     aagagattca gcgatatagc agagaaagga aaggaatgaa atgccaagat aatgacaaag     31920
     ttagaaatgt agaaaattaa ttaggatgac acatgatgga tgaataagaa acaattggct     31980
     attgtttaag gttacatgca aagaatttta tattacaaag aaaacaaagg agggggcggc     32040
     agccaatgag catgaggttt cttttgggag taatgaaata ttctggaagt aaatggtgtt     32100
     ggttgcacaa cttgtgaata tactttaaac cactaaatta cacacttcaa aagggcgaat     32160
     tttatggtac gttaaataca tctcaaaaaa tgaaagcgaa ggcataatta aaaatttaga     32220
     ggccaggcac agtgactcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcaggcaga     32280
     tcacctgagg tcaggagtct gagaccagcc tggccaacat ggcgaaaccc cgtctctact     32340
     aaaaatacaa aaattagcta ggcatggtct tgagtgcctg taatccccgc tacttgggag     32400
     gctgaggcag gagaatagct tgagcccagg aggtggaagt tgcagtgagc agagatcgtg     32460
     ccattgcact ccagcctggg ctataaaacg tgactctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     32520
     attagaatgg tggtgacatc ttgaggggtg acaaattgag aaaattgaga gatcagggag     32580
     gggcacacag aagcttctaa gatacttgaa acatttgctc agttccttaa cctagttgtt     32640
     taaatatgta acaatatttt gaaaattaaa aatatatttt aagtgagaaa agaataatgg     32700
     gaaaaacagg aagaagacag agacaatggc agagagtcct ggcaaaaagg gagatgtgat     32760
     agagcttaat acaagatggg gaccctgtaa gaggaagaca ttcctgccat cctctgagct     32820
     ccatggcacg tttgtggtgt ggcccaccat ctcatctcct cccctcatgg ccttcctaag     32880
     gtcctgtaag accctgagtc cttgtctctg acctgccaga gtggcttcag tctcccaccc     32940
     ccagccctca actgaccttc tatgccccaa tacatctcta ttttaaggaa aaagtccagt     33000
     cacctcctct aggaagcttt ccctgatata cccaaccaaa ttggtcagtc atcctacaga     33060
     acctttactc tcattcaccc agtacattgg tgttactggc ctttaaattt tggactctct     33120
     ttttggtggt gtctgaaaga ctacaagatt tagggagagt gattcttgga gtctttcgat     33180
     aatgttcctg tgaaccctgg tgattttaac atgcttgtgg ccactcttgc ctcctacttg     33240
     taagctactc atggcaagga cgaagcatgt ggaccaattt ccacccctcc ctgaaagtca     33300
     gttggttcag aaacttaggt tgctaaaaag gccagggcaa ccaacctgat ctctctataa     33360
     gtagggatat cttaaaacaa aacaaaatct ctctcataga taaaacactg tctctgataa     33420
     gcttacttgc aaatgaaaaa atacaaaata aatggaatgt acagagttct ataaaattca     33480
     ttcaaccaat agagcaataa ttgagcctac agagacaact tatcagaaaa ttcattcaat     33540
     ataccttacg agatcatcca atagataaga gacaactcta gaacagcatt cagaacatag     33600
     tggcactcaa taaatttccc ctgaatgaat gaattaatga attagtgcat attttaatca     33660
     gcctcctttg ccctcaccca ggaagtcaga ggcaccagtg tgagtatcca tctgctgtcc     33720
     agtacattca tggattcctc actctcacta gacaatgttt gaccaggaag aacagggaat     33780
     gagaaggagc tgctggatgg tgatgagcct tggaaaggga ggctgggcga gcagagacag     33840
     aagagaaaca cctacctgct gtgacctcac aaacacccag gctgagtttt gataagacag     33900
     gttgaatcac actggggtga cagcctcatc cctccaggta caaacaagaa caggccatgg     33960
     ttaaccaaag ctccacaccg ggcttcctcc ttctgggctt ctctgaacac ccagggctgg     34020
     aaaggactct cttcgtggtt gtcttcactt cctacctcct aaccctagtg ggcaacacac     34080
     tcatcatcct gctgtctgtg ctggacccca agctccactc tccaatgtac tttttcctct     34140
     ccaacctctc cttcttggac ctctgtttca ccacgagttg tgttccccaa atgctggtca     34200
     acctctgggg cccaaagaag accatcagct tcctggactg ctctgtccag atcttcatct     34260
     tcctgtccct ggggacaact gagtgcatcc tcttgacagt gatggctttt gatcgctacg     34320
     tggctgtctg ccagcccctc cactatgcca ccatcatcca cccccgcctg tgctggcagc     34380
     tggcatctgt ggcctgggtc attgggctag tggagtcagt ggtccagaca ccatccaccc     34440
     tgcacctgcc cttctgcccc gatcggcagg tggatgattt tgtctgtgag gtcccagctc     34500
     taattcgact ctcctgtgaa gacacctcct acaatgagat ccaggtggct gttgccagtg     34560
     tcttcatctt ggttgtgcct ctcagcctca tccttgtctc ttacggagcc attacctggg     34620
     cagtgctgag gattaactct gcaaaagggc ggaggaaagc ttttgggacc tgctcctccc     34680
     atctcactgt ggtcaccctc ttctacagct cagtcattgc tgtctacctc cagcccaaaa     34740
     atccctatgc ccaagagagg ggcaagttct ttggtctctt ctatgcagtg ggcactcctt     34800
     cacttaaccc tctcatatac accctgagga acaaggaggt aaccagggca ttcaggagat     34860
     tgctggggaa ggaaatgggg ctcacacaaa gctgagggag agctgcttaa tgtgctttaa     34920
     aagagaggag attctatgtg cttttatcag aaagtttgag ttccctgccc ctctgccttc     34980
     ttcacaccca ttacattgtg ggaatggatg aaagccacat gtctgtgtgt gtgcatgtat     35040
     gtgtgcaaga gacagcgact gaaatgtagt aaagggaggt atctttatgc gaaaaattat     35100
     aggcatcaag tatattttat atttttttct actttaagtc ttcgcctcca tagtcatgtt     35160
     cctaccttta tcacttccat ttttaattcc cctcccttgc catatcccca ctattccttc     35220
     acctccaatt ctaattccta ccatatcttc tttgcttctc cctcatgttt ttcccacttc     35280
     actatatgtc tgttttgtat tctcattcta ttttattcct caaataacag caaaagagaa     35340
     ggggaagctg aagcccagct aagttcggaa actcacccaa gaacacacag tgtccacagc     35400
     atcagaacta aaatccaggc cccataattt tcagtcaggc aactctcaaa tacacactgt     35460
     tgctttcaca ccataatcaa atatcccagt atttcaggct tgagccttac aaaggaaact     35520
     tagcttcttc agtcctattt cttctcttac aatgcccaca aatcgcaggt aaaggagcag     35580
     ccaaaaagac acaaaaatat cttcatgttt aggctggcac attgtggacc ttggtgtcat     35640
     ctaccggcca aatatggtat tgcatgtgac atcccagact tctgctccag ggtcatccga     35700
     actgtacttt gctcaaagac atagatatgg ttatgatact ataagcattt atgtaattgt     35760
     tatgttaacc caagtaacac ttaaagtaca gatgctcctt gacttataat gatgttacct     35820
     cccaaaaaac ctatcatata ctgaaaatat tgtaagttga atatgcattt catacaccta     35880
     acctaccaaa catcatagct tagcctagcc taccttaaac atactcagaa cacttacatt     35940
     agcctacagt tcagcaaaat cctcaataca aagtctattt tataataaag ttttgaatat     36000
     ctcatgtaat ttactgaata ctgtactaaa agtgaaaaaa cagaatggtt atattggtac     36060
     tcaaagtacg gtttctactg aatgtatctc ttttgcatta ttataaagtc aaaaaatggt     36120
     caaagtcagg aaccccctgc aatttacaca tattgactta tttaaccctt ataacaacac     36180
     tatgaagcag ataatattat tatccttttt cagaggtaaa aactaaaaca cagaatttat     36240
     gttaccactt gcaaatgtgc aagacaggat ttgaacccag gaaaactggc tccagactcc     36300
     ttgctcttaa ccttgccttt tggtaaaaat aatgcctccc aggcccaggt gaaaagcttc     36360
     aacttctcaa caagctttga ggaaatcatt tcaatctaaa actatatcta aatgatcccc     36420
     cagctgaagg ggtttcactt ccttaaaata agagtttttc aaatacttca aagcataaga     36480
     aacaacagaa caataaaact tttggaaaaa gttgtgttac agttcattgt gtgtgtgttt     36540
     ctggcttagt tcacccacta gatttcaggc tctcagaagg caaggaccag aattttgcat     36600
     aaaattggca cccagtttta taaatgtata agtgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatctt     36660
     actctccaaa gagaatatat aaaaggttct ggggttccaa tcccacatac gctgtctccc     36720
     agcttttccc tggcaagggc agcaatacca aattcccttt tgagtacacg ccgataaaat     36780
     aagaaaaagg aaaatcttag ttttatttct agttccaaca taaaatgatt ttgattcaac     36840
     atttatcctg gcatcagcac agaacagcaa cattaattct attataatcc taatctttat     36900
     cctagccatc cttgtgttaa tcttattgtc tccttgacct cgttattaga gcatattcta     36960
     atcttaatgt agagccccca ttttatattt aataatccta atcagtcagg cgcagtggct     37020
     cacacctata atcccagcac tttaggaggc caaggcgggc ggatcacgag gtcaggagtt     37080
     cgagaccagc ctgaccaaca tggtgaaacc ctgtctctac taaaaataca aaaaaaaaac     37140
     tagcctggcg tggtggcgtg ctcctgtaat cccagctact taggaggcta aggcaggaga     37200
     acctgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccga gatcatgcca ctgcactcca gccagggcga     37260
     cacagtgaga ctctatctca aataatcata atcataatca taatctcagc cctacaggta     37320
     aggctaagct taattccact tttcaaatca ctgtagtaag accttttttt catgaccccc     37380
     tctatctgct ttctcttact ggcacctaga aatgtctaca cttttctcct gtttatcatc     37440
     tccctacagc cagaggctat aatgtttgta tatagtaaaa tcgtttctag actgactcta     37500
     ggggaaatgc aacagagaat taaataaagt agtctaaaag aatctgcttt gttgaataaa     37560
     tggtttaaca taggacttag gactaacatc tcttatccta aattcattgt ttccatgtga     37620
     cagtcatcta ttggatactc tgtgagaaaa tccaatataa agttactcag tcacaacccc     37680
     cacaatgtcc agtgaaaata gggatggtca ggcacatagt gccagcatac atgacagtta     37740
     cacaactgaa ttggagcaaa taagagtcta caggaataca gaattaaaga ataatgtgtg     37800
     tgagtgcttg gagcggcagt gatcatggaa gcctcttaga ggtttgaacc acagaagagt     37860
     aaacaaaata agaagtattt gctgactgtg tagaaatgag atgatgcaaa gacccccttt     37920
     ttaggggctt ggggactcct aagcatggaa ataaagcaaa atcctgtgtt tcttcaagga     37980
     aaattccagg cacctagctg gctctgagaa ataagtagca acttgaaaag caacaaggta     38040
     atagcagcct aagacaatag ccaaggaagt taagcgttct gaataggttt gctttcctca     38100
     tagaaactaa agataacctc ttaacatatg tctctgcgtt gtctctcaga aactcggaac     38160
     cccaccaaat gaatctgctg gcatagacct cagaggacag gaaaatgact gaactttata     38220
     accatcatcc tttgttctaa gtttcttcct gaggagcttg gagaaagtaa caccttctag     38280
     gcagttaaca tttttctact ggaccccaaa tttttaaaca aaggttctct tccttaacta     38340
     attgcaaatt tggggttttt ttgtttttgt ttgagacagg cttttgctct gttacttagg     38400
     ccagaatgca gttgcagtcg tagctcactg cagcttaacc acccaggctc aagcaattct     38460
     cctgcctcag cctctaatta aaaaaaattt tgtgtgtgta gatacagagt cttgttatgt     38520
     ttcgcaggct ggtctcaaac tcttggcctt aagggatcct ctctccttgg cctcccaaag     38580
     tgctgggatt acaagcatga cccacacctg gccagaaaaa tctttgaatc tacctataac     38640
     ctgtaagtcc ctgattcaag atatcccacc cttttagatc aaaaccaatg tggaggccgg     38700
     gcacggtggc tcacggctgt aatcccagcc ctttgggaag caatgtgggc ggatcatgag     38760
     gtcagatcaa gaccatcctg gctaacacgg tgaaacccca tctctacaaa aaatacaaaa     38820
     aaaaaaatta gccaggcgtg gtggtgggtg cctatagtcc tagctactcg ggaggctgag     38880
     gcaggagaat ggcatgatcc tgggaggcag agcttgcagt gagccaagat cacacagctg     38940
     cactccagcc tgggcaaccg agcaagactc catctcaaaa aaaaatgtgg aacctctatg     39000
     cactgatttc caatgttcct tgtagcttct gcttttctga aatttacccc tgcctttttt     39060
     tgtttcctgt tttttgagac agggtcttgc cgtgttgtcc aggctggagt gcagtggcat     39120
     aatcatggct cagtgcagcc tcaacctcct ggattcaagg gatcctctca cctcagcctt     39180
     ctgagtggct gggagtacag gcatatgcca ccatatttgg ctaatttttt tatttcttgt     39240
     agagttgggg tctcactttg ttgcccaggc tgttcttgaa ctcctaggtt caagtgatct     39300
     tcctgcctca gcctctcaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg agccactgca cactgcctta     39360
     cccctgcctt taaaaaccca tgttacaata gttagtcaga cacgagcagg gcaggaaagg     39420
     gcctccttcc ccaccaggaa tgtcaggcaa ccatcaggtg ataggcggtt gttaagctgt     39480
     ctctctaaaa taatcattgg tcacagcctg tgccagggaa aaacagtctc ccaataaata     39540
     gaaaaacctg aaactaagat ctcaggagtt gggcaagtgg gctcatgcat gggcactaag     39600
     ggagaaatga cagcatttaa ctggtttata accttatagg aacactccct ggtaagggaa     39660
     gaatgcctca agtcagcatg catactactc cagtaaacat accgtgcatg cagcccctcc     39720
     caagcactag caggccactg tacatgcaga cagcccaccc caagggaaga ttcaggggag     39780
     aagggaccct ggaaccctgc caacatataa aaccctaagt caaggtcaaa accacgcact     39840
     tgatctctca agttgcctgc ttggccccct tccaagttgg ctttacttta ttttgttcct     39900
     gctgtaaagc tttttaataa acttttactc ctgttctaaa atttgcttcg gtctcttact     39960
     ctgctttatg cccctcagtc agattctttc ttctgaggag gcaaaaattg aggttgctgc     40020
     agacctgtac agattcgcag ctgctaacat attttcatgc catgtaactc tgatacattc     40080
     tgccgctaat acccttgcct gcaagacatc agggaggcca ggacttgagt gtttagctgc     40140
     ctggtcctcc ctgcgtagtg tcctgcaaca aatgcctttc tttctattgg tgcaatcctt     40200
     ggtgtaagta tctggtttta ttgcaccagg caagcagacc ccagtttggt tctataacag     40260
     aaaaggctaa agacaaaaat aagcatgttg tgcattaaga tagggagatg tgggggaagg     40320
     agttacaccg aggagcaaaa tgattaagca ggaaggtaga gattatttca gaaagataca     40380
     gaagctactg aattgaatac aaccagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggatcc cttacagatg     40440
     tttcaaacct acatgattta ggtctcctga gggcaggcac ttaactattc attctaacat     40500
     gacatgtgag ttggaagcct taaaggaaca ttattcaaga acctcgtctc tactaaaaat     40560
     atgaagtctc taataaaaat taaaaagtct ctactaaaaa tacaaataat aataataata     40620
     ataatagcca gggctggtgg caggtgcctg taaacccctt gcttgggaag ctgaggtagg     40680
     agaaccactt gaacccagga ggcggaggtt tcggtgaacc gagatcacgc cactgcattc     40740
     cagcctggga gttagagtga gactccatct caaaaaaata ataataaaat aaaataaacc     40800
     tcaaacgtct gaagggctca ccgaatcatg aatagatgct tatgtgtagg gcccagccct     40860
     gtcttatcct tctatctccc agggaagggg aaaccttctg gctcctccta tgcagaatta     40920
     atcgctcacc cttgaagggt accagtatat gccacctcaa actatcttta gcatgtggat     40980
     tattttgagc taacaattga aaatcatcag actagtgaat gctgtaaaac aggatacaag     41040
     ttttcctttt gtaaataaat tcacatctgt aaaggtacaa ctcttactaa tggagaagac     41100
     atcagtttaa atctacataa caaacctttt ctatctgtaa aggtacaact ctactaatgg     41160
     agaagacagt ttaaatccac ataacaaacc ttactaaacc actttgttcc atattttcct     41220
     ggtcactttc ccataacttg cctgcccatc taccactcac ccagaagccc caaactcctt     41280
     ttcctttacc tagccaagat gttatacagt tgctaagaac aacacgattt gaactccatg     41340
     gattcactca cacatgattt ttttcagtaa gtatattgaa aatttttgga gatttgtgac     41400
     aatttgaaaa aactcacaaa ccacatagct tagaagcact ggaaaaatta atgggccagg     41460
     tgctgtggca catgcctgta atctcagaac tttgggaggc caagatggat gcattgcttg     41520
     agctcaggag ttggagacca gcctgggtaa catggggaaa ccccatctct gcaaaaaaaa     41580
     aaaaaattaa ctgggcatgg tggcacgcac ctgtagtccc agttactagg gaggctgagg     41640
     tgggaggatc tcttgagccc aggtggttga ggctgcagtg agctgtgatt gcaccacctc     41700
     actccagcct caattaaaaa aataaatagg gctgggcacg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc     41760
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcaggtgaat cacgaggtca ggcaatcgag accatcctgg     41820
     ctaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctctacttaa aaaatacaaa aaattagcca ggcgtggtgg     41880
     cacacacctg tgatctcagc tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaaacgct taaactcagg     41940
     aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc cgagatggtg ccactgcact ccaacctggg cgacaaagac     42000
     tccatctcaa ataaataaat aaataaataa gagaaaagta tgtcatgtgt aaaccaaaaa     42060
     taaaattcta agccccctaa ctgacaggaa gaaaggtaag acatgccaat gataccctcc     42120
     ttcctctgga gtttagggac aactgaccag cattaacatt acaatagaga tcataagact     42180
     gacaaaagat tctctgtagc aataaaatag tcaactccaa cctgactctg atacagcatc     42240
     acaccacaga tagcaggccc tgaaggaaat caaagtattt taccccaaaa tatacttatt     42300
     tgacattttg aaatgactct gcaaagccat ttcttgtcat ggggatttgc attttgtaga     42360
     gaatcccctt ccccttccag gtctttttct gatccaggag ggattttact aatgagtctg     42420
     acatctttta aggtgcgata agaaacattt accatctatt ctttctgagg cctggaagct     42480
     tcatctacgt aacaagaatc tttgcttcca caaacatctc ccccaacgcc acctccacgc     42540
     ccccttaact caagcatttc tttctgctga cttcaactct ttaggcaggg cttaactttt     42600
     tcaaccaatt ggcaatcaga aaatctgaat ccccctatga cctgtgagct cccttgcttc     42660
     gagatgtccc gcctttctga gctgaaccaa tatatacctt acatgtattg atttatgtct     42720
     ttgtcagcaa cttctggctc cctaaaatgt atgaaaccaa gctgtaaccc aaccaccttg     42780
     ggcacatgtt ctcaggaact cctcagaatg gctcagaata aacctcttca aatattttac     42840
     aaattttact tttttcatca acaaataaat gtataaaata tatgtagata ctaccaaaaa     42900
     atatacacaa atctactata aaaaccaaaa atttggccag gcacttaggg aggctaggtg     42960
     ggcagattgc ttgaatccag gagttcatga ccaatccgag caatatggta aaaccccatc     43020
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa tttgtccggc atggtggcat gtatctgcag tcccagctac     43080
     ccaggaggct gaggtaggag gatcacctga gcctaggagg ttgaggctga agtgagccaa     43140
     gatcacgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcaa cagagtgaga ccatgtctca aaaaataaat     43200
     aaaatttatc aaaacttacg cacacactta cagaccatac ataagccact caaagtcaag     43260
     agaaagctta acaaaagatg cagaattaaa tcataacggc ataaaattaa ctgtagtgta     43320
     tactgttcta ctgtaatttg atagccacct cctcttacta ttgcaaagag ctcaactgtt     43380
     gcaagtatct gcctaaaatg ccaagtgaca ctaatcatct ctgcatgagc agttcatcta     43440
     tccagtaaat tgtgtatagc agtaaagagt ggtctctcaa gattcttgca tatatttcat     43500
     catgtctaga gcaatactgt gaaccttaaa taacaccata gggcccatat gaagtgccaa     43560
     cagtgatgct ggaagttctc ccaagaagca aagtcatgac tctataaaaa gttgaattgc     43620
     ttgatataca ccatagatca aggtctgttg ctggggttgc tgccatttca gacagacgat     43680
     tcatcatgta aatgatgtaa acttaaggca tcaataaata cagtatagta ccctatatgt     43740
     attttcctta caattttctt gataacattt ccttttctct agcttacttt attataagaa     43800
     tacatatata agatgtatag catacaaaat atgtgttgat caactgttta cactactagt     43860
     aaggctttca gtcaacagta agctattagt agctaagttt ggagagagtc aacagttatg     43920
     tgcagatttt cgtttgtgtg tggggtcagt aaccctaaac cccaagttgt tcaaggggca     43980
     actatatgag ctccaaattc tttttttttt ttttttgagt cagagtctcg ctctgtcaac     44040
     caggatggag tgcaatggca cgatctctgc tcactgcaac ctccgcctcc caggttcaag     44100
     caattctcct gccttaccct accaagtagc tggaattaca ggtgcctgcc accacacccg     44160
     gctaattttt gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcaccat gttgcccagg ctggtgtcaa     44220
     actcttgacc tgaagtgatc ccccagcttc agcctcccaa agtgctggca ttacaggcat     44280
     gagccaccac acccagccat gagcccaaat tctaactgcc cctttgcatt gttcaccact     44340
     gggtactccc atgtgtacat gcatgaagca aatgttaata aacttctatt tgtttttctc     44400
     tcattaatct gtcttatgcc actctaattt acacagccac ggctggagaa cctaagacag     44460
     gaagaggaaa aggattttct ttcctacact ccctacacac acctggggaa tgcactctgc     44520
     aggccacatg acgttgcttc tgcatctgtc tccctagctt tgctgcatca gtcccagtgt     44580
     ccagcccaca caggcctcag tacgtgtccc tatcacagct gctgctggtg ctgaactcac     44640
     cttccaggag agtctccagc atatccttcc acactccagg gagccatgta agtggatgcc     44700
     atactggtta aatattttga gtagcatccc atttgaggga agctgtcact taacatgaac     44760
     ccaccataag gtggctaatg aatagcacct ttctgcctgc cttcaagtga cagcctccct     44820
     taacatgaag cctacctttt ggtaagcttc atgtcaagtg atagcttccc tcaagggcaa     44880
     agtcacagaa ttatctgttt caaaagcctg agtggataaa caaactgttg cctatccagg     44940
     gtgtcctaaa actaccaagg actgtgggag gagcaattgg caggaccatc ttcaacactt     45000
     cccattttct gctggggtga gatcacagct ggcccccaag catccagagg aatccagggc     45060
     ctggtaagag gctgtatgac agcaaatata caaggctagg gtgctcagct cagagggcgg     45120
     acaaagaaca tgttaaagtg aagtgaacac tggctttgca gcaggcagac cagatgcagc     45180
     agactgcttt taccaaagca gcctgcaaca cacatttgtc ccattccaca tgttctcttt     45240
     acagtgtgac ttacgctcat cccaccaaca ggtgaagtgt ttcctctcct gaacctaggc     45300
     atggccttgt gactgcttgg accagtggaa tatctcagaa gtgatgctac gtgactttca     45360
     aggctttgtc agggaaaaaa aaaatacagc ttaaacctgg ctgactctct acaactgcct     45420
     ccacttgcct ttggaactgt cattaggtca tgaggaatac caggccacat ggaaaggtca     45480
     tgtgtagggg tctcagctga cagccaatac ctcctttaga tgctgagtga aggatctttt     45540
     ggacaacaac cctcagactt cagatcttcc agatgctgtg gagcagggtg aaccctcccc     45600
     actgtaccct atctgaattt ctagcccaca aaaaccatga tggataataa atgattattg     45660
     ttgtctgaag ccatttaggg taacaggttt tgtggcaata gataataata tatgcagttt     45720
     gaatactggc tttgctcctt agttttgtga ccccagaaaa tgaacacaca gtccccttgc     45780
     ttttagattt gtccttcaca ccagagctaa tggctgtgag atgcccaaca ctcctggttg     45840
     ctctcttaag tgatctcgtt tgtttttctg cttactggtc atcttcccac gtcgagaagg     45900
     tacaacgctt gaaagccatc ttactcacca ttttgcctca gtgccaaaaa aagcacctgc     45960
     cacagcaact caccatcaac acttgttgaa gatcacctaa ctaatgtagc agccaagtgc     46020
     acacaaagtg ctctctactg gtagacaacc aacaggaggg cagggaggca acaggctaag     46080
     tcagggaaaa gcaggggaca tggaagcctg caggcagtct acattctagg acattccaga     46140
     gttagaaagt gatctgaacc ctacccaaag gcaggtctga aaggcaaagc ctgcctcaca     46200
     gtgcacaggg agcaagtcct cccagaactg ccaagcggta gcctctccac ctggcaacac     46260
     atctcctttg caccccttgg ggtacaatta tatattaatt atatatcatt gtgtgtgtgt     46320
     atatgtatat atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtatatctca ttgtaattat atataatgta     46380
     ctaataatta gtattagtgc taatcaatag caccattcac cctgaaaaga cactttcaga     46440
     aatgaataca tgaagtctca ttgtagataa gcattgacag atgaacattt gcaactgatc     46500
     ttaatcatca ggaacattaa ctgtgaactc aaataagtag ttatctcaaa attgtttttc     46560
     ttattagtag gaggcctgta tgaaaaatag tgctcagtca tgttttaaat ttggccagta     46620
     aaaatcttac aagttctctt ctaagtacct ttttaatatt ctcaatctca ctccttccca     46680
     cccctttgca ctgggcactc tgctagccgc accgtttggc tctcgactcc tgcactcctg     46740
     ctagcagagt gtctggctta cctttggcca cagtagaact tttcaccctt tgtttataat     46800
     ttacagccca cttaagtgca atgcaagttt gagatgataa tttgggtctt ttaggttcta     46860
     cccagggctg ttctatagct cctgctactg ttgtttcttt tttttttttc tttttttttt     46920
     tttttgagac agtctcactc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcacaa actcactgca     46980
     accttcatct cctgggttca agcaattatc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgagattac     47040
     aggcacccac catcacgccc agctaatttt tgtattttta gtagagacag ggtttcgcca     47100
     tcttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac ctcgtgatcc acccacctca gcctcccaaa     47160
     gtgctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccaca cccagcctcc tgctgctgtt ctgatgccaa     47220
     ctattcattt tccaaactgc aggcttatct actccataga cttcttctct tttcctagcg     47280
     gatatttcac tgtgggaaga agagagactc aaattaagtc caactggtcc aaggtggata     47340
     atcacagtgg aaagtttttc aagtactggt ctaagattca accagcccat gctttagtgg     47400
     aagttcagaa attggctctt aacaggtcag tgaatgacag ggcccatcca acccttgcag     47460
     ctgtcttaca aaaatctgag aatcacttta aaaatcagtg ccaaaataaa agaaaatttg     47520
     agcttcaaaa aagcactctc caagatgaca caaaaaatgt ttaaagtctc aggcaaatgt     47580
     ttttgccctt gtccattcaa gatttttttt cagtttgata gcaaattatt tccaagatgc     47640
     tcagagttcc taaacaaaga tgtttaaggt tggaagcact cagcagccat ctcatccatt     47700
     accttctagc agtcatcatt cttttactct tcttagttcc tgggaaggag cgtccctaga     47760
     ggggatgctt aggcacttgc tccaggctcc caatacatgc ccactactgt caaggaactc     47820
     attaaacagc agggacagag gctaacattc acgcaacata taccatggcc caagggccaa     47880
     cctaggcacc tgaatgcaca atttataata gtctttgtac ccaacctatg gaggaatgta     47940
     ttactgttat tctcattttc ataaatgagg acatggggaa tagagactaa gaaaatgttt     48000
     gcatgtggtt ggatctgata ccctggcagt ctgactccag agcccacact tttaaccagt     48060
     agtgtcctca ctcactaatc tcagacttaa tcatgtcctg cttcattctg ctaagccctc     48120
     aatggatcaa taaaacacct cttttcaccc tccgctttaa tgccttttca tgaacttgga     48180
     gtcctctgag cctcccttct tggattgaag cccattctgt tcacaggaag actgcaaggt     48240
     gccgagtcac actgttcact ggtttattga gattcgggga gatccttccc caagagacac     48300
     cacagtgtga aagggacacc acctcccacc ccataggtcc atctgtctat cccaacagtc     48360
     aagggtgcct tcctttggtc aggattctca tcaactatcc actggaagca gctctccaaa     48420
     cctgccccca cttatttttc cttaattccc ctcaaaaaaa cacaaaacaa aagggagcag     48480
     tcttgggaga agatgattgt gagtgtagac tgagggtagt acatgaatgc aatggagatg     48540
     gggggaatct gagcagaaat ggagattctg tgacaaggag agggtgtgga tggccccacc     48600
     aaacatgaat tggggaaaag tgcataacaa tgtgcagggt agggtacata tggctctgtc     48660
     agaagaatac catgatttaa gggaagaaag tacacaaggt acatggaggg tacacaggga     48720
     aagtacatgg ataaacatgg acgtgtgcaa ataggaaaga catgactcag catgctagac     48780
     aaattgcaca tgcctaccca aacacgctca agggcagacc catgaccatg agaggggcac     48840
     acgtagctgt gaatgcaggg cacccgagag cacatgtgac tgaacatgaa gaaagcatac     48900
     gggaaaagcg tgtgtacaca tgagcatgtt cagtgggcac acgcaggaga ggggaggatg     48960
     catgtgtgct gagcgtgagt gcacagagca gaggcaagga gcatgtgagc cttggcgaaa     49020
     agaatgagct cccaaaggaa gcaaaattca gggggagcca catgtgagaa agtatagaag     49080
     ggcaagtaag atggaaagag attatgacag tggagaaaag gagaggcccc tttggggtgg     49140
     aaagagcact tgttgggaga cccctgctgg acaggaacag agcacaaagg cagaggagct     49200
     gcaggggttg ccgtggtaac tagaagaggg tgttgcatgg gaagagaaag atgcagtgag     49260
     gctgctgagg aggcagcgtg tgagcagtga gcagcttcaa gccaggtacg aactaaattg     49320
     tgaagaggtg atacaaaatt acatgaagca gtaagagaga aaaaggtctg tttcccagag     49380
     gtatgagaga cccaaatcag cccagaactc acagggggac atgtatttac aagagatgag     49440
     attggatagc atgttcttcc cagctgggga tggggacccc ctgcttcctg agtcccctgc     49500
     ccttcccctc tccctttccc tccccctact ggcctgtcct ccctcaccct accctcactt     49560
     ataaagcaaa tgcactcgac tcccatcaca gctaagccgg tcggggggct cagggggtcc     49620
     cctgggcagg cccccagagg gttctggggg tgtcggtggg tggcgccggg agcggagctg     49680
     ctgccgagac tggagttgat ggcgcagttc agagacacgc tcctctttct ggaggaagaa     49740
     gcacaattgg gatagtagga gaagaggagg tgatgaagga gtggggagga gggaaagaga     49800
     ggaagggcac agggaaagag aggaagggca cagaaaaatg tagggggagg acgtagggta     49860
     agtggacaga ataaattaaa aggagaaatc aaaacagaac aagaaaagcc agagaacata     49920
     aggataccga tagaaaaaat gcgatcaggg aaataagaga gaatttaaaa acaaaaggaa     49980
     aaagtgggga aggagagaaa agtcagtgca cagagcttcc aataaatcag agagatgtgt     50040
     caacccagtt ggaacatccc tctctttggc attgcaccag cccctaatga cagcctgggg     50100
     cacagtgaac gcctgcccag gtcctttatg ctggggctgc atgctacacc cagctgctgt     50160
     gagtgttgac tactagaggc tcacagctgc ctctctccag ttgtcaccta cagccaacag     50220
     ccatcctctt gccttaagga ggctgagtca accacatagc tcccactcca gagcccttcc     50280
     acctgccagg ccaacactgg attttgcctg agatagaatc ttgctcagcc ctttcccctc     50340
     ccctatgctg ctccattcac tccttacagg ttgtctccta ggaccctccc tccatgagcc     50400
     aagaacatct gaccctgtat ctcaggcttg gcttcagaca acccaagcta agacgcaagc     50460
     ctcctggacc actccaacac cctaccctga cacccacccc cgcacctcag caatgatctt     50520
     ttccagttca cggttctcct tctccaacag ccgggacttc tcctcctcgt tgttgttggt     50580
     cgatgaccct gtcttcatgg tgtcctgcgc ctccgactgc cattcccctc gggtgatcag     50640
     cctgcgcatc tgggggcaaa tgtttgggcg tggggtggcc cagcaaggac tgtactagtg     50700
     actggctgat ggaaggttgg aggtggaagg aatgctgata agagttgggc ccaaaacaag     50760
     gggaggagtg agaggagggt gaacggaagg gcagaggaac tcagtaatat aggaaggagg     50820
     gatggaggga acatgggaac aaagagggtg ggagaaaagc cagatcctta ccttgggcac     50880
     aaagagcaca acaagagtga tataggagga gaaaactatg gcaagagagg caaaggcaaa     50940
     ggctgcatcc tgctggctgg acagaatcat ggtgacagga gcagtgatga ggcacaggac     51000
     ctagagggaa agacacattg agggagtctc aggtctgcag gctcagacaa gatccagagt     51060
     ttacttccca tgggagggag tctatgcaga cagtttcctg gtgaactttc cctttgaaaa     51120
     ggatccaaat tcaggatcat cctcaaatat agattgagaa aaatctcaaa ctgtcccaaa     51180
     ccagttttca ctcttggtta acccctcccc tcaaggcagg aactcccagg atctctatgc     51240
     acagattccg ggtcctccag agtcggtccc tggcaggaaa tgtcaataga gtccagccca     51300
     ttaaccacag acaagcaatt taacgtctct gtgtttctgt ttcctcacct ataaagtggg     51360
     gatactaata tctacttcac tgggtagttg caagattaat gatacaatgt ctgtagtgag     51420
     ctttgtaaac tgtaaagtgc tttatagacc tgaagaatta acaaactttt taagacttct     51480
     aagcaaccga tcccagatct agcattgatt cttcctagtc ctctatatct gggctgctgt     51540
     ggtcagccta cagggtcaat gccatggggt cagtgctcac tgccacattg tagatagcca     51600
     tgcccacagc ccggtgatca ttgatcttct cagtggacac actcttggtc tcataagcaa     51660
     ggaagattcc cagcagcagc agcagcccct tgtaaccata gaaaatgcct aggatggcag     51720
     gagagagtca cttgagcaac aaggaccaca atgctcctca ctcaatcccc atcccctctc     51780
     tgcccttcac ctactctgaa atggaaaggg ggccctcctc tccaatccaa cccctctgac     51840
     ctagcaaacc tcaccctgtg tcccctatcc cttatgtcca cccaacttgc ccagaccaca     51900
     tcactttttc ctgggattca cacaggaaag caatggtggc aagctgctgt cagtcaggca     51960
     agggcttgtt gaatatctag aaataggcca gtctgggcca cacatgcctc acccttaccc     52020
     tacaggtggg aaggtggctt tccaggcaga gggtaggttt gcaatttgtg accatgaatc     52080
     gaacaatgct aataaggcca agggggatct aaaagataat gtcaagtctg gaggtggggt     52140
     tacccccact tgttcctctg ctgaacacaa gttcttcatc tgtgctttct gtgctttggg     52200
     ccctaagctc ctcatagcaa aagagcaact ctcccctatt ctcagaaaag attagtgcaa     52260
     taacaaagag tagggtgttc aaactgggtt gacaagctct ctacctcctc ttccaaagac     52320
     ccctctccct ccaagccctc tacccctgcc ttccctcctg cctttgtgca tccctgccct     52380
     cctttgccca catcccacac accaagccat gtattcatct tcctggagct gcaatgctcc     52440
     agctggggca gaatagagac gtcaatatct tccttaggtt cctccttggc aaatgtctag     52500
     ggcagaaaca aggtcacaag aaagatggtt gccagcctcc cctcctctcc tcaacgcttc     52560
     tcagtctctg gcttccaact gttttcctat gagaccctca atgctgatgc caaatctcat     52620
     tctaggccta agaatgtttt cctgaaccct tggaggtgct tgttccccac tttccctgat     52680
     gcctggaagt tctacacacc cttcccagat tcccacccct tcctttcttc agctgaatct     52740
     ggaggcctat gaggggctcc ttctaggaag gaaaggaaga gcttccaata cgaggaaggc     52800
     actctctcca agtagcttca tccctcaaga cacacacagc cccagggccc tgatggccac     52860
     tgagccctgc tcattctcct gaccatagca cctcctctcc agtggtacct caatggtccg     52920
     gtgcagaggg tccacgatct gccagatggc gagagtgagg acatccatgc ccaccagcag     52980
     gcccactgtg gcatacagct tccagggttc cagagtctgg ataaatatgt ggggagaaca     53040
     ggcacgtcag gggaaaatgc tctgtgcccc aggagccaag gatctggggg ctgaggattg     53100
     ggcagcagct caccttcctc cactccttct tttcttcctt ctttgtgaag accgtgtgga     53160
     cccaccaaat cttggtgaac atggaaccgt agcccagact aaagcccagg cccaggagcc     53220
     agaggcgggc ctagaaagga agagagggca caggcagaac agggtagagt agtagccggg     53280
     actgcagtaa ggatgggcag aaccctaagg gagagtgggc agggagcacg ggcagggagc     53340
     tcatggtggc acagggagga tgcgaaaatg tgagcaggac ggggagcggc aggaggagag     53400
     cagtctcccc accttgaaca attcctccca tccaccctct acttccacac caccagggtg     53460
     atcttgctaa aacctcctgg ctttagtggc caaaaacctc caaccactcc ccaatatcta     53520
     taagttatag cctgaacact tctggatatg acacagaccc ttcacaacat gctcccatcc     53580
     acctgtccag ctaggctcat ctcccagccc cacacctacc ccacgctcca gccatgctga     53640
     actactcact ttctcttcat ctactctctt tcatgtattt tctagccaca cgatgctccc     53700
     tatgcccctg aagtagcctt cctctatttc tctagctgat aaaatcctat ttgtccttca     53760
     gtattcaaat gccacctctt cagtgaggtc cacccaatca cgccagcagt gaactgtgtt     53820
     cccttctttg cccccaaagc actttgtgca gatccctact ctggaacctc tcctattgca     53880
     ctacagctaa ttgtctgctt ctccagctgc actctggcct cactgggaac agaggattcc     53940
     tgatgaactg catgtgcatg tgcatggaaa tgccatgtgc acagatgtat gatcaggaca     54000
     gcacagagca gaggaaaaag agagagcaag gacaggcagg cagatcagga gaaagagtgg     54060
     gtgtttccac cagtggaaaa gagaaccact caactatcac tgttgaagct ggcctctccc     54120
     cacagcacta gaaccttcca tgtaccaaca gtcccagagc ccctcctccc tgtgtggcag     54180
     tggtcccttc cccccaactc tctgctgtgt ttccatctct gcttctatcc ttccaaaccc     54240
     aacaaaggct cccaaaaaaa gtccacagtt ctgattctca gcccccatac cacagacaag     54300
     ccaccattgt tcaggagacc tttgagcaga tccccttcct ttgccttcaa tggctccctc     54360
     ctcttctctg caaggcctgc catggcaacc ttggaactga caagtaaact acagaatgaa     54420
     aatggcctgc agacacagaa agaagggaca gagccaaaca gagaacagag gggtgatgct     54480
     agaaggaaag aacagggaca agagtcaggg aaagctgagg aggaagggca gagaatcata     54540
     aatcatggaa ggtgctcctg agacgggtgg gagagtcaca tcctgtaagg aatttgccca     54600
     ccacctcctc acctggcaga cgaaaggaaa ctggttcctc ccaatgtggt aaccatcgag     54660
     ccccaggggg aagacagcag ctaaagccag tgagcagccc acagcagtca ggttgttcag     54720
     gttgggctgt gagttctgga tataactagg gcagaggtgg agagggtgag agggagagag     54780
     aattacccct cttctccagg gaggctgagc tctccaaata ccacgcaatg gcatgaccct     54840
     aatttcaggg ccaggggcta aaggaagaca ggattggaga agacagtgga gccttgagag     54900
     gcagagcaat gcagtcatgg ggctgaagat ggagttgcag agggcttccc aagcacaggc     54960
     ccccactaga atacaggcta tttatgtaga gtccaagact gtgagacctg gccccaaagg     55020
     ttgttttttt ctcttctttt cttttttcct cccgttagct actttggagt aggagtgggg     55080
     gttatatctg gtttccctgt tttcattctc aacaagtcag aatgaaaaac tccatgatac     55140
     atggccatgg gagttacaca ggttttattc tcatcctgtc caggaacatg atcagtatct     55200
     cagagaggca gacaaggaaa acgtcagaag agaaacttac cggacatgtg agttgtagat     55260
     gttaaaggac agacagacaa cagctaggac aatgcccagg ctggagagaa ctgagacgga     55320
     gataaagagt ttctgtgaca ggaagcggaa tgtcttgatg accagggtct ggtcagctgg     55380
     gggggaccct cctgcatggc acaggggagg aagaggggaa gggaaaagag aagggaagga     55440
     ggacaaagga atgaagacgg gataggagaa aagggcaaag aactagattg ctgatggaca     55500
     ttcagtcatt ggctggggac atgaggccct aactgcactg gacagaggtt actgcaggca     55560
     gaatgctcag tgccactggg gccgttagga agcaaccaga aatgagatga gaagatggag     55620
     tgaatggtct atccataggt tgggaaatgc tgaggcatgt ccccaaagtt gtagtctttg     55680
     tttttgtttg ttctttaagt ttttctgtct ttcttacagc aaaggaaaat gggaggagaa     55740
     agaaggggat cattaaaaaa tgttataagg tttcttataa cccaaatcaa agttttaaat     55800
     gacaattatg gaatcataaa gctaaaaagg ccttgaagta tctagtgtgg acacctattc     55860
     ttaagacaaa caaaaaaaga aggaaagcta atctgaaatt ttaatcctgg cagggtaata     55920
     ttcccaaata tgttttccag ttattattag ggggaagttc aaatttgtca gagttcacca     55980
     aaaaaaacta atttcaattt gcttagtttt ttttttaaag aataatttag gccatgcagc     56040
     atttatagca atccagaaca ttgtcctaaa ttcgaattgt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagggc     56100
     aaaactccag cagtgctggg aatgactgga tatctgctgg gcagggcaga cggcagccat     56160
     cttcaatggt tgagcctccc cttcattctc aaggaggctt tcttttatca gtaggtcctt     56220
     ccttttgtcc accttcagtt tctctcctat gtcctatcat ttagaccaag tacacaaaga     56280
     ataactgctt gctttctctc tttaaaaagt atattttgag ggatgtaata ctacctatta     56340
     ggtacaaggt gcactgttcg ggtgacaggc acactaaacg cccggacttc accactatgc     56400
     aatatattca tgtaacacaa ctgcacgtct acctctaaat tacataaaaa taggaaaatt     56460
     tttaaaaata catataaaaa taaaaagcac attttggcag atgacaatta catgaggttt     56520
     tccctcctcc tccatagttt aagcaaccgt tttcctgaca gagacagaca aagagacagc     56580
     tctgggcttg aagtagctgg ttcaaatata tcaagacacc aggacatctg ggaaacccaa     56640
     atggagtttc catttcccgc cctctgccca ccccctgcct ctaatcccca gttaccccag     56700
     caatgcacca ttaaaaatag tactaaccac cgcctattcc ctctccaaat acaccagtct     56760
     cccctaccca cgccttaggg gttgtattca ctctcactta accctttctc ctggcccagc     56820
     tgccagccac attccaacct aacagtctct accattccat cctcactcaa aggcatgact     56880
     ttttcccttg actgtcgaga ggggctgaag gaaaatacaa acaagatcca ctcaccaatc     56940
     catttatctg ttttggacca ggaaagatca tccttggtgc tgtcatagta gccaatcttc     57000
     ttgtagctgc cacctgggca gacgacaata aaaggagtga ccacaggtag ccaaagagct     57060
     gatcctaggc attttcaact tcccacttcc ctagagcttt gcatggttgt atctgatttt     57120
     attttcacct gaggccctaa ggatgcttgg aaggacctac gagactcttg aatcagcaac     57180
     atgacttaaa agcaatataa ggtggttccc aagacaactc aaataaataa gaatatctat     57240
     gtttaaaagt cttcagtgag gaggctccac aacatgtctg ccacctattc cattcctcac     57300
     acctctctcg gcgagatgtc tctcactttg attttggctt ctaaagcttt acacatattt     57360
     ctgcttattc ttcctctcat gatgggcagg ctctattttc ccagtggctt tcattttaat     57420
     tttagaacat tctcttctgt tggcttgggt tttaattcct tggataagtt atatctgcct     57480
     cttaaagcgc cattgagtaa aatttggtca tttctaagat ttctgttcta gaactgtttc     57540
     cgttaccata acttttcctt caaaagccaa ctcacactcc tttcaccatg gctgaagtcc     57600
     atttcctctt gtcctggata caaagaggag ctgaaaggat gtggaggtgg ggagaaagga     57660
     agaaagaaac ttttcacagg aggccaagaa atagctctct tggccatgcc gtaaaagact     57720
     gagagccgag tggagcagaa aaattaactc ctagaagttc tgcaaatacc tgtgtgctaa     57780
     gtttcaagaa aatacaatct acaaaagcca agctatacac attgaagctt tacacagcaa     57840
     ggaaatttgg cagattccct taaaaaaaaa atagcggttc tcctagattc agctttcttg     57900
     agtctaactg acaggtcatc aacctctcaa cccaagccac tcaaggggaa attcctgaaa     57960
     ttaatggaag ccactgggaa agagagtagc tgtttttaat ttgcatgtct cttttctttt     58020
     cttttttctt tgagacagag tcttactcta tcacccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgtgatc     58080
     tcagctcact gcaacctctg cctcctgggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa     58140
     gtagctggga ctacaggcac ctgccaccac acccagctaa tttttttttt tttttttgta     58200
     tttttggtag agacaggttt caccatgttg gtctggctgg tctcaaactc ctgaccatga     58260
     tcatgatctg cctgccttgg cctcccaaaa gtgctgggat tacaggggtg agccaccaca     58320
     cccagcctgc acacctcttt tcaagagcaa aaccagtgca actcaaagac atcaatcttc     58380
     ttgtagttaa gcttattatt attattattt acaagcttga tgaacagagt taaaagagaa     58440
     gggcagaagt tgggaggtgc cagggcaatc ttgtgatgtc tctggcattc ttccccaggg     58500
     ggcatcccag cccagcccca gcctagcccc catgtccggt cccctcctgc ccctgtacta     58560
     accctgaagc tgctcgataa gcgtccatgc catccgagag ccgctggcat caaacaccac     58620
     atggccctga gggaaggaac atgtggagca aggcaaagga gacaaaagca agagtgaaag     58680
     agaacatcag ggactcttta aatccttctg tttttgatgt aattgagcct ctgaatgaat     58740
     gctatttatg gcatttgcct gcatatagga cataccccag atgcccatac cctagatttt     58800
     agaaacatta ttctttggag aaggagcttc acttatgaga tttgaatggg aaaaaatccc     58860
     cagacagaac accagcaggc ttctggttgt gtggcctaag caagtcagca aatctctctg     58920
     gaaactaatc ttttcatttt aaaaggaata agaagatgac ctttcagact gttttgtctt     58980
     tcaaaatcct atagttctca tctgactcat gaatacttgg tctagtttga aaagaaatga     59040
     ggggaggggt ttaaaaaaat ggaatacatc attttttttc ctctagtctt tgatgggttc     59100
     ttctaatttg aaggtcccta cttctctggt cggagactga ttctgcaaag aagtaactga     59160
     gaaaaacaga gaatgcatgt ttgtagaagg tgcctcttgg gagtctctct caagattggg     59220
     aagacagggg agtatgaagg aagttttaac tcacagagac accctcaaag gacgaagagt     59280
     tcattgcccg gtagatttgg tcggtaatgg tctggttgtt gtagttgaag tcctccaggc     59340
     gcacaccaga acggccgcct cctccagatg tcttgttcag ggccagtgcc aaggcccaga     59400
     tggcatcata ggccagcggt gcctcctgga agcctcctgt ctcctcaggg tgtcttttca     59460
     gtcgcttggt tagtttctcc acaaattcct gggatgtctt gggaggaaaa aatcatgagg     59520
     aaagaactga aatgtgtgtg ggtgtggggg aaggggtgca atccaattct gactcaatca     59580
     cttctacttg aatggatggt ttgtgttact gttgtcagat tggacacatg tacattcaaa     59640
     atctttaact atacccatgt gtctgcctta gatcggaagc tactagacta gagtaggtat     59700
     tagctgtgtc tgatggtgtt agtgtgtaca gttgctagct cagaactgca aacagagaat     59760
     tttgacaaac actctggata attagtggca aaggatggaa ggtagagcag agtaaaggag     59820
     gagacatgga tattccaatg aagagctgtg acactgatgt tctctgatcc ttctgacttt     59880
     cttcatagag ttaacccagg atctaacagc tcctacaatt ccaaaagatt ctagaaaagg     59940
     tgatagcagt cttctcactc tgcttgccag ccaggaggat atttcttcag catgctaact     60000
     tcttgccatt cttgtgtgct tttggttcac tgcctcttag aaggctttca gaagaatgaa     60060
     aactacagaa atacccttca catttttgaa gtccattatc aatcctaccc acacccctcc     60120
     caacactcaa ccttcttttt ccatgaaagc taaaaagaat gatagttcct ttaactctct     60180
     catgaactgg gtcaagagac ctgacttcat ataccttgca gtaaccttgt ttggctaaat     60240
     aactgtaagt aaattactta acctcttgga actgcattct acatactgga gaaaatcaca     60300
     tcattccttc cttacctcac agaaaccata caaggaaaag cttagcaact acttcttggg     60360
     aaaccacaag taatacacag gggaccatac aaataattgt ttgggtttgg aatgttttaa     60420
     cacaaacggt aatgaaagaa taaatagatg aatgaagaat aaataaataa ctttgttcct     60480
     catgccttgc tcacttttct ctccaacttt ctagagagat agaggagtga gatacgcaaa     60540
     gggcacaggc aaggtacagc agttgctact acactgggct ttgaaggagc ctgggctttg     60600
     aagatgcaat gggcctaggt tctacccttg aggacaagac caaatcccat gccctctctt     60660
     aatcatcagc atctagcact gtgcccaacc ataatgaagt aacaataaat gtccattgga     60720
     ttaggccagt gaaaatactc tgtaaagtat ttaatagtag atacgtctca ttatacattt     60780
     gtccaaaccc atagaatata taacaccaag ggtgaactct aatgtaaact atggactttg     60840
     ggtgattatg atgtatcaat gtaggttcat cagttgtaac aaatgtacca ctctggcgga     60900
     ggatgtcgat aatgtagaag gctatgcatg tgggaagcat atgggaagtt tctgtacctt     60960
     catctcaatt ctgctgggaa actaaaactg ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggccag     61020
     gcacagtggc tcacaccttt aatcctagca ctttgggagg ccaaggtaag cagactgcct     61080
     gagctcagga gttaaagacc agctgggcaa catggtgaaa ccccatctct actaaaatac     61140
     aaaaaattag ctgggcatgg tggtgtgcac ttgcagtccc aactactcag gaggctgagg     61200
     gctgaggtga gaaaatcact tcaacccagg aggtggaggt tacagtgagc tgagatgacg     61260
     ccactacact ccagcctggg cgacagagca agactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg     61320
     cattataaaa aacaagtcag gctgggcaca gtggctcaca cttgtaatcc cagctctttg     61380
     ggaggccaag gagggtggat cacctgaggt caggaattcc agacagcctg gccaacctgg     61440
     tgaaacccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctgggt gtgttggtgg gctcccgtaa     61500
     tcccagctac ttgggaagct gaggtagaag aatcgcttga actcaagagg cagaggttgc     61560
     agtgagcaga gatcacgcca ctgcacttca gcctgggcga tggagtgaga ctctgccttt     61620
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag gcagccaggc acagggggct cacgcctgta atcccaacat     61680
     tttcattttc agaggccaac gcaggaggat tccttgagcc caggagtttg agacaagact     61740
     gggcaaaaca gagaggaccc aactctacaa aattttttta aaaattagcc agacttggcc     61800
     tgggcacgga ggctcacatc tgtaatctca ggactttggg aggtcaaggc gggcagatca     61860
     tgaggtcagg agttcaagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccctgtct ctatgaaaaa     61920
     tacaaaaatt agctgggcac ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga     61980
     ggcgggtgga tcacctgagg tccggagttc gagaccagcc tgagcaacat ggagaaaccc     62040
     tgtctctact aaaaatacaa aattagccgg gtgtggtggc gcatgcctgt aatcccagct     62100
     actccggagg ctgaggcagg agaatggctt gaacctggga ggcggaggtt gctgtgagcc     62160
     aagatcgcgc cattgcactc aagcctgggc aataagaatg aaactctgtc tcaaaaaaaa     62220
     aaatacaaaa attagctggg tgtgatggtg ggctcccgta atcccagcta ctcaggaggc     62280
     tgaggcagga gaatcggaga atcgcttgaa cccaggaggc ggaggttgca gtgagccaag     62340
     atcatgccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac agagcaagac tccatctcag aaaaaaaaaa     62400
     aattagccgg acttggcttg gagcagtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca cttcaggagg     62460
     ctgaggaggg tgaatcatga ggttaggtgt tcgagaccaa cctgaccaac atggtgaaac     62520
     cccatgtcca ctaaaaatac aaaaacttat ctgggcatgg tggcacgcac ccgtaatccc     62580
     agctattcag aaggctgagg caggagaatc actggaaccc aggaggcaga ggttgcagtg     62640
     agccgagatc acaccattgt gctccagcct aggcaacaga gcaagactct atctcgagaa     62700
     aaaaaaaaaa agttagccag acttggtggc atatgtctgt gatcccagct tacttgggag     62760
     gggctgaggt gggtggatga cttgagccca ggaggtcaag gctgcagcga ttgtaccact     62820
     gcactcctgc ctgggcagca gagggatact ctacctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggct     62880
     gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cattttggga ggccgaggcg ggcggatcac     62940
     gaggtcagga gatcgagacc atcctggcta acacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaaa     63000
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt ctgttggata gataaatgga tgaattcata ttctaatcat     63060
     tttacctgct atgaaatctc aaacaagtta ttaaacctca ctagttggtt attcagcttt     63120
     aaaatgagaa taatactatc taaaatagta tgaaatgaaa ttagaacatg tataaaaatg     63180
     ctgggtatga agtaagttac attttctcta cgtgaatttc cttgactctc aacctcatct     63240
     ttgttattga tactcagatc tataatttca gcccaatatt tcaagtccat atttcttttc     63300
     tttctttctt tctttttttt tttttttttt tgagatggag tcttgctctg ttgccaggct     63360
     ggagtgcagt agtgcgatct tggctcactg caacctctgc ctcctgggtt caagcgattc     63420
     ttgtgtctca gcctcccaag tagctgggat tacaggcaca cgacaccaca cccagctgat     63480
     ttgtgtattt ttagcagaga cggggtttca ccatgttagc caggctggtc ttgaactcct     63540
     ggccttgtga tccacctgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattataggc gtgagccacc     63600
     gcgcccagcc tcaagtccat atttctaact gactctgagg catttttaat gtatgatgaa     63660
     taatctcaaa atcaaaatat ccaagatgaa gctcaatttt ttcttactcc caaacagctc     63720
     ccagtaaatg agactgaagc cttggaatta catcagaccc tttcaaatca ctgagtcctc     63780
     ttaactcttt tgttgaaatg tttcattgat atcgatccct ccttacacag gatgatgatg     63840
     ataatgataa cgatgatggt ggctaacatg tatacagtcc ttaggacgta tcgagcattt     63900
     tcctgaggaa actatattac cttatttaat cctcaaacaa tccaatgagg tgttattatc     63960
     cccattttag agataagaaa actgaggcac agaaaagtta tataacttgc ctataaaaaa     64020
     gttatactat taatgagtag cagagctaat ccatactctt accagccacc ctacacagtc     64080
     tctgtacatg agactgcctc tctctaagag cacctgcaca aatagcagct aggctaatac     64140
     tttgagtagt cttttggctt caaattgaaa gattggtcta tccaatcttc agttcaaggt     64200
     aaatatggca tcaaaaaaat cacccagaaa gaaagggatt aatctgctca gcacgatgcg     64260
     gtcccctgct caggtggtca gaccctgtgc tcacgccagg tcactaccac taacacgcct     64320
     aaccactggg ggcaccactg ctcctgccac cccaagagta aagaagagta gaatgcttcc     64380
     cccttgagtc agtaaagata cagttataga ttgtcaaaga gacactctac tctgcagctt     64440
     aaggaaatct gaacaataaa gacccctcaa cccacagcaa ttagttaatc aaccaagtgc     64500
     aaatttatac ctaatttttt taacagcctt gtctggctct caagaatgga tgcttgacag     64560
     tgggctaaaa tgtatatctt gaggtagctt tttagtttgt actggtccta ggtctgatgg     64620
     gatctctacc ccaatcaaga tttcctcaca atcttatctc caggatgcca cctcccacat     64680
     tcccctctag cccacagcta catttctcta aaaccactct aacccactct ccatttccac     64740
     atattgcccc taaagatgtt ttctctaaac tagggtttct cattctctgc actattaaca     64800
     ttttgagcaa gataattctt tgttgccagg ggctgtgctt tgtaggatat ttagaatcat     64860
     ctttggcttc tacacattag atatcaggag catgtatccc tccccatccc ctacccccaa     64920
     ctgtaacaac caaaaatgcc tccagatagt atagcgtctg agtctagggt agtagttgaa     64980
     aaccactacc ctaactaata gttctcgagg tgtgatcccc agaccagtac atctgcatcc     65040
     ccagggactt gctagaaatg tcagttctca ggccctagcc cagatctact gaatcagaat     65100
     ttccagggga agggcctgat aacctgtgaa ctaactacct ttccaggtgg ttctgacgga     65160
     tgttaaagtt tgagaactat tgatctaaac ataaggccat ccttagggaa taaaagcaac     65220
     tctgcttctt ttctaagtct ccatggctcc ggccccctag gtccaaccct tgctttgatc     65280
     cacttctatt tgtgctgttt gattaatcta taatctcttt tgcccctaac ctattgttaa     65340
     gactgctcta tcctcttcag aaaacattgg cttccccact ggcattttag gctggtccca     65400
     ctggaagccc tatggcctca aaagcaggaa ccatctttct ctagacacaa agtcagaaag     65460
     ggaccttcca agtcttccca ccccaatgct caggtgtccc tctatgtccc taaccatctc     65520
     tctgttctct ctctctctct ttttgtttag agctgggggt ctcactatat tgcccaggct     65580
     ggtcttgaac tcctgggctc cagtgatcct ctgccttggc ctcccaaggt gctggggact     65640
     acaggtgtga gccactagat ccagccaaat ccctgttttc tgtcagcctc ctctagctcc     65700
     ctgctataag acagaagcaa cgattggcaa gtcctgggct cagggcacca acaagtcttt     65760
     ctggctttgg tagccagttc caatactttc ccaggtttta tggatgactc acctcttggg     65820
     tactctacag gaaagtgatc ttccaaaatt ttttcattgt atttttcaac taacatacct     65880
     taaaacatag agtccattta gaatgtccca aaacagtgtg tatcatcaga gtccatgtgg     65940
     cagcagatct ttcatcacaa cacaccacca gagtcaactt cctaaatctt atttctcctt     66000
     tgctcagcaa ttgccagtag ctaaacagtg ttagcagata aaagtacaaa ctttttagtc     66060
     aggcttcatg gttttccatg ggaagtgatg agcagagcag tttggagcca gatttaacta     66120
     ggattcaatt ccagctggac tgctgagtag ctgcatgacc tgagacaagt cattaaacca     66180
     ctctgagtct cattttcctg gtctacaaaa tgtagataag tccacatcag agttttgctg     66240
     ttagaatccc tgaaatcatg aatctaagta ccacacaaat gccactgtta gtaaaacttt     66300
     ttaaatcaag ctattttggg gctttacaac cattaactca cccctaacat gctctccaaa     66360
     gcaggtacac acttggtgta ataagcagac acataggtgg ccgtatcgag cttacccaaa     66420
     attcctgtac tctttacaat gtagtgctga gcaacaaaga agcctcttcc cctgtgccca     66480
     cacccacact cacttctgcc cctcagctgc agggctgccc cagccctctc aaatcagaga     66540
     atgcgcctcc tcgctccaag tctgtcatta accagctgtc tggggctaaa tgatttcaaa     66600
     agccccttct ccacataaaa ttctaaaaaa agaatcatta aaaaaagcaa caggatccaa     66660
     gctaattgca tatcaatcat gagtgaatat taagcaactc taaaacacta acataaatca     66720
     ccaagaaaat gaaatgcaat tctgcccaga cacagtgctc ctgtaaaggt gtgcttgagt     66780
     atacaagcat ccatattatc attaatgccg gttcctcctg acttctcacc aactgctcct     66840
     cgtctccatg gtaacagccc ttccactcat caggaaccta ctgaacatac aactccatcg     66900
     tttttttttt tttctctctc tacccaagga agtcagagca aaggtaggat ccacaggaaa     66960
     cataatgcag acaagttcag ggtgggcaca gccccctctt ctcctttata tccaaattcc     67020
     gcaccctctc cctgccaccc tttcccctgc aaggccccct cagtcctctc caccctccca     67080
     ggtgccagac tgcaagtccc cacactctca ccatgttgga aatgctgcgg gtattggcag     67140
     gattcagcat gacaatctca gttgtgatgt ggccctccac cgcctcagtc atctcatcca     67200
     ctgtgcagtt gatagaaggg tcgtagatct tgaaccaatt gtcagcatac cacccaatga     67260
     ggaaccagac gtacttcttc ccaaagagac gctccttgta cacctgaata cagaggagaa     67320
     tggctgagtt tttgtttgct catttgtttg tttttgtctt atctcacttg atactattta     67380
     gcctcttggg aatcagggaa gagcagtaga actaaaaaga gaaatctaca agtcttgggg     67440
     atagtaggaa aggctgacaa ttcttccttc taagtttctc cccagcccct gtatttctga     67500
     gtggcctttt ccagccagtc aggacagatg gaattcatgg gcttctcagg aaacacaaag     67560
     cagtagaaaa atgagatctg aagaaagtat catgtgtgtg cagacaaggg atgcagtcag     67620
     agccaacaga cagagacatc ctatgaatcg tcacctcaga tcatatgcta tcaactcagg     67680
     cacagatgcc aagaggaggc cccacaagaa aaccaaggga aactcccacc cagtgcccct     67740
     ccctcttcag atccaactcc acctcacaaa aaactttccg ggcttcagtc tcatagaaaa     67800
     gtcccacgat gattcgggca tcctggcgct acaacagaga aagaaacagc tcctgaggga     67860
     tgcccgggaa tgcctgaggg gctaagccag atgtcttcac agctttgatt tcccatccca     67920
     aagtgcttag tgcagggtaa cgctcaacgt atagtgaata aacgtcaact ggaagatgga     67980
     gctaaacttc cccaggagat gctattgcct cagagaatca aaacctgccc ccgcctggct     68040
     ttcctctcca accagtcact gtcccccagc ttggtccctc cgtaaacaga gcccaccact     68100
     cccagccatc tgaccttcag gtttttgacg ggcacagctg gatctgagaa gaaactctgg     68160
     cggaaagtaa tctcaattcc agcctccttc actcgttcct ccaggtcgtc cagagtcttg     68220
     ggtgggaata aaaaacaagt tggaaaaaca cggggtgcat gagggaataa agaccagaga     68280
     ggttaactgg ggatttcaga gcaatactca gatagagcaa agaagcagcc attctgaacc     68340
     ttccttcaac agcttctgtc cctgaagtga ggagttcggg aaggcatctg gtcttaggat     68400
     gtggattcca agtgggaagg tgaatggtga gcccctgctg aggctctgtg tgggggaagc     68460
     cactccattc acccactcct accactgaag gcaaagatgg ggtaaagaaa cataaaggaa     68520
     ccaggaaaag acaaggcaag gactgggaca gacagcatga tgtcaacctc aagaggcaaa     68580
     tgggcagaca gacaaaggat cagagaagaa tggtctgaat cagagtgaaa gtgggggagg     68640
     attaaagggc cactgaacac agtggataga agacccaaag aatagaataa aagggaggga     68700
     gcagactgcc ttcttcagat gtagagcctg tatttcctct ctacctcccc aaatctccct     68760
     cttccccctc aacctctcct tgtctgtcgg cttctctctc ttagtaccaa ctaccagatc     68820
     catgcagctg cctttctgcc cctctctctc ctctccctca ttcctctctc tctctctctt     68880
     tcctctccct ctctcctctg taatccactg gctccatccc ctctgttccc attcacaccc     68940
     acccaccacc ccccttgaaa gcctctggaa tctgctgcct tcctggattc ctatctcatc     69000
     ttcgctccca tctcttgccc ccactttgga ttgaacctac tttaacagaa ctgagtcatt     69060
     ctgggtctat atgtctgggg aacagggcat caaacagggg aaaaaaatca taaaatcata     69120
     aagacagaga ggatcccaaa aactcaactc attctttccc ctggctacag aaagaactgc     69180
     acttaatcca catggaatgc gttctctttc aatgaagaat caagttcttg cccctaaaag     69240
     tgactctcac gtcacatctc ctggtgctgg aatttgagct tatgtccctt taccccttgc     69300
     ccaacccctc ctcaccgaag tgaagacctc agtggtctgc tggatggtag caatcttctt     69360
     ccagccccac ttttcaaaga gtttcacgcg ggtagggttg tggagtgtgg ctgatgggtg     69420
     cgttcggaag aaagtgggga aacgctgccg gtttgacagg gctggtgagc tggagccata     69480
     ggaaagctgt ggggcaggga gagtgagtgc aacagggtct gttcactgag gacaccaaga     69540
     gtggccaaga gttcctttaa ccctcttcct gcctttgggt ttctcttcct tactctctcc     69600
     aaacctcccc acctctggtc tgcctaagga aaagagattc tcaaaggccc acacacccct     69660
     cacaaccggg atgctctttc actgatctaa tttcaattcc ttctgaagaa ggaggtcagc     69720
     tgcagcactg tcaggccact gttgctagga ggctgcctag ctcaggtctg cagaggactc     69780
     tgaatcttag tagcaggtcc tccacactcc ttttcaatac aaacccacaa tcgccatcgt     69840
     cccttcagta gagctcaaaa gggaatgacc ccatcttctg acccccatag ccctgcttac     69900
     cacaatgagg ttccacatcc tagcagcctc agccaccagc gtggagacag agctgcagcc     69960
     aggcataagg atgatcttga tagggtcgtt gtagagcagc tcatataggt acttggtggc     70020
     ttggcctgga tcacactgaa agacaagagg agatgagggc aagctctcct ggggcccctc     70080
     ccctgtctgc aattcctgct cttatctttc tcgaacaaat tagttccttt ctcaattact     70140
     cactttcatc attaattacc gttttcttct cctttctggc atctcttcct gtcaagtgcc     70200
     ttttttctcc tctttcatta aacttccttc tctgtcttcc atctggagcc ttacccatca     70260
     cctctcctgc acacccctcc tttggtatta atgaacatac caccttacct cctttcagct     70320
     caccctcaga catccccctt ccctctgtca ccaagccctt taccccatgt ttctatgctt     70380
     caaacaccag tgggtggaag aagtcagtag gaatacggta aactctttcc acatccccag     70440
     atagcttgct caaagccata ttatgaaaat tccttcctca cctctgcaaa ccccttctcc     70500
     ccaccttcca tttgtttcct ccctcttctc ttttcagagc tagtgataag taaagagaga     70560
     acaggaacaa gaccagtagg gggtcccgct cagtgatcca tccctcctgc tgggcgctga     70620
     catttgacag gtccattaga aaaaaagaca ctggggggtg gaagtaggga agaatgtagg     70680
     atgaggaaag aacagagaga atgaatagaa tggaactctc aagaaaccag acaatttgag     70740
     aggtgcctta aagagaggct tggagctagg gaaagtaaac aagcagaaag ctggagaaga     70800
     aaggaagctt gggaggaggg gaaatggggg aggaagagcc agccttgggt ctcccactgc     70860
     ctgttcccct cccactgata tatgacattt cagaagctgc tggaacccca atgcatgtga     70920
     agacgaaatg gcagccagtg gggagccagg gcagagggga cacagacagg gggctcaggg     70980
     gactaaggag ggtgaaatgt tgccaggagg ggaggataag tagaaaggaa ataaagaaag     71040
     cactctggag cctgcttacc tcccactgag gcctgacatt tgggacacgg tgggaagttg     71100
     gagaaggggg agccagggga agctgttgga atctgaagaa ccagcagtca ctgagaattc     71160
     tctgttgccc accctaccct cactctggcc aagggcagtg ctcaacaaca ttggaaggtt     71220
     ttctctttat gcctcccact agggcaactt tgtaaatctt taccattctc aggacccacc     71280
     ttcctgcact ctccccacat ctattactcc agatcctgct cccagcttct cccacagccc     71340
     ctcagtgccc ctccacttct ctaaagacag ggttaatagg aacaatgagg acatacaaga     71400
     acatataaga tacatatcaa cagggcaagg catgcccccc attttgtttc ctgatttctt     71460
     atctaccttt tcttgcaacc gtttccctct tccacacact attcatcact gcagattctc     71520
     tccaccacgt gattctctcc ccctccccaa tagatttcct tagttctcct ccctctcttt     71580
     gctcttgcaa ggatctggat ttgcaggcag gaaaccgact cattccaatt gacacattct     71640
     ggttcttctg ccttcccatc ccaccccgct tgatgcctct gatgttctcc agttcccttc     71700
     tcccaggtcc cacgtctgct ccccgccacc tccagggaat cacctgtcat ggtggatgag     71760
     tttgagctca cagccaggcc tcccctatct cctgtgatcc cctatcataa agcctgcacc     71820
     catctctccc tgtcattttc ttcacactcc actccccaaa accaatgatc tctctgactg     71880
     tcccaagtct gaccctctac cagatctgat cctctacttc tcttcctgcc tcccgtaccc     71940
     taatacctaa ttattttcct gtaccctgct gctcttccca taggcattct ggggttagct     72000
     tacagctcag gaatccacca agataggatg tctattagta aaaatacaga taaatacttg     72060
     ggattcatcc ctgaccaagg agctagaatc tgtattttta acaaactcct ctggtgattc     72120
     ttatgtacac tgaaggctga gaaccacgag aaagtaacag tcaaaaagga ttttaagttc     72180
     tcttgccaag ctcctgataa tccttgtgct ctcttctctt caagcaccct accttcaacc     72240
     tcacttctgt cccctcacac acctatccca gacacacacc tatttctagg tgtatagtga     72300
     tgttctaaaa atgaatataa atccttggat caccccaagg ttgatatttg gtaagatcac     72360
     caaattctca ccttgtgtac tctatttcac cctaacccaa ttccttaagt ctctggggcc     72420
     acatgtcagt gaagataaat ttgagatctt aaatctcctt ccctgtgtca catccttccc     72480
     tgcaccccca attattcatg taggggagag gggtgggaaa aaaaacctca ttataagcta     72540
     tcccctaata cccctggacc caaatttgct taccttctct ctctccctca actcacctcc     72600
     ctaatcccta catcccattt cccttctcac atcctagagg ccacaatgct ataagggaag     72660
     ggaaggtcag gacccaagtt ccataaggtg ccccaagatc tctcattatc cccacgctac     72720
     ctccttgccc ctctccccca ctgccattct tttctgttct cttctccttg tatgttgact     72780
     cttcttcatc cccatgctat tgtgggggtt cccatgtgga tccccaatcc aattcatttt     72840
     cccagtgcct ctgcccacct cttgatcatt agccttcccc aatcaccata tgccatctat     72900
     cccacagtct gggaatgctc aacagggttg ggaatagaag gatgagaagg agtcaggtag     72960
     ggctcaccac taccttgctg ttttgttaag ataaataaac tagagctctc aagtctctca     73020
     aaattttcct cattctgtcc ctattccttc cagctccaac ctacgccaag attttacctt     73080
     gttaccatgg taaatgtaaa cccccaatcc agctccccac ctctgacatt ccctccaccc     73140
     ccaacccatt ccagggttag tttactccct cagaggatca gtgtctccta ataccttaaa     73200
     tccaccacca gtttctccaa accccgacac ttctgcgaga ctcccgcagc ggggcagaag     73260
     ggtctgcctt gcagcatgct taaccatctt gagcccctag accctcatct tggacctcca     73320
     gcccctgcga ctctccccaa gctcctgcac ccccagccca tctcctgcca gtcacacaag     73380
     ggaggggtct gcctcgcaat cccagagacg actcagacag atgggggcgc gtgcagctgg     73440
     ctggccccct gccccgcaag cccccacctc ccacccaccc ccatgtccag ggctaccttg     73500
     ctgtcgtggt ggatgagctt gagctcatag tccggcagga tgtccctgcg gctattcacg     73560
     tcctccagcg ccatctccac cgcgggctgg caggcctggc cccctggcca gcccccgctc     73620
     atgggaaaca gtgccccgat gtacactgcg cgccgttctg aggaggggtg cggggggacc     73680
     cgcgagtgag gccgcgggag atggggggag tgggaggccc acaccggagc cacccctgcc     73740
     gccatcacaa ccagaagcgg cagtggccac cccacccggg caaaaggggc cccgggcccc     73800
     atggcgtggg gggcaggggt agctgttggg gagcgttagg agctcagggg ggacactttt     73860
     cctggggagg gctgctaaga gggtgccggg gaggcgcctc catccctgat tttgtgggga     73920
     ggagggggcg agggccccgg agaagcaggg aaggttggct tcctacggcc cccgcggctc     73980
     tcgccaccgt cgccgccacc gcggactctc ctcgcggact gactgaccga cggaggggag     74040
     gaggaggagc aggagggaga tgtggggctg ggagggggct ctgacgtcac gggcggcgcg     74100
     cggcagcggg gggtgggggg gcgggcggga gctggggagg caggaagggg gcggggaggg     74160
     aagcgagcgc cgaggtggga gcgacagtcg gaggggcggg gaggggaggg gggatgcaac     74220
     ctcgaggagg aaaggaacga aagaggaagg gagggatctc acttaagggg acccgagggg     74280
     aggagaaatg gggacggggc gtgccaggag ggcggggtgg gcggagggag ccgcgggagg     74340
     ctgaagcacg gaggaaccag ggtaggaagg gaaggatgcg agtgggacgg gagagaaacg     74400
     gggctggcgc ctgaggtctg aagtgggagt atgagtcgat acagtgaagc actgaggatg     74460
     tgggggagag gaaacggttt tggagggaac gagttgggta cggaagggag gctggtttga     74520
     gggagtggtg gggtcgtgga agggagcctg gggctgggta gacagaagcc taagaaaggg     74580
     agacaggaca tggaattgag aaaagacgag ggaaggggta cacggaagga aaagatgtgg     74640
     ggaagagcgc gagaggcctg gccagggttg ggatgggtgg gacaggctga gaaagtccat     74700
     taggtgaaat cctaggaggc agcaggctgg aaaaggttcc agcgaaggtc gcaaggaacc     74760
     ccacagggga aaacgtggtg ggagctcagg gtctcccagc accctgccgc cctctgctgg     74820
     gctctgcctg acaccggcga ggctcagtct gggaggaggt ggagcccagg gaagtgtagc     74880
     caagcaggga caaggagaga ccgcagcctc gtggaaaacc gggactggag gcaggaaaca     74940
     ggtagggagg gaagggggtg gccgcaaact ggggtgggtt ggggaaggtg cgaaaggacg     75000
     acgccccgta gcctaagggc agaatttcag gggggtggag ggtgcagagt gaaggggagg     75060
     gcattgcagt gcgcgcggta agggtttctc atctcacctg agtgtggcgt tcgattcact     75120
     ggcagcagga aagacgggga tcagagaaga gttaccactg gcgcccagct tccctggcct     75180
     gatccccagc cccctcccac acctgtccat gctgaagacc ggggagagca gaagcctgcg     75240
     tttctgaggg gagggtgcct ggggataaga acaaggtggg tctgggggta agggggtcag     75300
     gacttatttt cttcttcgat ttttcatagg acaacagaat ttgagacggg aatgccaata     75360
     gctaagtttg gggcagatct tggttctgtg gtgcctgaat attacaaaat tgggagtctt     75420
     taagaaaaaa aattacacat acaattggct ttaagcaatt gctgttaaaa tcttatttct     75480
     gcaattttta caaaagcctg ttaccatatg aacacatatc catcgagccc tctatattat     75540
     tagagcacag gaagagggcc ctgtaggtga ggaaccttga agtctaagtt tcagtagtgt     75600
     cataagtcca cccctggatg ggactctcaa tttccagaat aaaatggtaa actagaagca     75660
     gaataactga gttatgtgag gaaagtaaag cccaaggatc ttgaaagaat ctaccagggt     75720
     agaggaagta tgaggcatac aaatgggatg actgcatccc aggagagaag atggcagaga     75780
     gttcgggtgc ctagaaaagg gagagtttgt aaaattacgt ggcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     75840
     agtagacaga cacaacactg attcccttag ggaataatgg aggttgtcta ggaagtacag     75900
     aaaaggacct gtcttcttcc caccccatcc ctgagttgtt cttcatcttc tgataatgct     75960
     gcctccaatt ttaagtcttt taccctaata tgtttccacc cccagagctc cccttctcaa     76020
     tttttcttag tagaatgttt gatttatttc tgagtcttta caataaatca attatataag     76080
     gaatggtgag ggatgaattc tagaagaggg tgatgcatgg aaatttctaa gtttagagaa     76140
     agggaaaatt ggagtattta aacctgaaga aggtgagaga ggtgagattc ataaaggaaa     76200
     agagaaaacg tgaggtctaa gaatcgggag caggaagatt tttttaaaag gtaaaggaag     76260
     gaagccccca acctacagag gataccgggg actgcaagag gaagtttgag gcaggtgatg     76320
     gaggaaaaag ggactttcat ctcccctttc cagtgtcctc ccccacattt ttatagctct     76380
     ccattctttc ccattatcca ttcccacccc actcccatcc tcacacaagc gtcctcatca     76440
     gctgcatgca ggcagctgtt cccctcaccc tggcagtggg gcttgggggt gctccactgg     76500
     ccctgactac agatgctccg ggagctgccc accagatgga agtcggggtc acaccggaaa     76560
     tccacccggg ctccgtccag agctgggagg tccccacccg tcaggaaaac cttcccattt     76620
     tccagggtca aataagactt ggagcagatt cggactgtgg agagatagga aaataagaag     76680
     agaggcgagt tgaagaaggc tctttccctt taaagagcag gggactcagg tgcaggtttg     76740
     ggtccacaag catcctgctc taaagaaaat cacatgtgaa aaggatttgc ctacctatct     76800
     tccaatcctc ccttacctgt gcaagcatcc acacattccc aaaagaaaaa aaaaattacc     76860
     attttaggaa cccaagatgg ggctataagc acacaaaatg ggatctcttc aaagtcagct     76920
     acagtgggcg gttctctggc tttgaaatat gtagatgtat ataactttgg atgcacaatc     76980
     agatttgctt ttcttattat agttggcttc tattaatatt aaactggctt ttgtttcttg     77040
     ggcatatggt ctctgggttg gtgacagagg tattcaaaaa tgtgatgaaa tcattttaga     77100
     atttttttgt catcatctgc cactaatgat cctcaaagag aataactgac aagatgaatt     77160
     atcaatgtta taggccaatg atcagtggcc taatgaaggg aggatgaaat gaactgtgca     77220
     ggctgctagc tctactacct ccaaccgcac agagcaaaat tgctcttatg tagtagtcat     77280
     tcaataaatg tatttgtgaa ttttggtata ctggatttaa agtgctgact tgcaagcagt     77340
     aatgctaagt ttgcggcagg aaaaggaata gtcttgaaga ggggaggggc ttccgaggct     77400
     actcaccaca gcggctgggt gtgtccatat ctgtccagga gccgttggcc aggcacttgc     77460
     ggaccttggg ccccaccacc tcgcgctccc cccggcacac atactcaatc tcatagtcca     77520
     ctggcaggaa gttgatagcc ttcacctggt cccgagtcag gccccggtac ctgatgcccc     77580
     cttcccaggg cgggtgtatg atctggcaac ctaaggggtg agtcggggag gcatacagag     77640
     aggaatggtg ggaaagagga aaaggcaggc tccccagtgg gaggaagggg agagtagggc     77700
     gtggtctgtg ggcaggctgg ggacagagga agagggatgg ggcactagag ggtgggagtg     77760
     gggacaggta cagatcccct ggctaaagga cagagagtaa agggccaggg ttaaagctga     77820
     tgagagaacc cacaagtggg gagggaaggg tgctgggtgg aggtaagaaa gaaaagtaat     77880
     taagaaatca tgaagggtat gatatgtggg tggagctttt ctttaaaaaa aaggctaaat     77940
     gaggatattc gagttgaatt aggataggag gataaaggga ggctaataag atcatctgga     78000
     cagcaaagtg ggaccaagaa aagggagtaa ttgaggtagt aatgtggggc tgggaaaggg     78060
     gattgaggcg gagaaaatgc acaggaaggt ggtatagtgt agcaatgtgg gcagagaaaa     78120
     gaggtgctgg atagtaacgt ggggtgacag aaggaggtca gcagtagtaa agtcgggccg     78180
     agcagaaggg gttgccagac cgggatgata tgtgggactg atgggatagt gatgaggacc     78240
     agaaatgagg agatgcaggg aaagggaagt ggagcgaagg agggccggag gtcgtcgaag     78300
     aaggatgcac cttctgaggt ggcgttgggg gtctgcgccc cgcccgcgcc cggggggcgg     78360
     aggaagagtg gcgccagtag cagcagcagc aacatctaag tgagaggcgg ccatgaggac     78420
     tggaccgagc cccgccggcg cggcccgcac ccggagacta ctcgacctct tgccggttgc     78480
     ctcgcaggct ccgaccgggc tcagcctggg gaccaagaga gcgccccgcg gaggaggcgg     78540
     gggcggagcc ccgcgcgggg tggggggaga ggaggagaga aagcctgtcc ccaccctcct     78600
     cctgcctccc tcggccccca accctcccgg gactccacct ctcaccacct cctctccccc     78660
     ggcccccgcg gctcgcagaa gcctggctta cccacgctcc cggcatcggc cgcctcagcg     78720
     ctccccgatt ccatccccgc ggttcctcct ctcccccagc cccgcttccc ccagctgggc     78780
     cctgcgccca ctgccccctc ccccaccacg ccgcgcgccc cctctccgag ccctgctaac     78840
     ccggggccct ggctcttacc tcggcgcgcg ggcccggctc cccggctctc cccgggcctc     78900
     aaggccccag gcccggccgc tcctccccgc tcccccctcc cttctcctcc acctttctcc     78960
     tcctcccgtc cctcctcccc tcgaatccag gctccagcct ggccagggtc tctcccctcc     79020
     tctctcgctt cccccaaacc ccacccctgt ctcttcttcc ccggggcggc ggcagccacg     79080
     ggagcgggga gcggggagcc gggagggaag gaggcggcgc cggggaccag ggagagctcc     79140
     cgggcggagg gaagaaggag ggtgcaaggg aaggcagggc ggggggaaga gaggggaaga     79200
     ccggggagag ggcgcctccc acaacccgag ccccgggagc cgccccggat cccagccccg     79260
     ccctggaccg cccacagcgc ggtggggcgg gcggtggaga ggcgcggggc tgagaggtgg     79320
     gggagaggga ggtgccctgg tgcacacgca ctcgtcgggg ggcgccggtc actgccgagg     79380
     gacctgcggg ccaaacaact ggaagctggg gtgggggaga gggaacccga gccaaaggca     79440
     gaggagctgg cgctgagaca gggagtctgg gatgaaggtg gagaaagacg gctgcacaaa     79500
     gagaaggcag ccctagatcc gggtgagagg agagaggcag aggcagatgc ccaggagaac     79560
     tgcgaccgga gggcgagaaa gaagcctggg tcagaaggag gtgggggagg gggactgagg     79620
     accacctaag cgcaagaagg gttgggtgta gaagagattt ctgggagact agagcagctc     79680
     catggtccag cagcattgct actcgcctgc tctgcaggga acgcgcagaa cggattggag     79740
     gcaaaaaaca aaacagggag ggggacatca aggagagaaa ttgaagtacg aagggagtaa     79800
     aaggacaaga gaaaagaacc tcagggtggt ttagaagcca gtattacctg atgtactcca     79860
     gcagagccta gcaaacagta tttcttgacc aagggcaaac tggaagctct aaagacagca     79920
     ggtacagacc tttttgacgg ctccagaagc tcttggctat accttgaagt ggaggggggt     79980
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt tgtgctgttg ttgttcgtag     80040
     gcctgagttt gggctgggag aggaaacagt gggctccttg ttggggggga caaaaaaaaa     80100
     gctgctttct ggctggtcct agggggaaaa atggtaggaa gaaaccaaac actgagagac     80160
     tgactagaat tgagattctc aacctccaac ccttttttac aataaatatt ttgtaatgac     80220
     acttttactg tcctaaattg agattcatag atgaggctca cgcctgaaat cccagaactt     80280
     tgggaggccg aggcggactg atcacttgag ctcaggagtt tgagaccagc ctggcctggc     80340
     cagcatggcg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atagaaaaat tagcgtggtg tgatggtgtg     80400
     cgcctgtaat cccagctgag acaccagaat cgcttgaacc cgggaggcag aggttgcagt     80460
     gagccaagat cgcaccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc catctcaaac     80520
     aaaaagaaag ggaaggaggg agagaaagtc atagatgata taacctacct acatacacaa     80580
     ctttaaacag aaagcaaaat gcttcccttt ctgtaacgta aaggggaaat gaaagaaaag     80640
     taacttgcaa taaaataaca taaacagtat tttaatgtgt gagtgccaag gcccgactac     80700
     cctagaagtc ctgatggagt aagcagatgc ttccacctat tcacagaacc acggggatga     80760
     aactgctacc aacacaggct gatccaggtg ctgagttggt gactcaacta cctccagcat     80820
     gttgccatca atgaagtgat ttaacaaaat gttgaacaac tcttggtagc aaagttaatt     80880
     ttccctaatt ttacacacaa ctataattgc attcctagaa agttcactgt atatttaaaa     80940
     aaaaatttta aaactgtatt aagttatagg ctcagataat taaacacagg ttttcactac     81000
     gtgaatgtcc tgggggactt ttgagaatct gggtgaggaa caattcttca acatgtaggt     81060
     agtgctttga agaatatctt acacctctgc cccaaccata aatgtcaata gtgccccttc     81120
     ccttatcacc tgaggttggg agttcgagac cagcctgacc agtgtggaga agccccaact     81180
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gccaggcatg gtggtgcatg cccgtaatcc tagctactca     81240
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaat cacttgaacc cgggaggcgg aggttgcagt gagccaagat     81300
     catgccatgc cattgcactt cagcctgggt gacaagagtc aaactcagtc aaaaaaaaaa     81360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacagcta aaagatgcat caaaatgtta acaaggattg cctctgggcc     81420
     attaattgtt gcataacttt tcttttttac tttttttttt tttaaacaag aagtttattt     81480
     aaacaacaag acgcttgact tgaagggaaa actatctagg attctttttt gttttagagt     81540
     aatttatccc tacttaaaga cagattgctc tgcatgtaac agctaagtac aaaaaagtta     81600
     taaaattgtc cttggtttta caatgataaa tgaaaaacat taaaattctc caattgaaca     81660
     aggtatgcaa ggatttttat gttgttgttt ttttgttgtt gttgttaaaa cagtgagagc     81720
     aaaataactt actggaatat aaagataaga gctgaatgag catgccacta atggagaaag     81780
     ggggtatttt cacagaatca gtattttccc ccccgtctcc acttgatgtc aatcaaaaca     81840
     taccattggc tgtttagttt taaaaaaaaa aagtaatatg cttgtgcaca tataccagtt     81900
     actttatgta cagtaaagga atggggaagg gggaaatgaa agaatagaga aaactatacg     81960
     gtagtagtca ggatgtggtg gaagcaaatt gcagttttct aattgagaat gtaatcttgg     82020
     tctttaaaga acagagttct ggagtaaaga agcaggttcc cttttcagta gacacctccc     82080
     gtctgctgtt ggaacacatc aattgtatct tcatcctcca tttccaactg tgcaggtgtg     82140
     tctgtttcat tggttgcccg tcgaatcgga atctgatctg cctcattgac aatccctgtc     82200
     gttcacaata ggctttcatt agtttactaa gtggtgtatg cctcttaatc ttaaactgca     82260
     ccacagaacc atcctgcccc gccaccttca aattaatatg atcgttgttc tcagtcttga     82320
     ctccttcctt gggcttttct tcggccatgg caagcgccgg agtctcctca gctgccgctt     82380
     cacaaaagag gtaccaggtc cgctccaaac gagcacacaa gcagcaccag gagcggcaga     82440
     agaaggaggc ggcagcagtg gacaagggga gagggtgcgc gcacgtcgtg ctctccctcc     82500
     ctccaccctc acttttcttt ttttttcttt cttttttttg gtggggggac ggagtttcac     82560
     tcttgtcacc caggctggag tgcaatggcg tgatctcgac tgacggcgac ttccgcctcc     82620
     cggattcaag cgattctcct gtctcagcct cccgagtagc tgagactaca ggtgcacacc     82680
     accatggctg gctaaatttt gtatttttag tagagacagg gtttcacaat attggtcagg     82740
     ctggtctcga actcctgacc tcaggtgatc cacctgcctc agcctcccaa agtgctggga     82800
     ttacaggcat aagccactgt gcggggcctg cacacttttc tttcgtcata tttgttgttc     82860
     aacttttatt caaatgtttt acaagtgtct cctctataaa tcatttttaa ttgatttata     82920
     aaggtttaaa gaaaaccttc ctagcaagtt gcatcagtat agctaaaatc tgttacttgt     82980
     ttgggaggca gaggcatttg agggtacaga caagggctcc aattatgttc attatacaaa     83040
     ccactcacct ttttccacca gtagctacaa cttccccctt tcacatcttt tcatattcca     83100
     atgtcactgc caggattcct ggccatattt ttcaggatat ttgtagaggt ccttccagaa     83160
     ccactacttg agtatcctaa tttcatcctc cccacaatca atctacttcc ttcttttcct     83220
     tttacatcaa gcacaaaact tctttcctct ggaaggatcc ccaggcttga tcccatcctt     83280
     ctctcacttc tgtacaattt gtgcctttgg caatgccatc tccttttgta gtttttgacg     83340
     gtttttcata gagatagtgg agttcctact cagattactg gaaaatgaca aatcttattc     83400
     attttagttc ccatactttc ttttttttta ataattttta ttttttattc ttatttattt     83460
     atttttattt tatttattta tttatttttt gagacagtct cacactgtcg cccgggctgg     83520
     agtgcagtgg cgcgatctcg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ctgggttcaa gcaattctct     83580
     tgcctcagcc tcctgagtag ctgggaatta ccggtgcccc accaccacgc ccagctaatt     83640
     ttttgtattt ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc tcaaactcct     83700
     gacctcatga tctgcctgcc tcagcctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggc atgagccacg     83760
     gggcctggcc tcccatactt tctttctact tccttttctc tcttctgcct catcttccat     83820
     ccatccctga gagcatatag cccagaattt aacactctgg gagccctgaa aacatattaa     83880
     ccaacgtagt tcacttgatt gatgatcagg tagatgctag gtacattttg ggagtatctc     83940
     attaaattct cacctaacca cacagagtgg atattcatgt tctatactga gcctagtaaa     84000
     ctaccattta aagaaagtaa gaagcaaatc agaggtcaca cagctataaa gctgacagag     84060
     ccaacatttg aacttaagtt cgttacccta ttttcaaatt ctttctactg cattgagagg     84120
     cttagttttg aggcacttct ctcacccaac tcccactcca agtctttttc tttctttctt     84180
     tctttctttt ttttattgag acggagtctt gttcttttgc ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc     84240
     acaatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctccgcctc ccgggttcac accattctcc tgcctcagcc     84300
     tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc caccatgccc ggctaatttt tttgtatttt     84360
     tagtagagtc ggggtttcac tgtgttagcc aggatggtct cgatctcctg acctcgtaat     84420
     ccgcccacct cggcctccca cagtgctggg atgacaggtg tgagccacca cacccggctc     84480
     caaggcattt tctgtcaagg gtcaaactgc agttctattc tctcatctaa agtagtggtg     84540
     atcactgggt gaatggaaga tgttcatgtc ctcttgggtt aggatgaaag acctgtcttc     84600
     tgggagagtt ttctgtcctg taacagctct tgctctttag aaaaatgtat agggcaaagg     84660
     tttattattc aaacgtgaag ttatttacac tctgggattc actctggctt tttagtgagg     84720
     ttttgaatcc tttgcatcat atttaatatc actaaaatag gatatttttg tgaaactgtt     84780
     tgatccttcc cctcagtttc catttgtgtg ttctctttct tcccgtcttg ataggcacag     84840
     gcactcagaa tcactgggcc agaaagaagt aagagagtag gccgggcacg gtggctcatg     84900
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaagccaag gcgggcagat cacgaggtta tgagatcaag     84960
     accatcctgg ctaacacggt gaaacaccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa aaataattag     85020
     ccgggcgtga tggtgggcgc ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatg     85080
     gcgtgacctg ggaggcggag cttgcagtga tcagagatcg agccactgca ctccagcctg     85140
     ggcgacaaag tgaaactccg tctcaggaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagagagag agagtaaggg     85200
     aacatctttc gttaataaac cctctctatt gctccccaca cacaatccta gtttggttgc     85260
     tgtcttcgtc tgtttgggct gccataacaa aatctcttgc accgggtaac ttatgaacaa     85320
     cagaaatgta tttctgacag ttctggaggc cgggaaatcc aagattaagg cactggcaga     85380
     ttcagtgtct ggtgagggct ggcttcctca tagactgcca tctgccatct gcgatctagc     85440
     tgtgtcttca catggtggaa gggcaaacaa gctccctggg gcctctttta gaagggcact     85500
     aatctcattt gcaaaagtcc ccaccactta ataccacatt gcattgggga ttaggtttca     85560
     gaacatgaat tttgggggaa cacaaacatt cagaccatag cagttgtaca ttcttggcag     85620
     ttctggcctt ggtttattgt gccaataaaa gtaagctcat gaagctattt ctatcatgtc     85680
     tttacaggca tgtacaggtg agcccagttt gggagtcaca aaacttcagt gaaattaaaa     85740
     agccacacta tgagtacctg cactagcact taccactctc acacacaaga atccctgagg     85800
     cagtggggat cctacccctg tctcaggagt gcacagagcc aataaccaaa ttacaacatt     85860
     gacattgtga agttgcctct agaaataatt tctcaataag tacaccttta tataataagt     85920
     gaatgaacac aatgtaatta aatgctagat taacctaaga aacaaaaagg aaaatagctt     85980
     ctttgtccgt tcatctacag gataatgagg tcatgttaaa agacttagaa aaggttcagt     86040
     tctcctgccg ggcgccgtgg ctcatgcctt taatcccagc actttgggag gcctaggcgg     86100
     gcggatcacc tgagatcagg agtttgagac cagcctaacc aacatggaga aaccacccat     86160
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaatta gtcggccatg gtggtgcatg cctgtaatcc cacctactcg     86220
     ggaggctgag gcaagagaat cgcttgaacc caggagctgg aggttgcagt gagctgagat     86280
     tgtgccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacag gcaaaactgt ctccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     86340
     aggttcagtt ctcataaaca caaatttaat gagcattttg aagatctcaa aataagtatt     86400
     atatttaatt aaacatgtgt aattaagtat atactggtat gaatatctac aaataattat     86460
     tcatactaat ctgaaaaacg tatgcatcat aatgtgtgta tataattggt tgctagggga     86520
     tttgtttgtt cattttgctg caatagattt ctgtctctcg tcatattctg ttcaagtacc     86580
     taaaatgatt gctcacttat tcgaagcaca ctaatgaaat aatactcaga gtaaaaggat     86640
     atatcaccca gatttttcta ttagaagcta cacaatactc aaaaatctat catttaatat     86700
     gtgtatgcag gtctaaagcc cataataagc aaaaatatat tttcacgtta aatgtatggc     86760
     tatttacact agatgaggta aagaaagatt ataaatagct tcacatctcg ttttgtcaca     86820
     gaatgaatgc aagtcaggcc aggctttgcc gccaaatgag ttacaaaatt ttggttttca     86880
     gagtattgtg aattttggaa ttgcagaaaa ggatatgtga aactgtttat aaacatgaga     86940
     agatgtttac agatagatgt tttagaagtc aaatgaacaa atctgaagca acagactaga     87000
     aattctattc atggaaatat gataaaaatg ccagtaagag ggctgggcgt ggtggctcac     87060
     acctataatc ctagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggtggg tcgcttgaac tggagtccga     87120
     gaccagcctg ggcaacatgg cgaaacccca tctctaccaa aaatacaaaa ccccgtctct     87180
     accaaaaata caaaaaatca gttgggcatg gtggcaggtg cctgtaatcc cagctacggg     87240
     ggaggctgag gaaggagaat tgcttgaacc tggaaggcag aggttgcagt gagctgagat     87300
     cacaccactg cgttccagcc tgggcgacag agcaagactc catctcaaaa taaaataaaa     87360
     taaaataaaa taaattttaa aatgccagta aggatctcca taaaggctat gtatgaaaac     87420
     ctgaccatgt cacatccatg accctattac agcaggtcag attaatctta ccctagtcca     87480
     gagaaccacg ggaaccactg agtcctagtg gagggaaagc ctggaacaga tgtgaagcaa     87540
     gcttggcttt tagcaattga gagtaaacaa acacctgctg agtttactct tccttgcctg     87600
     tctttctaag ccatcactct gaagacctaa aaagcagaca tgactcatac acaccttcag     87660
     atgctttcag tatttgttac acctagatct gtgcagaaac tgaatacctt attggtgcat     87720
     aatttacaaa gaattctcac attagctctt ctaattcttt ctgttgtttc tatatgataa     87780
     tatctccatt tgtcagatag gaaaactgaa gctcagaaag tttgaatgaa cttcataaga     87840
     tcacacagcc aataaatacc agagcttggc ctcaaagtca agtctcaggt ccttctgccc     87900
     ttcactaaca gtgctccagc catggtcgtc tgactgctgt tctttaaact tccttaactt     87960
     tcaactcaga aaccaaacac acccagctcc ctctgcctgg gcgtggtgct ctgttcagcc     88020
     tcctcacccc acacccatgt tgctaacagc ttaaatggca cctcctcagt aaagcctccc     88080
     ctgaattccc cagacttaga acactgtttc cccaatccca ctagccactc tcatatatgg     88140
     catactgtag tcattgtttt gtttgtttgt tttttagaaa gaaagagaga gagaaagaaa     88200
     agaagaaacg aaagaaaaga aaaaaagaaa agaaaagaaa atcaaaatcc atgtgggtgt     88260
     ggtggctcat gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcaggcaga tagctgaggt     88320
     caggagttcc agaccagcct gaccaatatg gtgaaacccc gtctctacta aaaatacaaa     88380
     aattagctgg gggtggtggt gcatgctaaa gggaagggaa ggggaagggg aagggagaga     88440
     ggaaggaagg gagggaggaa ggaaggaagg aacttatctc cgtctgggta acatgaggag     88500
     accctgtctc taccaaaaat taaaaatatt agccgagtgt ggtggcatga gcctgtagtc     88560
     ccagctactt gggaggctga ggcaggagga tcgatttagc ctaggaagtc aaggtcagta     88620
     agctgcgatc atgccaatgc actccagcct gggtgacaga gagagactct gtctcaaaat     88680
     aaaaataaaa ccacaaaact tatctcagtg gtaattaagg taactgtgga atcgtgtatt     88740
     tacatttgcc ttcctgacca gaccataaac tccaggaggg cagggatttt gactatgtgg     88800
     ctcattttat cccactaaaa gagctacata ttttctgact cagagatgag tttcattcca     88860
     ttgtacagaa tgatcacacc agtttccaag tctattaatc tagcggtctc tgttgtttgt     88920
     tgaagaccta ctaggtattg gtaaaatggg ttgctttgtt ccatgggcca taatagtgac     88980
     acattctaaa cacatttaag tcattccacc ctataagtta caggataata ataataatag     89040
     catttatttt actataacca gttttgggct gtgtgtttta cttggattgt ctcacttgct     89100
     ccttatagca ttctctgata tagatattag tcttcccatt tacaaaatgg gaaaactgaa     89160
     actcaaacat gtttaataat ctgcacagtg tctcacatgt aacaagccaa catgagatta     89220
     gtgattccaa agaccctgct cagcccaatg acaagatgtg gaaagcaccc tcaaggcacc     89280
     caggggtctc tctccctgag agtcctgtgc atatcagcaa tgctgctaag gattaaatca     89340
     ctgcggttat cactatgtgg gtaagatttc tgttagtaga agatccagaa gattcaccct     89400
     gccatagagc agggggcctt ggctgagcca taggcagaat cactctccaa aaagacttac     89460
     cagtgtttat ctgaatattt tcttttagca ataactttac ttacttgcgt tatttgtagg     89520
     tgctgccatt ttgctgtcca tgatgctact atgctcagta cccttactgt actgcccagt     89580
     agcccttacc attagcaaac taaagcttcc tcaccagcat tagacctggc aagacctctg     89640
     tgcatccccc accacccatg agcattttga tagcattgca agtataatct ctggtgcatg     89700
     cacaaattct gctccacata gcagcgctaa tggtggccca catcgggaat aggagtagag     89760
     caagatgtta ccaggaagag ggccttactt ctcttctctc tcttctcgct gcttttttgt     89820
     ttgtttgttt gtttgttttg ttttgttttt tagatggagt cttgctccat tgcccaggcg     89880
     agtgtagtgg cgcaatctca gttcactgca acctctgcct cccaggcctg tcccagcctc     89940
     ccgagtagct gggactacag atgcctgcca ccacgcctgg ctaatttttg tgtttttagt     90000
     agagatgggg attcaccttg ttggtcgggc taatctcaaa ctcctgacct caggtgattc     90060
     acacgccttg acctctcaaa gtgctgggat tataggcatg agccactacg ttcagccatt     90120
     cgctgctctt aagaaagtac ttttccaaag atcattctcc ttggtcttat cttaagatcc     90180
     tgctatgaaa tagggacacg ggtggaaaat tttcacctgt gcctgcagca aactttcatt     90240
     ctgtctgaat aattataagt aggatggggg aggggagaag aaaaagaaag agaccatgat     90300
     ctgaagaacc ttaactgttc ccctgttatc cctggttact gtcaagcagc tagcaggcta     90360
     ggctaggtgg ggtatcttct ttaactctac tcctgcatta gctgttctaa atcctagaac     90420
     tcatgccctg tttgaaattt ctttccctat gcccaactca agtgatgcca tcctattttc     90480
     tattttccac catgggaaaa atggaaaata acaggagaaa tgtattaaga aagcattctt     90540
     gaatttgagt ttgttaactt tttttttttt tttaacagtc ttgctctgtc acccaggctg     90600
     gagtgcagtg gtgcaagctt ggctcactgc aatctccacc tcctgggctt aagcaattct     90660
     tgtgcctctg ccacctgagt agttgggatt ataggcatgc accaccacgc ccagctaatt     90720
     tttgtaattt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct tgaactcctg     90780
     acctcaagtg atcctcccac ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacaag cataagccac     90840
     cacccccggc ctgaatttgt taacttctta ccaacatttt acaaagaaga ttgaaggtaa     90900
     tgtgggttct aagactgaag agtacaaggt aagctggtgg ttaatgggga ggagggatga     90960
     tggatgaact ggtcagggaa gaggatgaaa tggctcaaaa tagaggtaca aatagaatgg     91020
     gctgggctcc tccaaccatt ccttgtgatt ttatttttac tttttttttt ttttttttgg     91080
     tggagtttca ctcttgttgc ccaggctgga gtgcaatggt gcgatctcgg ctcactgcaa     91140
     cttccacctc ctggattcaa gtgagtctcc tgcctcagcc ttctgagtag ctgggaatgc     91200
     agatgcgatc tcggctcact gcaacttcca cctgggttca agtgattctc ctgcctcagc     91260
     cttctgagta gctgggaatg caggcgtgtg ccaccacaca tggctaattt tttgtatttt     91320
     taatagagat ggggttttgt catgttgccc aggctggtct tgagctcctg acctcagatg     91380
     atccgcccac ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac cgcgcctgac     91440
     ctatttttac ttttttaaaa gacaggtctc actctattgc ccaggctgct cttgaactcc     91500
     cggcctcaac caattcttcc tgctcagcct cctgagtagt tgggactaca gcactcacaa     91560
     ctgtgcctga cccttctctt aattttaact cctgagtgat tttcttctct ggaccccaag     91620
     gagtcatgat atctctaaat tatatcctga agttatttca actttagaaa ataaagtttt     91680
     aggcctggtt cagtggctga cacctgtaat cccaatactt tgggaggctg aggcaggcag     91740
     attgcttgag cccaggagtt tgaagctaac atggcaaaac cccatctcta tcaaaaaaaa     91800
     aaaagaagaa gaagaagaag aagaaaagaa aaaaggctag gcgcggtggc tcacacctgt     91860
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctaaggtggg cagatcacga ggtcaggagt tcgagaacag     91920
     cctgaccaac atagtgaaac cctgtctcta ttaaaaatac taaaattagc caggtgtggt     91980
     ggtggacacc tgtaatccca gctactcagg aggctgaggc aggagaatca cttgaaccgg     92040
     agaggcagag gttgcagtaa gctgagtttg cgccattgct ctccagcctg ggtgacagag     92100
     tgagacacca tctcaaataa aaaagaaaag aaaaaaaaga tcttggaatg ctttttttct     92160
     gcctgtgtat tgatattatt cttaaggggc tcataagaaa actaaatata tatatttaca     92220
     tatatatata tatataaaat cacccaggtt ggagtgcagc ggtgcaatct cagctcactg     92280
     caatatctgc ctccagggtt caagcaattc ttttgcctca gcctccccag tagctaggat     92340
     ttcaggcatg caccaccatg cctggctaat ttttgtattt gaagtagaga cagggtttcg     92400
     ccatgttggc caggctggtt ttgaactctg gacctcaaat gaccctcctg cctaaagtac     92460
     tgggattaca ggggtgagcc accatgcctg gcccagaaaa tattattgtt atttaatatg     92520
     acctgccata actaccatta aaagtagtac aggtgtgcaa aagaaactta tctggctatg     92580
     gctgggcgcg gtgctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggctgagg cagactgata     92640
     atgaggtcag gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacatggtg aaaccctgtc tctacaaaat     92700
     atacaagaaa aaattaaccg ggcatggtgg cgggtgccag ctactcggga ggctgaggca     92760
     ggagaatggc gtgaacctgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag cagagatcgc gccactgcac     92820
     tccagcctgg gcaagagagc aagactcggt ctcaaaaaga aaagaaaaga aaagaaatct     92880
     tacctggttg taagattttt ttctcattta gtcaataaat atttatggaa tagggcagtt     92940
     tgggatcaca cacatgagct aagcatgatg tcagccttca tagctcctac aatgtggtat     93000
     ggtgattttt ttttcttttt gagatgggag tctcactgtg tcaaccagcc tcaaacagtc     93060
     cttccatctc agcctcccaa gtacctggga ctacaggtgc atgccaccat gcccagctac     93120
     ttttttgtat ttttgataga aacagggttt tgccatgttg gccaggctga tctcaaattc     93180
     ctttcctcaa gtgatccgcc tgccttggcc tccaagagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc     93240
     cactgcaccc agccaatgat tttaaaactg gaatacagaa agagaagaag aaagtcatgc     93300
     tccatcttta ttatttaaaa atcagaacag atacacatat ttgttgtgag cactaattaa     93360
     aatatcctta aagtttcctt accttggagt ggaattattt gcatatgtat acacatgatg     93420
     ctgactttag aagaaaagtt acaagttaaa acacgtttga ttaataaaag aaaaagaaat     93480
     aaattataca taaatttagc tttgttgctg aaaatcacct ctccaaacat agagttcagg     93540
     ttggggcaaa taaaaaattg cataaaacaa aaaggctaag aaatggtaca aaaaactcag     93600
     agaaccacta cttcacgttt cccaataaag catcttttat atttataaaa gttaagcctg     93660
     catatctctg cccccaattg cagcagaaac acctgaaaaa gaatgccagt ctggtcttgc     93720
     tctgacaatg gttttctgac tgaccttgag cctgtcacaa cccgtctggc ctcaatttca     93780
     tcaactgtaa aataagaata aaactatttg atatctttaa ctcacatact attgtgagaa     93840
     ataaatacaa tcatagacaa atgttttcag aatgtgaaaa tgctatagga acacactttt     93900
     tctccagtgg ctggcataaa agtgttggta tgctatacca ccaagtcatt agatatgagt     93960
     taatttctgg attactgttt cagtaagaat aagctctaca caacttcagc aagtgatgtt     94020
     ggtatgtcat ccacaaagtt ctatcaccct attccatagc atacccctgt tgaacttccc     94080
     acatccctgt cttcccttag cttcctgtat ccaacctcag cgcaatagct cagtttgacc     94140
     attagatggt accagttaca aggcaaactt aggtcccttc agaaactgag catttctaaa     94200
     aagcaaatat tttttcaggt ttgtttgtaa cttaaacaac aaaaaaatca ttattttaaa     94260
     ggccatatgc tcactgtgaa aatatatcag gtggtgtatg aaataataag taaattatct     94320
     gccgggcgcg gtggctcacg cttgtgatcc cagcactttg ggaggcctag gcgggcaggc     94380
     agatcacgag gtcaggagtt ggagacaagc ctggccaaca cagtgaaacc ctgtctctac     94440
     taaaaataca aaaattaggc cgggcgcggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatcccc gcactttggg     94500
     aggccgaggc gagcggatca cgaggtcagg agatcgagat catcctggct aacacgacga     94560
     aaccccgtct acttaaaaaa aaatacaaaa attagccgag ggtggtggcg ggcgcctgaa     94620
     atcccagcta ctcaggaggc tgaggcagga gaatcgcttg aacctgggag gcggaggttg     94680
     cagtgagctg agatcacgcc actgcactct aagagtgaaa ccatgtctca aaaaaaaaaa     94740
     aaagtcaaaa atactaataa aaatactaat ctcgtagtta acagattgct gtgacctaga     94800
     gcaagtaaag gtgtaattat cagcctacag gggttagagt ggcaagaaga tgcctgaggg     94860
     tgagcctaca gcctaaaaga taatagaata caaaggctga agacctacag gcagggattc     94920
     tttgtcattc attctttcag caaacttatt ctaatatgta tccctcacta ttcaatgccc     94980
     aggagggcac agggaaaata agacgaagtc ctgccctcac tggctaacat tctaagcaca     95040
     ggtgctgcac aagaggtgtt atgttttttg ggggagccag acacaggcct aagcacttta     95100
     tgtaccttgt ctcatttaat cctcacatca gcaccacgag gtgacagaat tatcattttg     95160
     cagttaaata aattgatatt tcttcatggc caggtgcagt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca     95220
     gcactttggg aggctgaggc gggtggatca cctgaagtcg gagttcgaga ccagcctgac     95280
     caacatggag aaaccccatc tctactaaaa atacaaaatt agccgggcat agtggcgcat     95340
     agcctgtaat cccagctact cggaaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa tccaggaggt     95400
     ggaggttgcg gtgagccgag atcgcgccac tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcaaaa     95460
     ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agagatttct ttaagctctt tgcctagggt     95520
     cacaggtctt tccacaggac cgtagactag agtcagatgt gttcctcaat caattaggaa     95580
     agggtggtgc tggaatttgc atctgagtat tccaagcttc tatattctca tattctggaa     95640
     tgaggatatt atgagtcctg aaacaactct agaaattcta ggctacataa ttatccctcc     95700
     ataacgtgtt ctctgccaga ataataatga aaaaaaagta ctgtggtggc cagaccccaa     95760
     gatgattggc gaagtgaaag ttgcccagtt ccaaaatggc caccaccgca ctttcctggc     95820
     gtcggagcga ctacgtagtg acagaaggac catcagcagg tgggtgctca cagggactgt     95880
     gccagttgcc aaactggcca cctgggcctt tcttctcctg agcaacagcc aagcaacatt     95940
     ataggcttca ggcctaccta gcccaggctg ggttaaagca gataaacgaa gcggacagcg     96000
     gaggaaaagc acgtaaccaa gtgcagtggg tctgaagcga aaggcaagaa aagctctgcc     96060
     cttaggaacg gggtgtcact gcgcggctcg caggcacctc tctttgacct atttataatc     96120
     tgcgccttat tctccgcccc caaaggctgc tggcaaccaa ttctcggtgg cgaagtcgtg     96180
     acgtcagctg ttgcgggtca gattgggaga gcttcctggt ccttacctag caagattctg     96240
     ccgctaggtg gcgaaaagcg aaggggccaa agaaatggaa agaaggcgag gaaaagcggg     96300
     agaagatggg gaaggaaaat gtatattctt gtatcatcct acagctaggc aaaaatatta     96360
     ggataatgtg gcctaacctc cagttctatg ttggctggaa aatccaggaa tgggaagctc     96420
     actcccgtag ttcccactca ttcccaccac ggttggacag ctctgaagga gggaaaattc     96480
     tttcttttga gctgaaatct gccttcagag tcttgcaccc aactgttcta ccccacgggg     96540
     acctacagaa cagcccaaag cctcttacgc aggacaaccc atagcagttt gattaaaatc     96600
     agcgcaaacc cattcccatt tggtgagggg ggagggggag gggcaagcct cagtgcctga     96660
     ctcacttgac tcacaagaag ctgaatgttt ttccttttga aagataaaaa tattggtgaa     96720
     tctcagacta acaataggga atacacaaaa atggaaaaaa tgttgataga taaaatttaa     96780
     acctttggta gaacataatt agttttttgt tctctacatt tttccatatc gtttctaatt     96840
     tttctacact gtatgtgtta cttaaagaaa taaaccagta ggccaggcgc ggtggctcac     96900
     gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggccga ggcgggcgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga     96960
     gaccatcctg gctaatacgg tgaaaccccg tctctactaa aaaaatacaa aaaattagcc     97020
     aggcatggtg acgcacccct gtaatcccag ctactcagga ggctgaggca ggagaatggc     97080
     gtgaacccgg gaggcggagc ttgcagtgag ccgagatcgt gtcactgcac tccagactgg     97140
     gcgacagagc aagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaagaaa taaaccagta     97200
     tggccgggcg cggtggctca tgcctgcaat cccagcactt tgggaggacg aggcgggtgg     97260
     atcacgaggt caggaaatcg agcccatcct gaccaatatg gtgaaacctc gtctctacta     97320
     aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtggtggc gggtgcctgt agtcccagct acaaaggagg     97380
     gtgaggcagg agaatccctt gaacccggga ggtggaggtt gcagtgagcc aagatcgtgc     97440
     cattgcactc cagcctgggc aacaagagcg aaactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaga     97500
     aaagaaaaag aaataaagca gtatgaaaga gcagcccctg gctgcattca ccacagcacc     97560
     catgctcaca catgctacag gcgctcactt gctgggagct gcctcacatt gattcggatc     97620
     agtgttctca tttctccgac ctacctagga agcatctggc taaattgatg taaattagac     97680
     attttatagt ctatcggtca ttgagcctca gtggaatatc tagaccaatt taaacacaca     97740
     aatattatgg gaaatagggc cacaaaagta gaaaagaaaa cgtgaattcc tctttatatt     97800
     tatgccacta gagggagttc cagaagaaaa tcactgcatg taagggctaa tgactgtatt     97860
     tactgagtgg ttactgtgta ccattcacag ttcacaggga ctcattcatg tcattctcat     97920
     gataaccctg atgaagtgga tgatattatt ccctcactca ctaaggagaa agccagggta     97980
     cagtgaagta tacaactttg tgcagggcaa tttatcaata tttattgaaa ttaccaaaaa     98040
     acatgctctc tgaacaaact attctaccag tgtagaaagc agagtaaact tcatgggtga     98100
     gtgaccaggg cagtcacaca agggccccat gcttagaagg gatactgtgt ttgggttcta     98160
     aagctctgtg gttcctgtct tgaaattctt aataatttta tctttcaatt tgtgtcttat     98220
     aatgaagtcc gatgagaaag cagaacatgg gctagagact tttggagcct ggctcaagcg     98280
     aggtcctgct ccccatgcct cccagcctcc ccaggactgg ttttcagctg ccggctccac     98340
     caccttctgt gcaggctcgc tcccagcagg ggcctgggaa cagtggaaag gaggggagcg     98400
     gtcaggcata cacacctccc ttgccaaatg gaaggcatgg ccctaggcac ttgtgaagat     98460
     ctgcacttcc ccctaggtac tcctgtgcct ggagtgtgac attaaattaa aaaaaaaaag     98520
     gccgggcgcg gtggctcacg cctgtaatcc caccattatg ggaggccaag gcaggcggat     98580
     cacgaggtca ggcgatcgag accatcctgg ctaacacggt gaaaccccgt ctccactaaa     98640
     aatacaaaaa aattatctgg gcatggtggc gagcgcctgt agtcccagct acttgggagg     98700
     ctgagacagg agaatggctt gaacccggga ggcggaggtt gcagtgaacc gagattgcgc     98760
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     98820
     gaaaagaaaa aaaccccaca taataggttg acagtggaac cacagaaaaa aggaaaaggt     98880
     tgggtttttt ttctgctttt tattttctat tttattattt tttaatagat ttatttaact     98940
     agagatgggg tctcactatg ttgtaaaggc tggactcgag accctgggcc cgagcgatcc     99000
     tccaacctgg tcctcccaaa gtgatgggat tacaggcgtg agccactgca cctggtcttt     99060
     tcctgctatt aaacaaggag ctccatagtt tcattttgcc cctcaaaata tgtagctggc     99120
     cttagtagac tgatattcat tgccaaatta tatgtaagag caaaaaggtt gaaaatgatg     99180
     gcctgacatt gatcaatttg tgcctttagg taacatataa ctgtaatata actgcaatac     99240
     aactagaata taactcataa aggcaagaat cttgtctgcc ttgctgaaag ttttataatc     99300
     agggcctaat ataaagtatg acacatagca cttgctttta aatatgtatt gatttaaatt     99360
     aattgagtac atttttgctt catcctagta aaaataggta tttaaaaaac tgaaacagtc     99420
     taaatgtctt gggatgctac ttaaataact atattatatt catccaataa aatattgtaa     99480
     gctgtttaaa aataacaagg atgttcttta ggtactgata aggaaagagc ttcaagataa     99540
     attgttacca tttatgtaaa acaggtggga gaagggagag ggagggatgt gtgagcgcta     99600
     cttgcagtac tcacaggcag tgactttcgt ggagcgccct ctagtggtat atatatacaa     99660
     acggaaggat ttagagaaaa tacagatcgg ctttagctgg ctgagattta ttttcaaagc     99720
     atgttacttt ataagaatca atttttattt aaaaaatttt tttgagatag ggtctcactc     99780
     tgtcgcacag gttggagtgc agcagcacga tcagtgctca ctgcagcctc tctctcttgg     99840
     gctcaacagg tgcatgtcac cacgtccagc taacaatcaa ttttcaaaag tacaaaaaag     99900
     ccatattatg tattaatgtg gaattatgaa ttaagtagac aacaagaatc aaaacagggt     99960
     gtctattatc acttctgata acataaataa tgtaaagata catattttac agattatctg    100020
     taaaagctta tacagtactg ttgctgggta tttatgtagg aaagctacca tttattgaat    100080
     gcttactatt tcacatatgg acagcataga gcatgttaaa aaattaccac acacatttac    100140
     tgtattcaat gtgtcactct gaatatatta ctgtgtacat ggtctgtcat tggacatggt    100200
     gagagatgca gattaagctg aaattactga ggacagcaac actggaagaa aattgagctg    100260
     ggtgtagtgg ctcagcctgt aattccaaca tttcagaagg ctgaggcagg aggatcactt    100320
     gagtccagga gtttgagacc aagggaaaga aaagaaaaga agctttcatt tagccaggca    100380
     tgctggcaca tacctgtagt ttcagctact caggaggttg aggcataagg ttcacttaaa    100440
     cttgagaggt aaaggctgca gtgagccctg atcacgccac tgctctccag cctgtgacag    100500
     agagagaccc tgtctcaaaa acgagaaaga aagaaaaaaa gaggcaactc aagaactcag    100560
     gaatacttgc aggatctcat aacatatgct atacaaaatc aattaaaata atatttaaat    100620
     gctgaaagaa atgagcagct cccagggtga tacagggtgg tttcacttct tggacacatc    100680
     tacactgagc tctattcctg gcaatacctg atgttcccat accccagatt tctttatttt    100740
     attttgagac ggagttttgc tcttcttgcc caggctggag tgcaatggcg ggatcttggc    100800
     tcaccgcaat ctccgcctcc tgggttcaag ggattaccct gcctcagcct cccgagtagc    100860
     tgggattaca ggcgcacgcc accatgccca gctaattttt gtatttttag tagaggcagg    100920
     gtttctccat gttggtcagg ctggtcttga actcccaacc tcaggtaatc tgcccgcttc    100980
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt gagcgggccc agcccctata ccccagattt    101040
     ctgcaagtgg caacaccact ggcttcattt tgctggtggc ccctctggcc ttcccttgta    101100
     tatatcacct ttgcccaaag accatgtcag ccaagggact gctctcacag ctccaggaat    101160
     cctccccttt caggaaattt gaggcagttg agggcatgaa agtaaataag ctgagctcat    101220
     cagaggcctt gtattgtggt ggttaaaaga gccagttcta ggactagaaa gcctggcttg    101280
     aaatcccagc tctgccactc cctagtggtg tgactttagc aagttccttt acctcttttg    101340
     tacctccctt ttctcacctg taagatatgg gtgataatag tttaatattt gttttgttgt    101400
     tgtgaggatt aaaggtgtta atgcaagtaa accacttaga accacagcac atagaatatc    101460
     tcagtaaggt ggttagtttt ttttattgtt gttttcagag atgctgtgat ttctccaaag    101520
     tggctgtgat ggctcggcag gctcctgacc ctctctgctc ccacatgcct ccaccctcat    101580
     cctgatctcc catccagctt ttgacagctt gcttggtgct ggacaattgc acacatctta    101640
     ccacccccaa atcctgccca gaagcatctt gtgcataact ctcctacctg aatatgcaac    101700
     agggagaaag agcgtcccag gacattttag gtttttgaag aaaaaaaaac ccctttggta    101760
     aaaagccaga gatccacagc ggccactttt tccatgggat tgacccctgc aatcttgact    101820
     ttcaaccaca cagcaccaga gtagccaaac attgcttgtg tccaaacgct ggctgccttg    101880
     aagggtgaaa gaataagcag ttcccaaact cagctgacct taatgtcctt ctagctcctt    101940
     acgcccatct cggacaaaag cagaaatgta tgtctcagtt gtgtttctac cccttgctgc    102000
     ccaatataaa tttttgtgtt gcccaatata attttttgtg acgatggaaa tgttctgtat    102060
     ttgtgttgtc tgatgagata accactaact gtagtgctat tgagcatttg aaacatggct    102120
     agtgtaatca atgaaccaaa tttttaattt tatttaattg taattaattt taagtggcca    102180
     catgcaggga gtgactgctg cattggacag cacggctcta aattgagcct tttttcctta    102240
     tttggtgagg catacttgcc ttaagattgg gaagtctatt tttggaacct gctaccaatg    102300
     ctggtctcac acttgcaatt ctcagctgag ccaagaggtg agagaaaggt cattttccat    102360
     tccagatctc actctcccct gtgacactga ggaaactggc aagtgatgtg aaggctggag    102420
     agcgtgtcct gtatgctggc tctgtccctt ctgcctgtgt tgactgacat agttagttgc    102480
     tgcccttgct ggtctccctt cctccaacct tgcctctctg agcacacctg acattcatct    102540
     catgacttcc ctaaaaacat tctttgggaa caagaaacta acaaatccca agtgacctat    102600
     cacatataca aacatacagg gcagagtttg gattcgcggt agaagaaagg gaggttagac    102660
     attaagaaga atggtctggt gatgacagtt gtgagataat agaaacagga aaaagaaatc    102720
     taagttttct ttcttttttt aagaaccaat aataatttct ctcttttgac tagtcagtag    102780
     ggctggggtg gattggagga agcttacata ttccatgaac aagcctcttc ctaaggtcct    102840
     gtaagtgatc ctgccccact gattagcccc tagaagaccc ttcaaaggtt ggatctccag    102900
     gagggagtgg gggaggaaag ccctgtacca ggcagcctct gctccattgc tctggggggg    102960
     tggggaaggc aaaccctggt catcccctca gtctgtagcc cttttgtgtg agtgcctggc    103020
     aagggtgacg tggggctgtt tctgcgggca cagctgcagc aattaccgga gtggaggcag    103080
     ggcccaggca gcactgccct ccaagatctt cccttgggct tttcagcagt aaggggacat    103140
     gcaccccaag ggcctccact tggcctgacc ttgctgcggg ggctctctgt ccccaggaac    103200
     agtagagatg gcaagcttat cgagaccctc tctgcccagc tgcctctgct ccttcctcct    103260
     cctcctcctc ctccaagtgt cttccagcta tgcaggtaag acatgttttt tttcctgccc    103320
     tggggagacc ctgaaaacag aaaggctagt ttcctggggc ttagctcctt caaacatcct    103380
     caagttgcta tattatcttt ctaaaacata gacctactga catgcctccc ttcctcagaa    103440
     accttccgtg ggtggttctt acagccttca agatggagtc cagactcttt tttttttttg    103500
     agacagagtc tccctctgtt gctcaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc ggctcactgc    103560
     aacctcagcc tccctggttc aagcgattct cctgacttgg cctcccaagt agcggagact    103620
     acaggcgcct gccaccacac ccagctaaat tttttctttt cttttttttt tttttttttt    103680
     tgtattttag tacagacggg gtttcacatg ttggccagga tggtctcgat ctcttgacct    103740
     gctgatccgc ccgcctcagc ttcccaaagt actgggatta tgggcgtgag ccactgcact    103800
     aggcctaatt tttttatttt tagtagagat ggggtttcac catgttggcc aggctggtct    103860
     ggaacccctg acctcaagtg gtctgccctc ctcagcctcc caaagtgctg agattacagg    103920
     catgagccat tgcgtctgac ccagactcct taatgtgact aactcaaggc tttccttgaa    103980
     ctacttctta cttgtctttc cagctttgtc ttttcacctc tcaaattgag ataaaataat    104040
     aacaacctct tggagttctc atcaggatta catgaaatga gatatgtaac atgcttagca    104100
     gtgcctgtcc atagtaaatc tcaataaatg tttgtggaat tataatatct tgtcatgttt    104160
     gagactttgc tctgcataat caggcaccag taggttttta taaaggaacc cggctgtcac    104220
     gtgcagagga gaaataaaca gaaagtttcc catcctcagg gagccacctg actgacagag    104280
     gcacagtgca tccactctcc aggtctaggg gagaaagcag ccttatttct tagtagctca    104340
     gaatctgact tgagaaacac atccacatag aaaaaaacaa ggaacttttt cgggtcaggg    104400
     tccgggagcc acagtgaggt ggaagataca ggggaaggaa gagggaaata gagccatccc    104460
     cagggtggaa gatctcagaa gagaatttgg gaaacaaggt atgaacaagg actgaatagt    104520
     gagaagtgat ggagagacag ctaaagtaga tggagtgaca aaagcaaaac ctctaagggt    104580
     agaataggca gcaatttggc caagtcctaa cagggaggcc cataggagga ttcaacctca    104640
     agatgctgtg ccacattcca agagggaacc taaaggctgg gctgaagagt cagagatggc    104700
     tacagctggc aaaaagatgg gcagatgctg agaggagatg attgctaaaa tgttctgtcc    104760
     aggacattca cagtatctct ataaccagag tcttttttgt cgttgttgtt ctcaagaagg    104820
     aaacttgagg ccgggtgtgg tggtttatgc ccataatccc agcgctttgg ggccaaggca    104880
     ggcggatcac ctgaggtcag gagttcgaga ccagcctggc caacagtgtg aaacctcatc    104940
     tttactaaaa atacaaaaat tagctggatg cggcggtagg tgcctgtaat gccagctact    105000
     cgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcacttgaa cctgggaggc ggaggttgca gggaggcgga    105060
     ggttgcagtg agccaagatt gcaccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga gagtaagact    105120
     gtctcaaaaa ataaatgaat aaataaaaag gaagaagaag aagaagaaca attgcaatcc    105180
     tccctggctc tagaatgtca tttaaaagtc gagtgtcttc ttccttccct gttttgaagc    105240
     agcccttctc atgacaggct tgcttgccaa ggttccctct gaccttaaat ctcttccttt    105300
     tggtgtcttg gacagggcag ttcagagtga taggaccaag acaccctatc cgggctctgg    105360
     tcggggatga agtggaattg ccatgtcgca tatctcctgg gaagaacgct acaggcatgg    105420
     aggtggggtg gtaccgcccc cccttctcta gggtggttca tctctacaga aatggcaagg    105480
     accaagatgg agaccaggca cctgaatatc ggggccggac agagctgctg aaagatgcta    105540
     ttggtgaggg aaaggtgact ctcaggatcc ggaatgtaag gttctcagat gaaggaggtt    105600
     tcacctgctt cttccgagat cattcttacc aagaggaggc agcaatggaa ttgaaagtag    105660
     aaggtgagta gtgccatata atattaggta ttaactgttg ggtggccaag aacaattatt    105720
     ctctcaactg agatgagatc cctcaaccca aacatctcag tcctgggaat gatttccata    105780
     aaaatgtaca catcaataaa cagaaactca tgcttaggga tgtctgttgc atcattattc    105840
     agagtagcaa ggaaattggg atcaaaatca atgcctttga gtaggtaagt gacagaatga    105900
     acaatggtag ccatactgtg aatattatgc aggcattaaa aagattattt tagcactagg    105960
     ccagatggtt tggaggcctt ctataaggta ttattgagtg ataagagcaa gctgctgtag    106020
     gatacaaaaa caaaaacaaa accctagggc atggtggttt gcctcgcagc tactcaggag    106080
     gctgagacgg gaggctggct tgagcccagg ggtttgcagt tacagtgagc tatgattgca    106140
     ccactgcact ccaacccggg tgacagagca aagaccttca cccccactcc ctacccgtct    106200
     ctaaaaaaaa caaaaacaaa aacaaaaaaa cccttgggcc cagcgccgtg gctcacgcct    106260
     gtaatcccag cactgtggga ggccgaggtg ggcagatcac aaggtcagga gatcgagacc    106320
     atcctggcta aaacggtgaa accccgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt    106380
     agccaggcat ggtagcaggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa    106440
     tggcgtgaac ccggaagcgg aggttgcagt gagccaaaat ccttccactg cactccagca    106500
     tgggggacac agcgagactc cgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccctgtat ttgtgagcgc    106560
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacctgt gcttggtcct agtgaataag caagtaaatc    106620
     aaatgtctaa atataattat agaaaggaga tgtcaccttt tggctgtacc tccactattt    106680
     cattctgcag aattgcagaa tttctttttt ttttcctttc tttcttttct tttttttttt    106740
     gacacagagt ctcgctctgt cacccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgccctcc gcctcctggg    106800
     ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcctcccg agtagctggg attacaggtg cccaccacca    106860
     cacccagcta atttttgtat ttttagtaga gacagggttt caccaggttg tcaaggttgg    106920
     tctcaaactc ctgacctcag gtgatccact cgcctcagac tcccaaagtg ctgggattac    106980
     aggcatgagc catggtgccc ggcctcagaa tttcattttc aacatgtttt gcatgatggg    107040
     tgattttgga gaatattttt tgctctatcg caggatgatt aagatgtgga caaggtgaag    107100
     ccgatggagg gggagctttg aaagttactt gctatttaat tgaggaacta aactgctttg    107160
     agagcctggg ggtcagatcc tctgcctttt cctcctcccc acctgcagtg caaacatcag    107220
     acaattgatc actattgtat cttggaggtg ggagtgacca ttgcagtgct gggaccagaa    107280
     gatggcattg tatgtggaac aacaaagcac tatttctaga gactgcctgc agggatatgg    107340
     aaatagcttt atgtgtctca gaatgttctt catacagctg tttttattgg ggaaattcta    107400
     cttgccgaaa agtttgatag tgagaccctc tccagtttgc agatttttct ccttcctgct    107460
     caacaacttc ctagctcagt aactgcctct cccaacaaac tccctcagtt tcaccacacc    107520
     aaaaaaggaa gacaagccgg ttgcggtggc tcacacctat aatcccaaaa ctttgggagg    107580
     ccgaggcggg tggatcacct gaggtcggga gttcgagact agcctgacca acatggagaa    107640
     accctgtctc tactaaaaac acaaaattag cctggcgtgg tggcgcattc ctgtaatccc    107700
     agctgggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaaccccgga ggcggaggtt gcagtgagcc    107760
     aagatcgtgc cattacactc cagtctgggc aagaaaagtg gaactccatc tcaaaaaaaa    107820
     aaaaaaaaaa aacaaggaag acaaaaagaa aagcagctaa agactttgcc tcaggggaga    107880
     aagttctctt ttgggttgct atccacattc caacctcctg ttcccacctc ttcgtctgca    107940
     tgcctaagaa actgttttac aagtaaataa gggacgcttt gtctaggctt tggagccagg    108000
     aagttgagac aaatttagga atgagatgaa gtaatggtat tattgcaagt ctcaggtgta    108060
     actacctctg ctctttctct gaagagtttc taatttctct tgtttactta tttttttctt    108120
     gtcatttttg tgattttatt actagttgtc tctaatcctt tctttaaatt cttcattatg    108180
     aaacataaaa acaaatgcca ggcgcggcag ctcacgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    108240
     gccgaagcgg gcagatcacc cgaggtcagg agttcgagac cagcctgatc aacatggaga    108300
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa atacaaaatt agctaggcgt ggtggcacat gccagtaatc    108360
     ccagctactt gagagactga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac cgggaggcag aggttgcggt    108420
     gagccaagat cgcgccattg cactccagcc tgggcaacaa gagcaaaact ctgtctcaaa    108480
     aaaaaaaaac cacatacaaa ccagagataa tattataatg agcctccaag tgcctaccac    108540
     cttgctgcag cacttgtcaa tccagggacc acccacctca ccggctcccc actcattacc    108600
     accctcccct actcaattac tgaggtaaat cctaggcagc atgatcattt cttttttttc    108660
     tttttattta ttttgagaca ggatctgtct ctgtcaccca ggctggagtg tagtggcata    108720
     tctctgctca ctgcagcctc tgcctcccgg gcagaagcca tcctcccacc tcagcctaca    108780
     tagtagctgg gaccacaggc acacaccacc acacactgct aatgttttgt attttttgta    108840
     gagactgggt tttaccatgt tgatcaggct ggtctcaaac tcctaggctc aagcaatcct    108900
     cccacctcgg cctcccaaag tgctagaatt acaggcgcga gccactgcac ccagcgaaga    108960
     acacttttta aaaaataaat aggccgggcg cggtggctca cacctgtaat cccagtactt    109020
     tgggagccca aggagggcga atcatgaggt caagagattg agaccatcct agctaacatg    109080
     gtgaaacccc atttctacta caaatacaaa aacaaaatta gcctggcgtg gtggcaggcg    109140
     cctgtagtcc cagctacttg ggagctgagg caggagaatg gagtgaaccc gggaggcgga    109200
     gcttgcagtg agctgagatc atgccactgc actccagcct ggggcaacag agtgagactc    109260
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ccccccctcc ccacacacaa taatataaat aaataaataa    109320
     ccacaatact attatcacat cttacaaact caacaaaaat ttcttaatat catcaaatac    109380
     ccagtttgtg ttcaaatttt cctgattgtt tcataaatat actcttacag ttggtttctt    109440
     ttagcgagat tcaaatgaga cccacctgtt gacctttgcc cttagggttt cccagggtct    109500
     gaattttgtt gacgacattc ccatgttgct atgtaatacg gtcctccatg ccctgtgttt    109560
     ttctgtaaac tgatagatgt ggaggtgcaa tgacatttgt gtttgattta ctttggcaaa    109620
     tatagttcat cagtgatact ctatacttct tgttgcttta catccggagg ctgataatgt    109680
     ctgcttttct ctcttttcta attatttgtg aaaggaaaaa tgtggggggt tgggagaaaa    109740
     aaacccttaa gtacatactc gctaaatcac attgctacag gtaacttcca ttaagaactt    109800
     gaaagtaaag gtagctgcat tttcccctag ggaacacaat gatagacagg agccttagtc    109860
     tacagcttga aggattgtaa ttatacctaa gcaaccctcc tggaccagtt taatgttatt    109920
     agctgtgatg tatccctacc tttgatgtca ttatccttac ttagctccct taaagcagag    109980
     atcaagatga aaagggcttc agctgcagca tggcacatgg agattagagt ggggcttttg    110040
     gatgctgagg agcagaccta gaatgggaaa tagatgggag ccacagaagt gaaggtcccc    110100
     ctccctcatt gctcaaccta ctccacatct ccaggtctgc acatctgttc agttactgaa    110160
     tcctgtgtaa gctaccttct ttttcttttt tcttttattt atttatttat tttttttttg    110220
     agatggagtt ttgctcttgt tacccaggct ggagtgcaat ggtgcaatct cggctcactg    110280
     caccctccaa ctcccaggtt catgcaattc tcctccctca gccttccaag tagctgggat    110340
     tacaggctgc accaccatgt ctggctaatt tttgtattat cagtagagag agggtttcac    110400
     catgttggcc aagccggtct cgaactcctg acctcaagtg atccacccac cttggcctcc    110460
     caaaatgctg ggattacagg tgtgagccac catgcccgct gtaaactacc ttcttaaaag    110520
     ctctagaaga gggcttttaa ccttttgttg tgtgtcatgc accttccgca agctgatgaa    110580
     gttgatagac ccatctcaga attttttttt tttttttgag acagtgtctc actctgtcac    110640
     ccaggattgg ttgcagtggc acgatcatgg ctcattgcag cctccacctc ccaggctcaa    110700
     gtgatcctcc tgactcagcc tcttgaatag ctgagaccac aggcttgtgt caccatgccc    110760
     aggtaatttt taattttttt tcgtagaggc agggtctcac attatgttgc ccagtctggc    110820
     ctcgagaact cctgggctca agcaatcttc ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt ggtgggatta    110880
     caggggagag ccaccacacc tagccagaag aatgttttaa atacaccaaa taaaacattt    110940
     ataccaaaat acagttatca aaatattaaa ttaacaagag ttagggtgac cctattaatt    111000
     agtgtaattt caaaatagta atgaacataa gtgatagttt gagatttctg tgacttttct    111060
     aatgtgacgt gaaaatattt gtgatttttc tttttctttt ttttttttga gatggagttt    111120
     cgctcttgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcaatg gcaagatctc ggctcacctc aacctccgcc    111180
     tcctgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag cctcttgagt agctgggatt acaggactgt    111240
     gccaccacgt ccagctaatt ttgtattttt agtagaaaca gggtttctcc atgttggtca    111300
     ggctggtctt gaactcccaa cctcaggcga tccgcccgcc tcggcctccc aaagtgctgg    111360
     gattacaggt gtgagccacc gcacctggcc aatatttgtg atttttattg acgacaaagt    111420
     caaaggttct cttcatatta ttgtggtgta tcgcctacaa gcataattaa aataaacact    111480
     aaatttcagt ttaaagttta ctgaaaataa atatgtattt tttattccct atttaagctt    111540
     tgaatcccct gacttcctat accattacca ctgtcctagt tcaggttcat gttgtttttt    111600
     actttaattg ttatcacagt ctcttaacat ttctccctat gttctccagt cctgtaggtg    111660
     ctaaatctga cgtggtcact tctcagcttg gaatccttca gtgcaccacc acagccttga    111720
     actacatatt tgaaatacat atttattttc agtaaacttt aaactgaaat ttagtgttta    111780
     ttttaattat gcttgtaggc gatacaccac aataatatga agagaacctt tgactttgtc    111840
     gtcaataaaa agtcccttga gggacttcag atgtaagtcc cttagctgct cgttaaaact    111900
     cccccagcct gacccaatac acaatcttga ctttaaacca cttgtcattc taaatcacta    111960
     gcatttcctg gaaaaaaaag ccatttttcc ttcagggcta agctcaggga ccaattctgt    112020
     gtcaccttct ttgaatcctg atgatattca cttctttatt tgacctgatt tattgggccc    112080
     cagacaccat gctgagtgtt ggggattcag ctctggacaa tgtcaaatgt cagtcctgcc    112140
     tttcagatcc tttctactgg gtgagccctg gagtgctggt tctcctcgcg gtgctgcctg    112200
     tgctcctcct gcagatcact cttggcctcg tcttcctctg cctgcagtac agactgagag    112260
     gtacagggca gagggtgggt ggatcaggat cctttcttta aatgagctgg cttcttggag    112320
     ctacaccact taacatgtat ttgtgagtga cttctgggtt cagaagttct tctcactatt    112380
     gagtgataaa gaaaaaaaat aactccatga tgaaagagtt ttacatctta cggaatgctt    112440
     tcatatgaat aatcggacct agcatttccc tatgagctaa ctatgccata tagtaacccc    112500
     attttacaga ggatacaact gaggccagga gtagttcagt gacttactca aaccgatata    112560
     acttataagt ggtagagctg aggcctctgt atcataccta gcagctccat gcaacttggg    112620
     agagtgtgag cttcgaagtc agacaggtct aggctattag gagttttgaa taaagatact    112680
     gaagtgaaag tctctaccac acagtaggcg ttcgaaaatt gtttcctctt tctccattca    112740
     acactgagga ctcaggttca gctgctgatg aagctcctct tttttgccta gagctttcat    112800
     tctgagcctt ctcctcctac caagtgtctc cccaatgcca gagcaggaag agtcttcact    112860
     cctccccatg ccccacctcc catttgttac taagaggaga ggagaaagta gcaaggaggg    112920
     tatggggaat gttctggggg aatgggtgtt ggtgcgatca acaacaaagt cctttctctc    112980
     accttgaatt catcccagat gcctgcttgt ttacttcttc cacacaaaaa aaggccttca    113040
     gccctcatgg ctgagcagaa agaatctgaa tgttagagtc aggcagcctg ggtttgaatt    113100
     ccatctcagg tactgaactc tatagcaaaa ttcttagatt ctccaagctt cagttgcctt    113160
     gtctgtcaaa tagagaaaac atccttcgtc ctaaattgta gggaggatta aagtcatgca    113220
     aagtgcctac tacaaatcca gtcacaaagt agctagctac tcactaaatg ttcagctcct    113280
     ccctcctcat tcagatggga agtggcttta gataaacaaa gtggcaacgc agtgggctgg    113340
     agcagctctg tgaactgaga atccaagaaa aggggcgaag agcagctggg atgtattgga    113400
     tgcttgtgct ggcttggagc attgctcaca ttctttattc gctattgtat ctagactata    113460
     gctagagaaa gagccgcaac cattggcttt aaatccagtg ctcttcctac tctcctgagg    113520
     ttgtttccag gctgcagaga aatagcctgc acaaggggcc caggcgctgg gtgtgggagg    113580
     gtccccaccg agagccagaa catgcaggaa ctaaaatgtt gcctttttct attttaggaa    113640
     aacttcgagc agagataggt gagttccagt catcgtttct cccaattctt gccttttggt    113700
     tttttggcat aacggaaatg gtcccattct tggaccgtct ctccctctca ataccctgtt    113760
     ttcccctcag tttccctttc tctacagtgg gtgtgtcgtg cctagaacaa gttttaagta    113820
     attaaataac aaagactcag gataaaagat cctttttgag tgccctacta aatccatttc    113880
     catttgtttc tctttcagag aatctccacc ggacttttgg taagttccgg catgtctagg    113940
     ccctcccagg tcaacttggt atttcactct agttccagtc acctggggga acaaggaccc    114000
     ctggctcctg gttgagtccc ttcctctctt ctcttttctt tctttaaata agaagtcatt    114060
     tgcatttagg attggtaaaa tcataataaa aatactcatg tactgttttt atgtgccagg    114120
     cactattcta actactttac aaaaacgtta tcttattctg tttaactcct tatgcacatg    114180
     atctctcttt tcaggaatgg caaaacagag gtaaatagat cgtttacacg taaacctgat    114240
     gtctggttgg ggaggtgaaa caaacagaaa caagacacaa ctgtatcacc tgtacttata    114300
     tttctgcttt acaaactcag gatgtttcca tgagtacaga acatgactaa tcagagaaga    114360
     cctcatagag gaatagaaaa gccaccaagc cccactagga attgacccct caaggacatg    114420
     gtttctagcc tttttgttca ctgcagattg cccaatgcct aaagataatg gcaacagaag    114480
     agcacccaaa tatttgttag ataaatgttg cagacactag aaggtgtcat tagggcacag    114540
     atggtacctt ctctgagcaa acttccttca cagctcctcc tcccgaggct gtaggtgact    114600
     ctactcttgt cacctggcac acagagttct atcgtacgat ttaggaaatt agaccagtgt    114660
     gtggaccaca cacacacaca tctttacaca cccaaagagg aggaatagta tctttgtttt    114720
     ggaggacttg actatgaaag gtcttaactc ctttttgtac catgaatctc tctggcactc    114780
     cagtgaagtc taaaggaccc ctttgcagaa tgtttttaaa tatacacata aaatagaaca    114840
     cataggattg caaaaacaat cattgtacta aaatacagtt atcaaccgat aatcacattt    114900
     gtgatatagt aacataaatg tttctttttt tttttttttg aggcagagtt ttgctcttgt    114960
     cacccaggct ggagtgcaat ggcgcgatct aggctcactg aaacctctgc ctcccgggtt    115020
     caagcgattc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg gattacaggt gcccgccacc acacccagct    115080
     aatttttgta tttttagtag agactaggtt tcaccaggtt ggccaggctg gcctcgaact    115140
     cctgacctca ggtgatccac ctgccttggc ctcccaaagt gctgggatta cgggcatgag    115200
     ccaccgtgcc cggccataaa tatttcttta gccaaagtaa tacattaagt aatgtagcag    115260
     caagtctaat aacctgtaat ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttttttt ttgagatgaa    115320
     gtttttttga gatggagtgc aatggcacaa tctcggctca ctgcaacctc cacctcctgg    115380
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctccc aagttgctgg aactacaggc gcatgccacc    115440
     atgcccagct aatttttgta tttttagtag agacggggtt tcaccatgtt ggccaggctg    115500
     gtcttgaacc cctgacctca ggtgatctgc ctgccttggc cttccaaagt gctgggatta    115560
     caggcatgag ccaccaggcc cagcccaata acctttaatt tcaacatact aataaacata    115620
     aacagtattt caagatttct gcaataactc taatgggaat gaaaacatct gtggcttcca    115680
     ttggtaatta agtcacaggt actgctcata ttgtggttag ttgtaaaatg ttttggtttg    115740
     ttttgttttt tccaagactt gggggaatgg gtgttggtgg gatcaacaag agtcttgctc    115800
     tgtggcccag gctggagtgc aggggcagga tcttggctca ctgcaacctc cgcctcccag    115860
     gttcaagcga ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct gagtagctgg cattacaggc atgtgccacc    115920
     acgcccagct aatttttaca tttttagtag agatggggtt tcaccatgtt ggcctggctg    115980
     gtcttgaact cttggcctca tgatccaccc gtctcggact cccagagtgt tgggattaca    116040
     ggcatgagcc accacacctg gcagttgtta catttttaat gaaagaaaat gttaaatcca    116100
     gttattgaaa ataaggaggc agtacttttc tcatccaagt tcatggactt tctgaatttt    116160
     gtccccagag tcctttggtg ttctaggacc ccaggttaag gaaccaaaaa agacaggtgg    116220
     gtggggcatg agggggaaca catgttaacc ctgtttgttc tggtgaacaa ttcagatccc    116280
     cactttctga gggtgccctg ctggaagata accctgtttg taattgtgcc ggttcttgga    116340
     cccttggttg ccttgatcat ctgctacaac tggctacatc gaagactagc aggtgcagtg    116400
     gctgggcagc aggcaagacc accaaatagt gggggaccaa gtcagctctg aatgggaagc    116460
     caaaagagaa tagaaccagg actcaagatt aggggagctg ggatttcctt attcctctgt    116520
     ccccatgccc aaccccaggc tcttctgaga aactgtgaag agaaccactt actggatctg    116580
     tgggatcccc cagtggaaag ggcagtgtgg gtcactccaa atgtccatag ggaggatgtg    116640
     gggaaggtgc tattcatctt ccactaatca catatttgtt tctttttgtt ttcagggcaa    116700
     ttccttgaag agctacgtaa gttctcttct ctctgttata agcagagaat aaaaagccag    116760
     gaaagggaga cagaagcaac aagaggaaga ggcgggctat tgagggatca cattcccaga    116820
     ggaaaggagg agctggagag cctgggtgga gggaagactc ctcctgggag gtagagggca    116880
     aagaagccag ctgttagaga cacatttaca ggtggcagag aagctggagg cactcctatc    116940
     tgccacctga tccattcctc cttcactgcc cctaagcagg aatccaaccc tagctggtct    117000
     cattgcccat tccacagcaa ctgcccagtg cctcacctct cagatcaacc attgaggcag    117060
     gaatggagac aagatgaccc caagggcttt tcttctccct agttcaatgg ttttatgata    117120
     caaactactg acatacgttt ttcaagttat tttctccttc ttctaggaaa tcccttctga    117180
     gtgatgtcac atcttggcag gggtggagga gagcctggtt gcccagggat ttgtccttgg    117240
     ggacatctca tccatcaagt tgcacactca ctggcatctt tgctatgggg acattccaat    117300
     ttgcactttc aggaacactc tgaattccaa gtagaattga tttcccttct tctgtcatct    117360
     accttttctc ttcattttcc catttttatt acccttcttt ccatttctct ctccagtctt    117420
     ccacctggaa gccctctctg gctaaggaca ggcaggtgcc cctctctcca tcagaggaca    117480
     cctgtactgg agagcaacac aggatggtct ctgccatgaa ctggaggcca ggaatctcct    117540
     cactgaaaat tacagtatgg taactttgca aatggtggtt gtttcttcca agactccagc    117600
     cctgattgcg caaaactgaa aggcatgtga agggaaggaa gaggaagagt gcaaaacatt    117660
     gaagagagag ctgagtgagc tgaagagtga ggatatgagt agccccaacc caaacctgga    117720
     gatggggaga aacctacaga atactagcca gagctcctcc ttgtcttggc agcctactag    117780
     ggacctgggg aagcaaaaac gaaagctggg caacatgcct gctttagaat gttttccttc    117840
     tacttacaca tcttccacag gtctcagaat ctttccttcc tctcatcctt ttctcctatc    117900
     ttcatatcta tcagagtatc cactgtttat tcaacaacta ctacttgatg gtcagacaca    117960
     aacaaacaag ctaggtgcta attaataaag atacgagttt tggccgggtg cggtggctca    118020
     cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg aggcgggcga atcacgaggt caggagttca    118080
     agaccagcct ggccaacatg gtgaaacccc atctctacta aaaatacaaa caattaactg    118140
     agcatagtgg tgggcaccta taataccagc tactccggag gctgaggcag gagaatcgct    118200
     tgaacccagg aggcagaggt tgcagtgagc tgagatcgcg ccactgcact ctagccggag    118260
     tgacagagta agactctgtc tcaaaaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    118320
     aaataaaaaa taataataca agttttcata agcacacttc taaccccttg tcttttatgt    118380
     atttccttcc ttatccacgc acctgtctcc ctctactcca gcctcattac cccagaggtc    118440
     agtcctcagg aaaactaaac acaaagaaag agctcagtca gaaaggccat ttatttatgt    118500
     ttcaagatgc tcactgcctc ctttgttttg tctcctttgc aggccttctc tcttaggcct    118560
     cttctcctgg gggtatggat cctgggggga gattgatcac ctccatgctt ccattcctcc    118620
     ccagccatag tggggacatc atgagagaag ccaagccact ggcccaggat cacccggcat    118680
     ttatggtggc tgctctggca caggtccttg cctttatagc ccctccagtg atccataagg    118740
     ccctctttct ccccaaagga gaggtcacag atagggcaaa ggtagctctt ctgcttccag    118800
     tgggtctgct ggtgtctgac cagcctggaa aatgagctga aagacttgct gcaatggaag    118860
     cagtagttgg gcggctctgt gaggtgggcc ttctggtgtc tggagagata ggatttcttg    118920
     ctaaaagtca aagaacaatg ggggcaacag aagacattga gtcttgaggg cttcactgga    118980
     tgagagttgg atctggcatc ctgacagagg gttccagtga tgggtgcctg ggtcctggtc    119040
     acaggtgctt ggttcttaag tacagatgcc tggttctggg ccataggacc ctcagttcta    119100
     aatatgggtt cctgggacct ggccactggt gcatggttca catccaaaag cccctggatg    119160
     gacctctggc ttctggcgat gggtgtctgg aattcagcct gggtgcctgg aatcctcaaa    119220
     gtacactcct ggtttccatc cactggctcc tggttttggt gtatcttctg gtggcgtttg    119280
     agctcagact ggtcccggaa gctcttccca cacacagagc atgaatgggg ccggtaaccc    119340
     agatggacgc ggcggtgacg acttagtcca gaagcatcac agtaggtctt gtcacagagc    119400
     gtgcaacaga agggcctctc cccaagatgc atgcgtctgt gatagctgag ggacttgggg    119460
     ctccgaaaca acttcccaca ctgactgcag ctgttagtca gcttgggatt gtgaacaaac    119520
     tggtggctat agaggtagga gcgcctgctg aaacatttgc cacaggtgta gcaaaaaaag    119580
     ggtggcccag cctgggatgc ttgaagcacc cgggtcctgt ccatagtccc agctggggca    119640
     gatagggggc actggccggc ccctctgcat gcaaggaaga ccttgtcatc actagtcccc    119700
     tcatctctca gactgggatg ttgttctcga agctctttct tcttgccttc tacagtgaat    119760
     gaggaagaat aacacaaaat tcactgtaag aactccaaca gaggcttggc atggtggctc    119820
     acacctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggccagcg gatcacctga ggttaggagt    119880
     tcgaaaccag cctgaccaac atggtgaaac cctgtctcta ctacaaatac aaaaattagc    119940
     tgggcgtcat ggcatctgcc tgtaatctca gctactaggg agactgaggc aggacaatca    120000
     ctcgaacccg ggaggcggag gttgcagtga gccaagatgg tgccactgca ctcctgcctg    120060
     ggcaactaga gtgaaactct gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aagaaagaaa aagaagaaga    120120
     agaaggagaa ggagaagaag gagaaggaga agagaaggag aagaagaaga agaaggaaga    120180
     agaagaagaa gaaaagaaaa gaagaagaag acgaagacga agaagaagaa gaagaggaag    120240
     aagaagaact ccaacacagc actccattca gcctaacaca cttcttgtct ctgcccttgc    120300
     tctcccaccc aacacattca tccttaccct tgggcctcat aggctagaaa taagaagaaa    120360
     aaaagaaaaa attggctttt caaattagaa gcaaataaaa agttaactgg aatctttcaa    120420
     cactgtcaga aatgtaaatt ttaacttaca acaacacttc ttgaaatcta tcttatctca    120480
     ttctcaatat tgctcaaact cccatagaca atccacagac acccacataa taatgcatca    120540
     tgaacactgg gccacttgag ggtgaaaaga ggtgttatta ataatcaagc tgggatgaga    120600
     agtataaacc aggactgtcc tggaaaacca aaaagtgtat cagcctggct tgatatctct    120660
     ctcaactatt tactaccagg gacaagcctc ccttactcca acccagcatg aaacctatct    120720
     cctttgcttc tcttttctct tggaaagaac attttaatca gagcactatc atggacataa    120780
     gcaactttca tgtcatctct caatctctag aaactgaaga catctacttc tcctgaaaga    120840
     cttagatctt cagccagcca ggcacggtgg ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag    120900
     gccgaggtgg atggataacc tgaggtcaag acatcaagac catcctggcc aacatggtga    120960
     aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt atctggacac ggtggcacat gcctgtagtc    121020
     ccagctactc gagaggctga ggcaggagaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaagtg gaggttgcag    121080
     taagccaaga ttgtgccact gcactccagc ctggcaacac agcgagactg tgtctcaaaa    121140
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gagagagaga gagagacttg gatcttcaac ttgaagtcaa    121200
     gggacttgag cctatgatat taagctctct ttcaactcca agtctgacca ggctggacag    121260
     aggtacacta ggagagcatc tatagagcat tcatcctctt catcagctct ccatcctttc    121320
     aggggttatc ctgggccctt ttccccttcc tccctgcttg gcaattctta cctgaaaggc    121380
     cttctgtgtt tgggagatgg acaaactctc tccactgttc ctcttcttgc tcaagcttgg    121440
     tgattagctc tggcttatgc agaaagattc tggctgatgt gtgggaatga gaaagagttg    121500
     agttggtccc aggtatggcc ccttcacatc tgatggggac aacaggctac ctcctgtagc    121560
     ctttgtttaa gaaccataac ctgggacatg tagatgcgga aaggagacat taaaaggcca    121620
     gctgctagca aagtacctgg ttctcaggag tgacttagta aatatttgtt tgatgaatgg    121680
     aaaaatttgc atattttgag aacactgtca tcatgttaca agtgttatct ttgccttcat    121740
     gcaggctatc atttcttctc tttaccactg agcttagtga ctcagatctt tcacacctgg    121800
     aaagcataga accaggggtc agtgaaacta attgtaagct gatctacctg tccagggaaa    121860
     ccagatgttc cagggccctt aggacagggg gcttgctgag ggaagcccag cctcttaccc    121920
     acagatgtta gattcttaaa ggtttccgac ataacatcct ggtaaaggac cctctggctg    121980
     gcatctagac agtcccactc ttcctgggtg aaattcactg ccacatcctc aaaggtgact    122040
     ggcttctgga agaacaggag agactcaaga agtttatata aatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg    122100
     tgtgtgtgtg tacaagatta acatccagtc tcaagattca gagaattaaa acctaagaga    122160
     aagataaaac catggaagga agagagaaat attaaaagac agacacaagg ccagcaactg    122220
     tgaagtatag aaaggaaagg aggccggacg cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt    122280
     tgggaggctg aggcaggcag atcacgaggt cgggagttcg agaccagcct gaccaatatg    122340
     gtgaaacctg gtctctgcta aaaacacaaa aattagctgg gcatggtggc gcatgcctgt    122400
     aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaattgctt gagcccggga ggcagaggta    122460
     gcagtgagcc aagatcgcgc caccgcactc cagcctgggt gacagagcga gactccgtct    122520
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaag gaaaggaaag atgaagagaa agggagaaag    122580
     ataagatgtg ggggagagga aagaggatat gcagatatgc agaatataaa caggaaagca    122640
     aagcgaagga aaaaatgctg ccactctaac aaatttcagg aagtactcca tgaaggatgc    122700
     caggatggtg cgggagatgg agaaaggtct tgcagctcct ttttctggat gtcgttcagt    122760
     ctggaacaat ctgagatttc atttgacctg caggcaggag tatgtatgaa agagctcctg    122820
     gagtccagga cctggacccc acctctctct agcttagtct cctcaccttc ttcacccgtg    122880
     cctccctcca gcaatctctc ttcatggctt cctgcagggt ggcagctacc tcgcccaccc    122940
     atgggagcgt cttctgtaca ggttcgattg gcttcagctg ttcaaacatc ttctcttctg    123000
     tggtgtctct ttctagcttt atccactcct ggcctggtgc ccaggcctga ctggattcct    123060
     tcctggggct atctacctcc cagtaactgg gcagatggag aggcccagca aaggccccag    123120
     ggtttgatgt ggcttcctgt gacaaatgta tctgctccaa gaggctgtct tccttttttg    123180
     ttctgctgtc caaattctcc tcttccacaa ttgagaacaa ttttgcttcc ctcaaagctg    123240
     ggccaccgag ttcagggccc tggtcaccct tggctcacca gctgccattg tttagtaaca    123300
     acaccagcct gggctaggtg tctgccgtct gttctaccct gcttctagaa acctgaggtc    123360
     agagaaaaac aaaacatatc agcaagaggg agggtaagaa acagcttcct tatttggtca    123420
     gggaatgcca gcagttacta aacccctaca gtgtgccact ggatgctctc agcaatgagg    123480
     taacaattac tggccctgtc ttaaggacct aatgcagaga tgctaaataa ttttccaagg    123540
     acaagtggac attcttgatc tacaaaagtt aatgtttaaa cctaatgtta atgttagact    123600
     cagtaccatt ggaaatcatg tagctggggt aaccaggcta ggatctgtca cagatcacct    123660
     cgagtgagtc tctttattct ttctgacttg gtttcatcag aaatgtgaga ataaaggaga    123720
     cactctctaa gatctcttcc atgaccaaaa ttatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    123780
     acacaattct gtgatctgga ttttcaatac atgtagtagt tcccctttat catggttttg    123840
     ctttccaatg cttcagttac ccatggtcaa ccatggttca aaaatattaa atgaaaaatt    123900
     ccggaggaca ggcacagtgg ctcacacctg taatcctagc attttgggag gctgaggtag    123960
     gcagatcatc tgaggtcagg agttcgagat cagcctggtc aacatggtga aaccctgtct    124020
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaga aaatagctgg gcatagtggc acacatctgt aatcccagca    124080
     actcaggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcactt gaaccctgga ggtggacgtt gccatgagcc    124140
     aagactgcgc cactgcactc cagcctggga catagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa    124200
     tccagagata aacaattcct aagttttaaa ttgcttgaca ttctgagtag tgtgatgaaa    124260
     tcttgtacct tttctctctg gcctgcccag gatgtgaatc atccctttga ctagcatatc    124320
     cacactgcag acaatacctg cccattagtt ccttagtagc tagccatctc agttaccagg    124380
     ttgactactg tagtatagca gttgcctgtg ctcaagaatg ccttatttta cttaataatg    124440
     acccaaaagc acaagagtag agacgctgga aattcagata tgcaaagaga agccataaaa    124500
     taaaaaggta aaaattcttg tcttaaggaa agaaaaaata atcatatgct gaggttgcta    124560
     agatttacaa tataaattat tttgagagag ataccacatt catacaactt ttattacaat    124620
     atattgctgt aattgttcta tcttattact agttattgtt gtcaatctct taccatgcct    124680
     aatttgtaaa ttaaacttta tcattattat gtatgtatag aaaaagaaaa ccatagtgta    124740
     tacagggttt ggtactattc atggtttcaa agtatccact ggggtggggc gcggtggatc    124800
     acttcagggc aggaatttga gaccagcctg gccaacatgg tgaaaccccg tctctactga    124860
     aaatacaaaa attagctggg cgtggtggca cgctgtagtc ccagctgctc aggatgctga    124920
     ggcagaatta cttgaacccg tgaggtgaag gttgcagtga gccaagactg tgccactgta    124980
     ctccagcctg ggtgacagag cgagattctg cctcaaacaa caacaaaaac aaagtatcca    125040
     ctagagctct tggaacatat cacctgtgga taaggggaac cactgtatat acagatcttt    125100
     gtgaagaata ctgctaacaa cccaagagca atcacttatt cagggctcac aatgagccca    125160
     gcactggagt tccctgctca tccttggaaa tttcctgctc agatgcaaac atagctgaac    125220
     tctcaccttt tcctgctgac agccactcac ccacatctcc cttactagag atagaaagaa    125280
     aagaataaag accaaaaaac cctgttgact attttttcct ttcacttttt gagaagtgtt    125340
     aatagaactg aaaataccag caaggaaaaa cgccctcgag gaatagagtt aattggatct    125400
     ccaaaatgtt gtcatgaaag gtgcattcct gggatatgaa tttgatttcc ttcctttctt    125460
     cctctctctt tctttcctct ctctcccttt cctttcctgt ctttcaaaac cattcgcact    125520
     ccttttatga ggcatgcaga tcttggatta ttcttccact ttccagccaa ctgcacttca    125580
     aaacagcctt aataaggctg ggcacggtgg ctcagcctgt aatcccaaca cttggggagg    125640
     ccgaggcggg cggatcacct gaggtcagga gtttgagacc agcctgacca acatggacct    125700
     cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aattatcccg gcgtggtggc gcatgcctgt aatcgtagct    125760
     actagggagg ctgaggcagg agaatcgctt gaacccggga ggcagaggtt gcggtgagcg    125820
     gagatcgcgc cattgcactc cagccaggga aatgagagtg aaactccgtc tcaaaaacaa    125880
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa aaaaaaacgc cttagtaaca gtgccttcaa gaacctggcc    125940
     ttccagttct ctggcagaga agacctactg ctgccgctag tcctcaagat ggcatttgct    126000
     ggaggcggta ggcagaggcc ctaagtgtgg attctaaccc ccgtggggac tgaatctctg    126060
     cggctgttgc ttgcccaggc acgtttgcct cccatgaact tccttcatcc acagggcccc    126120
     aaacctcatg ccggcgggag gaggaaggag actgggcata actcatcaga ctttcgactg    126180
     taagagctgg aggccgcctg cgggcttatc tgtacccggg cctgtcccca cccttccaga    126240
     atgtaaatcc tctgagggaa tgtgtcgtcg ccatctttca gtcctttgag tgcacccagt    126300
     ctctctccaa cccaaaaccc tttatccaca acaattctga gaatgatgag aatccccctc    126360
     acccctcaca ccgcaaacag ttgcaatgct tagtgggatt cacccttgtc gtcaccaacc    126420
     ctgctactcc agccacgtga gttttccgcc tgtcagccaa gcaaaatggc cttcctgcag    126480
     tcgcacggcc ctttggtctc tgctcagggc ttcggggacc ctttccagcc attgccctgc    126540
     acctacccac cagatcgccg ccctggtggg cgctcctggc cctgtcctcc gcgcttagtt    126600
     tgtcattggg cgcccagatc cggaacccca gcctcgaagc ttccggtggc cgggaacaaa    126660
     gccggttttg ctcactgtcg cctggcaaag caggcgcttg ttagcaccca ctgaatgcgc    126720
     ttatgtgctc agaaacggtc ccattggttg ggactacctt ccccgatgcc catccgccca    126780
     gaatcttcct tctgggatgc cgactttttc aacacgtgcc aggagccctt cctcggcccg    126840
     gaatccccag agtgcccaca gtggacaggg cacctggata caccccagac taacccacgt    126900
     ttccccggag gaccccagag gttggaagcc cctccaagat taggggcgca gtgctcccct    126960
     ggcctgcgga agagtcagag gagtggggac aacatccaac atcagcctct actaccgcta    127020
     gcgcgactcc ccgccgccgc tctactcacc tgacgcgcgc agtggaccgc gatttagggg    127080
     cacagggtct cccggggacc agcggctgga gcgctccggc cgagcacccg cagtcccggc    127140
     gccgcggccc caccccggcc ccgccctctt ccgctccctc ccagtcatca ggccaccgag    127200
     aatgtgcccc ttgacccaga tgagagggtg agcccgccaa ggtcaagctt cccatcctaa    127260
     gaatcacaga cagcccggcc                                                127280