EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR407558; SV 22; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 175706 BP.
AC   CR407558;
DT   06-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 25)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-107M8 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium channel,
DE   voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit (CACNB4, zgc:136550), the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to inositol polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type I
DE   (inpp4a) and two CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-175706
RA   Tracey A.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b40a45487efda507445f9ccbe12560db.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992366.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000062174; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000089564; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000089577; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-107M8. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-107M8 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-107M8 is at 175706 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-107M8 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..175706
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-107M8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..175706
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(CR388181.8:<4052..4240,
FT                   CR388181.8:7559..7654,CR388181.8:7734..7885,
FT                   CR388181.8:9812..9921,CR388181.8:10009..10067,
FT                   CR388181.8:17297..17377,CR388181.8:22442..22461,
FT                   CR388181.8:22707..22756,4302..4429,4573..4695,8071..8202,
FT                   20252..20666))
FT                   /gene="CH211-107M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium
FT                   channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit (CACNB4,
FT                   zgc:136550)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC115172.1 Em:DQ372949.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(CR388181.8:<4052..4240,
FT                   CR388181.8:7559..7654,CR388181.8:7734..7885,
FT                   CR388181.8:9812..9921,CR388181.8:10009..10067,
FT                   CR388181.8:17297..17377,CR388181.8:22442..22461,
FT                   CR388181.8:22707..22756,4302..4429,4573..4695,8071..8202,
FT                   20252..20296))
FT                   /gene="CH211-107M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028184"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium
FT                   channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit (CACNB4,
FT                   zgc:136550)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:A2ARR0.1 Tr:A2SZ58.1 Tr:Q1RM19.1
FT                   Tr:Q804I5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0UXW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000584"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008145"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0UXW5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13627.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(CR388181.8:<4052..4240,
FT                   CR388181.8:7559..7654,CR388181.8:7734..7885,
FT                   CR388181.8:9812..9921,CR388181.8:10009..10067,
FT                   CR388181.8:17297..17377,CR388181.8:22442..22461,
FT                   CR388181.8:22707..22756,4302..4429,4573..4695,8071..8202,
FT                   25150..25233,27928..28101))
FT                   /gene="CH211-107M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium
FT                   channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit (CACNB4,
FT                   zgc:136550)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DT124375.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(CR388181.8:<4052..4240,
FT                   CR388181.8:7559..7654,CR388181.8:7734..7885,
FT                   CR388181.8:9812..9921,CR388181.8:10009..10067,
FT                   CR388181.8:17297..17377,CR388181.8:22442..22461,
FT                   CR388181.8:22707..22756,4302..4429,4573..4695,8071..8202,
FT                   25150..25233,27928..27990))
FT                   /gene="CH211-107M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028185"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate calcium
FT                   channel, voltage-dependent, beta 4 subunit (CACNB4,
FT                   zgc:136550)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O00305.2 Sw:Q8R0S4.2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0UXW6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000584"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008145"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0UXW6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13628.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(48258..48390,61366..61520,63703..63815,
FT                   63883..63980,64762..65029,67483..67606,68598..68770,
FT                   82073..82214,82615..82830,85745..85934,93075..93183,
FT                   94483..94587,98963..99093,106405..106552,114351..114441,
FT                   114542..114653,119223..119302,119417..119533,
FT                   124159..124277,124693..124737,127923..128007))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028180"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to inositol
FT                   polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type I (inpp4a)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q62784.1 Sw:Q96PE3.1 Sw:Q9EPW0.1
FT                   Tr:A1L241.1 Tr:Q29R84.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0UYC5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13629.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(48258..48390,61366..61520,63703..63815,
FT                   63883..63980,64762..65029,67483..67606,68598..68770,
FT                   82073..82214,82615..82830,85745..85934,93075..93183,
FT                   94483..94587,98963..99093,106405..106552,114351..114441,
FT                   114542..114653,119223..119302,119417..119533,
FT                   124159..124277,124693..124737,127923..128109,
FT                   166657..166741))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to inositol
FT                   polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type I (inpp4a)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC129338.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK389026.1 Em:EB988346.1
FT                   Em:EE708093.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(56980..57160,61366..61520,63703..63815,
FT                   63883..63980,64762..65029,67483..67606,68598..68770,
FT                   82073..82214,82615..82830,85745..85934,93075..93183,
FT                   94483..94587,98963..99093,106405..106552,114351..114441,
FT                   114542..114653,119223..119302,119417..119533,
FT                   124159..124277,124693..124737,127923..128007))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to inositol
FT                   polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type I (inpp4a)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(56980..57160,61366..61520,63703..63815,
FT                   63883..63980,64762..65029,67483..67606,68598..68770,
FT                   82073..82214,82615..82830,85745..85934,93075..93183,
FT                   94483..94587,98963..99093,106405..106552,114351..114441,
FT                   114542..114653,119223..119302,119417..119533,
FT                   124159..124277,124693..124737,127923..128007))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-107M8.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028181"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to inositol
FT                   polyphosphate-4-phosphatase, type I (inpp4a)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q96PE3-4.1 Sw:Q9EPW0-2.1
FT                   Tr:Q0VBQ7.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0UYC6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13630.1"
FT                   RCS"
FT   misc_feature    171728
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    173706
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-107M8"
SQ   Sequence 175706 BP; 57104 A; 31150 C; 31394 G; 56058 T; 0 other;
     gaattcactt ttagattgat ttaaaggtgc catataatga acagctggat atacctactg        60
     taggcataga ttaataataa gagttcacaa catggaaatg acatatcatg agtcccaatt       120
     gccattgtat ccttattctc atgtaaatcc tgtgagtgta aaatctcagt gaaaaatagg       180
     ccaatcggaa taaaatacag actcttatga actccacatg ggatcattaa tatggataag       240
     catttgattg gccacaacgt ttcatattga gattacaatg atatttttgc cttactttta       300
     agtttatcta agcttgtatt acacttatat atgtgatact ctaattttga aaatcgagca       360
     gggtttaaag gtcccataaa gtcccaatca cactaatcgg gcttgggcac gcttacgtca       420
     tcgatgctgc gctgttcaat gagcgctctc gctcagcaca gtggagattg ctcttgttat       480
     atcgtttcag tcgtttgata tgcagtgaca tgcagtcaaa tatttagccg aacagatccg       540
     ccacttttgg cgctcataaa caatcataaa gtcctcgtgc tgcaggaacg aggaggtctg       600
     ctgaaggtgc acagctgtcg tgcagtgagg ggtttgcgta tttaataaac tacggcagtt       660
     tgtgttcact gaacagtaag attgattaat aagtccaaat gaaacagtcc cttatagtca       720
     caactcgctt tcagtttcaa gcgtaccacg ccaaagccca agtgaaccac gctcaggccc       780
     acctcttcca accggccagg gcctgccaag tgaaccatgc ttaagcccga ttcagcgcac       840
     tcacacttct caaacaatcc aggaaacggg cctggtcacg gtacgcatgg catagtgtga       900
     gcaggcccta agttgcatat aaaatttaca tttcaaaact gcccaaattt tgtcaaccct       960
     acaatgccat gttttacccg cacaattgat tttaaaaccg cccaattggg caggaaaacg      1020
     cccaatctgg caacaccgaa cgcaggatat acggatattc attaattttc ttgtcagctt      1080
     agttaattaa tcctttatta atccggggtc gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc aaacttatcc      1140
     agcaagtttt tacgcagcgg atgaccttcc agccgcaacc catctctggg aaacatccac      1200
     acacacattc acacacacta cagacaattt agcctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg      1260
     ggaaaccgga gcacccgggg aaacccacac gaaggcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac      1320
     agaaatgcta actgagccga ggttcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gagacagtac      1380
     tacctactgc gccactgcct cgcgcatata agcataaggt ctgttcaaat gtatgttttg      1440
     gtatttcagc atgaatattg tgaaatttgg cacatttgtt tttggaacga ggcaacaaac      1500
     caaaatatat gagtttattg cacatttatg catagtgtca tatcactcag ctcttagtgt      1560
     aattcctagt gttggaaatt gacctgtaaa gggccactta catattgtgt cttacatatt      1620
     acatacagca tgtggaaggt gcgaggcaca ttacttgttt tagcgtctat tgttgcaggg      1680
     tgactatcaa cagttttctc agaggatggc aaaccatcgc tgtagctcta atatacgctt      1740
     tatttatgga gaaaataaaa aagcactgca gtgtttgggt gctctgtgtt tatctatatg      1800
     tgtataccat tattactaaa atgtgtattg taaggattca tccattagct gcatttttcc      1860
     tcctaaccag aaagaggtgc tcttctgact tttcaaatac agtccaattt ctatgcaccc      1920
     ttcaaaactg tggatggcaa cactttcttg ccatctgttg tgtgtcacca ctcaagccag      1980
     attacaaaca tctgtgtttt gccctatata agtttgtctg taactaacta gtgtctcagt      2040
     cttgagccat tattgcctga tgatctcctg attcttttga gaagctaagt gacacttaat      2100
     tgttgttgtt ttatttgttt acctttgtgt ccgtttggct tagcctgttt tctgcaagat      2160
     cagtttcagt tattttgtag tactttgtaa tctatttttc aagtaaagat ttatttattt      2220
     ttttctttct gaatctaacg acccaagttt ccttattaat cttctgcttt tgggttcatc      2280
     tgttgaggag ttagctcagt tgggaaaagc tccagctttc agtacatgag accaggatta      2340
     cacgtatatt taaaacaaat tacgctgatt agtttgttgt ggtgagcttg cggcgttctg      2400
     agaagttgag attgtgttaa agagcccata ttatgggttt ttgaaaattc ccctccatgt      2460
     agtgtgtaac acagctctaa gtgaagcgaa gtatccagct aaggcttaaa tctgtaagaa      2520
     tacagtgttt aaaacggttg attcatctat aatagagtcg actcatagtg cttcaaacga      2580
     gtcgccttga taccgattca ttaggtgttt cgccatgacg tacgaacgaa accaagttat      2640
     tcacgtgcac gcgcaaaacc gggagatttc aaacctgagg ccccgccctc tgacgcagaa      2700
     acccagacac acacacacac acatacaccc acaaacacac gcacacaaac atgccggtcg      2760
     attgaagtca cactgcagat ggacattatc gattctctac ccagagatga aacctcagca      2820
     ttatagccat gcagttggaa acttctggaa actacatgct acaaagaata cttcatcggc      2880
     gtttgttaaa ggaaggatca gtaaagatta acttactgat gaacgtcagg atgagtttct      2940
     tcctccattt ctcaaatgta agtacgtgcg gttaaagttg cctcgttaac tctagcttgc      3000
     aaatgtattt agttgtgatt tgttacttgt aaccgagtgt actgtatcag gttaactggc      3060
     tatattctct tatcgcgtgc aaagtcacgt taaaaacgcg acgcgtgctg tttgtttacg      3120
     gagctccgtg gtagaggtct gcataaccct aacccgcgat tgattcggaa atttattccc      3180
     gcgccgcaga aatctggcgc ggggacagcc gcgggaataa atttccgaat caatcgcggg      3240
     agcggtcggt aacaggttta atttgggatg ggagcgggct gtctagcaat atcgtggata      3300
     ttgctatgcg aatgagacag agctttgcct gcctgtgtgt ctgcttggcg cttgtgtgta      3360
     tgtgttagtg cgcgcgtatg agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag ctctgtctgg      3420
     ctgtctctgg actgttttgc tgggtgattt tcggttatgt tctcccccgc tctttagcgg      3480
     gatcgggcgc ggcgggcaga aaacggggcg gttcgggcac tgggacaaga aattctaaat      3540
     ataagcggga gcggtcgggt tcaggctaaa acctggcggg tgcgggcgga agcgggagcg      3600
     ttgtcgtcca gaggtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg tgtgtgtgtg gcagctaaaa tccacgccta      3660
     cactatggag cgcgtatgaa ctgtgattac ttttatattg ctgattagct attgggcatt      3720
     tcattctctg actgaaggca gtcgaccaat cgtgacagac tgtcatcggt ccaatcagcg      3780
     cagattagct tcgcgctaag gaggggtttg ggaacaaatg aatcactgga cgattcatac      3840
     gggagtcgct gggataatta ggtaaaaata aatgcagatt ataagaccat gaaagtgttt      3900
     tttgactctg catgcatatt agactgttgt tggagaccct tacaaccaag atatgaccct      3960
     atttcatgta taatatgggc tctttaacta aatgtgtctg gattacgtga atgcaacacg      4020
     tttcttccta tttgcgcaca agtcaccaat ggacgtaatg aacttgcatg ctcaaaagac      4080
     gcaataagtg aacggcctct aaaactgctt ctggagatat ttagcactta cttaagccac      4140
     ataaaacttc atttagatat cagagaacaa tctaacttac tgtatcaatg cattctatgg      4200
     cacctttaaa aaaggatcac tggaaaaaac atcaagaacc aagaggttgc ggaaaatcaa      4260
     atgctccatc aggtagttaa gtatgatctc tatctgctta cccttgtact ctgcttttct      4320
     tctgttccag ctgtgctctg atattctcca gcttcagggg actggggata aagccaatct      4380
     cacagccttc ttttaccagc ctcccaatcc accagtcatt attaaacttc tgcatacgga      4440
     gaagaaagga taaaacttta gcccctgaaa gcgtttgacc aacgatagcc gctttagtaa      4500
     tgaattttgg ctagagttta tctatatttg aagaaggcat tagtgaatct gagtcagtag      4560
     taagtttttc acctctttga tgtgcaggaa gtctttcgca tcgaatgaga tggcggttcc      4620
     tggcacaggc acatcttcat ccagcgcacc acagtagctg acatttgtct tcacggcgaa      4680
     ggccaccgct ttggcctgaa agtcaatgtt tttgaattta ggtaagctaa tgcacaacat      4740
     atgcaaccct atatgtctaa tagtctcctt taaaatgtat tcatcacttt taatttattg      4800
     cactggtgcc atgaagctta actgcttgat gatatattta acttcactgt tactttgatt      4860
     tatttctact attttttttt tttttgtctt taaagccact tttgacaatt tagaaataaa      4920
     gtgatataga aataaatgtg acttgattta aattcatttt aaacaacact ttttaaaatg      4980
     tcaacaattt tggctgtcca ctctgttaaa tccacttgtt atatccacat gtacacaaac      5040
     agttgaagtc agaattatta gcccccctgt ttgtatatat ttttttcaat tactgttaaa      5100
     cggaaataag ttttttcaac acatttttaa acataatagt tttgataact catctttaaa      5160
     aacagattta ttttatcttt gccatgatgc cagtaaataa tattgtacta aatatttttc      5220
     aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaaactt aactaggtca attaagttga      5280
     ctaggcaggc taaggtaatt aggcaagtca ttgcatatcg atggtttact ttgtagacta      5340
     tcagaaaaaa aaaaaacata aagaggctaa taattttgtt cttaaaatgg ttttaaaaaa      5400
     gccatttaaa atatttaaac aagaaaaaaa ttcaaagggg ggctaataat tttgacttca      5460
     attatgtata tacatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      5520
     tatatatata tatatatata tttttttttt tttttttttt gtcgcctttg ttgaatttat      5580
     aatatccact tgttaagtca tgttaaattt ttttttaaaa atatttacat ttaaaaatat      5640
     ttaaaaagaa aaaaattcaa aggggggcta ataattttga cttcaattat atatatatat      5700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat      5760
     gaatttatat tgaatttata atatccactt gttaagtcat gacatatgga atactgttta      5820
     caggtccaag ccacttctca tttaaattga gaaaatattt gttattacat taaagtaaat      5880
     tttatataaa agcatggtct acacaacaga cttgctgcat tacagacact aatatttgac      5940
     caatttatca aaaaataatt atcttctcgc catctgatat taggtatata tatatatata      6000
     tatatatata tatacacact aggatcatga ttttcgaaag tattacatca ctttgtaaac      6060
     atttattatt actatttgtt gggtctccac atacagtttg atagagcgct tgttattatc      6120
     tatccatatc aacaattata gcactaccct ctttatgaat tttatttttt ccatcatact      6180
     ttagtaatat caacaattat ggtgaaccta atcatctaat ggtgaactgc agtgtagaat      6240
     atttcagctt agaggctttt cagttcaatg tgagtaaaag aaaactgtct gaatctgaag      6300
     atactgttgt gttgaccgtc atctcctcca catcacagca taccatgctc acatttgtac      6360
     agaactgtgg tgactaaaaa cagggggttt ccctggtttt attttaataa acagaacaaa      6420
     tcaaaaccaa caaataacaa ttggatgctt tacttgttga gacagaagta gtgggtgctt      6480
     cttggccata acaatatagt ctagaccagg ggtgcccaaa ccttttctta taaaaggcca      6540
     aaaaccaaac ttgattgagg gctgtggact gaaggtacac tcaaaaaaat attttattac      6600
     ttgttcaaac tactaattta aaatgagctg aaacaacaca attctttaga tttcattggg      6660
     acaacttaat tttttatgtt caatccacat aaatttgttt aaaatgttaa gttaacttaa      6720
     tcaatttgtg ttgggacaac atgaatgaat tgtgtggaac cctgcatttt ttacagtgta      6780
     aatataccca actgcactgt aaaataatgt aaggttgcac acaatttatt tagattgtcc      6840
     caacacaaat agattaagtt aacatattag tggattaaac ataaaacaat tacttaactg      6900
     tcataaaaaa aatctcaaga actgtgttgt atgagctcat ttacataagt aggttgaaca      6960
     agcaccaaaa tatttttttt cagtgtttat tacattaaag ttgccatggt tcatttattt      7020
     aatttatttg atattattaa tacatacata tatttaatca tattaaataa tgcaatagaa      7080
     tttttattga acttattaaa ataaaaacac aattccttat ttaacacaat ggagatcaat      7140
     gccgaataca ctagtaaagc tgcacctgac tttaccgatg tcttctgagt tgtcttctat      7200
     ccatcagtga cagtgtattt ttttaaataa tctgattcat ttacaacatt taattgtaac      7260
     gttattttca gtttcctttt ttgtagctca gcaataaaac aaactaccac aaaagatttt      7320
     aggattggat ggcgggccaa gttaaatctt accaagggct aactctggcc tgcgggcttt      7380
     agtttgggcg tctttggact agaccaatac tgcataactg tagctcagac atgatggcta      7440
     tgagaagcaa ttaaataaca ttaaactgtg acaaatgtac aatttgtggt tacatttaag      7500
     tcacaatgtt gatctatttg ccatttattt actataaatc tgtgactaag actttatacc      7560
     tatgatttct gtcattattt actaaccttc cagaacaaag agattgagac aaagagagtt      7620
     cttttcttgt ttctagtcca aatgtctaaa aatccttaaa tcaagaagca ttttctagac      7680
     aagcaaaaag tattgtcttg ttttcagaaa taatttgagt tttttcctta aaacaatcaa      7740
     aataatcttg tttttcttgt cgacataaga ttattttgcc tgttttaagg aaaaaaatct      7800
     aattatttct gaaaacacga caatatgttt tgcttgtcta aaaaatgctt cttaactaaa      7860
     gaaatttaag atatatttaa gatatttgga caagaaaaaa gacaaggaaa ctaagaaaga      7920
     aatgtttaga aacacttgaa agtgtgagta aatgatgagt aaatgtacat ttttgagtga      7980
     actatccgtt taatactcta tatagtgtga aggagtatgt gatacatata atgtgataat      8040
     atacagtacg tgtattgtgt gtgctttgac ctttgccctc tccagctgta attgagcctg      8100
     ctgttctcgc tcctgccggc cctgactgcc cccctccggc ctctcctcct ccaacgacac      8160
     atctgaatca gacggcctgc tagtgtagga atcagctgaa ccctgtgaac acaccacaca      8220
     aaatacataa catacgtaca tgaggactgg ctttaaagga gacatgccat taaaacggct      8280
     tgattagtcc aatagattat taatggaaac tttgaatgtt gtcttctaaa gcatcagctc      8340
     ataaacatat gaccacactg acaatattta ttcagcattc agatattggg tggtagtcag      8400
     aaaaatgtaa tcaacaagaa ccaatcataa cccaaaaaaa ttacctataa attgctaaaa      8460
     ttgcatatta agcccctttt tacaagtatg tgaagtttta gctcaaaatg ttttataact      8520
     ctttgaaact gcccttttag gcttcgatcc aaattgtgtt attttagtga ctgtcgcttt      8580
     aaattcaaat aagattgtac acccagccct cttttcaaaa tgatcttcag cataatcaac      8640
     taaaagtcat ttgttgttcc taaaacttgg atagacgaca agactattgt caggtactgt      8700
     ttattatctc aaagcaaaca tttattttgg attcaattaa tcaaaaaaca ataattttac      8760
     agattattat aatttttttt ttgaatagtg catttgagtc ttcttttatc atttgcacat      8820
     tagtctggtc tgctgcattt tcattgggtc tgtgcttctc atgtttgcct attcagaccg      8880
     ctggaaacac aggtcagcaa aaaaaccacc tgtacctcta ttactagaca caactgtcag      8940
     ccatagagat acatggtcct caagcaaacg gaaaaataca cctgtgagct gaaggtgact      9000
     ttaggctagc tgcatttgtt cacaatcttc attacaccct tacaaatagc agatacagct      9060
     gaaggcaaaa gtattagccc tccctatcgt gaaatttgta ttctttttca aatattttcc      9120
     aagtgctgct taatggagag aaaggagcta acttcttttg tatatgccat gatgacagta      9180
     cattatattt aatagttatt tagcaaaata ctagtattcc gtttaaagtg caatttaaag      9240
     gcttaactag gttaattagg ttaactacgc aagttgaaga gattaggcaa gatattcaac      9300
     aagatttttt tcgttaattt ttttattatt ccagccaagc taaaatatat aactttcttc      9360
     agaagctgaa acataatagg aaatactttt aaagatgtct ttgctctgtt aaacatcact      9420
     tgggaaatat ttgagaaata ataaaacttt tataggatgg ctaataattt tgttttcaac      9480
     tgtgcatgtg ctagtttaca gattagacat tgcgtcacat tttatattta cctcataatt      9540
     aaactttgac gtgtgtattt taactaatgg cacacatttt tagtgtgtag tatggcaaat      9600
     atagaaatac attttacata atagaaattc acaatttaga atggttacta acacataccg      9660
     gtgaattttg ggaaaagtac cggaacgact atatcattac ccagaaatga gctctaaaca      9720
     tctgcacttg tatttgtaaa cacagaagtg gtcaggcttt tgttgatggt ttcactttta      9780
     tttgaagctt tagcattcat gcagctgctt tgtgagacat ccaaaggcag aagtgtcaac      9840
     cacagctaaa tgtttacaca tttgatgaca taacaaattc tgtggatgaa taagtattgt      9900
     gaacaacttc gatgaaaaca ctttcgcatg tcgagatgta caaaatatgt gtttgtgctg      9960
     gcactcacca gctgcttcac gtgcacacgg gtcaagcagc tgaagcagag cttgaaggta     10020
     aacaaacagc ggtttaccat aagcatttaa ttaattaatt tatttatttt acacagctgg     10080
     aattaagaag gaacatataa atgttatctg agtaacatct aacagccaaa tgtgtctgga     10140
     aaatactcaa aatgctttta attttataaa cagcgcggat gtgaatgcgt ctgaatgttc     10200
     tgattggctg gagtggacgt ctcacgtcag tacattctaa tcatgaacac gttatttcca     10260
     gcaattttcc ttctgcgttc acacagagta gcgttccggc aaattactgg aaatgttgca     10320
     ttttctctgt ctggaaaata gccggaacga atttatcagt attctcaaaa aggacctgtt     10380
     cacatatgat caatttccgg gaaaattgcc agtaatcttg gtctgtatgt gtgaaagggg     10440
     caatcatctc actttaaact attaaaaata ttaataaaag tgacttttta aaaaactttt     10500
     taaggttaaa agttattata agaaagatca agattccata atgaaaattc aaaagcatga     10560
     ataaaacaat aaaaaaataa aaacatgaat cacaaaatac agaaaactgc tagtttacga     10620
     atttgttttt tccagtgtgt catactgaaa aacataattc aaagtgaacc ctcaagtata     10680
     caggtgtgtc ttaagcatag attaaaaaga tcaacagttt gagcacttat taggagtggg     10740
     caagctcata tccagaaatt tgcagcattg acaaaaaggc tcggccacct ttatttttca     10800
     accttgcttt cgataaatgg gaatgcgatt ttcattgtga gactaacaga ctataaaact     10860
     ttatgataag gctgtacaat atataattac agcctcaata tcgcaaagtg tatgtctaaa     10920
     attgtcactt cgcaggatat gcaatgttga gttgggataa tagttgatca acaattgatt     10980
     cgttgagaat acatgaaatt attggagtca ctgcaaagta tattaacaga cttcctcatt     11040
     tctgtgtgtt ttaaaggcat ttcaagagag tgtaaaacat ttgtaacttt aaagaagaat     11100
     aattttactg aattattaat aatacaatga agactatacc atggtttcct ccattcattc     11160
     ttctgacgcc acaccaaaat tcattcctgc catggctaca ttaccttttt cattcaaaac     11220
     attcagttgt tgtagttttt tttttgtttg ttttgtttta gtagcaggtt ataatcgcac     11280
     tgaaacgtat taaaaggtaa ctgaatcata atagagcaaa cttttgtgta atggtagtag     11340
     ggctgtacat tatctattta accctttaaa ggtacatgct gactgactga cagagctgag     11400
     cgatgcgtga ggccagcaaa cacgtagctt tcagttatga tgaacacggt ttccataatt     11460
     acactttatt tctagataac ggtctatggt tctgcataca atgacttgat tatcaatgac     11520
     taatgactat cttgctggag tttatagctg tttcacttta cttcaggatg caacaatgca     11580
     gttctttagg tctattggaa acattcataa atatttctag caaatctaat gaatttggga     11640
     gatatattag gcctgtgcaa tcaattggaa tcaaatcgca agtttgaaac gttgagatca     11700
     gctaattgca agaggctgcg ttatgaaatg tatatttatt attaaatttc ccccacccaa     11760
     agcaaatgag ggatcttact agccaattga gtgagcacac tttcgttcca gccaatcaga     11820
     attgcgaaac cgaacaatgt aggacgcccg caataaaaga aacaaacagg aaagcactta     11880
     ctagtgggat ggtggcattt gctgcttcag aagtattaat agactaattt atatcaaaga     11940
     aaaacagcat gtcggtaata tggaaatatt ttggtttcaa attcacagac agcaaacaaa     12000
     aacaggtcat atgtaagaat tgctgccaca gcaccaggaa atacaacaac taaaaagtca     12060
     actgaaagta ttgccagtga cactcaatct aatagaaagc aacagcaaag tataatttca     12120
     gagttgtttc agccatgtta gattgctgag tgttctgtat ttttataatt agtatttttt     12180
     tttataataa gctacaatat atctcctaat ttcagttcaa catgtttata gtaaggtagc     12240
     ttgactacaa aaatttaatc gcaaatcgaa tagaaatcgc aatatcggtc aaaaaaaaaa     12300
     aaagttagat atttgtcaaa attgcacagc cctcctagtt acataaacgc actaaaccgc     12360
     acttcagctg tgtttatttg agagcgcaga agaaaatctg agcttgagcg gcgtatattt     12420
     gagggcatgc aagaacagag gaaaccgacg tgcaagcaaa gacattagcg ttacagtacg     12480
     tatactcgta atttgtaata ctgtgctaac aatatttatc attgaaatac tccatagata     12540
     gttggaaaat ctgtgtaaaa ggcctgccac cacagctgga aaaaaatcct agaggaaaca     12600
     ctgtacagtt ttattttact tttcattatt acatttctgt acctgaatac tgtctgactc     12660
     tttgcaaacc ataaagcact gtttatttag attattgctt gcaatttgtt tattattttt     12720
     tatatatgaa tcacaccctc acagtatcac ctcaatcatt cattcatttc ccttcgtctt     12780
     agtcccttta ttcatcaaaa gtcgccacag cagaatgaac cgccaactca tccagcattt     12840
     gttttacaca gtggatgccc ttccagctgt gaacaagtac tgggaaacat ccatatacac     12900
     taattcacac agtcatacac tatggccaat ttagtattca attcatctgt atcgcatgtc     12960
     tttggaccgt gggggaaacc gaagcacccg agaacatggg gaaaacatgc caactccaca     13020
     cagaaatgcc aactgaccca gccgtacacc ttaatcaatc taaactcata aatttttcca     13080
     aacagagcta tttgatacat acaattgtaa tcatatcaca atatatattg cagaaaaaca     13140
     aaacatcgcc atgtcagact tttccaatag catgcagccc tatatcttaa atctgctaga     13200
     tagaaactca ttatctttcc acaacaaaac ctctatctaa atttataccc aaatatgtag     13260
     ctaacatctt tttctgctgc acgttttctc atccatcagg caaaaaaaaa gtttctgtaa     13320
     acttttcacc tttgataacc aactactcta aatactcaag tcaagtacaa acacttcttc     13380
     agaaatgctc aatcaaccat gaaatactct cagcattcct atgcaataac atcaagatca     13440
     ttcccttaaa gtacatacag taccttcacc gccggcttct caggaccttg aaaaacttca     13500
     caatacacaa tctgaacatt ttcgcctgaa atctccagaa aatcctcaga cggctccaag     13560
     atgtttgaga gagaagcagc tgacatcttt cctctcaata ataatcaaaa aaccatacag     13620
     cgctggtatt cacacttttc ccgctttaag ataataaagg cgattccagc agcaagtaca     13680
     tagtcctcta attaatgaga gacactgctc aaagtgaagc gaagctagga agctgtattc     13740
     tgttaatcca atttggaaac aacattagct caagtcagtg aaaagaatga tcgggtcaat     13800
     atcgcattag agagagaggc agagagagag cgaaaaagcc tcgcagtcgg ctaaaaaaat     13860
     ttgagcacgc tgcctatggc gaaacacttt ttccctgaag gcagccgctc cgcacaagct     13920
     tacttcagca gggacccaat tgaggccggt gagtccaatc acaaaacgcc tgattcggga     13980
     aacaaaaaat gcacaagttt gcttatcttt caccgcagaa gtgatgattg tgagcaaaaa     14040
     aaaataaaaa gacgaaaatt caaatgaatg actttcatcc ttgattttga cgagataacc     14100
     gtcttttttt gctgaagagt gaatttggaa ggctggtaaa ggtttatgtt taacgtcatg     14160
     aagagagaca attaaagcca gcaattaaag catagttaca tttatcaact aatttaaaga     14220
     cctcatgaaa ttaaaataaa aacattacag atgttagttt cagtctgttt caggttttaa     14280
     ggttatctgt atgtagatgt gctccaaaaa agtgacacaa ttcacattta ggtgatataa     14340
     aaccgatata aacatgtaaa gcttgcagtt tgtccctttc atctaaatgg atcgatgttt     14400
     ttttttttcc acatcacctc atcctttagt ttcacatcaa atcttgacca atcaaatgcc     14460
     ctctagtatc tgacttgccc cgccaccctt caagacggtt ctcatttgtt ttataaaaaa     14520
     ggggagggga cactctatgt cccaccctct tttaaatttt cagttgagat tatttcacct     14580
     catagtcaaa tttaaagaca ttttaagcgc tttttaaacc attacaaaag aaatttgagg     14640
     gctaaacgcc aatatttttt tgggcatgta gaaaatattg aaaaaaaagg taacacttta     14700
     ttaaaactac acactataaa tcatttatta agcattagca aatggtgaat tcatcatctg     14760
     ttaagcatta actctacatt aataaacgtt agtaagcagt ttataactgc agctacaaat     14820
     gctctattct tgacttaaaa tcacatttaa aatgtgctta ataattgtgt tttcatactt     14880
     agtaaatgat ttatttttca ttactaagtt aagtatcgca ttatttacaa accagttgta     14940
     tttaagagta gttgagggtt tttaggatca ttcagaatga gttagtaaat aattaataaa     15000
     ctcttaatat taatatttat atctcttatt atttaggcat atattaatgg ttactatgta     15060
     tgttaataaa tgctttatta actcaacttc acctagtttt gtgacctaat ctaaagtaag     15120
     gactatttat gctttataaa tcctttataa atgacaaata aaggctcagt taaattctaa     15180
     acaggaaaaa tgacattatt cattcctatt caattaaaga tacacaaatg aaactgcact     15240
     tcaaataaaa aataaatctt tgcaacctga tctaaaataa aatcactgta gagtttaaag     15300
     attacatttt aatacattgt tttattatta tattgttgtt ttatccagtt ttgttgtatt     15360
     ttgacactcc tgttattcag caatgtttaa actttacagt aattttacat tttaaaaaag     15420
     attgcaaaga ttatagttca tttgatactg agcctttaat agtcattttt aagggattta     15480
     taaaacatga atagtcctca ctttagatta ggtcacaaaa ctgcatgaag ttgagttaat     15540
     aacgcattta ctaacatatt agttgactat tagtatatgc ctgaataata agacatataa     15600
     acattaaaat tattagttta tttatcattt actaactcat gctgaatgat cctaaaaacc     15660
     ctcaactact cttaaataca actggtttgt aaataatgtg atacttacag taatttagta     15720
     atgaaaaata aatcatttac taagtatgaa aatacaatta ttaagaacat tttatatatg     15780
     gttataagtc aagaatagag catttgtagc tgcagttata aactgcttac taacgtttat     15840
     taatgtaggg ttaatgctga acagataatg aattcactat ttgctaatgc ttaataaatg     15900
     atttatagtg tgtagttatt ataaagtgtc acctaaaact aaatatttgg actacagact     15960
     gtccaggtct ataaatacat ggaggacttt taaacaaata taataataat aataataata     16020
     ataataaatc gcctcacagc aagaaggtcc ctggtttgag cctcggctgg gacagttggt     16080
     ggttctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttcgccct gcgtttcctc tgggtgctcc ggtttccccc     16140
     acagtccaaa gacatgtggt acagatgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtccg tagtgtatga     16200
     ctgtgaatga atgtgtatgg atgtcatcca gagatagatt gcagctggaa gggcatccgc     16260
     tgcctgaaac atgctggata agttgaaggt tcattccgct gtggcgaccc cagataaata     16320
     aaaggactaa ggtgaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaataata ataataataa taataataat     16380
     aataataata ataataattc ctaacattta tatagcgctt ttctggacac tcaaatcgct     16440
     ttacacattt ttgggaaaat ttcctcatcc accaccagtg tgcagtatcc acctggataa     16500
     aagcagctaa ttggtggaga ggagacagaa tgatgtagcc aattatgata tagtgatggt     16560
     taggaagcca tgatggacag aggccagtgg gcaaattggc aaggatgtca ggacatcctg     16620
     gcatttttaa caaccgcaga gagcgaggac ctctgtttca tgtctcatcc gaaagacagc     16680
     gatcattgag cagtaaagag tcccatttga ttgttcaatt actgtttacc tgaatactgt     16740
     tagactcctt gaaaaacaat gaaccgctgt ttatatagtt gatcttttta ttcattggat     16800
     ttctctatgc ttgaagattg tttattatat tttatacaaa ttcactcctc tacaaaatca     16860
     taatcgcaat gtacgatttc tcaataacgc acagccctac cacttgccga ctgatgtttt     16920
     aattgttttg tgacaaattt aaaggtgcag taggtgatct gccagaatgc tagcattagc     16980
     attgcagctt tgaaaatata catccctccc ctgccgtcca aagcgtgcac caaacagatg     17040
     acgatacaca accttatgta acactaaatc atgtcattca ccagttagaa aacttcacag     17100
     agacatgcac tttgtccagc gtagttgttg acaggccagt gggtgcagga attatatttc     17160
     cccataactg acattggggt tttatatccg cacattcaga ctttctgctt aataatataa     17220
     tttcagaaaa gtattgtttg caatttttaa atagtgaaat catataatca gccaatgaca     17280
     acactgtaaa acccgattgc tactatccat ttcaatgtaa aaatttattt atatgagtac     17340
     tgtgaacttc atttgttgaa ttaatgaggt atttaattaa ctcattacct tcaacactga     17400
     gttgaattaa ctttcagtac atttaactat aaaattaact tcactccttt catttgataa     17460
     agttaactgt tgggttttac agtgtataca atacaacatt gttcacagtc agtttaacag     17520
     tgctaatgtt ggtttgacat tttttaattg gacgaacatt ttttagtctt atgccttacc     17580
     cagattataa aaatacatat aaatacattt agatgattta ctttaatcat tactatcggt     17640
     atgtgaagag acctttaact acactgtaaa ctccaacagt caactctatc aaatgaaatg     17700
     agtgtagtta actcaaaatt tactgaaaag taattctact cgtttcaaaa gagctttgaa     17760
     ctcacagttg aaggtacctc attgctttaa cttaaatcga gtaagtttac ggtactcata     17820
     tacattcgtt ttttaactca aattgtttgt ggcagtcggg tttctcaaat ggtttgagtt     17880
     gacataactt attgggcttt acagtactca gttggtttga gttctcttta tttattatga     17940
     tttactgtgc tcaaattgga atcaaatgga ttacagtact cattaggatt agtttttgaa     18000
     cttaaatggt tttttgcaat ccgtttcctc aaatggtttg agttacctta actttttggg     18060
     tttacagtgt agcacaacaa aaaaaaaaaa tttctgaagg caatcaccta ctgcaccttt     18120
     aatctgttaa atatttttct agattaaaac aacacaacac ccactgtaaa acaattcctt     18180
     catgttgtcc caacacaaac tgaataagtt aactgttcat acaaatttaa gtgaatagaa     18240
     caattaagat gcccaaaaaa cgtaagaatt atgttgtttc agctcatttt aaatgcatag     18300
     tttaaacaag caacagaagt ctctcttcac tgtaaaaact gattagttac ttaaagcgag     18360
     taaactatta tgctaattgt actcactttt ttaagtcaac taattccttt ttttcacagt     18420
     gttttcaaat aattactgta attataacaa tattacatac agttaaagtc agaattatta     18480
     gccccctgaa ttaatagatg gcttgtttat tttttcccca atttctgttt aacagagagc     18540
     agattttttc aacacatttc taaatataat agttttaata actcatgtct aataactgat     18600
     ttcttttatc tttgtcatga tgacagtaaa taatatttga ctagatattt ttcaagacac     18660
     ttctatacag cttaaagtga catttaaagg cttaggttaa ctaggcgggt atagcctaat     18720
     taggcaagtt attgaataat gacggtttgt tctgtagatt atcgagaaaa aaatgtagct     18780
     taaaggggct aataattttg tccctaaaat tgtgtttaaa aaagtaaaaa ctgcttttat     18840
     tttagctgaa ataaaacata aggcattttc cagaagaaaa attattatca gacatactgt     18900
     gaacaagtcc ttcctctgtt aagcatcata tggaaaatat tttaaaaaga agaaaaaaat     18960
     ttgaaggggg ctaataattc tgactttaac tatatttggt gcttcattaa gtctataaaa     19020
     tctacaatta tatcctgtaa agaatttaga agacacattg gagtctggaa gagcagattt     19080
     attttagtta ctgtcattct gctagacata gaaaagctga aaaaaaaaca aatataataa     19140
     atgtgtattg gaaaatgtga ttagtttact ttgatttttt taaagtgaat acaatttgca     19200
     taataataat aattaagtca acttaaaagt tccaagttac aatgggttta cttgcattat     19260
     tttataaagt caacttgttt cttttagggc aattgattta ctcactttaa ataactaatc     19320
     actttttaca gtgtgtacaa tgtaaaaaaa aaagcagggt tccacaattc cttcattttg     19380
     tcccaacaca aatcaaatgt ttttacaaat ttaagttgat tgaacaaaaa acaattaagt     19440
     tgtcccccca aaactctcaa gatttgttgg ttcaagtatt ttgaacaagc agctaaaaac     19500
     tgagtgaatt ttcatccaca aaattccaca aaaaaaggct aaaatagatc aatagcttct     19560
     attacatact gaatatcaga atataaacac atctgatgag aattagaaca gttttcaagg     19620
     gcctctaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaatcc ttgatgtctt ttccagactt     19680
     ctggctcgat ttcatttaaa ggcattcaag tggggcacct aagccatgtg actcattaca     19740
     ttctacacat cagcgagaag cggctctgcc cctttaacag cccgacagca aatgaagctt     19800
     tacaatttga ccagcgcgat aacaccctac gcaatttcca ccataaagac gtcaggtata     19860
     aatcctacaa tgaatagaaa gtcacatccc acgaacccaa ttgaacaaaa aaaatgaatg     19920
     agagacgcgc tgttctttcg gcaacagccg ttctcctaac gcaccggaat atgagtgaat     19980
     atgttcaatg ggaatgtgtg ctattaaaac acacagaaca cacacacaca aagcctcaga     20040
     tgagcatctc ccaaaagcac acccacggac atcggtgggc tgcatcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     20100
     tcctggtaca ccgagtctcg caggccctgt atgtgcagca cagctgagcc acacacacac     20160
     acacaaacgc acacacacac acacgcacag ccagtgggaa aagactatat atagcagtag     20220
     tcaattctaa tcgcgagaaa aaataactca ccgcctccga gtcttcaaat ccatgcaggt     20280
     acaaattgtc atacatggag gtttgctatt ccaaagaggt cctcttgaag aatagagaaa     20340
     aaaaagagag agagaggagg tggtggagat ggagagaggg ggggaggagg aggaggagga     20400
     agaggaggag ggagccacca ccacacacac aaaaaagaga gagaatcgat ggggggatga     20460
     cgatcccctt gctccacgga ggaagaacaa ggagggaaaa aagggtgaga gatgcctcac     20520
     gagagaaaga gaggatggag agagagagag aaagagggaa agcaggcctg tgcagacggc     20580
     tcggcctgca ggatggagtg gatccctcgt tcagcctcca attctctcac atcctcaggc     20640
     agggagaagc ttcccaacgg ctcactgacg cggacgtttc atcatctctc agcaacacgc     20700
     tcgcacacac acacgcacaa aacacacacg gcgctgctcc ccgcatcaga gagagagaga     20760
     gagagagaga gccttcctca atctctagct gatgacacac ttgagcagct gcgtgctgat     20820
     tggctgagca gaccctccag tcagagctgc tgctgctgac gtgtgttctc cttgactgcg     20880
     agcgctgatg agaaagagag agagaacgag cctcccctct gctgttttca ttctctcttt     20940
     ttccttcttt gtttcttttg aatgtacagt caggtttcct ttaagccatt gtgtttgcag     21000
     tgatcttgtt ttcacgatgc agtaataaaa tcattaatct gcaatagtct cagaatacaa     21060
     aatcctctta tatttacagt caaaatcaac catggtgttt tcttaaatgc acatatatat     21120
     caggtaaacc aattttttgt aagacatcaa gtttaacatg aatcaatagg atataaagtt     21180
     gatggcaaaa tgcttttatt caaatactcc caagtgctgt ttgatggaga gaagatgaac     21240
     attgttaaag cacaatagtt ttaataatta atttctatta actacttttt tttaaaataa     21300
     tattttacta attactttgc aagatagtat tatagtatgc agcttaaagt gcaatttaca     21360
     ggcttaactg ggtttattag tttaaagtta tgtaattatg caagtcattg aacacagtag     21420
     tttgttttga agcaaatcgg aaaaaaaaaa atcaaacaag atttaaggga gctaataaaa     21480
     atgagcctaa aatgataaaa aatataaaaa aatgtatcta tacaataaat aatatgatat     21540
     attaatacat acattttaat tctttaaaat tttctcccaa tttctgttta acagagagat     21600
     cccttttcta aatgtgacag ttttaataac taaattctaa taacagtaat ttcttttatc     21660
     attgccatga tgacagtaca taatatttta ctaaatacac cgcaactctt atatttcaaa     21720
     cctgcaggaa gcactgtaat tgatacagtt ttttttttcc caatgaggtg gtgtaataaa     21780
     tacattaaat ttttatttaa taataaaaaa cactggttta aaaagtattt tgtgacaccc     21840
     atatccgtca ttaaaaaccc aggtttgttt tgaataataa cttagaatca aggttcattt     21900
     taggcctata taaactataa aacatctatg caaattaatg caatactata tgtaaaaact     21960
     aaatcattat atactgtagt agcctatagc ccataaaaaa ggtcaatatt gccttgttgt     22020
     ttctcgctca gcatgcgcat tgaagcacaa gtgacagata cagaggaaat caaataaaaa     22080
     taatataggc tagaataaaa taatatagcc cactttgcag ctttctttta aattatagta     22140
     ggcctactgt atataaaata gcgccggagt gtttctcagt gtttcgcagg taaagtcttt     22200
     aaattgtgtg ataattgtac attttttaaa atttctataa ataaagtggg gagaaaataa     22260
     ataattaggc ctatttaatt attcatttat tatttatgca cagtaattga gacataaaat     22320
     gagatcgtaa aatatgaatc aacaacaaaa atttaaatta aaactataaa tgaaaaagct     22380
     tttttattga ctgtcttagt ccgatcacat taaaataaca ctgtacatct ctcaatattt     22440
     aggctaaaac actgctttat ttatttactt attcatttta gttgtctttt ctttctttaa     22500
     ttcaactttc cataatgaat cctcattgca cttaacaagt taacaatgat aataaagctt     22560
     gttgacaaat ttttaatgat taatgaagaa attataatgt ttgattgttt atctttattt     22620
     acaagtagca gagtatttac agctactgta taggctattt ttgtccattc acattccatc     22680
     cctttgtgcc ccctagcgtt atagtcgcca aggggcacct tcttacacgt tcttcaaaaa     22740
     aacacgttct tgctccttta gagtggcgcc agtacaaggc aggaactcat gctcatatta     22800
     aagtgtcacc tactgtatat ttcaagattc agcccaaagt acagtttaaa ggcctaacta     22860
     gattaattag gttaactaag catgttaggg ctattaggca agtcattgta taacaattgt     22920
     ttgctctgaa gctattcgaa aaaaaatttt gcttaataat attgacgtta aatgattaaa     22980
     acaatgtaaa actgctttga ttctagctga tataaaacaa ataagacttt ccccaaaata     23040
     aacaaatatc ataggaaaaa tgactctctg ttaaacataa tttgggaaat atttattaat     23100
     aatttaatag ttaagctaat cattttgact ttaactgtat tgcatattat aactgcaaaa     23160
     tagtatacaa cggggtgtcc aatcctgttt agtagaactg gacaccactg gtaaatatat     23220
     tcatgtaaaa aaggttagga ctgcctactt aattacatag tttgctatat aaagacattt     23280
     agaatatgta aagaaaatta catggtcctt tgcatgccct gttgacataa aagcctatta     23340
     taaaagtatt ctttctcctt ctgtcattcc attgttttta cacatgactc ttttgttttc     23400
     agatttatgt tttgttttat ttatgtattg tttgggtttt catcaaaacc tggttcaatt     23460
     ccatgtcaac agctccttta gaaatcttat ttcaaagaaa aaaacatgac attttcaaca     23520
     cttatttccc tatttgtatg taacaaaaaa taagccaaga tagaaaagat tgtaaagtag     23580
     agctgctcaa tattttgttt cagcattgat attgcaatat acacatccac aatagtcaca     23640
     tcttagaacc tgcaatgtcc agtcgtaatt acatttgatc aggtacaata gttgaaagtt     23700
     tgtcatgtgc atgtttcaag atctgtgatt attattattg tttcaagatt atatcttgaa     23760
     agcatttcaa gaaagcttaa aagtacagaa agttttaaca tttgtagctt tatattacaa     23820
     agatgattaa aatgtattga tatgatgaag aatatacggt gatatataat tattcaagtt     23880
     gtgtgaatac tatatgaatt ctccgaaatc agaaaagcag tttatttcat ttgcatcttt     23940
     gctcttttgc atttatctat actatactat tcaactatgc tcattaatct atgtagattt     24000
     gctggtgtgt ttgggatcgt catattagat ggacattgga gaggtattat gttaacaaaa     24060
     atccagacct gttatatctt ttgatgatca gttaaaggta tagtttgcca aaaaattatc     24120
     attcacgtat tctttcagac ccttatgagt tcctttcttt aagaagatat ttagaaaact     24180
     gttggatacc tgtaaccact gcaatcaata gtatttattt ttctatggaa gtcagtggtt     24240
     acagtttttc agccttctcc gaaatgtcgt cttttgtgtt caacagaaga cagaaacaca     24300
     taacgtctca aatcacttga tggtcagtga ataggcatgt gatttgtagt gcctgactta     24360
     ctttttgtca gtgctatttg ctgttgctca tctgaggttt aagacctgtc aaagatcaca     24420
     tcatttttta tgtgctgata tagaataatc agactgtcat aggttgttcc aacatttaca     24480
     cattactgtt ttttatagga tatactgtat aaaaccataa tccaaacaaa tacagtactg     24540
     tccaaaagtc ttctattttc acaaaaaaag gtcaagtcag tcggagaagt tgtcagttct     24600
     ttttatattt agtctgattt ttcaatacac ataatcttgt gtattggtat gtgttttgtg     24660
     ttatttttcc ttatgtgact gattatatca acacattaaa ttggttatag tataattaat     24720
     tattaattaa tagataatta atttaccact tttttatttt ccaatcttat gtaaacattg     24780
     tctttacaat atttgttcac gttatctcat gtaagaatat ctgcctgatg taaataatgt     24840
     ttgtttatat attttatatt tatgtaaact atttaaagca attttattaa attctgtaca     24900
     gttacaaaac tgcattataa tatgtgactg cataacgaag gaaaaaaaag attttagaag     24960
     gcaagaatca gagcagatga acaaaacaaa aacaaaaaat gacagaataa gtttgcttta     25020
     atgaccttca aatgtgtgga taataatata attgagccca aataggggga tgaatcattt     25080
     cttttatgga taaaaactgt aaagtaatgc taaagtctct aaagaaccgg gcttttttaa     25140
     tgtgtttacc tgtctgagta tgaaactggt ggaggtggtg ctgccatcag atctcttcag     25200
     ccgactgcgt cgtgaatatg ttcccctgtt cacctgtaga gggagaaatg accaaatcat     25260
     gaatatatat ataatattct tcatttctca atcatttact tttgagaata caatattagc     25320
     attcgtttta atgcaatctt gcttttgata tttggtcaga atcagaataa ggagcagaat     25380
     cagtattgag gatattggcc aagtagctat aaaggttata aaaaacttac aacacatcat     25440
     aaacatggac tgaatattcc gctggaaata agtacgctat aactaaacag cacacttaaa     25500
     agaacactcc acttttttgg aaataggctc attttacaac tccctagagt taaacagttg     25560
     agttttacca cttttgaatc cattcagccg atctctgtgt ctggcagaag cacttttagc     25620
     ttagcttagc ataaatcatt aaatcagatt agaccattag catttcacac aaaaaaaatc     25680
     aaaaaagagt tttgataatt ttcctattta aagcttgact cttctgtatt tacattttgt     25740
     actaagatga cggaaactga aaagttaagc tgttaccttg ctggggacca ttttgaagca     25800
     ctgtataata tcattgtgcc tgaataagcc atggtagtac agcaaagttc cttgattgtt     25860
     acgccggaac aatattaaag tccctatgta gacctagaaa atagcaactt ttcttttcag     25920
     tcttagtaca tgatgtaagt tgagaagact aaagtttaaa ataggcaaat tatcaaaaat     25980
     tttggattac tttaaaccag atgctaatgg tctaatctga ttcaatgatt gatgctaagc     26040
     taaaagtgct ccagccagag cttgagagtg gctgaactaa tttctaatgg taaaccaggg     26100
     gaattgtgta aaatttatta gccttttttg aaaaagggaa gtgttccttt aaacatggga     26160
     gtcagccaaa tgtggatgag gatgcaagcg ctgcaggaga aataaaaatc ttgctacgca     26220
     tagtgcatta gtgaccatta attaggtttc atttggcaat gagagccact tgcatcaatg     26280
     taaattatct gtacaattta ttaatggatt tatataagaa gtaggagaga acaagtgttc     26340
     tttcagctat attaaccctt actttacacc tagaggaaaa taatcgtcca cagctgaaaa     26400
     aatatcaaga ggttttaaaa atcaagatta tggaagaaca agaaaaggca attgtgactt     26460
     tttattgcga gttcgatttg aacttataag aaatacaatt tatatcttgc aaaaagagtt     26520
     atgatttttc tattttgaaa attttaactc ataactgcaa gtttatattg tgcatttcta     26580
     aagaaaaaaa aatcttgtag atatgaactc agaatgatgt ctttttatct tgtaaattac     26640
     atattggaat gatttttttt tctcaaattt gtttatatgt tgtattactg agatgttttt     26700
     cttcttgaat ttcctggaaa ttctgttcat aactcacaac taaatttctt tagatctcaa     26760
     cattgtttct tcttcttctt cttcggcctt tgtcccgtat ggttgcgggg ttggctcttt     26820
     ggaacaagtc ctccatttag acttgtccat atgataacga cttttttaca cattccggcc     26880
     ggcctgtcac ccttacacac aacggacaat ttagccttgt ctttggggaa aatcggagca     26940
     aacccaagtg aacgcaggaa aaacatgcaa acgcctcaca gaaatgccaa ctgagccaag     27000
     gttcgaacca gtgaccttct tgctgtgagg cgacagcact acctactgca ccactgcttc     27060
     gcccagatct caacattatt tatatctcat aatttgaata tgctgagtta ataaaggtta     27120
     tctataagac tgaatcagtt acatacttgt tacaatttct ttttataacc cacgtatatg     27180
     caacaaacag ttcccctaaa agtgttatta gaatagtaaa agtcttcatt ttaatattaa     27240
     ttataatttg tacacaattt tacaaatacc ttactgcttc aggttggaaa accattgtga     27300
     attgtgtaga ttttgcaagg gcttcatagt tgtgaaaagc aagagagaaa gatggggtgg     27360
     gctgaccaaa aatagtcact taagggatat taattagcaa ggtctgattt gtttctattt     27420
     ttagggggcc tctagggttt gtagtagtgt tgaggataga cagagagctt gttcttttta     27480
     aagtttgctt aatagggcca ccaaaaaaat aggtcagtgt gctcgtttca cagcattagg     27540
     gtgcttttaa tggagtcagg tgatggtttc cttcatcatt acggtcaaaa attcaaacaa     27600
     ttacgcttgc aagggattta tttttgcttc aagaatcata tttaatgtaa actgtaaaag     27660
     tttactttgg taaaagtcta aatacccttg tgtttaattc aagttggcta ccattgacgc     27720
     cccatctaaa caattaaaac atcacaaaat agcacctcaa taaaaactac aaacattcgt     27780
     caacacgttc tacttcttct gtactagcgt aggctactat atagtactta ctaaagtgaa     27840
     tactatcaca attaaatatt acaatatatt tgggttttta atcatgaaga gttgtcaaat     27900
     gacagttaaa agtttaaata tagtcacctg aaatataggt gcttggattc cctcgccgat     27960
     cttattccta atataaatgt gtcgagacat ctcggccagc acatcggtcc agatcggggg     28020
     ttgctggcct gctggcccgg cccagtggaa gtttggaggg tttcggacgg cttgctccag     28080
     cttcggtgat gtgggttgag tgctgccccg cgaccgtcaa gaaccgctct gctctcgtgc     28140
     atcagaagag ccagaaactc gtcacagtgt gacaggtgtc aggtgcgcgc gcaccacagg     28200
     cacaagcact gcgcgctcgt gtggccacag tgagagtcag attattttcc ctttctgtgg     28260
     ctagaatgaa attaagatat aaaaatataa aaatatgcac ttttaagacg gacaacacat     28320
     ttatatcagt aggtttactt ggggaaaatt gctgttttat aaaaaagtgt gctgtacttt     28380
     aataaaacta caaagaatac atttatgatt taatgggaat agcagcatta ctatctgcta     28440
     tcacccacac agtggcgcta tttcttaaat attgtagtac agtggttctc aaacttttta     28500
     tttaaagtac cacctcagaa aagaatagtc tctccaagaa ccactataat gagcagcagt     28560
     attgaaatac aggagcgtag taagcccagt aaagcagctg cagctctgca cagttctaaa     28620
     acgaggcaga taataattcc tattatttaa aatgtttatt gtcagctact ttaaacaatt     28680
     taaatagctt gaacattaac actgtactgt atatgtgaaa cataaacaaa caaataaaaa     28740
     taaaacgtca acgtttaaat taaaaaatgc ttttaaaagt taaaaataaa aggttactgt     28800
     tcttaaaaag taaaaaaaac tactgtaatt agtgtgtatc atgtgtgcat atgtatggag     28860
     ttaccgtgtg catatgtatg gagtgtgtac atgtataggg tgtgtatgta tggtgtgtgt     28920
     atatgttaag agtgtatcat gtgcatatgt atggagtgta tatgtataga gtgtatcatg     28980
     gagtttgcta tcgttgtttg gcttcatcaa atcccaggat ttcagtggat tcatcactca     29040
     cctttcatgc cagagagccc ggttctatcc cagatactga caggagtgca tcatgtgtgt     29100
     atatgtataa tgtctaatgt atagagtgta tatatgtatt gagtgtgtac atgtgcattt     29160
     gtatggagtg tatcatgtgt gcatatgtat agggtgtata atgtgtgcat atttatggag     29220
     tgtgttattg tttggtttca tcaactgcca ttagctcagt ggatttgtcg ctcacctttc     29280
     atgccagaga cctgggttct attttggaca ctgacaggaa ggcatcatga gagaatcatg     29340
     tgtgcatgtg tatggactgt gtatgtgtat ggagtgtatc atgtgcatat gtatggaatg     29400
     tgtacatgta tagggtgtat tgtgagtgtg tatgtgtata gagtgtataa tgtgtgcata     29460
     tttatggagt gtgttattat ttggtttcat caactgccag tagctcattg gtttcatcat     29520
     ccacctttca caccagaagc cagtgttcta tcccagacac tgacaggagt gcatcatgtg     29580
     tgtatatgat atagtgtaat gtatggagtg tatcatatct gcatttgtat aaagtgtata     29640
     tggatggaat gtataatgtg tgtatatgta tggagtatgt aaatgtatag gctgagtgta     29700
     tacagtatgt atatagtgag tcatgtgtgc atgtatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29760
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatggga tgtgtgtata ttctcagtag ctcagtagat     29820
     tcgtcactca cctttcacgc caaagaccag ggtttggaca ctgacagaag tgcatcatgt     29880
     gtgtatatga aatgtatcgt atttgtataa agtgtatgtc tatggagtgt gcatatgtat     29940
     ggagtgtgta tatgtattgt gtgtgtctat ttgtataggg tgtgtgttta catgtatagt     30000
     gtatatcgtg agtgtgtaaa tgtatagagt gtatcgtgtg tgtctatacg tatgatgtgt     30060
     gtaaatgtat agagtgtgca tatgtatgga atgtgtgtgt atatatagat ggaatatcat     30120
     gtgtgtaaat ttataggatg tattgtgtgt gtctatatgt atggagtgtt atagggtgta     30180
     ttgtgtgtgt ctatatctat ggagtgtgta tatgttatag ggtgtatcgt gtgtgcatat     30240
     gcatatagtg agtcatgtgt gtgtatatat agtgtattga gtgtatatgt gtatcatgtg     30300
     tgcatatgta ttgagtgtat atgtgtatca tgtgtgcata tgtatggagt gtattgtgtg     30360
     catatgtatg gaatgtgtac atgtataggg tgtttcatga gtgtgttatt gtagttggct     30420
     tcattaattt ccagtagatc agtggattcg tcactcacct ctcatgcaag agaccggtgt     30480
     tctatcccag ctactgacag gagtgcatta tgtgtgcata tttaatgagt gtaattttct     30540
     gagtttatca taactgcatt tgtgcaaagt gtatatggat ttaatgtatc atgtgtgtat     30600
     atatgatatg gaatatcatg tgtgtatata tgtatggagt atgtacattt atagtgtgta     30660
     actttttgta tagtgtttat atgtgtgcat atgtatgaag tgtatcatag agtgtgttat     30720
     tgttgttggc ttcatcaact cccagtagct cagtgaattc gtcactcaac tttcaagcca     30780
     gagaccgggg ttctatccca gacactgaca ggagtccatc atgtgtgttt atgtaatgag     30840
     tgtaatgcat ggagtgtatc atatatgtat ggagtgtgtc atgtgtgcat atgtatcaag     30900
     ggtgtattga gtgtttacat gtatagggtg tatcgtatat gtgtagagtg tatcatgttt     30960
     gtgtatccta tatgcatgtg tatggagtgt gtatgcgtgt ctatttgcat ggagtgtatc     31020
     atatgctcat atgtatggag agtgtatgtg tatagggtgt attgtgtgtg tctattttta     31080
     tagtgtttat atgttaaggg tgtattgtgt gtgtctatat gtatcgagtg tgtatatgtt     31140
     atagggtgta tcatgtgtaa atatgcatat agtgagtcgt gtgcatatgt atagtgtgtg     31200
     tacagtatat atagtttatt gtgtgcatat gtattgtgta tatgtattga gtgtataatg     31260
     tgtgcatatg cttagggtgt atcacgtgtg tctatatgta tgatctgtgt aaatgtatag     31320
     tgtatcatgt gtgcatatgt atggagtgta tacgtatgga gtgtattgtg tgcatatgta     31380
     tggaatgtgt acatgtatag ggtgtatcat gagtgtgtct gttttgagtg tgtatttgta     31440
     taaagtgcat tatgtatggg gtgtatcatg tgtgtatatg tatggagtgt attatggagt     31500
     gtgttatcgt tatttggctt catgaagtcc caggagctca gtggactcga cactcatctt     31560
     tcacgcaaga tactcaggtt ctatcccaga cactgacagg agtgtgtgta ttgaaaatgt     31620
     agtgtatagg gtgtgtctat ttgtatggtg tattatttat agggtttatt gtgtgtgtct     31680
     atttgtatag tgtttatatg tatagggtgt attgtgtgtc tatatgtatt gagtgtgtat     31740
     atgtataaaa tgtatgcatg tgtatcgtgt gtctatatgt atggtgtgtc atatatatat     31800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatagtg agtgtcttct gttgaacaca aaaaaaggta     31860
     ttttgaagaa agcttgttgc tgagtcgaat tactctggag tcacagtaac caacatttct     31920
     caatattttt tgtgtgtctc tgtgtgtgtt caacaggaga tagaaacaat agaactttca     31980
     ttttatattc ataaaagtta tttttaatca tatttaactt aagagtcttt taagtttcat     32040
     tgtttattat attcacattt tcactttttg tcatcatttg atcatgacca gtttccaaac     32100
     aagtttgtgg ctttcttttt tctgttgaac acaatggaag atatttagaa gaaaactgga     32160
     agcctgtact cattgacatt gtttttgtcc tactatggaa gtcaatgttt acagatttta     32220
     aattttcttc aaaatatctt ctttaatatt caacaaaata atgagactca taaagattca     32280
     gatacacttg aggcagagga aatgttaagt acatttttat tttggggtga actatctctt     32340
     taaaccactt tatctcatgg ttggttcaaa gaaagcagac ggtggtgttt attcacagaa     32400
     ttaggtacaa gtagacagac gaggtccaaa aagtaggggc aatgacacag ggaagccagt     32460
     ggtagggaca agatggcacc aaaatgaaca gccagccaga agtagagtaa cggtggtcaa     32520
     aacagagcta gatcccagag caagccacgc aaactccaga ctggcaggcc aggaagtaag     32580
     gacacgggat aggactggaa aagtataaga cacgagacag gacattaaac aggcagcact     32640
     aatatacaat aaaataataa aactaaatca aaaacaaaaa atgaaatcaa atataaatcc     32700
     tagtagaaag agaattcgac tgactagggc tatctgttaa aactgaaact gcaataaaga     32760
     cttctacaat cttaaagaga gaaattaaac aatcaaaaaa tctactaata atcaactatt     32820
     aactactctt taaggacaca acatggaacg aaacagaaaa gaaatgaaaa cacacagcac     32880
     aatatataga acaaagcaca tgagagacag gtaaaaacaa tcaggataac aaggtctaaa     32940
     caagagggta acttaaaaca aggaggaaag acaagaggag cacatggcca aaacaaatta     33000
     agacacagca atgtaaacaa gcacagggca aacagggaaa cattaaacac tgacaggaca     33060
     gacaagacta tcaggtcagg accatgaaac tttatctgct cctcttcttc atgtacagga     33120
     aatgtgcaac actcatcttg agaattattt tgcacagata acagcatttc atgtgtttaa     33180
     tttgatttat tgtaatttca tttataattt tttctatatt tttattaagt ttttgttgtt     33240
     aaacctgagg tgccaaactc ggttcctaga ggatggcaga gtttagttcc aactctgctt     33300
     caacacactt aagttgaatt actacgttta catggacacc aataattcga ttttaatacg     33360
     attgagacaa tactcttatt aagagttaac catgtaaaca gcgatttttt tatcattaat     33420
     ttaatcagaa aaaaaaaaat tctcccatat tttctatccc aaacacttac aggagtgcat     33480
     cttgtgtgta tatgtaatga gtgaaatgta ttgaaggcat catatctgca tttgtacaaa     33540
     gtgtatatgg atgtaatgta tcatgtgtgt atatatgata tggaatatca tgtgtgtata     33600
     tgtatggagt atgtaaattt atagtgtgtg actttttgta tagtgactat atagtatagt     33660
     gtctatgtgg attgagtagc tcagtggatt cgtcactcac ctttcacacc agagaccggg     33720
     gttctatccc agacagtgac tgactgatca tgtgtactag taatgagtgt aatgtatgaa     33780
     gtgatttttt tatcattaat ttaatcagat taagtttata attgaactaa agagaaatct     33840
     aattaagacg tgtagagtat gccgatttta gtcgcattat tgatgtacat tactatggaa     33900
     ccacggaagg gacgtagtgg aggagaaaaa aattgtctgg gtgaaataaa aaaaaatggg     33960
     tgaaagaaaa aaatgggtag gaggaaaata tatatttcta agtttttgcg ttctctcgca     34020
     aagttttgcg ttccctcgca aaaaaatgtt ttgcgttatc tagcaaagat gttttgcgtt     34080
     ctctcaagag actgtttctc cacaaacact tcctgttcac ttcacgaagc gcatctgtca     34140
     gtcagcgctt atacatgcat tcactggttc agaggttgca tatgaaaggc gacgatcgac     34200
     acacagtaat aatgtaaaga aagtgggata gaatggtaaa atgcagaaga atttcggcaa     34260
     aaatgggagg gtttatgtga gtgaagtgaa cgggaagtgt ttgtggagaa acagttttgc     34320
     gagagaatgc aaaacatctt tgcgagataa cgcaaaactt tgcgagggat tgcaaaacat     34380
     ttttgcgagg gaacgcaaaa cttggcgaga gaacgcaaaa acttagaaat atatattttc     34440
     cttccaccca ttttttttct ttcacccatt aatttttttt tttacagtca atttttttct     34500
     cctccactac gtcccttccg ggttccgtag ttctctcgca aagttttgcg ttccctcgca     34560
     aaaatgtttt gcgttatctc gcaagactgt ttctccacaa acactttctg ttcacttcac     34620
     tcacataaac cctcccgttt ttggccaaat tctcccatat tttctatccc aaacacttac     34680
     aggagtgcat catgtgtgta tatgtaatga gtgaaatgta ttgaaggcat catatctgca     34740
     tttgtacaaa gtgtatatgg atgtaatgta tcatgtgtgt atatatgata tggaatatca     34800
     tgtgtgtata tgtatggagt atgtaaattt atagtgtgtg actttttgta tagtgactat     34860
     atagtatagt gtctatgtgg attgagtagc tcagtggatt catcactcac ctttcacacc     34920
     agagaccggg gttctatccc agacagtgac tgactgatcg tgtgtattag taatgagtgt     34980
     aatgtatgaa gtgtatatgt atggaatgta taatgtgtgt atatatgaca tggactatca     35040
     tatgtgtata gagtatgtgt acgtgttgtg tgtgtatatg tatatggtca tgtaagcata     35100
     tgtataatgt atatatgtat ggagtgtatc atgtgtgcat atcaatggag tgtgtaaatt     35160
     atgtgtgggt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtattg agtgtgtaca tgtatagggt gtgctgtgag     35220
     tgtgtatatg tataaagtct atcatgtgtg catatgtata gggtgtatcg tgtgtgtcta     35280
     tatgtacagt atgatgtgtg taaatgtata gagtgtatcg tgtgcatatg tatggagtgt     35340
     atcgagtgca tatgtatgga atgtgtatat atagatggaa tatcatgcat gtaaatatat     35400
     aaggtgtgtt ttgtctattt gtatagtgtg tatcccagac actgacagga gtcaatcatg     35460
     tgtgtatatg tacagagtgt aatatattga gtatatcata tctgcatttg tataaagtaa     35520
     gatgaaatgt gccgtgtgta tatatgatat ggaatatcat gtgaataata tgtatagggt     35580
     gtatatatgt atagggtgta tagtgtgtgt gtctatttgt atagtgtttg tatgtatagg     35640
     ctacatcaac taactgccag tagctcagtg gatttgtcac tcacctttca ctccagagac     35700
     tggggttcta tcccagacac tgagagaggc gcgtcatgta tatgtaatga gtgtaatgta     35760
     tgaaatgtgt catatctgca tttgtactat gtgcatatat ggatgatgga atatcatgtg     35820
     tgtatatgta tagattatat aaatgtattg ggtgtgtgta tatgtaaatt cagtcatgtg     35880
     tgcatctgta tagtgtatat atctatgaag tgtatcatgt gtgcatatgt attgtgtgtg     35940
     tgtctatttg tatagggtgt gtgtttacat gtatagggta tattgtgagt gtgtaaatgt     36000
     atagggtgta ttgtgtgtgt ctatatgtat gatgtgtgta aatgtataga gtgtgtatat     36060
     atagaacgaa tatcatgtgt gtaaatgtat agggtgtatt gtgtgtgtct atttgtatag     36120
     tgtttatatg tatagggtgt attgtgtgtg tctatatgta tggagtgtgt atatgttata     36180
     gggtgtatcg tttgtgcata tgtatcgatt gtatatgaat ggagtgtatc atgtgtgcat     36240
     atgtatatag tgaatcatat gtgcatatgt ttagggtgta ttgtgtgtgt ctatatgtat     36300
     gatgtgtgta agtgtatcat gtatgtatgt gtatcatgtg tgcatatgtg tgggctgtat     36360
     atgtatggag tgtatcgtgt gcatatgtat gaaatgtgtg tatatataga tggaatagca     36420
     tgtgtgtaaa tgtataaggt gtattgtgtg tatctatttg tatagtgtgt atatgttata     36480
     gggtgtatca agtgtgcata tgtttagagt atatatatgg agtgtattgt gtatggagtg     36540
     tatcatgtgt gcatgtgcat ggagtgtgta tatgtatagg gtgtatcgag tgtgtatgtg     36600
     tatcttgtgt gtctatttgt atggagtgta tcatatgtgc atatgtatgt agtgtgtata     36660
     tgtatagggt gtattatgtg tgtctatttg tatagtgttt atatgtatag ggtgtattgt     36720
     gtgtgtctat atgtatggag tgtgtacagt atatgttata gggtgtatcg tgtgtgcata     36780
     tgcatattgt gagtcatgtg tgcatatcta tagtgtgtat atatatagtg tatcgtgtgc     36840
     atatgtattg agtgtatatg tatagagtgt atcatttatg tatgtgtatc atgtgtgcat     36900
     atgtatggag tgtatatgta tggtgtgtat tgtgtgcata tgtatggaat gtgtgcatat     36960
     gtatggaatg tgtacatgta tagggtgttt aatgagtgtg ttatcgtagt tggcttcgtt     37020
     aatttccagt agctcagtgg atttgtcact cacctctcac gccagagacc ggtgttctat     37080
     cccagacact gacaggagtg catcatgtgt gcatatgtaa tgagtgtact tttctgagtt     37140
     tatcatatct gcatttgtgc aaagtgtata gggatttaat gtatcatgtg tgtatatatg     37200
     atatggaata tcatgtgtgt atggagtatg taaatttata gtgtgtgact ttttgtatag     37260
     tgtttatatg tgtgcatatt tatgaagtgt atgatggagt gtgttatcgt agttggcttc     37320
     gttaatttcc agtagctcag tggatttgtc actcacctcc cacgtcagag aacagtgttc     37380
     tatcccagac actgacagga gtgcatcatg tgtgcatatg taatgagcgt aattttctga     37440
     gtttatcata tctgcatttg tgcaaagtgt atatggattt aatgtatcat gtgtgtatat     37500
     atgatatgga atatcatgtg tgtatatatg tatggagtat gtacatttat agtgtgtgac     37560
     tttttgtata gtgtttatat gtgtgcatat gtatgaagtg tatgatggag tttgtttgct     37620
     tgttagcttc atcaactccc atgtggctca gtggatttgt cactcaactt tcaacccaga     37680
     gactggggtt ctatcccaga cactgacaga agtccatcat gtatgtatat gtgatgagtg     37740
     taatgtacgg agtgtatcat atctgcattt gtatgaactc tatatgtatg taatgtattg     37800
     tttgtatata tgacatggag tgtcatgtgt gtaaatgtat agggtgtatt gtgtgtgtct     37860
     atttgtatag tgtttatatg tatagggtgt attttgtgtg tctatatgta tggagtgtgt     37920
     atatgttata gggtgtatca tttgtgcata tgtatcgagt gtatatgaat ggagtgtatc     37980
     atgtgtgcat atgtatatag tgaatcatgt gtgcatatgt ttagggtgta tcatgtgtct     38040
     atatgtatga tgtgtctaag tgtattgtgt gcatatgtat gggctgtata tgtatggagt     38100
     gtatcgtgtg catatgtatg gaatgtgtgt atatatagat ggaatagcat gtgtgtaaat     38160
     gtataaggtg tattgtgtct atctattcgt cactcacctt tcaagccaga gaccggggtt     38220
     ctatcccaga cactgacagg agtgcatcat ttgtgtatat gtaatgagtg taatgtatga     38280
     agtgtatcat atctgcattt gtatgaagtg tatttgtatg gaatgtattg tgtgtatata     38340
     tgacatggaa tatcatgtgt gtatatgtat ggagtatgta aatgtattgg gtgtgtgtat     38400
     atgtatatgg tgagtcatga gtgcatatgt gtagtgtaca tatgtatgga gtgtatcatg     38460
     tgtacatatg aatggagtat gtattgtgtg tctatttgta tagactgtgt gtatatgtat     38520
     tgagtgtgta catgtatagg gtgtatcgtg attttgtata aagtgtatca tgtgtgcgta     38580
     tgaatagggt gtatcatgtg tgtctatatg tatgatgtgt gtaaatgtat agagtgtatt     38640
     gtgtgcatat gtatggaatg tgtatatata gatggaatat cattgtattg tgtgtgtcta     38700
     tttgtatagt gtgtaaccca gacactgaca tgagtccatc atgtgtgtat atgtatagag     38760
     tgtaatgtat tgagtgtatc atatctgcat ttgtataaag taagatggaa tgtgccgtgt     38820
     gtatatatga tatggaatat catgtgcgta tatgtatggt gtgtgtctat ttgtatggag     38880
     tgtataatat gtattcagtg tatatatgta tagggtgtat tgtgagtgtc tatttgtaaa     38940
     gtgtttatat gtatagggtg tattgagtgt gtgtatgtta tagggtgtat catgtgtgca     39000
     tatgtatagt gtattgtgtg cacatgtata tagtgagtca tgtgtgcata tgtttagggt     39060
     gtatcgtgtg tttctatatg tatgatttgt gcaagtgtat cgtgtatcat gtgtgcatat     39120
     gtatggactg tatatttatc atgtgtgcat atatatggaa tgtgtgtata tatagatgaa     39180
     atatcatgtg tgcaaatgta taaggtgtat tgtgtgtgtc tatttgtata gtgtgtatat     39240
     gttatagagt gtttcatgtg tgcatatgtt tagtgtatat atatggagtg tatcatgtgt     39300
     gcatatgtat atagtgagtc atgtgtgcat atgtataggg tgtgtctatt tgtatggagt     39360
     gtatcatatg tgcatatgta tggagtgtgt atatgtatag ggtgtattgt gcgtgtctat     39420
     ttgtatagtg tttatatgta ttgggtgtat tgtaagtgtg tatatgtata gagtgtataa     39480
     tcgttgttgg cttaattcac taactcccag tagctcagtg gaatcgtccc tcacctttca     39540
     cgccagagac tggggttcta tcccagacac tgacaggagt gcgtcatgtg tgtatatgca     39600
     atgtgtgtta tgtatggagt gtatcatatt tgtataaagt gtataaggat agactgtatc     39660
     gtgtgtgtat atatgataat atggaatatc atgtgtgtat atgtatgtaa attcatagtg     39720
     tgcgtctatt tgtcgtcact cacctttcac gccagagact agggttctat cccagacact     39780
     gacaggagtg catcatggag tgtatcatat ctgcttttgt ataaagtgta tatatgatat     39840
     ggaatatcaa gtatggagta tgtaaatgta ttgggtgtat gtatatgatt attgtgagtc     39900
     gtgtacatat gtatagtgtg tatatgtatt gtgtgtgtct atttgtatag ggtgtgtgta     39960
     tatgtatcgt gtgtgcatat gtattgggtg cattgcatat atgtatgatg tgtgtaaatg     40020
     tatagagtgt atcgtgtgca tatgtatgga atgtgtgtat atatagatgg aatatcatgt     40080
     gtgtaaatgt ataaggtgtc tatttgtaaa gtgtgtatat gttatagggt gtatcttgtg     40140
     tgcatgttta gtgtatatat atatatggag tatatcatcc gtgcatatgt atattgtgaa     40200
     tcatgtgtgc atatgtttag gatgtgtatt tgtatggggt gtatcatatg tgcatatgta     40260
     tagatgtgta tatgtatagg gtctattgtg tgtgtctata tttatggagt gtgtatatgt     40320
     tatagggtgt atcatttgtg catatgaatg gagtgtatca tgtgcatatg tatatagtga     40380
     atcatgtgtg catatgttta gggtgtatcg tgtgtgtcta tatgtatgat gtgtgtaagt     40440
     gtatcatgta tgtatatgta tcatgtgtgc atatgtatgg agtgtatatg tatggagtgt     40500
     atcgtgtgca tatgtatgaa atgtgtgtat atgtagatgg aatatcatgt gtgtaaatgt     40560
     ataaggtgta ttgtttgtat tgtctttctt ttttctgttg aacacaatgg aagatattta     40620
     gaagaaaact ggaagcctgt acgcattgac ttgttgtttt tgtcctactt tgtgtacaga     40680
     agctgatctg ggatcagttt attgttcgga gcgcgtctgt cagtcagcgc ttatacatgc     40740
     attcactggt tcagaggttg catataaaag gcgacgatcg acgcacagta ataatgtaaa     40800
     gaaagtggga tagaatggta aaatacagaa aaattttggc aaaaacggga gggtttatgt     40860
     gagtgaagtg aacgggaagt gcttgtggag aaacatcttt gcgagataac gcaaaacttt     40920
     gcgagggaat gcaaaacatt tttgcgaggg aacgcaaaac tttgcgagag aattgcaaaa     40980
     cttagaaata tatattttcc ttccacccat tttttttttc atttctaccc agtcagtgca     41040
     gaccacagac acctgcatcg tgaaatgcag agtttttttg ttttcattca gcatgcggta     41100
     tgaacttcca ataaaacata acacttccgg cagtttttag ttgcatccaa tatctcgttt     41160
     gtcacagaga tagcgcggtg atgcaatgac gttaatcgaa ttatgtgcta taacatgtac     41220
     gggatcatga aagtaacact caaaaagcaa ctcactgaaa acaccttagt cttatcattc     41280
     ttttaattag attaaagcaa ataattcgat tactgatgtt catgtaaacg tagtcactaa     41340
     agtttgagct tgcgaaattc tcttgtacgg tgctgtgaaa agggacggga gtaaacaaga     41400
     tggttagaca tttaaaaaag tgagcgactg atctatattt aaaatttctg tccagagagg     41460
     tcatgttttg atccttgatt ggtctcacac agtcaagtga tgcgatttcg caggtcagag     41520
     ttcaccaagc ttgaactttg cattgcaacg cagcaaactg cgaaattgcc gcatgagctt     41580
     gcgtttccgg cagtctatgg ggagaaaagt cctgtatgac caaactttac ctgtagattt     41640
     caaacaagcc tgaaggactc aattagtttg atcaggtgtg tttaattaga gttggatatt     41700
     gtatactcca ctggatactc aatactgtac ttactgaggt aataggtttt ggatattcag     41760
     atgcagcgtc tgcagaacac aagagggcag cagtagctca tcagaggtgc attcacattc     41820
     aaatgttttt gctcaatact tagggaacag gtttttgttg gtaaattttc tggccaactc     41880
     catggtgcca aaaagcagtt tccctattca gaattcagca tttattgtct catgcacaat     41940
     gtggaaacat gcatctctgt acaattattt attttataca ctatatctag ctgtccacaa     42000
     tagaaagctc acgtaagaca agtatgtaaa acaaatacaa taaaatatat atgcacacac     42060
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacattt taataataaa     42120
     aatgataaac aacataataa gataaagaaa aagtaatgtg taaatagaag tgtggatgga     42180
     ctatgtaata tagacatata gaatatctac atctattata gactatctaa aactgcatgt     42240
     agtgcaatgt tgactgcaaa aatctgccag taggatcaac cttttgtgta aaaaaagtat     42300
     aataactgta gtgcaaataa atcattcata cagcagaagt taaaataact gtgtggcaag     42360
     agatgggtga acaaacaagt tgcaataata actgtccgga catctttaag ataaattagg     42420
     tcagcctagt ccacttagga gttcgatgcc ctaatggcag aggggaatga agaatctggt     42480
     attcacaggc tttccaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacataatag ataaccaagt     42540
     gacatattta aaaatatata tatttgaaca catatttaaa ttgtgctgtg tttagttatg     42600
     tctggtgggc ttttaaggaa acaaaacatt agtttcactc acacacattg gtttttggtg     42660
     gtatatgagg actcttaata ggcgtattgt attttatgct gtaaaaactg cttgttacat     42720
     cacctttctc ttacccttat cctgaacccc aaccatcaga gaaaccccat ggcaaacttt     42780
     gaacgtcaga agaccccatc aagtatgaat taagttttgt ttctgtcttc tgttgactaa     42840
     ataaaaggta ttttgaagaa atctgattgc tgggacccat cgatttccct agtaggaaat     42900
     ggattaccat gtccatttag gtcaattggt cacaacaacc agcattttaa aaatgatctt     42960
     cttttgtgtt caacagaaaa aagaaactca aatagattct gaacaaatga aaggagagta     43020
     aatgatagct tttattcttg ggtgaatgtc ctcataaacc acatcaacat tgtaatagcc     43080
     catttcatta tacaagtttg tgtcctcgta aaccacccaa atcagagtgc gtcaaacaca     43140
     ctcacataaa cagctgtctt tatgacagtg gttttcaatt ccggtcctcg gtccccttgc     43200
     aagacttcct tacttgacac ttccttactt gacacttaag gaagatcatc agcttccatc     43260
     agatccatga actgagcttt gtgtgtcaaa tattaagtgt gattttatgt tttgtatctg     43320
     tgttctgttg aacaaatata cacagaaacg gcaactgagc cgaggttcga accagcgacc     43380
     cagcgatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     43440
     tatatatata tatatatatg tataagtttg catgttcttc ctgccttcgc gtgggtttcc     43500
     tcagagtgct ccggcttccc ccacagtcca aagacatgcg gtacagatga attgggtagg     43560
     ctaaattgtc cctagtgtgt aaatgtgtgt gtggacgttt cccagagatg ggttgcggct     43620
     ggaagggcat ccgctgctta aaaacttgct gggtatatat attaaagaaa gctggttgct     43680
     ggtacatatc gactttccaa gtaggaaata gattactatg taggtcaata ggtcccagca     43740
     accagcattt ttctaaatat cttcttttgt gttcaacaga agaacaactc aaatatgttt     43800
     tgaacaagtg agaagagagt aaacgataaa gctttcattt ttgggtcctc gtaaaccaca     43860
     acaacattgt aatagctagg tcacgcccat tgtcaattta caaaattgtg tcctcataaa     43920
     ccacccaaat cagtgtgcat catacacaaa cacagacgca taaacagctg tctttatgac     43980
     agtgcatctt ctcaatttcg atcctcagcc accccctgca cattttgtac gtcttcattg     44040
     cttaatacac ctgatttaga ttatcagcac gtaatgaact gatccttaag tgttaaatat     44100
     taagcatatg tttgttgctg tattctgttg aacaaataaa agatattttg aagaaatctg     44160
     gttgctggga cccatcgatt tccctagtag gaaatagatt acaacataca gtaggtcaat     44220
     gggcaaccag catttttcta aatatcttat tttgtgttca agagaagaaa gaaactcaaa     44280
     taggttttaa acaagtgaag gatgagttaa ggataaacct ttcatttttg ggtataaatg     44340
     tcctcataaa ccacatcaac attgttatat ctagcccatt gtcattatac aactgtgtgt     44400
     cttcgtatac cacataaatc atacactcgt aaactcacaa acacatgcac agctagctat     44460
     ctttattatt ttttaatact atacaaactc tacatcatat cctctaccct acacatccaa     44520
     acccaaccct cacaggaatc agtaagcatt ttacattttt caaaatactt cattctctgt     44580
     gatttataag gtgttttccc tcatgctgaa aaatagcttt aaaacaaatc tggtattgct     44640
     atacttgtgg ggacatttgg tctctatcat cacattacat catatcacag atcacaccca     44700
     aacatttata atttgctact agccaattca gttagaaaca aattataaat atttatgtgt     44760
     gattttggac aatgaactta agtgggatgt atagactaaa cctattagga aaaagcttca     44820
     acagagaatg tacttcttaa agaaactata gacttttaaa tgttgacaat acattgttga     44880
     ccatgtttta tagtgctttt atcgaaagta ttgcaacatt ttgtgtgatc tgttggtatg     44940
     gaaaggctga ggcccagaag aggtcactgg gaaatgcggt aacaacagac agactgagga     45000
     ataaaactaa aaaaaacatt gagagtatat acaaataaag agtactaaat atggctttca     45060
     tgattgtcaa tgatgagagg catcctttat catacacctt ccaattgtta ccatcagatc     45120
     gtcaatattg tgttcccaga tgtgaaagga tcatttatac ctcaagaaaa tatacctctc     45180
     tcagtagcag ttgatggcta atagactaga catttattta gagtagtggt actatgtttt     45240
     tatatgattt atttatataa atgacaaatc tgaaatgtca gatgtctctg tgagtgtatg     45300
     ctgcaaataa aatttcccta cggaaacaaa taaagttaac taactaagca actaactaat     45360
     acaaggtaca cacatactaa cacatgtgct ttgattacct tataatagat gtgaaattga     45420
     tataatagat gtgaatggca agacaaacac aaaaaggtaa gattgatcat aataaaagaa     45480
     cacagtagtc actgttctta tattctctct ttaatggcat cagatattga tgacagcatt     45540
     tgaatacagc agaactctgt tctagacaga cataatatat ctaagagggc atcataaaag     45600
     atacaaggtc attaccataa aaagaaataa atacaaatca agaacaatcc aaaaatctgt     45660
     gagtatatct ctcttaaata acattgtata aacctataat aatcgaaaca acatcagtgt     45720
     caaaaacgag aaatgacgaa acgaataacc tttaacgaat aatttgcaca acagattcac     45780
     atttcacagt caatttcacc agtgcttagc agttagcact gttcggtttt ctctcaatgt     45840
     atctgaatgt acctatggtt aaaacaagta cagcacaaaa tgagttgttg ctgccggctg     45900
     aacacagtga tacactgatc tcactttact tttagcaatt tctatcttgg tcttggtcat     45960
     tttatttact tgtaaatgtg gttgttttca tgatagacaa cctcagagct gaaacaacca     46020
     agaggatgga gcattcatga tcattacaaa aattatgtat gaagtttaaa gggttgttga     46080
     cttaaaaatg aaaatgattt tattaagtac ttgccttcat gccattctaa acacataaat     46140
     gtgcgcaccc tatactgaca ctgagaagaa gaagaatttg aatgatgcca ttgtttttgc     46200
     ttttacgtgt gtacacatat cctgttgtga tgttatgcct aatatctatg tttatgtact     46260
     tgatgctggg gctttttcct ccctgatctc acacttcccc tacttcaagg atagtctgag     46320
     aggggctttt tttaccttcc tgttttctaa tgtatctttt aggaaataag attctttctt     46380
     caagctacct ctcgtttgac ctgtcttccc ctgaaatctg tgatgtttgt gtatggtcag     46440
     gaaggggtcc aaattcacta catgtaaaag tgtatgtgac acataaaggc tttttaacat     46500
     tatcatcatc atcatcatca tcatcatcat catcatcatc aaaagtattc tcaaagcttg     46560
     atataaatat taaaattata cgactcaaga cactgtttca aagttgttgt ttttttggca     46620
     tttttctgga ctttgaaaga gtcagaaact ttgcttttgc tctcagattg tgaacttgtg     46680
     ttctgaagtt tagaaagaca caaataataa catcatttta atttctgagt gaactaaccc     46740
     tttaagtaaa tgaataaatc atacaatcct atggttaaaa gacctggttt atttccccta     46800
     aaatttcctc cgctgatcta taggaggaat gggaaatgac acttgaaaac tgtggagtac     46860
     tgtgagaact ttaagctatg atactgtaat gctgaagatg ttgcataaag aaataattac     46920
     cccaaactgg aaaaattctg gagtatttcc tcattcccag gccatccaaa tactataaaa     46980
     aagcgattga ttaatttact ttttaaaaaa aagtaagcaa atttgttgcc ttaaaagtga     47040
     caagttgact ttccttaaaa gaagtgtgta aagctgttgt aaccttgaat tgttaagctg     47100
     acttaatttt tataattcca tcaggacaat gacccaaagc acaccaccaa aatatcaatg     47160
     gagtggcttc acaacaactc ggtgaaggtc cttgagtggc ccagccagag cccagaccta     47220
     agtcctattg aacaattctg gagagatctg aaaatggctg tagaccgtca cttcccattc     47280
     aacttaataa agcttgagag gtactgcaaa gagaaatggg caaaagtttc caaagacagg     47340
     cgtgccaagc ttgggcatca tattcaaaaa gactagaggc tgtaatgctg ccaaaggtgc     47400
     atcaacaaag tattgagcaa aggctgtgaa tacttatgta catgtaattt tccaggtttt     47460
     atttttaata aatttgcaac aatttaaaaa aatctttttt tcaaattgtc attatgttgt     47520
     attttatgta gaattttgag gaaatacatg aatttaatcc attttagaat aaggctgtaa     47580
     cattaaaaaa tgtggaaaaa gtgaagcact atgaatactt tccagatgca ctttaagtag     47640
     actgtaatta gaccatttat ttgaatgtct aaaacccaca tttaggcagc tgtaaagtaa     47700
     ttcacatgag ctcagccaac aaataagact cttctctagc aaaacaaatc agtcattttc     47760
     agaaaaaggg ctttaaaatg atcaagttgt atgctttaga tacagaaaaa tcctcccaaa     47820
     aaatcttaga tgacctggat aaataaccag caatttttca tagttgggtg aactatttct     47880
     ttaggatact aaacacaaat ctttgcaata gatagtcaat actgcatgat tatattcagc     47940
     ataaaggtct aaaccctcta tttgcactct aaagggccaa gattgctaaa tacaatattg     48000
     acagtgatta aatccttcac cgtgaactac aatacgctaa aatacagcat tacatgtaat     48060
     aaatatgttt ggtgatactg agcttatgaa atagaactgt atctattgat acaattcagt     48120
     gcagtcagca ttttcacttc aaacgcacgc ctgaagtgta aatgtgcgat tatgttcaga     48180
     gcaaattgag cagatttatt gtacttagtt tgaagaagct tcataattac taatatttcc     48240
     gtatcatgtc agtctcatca agtctccact tttccgaaag tgccatcggg aggtctgtaa     48300
     tgtttaggaa aagccttcag ctgcagacag ttaaaggcat acttgcgaca tccaacgttc     48360
     ttcgtggtat tctcgcgacg gcagccctcg ctgggattga gtgagtgaaa acaaacagaa     48420
     catgaagcca tgtttagaaa aacaacaggc aaaaattagc acagccacaa aagacatttc     48480
     agcagtgtaa tgagcatgag tatcatcggt gaacagggaa tgagggtggc ggaagccagt     48540
     caccattcaa aaataaaaaa aagcataaac aaacaaagca aaaaatgtta caacacagct     48600
     aaaacaagca gaaaatgcta acgcagcatt gctaaaagca aagaggctca caaaaagtcc     48660
     tgcatttttg ggtagcatag atgcagtcaa agctctgaag caaatcattt gacagaaatg     48720
     tgacaacaaa aaaaaaaaag aaataagatt agcaggctac atcggctgta taataattac     48780
     atttgaccat ctgccctctt tttgggattc caaacagttt gttttcaatt tttttataca     48840
     tataaattgc tgataggcct gtcacaataa tcaatatatc gttcaacaca tgaacatgac     48900
     ctcaatcatt tttggtgatg caatatatat cgcaaaatat atatctattg gagcggtcag     48960
     taggtaagtt tccatccaaa aatgtgaatt aactttatgc gcaaaactag attatcacat     49020
     aaaagatgtg tgaataaagc agcgtttcca tctaacgagt caacttatta actatctggc     49080
     gccaaatatt aacagtaaat atggattttg ctgtggtaag tgaggctgtg tgaatctttt     49140
     tttcatttaa tggcaatcct gacacgcagt gaacgcgagg tggcatttga aggcttgaga     49200
     tgcagagcac agatgctctt gattctggaa gtcattaata ataacactaa tactgtatta     49260
     tatggccaaa tactgtatta tatgtaccga ttatggcatt ttagaatgac aacattacaa     49320
     atgtaataca aaacaacatt tcaggtgctt tacagtgtga tcagcctgct gatttatcca     49380
     cttgcacata tttttataat cacatgatct cttataacaa aattacatga ccttttttta     49440
     atgcgcatac aggaatttgt acggtagaag tgtttccatc gtagtttatg cttaagttta     49500
     tcttactcag ttatgcgcat atgtttttta tgcgtatttt caaaatttat gtgcatcttg     49560
     gtgtttccat taaccgtttt tttatataca tataaaatct atattgaaaa tacacataaa     49620
     cataggtgga tggaaacgta gctagtgtca gtatggtata aaaaaattac agtatttact     49680
     ataaattact atagtaaatt ttcatgtggg tttctaacaa cttaaataga tctggaagca     49740
     gatatcacac tttttataca aatattactt tttaccctgc accttttttg ttaacattta     49800
     ttattatctg tttgtttagg atatatacgt tttaccatac tgattccagt gcctaattat     49860
     taaattgtta aaatataatt aaatgaataa ttcttaataa aaataaaata tgtgttattt     49920
     ggaagagtgt actagcactg tatttataat atattatcga tctggcatta tatatttagt     49980
     ggcataaaat tgtcaataat tttgtctaat cgcaatatat atatcgtacg acaaaaataa     50040
     aaatcgcaac aggcctaatt gttgacatca atgtgctcac acataaataa catttaagta     50100
     atattaaaat gtaaacgtat tcaactgagt ttgcaatgtg aaggtaaaca atatcagtta     50160
     gcgtgacacg gtaaaatcaa ctatgtttga cctgtctgcc aaataaacta attagaaatt     50220
     aaatatccga gtcattccca actcaaataa catgaaatga gaaattctga agtaaattca     50280
     gatgctaaaa ctatacggca actttgttta atgaaactaa tggaatttag ttgccattca     50340
     ctttaaaaat gtaataaaac atacatggaa aagagcaaca tgggcaatct gctaattttc     50400
     ttctaagttt cacttaatgt attattatct ttttaaactt agcaagaaat gtgtttttgg     50460
     atttcaattc tagcaacttc caaatcaaaa ctgttccctt caaaatgcct tttagtttta     50520
     gactaaattc acattcatgt tcattgaaca tgttttttaa taagtaaaat aaggtagagc     50580
     taagaaatct tttttgatct gagtaaaatg ttacttttta aaatactaaa taaaactatt     50640
     gaaaaaatat aaataaaatg tgaatatttg aaaaagaagc ataaaaactg catattgtgt     50700
     agctaaaata tgattctttg agcataaaaa ctcaataaat tcatcattaa tgaagactaa     50760
     aatatgtttc cccaacccaa tccttaacta catattcatt acataaacat tcaccaatgg     50820
     agtctatcat tccaaaccta caactgatct ttaagggctg caaaaataat cccaaatctg     50880
     tcacaactgc ttatgacaag tgtctagtgc agcatttcga ttgtatactc ttttcttttt     50940
     ttcttgtgta ataaaattca ggggcaagta cagtagtaac agataaatta accaattttt     51000
     tattttataa taatcatgca gtcctaatta aagccaataa tcacactcct aatttgatca     51060
     aactaaagcc tatccttaaa ttctatcaat gactatctga actctctcca tctaacctaa     51120
     aatctttctc cagtttctat ttatccaaca tgattaaaac gagcattttg aagcaaacta     51180
     cgcaaaatta gactcacaga gccgcaaaca tccttgtaaa tggacccatt cggcatctcc     51240
     aatcgagatt gggacctttt ctgtagcctg gcgaaggtta ttctttctat ataaagttct     51300
     tgtgatgggc agctcttcag agcatgaaag ctcaagcagt gctaacttgt aaacagcaga     51360
     tgtactggcc gtggcacatg gccagacaca ttttacaaag cacagagaag ccatttgtaa     51420
     tttggcacaa agggaagcac gattaaaact ggtagtctga taaaaataag caatatccaa     51480
     tcattaaagt aagtgtttac atataaaata ttcaattaca cataaacatg ggaagaattc     51540
     agaacatttg cagcctgtag gacattatta aagtgattgg ttttggcaaa agaagaatac     51600
     attccattca tcagtcctgc ataagtcact taaagcaaca catggatgca ttgttatcta     51660
     aacatacaca tctgaaagca acactccact tttatttttg gaacaggctc attttacaag     51720
     tctcctaaag ctaaacagtc aagtttttct ttccattttt ttaatccata cagccaacat     51780
     tcagatcttt atttatttat tttttaattt tgattataag ctatatacaa caaatgcgag     51840
     atccactcaa aaaattaaaa taataataaa aacagtaata ctgcaataat aggattgaaa     51900
     aatatctgat acagtcactc tcatatttaa ataaaaagtg tacagttttc ttactggatc     51960
     tgagggtctt ttagcttagc ataaatcatt gaatcagatt agaccattag catcccacaa     52020
     aaaacaaaag agcaacaatt tgttttacac atttgtccta tttaaagctt gacttctgta     52080
     gtaacatcat atactaagac tgacggaaaa tgaaaagttg aaaattttct aggtcaatat     52140
     acagtcaagc tttaaatggt aaatataaca cttttttttt tttattgaac aagatgctaa     52200
     tgatttaatt taattaaatg atttatgcta agctaaaagt gctcccacca gagacggaaa     52260
     tcagccgaag ggattcaaaa atggtaaaaa aactcaactg tttaactata gggagattgt     52320
     taacccaaaa aagtggagcg cttctaaagg actgttccag attcaacaca agaaaaacaa     52380
     taaataaatg aatgctattt taatgccagt tccttgtttc actggctacg tttacatgga     52440
     catcagtaat tgaataatta gccttaatct gaatctgaca tatgattaag gtgtttacat     52500
     gagttgcttt ttgaattttc ccattatgat cccatattac atgttatagc acgtagttca     52560
     attaacgtca ttgcgtcaca acactatcca catttcctcc ggagtttcat gtaatttcgg     52620
     gtgtttcatt tttaatttgt cgactttaac tgcagtttga cagttttact ttcattagga     52680
     aacatttcat gcattccccc ctgacaaacg agataataga tgcgagtatg aactgctgga     52740
     agagtgttgt tataatagaa tttgatacag cacgccgtat gcatttcgtg atgcagaagt     52800
     ctgtgttcca ctgattcggt aggtgcagtg aatagtgtca aacagtcatc tgtgtataga     52860
     ttatcctgtt gcaaaatgcg gcgaaacgtc ctacatgacg gcaatagttt gattaaagta     52920
     tttacatgtc agtactgcac ttcaataatg cgactaaaat cgacaacaca tgtcttaatt     52980
     tgatcattgt ttattcgatt atgaccttaa tcatattaaa ttaatcaaaa atcacagttt     53040
     acatggtaaa ctcttaatca gcgtattgtc ttaatcattt taaaatcgga ttatcggtgt     53100
     ccatgtaaac atacatattg actcactgtt aatagatgta aagatggttt taatttagtt     53160
     tcacaaattg gatgacaaat ccaaattgcc tttggtaaac ggtcacatgt gacagatgtg     53220
     gtagtataac ttgcgctgaa cctggattac tccttttaca caaaatacat attaaaccta     53280
     ttgccgtgta cttcccaaaa acatccttgc agatgtttaa cagcaaccac aactcaaaat     53340
     aattctcaag tgcatatata tagatttccc tgactaaaaa tacaatccca catggccaaa     53400
     ttggaggtta gtgcagacca gtcttggtat aaagagcaaa aagtattctt cctaccaaac     53460
     atgggaagac atggacacac ttattagcct aaagtgcaat aaaattttta aagcaagtgc     53520
     gatgatagct aaaatgagct ttggccaggc cttagctttg catttagata gaaacacatg     53580
     gaagacgtaa caaaatcgat cacaaaaatc actagaaaat tccatgatac attacagaaa     53640
     caatatcccg ttatttatac atatcgcatg ggccaccagc aaactatatg ggcatttgct     53700
     aaaaatagtt ttctataata acataaataa gacagtttga tattataaga atatttagca     53760
     acccaggtct caaatatata tgaatatcta tgttaaatat accctctaaa atagtttaca     53820
     atgaatacaa atgaatatac aaacttttct tgtcagccat gattacttga gaagagatag     53880
     aggtaaggca gaaaggaaca acaagacctt tagtaggccc caatatactt gtagcaaaat     53940
     cttttgaata ggggtgacat aatctcgcac aaattcagag caaaacaaag ttctatcatg     54000
     agattaaaag agattggaga ttaataaaga ggtaattttt taacagctct gactggcaaa     54060
     ttcccttgaa ctagtgatgc acaatatatt ggggtgataa atgaatattt gtaatgttat     54120
     tgtattgttt cgactggtgt tttccccata aactgtcgca gcagatgcac actttagaag     54180
     tttttaccat taaaaaagct cttcaaaatg acattaaaag caaagttttc tgtggatttt     54240
     aaaacaaaat aagttgtcca ctctgtgttt tgtttttagg ctcaaattaa gatcaaggtt     54300
     ttatttatct gcatatatat tagttattaa tgtccaaata taaacttgca ccgtatccta     54360
     aaacacccaa cacgaaaaga ttccagcgac aagcaatatg gctgccgaac caaagctaaa     54420
     agagaggtaa aatgtagcac agaattgtcc actgcaagaa atggaaaagt ttataatcta     54480
     attaataaat attaaacctc attaatatta ttaagagtac atatactaat gtgtttaaac     54540
     tttgtttcct acttgtttta ttctctagac tagatctgag gtcaaatctg cagctccttt     54600
     cagtatggca ataaatccca cataaagcgt cacactggtt acatttaaca ctgaataaag     54660
     cacataatca tcatctgaga tgatcattgt catggtagtt tatgctgttg ttccagccac     54720
     gatgttccaa aaataaaaac tagtttttaa aataagagtt tagaaaaaat gtgtgaaaaa     54780
     agttacgacg cagcaccgtg ttgagtgtag tagacacggc cattctcggt tattcttatt     54840
     ggctaaaatt tccatattgg tgcattccta ctcagtaaaa ctcaacagtc aactttatca     54900
     aatgaaatga gtgtagctaa ctcaaaatta actgaagttt aattctactc gcttgaaaag     54960
     gtaatgagtt aactaaatac ctcattactt caacttaaat ggagtaagtt cacagtactc     55020
     atatagatta gttttttttt tttacttaaa tggtttgtag caatcggttt cctcaaatag     55080
     tttgagttgc cttcactttt tgtgttttac agtgcttagc tgtttaagta ctattcattt     55140
     actgggtttt actgtgctca aattgctttg tttactcaaa tgaattaagt tcacagtact     55200
     taagattagt ttttgaactt aaatggtttg ttgcaatcgg tttccacaag tttgagttga     55260
     gacttttggg gttttacagt gaacctttaa ccattacttg tcagcagaaa taccatgata     55320
     agtgtgagtg gaagtggtta gacattatac atttagaaca aactgaggag ctgcttgaca     55380
     gttgtgaagt tgtaattgta attaagcaac actgacaaat tcttcatgtt taataactta     55440
     aagcgtcttg ctttaaagca taatattgta ctgtgctata aaaaaaactt gactgaaaag     55500
     ccatatcgca aaactaatct gatgatcaga tgcctgatag tcagccctgt ttttttgttt     55560
     ttgtttttga gtgtggttaa tttgttattg agaaaaatag tgaagcactc acaaacaaaa     55620
     tgtacaaatg aatgatcaaa aatggtgtac tttttaaagt attcagttac agtcaagcct     55680
     gaaattattc atacccctgg caaactctga cctaaagtta ctttatttaa ccagcaagtt     55740
     gcttttcatc agaaatgaca caagcttttt ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatat ttctcagctt     55800
     ttatttttat ttacagaatt tgctagggat atgtataatt tcgtatttga ctgtattttt     55860
     tttattcctg cagattcaaa tggtatcact cgattgaatg gccgttttaa gctgatcaat     55920
     atgggccagt aggaactttc tgcgcctaat attacactgt aaaacccaac aactttatca     55980
     aatgaattaa gtttagttaa gtcagttaag tcagaattta ctggaagcta attctactca     56040
     tttgaaaaga gttttaaact gttgaaagta acgagttaat taaatacctc atcacttcaa     56100
     cttaaatgga gttcacagtt ctcatataga ttagtatttt aactcaaatg gtttgtagca     56160
     atcgacttcc ttaaacggtt tgagttgccc taacttattg ggttttacag tactcagatg     56220
     ttttgagttc tcttgattta cagggtatta caaattgctt catttactaa aatgaattga     56280
     gttcacagta ctcatgagga ctcgtttttg aaattaaatg gtttgttgca atcggtttct     56340
     tcaaatggtt tgagttacct taaatttttg tgtattacag tgtaggctca agggctgtta     56400
     tcatcaatcc acatggttaa ttagcaataa atcacatatg gctgcggccg aagttacaga     56460
     aaattattta tattatttat taattttcgc attaattgta ttttattaac gtctacccct     56520
     actccaaccc taaacccaac cagcacagta atgtaaaaac agatctggat ctggagtttt     56580
     ctctataagt atagctgatt aacaaatgtg gatggatgtt aacaatcttc tgagcctacc     56640
     agtaggcaca gaagggccct acttgcccat atctatcagc tgacaaccac tgataacacc     56700
     cattcaatca agtgataaca ttggaagcaa gtggttatcc actcttcttt taacccctat     56760
     gtgaagacca aaaaacagat tttgcagtaa atatatgggg gcctttagag agaacagctg     56820
     aatcaatcaa agagaattca gcattgtctg cacacagctc ctctcccagc ggaggaaaaa     56880
     aactggagga ggaaacagaa gagcagagaa aggaagtgct gagaaagctg gagcgaggga     56940
     gagagagaga gagagaaata aaaaacggga agagggggct cagctgcagc ggagtttggc     57000
     cagcaggtag gctatgctga ggaacaccca gacgatgagc aggtttgggc tcagagccag     57060
     aaggggcaga gagtagagca gactggggtc cagcctgaag tcccgtacgg gcaataggcc     57120
     gctcaggttc ttctgagtga ccccctccct ggtcccaatg ctgcaaagag gggcaagggg     57180
     aggcgacggc aagggccaga gaggacaaac cgaatgggat gacattcata gggatggggt     57240
     gacgagaaca tggaggaagt tccaacggtg atgtaaagca agaatgaaat gtaaaaataa     57300
     cgaagacatg acgagaaaag ttgtcgagtc catccatcag acatggatgc gaaattgaaa     57360
     gacataaaac agacatgtga aacgggaaaa gtaacacaga cacagagaag agaagagaag     57420
     agaaggagag agaataaaag aaagagaaaa ttaagagtga tgttctgcat cattgccatt     57480
     gaaagaaaaa gttaagagag atggcttctc catgttggac agaagggggc gcatgtgagc     57540
     tgctgctgtc gtctgcaacg ggtcatgcaa atcaagcgtg ctgcggcctc ccagcatgca     57600
     acaggccaac cttcataaca aaacagctgt aaatatgaaa acaatccctg cgtttagaag     57660
     attctgttta cgccgaaact tctgaaagaa ggaacaattt taggaaagga ttttatttga     57720
     atttttttaa aaactttaaa ataataataa taatcatttt actttcacac aggggacagc     57780
     agctcagtgg cataacatgc acagtgcatt ctgggtaata ctttacctta actataaata     57840
     gatacttcac taaactataa tggtctgctg ttaatttact caccctcaaa ccatctaggg     57900
     cataagttgc atcccaaatg acactatttt cttaggccca atcccaattc tatttttgta     57960
     cccctacccc ttggccctta aaacagagtg taaaggggaa gggtttcaaa atttaaccca     58020
     taagaaaagg gacagcacta cagcacctgc acatgtcatc atatgtcatt gcgatgtctt     58080
     gcttcatatg agatcgacga cgagactact atggttattc cagtttgttt tatggtattt     58140
     tggtaataag attgtaactg gacagtacat ttacaccctg gccatattct tccatgtaaa     58200
     cacatcaaaa acaacattaa cattatagca gacaccgtaa aaagcctgta tgggatacat     58260
     ttgaggtgct gattaaaaat aaagttatta aagaagtgaa tgaatttaag tatcttggca     58320
     taactctaga cattaattta aaatttgata gtcatgttaa aaatataagt aagaaagtta     58380
     acccaagtct aaattgtttt cgttttatta gaaggttttt tacatatcaa actgctaaat     58440
     tatacatgca aacaatgata ttctcacttg acttgtattg cattacatca tggtcacaag     58500
     cctctttaac taaattaaag gctattgact caatatataa acaagcagtt atgaacttaa     58560
     agcctatgcg atggcatcat tgtgaagttt tatgtaaaca taaccttttt agttatgata     58620
     gttttattaa atttaattat cttaacttgt tttttaaatg tttaaatatt catgttccag     58680
     tctgttttct gatctaatca gtaggcatca aacctctcag agtcacacgg gcaacagctt     58740
     atggtgactg tccagtgcca aagtgtaaga cctcttttgg tcgatctgtt tttgctttaa     58800
     agggagccaa actgtggaat gatttacctg ttagccgaaa atcagaaagt aatataaaca     58860
     tttttcatag tgttctttaa aaaatgatta aaagcaaaac agcagtgttt gcacaaatag     58920
     tctgctgtta gtttgttgga tcatgttgcc tttgcttttg cctccagtca ttttatgtaa     58980
     agaattaaaa tgttgtgtat atgtatgtat tatttttcta ttttgtcaag cctcctgtgg     59040
     acaggtattg agaattagca agtttgctaa aacacttaaa caaatgcatt tggatgtcca     59100
     gtgtagttat gatgtttgat gaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aacaaataaa     59160
     taaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aattatagca gacaccgtaa aaagcccatt     59220
     cccagccatt gaccttttct gactcgattc gagtgtcata gagtgacata acgttgtggg     59280
     actgctatac aggagttaat attagggtat aaagacagta aaacatgaat gtggttatga     59340
     atgtatttaa tatatgtttg tttgttgtaa aaataacaac aaaaaatact actgacaaaa     59400
     aaaaatacta ctttgtgtat ctcattatgt ccgtgtgcag ccctgctacc attgtggctg     59460
     gtgtattctg ggaaatgttc ttagtacttg gtttcgagag tggtcctgag aaatctgttt     59520
     caagggccaa ctagcccttc tccttaccat acattcacac cgaaagcggc gagagcgtca     59580
     aagtagccgg aagtcattca cttttaatga gagctggcag cgataagcgg cgaggaacag     59640
     cgcggcacgt cttccccggt gtgggcatcg aggagagttg aaatcaagtt tactttatgg     59700
     taatgagcag tgacacggtt cgtctgcaag caatcagaat gtagaagttc accgcttgag     59760
     aggagttcag agaacacaga cctgtgaact ttggttctga ccacagttgg tcccaagggt     59820
     ttgattattg cggtcgctgg attttcaatt atttacaata ttttcttaca gaaacatgca     59880
     ttaaataagt tactagcaag ttactgatgt gcattaatgt tatatatatt tacctttaaa     59940
     aaagcgtgaa tctcatgcga caataaaaca gcattgctgc ttcaggatat ttcagacata     60000
     tggacacatt gcataattaa gttgagcaaa gccacaccac atgcaacttg atcttccatt     60060
     gttaaatgaa tttgataaaa gtgtgcaaca ttttcacgct agaaagcatg ttttatgcag     60120
     gaatgtaact gatttgctgc agcgccccct ttaaatacga gatcaatgta gcaaattttg     60180
     acgctctcgc cgccagaact gaaggcagac agcgttgtca ccaggacggc cagagcgacc     60240
     ttggacactc tcaccgcttt cggtgtgaac acacggttag ccctttaccg tcaagctaaa     60300
     gagaattggg ctaaagggta gaattgggat taggtctttg acttgcatgc tgtggatcac     60360
     caagcaccac aatttcagat gaaattctta ttgaaatctc ccatacaccc tataaagtag     60420
     ctagatttgt tgctattcgc tttttcgaaa atttgttgct agaggggtct gaaaagttgt     60480
     taaatatttg gcaacactga ctaccctagc aaggatggtt ttattcaatc aaaattaata     60540
     ttaatatatt ttaaaataac ttttgtctat tttaactcaa tttaaaaatg ttatcttctc     60600
     ctcatgacaa aggaacattt aagtaactga atccattaga aagcaaccta atataacaat     60660
     gtattactca agagacatta attattatca ataagcagaa aatgatcaga aaattaaatc     60720
     ctaatctatt ttgaacagta gtgcatctac aaacggacat tatcaagatt aataaatgct     60780
     aaaaaagcat ttggaactat attatagcta atactatcac aaagttaata attgtaaaca     60840
     ctttcagata ctaaaacatc aaccaaacct ttctgtgctc gtcttgcctc ttttatcagt     60900
     ttcctcgaga cagataaaca gatttcagta tacatttcac aacaaagctt tgcttaaatc     60960
     cgttctcaga ttgcacagga aacgagagga gagaattacg gcacaaaacc tgacagttca     61020
     aactcttatt tataagcaca gaacatctgg caagcaaaac aaaaccagag gatccaagtt     61080
     tcagcagctt cctcacactc tacaggagcc atttatttgc atttgtgtct ctagtagagc     61140
     gtggagagaa tagatgaaag gatgaagtat gaaggagcaa acgaaaccag taaacaaatg     61200
     agcaaactta taaggctgaa tgaagcacag agcaataaaa acctactaaa acaccaaaaa     61260
     gcagcaagca atgaaggatg atgcatttaa atgagaatga aaaaaaagag gcacatcccc     61320
     aaagcgtgca gtgcttataa acaggcagtt gttgaggttt cttacctgcg catgcagtcg     61380
     agggcctgtg tgaagacctg cggggccatg ccatgctcgt gctgcaggat cagacactgc     61440
     tccagggtca ctgacatggc agtgcggtcc ttggcacttt tgcagctggt gaatcgcact     61500
     ccgttcagtc gtcggcaaat ctgagcatgt agaggcacaa atattgattt aaaaccaatt     61560
     ttgttcatgc tcctatatgc caattcagtt gttactgtga tgaataataa taataataat     61620
     aataataata aaaacaataa taatattttt aaacctgtat gttgttatta tgtgtgaact     61680
     aattaaccca gtaattcact gcctgctgtg attgtttttt cagcttacag aatatgctgc     61740
     aaattaaatg ggtatatcat ttatactgta aaacatatat gttaattaag tttctgtatt     61800
     ttgtgtttca caagtgtttt ctatttattt caggttgtga attgcattac ggaaccctga     61860
     ttcgtgctct attgagtttt gatcttgaaa atttaactct acagttgaac aaagtgactt     61920
     ttatcgacat tttagtagtt taaaagaata taagctataa taaatgatat atagagaagt     61980
     ctgtaaaatt actaaaaata tattggctgt ttattcttac aaggtttttt atcgtaatat     62040
     acaacaccga cctagacaat atcactttaa gcaaataaaa ttgttaacgg aagtcccttt     62100
     ttcaaatttc aagcttgaaa gttcgtagga tgaaagatca aggtctcata atgcaattta     62160
     aacaaacagg gaaaaataaa aaaggaatca caacatacgg aaaactgcta atttatggat     62220
     attttttttt acagtgtatt taatccctct gtgattgtac attataggac aagaaaacat     62280
     ggcactgatt ttacacagtg gtgaaaagcg tagtaaataa tcaaactcaa gaaaaattac     62340
     cagtacttgc agggcttgac atgaactttt ttgatcacca gctagtagat tccaacatta     62400
     ctagccactc gccattttta ctagtcacaa ttttgttgtt gggaatttta ttcacaaatt     62460
     tgactttgac atgctaaaat tacttgattt agattttttg tcatgtccaa acgcctcctc     62520
     attcatttag ctttttgtgt gtgttgtgta tgagcttgct taatgtgttt gagttaatgg     62580
     gttgtgtcac atttttattt cacatgacca caccaaatat aaagaaattt ttatttctta     62640
     gccaaaaatt ttaaatattg tgtcaaaaaa gcaaaataga gctgtatacg tgcacttttt     62700
     attcaacaaa tcttttcttt aaaaaaaaac tcacatttaa aaaataactc ttgtcatgta     62760
     tctaaaatat gcacagtaat ctgtcctgga taaaggtccc agatcaccag ttaactacac     62820
     ataaatgggg agcaatatta tatataaaaa aaaaaaataa ttaaaccata ttaacaaaaa     62880
     taactataaa caaaaaaagc aggtaaaaaa catacagtgt gtgataatga aagcagcagg     62940
     actgtgggtg caagatcctc gctatttgtc cagtcatttt caaagagaac gcaccagttg     63000
     cctttcctct aagcatggtt gctttgcgca agtaaacggg agcgagcacg ctttttaaca     63060
     gtcacgggca tcacatcacc tgtgtgccga gtgatcatcc tcccattcaa tattcacctg     63120
     cttacctttt cttgcgcaaa cacaattagt tttctcagtc atgctgcttc tctattctaa     63180
     gatcacattt ggacgaaaat tgggccatcc ttattgtcga agcctgtttt taaaaaaact     63240
     ccaatttaaa aatgattttc aaccagtcaa agtggctagt gggagtgtct gtctaaccca     63300
     ccacagatga aatctacggg tgggtgaaat tgcctggtgt taatgtcaag ccctgattac     63360
     ttgctaaaat taaaaagaaa tgaaaaaaat gactgaaata aatgtgacgt atttctaaat     63420
     cccctaaaat tcctaaaatt tggcttttac ttccaatttt catcattaaa agtatgcgtt     63480
     ttcgcattac ttgtaaattt ctctttaaac cttttacttt tatctttctt tttacctaaa     63540
     cagttttttt acatgaacta caggtggttt aaaaaaaaaa taataatttt cttttaattc     63600
     ttttaatcaa agagaactgc ttaaacccac tctttaatta tccccattaa gcatttaatc     63660
     gtttcaccct ttattatctc aaaataagca aagaacagtt acctcagcag cctgccacaa     63720
     gatgtcaaca tttttatttt tcctagcgtg aacattttga cccagaaacc gcaacagctc     63780
     tgggagacaa gtctgactac gagagtgagg aagacctgaa agagacagaa aattaaaacc     63840
     tgacttgtgt aactcaagta atgcaaaact ttcctgactt acagtcgtcc ggtaaaacct     63900
     ccttgaactg ctggtagtaa gaatttagtc ttgccagact ttccacattg atgagctcct     63960
     gaagtgacgt gtctccaaac ctacaacaca tttccagata tagtcaatct gtgtaaactg     64020
     gagatccaca gtagagggaa aatatgcgat attgttttta agtaataatg atatgtcttt     64080
     taatataaca ttttgctaga gaaatgctat tgcagtgttc agatgcaaaa acctctaaat     64140
     gtcatttaaa atcttcttct taaatgaaca tttgtctcgg gctcttgtgt gtaggttcag     64200
     taatttcact tataaggcga tgaataggtt cttttctttg cctttaaagt gaaattactg     64260
     aacataaaca taagaggtta agaaaaatgc tcatttgaaa tgaaatgcat tctaactgca     64320
     tttagatgat ttagcatctg aactcttctc ttattattag cagtattgtt aatcactaat     64380
     gtaatcatca taccaaaata atcagtaatg tttttaaatc taattatata tatatatata     64440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa tgttgtaaat gggtaagcat     64500
     ttagaattta aagggcacct attttaccag tctccatctg actggtcaaa tcaaacctat     64560
     acgcatactg tatttactat taccgcaata ctgaccattt ttcaatttta ttgtgcggcc     64620
     cttatgtaaa ccaaaaatga agaacacagt cgtaaaccaa acagaaaatg agatcagata     64680
     atacaaacaa ttatgaaata atgttatttg ctgatgttat gcaagcactc ctgagggctg     64740
     ttttacataa tcaagactca cttttcagcg agcgtttgct gctcgttgat gcccacgttg     64800
     aacagcaccg gctgtacccg cagcagcatg ccgttctgga tctcccttgg caatgcatca     64860
     aacatgcttc ccgggagagg gatgcgaacg ttgaacccat cccgattccc ggtgatcacc     64920
     ggcagcatgt cgggggacga ggtagagatg gcctgagtca ccttgaaggt cacgtttcga     64980
     aggtccatta ttcctatgtt catgtcctct aacatggcta actcctctcc tgtgatgcat     65040
     acaaaaaaca taccagaacc caatgaatga accgtaaaac gacagaacat taaaaaaaaa     65100
     tgaattagaa ttacagtttt gctttcctgt gaatatttcc taaataatgt ttaacagagc     65160
     aagggatttg tcccagtatt tcctataata tttcttcttc tcgagaaagt cttatttatt     65220
     ttatttcggc taaaataaaa gcagttttta atttttttaa tgacatttta agtcaatatt     65280
     ataagagtcc ttaagcaata ctgtctatag aacaaactat tgttatacaa tgatttgcct     65340
     aattatccta acttgccaaa tgaacctaat tcacccttaa aatgtcactt taggccaggg     65400
     gtctcaaact taaattagcg ggggctattt tagtgactga caattcatag gagggccgtt     65460
     ttaacattca agtacaacaa aaaaagtaga aacctgacat ccttgatgca tcttaggaca     65520
     acagacatga catttatatt ttaagcatta ccaatgataa tgcaaatcag cacgtttatc     65580
     gtgtcacaca tcagctgctg aaatatatct gtggttgttg tgtgtatggt aaagcattac     65640
     acacactcag tcattcttcc atggagtaaa tgcagtcaaa actccagctt attgtttctt     65700
     gttgtacata ttgaagaggg agtttaattt gctatgaaaa aaaacaaaaa aataatagac     65760
     ataatactta ttattctgtc ccaactaatt gtattgtccc aatagcgtaa gaacagcaga     65820
     aagcagtttg ggtaacttaa gtgactttgc aggcaattgt tcttctcaat atctctcttt     65880
     tcttttcttt tttttgtaaa actacaacaa gaggaaaagt gtgtacatat tcacaattat     65940
     tttaacaggt tcaattcaac cagcagtaca attttattaa tgtacatagt ttttgtgcaa     66000
     atcttaataa gtatatgagg aatatctatt aaataagaca atgtgaatcg gatattagca     66060
     aaattatcat atttgttaca ccattaagcc attaagaagt gtttgtacaa caaaatacac     66120
     aacccgggct cactgtggaa atgtagcccc gtggacgttt ctgcggaccg cgagacacgt     66180
     ccagggagat acgtattcga gaggtttttg ttttcgcgga tccgcgagag gccgctgtgc     66240
     gggctttttc gcgtctcagg cgcctctcgg gaactcccgc cgttcgcgcc cgcgctgttc     66300
     tcgcgcgaaa agcctccggg tcggccaccc tcctcttcct cctcctcctc ctccttccct     66360
     aaacccaagc gacggtttgc aaaagccgtc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc aaaagccctc     66420
     gtcttcgatt tcgaccacgt tttcggatcc cgccgcattc tcaaccttat ttttcggatt     66480
     ctgtttttca tcttacctga tttctggaac cgctgttccc cggactcgat cccggtcgtc     66540
     gtgcccgcgg ccggctcctc ctcctccggg gcctccgctc cgccgacgca acgctgtgag     66600
     ctaagcggac aaactggttg catcaggaaa gccctccact cggaggcgag ctgtcggccg     66660
     gcgagcgcga agaggaggag cggagcggcg ccacaccacc ccgcggcgtt cgctcgaaaa     66720
     aaactaaacg cggccgtaca tacctccggc cacgttaatc gtggtctcca gaaacgtccg     66780
     cggggctatg tttccagaat gagcttgggt taaaaataca agtggtataa atctgattat     66840
     aatcaaacaa cccttgaata tttacaaact taaagcttta gtataaacag agcctttacg     66900
     ggcatatatt ttaacgttta aatcagcccc agaataaaaa cgcatgtgtg ttactctgaa     66960
     cactgagaga aaatgaaagt aaaactaatc tgaatgcatt actttaaatg tcgactagtt     67020
     ggagggtcaa aaccacaagc ggatagatgt gactgcaaaa taatgatcga ggttctaaaa     67080
     tatatgtttt ggtggggcga atgtcgttat gtttttgaca tcagttgcca gccagaggga     67140
     ggaggagggt ggaccgtaaa tggcagtttg agacccctgc attaagctga atattggttt     67200
     cttgaaaaaa tatctagtaa agtattagaa attagttatt aaaaccatta tgtttagaaa     67260
     tttgttaaaa cagaaaatag ggaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     67320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atcaaggggg taatatttct gacttcaact     67380
     gtatgtccta catatatgtt tttaataaca taagtggttt aatttagtaa atactgcata     67440
     ttcaggagca aagaatgagc atatttgtga gagtaggttt accgtaggta ctcaatagac     67500
     actcaaactg agcgagcagg ccgatggtgt aaagctgtct tagaaaacca tcatcacgga     67560
     gacagtttct cagcttgata atgaagccac aaattagcgc tgtgagctta aaagacacaa     67620
     aaagataaga aacagaatac acgttagaat taaatgaaaa ttggtttgga tagttcaccc     67680
     aaaacattta taattacata ttcaatatgt cattctaatt ctgtatgaat tgtcattgca     67740
     tggaaaaaac ctgtgcattt aaaaactcta cataagtgga caacctaata gattacatat     67800
     actatataga ttgcatatac tagtggataa caatagaaat aacaataatc cacccaagac     67860
     attgactatt tttgctttta acacaattta tgtttatcat tattgactaa cagaacattt     67920
     ttatctctgg ttaagttgac atgcaaatgt atattcactt agaaagctta aaagcatatg     67980
     tccaaagctg ctttaaacac ttactgtatg agttttaaca ggaaaaatga tgacagataa     68040
     gcaaaggata atggattgcc tcggcaaagt ggattttaaa tcctttaatg cacggcggca     68100
     agctgttgat tatacctctt attccatggt catctgcttg ttgtaaataa gttaaaacta     68160
     gttttgctct ttgaagcgca atatttgacc aattatatca gttatgacat tttagatctc     68220
     ctagtcccac actgaatcag tcatcggcag acaggcagtg tgtatggcat atctaatagc     68280
     tcttagtaac gtgctagcta cctcatcgta tatattttaa gcatatttgc tagttgattg     68340
     atccccattg gctcaggatt acacagatga atgaaggcaa ctgccactga gttactatga     68400
     ttactactaa tgtttcagta tagcatgttt attttgaact gtaatgaaaa ctgactggaa     68460
     ctgtgcatta aacagttttc ttccagccaa taagaaacaa gattttcaaa agactatgga     68520
     ataattgagg ttatttttgg gtgaaccatc actaagacta tggtggtgtt cattaatgtg     68580
     tgtgattaag aactaactgt ttggcagaaa accacgtctc tgcggtactg cagactgagg     68640
     tccattgcga tggtaggtgc gctgtcttgc atgagtaaga aaaccattga cttcttggct     68700
     ttgtcactca tcatggccac acactccgtt agggtcgtca ggaggggata caaggcctcg     68760
     ctccattcac ctgatgcaca caatcatttc taatcaatct caaactgctt atcaaaacat     68820
     acatttaaat tctcatgtgt cattttaaag ttgtgtgtta ttaataaaaa caatatttat     68880
     catactcctg ttttaaatga aagttgaaag aattctgcct tttcattgaa agtctatatc     68940
     acagagcttt aaaatgttca taaatggtaa tgtaatcaat atgaattaac tggttatatg     69000
     gcctcctttt acagagttat tatgaactta ttgaagcatc ccaacaagca tttttgtgtt     69060
     taaagacatc taaaaaggtc caaacatgga tatcttggct acaacacagc taaataagta     69120
     aaaatccaat acacataaca acagcctaaa caaatagact agtcatcaaa acaaatagat     69180
     actatagaga ggctaggctc aatcccaatt ctacccctta gcccttcccc ttccccctat     69240
     acccttcgtt ttgcacgtgc ccatgaaggg gtagtagtgt cccaattctc tttagcttaa     69300
     aggcgaaggg ctacgggcaa ggggtataca ccccttcaaa cgaagatttt tcagaaccaa     69360
     actcgaaacc aagggctaag aaaattttcc cagaatacac tagccacagc tgcacccgaa     69420
     agtaaggaga tccacacatt aatatttttt gtcattatta agaattcttt acaacaaaca     69480
     aacatgtttt aatatattca taaccacgtt cgtgttttac cattatgctt tttaaaaacg     69540
     ctaaaataaa aaacactaca ttttgcgatc tataatccct aataataact cctgtatatc     69600
     agtcccacaa cattctaaca ctcgatgaca ctcaaatgtt gtttttggtg tgttcacata     69660
     aatgaatatg gccactgtgt aaacgcacag cacagttacg atcttattgc cacattagat     69720
     cgttatgatg acataatatg ccttgggtga tctcctgaag ataaatacca aaaaataaca     69780
     caactggaat cacaacagta gtcgcgatcg tctgatctca tataaagcaa gagatggcga     69840
     tgacatctga tgacgtgtgc agatactatt gtgctgtccc aattcttagg ggtaaaattt     69900
     gaagcccttc cccttaaccc tcggttgtaa gagctgttta ggtgcaagtg acaaactgct     69960
     agctttggat gtttatatca gttttatatt ttctaaacgt gaattttgtc actgttttgg     70020
     agcacactta tagatatcca taaaactaac agaatgagac taacatctaa aacactttat     70080
     ttaaatttca cgggaccttt acagttcatc tgaaatcaca atttgcaatg tttattttgc     70140
     cagcttatat tgtaatttta aggtaaataa tttatctgtt cataaggtga ataagttaat     70200
     ccactgaaac aaatgttttt tttttttttg gtattctttc atacaaatct ggcaatttgc     70260
     ttcctaattc ggagtggcga tctgttgaca tcaacctgag gacttccata gcaactatat     70320
     atcattattt tcagccatgc ccatcttact tgtattttgt atgagggaat gctgcgcaaa     70380
     agaaagcccc tcccctactt aatattctgt ttcagttgga agtacatcaa tactgaaata     70440
     aaagtctcag caacttccag ttcatgcaga ctttaacttg tatatgtcat ttggttttct     70500
     attagatttt caaatttagc caagttttaa ccaagctgca aactcccgct ctcccttgtg     70560
     aaaccagctt ggaagtaacc taaactgcta ttcatcgact ggccactgga agttggttcc     70620
     agaagtgagc aaatcctctt agactgcatg ctaaaatacc caaatgtaca gcagaaaaaa     70680
     ggtgttgcct ggtacaaaaa tggttttggt gtatatacgg tacatcttga acctggacct     70740
     ctattagatg tcctttagac acacaataaa tgcttgctgg taaatggcga tgaaaaattt     70800
     ggtacaattg catttcaata gagtgcccaa aatgtcatac aggttttatt caaaatatct     70860
     tcacctctgt ttctaagacc aatcaaagtc ttatttaatt ggaatgacat taatggcccg     70920
     tttccactga gtggtacggt atggttcagt acgcttttat ggcagttttg ttgtcaaaaa     70980
     gtaccaaaaa gcaaactgta tcgtaccact tttgtgaagg gtacaaaaca caaacaaaag     71040
     gctaccaaaa ggcagagcca gacgtggagc tgaaggctat tggtttacag agatatgtca     71100
     ctcgcttgtg caaaaagcca gaatgaaaac aaataaccgc catgttttaa atatacagac     71160
     attacattgt aataatatat acatataata acaagccatg gtcaacccga gctcaaacaa     71220
     accttgtcat tgtcttgatg aacagccaga aaaccaagaa gaaaagcaga atctgctctg     71280
     tgcccagtag tttttacaag actgaagcac gattggcttt ttcacttgca ctcgccatgt     71340
     gtctatattt gaaataacga acttgagctg atgataataa tatgggcatg attattgaag     71400
     tgcttttgac atcccatcct ttcagaaaca gacaaacgtg aggctgacgt gtgaaaaatc     71460
     aaacgagaag cccaacaaaa caaaagagca aatgattcgt tcagcaacct aaaacataaa     71520
     caaactgaca tgtcaaacta ttatcatcac attttgtgaa ttcgactatt atgaactggg     71580
     aatgatggaa ttactctcta acagaggtta catgtgctag tggagattaa agatacagat     71640
     gagaggtttg cacggactgt gagctatatg ttgtgtgttt cttttgaacc cacataaaga     71700
     ctaaatgtat gcggtgtgta gttttccgta agtggtaaca tatcggagac tgtaagaggc     71760
     tgtatttgta tgtacctatt atttatttta tataaccgta gatgtttcag taggctattt     71820
     cgcaatataa ttcttctgca gttataatca aatcctgttt atcgaaaagt tagtaatgat     71880
     atgttagttc tcaaatgata tgtcaacgac ctatacagct ttactttgac attttctcga     71940
     gcgaaaatga ggttgactga aaatttctgt tgtacaccac acccaccaag agtaccattg     72000
     gtaccctttt agcatttgaa acgcaagact gataaaggtg acctgtaccg tacagtacca     72060
     ctcaatggaa acgggccatt acttgaatta cagaggacca atttttcatc tttgggtaat     72120
     caggcaatgt acattctaga gcaactaaac actgacaaaa ggtgctttta acgcataaaa     72180
     taatgtgtta aaaccatatg accagttata cctgaaacat atatcagtga tcatcataac     72240
     aaggcaacat attatagtct gggtagattc gatggtaggc aaacaactga aatgtttcat     72300
     ttttaacttt aacaaacatg tgtatgcggt agccatttta agtctgcaag acctcaaatt     72360
     cacataaagt gttccacttg gggcagggcc atatgtttaa aaacatctat caatatctgg     72420
     aataaatata tcccaaccag cttcccaaaa atatcacatc agcagaatgc aaatctgtat     72480
     cactcaggga ctttaaagta aacattgaca gatttcaaaa cagtagcaat gacagtttga     72540
     caccattaaa caagtatgaa agacaacata tgagaagtga acacctcttt agcattagcg     72600
     cataagctta agggaggggg aggcgctctt acctgggtaa ctctcctctc cactgctgct     72660
     gctgccatct agggggatgg aggtgcaaca tgcaacagtt aacttagcga gtgcacagca     72720
     cacacagcta aacacacact atgaagctgc gtttccactg cacacaacaa atgacaagca     72780
     gcagaagtca agagagtact ccaggagctg cgtagagttc cgatcatgtc agtatgcaga     72840
     aaattcggat ccaatttgcg ttaaaatatt tgttgtttag atgtaagcaa ctgctcgagt     72900
     ggatgctatg tgttctagtg ttgtccaatc aggtctctgt gcttgaggga attgtttagt     72960
     ttttgttcat tgttatcaga aaatctaact tctttaaaaa aacaaacttg ttttcagtca     73020
     taaattaata caaattagta atgctctctc catgttccct tcaaaattgt tggaagtatt     73080
     attattatat tatatattat actgcattca ctcattaatt cattccacta tggcgaatgc     73140
     acggaaaata gcagctctag attcattgtg ctggacaagc gtatacacac aaatcagtgt     73200
     ggataaaata gtacttggct catatgtaga tgatgaattc tgtgaatcat caaagccatc     73260
     aaatgaatgt taatatataa tgtatataat aaaacgaagc taaatgagcc tttttatgtc     73320
     tttcaatagt cttttttcga gaccgcaagt atgagctgct attactacac aaatgaccat     73380
     aattaaaata ctgcgtgtct gccactaggg gcgaattctg acagtagtgt ctgaatgtca     73440
     tgtgcagtgg aaatgcagct tgagactata tgtacaagca tatttagtaa ctaactgttt     73500
     tgcacttaca gtgggggaaa taagtattga acacgtcatg tttgttgttg atatggaatt     73560
     ttaggaaaaa caaaaataat acaaaaataa attataataa aaaaaaaaat ccaaaaaaat     73620
     ttgttatgtg taataacaat ggcacaagaa gaaacgaaac ggttactaca taacccttgt     73680
     tccttgaggg ggggaacgga aatgctatgt ggaaaacttc cactttgggg atttcgtcag     73740
     aaaccaatca tctgaaagag taataaaacg ggccaatgaa atgccaatga gttggcggcg     73800
     tcagcatgca aagctggcag caattacaat catctgttgt ataaagatgc cagccgtgca     73860
     tcgcaaagac atcttttcta gctgaagagc caagctacag ctgtcagcta agggcaactc     73920
     atgtggcgaa aaagcatagc atttctgttc ccctgctcga agaatgaggg ttacatagta     73980
     accgtttcat tccccatcag aaggggaact tcaatgctat gtggaaaact tccactatgg     74040
     ggaaatgctt ggaaaatgcc acagcgattg aaccttacca caccactgct gagaggtttg     74100
     ccaggttccc agcgtgagcg cacaatcatc accggagacg cagcccaacg tgccccctta     74160
     ccctaactta cctcatttac ctgtgaagca cttaaaggct tatctatatt ttttggggag     74220
     tcataaaaaa tacatctagt taagttctag gaattctaaa acctgacagt gcactgggaa     74280
     actgtccgga taggaaggac cagtggaggc cacctgctga ccaatggggt gacctggtgg     74340
     catgaaaaca tatgaactaa ccctgacaag ggggagtaca cataaatcac cctatttctg     74400
     cgtaaacaga cacaaaacaa aaaaaatatc atgtcttttg actgctttct ttaataataa     74460
     cattacacaa tatatgtgct tttactttca gtacttgagt agtaaatttt gaaatatact     74520
     acttgtaata cttcagtaca aaaaatgttg aatactttag tacttccact taagtatggt     74580
     gcttaaagag cacttcaact tttattcaag tcactttttg atagagcact tgtacgttta     74640
     cttaagtctg ggtaacaatt aaacatcaga attattataa gtagagtaga attatttata     74700
     gaaaccagta gacctacaca taatattatt attgttgttt taccatatgt ttgagaaaaa     74760
     aacaataata gccgactcat attattcttt attttacatc tacagaatca tgagaaaacc     74820
     ttctcgtgag aaaaccttta ttttaggcaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaagaca cgattctaat     74880
     tttagccagt atcgtgcagc tctagtgcta cgtcattatc acgctccaca agaacaagct     74940
     cctgataggt taacgtggcg tgaaagtctg ctgaagttca ggttttcgaa ctcgagcgac     75000
     tcacgtgaaa caagcaaaac gcgcattaat cgcacaaaac gctcaactca cgccacttca     75060
     tttgcgcaaa tcgcatcaat cgcacctcct cattcgcacg tatcatgccg caggatgtct     75120
     ataagccctc ttgcattgac atgtaaatca cttgcacttg acgcttctgc gtctggtgta     75180
     aacgcagcat tagcgagaaa ggtgcagcaa gcttgttaca acactaaact gaatttcctc     75240
     attcacaaga gttcaccagc acacgtgagg aaatcggctc cactagaaga ctataaaatc     75300
     ttatgaatgt attaggtgtc gccgcagctc tacaggttcc tacatgtcac acactccgga     75360
     accgggagaa acagcctgtt caaacaccgg cagctttctc attgtctctc tccgctcgaa     75420
     ggaggtttgg aggaacccaa agactctctc agtagcgtaa aggctctgaa agcgaaaggt     75480
     gtctttgaga tgcctggctg gcatctttat acaacagatg attgtaattg ctgccagctg     75540
     tgcactctga tgctgccaag tcattggcat ttcattggtc tgttttatta ctctttcaga     75600
     tgattagctt ctgacgaaat ccccatagtg gaagttttcc acatagcact gaagttcctg     75660
     ctgggaaact tttgaaattt atttaatact ttacagaaaa gacgtttttt ttggtgatga     75720
     caggttaaaa acgcctctca tatggagtaa gtaacatgaa ttgctcaggt gtgatttttt     75780
     cagaattcaa cagtgtgtca aaatcttgat ggttctgtgt gatcttcaat tttctatttt     75840
     ctattggata catgtcaggt gtttggctgg gccattccac agcttgattt tatttctcta     75900
     aaaccatttg agagttttct tggctgtgtt ttggatcatt gctgaaatgt ccaccctggt     75960
     ttcatcttca tcatcccggt aatgttgatg ttggactgaa gcagctaata ttactgtaat     76020
     ttacaatgac gaaggcagac agttgctgaa taactactga gagatttcag ctgctgtctg     76080
     gactttcact gcctttctac acctcccttt cttcatgtgt tcaatacttt ttccctatgt     76140
     cgtttcattt tactacacat tgtaaacgaa ttagttttgt tttctttgca tatatggatt     76200
     tctttggttg gtaccaaaac tctgtgaaaa tttcaagtct gagaaaaatg gtgacatgtt     76260
     caatatttat ttcccccact gtatattaaa atcgaaatgt tgcaaaagtc tgcctagaaa     76320
     tagatgtaat aaagcaattt taacatctgc caggcgagct aatgatatca tagtctttat     76380
     ataatgtaaa ggaccactgt aaattgcagc atgctggcgc tgccaagtga ctaactggca     76440
     gagacagtca gcaccagaca gagagcctgt gagcgtgtta gtcagccagc caatcaaatg     76500
     agagcacccg gtcacatgcg cacagtaggc aaatatgctg ggtcaaacaa cagaatgttc     76560
     cagaaacatg ttccagagac atggcacatc aacagagagt cacaccgagt caacacacac     76620
     tcaatagtat aaactgttgc acagaatcca cttggatgtc agtttttttt tcttccgtag     76680
     atttatacgg ttggttttgg cacatatcat tgaaaacaga tgaataaaca tatacaaatt     76740
     atgtttaaag acacaagaca acatgcacat gatgtgacag agatatgtac agttgaagtc     76800
     aaaattatca gccctccagt gaatttatta tatttttttc aaatatttcc caaatgatat     76860
     ttaacccttt gggggtctta ggtgatttga cataccctga catttatgct tatttcagct     76920
     acttattaca tatgattggc caacatgtat tttttattca gcacaaactc tgctacaata     76980
     atatgtgaga aatatagata tacatgcttg tgtttttaga aaaataaaat atgcgtggtt     77040
     agtaggtttt ggagaacaaa atgtagctga aataaggtcc aaaaaaacac actaaatggg     77100
     gctgaataag acttttgaat aatcagtctt gtaggctaga atatgtaatt aatctgttct     77160
     ctcattcaaa gaaatcatta caatgattta cattttgtat tttgggtcag catactgtat     77220
     gcattgaagt gacaatggtc atgaataatt cacacctaga gagacaaaag acactccccc     77280
     actggctaat gttcacccat taagagcatt gtaaagcaat gtataatgca ttaatggtaa     77340
     ggaatttttc cacagtattc tgtataatat tttttcttct ggagagagtc ttatttattt     77400
     tattttggct agaataaaag cagtttttat tttaactatt ttaaagtcaa taatattagc     77460
     ccccttaagc aatatatatt tttgattgtc tgcagaacaa accatcatta tacagtgcta     77520
     acttgcctaa ttatcatgta ctgtcatcat ggcaaagttt aaagaaatca gttattataa     77580
     attaactatt aaaactatta tgtttagaag gggcgacata gtggtgcagt aggttgtgct     77640
     gtcgcctcac agcaagaagg tcactggctc gagcctcgag gatgagtgtg gatggatgtt     77700
     tcccagagat aggttgcagc tgaaagggca tccgctgcgt aaaacgtgct ggataagttg     77760
     gtgattcatt ccgctttggc accctggatt aataagggga ctaagccgaa atgaaaatga     77820
     atgaatgaat tatgtttaga gatgtgttga aaaaaatctt ctttctggta aacagaaatt     77880
     ggggaaacaa atatacaggg tgggctaaga attcagaagg gctaataatt ctgacttgaa     77940
     ctgtaggtta aaaacaatac agacgatgat gcggttagaa acagtgggac taagactaag     78000
     tcgaactatt taaaggcaaa tacaaataat gtaaagcttg ttgctatgac tgcatgcaaa     78060
     tctgtctgaa gatgaacagg tgaccaatgt gtgaaattca cagataaaaa gggtgatggc     78120
     aaaaaaagaa cgaaagatga gtatgtgcat gtgttataga gacgcaatga actagcagca     78180
     aagcaaagaa aggtaaaaac gtctacaaat gtcaaattga atgtaattta attgcttggt     78240
     ctaaactagc agttatcctg tgattcctgg tttgcatata acgagataga gggacggtgg     78300
     acatacagtg ggtatgggaa atattcagac cctcttaaac ttttcactct ttgatatttt     78360
     acagccgtta gataaaatta tttaagtttt ctatttcttc attaatgtac acacagcacc     78420
     caatattgac agaaaaacac agacttattg acatttttgc agatttatta aaaaaagaaa     78480
     aaactgaaat atcacatggt ctcaagtgtt caaccctttg ctgtgacact catattcaac     78540
     tggtatatga aaatggtgca gaaatggtgc tgtccatttc ttgtgatcat tcttgagatg     78600
     gtgctacacc ttcatttgag tccagctgtg tttgatttta ctgattagac ttgattagga     78660
     gagccacaca cctgtctata ttagacttta cagctcacat tgcatgtcag agcaaatgag     78720
     aatcaagagg tcaaagacac tctctgaaga gctcagagac cgaatagtgg caaggcacag     78780
     atctggccaa gatcgcaaaa cctgtacatt gcctgtcttg tacattttct tttaattgta     78840
     acccatatcc ggttcgtgtt tacacttgcc atacaattta cgacgtcatg catgtgtaaa     78900
     gacgggttct agcatctgcg ccacactagc cacaatggaa gattttatct tgcttttagc     78960
     tctgtgaaat atgcaaagat cgctcaactt taaaacgatt ttaacgagga ggaggaggga     79020
     aagggccatc atcgcagctt gcacctattg ttgatatatg gtgtagcggc atttttgctt     79080
     taaactgcta tcacggttag ggtaaacaat gacacgtgag tctgctttgg atccttttct     79140
     catctttatt ttatcatatc ttgtgccatt aaatcagtga aatagctcca ttgcctctcc     79200
     tcagtagcac ccgtcaccac aaacaaactc acggtctgaa cattgtttcc tctttcctta     79260
     ctagtccacc tactacctgg ctcccttaaa tcccaatttc gacagaataa aagtcctcat     79320
     tcacaaaatc aaaaatgata aagcaaatac tttaacatga attgtgtaca aagcaaattc     79380
     tcaaaccaga atacaataat tatcaaatgt aaacttaata ataacaataa tcatatcatc     79440
     caatcaaccc attaaatcca aacaaaaaaa taataaaaga gaaaaatggc tccaacaaat     79500
     ggtcctccac cattcagagg aatttgtggg tacaagagag agctcaggtc tggtggcaaa     79560
     ttgtggcagg ctttaatgag gagatttcct tcaatgtcat taaaccgcgg agaaatatca     79620
     cattgtcaca agtttaatga tgtacaaaac agaatgcctc aataaatccg atctgttaat     79680
     gtacatgata gtcgcatagt caaatatatc tgatttatat ctaatttatt tccacatatg     79740
     aaggaggcct aaaaccaatc tctaaatatc caaatgcatg cgttttttcg tgtttacacg     79800
     gtcatagaac agatccgatc tgtgtcaaat atgagcaaaa agacattttt aaaaatctga     79860
     aaattgggtc acatttaact agcagtgcaa atgtagccta agagcatgta gcctccaaat     79920
     ccttaaatgg aagacattct cttcctagaa ctggccatct ggccaaagtg agctatcgga     79980
     ggagaagagc tttggtgata gaggtaaaga agaatccaaa aaccactgtg gctgatctcc     80040
     agagatgcag tcatgaaatg ggagaaagtt gtaaaaagtc aaccatcact tcagccctct     80100
     atcagtcagg gctttatggc agagtggcct gacggaagcc tcttctcagt gcaagacaca     80160
     agaaagcagc acagagtttg ctaaaatggt gagaaataaa actcttatct gatgagtcca     80220
     agatagaacg ttttggcctc aattctaagc gatatgtgtg gagaaaaccc ggcactgctc     80280
     atcgcctgtc caatacagtc ccaacagtga agtatggcgg tggcagcatc atactgtagg     80340
     gggtgttttt aagctgcagg aacaggacga ctggttgcaa cagatggaaa gatgaatgcg     80400
     gccatgtaca gggatatcct ggacgtaaac cttctccaga cgactcagga cctcagactg     80460
     ggctgaaggt ttaccttgca acaagacaat gaccctaagc cagctaaaat aacgaaggag     80520
     tggcttcaca acaactctgt gactgttctt gaaagggccc agccagaacc cttacttaaa     80580
     cctaattgaa catctctaga gagatctaaa aatgactggc caccaacgtt taccattcaa     80640
     cctgacaaac ctggagaaga tctgcaagaa ggaatggtaa aggatcccta aatccaggtc     80700
     tgaaaaaact tgttgcatct tcccaaaaaa gactcatggc tgtattagat caaaaggctt     80760
     ctaataaata ctgagcaaag ggtctgaaca cttaggatgt gatatttcag tttttctttt     80820
     ttaataaatc tgcaaaaatg tcaacaattc tatgtttttc tgttaatata gggtgctgtg     80880
     tggacattaa tgaagaaaaa atagtactta agtgatttta gcaaatatga ctgcaatata     80940
     acaaagagaa aactttaagg ggtctgaata ccgttcgtac ccactgtata gagcaggggt     81000
     ggccaaccct gttcctggag agccacctcc ctgcagattt cagttgcaac ccatatcaaa     81060
     cacacctgcc tgtaattatc aagtggtgtt caggtcctaa ttaattggtt caggtgtgtt     81120
     tgatacaggg ccggagtggg actctttttc agccctggag tttcaagcct cagaccggcc     81180
     cacctcagtt caccactgac tatatcaaaa taaggttatt tccaattcag tttctaatta     81240
     cactatcacg tcttcttttg agaaaacagc tcttttagaa cttcaaatgt tcaacaaccc     81300
     ttacagtatt atgtcttaac aataaaaatg aaaaaaaaaa attgttactc agacaaggac     81360
     tgaacccagg ttggctgcat cataatctaa cgtactaacc actgtaccac aacagctgta     81420
     cgtttaatgg tgacttatct agttatatca tcattaacct gcatcctgct cacgaggcta     81480
     cgagaaaata gataaaaaga gcagagctgt ggtaaaataa tgaataagaa ggctgtggtc     81540
     aagtaaataa tttaattatt tttaaaaagt gtgactgctg agagcaaccg attctggaac     81600
     tagggacacc ggccctcgcg gccaaaaaaa cggaccggcc caccgggaat tctcctggtc     81660
     ctcccgatta gccaatctag gcctggtttg atatgggtag caactgaaat ctgcaggaag     81720
     gtggctctcc aggaacaggg ttggccaccc cttgtataga ggctagtagc tatagaaagt     81780
     acttttctgt ctgatgatat atattgttat aaaatgttat ataataaaaa gaattaccaa     81840
     aaatatatag cagagaaaaa aagtgaacaa gacagtgaaa ggcacctaca ggcatgcact     81900
     tctggattgt ctgggcatgc agggttcagg tcggatggtg aggatgaagg tgatgatgat     81960
     gatgatgatg atgatgaggg tggtgaaggt gacagctgtt gtggttcagg tgccgaggac     82020
     gatttctcca tgcaggtagg gttgacccaa aaagcttttc ttttgccatt acctttcttg     82080
     ctggtgccgc cctgctggtc agactggaac atgtcctcac tgctgctgct gtgcagacgc     82140
     tctctctgca gcagcttgtc cactcgctgg attatacact ccagactctt gtccacattg     82200
     ccccacacct tttcctttag aaaagacacg atttgtataa agagcatacc cccaactttg     82260
     tgaacgactt gggaagggga tagaatatag actttataca gaataaaaat acatttgtct     82320
     attgggaagt ccccaaaaaa tagctatgta tgtatgtatt tatgtatgta tggatgtaca     82380
     tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg aatgtatgta     82440
     ttcatggatg ggaaataata ctttaataat gcaataacag ttcttaaatt cactttaaac     82500
     catacaaaca taataaaata aaatagaata tgcgatttta aattgtatta atttacattg     82560
     tcacagtaat aaaatattgt aattaaaata aaaatctaag agatgttttc ttacccactc     82620
     ttcctcatgc caatcaacat ggagggatga acggctgttg ctgccactcc atttggccag     82680
     cagtgtgtct tgatcgttcc tcagcaccac ctgctctgag tcagccgagg gtgagttttt     82740
     cgaggcgatg tactcaggtc ttgctgcgtt cagggcctgc actgcagacg ccagcagttt     82800
     acagtcacac accgtcacta gctgtcgagt ctgaaagtga gtgagaaaaa cagattatag     82860
     tttcagccaa agaccacgct ggggacaagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aactcaaaat     82920
     tgagctatca gtaagcctct ccctagaatg cagatgagca gatggcagtt gactatcagt     82980
     tgcatgagta ccagaacttg agcatcttta ggttacagca ccatagagaa aatctaaaag     83040
     tttgatcatg tttatgtaac acaaaacaat caaactatgt gtctgggatt ttggccagga     83100
     aggttttgtc taaagttttc tatcaccagt agaaatgaaa gtcaataaaa gtcataccaa     83160
     gtatattaac atttaaagga atcagttccc ccttccttgc ataacctatg ccaatgttaa     83220
     tagtggttac aattaaagtc aggttgagag aaaagtgtct caaattttga attagactga     83280
     attgcatcag aagaaaaatt ttatcacagc aaccatttat tatctgtcaa aaacaactta     83340
     tttcagctcc gaattacaag aatcttctag gattttccaa atttgaaaaa atcccagtgc     83400
     gtgagccagg ctttaccctg cagtacaaaa accgtttcat gatactacca aattattgta     83460
     tttaataaat acagggttcc cactctttca tgtgcagcag attcaatgac tttttaaaag     83520
     ccccattcat ttcaaatcaa acaccttttt aaattccccc agcatgtgta gcaccatgaa     83580
     agtccttact gtacttaata tttcacttac acttaatatt tacattaaag tgccctataa     83640
     tgaaaatctg cgtataccaa ggcataatag aacaatagga tttcagtgta tggaaatggc     83700
     catactgtga gcctaagaaa ccattgttta ctagttacca tgtaatttcc atgagtgtaa     83760
     aaccctggcc aatcagagaa caaaacaaac tgtgacgaga catacaagcc ttgccctcca     83820
     catttgcatg tatgactact ttaggtcgtt catccaggcc tgacgtcatc aagagaacac     83880
     aggctcatat gtagctctga gagcattaaa atgcacaact cgggctgctt ttaataagca     83940
     acaaagtttt ctatcgataa aataatgata gtttcccttc actagttatt ttatagcttc     84000
     tatttaactt actaagaatg tgggactttt atgttgaaaa cacaacggca gattgtttac     84060
     tatgcattat tgggcaacga catgttcaaa ctcacatcag gatccaaaat gcaagattta     84120
     cagatcatac aatcatttat atccactcca aagaggcata gggtatgttt tattgtagct     84180
     tttgttcatt tatagtgctt attgtgaaat ttgatgagca cgtttcaaca aacacatgta     84240
     gactgctgaa tcgtggcaaa ttgctcagct caactgtcat ctgctcatgc gatgatatta     84300
     agctgagttt tatttgacat tatcgcttaa aaatacaatg tgatacatct ctaacggtct     84360
     cttttgtcaa gtttaattat aaattagcct ttatctcgtg agcaaccgaa gccataagcc     84420
     tactatgtag aaatcaaaga acaatttaac ttaaaccaat gcaatatatg gcgcctttac     84480
     aatatcatag aaaggatgat gttttgtata tgtcattttc aaaaaacatt tgactatttt     84540
     aaacagtcaa tgctggcaat attcaaatgt atgaaatatt gacaaaatgt gcattattta     84600
     tcatggttcc tgtacaagat ataaatttaa gatttttaaa tgaagaattt accagttttt     84660
     taagttctgt tttaacaaat ttaatttcaa tgtgaattca agcattttca atgacctgtg     84720
     tttgcttttt aaatactttt caggccttgc atccacatgt ctgaaattaa aagggtggtc     84780
     tagagtgtat ttttaaaggt ttgttgtgtt tataagatgc aaagcaatgt gtgctcatgc     84840
     ttcattggta gaaaatccca caattttttc atttatctta ctgtgatttt atacagctac     84900
     tcagctaaca tgaaaacaac aatcatattt cctagttcct ccaaaagcct gcccttaaaa     84960
     acctttatta gtcagctaac ataatgtgct gtgattctac cagcaagctc tctgagacga     85020
     ttacagtaca ttcaaaattc tgctgcacgg gttttgacac atacttcctc gcgccgtcat     85080
     atcactcctg tactttagca acttcactgg cttgctgttg agtgacgtat tgattcttag     85140
     actctgattt taacatatgt gcatgggcta gcacctgact acatctgtga cctggtaact     85200
     ctggccactc ccacccacag tcttcgttct tcatctggat ttttgctcta tcagccacac     85260
     tgtaaactaa agaccatggg tggttgtgct ttttcataca gtgcgcctaa tctatggaaa     85320
     ggcctactca tcagcatcag gtatgctgtt tctctggact gttttaagaa acttctcaaa     85380
     actcaccttt ttaccattac ttttaactta gattgattat ttttgttaat ttaatcatcc     85440
     aattgaactg aatcgttcat attttattgt ggtttttatt gttctgcatt gtttgccttg     85500
     tatgcctgta gcgctttggt ctgagaaaaa cgcactataa ttaaaatgta ttattattat     85560
     tattattatt attattatta ttatagatag catattaagt tccacttgaa tgctcctcga     85620
     agagtatgtg caacatgaat cagtgtaaat tgaaacaaat gtaagttagc aacagtagct     85680
     aagaggggca agcttatcga taggtaagtt atatggccag agccagattt actctgaaac     85740
     tcaccttatc cgctaggatg gcgagggttc tctccatgcc gttagcggag cgttctttag     85800
     cggcgcgaga caggcgctct gcgtaatagc tgacctgagt cttgagcgtg ttgatatggg     85860
     aaattatctc tttggcacgg acgatatcct gaggaatgta gacgatggac tgggagctgg     85920
     acagagcact gctgctggat cagacagagc tgggttactt taactcacac catactagca     85980
     acaaacacaa gcatacatta gtgcacacta acagacacat aatgattgag tgtttacaga     86040
     gcatttcagt gattctctag aaacttcagg tcatcaatct tgaaattttt atgaacaaag     86100
     ggggtcatcg gagctgcagg agaatgttgc agttagctct ttaaatggca gatatgttcc     86160
     cctaagtgtt tcttactaaa caatattaca gcaatagtag gggatacatc ttggataaac     86220
     aacagtacaa cacatggtta tcaagagtag gcgtatattt aatatatgaa tatatattag     86280
     ggatgccacg gttctcaata aaatattgaa ttgtacagta tggaagcgcc gtcgtatttc     86340
     aaatctgtgg tgtgaggaca attcggtttt gccggtaatt ataatgccaa taaaataaaa     86400
     aaatggtgaa caaaaaataa ctgtgtgcaa gtattgtttt acacgtataa ccatgactgc     86460
     acatctgcag ctccatcacc cagcaatatc actaaaggca ggatcgcaga gaaggtaata     86520
     aagtcctcca aatagtaaca atccctcgat gaatctttca agcaaacata cccaactggt     86580
     tccgagagac acataaaaat aacaaaggca gtgcgcgtgt ttattgctaa cgatttgcag     86640
     ccgttttcgg tgatgggaga agtgggcttt tgtcattttt taaaaggact cgatctgctt     86700
     tacagactac agtctcgcat ttttcagcac cgagataatt aagatggttt attattgttt     86760
     acttaagtac aaatatgttt atttgaaaag gccaatttat ctttattaac ttcacatgta     86820
     tgtatgtatg taggatttta tgtgttcccc agtttgtaca tgggctacca gcagctgtga     86880
     gatttcagtg ttaatttttt ttatacaata cactaggaac tagtgtactt ttcttggctt     86940
     ttaagtaaaa caaaatgaat attgcaataa atcattttta tttttttctc cttaacctct     87000
     aactgttcct attgcctaaa gaataaaaaa acgagtgtca agccatgaga accgaaccga     87060
     aaaccgtgtt gaaaaaacca aggtatgtat taaacagagg gctaaatgta ttgttacatc     87120
     cctaatatat acatttattc acaagagtgc tgtctggttc ttgaatctga ttggctgata     87180
     gccgtgctat attctgcaaa taaaagcact cgtccagcct cttaaccctt tacccttgtg     87240
     tattacttcg cccacataca gtgacaagca gattacactc aacagtttga taaatattgg     87300
     agctgttgga caacataatg ttcttttgag gcttttttag ttgagaatgt tgttgttgaa     87360
     tttttcagca cttcaggcag taatattgtg atctcacgat tgcaacagag aaatactagg     87420
     aaatctctat agactgatgg cattttatgc cgtttagcct tataatctta aaatgtgagc     87480
     aaaataacct tttatgtcac cattttagac attatgctag agaatcagtc aaatactagc     87540
     tctaaagtga cgtaagtgaa tgagcaacag cttctgctgt tctgacgcca gctgcagatg     87600
     tgaaacaata gtgaaagaaa gtagttcctc ttgtaaaagg gttttgagac tctcagtgtt     87660
     tgattttctt ttttatacat acgattatgc catcgaaatg ttgtataagt gcaatatcac     87720
     acgagtagca gtgcaacgtg gctgtatatc gtcactggtg ggacactacg gcgcacgcct     87780
     cccaccgcac gcaccagtgc cgatatacag ccaaatcgct ctgctactcg tatgatattg     87840
     ctcatataca tatataaacc taaattctaa tgctcggtat gaacttcagt cggttgtctt     87900
     gaccacataa acaagccaaa atgcactggc catattgtat atatactggg cccaaaacta     87960
     actttttatc aaagttattg acatttaatt tgccaatttc tttttgtttt aaccagacat     88020
     aaatctgcta cttctgtaac ttaccatata ttaacatgtt tttattaaaa tacaattcaa     88080
     taataatgtt ttcttaatgc tgtaggcttt agaggtacag tagatgtatt acttggatat     88140
     tattaatgca taatatactg caactatcaa cagagcccaa acgcttaaat tcaattttag     88200
     attactcaac aatcaaagaa aaatgtcaaa taaattgcac attaatcaga tttagtttat     88260
     ttgtacacct aattattaca ttctgcattc taaatacttg ctcaaattga ataatttaca     88320
     cactgggtcc ataacttctt atgacctatt atataaacat acattaaata agacatcact     88380
     aacaggttaa gctaaataaa tgaatacata cattaatata tacgcataca aagtgcatat     88440
     attaatataa acctatttac agaaatgctc ttctctaaaa tgtgtttctc tagtgaacta     88500
     ccatgctgaa tgacttgact gagatgaatg tattgctatg tgaaatatta tttacaagct     88560
     ttatttatga tgtccttcca tgcttgagca ataacatgag aagttcattc atgtttaatt     88620
     tgtgcagtga ctaatttgta ctttgtactt tgtactttaa ttttgtactt tactaatttg     88680
     actaatcatg ttcactcgtg ctccaaagcc tgaactgaaa tgtctataca atgatctgtc     88740
     atgctacata taacaaaata aaatagacag aatttaaaag agaagactgt ttttttttaa     88800
     tcaattgtaa caaaacaaaa agaagtggct gatttatatc ttcgtggata tttcacccaa     88860
     ttactacagt agatcagcct aaaaaataaa catttgcttg agagtgagaa tgacagggat     88920
     caaaaacaga gaacagatat atatatatgt gtgtgctcag caaagacagt tgcattacac     88980
     actccaaatt tgtagcgacc acatagaaag gatgatagca agacgcaata atgattatta     89040
     ttctgatcta aaccatagtg aggcagccta tgcatcaagg gtaattaggt gtgaagaata     89100
     gttgtgcctc caaattttaa gccagcccta ttagaacatt cagagttaaa cagttgattt     89160
     ttacaatttt ttaatcaatt cagctgatcg ccatgtctgg caggagcact tatagcttag     89220
     cttagcataa atcattgaag caaattagac cattagcatc tcactcaaaa tttacaaaat     89280
     aaattattat accattttcc tatttaaggc ttgactctgt acagtagatc taattattaa     89340
     ttttacattt tctagagcaa tattgcaagg aactatcctc tcattcctgc ctaataactt     89400
     tgctgctgta acatggctgc agcaagggca attatattgt gcagcacctg aaattaattc     89460
     ctgactaagt aactaggtaa aagtgttgca taatataatt gggcctgcta cagccatggt     89520
     acagcagcaa agttccttga ttattacatt ataatttttg agcaagatgc taatggtcta     89580
     atcccaattc aataaatttt tgctaagcta agctatgcta aaaagatata aaaaggtaaa     89640
     aacaactgtt taactatgag ggagatctta aatgagaata gccccccccc cccccccccc     89700
     cccccaaaaa aaaataaatt taataaaaaa ataaataaat aaacaaataa ataaattaaa     89760
     gaaaagtgga gtgttcattt aaaggcatct cctcaatgat taggataagt gctggttata     89820
     atgcaaccaa tgctatgcag caatgctgct cacaaggttt ttgatcagag atgtcatgca     89880
     gaaaatgcga acaaaccaca aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa aaaataagtt caaactaact     89940
     caccattcct cctcataaat gctgatcaga aagcaaaaat gcaattaaaa aacggatgaa     90000
     aaataaatga agagcatatc ttaaagaaaa actgctactg atgtaacaca agcaaacaac     90060
     acataaccaa gagcagccca gagaatgtgg taaatattaa tgagagtaat gattcaaaac     90120
     agactataca cattctaaat tactaaaagg caaatatagt taactaaaaa agtttgtgga     90180
     aaaaaaatag ctagaaaaca agattaaagg gatatttcaa taaaaaaagt atttaatcac     90240
     tatttaccca ccttcatgtg gttccaaacc ttcacgagtt tcttcaattt gttaaaaaca     90300
     aaagaagata ttttgaagaa agctgaaaca accattgact tccatagaag gaaaaacaaa     90360
     tccaattgaa gtaaatggtt tgacaatttt cagctttctt cataatattt tcttttgtgt     90420
     tcaacagaag aaaagaagtc aaacaagttt gaaacacatg aagggtgggt aaatattgac     90480
     agaactttca gttttgggtg aactttctct ttaaaaagca aatacaatta taaacaaagc     90540
     cgactaaatg ataaggcaag gggaaaaaaa taatgtgctt tttaaaagat acaatagtct     90600
     tatacttaaa caataacaca ttactcagaa tttactcact taaaagtggt accaaacctt     90660
     tataagttat ttgaaggggt gcttgtaaga atgccatggc gcctttataa taatgacaag     90720
     atgcgtcatg aatatgaagg acattttatg tatgcttatg taaatgtaaa cttaaggagc     90780
     agtatgtaag gttgagaacc agtggttgga ctaggtactg cattcctgga tcaaaacaaa     90840
     tgcaagcgca ggtttgccag attgaggacc aacaaggctg atttaaatcg tgttccatat     90900
     aagagcaacg gcacgcgata gaaggaatat tttccatatt aaaaggagtt tttgtctaac     90960
     caacatttcg aattgatatt agaaatggct tctatttctt gcagctgaac aacagaaaac     91020
     tgacaatgat cacctcaggt aaacctcatg tgctttactc agtgttaaat gctaacaatg     91080
     taagtttgaa tgacatttat tgccatacta ctgaaagcag cagcagatag ttcatctcag     91140
     atcttgaaaa tgaaataaac cgtttgaaat tgtctggtag aactgtgaaa taatgcaaac     91200
     caacagatat aagtgattca gcatgtacat ttaataatgt tgaagaggtt taataagtat     91260
     taattagagt ataaacttta ccatttcatg agcaagtgaa tattcttcgc ttctgaatgg     91320
     ctgtatttga atttctgttg tgtttcgttt ggtgcaaaca gccaaattgt ttatcactgc     91380
     aaacctcatc acgtagcatg ttgttaggac acagggttac aatgtaagaa attgtataca     91440
     atgaaatttg tataatttgc taactaataa cctcatgtgg aactctgaaa ctgcatctca     91500
     tttcagagtc tgctactgtc cacagtaggt cacattccgg tttaaggaca catgctttaa     91560
     gagccttact gaataaatta atgaaaaatg tgattttcaa tgagggcacc ctaaggtgct     91620
     gaaatatatt tggctaacct ggcattgggc aggttaaaaa aaccaaaaca agcacatttt     91680
     caaagctgaa taaccgactt cagcattgtt ttttaggtaa acaagaatgg tcacttggca     91740
     tgtttattaa atatctgcaa aaatattgtg gtatttttat gctttagaag agtcaaaaac     91800
     ttacatacag cacctttaag tgtcattctt tcagttatgt cattttaaaa gttgtgatgt     91860
     ctttgttatg ataacttgac aaacaaatac atcatatttg acattgacat taccaagaca     91920
     acataacttg tcataaatct gtcataaaca tgattgtaat aaggctatta taattgtgtc     91980
     atgaaaattt ttctgcacat ttttctttca gtggaacaca tcgaatttgt ctttaaaatt     92040
     aattaataaa agtcaataat gtttaatgac attttaatga caaattcaaa atgtattact     92100
     gtagttgaaa ataactaact aaataaataa ataaataaat tgcagttata aaattcctga     92160
     aagttttaat gacctaatga caatcatgtt tatgacagaa ttattacaag ttaagatgta     92220
     ttgaggtttg tcaatccaaa atcgcatttt atatgattta actgagtaaa tggcacttaa     92280
     cgacctgcaa aaccgaatag gttaaggcaa ctcaaaccat ttgagttaaa aaataatcta     92340
     tatgagtact gtgaacttac tccatttaag ttgaagtaat gagatattta attacctcat     92400
     taccttcaac actaagttta aaactccttt caaatgagta gatttaacct tcagtaaatt     92460
     ctgactgaac tacacttaat tcatttaata aagttgacag ttgggtttta cagtgtagtc     92520
     aagcataaaa tctcattgtt tttcatgaag tgtcaagtca tgattataaa tgattaatga     92580
     cagtcttatg aacccggctt caagtgaaac attaccttac tttctttatt ctgttgaata     92640
     ttaaaggcta aaaaccttta accattgact tccatagtag aaaaaacaaa tactatggaa     92700
     accaatgatt accagtctcc agcttccccc aaactatatt ctctggtgtt caacagaaga     92760
     aagaaagtca aataagtttt taactaagtg gaaggtgagt aaataatgac agaattttta     92820
     gtttgggtga actacaaata tattacaaat atattacaca tattaaagca tatcggaaac     92880
     tgatcaaatc tttttaggta aaacaatacc agacagctgg ttagccaaac ggatatgcat     92940
     caaaaaatgc tgtctatggc ttagcttatc accacaaata atgatagcat gatagctttt     93000
     gcttcacatg catacagacg catacacaca catgcaggaa atggtttacg ttttgcaaaa     93060
     ccaggccaac ttacactttc tttgcctctt caaacttctg caggagtttc cgtagaccac     93120
     cgcttttgaa gccctgacag tgagccgcag gggccccgat cgtcaccaca tcataggtgt     93180
     gatctagatc aacaaagaaa cacacacata cacatagcca gttcacactt cccacaaaca     93240
     atcataatga ataacgaata catagtgtaa gcaataaact acactgatga aaagcaagtt     93300
     cttaatattg acttagagta gtttgtttct tgggattatt caatagtaca tgcagatcta     93360
     cagtgggtac ggaaagtatt cagaccccct tagatgtttt actctttgta cagcttcatt     93420
     tgagtccagc tgtgtttgat tatactgatt gaacttaatt aggaaagcca cacacctgcc     93480
     tatataagac cttacaagat cataatgcat gtcagagcaa atgagaatca tgaggtcaaa     93540
     gaaaccgcct gaagagctca gagacaaaat tgtggcaagg tacagatctg gccaaggttg     93600
     caaaaaaatt cagttgcact taaagttcct aaaagcacag tgtcctccac aatccctaaa     93660
     tgtccagcca atctaagcta tcaagggcag aaaagtcctg gtgagagagg taaagaagaa     93720
     ccccaagatc actgtggctg agctccagag atgctgacga taaacgcaat cgaaaagcgc     93780
     cccagagtgt acgagccttt acattgcaac tattacagct attttttact atttaaccta     93840
     actgttatct atttgaatat atttagaatg taaaaattcc aaattaaaca aaaagagctt     93900
     cagttgtaac tgatgtgttg gtgctctttg gataagttat taagaaagat acatcaaaaa     93960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca taagaatata agggggctaa tcattttgtc tccaactata     94020
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata gtataaaaat tataaagact     94080
     tttataatta gcacacaaag ctacagtaat ttaaccaata aaacagaata ttgcatctcg     94140
     tattacctat attattatca ttattttatt atattatact atttccaata gaactacagg     94200
     aattgtaaaa gcaagactgt gggtcaaatc taaaagaaca gctaatgtcc acatgtattt     94260
     ttgtgttgaa tgcatgaaaa cgtctgtatg tgagcttatc taactgttaa atgctgaata     94320
     acacctccta cggacggcta ggattcactc acatacacca aagtggacag gaacataagt     94380
     ggtataaaag tgacaagtga caaaagcagt ccaaacgcag aggatgacta atgaaattcc     94440
     acagaataaa ataaagaaga agaaaaaaaa aaaggatcta accacagcca gactcatcct     94500
     gaaccctcat cctctgcacg tggaggttgg tgggcataaa ttccaacttc ctctctgctt     94560
     tcaaattact ggctttaaat gacggacctg taggagacag agatagaaag aatcgcttga     94620
     catcactcta tcattcatgt ggagtaaaaa ggtgtactat tcttatgtta tggttggtca     94680
     cataactgta ttccattatt attttgcatg tttaaaaacc agcagattat actattattc     94740
     tatatatttc acgccatgta cttactgtta ttcaagtatc tgcttaataa aaaaattttt     94800
     attagtatta ttaatattac tattagtcat tcaggttact ggagaatctg tacagtattt     94860
     ttgtatatat tgtatagtaa tagaatagtt ttgggtaact agatactggg actacatact     94920
     ataattaaac tacctaagcc ttgaaagagt aaagtaaggg atgactttta ggtaatttat     94980
     tcacagatac tcaaagtatt agcctttaat actgtacata aattcaacag gtctgtatgc     95040
     actgttttgc ttgttataca aatatgtttt ggtacttaat cacatttttt aacttatggt     95100
     tacatttaat caggacaatt gcatgctttc tgttggaaac agttaattac gtaagaaatc     95160
     gacgacaatt gatggtatgt atgaaatatg gtatttcaaa tgttttgtat cttgatatat     95220
     aattgtttaa gtttttaaag tacatgtaaa agcacctgtt taactcaaac tctataaagt     95280
     taaataatta attttatgtt gtctatgcat taatatgagt tagtgctgtc aaaattagca     95340
     cattaacaca tgcgattaat ttgaaataat tatcgcatta aaacaaatta acgcaattaa     95400
     tgcagttgca gttttttttt tctctgttgt gttcaacatg caaagaaata tagataagac     95460
     caagtaagca cttttagaag gaaagtttca gtataaacaa ttaatgtcgc attaccagct     95520
     atccagcgtt tcctccagag tttcatctaa ttttgtatgt atcattttta atctttcgac     95580
     ttttgtttta attgaatttg aaaccaaatg ccgaatggaa agtaaacccc cgcattttgt     95640
     gactccctgg tcctttaagg taatcaaaaa tcactgctta catggtagac tcttaataag     95700
     agtattatct taatcatatt aaaagcagag tattggtgtc catgtaaatg tacttagtga     95760
     aactcagatg atgtcgcaag ctgtcaaaga ctgcctttaa gatgattcca tgcgccctta     95820
     aatgtttcat taaatttgac gcgtttcccc ctttaacaca acttttgtaa agccactggt     95880
     tcacgttgcc atgtcagaat cctagtgaaa tacagccata ctttaaaatg cttagtttaa     95940
     gcaaatttga tgaacccgat catgcgtgtc gaataatctt gaaggcagtc gctcactggc     96000
     tgcattgtcc tgtgtgcgtt ttatgtgtgt gtgtctgttt atgtgcacac acttcctagc     96060
     aacaagaaca aacattgcct aaacattgcc gtacaaatcc ctcaaagttg tttaaatgtt     96120
     tagagatggt gtgaccaaag tacctgtaag aattagcctt tggtatgaca caacctgcgg     96180
     atgcctttga tgtaccgctt gatgcttctt acgtccttgt cgtagcacca gtggcaacaa     96240
     aattaggcac caaaatgcat atgctgattc attgattctg cttgtgagag actgttctca     96300
     ctctcagctc acatcattca aaagaaaagg tccacattgt ccccgataat gtcaacagac     96360
     tggacggttt aagcaactcg ctgaatgtaa aggaggacta agcaacattg tttctacttt     96420
     ataattaatt ttcttagcta tcagcaatac aacttttcaa tgagtacaat tgttcgtatt     96480
     ccatatttgc aatgcccgta tttatttatt ttttttgcag tccacttaga ataaaacata     96540
     gtaatcactt ttttctttat tggcattaat tgttttgaaa ttcaaatgac actaaaatgc     96600
     ctgtgttttt atttctgtaa taaatatggc tttcaagcca ggatattaat ggtttattgt     96660
     gggtatgttg tttacatgta gaaatctgtg ttacaagtta aacaacaatt ctaataaaca     96720
     attatatttt aaatttaaat agttttgtct tgggtttaca ttaattttac atttgataag     96780
     ccaaaaatac aagtttcagt cttttaaatg tgattaattg cgattaattg caaaaaaaaa     96840
     tgtgattaat tagttttttt taatcgattg acagaactaa tattaataga ttgcagtgct     96900
     tcttttttaa taaatctgca aaaatgtcaa caattctgta tttgtctgtc aatatggggt     96960
     gctgtgtgta cattaataaa gaaaaaaatt actttatcct gctatgctct tggggatgtt     97020
     tttatccact ctaggattat tttgtgtctt aatttggaca ttatttttgt ttcagctagc     97080
     agaaggattt ttggtgacaa atcttatttt gacacatatt ttgagaaaat actctgaatt     97140
     aaaaacaaac aaactcaaca atactttttt gtggaaatgt actacccttt tgttatgtta     97200
     gggatgcaaa catccactaa attaaactgc tgtaaaaata cataaaataa atatttcttt     97260
     aaaaaaaaaa atcccaaaaa tctgttaaat caacctcaat cccgatcaaa actactaaat     97320
     tgcttagaaa attacaggat ttaattaata accaaatata taaataatct cactgatttg     97380
     gtgaaaaaaa aacacacaca gtgccgtatt ttcaatatga aaaagtaatt gtgaagtgga     97440
     tttcttttta cctttgatca gtcttggaca tgtgaaacaa aattgacttt gatgcattgt     97500
     ttttgattga ttctcgtttt cttctccctg atttactgtt ggtggctgtt tttgccttgc     97560
     attgacttcc aaacccctgt cttttgttcc aaaaacaaga caccatttaa ttatgctttt     97620
     ttgattgtta gtagtttttc ttggagggaa atttaaattt ttactgctga tcatcatttc     97680
     acagagatgg gttgcggcta aaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aaccgtgctg gataagttgg     97740
     cggttcattc caccttggcg accgcggatt aataaaggga ctaagtcgac aagaaaatga     97800
     atgaatgctg atcatcagat aaccatttag ataggcctgt gcaaaaaagc gtagtttctg     97860
     gattttatat ggaatataag ggcaaattaa agtatgtgta tgtgtgagag tgaccttttg     97920
     cgcactaacc ttgatatgtc tgagaaaatc aaaatatgca tctcagctct cagaactaca     97980
     tggagtaaat aaaaacaaag actgtgtatt tatgcaccat caaatgtggt tataatggaa     98040
     gtcaatgggg caaaaacagg taccaaccat tttaataccc actgtgttgt tggtcattta     98100
     aaactttcat ttgtcattgt tatctaaaat attatttatt attattatta ttattaattt     98160
     ttattattat tattattatt attctatagg gctttaatgc tgcaagccaa aaatttggct     98220
     tagagctgtg ttctgtattg cagtctgttg ctatatcttt tcacacataa agttttacta     98280
     taaaacattt taagcattaa atattcaaca aaatatggca agacatgttt acataaagtc     98340
     gaagtcctgt caaagtcacc ttggctttct caagacaaca tcaaagtttg ttaacaaact     98400
     ttagctttta gtttatttta agcgactgaa tgagtaatat gagtgttata ttccttgaag     98460
     tgcgttaaag ttaacctgat ttaaaataaa cttaactgac ctcaagcaaa ttaggcttat     98520
     ttatatttgc attctttttg ttggttctgc tttttttaag gcacacatct tgctattaac     98580
     aaacaaattt tgccttaata aactcataat ttgcagttta ttaaaagtta ttaggttagt     98640
     gattatttga ggtattgatg ataataatta ttatatcaat caagctagat caagtaacta     98700
     tttcacaatt ggcaataaag tagtgcaaaa ttagaattta cgtcactttt tttatttaaa     98760
     aagctaattt gtttagaaat cctaaatcaa actttaaatc ccagacagac atttaatgta     98820
     gtctaacatc tttgaagctc attcatcata tgtttctgtt ttcatagatc ttgtgcttaa     98880
     gtactgaata tctgaagctt ctgaagagat ttatgtataa caaaacagaa acacctccgg     98940
     caaacttaaa gtacagactg acctttgtag tcctgcaggt ctgaccgtgt gtcttgatag     99000
     gacagaagga tgctctggta ctgtgttaca atctgccgcc tgagattctc ccaacatggg     99060
     gataattctc ccaactcctc cagctcagat accctaccag catcataaca caaaattatg     99120
     tcaagacact ctcatcagac attcagtgga gatcaaaatt agaaaactat ctataaacac     99180
     ttgtttgttc attttcaccc cagtggcaaa tcaggtttca tagtttatac ctgatctcag     99240
     atcagtttta caagtttgta taggttttaa taagacattt gttaattgaa aagaaataat     99300
     agttaataat agtgattagt atcttattgg acattttaga agtgcccact atggaacaaa     99360
     caatatataa aagccttaaa atgtataaaa gaatgcatat tatgcagaca cttaaactta     99420
     tgataagcta aaagcactta tagattatat gtttaattta aaaattgcaa tatttttaaa     99480
     caagtcaatt ctaatgtatg tttacctggt gtgccaagta tgtgcttcaa aacagtgaat     99540
     cattttgcga agcttcaatt gttctattat tcaattgcaa agcttcaact gttcaattgt     99600
     tcaattgcga atcttcaact gttcaattgt tcaattgcga agcttcaact gttcaattgt     99660
     tcaattgcga agcttaattg ttcaattgtt ctattattta attgcgaagc ttcaactgtt     99720
     taattattca attgcaaagc ttcaactgtt caattgttca tttattcaat tgcgaagctt     99780
     caactgttca attgttctat tattcaattg cgaagcttca actgtttaat tgttcagtta     99840
     ttcattggcg aagcttcaac tgttcaattg ttcaattatt cagttgcgaa gcttcaactg     99900
     ttcaattgtt caattattca attgcgaagc ttcaactgtt caattgttca actattcaac     99960
     tgcgaagctt caactgttca attgttcaac tattcaattg cgaagcttca actgttcaat    100020
     tgttcattta ttcatttgcg aagcttcaac tgttcaattg ttcaattatt caattgcgaa    100080
     gcttcaactg ttcaattgtt caattattca attgcgaagc ttcaactgtt caattgttca    100140
     tttattcaat tgtgaagctt caactgttca attgttcatt tattcaattg tgaagcttca    100200
     actgttcaat tgttcaatta ttcaattgcg aagcttcaac tgttcaattg ttcaactatt    100260
     caactgcgaa gcttcaactg ttcaattgtt caactattca attgcgaagc ttcaactgtt    100320
     caattgttca actattcaat tgcgaagctt caactgttca attattcaat cattcaattg    100380
     caaagcttca actgtttaat tattcaattg tgaagcttca actgttcaat tgttcaatca    100440
     atcaattgca aagcttcaac tattcaatta ttcaattgtg aagctttaac tgttcaattg    100500
     ttctattatt caatcgcgaa acttcaaatg ttcaattgtt ctattattca attgcgaagc    100560
     ttcaactggt tttcgaaagt tttgaaaagt ttagattcta ccaacatcaa caggtattgt    100620
     ttactaacaa ggtaaagtaa cataaggtaa catatgtaat acagtatttt tggtcctttt    100680
     ctcagaggtg taaatgcaga ttgtcttgaa aacgtcttgt aaacgtgaaa ctttttttaa    100740
     atgcaagggg aaaaacataa aaatttttgt ctaaatcgtt gttatgtaaa tgtaccatta    100800
     gatttctaaa ggttgcagcg attaaacatt agtaagaagt gagcaaacta ggggtgtaac    100860
     ggtatactct attgtagcgg ttcttgctct cccacgacaa acacactcag tcaagtcact    100920
     gcagttaggt agaaaagacc acatcagcac aacaacttag cagcaattca caaagaacac    100980
     atcttagcat ctaaaaaatg ctaaaagtaa tagttcctcc atgttgctgt tgtcaacttg    101040
     gtacacagaa gctcgcatct aaaaacctgg tacctgtgtg tgaggtagtg cagaagatgc    101100
     aagtggtcat gcatatccgt aaacttcgtt tacatagaaa aacaatagaa atttacgatt    101160
     tggtataatc ctttctctac atacacgcat acggttgaac atgagcgtcc actacactcg    101220
     ctgttataaa tgaacctcaa gtcagtgcta gcatttttat taaaacagat ttcagcttga    101280
     agcttactga acctatgtac aaatactgtt ctcttgttat gagaggtttg ggctcattcc    101340
     ttcattttct tttcggcttt aataatcagg ggtcaccaca ggtgaataaa ctgccaactt    101400
     atccagcata cgttttatgc agtggatgcc cttccagccg caacccaaca ctgagaaaca    101460
     tctatacact cttgcattta cacacataca ctataactaa tttagctaat acaataaacc    101520
     catgtgaaca ttggaagaac atgcaaactc ctcacagaaa tgccatctga cgaagcccag    101580
     gcacaaacca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg ccatcgtgct atccactatt ccgccgtgac    101640
     gccctgggct cagactttga atgtttaata tgcagcctaa ttacaaagtt tttttttttc    101700
     attattctgt atattttgta ctttagtatc tagggctggg cgattaatcg aaaaataatc    101760
     gaaatcgaaa tttagaacct ataattgatt taattttccc aggtcgattt tattaattat    101820
     tttgtgtgga gtcatgtgac ccccctctgt taaggctgat ttatattgag agcacacgta    101880
     tggtccagca caaccttcgc gcggtcacat acccatgcac ctctcaaaaa tgtaactaaa    101940
     tgtggtgaag acgcctaatg caagctctgt gattggtcag tttgatagcg ttgatcgaac    102000
     tgaaacttag aggagctgtt ttaatttacc ttatgataaa agttttccca cgtctgcctg    102060
     ttcccgcctc tgaatgagca agttttagga tctcatacat taaggaagca ttcagaaaaa    102120
     gctaaacccc catgaagaaa ctcgacacag gaacataaaa atctgctgcc agctagtgtt    102180
     ttagaagtgt tactacagag caacacatac agcatgctga agtataccac tgcacagcta    102240
     cgcgcaaggc aagcactgtg ggtcacgccg atcactcgat gcagatgtac aaatcagcct    102300
     tttgctgacc actttgtagc cacatctgat ctctggtcaa gtaagatgat ggacccattc    102360
     ttgaacttta ctttgcacta aattgacgat gtgattgtga actgtgccag agatgccttg    102420
     agacggcata tttccaatta cattcaaatt attcattcat tcattcattt tcttgtcggc    102480
     ttagtccctt tattaatccg gggtcgccac agtggaatga accgccaact tatccagcaa    102540
     ctttttacgc agcggatgcc cttccagccg caacccatct ctgggaaaca tccacacaca    102600
     cattcacaca cacactcata cactacggac aatttagcca acccaattca cctgtaccgc    102660
     atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc acccggagaa aattcacgcg aaggcatgga    102720
     gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgacaa ctgagccgag gttcgaacca gcgacccagc    102780
     gaccttcttg ctgtgagatg acagcactac ctactgcgcc actgcctcgc cacattcaaa    102840
     ttattgctta cattaatata tttgtttaca gaagatgcaa gaaaagcact gtctaaaata    102900
     ttatttacag gatatgcaag agttatttta ttttaaagag atactgctta ttttcttctt    102960
     ttaatatgaa aaacaatgaa aaaatttatt ttgtatccaa aagtacaaat tatttattgt    103020
     cactttttta taagaaaaac gtgactgttg gttttaggca atgtgtgttt taattttagt    103080
     tgttctatat tgatattcaa taaataataa cagatacagg gttcatacac attttcacaa    103140
     caaaaattcc aggactttta agtcaatttt catgacctaa tgtttcatgt aatgtctaca    103200
     tatatgtggt aaatcataag aaacataaaa tttttttaca gcatatcata aaacacgcaa    103260
     taatttcaac ttatttttat atctatgcaa aatagataat gcttacacag ccctaataat    103320
     gtgagaccag taaaaacaac aaactaaatt ccaatataca catatttgtc aaagtagttt    103380
     tagataatct caatagtttg tatggtaatg attcactttg gcaaaaccaa acgaaaaagc    103440
     aatggcaaaa gcaagtaaga agagaaactt aacagaatgt gaactggagg tgctcctatc    103500
     agaggtagac cagagaaaaa ctgtgttttt tgcagtttgt cctccggaat taataacaaa    103560
     attaaaaaaa aaaaaataga gtgggagagt ttagctgatg cggttaacgc agtggggtct    103620
     gaacatcgca ctgtgagtga attaaaaaag aaatggtctg atgtaaaggt gcaggttaag    103680
     aggaaaacag cggcgcaccg tcaaactgtg gaggggaaca tgggatgctg aactaacacc    103740
     cttcgaggag agagttgcct caattgtggg cgacacttta ctgtctggag tagtattcgt    103800
     gtctgtagga gacacagata tattagagga acaatttggt tgggcggtat agcagcatcc    103860
     ctctgctctt attaaggcag tgccaccggc atttcagctg cccaatcgca tttgagcatc    103920
     acatattatt ttcacaatta ttgaatagaa atatttccga ttcacatatg caaattcatc    103980
     ttcagatgtg cgtgcagtcg atcgctctga ttacattggg aaaaccggca atcactgcca    104040
     attgcggttt aatgttaggc tggtcaactg catggtatgg aaaccttata tacctgctag    104100
     acatgcagat gatcccgtcc catacagctg gcattgcaca gaacaaagac gactggcttc    104160
     gcatttaact gcattcgaaa gttcaagctt ggtgaattct tccctgcgaa atcacatccg    104220
     gtgattgttt gagactaata gatgatcatt taaaataaga aaatttctgt gaggagtttg    104280
     catgttctct ttgcgttcgt gtgggtttct tccgggtgct cccgtttccc ccaccgtcca    104340
     aagacatgct gcaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtctt taatttgtga gtgtatgagg    104400
     gtgacaggcc cagacgacag gccggccgga aggtgtaaaa aagtcgttat catatggaca    104460
     agtcgaggac ttgttccaaa gagccgaccc cgcaatcata cgggactaag gccaaagaag    104520
     aagaagaaga agaagttact agttctatgt ttggctggtc aactgcatgg tatggaaact    104580
     ttatatacct gctagacatg cagatgatcc cgtcccatac agctggcatt gcacggctca    104640
     aagacgactg gcttaacacc aagcggtctg ccagttccct ttggaaagaa ccagttgcca    104700
     ggatgcattg ttggtgccaa actttgtagt gtgcaattta acataattgc ctctaggtgt    104760
     cgccaataga aataaaaaaa aaacacacac aagaaataca cgtacaccag acatgaagtt    104820
     ggcgcggacc aacgcacatt ctcacattaa tttcattgtt agtaaatcca aacgtgagcg    104880
     tgaaacctgg tgtacgcaaa gtttttgtga gtaagcagcg ttgatacatg aggccccaga    104940
     acgactagtt tcgcatttca ctgcattgaa aagttcaagc ttggtgaatt cttacctgca    105000
     aaatcacatc cggtgattgt ttgagactaa tagacgatca tttacaataa gaaaattaaa    105060
     atatggagca atcgctcact tttattaatg tctaatcata tagttcaacc ttgccccttg    105120
     gcagcgccac acgacagaat tgtgcaaatc aagtcgcttt ggacagaaat gtctgctaaa    105180
     tgactaaatg tagggagaca cagttgcgca gtaggtagtg ctgtgcctca cagcaagagt    105240
     gtcgctagtt caagcctcgg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgtatgttct    105300
     ctctatgttc gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccggtttc ccccacaagt ccaaagacat    105360
     gcggtacagg tgaattgggt aggctaaatt ttccgcactg attgtgtgtg aatgtgtgtg    105420
     tatggatgtt tcccagtgat gggttgtggt tggaagggca tccgctgcat aaaaacgtgc    105480
     tggatcagtt ggcggttcat tctgctgtgg caaccccgga ttaataaatg gactaagccg    105540
     aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaac aattaaatat aaatgtaatt tctgactttt    105600
     ccaaaacctt gtaaattttt ctgttttttc caaaactgtc ccaggtctgg aaaatgctgt    105660
     gtcaaaatcc catgactttt ccaggttttc caagaccgta tgaaccctgc agatcgtaga    105720
     tgtgtttcct ttaattattt taaaatcaac taatgcacac ttcattcaaa aatctctgac    105780
     ttgtaatatg tgagcatact gtatttactg tacaaaactt gtcagtgaac tatgaaggca    105840
     aatatatata tacataaaaa tacaataggg acgatgcagt aggtagtgct gtcacctcac    105900
     agcaagaggt ctctagttcg agcctcggct ggttcagttg gcatttaaat gttaaattta    105960
     aatgaataaa aataaaataa tcgttaatta atcataatac agttaaaatg cttaattaat    106020
     tgagatttta attttaggcc aaatcttcca gccctattag ccacaagtag ctgttgagtt    106080
     ctttagttga ttgtgacaaa acacttctgc ctgttcaaaa taaacaagca ctgaagattt    106140
     gttatgtctg ttgtaccata cgagtagtga accatgacct caaaaccgaa gtgtgtacca    106200
     aaccgtgact tctgtgtacc gttacacccc tagaacagac ctttggttgc taaataactc    106260
     catttaagat aacttaaaat ataacaaagt ttaggaaatt gtaggttctc taatactcta    106320
     actttaatct ccattaaatc catataaata aaatgatcac cgtgcatgca actcagtgtg    106380
     catttctaag attgtgaaag acaccttgct gaatcctctt ccagtaagag tttgacgaac    106440
     tgtcgtggga cgttgagtga cagtacactt tcagccatct gttccaggat tcgtaaatga    106500
     ttcccatcag tggttggaaa acggtacatc cgtgacatgg tgccaccaaa cactgagaca    106560
     caaaaacaca attaaactgt gaagagaaat caattgtgcc aggccgtggc attaaaactg    106620
     aatttgtgtg cttttactac attacgacca ggctctggat ttcacttctg tcaataaaaa    106680
     tggaactaag tggcattgag cttggggaaa gcactattac aacaataaaa cacaattatc    106740
     atatgttatt cttagtagct gcaatgactc tgtcaatatt tcctatagag tcattaaaca    106800
     ttgtaaagtg atgctcaatg ctattttatt taagataaaa ggatgcacag atgttactca    106860
     tcacttttta ttaacgataa ttaaaatgtg caaattttgt tacaaaataa attgcttgcc    106920
     aaactttttc aacacaatta ttaaatagct gtgaatgatt cataaatagt aatatactct    106980
     acaaatacct tttaaaatgt cactaaatga taacagagtt actactgcat atgtatctcc    107040
     tacctagaca gttactgtga aatactgttc aaaagttaag gacatgtaaa attattgatc    107100
     tttttttttt tatttagcag ccatgcattg tcaaaagtga ctggaaagac tttaacatta    107160
     gctatgtttc cgtccaccta tttttgtggg cattttggat atgcgcataa aaaacatttg    107220
     attcaattgg caagatgtgc ataaattttt taaaaatgcg cataaaaaac atatgtgtgc    107280
     ataactgagt agaataaact tttatcaaat aagaaaagat gcgcaaaaaa tatgatggaa    107340
     acacttttac ggaacaaatt ccaatataag cataaaaaaa aaatcatgtg attttgttat    107400
     aagagatcat gcgatgataa aaatggctga gcacattgta aaacatctga attgttgttt    107460
     tagtcattta aaatgcctta accgtttcag tattaatgtt atctaatgca gtggttctca    107520
     aagtggaggt cgtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca tagcaagaag gtcgctggtt    107580
     cgaacctcgg ctcagttggc atttctgtga ggagtttgca tgttctccct gcctttgcgt    107640
     gggtttcctc tgggcgctcc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa gacatgctgc aggtgaattg    107700
     ggtaggctaa attgtccgta gtgtacgagt gtgtgaatgt atgagggtga aaggcccaga    107760
     cgacaggccg gcaggaaggt gtaaaaaatt cattatcata tggacaagtc gaggacttgt    107820
     tccaaagagc cgaccccgaa accatacggg actaaggccg aagaagaaga agttactagt    107880
     tctattggat tgcgacccct gaggtaattg gattatatta aagacacagc aatagcgtca    107940
     gatgcagcag attgatttta taataccagg ttaaactttc tggcagattt acagcactga    108000
     catacattta aaaaaattaa gcagagaata gacttaggtc tattggtgtg tgtgcgccat    108060
     tgcatgcgag gtttctgtat ttataaccac ctcagaggat attgggggtc gtgtgtcact    108120
     ggcattggta ttttgggggt agcgggctga aaagggaacc cctgatctaa tggattcgga    108180
     tttctgcctt ccaatccgtc ccagcataga tcaacattta tcctttttct cattacttta    108240
     ttaacatgat tgctggaata attcataaag ttaacacatt gcttaatata agaatgttca    108300
     ttgcatttgc ctgttttttt tgtgtaacta ttttcaggag ccaccaaatt aggtcagagg    108360
     tcatggagac ctcgagtgga actgaagggc ttgatgatta aaaacaactg tacaactgtt    108420
     ttcctatttg cattgcattg ttaatactgt ctaaagtgat tttgatatta ttattattat    108480
     gtgttaattc tgtttaaagt gattctactt tttattttga ttgattgaat gattttaata    108540
     ttcatattga tgctggcaac aatattaata caatcgactt tttatcttgt ttggacagct    108600
     ttggaatgca gcaatttgct aatttcccta cacacactaa aggccatacc cttgatctca    108660
     tctgttgctc tggaataatc cctaacaaat gtactgtttc tgatcttctt atatccgacc    108720
     atttcttagt gtctttttgt gctcagcttg cagtttttaa attgcagtca ccccggacaa    108780
     tcaaatttag aaacgttaag aacattgatt tattacattt ttcagatgta cttaatagtt    108840
     ttgcatacaa tgtggactca tcttctgctg atgctctggt gtctatttac aataatggac    108900
     tatctgaaat tttggacact tttgcacctt tacaaacccg gactgtctct ttttctgttt    108960
     ctgctccttg gtttacttct gatctgcatc aactcaaaac taaaggtcgc aggttggaac    109020
     ggttgtataa gaagtctggg ttaactgtcc acaaagaaat gtttacagaa catgctcatc    109080
     attataagga agcattactt aaagcaaaat ctgactatta tgctaacagg atagaatcta    109140
     gtcagggtaa ctctagatta ctcttctctg tagttaaaaa atcattaagt tttcctgaca    109200
     catcactttc ttcttcaact gagttatgta acagcttcct gtcttttttt gaaacaaaaa    109260
     ttgaggacat tcatcatcaa ttacatacaa atatttcagc ccctgacttc agccaaaatg    109320
     tttctgaaat cattacacat ttctcttttg atacttttac cttaccatct actgctgaaa    109380
     tagttggtca tatacagaaa tctaaaacta ccaactgtct gcttgatcca cttcctacat    109440
     gcttagttaa gacctgtctt ccatcattgt ccacactgat tactaacatt attcacaaat    109500
     cactggattc tggatctgtc ccatctttac ttaaaactgc tgtaatcacc ccagtactaa    109560
     aaaaacctgg agctgattca tccaatttgg ccaactatag accaatttcc aatttgccat    109620
     ttatctcaaa aatactggaa aaatgtgttg catctcaact ccataaatac tttgctaata    109680
     acaatttgtt tgagctcttc cagtctggtt ttcgtcccaa ccacagcact gagactgctc    109740
     ttgtcaggat cactaatgat ctactattgg cagcagactc tggtttactg tcaattctta    109800
     ttctcctgga cttgagtgca gcctttgaca cggtttcgca cgaggttctt ttgaataggc    109860
     ttgcctcact agggatctct ggcacccctc ttttatggtt gaagtcatat cttgaagatc    109920
     gtactcagtt tgttcaaatt aaagatttta agtcaagatc gcagattgtc actactggtg    109980
     tcccacaggg ttctgtactg ggtccactcc tgtttatcat atatctactg cctcttggtc    110040
     acattttcag aaaatacaac atacaatttc actgttatgc tgacgacact caactctacc    110100
     tgtccaccaa gccctcctgt tcttttcctc ctcctgcttt gagcagatgt ttagctgaaa    110160
     taaaaatctg gctttcagct aactttttaa aattaaacag cgacaaaact gaagcccttc    110220
     tcatcggcac taaaagtgtt ttggataaag ctgataaatt cactataaac attgataaca    110280
     gtacaatttt tccctccatg caggtaaaga gtttgggtgt catcttggat agcacactct    110340
     catttgaagg tcacattaat aatattacac gtactgcata ttttcacctg cgtaatatca    110400
     ctcgtctccg cccttctctc acaactaata acacagcaat tctcatccac gcattagtta    110460
     cttcacgtct tgactactgt aatgcacttc tttctggact tccttccaaa cttctccata    110520
     aactccaact ggttcagaac catgcagctc gtgtcatctc taggacccca tctcacgagc    110580
     acgtcacacc actcctctat cagcttcatt ggcttccagt aaaatatcga attgatttta    110640
     aaatattact tctaactttc aaggcacttc ataatctcgc tcctcaatat ctcactgaac    110700
     ttctccatat ctacacccct tctcgtaccc ttaggtcagc taacaacttc actctggcac    110760
     cacctcgcac tcgactgagc acaatgggag acagatcttt tagctctatg gctcctaggc    110820
     tatggaactc acttccatta gaccttagga gcagtgatag tcttcacaat tttaaatcac    110880
     gtctaaagac ccatcttttt aagcaggctt ttacttaaca attttttatc atgtttttat    110940
     tatgttcttt ttcgctattg cgttttaact tgtttagtca ttgattgttt ttagtaatgt    111000
     ttaagttgtt tagcatgtct gatgatgctt actgtaaggc gaccttgggt gtccagaaag    111060
     gcgccattta taaataaaat gaattattat tatattatta ttattattta agttagactt    111120
     tgtgtattga ggatataact gtctaaatgt agattatacc ggtttttaac caagttttga    111180
     taaagactgc tgaaagtaca ctcagacttg ggtaagaaac ggattgcact gtaagtacag    111240
     tatgtgtgtt ctatatgatt gtggatccgt ttcacaggtc tggagtcagc tctaaacagc    111300
     cttgtctgac gtttatatgc ttaagatatt gttcagaatt gtacgcacgc acccacgtag    111360
     aaattttcct agtctctctg ttttaaccaa tcaggttaaa acacctatat gtatgatgca    111420
     gttaatgatg ttatgtgaga gtataattgt tattgatttg tgatcgtagg cagagcggcc    111480
     taggaactaa ttgcgagtgt tgaagctggc ttctgctgat gaaactatct tcagtaaact    111540
     taatttattt atttgaatct ctggctcttc ttcatctgac agactgctca ttctttgggt    111600
     taaaactgta aataatccct acatatcata ttattaatga cctccagaac tgtcaagagc    111660
     atctgtgctg cacgtctgat gctttcaaac gccaccacgt gttcagtgtg tttcagcatt    111720
     gtcttttgag gcgcaagtaa ttttttaaat aacgaacaga ttcatgcagc ttctcctacc    111780
     tcaataagtt ccatttttac ttttgatatt tggcgccagt taatcaggaa gtgacgattt    111840
     tgttctcttc gaccccttgg atgaaaaccc tgctttattc acatgtcttt tatgcaatat    111900
     ttcagtttta aataaaaaag cataaattta attcacatct ttaaatggaa acatagctat    111960
     tgataaatca aaatgtatat attttaaatt ttaaattaat gaaattaatt aattctaaaa    112020
     tgaatacatg tactgtttgt ttcatcaaaa atgctatgtt tttaacttga gaacaatgaa    112080
     ccagcatata agtgtgattt ctaaagaaaa gtgacattga tgacttcagt aacgctgcct    112140
     gattaaaaag tcaactttgt aaagaaaccc aaattattct cattaaagta gcctaaatac    112200
     caaagatcaa tatcaccaga cacaaataat cactcttctc caaaattctt tcacagtttt    112260
     aacctaattt cgagctgcgt cgcagtacac tacctgacaa tcttgtcatt gatcccagtt    112320
     gtaagagcaa ctaataactt gacttctact tgatcatatg aaacatggca gaaggtagat    112380
     ttttctgatg aatcatctgt tgaactgcat cccagtcatc acaaatactg cagaagacct    112440
     attggaaccc gcatggaccc aagattaaca cagaaatcaa agtttgacaa aggcaaaaat    112500
     caggtttagg gttacattca gtatgggaag atgaatccaa ataatcttca tgaactctgg    112560
     aatatctgca ggaatgattt ctttgccatt ccagatgact tagataatta gttattccaa    112620
     actcatggaa gtcatacaca atatttattc tttttccact gcactatgac tttatactct    112680
     ttacagtaca ttacttctgt taagtgacaa gacttttgtc taagcaaagc cagacctaac    112740
     tatgcaaatt aaataattaa aaatccctac atgattatat ttcatttaaa ggttgtgaac    112800
     ctacactggt ctcacagttc agtgcagtta cgattatcat gccatcgatt cggttcaact    112860
     ggatatctcg gtgcattgac gatgctttcc atacataatt agattttttc ttcacaacaa    112920
     gaatttgttt tattaaaata caatcatcat attgtattat ttgtaataca atattgtcct    112980
     ttaatacagc attaagatat atgaactata cctttaattt gaccagctca aagaaaacac    113040
     tctttttgaa tgtataaaac aaaactctaa tacatacaca gaagatagcg tgagcattta    113100
     taacaaataa actaatgtaa atattatccc gcttgctttt tgagcgcgtc ttacacccct    113160
     atgattggtc attgtcttca cctgctcaac aaaaagggtt gcggttggct ttagaaatga    113220
     aagccctgtt caccgatgag tgacgcgtga agaactgccg cggttacagt ttatatgagc    113280
     ataatgcgca gttatcacag gtaattcata atagacacaa tggagaaaac ttgcacctca    113340
     ggcacgctca tgtctggatc cacaagtatc gctttaacag tcgagagaag tggaaaagtt    113400
     accacacaaa caggtcagaa cagcgggcca aatgtccaaa gtgtgagaga gaggcaggga    113460
     tggagtttta tagcatttgt aatgctgtaa tgctccctag taaaggaaat gcagctcgtg    113520
     cactttgcct tcttcattgt taattaaaaa gactttcaag caaactcaca agcagttgaa    113580
     tcgtgcataa ttatctacct tttagtagga gcattttatt tagttgccct cgcctccatc    113640
     gccatattag tctactggaa catcgcgcat aggagataaa tgacatcatc acgtaataac    113700
     tggttatgat ctattactga accaatatcg aattgtcacc atctgcatcg gggtgcactg    113760
     aagaaacaat tcattttgac atccctattt cattttggta aattatgcgt gaactagagg    113820
     actttgcctt tcatataagc cactgctgat accaaatgat caactagaag tcaagataat    113880
     atttgttaat cctaaaactt ggatgggcgg caaaactttc gtcaggtagt gtacaaacac    113940
     acattatggg agtttgtagt caacacaata taaagcagca tggacttaat aatgttgggc    114000
     tcaggccaaa cataatgcac cgcgtcaatc actctagatc acttgcagga accttttcac    114060
     cttgtactaa ctttacactt acacttatct tgaacttgcg tgaaagatgc gattgcggtt    114120
     cattcgtgca acccagtgtg catcaacttc atttgtaatc aataaacaaa tacttcaatt    114180
     tgcaattggt gtgagccagt ttgacgtgtg cagggaatca tctcatccaa aaacagtaaa    114240
     acttgcacct ttgaaatcaa tcctacagtt ttcggcctta catcatttgg ccacacagtg    114300
     catttccatc acaccaaaca agtcattctt ctattggctg acattcatac cagatcgtag    114360
     aaatgagtct ttccacagag aggcgtattt tgctcggact cccacagatt ccgtcaggct    114420
     ctcatccaca gggaggacag tctgtatcaa catggagaac gaatcaagca catgtcagaa    114480
     tgagttaaac taatgaacaa atgtgctaat ggttgagatg ctgtgccaaa gtcaggctta    114540
     ccctgccatt gaaggtgtct tgcagttgtt tgatgggtgt gtgatgatct ctcttctcct    114600
     cgagctgcca ggcgatgact gtaatactac ccacatgctt gttttctgct gacctgtggg    114660
     aaaaaaagag acaacagatg ccaatacatc caaactgcat atgcttgcgg tccttttcag    114720
     cgataaagca gactgttcta gaagctgcat cttaaaggga tagttcatcc aagactgaaa    114780
     cgtttacttg ttctacgctt aagttttaaa acggcgtttt agaatgaaaa cgatccacat    114840
     tccacactgg tgtttcacct agtgtttttg agcagctctt cgtccacact aaatcgttga    114900
     aaaccataca cacactctgt catgcgcagc agagtatgcg cgcatctgag ctccaggcaa    114960
     tcagcaggtg atttgaccac agaaccccag gtcagagctg agcacatcgg acgtttcatc    115020
     aaggatctcc atctggatct catctcacta tattttttaa acaagatttt acttcatctt    115080
     gttgtcaata tctaatgaca tactcgctga cttactatct ttgaatctat taattgttct    115140
     caggtaacat gttttggctg agtgcaaaga taagttaatg tattaattta tgtaaatcac    115200
     atatactgat tctgcacatt tgactgattg cttgccttta tttcctaatt tagaagctta    115260
     gtgtgtgtta tacagtactt ttataatggc cattattggt tattaaaact gatattcagc    115320
     aaaagagagg gtatgttttg tattttcgat gaaaatgaaa ggaggcagtg atgttagagt    115380
     aatgttgtgg gctgcgtttt gttataaata tgcatacaat gaagatgact ttcatataat    115440
     atgcagctac acgacacctt aacatttttg gtgtttgtta agttccccat ctacactggc    115500
     acagagcagc agcattttca aaacgctctg ttttcggcgc tcgaaaactc cgcggtagtg    115560
     tggacggaag gcgtcaacat agcaaaacgt atggatttta attctaaaat gtattactgt    115620
     acacgtgcac tgtataaaat tctgagttcc acacaaatcc ttcatgttgt cccaacccaa    115680
     agcaattaag ttacttttta ttttttacaa atatatgtgg attgaacata aaacaataaa    115740
     tttgtccaaa agaaatttag aattgtggtg tttcaactaa ttttatataa gtagtttgca    115800
     caagtagcaa atgtatattt tcaagtgttt ttttcttttg ttgaacacaa aagaagatag    115860
     cttaaaaaag ttgtaaacct gtaaccattg atttccatag tatttctttt tcttactata    115920
     gatgtcatga ataccggttt tcggcgtttc tcaaaatatc ttcattagtg ttcaacagaa    115980
     ttactgcgcg ttcacaccat aggcggcgat agcatcaaag tagccgaaag ttgttaaatt    116040
     tcaatgggag ccggcagcta tgagcagtgc ggtacttctt tgccagtgtg ggagtcgagg    116100
     agagttgaaa tcatgccaac tttatggcta tgatgtggtt cagcggcaac cagtcgaaaa    116160
     gtaaaagtcc acaatggatt ccagagaaca cagtcctgtg aactatggtt ccaatcacag    116220
     ttgctcccaa gggtttgaat attgcagccg ctggatttcc agttatttac gatgttttct    116280
     tacagggaca tatgtaaaaa aaaaagaagt tactgacaag ttcctaatgt gcataaatgt    116340
     aatatgtttt tttttttttt ttttttttaa gcgggaatct catgctaact atatatgaca    116400
     gagcaaaaca gtaatgctgc ttcagaatat ttcagacata tgaacatatt ggatgagtgg    116460
     aggaaagcca taccacatgc aacaacttga tcttccataa ttgcatgaat ttgataaaag    116520
     gcgcgcaaca ttttaatgct ggaaagcatc tttttatgtg cgcaggtagt gatttgctga    116580
     tatgctgcta cagctccttt aaaaacaaga tcaatgcagc aaattttgac aatcgccggc    116640
     ggaatgcaca gtaaaggaac tatttaaaaa aaaaagttaa tagtgagtac attttcattt    116700
     ttgggttcac acatgttttc tattggttga caattatgaa atctgcttgt atcatgcaca    116760
     taaggataac tgaatttttt ttttacgtgc gaaatatact gacactgagg cgaacaaact    116820
     gttacaaatg tattaactga attatacgca caaaagcatt cttgtaggtg gataatattc    116880
     caattgaacc actgaaggca tatgatcttg ttttgaagat agtttttttg ttaatgttgt    116940
     atttttctag actttttggg atttcgggtt tgtggaggat gagggagctc tctgatttca    117000
     tttaaaatat cttaaattga atttcgaaaa cgaacaaaga tctcaggggg ttggagcaac    117060
     ataagggtga gactaacaga gttttcattt ttgggtgaac tatttattta tttttttatg    117120
     tattcgggga gtccattatg tgtttttaaa ttaattgaga ggtttatact aggccaaaca    117180
     ttccaaaggg ccatggtcct ggacaataat attttatgag gtgtaaatgt gggaacattt    117240
     aaaagtcctg tagcgagttg catgaagctc cttaaatctt tcttaaatat gacacttaca    117300
     gtagggggta tttttcactt agctatgaaa ataaattaaa aggtcttgaa tataacccat    117360
     taactggttc tattaggtaa gggaaatcat taggtgtttc acaacatcga cacagggttt    117420
     gttgttaaaa atatatattg tggccataga caccctactc ttattttaat gcagtagcgg    117480
     cttgacagaa aaaaaactct tggatgcaaa cagcaaaaaa gaatcatcat aagtcaaaat    117540
     aagctgtgat tttattgtgt gtggcactag acaggagtga tcctgttctc gtcactgcag    117600
     tttaaacgct ccaaaataag acgcaacaaa gaggctgctg ctcatttcgc atttgtagta    117660
     ccataatgcg agcactcttt cagccagtct agtgtcttac agacacgcat ctggacgtgt    117720
     acgtttacaa gcagacacac ttttaaacat gacgaaagct tgactgaatg catgttctct    117780
     atcaacagtt ttcatcatta attttgtttt agaaactctt aaggtggagt tttctcatcc    117840
     ttaaatagac atttaaagtc tccttaaaat aaaaattgac aaggtttatt ttgctagctc    117900
     acaatgctgt tctaaaagtg aatgatagag tagctcctcc cctttaagaa aaacacaacc    117960
     aatagcgttt tgttttatca cagctctgcc agtgagagtg gttgagctca agagcatcaa    118020
     ttgaaaagca aatgaatagt gtcttaaagg gggcggggca tgtcagacat tagagagcat    118080
     ttgattggtc aaggtttgat gacaaactga agtataagtt gacgttgaaa aaaacttgca    118140
     tgtttatatc agttttatat tttctaaatg caaatttatt cacagtttta cagcacaaac    118200
     taacagactt aaactaatat ctgttatttt aatttcatgg gacccttaag tttactttga    118260
     gggaatgata tgcaaaagaa agccctgcac ctattccgtt ttagttggca gtacaataac    118320
     acagtgtttc tcaactggtg ggtcgcatcc caaaagtggg tcgtgggaac attttcagtg    118380
     ggtcgcggag agtttggtca aaaaaacaac aaaagtttta tttcattact tattttgctt    118440
     gtactagact tttattttga aatgcatgcg cgacaaccct accattttac atgtgaaatt    118500
     tcatttaatt atagaaacaa atatgtcgaa gcgcaagtgc aaccacgaat atgtaaagta    118560
     tggatttaca tattttgatg acaaaaaaag aattaaaacg acatttagaa accagacaac    118620
     atgttttatt aacagttcag tttagttcat ggtaactgaa catttcctta ccctaaccac    118680
     tttttacagt atttgacgtt tttactttgt aatatttttt ataatttgat acattttgtt    118740
     aaacgaaagc agtaaaatat tgtttatttg taagtcttgg tgaatttctt atgatttatc    118800
     tgtcactact tgtgtatgtt aacaaataaa tacgaattag ttatcattcc taaaattgtt    118860
     tcatagttct taaaaatttg tgtcgcggct tgatgaccat gtaaaaatgt gggtcctgta    118920
     gccaaaccag ttgagaaccc ctgcattaac atactgtact gaaaaaaaaa gtctctgcaa    118980
     cttccagttc atccagggaa attgtaaaag ctctatgaca tttcactgac agaaacactt    119040
     aagtagcatt tattttaata gaatttagtt taacagaaac ataagggcat tttaaaggaa    119100
     aaattaccct tagggtgttt catgcagctg gacacaagtg tgagcctggc tatagaagac    119160
     atactgtacc aaacaatcaa atacacttca aatacagtgt acttcgaata cagatctatc    119220
     acctgagagg tatattaagt ctgtggttct tttcctgcag aagctccttc actgggaaca    119280
     tcgctgagcc aaggaggtac atctagaaaa agacaaaaga aagaaacaca atacaagaat    119340
     caaaagagaa aaacaaagtc tgatattcag agcttactgc cagtctattt tgttgtgcgt    119400
     ggtatttgta tctcaccgtt ccttgtgaac gatctttcac atcatacaca gagagcttga    119460
     cctgtgtgtg ctggttaatg tgggagtctt ggaagaaagc cacgctgctg aggaacatgg    119520
     gattatttgt accctgcaaa acagaggtca aaacgtttgc ttcgcttagt catccctaac    119580
     agtccacatt gttgaattaa tgatgaaaaa tcaacaacaa tctttggtga tcgcaaatgt    119640
     taagctctaa atactagggt tgtgtaaaaa tacagatttt cagtttaatc gtgtctttaa    119700
     tttgaactta atcttgaaaa tgattcttgg aataccaaaa ccagtctaaa gatacaatcc    119760
     aacaaaaaat gtacatgttt aagcaaacaa aaaaaaagaa acataataat aactgatttt    119820
     tttttgtaat tatttattta ttgcagaaca aagccagcat acattgctag cgacaactat    119880
     atataaaaga gcgttttcat taaatgaaaa tacataaaga aattaatata tatatatata    119940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaattaa taaagaacaa    120000
     taaaataata aataaatagc aatacagagg agaagaggag aagaaaaact cttgggtgaa    120060
     aattatctag ttattatata atacattttc tcaattaaat cagaccatgc tttgattgta    120120
     ttgggtttag ctctgttaat tcttgctgta gaacattcta acagcccaat attttattag    120180
     ttcaataagc cacattgtat ccgctggaat gcgggttcat gctatatttt aaataaaacc    120240
     ttcttggctg cagaataact gatttttttt tatgaaaaat gaaaaaaaaa aagtccaatc    120300
     gttgatgtca tttaacattt tctgatttaa caatgagtta tatcaattaa aaatagatat    120360
     atttatagtt gtataattat atgtgctata tcatatataa tcacatatac aaattggtca    120420
     tatacttttt ataataataa caacattcag ttctgtgagt attgcgttca ccttacattt    120480
     gcatttacat gcattccctc tgtggtcaaa catcagatag tgatgtgcta cattctgcca    120540
     tctccaacaa acaaaaaact gtgttatgat agtattttag tgttactttt taactacaga    120600
     ggtcccttgt ttattgcggg agttacattc taaaaataaa tgcaataggc gaaatcttca    120660
     aagtagtaag ctttattttt tacaattatt acggatgttg tagagctgta aaatccatca    120720
     ctactcaatt tatagacttt tctcagacag gcattaacat atttacactt ttctctcttg    120780
     tttaaacacc ctcaaagttc aaaccttcgt agaaaaataa gtccagtatt atagaatgaa    120840
     accaaaggtt ctgttgccag gtgtaaacat tcatcgctgt cagcacaaag ttcataaagc    120900
     tttttagctt tagtgctgaa aatattattg tgcagcttaa tgttcttttt tcccgcagtc    120960
     actgatccac aaagtgaaaa cagactccat ccttaaagta gccgcacacc tgatgcaccg    121020
     cgtatataac agttggaagt aacacacacc ggaggcgcat attcgcatgt tattttaaat    121080
     gaaataattc agatggcgag gcagaaatac aaacagtgtc ccgagtcgta gctgggcacc    121140
     acagacagcc cccaacttgc ggcattggtg tgcgtaccct gatataaacc tatgtttgaa    121200
     tggcgctgca tttggtgtgc gacccccttt tccgatagtc ttgctgcgga cagttacagc    121260
     tctttttgca tacttgttga aactcacata gctagcgtta atgtaagcat tatgttaatt    121320
     tggcaagctg aacgcattct gtactataca tgagacacag aggaaattga ttgacaatgc    121380
     caatctacag ccaatcagga tgcagaacac aatgcgaagt gcaaattgca ctaaaactaa    121440
     ctgcaaaact gtaaggccat gaaagatgga ctgcgttata gcgagggacc actgtatata    121500
     tttgatcaaa taattaaagc catggtgatc ataacccagc aggcacagta cgttaacatg    121560
     acgtcagatt gatgtgtacc ccaatgtcgt gggacattgc attttgcttg gaaataaaaa    121620
     tgggattgac gtcaaaaccc aacgtcaggc cacggtcaag tccaatgtca cacagacatt    121680
     gtattttggt tatctttcca acacaacata aaaataacca aatatcactg tctaatgatg    121740
     ttacagcttg acgttgtgtt gacgttacca ctaggacatc tatcagatgt ttttggttgc    121800
     cataccggaa gaataaatgt cagtatttga tttgatttaa gatgttggct cggcgttgaa    121860
     ttttggtcac attccaacac aacctaaaat caaccaaatg tcaacttcat ttcaattcat    121920
     tattggatgt caaaataacg ttgtccttat atgggctctt atatgctgtt gtgtcatcac    121980
     tcatattgca agtcatatct ctccagcccc tcgtttggga tgcttttcat gcactggccc    122040
     ccatgacaaa ctaattgaca ctgcgacctc aatctaacct aaaaggaacg tcttatgatg    122100
     ttgtgtgttt gctggggagc ttctttcaaa aactttatta tactatcaat acttaagctt    122160
     aaatatctac agtgcatcgg aaaagtattc atagcgcttc acttttttca catttttgta    122220
     tgttacagcc ttattccaaa atggattaaa ttaatttatt tcctttaaat gctacacaca    122280
     ataccatata atgacaatgt gaaaaaaaga gtttttgaaa ttgttgcaaa tttattaaaa    122340
     acaaacaacc ggaaaaatca catgtacata agtatgctca atccttgctc aatactttgt    122400
     tgatgcacct ttggcagcag ttacagcctc aattgttttt gaatatgatg ccacaagctt    122460
     ggcacgcctg tctttgggaa tttttgccca ctcctcttag cagtacctct caagctctat    122520
     caggttggat gggaagtgat ggtgtacatc cattttcaga tctctctgga aatgttcaac    122580
     aggatttggg ttagggctct ggtaatgaac gttgcctagt tttctccaaa cataacgcct    122640
     gcattcagtc caaagagttc aattttattt tcatcagacc agagaatttt gtttcttata    122700
     gtctgagagt ccttcagatg ccttcaggca aattccaggc agagagcggc ttccgtcttg    122760
     cactccacca tacaggcctg attggtggat tgctgcacaa atggttatcc ttctgtaagg    122820
     ttctcctctc tccacagaag aatgatggag ctcaatcaga gtgatcatcg ggttattgat    122880
     cacctccctg actaaggccc ttctcccctg atcacacagt ttagatggct ggccagctct    122940
     gggtagagtc ctgctggttc caaacatctt cgccttatgg atgatggagg ccacagtgct    123000
     cattggaact ttcagagcag cagaaagttt tctgtagtct tccccagcct tgtgcctcaa    123060
     gacactcctg tctcggaggt ctacagacaa tttctttgtc ttcatgcttg gtttgtgctt    123120
     tgacatgcac tatcaaccct ggtaccttat atagacaggt gtatcaaatc atgtccaatc    123180
     aactgaattt accacaggtg agctccaatt aagctgctga aacatatcaa gaataatcgg    123240
     tggaaacaga atgtacctga gctcaattta gagcttcacg ctaaaggctc tgaatactta    123300
     tgtacatgtg attattcagg tttaatttta ataaatttgc aacaatttca aaaaatcttt    123360
     ttttcacatt gtcattatgg gttattgtgc gtagaatgtt gaggaaagaa attaatttaa    123420
     tccgttttga aataaggctg taacataaaa tactttccgg atgcactgta taagtgtacg    123480
     tatacaaaat gtttttaatt tatgtccaca atacattaat attactagtg tttattaatt    123540
     taaacaactg ctccagatgt gtgttcacag tttgtgtgtt cactgctggg tgtatgcact    123600
     tggatggggg aaatgcagag cacaaattcc aagcatgggt cacaatgagt tcatctttca    123660
     cgtttcactt tcatataatt tctttttaat caatattttt aaaaagttcg aaagttttct    123720
     acataattta tagctttatt taagagtgac aaataaaaca cacctcaaat aactggatta    123780
     taatcaaaaa aaaataatta aaatatggtt taagttcatt ttaaatccaa atttataatg    123840
     ttattttgct aatccacatt gttattcttt tggcaaacaa attatttgta aaagtcaaaa    123900
     aaagggatat tcatcccccc caaacccccg tttcatttac tcatccctca cttgttcaaa    123960
     acctatttga gtttctttct actgttaaac acaaaaagaa gattttccaa gaatgttggt    124020
     tgcttggacc cacttgaaat atctattgtt ttcaacaggt ttcaaataaa atctaaaaat    124080
     aaagagtaaa tgttaaagca atttctgttt ttgaggtgac ctatcccttt aaacctggat    124140
     catgttggtc cgcctcacct caataatctc cgtctgtgcg tgtttggtcc agaaagcctg    124200
     aggaggagtt gtacagctca cagcaacaaa actattgggt ttccggtcca gagacggtgt    124260
     ggtcagctca ctgcagacta cacaaccaac actcggggtc atgaattttc cacaagaagc    124320
     tttgtatata tgaatgagct acagagtacc ttaagtgtta ttagctaaaa ccctgctggc    124380
     tctcagagat ataatcagag ctccacggtt atagcacttt atttacagca gatgagagat    124440
     aggagcagtc actaaatcca aacgcagctg cattagcaat taccttcgca taagcataca    124500
     gtaggaggca gagctctcgc tgaaatattt agattactgt tcagtgtcat ttacagtcta    124560
     aagatcaaac ctgatagcct gataatcttg gctgctaatg gagaatagct catttctgct    124620
     gccatttttg ctgctttaga aaatcttgag tgtgtgatcg atttaaataa agaaagaaaa    124680
     aaaaagactg accaagactg aactccagaa ctggctcatc tggatcttga ctgtttccta    124740
     cagataagag aaagagaaag aaagagatgg tctcttataa atgtgaaatg ttgcagcaaa    124800
     atgttgaata tgtatagaac aaaaaactaa acaaaaacat ccattgaaat tcttagtttc    124860
     tctgtttgtg tttgagtaaa aagttcatat ttgctttatt ctacaaaggt ctgatattgt    124920
     ttattgttta ttgttgatta ttagggatgt cccgatcagg tgttttttgc cttcatgtca    124980
     gaatcattta attttgagta tctgctaata tcgaaactta atgcgatact tctataatac    125040
     ataaaaaata taaagaagag tgaagaaaca gatccaggat gttattatat ataaaaacaa    125100
     atagcacctc aacatgaatt tccagcaggg aatccctgtg tgattctgtg aagtcaagaa    125160
     agaggtctaa ctctgtgcca tgaatatata tatataattt acacagggat tgcatatatt    125220
     ttatatatgc aattatatat atatatatat ttatattgtc aggtcggcag cacagtggcg    125280
     cagtgaatag cacattcgcc tcacagcaag gtcactggtt caagtctcga ctgggtcaga    125340
     ttatgtttct gtggaatttg catgttctcc ttgtgtttgc ctagttttcc cctgggtgtt    125400
     tttccaccac ttccaaagac atgcggtaca tgtgaattgg gaaagctaaa ttgtccgtat    125460
     agtgcatgtg tggatgtttc ccagtggtgc attgcagctg gaagggcatc cgctgcttaa    125520
     aacatatgct ggatgagttg gcaggtcatt ccgctgtgga gaccccagat taataaaggg    125580
     actaacccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgga tattgtcagg tcctgtgctc catgtgtgct    125640
     tgttttcatc atgtgaccct tgttccagtt cccaccattt gttaatgttc attatttcca    125700
     cctgtgtctc actcctgtat gcaatcagtt taatcatcca cagtgtattt ataatatgct    125760
     tcatacggta ttctcagttg tgctttgtcg tcaccccatg ttgctcctgc gtctccagtg    125820
     ttattgatgt ccttccaagt gagtgtttgt aaataaatct acgtgtttga taaatcaagg    125880
     cgttacatat atacagttga attcagaatt attagcccct ttgactattt aaattatttt    125940
     ttaaaaatat ttcccaaatg gtgtttaact gagcaaggaa atttccgtct gatgtctgat    126000
     tacatttttt ttcttatgga gaaagtctta tttgttttat ttctttattt tatgtctttt    126060
     ttttatgatt ttaaggtcaa aattattagc ccctttaagc tatagttttt tcaatattct    126120
     acaaaacaaa caatcgttat ataataactt gcctaattat cctaacctgc ctagttaacc    126180
     taagtaacct agttaagcct taaaatgtca ctttaagctg tatagaggtg tcttgaaaaa    126240
     tatctagtaa aatattattt actgtcatga tggcaaagat aaaataaatt agttattaga    126300
     aatgaattat tataactatt gtgtttagaa atgtgttgaa aaaaatctgc tctacgctac    126360
     acagaaatta gggggaaaaa taaactgggg gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatatat    126420
     atctgagtcc tgatcgggag gtaacattcg attccgatca agtctgaaat cgcgtgatca    126480
     ggccagattt ccgatcagat ctggacatct ctattactta ttgttagttt tattgttcaa    126540
     gtaaatttaa ataggctaca caaaaaacat tttagcttgt tgtgactgaa aagttttatt    126600
     attccaaaaa atttagcttt tttaaataat ctaaaataaa acacctcttc gtgagcggtt    126660
     atggcatttc tgtgtgggtt ttgcatgttc tccctgtgtt cgcgttggtt tcctctgaat    126720
     gcaccgggtt cccccacagt ccaaagacaa gtgctataag tgaattgaat aaactaaatt    126780
     ggccgtagtg tatgagtgtg tgaatgagtg tatatcgatg gttcccagaa cttggttgca    126840
     gctggaaagg catccactgt gtaaaacata tgctgaataa gtttcgctgt gaataagggg    126900
     actaagctaa aagaaaatga atatgttcta aatacacaat atttttcttt tatattcatc    126960
     agcattatac caaaacaaaa attattattt ttaattcaaa cacattactg caaagtgtaa    127020
     atacagacaa acataatttc caaggtatct cctaatttat ttttccatat attgttgtgg    127080
     gtgactcaaa tatatttgga aaatatttat taaatgtaaa aatgagtggg gtgattgtgt    127140
     tgtgaagtgc acaaaaaaaa aaaacacaca tttttggtca atccattaca aaatgatact    127200
     aatagggtat aactggcttg aataaaacaa aataagaaat acacaggaat actctaccct    127260
     ttgtgtttta aaataaaaaa catttaaaaa gtctttaaca agcataacaa caatatctct    127320
     gctactgggt caacgtttgc tcacagcctc acactttcaa agcgcagtac acacctagca    127380
     caggttttaa actcaagcgc aggcagtcat gactgagcaa aaaagaaaca aaatctggag    127440
     ttatttcact ccagctaata atgatgaggc gctgtgaaac gtgtgaaaaa caggctcaaa    127500
     tttaagatta aagggaagaa aggttagtgc aatgtgtgtt ttttttacat acagtatggt    127560
     gttttatata gccaatttgt gtttaatcaa taatgcactg tgtttttaat aaattttaaa    127620
     aaggaattat gtctgttgca ttttatttaa taataaaact gaaggggatt taaaaaaaaa    127680
     acattggata aaacatacat aatgacatat tttattaaaa tatctgtatc ggtatcgacg    127740
     atacttgtct tgaaatactt ggtattggat ggaaaataat tggtatcgtc cattcctaat    127800
     ttgtgtatct tatttatttg attttatttg gaatattcga aatatttgga tatattgttt    127860
     accccctaat gtaaagtaaa atgtaatgca agagaacatc aaaacagaca agtattcttt    127920
     accttccaat gccagcccga gcatctctga agcgagctct aaagtgttgg atctgtaaac    127980
     tgaccatggc cgctccctac gtgacattgt ggcagaatgt gtgtgtgtgt tgaagcttga    128040
     gtaacaggag tggtggcaac ccacacacag ccagacacac tcctgtgtgg ccgtctcctc    128100
     ctctgttatc tgaaatacac agagagacac accactttat aacagatcag gcgtaaatac    128160
     agaaatttag cattaatgtt tcacaaacag ctattacatg cattgtttat atgggtgcta    128220
     ttacaaacta taaaaaaacc agtggattac agtgctctct actacaataa ttcagaaaat    128280
     cttaaagtac ggtcaaaaaa ttagtgtcag tagcacttgc gacaggcttg tatgcacttt    128340
     taaactagat gctagctctg aaagagaata ctgtagtagg gttgcacatt atatcgattc    128400
     agcatcgata ttacaatgtg atcatttgca atagttacac tgcaggacat gcaatgttga    128460
     gcctggattg taactgatct tttttgcatg tgtttttgag gcctgtgaca gtataaatat    128520
     tttaaaagca tttaggtgta aaaagttgta ctgtatataa cttcatggta tgtataactt    128580
     tacatactga ttcatttgaa tgaattattt acacatggaa aactatgcag ttattccatt    128640
     actgtatacc taaatgatag tcttacagac tcctttgtag attgtttatt gtattttctg    128700
     cagatacact cccctatagt cacttcagtc aatcgaaaat aataaattct ttccaaatag    128760
     agatagtcaa ttcatctagt gaaattgttt tcatatcgca atatgtaatc gcaggattac    128820
     attgcgatat ataacattat gttaggtttt tccaatattg tgcaactcta gactgaaggt    128880
     taacagctct ataagaacag ttaaaaacag aagtgatcat tagttgtaag aaagtaaagc    128940
     atggtgtcag atttatcttt taatcaaaga ggcattagac aaatacatac tttttttttt    129000
     cagaaatagc cttatttggg aaatgtctcc agactacttc ctgctttgct actgttcgga    129060
     cgtctttgcc cactgctccg ctcttcgcac tcttgctttt atatcttata ccctaatttt    129120
     aacttgagcc tatcagcaca gtgctcaaac aacacggctt gaagatcagc atcgattcta    129180
     caaactttct ggaatatagc tttactaaca agaaaggaat taccgtctaa acaatcctcc    129240
     cgctaccagc tatcagctgc ttacattccg gagacgggaa gacacggctg tgaaaatgcc    129300
     tctggatcgg attaattcag attctcactg ctgtacaaac tgccacaaac ttctacaaaa    129360
     gattgcagtt cttgaaacga agttgcttgc gatccgacca gaacttcagc ttcattgtgg    129420
     attctctcag cacacagccg gtgagtccca taaatctgtt cctgctactg ttttgagcac    129480
     agaaaaacag gaaagaactg tggaaaatga gcattggcat aaacaaggtg cgagaccaaa    129540
     gggtactcga ggggtcagat catacgctgc cgcattagcg tcttctaccc caaatacagc    129600
     tcggactcaa atacagcttc agaacagata tgaagttttg aataatatgg gtgaagaatc    129660
     cccaaatgta gtcagacaga gatcgcatga ttcagcaact aattctgcat ggaacagagg    129720
     ctcaaggccg actagacacc ggcattctgc tctgatcaca ccggagataa gaacactagt    129780
     cgtaggagat tcaataatca agaatttcag gagcagatct acaatgacat actgctttcc    129840
     tcatgcaaca gtttctgatg taaacaaaga gcttgaggaa attctgaaaa agcacaagtc    129900
     ggcaaaacgg attatcatcc atgtggggaa gaatgatatt cggaaagaac agtcagaact    129960
     gctcaagaaa gatttctgtg agctcttgga aacagctgaa agattgaagg ttcaggcgtt    130020
     cataagtgga ccactccctg caagagggac aaatatgttt tcacggcttc ttggtctaaa    130080
     tgtatggcta cagaaaacat gtaacaagaa aggactgaat ttcatcgaca acttcaatct    130140
     cttctggaac caaagacagc tgtttacatc agacggcctt catccaaaca agcttggtgc    130200
     aaaggtgcta aaggacaata tttttttctc cctcaatcat ccatcagctg tgtatgccac    130260
     tgaactgaat tgcaaacaca cacctagcaa atgtccggat gaccacagga cctcaaatca    130320
     gctcctgagt ggacttgtgg ctgacgaatc acccaaggac agtgataatg ccacgcagcc    130380
     aaaacaccca atgttgatag agacactatc agttgccctc tgctcaacac aggcagactg    130440
     tgacgcatca gaacagcatc aagtctcgtc actcaaaaat gatcctcagg aaaacatatt    130500
     tctgcagaca gaatctccag atgcacagcc tctgtcaccg gacacgttct cattgtcaca    130560
     atgttcacca ctcttgggtt tttcaaaaaa gatggaggaa ctggtgtgtg ctggaactaa    130620
     actttcacac tccattgccg caagccccca gttaccaacc aaaaagcggc ctgctccaca    130680
     accacctatg agcccacctg gaagagccct ccgatcacac cgccagggcc caaacaacaa    130740
     cgccccatct tcagctggtg aacacaagag ctctctgtga tgtgtgtcgg ggacctgctt    130800
     agataacagt gtctttatca aatgttttca gaacaagcag gaacccagtg tgtctgtagc    130860
     tttctctaag cagatttgtg ttgtgttaag tgacagaaaa ccaaagactt catcaggccg    130920
     tttagcaaat cattcaaatc tggtgtctat taaatgtaga tctgagacta ctatagaaaa    130980
     aacagctaaa actgttaagt tagcgctttt aaacatcaga tcactcaata ataagtctct    131040
     tttagtcaat gattttatca acacaaattg ccttgatttt atgcttttaa ctgaaacttg    131100
     gctagatgac agttgtagcg cagcagttct gaatgaagca gctcctttaa actttgactt    131160
     tttgagtgtt tgcagagcta ataggagagg tggaggcatc gctgccctgt ttaaagatgt    131220
     gtatgaatgt aaacaagtgt catttggtga ttatctgtct tttgaatatc tgagtatagc    131280
     actaaaaggt gctccacgca tcttactgat cattatctac agacctccaa aatattctcc    131340
     agcttttatt gaggatttta cagagctgtt atcaatagta acctctgaat ttgattattt    131400
     tagtattgct ggggatttta atattcacat tgataatcca gaaatcaatg ctgtaaaaga    131460
     actgatgact gtttttaaca cttttgatct gactcagcat gttcaaggac ccacacacaa    131520
     ttgtggacac actcttgatc tacttataac taagggttta cacatttcat caactgttgt    131580
     taaggatgtg gcactatctg atcatttctg tatctttttt gatatattga tcactccagc    131640
     tattaaagac agatctgtct ctgtcagaaa gagatgcata aatgagaaca ctagtgagca    131700
     gtttatgaag gccatatcgc tagcaccaag tatatctgca gattctgttg attctctcct    131760
     tgatttgttc aattctaaaa ttgagaatgt cataaatgac atcgctcctg ttaaagtcaa    131820
     gaagatgact ggcaggcaaa agggatcttg gacaaggtca ccgagagtac aaatgatgaa    131880
     aagacagtgc agaaaagctg agcgtatgtg gagaaagacg aaactagtag tccattataa    131940
     tatctataaa gacagtcttc atgcctttaa tatggaacta aacactgcta gacagacttt    132000
     cttttcaagc cttataaaca gcaacttaaa taatgctcgt acactctttg caacaataga    132060
     gagactcaca aaccccccca gtcagattcc aagtgagctc ctctctgaaa gcaaatgtaa    132120
     tgagtttgct catttcttca ctgataagat caataatatc agaaaggcaa tcagctcatc    132180
     caatcagcca agttgtgtcg atatcaaaca agctcaacca caacttaaga aatcagacat    132240
     tatgtctgat ttcatggcaa ttaacagcaa aatcttagaa gagactgtgc aagttatgaa    132300
     aacatcaacc tgcagtcttg acacgctccc cacatcattc ttcaaaacgg tgtttacctg    132360
     tttagaaatg gatcttctaa aagtggtaaa tgcttcactt ctatcaggga tttttccaac    132420
     ctcacttaaa actgcagttg ttaaacccct cttgaagaag agcaacctgg ataacaccct    132480
     attgagcaat tacaggccaa tctcaaatct ccctttcatt ggcaaaatca ttgaaaaagt    132540
     tgtttttaac caggtcaaca agttcttaaa cttcaggggg tgtttagaca attttcaatc    132600
     ggggttcaga tcacatcaca gtacagagag cgctcttata aagataatca atgatatacg    132660
     cctaaataca gattcaggta aaataacagt gctggtattg ttggatctca gtgctgcatt    132720
     tgacactgtc gatcacagca tacttctgga taggctggaa aactgggttg ggctatctgg    132780
     cacggtccta aaatggttta gatcttacct agaaggtaga ggttaccatg tcagtatagg    132840
     tgaccatagg tcgaggtgga cacccatgac gtgtggagtc ccacaaggct cgattctggc    132900
     acctctcctg ttcaaccttt acatgctccc tctgagccaa ataatgagaa agaaccaaat    132960
     ctcctaccac agctatgctg atgacactca gatctaccta gccttacagc ctaatgacta    133020
     cagcgccatt gacaccctct gccaatgcat cgatgaagtg agcaattgga tgtgccaaaa    133080
     ctttcttcag ttaaacaaag agaaaactga aattattgtg tttggaaaca aagatgaggt    133140
     tctcaaggta aatgcgtacc ttggcactaa aggtcaaatg acaaaaaata aggtcaagaa    133200
     tcttggtgtg actctggagt cagatctgag tttcaacagt catgtcaaag cagtcagtaa    133260
     atcagcatac tatcatctca aaaacatagc aagaatcaga tgctttgttt ctagtgaaga    133320
     cttagagaaa cttgttcatg cttttatcag cagcagggtg gattactgta atggactcct    133380
     cactggtctt cctaaaaaga cagtcagaca gttgcagctc atccagaacg ctgcagccag    133440
     aattctaacc agaaccagaa aatcagagca catcacacct gtcctcaggt ctttacactg    133500
     gctgccagtt acattcagaa tagattttaa agtattatta ctggtctata aatcactaaa    133560
     tggcctagga cctaaataca ttacagatat gctcactgaa tacagaccta acagatcact    133620
     cagatcttta ggatcatata aactagaagt tccaagagtt cagtcaaagc agggtgaatc    133680
     ggcttttagc cactatgccc ctcgctgctg gaatcagctt ccagaaatga tcagatgtgc    133740
     tccaacatta ggcacattca aatcaagact gaaaacacat ctgtttagct gtgcctttac    133800
     tgaatgagca ctgtgctgcg tccgacagat tgcactatca tgtttttctc ttcttcttca    133860
     ttctttatat cacattttac ctgtttttat gttttgtttt gtttttatgc atttttatta    133920
     tttgttttta tttttatttt acttgtttct tttattcttc tttatgtaaa gcactttgaa    133980
     ttgccattgt gtatgaaatg tgctatataa ataaacttgc cttgccttgc cttgccttat    134040
     tttaccatac acttcctgac ataagtcttg tcggttatca aagttgatca tttggtacca    134100
     aaagtggctt ttatgaaagg caaaggcttc ttacgtttat cttaaaaaat taaaatatga    134160
     tcatgccttg atttttaatt atataataaa aacagtaagg tctgactttg cttagacaaa    134220
     agtcttatca cttaacagaa ataatgtaaa ttatagatta taaagtcatg gtgtcacggt    134280
     ttcgggaagg atgagtgagc gaggactcaa atgcaacaga agatggtatt tattaattaa    134340
     aataaaacaa aaaggacaac aaaaaacgta actataaaac aaacagacaa acttggctgg    134400
     gctggcacga caaagcagga ctggatacca caagacaggg aaatactgac gacgaactgg    134460
     cacaggacag cagacatgag gggattataa agcagaagta aattgacaca aacagatgaa    134520
     catgagaaac tgcactgaaa aaaatattca aagatgattc cttagattta ctcaattttt    134580
     tacgttaagt ggttgtaaac aatttatttg ggctggattt aaacaaacaa attaagttga    134640
     tcattattaa acttaatttg tttgtttaaa ttcaacacaa ataaatagtt tgcaacagtt    134700
     ctgcatgcaa cacttttttc agtgtgataa tgggttaaca aggagggtgg gactagacaa    134760
     tagacgcgag agcacatgac acaaagacaa cacaatccat gcgctcacat aaaacaaggc    134820
     tgaacacaca gccaatgaga gaactcattt accgcgtgtt cttatgacaa gacaaacaac    134880
     actgaagcac acaacaaaag cacgcgacca caatgtaaac acagagccac gtgctttgac    134940
     aagagacgca atgcacgagc acacgataga taaacacctt accgtgggct cacacatatg    135000
     caacgcgcat gcttcatctc agcgccaacc aaaactgaaa ccaactagac ggaggcgcca    135060
     agaatgaagc agcgtgatgc tgacagaaca aacacaaaca ctagctctcc gcatacccac    135120
     aatggcgcac acgcacacag agacacacac aatgacagaa acaggacaag acagggccag    135180
     tgttcagatt ctgtcaccaa aacaagaatt cacacgacca gagtggcaga cacctgacac    135240
     atggtgcagt ggacaaataa tgaatattgt gtatgactcc catgagcttg gaagactgca    135300
     tttatacatc tctgcaatgc ctcaaataac tcaatatttt caatatttaa gttttttttt    135360
     agttttttcg attttcaaat agttgtatat aatattgtcc taccctaaca aacatatttg    135420
     aagttttttt ttttttaagt tttttcgatt ttcaaatagt tgtatgtaat attgtcctac    135480
     cctaacaaac atatttgaag tttttttttt tttagttttt tcgattttca aatagttgta    135540
     tgtaatattg tcctacccta acaaacatat ttgaagtttt ttttttttta agttttttcg    135600
     attttcaaat agttgtatat aatattgtcc taccctaaca aacatatttg aatttttttt    135660
     tttaagtttt tttgattttc aaatagttgt atgtaatatt gtcctaccct aacaaacata    135720
     tttgaaagtg tatacatgca gctttaggtt gatttataaa tttccaataa aaacaaaacc    135780
     agcatctatg actgattttg tggttcaggt ccctcaaaat tgattaaaca tttatttaaa    135840
     ttcactaata aattaatata acataatata ttggagtcag atatgagttt aactgcaact    135900
     gaaaaggcca gacgtgcatt aagccttcag tcactattag aaacattatt aggcaatact    135960
     tattattctt ttttattttc ggcctagtcc ctttattatt ctggggtcgc cacagcggaa    136020
     tgaactgcct acttattatt caattaaatc catatactgc atagggagat tctgttcatc    136080
     tatatatcca tttagctaca aaagaccttc tatgagacat ttgcagcttt acatgatatg    136140
     gttggtgaac agaaccactc ctgcccacat catcctctgt gagtcaaaca ttaacaataa    136200
     gagctgacgt tgaagtgaac acacagatgc gacaaatctc aacaaacacc tcaattcaaa    136260
     attcaggtcc aaaggtctga gactacattt gctatctaca atttattcct atgagcaagt    136320
     ggaagttatt ttaccaaaag aacaaaaaca aaaggctaaa acaaaaacaa tctgaaaatc    136380
     atgcacattt tttaaaatga tgcactgaat tagaacaaaa accaatgaaa aatctatata    136440
     gaattaccca catactgcaa aatagcatca gtaatatggc acgtgtgaat ggtgaaagtg    136500
     tgtagtgcct ggctgtagta tgttgtggca gcttgttaac tgaaagcacg tgtctgtgct    136560
     ttttacacat gagaacaccg aaaatgataa ggagagtgaa cccctggttc agttcagctt    136620
     cccgctcaca ttttttgcat tatttaccat ccttcttaat aatacaaggc atcaggacca    136680
     tgatgtaatg taataagttt ttgtcttaat gaataatctt gtaatggtct attgctgtta    136740
     aaaataaacc ttacaatttt tttagaaatg tgacagaaaa ttacctaaac tttattcctc    136800
     tgatgaggtt atatggtttt atcaatctct acagcactgt tccttcattg cagcagaaat    136860
     acaaaaaaca agacctgcga tgaggtatta ttaaagaggg cagcaaagtg caaacttcct    136920
     cttgctactg tcaaaacctc tgtgacccat ctctagagcg tctgcaaaaa gctgcataaa    136980
     caagttagga aagtagtgat gcatcaaaat taaagatgat tttctcaaat aagtatttgc    137040
     ttggaattat aattaatatt atttaatgca tattattaaa ttaataataa tgataataat    137100
     aatataacta taaattaaat attcatattt gcattttgtt tagcaacatt aaaataatac    137160
     ctttaacatt ttcaaataat ttgtgactat tatgtcagtc ttttgacaaa gataagcccg    137220
     ttccactatc ttaaatgtga tagttcaccc aaaaatgaaa actcacatgg aaacctgtaa    137280
     agattgacat ccatagtaga gaaaacaaat gctattgaag tcaatggtta ccggttttta    137340
     acaatcattc atccattaat tttcgtccat taattagtcc ctttattcat caggggccgc    137400
     cacagcggaa tgaacgacca aattatccag catatgtttt acacagcaga tgcccttcca    137460
     gctgcaacac agtactggga aacatccata cacattcatt cacacacata cactacagcc    137520
     aatttaattt attcaattca cctatactgc atttctttgg actgtgtagg aaactcacgc    137580
     aaacatgtgg aaaacatgca aactcctcac agaaatacca actgacccag ccaggacttg    137640
     aacctgcggc tgtcttgctg tgaggtgaca gtgctaacca ctgagccacc gtgtcgcccg    137700
     gttctcaaca tttttgaaaa tatcctattt tgtgttcaac ataaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    137760
     tccaaatgat ttgaaacaag tcaggggtga gtaaataatg gcagaatttc ctttttgtgt    137820
     gaataatccc tttgtaagtg ggatacatct acaatgtagt tattattgtt attcattaat    137880
     tcattttcta gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatccggggt cgccacagag aaatgaaccg    137940
     ccaacttatc ctgcaagttt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc ctgccgcaac ccatctcagg    138000
     gaaaataatt gttattatta ttattataat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    138060
     tattttattt ctttattttt ttaggagaca aatacatttt attgtacatt aacatgcaat    138120
     tacaataaag agattcaatc ttttcaaggt catgcaacag aaagcgagca ctgttttctt    138180
     atgcaatgat gtaagccaat aggagcacag accttaaagg agccacctcc ttaaaaatgg    138240
     atcatttcag aaaaagggtc aaaatgaggc tcaatccaca aactggttct agtgctccac    138300
     gaacagaaag gcttaaaaat aaagtttatg aaaatggatg gatgtttaca gttgcagtta    138360
     tttgaaggaa gaaggaagat gcaaacaggc aacacttgac cgacgctgaa acttcttgtt    138420
     cttaaccggt ggactagaag aagccattaa cactaacact gagagcagta tataggacct    138480
     aaagacccca ccagatttac aagttacatg aactggaaca gggagactgg gagagctttt    138540
     tcagataatc cctgaggact acctgacaca ctttttcttc acgtgccctg ctgaaaatgg    138600
     cacacaaatt caatcagtct cctccaagca agtataaaac cctgaagaag tccagcgtcg    138660
     tttcaaacag tactatggga tgcttcagca gtgttagttt cctgcaaggg caagaagagt    138720
     tgaagtgaaa gcacttcttc acttctctct tgctggttaa agcatttctc gtgcgtaaca    138780
     cacaggaagg tggtcagact ttagctggtt accctaaatc cccttgaata gtcagatatt    138840
     ttcttttttg ttagatatac ttgtaaaggc agcagcaagc ttgagatcat cttgtttatg    138900
     ctgtttgcag tatattacag cacttcacaa caggttttta caaaactgta ttgtgtacca    138960
     gtgttttgtg atactaaaat atcacaagtg tattgcaaaa ctctgctctt tttgtaaata    139020
     aaatgtttac atttaagacc tgtattatgt cattacttgt aagttgaact acagatttta    139080
     tgttcagttt aattgaagaa aatgtggaaa ccgattgcac gtagattcat tacttaaaat    139140
     ggtggattaa aacaatgctg agactactaa cattcaagat gttaactgaa catggtaaaa    139200
     cagtattatt taaatagagt taataaagta atctttctat aaaaccctaa gtaaggttac    139260
     taaataatga caagtgttaa ctagaattgt ttattaaact tacttgattt ttaacagtta    139320
     gtttacttta taagttttag ttttcttaag gcaataatta aacttaactt aagatttcct    139380
     tgtaagttta tattgcaaaa ataaggccat cggtttccaa acttttttta agtaaactaa    139440
     acatgttaga atttacagtg cactttctaa attaaatatg aaaggagact atgcatttaa    139500
     aggaatattt cactttgttt aacgattttt tttattattt attcatttat ttcatttatt    139560
     aattcattta tttattcatt caggtcctgt ttatttattc aggtccggtg aaagcacttt    139620
     taacttagct cagcataaat cactgaattt gaccattagc atctcactca aatttaaaat    139680
     tattttcaat actgttccta tttaaagact gatcaatgaa gaactaagac cagagatcat    139740
     ctgaatgtat tcaaaaacag taaaaactaa tagactaggt aaattttaaa atgagcctaa    139800
     tacatatatt tatataaatg cgtttgcgct catatgtgcg cccataggcg ttctggtcta    139860
     aaaaaggagg cgtgttaagg cacattgctg gcgcgtcgct attttgagga tctaaaatag    139920
     accgctcaat agaccagcta agagcaggtc taaagtccag cgcaaagcgc gtcagttgtg    139980
     caccttgctt aaacattgct taatacacac aggatgtaca ccaattcgca aatatctctt    140040
     caacgtaaaa ataattaaag gattaaaata ttacaaaaat gattattttc tacataaata    140100
     taaaaaccac tgccttcttc gtctcggggg ggctttttca gtttattcat gacaacttgc    140160
     tttgtttaat gttattatta gtattttttt tttttattct atgcatattt atatttgttt    140220
     tattgaaaac atgcttagat ttgtccactt gtcaggtttt ggatcatttg gggcacagca    140280
     tgtgtattcg gaaattcctt ttttttgact acactttgtt attattgttt atttatacgt    140340
     tttctggaaa ttagaactga atttagaaat agttttcaaa caaatctttg cccttaacaa    140400
     acgaaattaa ttatgtaggc taatagatgt ctgtgcgcgt tttctaatcc acggaagatg    140460
     aaaaggtgaa acgtgaaagt taagaatgag gaggctcatt ttctcattct cgcgctacgg    140520
     atggtctgtt taacggtttt cataatagtg aagcgctcag tttttccact tagaaagtct    140580
     gtcatataaa tagcaaatgc gctatgacgc aactgactcc taaagggaat ggagatgaga    140640
     ctctgattgg tttattctca aaacatacct ataactcatt aagagaacaa gcgcaaccct    140700
     gtaagaccat gcgccgtggc gcaaagtgga tttttccatc cttaaaatgg caaaagtgaa    140760
     ttctgacacg cccttaatgc ttttgcgccc tgcgctttgg actttgtgcc aaaatcgtta    140820
     aaataaagcc actagtgtga aaacacccta actgtaggtt aacttaatag ttgttacaaa    140880
     tttaagttaa gtggattgaa cataaaacaa ttaagttgcc ccaaaaaacc ttaaaaaaat    140940
     ttattgtttt aactaattat aaataagtcg tttaaacaag ctgcaaaagt cattttttga    141000
     gtatgtacca atgtgtacat acactgtaat acttgcacat ctagttacca tataagttca    141060
     cagctaaaag gaaaactata aagcgtgacc aaatatttta cttaagtgaa gtgtgtcatc    141120
     aaaacaaaac cactcttaaa atatccacaa gccaacaaga aaaatggact gaaagagtga    141180
     gggaaaaaaa actgtttgtt ttaaggactt ttttccacag gcactgagtc aaaaagagag    141240
     cagagtctgc agaccgtaaa aggacaaacc tagtttccca gtttttgctt tctgtctgac    141300
     tgccaaacct caaacccgta gacctcctcc atttacactg acaagatctc tctctctctc    141360
     tcactctctc ttgctccctc ttacacacac agtacagtac atacactata atgacattaa    141420
     ggagttaagc aggtgatatg ttctgctgca tcagtagtta aacttcccac acagaaagag    141480
     agataacaaa ccaagctcaa tgcgatcatc tctataacac atcagtgtct ctcctcttcc    141540
     cacacaccgc tcatttacag ctgcatcact aactcctaca cacatactca ggtaaaactt    141600
     tctctgcttt aaaaaaaatt gcttttaacc cactctcaag cgctgtcaac ttcaattgat    141660
     tttttttgtt caaaattgcg tttatcaata gacttgacaa tcaaataagc cactacaaca    141720
     tttataattc attttcagtg caggcttact agaaatatgc atctttgcca acatttttga    141780
     cagaggtgtg aaccaacacc gtatcatgcc atcgattcgg ttcaattcga tatctcgatg    141840
     catcacggtg cattgacgat gctttttaaa attttcttca cagcacagca attcttgcat    141900
     taaaatgtat gaatatattt ataattatat actatttgta atacaatttt gtcctttaat    141960
     acaaatagtc agatttgtaa actgtacctt taaacaacac aagtatttat agcaaataaa    142020
     caaacataaa tatcctgctt gctttctgag tcttgtctac caagttctta caccctcttt    142080
     gattggtctc gcgctcaaca gaaagtgctg cgattggctc taattatgca ctggcgctct    142140
     tcacagatga gtgacaatga taaacggcag tggcgatcac ggctgatcca tgatagacac    142200
     gttggagaaa actctgcaga cacgcgctcg tatctgtatc cagaagtatt gctgtaacag    142260
     ccgagaggag aggaaaagtc acactagcag gtcaaatggc cacagtgaga gagagagaga    142320
     gagagagaaa aagaaatgga atttactttc attctctcaa tcgcagtgaa ataggagctt    142380
     ctgctgtaat tgtcagtgaa agactgtcca gcaaacacac atgcaatctt gtacttaccc    142440
     aaaattgtgc acagtttctg catttttaag tagttggacc gttgtaaata ctcgtgctcg    142500
     tctccctcgc catagtaagc tacggcgaca gagcgcatat gagataaatg atgtcagtaa    142560
     acaataaccg gttatgatta ttactgagac gataccaaat agttctcatg tgcatcgcgg    142620
     tgaaacgtaa tatacacatt gctctgggta tgttttgttg catgtttcaa atgacgaatt    142680
     cactagaggg cactagctaa atttttgcaa atcggaaata ctttacttat tgtgggtttt    142740
     gttgtgtttc agatccacgt ccttgtacac atccacaaga aggcaaagct tgttgtacag    142800
     atcaactagt gaaacactgg cctaaagcac acaaatgctt ttgaaatcca aatcctctaa    142860
     gggattgtta gtctgcatta ttcagggcaa ccggagccag gaacacttcc caaaagacat    142920
     tataatttga acagcatctg cgcttatgtt agtctgtttt tatttttcca gaggtttcca    142980
     taatcctgga ccaggccgta tcctgagcag ctactgttgt ggtcattgat cagtgaggag    143040
     catgagactg attcctgtag gcccgatcct gatcctgatc gcgaagggcc agcctgtaca    143100
     ccagccggtg cctcttccat ctgcagcttc tccgcaatgc acgaccagcg ttcttcagcc    143160
     tccgacgcct agactgctgc tcaacaccag acgtttggcc agaggagaaa tggtcatgcc    143220
     caactgagcc tggtatgtct ctcgaggttt tttatccttc actttcacca attggcgaag    143280
     tttgttcctc gccactgccg ccactggttt gaatggttcg ggaattgtgg agctgcgcat    143340
     cgatggattt gctcttcagt gtttggactt tcagcagtga aatttaaacc acactgaact    143400
     gaactaaact gaacttaaac tagattgaca ctttcaattt actataatct tcaatgtgaa    143460
     gccgctttga cacaatctac actgtaaaag aaataagatg aattgactta aagccttctt    143520
     taaacccaac tattaatgtt ttcaaaatca aatgttacag aaaaatgcac tgcgaatacg    143580
     ttgttgattt aacattgctt gtatcttttt tgtggaactg tgcttcactg gactcgaaca    143640
     cgactgctct gtacctgtcc ttatgaagat agataggtaa gtcaaacata tttgattaca    143700
     aatcatagac acccttaagt tgttttgtgg tatttatttg gtgttgtgca aataacttta    143760
     tgaaaatact tctttattta ttgatagtat tcccctgtaa atatcattaa tgtaaaaagg    143820
     aacaaaatat gatgctggtg ttctggcgat ctgtgctacc tcctcagaat gtgctaccgg    143880
     tagctcaatc ggtcatattt cagcttaaaa aacagtttta gcacatcttg tcagctttaa    143940
     atgtctatca gaatgaacta cctacttaaa gaagggtgta aaaacagggg tagcgcattt    144000
     tgtcagcttc aatgaactac cactcgaata aacaaatgaa atattaaagt aatgaaataa    144060
     aaaacaaaaa attaaggtag tagtttactc taatagacat ttgaagctac tacgcctttt    144120
     tctacattgt tcaataaagt agtagttaat ttcgatagat atttgaagct gacattatgt    144180
     taacccttga aattaacaat ggctggttgc tttgcttgtt cactttgtaa cattttgggc    144240
     cctatcatac acccggcgca gtgtggcgca agacgcagcg caatagtctt ttggtagttt    144300
     cagcttggcg caagagtcgt tttgaggcgt tgcgctacac tgtttaaata gcaaatgcat    144360
     tagcgctcat ttgtgcgccc ataggcgttc tggtctgaaa aggaaggcgt tctgaggctg    144420
     accgctggcg cgttgctatt tgagaaacta taatagattt ttcattagac caaaactaac    144480
     ccggtctaaa ctccggcgca gagttgcgcc tcgcgtacgc actgcttaat acccacaaga    144540
     gagcaatagg caaatatctt tacatttgaa aaaatgtaaa tattaaggat atatatagga    144600
     tataataaga atagaaatag gatataaata taaaggatta aaatattaca aaacatatta    144660
     ttttctagcc taaataaata tgaaaaatca ctgcttttat gtcttcttca tctcgggagg    144720
     ctttttcaat tcattcataa caatttgctt ttgtataatg ttatcattat aagcagtatt    144780
     atttaatata tccatattta tatttgtttt attaaaaaca agctgagatt tgcccacctg    144840
     tcaggtttta gaccatatgg ggcatggcag gtgtatttgg aaataactca gtattttgac    144900
     cacacttggt cattattgtt catttattcg tttgctagaa attagaactg aatttagaaa    144960
     tagttttgaa acaaatcttt gcgcttaaca aatataatta attatttata ggctaattga    145020
     tgtctgtgtg taaaggtttc cctatccaag agcgaatgtt gaaatagttc cattatctct    145080
     cattctcacg cagtagatgc tctgtttaac agttttctgt taaaaaaaaa ctgttaactt    145140
     ataactgttt gcttgtgaaa tgctcatttt ttccacttag acttactttg cgtcctgtaa    145200
     atagcgaatg cactcttgcc gcgatgcagc tggctcttaa agggaatggg agatgagact    145260
     ctaattggtt tattctcaaa acacacctat aactcatcaa gaaaataaac ttcaaccttt    145320
     tagcccatgc gccttggcgc acagcaggtt ttcccatcct tgaattaaca aaaatgcgtt    145380
     ctgacacgcc ctgaaagcgt ttgcgtcctg cgttttgcgc tctgcgcatg gaccgtcaaa    145440
     atagagccct taatatttat catgtttaag agtctcttta acacttgtgt tcattttatt    145500
     ataaagtaat taaatatttt gtttaaatat ttttgttctt gactattaaa acgatttgcc    145560
     ttagtaatgt tattaaataa aaataataaa taagtggtta aataaataaa atcctaatat    145620
     ttctaaatgg attgttaaaa aatattgaat aattataaat atcgaacgat attaaacatg    145680
     attttttttt tttgcaaaat caccatacac acaatgatga ctacatttga agtgggttaa    145740
     aatacgtttt tctaaattgt cctaagacaa gaatgagtgt ggttcagtaa ttttaggaca    145800
     actttgatga acggttttga tccccttcaa atgttgatta ctgtataaag tgctatgtat    145860
     gattatttaa tttctgtacc tcattactgc ttactccaca gaaaaaaaca tttcaaacca    145920
     ttttaaaatt atgaattctt cccaaataga gtttataatc atcttcagaa atgatattca    145980
     ttacagaaaa ctgtatatat tgcagaaatg tcaacttctc ccattatcgt gcagccctaa    146040
     aagacaaaat gtagaacgtt ctagtgtcca gcaccgaagc tcccttaaaa acataaattg    146100
     ccacaagctt tatagcgcgg tgtcaaaaca aatcagtgtg ttcaactatt tgtggtaata    146160
     atggatgtcg gagagccaga aaaatatcca ctgggaacag taaggtcatt ggataataat    146220
     agtcctcacc taatgttttc tgtcagagtg acgtcctgag aaacttccag catgtaaact    146280
     ctccagatgg cctcactagc attagggaga cactgatcta tgggttggca tagcaaacac    146340
     tgcactgtgt gtgatggagg gataaagaga gggaaaaaga gagagagaga gaccccttgt    146400
     gtgagcgtgt atgtgttttt gtgcttgaga acaaaacaac tgcccctcca ttaggatggt    146460
     ttgttcatcc aatcggagct tgcataattt ctttagagga caaccacaga tgctaccctt    146520
     tgagatgaaa atgagcaaca gccatccttc cctcagcgtg agctcataca cacacacaca    146580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    146640
     caaaacattt ttttctggta agtgtaacat gtataacagg tttttttcat ctttatgaaa    146700
     cctattgtgc tttaaggttt aattttaggc gatttgttca atctaaaaaa taaacaaata    146760
     aaatgaaaag aataaaataa aataaattaa taaataagtt aatgtaattt gtttgtgttg    146820
     ggacaaaatg aatgaactgt attggtgtaa ctaccttgtt agtcgatgtg agaacagctg    146880
     acaggtcggg aatgtttact tttctttggt gagatttttg ttttgttatg cattaaacac    146940
     atttgtgctg tgtttacctg gagaaccaaa tcacagcata cattgcattt aagcgcagta    147000
     ctcatgatgg tggaaggggt ttacagtagg tcctctatga cgcacccctt ctagatttct    147060
     cttattggta aatagctaga cccttctgat taatgcaggt cattatgaga aaggtgtatt    147120
     tcactcccac accccttaaa gtttattaat gcataataaa aacaccctgc tgtcgtccac    147180
     tcaaccactc tgtcaccgac tcggtcctag tcattcccct cgctcgccag cagaggccgc    147240
     catccccgga attctaagca ttacatcatc cacctaaact gattgtgcac acacctgaac    147300
     tgaatcccgt taacgaccca cgctccctat ataagccaca ctcaaacacc agttctttgc    147360
     gaagtcttgt tcagccacgg tcaacatttc tgagcgttag tccctgcctg atcgcctgtg    147420
     cttaaccccg gactgtttct gattctgagt tgtcttctgc ctgccctcga cccacgcttg    147480
     ttatacggac tctgaaccac gctgcctgcc ctcgacccac gctagttaaa cggactctga    147540
     accatgccgc ctgtcactga tccatgcctg gtatatcact ctgtgtctgt cagccgccag    147600
     ccccatgatc tatattgaat gctgttgatg tgagttcgca ctttagtgag tgttgtatgt    147660
     ttgtgattga actgtgtcta ttgaatactg caaaatggat ccctccgtgt cagtctcccc    147720
     gttacacact cagaacggtt cagtgatcca ccagttgaga aactgcttta aaagacaaac    147780
     tatttttctc aatataacat tcattttctt ctctggtgtt ctcacattat gtacagttgc    147840
     cttaaaccgg gccaaaacat gcttgttcct cctcccgtct cccccgacgg cctgcacatg    147900
     cattacattc gggcttgggc acgcttacat cattgatgct gtgctcttca gtaagcgctt    147960
     ttgctcagac agtggacatt gctttggtta taccgtttta tacaaacagg ccaggcccgg    148020
     cctagtgaac catgcctgag cccgattcag agcactcaaa caatccggga aacggacctg    148080
     ggcacagatc agatagcata gtgcgagtag gctcttaaag tctcaagtaa tataacgtca    148140
     caagtagtga tggtgaaatg aagctttctg aaccagtgaa gcgctcgact caattgtatc    148200
     ggaaaaaggt tcgttactcg aagctttcta aatcagagct cgatgaggac ctcttctggt    148260
     gaaagtgtgg gaaagcactg tgttgccata atgtcaaatg ttcacaactg accaacttat    148320
     tcatgtagta atacaacaac agcaatataa acaaattact caattactgt agtttttaca    148380
     caagatatat tacattacac aactgatgat tgtagtaaaa tccaaggtat tcaaaagttt    148440
     aacatattac aattaatccc gctctaagca ggaatcgatc cagcgattcc tgattgggag    148500
     gcgagtgctc tatgaggatg ctatgtgaac gatgtttcag ggtagcattc accagatgct    148560
     ctctgttaaa cacaatacta cgatatgcgt tgattttctt taaagatagt cataaaaaaa    148620
     aatacgctaa tacacttttg tattgttcaa aaccttttta ctaaaaacta ctattgtagt    148680
     ttagtttaat tactggtgtg tgggactggt gcagtgcttt gaaacaaatg tatgtaatag    148740
     atgccaattc tctcgctata cactttacta tgagggtgtt taaacctttg aatcaaaatt    148800
     cgaagcagtc acgtgggtaa aggcgaaaat gaagcttcgg acgtcactga tcacgtgatg    148860
     atggcaaaac gaatcaagct ccggtacact gcttcactgc gagatgtatc gtttttttga    148920
     tacatgcttc gaagccctgg cgcacaacgt catatcacta gtcacaagtg ttattgctat    148980
     ttttaatcga tcttaatcca actttaattt aaaatgaaat ggtgcccaaa tggcatcttt    149040
     ccagagccga aaaataaaga aaagaaaagc agaggaagaa aagcaagctc aaattaaagg    149100
     tatgttctgc taagcagaat acattactca gtagtgcagt attaagacta attaaacgct    149160
     acgatgccca tgatcaaaca aatacttgtg ttatatgtga gaaaaaacag gccacattca    149220
     gcatgtttca ttaaataatt aattacctat cccactaaat cattcaatca ttcattttct    149280
     tttcggctta gtcccttaaa taatctgggg tcgccacagc ggagtgaact gacaacttat    149340
     ccagcaaatg tttttacgca gcggatgccg tttcagctgc aacccatcac taggaaacac    149400
     ctatcccact aatacaccct gctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaggtttcc cccttatttt    149460
     gtcaatttaa tattacccag tccaacatct aatgcagttt tatttgtgta aatctctgtg    149520
     taaaaacaag ctaaaatgtc tcctgcactt cgagttattt atgtatatat ttgtatgtta    149580
     ttcatttaca acaaatgcat ttgattcatg ttttatttgt gattgtcata cttattttat    149640
     ttttcaaatg agtgttttcg ggcttgcaaa cttgtttgtt taaatcggag taaatatttt    149700
     tacatgtgta ttatagttta aatatgtaac agttaataca aatgtataca cttaaatatt    149760
     acaattgtat ttttgtgtgc tttcttttct gtttttactc cagtgggccc aatttcttta    149820
     ttttttttct cccctggggc ctctcatggc actgcgtctc tgtatacaag gattaaaaaa    149880
     ctaagataaa aatctaaaaa acaaagacaa ttatttatag ataatatcta atactgtaca    149940
     tagtaaatgt gttactttta ataaaaggac attttgggtt tggcagttca tttggatgac    150000
     acctgtagct aaagattcag agaatgcaaa gataatttct attctattct attctattct    150060
     gataaatctg gttagttcat cagctgatgt cataaaaata cagtacatac tgtagtttcc    150120
     tctttatctc tctgcaaatc ttgccacaaa gcatgagatt tagcttaaag cttaggctaa    150180
     aacttcagtt gacacaaatg agaggtatac acttaagaat tagcacttgc caaacaaatt    150240
     gcaattaaag actctttcaa aacgacctct agaagtgttt actgagaggg cggtattgcg    150300
     aataagtgca agcattaaca gctgatttgc aattttaaag agttcttaag ggaagtggtt    150360
     tctcactagc agtggaaacc tcaatttgag gaagtagata aagatgaatt gaggtactga    150420
     acgaagatgt tcataaacac aaatatatat atatagctag aaaagctcac aaactattgg    150480
     gctttgcata ttaccaacta gctcatgaaa aagaaaacag cttaaatgat cttaccaacc    150540
     ccagaatcta aaacacttgt tcagcatgtt tttctatgac tgacaaggac gacgactctg    150600
     aaggtcagca ggaaatgaca tcgttctcca ctggtgcaca ggtgcttgtt agatactgag    150660
     ctccgatttc acagaaatgc atctaaatgg gggttgagtg aaatgtagag attgctgttc    150720
     tgctgtcaaa tggatcactc tgaacatttg tgtatttagc ccctgatatt ttccttattt    150780
     aaacaaatca acaaagctag tgaggaaaat gttgtttgta ccactgattt cttgtttaaa    150840
     ttaaagaggt agtacttgct gattttgttg ctagaatcca catgcacaca cacacacaca    150900
     cacacacata atgtatacca gtgatttaat aactttatat tttacacact gtgttcttta    150960
     cattctttgt tatccaaata tttgttccag ttttatgctg ttccattcag atccatccga    151020
     tccaagtgtc ataaaacaca aaacacattt tctgaggtgt tcatgtcact catcgtaaaa    151080
     gacaatgtta acagcaatct taggagattt gctttttagc ttttattttt acccaccttg    151140
     accggcgggt ttaaaatcta cattttgttg atgttagaat ttgtgacatg gtaaatgact    151200
     atcataacta taacaattgc ttattaagct gaatgttctt atatgagaag acgctttgtt    151260
     taattattta taaatgtatg agtatgagct tcaaacattg aactgagaga catgtttaga    151320
     gattgcacat ttctctctgt atagcataat ttttgtctat acacatagcc tttactaaat    151380
     gtgacccatc tacaatgtca gtgtatgcac agtgagctta caaactagtg taaaatttat    151440
     attcattttg ttgcatgcaa tgatcaacag cattatgcat tatgcatata caccgatgtt    151500
     ttaactcagt aagagcaaaa tttaactttt tgcagcctaa aagtatcaag tttttaaaac    151560
     atattttaaa accagtactg aaacatgggt ttcatgacac ttaaagtaca gaaaagtaca    151620
     ggaaactcta gaaaagtaca ggaaattctt aaaacagaat aatcaaattg tcaacagctg    151680
     catcagcatt ccatttgatg gcatggtaac gtgttaaagc aggacttaaa tgttccaaca    151740
     cagggtttct acagatatca taatgtcaaa tataagactt tttaagacct ttttaagacc    151800
     attaagtatt aaatttaaga cctattatat cacaatatta aaaatatgca tacacataaa    151860
     gagaaaatgc aaaatcacaa aattagtagt atattaaatg tagtcaaact gaacagtact    151920
     aaagacaggt taaatgcacc attgaactac agaagaaaac acacaaacaa acatcttaag    151980
     ggaaatttat acttttgcct ggcgcttcat tgcgcacctc acaaaacgga cgaggctttt    152040
     acacttgacg cgtttgccat tgagatatta ttttgaatga cagggggtgg tctaaagaaa    152100
     agacagtaaa atcagacgaa taaacaacaa agtagtatgt ttccggagct aggtcatatc    152160
     attaatataa ttaaagattt ttaaacaaat tgttttttat tatttttata atttattata    152220
     atgattatga agatttttag aaccattcaa tattttttaa atcaaacttt gatgcatcac    152280
     ttgcttttgt tcatatctcg gacagttata cgtattatga acattaaata ttaatgggaa    152340
     catggcatgg attgcgctac aattatatat ttttattatg gcgtgaataa aagcaaaaaa    152400
     aataaaataa ataaatagta cacttactaa aaatactgac attgtttttt tgcccattca    152460
     acaattctca cattactgtc tggctagttt ctgtcgtcta ctttaaagct aaaaggcaat    152520
     aatggtccaa cattgcggac cattatcacc aataaagcct agaaattggg catcaatata    152580
     ttgtaaactg ataggttcat atattccttt ccagttatca atgacataat gttttactta    152640
     attttagttt gtaacttgta aactgtttta aattcaaaat tgtaatacag tacgtcagtg    152700
     taaaacctat aagtagtgga aaaacacatt ctgtaaatct acttttgcca tgggctcttt    152760
     tttgacgcat ggacggatca taaagatgtc tgtacagtcg tacctgtttc agacaaaatc    152820
     tcttcaaagt gtttcatatt caactcaaat caaacgcggg gccgcgtgaa ctgttagctg    152880
     aagtctcaaa acattttgtg agctccgcca gccgaaatca tgtcgcacgc atccaaagtg    152940
     aacctccgca aacacatcaa tgacatcaga ctcgccgctt gcaataacag aaagctgatt    153000
     ggctattgca tgttggtctc atttgtagtt ttgaaattaa tatgtgatat tgtagttcca    153060
     aattacaata ggactagtga aataacaaac tacaacacca cgaaaaccaa gaaacaacaa    153120
     aaacaaaaac aaaaatggac atcggaaaaa taagacctgt gcaaaatatt taagacctag    153180
     aaaagcaaat taaagactta aggcctaaaa tgtcaatttt ttaatttcag gctgcgttca    153240
     taccagatgc ggtaaatagc tgtgtaaaca tttgagttta ctcgcttcat tagcgcgtca    153300
     aaccttgctt cattcgcacg tcaaatccgc tttattcgcg cgtcaaattt acttcaaaac    153360
     agacgcggat ttgcgtgatg ggcagggctt ctgtctgctc ggtgactcta gcttcgtttc    153420
     aaaatggcta acatggattt tattaggaaa ataacagtgt ttatgtgctt tatgaaggct    153480
     gaaaaacagc gtcgatacgc ttagggctgt gtctgagtcc actagattgt ttcagaggtg    153540
     catccagctc tgtgagctca taaacttctc cagaaactgt tcctggatga cgaaggcttt    153600
     cagcagtgct tctgactgag ccgagcccag tttgatgaat tttttgtcgg tatcggcgga    153660
     aggatttccc ccgggacacc tacaacaggc gatacgtaat attcatgccc acacaagaac    153720
     aagctcttga ttggttaagg tgacacgaat gtccgctgaa gtttagattt tcaaacttga    153780
     gcgatttcaa aacgatcaat tggccccgcg ccattcgcac tgtgccattc gcacatcgtg    153840
     ccgcaggatg tctattcgcg tgtttgcatt gacttaacat gtaaattact cgcgcttgac    153900
     gcgcattccg catccggtgt gaacacagca ttacactttt taagacttta agaccccgcg    153960
     gaaaccctgc aacagggcaa aaaaaaaagt agatgattaa ctatatttac agaaatcaga    154020
     tcaaaattta aaacaaataa attgcaatgt ctttcctttc gctaatttgt tatttgggct    154080
     gaacaatata tcatttgagt atcaatattg caatatgtgt atatgcaata ctcacatagc    154140
     atgattagaa tatttattaa agattaaatg atattcattc attcaatcat tttcattcgg    154200
     cttagtccct ttattaatca ggggtcacca cagcggaatg aaccaccaac ttatccagca    154260
     cttatttacg catcggacgt ccttccagct gcaacccagt actggaaaac atccatgaac    154320
     actcattcac acacatacac tacgaacaat gtagttcatt taattctcct attgcgaata    154380
     tctttggctt gagggggaaa cctaagcatt cggaggaaac ccacgcaaac acggagagaa    154440
     catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg accaggccgg gacttaaacc agcgaccttc    154500
     ttgctgtgag gcgacaaatg agccaccatg tcaccattaa cagattttat atatatatat    154560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    154620
     atatatattt tttttttttt tatatttata caataccatg actatgttat tttacatttg    154680
     attgttcaat atatgcacct actgttagac tgtgcataaa accataaagc actgtttatt    154740
     tatttatttt tgcttattaa ttagaatgta tacagatgta ctgcatagaa aatgacacaa    154800
     atgactaact caaatctttc caaatagtgc tattcaaatc atccggtgaa attttgtacc    154860
     gcagcaagca aaatattgca atgtcatatt tttcaatatc ctgcagccct atttgttatc    154920
     ctaaaatagt atatcattgg tcattacaag cacagccact tttttttcta gcgcagcatg    154980
     tattattcat cccagattgc tttccatcat ccacatgacc ggagaaggaa cattccatgg    155040
     aaatactctg catcaggttt acaattatat aacatctttg cctcaacata ctgtactgta    155100
     gcacatggat caggaccttt ccacaaagtc acgtttacaa ccatacgagc acctttcatg    155160
     ttcagaaata gaagcagaca gaccttttag cctcgcaata tcttatatcc tagaaaatat    155220
     caataatgca ggtctgcatt gcataactag cgggtaaggc ttgggaagca ccaaagcata    155280
     agttcagata caaatgctcc acagatcagt tgtgatttgc ttcagcctca aggcagagct    155340
     aaagcagccg agacattcta taaaaaaatg agagagatcc caattccact ctgtgtgaac    155400
     catagcatgc atcccatcag gcatctaaac tcagcgtggt gctgctcatc atgcatcaga    155460
     attatagaat aaaatgttac tagtttagag agataaagaa aaaaagaact cttttctcaa    155520
     acttaacgtc atcaatttgg ttaaaatctt tagaagcata aatcaaagtg atttcttccc    155580
     aagttggatt tatactctaa atccattaac ttaactttct ttattgtcca ctcggcatgg    155640
     gatgataacc gttttcaagg tataccactg tttggaaaag tcaaggtttt aaaacggcca    155700
     aaattgtctg atatactgtt cctagggttt gtgtaagatg cagggtaagt caagcctgtt    155760
     tctgaaagag aggtaacttt aactcaaagt cagttaccgt ggtaacttac actctgaacc    155820
     taacctggtc aggagcaggt tttttctcta ctcggaaact ctgagtttct gtcagtctcc    155880
     tcttttttaa agacaaatcg atatttcttg ccttagcctt acatttccat ccaattttaa    155940
     tgctcatttt ggttatgcgc ataaaaaaaa caattgatgg taatgtcatg atgcacaaaa    156000
     cttttttttt taaatatgca taaaaacatg caccaaactg agtaagataa actttatact    156060
     caataagaaa agatgtgcat aaactgcgat ggaaacactt ttactgaaca aattccagta    156120
     tgtgcattca aaaaaggttt gttataagag atgatgatga tgaaaatgtg tgtgaatgga    156180
     caaaccagca ggctgagcac actgcagaac atcagaaatg ttgttttggt cattctaaaa    156240
     tgccttaacc ttttcagtat taatgtatat tattaattac ctccagagtg tcaaaagcgt    156300
     ctgttctccg tgtctcagct tcaaacgaac ccacgtgttc attgtgtgtc aacattgtct    156360
     tctgaggcgc aagtacattt attaaataaa gaaaagattc acgcagcttc ttctacagca    156420
     gtaaattctg tttttcctga tgacatttgg cgccagttta tcaggaagtg acgattttgt    156480
     tctctttgat tcgttagatg aaaatgctgc tttattcacc catcttttat gagttattcc    156540
     agttttgcac ataaatttaa ttaatatttt tggatggaaa cagctattgc ctacatttca    156600
     gtcacacaaa aaagtacgaa aatggctcgt ccatttttaa taaataattt gcttaaattc    156660
     actgaccttc gacatatact gtaattagat taatgggatt attactcgtt ctaaaaacta    156720
     ttttttagtt atgcttacat tctaaatgtc ttatcaacct ctaccacttg gacaataaaa    156780
     aaggcagaca cacaagtgta cctttaaatc tattaaaact gatcattgtg tataattttt    156840
     taaaaatgtc acacatgaca ttacttattt tattatacta aaatatttaa atactttaaa    156900
     tgtaaatctt gagcagctat gttttcctac gctaactgtt tctgtttcac tgatccagtg    156960
     ttgctttttt aagtatatga tcatatttgc tttgcatgag cacatcaagt ttagctggag    157020
     aaagaaatgc tgatgttgcc atggtcactc attatatctg cgctccatag ataatgcgct    157080
     taactctgag ttggtctact caaagttgat tgacccaaca tagatcagct gttctgaaac    157140
     cgaaaaccca agtttaaact ctgagttggt taaacctcct tacttaaaca ggcccagtat    157200
     ctccagcagt ttgtgttttt gaaactaatg aagacagcaa aagtaaatga ttcagttgaa    157260
     ttatttagcc agacattttt actgctccaa agtattataa acgtttctga aaataaaata    157320
     ttgtgtttta aaaggtgttg tttttttacc cagacattta taaaaagaac aaattttaga    157380
     gcagtgatca caataccgtg aaaccatgaa atattttatc caaggttatc ataccgtcag    157440
     attcttataa gggcctattg tctacaagtg gaaatttata tttggcttca ccacacaacc    157500
     acacaatcaa tttgttgtgg gaacatgaaa taattcagtt tacttattag tttttacaaa    157560
     tttcagtggt ttgaacataa aacaattaag ttgtcgcccc aaaaatctca aaaactgtgt    157620
     agtttcagct cattttaaat aagtagtttg tagggtaggg tcaataggtt ataccatcat    157680
     ccatcgccga gagctgatcc tccgccccag tcgcagcaac aacccgctcg cgaacaatac    157740
     acactcaggc cctgtttaca ctaatacgtc ttacagtagc tttaacgact cttctgtctt    157800
     ttttatcgat catgtaacgt gtcacagcgt caataccggg atatgtaatg taatgtgttt    157860
     ttatatagcg caattattgt gtatggccat acacccaaag cgcttcacaa tcatgaaggg    157920
     ggggggtttc accacaccac caccagtgtg cagcatccac ttggatgata cgatggcagc    157980
     cacaggacaa cggcgccagt gcgctcacca cacaccagct attggtggag tggagagaca    158040
     gtgatagagc caattcggtg gaaggggatg attgggaggc catgatcgta agggcagata    158100
     gagggacttt ggccaggaca ccagggttaa acccctgctc tttcacgaga agtgccatgg    158160
     tgttgacatt tgatatttag cccatatcgc gtcagtacac tgcttcaatc tttcgctttc    158220
     atgcttgtac tttgtaattt tagcaaaaac cttagatact gtaagttggt ttttgttgat    158280
     ttgcactttt tttaaccaac caagtttgtc gacaccatta caacaacata gattactctg    158340
     cctatttatg ccagagcccc acggaaaaaa aaaaaagatt gacaggtggt aattgtgtgt    158400
     gtaacatatc tttatctatt tatgatttga ttacttatgg gtaaaacaaa gaccatgcag    158460
     gttgttgaaa cgatacggtt agggctgggc ggtatatcgg tttctgagga tatatcatta    158520
     tgattctcca acgcgatgtg gtattatcca atatcgttca tatcgatatg gtttgaggtc    158580
     acacttgcat attctgcatg aaacagacca ctccaaggta gcagcacgca aactccacta    158640
     tgtgcgcatg tgcaaataaa tgattcactc aaatcacaaa agtcaaacaa atgctttgtt    158700
     caaaaagaac gaatctgatg ctccctcgca tgcacgcatg tcacacagtg cctgcagctg    158760
     tcacagcggt ttatcagaaa ccttttatcc atcatttctt ccgcaattga cagcaagaat    158820
     gaacgtagaa gccttgtcaa attgacaagc agcacctgaa tgtgttcaaa agaattaaaa    158880
     gcgccaaaat gggacgaatt tgtaccgcat tatgaaagtg aaactacctc atattcaccg    158940
     attataagtt cagtatttat taaacaatga tctcttcttt acatttatgt tataacacat    159000
     ttagctctgt gttctggtct gttataatga cttaaccagc ttaaccagca tttcatcaca    159060
     gtactttgaa acaatttcgt tacttctcat atctaaagtc tattcgtttt catcttatta    159120
     tttaatattt agtacaacaa gtttagttaa aacaaaagaa aaagtgtagg attttttaca    159180
     tggagtaaaa gactcatctt tagatatctt cgacttgtgc actgtttaat aattgtgcac    159240
     aatgcataca tgtaaatgta actaaaaaca ttcattcatt cattcaattt cttgtcggct    159300
     tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggttgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaattt atccagcaag    159360
     tttttacgca gcagatgccc ttccagccgc aacccatctc tgggaaataa ctaaaaacat    159420
     gtaactaaaa agcatataca gctgatttag atgttgtttg taaatcgcac aactgtggta    159480
     tacaggatta catataaaaa cacagtaatt ttgacaaaat actgtgtgtt tcatatttac    159540
     attcaatgtg gttcttttct atccttcgat actttttgtt gtgttactat ttaagtgtgt    159600
     tccttttttt ttgagctgac aatatagctt tgttttcttt agttctgttt acttttttat    159660
     ttccacaaca gcagagtatt gtgaccctga gaaattcatg taccgtgttt tatttatcaa    159720
     agattttgtg cagtggttat tttttgtaac acttatttat tcgtaaaccc ctgtgtttga    159780
     ataatatttt gctctaaaaa tgtttaataa agttttaata aatgctttaa ctcttaagta    159840
     atcatttatg ggaaaataca gaatatatat catataccat cattccacct aaaaataccg    159900
     ggatatgata ttttgcctat aaagctcagg cctaggttgg ctacaaataa ataattcctt    159960
     atgaatgaat taataattca taaattatta tttcaccacc acctatgaca atgatgccat    160020
     cgtccattgc aatgtttcac attagacatc gtatgatgcc aaattggttg acatcaccca    160080
     acccaagtag tttaaacaaa cagcaaacca tattgtttga gtgaactatg gaagtcgatg    160140
     gttaccggtt tccacatttt cttgaaatat tttttgtttt caaaagaaga aaaaaattca    160200
     aaaatatttt taacaagaga aggttgagta aatgacaaca gaatattgag ttcagggtga    160260
     actgtccctt taattaggaa acgtctgcaa actgactggc ttaagtaaat tagctcatca    160320
     tttctgcttt gataaaacca tcaaactatt tttttttcaa tatagtaatt tgtcgcagtt    160380
     cagtattggt aactctgttt tacaacttgg atccttagtc tcaatttact aacaagtttg    160440
     tttacatttc tataaaaaaa aaatgtgtat acggattact aactgataac atcaatgaac    160500
     cgtgaatgga tttatttgaa cttatattgt tcaaaacttt aggtctcttc agcataactt    160560
     aatgtaacca tttaaaacta aaatcatcaa ctacataata gtttattcaa aactcattta    160620
     aaaatactgc catcatgtga caaacaattt aagttgattt tttttttgtt caagatgttt    160680
     ttaaaaatct gaaagcttgt aaccattgac ttccatagta tttgtgtttt actactataa    160740
     aaattaatag ttacaggttt ctaacattta ttcaactttt aaggtacaag catctttatt    160800
     aacaaattaa ctaagacttt tagctcaata aaagtagtca tttgctactt actaatagtt    160860
     attaaggtaa tttagggttg atgtattgtc taggattata gggatgtaat aagatcatgg    160920
     gtggttcatt ccacaacccc tgataaataa gggattgagc caaaggaaaa tgaatgaatt    160980
     aataagatca tacagaatat gtgctttata tgtaataata agcaggcaat atcttaataa    161040
     taagcatgct aaaaagcaac ttaacagtga gaaatggtcc actaaaatgt taccacctca    161100
     agttacagtc gctaattttt actgttttta actcaatgat gtgatgatga gctaattcac    161160
     ttgcaattca cttgctaaca gtaaggcaat gtgttccaca ctcaactagt tgttgttgtt    161220
     ttttcctcag tgtatgagga aatacactgt ttacataacc tcagtgacaa agtgcttcca    161280
     tgtatatata gtctaggtct gtctctagga gacataaggc aaaaaaaaat tgatgctcta    161340
     aaatcttggc ataaggctac aacatttctt gagaatgctg ccaatcttta agagaaaaac    161400
     ttgtctctgt gattgaaact ctcaggctgt aaatcttgtg aaggtgcctt ttcaggtaat    161460
     gaaggggaat aatcagacag ctcacactgc cggaggaatg tgttatgttt gagtcacaga    161520
     catgactgat tgtaactgat tgtgacatga gatagaacag cagaggtcta tgtgacctga    161580
     gacaaagcaa tgctgataat gaggatgaaa atgtcatttt tccgaccatc gaaaaaacaa    161640
     cagatccaaa caaacatttt ttatctcgtc aggccacttt gatgtattgt ataatgattt    161700
     attcaggttg cttcaagaag caccctttaa aaacaacaga atcaatagca gggtttccat    161760
     cagaatcgag tgatgaaatg ccaaattttt aataaaaatt ccttaatttg caagttttta    161820
     cagtcactta aggtgaattg gactttggaa ggattaatta gaataatgca gcccgatctc    161880
     atgaggaaac tgaactattt tatattttcc gggtttggtg tctactttgt ctaacttcat    161940
     ataatttcat atgagcaatt tttaaagagt cgtgacacca aacccaacca tcattggggg    162000
     gtgaacaaat cgtacaaaaa cttacaaatg ggatcataca aattcagacg gattattagg    162060
     cactgaaaca aacagttaca aattggcata agatagcatt ggaataacga gggaaatata    162120
     tttggtgaat caactttgac atagcgaatg ttacactcat atgactaatc agctgtttcc    162180
     attatgcttt gcttgtttaa tgttggttac taggttacca atagtacagt cacccaatct    162240
     aaccaacata tgcacctaat ttacattagt ttttttattt gttttgtcat ttttgcaaac    162300
     tttaaaaaag atttgcttca tgttaagttg gaaacctggc taataatgta aatgtatata    162360
     agagacctat agtagacagc aatgttcaat attcagttca atgttgattc agtttagatc    162420
     aatattgaaa agattctaca aaatgtcaat tatgaaacta ataaagttta gctataagca    162480
     actctgctga agacagtgta ctttcggcat cagagttgag gcaataaatc caatcgagat    162540
     acaattctac atcaagagca caccgtaatt ctctcttgta tcagcctgat ctaaaaaaaa    162600
     aaaaacataa gtattttccg ttttggtagt ttagtagcta attcgtacga attcatatga    162660
     gttcagtcgt ctgaagattt acaattttta aagtaggcgt ggcacccaac cctgccccta    162720
     aacccaacca tcattggatg atgagcaaat cttgataaag tatacgaatt agatcataca    162780
     aattcatacg aattagccac taattcaaaa ggttatgatt tgtcgttaga ttgcgttgct    162840
     tgaatctatt ctgtgtttag ttttttacca atagttgaca atgtctgctt tacaaacagc    162900
     tgtaccctgc ttgctactag ttcattttaa aagtgtaacg catggtgtca cacaacttct    162960
     gcatctttga ccagcaaaaa caaaatgttt tgaaaacacc ctgttgagtc ttcagaaatt    163020
     acgaatgtta ttaaaatgtc agcaattgtg accagaactc taactagaac tgtgaccaga    163080
     ttagcgcttc tctgtgggtg cgttttaact gtctttgtct attttacaca ctgaaggagg    163140
     aaaccatgag cataagggtt aatatgttac aatgaaatca taaatataaa atactctatt    163200
     ttttatattc aatatttaat aatattgtat ctacactttt tatggtgagg agtatgtttt    163260
     agaataaaat tgcacatgca atacatttta ctaaaaaaaa aaagttctgt tacaaaaatg    163320
     tgccattatt ttatgatagt gtttattaag aaatgattaa agacattcag aaatgcaaac    163380
     ctgcttaacc aaaaccttaa cctactctgg agatccttaa gtgcataaac tgctatgact    163440
     acttaacctg cgagttacct ctgtttaagg aaccaaaaga gaggttatct gcgttcatag    163500
     gcatacatca ttaaacctac tcttcaacgt ctgagtttgt aatttccatg ttttctgtgt    163560
     agaaagcaat ataattcatt tttatctcct aaacattaaa catttgattt gatgtaatat    163620
     ttaatgcatt tactacaggc caactgtact tcctgttgct aagggctact aaaatgtgat    163680
     tcagtttttt tgtcatatcg caatataata tcaatagctg atataatatc aatccatcca    163740
     aaaatgcaaa ttaattttat gtgcaaaact agaatatggt atgaaagatg ggcgaataaa    163800
     tcagcgtgtc aatccaatga gataaaatga acaaaatcgt cactttctga ttaactggtg    163860
     ccatttatca acagtaaaaa tggaatttga tgtggtaaga gaagctgagc gaatcttttc    163920
     ttcatttaat aaatgacttg cacctcagaa gaaaaatgct gacatgcaat gaacgcgcgg    163980
     tggcatttga aggcttcaga cacggaggac agatgctctt gactgttcta gaggtaatta    164040
     ataatataat aacactaata ctgaaatggt taaggcattt tagaaagacc ataacaacat    164100
     ttcagatgtt ttacagtgtg ctcagccagc tggtttgtcc attcgcacac atttttacca    164160
     ccacataatc tcttaagaca aaatcacatg acttttttaa tgcgcatact ggagtttgtt    164220
     cagtaaaagt ttttccatcg taatttatgc gcatcttttg ttatcaaata aaagtttatc    164280
     caactcagtt atgcacagtt atgtttttta tgtgaatttt caaaatatat gcgcatcttg    164340
     gcatttccat taaccaaaat tttttatgcg cattttggat attagatctt ttagatatta    164400
     gaaattagat ggatggaaac gtggacattg aaaaatattg tgatatgagt tttagctcat    164460
     atcgcccacc tctattgtaa acacacatta acaagtctgg ccattagagt cacaaagtcc    164520
     taatgtaaat cccacttaat acaagctgct gtgtggttct tgcacatggt ccttgtttcc    164580
     atctcagctg agtgaaactg ccacaaatcc ccaaacgaat gcgtgatcga gcacactgca    164640
     cttgaactgt gcttatgcaa cagcctgcct gcttcatgaa atatcaaact ccaatcagga    164700
     gtaaatcagc caaaccctat taggtcttgc tttgtttata gaaggggtgt ttgggaataa    164760
     aataaacact aatcagtgag agaaatttgt tatttattat gtgtaagcaa aataaatcaa    164820
     acacttatta ttggagacca tttctgtgag accactagct gtaacaaata caaaaactga    164880
     cattgcattg cattgcatca atatttctct atacaactgt aataaaaatg ccaaagctgt    164940
     gaattttgta gcactataaa acaacagagt tggtcaccaa aagttctagc ctggtccaaa    165000
     acacatcaga ttttgattca agagtaaaac caatgtacac tcaaataagg aatatgttta    165060
     gcccaataat tactgcttgc gatatttgtt tgccttttta ttttttaaat aaatgcttta    165120
     tgcttttaga attttttctt tgtaatgaca ctttatgtta cagtcagaat ttactttaac    165180
     tgacacttgt aatgttttca tttcttcttt caacaataaa atatatattg aaaatcatta    165240
     atctaaaaca aaatcaccag attttcaaga actacataat ctagaatgtg ttttgtaaga    165300
     tttattaaaa cagattactg tgttagtaac agagagggag gacacatatg ttgcttcgag    165360
     tacattaaaa ttgtacttgt gtttatccta gatgctgtaa cctacagtat acaaaagctg    165420
     taaacaatgt gagcttagtg tgagtttaaa gactgtttac taaggttgcg aagggcatta    165480
     aagtgtaatt aatgttcagc ttctttcaca gaacaattgt tttgcttcat aagacctcaa    165540
     tctttcataa gacccaaagg tattcatttt gttttgtttt atttgctctc atagtgccaa    165600
     tagctatagt cttccttttt taaatccact aaagaccacc gtatcagcta aaaatgtcaa    165660
     ttaatcctct actaaagaaa ttatgattag gttattgagg tcaagttggt tttatattca    165720
     cacattcatt ctgtgactac ttgtgacagg gtccctatcc aatattgttt accatgctac    165780
     tttgaatatt ctgtcagaaa ttacttcaaa acaacattag cactatttaa ttgactgaac    165840
     aatgttgtac tttgatagtc tttggctgca aacatgattt ctctatttaa aatttgaaca    165900
     tacttttctg aaaatataat attagaaaat tctgaatgtg cgaatacaaa accaacttta    165960
     attcaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    166020
     tatatatata tatatattga tggcctaagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtgc    166080
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gagagagagt atttatttat ttatttattt ttcatttgtg    166140
     ggtgtactgt ccctttaagc agcctaatga catgtattga gaatgttgac aagttacaag    166200
     ccaaatctta gatggataga tgagtaaggc aaagcatgaa caactcggaa acttcagtca    166260
     acataataaa ttacaaaata atcgcaagaa aaacaaacac cggcctgtca ggtcgcaccg    166320
     catatgcata ctttcacctt cttctgccaa tgaaagacat cgttttctcc caaaaagcaa    166380
     cctttgtgct ttagctttcg atttgacagt cagagttatg tttgtttcta tacatacata    166440
     gcagaaactc gcaaaggtaa agcgattata aaatggcata gcagccaagt cattcaaaca    166500
     gctcgcaaat gtaacttatc cccagttcgc ctttctgcgc acaacacacc aaccaaacaa    166560
     cacatttctt tatatggtct tttatcttgg ttgtgcaacc agtaaagaaa ctccagactc    166620
     atccttcgga ttgtttcaca gatcagatgt actcacgtct cagaaagcgc tgtgtcaatc    166680
     catattatca tcggcacagt tgtggtgcat gcgaatctgt gttgccaaat tccagtgcgc    166740
     tgcctctcgc ttttcctcgc tgcgctgctg catagagtgg ccccgccctg atgcgtgatg    166800
     tcgccgcgtc tggccccgcc ttccccacgc gctctgcccg caactacacg tgcaagggaa    166860
     aacattaaat aattaggcta atcaagacaa cgctgtcaca gaaaataaaa cagtatacga    166920
     gtataacaaa ctgacttgct tctaattcat ttaattgtga atgtgtgaac ttttatagat    166980
     ctaaatccct tttaggctat tatttgttat ggaattaaaa gggcatatta ctcctttgac    167040
     tgcctgctct accaaattgt tgaccatgtt ttgactgttt taaatattga ctgttaaatt    167100
     aatttaaaaa atgactgttt taaataatgg ttacagcatt gttggtttac aaaaaaatca    167160
     aacacacata agcatgttat actactacaa ttgattttgg ttttagccta ttgtaaaaca    167220
     aaacaaaaca agaaagcatg ttaaatgaga atctgacatt tttatggcat acttcaaaaa    167280
     ataaagatga tttagatgat tttaaataaa ttaatcttac acttcatatt ttcggatatt    167340
     ttatagtagc tgtattaatt ccgatacttt tatcataaac cgacatcaac catttattag    167400
     aggctgatat tttagaaatt atgggatgtg ttgaaaaaaa atgaattgag tgccaactag    167460
     cgatatagga gctttttcct tggggtagtt aaggggttaa atattctctc tttttatcaa    167520
     tttagttgca caaaaattaa tccctcaatg aaagtctcca taattattaa gaaaggcata    167580
     catagtattt gaacaatagg ctaatttggt ctatgaatga gtttgtgcac gtttctttga    167640
     ttattatcgg attaaatgtt attaatacct tgtgttggta gatttgatcg tctgttgcat    167700
     ggcgtaatgt ttctgcaatg tcaagtctat ttcgtagcac gactaatgtt tgatattatt    167760
     aatttgcagg atctatattg ccatcatgcg gagggtttta gaaatacagc acagttttaa    167820
     tttcactttc attttgcggt gatttttttt caggcacaat aacaaaagat tgtaacaaaa    167880
     taattgtagc aaaatgtaaa cacgtgtaaa gtcttagtta aattccttat aaaatatttt    167940
     ttaaaaccat aaaagaatga atatgagtat aatataaata aatcaatcaa taaataatat    168000
     agatgtgccc aaattgaaaa gacaggagac ggtgatcctg taaaactcaa ccaacagctt    168060
     aatttcttta tttctttaca aaattagcac agtgagtatt gggaggtgtt cctatcctct    168120
     catgaacaca aggaaaaccg cgcgctatct ctccccctcc ctgtttttta tcctctcata    168180
     cgcttccccc tctttttcct gacacctccc tccataacat ataaaacaca ctggcccagt    168240
     ttcacaaaca gggcttagat taagccagga ctaggccttc gttaaattag gctatttaag    168300
     ccaaatttat aaaaatggcc ttggaaaaat atattattgg tgtgcacctg gtgaaaaaaa    168360
     ttacactgat gtattttaag acatctcact gcaagttatt tagacttgag aaagctcaaa    168420
     catgtaattt aatattgact agccttaaac gttgtttttg aaactggagg actatgctta    168480
     acatctgacc tcagcgctac aaaatagcct acgtataatt tttttatttt tttatttttt    168540
     tattttttat ataaatatgt gctctctaag tgacacggtg gctcagcact gtcgactcac    168600
     aggttgctgg ttcaaattct gggtcagttg gtatttctat gtggagtttg catgttctcc    168660
     ctgtgttcgc gtgggtatcc cctacattcc aaagaattgt ggtataggtg aattgaataa    168720
     actaaattgg cgtagtgtat gtgtgtgaat gagtgtggat gtttcagctg gaagagcatc    168780
     cggttcatcc gctgtgtggt gaaccctgat aaagcgacta agccgaagga aaatggatga    168840
     atttactctc taaaaatcat tcacccaaat ctgggtaaaa tatgaacttc aatttactca    168900
     aatttgggtt aaaacaacat actaaaagat aatctatttt gttcaaagtc tacaattatt    168960
     actccagaat aagacatata ttgtcaaaac aattttagct tggtttgctt ttaacttttt    169020
     aatttaactg gggactttaa gcaaacatat gatcaatgcg tttacacatt acagtatagc    169080
     taaatttgac cttcattata ccatgtacag ttgaaggcaa cattgttagc cctcctatgt    169140
     gaaaatgtat ttaacagaga ttttttttca acacattttt agacataata gttaataaac    169200
     taatacatat ttttttgtct tcaccttgat aagagtacat aatatttgtt gagctatttt    169260
     gcaaactagg ttaattaggc aagtcattgg acaacaatgg tttgttctgt agccaatcaa    169320
     aaaataataa tcttaagggc ccggtttttc aaaagtaatc cactaggatt ttggatgagg    169380
     gattggatca aatcctgaaa ttgggttttt caaaagaaaa aacggattac ataatcggat    169440
     tagatcacat aatccaatct tggttttgat ccggatcaaa cctttagttt gggtttttca    169500
     gacctttttt gtaggatctg gatcactttg atccaaaaaa cctggattaa actgatctca    169560
     tcagggcccg gtttttcaaa aggtttaatc tggataaaat tgatccggat ttagtaatcc    169620
     tgtttttgcg atccatgatc acgtaatcca tcttactttt tgagccagtt tttcaaagca    169680
     acattggatt ggatcaatct gatccggata ggaacttttc aggatcacta aatctggatt    169740
     accagtgctc aatcacaatg tagatggata gatagaccta tgtaaagagc aacaagtaga    169800
     atagccagtg tggggtcatt ataacttttt ttttttttta gatgaaaaca cctgcacatt    169860
     taaaaaaatt taataaaatt aaaaactaaa aacaataaaa acctcacccc atactcttcc    169920
     agcagtctgc tcatctgaga cctacaacac aaacactgta cattgaggat atttataata    169980
     agtttcaaat ataaatgtaa ataaaaaaag actttatgtc aaaaactcca caataagttc    170040
     agacttcctc atctgatgtg gagagaccag cttgctgagc aaagccttta ggaggtgaat    170100
     ctcaagtctg gccttggttt gctgcagttt ggtcagagtc agttgttcct ctaccagatg    170160
     aagctgcgct tctgctcttt cagtatcttt ttgcaattgt tgaaagtgat ttcaaaaatc    170220
     agtgatagcc attctttgca ttttcttttt ggttattctg taatcattgc atgcatcact    170280
     aataaatatt ctaaaaacaa aaatattttc cattgtgatg aatatatata tatatatata    170340
     tatatatatc aattattgac tgaataaaat gtattgtttt aggtcaattt tgacagctgt    170400
     ttgggggatt gttttatgag gccaagctat ttctactttg ctgtaggcct atactgaaag    170460
     gctgaatacg ttaaagccaa taatcactat agcctgacag ataaacaaat aaaattaaaa    170520
     ctttatgaat aaatagtata tctcgtaaga cccaaaaata aaattattta atacagtttt    170580
     taagttttta ttaaattttg ggcatgaaat ccacactaaa tccacccctc tgatgagatc    170640
     agtttaatcc atgttttttg gatcaaagtg atccaaatcc tacaaaaaag gtctgaaaaa    170700
     cccaaagtaa aggtttgatc cggatcaaaa ccaagattgg attatgtgat ctaatccgat    170760
     taatccgttt tttcttttga aaaaactatt ttcaagattt gatccaatcc cttatccaaa    170820
     atcctcgtag attacttttg aaaaactggg cccagaaggg tagatttagc attgatttca    170880
     tgcccaaaat ggaatgaaaa ctcaaaaaaa ttattaaata aaactatatt tggatcatgc    170940
     agtacgagat atactattta ttcataaggt tttaatttta tttgttcatc tgtcaggcta    171000
     tggtgagtat aggctttaac gtatttagcc tttcagtata ggcctacagc aaaataaaaa    171060
     agagtttggc ctcataaaat aatcccccaa acagctgtca aaactgacca aaaacaatac    171120
     attttattct gttactatat ttatatacaa ttctaaatag agactgggca gaagttcagc    171180
     ttcatctggc aaaagaacaa ctgactctga ccaaactgca gcaaaccaag accacacttg    171240
     agatctgcct cctaaagaat acgctcagac aagctgctct ctccacatca gatgaggaag    171300
     tctgacatta ttgtggaggt tttaacattg tctttttttt ttattcaata catctatatt    171360
     tgaaacttat tataaatatc ctcaatgtac agtgttgtag atcaggggtt cccaaacttt    171420
     tcagcacgcg acccctaaaa taacaatacc agtgactcgc gacccccaat atccctgagg    171480
     tggttataaa tacagaaaac ttgcatgcaa tggcacacac acacacacac caatagacca    171540
     aagtctattc ttcgtttaat tttttaaatg tatttcagtg ctgtaaatgg gccaaaaact    171600
     ttaacctggt gtaataaaat caatctgctg catctgacgc tattgctgtc tttaatataa    171660
     tgtaattacc ccagagctca caatccaata gaacaagtaa aataagctac tatagtaact    171720
     ataaacagct gtttttttct ctacagttgg ttatggataa aatatggtaa ttcttatggt    171780
     ctaataataa taagtagatt tttggaaatc accaggcgac ccccccttca ttgtcccgcg    171840
     acccctcaag gggtcccgac ccccactttg agaaccactg ttgtagatct cagatgagcg    171900
     gactgctgga agaggatggg gtggggtttt tcttgctttt attatttatc attataatta    171960
     ttttattatt tataaaatgt tcttagtttt catttcaaat aaaaataaag ttatattgac    172020
     cccacactgg ctattctact tgtatctctt tacataggtc tatctatcca tctacattat    172080
     gactgagcac tggtaatcca gatttagtga tcctgaaaag ttcctatccg gatcagattg    172140
     atccaatccg atgttgcttt gaaaactggc tcaaaaagtt agctggatta cgtgatcacg    172200
     gatcgcaaaa acaggattac taaatccgga tcaattttat ccggattaaa ccttttgaaa    172260
     aaccgggcac aggtgctaat aatattgacc ttatctattc ttcattaaaa atatatatta    172320
     tttttattcc agccaaatta aaagaaataa aaccttctca aaaggaaagt ataataagaa    172380
     atactgtcaa agttatatta gaaaaaaata aaaatgaaaa atacacagga gggctaaacc    172440
     atttgtctcc aactgtatat tgttaaccct ttgcttttaa gtaatgctgg tttgactagt    172500
     ttaccaatat aacaacacat tgctaagtta ttcacaaaaa gaatcaaatt acagtacata    172560
     aaaacaaata aaaacatgtt ataaataatt tttaactgac aaaaatgcag ctaatagtaa    172620
     atgtatttaa ttcatgacaa tgcatgttga taaatacaaa tttatcaatg taaaacagca    172680
     gctgattcat taaggacatc agaaaactca aacctcatct gaaataacaa gtgaatcaat    172740
     aatgaactca ataatagatt gtggaggaag agataaatgt ccgtattgcc gctagatcaa    172800
     attaatactt caacctcgtt ttatctataa atagcctaaa ctgggtcatg aatcctattt    172860
     taggtggata tccatgttgt aggagggtca gcaattatta gacctcaaaa taatgttaat    172920
     aataatgtta atcaagtgat tttagcattt tataaatatt acagattaac tgtaagtgca    172980
     gctactgtat gtaaaaatga catttataat aacaacagaa catttttgtg gaatatcact    173040
     agaataaaac tgacagatgt aattttgtgt ctttgtcaaa atgtgcaaaa catggatgtg    173100
     tttataattc ctattttcat ggctgttcat agaaaacaag cgtaatctgc ttaaaactaa    173160
     accagagaca tattttgcat agcatgtgtc atggcagcta tagtatatga gcacagctca    173220
     cagcatacca tgggtggacc taaccaatat gaaatgtaag cggccccaat aaatagcaag    173280
     aactttctgt atgtgtacaa cagtccattt tcagaacaaa ttgttttcta gcttataaat    173340
     gacagctaat cagaatcaga agacattaat aaacaaatat actctctagg gctgttcggc    173400
     cccatagctg gacctgccta gtgccccaaa ttacaaaatt tgcacctgca ggaaacattc    173460
     tcagtactgt ggttaatgtt ctggcaagat atgaagcaat gaacaataac atttatggaa    173520
     taaaatgttc ccattacatt catataacaa ttaaagtatt tgtttaaata tacagttaga    173580
     attattagcc cccttgttta cccccccccc tccccctcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    173640
     aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    173700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    173760
     tatatatata tattaaaata ttatcagact tactgtgaaa atttccatgc tctgttaaac    173820
     attatttggg aaatattttg aattaaaagg gggcctaata attctgactc caactgttta    173880
     taaccattat ataattttaa atgaaatgtt aaaatagaca cttttaaaaa aagtacaatt    173940
     tcaaaaatct gaatgatgca cttaattaaa tggagaaaaa aaaaatgttg gacacttcat    174000
     gcactcaaca aactgtcttt tacaaacctg agggttgtag actcagatgt tgtgtcatag    174060
     aacaatcttg aaaaattcat acactatagc agaggtcaaa gtgtgcaaaa taagtgagta    174120
     tggtgtttca gatacactca cctatacgca ttttttgttt tttatttttt tgcaatcaga    174180
     attgtgtggt gcactgaaac tgacctggtc agaaatgatt tacagtgttg tcaaaaataa    174240
     caattaaaac attttaggaa tgcacaataa ataaacgtgg aaaatgtgta tgttttgagt    174300
     aaagttaaat cttttaatta tctaatttta atagacactg taatgaagat gatgatgata    174360
     aaaaaaataa aaataaataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa attattatta    174420
     ttattcattc attcattcat tttccctcgg attaatccct ttattcatca ggggtcgcca    174480
     cagtggaatg aacccccaac taatccagca tatgttttac acagcggatg ccctttcagc    174540
     tgtaatccat cactgggaaa catccatacg cactcattca cacacataca ctacggccaa    174600
     tttggctaat tcaacctgta ccacatgtct ttgaacacag ggagagcaaa ctccaaacgg    174660
     aaatgcccac tggtccagca aggattcgaa ccatcgacct tcttgctgta aggttacagt    174720
     gctaatcact gagccaccat gttcccttat tattattatt tttattatta ttcattcatt    174780
     tattcattca ttttttcatt tattttcttt ttggcttagt ccctggggtc tggggtcacc    174840
     acagcggaat gaaccaccaa cttatccaaa atgtgtttta tgcagcagat gccattccag    174900
     ctgcaaccca tcacaggaaa acatccatac acactcattc acacagtatg gacaatttag    174960
     cttacccaat tcacctatac agcatgtctt tggacttgtg gggaaaaccg gagaaagtgt    175020
     agacagagac attcattcat tcattcattc atttattttc ttttcggctt agtctcttta    175080
     ttaatctggt gtcgtcacag cagaatgaac caccaactta tccagcatat gttttacgca    175140
     gcggatcccc ttccagccgc aacccatcac tgggaaacac ccacacactc attcacaccc    175200
     acactatgga caatttagcc tacccaattc acctgtactg catgtttttg gacttctggg    175260
     ggaaacagga gcacctggag taaacccacg ccaacatggg cttgaaccag cgaccttctt    175320
     gctgtgaggc gatcgtgcta atcactgagc catcatgaaa cctattatta ttatttataa    175380
     tattgtaaat atgtaaaact aaataaatat aaaaattaat acttcagtac taatatttaa    175440
     acatgaatag atttaatgaa gacgttagta ttctaagata tgtacagatc tattttactg    175500
     ttaataaacg tagacgcaca gctattttta taaaagaagg taactaaata ctgagcaaca    175560
     cacgatgaca gatactattt tctagcatta cctcaccagt acacgcacca gattcagttc    175620
     atgaaaatcc aatgtgctcc gtctgcacag tgtaacctga tatcactaca gtaacaggat    175680
     agaaaattga gatcaaaaat gaattc                                         175706