EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR394540; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 159341 BP.
AC   CR394540;
DT   01-MAY-2004 (Rel. 79, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEYP-10E10 in linkage group 21 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to human general transcription factor
DE   IIIC, polypeptide 4, 90kDa (GTF3C4), the barhl1.1 gene for BarH-like 1.1,
DE   the stom gene for stomatin and two CpG islands.
KW   barhl1.1; HTG; stom.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-159341
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b2372528a968572e73e51f6d5a549e39.
DR   ENA-CON; CT994199.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000019013; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000004548; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEYP-10E10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEYP-10E10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEYP-10E10 is at 159341 in this sequence.
CC   DKEYP-10E10 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..159341
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="21"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKeypilot"
FT                   /clone="DKEYP-10E10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..159341
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEYP-10E10"
FT   misc_feature    419..428
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   unsure          428..429
FT                   /note="number of bases in mononucleotide run unsure"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<2388..2507,6018..6195))
FT                   /gene="stom"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.1-001"
FT                   /product="stomatin"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Y13473.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<2388..2507,6018..6078))
FT                   /gene="stom"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019666"
FT                   /product="stomatin"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CEG2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001972"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028515"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CEG2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16574.1"
FT                   LTLPLSIWMCIKVLR"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<2388..2507,5601..5630,6018..6195))
FT                   /gene="stom"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.1-002"
FT                   /product="stomatin"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK687134.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC091908.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<2388..2507,5601..5630,6018..6078))
FT                   /gene="stom"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019667"
FT                   /product="stomatin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O93423.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CEG3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001972"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028515"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CEG3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16575.1"
FT   misc_feature    31051
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 70bp by restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    59796
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(73213..74413,76048..76270,77276..77854)
FT                   /gene="barhl1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.2-001"
FT                   /product="BarH-like 1.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA496570.1 Em:CF549569.1
FT                   Em:CK144059.1 Em:CK145713.1 Em:DY544464.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY596176.1"
FT   CDS             join(73960..74413,76048..76270,77276..77570)
FT                   /gene="barhl1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019665"
FT                   /product="BarH-like 1.1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q53B64.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2CEG4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001356"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009057"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017970"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020479"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CEG4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16576.1"
FT   misc_feature    91129
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(138673..138961,142191..143912,144149..144279,
FT                   146540..146628,149331..149644)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human general
FT                   transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 4, 90kDa (GTF3C4)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW175201.1 Em:AW422880.1
FT                   Em:BI979843.1 Em:BI984853.1 Em:CB363634.1 Em:CK705767.1
FT                   Em:CN512872.1 Em:CT686567.1 Em:CT686568.1 Em:CT725365.1
FT                   Em:CT725366.1"
FT   CDS             join(142263..143912,144149..144279,146540..146628,
FT                   149331..149395)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-10E10.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019664"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human general
FT                   transcription factor IIIC, polypeptide 4, 90kDa (GTF3C4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8BMQ2.1 Sw:Q9UKN8.1 Tr:Q3UJL1.1
FT                   Tr:Q501L4.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024761"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024764"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2CEG5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16577.1"
FT                   CIFCDSPFY"
FT   polyA_signal    149626..149631
FT   polyA_site      149645
FT   misc_feature    159341
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEYP-10E10"
SQ   Sequence 159341 BP; 50620 A; 29008 C; 29634 G; 50079 T; 0 other;
     aagctttttt ttttttttaa tatgcctgtg caggtaaaaa atggcatagg catgttgaca        60
     aaatttgggc agttttaaaa cttaactttt atatgcaact tattcaacaa aacctaactg       120
     tgtgctccca ctcagttagt agtgaccaga gcatagggca aaccgcgtgg gcccaccagc       180
     aaaaggagaa gaaggaaagt tgtatcaaaa tcagactccc cggacaaaac tcacagtaac       240
     agcggtttat catgacactt ttatcaatca tttttcgcaa ttgaccgcaa aaacaaacat       300
     aatgtgttgt ttgattaaca agcagcacct aattatgttt aaaacaccaa atattacaaa       360
     tctatacccc atttcgaaag ttaaacatat tctaacatta ggtgcagtgt gtgggtgagg       420
     gggggggggg gggggggggg cagtgtgact gtgactgctg gtgttggttg ctgtatggtt       480
     aaaaattatg acggtcaaag taactaggtt aatttttaat tactaggcta aatcaattaa       540
     aattaaataa aatattaatc taatacgttg agtatttttt tgtgcgtttg gctggttttc       600
     gacagctttt gggctacaaa aagtcaggta catgtggcac cactgtacat gattaataat       660
     tttaaagttg tgcatatgta aatttatttt agattgcgca atttaaagat gatattattg       720
     gacatttaat cttacatgtg tatttcaact atataacact caataaaagt ttctaaataa       780
     agctaataat taaaatataa ttttcaatga aatttggcac ataataaaat tgtgatgctg       840
     gctacattga tttgcagcat tcaagggatc atatttcatt atagtttgac tcaataatta       900
     ttatttttaa aggtcccatg aaattaaaat aaaaaaacag tagatattaa ttttaaggat       960
     atctataagg tagtgtgctc caaaacagag actaaattca cgtttagaaa atataaaact      1020
     aatataaaca tcccaagcgt gcaatttgtc atttccgcct aaatggatca acaatttggc      1080
     tgattagctg ctgaactcat catatacatc gtatttttgt tttgttttat gtggctgcac      1140
     acagtcagtt gccttttgga attatttcct acaattgaca gataatatgg catgctatgt      1200
     gcacttcatt gtgctcacaa accatttaag tggcctccat ttcccagctg agtgaaatta      1260
     catacttata tactataact ataaatgtat ttgttttact aaagataatt tatcattctg      1320
     taatgcactc cagaatctga cagattgatt agctgtagac tatagaacag ttacctgaaa      1380
     cggtatcata cagtgtaagg cctggatttc aacaatagcc ttgcatttac taacacagac      1440
     tatatttgaa gtatttggaa gtcattcgcg ttttcctcct gtagaaaaac gtcatgagta      1500
     caatgtttag tggctcaatg tattacaacg tttttaaaag actaaacact tcatcaatat      1560
     agtgtacaac caagcacaag tgaagtatta atcgtttctc ccaaagataa gaatgtctaa      1620
     gcaaaatgtt agcaggtgtc tgtagcacca ctcacgctcc gcctttttgc ccttatttgg      1680
     tatcccccgg tcgatgagac aacacgcaaa caaaatcgcg atggttggcc atgcctaatt      1740
     gtagcttaat ttgcgctcat cagaaactat gggtgatgtc acggatacta cctccacatc      1800
     ctttacagtc tatggcttga cctcaaccac tcttactggc agagcattga tataaacaaa      1860
     aagcttttgg atggttttat ttttttaaag gtgaggagtt attctatgtt ccacactctc      1920
     ttcattttcc agttgagatt atgtcaaaca tcaaataaaa aaatgcacat ttcaaagcac      1980
     tccatgggac ctttaaggac atttacttat atttttgtgt gtatttaact aatatgtgaa      2040
     tatttataaa cacacatcaa agaccacgaa aaaccccata gacaaaggtt taaagcaggg      2100
     gtcaccaatc tctgtaatgg agggccagtg tccatgcagg gtttagctcc aacttgcctc      2160
     aacacacctg cctggatgtt ttaagtatac caagtaagac cttgattagc ttattcaggt      2220
     gtgtttgatt agggttggag ctaaaatctg caggttgccc ttcaggaaca agtttggtga      2280
     acactggttt aaagtaagaa agaaattctt ctggagttct ggtgtacatc cccaggttaa      2340
     acaggacttg atcttaatct gtatgacatc acactaatta ggaccacccc taagtacctt      2400
     aatgcacatc catatagata gaggaagggt cagcaacgtg agcaggatgg aaaaaatcac      2460
     caagatccat ccacacaaac caatgtcgct gtctgtgttc tccaaggctg aaaagcaaaa      2520
     caaatatgta tataaataca cacattatac cgccacagaa taaaaataaa gatataaaaa      2580
     aatacaacaa atgcatgtta ccctcataaa actgaaagtt aaataagttc aaagatgcaa      2640
     aatcacaata ttgtagcatc aaactgaatt gcatgcatta aagtgcatta tcagtattga      2700
     aaagataaac ataagaaatc gtcataatca cattgatcaa atcaagccac gcaagtgaat      2760
     gcaaatgaat gctttcttag attttaaaca aatttaacaa acaaaactgc cattaatttg      2820
     cttataaatg tcacctacct tgagaatcat caactgtgtg acaccattga tctatagaga      2880
     aacgtaactg taagctactg tgtgtgtggc ctataagact attaggctac aagcccttct      2940
     tctctaatca gggataagac atgaccattg gcagacgcaa atacatcaag aacaaattac      3000
     attactgctg ggacagtcga aggaaagtaa gactgaatgc taggatatga tcattgagca      3060
     ggacaatgat cacagtaatt gttgaatgat taaatcattt cttccttgta cttgcctcac      3120
     agctattgca ttacagccga gatctttgac cacaggccac atgatctgaa gaaactcctg      3180
     aactaaatgc tttttgacag ggttcattgt aaatcaaatc gctttcaaaa gacagcacaa      3240
     ctatacacaa tactgcttac atttatttga tatattaaat tgtcttgttg aatttattta      3300
     tttatttatt tatttattaa ttttgcctga ccatgtcatg aatgtttttt ttaaatatga      3360
     tttacagtat ttataaaatg tcatttagca caacatttgt ttatatacaa aataatcatg      3420
     acagacatat ttagaattaa aaacaatagt ctaaatataa aatattatac ttttaaaaaa      3480
     cttgttttac agattttaaa taataaatac tacattttaa tttaaaatca ttgttttatg      3540
     ccataatttg tcagccatac tgtatatttt caaaaacttt aaatatacaa attttatagg      3600
     gctgggcgat ttgacctaaa atcaaaatct cgattaattg aacatttaaa ctcgattacg      3660
     gtaattaaat gattatttta tttatttatt tattttttgc cctcatagtt cactgacagg      3720
     ttttatacag taaatgtgct cagatattac aagtgagaga tttttaaatg aagggtgcat      3780
     tactttatat taaaataatt gaaggaaacg cacactatct actatctatt atttattgaa      3840
     catcaggatt gaacaactga aattaaaaga cgcattgcct aaaacaatca ctttttttgt      3900
     aaaaaattga aaataaacaa cttaaattat gtttttttta tattaaaagt acaaactaag      3960
     cagtatctct tctaaataaa ataactcttg tatgtcctgt aaataataat ctaatctgaa      4020
     taataataat cttctgtaaa caaatatttg aaagtaaaca gtaattttgt tgaaatggaa      4080
     aaatatgcta cctcaagata tctgacacag cttccaatca acaccaatgt aatgcaaatg      4140
     taatgcttga aggctgcgct ggaccatacg tgtgtgctcg gcacagaagt ataaatcagc      4200
     ttcaatagag cagggtcacg tgaccacaca ttggagggaa agtaattgga aaaaaattga      4260
     cctgaacaaa tttgagcgat tatgaatgtt tattttactt acttttcaat tcatcggcca      4320
     gccctattgt tttatatatt tcaataagta cagggcagaa taattatgtt atttaatttt      4380
     taaatatatt gcaacattgg aattattata tggttctaaa caagaaaaat gtttgtaaca      4440
     actgtaacaa cttatttata ttgagtgatt ttatagatta aatatgcatt tgttatttat      4500
     aaatgatgta gacactaaat tgagaagtct catctttgac ctgtaaatta attgatagat      4560
     tttgattgtt tcaaaattgc tgcaaatgtt ttgcataaag tattttgttc agcacaaata      4620
     atgtgaattt accttttttt ttactattat tactaaacca cacctacctt acaaaaccat      4680
     accacactcg cacatgaaac aatactatag tttttaacca taaaaaataa actgtatatc      4740
     agacagtata tacagtgctc aacataaata agtacacccc tcacaaatct ctcattcaaa      4800
     ttaatatttt ctatagggtg ctttacaatc ttatatttgt gcatattcat taggttagac      4860
     agtgctgaag ttaaatctgg agcttatata acaaaaataa cttacgataa ctgtccaaaa      4920
     actagtatac ccaaatttat aagtcagaga aaaatattaa atacaaattt ttaaaagagg      4980
     aaaaatcaaa agcaacaaaa aagatataca attttgttga aattttgtag tttataattt      5040
     cttttgcaat attttgcatt atttaaatgt attatctttc catttctaaa tacatactgt      5100
     gactaaaata ttattttaat aaatatatct gtttaataaa tctgttttgc ttaaatgcac      5160
     caatatatat tacccatatt cactgaaaat ggacaaaaac attcattttc aaaattggat      5220
     atactcattt atgctgagca tagtattata gtatttacaa cattggatta atgaatgcta      5280
     catcatacca tagtattaac ttgtttctac tacaataaaa ggggtgaaat taatgttatt      5340
     ttataaccta tagatggaaa aaactacagt acagggtcat ttgtttatat tactatagtt      5400
     gtattaccat atcaactata gaatcaccac aactgattaa tttaagtact aaacactatt      5460
     tactaaatta ctatacatta ctatagtatt ttttcatatg ggttactaca cacaatactg      5520
     caccacaata aactacataa ctcaaaacat gtaacaacac tgttctatat tatattaaat      5580
     atattttaaa atgataatac ctttattatt tctcgagctc aattcagagt ctggcaaaaa      5640
     caaacaaaac accaaatgat tgttatgatt aagaatgaag tccttgttcc ataccacaat      5700
     gctagaagac tcttttaaac gttgtcagga tattatgagg acctgttgtt gctcagattg      5760
     gcacaagagc atatgaagac acacccatgg tgcactacca ataataaaag accttaaaga      5820
     aaataaatgc accattaacg cgcttctaat ttttacatat ttataaatgc atttaaaatc      5880
     tatttaaata catgtaatat agaaatatct agcatgggta aatcttttaa cgtcaaaaga      5940
     acgtagcgca tatccaatgc atacaacggt gcaaacacgt gacattaaat aataacaata      6000
     gttatttagt agcggaccta tttgtcgctt cctccgttct tcctctctca tcgcagctgt      6060
     ttctctgcca tcttccatgg tcggtgtaat ctttgagtta ttcaggctga tacggagcag      6120
     atcttgaatg cacttccaag caaaagatct tctctgtgat gtttttttct acacgggaca      6180
     gatgatcggg tttctgcgtg gagtacagcc ccctctctca ctggaagagg ttgggctgga      6240
     gtgggcgggc attattgtag tctcatagag ataacctaga aacggaagta tttaccacag      6300
     aaattccaga tcattttacc cacgggggag ttcatataaa aataacgttt taagttaaag      6360
     accgtgttct taatcgatgg tgcatgtttc ttacttaaag ggatagtcca aaaatgaaaa      6420
     tggcgttatt tattcaccct ttactttctc tattttgttt cagttttttt ttttttttta      6480
     cagttttatg tgtttataat attatttaac ctgatctgtt aagttattat cactattact      6540
     accattgtcc tttttgtgta agattggaat gtgtatgccc aacaaacaca caacgttgcc      6600
     tcaacgtagc gaccttccta caacgttgta ccaacattgt aaaaaggttg aggattctac      6660
     gttgttgcta aaggttgtca caacgatgtc ataaggttgc catttaaaca tcacgagggc      6720
     cgcatacttt aggttgtgct taggttgcat ggacaaccac tgtacaacat ttactggtca      6780
     cagctgaatc agtttaaatt tcaacaagcc gtcgtctcat tcatcaacga ccgaggagac      6840
     gtgagtattg ctttatttct tcttgctaaa taagatacgt aaatcgtgaa tattcaaaca      6900
     aacctacgat ttcgacaaca atctgttcca acattacaca cacacaaaag ccgtaatgaa      6960
     gttgttacga gcgagtaaca tttcggcatt ccgttcactg gagattttat atgtaatgaa      7020
     attacaataa atgtctgaaa tttcaataac ttgctagtca tattcgtttc catctgtcct      7080
     ctcttgttca ctgcctattt tgacttgtgt ctgctgtgga tctctgaagc tggattatct      7140
     gttgaatttg tttcttcctc tgactgcttt ctccatacca acaactatgc ctggtcttca      7200
     gctgcgctcc ctggtctgct gtattctcca gtccagagct tcactgcaca gtgtctgaat      7260
     tttaatttat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7320
     atatatacat tttaatgatt tcttgtttac ttttcttgtt tgtttaccct ttagtttaat      7380
     tatatatata tatatatata taatctaaac tttatactgt ttgtttataa ttagatttgt      7440
     actgtatgta ttaaatgttg tgaaatatat aataaaaagt ttgattatat tcatttgtgt      7500
     ggcattttta cactttaaag tttacacatg cagttgttaa atgaaatagg aaaaataaat      7560
     gaacaatatt taatattaag caatactgga aaagaattgc tgcttatcct gtattctagg      7620
     cagtattgat aaactgccac aaaaaatatt aatacaagta gtaagaacgc cgcctcgcgg      7680
     ttgctgaatg tcgcacgaca acgttgctac agccttctca cgtcttacat ttctacgttg      7740
     tgacaatgta gcgagcacgt aagcggcaac gttgcctttg aaaaaataca acgttgtgca      7800
     gacatcgcta caacgtaaat gtgtttgttg ggtgtttgtt attgaagtca aaaaaaaaaa      7860
     aacttgttac aaacttatca attttcactt tctgtagaac acaaaagaag atattttgta      7920
     gaatgttgga aaccagactc tcatagtagt attttcctat tatggaagtc cctttcacac      7980
     atacaggatt tccgggaaat taccgtatat gtttttatat gttttcatcg aagttgttca      8040
     caatactgat catccacaga gtttgtaatg tagtcaaatg tttacaaata aaagcgcagc      8100
     cgtttaaggc taatttgtgg tgaatgatgt cagaatttac cggtattttg gaatggatgt      8160
     gtgaacggtc ttttctggaa aaattccgta acgtcctcgc ctgtgtgaac agcactccca      8220
     acaaacacac aacgttgcct caacgtagcg accttcctac aacgttgtac caacattgca      8280
     aaaaggttga ggattctacg ttgttgctaa aggttgtcac aacgatgtca taaggttgcc      8340
     atttaaacat catcccaaca aacacacaac gttgcctcaa cgtagcgacc ttcctacaac      8400
     gttgtaccaa cattgcaaaa aggttgagga ttctacgttg ttgctaaagg ttgtcacaac      8460
     gatgtcataa ggttgccatt taaacatcat cccaacaaac acacaacgtt gcctcaacgt      8520
     agcgaccttc ctacaacgtt gtaccaacct tgcaaaaagg ctgaggattc tacgttgttg      8580
     ctaaacgttg tcacaacgat gacataaggt tgccatttaa acatcacgag ggccgcatac      8640
     tttaggttgt gcttgggtgg cgtggacgac cactgtacaa catttactgg tcacagctga      8700
     atcagtttaa atttcaacaa gccgtcgtct cattcatcaa cgaccgagga gacgtgagta      8760
     ttgttttatt tcttcttgct aaataagata cgtaaatcgt gaatattcaa acaaacctac      8820
     gatttcgaca acaatctgtt ccaacattac acacacacaa aagccgtaat gaagttatta      8880
     cgagcgagta acatttcagc attccgttca cggacggcaa caacattaaa atcattatgt      8940
     taaatctttc gataaaacat ttcctgatta tttacctacg cttagtcttt agtcaaatgg      9000
     aaaataatgt ttttgaagtt cagttttttc catatccata gtgatcagtc tgatacttta      9060
     tcacacgagc cgatccactt tttacaaaac acacaaaata acttttaaat acaaaacatc      9120
     tctgtgcagt ttgcgtcccg ttaaaggaac agttcactca aaaatgatat gtactcacga      9180
     attatttgcc ctgtaaataa tagcctaagt gattccaaac ctttaagttt ctttattcta      9240
     ttgaacacta aagactgtaa gcatttgctt tcatagtagg aaaacactat ggaattaaat      9300
     agttacagtt ttccagcttt atttaataca tcttttttat tgtttagcag aaaaaaagct      9360
     aaataagttt ggatcaaata aaggatgagg ctaaatggca gaattgtcag ttttgggtga      9420
     gctatcccta taagttaaag tatataagtt gatgttcata tgcctgatta atatagatat      9480
     taataaaaag gtctgctagt ctaaatttct attttgattt atcttttgat gttttattta      9540
     aaacccactc ttttctttgc tcaacaggct attttcacat ggaggtaatc ttctattgat      9600
     aatttctgga ttttaagtat gtgtaagttg cataaaactc tattgtttaa ccactcactg      9660
     ttgttttcaa attacttatg taacttgtct ttcagaattt tttcagctgt tgaattcacc      9720
     tcagatcagt gttgctgtaa ttcctgatct atggaaagaa taattgaatg aggtaagaag      9780
     tatactactc tatttactat cataataaat gtagtatcgt tacctaaaac agcatgttca      9840
     taatgtggaa aatagatcat gcttatgaaa aattacttta ttattttgta cagctgttat      9900
     tgaaatgaca ctaattttaa cattccattt acagcgagca acgccacaac tataggacct      9960
     cttctttctc ttctcataat ttaagtaagt attgggagac taactctgac ttttgttaac     10020
     tcaaacctgt tttccctgta tctctaaatt catttaattg tatgtaattt tggtatatga     10080
     tatattaaag caataaaata aagtaggcta cataattact cactggagat tttatatgta     10140
     atgaaattac aataaatgtc tgaaacttca ataacttgct agtcatagtt gtttccatct     10200
     gtcctctctt gttcactgcc tattttgact tgtgtctgct gtggatctct gaagctggat     10260
     tatctgttgg atttgtttct tcctctgact gctttctcca taccaacaac tacgactggt     10320
     cttcagctgc gctccccggt ctgctgtatt ctccagtcca gagcttcact gcccagtgtc     10380
     tgaattttaa tttatatatt tatttatatg tatatttaca ttttaatgat ttcttgtttg     10440
     cttttcttgt ttgtttaccc tttagtttaa ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     10500
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataatcta aacatatact     10560
     ctaaacatat actgtttgct tataattaga tgtgtactgt atgtattaaa tgttgtgaaa     10620
     tatataataa aaagtttgat tatattcatt tgtgtgttat tttaaacact ttaaagttta     10680
     cacatgcaat tgttaaatta aataggaaaa ataaatgaac aatatttcat attaagcaat     10740
     actggaaaag aattgctgct tatcctgtat tctaggcagt attgataaac tgccacaaaa     10800
     aatattaata caagtagtaa gaacgccgcc tcgcggttgc tgaatgtcgc acgacaacgt     10860
     tgctacagcc ttctcacgtc ttacatttct acgttgtgac aatgtagcga gcacgtaagc     10920
     ggcaacgttg cctttgaaaa aatacaacgt tgtgcagaca tcgctacaac gtaactgtgt     10980
     ttgttgggat gagggtcgca tgctttaggt tgtgcttagg tggcgtggac gaccactgta     11040
     caacatttac tggtcacagc tgaatcagtt taaatttcaa caagccgtcg tctcattcat     11100
     caacgaccga ggagacgtga gtattgcttt atttcttctt gctaaataag atacgtaaat     11160
     cgtgaatatt caaacaaacc tacgatttcg acaacaatct tttccaacat cacatgttaa     11220
     atctctcgat aaaacatttt ctgattattt acctacgcct tgtctttaat caaatggaca     11280
     atcatgtttt tgaagttcag ttttttccat atccatcgtg atcagttagt atgatacttc     11340
     atcacacgag ccgactcact ttttacaaaa cacacaaaat aacttttaaa aacaaaacac     11400
     ctctgtgcat tttgcgtccc gttaaaggaa cagttcactc aaaaatgata tgtactcacg     11460
     aattatttgc cctgtaaata ataagtgatt ccaaaccttt aagtttcttt attctgttga     11520
     acactaaaga ctgtaagcat ttgctttcat agtaggaaaa cactatggaa ttacagttac     11580
     agttttccag ctttatttaa tatatcttct ttattgttta gcagaaaaaa agctaaataa     11640
     gtttgcaaca aataaaggat gaggctaaaa tggcagaatt gtcagttttg ggtgagctat     11700
     ccctataagt taaagtatat aaattaatgt tcatatgcct aattaatata gatagtaatt     11760
     aaaaggtctg ctagtctaaa tttctatttt gattggtctt ttgatgtttt attgaaaacc     11820
     cactcttttc tttactcaac aggctatttt cacatggagg taatcttcta ttgataattt     11880
     ctggatttta attatgcgta agttgcataa aactctattg tttaaccact tactgttgtt     11940
     ttcaaattac tcatgtaact tgtctttcag aatgttttca gctgttgaat tcacctcaga     12000
     tcagtgttgc tgtaattccc gatctatgga aagaagaatt ggatgaggta agaagtatac     12060
     tactctattt actattaaat gtagttatgt tacctaaaac agcatgtcca taatgtggaa     12120
     aatagatcat gcttatgaaa aattactgta ttattttgta cagctgttat tgaaatgaca     12180
     ctaagtttaa cattccattt acagcgagca acgccacaac tacagggcct cttctttctc     12240
     ttctcataat ttaagtaagt attcggagac taactctgac ttctgttaac ttaaacctgt     12300
     tttccctgta actcaaaatt tatttaattg tatgtaattt tgggatatat tatgaaaaca     12360
     ataaaataaa gtataggcta cataattact ctggagattt tatatgtaat gaaattacaa     12420
     taaatgtctg aaacttcaat aacttgctag tcatagtcat ttcctgtgta gtgctgttgt     12480
     gtcaagctct gatctgtcct ctcttgttca ctacctattt tgacttgtgt ctgctgtgga     12540
     tctctgaagc tggattatcc gttgaatttg tttcttcctc tgactgcttt ctccatacca     12600
     acaactacga ctggtcttca gctgcgctcc ccggtctgct gtattctcca gtccagagct     12660
     tcactgccca gtgtttgaat tttaatttat atatttattt atatatttat ttacatttta     12720
     atgatttctt gtttactttt cttgtttgtt taccctttag tttaattata tatatatata     12780
     tatatatata tataatctaa actttatttt atactgtttg cttataatta gatactgtat     12840
     gtgtactgta tgtattaaat gttgtgaaat atataataaa aagtttgatt atattcattt     12900
     gtgtggcatt tttacacttt aaagtttaca catgcaattg ttaaattaaa taggaaaaat     12960
     aaatgaataa tatttcatat ttagcaatac tggaaaagaa ttgctgctta tcctgtattc     13020
     taggcagtat tgataaactg ccacaaaaaa tattaataca agtagtaaga acgccgcctc     13080
     gcggttgctg aatgtcgcac gacaacgttg ctacagtctt ctcacgtctt acatttctac     13140
     gttgtgacaa tgtagcgagc acgtaagaga caacgttgcc tttaaaaaaa tacaacgttg     13200
     tgcagacatc gctacaacgt atatgtgttt gttgggctat gactagccta ctaatttaca     13260
     atattcctca gaagatccaa aaaaagatga ctttttaaag tttgtcagtc tttaactttt     13320
     taaattaaaa aaaagatttt gtttttaaat aaacacagtg aagaaaacct gtttgtggtg     13380
     tttttcctgc ttaaacaaga acactatata aaatatcaat aaacagtagc ctataaggta     13440
     ttgccattgc agatggcttg aggcaacatg catacttctg ttgttgttgt tgtttattct     13500
     tactttttga ttataccaga gatgtccaaa ctagggcccg tgggccaaag ttggcccatt     13560
     tggcccacca tctgacaagg gaaaacgata tgatttagag atagtcattt caaatctaat     13620
     gtaacctttt gtttatttta acattaacta aaattaaatg tttcaaataa atattgtaaa     13680
     tgaatcagtt ttagttcaaa atgtacacac tgtaaccaga tgaatagagg acaatgcaga     13740
     gactttggtg agaaggcaaa ggctgattct gcttggcaat agtgtattca gcattgaact     13800
     ccactgtaca ctgttatgtt ttattgcaat aagttataat aaaaaattat acctcattaa     13860
     agtaataatt ttattcattt attttttaaa tattaagaat taatttatgc aattacccat     13920
     ggcaaattta atgtaatata atttggtata tccgggccac cgctccttat gataattggt     13980
     ttttgaccct ttatacgaca aagtttggcc acccgtgata aataatgcac gaaaactaca     14040
     ctacccatga ttctactagg agaactctcc accaatcaga gagtcgatta aaccacgcgg     14100
     cgccatgaat acgttagcgc cctctcctga agtagaaagt ctcatgaagg agaggtgaaa     14160
     gctgacattc tatgctctta aaagtcttat ataacgatgt ttatattgca acacacgtaa     14220
     aatatgtagt ttaatatata catattttaa catcaaatca atatacccat cccatcgttt     14280
     ttcaccaatc catcggccaa aacagtggct tgtttttact ggggtaaggc cgtttaaaat     14340
     gtatttgaat tcagtgaaat aatggattat agctcgaata ctaggttctc cgtgtttgaa     14400
     gttatatatt taagaaataa aactattttc gaagataaag taatgatata cacttcagga     14460
     gatttaatgt ggctcaatga acgactttct gagcctcata gcgcccccta ggaggaaact     14520
     aaggttggaa aaaaaatgat agtctttgct gtatttgaat caaaagttac tattgccatc     14580
     tagtgctgtg gaatggtgtt gcatatagta cctctattca cgcccttgat gatctcctaa     14640
     ctcaggggtt ttcaaacttt ttcagctgag ggcccctttg tgtagggcga attctttcgg     14700
     ggacccccaa aaaataaata tcacgccacc ccctcaaatt aacaactgta cttaattttt     14760
     ttaaattgta ttattcaata catttatatt attatatatt attcaataaa tttatattat     14820
     tcactatctg gattaatttt agtaagatgt tagttgagtt gacatggttt cagtgcttca     14880
     atctattgat caaatcttca tgcccagtgt tcattgtggt ctgctctcac tggattccat     14940
     caagccatat tttgtgttcg agtcatcacg tttacagttt tttatgccat ttttatgctt     15000
     ttttttctgc ctatgcacag ctagactctt ctgtatttac ccttacagct aagagtctaa     15060
     atgtatccaa agatttaaag ctttaaaagt tttgtcattc atcagcctgt taacagttaa     15120
     ctgtactgtt gtaactagcg attctacaat agaggctgta gtggttcagt gtgttttgtt     15180
     tatttttatt cctttttttt gtgcacatca taatttactc aggtcgacaa tcctgactta     15240
     cactgataaa aaataatttc ctaaatgcaa tctagaattg ggtattcaag ttcaaaaagc     15300
     cacaaatttt actttgctta attttagaag ctttgctgac tttaaaatgt ccataccagt     15360
     gtgttctatt aataatactg aacattacat ttaaatttat ttacacaaat aaatatgggg     15420
     gaaaagtgga acatcttgaa aaaaatgcat ttatattcag agtattaaaa tttgatcaga     15480
     tatgttgagc tctattaaat acagagcact catacatttt aatttttaat aattaattag     15540
     ccctataaca taacacaaat agatacatta taatttttat aggctatagt ggttttattc     15600
     agggtgtata caatttagtt ttttttttta atcatccagt tatgaaccaa tgtgagtaag     15660
     aggttcactg cagagctcat ccagctgtca ttagtgtaac aggagtaaaa ctgagaactc     15720
     gctgatgtga tgacagctcc attcattgtt attgcagcac tttttgcttt acaattttaa     15780
     tatgtttgtt tgccatgctg caaagaggac cgtctgatat ttgtacaatg caaagtgtaa     15840
     agcctgtcgc actttggaca aggtgcaatg ttgtgccgtg tctttaaaat gctatttgtt     15900
     ccccatgagt gaagcctgcg caaagaggcg cgcgctccgc agcacccagc tgatcgatta     15960
     ctcaggaacg caagccatat acagggaagt gcttccagcc tccgaaaatg ttcttattga     16020
     tcatgtattt taactgaaat attgtcagta aatagacctg agcattcatt tagttgttta     16080
     gcgtaaaaga ggttagcgta agtgaaaggt aaacgccgtc aggtgcagca gacaagcgcc     16140
     aaaaatcaca ggaagtgccc ggccagaagc gcttattcaa taaaagtccc cgtgcacaga     16200
     ggcgggccgc tgcgcttctt ttcctgtttc acgaaagtgt caactgcatt taaatgacat     16260
     aagcataaag cttaattttt gcagtacttt tgagctcaaa ttattataaa aaatatatta     16320
     accttcagaa tgatgcggga cacaaaattc aaccatgtgg gcccattgat taccccttat     16380
     ctaaaatttt ttgcggcccc cctagcgcca tctggcggcc ccccaggggg ccgcggcccc     16440
     cagtttgaaa acccctgtcc taactcattg tttaacagac gctttaagaa agtggacgtt     16500
     aaaggaaaag tttacacaga aattaattaa attcattgtc attatttatg ataaaacaat     16560
     gtatgttcag aacatctata ctggtggcat taaatttgtg tcattagtaa cagagctttg     16620
     taaagtctga catgggcttt tcatttacag caaaccacat tataatgttt taatccttac     16680
     aaatattgtt gaccaacaga agttaagcgg ggaaatgtag gcaattgttg ccaatattca     16740
     ttagaatatt gatcagttca aatcagttct atagaaacat tgaacagtga taaataaaat     16800
     ataagaataa atatcaacaa ttaaaattaa tttgaaacta ataattgaca attatcaaac     16860
     ctaaaaacgt ttgaaaatgc agcaattctc ataataacat ttaagaccac attgtgcttt     16920
     tgtaagatat ttgtagtaaa acagaaagaa aaagagtttt aaaaaagcaa attaaataaa     16980
     tcttcagtct gtcaaaattt gtactttttt tcctagtgat caataatgta attgccaatc     17040
     ataaaaatat catgttttat ttttattgca aagtgtgtgt ttgaaaggga gtgcttctag     17100
     tctttgcact aatccttaat taacatttat taatgggttt aaattgtcat ggttatctca     17160
     aataattgtg attagatcaa ataaccatgc ttagctgatt aagcatttat tcaatgcgac     17220
     atgctttgac tattgattaa tcatattata attaaatagc acacatgggt ctacgcacat     17280
     atgtttttta ttagaatctt atcaattttc ttcattataa tatttaatgt ttcatagttt     17340
     tatttgaaat gttctatttt gtgatttcac tagatgggga ctgtaatgcg accactcaaa     17400
     tctgcagctt taattcaaga tgtgttaatt tgtatgtgga cctagaatgc ggttttaagt     17460
     cagaagatgt agaagttgtg tctattcaaa gctttcaaat aacttataaa agtaataagt     17520
     caaaatttga gtgaaataat gtttatcatt cagcataaca gatattttta tgtacaaatg     17580
     atccagattg cttattctaa cttaaatgta ttcaaatatg ttaaaagtta tacattataa     17640
     tatttaatgt ttcatagatc catttgaaat gtatactctg aagagatgac caaagtacaa     17700
     agtttgtctc tttgctcctg tgagtttaat ttatagttaa tttaaaatta gtgttagtgt     17760
     atagtttttt aggcatggga tgataaccgg tttcaaggtt tacccccatg tttggaaaat     17820
     tcaaagtttt aaaaccgctt aattttctgt tatatctttc ctaaggttta tttaagtttt     17880
     tttttatgtg tttttaatgt gttgtaaagg aatctgtgct tttaaaacta atgaagacag     17940
     cagaagtaaa ttatttattt taattattta gcctgacacg tttactaggg aaggtctgat     18000
     caatcggctg gaagattggt atcagccgat aatcacattt tataactcga acggtactcg     18060
     taggtgttag tttatgaatt tccacacaga ggaaacacct ttgctagttg gagagaaaaa     18120
     tattggaatg gctttgcatg tatttaggcc tttttacata tatcaaaact gaaagttctg     18180
     tgtttttgac aatattgcaa gttcactaaa atctggctga acattttaat gatataaaaa     18240
     taatatacct ttttgtaata tacttactgc tataaacatt ggtttgttgc aatcggtttt     18300
     ctcaaatggt ttgagttacc ttgacttttt gggttttaca ttattaaagc atcagaatcg     18360
     gtactcagta tcagctgatc atcatgacaa ggaattagta cttgatattg gctgcaaaaa     18420
     cctgatcgga gcatccctaa tgtttactgt tccaaaatat taaaaatgtt tcctaaaata     18480
     aaatacattg tgttaaattg ggtgctaaaa atatcggccc atgcctaata gtggtaattt     18540
     gtgttaggtg taattagatt acaaagtaac cattgtaatt agattgcttt ttgtcaaaaa     18600
     aaagttaggg attacttttc tattttattt cattaattaa aatatatttg ccataaatac     18660
     tgtaaataaa ctcaagagtt ctggatttat cagttcagag aagcagagtt aaagaattaa     18720
     attttgcaga ataattatat ttttctgctg aagtttatca agataattaa acatgtttaa     18780
     gatataatga tttgagtaag aaatgaatga catgtatgca gtgctcagta tatataagta     18840
     cacccccctc aagtctatct tttaaattca tatttttaat aggaaggtat acaatattat     18900
     atttgtgcat gtacattaga ttactcatta ctgaagctaa atctggagct tatccaacaa     18960
     aatatcttgc gattaatggc ccaaaaacta gtgcacccac atttactgta tatgttatag     19020
     aaaaatatga aatacaaaat tttaaaagag caaaaatcaa gagaagcaaa aaaaaaagag     19080
     aaaaatttac ttgaaatttt gtaggttgta atttaatttt tgcaatattt tgcttgaatt     19140
     taattgtgtt atctttcaat ttctaaacat gtttggtgac taaaatataa ttttaataaa     19200
     tatatctgtt taacaaatct tttttgttta aatgcaccaa aatacatggt ctatattcac     19260
     tgagaaatag atatcaatat atatttttta aattgggcta cactcaatta tgctgagcac     19320
     tgtatgaaat atggtgtcat taccttaaaa tgtttttttg tgtgattgtt taaatatact     19380
     atatttattt tagataagta ttttaaagta tttattttaa taaagcaaaa aggtcctgct     19440
     tgactcaaat gtagagaatt aaaatagttt aatttctata ttgtctatgc atgtagattc     19500
     attgggatat taaatagtat cgagtaaagt aattcaatta cctagtgagt tacttttcag     19560
     acatagtgat ttaaatacaa ttttaattaa gttattaatt actttcaaga atgtagatga     19620
     tgcatgtgca tgtggctttt gtacacacac agtatatgta ctgtatttgc actgcaaatg     19680
     tgacaggata cacattaaaa tccactgcta tctgttatga tatccgttat tttaatgtac     19740
     aaagtaaacc cgatttaaca tccaaaaacc gagattgaag tgtcttcttt tataattata     19800
     ctgacattct gtggtaataa agacagtaaa atcgctgtaa ttcattacaa acatgccctg     19860
     ttttaaaaaa cgttttaact tgtaaaactc attcttgatc acctttgatg atgattgata     19920
     atcacagaga gctgaacaga tcttttaatc ccagttgctt tgcgcatgtc ctgttttgtt     19980
     gatatgatta tatagatata cattactaag aaaacatgtt aatacaggac tgtcaatcaa     20040
     ttctgtggtt aggtaaacgc acttctacat cacgttgtgg taggcctaaa catataggga     20100
     tttggatcct acagtatttt accatcagaa aataaattaa aaaaagattg tctttatatc     20160
     actccaatat gactgtggac acactatacc tacacacgat tctgtccaaa cagcttcaaa     20220
     aagttgattt tcatcctgtg ccctttaatg caggcctttg atgacaagtc aaagtgcgct     20280
     ctagattatg atggtcaaag tgaccgaatc ttgcagtcat tcctctcacg cctttcattt     20340
     tctgggcgtc aatccagaca gcctctctct ctctctcacc attgctgtcg ttcctagagg     20400
     tgcgattatc ctgagaaagt aaggggaacg gatgcgctgc tcgctggagt ggtctgggac     20460
     tccatggcgg ctaatcctct tttaattagg ctaaggagag aggatatggg acccccctgg     20520
     cttagtcaca gcacattgac aaagcaccaa gctgggagaa gtgcacatca ctgactgcta     20580
     gcagcctgtt agggccttac gctgccttct catgtgtgaa aaaatgctct tccctcacca     20640
     gcggctacct cggatttgac cttttccttc agagctaaag atttttcttg agctccatgt     20700
     agtcacggag gatgagttac aaaacacgcc tgctctcggt ttctcacttg agctctctcc     20760
     ttctctttct tcctcagtaa atcgcacatt ctctcatgcg atcctctctg tttttgtctt     20820
     gtaccgcctt aatgattgct gacagaatcc ctccaaggtt ctgaggtcta taaaagcgca     20880
     caaatcaatt ccggtgcata ccaaatcacc tgctgttctg aacacggttc gctggagaca     20940
     acagcagcac cgtgctcttt ctatagatgt tctacacatt acagtgtgtt cctatgtagt     21000
     acaaaatgcg atatcgcttc ctaagtactg cttttaatgt ttttttcagg catcaggaag     21060
     aatattcagg cccgtgatgt tgatgtaaac aaagcccaat tgcatcatct ctcttcgtgt     21120
     gttctgcaat accaaatatt taccaacgga aagacaggta aacttgcagg caatagagag     21180
     aatgtgtagc gtagtgttct aatcaaactg caactgcact cttaacacac aagagggagg     21240
     tattacccct cagaagaata aagcttgttt catcttgagg tcatttgtga ccactagata     21300
     ttgactccaa ctttgaatca catgttttta catgtaaaat ctcacaaatg ttttggtcag     21360
     atttacataa ttatttcata aattataatc aatgaaagta ctcttcaacc tgaaagatgt     21420
     tagtttgtta gtttgttagt ttgttgactc tatttgtccc cgtagggaaa tttcatttgc     21480
     agcatacact cacggagact tctgacattt cacatttggc atatatattt atatataaat     21540
     aaataattta aaaaccctta cccttactaa acccttggta cccttactct aaatacatat     21600
     ccagtcaact ggtcaccaac tgctactgag ggtggaggaa tttaaaaaca taactgtttg     21660
     ataatttaaa attgtatttt atcctatttc ttacacgcct gggaacacaa aatcaatgtc     21720
     ctgatggtaa caattggaag gtgtttgata aaggatgtct ctcatcattg acaatcttga     21780
     tagccttatt tagtactctt tctttgtatt aatgctcttt agttttattg ccaataactt     21840
     actggctgtt gtttccacct tcctcagtga cctcttctgg gcctcagaag catttccata     21900
     ccaacagatc ttcttataaa attttaataa aagcactata aaacatgatc aacattaaaa     21960
     gacagaaatt tctttaagaa gtatattctt acacagtcag tccatacatc ccacttaagc     22020
     tttatttata gtttgttatt aactgaattt aatgtattct ttgtaataat gtatttgatg     22080
     taatatctga tgtaataact atttgttatt atactaatac aaaaaagaag aatatatata     22140
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tacatacaca cacacacaca     22200
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacata catacataca tacatacata catttttata     22260
     ttatatgcga aattttttat gcacaaacaa aaatttctta aatcctctac ctcatttgcc     22320
     catttcttaa ttaaaatgga ttacttgctt aaagctatac gtttatctaa caacaaaaaa     22380
     ttctgcaaat taatagaaac ttaggaaaat atcatgcttc cagtaagtta gtcttttttt     22440
     gctttgtgtt ttttattttt attttttatt ttatacatcc cctttctttc ttttgttctc     22500
     tattttcttt ctatttctta tttggaaata aataaatcct gtagcttatt tcaaaatatg     22560
     taatgtgtaa aaactatttt cagtcaaaaa tgtatatgta gaaagcatat taaatgcaag     22620
     ttaatctttc taataacttt tatgaaaata aaatatcaaa atatgtgtga aatatcgcca     22680
     cagcggaatg aaccgccaac tcatccagca tatgttttac acagcagata ctctcccagc     22740
     tgcaacccag tactgggaaa aatccaaaca cactcattca catacaaaca ctatggactt     22800
     tattcaattc aactactgta aagcgtatgt ctttggactg taggggaaac cagagctcct     22860
     ggaagaaacc cacacaaaca cagggagaac ttgcaaattc cacaaagaaa tgccaactga     22920
     tccagcctag actcaaacca gcaacaatct tgctgtgagg cgacagtgct aaccactgag     22980
     acgccatgtc gcccttggca aagtataatg atatgtaaaa ttattagtat ttggggatgc     23040
     accaagatac ttaaatggag tctttaaata tttaatgtta aaagactaaa cgattcttgt     23100
     tccgaatatg cttgaagaat ttattttaac tttttattga gttatatttt gatcattatt     23160
     tttctctaat gtatagaaca cacattttaa tgaacaaaat atttaagctg tattccactt     23220
     ttattatttt tatgctggaa aactatttga taattatttt ttcaggacaa atgcatttat     23280
     ttagaatata gaattttaaa agatctattt tttattttat atttacaata atttcttcgt     23340
     aaaaaataga tttcattttt aattttagca gtaattaaca aaaatacgtt tatcttgctt     23400
     tagaaaatac acacaatcat aaaacatttg cattttttca tgcacttatt ttttcataat     23460
     tgtgtgtaca ttttaagtca aaataaatgc attttttcta ggtatattct gaatcgccct     23520
     gctcaaaatt tgtgctgtct aaatctgggc ccagcacatt gtaaaatatt gcacaaatcc     23580
     atagtctctg ttgacacaga tcagattttc tgtttattat tccagttatc tggctgtgtg     23640
     catggtgctg gctgaggttt ttcgaaaggc agagagatcc gattgtatca gatcccgcag     23700
     gtagcatggt taaaaaaaaa aaacactaca tcctgacccg tctcttccag tgaaatgagt     23760
     tctctgtcag ttgcagaaga tctagggccc acacagctgt tctcccttga gctggcgtag     23820
     atgaaacata aaagcagagc ctatatgaaa aatgcacaga gctgtaaaag acaatacgct     23880
     catcaggctc aatatcatgc tgctgttgga aaaaaaaata aagaaagaaa ggatagagaa     23940
     cgagagagag agacctggtt gccccggata gatcctcttt tcaatggaat gggtttgacg     24000
     gcaggtctgg atgaatgcct gtgcaaacat ttacacacgg tgcaccatcc accgattgca     24060
     ttacaaagat tgatagttca gtcgctatct taccgactgc tgtttcattg gcctgtgtga     24120
     aatcaaacga agccttgata caggagaatc agtggagagg aggaattgcg cactagggac     24180
     agccaaactt gcaataaagg acggcagagg acatgagtct tccactacag gtctttgttt     24240
     ttgtgtgctg ataaaatgga cgaaaaaacg agtgataatg tacacagcaa gagggcaaaa     24300
     taactaacgg cctctctttt tcattcagtt tatacatctt acactcacga aaagtacagt     24360
     tgctgccatg gtattggaca tgttttggtt gactttaaaa tattgccact gtgtttttgt     24420
     cttttttttt aatgcttcac taatattcag ataattagta aaccacaaat aagcatagca     24480
     gtgtggttcg attgttctga gtgcattgaa atgcatttga agctgtgaaa gagaaaagtg     24540
     taaaaaatat ctgttaagta acacaagtgt tttctgttta tttaattgca ttatgggatg     24600
     ttgatctctg ctctgtcgac ttttgatgtt gaaaattcaa ctctacagtt aagcaaaatg     24660
     actttttatt gacatttaat tagtttgaaa taattaatca accaattcat cttgaattgt     24720
     acatatctgc tgcatatata tatttgtaat tatgttcata tctatcagca tacctgtgat     24780
     ttttttttta ataagcatca tgtacatact cacaggccac tttattaggt aaacttacta     24840
     gtaccagttt ggaccccctt ttgccttaag agctgcctta atcctctgtg gcatagattc     24900
     aacaaagttc tggaaatgtt ccttagagat tttggtctaa tattgacatg atagcatcac     24960
     gcagttgctg cagatttgtc ggctgcacat ccatgatgca aatctcccat ccgaccacat     25020
     cccaaatgtg ctctattgga ttgagactgg tgactgtgga ggccatttga gtacagtgaa     25080
     ttgtcatgtt caagaaagca gtctgagaag atttgcgctt tatgtatctt gctggaagta     25140
     gctatcagaa aatgtgtaca ctgtgttcat aaagggatgg acatggtcag caacaatact     25200
     taggcaggct gtggcattga cattatgctc aattggtact aatggaccca aagtgtggca     25260
     agaaaatatt cccaacacct ttaaaccacc accaccagcc tgaaccattg atacaaggca     25320
     gaatggatcc atgcttcctt gttgttgatg ccaaattctg accctaccat cccaatgttg     25380
     cagcgaaatc gagactcatc aaaccaaaca atgtttctcc aatcttctag tttgaattga     25440
     agccttattt ttagctgaca ggaatggcac acaatgtggt cttctgttgc tgtagcccat     25500
     ccgcctcagt gttttgtgat gtgttgtgca ttcagagatt ctcttctgca tacctaagct     25560
     gtaacgagtg gttatttgag taactgttgc ctttctatca gtctgaccat tctcctctca     25620
     atcaacaagg catttgtgcc tacagaactg ccgctcactg gatattttct ctgtaccaga     25680
     ccattctctg tagaccctaa agatggttgt acgttaaaat cccagtagat cagcagtttc     25740
     tgaaataatc agacagacca gcccttctgg caccaacaac catgtcacgt tcaaagtcac     25800
     aaatcgcctt tcctcactat tctgatgctc aggttgaaca gcagctgagt tgctgtcatg     25860
     tgattggctg attagaatct tgagttaatg agtgtgagtg tgtattcata tattgtgaat     25920
     attacaaagt cttaaatcta ctgaaatatt gtgttgtagg ttttaaatct ttctaaagat     25980
     gtatttattt tcctttgtcc atttataggt aaccaatcag gcaattaaca cctatacaat     26040
     caccaacaat cctaatctca acaaaacttt ttacttttta tagcattaaa tagtatttat     26100
     ttattgtact tttacctgac atatatatat atatatatat atatatttta tgattaaata     26160
     attattattg tagactgaaa taattgccat ttttcgacat ggctagtgaa aatctttcct     26220
     aactgggata tttgtaaaaa aaaatcctta acattaagcc ctgtataagt aaaaaatttt     26280
     attcatagtt gtcttaaaat gtctttaaaa atcttaaatg taacttggtg aaacctgcag     26340
     aaaccctgca tagggcaatt aataaactaa taaaacatga atcacaaaat atggaaaact     26400
     gctaatttat taatattttt acagtgtagt tgtcatttcc agtgggttta gatgcattta     26460
     ttgctttcag gcatacattt ttacattttc aagtcagata gacctaattt cttcacatta     26520
     tatatgcagg tagccacgtt tcttcatatt atgtatgcag gtagccaaat aagggtgtat     26580
     tttgttgttg cttctgtttt atccagttat atacaggtgt catgtcatat aatgaacctg     26640
     atttcttcaa agtatatgat tcaataagaa gtcaaagtgt gtttatttaa aaacctaaat     26700
     accatgtgca tgctgttttc caacatagtg gctccggaat ggaaaaaaaa tagaaagctc     26760
     tggctgcaag gtgacccaga gcttttaccc caagccttcc aacccactaa accagccaca     26820
     accaatcaat tcagcccatc taagtccatg cagaaacggc gagaggcata aaagacactc     26880
     gtgatttttc catcaatatc taagcagtgg atattaaaag agagctgaat gtaagagagt     26940
     gagaactggt tgaaaaacga agccgctcaa ttcagatgcc gcagaagggc caagagtatc     27000
     tcgagtggaa acaagcgtgt tgatgagggc cagtgacctc cgaaaggaag tgtcagtgca     27060
     cgggaagaaa acatgccttc cgccttccct ccatcctcac aaataatttg ataaaacgca     27120
     acggaggagc gctcaagtca tcatcagatt aacccccgta cgtccgaatg catttctctt     27180
     cctccgaaag gtgctcacgt cgttagcatt tagatagacg agagcagcaa ggcctgcgta     27240
     ataggcttct cccttccctc ctgctcgaat cagctgaaga gaggaggatt aaatgaaaag     27300
     aataacagtg atgatagcaa gggtgaggga atcagagaga caagggaagg ccgtgtgacg     27360
     ctccaacagc cgtgagctca ttaaccgagg ccttgacaga attgatgtta gaggtgattg     27420
     gagattatca catttagaga aagcttcatc ctttcatcac cctcgttcct ctccttctcc     27480
     gctctttctc tccatttcat ccaagtcagc tggcctgcgc tcaattcctg gctccgagga     27540
     atcctgtggg agagggctta cggatagtat cagcacgcgc ctgcccgctt gatctcctaa     27600
     ttctgcttca tttaaacttc atcaactttt ccactggacc ggaagacaag aagaatagaa     27660
     acagcttgcg tctgtgcttt tttttccacc tccactatcc ttttgttgtc agatctgata     27720
     ttacgccttc acaccccagt gctgctcgct cacataaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     27780
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacatc     27840
     gaaacacccc ttaacagtat cacaagatgg aaatgtctac agaatggttc aagagtacta     27900
     atcccaccta accctcaacc ccaaacctcc accctccctt tccaatgcag ttaccacttc     27960
     atctgccact gcacacacaa cacacacaca catgtcagtg aatttggtca cccctctaac     28020
     tgatgcagaa aatgagatta ctttatttaa atgactatga taatagtgtt gtgtgccttt     28080
     ggcccgctgt aagaggggat ttctgctcaa ctcattgtta gcaatttagt tgagccgcct     28140
     catctgcaca tactaacaat ggcgatgtca tacgtacagg tttctaccat ctctcgtccc     28200
     tcatgatcct ttttttttta atcccctccc agtgagacac agatgtgggg gtctctcttt     28260
     attctcgatt tacagtccat acgcaaggtg ggcgatttgc ttgccaggcc atacggtgat     28320
     gggatacgca tattgcattt taaatatact aatcccatct ataaacagag tttacagcat     28380
     gtcaaaaggc tgaagacgcc gtcatctcag atttagagaa caggtgttcg ctgagagcat     28440
     gtctgaagtt tctgtctgcc agtttctttc ttagatatgt tgactttact aactgatgtt     28500
     gtattcagat gtgattgttc tgaacctact tttttttcta cagcatttaa gcacttggct     28560
     cagaccttta tcctgttata aattggtgag catttttctc ctaaccaatt tgacttttcc     28620
     cccttagaac tgtgttttgc aagagaatgg ctatggtagt ttttgcatgc atttagtttg     28680
     tttagatatt tttttgtgtt aaatttaaaa tttaccttat gcttttctgt tatattttgt     28740
     ccaagtgtct ttatttattt atttttttca tgaaacaact acatatatta tatacatttc     28800
     tttgattctc aaatatatgg attatatact tttacctgcc actttatttg gtacacctgt     28860
     ccaactgcaa tgtcaattgc attttcttgt gcgctctcaa ataacgctgc tgaagtgtga     28920
     tttagtgtgt taatgtagta agtatgtctc caacatttat tagatttgct aggaatattt     28980
     atgaatgtcc actagaccta caaagcggta ttaatgcatt ctgaagtaaa gtgaaatggc     29040
     tataaactcc agcaagataa agtcattaaa tgcagagccc atagactttt atctataaag     29100
     tattgaaact gtgtttatct taactgaaag ctacgtcatg tttgctggac ttacgcatca     29160
     cgcacctgtc aatcagtcag tcatttagca cgtaacctta aagggttaaa caaataactc     29220
     acagcactac tacgctacag aaaagtttgc gctgttataa ttcacttacc ttttaataca     29280
     ttttggtgcg attataatcc gctatttaaa aaacatgact gaatgtttta atgagatgct     29340
     gtaatgtagc cgtggcggga ccaatttttg tgccatggaa gaatgaatgt agcggaaacc     29400
     atgtccagtg agtgccagtt ctgggcacac aaatgccttg ttgatgccag gagtcagaga     29460
     atggcaagac tggttcgagc taataaaagg gcaaaagtta ctcaaataac cactcattac     29520
     aatcgaatta tgcaggagag catctctgaa cacatatcaa gtcaaacctt gagccggttg     29580
     cgctataaca gcagaagacc acaccgggtg acactcctgt cagctaagaa caggaaactg     29640
     aggctatacc tcatacaggc taccaaaatt ggacaataaa agattggaaa atcgttgcct     29700
     ggtctgatga gcctcgattt ctgctgcgac attcagatgg gagggtcaga atttggcatc     29760
     aacaatgact catgacaatg agttcactgt gctcaaatgg cctccacagt ctcaatctaa     29820
     tagagcacct ttgtgacata gtggaacggg agatttgtat catgggtgtg cagcagtcaa     29880
     atctgcagca actgctagat gctatcatgt caatatggac caaaatctca aaggaacatt     29940
     tctagaactt tgttcaatct atgccacgaa ggattaaggc tgttctaaag gcaaaagggg     30000
     gtccaacctg gaactagagt agtaaggtgt atctaataaa gtggccggtg agtgtatatt     30060
     tttagacagt ctcacaatgt tattttttta ttacatttta ttataaacat aaacttaatt     30120
     aaattattat tttcccgtta caggtgcttt catattattt tgccatcatt ttggcaaatt     30180
     cggtgggtga aaaggatcca ttgtctattt tcaatagcgc agtaaggtat gaagaacaac     30240
     tcacatcaaa ctcactttaa aacagtttgt aaacaattta aaaccattgc aaagactgca     30300
     gtggaaaatg tttggtcaaa taaaaattct tgatctagag caatcctact gaaatgtctg     30360
     gattttgtct gtgaaatcca ctaaacagtg gaaaatgagt aaacatagac ctcttgacta     30420
     aaataaggct aactttggtc tgtcagcaaa aatctgatag acgtctaaca atagtccaaa     30480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacactagt cgtactcact cattactaga ctcacacaga atctacagat     30540
     ttccgcagat ttttagccca tcatcgagtc catgtattta cttgtgtaaa tgtgtgtaaa     30600
     ttttgattta ttcagttttt aaattaattt cacaaaaatt actgtgatat aatattagta     30660
     ataataaaat gttcatttga tttatttaca ataaagtttg taaagtaata ttttctgtct     30720
     tttagtagat atattataag agagaattgc tttgtttacc aaatcagtgg atttatttgg     30780
     atttgcatcg taaagataaa agttaaaaat ttattatata tatttcatat attaagtttt     30840
     tggttacgat agtcctaaaa tcataaatcc gcagattttt ttttttttac aaaattctca     30900
     gctgaaatag caaaaatgtt ggcagattct gtctggccct actcattact gttatatact     30960
     actatttgat agttttatac gtctattcag ttttaactga cagctcagtt aatatatata     31020
     tatatgcctt attatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattaaacac acacaaaaat     31080
     ttgtgctggt tttataaggt aatacatttt taaattttta aatttttgtt tccacaagaa     31140
     cctttaccat tcattggact aaagaatctt tatagtggaa aagtatttct cagattatta     31200
     aaaggctttt cacactaaga gaaatcattc cagactattc aataacactt ttttttctgt     31260
     ggcatcagtt ccaaagaaaa aaataaaata gaaagaaaga aaaaaatttg cgacctttta     31320
     tttttaaaac tgtaccttgt gtaactagtg tgcaagacat tggtagcaat gcttttgtgc     31380
     tgttttattg catcacgttt tgtgtgaatc acccattaag ccccaaaggc caaaccgaat     31440
     gtcttgcaga gtttccatat tccttaaagt cacagtagac aagtccttga agatgcacca     31500
     agtcaatgaa tgtgttacag aaagcctcag tggacaacag tggctcttcc cctaatatat     31560
     gaccacaata ctacgcagca agaaacatga ataaattata aaaatgatcc acagatatag     31620
     gagaaacaga tatcttcttg caatgcttta tttatgcata ttaaatattt agagtacagt     31680
     gtgcaagaaa gcgcaggtca acaaaacata gtggcgtagc aaacggcggc gtgcgtaatg     31740
     aagctgcatt aaggctgcgt gcaatggctg ctctgataga gtgactacca agtgctgctg     31800
     tttgttccag agcacttcat cataggtggg tttttctgca ggcccctgcg tcccatgttc     31860
     ccactctacc tccccaggcc ccccgccgct tgcgtgatct attaccattc cgcagcacga     31920
     ggagcgataa atcaccgtaa tgcagagcgc tgatgatcag ggctgggtgc gaggagacga     31980
     gatgaatcta cgtgagccgg gtggggcggc cgtacagtag agaatgctgg ttactgatgg     32040
     ggtttgttgt ttcacagtgt ggtaccttgg cgggggtgga ggcccctggg tattgagaac     32100
     agcaacaaga tgctcgcact tttggggaga catggattgg gacagggtgc gtagggacat     32160
     gtatccggac atgttgagga atgcgacttt gctaggtcgg aattagccta acactgatta     32220
     agacacaatg ctgcttgttc tggtcagggc aaagcagggg acaggagaaa gatgtactgc     32280
     tttactggag tacagaaata gggggtggag ggggaaaaaa agctgcaaat atttccagtg     32340
     ggaataacta atgcagaatg cacgcaacat tctgcaagcg caaacaatta aaaacacatt     32400
     tatattaata gcaggatttt agcctcattt tagcctgagc agaagcattg gtttagataa     32460
     ctccaggctc cagactgaat aaatggtggc aaatgcaaca aaaataaata aataaacatt     32520
     tgccacggta attcaacatc tagtcattaa agagtcattt gttcgtaaag tggtttcatg     32580
     attagtgcta tgttcattgc ctctactgga aacactgtcc tgcaatttaa tgatgtagtt     32640
     agtctgcaaa tttctttatg aggaaatatc agttattgtg atgtggtttc ttatttaatt     32700
     tattaataat ttcaaatact atcaatcaca gagacaagga aaggctgcat gacaggccaa     32760
     cagtcgtgag ctcattaacc gaggccttga cagaattgat gttagaggtg attggagatg     32820
     attatattta gagaaagctt catcctactg caatcattgt cgtgcaattg aatgatatag     32880
     ttagtctgca ttttctatct ttttaaaaaa ttttaagtgt acacagagtt ctccgtatgc     32940
     aacaatcagc aaaatgtgag ccacaataac tgatttacat atgtcactac ttcaatgtgt     33000
     tccttttgcc accaatcata ccgcggcggc aattggtgcg ccagcagctt ttgaccgctg     33060
     ggtggcattt taatcacaaa tattcagctt tgctttttta caataccaaa aagactttct     33120
     gtatgtgatc cttatgtgat gtgatgtgtt caattaaaat ataaatttgt tttagttttc     33180
     ttagtaataa acatgctttt acactatact gtaggtttta gaaaagatac atggtgagaa     33240
     gtatagccct aggctgcaaa aagccaatat aagaatgaag ttctttagcc tttatagtgc     33300
     cctattaaac tgcgttgggg tgaaaagaat gcttcgattt ctttgaccat catggcgatg     33360
     ttattacctc aaatcttaaa tggtgcatat gaaaaccgcg gcacagcaca cactacaaaa     33420
     taatattaag atcatgccgg tgaggcacat cacctgattg ttatataact tactttatca     33480
     gtaggctttt tattatttat tacaggctat gttacaaata tttgaccaac tgtcacttca     33540
     ttcaaacact catgcactca gaactagtgg cagttatgat tttaataaat ggacaaatgt     33600
     atatacaact cttataatcc tttaatttta aatggaaaaa acaaaaccta aatagcttta     33660
     gacttgcttg tgaagagggt cactaagtgg caatgtctgg gaaagttact tttaaaggta     33720
     atggattaca atgttacgtt aagtttctta gttgcattac attttaagca aactaatgca     33780
     ttgcattctg ctttgagtta ttttttggtt acttttttat ctggctgagg cttgatctca     33840
     ttcagaattg tctgttttgg taatacttta ttttgatggt ccatttgagt attagtagac     33900
     tgcttaatat ctgttgatac tgctccttcg acagacattt aactgactat aagaaacttt     33960
     gcaagaacat gtcaacttac actagcccta gccctaaccc ccaacctaac agtctactta     34020
     taatctaatg agaattagtt ggcatataca gtagatgcaa tgtaacttaa attcaacaaa     34080
     tagacaaaat aaagtgtgat cgcagtcttt tttcttcatt taaatagaga agctctgcaa     34140
     ttaacaaagc cctgtataac ctctatttac ctttaaaaca acataaaaaa ttgtaaatca     34200
     ggataatgtt attgtctgag aactgccccc agatatacat gtcacataca cagattaaag     34260
     aaagtttaaa gcaatgtgtt tccccgattt tattattagt taagtaaaat caaattcaat     34320
     ttattttaaa aagctaatta tttcaactaa aaggtaactc acataatgtt tttttaaaag     34380
     gatcttgcat aatgttactg tattttttta aagtaatgca ttacttgtta ctttaaaaag     34440
     ttgtattatt atgtaactca cttgttactt gtaatgcgtt acccccaaca ctgttaaatg     34500
     gtaatttgtt ttaacagtag taaatgtttt gtaatgaata ttttaggaga aaaagctatc     34560
     tgcaatcaac taataagata catatacaaa ttctgttaaa ataaacttga aaaaaaaaca     34620
     caaaaaatat ttaaatctaa ttttttagca gtggttcatt ctgctttggt gacctctaat     34680
     aaatcagaga ctaattcgaa gggaaataaa tgaatgaata attttaagca tcatataaag     34740
     ttaaatggtt acttaagact attagatgaa tacaaccatg ataactacaa tgatagcatc     34800
     attttgtaat caaatatatt ctaaacgcaa ctataacatc agtttaaatg cagaagaagt     34860
     tgacagctgt gctctcagtg agctgaagcg ctgcggaaca accatcttca tagagcgatt     34920
     ctcccaagta gagtcatttg gctcctgaaa gtttcatttt tggagccaat ggctccctag     34980
     tcgttttctt ttagtctgga tcccaggata agcaagtgaa aagacaacgc tctgagctga     35040
     cttgtgagca gatttctttg acacaccaaa gacctttgtg atgtgtcact acagtacaca     35100
     aataaaaaaa acaagtcaga tgcttcgaat gcaataatgt ctcaatataa cttctcttta     35160
     gtcccgaaaa caccaccaaa accatgaccg taacctcacg aagaagaaga tgaactgcaa     35220
     aacatagcag agcttgtctg tttagtctag gtgcagtttc agcatgtttc atcagtgtga     35280
     aggtgaggag tggcggcgag ggcttctgtt gacattagtt tacacgctgt ttgctgcttg     35340
     ttgcacgtct tgcgccggat gcctcaaagc tcacttcatc aaatcagaca gaggcgccac     35400
     gttgagttac aaaaagaggg gaaaataaag agggagaggt gtgtgtgggg agagaaatcg     35460
     aaggttttgt tggtgatgta acacctcagg tcgaattgag atgcctgagg cggatctcag     35520
     gagctgcttt aaacttctgc ttttcgattc ccactaccgt tactctgtag ggttcaactc     35580
     tctcagcact taaagagaaa actttatttg tgagaaaaat taagccctga aattaagctc     35640
     atcttgccaa agggatcact tcagatctta atttatgtta gggattgtcg catatgcaat     35700
     ggtaaattat taaatcaagg attgattgag atgaaatgca ttctttttaa ctttgttgta     35760
     ctggtagttt atttgatatg ttttttataa ccaaatatta tttcagtgct gtaaacatgt     35820
     ttgaagttgg ataaaatcac tgagtatgat gtaactctgt aagaaaataa tttttaatat     35880
     tcaagcaagc ctgtggcaca tgctccaaaa tcaacatgct aaatactgac tcttatttta     35940
     tgattcaaaa acagccgcta aagtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacgcatc ctgacaactt     36000
     ctacaatttc aatcttgtta aaattaagtt aatctaattt ttgaagtgct tttttaagag     36060
     gtgaagaata acaaaattca ttgcatgatg acactgcact gactgtctgg aatattatag     36120
     aacaaacagg taaataatac tataatacaa attcatcaaa taatgcaaga taaaatatca     36180
     tgaccagact tccaaataaa ttgtctaaat ttagccacca ttagcaaaaa aacattttag     36240
     acccagccgt tgcacagttt aagctagatt acattagtat aagtcttttt ttaactatca     36300
     aagtttacag aaagtacatt gtcagaggtg tttagactca gtgttttcaa tctttaagct     36360
     ggcctaatct tgagaggtgg aacaccagct catcctgctg tttccccctt tatcccttca     36420
     ttgtgtcgcc tactcctgcc acccctcctg gagcgtgcta attccctttt gatgaggcgt     36480
     gctaaagaaa tcctttttcc atgcttttaa ttcccctctg gctccctaag cagcgatcgc     36540
     ggtaacagat ttcaggctct ctgtgccgtt ctcttggtcc tataatagaa gccatctcat     36600
     tagaagactt cgtttcacct acgctgtcca cagcacaggt caaagcacag ggaaggactt     36660
     tctgtttaat acatacatca caataactac cttcctttct tcttgtgttc tagactatcc     36720
     gctccattgt gcttacagtg ttttaccggg atggtaagta gctcgtccat ttctctctct     36780
     gcgagtctgc ggcaggccag gttattaatg agcagcagct gggaccagtg caggtacacg     36840
     cacagccaga caaagcccaa tatataaccg tgaagctata aaaaacgagc tgatgtaaat     36900
     gagaaagagc cgaggaagga ggctggggca gtttttagag cagagcagga tgctgtcgag     36960
     actgaggacg agagtcacag gtcaggtgaa atcgccggca cataaagggc cgcttagccg     37020
     gcggagggcg acccggacac ttcccccgtc ggtcgtcagg gtcaagggtc agcccttgag     37080
     aggtgtagtg gtgcatctat cagatggact tttcccgcct tgcgtgtggc acttagccaa     37140
     aggtgacagc tgcgtgagga gctgggacgt gttcaatcaa atgggagggg gcttcttagc     37200
     ctcggcgcca ttcgggtaaa gtggctgtat atcacagcta atcatgattt cggctgctac     37260
     ctgaagatta ttcaatcctg atcgcagcat tcagccccct tattcttctt cagtccggct     37320
     gcgaatcatt tcagaccacc ttttggggtc agagagagaa aacgagcatg gcggcataaa     37380
     caaatgcgca cttcgcaact aggtcagctg gcaacctgtc cgctacagta catcactgca     37440
     gtccagactt accgattcca agagacatac tggcggattt tgatcccaca atggctcgga     37500
     aagcgcttgc ggtgcagttt atataagcag gtgatgaaat gtacgggaag tttaagaagg     37560
     taaacgatat taagatgcag ggagatgatg tcagagcagg cagaagctca tttgtagtgc     37620
     aggggcgtcg tacgggctta ctcagacaca tgctcccaat tagctggcct tcctcatgta     37680
     aatgccctat aaattatccc ccgtgctaca ggattaggtg ctcataaagg gagttagcat     37740
     ctcaataaag agacaggttt gctgcaagag caaattagtg gaacggagag acagagggtg     37800
     ggagggagat gcagcagaaa acagtgcgag tttgtgttga tttgtggtgt ttatgtttat     37860
     atttgcatat catctgtttt attatagatc agtaacagga gggggtcacc ctcaagttaa     37920
     ggtttagtcc gtgtgtgcgg gatttcgttc atgcgcgtga gatataaaca aatgaacaat     37980
     gtcattagcc ctgtaatact gagaaaacac cgaacggcct aacatgatga atgaataaac     38040
     atgtctagga aggaacggct caaggataag gatccgtgta tccggtttta aaagtgctgc     38100
     cagttttggt gtaagcgtag acatgcgtgt tggcattcag cagctccggg tgcagaaaca     38160
     gacacctgac ctggcagtaa ggggagaggt atgcctcgtg tgtggggtaa acatcaatgc     38220
     ccagaacagc cactggagaa ccacacactg atatatttat ctcacagtaa tctcggatat     38280
     acaatcccaa acgctgggtc attctgctaa atgggtgtta tgtgcttccc ttatatacat     38340
     gtgtgcacag ttttgttgaa taattacttg atgatgccag aatgtagtgt atattagtta     38400
     tatactatat agatttattt ccttacaatg tgtacttgct agtatacaca caaagaaagg     38460
     tgatttaagt gactttgaaa gtggcatggt tgttgggcag atgggctggt ctgagtattt     38520
     cagaaactgc ttctctactg ggattttctt gcacaaccat ctctagggtt tacagagaat     38580
     ggtcggatac agagaaaata tccagtcagc gacagttttg tgggcgcaaa tgtcttgatg     38640
     atggcagagg tcaggggaga atggccagac ggggactgtt cgtcacaact cgtcaaagct     38700
     tgaggcagat aagctacagc agcagaagac cacaccaggt gccactccgg tcagctaaga     38760
     acaagaaact gacaatttgc acaggctccc tgaaattgga ctatagaaga ttagagaaac     38820
     gttgcctggt ctgatgagtc ttgatttatg ctgcaacatt cggatggtag agtcagaatt     38880
     cggcatcaac aacatgaaag catcgatcaa tccttgtatc aatggttcag gctggtgatg     38940
     gtcgtgtaat ggtattgggg atattttctt ggcacacttt atgcctatta gtatcaattg     39000
     agctttgtgt caacgccact gcctacctga gtattgttgc tgaccatgtc tatcccttga     39060
     tgatcacagt gtacccatct tctgatggct acttccagca gggtaactga taacaatcat     39120
     ttcagtatgg aacaaaatct cagaggaggt ctaatcgtaa ggtgtaccta ataaagtggc     39180
     cggtgagtgt atttacacag tgtacatttg gattagtaaa ccccaaaaaa taggattgca     39240
     aactttgtag actctcaact taccatcagg ctctaatcta gtctagtcta gctcattggt     39300
     aacataaaat gcaaaagaaa cagatgtccc ttttaaaaaa aaaaaacata caagaacatt     39360
     aaacatgaac aactttccct ggttaatctt aagcaagatc acacaaaata acagttaatt     39420
     aatcatttac tcatagattt gaaagtgaag catagtggca attggaaact aacatgacaa     39480
     aatagaaagg caaaacatgc aaattctaga gaatactaaa tttttattgt taaaaaggaa     39540
     gaagaaaatg taatttattt gagaaagtaa actaatcatt agctaggaca ttttttattg     39600
     gttatacagt gtatatgtaa tatatttaat ttacgtccac atttctacaa atgatctgtt     39660
     gttaacagat aatacttatt attataagac ttattataag aattatttac ctattatgaa     39720
     ttatttaaaa tggattaaat aataataaaa aactttaatt aatgtataaa tattttatat     39780
     aatacgttta cagagcttgt tttttatata aaatgctcaa agcagaaact aaggcattca     39840
     cgccaactag gaaatctctt gaagtctctt gaaagattga ctaagcatgc aatatgttac     39900
     caaaacagag gctgtcatac gttaattgac acaatgaggc agtgatttat taaatgcagg     39960
     gtattattaa gcttggcact gggcagacag ttaatcagga catgggttac attgttgtag     40020
     ctaatacact gccaaatatt tcaaaccatc cgaaagaaac tgaaatcttg cttggctccc     40080
     tttagtagct aaattaaatg aggcaaaaca tacagcagac acacacacac acacacacac     40140
     acacacataa acataagaca tttaataggg atttcctctt taattagcct attgttccct     40200
     cgtagccaca taaaaatgtg cagtcatcag gcctatcaac tttaattatg ttttgtctac     40260
     tcacgcacac acacacatag agaccgccaa agggtttatg aataaacgaa aggtgtggat     40320
     ggattaagtt aataccaggc tctattttta agatctgctg tgtccagatc aggcagcaga     40380
     tggcgctgtg ctggcagtgc caggagataa tggggacaga tcgggccgca ttactgccca     40440
     ttatcttcta attacttgtg cgaggagcgc tgatcctggc gtttgtgtaa ggagaaggca     40500
     gagcccggat tactcgctct ctctcctcgg ggactgcaga gattcagcca ggctggtggg     40560
     ctacactgag atctaaaaga gaacaatccc tctcgcttcc tctctctttc tttcttactc     40620
     tccctttcca tagaaaaata catcttttca tacaaatgtc ttcagtcctc actgagtgat     40680
     gctctcatga tttctctatc aatcatgaac tgtagtgatt ctcaactggt gggtcgtgac     40740
     tcaaaaacaa aaaagtgtca aaggtctgta aatttggcag ggctcaacag taaggatgac     40800
     acaggtcccg tttacactaa tgcgttttag tttgaaaacg cataagtttt gctacggtta     40860
     cgccatccgt ccacactacg ccggagttct cgagcgccga aaacggagcg tttcgaaaac     40920
     gctggagagg ccgttttcat tctgaaacgc agctgctccg tctcagtgtg gatggtggaa     40980
     aacggagaca tttgaaaaag gaggcggggc tgcagacatt cgcctctctg attggggctt     41040
     ttcctgaata ttaagtagcc taacacgcac agttcagtcc tgcatcttct ccgtgtaagt     41100
     taaaacttcg caagtttgat catggctgca gagccagagg tttgggcctg ttgatggaga     41160
     ttgaccagtt ggctttgtta atcctatgtg cgagtttgaa tgtcttgtta ggttttgcaa     41220
     aatgtgggga tttaataatc ttgttgttat taataaagat tattattaat ttaataatct     41280
     tgttgtaaac taattattaa atgtttacat aattgtaaac ctttaaaaca tttgcaggtt     41340
     tataatggta ttccttatag tagtaattca tattaacaac atacataaat aattttacat     41400
     aaagatttta gtagattttt agtaactata tataaatata tatatatata tatatatata     41460
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatagt tgttaaatgt     41520
     agcagtatat tttgttacaa ataaatgtaa agagatatga aaaagcgctg tctgaagttt     41580
     ttttctaatt ttcctgttta tattttgttt gttcacttta aaggcaatgg taatattact     41640
     gaacctacac acaggatcct aaggaaaaaa aactatttta gaagaaaatt cagatgtcac     41700
     ttagagactt ttgtatcaga acttttacat gtatatgttg tttttttaat atcacgtata     41760
     tgcattgctc tgaatatttg agtacacccc ccacaaatct ctcattttaa ttaatatttt     41820
     ctataggatg ctttacaata ttatatctat gcatatactg tacattagat tagtcagtac     41880
     tgaagtcaaa tctggagctt atctaactta cagtaattca gtctggctca attgtaagga     41940
     tgacccagtg actcagagcc agaggtttga acctgttgat gaagattgtt tagttgggtt     42000
     aattcattct atgtgggagt tcaaatgtat tttgcaaaat gtggggaaaa taatcttatt     42060
     gttatttgtt agaatgtgtt ggaagtgact aattattcat ttattcattg aattcattca     42120
     cattcaattc attgacattc aataattcat tgtttgcatc ataaccttta aaacatttgc     42180
     aggtttataa tagtttttta ctaataatag tacttaatat gaaaaataaa cattttttac     42240
     aaaaaagaat ttagtgttta atatatatta tatatatcac atatatacat atctgcattt     42300
     attataaatg gttttgagca aattgttaat atttgtttta ttccataaag gtcagatttt     42360
     ttatagaata tctcattttt aaatgagatc tcatttttaa atatataaaa aattctaata     42420
     gaaatattgt tatatatagc agtgattctc aaccgggcct gggcgatcct ttaggtaagc     42480
     cgcgaggggg accgcttgaa attaactctc agtattaaac tataaatttt tatttcatta     42540
     ttaatatgct atattaaaat gatcaaagta atgcactttg tcctgttctc tgattcatta     42600
     ccttaaactc aatacaaaaa cagccttatg attgtgtctt caacatgtac acaagtagta     42660
     actatgcgtg aatgagcttc tcatacaaac attttacaaa cattttagag aaaatgttca     42720
     aaaattgatc ggagaaggaa gtgggccccg aagtgaaaaa ggttgagaac cctttattta     42780
     aagcattttt gttttaagaa aattacaatt agtcatgaca tattaacatc agattgtttt     42840
     tcataaaatc agattaatct gctaaattat taatttcaga agtgtagtct aaaattgaac     42900
     aaaaagataa ataaatgtgt atatagaata aaaaaaggca tttattttat atatctgtga     42960
     tttgatagtg ttgtgcctct acaaagtgta taaatataaa cctgtgtccc aaagcaaaac     43020
     tagtgcagta gaccacacga gcacctgctg taggctgaac aaaaaacatc tcttgatcat     43080
     gacctcttgc tcccttacat cccacatgaa acagtctaga aagctaacag agttgctcac     43140
     tatcagaagc cactacgact actcatacac tcgtttagtt gcactcacta atcagatccg     43200
     aacagtggtg taaaatcagg ttgaagggca gctcatacat tttaggggac tgaatcagag     43260
     caaaagcatt actctaaaaa tataagagga aaggaaaagc aagcgagcgc tgcccgaggc     43320
     ctcccagagg agcctgctaa ctgctcagag gcatatggct aaccatgtgc tggctccccc     43380
     acgcctgctc ttaagctcca caagagccca aagctcttca cttcattacc agcgttttgt     43440
     actgcatcca ccatttgtgc atattaatat ctatcaggca cgcaaaccca agaaactgta     43500
     cagtcggctc tgccaaagtc gtaaaaaaaa ctgtttcttc aggaaaagca actcgataag     43560
     aatctcaggg caccatttgt gggtttattc gttggtttat gcgggcagat tgcaaattat     43620
     tgagtcagct cgactggatt ggttgccgat ccttagagtg gatgtggaat gatgtgtatg     43680
     ttcacgtcca gaaaatgcaa acgagaaaga aaggtgtttg tgaccttgac tgcatgtttc     43740
     gtataaatat ttagtgtttg tactcttaaa aataaaggtt tcaagcgggg gattttccag     43800
     cagtgccaca gaagaacctg ttttgatgcc caaagaatct tttaatgcaa tgtttttttt     43860
     ggcaacactt tacaatatta ttagttattt attattggtt acttataagt taatatgatg     43920
     ttatttattt gaataatatg aacaaacaat gaacaataca tttttttttt ataatttgtg     43980
     gatatttgtt gacattagtt aatggaaaaa aaggcaatta ttgttagttt tttaactcac     44040
     agtgcattaa ctaatgttac caagcaagag tttggacttt attaatgcat tagtaaatgt     44100
     tgaactgtga ttaataaatg atgtactagt attgttcctt attagttcgt gttagtaaat     44160
     acattagcta atgaaacctt attgcaaagt cttacagttt tttattgtta gactgaagaa     44220
     caattttact ttgacaaatc atttgtggaa tagaaatgct ctataaatta ttattcatag     44280
     aaccgctgta taaaaactct tcatttgtca aaagcagaga tgcctaaact agagcttgtg     44340
     ggtcaaagtt gaccaattct aacttttgat ttggcccacc atcccatttg agaagagagg     44400
     aagaatgata gggaggtggt tggagtgaat atctttgaca aagagagttg ttgttaattt     44460
     aacctaacct tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtt ttgtaattgg ttttgttttg     44520
     taaatgaatc agattgttta aaaatgtata ctgtctgtat gctgtatacc tggatagagg     44580
     gcagtgcaca agacatcagc gagcaaatca aaccaaaggc aggtggcagc ttagtgtatt     44640
     cagcattgaa ctccattatg ttattaatgg cattgtttat gtttttactg taatagattc     44700
     attatacttt ttaaaaatat acttcattag ttataaaatt aggaaataaa tactcatgga     44760
     agctttggta caatacagtt tgatacagta tatttagctt cagcccacag ccctcaatca     44820
     ggtttggttt ttgacccttt aaaagtaaat atttgggcac ctctggtcaa gagtgtatat     44880
     aagagtgtat atggaacaca tttaaagaga cttcaaattc ttccttaata atattttaaa     44940
     catataaact ttttattttc tgcagtatat aaaagtatgt attttcatca tattttggtc     45000
     ttttttatag cattagaaac ttcaactaca ctaagacaaa tgatgtttgc aaaactgttg     45060
     caaataattt cattgtgttg aatttaaaca aactaattga atttattaat attcatctta     45120
     atttgtttgt ttgaaatgaa ttgtccaaat gaattgatta caaccactta acataaaaac     45180
     taaattagta aatccaagga atcatctttg aataattgtt tttcagtgta ctgtttaaaa     45240
     ttgtgcatat attttgaagc tcaacgatat ctgattgact tatttgttct tttgatttag     45300
     tcttttctat tgaaaagata caaattttga ttgaattcaa aacagtccgg tcaaaaattc     45360
     aaactctttc ttgcacattg tttcaaacca atatgacttt gtttgtgaaa cattaagcat     45420
     ggtaactttg aatccatttt aagctcaatg aatagattca aaataacaat aactatgaaa     45480
     aagtttaaaa aaattgaaat tacactccga aaatgttgtt ttgctgcttg tttaaactaa     45540
     atattaaaaa tgcgttgaaa caacacaatt cttacgtttt tttttttgag actacttaat     45600
     tgttttgcgt tcagtccact taaatttgta aaaacaatta agttaaatta atcaatttgt     45660
     gttgggacaa catgaagaaa ttgtgcagaa ctggggtgga aaaacaaaat ccacatttgt     45720
     tttttaaaaa aatagcttaa ctttatctga tatgagacat ttgaataaac aaacaaacac     45780
     attttgaata aattcctcag ttcacaaaat ctaatgtgaa aaacttacca cagacaacat     45840
     ctgacatctg tttcagccat tttgaaaagc ctgtcttaaa gtctgtcatg aaaatgattt     45900
     ggtgtaatta acacaagaca acatgaccgc tttattgcat ttcatttttt tttccttctg     45960
     actcacaaaa catttgatac aatatgtcaa attttcgcaa cgttaaatga attaggctac     46020
     atttctataa tctcgtgttc cacagatagg acgtcagaca aatttagagt gacataagtt     46080
     tgagtacatg ataacatgtc attttttggt gaattaaacg cattcacaca tcatttcaca     46140
     tctctgcttg tgtctgtgta tatatgttca tgaagatgga ctgcttgcat tatatgcata     46200
     cctagttatg cacatgcatg agtgtgagtg tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgccca     46260
     ttgcgtctgg ttcctgcctc cgactgacat gtaataaaac atgccgctgt gttgttgatc     46320
     aatctcagcg gctcgccggc cgcacagcaa gggcatgtac atgcaaatga gaatagctaa     46380
     ataccactga gggggtggaa gagagaagca atcacttcat ctgacaaacc acggggaaag     46440
     gaggagggat gggggatata tagagagagg tatatgcaaa gttgagggaa tacagagaag     46500
     gacaggctgc taacgagcat atgcgcttaa ttacacaagc ccgtatgggg accgtgggtg     46560
     caagcatggg ccttttctga gctcctcaaa gacgccgggg ggagtgctgg agtgttttgt     46620
     gggacactga gggctttgtg agttcattga gaaggtttgg atgaactctg ccacagaggg     46680
     gcagcagaaa accctaaagt gaaaaccatc agggtcatgt taatgtttgc ttgggagcaa     46740
     gacagcggga caaaaagtgt acgcttttgt ttgtatgtct gaaaccaccc cagtgaccat     46800
     aaggtcagct aatctcaaac gctctgacaa tcccaaatgt acacaagtgg aagaaagaga     46860
     agaaggtggc aagaagatgg agcgatggga tgagcgggac gagatggaga tgagcagtcg     46920
     acatgacaat gatgtgagaa ccgattaacg ggttctttca ctactatggg aactgaaggg     46980
     aactttgacc cctggctttc aatctttaat catcgattcc ttatgaagag tcaatcctgg     47040
     tggctctttc tctctttgca tgtctaagtg agtccataga cacattatta aaatacaatg     47100
     ggatcaatcc atgggctttt ggcccaaata atttactttt taaaacctgc agccattctg     47160
     cccttacctc ttttcttctt ttgtagactc tgtttaactt taggatggaa cgcacattgg     47220
     gcctgtaaag ctggtgtttg agagcaggtg aactgaggaa agaaaaagat gagtaaaaag     47280
     aggctcgtga gctgatttgc atttaattta aacatatacg cgatggagtg ataagtgata     47340
     taaaagattt ccaaagtaat ctatgagcga aaaaaataca ctcttaactg cagctttgtt     47400
     gtgggttttg gtgttctgcc ttagtttttt atttatttat tttattattt ttttattgaa     47460
     ctaaaccaac aaaactgcat tattattcaa aatgactggt tttagcatgg caggatgaaa     47520
     cctaaatcat ctagattgct tcactatttt aaatctagat ttaaaaagta ccacaaaaaa     47580
     aaaaaaaact gtgccgttag cttaaaaaat aaaggcaagg gtaaaaataa aaagaaagga     47640
     agacaaaaaa aatgttaatt ttggcagttt ttactcacaa tgttgtttcc aaactgacag     47700
     aataaaatat ataacatact gcttactctt taagaaaatc aagagggaat gttgctctaa     47760
     agctctgaaa gaaagcacca taaaaatatt atgaaggggt cagtatgact ttttttgtaa     47820
     aattatgaat cttcctttgc tgtataatga aaattatttt cagtgttcag ttaatattat     47880
     aataattcct ttcagagttc tttaaagaag cagcaataat acaaaattcc ttatttgaat     47940
     ctgtcctttt caatgatcca ggaagtccag ttaaaataat ttaaatgtct tgatgaatgt     48000
     tcatgaattg tattagtttg attcacaagt ttagctcacc gtctagtgaa atttttacag     48060
     aaaaaaggaa agcaaagcaa agcaaagcaa gcatgattgt gagtaaatta tgacagtttt     48120
     tatttttaat tgaattagat accttttttt tctcaattga cctagtgtat atatcagtgg     48180
     cctgggcaga acgtttaaaa gcagtgaacc ttatggaaat agggttaaac tctagaaatc     48240
     caaaactaaa acaaactacc aaaaataggt aaaattgcat tgttaactca cttttttaag     48300
     cttagtcgct gatttatcag gggtcgtaaa tgacagaaac caaacaatac caatcatttt     48360
     taaagaatat atgtggtttg tagtctcacc aaaaattagc agataacata cagttgaagt     48420
     cagaattatt aacccccctt taaatttttc atctttttaa aaatagttcc taaatgatcg     48480
     cagagcaaat tttcacagta tggctaataa tattttttct tctggacaaa gtcttatttg     48540
     ttttattttg gctagaataa aaaaatacat ttttaaaaaa acattttaag gtcaaaatta     48600
     ttagcccctt tatgctatat atttttcaga tagtctacag aacagaccat tattatacaa     48660
     aaccttgcct aattactcta acctgcatag ttaacctaat taacctagtt aagcctttaa     48720
     atgtcacttc aagctgtata gaggtgtctt gaaaaacatc tagtaaaata ttatttactg     48780
     tcatcatggc aaagataaaa taaatcagtt attagaaatg agttatttaa actattatat     48840
     ttagaaatgt gttgaaaaaa atctgctctc cgttaaacag aaattggggc aaacaataaa     48900
     cagggggctt aaaattcagg ggatttaaca attctgactt caactgtata tttgcaaata     48960
     agcccaaaca catagcatga tgcaaacatt ttgagataat cctcagagtg gtacagtttt     49020
     acaggtggct ttgataaagc aataggacat aggattcatt tacattgtga tgatgcagtc     49080
     ttaaatgttt ggtttattga atgaaaccac acaactggat gattcgtttt accaggatat     49140
     tttttaactt tatatttatt cttaaatatg tttttaatgc aggattttta tttgccccca     49200
     tgatatttag gtatttttct tattgaattg tatcgtctca gtctgagtaa gcaagtgcta     49260
     ctcaagctct tttgcagtct cgccgctata aagaacaagc ataaccataa ttcctattgt     49320
     gtttgacaac ttatggtaga cacttggcat caaaacactg aataatagac tcagactaca     49380
     atcactttcc tagcacaagg gtcctataga tcaaattaaa ttttcaacac tcacaacttt     49440
     aaaaactgtt tttgtcttct gaacattttt ttttaaatat cagaacagtt aatgttaaac     49500
     aacaataata tcattggaca tactttaatt ccttctcagt atcattttca ttcctttcat     49560
     ggcacttttc tcacaaagat ttatctatac acaaaactga aaatgccttc tttttgataa     49620
     gtgtttttgt gactggtgga ctcttgtcta atttttactt cgtaaaatcc attcatctct     49680
     gctttttgcc tttgattgaa tgtaagtcca ccactgaagg aaaccataca gtcttgttgc     49740
     agcctgcagg aattctgcca ttctaattca caatgctttt tttttttaaa caagcaattc     49800
     tgcatccatg ccacctctcc tccaattaaa ttaaagagat gggtaattgg caaatgtcct     49860
     tcaggctaaa ttccctcctc gtaacttacc gcagcccacc ggtggcttgg ctctggaaag     49920
     gggctttact ttcacggccg ccgacaactt atcagttccg ctgaacgctg acaccttgac     49980
     gtccttgaca gtgcattatt actttttcat gacgcaacca gatgcaatta cagcaacatt     50040
     cttgctgtgt atccatcccc aactgtcaga aatgagccca gagtggagaa atatcagaga     50100
     taagacatca agcccaccca gttgttaaga agcagacagg agaagactga aagacagtga     50160
     ctctcaggac aggggggtgg attcatcttt cctctgggaa gccaattttg tccttttcac     50220
     accatgtgtc aaacggccat aaaaaatttt aaagtatttt tgttcattta tttgacttga     50280
     aaaggtattt aagaccaaat tgtctaatag ccaaatgcgt taaatggtca gtgccaccaa     50340
     aacaaagaca atacatttct cagaggcgct ctcagaggag tcactgacct caggccagca     50400
     gctggctcac tccatcagtg tgataacctg ggcctggcat ctgcgtgtct ctctccgtct     50460
     gctcggagaa ctgctttaat ggaccagctc acccacctga cctgccctga actaaaaacc     50520
     cttcattata ttggataaat agcattaaat gcagaaataa tcacctcaga catgtatgca     50580
     taagattcaa gcatttaagc agctgtcaat tagtgatact gctatattga caagaggcaa     50640
     aaatgaagca atggttggac ctgatagcct tgtgggcagc attgcaatat acaagtttga     50700
     gtccctgctt tctttgcaat cctgcccccc tctctctccc acatcgcttc ctgtatactg     50760
     tcatatgaca ataaagtcaa aaatggcaaa aacaaatcta aaaaaaactt gcagcaatgc     50820
     ggcaccacac atcgatctgg tgcactgaat ctctatatgg agattcaggg agtcaccttg     50880
     taatttatcg ttactcgaat aaacaaatcc agattcctga tttatgttaa gtggatgagt     50940
     ttaatgcagc agctgatcat gaagactgtt actccagtta cacattgtta taaatctttt     51000
     tttttttttt gctgttgtta tcattcatta ttataattaa tataataaat aattataaaa     51060
     aataattatt ttaatttaaa tttactttaa aaaagtaacc aattaaaata attaaaacta     51120
     gagaacttta acttcctgct ctgccaaata gttgaccata ttttgactgt tttaaataat     51180
     gactgttaaa gacatttaaa gaatgactgt ttacactctc aaaaaaaaaa aaggtacaat     51240
     gttgtaccaa agaaggtaca aacccttttc actggggcag caccttttaa tttggtttgt     51300
     acctttaagg acatgatttg taccatggga aaccaaagtt tatctttgtt ttttaaaacc     51360
     tgcagacaca aaattgtacc ttcttcaagg gtacaaatct aaaccatgaa ggtaccacta     51420
     cagtgactag acacttacct tgccagtgtc aaatgtgttc ttttaagaac tatttaaagg     51480
     cattttcatt cattcatcca atttcttgtg gccgaggctc gaaccagcaa cccagtgacc     51540
     ttcttgctgt gaggtgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg cttcaccttt taaaggcatt     51600
     ttgctatatc caaaatgcgt ctagcaaagt gaaaaaggaa agcaaattga tagtggatat     51660
     caataatgta tttatcagaa aatgcttacc aaacatttat aaaaaaaaaa tgccttaaat     51720
     gtgtagttta ctataccttt agttttatgt tttaccagtt tttttctgtg gtatagatct     51780
     tattaattaa tggttatgag tttctttaaa cacatgcttt taaattcatg ttttaatatg     51840
     aagattattc ataaaatcac tttgccttat tagtaatatt tattttcata aatactgtaa     51900
     taaagaagga gttgtccaac acttttgttc ctttttatga gaacatttgt gtaccttcat     51960
     ttcaattgta ccataaaagg tacagaacag tatcataaga ggcctttttt tgtactaggt     52020
     acaattttta ccaaggtaca aaactgttcc ttaaggaaca ttatttctac caccatgtac     52080
     cttttttctg agagtgtaca cagcattgtt ggttttcaaa acagtctacc aaacataatc     52140
     ctgttgcact acacttgatt tgggatttat tgtaaaaaat aaaacatgtt aaatgagatt     52200
     ctaatatatt tgatggcata cttaaaaaat aagatgattt ggtattcaaa aatgttttat     52260
     tttgattatg tttttaaaat aaattaatct tacactttat attttcagat ttttcatagt     52320
     atatgtatta attctagtac ttttaccata aaccaacata tcaaccattt ggtagaggct     52380
     gaccaccaac ttatccagca tatgttttag gcagtggatg cccttccagc cacaacccaa     52440
     gactgggaaa cacccatgca ctcctgcatt cacacacata ctgtacacta ctgccaattt     52500
     agttaattca attcacctat actgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaact agagccttct     52560
     tgctgtaggg caatcgtgct acccactgcg ccgctgtgat gcccgttatt attgttatta     52620
     atattattat tactatcatt attattatta gtagtagtag tagaagtagt agtagtaata     52680
     ttaaagggat agttctccca aaactgaaaa tacttcatca tttactcacc atggttctat     52740
     acctatttga ctttatttct tctgttgaac acaaaataaa atattttgaa gaaagctgtg     52800
     tttgtttttt ctactatgga agtagacggc tacaggtttt tagttttcct caaaatattt     52860
     tctttagtgt tcaacaaaat aaagaaactt caaaagtctt gaaaccactt gaggctgagt     52920
     aagttgtgag gaatttttga attgtgtttt tttggtgggt gaacaatact tttaatgttc     52980
     aaaagaggtg cagcgtacaa tatggtacta ttttgtgaaa actaaaactt ttttctccag     53040
     atttttgcat catttttgat aaatcttttt gttaaatcct tgataagcct aaaatattaa     53100
     tgtattttga atcaattact tttcttaaac ttctgaattg ttggttagtg aataagagct     53160
     tcttaagtgc ttatcgatga tcatcatatt aaactttgtt tttcaggatg agctactttc     53220
     aacaaaaatt tgaaagcact tttgtgctcg ttctgaatgc ttatagccat cataagcctc     53280
     ctcttccatt ccggtctcag cagtccacag cagaccatta cttgtttttg cttttttttc     53340
     cattctcggg ttgtggctca tctgagataa aatgcttaaa agagtcgttt tcctctcctg     53400
     ttccatcaga aacccatagg agctccatct ctttcaggta cagtaaaaag gaataaaaga     53460
     tctctgtgag gggctgtgga ggaagcccat gtgaatagtg cttgctagat ttttccttcc     53520
     tgcaggtatt gattgcctca tgcctgtccc ctgtctacaa gttacagggg aagattttga     53580
     gtgctgcgac aggagaggaa gaacagagcg atggatggct caaactcccc ttcatctccc     53640
     acaggactaa agactcattg cattgaagac tcatcagctc tttctccact acactgatct     53700
     ccatattttg ctctgttctc aattcacctt cttcccaatt cccgtcttgc ggcctaccat     53760
     ttccttggct ctgggaaacg acatctgaaa aaggacagct ggcttgtgcg gttaaggcaa     53820
     gacatcactt taggtgaata gggtaaaaat aaactaatag tcacttcccc aattgattga     53880
     ttggaggtga cactttactc taaggtgttt ttgttacact gtaactattc atgtaactac     53940
     tgagttaata ctgaataact tggggagctg cgcattaatg gatttgctct ttagtggact     54000
     tacagcagta aaattgaagg cacagggact tcaactctga aaactgcact gacacagttt     54060
     caatttaggc tgctttgaca caatctagtg tacattgtaa aagcgctata gaaataaaga     54120
     ttaattgaat tgaaaattta attaatatac tacttattat tgggatgagt tgcatgtaat     54180
     tatgaataaa ttaattgtaa ttactatagt aattacacgg gacgtttgta acatgagaca     54240
     ccttaaaata aagtggtacc ttttgaatta caggtttcta aaatgttatg tttacatatg     54300
     taaacgaggt gttatttcat gaaagatgtg ctaatttgca tacatttctt gcgcaagcat     54360
     tcttcagaat tgtatttctt tgacagattc ggctaggttt ttaaaaggtt acacttcatt     54420
     gtaaagtgag gtagttagtg taactattca tttgaatagt gagtaatatt aatcagttac     54480
     ctgtaattac tataaggatg cggttaggat gagggttagg tgtgggatga gttgcatgta     54540
     attataaata aattaattaa taattaaagt taagtgttac ctttttgtat tacaatttct     54600
     ataatgttat ggttacatgt gcaaattggg tattattcat tcattcattc attttcttgt     54660
     cggcttagtc cctttattaa tacggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccacc aacttatcca     54720
     gcaagttttt acgtagcgga tgccattcca gccgcaaccc atctctggga aacatccaca     54780
     cacagtcatt aacacacaca cacacacaca ctacggacaa tttagcctat ccagttcacc     54840
     tgtaccacat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa cccatgcgaa     54900
     cgcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga agcgccaact gagccgaggt tcgaaccagc     54960
     aacccagtga ccttcttgct gtgaggcgaa cgtgctaccc actgcatcgc ccaaattggg     55020
     tattatttta tgtaatatgt gctaatttgc atacaattct tgcacaatca ctgtaaaaaa     55080
     aatcttgctg acctaaattt atcttctctt gctgaagcaa attaactttt ctagtcatct     55140
     caacttacat caaactgaca aaaatattag attaacttaa tttaacttaa aaaagttatt     55200
     ggcacataat taacttatta aaatacgtta aagtaaaatc aaaatatttg ttgttttctt     55260
     gtcaataaag ttttatttta gttaactttg attaagttaa tataacttga catcacgtaa     55320
     aatagttttg gcatcaaagc aaaaagcttt taattactat ttgaaatatt ctgaacttaa     55380
     tgtgttattt ctttaaacaa ttcaccatgt ctctgtttaa aatgattact taagcttaaa     55440
     attctgcctt gacatctgcg ctgattggtc gatatatgtt atatgacaca aggtggtcat     55500
     tttgtttgtg atgctgaatt ttcttgaagc gctgcaggac agaggcacta cttgaaccca     55560
     tctgaccaaa gagaaaagta aaattagtaa gtagatatat acatatattt ttattaattg     55620
     atatacagtt catgcaaggg cgaccaggtt gctcagttag cactgtcgcc ttacagcaag     55680
     taggtcgctg gttcgggtcc tggctggacc agttgccatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt     55740
     tctccctgtg ttcacattta cttcaagggc tctggtttct tccagaattg tgtttgctaa     55800
     atcattcata gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtatat cctggtcctc caggttggag attgagcgtt     55860
     gggctaatga cccaccttgt aaaaatttaa tgttacgtaa cacatcgtgt ggctaaatat     55920
     caactttgat ataaactgcc ctggaagtaa gtaaataaag tatataaaag ctgaaaaaat     55980
     tggaagttta gtctattagc cattttaagt tatctgtact taatatacct gtatttaagt     56040
     atttgtatct gtacttgtac ttgtatttaa gtaaattcaa tgaagagacc acattttgta     56100
     aactcaaata attgagttca gtagtaaatt tagttgtaga ttagtagatt taccattact     56160
     caaatgaact gagggaatca ctttcctcaa atcatttgag tagtctcaac ttattagggt     56220
     ttacagtgta tagagttgtt gtatattttc agttaattta tgtataagca tatccctctt     56280
     tcaaaaatta ttcagaatga ataaaactaa agtttggtct gggtaagtcc cgccaaactg     56340
     gggatttttg aaaaattttg agtggtgatt tctagagaaa aaataataat ttcgataaaa     56400
     caacctttaa aaatatgtat tgtaatttaa attgaaagac acaaattgcg aatgcttgat     56460
     ttaaaaataa ctttttctat atattttttt acattaaatg aaaaaaaagg caaaaagtgg     56520
     acaaaattga cagttgtgtg aaaaatccca gtttttgctg ttgtgtctcg ccttaatgac     56580
     acctcagcga gctattggtt tttctgggcc tctgtgtgtt tttctctctg tctcgcctcc     56640
     atcttctttt cccctccata ccttgacact gtttctctct tcgtctctct gtcaagctca     56700
     gatttattct gcctgtgatg cgtggagagg agagcagtgc gagtgctcag ggaaagggtc     56760
     agtaggaggg aggtgtgtgt acaataagag ataagatcat ggctcctcgg gggcttgttt     56820
     ggccctgtac ccgatccatc aaacgcatgc tcccggtgcc aaggtcaact ctaatgagca     56880
     tttgctgggg tcttattctc ggcaccccac acccctctac ctctgtctcg ctctttcaca     56940
     tgtacacaca cacacataca catacatata tagagagagt gtgtgaaatt cctgtacagt     57000
     tcagaaatac agttacatta catgccgatg actgtgcgtt gcttcaattt acagtgaaca     57060
     aataatgtaa aaagtgaata tttgtttatt atgaatataa ttcagttata tatccttttt     57120
     tcttgatgtc tcatgtaaaa gagtttctat gaggaagttc tagtgtgaat aaatatcttt     57180
     ggatatacca ggagtgccca aactttttca tataaagggc caaaaaccaa atatcattaa     57240
     gacctgtggg ctgaaggtaa atataccaag gtatattaca taattgccat gggtaattta     57300
     caatttttgt ttcatattat ttaaaaataa atagaaaaca ttaccttaaa ttgtattaac     57360
     taatgcagtg tattttttaa gtataactta ttaaagtaaa aacataatca cattaaaaaa     57420
     cagtagaatc aatgctaaat aaactaggca agcagaatct gcctttccct tcatttgctc     57480
     actgatgtct tgtcttctat ccttcagatt acatcagtac actctcagaa aaatatggta     57540
     caatgttgta ccaaagaagg tacaaaccct tgccactgtg gcagtacctt tttatggaaa     57600
     aagaattgta ccttaagaca aagaaactca tttgtaccgt tgcagtttgt acttttaagg     57660
     acatgatttg taccatggga aaccaaagtt tatctttggt ttttaaaacc tgcagataga     57720
     atattgcacc ttcaacaaag ttacaaatct gatccatgaa ggtaccacta cagtgacgct     57780
     ttgtacttta ccagtgtcaa atgtgttcct tcaagaatta tttactgtat aaagcatttt     57840
     gatatccaaa atgcatccat ttatttttag ttcatataaa catcaaatac atttttaaac     57900
     aatgtttttt ttaaaagttt cttttttcat ttacaataaa gaataaaaat tactttaacg     57960
     taaatcaaaa gatctttttt tttgctaaac atttcacaac acttcacaaa aatgttatag     58020
     aaaacattct tctatttttc tccaatttta acacaatacc tttgtaatca cttaaaagtc     58080
     aatgtcattt gcttaatttt aaaatagaat tatgcaaaag tattgtaaca agatatgcgc     58140
     aatgtttgat tagttttact atagtaaaat gtttgcataa acactttgca tatgtaggac     58200
     ttttgctagc tcacttgcgt agtggcaaga aaatgccaaa aggtgcagat atcaataatg     58260
     aaaatgcatt tatgagaaaa tgcttaccaa atgtttatta aaactgccct atatgtttag     58320
     tttacaatac atatagtttt gttttaccag ttgttttgtt ttatagaacc taatagttca     58380
     tgtttataag ttttttttaa acatatgctt ttaaatgatg attcgtgttt taatatggaa     58440
     attatttata aaatcacttt gtcttaccac taatatgtat tttcaccact aatatttatt     58500
     ttcacctgta accatcccca tcattcttct tctcttctca gattggatgg tgggccaaac     58560
     caaaggttac catgggccat ctttggcctg cagaacctac tttgagcatc tctagtatat     58620
     acagtaaatg caatatatta attatataca ttacctttta aaagtttggc atggatagta     58680
     tttttaaatg tttttttttt ttcagttttc aagcatatgt ttatttgatc aaaaatacag     58740
     ttttcacaat attattgtac gtttatattt attttgatat gaaatgtagt aataaatatg     58800
     aaaatgtaat ttatcccttt gatgacaaag ctgctatagc tagtagcaat atcacataat     58860
     cattcagaat gatgttttga atatgttgat gttgtactca agaagcattt tttattaata     58920
     ataatattat tattctctct tttccttcgg ctaagtctct atttcagagg tcgccactgg     58980
     gaatgaactg tcaactattc cagcatatgt tttacacagc ggatgccttt tcgctgtact     59040
     aggaaaccca cacaccaaac acacactcac aaacatactt atacactacg gccaatttag     59100
     tttatgcaat ttcgcatgaa cacggtgaga acatgcaaac tcaacacaga aatgccaaat     59160
     ggtccagccg ggactcgaac cagcaacctt tttgctctga ggcaacagtg ctaaccactg     59220
     agcccttatt aatattataa ttataattat tcattccttc attttctttt tagctctgtc     59280
     tctttattaa tctggggccc ccactgcaga gtgaaccgcc aatttattca gcatattttt     59340
     tttatgcagt gaatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccatcacta ggaaacacac atacactctc     59400
     attccttcac atacagtaca ctagtacagt aaatttagct taaccaattc acctatagcg     59460
     catgtctttc gaaaccagag cacgcggagg aaacccatgt gaacacaggg agaacatgca     59520
     aacttcacac agaattgcca actgacccag aagaggctaa aaccagcaac cttcttgctg     59580
     tgaggtgaca gtgctaccca ctacgccacc gaagggccta ttgttattat tattatttat     59640
     ataatcgttg aaagcagttg ttgatattaa attttgttaa gcatagtata tacttataga     59700
     ttttgtatta tcaaaagtca gttgttacat ttttaaattg gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     59760
     aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     59820
     atatatatat attaacttaa tcattcattc atttcctttt cggcttagtc cttttgttaa     59880
     tctggggtca ccacagcgga atgaaccgtc aacttatcag cacatgtttt aggcagcaga     59940
     tgcccttcct gctgcaaccc atctctagga aacatccatt cacacttata aactacagac     60000
     aatttagcct acccaattca cctatacaac gtctttggaa ggaaaccgga gaaaactcca     60060
     cacagaaaag ccaactgacc cagccgagac tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg ctgtgaggtg     60120
     acagcactac ctactgcgcc tacctaactt caaagaacaa tatatttgtt agtctttatt     60180
     ggttttacat tagcatacaa ctgttctttg ttcaagttag ctcagtttaa ataatattaa     60240
     tacatcatta aaatgtaacc gtatttggaa ttgacataat atcactaata atattatgac     60300
     taattacaac taattcttga ctcatatttc tgtatggtgt ttctaaattt actttcagta     60360
     tctgtgctca taaattctga tattcagtat ttcttgtttt atacatttaa atgccatagc     60420
     cattaaaaac agctggtatc cttcaccgta tctgatcatt tgacactatc ttgttctcat     60480
     atgttaacag cagtgcaatt ttaattacgt gctttcgctt atttccagga aaagaattga     60540
     tcgctgctga gaagaggccc agaatgctct tttatgctct ccattgctat cctccagatc     60600
     acagtgatca tctctgctcg gtgagtgaaa ggcgaatgtg ctctaaaaca tgtggcgttc     60660
     actaatgaag caataaaagc cccggctggg ggtgggtgca ctggggaggg gggctctggg     60720
     aaccagtcct aacaatgaca ggtgtgataa ttatgatgtt ctgacctcac atattacctg     60780
     cacatcccat aagatggatt aaatttgagg actctggcat gtgggtgatg cacacgtgtg     60840
     cattagtaac caaatacatc attatgataa caagacgggc cattggtaca accatcatgt     60900
     catcttcttg aacatgtgtc atgttcagtg accgagagat tgtcaaagtc acaattacac     60960
     aatgggaatg agctccatat aaatgtaaaa tagatctgca ctaactccag ccacaaccct     61020
     actcaaggta aatcctgata acttaaaaca tttgtggaaa cttatcgcct caaaacgctt     61080
     aaaccatttt tttttaaagt tagtagataa taattacagt tggtgtctct tattaagggt     61140
     tagtttaccc ttaaataaca ttattttttt aattacatgc cctcatgtca ttacactccc     61200
     ctgagacctt cgttcatctt tagaatacaa ataacaatac ttttgattta attcaagagc     61260
     tctctgtatc tttatacagt atacagtgca tccgaaaagt attcttcact ttttccacat     61320
     ttttttatgt tacagcctta ttccaaatgg ataaaattca tttatttctt caaaattcta     61380
     cacacaacac cccataatga caatgtgaaa aaaaattaaa tagctgcaaa tgtattaaaa     61440
     taaaaaagct gaaaaatcac atggacatct gtattcgcag cctttgccgt gaagctttaa     61500
     attgagctca ggtacattct gtttccactg atcattcttg agatgtttta gcagcttaat     61560
     tggagttcac cttagataaa ttcagttgat tgaacatgat ttgaaaaggc atacacatgt     61620
     ccgcaaaaca ccaggcactg cttttcacca ggctaatacc acacagtgaa gcatggtggt     61680
     ggcaggatca tgctgtgggg atgtttttca gcagctggaa ctggaagatt agtcaggata     61740
     gagggaaaga tgaatgcagc aatgtacaga gacatcctga atgaaaacct gcttcagagt     61800
     gctcttgacc tcggactggg gcgacggttc atcttccagc aagacaatga ccgcaaagca     61860
     cacagccaaa atttcaatgc agtgtcttca taacaactca gtgaatgtca ttgagtggcc     61920
     cagccagagc ccagacctaa atcctattga acatctctgg agagatctga aaatgtctgt     61980
     acaccgtcgc ttcccatcca acctgataga gcttgagagg tactgcaaag aggaattgaa     62040
     aaaaattctt aaagactggt gtgccaagct ttaggcatca tattcaaaaa gacttgaggc     62100
     tgtatttgct gccaaaggtg catcaacaaa gtattgagca aaggatgtga atactaatgc     62160
     acatgtgatt ttttttaggt tttaaatctg taataaattt gcaacaattc atattgtcat     62220
     tatggggtat tgtgtgtaga atattgagaa aaaattaatt taatccattt tggaataagg     62280
     ctgctctgta aacatcacat aaactctaat cctaatgaat aagtattagt tagcaatagc     62340
     atgtattatt gttttattaa aaagcagcat atgtcttaac ataaagtgat agaaaatgta     62400
     taccatttac tcttccccta tatggttcca accctttata aatgtttttt tttttccgtt     62460
     gatcacaaaa gaagatattt tgaaaaatgg cagactcaaa tgtgcattca catccatttt     62520
     agaaaaaaaa aaactatata agtcaatggc taccgatttg taacttttaa aaaaaatctt     62580
     ctttctgctt aaactgaagt gtgttaagaa caagtgagat gagaatggca gagtagggaa     62640
     ttttgggtga actcatacct gtcaaccctc ccgtatttgc tgggattctc gtatttgtat     62700
     cccgttatca tcctgtttaa gtattttcct gtttttctcc tctattttta aaaaaagtga     62760
     aagtagcatc aatgagccga tcttaaatgt gatataattg tataagctga tcaagaaaat     62820
     tactttacct aacttgaaag catgttgtaa ttaatattaa aacagccgca ttcacttcat     62880
     ttccattaaa gcgaagcatc gacagtcacc cttcctaagc aatttctgaa tcagttcagt     62940
     ctcatattgt tgctgactga cagacgcact tcatagtgat aaagacactg ttcccagatc     63000
     agcttctcta acgttacaca caatttaaat atgagcaaaa ctagacactt ttgcatttgg     63060
     gtgtgtttat aaacagacaa atagacttgt tcatatgtga acatgtccat cgtggcgtgt     63120
     tttattttaa ctttgtctta aataagctca aactgttaca aaagaaataa catttcttca     63180
     ttatagatct gtggattctt gaagcgacac ctctgttatc aaacaaaaca gtatatcaaa     63240
     acgagagatt cgctgttctt cactaagtaa ctattgtaat agtgaatagt atagtaacag     63300
     tgaattaagg tgaacgaaat tttaggactt gatcccatat ttttacatcc taatgttgac     63360
     cggtatgggt gaactgctgt atccccttta accccaggct ctactcttca ccacaattgt     63420
     tattctacac atttcaacat aacagaaact cctgtagatt acaacagagc acaacattaa     63480
     agtctaattt atgtctattt tttaatcttc tgcaaaaacg cacagaataa cactttagtg     63540
     ctgggtattt gcttctgctc ggtttaatac agtaaacatt agtgttcact taactggtac     63600
     aattactgtt ttaaatgtaa gtgatattaa cttaaacatt ttttgtattt catttcactg     63660
     tgggttttaa cagtgtgcct ttggctggct gaccagacca ccttcatgaa tgcccacatt     63720
     ctctatgtca ctcctgtttc cccgatggct tcatagtaac gtttaacaat gatttatcgg     63780
     cttgtgaaaa gcttcccaaa tgcgctgaca gaggggatga ggatgagggg cagtgcactc     63840
     tgactccccc tggaggccgg ggtttacggg ccatctttac ctctgtccaa cagcttgtgt     63900
     gtgtctccca gtggcagctg gatgggacca ccagccacaa tgatgcccac ccaccccatt     63960
     attctgtaat ggctctgcaa tgggctaaca ttgaactctg aacccttaat gaaaaaccac     64020
     cttggctctg tccctactct acatttactt ggccttaaaa aaacaaaacc aggcatgatc     64080
     gcaaagagga atggaattta tgaaggattg taattagttt tggaaaaaaa caagcagcag     64140
     gttacattta atattataaa ataggtcata tatagacagc tattctgaag tagactttgt     64200
     ttattgttgt tgtttaagaa attaatacat ttattcagga atgatgaatt atgtgttgca     64260
     tttctgtttt ttgaacaaat aatcttatta ttcatcttca ttattcatca tttgtgaagt     64320
     agcaacgatt tctgctgttc tgacgtcagc tccagatgtg aatgaatggc ggaagaaagt     64380
     agttcctctt acaaaaggat ttttagactc tcagtgtttg attttctttt tatatacacg     64440
     attgtgccgt caaactgttg tacaaacaca ataattttcc acaatattac tgcattttgg     64500
     tcagataaat gcagctttct ttgaaacaaa taattaaaaa attcatacca agcccaagtg     64560
     tttcaatggt acatcctaaa acccaaatgc tgagtctggt cttctgagat catttttatt     64620
     cctttttttt tttttttaca tgttttttct gtattactct gccagttctg cttattataa     64680
     taggctactt tggccttttc aggttgcaaa tctttagact tgtttttcaa aatatacagt     64740
     tgcttgttag gaaattatga caagcgattt tatttcttta aatgtatgat cgctgttttc     64800
     tccaatgcac tgattgtcac tatttgctca cagataattg ccaatcagtg caataataca     64860
     agtgctgcag cattatttgt caaacatccc acctcctcct ccccctcact ggaaagaaaa     64920
     ttatgttcat tgagcagacc tctgacgttc aagcaatcag agttagtaga cataaataga     64980
     catgcactta tttacattta taaataggtg gccatgttac agctccatag ttcattgggc     65040
     ttctttcatc ttttccatct ctctacataa attgtattct gctcagaggt gattgtagat     65100
     cagtgtattg taagaccttt gtgagaatgt tgtatttcaa ttgttgcagg tacatttatt     65160
     gattatatat cgttaattta gatgttaata acgagcatat ttttgcagat tgttagccga     65220
     tcattgagtc tttttattta cttatgtaaa tgtgtgtaaa tttataacaa tttacttttt     65280
     ttattaattt tagtaacatt attgactaat atgaaaatgt tcttatgatt tgtttataat     65340
     atagtttgta aagtaatatt ttctgtcttg tagtagatat tttatatgag agacttactt     65400
     tgtttaccat gtaaattaat ctaaatggat ttgcattgtt accattaaat aagagttaaa     65460
     aagctattct tttttatttt atatattaag cttgtagtta tgatactccc agaatcattc     65520
     tgcataaatc tgcagattat tttacaaaac tctccacaga aacagcaaaa atgtcagcag     65580
     attctgtctg ggccttgtaa taactaatct aatgattttg ggctagatgt ggacttgttt     65640
     tttctaagat acgattgatt atctagggag atttgacaat gaaattaaga ttagtagtgc     65700
     tggtattttc attctgattt gatttgattt attttttaac agaaatatca tatgtgaaaa     65760
     tcctttaaca aaaaatacat ttcagcatgg tcgaaatgga gcgggatgaa gcacaagctt     65820
     attattttcc cactccatta tcacacacat aattcgtcta ttacttaaat ttatttcttc     65880
     ttttgcttat ctcttctttt tacatgagac atattttatc cttatggcat ctttgacata     65940
     ttatatgttt gattctattc gtacatttac attttataac atagacccca aaaaagtatt     66000
     gacatatcct gacattgttt gagaatctgc tctagacttc cataatttta caccacatac     66060
     agacttacac aaacttttta aagttgtcct ggtttttaac cttctgctcc caaatgatat     66120
     cccccttgtc ttttcttcaa aaaaactttt gtatgcattt cagaagtaag ctttattctt     66180
     agctttaaac ataaattgtg ctgttttaaa tttaaccaga ttattaaact tatgtatctt     66240
     caattttaaa aataaaggat ttgtatgctt caaatatcgc acattttcta tcagtctgat     66300
     tacttttttc tgcattgtac ataaggatcg taagttagat ttatatgtat tcccccaaat     66360
     ttcaacacaa taagaaatat atggcaacat aagtgtgtta tataatgcat aaatacatta     66420
     atttattgtc caggataaat cttgctttat acactattgc tacagtttta actaattttg     66480
     atatcacatt atttatttgc agtttttttt tttcaactaa ttttatggtc caatgcaaca     66540
     ccagaaactt aattgcatat actctttctg taacttcatc atcaattttt aaatctatat     66600
     aattctcccc agggtaacgc aattttcaga attacaaaaa tgagccgttt cctctgtgaa     66660
     ataatttttt gtttaagttt tatttaatct gttgttacaa tgatttaaat cactttatgc     66720
     aaacccagtc gtctgatcaa gttttgcatc agtctttatg aatgatggaa ttgcctgaat     66780
     atgcttacat aaaataaatg cttttcgtgt tggctaaatt attgctattg attcgaaata     66840
     tggttgtgtc ctctttatag aggtttaaat tgatctgtaa ctgctaaata ttgtatgggg     66900
     taaaaaaaaa gcaataataa aatcaatcga atatgctgga ttatataaac aacccagcct     66960
     gctaagctta tatttatgtc tttaggtgtt tttgatttat atttctcctt taacttttac     67020
     aatgtgtaga gttttttcat ttaatcttca tttttggtcc attgatgtgt gtttattcat     67080
     attatgaaga attgatactg atttggaatt gtatttcaaa gctacacatc atcagaatca     67140
     gaatcggaaa gagctttatt gccaggtatg ttcatacata cgagaattta tttatttatt     67200
     ttttttgtga cagagcttct aaagtgcaac agaatgaaag agacaggaca aaaaacctga     67260
     taaatatgtc taaaataata agtaagttgt gaatgcaaat atacaaattg acaagtgtat     67320
     gtgcaggtat attattatat acaacgttat acatgtgtgc tcttaatggt gctttattgt     67380
     tgataaacca aactcgtcac tacacttgct ctctgtttgt tagcagatgt cttccttgaa     67440
     gattgtcaag tgtaatgaac caccggtcag ctgatgaact tggacacgga gggacgacac     67500
     cgagcaagag aagtcaaagg tcagaggtca tcacccggag atcatgtgca atttgtaagc     67560
     acttctttcc ttgttcttat ctgtttcgaa atggattaaa tgtcctcgca gcgtttgccc     67620
     cattaaaagt aacaaccctc aagactcaaa atatccattt gcttgtttac agcacacaaa     67680
     agccgaattt tccgatgaaa taagccatcg gtttgctgaa tacagtgatt tgggttagga     67740
     gctgtagaat atgcggttcc acctgcagag atgagagaca gaaagggttt gtttttttgt     67800
     agtcggtgag gtggttgtag cagaagtcag gtagggtcag ctcttcttct gcttggttct     67860
     ctgaggaatc accatatcaa tatctctctg agcgtgcatt tttgagaaga aacactggaa     67920
     gtgatgagtg ctgaacagcc tgctggcctc cggggaccaa atcaaactct gtgtttcctg     67980
     taacctcagc accatgggaa gtgaccaccc gcgctctcgc acacacacag aataacgacg     68040
     acctgctctc ctctgtccga cgatgtgagc cactgctccg ggtgcttttg cacaaagtga     68100
     tgatttcttt gtcaaacatc ccttcgatac acacactcac acaccggttt ttccccgaag     68160
     cgatccacaa cccccaaccc gctcagtcct agcccactac ggctaggcct ccaattaaat     68220
     caaaagtggt ttgtttttat tggtgttttg cgctgacaag tgggctatca tcctgacgac     68280
     tctacctgtc agtgagcgac tgaaaatcct cagttgacaa tgcccaatgc ttccaattag     68340
     gagagaatca gactcctggc gtgcaagcga tctttccacc ctcccccaag gcctttctta     68400
     aacccccccc acgccccatc ctctggcacc cccatctttc ggcactcgcc ccaccagctt     68460
     ctgccatttc gctctctcat tccagctccc ttcataattt tacccttcgc tttttttttt     68520
     caaggtaggt atatctcctc ggcaaattac tgacacaaaa cggggtggcg caccggcggt     68580
     cccgagcctg agtgctggcg gtcccgagcc ccctgtcagc tttaatgagc caataaaggt     68640
     atatttctcc agcgtgaatg cgctaaagtc tttcttgtgt gacagctgac tgggaaatgt     68700
     gagtgttaac cttataaaag attcagcggt tctcattatt ttctgtcaaa tctcgcacct     68760
     gatggcttta aggtgcatca tttgcatcgc tgactggtcc agggtgtgcc cgtttttttt     68820
     ccacctgcaa tgtttgtttg ttgactgaag acaacatttc tttccctttc cacgtctttc     68880
     ttttttttca tatcacaagg catgttttac tcaatgtttc aaaatgacag cgatgccaaa     68940
     gtttatccag cgacgtcgta gcattttcct gaacatatcc aaatatatat ttaacaaaca     69000
     tggaacagaa taaataaatg aaattcaaaa cattgttttc acccgaggtg aggcgagatc     69060
     aaacgacttt gaagcctctt gccactcatc tcttctacct ctttctcaaa tcttcaaaca     69120
     atcagagggt gtacattaag tacaagtgtt tgagtgacag atttgtagag ggcgtttctg     69180
     tgcatctcca tttagagtgt caggctcttg attttgtgtg cctggtgtga ggttttcatt     69240
     ctgtgcacta tacaacttgt gtaacttttt gtgaatggca tttatagcca ttaccaatct     69300
     ctaatccttc atcagggtta taagaagtca aatcacacag ttgtttaggg acgttacaac     69360
     tatttagggt cagtacagct atttggagaa gcgtgaagtg ctaaaagtta ttgaacaatt     69420
     aaagctcatt cataattaag ttcctcagat tgccacacaa attatagttt taaccccttc     69480
     agacaccgaa ttgtgttcca gtttctgaaa aatgcaaaag tatgttttaa cagttcttga     69540
     ggcttctact gtgtacatga gacccaaatt ctaatgataa agattcaaca ccctttagat     69600
     atatatattt ttggccattt cgatgaacat caggtcagaa aagttatata ttataagtta     69660
     tattttcatt cattcatttt cttgtcagct tagtcccttt ataaatccgg ggtcgccaca     69720
     gcggaatgaa ccgctaactt atccagcaag ttttcatgca gcggatgccc ttccagccgc     69780
     aacccatctc tgggaaaaca ttgctggtat aatctccaaa tttattttca aaatcacaaa     69840
     caaggttgta acatttttat tttaatattt aggtttttgt tggattgatt gcacagcaaa     69900
     ctttatcttc atcttcctca tcactcaatg tcaacccttt aactaaataa gtacaatccc     69960
     tcctttttac atacaatcta tgaaatattg gcaaacatat caataaatta aattggatta     70020
     attaaacata aaataattaa gttgtctcca aacaattgtg ttgtttcaac tcattttaaa     70080
     ttatgaacga gcagcaaatg tcattttttg agtgtatgtt cctcgattgt atagatttat     70140
     ataaaattgt actcagaaat aaaatacgcg agctgtcact ggggtggtac cttttcaaaa     70200
     ggtacacatt tgcacttaaa gtccatattg gtacctcaaa aatgtatact agtataaaac     70260
     ttttaagagg aacacttttg ttctttttag gtactaatgt gtacctttga ggtaccaata     70320
     tggacccttt aagtacaaat gtgtaccttt taaaaaaagg taccacccta gtgacagctc     70380
     gcgtatactt ttatttctga gagtgtatta aaaattaaga gaccacttag aaaatgtata     70440
     gcgatgtatt tttgaactaa gttttttttt gttgttacaa accttattct ccattactgg     70500
     tgacaggtac tctacatgta aaataaaaca tttttaatgt gtataataaa ataaaatatt     70560
     ttctcacatg tatataaaca ttttagacat ttaattccaa cgtttcaact ttcaacagaa     70620
     aatataagaa atcaatattt agtcaaatta tcctagagcc tgattaatag gctctatgca     70680
     cagagcttta aagcctataa acttctggtg aaagcgcaac gtgacaattt tcaatttcaa     70740
     aaagttgttt ttacagtgtt gatgttgtaa tttattgaca atgcattctg tcaaatatac     70800
     ttcaacattc atttagttgt tcaagcataa aacaagatga aagaccgttg tagccgctag     70860
     cgccgtcagt agcaacatgc tagcgcagaa attaatttcc atattttaaa gacatggggc     70920
     ggaaagacag aattttatgc tgtgcttctt gtttggtctt agacccactt catatcgtat     70980
     atctaacagg ctgtgaagat cacagatttt taaagaaatc agatcttaaa cataaaaatt     71040
     ttgcaaaaga aaaggagttc accggaagcc attaagctgc ctggccgaaa attaaaagtc     71100
     catgtacgta tcataaaaat aatctgagtg ttgttgtttt tactaattat tttataaatt     71160
     taatgacaaa ccatttgata aatttgattg tgcaagtaat gacagtcatg actgtgtgtc     71220
     tttaaataaa aggtttattt gagccatgga gttttggaca atgcaaaatg cattaaggca     71280
     accattgtga atttaacatt aaaatagaag tttaatttga cttttttatc tttaagcctc     71340
     tgtgcacctg ttgtcattca atgactgtgg tactaagaca tctttatttt atttttttat     71400
     ttttatttat ttattttttt ttagaaataa agctgaaaac atgccacaaa cagataaccc     71460
     ctcttacggc ctgccacaga gacttaagaa agaaaagcag aatccccatc acacgcagtg     71520
     ggcatcctta tatgagcctc cagactgaag tgagcgctcg caccccgcct cgctgtgaca     71580
     gcttgcagcc gcgttgacac cccttgggag tggagagcgg attcactaac ctgccgttgt     71640
     ctgcggccga atagcgcttc caatctgctg ttgtgatggg gggctagatt attgggacct     71700
     gtcgaaaaaa acacgagggg caaactgttt gggagaaaga cgtgaaaggc aggacaatag     71760
     tttttcatgc gtgttagagt tttgtgtcac gctgggcttt cagaaagagc agtcgccctc     71820
     attattgctc attaacattg catacattac cattagatac ttgttatgaa ctaaacggca     71880
     tggttgtccg ataatcgctt tttgtgcttc ggaaaaagta aagaacgctc aagtatcaaa     71940
     cgtcaatgca agaaactgac ctgtttttgg ggtgtaatcg cacaggtcaa cttttgatgt     72000
     ttcttttgtg ttgttgactg tagtttgctt agtttaaaaa caagaaatat gttcagataa     72060
     gtatgtgtgc gtgttgtttt attaaaggcc tatctagtgt gtaaaaaaag ctaaaattca     72120
     ttctgaactt cagaacaaat atgtgctaat aaaataatta ttttcatgag cagattttat     72180
     tcaataattt agtattgcaa ttttaagtta tgaatataca acatatttga ccacaaaaat     72240
     tgtttgcatt tatcaaatca aaatgtctgc aaatattaaa acttaatcaa atggtcatgg     72300
     ctaaagagac atgtctgttt tatgattttc ataacacatt atgtcaaaca tataacactg     72360
     acttaatctg gcggaaaaaa tatctaaata tctaatattt taatatttta tatttaaata     72420
     taatattgaa gtatagtgtg tattgcaggt gtattacatt tttatatttt ttgaatgcaa     72480
     tcatttgtat gccaacattt tatatttcgc ctttttaaaa gaaatattca gattttaatt     72540
     aattttagag acatgcaacc acatatttaa tactttacga ccttcaaaat ataatgatat     72600
     ttaatatata aatatataag tcggtgtttt tattttagaa catttaaatt ttgtgcattt     72660
     gattttatta ttataatgcg cgtcacgtca ttggcctttt taaatgcctc caggcctcat     72720
     atatgaagtc taaccgcgcg ccctaaaagt gttgtaatta taattaaata catcagcctc     72780
     agtactttaa ttcaactttc agtaaaaaaa aaaaactcca tgggctaaat tgctgggaaa     72840
     atgggcggat tgtgagaaag tggtcaagac gtgactcaac gcgcgctagg aggagaggag     72900
     agaaaagacc tccccactcc tcataataac cccattataa ggctcatcaa tgatgtaatg     72960
     aaagcaaaca gtgtgaaaat tgcctgtaaa cagttggatc cgaggctcct aatgaattca     73020
     gtgtctcttt taatcaaagt gggcgacctg tggggagggg tttattgggc gtgggggggt     73080
     ccggtttcct cttagcgagc cagtcaacac cccaaaacac ctcctaacca atggaagcga     73140
     gtcgctgggg actcacgtgg aaggggtgcc cttaaaaacc tagccactga gttgtgcaca     73200
     agttcatttg ttaggcttta tccgactttc ccttccccaa tgtgtctgtt taacctgcat     73260
     tacctcattt gcggttctgt tttctcgcag cgtttttttt cttctgcgct ccaccgtcca     73320
     acgatttcgc attgcatcac ctgcgctggc acagaatgca cttgcctttt ccatccggat     73380
     tcaactctta ctcgccacag cgaactacct ttgaactgat gaaaatttca gctgctcaat     73440
     aggcgcgagg ctcgaattgc tgccgctttg cttctgtccg tggtgctgaa atgcgcgcgc     73500
     cctctaagta ggctaccttg tggttttaca ctaacactgt tacttcagaa cagctttttt     73560
     tattaaataa tttgataaat aattcaagct accgtcgatg cgccttcagg aaacaccggg     73620
     attaaaaagt gttaattaaa tttgccatcc gagagtatat ttaggctgta ttgatttttt     73680
     ttcgaggagt gaggagtttt tggaggcagg ctcggtctgt acttcacaca aaacctccta     73740
     aagaaacctc ccttttcttt ttaaacttaa actaaaagtc ctcaaggaag aagaaagttt     73800
     tttttttttc aagcagggga tgaatatttc tcatttccga ttctgctttg gattttcctc     73860
     ctggatagac cgctattaaa tcgagcgcca ttcacgcaga acttggttga atacagatga     73920
     taatctgaac agaggcttca cgcaagcagc agtgtggaga tggaagcgtc caccaacggc     73980
     tccagttttg gaatcgactc cctgctgtcc cacaggcccg gaagcccagt catctcgaaa     74040
     ggggacagtt tggttgggga atgccggtcc ccgctggagt tcagtcccag gtcagactta     74100
     gagagcggtt gttcttctcc tccgtccccg aggcgggagt gcgttgagga tgcggcgcag     74160
     agacagggtc acccgctcgc ttacgcgtcc catttgcaac acgggccgat ctccgctgga     74220
     tcgcaacctc ggactgtcac ttcatccttt ttaataagag acattcttgc tgactgtaaa     74280
     cctttagcgg cgtgcgctcc ttattccagc aacggccagc cgacacagga ggcagggaga     74340
     ctggcatcta aaatcgcaga cgacttaata gaaaagatcc acagtaactc atcgtcagac     74400
     agtgaataca aaggtaaaaa tgcaaactcg tttttaagag gcattttaaa attatttcac     74460
     gggaactata atttgccgtt tgcattttac agtgtccagt catgcctttg ctgacattgg     74520
     ctatattgct aaaagaactg gggttagaaa taaaacgtac atgtaaaatt acaatgattc     74580
     tgttacaatg gaattttcgt aattgcacac tttactgttt gtttactact tttgaatggc     74640
     cactgataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     74700
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     74760
     gatagataga aaaataaagc atatttatat tatagtcaac attttacaag tatctcgttt     74820
     tttttgataa taaatataag ataaatgaat ttctcttaaa tgcattaata gggatttttt     74880
     atttacagtg cataaattat tacacgacat ataagacgta ttgtatattt tattttgctt     74940
     tttaaaataa aaacaaatta taaagtaaaa tacgtcaaat gtgccttgtt tattgttaaa     75000
     tcatgaagaa cgaatgttga aaaagaaaaa aaagcaacac aattctttag ggatttcttc     75060
     atgttaaatt aaatctggaa aaacatttct ttctgcgaca gaccatttct tattattatc     75120
     agaccattat tacttaatat taagtatctc aagatgcgaa tcatacataa caatttaata     75180
     ttgaaaatgt aaaaaaaata attaatcaga aaatcaattg cttattgtcg ttattactgt     75240
     cacaaaaaaa ataaataaat aaatacatgt agcctacatg tttatttata tttttgtggt     75300
     aatgttggtg tgtgtatttg gcctaggctg aagatggcat tgtagttgtt gattgctaat     75360
     ttgttcaaaa tgttatcatc acaatcttag tggaagtagg gcatgatgag tcacgtgtat     75420
     tcgccaatag accttcagca agaaatctaa atatatttct tctctcccat cataacatta     75480
     ttagcttggc aactctatag gcgcggtgat caaaattaat gctctccaaa tcaaagccat     75540
     tccatctcca gagcgcttgt aaagagtgtg tgcgccgctt tgattttttt gcctttctag     75600
     cctcttatat ttcggggatt tgatgcaatt tgtcccagtg ctaatcagat ttgtaacgca     75660
     cgaggtcggt ccgctcttta tttcgctctt atccccggcc ctgtgaagtt tctccggtct     75720
     cggttgaaag gtttccatcc cttgtggctc aattagccgg attattgtgc tccttgagag     75780
     acgactcaac tactcgactg gcaaggtctc tcgcgtcgtg tccctctctt tctgggttta     75840
     gagagaaaag agtttggttt agagagaggt tgaattaaat atcaaaaatt ctgaggagaa     75900
     aaaaaacatt atagaggcca tcaagagtgt ggaaaccttt gacgccataa catgacttgt     75960
     caaaatgggg tgcatgcatg tgctgaaata cacaggctaa ctaactcgtg ctaaaatggc     76020
     ctaatcagtg cccttgtgtt gttttagtta aagaggaggg cgacagggag atctcgagca     76080
     gcagagacag cccgcaggtt cgcctgaaga agccacggaa agcgcggacc gccttcactg     76140
     accatcagct cgcccagctg gagcgcagtt ttgagcgtca gaagtacctg agcgtgcagg     76200
     acaggatgga gctggcagca tctctcaacc tgaccgacac gcaggtcaaa acctggtacc     76260
     agaacaggag gtgagcatgt ggtcaactgg aaacgcattt gtgtacatcc catgcattat     76320
     taaacatgct gcagaaattt aatagtaaat attttggtgt taaattaatt ttctaaattg     76380
     atattcgttt tatttggaaa aaaatgtact tcatcagtgt attcaaatat ttatttatat     76440
     ataggcctac agtgtatttt ctctttgatt tagtagtctc ctgccaaaca caataaaaca     76500
     cgtcaaatga cgttgctgca tcacttttga tttaataaaa agaaggaaat gctgcagagt     76560
     agatactatt attaatatag caaaaaatat taggagctaa taaatatatt ttacacagct     76620
     atcaaattga tttaaaaaaa catggaaaaa tttatttgaa agatattttg taaatatcac     76680
     gaaaatcatt gcagataaaa gcaaaacatt actcatgtta tatgttttat tgttattcta     76740
     cacgtggttt catggcttat ttttatactc ctgtaattat gtgccaaatt aatagatttg     76800
     aaatgaatat acaacattta atccattctt taattattca acgttttaat gacgcgggca     76860
     atccttgaat tgctgaatta gttgtttaat gttaaaatac acgttaaaat aactctcagc     76920
     acattcattt aagttagtca cttttattag ccttttaggt gtaaaattta gtttttttgt     76980
     tttgttcttt taacccttaa cgataatcat gttattactg aattgtgacg ttaaaagtaa     77040
     cattaatgct gatacctgga aactggagat aaatcattga tgtgtcagtt ttttaaggaa     77100
     actctgggtt tcatttttct cttgcgaatt gtcatgcaat aataagcatt ttccactatt     77160
     ttctttttgt tatgtgcagc ttttatgact tagtagataa actgctgatt gctaaatcat     77220
     ttacatttaa ttatcttttg tactaacaac atcctgtttc tccctgggaa aaaaggacta     77280
     agtggaagag gcaaacggcg gtcggactgg aattgttagc ggaggctgga aattactctg     77340
     cgctgcaaag gatgttccct tcaccgtatt tctaccctca aagcctggtg tcgaatctgg     77400
     accctggagc agcgctctac ttatacaggg gaccttcggc gcccccgccg gcgctgcagc     77460
     gtcctcttgt tccccggatt ctcctgcatg gtctccaggg cgccagcgag ccgccgccgc     77520
     ctctgccccc cctctccggt gtgttgccca gaccgacacc accgcgatga acggcacaat     77580
     tcagactctt ctaatacttg gcagctttga actccaccat caaacaaaca aacaaattaa     77640
     aacaagacta ttttactggt gacaaaatat tgaagatata tatgaggcca caagaacaaa     77700
     caagtgggct taagttattt aattatttat gtttcttatg ttttttaact tatatgttta     77760
     tatatatttt tgtttatccc aaatgttaaa tctgtaaaat aaaacaaaaa caaaccgtta     77820
     tacacctaat gcaataacgg gacttgacac taaagggaca ctttgttcat ttgacaaatt     77880
     aataatatta ttattattat tattgttatt attttgaact cttcagtatt acaaatgtga     77940
     attctaggtg agtccctgac gcaaattata tttaaatggt agattcatat ttaaatatcc     78000
     tgaaatcaaa tccaggtcac acgttaataa atcgtgggct ttgttgtgac tctctaaaat     78060
     gtacaaagaa aaagaggtgt aaataagaat attttgtttt atgttaaaag acaaatttcg     78120
     attttgtccc tctttttgta tcatagttcc aagccttacg ttaacaggtg acgtgtgcag     78180
     cacaggacaa atcagagcgt ctccactaaa tggaaaagaa actttaatga agaagtgtca     78240
     ctttttctgt ttgacactta aatgaacaag cagacagact ggacgtgatg gattattaat     78300
     cgattaatga tcgattattt tgtgctgctt ttaacgtttc tgtgttcctg cacaactgcc     78360
     agcagtatca ctttgatgtt gatggggaag cgccaagtgt tcgcccaggc attgtgcaat     78420
     aactctgtat aaagccgttg aaatatcttg tcattctttc tggtgaagct gtatattgag     78480
     aataatgatt tgtgaagtac tgattctcgt aattccaaat gattttcgtt cgtgcccccg     78540
     tgtgcttagc ggtgtgaact tcttgggaac tcttaaaaac tgctggatat gctggggagg     78600
     gtggtcttca agcaaggaga attactttta taaatgtgct aataaagatc tttcattaat     78660
     ttaccactga ctgggaatgt ggatgttccc tatacaaata cagacaacgc aattacactg     78720
     aactaacaga caatatagaa gatatgtcgg tggataatgc gcgtgccaca cttactcatt     78780
     aaaaaagcga ttacattgca acaataacat acaatctttg tattatttat tgcacaaaac     78840
     tatacatacc tgcgactagt gatgctaatt tgatttcact cttaaaatta aggtttcttt     78900
     gtgttaatga aataatttaa ttccacaaaa gctcctttat aaggggggaa ggattttaga     78960
     caaatattgt tcacaacaag acaaaaatgt tttttttttt cataaatgtt tgattcttta     79020
     accaaaatgc tttttcatgt gacaaccaat tttagaactt taatttttaa gagtgtagct     79080
     acataaaaga aaaacatttg gctctttaac aactgtacac ggatatataa ctcaatcatt     79140
     ccattttgcg taattcaaag atattccaga atttatctgt aattctacga taaataattt     79200
     aatgttcgta attcctggtt ctagtgggca aacactaaat gattgtataa ttttctaaat     79260
     gggttttatt tatattaacg tgatgtgaaa aaaatactcg tattaaatac tgctgaatat     79320
     tccatatgtg aaagtttcgt tttattttaa atgttttcgt cttaaagtta taagaaatta     79380
     ttaaatggaa caaaagatta tggacaaaat gaaaataaac caataaatac atctaacgtc     79440
     aagccaccgc tattaatgtg tccagattta cacagcaatt taattaaaaa gtagaagttt     79500
     gcttataaaa ataaacgtaa acaacgcgat ggcaatatca taaaactcga gctcagaaaa     79560
     ggctattgct ggcaaatgtg tttgaataat tttaaacacg actgtcagac actttgcgca     79620
     aacctcacac tatttggtta ccatcgtgga tttaatttgt cgaacctgcc ggagaaaaaa     79680
     aaaagttaat aagaatgtcg cacccaagga aagtgaacat tcaccacccc taacctttca     79740
     gaaacgcctg gagatttagg caacttaatt ctaccttcat attttaaagt ttaacgtgac     79800
     tacctcttat taataggtca cactttaaat atcattcttg atgtgaatca tacgagccgc     79860
     tttcaacaca cttgttcact ttattggcag catgataaaa aggaaatagg ctgagtctct     79920
     ctcactcaac acttgtcagc ctccattgtc tcatgttaaa cttaactgac acttttcttt     79980
     tttcttttct tttttttttt tgcgctgtgt cgtttagttt tcataaacaa tatgtgaatg     80040
     aaatattaat ggtcacctaa gtgtgtaatt gtttaagtgc cctaaatgat cccatttgga     80100
     aatggattgt ttccatatac tttcttgaga gtgttggttt gctgctcttt gccaagcggc     80160
     cccaacagct ggtcaccggg cagcgtggac tacgactcgg ctcagcgacg ggacatctgg     80220
     tcagcggcac gacaggagcc ccccttcaat ccccctccgc gagcctaaca ctgactttaa     80280
     cccaaccatg ggaccggtcc gtaaagctca gggtttaggg agcgctctga cagggcgtct     80340
     gaatgggata ttaacaagca gacaaaagac cttaatagct tttaattgaa cgtcgataac     80400
     gtgtgatcag tcgggctcct gcagcaaact ttcgcatagc acatgtcatc tccagtctcg     80460
     ttgctgggct cctgtccata aaccactaga ggaaagagag aaaaacaatt cactcaatta     80520
     ttattattag cttgttgagg tgggatttat ttagtttgct gtgtactttg caaaatcttt     80580
     ctgaaagaaa aacacaataa tacaaaatta acaatgtaaa caaaataaca ataatgcaaa     80640
     atacattcta aataaatctg ggctatttca acccacatct aagtaggata ttgacaaagc     80700
     aaagttaaac aagaataaaa aaaaatcata atgtacatat aacaatgata aaattttata     80760
     gcaatattac aaaatatatt ctaagaaatc tgcgctattt aacccaaatc agagtaaaat     80820
     atggacaaac ctaaactaaa cccgagctaa aataatatag ggctacatta aagttcatat     80880
     ttgacctgta tatagcttac aaaataataa aattcaatat ttatcacaca aagtgatata     80940
     attaaattaa cccagtattt aggtttgtat ttagtttccc ccatatttga aataactctg     81000
     aattattagc attaaaaaaa tagcagaatc atagacattc attaatattg cttcgatttt     81060
     attcaaacgt atacgtaaaa caacatgaat tcagatcaaa gattgcaatc atcacatctg     81120
     cacttgatcc aaaggagact ctgacccccc tcaatattta tgaaaagggt tattcttgcg     81180
     aagtgagcag ctgattgcaa gaaaagctcc tccgtcttgt taatagacgc agagattttt     81240
     gcatgtgaaa ggatagtggt aaatccctcg gctcttaccg cggattgtcc ccggctcagg     81300
     gttaatgaag tgcggataga gtctcgctga tctcccgaca aacaaaaaca caacacggag     81360
     agcttagagc cgcgggatca gtgactctga ttaagctcat tgactcagaa taaaaaccaa     81420
     acaaaacagc cttcagatga aattaagagt caatcaaagt gcaatttgca tcgtgatttg     81480
     gccgactgtc tttttcccat gtcttttttt gacgactgcc ttttttggtt taacagatga     81540
     aattcagtaa ggaacggaaa cagctgtcct ttatttactt cttttcaaga caataaaaca     81600
     tatgcaatgc tttgtgtata attaattaga tataatttat taatggaaaa tatgatgtga     81660
     tatataaatg tatgctaatc aacatattag acaaatgggt agatataaca ttaagcagaa     81720
     aaaacaggta gtcagatgaa aatatatata tagttgaaca aaaaccgtag cagacaaata     81780
     aaacgattgt aaattaattt aagttaaacc gtacagattc aagattttat ttcaatttac     81840
     tcaaatatta acgtgtaata ctacaaatat taatatgtaa ataagggacc aaaaacaaaa     81900
     tgaggttttt gagtgattta tactataaag atgtcctaaa attagaaata aatgcaatat     81960
     tgaatttaaa tgtaaatatt ttaatatttt gaatattatc gtaattattt ttcctgtttt     82020
     aaaagtaatg gacatgttta ttttttgcat aaatgttaca ctcataattt taccaatatt     82080
     ttgacatttt attttaacaa gggttattaa aaacagatat aaaaaagcaa tttagtagca     82140
     tttaatatac tatcagcata aaactgtaaa aaaataataa ttttaattta tataatattg     82200
     cataatgtga aataataaaa ataatctgtc caaaatgatc aacttaaatg catttttttt     82260
     tttaaatcaa tatttatcat gattgccctc tatgagtaat ctacataatc atcctggatg     82320
     tttggacgga gatctggaaa ctgggacagc aattgggcaa caggatcagt ggcacctgct     82380
     gcagggtcag gacacccgtg accctcaggg gaaggtgatt gggacacatt cactcacatt     82440
     tgtcctctgc ataaacttat ctggccatag agtgaagcag gggaagacag atggagttgt     82500
     acaaaatctg aatcagcaac acacagaaac atttagaaaa acaggaggta cagcaaaaca     82560
     atagaaagat atagaaacta gacagcgagc ggctcccaag gtacagtcct gcgtatcaaa     82620
     tccaatcctt gcctgaaggt atacgaaggg tggaggtaga aaggcctcca agataactca     82680
     gtaatcattc ctccaataaa acccaaagca tttctaaact tgggtcaggg gcaaaaggat     82740
     tgacatacca atctcgacaa ataatgaaaa cactcttctc gtagtctggg tagaggggaa     82800
     aaaaaggcat gagaagacag aacggtctac ttggaaaagc gcagtggaca tacagtaatg     82860
     tgcaagaatc ccctgcagtc agagataaca gtgatgttgg tcccagcagg ggccgatgta     82920
     aagaacactg gtattaggtg acaggatgat tatctaatca ataagggcgt atgttgtcgt     82980
     aaccccccct ccatcacaca gatgagcgaa caagagcagg actgtcccat gggaaaattc     83040
     actaggacat agacagttct aacaacatcc accctctcca ttaccctcac gctctacact     83100
     gccacctgat ggatgggaga aaaacaacac tgtggacaaa tagatattta ctttaagggt     83160
     cagttcaact ccaaaaacaa tcattcaaat gcttttgaga acagaaaagt ctttaatcta     83220
     gatttaaaga tgatgatgga aggtgcttgc cttattgacg gtggtctttc aaagccaatg     83280
     gccacaagct caatctctct tacatttaag tgtggatttg cagatacaga gcagatcctg     83340
     actggaagta tgaaagaatc tggtaggcgg atacatggtg tttgcattat taacaatgtg     83400
     ttgtctaata tgcacagact aatcatttct cttcataaga cctcagtgaa tcatcattag     83460
     ccacaggtat tcattttgtt ttgtaactga tggtgacttg cattttatga acaacaaagg     83520
     accacggttt aaactaaaat ccaccttcag gctaaaaaaa gacaattctg ccatcattca     83580
     atcagcattg tgtcgttaca aacataaaaa gacttttgtg caacacaagt aaagacatct     83640
     ttaataacat ctgagagatt tctgtctctt aattgatagt cgatttacac aactctaata     83700
     tacagttgag gtcagaatta ttagcccttc tctatatttc cccccatttt ctgttcaaca     83760
     gagagtagat tttttcaaca tatttcttaa cataatagtt tcaataaccc atttctgata     83820
     actgatttat tttatctttg ccatgatgac agtacataat atttgactag atacttttca     83880
     agatactagc attcagctta aagtgacatt aaaggcttaa ctaggttaat taggttaata     83940
     aggcaagtta aggcaagtta attagtcaag tcactgtgta atgatggttt gttcaaactg     84000
     ctaaaaattg cttttatttt agccaaaata aaataaataa tactttcttc agaagaaaaa     84060
     acattatcag aaatactgtg aaaaattcct tgctctagca taatttgaga aatatttgta     84120
     atagagggct aactctatat cataaaatta atccaacaat attcatttgg tttaatccaa     84180
     atcctctgaa gtcacatcat gatctctttg ttccatttcc agtcacctat aaacactaat     84240
     cagccaacga tcattcaaag ttggtcatgg aagctcatta atgctttcct tacacgagaa     84300
     ccaatgtggt tcttttcctg tgtgtcacac gacacattca agtttttgca agaaccaatg     84360
     aggcttgctc ttgtgtgtaa agcatgtata gacgatctta tgtttataaa tatgcactac     84420
     aggtcaaaag ttttggctgt gagatttgag gaaaatattt aattccgatt tcttttcgac     84480
     agatattgag attgcgattt gatttatgaa taaattcaaa ctgcaagcta atttgaattt     84540
     aattcaagct tcagctcaat aatctgtaag ccatggcaac aatacaaaac atacctgttt     84600
     atgttcggtg tctgtaactt actcctatat aacaaatgct gtttttcttt gatattaatc     84660
     tgtctagtga tattaagaag cattcacgcc atcatgcctc ttgtcagcac tgtttgtttg     84720
     tttgttttcc ttttttttat tgtgggcata gttcagttgc gcaattctga ttgggcagaa     84780
     tgaaagtgtg ctcactcaat tggctaatta taaagcccgg tcagatcaca cgatttcggc     84840
     gcgatttcct tgacacgtaa ggtgtcatgg ggagtcgtaa atgacaaatg tacgtcgtga     84900
     cataagattt aatagtttct tcttgtgtaa tgttgcatag tgcacgacaa ccgataccat     84960
     gtctgcgaag catatagact ggtattgaag cgcttcacca cagatgttat ttgctaatct     85020
     tgctttcaaa tgtacatatt ttttatattg cagcctactg caattaacta atcgcaacat     85080
     ttcaaatggc gattgcgatt tgattacaat taatcgcaca attctagtca gtatgatttt     85140
     taaatgtttt aaaacaagct tattttgctc accaagaccg catttatttc atcaaaaata     85200
     cagtacaaat tgtaaaatgt tattgcacga taaaataact gtttaaaagt agtttatcat     85260
     ttaatttaat catttattcc agtgatttta aagatgaatt catagcttca ttactccagt     85320
     cttcagtcac atgatccttc agaaatcatc atcatcatca tcatcattat tattattatt     85380
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttaagggttt tagtaataaa     85440
     agcaataatg actggagtaa ttatttcatt tgaaacaaca tacaataaga aagcagttat     85500
     ttacaatttt aataaatatt taacaattca tttattttct tgtcggctta gtccctttat     85560
     taatccgggg atcgccacag cagaatgaac caccaactta tccagcaagt ttttacatag     85620
     cggatgccct tccagccgca acccatatct gggacacaca cacacacaca cacacattca     85680
     cattcacaca cacacacaca cactatggac aatttagccg acccaattca cctgtaccgc     85740
     atgtctttaa actgtggggg aaaccggagc acctggagga aacccacacg aacgcaggga     85800
     gaacacgcaa actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgagccgag gctcgaacca gcaacccagc     85860
     gaccttcttg ctgtgaggca acagcactac ctactgcgcc actgcttcgc ctatttaaga     85920
     atttaccttt ttttttatta catttaataa ataacgcctt gatgagcaga ataataatat     85980
     taaaaaaact agaaaaaaga agaaactgac cccaaacttg tgacaagtag tgtatgtacc     86040
     aaaatgaaat atccatcata tatagtgtag ggaacatgta accttctaat aatcatttca     86100
     caaattgtaa tgcataatag tgttctttca cttgatcaca acaaattagt ccttccaatt     86160
     ctctgtatct aatacatccg acatccacac gtgtcaattt ggtcaaaatc cactcatata     86220
     caacttgttt gttccagttt gatgaaatgt gataccaatt ttacactttt acggtcaaaa     86280
     gcttgtgctc tccaacacct tcacatcaca ctcatgtgtg ccacaatgta ttacacatgc     86340
     gcagtagaaa agtaactaaa attactttga acaataaaca ataaaatatg gctcttacat     86400
     atattaattg tatctcttta gatgatttga aaaaaactcc agatctactg tatattttga     86460
     tgtctttatt ttaaagttgg gttgaattta cttttgggac agatacattt cagatctcac     86520
     tgaataccta aagatgtatt tgtgctttga acatgaacaa aagtataata ggtatgaatt     86580
     gactttggta tgagtaaatg atgaccggat tttcattcca cagtgaacta accaacatct     86640
     ttaataatga gtattgttgg tttttctact agaaaaccct ctcagaattt cgactactgc     86700
     aacactgtcc caatcccacc atacagtatg tacatatgaa gtagttcttc tgtgtttggg     86760
     ctcatttaaa gtggattagg tttgagaaag aggaactttc tggagaacct cagtgcaccc     86820
     ctgggtcaga tcggtggacc cggcgagccc ctgagtctca taaacataaa ggaaggaata     86880
     ggtatgaata aaggatgagg aagggtatac atgtattttt aacagccttc tgtgtgaagc     86940
     ctggcaggag aatgcatttt ggctttctga gggggaaggg ggcaaaggga ggggtgggca     87000
     atgtgtttgt atttgtttta ttttttcgtc ttttgtgtta ttgtgtagaa tgcggctgtg     87060
     tggagtgcca gactgacact tgggtgacga atgtaatata tgaatggctc tatttttttt     87120
     agatacttat gtatatatac agtatgtaca tacaaatgtg ggtcaaagac gaaaaaaaaa     87180
     aaagattttc aagcataatg cagctttaca tactgtctct tttcagcaaa ttagcatgtt     87240
     tcaagtataa ttgagctttt aatgagtaaa aaataatgac taaaacaaga acactaataa     87300
     taattattat tcattaattc atttattttg ttttcggctt agtcccttta ttaatcagag     87360
     gtcgtcacag cggaatgaac cagcaactta tccagcatat gttttacgca gcggatgccc     87420
     tttcagtggc aacctttcac tgggaaacat ccatacacac tcatacactg cggaaaattc     87480
     agcctatcca attcttctat accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc agagccaccg     87540
     gaggaaaccc acgcgaacac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgat     87600
     ccagccgaag ctctaaccag cgacttcctt gcttagaggc gattgtgcta cccactgcgc     87660
     cactgtgctg ctcccatccc tacaggcaca ggacgtcata ttgacgttgt gccccaaagt     87720
     tgtggggacg ttggattttg tttggaagtg aaaatcgggt tgacgtcaga acacaaaaac     87780
     aggcccatgt caatgtctaa cgttcaacct aaaatcaact taaaataaat caaacatcaa     87840
     tgcctaatca tgttacacct tgaagttgtg tggattttac cactgcactg caaaaaatgc     87900
     ttttcatact tagatttgtt gtcttgtttc tagtccaaat atctaaatat tcctaaatca     87960
     agatgaattt tctaggcaag caaaacatat tgtcttgttt tgagaaataa tatgccgaaa     88020
     ttaagtgagt ttttccttaa aacaagcaaa ataatctgcc aatggggtaa gcaaaaaaaa     88080
     aaatcttacg tcaaaagaaa aaacaagatt aatttgctta ccccattggc agataatttt     88140
     gcttgtttta aggaaaaact tgcttaatat tggcatatta tttctcaaaa caagacaata     88200
     tgttttgctt gtctagaaaa tcctttatga tataagaaat tttagatatt tgcactagaa     88260
     ataagtaaaa aaatctaagc aagaaaagca ttttttgtag tgtgtgacat ctatcagatg     88320
     ttggattttg ggcccttttt ccaacacaac ctaaaatcaa ccaaatatga ccgttattgg     88380
     acatcaaaat aacgttgtcc ttgacactgg caagacattg aactttgttc acctgacgtc     88440
     atgacctaaa tctaatctaa ttttaatgtc ttatgatgtt gtgtgcctga tacataagct     88500
     catttatgct atcatacttg taaactatac ctatgaaaat aaccaatcaa gcaaggcttt     88560
     aagaccaaac ggaatcctgt gttggctgat gctttggtgt aacttccctt tctgaagtgc     88620
     caaatttggc gcccaaattc tgaatgagga aagttgtatg tgctggccag tttgttattt     88680
     gcctaataaa tgacagtagg ctacagtttt taattttaaa ctttaacaga ttgctatttt     88740
     ttcctatgtt tcccagtgat gggttgcagt tggaagggca tccgctgcgt aaaacatatg     88800
     ccggataagt tggcggttca ttccactgtg gcgaccccag actaataaag gggctaagcc     88860
     gaaaagaaaa tgaataaatg aatgaatgaa tattttttct aagagtataa gatgtaagaa     88920
     atttgtaatt taaaataagt attgttttta tatttcttta atttaaatct ttgggaaatg     88980
     tttttggtac atctaaacat gtggtttgat gaccatgcga caagctaatc cagcaaagaa     89040
     atgtttaaaa tgtcactata atgcaggatt taaaccacgc aattcactag aaaattattt     89100
     gagtaactgc aaaatggtcc acttttcatc aggctaaatg aacagttcaa ctaaaactga     89160
     aaatcaccac atgctttact tacactcaaa ccattctctg tgtacatgac ttacttcagt     89220
     ctgttaaaca cagtcagagt cgttttaaat tttattctga atcttcaatg ctggatttgc     89280
     tcttcagtgt ttggactttc agcaatgaaa tttaaaccac actgaaccaa agattataga     89340
     atacacaaga catgtcactc gtatactttt gaatagggaa aaaagtcact gtcaatatgg     89400
     caaatgaagc cccacctgct agtacaggag tcaatcagcg attgctatat agtaaataaa     89460
     gcccaccttc tagtacagta gccaaacagc gatcgctata aaatgacatt cagccggaga     89520
     tgaggctctg accagacatg agtttctgca cattttgtgt gatacgaaca tttagaaatg     89580
     aaactaaata gacagttgtt gtttaatttt attggttatt cttaaaatga aatgtaatcg     89640
     taagtttggc aagtagtttt ggagaatttt atgtttctcc attcaaacag aatgcccgag     89700
     catactgccc gagaggcttt tcaaagtgaa atgactagcc ttaaagcagg ggtcaccaat     89760
     cccggtcctg gagggccggt gtccctgcag ggtttagctc caacttgctt caacacacct     89820
     gcctggatgt ttcaagtata cccagtaaga ccttaattag cttgttcagg tgtgtttgat     89880
     gatggttgga gctaaaatct gaaggacacc ggccctccag gaacaagttt ggtgaccact     89940
     gccttaaagg gactgactga actgaactga actctgaaaa ccgaactgac acattttcaa     90000
     ttgactagaa cttttatgtt aagctgcctt aaaacaatct acattgtaaa agtgctatag     90060
     aaataaacac gaacttaact gaattgaatt gaaatgtaat ggtgttggat agtggcttct     90120
     attttgaagc ttctaaaagt atacatacag taaatccatc ataaaactca cgcacacacc     90180
     atcatttcaa acttttagat tcaaaactca aatctctgat ttccggcagc tgtggaattt     90240
     aagacacatg atgcatgaag catctgtaat aaaaattctg ggattagact tgtctcgcag     90300
     gaaccactta caaaacaaga aagctagttg gcttggcttt actgcatgag gttatatagt     90360
     agttatatta cccttactat gctgtatctt acatcaatgc attatacaca tttgaaaaat     90420
     gttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt gctgtttgtt caaatagttt atttaaaata     90480
     tggggattat acctttttaa gatgacaaga catttttgtt taagaattca gctggaattg     90540
     atcaacggtt cattgctgtg tctgcattta gagaaaagtt gaactacagt gactaaaatc     90600
     taactagcaa aaataataaa tgatcttttc cagaattaat cttgcctgcg gctgtttgta     90660
     gaaggaccta tagatcatat tctctatcaa atttgtttta acttttcttc acttaccaaa     90720
     agatacaatc taggcatgtt taactacata tacagtatga tcattaatat aaataaatta     90780
     tgacattttt tgaatttgta tggttttgga tttagttttt tttttttttt ttttttttca     90840
     aactattatt tcagtaagct gtgcaaacac tacactttgc tctggtcgac actggacgtg     90900
     ttctgctaac tgataaatta gatttaccaa aactaaaact gaaactaaat ataaaaaaaa     90960
     ctaaatatat atgtattcac aaaacaaata caaaaactaa aactgacaaa ccactaatgt     91020
     aatgaactaa aactaaacta agctgcacag caaattaaaa aaatatattc cgaaataaaa     91080
     agaagtttaa aaatgcaaaa ccataataac ctgatatata tatatatata tatatatgat     91140
     atatatgata taatatatat ttatatatta tttacaacat tcattcatca ttagtttcct     91200
     tcggcatagt ctctatttta gagattgcca cagcagaatg acgcttccag tattggcaaa     91260
     cacccataca gactcatcca cacacacact aatacattac ggacaattta gtatattcaa     91320
     ttcccatgca tgttttctga ctgtggggga aaccggagca ttcggaggaa acccacgatg     91380
     acacggggag aacatgcaaa cttcacacag aaatgccaac ttgaccttct tgctgcaaag     91440
     gcaacagtgc taacctttgt gccaacatgc tgcaaatttt agataacata tagatagata     91500
     atatatgctt gatttaaaac taaaagtgtc aaaagagcag gtgtggtgaa gatgctttgt     91560
     tagaaattgt ttaatattcg cacaggggag acacattgca catctattta cattcatttg     91620
     atgcttttta gttctttagc agcatatact tttgtgatgc ataacaacac ttataacctt     91680
     aagactgacc gagatcatct gtgggccgca gaggctgagc agaggaagta gaaaggcatg     91740
     ctgagtgtta tttacttgtt tcaaatggct cataatggac tctccatgca gtgagaaaac     91800
     ccttgactcc tcattctcca cccaggaccc tcaggaacag tccggcagat gcctaactga     91860
     gccatgactt caggccagtg cagagagcag aggctaacag ggaaatgatg gagtgcctga     91920
     ccagctgaag agagaaagag aagagagcag attagccaag ccaacgctca gtgtgtttgc     91980
     atggacaaca atgttccatc attaacatga ttaagacaat actcttttta agaatctacc     92040
     gtgtaaacca aaatgtttga ttatatttaa ggggtagttc acccaaaaat gaaatgtatg     92100
     agaacatttt ttgaccctcc acttgtttta aacctgtttg aatttctttt taacacaaag     92160
     cccaaaggca gatatattga agaatattgt aaaccagcag ccaatgactt tcagaatttt     92220
     tctttggttg ttgtcattca taccaccata ctgccaacgt ctgcacattc tgagcattct     92280
     tcagaatatc tagttttgtt ttcaaccgaa aaaagaaata cataaaagtt taaaaccact     92340
     tgagtgtgag aaaatttcaa gtactttcta aagtcacatg aagtaaggac aatgtaaagc     92400
     attcctattt tagccacttc ataatattgc gatattgaca tgtacacact ttaatcacac     92460
     tattactgtc tctaggacgt tttgccacat tttacgacag gatttattca cacagcaaat     92520
     gagcattatg gcttcccaca tttgtaccct ctgacttttg tttgcataat attgaatggc     92580
     caataattaa agggatattt ggccaaaaag aaaaaaaatt actcaccctc aagtggttcc     92640
     aaactattat gagtttccgt tttctgttaa acacaaaatt ggctattttg caacttccac     92700
     agtaggaaaa atgaaaatag agggaagata acagttatgg gtttacaacg tttgttttaa     92760
     ataacttatt ttgtgttcaa cagaaaactc aaacagtttt gtgacaagtg aatggtaaag     92820
     aaatgatgac ttaactttca gttttggata aactttcata attctggagc ttttgtgaaa     92880
     caactaaaac tgcatatggt actgtaagaa tgtaaaaata tacagtttgt atgttgatac     92940
     atgaacgtca catggtgtta tgtggggcta taatgaagtg tgccaataat taatatatgt     93000
     actataaaaa ttaaaacatg aacattaaag aaatattcta tatgcaactc atgtaaacta     93060
     atcatactgt catattcaga ataaatttat tcatgggtta aatgggtttt tcatatacat     93120
     tatcctacaa atatcactat atactatatg taaagcagtg tttacaatgc agaattgctg     93180
     gatgattaaa aaaacattat tagcatgatg gtgtaaaagc tgtacttttc ttaccacctt     93240
     atgccactta aaccaaagac agaaataagt gtagtcagaa tagcaaaata atatgtgaga     93300
     gagcaaaaat acagagcatc agttagaaga atagaccctt tcagtatagt gatgacacaa     93360
     taaaatgctt attagcttcc taaatattta cagtcttgaa tatttagatt tttcaaaacc     93420
     tatatacatt tataaagctt tatttttatt atataatctt tgcatctgat tactaataaa     93480
     ccagttaatc cttatgtggg tatatgtgtt tccaatgcag agcctacggg caggacagta     93540
     catatgacat tcttctctct tctatctgcc attaccattc attcattcat tttcttgtca     93600
     gcttagtccc tttattaatc cacggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc     93660
     aagtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc cgcaacccat ctctgggaaa cttccattac     93720
     cagtgtcaca caatgtcttt ccccttttta aaaacattgt tttgaattga ttcattattt     93780
     aattaaaggt aaagtttata aaaatggctg aatgaatctg atagagcgaa cactaaccta     93840
     cgtattattc agtcactaga tggtgtcaaa cagtcaaaaa cagaggcgga gtgaaactat     93900
     tgactgacag tcaagatgat ttgaagtacc tggatgagcc agtgttattc agtggttgtt     93960
     acctcggatt aacatatctt ttagtataaa acacttaaat taaacaattg aaaaagaatg     94020
     ctgatcaaaa taacactttc agagacttac cagttattgt gcaattatga gtgtgctcca     94080
     aacagatgac ttgcttgaca aactacctgt aggttacact ccatatccac cagacatttt     94140
     ataatcaaca ctctatgttt ttggaaaaac atttaattta ttattttttt ggcttcatac     94200
     aagttagtag gcttaactaa ccatcaataa gtgacactct ttattcctct ccatatgcac     94260
     caggaacctt acaagcaccc catgcttctt ggaaaacttt gtgcaatttt gagtgtgctc     94320
     cattcaggtg agtgggcttt ttttatctta gttagatttt cagtgggatt tttgcaaccc     94380
     aggttcattt tgaaaacgta ccgctatata catttctgga gagtgccaaa tatgtcccag     94440
     gaggtactct tttttgcagt ttttgttttt acaaatcaac cagaggccgc tgtgtacact     94500
     ttttgtagat ctcaaatttc tctcgtgagt gccatttacg tctgctgttc tggtataaat     94560
     ctaccaaagg ccactgtcta ctgactgact gacccaccct cttccttccc taaacccaac     94620
     caatagtgtt ttcaaaagca ccgattgacc tacccacttc tctaaactca accacagtgt     94680
     tttaaaaagc aatccagaaa aaaagccttt gattgattta taccacattt tcaaacttta     94740
     ccacattctc actgtgttat ttacatgttt tttggcttct gtttttgtct tacttgcttt     94800
     ctggaaccgt tcttcaccgc acatgaacag tggagccccc aaaaattttt cttaggggtg     94860
     gccaagtaaa gcaataccaa atcttgggct ggcacacaaa acaataatga atattgtata     94920
     tatcgtgaat aatgagtaat ggtatatttt tgtttctggt aaattaaata atgaagtctt     94980
     gaaatattgc agtttattcc ttgaaataat tcagcaagta cacgtgcaaa ccaaatacaa     95040
     accaatttaa gcttacttta aaaacaccag ttatttttca catactttta ttgtacagaa     95100
     tacagtatat gctatttcta aaattaaagg agattaatga aggaattaat aaatcaaata     95160
     ataaaacaaa caaattaaca aactaagaaa aatacattac acacacacac acacacacac     95220
     acacacacac acacacacac ttacagaccc taatactata atttatccat gctccttttt     95280
     gagccacaat atattaatac acactgttgt tttgatgtac ctttttgcaa aatacacccg     95340
     aaaaatcatt gagatttttg gcccttttaa gtcaaccagc aaaatactgc agttgctaaa     95400
     taaactagat tctgaaaacc cgatttcaaa atgcatttat ttatttattt tattattatt     95460
     attattatta atattattat aacttttcat ttaaaaaata ataatttctt aataaaaagt     95520
     gtgcaatctc agtgaatcag cctcatcggt ggcgctgatc aaacaataac ttaatggccg     95580
     cattttttaa ttaattaatt tatttattta cttattgaaa tattgtaaat gtgtgtaagt     95640
     acattaaatt aataatatca acaactaaat cctattgggg tggccacagg ggtgacccct     95700
     tgggggcgcc tctgcacacg aacccttatg tcataagtct gctgacattc atggcaaact     95760
     actggacaaa ctaataacag cgggaaagcc gtccatacaa aggtaagctg tcagctggta     95820
     gcgtgaaaag gaacagcatc ataccatcat gtagcgttca ttttaaagac aaactagcta     95880
     tacttacttc tggatacata atttgcaatc tccagaaatg tatatagggc tatgttttgt     95940
     gcgcctatgt tgcattttgt tttgtttttt acacctaact taaaaacatt aattaatgtt     96000
     aattaattaa taacctaaac tcatcataac attaatatac agctgctctt ctcacttata     96060
     attcgcctca cttataattc gctttggata aaagcaaatg aataaatgta cagtaaatgt     96120
     gtcaatcagg cacccagttg ctggtaaatt ccttattttt ccatttaaca gccatttttc     96180
     actgacttta caaggtggtt atcaatccta aaatgacggg agccctctga ctaggtaaag     96240
     aaagaaagat ggaaaggaaa ggattagcca agcttacact gacagagatt ccccatttcc     96300
     aacaagtcac tcgcggttag agtaaagcag cagtaacgct gtctgacaat ttgtggggga     96360
     agccacagcg tagattccct attaacaaac gcacacttga tcatcagaga agctgatatt     96420
     ataaatattt acatacttca gagagacgtg aattgtctgg cagatcagaa tgcagatctt     96480
     catggcgcta aagaggcaat ggcagcttct tctctgtcgg cttcccacat ttgaagtcag     96540
     ttgagagtgg caaacggcag aaaagatgga aaagcaagat ggcatgtaag actctcagac     96600
     gggcgggaaa aaaggcttca aatggttatc aataaaatag tctgtgccag gcgctgcagt     96660
     ttaacctgtt tagcgtgttg ggcttctgct aacgggccgt gacgtgtgct gtgcatgggt     96720
     tcagtctctt catgcctgtc ttcacaaagc tccctgtcgg tttgaagagt tcacagcttc     96780
     tcctcacaca ggtgagagtc cctttggagt cccacagact tcagcacaag acatgacata     96840
     aaacaagagc ctctcacacc cggcagaaga aaaacagaca cttaaaaggg gcagagagtg     96900
     actcgctgaa gctacacttc ttgatttgat gggtcttgcg agaaatgcag tggccaatgc     96960
     atatgaggtg ttttactgtg ctcttcagtt gtatgtgcag aggggtgaaa ttcaagagta     97020
     caatgagatg gcatttgaat ttgcaatcac agctttaaaa ggaaagtgtt aactacgata     97080
     gtaattcaga taggcctaat tattgttttc atatgttttg tcagtagtga atggtattta     97140
     gaagaatata tttaataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata     97200
     taatataata taatataata taataataca attttccagt gtacaatttt ttttattaat     97260
     aataataaaa ataataatat tatgtatagt gttatggaaa aatattaata tattattaat     97320
     aataatttga ttagcattac atcaataaat aaaatcatca aaattatatt gatatgtttg     97380
     aatatttttt taatctttca ttctttcatt cattttccct ttggcttagt tcgtatattc     97440
     atcagggttc cccacagcgg aatgaaccgc caactttgcc agcaaatgtt ttacacagcg     97500
     gatgcctttc cagctgcaac ccagtactgg gaaacatcca tacacactca ttcacacata     97560
     tgctggataa gttggtggtt cattgtactg tggcgacccc agattaataa agggactaaa     97620
     agctattaag ttcttaataa caataatttg gtttacctta cattaatata taaaaacatc     97680
     aatattgaca ggtttagaat gcaatgtact ttaatatctg ttattaattt tggcttaccg     97740
     ctgcagaaaa taaaaaaatg aaatgtttat ttttttaatt atattttgct gttacacaca     97800
     aaccataata ttaataataa tatttagtgt aatggaaaaa tataataatg ttcgtgtaat     97860
     ggaaaaatat aacaataata gtaataataa taatgtttat ataataataa ttttcttttt     97920
     taacttttgt aatgaacatg acattaacaa ataaaacatc aaaatttata ttgtttaaaa     97980
     tattgttgct gctacacaca aataataata ttcatcatca tcatcatcac tatcagtcat     98040
     aaaaaaaatt aaatcaagat tcaaacccac tggtcatagt tgtgacagtg tctattctct     98100
     tatttctata agtagaattt ctggaaggag ttgatcatga cgagagagtt taagtccgga     98160
     gaagaatggt tctagaaagc aggtaagaca aaaacagcag ccaaaaagct aaataaacaa     98220
     gtaaataaca ggataagaat gtaaaaatgt ggtagaaatc aggcaagggc ttttcttttt     98280
     ctgcattgct tttgaaaaat ctgtgctttt gaaaacacta ttggttggga ttagggtaga     98340
     agaagggtgg gtcagtcgat cgatcaatca gtcaatcatt cagtcagtca ttcagtcagt     98400
     cagtccgtcg acagcagcct ctggtggaaa agagtaggca caaatggcac ttgtgagaaa     98460
     aagtttagat cttaaaaagc atacacagcg gcctcttgtg gattcgtaaa aactgcaacg     98520
     tacagtaggg acatatttgg tgcactccag aaatgtatat agcggtgcgt ttttagaatg     98580
     agcctgggtg aaagtgttgt tgtcagctct gagcaagaaa caaaactttt aaatgaaaaa     98640
     gaaatgttta attaaataaa tcaatgtcac atgatcagat caactgcaaa acatcctgct     98700
     tggtcataga agatgcaaga ggtcaagata tgtcaaaatt gtgactggta tactattacc     98760
     aaatgaaaac aactgcaaat cggactatgc cgtttccgac cagtccctat tgtcatctaa     98820
     acctaattta accaacatca tatcaaagga ggtgtggggt tcaaaaggag gtgtattagg     98880
     aaggcctaag gaataaaatg catattctca aaatgcaaga aaaaaaaagt aggattattt     98940
     caaatatgac aggacaagct aaaataaaat ctactattta gataaaaatc agtgggtgaa     99000
     ttccttaaat tcactaaatt ccaatgttcc catttccctc tagtaacaat ttaaatgtgt     99060
     atttataacg ggtgaaggtg ttgagttaga gagagaataa agccagcagt ggagcctgga     99120
     gagcagcatt gtgtgtttgc caggactgtg gcattagtct catggctgga gagtgtgaca     99180
     ccggctcagc tctctttgat ccagcacaga ggcacatctc cactgacctg agtgtgccaa     99240
     gactgagtgt tcaacctccc acaacactgc tttacaattc acaccaacac acctgttcaa     99300
     cacacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaatgtaa acatattagc atgcacacat     99360
     accatatacg cacacaacac aaacagcctg tcacttatac catcgtcatt cattcttaaa     99420
     tttaaatcct gcgcaaactt tataaaatat acacaagaag tggtggttaa ttggctgaca     99480
     ccttgtctac accgtgtcta caaaagcaga tgtgctctgg aagctgtcta cacaccggac     99540
     gcggacgttg cggtgcattg cgacagatga cggacgcccc gtttctattt ttgacgcagc     99600
     gctcagctat tcctcccact tcattgtcct cgcgtgtcgg aagtgaaatg atcttattta     99660
     caaatataca tatttgtgtg tggattgatg ggtgggaatt ttatcctcca taatgtatat     99720
     ctggctcttt ttttttgctt tctggcctac taatttaagg catcttttga ttgtagcctc     99780
     atgcatttaa agtagtttta agcagttgta aattgtgtca atgatttaaa gtattttgca     99840
     ttcatttaca tggatttaca ttcacaataa tgtagaattt aaccaagccg tttatctaat     99900
     ttagcgttac ttaagtttga agcagatcag aggtgtatat tttcagctta agctgatctt     99960
     cagcacaata tggcttcagt ctttgccact gcagatactt taaatgttgt gaaaggaata    100020
     ataatataat aatgataaaa tattacagtt attgttactg tattgtcaag ctacagtgta    100080
     aaaaatatct gttaattaac aggtcgttta catggtgttt tctgattatt tacggttgtg    100140
     aattgcatta tgggagtgta agattgaaaa ttatcatatg catttgttta tatggcaaaa    100200
     catatctttt tcaacaaaga aggtcaatac tgactcaaaa gccagatact gataagatca    100260
     gggcctggtg tgtggacttt tagggtttaa gatgtgatca catgaaaaca agtgcaaatt    100320
     tgactgtgct gtttcccacc agtcaccaac ataacatcaa aggaggtgtg gagttcaata    100380
     ggaggtgtgt taggaaggcc tataaggatg catattctct aaatgcaagg aaaaaaatct    100440
     aggattatta aaaatatgac atgacaagat aaaaaaatct actatttgga caaaaatcag    100500
     tgggtgaatt tgataaaatc acaaaattcc aatgttccca tttccctagt agcaatttaa    100560
     atgtacattt caagagttca cacttagata ttgcttcaca actgtaagca ggtttggcat    100620
     gctgtcccag gagagaaccc tgagctcgaa gatagttgag cccagggctc ccgccaggtc    100680
     catagagcat gtaaggggag tacaagatca ggtggttctc gagagctccc cttttttgta    100740
     taggagaaaa ggaggagaaa gggggtggat agggggtttc ttcggaaaac gaagataagg    100800
     gagtaatatc tagctaggct acttatagtg agttaggata gatctcattg gctaactaat    100860
     gagtgtagat aggtggccag ctgcagtcaa ttatatcacg tgctcctctc gaaattagtt    100920
     taaaaacttc acttataact ggtcaaggtc ttgagttaga gaaagaataa agccatcagc    100980
     agtggagcct ggagaacatg ttttttcacc aaagaaggtc aattctgact ccaaagccag    101040
     atactgataa gatcagggcc tggtgtgtgg acttttaggg tttgagattt gttcacatgt    101100
     tgattggtca gtttgaatgt ctcagcattt gggctttggt cacacggtca agaaaaatat    101160
     aaaatagttg gtaaactttg ctctgcctct tttcctgcac tgctcctctc ctgccctgga    101220
     ggctttctga atctactgct atcaggatct ctttgaggtc tacttactgc tctttgcccc    101280
     tctctttctt aggtaacttt attctaaatt taagctgggt gcaattatta tcatatatta    101340
     ttatcatttc atattttatt attttataca gttatttgta aataattcag ttgtaaccat    101400
     atagtcagtc tttaaatcat cttcatttca agcatttgtg aattactttt gatttaacat    101460
     caatactcca cttatttgct ccattttgca atacaatgca cagtattcac gatcatacgg    101520
     ataacatttt agtcactcgg caaaactaca gtttaaaccg ctgtagttat gctagttttt    101580
     attacccctt tataaactat accaacattt accatttaca gcagatgttt attgtcttgt    101640
     cgacagacat tctatcgctc cacactctaa acttaattaa ggatatatgt ttttccacaa    101700
     aaattacaaa atgaccaaaa ttaaacagtt ttgttgaaat ctaattatga acatatttat    101760
     aacttatagt ataacttgag acagactgat gaatccaatt atgatatgag aatggttatg    101820
     aggccatgat ggacggaggc cagtgtgcaa atttggccag gatgccggga ttaaacctca    101880
     ctcattttct aaggacatct tgggattttt taatgactac agagagtcag gacctcggtt    101940
     taacgtctca tctgaaagac ggtggcgtat gaggagattc cctcaaaaaa tgtgcaaagc    102000
     tctttgagtg ttcagaaaag cattatatac atgtaaggaa ttattattat tatattatta    102060
     ttattatagt ttcgtattga ttttaaaata ttgcttctta taaagcttta aataatctag    102120
     ctcctgttta tctaaccaac ctcctgtctc tctacaatgc aacccgctca ttaagatttc    102180
     aaaactcagg gctactggtt gtacctagaa tggcaaagtc aagtaacgga ggttaagccc    102240
     tgtcatgtat ggctcctaaa ctctggaata gccttcctga taatgtctga ggctcagaca    102300
     cactctcgca gttcaaaact agattaaaga cctatctttt tagcatgcaa tcagtgcatc    102360
     acttagcggg atgatacatg attgtgcccc atgcaggctt taattccata aatgaattaa    102420
     agccaatgat aagggcaaaa gatagggcac tcttggaaaa acaatgcata tgatctgatg    102480
     tgaggaaaag caacagtaaa gaacggagac gcaacagata gtgaagacaa cagaagagca    102540
     atgaaaggta agaacttgag tctggaaagc aagaagcgag tgaaggagag tatggggtaa    102600
     gatagactac gagatagaag atctgcagag acaaggctga gcagaatgaa aggtcaggac    102660
     aaaacccaca gctattattt cactcatatg gagcagcaaa caaacacttc aacaatacac    102720
     agcaaaggca ctgctgtggg tcctcggtaa ttactgctat cttaaggagc cgctgaggcc    102780
     tcggagtgag agaatagacc cgacgttcag acaaaaaggc cgaaaggaga gcagggtgat    102840
     ctccgatatc tcgacctaca gctgccagca acatctctat ctctatgact ctaaggttac    102900
     ccccatgcac acacactcag ttatcagaat gtcattttga gcattgtctg tgtattttag    102960
     gccaggccag agctaaagtg atgctctttg gtgtttaaaa tacacattaa agggatattt    103020
     tcattcattt attcattttc tttttggcta agtcccttta ttaatctggg atcgccacag    103080
     cggaatgaac caccaaccta tccagcattg atttacgcag cggatgccct tccagctgca    103140
     acccatcact gggatacatg cacacacatt cattcacact catacactac ggacaattta    103200
     gcccacccaa ttcaccaata gcacatgtct ttgtacttgt ggaggaaacc gcatgaaccc    103260
     acatgaacac ggggaggaca tgcaaacttc aagggatatt ttgcttaaaa taaaaaaagt    103320
     acagttcatt tactcaccct cagaacacac aatgtactat aggtgacttt tttcttcaga    103380
     gatgcacatc tgcatacctc ggttgtaatg agtggttatt tgagtgacca ttgcctttcg    103440
     atcagctcaa atcagtctgg ccattctcct ctgacctctg gcatcaacaa ggcatttaaa    103500
     atgccattca ctgcgtattt tctctttttt agaccattct ctgtaaacac tcaagatggt    103560
     tgtgtgtgaa aatcccagta gatcaacagt ttctgaaata ctcagaccag cccgtctgat    103620
     gcttggtttg aactgcagat cgtcttgacc atgtctacat accaaaatgc attgagttgc    103680
     tgccatgtga ttgcctgatt agaaatttgc attaacaagt atctaataaa gtgacgagcg    103740
     agtgtatgtt gtactaataa tagaagcaaa ctaatcttaa gtcaaaagga aaacaagatt    103800
     attgtgattt ccctgttggc tgattattta gcttgtttaa ggaaaaagtt acttaatttt    103860
     gacattattt cttaataaag gacaataagt tttgcttgtc tagaaaatgc ttcttgattt    103920
     gagaattgtt tgatatttgt tctagaagca agacaaaaag tcagagtaag aaaagcattt    103980
     gtttgcagtg caacgtcttc aatcacctga gggtgagtaa aataactgca catttttcat    104040
     tttgggagaa ccatcctatt aatgacatta attttgtggt tcttctccag tcaaatcctc    104100
     tcaaaccgag gaaaaacttg gaatattctt ggaaatatat cagtgttggt gttaatgggc    104160
     cataaaacaa gaaatgacta atcttttttt cttcctcagt caacaggatc aagaaccata    104220
     tcagccataa cataaatcat tcaggttggt aaactaattc aaataagtca ctaaaaagaa    104280
     ttgacttaaa ctacatataa atatacagat cagttcactt gtgtttttag atgtgcaaaa    104340
     ttgggtacta ttaactaatg tccagcaaat atcaaaagga tttcctcatg atacaaactg    104400
     acagaaatgc agctacattt ggacacctcc cagatgattg gatttaggtg ctgtggcgag    104460
     atgtttctgt tttgtaatat atattatatt cactacctga caaaagtctt aaaataatgt    104520
     caaattctgc cacctaacaa aaataatgta cagtatagaa taaaaagtca tggtgcagtg    104580
     gaaaagaatg aatattgtgt atgactctca taagcttgga ggactgcatt catacatctc    104640
     tgcaatgact caaataactt attaataaaa tcatctggaa tggcaaagat agtgttcttg    104700
     caggactccc agagttcatc aagaatcttt agattcatct tcaatgcctc ctccatctta    104760
     ccccagtcat gctttataat gttcaaatat ggtgactggg ttggccaact ttgcttttag    104820
     aaactttgat gtggaggctg aagtataagc gctatactgc tgaatatttt gcccccttcc    104880
     gtggttaatt tgctaatggg cagcacaaat gtcttgatat ctttgttgat gttgtcatcc    104940
     actctgtaga tctctcacac tcccccatac tgaatgttac cccaaaccat gatttttcct    105000
     ttgactgatt tctagggtcc atgtgggttc caataggtct tctgcagtat ttgtaaagtt    105060
     tgggatgcag tttaacagat gattcacctg aaaaatctgc cttctgccac atttccaaat    105120
     gattagaagt caagttgttg cttttacaac tgggatacaa aacgttcgag gttacagaag    105180
     taacccttcg ttccccgagg aggggaacgg aagtgccatg aaatgggagg attcggatca    105240
     gaagccgctt gtctggagag tattgaacgg gccaatgaat gaaattaatt ggcagcgtaa    105300
     gcttgcgcag gtgtgcggcg tctgcaatta tctcagcata taagcacacc tgaagccagc    105360
     agacgccatc cttttaagct gaagagactt tcaaacagct aagggacagt cattatggcg    105420
     acagagtatg gcacttccgt tcccctcctc ggggaacgaa gggttacttc tgtaacctcg    105480
     aacgttcccc ttcggttggg gaacttcagt gccatgaaat gggagaagta tggaaagcgc    105540
     cataatgact gcaccttacc aacacccccg atgaggagat agtcaagcaa gcgtgacgca    105600
     cccacatcat ggggggcgcg gtcctccaac gtgtccctgg ccctaattta tcctacttca    105660
     acagaagttt tacggattta gatatatttt ttgggaagtc gtgagcatct agataattct    105720
     aggaaatacg acagtacgtt gggaagcgtg caatcccgat agggaggacg ctgcggaggc    105780
     catccgttac ccaagggggg gatagatggc agaatttaca tatggactag ccctaaaaaa    105840
     aagggaagta cgcatagcaa aagagtggtt agcggagagg gaagacacgg gtccgcccag    105900
     gggggggact taaccgtggc ggaataagca tatgggatcg cctagtgggg atcacgcata    105960
     gcaggcacct atacccaaaa cgcgggctga ccagcgggca gacctacaac atagtgggcc    106020
     agcaagtgac tcctccgctg agtcagtgct gggggccatg gaggaatctg cagggctcac    106080
     ctgacgggga actttactga cagataaaaa ggcgcacgta cctccgtgtt aaggagaatg    106140
     gcgcagcaag cgtgtttcaa caccctaccg agttgtctcc tcaatcacca aagggttacc    106200
     taataccctt gaggaaaccg gctccactcg cagattgtaa aaccttgcaa atgtgttggg    106260
     tgtcgcccag cccgcagctc tacagatgtc tgttagagag gcgccgcgtg cacgcgccca    106320
     agaggatgca acgctccgag tggagtgtgc acgtactccc gggggacacg gctgacctcg    106380
     actcgaatta gcgagtgaaa tggcatccac aatccagtgg gataatcttt gtttcgatac    106440
     ggcacttccc tgctgccgac cgccataaca gacaaagagc tgctcagatg atctaaaatt    106500
     ctgagtacgg tccacataaa tgcgcagagc gcaaactgga caaagtaaag aaagggctgg    106560
     gtctgcctcc tccgggggca gcgcttgcag gttcactacc tgatctctaa agggggtggt    106620
     aggaaccttg ggcacataac cggggcgggg tctcaggatg acatgagagt aatccggcct    106680
     gaattccagg cacgagtcac tgaccgaaaa tgcctccagg tccccgaccc tcttgatgga    106740
     ggccaacgca accagcagag ctgtcttcag ggacagaaat cttagagata ctgattcgag    106800
     tggctcaaag ggatcggatc gcagactcgt gagaacgagg gcgagatccc aagagggcat    106860
     gagagggggg cgagatggat taattcgcct agcaccccta aggaactgga tgaccaggtt    106920
     atgctttccc acggtgccgc cagctaccgc gctatgataa gcggagatgg cggccacgta    106980
     aaccttgaga gtggagggcg acagcctgct gtccaacttc tcttgaagga aagagagcac    107040
     aacactaatc tggcaatttc gggggtcttc tctgcgagag acgcaccatt cagtgaatag    107100
     actccacttc agggcgtagg cgcgcctcgt ggagggggct ctagcctgag tgatggtatt    107160
     aaccaccgca gtcggtaggt tacctaagtc ttcctcgcgt ctagtgacca cacgtggagg    107220
     ttccaaagat cggggcgagg gtaccagatg gtgccctgtc tctgagagag taggtcctct    107280
     ctcaaaggga tccgccaggg gagggccatc gcgaggagtg agagctctga catccaggtt    107340
     cggttgggcc aaaggggcgc aactagcaga acctgttcct cgtcctccct gaccttgcac    107400
     agaaactgcg tgagcaggct cactggggga aacgcatact tgcgcatgcc ccgaggccag    107460
     ctgtgggcca gtgcatccgt gccgagagag ccctcggtca gggaaaaaaa caactggcag    107520
     tgagcgttct agggggaagc aaacagatcg atctgggcct ccccgaatcg cgcccatatc    107580
     agctgaacag actcggggtg gagtctccat tctccagggg gtaacagctg tcgtgagagc    107640
     ccatcggctg cacgattgag cgtgcctggg acgtgaatgg cgcgcagcga tttcagccgc    107700
     gggtgactcc agaggagcag acggtgggcg agctgagaca tgcggcgaga gcgcataccc    107760
     cccatgcggt tgatatacgc cgccgccgcc atactgtccg tcctgaccag cacgtgttgc    107820
     cgctccagca ccggtaaaaa gcggtggaga gcgaggaaca ctgccaacag ctctagacga    107880
     ttgatatgcc aatgcagctg ggcacccttc cagaggcccg cagccgcatg cctgctacac    107940
     acggcccccc aacccgtgtt ggaagcgtct gttgaaacaa caacatggct ggacgcctgt    108000
     cctagaggca caccggcctg taggaacgag gggtcgttcc aagggctgag ggcacggcga    108060
     cacagcgcag taaccgagac ccggtgtgtg cccacgtgcc atgcgcgtct ggggacccga    108120
     tcgtgaagct cggctgcgga tgccatatgc cccaggagcc tctaaaagaa cttcagtggg    108180
     accactagtt tgctgtcgag ctccctcaga cagttcagca acaggcgagc gcgttcctcg    108240
     gagaggtgcg ctaccatggt gatcgagtcc agctccatcc cgagaaaaga aatcctctgc    108300
     acgggggcga gtttgctctt ttctcggttg acctgaagcc ccagtaggcg gagatgccga    108360
     agcaccttgt ccctgtgcat aatcaattgc tcccgcgagt gggctaaaat cagccagtcg    108420
     tcgagataat tgagtatgcg aatgcccgca agccgaaggg gcgctagggc accctccgcg    108480
     agtttggtga agacccgcgg agacagagag agcccgaagg ggaggacctt gtactgccac    108540
     gctcgaccct cggacgcaaa ccgcagaaat tggcggtggc gtggaagaat ggagacatgg    108600
     aaatacgcaa ccttcaggtc tatggctgca aaccaatcct gaggacgaac gcattggaga    108660
     atgcgcctct gcgtgagcat tctgaacggc agcctgtgca gacagcggtt caaaacgcgc    108720
     agatctagga ttggccgtga cccaccgctc tttttgggta cgatgaagta tgggctgtaa    108780
     aacccactct ccatctcggc tggaggaacc ggctcgattg cacccttcgc caggagggca    108840
     gcaatctcct ctcgcaagac aggggcggac agggggttga ccctggagaa atacacgccc    108900
     gtaaacttgg ggggccgttt cgcgaactga atcgcgtaac cgagtctgat tgtgcgtatg    108960
     agccaccgcg aggggctggc ccgcgctaac caggcaggca gagccctagc taatggagtc    109020
     atcgctacaa tcgctgacgt accagcggtg gggcagcgcg gagtgggtgt gctgatccgg    109080
     gaagcacgag ggtcccgcgg aagagctgga ggagagcgat tcgctcgggc tccgcaccct    109140
     gactccggag agggggctgg agggctgagg gaagggagac cgtcccccca gcgctcgtga    109200
     gccactggcg aagcacgtag agtctgcgag ccggaaggca gcgcgtcccg gactggcaga    109260
     actcgtgcag tcacatccgg ggaagggaaa aagtgctctt ttactgatgt tttggtggca    109320
     ctgaaaagta ccgttgttat cggggccccg ccctccagcg gggaaagagc aagtttcctc    109380
     ttctccggat ggcctgtctc agggacgctt cgcggtccgt ttaccggact taacggcgcc    109440
     ctgggcagga ggggctgcct gctttcgagg tgtacgccgc gcccgcttgg ccggaggcgc    109500
     aggcgggggc ggggcagcac tcgttggcgg gcgccctcgg cgaggaacag cggaggtgga    109560
     tggctcggcg ggcggagcgg gcttacggcc acgccgatag atgacattgc ccatcgcatc    109620
     cgactgctct ttcaccgcct tgaattcctg ggtgaattca ccgacggtgt cgccgaacag    109680
     gccagcctgg gatatgggca ggttaagaaa gcgaaccttg tcaacatcgc gcatatcggc    109740
     caggtttagc cagaggtggc gttcctgaac cacaagtgtg gacatcgtcc tccccagcgc    109800
     acacgcggcg gacttagtag tccgaagagc atagtcggtc gcggtgcgca gctcatgtaa    109860
     taagcttggg ttggacccgc cctcgtgcag ctcggccagc gcctgcgctt ggtagcgctg    109920
     gtaggtggcc atcgcgtgca aagcagaagc agcctggccc gcagccttat aagctctggc    109980
     tccgagggag gcagacaacc tacaggcttt ggacgggagg cggggcaaac cccgccacgt    110040
     agaggcgccg cgcggacaaa gattgaccgc gatagcgcgc tccactgacg ggatcgcctc    110100
     ataccccctg gcagctccgc cgtcaagggc ggtgagggcg gaggcacacg cagcacgggc    110160
     agagaaaggt gccctccaag actgcgtgag cctactgtgc acttccggga agaaggggac    110220
     gagaggcttc gaaggcttcg ccttctggtc ctctacgtag cacccatcta gtcggtccgg    110280
     ccgcggagct gggggataaa ccatctccaa ccccacggcc gaagcagccc gggaaagcac    110340
     ggctaacatg tccgcttcag gatccgattt gacagcgctc acctgcccgg agggggcgag    110400
     cgggtccgga tcttcgtcgg acagtgaaag cccaccctcc gatgccgcgg aggacatctg    110460
     atctccggtg tcagcgagtg tgagagctac catctggtta gacagatcac tcccactacc    110520
     cgaagcttgg atggagctct ggaaaccctc agatctgccc gagcgcccgc tgctttttta    110580
     gaacaggagg caactggggt ggctcgctct cttgcgaaag ttagccgcga tcttagctgt    110640
     gcaacggtca tggcatcgca atgacgacat gaaccgcccg cgagcaccgc attaacatgc    110700
     tggaccccca aacatgcaat gcagtgatcg tgtccatcat ccggagccag gaaacccccg    110760
     catccagaaa cgcacagtcg gagcgccatc ctgaaaagga cgtgctgcac gactgtgttg    110820
     ctcttttagg aaagtttgca acaatacgca ccgttttgga ggaccggacc caaagaacca    110880
     caggcaaggg agaaacccag ctcgaccgtc tgccaccgcg aagacccact ctggaccggg    110940
     agacacactc gttcgctctg aagtgctgat cagcaagagg aaccctcatc gactcactca    111000
     gaaaggatct gaagcgaaaa ggatggcgtc tgctggcttc aggtgtgctt atatgctgag    111060
     ataattgcag atgccgcaca cctgcgcaag cttacgctac caattaattt cattcattgg    111120
     cccgttcaat actctccaga caagcggctt ctgatccgaa tcctcccatt tcatggcact    111180
     gaagttcccc aaccgaaggg gaactgactt ttgtcaggtg gaatgtataa ctacatttgg    111240
     tcactctagt ttatttgtaa tccaagtgtg tttctttagt tcaactagga ttagataagt    111300
     tacactagtg cacctgaaca gtttccaaga tcacagtaca ttttatttgc aaacgttact    111360
     taaacatttt tacttttagc tgatatttat tatttacata ttattttaac tgaacatact    111420
     ccacatttaa agggatagtt cacccaaaat tacaattctg tcacaattta tgctactttc    111480
     ttttgtcaca aatgcctaaa aaacattgaa aagcagttac aattgacttc caaagttttt    111540
     tttttcctat tatggatgcc tatagttacc agtgttcaac atttatcaaa atatctattt    111600
     taccacacag aaagcgcatg tatattctgg acctgttaca aaaaatgtca gtctttatgc    111660
     tgtcactcat agcaattgaa tggaaaggac acagtattaa cctagagcaa tgcagccaca    111720
     agggtttgag ggacactttt ctctcactat ctattttcag gcactgtaaa cgcaccagtg    111780
     actactgact cattaactct aagccacaaa gtttaccagg gaggaagaat tcatacaaga    111840
     gattcagaga gagagaaaaa aaatcaatga aagagaaact tattgtatca tatgagatcc    111900
     attccctggg tattctggac aataatgact tgatataaag ctgacgctgt ggcatttgct    111960
     ctattttctc actgttttct ttgcttgtga ttgagcgggc ctattttggc acgttatgac    112020
     aggtgcttaa aaccaagaaa gctgacgtgt gtttgatcaa agtttatgtg aaatttccca    112080
     aggccaccag gggaatctgt gtttatgaac tgtaataaaa agagtcattt tgacaattcg    112140
     acctctgtgc tgtggatgtg gagggggtgg aagaattggt ttctgtttgc cattgaatag    112200
     agagaaaaaa tattcttgtc ttttacaagc actgaaatac atgagggtgg gaggactgtg    112260
     cattactggg ttattgagca aatcttattg agctcttgat gtaattggaa tataaaggag    112320
     tttcttttaa aatacaacat ttagtagtca tgactactga caaggaataa aaatttgtgt    112380
     tcatgagaaa aaaatacagt tacatgtgtg caagaaaaat gtaataaaaa tgatagggtt    112440
     aagaaaaaca tatttcttaa tcctctgacc caaaacggag tgaaaaaata aagaaataat    112500
     ttttaaaaaa ttaaaaatgt aattaaatat atcaaattaa atcagttttg gtgggacggt    112560
     ggctcagtgg ttagcactat cgcctcacag caagaaggtc gctgattcga gcctaggctg    112620
     ggtcagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc cgtgttcgtg tttccactgg    112680
     atgctccggt ttcccccaca atccaaagac atgtgctata ggtgaattga ataaactaaa    112740
     ctggctgtag tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    112800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg caaatctgag tgggtgaggg tgtttcccat tactgggttg    112860
     cagttgaatg ggcattagct tcataaaaca aaatggcttc aaaatggtga cccctgataa    112920
     gtacgggact tcgacgaaga aaaatgaatg aataaatgat taagtttgaa acttaattta    112980
     ttattaaatt atgacagtta ggtcaagtaa aacttctagt tgattttgaa tctcaaaaat    113040
     gggtgacaat aacttgcatt atacaaatca acaaggatga ctatgaattc atattcatga    113100
     tgttctacta aagaaaacag tcaccacact gcaaaaaaat tcttttctca acagatagtt    113160
     tgtctttttc ttatccaaat atctaaaaaa tcttaaatca agaagaattt tcttgacaag    113220
     caaaaaataa tgtcttgttt taaaaaaaaa gaatatgcat aataataatc ttatattata    113280
     tatatcttat atattcttgg atcaaaagga aaaacaagat tattttgctt atccaattgg    113340
     cagattattt agcatttttt aaagtcaaaa ctcacttaac tttcacatat ttatacacct    113400
     gaatattttt ccaaggtcac agagtaattt ttcttttcct ctttattatt tacataccat    113460
     ttcaacataa cttttcccac attaaaaggc atagttcacc caaaattaca attctgttca    113520
     aatttattct actttccctt gtaatgaatc tgtttcgttc tcctattgaa aacaaaatta    113580
     gatgctaaaa aaagcattga aaacttccat agtatcaacc atggatgtca atggttatca    113640
     gtgtccaaca tttatcaaaa tgtcttcttt tatcttatcc tctttttttc aatatgaaaa    113700
     ataggtttgg aaccacttga gggtgagtaa atataattta tttgggtgaa ttatcactat    113760
     aaataacttc aaatgataat agtaaaatta ttatttttat ttttttaaat gtgttattaa    113820
     cattttcaaa aacaggaaga ggattttttt tcaaacaaaa tcctacaatc caaaaccatc    113880
     tgcattatag taaaaaaaaa caatgtaaaa aaacaaacct caaataaaaa aaaatcaaaa    113940
     atattttgta aatgacacaa cgctgtgaat agattgaaaa cggaaaccct cagcgtacca    114000
     tcagactccc tgtgatttct gtgccagaag aacacacgtt gctacataat ctgcctcagg    114060
     tcatggaact gatgcagaaa tgagagagtg atcctgcaag ctttgctgtg gcaacagtat    114120
     tcatgttcgc tactctagtc aaacctgagc tgtcacaaaa tcaatgcagt tttctgtaga    114180
     tcactgtttg ctgctcagca ggagtattac agcattacag ctgaactgaa agcctgcaaa    114240
     atagcacaaa acccattgtc ataaatacag tacatgggaa gtactgtgaa tatagaaaaa    114300
     tgacaattat tctaaaatac atcattgtca tgcacataaa cgtgaacaaa ttcaagcaca    114360
     tgttcataat tatcacatct attatatgct gctcaccgaa tatcgacaac agtgcgcttg    114420
     tgaacacata gcagaaaatg aaacacacac acactcaaaa gtgcacacca gcacacaaat    114480
     acacaaaggg aaaagaggaa gggagctaga ttattgaggt agtatcatac aggaatatta    114540
     aagaaggctc ttaagatttt aataagaata aaatgaaaca gtaaccacca aggggccagc    114600
     agggttaatc ccttcaatat tacagaaaaa aaaaacagcg aggatggaga ggggagagga    114660
     ggaggaggag gtggaggata caggcaaaga gagaaaatgc agttgcctga aaatgcaata    114720
     aaaaagtaat ggttgccttg gaatcaacac tgtgccagat ccaaagcata ggtaaacaca    114780
     catataaaca cacacacatg catataaacc cacacataca taaaaacatg gatggatgga    114840
     tggatagata gatagataag gataaacata tagatagaca tatagataga taaatggatg    114900
     gatggatgga tggacggacg gaaggaagga aaaggataga taaggataga tatgggtaaa    114960
     cagacagaca gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    115020
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga    115080
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tagacgaagg acggaaggaa ggaaggaagg aaggaaggaa    115140
     ggaaggaaag aatcgatcga tagatagata gatagatgat agatagatag atagatagat    115200
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    115260
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat atggataaac agatagatgg    115320
     atggatggat gaatggaaga atggatggac agacggatgg atggaaggaa ggaagaaagg    115380
     aaaaggatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    115440
     agatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat    115500
     ggatagacga aggacggaag gaaggaagga aggaaggaag gaaagaatcg atcgatagat    115560
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    115620
     agatagatag atagatagat agatatggat aaacagatag atggatggat ggatgaatgg    115680
     aagaatggat ggacagacgg atggatggac ggaaggaaga aaggaaaagg atagatagat    115740
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatggatgg atggatggat    115800
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggtggacgga cagaaggaca    115860
     aggatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    115920
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga    115980
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gtggacggac agaaggacaa ggatagatag    116040
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    116100
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatatgg ataaacagat agatggatgg atggatgaat    116160
     ggaagaatgg atggacagac ggatggatgg acggaaggaa gaaaggaaaa ggatagatag    116220
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    116280
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg    116340
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggtggacgga cagaaggaca aggatagata    116400
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatgga tggatggatg    116460
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatggt ggacggacag aaggaaaagg atagatagat    116520
     agatagatag atagatggat ggatggatgg atggatagat ggatggatgg atggatggat    116580
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atgacggaag    116640
     gatggaaaat gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    116700
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga    116760
     tggatggtgg acggacagaa ggaaaaggat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    116820
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat ggatggatgg    116880
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatgacgga    116940
     aggaaggaaa aggatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    117000
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagatg    117060
     gatagataga tagatagata gaaagataat agtgacattg ggatctatta gaacagtgtg    117120
     atacctacac agtgaacaca gatgcttgct cttccagctc ttcctaaagt caagtgcaca    117180
     aacacacaca ctcacgcaca cacacataca cgcatgcacg tatgcacgca cacacacacc    117240
     ggcagcagat ggtatgagac agttggcagt ggtaagtgag catgagtatc tgtttactaa    117300
     taacccttta attacttcag ctggtggatg ggataaaaac gccagactca agcaggagaa    117360
     cgtcttcagg tgatgagagg gttacatgcg acacacagcc tccaatgaca tcttatgaaa    117420
     agaagaaacc tcattatgaa agcacaaaaa ctagatactt aaaaaaaaat acaagaatgc    117480
     atgagagcac gtgctcatcc gcaaacttca cattcagtaa tatgacatgt gggagaaata    117540
     tggaagccca tacagcatta aatgtcagga gaaatccatt catctcccgg gataacttta    117600
     accctctcca ttttgttggt ctgaacccac cttttgggga aatatgttac aaagatgtgc    117660
     tttctctctc tcctctcgtt cttctttgag gacgtgctgg tctgtgtgga ttcttcccgt    117720
     ctcggtttca gccggcaaac aggcagtgcg ttgcgttcac cggctgccct ttagctcagc    117780
     cgtgctgcaa aagcatacat tttaatgatg agaccttttc ttttaaataa ctcctctaca    117840
     ggagaaaaat aaattgctgt tcaagaggaa atattacact gggcattgtg ggattgagag    117900
     ggattgagcg gcgcgggctg tgtgacccat acatcatagc caacctgtat aaattaagat    117960
     ataaatagct ttatacagag aaactttacc ttgggtctgc ttttgaaaga gtgtgtgtgt    118020
     atgcaaggcc ttgtgcacag acggaagtgc atgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtga ggggtagaag    118080
     ggagagagtg tgtttgtatg tgtgtatgac acagaaaatc ccccttggag tgctgggcaa    118140
     acagaaagca ggccgtataa aggctgaaaa gacctcgctt ggttattgta tattcctcgc    118200
     ctggatcccc gtaaagaccc ccatagccct gcactgtcac cagggccact gtgtcatcac    118260
     ggacagccgg ctttagacgg agccctggcg aaggctccaa aaggaaatta aaaggggatt    118320
     atggctgcct gactcgctga agggattcgc taggccaggg ttttatttag ttctcgctgc    118380
     ctgaagtgtg aggagggacc aggctaggtc tgctcaaagc cttcacactc tgctctgctt    118440
     atctacaaaa aaactgatgt gatatttcag aacggtatat atgtgttggg cccacgggaa    118500
     aggcttgcac tacattgcca ccggcgagtt tatcgaattt attgaataga aaagaaatca    118560
     attgtaaaag ataggtgtga atgcagacat cttcaatttt gattgcgctc atagatgcta    118620
     tatcatttta ataagataga taaagatcag agctctatgt gaatgtctaa agtgcatggc    118680
     gcaaaagcat taagagcctg tctgaatcca cttttgctat tgagggacgg aaaaattcgc    118740
     tctgtgcatg gtctaacagg gttgtgctta ttcttttaat gagttatggg tgtgttttga    118800
     gcataacgtg cattaaacca atgagagtct ccatttaaga gtcagttgcg tagtgctgtg    118860
     gtgcatttgc tatttacatg acgactttgt aagtgggaaa actgaatgtt taacttgcga    118920
     gaaaattgtt aaacagacca tctgcagcgc caggataaag aatgagcctt ctccattcag    118980
     tcactttttc tttactttat ttttactctt tactttactc ctttactatt cttggtgtaa    119040
     ggacacggtg gaatctcact ccactgaaga aatgcatcag cctatatatt taatttcatt    119100
     tgttaagtgc aaagatttgt ttctaaaagt gctaagacta tttctaaatt ctgttctaat    119160
     tttcagcaaa ttaataaatg gacaataata gcgtgtggtc aaaaaactgt gttgtatcaa    119220
     agattataga atacacaaga catgtcactc ctatcttttt gaatggggaa aagtgtaact    119280
     gtcaatttgg tgaataaagt cccgcatcca ggtacaggag ccaatcatcg attgctatag    119340
     actgacaata ctcggggagg agttcagacc agacgtgagt ttctgtagat tttgtgtggt    119400
     tttgacgttt agaaattaaa cgaaagatac agttgttgtt taattttatt ggtgcttcct    119460
     aatatgaaat tcaatcgcaa gcttaataaa ccgttttgga gaatttgaca ttttcctatt    119520
     cagaaagaat gcccgagcat tctgcccaag aggcatttca aagatggcca ctgagtgaaa    119580
     tgacttgcct taaagcacag gtgtcaaact cagttccaaa agggctgcag ctctgcacag    119640
     tttagttcca accctaatta aacacacctg atcaaactaa ttgagtcctt caggcttgtt    119700
     tgaaacctac aggtaagtgt gttggagcag ggttggaact aaactgtgca gggcttcgta    119760
     tggtgatgca gacgtcttca aaaccagaca ggtggacaaa tgtaaactag tttttattaa    119820
     aacaaatata aatatgcata taataaataa tactactata ataataataa cataatacaa    119880
     aagcaaattg tcatgaataa actaaaaatg cgccccggac atgaaggcat gcaggcagtg    119940
     tttttttata tccatgtaat aataatattt gttatatttt aatcctttat ttgttcattt    120000
     ataaagatat tccatattgc tgtacatcct gtgtgtgtta acctcctagg gcttagtggc    120060
     cacataagtg gacagcatat ttcagctctt aagtgcctat ttaaaatact ttgaatgttt    120120
     tatattttgt tacagagata cagtgtcatc ctgcaactgt tttgcagcat atgaaatgtc    120180
     acaaaaactg tttttaactg tccaaaacgg ccaatttttt tagtttttac tctcttatag    120240
     tgaaaacatg ttgaaaaata ttctatgtta tatatgcatt acaaaacagt cataaaaaag    120300
     tgttttatgt gaatttggac ctgaggccac aaatatagac ctattttttc tctaacagac    120360
     atcatatcaa aatatgatac ttagatttta ttctaattag gttccaatat gcccaaatag    120420
     caaagagaaa taaaaaatgt atgaaaaaat acttgggcct taaaaggtta agcaacatgt    120480
     acgcgtttaa ggtgcacaac taaagcgctc tgttctggac tttagacctg cttttagctg    120540
     gtcaattgcg cagtctattt tagttcatca aaatagcaac gcaccaacaa tgcgacttaa    120600
     cacaccttct ttctagaccg aaacaccctt tggtgcacaa agtggcacaa atggatttac    120660
     tatctaaaca aagtggcgca agaggggaaa attaaggctg tgctggtctg aaaatagcaa    120720
     taaatccacc aaataataat aatagcaata aatgcaccag gtgtatgata gggccccaaa    120780
     tcaaccactg tatgtgttta caaattacac tttaattact ttagctagtg gatgggctaa    120840
     aaacactaga ctcaagcaga agaacgtctt taggtaatga gagggttacc ggcctctaat    120900
     gagatttcat gcaaagaaac accattatga aagcaaaaaa atctagatag gaactagacc    120960
     ttaactagag gaaatggcca tgataagcat aaaatcaacc actatttgaa gaatataaac    121020
     tgtctatttc tcagaccacc cacagtctgt tcactgacca tctgatgcaa actggacacc    121080
     aaaatggcat ggtatggtca taacggcagt tccaatctca ctggctgacc ttactaactg    121140
     ctggaagaag ggcatgcagg tttttcatcc ttctgccatg aaacaaagta atctttaaca    121200
     actgataaat gattagtgat gactttcata gtattttatc tgaatccctt gggcagattt    121260
     ttatattcta ctatgtttta tctgtgaaag atcacaaata tcacagcgag tcgcagcaaa    121320
     taactggttc tctctgctgc cacactgaca ggaggctttg tggtgttttg tgtatttggt    121380
     tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tggcagcatt atcaattatc cagtgcgcag tctcactcta    121440
     gctcggtgtt aaattaagtt gtcagtgctg tctccacaat ttccccttca cagaggtaga    121500
     tgctgatggg gcttgacggc cgcttggtgg ttctcctcgc cggctgccgg cccgcatcgt    121560
     gcctgcaatt catcagcaca catccagagc tcagtccgcg cgccaaactc tgccagccag    121620
     ccggcagccc ggccaaccca gcccagcgta ctgctgcctg agacggatgc aaagagaatg    121680
     agctagatca ccttccaaaa aacccacagc aaagagagat tggagttcgg cctagtcttt    121740
     gtgtgcatgc ttgtcgaaga tgtaaccaaa tgctctagat ttggaacatt tggtttctta    121800
     caattattgt gaaaaatgca tgaattctga taggatgatc tgcattgaaa gtcattgtaa    121860
     attgactaat gcaaaccagt cactccaatc tttgattttg taaaaactaa taataataat    121920
     ttaaaaaagc tgcatttgta ggcagtttaa agaggtagtt ttgtcccatt ttgtaggcat    121980
     gggctgtgtt tctgatagta tgataacctt agataaaaat attacagttt cactgtatca    122040
     cagtattctg ataactgctc tttaataagc tatttttaaa ggtctgggta aaaaaaaaaa    122100
     aaaatcccct ccccatttaa cacaatatat ttcattttaa gtaacatttc taatattttg    122160
     gaacagtaaa gatgtcagac taaataattt aaataaatca aagacttctg ctatcttcgt    122220
     taatttcaaa agcacagatt ttcctaacct cggtaaacct tgaaaccagt tatcgtccca    122280
     tgcctactaa tatgtcctaa tagattgttt tcaatagcat tgcaataatg tcatgtcttt    122340
     ataaggcgtc ttcatttggt tggattttga aggcagtaca catccttcct gatattttac    122400
     actcctatta ataaaagtga caattgtttt caactgtcat ctgactcaat ttctactggg    122460
     aaataagcac tgaagacact cagtgtttgc ttggatatct ttaaagatca catgaatttg    122520
     ttttagatta ttagatgtta tggtgccttc gtactaaacc actttgagca aagaattatt    122580
     aaaatctgca tttgaccggt taaattatac attaaactct gtttcaatta gtttgtcatt    122640
     ttcaatattt taacctacaa atatgggaca aaaaagtgac acatctttgc tacagaatac    122700
     ttaaaacttg tgtaattaaa tgtcaaaaat acactcaggt gttgtttttg tttttacaca    122760
     ttatgggaac ttataaagag aacttaaaaa acttgtacag tggtcacaac gttgtcagaa    122820
     attcctctga tgcacataaa tgatcttctg catgaagatg catttctgac taattaactt    122880
     ctatgatgct gtgtgcttga gcattctgtc ctctatatca gtggtttcca aaatggtggt    122940
     tccacaacag tgtctaaatg atttccaata attaaataca tgtagtaaac aaataaaatt    123000
     actatatttt acctataaat agctaaaaat aaaaatagta atagttaata gctaaattaa    123060
     aaacagcatg caaggtaaaa gctatcagcc ttcagaattt tttattatta atcatttttt    123120
     gacttctggg gtgattacat tagattaaca ccacagcaat ggcatcagct gcagcagatt    123180
     ttatggcgca atgttaaact ttccaacacc ttttcagcac tcacatacat gaatattaca    123240
     ggacacgact gaacatggag gatgaactct gagtggcggt gctccaaaca tcctgcccac    123300
     tcacctcatt agatgaggca aatgttacaa aacaaataga tacattactt tataaattat    123360
     atttgttggt tatttgttgc actttggtgt gttgtcaata tgctagtatt tgtataggcc    123420
     ttttgatgtg tgtgcaccat tacgcgcaaa atttgtacag tctatttata atcatttata    123480
     aaatcagagg ataatgtgct tgcaagtcat tggcgttgtt attttggggg tcatgggaaa    123540
     aaagtatggg aaccacttct ctgtattggg ctgggccagt tggcatttct gtgtggagct    123600
     tgcatgttct cctcgtgggt ttcttccaga tactccggtt tcaaccgcag tccaaaaaca    123660
     tgtggtatag gtgaatttaa taaactgaat tgttcttagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    123720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    123780
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgaatgagt gggtataagt gtttgctagt actgggttgc actggaaacg    123840
     cattcgctgc ataaaaaata tgctggataa gttggtggtt cattccgctg tggcaacctc    123900
     taaaatagag actaagctta agtaaaatga ataaataaat gctctgtatt gttgcatctt    123960
     ctgaattcat gtcttatttt agttagttta gatgtatttg ttccatttta ggtatcatgg    124020
     tctacttatt tgttgcatgc caaggtttgg atggtttaca ctttttaaat ttaaagtttt    124080
     tacctgcagg gacaccggaa tgcagatgcc ttaatacagg gatggacaaa cttggtcctg    124140
     aaaagcctct tcgagatcac tagaaatcta taggcagaag tgtttgagta gaattgaggc    124200
     tagactctgc aggacactgg tcctacaagg ctgaatccat gttcacacta gagattgagc    124260
     atgcaaaatt ctgttgtatg tatgggactg cgtaaattat ctgtgggatt aaataagatg    124320
     ataagacatt ttaaaagcga gcgattgctt catattaaaa atttctgtac aacgaggtca    124380
     tgttttgatc tattagtctt acgcaatcac gtaatgtgat ttcgcaggtc agagttcact    124440
     aagcttaaac tttgtaaagc agtgacatgt gaaaaatttg cacaagcttg cgtttccagt    124500
     ctgccacatt tgcatctgaa tgaatggaag tctatggggc ggaaagtgta gcgtgaccac    124560
     agtttgccca tacctgcctt ataatattaa tatgtcatgg tgtctaagtg gttatcaaac    124620
     cacttaagtc agttacaatc atttaactcc agttaatgtg ggctttaact aaagaaaaat    124680
     cagtgcactg gcttgcaggt gatgtccacc ccaatggtgc ttgtgcattt tcgtctgctt    124740
     ttgcctggct atgacaggga ggcaaataaa gagaaagaaa aaggaggttt gagatgtgta    124800
     tgcatgagag aaagcaagca ggagagacag agagggagca aaagaaaaag agagaaggtg    124860
     gtatgagagc gcagtttgtg gacagcaaag cccatgagac acataacttg gcagcttacc    124920
     tgcttaaagg gcactggcag gcaggctgga caggcatata tgtcaccctc tctctctctc    124980
     tctctctctc tcttgctcca gaaggctgaa ggacacagga agagtctggg cacagtgcag    125040
     ccaagcaggc agccagacgg ccgggccgca gtaataatgg agaactgtat aacagcgggg    125100
     cactaagctc tctgtgctta agtatttatt tgtgatgaat agtaatgacg gcacacttac    125160
     aaagcacttg tttaatatgg aatggcctaa ggggcgggta tcattctcgc agtccttagc    125220
     tccgctcgca ccccagagca aatgaagctc gctgcgcctc cctcagccat ccacaacatg    125280
     tgctggccct tttcactgtc cctgccccaa agttaaataa aacattacac accattttca    125340
     gttattaacc tacttaattg agagaaaaaa gtcgatgatt tatttctatt tgggctccgc    125400
     tgctacacag ctgtcatggt cgggtgctaa cctaaataat caattgatgc gcttttttcg    125460
     gagctgattg gatgccactg taaaggaaaa gcgcttctat agttgtactt caaaaaaatg    125520
     ttttaaaaag ccccaaaagc tttatcacgc aacgactgtt aaatatgagt gtcgtcagcc    125580
     cctactgaga tttattatga gcgcctcgca gaagaacaaa caacagacag tttagcgaac    125640
     agtttgcggc acagtactgt tacaaccatg caaataagga tagctcagct tttcaacaaa    125700
     aggctgttaa acaccccctt ctgtttacaa gcccttctga tgtgaacacc catcatcaaa    125760
     aggcagatag tcaccagctg cggtttagca ctggctactc aaacagtcat gatctcctgt    125820
     tgtgacgcta agccgtcatt ggcgcagcag gaagtctcac attggagtag taatgcttga    125880
     aatggatctg atctccagtt ttgcgttaag aaatgggttg cagaagaatc cagattctgt    125940
     catcatttgt aagtacacag aactaaattt caatcactaa atactaaata cagcaattgg    126000
     tcggtgccat acttcaaaag atatttaaaa gaattgcatc atgcagtcac cataatgcac    126060
     gcagtagcta atgttatgct ccaaaggctt tttccactct tgaaatagta aaccattgct    126120
     cattttaaac tatattaccc tttcgcacac tgacagtaat ttattgtaaa tactaaagtg    126180
     ttctcgattc atagtttagt aaaatatgtg aattaatctg ctgtggtaat tctatagttg    126240
     ctatagtaat aattaaaaac aaatgaccca atgctgtaca actttatact tgttctataa    126300
     tctaggtatt acactacaat acacaacaat ttactatagt aaaaaccagt acactacggt    126360
     atttatcagt ttgtcagttt attatagata atactacact tttctgtagc attcattaac    126420
     aaagtggtgt gcatattata ataatacact actatacaat agttcataac ctattattta    126480
     ctttaaagga gttgtccaga gtgtattttt aaggcttagt tgtatttata agatgcaaag    126540
     caatgtgtgt tcatgtttca tttgtaaaag atcattattt ttttatatat cttattttaa    126600
     ttatatacag ctactctgct aacataaaaa cgacaatcat atttcctagt tcctccaaaa    126660
     ggccgccctc aagaggctct gattggtgaa ctaacataat gtgatttgtg gatcggctcc    126720
     acatcgcaag gaaaagcatc acgcctttac aagcacacac ttttcctctg ctctgtaaat    126780
     actgtcagtc agagtagctg ttagctgtat cagtttgagt ttgaaccaga cagaaaatga    126840
     agaggacaca gctgaacctc acgcctgctc tctaaaataa aacctgacaa gtgtctttca    126900
     catatattta gaataagcag gtgttaagta atataaaact aaaaactaaa taaaactaaa    126960
     taaaattatc tttcgagaat ttgttatttg aaatgtactg tagaatgcag ggaaagcagc    127020
     tgcatagaaa gacactgcag tgctggtgaa gattgtgggt gtttacagcg gttttacgaa    127080
     taaatatgaa tttgttgcta aatttaaacg gtgccaaaca gcatttcctg ttgtttgaat    127140
     acttgtttta gtccttgcta caacataccg ttaacgctag aaactatgca tgtaatagat    127200
     caatattaac aaataaaaac acttggttgt ggctcacaat ccacagcttt gtctattatg    127260
     gttggagctg ctacttcttc aaggagtttt tagctaactc cagccctgaa ctaggagaga    127320
     ttctggaagc tgtcctttga aaaattctag ctatatcttt tttataattc tctgcaacaa    127380
     aattaaaatt aaattgtttg caattctctc tttgtgtcat gtcttttaga aaggccaaac    127440
     ataaacgaaa gaagctctgt ggaaatagct ttctctgtta taacatttca aactttgttc    127500
     actgtaggct ttgctaagct aaaagccaat gtctctgatt gcattgaact ttgagcatat    127560
     tacattcaga gatgttgttt atgttcacac agctacatta cacatcaact aaagtttaaa    127620
     atatggtatc atagaccacc cctttaaata acagtagtat atttttatgt tggaattttt    127680
     ggttttcaca ctgtatattg gctctagtgt cgaggacaat attatttatt gctgattgat    127740
     agcaattcac ttttcttaat ggactttttg gaacataaat ataagaataa aacaatgttg    127800
     gggcattttc cattactatt tgatattttt cctataaagc atttgtttat ataaaaagca    127860
     atgagctttg tgattgcttg ttggttggta acagtttagt ttaaaatttc taacatcaca    127920
     ctggtttaca cttcatgtta agcacaacaa tgaagctata gaacagggcc tacacatggt    127980
     aacactttta cttgaggtta aaagcagtgt ttagagcgat gataacttcg ggtttaagca    128040
     ggttgttaga atttgtgcat attcaaactt tgtgcgtgaa tctatatctc caggttacag    128100
     taggtatcag tttgtttggg aatttcatta catgcaaaaa gagctctcgg ttactttaaa    128160
     cctctcctat tgtattcaaa caagggtcag agagccatta ggtagccaaa aagagagcaa    128220
     gcaaatgata acgccgttcc tagatcagtg taaaaacaaa aaccaacggc gtgacggttg    128280
     acaccgagta caccctttct cacctgactc attacagcta catgggagaa aagccccatg    128340
     cttaatcggc cactcaaacg ttcctgggcc atgtttaaga ggtgccacct ggccaagaga    128400
     gaagagggag caaagcaaac agagagacaa gtggagagca gagaggaaat ggagcagagg    128460
     gtttcagtgc cttcatttgc cagtgtttct gtccaccccc cactgctggg agaggatcga    128520
     gaggatagag gcagagagag agagagcgag agaactatgc catgctgcag tatgcccaca    128580
     gtgtgccaag gacaacagag cagaattaac ccctgagtgg aggcaagaga atgtgtgata    128640
     ctataaaatc tgggttagac tctttttttc acttggatca agcttggaca gctaaatact    128700
     gtgcaacata aggatgaaaa tctactgcct gtaaaatctg aaacatgacc ttgacatggt    128760
     taattatggt ttcaaatctt gtaggatctg acttttccct gaatcaagcc ggttagagag    128820
     gactaagaat gcaagtcagg atatggagct ttctactatg gcactgttga aagctttagc    128880
     ctgactaact ggaaaacata attgtattta taatacagac tgaaccaaat ttgaagcatt    128940
     gttcacgtca cacaatctca ttaccatctc aggatgcaca ctattttcaa tatgtcatta    129000
     gcctattgac agttattccc taaattttat gtatagttaa tatatatatc cacacctgca    129060
     gttttactat acagtctcaa accagtaatt cactatccta gataatccat acagccctcc    129120
     tcagtgtgat tttgtacatt ttaagtttag agtatgattt aatgaatgca ttggattgtt    129180
     ttgtgttttc tggaaccgca gtcttggtcc accaactgag caacaagaca ataaacctta    129240
     actaacatgt caaactaaaa catactgact tttcaaccat gtgaatgcca aaggacacca    129300
     aaacaagtgc cctaaagaat gaagtcgata caatgtgacc acgcatgcag gaagcaagaa    129360
     agcttccaca tgcccaaacc accagaaatc aatgaataat taacaagccc cttttcaatc    129420
     catgttgctg tccatcaaag attgtgacag ttaatccttt tcttatataa atagctcttt    129480
     ggtgtggatg ggtagtagcc gcatggagct ctatcccttc tgtccctgaa gcggccgcca    129540
     ggataagctg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttggat tggcacatgg agctgcccag ggcctgccgc    129600
     tgagctggcg gccagtacag atggagggca gggttgggca atgccagctt gtcagtcgga    129660
     ttaaaacgac tcatttattc actgaagtat cgtgcaaagc gacggggcta aaggagggtg    129720
     gcgcagagag gatgagcaag agctttacgg agaataggtg cgcagggagg gcggctatag    129780
     agactgttta aaagttgagg gtgattcgaa atgaactgtc ttgttagact tccatacagt    129840
     ttgtttctat ctccaaaact cgctttactt tttttttgtt acttttcttt agtgggatgc    129900
     cagaagccat tacggtggtg tacggaaggg ggccagcagg gtggcgtcct ccagtgcctg    129960
     ggtgacagat tgctgctccg cattggtggc ggaggaggca agggcggttg gcgattggct    130020
     ctgatggtca ggaagtgagc actgagggat ggcagagcag gaggaggaag agggagcagg    130080
     gagacagaga gggtgggtat aacaagacct ggctgtgtga cctttagcac taggtgagtt    130140
     acttaaaggg ccatgaactc tgttttcttt atggctgggc ctggcagcag aaggcagtga    130200
     cgtgctttgg gacttatgaa gaggacatgg agagggcaaa ggcgtattgc caacccacag    130260
     ccgtgcatct tctcagggca tcacaatatt gtaggtttct tatttctttt tttttttttt    130320
     cctggttcct gcaaatactt ttactcaaat tattacagaa cctgaagcag tgactgggat    130380
     tgtccaactg gtatctgtct ctgacatttt gtcacacttg atgtgtactt gggggcttaa    130440
     aattgtaatc aagtgcacac gtaaagtcta aactcattta agatccaaaa atccataaga    130500
     cattatatgg gacagggtct aagtgatttg aacacaatat tttgttagca cggacagtat    130560
     ggctgcaatg acattcacca tattccgctc aatcagcttg ccaaaataag cacagcttga    130620
     cttgccatgt ggcaccactt caagtgctca taaaaaacat tgaacactct tgcacaaaaa    130680
     tgatgaaaga ttgcaaaact ggacttcggg aagagttgcg ggtgcagaat ttgtggagac    130740
     gtagctgtat ttttctactg tctgtctctt acagcctgtt gaggatggca gtgccagagt    130800
     aataagggga gaaggtgtca gagacaggtt aacggtggga tcggtcaatg ccagcaacct    130860
     tgtgcctctc aaatccccct atctcgtgtc actggcaggc caagagagag agagtaggag    130920
     cgagagagag agtgagtgag tcaggatggt acacgggggg tgaagcttgg aagggtttta    130980
     tcgggtctaa ttactcccga tagctgtaat ttacaggttg gcagcagggg gaaatcggca    131040
     agattcacac ttctgcgggt cagcatctgt cgccattacg gcactactct agtcgacggc    131100
     cggtcagcga gccgaaggaa cggtaaacaa caaaccgcgt gtgacagatt agcggcgcag    131160
     gctaaaggac cttccactga cacatcattt ctctcactcc gcgagtttgt ttcgcggcag    131220
     ctgtcaccaa taaaacagag agacgggaga gataaggggg agagatgggg gaggttggct    131280
     tttgttccag atccagggag gtgggtggca ggagaggaag gagagtgacc tgtttagtag    131340
     tctggcatga gcatgcacgg gaatattcat acaggaaaac gaggcaccat tatgtcaaaa    131400
     ggaacctttt ttgctgactt tctcataatg atctactttc tttttttagg ggttgttaca    131460
     aattgctaca agttccattt gtgcacagca tgtgtggtat aatatataaa agaagtgagc    131520
     atgagcattt gctctgacta tgtgaacttg ctgaagcctc gtctcaaaaa ccactccacc    131580
     cgccaagttt tatccattaa aatccagaaa atcatacagc aagcttcaat ttgtgccaag    131640
     tgtactgatt cgccccactg cagtccactc tctttccagc cctgatccac attctctcca    131700
     ttagcctcgc tgatggattc tggcagggaa acttttcctt gagctcccct tgaaagacat    131760
     tcagttgtcc tgctgggcat gtactaccat cctcaagcca caacggacta tgcatcatca    131820
     tcaccttggt tcagaatgaa gaagcttgtt ttttaaactt taggtttact tgttgatcag    131880
     aacttctaaa agtggtccac actgtttgac tgagtttgta gaaaaaaaat tattaggatt    131940
     taaaatctag acccactcta tttaggctta gatgtgctag tacaggtagc caatgaaaaa    132000
     ggtgtctaca aaacttgtca aggacactct ccaggcctga attttcacag ctgcaactat    132060
     ttggctctac tcattggcgg gttcacacag gccgctccaa gtgctgtcca atcaccaaac    132120
     ccatccatta cactgtccgg ctgtgggcag agcccgttga ggacctgtcc tgtttaatat    132180
     ctaacagcag agtggtggct cactgtgcca gcctccagag tcccactgtt cccacaagtg    132240
     ccatatgggc ggcccggcct tattccatta gcacgagcga gacaagggtg agagcaggcc    132300
     gaggccctgg tcctcccggc cctcccctag caccgccaca gggcatgccc tgcccaccac    132360
     cagctgccag gaccgaggga caggccgagg gacagccatg gttcactata aacagagcaa    132420
     ctttgccatt ttcttgggaa atttttttta agaacacaga aaacatatat aaatgtcaat    132480
     ttaaaggtta cagatattta catttattca tttgcttaca cttttatcca aagcaactca    132540
     taagcataag tgattcatcc ttgggaaaca aggagagaag tgctgatata caaagttcaa    132600
     aaagtgctcg aacagtgttt catgtaaaac aatatacaat ataaaagagt acaaatggca    132660
     ctacagagca gcacccgtaa ataacaacat tatttgtgca tgacagccag ggatgctgct    132720
     acacaaaaga gcgaaggtga ggtcaataaa ttacatcatt tgttcataag tcaatgtgcc    132780
     ctgttcacta taaaaaggct cttgattgta ctatatacag tacctatcca caaaataaaa    132840
     gcgcttacag tccccgaagt aaagattgca taccactgga gaaatctgaa caggtcctcc    132900
     acctggactg gggacagaag aagggagaga gttcagatgt tcagatgttc tgaggatcgc    132960
     aagggaatgt cagactgtgt ttcagcctgt acctgccaca ggacccgagg cccgttttaa    133020
     ttaatcataa agcactatga attattaatc tattatcact gcgcatacat gtgatcattc    133080
     atttgtctct tctgctgttt ttagcaccct taagtccctg tttctgctaa tacgccgcaa    133140
     ttctggggag aactaaaggt agattaacct gacagcacac tttaatacag gacaagttac    133200
     aaaactactt ggatgatctt atttcacata ctcccagtga gaccatatac aaacagaact    133260
     aacaggtcaa cgcatagatg cacttaggag tgaacaacac tgttgcaagt agcaaggaga    133320
     attcaaagat atctcttaga gacttccaga tattaaaaca tttgcacaat ggtgcacaag    133380
     caaactagta ctcccagaaa aacttgtttg caaccctcaa tgacatattt aagtaaggac    133440
     tcttcaagca gcgcccgggg tgtttttgtg ccacactgat cagacatcat tgagctctca    133500
     ttgaggagag atttgccttt ggtctggctg tgtggcctgt gatgactgac agtaggaagg    133560
     aaggtttctt ctacctacag gcgccctact gaagctgcag ctcaggagga cacaacagat    133620
     ctgagcgaga gcaacacctg tcaggtaagc cttcgcagtt gacggcacat gaggtatgca    133680
     aagccctccg ctctgacggc taatctccgg tgagccatcg tgcggggcac cgcaggcctc    133740
     cacagggagc caccgggggc cagagcgcag caaacttgcc tcttctgcgt cagacagcgc    133800
     tcacatcctc ccaccagagc gacgagaggc agagggagag agagagagag cgaggcgctg    133860
     atgtgctcta aatacatttc attatcatca ttatgattat atcactgaat gtgtgttttt    133920
     tgtaatgcgc cgcagcacgt ctccccaggg tgctgtctgc acagctgaat aattaaaact    133980
     agtatgatga accatccgtc acagtttccc acaagagttg gggcaggcta tgtgcaaatg    134040
     gctcagttga ggagaggtct gcaattgaaa caataaaaac gctcaggtta gtatttgcta    134100
     atgcagctgt gattgcaaat aattcagtac aagaggtaaa agaaagtgat gaagcaatga    134160
     gatttcgtga aatatatata ctaaggctgt gatcaaatga ataagggtct cttccgttca    134220
     ttttatatcc gtttacaaac aaaaaagaaa aaactaagaa aacagatgtt tttggttttt    134280
     ccaaacaaag aaaaaaaaag agtttttggc tagatttttt tttttttggt ttagggtagg    134340
     aaaacggata aacgacttca ttaatattca ttttatacat gtaggccgtg atgaaatgcc    134400
     cattttcctc tgattggcaa gttaaagact tatctaggtt aattaagtta actaggcagg    134460
     tcagggtaat taggcaaatc attgtataac aatatttttt tctgtagaca atcgaaagaa    134520
     tatatatctt aaaggggcta ataatttaaa ccttaaaaag cgtttttaaa aactaaaaac    134580
     tgcttttatt ctagtcgaaa taagtcaaat aagactttct ccagaaaaaa aatattatca    134640
     gacatacttt gaaaatttcc ttgctctgtt acccatcatt tgggaaatat tttaaaaaga    134700
     aaaaattcaa agggaggata ataactgtat agataattaa aataagagga aatatatata    134760
     aaaacaaatg gtacccttcg ttaaagcccc agagcccaat gtgttcttat tctggtcctg    134820
     ctaacaacta ttaaaaaaca ataagtaaac aatattaatt attattatta ttattattag    134880
     cctattatta ttattattat tattattatt atttaggcct acagtagctc tgaaacaatc    134940
     atgcaaacca ggtgctttgc ttagtatcag gtgcacggca gaaagaagtt tgttggcaaa    135000
     ctataggcat attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    135060
     ataggccttg cccggaagca atcattcaaa ccaggatctg ctcagaaatg gctatcttca    135120
     tcaggtgcac aacagcgaga ctttggcagc aaactatggt ttattttaat gacaaatgtg    135180
     taattttact gctaatttac atttttaata aatttatgca tacacaatta atgtaagcct    135240
     gctacctgat caaatgatac aatatgaaaa ctatatatat aaatatataa ttaaaagcct    135300
     gggtgctgat tgcagacgac tattattttg aggatgatgt cacaagctca gatttggttg    135360
     accaatcaga gaaaaaggag cgttttagca ccgcctacat gtgtaaaatg aattttaaag    135420
     tcgctactct tgttacccac ccttaaccga aaaacaaaaa acgagccaac aagttttttg    135480
     aaaatgagtt tttttgtgag caacgtttgt tttcttagtt ttccttcttt tgtttgaaaa    135540
     cagatatgga atggatgaaa gatatcctga tgcaaatgtc ttaatggaag aaaatgattc    135600
     taattgagga aagaaaagag aagaaacaac ttaaattaac aaatactagt tatcatatat    135660
     gcaatgcaaa tcctatctgt agattgtaat aatattacag cgtcctacca agtgcattta    135720
     ggagaaagca aatctcacac tgtttttccg aaagcaagac aacgcatcca atcagccagg    135780
     aacaaaccag atgagacgtg ttgtgttctg atacaccacg caacccagta ggactagacc    135840
     tgcttaaatg catgaagtga atataagaga caagtgcaga tgaatgatta atccaacaat    135900
     cccacaaacc ggtgtcgaaa cccctgtgtc aaaacccaga aaatcatgca cagcaggtca    135960
     ctgaaatatt catattatac atgcttcatt aagactgaaa tacacaaagg cccgacattc    136020
     aaagtattat tgaaacaaat gacagataga tggagggaag agtaaaatgt tagagccaca    136080
     attacatgtt tgtttcatag atttgtaccg atttgtttta ttacaaagga aaccttctgc    136140
     attgctaaat acttttgaca actcagttac tttacgtctt gcgaatggag tcttgccaaa    136200
     gacttgcatt cagaagagac aggacgcatt gctttttaaa agtcctttcc aggtaggaat    136260
     actagacgta tcaaagcatg tggctgttaa ttacacatat cctccaactt ggtcacacag    136320
     ttagggctcc tgaccgatct catatgctcc tgccaattaa tgatccttct cctgtccctc    136380
     tgacatcaga tgaatagtgt ctgagctttc agttgatgga ttatgccagc ttatcaaatg    136440
     acaaatgctt cacaatttag aatggcatct gtaatttaaa cacttagcac agctgagact    136500
     ggctcgctgc ccaatgttca caacacaatt tattttaaat gattatgttt taacatatgt    136560
     aatgatgctt ttaacatctg cacttcaagt gtttatttaa ttgcaactca aactttgata    136620
     caatatttta aaatgtttgc tgtaaatatg atttatagaa aggtgcgtcc aatccaacac    136680
     cactaaatat ctgggtgtgt aaacccaacc aaaagcatca aactattgga aaaaaataat    136740
     tttatattta tttgctataa attaaagcca tttattcttt tcactttact attttatgat    136800
     cattaacact cactatgttc tttcgtttca ttttaatctt catttcgttt tattgtatcc    136860
     cattttagtg gttaatgatg attccacttt accacaacat gcagtttttg atttgtggta    136920
     atgtagaatc atcattagca actaaaatta gatacagtat taaatccatt acaataacac    136980
     aaatggagag agcatcagtg ttagttttat aacttgagta actattgtgc ttttgtttat    137040
     attatttata gtcagtttat tttaattgat atattttagc taaagtgtaa tatttatgtg    137100
     tgcttgtgtg tgatttcaaa agtaatatat ttagttatga gatttagtgt tgaccctggt    137160
     gtgatttatt gtgtagcaac ataggtattt gagcaataat tgtggcttag gcagaaaaat    137220
     acaatcctta tctaatgcag ttaataataa aaaaattata tatatatata tatatatata    137280
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattca ttcatttgtt ttctttcttt cttttcagct    137340
     tagtctcttt atcttttcag cttagtctct ttatttagac ctcttaatct ggggtcgcca    137400
     cagcggaatg atctaccaat ttatccagca tatgcagcag atacccttcc agctgcaacc    137460
     caccactggg aaacatcact acgcacaatt tagcctacca aattcacctg taccgcatgt    137520
     ctttggacag tgggggaacc agaacaccca gaggaaatcc acgggaacaa catgtaaatt    137580
     ccacacagaa acaccaactg atccagccga gacttgaacc agcgaccttc ttactgtgag    137640
     gcgacagcac tacctactct gccactgcgt atatatatat atgagcaata tcacacgagt    137700
     agcagtgcga tatggctgta tattggcact ggtgggaggc ttgcattgtg cattgttgcc    137760
     ttagtgcccc caccagtgcc gatatacagc catatcgcac tgctactcgt gtgacattgt    137820
     gtttatacaa cagtttgatg gcataattgt gtatataaaa gcaaaatcaa acatggagag    137880
     tctcaaaaac tcttttgtat gaggaactac ttccgcattg gattcaaata attagctgac    137940
     agttaaacag ctgagcaagc atcttttaaa gttgtagcgt ctgctttttg ctggttgtat    138000
     gtgggcggag taatacacaa aaggtaaaga ggctatacgg gtgctgatat tacttaaata    138060
     tatcacggct atcagccaat cagattcgag aaccagacag aactgttgtg tgtgtttgtg    138120
     tgtgtatata aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataga    138180
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    138240
     tagatagata tattagattt ttttttcttt tttaaatatt tcccaaatga tttttaactg    138300
     agaaaagaaa tgttcacagt atgtctgatt atattttttc ttctggagaa agtcttgttt    138360
     tatttcagca agaataaaag cagtttttaa ttttttaaac accattttaa ggtcaaatgt    138420
     ttaaaataaa aaatataagc ccctttaagc tatttttttt ttgatagtct agagaaaaaa    138480
     atacatcgtt atatataata ttgtattatt atggattata ttattaatta cagccgtaca    138540
     ttttacaacg taattgatgt caatctggca acccaggtca tgctgcgctc gtgaaatccc    138600
     tcctcctccg gcaccgtaac ttcctggaga cgggctttat ttttatacag aaaaaatggc    138660
     ggcgttacgc tcaaacagtt cttcagagaa agcagggacc gcgtctgaag ccccgtcagg    138720
     accggaggat gatttttggg cgggacaggg accaatagtg ctgcgggatc ctgcgattaa    138780
     attgttgagt ccggttagcg gtgtggagcc gctgtcgtgg gcagaagatc acagactggc    138840
     ggcctgcaac acgaacagcg tgtctctgat tgagctggtg tgtgacatac acagtctcag    138900
     tcaaaacctg gtgctgcatc gcactcacat ccccgtcccg accaccacat gtgaactcaa    138960
     ggtaaatact tcactgcgcg cgcgcgactt ctcctcgctt catggtatca tcacttgttt    139020
     tgaatttgtt gccaaagctt aagccacgtt tgacgtgaca tgacagctta agatctttaa    139080
     aataagcgtt aatggtgtgg acgattattg ttttaattct gattttcaac tgtacacttt    139140
     tttattttac ttttcatgac aatttcatta tactaactac gcataaatta agccaataca    139200
     atagaaatat gcaatcatga agtgacatta ttttaaaatg ttaagttagt tgtgggcttt    139260
     ggctattcaa gatcaaatgc attaaatttt tgtctgcctg tttgaatgta atgcaacatt    139320
     actggagatc agctgtattg tatttttagt cagtcagtga tttatttatt tttttcctcc    139380
     acatcttttc aaaatggggc tctatgtttc cccacgggtc atagttgtga ccactaacat    139440
     atttatgtgt tctgtgatca tgatttatgg gacagagcga tcttaattaa tgataggcgt    139500
     tttaaatatt atatgtatca aggacgcagt tgaatctgta tcatgacatg tattttaaat    139560
     gcttcttttt acttgagctt taacacagac agtgtcttcc aaagaggaaa atgacattaa    139620
     acagctttgg gcatgttact atttatacca gacatgaaaa aatgctccca tcaagtaaag    139680
     acaatctgca cttctattta tagccgacca taatgtggaa aatccatcta ctgttttgaa    139740
     tttattaaat acgatttttt ttttacaaat caggttgtaa tgcttgcgat taaagtatat    139800
     cttaaaatga gttaatctac tgtatttaac tctgtttttg acaatagtta aaaataagac    139860
     tttgttttat tgagccgctt ttaagtttta atatttaaag taatattttt agtatctcac    139920
     agtgctgtcg gacatcaaat aaatgcagtt gatctatttg gttacctttg gctccatatg    139980
     tgtgataaaa ctaaaaaaaa gggttcttat aggctaaaag aaaatatatt tttcatgccc    140040
     tcatttacat attttatgat aaaaaggttt aaattgttga cactttaaat agttatttta    140100
     attaataaaa attaaattaa cttatttcct gatataaagc taaaaactgt gacgttcatt    140160
     cgttccttat ttatcagggg tcttcacagc ggaatgaact gtcaactatt ccagcatttg    140220
     ttttacatag cagatgccct tttagccgct atccagttct gggaaacacc catacactct    140280
     gacattcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacgcgca cacacacaca    140340
     cagacacaca cactaataca ctaaagccaa tttagtttac ccaagtcact cataccgcat    140400
     gtgggcacat gtgtttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccagagaccc acacaaacac    140460
     tgggagaaac tccccacaga catactgtac caaccagccc agccaggaca accttcttgc    140520
     tgtgaggtga cagtggtaaa cactgagcca ctgtgctgtc ctttgttcac aacttatata    140580
     aagtggggct gtgcaatttg gggaaattat ctatttgcga tattttttct attaattttt    140640
     tttacagata ttgcgatttc gatttaattt tatatcgtag cttcttacta ctaaaatgca    140700
     atgagtgtta gttaaaaaaa atgaactgaa aaaatgttaa cttaaacttt tattcatatt    140760
     tgtttttaaa tattcaaaaa tgaggcacat ttttccatag agcaaacaga aagcacaaat    140820
     aaaacgacct tacctttctg taaacaagtt gaactcaaat tagggatata gtgtagctta    140880
     ttatacaaac aaaaaataat agttctaaaa atacagaaca ctcagcaaac taatttaagt    140940
     gtatatgacc tattttgcat ttagatgagt ttttttaaat ccctctttgg tcactgcatt    141000
     aaaaggaacc atgtctttag cgaggtgttg tgttatggca ttagttatct tctgggtagg    141060
     gttgcatcag ctgtccttta gttctttctt ctcttaaagg taaagtccac acttggggct    141120
     ttgtaactac tagctagttt gtaactaaat ttgtagacat gttcttaaac cataccgtaa    141180
     ttggtagatt gtaagctctc cgtaaagtca tgtgtatagt cacactgaat gacgtaatat    141240
     ccaataagaa gcatttaaat catttaactg ctttaaaatt ctgcaactac tgcatctata    141300
     taactgtctt atgaaaatga aatggcaaat tatatttgta tagtacatta cattagtcag    141360
     tcactccata cgacgcgcat atctgcatca ggagccgtga atcatactat gcgtactcat    141420
     actaagctat acgaaccgcg cccaggccag tttcctggat tgtttgagaa gtgtgagtgc    141480
     tcagaatcgg ttggccggtc ctggcccggt tagaagaggt gtgccaaagt gcggttcact    141540
     tgggcggtac gcttgtattg tgcgtgcaaa gcgcgcctga gcccgaaact gaagacgaga    141600
     cgtgactttt aagggactgt ttcatatgga tttattaatc attcttactg tttaatgaac    141660
     tcaaactgtt gtagattatt aaagatgcaa acccctcact gcgcgacagc tgcaccttca    141720
     gcaaacctcc taattcctgc agcacgagga ctttacgatt gtttatgagc atcaaaagtg    141780
     gctgatctgt tcagggaaat acttgaccgc ttgtcactgc atctcaaaca aaaggatata    141840
     aagaaatttc cactgtgctg agcgagagag cactaactaa actgcgcatc atcgattagg    141900
     taagcgtgct caggcccgaa tgcaatatga gtgtgggacg tcaggcgaga cgggaggggg    141960
     gacaagcgta cttttgcccg atttaaggca actgtacata gtgtgagtac gccctaagac    142020
     acatgtcaca cacagatgcc atgcacacat ttgctctgcg tggtgggaat taaaaaatgc    142080
     atattttata tcacagcttc ttgcgctaat cgcaacattt caaatcgcga ttgcgattcg    142140
     actttgatta atcgcacacc cctaatgtta agtttttttt ttttccacag gtgggctcag    142200
     aaaaagatgt gagggctgtt aaagaaagct ttgccaatag taaagaccca gtagtaagcc    142260
     aaatgatcat gatagacaga gtcatcaatc ctcaatgtgg acctctccat ggcgtcaagt    142320
     acactagttg gtcaccgtta ggctgtgaca aactcggccg ctgccttctt gctttcctaa    142380
     cacttgacaa tcgtctcaca atccacagca gtcacttgca actgcagtgg acgctactgc    142440
     tggaccttac agaactatat ggcgaaatgt taaaaaccag gaaatactcc gctcagaatg    142500
     atggcacacc accggtctcc tttaaagact tcgatgaact gcagcgtcgg tttcgtatgc    142560
     agacaccagt gcgcatggag tggtccagtt tgtgcagtat gcagcaagtt cagagcgata    142620
     acgctcataa agatatcaac acagttcttc tagctgtact catggagaat ggagacgtgg    142680
     tggtgtggca gttcagcttg cccctaaacg gaaaggaatc agtggtgtca tgcagcacca    142740
     tcaaatctgg tgtgtcgtca ccaagcgcgc tcacctggtg gcaatatgag cacagtgggc    142800
     ggaaaatgag cggactgatc atagggagct ccgtaggacc tgtaaagatc cttccagtca    142860
     acattaaggc agtgaagggt tacttcaccc tcaggcagcc tgtggttttg tggcaggaga    142920
     gcgaccagat tcctgtccac aacatcaaat gcatcacact cttccatccg caccagaaat    142980
     gcaactgcag tttagtggtt gcggcacgtg gtccgtatat cttctggtgc ttactgctga    143040
     tctccaaagc tggtctgaat gttcacaatt cccacatcac gggtcttcat tccaccccta    143100
     tcatatccat gacggcttgc cacaataatg ggactgtttt aacatgctca ctagatggga    143160
     aggttaagaa gctaacgact gttttcacag acctagctgt cgagttcaag caagaagaga    143220
     ttgttctgcc tgaaggagtc gcgggtcgac ggatacacgg tatatcaatc agtccaaaca    143280
     gtgcctactt ggctgttctc tccaatgagg gtatgaacaa tggcttccat cctgtcgctc    143340
     tcaactacca ggtacagttc atcaccttta agactccaga tgaagcagca gctaagatgc    143400
     ttgatgctca cagtctcttt agaaactctg atttgctgga tttgttacga tggcggatac    143460
     taaaagacaa aagcatccct tcggcctacg agaataatct agaagagaag ctgcaaacct    143520
     cagggtccac ttacctgtgg cgtcttaagc ttttctttct cagaacgctc cacaagtcca    143580
     tgcagaaaac tccttcagag gctctgtggc agccaaggcg aagaagtggt cagagtttag    143640
     ttggtgatgg tgatgaaggg ggtggaggtg atgaagatga gatgatggag gacagacagg    143700
     gggatgcaga aattagggaa agagaggaga gaatgaaaga gattggcagc aggatcgaag    143760
     ctgtggagtc ccatctgatc cgggagaaca tgaagaaggt gctgggcgag gtgtatctgc    143820
     acacctgtgt cactcaaaac acacgtgtac ccactaaagg tgtgtgtgac ttcctcacaa    143880
     atgaccctgc taatgaagac agggcagcca aggtgaatcc ctttctcatc gtccactgaa    143940
     acaaatattt atttggctta aagttgatta taaatttagg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt    144000
     aagaatgcaa attggatggt taaggcataa aaacgtagat gtaaatatta aatctgaaaa    144060
     tgaagtgatt catgctgtga attatttttt caaaataata tcttacactg taattttttt    144120
     attattattt gatgtttgac ctttacaggt gctgataggt catatcatga ataagatgaa    144180
     taaacagaca tttccagagt attgcgctct ctgtaaagaa attctgccct tcaccgactg    144240
     caagcgggca gagtgcaaga atggacacag gtggctcagg tacagctaat atatcatgct    144300
     atatatgtgg tataatgata aggatttaat agtaattcat ttaaaatata ataaacattg    144360
     atatgaccga ttattttatt aattttaatg tataaaatca gctaagcagg gctgcgcccg    144420
     gtcagtacct cagacttgga ctcagcaagg ttactgccag aagtagtgtt agtgaggcca    144480
     gcaggggcgc tcaacctgca gtctgtgtgc gtcctaacgt cccagtatac tgatgatgcc    144540
     ctgagcgctg tctttcggat gagatgttaa accgaggttc tggctctctg tggtcattaa    144600
     aaatcacagg attttcttcg aaaaagagta ggggtttaac cccagcttcg tggccaaatt    144660
     tgctggcctc tgtttatcat ggcttcctaa ccatccacat atcataattg gctttatcac    144720
     tctgtctcct ctgcaccaat cagctggtgt gtggtctgga ctggagcaat atggctgccg    144780
     tcacatcatc catacggatg cagcacacag gaggtggatg aggagattcc tccaaaaatg    144840
     tgtaaagccc ttgtatccag aaaatcgttg tttaaatgta aggaattaaa catcatttaa    144900
     aacaatggac aagtgcagtc aatgcctttt atgaatataa aatacatttt tcatttattt    144960
     tatcagggtg tctgcagggt cataaagtct taaaatgtct taaatctcaa aatcaaaatt    145020
     ttaggcctta aaaaatctta aattagctga aatatagtat tgtaggtcta ttaaaatctt    145080
     tttaaaacca gtcctagtgt cctttgttca tgtattgcta cccagtctgg ccaacaccca    145140
     tacaacaatt catctcaata gataatggtt taattatttt ccttacaatt aacatttgtt    145200
     taaaagtgct ccatgtattt actgctgagg acaccgacct ggacagattg ttgtgagtag    145260
     agttcgatta ttatagtttt taaaacattt gtttactttt tgtgtaaaaa aaaaaaagtg    145320
     tatggacaca agcagagctt gcttgttttt acacaatact ttaaatattt tgctaagaaa    145380
     ttcattcatt tttttttctt ggcttagttc atttattaag tgggtcgcca caatgaaatg    145440
     aaccattaac ttatccagca tatgtttttt atgctgcaga tgcccttcca gccactactc    145500
     aacactggga aacccataca caattgcatt cacacataca ctacggccaa tttagcttat    145560
     taaattcccc tatagagcat gtcgttagac ttaggctcag aaccagtgcc accgtgccat    145620
     ctttgctaag caatatcaaa actataattt tttttattat taaattatta ttttaaaatt    145680
     aattgtatta aattatgatt atttttcata gggcaaataa aaatctttac caactgggca    145740
     atttaaaaaa attcctcagc ttttagccct ttatgagtct aaaatttcat tcataatggt    145800
     cttaaaaagt cttcagttta acttgtataa tgttaactgt atataatgaa aagtaaaagc    145860
     ttttgctgta tcaaattaat tcttaaactg ttaacaaaaa aagatccatt tcataaagcg    145920
     cacagtcttg cattgtccct atttagacat gcaaatgtaa tcattttact tgtctcttac    145980
     agctgcttta ataacacgta ttttgcaatg ccaagtattt tgctgttgca ctgttcttgg    146040
     ctcataactg acacagcctg cgcattttaa tgaacagatt aatttagata ttgtgtattg    146100
     ctaggtttaa ttcacaccac ttcacagcac ataatccttc ataataatag aaaagagctg    146160
     gtgggctctt gttttggctt ttacaatatt tttgtattcc cagattaatg tgcaaatatc    146220
     tttttttttt ttttaaatcc tccaaaatct gtcaataata taaagtaaat ttgacatggt    146280
     ataaaatctg tactatatgt aggtgctgaa tagattttga gccgatttac ccatttttga    146340
     gccccatgtg tgacatttca tccattgggc tgactgaaag gagattactg cccctaatgg    146400
     tatatcaggg aaacagttgc ttcattgctg tcattctgat ttctgccaag tactgatcta    146460
     aaccttcccc tgccgtttct gttcatgtgt ctcactgtct ctttccttct ttctttctct    146520
     ttccttcttc ctccccaagg tgtgcgctgt catatcaggc ctgtcagggt gtgacatacc    146580
     gccgctgtct attgcaggac agtattgcct cagtagcaga gcctgagggt gagccataat    146640
     gctgtatcat atctccattc agaaacacac cgcaccgcac acttagactt tctctaatac    146700
     gcacacacac aaaacaaaaa ctctgctgcc ccacagcaat gcaagctcag gatgtcaaat    146760
     gtaccaattc gatatgaaaa tatgttaatt acatgtcttt tttggctgtt ccaactctat    146820
     tctgactggc aggtagatgg ttttaaacac tcacatgcac tttttggtgc tattattggt    146880
     gagggattaa acaggtggat gctgaatata agttgtgtac agtataatat tgtgtcctgg    146940
     gtaatgtata ttcagactag ggctgcacga tattgtaaaa atcgtacatt gcaatatttt    147000
     gttctgcgac atatattgcg ttatgaatgc aatttaacca gatgacgtca atatctttat    147060
     ttggaaataa tttatagttt tgaatgggat gattctgtaa gggaatgaat tatgcataaa    147120
     atatatatat atatataaaa aacaatattc agtcatggat aaatacaata gagaaaaaat    147180
     atgaatgaaa taaacatgga gtctaactgt attcgggtac aataattata ataatcacat    147240
     gtaaaataat actgcgtagt cttttattaa ataataaata atatttatta actttacaaa    147300
     tatatatatt ttttttgttg gaaagctttt aaaatcctca tgcctcaaaa acacattcaa    147360
     attttaattt ataatccaaa ctcaacattg catatgctgc gatgtaactc ttgcaaatga    147420
     tcacattgcg aaatcgatgc tgaaacgata cattgagcag ccctaattca gacagttatc    147480
     atattgaacc ttttcagggt aaggctgggc cgaaaaactg cattttatcg aattgcaata    147540
     aaatttaagt caataacaaa aataagctct ggacttttta ctctatattc atctagaagc    147600
     caatcacaca gcagaactgt gcaacaatgg gaatttaaaa gtgtgttgat tttagagatg    147660
     tatcgaattt tctgccatca aaaatgtatc ggctgaaaat gttatgccat ttaatggatt    147720
     ctctaatttt tgttgcttca gtcattgtcg gagtactctt ttaaatctgg aagcattacc    147780
     aacctatatc gaaaaatata tcagtatcat tcagtatgga aaataattat cgagattgca    147840
     tttttgccat atcgcccagc tatacttcag ggttattaga attcttgtat ttccctgaaa    147900
     gggcttattt tgtgatcaca accatctaga tgtagatgat gccgcttatt gcagggctac    147960
     tgtccacata agtaaataat taggtgtaaa atattaattt gagttgaagt attttatgag    148020
     tggtatgttg ataatggttg tgagggatta aagcgcctca aaatgaaacg actggccaat    148080
     cagaatcaag ctttcaagca gctatttgta cttatcagat aagaatacta agaaaaactt    148140
     ggcaatcaat ttactcaccc ttcaaccttt ttgagttttt tgccgttttg tgtaaaagaa    148200
     tatattttga atattgactt tcataattta attctatgga tgtcaatagt tttttttttt    148260
     tggtttttaa cacacttcag agtatattct tttgtgctca acataaattc taaaggtttt    148320
     gaggggcgta agggcaagtc aaatgtgagt aaatgtaaat ttaggctaaa ctgcatctat    148380
     tccagccaaa ctaaattaaa taatactttc cccagaaaaa aaaacacatc agaggacata    148440
     ctttgaaaat gcccttgctc tgttaaacat cactttggga gtatttggaa aaataatata    148500
     tatatatata tatattagtg ctcagcatat ataagtacac tcatcacaga tctattttta    148560
     atttaatatt ttaataggaa gctatacaat attatatttg tgcatataca ttagattagt    148620
     ttaatttgtt gaaattttgt aggttgtatt tttttattaa tttaaatgca ttatttttca    148680
     atttctatat ctgtttggtg actaaaacat tatttcaata aatatatctg tttaatgaat    148740
     ctgttttgtt taaatgcaca aaaatacgtt gcctattgac cttattctcc gcagacgagc    148800
     gggcgctgcc atttgaatct ttttggcatg agacttccgg tctcattcac ttccattcat    148860
     ttttagacat taaaaactgc tcgtttcgct gtttgatgtt gcaaactgat atttccttgt    148920
     tatattattc tacttggtct gtatagtcat gcaaacattt gtttgtagag caagtagttt    148980
     gaccgttttt tgccgtttat tattccttgt catttctccc ataggcaact gaaacggaag    149040
     ttctaagacc atcgcgaaaa caggcgcact tccgcatttt agaataaggt caatattcac    149100
     tgagaaatag attaaaaaat attccagttc aaaaaggggt gtaatcatgt atgctgagca    149160
     ctgtatgtac aaatttcact ggagggttga tcattttgtc ttaagctgta tatgggtgta    149220
     tatgtgtgtg tgtttgttga agaagaacta attgaataat ttcatattca gtatatttaa    149280
     ataattgctt aacaagaaaa actactaata acagaaaact catttttcag attcagactg    149340
     gatcaagaaa atcctccaag gtccctgcat cttctgcgat tctcctttct actgaagcct    149400
     cgggactaaa taaaagtctc cacgactgac tactggatca cttaagcggg ctacataaat    149460
     gactaaaacg cctttcttta cttgaaagag aaacatttga aagccataaa gtattcttta    149520
     attattttgt aatataagac attcgggaga tttttcctct caacagatct ttattttaaa    149580
     gccaaaaaag ggtctaattt ttatacaatg aaaactgtat atgttaataa attattccac    149640
     tgtacatttg ctggatgttt ttgatttgtt aacattatcc tgccatgaca tcctcctctt    149700
     gcattaaaaa tgcacgctct tcctgtggct gattttaatt ggtttaaata aatccatttc    149760
     ctaattggct ttgggaacat ctctacataa ccgcaaacag caactcccac atctccaaat    149820
     aatgactttt ccctggcctt aaggaagaga cgacgactgt atagggaaag gaaaaacagc    149880
     gagacggaga gaaaactgtt ttaaaaccga tccagcattt ccgaagggcc gaactttaat    149940
     gagatacaac agtaatgagg aatggatccc agccgaatat gtgataccca ttttaattaa    150000
     gatggcgagc ttgagtgcat actgttaaat attgttagcc ccctattttc ttagggtcgc    150060
     atggagggca tgtaccctga cgggctgtta cacaaaacat agctaacata tgagggtcag    150120
     tagtgatcaa agataaactc agaccctcag aatgccctcc gttctcatca caggtacatc    150180
     ttgtcgcctt gccctgctct ctctagtgtc actgaagatg atagctcact tcaggactag    150240
     ttgacagccc tgtcttaggt ttcggatggt atccagagat aaagatggcc tgataattac    150300
     acacaattcc gctccacatc tctcattcag cattagaggt cttaagataa agtaattgaa    150360
     gtgtttattt tgtattatta ttcatagaga gaggcttctg catgacagtg cgttctgaat    150420
     tgccatatta ctacaattgg taatgcaaca tgtaaaggct gtttgattac gaggtaataa    150480
     cgtgcattgt gcattaatca aagtcacaaa ggcagcgctc agaacctcaa atgccgtctg    150540
     ccgcgtgtca cagcaaattt gttcactgac atattacggt aagcatctaa taacatgaat    150600
     ttgaaagctg ttttttagcc atgtaatgac gctttaaaag aaaatgagct atttgaattt    150660
     caattgtaca ctttatatat ggtgcatatt aatagtcgca ggtgctaaat gtcacggatt    150720
     agattataac tgggaacgtg attgaaatag agcttttttt cttcttctac tgctgcggat    150780
     ttcctttcct agctattaga ttgtcaaatg gatcttggcc ttttggtttg agtgctagct    150840
     ttgttgatag gtggagactt ctcctgttga agaggttagc tctgtttggc agaacctcct    150900
     acttctttaa tataacaatc tgtcaaaaaa catttcgaca ataattacgg ccccctcctc    150960
     tttcctcttt gtgtgtgctc tttcaagact tcaaaaggag gtttccttct ttcttctgta    151020
     tgaaatattc ataacttctg tgttcgtggc tttgtgcttt aaacagataa cagacagatt    151080
     tttatattat ttcatcttat attcttttgt tagatattgt attttgatat acatcacctt    151140
     acgttaaaca cctaatttgt tgagcccaaa caagacgcag agcatggatc tcaaagtcat    151200
     ttgctctaac actagattac gttgaagttt ttcttatttt gtgcaacaat tactgtttta    151260
     tacaacccct ggcaaatagt atgggatcac cacttttaaa agaattgtgt agaaaaaaac    151320
     aaacaaacac atacatgcca caaaaatatt tctataacaa tccaaacttc tggctgtatg    151380
     aaacacttca ttaaaaaagt agaaagaaaa aagagaaaac actgtagtca atttacgttt    151440
     tttcccgatc aaacagagtc agaatcacac aaatctgagg aaattatatg gacttaccaa    151500
     ataaaaacac cactagtact ttgttgcacc aactctggct tttgagaaca gcttaaatta    151560
     tctgaggtat gcattaaaag tatgcttcat ctatctgtct ccaactttgt cttattgcag    151620
     atcagctttg caggttggag tcttgtcatg gaccactttc tttaatttcc aacacagatg    151680
     ttcaattgga ttaagatctg tactatttgc aggccatgcc attgacatta tatgtctttc    151740
     ctgtgggaaa gtttttacag atgtgtctga gttttttcta cacaatgaaa tatttgaatc    151800
     aacattttcc aagaatggtg attctatact ttttttgcca ggggttgtgt atagaccttt    151860
     ttctgcttga tgtttttttg gattttacaa ccaatgtaat gcagtattta ttgttttaaa    151920
     tacttataaa gcactaaaga ttaaatgagc tagattaaat gccattaata tcctgtatct    151980
     attttttaaa aagatattac aacatgctgc tggaaatgaa ggacagtcta aagtaatatg    152040
     ctgttttaag ccaaatgacc ttcgaaactt ttatttttat atatacattt tatatttata    152100
     ccgagtaaat attaactaac agtttcatga aaaaaagaaa tgttgaaaat gtaaaaggtc    152160
     ccattgtgtg ttctttcatt tagaaataat taaaatatat ataaaaatat aatcgtttta    152220
     agggataatt tatgctgtta aaaacaatac ggaaaaacca gtgatttaaa tttactcagt    152280
     tttagtttgt tggatattat ttgtgtgtaa atgaagctat tatttatttt cagacaagct    152340
     agtttctgtg cttttacagt ttttgttttg tttttgtttc caaatagtca aactggaaaa    152400
     attttattgg ttcaaacaca ttgtacaaaa cacagggaca aatacattta aatcaaatat    152460
     tcatcttttt aaagctgttt ggacagaact gtgtgtaggt atagtgtgtc cacagtcata    152520
     tagggtcgat ataaagacaa tacgtctctt tttttaaggc actatagatg aaatgagcta    152580
     gatcaaatgc cattaatacc ctgcatcaca tctttcaaaa tatatcacaa catgctgcag    152640
     gaaatggagg acagtctaaa gtaatatgat gttttaagct aaatgacctt taaaattttt    152700
     atatttttca cttatatact tatattttac ttatgtttat actatgtaat tttacccaat    152760
     agtttcataa aaaaattcta aagttaaaaa tgatatgtgg tatcattgtg tttgttttac    152820
     ttaactaatt atatttaaca attataacta aatggttata tttgatatat acgtatacat    152880
     ctttttaaaa tacatatgca tttaaaaaca ataccaaaga accagttata caatttttta    152940
     agcttttaag ctgtaggatt taaaatgtgt ataaattaag caatttattt tgagacaagc    153000
     tagtttctgt ctttttttct ctttctaaat agtcaaacta gggaaaaaaa atcaaatggt    153060
     tcaaacatat tgcaaacaac acagggagaa atatatataa atcaaatatt taaagggcac    153120
     ctatgatgga aagcatcctt tgtaaactgt ttggacagac gtgtataggt atgtccacgg    153180
     tcatattggg gtgatataaa cacaatgagt ctctttttta tgtttaaata gtatccaaat    153240
     ccctcccatt ttgaggccca cagcaatgtg atgtagaagc agggtttcca agcccaccta    153300
     attgattgac agctgcatat gaacatttgt ccgtagtaac acttataatc ttatcaacaa    153360
     gacatgactt gcgcaaagcc actgggatta agctattcgg ctttctgtaa tcatcaatca    153420
     tcatcaaatg tgatcaagaa tgagctttac aagtttaaca cgttttaaaa gcagggcatg    153480
     tttgtaatga attggtttta ctgtctgtat catcacagcc gcatgtcagt acaattataa    153540
     aaaaaaaaag aagcttcaat cccagtttgt ggacattaaa tcaggttttt tttgtacatt    153600
     agcataatgg atatccatag agcagtttat aataatgtgt atcctgtcac attggtgtgc    153660
     aaaaacagtg caaagttaaa cgcagatgct ttgtgtgaac tttgtaacga gattgtgtca    153720
     ctcatcgatg cagaaaggtt tgaattaact ccacatcaaa taatcattgg gaacgttttt    153780
     actgtagtac agtatttgtc acaaacttta cagtattttg tcacaaacag agcagaacat    153840
     tccaatattc tgaaagctat aataaataat ctgatgggag ttttgagctg aaactttaca    153900
     cacacattcc agagacacaa aagacttatc tttaatcttg aaaaaggggt aaaataggtg    153960
     ctctttaaaa taagatatac agtataattg tctgtttagg atatgcataa atcctttaat    154020
     tattcatgct tatgtagtct tcttagctat tatatatgaa tagaattcat tagttttctg    154080
     acactaaaaa gtagttttgc agtaacctga ataaaaatat gcatacgtat atatgcataa    154140
     ttatgattca tactgggggg gaaagaaact agcttctaaa gcgctagatt ttctgatgcg    154200
     ctttcactcc gcagtgtata tacatcaaat ttcccggctg aatacatttg gtgtgaagta    154260
     tgctttgtag aagtgttccc tcagacttca gtaattcatc agtaattaag tctgtctggg    154320
     ggctgtcaag ggaccccgag tttttcctgc agactctgaa atcaggctgt taacacggcc    154380
     ctttaacggg tacatggacc cgctgggatg gagtcgctga cccatgactg tctgatatgt    154440
     gcgtatgagg gagtgcgtga tgtcaatagt cagtctttct gcttgtgctg aggtgtggag    154500
     cagctcaggt ggaactaatg cagaaggctg tgaccagagc tctgcttacc acaacattaa    154560
     ttaaagtcat tcgctacaca caaccatgga taagggtacg catcagggga gtgcatttgt    154620
     gagtgtgtgt gtcatattta tgttccagtt tctaatgtga tgatttaata aaaaaataaa    154680
     aggatgaatg ttggtaaaca gatttgctaa tttgtctgta tatattttaa atttttttca    154740
     ttaatatgat gatttacaaa attaaaagga gaagaatgtt gccagattgg tgaacagatt    154800
     agccagtttg gttatatatg aagagttcaa ctgcaaaatc tgtagcttaa ataatttcaa    154860
     gttcattgca aagaatacac tttttttata ggtctttaaa ataaaataac tctacataaa    154920
     catagaagtc tgagaaaaat acaaattttc aatggaaatt tcagacgcca gagttgaact    154980
     ctatatatct tttttaactt ttttcaacaa tatgatgatt taaaaaataa aaagagatga    155040
     atgttgcaag attggtaaac ttagcagcag ataaaagaaa atgaaaatta tgtcaccatt    155100
     tacccgctct cctcatgttg ttctaaacca gagatatcca aagttggccc attgtaacct    155160
     ttgatttggc ccaccatcca tccttaatca agtttggttt ttctccttca taaggaaaag    155220
     tttgggcacc cctgctgtaa acacatcgaa acacaagtga agatacttta ggttttctga    155280
     aatttatgtc ttaccattaa agatcaccca aaatggtgca gcttataatt atataaattc    155340
     taaataaaat ctttttaatt ctgcagtttg gtgggttttg gaattttaac attgtacgtt    155400
     tacagtgttt agatttagtc aaagaaactc agtaatgctt gcttgaagag tgagaaccaa    155460
     ttaagttcat ttctatgcat cacacggctc ttctgagctt tggcaaaaac caatcaggtt    155520
     tgttctagtt ccccaagaat ggagtttctg tgtatgttca atttttataa tttttttagt    155580
     tattattaca ttgtttctgt gtttatgaaa ggctaaatta aatctgttca taataaaaag    155640
     caaccaggtg ttttcagaag actggagatc atttgtattt atttttttga tttctattaa    155700
     aaagttttat aaaaaataaa taaataaaaa actttaattt ttgaacaaat agtcttcata    155760
     aaaatatccg gtgtggaaca atatgagggt gtgaaaatga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagtgc    155820
     aacaaatctt taaattttag tgacactttt agttttattt taattacact gcggtattga    155880
     atatgcacat ttttgttatc ataggtatga aaatactgtg aacgtttctg tctctgaaca    155940
     aattttttag agcacacttt aaatcatgta caaaattgca cataacttgc taaaaatact    156000
     gacaacaaaa ttatctctgt taaagttgca gtagtcgatc tgccaaaatg ctatccgttt    156060
     gcaaagtagc tttgaaaaca cagtcctctg ctggcacaca cctcccctgc tggccaaagc    156120
     aatgcctcca gaaacactaa tgtgcaccag ttagaaaact ttatggtaaa gtagcatggt    156180
     aaacaattta aggagtgcgt gacaggcttt cattgttcaa aaatgaacca aagtgaatat    156240
     aaaaccaact ccacctcagt aaagcaggct aggtggaata gtattgttta cttatgtttt    156300
     gttgtttagc taaataaaaa cctacattat cgatgctgta aaaggtccct tatgaaactg    156360
     aaaatagtga tgtcaagctt tcgctgtaag attgcagtgg ctaaacaaca cttttgtgca    156420
     tataacccat ttgaaaaaca actaaatcac aacaaacttt ttatgactaa aatagtttta    156480
     aaacagaaca ttacctgtct aaaagaaata cttcagtcat agtgtcatcc ttcctccagt    156540
     gtgcaaaagt aactccatta ttgattcatg attttaaaaa attttgattc agtatttgtt    156600
     tttactggtg tcactctgtc tcacgtgcac gtaagcgcac gtgtacgcgc aaatggcgaa    156660
     tcagtctgtg tgaacaagga tgctccggtg tacaaatcta catttgttga cagacagttt    156720
     gggctactta tcagaattat tggcccaaga atttttaatt ggacaaatat tttttattct    156780
     tatgcttacc cattcattta ttcattttct tatcggctta gtccttttat taatctgggg    156840
     tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcacgtt tttaagaagc ggatgccttt    156900
     ccagctgcaa cccagtaaca tctatacaca ctcattcaca cacatacact acgaacaatt    156960
     tagcttaccc aattcaccta taccacatgt ttttggactt gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc    157020
     cagaggaaac ccacgtgaac atggcaagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa ataccaactg    157080
     acccagccga ggcttgaacc agtgaccttc ttgctgtgag acgattgtgc tacccactgc    157140
     accaccgtga tgcctatgcc ttacccagaa tttaaaaata catataaatt catttacttt    157200
     aattattaat attataatgt gaagggactt tcaaccagca caacaaaaac tgcttctgaa    157260
     ggcaaacccc tgctgcagct ttaactctgt ttttttgtaa tttattagaa tgtggtatta    157320
     taaaatattc agctagtatt gtgccataaa aatgtaatac catcacatgc ctagcagcga    157380
     tttattttaa aactaatata atagttcaaa tctacgtaga tgattgtgtc aaatccagtg    157440
     atcatttaaa aaaaatgacc aaattagaaa tttctaataa taatcaacct catccattgg    157500
     caaaagccat atctgatcct gtctgagtgt gggtgttata tgtcagactc aaaaggctta    157560
     cataaaaaga gctctgtttt attgaataaa agccatgaaa gaaaagccat tgggcgtttg    157620
     catttcacac catttcggct gcgaacttcc cctctgaaga ttctcccact ctttctgaac    157680
     cctttcatgt tgcctttcac cacggagaca caaggaagcc ctcattttga agattgctta    157740
     aaaaaatgtc tcccaaagat cagacaacgt caagattaac ctgccctgca cacaagaccc    157800
     agaaatggtc gaaatgagca atcaaaacgg cggcaactgg agacttaatg tgacatgaca    157860
     atggaagcgg ttagcagtca gtcattcata tgtttccgtg tttaatctga caggaggtgg    157920
     aagcagccag tccaaatcta cagcatgagc ggagcgaaga cagatgggac ccagtcagga    157980
     tacaaactca cgcggatcca ttcaactcca actcaaagca tatgccatta ggacagtttc    158040
     cgcataaatt acctgaaatt ctggtgaccc gcaggtagag gattaacaag cactgtaaag    158100
     aatgctgtac agtttcaacc taattttgaa atcaatcaaa taccactaaa tcaaatacca    158160
     tttctacaaa acaattgggt tagttcatac tgcaaccaaa actgccttga agtttctttt    158220
     tttttttgtt agtacacttc acaaaaatac ttatcttact tagatatttt tggcttgttt    158280
     ctagtccaaa tatctaaaca atcttatatt aagaagcatt ttctaggcaa gcaattcaaa    158340
     ttgacttgtt ttcagaaata atatgccaat attaagtgag ttttccctaa aaaaaaaaat    158400
     aataataaat aataatctgc caatggggta agcaaaataa tcttgctttt ccttttgaca    158460
     taagattatt ttgcttaccc cattggcaca ttattttgct tttttaagga aaaactcact    158520
     tgatcttggt atattatttc tgaaaacaag acaatttgat ttgcttgcct tgaaaatctt    158580
     gctttaataa ttttaaatat ttggactaga aacaagaaaa aaacaactaa gaatttcatt    158640
     tttttttttt tttttttttt gcagtgtttg ctctaaaaaa aattaagatg ttgtaaccca    158700
     atattgggtc aaacccaacc atgctaacaa aacggtgatg cttacaaata tttttaaaga    158760
     gattacaaaa aatctttttt agttctgtag tttgacttct cataatgaac atattttaac    158820
     attgtgggct ctattttgac gatccatgta caaaatgcaa agcgcagggc gcaaaagcat    158880
     taagggcgtg tcagaatcca cttttgctaa tataaggaca aaaaaatgtg ctttgcgcca    158940
     tggcgcaggg tctaaaaggg ttgatcttat tgtcttaatg agttatgggt gtgttttgag    159000
     aataaaccaa tcggagtctc cttttgctat ttacatggca gactttgtaa gtgaaaaaaa    159060
     ctgagggttt tactagcaag aaaaaaggta aacagcattt acagcacgag aataaaagat    159120
     gagcctcctc attatttact ttcactttca ctctcgtggt taaagaaact tgttgtacac    159180
     acaaacatcc attagccttt aaataattaa tttagtttgt taagcgcaaa gatttgtttc    159240
     aaaactaaat tcagttccaa tttccagcaa attaatatat ccaaatacac atgctattcc    159300
     ccatatggtc taaaacctga catgtggaca aatctaagct t                        159341