EBI Dbfetch

ID   CR382323; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 143411 BP.
AC   CR382323;
DT   29-MAR-2004 (Rel. 79, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-226M8 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate protein kinase
DE   AMP-activated alpha 1 catalytic subunit (PRKAA1), the gene for a novel
DE   protein similar to vertebrate SWI/SNF related matrix associated actin
DE   dependent regulator of chromatin subfamily a member 2 (SMARCA2), the ccbl1
DE   gene for cysteine conjugate-beta lyase; cytoplasmic (glutamine transaminase
DE   K, kyneurenine aminotransferase), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate surfeit 1 (SURF1), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate ankyrin repeat domain 25 (ANKRD25), the 3' end of the usp20 gene
DE   for ubiquitin specific protease 20, the surf6l gene for surfeit 6-like, the
DE   surf5 gene for surfeit 5, the gene for a novel protein (zgc:103692), the
DE   rpl7a gene for ribosomal protein L7a, the gene for a novel
DE   interferon-induced transmembrane protein and a CpG island.
KW   ccbl1; HTG; rpl7a; surf5; surf6l; usp20.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-143411
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 7b657d45646f77fa14883a54ac46f877.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991842.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000002220; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000019230; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000060596; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000093303; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000004238; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000015076; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000085531; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000132223; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00049; SNORD36.
DR   RFAM; RF00069; SNORD24.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-226M8. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-149L22 is at 141412 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-182D3 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-226M8 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..143411
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-226M8"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..143411
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             complement(join(BX005029.13:121379..121533,
FT                   BX005029.13:121659..121727,3985..4087,7034..7142,
FT                   7415..7496,11716..11891,12594..12720,12809..12989,
FT                   13066..13111,13264..13297,13372..13466,19398..19570,
FT                   19853..19965,20056..20202,22464..22896,25361..25439,
FT                   25591..25704,25821..25890,27367..27469,27658..27792,
FT                   28587..28649,28899..28952,29032..29112))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-182D3.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018218"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin specific protease 20"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9Y2K6 Tr:Q5R5Z6 Tr:Q69ZT5
FT                   Tr:Q8CJ72 Tr:Q8IXQ1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PN09"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001394"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001607"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006615"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018200"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028889"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5PN09"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-1219"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88765.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(BX005029.13:117036..118632,
FT                   BX005029.13:121376..121533,BX005029.13:121659..121727,
FT                   3985..4062,22607..22896,25361..25439,25591..25704,
FT                   25821..25890,27367..27469,27658..27792,28587..28649,
FT                   28899..28952,29032..29130,31310..31422))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-182D3.4-003"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin specific protease 20"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055192.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG306246.1 Em:BM315847.1
FT                   Em:DR719216.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(BX005029.13:117974..118632,
FT                   BX005029.13:121376..121533,BX005029.13:121659..121727,
FT                   3985..4087,7034..7142,7415..7496,11716..11891,12594..12720,
FT                   12809..12989,13066..13111,13264..13297,13372..13466,
FT                   19398..19570,19853..19965,20056..20202,22464..22896,
FT                   25361..25439,25591..25704,25821..25890,27367..27469,
FT                   27658..27792,28587..28649,28899..28952,29032..29130,
FT                   31310..31422))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-182D3.4-001"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin specific protease 20"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG306246.1 Em:CK688867.1
FT                   Em:CN505877.1 Em:DR719216.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(BX005029.13:117036..118567,27784..27792,
FT                   28587..28649,28899..28952,29032..29130,29482..29587,
FT                   31310..31426))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-182D3.4-002"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin specific protease 20"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055204.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ284423.1"
FT   mRNA            join(31748..31938,32125..32184,32300..32351,32474..32544,
FT                   32631..32708,32802..32999,33116..33252,34018..34116,
FT                   34212..34540)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-226M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103692)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC083464.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL925292.1 Em:AW342787.1
FT                   Em:BI980472.1 Em:CV108914.1 Em:CV483996.1 Em:CV490646.1"
FT   CDS             join(31859..31938,32125..32184,32300..32351,32474..32544,
FT                   32631..32708,32802..32999,33116..33252,34018..34116,
FT                   34212..34306)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-226M8.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018232"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103692)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q3TQI7 Tr:Q4TAA8 Tr:Q5XJ46
FT                   Tr:Q640Y5 Tr:Q99JW3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5XJ46"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010756"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5XJ46"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041010-15"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88766.1"
FT                   FKKMNRRY"
FT   regulatory      34440..34445
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      34456
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34582..35570,39211..39419,40745..40825,
FT                   40910..41062,42970..43057))
FT                   /gene="surf5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.2-003"
FT                   /product="surfeit 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL718682.1 Em:AW777558.1
FT                   Em:CK678533.1 Em:CK691070.1 Em:CN016718.1 Em:CN022333.1
FT                   Em:CO354309.1 Em:CO927867.1 Em:CV106305.1 Em:DT081998.1
FT                   Em:DV599678.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(34583)
FT   regulatory      complement(34603..34608)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(35387..35570,39211..39419,40745..40825,
FT                   40910..41032))
FT                   /gene="surf5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.2-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018230"
FT                   /product="surfeit 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O57595 Tr:Q4TAA7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUL3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009332"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5WUL3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040625-156"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88767.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(37872)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(37872..39419,40745..40825,40910..41062,
FT                   42659..42927))
FT                   /gene="surf5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.2-002"
FT                   /product="surfeit 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC049480.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ260987.1 Em:CV489213.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(37878..39419,40745..40825,40910..41062,
FT                   42970..43063))
FT                   /gene="surf5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.2-001"
FT                   /product="surfeit 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC071397.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM534377.1 Em:BM534528.1
FT                   Em:BQ260701.1 Em:CB360858.1 Em:CF996658.1 Em:CK239524.1
FT                   Em:CO916650.1 Em:CR931171.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(37891..37896)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      complement(38399)
FT   CDS             complement(join(39201..39419,40745..40825,40910..41032))
FT                   /gene="surf5"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018228"
FT                   /product="surfeit 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3TTZ9 Tr:Q5T8T7 Tr:Q6IQK8
FT                   Tr:Q9V439"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUL3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009332"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A5WUL3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040625-156"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88768.1"
FT   mRNA            join(42768..43120,43854..43974,44161..44310,45309..45449,
FT                   45556..45635,45868..45998,46198..46267,46392..46534)
FT                   /gene="rpl7a"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.3-001"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L7a"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:CR673394.2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG729551.1 Em:BI325822.1
FT                   Em:BI476827.1 Em:CD587087.1 Em:CK668512.1 Em:CN169842.1
FT                   Em:CN831486.1 Em:DN898868.1"
FT   CDS             join(43118..43120,43854..43974,44161..44310,45309..45449,
FT                   45556..45635,45868..45998,46198..46267,46392..46496)
FT                   /gene="rpl7a"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018222"
FT                   /product="ribosomal protein L7a"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P12970 Sw:P32429 Sw:P46223
FT                   Tr:Q4GXL6 Tr:Q4R5C2 Tr:Q6GQB2 Tr:Q6PBZ1 Tr:Q6XIQ0
FT                   Tr:Q80UT7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6PBZ1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001921"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004037"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004038"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018492"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029064"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6PBZ1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-031001-9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88769.1"
FT   regulatory      46482..46487
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      46494
FT   regulatory      46509..46514
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      46513..46518
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      46515..46520
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      46529
FT   polyA_site      complement(46956)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(46956..47087,47227..47942))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.4-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate surfeit 1
FT                   (SURF1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK361399.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(46956..47087,47226..47307,47435..47597,
FT                   47884..47956,48034..48225,48328..48410,48559..48686,
FT                   49180..49258,49372..49535))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate surfeit 1
FT                   (SURF1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL918889.1 Em:BM024816.1
FT                   Em:BM571196.1 Em:BM571358.1 Em:CB357057.1 Em:CK025944.1
FT                   Em:CK683285.1 Em:CN014909.1 Em:CN017963.1 Em:CN018592.1
FT                   Em:CN504741.1 Em:DN892138.1 Em:DV599004.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(46978..46983)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(47021..47087,47226..47307,47435..47597,
FT                   47884..47956,48034..48225,48328..48410,48559..48686,
FT                   49180..49258,49372..49434))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018234"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate surfeit 1
FT                   (SURF1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O57593 Sw:P09925 Tr:Q3U3J6
FT                   Tr:Q4SQG2 Tr:Q5T8T4 Tr:Q7TP91 Tr:Q7TT09"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUL6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002994"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUL6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041108-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88770.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(47861..48225,48328..48410,48559..48686,
FT                   49180..49258,49372..49509))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate surfeit 1
FT                   (SURF1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN023364.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(48121..48225,48328..48395,48543..48686,
FT                   49180..49258,49372..49486))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.4-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate surfeit 1
FT                   (SURF1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI533524.1"
FT   mRNA            join(49516..49786,49970..50068,51068..51271,51370..51449,
FT                   53091..53933)
FT                   /gene="surf6l"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.5-001"
FT                   /product="surfeit 6-like"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY648750.1 Em:BC053193.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI878317.1 Em:BM155642.1
FT                   Em:CK684770.1 Em:CK870053.1 Em:CV116060.1 Em:DN898441.1
FT                   Em:DT883398.1"
FT   CDS             join(49975..50068,51068..51271,51370..51449,53091..53801)
FT                   /gene="surf6l"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018237"
FT                   /product="surfeit 6-like"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P70279 Sw:Q9I8B0 Tr:Q5T8U1
FT                   Tr:Q6DRK9 Tr:Q7T3A6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T3A6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007019"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029190"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7T3A6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-1333"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88771.1"
FT   regulatory      53855..53860
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      53870
FT   regulatory      53911..53916
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      53933
FT   mRNA            join(54121..54223,54430..54534,54644..54702,55891..56038,
FT                   56128..56277,56356..56442,56527..56652,59402..59522,
FT                   59600..59676,59756..59845,59935..60121,60655..60731,
FT                   60835..60921,62006..63078)
FT                   /gene="ccbl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.6-001"
FT                   /product="cysteine conjugate-beta lyase; cytoplasmic
FT                   (glutamine transaminase K, kyneurenine aminotransferase)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055182.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI959592.1 Em:BG883469.1
FT                   Em:CD606570.1 Em:CD758705.1 Em:CF999847.1 Em:CK236090.1
FT                   Em:CK237086.1 Em:CK695834.1 Em:CR929418.1 Em:DT059481.1
FT                   Em:DV592708.1"
FT   CDS             join(54463..54534,54644..54702,55891..56038,56128..56277,
FT                   56356..56442,56527..56652,59402..59522,59600..59676,
FT                   59756..59845,59935..60121,60655..60731,60835..60921,
FT                   62006..62065)
FT                   /gene="ccbl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018227"
FT                   /product="cysteine conjugate-beta lyase; cytoplasmic
FT                   (glutamine transaminase K, kyneurenine aminotransferase)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q4S152 Tr:Q4SQG0 Tr:Q5I1C2
FT                   Tr:Q5T278 Tr:Q7SXZ9 Tr:Q8BJ84 Tr:Q9W6U2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUL8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004839"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015421"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015422"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015424"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUL8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2676"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88772.1"
FT   regulatory      62692..62697
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      62712
FT   mRNA            join(70075..70289,70381..70864)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel interferon-induced transmembrane protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM529541.1 Em:BQ480040.1
FT                   Em:BQ615169.1 Em:CO920295.1 Em:CO920299.1 Em:CO957702.1"
FT   CDS             join(70110..70289,70381..70545)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018236"
FT                   /product="novel interferon-induced transmembrane protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13164 Sw:Q01629 Sw:Q91499
FT                   Tr:Q53XZ0 Tr:Q6FH82 Tr:Q6IBB0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUL9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007593"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUL9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060526-259"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88773.1"
FT                   AYQLSRFSHQ"
FT   misc_feature    70815
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(73362..73479,77742..77883,78948..79041,79720..79864,
FT                   79979..80066,80189..80413,82026..82175,83258..83606,
FT                   86583..86709,87788..88288)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate protein
FT                   kinase, AMP-activated, alpha 1 catalytic subunit (PRKAA1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI331559.1 Em:BI476044.1
FT                   Em:BI888641.1 Em:BM413970.1 Em:CB333791.1 Em:CK029051.1
FT                   Em:CK239081.1 Em:CK690837.1 Em:CN326708.1"
FT   CDS             join(73383..73479,77742..77883,78948..79041,79720..79864,
FT                   79979..80066,80189..80413,82026..82175,83258..83606,
FT                   86583..86709,87788..88092)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018214"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate protein
FT                   kinase, AMP-activated, alpha 1 catalytic subunit (PRKAA1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P54646 Sw:Q5EG47 Tr:Q3TUQ7
FT                   Tr:Q3UYM4 Tr:Q4SQH4 Tr:Q86VS1 Tr:Q8UVW8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUM0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002290"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028375"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028797"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUM0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030325-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88774.1"
FT   regulatory      88270..88275
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      88288
FT   mRNA            join(92191..92403,95706..95802,96536..98899,100270..100357,
FT                   101007..101179,102609..102751,102863..103063,
FT                   103194..103292,106104..106632)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate ankyrin
FT                   repeat domain 25 (ANKRD25)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM155002.1 Em:BM570865.1
FT                   Em:CA471494.1 Em:CB362109.1 Em:CN020362.1 Em:CR930549.1"
FT   CDS             join(95766..95802,96536..98899,100270..100357,
FT                   101007..101179,102609..102751,102863..103063,
FT                   103194..103292,106104..106163)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018251"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate ankyrin
FT                   repeat domain 25 (ANKRD25)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8BX02 Sw:Q8BX02 Tr:Q5BIA1
FT                   Tr:Q8IMD8 Tr:Q923B9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUM1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011254"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020683"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021939"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUM1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88775.1"
FT                   RTSSSD"
FT   mRNA            join(96070..96176,96536..98899,100270..100357,
FT                   101007..101179,102609..102751,102863..103063,
FT                   103194..103292,106104..106632)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.9-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate ankyrin
FT                   repeat domain 25 (ANKRD25)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL920180.1 Em:BM155002.1
FT                   Em:BM570865.1 Em:CR930549.1"
FT   regulatory      106612..106617
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      106632
FT   mRNA            join(113525..113608,120189..120418,122055..122160,
FT                   124580..124681,128133..128265,128393..128544)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.10-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate SWI/SNF
FT                   related matrix associated actin dependent regulator of
FT                   chromatin subfamily a member 2 (SMARCA2)"
FT   CDS             join(113525..113608,120189..120418,122055..122160,
FT                   124580..124681,128133..128265,128393..128544)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-226M8.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018250"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate SWI/SNF
FT                   related matrix associated actin dependent regulator of
FT                   chromatin subfamily a member 2 (SMARCA2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3TUD7 Tr:Q4SQH7 Tr:Q5T4E0
FT                   Tr:Q5T4E1 Tr:Q5TB72 Tr:Q6AXG8 Tr:Q6P9P2 Tr:Q7ZSY3
FT                   Tr:Q8R1W7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5WUM2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001487"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018359"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030088"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5WUM2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88776.1"
FT   misc_feature    136208
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    139412
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-149L22"
SQ   Sequence 143411 BP; 45167 A; 26030 C; 26376 G; 45838 T; 0 other;
     atggcgcgca gcgatttcag ccgcgggtga ctccagagga gcagacggcg ggcgagctga        60
     gacatgcggc gagagcgcat accccccatg cggttgatat acgccgccgc cgccgtactg       120
     tccgtcctga ccagcacgtg ttgccgctcc agcaccggta aaaagcggtg gagagcgagg       180
     aacactgcca acagctctag gcgattgata tgccaatgca gctgggcacc cttccagagg       240
     cccgcagccg catgcccgcg acacacggcc ccccaacccg tgttggaagc gtctgttgaa       300
     acaacaacat ggctggacgc ctgtcctaga ggcacaccgg cctgtaggaa cgaggggtcg       360
     ttccaagggc tgagggcgcg gcgacacagc gcagtaaccg agacccggtg tgtgcccgcg       420
     tgccatgcgc gtctggggac ccgatcgtga agccagtgct gaagtggtct catatggagc       480
     aacccgagcg gcgtgacggc ggctgcggat gccatatgcc ccaggagcct ctgaaagaac       540
     ttcagtggga ccactagttt gctgtcgagc tccctcagac agttcagcaa caggcgagcg       600
     cgttcctcgg agaggtgcgc taccatggtg atcgagtcca gctccatccc gagaaaagaa       660
     atcctctgca cgggggcgag tttgctcttt tctcggttga cctgaagccc cagtaggcgg       720
     agatgccgaa gcacctcgtc cctgtgcata accaattgct cccgcgagtg ggctaaaatc       780
     agccagtcgt cgagataact gagtatgcga atgcccgcga gccgaagggg cgctagggca       840
     ccctccgcga gtttggtgaa gacccgcgga gacagagaga gcccgaaggg gaggaccttg       900
     tactgccatg ctcgaccctc gaacgcaaac cgcagaaatt ggcggtggcg tggaagaatg       960
     gagacatgga aatacgcgtc cttcaggtct atggctgcaa accaatcccg aggacgaacg      1020
     cattggagaa tgcgcctctg cgtgagcatt ctgaacggca gcttgtgcag acagcggttc      1080
     aaaacgcgca gatctaggat tggccgtgac ccaccgctct ttttgggtac gatgaagtat      1140
     gggctgtaaa acccactctc catctcggct ggaggaaccg gctcgattgc acccttcgcc      1200
     aggagggcag caatctcctc tcgcaagaca ggggcggaca gggggttgac cctggagaaa      1260
     tacacgcccg taaacttggg gggccgtttc gcgaactgaa tcgcgtaacc gagtctgatt      1320
     gtgcgtatga gccaccgcga ggggctggcc cgcactaacc aggcaggcag agccctcgct      1380
     aatggagtca tcgctacaat cgctgacgta ccagcggtgg ggcagcgcgg agtgggtgtg      1440
     ctgatccggg aagcacgagg gtcccgcgga aaagctggag gagagcgatt cgctctggct      1500
     ccgcaccctg actccggaga gggggctgga gggctgaggg aagggagcca ctggcgaagc      1560
     acgtagagtc tgcgagccgg aaggcagcgc gtcccggact ggcagaactc gtgcagtcac      1620
     atccggggaa gggaaaaagt gctcttttac tgatgttttg gtggcactga aaagtaccgt      1680
     tgttatcggg gccccgccct ccagcgggga aagagcaagt ttcctcttct ccggatggcc      1740
     tgtctcaggg acgcttcgcg gtccgtttac cggacttaac ggcgccctgg gcaggagggg      1800
     ctgcctgctt tcgaggtgaa cgccgcgccc gcttggccgg aggcgcaggc gggggcagca      1860
     ctcgttggcg ggcgccctcg gcaaggaaca gcggaggtgg atggctcggc gggcggagcg      1920
     ggcttacggc cacgccgata gatgacattg cccatcgcat ccgactgctc tttcaccgcc      1980
     ttgaattcct gggtgaattc accgacggtg tcgccgaaca ggccagcctg ggatatgggc      2040
     gagtcaagaa agcgaacttt gtcaacgtcg cgcatatcgg ccaggtttag ccagaggtgg      2100
     cgttcctgaa ccacaagtgt ggacatcgtc ctccccagcg cacacgcggc ggacttagta      2160
     gtccgaagag catagtcggt cgcggtgcgc agctcatgta ataagcttgg gttggacccg      2220
     ccctcgtgca gctcggccag cgcctgcgct tggtagcgct ggtaggtggc catcgcgtgc      2280
     aaagcagaag cagcctggcc cgcagcctta taagctctgg ctccgaggga ggcagacaac      2340
     ctacaggctt tggacgggag gcggggcaaa ccccgccacg tagaggcgcg gcgcggacaa      2400
     agattgaccg cgatagcgcg ctccactgac gggatcgcct cataccccct ggcagctccg      2460
     ccgtcaaggg cggtgagggc ggaggcactc gcagcacggg cagagaaagg tgccctccag      2520
     gactgcgtga gcctactgtg cacttccggg aagaagggga cgagaggctt cgaaggcttc      2580
     gccttctggt cctctacgta gcacccatct agtcggtccg gccgcggagc tgggggataa      2640
     accatctcca accccacggc cgaagcagcc cgggaaagca cggctaacat gtccgcttca      2700
     ggatccgatt tgacagcgct cacctgcccg gagggggcga gcgggtccgg atcttcgtcg      2760
     gacagtgaaa gcccaccctc cgatgccgcg gaggacatct gatctccggt gtcagcgagt      2820
     gtgagagcta ccatctggtt agacggatca ctctcaccac ccgaagcttg gatggagcgc      2880
     cgtgaggagc gagaggtccg cgagcccgtg ggcggcggat tagctcccgc tgaaaccctc      2940
     agatctgccc gagcgcccgc tgctttttta gaacaggagg caactggggt ggctcgctct      3000
     cttgcgaaag ttagccgcga tcttagacct tagctgtgca acggtcatgg catcgcaatg      3060
     acgacatgaa ccgcccgcga gcaccgcatt aacatgctgg acccccaaac atgcaatgca      3120
     gtgatcgtgt ccatcatccg gagacaggaa acccccgcat ccagaaacgc acagtcggag      3180
     cgccatcctg aaaaggacgt gctgcacgac tgtgttgctc ttttaggaaa gttgcaacta      3240
     tacgcaccgc tctggaggac cggacccaaa gaaccgcagg caagggagta acccagctcg      3300
     accgtctgcc accgcgaaga cccactctgg accgggagac acactcgttc gctctgaagt      3360
     gctgatcagc aagaggaacc ctcatcgact cactcagaaa ggatctgaag cgaaaaggat      3420
     ggcgtctgct ggcttcaggt gtgcttatat gctgagataa ttgcagatgt cgcacacctg      3480
     cgcaagctta cactgccaat taatttcatt cattggcccg ttcaatactc tccagataag      3540
     cggcttctga tccgaatcct cccattcatg gcactgaagt tccccaaccg aaggggaacc      3600
     atatttctca cccatcatac tggtttacat gtagtcagaa aaagttgtgg cattgtaatg      3660
     agtaagacat gataatgttt ttgattaaag ataatgatta catactgaca tttgttcata      3720
     tattaaacta taatacaaca aactatcaca ctataaatgt ttatagtatg ataaactgtc      3780
     atactataaa tatactataa agtccaaatg atttaacaat ataaacaaac atttaaaatc      3840
     ctccctcaga acagtgaact aaacaccaaa gacctggctt tcttaatttt atctgcatat      3900
     tatctcgaat aacataactg agtagcaatc catgtttgtt atcatgcatg ttactacagt      3960
     atacgagttt gcatgagtgt gtaccattgt ctttgccctt gacaaagttc tcccattctc      4020
     tgaaccactg catgcttata caaaggatga cggtaggagc ttcttcagcc tgaaactcct      4080
     tatttaacta tagatggaga gagaaaacag aaagagggag ataatcatta tcaactttaa      4140
     actcctttaa acactctgag cattagtact ttactgtgtt atttttacta cagttaaatg      4200
     ctgtatttca tgtttatatg tcccttgcaa acatgttgaa ctacaaacaa gagcttcaca      4260
     tatcttcaga gctttacacc gtgtgttttt aatgttagtg atgcacctat cagatactgc      4320
     accctgataa gattccagtg cagatcacac tcctgatcag taaagtatgc agtctgtgtt      4380
     tcatcagttc tctggcttta caagcagcag acacttccaa gaacattatg ctcctgccaa      4440
     gagaggtttc cagttggtta tttaaaaaat gctgtggatc tgagtaaata acttagaagt      4500
     gctgttcatt ttgttcaact gattatatgg tgaaaaatat gtatcgatat atttttttca      4560
     cgggtaaatc attattatta aatgggaatt taatattgtt gacaaaaaag acaaggctaa      4620
     aatgaatgtt ccttaaaata aacgttcctt tgttttgtca aagagagaag actaaatgct      4680
     gatgccagat gcagtgggtt taaatccccc caaatcagct tttttcatta aagcataggg      4740
     tgtttaactt aaaggattag ttcattcaaa aatataaatt ctatcattaa ttgcacccta      4800
     cttttatgct aattaccgga gacaaatgaa gatattttag atgaaagcct tgacctctct      4860
     aaccttccat agaatagatg ttaagaaaaa acattttcaa aaccttcttt gtgactttaa      4920
     tggttagact gtaatcatat gaagctccaa gaacacttta tttatttcaa ataccaaata      4980
     aaaatgttaa aacaactttg ttcacctgta tcttctctcc tgcatcaggt cagggcactt      5040
     actacaggca ttactaaggc tattgtcagc attgtgacat tcaagcatcg tattgcaatg      5100
     aatgtgcacc ctgacctgac atgaaagaga aaatataggt gaaaaaagtt gtatttacag      5160
     tattttttgg tgtacagaac tgttcttgga gctttgtatg attacagttt aaccattgac      5220
     gttgcataga ctgctttccc tatgttttgg gttccttttc tgaacatctc aaaaccattg      5280
     ctatctatga gggatgagga agctctcgga tttcacctaa aatgtcttaa tttgtgttct      5340
     aaaattgaac aaacgtctca gaggactata gaacaatgtg agggtgagaa ttaaaaggtt      5400
     aaacttatcc tttaatctct gcaatatggc agatagtaga atatggcttg tagtgtgagt      5460
     gtgcccgagc ccgaaactga agacgagacg tgacttttaa gggattgttt cttatgtgtt      5520
     tattaattat tcttagtgtt caatgaacgc aaactgtcag agtttattaa agacgcaaac      5580
     ccctcactgc accacggctg cactttcagc aaacctccta attcctgcag cacgagaact      5640
     tcatgattgt ttatgagctt caaaagtggc ggatctgttc ggcgaaatat ttgactgtgt      5700
     tttactacat cccaaacaac taaaacaata taacttaaga aatctccact gtgctgagcg      5760
     agagcgcttc tgaacagcgc atcatcgatg atgcaagcgt gcccaggccc gaatttaatg      5820
     tgagtgcggg ccgtcagggg agacgggagg agggacaaac gtgcttcggc tcgattaaag      5880
     gcaactgtac atagtgtggg taggccctaa tagaaaatgg atattgactg ttctgttgtt      5940
     gaaaaaattg ccattctctt aatttttgct taaaggtgaa agcgttataa ttggctgaaa      6000
     ttataaataa aacaagttga aataacaatt gtcacaatca ttattttgag taaagcaatt      6060
     ctattatgta gaactaaaaa aagtgactag tttttgttta ctaacaacta atttgagata      6120
     tcgttgaata aaacttgatc aaacaaaaac aggaaaaagg ttcaataaat atgatgaata      6180
     ctaaaagtaa attttatgca ggactaaagg ctggtttata tacgatgtgt ccgcaaattc      6240
     gattgggtgc acatggcatc gattgggtgc aatgtgacac catcacagtg ttggctgaag      6300
     ttgactttga gtgcgcacaa catcatttcg gcactcggta tgtccaacat ttttcgtatc      6360
     ttcgcacacg gctccacatt caaagatgaa tcacttatag ctgagtctgg ccaacttgtg      6420
     tgaatatgcg aatatttaga aatccaaaac aacttctttt gaagctttaa ggagaaacaa      6480
     tgcatgtatt ttgtgcacag gttgcccaag attttttaag taaattattt ttatatttat      6540
     tgtgcaaagg ttttgcatta attaagcagt tagcttggat gtataaaatg cagcacaagt      6600
     tactaattta ctaataattt tatataagtt actgaaaaca ttttcatttt atatacaatt      6660
     aattaattta acaactccaa tacctgacta ttttttcgcc actgtcgtca gggcagttat      6720
     tccaagtccc tcccctgttg ttattaaaaa atagtacaat ggcaatagca tcaagcatga      6780
     aagcctcgag gcaaaactca cagcagtcaa tggaaggtct cgctgcagac ccaggcaaaa      6840
     gtataaatca tcctttaggc caagacagca gttaaaccca tgtagtgtgt tctcacaata      6900
     taattttgat gctcaaaaac aaggcgacat gttaaagtct gaggcatttg gctgttcatg      6960
     aatgccactt cctattttaa acatcacact cacagacagg agttctgtaa ttctgtaatg      7020
     gtcatttgtt caccttaatg aaggtgtcta tctccagttt ccgtcgtttg gctaaggtct      7080
     cgatctccac ttggcaaatt gcacacacat ataagtgatt cacagccggg ccacctccaa      7140
     acctgtgaaa aatatttcaa aacatgagga attacacaag tatggccagt gaaaagagca      7200
     aacacataac tcaacattgt ttatattgca cggcaagagg agttcattgc acatgacatc      7260
     aggcagaaaa ccatacacat ttttttttta gttcagcatt ggttttgttg acttgacagg      7320
     atcaaatgct taagtatcat cccatgttct agaaggtgat aaatgttgag gacgtccaaa      7380
     aggtcaattt tgtgcattgc tatgtatgac tcacctgttg tagagatatt cccacacatt      7440
     ttgaggaagg atcacaacca gatcatccac ataatggtac tttgtaggag gaattcctgt      7500
     aaaaaaataa tatatcattt tagtttttac tgctacagca agtgaaaaac aaataatatt      7560
     aataataata ataatatatg catacgtata tgtgcaaacc atgaacagac tgttttggct      7620
     ctatttaaac catctaggct caaagtttaa atcgcatggt gcaaaagcat taaggccaaa      7680
     tttgctattt tattatcgaa aaatgcagta tgcgccacaa tgcataggct aacaggtttg      7740
     tggttattct cttaatgagt tatgggcagg ggcggactgg gacttaaaat cagccctggc      7800
     actgtagcca caccagccca tattaccaca ccgacacagc cctactttta ttggtgcaca      7860
     gatggtgaaa taatataagc agtaccttat gtaatatata tttaaacttt taatgtatgt      7920
     gactggaaca aaaacaaccc atttataaca aatttataca tcaatcattt cattcattca      7980
     ttcattttct tttcaactta gtccctttat taatctgaga ttgccacagc agaatgaacc      8040
     actaactttt tcagcatatg tgttacccat atgtgtaacc caattcacct cgtgtttgaa      8100
     cttgtgaggg aaacccacac gaacatgtgc aaactccaca caaaaacacc aactgactca      8160
     gccaaggctc gaaccattga ccttcttgct gtgaggcaac agtgctaccc acggcgcttc      8220
     cccctttcga gactatttca gttaatttta tgcatttggc agcgtctgat ttcagagcaa      8280
     tcttttgctt tctctgagct tttcggcaac acctttcctt ttttacagtc catctctgac      8340
     aattagcttg tgctgcactt actgtttgtt tgacattttt gccagatttt gattaagtcc      8400
     acgtaacctc tgattgggtc ggcccctctc gaaaccagcc ggccattgca gattgggcca      8460
     atgcttaaca tttattatta tcattactat tatcatcatc atattcactt cttgcaagag      8520
     ataaaagctg catgtaaaaa caatacataa aaaaaattaa aaaatagcac acctgcccac      8580
     attttaaaaa taaaaggtcc ggcccttctg gcatttgcca gaattgccag atggccagtc      8640
     cgcccctggt tatgggtgtg ttttgagcac aacgtgcatt aaaccaatca gagtctagcc      8700
     ctccccttca gttgtgtcac acctcggccc atttgctatt tacatggcag actttttaag      8760
     tggaaaaact gaatgcttca ctagacagac catctgcagg gtgaggataa agaacgagcc      8820
     tccttgattc accctcttta ctttaatttt actctttact ttactccttt acttttgtgg      8880
     ataaggaaag ggtgttgtaa ggactccact gaagacatac attagcctac atatttaaat      8940
     ttcatttgtt aagagccagg atttatttaa aactatttct aaaatcagtt ctaatttcca      9000
     gcaaatcaat agaagaacaa taataagtgt ggtcaaaaaa ctaatctgag cttgtttttt      9060
     attaaaagaa atttaaatat gcatataaac aataatactt atactaataa taacattata      9120
     caaaagcaaa ttgtcatgaa taaactgtaa aagcccccag agatgaagaa ggcattgagg      9180
     cagtggtttt tatatttatg tagaaaataa taatttttgt aacaaattta atcctttaat      9240
     tctttttcat ttgctaagat atttgcatat tcctgtacat cctgtgtgta ttaagcaatt      9300
     tgtagacgac gtgcttaagg tgctctgccc tggactttag agcagctttt agttgacaca      9360
     gtctatttta gttcctcaaa aaagcaacgt gcaaacaatg caccttaaca cacctccttt      9420
     ctagaccagc acacatacga gtccacaaag tggcgcaaat gaatttactt ttcaaacaac      9480
     gtggtgtaaa aatggaaaat tagggatgca ctggtctgaa aatagcagca aattgcccaa      9540
     acaggtcttg cgccttattg tgcctggtgt atgatagggc cctttgtcat aacttccaca      9600
     acagaacatt tcatgtgact tcagtggttt aactgtaatc atataaagcg caaggaaccc      9660
     ttctaaatgc caaaaaatct gtaaaaatcg ctttgtttgc ctgtctgtga gtgcgcattt      9720
     aatttgggaa atatgttaat atgcaaatat gccacagcca tatcaccctg cagcccaaga      9780
     ccagttactc actgaagcta agcagggctg agcctggtca gtacctggat gggagaccac      9840
     atgggaaaac taggttgctg ttggaagtgg tgttagtgag gccaccaggg gacgctcaac      9900
     ctttgagtcc taatgcctca gtaaaagtga aggggacact atactgtcag tgggcgctgt      9960
     ctttcagata agatgataaa ccaaggtcct gattctctgt ggtcattaaa atcccatggc     10020
     acttcttgta aagagtaagg gtgtaacctc ggtatcctgg ccaaataccc tcttggccct     10080
     taatcatcat ggcctcacaa tcatccccat ccacagttgt attgtggatg ctgcacactg     10140
     gtggtggtgg tgtggaaaag cccctttcac acatacagac ctttccggaa aattactggc     10200
     aattttccgg aaaggttgta tgtgtgaaca ggcccttttt gaaaataccg gtaaattcgt     10260
     tctggctatt ttccagaaag agaagttgta acattaccgg taatttgccg gaattctgcg     10320
     ctgtgtgaat gcagaaggaa gatagacgtc tagaacgtgc tgacgtgaga cacctgcttt     10380
     agccaatcag aacagtcaga cgcattcacg tgcgcgcggt ttatgagaat aaaagccttt     10440
     gaatattttt ccagacacct ttagctgcta gatgttagtc agataatgtt tctatgttcc     10500
     ttcttaatgc taactgtgta aataattatc gataaaatgt ttatcataat ccgtttatca     10560
     taatcataat ccctggttgt ttaccttcaa gctttgcgtg tgcccgtgag cgcccatagc     10620
     gccagcacac acacacatat catgaacatc tcgatatgcg aaagtgtttc tctatgtttt     10680
     cattggagtt gtactcaata ctgatccatc cgaagagttt ctaatgtagt caaatgttta     10740
     caaacacaag cgcagccatt tagaggtcat ttctggttaa tgatgtcaga attttccggc     10800
     atttggtgtc tggatgtgtg aatgctcttt tccggaaaaa ttccgtaacg tcctcgcctg     10860
     tgtgaacagc gcttttttga atttaccggt aaagtcgttc cggaaatttt ccggatattt     10920
     accggtatca ctgtgtgaaa ggggctaaag actcccctcc tgattgtgaa gcgctttggg     10980
     tgtatggcca tacacgatac atgcgctata taaatacaca ttacattaca tttttaaagg     11040
     caaatacact attaaagtgg gtaaagtgag ataaaaacat ctgatttgtt agtttcaaat     11100
     aataatttgt tagttataat ttgtgaagtt gtctctcata aaacaattat aagttaacaa     11160
     ttagattaat gcaattaata gtttgcatct gagtcatcac atggagctct agagaagcaa     11220
     aaaaccttca gaaatcctag acaaattggc acattttcaa actgaagaac atcttgagaa     11280
     gatgtgcaca taatgacggt caagtcttta catgtatata aaatcaacaa tttaagactg     11340
     tattttttag aattacactc tacatctaca tgtcaagcaa ctaaaaaggt tcagacaggg     11400
     ctgtgcagta tgtattgtct acagtaatct tataattgct gttttgataa agtacaagct     11460
     gacattgttg agtatgccac tagctttgaa aaaaacgtgc cttgaggatg aaatccctat     11520
     atttttaaaa gcttattaga aagcagttaa aatggcaaca aaaatagtca aaaaaaaaaa     11580
     aaaagaaaga aagagaagaa aaaaaattgt tgcttatttt caagcaaaat acttataaaa     11640
     tctgcttatt acagttacta gctccatttt tcaagaatat tgttttagat gagcttgagg     11700
     catgagcgta ttagagagta cctccgtgct gacaaaggaa agtgtgattg gtgatgggtc     11760
     cgggctcagt gaatgtgttg aatttgttga gccactctct ggagatgtag aactgcagca     11820
     aactgggctc cttcaaatta gccagagcga caaccctttg tctttctctc acagattctt     11880
     cactgctctt cctgaatgac aaattaatat ttcaagtatt tatagctgca atcagtatgt     11940
     gtctatcaat gtttatatgc tgcttatatg agacagcgag ttttaattgc tagtaccaga     12000
     aaaatgcaaa catctcccat attgagatag ataatatctc atttaataga gaacagagac     12060
     atttcctttt atttccccaa ttaaataaaa actgtattgt ttacctttta aaccaactga     12120
     aacaaaatta ttttgttatt tgtatagaaa ataattataa tgataaaaat gagcaatcta     12180
     atatgtttcc ccaatttgtt ctacatgtta ttatataaat aatgcatgta cagttgtgtg     12240
     tgtcatttct gaagacatca gctagtggca ggtgtagcaa aaattcagat tttagttttt     12300
     agattaaagt caggtctttt ctttcatatt gaatgattac ttgaaaaaca aatatgctta     12360
     tttggtgtta tctatcaaat gttaaaggaa tagaaaaaga tctgaataca aaattgtgac     12420
     taaattgatg acgtcattca ccaaaacgat gtgtataaaa aagttcctta cacttagatc     12480
     tattagatgc atttaaagaa aagaattaat ttccatttca tgcttaaaac tactttcagt     12540
     tttcacaaca ttacattaaa atcagtaaaa atcaaacaaa aaaacaagtg tacctgtaga     12600
     ataggacata tgcttcagca ttctggacta cagtctcgtg cacttctgtt acatactgat     12660
     cgtcaaactc gtaccactgt ccattgatca cattctggca gtacgctatg taatgcccac     12720
     ctgcccaaca gaaatcgatg aatgaatgtc agtccatgtt cttcaaagtt cctattatac     12780
     tttgtaatat tcctcagaaa taacttactt ccagcagtgc cgtgatgaca gatgacagac     12840
     agcaggtcat aggtagtaat ctgggacggg ctttccttag ccaggaacgg tttgagatcc     12900
     aaaccctcca atgggaatga cacgtggcta tttattttga acgagtacat gacttcatgt     12960
     ctgaagcgct tcaggtgaat gcacaatatc tgcaaaagag atcacactca ctaacaatgt     13020
     aaattgcaat attaagagca gaacataaca aagcaggata cttacttctg gtagacgcag     13080
     aactttacaa tatttcacac catttcttaa tctgaaaaac agagcaagtc attcatcatc     13140
     atatacacat gttaacccaa cagctacagt acagttttgt ctataaattc attaaactat     13200
     agtaaatatc caacatccac tatattttca caaattgatc taaaaaaaaa aaaaaactct     13260
     tactttttac accgttcaca gctatacatg ttgtctcctg tttggaaaga aaatgaacat     13320
     caatgccaag cagaacaaca ttttttttta tgttagacgc agtgtacttg cctttcagct     13380
     catcagcagc aaagaaagct gccagacagt cctctagcgt taccatgggg ccccaaaacc     13440
     aacttggaat acaggacact acaaacctgc ataaacacac agatacaatc acatatagag     13500
     ataagtgttt gtttccagtg cacttacatt gtcttaaatt caggttttgg ttatgataca     13560
     cttcggttca aatgtttggg gtcacttaaa aaaaaataaa tgactactac tttcattatt     13620
     atttattgtc ttttgtagca ctgcacataa acaaagctgt ggttacttac cattttgaat     13680
     ataactttgg ttatacaact atgaagccat tcatccatgt ggcaattaaa ctttacaact     13740
     cctccctctg aggtcaaagt aaggtttgaa tattgaaata tgtattcaaa gtgtattaca     13800
     gatgtatact gtaaagcttg tccatattgg atgtcttttt tatcttaatc cttagcttta     13860
     atcgtatctt tcttatccat ttccaagtag cacctgaaac aaaagcaatt tcccactggg     13920
     attaataaaa tactctgatt attcactgtc tacaatccag gtggatccaa ttattatata     13980
     tacctgtatt gaaatactta gatgagatga tgaaattaga acagtctcat gtctgtcatt     14040
     gtgattttgt tgttgttgct ttcagcactt ttgatattat tctaattcac tcatttggtt     14100
     aactgccagt cagagttctt atatttactg caccattggc aacagacaca tattttatgt     14160
     gctcaattat ccaaaaaact tcaaaatgac tctgaataaa agctttaatc tgaaacacat     14220
     aacagacatt gactaatgtt caatgaatga atgttcaaaa acagcctgac gttggtctaa     14280
     aaatcagctt ggtgcaacag ggccttaact gattaaaatg ctagcttacc ccaaaaaaaa     14340
     aaagaaatct ccttcacatc acttaacctc aagccctgag agcctccttt atcttcagaa     14400
     cacaaattta gattttttca gataaaatct gagagctctc tcatcctcca cagacagaaa     14460
     ccatcctgag ttgattaaag tccagatata gaaccaaaaa catctaaata ttccatgtga     14520
     aaacagtggt tcaattgtaa tcatatgcag ctccaagaat tctaattgtc ttagttcacc     14580
     tatatttttt atccttgtaa agttgtcagg gggcacattt actacagcat acaaagtatt     14640
     tgccattaga gtcaaattgc ccatagtaaa cgcacacaca cagacatagg taaacaaagc     14700
     cattttaatg attgattact ttgtatgatt atagtagaac cactgaagtc acataaaaag     14760
     attactaaca ttttagtttc ggtcagaatt catgctatta actactggct tattacttgc     14820
     ctatcattaa gatatttact gttgattagt agttaaaaag tatgatctta tcctgcatcc     14880
     ttaatcctac gcaaaaccta aacccaactt ctacattact aataaataat aataattcct     14940
     tacatttatc tagagctttt catgttactc aaagtgcttt acgcattggg gagaatctct     15000
     tcatccacca ccagggtgca gcattcatgg cagccatata gagtggagga actatgacgt     15060
     caatttgtat gcaaaaaccc ggaagcgagt tagcatttta gcagttccgg ttccctcgtc     15120
     ccaaagtcaa taggtttttt caatgggatt tcagtaaaat cgcttataag gtccgtggct     15180
     aacacaaact caagatactt tcacgttttg ttctacgaca taaaacacat cagttacatc     15240
     atactcttga atttttaaat cggttatgct tctttaaaaa gacggttgct atcaagttgc     15300
     taaatgggac tgcaggcagt gtcggagaaa ttatacgtca tcgagctgat ctggggcctc     15360
     atgtataaag acttgcgtgg aaatcttact aaaacattgc gtacgcacaa agctgtaaat     15420
     gtgcatatgc agaaaaaatt tcagatgtat gaaacactgc gtacgccgaa tctcacgcat     15480
     attcttttgt acatctgaat gaacgtgaaa ctgagcgcaa catgcacgag cacaaaaccc     15540
     ctccctgcct cctaccccgt atgaatatgc taatgactat gctaatggca aaacccaatg     15600
     aaaaagcaat gtcaaaagca agcaaaaaga gaaactttga acagaatgtg aattggaggt     15660
     gctgctttcg gaggtagacc ggagaaaagc ggtgttattt gcaagtttgt tctccggaat     15720
     taacaacaaa agaaaaaaat agagtgggag agtttagctg atgcggttaa ctcagtctga     15780
     acatcgcacc gagtgaatta aaaaagatat agtgtggttt ataggtgtaa aatgttgcag     15840
     gacgcttaac agtctcagtg gcgctactcg taagacgcat gggatcatga attgatacgt     15900
     tcgagcatga actcggctcg aatccagcgt ctgatgaact ctttcttgtt ttttcccccg     15960
     ctacatatca gattttgcca actatttatc acgagaaaga caagtaggaa tcatcaataa     16020
     gttcatatca ataagcatca tattttattt gcacatttat tgaatggaaa tgtttctgat     16080
     tcacgcatgc aaattcatct tcagatagtg tctttatagc aatgtgcgtg cggtagatcg     16140
     ctcagattac attgggaaaa caggcgactg ctgcaaattg tggtttaatg tttagctggt     16200
     caaatgtata gtatggaaac cttatatacc tgctgaaccc gtctcataca gctgccattg     16260
     caaggctcag acactttgta gagaggaatt taacacacct gcctctagga gtcgccaatg     16320
     gaaataaaac agacacgcac aaaaaatgtg cgtacgcctg ccagaaagct gccgtgaagc     16380
     tgcgcacatt cccacgttca gttcattgtt agtaaatcca aacgcgagtg attctgatcg     16440
     tgaaacctgg tgtacgcaaa gtttttgtgc gtacgcagcg ttgatacatg aggcccctgg     16500
     tctggagcgc aacccgcttg tgttgggcat ttagatttgt ctgttattta ggtattttca     16560
     tgaatattat tttatagttt gtagtattat tctaattggg aatttagatt gtgtgtagat     16620
     aattccttca cttgtaaagg ctgtcgagac agattcattc gttgatcatt tattttaata     16680
     aacaatatta tgaagatact gctcaccagt gcagcctgtc tctttcctgc tctcagtaat     16740
     gcaaacgtat gaataaatgt gtcaaataca tgcatgttaa atgtgttcat ctgaacacat     16800
     ttaactcagt cataactgca atatttacac ccctccgtaa aatgtatagc agatgtgact     16860
     gtatgggctg ctttgcgttg tacttagtga cacaaaagga atattgaatg ttgctctttg     16920
     tccatgatga tagaacttgc aggcatttga tactagactt gttcctcctc acgcctcatt     16980
     tctgtcgtct gttaaggtaa gcaggctgtg tgcacgcaag cgagcactta tttaaatatg     17040
     tcttatgata atactatgta acgttaggca gatttataca cacagtttca aaacttttag     17100
     aacaaccata aagcaaaaca gatgtctttc ccacgtaaaa acgatccaaa aggcacatat     17160
     gtctatgtgt ttttgcgtat ttatttgttt ataatatata gcgtggacta taatataata     17220
     aacagagaga ttaactcttt gtcctggaca atatttctaa aaattagctt gaaaaattgt     17280
     ctgtagcagg gtggggctga cgtcaaaggc gagcgccccg agggctctgt agtccgttaa     17340
     tagcttaatg ttagcttttc aattctagcg tttgaattta agatccaaaa gtgctcaaag     17400
     ttgtattttc gtgtgaggat tatccgactg gacaaaatgt ttaagtgtat tgaacagtgt     17460
     ttgaacatag agcttattat ttgcaatctt cgaaaagcct atgggaaaat cccataggga     17520
     ttttcacgag ggaaccagtt ttatgctagc agccgattag cctacaaagt gacgtcatag     17580
     ttcctccact ttattgcgcc agaccccaca agctgattgg tggatcagag tgatgaagcc     17640
     aattatgata tggggatggt taggaggcca taattaacag aggcccatgg gcaaattgtg     17700
     accaggacac cgggattaaa cccatactct ttttcgaaga acatcatgac atttcatgac     17760
     ctcagagagc cagaccttgg tttaacgtct catctgaaag acggcgctca ctgagcagtg     17820
     tagagtcccc ttcactatac tggggcgtta ggacccgcac agaccataga ttgagtgtcc     17880
     cctactggcc tcactaacac cacctccggc agcaacctag ctttcccatg tggtctccca     17940
     ccaggtgcag ccctgcttag cttcagtggg cgaccatgtg agagttgcag agagattgct     18000
     gccagcatat aactattaat aactatcaat aaacagccaa ttagtagttt attaagtcag     18060
     tagtgttagt taatggtttg gtaaaggttc acaaaaccct caagtacttt ttttaaaatt     18120
     taaatagatt tgtgtgtgtg ttgagcatca gttaagaaaa tgttagcacc tattagcttt     18180
     aaatgtgggg aaaactgggt aattttgagc ttttgtcagc taatttcagc ttccgggttt     18240
     aaaatgattt ttggggcagg atcaaaatcg gcgacgtagc gcagaactgc aagtgcaaag     18300
     aagatgcgtc ggtttctcat tagtattcat agcggagttt taatatccta tgacaagagc     18360
     cggcttctta aatattcatg agagcacatg ctttccgaag gcaaagcaga cctggctgcc     18420
     agggccaagc tcagaattgt aatcctacgt tgatgactgg gtgagacgca tccgcgaacc     18480
     cacggcaagc agtatttagt cgttcatgaa gggtcgtatg tgtttgtttc catgatccac     18540
     ggggtttgct gcatgttttt ccccgcgatc ctgtgagggc caatacagca aagttgttca     18600
     catacgtgtc tcacccaagc atttttgtcg ggaaagcaat actagaattg gagaatggtg     18660
     ggtgttgtct tttatcagga gttcgttcac atttagattc atcgccgtgc tgctgtgttc     18720
     gcctaaatcc tccagattaa caacagggct aatggttcaa atagacaggg cagagacctg     18780
     ctgcattcag atccgaggat tgagagaaaa gtcctcattt agtgtttata tgaacacgat     18840
     tatctttata atgatataaa ttgtggttat gtgtatatga aattccaaat gtagcagggc     18900
     attaaattac tgtttatttc tctgcatttt aactttgtaa actataaaat catgggtctc     18960
     cgcatggttt gtgtctcatt ttgtgaaccg actgacagtt gcttgctccc ctccttctcc     19020
     cctgctctac tggccacgcc cactcctgcc ctttgctcgc ggagctccac gcccactatc     19080
     atgcatcttt tgaaaaaatt gaggtggacc cgaaagtggg gggtgtcatg accctttaat     19140
     gctgtgattg tgacctaatt taaagcgtta ccaaatgttc tgacttttta gaatcatctt     19200
     aggactgttg ctgtccatgg agggttaaag agctaaagac attcctttct gttctgaaga     19260
     tgaataaagg tctaagaagg tcaacataaa ggtgaaaaat taaaaactaa atttttattt     19320
     ttgggtgaat ttttcttttt gtcaaatcct tttttgactc tttgttcatt ctctgtccaa     19380
     tcactgtctt actatacctt cgtatagagt ccatgatgta ggagatccag ccctgtgcag     19440
     catagccatc agtgcagaca ccagctttca caggtgcact ctggtgaatg gaggaatgaa     19500
     gcttagccaa atcttcttta ccgggtatag gcaaagaaag gtcctgaaac gtctccacag     19560
     ttgtcgaaac ctgcaaagcc aaatagtttc gttaaacctt ttgtgtgtct gcagtcttaa     19620
     acatactgta tttttgaaaa atatcctcaa tatgattcat gtatatgagg gctgttctgt     19680
     gctgctatgc attgtagttt tttactagat gtgaccttaa atgaactaca tggtttatga     19740
     atgagcacag tcgtgaataa actgtagtag tgcattttga agtgttataa atataatttg     19800
     atgcttggcg ccctctagag acaaaataaa agatgctggc atctctgctc acccggtcac     19860
     atgtcaaaca ctgaacaaga ctcagaatgg atccatcaaa gatatcggaa ataacactac     19920
     ggaaacggga ctgcttcttc ttcttggtgc tcagtagaat ctgagctatt agagaaacaa     19980
     ttataatggt taattagtac aaaggaaaat attagatcaa tgctgtatat gtgtaaatta     20040
     aataagcaag caaacctttc ttgaaagtat acgtgggtcc agttctgaga gggctggatc     20100
     ttggtgggtt actagagagt ctggagtgaa gctcctgtac actgtgagcg gggctacaag     20160
     ggcgagagga tggacagtgc atggaagctt cattatcagg ttctgcaaga aaaacagagg     20220
     gatcaggaag cgcaaagatt tgttttcaca tccaaaaatg taattaccaa tgcaaacttg     20280
     ctctgctgtt tgtaagattg tataaatcaa gaatattaaa aagaaatgaa cacttttttt     20340
     gcagcagtga cgactttcac attgttaaaa tcttgtatta gaaatattgc atcccagttt     20400
     ctcaccaata atattataat ataataagct tcacagcagt atcaaaagcg ataagaagtt     20460
     ttttttgttt gcttaccaca tatacttttg gcaatttgat aaaacctcac ttaatataaa     20520
     tacttttttt ttatttgtat ttttttttac ttgatatata ataaatatct taaacctctt     20580
     catggagaga catttttaaa gacatttaaa gtctttcaaa tttcacataa taacaaaaaa     20640
     tgttatgatg agggaggctt gacagtggtc acatgttagt gggttcatcg tgattcaact     20700
     gatacaattg agtcaaacta gtgtgaccaa ttaagcatct agtatataga gttttgtcat     20760
     gcctggtttc aaaaataata tttgagaagt atctttcatt tatgcttggc atgattcctt     20820
     tgccacttta cattttcaat catgtacaaa tgaattatag ataggggtgg cctatattaa     20880
     atgagattgc taatgtgatt gagcaaagct atgactgtca tgcacatctg tcataaatct     20940
     cctctgaagg ccagagggcg ctcttgtgca gaaactccaa acacctatta agaaagccag     21000
     gaaataacct tagcggttgc tgaatgaaca aggcccagtt taaaaaaaat atatatatct     21060
     tgatcaaatt ggtccagatt tgaaaattcc atgttttgct atccaggatt aactgatcta     21120
     tctaactttt atgacagttt tttaaaggaa cattgggttg gaccactgtg atctacatat     21180
     caaacagtgt agcctactgg ctttgcagag aacaagcggt aggcaaaata tcagtggcca     21240
     caaaaagtca ttgttttaaa ggagtgtttt ttttatagct tgttctaata cattcaatat     21300
     tgttttgtcg ttgtcatatc tcattagatg tgacatgctt cataaaggtt tcaaatatga     21360
     aagaatttat atatcattag taaccattaa gtatgtgaca actttaaaag ttttgaataa     21420
     cccaaagggc aggttttatc caaatcaaat gtaagatttc aatacatgat ctgatcttaa     21480
     ttaaaaatcc cacagttact ttaaaaaacc tatttccaaa tcttgatcca atctgtgatc     21540
     caaaatccca ctggactgct tttgaaaaag tgggcacaga tgatttaact gatgctattg     21600
     attcagtgtg actaataaac gcacaactat agaatcatct cacagcaaga ttcatttcaa     21660
     acactgaagt tattgcaagt ttggagtaaa accatgttat tatttgttgc atcttattat     21720
     atgttacttt tattatttac taaacagagc tatagttcac tgagaagcaa ctcaacagct     21780
     gttaatatta cagaacaatg attttaatgt cattatcgac caagcaaatc aaataaattt     21840
     ttttacaaat ttttgtgtag cttctcagtg tactacagct gtgtgtagta gatgccgctc     21900
     catctgatga atagaggttt aatagaaccg tcttcactga aaaaatgcac ataaaaatcc     21960
     tctttgatta atttgccagc cctagggtta gaagaggaaa catataatgc ataatagaat     22020
     aattactgat cacgtgacac tgaaaattgg caaaatggct gctgaaaact cagcttcttt     22080
     ccttgcagca gacgcccttc cagctgcaac ccatcactgg gaaacatcca tacacgttca     22140
     ttcacagaca tacactacgg acaatttagc ttacccaatt cacctatagt gcatgtcttt     22200
     ggacttgtgg gggtaaccgg agcacccgga ggaaacccat gcaaacacag ggagaacatg     22260
     caaactccac acagaaatgc caaatgaccc agccgaggct cgaaccagca accttcttgc     22320
     tgtgaggcga ttgtactata cactgtgctg cttgcagtat taatatttca cattatattt     22380
     ttaataaatg gtaagcataa ctctttcaac aatataaaca ttaaaaaaat ctcacatgcc     22440
     ccaaaatttt caggccatca cacctgtgtt tcctggtgcc ggcacagctg tggctggtgt     22500
     cgctgtttca gtttctcttt cagcctgtcc gtcttgtgca gctgtgtcca catctgcatc     22560
     ctcatccatt tcacgtgtcc tctcttctcc tcttctctcc ttcagcctct ctttctccga     22620
     gatgcctccg gttcctctca ctgccacaca ttcatcttga atgagcagct ctgcttctcc     22680
     tcctgcacgc tctccatctc ccctttcgct tcctgatcca gagtcacacg acaggaattc     22740
     gtcttcagag gggcttcggt ctccgtccac aagattacag ctgtccagac tgaggtcagg     22800
     ctcgacttca gagatgccac cgctgcagtc aaacaaaggc tccttcagct cctcgtgaag     22860
     ctggtccatc agacatcgca aaaactcctg agtgtcctag aaacaggcaa gaaacaaaat     22920
     gtcaatgagg tttatattat ttctttgaaa ataatagtct ttaaaaaatg cacagtagac     22980
     atcatatgag tgttattact gtttaacaaa actattcaaa atcaatgttg tctggcaccg     23040
     gtagctttgt gggtggtatg ctgacatgta gcaccactgc actctgggca attaaaagtt     23100
     cgaattaaag cttgcagact tttcctgata accctcactc ccaaatactc tagcttgtct     23160
     cacaaatctc ctataacaat acaggtaaaa atgtttttca aatatataaa taaaagaaat     23220
     aaatctttga ataaaataca ctcactggcc actttattgg ggtacacctg tccaactgct     23280
     cattagcaca aatgtctaat cagtcgatca catgacagca actcactgca tttagacatt     23340
     tagacgtggt caatacaatt tgctgcagtt caaaatgagc atcagaatgg ggaagaaagg     23400
     tgttttaagg tattttgaca tggttgatga tgccagaatt tggcgtcaac aacatgaaag     23460
     cattgatcaa tcctgccttg tatcaacggt tcaggctggt ggtagtagtg taatggtgca     23520
     ggggatattt tcttggcaca ctttgggtcc attagtacca attgagaatt gtgtcaatgc     23580
     cacagacagc ctaccagtgt attgttgctg accatgtcca tccctttatg accacacctt     23640
     tatgaccaca cccatcttct gaagtctact tccagcagga taacatgcca tgtcataaag     23700
     tgtgaatcat ctcagagtgg tttcttcaac atgacaagga gtttattgta ctcaaatggc     23760
     ctccacagtc accagaactt caatagaaaa cctttgggat gttgtggaac aggagattcg     23820
     catcatggat gtgcagctga caaatctgca gcaactgcat gatgctatca tgtcaatatg     23880
     gacaaaaatt tgtgaggaat atttccagtt ccaagttgaa tctatgccac gataaagata     23940
     agataaagac agttttgatg gcaaaaggtg gtccaatctg gtaccattaa agtgtaccta     24000
     attaagtggc tggtgagtgc ataacttact gataaataaa aaaatctaat agcactaaaa     24060
     tactgaaata aaagagatct aaatcaaaaa ttttataagc ctaaataaaa gatctaacag     24120
     aattgcaaat aatataacat actataatat taccataata taacagaaaa aaaacattaa     24180
     ataaaacaca ctagggctac tacaatgtat tgttttagca atgcattgtg cacatacaca     24240
     attggcagaa tgtgcagtgt catgtaggga ttatcaattt gaatacttga atacatgaag     24300
     tggtctaaca tatatcaatg gtctgataca tatatcaaca atgctaaata ttgctatgta     24360
     ttttttccaa tattgtgcag ccctagaata tcccacagtg cttcccacgg gtttgaaata     24420
     tatttgcggt gctagctgaa ttgaaacaca ccttttacct tttaccacat cagataaata     24480
     gttaactata tgcaacaaac ataacaattt aattgttaac aataattaaa tttattagga     24540
     aacagtttct tttcaatcgg ttaaagtaca aaaaagaaga agaaattcac tatttctttt     24600
     acttttaagc tattcaggag ccatgtgcac ccactgacag aagaaatctg cttcactcta     24660
     tctcacaatt aagtttagtt tactttattg gcagaaaatc aataaaatat gcagcaaatt     24720
     agaaattaat tacagaaaaa attaataaaa gtagacaata tctcaaaaaa ttataataat     24780
     tacaagaata aaacatctag attatttaaa tatggcaaat gaattgatta cccattacta     24840
     ataaatgtac atatattttt cagctaactc agaactcata atttctctta atttctttcc     24900
     tctctgagta tttagaatta aaaaaaatta ttatttaatg tttcctttac tctctgtgca     24960
     cataattggt gacagcttta gaaagccaaa gccaaagtca aatcccggta atttcagatt     25020
     tagaaacccc agtctgacaa aaaaagcgca cctctgtggg tgtttataga atgtgaaact     25080
     gtctgtgaga gggtcgacag gtcttaacca cacagataga gcacgaaacg ggtaaacgag     25140
     agaagatttt ccactactta atcgattgta gatgtttggt tctattgggc ggacacaaaa     25200
     aaaaagtgta aagggatgta atagtaaaac aaaatgtgta actaaatact ttgacggccg     25260
     ttaacatact tgagcggtaa gctcaagaaa agtttacctg tgggaagcac tgcatgaaat     25320
     agtagtatac agactttatt aaaataacac tgctttatac ctgttgagca tagccacgaa     25380
     acatggggtt caccagtttg attccatgaa acagagtagt tggcacaaca taactcggcc     25440
     tggacagagg gccaaagaaa gcacaaaaga gagaaaaaga aaggccatag gcaacaatat     25500
     ggatacttaa ttatgaccaa aatcaataga ttaagttcaa cagaacaggc cagatctacg     25560
     ttaacggtct ggcaagtcag tgcttgttac cgtttcttgt gccagagttc agagataagc     25620
     ttctgatagc ttttacacaa tgccggcttc ttatccgtac gcaccaatcc actgcaatcc     25680
     tggaaaaact gagtcaaagg aggactggga aatgaatata aagaagcagg aaacccaaag     25740
     tcagttaaag agctgagacc tgagaaatca atcagtgcaa tcagtcactc aacaaatctg     25800
     tgtcaggatt ttaagcctac cagttggaca aggcctgcag tgcagcattc atataacaag     25860
     agtttccaat gtttttcatc cctgtcagac ctgggaaggg taaagagtat tagaaaataa     25920
     cacaatgaag cttactatga ctaattttga agtgttgaat tttagctgtt gaaaacacaa     25980
     caactgacaa taagatacaa tataaagggc acatatttta ccctttttac aagatgtaag     26040
     ataagccttt ggtgtctcca gaatgtgtct gtaaagtttc agctcaaaat agatgattta     26100
     ttatagcctc cagaatctgt ccatgttgat gtctaaatac aatgtggctg tttttgtagc     26160
     ctgtggattt aaatgcaaat gacctgcttc tccccgccta ccgttcccat gtgcgtgtct     26220
     gcttttcatc atgcgttatg tcagataaac agcagtcagt gatagagaca ggcacagatg     26280
     aagctgaaat acagctcatt agtcaaaaat accaagtagg tttatttgat atatttgtgg     26340
     tggtttattc aagcctttct gaactgacga gtctcacaca aatgccattt gcagggcaca     26400
     cacacacata taaaggccat ttactaacac aatgaggcag tggtgattat agtggtttat     26460
     agcggattgc atagtgattt tactgtcttt actacaaaca tgctatgctt taaaacagcc     26520
     ctaaactaaa aaaaaaaaat cacagagagt tgtgacatgt tttactccca gtttatttgc     26580
     aaaaaatctt tctgtggaca tgtgtataca tgctattata gaaacatggc gcctgtcaat     26640
     caattcggtg ggtggtaaaa agcgaactcc catgtcaagt tgtggtgggt ctcaaaacct     26700
     cggggatttg ggtcaatgtc attaaattta aaaaaagaga cttgttggat ttatttcaat     26760
     ccaatatgac agtggacaca ctatacttac agtgctgtcc aaacagctta ggtgaattca     26820
     agtcagcttt atgttaatgt attttaaaat tataattcaa gcttaactgc ttccattaag     26880
     tttttttttt tacagattaa taataattat catttaattc tctcctttaa gatgttatat     26940
     aaaagaacat aaaagtccaa cctgtttgta aaaaaataaa caaaagttaa tctatgaaaa     27000
     caactgttaa tatttggacg aaggtgtgac atcagtcatt ttgtttgttt agtttgcatt     27060
     tggggaatca tatttttatg caggaatgat acttttaaac attaaaaatt acattcattt     27120
     caaaataaac agtgtttgtt tggactttta actcgattaa catatctgca tttcagaata     27180
     ttaattctga agatccctgt gacaatgatg actggagtaa tgaagctgaa atttttttgc     27240
     cataacagaa aacaattaca ctttttaaaa acatgaaagt gtctaggttg gtgctcttgc     27300
     ttttagcatt tattaaaaga tttgaaatgg tatgtagcat gtaccagctt tcagtataca     27360
     tgatacctct aggttttagc tcatcctcct cagactctga gccctcctca tctgccactg     27420
     cgataggcac cgccttcaat gggtaacatg tagtctgcaa aacaggatcc tttgtgaaac     27480
     aaaaaaagac agaactatgt atcttgtatt gtacatgacc tttatgaagc acattgtcta     27540
     aagaggatct ccagactgat gttaattata taggagacag ccaacctcaa accgcaacct     27600
     ttgcacaata ctaaaagtgc aactctatag cggtttcaaa tagtctaacg tctctacctg     27660
     gtcatgtggt ttgcagcggt gagctgatga tacaggagta acaggctttg gctccagaaa     27720
     cacctctctt tcgcagacat aacaccacac cctaaatgtg gtcaggttta ctgtcagatt     27780
     gtgctttttg gcctggaaaa tagttaaaag aagatgaaca cgtacaaaaa tgtacattca     27840
     agagctactt attattacac ctgttactta cagcagtgaa atttaaacca cgctgaactg     27900
     aactatactg aacttcaact ctgaaatctg gacttaacta gaacttttac gttaagcagc     27960
     tttgactaaa tctacatttt gctaaaagcg ctataaaaaa taaagatgaa ttgtattgaa     28020
     tccctataat gtaatgttct gtcataatta tctaaacaaa agagcatgtt acatttaaag     28080
     aagttgttca cccaaaactg aaaatcttgt caacatttac tttcccttca cttgtcccaa     28140
     accttgtttg agtttctttc ttctggtgaa cacacaaaaa aagatatttt gaagaaagta     28200
     gaaaacctgt aaccattgac ttgcataata tttgcttttc ctactatgca agtcaatgtt     28260
     tacggtttac agttttcttc aaaatatatt attttaagtt cagcagaaaa aaaagagctc     28320
     ataatagttt caaaccaatt taaggcgatt aaacagtgag taaattttca ttattgtgta     28380
     aaccatcctt ttaatactgt cttgattaaa ctattccttg tttaataatt caacattgct     28440
     taaaattcta tttaaagatc caaatgaacc tgcaatttaa catgaacttt ttgtctattc     28500
     tgtacatagt ttggaaactc atgagcagaa ctgtaatatg aatgcctgag aatggacata     28560
     ataactaatc aaaccaaaaa tatcacctgt gcatgaatag tactgtggtc tgaatacgac     28620
     tctccacagc ctacataagg acagtcacac tgtaaaaaaa taaagtaaga gacatttgat     28680
     tgaactgcag gggcacttga ttctaaagta ttttttttaa tacaatgagt ttatgataag     28740
     atcattaaca ccatttaaaa aacaaatgat atttatttca tgcctgcttc aaagtaatgt     28800
     tctggactaa tcttggatta aaccatactg accaaatgac tttgtaaatc cttgtataag     28860
     ctaaagatcc actgtacttc tcaaatagtt tgccatacct gcagacatgc ccagagattt     28920
     ggtccaccta ctccacatga ctgacacgtg cccttgaaaa aaaacataac aatattcaat     28980
     ccactgcact cattatatta agtcctgtac atcagctaaa ttaattctaa cctttgattt     29040
     ctgaatcagt tcttctttag taacttcacc aatcgagtcc aagtgaggac aaagatcccc     29100
     gctgtcagtc atcctgattt tcttctcact ctattgaaaa gcacaaaaat cacttcaaag     29160
     ttacagctca cccaaaaagt ctgtcaataa gtattctacc tcatgttgtt ctaaacccag     29220
     tcaaattaaa atatcttaga gctccctcat cttccatgga taacaatggt cccaactcat     29280
     tcaaaatcca caaagatacc acaaaacata attaaaatag tccatgtatc ttaaatggtt     29340
     caatcgtaat attatgtaac aataacaaaa tgaataaata aataaaaata aatcatttat     29400
     cataaataaa acacctttat tcaacagttt ctttctattc tggttagtat atggtgcact     29460
     ttcatgagca ctgatgtata cctcagatgt caacacaatc ttcctctgtt tgaaacaaag     29520
     cacaggcaca cctaaacaat acatcaggag cgtgacatgc ataaaggcca cagcatgtag     29580
     tgctggactg aggagaagaa atattgttgt ttatttttgc tttaggtgca cacaaaagta     29640
     atcttgtatc tttataatgc tctaattgaa caactgaaag gatatgtggg atgctttaga     29700
     atttttctgg actttgaaga agtcagatgg ttgctgttta tggaagatca tagtgctctc     29760
     agatttaatc taaaataagg ctgtacaata gtggaaaaat ctaacattgc aatttttttt     29820
     tttgcaatat attttgcgat atgaacacaa tttcagcaaa tgactctact tctattttct     29880
     atttggaaaa aagttataat gttagattta ttgggatgat tctgcagtgg aagtgcatct     29940
     ccattaaatc taataaacaa tctataaact atttggagtc cccctgacac atttttattg     30000
     tggtctgtgc tatttgcagg gtatttctgt atttgaatgt gttgtgggta ttttcatgaa     30060
     taacaatcta taaataaaat taagaaaaag atacaattga aataaagtat tttatcgttt     30120
     tttgagtcta aaaatattta agtgcagtaa ctgaatgata aaaacaaaag tagttaaggt     30180
     cacaagttgt acaatttctt atacctgaat gcttttaaaa tcattataca atcacaggca     30240
     tcaaaaacaa actcaacata gcatagatcc tgctatgtga ctattgtgta atactgatca     30300
     tgatatcgat gctgaagcaa tatattgtgc agccctgatc taaaatatct tactttgcat     30360
     tctgaaaatg aataaaggtc ttgtggagtt tggaacaaca tgaggttgaa taataatcct     30420
     ttctttttat tttatttctg gggtaaacaa accctttaag aatgtctggt acagctctga     30480
     gactgcgcag caccaataca gtaaataaca ttgattttta aaaatctttc tccaaaatta     30540
     acaaaaatca aaaagtcaga aaccataaac tttcattaat atgaaatgat gacaaaatta     30600
     tttgataaac tgtccctata agaaccttac actctcatta ccagtgagaa ttataaataa     30660
     aaatctgccc tcattgaata gatattaacg gaaatataga ccatattata taatattttt     30720
     ttataagtat aaaaatttaa aaatatttat agagtattga ggatggtatc tatctagcat     30780
     atctgctcaa tgtgtgttat gtttctgcct agaactgtta agaggccaaa attgctgttt     30840
     cattcgccta gtcagttgat gggaaaaaac attcgtcccg taccaacacc tccattacag     30900
     caagggaaat atacaataat tgatataaaa aaacatgatt ctatgaatca aattttcact     30960
     agaaaactaa cttcaactga agtccgaaac gacgcagaaa acaatcgcgt taatatgaat     31020
     gtaatgcaaa caattcatct gaattaaaac ataatatctt aaacaaaaca aatagttttt     31080
     cctctgcgtc ttcggtgttt attatgttca taaacacaca gcagtcctca aatacgtcac     31140
     ggtgaaccac ctaaaagctg tttaacatca cgatcttgca gaataaacag gccatatttc     31200
     cactcggtct gcaagacact attcatacgc tgagtcgaca tgatgttatc atatcaaaca     31260
     acagtgacag tccgatttag caaaaggaaa gacagaaaca gatatttacc tgtcatacag     31320
     aaacaacaat atcgctcata gatagtcatt ttaggccaat cggaggtgtt tgtaacagtg     31380
     gtgggaagca gtgtaacgtt actactaagc agcatccata ctgaatacag cagaagcgtg     31440
     cgtcacggct ttgaccacag ccaatgagcg catttcgttc tttagcatga tcaaataatt     31500
     ttttatttac ttcgattata aaatacacat actgcttgtt ttacacgttc atttatcgta     31560
     tagagtgttt attattaaat ttacgccgtt tttgttttgt ttttctgtat cgtgtcatag     31620
     aagcagctga tctagaacca gtctcatcat tccgcttttc gccgttcaac ggctgtacaa     31680
     aaaacaggca agctgatctg agatcaactg ttaagacgac aaatgtgatg ccagcgagcg     31740
     gaagtttcta gagaatgagg tccgtcacta aacatagacc gccaccgttg cgtacagacg     31800
     gacgaggggt aacgtaacgc ttatcagtaa ataattcgac gagttttaaa aacaagtcat     31860
     gccaccaggt aaaaatttta gaagaaggaa agaggattca tccgacgagg aagatgatga     31920
     aacaaaattc gtagtcaggt agatatattc aacacattca ggccaaacaa agtaaacaca     31980
     gctgttgtaa accgctaggt aaaacgagca gaaaagatta atgcagctga cttgtttagt     32040
     ttgtacatgc attcagagag gaaagaaacc tattgaatgt gaaaaactat ttaaagatgt     32100
     tacttttatt atatgtttac ccaggtcaaa actggatgaa gccaaggagc tacagagtct     32160
     gcgaaaaagg cagcatggag tgaggttggc catgagctgc tttgtggttg ttactgttgg     32220
     tggtgtttac atttttcttt cttttcattg tgtaattaag tgagaataat aaatgctatt     32280
     ttccattctg tttgtccagc attgcaacgt tacttgttgg agagaagctt cctttagagg     32340
     ctgagcttga ggtgttttat tattttaatc aaactacatt ttgcactaca atacaagcct     32400
     tgcagtgtaa ctttgttctt ctctatgagc taatagaggt ttgacatttt gtccctccat     32460
     gtttatgtca taggatgacc catttaaact gaagactgga ggtgttgttg acatgaagaa     32520
     agtgaaagac agaagccgag acatgtaagc attaagtaaa catgttagct tttcatttca     32580
     atttttctct atatttgaag tgaaatgttc aactcttcct cttgttacag gacagtggat     32640
     gaaaatgacc tcaatcttgg tacatccttt tctgccgaga caaacagaag agatgaagat     32700
     gctgacatgt aagtgcatgc ttctacatca catactttct gcattgctgg ttttgtcact     32760
     atgtttaaag cctctcccat catgcatctg atttcacgca ggatgaagta cattgagaca     32820
     gagttaaaga aaaagaaagg catggtggag gcagaggagc agaaggtaaa ggtgaagaat     32880
     ccagaggacc tcctgtatga gcttccagag aacatcaacg tcagctctgc caaaaagaca     32940
     gaagagatgt tgtccaatca gatgctgagt ggaattccag aggtggatct ggggattgag     33000
     tgagtaaaga cacaagctaa ttcatggaca tcagttgttt tctctagact ggtggctcag     33060
     aacaaacaaa tgattgatgt caacctaaaa gcctctttac tctctttctt ctcagcgcaa     33120
     agataaagaa tatcatcaac acagaagaag ccaaagcaaa gctgctagct gagcagagga     33180
     ataagaagaa agacagcggg acctcctttg ttcccacaaa cattgcggtc aattacgtcc     33240
     agcataatcg ctgtaagtgt acacacaaac aactgtttgt tcaaacgttt gtcagtaaga     33300
     tgtttttaag tctcttatgc tcacatttaa gggatagttc attttttttc atttgttctc     33360
     cttcatgtgg ttttaaacag ttattagttt ctttcttttg ttgaacccaa aagaagatgt     33420
     tttgaagaaa actgattgct ggaattcatc atcgtcaatg gcttctttgt gttcaacaga     33480
     agaaactcag aaaggttttg aacaagtgaa ggctgattta aatgatgcag aatttgagtt     33540
     gaactatccc tttaaaaatg taatcttgtg aaatattttt gcagtctgta attgcactca     33600
     ttttcttttt ttcataatca ggtttttaga ttataaaaaa tgttgtaaat tgttcattgt     33660
     aaagctgaat tgttcagcaa acattagtcc agttcttcac aattctttct aatacgatga     33720
     tttggtgcct aatttacaca tttatctttc aatattcaaa aaaacggaaa ttaatgtaaa     33780
     tttcaaaagc agagcattta cttaaaatac attttgtaac aaaactgtac aaagaaaagg     33840
     ccaacgattg atttctccaa attgttcact aaccatatct gttttcaagt gtaagctttt     33900
     atcaacagct ctgtctatgc ctaacaaata agtaaacagt aaaatgtgaa ccatatttaa     33960
     aacatttgct atcccaaaga cgaaagatta agtcatcatc tgttctattt tgtcaagtct     34020
     accatgagga ttcaaacgcg ccccaaagac gcaacagaga agagcctaaa gccaggccat     34080
     tgcgtgtagg agacacagag aaaccagcac ctgagggtaa gatcagattg aaaacctcct     34140
     cagcttttat gccctgctgt ttttaatgaa ttcatgttca tatgatttgg tgtatttttt     34200
     tcggtctcca gcctcaccac ccaatttccg caagagaccc aataacgaga aggccacaga     34260
     tgactaccac tatgagaaat ttaagaaaat gaaccgacga tattaatcct tcactaataa     34320
     ttcagtcacc atgatggagt ttgtttttcc tttctgtaaa atgaaagatg taaatacttt     34380
     gtactatatt taaaaaaatg tctctactaa atatccgtaa cttacgataa gctttttaca     34440
     ataaaacttc acccaagttg ttggtagttt tttgaaaata ttttataaca aaagaccttt     34500
     tagttgcata aatttagcgc attgttcaat ttcataatta tataatgatt gtagaacagt     34560
     tccacataaa tgctcaatca ctgcatatgt atgaaacttt attcttatta aacggttatt     34620
     ctacaggatt tgataatgaa atactgtaac ctcttttaca ctaacagcat attacctttt     34680
     ctctaaaggt tttgttttga ggtctcaaac taaaatcgaa aggtcatcac aaagttacac     34740
     agcaatacaa ataatgtatg aatgaataaa aaaatgacaa aatgagaact cttccttagc     34800
     agtcacattt aggaaaacag tgcacatgta ccataaaatt aaagattttt ttcttgttaa     34860
     aaattaatat ctcttagcat ccaaaaaaaa agtttcaata ttcattgatt ttgctgaatt     34920
     gttgtaatat tactgaagct gacaaaaaga taaataattc tttataccat tgtcaagtta     34980
     cccagctaca atattttttc cagggtcctg taccctgaag ccagatcagt tggataaaca     35040
     gttatgtttc agtttagctt gcaccatttc tgggtttcgg gtaaaattag tgattattaa     35100
     agataatacc acgacagaag agtgtgatat aagttgagct gctttcatct caactaaaac     35160
     ccaatattgg agcaaactaa attgaaactt tatctagctt cttggtacag gctccagaaa     35220
     tattatcagt attatttcag tgtaattatt tccagacaaa attgcaccaa atcaagtagt     35280
     tctcagattt gcagtctgca gttgaaggtt tctggtgaag cttaatgtga tggcaagttg     35340
     tttagttgtg caatctaaca agtccttaaa gaaagtcccc agtatttcat gactgctcac     35400
     tagtgccact gccgttgcgg tgacgttgca tagactcctg ggatcccaag tggtctgaaa     35460
     cctcatggtt ggcatgtgag gggtcagagg tcatctcagg ggacccccaa ctgtcctgcc     35520
     gatgaaaggc ctcacaaagt ggcaactcaa caccatccca ttgtccacag ctagaaacgt     35580
     tatacacaca cattacacac atgcacacaa actaacattt ctttagtcca catctgccca     35640
     aaactttcac tataatatta ggattaaaca tgatactgct aaacattcat tcagtcatag     35700
     gcaaaacata cacaaactgt atagtatggt atatactata cagtaatgaa tatatgaagg     35760
     actgagaaaa gaagcacaag cagagaaagg aagttgtgga aaccattatt taggactgct     35820
     actagtgatt ggaaacgtgt ggtcacatga tgttctcaag agttttggtc tttcaggtgt     35880
     catttgtctt ctgtttgctg ttttgttgtg cactcaacag acgtgtgtgc tctaatgtca     35940
     gaattgctca atagatgaga agtgaaaggc tgttagcagc aaagaatttt gactatgcac     36000
     tcagcagaca gaggcagaac atagattaca aatcagaggt gagcaaataa tagatcagac     36060
     actaattatg ctctcttttc tctctggttt atttatgaaa tttgaaatga cccgttggtt     36120
     tgtggggaaa acttgacaaa tattgtgata cattcagaac aggtactaat gtgaccaaca     36180
     ctgtttctac ccaatacttt accacatcaa aacagtgtag tgcaatatca aaccactgag     36240
     ggaaacaaat gctctataaa taataatgtt acacctcgac acatttgtaa ataaaagatc     36300
     aaatacacta tattgtcaaa agttttggaa catctgcctt tatatgtaca tgaactttaa     36360
     tgacatccca atcttaagct gtattatata atatagcgtt gacccaccct ttttagctat     36420
     aaaggccaca aagatgcttg tgatttccac aaggttaaag agtgtttata gaaatatttg     36480
     accattctta tagaacgcaa gtgtcaattt cagttcctgg aaggccacag ctaggcacag     36540
     tttagctttt accctaatta aagacacctg atcaaatgta tagagtactt aaggcttgca     36600
     tgaattctac aggttaagcc tggtttatac ttctgtgtca attgatcagc gtgtctgttg     36660
     aaccagggtt gaaactaaac tgtgcagagc tgcggccctc cagcaactgc atttgacacc     36720
     tgtgttctag aagcacattt gtgaggtcac gcactgatgt tgtacaaaaa ggcctggctc     36780
     acactctaca cttctttcca aaggtgttca atcaggttga tatcagtact ctctgcaggc     36840
     cagtcaactt tctccacacc aaacttgctc attcaatttt ttatggacct tgctttgtgc     36900
     actggtgtgc agtcatgttg gaacaggagg ggggtcattc tcaaacttta cccagtgtaa     36960
     ggagcatgaa attgtccatg tctgatatgc tgaagaatta agcgtttatg ccacttgaac     37020
     taaagggcaa accccaaacc ctgaaaaaca gccttctacc ataatcccct ctccaccaag     37080
     cataacactt ggcacatagc attcaggcga gatgtcgttc tcctggcaaa tgccaaaccc     37140
     agattcatcc attggattgc cagacaggga agcatgaaac gtcaccccag aaaacatatt     37200
     tccacaactt tagagttcag tggcggtttg ctttacatca ttgtatctgc cacttttcat     37260
     tgcacttggt aaagtacagc ttgaattcaa cagctcgacc atggaaacga attccagctt     37320
     tcgatgcact gctcttgagc taatctgaag gccacataaa gtttggaggt ctcagacttt     37380
     gagagttttg actcgctctg tgatttttgg tgcctaccat attgttgcta aggtccgcat     37440
     gcctaggagc tttatttttt ggaagtgatc agaatccctg aatttgggat tttgagtggt     37500
     gtcccaaaac atttggcaat atagtatatt ttgccaattt acaaaaactt ccattaaaat     37560
     ttaaagaaaa aaaaacatgc catttgtgaa tgatatggaa catgaaaaaa aatctgtttc     37620
     ttgagcgtat caaatcattt tcttccagta agctaattta tatgctgttt aacgtttgat     37680
     tatacaataa agaaccctac aggtgcattc atgccatgtc gtaattatga aattctaaag     37740
     agcaaaatca ttattgcagt taaactaatc attatgatta attgaattaa ttttaatagt     37800
     gattgatgat gaaacaaaac ttacaatttc aaatcctagg atgatagaga attcacaagt     37860
     aagcagccaa gcaccagaga tataagagtt tttatttttt tgcacatcta cttgaattac     37920
     atacattgac tatgatctgg tcaaatgttt gagaaaagtc agacaaagag cctagaaaca     37980
     ttttagaggt ttaaaaacat ggcagcatat ttgtcattaa ccatttttgt taaaattcag     38040
     tttctagttc ttcttgctaa atgttattag cataaacatt aatgtaaatc tgagctgttg     38100
     gaaattctag agcaggggtg cccaaactct attcgtgtcc aaaattttcc actataggct     38160
     gccatagact tcaagagtca gacaatttta gtaagataag gaatgaatac ataggtctct     38220
     atagcttctg tgctcagccc ccagagatac gtgttatctt gaattcatgg taattacgac     38280
     atggtctgaa taaagccttc actctttatt acatatttta aagtgctctg aattttgcaa     38340
     gtcctcattg tattaaaact gtattgcgcc aaactagttt taaaaacatc aacatctatg     38400
     attttccaaa aaattgtgta ttattaaata attcccataa tacctcaatt aaaatatatc     38460
     tttttgtgaa actattactg gtcaccttgt ttcaaaaact ccttaaattc atctaaaatg     38520
     tttgtatagt acataagatc aacatttaat tattcagcac cactaataaa cagaaaatta     38580
     acatcctgat ttctgattgc aacattgata tataaaatag atattctaaa acaatcatac     38640
     aaggcacctg ggatggaatc tttatatgca cttatagttg tataacggat aagagatttc     38700
     ttgtgcagtt atacttgccc agttataccg aaagtgcttg ataatgtctt tggtgtgaaa     38760
     ttaatacaat gtaaatacat atgttatttt atgagcatag cagaaaaaca catataatga     38820
     taccctgctt gttataaata taaactatag caaaactgta agtctaacta caagtttcct     38880
     taattttcct atgtcattaa tgcttacctg caagaatctg cactctaatt aaggcacaca     38940
     atggtattaa atgcatgtgt atggaaaacc aaacttgcat ggtttgatca aacaaatagc     39000
     ccaatgttag cattgttagc aatgttcaat gattgaagcc agtaactggt tatgcaaatt     39060
     aaataaacct ttaaacacaa gaatggctcc atgaatcacc ctgtgttatg ttttcttatg     39120
     atgtacatat acatcaggtt tatggctctg gtaagcaagt aaaggcaggg gtgactgcac     39180
     acacgtttgg gatcactgct ctatttgtac ctggaggagt aatactcttc ctcgagctca     39240
     tacaggtcga tggcaatctc atcccgcaaa gagatgagct tcttgtcgca ctcctcctgc     39300
     agtgtgcgga gctgctggtt acgcagactg atggcctcgt tgacagacgg gaaatcattc     39360
     aggataagga actgcttcag gtctgagaca agcttcatca gagactctcc tgcacgtacc     39420
     taacacacaa acacatttaa tccgttattg tcatccaagt gtgagatgtg cgttaggggt     39480
     caaccgatta tcggcaccga tgttaattgt ttttatggtt cgacatccaa ctgtgaggcg     39540
     tccattcggg gtcgaccaaa tatcggtaca gtaataaaat gctttaatca tggtttatca     39600
     tctaactgtg acgtatccat tagagattga ctaattatca tctattatct gcattagtta     39660
     tttgcatggt gtttcatcaa actctgagtt gcccatcagg ggttgactaa ttatcggcac     39720
     cgatattaag cagttttacg gtatgttagt caactgtgag gtgtctatta agagttagtt     39780
     aattattggc accaatatta agcattttat tggtatgtca tctaattaag agttaatcaa     39840
     ttatcggcac cgatattaag catttttatg gtatttcagc caactctaag gtgtccatta     39900
     agagttcatc aattatcggc accaatatta agaattttta tggtatgtca gccaactgtg     39960
     aggtgtccat taagagataa tcaattatcg gcactgatat taagcatttt tatagttatt     40020
     ggtcattttc aaacctatat gctaatttta ttattatttt attttgtaaa tcactaggaa     40080
     atgctgcttc aactgaaagc aatgcgagtt taagttgctt ataatgtgta aaaaaaaaaa     40140
     aaagcaatgt gtcgaacatc ttaccaaaat tgagaagcat atatgaacct cttgtccaat     40200
     ataagataac atttattaat acattttact tcagtatagc ttcataatgt tataggagtt     40260
     ttaaaatatt ataaaattgt taattgttat aaaatattat aaaaatttta aaggctatgt     40320
     gataaaagct agttgaaata ccattgtatt ataaatttac tttattataa taaaaatccc     40380
     tgataaggtc tacaggcact ccagtttccc cacagtccaa acacatgcat tataatagaa     40440
     ttggataaac tgagggaagg gtatccgctg tgtaaaacat gtgccagggt aataggtagt     40500
     taattccgct gtggcaacta ctgataacca gggaacaagc agtaggaaag tgagagagtg     40560
     agttgtgttt aagaacagat tttgccagag ccctagtttt tccttaatta acattttaca     40620
     ccaggcatag ttcaaattat ctgttattgg tgcattagat ctgtgtcagc actggccttg     40680
     aaaaacacct gtcgattgac ccctagtgtt caatttattt tatctacatt acagaggatc     40740
     ttacaatgtt ggcagctcgg acatgcattt caaaatggtc ctgttcagct tgcgtcgccc     40800
     tggaaacctg agtctcatct tccacctgat caaagaaatg acaatattga attaatgtaa     40860
     cagatagatg atatcagtgt gaatatgttt catatgcgaa ccaacatacc ttagcagttt     40920
     taattatttc cgtaaaattg tctagaatag acctgatgtc atctttgagt ctcttgttgt     40980
     agttctgcaa aagagtctct ttgctttgcg ggaggactct cggtgtggac atctcagctc     41040
     ttgtgtcact ctttactcaa tgctatagaa tcacaaataa gactttacag ttagaactgc     41100
     agcaacatgt cacagtaggt gtttctttag tttatacata caattgaata ggaattgttt     41160
     catttataaa aaggttttta tggttgcaaa ggtgtactaa tttttaaatt ccgtttaatg     41220
     caggtaattt catgttttat actgtttgtt aaactgatcc aggatttctg cctgatttca     41280
     ccaagttaca tttaagactt ttaagaccat tatgaatgaa actttagact tatacagggt     41340
     taaatactaa gatttttttt ctaatatccc agttggaaac gattatcagt tgccctatca     41400
     aaaaagatta acatttatta catttaataa tacaaacata ataattattt agtttaaata     41460
     tttttgtatt gattttcaaa tatatccatt cacaaaccct ataaccctaa ccaagaacaa     41520
     aacaaaacat agctgtcagt tacttcagtt tacaataaaa acaattacac aataaaatat     41580
     ataggtcagg tcagtatcct cagcagtaaa taaatggaga acttttaagc aaatgtaact     41640
     gtaaggaaag taaatgcttt ttttaaaagt taaaagttgt attgagatgg attggtggtg     41700
     attgtatggg tgttaatggc cagactgggt agttatgaac aaaggaaaat taagacctgt     41760
     taaaaaatat ttaagaccta caacaaattt cagtagattt cagacttttt aaggcctaaa     41820
     atttagcttt tgagatttaa gacattttaa gaccctacga acaccctgtg attgttagtt     41880
     tcgatccaat taaataacag aaatcatatt ataggatgac acggtagctc agtgggtagc     41940
     actgtcgcct cacagcaaga agtttgctgg ttcgagtccc ggttgggtca gttgacattt     42000
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccccatgttg gcgtggattt cctccacgtg ctccggtttc     42060
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg tggtataggt gaagtaaata aactaaattg gccatagtgt     42120
     atgagtgtgt ataagcgtgt atggatgttt tctaggactg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat     42180
     ccgttgtgta gaacatatgc tggataagtt ggcagttcat tccgctatgg cgacccctga     42240
     taaataaagg gactaagccg aaggaaaatg aatgaatgaa actatataat gattatcata     42300
     gaatttattg aatcattaaa atatagccta gggctatttg gatttaaatc gtattatttt     42360
     tctatccaaa aaaatatttt tgatcatatt aactgcatta cagcaatgca gcattacaat     42420
     aaaccaatat tattattata aaagggtcta catttccatc acattttacc attcaaataa     42480
     tggaattcat attataatgt acattttttt gtcaacatta tatttgacat gaaccaattt     42540
     tgttatttta ttgtaagcac tacaagcaaa aaataatatt taagatacca aatataaacc     42600
     attgatcaaa atttgttcta tatagtaact taatatatct tctcacgcag ttacataccg     42660
     ttaacgttga ttcgcgatct acagctttac accccgttct tatctgcatg cgtaattata     42720
     ttgaactgag taattctgct ggcaactttg aaactagaat gtaacgttat catttgagaa     42780
     acatctttca tataatatac aatacaaaac aaaatatttt cttctgcgta cgttaaattg     42840
     agttagtcta ggacactgaa actagttaaa cagcgcgtga aagttttaca cagcaattct     42900
     cgcaagcgta attaattagc taagaactga ttagatactg gtgctcaaac ttataaaaag     42960
     gttactcaca gctgcaggca ttattttata acctttcttc aagtaaacgc gagcctcccg     43020
     cttttgttct gtcgcgtaca gatgatgtca ctacccaaat gtcgcggtag ttatatttcc     43080
     cacaatccct ttcttcttcc tttccgtctg aaccaacatg gtgagtgttt gatggttttg     43140
     actgagaagc cttctctttt aaaaatcctt aagcatcctg acttatagcg tgttgcagca     43200
     ttaatatgat atcagctatg agaaataaag acccaacacc tgcaccctga acgagaattg     43260
     tgatcttatc aagtaattag aagaagaatt ttgacaactc ttctgctagc cgtagtgtcg     43320
     gcttactctc agcactagcg cctcgaaatc cgacgccttc agtctgaaaa gtaacttgtt     43380
     tttatacttc agtttatcat caagttgctg tgtatatttt gaagtattct gctgttacgg     43440
     gtaaatcaaa catgcagtag cgcgaatgct aacttgctag cgggattttt tttataggcc     43500
     aaaatgaatt ggctcggcct tcaactgttt tataaacacg tgagagagtc agtgtattat     43560
     aaggatacaa aataacctgc tagtttatcc atgtagaaaa gtttcagaga tgatattcgt     43620
     tttgtcaacg ctcacgtttg attcttgggt aaaacagttc ccccttttcg gcatcaagta     43680
     gtctgtcaca acttgaacta ctgaacacaa agaatggggt ttagctttgc agtgatgtct     43740
     tgcacctctt ttgtctggct tgtagactct tgacaagttt tgtaatctgc tgaacttact     43800
     gctcactgtg gactatgaag tgctttcaag taatactttg catctctcca cagcccaagg     43860
     gaaaaaaggg taaggggaag aaggtggcac cagccccttc agtggccaag aaacatgagg     43920
     tcaagaaagt tgtgaacccc ctgtttgaga agaggcccaa gaactttggc attggtgagt     43980
     ccttgcagtc gtctgaagtg tgtagctgtc tgagtgcaga tgatgtaatg aatatttgct     44040
     atcttaacag caatgcagac aatctcccac caagatcgct gatgcacatg ttgagtttgg     44100
     aaacctgtta gctgatccta atacagtttg aaaatgaacg tcttgcattt taatgtccag     44160
     gtcaggacat ccagccgaag cgggatctga cccgattcgt gaaatggcca cgttatgtcc     44220
     ggctgcagcg tcagcgagca atcctgtaca agcgactgaa ggtcccccct gcgatcaacc     44280
     agttcaccca ggctctggac cgccagaccg gtgagtctga ttgtgtactt aagctggata     44340
     tttttactga caaaaaaaaa aactcctgta agaggtgatt cacccaaaaa taaattatat     44400
     tttacgcaat cttcatttga aacctgcatt tttcttgtta accaagatgg tatgttgtga     44460
     tgctagtaac tggcactcat ttacttctat ttaattttat ttcttattac ttaaactgta     44520
     gttgtattaa tgtggaaaat aaataaccac agttatttta aatcagaact tttactaaca     44580
     tatggaaaat gtatattaag tgttaaaaga atgaatttag cattatgggg cttgtttaaa     44640
     atgtaattgc ataaatattc ttgaccaggt tttttagtat aaacattgca tgttggcact     44700
     gggtcttctg tggcatatgg tattaataca gtcttgccaa gtaaattgac ttgttggggg     44760
     aaataatgta aagccatatt aaacactgat gcataaaaca ttttttcacg atgaccaaca     44820
     gaaggaaatg cttaaactga cactaatgct ttaatgtaat agcactttat gcaaagatgt     44880
     gaagagtaga gtagtaggga acaatccatt gttagatttc attagatttt atttttttta     44940
     taatcgataa ccaattttgt gtaggaacta ttggtgcatg ttaactggta taaatgtagt     45000
     ttaaattgtc agtattgagt ggcctcctaa atggtgtttt atatttattt atttattttt     45060
     acacttattg atgtgcagat gatgtgaaga atatttgcta tctgagtagt aaatgcggac     45120
     agtttccacc aagatcactg atgcactttt tttttttgtg agatctctac tttaaaatca     45180
     acttaaattg tattgtgagc ttgttttctt ggaggtcctt ctggcattta tgctggattt     45240
     ataattgcgg aaatgctaat ggattttatt ttatttattt tttaacactt tgaattattt     45300
     ttctgtagct acccagctgt tcaagctggc tcacaagtac aggcctgaga ccaagcatga     45360
     gaagaaacag agactgttgg ctcgtgctga gcagaaggct gctggaaagg gagatacacc     45420
     cactaaaaga ccaccagtcc tgcgcgcagg tggctttttt tttttttatt aatttttatt     45480
     ttattttttt ttaaagattg tttaaacaat ataaagttgt aagattttaa aattttcatt     45540
     tcttttcttt ctcaggtgtg aacactgtga ccacacttgt ggagagcaag aaagcacaac     45600
     tggtcgttat tgctcatgat gtggatccca ttgaggtgag gatctcaatt tctaccaaat     45660
     aaagttctgt tttaaagtag tggttgtctg caatgatgtc ttgaatttct tcacctgaat     45720
     tcaaactgaa gatcaaaata cgagcttttt aaccctgagc aacaaccact cctgcatctc     45780
     agtagctttt tgtttctggt ttgtaatttt ataatagggc tgaaatcggg gaatgttaat     45840
     tttttttttt atttccttct tttatagctg gtggtgttct tgcctgctct gtgccgtaaa     45900
     atgggtgtcc catactgcat cgtcaagggc aaggccagac tgggcagact ggtgcacaga     45960
     aagacctgca cctccatcgc cttcacacag accaatccgt gagtaaaaca caaacactca     46020
     gttcactttc ctttgccgca catcctacag ctatgatgtc tgaatttctt cacctgaaca     46080
     accatgtggt ttaaatgagc tttttaaccc tgagctaaat ggtttgcatc taatcataca     46140
     tttggttgtt tttgaataag tttttgttgg ttaatttaat tttttcccca tcttcagcga     46200
     agacaaagca gctcttgcta aactggtgga ggccatcaag accaactaca atgacagata     46260
     tgaggaggtc agtttattac tcgatttaat aactggatct ggtgcaacac agaccatcaa     46320
     tttttctatt ttactttttc cttgaataac atgactgcta tctgctaatt ttattttaat     46380
     gctctcttca gatccgtcgt cactggggag gaaatgtcct gggtcccaag tcaactgctc     46440
     gtattgctaa actcgagaag gcaaaggcca aggagctggc cactaaactg ggttgagctg     46500
     tcttgtttaa taaatataaa aaatgttcac aaaagcgtca ggcgtctgat tggttctttt     46560
     ttgtttagtt taaacaccat tttcttcttt aataatgatt tagagacgta caggtaaaaa     46620
     ttccaaaaca tgaaaccata tgaaaattag ctattgcgtt caacaccact ttcttagtgt     46680
     tcattattca tcaaacccct cattgagtta aatattaagc agcaatttat ttttattcaa     46740
     ttgtaatgtt attttaactc ttaacggata ttgattttgt actatgccgt acaaacatgg     46800
     ggcatgtatt ctaattaatg ctattgcatt gctgtgattt aagatattct aattacttta     46860
     aaaatgtcat tgaatttaaa tttagctaga ttgccttaat tttacacgag cattgctgtg     46920
     attgtcagaa aaggaataca cttttaccaa cagtgttaag tttaacataa aatagttttt     46980
     attttacagc attcaaaaag ggcaaaatcc tgaatatttt tcataaagca atacgcttga     47040
     tgaattttgc ataccacatg taggaagtag cagcacacag tccatacctg ggagaaaaat     47100
     aaaaacagta tgttatcttt aggattaaag caattttttc agagcaaggg tatatataaa     47160
     taaaatagac ttaataagaa gtaccatttt ctataagaaa atgggttaga ttgagtttaa     47220
     caaaccatgt gatgacgtat tgcaggtgtt cattcctcaa ggtaactctt gtctgccctc     47280
     ctattggccc accaggtact gtgctatcta aataaaaaat aataaaaaaa gatttttaat     47340
     attttaaaac atttgatgtg atcactggta aaacaagttt agagtttgtt ctaaatattc     47400
     ttgaaaagtc aggatattgg gaaaagcact taaccaagca cagcatcaat gaagatctct     47460
     tcggcaccag tgaccttagc catggcctcc aggtcacgat agtgccatct gtttgcctcc     47520
     acattgtttt cagggacaaa tggtttccgt tgttcagtta aacgcacaac accaacaaga     47580
     tccacatcct caatcacctt ttataaaata taaactcaac caataagagc attaaaaagt     47640
     catgaattaa gggtatacac tgcatgtgaa gtgtccatat gtcaccagtt gatagatttc     47700
     attagtaaat acaaaattca tgtttttttt ttgtttgttt ttttaaatgt tacatctgac     47760
     tgctaatttg cataaccttg tgtgtatata agccagtttg gactaacaaa gaaaaaaaat     47820
     taattggcaa tatttacgcc ttttttttaa tctaaaaata aattaagaaa agcactatat     47880
     tacctgtcct ttcgtcctgg tttctggttt gatcttgttt ttgggtacat aacctctgtt     47940
     caccaagata gtgatcctaa aaatgtgctg cagtgagttg caaatcaagt atatgcataa     48000
     tccaagtaaa attctaatag tgtgtgtttg taccccagat cagtgcagaa aaagggtgta     48060
     ataacatttg ctccactttc accactggag gaaatcctcc ctgcctctcg agcctctctc     48120
     tcagggtcca caggggaacg gggcaaaata tacagctcct tagagtgatc aaaatgtcca     48180
     cggaccttca cacgcctgta ctccagctgc ttgatttcca tagtactgcc tcacacatac     48240
     ataacattgt tacttcatta taacatcaaa tcattataag tttgtgtatt acctccacat     48300
     ggaggaacgg aaggcacaga gactcactct acaggcagtg ggattggctc tgaagtcgtc     48360
     agactctgaa gttcactgat cagctccaac ttccactttc tacgtttcac ctataatgtc     48420
     aaatagggct tttcagaaac tgctaaagga ctatgtgcac accattgaaa atactgagat     48480
     aaaataaact gcatgtaccc cattgcttct ttagttatgg gtttataaga taaacactac     48540
     acttgtgtgt gtctgtacct gccatgttcc aagacaaaag gtggtgacgg gtatcaacaa     48600
     gagaaaccac ttcagaaagg tgtcttctcc tttctttgtt ccttcgacag tggaagttga     48660
     ttgttgacta aacctggcca ggttatctaa aatgaaacac aattttcaag taataataat     48720
     aataatcaca ccagactatg ggaaatcttc tcagtgcctg aaagaaagac attttacttc     48780
     tacatctagc accttccatt caattgtttg gagacagtaa gataattatt aatcctcagc     48840
     aaggctattt aaaactgaac aaaagtgaca ttaaagatgc tgtccttcca aagtttccac     48900
     aaacatttta aactgcaata tatatttcta tatttgaagt gtttcataca tgtttttaat     48960
     cataatactt ataaaatagt tagaaatgtt cactctgaaa ggatcagaaa tagttttttc     49020
     aaaagtttta aaaaagtgga aaccaataaa catttactgt catttaaaca tttaaatgca     49080
     gtcttggttg gtgtttaaaa cataaacaca tccacctcta ccttttgaac ggtaatatag     49140
     acaatttaat caatagatta ataataaaat ctgaattaca ccggagcact ggagcatcct     49200
     gacgtctgaa taaactctgt cgtgtcacaa acagagtcct ccttggtgaa aagagagcct     49260
     aaggacaaaa atataaacga ataaactaaa atgttactgt caaaaaagag ttagaaataa     49320
     cttgataata atcttaatta cagcaaacta ctttaggatg tgataactta cactgcatcg     49380
     aagaatctta aatgtctggt tagagatcat cagcattaat ctaaaactgc tcatgttagc     49440
     ctaaatagct gtaacccaaa cactgaaatt ttcaagacag gtcgactaca taacatgcct     49500
     tctgctttca ggggaatgtt ttcaatgtaa ccatttccgg ggattctgag acatcctgca     49560
     catgcgcaag atcgtacaca cgtggggcat gtttctgaat tcatatatgg cagaattatt     49620
     aggggtttta ttgttagtgc gtattgtggt ctgattcgct ttgtaatttc caatgaggta     49680
     aaatgttttt ataactttct tccccatcca actgatgaat cgccgcaatc aaatcaccga     49740
     agttgtgcgg tgaaatttct gttgacattt tcaaagactg tgtgaggtaa accaatcaac     49800
     atttatctac ttcggtagtc gacgtgtttg ttattgttat ccaaaaatac tgcatgaatt     49860
     tcatagcact ctgactgcta aaatcataag taatgtgttg ctatcagctg tttagtggtt     49920
     caatgttgta tgtttacaca tttattatat tgttaacttt ctgttacagg aaacatggcc     49980
     agccttgctg ccaagtatga ttacctggag aagttaacac gtaaagtgtg tgtgtctcac     50040
     aaacaggagc caaagaaaag aacctatggt aaagttttga tattgaattg acactttcat     50100
     aatgtcataa aatttgaaaa gtcttacaat ccagggtttt ttcaatcagg atttcattaa     50160
     gtgctctata gagagtttat atggctggcc gatatgacaa aaatctcata tcaaaaaata     50220
     agcaggaccg tagccagcct ggtgaaaagg aggcagttat tcacctcatt ttctatttaa     50280
     ctaagaagtt aagtatttaa cgttatggtt ttaatactgc attttagtgt cattataatt     50340
     ttatttttga tgtaccaaaa acatttccta acgattaaga ataaagaaat atgaaaaaac     50400
     aagtatttat atatcttatt tttatcatgt atcattaaga aaaaaaggaa cctgttaaag     50460
     ttatagccta atttgtatta aacgtttata cgctttaaaa tttgcttttg gtggttcaca     50520
     cctttttatt gttttttttt tctgtcaaga ataaggtgca agatttagaa taaaagctac     50580
     ttttaaaatg ttttctgtgt ttaaaaataa aacagcaggt caattgtgaa agatgacatt     50640
     acttgtgtca gattcttctc cgtcttaaag acttcttgga tgagatattt tcacaattta     50700
     agatggcaca ccagtcaaag taggacaaat gagctcatgt atgggataaa ttctggatct     50760
     ttgtcagtgg gggctacagg actgataagt catgtcattc ctagtatctt ttctgtaaaa     50820
     tcaatcagtt acatatattt agcacatgga aaagaccata agctaaatga taacatgaat     50880
     tattgctcaa ttaattggca aatgtaaaca ttgtgctttc aattttttac tactttcttg     50940
     ccatgctgta attcatggtt ctgcctggca tttaagattg tgttcataca aataataaaa     51000
     aatattacca tatatacttt gtcaataagt cctaagggtt aataaagttt tatgtattcc     51060
     cctttagttc cattcagagg aggtggaaat gatgcaaatg aagccgctcc ttcaaagaag     51120
     aaaaagaaga acaagcaaaa gcaagttaaa ggagataacg caaatgcaaa caaaaacaaa     51180
     cctgtggtta agggcactcc agctacaaca cctccagctc aaaggaaaac tgtccaaaac     51240
     gggacttcag taacacaaaa caagcctgga ggtaaaaaag caatttgtat agagagagag     51300
     tattaattca ttcatgacgc tttattgtat ttgagagtat ttgtgtttta attgattcat     51360
     ccctgttagg tgcagcatca aaggacttta atgctgttga cattcttcgc cagaggcttc     51420
     accagaagat cgaggagtct cgtggacagg tacatgctac ttttgagcca aagattgaaa     51480
     gtgactgaaa tcactgtcac tcagaagaat atattttgct ttttcacatg caatactatt     51540
     tttaaagtat agttctttgg gtactaaaaa ttgcatataa aagcagtttt gagttctgct     51600
     gcaaaaacaa cattacattt attacattta cattatttat atttacacac attcacacac     51660
     actcatacac tacggacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct gtaccgcata tctttggact     51720
     gtgggggaaa cccacgcaaa ggcagggaga acattcaaac tccacacaga aacgccaact     51780
     gagtcgaggt ttgaaccagc aacccagcga caatcttgct gtgaggcgac agcactacct     51840
     actgcgccac tgcctcgccc catttacttt attacattta ttaaaagtat tatatgagaa     51900
     acaaaaaaaa ctttcattca cacaaactca cttcaactaa aagaaaaact gctccaaact     51960
     cttgacaaaa tgcaagtttt tgaagtttta cacgtttatt gtcagttcaa tctgcaaaag     52020
     aaataatgtg tcgtgcacgt gtcatacatg ttcaattaat ggtggactaa accgctgtat     52080
     gtgtgaagat gcacagtgct gtttacaaag tgacattgca aattaccggc ctgaaatgtg     52140
     taatacagca tcacatcttg gcacaactcg aattggcatg aattttattg tcttggtttt     52200
     tgtttccatt gcagtttagt aatgttttaa attgtgtggt attatagatg ttttgttata     52260
     gttgcgctgc ttctacagtc gctaaatcat taatgtttgc cccattctta tgctggattc     52320
     actccatttt atcttgtgtg tgacattcat ttaaaatact cctatggtgg ctggtgctta     52380
     ctattattta aatctagcct gtttggatta tcatgttgat tgtttactga tgcagatagt     52440
     gatgttctct ctggctaatc aatatctgtt tccattcacc tgtttttatg cacattttgg     52500
     atatccgcat aaaaaaaaca gttaaagaaa acgccaagat gtatatacaa tttgaaaatc     52560
     cgcataaaaa acatttgcgc ataactgagt aggttaaact ttttattcaa caagaaaaaa     52620
     tgtgtatcag ctacaataga aacactttta ttgaacaaat tccagtatag gcactaaaaa     52680
     aggtcatgtg attttgttat aagagatcat gtgatgataa aaatgtgtgt gaataaacaa     52740
     accagcaggc tgagcacact gtaaaacttc tgaaatgttg ctgaatcaat ttttgtgcat     52800
     aaatttaatt agcagttttg tatggaaaca tagctaatga tgtgcagtca cattttagta     52860
     tcggtatggc tggcctgtaa aaccaaccca ggaggtacta aaaatatcca gtattaagca     52920
     gcactgtact ccaaataagt ggcatttgta aatcagggtt atttttacag aactgtatcc     52980
     tttttaaaaa cacaaatgat aagtacttgt tctcttaaaa actgcattaa atcccttctt     53040
     tatatttcaa gccaatcatt ttaaagtcaa ttatatgaat gtttttccag ggcacgccga     53100
     aagatccctc ctctgatgag gtcaagatga aacgggagaa aagaaaacaa gaaagggaaa     53160
     ggcggaagag gaaaagaaag gagtttcgat tgaaaaagtt agcagatgct gcaggtttgc     53220
     agccagtaga tgtcaaagaa ataaagacag aaccagaaga agactctact gctacatcga     53280
     gcgtgcctgc caaaaaggag cagagcttta tagtcttcaa caagatggag gttggagaag     53340
     attatgtaga caaaggaact aaaatgatgg agaagaagaa aaggaaggtg aaaggaacgc     53400
     tgactcccct cactggcaag aactacaagc agcttttaac acgcatcgag gcgaggaaag     53460
     ctcacctgga gcagcttagg gagaaggatg aaggcaaagc aaaaaaagag gaggagaaga     53520
     tgaagtggac caatgttctc tacaaagctg aaggcatgaa gatcaaagac aatgagaaac     53580
     tactgcacgc gtcactcaag aagaaagaaa aaatgaaagc tcagaggaag aagaagtggg     53640
     caatgaggag tgagcaagtc gtggagaaaa tgcagaagag acaggacaag cgcaaacgaa     53700
     atattaaaag acgcgctgat gccaagattg agaagcgcaa acagaaggca aggaaaaagg     53760
     gtcgtgtgct gcctggggat gtcaagaagg ctggcttata gacagaaatg tatgagaaaa     53820
     aaaagtttgt cttgtgttta agataaaaaa aatgaaattt gtattctata taaatgactt     53880
     tttgtgttgt cactttttag atgacagctt tataaagagc atttttatgt ccacagtttg     53940
     tgttttcatt atttaaggta atagacattt aacgagatta tcacaatagg tgccttttct     54000
     ccataatgac atattagggc gaatgcaaat tatatgtata taatattggc cccgcccata     54060
     gcggaagtgg ttttagagac tggcatccga ctggaggagg agctctcctc gcacattcat     54120
     tggctcagac tgggggaaac actagagaag taaatatgaa ggctttaaca gctgaggaaa     54180
     ataaatgaac gaggtttccc tgctaaacag aaagtttcct gcggtaggtc atagattaca     54240
     ggaggaaatt ggcatgtacc acagtatcgt tagcttgttt tgtctgttga atgtctgaaa     54300
     cccaagggca gcacttctgt catgtcactg aattattgac tgcacggcat ttaacgttaa     54360
     aggttgacag ttcaagcgct ggggatgtga ttgtaatgtc ttactaactt atgtgttact     54420
     gattagcaga aaacctgctg taaagtgtat tgaaacactg taatgtggag gagagtggct     54480
     gtgtatggac cttcgctctc agtcagatca gtaatcgcag gttttcatga taaggtagga     54540
     agcagttaac tccagctgca ctgttgtatg cattatcatg gttctgtggc gtaatttgct     54600
     gtcatttttt gatatctaat gctttttttg tttgattacg cagggcatca tgtctcgtag     54660
     gttgcacgcg agaagacttg aaggaattga caaaaatata tggtaataaa gtttcatatc     54720
     ctgttaataa tggtgtatcg actacagcca tttagtgtag tatatccggg ttattacacg     54780
     gacattaaaa ctagaaaata catgaaaata cattaaactc atagtataca atattcaatt     54840
     catagtattt aaatttcgtt aataagatca ttacaacgca gaaaacaaaa acgcaaatta     54900
     gcataagatt attatgttct ataacagtgt ttctcaacca tgttcctgga ggaccaccag     54960
     ctctgcacat tttccatgtc ttcctaacca aacacgcatg attcagatca ttagctcatt     55020
     tgcagagact gaaagatata gacaagtcag actaaagaga cgtcaaagac atgcagtgct     55080
     ggtggttctg ggaatgtggt tgagaaacac ttctatacta tgatatagta catacagtaa     55140
     agaacagtgt ttgtgtgtgt gcacgaaaat aacaatattc ctgcatatca gggctgcaca     55200
     atattgtaaa aatctaatat tttatttttc tgtgattaaa tattgcaact tgaatacagt     55260
     ttcaccagat gatgtgatta gctttatttc acagcagtat tcaggtacaa aaatttaatt     55320
     atcacaatcc aaaaaatact tttcgtactt tgtctcgttt cgacttcaaa tatctaaatg     55380
     ttcttagatt tagtgaaaac atttttacct agtttttcct taaaacatgc taaattatcc     55440
     accaatggga taagtgaaat aatcgtgctt ttgcattgaa atgtagatat ttggactcga     55500
     aatgaggaaa cataattttc tgtgcccaaa agttctaaac tcttgaaatg caaagtcaca     55560
     gttcttaaaa acacaaaatt ataaaccttc actcttttat ggctaaactt accagtgact     55620
     ctacaaacca aatgtgttct gtagctcata ctcaactatt ttacttcaat acaattaatt     55680
     gtgcggccct cattcctata taaaaatcaa ttgtgtcttt taagtggtgc tcaagatggc     55740
     gccaataagc tattcttgtt ttgcacagag aactgtaata atgtaatatt actgtgattg     55800
     ataacagtaa agactgaagt ttaaagttaa cctgcacatt attgttcctt atcgtgaata     55860
     ttttgtgatg tttatgcatg tcttcggcag ggtggagttc actcagctgg ctgctgacta     55920
     taaggctgtg aacttgggcc aaggcttccc tgatttctct cctcccagtt tcattcagga     55980
     ggccttctgc aatgcactga ctggaggttt ccgcatgcac cagtacacgc gtgcatttgt     56040
     aagagatgtt tttcaattca caatgattca tcaaccacta cgatattagt aaagttttaa     56100
     ataacattgc aacatgggct catacagggc cacccaaacc tagtgaagat cctggccaag     56160
     ttcttcagta ggattgttgg tcgggaaata gatccaatgg aggatatctt agtttctgtt     56220
     ggagcatatc aagcactttt ctgcaccttc caggctctcg ttgatgaggg tgatgaggta     56280
     ccattagtat tatcagtata gtattataat gtaagagtgg tatcagaata gcccattttc     56340
     cccatttttg tgcaggtgat tattgtggag ccattctttg actgctatca gccaatggtt     56400
     atgatggcag gaggaacgcc tgtgtatgtg cctcttaaac ctgtacgttc aaatatcaca     56460
     tgatctgttt gcttaatctg agattaaaat gtttattttg aataatgctt tgctgtgtgt     56520
     cgacagaggg aaggccgtgg tcctgcactg accagtgctg actgggtttt gtctcctgaa     56580
     gagttggcca gtaaatttac ttctcaaacc aaagccattg ttatcaacac tcctaataat     56640
     cctcttggca aggtgagtta ggcaccaaca acttaaataa attttacatt tttattctta     56700
     aatcaaatat tttttgattg gtgaacattt tgagtactaa tcaataattt tttttttcat     56760
     acatagtgat ttttcatcct atatataaaa aaagaaataa taaataactt ctcaaagaaa     56820
     ttatatatat atttttttgt caaataagtt ttattgatga agacacagat tcaagacaaa     56880
     atgaattctg tttacatatt ttgtccacaa ataacatggg tacagcaaaa aaaacaccca     56940
     cccacataac aagcaaactt gttacaaaga cctgtttgaa caacagtatg atgacaaagc     57000
     aagttaaaac attacagaaa tgatgcatta ttatgagagt ttttttcaag gtaacagata     57060
     aaaggattca aaatttggtc aaattagtca agttttcttt tcaaatagta tctaattcgc     57120
     tccaaatgta acatagaaac aatttctcca agccacagtt tacatgtagg ggattccttt     57180
     ttttttccaa aacagtagca gtagcttttt ggaaattaaa ttttaaaaat gttacatttt     57240
     gacatgtatg tatgataaca ccgaaatgtt aagtagtcct ttgtgtaaaa tattaaataa     57300
     aagcatattt gtttctcgtc atataggcgt tgcagaactg tttttttatt acatgtggtt     57360
     attatataca gtccatttga aaagtgttta tagcgcctca ctttttccac atttgtttat     57420
     gttactgcct ttttccaaaa ttggttaaat taatttattt cctctagatt ctacacacaa     57480
     taccccataa tgacaatgtg gaaaaatatt ttttaaattg ctgcaaattt actacaaata     57540
     aaaagcctga aaattcacat gtacagaagt attcacagcc tttgacgtga agctctaaat     57600
     tgagctcagg tacattctgt ttccactgat cattttattt agccacttaa ttggagttca     57660
     cctgtggtaa attcagttga ttggacatga tttaaaaggc atacacctgt gtatataagg     57720
     tcccatggtt gacagtgcat gtcaaagcac aagtcaagca taaagacaaa ggaatttgat     57780
     tgtctcaaag caaaaggctg gggaaggtta caggaacatt tttgctgctt tgaaagttct     57840
     gatgagcaca gtggcctcca tcatccgtaa gtggaagatg tttggaacta ccaggactcc     57900
     tgctagagct ggccggccat ctgagctgag tgatcgggga gaaggccctt agccagggag     57960
     gtcatcaata atccgatggt cattctgtct gagcttcagc gttcttctat ggagagagga     58020
     gaatcttaca ggaggacaac catctgtgca gcaatccatc catcaggcct gtatggtaga     58080
     ttggtcagac ggaagcaact cccagcctgg aatttgccaa aaggaccata agaaacaaaa     58140
     ctctcttgtc tgatgagact aaaattgaac tttttggagt gaatgccagg cattacgttt     58200
     agagaaaacc aggtaccgct catccccagg ctaataccat cgctacagtg aagcatggtg     58260
     gtggcagcat catgctgtgg ggatgttttt cagcagcaga aattggaaga ctagtcagga     58320
     tagaggaaaa gatgattgca gcaatgtaca gagacatcct gaataaaaac ctgcttcaga     58380
     gcgctcttga cctcagactg aggtgacggt tcctcttcca gtagtacaat gacccaaagc     58440
     acaccaccaa aatatcaata gagtggcttt acaacaactc tgtgaatgtc cttgagtggt     58500
     ccagccagag cccagatcta aatcctattg gacatctctg gagagagatc tgaaaatggc     58560
     tgtacacagt tgcgtcccat ccaacctgat agagcttgag agggcctgcc aagaggaatg     58620
     ggcaaaaatt cccaaaaaca ggtgtgttaa gcttgtggca aattattcaa aaagactcca     58680
     ggctgtaatt gctgccaaag gtgtatcaac aaagtattga gcaaaggctt tgaatgctta     58740
     tgtacatatg attttttttt aggtttttta tttttaataa acttgtttta attcttgctt     58800
     catggttcca gtcttcagtg tcacctaatt ccttagaaag tgttctaatg tgtgatttgt     58860
     agaagaaaca ttgttaataa acctttctaa ttaaactgtc aaagccatga tacattttct     58920
     ataattaatt tatcataaaa ggttcagcat atctttggtt ttgctaatct ttaacttgct     58980
     aaatgcaatt gcagaattcc attttaaagc agtaattcgc tgtttactta cactcaagtg     59040
     gctttaaact tttatgaagt tcttttgtta ttcaattgaa cacacggagg ataatctaaa     59100
     gaatgttgta aagcagcagc cattgatatc aagagtagga tcaaaaatac tttggaagtc     59160
     attggctgct gctttttaat agtcttcaat aactgttttt ttcaggttta aaatacgtga     59220
     gagtaaataa acagaattta agttttagga tgaaatatct ctttaaaact ttttgaatct     59280
     aacagaccta atatttatac gcttatataa ttttaatctc tcattttaat cacagagttg     59340
     caactgcaat taaggtcaag tatgtccagc ctaagcttaa ccttcttctt tatttaccca     59400
     ggtctatcaa tgggaggaac ttcaggttat tgcagactta tgcattaaac atgacgtcat     59460
     ttgcattagt gatgaggtgt acgagtggct cacatatgat ggagcgaagc atgtaaagat     59520
     cggtaaaagc agaactctgc aagtaactcc aatgacagtt ttgtggactt ttaaatgagc     59580
     agaactttcc ttttttcagc cagtctgcca ggtatgtggg aacgtactgt caccatcggc     59640
     agtgcaggaa agaccttcag tgccacagga tggaaggtaa gctagtcaca atcaacaggg     59700
     tttgtttctt cactagttgt tttgcctgtg ttgatcagat ctcatctgaa tgtaggtggg     59760
     ttgggcaata ggatcagggc atatcatgaa gcacttgaaa accgtccatc agaactcagt     59820
     gtatcactgt gccacagctg cccaggtaaa actgtgctta tttgttttaa gggtaatgtt     59880
     tgtaatgttt ttattatttg cagtgaactg acattatctc ttattgatct ttaggaagcc     59940
     atatcagtgg gttttcagcg agaatatgat gtatttggga cagaggacag ctattttcac     60000
     cagttaccta tcactcttca tgaaaagaga aaaaggctgg cagattgtct gaagagcgtt     60060
     ggtctgaaac ccattctgcc ccagggtgga tacttcatga ttgcagatat atccaatatt     60120
     agtaagtgat aacattgtca agcaaagaat taaagggata gtttacccta aaatgagttt     60180
     catagacatc catagtagga acaaaaatac tatagaagtc aatgactgtt ttttctcaca     60240
     ttcatcagta aatcttcagc atatcaaatg ggttttggaa caagtgtagg atgagttaat     60300
     gatcattttt aggtaaacta tgactttaaa gcatggatgt ctgtttcttt aaatattata     60360
     taaatattaa ttttatattg agctttccta aactctgttt gttcgaaaaa tgttctgagt     60420
     tagtttgttt gaatttgatt gttgtcgtgt accatgttta cctattaatt gatgttgcag     60480
     cgattacata taacatgcat ccattataga acattgctac aatgtttatt ttatgcatta     60540
     tattaaattt gcattatttt gagttgtgtg ataatatgag aaatatgaaa catagagtgt     60600
     tttctttttt tatttgactt ataaatattt ttatgtaatt gattttcttt taagatgttg     60660
     atcttaatga ccctactact aaggaagaac catatgacta cagatttgtg aaatggctca     60720
     ttaaagagaa ggtaagtggt tgggttctaa agtccacttg taacatctat gagaaaaaca     60780
     ttttgtctaa taaataatga taaacaaata ttattgtcat tcacttctga atagggactg     60840
     gccaccatcc cggtatctgc tttctacagt ccagaacaca gagaccaatt ccaaaaatac     60900
     atcagattct gctttgttaa ggtattatcc tcacataata tgatgcagag catgaaatga     60960
     ttaaaataga tattttaaaa atgttttaca taattgctta attttctgaa gtgtcagtat     61020
     tattataata ttaaccccaa atatacagta tagatatcta atgggcatac ttggttctag     61080
     ttttatgttt aaattatttt tgtattttat gtttttagac aattagtaac aataattatt     61140
     acaattctaa gtccattaat tttagttaaa cctttagtat tgtttagtgc ttttgtaaac     61200
     agttttttta aatgttggta ttatatttaa gatacatata atataatata atataatata     61260
     atataatata atataatata ataaaatata atataatata gccatatcac acagccacag     61320
     ccatataacc ctgcagccca agatcggtta ttcactgaag ctaagcaggc tgagcctggt     61380
     cagtacctgg atgggagatc acatgggaaa gctaggttgc agctggaagt ggtgtcagag     61440
     aggccaccag ggggcactca acttgtggtc tgtgtgagtc ctaaagcccc agtaaatagt     61500
     gaagaggaca ctacactgtc agtgggtgcc atctttcgaa tgagacgtta aatcgaggtc     61560
     ctgactctct gtggtcatta aaaatctcat ggcactatta aagagtaggg gtgttaccca     61620
     ggtgtccttg ccaaagtccc tcaatcggtc cttaagatca tggcctctca atcctcctcg     61680
     tcctctaaat tgactctcac ggtctctcca ctcccccagt agctggtgtg tggtgagcgt     61740
     actggcgcca ttgtcctttg gctgccgtcg catcattcaa gtggatgctg cacactggtg     61800
     gtggtgtgga gagacccccc tcatgattgt aaagcacttt gggtgtatgg ccatacacaa     61860
     taaatgcgct atataaatgc acattgtatt acattacata atatacaaaa tttaaagttg     61920
     ctattataat aacaatcatc atatttttat tatgttaaaa tgtaaaaata cttaatatct     61980
     ttacattttc tgtcatcatt aataggagga ctcgaccctg caagcagcag agaacatcct     62040
     aaaacagtgg agtgaaaaca aatgaaaaaa tcctgtcaga ttaaaactgc acagacagtc     62100
     tgtttggctt atgaatagtt agcgaaacgt gtttgatgat gttattgggc ttaaggttga     62160
     atatgcttgc aggattagca gatggtgtaa aaacttttag gggatttttg agcaaaaaaa     62220
     ttaaatctat gttctaaatc catgaatcat tgctgccatg aaaacaatca ttacacaatt     62280
     ttcttcccta aacaaatagt ataggtggaa tttctctcag tcttttaatc attattatcc     62340
     tttggttgta atgttctcga ttttcttgtt tgtcttcaag tagccacata ttttcttcca     62400
     tttgttcagt tcttggatta tactttaatc tgattatact tcataatgtc tgttatgacc     62460
     ctctggttcc agtccatgta agaaattaca cattaatatt tttatataac accctgtatt     62520
     atgttcagcc atttttagta aaggtcctgt aaactacctc atacttttgc aagaaaatca     62580
     aaacacaaat ctgtactttc tcagttcttc agaagaaagc aattatgagg cattgagtca     62640
     cacactggtt tgttttgaaa acggaacatg ctttgccgat ttcagcatgg gaataaaaca     62700
     aatgtgaatg aactctctat ggtggattgt catttttgtt ggatgctgtt agataataaa     62760
     aagtaacatc ctttattttg acgtgtctgc atgtgttttc aggaatattg gctaatcagt     62820
     ttttaccaca gagaaaacat cccctaaaaa gtatcccaag gaaaagtgcg ggttactttt     62880
     ttatgtttaa aatcctctcc attatttgta cacacagctg ttcaaactgg gattggtagg     62940
     attttttgaa aggttttgga aagaaatgtc ttctgcctgc caaggttgca tttgtttgca     63000
     aaactttatt taggacacgt ttaatgagca agcacgacat tgtctgttaa actcataact     63060
     caatttgtga aaatgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agggcaaaaa gtcatggcag     63120
     ctaatgtttt agttacttat tttaataaat tattcgagtt tcaactattt ttatacagag     63180
     tttatttaat atttttagtc agtttgattg atgcaatttg aaaatgacta gaaaagtcaa     63240
     aggtgcagta agtgattgtt ttcagaaact tttttttgtg tgctggttga aagtctcttc     63300
     acattcctat ataatgatta aagtaaatga tctaaatgta tttatatgta ttttttatat     63360
     tctggctaag gcagaaaact aaaaaaatgt ttgtccaatt aaatgttgtg ggccgacaat     63420
     tcctataatt ctgataagta gcccaaactg tctgtcagca tatgtagatt tgtacatctg     63480
     tgcagctgtt caagcagatt cgctgttcgc gcatgcgctg cattcatgtg cacatgagag     63540
     acaaacagca ataaaaacaa atgctgaatc aaaacttttt aaaatcctga atcaatattg     63600
     gagttatttt tgcatgctgg tggaagaatg acaccatggc agatatgttt cttttagaaa     63660
     ggtatgttat gtttaaaact acgcaaagct tttgtagatt gtgttgtttt atgaattggc     63720
     tacatgcaca gaagtgttgt tgagccactg atatcttcca gtaaaagatt gatgtgactt     63780
     ttcaatttca tgagggccat ttacaccatc gataatgtag atttttattt agtttaacaa     63840
     aacttaagta aacagcgtta ttcctcctag cctgctaggt gaagttggtt ttatattcac     63900
     ttggttcatt tttgaacaat gacaacctgt gacgcgctcc ctatattgtt taccatgctt     63960
     ttttcagtat tctgtctaaa atagcatgca agtgtggctt agtaataaat gtaattcctg     64020
     caccccacca gacaaacact aagcatacag tagtcgcttt aggacaaagt gcgtgaaaaa     64080
     gtgagaccag tgatccttgc atgcatgaaa tattgcaaat atttgacaag ttttgctcgc     64140
     tacacaactg aaaacgtgct agatataata cagttttttg ttcagaattg tagtattata     64200
     aagtactata aaggttttta tctggtgcat gacatgaact attgggtcac tttcgtctgt     64260
     aatgtgcaag ttcttcattt cagaaggtgt ggctttggac agcagggaag ggactgtagt     64320
     ttcaaagcta atatgctaac gattagcatt taggccatca gtgttcaaac taggtcctgg     64380
     aaggctggtg tcctgcagat tttagctcat ccttgcagct gtgttgaggc aagttggttt     64440
     ctagaaagcc tagtaagagc ttgattagct agcccagttg tatctgattg ggcttggaaa     64500
     ttcaattcaa ttcaattcag ctttatttgt atagcgcttt tacaatgtaa attgtgtcaa     64560
     agcagcttca cataaatggt catagtaact ggaacagtgt ggttcaggtt ttagtgttta     64620
     agttcagttc agttcagttt agctcagttc agtgaagaaa aaaaaaacct tgagagaacc     64680
     agactcagtt gggcacgacc attttaattt ctccgctggc caaaagtctt gtgcagagct     64740
     tcattcgccg tggtttaggc tggaagatgg cctcagggaa gaaataaatt ttgcaggaca     64800
     ccagtcctcc aggaccgagc ttggacatgc cagatttaag ctgaggtcac acaagagttt     64860
     gtgtgtgcgg aattctgttg tatggcgctg cgaaaagggg caagattaaa ccaaattatt     64920
     agatattaaa aaagcgagcg attgctccat gttttaaatt tctgtccaga gaggtcatgt     64980
     tttgatcctc aattggtctc acgcagtcaa gtgatgcaat ttcgcaggtc agagttcacc     65040
     aagtttgaac tttgcaccgc agcgaactgt aaaacttaaa gcatgaccct gcctatccag     65100
     tttgacgcat tcgcgtgcat atgaatggaa gtctatggag agaaaagtca agtgtgacca     65160
     cagcttaagg cagatcacct gcacctttta atttggatca actttagcaa catgtgtgtt     65220
     ttacgttttt taaattctga ccatcaggca atctagaatt ctcaagttat caataacctt     65280
     ttattaagtt actgcaaact tttttttagt caatggattc agcgttaaaa tcaatcttga     65340
     gtttaatgca ggcatgtcca agcccattga cagaactttt aattgaagga actatgcgca     65400
     aagttgtcaa gatttagtca agtttacagt tccaagttac aacgggttta ctcactattg     65460
     ttaaagtaaa gtcaacttgt tgtttaaagg ttatattatc tttaagaaaa gctttttgca     65520
     ttgcatttgt ttaccagctc ttctgatgta gactgctcat gtcatttcaa gcatctgatg     65580
     caacctgaca aatcgtgact cttgatcttt taaagtaaag ttctcaatca gacaaggttt     65640
     gttatataat ggttttgttt aaaaaatgca tatgtttggc gacgttcttg attaggaggg     65700
     aaaaaaccct aaggaagggg tttgttttgt aaatctgata tgcgcttcag cttgactgct     65760
     ttagaagtac aactttgcac gccatgttca cgatcttgtt tatctaacga aagagaggta     65820
     cagctgcagt gaaacaaaaa aaaaaaaggc tgaacaagaa tcatttaatt agtgcaatgt     65880
     ggttaaacaa catctgtatg tgatcatggc acaacgcagc actgtgtcca ctttatctgc     65940
     ttcctattat ttccagtaaa aaagggggta cttgtacagt tgactcattt tttccaaggc     66000
     tgggctcact cagatcttat ttccatcact gaattgaata atcttgcatt ttactgatta     66060
     cataactgta tattttaaag tgattgaaag gataatatta catagggaca cattataaac     66120
     ctcatagttt tatggcaatg tatgcaatgt aactaaaata ttttaaaatg tgttcatata     66180
     aattagctat attttaacaa tctaaaatta acactgtata tgtttatatg tttatatatt     66240
     tctgtatgga agagaagaga tccaatgtac agatatgaat tacaggaaaa tagccataag     66300
     aaaatatgtt ctggtttcca tccagtccaa atttccaagt tatcactact tcaacttgaa     66360
     taatgacctc tgctcttctg gtttccatcc agatcaaatg taaactcgta taaacagttt     66420
     aaagtttaaa gaagattttt gtgtacatta gtgtaaatat gatatatggg gaaatacagg     66480
     tgacaatata caatacgttt tgctttctaa atatgaactg tgtgtgcgtc tcagtgtgtt     66540
     tattcagcac tggcataaac gccagcattc ctgttatcct gtctgggaca agttgtttgg     66600
     agaaggatga caaatgaatg aatgttgcac atgagaaaat ccacaaactc agtccgtttt     66660
     cccaacagtg acgcagtagt taatgaaagt gtaaaaacac ccaagttaca caatccgctc     66720
     taacctcaga ggaaggagaa gacaattgtt tggaaaattg tcagacctaa aggttttgaa     66780
     accaaagtta tgtaatttat tacataagcc acacatgttt tgtaaattga aaaaaaaaca     66840
     tcatgtatgt atgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     66900
     atatatataa ttataattat aaacatacac actaccaatc aaaagtttgg gttcagtagg     66960
     atttttaaat gttttaaaat gctgcattta tttaatcaaa aatacagtaa aatttgtgaa     67020
     atgttatgag ctccttaccc tatccataag agtgtgcatt gccacccttc gaaggaaact     67080
     catttcggcc gcttgtatcc gggatcttgt cctttcggtc atgatccaaa gctcatgacc     67140
     atagttgaga gtagtaacgt agattgaccg gtaaataaag agcattgcct tttggcttag     67200
     ctccttcttc accacaacgg accggtacat cgaccgcatt actgctgccg catccttccc     67260
     acactcatga gcaaaacccc gaggtactta aactctttca cctggggtaa ggactttcct     67320
     ctaacctgga gatggcaaac cacctttttc cggtggagca ccatggcctc ggacttggag     67380
     gtgctgattc tcatcccagc cgcatctcac ttggcagcaa accgccccag tgcatgctga     67440
     aggtccatgt ctgatgaagc caacaaaaca acatcatctg cgaataacag agataaaatc     67500
     ctgtgttccc caaactggac cccctctagc ccaaggctgt gccttgaatt tccgtccata     67560
     aaaattgtaa atagaattgg tgacaagggg cagccctgct ggagtccaac atgcactgga     67620
     aacaaatctg acttattgtc ggcaatgcga accagactcc tacactgttc atacagggac     67680
     gagacggccc tcaacagatc gcctcttacc ccatactccc taagcaccct ccacagaatg     67740
     ccgcgaggga catgattgaa tgcctttacc aagtccacaa tacacatgtg gactggttga     67800
     gcatactccc atgaaccctc gagcaccctg gtgagggtat agagctggtc cagtgttcca     67860
     cagcccggac gaaaactgca ttgttccttc tggatcctag gttaaaccat tggccggatt     67920
     gtcctctcca gtaccctggc atagactttc cccgggaggc tgaggagtgt gatcccccta     67980
     tagttggagc acaccctccg gtcccccttc ttaaaaatgg gaaccaccac cccagttgcc     68040
     cagtccaaag gcactgtccc aaaggcaagg aacctccatg cgatgttgta aagatgtgtt     68100
     agccacgaca ggcccacaac atccacagac ctaagataca cagggtgaat ctcatcaacc     68160
     cccgctgctt tgccactgcg gagcttgcaa actacctcag tgacctcagc ttgatgggcg     68220
     agtgcacccc tgcatcccca gtttctgctt cctcgatgaa agacatgttg gtggggttaa     68280
     ggagatcctc aaagaattcc atccaccgcc cgacaacatc cccagttgag gtaaacagct     68340
     ccccacatcc gctgtaaacc gcgtcgatgt ggagatgctt tccccttctg aggcgccggt     68400
     cagtttgcca gaatctcttt ggggccgacc gatagtcttc ctccatggtc tccctgaact     68460
     cttcccaggc ccaagttttt gcttccgcaa ccgctcgggc tgcagcacac ttagcctgtc     68520
     gatacccatc agctgtcttg ggagtcctgc aagccaacca agccctgtag gactcctcct     68580
     tcagcttgac ggcatccctt acttctgatg tccaccaccg ggttcgtgga ttgccgccct     68640
     gacaggcacc acagacaata cgaccacagc tcctcacggc cgcgtaaaca atggagtcgg     68700
     agtacatgga ccactcagtc tccatgtctc cagcctccct cgggatctgg tcaaagctct     68760
     ttcggaggtg agaattgaaa aatccctttg acttggggtt cagcaagatg ttcccagagg     68820
     accctcacaa tacgctttgg cctacccggt ctgtccagct ttcccccttg ccagcggatc     68880
     caactcacca ccaggtgatg atcagttgac agctctgccc ctctctttat ccgagtgttc     68940
     aagacatgcg gtcggagatc agatgataga accacaaagt cgatcattga cctccgccct     69000
     agggtgtcct ggtgccatgt gcactgatag acatccttat gcttgaacat tgtgttggtt     69060
     atggacaatt gtgattagca cagaagtcca ataaaaaaac tccacttggg ttcagatcag     69120
     ggaggctgtt cctcccaatc acgcctctcc aggtatcact gtcattaccc gcgtgggcat     69180
     tgaagtcccc cattagaaca atggccctaa cctgcctagt taacccttac ctgcctagtt     69240
     caaatgtaaa tgtaaaaata ttttacagta attcaatttg atttttttct tttttttata     69300
     ttttccaatg atgtttaaca gagcaatgaa tttttcacag tatgtctgat aatatttttt     69360
     cttctggaga aagtcttatt tgtttcattt cggctagaat aaaagcagtt tttaattttt     69420
     aacaaaaaca acttaaggtc aaatttatta gccccttgag ctatattttc tttcgctggt     69480
     cttcagaaca aaccatcgtt atacaataac ttgccttata gccctaacct gcctagttaa     69540
     cctagttaag cctttaaatg ttaaaaaaat caagtgaaat attatttact gtcatcatgg     69600
     caaagataaa ataaatcagt gattagaaat gagttaataa aactattatc ttcagaaatg     69660
     tgttttaaat aaataaacag gggggctaat aattctgact aatcgaagta atgcacacac     69720
     aagcattttt tcatggtata aaaagttgtt tttagattta cactctcaga aatgctggat     69780
     ttttaaactc aaatttggta agtacagaca aatccaactt ttgtattaaa ataagaattt     69840
     aaaataatgt aaaattgtaa accaaaattt gcacataaac atatctgaca aaacatttaa     69900
     ttgaaacaag ccagcatata tccaagcata ctttcagaga ttgtttttgg gtgaactctc     69960
     ccttaaactc cacccagagt tttttttaac attgcaaaac acacacacac acacacacac     70020
     acacacacac aaaacttgga cccctttata aataagagct gaccactaac aggcatcact     70080
     gcgtcacaac ttggtgaatt aagacaacaa tgcagagcta cccgcttaga ggaaacccaa     70140
     tgcaggatga caaaacctgc aacggtcagc cagtggttgt gtccatgcct gcacaaaaat     70200
     tagatgatga tatcattttt tccacattca attttcacta ctgcaaccct tgttgtcttg     70260
     ggtttggagc cttttacaac tcagtgaagg taagggatat aattattttt aatcctgtac     70320
     tgtaactgtc ctgctgtttt acaaatatat taaggttaaa aacttatttg aatttgtcag     70380
     gccagagacc gcagattgct tggagactat gcatcagcga gcacgtacgg cactagagct     70440
     cgacgtctga acatcgcttc tgttattctt ggcgtcctct atggcatttt actgattgtc     70500
     atccttgtct atgcttatca gcttagtcgt tttagccacc aataaccctt caaagaatgt     70560
     ctgtttgtat atcaaagcat ttactctgtt tccataaagc attttatatc tgtttaaaat     70620
     gtttgttaag gattatttaa gtcttttttt ttattccata caggcacatt atttacctta     70680
     tttagagatg tgcttgcatt tcctttattt gttttattgt tttcttgttt atatcacact     70740
     catggtgtga tctcagcaat tgtttataga atgaattttt ttttttattt tatctatata     70800
     ctgtatattt tttagtcaca ccctatataa atatgtggag gatgaataaa cacagagaac     70860
     tctacattgt gtctgtctta ttctttgtct cctgacctca gcactcccct ctcatctgat     70920
     cattggaaac gatttgttta atttagtcat atttaatctc ttgcagtctt gttagattgt     70980
     tatgtagcct tatttcaatt aaattcaatt caaaaagagc tttattggca tgacttgtat     71040
     tgtcaaagca tcgcagatta cataaacaat gattaaaata ataaagtggt tacataacac     71100
     atgcacatca tcacataaaa atacacaatt agatatttaa tatggaagta cataataaac     71160
     taataaagtg ataaactaat atggttatta aacatttaaa taaagataaa ggtatctctt     71220
     gtaaaattta ttttgtattc atagaaagca tattcaattt catcgcacgt tgcattgtta     71280
     gcttttagaa aaatgaaaat aaatgtttct tggtaatttt ttctgttatt ttgaccaatt     71340
     gccattttac ggaagtggta ctcactgcag atccacttga aaagagctta gctccagcaa     71400
     ttgggagctt gagctccagc tccttcttcc ttgcacttct acaagtgatg tcactggggt     71460
     tggggttaga ggtggggtgg gtgtacacat taaaaccgct tataggagga ggagttggag     71520
     ctcaagctcc tgctcactgg agcccaagtg gctctgcagc gagcagtgtc tcattttatg     71580
     cagtaaggaa ctaaattttt gttttaaatt aaagagaagt gtcgtcaatc atttgttgat     71640
     attattatga aacgaataat attatcatgt acctgtattg actttttttg actgttggtg     71700
     gcctcaactg agtctgatgt cattgttaat ttatgggtga agggtataaa tatttaaatt     71760
     tctactaaac aacttcctct ggagcaaagc agtggcgcag taggtattgc tgtcgcctca     71820
     cagcaagtaa gtcgctggtt cgagcctcgg ctcagttggt gtttctgtgt ggagtttgca     71880
     tgttctctct gcatttgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgttcc ggtttgcccc acagtccaaa     71940
     gacatgcggt acaggtaaat tgggtaggct aaattgtccg tagtgtatga gtgtgtgtat     72000
     atatgtgtat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtggat gtttcccaga     72060
     gatgggttgc ggctggaagg gcatccgctg tgtaaaaacg agttggataa gttggcggtt     72120
     cattccgctg tggcgaccgc ggattaataa agggactaag ccgacaagaa aataaatgaa     72180
     tgaatgaatg aataaacttc ctctggtcaa ccattgttcc ccagacacct cttttataaa     72240
     acaaaatttt gacatgctgc tcttttttgg ttttaatttt tttcttctgt tttatagatt     72300
     attttatttt gtcaaaatat ttttctgttt tgttattcat tttaaatcct cagacattgt     72360
     tacatttttg ctatatcttt tactgaatgt ttttatctct atatttgctt gtgtgtaatc     72420
     ctctttatgg catggttgga agcgagcagg cccacctggc catgacagca tgtctataat     72480
     tctgaattac atgttagtgt ttttttcttc taatttttct ttctctctgt ttgtctgtct     72540
     gtctgtctgt ctgtctctgt ctgtccgtcc gttcgtccgt ccgtccgtcc gtccgtccgt     72600
     ctgtctgtct gtctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     72660
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatat atctatatat     72720
     atatacacat atttatatat gacagttaaa cagctgagca agcatctttt aaactttaga     72780
     tctgcagtgt ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     72840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatacatac atatatatat atacacacta     72900
     attactgtgt ttactgtttt tttattataa gtgtatgttc ttttttaatt agattttata     72960
     aaatgctttg gcaatacatt tttaacgttt gtcatgccaa ttaagcaatt attaaaacaa     73020
     acaaaacaaa actcaccaga aaaaggctca agggagaaag ggggcgttta agccatattt     73080
     gtatgcgctt gcaaatatta ataataataa taataataat aataataata taacaaagaa     73140
     gaattaagta agttttttat tatatttaaa aatcaaatat taatatttaa gttttttttt     73200
     ctcttggtct tgatgtatgt cacaatattc tgttctaatg tctcaacgga agcgtcagta     73260
     gagggtgttt tggcgcgctc ctcttcaccg gtagtcgtca gtaggttcaa cgctcggccc     73320
     gccgctgctt ctctctctct ctctccctcc ctccctctct caggtagggc ctcagagcga     73380
     agatggcgac ggacaaacag aaacatgaag gcagggtgaa aattggacat tatatactgg     73440
     gagacacgct aggagtgggg acgttcggaa aagtcaaagg taaaactttc cagggtgttt     73500
     cgagctgatt gttattaatg tgttgagaac agcaaagcta aactgctgat ggtcgagtgt     73560
     tttaatgcgg ctaaagatgc agcacttgtt ggctaatgac agtgtagggc tgaaacaaac     73620
     attaaaccat gaaacgatcc gctattatca ctgttgatat gactgtcagc cgatcgatca     73680
     tgacgaggtt ttgtgaacgg tttcacggat gtggtgtgtt tgagtggttt gttgagggac     73740
     tggtctctgc taacctggtt agcttcatgg tttatggagt gattagtaat tctgaagttg     73800
     cagattgata gatgccctca tgcacaggcc aaatgacaag caaagacaca caaagtcaaa     73860
     atgacaaggt ggattattca tttctgaaaa gtttctttaa aagagctttg ctgtgagtcc     73920
     ggttgattaa aagtgctagc tcgtttatgt gctccaaaat gttgcaatca taacttttaa     73980
     attaatccag tattacaaat caaacgcgtt ttggtaaagc tagtgttagt tcaatatcga     74040
     tagaaatcaa taatgaaaat ggtcgacatg ttttattatc tttaatgggc cgaatgaatg     74100
     aaaaacaata gcaaataacg catttctaca ggcaaaacgc atgttgaaaa gtaacgttag     74160
     cacatctcat acactgttga cataaactga cataaatata atactaaatg acagaaacct     74220
     gaataaactt gttgaatcta tgcagttttg ttattatgag ttgtcaagtt ttaggatgta     74280
     atgtttatat tgtatacttg tgctgtcttt tatggcaaat acatacattt gaccagtgtc     74340
     agaatattgt aacttaagaa agaaggccaa actgttttaa tgtatgcaaa ttgcattttg     74400
     taaaccattt attacatggt ggtaaggctg caatatgata atcattacat attattgctt     74460
     ttaatgtaat gtaattggca attaattgaa tgcatataga aagtttgtaa caattgtttt     74520
     agcacttgta cattttgtgt tcgtgtatac tttcacattt tattaaggag ccttgatttc     74580
     tgttcctaca acttttgatg ttgaaaagtt taacagtagt tattgaaaca gtatgttggc     74640
     tgtgttgttc gtgtaaattg aagtacagaa atctgtaatg agatgcaact actttttctg     74700
     tcattctaca gatatctttc tatattcttc aaaagtcact gtattaaact tgtagagtaa     74760
     aagtttgcaa cagtgatcaa ggtcttaaaa ggcagttcag aagtgggaaa aaaatgctat     74820
     ctagggccag gctaataaac gatattatat tgattcacaa taacaatgat aagagccaat     74880
     catacagcag aaatgtgcaa caattggaat cataaagtgt gtttatattt gagatgtagt     74940
     acatttttgg ccaccgaaaa attatggtcc gaaaatatgt tatgccattt tttcgaccct     75000
     ctaatttttg tatgttcagt cattgttggg gtacactttt aaatctgcaa acattgactt     75060
     atatcgaaat ataaatcatt attgttcgac atgcaataaa atgatcgaga ttgcattttt     75120
     ttgtcatatc actcagccct tcatccacgt gttaaatgtt aaattacagg agtggttttt     75180
     tttttcagta tgacacaaca ccttttttca tcacttgtta aagctcttat tttgtttacc     75240
     cagcaacacc cagtagttaa ttgcataatt ccattttttt ctcaatcatg ctttcctttt     75300
     tttcttgggc aatttgtgat gcaagtgtta tttcaagacc agaagtgttt tgagtacagc     75360
     ccttttttat ctgaaaaata tactaatttg acatacttct aacaaaacat tgatgctgtt     75420
     tgtgtactga aatgtgagat ctttgaacat gtatggacac gcacagttac ctctgcaggg     75480
     ctgagtctgt gttaatgcat aactaaagca gtctagctag aacacacaag ctgtttttaa     75540
     atgttgcaac ttttaactga gagcatgcac acattgtggg agcagttcaa cgtatgacct     75600
     tcagcactaa ctgatgcagc aagatccagt cttagaagaa gctgaagcac gaggttcact     75660
     cttttacatc gcattctgtg tttcagcttt ctcaatggtt tgcgccacga cgcaaagctg     75720
     atttttccgt ccttatatta gcaaaagtgg attctgacac gcccttaatg cgtttgtgcc     75780
     ctgcaatttg cactttaaaa tatacaaaat aaaatttaca aaatagagcc cctagtgttt     75840
     atcatccaat gatgaacttc cggtgaatac ttaatgtggt tactttcaat ttcataaggt     75900
     tgcttttaca gcatcgatgt tgtaatgcaa ttcaaatatg atcagttaaa tagacttaag     75960
     cattcattag gttattaaaa caaaaaaaga gacaaaaaaa gtttaaatgc aggcaccaac     76020
     attagaagtc agaagtcaga tcttaaatgc agcgattttt gtaagggatg acaattcatc     76080
     agaagctgaa tgaaaaatgt ccctttttaa aatgcatata aaagcaaatg tgttattttc     76140
     tgacaggaac taacactggg gaaataaata acaatattgc aagagtgacc tataaatttg     76200
     gacaagcaca gccattacca cagacacttt ttttcccaaa gactatttta tggttttttt     76260
     ttttgctata ttgaacgttg tttgaaaaaa agagaaaaaa aagctgacat ttagaccaat     76320
     ttgcccaaag ataaaaatct ttttcatgtt ttaataacag ataaaatgag caaaggtcaa     76380
     atactcataa tatacaaata aatcaaaaag tggttatttt tttctgaatt gatacagcag     76440
     gtgcatttag cagtagcatt taaccaatta attgaacaaa tataaatata atgttttgtt     76500
     ttacatttta aaggcatagt tgactaaaaa aatgacaatt ccagcattta ctcgctcaag     76560
     atgttttaaa cctgaatgat tttctacttt taaacatagg tgtttttgaa gaatgtgagt     76620
     aacccaacat tcgctgctcc cactgacttc cagagtattt tttataatac ccagaaaccg     76680
     tttaataacc tatcttcttt aatatattct tgtctgtttt gcacgagata ttaaaacaga     76740
     ttatggacta ggcaagggcc ggtataagat tttgactgta tgagaacttt ggataaaaat     76800
     atcacagtat tgtgattact gctttaaaat atattctttt taaatttggg gaaaaaactg     76860
     caactttttt cctctttgaa aacaatatat tttattttct gaacgattta taatatttgc     76920
     cacagtaatc atgtctagct gaataattaa aatcaattgt tgacttctgc tgtcttcgtt     76980
     tttcaaaaac acagatttct ttacaattta aaatgccatc tttgtttttg tttttttgct     77040
     ggagatactg ttgtcctaaa aaatgtacta aacaaataac ataacgcata cctttttaaa     77100
     acctcgactt ttccaaacca cggtatacct tgaaatggct atcgtcccat gcctattatg     77160
     gacatcatca ggaagagcca gtattgacag aatattttct ctttattttg gtgaattatt     77220
     cattaacgag aagtggcagc atgcatagta tacattattt tgctgtccct ttaagacctg     77280
     cacacatcgt catcataaat atatacatgt aaacctactg tgtttatata taaatcttgt     77340
     ggggttttga ccagtttagt gtgattatat ctgaaaataa tctagttctg taattagttg     77400
     gctttgcagt gtgcactttg tagtgtattt ctccaaatgc agattttgaa gacaatttaa     77460
     tcggttacaa tcaaacatca tcaaactcca catcgctata atgatgcagg gtcatatttg     77520
     aggtttgctg cattttttat cacatgcatt cagaatatat ataaattttt acccatcagc     77580
     aatgactgag tttggatacg agtttgaagt taaatattcg ggatgatttt cctttaaaat     77640
     tggtatgaca gtcagttctg tttttaatgt tttttataaa aacattctcc agatcttgat     77700
     aagtcattgc aaacatttgt ctcttcaacc tgtctgttca gttggccagc atgagctgac     77760
     gaagcatcaa gtggccgtga agattctaaa ccgacagaag atccgcagtc tggatgtggt     77820
     ggggaaaatt cgacgagaaa tccagaatct caaacttttt cgtcacccac acataatcaa     77880
     actgtgagta aacatgatct gtttaggaaa cagtagtccc cccccccccc ccaatttaat     77940
     tagtttaaaa aaatatttat aaaattgaaa aatgtatttt ttaagtacta tattgaaact     78000
     ttaatgtaaa tctaaatatt acatttacat ataaaaaaaa atatatacta taaaatttaa     78060
     aaatgtaaaa atattttttt aaatactata ttgaaacttt aatgtaaatc taaatattac     78120
     atttacatat aaagaaaaaa atatatatat atctgctttg tattagaaat cagcagctct     78180
     tgtctctaaa atatagacat tgacctgtta gaaaagtatc agtccaacac tagtttaaat     78240
     tatatgccaa aagatgtttc ctttctcttt tgtcataaat aatgcacaat tagccaatac     78300
     attgttttgt gttttcttgg cagatccatg cccttagtgc tctactaata atgataatta     78360
     ttatttgtca gagagaatgc acacatttca tctacacata gtcgtaaata ataagtcaat     78420
     gttttgtgtg attgtaatgg atatttatcc tggagtaatc atgtgggagc attcattcac     78480
     actcatgtgt gataaattga caatccttgc atttttttct ttatttgtta cttggaaaag     78540
     agacaagacg tgcacagaac tacagatgat tggaaaaaag gggattgcca tttcttacta     78600
     cttggaaaaa agatataaat ctttgtttat gatgctgtga aacttttctt ctgcaagaaa     78660
     aagacatttg aagtcagtca tcaaaaacat ttgctattaa aaaaagaaga catggagtaa     78720
     tgttgtagct gtccactctc atctcaaacc cattaggggg gatttacttt tgccatgtta     78780
     ttgcaacctg catagtttga ccacaacaaa aaacctcatt cctgaattca tcattaaacc     78840
     agttcttgaa tggatttatt tagtaattat tttgaattat atgaaaatac tcatatacaa     78900
     tatcagatgt aatttttaga ggattgtgca ttttgtttct ttggcagtta ccaagttatc     78960
     agcacaccga cagacatctt catggtgatg gaatatgtgt ctggaggaga actcttcgac     79020
     tacatctgta aaaatggcaa ggtacatctt caattttgaa tgattaaaat caaatcaaga     79080
     ttaacattga ttcgattagc catatttgtg gtgatttaat caccgctcac attgttccac     79140
     aaatccatcg tagagcttct gcatgtcttt caataaaaca gctcaacaga aagaggaagt     79200
     gcaatcattt tgaaaacaat tgtttaccaa taaatgtagg attcagtgat taaatcatct     79260
     gtattcttga aatcctaaat ttcctgtgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaaa gtgctaccca     79320
     atgagccatc ctgccatata caagtcatct atgcatgttg accattttaa agacaaaatt     79380
     gatgaatgta ttctggacat tataccattt taatgaggga atagaactgt tttttttttt     79440
     ttttttggat atatctattg ttactgatat actattcatt tgtaaattaa taatgcattt     79500
     taaattgtag taatatttag caattagcaa taataatttc gtactgttta tttaattaag     79560
     taaattaagc gtttaaagaa acgttaacaa tatttttttt caccaaattt actgtgtaat     79620
     acatatgaca taaaaatcac atattagaca ttacaactgg gaaaagtaaa atggagaatg     79680
     ttcagttaaa ataatacacg gtcctttgtg tctggtcagt tggatgagaa ggagagcagg     79740
     cgtctgttcc agcagatcat ctcaggggtg gattactgcc acagacatat ggtggtgcac     79800
     agagacctca agcctgagaa cgtcctgctg gatgcgcaca tgaatgccaa gattgcagat     79860
     tttggtaagt caactcttca tttttgagaa aacagttcag ttgttgctgg atttactctt     79920
     gttgtaacct ttatatttga agctatagag acttgaactt agagtatttc tcatgtaggc     79980
     ttatcaaaca tgatgtcaga tggagagttt ctaaggacga gttgcggctc tcctaactat     80040
     gctgctccag aagtcatctc tggaaggtac tctttccatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     80100
     tgttttttaa taatcttctt aaaagtctgc tccagtctat tactgaatgc tgctttcaag     80160
     atcgtctcca ctaattttgc tgatgcaggt tatacgcagg gcccgaggtg gacatctgga     80220
     gcagtggagt gattttgtac gctctactgt gcgggacgct gccgtttgat gacgaccacg     80280
     tgccaacatt gttcaagaag atctgcgatg ggatcttctt cacgcctcag tatctgaacc     80340
     cctccgttat aagccttcta aaacacatgc tccaagtgga ccccatgaag agagccacca     80400
     tcaaagagat tcggtcagaa actgcaccac ccattgtctg cttcatttag taacaaaacc     80460
     aattagttgg tcctgtgact ttactataca gtagacagtt gcttggattg aagtagagat     80520
     tcaccaaaat taattctgtg ctgaaacaga aattctatat cttgaacaca agccaaaata     80580
     aaactcacac attttatttg cttacatttt ttatttgaca gtaaatgagt taagaggctt     80640
     tgtcatgaca gcacagtaga acttttgcta gcagcaggaa taggtatgta ccaaatagtt     80700
     ctgttattta aacagacttt gcttttctgg taagcatgtg cagttcattc aaagatgagt     80760
     gtactagaac atgagcaaaa tatccaccaa gtgtactatt gagctaattt gtgtggtgca     80820
     agctattgaa atgcttgggt tttgtggtgt aaaaagtttt ataagcgtga aaggcacaga     80880
     gctggaggaa gagcgaggct cattgccctc aaagcagacg atctgcttca ttccagacat     80940
     ttttagagat ataattgtat acctatctag gctactgagt atataacata atgatattgt     81000
     gtagtcaatg tgatgaagcc gctgataata tgcaagatta tgaaatcgct ttaaatgcat     81060
     gtgcggctgt gcacactttt tccactctca catttgcatg tcacgaccat gtgcgctcta     81120
     tgtacattat aaatacatct gcaggactcg catttgttat tattctcttt ttttgtcttc     81180
     atttattcag tgctacagca tagcacctca actttaatac ctgaaagtgt cataagttta     81240
     gatgatatta tacttttttt taaaaatata ttttataatt aattagaatg aactaaactg     81300
     aaggaaaggg aaactgaaag tgataaaatc tatgaatgat tatttatttt cagggtggaa     81360
     tggtaaagta gactatatta tgattcattt caactggact taatattttt acagttcgaa     81420
     ttgttgactg actagtagtt tatcacattt ggaataaaga gttgattaaa ttacagggaa     81480
     atttatattc tgttgacaca agagaactaa ccaagttagt ggcgccatct agtggcgatg     81540
     tgtgaatctg ttctgacatt gactgacaaa gtatgagcct attaaatatt acttaggtca     81600
     ccaataaact gctgaacctt tacagttata taaacaaaaa atgaaacgca ttgcttggcc     81660
     aatgtcaaat atttaattaa agattattat ttatatacat ttttagaatt ataatttaat     81720
     ttatttaaat tcccatgatc tcgtcttcct tcttttttgt tcttggctga tcacatgcct     81780
     gatatccttt tttggcatat atcttcagcc atttttgtct ttcagccaaa aaaaattaat     81840
     taccattttt tgccaaaata tagtgcaccc ttagtttgaa aataacttta ctatgagccg     81900
     agcttttttt tctctattcc tctcttgaca aagtacaatg gacctgtgta atatggctgc     81960
     accttaatat ttgggaaaaa gcaagtaaat ttatttcctt tttttccact gctttccatt     82020
     gtcagggagg acgagtggtt taagcaggat cttcccaagt atctgttccc tgaagacgct     82080
     gcatatagca gtaatatgat tgatgaggag gcgctgaagg aggtgtgtga gaagtgtgag     82140
     tgcactgagg aggaggtgct caactgcttg tacaggtttg tgtgctaatt tagttctgca     82200
     tcactgtgtt tgccgtttga ggtgaatagt ttcgttatgt tgcaccacaa caaaggagag     82260
     agttttaaag cacaaattac aggaagggta cagactgcag ttgagatgta tccagttaga     82320
     atgcagtttc atctgctttt ttgagcgttt tattaaattg gatagttcag taagccatcc     82380
     ataaacaccg tcacttcaaa acaacaaaaa tccaacagcc cttcttttga taaatttcgg     82440
     taatattaca gtacattaat gtgcattttg ttttgctgta aaataaattc ttctaatgaa     82500
     acgatagcat tacagacttt ttcacattaa tctttatcta aactataatt ataaaaacat     82560
     aaagtcagat ttttctgttg ctcattttgt tttacatttg aactactaaa tacatgctta     82620
     agcctattta actgattata tttaaataag gcgaaaatca ttgctttaaa cacagtcgtg     82680
     tggcaagagt cagcgaatat aaccagcttc taatggtaaa aatttaataa tttaatttct     82740
     tttatgatca cacttgataa aatctgtgtg cagaaaggct ttggttgaca agtctccctt     82800
     tgtacatgtc atcagacggg gaaagcccca cctattggtc acagtttctc cttcatttgc     82860
     atagtcttgt ttgtgaatct gcctctgtgc tgacagctga agctccaccc tcttttaaaa     82920
     atagcaaagt ctcatttgaa tttaaagcga caatcaccaa aatagctcaa tggcaccaaa     82980
     aagggcatta taggtcccct ttaattaaat cacattatca tgctgtaaaa gaaccttgta     83040
     tcattgaaaa gtcacttcaa acttttactg gaagtttatc agtggctgga aaacacttgc     83100
     tgtgcatata atctattggt tgggatttag gataccatgt agcgtaaacc cagtttaact     83160
     catcttttta aacgaactgc ttaaagaaca ggctcctgag agtcagatat ttgagtcaga     83220
     tcattttttc tctcttcttc cctcgactcc tctgcagtcg caatcaccag gatcctcttg     83280
     ctgtggccta tcacttgatc atagacaacc gccgcattat gagcgaagcc aaagacttct     83340
     atttggcctc cagcccacca gacagcttcc tagacgatct tcccgctcat cactcagcta     83400
     aggttcaccc tgagcgagtg cccttcctag tggctgagtc tcagccacgt cctcggcaca     83460
     cactagatga gcttaatccc cagaagtcca agcatcttgg tgtacggcga gccaagtggc     83520
     acctgggaat ccgcagccag agcaggccga atgacatcat gagcgaggtc tgtcgtgcca     83580
     tgaagcagct ggactatgag tggaaggtaa gcctctgtgc atgtgattat tattattctt     83640
     tttttttttt gttagacccc ctttttttaa agatttattt tgtctatttt tttgcaattc     83700
     aaaaaaaaaa tttgcgacaa aaatttgcgt cactttgtgg attttttttc gagaaagtag     83760
     ggggtctgct actttaaact tataggatca gtgcgttgtt tagtatttaa aaggaagatt     83820
     cattctgaaa tctggatttc tgtggtttct taaagtgtct aaatacaaat ccaaatttta     83880
     gacccttaaa ttcactgaag agttgtgtta tagttcataa ataattaatt tgtcatgatg     83940
     aaaccgtgtt aaaggagtgg cagtgtggga ataaatggat ttagttatgt ctaagctcag     84000
     gacatgcatc aaaatgttct ataaatgttc atcaaagggt tccaaaccaa caacaacctg     84060
     aaaatattca aaaataacac acaaaggtcc tgtgaagtgc tttgaaatgt gcatttttat     84120
     tcgatgtttg ttgtaatctc aacttaaata tgaaaagaag gcaggacata aagtagtcct     84180
     gccccttttt aaaaatgacc aatagcattt ggttttcatc acagctctgc cagtgagtgg     84240
     ttgagctcaa gcacatcaaa tgaaaagcaa agtatcttga aggcggcagg acatgtcaga     84300
     tactagagag cattttaatt ggtcaagatt tgaagaaaaa cttaagtatg aggtgacttg     84360
     gggaaaaatt gttgatctac tttggcagaa gtaaaaaaaa ctccaggctt aatgtcagtt     84420
     ttataccttg ttttatattt ttgtcactgt tttgtcttat agatatcctt gaaactaaca     84480
     tactgataca aacttctaaa aaaagtttgt ttatattttc ctggaccttc aaggcattac     84540
     accaagtttt gcatctaaaa ttaacaaaca gcaaataaaa catgaatttt ggaatcttgt     84600
     gtttattttt tttgtgcttt ttttttggac atttaagttt atagttctat ctttaactag     84660
     tccacagata atttgctgta ttacatttac aaatgagacc attatattaa ccaatcttaa     84720
     gtttaattca aaatagtcct aaatacgact gtgaaaaatt cacatccaca ttttcatgac     84780
     ttgtttatca aataatacag tattttgatg aattttagct gttcttctcc acttttgttt     84840
     cattgttttg aaagatttga gggtgagtaa acggcgacaa aaatgttgtg ctagctggcc     84900
     ctttaagatg aatcatacag tatggtgttg caacagactg tgggattaaa ttacatccag     84960
     acaaagaaaa gtttgcccat gtagggcctg gaaagcataa cttccagtaa tggggaaaga     85020
     gtggtaaaaa tagatggctg cggagcattt attctgcttg tccccttgag gtttgtgatc     85080
     ttagggtaaa ttccaatgga cccttgtggg aaagtgtttt tattttattt tatttttttt     85140
     tggtgggggg actcaacctc tcactctctc gcacacacat gcttacacat acaaaggcaa     85200
     acaacacgtt aaaaaaagtt tgctatttgt cacctacatt gttatgacat gtaaatggaa     85260
     cctcaagtac taagtactgc tatttaatga tatgctattg ttcaatttgg ggtcaggaac     85320
     attattttaa tgttgcaagt cttaagtttc cctcaagttg cattctatta ttaaaaatac     85380
     agaaatattt tgaaacgtta aagcaattta tgcaaacaac cttcaaaaat acttcagaca     85440
     acgcttgaat ccagtcttaa aggggacctg ctatgcaaaa caattcattg tgttttgaga     85500
     tgaaacttca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacact     85560
     ctgagccatc agagacttat tttacatctt gtaaaagagg cataatgggt ctcctttaaa     85620
     agcacacaga acattcattt tcttttctgc ttagtccctt tattaatctt tggtcgccac     85680
     agtggaatga acctccaacg tttctagcat actgtatgtt ttacgcagct gatgctcttt     85740
     tactgcaacc aatcactggg aaatgcactg aacaatattc taaaaaggct ttttagcatt     85800
     gtgtccgaca ctttcagcta atcctcatta aggggcgcgt cttaactgtt tactgttttg     85860
     aatatcaaca ttgtttggca aaattgttat tgtaaagttc aggaactgca tttatttgaa     85920
     atggaacgct tttttaactt tcagtgtgtt cactgtaact ctttatcaat gtaaagcaat     85980
     catgttgaaa atgaaactgt agttgaccta aaattgcaga gagttagtat gttatatttt     86040
     taatcggcca tgcttaagtg ttgctatagc attatttttg ttatctgaca aggtatcata     86100
     gctgctgcca taataaatag accttttgta tctttacatt ttaaaactat ctaaacctga     86160
     atattctgct ctttattaag tgaattgaaa agtgcttttg aatgcagagc ttccgagatg     86220
     tgtgctttgt tttatgcctt tgacatggca ttgatggtta gccggtgact gaaagtgttt     86280
     atatggctga agttcaagta tgcttgacta taatgactta tcagttttgg gctgaactga     86340
     cctgcatgcc tttaatttag tggatctaat tctttgtttt atctcacggc ggtctctctt     86400
     atcatgtgag gcagtattta ctgctgttca ggaatagatg ccattcaaac tcaaaagcaa     86460
     actgcattac agtgtattga acaagtcggc agagtctttt tcaagttaaa tattaatgaa     86520
     ctttaggcct gttacaggca gatttattaa tcctgttgac tttttttctc tttgtttgat     86580
     aggtagtaaa tccttattac ttgagagtgc gaaggaagaa cccagtcact ggcatgcata     86640
     caaagatgag cctccagctc taccaagtgg acagcaggac ctatttacta gacttcagga     86700
     gcatagacgg taaatctcac tgtgtttcca tgaatattta tttactcatt ttattgcttt     86760
     aataatacca acaaaaatga attcagtgca acagtcatgc aaatgagatt atgaaacaca     86820
     gagaagatgc tgaatagttg taaatctgat aaaagtgatt tgatgcagca ataaccgagc     86880
     tagttttaac tttgcaaatt tttattgacc aaaagtgatg ttttagaatt ttattttaaa     86940
     taagtgagct tgtaaatatt atgaatagta tcagaatctg ccagtaattt taaattaaaa     87000
     ttgatatgta ttaagaatat attccaaaaa atcagttgtt gcattcctga attgttatat     87060
     ctgctctgct tttttgtttg tttgccgaca gcagtaaatg caacaagaac tgcctaaaat     87120
     caaaatcaaa tttgttaaat tcctgatgat tcccattcat gttctacagc aaagatgccc     87180
     aaactacggc caaaattggc ccatggtaaa cctttgattt ggcccgttat tccatctcaa     87240
     aagagaggaa gaatgatggg gatggtttag agattgtcat ttgtaatcta atgtaacctt     87300
     ttgatttatt gtttgtttgt ttgtgtgctt atttgtttta ttgttaaaag ctaactgaaa     87360
     ttagatgttt aaattaaact gtaaataaat cagatttagt ttaaatgcac atacagtact     87420
     gtaacccgac gggtagagga cacttgaagg caaatgcaga ctcttcttga ctagtgtatt     87480
     taccattgaa ttccactgtg ttacaaatgt gatttattta tgtttttatt gtaataggtt     87540
     atcattttaa tgccatactg cattagttaa tacgatttat agtatttttt ctaataaata     87600
     aggaatttac ccatggcaac tttaatctaa tatggtttgg tatatatacc ttcggccaat     87660
     ttctttcaag catatttggt ttttggccct ttgtactaaa aagtttgggc acccctgttt     87720
     taaagtgtgt tttctgtatg cttcatcatt tgacattgtc agttttgttt tggattgttt     87780
     tgttcagatg acatgatgga ggtaaaatca ggaaccgcta cacctcaccg ctcgggctca     87840
     gtcgggaatt accggactac cctaaagaac gacaaaagtg agaaaaacga atgtgaggac     87900
     gcagcaaaag gcgaagcgtc tgcaccttcc acgcctccga tttccgcaag taaagtggcg     87960
     gaaggctctc tggcctcttc tcttacctcg tctgtggatt ccaccggtgg agaaatcctc     88020
     ccccgtcctg gaagccacac catagagttc ttcgagatgt gcgccaacct catcaagctg     88080
     ctagcacgat aacttatggt tcctctgatg ccttctctct ctctctctcc tctatcttcc     88140
     cttcactctc tagctcggtt tctctttctt ctagaatact acctcttcgt tctctgatat     88200
     ttgtgtcttc attcacagca gtccttctgt ctctctctct ctttctctct ctctcagtgt     88260
     ctttagagca ataaagcatg cggacagact caagactcca tgcaccccaa tcgcatcaac     88320
     aagctgaatg gtcagtcacc agaatcggcc tgttcaagag gattgaggaa agatttgaga     88380
     gggaaataat agagattgtt gaattttttt tttttttttt tttggttgtg ccacagttaa     88440
     gatgtcagaa agattgctta agccacttta tagtatctat actcttttta gagctggttt     88500
     tacaattctt ttctgggttt tatcgcaggg gtttccttgc agagagtggg gtgtagaggt     88560
     gcgtttgagt taaacactga gctagctgta ctgtacacaa tgctgattcc tggcggacca     88620
     agagatgtat gaaagaggcg tgttggacga caagtaagac agaaagcact tttgcacagt     88680
     tttacctgta aggttttgtg ggccagtgtc atcccactga agtggcctac tgggaagggc     88740
     actcgattta ggaggagccg acttttaaag cgggccgctg gtgggagggg ccaatttagc     88800
     atggtgggca ctttaacaca aagggacaac ttgatgataa gtcagccttt ttcttaagga     88860
     agagaccaat gtaagaccca tttatcctga gggagtgcaa tgtcctcgcc tctgtttcag     88920
     agatgtttgt ttgtttgttt atcacacctt tttttctatt tgctcacatt ttacataaat     88980
     ttaagtatat acagaattta aacatgcatt ttgatttata tttatcagtg ctttaaatgg     89040
     ggttgtagat tgtattgaaa ttgtgatatt ggactggatt tttaaaaaaa agaaatgttt     89100
     gattatatcg ctgtaagatg ttttattcca cacactgctt tatcaaattt tttttttgta     89160
     cgattatttt agttgtttta caaaacaaat tttgcttctt aaagagaaaa agcaaatgtt     89220
     tctttttttt cctcctctaa atttacaaat caagtttctg tagtgaaacg ggcccaatat     89280
     taaaacgatg tgtgcgttta tacacgcttt aagaagaact aagctgaagt gtccattaga     89340
     gttcaaaaat atattgacag gtttcattga agagtgaacc acgtcgtcat gtcttattcc     89400
     tctctatgaa agtctgtgtg gattcataag tgaagtgaaa tactgggatc ttcatgtact     89460
     cttatttaag ttcccaagga aaagaatcgc tgcatgttaa ccatgaatga aaagtgattt     89520
     catgtgggat ctctctgacc ggagtaatcc tcttcttcag acgtgttctt tcagtttatg     89580
     cagtgaaaac gttgattttt aagtcatttg ttttgcccat ctataacctg ttatgttcaa     89640
     aataaatcca aaaccttttt tttcagtcat agattgatac ttttaatttg tatggcacag     89700
     cttttgcttt ttaaagtccc ttgatttaaa caagcagaat ggcttaatgc acattctttt     89760
     cacataaaga ttaaataata tgtttggtcc ttgcaaatgc agcaatatca tagcatcgat     89820
     aataataata attttaaaaa atgtaatacc attattctaa tttggggtat gagattcttg     89880
     agtatttgtg ttgaagttta gtttcctaaa atgttctaaa ttgcactgtc attttagatt     89940
     atttataatt aaccaaaagt tagagctaaa acttgacaat ctatgcttcg caagccagct     90000
     taagacaaat ctaaagaaat ttggttttgg tctctcccct gtatttctca gcagtctcat     90060
     tcaaatgata cttttcagtg tctccatggg ctgttcagtc agccgttaaa acccagttta     90120
     ggaaatctgg tgatgttctt ctcttaactg catttatgtt gatctgtgca aagatgcacc     90180
     tcactgaggc ttgccaatgt aaagttacag atttaattac tgataattta ccattaaaaa     90240
     gatgatttgt aaatacaact gcttaataaa attatacaag aagacttgtt ttgcgtgtgt     90300
     caatatataa actatattac ataatgagtg tgtgtgaatg aatgtgtgtg gatgcttccc     90360
     agtgatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatcca ctgcgtaaaa catgctggat aagttggcag     90420
     ttcatttcgc tgtggtgacc ccagattaat aaagggacta agctgtaaaa aaaaaaaatg     90480
     aattaatgaa tgaatgagtg tgtgtggatg cttcccataa atatatactg gcagctatat     90540
     tgcaggtttt attgtataat ttacatcacc aaaccagaga aaaatatata tttttttaaa     90600
     ttcatgcata ttaatgacaa aatgtggtaa acttaattaa cacctttttt acagtacata     90660
     ggagagatgt gttagtggtc aaattacaag acctctacaa aaatatctat ggagatgtat     90720
     gtacattata tgtgtataca aacaagcttt caagtcacca atcttttttt aaagcaagtt     90780
     cacacgaaaa aaatcaattc tgtcatcatt tattcgccct cgagtggttc taaaccaggt     90840
     tttggttttt aaattctgaa ccagtttttt ttttatcaca aacgaatcat tgacatccct     90900
     ggtagaaaga aatagaagta catggtttca agtttacaac attcttcaaa atatcatctt     90960
     ttgtgttcaa aaaacaaaaa aagctcaaat tggtttggaa ccagtcaaat gtgagtaaat     91020
     gattttaatt ttggggtaaa ctatccctta aggatatttt taaatagttt ctgaattttg     91080
     ttcatatgcc agctgccaca aaagtaccac ttgttgatta tcagcaaaat gtaaacgata     91140
     aaattgcaat gtatgtgaaa aaggctatat ttagaatgaa ttactgataa aaaaaagtat     91200
     ttttatattt tatattaaat tattttatat atttaaaatg tgccagctcg cactgacctt     91260
     atttgtgaca aatatctttt agatattcaa aaatgctaaa tacactgaaa aaatgtcgca     91320
     aaattgttgc aaaatgtgtt gatttaacaa acaaatccaa ttcagtaatg ttcaacttaa     91380
     tttgttgttt aaattcagcc caaattaatt gtttacaacc acttaactta aaaaaaagga     91440
     aatccaagga atcataaata atttttttca gtgtatttag cttctttttt tttttttttt     91500
     gattatctaa aagatatttg tcacaaataa ggtcagtgcg ggctggcaca ttttaaatat     91560
     ctaaaataat ataatataaa atataagaaa aacctttttc agtagtaatt cattctaaat     91620
     atagcctttt tcacattaca ttgtaatttt atcgtttaca ttttgctgat aatcaacaaa     91680
     tggttctttt gtggcagctt acaaactgca gtcctaaaat gcaatgtctg ttcactggaa     91740
     aatatacttt atatcatcta aaaaacggca gaaacgatga actgattttc atttagatgt     91800
     ttataggcct gtgtaataaa tcattctgaa cgtttcagag aaattcataa aagaaccagc     91860
     agatgtcgac ataattatca aatttaactt cagtttaaca ttttttttct atattctaac     91920
     ttattaaagt atgaatagta tctgctattt acattattag agtacattca gggtatataa     91980
     ttatgttgaa tacaattttt caatcagaaa taaataacat aattatatgt ctggttgttt     92040
     cggccaaaat aacatactta caattattta tttagttatt taaaataccg cctcaaatga     92100
     tgtaatatgg gaaagtaaga aataggtggg atgatttgct agtataatac gcttacttgt     92160
     cagatatagc tcttctgaac tagcactgat ggagctccgc cgctcacctg ccgtagcgcg     92220
     tcatggcgtc agcagcaact cctccatacg cactcacaga agagcatggt aaagttactg     92280
     ccagcaccgt ctgtttaggc tgaacgtaca taaggggaac ccaagttcaa gataaacaaa     92340
     actgatcaga tgtaaacgct gagcgagtgt tcgtgtccat ctctgcagtt gtgcttcgct     92400
     ctggtatgta aacaacacaa acgctcacac acacctgcac taatgtagat gtgagtagat     92460
     gtgatgatgt atactggaag ttttgctcag cgttatcttg tttcattttg aactgcccat     92520
     cagtaatttg atacatattt gatttgattt ttgaatgttt ttatgaatgt aaatatatat     92580
     atttttaaga aaaatgtaaa ttaaaagcat ttatttctgg caaattactg agctggtcat     92640
     tacactaatt ttccccttat tgtgtttgtt tacatcaatg ttaaaggact gtggtattag     92700
     ttttggactt gggctctgtg gtacagctag tctccagtca ttgtgtaatc cagtgatctg     92760
     aagatatact ggcctgtacc aggaacagat tatggctata gttgcatatt tacatagctc     92820
     tcccctaaag caagtcttga gactgcagtg tgcacaatta acgagatttg tcttccctct     92880
     tcataacaat tcaacaaaat aacttaatat atagaataaa gagcaagttt tgatgttatg     92940
     cgcacaaagt tatatgaaca ttatgaacat ttatgaacat gaacaatatg aacatttgtt     93000
     acatgcattt agttaagttg taccttttgt gttttcatag tctgtaaagt attcatttgt     93060
     gttattgtta tccatgagct gttatttatg tctatataaa tagtttgctt atttattatt     93120
     atcagttttt aatttttgtc ctgatgtctc gatgctcata ccatatattt tccttgcaca     93180
     ttcatcagtg tgccttcatt ggtgcctgtt tttcgtcaat gtgtcctctt actgccaagc     93240
     atttcagctg acacactgct tacccaaagc aggtctcatg tttcagatat ctgtccgcat     93300
     tgacagtgca agcttctccg gggttgcagt tttttcctcg ctctttattt ctgtcataat     93360
     cagaaaggag tgacattaca tcgtggacac aatcgtgacc ctgggcaaca aaaccaatcc     93420
     tatattgagt ggctatattt ttggctatag tcaaaaacgc attctatgga tattctatgt     93480
     ataaactata gatatgttat gccctaaatc atttgactat taagtaaaga tcctgctgta     93540
     aatttacaaa actacatttt tgattagaaa tctgctaaga acttcatttg gaaaacatta     93600
     aaagtgattt tcttagtatt tagccttaat gaagccttaa gtatgtaaat gcaaagctca     93660
     ttgattaagc ttttagataa tggataatac atttcatttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     93720
     tttggttttg tggtccaggg taacaaatgg tcttgcttgt tgttagtgta tcactgtggt     93780
     ttgatttctg cctctgcaac tgcaaaaaca ataactgaaa gctttgttta aatgagagtg     93840
     agttacccta atgctattct atagacataa ctcaaaagaa tacattttag gtattgtaat     93900
     attttccatt taattacaat aaaatgagac tgaaacttaa aggataaaaa agaaaatgca     93960
     aaacagctct aaactcaccg gccactttat taggtacacc tgtccaactg ctctttaaca     94020
     caagttttta atcagcctat cacatcacag caactcattg catttaggct tgtagacatg     94080
     ctcaagatga tctgctccag ttcaaactga gctttagaat gggtaagaaa ggtgatttaa     94140
     gtgactttga acgtgtcatg gtttttggtg cccgacgggc tggtctgagt gtttcagaaa     94200
     ctgctgatct actattattt tcaggcacaa ccatcttaag ggtttacaca gaatggtacg     94260
     taaaagagaa aatatccaga gagctgcagt tctgtgggtg caaatgcctt gttgatacca     94320
     gaggtcagag gagaattgcc agactggttt gagctgatag gaaggcaaca gtaactcaaa     94380
     taaccacttg ttacaaccga ggtatgcaga agaggatctc taaacgcaca ctaccttcaa     94440
     ccttgaggcg gatgggctac agcagcagaa gacaacacca ggtgccactc ctttcagcta     94500
     agaacaggaa actgaggcta cattttgcac aggctcacca acgttggaca atagaagatt     94560
     ggaaaacctt gcttggtctg atgtgtctca atttctgctg cgacattcaa atggtagggt     94620
     aagaatttga caccaacatc atgaaagtat tgatccatcc tgccttgtat caacacttca     94680
     ggttggtggt ggtggtgtaa tggtgtgggg gctattttat tggcacactt tggacccatt     94740
     agtaccaact gagcattgtg tcaacgccac agcctacctg agtattgttg ctgaccattt     94800
     caatcctttt tttgaccaca gtgtacccat ctactgatgg ctatttccat cagcataaca     94860
     cagcatgtca taaagcatgg atcatctcag actggtttct ttaacatgcc aatgagttca     94920
     ctgtactcaa atggcctcca cagtcaccag atctcaatct aatagagcac atacgggaag     94980
     tggtggaacg gagattcaca tcatagatat gcagctgaca aatctgctgc aactacgcga     95040
     tgctatcatt tcaatatgga tcaaaatctc tgaggaatat ttccagtacc ttgttgaatc     95100
     aatgctatgc aggattaaag cagttctgaa ggcaaaactg ggtccaacct ggtactagta     95160
     aggtgtacca aataaagtgg ccagtaagtt tatattccat atagtcatct gaggctttta     95220
     gaccggttca ttcaaatgtt aaaatatgtt gaaagattcc cttataattt gtctgtcttc     95280
     catcctctgt cttatatttg ggtggtgtgt tgcagatcta cacgaggctt ctttcatttc     95340
     atatctacag cagggggcag tatatgaata tattcatttt atgagattga tgactgaaca     95400
     gtttcaaact ttacctttat ctgttaacca caagttacca actacaaaat ctttatacac     95460
     taaagcagtt tatacataaa atattgcatc aaagtgcctt ttatataaat aaacaggcaa     95520
     aatagtagaa ctgattgtta gtaacaggat gaaagtcatc agtttgttca gcaatatgca     95580
     cagttccatg aaaaacaatg tcattttcca gattcagtct gttcaatgtt gaaacgattt     95640
     agttcaatat cattgtcaaa gtgtctaatt ttatatttct gtctgtattt tccactcttc     95700
     cctagtgtat ttactgctga gaagggagac attttatctt tggtttttgt cagtcaacag     95760
     ctgtcatgac tcaagaaacg cacttccacc ctaatcaaca aggtaagcaa ctcgttgttt     95820
     gttttttata tagcataaaa tggttttgaa agttctcaag ttcactcttt ctcaataatg     95880
     taagaacatg tttatgttgg gtagctttta ttttcagctt aaaggcagtg ttagtttagc     95940
     ttttttatta ctttttgaaa gaaaagtttt gccagagtga tgaaagagga agggatttaa     96000
     aaaaaaaagc agtgggagga gagaagcaca aaataagaag ctgaaggcct cctgttggag     96060
     aagaacagtc ggagtaggac agggacagag agaagaaaga taatttttaa tttttaaact     96120
     ttactagata tttatgaaac tgcaatatta ctttctgtga aaattcaata ctgcaggtaa     96180
     gacattgtat aaatatctcc tatttggtca tagtttttcc tgaaggaatg catatttttt     96240
     ttacagaaat cagggacatt tgaaaagata ctctgaatat gaaatattta tatgcatgta     96300
     tcagatgctc tttttttatt cttaattctg aaatgtattt ggtatatttt aagtctcagt     96360
     tttattcact tttttccatc tgtattttat accatttttt ttgtcatgtt agtcatttca     96420
     tttcatgttc ttagctttga actgtatttt ttttcttctc attattatct cataagtatt     96480
     ttttctcttt taaaattcat ctgcaaaagt aattttgtct tcattgttta aacagattgg     96540
     aatgagatct cttctgatgc tttccagaaa agcccattca gcgttaatac accatatggg     96600
     taccagctcg acttagactt tgttaagtac gtggatgata ttgagcgaag tgacaccatt     96660
     cggcgattgc atttcaacaa acggcctggg gtggcaaatg ctgcctccga gccacaacac     96720
     cccataaacc ccacacaccg gatttcctca gagtcactgt cctcagtgag cagtgatgaa     96780
     gccaagaaaa cgtcttcatc ttcttctgct gtcaacagca gaagaccacc acttccccat     96840
     tccaaaccta aaacttccag tcaaagagct gatgtcccgc aagacctaat cacctgtcag     96900
     aggaatgtag aagggaagcc cacaccaacc acacaaccac ctaccccagc caaatccaac     96960
     cctgtagtgg aaaagacttt aatggaaaca tgcagacgtt tggaacatga gaaaggctct     97020
     ttacagcaag cacccccaga gccacagccg cggcgtagac tggccagttt tggtggtgtg     97080
     ggatctagtg gcaccttgtc tccatacaca agctggagtg ccctaaatca aggtgctaag     97140
     atgacagtat tagaccagcc cagagaacgc accttgatat tgggcagtgc ccttaaaatc     97200
     agcccctcaa gctctggccg agcatctcca gctagtggtg taagcccact ccatctgcag     97260
     atggtcaggg atcagatggc aactgcttta caaaggttaa aggatttgga agagcaggta     97320
     aaggccatac ctctactaca ggtcaagatc tctgttttgc aagaagaaaa gagacaactg     97380
     gctgccttag tcaagagcca agatgaagat caaaaatcag ggtctagcat agacaaagaa     97440
     tatatcaaca aaccatcagt ggagggttgg gagcacaaca ccatgtctac attgacagat     97500
     ttccaacagc tcagtgttga aatgcaactg cttgaaagga agatccagga tgcacgtctt     97560
     gaatcctcag ccttcaagtt gagggatcga gagtctgttg acaggggcat tgatgaagac     97620
     ttttgtaagg atggtaccat tggtgcaaaa cttgagactc agtcagttgc tgttggcgtt     97680
     actgagacta tgctaggggt gctatctgac aaagacgaga tgcaacagca gaccatacag     97740
     aatttaacct accaggttca gatactagag gccgagctaa aagaagcaat gcttaagtca     97800
     gaaatgggtc ggatgaggag tgagcttcgt gaagcagaag cgagaaaccg tactgacaag     97860
     agttccactg cacaaccatt ggtcaaatgc actgcaaccc agactgggtc tcaaaatcac     97920
     actaaccttt tgactccagc tgttagggga gaattagaaa ggatttctgt tggaatctcc     97980
     tgcaaacccg aggtgaagat tgtttcatct ggcccagata cacctatggt agattgggaa     98040
     gtacggagaa gagtagagcg aaaagatcaa tgtgttggaa gcaagtgtgc aaaaacacag     98100
     agtcaatgtg ttgggacaac agtgtgcatg tgtgatgcca ccacaattac tttagagaca     98160
     atgaagaaca ggaggaacat ttcctaccga acagtgggct gcggtgacta tatggttaat     98220
     gcggacctca gaccaaacaa atcctttgtt tcccaaggaa ccattactga ccctatcaga     98280
     agtgtcgact tgggtgtaat ggtaatccct cagactgtgt cgcagcgtac tagcacagcc     98340
     ttttgcacca tctcacgcag caccagtact ttgcaggcct gcgtctccga agccagcacc     98400
     aacacaaagc acacactcac cagagaaaga cataccaaca cggccaacac agtcaccaga     98460
     tctctggcaa ttggggatgg aaaggtttgt gacagagtgg ctgctgttca aatgcgaact     98520
     gttggaacca ctgcatacct agacgggtgc actagtgctc ctgatgtccc aaatgtaaag     98580
     acacgtgaca tcggtgttgg gatggcaaat ataaatgaga atatcctcat cggacgccat     98640
     acacgcaaca ttgcatgtgg accatcgcgt ctcccggatc cagtcaaaac gcgtagcatc     98700
     ggtgtagaag tgggagacgg taggatacgt gacccagagg gtcagatgtt tgtgcagaac     98760
     gagcctagtc ttgatcatta catagatcgc atgcagaaat tacttaaaga acagcaggac     98820
     ctgttaacag acagtcacac tgggtcaaaa cctgacctca ttctccaatc ccagttctac     98880
     tcagatgagc aaatcagagg taatgttgtg tatatttgca tgtctgtctt tttggatgct     98940
     ttcagctaat tacttgcttg aattctcttg ttgccagtta ctgagcacag ccaggcatca     99000
     cacgaggctt caggcattaa accgaagaat caaatggagt tgcagatgtc cactgctctt     99060
     catggtatat ttttacaagt caaagacatc tcaagtcagt taacaaagta aagcaaagtt     99120
     agtaaagcat ctatgtagaa atgaccccac cccacaaagg agtgcatgca tgatacaaaa     99180
     agaagccgaa tagatttttt caaagcagtc cctttgctgt ggaatttgta caggcagcga     99240
     aaatagctcc ctctggtttg tcttttggct gaataagccc tacacttaga atatttgggt     99300
     tgttgttggc ttatgtggaa tgctctcatg tcctctggta tgtggcaggc agaggaatga     99360
     ataccattca cactgcaaac ctcatggttt ctgaaaggca ggaatgcctg tttcatgagt     99420
     tcttaatgca gaataaaaag agccttcagc aggtgcttgt gtgtgcatgc ttaggtgatg     99480
     tcaaaaaggg gcaaatgcat tcagttggct tcagacattt tttcatgaca agaaccagta     99540
     aatgtatttt cagtatattt tattgcaagt acagggagat aaaagtcaac tatatgcaga     99600
     tttatttcaa actttggtat ggatttgttg tttgaagtta agagatgcaa tattgaagta     99660
     aattgcattt tcaggctctt ctgttgatga ccgctgtacc aggtctgtca tgaaaaggaa     99720
     aagcactaat ctgacgtcct cagatagtat gaaaactaaa agtgcagcag ttgggtaaat     99780
     aaagtatttc tttatttaat caaatctaat acaataaact caaagctctg aattattgca     99840
     attattcttt aaataattaa aattatattt tagataaaaa aagaaactgg aagtcactgt     99900
     cttccgtagt tgttgttttt tttttgtccg atttgaatgt cagtggctac tggtagaaga     99960
     tctgtacctt gctgaattag agctggttta tcatagcact ggcttgtaca atgtatgtgc    100020
     tttttatttt aataatgcac atttttgcat tgtccataca cacacagagg tattatggtc    100080
     cctatttctg agggtggtga ttctgaggat ggagagaaga aaaagaggga gaaagaggag    100140
     agtgccagaa ttaaaatgaa gattcctaac agaaaagaaa ggttgatgta tatagcaaga    100200
     tttgtttcat gactgcaaga tgaatccgct cagctaatat taaattgtgt cttgttttct    100260
     actgcatagg tatagattta gtgagaagat gctttctgcg tgccaaactc tcgagattca    100320
     cctcaatggc agcaagacca tatccaatag agaacatgta agttaaagaa ccataaggaa    100380
     gatctgagat gtaaaatcta tagtctcatt ctgtctatta cagctcatag tcgtttttat    100440
     tttctatttt attgactttt ctgaatagtt agtcatttta cccacatcgt tagtggcttt    100500
     atttgtttag ttgctttgtc aaacacacaa catgttcaga aagttttgaa ccatgtcagg    100560
     tctatattta gtatgaaaaa attttagaat cttgtgggaa taaattctca aagttcaaaa    100620
     ttcaaaaatg tgcaaaacga tcataaatga gctgtatttt acagtctgaa aaactgcaga    100680
     gaagttgttg atgtgctctg tttaccctca tcccataatt acccactgga atatagatca    100740
     gttttatcgg tcctctgtgg gattttgtgg gaagtttaaa attatagtgt tgctgtattt    100800
     ggtttttgtg ttaaaagtca ttcaagttcg cttgtgacgc ctgcatttgt ttatttggtt    100860
     ttattcttgg aattgtatgt ctaaaaagtg tctgtggttt ctctactgag ctttgttttg    100920
     tctaattttt ctgcattttg tctgtttgtt ttgtgaaagc gctcctgttt gagcacagtg    100980
     cagcaggagt ggttctgtgt gtccagtcaa aagagggttt gcccacagat cgtggaggac    101040
     ttcctattcg cctgctgcca agtctcgcca gacgttctct gctatgtggc caacatggct    101100
     gaccaaaatg gcaacaccgc cctgcactac agcgtgtctc actctaattt cagtgtagta    101160
     aaggttctgc ttgctgcagg tacacataat tgtgttgtta tatatacttt gaggaatatt    101220
     cataaaatag cacacaagaa taaactgtta ttttattttt tttattcttc ttcaaggata    101280
     aattaaaaat gtgatcatca acaacacatt ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    101340
     atatatatat atattacggg atgtgatgag gtaaaaagtt gtctcgcgag ttgtgatgtt    101400
     atgatgaaac gtgtgggtga atttagcact gaagattgga tttaatttga gttgcaaatc    101460
     acgtaactgt tttttttttt aaccggagtt tagtgactga cacgtccaac agaggctaca    101520
     actgcagcca cacacattaa ccatgcttta tatccatgcg atggaatagc gctttagata    101580
     ttcatatagt cataatcact gtaaacacaa aaggaattaa aatgtggagt attcttattc    101640
     cagttgcatt attgaagtgt aaagatggaa cgaaccgcca acttatccat ttagttttta    101700
     cgcagcggat gcctgtccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacac acacattcac    101760
     acacacacac acacacacac ttatacacta cggacaattt acaatttagc ctacccaatt    101820
     cacctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcacctggag gaaacccacg    101880
     cgaaggcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaaagcc aactgagccg aggttcgacc    101940
     cagcgacctt cttgctgtga gtgaggcgac agcactacct actgcgccac tgccttgcct    102000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ttgtacaaca    102060
     gttctgtctg gttctcgaat ctggttggct gatagccgtg atatatttaa ttaatatcag    102120
     cacctgtaca gcgtctttaa cctttgtgta ttctatcaaa tgctgttaaa tttatcacaa    102180
     tttcttgcta tttattataa atattatcac aatttccatt aaacttttag ccattttaac    102240
     tttagaaaat attttctaag ccctaaatca atacactgta ttaaaatgat ttctgatttt    102300
     aatgggtgat aatttcatct ttccattgca ataataaatt agttttgtaa aatatattca    102360
     tattgaaagc attgtgaaaa tattttacag tattactgac ggcaacagac acttgggttg    102420
     agtcagatct gtgtgctact gctgtttatg tttgtcatat cttatatcag tgcttttgta    102480
     gtcatggaat ttctaagaat gttggtaatc tggtgtctac atcttttaat gcactgcaaa    102540
     ttgaatttgg ctcagtgtta aaactatcaa gaattttatg aattgattaa taatttcctc    102600
     tcgtacaggt gtgtgtaata ttgatcatca gaataaggct ggctatactc ccataatgct    102660
     tgcctccctg gctgcggtgg aaactaaaga agacatgata gtggttcaag aacttttcag    102720
     cagaggtgat gttaatgcca aggccagcca ggtaccgtgt gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgaat    102780
     attgaccatg tgattatcca gtatgagtat ttaaagagga tctgtgggat cttttgtgtt    102840
     tactggactg tttttttctc aggccggtca gacagctctc atgctagcgg tcagtcatgg    102900
     gcgtttggat atggtgcagg ctctgctggc agctggggca gaggtcaaca tccaggatga    102960
     tgagggctca tctgcactca tgtgtgctgg tgaacacggc catgctgaca tcgtcaaact    103020
     cctacttgcc cagccgggct gtgatgccac actgactgac aatgtgagta accgcatgac    103080
     tgtctgacag aaataatttg tcattttggt tttatatttg tgttttgcct aaatttgtct    103140
     gtgacctttg tgtctgtgct ttgcttggtg tgtttgtgtc tgtgtgctgg aaggatgaga    103200
     gcactgctct gtctatagct ctggaggccg gacacaaaga tatagcaatg ctcatctacg    103260
     cacatgtcaa ctactcaaag agccagccta gggtatgact gtctcttatt ttctcattgc    103320
     atttcatttt cttaagcgca aaagtgtatt caattttaaa gtcgtttcac attttatttg    103380
     taaaaagggt ctaaaaatat ttgagctttt tagctttcag caacttttag ggatacattg    103440
     cctgacaaaa gtcttgttgt cgatcgcagt tctaagagaa acaaataata acttcaagtt    103500
     gatgatttgg aaaagtgaca gaaggtagat tttttttcca gtgaatcatc tgttgaactg    103560
     catcccaatc atcacaaata ctgcacgaca ccttttggaa cccgcatgga cccaagattc    103620
     tcacagatat cagtcaagtt tgaggtttca ttcagtatgg gagtgtgcga gagatctgaa    103680
     gagtggatgg caacatcaac agcctgagct ttctgtcacg agatggggag acacaaaaca    103740
     caaaaatcca tgtgcagcaa tttattttga caaaaacaaa ggaactttgc acaggaactt    103800
     cttgcaagat acaaaaatct aaaaattagt ccaaaaaaag aaactgacaa aaaaaaaaac    103860
     ttaaaataag caaatacaaa aacagagcag aagtgctaac aaaaacaatc aagaataaaa    103920
     aaaatatata ttaaacaagg tataagtgct aacaaaaaca atcaggaatc caaaaataag    103980
     caaatacaaa actcgatcac caaacaagca cactagacat aagagtcaaa caaaatccta    104040
     agtcaactaa aacacaagac aaaagggttt ataaagacat ggctgctaaa ttaacaaaca    104100
     agaaacagct gtaacataat gacactatca agtcatttgt gttgcccatt acattacaaa    104160
     ccacagaaga gggcaagttc ttcagcagga cagcactcct tctcatactt cagcctccac    104220
     atcaaagttc ctgaaagcaa aggtcaaggt gctccaggac tggccagccc agtcaccaga    104280
     cttgaacata attgagcatg tctggcgtaa gatggaggag gcattgaaga tgaatccaaa    104340
     agatcttaat gaactctggg agtcctgcaa gaacgctttc tttgtcattc cagatgattt    104400
     attaataagt tatttgagtc attgcagaga tgtgtggatg cagtcatcca agctcatggg    104460
     agtcacacac aatattaatt cattttccac tgcaccatga ctttatattc tatattggac    104520
     atcatttctg ttgagtgaca agacttttgt cttagcaaag tcagacttta ctgtcctaat    104580
     taaataattc aaatcaagac ttgatcatat tttattctgg taaaataagc ctaatctaga    104640
     ggcctttgcc tttcatacaa gccacttctg atagcaaatt atcaactaga agtcaactta    104700
     ttatttgctt ttcctaaaac tcgaaaagat ttttgtcggg tagtttagtt aaacacattt    104760
     aattgtattg cttttgtggt gtagatgatc atatggttgg gtgagttcaa gcagccacta    104820
     aagacaagct gctctgtgcc tactgtcctc attttaacat tatgtgatgt gtgtgataga    104880
     agcctgcttg ctagatggga tttaaaggga cagttcatcc aaaatgatta attccgtgat    104940
     catttactcg cctcccactt gtttcaaaac ctttttgagg tgtgtctttg ttaaaaatag    105000
     aggtttattt atatatatat atataaagtt tttttttgtt ccttccatag acgttaattg    105060
     ctgttgatat ccagaatttt ttagaatata ttgtttgtgt ttaaaagaca aacccacttg    105120
     cgtgtgagga aatgatgagt aatttttcat ttttaggtga actatccttt taaactttgc    105180
     aatagtaatt tggttaaact ttgataggca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa ttctataccc    105240
     acaatgtttt gtgtagtttt gctgctatca gagcagaaac aaaagctgct gattggcatg    105300
     tttttttatg ctgtctcttt ctatgttcat ttgcttaaat aattcagtga acttaaaaat    105360
     accagaataa tccaatattt aattttatct aaaactaaca ccaatattaa attttatctt    105420
     tcacaaaaag taaatagtag ttgaccacaa attaaacttt tgaaatatag ccatgttcat    105480
     acattctctt cagagagcag ctgtggcaca gtgctgtaaa ctggtgcgtc tctttgatta    105540
     aattcagcct tgtgagtgat atatttaatg tttaaaatat atcaaatgta tgttggtttg    105600
     cataaatgat taacagcaca tataaataaa atactttata tgttttactt atatttttcc    105660
     caactcatga tgtatatata agtgatgttt ctgctttaat atttactcag tatttttaat    105720
     ttccctcatc aggttgtttg ttgaaagtgt acaaaataga catattagag acctcttaaa    105780
     gagcgtacag atgctggcgg gatttttcac cgtatttatg tagtttgtta taccttgttt    105840
     gttgtttctg catttctttt ccatctgtaa aaataagctt tagtttagtg ttgacacctt    105900
     gtggacagat ttattaatgc aaaatactgt gcacatacaa tatatattta tgtgtatatt    105960
     ttctgatgac gagattctat tcaaacccac tgtatttata tcctaccata cacataaaaa    106020
     ccaatgtata atttgaagat taccagtcac aaatatttcc taactagcag cacaactgtt    106080
     tttgtgtctt tgtgtgcatt cagtcacagg gttctccacg aagcaagact ccacctgctt    106140
     ctcgtaccag ctcttctgat tgatatgaca tgctctattc aaccagtaaa acatccattc    106200
     tgaactacct ggtgttgaat cacacgacga atatggcaga tttaatatta aagtgagcag    106260
     gagtcctgaa accgcactgc actcactgct gtagggatat aagccatatg atctgcttcc    106320
     ttcattactg gctataattc tcaaatatta acagtgcagt ttgcagtatt aaggaaatat    106380
     atttttaact ttgactattt attattatga aagaaaactg catgccatat cacttttaaa    106440
     ttttaatttt atgagattat atgcatttta ggatactgta taggtgttgt atacacacac    106500
     atttagcttg atttaattac ttttaataac ttaattactt ttccccacgt acaattttaa    106560
     gaaatcttaa taaaaagaaa gatgtgtaaa tgtcatgtga atatactctt aaataaaaac    106620
     gtgcttacat caccaccttg tgtttactgt taaaatagca tcacttggct gtcctgtggc    106680
     atttttaggc tgaactaaaa aaatgcagtt ataatgccac ctataggtga aacggacttg    106740
     cagacaatta gagaattgct tgaaaaaaga cagtatttat gatttgatat taatactaat    106800
     aacctatagt aacaatccga tttatgaaaa tcatttggga aatgccatgg ttcaccaatt    106860
     gaatctgaag ctaaatgcaa acttggaatt tgtccgtgag gaaaaagctc tttcaagttc    106920
     aggacccgag gtgacatata aaggtaacgt tatcaaccaa aagcagtata taaacagacg    106980
     ttaacaatta actcttaact tgtttacgtt agcagaaata aacaccttgc tgcgtgaatg    107040
     tacatggctg cacttcatcg taaagtactt gtcatgtctt tacatttgca cttgcctaag    107100
     aaagaaactt gtaccctggt taaaagttat atttgcatgg gttaatgtta ggtttttaag    107160
     tttaggttaa gaccttccta tactgtattg ggcattttat gtaatgtctt gctaaatgcg    107220
     gaacagaact gtgaagtaaa ctgttgcagt tcagtaaagt tagcaataga ttcgcagatt    107280
     cgtattttcc ggatcaataa ctctaaatgt tgcataattg ctaactttaa tttacaaaag    107340
     tgctttgttc ttaaaatgta actttgcaac acttaattta tacttaatgt gtaatgttag    107400
     gccttctgtg ctggcagact atctctagtc ttcatcttcg gacttttata cactaggatt    107460
     aggctctata gcagagatgc ccaaaatagg gcccgcatcg catctgaaaa tatagggaga    107520
     atattgacag tgacgtaaac actgtaagca agacacgcaa atcacagtaa gcttcagcat    107580
     tgaacgtgtg ttataaatag gattcttcat gttttactgt aagttcatta taaaatgtta    107640
     aaatgatact gaattagtca atatagttta cagcagcgtt ttctagttaa ttttaaatat    107700
     tacagaatat cttagaaaat tacccatcgg tatatgtttg gtatattcag cccacatcct    107760
     tccctcaagt ttgctttttg gccttatata ggaaaatgtt tgggcacccc taatctctag    107820
     gctacgttaa atatgttcct acatggaaaa aaacaacaac gataaactgt gaacataaac    107880
     tgaaataggc tagagttgta tgctgttttt atgttgaaca caatttggta atttgcttat    107940
     tattatagtt gtttttaata gtagtaccac agcagctaga atcatttcaa aagattaatt    108000
     tattgaaact gcagagtcaa tgttacgaaa ttccgttctg tgtacataca tgtcaatgac    108060
     gataaagtgc aatttagcat ataaatataa aaacaaatct agcctatatg gctcaaaaac    108120
     aaaatactat actatactat actatactat acaatttttt ttcatgtggg ttgttttcca    108180
     catggggaac tttagctgtt tcactggaag acatacagtt gaagtcagaa ttattagccc    108240
     ccttcaattt ttttcttttt ttttttttta aatcttctcc aaatgatgtt taacagaaca    108300
     aggaaatttt cacagtatgt ctgataatat tttttcttct ggagaaaggc ttatttgttt    108360
     tatttcggct acaataaaag cagtttaaaa taatttaaac accattttag ggacaaaatt    108420
     attagcccct ttaagctata ttttttctcg atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca    108480
     ataacttgca taattaccct aacctgccta gttaacctaa ttaacctagt taagccttta    108540
     aatgtcactt taagctgttt agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtaaaat attatttact    108600
     gtcatcatga caaagataaa ataaatcagt tattagaaat gagttattaa aactattgtt    108660
     tagaaatgtg ttgaaagaat cttttctccg ttaaacagaa cttggggaaa aaataaacaa    108720
     gcgatctaaa aattcacggg ggctaataat tctgacttca actgtatata tatatatata    108780
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatacatg ttgatatttg ccagtaatat atatttttgg    108840
     agtggaagaa cataatataa ggcttttgag aacacctggc tttgctgagg cacgttagac    108900
     agaaaggttc agcagtcagt gatgagctaa ttttaccagc ctctgcttaa tgtttgttca    108960
     tgggggagca gctccaagcc cagacactga tacagctgtg cacaatgctt tcagtggggc    109020
     atttttagaa tccagtctaa atatgtgaac atatgccatt tgactgtgat ctgcactttt    109080
     taaccccact gagagttatg gtgtcctgac acaaacagat gggtaattat tacaatgctg    109140
     ataagagatg ccactccaca gcgtccacat gcagtgtgaa ggacgtttga ttgttcagac    109200
     atcatgtcaa ttttgtaggc aacagaacaa ttgtgtagag caaaaatatc atggacagtt    109260
     tttaaagtac taatcttaag agaggataac tgagaactaa gactggaaaa tacacttgat    109320
     caggcacgtg cacacatagg gctcaacctg tgcagtgcac atgccctttt tagtcttgga    109380
     tagaaagtgc ccttccaaaa tgatcaaaag tgcccccgcg acgcaacaca ccctccgtcc    109440
     cgcccttcag taggcccacg acaacactga tcttgagtac gtaaaattta tcctgcacat    109500
     gccctttgga cggtctctgc acgggcctgc acttgattat aaaaaatatt tgctaagcaa    109560
     cctataaatg aacatacaac agatgtaatt tgcattgcat ctttttttca tttaaagaat    109620
     acaaattgac atttttagac atcatatttt tgacattatg caaagaatca ctggtcaccc    109680
     agtatctttg tttattttaa tcaaaaagtt tttttctttt gaaaatgcaa acaataattt    109740
     tcttaagtaa tttaagattt tttttattca tatttatatg gactaataca ctcaccggcc    109800
     actttattag gtactcctgt ccaacttcta gttgtcgcag atttctaatc agccaatcag    109860
     atggcagcaa ctcaatgaat ttaggcatgt aaacatggtt aagaccatct gccgcaattc    109920
     aaaccgagca tcagaatggg gaaaaaaggt gatttaagtg actttaaatg tggcatggtt    109980
     gttggtgcca aatgagctgg tctgagtatt tctgaaactg ctgatctact gggattttca    110040
     cacatagcca tctctagggt ttacagagaa tgatctgaaa aagagaaaat atatagagag    110100
     cagcagttct gtgggcgtaa atgccttgtt gatgccagag gtcagaggag aatggccaga    110160
     ctggtttcag ctaatagaaa gacaacagca actcaaatac ccacttgtta caaccgaggt    110220
     atgcagaaga gcatctctaa acgcacacta ccttcaacct tgaggcggat gggctacagc    110280
     agcaaaagac cacactgggt gccactcctt tcagctaaga acagaaaact aaggctacaa    110340
     ttagcacagg ctcaccgaaa ttggtcaata gaagattgga aaaatgttgc ctggtctgat    110400
     gagtcatgat ttctgctgcg atatttggat ggtagggtta gaatttggct ccaacaacat    110460
     gaaagcatgg atccatcctt ccttgtatca acagttcagg ctggtggtgg tgtaatgctg    110520
     tgggggatat tttctctctt tgggccaatg agtaccaatg agtgttgttg ctgtccgtgt    110580
     ccatcccatt atgaccgcag tgtacccatc ttctgatagc tacttccagc aggaataacg    110640
     tgccatgtta taaaatgtga ctggtttctt gaacatgcca atgagttcac tgtactcaaa    110700
     tggcctgcac agtcaccaga tctcagtcca cctttgagat gtggtgaaac gggatgttcg    110760
     catcatggat gtgcagctga caaatctgca gcaactacat gatgacatca tgtcaacatg    110820
     gaccaaaatc tctgaggatt atttccagta ccttgctgaa tctattgcac caaggattaa    110880
     ggcaaaagag ggtccaaccc ggtataataa ggtgtgccta ataaagtggc cagtgagagt    110940
     acaaacgtac tcggcatcat gacattcaaa ctgaggacat tttttgagat tgcacaatca    111000
     tgtttgtaat tgtgaaagca acaaagaaga ctcatcacaa aacacacagt aaaacatctg    111060
     acaatcaata cttgatacag aatcagttca aatgtacaga aaggcaaata tatagctgtc    111120
     agctaaaaga cacatcgtat tacacaatat tttttgtttg tctgaatacc tgcataatga    111180
     atgatctgtt tacagtaaat gcaatcagtt acactgtctt cattagatct tggcttagtt    111240
     cagttcagca tgtctctgga attcagctcg tctttttgtc tttggattgt agctcagtgg    111300
     ctcattgtgt ttgagaatgt gcagttcagt gagtctgtac gacgaagtgt gtgtctgtgt    111360
     tttgtgatgg aatgctatag cattacagct cagtgcggtc tgcagccagt aaaacgtggt    111420
     gttgccatag taaccgccag agatgtttta ccaaaatgcc cttgtcgacc tgatagcaaa    111480
     acatgcatat gaaatgtaaa attatgacag catgtaatca taccacaaca cttaccatac    111540
     actagtcaga tccgctcctc tgcggtccag cgacatttag aaactttgtc agaaatttga    111600
     taagattatc tgataaatta aacaacgatg ccgttgccat ggcgaacgta catgaacatt    111660
     gtttcatcct attttaaaca gtcacttctt gaatgaatat taggagagta ttgaaagcag    111720
     gaatatgact cacgaatagt agaatttttt gatgacagat ggcaatttaa cctcactaga    111780
     aattttggca gtttattaaa ctgagctttc attaagaatt acttcagaaa acgctaaaat    111840
     agatagcaca tgacatttat tcagaggtgg acgtttagct tactgtcaca attctcacag    111900
     ttcttgtaag attctgcttg tgtggagtta tttatcaagc tacacactgc aaaaatagct    111960
     tttcttactt ggattttttg tccttttttc tagactaaat atctaaaatt cttaaatcaa    112020
     gaagaatttt ctagacaaac aaaacataat gtcttgtttt cagaaataat atgccaatat    112080
     taagtgagtt tttccttaaa acaagcaaaa taatctgtca atggggtaag caaaataatc    112140
     ttatgccaaa aggaaaaact agattgtttt gcttgtttta aggaaaaact cacttaatat    112200
     tggcatatta tttctgaaaa taagacatta tgttttgctt gtctagaaaa tacttaatat    112260
     aagagttttt agatatttgg actaaaaaaa tacaaaaaaa actctgtaaa aaagtaataa    112320
     aagcatttta gcagtgcact atgttgttga aatgaatttt aagtagatgt atgagaaaca    112380
     ctcttatata aacagtataa aataaatgtc aactttatca ttcatgaaac attttcattt    112440
     ttgatttttt ttatagtgga aaatgttgaa ttagattaca tgaatgttcc tcagactaat    112500
     aaaaaagccg tattaacatc tgttcatcat gtagattatc tttataaaac ccaaaatgaa    112560
     aatcttcaat ggcatcagta caaaaacatc ctttaggaac atttgttttt aagagttgcg    112620
     taatttagac acaagatgat ttttttttgt ttcattgata ttctgcattc ggatttatat    112680
     ctttacttat gttagacttg agcattatat ctcattacca aacattttca cagccatacc    112740
     agttcattca agtcctttag gtctaacatc gaccaaacat atttgatttt aggataccac    112800
     tgagccttta aaaccaacac ggcataagaa taattaaaca tatgctacac gggaagctgc    112860
     tttatgattt gttcatctcg attctcgatg tgaagcagac agaacctatt atgttctaga    112920
     ctatctggta atatttatag ccccaaatga tttgaccaga atccccatgc tcttttatgt    112980
     tgtaaaagct cccagacaca gaaataaaca tgccattagc cagttgtttt tcttttttgt    113040
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgaaagtgt gttcgacaca gcattaacta ccctggaatc ctctcaagat    113100
     gtcagaaaag cttgcagaaa accatctgca taggcacaaa aaatggagcc cggcttcttt    113160
     taacagaggg gcgttttaaa aaagacagaa cgagagcata aaagagaggg agaggggaaa    113220
     gggaaaaaag gaaaagaaac cagattgcga cagtcgatat taaaacatgc agtgagtgag    113280
     agagaaaagg agggagaaag agagagagag aaaagcgagc tgcaggcctt tccacgggga    113340
     caaactagca gaaaggcatc tcgcagttat tcctttctct ctgctctctc tctctctctc    113400
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tttttctctc tctctctcaa catcctaaca gcaattgatt    113460
     tgtgtatgaa aagctgggcg cttttcgccc ccctttcggg ctgtgggttt tgagtgatca    113520
     gctgatgaag agactggctg cgcgctgcaa tgctggtttg ctaattctct ctcctccaga    113580
     ctggagccag cctggagacc acagtcaggt aaatcaccct cttcctctct ctctctctca    113640
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctcctgcg    113700
     catagagcat gcaatcacac caggctttag cacatgggca cacagacaga aagtgagaga    113760
     gggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aggtgtgatc tgtgtctggt gaagggaaac attgcccaga    113820
     caaatcggtt gtgtgcatcc tgacacctct tttttttctt tgtagaggtt actggaatag    113880
     acgtgtgtag cgtgaaaggg gtttttggcg tgttgcttca agtatagact tttgtgaatg    113940
     cgctttctgc atgttttgtg tgcagcggca cagttgtgcg cctgtgcatg cgagtttgtg    114000
     tgtgtgcgcc tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgca ttccattatt atgctgttga ttattaggcc    114060
     tccttccttc cacatggtcc cctggggtac gtgtgaataa atgctttccg tgtgtttttg    114120
     tgcgcgctca cgcttttcat atttctctgg atgttgcatg agacgtgcct ctccgtgatt    114180
     ggggttgttt tctcacgtca gtgcaattgc gtctcggttt gtctgctttc tttgcattta    114240
     ggcgattggg aacgcattgt gtgtgtgcga tttagacatc aaagactggc gctgcctgca    114300
     tagcgtcata ctctgaattc atatttcatc tctccctgat atgctctctg tgccagcagt    114360
     ggctgcggca ggcatatcac tgcactttaa ttgcttttgt gtaaaacaca gacttggcat    114420
     cacagacact gagcgcaatc cgcatttgct tgttcttaca cgtgaacagt gtgcatgttg    114480
     atgagcgtct agtctcgtgt ttattggagc acgttcggtg agcgctgtgt gtgtgtgtgg    114540
     tgaaccgtac gtcaccgtta tgtcaggcgc gctggccgga gatcggtatc tccgtaaacg    114600
     tcaatcattc cattcacaat tggaatgaag atcagagtac cagcggctcc tgctttccca    114660
     gtgcgggatc atcctgagct cgtggcacat tgttaagtga tgctttatca aatattaaat    114720
     ggaagtgaaa gcagctgctc gtattagagg ggactgaaga ttgaaggcag cttgcctggt    114780
     gagacgagat aatgatggtc tgtcattttg gagctagacg tagttggaaa gggcagaaag    114840
     ttcaccagac tctttaatgc aatgctaaat aataaaaatg atctacagtg ccatgcaaaa    114900
     acctttaact tctgacgttt ctatagcaca atgcttcatt ttagagttaa tagttatgct    114960
     taataccttt catgcagtgt gtagtatatt gtggctgttt gtgaatgaaa aacttctaca    115020
     aactttcaaa gatctaagct cgcagcaaat aggtattatc atctccttaa aagaaagcat    115080
     tctgaactgc tgaaacttga cttgaactgc tgaagtcttt agctatttca gtttcacttc    115140
     tgttactggc ctatgcagat ctgttgcaaa tttgcataat gcaatctgtg atttctattg    115200
     gctatgagac ttgggctgca caataacaaa gatatatttt ttaacacatt tctaaacata    115260
     atagttttaa taactccttt ctaataactg atttatttta tctttgccat gatgacagta    115320
     aataatattt tactagatat tttccaagac acttccatac agcttaaagt gacatttaaa    115380
     ggcttaactg ggttaatgag gttcacttga caggttaggg taattaggca agttattgta    115440
     taacaatggt ttgttctgta gactcaaaac aaaaacatat atagcttaaa tgggtgaata    115500
     attttgacct taaatggctt ttaaaaaact aaaaactgca tttttctagc tgaaatgaaa    115560
     caaataagac tttctccaga agaaaaaata ttatcagaca tactgtgaac tctttattcc    115620
     tctgttaaac ataatttggg atatatttaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaatgaaa ggggctaata    115680
     attctgacgt aatctgtaaa tactgtttaa gttagaatta ttaccccccc cccctgttta    115740
     ttttttcccc aatttctgtt taactaagag aagttttttt caacacattt ctaaacataa    115800
     aagtctcaat aactcatttc taatatctga tttattttat ctttgccatg atgacagtaa    115860
     ataatatttt actggataat tttcaagatg ctttaattga gcttaaagtg acattttaaa    115920
     gcttaactag gttaattagg cgagtttggg taattaggca agttattgta taaagatggt    115980
     ttgttctgtt gacattcgaa aaacaagggg ctaatatttt tgaccttaaa atgtttaata    116040
     aaaaaattaa aaactgcttt tattctagcc aaaataaaac aaataagact ttctccagaa    116100
     tgaaaatatt agcagacaca ctgaaaattt ccttgctctg ttaaaaatca tttggggaat    116160
     atttaaaaat aaattaaaaa gaggggctat taattctgac ttcaactgta tatttttaat    116220
     ttgtttattt tttattagct atgcttgaaa atttttattt atttaatgct taaaattaat    116280
     atgtacatgt aagagttaat cagtggcaac ctaagagatt tttcaaatat aattaatcct    116340
     aattcaactt ttgaaaaaaa aaatatatat atactgtctt gactgtcaat gactttgatt    116400
     ggctgttgtc aataccttga ctcccatcac aagtatttat tgtcagctct gtgttcatcc    116460
     tttggccact ttagctaata gcagaccaac aactactgga aagatgaaga taaacatagt    116520
     aaggccccat ctgattggtg aaatgtagat gaataaccag tcaataaagt aaatgtaatt    116580
     taaaacatgc ctgtgacaca tatattacat acactattat catgatttta ataattttgc    116640
     aatacagtgc tcagcataat tgagtacacc ccatttagaa aatgaatatt tttatccatt    116700
     tctccgtgaa gataggcaat gtatcttggt gcatttaaac aaaactgatt taataaatat    116760
     taaatatatt taataaaatt atattttagt catctaacat tattagaaat caaaagataa    116820
     tacagttgct ttcaagcaaa atattgcaaa ggaaatacaa cctacaaaat ttcaactaaa    116880
     ttttcttgat ttttcctctt tttaaaaaat tgtatttaat aattttctat aacatatgaa    116940
     tttgggtgta ctattttgtt agataagctc cagatttggc ttcagtactg actaatttaa    117000
     tgtatatgcg caaatataat attgtatagc ttcctattta aaatatgaat ttaaagagat    117060
     atttgtgagg ggcttaatta tgagcactgt ttattgtgca gtcctaaaca ctgctgttag    117120
     aagaagcatt gcatttaggc tattaaataa attataaata cctgctataa tctctgttgt    117180
     tgtaaaatgt catccaaatc atagaaaaat tgtcttatct gcagaagtca ctcaacaaat    117240
     ctgtagcatt ttcaacggtg ggtaatttaa atgcatctga ttgacaatgg ttttcttaag    117300
     ctcaacagca acatgttgat tggttttagt tctctaagct taccactgag aaacgttcag    117360
     ctaaattgtg cttgccatgt aggttttctg atgatcaggt tttccattgt ttcaacattg    117420
     gatctaggct gtagttatta tggtgaattc tatgtcattg ttactttcct acagtgtgtt    117480
     caatctttga agattgtgga aggctccaga gctaaagttc agatatgcta ataatgagtg    117540
     tttggtttct aacacatgct gtttgtggca ggccgatcac tacagactca ggcatctgac    117600
     cacgtccaac catagtagag gccatacatc tgcaaacgat aattttagat taatttgaga    117660
     aattaggtga ttgtaaatgt acatcatgaa aacatgatat tgaacgcatg ttctattctt    117720
     taaaaccaaa ttattgtaaa tagcataata ggggcacttt aaaaactgtt tttggggaac    117780
     ccattgttta tctatgacat ccgttgtgaa atcctcctaa ttttaaatga cagacttgtc    117840
     catgtgaata caggatacag gaatacatgg attttcacac aaagtagtct taaagcacta    117900
     catactacat tagaagttat gcgatggata tcaatctctc ttcatattgc ctttagaata    117960
     atgcaactat gaaaaacaaa tttactttct ttttaagcat tatatttttg atgatctcta    118020
     attttagaag ctgtactatc aaactgtaac tgaatatttc ttatttattg gtaataaaat    118080
     tcatggtagt actaatattc tctataataa tataaatgtg gtatatgtta cttaatttag    118140
     cgtattacct gcatacctta tgtaatgcat tgcatttttc aattattagt tcgaggtaga    118200
     ctgtctaaaa ataacagtta atcctattgt aaagtattat tacactctca ggaaaaatgg    118260
     tacaatgttt ttatttttat tttttatgat ttatttaaca tttttccact ttacaaacat    118320
     atcaaacaac ccttacagaa ataataatgg aaaaatatat atatataaat acaaataata    118380
     ataaaataaa taaataaata aatgaaaata ataaaataaa accaaattac acaaataatg    118440
     cgaggcagat gtttacattt atacaataat cttcatgtta catttcgatt aatgtgagat    118500
     tacaaactga tgtactatta ttatcaaagg ctggggtgat cagtctagat ccagctggag    118560
     agttttaaca taaaaaatgg tacaatgttg taccaaagaa attacaaacc cttgtcactg    118620
     gggcggtacc tttttatggg acagaattgt accttaagac agagaagcaa atttgtacca    118680
     ttgcagtttg tacctttaag gacacgattt gtaccatggg aaaccaaaat gtacctttag    118740
     tttttaaaac ctgctggtaa aatattgcac cttcatcaag ggttcaaatc tgatcgatga    118800
     aggtaccacc acagtgacaa gatactttgt accttaacag tgtcaaaaat gcttaccaaa    118860
     catttattta aaatgcttta aatgtttagt ttacaatacc tatagtatat gttttaccag    118920
     ttgttttgta ttatagaact taataagtga agttatttct aaacaaattt cgagaggatc    118980
     acgtgcttat gattgttcac agctgttcca gcattagctc atgactaatt atcctattag    119040
     acgattccta actcactata aataaccaga gttttctcat ctcaatatct tcatcttgaa    119100
     aaaaaaaaac ccacccaacc ctactttccc ttctttcaaa cgggcgacaa ggtggccagt    119160
     gattagcact gttgcctcac agcaagaatg ctggtttaat tcctttccaa accaggcgac    119220
     atttttgtgt agagttttgc tcgttctcgc gtgttttttt cctcaggtcc tctggtttcc    119280
     tttcacagtt taaaaacaag caccctaaac aattaatcca aaatagtttt agccaagctc    119340
     tgagtacacc tcctctcagc attcatatct gacacttagc tataagcaag gggagagtca    119400
     tcgagatcta cctgagctca aactcccctc tcaccctgca atgggaggga gcccacggcg    119460
     cgaagatctt ataagcctag ggctctctcc caggacagcc tgccaaacaa gctttatcat    119520
     taatcatcag ctaagtgtga actcctgaaa taatgtttgt ttttttaaac atatattttt    119580
     aaatgatgat tcatgtttta atatggaaat tattcataaa atcactttga ctttccagtc    119640
     aaatttattt tcattgattt tgtaataaag aaagagttgt tcaacactta tgcatcttta    119700
     atatgggaac aattgtaccc tcatttcagt tgtaatgtaa tgtgtgtttg gccatacacc    119760
     caaagctctt cacaatcctg aggggggact ctccacacca gcaccagcat gctgcttcct    119820
     cttgcatgat gcgacggtag ccacaggaca acggcgccag tgcgctcacc actcaccagc    119880
     tattggtgga gtggtgagac agtaccttaa aaggcacaga acagtaccat aagatgtctt    119940
     ttctgtacca tataaggtat attttacaaa gggacaaaat tgttcctcaa tgaacattat    120000
     ttttaccacg tgtacctttt ttctgagagt gtataatgta ggtgaaaaat aaatattaaa    120060
     acttttcttc tctcttttac ttgacaacta tttcttgtta attggtcaat gttaagagaa    120120
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtacaatt cgctgccgct cattatcatt ctcatggatt attatgtctt    120180
     gtcctcagtc tcaggccatc cacaacggag tgtctgaggt tatggaggag gaaagcaact    120240
     taaagaaacg aaaaagcgaa caacaaggta accagggctc tgagactggt caagaggggg    120300
     tggagaaggt caaaaagcgg cgtggtcgcc ctcctgcaga aaagctgccg cccaaccctc    120360
     ccaaactcac caaacagatg aacaccattg tagacatggt catcaactac aaggacacgt    120420
     cagtatcaaa cacacaaacc ggcttgcatt tattacatga cactaaaact gaatgatgaa    120480
     ctgcaacaaa aatgttaaag ttcatgctgt ttccttttat tcctgaaaag aagagttcag    120540
     ttactcagtt aaaagaattt acagttaatt tactcacttt caggcctgag aagacttttt    120600
     tctttattag aattttagct gtacctgtgg ttcttggtga ttcatataac tcataccaac    120660
     ggtcatctgt catttgacca acaggtcatt tttcctgttt gagattgaaa ataaacaaat    120720
     acaaacaaat caatagccat ggctcctgtt gacacactga tgtcttgtaa agcgaaatga    120780
     ttggtctgtg taggaaacgc aatattatga gctttaatgt tggtgcgaat acagtgctca    120840
     gcataactga gtgagtcacc ccactttgaa aatgatcatt tgtatccatt tctcagtgag    120900
     tataggcaaa gtattttggt gcatttaaac aaagcagatt tattaaacag gtatatttat    120960
     taaataatat tttaatcacc aaacatagtt agaaattgaa aggtaatata aattaaatac    121020
     aagcaaaata ttgcaataaa aattaaaact acaaaattta tgtttaaatt tattttgctt    121080
     ctcttgattc tttaattttt ttctataaca catacatttg ggtgtactag tttttggacc    121140
     attattgtta gttattttgt tagataagct ccagatttgg ctttagtact gactaattgt    121200
     tatgatcacc agcggctggt gaactacaaa ctcatccatg aactacaaat ctctgcattc    121260
     cgttacacac accagtcact atactccact gatcacacat gcacagctga ctctcgtaat    121320
     tattgattat cccgactata tatacaccct acacacaatc agtctgcagt tagtctttgt    121380
     tgttttcttt tatgtgtatg tcaagtcact gtgtttttgc ctcagtttaa gtttatactt    121440
     ttgggttgat gccttgttta tgaccttatg actgttttga ctatgatttt ggattgcctt    121500
     gtttgattcc tgatttctcc tatttttgtc caagattacc tgcacgaata ctatctttat    121560
     taaattattg ttaagctgta cttggatcct acctctcttg tcttcgccat gccgagaccc    121620
     aaatgtgacc ctaatctaat gtatatgcac aaaaataata ttgaatagct ttctataaaa    121680
     cgtgaatatg aaggatagat ttgtgagggg tgtactttta tatgctgagc actgtatact    121740
     gcaaatatat catcaagaaa ccaaaagcat gaactcaatg cattcatgga tgcgccataa    121800
     actgtttgcc caggctgtgg attaacgtta atattgaaaa taatgttcaa atgaatcacc    121860
     aatgatcaca aatttagata aacatcttct ttattggtct taagaggaaa atcacctgca    121920
     ttttggatag ttttcatttt tgggaaaact gtcccccatg tcagatcaga gctattgtgt    121980
     cctgtatgca agatgaaatg tgtaaggttt ttaaaagttt tttaccttta cctaaataca    122040
     acgttattct gtaggttggg ccgacagatc agtaaaggct ttgtccagct gccttcaaga    122100
     aaagaggtgc cggagtacta cgagctcatc cgcaagccag tggacttcag gaggatcagg    122160
     gtgaagtatc tgagatcccc tcagcatgtt tattcaccat cccacaatcc cttctgtctt    122220
     attttttttt taaatgtcca gttctgagcc tttgcttcca tcacttcatt tccaggaaac    122280
     catccttttt tcctgttttc atctttactc tgacatccat ttcaacccaa gaaatgcatt    122340
     gatttgttga tcacacaggt ttgtgtgttt taggtgaaag attttactta ttgattaaat    122400
     aaaacattta aaaccgttct tgcttaaaat gtactgcagg catttaaagg aaaatagtaa    122460
     agtaagaaat atatatgtag ctattaaagg gaaagttcac cgtaaattga aaatttcctc    122520
     accgtttact tacactgaag gtggttttaa acgtttagga atattttcta tctgtcatac    122580
     acaaaacaag atattctgaa gaatgttggg ggaacagcca tagacaaaca tactaggaac    122640
     aaaaatacta ttgaagtcac tggctgcatt ttttcttcaa tatgtattca gtaggttctt    122700
     tagtcagtat atctcccttt gtgttcagca gaagaaagaa gcgtacaggt ctggaacaag    122760
     tggaattaga gtaaatgatg acaggatttt catttatagg tcaactatcc ttttaatgta    122820
     acggtttctt tgttctcttg ttctctttgt tctgttttac acaaggatgt caaactcatt    122880
     ttttgcaggt taaagtctgg ttcaggaaaa aatgtctcct tttgtaggcc aaactacttt    122940
     aaaacttagt ttactccaaa ttacaatcat gttaactaga tcatacagac taactaacaa    123000
     actaacaact atataattct tttttcaatg ttgatcctag ctcactttgt gaagtttatt    123060
     tataaactaa tttcgagagg atcacgtgct tacgattgct ttcagccggc acctcattat    123120
     tcaattcatg attcaacaat cagacgattc ctaagccact ttaaataccc taagttccat    123180
     ataacagcca tcttcatttt gaagaatacc cctttccacc cctactcctc cccctttcct    123240
     agatgggtgg aacagtagcc caatggttag cactgtttac acgttctccc cgggctcacg    123300
     tggatttcct ccgggttcca cggtttcctc ccaccatcta aaaacatgca acttaagttt    123360
     attgactaac ccaaattggc accatcgaca tgcttctagt aagtagttat ctcttaatct    123420
     caatcactat ctgttcatca gctactacag caggggagtt cttgagatct acctgaggtg    123480
     tgcttatatt ttgaaaaaaa cacacttttg cttgcttttt tttctttttc gtttatatga    123540
     tgttacacat tgttagaaga aaatatatga tattatagta gatgttaggg ttgtcacgat    123600
     gccattatta aatcctacaa tactatacca gctgaagtat tgcgacacca agtagtattg    123660
     caatactttc attcataact caaattataa agaaaattgt cagaaattct atattttatg    123720
     ttataatagg tgtccttgaa tttgattcct aactccctta aggccaaaat tatttgcatc    123780
     tcacttcact gttaattttg tagataactg accaacaaaa aatacattaa aataaagata    123840
     caaattatac agaattaaat ttgttacaaa acattttctc aacaaaatta gcctatatga    123900
     agtggccaaa aattgttcca atgtttcctg ttgctatttt ggattttttt cttttttttt    123960
     cagtcttatc aggtagcaat ccaaagtaat ttaaaatgtc actttgtgag ttgttctttt    124020
     ttaaagattg tcgcagttgt tgtagctact aaatcatttt aacagcaaca gaaatgaaca    124080
     gatttagatg tgcgtttgaa ttaaagcatt aaaaaatgtg caataggcca ccataaaatg    124140
     ctaaaattct acacagtttt gcaaccttaa agggctccac agaccattaa actaaaatgg    124200
     tctattgttg cacaaacgtg tgagcatttt agtgactttt ccacatgcac cgttatctat    124260
     ggtagataaa cattaatgac gatactacca tttacaaacc acagtggcac tgccagtatt    124320
     ttggagccat agtatcgcga taccagcata gtactggtaa agcgtgcaac cctagcagat    124380
     gttacttgtg tctcgaacaa ttgtttcaca ttcaattaaa gatattgtaa tgattatagt    124440
     gcattaaaaa atgtaaatca tgtttttaca tattactacg ttataatcat gtctgaatct    124500
     ttcctttgcc tgagaagggc tcttcatata tttggaacgc ctgtcttata ccaaattgat    124560
     tcttgtgttg tttatgcagg agagagtgcg taatcacaaa tacaggtgca ttgcagacct    124620
     ggaaaaggat atcatgcaga tgtgtcacaa cgctcagaca tttaatctgg agggatctca    124680
     ggtgtgtctt ttctatccac taagccaatt tttttcacca gattagaaaa tccgatagtg    124740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    124800
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgacat atcaggacac acatctgtat aatgacaggt atgacacagg    124860
     tattacaaaa aggaggtgaa atatgaggac atctgtgacg tcctcatttc tcaaaatgct    124920
     tataaatcct acagaatgag tttaatcaga gagtaaagct gcacactgtc tcctgtgatg    124980
     cttgggttta ggggtggggt gggatgaggg caatataata tacagtttgg acagtataaa    125040
     atgaatggaa acctatgtaa tgtccccact tttcacaaaa acaaacattt gtgtgtgtgt    125100
     aaattttttt ttgatgttat aattggagtt gttcacagtt tctctgatgt gaccttttat    125160
     atgtttcgat ttccacattc atacattccc tgtattacat gtaatgtcac aacacaggaa    125220
     ttaaatttac acccacctgc cactttatta tgtacatctt actttattat gttaccccct    125280
     ttgccctctg ctaagtcatt gctgcagaga ttcaaaatgg tgcaagaaac atatctcaga    125340
     gattttgatc tatattgact agcggtgtaa tggatcacaa cccatggtaa tgatgacaga    125400
     agaaattgtg gaggcatcta aaggatttct taggttatcg aaggtgttgt ttgtcactac    125460
     ttgtttagcc tgcatcaatg cattcagtgt aagctgcaca gttaatcatt aaaaggtcat    125520
     gatcttaatt caaacaccct cacgagataa attatgaatg ataatgattt gaatatgttt    125580
     attaatccat agatgcactg cattcagttt tgacatgttt aagttacaaa gttataagca    125640
     accaaataac acagatgtgc ttaaataaca gtttataatt cagatataaa cactgatgtt    125700
     tatggtaaaa aattaattct cagtttattg caactggatt ctgttgaaag ttgtagcaat    125760
     tacattgttt aacccagggg tgcccaaaat tgttcttatt tcatttataa caaaatggag    125820
     ttactgtatg ctagttttgc cttgatatgc tcaccaatgt cttctgcata gtcttctatc    125880
     cgtcgagtaa cagaatttac attttttaaa aatcagaatt atttacacat ttacttaaag    125940
     catttaatat cagtttgctt tttttgtagc tcagcaataa aacaaacaaa ccaaaaatgt    126000
     tatgtcaaat gtaaaggatg atttctttta aaggcattct ccccaaccct atccatcctt    126060
     ttcaccctct tctcaggtgg gatggtgggc caaatcaaag gttataatgg gccaactttg    126120
     gaccccactc ctaaccctgc ctgtcaccag atactgttga aaatatgtca ctgaatagtt    126180
     cttcaaaaat aaaacttgtc tgtagatcta gtaataaaag aaaaatgaag attcatgagt    126240
     gaattattaa atcattaatt gaaaataaaa ctaaaaataa atatgatgtg ttgtacaaga    126300
     ttataatatt agatgtatac attaacatta tcagcaacag tcttgaagat tttacttttt    126360
     ttttttagct tatttaaaat tttcttaaaa ttacaggttt gtttttttgt taaaatgact    126420
     gtttgttaaa aacaaaagtt tcttgcacta atgtttttgt aataaataaa aaaaaattaa    126480
     ttatactttc tctctgtctt tttttttgat ctgaaaaatg gtccgatctg tgactcaaac    126540
     catagtgtga tctgaactgt gagatttgtg atctgctaca ccactcatat tgacatgaca    126600
     gcatcacaca gttgctgcag atttgtctgc cgaaatccat gatgtgaatg tcctgctcca    126660
     gctctgttag actgagatct ggtgactgtg gagttcattt tagttcagtg aattcatgct    126720
     catgtttcag ttgaaatgat ttgagttttg ggacaagagg ttaacaagtg gttattagag    126780
     ttacaattgt ctttgaaaag gcattttcac cctcagaacg gtcgctctct atatatttac    126840
     tttagttcaa gactattctc tagagatggc tgtggaaaca aattccagta gttttgacat    126900
     actcaggcca gctcagaaga aattcatata cacagaggat gacttgaggg tgagtgaatt    126960
     aatggggtaa ttctaattac cccttaattt actcaccctc aaatcattct ctgtgtatat    127020
     gactttcttc tttcagacaa acacagccag tgtagtttta aattttatcc tgactctttc    127080
     ttgctggtgt tgtgtagtgt agtgtttttt tttcaagctt ccaaaagagc ataaatccat    127140
     cataaatctc atccatacgc gcttatgaat gcatgctgta gacaactttt tagctgatct    127200
     ctgatttagc atttgacttg tgacataata tgcattcgta gttaaagcgt taactagatg    127260
     gtcagacaga acctgctgac agttttaggg taaattaggt ttgaatttta gtagatcttc    127320
     ttgaccatgt atctctgctt atgtgttatc tttctgccat ctgattggct gattagatct    127380
     tgccattgat gagctgtacc caataaagtg gctagtgagt gttaatgcaa atagattaga    127440
     tttcattcat tcattttcct tcggcttagt ccttttattc atcagggaat gcctgataaa    127500
     taaacacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcatatg ttttacacag cggatgccct    127560
     tccagctaaa acacaccact gggaaacatc catacagaaa acagaaattt gcgcacatct    127620
     agaaaaatct tgaaggcagg tgcacgatca aaaaacaaac ataagtagca aaagattcaa    127680
     agtaaatcgg cacactgcca ctttagctct caaaaaaaaa tttttttgac aaacatccat    127740
     acagactcat tcacacacat acactacggc cagtttagtt tattcaattg acctacagag    127800
     caagtttttg gactgtgaag aaaacctgta gcacccagtg aaaatctaca cgaatatggg    127860
     gagaacatgc ctccacactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga aactcaaacc agcgaccttc    127920
     ttgctgtgag acgacagtgc taattattac tgagccactg tggtgtctag attagatttt    127980
     tattttagat ttttgtttac ttatttttat tgacttagta catggatgat aaatgaatca    128040
     gaacattttt tgtaagtcaa aaagctattt gtattggcga atataaaact atgtatgtgt    128100
     aaagatgtaa ttaatgtctt tctgtgtctc agatcttcga ggactccatt gttttgaagt    128160
     ctgttttcga gagtgccaga caacgaatag tggaactgag tgaggaagac aatgacgctg    128220
     ttggaagcag tgaagctgat ggtagccacc atttagatat cgagggtaag tcaaaatgca    128280
     catggagatg tggaaattca gtatcgaaat caaaatatta aagatattgt ctttatgagt    128340
     attaaagtaa ggtgttgtat gaatatttta ttttattttt tttatctcaa agctcctgtt    128400
     tcagagacaa caaatcccag gctggatgaa aaaaaggaga aaaatcaaac tgctcctagt    128460
     aattctagtt caaaagaggt ggctcacagt gatgaagaca ttggtaaaga ttgtggaaat    128520
     accacaagag gactattcaa ctagcctcat atactgagca ttgtcatttt aagaacattg    128580
     tatggccatt tcagtccaat ttccttgatg tttggctcaa ggatttgctc cgaatgtgat    128640
     ctctcataaa acacctttat aatacctttg tatttaaaaa aacaaaaaga acattgttaa    128700
     tgcagtgctt cttctgcagt gatgcatctg aaactgactt caatgttttc atgtatttat    128760
     aatatgtaaa tatatcataa acccaaaatt attataaaaa cacagtgaaa agagtctaca    128820
     aattcagact tcctgaacat tttctcactt ttttttcctt atggatggaa aatttatggc    128880
     atattatgat atcgtatgat catttaaatg gatacattca atcttttaag atgggataag    128940
     ctgtgctaaa tttgcaggct cttatgtctc tgtttcagag aatttttaat cggtggtttt    129000
     tgtgactata agaactttgt catcccccta tttgtatgtt tcccttttct tcattaacca    129060
     acaacatctt ttaaaaaaag gcagtggttt ttttatcaag cagctctgta tttgtttttt    129120
     ttatgtttta gttatcacag aactggaaca ggctgtaata gaggagcttt gggtaggatg    129180
     gcaatgtatt cttgggtgac ggattagatt ctgccctcaa agagaggcac ctattgatga    129240
     tgctgtgtgt gcagctcatg atggacagtg gtggtgtagc gtccttctgg acagattgac    129300
     aggataaaat aaaaatgtac agggtttgtg tgatgtggag gtagagcaaa gtttgagaca    129360
     tcatcttaca aaaataaaca tttttatgaa atcacagcag tttcagatgg atcagtttct    129420
     ttatttatgt tgtgtgtgga attaaatgca gattttagag tcatgttggg atacaattgc    129480
     ctctttaaag ctaaattgaa aagctttaaa ttataatcat gggtaccgtt agcaattggt    129540
     tcctgccatg tggcattctc aaaggttttt tttttttttt aacaggtgtt tagctctcaa    129600
     aactttacac tgatttatga attatacttt gtcaagtcgc ctcgaagtta aatagttgtt    129660
     tatatatatg agcaatatca tgattagcag ggcaatatag ctgtttatcg gcacttgtgg    129720
     gatacgtgcg ttggtacgag gccacaagct gagtgctttg tgtcccacca gtgctgacat    129780
     acagccacat ctgctatgag tgtgatattg catttataca acagtttgat ggcataaccc    129840
     tgtgtatata aaaaagaaaa tcgaacacag agactcataa atcttattac gaggaactac    129900
     tttcttccac cattcattca catctgcatt tgacagtcag aacagcagaa acggttacta    129960
     cttcacagac gtcactttag agctcgtatt cgaattattc tctattgtaa tgtctaaagt    130020
     gatgacaaaa caggtgattt tgctcacatt ttaagattat aaggctgaac ggcatgaaat    130080
     gccatcagtg tagagacatt taccagtatt tctctgttgt aatcggaaga tcacaataat    130140
     taaccccgaa aaagctaaag caatgaaacg ctagcagatt actgttgtgc gataaggaaa    130200
     aacgtttaac acatgcgggc atttcttctt tctttctttt tactgagctt gttttcagta    130260
     acgaaaacag gagactcatt aaaaacaaac tgatggccaa aagcgattca gggttataca    130320
     aagagtggtc aacacaaaat acatacattc ctgatatgcg agtctcatct cacactcaat    130380
     acacttcaat tatatggtat atatacagca ctacaactta caaaagagag agatcgactt    130440
     agaaagtctc ttacctgttt aataatgatt tgatcagctg tagaaaatat gagtttttct    130500
     actcaaaggg cttattttgc agtttctgtc gccatcttgt ggttggacaa cgtgaaccct    130560
     ctttgctttg tttaatgaaa ggctaatggc tgccgatata taaatatcta aaataggcat    130620
     tctccttata aatgaacagc atagttgcaa tctaaacaac tacattcttg cctataaaag    130680
     ccttaaaagt acattatgtt gtccaacagc tgcaatattc gtcaaactgt agtgagttta    130740
     ttgatctgct gtcactctat gtgggcggag taatacacaa gaatgaaaag actgtactag    130800
     ttctgatatc gaagaatatt tgcacgacta tcagccaatt aggatcgaga accagacaga    130860
     agtgtatgaa cgattaatat atgtatgatg gtcattgatt ttagatcctt gatgcattca    130920
     taattattat aatgataata ataatataac agataacagt ggggttcgta agacataaaa    130980
     aaagcatttt aagtttgtat atttaaattg tatacatata ataaatataa tttaataata    131040
     atgatacata ttattgcatt attcttatag ttccccatca ctttccccat tgttcccact    131100
     gggtactctt ctatataatt gtgaagcgat tgcaagtttt agataatgtc ttaatatatg    131160
     tgcagtcttc acattttatg caaatactct tttcgtttac tggttgttaa tggagttcaa    131220
     atggcctcag ctgagccaga tatagaagat atttttttag acagatactg gttatttatg    131280
     caggactatt ttctggttgt cactgcagtg cccagaaaca gtgggtaggt aatgtgatac    131340
     ataatgggaa acattgacag ttttgtgaaa gcatttttct ccgtgatgct tcagggcagc    131400
     aatgtgcagt taggttttta atttattgtg cactgtgctg tattcaggat atgtaataaa    131460
     gcacagggct tttacattac aaaccttacc aacatcagtg tttcctacaa aaatccctgt    131520
     tctgaaaagt aagaaaagat gaaaatgtaa gactggggtg cacttacact cctaaagtag    131580
     cttaatctaa acacgttata ttcacctttt taaaacaatc tttagtattt tggagcaagt    131640
     tagatagtac atacaatgca aaaatgcttt tgccaaagat aaacgccaaa atttaatcca    131700
     tacagcaagc aattaatctg caaacgaggt aagcaaaata atcttgtttt tcattttgac    131760
     ataatattta gcttagccca ttgggctgat tattttgcta gggaaagact cggttgacat    131820
     cattatataa aacaagacaa tatttttttg cttgtctaca aaatgcttcc tgattcagga    131880
     atttttagat atttggacaa gaaacaagtg aaaaaaacaa acaaacatgt atttacagtg    131940
     tattaaaatg tgattttact gtagtatata ctggggcagt ttgtacgcgt ggatataatt    132000
     ttgtacacta aatctgcaaa ctttaattta gtagtcatta tatttctaat ctatatgcgg    132060
     tgcaacaatc caaggaattt tttaccttgc agggtctgag caataattgg tgctactgaa    132120
     ggaataaatt gtaattatgg tatatgtttg catcctgtta gttaatgact tgagctgtca    132180
     gcagtgatgc attaagccag caaaaataaa ttgcttcctt caagcaaaag ataaataaat    132240
     aaacgatata aacatagtcc caaataatgt cattttgggt ttcagtttat tcaggttggt    132300
     aacataactg acaaataaca aattatttca atagtacagt tgttaatagc ataaggaaga    132360
     caaatgattt catgaagttg tcagtgtttg aattacattt ttacataatt aaaagtcaaa    132420
     gtcagcttta ttgttaattc aaccaggaca tgcagggaat cgaaattgcc ttactcaacc    132480
     cttaggtgca taacagataa aattaataca aaatttttaa aaagaaaata caataaatac    132540
     aattacacat ataatatgat ctaaaaatat aagtaaaaat aaaaacgata caattacact    132600
     taagggcaca tggcaaggag tgcaaacttt gtgcaaaagc aaaacagtag tgaaaaaaaa    132660
     attcagtata atgcaaaata gtataccgtg caaaaagctt gtaaatataa aaaagtgcta    132720
     gtgtcttaat acttaataat aatcttagac ctaataatct ttacacttac attcacacac    132780
     actcatacat ctgcatcagt cactttgttt aactttgggc agctagttac ctcattctac    132840
     ctccctgtat attattaaaa tgacatttaa tagttacatt taataagcta tataaatcac    132900
     ataatttggc ttaagagtgg acttccatag aatccgcttt atcataagct taaaaatgtt    132960
     tttaggaaca tataaggtta atagttctct tatggaatcc tatcatgtta ttaaaaatcc    133020
     ttatgatgtc tctttataaa gtctctttga atttttttac tataacaaat gataacgctt    133080
     tggtggagac ttcatttaaa tctgcttgtg aatatgctac agaaccacaa gatggctcca    133140
     acaaaccagt ttgcagacac gtagacaatg cattgttaaa aaacatcagg caagagttca    133200
     tgtttctagc gaggtaaggg gttgtttatg agtgagaagg gtttttgtta tatttcattc    133260
     cttttgattt ggcttcacca tcgaccccta gtcttgagtt gacttaattt agtttgatac    133320
     tttgtttgaa tttgctactt tatttcatta tttttattat tgtaaatatt ccttttgtgt    133380
     gtgtatatat ttgggcatta ttctggtttc actttttgta cattaaatca cttttgtgtg    133440
     tagttttgtt gttagtgtct tgagcttgca ccctcacctt gtgaaagtac aacacctttt    133500
     aaatgctatt ccttgtaccc tagactaaca tcaaagaggt cgtaacaaag atgataaaag    133560
     ttcaacagaa ctcatcttaa atcatttata tgggttaaaa tatcaaggtc ctgtacaaag    133620
     acaacaaaaa atatatattt tattaattgt aacatattga tttatgtttc taacgagcag    133680
     gaaaagtcag caccagctag catgccatta acacttttac ttttacattt gtagcttaga    133740
     tcttaaatat attattccaa ttaaccattc ttctaataaa tactctacgt tccagagaca    133800
     ccagttagat taattaactg cttaatttca catatgttta gaaaaaaagg agaggaggaa    133860
     gaagatagta tctaataact tgaagagatg tgattttgtg ccgttgctca ttttctgctg    133920
     ctcatttcag aatgtataac atctatttgt tatataatta acataaataa ctgaacctac    133980
     tacagaattg tgggccttct ttgctttaca gaaaacaaaa atctgtcacc tgactaaaga    134040
     gaatgagaat gtggtcatat cctgagaatt tgggacacgg gaaactggac ggcattaatt    134100
     tctttaggtt tgtttgtgtc atatatacac tgatttgtag gaaactgtaa gtgctcagtg    134160
     ttcacattgc aaatacagca gaaggtcttc agttccccat tcaccgctgg agacagaaaa    134220
     ttatagaatg catattttca ccttccctga cacacaaaga gcattgataa aggtatgtac    134280
     gcgcaagtct ccttcattca gagttttttc aaaagatata aaatggttgt tttgttctgt    134340
     ggtcattttc attggtttag ctaccccatg cgagcccctg agggaacatg cgggttgcaa    134400
     ctcgccatag attctctatt cactgcataa tagttgacaa tgagcctttt tgtgatacat    134460
     ttagcagagc ccaggtctaa atgaatacag taaaatataa tagtgacttt agccagacag    134520
     catggtagca aaacatgtaa agataggata gtctatttaa aaacatgctc acagaagtga    134580
     catgcttttt ttgtatatgt aaaaagagca aaaagcgttg gtattttacc catccctcag    134640
     aaacagcatt gcactgacag tcgctggtga actaagatat attttgccta aataactaac    134700
     attttttgtg acattgtatt tcaaacttga attcaaacac aacgtagaca aggggacttt    134760
     caagttcaaa ggtcaagggg gccacattac ataatatgca aaagacaatt tgcacaataa    134820
     gactttattt aagataattt cagcagtttt actgacttta aaatgctttt tatcagtaag    134880
     tctgttgtgt ccttgttcta ttataaaaat aatgtgggga aaaagtggat taacaccttg    134940
     aaaaaatgca tttatactca gagtattaaa cattgagcag atgttgagca gcaccattaa    135000
     aaataggcca atattatatt tattatttaa taattaatta gttcgataat acacaaattt    135060
     atatattaaa tttttttata tggagcgaag aacagaaacc aggtgcaaac aaacatgcaa    135120
     tgtgcttctc ttctagtttg tctttgaaaa cactatctat tgggtttagg gaatggtttg    135180
     ggtgagctga tacattgata tattttgcat tgacgagccg actggctttt ttcctggata    135240
     gagatataca aaaatgttca actgggcaga aaagtacaca ttcaatcaga tgtacagtac    135300
     atcacacttt gggaaaaatt acaactcaag cctgttgagt atacctgatg tagacttatg    135360
     ttgattggtg tccaacaaca gaatacttgc tgtgtgtttt tggcacagac attgtaaaag    135420
     gcccttcaca gtgagtttgg taaagataaa caaagataaa cagcaaggtt aaaccaaagc    135480
     tatgataaag gtgtttgcaa acaatataat tcagatcaca ttcaaaatga tttttagaaa    135540
     caaaccttta gaacaacaga acagttggca tgcttggcta aaacatttgc cttggcagta    135600
     tatgctgatg tggaaacatg aagagtaaga agtgataaat aataggatct tcttacatca    135660
     taagcgggat tgaaatctga gcattccagc acaatctcac agcaattagt aactttttga    135720
     cttttttgaa tttgtacaat ttagaatgat ttgataatcc cccaataaag atttatgtgt    135780
     gaccaaattc ctttgaatct ttacgaattg gccactaaac tgacaaaatg taaaatagtt    135840
     acttcacgag attaagctgt ttttttcaca agtttgcaga gaaaggctta cctaaaagta    135900
     agcgtgttat tggcagataa accagagact caattataac atttaaacat ggaaaaagtc    135960
     agatatggcc cctttaatat agggacttaa tttcaaatac aaccataaaa agtttggcac    136020
     tttgatggtt gtgaaatgcg aatacaaaaa tattctattt caatttctca accaccctat    136080
     tagactgttt acagacatgt agctgttttc atccaaaaga gctgtgctaa tacataatta    136140
     attatatttg ctgggaactg agtttaagct cttggcatca ttagcagtgt tcttttgttt    136200
     gaacttcagg aatgcacgca gaataagtgc atttccacac tactgtttaa ccctttaaac    136260
     ttaaaagggt gattattagt taaattactt ttataaaatg tacagtgagt tcaaaaatgt    136320
     atacaattat tcattcagct aggagtggtc tttgccataa attccaatac attacatgaa    136380
     tacattaaag cagaacattt agaaaaaaga gagtatgtca tgatgtaatt gtgtggtggc    136440
     atcagaaact ggtaaataag aggaaataga aaggaaagtc atgcaattac tttgcccagc    136500
     acttagagta tgtgtgtagc agaaaaaata caggcttaag gctttatctc caaaactatt    136560
     tccccatgct caaatttaat atgcaatgat tgcttctgtg aaacataaga gaggagggga    136620
     aatattcgag gaggagagga aggagactgc aaaataacta gaaattcatt tggaaaaaca    136680
     ttattaatag cttacacttg tagcctataa ttaatgtgtc tgtgctgcaa ataccaatca    136740
     acattcactt gcatgaaaga aatctgaaaa ggctgcaatg gagttaaaaa cttacctctc    136800
     aatcttacat tttgtcaaat tcgtaattct ttagcatata gattcagcaa atcatggtat    136860
     ctgctgcata ataatgcgtt tttcccccca tcctctgtcc tcgtgagctt cagtgctggg    136920
     ttgtttgctc acaaattgta atcagtttca tgcataacct ttgagacatt ttaggtaata    136980
     tattctgact attttttgat tacttttgac atccccaccc ggtgtacgtt tagtcagatc    137040
     cctttgggtt aaaaataaat ccttaaatat tcttactgta agtaaacagg aatgaaccca    137100
     cagccacata tgcatgtatt atctatagtt cttttagcca agagaaatgt ttgatatttt    137160
     atcaattatt accataataa agtttcacaa ttttattgat ctgatatttt atttatttga    137220
     ttatttttgg aaattcagaa gttattagct atttatttgc cattttacat acttgcaaat    137280
     tacaaataca tatctcccaa taaatataaa ttaaaatatg caacactatt tcattacttc    137340
     ttattgtgaa ataggctaaa taaacaagtt gaaatttaat aaaatgaaag aaaaaaaaac    137400
     aagatagatg gtggcgcagt ggctcagtgg gtagcactgt cgcctcacag ccagaaggtc    137460
     actggttcga gttctagctg ggccagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atattcttcc    137520
     catgtttaca tggttttttt tccgggtgct tttttcccca tagtccaaag actttgaatt    137580
     gggtaaacaa aattgggcat attgtgtgaa tgtgagagtg tatgggtgtt tcactagaac    137640
     taggttgagg ctgtaagggc atctgctgcg taaaaacata tgtcggaata gttggtggtt    137700
     cattcagttg tgtcaagccc tgataagtaa gggactaagc catttgcact aattgttttg    137760
     agaaatgcat taactgttgt gcaaatgtaa atagtgtagt gagaaatgta ccaaagcgac    137820
     tgagaaaaac tgtaattaaa aatataaata aaatattaaa ataacttttt tttttcaaat    137880
     attttctatc ttttgtaatc tcttgatgta ctaaagatgt gttttcacat actgtatgta    137940
     ggcaattagt agggccagac agaatttgtg gaaatttgtt gctatttctt cgtagaattt    138000
     tgtaaaaaaa aatccatgga tttacacaga ataagtttag gattatcata actaaacact    138060
     taatatataa aatcaacaaa taatatatat ttttaatttt tatttaatgt ttacaacgaa    138120
     aatctaattg gattcactca tttggtaaac acagcaagtc tctcatatta tatattctca    138180
     tattatacat attatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    138240
     tatatatcac aatattattt gtgaaattaa tttaaaaact gagtaaatat aaatttacac    138300
     acatttgcac aagtaaatac atagactcca tgactgacaa aaaaatctgt gcgtatttct    138360
     gcatgcacag attacgtgtc tgcctagata tcagtcttta aattaatgta caggtgggga    138420
     gaagtcaggt gttcttaaaa ctccccccac aaaaaataaa caaaggcttg tagaaagatg    138480
     cagcaaatca gtatgtgcgg atcaaaacgt ctgaggagaa agaagaagaa tcattatttc    138540
     tttaacaatt caaatgatgc agccagtatg actgtgtgcc aagaacatgt caggctgaac    138600
     aaatccctga gctgatgctc tgttcactaa caagggcact tatctgacac atgccaaaac    138660
     acttgacaac cacaagacat tccaaacact tcagacgatc agctgtgtgc atctgtcaaa    138720
     atatatgaca cataaagata ccatgctaca tttattttag tgtttttttt aacaaattag    138780
     ttcatgttta tatggatttc actgtagtat attcttgatg atttctcaac aaactatggc    138840
     actacagtat atggacttca gcttgtcatt atatcagaac agatctgcat tttctcacaa    138900
     agcatttgaa ctttattgac atttcgaagc ctactcagtc tgtggttcct agcaagtgca    138960
     agtagttgtt accacagata atgtcatcta atttcagttg tcgcaactcc gtcaagtttc    139020
     ttactgccat tatataacat ctattgtctt cacactggta ggtattatga aatctttcca    139080
     tgttcatcat tttgcttgct agatcaaggg aaactcttta ttgtgaggga caatagggtg    139140
     atgatgataa gttggaataa ttgtacttca aacatttatg cttttacata atagtttttt    139200
     tctttgtttg ttctgtagac ttgtttcatc aaatgtcata aaaaatgcta aggtcaaaca    139260
     ggtgcagaat gtgcatacat gtaacattaa tacaccaaaa tacacaatgc acatgcaata    139320
     caagcccaca aaaatgttta gttgagcaat ttacagaagt tgcatagata acaaagatat    139380
     aaaatcctgc cttcaacaaa ttttataact acctaatatt agtatcaacc ataagaagag    139440
     aaaaacactt acattaaaac tctacataca tctccacaat tagtacgtaa aaaataataa    139500
     atatattaaa aaaataaaag gtgatctcta ataatttcaa atatttcaaa acttacattc    139560
     tcattagtaa tatgcttggc taagaacata atttagacaa attaaaaggg gattttctca    139620
     ctttaaaaca tttatgaacc cttagattta agtaaagatc atgttccaag aatacatttt    139680
     gtaaaattct tattataagc ttagcgatat aaagaatgtg tctgtaaagt ttcagctcaa    139740
     aacaccaatc agattattta ttataccttt cagaagtttg tattttatag ctctgagcat    139800
     taggtagcgg ttttgtgaac tgtgccttta atgcccacca tgcccaccgt ttccacctgc    139860
     ctgtcagtgt gcccagtggc gtggcgcaaa gaaaatgcag ggattgttga cggggtcccc    139920
     tggggtttgg gggtttgggg gggacaacag acagacatga atgaagcaga tatcacatga    139980
     cgtttgtgag aaatactaca gtaagaactt tcccaatgag tatctgatgt atttgttgtg    140040
     gagttgcaac gatgagtcac acaatgtatg aaataaacct gatttaacaa actgggattg    140100
     aagcatcttc ttttataatt gttatgacac gcggctctgg tgatgaagta aatctgaaat    140160
     gaatggctgt gactgattac aaacatgcac tgttttaaaa tattttaaac ttgtgaaact    140220
     cattcttgat cacatttaat gatgattgat gattctagct agctgaaccg atcttttcat    140280
     ctcagttgct ttgcgctcgt cctgtcttgt tgatatgatt atacgcatta ctacggagac    140340
     atgttaatac gcggcagtca atcaattcgg tgggcgggga aactgcggtg agcctcaaaa    140400
     ggtcagagat ttggatccta ttttaacatc aggaaataaa aaaagacact tattgtcttt    140460
     atatcagcat aatttgactg tggacacact atacctacac acagttctgt ctaaacagct    140520
     taaaaaataa tattatttac cataggtgcc ctttaaacaa tgtatttgca atgcattatt    140580
     ttgtaaaacc tgatttcgct ctcataatca ccacaacccc ctccttaaat gtactttttt    140640
     cacttcttgt cacatggaat gatttaaggg tggagctatt cttcagggtg gagctatcag    140700
     taggtcagat tgctattaat agtctagata gaatacacgg ctggccgaaa gtatgatatg    140760
     cacatcaaaa tagcagcatt ttttacactg cacaacaata atttatattt tacaataatt    140820
     tatattataa cttacaaata gtcagaacag aatctgacta ataatggcta aactgtgtaa    140880
     ttctaataat tgtttgttac tttgtagtta actttaactt tgaccacacc atcaataaaa    140940
     aaaatagatt cagtgcaaga aagcacactc actgcattat tatacaaata atgcataaac    141000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgtatat atatgtatat    141060
     atatatattg gtcacacaga tgagtaaaat ctcacaggat tcgttctgct tttcttacag    141120
     gtcttgcagt gttccacaat gtcataatat taattattgt taattgtcca aaatgtattt    141180
     attattaacc ccaaacaatg ttacataata gaaatgctta atgttttacc aaaacaaata    141240
     atgaataaca aaacatgaat aataaatcaa aatatcagca agactgaagc agagtaccca    141300
     tcacacactg aagatagcct catttctttg ttatctggct gtttcactat ctaaaatagg    141360
     ccaaacagaa cttatttact cttgagtcaa ttcctttatt tgaatattta tgaattcttt    141420
     tttttttcca gcataaaatc aatgtcagat ccacatttaa aatgttataa tattcatagt    141480
     atatacagtt taatgtttta aaagtttcct ttatttattt tattttggta gaaagcatca    141540
     gatgttagcc aggtcaagtt tcaagaatgt cacttgcttg ccgatataac gcagaaatag    141600
     cactgagcgt atttcgttcc cactggccag acacaatcca caactgaagg catcattcag    141660
     agaaatagga gaagcgctct gtcaacacga gcttgcaggt aatcaatctg gcagagtgat    141720
     cggtgaagcc cgcactatcc tcccgctcag tgctgtgctt gggccgctga tcgttttcag    141780
     taaagtaatg atgttttcaa tgcgtcctgt ggctcaggat gaaatgatct ctatcactct    141840
     tttctctctg cctctttgtt tgtctttgtt gaattaggtg ttcccttcaa cagaacacca    141900
     cacacaccca cagctgtcaa agcatacaca caaacactct tcaattttta agaaaaaaat    141960
     acataaatac acagacactc tttgtctaca ctggatatta gcagcgtcga gagactaaac    142020
     acaacaggac tcaaaataaa cagtgattct gtcaacagta gtggattaat cgaatgccac    142080
     attctgttta ttatactgag agaaaaggac aaatgatttg caatttttgt cacatttttg    142140
     taaaaactac tctgctttgt caattttatt gtagtatgtt ttataagaca caatatataa    142200
     acactcacat tgttaccaca aatcagtgca ttggtccttc ttatctgatg tccatcttgc    142260
     ttgaatgcag ctgctatttc ttctgtattc tcgctttcta attggttatt gtttcggtcc    142320
     acataacagt ctaaattggg tttcctcccc tcatcaggat ttctaatcat ttctgcttgt    142380
     tggatattgg gattttccaa aaaaaaaaaa aacagaacta atcatcttat agttagtgcc    142440
     ccaatggcac agatttgcag aaaattaccg tcattttcaa aataaacaac tttcattcaa    142500
     ataaacaaca gtcattcaac attttataat gtcagtttta tgttatatgt ctcaaagaca    142560
     agggaatata gagaagcatt agagaagtac atcatgcttc cctgttttac tttatcctgt    142620
     ttgccatgtt tatacataaa ggctctaaac tggtacatta aagtccacat gaaatcaaaa    142680
     catatcattc tgttagctga cattgacagt tttgtggtga acaattcagt tgtgcatgtc    142740
     ataataataa taaaaaaagt ttgctttcgt aatctaacat taaagagccc ctattatgta    142800
     ttaaaaaagg tcatattttg gttttgggca tctccatcaa caggctgata tgcatgcaag    142860
     gtcaaaaaac actttcactt gctacgtttc catccgccta tttttatatg cattttgcat    142920
     atgtgcataa aaaaacggtt gatggaaacg tcatgatgca cataaatttt gaaaatgcga    142980
     aaatcattat ttattagatg aagaaaagat tgatgcatct tctcctattg cagcaaattc    143040
     agtttttact gttgatattt ggcgccagtt aatcaggaag tgacgatttt gttcgctttg    143100
     ttggatggaa acgctgcctt attcgcacgt cttatatgcg ataatccagt tttgcgcgaa    143160
     caatataaat atatattttt aataagttta aagtaaacat caattcatat tttatatatt    143220
     tgaattgcat aaatatatat ttcttttgat catttgtttg ttagcatgaa tgcaagattt    143280
     gcattatgct attaacatta cattagctta ctactaacct gtggaaaggc tgtcatcaaa    143340
     atcaggaaac accttttttt tctgggtttg gagcttgtga ctactttcaa ctaaacctga    143400
     cgagacgtct g                                                         143411