EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX957237; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 73296 BP.
AC   BX957237;
DT   18-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-22I11 in linkage group 19
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-73296
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 3e0b44a6f39db4158740642aaad85d61.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035918; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000052134; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000133101; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000144337; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   DKEY-22I11 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..73296
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-22I11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-285O8"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(38756..39174,39792..39987))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22I11.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sclerostin
FT                   domain containing 1 (SOSTDC1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(38756..39174,39792..39987))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22I11.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015448"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sclerostin
FT                   domain containing 1 (SOSTDC1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5R5D2 Sw:Q642G2 Sw:Q6VYA3
FT                   Sw:Q6X4U4 Sw:Q9CQN4 Tr:Q66KQ4 Tr:Q688C5 Tr:Q6VYA1 Tr:Q6VYA2
FT                   Tr:Q6X4U2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUC2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006207"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008835"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUC2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-653"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10712.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(47161..47284,48224..48336,50480..50535,
FT                   50576..50630,50713..50927,53918..54078,54677..54757,
FT                   57678..57775,58493..58557,59898..59978))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22I11.2-001"
FT                   /product="ankyrin repeat and MYND domain containing 2
FT                   (ANKMY2) pseudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q3TPE9 Sw:Q3TPE9 Sw:Q3TPE9
FT                   Sw:Q5ZMD2 Sw:Q8IV38 Sw:Q8IV38 Tr:Q659G1 Tr:Q803N0"
FT   mRNA            join(60381..60435,61878..61978,67924..67994,
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:138718..138853),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:137990..138099),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:135628..135798),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:134567..134713),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:132087..132225),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:129430..129552),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:128974..129348))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI706004.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC048052.1"
FT   mRNA            join(60402..60435,67924..67994,
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:138718..138853),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:137990..138099),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<135635..135798))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM156706.1 Em:BQ075210.1
FT                   Em:CA475003.1 Em:CK695533.1 Em:CK870243.1 Em:CN179238.1
FT                   Em:CO807851.1"
FT   mRNA            join(60408..60435,61205..61227,61878..61978,67924..67994,
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<140035..140141))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG304859.1 Em:BU709768.1"
FT   misc_feature    64027..64060
FT                   /note="Single clone region"
FT   mRNA            join(67666..67751,67924..67994,
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<138785..138853))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CB365193.1 Em:CK691970.1"
FT   CDS             join(67931..67994,complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:138718..138853),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:137990..138099),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:135628..135798),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:134567..134713),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:132087..132225),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:129430..129552),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:129320..129348))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015441"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZUN5 Tr:Q862B5 Tr:Q91VK1
FT                   Tr:Q96JW5 Tr:Q9H3F7 Tr:Q9WTT7 Tr:Q9WTT7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUC1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003307"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016021"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LUC1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-746"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10714.1"
FT   CDS             join(67931..67994,complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:138718..138853),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:137990..138099),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<135635..135798))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015444"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUC0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-746"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10715.1"
FT   CDS             join(67931..67994,complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:140038..140141),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:139020..139085),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<138785..138853))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015443"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUB9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-746"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10716.1"
FT   CDS             join(67931..67994,complement(BX000986.4:148082..148258),
FT                   complement(BX000986.4:<140035..140141))
FT                   /gene="CH211-210B19.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-210B19.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015442"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate basic leucine
FT                   zipper and W2 domains 2 (BZW2) (zgc:55580)"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUB8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-746"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10717.1"
FT                   ENHTTIRSYAQV"
FT   misc_feature    71297
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-210B19"
SQ   Sequence 73296 BP; 24019 A; 12764 C; 12874 G; 23639 T; 0 other;
     agtcactgct gattagaaac taacattaaa gctaagctta cagaaatcct gtatgcatga        60
     caatataaag atgtattact cactgatgtc gaagcacttc caggtcatca gagatgtaga       120
     caggacagaa tgtgtgctat caaatgagct cttgtgcagc ctttgttgga catccaggta       180
     gtatgttcac ccacactgta agaaacaaaa acagaaacaa tttattaaaa tgtgagggat       240
     agtaaacatg tttggtctac agagagaaga aaatgtttac tttaagcatt gatcctaatg       300
     aatctatttc tcaactacat ttaaccttat cacggaaaca gcatttttga gcttttagac       360
     caggggtgct caaccttgtt tgctttaaat tagaattaaa acaataaatc tctatgtcaa       420
     ataaaatact tcagatctaa ataaagtagg tgtttttacc taaaggttcc ttccctccag       480
     ttagtttggc tgcaaatccc tccacatctg tgctttattc ggttcttgtc ttaagagtaa       540
     ctggtgtcac attccaggtt catcacaatc tgagctagaa agacaatatg gcaaaagaca       600
     agacacatat aaataagtct cagaataaaa tatttaaaag gatagtttac ttttttgcca       660
     ccattactcc atgtgtttta aatccgttta aatttctgtt aaacactaaa gcagatattt       720
     tgaagaatgt tagtaaacag taactattga catccatatt tgaaccaaat ttctttaaaa       780
     aatacgagtt tgtgttcaac ggaacaaatt aaatgtataa ctattttgaa acaagtggag       840
     gatgccaaag atgctgttat tttcattttg gggtgaactg tcccttcaat taaagtgtca       900
     agcaatagtc ataaaatctg atgtatcgct tgaggaaaac taaatcaagt actttctttg       960
     aacaagcaga atcattatgc cattgtattc agtgattctc ttttacattt tcccactata      1020
     aaacgatagc ttcaccatgc aatctatgtt aacaaaaaaa tgaatagcat aaaataacat      1080
     tttgaactaa acttacagtt tccaggctgt ttgaaaaaaa aaaacacata cgcccagtaa      1140
     aattgctaat aaacacaaag acaacagtta tagaaaaaaa tgtttgtcta atatttactc      1200
     agcacttggt aggcagatag cataggcgtg gctgttttaa caccagattt tttttatctt      1260
     aggaactgct ggaagaagaa aaagaggttg tacatgaaac tcctcacaac aaatctgtga      1320
     acaacttgac atttaaaaat ctaatcaaaa tgaggaagac atcaacatta ccttgaataa      1380
     tcaagtgagg agagattggt agcatcagtt tttcaacatc aattactgta gctgaaaaac      1440
     agataaatat aataagagta aaataagact taacattaat taatctaaat ctatggtaca      1500
     accataccaa tctgtatggg gttaaaatac atttgtacac aaatcattcc ctgaccccat      1560
     caatttctct tagaatagga tggatatata tatatatata tagtgataat gactttggct      1620
     tatatctgtg tactcagaac gtacactcac ttcaggtaca cctgaacacc aaaaattaaa      1680
     tgtacaatta atgacacatt atacatcaag ctcattaaca ttattgagaa atagacaatt      1740
     aatatgtatt ttgttaatat taacgttagc ttaaaataat tcaactgcat ttaattttca      1800
     gctccattta ataaaacagt taagactcat ttcattatga gtttagttta aataactaac      1860
     ttacagttga aaaattttta ccataatgat agcttagtca taatgactat gtgaagacca      1920
     gagcttacct taacggtaaa cgtttaactt ttcatggtga cttcgccttc atctcagtgt      1980
     tgtgctgaaa tagagaattc attaatgcag ttacaacaag ttaaagttat gtttttcagg      2040
     taacttagcg tatggtcaat aactcactaa agataaactc actgtatcta atacctcgca      2100
     aacactacaa tgaccgcctg gcgtctgtta tttcttgttt aaaataccgt ttgttaacgg      2160
     atagcgtgac aaaacataag aacctacaac taatgtcact tggttaattc ttttaaatta      2220
     cacacacaat acacagaaat acatacaaaa caatccttta acggacagaa tttgacttta      2280
     aaacacttac cgaggatgaa ttcgctggat gaaagacgac aggtgaattt caaattagga      2340
     gagccgttgc ctgcatgtcg agtcgtgtcc gttcggttct atgaatcggc tcattagtga      2400
     acagtaaaga atcgaatccg cctaaaaccg attccttttt gtatatgatt cattactatt      2460
     tcgttatact gcttggccac actcatttat acactaatta tacactaatt gcatattgct      2520
     gaatgtgctt gtgaacacgt gtgatcaaat aattcccgag caaacggttc aattcggttc      2580
     aatacgattc agagttgctc gagtgctgaa ccgaaccagt gcaaacgtga tattgattac      2640
     aatatagtaa cattgttttt tattcacttt accagcgaaa ttattgcata tatctgacct      2700
     tgacaataag aataaagttc gtttgaagtg ttttgagaat tatatataaa tatataaaaa      2760
     aaaaattctc ccagaattca tttcacatca acaagcaaat gttaatggcg gatgagaaag      2820
     cccagctaat attataaata ttgcgtttaa tatgtcacga aatgaaattt taacagtgtt      2880
     tcatgcgaga atgtagttct tacaaactca aatctgtggt ttatttatag ctatcataaa      2940
     ttttaagcgt gctttgccga tagcggagat tctgacctcc agggtgtcca tcatcactca      3000
     tgtatccggc gaaacgaggt tataatcggc tagacatgtg agacttgccc cggtcttaga      3060
     tggctctata atgaatgtgt tataaaattt agttttaacc gtttttcatg cgggaatgta      3120
     attgttttaa actcaagtct gtggtttatt tatagagatg gtgggtattt taaaatattg      3180
     ttttgaaaat gcggagatat gtgacctcca tggtgatgac gggtgcccta acctcatgaa      3240
     tccgtctaaa gcaggctggt cattatgaca tttaagctga ctttggtttc atgatgaatc      3300
     aattactttt gttccagttt acgttttggt taagcacaaa gttatgttga ttaaaaatga      3360
     tttaatattt tcatgttaac cttataaaat taaggtgcag tacacccaaa tatggaaaac      3420
     caggggaaag ctttatgcac tgaacagtct gaagaaactg gttattttat ttttcttctc      3480
     aaaatacttt gtcaaaaaat aaaataaaca taataataat aatataaagt gtgtgtagag      3540
     tttttcatgg tcatttgcag tactgtattt agatgcacag taactgattt tttcccaaaa      3600
     ttcattgtaa aatctgcagt agcatactgt taatcatgtt cacagtatgg aaatgttgag      3660
     aatacattat catgctgtga aaacagcaat atatacagta acacactgtg cacagcttat      3720
     acagtaaaca actgttgaga aatgcagtat aataccgtga aaacaacaga aatcgtttac      3780
     agtgtagaca gctttaagga agattttatt tatatgcagt gttactttac agttgaacat      3840
     tcaatttcca tacgctcttt taggaataaa agtacaagag ctgtcactgg gttggttttc      3900
     aaatggtaaa cttttgtaat tttcgatgtc cacctttaga tagaaatata aaaatcacca      3960
     aatcatccaa aaaactattt tattcaagtc aaattttata atatttaagt cctctggtga      4020
     aattatttcc atatacaatt attagcctcc ccgtgtatat cttttcccca atttctgttt      4080
     aatgtaaaga agatcttttt tcaacacatt tctaaacata atagttttaa taactcattt      4140
     ctaataatca atctcttttt atctttgcaa tgatgatagt aaattgtatt tagctagata      4200
     tttttaagat gctagtattc tgcttaaagt gacatttaca ggcttaatta gattaacgag      4260
     gcaagttagg ataattaggc aaatcattgt ataacgatag tttgttctgt agactatcaa      4320
     aaaaataata atactaaact taaaatcgtt taaaaattaa atactgtttt tattctagcc      4380
     aaattaaaac ataagtatta tagaaataat ttccttctgc tctgttaaac atcatatggg      4440
     aaatatttga aaataataat aataataata aatttgactt caactgtaaa cactctcaga      4500
     aaaaaaggtt cacagtggta caaaaagtgt tcctttaaga acagttttgt acctttgtaa      4560
     aaattgtacc ttattatatt aaattattaa aaggcctctt atgatactgt tctgtacctt      4620
     tttcggtaca actgaaatgg aggtacacaa ttgttctcat ataaaaggta catcaacaac      4680
     tccttctttg ttacaatacc atgaaaataa atatgactgg attaagtgat tttacgaata      4740
     attttcatat taaaacatgg gagctggcaa aagtcccaca tatgcagaaa ttttagtatt      4800
     gtaaagctaa tcagacattg tgcataactc gttacaagac ttttgcataa ttctattttt      4860
     tttttaatta agcaatttga atgaatattt gagtgattat aaagatattg tgagaaaatg      4920
     ggagaacatt ttttattatt tgtttttatt tttaattgta aattaaagaa actttaaatt      4980
     tgctgaaaat aaattgacac attttggatg tagcaaaatg cctttgaata gttcttgaag      5040
     aaacacattt gacactgtaa aagtacaaag tgtcctgtca cagtggtacc tttatggatc      5100
     agatttgtac ctttgataaa aggtacaata ttgtatctgc aggttttaaa aaccaaaggt      5160
     acattttggt ttcccatagt acaaatcatg tccttaaaag gtacaaactg caaagttaca      5220
     aatttatttc ttcgtcttaa agtgcaattc tgttccaaaa aaaggtactg ccccagtgac      5280
     aagggtttgt acattctttg gtgcaacatt gtaccatttt tttctgagag tgtatacaca      5340
     aatatcacaa aaaaatatat atatttcatg tgaaaacaat tttttaaata ctgacatgtt      5400
     tcagaaaacc tgattcagtg gtgctgaatc ctgtgacaag atcagaatag attcacacat      5460
     aaagacactg atacactcct cctttttccg cccacaagtc cttaaatttc tcctcagctt      5520
     tctctcttgg ctcgtctctc tcactctctc actgtctatt tctcactttt catgctgtgg      5580
     taaatctggg agaccttagg cctactagaa gcttacttat gtccctcaac gggcctcttt      5640
     acccagtctg taattagacc tggccataca cacacacaca cacaaacaca cacacacaaa      5700
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      5760
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatagaga agccaaattc atatatccaa      5820
     atgtacctca aaccaggata tgacatcagc gtcggttaga aaaaaaatgg gcccaaccaa      5880
     acagagcagt aggttggcat ttcactgaac taattttgag cctatagatt tattgcacac      5940
     ttcccatccc agacatctgt ggtaaagcac acagccttga ccagatgccc attggcacca      6000
     caaggtcaac ctgccattag tcaacactgc ggaccggcag ttagagcgat actgtggatc      6060
     ataatctagt aacttggcca aggtcaggtt tgcgggtata attggcagta taattcacca      6120
     tgagatgggt tagaaaggtg gatgtgggac agatgaaatt atataataca aaataaaagg      6180
     tgttttacag cagatctgtc tcaattttaa ggtgcagtca cagtaaaata tcaaagaatt      6240
     cttcatttca ctacttactt gctttatatg gattatatgg ttgatgttgt aaatttgctg      6300
     cttatttttc taaatgaact atatttgcta atgaaccatt ggagttggtc tgttgtgact      6360
     cataactctt cagaatatta atggggacgt ttaaaacaaa aattaaccat taaaaaattc      6420
     ttatctacag aaattgctta tatgcaaagt tgaaagtgaa caaaaatgta tagaaatatt      6480
     tgatagaaaa tctaaataaa gatacaaatg ttaaacggat aagaacaaat gcattcatga      6540
     ataataaatc acataataat cggaccctgt gtccattaca atgaacatcg catgacagct      6600
     catgttttct atggttcctg agcatttcat ctaatttaaa gcctgcagtc cataagagtg      6660
     gacgattgtc atccaatcaa atggcagtca ggctcggcat gttgtatttt ggaaaaaaac      6720
     aacaacaact gaacactgaa aaccaacatg gcatcccttc attccagaca caaacgcaag      6780
     ccacgtttac aatgttttga ttccggttta ttggtatgtc aaatatgtct gtccattaga      6840
     atgtacaata ggttcaaaat ctgttactga aagtaaatct tcagtaatgc tgcttgaact      6900
     gaatgtacta attctttgct gaaaaagttt catacgcaaa atatacagat cttgaagttc      6960
     ttgagcatat agcagatgga aatatctcag atgtggacat tatgtggagc gacaaggaag      7020
     ataaagaaag tttgttataa acactctata taaaaccaaa accctaaaat taaagtaaaa      7080
     atgttagaaa cttaaatgtt tgtgattttg aaaataaatt tcaagattac cagcaatcat      7140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtattt tgtgttggca taatttttgg      7200
     gaagtacaac tgttctgacc tgatgtccat cgaaaaggac agatacatat acacatacgt      7260
     aaaggttgtt gaatcgtatt ttattataat ttcatctctt tattaaatga attatgtatc      7320
     agttgagtga atgtcaaaat gtaatataat catgttattt actaaaatgt agtttaataa      7380
     attaatataa ttaaacaatt catatatttc tttatacaca tttagttttt aagaatttca      7440
     gtgcaaattc atatattatg aatagagaat ataaagtgcc tataaagtgc ctatgaatgc      7500
     ttcattgtgt atgtttagtc tgccatctgc tgatttaata gagcattgct tgagactgta      7560
     attcactgca atatacatgt agcccacgag gtgtccccat tatgttgtgt gtgaaaaatt      7620
     gtggtcagtt ttacagattt gtcagatttg acttcaaaac agtgcattta ccttaaaaac      7680
     taatttatca gaataataaa aaagcaaagg gccaaacttg cttgaagcta taagtggatc      7740
     atatctacaa aacattagaa ttatgttgtg cctttgtata ggtttgcact cctttacaga      7800
     ccaaacagat cacaacctcc aaaaaataca acctcctttg tatgaatgaa aatgacggca      7860
     gaaatcttat gacaaattaa cccatatttg ccattcattc atcttacatg tttttgtgtg      7920
     tgtgtgcaag tccattttag aaccaattat aaccataaca atactgagca aaaaaaaaaa      7980
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacacaaa taaatgaaac gtccattgca aagctgaaaa agtcttttac      8040
     ctttaaagtg ttgcaagtca gtccagtatt tggagatgtc actttgttaa aaaacaccat      8100
     gcatctgcac atatacagta ctgaagtata gtactgttgc tttagtcgtc aaatactcac      8160
     acattacatt gactgataca catatatggc attaaaatta ttactaaaca tttttgtttg      8220
     acataataaa aacataattt taaaaaacat tcttttttat accctgaaaa aaatattaat      8280
     caaagatgat tacttggatt tactcatttt tttaagttaa gtggttgtaa ataatttatt      8340
     tagactgaat ttaatcaaac aaattaagtt gaacattact aaaattgaat ttgtttgttt      8400
     taaatttaac ccatataaat tcataaaaat cattcataaa tcttttttta ttgtactaaa      8460
     tgttgaaaag ttactgtttt caggcaacca aaacacatca acatttccct tttttagttg      8520
     aaaatgtttc tgtgtaagca tatattttat gaaaatgaat ttgatccttc ctaatagact      8580
     tgtaaaggtg tctgtgagga aacgcttcac taatgaattg tattattcaa ctataacata      8640
     gagatcattg cttgtttggt tcattagaca aacctaagct aaactgcagg gcattgaaat      8700
     aaccctggta aacaacacta aaacacaatc catggattgc aaaaacaccc agtgagctca      8760
     cctgttattg ctcgcactca cttgtgaaat tattccaaat gtttgtgcaa aatggtcttt      8820
     agttgctagg agacatgtgt acctaattat attaattata tagcaacgaa cagtctttcc      8880
     gcagttttgc tttgatatgt ctgatggcac atatgaacat atcagcacca aacagatatc      8940
     aaacatataa tttgtacagt aattaggctt ggctttcatt tatgcgcaaa ttgcaaatgg      9000
     ataggaaact tagcagcaga caggattgaa aaaagaaaaa aaaggtatac tgcatgtcac      9060
     tggccacttt attagataca agatctttgt tcagctttgt tgatgcaaat acactcacca      9120
     ctttattctt cagaactgcc ttaatccttc atggcatagg tatggtaatt gtaacaaggt      9180
     actggaaata ttcctcagag attttggtcc atattgacat gttagcatcc cgcagttgct      9240
     gcagatttgt cggctgcaca ttcatgatgc aaatttcccg ttccaccaca ttccaaaggt      9300
     gctctattgg attgcaatat ggtgactgtg gaggtcattt gagtacagtg aactcattgt      9360
     catgttcaag aaatgattca cgtttggcat gttgacatgg tgcattatcc tgctggaagt      9420
     aaccatcaga atgggtactg tggtcatgaa gggatggaca tggtcagcaa caatactcag      9480
     gtaggctgtg gcgttgacat gatgctcaat tggtactaat gggcccaaag tgtgccaaaa      9540
     aaataacccc cacaccatta caccaccacc accagcctga tctgctgata taaggctgga      9600
     tggatccatg ctgtcatgtt gttgatgcca aattctaacc ctacgatctg aatatcgcag      9660
     cagaaactga gactcaccag accaggcgac gtttttccaa tctatttggt tagcctgtgt      9720
     gaattgcagc ttcaatttcc tgttctcagc tgacaggaga ggcacccggt gtgcctcaag      9780
     gtcggatgtg ttgtgcgttc agagatgctc atctgcattc tcagttgtaa cgagtggtta      9840
     ttgagttact gttgcctttc tatcagctag aaccagtccg gccattctca ttctcttcgg      9900
     ccatttagat cagcagtttc tgaaatactc agaccagccc gtcaggcacc aacaaccaag      9960
     ccacgttcaa agtcaactta atcacctttc ttccccattc cccatgatgt ttggtttaaa     10020
     ctgcagcaga tcgtcttgac catgtctaca tgaccaaatg cattgagttg ctgccatata     10080
     attggctgat tagaaatttg cattaacaag cagttggaca ggtgtaccta ttaagtggtc     10140
     ggtgagtgtg tgtaattagc caatcaagtc agcaacttaa tgcaataagg cacgtctata     10200
     gacgtggtca agacaattta cagacgttca aaccgagcat caatatagag aagaaaggtg     10260
     gtttgtgtga atgtggatta atagttgctg cctaccgaaa ctgctgttaa tgtgcatttt     10320
     gaagcctttc ttgagaaaat caaatcattt ttaaaaatac ctggattcac tgattgaaga     10380
     tgctctaatg gaaactgaag gaaaagcatc tacaatcaca tttgggatta ctattttttt     10440
     tttttttttt gctaaatttt aaaaaagcaa agtgagacta caattcacaa aggtgaaaaa     10500
     aaaaaaaagt tgtcgtctga atagaaaatt tcagcagcaa catttgcatg ttagggtcac     10560
     aacctggcaa aaacacctaa aacatgaaag tattgaactg ttataacttg atctactttt     10620
     caggatgtta atgttggtgt aatggcatgg tgaatatttt cttagcacac tttcggctat     10680
     ttaatatcaa atgagcatta tttaaacatg cagagtctat gtgagcgttg tcaaagacta     10740
     tagaatacac aagacgtgtc actcgtatct ttgtgaatct ggaaaagtgt aacagacaaa     10800
     atggtgaata aagccccgcc taatagtaca ggagccaatc atcgattgct acagactgac     10860
     gatactccgg ggaaaggctt ggaccagacg tgagtttctg cagaatttgc gtgatttgga     10920
     tgtttagaaa ttaaactaaa gtgacagttg ttgtttaatt gtattagtga ttgctgatat     10980
     gacatttaat ggtaagcttg gcaagcagtt ttggagaatt tgatgtgtcc tttattaacc     11040
     cgagcatact gcccgagagg tgttttaatg atggccgcag agtgaaatga cttgccttaa     11100
     aaggactttg gtgttgttga ccctttatga ccacatggtg taaacagagc ttcaataatc     11160
     tgaaactggt ttcataaaca tagctcaaat atcctaagtc actagttctc gatccaaggg     11220
     agtagaataa gaggttaaca tcatggatgt gctgccaaca aatttacaga ggctgtggaa     11280
     tactgtcatc acaatttgga tcaaaatatc tgaggaatat ttccagtacc ttgttgattc     11340
     aatgccacaa acaattaaag cagagtacaa gcaaagtgta cccaataaag tggctggtga     11400
     gtgtatatgg gttttggggc cacacaacat gttcgtgctg ctggaaatgt atgagaatgt     11460
     ttattaaatc tctcaatcac ttttgaggtg ttgacagtaa ccaagacggt gctaagagca     11520
     tgaaatatac agtctgtctg gcaatgacaa cattgccttc tgattttata tgacctaaca     11580
     taataaattt gcatctgatg tgattgatat tagtgactgt ggttggtaaa cttgtacagt     11640
     atatgtttgc ttcgttgtgt atttgcacag aatttataga aggtagtctt aacccaactg     11700
     tataaagact tcttgaagaa taaacaaagc gagacagcca cacacaagca cacttggcac     11760
     agtacaatca aatatgctca ttacgttgcc agaacattta ccaatttatt ttgaaaggag     11820
     aggatgtgca ctacttttca gcgaaacaat ggaaaacata atcaaaaata atcacctaac     11880
     tggattagat aaacagattt cagcaacaga tacacagatg ttccacacta tgaaaacagg     11940
     aatggacaac aatctctgat caggtgtagc aattaacaaa aaacccacat ctctattttt     12000
     atattggcac caacagttaa ttttgacagc aaattttgat ttagttttag tcttctgtct     12060
     aaaaatccat tttagtttta gtcatatttt agtcttctga atcattttag ttttagtcaa     12120
     ctaaatttca taagatttta atcgactaaa tctactctag atttactgac tgaaatatgt     12180
     ttggtttaat ttaagtgtaa tttaattcaa atattgtata catttattta cacaaaatag     12240
     tctaacttaa aattttataa aacagtctca ttaaaatgta aagacttaca ttaaagattt     12300
     taagacttga atttaagact taccaatgta atgactttta atgtacaatc taacagagtt     12360
     cattctctta aaatcagcca gtggctaaac catttcagtt aagcaaaagc agacacttag     12420
     gtaaaaaaaa catctgagtc tgagtttacc tttgcatgaa ttttgggatg atttcctggc     12480
     atgctgatat cactttagat ttgttgtttt tatcaggtat tacctcgcca tatggttaac     12540
     ggtcttttta tcttgacatc aaatgtgaat cttctttttc tctcagctgt tgctatttta     12600
     ttttaatcag actgacatcc ctatgaatga tgatgcaatc acatcccgca tctactgtgg     12660
     accagttact taatgcatgt gcacgaaaat catgacgaaa tttttcatca acgaaactaa     12720
     cactgcgcac aacgactgag catgctcaga aaacacagcc atgttcaatt gctttgaact     12780
     tcaagcacct tgaaagatct aaaagacaaa taactatata atgctttcaa tggaagtaac     12840
     ttaatgtcag agatttattc cttttctact aactttatcc gaaaatggtg acaacactga     12900
     caacgccttg ttttgattac gagctgttat tataggcaat ttaatttggt gcttctactt     12960
     taatactacc ttaatactac tttataaaaa tagaaataat atttgagaat atattttaat     13020
     gcaaattgaa ttaagtaaaa ctataaatac accacaattg gacatttgtt acaattaaat     13080
     atgaagtaat aaaaatttaa tatttcccaa gaatatattt gctatagcac cattgtccca     13140
     gaaaaaatca ttaatttatt aattatattt tcttttattc agtttacact ttaatagttt     13200
     ttctaaatgg tattatttta aatatatatg tatttataaa agcaatcaac agtcaaacca     13260
     taactctatg tctcttattt ttttgttgtt ttatctaaca ttattgatac cgtatggttg     13320
     acacactgtt ttgagcattt ctaaaatgaa tgctctttga caggaacatt tgaaaataat     13380
     cattatgatt tacagttttt agtgcaaagt gatttaatgt tttcaaagaa gtagaaaaaa     13440
     aatcaatgag atcactgaca cttcaaggaa ataaaacgaa aaaagatcag ccaaagtgtc     13500
     ctcgccaatc tcttcttgtc tgcttccagg agagcagtgg gccgagactt agaaatccta     13560
     tccatgacct ctgtgggtgg tcaaaccatt cgacaacatc agatacagcc aggtgatcac     13620
     acagtggtca caaagtgtgt agcgaacaca caaacacagt ccctacatga aatcaaacag     13680
     atatttacaa acctgtcagt tgaagatttg ttttgaaaac agttggaaat gctttcccat     13740
     gatttcccaa ttgtaaggtt tggaaaggat tcacctccca gcccatcata tgtgctttaa     13800
     actgacattt taactaaaca aacgatccca ctgagatgaa agaactatgt tcaaatacat     13860
     tctttaatca tgtggagatc aaaattagag aacaacctac aatttcctac attgagactt     13920
     ctacttggtc atatatgcag tcatgcaaac aggagggaat aatatgcata tttcataagt     13980
     tatattctgt ttaccatttc aattagatat ttgaaaaaca ttgagaaaaa tgaaacaaca     14040
     cagaaattac tgttactgct ggtactttcc ttaattatct gactaaagcc atcctgacac     14100
     tgattaacca cgttttgatt gtcttagaca catttgggaa aacctataaa agattccttt     14160
     aatcttaggc taaaatcttt ggtttttgat tgttggtttg acatgttcac cgacagctga     14220
     ttatggccat tatgcgatta tgtgattaga tattcactgt gattcacaca gatttcaact     14280
     gtgacgtgca tcaaaccaag aactaatagg agcaccaaat ctgatgatac aacagcttca     14340
     aaccaccgtg gttaactttc aaaacagctt tttttttttt aatgaggcat gctgttggca     14400
     aaattatact actgtgaggt aacatttcac caagatagtg aaagtgtcgg ggatgatgat     14460
     gtcacactcc ggatgtgttt ttgtccttca ttctgacata atgacaactg tgatcttaca     14520
     gtgtgacaag ggagccatgt tcatgcagtc tgaaatgcag caatcattta ggattattaa     14580
     aaatcacagt gtgagctggg cttaacactg tttaactggc agccaaactt tacagttttt     14640
     actccctttg taaaacggtt gttctaaagt gactgaaacc ctcagacagt agattgttca     14700
     gttgaatgac aaagggatga aattgcatgt aagtagggat gcaacgatta tagactttgg     14760
     ttgtgctatt tgagtctgag gtataatcaa ggttatcacg attattatgc atgcattcat     14820
     ttcaaaatac tgctagttta gaaaatcaca tgaaaactcc ttatatttta aagtgttgtt     14880
     tgttgctgct cagtaaccaa ataatacggc acaaaatgat aataaaaaac aaacaatagt     14940
     ccaattctct ttggacttaa aaataagtga aaaaagtttt gccatttaaa cgtaaaaatt     15000
     ttatactgaa aattaacaaa ataaataaaa atgaaaataa ataaataaaa tgtattaaaa     15060
     tatatataat taatattata taaaaataaa ataaattact ataaataaat gtaaataaat     15120
     ttatataaag tttaataaat ttaaattaat taattatctt aaatgtaaat aaatttaaaa     15180
     aacaaaaata tacaaataaa taaaaattta ataaattaat ttaatataaa ttaataaatt     15240
     attttaaaat tattttaaaa taaattaata taataaataa ataaacttac ggcattcttg     15300
     caactactag gtgcgtctgg aaagcacgag tccgtcgctc aatatatgca agtcacgcgc     15360
     ctccattgga aataacgaac ttgcacgcaa aaacgcaata tgtgactggc tcttagttaa     15420
     tagcctcagc catagttaat ccagtgtgcg tggtgtacaa gctccgaact tcaaactagc     15480
     acacagttgg cataactttg ttaagttgca gcagttttgt tccatgcaga atcacagtgt     15540
     tgaaaagcct tcacgattaa ttaaccgtga cgaataaaag tgcggttaat agtgaaatcg     15600
     gttaattgtt gcatccctac ttgtaaggat ctgtatttca gcatgtagca tcttgatgct     15660
     taagagaaca tggactgaaa gatctacagt aaccaaacct cttgtcagca gaaagattca     15720
     aaatcattta aacattttgt atgtctcttt agcttaatag accagattta gatctcttta     15780
     gaagacggct ccatgaagaa atgttcagtt tgacaagctc cctacagagt attcactgct     15840
     ctccaggcaa ccggctgaac ttaaagtact actctgctga acttgaagct ctatgcagtg     15900
     tctgcaggca aaacttgtta caaacatgtg aagggctatt tcaattgtaa tcaggagatt     15960
     tgtaaaaaag tcacacctca cacaattaac accatttaaa ctgaacaagc ttctttcaaa     16020
     ctggaattat gaccgaattt cttatgttgt ccactttgca gggcactaaa caccttatac     16080
     ttcgaacaaa attgaagaat gaactaagat tatgaaaaaa aagatgtgca gaattctcat     16140
     tctaagcatg gttctgtgca cttcctgctc attctcattc tgattatttc tcattttcat     16200
     tctgattctt tttggaaaaa aaaggtttca gtgtcttgaa atggttattc tgttaaccta     16260
     tttttttttg ttctactaac atagtatatg aatcacaact aaaactaaaa acctcaaaag     16320
     aagattgcac tttttttaat aaaatatttt aattaaaaat aataaataac ttttttgttg     16380
     ttgttgattt tcactgtaga atagatctat tctaggcaat actgcaaata ttttctgaat     16440
     gcaatctttg aacacattcc taaaccttaa aaaacactct aatgaggtgt tagggttcac     16500
     ttttctccgt ctgggtcttt tcataaatat cagtgtggat agcaaggttg ggtgaggtga     16560
     gcaggttagc tgacctcaga tccgtctgaa accagagact cttcgaacag atcaggttta     16620
     aggctttttt tcttaaccgt ttgaccagct gcaagtgtca gacatgtaaa catcacagct     16680
     ttttacttaa tggtttggct cttcaaaaag gccttgttta cacctgctgt aaagatgtgt     16740
     ggtcagtgaa gataacacca tttaaacctg gtagtagtaa catttatctt gagtctccgt     16800
     tgaccacttg agatcagatt tctacagtat ggtcctgtga atacatacat tactcacaca     16860
     taagtgttta agcctaaatt gcaagggaag taagaaattc actaagaaca atagcaatag     16920
     tcttaactac atttttggag tatttgtttt taaataacag catttttagt gctggtctgt     16980
     tcgttctttt tttttttttt taattttata agcttttaaa aaaatcaccc cccacaccca     17040
     cccaccacct ccaccccttt cctcaagtaa ttgcagactt tatgacttga tttttcttct     17100
     gttgaacaca aaagaagata ttttgaaata ctcaaaacca ctgccatcaa catcaacaat     17160
     ataaaaaaat taataaacgg caagaagtta atagctactg gtttccaaca ttcttcaaaa     17220
     tatcttcttt agttttcaac aaaaacaaaa caaaacaaac aaacaggttt tgaccaagct     17280
     gaggctgagt tagctaatta tgatgtctga tgttttgtaa cagtcctaaa aatgtggttt     17340
     aacatgtttt tgttttttta agtaaaattt ccttgaaagt gtcagtaata ctattgtaca     17400
     agttcctaaa taagttttca gggtctctta aaaaaataaa aactaagcaa aaacactcaa     17460
     agtaaaaaga ctctaggaca gactttaaac tgcggtaaac cctttgtaaa caatcaatac     17520
     aaaattgaaa agtcacagaa aattatggtt atttaaaatc taaatttgct tcttcttttt     17580
     tttttttttt tgatgcgtcg gaaattagat cttcaatgaa ttcacaaaat aaaataataa     17640
     aataatctgg taaatttttc accctaaagt atttcaccct aaattatttc ttctttcatt     17700
     caaacaaaat tggactaaca acatcttggc tcttcccttg ttggtaatgg cagtgaatgg     17760
     tgcccagttt tgatgctcta aaaagcacat ccagctttct aaatgtaatc catgactcag     17820
     tggattaata aattccaaat taataaatat agaaagtatg gatataaatt gttaactcag     17880
     cttcccattt agcccacttc atacatcata actcaacttg tgaatccagg tataacagtt     17940
     gccggaagaa atcacaaaaa acaacactta acttcagaaa atgtattagg tgaactattc     18000
     ctttaatctt ttaatcaaat aatacatcct gactggataa atgtcttcaa tgatgatttg     18060
     taaatggcag aaataaagag aagaatgaac tgatttactc tgagaactct tacactagaa     18120
     gagaaatctc agagttggtc actaacattg tggacactta tttccacaat acacactgaa     18180
     tgctccccag ttgttagttt accttttgtc attttgaaaa acaatttcta gcacttaggc     18240
     caattgtttt tagatttatt taatataacc ttccttttcg agaatgtatc ccttagtgga     18300
     tataaaatat tgacaaagca ttaaaaaaac gtctaaacaa tactttactc cccagtcatt     18360
     gtacttacat gcaccgcttg tgtacttgac ttttctgcat actcattcaa atcaaagtaa     18420
     cgcaattata tttaatataa tgatatagtg tataaaccac aaataaagga aggagctgct     18480
     tttaaatgca tacttggttt tacttttgaa tttgtcaaca caggctcatt ggcagaaaat     18540
     gtgccctggt gttcattttt gagaaccgag aattatgtgc tgagtacata ttttgcattt     18600
     tatatgtgaa atgaatgcta cagggctttt ccattgtgct tggtttgttc agtagatcac     18660
     aacaaatgac actagatttg ggaggcggtg tggagtggag cagactggag ttaagagtcc     18720
     agcgaagcac aatttcataa acgaggtaaa acgaaaccca caaaaatcag cgtaaggtca     18780
     cagtaaaagc acacagagat ggcttttctt ttctagcttg cttttgaaac actattggtt     18840
     gggtttaggt aagggggtgg gttggtcagt caatatcaat gtggtataat atatgaaaaa     18900
     aaaatgttta ttaggcctgt cacaataatc catagatcga cttatcgcac aacacatgga     18960
     catgacctca atcatttttg gtgatgtaat aaatatcggc catacataaa aaaacaattc     19020
     tatcaacatt taagctgatt ggatatattg gggatgacag tatggttaaa aaatactata     19080
     gtacttacaa taaattactt tattatttta aaataataca actgaaaatt gatcaagtag     19140
     cagttatcgc agcctgtttc ttttttatct tgcttacttt tttgttaaca tttattatta     19200
     tttatttagg gtataaatga aatattaaaa ataatgaaat atatgttcta tggaagagtg     19260
     tacttgcatg gtgatgatat tatattggca ttctggcatt atataatgag tgacataaaa     19320
     aggtcttaat attacaataa tattgtttat tgtaatatat tttggtgcaa tatatcatac     19380
     aacaaaaaat agatatcgtg actggcctaa gtcagaatta ttacctccct aaattattag     19440
     cccctgttta tatttttccc caatttctgt ttaacagaga gaagattttt ttcaacatgt     19500
     ttctaaacat aatagtttta ataactcatc tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgcca     19560
     tgctgacagt aaataatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga aacttctata cagcttaaag     19620
     tgtcatttaa aggcttaact aggttaacta gaatggttag agtaattagg caagttattg     19680
     tataatgaca gtttgttctg taaactatcg aaaaaaatat agcttaaagg ggctaataat     19740
     tttgccccta aaatggtgtt taaaaaatta aaaactgttt ttattctagc caaaataaaa     19800
     caaataagac tttctccaga agaacaaata ttaatgtgaa aattttcttg ctctgttaaa     19860
     cataatttgg gaaatattaa aaaaagaaaa aatcaaaggg gagctaataa ttctgatttc     19920
     aactgtatgt tggttctcaa aaatgtagtc ctaagcacgt atttccaata acctgggttg     19980
     gaattgatgg tcacatgtac accgtgtgta gagagtgaca gcatggagaa cacaactcca     20040
     cttatattgt actcaaaata agcaggctac atgcttagat tatgtaaact gtaatgaaaa     20100
     caaaatatgc atcattctaa ctgcatacaa actagaggct tccttaagct ttaatgttag     20160
     gtgtaaacag aggactgact ataactggca agccaacgga tgtctttcct ggcagggata     20220
     aaaaagatgg attactctca tctctatgga gcaagagtga caacagttat acccctattt     20280
     taatggggcg aaaaaagaaa agagccacgg tctcattgtg ccatgatccc attcagacaa     20340
     gtttcagaga gtgatgcaat acagatagcc aaagaaaggc atggctccaa acatgaggtc     20400
     acagggcgag aaacagtggt gtcatgtggt tccatacaca cagcgctgac acataatact     20460
     taatgaggaa caaatagtgc tgttttttca actgcatttc ctctcttcct ggatcaaatg     20520
     tctgcaacaa caaaaaacag tctcgtgcat ttgccgtgat gagtagtctc atcattaccc     20580
     aagatacaga ggataagtgg gttcgcagca cttaaaagcg gcttcacaaa gcagcttata     20640
     gacttcacca atgaccgtgg ggcactgtga ctgtactatg ggaaaagtac attaaaaaaa     20700
     gatctgctac ataaagcttg ttttagcttt ccactctact ccctgtttta cgattgattt     20760
     ttcacaaaaa tggtttaaat ctaataacta atgtttgggt aaaggtttct ataaagaatg     20820
     accatgttta caagcacatg atttttctat tatggtccat atgttgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa     20880
     gattttagac tgattttatt actgtaaaag cctgcaaaaa ttcccgcttc caggatgctt     20940
     gatctcacag ctgctcggca tctcatgata aactggtaaa ataatttatt gatcagtcct     21000
     taaaattaaa tccgtatgaa tgtgtagaca taaatttatc ttaattcaag aaatgttggt     21060
     tttaaatttc caatataatg gtctaatagg ttattttcta tcagctcata tacattcatg     21120
     ctgccaagaa agcactgaca catgaaggca tggactctgg tggatcttac aaagacatta     21180
     tctgcaaatc ctttcccttt tgtaggctgc gagctggaga tcgaacttct tgaactccaa     21240
     gatcccacag atgctgaact acatgcggaa tctgaaggcc aggctaaccc tatgaactcc     21300
     tcatcatatt attcatgcaa attttttgca gtgtcacaac caatccaaac agggaacatc     21360
     attatctttg caatacttct ttgtgattac agcatgatat taacttgcac tgtatacggg     21420
     aagatcgcat gtgatgtaaa gacaaggctc acgactcctg taatcacaca atttctttct     21480
     tccactgtgc gtatgtgcgt gtaagtatta acttgtctgg aagactgttg ggtaggtagc     21540
     ttgtgtcaaa tatgtatggt ggccgagaga gcttaacgta ctgcaattaa aaaaaaaaca     21600
     tttgcaatta caaaaaacac cagcaaatta aggaaagatt ttcatccgtt tgacagctca     21660
     cgtgctgcaa atcctcacaa agcataggct taaaaaaatg tgctgcattt tctcacaacg     21720
     caaacaaatt aatgaaacat tatgcaacaa cgcaaacaaa ttaatgaaac agactgcatt     21780
     ttctaacaac acaaaaagaa cagaacacaa tggaaatatt tcaaggggac ccaaaaatgt     21840
     gacgctgtgc agcaactata gagtggagga actatgacgt caccttgtag gccaatcggc     21900
     tgctagcaca aaactgttcc ctcaataaaa tccctttaag atttttccat ataggctttt     21960
     cgaagactgc attatagact agtttagatg gatgacgtat catgtctctg acatcgcctg     22020
     tagttccatt tagcaacttg atagcaaccg tcttttaaaa caagcataca ttattttttt     22080
     taaatcaaga gtgtgatgta actgatgcgt tttatgttgt agaataaagc gtgaaagtat     22140
     cttgagtttg tttattcatt caaaaaaact tatcgacttt ggggagagag aactggaatt     22200
     gctgaaatgc taactcgttt ccgtgttttt gcaaacatat tgacatcata gttcctccac     22260
     tctattgctc agtgaagttg taggtgatct ttgaaaggtg agttttttgt ttgtttattt     22320
     tagtatgccg atttctgtgc ctttagtatt tattagcctt aatatccata ccctaaatat     22380
     cctacattag ttacatttta catcttctgg aaaaatgtag cgtattttta aaaaatgttt     22440
     gctttgtgac gatttgcatc atgtgtgctg tcaaactaat gaggatcttt tctctatttg     22500
     ctggtgtttt ttgtaactga acccgttttc ttaaattgca gcacgttaat ctctctcggc     22560
     caccgtaaat gtcaacatga acaaaatatg ccggtttgtg acctctgcaa ccaacaagcc     22620
     tatcagtttc attattgctc tgactctagt caaagcaggg cttttgcccc gccctatgac     22680
     tcaaaccacg cccccacaag gaaaatgaat gaattaaaat ttacttcatt agaatgaaat     22740
     tctctagata gtatagtacg caaaaaatat gttttgtaaa atcatctgtt gtgtgttgtc     22800
     ttagacccga ctcatagcta agaattaggt ttattaagtc aaaacttcct gacgttttga     22860
     tgacttccaa aactcactgc gtgccgacaa ctgtacataa aaggctgtta cctctgccat     22920
     aaaatgcacc ccttctgaaa tgtgaatcta ttaacttaaa tttacatttt tttaatacca     22980
     gcattatgag agtgaaccag tgggagtaaa cctttccctt gcagaaggtt acagaattct     23040
     tttttttttt tacatttatt gtaaacctag tgcgttttaa aatgcgtttc acttgttgtt     23100
     tttgctttat ccatcaagat attcacagta cgttttaatc aattatggcc tacattgttt     23160
     tttatgtaga ctgagaatct caataaaagt ttgaaagggg tgcatcttac tgcagggatg     23220
     cgtttctcgg cacaacacct gtagcacaag gcataagcag cacctataag cagcacatat     23280
     ttttttttcc aaatgcatgt tcacaaccgg tatttatatc aggagaggga acgcaagcag     23340
     gagcgttgag agaggcgtgc gggtatgttt tctgcatgca tgcgtcagtt tgtttttgat     23400
     tacattgttt tcaccagtgt tggttcggta gcacatagag aataacatct ttatataatg     23460
     ataaaagtct ttaaaaccgt cttcattata atggaataaa tatttaactg agatgatttt     23520
     actgcgtgag aaaagtgatg tgtggcgtga gagcgtgaga atacggtcaa ttgcgtgact     23580
     ctcacgccga atgcgtgaca gttgtcaact ctgtatcaaa gtgactcagc tcattattcc     23640
     aaacctattc tcctgcatcc gacacattat ttacaagatg tgattgtttg atacctaaac     23700
     tgtaatagag tttgcggcct tgataaagag ataaccaaga acattctcat cacatgtgcc     23760
     tgctgagtca gctgtctagc aagtaactat gctacagttt cagagttcta aacaaaagaa     23820
     taccttaggc tgggcagact ctgtgtgatt tggatgcagt ttcaacaaga agctcataat     23880
     tcacatgcac acactatatg gtccacttga ctgtatgaaa tcaacatgcc cttctttttt     23940
     cctatttaat gacagttggc aaatcagcat atggtgcccc tatacaccac acaaacacaa     24000
     catgacaaat gacgcaccac aaagctgata tatgtcccga tttaaagagg agtgcctcga     24060
     gtcttccagc cgcaaagtat atttcagcca caatttggtt ctacttaaaa ctttaacgat     24120
     tccaataatc caaggctaaa atctgtgatc tttgatcgtt agtttggcat gttcaccgac     24180
     agctgattaa tggctattgt gtgataaaaa aaatccctcc tacaaagttc tgcaaggctc     24240
     agatcatttg agacactttt cttcatgtga cttcaactac aatgatcacc aattcaagaa     24300
     ccaataggac aaccaaacct gatgacacat cagagtaaca acatcaaagc actgcaagga     24360
     atgtcaaaac agttgtgtta acaatgcatg ttatgactaa aagtaacgct acagattgtt     24420
     tatgttcaaa gacatgtgct ataggtgaat tgagtaataa aaattggcct tagtgtatga     24480
     gtgcatatgt gaatgcaaga gtgtatgggt gtttccagta ctgggttgcg actggaaggg     24540
     catctcctgc ataaaacata tgccggaata gttggcgatt tattcctgtg gtgacccctg     24600
     ataaataagg gactaagcta aaggaaaatg aatgaactaa ttgtttatgc ttgctttcat     24660
     gtattgtttc agaatgtctt ggatgaagaa tctcggaata aatcttcttg catgtctgtg     24720
     tttggcgcat cttattttgc atgcagtcaa gtatataaat aaattgtcac aaagattaaa     24780
     aacaatataa taatcaataa aatagacctc acatattact caatgaatac attaaaccag     24840
     ttttaacaaa gtaagccatc agacatttgc ccagtgcttg aacagaaatg tcttctgatt     24900
     tgatataaac tcagtgaaac agaaaattaa gagaaaaaga aaaaaagaga atgagacaga     24960
     agaaagatga aaagagtcct ggaagctttc tgcctgcaga tgttggccta gtccagccca     25020
     cccacgttgg acccagtgat cttgatggcg atgaatgatg atgtcacaag agctcaggcc     25080
     agaagacaag aggaaaaagc ttatcatcac tgatgcaaca aagcgtaaag cgagaaacac     25140
     acacacacac actattagtg tacatacata cacaactgca cgtgcacgcc ttttaaccag     25200
     ttttgcttta tgtttgcaca aaaacagcag aattgtgcaa atacagcata acataattta     25260
     ataaaactta aatgctttaa gtcaaatact tagtgtgcat gaatatgttc gaaaatacac     25320
     taactggcca cttcattagg tacacctaca agtaccggtt gggcccactt ttggcttcag     25380
     aactgcctta atcctttatc gcatagattc aacaaggtac tggaaacatt tctcagagat     25440
     tttggtccat attgacatga tcacatcaca cagttgctgc agatttgttg gctgcacatc     25500
     catgatgcaa atttcctgtt ccaccacatc ctaaatgtgc tctattggat tgagatctgg     25560
     taaatgtgga ggccgatttg agtatagtga actcattgtc atgtttaaga aaccagtctg     25620
     gggtgcttta ttacttgctg gatcctgttt cctgctggaa gtagccatca gaagatgggt     25680
     accgtggtca taaagggatg gacatagtca gcaacaatat tcaggtaggc tgtggcattg     25740
     acatgatgct taattgataa taatgggccc aaagtgtgcc aagaaaaaat ccctcacacc     25800
     attacactac cacccccagc ctgaaccatt gatacaaggc aggatggatc catgctttca     25860
     tgatgctgac accaaattct aatcctacca tctgaatgtc gcagcagaaa tcgagactca     25920
     ttagaccagg caacgttttt ccagtttttt attgtccaga tttgtaaagc ctgtgtgaat     25980
     tgtatcctca ttttcctgtt cttaactgac aggagtagca cccgatgtgg tcttctgctg     26040
     ctgtagccta tccgcctcaa ggttcgacag ttgtgtgttc agaaatgctc ttctgcatac     26100
     attggttgta atgagtggtt atttgagtta ctgttgcctt tcaatcggct ccaaccagtc     26160
     tggcccttct cctttaacat taacaaggct tttccgccca cagagctgcc gctcacagaa     26220
     ttattaattt ttttaccaat ctctgtaaac cctagaaatg gttgtgcgtg aaaatcccag     26280
     tagatcatca gtttctgaaa tactcagacc atcccgtcac gcaccaacaa ccatgccaca     26340
     ttcaaagtca tttaaactcc ctttcttccc tattctgatg ctctgtttga actgcagcag     26400
     attgtcttga ccatgttgct gccattggca gattagaaac aattgtacct aataaagtgg     26460
     ccgctgagtg taatgtaatt agaaaatgtt tcaggtcgag aacttgactg tttaagggta     26520
     aaaggagaca tgctaatatt tgcttgaatg cattcttaca aaataacctt tccaaactgt     26580
     tttcaatatt tacatgggtg gtcaagtttt ccgagtttat ttatccattt ttctgtctta     26640
     actaaaatgt ttgctttatg ttgtttataa caactggata tgctgctttg gcctttcatc     26700
     tgaactctgt gttttcaaaa tatggccaca tttgattttt actttctgat ggaaattaaa     26760
     actaaattat ttcagaagca aaaatatgca aatataatat tttttcttac aggtatattt     26820
     atgtatttat taaataaata aaagtaacaa taaataatct gatctatgat gctgagttat     26880
     tatgtccaat aaattttgca accacagcaa agtctgatat tcatatgtta acagctgagt     26940
     gacttataaa tcctgccctg gtgccttgct cggatcttca caaatgttcc aatgacggcg     27000
     ttttcactgc cagttgacag aaatacacgg cacaacctca aaatagtctt gaaggaaagc     27060
     aatatattaa tgtgtcatat tcctttccct caaaattact gccaattgcc acacaacact     27120
     gaattctgta tccctcaaaa ctactgccag ctgccatacc aaactccaaa tcatatttct     27180
     caaatgaagt gacagaacca acacgtcttt taatgatgga aaaatacacc gttgtgccag     27240
     aagaccctaa atctagacat tgaaggtact gatcaccaag tctgcattaa taacaaggat     27300
     taggtttgca cacagtctct gctgtcatgt agatgatgaa tgaaaaagaa aaatcagtag     27360
     ggcagacagt gcagtgatta tagtgccagg taggcctaag tcttataagg ctcaagacaa     27420
     tagaaacatt ctctgccagg tacagaaatt ataaaggatt tctttttgtg catgtgtcaa     27480
     caaagacaaa gaagaaacag gcctacatct ggagtgacta caacatcaga cattagctgc     27540
     tttttcacag aattattagt agtcattcta ctcaaagcaa agatttgatt atttacgttc     27600
     atttacattt acaactttca ctcatttcaa gtctcagatg ctttaacctt ttgattaata     27660
     ggtaaactgg tgttccatgg gtcttcaacc caaaacaatg tctaatgaca ttaaattaca     27720
     accaactaaa tgaaaataaa accaggaagg aactgttctt acctgtatga actttacagc     27780
     cattagtcag acttatgtag agtaaaaaaa acaacaactg tatagcacga attcggacac     27840
     tatacaaagt ttaaaataat ctcaggtgat tgttcaatcc aatcgtttac taatgagaca     27900
     caagatggcg gcaaaaacaa acgcgaatcg ccatacattt gtgcagcttg tgcacgagtt     27960
     gatgcgtcgg ccatctttga agggacatca tcagtaatct atcaagtaaa aacgggaaat     28020
     gggataaagt ttcagatatg agaattttaa gtttttttta attgaagcat tgttttatag     28080
     taagtgtatg catataagtc tcaagttttt cttctttgct tcacatccca aaaagagaca     28140
     aagtaatagc ctatttggtg agaataatgt tgcaattgaa agattcaatt caagtattcc     28200
     atatggtatc atgcaataag gctgattaaa ccgatttgac aaattaatta aaagagttat     28260
     ttacagtagc ctaattgtta ttaatctgca atcagtttgt aattcatttt gaatgtttta     28320
     ttgatttaca gtcctataaa tgaaaaaaaa attaacaaaa ataaactttt gggctgttgt     28380
     aaaaagaggc ttctgttttg cagctttcaa aaatcctaaa taattaccaa actcagccat     28440
     aaaattaatt gtttacttaa agtgttacag agctcagaca ttagcactca gcaggtttgt     28500
     gcctatcctc taagtgcaat cagcttagac atgcctgtga taatataaac agatcaatcc     28560
     caataacatc atgaaaggag cagaaaaaca cagtggaatg tggcatcgtc gcttgccaaa     28620
     ttaaataaaa tcactgtaca ccaaactaaa tcttaagttc atgttgttct ttctttaaaa     28680
     aggttacctg ttttggccat cctagctatt cattacaatt tgccaaactg tgtgcagatt     28740
     ttcttagccc agtccagttt ccagttcatt gtttactcag atttcgcatc tcggtgctta     28800
     acattccaac tgtcattttt actttgttct gattctacta cttcgaagcc caaactctaa     28860
     caacagtaac agtttcataa ttagatgtat taacatagga acagggggcc ccagaaacac     28920
     tgagggtctt tgttttacat gagatgggtt gtagctgggg gatgaaacca tctctcaaga     28980
     gcatcttggt ttaatgagaa acaggtgtga ttgcatagag acacattccc tgcttccgaa     29040
     taggcccact tctatactat tgagtggtac agtatgactg aatttgtgct gtttataaaa     29100
     cagtagacaa aatgaacttg ataatatttc agatcagatt ttgaaatgag cagccaataa     29160
     accaattctt accatcccat gagcccacag gaactgtaaa tggcagtgaa gcaactgaca     29220
     ccataggtca catgactctg gctgctagct gcgtcaacgt catcttgtaa ttactgtaat     29280
     ttcaaaatac caacacatga tgttgttctc agacctattc acctatttgg acttggaatt     29340
     ctgtcttttt tgcaaccact atcattatca atgcctaaac agagccaagg gtttctggtg     29400
     aactttccat tacaaaattg tcacgtttaa gatctgattt ctttaaaaat ctgtgatctt     29460
     cactgccggt tagatatacg atatgaagtg ggtctcagag tggacaagaa gcactgcatt     29520
     aaattctatt tccccccgcc atgtttttac aatatgacag tttattttat cccagtattt     29580
     tcatgggatt tcacaacaaa atgaatgctt aagtcttttt aactgaatgt attgcaatga     29640
     cattataaca tcgatgctgt aaaaacaacc ttaagaaatt ttaaaaaagt cacattaagc     29700
     tttcaccaga agtttatgat tggctttaaa actagagccc attacatcta tgcggtggta     29760
     cagtgttgtg tgatacaagc cccaccaatc aaacaatttg ctgtttacaa gctcttatca     29820
     gttgtatgaa gatacccact tacaaacata ctatactaac ttttctaaat gtgttaacca     29880
     tactgtagta aagtttttga attaatctgt tgtattaatt tttagttgct aggataacac     29940
     aacaactaga atgatttaaa caaattaccc aaaactgtag ttatctacaa gtatagggta     30000
     tattaattta caataaacta aagtatactg cagtacttat tacagtttag aatttcacta     30060
     tagttagtac tacagtggat ggcagagtgg ctcagtggtc acctcacagc aagaagatta     30120
     ctggttcgcg tcctggctgg atcagttggc attttctccc tgtttgcatg ttctccctgt     30180
     tttcacatgg gtttcctctg tgtggcccac agtcaaaaga catgcgtaag tgaattggat     30240
     gatctaaatt ggctgtagtg tatcagtgtg tgtgaatgag tgtatgggtg tttcccagta     30300
     ctgggttaca gctggaaggg cattcgctgc ataaaacata tgctggaatt gttggtggtt     30360
     cattccgctg tggcgaccca taataaataa gggactaagc cgaaggaata ttaatgaatg     30420
     attaatatta cagtatgcag taactttcat taacaaagag ttggaaatac tataatatat     30480
     acagtataat acacatacac tatggttcta aaacacttta gtatttatta tgctttacta     30540
     tagttatgtg aggttatgat gaagacattt caccagaggt gaagttccaa atgcgtttaa     30600
     ttccattatt aggagtggtc tggcagacag aggtagcaaa caacaataaa aaggtcaatc     30660
     caaaatgggt aaatccaatg cagcaaacaa tcataaacaa caacaaaaaa aaaaaaactg     30720
     tgcaggaatc aaaacatgga aacaaaaaac atgagcaaag actatgatgt caaatcaatt     30780
     taagagtggt gcgattgagc agtgggtagt gctgtcgcct cacagcatga cgtcatattg     30840
     atgttgtacc ccaatgtttt ttatttgaaa atgaaaatca ggttgatgtc aaaaactcaa     30900
     tgtcaggccg atatcagtgt ccaatgtcca acttaaaatc aaccaaatat caacatgtta     30960
     caccttgacg ttgtgtggac attaccacta tggcatctat tagatgttgg attttggtca     31020
     ctttccaaca caacctaaaa tcaaccaaat atcaacataa ttaatagaca ttaaaataac     31080
     gttgtcctta aacgctgccg ctggctagac agaattttgg tcacctggcg tcacgaccta     31140
     aatctaacct aatattaaca tgatatgatg atgtgtgcct gcagggatgt tctctccatg     31200
     ttcatgtggg tttcccccag gtgcttcagt ttcccccaca agtgcaaaga catgcactac     31260
     agttgaattg ggtaaacaaa attgttccta tgtgtgtgaa agagagtgta tgggtgtttc     31320
     caagtgatgg gttgcacctt ggaatggcat ccgctaggta aaacatatgc tggataagtg     31380
     acggttcatt ctgctctggc gacccctgat taataaaggg actaagccga aaagaaaatg     31440
     aatgaataaa ttgccccaat gaaggtgtgt gagtgtggtg tttatgttga attaagtgtc     31500
     aataatttac agctgcgtgt gtatgtttta gattcgtaaa cattcacagc tgtgaagtac     31560
     aacgcatgct gggaggtgta gtccaggtga atggctggtg gagtgtagtg ccctttattg     31620
     agtcaggtga acactctaat aattgtgaca aatatatatt gtgtaagtat gaatactgaa     31680
     tctcttaaaa atgttaatta aggtgaaaga agatacactt tgttgggaat aatatcatgt     31740
     gtcattatgc tatttccaca taacagcaca tgactacaat ttttcagttt ttattttgaa     31800
     cccaattaaa tgtttgcaat gttcatgtca aattaattag atctcagaca agctaaaatt     31860
     aaaatcagtt caggcatttt taattgaact gaactttatt atatttttat tgaagccaac     31920
     ttgtcagacc tccacataaa acacttagca gatggtgaca gaagtctgat gttatgagtg     31980
     gaaacaagaa agtgttacgt aggtatccat agtaaacaga aaaaaattct gtcaatgccc     32040
     ttgagacatg tcagaaatgt ttgttttgct ttgtgcttta taagacatca taagaaatca     32100
     gcaaagacct gtcaatgcaa aagatagccg ggggttaagc tgtagctttg ctgtgttatt     32160
     ttaaatgaag caaatgagtt tgccttattc agtccagata aacaatagat tttctcaaat     32220
     tcatacacaa taccactgac acttttctta ccaggtttgg attagtattg caggtgaagt     32280
     ttcctctctt aattcctgtc tggccttctt cctggttata gtttatcatg attaatcatg     32340
     catcattact gtgagaattg ttaccacatg cattgagcct ccaacacaca ttgaaaggaa     32400
     aagtcaaata taccctcata agccatttca caggtgtgct ctgctgagta atatcatgaa     32460
     aacgtaaacc taaattcaaa accatatttt aaatttagat aaatagggag aatgtgacat     32520
     tgtgacttat ctaaatgttt ttgtctattt gttgtaataa ctaaatgtat aataagaaca     32580
     atacatggtt tatttattaa tatattatat aaaaaaaaaa actataaatt tacagtttta     32640
     cgcaatctca cggcaaattc taaccttttg atttagtggc taattcgcaa tcatttgtac     32700
     attttagata tgctcatcac cgaaaaagca gtaggtttag gtgtgggttt gagagcacac     32760
     ttccttttaa ctgaaatcaa atgaaatcat atgaattagt gcttttttct cacaatatgt     32820
     aaaacagtta tgtttcctcg cgagaccagg ctcgttttaa cacaacatat acttttacta     32880
     caggtcactt agtcaaatcc atgtttaaaa tcccataatt cacatttgta tgaacaaata     32940
     atgtgattta aggcttgttc atactaagaa cacttttacg ccatctaaag ttttaaatat     33000
     tggtctaatt tttcaaaagt gcacatcaca gacaaaataa tgatcaacac aactctaacc     33060
     ctgcctcatc atgcacaata attttttaaa tattagtaag tttatgacaa tttcttctag     33120
     aaacattatt aggatttaat tgttgataaa catgtatacc tgttaacaaa ccattgcagc     33180
     attaacacta agcgtttttc actcactact aaatcttata tgcttatata agctagttta     33240
     aatttatcta taaagttcca accatatgtt ctgtttaaac aacttccttc tcaagttgac     33300
     gcaacataaa attttaaggc agcactgact ttaactcttt ttattctatt tgcctttcct     33360
     tacgttttta caataaagct gtgttattat aagttgttca tggtaatggt ccaaaccgta     33420
     gggtgaggta gagttatggt acagcaggct acagtattta ggctcattgt gtcgtgttga     33480
     cagagtgagt tatacatcac ttgctttggg aaattaactg aggttaagag cagcctaagg     33540
     ctgtatgcta tatgattata aatgtatggc ttaaacaatg acagtttgta aagaacgcac     33600
     aattgttgtc aaatgatgca cagcaacttt aaactatagg gactgatgaa accatgtgag     33660
     gagaaacaaa tgcaatggtg tgaaaactgc cagtgtggag gaaagaggta aagtaaacta     33720
     ttatgagaac aaatgaaact tgttcttatc tgtctgaaat aaaggtactg agccgaaaag     33780
     aaaaattaat gaatgaatga aaataaattg ttatatttat tgaaaaatac atctaaaaat     33840
     ataggggtgg caagggtatg tgggtgctat tcaaactaga accaccacta aatgcacatt     33900
     cagagtgtga aggtttaatc aacagcgtta tagtacagtt ttgcttaaaa tattgtaatg     33960
     cacacaaaat aggtgatata ttagagttca aaagaggaca aattgttggt gtgtgtctcg     34020
     ctggcgtatc tagagaggag agttagggtg tggagaagca cccaaagaag cataccccca     34080
     agactgttgc atgtccagag tgaagcatgg ggctggatca gtaatggttt gggatgcaat     34140
     atcatgacat tccctaggcc ctagacttgt gctagattgg tgcttcactg ccaaggacta     34200
     cgaaatcaat ctggagagcc atgtgcacca aatagctcaa acaatagggg ttgtgttagg     34260
     ttgtaggttg ctaggtgacc atcaaccatt ttctcaaagg atgacaagct gacaaaacat     34320
     tgctgtcact gtgatacaag ttttatttat ggaaaaaata caacactgta ctgtactgaa     34380
     atgtatatat ttcatacaag ctgaagctaa ttggtcaatt cttgtcatgt gaattgcgtc     34440
     acgttgcttg tgcttaagcc atgcaccttt aatgtaaaca acaaacttgc gcaaactcta     34500
     gacaagacgc gatatgccac taaaaagcca ccgtcagttg caatctccgt cagttgatct     34560
     tcttgcacag acacggtgga tccacctgat ttgttgacaa atgggttgtg gatccattcc     34620
     tggcagttcg cgggtccttc actgggcctt tttccggagg cagaggacca ctgccctaca     34680
     ccatactgat gaattattgt ggtctaaaac caggtgtttc attttcattg tccaacccct     34740
     gtagatgtca aataatatgt tgctaaaact ggtaattgtg aggtgatgaa aagctactga     34800
     agaatacaca aacaaataaa cagaaaatga ctcacacatg atccatgcca tgaaaaacta     34860
     aagctaaaaa agctgtaaat gaaacatttt catgatttcc attgctatgt cacaacattt     34920
     gatttagtgg ttaatccata ttattttgga cattctcatt aaaacatttt ctcattcccc     34980
     agtgaggggt agagatgggt ttggggccac atctcttttt aaaaagcaaa ttttttcata     35040
     tgaatgaaat tgaatgaatt tgcacaaatt attcactttt ctgacaaaag gtaaagtagt     35100
     tgcatatgag attgggcagg cttttccaaa aataactgag agctccctca tcctccatat     35160
     acagcaatca ttcccagaaa ttcaaagtcc agtaaaggaa ccaaaaacat tttaaaaact     35220
     tttcatgtga gttaaggggc taagcatgaa gctccaagaa tacttttttt gtaccaaaag     35280
     aaaaattgaa aaatgacttt gttgccctat tttcaacatc tgatggggtg cacgtttact     35340
     atgggctata tacaatgatt gtgtgttgca ttgctgactc taatggcaat acacatactg     35400
     cccttaataa ctcataccat ggcctgttac ttacttttgt ggagcttttt atgattaaag     35460
     ttaaactgtt tcttttttta agttttgaaa atattgtttt tttctggact ttgaacattt     35520
     ctggatcgtt tctgtgtgga tggtcagaga gctcatttca tttaaaatat cttaatttgt     35580
     atttttaaga tgaaaaaaat atctctgggg attggaacga catgaggatg agtaatttat     35640
     aacagaatta atttttttgg tgaactaact ctttaatgac aacataaaat taatttagtg     35700
     gactatcact ttaagataaa agcccccaaa taactttaat ttggttttca taaggattaa     35760
     atgtgttctc agttcagaat ttttgagtaa acaaaacata accaaggaaa acccttcatt     35820
     tgaataccgc agtatgtggg agtactcttg agttttgtag atcacagcaa ctctctcttt     35880
     aaggaatgta tttggtaatt gagcttataa ataccagcag gtggtccttg catctcaaac     35940
     tctctggagg caaatctgct gtcagggata attatagatg gagaatcggt gctctgctgt     36000
     gacaaaagca catttctgac tgcacctgtc aacacaccaa agacatcaga catcctttaa     36060
     agacgtcttc ctgttagact cgtgatttta cctgcctcgg tttcccagtc tcagacggca     36120
     cacccataaa ccacacacaa tccgtttgct gaccttgtaa tgcatctaaa actggaaagc     36180
     attcattcta gatttggcag ttttgcttga ttagacaaga atatctttat tatagattcc     36240
     acatcgttcc ttcgttgact tgaagagcaa gcagcctgtg cagtgtcacc ttcctctgga     36300
     ttcataacat gaggaatctg attcataact tggaaatatg acctcaggca cggcaacgtg     36360
     attttcagaa tggcagagtg aaaggatatg ggatacactg aagcagcttt aacatgtcgc     36420
     cgccaaaaaa gtagctgaag cgcctgcagg tgagggcagc ccttcacaac aatgcagcgt     36480
     agagttacga acgcagtgag aaagaactcg ctccttgaac taattcccca tttcttacat     36540
     agttactgcc tccatgtgta attctactac cttgccttta gcgacagttt ccgtgaacaa     36600
     aatgatacac aacagcatta tgtaaactaa ttaatttatt gtatacatgt gcattcagct     36660
     gcgtaaatat catcttgaaa ttatataaaa atagatggat gtaactctat tcaaaatcta     36720
     ctacatgcac tgtaaaaaat gttgggttcc acaaaatcaa attgtgctgg gacaacatga     36780
     aggtaccaag ttaacttgtt agtttttaca aatttaagtg gattgaacat aaaaccatta     36840
     agttgtggca aaaaaagtcg ctttggtaca tttctcagaa cagaatcaaa atttgcacaa     36900
     cagtaagagc atttcaacaa catgtacaaa taacaaaaca ccatggatta cctgcaaaag     36960
     ccagtctctt cctcaaaatc cttagtttat ctctcaaaac tgaatttctg tgtcaatgaa     37020
     catgtcagtg ccatcaaaat gacaagtcct tgtgtcatgt gtatggataa gacagtcaaa     37080
     tgactttgtc atgttgtcaa tacaactgtg ttctctggag gggtgttctg acgtaaacta     37140
     tggctatggt tttgattaca aatattgtgg aagtttgatt acaagagact ggacaagatt     37200
     cacattcatg cttttactgt ttgtactgtc atttgttgac agaccatgtc attgtgagtc     37260
     agaaaaggga aaaaacagca cagcatagca caaacaaaaa gaaaattata gacatgtgaa     37320
     cataggacac actcctgtac atgtagtgct gtatatctta cacaatgctc agcatatata     37380
     agtacaatcc tcacaaatct atcttttaaa tttatatttt taataggaag ctatacaata     37440
     ttaaatttgt gcatatacaa tagattactc atactgaagc caaatctgag ctaatctaac     37500
     aaaataacct atgataacgg tccaaaaact agtacaacca agtttatatg ttatagaaaa     37560
     atattacagt aaatacaaat ttaattaaga ggaaaaatta agataagcaa aataattgtt     37620
     gtgttaaaat tttgtaggtt gtacttcttt ttgcaatatt ttccttgaat ttagttgtat     37680
     tatctttcta tttctaaata tttttggtga ctaaaatatt attttaacaa aaaaatctgt     37740
     ttgataaatc tgttttgttt aaatgcacaa aaatacattg cctatttact gagaaattga     37800
     taaaaatatt cattttcaaa atgcttaaca gtgtacatat tcacttgatg gttcatcgga     37860
     tgcaccttca ttacaacaaa gattcaactg gaacaattta ccagttcagg acagatttaa     37920
     aaaaatgtcc attggaaatg tatagaaaaa tgcataatga caaaatatta tgacaactta     37980
     ttcaagcatt ttgcatgtaa agatttatgc cattaactaa tgcctatgtt gtggggcggt     38040
     gagattcaga cataaacaat tgtaaaacat tttgttcaac aggacatact ctggaaaaaa     38100
     gtattcagag ataattcttg gatttactct ttttttaagt taagtggttg taaactattt     38160
     atttgggttg aatttaaaca gattaagttg atcatgacta aatgaaattt gtttaaattc     38220
     aacacataaa ttgtttgcaa caagtttgca gacattaatt tgttcagtgt aagcaagtga     38280
     taatggagga aacagtagaa aattgtatat aatcacttgc atggatgact aaagcatttg     38340
     catcttgttc aaagaaacaa gaaactgttt tttgttgtgt acaagtgaca caatgatgtg     38400
     tagattgaac aagtagtttt gagaatttga attctgattt aagaattgta ccaaagcgac     38460
     tgagaactat tgatagctgg gtatagattt agtaaaagtt cagttttttt ttttaaactt     38520
     ttgtctgtca aagcattatt tgtacaaaac attacccata ttacactcaa aaagtgcata     38580
     aacacacaca cacacacatg catatattta tgcacagtcg taaaagaatc catacctgaa     38640
     aatataaaac cagttgtaca tattattgca gttcaagtca gtgtaactgt agttcatagt     38700
     caggttcctt ccatgagcag ggtcatgatg gtcaataaat gatatcgaaa tgatatcaaa     38760
     tctctttttt tttagaagta agcttggagt ttttattttt gctttttttc ttcttggggc     38820
     tctgcagtgg atgatccttt gagtgactct gaggtgcatg agaggactcg ttgttttggc     38880
     gagtgtatct cttgcatgtg caggaggtga cagctgtgat tttgtatgtg cgtgtggtgc     38940
     cgtcctggca ctggagttta atgcgctggg tacgtgtgcg gtcggtgaca cagcgccact     39000
     cctgggcatc ccgtctgctc cagtagtgac ctccaccgat ccagttgggc agcaggtggg     39060
     tgggcagaca ttcaccagca cacaccaact ccttgactgg gttcaggctg gtgcattggc     39120
     catcagatat atacttagtg gacctcagct ccctgcagcc gacctggtgc tgttctggaa     39180
     aatagatgtt gcttttaaaa ccaggatgaa gaattacagt gggattttaa atgatacata     39240
     atgttagaca gaaaaccaga tgaagggatg gacagacaaa tggatggatg gcaaataaaa     39300
     atagacagac agacagacag acagacaaac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag     39360
     acagacagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     39420
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagacaagc aggtggatat     39480
     gcagaaaaac agacagacga atatacggac agacagacag acggatagag ccagatgaat     39540
     agacagacaa acagagacag acaactagaa agatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg     39600
     atggatggat ggatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     39660
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat atcaaccttt tctattttaa tcatttgtat     39720
     gcgttaatat tagaataaac ctacaaaagt acagttaaca caagagtgaa aacgtggtga     39780
     taaacacgta ccggtctggt ggcgactctc tggtcttctt cctccgttgc gagctcggtt     39840
     taacgacgcg ttattcggag tctcttgagc cgatgcgagc gcgtgcccgt taaactcttc     39900
     agtagcatca tttttgaaag cgtgacagct tttcatcaga aaacagagca gaaacagcag     39960
     ttggtattcg catgtgttta ggggcattgc aaaggaggac ggttttttgt gtctctttga     40020
     aaattcagag aatgattgta cctacctgtt actcgtggat gtttatatac ccgcccattc     40080
     tgagcagcag caaaaagaga ggaattatga agtgtgctgg aagtgggcgt gtcccgacat     40140
     gcaggcacca cgcccaccta ctggaatatt attctgcact atgcacgtgg aagattatct     40200
     tcatacgaga taactgttgt aaacatgatg gcacggggcc gtttgattaa atgtttataa     40260
     agaattgtat agatgtttta aattatacaa gcgaattaat ttattttatt gtgtattaag     40320
     tgacatttgt ataaaaaaaa ataggtaaac caaagatgac aatattaaaa aacaactttt     40380
     tccctgtttt gggttgcagc tggaagctgc atccgctaca taaaacatat gctggataag     40440
     taaccactga ttaataaagg gactaaaccg aaaagaaaat gaattaatga atggataaag     40500
     aacaacattt gttgccacac taagtgataa acactggaaa gcacattaga tacagcaaaa     40560
     attcactttt aatatttttt tgccaattac ttttcaacct gacttaatta ttattataaa     40620
     catatattat tgattaaata atataattgg gatattataa ataaaaactt attgatataa     40680
     attagtagta ttataactaa aactaataac tttctcggtc ttttcttaac aaaattggcc     40740
     tttttattat tattattatt acttttatta tttttgtaat ttataaattt tttttggtat     40800
     gtgtatattt attttgtgac tatgttggga tgaggtgggt gttctttgat tggtatttgg     40860
     ttactaatac agtttatatg tatcacattt ttctgaaaca ataaaagtat tttaaaaaag     40920
     taacttgatg ataaatataa aaaaacaact tacacatttt aggtcatcaa agagagcatt     40980
     aaaaagcatt tggaagaaca ttcagacatt taaacaattc actcaacaaa ataaaatata     41040
     ttcacgatat aaagatattc tatgcacaga tcatttttga tataatataa ttttgaaaca     41100
     aatattcaaa tttgccttcc agccagagga caataaatta tgaatattta tttaaattaa     41160
     ccatttttct aatatgtgca gcacggtggc tcaatgggtt gcacaattgc ctcacagcaa     41220
     gaaggtcacg ggttcgagcc tcggctgggt cagttggcgt ttctgtgtgg agtttacatg     41280
     ttctccctgc attcgcgtgg gttttctccg gatgctccgg tttcccccac agtccaaaga     41340
     gatgcggtac aggtgaattg ggtatgctag aaattgtccg tagtgtataa gtgtgaatga     41400
     gtgtgtgtgt ctgatgtttc ccagagatgg attgcagctg gaagggcatc tgctgcgtaa     41460
     aaacgtgctg gataagttgg cggttcattt tgctgtggtg atcccagatt aataaaggga     41520
     ctaagctgaa aagaaatgaa tgaatgaaag ttaaggagaa cattactaca tttaagttgt     41580
     tcgtttaaat tcaacccata taaattgttt gcaacaattt tgcagacatt tttttttttt     41640
     ggtgtatctt tatgaatccc ttatccaaat agcatatcca tcaattaccc ctaaagcact     41700
     ttttgtttga ttctagcagc atactatata aattatcata gtttttaatt atagggcaac     41760
     gcggtagcac agtgggtagc gctcttgcct cacagcaaga aggtggctgg ttcgagcctc     41820
     acctgggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccgcgtgt ttgcatgagt     41880
     ttcctccggg tgctctggtt acttccacaa gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaattgg     41940
     gtaagctaat tgtccacttg tgtgtgactg agaatgtata ggtgtgtcct agtgataggt     42000
     tgcagctgga agggcatcag ctgcgtaaaa catgtgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc     42060
     gttgtagcaa accctgatta attaagggac taagccgaaa agaaaatgat ggaattagta     42120
     tttaattttc atagtgctag tcgtaaaaaa actagtcctc aaacaataca catacacact     42180
     gaatgcaaaa agcaacctct aatctgcaac actctcacac agagatcctg ctctgaggat     42240
     gtttctctct ttaaaggaaa aaagtgtgaa tgagttttca agcatattta gatcctcctt     42300
     cactgaacct gatgcattca tctccactga gtgctgtaaa gcacaggcat gcatgacaaa     42360
     acccatgaaa caagatagcc ctggattatt ttaccccaaa attatccaaa caggtgcctc     42420
     cgatgagctc accaaatgaa tgtgcataac acaaatgaca gaggaaaaca caaaagccca     42480
     atgctcactt tcttccacca aaaatgtgtt taaaaaagtg tctagtttca ctctctcctc     42540
     gggcatctgc gattaattct ttacgcttgc ccacaggtac acttctttga ttcggacgaa     42600
     aaaacacttt aatatcgtgc aggaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa tgtatttcaa aagccactgc     42660
     tgtcaaaatg atctcttatt acctaaaaag catattggcg aaggggggtt tattggggat     42720
     cactgaatag gcaacctcgg ggcttgaaag aggaatatca aagtcatgcg atacgatgca     42780
     ccgttcacta atttctgcat ctgaaaaccg gatatttgag atagtctttt catgcacctg     42840
     taatgaccgt gacatgttct tagatggaga ggggagaggg atggatctca agggaaacgg     42900
     agaggttacg gcactgagtt atgggtatat tgacatgcga cgtgacaaaa tagaccctcg     42960
     tttggcccac agggtgagac agtcagtccc ctgggatgag gggatgtgga gattgggaac     43020
     aaagcactct ggaacagaca gagccgtcta tagaattgag agcgagtgcc ttaggatgtg     43080
     tgcaacagga ccaagtgtga gaaagtccac gaagaaggag attcctgctg gagaaaaact     43140
     cactgtacta ctgttacaat actactgatt cagctggatg gcttccagtt ttagattatg     43200
     ttggtatatt ttgattgctt gtttgattga atgactgatt tatgatgatg ttttgttgaa     43260
     atgtgtcatt tttaaaactt taaggagaga ttctgcaaga aaaaaaaaac atttatttat     43320
     ttttttcatt tacttatcaa tttttagatt ttggcctttt tataaagtgt tttttcaatt     43380
     aaatatattg tcttttttat tttttagtac tttgtttatt tgtctctaca gatgtcaatt     43440
     acattacata tttcaaaatc tacagttaaa gtcagaatta ttagccccca tttgattatt     43500
     ttttaatctt ttttgaatat ttcccaaatg atgtttaaca gagcaaggaa atttttacag     43560
     tatgtctgat aatatttttt tcctttagag aaagtcttat ttgttttatt ttgctaggaa     43620
     taaaagcagt ttttaatttt acaaaagtca aaattataca ataacttgcc taattaccct     43680
     aaactgccta gctaaattaa ttagcctagt taaaccatta gatgtcattt taagctgtat     43740
     tgaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtcaaat attatttact gtcatcatgg caaatgtaaa     43800
     ataaatcagt tattagaaat tagttattaa aactattatg tttgatatgt gttgaaaaaa     43860
     atcttctctc cgttaaacag aaattggggg gaaaaacaaa cagggggggg ggggggtggc     43920
     taataattca ggggggctta taattctgac ttcaactgta catatctcaa ttttatttta     43980
     ttttattttt gctttctctt tgccataaat cttttcttta gaaggacata cctaacccaa     44040
     agttcagcat tatcttaatc atatagaaat aaaacaatat tcccaaaatc tcctctataa     44100
     aaacctgtca aaaaaaaata aaaatttgaa ctttaatgtt caattttttt gtgctagaaa     44160
     tgtatgcaca tttgcattaa taattagcat taatgatgcc ttagttgcat attaaataat     44220
     aatcaattaa tgggcgtcac ggtagcgcag tgggtagcac atcgccttac agcaagaagc     44280
     tcgctggttc gagcctctgc tgggtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtgtagttt gcatgttctc     44340
     tctgtgatca tgtgggtttc ccccacagtc caaagacatg cactataggt gaattgggta     44400
     ggctaaattg tctgtagttt aagtgtgtga atgagtatgg ttgtttctta gtgaatggtt     44460
     gcagctggaa gagcatccac tgtgtaaaac aaatgctggg aaagttggca gttcattccg     44520
     ctgtggcgac ctcaaattaa taaagggact aagccgaaaa gaaaatgaat gaaagaatga     44580
     atgattcaat caatcaatta actggggttc tattgtgttt aatataattt ttttactcta     44640
     tcaacctgca agtcttgcct taaaaagtgt ttaattaggc ctaacaacaa tttcacctaa     44700
     aatatgttta tgcttgtgat aatcacttta ttaaataaag tgtttgttaa gtaatagaca     44760
     cattgtacct atatgcaaaa tttgagacca tacatgatat ttataagatg gacactgccc     44820
     tctagtggca aaactactga gttaaagtca gggtaaagta ttcacatcac cagagatcac     44880
     gggttctcaa ttcttagatg aaagaaaaac taataaaaca gtgtgaaata cttaagggtt     44940
     ctgcttcaaa aagttctgct ttcaaataaa tttatgtaca ttcacatttt atcttttgca     45000
     aacactttta tccaaagcaa ctagcaaatg tggtcaatac actgaaaaaa atatgtctgc     45060
     aaaattgttg ctaaccatta tgtgttgaat ttaaacaaac aaattaaatg ttcaacttaa     45120
     atattcaact taatttgttt gtttaaatgc aacccaaata aatgatttac aactacttaa     45180
     aaaatgtaaa tccaaggaat caactttgaa tccctttttt cagtgtgagc aattacagta     45240
     acaaaagaaa aatatgtaaa tactacgaca agttccacat atataatgca gatattatct     45300
     tgtaagagtt tggtaaatta catattccca ctaagaattt aggagtcaaa atcaaataat     45360
     ctgacacaat gactagcatg acagaaaaaa aatattgtgt tctgtgaaag ctgggtgaga     45420
     ttttgccaag tacgatgcga tcctggatta acatctactg tatgatgatc ctgaaatgtc     45480
     atctttgttc aaacccctac ccctaaaccc aaacataact gtaaattact cccaaaatca     45540
     aagaggaata ataattggat aataatcatg tacaagtaca taaccgtaac tgtaagacta     45600
     aactaaaact gtaaacttat cccttaattc tgattggctg attgaaatgt tgttccagga     45660
     tcaacacaga tgttgctcca ggaacatgtc ctaaatggac atggtgaaat cagactaacc     45720
     tcatcggaaa gtagaattaa tcacaagcac ttaaagagcc catattatac ataaaatagg     45780
     gtcatatttt ggttgtaagg gtctccaaca acagtctaat atgcatgcaa ggtcaaaaaa     45840
     cactttcata ttttgtaatc tgcatttatt tttacctaat tatcccagcg agtcccattt     45900
     gaatcgttca gtgattcatt tgttcccaaa cccctcctta gcgcgaagct aatctgcgct     45960
     gattggacca atgacagtct gttgcgattg gttgacactg actgccttca gcacgagaca     46020
     gagtgaaatg cccagcagct aattaacatt agaaaattag tcacagtgca tacacacttc     46080
     atagtgtaag gcgtggattt tagctgccag ttggtgaatg taaatacaga cgatggactt     46140
     gaaaataccg acgactaact acactaaata caacatacat gaaagcaaaa aaaatccctt     46200
     tctgttttat atatttaaag ggcataatta tgtacaattc ctgaatttta gcatgtgatc     46260
     gcaactgtta tattgatttt acacaacagt tcaacaaaca agaagaggta catttttgag     46320
     catgtgcaag tctgtagtac gtcactgcaa aaaaggggcg ggattaaaca agatgattag     46380
     acattaaaaa aatcgagcga ctggtccgta ttttaaattt ctgtccagag aggtcatgtt     46440
     ttctattggt ctcacgcagg cacgtgatgt aattttgcag atcagagttc accaagcttg     46500
     aactttgcaa tgcagaactt gtcacacttg ttgcattatc ttacaaatga atggaagtct     46560
     atggggcaaa aagtgcagtg tgaccgtggc ttaatactat agagttttat tctttagtga     46620
     atctgccatt cctaaacaaa aaatctagct tgttccaaat gaatcagctg ctgtgaataa     46680
     atcatttgaa tgagtgtttc aatgaatcag tcaacaaaat agcaacatta tgccacatac     46740
     tggtgatttt atgagtctca taaatgcaaa taagtgtgtt caagtactta acctcttcaa     46800
     tgtcataacc aaattcactt ttaagatcta cagtatttcc aacacagtct cacagcaatt     46860
     cgtaactttt taatttagtg gctaatttgc atgaattcgt acaatctaat tcttacaatt     46920
     tagtacgatt tcctcatcac ccaatgacgg ttggggttag gggtggggtt aggtgccatg     46980
     cctccttttt aaaatcatat ggtttcgtac gactcataca aattcattca aattagccac     47040
     taaactgaaa aaacgtaaaa tacttacgtt tccttgtgag atcaggctgg tatttcaagc     47100
     aagtcaagca tttcttacac tgtagtgtta atatgctaac attgctaacg taccattgtt     47160
     agtgaactct cagtttgggt ctgctgttgt tttgggcctc tctctgttgt gcaggtgttt     47220
     tgcactgcct cttattatga gtgaaccagt gaagcctctg acaccactga ccacagtaga     47280
     ccacctgcaa gcagaagagt gcatgatggg aaaacatgaa tccttataat gtaacttgct     47340
     aaataatgat gtagcatctt aaattcactt tgatcatttt gttgcaggat caaaagagga     47400
     atgggattgg tttctgggct gcttaattaa aagcaatccg aagtataata catgttaaat     47460
     atccatttac cattaacaag acattttttt tcacagctga tttaacactg cattatgtct     47520
     gatcaaaagt ctgtgtaaat actttgcaaa tgtctgagta aattgccttt ctggcacaac     47580
     aaagtataga gttatatgtg taaatgcatt taccacctct gagctgtatc aaacagacag     47640
     agaacagccc ttcagaagga ctcttgtgtc acctttgtgg tgtaattgtg ccatttacga     47700
     gttcacacaa tcagattgtg caaaaagctt gcatatttgt catgctgtca aagagttgca     47760
     ttctgagctc agaagaaccc agagaactgt caccaaatcc ccgctaaatt ggttgatgtt     47820
     ttaaatgtga acatcatttt gttattttgc tggtagtcat tttgtaaaat aaaaggaaca     47880
     gttcatccca aaatttaaat tctgtcaaca tttactcatc ttgtacttgt tccaaactta     47940
     aaaaagatat tttaaagaat gttggaaatc ggtagctatt gacatttgtt tcaacaatgg     48000
     atgtcaatgg ctaccagttt tagcattttt ttaaatatcc tcttttcttt tcaaaggaaa     48060
     catttggaac cttttaggat aagaaagtga ggagtgcatt ttcatttttg ggtgaactac     48120
     aaatccttga acaacaagtc tgctagttag ctacaaaatg tcaacaataa ttgactaaat     48180
     gctgatattt tgtgattaat caaggaaaga ggaaacatat taccatttta cagaaggagc     48240
     acctcatgtc agcacccttc tctccacatg taacacagta ctctgtgtcc accagcacca     48300
     tctggcctgt caatgcttgg gtcagaaccg agaaggctgt ggggattatt tatcataata     48360
     attttatact catatgctta attttttatt taattaaata aataaaaaat aaataataat     48420
     aacaataata atgatattaa taacaataat aatgataatg ataataaaat atgaataaat     48480
     aaacaaataa ataaataaat aaattatact aataaatact aatttaatag taaaaaatac     48540
     aaatttaact tttttttatt tcacatgact tattaggggg tgaagcagcg gcgcagtagg     48600
     tagtgctgtt gcctcacagc aagaaggtgg ctgggttgct ggttcattca gttggcgttt     48660
     ctgtgtggag tttgtatgtt ctccctgcgt tcgcgtgggt ttcctccggt tgctccggtt     48720
     ttccccacag tccaaagaca cgcagtacag gtgaattggg taagctaaat tgtccgtagt     48780
     gtatgagtgt gtgtgaatga gtgtatttgg atgtttccta gaggttgtgg ctggaaggac     48840
     atcagctgtg taaaaatgtg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccag     48900
     attaataaag ggactaagca agaaaatgaa tgaaatcctt tttagggctc aagactaagg     48960
     atttacctat tttttctctg gccacaccaa actatttatt tcctttccac aaattttaaa     49020
     taatgtgtta aaacaagcta aatatagttg tacatacact tttgattcaa caaaaatgtt     49080
     cttaaaaaac aattgacatt taaaaaatta ttctcattta atttatctaa aaagatacag     49140
     ttatatatgt tcttaaaata ctatacacag tagtttgtcc agactaaagg tcctagatca     49200
     tcaggcaact atagataaat gcacagttaa tctcctatca aagcaatgtt attgtaaagg     49260
     atgattatta aatcgtatta acaaaaataa ctgcaagtaa taactgcttt ctaactgcaa     49320
     gcaagagaaa gcaggtgaaa aacattggtt gcgacagtga aaggatgatc tcacacacac     49380
     tgttaacagt agtccctgta ataatctgtt caaagaatgg taaaagcgaa agatgcatat     49440
     aaataatctg gagatctctt gaaagcaggg agactcggtg gcacacagca acagagtcac     49500
     tggttcgagc ctcggctgag tcagttggca tttctgagtg gagtttgcat gttctccccg     49560
     cgtttgcgtg ggtttcgcac tcgagggcat cacatcagct gtgatcatct gtggattgtc     49620
     tgtgtctcac catgcgccgg tgttctgtcg atttgtccta caatgtcaga ttgtcctacc     49680
     tttcattcaa aacttaggta gcacattttg ataacggaat atgctaccca tcagattttg     49740
     ctaccagtgt aaattgtatt gtggagtagt gtgatatgaa gctgtaatat tgccgtaaac     49800
     taccttatcc ctacccccaa gctcagaaac attcaaatac agtgttggta gcataatctg     49860
     atgggtagaa taaaatgaca ggaaaccgga tcattctctc agtcggtatt cacctgcttt     49920
     cttttgcatg cgcaaacagt tatcaataat gctgcttaca tattaacaaa cgaacttaaa     49980
     ctaaaattct aatctttagg gatgaggcag ctctggcaac taaaaaaact attttgatcc     50040
     agccaaagtg gctagtaggg atgtctgtct aacctgccac aatttactcg catttggcag     50100
     gttggcaggt gttaatgtca agccctgcat ataataataa cagcctacat aatgtctaat     50160
     cttacaaact gttgggcatt tttgacaacg tattccatca ccaaaaaatc ttatccctga     50220
     cagaaaaata agctaacttc atattacaat ccatttttac aacccatcag aatttttttt     50280
     ttactgtagg aaaattttta ggcctaaaat ttttgtcact tcacttttta aggatctgca     50340
     gtaaatgcct gtttattatt tgacactata tatatagttt attatttgat gtttaatatt     50400
     tatagattat atatgtcaca tttaatgacc ctttaaactt aaaatattaa ttttgatgta     50460
     ttagtaaagt caattgtact gacaatttcc acaggtgcta tgctttggac cagctgtttc     50520
     cagcagtagg gtttcctcac aggatggaaa cgtccagaaa caatccaatg aatacaatga     50580
     ttttctcctg gtactgagaa aagccatcag catcacttcc tttgataagg cttagtcaga     50640
     agaaaaatct aaatcaatct ggctctgttt gcaagactac ctaaaatgaa ataaccataa     50700
     tgatgtcacc acctcttcaa cagatcatcc agcttatcat catgttcctg caggaaggcc     50760
     agacacttct gcagcacacg gcttgaatag tgcatcttca tggccagaac ctcattcatg     50820
     tcctgctgtt ttacacactg ttcatagagc aggttcatca tatggtaaca cttctccaga     50880
     gcaacaatgt ccaccagaaa agggttctcc ttgaccagca tcaccatctg aaaaaaaaaa     50940
     catgttccaa atatgagaag tgaatacagc agagagacac tagcattact tacaatgcaa     51000
     gtttcacgga ggaaacatgt tctcatgcgc tacatgatcc ctgctgagag acaccttact     51060
     catcagaaat ctctggatat gagacagctg agataagtgt atgccatctg agtcttgagt     51120
     cttgctatat gaccttcctc tataagggtc atataggaca gcagctgcca gtacccattt     51180
     ctcaaaactt ggcggttcaa ctgagtgtta tcctaaccaa cttttagttt ggtgcagcaa     51240
     ttcatttcac ataaaaatac atgcatactt actcccaggg acatttatac tgaagctgac     51300
     catattggtg tttcgtaaca tctatttttt ccttgaggtg agttgttagc ccaacgctca     51360
     actcccaatc tggaggatca agacatatat ggaaaaatta tatggtgaat tacataattt     51420
     gcctacaaca catgtctttg gactgtgagg gaaaacagag cacctggagg aaacccatgc     51480
     gaacatggag agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgtca actgacccag aaaccttctt     51540
     gctgtgaggc gacagggcta cccactgtgc cacttcatat ttgacatgtc taacagtcaa     51600
     acctctttca gaggttgtca atcaacagac tgtcactcat acgctctcaa aaataaaggt     51660
     acaaaaactg tcactggggc gatacctttt caaaaggtgc acttttatac ttttgaagta     51720
     cacttttgtc cttttaaggt actatgtggt acacagttgt actttttagg tattaatatt     51780
     ttccttaaat attggacaaa tgtggacagg tacaaaattg tatgttttga aaaggcactg     51840
     ccccagtgac aggtttttta ccttcatttt tgagagtata aaacaatgga ctaaaataaa     51900
     aacacaatat tttcttttgt aaaggaagaa cacatttcta ctgtttcaaa ttcacagcaa     51960
     tatatgctcc agtattaaag caatcatata tatatttttt tttttaatat tatacagtgc     52020
     ctacagaaaa tcatgataca ctgtgaaaag ttataccttt atacctaata ctcacattac     52080
     tccctgcttt caaaagatct tcgggataaa gtcgtagaaa ggcacaggtt agtagaaggc     52140
     taccaaaacc tttcaaaggc tgaatttgtt acttagaatt tgattagatt tcaggctgta     52200
     aaacaaataa ttatttcaaa tgttataatg attttggata catgaataca tttgacacta     52260
     acatgaagac aaaaaagaaa atgttatata catatatata tatacatgta tatatatata     52320
     atataaaaaa aaaaaaatat atatatatat atatagcatt tttatttttt gtcttcatgt     52380
     tagtgtcaaa tgtattcatg tcatttaatc agatgtactc tgaatatttt ttgatgctaa     52440
     tgcaatgata aatgatcccc agttttgctt acttagactg ctgctatgtt cactttgtgg     52500
     aaagagtgac ataagtcttg aaataacgtg tcattgttat tgtacaaact gtaaattact     52560
     ttctgaaaac tattagatca gtttgtcact cttaaaaaat cctaaatcct atcactgcat     52620
     ttatccccag gtcaggggtg gatttaacca ataagcgagg tatcctgtcg cttagggccc     52680
     ccaataaata tctagaagta taaattatac caataaacta tatataacat tgttttctat     52740
     catatttctg tgagattttt tttagtcaaa caaataaaaa ttgtatgtaa atacacattt     52800
     ttatataaaa ataaatattg tattattata ataatgtaat gtgatgtaat aataagatta     52860
     taaattaaaa tattatcatt taaatctgca caaatttgtc caccacccca atcatggagc     52920
     agtccagcag tcaaatttat aaaaaataaa aatatttatt aattttattt gtaaactaat     52980
     aatttaaaat gtagagactg cattaagaca agatatagaa aagaagtttg agtgatttaa     53040
     aaagtcagat aaataaataa aaatttaata aaagtagaaa gggtgcattt tagggccccc     53100
     aaatcactaa atctgcacct gccccggatt attgctagtc aaaatgctat atatttatcc     53160
     caggtaaaga acaattttac acttggaatt taaaacctaa cattaaaaaa caaacacaaa     53220
     tgtaatttgc tatatttcaa cttcattttt cattttccat attgcaaatc taaaacaatt     53280
     aatattgtaa aattattaga gtatttgtct cttttttatt tcagtcctat ctatctgact     53340
     atttatgaat aattgtatgt aatttaaaca gggacaatgt aacattaaat tacattattc     53400
     atgtaatctg aaaaaagtag aggctgaatg tttttttttt atatgcaggc aatgaaaagt     53460
     tatccagttt gacctacagt acatatgcaa cacaggttgt gaagggtttt gtttattagg     53520
     aaatatttac ttataagtgc aaaaaaagct catctgtaaa tattttttgt atttcaacga     53580
     ctcaatagtt ttttctttat ataaccaaga ctgtttactg gagctttatg caaaacatat     53640
     atccaacatt ccaagcctgc attgaaatag agggtgtgtg ttgttgttgc tctgtaatat     53700
     cacaaggata tatttagatg gaataaaagc aggaggggtg ttggttagtg caaactgatg     53760
     cttcctccag tcatgtgacc ttgtatggta ttcttatggg tcagggttat aaaaacatat     53820
     aaattgctgt tccacttgca ttgtttagtt tgtgtaatcg tggcagttta ctggcacttg     53880
     aaatcagagt tatataaaca cacttggcaa ctcctacctt gacaggattg aggttagtag     53940
     tcatgatgat tttgagaagg ggctctgcta gtttggcggg tagtttaggt tcactctctg     54000
     agccctgggg tctggtgtaa tattacaacc tcgcgcgaga aaagaaattg ttgatcactg     54060
     tcacacagtc atgctgacct gcacacggat ggtgaaaaga aagggtttat atttcaagtg     54120
     atttatttat tagtaaagag taagtatgta attataaatt tgaagtccta attattatcc     54180
     ctcttgaata attagctccc ctgtatattt ttttccacaa tttctgttca acagagagat     54240
     tttttctaca catttataaa aataatatta tgaataacta acaatcactt ctaataactg     54300
     atttatttta atttgccatg ttgacagtac atgttttaag atacaagtat tcagcttaaa     54360
     gtgtaattta aaggcttaat aggttaacca ggttaataag gcaagttggg ataaattagg     54420
     caagtcattg tataatgatg gctttttctg acaaaaaaaa aaattaaggg gttaataata     54480
     ttgacattaa aaaggtttta taaaaatgaa aagtgctttt attctagcca aaaataaaac     54540
     aaataagact ttctttagaa gaaaaaatat tacaggaaat actataaaga actccttgct     54600
     ctgctaaaca taatttagga aatatataaa aaaaaaaaag ttcacaggag acctaaacat     54660
     tttttgattt tctcacccac aaacgcaacc atgtgagctg cagtccatcc cacaaagctg     54720
     accagatctg tctctgcccc agcatctaat atcatttctg taatttcagt attaccagtg     54780
     gaattattta aatagtccaa gtcctggact ttcttactca aaacaatctc atggacaaca     54840
     agcaatccgg ctttaagaaa ggccactcaa ctgagactgc cctgctctcg gtcgtggagg     54900
     atctcagact ggctaaagca gactctaaat catcagtcct cattttgctg gacttgtcag     54960
     ctgcttttga cactgtcaac caccagatcc tgctatctac gcttgagtca ctgggcgttg     55020
     cgggcactgt tatacaatgg ttcagatctt acctctctga caggtcattc agggtgtctt     55080
     ggaggggaga ggtgtccaac ctacagcatc taaacactgg ggtacctcaa ggctctgttc     55140
     ttgggccact tctcttctcc atctacgcat catctctagg accagtcatc cagagacatg     55200
     gattctccta ccactgctat gctgatgata cccagctata cctctctttt catcctgatg     55260
     atccctcggt tccagctcgt atctcagcct gcctgttgga tatttcacac tggatgaaag     55320
     atcatcatct ttagctgaac ctcgcaaaaa cggaaatgct tgtagtttct gccaacccga     55380
     ctctacacca taacttttca atccagatgg atggggcaac cattactgca tccaaaatgg     55440
     tgaaaagcct tggagtaacg attgatgacc aactaaactt ctctgaccac atttctagaa     55500
     ctgctcgatc gtgcagattt gcactctata acatcagaaa gatccgaccc ttcttatctg     55560
     aacatgcagc tcaactcctt gttcaagctc ttgttctctc caaactggat tactgcaact     55620
     ctctactagc tgggcttcca gctaactcta tcaagcctct tcaactgctc cagaatgcag     55680
     cagcacgagt tgtcttcaat gaacctaaac gagcacatgt cactccgctg ctagtccgtt     55740
     tgcactggct gccagttgct gctcgcatca aattcaaaac tctgatgttt gcctacaaag     55800
     tgacttctgg cctagcacct tcttatctgc tctcacttct gcagatctat gtgccctcca     55860
     gaaacttgcg ttctgtgaat gaacgtcgcc tcgtggttcc atcccaaaga gggaaaaaat     55920
     cactttcgcg aacgctcacg ctcaatctgc ccagttggtg gaatgaactc cctaactgca     55980
     tcagaacagc agagtcactc gctattttca agaaacgact aaaaactcaa ctatttagtg     56040
     tccactttac ttcctaatct gcaattgcct ctttgaatat cacactaact gtacaaaaaa     56100
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacta ctaacacttc ccttcttaga ctttacagac     56160
     ctgaaacttg cctttagtac ttattcattg ttgctcttag ttgtgtaaat tgcttccttg     56220
     tcctcatttg taagtcgctt tggataaaag cgtctgctaa atgactaaat gtaaatgtaa     56280
     atgtaaataa acactgttgc tattaaaaga cctggggtca gcaggcaagc aagcaagacc     56340
     cgcaaaaacc ctgatacata tttatataaa ctacattttg ttgtctattt tgtgaattaa     56400
     attaattgat tttaaatcat atatgcattg taatgcattt aaattaatta atatttttaa     56460
     aatctcgtca gtgcaatatt ctttattttt tgatggagaa ataggtttgt aggtgttttc     56520
     aactaacact aagctattca aaataatgta ataaaattat tttaattact ccagtggggt     56580
     taatgaatgt cattttcaaa tttgtatgaa aatattgaaa tattaaatac tttatttttt     56640
     atataaaata ttgtttcgag tagtgtagtg taggcttgtg tgtgtggtgt tgctctctct     56700
     ctctctcttt ctctctctct ctctctctct ctttcacttt tataaactgt ttttttctag     56760
     ctgaaataaa acaaataaga ctttctctaa aagaaaaaaa atattatcat acacactgtg     56820
     aaaatttcct atttctgtta aacatcattt ggaaaatatt taaaaaagaa gaaaaaaatt     56880
     gaaagggggc taataatact gacttcaact atatatatat ataactacat atcatatatg     56940
     aatttaaata tctatgttac aaaattattt tgtaaaattt tgtaaagtgt tatttatgta     57000
     cagttgaaat acagtttttt aatatttccc aaattaagtt taacagagca aggaaatttt     57060
     cacagtatgc ccgataatat tttttcttct gtagaaagtc ttatttgttt tattttgact     57120
     agactaaaag cagttttttc attttttgaa caccatttta aggtcaaaat tattggcccc     57180
     tttaagctac atatttttga tagtctccag aacaaaccat caatatacaa tgacttgcct     57240
     aattacctta acagttaacc tgattaacct agttgagcct gtgaatgtca ctttaagctg     57300
     tatctgtgct gtgtcttgaa aaatatctgt catcatgcta aagataaaat aaatcttatt     57360
     agaattgtgt aattataact attaagttta aaaacgtgtt tttttcgcca ttaaacagaa     57420
     attgggggaa aaataaacag gagggctaat acttcagggg gtttaataat tctgacttca     57480
     actgtatgtg tgtgttttgt acataataaa taaatataat acacatgcat acattatgct     57540
     aaaacattat ttgcgattaa gataaagaga gagaaagaaa gagtgaaaga tttaatcccc     57600
     ataatgcaga ttatgggggt taaatttgat aaaatttata tttgtagcgt taatatatct     57660
     atgtgtgggt tgtttacctg agaggtcagc gtacatgagt gcagtataac catattcatg     57720
     ctcattacgg ttgacatcag ctccatgctt cagcagaagt ctgcacatgt ctgatctacc     57780
     ctttaggctg cgtgcataac aggggtcatg ccatactgaa acaacataaa ggaaaaaata     57840
     gtcaaaaagg cttgcaatct tttccactgc ataactcaaa gccaactggc atttcacctt     57900
     gtacaatcca ggaaatgtgt ctgcagtgtg gcgattgtga caaaacactg gctcttattg     57960
     agagtgacat gagcagcgtg agtcataatc tttgttgctc cttggatgaa gttgaaagac     58020
     tgcgttggtg gcaaagcgaa caagcaacat ctgattttga caggtgggat acacttatta     58080
     acttctgctt tcaatcattc tggccctgaa aagacctcaa ggagtctgta gtttacatct     58140
     agtggcatgt ctccattatc acatctcttt aagtaccaca tccaccactc aagagtctct     58200
     gccatatgct tgaataacaa agttaaacat atggcgtcac ttcaccagcc caccagccac     58260
     tgcacttgtt tacataagaa ctgatcatca gaaaacagtt acataatgct actgtttaca     58320
     ggagtgaggc tagagttaaa tactattagt aacattatag gttctgtttg gctagcagct     58380
     gtctgtctga ttttatgttt ttgtactcga gcttggtgaa tcccagtgag ccataaatgg     58440
     tgcttaatgg cctgtaaatt actgcttatg tttgtcatgt ttatgatccc acctcatcca     58500
     gacagctgac gtgcacattt ggattgtcga gcagccgtgt ggcttcttgc atgtcaactt     58560
     ttaagaaaag gtttgaagat taaaagcatc tcaatatgat ccaccgtttt attctcttag     58620
     acaatgtgtg aaatatgttg cctgtctttt aagggttttc attgttatct actcatttct     58680
     aactttgcaa ggatattgtt ctaagaccag cttaagattt gaatttgtta aacttaattt     58740
     tgttaatgca ttgactaaca tacattttca ctgcaagtat taacctttgt taaaatcagt     58800
     taattaaaat gtttatggct gtttatgttc aaagttaaca atgattacga aaattaaatt     58860
     aataaataaa taaataattt atttatgaca attaatgcag ttaactaatg gtaacaaact     58920
     aaaattattg ttactaacat tattgttact aacccgagtc atttaatgta ggtttagtga     58980
     atatatttat gtatttgatt aaagccttta tattaaatta aagatatttg tgtcatatat     59040
     tccatcagaa atcattttaa tatgcagatt cgctaactat tgtgatattt tttgacttca     59100
     tatttgtgca gaaactttga gagattttcg ttttcataat tcttacagat tttactttaa     59160
     ataaaatcaa atatctaaaa ataatacaaa tatctgtcac tgatcatttt tgtgccctta     59220
     tattggtgct tttgaaatat aacatcaaga tttccataaa aatatatatt acattatata     59280
     ttacattttg aacaggtcca ttttttagga ttcatttatg ttcaaaaaca tttacagtaa     59340
     cactttattt taatggtccc tattgcacat tttgatgact aaaagttgca ctgcaaatac     59400
     atgcagatta cttctctgac tggcttaata tctgctaata ctgctccttc atcagacatt     59460
     taactgacta taagaaacat tgcaagtaca tgtcaactta cactaacaat aaccctaacc     59520
     ccaacctaac agtctactta taattttgcc atgtaacaat gtaacttaaa tttaagaaaa     59580
     agtgttaaag gaaccattaa aataaagtga caccgcattt attatataaa atgtttgtca     59640
     catcatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatttgtgc caagtgtaat tattaatttc     59700
     taaataaatt atacatttct caaaaacttt taaagatccc aaacaattga aaatcagtgg     59760
     aactaaacaa accagggtag ataaatacaa ataaatacat aaagaaagtt ttatagaaag     59820
     tttgccccta gatttatgac cataaataca acaaaaaagg agggaactat agcctactgt     59880
     gatttccagt acgttacctg tcctgcagca gccacctgta acatcactct ctcctcagga     59940
     gtcagatcac ctttccctgc atgcttcgtg gtcgtcatac tggcacaact catttattgt     60000
     aactgttaag gacaatataa ggagtatatt aatgtggcat agtaattagt atatcgacgt     60060
     gaaaacacag acctcataac acacatagta cgcaatacct aaaaaaaaag agaaaacggc     60120
     cttggttcat accatctcga aaacagaaaa taggggaggc tggaaatccg tgtggcgtga     60180
     tgcaaaaaac tgtaacgcct attttaacat ttaaatagct atttatttga ttaaagcaat     60240
     ttgatatgaa tagctgttac aaatatttat ttcagaaata tttttatgat ttactgcact     60300
     agtgctatat tgcgcaaact acccctctcg atagtagatc ggtccagctg tacttaactt     60360
     gcctgctcaa attgtcgcgt gagatatact gcgagaagct gtgctcaaca tcctcacagg     60420
     cagaatcaca gacaggtaaa tacatacaac cacaagataa aatcttaata aatatttcag     60480
     ttagcctaat tagagtaaga agtcttctac ctctcatgct tcgtctgagc tgtagctatg     60540
     cttatgagct tttatgggtt gaaacctaac ctgaaaagtg aaggattaag tacatgtaca     60600
     aaaatgctac attgtaaccc ggcggtggca tttcactaca gataaaagcg gaatacctgg     60660
     ttttctgtga agtctgattg taattatttt tgagcatttt tttgcctgtg ttatccaaag     60720
     atgtgtgtgg gcaaagatgt agtgcgtaat acttcattta agtgccagca gcactgagac     60780
     aagtggagta aatcacaggt caacagtttg acatattaat aatatatagt aataacaacg     60840
     caaggttatt tttactaact tactgtaata acataggcta catacagctt aacatttgaa     60900
     aggtttgtgt gtatctttta gaatgaatgt tgttttttct ttcagtgaaa gtaaggacta     60960
     ttttagcatg atttacaaat gataccaact aaaatgtctt tcagtgtaac aacagttaat     61020
     ttacctaata gaatatattt caagactatt attaggatca tagagctaat tagttgtaat     61080
     tgtaaaatac atattagttg taattttaca tttctttata tcagcagcac tgtcattcaa     61140
     actgcaactg tttacttgta cgtatctctc cctctcttta ttttttatgt tttaataaat     61200
     acaggtctga atgagcttgt aatacaggtc aggataagtt ttttgtttta cttttatgtc     61260
     aatatgacac tgaatgaaga cattttctcc acccatattt tgatatttca ttctcgaata     61320
     agtttttttt taaaaaaaaa catttaaggt ttaatatgct ttctatactg tgatgtggac     61380
     ttcgaattgg aacatctcat tattgacatt attttagctt tttagcttga atgtcaggtt     61440
     aaaatttaca atgcaaaatg taacaagtaa ttgtcttcat ataatataaa atagcttttc     61500
     atctttaaat aaattaataa atctgtctag tgatttgtgt aaactaatac atattttagg     61560
     atatatcgtg taaattcaac acttcgtaat ctttcctggt atacatacat atttctaaag     61620
     gagctcttaa catgaaattc atacaaattt tggtaaaaac cgaaacaatc cacgaaaaaa     61680
     aaaatctaac taattagtta tgtgcaaatt atgtagtgaa ggacaaaagg agaaagcact     61740
     gaactactaa aatgtattta aaacttttat attaaggctt tttggtaatg acaatttcaa     61800
     gacgcccttt gtttggagta ttaagttgca ttcattgctg aggtgtgatt attattattt     61860
     tgttcccttt tccccagact tcaaaagagc catttaaacc ttgacggttc tgtgggtctt     61920
     caaatcttga cggctctgtg tgatctttag ttcttatttt ctgttggatt cagatcaggt     61980
     gattggctgg gccattctag ctgctttatt ttcttttttg aagccagaaa ggttctttgt     62040
     ttttgggaac atattcttcc tgtaatgtcc aacctgattt catcttcatc atttggtcat     62100
     tttagtgttg gaacttgagc aactaatatt aatttacagt gacttgtgga tagggttgat     62160
     ttctaactgc tgagagattt cagctgctgt ctgggttttc catgcctttt taccttttcc     62220
     ctttctttat gtgatcaaac aatttccctg tgtgattaat ttctattaca caaaacttaa     62280
     tttctacatt tataaatctt ttatgtatag attactttgg ttgttttcaa catctggtga     62340
     aaatttcaag tcaacatact gtatgttttt agagaaaatg atgatagatt caatagtttt     62400
     tttttttacc cacggtatat atttaaacac tatcaaagcc actgttcttt gctgtgtctc     62460
     aaaacctcat tccgactttg aatccaggtt gcattctctt ccaggaatgc cacagcctgt     62520
     gtgttattct tggcactgaa gtacttataa attggcaccg gcgacactag ctaaagagtg     62580
     tgtcatggaa cgttaaaaca tacatttaca ttgtaaaaaa atatcttgcc ttacattttt     62640
     tatttgaatc aaattaactt ttctagtcat ctcaacttac atcaatcaca ctgactaaaa     62700
     atattacaat taacttcata acttattaaa acaatttcat tcattttcct tcggcttagt     62760
     ctttaattta tcagggtttg cgacagtgga atgaactgcc aactattcca gcatatgttt     62820
     tacgtagcgg atgcccagag ccgcaaccca gtacagggaa acacccttac actctcacat     62880
     tcttacacaa actcatacat tattgccaat ttacttcaat tcacttatag cgcatgactt     62940
     tggactgtgg gggaaactga agcacccgga ggaaacccaa gcgaacacgg ggagaacatg     63000
     caaactccaa ctgggtcagc caggactcga accagtaacc ttcttgtgtt gaggcgatag     63060
     tgctaaccac tgagccacca tgctgcacta aaattattta aaacaacata aaaatatttg     63120
     ctgtttttac ttttagtcac tacattttta cagtgtataa agtggttgcg aggtccaatg     63180
     caatatttgt tttgttccta gtttaattga ttttataatt aaaaatgcca attgtgctct     63240
     acgagaaagg cacttaaatg gaagagcttg gttcaattag cagtgtgatg cattaaatgg     63300
     aaagttattt tcagtgattc tgattgtttc gtaagactca cacactcccc tgtgagagtg     63360
     ttgtaatcta attatgaccc tgctctgact ctcccaagtt tttacacatt ttcctgcagc     63420
     ctttgagatg ttgtgctctg gaaggtcttc tttagaactg ttgtaaggca atcggtgttg     63480
     aaatgtaata agattggttg ggtgacaatc agctaaatca tctcctttgt gagctcgtcc     63540
     ctggtgagcg tggttgttga tatcatttat aaagcacacg ggactcacac atgagtacgt     63600
     attgttcagt gctgcatgaa aggacttggt gttagaaact catgagccgt ggtgcacaaa     63660
     acagttgttc tgattttaat acataaataa cattgtaatt acattgaaat aacaatgtat     63720
     cagctgcagg tttgaggacg tagcacagaa agagaggctc tgtttgagtg caaatgtttt     63780
     tagatctgtg aatttattat ctgaatgtat tgtttatttg tgcttcttac aatacaaaat     63840
     attccacagc accaaaacat tcaacccggg ctcattgtgg aaacgtagcc ccgcggacgt     63900
     ttctgcggac cgcgatttac gtcccgggag gtacgtattc gagcgttttt ttgttttcgg     63960
     ggatccgaaa acggggtcga aatcgaagac gagggctttt gctttttttt ttttttttcc     64020
     cgatccggcg gcttttcgcg tgagaacggc gcgggcgcga acgctgccgg atcgggaaaa     64080
     aaaaaaaaaa aagcaaaagc cctcgtcttc gaccgcgttt tcggatcccg ccgcgttctt     64140
     gcccttattt tccggattcc atttttcgtc ttacctgatt tctggaaccc gctgttcccc     64200
     ggactcgatc ccggttgtcg tccaccgcgg ccggctccgg ctcctcctcc tcctcctcct     64260
     cccgggcctc cgctccgccg acgcaacgct gtgagctagg cggacaaact gattgcgccg     64320
     ggaaagccct ccactcggag gcgagccgtc ggccggcgag cgcgaagagg aggggcggag     64380
     cggcgccaca ccgccccgca gcgttcgctc gaaaaaaacc aaacgcggcc tttacgttcc     64440
     tccggccacg taaatcgcga tctccagaaa cgtccgcggg gctacgtttc cagaatgagc     64500
     ttgggttaaa aacatttcaa atgcttagga atgctagttt ttatatctct gaattgtaat     64560
     taatgaattt aatttattaa tttatttatg tattaagtta gttagattat tttgttgttt     64620
     ttattgtatt taatcacaac agaccagtag ttagcactgt cgcctcacag caagtaggtc     64680
     gctggtttga gtccaggcag ggtcagttgg catttttgtg tggggtttgc atgtactctg     64740
     tatgtccgcg ggattttcct ccgggttctc cggtttcccc aacagttcaa agacatgcta     64800
     tttaggtgaa tttaataaac taaattggcc gtagtgtatg agtgtgtatg gatgtttctt     64860
     aatgctgggt tgcagcttga agggcatccg ctgtgtaaaa cgtatgctgg ataagttggc     64920
     ggttcatttc gctatggcga cccctgataa ataaagggac taagacgaag gaaaatgaat     64980
     aatcacaaca gtcacattta ttttaaatgt ttcttttttt tataacattt gatattttaa     65040
     tttgatgctc tggaaatatt tttttcggag ttagatttgc tttgacaatt gtttgttgaa     65100
     tagaaagttg aaacaaaaaa ttcttggaaa cttttttata tttagattag caaaataaaa     65160
     aaaataaatg ttcaatgttt tgtaataaca ttgtagatcc tactattgga aagttattgc     65220
     cttttcttat ttgaattaaa tacattttaa attattttaa ttttttcttt tcattttatt     65280
     tatgttgacc ttgtaatttg tttatttcag tctttttatt gctgttttgt atgacaaaaa     65340
     cagtaaacag taatattgtc cattgttaat cccatcccct aacccctcat tcaagaactc     65400
     aataaacaaa acaagaaaaa taaatagaat tattctttaa atgttatata tttaaattag     65460
     ttatacataa ataccaaatt aagtacatta taagcacata acatcagtga ataatagcga     65520
     tatacaaaat taaattaatt aataataata ataattatag ataattaata atataatagt     65580
     tttaaaaaat ctttaacaag agtgacacgg tggctcagta attaacgatg tcgcctcaca     65640
     gcaagaaggt cgtggtttga gcctcggctg ggtcagatgg catttatggg tctactcaca     65700
     ctatgccatc cgtcccgtgc ccaggcccgt ttcccggata agaagtgtga gtgcgatgaa     65760
     tcgggttcaa gcacggttca cttggccggc cctggcccgg ttggaagagg tgggcctgag     65820
     cccggttcac ttgggctttg tgtgtgagtg caaaacgcgc caaagcctga aactgaaagt     65880
     gagacgtgac ttttaaggga ctgtttcata tggatttatt aatcattatt actgttcagt     65940
     gaacgcaaac tgccgtggtt tattaaagac gcaaacccct cacagcacta cagctgcgcg     66000
     gcttcagcag acctcctcat tcctgcagca cgagagcttt atgattgttt atgagcgcca     66060
     aaagtggcgg atctgttctg cgaaatatct gactgcgtgt ccccgcatcc ctaaggactg     66120
     tttggcgaaa tatttgacgg catatcaaac gactgaaacg atataactag agaaatctcc     66180
     actgtgctgc tgagtgagag agcgtttctc actgaacagc gcagcgacga tgacgtaagc     66240
     gtgccgaagc ccgtttgtgg tgtgagcgcg ggccgtcggt agagacggga ggggggacaa     66300
     gcgtgctttg ccccggttcg aggcaactgt acctagtgtg agtacggcct atgtgtggag     66360
     tttgcatgtt ctccctgtgt tcacgtaggg tgctccggtt tctcttacgg tccaaagaca     66420
     tgtgatatag gtgacttgaa taaactaatt attcgtagtg tagaaatgtg tgtgtatggg     66480
     tgtttcccag tactgggttg tggctggaaa gagcatccga tttataaaac atgtgcagga     66540
     atatttggcg cttcattctg ctgtggttac cctcgaaata gaaactaagc cgaaggaaaa     66600
     taaatgaatg gaaaggctcc acggcaccaa aatttcaaat gtttatggat gctagcttaa     66660
     ttttttatgt ttaaattttt attttattta tttatttatt tatttattta ttgtattatt     66720
     ggttaggata aattgtattt tatttattta ttattttact ttttttttag ggattttcac     66780
     ctttcatata taggagagta gagattattg acacgaaagc aaagggagca gagagaggga     66840
     agagattggc ttaggaccac gaggtgggat tctaactcgg gtcgccgtga gtgcatgtgt     66900
     cgacacacta accactacac cactggcgcc gactaagttt tttcttttaa tggaaacagc     66960
     tgcatttatt tgaaagttgt atttttttaa ataacatttg atattaattt ggtgctctgg     67020
     aaatatttct taatgttgca tttgattcag aattctttga ttaatagaaa gtaaaataaa     67080
     ataaaaaact tggagacttg gtgaaatatt tttattagca aaataaaaaa aaaattaata     67140
     acactataga tactacttgt aaagtattca ccctgtctta cttgaattgt tatatatttt     67200
     ggatttattt attacattta caatttgcat atttgctttt atttatccta ttgttttgca     67260
     aatccttgtc ataagtttat aaaatcttaa cttgcacact caaagtcatt taaagtgtta     67320
     ataaaatgtt gagaccgctg aataaaagga agattttgtt tgtgtacgca tgtgtatcat     67380
     tgaatgtttt ttacttgcgc acacacatat gcgcgcacac atatgcgcgc acacacacac     67440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa     67500
     agaaacagag ggctgtaagc tgtgatcaga catgtccttg ctgtaatacg acacgtgtcc     67560
     caggcctggg tgactgaagt ttacactgtc ggggatgagc ccctctatat ttagcacggg     67620
     gcagcgaaag gcttgccggt gcactggctt tctgctggaa cacacactgc gctggtgaaa     67680
     cctctcagct gatgagcttt tagatcgcta gatttttttt cctccgagca cagtgtgcta     67740
     ttataaacaa ggtgtgtgag tgaaggatgt agtgttggaa gatgtgttgg gtgaagcaca     67800
     cattaatgtg gaaggagttg tttttgttgt gttgtattta aatgttttgt tcataaatgg     67860
     atctgagatg taaatgtctt tgttgctaat ttgaatgtat ttttatgtct tttgcatgtg     67920
     aaggactttt atgaataccg gtaagcaaca gaagccagtg cttacaggcc agcggtttaa     67980
     gaccaggaaa aggggtgagt cacatttaac actctaattt ttttgacatt taaaagggat     68040
     cgttcactca aaaactattc tgtttttaca cttgttcaca cacaagtgtt acatttagac     68100
     ctgttccagt tttagtttct tccttttgtt aaacacaaaa tgaagatatt tggaagaatg     68160
     tgaatggaaa ccagctgcca ttcctagtat ttgtttttca ttttaccatg gatgtcagtg     68220
     gcttccatga ttcttcagaa tatcttttgt tttcgaaaga taaacaaagc tcataaacta     68280
     ctcatgaaac tacctgatgg tgagtatttg gtgaataatt gttgtaatat ggcataactg     68340
     tccattcatg taattcaaat acaagttgat taccacagaa aataccagtt ttgaacaaaa     68400
     aacaacagtt ttgaaaatcg tacacgtaca gaagcacaaa cacactttag atgtgcaccc     68460
     tgctaaggta cacacatgtt gcaaacactc actcagcaaa ccagtggcaa gagtctcaat     68520
     tcatgttcca ttaatagctt gtttgtgtgc tactgtgtac ttcatgtcct acacaatact     68580
     gggacttgtg catactctct ggcgttgcgc tcttttatct tagcatttca atctcagagt     68640
     tacaggtcag ggtttttgcg ggtcttaaaa tgtcttgata agattttcca caattcagtg     68700
     ctgttaaatg gtcttaaatc agagacttga ggacatattt cattcccaaa aaagacaatt     68760
     cactgttaat ttagcaaaaa ctacattcgt ggatgattta tagaatgcat gtcttttttt     68820
     taacatcact ttgcacaaaa aaatgacgtt tgatgtttgt taaaactact ttactaaata     68880
     cagggagtcc gcagggtctt aaacagtctt aaaatgtttt aaattttaaa agctaagttt     68940
     taggccttaa aaagtcttaa atctactgaa atgttgtaat atttttaaac aggtcttaat     69000
     tttcctttgt tcctgtgtgt gcttgttaag tgtgacgtca cacgaatcgg cttccgggtc     69060
     taagcgctct attaaactgt attgggagac tcatcaaata gtaataataa gtacttacaa     69120
     aacgctgtaa tactttcgaa aatcacgatc actatatata tatatatata tatgtatgta     69180
     tgtatgtatg tatatatata tgtatatata tatatatata tatatttata tatatatata     69240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tccatgccta tccgatggcc     69300
     agaaagtgat aaatttttta taattttttt taaatatttg tgtttgtgat gcagctagtc     69360
     cagagactgt tgtgtacact ataaaattca ctttaatgta gtacaggact aaaaagtcat     69420
     aaatgaagtc cataaatgaa tattttctca attcaaatga gtggcggctt ggacctggaa     69480
     cagtattcca gacatcaccg aaacgtcacg atttaagaag cggatagcta cccaatctga     69540
     ccattaacac ccatacaatc caccaaaaat cccaatctca atgaaacttt taccttttta     69600
     tttaaaatta gccttttatt actttcttta cagtaacatt tgtttgacct ttatttttta     69660
     ttattgaatt attattattg ttgactgaag cacttgacag ctatgtgttg ttctattctt     69720
     gtaaattgaa atatttgaaa attaataaaa atattcaaac aaaattttta ttattattgt     69780
     attattaaat gtattgaatt ttagtcattt ttggtagggc aagtccttag catttagcct     69840
     tgtataaatc taaaatttta ttcataatag tcttaaaaaa tgtcttaaag tcttaatttt     69900
     aacttggcga aacctgcaga aatcctgaaa aaactaaatt aagctaaacc aacagttatt     69960
     gttttttttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tttttggagg gacttaattg ttttttgttc     70020
     aatccattta tatcgattaa aaagtaatac cacgttaact taattccttc atgatgttct     70080
     aacacaaatc gattgtgaag ccagcatttt tcacagtgtg agtcacacaa aggcaattaa     70140
     ttaattgatc acaataaatc tttgaaagaa acagaacatt ttcaacattt ttacttttaa     70200
     aatgtctgat ttgcaaataa aacattcttt tgaaaaattc tttttggttc cttttagaaa     70260
     attaaatgaa attaaaagtc tgtacgtttt cactaggttt agataaaaga ttagttaatt     70320
     cactttgtat gttttagaat ttctgactag gtcatttttg agattttggg ctttttgtct     70380
     tttcataaag tgttattgtt tttcaatcaa atcaaaagaa agaatccaaa atcgcattta     70440
     aagggatatt tgacccaaaa atgaaaatgt actcactgtc tactcaccct taaattgatc     70500
     caaaccctta aattatggcc tatgtcaaaa acaaaacaac aaattttgaa gaaagctgac     70560
     atttttattc cattaatctc tactctagca gcacttgcat acaccaaact tttggtttaa     70620
     tcatatttgt attctgaatt tttttacctg aagagaattt gttcatgcat aatttgcccg     70680
     aaagtataca atatttagta tgcaaataaa ttaattaaaa atgaattgtt tttttctgga     70740
     ttttcataac attgatagat agtgtgggtg tgaatgagtg tgtatgggtg tttcccaatt     70800
     ggtagctggt tgctggtagc tttaataaca aaattgcatg tatgttttca ttgcatgact     70860
     gtgcattttt ttaaatcaag taccacaatg ttctactgaa gaaatatgtc acattaaaga     70920
     caaaataaca gtacatttta gattttttgg gtgaactatc tatttgtatt tacagaatca     70980
     tggcaaaaaa tgttgcatgc actacaaaca aatatctgca cttttcaaat caagaaaaat     71040
     ttactaattt tgctaaattt atctttgaga atttgtttat taattaaaat gagctcaaca     71100
     aaaaaaagtc atgagatttt tggagaaact aaattgtttt gagtttaatc cctaaaaaat     71160
     ctcaagaatt aaattattaa ttaaaattct acttaaatta agtagtttga acaagcaaca     71220
     acatcatttt gtctgagttt atgtaaatgg gtaaaaatga ctttttttcg tttgatttaa     71280
     gtttattcca ttgagtgaat tcattggtag atatttgttg ttgtttttaa catatagatg     71340
     cttttatttc attcatttta cagaaaattt gtgttcttgt tttgctttca aagtaaaagt     71400
     atattaatgt aaggatttgt agacatttgg aaaacacaag aatagaacat gttactgtaa     71460
     tactgtttta attttaaatc tgatgtaaat catcactgaa gtcttaagtg ttagatgatg     71520
     cttcataaat tatgtttata tgattatttc tgtccttttg tttattttat tttattttat     71580
     tttatgaatg aaagtttaaa agaacatcat ttacttgaaa tctttgtaac gtaatttctt     71640
     aactgagact tcatctatcc gtgctgaaaa acaaaataaa aaaaaaatct ttcagacctc     71700
     atacttttta atacaaaagt taatacaaaa atacaaagag tattttacag tacgttgatt     71760
     tactgtaatt gataaaggta gggttttaaa ttgaatctct tatgtaggtg tatgatatgg     71820
     gtgaaagggc ataacgttag acatggcgga cagcttagga acgttactta ataggttttg     71880
     actgtgacaa atgtgagggc gttttcaaca gggcattagc gttatgcttg gctggcttgc     71940
     gtggtaggtg tgactggctc ttcaaatgtg agatctcaca ggaagacact caacatgctc     72000
     ttttactgtg tgctataatc agattatgta gccagcagcg aggcaaggga actcatttac     72060
     ataatagtag gtataagtgt acatatttct gtatgtgacc acctgcttcg ttatcagagg     72120
     gataaaaacc agggattgac tcaaaaacat ttaacattag acactacagt catgcatttt     72180
     tatgtaactg tgtcaatttt gagattttgg gcattccggc gtttcatttt tatttatttt     72240
     ttcagtctaa tggaaagaaa gaatccaaaa taccatttta aaaggattat agtgcccaaa     72300
     ctttaaatgt actcactatt tactcacctt taattggttc caaaccattg agttttatct     72360
     tctgttgtgc acgaaataac atattttgaa gaaagctgag gtacggtggc tgtgtggtta     72420
     gcactcctgc ctcacaacaa gaaggtcact ggttcgacgc ccggctgggt cagttggcat     72480
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctctccat gttcacgtgg gtttcctccg agagctccgg     72540
     tttcccccat agtacaaaga tattcattca ttaatttatt aatttctttt gttaatctcg     72600
     ggtcgctaca gtggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcata tgttttacgc agtggatacc     72660
     cttccagctg aaacccatca ctgggaaaca cacacactca ttcacacact tgtacacttc     72720
     ggtcaatttt agcttaccca attcacctgt accacatgtc tctggactgt ggggggaaaa     72780
     cagagcaccc ggaggaaacc cacgctaaca cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa     72840
     cgccaaccga cccagccgag gctcaaacca gcaaccttct tgctgaggcg aacatgctac     72900
     ccactgcgcc accgtgtcac ctccaaagac atgcagtata ggttaattga atgaactaaa     72960
     ttgcccgtag tgtttgagtg tgtgtgtgaa tgagtgtgca tgggtgtttc ccaatactgg     73020
     gttgcagttg gaaggtcatc cgctgtgtaa aacatatgct ggaatagttg gtggtttatt     73080
     ctgctgtggt gacttctgaa atagagacta acctgaagga aaatacatgt agaaagctga     73140
     aaaaaaaatt cttcagctct gagcaataaa tctccactct agcagcacgt acatacactg     73200
     aattttagtt ttcatatttg tattctgatg gtctttgcag ggagatttgt tcatgcataa     73260
     ttaatttatt ctggattttc acagtatcac agtatt                               73296