EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX950216; SV 44; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 188648 BP.
AC   BX950216;
DT   17-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 62)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-101J19 in linkage group 5
KW   HTG; me2; ostf1; pxn.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-188648
RA   Lloyd D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 0f9c60d696a05f8d04069f7e03b28fa5.
DR   ENA-CON; FR650981.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000015453; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000045096; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000086153; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000086835; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000086858; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000088590; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000091555; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX950216.44:1-188648; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000015482; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000066308; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000123180; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000126598; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000126985; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000128684; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000128714; danio_rerio.
DR   InterPro; IPR001452; SH3_domain.
DR   InterPro; IPR002110; Ankyrin_rpt.
DR   InterPro; IPR020683; Ankyrin_rpt-contain_dom.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
DR   ZFIN; ZDB-GENE-040625-157; ostf1.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   CH211-101J19 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..188648
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-101J19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   polyA_site      complement(11290)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(11290..11469,13872..13970,15970..16040,
FT                   16156..16258,16475..16617,18763..18874,21948..22061,
FT                   22701..22798,26561..26774,27544..27705,32630..32705,
FT                   34155..34304,34694..34827,41499..41616,90690..90821))
FT                   /gene="me2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.1-001"
FT                   /product="malic enzyme 2, NAD(+)-dependent, mitochondrial"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC078317.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH539777.1 Em:EH547849.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(11307..11312)
FT   CDS             complement(join(11308..11469,13872..13970,15970..16040,
FT                   16156..16258,16475..16617,18763..18874,21948..22061,
FT                   22701..22798,26561..26774,27544..27705,32630..32705,
FT                   34155..34304,34694..34827,41499..41606))
FT                   /gene="me2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024359"
FT                   /product="malic enzyme 2, NAD(+)-dependent, mitochondrial"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6DBY1.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PN55"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001891"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012301"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012302"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015884"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016040"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN55"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040801-147"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88792.1"
FT                   TPIVD"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(102249..102348,105028..105186,
FT                   108409..108631,111245..111388,128501..128712))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DT086478.1 Em:DT344710.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(102261..102348,105028..105186,
FT                   108409..108631,111245..111388,128501..128540))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024922"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013032"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015497"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN56"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88793.1"
FT   mRNA            join(140673..140889,149277..149323,149406..149456,
FT                   149600..149663,151049..151102,151184..151291,
FT                   157424..157473,157630..157708,158631..158729,
FT                   158825..160701)
FT                   /gene="ostf1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.3-001"
FT                   /product="osteoclast stimulating factor 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY398391.1 Em:BC071395.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI964331.1 Em:CB364488.1"
FT   mRNA            join(140691..140889,149277..149323,149406..149456,
FT                   149600..150109)
FT                   /gene="ostf1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.3-002"
FT                   /product="osteoclast stimulating factor 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO914453.1"
FT   CDS             join(140856..140889,149277..149323,149406..149456,
FT                   149600..149663,151049..151102,151184..151291,
FT                   157424..157473,157630..157708,158631..158729,
FT                   158825..158883)
FT                   /gene="ostf1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024920"
FT                   /product="osteoclast stimulating factor 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6TGW5.1 Tr:Q6IQL0.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020683"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN57"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040625-157"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88794.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(158574..158879,164898..164952))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.4-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH546544.1 Em:EH555022.1"
FT   polyA_signal    160676..160681
FT   polyA_signal    160686..160691
FT   polyA_site      160696
FT   polyA_site      complement(168947)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(168947..170224,170740..170888,
FT                   171012..171093,180078..180251,186467..>186625))
FT                   /gene="pxn"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.5-001"
FT                   /product="paxillin"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY515510.1 Em:BC054700.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(168962..168967)
FT   CDS             complement(join(169958..170224,170740..170888,
FT                   171012..171093,180078..180251,186467..>186625))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="pxn"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000024921"
FT                   /product="paxillin"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6R3L1.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PN58"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001781"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN58"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040105-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN88795.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(182674..183065,186467..186625))
FT                   /gene="pxn"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-101J19.5-002"
FT                   /product="paxillin"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CV490920.1"
SQ   Sequence 188648 BP; 58802 A; 37452 C; 34840 G; 57554 T; 0 other;
     gaattcaaag gagctgattg ttggcaggga cggtatcaga gtaaatttcc attctttgga        60
     aattagtagt ccagtcccac cccctctccc tgtctgacga ggagtgtggg aaaaagagaa       120
     attagcagaa agagtagcat gtgtagcagt gtcctccggc ctcaaccagg tctcagttag       180
     agccatgaga ttatagtcag aatatgtagc tatggaggta ataaaatcag ccttgttaac       240
     agctgattga caattccaga ggcccacgga gagagagagt tgtgaaatag tagatacatg       300
     tattgaacga aggttgtgag gattacgcct gcagcgcacc tcccgtgttt tgcgagtgtt       360
     agtaacaaca ggaattagaa aacacataat aaaagtgcac tgacaacaaa aaataagtgt       420
     gaagtaaaac aatacagtaa agtactcaag tgctttgtcg gtgtctttgc tcggtggagt       480
     cgcgcaggta gagtctatgg tctttaccct cgtcggtctt cacacgaggc ggtcttcaca       540
     tgaggctgcc gcgaccgctg ccgcggtgaa ctagttgttt atataacccc aaagcactag       600
     ctgattgaat tcagctggac acgcctcgag agtcaaaaca agggccgaaa ctgaggcgga       660
     cgacgcgaac cgcgtctgcg ttcgctacac aagctcttat agtaaccaag gaaacagtgg       720
     ctaaacaact tctagtatta tacacaactg aaagcaagtt taaatgtcct acaactttac       780
     acaaacagct ggaaacaagt cctcaaacca tacacaacaa ctgaaacaaa tcttaaatgt       840
     acttacaggc tgctgttcta gatgctgcta aagtgcttct cctgccgact aatgctaccg       900
     tgctcactat atagtggtta cctggcgttt ggacacgcct cccgagtcaa aacaagggcc       960
     gaaactgagg cggacgacgc gaaccgcgtc tgcgttcgct acacaagctc ttatagtaac      1020
     caaggaaaca gtggctaaac aacttctagt attatacaca actgaaagca agtttaaatg      1080
     tcctacaact ttacacaaac agctggaaac aagtcctcaa accatacaca acaactgaaa      1140
     caaatcttaa atgtacttac aggctgctgt tctagatgct gctaaagtgc ttctcctgcc      1200
     gactaatgct accgtgctca ctatatagtg gttacctggc gtttggacac gcctcccgag      1260
     tcaaaacaag ggccgaaact gaggcggacg acgcgaaccg cgtctgcgtt cgctacacaa      1320
     gctcttatag taaccaagga aacagtggct aaacagtggc taaacaactt ctagtattat      1380
     ttacctttta caaccccgcg gacacgctcc ctggtctcag actgtgcaag aagcactgca      1440
     ttaaattaca ttttccccgc catgttttta taatatgagt attattttac tccagtgtat      1500
     attcaatgga gcttcagcgc tagcctgccg atcctgacgg ccgcgtgcga gtaaaaggcc      1560
     ttttgtctca ttttacgctt gaacaactgc caaagtttgt ttaactgaat gtattttaat      1620
     tacattacaa catcgatgtt gtaaaaggaa ccgtataaag tggaaaaaac tcacaataac      1680
     aggtcaccgg aagtttataa gtatgggaac actagctcgg catatatcca attatattca      1740
     tctgtctcca tattctactg catgtcagaa tattacacag caccaaaaat gtaaaaatat      1800
     atattgaata catttaaaat gtttttgtcc acagcagacg gcacctcaca gtgacgcaga      1860
     ttcccgagtt ggtgtgctct tcttcttctt cttcctggtg tttattggcg gttcgcattc      1920
     ttaccagagc attaccgcca cctactgtgg gttatggatc agagactctc ttatttttat      1980
     tttatttatt ttttacctct tgactcttca caacccgagc cttcgatgtt gctgcgtgtt      2040
     cagctcctcc atctacagct caggtccttc acagccggtc ggcgtgctcc aatcaggtga      2100
     gccctcttca gcgctcacca tgacaacgag actcacagca cagcagtgac gtgccttgta      2160
     aaaatttgca tatgtattcc tataaagctt ctcggttctc tctcagcgct gtcagttcgc      2220
     ccggtgtagc tgtttgtact tgaccaaggt gagttcaata ccgacggtac gagtggagcc      2280
     acgccaatct caagaagtcc gcttcgtgaa gcttcacccg ggcccgtctg tgctgtagtt      2340
     ccttgcggtt tgcatacata aacgcaatat cgcgaagaac attacgtgtt tgttgctcga      2400
     aatgtgccgc cgagcaacat ccagtgaata ctggcacggc ctggcgcccg gtctttccgt      2460
     gcactccctg gggcgaggcg gcctttgagc cctaggcagg gagcaaacaa cccccgagga      2520
     ccctcaggga aacacggggg gccggtagtg ggacctcgct gcgagggtta tggtgggtgg      2580
     gagtagcgag gcccactcat cttctatttt aaactatagt ttcaaacttt agtttactat      2640
     agtttgaaat agaaaccatg gtaactgtta tgatttaact ttatgcaaag agcttagaat      2700
     gaccgagagc aacagacccg gattccgcca ttttgaagtg atcgcgatcg ctcgtcattg      2760
     ctgtcgcgat ggaaagcagc tgctttgttt ttatttaatt tattcaaaaa gcgcgttatt      2820
     gtttcccaaa ttgtagagtg tcgcctcttg gtaattctat gctctttgct ctatgtctga      2880
     ctgttgtaat gttttgcttt gtttttcagc agagctgttg atgaaagaag gactattgaa      2940
     gacaaccgcg ggttatctcc acgagcgtgc gcatcataat gtttccgggc tgttttctga      3000
     aagtttcact tgtttagata agtttgcagg tcaaactaaa taaactatac tctttctaaa      3060
     cacccgtctc gtgttttatt tgtcctctac aggaatacat tgtcatataa gtctgttgaa      3120
     tgcatttgta tgcaacatgg tttgacaata cagtagtcta actaataaat agctgttata      3180
     aatgtacctt cattagtcaa catttggtgt aggtaataca aatgtaatta aagatgtcca      3240
     aagacataac ggtaatgtta tggttgttac ataactatat ttatgattat tattctgtat      3300
     gtttaaaacc agcagattag actatatatt taacatgtca tgaacttact gttattaata      3360
     aaataaaaat taataaaaag tcctaatacg ggaaggggtt ttgttttggt ttattatcaa      3420
     cctactgtag gttttaggtt gactacagca gacctatatc ataatattgg tagtcaagag      3480
     ttttttaata acccaattta agtaaaacgt ttcttactca agtaggctgc ttttagcatg      3540
     caaaagtcaa atttgagtat ataaaatagt ttccaactaa attttgtctt gtgaaaatga      3600
     atgaatatat ggatttgtat gtattttgtt ttttaataat tcataagtaa attacttgta      3660
     attgtttttg tattgttact gatatctgca ttttattaag tgcattattt aatgtaataa      3720
     agtacagaaa cactgcatac tctaaagggg catgctatac agtattcatg ctatatacta      3780
     ctacttagag atgaagtatg tacactagat gtcagcataa catcacactt gattctgatc      3840
     atttattcaa gagcagaact tattttctta agttttattt tatgaattaa ttcatcatat      3900
     aacctgtata ttcatatcaa tgtttgcgta ttatcagcat ttacttcaaa gtaacccagt      3960
     aaaaagcaat agggtgattt tattaaaaag gttatagttt tattaataat ctaaaataat      4020
     attcattcat tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt aatccggggt ttccacagcg      4080
     gaatgaacca ctagcttatc cagcgggttt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc cagctgcagc      4140
     ctatctctgg gaaacatcca cacacactca ttcacactca tacactacgg acaattttag      4200
     cctaccccat tcacctacag cgcatgtgtt tggagtgtgg gggaaaccgg agcacccacg      4260
     ccaacatgga gagaccatgc aaactccaca cagaaacatc aactgaccaa gccaaggctc      4320
     gaacaagcaa ccttcttgct gtgacgtaaa agcactccct actaccccac cctcaacaaa      4380
     tgttacttaa atacaatcag caatgtgttt ttttatttgt aaataaacta ttataataag      4440
     gcagcatggt gttttcattt acgtatatca ttgtttgtac ttcttttata ttagcattaa      4500
     ttgggtaagc taaattgtcc atttgtgtga atgagtgtgt atggatgttt gccagtgata      4560
     ggttgcagct ggaagggcat tcactgcata aaacatatgc tggtaaagtt ggtggttcat      4620
     tccactgtgg tgatcccgga ttaataaagg gacctgtgcg accacctttg cttttctcca      4680
     gatcgtctgg gggggttgaa tcgagattgc catctttttt cagattaatc atgcagctcc      4740
     agtatagaat ataaagtcct gctgcagtgg agacagaatg aatattgtgt ctgactccat      4800
     catgagcttg gaggactgca tccatacatc tctgcaatga ctcaaatcac tgattaataa      4860
     agtcatctgg tatggcaaag aaagcgttct tgcaggactc ccagagttca tcaagactct      4920
     ttggattcat cttcaatgcc tcctccttca tcttacccca ggcatgctca ataatgttca      4980
     tgtctggtga ctgggctggc caatcctgga gcagtctgac cttctttgct ttcaggagct      5040
     ttgatgtgga ggctgaagta tgagatgagt gctatcctgc tgaagaattt gccctctcct      5100
     gtggtttgta atgtaatggg cagcacaaat gtcttgatac ctcaggctgt tgatgttgcc      5160
     atctactcac acccccatac tgaataaaac cccaaaccat gacgtttcct tcaccaaact      5220
     tgactgattt ctgtgagaat cttgagtcca tgcgggttcc gataggtctg ctgcagtatt      5280
     tgtgatgatt gggatgcagc tcaacagatc attcagcaga aaaatcagcc ttctgccact      5340
     tttccaaatg atcaaccaga agtcaagtta gtatttcctg cttttacaac tggcatcgac      5400
     aacaagattt ttttaggtgg tgtataaaca gatatatcag cctttaaagc gcatctatga      5460
     aagcaggttt aaaatataaa atcaatcaac tataactgcg ttgctccctt aacagcccat      5520
     aaaacattga acaaaatatt taactgctga tgatatatga acatgtaaaa gcagacactt      5580
     ctaaaggtca caagcacagt gatggagttt ttctgcattt tattatagtg actctttgaa      5640
     ggggacctat tatcacgctt tttacaagat gtaaaataag tctctgatgg gtgtgtacgt      5700
     gaagattcag ctcaaaatat cacacaaata atgctgtata actctctgaa actgaccctt      5760
     ttaggctttg atcctaattg tgcggttttg gtgactgtcg ctttaaattc aaatgagatt      5820
     gtgctctttt caaaagaggg cggagctacg gtggtcactt gtgcgtctta aaacgtcaca      5880
     tttttaatcc tcttattggc tgacattatg aaacaggtga aaactctaat ggcggatggc      5940
     tgcttctcac ctaaggctgt ttatgctaat gagggagaga tggtcacaag tgggcggggc      6000
     ttttccccct ctgatgagac ttacaaaggg agaatgtcaa tcaaagtgtt tcttataaaa      6060
     catgtggtaa taaaaagcag aggtaattaa ttttgttatt aaaagcgggc tattttcaca      6120
     cactgctgcc acacaactgt gtttaaaccc cttataaaag tacattttgc ataataggtc      6180
     ccctttaagt atcatcttac aaatgtcata ttgttctttc cacataactg gagcttaaat      6240
     caacatttca tgaccatttt ttcatttatt tgggaagcgg atgtgcaata agttggataa      6300
     tatacagtca gccagctatt ttatgaaaat aagcttcgag cagatacaag atgtccatat      6360
     tttcactata aaatcatgtt tatatccaac acatccgctt atataattgt gtaaaacaag      6420
     tctctgatgt tcccagagta tgtatgtcaa gtttcagctc aatataccac acatagatct      6480
     ctctgaaact gaccccttta ggctttgatc ctaattgtgc tgttttggtg actgtcgctt      6540
     taaattcaaa tgagattgtg ctcttttcaa aagtgggcgg agctacggtg gtcaattatg      6600
     cgtcttaaaa ctccacattt aatatcctct tcatcgctga cattatcttc agcaggtcaa      6660
     aactctaatg acggacgact gcttctcact tagggctgtt tatgctaatg agggacagat      6720
     ggtcactagt gggcggggct tttccccgct ttcatgacac ttacaaaggg agaatgtcaa      6780
     tcaaagtgtt tctttcatca agtgtgatta taaaaagcta attaattaat ttttattatt      6840
     aaaagcgggc tattttcaca cactgctgcc acacaactgt gtttaaaccc cttataaaag      6900
     cacattttgc ataataggtc ccctttaagt atcatcttac aaatgtcata ttgttctttt      6960
     cacataactg gagcttaaat caacatttca tgaccattta ttcatttatt tgggaagcag      7020
     atgtggataa tgtacagtca gccagctatt ttatgaaaat aagcttcgag cagatacaag      7080
     atgtccatat tttcactata aaatcatgtt tatatccaac acatccgctt atataattgt      7140
     gtaaaacaag tctctgatgt tcccagagta tgtatgtcaa gtttcagctc aatataccac      7200
     acatagatct ctctgaaact gaccccttta ggctttgatc ctaattgtgc tgttttggtg      7260
     actgtcgctt taaattcaaa tgagattgtg ctcttttcaa aagtgggcgg agctacagtg      7320
     gtcaattatg cgtcttaaaa ctccacattt aatatcctct tcatcgctga cattatcttc      7380
     agcaggtcaa aactctaatg acggacgact gcttctcact tagggctgtt tatgctaatg      7440
     agggacagat ggtcactagt gggcggggct ttcccctctc tgatgacact tacaaaggga      7500
     gaatgtcaat caaagtgttt ctttcatcaa gtgtgattat aaaaagtaaa ttaatacatt      7560
     tttattctta aaagcgggct attttcacac actgctgcca cacaactgtg tttaaacccc      7620
     ttataaaagc acattttgca taaaaggtcc cctttaggta tcttcttaca gataatcaca      7680
     tgtttctttc cacatagctg gagctcaaat caacatttca tgaccattta ttcatttatt      7740
     tgggaagcag atgtggataa tatgcagtca gtcagctatt ttatgaaaat aaactcagag      7800
     cagatacaag atgtccacat ttttactata aaaacacgtt tatatcctat gcatccgctt      7860
     atatagttgt ttaaacttat gctggtaatt tagccacagc tagaaatata tgtcacgttt      7920
     aatattgcac agtatatacc gaactctagc taatccttca tgtctagtac tgtgaaatac      7980
     gtatatggag tatctgtaca aactgaatga atgataagaa agaaacacaa acacaatgaa      8040
     taaatggagt gcgtcttcat tttagaaaag ttttcttggc ttaaagcatt caaaaacaat      8100
     ggagaggagt gacaaaggca acactggctg gagaaaaagg tatataacat ataatataag      8160
     gtggaaatta tatataagaa aatatattta gcataaagtc gataaagcct aaatgaggtt      8220
     ctgttgtgaa atattacact gtaaataaat atctgtaaat gaacagttcc cttttgttgt      8280
     gatatatgag tgtttttggt tttattcacg gttgtaagtt gcattatggg atgtcgatct      8340
     ctgctctgtt gacttctgat gttgaaaatt caactctaca gtttaacaaa gtgactttta      8400
     ttgacatttt agtagcttga aatcatataa gaaataatat ctagagaaat aagggtacca      8460
     ctttacaata aggttcatta gttaatgcat ttactaacat gaactaatca tgaacaacac      8520
     atgtacagca tttattaatc ataattgaac atttattaat gcataattaa catccaagtc      8580
     catgcttgtt aacattagtt aatgcaccat gagttaacat gaactaacaa tgaactactg      8640
     tatttacatt aactaacgtt aactaacatg aacaaataca gtagtaaatg tattgttcat      8700
     tgtttgttca tgttagtaaa tgcattaatt aacattaact aatgaacctt attgtaaagt      8760
     gtgaccgaaa taagagtgca aaataatcga aaatgtgttg gcagtttatt acaaggtttt      8820
     tgtagtgcaa tatacaacac caacccagac aatatagcat tttaaactag aaaaatgtta      8880
     ataaaagtca ctttttttca cttttcaaag tttaaagttg ttggatcaag gatcaaggtc      8940
     tcataatgca tttttaaaag cgtaaataaa taggaaaaaa taaaaaatac atgatgcaca      9000
     atatggaaaa ctgctcattc atggatattt tttacagtgt agacaggttt atcaccaaag      9060
     tctcattacc atgaggggta ttttagtttt taagtgtatt ttaaagtcaa atagtcaaat      9120
     aaaaatgcaa aaaagtaatg tgtgaatgtt aaaataataa taataataat aataataata      9180
     atagaaagac tccacttgaa aatgctcagt ttctcttgga ttttttacaa atttaaaata      9240
     aaaatgttgc tatttagagc atgtttattt tttgaatagt aaaaatatat tatataatat      9300
     aaaaaaaaaa tcttctgacc aaatgtcatt tctgacaaca aaagaaagtg ctctaatgac      9360
     aatatttgca tttaaatatg aaaagaaatg tacccaaccc ggaagggacg tgatggtgga      9420
     gaaaaaaaat gggtggaaga aaaaaaaagc tgagtgatag gtaaacatat ttttgaaagt      9480
     ttttgctcgc agagatgttt tgcgttatct cacaaaactg ttgttcgaca aacacttcac      9540
     ttcatacatg acaaccctcc tgtttttgcc aggattgtcc catattttac cattatatca      9600
     tattattatt tattttccca catttctctc atatttttaa tcttgaaagc atgttgacat      9660
     taatataaac atgtctgcat tcacttgcat taaagctgtg tgttgatcat atccaaactc      9720
     taactcagtg aatgcttgta taagctctga ctgacggacg cgcgctccat atgataaact      9780
     gatcctagat cagcttctgt acacggcaat taaagtgaca cctctgttat caaacaagtg      9840
     aagagcagca catgaatctc ctgttttgtt tcgtttgata acagaggtgt cattttacga      9900
     atgcactgat atataaccaa agcatacttc aactttttat tcatttaaga ggaaatcagt      9960
     agtgtttaaa ataaaataaa acatgcagga cgtccaggca tgtttacata ttattaagtg     10020
     tatttgtctg tttaaacaca cacccaaatc ccaaattgtc ctgcacttta gctcctcttt     10080
     aaatggcgat tacagctgat ctgggagtcg gtcagcgctt atactgtaca tgcattcgct     10140
     gattcagagg ttgcatatga gcggcgctga tcgacgcaca gctttaatgc aagtgaatgc     10200
     agacactgct catcccctgc actcaagagt ttcagctcct tccctccggt cgtaggtttc     10260
     tagtattaag ctctaaaacg aaacgataca aaaatagttt cataccagca gccattagac     10320
     atttaaataa ggcatagact aaagcagaga tgttgcagtg acttgcatat tttagattat     10380
     tttaatattt acttggggga aagggggggg gggtggacac ttaaagtgat tatttattta     10440
     ttctttatgt ttacatttta tgtcttaatg tgcatttgtt gttgttaccg tgtgagttgc     10500
     tttgtgtggc actgttgtga gatgaggact cttgactgca aaccaaatct accttcgggt     10560
     ataaataaag taacctacct acctacattt ttatattact tttaacatgc tttcaagatt     10620
     aaaagtatga gagaaatatg gtaaaatacc taataatagg atataatggt aaaatacggg     10680
     agaatcccgg caaagacagg agggttgtca tgtatgacgt gaagtgtttg tcgaacaatt     10740
     tttgtgagat aacgcaaaac atctttgcga gggaacgcaa aaactttcaa aaatatgttc     10800
     acccatcact tctttttttt ttcttcacca tcacgtccct tccaggtctc ctaaaaaatg     10860
     taatcagtca tttacagaaa taaatacatg aatgaataaa aataataata atataaaaca     10920
     aatcccaaaa aaactgagaa tgtttaagtg atcctatttc tttccattgc aatcaatgca     10980
     catacaaacc ccatcaaatt tccacctgtt tagcaataaa cgaatgagaa ttatggttaa     11040
     aaacgatcct taatttcaat aaggaaataa tgtcacaatc aatcacatcc taaaataggc     11100
     tttattttct ttacgcacaa aataagttct ttcatattta atctggagtg aaatgtgacc     11160
     tgaacgtttg taaaatgaat ccaaaaaatg tcagcaaggg ctaagaaatg ataaatactc     11220
     taaatggagt gtctaaaaca gaagaatgaa cctgcctgca gactgtgtgt tgtttgttcg     11280
     gcttttctct ggctctgctg tttgttttta atctactatg ggagtgtgtg agaccccggg     11340
     ccagtcgtag atgtcgggta ggaaagagtc gtagtttgtg ttccagacca ctgatctgac     11400
     gtacgactct ttatccacag gctccgggta tcgaaacgcc attccctttg aatacacata     11460
     ctccaccacc tgtacacaaa cacacacaca cacaacatct cagcaactca cccaggaaca     11520
     aaatcattca catttacaat tttcagtaca ggtctacatt tgaagtaaac ttcattttaa     11580
     caacctttat tgattctcaa gatctatctt ttagtctgtg gtgattcaga tgatgagtga     11640
     ataacacaca tgttgggttt tcatgtttta tggggacttc ccatagacat aatgattttt     11700
     atattgtata gactgtatgt tctgtcctct gttccctatt ctacaataag acccaaccct     11760
     cacagaaaac actctgcact ttcacattta caaaatacct cattcggagt gatttatgag     11820
     ctgttttcct tatgaggaac aacaatgttc caacacggtc aaaattagtg ctattgctat     11880
     atttgtgggg acatttgcta cacacacata catgcaggca cacatgcgca cccactcaca     11940
     cacacacgca tgcacacaca cataaacatg catgcgaaca accacacgca cacacatttc     12000
     atgcacacat gcatgcgaac acacatgcac aaacatgcac acacgcagac acgcacacgc     12060
     acacacacat acagcaaaca cagctcacac acacacaagc atgcacacgc acgcacacac     12120
     gcacaaacac acacgtcatg caaacacata tgcacaaaaa catgcatgcg aacgtacgca     12180
     cacatcacag atacagcaca cacacacata catacgcgtt cacacagtac acacacgtca     12240
     tgcacacaca cacatacagc acacacacac acacacacac aaacatacat gcacacaaaa     12300
     catgcacaaa aacatgcatg cgaacacaca cacacatcac agaaacagca cacaaataca     12360
     tgtacacaca cacacacaaa catacataca tacataagca ttacagaaac agcacacaca     12420
     tacatgcatt tacacacaca cacgcgtcat gcacacacac aaacatgcat gcgaacaccc     12480
     acacacgcac acacatatca atttatgagc tcttttcctc atgaggaaca acaatgttcc     12540
     aacacggtca aaattagtgc tattgctata tttgtgggga catttgctac acacacacat     12600
     acatgcaggc acacatgcgc acccactcac acacacacac gcacgcacac acacacaaac     12660
     atgcatgcga acaaccacac gcacacacat ttcatgcaca catgcatgcg aacacacatg     12720
     cacaaacatg cacacacgca cacacaaaca cacacacaca caccacacat acagcaaaca     12780
     cagctcacac acacacaagc atgcacatgc acgcacacac acacaaacac acacttcatg     12840
     caaacacata tgcacaaaaa catgcatgcg aacgttcgca cacatcacag atacagtaca     12900
     cacacacata cgcgttcaca cagtacacac acgtcatgca cacacacata cagcacacac     12960
     acacacaaac atacatgcat acacacaaag catgcacaaa aacatgcatg cgaacacaca     13020
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tcacagaaac agcacacaaa tacatgtaca cacacacaca     13080
     cacacaaaca tacatacata cataagcatt acagaaacag cacacacata catgcattta     13140
     cacatacaca cgcgtcatgt acacacacaa acatgcatgc ggacacccac acacgcacac     13200
     acatatcatg cacacatgca tgggaacaca catgcacaaa cacctataca taaagatcac     13260
     acatacagcg cgcgcgcgca cacgcacacg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     13320
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatacaga cacacacaca cacaaacaag catgcgaaca     13380
     cacacacatc acagaaacag cacacaaata catatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     13440
     cacacacaca cacaaacata cataaacatc ccagatacag cacacatgct atgaattatg     13500
     aggacacaat gcatgtcctc ataaatcacc ttggttcaat caagtgtgtc cttgtaaacc     13560
     aacaaaacca gcgcacgctc acacacactg gtattagtgc tttatgagga ctctccatag     13620
     gtgtaatgaa tttcatacag taacatacac ttattatttg accctaccca ctaaacccca     13680
     ctctcacagg aaacctgtgg caaactttta atatgatata acccaggtaa atatgattta     13740
     agctttttga attattagga cacaatgcat gtcctcataa accaccttaa tagagtacaa     13800
     ccaggtcata ttaatgtcat tatacaaatt gtgtccttgt aaaccaccaa ctccaacaca     13860
     cacaaacaca ccttgatggc catctgcagc gacacctctc tgatgttgga cagtggtgga     13920
     tagagtcgtc cctgactcag ctcttcatcc gtcagctgat ccgccagtgt ctacaacaca     13980
     aacactcttt catcaagtta cagaatcaaa cattaacaga acacacctac aacaagtgct     14040
     gctttaactt atctacgcta ataacagtgt tcagactggt tcgctgacct caaacctaac     14100
     atagccttat cattgcgtca ctcttatatc agcacagaac aataagactt tattttatcc     14160
     tccaaacaca agtgatgatg tttttaatga aactgtagag gattttgtct cggaaaggct     14220
     aggtaaacat gcgttaaaag gttataaatg caacttaaaa taaagggttt tatttaaagg     14280
     cagagttgac cacaaagttt tcattcacac aatctttgct tggctcaaac ctgtttaagt     14340
     ttcttacatt tgaaacacta aaggagatat tttaagaaag tggaaaacgt gtaaccattg     14400
     acatccaata gtgtacttcc aatagtcttt caaaatttaa tttataacac aaacgcagac     14460
     tatatattac cttattaatt tacggatatt tttatagtgc attatttatt aaagaaagtt     14520
     ggaatttatt tacttaaata gtttgtaaga gtgagtcaca ttttaatatt cacatttcta     14580
     agctatagct tgaattaatt gaaggaaaca tataagacgt ttaaaaaaag catttttgag     14640
     atgattaata atctatttta atcgtaattt aactacaaac attcaatgaa acggacatcg     14700
     gctgagcaga agatgagaaa atttcctatg ctatacaatt agaatcagaa agagctttat     14760
     tgacaggtat gttcacacat ttgaggaatt tgttttggtg acagagcctc gacagtgcaa     14820
     cagaattaca gagacaggac aaaaaacaga taataaatat atttacacaa atatacaaga     14880
     tgacaataaa ataaattgta aaataaaata taaaactgct atatactacc ttagatgcta     14940
     tataccaact taaagcttcg tataataata aaaataataa taatatgtaa aaatgtgtat     15000
     tattattatt attagtagta gtagtagtag tagtagtagt aatagtattt ttccattttt     15060
     gtaaattatt attcataata ttactactaa taataagatg ataataatga taataataat     15120
     gataataaca atatatattt tattttgaaa taaaattggt tgaagattat tactattaat     15180
     aatacaacta ttataaagta atatattact accgatatta aagataacaa ttactaccat     15240
     tattattaat aatatgataa taataacaag aataaaaata attataatta tgatgataat     15300
     tgattatttt caatattaat aataataata ataataaata ttttattctc aaatataatt     15360
     tattaaatat ttattataaa tattaatatt tatatcatat agtaacagta tttatcatta     15420
     ttattaataa tatgacaata ataacaataa caacaacaac aaaaacagta ataataataa     15480
     taataatatt aataatcatt aacaataatt attgatgatg atgattatta ttataattga     15540
     tgataatgat gatttttatt attaataatt ataataataa attttatttt attctaaaat     15600
     ataatttaat acagattatt attaataata acattattat aataataata attattatta     15660
     ttatacagta acaaacatta tcattattat ttatcatatg ataataataa caatattact     15720
     gataatatta ataatcattt ttaacattag caatatttat tattaataaa ttttatttta     15780
     aaatagaatt tgttaaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     15840
     atatatatat acacactgta tatatatatt aatattacta ctaataataa aaacaataat     15900
     gatggtaata ataataataa ttattattat tataaatgca tgttgaaatg tactttggtt     15960
     ggtttttacc tttgcggcct caaggaagac cgtgtcactg atgtgtcgga ctccactgag     16020
     aataacagcc agagctacac ctgaaaacac aaacacaatc cacagatcaa tacacgctga     16080
     cccgacaggc tgtcttacat gaatcaatat gcttatataa tatgatctat ctctatattt     16140
     agtgtatgtt cataccaggg aatatataag cgttgttgcc ctgtccagga gtcagtattc     16200
     tgccatcttc tagtgacact ggagcaaacg gactaccgct cgcgaacaaa caccgtccct     16260
     gaaacagacg catattcact tcaattcata taaccatgtt caacaatgca aattgaatca     16320
     atatacatgg caacatgaat aaaaacaaaa gccttttggc acatctgact ttttggtcca     16380
     atcagatttg aaatcttgat gtatttgtta ttgtgtattt gtgtatttag tgtatgagtt     16440
     atccttaaag tcctaaagca tgaatgttat caacctgtgt gaggctgtac gcatcttcag     16500
     ctgtgcactc agccttggcc gtcgggttgc ttaaggcgaa aataatcgga cgctcattca     16560
     agtttcccat tgctttgatg acatcatgag tgaagagccg accggcccct gacacacctg     16620
     ttgacagagg agaaaaacat acactaaaat atacacacat acacaacaac gacttgcaca     16680
     catacagttg atgtacacat gcatactgta aatcacatgc atcaatccat catttcattg     16740
     ctctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     16800
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     16860
     atctatctat ctatctatct atcattacat tcttaaatcc atctatccat cttcctatct     16920
     atatatccat ctatcatttc attgctctat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc     16980
     atctaatagc tctatccatc catccatcca tccatccatt atttcattgc tccatccatc     17040
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccaccta cctacctacc tacctaccta cctacctacc     17100
     tacctaccta cctacctacc tacctaccta cctacctacc tacctaccta tctatctatc     17160
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     17220
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatccatc     17280
     taattactcc attcatccat ccatccatcc atcattacat ttttacatct atctaactat     17340
     ccatcttcct atctatatat caatctatca tttcattgct ctactcatcc atccatccat     17400
     ccatatatcc atccatatat ccatccatat atccatccat atatccatcc atccatccat     17460
     ccatccatcc aatagctcta tccatccatc catttatccc tccatccatc catccatcta     17520
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     17580
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     17640
     tccaataatt tatccatcca tccatccatc taatagctct atccatccat ccatccatcc     17700
     atccatccat ccatccatcc attatttcat tgctccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc     17760
     atccatccat ccatccaccc acccacccac ctacctacct acctacctac ctacctacct     17820
     acctacctac ctacctacct acctacctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     17880
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     17940
     atctatctat ccatctaatt actccattca tccatccatc catccatcca tcattacatt     18000
     tttacatcca tctaactatc catcttccta tctatatatc catctatcat ttcattgctc     18060
     tacccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatatatc catccatata tccatccatc     18120
     catccattta tccatccatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     18180
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     18240
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatccaat     18300
     aatttatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatcttca     18360
     actgtatata tttgagaaaa tgtttaatta tatttagata ttagatatat atgtatatga     18420
     tgcaaattat atatgcaaaa aacttttatt ttggattgga ttaatcgcta agcactagtt     18480
     aatagaaatt atgcttaaat atcttctctc cattatacag catggacaat aattaacatt     18540
     tcacaggagg gctaataatc ttttagatct gtaaagcaga aggacgaaaa caagctatag     18600
     caggcagaaa tggtcttaaa tggtctataa agcacagcgc acaccttgtc taacataaaa     18660
     agaaactaaa ggttaaactt ttaaaggtta aaggaggtcg cttgggttgg gtttagttgt     18720
     atatcagaga gagaaagacc cagagtgagc agcttgtctt accgatgatc gctgtgggtt     18780
     taataacatt gacagcgtct aagaagcttt tcacatcgcc tggatcagga tgaacaaaag     18840
     cctcttgatt actgtctgtc tcataagctc tgtcctataa aacagagaaa cacacacaca     18900
     cacaagcaca cacacgcaca gaattattga aggactgcag ttgtcaagca tgtgaaagaa     18960
     gaacaagtta gaaaatggca aacactttca attcctgttt aaagttttct ttgagaagta     19020
     ttacttgagt ttagatttgc tttcttttac tctcctcaaa ccctttcaga cacaacagac     19080
     atcttaaatg aaaataaagt gttactgtag catagattta ctgtaatatt cacttaattg     19140
     aattttatct tcatcttaat tttatctttt acgtttttag ttacattttt taattgtttt     19200
     tattctaact ttagttcagt ttaactgagt aatttcagca attatgagcc aaaatgtatt     19260
     gcgattaatc gcatccaaaa taaaagtttg tttagacata atatatgtct gtgtacggtg     19320
     taaattatat actgtatata tatatatata tatattagtg gtgggctgtt attggcgtga     19380
     atgtgctgag ttaacgcgag actctaaaaa aaaaaaaagt gcccttatga atcaaatcag     19440
     ctggatgccc ttctggatct ttcacttaca tcgaagacac tactgactac gcttacatgg     19500
     acatctttaa tctagctatt tgccgtaata gacaataata taattaaggt gtttatgtca     19560
     agtgctttca tgtaagagtt tcctgtaatc ttgcgtgttt ttatctgcag tttggccatt     19620
     tttattcatg tgcccgtgac aaactggggt attagactca aataaggagt aaggactggt     19680
     gagagtgtta tggaatttaa taacgcacgc cgaatggaaa gaaaaaaaac ttccgcattt     19740
     taaaactcat gtttaactga ataaacagtt agtaactaca agaacatctt attgaacatt     19800
     atttgttttc atcaccaatt atcatagtag aaaagtttct caagcagttt gtgcaggaga     19860
     tgagcccctg gtctaatgcg acacctgact taagaaacca gttctcaaag aaatttaaat     19920
     gagccatttt aatctagatg aatctagatt acttccaaga ttacagtgag attaatctag     19980
     attaaaaaaa tttatctatg cccaccttta atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     20040
     atatatatat gtatgtgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     20100
     atatttatat atatatatat atatataaaa aaattaaatt atattaaagg tgggcaaaga     20160
     taacattact gtaaaatgtg ccatttatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     20220
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgg cacattttac agtaatgttt     20280
     attaatgtgc attgaccctg taaacaaata aactaaacta aatcaggcct cttttcttgt     20340
     aaatgagcat tttctatcag gctcctctga ttcggttcag aagttttatt tttttatgta     20400
     atgataaggt tattggctag taaataaaat aacttttttt cataaatgtc actttagaca     20460
     attctttggt ttttaacaag gtagattttc ttttgagtca aaaccagcta aatccaccaa     20520
     tgctttgtat gcaaaaacct ctaaatccac ctattggaac aagactgtgt aattagttga     20580
     aaaacactga agatgccatt aggaattatt ttaccaaaca taaaacacat tacacaaacc     20640
     atctgaaatt aaaaatacat ctgtcaagta agtggcggtt cattccgctg tagtaacccc     20700
     tgataaacca gtgactaagc agggagaaaa tgataaataa aatctgtaaa gcaagtgcat     20760
     taatcaataa cattaaaact gactttaatt aaaccttaac aatctgttgt catttctgat     20820
     atttgggatt tagatttaat gcaagtataa caatgtaaac attgcaaact aagcttgaaa     20880
     gaaccaccaa cttatccagc atatgttttt atgcagcaga tgcacttcta ggtgcaaccc     20940
     atcactggga aacatcctta cacactcatt cacacacata cactatggac attttagctt     21000
     atccaattca cctatttagc atgtgtttgt acggagcacc cggaggaaac ccacaccatc     21060
     acggggagaa catacaaact ccacactaca atgacaactg acccagcctg ggctcgaacc     21120
     agcgaccttc ttggtgtgag gcggttgtgc tacccattgt gccaccctga cttaattttc     21180
     tatatactat ttcttataca atatattgtt tcaaactact aaaaaggtca atccctttgt     21240
     taaagtgcag agttgaattt tcaacattga aagttaacag agggtgacgc agtggcgcag     21300
     taaatagtgc tgtcgcctca cagtaagaaa gtcactggtt caaacctcgg ctgaggtttg     21360
     catgttctct cagtgttggt gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ctggtttccc ccacagtcca     21420
     aacacatgca gtacaggtaa attgggaagg ctaaaattgt ctgtagtgta tgagtgtgaa     21480
     tgagtgtgta tggatgtttc ccagagatag gttgcagctg aaagggcatc cgctgtgtaa     21540
     aacatgtgct gcataagttg gcagttcatt cctctgtggc ggcccctgat taataaaaag     21600
     aagaaaagaa aatgaatgaa tgaactaatg aaagttagtc atataatgca attcataacc     21660
     attaacatat agaaaaaaac atgaatcgtg aaaatatgga acttgttaat ttttttatat     21720
     tgttttttat gttttatttg cagtctatgt accctgagct cccgtaaaca acaacaacaa     21780
     caacaacaac aaaaaccttg tgtgtttgtg cacacacagc gaacaaagct cactctgtca     21840
     tccaatgcaa tatcaatctg caatcagata atagaagtct gacttaaaat actgtataca     21900
     ctcgctcaaa atcacactca tactttcatg tgaccaaatc tgctgacctt tactaacagc     21960
     ccgtacttgt caaacatcca gatctttttc ctggcatcgg cctgagacat tcctgactcc     22020
     atcatcgcca tgacgatcag gtttgcaatt ccaagtgcgg ccttaaagaa acaaacaaag     22080
     agtgaaacta gtttaaagcc aacagctcag cataaattaa tacacgccat ttttaaaatg     22140
     aataattgta ttcatttctc agtgaatacg ggtaatatat attggtgcat ttgaacaaaa     22200
     ctgatttatt aaactgatat atttattaaa ataatatttt agccacagaa catctttaga     22260
     aatgtaaaga taatatattt aaattcattg caaatattga aaaaaattta caaactacaa     22320
     aatttcaacg aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatat atatatatat atatattaat taatttattt     22380
     atttttttct cgtttttttc tctttttaaa aatacattta ggttactcgt tttgatctta     22440
     gtgttatctt aagttgtttt gttagataag ctctagattt ggcttcagca ctgactaatc     22500
     taacgtatat gaacaaatat aatattgtgt agcttcccat agaaaatatg aatttaaata     22560
     tttgtggcgg gtgtcctcat atatgctgag tactgtaaat gcataagtta catactaatg     22620
     taatctctca tcaaaccaca cagatgaata aaaaacgagt gtttgcatta tagtaatctg     22680
     aaagtgtgtg gtgtgctcac ctctccagca cccagaaaca gaactttatg ttcagttaat     22740
     ggctttccca cggcacgctg agctgccagt aaacctgcca gagctaccga tgcagtgcct     22800
     gcagacacac aaacacagca gaaaatcatc atcacatttg cacttcttaa agactgcatg     22860
     aactggacgt ggctgaaact tttatttcag tatgttaatg tgcaaatgaa acggaatatt     22920
     gagtaggggg cggggcttta ttttgcatat cattcccata aagcaaacta acagcaagag     22980
     gagcgtgcct aagaatattg tggctgacgt cgtcagagaa ggaccacccc tccaaacgca     23040
     gaagcaaatg ctcatacgtt gattgaagat taccaaaaca accttaactt gcacggattt     23100
     ttgttcacct aaaaataaca atgtgtgcaa acaaaatata cactgtgcat ttttatttca     23160
     cacagacttt aaagaaaaca ggtcaatagt caggtttact cattttatta aaaatcttta     23220
     tctaatttat taaatttttt acttgtttta tcaatagcac aactcattca ttaatttttc     23280
     tttggcacag cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcatat gttttacaca gtagatgctc     23340
     ttccagctga aacccagtac tggtaagcat ccatacacac tcattcacac aatcatacac     23400
     tacggccatt ttagtttatt caattcacct acagcgcatg tgtttggact gtggggaaaa     23460
     cccacgccaa cacggggagt acattcaaac tccatacaga aacgccaatt ggcacagtca     23520
     ggactcgaac cagtgacctt cttgctgtaa ggcaacagcc atggtcagcc accatgtcac     23580
     ccctcaatgg cgaaactgat aaaccatatc aaaggaaatt cagttattaa gaacttgccc     23640
     tcatgttatt tcaaccccct gagacccttg tttatcttct aaacacaact taagatattt     23700
     tagatgaaat cctggagctc tcccatactc cactgacagc aatggtgcca agatgttcaa     23760
     cgttcagaaa atgaacaaca ttcattgtgc cctagaagac ttttgtgtag caaaaaaaaa     23820
     actacaaact ttgttcacta tggttttcat catgacctca gggtgcacgt ttactagagt     23880
     ctggatcagc ctgatcttat gctgaagaca taggtgaaca ggtttatttt tacagttttt     23940
     agtgcacaaa ttattcttgg agctttgtat gactgtagtt gaacccctga agtcacactg     24000
     aatgttttga caatgtttta gctccttttt tggactttga acctctagcc accattgctt     24060
     tctatagagg atgagagagc tccaggattt catctaaaat atctaaactt gtcttttgaa     24120
     gacgaacaaa gatcttgggg gactgtatta acataagtgt gagtaattaa taacagaata     24180
     aaaaatgtgg ggttaaataa tccaagtaaa ctacaactaa actaaacaaa tccaactaaa     24240
     ataagtagtg atgcacgata tatcggaggc catatcgtta tcggccgata aatgctattt     24300
     tcaagattat cgttattgat ccgatgtcta aattaagccg atatctttaa gccgataaaa     24360
     tacataattg ttgcatgcgt gggcggaaca tgttcggact tgttcatgga tctctccaca     24420
     cactgattat tccttcaaag cccgtccttt cttcacgtgg tattgctgtg cattaaaaac     24480
     tcagtaagta accattatcc ttatcattgt agatatgttt gattgagtgc cattgtgtat     24540
     tttgcttcaa atcgcctcag gaaaaaatat cacatatgaa agcctttcct gctctgtctc     24600
     tttgttgtgt tagagatagc agggagattt acttattact caagggccga ataatattag     24660
     tttcggggtg aactctttta gttgcagccg gtgaatgaac gagttcccgg aaaaaaacgc     24720
     tcctcttttc tgtctctccc tcttcgctaa ctaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc     24780
     aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc aaccaaccaa ccaaccaacc ccacacacac acacacacac     24840
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     24900
     acaccaaact gacctgcaca cgtgacgcgc taaacaaaaa ctttacggaa agtttttaat     24960
     ctaatataat tatttgttat tatcaacgcg ttccttccca tgtgttgttg atgtaagatt     25020
     gtattcagtt tgatcggaat attcatattg attataacaa gcgcgcgaga gcttttaccc     25080
     cacgcgcgca cacacacata gatctgacag ccttcacaca cacatagtct tgagccttca     25140
     cagatcaaca ggggagagcc tgggtgcacc ggtcactgaa tccagcatac gggccacacg     25200
     ttctgtcttt atattctgct ctgtgtttgt cataaagtcg tccgagctca atgatcaggt     25260
     ttgtatcaaa atctgagggc aaatctgcgc cctcacagcg gtttatcata aacttttcat     25320
     cgatcattta ccccacgatt gacagcaaaa acgaacacag gagcgttgat gctacatgtg     25380
     tttaaaagaa tctaaaacgc caaataggat gaatttatgt ctgaatttaa ggaataatca     25440
     gtgtgaggaa agatccatga acatccatga acgcgtgcgc ggcaacaatt acgtaattta     25500
     tcggctttaa gatttcggcc taatttagac atcggatcga taacgataat cttaaaaata     25560
     gcatttatcg gccgataacg atatggcccc cgatatatcg tgcatctcta aaaataatac     25620
     attctatatc tagcttatca cttgtgctgt ggctcagaac tgtcaaaaca cctctaaaaa     25680
     aaggcttttt cggacatgac atatttttac acatgtacat tactgtaacc tgttttattc     25740
     aagaacattt gagctggttg tagtccttag ctctttcatt ttcattttgt ttaaaatata     25800
     tttaacttgc ttgttaatta aatcccattt tgttatttga ccttcttaat tttatgcaac     25860
     agtcaatttg catgttaatt tgctatgaag aaaatgaaat catgtatttt ttgcatgctg     25920
     atttttgtga aatggtgatt ataggtcttt ataatcacct tgcaattttg aaatcatagc     25980
     ttttttgctt tgagtataga caattcagtt caaaagagtg gagtttcagc ttttatgaag     26040
     tttgctgtgt aaaaatataa cattttgaaa tatttataat tatcggccta tacatatcgg     26100
     ctatcggcct ccaagtctga agaattatcg gttatcgtat aggccaaaaa atccatatcg     26160
     gtgcatccct aaaaataagt taagattgtc atatttctca cagtcataac gtatatccga     26220
     tcgaaaaaaa attaaaaaaa agtaggacgg tgcttcattt ttattctttg gaaaccagtt     26280
     agatcattgg aggatgggca ttgctaacaa aatggaggaa gatttgaatg ccagtttcta     26340
     atcaattgtg gaggattact gtccaccaga atccctgtta tgatttttga tcaatcatca     26400
     taaggtcaaa taaattgcac attgtttata tttatacatt agatttataa caaacactac     26460
     gacaaacaga taaaaataag aaatgtctat tttgatttca tgccgacttt aacaaagatt     26520
     cttttccttt tctgcttttc tactcttgtt ctttacttac cttggatgtc gtcattgaag     26580
     gtgcagtatt tctcgcggta tttcttcagg aatcggaaag cgttgtgatt cccgaagtcc     26640
     tcaaattgaa tgagcgtgtc ctgtccgtac ttgtccacca ccgcctccat gaactcatct     26700
     ataagatcgt cgtatcgctg tgaacggtcc cgccgctggt acagacccat gtagaacgga     26760
     tctctcagta acttctgcat aaacacacaa aacagcacaa attacactta tggaatatag     26820
     cagctatttt cataaaacag caacaactag cagtactata ggcttctgga ataaaaaaag     26880
     ttcagcattc tggcaaaata taatatttaa cttgtatttt aaatatatat tttttatttt     26940
     acttcatata ttaaataaaa cgggcggcag gctggctcag tggttagcac tgtcccctca     27000
     cagcaagaag gtcactggtt tgagtcccgg ctgggtcagc tggcatttct gtgtggagtt     27060
     tgcatgttct ccccgtgttg gcatggattt cctccaggtg ctccggttcc cccacacacg     27120
     cgccataggt gaattgaata cactaaatgg ccgtactgta tgagtgtgtg aatgagcatg     27180
     tacgggtgtt tcccagtact gggttgcagc tggaagggca tccgcagtgt aaaacatatg     27240
     ctagataagt tgttgattta tttcactgtg gcgacccctg atgaataaag ggaccaagtt     27300
     gaaggtaaat gaatgacaac cctaatatat gcatcaattc aattgtatga aatgcatgcg     27360
     gacacacaaa caaaaatcaa cacactgcct tcaatgcttt caaaacaatg gaaattaaac     27420
     aacgtttcga cctacacaga ctccttcagg ccaaacacgt aaaatgcatg tgcacacaca     27480
     aacaattcgc agtcagaaaa tctgatcacg gatgaattgt ttagaaaatg catgtttact     27540
     gacctcatta tctgtgccca catcaatgca gacaggcagg caactctcag gtcggattcc     27600
     agcacaggcc gtataaagac acagctttcc tacaggaata cccatcccgt acactcccag     27660
     atctcccaaa cccaggatcc gctcaccgtc cgtcaccacc acagcctgca aacacacaca     27720
     aacagatcca ttactgtaat aacaaatctt aaagaggagc ttgtaataat ggtgtcctag     27780
     tattgtgccc aacatctggt ttaaatgcat ctaatttcaa gaaatattca tgctttctaa     27840
     gcaaacatct ttttgtactg attttgatct gattcatttg gcaattcaag ttattttaag     27900
     aatttaaagg gcacatagtt tacccatttt taaagattta atattgatat tatggttctt     27960
     ctgagtgtgc cagtttaggt tcagttcaaa acacaattca gacttgttga ttcacaattg     28020
     atttacaatt tttcgaggta gtagctctct ctgtcatccc aagccagaag gcactgactg     28080
     agtgattgac agctgatatt aaccaatcat tcgcgttcag tgctagagca gtggtgggcc     28140
     aataggaaga gcgcaaaggc ggggcaagca ttacggactt ggctttgttt actgcagcaa     28200
     gttgacatga caactgtttt aaaccattcc tgagcactgc gtttcgcgtt tcaagtgcag     28260
     acaaagagct tagaggtgca ttctgcgtga atgtctcccg aatcagcaca tgtgctgaac     28320
     attttgcagt aaaaactggt cgcacacaac aattacatgc actcgcacaa gtgctcccaa     28380
     atatattttg aggtcgcata gataaaattt caggtttatt ataatgtgct aaaaagagtc     28440
     atgttggggg cgtgtacaca gctcgctgtt ttaggggtgt gttgcttcac atgaaaacta     28500
     gtttcgactt cccacccaac taaacaaggg ggcggagcca agtgtatggc aacagaagag     28560
     aagggtctgg ctgcagcact tgcatcttca ggcttgcacg cttagggacc cacacttcct     28620
     attcaagtga cgtcatttac catcgacacc tgcacctgtc acgtcaatgg aaatcaacac     28680
     aaataaacca agagttagtt tccaattcgt ttgagttgac agtgacgacg ctatcaaata     28740
     attctaagta cttaggttgt aaaccatgac aggcaaagga ttacatccat atgattttgt     28800
     gtgaactttg tttagttgcc gcagttttat tccatgcaga aacgctgtgt tgaaaaacct     28860
     ttatgattaa ttaactgtga cgaattaagg cgtggttaat attgaaaccg gttaatcatt     28920
     acatccctat acggatgtcg catgcatcgt tacatagcgg ctgtaaaact atacaaagac     28980
     acaaatgatt ttgtaactac cactctgaca cattctggca aattaggaat attgattcct     29040
     caacagtact ctctgcttgg tctgtgtccg agtcgtacat gtatcgctga atattggtcc     29100
     tttcactcat gttgcttctc actccctccc tctctctctg tgtcaatctc aggatcgccc     29160
     actccagtat tccatttgtc cgtgaagacg tcgatctcca ttacaccctg tgatgtcatc     29220
     accttcgctg ccaatcagga tgggagcttg aagtttaaag gtacgcaagc ggggaagctc     29280
     attctgtctt gcttgctttc tcttgcttgc ctttttgtgt gtgttttggc ttgttgttat     29340
     gtgttatgat gttgaagtga atttagagtt ttgattttgg tcttgttcac gtttttggtc     29400
     gctgttaccg tcttgtatgt atgcatgtaa ccattccctg atctctggtg tcagaacttc     29460
     cctgggaatc gagtagtttt aatgtaatgt gacatacacc tcgcatcacg cagataactc     29520
     cactgtctaa acacactaat ttagaagtga gcgacacccg ctctaagttt tctctatatg     29580
     gtattctttt tggttagttt gagcagtttt agttatagca tgaaaatgct gaagatgttt     29640
     cgtttgtttg tttgttttct attagaaagt aaatttcaac tagatttggg gttttcgtta     29700
     tattgcttta ttttatttcc tcatccataa tatacataga tttatttatt ttcttctgtg     29760
     agatcttgaa tatttttgct gtttgactta tttttacttt tgtaaataaa ttcacttatt     29820
     tttgccgtat tttggttctc attttgctat tttgccacca ttcattcatt cattgattca     29880
     ttttcttgtt ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtcgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca     29940
     acttatccag caagttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa     30000
     acatccacac acacattcac acacacactc atacactacg gacaatttag cccacccaat     30060
     tcacctgtac cacatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agcacccgga ggaaacccac     30120
     gcgaacgcag ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacgc caactgagcc aaggctcgaa     30180
     ccagcaacct tcatgctgtg aggcgaacgt gctacccact gcgtcgcccc tatttcacca     30240
     ccaactcacc aaaaaatgta atcacattaa atgttacctc ttttattccc tagagccaat     30300
     cttgaaggtc gtaacaatta tatgcatatt tatatttgtt tcaataaaaa aacatgttta     30360
     gatttgttta actgtcaggt tttggagacg tctgcgtcac catatggggc ataagaatag     30420
     ggtgtgtgtt tggatataac tcagtttttt gaccacactt cattatcatt gtttgtttat     30480
     taatttgctg gaaattagag ctgaatttag aaatagtttt taacaaatct ttgtgcctaa     30540
     caaacaaaat taaatatgta ggctaatgga tgtcttgagt ggagtgagtt tccactattt     30600
     tacaaggagt aaagtaaaaa gaaagtaaag aggttgaatg gaggaggctc gttctttatc     30660
     ctcatgctgc agatgctctg tttagctgtt ttcctgctag tgaagtgttc agttcagtta     30720
     acaaagtctg ccatgtaaat agcaaatgtg ccatggcgtg atgcaactga ctcttaaagg     30780
     gaatgcgaga tgagactctg attggtttaa tgcatgttat gctcaaaaca cacccataac     30840
     taattagggg gtaagtacaa ccctgttaga ccatgcgcca gggagcaaac cctatttttc     30900
     catctttaaa atagcaaaat gggattcaga cacgccctta ttgctttcac accatgctct     30960
     ttagactctg catttagatg gttaaattag agcccttaaa gggtcacgaa acaccaaagc     31020
     acatttttta agctgttgac agtcatatgt gtcccacact gctaaaaaca ctattaggac     31080
     acctatattt cactaaaaag tgtaaattgg ttgtttttgc gttatttcaa gcaaattcgt     31140
     acttccggtt tgaaacgaat ttttgaagct gcgtcacggt catgacataa tagcgtgtat     31200
     tccagcgtgc agactgggcg tctgtgccag agtgtgtctt attacgtctt acagtgtgat     31260
     gcattaatgc atgagtaaag cttggttcaa accaatcagc gcgctctatt gtgcaacttc     31320
     attaatattc attactgtca cagtgtttag acgacagaga cgccacgttg tattggcaaa     31380
     acaagcgtga agtgttgctt ttatagtttg ctgcagttaa gttttgtttt cattttctct     31440
     ctgtgagagc gcagactcat gtgtggatta acagtgtacg cgacgcccga caacaataac     31500
     ttacgtgtct aaggaggatt attgtttacc tgagagctgt tctcatctgc aaacgctgag     31560
     atccagattc gcttgtagtc tcctcttaat aagacgcggc tctacttgct ggtgattgtc     31620
     ctgtctctac agatttggta agtgagcgac cagtgctctt tgtttattca gttcgtattt     31680
     tattcgtatc gaacaaacta ttgcaccgag tgtaaacaag ttagcactac aaccaaacta     31740
     taacctcgtg taggattttg tgaccggaat aacacacgcg gctttctgac gctacctgcc     31800
     gagtgcatct aagtttccgg gaaatgcgga ggtttttttt ctctcattcg ccgtgcggta     31860
     tcaaacattg catgaaaaat acacgcttag agcagatcct cgaatcaaat atcgtgtttg     31920
     tcgtgaggga catgaatgaa ttccctgaat gaaagagcca aactgcagtt aaagtccacc     31980
     atttaataat ttggcaaata atttgactac agatgtccat gtaaacccag tcactttgtc     32040
     cgctgtggat gtgtgttttg actctgaaat tcagcgcgcc caaatagaca ctcccacacc     32100
     aagcctcttt tcttcctccg acactccccc ctaaacagag ctggacacgc ccacttttct     32160
     gactttttcc aaagtagaag tgtgaaaaca ccctgctgaa acgagggggt ttcatggccc     32220
     tttaatgtgt ataaaccact gaattccata taacaacttt tctctgattg gtcaattcag     32280
     ttttaagggt tttattactt gtctaaaaca aaacacctat tttagagtgt tcatatttta     32340
     tttgcagcaa ggtattatgc aaatgtgtta ctttaaaact gttgatctgt aacaggcaaa     32400
     agattaaaaa acataatgat ctgctaatgc gattcagagc ctactctttc cttttaataa     32460
     tgtccttttt ttcttaaaac aactttgcag actgtttaca tactgcaaaa tatccacaag     32520
     taagatcatt tttaaaaacc catatgcttt gctcttttaa aaaaggtcaa ttatatacat     32580
     cacagtctta aggtgataat ttccaagcat aaatgttgaa attcaatacc ttgacagagg     32640
     tatctggcca attatccaat atggaacgaa tatgtccttg gtccttaatg gaaataaaga     32700
     gacctctgtg aaaaaaataa atacagaatt aaatccctct gccacacaaa tcttacaata     32760
     tataaataca gtaaaaataa tttgtaaaaa taattccatt atttatttgc atcctatgtt     32820
     taattcaact ttgtttctat tgcgcttttt ataacaatta ttgtgtcaat gcagtagatg     32880
     aagttgaagt aaattaaaac tgcttcactt catgaagcgt taacttacac atcttcatac     32940
     accgtttaac tggtatacat ttcatgaacc tgaaatccca gtaaagactg ctatattatg     33000
     tgcatgatta aatgtcatgc ttacttttaa tcaaatatac tggtaaaaac cttagtgttg     33060
     ttgtatactt gtgttgaaat tattcaaatg agttgaaatt gatttattta ttaaaataac     33120
     tgttttaaaa cattgatttg cataggttgg tttagcatct tataattttt aacctttaat     33180
     ctttaactta aattttttaa gacacactaa gctgattgca aaatattgtt tatattttat     33240
     aatttcattt actgtgatgc tttaagttgt tctcagtatt cccaacatat tagtttggac     33300
     gcaattttta ttgcagtttt atgtttgtca tctcatgcac ctgataactt ttaaatatat     33360
     ggtttgcttt tggtggatct taagtcttca acaggttgat cccgcccctg tgccagcaaa     33420
     caccaattag tgaagagatg tcattaaaga caaagttatt tttttaaata aacatcactt     33480
     aaagtggacc tattatgtgg ttgctactag atcggatatg actgtggtcg aaagttaaca     33540
     aggattattt atatgattta ttaaattttc catttattgt attttattaa catccacccc     33600
     cactgtaaac ccaaccatca cagtgatgtt aaaacactga ttattgttat acagtgtcaa     33660
     aaaaatgctg ttatattgat gtgcatatcg cactgaaaat accaaacgaa gagtctcaga     33720
     atgcatcagt ccatggagac tccagtgtta atttgtgcat ctaaaactcc acatttataa     33780
     tcctcttagt ctttatctta agcagacagc tgcttcacac tcagggctgt ttacgctaat     33840
     tagagagaga tggtcactaa tgggcggtgc tttccccttc tgatgacatg aacaaaagga     33900
     gaatgtcaat caaagtgttt ctgcagactg attttatcaa gtgtgattat taaaagttgc     33960
     attattaatt tttaccatta aaagctggct acattcacac actgttgccc cctataacta     34020
     cttataaaag ggatttttgc ataataggtc tcctttaata acacataaat ggattaaata     34080
     ttttataata atcaacaaga actaaaaggt gtttcatttt gatttcagga tgagtgtttt     34140
     gaactgtagc tcacttgggt ctcctgaaga tgtgtccgta ctgtgtgcaa gcgagaccca     34200
     cagtcggagt gtagacgatg ggcatgaggg cttcaatgtc ctccatgagc acacggtaga     34260
     agaggcgctc gttcctctcc tgaatcccca tcaggtagat atacctgctc aaagaaatcc     34320
     atacatcata attgtggagg aaaaattcct ttttaccaaa ctcgaatgct tctgaaatat     34380
     tgggtttcta tcttaagaca tggcttggat ggccctagca tgggatagat atgccatctt     34440
     taaatattgt agttaatgtt cttgtcttgt gtggaaaagt acaacatgtc agtaatgtaa     34500
     ccttgaagaa ctgatataag cgagagaaag ctcccccttt tttgtctcag tctgcagcca     34560
     cctgtgtttt tagtggccta gattgcaaaa tgtctcatgt taaggtcatt tttgcatatt     34620
     attttgtgta ttaaatgaga tcttgaattg gaagctgtta ttgagatttg tgtggtgaag     34680
     ggagtggatg tacttctgca gtggatcaga catcttcttc aggttcttct ggaagcgcat     34740
     ggcttgggtg tcctgggtct cgatctttga tggtaaaaga ccatgaatcc ccaacatctg     34800
     ccgctccttc agagtgaacg ccatgccctg cgcatacaca aatacacaat tatttattat     34860
     ttaatcttct gtacagtata agggtggtgt tgtaataata tattctgaca gtttttcttc     34920
     tgatttttgc acatcacatt tcataaaaat gcataaatta ttgaatgcct gttgattgtc     34980
     caatgatgaa aattggcatt aaatgtattt caaaaagttc acaaccagtt gtcaaatggc     35040
     agtaattgga taaaataata aaataaacta aagttagcaa ttatttgtaa tatcattttt     35100
     cttattccta tttaatgcac acaagcagat attcagtatt ttcctgtcta caaacagggt     35160
     cacgtttcac aaatgttgta aaataaaatc aaataaatac aaataattcg taacttttat     35220
     ttaatttaat tatttatcaa tttttaatga tttttttatt tctatccatg tacactgaca     35280
     tgtcaaacag ggtcacgttt cacaacttgc tctaaaataa aacataatag aataaaataa     35340
     aataaaataa aaatgtaaat aaaataaaat aaaaaattta attaaataaa aaaaagttag     35400
     taattatttg taatttcaca acttgctgta aaataaaata aaatagaata aaattaaatt     35460
     aaaaaattaa ataaaattaa aacaaaagtt agtaattatt tgtatttttc acaacttgct     35520
     gtaaaataaa attaaaaagg tagttattaa tgatttttct cattcttatt aatgtacaga     35580
     cagacatgcc tacagacatt acacaacttg ctgtaaaata aaataaaaaa taaaataaat     35640
     taaatataat aaattaaata taaattttat attcatagtt ataaaaataa aataaattca     35700
     atataaacta attttaaaag ctgtcattca ttcattttca ccatacttaa ggtcttggtc     35760
     tcttgtttat cctcatagca tccgcatggg ataaaagagc atcttaactt cgtctttcgt     35820
     gaattggagt tgctgttcaa cgtacatgta tagtaaatcg gactcattca aagtagcacc     35880
     gctgcgcaaa acacgttatg aatgcatgct acacttccga ctgtacagtg tgttctcttt     35940
     ttattataat gcacagatct ttgaggtgag ggacgttttc atttgccatt cactgacagt     36000
     cggacaggct tatccagttc atcaaatgtt atcttttaaa atctgaatca aaagcggaat     36060
     aaaacagcct cctcataaaa tctggcgtat cagcgcgctg ctacatataa aacatatgat     36120
     ttgattcaag tttctgattg gttctcggga tatttgcatt cactcaatgt cattatctca     36180
     ttttggcgga agtggcgttt agcggctttt acatctgaac tcttggtccc actttatatt     36240
     aagtggcctt aactaatatg tacttacaca ggaactaata gtttgttaca atgtacttat     36300
     tgtgtaaata catgtattta ctgtgtactt atgcttgatt aaatacatgt atgtaactac     36360
     atctgtaatt aacttttgca attacatttt gttgaccatc ccttacacct taacccaccc     36420
     ttaaacctac ccacaccacc caacctgtcc ataacccaac ctctatccca actcaaaagc     36480
     accacaagtg ttctcaaata cattataaac acagtaagta cattgtatgt atttttttga     36540
     ggtaagtaca tagtagttaa ggacacttaa tataaagtgg gaccgaactc tttatatata     36600
     cacaccacaa atgatgcttc ctaacacaaa tccacacaaa gccgtacaca caaacacact     36660
     gcagatggtt aaatccaaca caatgtcgtg actcgtgaca tatgtaggtc agagagcaca     36720
     aaaggccata cagagagcct gacagactgg ctttatgtgc gtttgctgaa gtggagcagc     36780
     tctgcttttc tgtacattaa aaccagacat gactggctga catgagacac tataaacgta     36840
     atgtactcat cctgtgtgtg caggaaactg agtgagttca aagcagagcg gtagccaatg     36900
     agagacgtcc aggaggaaac acccatatat aacatacaga acagcggcag cacagcccac     36960
     agaggaactg catactcttt acattccaca tgcctgatct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     37020
     gtgtgcggta aacggtcagt gtgtgcgcgc atgcgtctct ctctctctct ctctctctct     37080
     ctctatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt     37140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgcatgt     37200
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaat gagtgggttt gagggtgtct     37260
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc ggacatgcgt gtctataaat atgtgtgtgg     37320
     gcatgccctc aaacccactc attctcacac acacacaaag tcacacacac acgcacgcac     37380
     gcacacacgc acgcacacac acacacacac actgtgtgta agtgcgtctg tgtgtgtgtc     37440
     actgtatgct tgtgtgtctg tgtgtgtgag aatgagtgtg tttgagtatg tctgtgtgtg     37500
     tgtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatctt tgtgtacgag cctctgtgta     37560
     tgtcactatg catgcgtgtc tgtgtgtatg tgtttgtgtg tgaatgagtg tgtgtgtttg     37620
     tgtgtctgtt tttatgtgtg cgtgcgtgac tgtgtgagtc tatgtatgag tgtgtttaag     37680
     tctgtgtgtc tatgtgttta agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg agaatctctg     37740
     tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgcatg catgactgtg tgtgtatctg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgtc     37800
     tgtgtgtgtg tgagtacgtg gttgtgggtg tgcgtgtgtt tgtgtttgtg tgcgtgtctg     37860
     gctatgagtt tgtttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgag agagtacgtg     37920
     tttgtgtgtg tatatgtttg tgtgtctgaa tgtccctctg tgcatttgtg tgtgcatgtt     37980
     tgtgtgtgcg catctgtgtg aatgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg tctgtgtgtt tctgcatatt     38040
     tatgtgtgtc tgtgtctttc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttgag     38100
     catgtatgaa ggctacaaaa agaggctgaa aatctgaaga gtactgtata catgtgcgtt     38160
     attgattgtg taagggtgtt tcccagtact gggctatatc tggaagggca tcctctgtgt     38220
     aatacatatg ctgtataagt tgggggttca ttccactgtg acgacccctg atgaataaag     38280
     tgactaagct gaaggaaaat gaatgaataa agcatcctga agcaaaccca gaggaaaata     38340
     agcacacagc catgtttttc agtgtacgct tctgctgagt cactcctcta atgctttcca     38400
     gacaaaagca atcagacaca cacatacaca caaaaaacaa cactgtgacc ttgtaaaata     38460
     aagtcatgtc agataataaa aaaatgagtt caggaaattt tcacagtttg tctgaaaata     38520
     ttttttcttc tggagaaagt cttatttgtt ttattttagc tagaataaaa gcagttatta     38580
     attaaaaaaa aacattttag ggacaaaatt attagcccct ttcggctatt atttttcctg     38640
     atagtctaca gaacaaacca ttgttataca aaacttccct aattacccta acctgcctag     38700
     ttaacctaat taacctagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt     38760
     gaaaaatatc tagtcaaata ttatttactg tcatcatgac aaagataaaa taaatcagtt     38820
     attagaaatg agttattaga actattatgt ttagaaatgt gttgaaataa atcttcccaa     38880
     acagaaattg gggaaaaaat aaacagggag gcgaataatt caggggggct aataattctg     38940
     acctcaactg tatatataat ttagtggtga gctattatcg gcgttattgc gagactctta     39000
     tcaggcaata aaaaattaaa taatcgcagt taatctattc tcaaagttgg gtgggaagct     39060
     gggtctgttc tacgcaagct atgatgactt tcatcttgat attttagcgc ggatgtatac     39120
     ctggccgaat tgcactgtag ctattgagaa cgagtcttca aacctgtgtg tattcctact     39180
     gtgaaattac cacatcagac atgacatgct aacatggatg cagttcacta gactgaatct     39240
     gattaatgtt agctccacat ctgactatca ggcacccgta gagtttatgc gttcgagtaa     39300
     aacgtaaaca aataaaacag accgggtgct ttttaaaatg aatgacggtg aacgaaagtt     39360
     aaaccggtga gccgtctgac aaaaaagtgc ccttctgaat caaatcagca ggatgccctt     39420
     ctggatcttt cacttacttc aaagacacta ctgactacgc ttgcatggac atctgtagtc     39480
     tagttatttg ccttaataga caataatata attagggtgt ttacgaagtg gggtattcga     39540
     cgcaaataag gagtaaggac tggtgagagt gtaataatga atggaaagaa aaaaacttcc     39600
     acatttcgca tttatgtgtg tttaatactt tactgacagc tatgtgtgtg gatcttgtcg     39660
     gaaaatatgg cggaaagtcc tacatgacag taatagtttg attgcggtgt ttatttcagt     39720
     aatgccgcta atatctgcat actccacatg tcttaattcc agttctgttt agtttagtta     39780
     tgactttagt cagattaagg tgatcaaaaa tggctgtttg gagcttatgt aggcctacac     39840
     ttcaaaactc acgtttaact gaataaaccg ttagtaaaca caagtacatc taattgaaca     39900
     acatttattt tcatcaccaa ttattatagt agaacagttt ctcaagcagt ttgtgatgca     39960
     ttttgcaaac aggagatgag cccctggtct aatgcgccac ctggcttgag aaacccgttc     40020
     tcaaagactt acttttagtc attatttggg tagcacacat attctgaatc ccctcggcag     40080
     aattcaaatg agccatttta atctagatta atctagatca aatctaagat tacagtgaga     40140
     ttaatctaaa taatgaaaaa aattaatcta tgcccaccta taataaaaat acactttttt     40200
     tttctttcat tctagattgt agcttttaga catatagggc tctattttga cggtccatgc     40260
     gcagagcaca aatgcagggc gcaaacgctt tcagggcgtg tcagaacgca tttttgctaa     40320
     ttaacggaag ggaaaatccg ctttgcgcca aggcacatgg tctaaaaggg ttgagtttat     40380
     tttcttaatg agttataggt gtgttttgag aataaaccaa ttagagtctc atctcccatt     40440
     acctttaaga gtcagctgcg tcacgccaag agcgcattcg ctatttacag gacgcaaagt     40500
     aagtctaagt ggaaaaaatg agcatttcac aagcaaacag ttaacagttt tttaacagaa     40560
     aacagttaaa cagagcatct actgcgtgag aatgagagat attggaacta ctttcacttt     40620
     cgctcttgga tagggaaacc tttatgcaca gacatcaatt agtctataaa taattaattg     40680
     cgtttgttaa gcgcaaaaat tcgtttcaaa actatttcta aattcagttc taatttccag     40740
     caaacaaata aatgaataat aatagcaaaa tgtgctcaaa aacctgagtt atatcctaaa     40800
     acacatgctg tgccccatat ggtctaaaac ctgacaggtg ggcaaatcta agttagtttt     40860
     taataaaaca aatataaata tggatataat aaataatact gctaataata acaacattat     40920
     acaaaagcca attgtcagaa tgaactgaaa aagcttcccg agatgaagaa ggtataaaag     40980
     cagtaatttt tcatatttat gtaggctaga aaataatatg ttttgtaata ttttaatcct     41040
     ttatatttat atcctatatc tattcttatt atatcctata tatatcctta atattatatt     41100
     tttttcatat gtaaagatat ttgcctattg ctctcttgtg cgtattaagc agtgtgtaag     41160
     cgaggcgcgg agtttagacc gggttagttt tggtctaatg aaaaatctat tttagtttct     41220
     caaaatagcg acgcgccagc ggtccgcctc aggacgcctc cctttttaga ccagaacgcc     41280
     tatgggcgca caaatgagcg ctaatgcatt tgctatttaa acagcgtagc gcaacgcctc     41340
     aaaaccactc ttgcgccaag ctgaaactac caaacaagta ttgtgccgcg ccttgcgccg     41400
     ggtgtatgat agggcccata gtagtaataa taaaaaataa taacaaaaat acaacagtta     41460
     aacaaaatag atgaataaat atgtttgtaa agtgtaacct tgttagtgcg cgggttaagc     41520
     atgagcggtt ttcccttctc tttagtgtga acccatctgc acatgctcac acacggcctc     41580
     acactcgtgc tcagtctgga cagcatgact gcacacctgc aaaaaaaata aataaataaa     41640
     ggaattagaa ttaaacataa cataaaaccc aaacaccaac agatcattca gaccaacaat     41700
     atctgatagc ttcacacgct gttttcaggc aaatagactg aattattata gcggatctga     41760
     cagcagcact ggattctcac tccgtaattc acaacttatt atgtgacaaa tatttcacac     41820
     ttattataat cttatgaaca gtatgagtca ctgctgtact gataaacata tcagcataaa     41880
     gatgggggag aaaaatatct gttaaataac attaaaaata agcgttttta tatagattaa     41940
     taataaaaat gcaattaaaa taaaataata aaaaataact cattcacatt acaagattaa     42000
     ataactctta aagagaggtt cattattgta gaagtctaat atgaacagtg aacctgtatg     42060
     tattgttaaa atataacttt acttaatttt ttttagcaac tttgagcaaa taattaagat     42120
     caaaagattt tttttattta aaaagtttga caattaattt agtaaatact agagatgcta     42180
     cgattctcaa tataatattg aactgttcgg tacgacctcc acggttcaat acgcgcttgt     42240
     gaattgtggt tctctcagtt ttacgttcaa ataatttatg tgcgttttat atctccttta     42300
     attgactgtg tgtgtgtgcc tgtaatgcct agttcacact agaggatttt aagcctgatt     42360
     tgagcccgat ttggaagtta acaagctcgc cgacagatcg ggctgtgatc gggaagaaat     42420
     ctgcgggtgc tcagcgctcg ccgctcttta tgtgtgaact accgagcaac gcatcaacga     42480
     ggctcgctga cgcgtcgccg acacctcgca gacggaaatc caacattcag catgctaaat     42540
     attccagggc agtcggccga ctcaacccca cgtgtggtca gatgtagtga cgagctacag     42600
     ccaatgagag agcatatcag catgagctga acgcctgtgt gttcaggagc tcaacagaaa     42660
     catctgtgat tggtcagaat tgcattggtg cactcgcttc attctgcgtt aacacagaca     42720
     tgagagtagg ctatattaac agtggatcta gatttctgta actattagaa ttaccatacg     42780
     gctcattctg accgttctca tatgaaactc catattgtca caacatattt acattcaaag     42840
     ctattattga gatgttaaaa ttaagctttg aatgtcttgg catcatattt aatgacacca     42900
     ttaccctaaa aatataatct ttttttggta atacagccta taaatatgta gttaagatac     42960
     taaaacactt aaaggtcttg gctttcattt tcactttcaa acaggagcta tttaacagca     43020
     cagaatatgc agttttgaaa gatatctgaa gtaaattgat gtttttgcca tcagaaagtt     43080
     ttgtttatgt tagcaggaag ttgctaggca agaaaatgca cacatattta aagtcacagc     43140
     gaaaagtatc agacatgcat gcagtcattt taaccaatat ggtaatttaa ggcagaaatg     43200
     ctcagttctt tactgttttg taattaaaaa aaataacaat gtcagaaaga aaaacactga     43260
     tagttagaaa acggcagggt gttataaata tgttagtttt attttaaaga gttataaaat     43320
     gacaaaaatt aaaaactctc tgtgtatcta tccactggaa ccttgcagat gagtgattaa     43380
     tccgctcata aatcagctga tttgacgatg tttttaaatg ctttctccaa agcttgaaac     43440
     gctgtcagtg atgtcatccg cacacaagca gccaatagtg ttcagctttt tctgacgact     43500
     cctccctcaa attttcattg gctgtggttt ggtagcttga atgagctgag ggggaatgag     43560
     atgttgtcag atgatgtagt gtgtgacccc cctcttgtgg atcgttcacg gagtgttgcg     43620
     tagtgtgaac accacagaga tcaaaagaca caaagtcaag tcatgtagtg tgaacagcac     43680
     agcgatctgc tgatgtttaa aatcctgtag tgtgaactag gcttaagtct acgagttgag     43740
     atggggaaac tcctccccgc gagtaaatat acaatcacta tgctctaaag ttagggggcg     43800
     cttgaccatc gttccacact ttaacgtggc gagcggagac agtacaagga agcgccggtg     43860
     tctttcaaat ctgcggtgtg aggacatttc ggttttgcca gtaagtataa tgtcaataaa     43920
     agaaataaca gtgaacaaaa aataactgtg caagcattgt tttacacgta caaccatgac     43980
     tgcacatctg cagcgccatc acccagcaat attactgtct gaaggcagga tagcagagaa     44040
     ggtgatacag tccttcaaat agcaacaatc cctccctgaa tccttcaagc aaacataccc     44100
     aactagttcc gagagacaca taaaaataaa aaggcagtgg gggtgttcat tgcttaagat     44160
     ttgcagccgt tttcggtgat tggagatgtg ggcttttgtc atcttacaaa agcactcgat     44220
     ccaagttaca gactacagtc tcgcattttt tcagcaccga gaaaattaag atggtttatt     44280
     tatgtttact gaagtacaaa tatgtttatt tataatgggc aattgatctt aatttaataa     44340
     agtatttatt aaaagctaga gctgcacaac taatcgtaaa caaaattgcg atctcgattt     44400
     gaccctctag acaatcttaa tccagcattt ctacgattct gccaatcata ttttttagtt     44460
     caggagagaa gcaaaggcgg ctgcacgagt cttttcgttc tctcacatac attgctcagc     44520
     gacattgaca cctccaaatg gtgttgaatg agtcacatac tgtatttata aggtataatt     44580
     cacctaaaaa tgtcattttt gtcttcatat aatgctgtat tcgcggccag gaaaaacacg     44640
     tgacttgtgc tcctgaccgt gagctgtagt gcgggtgcgc gtcctactta atgttagacg     44700
     cgcacgcggc tcctttagtg aacagaacct gctgtgagta acaggtaata aagttgtaaa     44760
     taatattgag tttgtggaac agagtgattg tttgagagcc gcgtgtaagg tatgaacagc     44820
     acttagcagt gaaatgaaac tgaaagtgtg cacatcattt aaataatcat atcgcatttt     44880
     agagttataa ctgcgacaag aatttgatat gtttttttct ttcatagtga acacagttgt     44940
     gcgtgaaaat aaatgtctag agttacttta cattgacaga attgtgagag aattctcatt     45000
     ttaggcagaa tcgtgcagct ctattaaaaa cgtgcaaaaa gatttgtgca cgagcagagg     45060
     aaattggcac gcaagcaaag agattcgcat gctcgtatta cataaatgcg atctcaactt     45120
     gtaatactgt gctcacgaca tttctccatt tgtcattaaa ataacgtcgt tggtagattt     45180
     gtgtaaaaga ctggaaaaaa ctctagagga aacactgtct tattttgtgt tcaacagaag     45240
     aaagaaactt aaaaaggttt agaaccactt gaggaagaga aatgttttat ttttgggtga     45300
     actgtcccgt taacagactc caataaataa gaaaggatgc agttgattgc taaatacaag     45360
     acattatgat taggcaggca atggttcaca ttaattaatg taactcggac agaattaaca     45420
     tttttattgt attgtccctt taagagtaca ccacatcacc acatgacttg gaacaaaatt     45480
     agcatttttt aatgaactta aagacacagt ccacataatt tactcacctt tcacttattc     45540
     aaaacctatg cgtgtttctt tatttctgtt gaacacaaaa ggagatcatt tgaaaaaacg     45600
     ctggttgctg gcacccattg actaccatag tcatttttat ctaccatata aagttaaagt     45660
     caaaattatt tgcccccttt tatttattta tttatatttc ccaaattatg tttaagagag     45720
     cagggaaatt ttcaaagtat gtctgataat atgttttctt caagagaaag tcttatttgc     45780
     tttattttag ctagagtaaa aacagtttaa ttaaacacat attattagcc cccttaagca     45840
     attaagcccc tttattgcct acagaacaaa ccatcgttat acaataatta ccctaacttt     45900
     aacctaatta atctagttaa gcctttaaat gtcactttag ctgaatacta gtatcttgaa     45960
     aaatatctag tcaaatatta tttactgtca tcatggaaaa gattaaataa atcagttctt     46020
     agaaactagt ttaaaaaaaa tatatttttg ttaaacagaa attgggggaa aaaatatgta     46080
     ggggggctaa ttattaagaa ttcaagtgta gattgggtga actatccctt taagcctgca     46140
     tcacagtatt tgactcagca gcaccacaga aacaataatc tcccttcccc catgtattga     46200
     ccttacagta ggagagacac tcggcgtcac acacttacac tgatcttgct ctcacaatct     46260
     caactttgca caatgaatga gattaaccaa ggatttacga tctaaatcag tgtctcatga     46320
     gagaagcgca ggggttttgt gagttggtaa aaaaaaaaca attaaaataa ataaataatt     46380
     ttaaagcaaa acaagggtga cacggtggct cagtggttag cactgtcgct ggttcgagtc     46440
     ccgactaggc ctgttggcat ttttgcgtgg agtttgcatg ctctccccaa gcttgcgtgg     46500
     gtttcctcca atgtgctccg gtttccccca cagtccaaac acatgtgcta taggtgaatt     46560
     gaataaacta aattggatgt agagtatgtg tgtgaatgtg agtgtatggg tgtctcccag     46620
     tactgggttg cagctggaag ggcatctgct gtgtaaaaca tatgctgtat aagttggcgg     46680
     ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc aatgatgaat aaagagacta agccgaagga aactgaatga     46740
     ttaaaacaat cccaaataat aataataata ataataataa taatgataat aataatacgt     46800
     aacttatttt ttaaacttaa atacagtcga agccataatt attttaattc tagtgaaatt     46860
     tgtattcctt ttcaaatatt gtgctgttag tatgttgttg tttaatggag agatttttta     46920
     gcacatttct aaacataata attgtaattt aataaaatgt ttaacactat cgccttacaa     46980
     caatagggtc actggtttga gcctcgtctg ggtacgttgg catttctgtg ttgagtttgc     47040
     acgatctcct cgtgttggca atgggggtgg aaatcagtgc ttttgaaaac actattggtt     47100
     gggtttaggt aactgggtgg gcgggtcaat cggtgctttt gaaaacacta ttggttgggt     47160
     ttagggaaga aggtgggcgg gtcaatcttt gcttctgaaa acactatagg ttgagtttag     47220
     gggggtgggt gggcggatca atctgtgctt ctgaaaacac tataggttaa gtttagggag     47280
     gtgggtgggc gggtcaatct gtgcttctga aaacactata ggttgagttt agggaggtgg     47340
     gtgggcgggt caatctgtgc ttctgaaaac actataggtt gagtttaggg aggtgggtgg     47400
     gcgggtcaat ctgtgcttct taaaacacta taggttgagt ttagggaggt gggtgggcgg     47460
     gtcaatctgt gcttcttaaa acactatagg ttgagtttag ggaggtgggt gggcaggtca     47520
     atctgtgata ttgaaaacgc tattggttag gtttagggaa ggaggtgggc gggtcaatct     47580
     gtgtttttga aaacactatt ggttgacttt agggaggagg gtgggcgggt caatctgtgc     47640
     tttagaaagc actaacagtt gggtttagga ggggggtggg tgggtcaatt ggtgcttttg     47700
     aaaacactct cggttgggtt tagggaaggg ggtgggcggg tcaatctgtg cttttgaaaa     47760
     cactattggt tgagtttaga gaggtgggtt tgtgggatga tcagttggtc agtcagtcga     47820
     cagcggctcc atgagataaa tttgagatct taaaaagcgt acacagctga atctggtgaa     47880
     gtcgcgaaaa gaaaaactgc acaaaaagaa gctcctggga tgtattttat gtggttcaaa     47940
     aatctatgca gggctacaaa tccataatga gcctgggttg tatcagacca ttgtagtaga     48000
     ataaaacaaa tattaggagt ttacttatat ctacacctaa taaatcaagt caaatcaaaa     48060
     aggggctcat ttatggttaa attaaaactg ggaattaaat tagctaagcc aaacaatcta     48120
     ataatgataa taataataat acagaggatc actgaaataa tgcgtacatt agagaaatgg     48180
     aaattttaac acattaagca caaacataca aatccattat aattaccctg caccttaatg     48240
     acatttcaac agaaccaatg tgtaaaatca cacaaattaa cttataacca gacatcacat     48300
     gatttctggc ttgtatccgt ctgcatgttg aacagtcatg tcagcactga actcgcctgc     48360
     tttcccttat gaagaggaag tgaaacttta caaacataaa gccaaacctt tatactacaa     48420
     aaaaatgcag tcactcttta tcgatttatt accgtgttct tgtggatcat taaaaaaaaa     48480
     agtcaaagta cacaagagct gttgtgaatg ctgttgttag gatgggtctg tttcactgtg     48540
     tgattcatta attacacaca tgatgacccg agttaagagt ctcgcttctt aagggtgtaa     48600
     ttgtgacagc acaggctgtt ctgtggtcac tcaaactggg acttttgcat gtaaatctca     48660
     taatgcattc gggtcaactt tgaatcatac aaaagtccta aaaataaaaa gtttgtaaat     48720
     gaaaaccata ttttgaatgg aggttaatgt agatgtgctt atacgatacg tttgtttgtg     48780
     ctttcccatt attgttttta aaatgtgtat ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atagatgaga     48900
     attttttata aaaaatttta attataataa ttagtattac ttgggatgtt tgcatcttag     48960
     cttcttaatg cattcggttc agttttaaat catacaaatg tcctaaaaat gcatgtttgt     49020
     taatgaacat ttttttttaa tggaggttaa tgttgatgtg tttatatgtt ctgttttttt     49080
     gtttgtttgt ttggttgtta atttttattt ttcaattatt gttattcaaa tgtatatttt     49140
     ttatttacat tttttaacta taattattat ttattaacat tcattcatta attttccttc     49200
     agccatattc cttatttatt agaagtcgcc agagcggaat gaaccgccaa ctagaggtct     49260
     gcattcccgc aggagccatg ggacccaacc agatttctgc tgggtggaaa taaatttccg     49320
     aataaagcgc gggagcggtc attaatgggt ttaatttggg actggagagt gttgtctagc     49380
     aatacccctt ccgactcccg agcgagcgag cacgcgtatg tggttatatg tgtgaatgaa     49440
     acagagcgat gctgtgttta ccttgtttgt tgctgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     49500
     gtttatgtgt gtttgcgcgc acgcaaatga gaggtgtgaa atggttcagg tcagttttga     49560
     ctacaaatgt cctaaaaatg catgtttgcg aatgaaaaaa aaatgaatgg aggttaatgt     49620
     tgatgtgttt atatactatg tttgtatttt gtgctttcca actattatta ttttttaaat     49680
     gtagatattt ctataattaa aattattatt ttaaaattat tatcataaag gctgcacggt     49740
     ggcgcagtgg gtagcatgtt cgcttcacag caagaaggtc gctggttcaa gcctcggctg     49800
     ggtaagtggg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgtactccc tgctaaaaga catgtggtac     49860
     aggcgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtctgta gtgagaagtg tgaatgagtg tatatggatg     49920
     tttcccagtc atgggttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgc ataaaagata tgctggataa     49980
     gttggtggtt cattgcgctg tggcgacccc agattaataa aaggactaag ccgaaaagaa     50040
     aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatattataa taaaaaaatg tattccaata cctatcttag     50100
     tgaatggaca gtgtgtacac tacttctgtt aataagagtt ggaggattgt taaatatggc     50160
     atacatttga aaattcgata ctgaaagaat acaaatactt tgtgattgct ttaagcctct     50220
     taaaacacat ttatttttct cagattatta ttattattag tagtagtatt tatagtcatt     50280
     gttctaagag ttacaagctt ttacaagctt ttactaatac tttacttctt agactttaca     50340
     gacctgaaac ttaagttagt gcctacagca cttattaggg accgagcacc gaaacggtgc     50400
     gtaggcccta ttggaattgc tctgtttttt attattatta ttattattat tattattagg     50460
     gaccgagcac cgaacggtgc aaggccctat tggaattgct ccgtttttta ttattaggga     50520
     ccgagcaccg aaacggtgcg taggccctat tggaattgct ccgtttttta ttattattat     50580
     tattattatt attattccgc cccctatcgg ggcacttttg agggtctaaa catgcccgaa     50640
     aactcatgaa aatttgcaca cacaccaaac gcggtgtaaa tagcaggttg atatgggtct     50700
     cggaagtggg cgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acggacgagc     50760
     ccccgataca cgaatcacgc acatgcacaa aaattggcac acacctcaaa catgccaaac     50820
     catacgaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct caaacccaac aggaagtcgg atatttttaa     50880
     cttcctgcgg cgaaaaagtg gcgtttttgc catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc     50940
     ctcctagaga ttttatccga tcaacaccaa aattgggttt tgtcatctaa aggccttggc     51000
     gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt tagagttttc gtcgatgggc gtgtctgtgg cgcccttgca     51060
     aactttgatg attcgccaca aaacaggaag tcgttataac tcaggcatgc attatccgat     51120
     ctgcctcaaa attcacacgc ttgataagca tcctgacctg aacacgttta catgccaata     51180
     tccagatata aatatagcgc cacctgctgg ccacaggaaa tgacatgatt tacggagtaa     51240
     taaattcctc ccacaaattt ttttgtatca acaccaaaat tgggtagtgt tatctgaaag     51300
     ctctagcgat aatatattgt gaagatctag agttttcgca gaggggcgtg tccgtggcgg     51360
     tatgacaaac ctcaacgctt cgccatggaa caggaagtcc ttataactca accacacaat     51420
     gtccgatctg cctgaaactt cacatggttg ataaacgtca tctcttgaac acatccacat     51480
     aacaatattg aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa taattaaatg     51540
     gacgagcccc tgagctacga atcacgcaca tgcacgaaaa ttggcaaaca ccttaaacat     51600
     gccaaaacat acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata     51660
     tttttgactt cctgccgcga aaaagtggca tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa     51720
     cgaactcctc ctagggattt tatccgatcg acaccaaaat tgggttttgt catctaaagg     51780
     ccttggcgat gttaaattgc gaagctttag agttttcgtc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgg     51840
     cctcgcaaac tttgacgatt cgccacaaaa caggaagtcg tcataactca ggcatgcatt     51900
     acccgatctg cctcaaaatt cacacgtttg ataagtgtcc tgacctgaac acgtttacat     51960
     gccaatatcc agatacagaa atagcgccac ctactggcca caggaaatga catgttttac     52020
     actgtaacaa actcctccca caaatttttt cgtatcagca ccaaatttga gtggtgtcat     52080
     ctgaaagctc tatcggtgat atattgttaa gatctagagt ttttgcagag gggcgtgtcc     52140
     gtggcggcat gacaaacctc aacgcttcgc cgtggaacag gaagtcctta taactcaacc     52200
     acacaaagtc agatcagcct gaaacttcac atggctcata aaagtcctct tctgaacaca     52260
     tccccaaaac agtatagagt cagtcataac gccacctgct ggcagaaggt agataggctt     52320
     ataactcagc caaacaacat ccgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat taaactccat     52380
     tactgaaggc atctacatgc caatcttaag tcacagttat agcgccacct gctggcagat     52440
     ggtagtttgc attataactc aaccacacaa agtccgatct gcctgaaagt tcacatggtt     52500
     gataaaagtc ctctcctgaa cacatctaca taacaacatt gagtctgtca tagcgccacc     52560
     tgctgacaaa aggcagtttg gcttataact cagctaaaca atgttcgatc tgcctgaaac     52620
     ttcacatggt tgataagatt cctctcctgg tgacatctac atgccaatct tgagtcacag     52680
     tcatagcgcc acctgctgag aggaggaagt ttggcttaaa tttgtgattt tctcagattt     52740
     tttaaatata tcggcttaaa ttattactgt tcgctgttct ctgtcatcct gaggccaccg     52800
     ggcggcggtg agcccgggtg cgaggtccct atcatcgctg cttgcagctt taattattat     52860
     tattattatt attccgcccc ctatcggggc acttttgagg gtctaaacat gcccgaaaac     52920
     tcatgaaaat ttgcacacac accaaacccg gtgtaaatag caggttgata tgggtctcgg     52980
     aagtgggcat ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacgagcccc     53040
     cgatacacga atcacgcaca tgcacgaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat gccaaaccat     53100
     acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttaactt     53160
     cctgcggtga aaaagtggcg tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc     53220
     ctagggattt tatccgatcg acaccaaaat tgggttttgt catctaaagg ccttggcgat     53280
     gttaaattgc gaagctttag agttttcatc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgc ccttgcaaac     53340
     tttgatgatt cgccacaaaa caggaagtgg ttataactca ggcatgcatt atcagatctg     53400
     cctcaaaatt cacacgcttg ataagcgtcc tgacctgaac acgtttacat gccaatatac     53460
     agatataaat atagcgccac ctgctggcca caggaaatga catgatttac ggagtaataa     53520
     actcctccca caaatttttt tgtatcagca cctaaattga gtggtgtcat ctgaaagctc     53580
     tagcgataat atattgtgaa gatctagagt tttcgcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggtat     53640
     gacaaacctc aacgcttcgc catggaacag gaagtccttg taactcaacc acacaatgtc     53700
     cgatctgcct gaaacttcac atggtttata aacgtcatct cttgaacaca tccacataac     53760
     aatattgaag tgggcgtggc aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctagaataa ttaaatggac     53820
     gagcccccga gctacgaatc acgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct caaacatgcc     53880
     aaaacatacg aaaaagtcac ttggagccat atctcaaacc taacaggaag tcagatatta     53940
     ttaacttcct gcggcgaaaa agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggcgttgt attttaacga     54000
     actcctccta gggattttat ctgataaaca ccaaaattgg gttttatcat ctaaaggcct     54060
     tggcgatgtt aaattgcgaa gctttagagt ttttgtcgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct     54120
     cgcaaacttt gatgattcgc cacaaaacag gaagtcttta taactcaggc atgcattatc     54180
     agatctgcct caaaattcac acatttaata acagtcctga cctgaacagg tttacatgcc     54240
     gatatccagt tacagttata gcgccacctg ctggccacag gaaatgacat gtttgacact     54300
     ataacaaact cctaccacaa actttcccgt atcagcacca aaatagagtg gtgtcatctg     54360
     aaagctctag caatgatata ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt cgcagagggg cgtgtctgtg     54420
     gtggcatgac aaacctcaac gcttcgccat ggaacaggaa atccttataa ctctaccaca     54480
     caatgtccga tccgcctgaa acttcacctg attgataaaa gtcctctctt gaacacatct     54540
     acataacaat attgagtcag taatagcgcc atctgctggc agaaggtagt ttggcttgta     54600
     actcggccac acaatgtccg atctgcctga tacttcacaa ggttgatgaa agtcctcccc     54660
     tgagcacttc tacataataa atctacataa taatattgag tcatagtcat agcgccacct     54720
     gctggcagaa ggtagtttgg cttgtaactc ggccacacaa tgtccgatct gtctaaaatg     54780
     tcacatggtt gatgaaagtc ctctcctgag cacatctaca taataatatt gagtttttaa     54840
     tagcgccacc tgctggcaga atgtaaattg tcttataaca caatctccac acaatctctg     54900
     atctgcctga aacttcacat gtttgataaa agtccactcc taaacacatc cccataacaa     54960
     tattgagtca gtcataacgc cacctgctgg caaaaggtag tttggcttat aactcagcca     55020
     caaaatgtcc catgtgcctg aaacttcaca tggttgataa gattcctctc ctgaagacat     55080
     ctacatgcca atctttagtc acaggtatag cgccacctgc tgacaggagg aagtttggca     55140
     taaatctgta tttttcttag tttttttata tatatatcgg cttatattat tattgttcgc     55200
     tgttctctgt catcgtaagg tcaccgggcg gcggtgagcc cgggtgcgag gtccctatca     55260
     tcgctgcttg cagctttaat tagggaccga gcaccgaaac ggtgcgtagg ccctattgga     55320
     attgctccgt ttattaggga ccgagcaccg aaacggtgcg taggccctat tggaattgct     55380
     ctgtttatta ttcttcttct tcttcttctt cttcttcttc cgcggaatga atcgcgattt     55440
     agaggggcta aacatgcccg aaaactcacg caactttgca cacgcctcag aagtggcgaa     55500
     aatttacgtt tattatgggt ctcggaagtg ggtgtggcaa aatgactcga cagcgccacc     55560
     tagaaaaatt aaacggacga gcccccgatc tacgaatcac gcacatgcac gaaaattggc     55620
     acacacctca aacatgccaa aacatacgaa aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca     55680
     acaggaagtc ggatattttt gacttcctgc agcgaaaaag tggcgttttt gccatttcca     55740
     ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg gattttatcc gatcgacacc aaaattggca     55800
     tttgtcatct aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa attgcgaagc tttagagttt tcgtcgatgg     55860
     gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaagtttga cgattcgcca caaaacagaa agtcgttata     55920
     actcaggcat gcatcatccg atctgcctca aaattcacac gtttaataac agtcctgagc     55980
     tgaacacgtt tacatgccga tatccagata cagttacagc gccacctgct ggccacagga     56040
     aatgacatgt ttttacagag taacaaactc ctcccacaaa ttttatcgca tcagcaccaa     56100
     aattgggtag tgttatctaa aagctctagc gatgatatat tgtgaagatc aagtgttttc     56160
     ggagaggggg gtgtccgtgg cggcatgaca aacctcaacg cttcgccatt gaccaggaag     56220
     gctttataac tcaaccacac aatgtccgat ctgcctgaaa cttcacatgg ttgataaaag     56280
     tcctctcctg aacacatcca cataacaata ttgaagtggg cgtggcaaat agactcaaca     56340
     gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acgaacgagc ccccgatata tgaatcacgc acatgcacga     56400
     aaatcggcac acacctcaaa caagccaaaa catacgaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct     56460
     caaacccaac aggaagtctg atatttttaa cttcctgcgg tgaaaaagtg gcgtttttgc     56520
     catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga ttttatccga tcgacaccaa     56580
     aattgggttt tgtcatctaa aggccttggc gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt ttgagttttc     56640
     gtcgatgggc gtgtccctgg cggcctcgta aactttgaca attcgccaca aaacaggaag     56700
     tcgttataac tcgggcatgc attatccgat ctgcctcaaa attcacacgt ttaataagag     56760
     tcctgacctg aacacgttta catgccgata tccagataca gttatagcgc cacctgctgg     56820
     ccacaggaaa tgacatgttt tacactgtga caaactcttt caacaaattt tatcgtatga     56880
     gaaccaaatt tgggtggtgt cctctgaagg ctctagcgat gatatattgt gaagatctag     56940
     agtttttgca gaggggcgtg tccgtggcgg catgacaaac ctcaacgatt cgccatggaa     57000
     taggaagtcc ttataactca accacacaat gtcggatcag cctgaaactt cacatggttg     57060
     atcaaattcc tctccttaac acatctacat gccaatgttg agtcacagtc atagcgccac     57120
     cagctggcag aatgtagttt ggcttataag tcggccacac aatgtctagt ctgcctgaaa     57180
     ctttacatgg ttgattaaat tcctctcctg aagacatcta cattgcaata ttgagtcaca     57240
     gtcatagcgc cacctgctga caacaataag tttggcttat aactcagcca cacaatgtct     57300
     agccatccta aaaattcaca tggttgatta aactcatctt ctgaagacat ctacatgcca     57360
     atatcaagtc acagtcatag cgccacctgc tggcaacagg aaactaatta taactcagcc     57420
     acacaatgtc cgatctgcct gaaacttcac atgattgatt aaattactct tctgaagaca     57480
     tctacatgac aatatttagt cacagtcata gcgccacctg ctgacaggag gaagtttggc     57540
     ataaatctgt gattttctca ggttctttat atatatcggc ttaaaataat gttgttcgct     57600
     gctctctgtc atcctggggc caccgagcgg cagtgagccc gggtgcgagg tccctatcat     57660
     cgctgcttgc agctttaatt agggaccgag caccgaaacg gtgcgtaggc cctattggaa     57720
     ttgctccgtt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt ctcctccgga     57780
     atgaatcgcg attttgaggg gctaaacatg cccgaaaact cacggaactt tgcacacgcc     57840
     tcagaagtgg cgaaaattta cgtttattat gggtctcggt agtgggtgtg gcaaaatgac     57900
     tcgacagcgc cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc gatctacgaa tcacccacat     57960
     gcacgaaaaa tggcacacac ctcaaacatg ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc     58020
     atatctcaaa cccaacagga agtcggatat ttttgacttc ctgcggcgaa aaagtggcgt     58080
     ttttgccatt tccaggcgtt gtattttaac gaactcctcc tagggatttt atcccatcga     58140
     caccaaaatt gggttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggcgatg ttaaattgcg aagctttaga     58200
     gttttcatcg atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaagt ttgacgattc gccacaaaac     58260
     aggaagtcgt tataactcag gcatgcatta tcagatctgc ctcaaaattc acatgcttga     58320
     taagagtcct gacctgaaca cgtttacatg ccgatatcta tatacagata tagcgccacc     58380
     tgctggccac aggaaatgaa atgatttaca gagtaataaa ctcctcccac aaattttttc     58440
     gtatcagcac caaatttggg ttgtgttatc tgaaagctct agcgatgata tattgtgaag     58500
     atttagagtt ttggcagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc     58560
     atggaataag aagaccttat aactcaacca cacaaagtcc gatctgcctg aaacttcaca     58620
     tggttgataa aagtcctctc ctgaacacat ccccataaca ataatgaagt gggcatggca     58680
     aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaaat taaacggaca agcccctgat ctacgaatca     58740
     cgcacatgca caaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacacggca aaacatacga aaaagtctct     58800
     tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt cggatatttt taacttcctg cggcaaataa     58860
     gtggcatttt tgccatttcc aggcgttgca tcttaacgaa ctcctcctag ggattttatg     58920
     ctatcgacac caaaattggg ttttgtcatc taaaggcctt ggcgatgtta aattgcgaag     58980
     ctttagagtt tttgtcgatg ggcgtgtcca tggcggcctc gcaaactttg atgattcgcc     59040
     acaaaaccgg aagtcattat aactcaggca tgcattatcc gatctgcctt aaaatccaca     59100
     cgtttaataa gagtccagac cagaacacat ttacatgcca atatccagat acagttatag     59160
     cgccacctgc tggccacagg aaattacatg atttacagag taataaactc ctcccacaaa     59220
     tttttttcgt atcagcacta aatttggttg gttgttatct gaaagctcaa gcgatgatat     59280
     atattgtgaa gatttagagt ttttgcggag gggcgtgtat gtggtggcat gacaaacctc     59340
     aacgcttcgc catgaaacag gaagtcctta tacctcaacc acacaatgtc cgatcagcct     59400
     gaaacttcac atggttgatt aaattcccct cttgaacata tccccatacc tatattgagt     59460
     cacagtcata gcgccacctg ctgacagaag gaattttacc ttataactta accacacaat     59520
     gtctgatctg cctgaaacta cacatggttg attaaattcc tcttctgaag acatttaaaa     59580
     gccaatattg aatctgtcat agtgccacct gctggcagat ggtagtttgg cttataactc     59640
     agccacacaa tgcctgacct gcctgaaact ttacattgtg gataaaagtc atatcctaaa     59700
     cacatctaca taataatatt gagtcagtca tagcgccacc tgctggcaga aggtagtttg     59760
     gcttataact cagccaaaca atgtccgatc tgcctgaaaa atcacacggt tgataagact     59820
     cttctactga aggcatctac ataacaatct tagtcacaat tatagcgcca cctgctgaca     59880
     ggaggaagtt cggcataaat ctgtgatttt ctctggttat ttatatatat cggctaaaat     59940
     taatgttgtt cgctgttctc tgtcatcctg aggccaccgg gcggcggtga gcccgggtgc     60000
     gaggtcccta tcatcgctgc ttgcagcttt aatttattat tattattatt attattattc     60060
     cgccccctat cggggcactt ttgagggtct aaacatgccc gaaaactcat gaaaatttgc     60120
     acacacacca aacccggtgt aaatagcagg ttgatatggg tctcggaagt gggcgtggca     60180
     aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaaat taaacggacg agcccccgat ccacgaatca     60240
     cacacatgca cgaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacatgcca aaacatacga aaaagtctct     60300
     tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt cggatatttt tgacttcctg cggcgaaaaa     60360
     gtggcgtttt tgccatttcc aggcgttgta ttttaacgaa ctcctcctag ggattttatc     60420
     cgatcgacac caaaattggg ttttgtcatc taaaggcctt ggcgatgtta aattgcgaag     60480
     ctttagagtt ttcgtcgatg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcctc gcaaagtttg acgattcgcc     60540
     acaaaacagg aagtcgttat aactcaggca tgcattatcc gatctgcctc aaaattcaca     60600
     cgtttgataa gagtcctgac ctgaacacgt ttacatgcca atatccagat acagaaatag     60660
     cgccacctac tggccacagg aaatgacatg ttttacactg taacaaactc ctcccacaaa     60720
     ttttatggta tcagcaccaa aattgagtgg tgtcatctga aagctctatc ggtgatattt     60780
     ttttaaagat ctagagtttt tgcagagggg cgtgtccgtg gcggcatgac aaacctcaac     60840
     gcttcgccaa ggaacgggaa gtcctcataa ctcaaccaca caaagtctga tcagcctgaa     60900
     acttcatatg gttgatatac gtcatctctt gaacacatcc acataacaat attgaagtgg     60960
     gcgtggcaaa atgactcgac agcgccacct agaaaaatat aacggacgag cccctgatct     61020
     acgaatcacg cacatgcgcg aaaattggca cacacctcaa acgcgccaaa acatacgaaa     61080
     aagtctcttg gagccatatc tcaaacccaa caggaagtcg gatattttta acttcctgct     61140
     gcaaataagt ggcatttttg ccatttcctg gcgttgtatc ttaacgaact cctcctaggg     61200
     attttatgct atcgacacca aaattgggtt ttgtcatcta aaggccttgg cgatgttaaa     61260
     ttgcggagct ttatagtttt tgtcgatggg cgtgtccatg gcggccccgc aaactttgac     61320
     gattcgccac aaaaccggaa gtcattataa cttaggcatg cattatccga tctgcctcaa     61380
     aattcacatg tttaataaga gtccagacca gaacacgttt acatgccaat atccagatac     61440
     agttatagcg ccacctgctg gccacaggaa atgtcatgat ttacagagta ataaactcct     61500
     cccactattt ttttttgtat cagcaccaag tttggtgggt tgttatctga aagcttaagt     61560
     gatgatatat tgtcaagatc tagagttgtt gcagaggggc gtgtccgtgg cggcatgaca     61620
     aacctcaaca cttcgccgtg gaacaggaag tccttatatc tcaaccacac aaagtcagat     61680
     cagcctgaaa cttcacatgg ctcataaaag tcctcttctg aacacatccc caaaacagta     61740
     atgagtcagt cataacgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagat aggcttataa ctcagccaaa     61800
     caacatccga tctgcctgaa acttcacatg gttgattaaa ttccattact gaaggcatct     61860
     acatgccaat cttaagtcac agttatagcg ccacctgctg gcagatggta gtttgcatta     61920
     taactcaacc acacaaagtc cgatctgcct gaaagttcac atggttgaaa aaagtcctct     61980
     cctgaacaca tctacataac aacattgagt ctgtcgtagc gccacctgct gacaaaaggc     62040
     aatttggctt ataactcagc taaacaatgt tcgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgat     62100
     aagattcctc tactgaaggc atctacatgc caatcttgag tcacagtcat agcgccacct     62160
     gctgagagga ggaggtaagc cataaatcgg tgactttctc tgattttttt taaacatatc     62220
     ggcttaaatt attactgttc gctgttctct gtcatcctga ggccaccggg tggcggtgag     62280
     cccgggtgcg aggtccctat catcgctgct tgcagcttta attattatta ttattattct     62340
     cgtccggaat gaatcgcggt tttgaggggc taaacatgcc cgaaaactca cgaaactttg     62400
     cacacgcctc agaagtggtg aaaatttacg tttattatgg gcttcggaag tgggcgtggc     62460
     aaaatgactc aacagcgcca cctagaaaaa ttaaacggac gagcccccga tccacgaatc     62520
     acgcacgtgc acgaaaattg acacacatct caaacacacc aaaacatacg aaaaagtctc     62580
     ttggagccat atctcaaacc caacaggaag tcggatattt ttaacttcct gtggcgaaaa     62640
     agtggcgttt ttgccatttc caggcgttgt attttaacga actcctccta gagattttat     62700
     ccgatcgaca ccaaaattgg gttttatcat ctaaaggcct tggcgatgtt aaattgcgaa     62760
     gctttagagt tttcgttgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct cgcaaacttt gacgattcgc     62820
     cacgaaacag gaagccgtta taactcaggc atgcattatc cgatctgcct caaaactcac     62880
     acgcttgata agagtcctga cctgaacaca tttacatgcc gatatccaga tacagttacg     62940
     gcgccacctg ctggccacag gaaatgacat gatttacgga gtaacaaact cctcccacaa     63000
     attttatcgt atcagcacca aaattgggtg gtgttatctg aaagctctgg tgatgatata     63060
     ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt cacagagggg cgtgtccgtg gtggcatgac aaacctcaac     63120
     gcttcgccat ggaacaggaa gtccttataa ctcaaccaca aaatgtccaa tcagcctgaa     63180
     acttcacatg gttgataaac gtcatctctt gaacacatcc ccataacaat attgaagtgg     63240
     gcgtggcaaa atgactcgac agcgccacct agaaaaatta aacagacgag cccccgatac     63300
     acgaatcaca cacatgcacg aaaattggca cacacctcaa acatgccaaa acatacgaaa     63360
     aagtctcttg gagccatatc tcaaactcaa caggaagtcg gatattttta acttcctgcg     63420
     gcgaaaaagt ggcgtttttg ccatttctag gcgttatatt ttaacgaact cctcctaggg     63480
     attttatctg attgacacca aaattgggtt ttgtcatctt aaagccttgg tgatgttaaa     63540
     ttgcgaagct ttagagtttt catcgatggg cgtgtccgtg gcggcctcgc aaactttgat     63600
     gattcgccac aaaacaggaa gtcgttataa ctcaggcatg caatattcga tctgcctcaa     63660
     aattcacaca tttaataaaa gtcctgacct gaacaggttt acgtgccgat atccagttac     63720
     agttatagcg ccacctgctg gctacaggaa atgacatgtt tgacactgta acaaactcct     63780
     tccacaaact ttcccgtatc agcaccaaaa tagagtgaag tcatctgaaa gctctagcga     63840
     tgatatattg tgaagatcta gagtttttgc agaggggcgt gtctgtggtg gcctgacaaa     63900
     cctcaacgct tcaccatgga acaggaattt cttataactc aaccacacaa tgtctgatct     63960
     gcctgaaact tcacatgatt gataaaagtc ctctcctgaa cacatccaca taacaatatt     64020
     gagtcagtca tagcgccacc tgctggcaga aggtagtttg gcttgtaact cggccacaca     64080
     atgtccgatc tgcctaaaac tacacatggt tgatgaaagt cctcttctga acacatccac     64140
     ataacaatat tgagtcagtc atagcgccac ctgctggcag aagaaatttt ggcttgtaac     64200
     tcggccacac aatgtcagat ctgcctaaaa tgtcacatgg ttgatgaaag tcctctccta     64260
     aacacatcta cataataata ttgagtcttt catagcgcca cctgctggca gaatgtagtt     64320
     tgtcttaaaa cacaatctcc acacaatctc tgatctgcct gaaacttcac atggttgata     64380
     aaagtcctct cctgaacaca tccccataac aatattgagt cagtcataac gccacctgat     64440
     ggcagaaggt agtttggctt ataactcagc cacacaatgt cccatgtgcc tgaaacttca     64500
     catggttgat aacattcttc tccggaagac atctacatgc caatcttaag tcacagttac     64560
     agcgccacct gctgacagga ggaagtttgg cataaatctg taattttctt agatcttttt     64620
     tatatattgg cttaaattat tattgttcgc tgttctctgt catcgtaagg tcaccgggcg     64680
     gcggtgagcc cgggtgcgag gtccctatca tcgctgcttg cagctttaat tattattatt     64740
     attattattc cgcccccaat tggggcactt ttgagggtct aaacatgccc gaaaactcac     64800
     gaaaatttgc acacacacca aacgcggtgt aaatggctgg gttttagggg ttttggaagt     64860
     gggcgtggca aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaatt taaaaggacg agcccccgat     64920
     ccacgaatca cgcacatgca cgaaaattgg cacacacttc aaacatgcca aaacatacga     64980
     aaaagtctct tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt cagatatttt gtacttcctg     65040
     cggcgaaaaa gtggcgattt tgccattttc aggcgttgta ttttaacgaa ctcctcctag     65100
     ggattttatc cgatcgacac caaaattggg ttttgtcatc taaaggcctt ggcgatgtta     65160
     aattgcgaag ctttagagtt ttcatcgatg ggcgtgtccg tagcggcctc gcaaactttg     65220
     acgattcgcc acaaaacagg aagtcgttat aactcaggca tgcattatcc gatctgcttc     65280
     aaatttcaca cgtttgataa gagtcctgac ctgaacacgt ttacatgccc atatccagat     65340
     atagctatag cgccacctgc tggccacagg aaattacatg ttttacatcg tgacaaactc     65400
     ctcctacaaa tttttccgta tcagccccaa atttgagtgg tgtcatctga aagctctatc     65460
     ggtgatatat tgtgaagatc tagagttttt gcagaggggc gtgtccgtgg cggcatgaca     65520
     aacctcaacg cttcgccatg gaacaggaag tcctcataac tcaaccacac aaagtcagat     65580
     cagcctgaaa cttcatatgg ttgatagaag ttctcccctg aacacatcct cataacaata     65640
     atgaagtggg cgtggcaaaa tagctcaaga gcgccaccta taaaatttaa acggacgagc     65700
     ccctgatcta cgaatcacgc acatgcacga aaattggcac acacctcaaa cacgccaaaa     65760
     catacgaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct caaacccaac aggaagtcgg atatttttaa     65820
     cttcctgcgg cgaataagtg gcatttttgc catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc     65880
     ctcctaggga ttttatctga tcgacagcaa aattgggttt tgtcatctaa aggccttggt     65940
     gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt tagagttttt gtcgatgggc gtgtccgtgg cagcctcgca     66000
     aactttgaca attcgccaca aaacaggaag tcgttataac tcaagcatgc attatccgat     66060
     ctgcctcaaa attcagatgt ttaataagag tcctgacctg aacacgttta catgccgata     66120
     tccagataca gttacagcgc cacctgctgg ccacaggaaa tgtcatgatt tacagagtaa     66180
     taaactcctc ccacaaatat tttcgtatca gctccaaatt tggttggttg ttatctgaaa     66240
     gctctagcga tgatatattg tgaagatcta gagttttcgg agaggggcgt gtttgtggtg     66300
     gcatgacaaa cctcaacgct tcgccatgaa acaggaagtc cttttaactc aatcacacaa     66360
     tgtctgatct gcctgaaact tcacatggtt gattaaagtc ctctcctgaa gaagtctaca     66420
     ttgcaatatt gagtcacagt catagcgcca cctgctgaca gaaggaagtt tggcataaat     66480
     ctttgatttt ctcaggtttt ttacatatat cgacttaaga tattattgtt cactgttttc     66540
     tgtcatcctg aggccaccgg gcggggttga gcccgggtgc gaggtcccta tcatcgctgc     66600
     ttgcagcttt aattattatt attattatta ttattccgcc ccctatcggg tcacttttga     66660
     gggtctaaac atgcccgaaa actcatgaaa atttgcacac acaccaaacc cggtgtaaat     66720
     agcaggttga tatgggtctc tgaagtgggc gtggcaaaat gactcgacag cgccacctag     66780
     aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc cccgatccac gaatcacgct catgcacgaa aattggcaca     66840
     cacctcaaac atgccaaaac ataccaaaaa gtctcttgga gccatatctc aaacccaaca     66900
     ggaagtcgga tatttttaac ttcctgcggc gaaaaagtgg cgtttttgcc atttccaggt     66960
     gttgtatttt aacgaactcc tcctagggat tttatctgat cgacaccaaa attgggtttt     67020
     gtcatctaaa ggccttggcg atgttaaatt gcgaagcttt agagttttcg tcgatgggcg     67080
     tgtccgtggc gccctcgcaa actttgacga ttcgccacaa aacaggaagt cgttataact     67140
     caggcatgca ttatcagatg tgcctcaaaa ttcacacgct tgataagcgt cctgacctga     67200
     acacgattac atgccaattt ccagatacag ttacagtgcc acctgctggc cacaggaaat     67260
     gtcatgattt acggagtaat aaactcctcc cacaaatttt ttcgtatcag caccaaaatt     67320
     gagtggtgtt atctgaaagc tctagcaatg atatattgtg aagatctaga gttttcgcag     67380
     aggggcgtgt ccgtggcggt atgacaaacc ttaatgcttc gccatggaac aggaagtcct     67440
     tataactcaa ccacacaatg tctgatctgc ctgaaacttc acatggttga taaacgtcat     67500
     ctcttgaaca catccacata acaatattga agtgggtggg acaaaatgac tcgacagcgc     67560
     cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc gagctacgaa tcatgcacat gcacgaaaat     67620
     tggcacacac atcaaacatg ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc atatctcaaa     67680
     cccaacagga agtcagatat tattaacttc ctgcggcgaa aaagtgtcat ttttgccatt     67740
     tccaggtgtt gtattttaac gaactcctcc tagggatttt atccaatcaa caccaaaatt     67800
     gggttttgtc atctaaaggc cttggtgatg ataaattgcg aagctttaga gttttcacag     67860
     atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaact ttgatgattc gccacaaaac aggaagtcgg     67920
     tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc ctcaaaattc acacatttaa taacagtcct     67980
     gacctgaaca ggtttacatg ccgatatcca gttacagtta tagcgccacc tgctggccac     68040
     agaaaatgac atgtttgaca ctgtaacaaa ctcctcccac aaactttgcc gtatcagcac     68100
     caaaatagag tggtgtcatc tgaaagctct agcgatgata tattgtaaag atctagagtt     68160
     tttgcagagg ggcgtgtctg tggtggcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc atggaacagg     68220
     aatttcttat aactcaacca cacaatgtct gatctgcctg aaacttcaca tgattgaaaa     68280
     aagtcctctt ctgaacacat ctacataaca atattgagtc agtcataacg ccacctgctg     68340
     gcagaaggta gtttggctta taactcagcc acacaatgtc ccatgtgcct gaaacttcac     68400
     atggttgata agattcctct ccggaagaca tctacatgcc aatcttaagt cacagttata     68460
     gcgccatctg ctgacaggag gaagtttggc ataaatctgt gattttctta gatttttttt     68520
     atatattggc ttaaattatt attgttcgct gttctctgtc atcgtaaggt caccgggcgg     68580
     cggtgagccc gggtgcgagg tccctatcat cgctgcttgc agctttaatt agggaccgag     68640
     caccgaaacg gtgcgtaggc cctattggaa ttgctccgtt tattagggac cgagcaccga     68700
     aacggtgcgt aggccctatt ggaattgctc cgtttattag ggaccgagca ccgaaacggt     68760
     gcgtaggccc tattggaatt gctctgtttt ttattattat tattattatt attccgcccc     68820
     ctatcggggc acttttgagg gtctaaacat gcccgaaaac tcatgaaaat ttgcacacac     68880
     accaaacgcg gtgtaaatag caggttgata tgggtctcgg aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga     68940
     ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacgagcccc cgatacacga atcacgcaca     69000
     tgcacgaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat gccaaaccat acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc     69060
     catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttaactt cctgcggcga aaaagtggcg     69120
     tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc ctagggattt tatccgatcg     69180
     acaccaaaat tgggttttgt catctaaagg ccttggcgat gttaaattgc gaagctttag     69240
     agttttcgtc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgc cctcgcaaac tttgacgatt cgccacaaaa     69300
     caggaagtcg ttataactca ggcatgcatt atcagatctg cctcaaaatt cacacgctta     69360
     ataagcgtcc tgacctgaac acgtttacat gccactatcc agatatagtt atagcgccac     69420
     ctgccggcca caggaaatga catgatttac ggagtaataa actcctccca caaatttttt     69480
     cgtatcagca ccaaaattgt gtggtgttat ctgaaagctc tagcgatgat atattgtgaa     69540
     gatctagagt tttggcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggtat gacaaacctc aacgcttcgc     69600
     catggaacag gaagtcctta taactcaacc acacaatgtc cgatctgcct gaaacttcac     69660
     atggttgata aacgtcatct cttgaacaca tccacataac aatattgaag tgggcgtggc     69720
     aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctagaataa ttaaacggac gagcccccga gctacaaatc     69780
     acgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct caaacatgcc aaaacatacg aaaaagtctc     69840
     ttggagccat atctcaaacc caacaggaag tcaaatatta ttaacttcct gtggcgaaaa     69900
     agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggcgttgt attttaacga actcctccta gggattttat     69960
     ccgatcgaca ccaaaattgg gttttatcat ctaaaggcct tggcgatgtt aaattgcgaa     70020
     gctttagagt tttcgtcgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct cgcaaacttt gatgattcgc     70080
     cacaaaacag gaagtcgtta taactcaggc atgcattatc cgatctgcct caaaattcac     70140
     acatttaata acagtcctga cctgatcagg tttacgtgcc gatatccagt tacagttata     70200
     gcgccacctg ctggccacag gaaatgacat gtttgacact ataacaaact cctaccacaa     70260
     actttcccgt atcagcacca aaatagagtg gtgtcatctg aaagctctag cgatgacata     70320
     ttgtgaagat ctagagtttt tgcagagggg cgtgtctgtg gtggcatgac aaacctcaac     70380
     gcttcgccat ggaaaaggaa gtctttataa ctcaaccaca caatgtccga tctgcctgaa     70440
     acttcacatg attgaaaaca gtcctctcct gaacacatct acataacaat attgagtcag     70500
     tcatagcgcc acctgctggc agaaggtagt ttagcttgta actaggccac acaatgtccg     70560
     atctgtctaa aacgtcacat ggttgatgaa agtcctctcc tgagcacatc tacataataa     70620
     tattgagtct ttaatagcgc cacctgctgg cagaatgtaa attgtcttat aacacaatct     70680
     ccacacaatc tctgatctgc ctgaaagttc acatgtttga taaaagtccg ctcctgaaca     70740
     catccacata acaatattga gtcagtcata acgccacctg ctggcagaag gtagtttggc     70800
     ttatagctca gccacaaaat ctcccatgtg cctgaaactt cacatggttg attaaattcc     70860
     tctcctgaag acatctacgt gccaatcttg agtcacaggt atagcgccac ctgctgacag     70920
     gaggaagttt ggcaaaaatt ctgtattttt cttaggtttt ttatatatat ttcagtttat     70980
     attattattg ttcgctgttc tctgtcatcg taaggtcacc gggcatcggt gagcccgggt     71040
     gcgaggtccc tatcatcgct gcttgcagct ttaattattc ttcttcttct tcttcttctt     71100
     cttcttccgc ggaatgaatc gcggttttga ggggctaaac atgcccgaaa actcacgcaa     71160
     cttcgcacac gcctcagaag tggcgaaaat ttacgtttgt tatgggcttc ggaagtggcc     71220
     gtggcaaaat gactcgacag cgccacctag aaaaattaaa cggacaagcc cccgatccac     71280
     gaatcacgca catgcacgaa aattggcaca cacctcaaac atgccaaaac atacgaaaaa     71340
     gtctcttgga gccatatctc aaacccaaca ggaagtcgga tatttttagc ttcctgcggc     71400
     gaaaaagtgg cgtttttgcc atttccaggc gttgtatttt aacgaactcc ttctagggat     71460
     tttatccgat cgacaccaaa attgggtttt gtcatctaaa ggccttggcg atgttaaatt     71520
     gcgaagcttt agagttttca tcgatgggcg tgtccatggc ggcctcgcaa actttgacga     71580
     ttcgccacaa aacaggaagt cgttataact ctggcatgca ttatcaaatc tggctcaaaa     71640
     ttcacacgct tgataagcgt cctcacccga acacgtttac attgccaata tccagataca     71700
     gttacagcgc cacctgctgg ccacaggaaa tgacatgatt tacggagtaa caaactcctc     71760
     ccacaaattt tttcttatca gcaccaaaat tgggttgtgt tatctgaaag ctgtagcgat     71820
     gatatattgt gaagatctag agttttcgca gaggggcgtg tccgtggcgg catgacaaac     71880
     ctcaatgctt cgccatggaa caggaagtcc ttataactca accaaacaat gtccgatctg     71940
     cctgaaactt cacatgattg ataaacgtcc tctcctgaac acattcacat aacaatattg     72000
     aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg ccacctataa aaattaaaca gacgagcccc     72060
     cgatccacga atcacgcaca tgcacgaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat gccaaaacat     72120
     acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttaactt     72180
     cctgcgtcaa aaaagtggcg tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tatattttaa caaactcctc     72240
     ctagggattt tatccgatcg acaccaaaat aaggttttgt catctaaagg ccttcgcgat     72300
     gttaaattgt gaagctttat agtttttgtc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgg cctcgcaaac     72360
     tttgacgatt cgccacaaaa caggaagtcg ttataactca ggcatgcatt atcagatctg     72420
     tctcaaaatt cacacgtttg ataagcgtcc tcacccgaac acgtttactt gccaatatcc     72480
     agatacagtt atagtgccac cagctggcca caggaaatga catgttttac agtgtaacaa     72540
     actcttccca caaacttcat cgtatcagca ccaactttga gtggtgttat ctgaaagctc     72600
     tagcgatgat atattgtgaa gatctagagt ttttgcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcat     72660
     gacaaacctt aacgcttcgc cgtggaacag gaagtcctta taactcaacc acacaatgtc     72720
     tgatcagcct gaaacttcac atggttcata aaagtccact cctgaacaca tccacataac     72780
     accattgagt ctgtcatagc accatctgct gacaaaaggc agtttggctt ataactcagc     72840
     caaacaatgt ccgatctgcc tgaaacttta cattgttgat aagattccac tcctggcaca     72900
     tctacatgcc aatcttgagt cacagttata gcgccacctg ctgagaagag gaagtttggc     72960
     ataaatctgc ggttttctca gattttttta atatatcagc ctaattttta ctgttcgctg     73020
     ttctctgtca tcctgaggcc accgggcggc ggtgagcccg ggtgcgaggt ccctatcatc     73080
     gctgcttgca gctttaatta ttattattat tattattatt attcttctct ccaatgaatc     73140
     gcgatttaga ggggctaaac atgcccgaaa actcacgcaa ctttgcgcac acctcagaag     73200
     tggcgaaaat ttacgtttgt tacaggtctc ggaagtgggc gtggcaaaat gactcgacag     73260
     cgccacctag aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc cccgatccac gaatcacaca cacgcacgaa     73320
     aattggcaca cacctcaaac atgccaaaac atacgaaaaa gtctcttgga gccatatctc     73380
     aaacccaaca ggaagtcgga tatttttaac ttcctgcggc gaaaaagtgg cgtttttgcc     73440
     atttccaggc gtcgtatttt aacgaactcc tcctagggat tttatctgat cgacaccaaa     73500
     attgggtttt gtcatctaaa ggccttggtg atgttaaatt gcgaaggatt agagttttcg     73560
     tcgatgggcg tgtccgtggc ggcctcgcaa actttgacga ttcgccacga aacaggaagc     73620
     cgttataact caggcatgca ttatccgatc tgcctcaaaa tacacacgct tgataagagt     73680
     cctgacctaa acacatttac aagccgatat ccagatacag ttacggcgcc acctgctggc     73740
     cacaggaaat gacatgattt acggagtaac aaactcctcc cacaaatttt accgtatcag     73800
     caccaaaatt gggtggtgtt atctgaaagc tctggtgatg atatattgtg aagatctaga     73860
     gttttcacag aggggcgtgt ccgtggcggc atgacaaacc tcaacgcttc gccatggaac     73920
     aggaagtcct tgtaactcaa ccacaaaatg tccaatcagc ctgaaacttc acatggttga     73980
     taaacgtcct ctcctgaaca catccacata acaatattga agtgggcgtg gcaaaacgac     74040
     tcgacagcgc cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc gatctacaaa tcacgcacat     74100
     gcacgaaaat tggcacacac ctcaaacatg ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc tcttggagcc     74160
     atatctcaaa ctcaacagga agtcggatat ttttaacttc ctgcggcgaa aaagtggctc     74220
     ttttgccatt tccaagcgtt gtattttaac gaactcctcc tagggatttt atctgattga     74280
     caccaaaatt gggttttgtc atcttaaagc cttggtgatg ttaaattgcg aagctttaga     74340
     gctttcatcg atggccgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaacg ttgatgattt gccacaagac     74400
     agtaagtcgt tataactcag gcatgcaata ttcgatctgc ctcaaaattc acacatttaa     74460
     taaaagtcct gacctgaaca ggtttacgtg ccgatatcca gttacagtta tagcgccacc     74520
     tgctggctac aggaaatgac atgtttgaca ctgtaacaaa ctccttccac aaactttccc     74580
     gtatcagcac caaaatagag tggtgtcatc tgaaagctct agcgatgata tattgtgaag     74640
     atctagagtt tttgcagagg ggcgtgtctg tggtggcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc     74700
     atggaacagg aagttattat aactcaacca cacaatgtct gatctgcctg aaacttcaca     74760
     tgattgataa aagtcctctc ctgaacacat ccacataaca atattgagtc agtcatagcg     74820
     ccacctgctg gcagaaggta gtttggctta taactcggcc acacaatgtc agatctgcct     74880
     aaaatgtcga atggttgatg aaagtcctct cctaaacaca tctacataat aatattgagt     74940
     ctttcatagc gccacctgct ggcagaatgt agtttgtctt aaaacacaat ctccacacaa     75000
     tctctgatct gcctaaaact tcacatgatt gataaaagtc cgcttctgaa cacatccaca     75060
     taacaatatt gagtcagtca taacgccacc tgctggcaga aggtagtttg gcttataact     75120
     cagccacaca atgtcccatg tgcctgaaac ttcacatggt tgatcagatt cctctccgga     75180
     agacatctac atgccaatct taagtcacag ttatagcgcc acctgctgac aggaggaagt     75240
     ttggcataaa tctgtgattt tcttagattt tttatatata ttggcttaaa ttattattgt     75300
     tcgctgttct ctgccatcgt atggtcaccg ggcggcggtg agcccgggtg cgaggtccct     75360
     atcatcgctg cttgcagctt taattaggga ccgagcaccg aaacggtgcg taggccctat     75420
     tggaattgct ccgtttttta ttattattat tattattatt attattccgc cccctatcgg     75480
     ggcacttttg agggtctaaa catgcccgaa aactcatgaa aatttgcaca cacaccaaac     75540
     gcggtgtaaa tagcaggttg atatgggtct cggaagtggg cgtggcaaaa tgactcgaca     75600
     gcgccaccta gaaaaattaa acggacgagc ccccgataca cgaatcacgc acatgcacga     75660
     aaattggcac acacctcaaa catgccaaac catacgaaaa agtctcttgg agccatatct     75720
     caaacccaac aggaagtcgg atatttttaa cttcctgcgg cgaaaaagtg gcgtttttgc     75780
     catttccagg cgttgtattt taacgaactc ctcctaggga ttttatccga tcgacaccaa     75840
     aattgggttt tgtcatctaa aggccttggc gatgttaaat tgcgaagctt tagagttttc     75900
     gtcgatgggc gtgtccgtag cgccctcgca aactttgatg attcgccaca aaacaggaag     75960
     tcgttataac tcaggcatgc attatccgat ctgcctcaaa attcacacgc ttgataagcg     76020
     tcctgacctg aacacgttta catgccaata tccagataca gttatagcgc cacctgctgg     76080
     ccacaggaaa tgacatggtt tacggagtta tatactcctc ccacaaattt tatcgtatca     76140
     acaccaaaaa tgagtggtgt tatctgaaag ctctagcgat gatatattgt gaagatctag     76200
     agttttcgca gaggggcgtg tccatggcgg catgacaaac ctcaacgctt cgccatggaa     76260
     caggaagtcc ttataacaca accacacaat gtccgatctg cctgaaattt cacatggttg     76320
     ataaacgtca tctcttgaac acatccacat aacaatattg aagtgggcgt ggcaaaatga     76380
     ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacgagcccc cgatctacgg atcacgcaca     76440
     tgcacaaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat ggcaaaagat acgaaaaagt ctcttggagc     76500
     catatctcaa acccaacagg aagtcggata tttttaactt cctgtggcga aaaagtggcg     76560
     cttttgccat tttcaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc ctagggattt tatctgataa     76620
     ttaccaaaat tgggttttgt catcttaaag ccttggcgat gttaaattgc gaagctttag     76680
     agttttcatc gatgggcgtg tccgtggcgg cctcgcaaac tttgatgatt cgccacaaaa     76740
     caggaagtct ttataactct ggcatgcaat attcgatctg cctcaaaatt cacacattta     76800
     ataacagtcc tgacctgatc aggtttacgt gccgatatct agttacagtt ataacgccac     76860
     ctgctggcta caggaaatga catgtttgac actgtaacaa actcctccca caaactttcc     76920
     cgtatcagca ccaaaataga gtggtgtcat ctgaaagctc tagcgatgat atattgtgaa     76980
     gatctagagt ttttgcagaa gggcgtgtct gtggtggcat gacaaacctc aacgcttcgc     77040
     catggaacag gaatttctta taactcaacc acacaatgtc tgatctgcct gaaacttcac     77100
     atgattgata aaagtcctct cctgaacaca tccaaatagc aatattgagt cagtcatagc     77160
     gccacctgct ggcagaaggt agtttggctt gtaactcggc cacacaatgt ccgatctgcc     77220
     tgaaacttca catgattgat aaaagtcttc tcctgaacac atccacaaaa caatattgag     77280
     tcagtcatag cgccacctgc tggcagaaga aattttggct tgtaactcgg ccacacaatg     77340
     tcagatcagc ctaaattgtc acatggttga tgaaagtcct ctcctaaaca catctacata     77400
     ataatattca gtctttcata gcgccacctg ctggcagaat gtagtttgtc ttaaaacaca     77460
     atctccacac aatctctgat ctgcctgaaa cttcacatgg ttgataaaag tcctctcctg     77520
     aacacatcca cataacaata ttgagtcagt cataacgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagtt     77580
     tggcttataa ctcagccaca caatgtccca tgtgcctgaa acttcacatg gttgataaga     77640
     ttcctctccg gaagatatct acatgccaat cttaagtcac aattatatcg ccacctgctg     77700
     acaggaggaa gtttggcata aatctgtgat tttcttagat ttttttttat atattggctt     77760
     aaattattat tgttcgctgt tctctgtcat cgtaaggtca ccgggtggcg gtgagcccgg     77820
     gtgcgaggtc cctatcatcg ctgcttgcag ctttaattag ggaccgagca ccgaacggtg     77880
     caaggcccta ttggaattgc tccgtttatt agggaccgag caccgaaacg gtgcgtaggc     77940
     cctattggaa ttgctccgtt tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     78000
     ctcctccgga atgaatcgcg attttgaggg gctaaacatg gccgaaaact cacgcaactt     78060
     tgcacacgcc tcagaagtgg tgaaaattta cgtttattat gggcttcgga agtgggcgtg     78120
     gcaaaatgac tcgacagcgc cacctagaaa aattaaacgg acgagccccc gatccacgaa     78180
     tcacgcacat gcacgaaaat tggcacacac ctcaaacatg ccaaaacata cgaaaaagtc     78240
     tcttggagcc atatctcaaa cccaacagga agtcggatat tttttacttc ctgcggcgaa     78300
     aaagtggcgt ttttgccatt tccaggcgtt gtattttaac gaactcctcc tagggatttt     78360
     atccgatcga caccaaaatt gggttttgat atctaaaggc cttggcgatg ttaaattgcg     78420
     aagctttaga gttttcgtcg atgggcgtgt ccgtggcggc ctcgcaaact ttgacgattc     78480
     gccacaaaac aggaagtcgt tataactcag gcatgcatta tccgatctgc ctcaaaattc     78540
     atacgcttga taagcgtcct gacctgaaca cgtttacatg ccaatatcca gatacagtta     78600
     cagcgccacc tgctggccac aggaaatgac atgatttacg gaattataaa ctcctcccac     78660
     aaattttatc gtatcaacac caaaattgag tggtgttatc tgaaagcttt agcgatgtta     78720
     tattgtgaag atctagagtt ttcgcagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggtatg acaaacctca     78780
     acgcttcgcc atggaacagg aagtccttat aactcaacca cacaatgtcc gatctgcctg     78840
     aaacttcaca tggttgataa acgtcatctc ttgaacacat ccacataaca atattgaagt     78900
     gggcgtggca aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctagaaaaat taaatggacg agcccccgat     78960
     ctacgaatca cgcacatgca caaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacatggaa aaacatacga     79020
     aaaagtctct tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt cggatatttt taacttcctg     79080
     tggcgaaaaa gtggcgcttt tgccatttcc aggcgttgta ttttaacgaa ctcctcctag     79140
     ggattttatc tgataaacac caaaattggg ttttgtcatc ttaaagcctt ggtgatgtta     79200
     gattgcgaag ctttagagtt ttcatcgatg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcctc gcaaactttg     79260
     atgattcgcc acaaaacagg aagtctttat aactctggca tgcaatattc gatctgcctc     79320
     aaaattcaca catttaataa cagtcctgac ctgatcaggt ttacgtgctg atatccagtt     79380
     acagctatag cgccacctgc tggccacagg aaatgacatg tttgacactc taacaaactc     79440
     ctcccacaaa ctttcccgta tcagcaccaa aatagagtga agtcatctga aagctctagc     79500
     gatgatatat tgtgaagatc tagagttttt gcagaggggc gtgtctgtgg tggcatgaca     79560
     aacctcaacg cttcgccatg gaacaggaat ttcttataac tcaaccacac aatgtctgat     79620
     ctgcctgaaa cttcacatga ttgataaaag tcctctcctg aacacatcca cataacaata     79680
     ttgagtcagt catagcgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagtt tggcttgtaa ctcggccaca     79740
     caatgtcaga tctgcctaaa atgtcacatg gttgataaaa gtcctctcca aaacacatct     79800
     acataataat attgagtcaa tcataacgcc acctgctggc agaaggtagt ttggcttata     79860
     actcagccac acaatgtccc atgtgcctga aattttacat ggttgataag attcctctcc     79920
     ggaagacatc tacatgccaa tcttaagtca cagttatagc gccacctgct gacagatggt     79980
     agtttgcagt ataactcaac cacacaaagt ctgatctggc tgaaacttca caagtttgat     80040
     aaaagtcctc tcctgaacac atctacataa caacattgag tctgtcatag cgccacctgc     80100
     tgacaaaagg cagtttggct tataactcag caaaacaatg tccgatctgc ctgaaacttc     80160
     acatggttga taagtttcct ctcctgaaga catctacatg ccaatcgtga gtcacagtta     80220
     tagcgccacc tgctgacagg aggaaatttg gcataaatct gttattttct cagatttttt     80280
     tattatatcg gcttaaatta ttactgttcg ctgttctctg tcatcctgag gccaccgggc     80340
     ggcggtgagc ccgagtgcga ggtccctatc atcgctgctt gcagctttaa ttattattat     80400
     tcttctctcc aatgaatcgc gattttgagg ggctaaacaa gcccgaaaac tcacgcaact     80460
     ttgcacacgc ctcagaagtg gcgaaaattt acctttttta tggtcttctg aagtgggcgt     80520
     ggcaaaatga ctcgacagcg ccacctagaa aaattaaacg gacaagcccc cgatccacga     80580
     atcacgcaca tgcacaaaaa ttggcacaca cctcaaacat gccaaaacat acaaaaaagt     80640
     ctcttggagc catatctcaa acccaacagg aagttggata tttttgactt cctgcgacga     80700
     aaaagtggcg tttttgccat ttccaggcgt tgtattttaa cgaactcctc ctagggattt     80760
     tatccgatcg acaccaaaat tgggttttgt catcttaagg ccttggcgat gttaaattgc     80820
     gaagctttag agttttcatc gatgggcatg tccgtggcgg cctcgcaaac tttgacgatt     80880
     tgccacaaaa caggaagtcg ttataactca gtcatgcatt atccgatccg cctcaaaatt     80940
     cacacgtttg ataagagtcc tgacctgaac aagtttacat gccaatatcc agatacagtt     81000
     atagcgccac ctgctggcca caggaaatga catgttttac atcgtaacaa actcctccca     81060
     caaatttttt tgtatcagca ccaaatttgg gttgtgttat ctgaaagccc tagcgatgat     81120
     atattgtgaa gatctagagt tttcgcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcat gacaaacctc     81180
     aacgcttcgc catggaacag gaagtcctta taactcaagc acacaatgtc cgatctgcct     81240
     gaaacttaac atggtggata aaagtcctct cctgaacaca tcctcataac aataatgaag     81300
     tgggcgtggc aaaatgactc gacagcgcca cctataaaaa ttaaacggaa gagcccctga     81360
     tctacgaatc acgcacatgc acgaaaattg gcacacacct taaacaagcc aaaacatacg     81420
     aaaaagtctc ttggagccat aactcaaacc caacaggaag tcggatattt ttaacttcct     81480
     gcggcaaata agtggcattt ttgccatttc caggctttgt atcttaacga actcctccta     81540
     gggattttat gctatcgaca ccaaaattgg gttttgtcat ctaaaggcct tggcgatgtt     81600
     aaattgcgaa gctttagagg ttttgtcgat gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcct cacaaacttt     81660
     aacgattcgc cacaaaaccg gaagtcatta taactcaggc atgcattata cgatctgcct     81720
     caaaattcac atgtttaata agagtccaga ccagaacaag tttacatgcc gatatccaga     81780
     tacagttata gcgccacctg ctgaccacag aaaatgtcat gatttacaaa gtaataaact     81840
     catcccacaa atgttttcat atcagcacca aatttggttg gttgtgtatc tgaaagctca     81900
     agcgatgata tattgtgaag atctagagtt ttcgtagagg ggcgtgtatg tggtggcatg     81960
     acaaacctca acgcttcgcc atgaaaaagg aagtgcttat aactcaggca cacaatgtct     82020
     gatctgcctg aaacttcaca tggttgatta aattcctctc ctgaagacat ctaaatgcca     82080
     atattgagtc agtcatagcg ccacctagtg acagaaggta gttttgctta taactcagcc     82140
     acacaatgtc caatcagcct gaaacttcac agggttgata aaagtcctct cctgaagaca     82200
     tctacgtgcc aatattgagt cacagtcata gcgccacctg ctggcaacag gtagtttggc     82260
     ttataactca gccacacaat gtccgatctg cctgaaactt cacatggttg attaaattcc     82320
     attactgaag gcatctacat gccaatctta agtcacagtt atagcgccac ctgcttgcag     82380
     ttggtagttt gcattataac tcaaccacac aaagtccgat ctgcctgaaa gttcacatgg     82440
     ttgataaaag tcctctcctg aacacatcta cataacaaca ttgagtctgt cgtagcgcca     82500
     cctgctgaca aaaggcagtt tggcttataa ctcagctaaa caatgttcga tctgcctgaa     82560
     acttcacatg attgataaga ttcctctcct ggtgacatct acatgccaat cttgagtcac     82620
     agtcatagcg ccacctgctg agaggaggag gtttggcata aatcggtgat tttctcagat     82680
     tttttaaata taatggctta aattattact gttcgctgtt ctctgtcatc ctgaggccac     82740
     cgggcggcgg tgagcccggg tgcgaggtcc ctatcatcgc tgcttgcagc tttaattatt     82800
     attattcttt tccggaatga atcgcgattt tgagggcctt accatgcccg aaaactcacg     82860
     aaactttgca cacacctcag aagtggcgaa aatttacgtt tgttatgggt tttggaaatg     82920
     ggcgtggcaa aatgtctcga cagcgccacc tataaaaatt aaacggacaa gcccccgatc     82980
     cacgaatcac gcacatgtaa gaaaatcggc acacacctca aacatgccaa aacatacaaa     83040
     aaagtctctt ggagccatat ctcaaaccca acaggaagtc ggatattttt aacttcctgc     83100
     ggcgaaaaag tggcattttt gccatttcca ggcgttgtat tttaacgaac tcctcctagg     83160
     gattttatcc gatcgacacc aaaattgggt tttgtcatat aaaggccttg gcgatgttaa     83220
     attgcgaagc tttagagttt tcgtcgatgg gcgtgtccgt ggcggcctcg caaactttga     83280
     cgattcgcca caaaacagga agtcgttata actcaggcat gcattatccg atctgcctca     83340
     aaattcacac gtttgataag agtcctgacc tgaacacgtt tacatgccga tatccagata     83400
     cagttatagc gccacctact ggccacagga aatgacatgt tttacactgt aacaaactcc     83460
     tcttacaaat tttttcgtat cagcaccaaa tttgggttgt gttatctgaa agccttagcg     83520
     atgatatatt gtgaagatct agagttttcg gagaggggcg tgtccgtggc ggcatgacaa     83580
     acctcaacgc ttcgccatgg aacaggaagt ccttataact caaccacaca aagtctgatc     83640
     tgcctgaaac ttcacatagt tgataaaagt cctctcctga acacatcccc ataacaatat     83700
     tgaagtgggc gtggcaaaat gactcgacag cgccacctac aaaaattaaa cggacgagcc     83760
     cctgatctac gaatcacaca catgcacgaa aattgacaca cacctcaaac atgccaaaac     83820
     atacaaaaaa gtctcttgga gccatatctc aaacccaaca ggaagtcgga tatttttaac     83880
     ttcctgcggc aactaagtgg catttttgcc atttccaggc gttgtatctt aacgaactcc     83940
     tcctagggat tttatccgat cgacaccaaa attgggttta gtcatctaaa ggccttggcg     84000
     atgttaaatt gcgaagcttt aaagtttttg tcagtgggcg tgtccgtggc ggcctcgcaa     84060
     actttgatga ttcgccacaa aaccggaagt cattatatct caggcatgca ttatccaatc     84120
     tgcctcaaaa ttcacatgtt taataagagt ccataccaga acacgtttac atgccaatat     84180
     ccagatacag ttatagcgcc acctgctggc cacaggaaat tacatgattt acagagttac     84240
     aaactcctcc cacaaatttt atcgtatcag caccaaaact gggtggtgtt atctgaaagt     84300
     tctagcgatg acatattgta aagatctaga gtttttacag aggggcgtgt ccgtggcggc     84360
     atgacaaacc tcaacgcttc gccatggaac aggaagtcct tataactcaa ccacacaatg     84420
     tccgacctgc ctgaaacttc acatggttga tgaaagtcct ctcctgaaca catctacata     84480
     ataatattga gtctgtcata gcgccacctg ctggcagata gtagtttagc ttacaaatca     84540
     gccccacaat gtctgatctg cctgaaactt tacatggttg attaaattcc tctcctgaac     84600
     acatttacat gccaatattg agtctgtcat agcgccgcct gctggcagaa ggtagtttgg     84660
     cttacaactc agccccacaa tgtctgatca gcctgaaact tcacatggtt tagtaaaatc     84720
     ctctcctgaa cacatctaca tgccaatatt gagacacagt catagcgcca cctgctgaca     84780
     ggagaaagtt aggcataaat ctgtgatttt ctctggttct tttcatatat cggcttaagt     84840
     tattattgtt cgctgttctt tgtcatccgg agttcaccgg cggcggtgag cccgggtgcg     84900
     aggtccctat catcgctgct tgcagcttta attattatta ttattattat tccgccccca     84960
     accggggcac ttttgagggt ctaaacatgc ccgaaaactc acgaaaattt gcacacacac     85020
     caaacgcggt gtaaatggct gggttttagg ggtttcggaa gtgggcgtgg caaaatgact     85080
     cgacagcgcc acctagaaaa attaaacgga cgagcccccg atccacgaat cacgcacatg     85140
     cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc tcaaacatgc caaaacatac gaaaaagtct cttggagcca     85200
     tatctcaaac ccaacaggaa gtcggatatt tttgacttcc tgcggcgaaa aagtggcttt     85260
     tttgccattt ccaggcgttg tattttaacg aactcctcct agggatttta ttcgatcgac     85320
     accaaaattg gtttttgtca tctaaaggcc ttggcgatgt taaattgcga agcttttgag     85380
     ttttcgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc tcgcaaactt tgacgattcg ccacaaaaga     85440
     ggaagtcgtt ataactcagg catgcattat cagatgtgcc tcaaaattca cacgtttgat     85500
     aagagtcctg acctgaacac gtttatatgc cgatatccag atacagttat agcgccacct     85560
     gctggccaca ggaaatgaca tgttttacac tgtaacaaac tcctcccaca aattttatgg     85620
     tatcagcacc aaatttgggt tggtgtcatc tgaaagctct agcgatgtta tattgtgaag     85680
     atctagagtt tttgcagagg ggcgtgtccg tggcggcatg acaaacctca acgcttcgcc     85740
     atggaacagg aagtcctcat aactcaacca cacaaagtcc gatcagcctg aaacttcata     85800
     tggttgataa aagtccgtcc ctgaacacat ccacataaca atattgaagt gggcgtggca     85860
     aaatgactcg acagcgccac ctataaaaat taaacggacg agcccctgat ctacgaatca     85920
     cgcacatgca cgaaaattgg cacacacctc aaacacgcca aaacatacga aaaagtctct     85980
     tggagccata tctcaaaccc aacaggaagt cggatatttt taacttcctg tggcgaaaaa     86040
     gtggcgtttt tgccattttc aggcgttgta ttttaatgaa ctcctcctag ggattttatc     86100
     tgattgacac caaaattggg ttttgtcatc ttaaagcctt ggtgatgtta aattgtgaag     86160
     ctttagagtt ttcatcgatg ggcgtgtccg tggcgggctc acaaacgatg atgattcgcc     86220
     acaaaacagg aagtcgttat aactcagaca tgaaatattc gatctgcctc aaaattcaca     86280
     catttaataa cagtcctgac ctgaacaggt ttacgtgccg atatccagtt acagttatag     86340
     cgccacctgc tgggcacagg aaatgacatg ttcgacactg taacaaactc cttccacaaa     86400
     ctttcccgta tcagcaccaa aataaagtgg tgtcatctga aagctctagc aatgatatat     86460
     tgtgaagatc tagagttttt gcagaggggc gtgtctgtgg tggcatgaca aacctcaacg     86520
     cttcgccatg gaacaggaag ttattataac tcaaccacac aatgtctgat ctgcctgaaa     86580
     cttcacatga ttgataaaag tcctcttctg aacacatcta cataacaata ttgggtcagt     86640
     catagcgcca cctgctggca gaaggtagat tggcttataa ctcaaccaca caaactccga     86700
     tctgcctgaa acttcacatg gttggttaaa ttccattact gaagacatct acatgccaat     86760
     cttaagtcac agttatagtg ccacctgctg gcggatggta gtttgcagta taactcaacc     86820
     acacaaagtc tgatctggct gaaacttcac aaggttgata aaagtcctct cctgaacaca     86880
     tctacataac aacattgagt ctgtcatagc gccacctgct gacaaaaggc agtttggctt     86940
     ataactcagc caaacaatgt ccgatctgcc taaaacttca catggttgat aagtttcctc     87000
     tcctgaagac atctacatgc caatcatgag tcacagttat agcgccacct gctgacagga     87060
     ggaaatttgg cataaatctg tgattttttt tcagattttt ttttaatata tcggcttaaa     87120
     ttattactgt tcgctgttct ctgtcatcct gtggccaccg ggcggcggtg agcccgggtg     87180
     cgaggtccct atcatcgctg cttgcagctt taattcattg ttgctcttat agttgtgtaa     87240
     attgcttcct tgtcctcatt tgtaagtcgc tttggataaa agcgtcagct aaatgactaa     87300
     atgtgaatgt aaatgtaaaa atgttttgca cattttgtgt tctggtcaaa atgcttgtaa     87360
     aaaaatctaa taaagtgtca aataactttt gtaaaatgca tatagttttt cccacatttc     87420
     ttgaccactt ttggggttga tttatgctgt ttcaatgatc actaaatgac attgataacc     87480
     taaaactaca aatttatgca aaaaaattat aataattgtt tttatataaa caaatattta     87540
     caagtttctt cgattcattt gtgttttaaa attaaataga tttaattaca ttctcagacc     87600
     agatgttatt gataaattac tccatcattt gtgtgcttca tgtttcactt tttaaaaaaa     87660
     tcttattttt tctatttaaa aaacaggtaa atgcaacaag caatgtcata tacattaaat     87720
     tatcacacat tcattgaatc ccttattaat ttatttattt taccctttta taataattta     87780
     tttattctaa acattctttg atcatttaat atcacaaata aaatattaaa tcataagact     87840
     ctcaccttat gagaatccaa aatgataata ttatactaca ctgtataaaa acgcagggtt     87900
     atttcagccc aaatctgagt gtggggactt attcaactgg gttaaaaaaa tttttattaa     87960
     actaatagga ccaaatttaa cccaatgttt ggaatagtca ataattcacc caatttgggt     88020
     ttcaataatt cagcatttct tacttaataa atttaaagca ggcattcttt ctgtaagtct     88080
     gttcctccca tgacctttga cctttagcag gggttcctga aggttatttt agggaccaga     88140
     agggaagtca cacaagatct gcttgatttg ttctcgctca gtgaaaacaa gtcagtgatt     88200
     tggcaaagca acagatgatg aagttgcgtc aatgcttctg ccatcatttc tgagaactgt     88260
     caaactacat acaagcaaat gctacgattt aacagtctca tcacagactc cataaatgtg     88320
     aatttgtttc tacaagtata cattttagat agagctagta gtttcaattt ttattacacc     88380
     ctaaatagga aaatgctgtc aacaaccaat atttttggaa aagttatata aattatgtga     88440
     atggcatatg aagaaacacc ctctaaaatc ctgaggaata tagacacctt tacctttagt     88500
     catttataga tataaatata gatataaaaa tacaacaaaa ctcaaaaatg tagtgtatgt     88560
     gcgttctgtt gattttatag ctcagtgcag gagtatacaa cattaaactc tgcggaaaca     88620
     gccttaaaga tatagttcac ccaataataa aacgcatatc atctcacctt ttacttgttt     88680
     caaacctttt tatgttcttt cttctgtaaa acacaaagga agatagtttg aagaaagcta     88740
     gaaaattgag gtaaagttgg tttcatatgc acacattcag actttctcct gaataatatc     88800
     atttcagaca ggtatgattt gcaaattcta aatagtgaaa tcatataagc agtcaatgaa     88860
     tatcaaatta cagcagtgtt cacagtcaat caaattgtgc cattgttgtt ttcaagtcat     88920
     attcacatgt gatttcagac ccaatattca aattagcgtg gtaaataata taagaaacgc     88980
     taattaaagg aatgtgcaaa tatgaaacca actttacctc aatagatgga aacctgtaac     89040
     cactgacacc catagtatgt tttttcctac tatggaagtc aatggttacc ggttttcagc     89100
     attcttcaaa atatcttctt ttgtgttcaa cagaataaag agctcataaa ggtttggaaa     89160
     cacttggagg aaggtaaata gtgcgtaaat ttacatttgc ttgcgtgaac tatcatttta     89220
     aggatgcata ctgtaaatta aactacataa acagataaaa ggcaataaag ttaacactta     89280
     aatgtgcatt ttagggtgtt ttctgtccac tagtctcaat gaagacatgg tactgatgca     89340
     aaatagctaa taaaatccta ataacttgac ctgaacatga aataaacaat gattttgtat     89400
     gcagtgtcgt tcctttaacc tcgcagatac cagtctgact gtataaaacc aagttatgtc     89460
     attgcttcag ccatcatttc tgagatctgt caaactacat gcaagcaaat gctacaattt     89520
     gacagccaca tcacataaat gtgaatttgt ttctacaagt ataaatttta gatagagcta     89580
     gtcgttgact ttttacttgt atctgtttat taatccctaa ataggaaaat actgtaaaca     89640
     acaagcatta ttattggaaa agttacatga attatgtgaa tggcatatga agaaacacag     89700
     tctaaaatcc tgaagaatat agttaccttt acttttagtc attattagat ataaatatag     89760
     atataaaaat aaaataaaac tcaaaaatgt agtgtatgtg tgttctgttg attttatagc     89820
     tcagtctagg agtaaaaaca acattaaatg ttgcgtaaac agccttaaag atatagttca     89880
     cccaataata aaacacatat catctcacct tttacttgct tcaaatcttt ttttacgctc     89940
     tttcttctgt aaaacacaag aagaaagttt gaagaaagct ggaaacctgt gaccattgac     90000
     atctatggta tttgttttgg aactatggaa gtcaatagtt accggttttc agctttcttc     90060
     gaactatctt ctttcgtgtt taacagaata aagagctcat aaagggtttg aaacacttaa     90120
     aggaagttaa atagtgtgta aatttacatt tgcttgcttg aactatcatt ttaaggatgc     90180
     atactgtaaa ttaaaccaca taaacagata aaagctatta aaataaacac ttaaatgttt     90240
     atttttgggg tgttttctgt ccactagtct caatgaagac atgttacaga tgcaaaatag     90300
     ccattaaatc ataaaaactt gacctgtaca tgaaataaac aatgactttg tatgcagtgt     90360
     cgttctttta accttgcaca taccagtaag acagtataaa accaattaaa cacatctttt     90420
     tagctttgaa accgttagta agtgaagcaa acaccatcag caacaggtga aaatgaaatt     90480
     atcgataaca ttgaacatcc ttcccgtcat tttatcagtt ataaacgata caattacgcg     90540
     tatagcatat gacgcgtgtg ataacgttac tgatagttga actaacgtta gtgatgacag     90600
     ctgctgttca gctaagctaa aacaaaacgg tcaacacact caatttactc cctccggagc     90660
     tctcacaaat gacatatttt aaagcttacc tttttcttta aacgtctcgg agtccgttgg     90720
     tcacaataat ttgctggtaa acattatatt tgagctaaat ttgtctgggt ctgttatcag     90780
     tgcgtcaggc cgagaggagt gactgacagc cgcgagcgca cattctaaca cacacgccga     90840
     cagccaatta gaatgcggga cggccgtggc gcgtggattt accgtaaagc gctaaaatca     90900
     tgcgcagtga acaaacgacc acagaagcgg aaggaaagtg ctgtgattac cgtaaagatc     90960
     gtaagaagtc agagttgagt tgctagatgg ataaagacag actcaaatag ggaggtgttg     91020
     tattttagtc ttttagtgta gcctattatt aatcaagttt acaacaacaa caacaataat     91080
     aatagtaatc ataataataa aaataataat acatttaacc atgtgtactt agattgaaaa     91140
     cgtatattta ttattattat tactattgtt attattatta atattattat tattattatc     91200
     attattatta ttatttttat tactattatt attattatta ttatacatta tataaaaacc     91260
     taaataaata aatggacaag aatacataaa cacgtaagaa aattatgtta taaataataa     91320
     taaaaatgat aataataata ataacaataa caacaacaac aataataata taataataac     91380
     aaatttttaa attgtcaatt tgataacaca tggattaaat gtagtaatat tcattcgttc     91440
     attcattaat tttctttttg gctcagttcc tttgtattat tattatcaat attattatta     91500
     ttattatgta tttatttatt tatattttta cataataata tcaataataa taataatgac     91560
     aatactgtac agtactcaga atgaaaatat tgcttttatt attattatcg tcattattat     91620
     tattatcaat aaccacattt gcttacattt attattattg gtaattaatt aatttcaatt     91680
     tttcataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata atacattaaa tccatgtgta     91740
     ctcggattga aaatcaaaaa gtactcttct ctattatcat cttttgtttt atatattcat     91800
     ttattctttg ttatttattt atttttatag aatgtataat aataatatta acaaggacag     91860
     aacttttgga ttttcaatct gagtacacat ggattcaatg tattattatc attattatta     91920
     ttattattat tattattgtt attttattaa tattattatt gtcatattaa aatccaaatg     91980
     aatgaacgaa taaataaata aatgaccgaa agtaaataaa aatgcattca aatattgaag     92040
     ttgttaacaa taacacaaat aacaacaaaa ataataacaa taattataat gatatacttt     92100
     acaaagtttc tgttcataca ttaataataa aaatgtatta ttatcattgt cattattgac     92160
     gacaacaaaa acaaaacaac actggttata tctattcgtt ataattcatt tattcctatt     92220
     cctttagatt gtcatttaaa cttaatgtct aattttaata ttgtgcctat ataatttcat     92280
     cagtgagtta ggtgatcaca cgtccaactt aaaaactgac agacagacat tctgagataa     92340
     atgaaactaa gtctgcttat tttcatgaac gtaaatgggt tttcaccaag gatttcacaa     92400
     actgcgcatg tctggtcgct ctatgaccgg aagaggtcgc tgtaggttga ctttctagac     92460
     ttgcataact taacaataac tataccaggc caaactagct gagaatgcac actggtttta     92520
     aaatcttaaa ttaattttta ctagtaagaa ttaaataaca gagctgtcta attaaaatct     92580
     ttactggtaa gacattaatt aggccttatt aaagaacttt tgcattaata aaaaaaaatc     92640
     ctggtatgag aaaagaagtc attataacta aaaacatctt gttattatga gaaaatatgc     92700
     tttttaataa aataatttcc aacatttaat tgaaaacttt attatgaaat aacggagtag     92760
     aaaaaacatg cgtgtggcag caacgcatca ccatttattt catattctgc attaatttta     92820
     taattttttc atgtgtcctc tctctattgt tattattaat ttttatttgc tgtttctttt     92880
     tcattttgtg caatatcatt gacaaacttc tttaaaatca tcataccttc cttgttgcaa     92940
     aaattaatct ctgcattgtt tgtactatac tgttgtctgt ggtttgtaca acagtaattg     93000
     cattaaaaaa aagcattgag tcaccatagc aaaggatcac atcccgcaac ctacacttac     93060
     tagcactggg ttggaccttc ttttgccttc agaactgcct taatctttca tggcagagat     93120
     tcaacaagct acaggaaaaa ttcctcagag attttgctcc atattgacat gatagcatca     93180
     cgcagttgct gcagatttgt cagctgcgaa tctcccattc caccacatcc caatggtgct     93240
     atattggatt gagatctggt gactgtggag gccatttgag tacagtgaac tcattgtcat     93300
     gttcataaaa ccagtctgag atgattcacg ctttatgaca tggtgcgtta tcctgctgga     93360
     agtaaacttc agaagatggg cacactgtgg tcataaaaag gatggacatg gtcagcaaca     93420
     atactcaggt aggctgtggc gttgacacaa tgcccaatta gtactaatgg acacgaaatg     93480
     tgccaagaaa atatccccca caccattaca ccaccaccac cagcctgaac cattgataca     93540
     aggcaggata gatccatgct ttcaggttgt tgttgccaaa ttctgacccg accatcaaaa     93600
     tgtggcagca gaaattgaga ctcatcagac caggcaacgt ttctccaatc ttctattgtc     93660
     taattttggt gagcctgtgt gaattgtagc ctcagtttcc tgttcttagc tgacaggagt     93720
     ggcacccggt gtgctcttct gctgctgtag cccatccgcc tcaaggttgg acgtgttgtg     93780
     tgttcagaga tgctcttctg cagacctcgg ttgtatcgag tgcttatttg agttactgtt     93840
     gcctttatat tagctggaac cagtctggcc attctcctct gacctctggc atcaacaagg     93900
     catttgcgcc cacagaactg tcgctcactg gatattttct ctttatcaga ccattctctg     93960
     tagatgctag agatggttgt gcgtgaaaat cccagtagat cagcagtttc tgaaatactc     94020
     agcctgtctt gcactgacaa acaagccacg ttcaaagtta ctttaatcac ctttctcctc     94080
     cattctgatg ctcggtttga actacagcag atcgtcttga ccatagctgc gtcccaaatc     94140
     gcatacttat gcactattta cgccattttg tagtataaat agtgtaagta gtgtgttcac     94200
     actgaaaact cttaaaataa taagtgcact ttaattaccc ggatgatgca ctcattcagc     94260
     cgctaaaatg aagtgtgtaa tgatggacac ttcacgcact caacaaccgc aggtttgctt     94320
     acgtagtgga aggggcggag ctataggacg cacatgttgg ataactttat ttattttgga     94380
     tggagaaagc aaaattctcc tacgagagtg attatatcgc ctcctgatgg tgaatgcggc     94440
     aatactcacg ataggtatta tttgataatt cggtcgttta tttcactgat ttggcaaccg     94500
     tcaaacgtca tcagggaaac ggtttgaatt tccgtttagt ataaaaacat tagtgtgcca     94560
     tttgggacga cactacatac atgtactatc ctgttgcgtg tgtaagtgca taagtacata     94620
     gtgcatgagt gcagtgtata gtgtgccatt tgggacgcag ctcatgtcta catgcattga     94680
     gttgctgcca tgtgattggc tgattagaaa tttgcgctaa caagcagttg aacagctgta     94740
     cctaataaag tggccggtga gtgtatatag tcccccgaca agtactcaaa gcagtttctg     94800
     cataattaaa gagtcgcacc aatatgtcac ctcagcttct cctcctagtt tgtgccactt     94860
     ttgaatgttt gcgtaaatac tcagtcaata atgcagtcca ctctcgctct gcccaattat     94920
     aaccagtttc gcctttacac tttgttttcc ctgtgcccca tttttccatg ctaatcgaac     94980
     gctttcacct tcagattgat ctgctctctt atgcctgcat tatataatct accattatgt     95040
     gaagaaactg gactttgaaa ttgctgggag aggcaattca gactccacct gtgaaggatt     95100
     aaagtaacag acgtctactt tcatctctta ataacacatg ttgacgtgca gtgcttatga     95160
     cttaaatatc aattcctcat attaagaaac gaaactgagc cttttccatc ttaatgattc     95220
     gtctgctatt tctgaccttt gcttcactgc aattttaggt catcgacaga tctgtgtttt     95280
     catggatgct aatcactgta aacaaattat tgtaaacact gaatcatggc tcagtgggta     95340
     gcactgtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct ggtttgagcc acggctgggt cagttggcat     95400
     ttctgttctg ttcagttggc atttctgagt ttgcatgttc tccctgtgtt ggtgtgggtt     95460
     tcctccaggt gctccggttt cccccacagt tcaaacacat gcgctatagg tgaattgaat     95520
     aagctaaatt ggccgtagtg tgtgtgtgta tgtgaatgag tgtatgggtg tttcccagtg     95580
     ctggggttgc agctggaagg acatccgttg tgtaaaacat atgctggata agttggcggt     95640
     ttatgcccca gtggcatcct ctgatgaata gggactaagc cgaatgcatc atgctatcac     95700
     agcatgtatc aggacttttc agactgccta tatcctcgat gtgaaggaaa gaaaatgaga     95760
     gatgttatta ttattaagca tcctttattt catgtgtgac atgaataaca catattaaat     95820
     aaacattgtt ggttttctac caaaataaac acaaatccta agaatatgat gtcattcgtt     95880
     aataaatagg tacaaacaat aaatatattg ttacagttag gatctaatgt agtgttttta     95940
     tgtgcaataa acccgtctat cagtgacttc tgcctgaaac aaaatcaaaa tgagcatgag     96000
     tacctacatt ttaccacaca gatatgattt caagagttca cacttagctg atgattgatt     96060
     ataaagcttg tttggcatgc tgtcccggga gagagtcctg agctcataag atcctcgagc     96120
     ccggggctcc ctctcgtttg caaggcgaga ggggagtttg agctcaggta gatctcgaga     96180
     actcccctgc tgtagtagct aataaacaga gagtgattgc tcttaaaaga gaactactag     96240
     gagcatgtct atggtgctga tttggattag tcaattaact taagttgcat gttttgggat     96300
     gtgggaggaa accagggaac ccggggaaaa cccacgtgag cacggggaga atgtgtaaac     96360
     tccgcacaga aacgtcggct ggcttggtca ggactataac cagtgacgtt tttgctgtga     96420
     gggaacagtg ctaacaactg ggccaccgtg ctacccatct agggaaggag gagtaagggt     96480
     ggaagggggg tttttcaaag caaagatggc tgtcaaatag aacttagggt atttatagtg     96540
     ggttaggaat catctgattg gtgaatcata aattggataa tgcatggtca atcatgagca     96600
     agtgatcctc ttgaaattag tttgtaaata aacctcacct aatacatatc atgcattaaa     96660
     cacaatgagt taaaggaggt tttcatgcta tcacactgaa gtccaggttc atatctagag     96720
     actggaatat agttaaacat tgtgattttg agtttaaggg tgtgttcaca tttgtagatc     96780
     ggtaaaagaa gagaagctga ctacatctac atggacacga gtaatcgaat tattttctgt     96840
     aatctgaatt agacaatatt atgatggtgt ttacatgagc tacataatcc ataatcccgt     96900
     tttaaatacc gttatagctt atgattcgat taacatcacc acgccatcaa aattttgttt     96960
     catgtaattt cgggtgtgtc atatttaatt tgttgacttt aactgcagtt tggccctttc     97020
     attttcattc aggaacattt catgcatacc cccccgtgac aattgagata ttagatgcga     97080
     gtatgaactg ctggaagagt gttgctttaa tggagttcga taccgcacat cacttacgga     97140
     aataaccctc cacatttcgt gatgtgcgtg tctcacaagc ttcgaatgtt atcactcaat     97200
     tgaatggcca attgaatgac tcaattatca gctgatagat atgggccagt aggggccttc     97260
     tgtgcctact ggtaggctca gaaggcagtg atcatccatc cacatggtta ttcagctata     97320
     ctaatagaaa agaccccaga tccagatctg tttctacatt actgtgatgg ttgggtttag     97380
     agttggggta cacgttaata aaatataatt aatgggaaat ttaataaata aaataaataa     97440
     ttcttattaa cttccagccg cagccgtatg tgatctatag ctgtttaacc atgtggatgg     97500
     atgataacag ccttctgagc caactaacag cgcagaaggc ccctactggc ccatgtctat     97560
     tagctgatta ccactgataa cgcccattta gtcgagtgat aacattcgaa tcggctgggt     97620
     atctgtggtc cttcactgac ccggtaggtg cagtagtgtc aaacagccat gtgtgtatgg     97680
     actatcctgt cgcaaaatgc tttgaaattc ctacatgacg gtaatagttt gattgcggtg     97740
     tttacatgtc tgtactgcac ttcagtattg ccactaatat cagcatcctg cacatgtctt     97800
     aatccgattt ctctttagtg ggattatgac cttaatcgga ttagattaat caaaaatccc     97860
     tgtttacttg gtcgactctc aatcagagta ttgtcctaat cttattaaaa tcggattatt     97920
     gtgtccatgt aaacgtactc agtgactacg tttacatgga caccaatagt ttaatcagat     97980
     taaggtcaca atcgaactag agagcaatgg aattaagacg tgtggagtac gccattttag     98040
     tcgcattatt aaagtgcatt acagacatgt aaacgcctta atcgaagtat tactgtcatg     98100
     taggactttt cgccacgttt tgcgacagga tagttcacac acgcgcacac acacacacac     98160
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgcgcacac acactttttt ttttcttcca     98220
     ttcagcatac ggtatgaact tccattaaaa caacactgtt ccagtagttc atagttgcat     98280
     ccaatatcta gtttgtcacg gggaggcatg cccgaatgaa agtgaaagtg ccaaacctca     98340
     gttaaagttg acaaattact tttgtaaagt aaattttaaa gcaaaactta caaaaaacat     98400
     ccaaaaccat gctgagcaat gtaataaact tgcgagaagc ttataaaatg tataaaaggg     98460
     gtcaaaacca tcgtaatctc acggcagttc ataacttttt gatttattgg ctaatttgtt     98520
     ttaatttgca tgatctcata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca agccgcaacc     98580
     cagtactggg aaacacccat acactctcac atttacacac acactcatac attacggcca     98640
     aagtagttca tccaattcac ctatagcaaa cttcacacag aaaggccaac tggcccagcc     98700
     gggactcgaa ccagtgacct tcttgatgtg atgcgacagt gctaaccact gagccatcgt     98760
     gctgtccttc ataggttttc atacaaatta atttatacga atttgtacaa attagccact     98820
     tttctgataa cacgtaaaac agttacgttt cctcgcgaga ttgggctggt caaaacagtg     98880
     acagacattt taacgcagaa acagaacaac aaaaaaagta ctcatggcca catcatgtcc     98940
     tgtttttggc tcttttacat gtttttgttt ggttttgcct ttattatttt acccgaaccg     99000
     aaccagaaag cagaaggaca cccatttcct tttctctgtt tgtttggtgt acaccagggt     99060
     tcagtatcag gtgccgttta cactcatgcg ttttgtttta atatgcaaat gttttgttat     99120
     ggttacgtct ggcgtccacg ctactctgat attcttgacc tgcgaaaacg aaaacactga     99180
     agaccttgtt ttagtctaca tctccactaa tccggataca tttgaaaacg gtgctttcat     99240
     ccaaaatcga tccatgtcca cattattgtt tcgattcttt ccgtaataca cactaaaacg     99300
     actgaagtga tttcgttcat gtactgctca tgcgcacaga tgtaacacac cttaacttgc     99360
     gtcatgtctg cctgcagttt atttactttc tgtctgttta tacatggagc atgtacaaac     99420
     tgacgttagt aggtaataaa gctgtcaaaa cagacagcat ccaaaacaac tgttttacat     99480
     agtcggcagc tagctcttgt agtgtcgccc actgacacta agcagggctg catccggtta     99540
     gtacactgtg aaataaaaaa agttgacaaa cttaaaatta aggcaacaaa cttgaggaca     99600
     tttttgagtt tattgaactt aaatcgagtc gatgcagtaa ttatgatgaa agttacgtta     99660
     acttaaaaac gtcctcaagt tcgttacctt agaattttag gttgattcat tcattcattt     99720
     tcttttcggt tagtcccttt attaattagg ggtcgccaca gccaaatgaa cagtcaactt     99780
     atccagcatt tgttttaaac agcggatgcc cttccagctg caacctatct atgggaaaca     99840
     tccatacaca ctcattcaca ctcatacact atggacaatt tagcctacct aattcagacg     99900
     catgactttg gactgtgggg gaaaccagag aatccggagg aaacccacgc gaacaagggg     99960
     agaacaagca aactccacac agaaatgcca actgacccag ccgaggctgg aaccagcgac    100020
     cttcttgctg tgagacggaa tcactaccta ctgagttgaa tcaactttgt tgatttttcc    100080
     agtgtacttg gatggtagac cgcacaggaa aattaggttg ctgccggaag tggtgttaga    100140
     gaggccagca gggggtgctc aacctgtgtg ggtcccaacg ctccagtata ttgatgtgga    100200
     ctctatacta ctcagtgagc gcagtgtttt ggatgagacg ttaaaccgag atcctgactc    100260
     tctgtgatcg ttaaaaatcc caggatgtcc tgtgaaaaag agtaggcgtt tagcatcaac    100320
     catcctggcc aatcttgctc actggcctct gtccatcatg gcctcctaac catccccata    100380
     ttataattag ctttatcact cagtctcctc tccaccaatc agctggtgtg cgatctggtg    100440
     caatatgagt acggccacgt catccaggtg gatgtgtaaa tcgctttgag tgtttagaaa    100500
     agcgctatat aaatgtaacg aataaatgtc gtccaccatg ctagctgaat tggtcacctc    100560
     taaaatgcgt catcgtttcc gaaagccttt gtttccgccg ttaaaactgc atcacccgca    100620
     tttacccact ttagacagca ttttcaagaa gatacaattt tttgttccca aaaaatgcac    100680
     tgtggaagga cggccaatat agagagagaa aaatatgtat ttttaaacta aaatgtatta    100740
     agactgattt atacttctgc ttcgagtgat ctgcatgacc cagggcccct gccttgcgca    100800
     tatcagtgca tttatacttc tgggtgctgt ttgtgttgct ctgcaatatt acttccgaac    100860
     cgctagctgg cagtaggttt ttatgttcct ctgtgtcgag tttcttctcg agtgttttgt    100920
     tttatctgga cactacctca atgaacagga agctgaaact cactcattca gaggcaggaa    100980
     ctggcggacg agtaataact ttaatcataa gggaaacaca aatcaaaagt ttccatctgg    101040
     agctccttta cggtagagtt tggactaaat tttgaatccc gctcccgcaa ggttttatcc    101100
     cgaacccgac cgctcccgct tatattcagc atttgttgtc ctgctgccca acccgcgccg    101160
     ttttctaccc gccacgccca atcccgctaa agagcggggg gagaacaaaa ccgaaaacca    101220
     cccagctata cagagtccag acagcctata acaagctgtc tgtataaaca cacacacaca    101280
     cacacatatg caccaagcac acacacacag acaaagctcc ctctctcatt cccacgcaaa    101340
     cacccaagca caaacacaca cacacaacaa aaaagctata cacagcatca cactatctca    101400
     ttcacacaca tacatacgtg tgctcactca aatcgggagc gatactgcta gacggcccgc    101460
     tcccgtccaa aattcaacca gttaccgacc gctcccattc tattcggaaa tgtattccca    101520
     cggcgcagaa atctggtcgg cagacctcta cttcacagga cccgacacgt gtaaacactc    101580
     actccatcgg gctcacggtt cttagcaccg cccacactca tcacacagct accaagcaga    101640
     cccatcacag agcttgcgca acacgtcgat gcgccatgta gctacaaatt ttgagaggtg    101700
     cacaacagca tcagccacag cgatgcaact ggacgaaggc tgcaccagac catatgcatg    101760
     agcttaacgc agaagtataa atcagccttt agtgtggaca tggtcttaat tcacaaatgc    101820
     tggtgtatca gaatagattt actgaaagaa aaacctttga aatcagaggc atggttatcc    101880
     acagtcctct ctgagtggca ttttaaacaa ttgtgtatca ttccctgatt catcaagcca    101940
     ttctcataca aaaattacac aagtggtgga ctgcaagcac agacaccagc aaaatatgca    102000
     catgcccagt aagcataaat ggccacatat catgcatttt aggctgtata gtgtggacag    102060
     agatcatttt tctgaaacac aataaaaaca tcaacgcatt agtgtaaaca gcacctcaga    102120
     tagtagcgtt cacaatcgaa ccacgagact tcgatagcca agtgttgaca caccactgca    102180
     tgggcaaatc tcgcactaaa agactatttt gtgtacattt agagacctat aaataaaaca    102240
     cacagtctta cattctcctt tcacaccata atattcttct tctctagttt ctctctctcg    102300
     ttagaagagc tcaggaaagc cgcctggaag cgatgatgtg ttctatagct gggaaacaca    102360
     aacagaaata tgatcatgtt tgtttttaac tgatggtgca gtcacaattg aaggcacaat    102420
     tattaaccat ccagtgaaat ttacattctc tttaaatatt tcccaagtga tttcctagag    102480
     caaggacatt tcattgtatt tcctattctt tttttttcag tttggctaga ataaggccgt    102540
     actcacacta tgtacagttg actcgaaccg ggccaaagca cgcttgtccc ccctcccgtc    102600
     tcccccgacg gcccgcactc acaccacaat tgggcctcgg cacgcttacg tcatcggtgc    102660
     tgcgctgttc agtgagaagc gctgtcactc agcagcacag tggggatttc tctagttata    102720
     tcctttcagt tgtttgttat gcagtgacat gcagtcagat attttgccaa acagtcctta    102780
     gggatgcagt gacacggagt cagatatttc gccgaacaga tccgccactt ttgccgctca    102840
     taaacaatca taaagccttc gtgctgcagg tattaggagg tctgctgtag gtgcagctgt    102900
     ggtgcagtga ggggtttgcg tatttgataa gctacggcag tttgcgttca ctgaacagta    102960
     agaatgatta ataaatccat atgaaacagc cccttaaaag tcacgtctcg cttttagttt    103020
     cgggctttgg cacgttttac actcacacta caaacatacc acgtgaaagc ccaagtgaac    103080
     tgcgctcagg cccacctctt ccaaccgggc cagggccagc caagtgaacc gtgcctgagc    103140
     ccgatttagc gcactcacac ttttcaaacg atccgggaaa cgggcctggg cacagtacgg    103200
     atggcatagt gtgagcaggc cctaaaagca cagggtggca cagtggctca gtgggtagca    103260
     ctgcctcctc acagcaagaa ggtcactggt ttgagtccca gctgggccag ttggcatttc    103320
     tatgtggaat ttgcatgttc tccccgtgtt ggcgtgggtt tcctccgggt gctccggttt    103380
     cccccacagt ccaaacacat gcgctatagg tgaattgaat aaactaaatt ggctgtagtg    103440
     tatgagtgtg tgtgtgagtg tgggagtgta tgggtgtttc ccagtaccgg gttgcaactt    103500
     gaagggcatc cgctgcatta aacatatgct agaatagttg gcggttcatt ccgctgtggc    103560
     gacctctaaa atagagactg aagctacggt cacattgtgt gtgcgaaatt ctgtcgtacg    103620
     tcgctgcgaa aaggggcggg attaaacaag atttttagac agtaaaaaaa gcgagcgatt    103680
     gctccatgtt ttaaattttg tccagagagg tcatgttttg atccttgatt ggtctcatgc    103740
     agtcaagtga tgcgatttcg cagatcagag ttcacgaagc tcgaactttg caccgcaacg    103800
     aactgcgaaa cctaacgcat gaccctgctt ttccggtctg acgcattcgc gtgcgtatga    103860
     atggaagtct atgggaagaa aagttaagtg tgaccacagc ttaacaatga atgaacaatg    103920
     aatgaatgaa ttttcatagt attttctatt ttattttatc ttttttttaa agtttgactg    103980
     gaatgaaagc agtttttaca tttcttttaa cgtcaaattt ggccctttaa gaaatgtttt    104040
     gattgtctat tgggggatgg aagttggata ttgggggtgg tggttggtct atttctacta    104100
     ctacctacta ctcccgcatc tgccacctgt gcagaaatca actgggctgt aacatgttgc    104160
     cagattgagg taaaaaaaat actttgaaat ttaaataatt cttcagttgt gtgaggtgat    104220
     gagcttcgta caagatctgg caacttgaca agcattggaa gaagtgattt attctttaaa    104280
     actactgtag attgggccat acaaatcaaa ggagtttatt cattaattct tttttttcgg    104340
     cttagttcct ttattaatca ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aaccgccaac ttatccagca    104400
     tatgttccat gaagcggatg ccctttcagc cacaacccga cactgggaaa cactcataca    104460
     ctcttgccat ggccaattta gcctacccaa ttcacctaca gcgcatgtgt ttggactgtg    104520
     ggggaaaccg gagcaccagg aggaaaccca agccaacaag gggagaacat gcaaactcca    104580
     cacagaaatg ccaactgacc cagtcgaggc tcaaaccagc gacctttttg ctgtgcggtg    104640
     tttgtgctac ccaccacact accatgaagc cctacaggag tttagaggag tgaattacag    104700
     gagtgttgcc aggtatggtc ttattaacag aactttaacc taacaattaa ccaagttaag    104760
     cctttaaatg tcgctttaat ctgaatacta gaatcttgaa aaataactag taaaatatta    104820
     tgtgctgtca tcatgctaac cactgagcca tcgtgccacc ccacgtttga taaatatttt    104880
     ataaagaagt caaattccac aggagagcta agtacttaga ctcagccata aaagctgcct    104940
     gctataagcc aggcttgttt gttgtgtgag agatgaatga atgtgtgtgg ctgcactttt    105000
     agcatttttg ttatttgctg tacttactgg acgcagacca tgatgaggat ggctaagcag    105060
     ctgatgactg acagcacgac agccatgatg acgagggcgg cgtgtgtggt ttcagtgctg    105120
     ctctcatctc gagacgtctc cagaagctgg atgccacagc gctcaccatc ataacctcgt    105180
     ctacacctga aacaatcaga cattgcaaaa tttcccacag cattttccca caaattcatt    105240
     aatagtactg gttgttaaaa gttatttaat taattgttta atttcattca ttaattaatt    105300
     ttccttcagg ttagtctcta tttcagtggc cgccacagtg gaatgaaccg ataactattc    105360
     tagcatatgt tttatgcagc ggatgccctt tcagccgcaa accagtaatt tgattttctt    105420
     aatttaaaag aatcagttaa ttaattaatt aaaaatcaat taattaaata aataattaat    105480
     aatagctaat taaagaaata attaaattcc ataataataa taataatgat tgacaatgtc    105540
     ggcgcaatag cccagttgtt agcacgccga cattggtaac acttcagagc gtctcaagtt    105600
     cgtatcccag ctcgtatccc agcaaaggac atttcccgac cctacaccca tctctctctc    105660
     ccacctcgct tccagtctga atactgtcct atctaaaaaa aagggcaaaa ataaataaaa    105720
     aaactaataa taatactaat taacaaaaca ataaattaaa gaaataatta aacaataata    105780
     attaattaaa caaataatta aatgtaataa ttgtactgga cggttgttta aaattgtatt    105840
     aactgattac ttaatttttt ataattaatt agaaaactaa taataattaa agaaattatt    105900
     aattaaagaa attatttatc agaaataaaa aatcaaaact attcattcat tcattttctt    105960
     gtcggcttag ttcctttatt aatccggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc    106020
     cacaagtttt tacgcagcag atgcccttcc agccacaacc catctctggg aaacatccac    106080
     acacacattc acacactacg gtgaatttag cctacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtgtt    106140
     tggactctgg gggaaacctg agcaaaatta aaactaattg taactatttt ttatttttca    106200
     aaatgtcatt tatttttcct gtgatgaaga gccgattttc tagcatcgtt actgcagtct    106260
     tcagtgtcac aggattcttc agaaattatt ttaatatgtt agcttagtgc agtatattta    106320
     tatatttatt ctatttacat taaaaaatgt tgttaattct attattatag ttatgttgtt    106380
     ggtgtcttga ggggaaagcc tcttgctgac accggacaac agttcatcaa actgggctcg    106440
     gctcagtcgg aagtacagct aaaagcttcc atcatccagg tgtagcacat ttgctattta    106500
     caaggtggac tttgtaagtg gaaaaaatga acgcttcact agcgagaaaa cagttaaaca    106560
     gagcatctgc agcgcgagga taaagaacga gccttctcca ttctgcctct ttattccttt    106620
     accttcgtgg agtgaggaaa cggtggaaac tcactccact taagacatcc attagcctgc    106680
     atattcaatt ttgtttgtta agcgcaaaga tttgtttcga aactatttct aaactcagtt    106740
     ctaatttcca gcgaacgaat aaatgaaaaa taataacgaa gtgtggtcaa aaaactgagt    106800
     tatatccaaa cacacgtcct gttcttgtgc cccatatggt gatgcagacg tctccaaaac    106860
     ccgacaggtg gacaaatcta aacttgcttt tattaaaaca aatataaata tgcatataat    106920
     aaataatact gctgataata ataacattat actaatgcaa attgtcatga ataaacagaa    106980
     aaaaagcacc ccaaggcgaa gaaggcatag tggtttttat atttatgtag aaagcattag    107040
     ttattataat attttaatcc tgtaatgttt ttcatatgta aagatgtgta ctgctgtaca    107100
     tcctgtgtgt attaagcaat gtgtaagcat tagtgatgga aagttcggat cattttactg    107160
     actcggatct ttgagtctcg ttcatcgaga tgaacgaatc ttttgagtca tttcgttcat    107220
     ttggttcaat ttgccaaaat attactaaaa tgttacgaat tgcttccaaa cacatctaca    107280
     actagcccaa aaggttgatc acatgacaaa taagtcataa atagaatcct ataagaagga    107340
     gaaaataata attcaatgtt tacctgctct tttgtctatg aaggtattgt tgtctctttg    107400
     ctcagctcac cccttcatgt cttcaaatgt cagtggttcg ttcacgttac actgacagtc    107460
     acatataatc ttaaccactg tacacagtct gagccgatag gagccatgat aattagttca    107520
     cctttcaagt catctgggtc ttgagtcgtt cgttcatcac gtgacagaat gactcaaacc    107580
     cgaggactcg agagatgaac ggttcaattc tttttccggc tctaaacgca tacgattggc    107640
     ccgtgaggaa cgaatgattc agacccgaga gaggactcga gagatgaacg gttcaattct    107700
     ttttctggct ctaaacgcat atgattggtc cgtgaggaac gaatgactca gacccgatag    107760
     aggactcgag agttgaaagg atcaattctt tctccggctc taaacgcata tgattggctt    107820
     ctgcctttcc gcaacgaacg actcaaaaga cttgaaatat gcggtatata ccacctgcac    107880
     aaatatgcgc acacacggat gaacgaatca ctccctgaga ggactcgtag ttctcgagtc    107940
     atattaaaga ttcattcaaa atgaacaaat cgttcatgaa cgacccatca ctagtaagca    108000
     tttggacgtg ctctgcgctg gactttagac caggttaatg ttggtaaata gcgtggtcta    108060
     ttttatttct tcaaattagc aacatgaaaa caatgcgcct taacacacct cctttataga    108120
     catgcacacc catgagtcca caaagtggcg caaatggatt tgctatttaa aaatgtggtg    108180
     caaaatgtga aatttagggt tgcactggtc tgaaaatagc acaaaaaaac gtgccataca    108240
     cgtcttgcgc cttattgcgc cgggtgtatg atagtgccct tcatgtgtca gctgagatta    108300
     catccaacat cggataataa tgcacatttc aaagcacttc ctttaaatgt aaaacttttg    108360
     accacctctg tcactgaata gaattgagcc agagtaatgt tcactcacac acacacgggt    108420
     tcgctcaggc cgtgcaggta tgtgcagtgg ccgtggatgc agtaatctac atgagaggtc    108480
     aggcaggggt cagcggtggt gctgcggctc cggtgactgg acgtgtggtt gggctgaaca    108540
     ggagtgatgt ttttattcct ttttcttcct ttgttcttct tgcgtccgga gcgcttgtgg    108600
     ttctgctcgt ctcctttact ggcttgggtt actgaaagat gcaagatgtg tgtgagaaca    108660
     tttgtttaca cttgcattat tatcaaaaat aaaaaacgtc tgcaccattt actcacactc    108720
     gtatggttgt gaacttttat tacacttatc acactattaa caaatgaaac taaaattaag    108780
     actattagat caataaacta ctaattatct gcttattaat agttagtaag gtagaagtag    108840
     ggtttaggtt ttgggtagga ttagggaatg gcgacacagt ggcttagtgg taagcgatgt    108900
     caccgtgcac gctcctgctt gatgcgaact cgcagggtct gtgcgggctt gaagacgcac    108960
     tctcttgtac tgtttgtgtt ttgttctgtc ggcatcgcgg tgtttcattc tcagcgtctc    109020
     catcttgttg gtttctgttt tggttggcgc tgagatgaaa catgcgcatt gcatatgtgt    109080
     gagagcacga tgaggtgttt tcatctatcg tgtgctcgtg tcttgcgtct gttgtctaag    109140
     cgcgtggctc tgcgtttaca ttgtggtcgc gtgcttttgt tgtgtgcttc agtcttgtcc    109200
     tttattgtga acgcacggtt aataagttct ctcattggct gcgtgttctt gtcccgtttt    109260
     atgtgagcac atggcttgtg ttgtctctgt gtcatgtgct ctcccgtata ttgtctagtt    109320
     cagtggttct caaagtgggg gtcgcgggac aatgaagggg ggtcccctgg tgatttccaa    109380
     aaatcgattt atttttatta aacttcaaga tttaccacat tttattcata acctactgaa    109440
     gagaaaaaat atatactata tagttactat aatagcttat atttctattg caggggtgct    109500
     caaccctgtt cctggagatc taccctccta cagagtttag ctccaaccct gatcaaatac    109560
     acctgaatca attaataagg acctgaacag cacttgataa ctacaggcag ggttgcaact    109620
     gaaatctgca ggaaggtaga tctccaggaa cagggttgag cacccctgtt ctattggatt    109680
     gtgacccctg gatacattat attaaataca cagcaatagc atcaaatgca gcggactgat    109740
     tttataacac caggttgaac tttctggtcc atttacagca ctgtatccat taaaaaacag    109800
     aaacgaagaa tagacttggg tctatggtgt gtatgcacca ttgtatgcaa ggtttctgta    109860
     tttataacca cctcagttca attcaattca atttagcttt atttgtatag cgcttttaca    109920
     atgtagattg tgtcaaagca gcttcacata aatgctcata gtaactggaa cattgtggtt    109980
     caggttttag tgtttaagtt cagttcagtt cagtttagct cagttcagtg tgatttaatc    110040
     attactgaga gttcaaacac tgaagagcaa attcatcgat gcgtagctct accaatcctg    110100
     aaccatgcga ggcagtggcg acagcggaga gggaaaaaaa aacttcacct gatgggagtg    110160
     aagaaaaaaa accctgaggg aaccagactc agttgggcac gaccatttta atttctccac    110220
     tggccgaaag tcttgtgcag agcttcattc gccgtggttg aggctggaag atggcctcaa    110280
     cgaagactcg tctgtccctg gagcgtcgct ggaatcagac tcatgttctc cactccccac    110340
     gaccatgaat tcagaggata ttgggggtcg cgagtcactg gcattgtcat tttgggggtc    110400
     aggggctgaa aagtttggga acccctggtc tagttcaggg atgggcaaac ttgatcctcg    110460
     agggccggtg tccctgcaga gttttgttcc aacactagtc aaacacacct gaacatgcta    110520
     atcagtgtct ttaagatcac aagaaatcta taagcaggtt ggtttgattg gagggttgga    110580
     gctaaactgt gcaggacacc ggccctccag gaccgagttt gcccacccct ggtctagttc    110640
     caccctccat tattagttat ttacatgtat gttcatcagt ttgtgtgtta atttacttct    110700
     gtttatattc tcctcatgtc tgctgtcctg tgccagttcg tcgtctatac tttcctgtgt    110760
     tcgtgttcca gtcctgtcct gccagcccag ccaagttcgt ttaccgtttt gtgttatagt    110820
     tatgttttcc cccctcgagg tggtttttgt tgtccttttt gttttatttt aatttataat    110880
     atatcatctc atgcttcctg aaccttaaca gatatgtagt tcatttctaa acctttctga    110940
     ctcataaatg acgtatttgc aggtttgatg tgtgttagta aataaagctt agcacaatta    111000
     tcccatttat tattttcctt ttgattttgg gatcaaacat gaaccaatca cgtgttccct    111060
     gcgagattca tccaactaga gttatgtgaa ttaaaaatgt taaggtgaca tattgataat    111120
     ttgagaacct ttgtacttaa taacaaccta attaaaattt taaaaggctt tgatcaggta    111180
     gtaaattagg ttaatccaag aataatggac atcttagtgg ttaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    111240
     gtacctttaa aaaaaggtgg ctcgatgaac attccggatg gatcctgatc atcgtcagac    111300
     tctaaatctt cccccactgc gctctgaaga ccctcccccg atgatgacat cacagtcaca    111360
     tgatccagca cggaagtgtg agtggcagct gtagtaatgg taaacactgc agacagaaac    111420
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac ggtctattat atcacagcag taatgtagca    111480
     atgaggaaag cttagtttcg gcacagtttg tgaataataa caggatcaaa agcttcatta    111540
     tatcacaatg acacattaac ctcaattaga gaatataaag agaggttgat ctgcttaatg    111600
     ttggtaatga tgtcgagtca tcctgtaaac accccgtgca tattgaactg aacgaacgag    111660
     acagaaaaca taataagcga gtggaaaact tgaggtcatg tgaggtcaca ctgcacctgc    111720
     tgcatttacg acatgaaatc cgagtccttt atgtgtgctt ttcaagttta ttatatgtag    111780
     tctgggttat gatcaatgca gcactccatt caggcttaaa tacacaatat aatcacatga    111840
     tgtggaaaac tcattcatct actttgtata gcactgcact gaacacacag agacttttcc    111900
     tctttaaaag ggacctatta tgaaaaaagg actttcataa ggggggttaa acacagttgt    111960
     gtgatgactg tgtgaatata gccagcctat aataataaaa aataattaat tatattgttt    112020
     ataatcacac ttcataaaaa cagtctgcag aaacactttg attgacattc tctctttgta    112080
     cgtgtcatca gagggggaaa gccccgccca taagtgacca tctctccctc attagcataa    112140
     acagccctga gtgaaaattg tgtttttgat tgtcaggttg ttgtaggcct agttataata    112200
     atagttttac atgatcaaac tagtgttact ttctccgctt cagtaatgtc cagctggtta    112260
     attcatgctc gtgcaaagga tgagacggac aaaagtaatc aatgcatgcc cttcttttac    112320
     ttattttcgt gttgtccggt ttacagctcc cgggtggaat aactcgagtg aacataaaag    112380
     aaagccgaat taaactttct ttctctgctt cagctgcaca gaaatcatcg agcttacatc    112440
     atccatcatg cgtgttgaac tacactaccc acaatacact tcgctgtgga ctacaactcc    112500
     cgtaaacagc agtcttacgc ctgtttcaca ccgcaagcgt cagcggcgcg tgagcagagc    112560
     gtgagcagcg cgtatgtcga gcagtagcag cacgcaggcg tttgcctttc acaccagctg    112620
     cgtctgcagc gcgcagctct tcggcagctg ctgctgagat caacctatct ctgtctattc    112680
     tatctagtta cccctctata tacaaataca ctttttaaac ttttcatctg taccaagccc    112740
     cctcctatgc tgtttcatta acctgcaaat gtttatttta caaattttat agatcaaata    112800
     gtactgtatg cttctcaagc taacttatat gagaattgtc tacagtcaga agacaatcgc    112860
     ctgtgatatc atgtcatttg ttttttgatt atcaggttgc tgtagaccta gttataatca    112920
     tatttataca atatagttat aatgatattt atacatgatc aaactagtgt tactttctcc    112980
     gcttcagtga tgtccagcgg cagaataaca gctcgttaat tcatgctcgt gcagatgatg    113040
     agacggacaa aagtaattaa tgcatgccat tcttttactt attttcgtgt tgtcagattc    113100
     acagtgcaaa cagctcccgg taggaataat tcgagtgaac ataaaacaaa gccgattgaa    113160
     aactttcttg ctctgctagc tgcacagaac acagcgagct cacataatcc agcatgcgtg    113220
     tcgcactaca ctacccacaa tacacttcgc tatggactac aaatcccgta aatattctat    113280
     ttcccctctc ctacaacact agtgtgcaac ttaagcaaaa ctgatagtaa aatagtttta    113340
     catttggttt tgtagttcgg gcctaaataa atgtttgttg ccgtttttaa ttgttttaag    113400
     ttcatttgaa tgactatata tataaaccat ttgacattat taacgcattt attgggttaa    113460
     attgttagtt tttattgtca ttcaatgtgt tttggtcatt ctcaatgcac tgtcacttta    113520
     attgagcgtg agcagcgcgt caaaaataga cccagcgccg aaactatcgc tgcactgctg    113580
     cttcggcgac gctcacgcct cgctctgacg cgctgctgct gcgtgcggta tgaaagctct    113640
     aatctgttaa catggacgcc gaaaacacac gcgctgctca cgctctgctc acgctctgct    113700
     cacgcgccgc tgacgcttgc ggtgtgaaac aggcgttacc gtacgttcac accgaaagca    113760
     gcgagagcgt caaagtagcc ggaagtcatt cattttcaat gagagccggc ggcgataggc    113820
     ggcgaggagc agcgcagcgc gtcttcgcca gcatgagcgt ctaggagagt tgaaatgaag    113880
     tcaactttat gttaatgagc tatgacgcgg ttcggcggca agcaatcaga atgaagacgt    113940
     ccaccgcttg acagcagttc agagaacaca gacctgtgaa ctttggttcc aaccacagtt    114000
     gttcccaagg gtttgattat tgcggtcgcc ggatttccaa ttatttacaa tgttttccta    114060
     cagaaacata cattacataa gttactggcg agttactgat gtgcattaat gttatttaaa    114120
     tttatcttaa aaaagcggga atctcacgcg atgtgacagt acaaaacagt actgctgctt    114180
     caggatattt cagacatatg gacacatatt ggataaatag agcaaagcca caccacatgc    114240
     aacttgatct tccattgttg tatgaatttg ataagaagtg cgcaacattt tcacgctaga    114300
     aacatgtttt atgcaggaat gtaactgata tgctgcaacg gctcctttaa atacgagatc    114360
     aatgtagcga gttttgacgc tctcgccgca ggagctgaag gcagacagca ttgtcgccag    114420
     ggcggccaga gcgaccttgg acgctctcgc cgctttcggt gtgaacctac ggttaaagcg    114480
     gccgcttcta tttcccctct cctgcaacac tagcgtgcaa cttaagcaag attgatactg    114540
     aaattgtttt acatttggtt ttgtagttcg ggcctaaata aatgttgcag tttttaattg    114600
     tttaagttca tttgattgac tatataaaca tcagttgaca ttattaatgc atttgttggg    114660
     taaaattgct actttttact gtcattcaat gtgttttggt cattatcaat gcactgccac    114720
     tttaattgag tgtgagcagc atggcaaaaa tagacccagc cacagaacta ttgcggcact    114780
     gctgcttcag cgacgctcac gcctcgctct gactcgctgc tgctgcgtgt ggtgtgaaag    114840
     ctctaatctg ttaacatgga cgccgaaaaa acacacactg ctcacgctct gctcaggcac    114900
     tgcttgcgct agcggtgtga aacaggcgta agcctcattc acaagcgact cacagcggca    114960
     aagcaacaaa acgaccgttc attctcaaca gagagcgagt gacttctgac aacctccatc    115020
     tacgcgagcg acagtgacca ttggcgacca ggtagaggtg tcgagcgatg cgacaaagct    115080
     gagaatcctt caactttatg caaatgaaga gggactttct tgagcgatag ccaataggaa    115140
     caccagcaga gctcttggga tcctctctca gctcactcag aggccggttg cattcgtcct    115200
     gtatatacct acacacccct gcgtttgaag caggtcgcca cccagagcga caggtaacta    115260
     caaagtcgct gctagtctga atgaggcata agagatttga accgctatgc cactatggtc    115320
     aaacataggc atttatagct ctgcctactt tggaaaattt agatagagac gatctatctc    115380
     tcgttagcat agaccagtgg taaccaaact tgttcctgga gggcaggtgt ccagcagatt    115440
     ttagctccaa ccctaatcaa acacacctaa acaagctaat caagctctta ctagatatac    115500
     ttgaaacatc caggcaggtg tgttgaggca agatggagct aaaccctgca gggacaccgg    115560
     ccctccagga ccaggattgg tgacccctgg catagccatt acagttctga atctgctgct    115620
     atcgtcacac ataattgttc ttgaggtagg ttaaggccca atcctaattc tatttttgta    115680
     cccctacccc tttcccatgg cccttaaaac agagtgtgaa acggaagggc ttcaaaattt    115740
     acccctagga aatgggacag cactacagca cctgagcacg tcatcatatg tcatcgcgat    115800
     ctcttgcttc atatgagatt agacaacggt gactgctgta gttattccag ttgtgctatt    115860
     ttttggtatt tatctacagg aattcactga aggcaacagt atcatgttat cgtaacaatc    115920
     taacgtggtg ataagatcat aactgtactg tgcattgaca cagtggccat attcatccat    115980
     gtaaacacac caaaacaaca ctaacattat agcagacact gtaaaagccc atttccagcc    116040
     tctagacttt acagacagtg tattcgagtg tcatcgagcg tcagaatgtt gtgggactgc    116100
     tgtacagtta ttattaggga ttacagaacc aaatttagcg ttttttatgt tttgttttaa    116160
     tattgttttt gtaaaagcat gatggtaaaa cacaagtgcg tgttgcatta aaacatgtgc    116220
     tataatatac aatactaatt tgtgaatctc cttaattccg tctgcagcta tcctgcagtt    116280
     gtggctggag tattctggga aattttcttg ccccttggtt tcgagtgtgg tcctgaaaat    116340
     ctctgttcga agtgctaact agctttcaag ctaaagaaaa ttgggacact acccttcacg    116400
     ggaatgcgca aaacaaggag gtagggggta aggggaaggg ctagaattgg gattgggcct    116460
     aaatgtacca tgtaacatgc tagaatgaac cttataggct ctcatcaagc ggcaacctcc    116520
     cgctctccct cgggaggcca atacggaagt aattgtaata aaaaaatctg ctagtcctgg    116580
     ctccataata gagcaaattt caattgagcc cattgttaga atggccaact ttacagcagt    116640
     aaaaaaaggt gtttacatcc tggtacaaag aacgattttg gttcataaag ctactattac    116700
     ccttcatgac aacggtgtgg ggggtgaatt tttttataac tcatctgttt tctttatatt    116760
     aggttttatt aagtttgcat aattaagggc gtggccactt gattgacagc taggtctggc    116820
     tgtcgccgtc actttacctc agctgactcc agcagattag tcactgattt tggcatattc    116880
     atcgtatttc tgtgttgttt tatatggctt tacacagtca gttgcctttt gggattattt    116940
     cctacaattc ccagatgata tgggatgctg agtgaacata attgtgctca caagccattc    117000
     acgtggcctc cgtttcccat gtgagtaaag ttatatactt atatagcatc tctataaatg    117060
     tatttgtttt atttaagatc atccatcatt tatatttttc tttaatgcat tgaagaaaaa    117120
     ccctaaattt ttctttaatg cactctagaa cagtcatctg aagtgttgtc atacagtttt    117180
     atgcctggat ttcataaata gccttgcatt tactaacaca gactctatct taggtgtttg    117240
     gaagtaattt gcgttttcct cctgtacaac atcattagaa caatacttag tggctcaata    117300
     tattacagca gtgtttttaa aagactaaac actttattga tatagtgtac agccaagcac    117360
     aagttgtcag aacccaaacg agtcgcaggt gataaagtat taagcatttc tcccaaagta    117420
     aagtgtgtct aagctaggtc cacgcaaaat gccagcaggt gtctgtagcc ccgctcactc    117480
     cccgcctctt tgcccttgtt tggtatcccg ccatgagtgc gactacgcgt gaacaaaatg    117540
     gcgacggttg gccgcgccta cttgtggctt cttttgcgct cttcagaaac ctatgggtga    117600
     cgtcacggat actacgtcta tatattttaa agtctatggt tctcatacat caagcaagca    117660
     aacttgaact tccataacca aatttaaact atgtaaacat tgtttgctaa tcaaaattta    117720
     caagtgaaac taagtcaaaa ctaaatctgc tcaacataca ttgtacaaaa aaatattggt    117780
     taattaatag aattcatatc ttgtgattat tttttttttc tttaggttat gaattacagt    117840
     atgatagctt tatttttgct ctgtcgactg ttgatgttga aaattcaact ctataataaa    117900
     agtgattttt gttgacattt aagtacaaat aaattttatt attattttaa aattgtatta    117960
     atattaaata gtaatatgtt gtataagaat taatattaag agaattaagt caaataacag    118020
     gaaaagtata caggcagttt atcagaaagt ttttgtagca tgatttacac caatacaaac    118080
     aatatttcac ttcaaactat cactaaaagt cacttttttc caacttttca acatcaaaat    118140
     ttgttgcagg aaagaccagg tctcataaca caattgaatc actaaatata aaaccatgtt    118200
     ttaaactgtt taataaacta aatatgttca ttacagacat ttacagatat tttacaatta    118260
     atatgagttt ttgattttaa tcacaataat tcatatggag ttttaaaaaa tatctctaca    118320
     tcagagaaga ctttaaatgg atggacagaa atatctcaga tgtgatttaa aatatccaaa    118380
     ggtgaatgaa agtcgtatag gtttgccaca acattgagta atgacaaaat gtaaattttg    118440
     gaaaggtgaa ctgacccttt aaaatgtagt ttacatggca ggaaatgatt aataacagtt    118500
     taaattaaat ctgtctaata atttaaaatg caataaaaat agttgaatga ttaacttaaa    118560
     ttaaattaat aattaaataa ataattaaat taataataaa caatgaaatt ccagttccca    118620
     taacactttg tatagtagta aatagtatgc atgtatatgt gctggtatat tttgctaata    118680
     tttaatttct tattttgagc taaagtcttt ttttttctgg tgttgtaaca attcagacat    118740
     ttaagtaaaa agttttttag acattgcact gcattcacga tatggtttat aatatggtac    118800
     tgcatatgtt acagtatgga aaacgtactg tatgttaaac gttatgtcta cagtctttaa    118860
     aaaaacagcc agaaaatgtt tatttctaat aacaattaat ctcaacactg aatgtatggc    118920
     gtaatgtttt ctgaaaggag cattcagtat taaaatattc aaaatatgtc aaatcatgtt    118980
     attggtttta ctttgtcatt aaaaaaggtt ttagtcaaca ctgtttgcaa ctaaggaggt    119040
     ctcagtgttt ccttgcgttg attcatttcc acattgaaac ttgacaatca gcaagaaaaa    119100
     atgttgaccg ggactacttg tttttccatc aggagttaat tgggatcaag gaaagggtgt    119160
     tttaaactgt atcagaaagg agctgaatgt gaacgtgcag gaaactccca tcctgaaaca    119220
     cagccagcat cttaacattt ttgcttaggt ggagtaaagt tttgatcaca gattgacgaa    119280
     agattgacaa aatattttct tttcggctac gcaattatca aaacattctt aaatatacac    119340
     tgtaaaatgt atatttaaca gttattaaac agtttttaat ggaaacactt tacaataagg    119400
     ttgtattagt taatgcagtg gttctcaaac gtttttcatc aagtaccacc tcagtaaaac    119460
     gttgtctttg caagtaattc aattcaattc agctttattt gtacagcgct tttacaatgt    119520
     agattgtgtc aaagcagctt cacataaatg ctcatagtaa ctggatcaga gtagttcagt    119580
     ttttagtgtt taagttcagt tcagtttagc tcagttcagt gtggttttac tgagagtcca    119640
     aacactgaag agcaaatcca tcgatgcgta gcttttcaga tcctaaacca tgcaagccag    119700
     ctgcgacaca atagtgccac cataatgagc agtattggaa tacagtagcg tattaggtcc    119760
     agtaaagcag ctaaagctct atacagttca aaaacaaggc ataatagttc ctattattaa    119820
     gaacatttaa attaaaatgt gcttttaaaa gttaaaaatg gcaggtcact tcttaaaaag    119880
     taaacaagaa agaaactcct agtttatcag cacctggaaa tgcctggaac tctaggcttg    119940
     gaaatatagg ctttatgtca tcatattcat atataaatca ttttaaatat atgtagcatg    120000
     tacaaatgac atatttgatt catctgcgta ccactaaaag gaagtccacg taccactagt    120060
     ggtacacgta ccacagtttg agaaccgctg agttaatgca tttactaaca tgaacaaaca    120120
     atgaacatgt tacaactgaa gtttatttat ttatttatta ttgcgaattg tactctgtct    120180
     tctctttgtc ccgccttctt gttgtttttc ttttgtctca taggctccta tagtggcgtg    120240
     atcccgcgtt ctgattggct gctggtctcg gaggcctgta tataagggag cttccggcag    120300
     ggttcagaga gctcatttgc gttgggaccg ttgttgggag tggagctcct ggatttccct    120360
     cacccctccg gccgacgacc aacaaccaat attgtactaa tgttcatatg ttaacctatt    120420
     ttgagagttt gagtgtgtag gggtgtcccg cctattaatt ttattacttt tgactatgtt    120480
     tagggagtaa ggtaagcttc ttgtaggttt cttaataggt aatttagtgc atttatttta    120540
     tagattcttt tgtttatttt ggccagaggt cactctgaag acatgctcat ttatattatc    120600
     tacatttttc tgcaataaat ctattcatat atactcttaa ctgaatgtct gagttttgga    120660
     tgtcgaccga agggaaacgt ttgccttaag tttttgtttt gtttgggaaa tacaccaccc    120720
     caacacattt gtttttcttt gtttattatg cccatgttgt tttcccctag actcggggcg    120780
     taatagaaca atacattcat tacagtattt gttcacgtta gatgatggaa atacagtagt    120840
     tcattgttag ttcatgttaa ctcacagtgt gttaatgata ataagaatga acttgaatgt    120900
     taataatgca ctagtaaatg ttaaattatg attaataaat gctgcaagta ttgttcattc    120960
     gtagtttatg ttagcaaata atgaacctta tagtaaagtg tgatctttat atgctacttt    121020
     aagttatctt gatcatttga tcaggtttta tatttccagc tatacaaatt taacttcata    121080
     tttgtggtca gtttgactga tgcaaattaa acatttaagg catatttttg tgcagtgaag    121140
     atcaagaaaa aaaaatgaaa acaaagatga aaatctgctt aattctaaaa aaaaaaaaat    121200
     tggttacatt tcaaactcat ttattttatg ttcagcgtag tccctttttt aatcaggggt    121260
     cgccacatca gaatgaacct tcaactcatc aaacacatgt tttaagcaga ggatgccctt    121320
     taagctgcaa cccatcactg ggaaacatcc atacactcat tcatactcat acactacggc    121380
     caatttagct tatccaattc acctagcgca tgtgtttgga ctgtggtgta aaccgtagca    121440
     ctcgggagga aacccacgcc aacacggaga gaacatgcaa actccaaaca gaaacgccag    121500
     ctgacccagc cagggctcga accaccaacc ttctagctgt gagaaaatct tgctacccac    121560
     tgtgccaccg tgacacccta tattcgttca tttattcatt cattttattt cagcttagtc    121620
     tgtagttcag atgtcgacac agcgaaatga accaccaact attccagcat atttttttta    121680
     cgccatggat gtccttccag cgcaagccag tactgggaaa cacccataca ctctcacatt    121740
     cacacacccc ttctgcagtg gcgacccctg ataatcaggg attaagccga aggaaaatga    121800
     atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaaggata cacttgctgt gtctcatttc agaggctgca    121860
     ccctccgaag gatgcagact tcaaaggtga gtatttcgaa gtccacacag gccgaactga    121920
     gcattttgaa atgagataat ctagcctaca gaggacagat ctaggtcaac tagcaaccat    121980
     aacagctgct gttaataacc gctgataaaa tttgcaatga gttttttttt caaagtgatt    122040
     ttaaaactta ttttaagtga tctgaaggca aaacattgtt tataaaaact ggaaatatat    122100
     ttcctttggt ccatacatgt acacacaaac atgtgaactg tctttaaact cgctctttag    122160
     taggacatgt catactcttt ttgtttttta acgtgtttag atattcacgt aaaataaacc    122220
     taattcatac atttaaacca gagtttgctt ttaaaaacgt cctgccgtta tcagcgcgta    122280
     atgaatctag gggtgttcac ggatctaccg cttgtgtcct tcattacctg ggaaatgatg    122340
     aacacatttg gaggctgcgt ttgaaggagc cttcgaaatt gtttgaaatg agacagcctt    122400
     caaatgcagc gaactttaaa tgcagccttc agaggatgca gcctctaaaa tgagacacag    122460
     ctactgtcat aaattcttca taaattcagc tcaacttaca ctaatcaaac tgactacaat    122520
     aataggcatc atacacccgg tgcagtgtgg cgcaagtcac aacacaattg tttgctagtt    122580
     tcagcttggc gcaagagtcg ttttgatgtt tttcaccacg ctgtttaaat agcaaatgga    122640
     tttgcgctca tatgtgcgca cataggtgtt ctggtctaaa aaaagaggtg tgttaaggtg    122700
     cattgctagc gcgttgctat tttgaggaac tataatagac tgtacaacac acccaacaca    122760
     atctcacggc aatttgtaac tttttcattt agtggttaat tcgtatgaat tcgtacgatc    122820
     taattcgtac aatttagtac gatttgctca tcccccaatg acggttgggg ttaggggtgg    122880
     ggtcaggtgc cacgcctcct ttttaaaatc gtaccatttc gtacgactga actcgtacga    122940
     attcgtacga attagccaca aaactggcaa aacgtaaaat acttacgctt tctcgtgaga    123000
     tcaagctgac acaccagatc aaagcaggtc tgcagcgcag agcgcgttag ttgtgctccc    123060
     cgcttacacg ttgcttaata catacaggat gtacagctat gtgcaaatat ctttataaat    123120
     gaataagaat taaaggatta agatattaca aaaattatta ttttctagcc tacataaaaa    123180
     taaaaaccaa actttcttgc cttcctctcg aggggctttt tcagttattc atgaccattt    123240
     gcttttgtat agtgttatta ttattattag cagtattatt tattatctgc atatttatat    123300
     ttgttttaat aaaaacaagc ttagatttgt ccacctgtca ggttttagac catatggggc    123360
     acagcatgtg tatttggata taactcagtt ggttgagcac actttgttat tattgttcat    123420
     ttattcgttt gctggaaatt agaaactgaa tttagaaata gttttaaagc aaatctttgc    123480
     gcttaacaaa ctaaattaat tatttataag ctaatggatt tcattgtgta caacacgttt    123540
     ccttatctaa gagagcgaaa gtaaaagtaa ataatgagaa ggctcatctc tcattctggc    123600
     gctgcagatg ctctgttgaa ctgttttctc actagtgaag cattcagttt ttccattagg    123660
     tccgccatgt aaaaagcaaa tgcgctatgg cgcgacgcaa ctggctctta aagggaatgg    123720
     gagatgagac tctgattggt ttatcctgaa aacacaccta ttcattaaga gataaagctc    123780
     aaccctgtta gaccatgcgc caccaagcgg atttttccgt ccttaaaata gcaaaagtgg    123840
     attctgatac gtccttaatg tttttgcgcc ctgcgctttg gactttgtgt ctagatcgtt    123900
     aaaatagagc ccattaggtt aaacattgtt aaactttagt tgaaacttca ttcattcatt    123960
     gattttcttg tcggcttagt ccctttatta atccggggtc gccacaccag aatgaaccgc    124020
     caacttttcc agcaagtttt tacgcagcgg atgcccttcc agccgcaacc catctctggg    124080
     aaacatccac acacacattc acacacacac actcatacgc tacagacaat ttagcctacc    124140
     caattcacct gtaccacatg tatttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cggaggaaac    124200
     ccacgcgaag gcagactcct agttgaaact tgattaactt attaaaatag gataaatcaa    124260
     cataaaaatc ctttagtttt ttttatggtg tatactaaca gtaggaaatc tacaaaagat    124320
     cttaacataa cttgatcata acttaatatt ccaatgatta atagcataaa agaaaaatac    124380
     tatgaatttg ttgtctattc ccaaaaacaa acccatgcaa aatgcactaa aaaccaaaaa    124440
     gcttgttgga gctacttaca gttgaagtca gaattattag ctcctctttg aatatatata    124500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    124560
     tatatatata tatatttttt ttttttttat atatttccca aattatgttt aacagagcaa    124620
     ggaaattttc acagcatgtc tgataatatt ttttcttctg cagaaagtct tatttgtttt    124680
     atttcagcta gaataaaagc agttattaat gtttaaacac aatttttcaa cacaaaatta    124740
     ttagcccatt taagctatat attttttcaa aagtctagaa cagggatggg caaacttgat    124800
     cctcgagggc cgttgtccct gcagagtttt gttccaacac tagtcaaaaa cacctgaata    124860
     tgccaatcag tgtcttcaag atcactagaa atctataagc aggtgtgttt gattagagtt    124920
     gaagttaaac tgtgcaggac accggccctc caggaccgag tttgcccacc cctggtctag    124980
     aataaacctt cgttaaacaa taacttgcct aattacccta acctgcctag ttaacctaat    125040
     taacctagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt taaaaatatc    125100
     tagtcaaata gtatttactg taatcatggc aaaactatta tgtttagaaa cgtgttgagg    125160
     aaatctcttc tctctgttaa acagaaattg gagaaaaaaa taaacatggg ggctttaaat    125220
     tccaacttca actgtattta aaatgagcaa acaacacaaa tattgaggtt tttggcctga    125280
     caacctaatt gttttatgtt caatccactt aaatttgtaa aaacaattaa gctaacaatc    125340
     gatttgtgtg tggacctcat gacgaaattg tgcagaaccc ggcatttttt acagtgtaag    125400
     actggttttg tcatccaggg tcacatattt caagcagtta aacatgcaca caggcatctg    125460
     ctgcagtcaa acaagtctgc gcgaagaatg tttgtgtaaa tgcatttgat ctgaacactc    125520
     ctactgactg gaattgtcaa agaaattcct ttcctaaaaa cacacacaca tacacacaca    125580
     cacacctatt attgtgtgcc tggatgacct ttctaacgtt atttcagaag gctaaatata    125640
     catgtttaag acggcggtgt gacgccctaa tcctctcttc ttggccgtga acaataagcg    125700
     ttttatgacg ctgaacatga caacagattg aagttgcgtg gtgttctgac atacacctac    125760
     aagggaaaag ccaaagctca cagatattca gacatgttac tacaagctga tgcagtttcc    125820
     cacagcccag cctgtctgga gacgcaaaca caatcgccac acttcaatca agcagagagt    125880
     tcacgctagt tctggaggat gtttaccttc atacagtctt taatattcat catatgccgc    125940
     ctgacattca tttacagcga aacaaaacta atatattagc taaatgcaca gaatttatgg    126000
     tcagcctttt gcatgttttg actacttttt actttatgtt gttatttttt caatgaaata    126060
     ggggtttatt tttatttttg cccacagttt gactttttat gtttgaaaga tttattttta    126120
     attgatttac agattaaatt aatttctaaa aaactattaa aatatattag aataaagcat    126180
     atattctcaa acatctgaca acaaggattt attttttatt ttattttttt atttttatta    126240
     tttatctttc tgatgattta tgacgataat ttattcataa ctagagaagg atttatgttt    126300
     atttttgctt gcttttttca tttaatagag agagatttat ttatattttt gtctactttt    126360
     acttcatgtt gttgttttgt ttaatggaag atttgttttt aattatttca ccaaatttgc    126420
     aataaaaatt atgaataatt tctaaaaagc aatcaaaata tttcagaaca aaaatgtcat    126480
     caaacacttg acagggattt atttttatcc actttttgtg ttattttttt attaattgtt    126540
     ttttaaatat ttttattaag aattattatt tattttcgcc cacttcttga cttagttttt    126600
     ttttcttgct ttatttgcaa taaatatttt agaacaaaaa gcatgtattt accaacattt    126660
     gacaactatg atatgtttac ggttatgttt ttgacttttt gacttatggt aagttttttg    126720
     gctttttatg tttttacact cttcgaaatt atgaattatt caaacccaaa gtgagtaaaa    126780
     tattgactaa cctaaacagt tagttaaatt gcccatgctt taataataat aaaaataatt    126840
     aacccagcaa tttatgtact ccacattatt cccagaggta ggttgaatta acccagcatt    126900
     ttgtgtattt tgtcttttgt gtatattgtc atttatttta ttattttcta ctttttgatt    126960
     tgtttttatt aatgaaaagg atttattttt tatttaacaa caactcatgt tgttattttt    127020
     tataactttt aaaataattt tattaagaat tatctttgta ttttcaccca cttctttatt    127080
     ttgtttatgt tttgtccaat ttttgccttt tatgttgtta cactctaaga cattatgaat    127140
     tattcaaacc taaagtgagt aaaataagga ctaactcaaa caataagtta atttgttaat    127200
     gctttaataa aaaaattaac ccagcaattg atttactaca cattactccc agaattaggt    127260
     tgaaataacc cagcatttta tgtattttta atttattttt tataaatttt atttgtccac    127320
     tttttgattt gtatatagtt ttttcattaa tagtgaaaat aattttcatt atttcctaga    127380
     atttgcaatc aaataacagt cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatatat    127440
     atatatatat atatatatat atgtaaagcc atcaaattat ttgagaacag catgttttgt    127500
     ctaacatttg acaacaatca atttttgatt tttaagttgt catcttaatt atttatttaa    127560
     tattttgaac acctctctgt attattttta attaatacag aaaacatttt atttgtttta    127620
     aagaatttgc aatctaataa caatgtcttt aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    127680
     cacacacaca cacacacata catacacaca cacacataca tacatacata catacacaca    127740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatttt taaaacgcaa ttatgatatt    127800
     ttagaatatg tagatttgca catacaaaca caacatttaa aataatttga taaattctaa    127860
     tatttacatg gctggaaatg atggttttag acagggtcag atcaggatag agaaataaaa    127920
     taaaaattct aaaaaacaaa tcaaaatatt ttataaagtt tataaatata aacttttgca    127980
     cacacaaaca aagcaatacg tgatgaattc taatgatttt tttctcaagg ctggcaatga    128040
     tggttttaaa accatccaag atttccaggt ttttccagtt cgcgctaaga ataaatgtaa    128100
     gacagggtca gaccgaaatg gaaacatgaa taaaataaaa aaaatatgtc ttaaaaatag    128160
     tatttttaaa aaccaatcaa aacttttaga tttgcactca caaacataca taacatttta    128220
     aggctggaaa tggtggtttt aaaagcctcc aagatttcca ggatttggaa agagtttggc    128280
     aagctaataa tgtaataatg taaaataaaa tgtctaaaaa tctatcaaaa tagtttagac    128340
     tatttagttt tgcacacaca aacacaacct aactttttaa ttgggggttt taaaatcctc    128400
     tttccagttg acgtgttttt cagttcagtc ctgaatttgg caagctaaaa ataatgtaag    128460
     acagacaggg tcagatcagg atggagaaaa gcaaactcac cgacacagag cagcagagag    128520
     gagaggcgct gtgggttcat ggcagctgac agctcagttc cgcgttgagt ttctgtttgt    128580
     catctactta tcggccagga ggagctttta tagggaggtt tcccttcaca taacagagag    128640
     aatgtgtttt tattactgcc tgttttgctg gcgccctttg tgaatgattg acgagagtcg    128700
     atctgtctgt ggaattgatc cgatgctaat tcatactcat tttccatttc acgtcactgg    128760
     acttctatat ctattgttgc cactttaatg ggatacactt ctatacaaat aaacattgct    128820
     tgtgtatatt ttttgatagt caactgttat atatgatatt attagccctg cagtaaagtt    128880
     taaatttttt tttattattt cccatgtgat gtttaatgga gagacagcac atttcatatt    128940
     tttgataact gatttcttaa actaaatgct tttgtctttg ccatgatgac agtacataac    129000
     attatagtta tcttgtaaga tactagatac atggtggctc ccggctgggc cagttggttc    129060
     tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccccgtgtt ggcgtgggtt tcctctgggt gctccggttt    129120
     cccccacatt ccaaacacat gtgctatagg ggaattaaat aaactaaagt gtccaaagtg    129180
     tatgaaagtg aatgagtatg tatgggtgtt tcccagaaca gaactgggtt gtgactggta    129240
     ggtcatccgc tgtgtaaaac aaatgctgga atagttggcg gttcattcca ctgtggcaac    129300
     ctctgaaata gagactaagc tgaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg taggatatta gttaaagtgg    129360
     aattgataag cttaactagg ctaattaggt taactaggca agttaggtta attaggcagg    129420
     tgattagaca acagtttttt attcagaagc catttaaaat aatattaata atcatttaag    129480
     agggataata atattgacca tggcagattt tttgattatt caaaatgttt tgtttttaga    129540
     cattcattca ttcattttcc ttcgatttag tccctttatt catcaggggt cgccacagcg    129600
     gaataaaccg gcaacttatc ctgcatatgt tttagcggat gccccaccag ctgcaatcca    129660
     gcactgggaa acatccatac actctcgttt ttacacacaa acactacggc caatttagtt    129720
     tcttcaattc ccctatagtg catgtgtttg ggttgtgggg gaaaccggag cacaacacgg    129780
     ggagaacatg caaacttcac acagaaatgc caactgaccc agccaggact tgaaccagcg    129840
     accttctttc tgtaaggtaa cagtacaaac cactgaacca ctgtgtcacc tgttttcagc    129900
     taaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaagattc tctagattag ctatgataaa    129960
     taataattga ccttaaatta ttaataattg acctcaagct ttaaacaatc gagctcctgt    130020
     ttatctaacc aaccttctgt ctcgctacaa tccaactcgc tctttaagat ctcaaaactc    130080
     agagcttctg gtagtaccta gaatagcaaa gtcgagtaaa ggaggtcgag ccttctcttt    130140
     catggctcct acactctgga atagccttcc tgataacgtc cgaggctcag acacactctc    130200
     ccagttcaaa actagattaa agtcctatct gtttagtaaa gcaaacactc agtgcatcac    130260
     ttagcggtat gatacatgaa tgtgcccaac gcaggtttct gcatctcgtt tatatacact    130320
     atgaacagca gctacgctaa ttattctctt tattctctat ttccacctgg ggatactcat    130380
     ctcaagaccc tcagactatg cagcgccact gattcgatcc aaaaccagca acgagatgat    130440
     cccaaagttt tcataatcct ggacgaggcc gtatcctgag cagctgctgt ggtggtcatg    130500
     gaggagtgta gagcatgaga ctgattcctg tgacgctcca gggacagacg agtctgtgct    130560
     gaggtccagc ttctccagtg cctagactgc agctctgcac aaaacctcgg ccagtggaga    130620
     aatggccgtg cccaactgag cctggtttct ctcgaggttt tttaattctt aactttcgcc    130680
     agctggtgaa gttttttcct cgccgctgtc gccactggct tgcatggttt gggatctgta    130740
     aagctgcgca tcgatggatt cgctctccag tgtttggacg ctaatagtga ttattacacc    130800
     acactgaact gagctaaact gaactgaact taaacactga aaactgaact actcggtttc    130860
     aattcactat gatcttctac gtgaagctgc tttgacacaa tctacattgt aaaagtgcta    130920
     tacaaaaaga tgtgaatttt attgaattaa aggaatttaa aagctgcttt aattgcacca    130980
     aaactaaaag aaataagact tcccctagaa gaaaaatgct taactttacg aggactagta    131040
     attttggctt caactttagc tatccaaaca aaagttacat ttttagttag aagctgcttg    131100
     catatttcac aaataattat aaataaagat gtaaaacgct aaattaacca tgaaatatta    131160
     aagtaaatat agaggtcaaa tttgcagctg gaagcgtaaa acatatactg gaatagttgg    131220
     cggtttattc cgctgtggtg acccctgacg aataaagaga ctaagctgag agaaaattaa    131280
     ttaataaatg tcaaataacc acaaaaaatt acaagcagca tcaaacaaga aatgtttgtt    131340
     tagagaaaat catttttgat gagtgatatc tgttcatagc ttccatattt tttgattcac    131400
     aagagttttc tgtttattta tggtagtgaa ttgcattatg ggatgttggc gtctgctctg    131460
     tcgacttttg atgttggaaa ttcaactcta aagtttaata aagtgacttt tattgacatt    131520
     ttaaatagtt tgaaataatg tttaagaaat aatatacaga gaaataagtc tgtaaaataa    131580
     cagatgtgtt ggcagtttat tacaaggttt ttgtagtgta atatacaaca ccaatgcaga    131640
     caatttatca ctgtaaacta ttacaaatga tcataaaagt cacctttttt tgcttaaaag    131700
     ttattgcaag aaatatcaag atctcgtagg gaaattaaaa ggcataaata aatgagagaa    131760
     aataaaaata aaaatcacaa aatacagaaa actgctaatt tacggatatg tttcacactg    131820
     tactgtaggt gtttgagaat ttggaactct gagtcactgg atttgaattg gccttaaatc    131880
     tttggaatat cttgtatgga atatgagacg catcacgtct ggaataaaaa gaatgaaaag    131940
     aatgagattt ttgaagaaga aatgccatag acagataaaa ggaagccaaa atacccctgg    132000
     cacacatact tattcagtga aagtagctgt agctttgtta atatggcctc accggtcatt    132060
     aagtacgatt acctgagctg tactttgaga gagaaaaaac ctaaaaggta caatcgtttg    132120
     cttttagatg ggtttgccac gtgtttatgc atcttaaatg tttgttcatc tcatgccaca    132180
     caacatgtcc cacacatctg catagaaatg agtttctgaa gagcccagaa ggaagaatat    132240
     aaaactaatg agcctgaact attaacacag aacacacttc agaccattag tggctattca    132300
     cagaatttaa aacacacttt caggcacaga tggatgcata ttagtgctgc acgatatttt    132360
     aaaaaatctg atattgtgat attttacttt tctgcaaaat taagtttcag atgatggtta    132420
     gaatagctcc atttgacagt tttcagtgga gttgaacagt attcgggtac ataaattgaa    132480
     taatcaacaa gcaaaaaaaa gcttttccta cttttttttg ttttgtttct tttctaaata    132540
     tctaaaaaaa ttcttagaac aagtaaaaat attgtttagt tttcactgtc agaagaaaaa    132600
     taaagagctt tttgcttgtt ttaagagatt atctgccaat ggtgtatgtg aaataatctt    132660
     tttatcactt tggaatgtac agggtgggcc atttatttgg atacacatta ataaaatggg    132720
     aatgattgat gatattaacg tcctgttagt ggcacattag tttatgggtg gggggaaagt    132780
     tttcaagatg ggtggtgacc atgggggacg ttttgaagtt ggccatcttg gatctaactt    132840
     ttgttttatc aattggaaga gtgtcatgta acgcatcaaa acaagaaaaa cagtggtgtg    132900
     cttagtttta acatgactac aagatgtgca gcacctgaaa ctacggatac tggaagcccg    132960
     tgctttctcc tgcggtgttg ctatcagtgt gaagagtagg agaagagggt tgcattgaca    133020
     atccaacaca atgggcagca cattgaacac ttgtggtcag aaacttgtaa ataactcatg    133080
     aaagaataaa gttacattaa aacccaccat tgtttttctt gtgaaattcc caatgagttt    133140
     aatgtgtcaa atgaccctct tcaagatggc cgactttaaa aatggccacc atggtcacca    133200
     cccatcttga aaagtttgtc ccctcacata tactaatgtg ccacaaacaa gacgttaata    133260
     tcaccaacca ttcccatttt attaaggtgt atccatataa atggcccacc ctgtagatgg    133320
     actagaaaca agtttttttt ttttgcataa atcataaagt ccatataaat acagtaatta    133380
     agtacaattc tgtagctcct ggtcaactat atatatatat atatatatat tcagactgga    133440
     cattgcatat ctttgcgatg tgactattgc agatgcacac attgcgatat cgatgctgaa    133500
     acgatatata ttgtgcagcc ctaatgcata ttaaactagt tattacactt acaactttat    133560
     ttcctgcaag tgtgtggttt aaaattgggc ggtacggtgg ctcagcggtt agctggttag    133620
     agtcccagct gggtcagttg gcatttctgt gtggagttta catgttctcc ccgcgttggc    133680
     aggggtttcc tccaggttct ccggtttgcc ctacagtaca aatacatgcg ctatagggga    133740
     attaaataaa ctaaattggc cataatgcat gtgtgtgaaa atgagtgtgt atggatgctt    133800
     cccagtactg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccactgtgta aaacatatga tggataaatt    133860
     ggcggttcat tccactgtgg cgaccccaga ttaatgaagg gactaagccg aaggaaaatg    133920
     aatgaatgaa tatctaaaga tccaaatact catatctgat gatatagttg tataatgata    133980
     acatcaaact tctgcttttt ttttttgctc aaaatgcact gtatactgta ttagtctggt    134040
     ctatatacga acaatgaatg ctattcttag gcagctctga aaaaacctgc ctgaaatgta    134100
     aaccaacttg ttggtgcagt ccattgttat gcgtatcctc ttatattaca tgaatgtcta    134160
     gagaattagc gtgtagaggt gttacactgg tgtcagaaaa agtattaagt gtaattaaat    134220
     cttattattt atcaacggtc aatggtttaa aaacattaaa attgtcagca tttttaattg    134280
     cattaaaaat aataaaatta atgtgaaata atgtgatatc agtttacaat tagaactttc    134340
     tgagggaatt ttccaggaaa tgcctttaag cttctttata acacccaaga ttaaaagtga    134400
     atagacatcc agacaacaag ggcagtttat ttataaacta atttcgagag gctcacgtgc    134460
     ttataattga acacggctgc atcatctccg tatgttgcac ctatcagatg aatactgaca    134520
     cactataaat aaccagagct ttctactcca gtcatcttcg tcttgaagaa tccccccttc    134580
     caactctact ccaccccttt tctggttagc actgttgcct cacagcaaaa acgcagctgg    134640
     ttcggcccca ctccgagctg gtcggcgttt atgcgcggag cttgtatgtt ctccctgtgt    134700
     ttgcgtgggt tgtccccggg tttcccggtt tcctcccgtt caaagacata caccattagt    134760
     caattgacta cttcaaaata gcatctttag acaactctta gccagatata tctcagcaca    134820
     ttcacaagca gagaagttct cgagacctac ctgagctcaa actctcctct cgcgcttcaa    134880
     acgggaggga gccccgggct cgaggatatt ctgagctcag ggctctgtcc caggacagca    134940
     tgccaaatac ggtttattat caatcatcag ctaagtgtga actcttgaaa tgtgctggag    135000
     acagtgtgga gaggcagaag cagatcatac ccatatcttc tggacttgca gcccaacacc    135060
     catacactct tacattcact cacacaaaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caagcacgca    135120
     cacacacaat ggtcaattta gcacctggag gaaacccaag ccaacatgag gagaacatgc    135180
     aaactccaca cagaaatgct tactgaccca gccaaggctc gaaccagcga ccttcttgca    135240
     gtgaggcgat cgtgctaccc actgcaccac cgtgtcgccc ttagcatgtt ttttctctgt    135300
     aaattattgt tctgtattta aaaaaaattc atttaatttc ttttcagctt agtcccttta    135360
     ttaatcaggg gtcgtaacag cgaaatgaac cgccatctta tccagcacgt ttttacgcag    135420
     cagatgtcct ttcagccgca acccatcact gggaaacaac cattcgcatt tattcacaca    135480
     catacactac ggacaattta gcctacaaca aattcacctg tagtgaaacc ggagcacctg    135540
     gaggaaaccc acgcgaacgc aaggagaaca tgcaaactcc attcagaaac gccaactgac    135600
     ccagccgagg atcgaagcag cgaccttctt gctgtaaggc gacagcacta cctactgcgc    135660
     ctctgtgtcg ccatttatat atatatatat atttatttat attatatgtt taaaatgttc    135720
     attattcctc caacttagct aaatgtactt tagtatcatt ttttttgtaa gatttttttg    135780
     taagttatca aagccattac aagtttaaaa ttgggttaat tattgtttgc tcaatatgtt    135840
     tatagaattt taattagaaa tcattgcaac attatagatg aattaccagt ttgtaaacat    135900
     ttaggatgca tgtgcagaga ggttggagga aaaaacggga gcgttaatat ttacagcgag    135960
     ggaataccat atgatgtggt aaagtgtttg ttgttgtatt aaagagaagt tatattgatt    136020
     acacacacac acacacacaa tttagcctac ccaatttacc tgcagcatgt ctttggactg    136080
     tgggggaaac cggagcaccc ggaggaaacc tatgcgaaca cagggagaac atgcaaactc    136140
     ctcacagaaa tgccaactga gccgagatta gaaccagcga ccttcttgct gtgaggcgac    136200
     agcactacct actgcaacac tgcttcgcca tatacatata aacatacata catatatata    136260
     catatttata tatatttata tatatatata tatattttta taatataaat atatatacac    136320
     taatatatat atttatgctc aatttcgatt atcgaatcaa aaaaatagaa tcgtcgatgc    136380
     tgccacgccc caatgtcacg tcagcttggc ttgccaagcg ggaaaaaaac aggcttgttg    136440
     aagtgcttgt taaactgcag aagcaggaga cccgtcgaga gagcttaaac cctctcctct    136500
     ttcaatgaag tcgccggtgt gtaagcattt tggatttcca gtgagttatg ttgacaacgt    136560
     ttgtgttgtc gacaaaaaaa aacacagttt tgcaagctct gctatgtaca tattacgtac    136620
     ggtttgtccg atagacaaca tcggcatcgc gatcctccgc ccgcccccgt tgcaaatccg    136680
     ctcgcgaaaa gtacacactc aggccctgtt tacactgtct ttgtttttaa atggcatttt    136740
     agaacgacaa cgatttgaca tccacagtgg cgtgtagcat ttctgagcag ccctccttcc    136800
     tcactaccgc tgaaaatgca catcacgtga ccacacagac acagacgcac acacagccat    136860
     gcgctcgaga cagcaggtcc aggcagtcag aggactgctt caatctttca ctcacttgta    136920
     cttagtcatt ttagcgcaca cctcagatac tgttggctgg tttctgttgg ttgtgcgtct    136980
     tttttaccga cgccattata acgacacaga tcactgccta ttcacgagtc ccgcagaaaa    137040
     agtgattgac aggttgaaat tatgtgtgta tcttgccttt attcatttac tgtatgattt    137100
     gtttatgggt aaaacaaaga ccatacaggt caggtagttt aaacggtagg ctacaaataa    137160
     ttaattggtc attaattaat tattcataat cgaaaatcga atcgaatcgt acctttagaa    137220
     tcgaaaatgt aatcgaatcg aggatttgga ggatcgtgac accctttata tatatatata    137280
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttatttacat aatgctttca gtgtattata    137340
     atagctcgac acccagtgat aagcacagtg attcggcaat attaacgtta aagtaagcgg    137400
     cgtttgtctg acaggtccat ttgcgatagc accctcccaa tggatattgc ataagtcgaa    137460
     atgaccaagc atccagcctc aaatatacaa ctatctcatt gaaactccaa gtgattttca    137520
     caagagagaa gttaaaggcc tacaagtctt tggatgccaa cgatgttgtt cggtgtggtc    137580
     atgtgcaaga agtaatgctc catgattacc agattcaaaa ctatgtagta ctaaaaaccg    137640
     aggttctgcc tagccaaaga caaaaaaaga agacggaact ctacaaggcc tgggttatca    137700
     tcaacaagca aaacaactgc attctgacag caaactgcac ctgtacggca ggatgtgtga    137760
     atctacatat ttacattatc taagcattca gtgtccgcag tttaattccc catatttaac    137820
     tgtttttgct gaaatcattg ctgcaatcaa aaatgagtaa catgtatgat tcaggatagc    137880
     gtgaacttac ctgatataac atgagaacgg cagagtccag catttttaat taggtcctca    137940
     ctccattcag ctcttatgat ggctgttagc caaagacgtc tgcggttggc attaaaagca    138000
     gtgtggtgta cggtaacggt acggtcaaac ttggcatcct acagcacaaa acgacaggtt    138060
     tgctactggt atttttttgc aaccggtatg cgacattgaa tcgtgtgatg tcatgtgtga    138120
     tataggttgg taattgccca gtaaaatagg aattttacat gcagtaacag ttttatttcc    138180
     cttattgcaa catgataaaa ttattttatt tttctgatgc tttttaattt tgtcactgca    138240
     tgtttaaaat tcatgactgc atgttaaatt cttaattaaa gcccgactat acaaattata    138300
     agtaaaacaa tgcatattgt gttgcattta ataaattata tggatacatt catatttagg    138360
     tttgcagtag gctaatgtgt gtgtatattt taagtaattg tggttactta taaaactaaa    138420
     aatcgaaata gaaatcattg caacattaaa gctatcgaat tagacacttt agatgcagaa    138480
     tcacaggttt ataagaaaat gaatgatttt atttcctgat attttcagct gtcactgcat    138540
     gttaaattac tcattattgc atgtttaatt cttgattaaa gctcgactac ggaaaattat    138600
     tattaaaata actcgttaga tctaataaac tagtatggat gcattcatat ttaagcttgt    138660
     agtaatttat atgtattcca ttaatacaat attatgttgc ttgctttttc actactaaac    138720
     aaatctatgg tatcattaag taaattgttt acttacaaaa ctaaaaatcg aaatagaaat    138780
     cattgcaaca ttaaagctat caaaatagac atgttatata cagtaacagt tttatttccc    138840
     ttattgcaac ataagaaaat gaattatttt atttttctca tgttttcatt tttgtcactg    138900
     catgtttaat attcatttct gcatgttaaa ttcttgatta aagcccaact acaccaatta    138960
     taagtaaaac aatgcatatt gtgttgcatt taatacatta tatggataca ttcattaggt    139020
     ttgcagtagg ctaatgtgtg tgtatatttt ctgtgaatct atttaaatga tgcttgcttt    139080
     ttttattact aaacaagcta gtatcatttc tgcgtaaatt gtggttactt acaaaactgt    139140
     aaaccgaaat agaaatcatt gcaatattaa agctatcgaa atagacattt taaatgcagt    139200
     aacacacgtt tattttccca tattgcaaca tgagaaaacc aatgatttta ttttctgttt    139260
     tcagttgtca ctgcatgcct aatattcatt actgcatgtt taattcttga ttgaagcccg    139320
     actacagaaa aatattatta aaatagctca tattgcgtaa gatctaataa taaagtatgg    139380
     atgcattcat atttacgttt gcagtaaatt atgcatgcat cttccgtcaa tctaatattt    139440
     tgttgcttgc tttataatac taaacaaaac tatagtatca tttttgctta aattgtggct    139500
     ttttacaaaa ctataacccg aaatagaaat cattgcaaca ttaaagctat cgaaatagac    139560
     atttcatatg cagtaacacg tttattttcc catattgcaa catgagaaaa ccaatgattt    139620
     tattttctgt tttcagttgt cactgcatgc ctaatagtca ttactgcatg tttaactctt    139680
     gatttaaccc cgactacaca aataattttt attaaaataa atcattttgt gttagatcta    139740
     ataataaact agtatggata aattcatatt taagtttgca gtaatttata tgcattcagt    139800
     taatacaata ttatgttctt gttttatact actaaacaaa actatagtac cattttttac    139860
     taaattgttt aattacaaaa ctataaatcg taatagaaat cattgcaaca ttaaagctat    139920
     cgaaatagac attgtatatg cagtaacaca ggtttacttc cccatattgc aacatgagca    139980
     actaaatgat tttatttcct gctgttttca gttataactg catgtttaat attcattact    140040
     gcatgtttaa ttcttgatta aagcccgact atagaaaaat attattaaaa tagctcatat    140100
     tgcgttagat ctaataataa agtatgcatg catttatatt tacgtttgca gtaatttatg    140160
     tgttcatttt gtcgttcata taatattctg ctgctagttt tatactacta aacaaaacta    140220
     cagtatcatt tttgcataaa ttgttcactt acaaaactgt aaatcgaaat agaaatcatt    140280
     gcaacattaa agctatcaaa atagacattt tatttgcagt aacagtttta tttacccata    140340
     ttgcaacatg aaaaaatgaa ttaatttatt tcctgatgtt tttagatgta aatgcatgtt    140400
     taatattcat tactgcatgt taaattattg attaaagccc ggctacagaa aattcttatt    140460
     aaataaacac atattgcgtt agatttaact agtatggatg cattcatatt tacttttgca    140520
     gtacattatg cgtgtatctt ccgtcaatgt aaaattatgt tacttgcttt ataatactaa    140580
     accaaactgt agtttaattt ttgcgtaaat tgtatttact caacaatcct gtatactttc    140640
     taaaagccag gaaagaattt cagccgatct gacatgcgca gattaacttt tccgcattgg    140700
     gttcgtttac gcttcctcat tgacagcgcc taaaggaaga aagcagcgat ccactgtttc    140760
     atttgcgctc ttaaccgttt taaacggctt atacgtgata tagaaatctt taataaccca    140820
     gaaagcgtct ttaaaagtct cggaaagttc ctgaaatgtc aaagcctccc cctaaaccag    140880
     ctaaaccagg taagaggtgc tcatggagga caagcctcgg cgaacatact aaagtttcat    140940
     tgagtattca aagtgtttag cgttgttctt tatgtgctag ctattaaaaa acacgctgaa    141000
     atgtatatga atgcatgcta ttctgtgttg ctgaactttc tccggcgggt ggagtttggc    141060
     gtttctccag tgcaactttt tacgcgcttt tacgcattta acgtacgcaa aatcaacacg    141120
     tctttgcatt gacagtccaa ataaagtgaa acgacttact tctgattact cgattgagtt    141180
     tggagagggg aaaaacactc attcatcaat tggctgtaat tcaaattcca gtaagcaacc    141240
     tatatagact gcacgtttag tcatcgtgtt ttaatcaggc aataaatgtg catgcgcaaa    141300
     aaaaaaatgc cccaaaatgt tgtctagact ctagatactt aacatgtaga tagctagtca    141360
     ttgtctaaca gtgggcagtt acttcccctt atgaactgac tacttcacta tgcttagtgt    141420
     gcaaattaag tcatgacatt tggactggtg atgtatgatt gaggcaaagt tggtgttgta    141480
     catttacaca atcattcatt gacaactcgt gagagggtcc ctgcattgtt caccatgcca    141540
     ctttgaatat tcggtctgaa atagcatgca aatatgactt catgacaaca ttagcactat    141600
     ttagttgact gtgttgtact ttgatagtgt ttggctgcta atatgacttc cctaattaga    141660
     attagcaacg gttgcttgtt tgaaaataca caattaatga gaaaatccaa atgtgcaaac    141720
     ataaaaccaa ctttacccct attgatgtat gctgatggca ggcagagata ggtgttgtgg    141780
     ttagagattg tctttgatag cgaatattgt gttgttacaa catgtataca aggtttagtt    141840
     tcagttttaa acatccagtg atcatcgttt ttaaatattt ctgcttttga cctgatcaaa    141900
     aatgaaactt taaacctcaa actgaagtaa gatgcactga aaattatata ctgattgatt    141960
     gtgcttatgt tgtgtgctgt cagggggcga aacaaactga tttaatacac aaatgccatt    142020
     ttaaacatcc aatcattact ttattttgta tttttgttac aatttatttt gtttatttct    142080
     gcctttggat gcaatgaaaa agtactcttt aaattacaaa acttaatatg cattatgatt    142140
     attagtgtca ttataccttg aaaaatatta atattcgagg ctatttttga tgccgtggga    142200
     aacaaagtta gcaacaataa aggtatgcag atgaagtaaa aaggggaaat aaataaccac    142260
     ataatgctta tatgagggca tcactgtggc gcagtgggta gcacaatcgc ctcacagcaa    142320
     gaaggtcgct ggttcgagcc ttggctgggt cagttggcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg    142380
     ttctccccgt gttggtgtgg gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttccctcat agtccaaagg    142440
     gatgtgctat tggtgaattg ggtatgtgtt caattgtcag tagtgtatgt gtgtgtatgg    142500
     gtgtttccca gtgacgggtt gcagctggaa gggcatccgc tacgtaaaac acatgttgaa    142560
     taagttggcg gttcattccg ctgtggcgac ccctgattaa taaagggact gagccgaaaa    142620
     gaaaatgaat gaatgaataa tgcttatatg aggtacgtca gcagttctta aatccaaaag    142680
     gcaataaatt acaaactaaa ttagtgcaat cacattttct gatttaaacc agtgttagaa    142740
     tcttaatatt attattgaat attcacctcc cttctggtaa gaagagtgcg agagagcaaa    142800
     gccagtattg atattaaccg aaagaaagaa acattcctta attctctatc ggcttaatct    142860
     gtgattcatc aggggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccgctaa ctatttcagc atatgtttta    142920
     tgcagcggat ggccatccag ctgaaaccca atactgagaa acaaaagcaa gatagtataa    142980
     ttttaaatat ttcagaatta atttatagat cgatattttt gacaacacta ttgttattat    143040
     tattttctat aatcattatt atttttaatt atcatattta ttaattaaaa tgccattatt    143100
     tattgcaaag tagttttaat ggtctaaatg catacactaa tttttaataa taacaacaac    143160
     aacaacaaca aggataatat tattatttta ttttatgtat ggttggggct gaaacgtatt    143220
     gcaaaatgat tcgatttaat tgtttgcaaa aataattcat agtaatttat gcttcattta    143280
     ataaaaatgc ttttaacaca tcacttccta tctacacaat ttatgtaatt tgctcattat    143340
     atttatttta attaaacaat atgcagcttg tttttttatc ttttgtaatt atattattag    143400
     ttaaataata taaattcata atattgtgca gcagctgcaa attgagttga atgagataac    143460
     ttattgcagt atataaatgt gaggctttca tacacttttt ttttttttac tgctctgtta    143520
     atttcagtct tcattataaa tggaggttat acaaactgat ataaaaataa aacaagtcag    143580
     aaacattgta aatataaaaa catgtcaaaa atacacacaa ctcacaaact gttgcatttc    143640
     agtcacagga tcttcaacga aaatggaaaa agcgtatccg gttattcgat caattacact    143700
     tgttgattaa tcgattatta aagtaattaa tagctacagc cctatatcgc tgctttaaaa    143760
     ttttaattct gaaagcgctt tgcattttaa aagatacaag gatagaagaa aaagttatct    143820
     agagcttata taaaattata taaaaataaa acatgtccga agcattgtaa cttaaaacag    143880
     atcaaaaatg catatacaac tcacaaactc tgttacattt cagttacaag atcttcaacg    143940
     aaaatggaaa aagctttcaa aaaagtttca ggtgctgcac atcttgtatc ttcacaccat    144000
     agacaacaag gagagtgggg ccattcttaa tcaatggaaa cctcaaggcc actggatatt    144060
     tggcattgct acattctgat ttgtttccct ctttatgcac tgaagctggc acgttccctt    144120
     tgtttttcca gcaagatggt gcaccaccac attatggctg tcaggtccga gcattcctag    144180
     atgaacagtt tcctgaaaag tggattggtc atcgtgggcc agttgaatgg ccccaaaggt    144240
     ctcccgatct gaccccctta gacttttatc tttggggtca tctgaagcca attgtctatg    144300
     gtgtgaagat acaagatgtg cagcacctga aactacggtc ggatactgga agcctgtgct    144360
     ggcatttctc ctgcggtgtt gctatcagtg tgtgaagagt gggagaagag ggttgcattg    144420
     acaatccaac acaatttgca gcacactaaa cacattttat agcacaccat tgtttttctt    144480
     gtgaaattcc caataagttt gatgtgtcaa atgaccctct tcctattgaa aaaacaaaag    144540
     ttggatccaa gatggccaac tttaaaaatg gccaccatgg tcaccaccca tcttgaaaag    144600
     tttgtcccct cacatatact aatgtgccac aaacaagacg ttaatatcac cgaccattcc    144660
     cattttatta agatgtatct aaataaatgg cccaccctct attttcgagt cctgatcagg    144720
     aggttacttc gaattccgat cgagtctgaa accatatgat aaagcccgat ttccgatcac    144780
     atgatcggat ctggacatcc ctaatcacaa tgcaagtgca ctctttcaaa gaacacaaca    144840
     tattttattc ttaagaatat ttcatttagt tatagtcatt ttaacagttt aataatcagg    144900
     cattggattc agaatgtaaa aacgcatata ctaaataaat aataataaat gtttaaataa    144960
     acacaggcaa acaaggtgca aggtaaaaag taatagaggc tgcgatatct gctaccaaac    145020
     ctattttcag ctgtcagaca cccactcgat gggtatatac taaagtaatt gatagtaaat    145080
     actatagtat tattttaaac catactgaca cctccagtag agatagagat gttgcacagc    145140
     taaaaagttg ctaggattgg ttttaatgta tgggcgatat atactgcatc accaaaaatg    145200
     attgaggtca tgtccatgtg tgtgataagt catatggact attgtgacag gcctatatgt    145260
     ggaagtcaaa tgcacagcac gcaaatttga tgtttgcaga aattaacata tctgtgtaga    145320
     agtggacaaa gccataatat ttccatttca gaagtgatct gtaggaagtt tggaaggagt    145380
     tggttggatc cagcatggaa atacctttta atagcaggca ggaaatgccc tttgttacac    145440
     ttacaatggt ttgtttattt atatgttttg gcctcagggt ttgggtttct ccagctatga    145500
     ggcttacgca catttctggg tcatgtggtt tgccctgtat ttagctttgt gatattattt    145560
     ggcagtagac atgcagtacg attatgtttt gcatatggat ggatggacgg acagataaga    145620
     gcaagaaggg tagttcatgc agatatgaaa attctgttgt catttattta ttttcatttt    145680
     tttgtgtgtg tgtttctgtt gaatgcaaaa gaagatattt tgaagaatgt tgaaaatagg    145740
     aagccattga cttcctattt tcaaaacaaa agcagaagat tttgttgaaa ttttgttttt    145800
     ttctttctta atatttagca tgaatttcaa tgtattattt ttctctattt taagatgctt    145860
     gaggatgaaa atattatttc aataaatata tccatataat aaatctgttt tgtttaaatg    145920
     caccaaaata tatgacctat attcactgag aaattgatca aaacactaat tttcaatatg    145980
     gggtgtaggg atgcaaagat tatagatttt ggttgcacgc ttatagtctg aagaacaatc    146040
     acgggtatca cgattattac acatttcatt aatttcaaaa cagtgctagt ttagaaaaat    146100
     catatgaaaa gtccttatat ttaaagtgtt atttattgct gctcagtaac caattaatac    146160
     agcacaaaat aatattaaaa acaaacaaac aatagtctat ttctatttgg acttaacaat    146220
     aggtgaaaca agtttgtggc atttaaacat tagtaatgat ttacactgaa aataaatgac    146280
     agaacaatga atgaataaaa tcaacaaaca aatgaataaa taaaaataat aataaacaaa    146340
     aaaacatatt agctaagtat ttctctttta aagagaataa atgtagtcaa aggctgctga    146400
     atgtctgtct taaagacact gttgatcaac tacattacac aaatgtttgg cattttcctt    146460
     ttgtattttt tctctctatg gtgtagaaat gtgtatattc cattaggctt gggcggtaat    146520
     acggtatcat ggtatacagc gggatctaaa aatagcaacg gtttcaatat caatatatcg    146580
     ttataaaaaa aacactgcac ttaaataggt gaaaagtatt aaatatcctg tatttaatgc    146640
     ctacaaatac gcttgcgtga ttctcatcac gggacagtgt ggaggagaga gagagaggga    146700
     gaggtggcgt gtcgtgtacc aggtgacttg caatttggca gtatttccgg tttcgactga    146760
     attagaagag agacgtggta aatatggact agaggtctgc gttagagctg aacatctttg    146820
     cccgaacccg acgggacccg atgagttcgg ggttgatttc tatcatttag atggggtcgg    146880
     gctgggcttg gctttgcttg cgcagtaggt aaatgaatag tcgtgtgatg catttgtatg    146940
     tacctaggcc tatttagagt gctggaatgt tacgatgtta cagaggacgt attttatttt    147000
     atttgattta tagtctacgt ttgttacgaa taaattatgt taaaacatgc aaatgactct    147060
     cttgaaaaaa ggcaaaagag ctgtgtgcat gagcacattt gaataatgtc gggctgtaaa    147120
     cgggtttggg attttaaaaa gctgacgatc aaaatgtacc tgtcgggctc gggccccatc    147180
     gggcctaatt tttatggccc gattacagct ctagtctgca ttcctgctgc tgtaccgcgg    147240
     gagccgacca gattgtgtgt gtacgaatga gaggagtgtc ccgtgcagaa gaagacaaac    147300
     aggtgaccgc ttgcctaagt cgcatatatg gtattgatat tcagtttctg aatggtttag    147360
     gcacaagcca acagtttggt gacgctgtca gagccttacg tcataatttt taaaaatatg    147420
     tacggtaata ccggataccg gggtaaaata tccgcccaag cctactttcc attagggttg    147480
     tcttgatact ggaattcgat accaatcaaa cattgaagcg ttttaaagtc acgtaaatca    147540
     gctggtttgt ctataagcta acatacgagc gatccgctaa agaatcacgc ctttaaaatc    147600
     cagtgtgccg gtatctgtgg ttacaccaaa gagcatagaa tcaccaagtg gcgacactgt    147660
     tgttgtttgg gaaacagcca ctaggtgcca ctagtgtcca tttgtgtcca gcggtggcca    147720
     ttttggaatg aaaattccaa tagaacagca gcatattaca tgtctgtaaa ataaactatt    147780
     aaaagcgctg atgattgtga tagtaagtgt tttattgtcg tatttcaggc tgaatctcag    147840
     ctttaatgtg ctttttaaat aaatacataa ataaacaaac aaataaataa ataaataaat    147900
     aaataaataa ataaacaaac aaaaaacaaa gcagctgctt gccattgtga cagcaatgag    147960
     atacaatgga caaccgatcg ctttaactcc aaaatggtgc aatcacaggg ctgctgctgg    148020
     gtactgctgt tgcaatggaa tgttctatta agtgtcgctt cttggtcatt ctaagctctt    148080
     tggttacact cagtaaacag cggtgagttt ggtgaaacaa tgaccttcac ggccaatcac    148140
     agtcatttct gttgagcacg tgaacacaat ggcaaatcag cgctgtttaa gatccacacg    148200
     cccaaatgtt tgcgggacat agacgctttt aaaatttttg taccgattga tatcgaattc    148260
     cagtatcgag acaaccctgt gttccataca aaatatgaag ctgactggtc agttcttgtc    148320
     acttgactca cggtgtgcac atggcattct ttcaactagg agtgcctgga aagtgtgtgt    148380
     gttgcgtgcc tctattggta ataacgaact tgtgcgcaca aaacactgga tatgtgaacg    148440
     gcccttcagc atttaatcca gtgtgtgtgg gtattgtgta caagcttata actttacact    148500
     cgtgcacagc tggcttaaat tttagtggca gcagttttgt tctgtgcaga aatgcggtgt    148560
     tgaagccttt atgattaatt aaccgtgact aattaaagta cggttaatag tgaaaccagt    148620
     taatcgttgc ttccctaatg gggtgtactc acttatgtag agcactgtat atgtttttcc    148680
     taatatggaa tgggtttttt tccagcataa ttaaaataca ttagtttttg agtgaactaa    148740
     ccctttacag gtttcaaacg gtcatggaaa accacgaaaa gtcatggaat tttgacatga    148800
     catttttcag gcctggaaaa gttttggaaa aacaaaaccc atgaagattt ggaaaagtcg    148860
     tggaaatttg tttaacaaat atctgtttgt ttgaatatag gctactcttt gtcattggcc    148920
     aatcccatgg tcttacatta tcagtgctgt gtaagcaata tctaaataaa ttttacatag    148980
     acataaatgt caatttaaac caagtagatg gggctttatt ctgctgtggc gaaccctgat    149040
     aaatcaggga ctaatcctaa agaatgaacg actaaaatac taaatgaata aattaaattt    149100
     actttaaagt gttggaaatg tcatggaatt ttggtagtaa aaatgtgtat gaaccctgcc    149160
     ttaactggta gattatttcg tcttttatga ccaaaacaca ggtcactggg cctgaaatgt    149220
     gaattaattg ctttaatcat cagtcatgat ctgttattta tctgtgtttt aaacaggtca    149280
     ggtcaaggtg taccgggctt tattcacctt tgacccaagg acggtgagtt catctttttt    149340
     tctgctcgat tgaacattgt ttgtttcagt tcgtctgatt tgtgatttgt tttcctcttt    149400
     ttcagccgga tgaactgtac tttgaggaag gtgatattct gtatatctca gatacggtaa    149460
     gtttatgatc tgatacttca tgaagttatg aagtactgtt acttcctctt gtcatgatgg    149520
     agatgaacag cattatattc atcagaactt gtagcagtgt ttgtgaattt gtattgactc    149580
     ctgggtttat tttgtttaga gtgacagtaa ctggtggaaa gggacatgcc ggggaaggac    149640
     tggtcttatt cctagcaatt acggtaaaaa aagcaaacta cagtagtcaa cttttaaagt    149700
     ggatcaaaac ctttacatca aagtcgtctt aaaactattt aacagcatcc attcttgacc    149760
     ttaggagact tttgaaaaac ttttttgatc cacatgaaat gctgattaca gtagatcctg    149820
     ctaaccatca accctttaaa cgcaatgctt tagtgaatga aatgactttt aggaaatgta    149880
     aggtaataat tcacctgaaa ataaagttaa tttagggtct attcactcca ggaaagtatg    149940
     ttagttcact tgctttggtc atgaccaaat tttgaattag tttatttttt cattatttga    150000
     tgcggttcgc tttctgccta gaatgaacca gaaattctaa caaaaccaca tttgtgctaa    150060
     agacagccat ttgtacgctt atttcatgcg gccgccattt tacaaagcaa aagcaaggct    150120
     gcagtgggaa gaaacctgga agtattggat gctggggtaa gcatcactaa tatcatccag    150180
     ttaagtttaa ttaaaacaat taaaagcata tcgggtatca aacaacacca taatctcttt    150240
     aaagtgccat gaaatccctg tctcagcagg atgttttcat gcctctagtt tggaaaaagt    150300
     caggaaagtt ggtgtgtcca gctctgttta ggtgggagtg ttgggggagg gaaagaggtt    150360
     aagattttgc ataaaaatgg gagtttctgt ttgggcacgt gcagattttc acagaggcaa    150420
     aacaaacaca cagacgcagg agagaaagac agtgactgag tttacatgga catcagtagt    150480
     caaattattt gccaaataat taatttgttg actttaactg cagtttggca ctttcacttt    150540
     cattcaggaa catttcatgc atgcccttcg taacaaacgt gatatgggat gcgagtaaga    150600
     actgctggaa gagtgtagct ttgatggaat gtttgatacc acacgtcaaa tgagagaaga    150660
     aaaaaaaaaa tctgcatttc ccggtaactt aaatgtactc ggtaacatat cgtcagaaag    150720
     ctgtgtgtaa actgtaacta tcaaactaat gtgacgtcac gttgtactcg ccggtacaga    150780
     catccagccc tgtgcagaga ctatctaagg ggcatgtgca ggataaaatt tctgaagagc    150840
     gggggcaatt cagatcattt tcgtagggcg ctttgtatcc aatactagaa atggcatgtg    150900
     cactgcacag gttgagccct atgtgtgcac atgcctgcag acatccactc tccacactgc    150960
     aaagatctat tcgccgtgat gtaaaaatgt attgctgtga tttattatat gcagtttttt    151020
     ttttattctc atcttgatca tttctcagtg gctgaacagg cagagtccat agacaacccc    151080
     atgcatgaag cagccaaacg aggtacacac atacagaccc ggctagcagt atgtttgttt    151140
     gttaaagtgg tgaaataatc gtctgttttg tgtgggaatg caggaaatct gagctggctc    151200
     agagagtgct tggataataa agttggcatc aacggactgg acaaagcagg gaacacctct    151260
     ctctactggg cttgccatgg aggacataaa ggtagtcgaa acacaaactg gttgaaatac    151320
     atgctttgac tatattcaaa tgctaataac tgaggcaaag cagtagtgta caagttcacc    151380
     tataggaatt caagttcaac aaggtccctt taaggcaagt gaacttgctc tgtggccatc    151440
     ttataaatgc ttctcagaca cggggggctt ggtggttatt catttattaa ttttccttcg    151500
     gctaagtccc tatattcatc aggggtcacc acagcggaat gaacctccaa ttatccagca    151560
     tatgttttac acagcagatg ccattccagc tgcaaccccg tactgggaaa cactctttta    151620
     cactattaca ttcacactcc tacactacgg ccaatttagc atatttagtt cacctatagc    151680
     gcatgtgttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga gcacccggag gaaacccact ccaacacggg    151740
     aagaacatac aaactccaca cagaaatgac aactgaccca gccaggactc gagccagcga    151800
     ccttcttgct gtgaggtgac agtgctagcc actgagccac cgtgccacct caattggcaa    151860
     ctaaccaaag tcaattttca tgtgcatttt gtcaccaaag ccagagctaa taaagctaat    151920
     gtattaaagc ttctattcca gcatgtgtgt acagatgaag cagcgtttac tacaccagcg    151980
     gttcccaaca ggtccacatg ggggcctcag tgagctttgc gggggaccgc gtcatattta    152040
     aaaaaaatac ttagcagtgg acaatagtat tattgaaatt aatatacaaa ctgaataaat    152100
     atatatttac actagtggta agccgttaat gtgagattct tatcatgtga taaaaaataa    152160
     ttgccgttaa tctattttca aagttgggtt gggagtaggg atgcaccgaa tattcggcaa    152220
     ccgaaattat tcggccgaaa atagccaaaa aaagcccttt cggtgttcgg ctgaataagt    152280
     aaaaaggccg aataaatttt gccgaacaat gacgttttta atgacgcgat caaatagcct    152340
     agtaacccgc gtagagtgag aggcgcgcgc tttatgcagc actaaagcgt cttttaaaca    152400
     aagacgctgt aacagaccaa ggagtgaaaa cagctaaaag tgcgctctta gaagctgtca    152460
     gcgcacgatt tagtcaggcg gactcagaac ctatgaaatg catcgcgact gagcttgatc    152520
     cacgatataa agatcattac ttggatatgg tgaaaaagct gcgcacacga gaaatgatcc    152580
     aggccgagtt ggacttggga aagccgctaa gtgttggaga cggtcaggtg atgcacagcg    152640
     caggagatga aaacagcgcc gagagtaaac gggctcgtac tacagatgag ccgcgcaccg    152700
     acagcgagag actgtttagt gctgcatctc atgtcatcga tgagaagagg aaccgacttt    152760
     catgtgagac agcagagaaa ctacttttca taaagaagaa cctgccactt tttctgaaga    152820
     agtaggctaa gtaggcttac tgtatgtcta ggacagttat tcatttgttg tcatccacat    152880
     tttttgcact atttaatgca cgtttgttgt tgtagacata cagttacatt ctttcagcag    152940
     ctattcaaga agtggggctt caaagatggc caaataaaaa atattttttt attttactaa    153000
     tttatttatt ttaagttata ttgtgctttg tttgtatatt atctgctgga atgttaaaaa    153060
     atgttcagtg ttaaataaat atttttgaaa tagtattttt gttatttgat ttatttctct    153120
     gaaaagcaac acaaaatagt gaaaagctaa tttttactat ttaattattg taatggtgaa    153180
     aaaataggca aactaaaagg aaaaaaaaat gcaaaacacc gcgttcggta ttcggccttc    153240
     ggccaagcaa ttcattatta ttcggcttcg gcttcggcca agattttcat ttcggtgcat    153300
     ccctagttgg gagctgggtc tattctacgc aagcaatgat gactttcacc ttgacatatt    153360
     agcgcggatg gatgtatacc tgaccagtga gccatctgac aaaagagtgc ccttctgaat    153420
     caaatcagca ggatgcctga acatttcatt catctgccgt gacaaactgg ggttttagac    153480
     actaataagg agtaggtact ggtgattgta atggaattta atagcatacg ccaaatggat    153540
     agaaaaaaaa attccgcatt tcgcaatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcgcg cggtccttta    153600
     ctgacagcca catgtcgatc ttgtcggaaa atatggcgaa aggtgctaaa gactgcagtg    153660
     tttacttcaa taatgccact agtatctgca tactccacat cttaattcca gttctgttta    153720
     gttcagttat gactttagtc ggattaaggt gatcaaaaaa aaaatcaaac gtatgtaggc    153780
     ctacagttca acattcatct ttaactgaat aaacagttag taaacataag tacatcttat    153840
     ttaacggggc agcgcagtgg tgcaggaggt agtgctgtcg cctaaaagca agaaggttag    153900
     agcctcagct gggtcagttg gcatttcctt gctttcgcgt gggtttcctc cagctgctct    153960
     ggtttacccc acagtccaaa gacatgcggc atgggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattgtccg    154020
     tagtgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gtagatgttt cccagagatg ggttgcggct ggaagggcat    154080
     ccgctgcata aaaacgtgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ctgctgtggc gaccccggat    154140
     taataaaggg actaagccaa aaagaaaatg aaatgaatta atattattaa acataattaa    154200
     ttttcatcac cgtcttgtca tggtagaaca gtttcacaag cagttcgtga tgcggaaacc    154260
     ggagatgagc ctctggtcta atgcaccacc tggcttgaga aacccattct cgcagacttt    154320
     ttatttgggt agcacactaa ttctaaatga gccattcaaa ttcaattcaa atgagccatt    154380
     ttaatctaaa ttaatctaga ttaaaaaaat ctgtggccac ctaaataata aacataacgt    154440
     tggtttgaca acaacttttt tttgtcatca ttactgcaaa cttacttatt caatgtggag    154500
     gggggcctca caatattttc tggggaaaaa gggggtctcg ggcaaaaaaa ggttgggaac    154560
     cactgtacta cacggggcca tagttcactg aagaatcggt tttaaaatta atttaatcag    154620
     ttgctaataa cagctgtttg cgctgcttta tgttttagtc acactgaatc aatgagagca    154680
     attaattctt ctatttattc tgcaaccgct ataaggattt cctggctttc tccatgggta    154740
     tttggagggt ttgtgggttt ccctgacagc aaaagactta atgctgttca caccatgctt    154800
     tcctgaccag atgtccgtga ccattgcagt tttgctaaat acatttcagg gcctactcac    154860
     actaagctat ccgaactgtg cctgtgtgcg tttactagtt tgtctgacaa gtgtgagtgc    154920
     tgcgaatcgt gcacaggcgt ggttcagttg ggctttgttg tggtaagctt gtagtgtgag    154980
     tgcaaagtgc gcctgagcca gaaaataaag acgcgacatc actttaaagg gactgtttca    155040
     tatgaattta ttaatcattc ttaccgttta ataaacacga actgtcatag tttattaaag    155100
     atgcaaaccc ttcagcaaac ctgctaatac gtgcagcatg aggactttta tgataattgt    155160
     agatctgttc agcaaaatat ttgactgtca ctgcatcaca aacgactaaa aacaatacaa    155220
     agtgatataa ctaaagcaat gtccactgcg ctgagtgaga gcacttctct tcctgttgaa    155280
     ctgaccagtc atatcatcga tgatgtaatc gtgctcctgc tcagaattta aaaaatgcag    155340
     tgagtgcagg ccatcaaggg gagtgggaac aagtgcgctt cggcatggtt caaatcaact    155400
     gtgccttgtg tgagtacgcc ctcagtgtgc ttaatcagcg aggccaacat gatcccatgg    155460
     caatttgtaa ctttttcatt tagtggctaa ttcgtatgaa ttcgtacgat ctaatttgta    155520
     caattaagta cgatttgctc atcccccaat gacggttggg gtcaggtgcc acgcctcctt    155580
     tttaaaatcg tacaattttg tacgactgaa ctcgtacgaa ttagccacta aactggcaaa    155640
     cgtaacatac ttgcgttttc tcgtgagatc aggctggcca agccaaaaca tcaagtcatc    155700
     caaaactgct tgtcaagttt gcgatcaaat ttcatatttg ctatcaccaa tgagttgaca    155760
     aatgtctcaa aaatgtctcg aaagaaatga attcacgata tcaaactcct ttggatgtct    155820
     ctggaggacg cgatcagctg tcatcctgtc tatcaaacta tgtaactact gtaacaatca    155880
     atagcctgcg tgctacacag tatcatcctc aaaataatgc tgcatccagt cattagcccc    155940
     tttcacacag tgacactggt aaatatccgg agaatttccg gaacgacttt accggtatat    156000
     tcaaaatagc gctgttcaca caggcgagga cgttacagaa tttttctgga aaagagcatt    156060
     cacacatcca tcgcaaaatg ccggtaaatt ttgacatcat taaccagaaa ttacctctaa    156120
     acggctgcgc ttgtgtttgt aaacatttga ctacatcaca aactctttgg atggatcagt    156180
     attgagtaca actccaatga aaacatatag aggaacactt tcgcatgtcg agatgttcat    156240
     gatatgtgtg tgtgctggcg ctatgggcgc tcacgggcac acgcaaagct tgaaggtaaa    156300
     caaacaactg attatcataa acatgttatc gataattatt tacacagttg gcattaagaa    156360
     ggaacataga aacgttatct gactaacatc tagcagctaa aggtgtctgg aaaaatattt    156420
     aaaggctttt attctcataa accgcgcgca cgtgaatgcg tctgactgtt ctgattggct    156480
     aaagcagacg tctcacgtca gcacgttcta gaagtgtatg cgctctttcc ggcaatcttc    156540
     cttttgcatt cacacagcgc agcattccac caaattaccg gtaaattcac caaattacaa    156600
     cttctctttc cggaaaatac gaagaacgaa tttaccgata ttttcaaaaa gggcctgttc    156660
     acacatacaa cctttccgga aaattgccgg taattttccg gaaaggtctg tatgtgtgaa    156720
     aggggctatt ctgtaattgt gaattaattc ccaacttatt tttgatgaca tatgttctcc    156780
     caaaacgaca gcagcctctt tgcgtacatg tttatggatg ttcgcgtgtt catgccgtta    156840
     ccctcgtgtg atttgcattt gaatggcaga ggcgaggact cacttaatgc ggtcacacag    156900
     gaaatctcat gtttgtttca tacagattac aaaaccagag aacatttgtt ttacagatgt    156960
     aaagatttca agctttatgt agatatattt ctgatatgtg tgaggcaagc attgtaaagc    157020
     attgatatac aatatatcta caattatatt tataattgtg catgaaatgt tctatataaa    157080
     taataataaa cctgccttgc gttgaaattc agctcttttt tctccctctc ttcaccctgg    157140
     cgtgtttgtg tatgaagctg cagaaactgt cataaaagca caactctgga gaatcatcag    157200
     tttatagtga tcaatgattg gcttctttac tagaaagcat ggctttattc tctagagcgg    157260
     ccatgttgag cgttgcattt ttccctattc aaaactatac gagagaaaca tcttgggttt    157320
     tctctactct ttggctttaa ggctgttctg gccaataatg gcacaaacaa ataaacatga    157380
     agaagaaaag caatgaaatg tttaaactac cctgttttct tagatgtggt ggagattttg    157440
     ctgagtcagc cgaactgtga gctcaatcag caggtcagtg tgatttattt ctgttgtttt    157500
     ttgtggttta tttcaagttg ttaatgtgca caatgagatc agtgacaaag tgatcactga    157560
     gccaatgctg tatgtacttt atatatagga cttgatgcat gttaaatgat gtattcattt    157620
     ccacaacaga ataaattggg agatacgcct ctacatgcag ctgcctggaa gggttattca    157680
     gatatagttg agatgttgct caataaaagt gagtgcatta ttcatttttt ttatttattg    157740
     atttattttt agctttataa aagttttatc tacagtatgt gatactaggt tggggtaaga    157800
     tgtcctaaac aactgcattt tcatctcaaa ctaacaagtt ggcttacttt tatttgtggt    157860
     gtaataacca tatacaataa attaattaaa atatttagca tttttcctaa agtttcctaa    157920
     agcatttgca ttactcactc gaagaattta actaatatta atgtaaaact aatactgtaa    157980
     ccaaataatt cttacttttt aaccttgcta agtgttcact atggaaggta aatcctgcca    158040
     attttaaata aatcaaataa attttggaaa ttaaaatgaa agttagatta acaatttcat    158100
     tctaaaacat tgttcgcaaa atttctgcca aaatttaaaa cgaaatgaaa ttatttaatt    158160
     ttcattttga caacacattg tccctgtcaa attgataatt aaaataaagt tgccaattta    158220
     acatttcatt ttcactgatt tttcgcgtca agactgccaa aattaaaata aaaagccaaa    158280
     ctgaaaaata aaatgcaaac acaattttta caaagtgtgt tattaatgtt cacgctataa    158340
     tagtgacaca attcaaatta aaatgtaaaa atttaaaatt ggcaggattt acctttcata    158400
     ggttcattgg tgtttattta ttccaaaaga ggaatagagc ttaaatttag ctaataaact    158460
     ttttcaaaaa attaaaaaat atattaaaat gatgcaacgc agacctaatg taagacgagc    158520
     agaacaaatg tgtatgaaaa aaacatttgc aaaaacataa tacgcagccg tttgtgattt    158580
     tattttattt tttatcttta atatttcata tcatgtctgt gtgtttacag atgcaaggac    158640
     agatgtggta aacaatgaga agaagacggc tctggatatg gccaccaacg cacagtgcgc    158700
     ctctctgctg aagaggaagc tgggaggagg tgagtcataa ggcgtctcct ttcagttaca    158760
     gtacctcaat cacatgtcac ttcctgtagt cacccattta accgtccttc tgtcccgtct    158820
     ccagtcattc tgcgcaccca cagtaacgcc gaggagtatc tcgatgatga agactccgac    158880
     taagagaaga gcagcactaa tgaagaccat tcattccaac acaaccatca caacatgtgt    158940
     tatacagttg tcaacattta aagtggatcc tcaactttgg tcaaagttgt tttaaaacta    159000
     ttaaataaca cccaacttca gatgctgact actgtataga gtgcctatag aaaactagca    159060
     taccctcctc cctttaaaat aagtacttta gattttagtc acacagcctg aaatcacatt    159120
     ccaaataact ttttacagcc tttaaaatag ttttttggta acacttaaaa aaaatagtcc    159180
     attactaaat gtatttactt acatgaacaa acaatttagt aaaacattca ttatggtact    159240
     tattcatctt tgttaatgtt atttaagtta aattatcaac tgcgttcatt aattagaatg    159300
     gattttaata ttgcattaga taatgttgaa ctatgattat taaatgcttt ttaagattat    159360
     tcattcttgg ttaatgttag taaatacatt aactaaagga cccttattct taagtgttac    159420
     catatttttt gtagccttct aacctgtgcc tttctacaac tttatcctga aggtcttttt    159480
     aaaaagcagg gtgtcataga gtagttacag attttcaaag ggtatgatga tgttataaag    159540
     gcactgtata tagatccgat ttagatgcat atatagatga gatttagatt catgaacatt    159600
     tatgttcatg tatttagatc agatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataatttt    159660
     tgagagagag atcagatttg tatgcatata tagatcacat ttatattcat gtatatagat    159720
     cagattaata tctatatgta aaaagatcat gattttatgc atgtatagat cggatttata    159780
     tgcatctata gataggattt atatgcaaga aacggtaaca ctttacagta tgggacacat    159840
     agtcaaatgt atttactaac accaacaaat aaaatgtaca atgtttattt accacagttc    159900
     aacatttact aatgcattat taaaatccaa agttgtgctt gttaaaaatg gagtaaaata    159960
     gtgttttctt gtcattggaa catgtgggaa gttcaataaa aattttaatt acacagttta    160020
     caataacaat tagcgagtta agaagaacta gcaatgaaca gctgtaattt tcatttaatt    160080
     agcgttaaca aacatgaata aatactgtaa taaatgtatt gttcgctgtg tattcatgtt    160140
     agtaaataca ttaactactt gtcctctatt gtaaatgtga ctcaagaaac attgctttca    160200
     agaggatgtg aaagtcggtt ggcgttgtct tgtgtgtctt aacttcattc ctgtttgttt    160260
     ttaaaagtat ttgcattatg gtctgttctg tacatgtttc ggatggattt tgtacttcta    160320
     cttgctgctc ctctctgaac tgtatttatt ctgatgtctt tttttttttt tttttggatt    160380
     ttaaagtgcc ttctttaata gggagatcgt cctagagtgc tgggtctttt attccaataa    160440
     cctttagtca gggtggcgct gtgttttaat ttctgatatt aaataaaatt aggctgtgag    160500
     gcatagaaat acggtacatt tagtgggctt tacgctgtcg tttaactata tatagctttt    160560
     gtagttgatt aaatgttact ctaattaaac tttcaaaaga caagaacagt atcagatagc    160620
     attacagcgt cacataacat acaaatgcta cagagtgcat aaaacagaaa gtaaaaataa    160680
     aattaattaa aaaaaattaa atatatatgg caaatgaaat aatcagcttg ttttaaagca    160740
     ttttttgttc aataagaatt aaataggaac taaaataaat catttgatgt gtttttaaac    160800
     cttcattgag tgccgttgta ataattgtct attcctcaca gccttgtttt catccacatt    160860
     caattccaaa tgacttccaa cccgattaag gactagtttt aagcgtgtgt atgtggggaa    160920
     gagtgtgcat tttacatttt taatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgagt    160980
     gaatgtacgg ttgtgcttta tgataaagct gcatgtaaat ctgaaagtca caactatgca    161040
     aataaatcag tggccttagc ttgatgtgca agactcaagt gtgaagcttg gacatattgg    161100
     tgtgtgtagt gtccttttat catgtgtgaa tttgtttatg tttagacact tctaaaaaaa    161160
     gacagtagtt tggcagtata tcctgcaatt ctatcatgca ttataatcag tgtgcaaatt    161220
     aaacattgat caggaggtcc aacttttttg atagtagttt gataaaacat gctttagtga    161280
     atcaaattaa aaaatgtatt taaataacat cacatttact aataaaatct atacgttttc    161340
     agtgttttga gggatattta gtgactacac tctaaaaaaa aatctagttt tatggtttat    161400
     ttctggcagc tggggtgctg gaaagaaact aaaataacgg ctgttaaatt acagaaattt    161460
     actgtaaaat aacaagacgt tgaattacag aaatttacca gatatgtaaa tttaaggaaa    161520
     ttactgtaat tcaacctctg ttattttacc gtatatttct gtaatttaat ggccgttatt    161580
     tcacaggttc tttccagtac gactgtaaaa cacatccgtg attttaacgg taaagactgt    161640
     aaaaatgcta cagtaaaaat ccgtaacctg gttaacagta tgtttcctta atatatatgg    161700
     cgaataacca taaactgact ttcccagaat tccctgtatg gcacgtcact ttttatgctt    161760
     tttgttgaca ttgatatgga tctttttagt tgtttcccca tcagttatgt acattagaga    161820
     tttatgttac atccgatgtt gataaacaat gtttatttca tgactttaat gttatgcacg    161880
     ttaccatact ggtgtttagt agctgtgtga atgacactga gcaccttcta tacaccgatg    161940
     cttgtgggaa aagttgtttg tgatgagcat tagttcatta tgaaactttc tcatcaccac    162000
     ctgcatatgg ctttgtttac gtgtctatct gtgtaacaaa agatgtgtag atattgttaa    162060
     ttcaaaatac agacattact agggccagac ggaatctgcg gacgtttttg ctatttctgc    162120
     tgagaatttt ggtaaaaatc tgcgaatttc tgcggaatta ttttgggagt atccagcgga    162180
     gtatcataac ttacatttta cattttacat ttttacattt ttatattaaa taaaaagtaa    162240
     taaattactg aataaaaact gaataaattc cgatttacac atttactcaa gtaaataaac    162300
     agaatttata atgggctaaa aatctgcaga aatctgcgga aaatctgcgg aattctgcgc    162360
     gcgcagatta cgtgtgggcc tacatattac atatataaat taatgaaata cagtggttta    162420
     ctgtaaaaat gagaaattaa ttttacagtt tgtactgtat ttttaacggt aaaatatttg    162480
     caacctcatc tgccgttttt tttaccataa acttttgttt ttgtgtattt aagtggttac    162540
     ttaataataa actatacaaa taaacaccta ttttacaggg gaggatcaag cattgattag    162600
     gggggtcaat ccccacaaat gtatacattt aattaattta tttactttat tccaaagcta    162660
     ctccacggtt ttatgcataa ttcaacattg agaacattct agaaaaagac tgtcgagcca    162720
     aggaggatga ttgatgacaa aacatgaatt ctatacttta tgaaatagat ttgcttttta    162780
     ttttccttga attgaaatgt tttgaaatgc attgaaacat atccggctgg ctacccaaaa    162840
     atctcattcg aatgatttcc atctgcctta attcatttaa acctgcactt tctcagtata    162900
     ttatatgcat atatcaatca tttttaactc aaagttgggt gacagtttat agttcaagct    162960
     aaattgagaa tttacttatt atttactcgc ttaagtggtt ccaaacttac attatttcaa    163020
     agctattcca ctttttatta aaagattttg tacagtattc aacattgaaa acatactgaa    163080
     agcctatcta gccaaagagg atgattgatg ataaagaaat gaattatata ctttatacaa    163140
     ttacagattt gcctttagtt tcacctgatt tgacatattt tgctacccag aaatctcatt    163200
     taaaagaaat ccatttgtct ttagttattt gcatttttac ctaaacctgc acttttcttt    163260
     atatttgaca tgcatatata aagtatcatt ttgaaatctg aaatcaaagt ccagtgacag    163320
     cccatagtaa aaacacaaat gtaaatttac tcattattta ctcacacttg agtggttcta    163380
     aaattcattc attcattctc cttcggctta gtcccttatt aatcaggggt cgccacagtg    163440
     taatgacctt ctaactatta cagcatatgt tttacgcagt gaaggccctg gttctaaact    163500
     tctctctctt ttttttccaa ttcaaacaca aaacaatgta ttctgaagca tattgaggaa    163560
     aaacagcatt gacatttaaa atagatacaa aacagtcaat ggctgctttt tcccccaaca    163620
     ttctttggta tatcattcat gttcaacagg ggaaagaaat ccaaacaggt ttggaacaag    163680
     cggaggatgt gtaaaccatg tcattatttt tgatttgtgg gtgaagtatc cctttaagat    163740
     tgaggtaaag atttgtttat ttattttatc tattttttcc cctttgtctt atattctggt    163800
     cttttgtgta ataggcccac atatacagtt gaattcagaa ttattagcct ccctttgaat    163860
     ttttttttct tttttaaata ttttccaaat gatgtttaac ggagcaagga aattttcaca    163920
     gcttgataac attttttttc ttctggagaa agtcttattt gttttatttc ggttggaata    163980
     aaagcagttt ttaatattta aaaaattatt ttagggacaa aattaatagc ccgtttaaac    164040
     tttttttctg gatagtctac agaacaaacc aacgttatac aataacttac caaattaccc    164100
     taacctgcct agtgaatcta attaacgaag ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ttaagctgta    164160
     tagaagtgtc ttgaaaaata tctagtcaaa tataatttac taacatcaag gcaaagataa    164220
     aataaatcag ttattagaaa taagttatta aactattatg tttacaaatg tgttgaaaaa    164280
     aaatattccc gttaaacaga aattggggaa aaatttaaca agggggcaaa taattctgac    164340
     tttaactgta tatatttgta gtacgtttta gttatgaaag aaaaaatata tataaaactt    164400
     gaattacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagattaag ataaactggt ttctatattc gcatattctc    164460
     cgtaataatt taatttcaga aaggtattat atgcacaatc taaacaggga agtcatatta    164520
     gcatattagc tttggtcaca agtcacttta gcagccaaca actgttcaca gtcagttaaa    164580
     tagtgctaat tgttttggtc atacttaaat ccgatttcag accgaatatt tcaattagcg    164640
     tggtaaacaa tataactagg gaccttaaaa tgaacgaatg tgcgaatata aaaccaactt    164700
     tacctcaatc cctttaaaaa gaggctagct tgtgtcagtt tttttcgcaa cgctgttagc    164760
     ctaaaattta ctcgcctctc gctttaattt atttttagcg cgactgcctt taatcgcaat    164820
     catgatttaa tgatattaat aaagtaacac taatattttc ccgaagaaaa gtacatattt    164880
     gtcgtgtgaa gactcacctc agctgcgtat ctgaaactcc cgccattcct gtcaaaaacg    164940
     tgcacgtgcc tcaagcacgc gctttaaata attagccaat cgctaaatgt tttgatgaat    165000
     gcaaacagcc cagctttctt aaatgtaaaa taaaaatcga aattaaacat ttgatataat    165060
     agcctacaga cactgtatgc tggttaactg gaaaaaaatc gaaatgtttg atttggagta    165120
     gcgtgaatgg catatccaat atgtgagcat atccaatgta agcataactg gaatcctgac    165180
     tattactcaa ctcactttat ttctatagca ctttcacaaa tcaaaatgat taccaaagtg    165240
     ctgtacataa aacacataaa acgcatgtaa aatatacata aaaccaaaaa cataaattca    165300
     catcacatga ttaaaagtga cctctgaaaa gactcaaaag tttgagcttt tcttaaagaa    165360
     agtgggagat cgttggagct gctaccaaga aagctctatc acctcgacat tttaagcgtg    165420
     atctaggaac ttgcaaatag agacgatcca tagagcgaag agatctcaca ggttggtgca    165480
     taataattag ctcagaaata tactcagggg ccaggccatg gagggattta taaacataca    165540
     acagaacttt gtactgaatt ctaaactgga ttggcagcca gtgcagagaa acaagtacag    165600
     gtgtaatgtg ctctcgtttt tttgtgcgtt ctggactagc tgcagtcgcg agagagaggc    165660
     ctagctgact cacacccaga tacaatgcgt tgcaatagtc cagacgagaa gaaataaaag    165720
     catgaacaac tttctccaaa tcactgaaag agaggacaga cttcagcttg gcaatatatc    165780
     taaaatagaa aaaaatattt ttgacaaccg cattaatttg ccgatcaaat tttagcttag    165840
     agtcaaagat gacaccaaga ctctttacag aggaatgtat tttcccagga agcaatgaca    165900
     gattgccatt agaatctgaa cctttttggc caaaaacaat gaattcacac ttattttcat    165960
     tcagttagag aaagttattt gccaaccaac acttcacatc agccaaacaa ttcagcaaag    166020
     cctgaaggga ggattgatcc ctagatttta tagggaagta gatttgagag tcatcagcat    166080
     atagacggta atttatgcca tgcttttact gattaaatgg ttttgcattc acaaaatcgg    166140
     ttaaatctgt tatttcataa ctagtgattt attcacaggg tcattgacct gttttattaa    166200
     ctgtctgaga aaactgaagt taaatgctgt ttagtgacct cgtgttacat ttagctcagt    166260
     cagcaataat gattcaaaaa atattgtttc gaaataattg cctgacattt atcttttaaa    166320
     ataagatatg aattttgtaa cacttaagcc aagggcgtag attttctctt aacattattg    166380
     gggacatcca tactttgcat taaacagcac aaattctgtt tcgcagaaga tgaataaaac    166440
     attaataaag tacttaatat tataaaataa acacttacta atacaaatag caattacatc    166500
     ccatgctgca aaagtcaatt tacatgattt tactgcagtc gggctttgag ggggtgtgaa    166560
     tgtagagaaa tttagagagg tgcgtgatgc aatttgagtg ttttatcccg attgtagttt    166620
     ctcataatca tggaggctaa attcgattat cgaatttcga taaattgcac agccttggtt    166680
     aatagcatta cggtgaactc gtagcgaact taagtttttg catgtgtggg ttactattac    166740
     taagggttgt tggagcattg ttttattatt ttgaaatcga tttaattatt ggtagggaca    166800
     tttcagtaat tgatgaatat cggtggggac acgtcccctc cgtccatgcc aatactccga    166860
     ctttagctaa cttgaaatga gcttaatcat taatttaaga gaaatctgtg acatatgatt    166920
     atagcaaaaa cacatgattg agagttttag tctaaaatat ttgatacttt tgaaaaaaaa    166980
     taagataaat ataactatat attatattgt ggtgtatagt gcagtcacaa atctcatggt    167040
     tcggatcaca ttgttttttt ttagtcacgg atcggaccat ttttcggatc agctaaaaag    167100
     gagacaaatg taatttgctt taaatttatt acaaaaacag tactgcaaga cacataaaat    167160
     gaagaaataa tcagctgaat aaacataaat tgtaaaatat tcagtactgt aaaaaattaa    167220
     ctgttactac tattgttgct gataactcta tactatacag tacgctaaaa tcagtatgcg    167280
     agtcgagtag tatgtccaaa ttcatagaat tcgaaaatca gtatgcgaga agtacccgga    167340
     tgatttacta cttctggtga gattctgaag tgcgcatccc atacatgctg cgctatccca    167400
     tgatgccccg tcagaaaatt catgaatggg agtgaagtga cgcaactgac gcaggtaggt    167460
     caagtgacca tgacaaaatg gcggacatag tacatccgaa ttccattcat actgtataga    167520
     acgaactttt ccaacagccg aatggtacat ctaaattcaa atgcagtacc tactgcagta    167580
     ggcggtttcg gatgcagccc aaatgtagaa atttaacatt ataatttgca caacccagat    167640
     gtatttttat tctcatcttc aatcaatgat tcagcaattc actcataaaa cttcatgttt    167700
     cattgctaga tgcatcattt ttgaagaatt attcagtggc ataattttga tggctggttg    167760
     tcgccacctt ttggttaaat aatgtaaata ctgccagtat aataatgtaa gtactcccag    167820
     tacttctgtg ttatttgact gtttgtgact tcataactat ctcaaaagac tacagactga    167880
     gtctctttct tgatttttgc atttttcaaa cacagatttg aatgcagcga ttggaaagat    167940
     taatcaacat atgcaaatca ccgtcattta taatttatgt tgcgtgggtg ttgagatccc    168000
     gatcttttaa tgattaatcg cgcagctcac actgaacgca ttaatgcagg ctaaacaagt    168060
     agtgacagaa aacaccttta ataacctaag aaacccacca catcccaaat aacctaccac    168120
     aactccttct gtcgtcatta tattttacag gaaagcctaa atgctttcat acatgtgatt    168180
     taaatgaggt gagaggtgat ctctctgcga tcgttacaaa tttaggatta atccaagcgt    168240
     aaaaaaaaaa gtattaatcc gcgggtcacg tgtgttctga acggtgggtt gtgatctgta    168300
     tgaatcacgt atcaaccgta atccatcaca caccttatat atatatatat atatatatat    168360
     atatatatga ccaatatcac actcgtagca gtgcgatagg gctgtatatc ggcactggtg    168420
     ggaggtgtgt gatggtgccc ccaccagagt tgatatacag ccatatcaca ctgctacgag    168480
     tgtgattttg cgtttataca acagtttgat ggcataattg tgaatataaa aacaaaatca    168540
     aacatggaga gtctcaaaaa cccttttgta tgaggaacta ctttcttcca cgttggattc    168600
     aaatcataag ctgacagtaa aacagctgtg cgttcatctt ttaaacttta gatctgtagt    168660
     gtctgctttt tactgcctgt atgttggcgg agtaatacac aaaaggtaaa gaggctgtac    168720
     gggtgctgat attacttaaa tatatcacgg ctatcagcca atcagatttg agaaccagac    168780
     agaactgttg tatatatgtg catatatact atatatatga ttaaagctga gttattaaaa    168840
     ctattatgtt tagaaatgtg ttggaaaaaa atctttatgt taaacaggaa tgaaagaatt    168900
     aggtttctaa aatcattcaa gcaaataaac caatgacgct tgcatctttt agagcctggt    168960
     atttattcaa tgcattgcaa agtccatcta gaacccaggt tttaaataca atgtgaatgt    169020
     catcagtcaa ttctgaataa aatatgacat caccttgaaa aagaggaaaa tctttaaatt    169080
     actgaacaaa tcaaagtcgc catcaactat cattcataag actttaatat atttacttgc    169140
     atacagtagg aaatcaaata agtggaaaag ggggaaatgt gtatcaacct caggcattaa    169200
     gacaaaaata accataatta aaatgcgaaa tatgcctggt ggcaataggc acattgtgga    169260
     gcgccacatg aggaagaccg gcatctccaa gaaggctttt tgtaataata aaacatgtat    169320
     gaaaacagca gaagtgacgg tcaaactctt atgaagacat caggatgaaa gcgcaaagca    169380
     cttcagccat ccagaacaaa cataaaccac ccagcaaata taaaaaaaga aacaaacatc    169440
     gacattaaaa gtgaaagagc gcactttata atgcgaaaat cagagctgac cagactctca    169500
     gagaaccaaa agtactctaa aatgatgcca agcagttgat attattgcac ctttaagaga    169560
     aaaaagacat gatacagccg aggaagaagc taaaacaaaa tcagcgagaa aataaaacta    169620
     gaaatgtgca aagagatgtg tgcatacatg tattcaagtt cagctgtgtg tgtttgtgtg    169680
     taaaacaagt acaaaaatag atctcgattt gtcagatgca gtcgataata tctaaaatac    169740
     gcaatttaag gatcaaattt aggctggatc caggagaagc gggctttttt tggatgaaaa    169800
     aatgctgtta acaaaatcct aatgcttccc tgaagatcta cacttagtca gacagtgttt    169860
     tggcacaagg acaagctggt gtaatgctca ctaccgccac aaggtgacgc tatttgctct    169920
     ctctcgtatg gggtgtgttt aaacacacat cagcactcta gctgaagagc ttgacgaagc    169980
     agctttggca gtagggcttg tcgttctgct ctttgaatgt gcccttgttg agctgtttaa    170040
     ggcagaaggc gcagacgaaa tgctcggggt ggaacttctt gcccatggcg gtgatgcagc    170100
     ggccggtgat gggtttctga cagccggagc agagcgagcc gcgtctctcg tgataatgag    170160
     cctcgcagta cggctgccct tcatgctcga agaaactgcc gttgacaaat ggagtgaaac    170220
     actcctgtgg agcagaagag agagaccaaa caaaacgatc agacatttca aatgatacat    170280
     tacaatgtaa tgcaatacga tgcaatgcaa tggcaatagg attcaataca atgcaatgtt    170340
     ttatagcaca tgtaaaaatg accatacata atgctgctat tgactttatt cttgacgtat    170400
     gagtgggtgc agccactgga aacttttttt ggcttgagac ttctggtctc attcacttcc    170460
     aatgggttat acattatcta tatgcgtaca gtcactggcc actttattag gtacacttac    170520
     tagtactggg ttggaccctt tttttgcctt tagaactgcc ttaatccttc atggcatagg    170580
     attcaacaag gtctacctgc ctaaatgcat tgagtcgctg ccatgtgatt ggctgattac    170640
     aaatttgcgc taacaagcag ttaggcaggc gtacctaata aagtggccgg tgagtgaatc    170700
     attgttgcat ctgcccatgg gaaattccca catactcacc ctgcagacaa aacactcagg    170760
     atgccagaga gagttgaggg cagagatgta gttttccagg atggcacgag cacagccgcc    170820
     acatttaggg gcgaacatgt caaagtaatc ctttctacag tacgcctttc cctccttctc    170880
     atgaaaacct gccgggaaaa agaagaacaa agagacaaat ggttgccaat ggctgaaatc    170940
     cttttaaagg aataaagcag aaaaaaagga aacagcatct ggagagaaga ggctgagaaa    171000
     gatgctctta ccctcaggcc cgaagaatga cccgcactgg gcgcagaaga aatgctccgg    171060
     gtgccaagtt ttgtctaatg cggtcaccac tttctgcagg accaaagaag agcggatgaa    171120
     gaattaaaat acgagtaaca tgaacaaaac acacaattta atatcaataa cagaacacaa    171180
     atttaagata aaaacaagac cgtagtaatt attggagtta gtagtaattg ggtgatcgtt    171240
     tacagtagtg atgtgtgccg atgcatcaaa aaatgatgca tctcgcagtg aagcagtgta    171300
     ccggagcttg attcattttg tcataatcat gtgatcagtg acgtccgaag cttcattttc    171360
     acctatacac gtgtgactgc tacgaatttt gactcaaagg tttaaacacc ctcatgggct    171420
     agtaaagtgt atagcgagag attaggcatc gattacatac atttctactg tttcaaagca    171480
     ctgcactggt cccacacacc agtatttcag caaaaatact atagtaatgt atagtaaaaa    171540
     ggttttgaaa catgctaacg tgcattattt acaactattt tcaatgaagg ccactgcata    171600
     ttgtagtata gtgtgtaaca gacgccagct ggtgaatgca gcagaaaagc ctcactctca    171660
     tggcgtcctc agagcatttg ccttccatgc aggaatcgtc agttcgatcc ctgctcggaa    171720
     tgagtgggtt ggtgtaaaac cggttgaaat acaataaacg taaatgattt tgaatacttt    171780
     ggattttact agagtcatcg gtggtgtaat tcgacatacc ttacatgtaa aatactacag    171840
     taattgggtg aattgtttac attactattg ttgtattact gcatgttgaa tgaggtgctt    171900
     ggtgtgaaca ttgcaacaca gtgctttgcc acactttaac cagcagaggt cctcattaaa    171960
     ctctgatttg gaaagctttg agtaatgaat ctttttccaa tacaattgag ttgaacggtt    172020
     cactgttcag aaagcttcat ttcaccatca ctactgtatt tacagtaagg ttttatcagt    172080
     taaagtgatg gttaacctaa aaaatgaata tttaacccct ttaaaatcac ctataagtgg    172140
     ttccaaacag ggctgcccaa ttggaaaaat cgaacattgc aatattttta ttttgcgata    172200
     tatatatatt gcgatatgaa tctcaatgtc acctgatgat ttaatatctc tgtttggaaa    172260
     gaatttctaa tgttaaatca attgggatga ctctgcagtg ggagtgcatc tccataaaat    172320
     ctaataaaca atctatacgt tttttggggt ccctgacata ttttcattgt tgtctgtact    172380
     acttgcagtg tgtttctcta tttgccatgt gttgtgagta tttggtaaca ctttattctg    172440
     atggtccatt tgagtattag tagactgtct gcttaatatc tgctgatact gctccttcaa    172500
     cagacattta actgactata aaaaaaactt ccaagttcat gtcaactcac cctaacccta    172560
     aagcctaatt cagacttttt cctagcgccg cgtatgtgga actacatcat atcattaaaa    172620
     tcattcaaga tttttaaacc aactcttttt attaattatt ttaatgatta aaaagatttt    172680
     tataaccatt caagattttt ttaattcaaa ctttgatgca ttacttgctt ttgttcctat    172740
     cttggacagt tttactaata ttttaataat aaagtttatt aaaatattat taactacaga    172800
     acatgggttg ctctacaaat atatttttat tatgaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttacactta    172860
     ctaaaaacta cagactacaa actacttttt ttttttagcc cgcttcacaa ttcacactca    172920
     caattcacac tttcggtcct cttcttatgc tcaaaaggca ataatggacc aacattcctg    172980
     actattatca ccaataaagc ctaaaaaaca gggcatcagt atattgtaaa gcgataggct    173040
     caaatattct tttccagtta tcaaagaaat cttttgtttg ttaattatag ttttgtgact    173100
     attaaattgt tttaaattca aaactgtaat atacacatta ctgtaaaacc tataaatggt    173160
     ggctaaagat attttgtaat tgtgtactgc gtctccactt ttgctatgtc ctcctttggc    173220
     cttaaactta tccctcaggt ttttccaaac tttttaacaa aaacgttcct cctttcccac    173280
     taatgttgca atttctagcc aataatcatt ggttatccct gtgatcatgc attgactgat    173340
     catagagtag ggatgtaaca atattgtaaa taccgtcata ctgcaatagt aatttttttc    173400
     aatattaccg taggcgcatg actcaaaact ttatttctga gaaaagtttg ctcaggcgaa    173460
     tgaagcgaac gggaggtagc gggaactaca attcccatca gcctaggcgt ggccatcatc    173520
     ctttgcggtc tgttgtcact acagatccag taatgcgcaa atggagtgtg ttgctagtag    173580
     cggggaagaa aaagagctgg aaatgatcaa acctaaagcg ggttttaaat cgggtgtgtg    173640
     gaagtattta gttttttttt ttaaagatac gaaaaaggag aaaaggtgac agacaaagaa    173700
     aaaaacggta tgcaggcact gccagactgt ggtgaaatat aagtcgggga atacgactaa    173760
     aaacagtcat ggggactgca gaacacagca cacttgttag attgatgcag acattgactt    173820
     gtaccgcaaa gagacctcta tctcactcat ggcttgtcct ctcaagtggt ggaaagacaa    173880
     tgcacaacgt tccccactgc tgtcaacctt ggctaaatca tatctctctg tcccagaaac    173940
     tttagtccca aatgagagtt ttttttttct gttgcagggg acattgtaaa tgcccagaga    174000
     tcccagcttt taccagatta tatttatatg ataattttcc ttaaaaccca tctctatcta    174060
     agtgagtgag tgattaaatg tttaatgtga tgagttttca acaatactaa attgaaactt    174120
     tattttttta tatgattttt tagttttttg ttattaaaat taaaaattga agttcctgtt    174180
     tcgaaactta cagatagatg gctaatttgt atgtcattga tatgttcagt gctaaggtaa    174240
     ataaacactt ttggcacttt tttcgagtct tttcgttagt tttgtttttc ctgttaatga    174300
     ctcaataaat atcgtaccgt gccattcata cagaggtatt accgtaccat gaaattctga    174360
     taccgttaca tccctactat agagtgtttc atatttaact ccaatcaaat gcggcacaat    174420
     gcaacgcgcg tggctgtgca tttatacttc tctgttggtc aacattaaca cttccgaaac    174480
     gctagtgggc agtgaggtgt aaatgttcct ctgtgtcgag tttcttcgct gcttttttgc    174540
     ttttcctgaa cacttcctgg atgtacaagt gactcaaact cgctcatttt gaggcaggaa    174600
     ccggcggatg tgcaacaact ttaactatga ggtaaacaca aaaaaaaact ttccatccgg    174660
     agctccttta cggaactcca cacttgtaaa caatagctcg ggccattcgc gcggctcttg    174720
     gtcctgccca gactcgtcat cgctaccaag ccgaccaaac acagagcttg cgctacgctt    174780
     tgttgcgacg tgtagttaca ttttttgaga ggtgcacgtc agtgacggcg atggccacgg    174840
     caaagggcta tgcgtcagcg ccgtagcata cgctggcgtt tgacgcagaa gtataaatca    174900
     gccttaaggg tgatcatatg tcccaatttt cccaggccag tcccttattt cagcactacc    174960
     gcgagaaccg tccagtcaat agtatcctaa ccaagctcgt cgtagaacgt cgtaaattcg    175020
     tcgtaaattc aaacagtctt catcactgat aaacttgtac atgtagtaat agaagctggg    175080
     ataggcggaa tcatactgaa tgaactcaag cactgtctcg gccacgtggt ggttacagct    175140
     ggactcaaag cggtgcgcgc cgcacaatcc tttcatcaca caatataaca gagacagtgt    175200
     gcaaacaaat caaatggcct acacatccag ttctcaaagt gtccatcatt gcagagtatt    175260
     tatctcaagt aaacacagtc ggttatgctt tacagtaagt ctaactgaac cagtaagaaa    175320
     gcaaaccttt taataatgaa tgttaacttg gaccctttta tgaacacgac agtaataata    175380
     tgaagcaatt aaatattggt gctgactgtc aacagacaat atatctgatg caagaataaa    175440
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aaataaggat gctttaactt atctacgcta    175500
     ataacagtgt tcagactggt tcgctgacct caaacctaac atagccttat cactgagtca    175560
     ctcttatatc agcacagaac aataagactt tattttatcc tccaaacaca agtgatgatg    175620
     tttttaatga aactgtagag gatttcgtcc ctgaaaggct aggtaaacat gcgttgaaag    175680
     gttataaatg caacttaaaa tatagggttt tatttaaagg cagagttgac cacaacattt    175740
     tcattcacac aatctttgct tggcccaaac ctgttttaag tttcttactt ttgaaacact    175800
     aaaggagata tttttaagaa agttgaatac ttgtaactac tggcctctaa tattatactt    175860
     ccaatagtct ttcaaatttt aatgtataac acaaacacag actatatatt accttattaa    175920
     ttttcggata tttttatagt gcattactta ttaaagaaag ttggaattta tttacttaaa    175980
     tagtttgtaa gagtgagtca aatttctaag ctatagctct tcaaactgca ggaaacatgg    176040
     taacacttta caataaggtt cattagttaa tgcatttact aacatgaact aatcatgaac    176100
     aacacatgta cagcatttat taatcataat tgaacattta ctaatgcatt attgacatcc    176160
     aaatccatgc ttgttaacat tagttaatgc accgtgagtt aacatgaact aacaatgaac    176220
     tactgtattt tcaataacta acgttaacta acatgaacaa atacagtagt aaatgtattg    176280
     ttcattgttt gttcatgtta gtaaatgcat ttattaacat taactaatga accttatggt    176340
     aaagtgtgac cacgatattc tatcattagg gatttatggt cagcgaaagt tctaaagaaa    176400
     ctttttaaag gtaaaccctt acctttatta tagtttatta taaagcacta atttaggaag    176460
     tattgcaaat gtttttttgt tttgctgatt tttgctacct gtttgaactt caaagttcac    176520
     attatgtcat taattttgta tacttgcagg cctattttaa ttaattaaat taattcattt    176580
     tattttaata gaaaaaatat ataataatta aatataaatc aaattaatgt aaaattagat    176640
     gataatatta attagtaaat tattattaat aataataaca ataacaacaa tttattaaaa    176700
     tatactttcg tgaggtaaaa ataattaaaa gggggccctt ggatttgcta cagcccctgg    176760
     gcccaatgtg tttttaatcc agccctgtct acttttactc caatgagaat gagttgacat    176820
     gtagatgcaa tgaaacaaac ggaccatcaa aataaagtga ccgagtattt ttcctgcacg    176880
     cgtttagtaa tgtttaatag ttgcatctcc ataaaatcta ataaacagtc tataaacttt    176940
     tcggggtcct caaacacatt ttttgttgtg gtctgtgctg tttgcagtgc atctctgttt    177000
     ttgcatgcct tgtgaatatt ttcatgcata acaatctata aatacagtca agaaaaagat    177060
     gcaattgatg aagtgtttta tcgtttccgg agtctaacag tatttgagta cagcaactta    177120
     aggataaaaa taagaataat tcaataaaat taatcgttgt taaagtcaca aatgatacaa    177180
     tttcttatac ctgaatgttt ttaaaatcat tatacaatca caagcatcaa aaacacatgc    177240
     aaatgaccaa ttataataaa tctcaacatt gcttatcctc cgatgtggct actgcgaatg    177300
     atcacactgt gatatcgagg ctgaaacatt atattgtgca gccctagttc caaagtttct    177360
     ttatgtttat aatcatatat tttttagggg ttttcacctt tatttaatag gacagtggag    177420
     ttgagacagg aatacatagg ggggaaggat cggcaaagga tcttgagcca ggaaccgaac    177480
     ttgggacgcc gtaagcacct tagtgctata gatcggtgca ctttaccact aggctattgg    177540
     cacagacttc tttattacgt taaacacaaa tgaagatatt taatagaaag ctgaaaacct    177600
     gcaaccgctg acttccattg aaggaaaaac aaacactatg gaggtcaata gaactcaaac    177660
     aggtcgagta atgtaatgta ttttttgcca tgtcagcaac caaggctatc ctcatggcag    177720
     gaatctttca acaataaata tacaatttga aaatcaacaa acaaaataaa acataaatta    177780
     aataagattt tttgtattaa tacatgataa aaattctaaa atcttttctg gttccacttt    177840
     gtcaaaaatg tccttaaaag agttcatttc ataaaaagtc cttctggaat cagtaaaagc    177900
     aggacagtcc agtaaaatat gttttacagt aataggagtt ttgcagcaca aacactgagt    177960
     ggggttttca ccttggagca aaaaaccatg tgtaattctc gtatgcccaa tacggcatct    178020
     ggttaaaact acttgatcaa atcgattctt aaaatgtctt aaaattctgt gtgaaacttc    178080
     aggttggatt tcatgtagtt tattgttttc taatgcacaa acaggtcgag taaataatga    178140
     caatgttcat ttctagttga actcagagtt acatgatggc ttcagagctg cacatttgat    178200
     cctttcgtgc atatacattt gcagattttc atctgtctgc agcaggctct ccagtctaca    178260
     tgcatgtgtt cagttctaca gcaaacgatc tatttagact gtatgtaagt cactgtttat    178320
     gtttacagga aatctgaagc ctgaggtaaa gtgtgtgtgt ggctatagta agactgggtg    178380
     ctgacatatg agacacacac atacacactt aaacatacac attcactgac acagggatcc    178440
     acgctgacac aaacacaggt tggtatgtgt gatttatgag gacttctcat aggcgtaatg    178500
     tgattttttt attttttctt gtaatataaa cccagccctc ttacgaaatt ttgaatgtga    178560
     aaaattctta ggtatgattt taatcggttt taaattacta gaagacaagg caagtgctac    178620
     taaaccacct caatattgca atattaaaac atagctatga aatgatacaa atttaagtcc    178680
     tcatgaatca catcaaacaa gcacacacat acactcacac aaacaaataa tcagagatac    178740
     acacatacat tcacacggac gacacacaca gatattttga gctcatttac cctgaattca    178800
     ccaagttaaa caataaaaca gaacttaata ggtcaaaaaa acaggttgta tcttaccagt    178860
     ggcacaatat atggatgaga aatacttaaa cactcaccgg ccactttatt aggtacacct    178920
     tactagtagc gggttggaca gtcttttgtc ttcagaacag ccttaatact tcatggcaga    178980
     gattcaccaa gctactggaa acattgttca gagattttgc tccatattga catgatagca    179040
     tcacgcagtt gttgcacatt tgtcaatgat gcgaatctcc cgtttcacca catcccaaag    179100
     tgctctattg gattgagctc tggtgacgac tgtggaggtc atttgagtcc agtttaactc    179160
     attgttatgt tcatgaaacc agtctgagat gattctcgct ttatgacatg gtgttatcct    179220
     gctggaagta gccatcagaa gatgggtaca ctgtggtcat aaagggatgg acatggtcag    179280
     caacaattct caggtaggct gtggcattga cacgatgctc aattggtact aaagggccca    179340
     atgtgtgcca agaaaatatc cctcacacca ttacaccacc accaccagcc tggaccattg    179400
     atacaaggca ggatggatcc atgctttcat gcagttgatg ccaaaactct gacccgacca    179460
     tctgaatgtg gcatcagaaa tagagactca ccagatcagg gaaagtttct ccaatcatct    179520
     actgtccaat tttagtgagc ctgtatgaat tgtagcctca gtttcctgtt tttagctgac    179580
     aggagtggca cctggtgtgg tctaatgctg ctgtagccca tccacctcaa ggttggacgt    179640
     gttgtgtgtt cagagatgct cttctgcagc cctcggttgt aacgagtgct tatttgagtt    179700
     actgttgcct ttctatcagt ttgaactgca gcagatcgtc ttgaccatgt ctacatccct    179760
     aaatccattg agttgctgcc atgtgatagg ctggttagaa atgtgcgtta ccgagcagtt    179820
     agacaggtgt acctaataaa atgagcaatg agtgtatatg tatgttcttt ttaatgtaaa    179880
     cttgcaaaat gctttggcag tacatttgtc acaccagtaa agcaattatt gatttaaatt    179940
     gagagagaga gaaatgcact ctctctcgct ctctctctct cacacattca caacatagac    180000
     agaaagacag acggacggac agacagacag acaggcctgt gagcgctgga ggtgctgatg    180060
     taaagtgtaa cgcttacgtc cagaatgggt ccgctgcagt agtaacagcg aggagagaag    180120
     aggctgtgat agtccttttc acagtatggc tgaccgtccc gctcaaagaa atttctggag    180180
     ccgatttcct cctgacactg agtgcacaca aaatgctccg gatgccacgt ccgacccatt    180240
     gcggtcacca cctgaaataa aattaagaaa aatcaaagaa aaagtattca gtgtgtgctt    180300
     ttcagcaaat ttgtgtcatt ttcagtttgg ggaactgcca ttcacaagaa ccgaaagagc    180360
     tcattttaat aataaagcgg aactacaagt gtctggcttt gtgctttata tttatacatc    180420
     atgaaaataa ggcttcgctg ggtgttttaa caagacatta gtttcattat cagtggcatg    180480
     agctcttttg agtttaccac tttttgttta tgagtttacc atgtttttat actgcactga    180540
     gttacattta aagatgcatc gaaatgtaaa ctgagctgaa agtgaagatg ttttgtaata    180600
     attatttatt attttatcaa acaatggaaa gtcattttgt attccacttt tcccgggttg    180660
     gttaaggaag cagcagtctc agaggagaga atcccagaca tccctctccc cagacacttc    180720
     ctccatctcc tctagaggag atccagaggc gttccaagac cagccgagac atacagtagt    180780
     ccctccaccg tgtcctaggt cttccctgag gccgtctcct agtgggacat gcctggagca    180840
     cctccctaag taggcatcca ggaggcatgc aaaacagatg cccgagccac ctcaactgag    180900
     ttctctcgat gtggaggagc agcggctcta ctcagagctc ctcccaggcg acagagctct    180960
     tcaccctatc tataaggaaa cccatttcag gtgcttgtat ccgagatctt gtactttccg    181020
     tcatgaccca aagatcatga gcataagtga gagtaggaac gtagattgac cggtaaatcg    181080
     agagctttgt tggctttgat tgggctcagc tccttcttct tattactcag cttattttct    181140
     taatactttt aaaataatta ataaattaat aaataataaa aaataagaca ataaaataat    181200
     aataataata gtaataataa ttccttacat ttacatagtg cttttctaga cactcaaagc    181260
     gctttacgca ttgaaggtaa tctcctcatc cacaaccatt gtgtagaatc cacctggatg    181320
     acatgatggc agccatattg cgccagacca cacacaagac accagctgat tggtggagag    181380
     tgatgaagcc aactatggcc atgatggaca gaggccagta ggcaagtttg gccggagttc    181440
     aacccccact ctttttcgaa ggccatcctg ggatttttag agagataaag agtcaaggtc    181500
     ttggtccgaa agacggcgct cactgagcag tatagagtcc ccttcactat agtggggtgt    181560
     taggacccac acagactgca ggttgagcac cccctgctgg cctcactaac accacttccg    181620
     gcagtaacct agctttccca tgtggtctcc catcaaggta ctgaccaggc gcagccctgc    181680
     ttggcttcag tgggtgacca tgtgagagtt gcagagagct agctgccggc tgagcaagct    181740
     gctggctaaa taatcatgac agtaaaagtt gagagcagtc atttgagttc gtccacatta    181800
     ttttctttta atattgccta aacaacagta atatttaaat acttttaaaa caacttaatt    181860
     tatactgaca taaaaaaata aggcaataaa ataacaacgt tttattgaca gtaaaagctt    181920
     acttataaaa caagttgaga gctgtcattt gagttcctcc agatcatttc cttttaatac    181980
     tgcataaggt aatttttaga gatgcactga aacaaaaatt ctgggccgaa actgaaaatt    182040
     ctgaatgcat tggccgaaaa ccagaacaga ataattattg attatttaat taaaataata    182100
     aagtcgtagg ctgcatccga aaccgcatac ttccatacta tatagtacgc taaaatcagt    182160
     atgcgagtcg agtagtatgt ccgaattcat ataattcgaa aatcagtatg cgagaagtac    182220
     ccggatgact tactacttcc ggcgagattc tagagtgcgc atcccattgc atgctgcgct    182280
     atcccataat gaacctgcaa gcgaattcat gaatgggagt aaagcgatgc aaatgacgca    182340
     ggcaggtcac gtgaccatga caaaatggcg gatgtagtac atccgaattc cattcatact    182400
     tttcacgttt atactgtata gaacgtactt ttctaacggc cgagtagtac atttaaattc    182460
     aaatgcagta cctactgagt agtaggcggt ttcggacgca gccatttagt aatgctttta    182520
     aaataacttt acttatactg atataaaaaa taaggcaata aaataaccac gttttattga    182580
     cagcaaatgt ttactgacat ggaaccagtt gagagctgtc atttgagttc ctccagatta    182640
     ctttattttc atattgaata gaatacagat atatttaaac gtgcactgaa atgaaaattc    182700
     tgtcaatgaa gttaccatat atggttcctc atcaaataaa gtgtgaagta tttaatataa    182760
     ttaaaatgat aatctaaaca attcatagca ccaccatttc catcagcctt acaagctaca    182820
     ttttgtttaa attatgagtc agattttcca acagcttgct ccagcaataa aaataaccac    182880
     tgtcaaaatt tactaaagat atacagtgca tagacactga tttttaaaga gacatattca    182940
     atcatttctg tttcaaagga gaatatttaa atgaatcatg caacgtttgt gacctaattt    183000
     tgcgtgtttt gaacattatg caaatgagct gctgcatctg tgttctagaa tccagcggtg    183060
     cacatctgta aaatgcacat tgtgccctga ttagtaaata tagccttata acaaagaaaa    183120
     atgtgcagca ttcataccac tatttaaaca agtgccatct ttattatgat tgaatgtttc    183180
     tgaaagtcaa ggttacattt atttgctcaa aaacgcacag taaagcagaa atatcttaaa    183240
     ataaaaaatg tatgtcacaa ttaccacaga gtagacaatt aaataatgaa ataaagcagc    183300
     tcaaatgttt tcagtgtaga tgagaaataa tgtgagtttt taacgcatag aatttgtttt    183360
     aaaatatatt agaaaaatat catttatata tataaataaa tatatatata tacacacaca    183420
     cacacacaca tatatataca tatatataaa tatacacaca tatacatata tatacatata    183480
     cgtatatata tatccaaatt cgcttctgga gggtcggcgt cctgctgagt ttagctccaa    183540
     ctcactttaa cagagtttcg agtatatcta ttaagagctt gataagctgg ttcaggtgtg    183600
     gacctcaata cattacagat atgctcactg aatacaaacc taacaaattc cttagatcat    183660
     taggatctaa taaactagaa actccaagag ttcagtctaa gcattgtgaa tcggccttca    183720
     gctagtaaca tcgcagccca ctgctggaat caatttccag aaatgatcag acgtgctcca    183780
     acattaggca tgttcatgtc aagacttaac acgcatctgt ttagctgtgc ctttactgaa    183840
     tgagcacagt gctacatccg acagatcaca cttttatgta tttctttttt tcattccttt    183900
     aaaaactgtt ttaacacatt ttaaggtttt aatcagtttt taattatttt aatcattttt    183960
     attttcttgt gtcttttatt cctgtttatg taaagcactt taaactacca ttgtgtatta    184020
     aaatgtgcta taaataaact ttatactgat ataaaaaaat aaggcaataa aataaccccg    184080
     ttttattgac cgtaaatgtt tattgacatg ggaccagttg agagcggtca tttgagttcc    184140
     tccagattac tttcttttca tattgaatag aatacagtaa taaacatgca ctgaaatgaa    184200
     aattctgttt cattttaagg tttttatcag tttttaattc ttttaatcat ttttattttc    184260
     ttgtctcttt tattcctgtt tatgtaaagc actttgaatt accgttgtgt ataaaatgtg    184320
     ctataaataa acttgccttg cctaaaacaa atctagagca tagtataatc acaataatac    184380
     aagtctattt ttagaccaga gttgctgcag gattcatcat gtcaaactga agactctttg    184440
     aaatccttaa aaccattaag aatgcaattt taaacgtatg catggttaaa cattaaggat    184500
     gttttttttt ttttaacagc ccggtattgt catcatatta ttatcatgag gaatcataca    184560
     attgttttta cttttctttc cctgataagg gaatttaatg gggaatttgc tgtaaaaaaa    184620
     aatctcacag ctgtttaaaa ctacaaaatg tattatatta aatataaaaa ataaggatgt    184680
     attgatgtat tgttgattgg atggatgttg gcctgattga gtagcctcac atggacaaag    184740
     caaagttaag acaggtctaa aatgattcaa gacctacaac acaaatttca aaaactaaat    184800
     tttaggccct aaaaaggctt aaaatcactg aaatattaag atattttaag acgtctaaga    184860
     cccagcgaac atcctgtaga ccagatttaa tgcttaaatt cttctttaaa agggccaaaa    184920
     agcaaacttg attaaggcct atgggccaaa ggtaaatata ctaaactgtg ttaaattaaa    184980
     gttgtgacgg gtaattaata ataactaaaa ataactacaa atcattgctt tatattaatt    185040
     aatgcagttt atttttataa tacatcagca aaaacaatcc cattcataac agaatagagc    185100
     ttaatggtga atacacaagt caagatttgc cttgatttga tgtctcgctg cattgttctg    185160
     caattttatc ctccttacac tggctgcctg ttaagtttcg tattgaattt aaaatattac    185220
     ttctcaccta taaagctcta aataatcgag ctcctgttta tctaaccaac cttctgtctc    185280
     gctacaaacc aactcgctct ttaagatctc aaaattcagg gcttctggta gtacctagaa    185340
     tagcaaaatc aagtaaagga ggtcgagcct tctctttcat ggctcctaca ctctggaata    185400
     gccttcctga taacgtccga ggctcagaca cactctccca gttcaaaact agattaaaga    185460
     cctatctgtt tagtaaagca tacactcaat ccatcaccta gcgggttcca cacaggcttc    185520
     tgcatcttgc ttatatacac tatgaacagc ggctacgcta attattctct ttattctcta    185580
     tttttcacct ggggatactc atcccgaggt cctcagatta tgctgagtca ctgattggat    185640
     ccaagaccag cgacgagatg atcccaaggt ttccatatcc gggaccaggc cgtatcctga    185700
     gctgctgctg ctgcactgat ggtcatggga agtggagaac atgagactga ttccagtgac    185760
     gctccaggga catacgagtc ttcgctgagg ccagcttcca gcctccaccg cggtgactga    185820
     agctctgcac aagacttttg gccagcggag aaattaaaat ggtcgtgccc aactgagtct    185880
     ggttctctca aggttttttt tcttcactcc catcaggtga agtttttttc cctctccgtt    185940
     gtcgccactg gctcgcatgg ttcaggattg gtagagctac gcatcgatga attggctctt    186000
     cagtgtttga actctcagta atgattaaat cacactgaac tgagctaaac tgaactaaac    186060
     tgaacttaaa cactaaaaac tgaaccacac tgttccagtt actatgagca tttatgtgaa    186120
     gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag cgctgtacaa ataaagctga attgaaaaaa    186180
     tgtaattgtt ctctgtccat agactgacag tattttagaa attcacaaca tttaattgaa    186240
     acatttaagc ttggtttgct ttttggtagc tcagcaataa aacaaacaat caaaaaaggt    186300
     tatattagaa atggccatct cagttaaaga gaaacctcac catcactctc ttctcagatt    186360
     gaatggtggg ccaaatcaaa cgtcaccatg ggtcaacttt cgacatccct gctgttgacc    186420
     taggtctgga taatgctata aatgtaataa tctgaggatt tctcacctgg ccagcgattg    186480
     gttttttgca agctccacaa acgcctttgg caacagtctg gacacccagt cggttgaggt    186540
     ctgactgcag acttcccagc atattgtcca gtttattccc ctgcttcggg acactggtgg    186600
     gggaactctt gccctgagcc ataatctaaa aacacaaaaa agaaaacaca cacttaataa    186660
     acactgctta ataaagcaaa ggaaacatgg atgcagttcc ctctccacac atgcagacac    186720
     aaaagagcag ttttgcttgt tcaacacatt ccgcttggta aacattacta aattatcacc    186780
     aattaagtca ttcagcaaat gcacttgtcc agagacattt tttacacttg ccctaagcca    186840
     taatatacta taaatcataa agaagcaaac ctacacttta taaacactgc tttataaagc    186900
     aaaggaaaca tggatgcagt tccctctcca cacatgcaga cacaaaaaga gcagttttgc    186960
     ttgttcaaca cattctgctt ggtaaacatt actaaattat caccaattaa gccattcagc    187020
     aaatgcattt ttccaaagat actttttgta cacttttttg aagtcaattg taatggagtg    187080
     gggtcacaaa ctacctcagt ttttaatttt gtattgttca cggttggggt aaggtccaag    187140
     attttacatc aaacatcatc aactgataag taattgccta ttttcagtca acgcctgctg    187200
     ctctggggtg cgtttcccaa aaccatcgtt agcaaactat ggtcgcaagt tccgtcgtta    187260
     caaatatagt ttgttgattt gctgtttccc aaatccatcg ctccaacaaa cattcgcaaa    187320
     ctgcgtcgca aatttgagca cttgaaacta cacctctgga gctgtagtta gaaacatagt    187380
     tcctggctgt gttctattcc cacttacccc tatgccctat tcatttagaa cattctaaga    187440
     ttcaaagttg gaactattaa aaataaaaaa gcattaaagt catcactctt aggtgtaatt    187500
     tgctatcaag ctatttttac agttcagttt tagcgatctt catgtttaca attgtgctcc    187560
     cttcgcagtg cactttgaaa acattgatgt cattttgaac acagccccat ggtgaaagct    187620
     atttcattta ttttatttaa aagcagaatt tacgttacgt ctccaaaagc ttgtgaaaac    187680
     aaaaaacata gcatacgtta attcttttaa tgtgtagtgg gttatgtatt aagtatctgt    187740
     actgtacatg acatgggcct gttggttaga actttctgct gtggtttgca tgtgtcaaat    187800
     tgtaaaagta gacttttcaa aaaataaata aataaacaat atcctactta ataataataa    187860
     tattaataat aatcattaat attattatta aagtaaatat atttataata aatagcctca    187920
     ttaattattt ttgatatgat ttgtatatga tattagaatg tgttagctgt tgtaagtgat    187980
     tttatgtatt agaacagaat atgtaatgtt caacttctca ataacatttg cagtgttggg    188040
     caagcttctt gaaaagtgta gtgagctaag ctattggcta ctctacttaa aatgtagctt    188100
     aactacacta aaagctgccc cctgggaaat gtagcaagct aagcttaaag ctacatggca    188160
     aaagtagctt agctacattc aagctatttt tgccattttt attttgaaat cgaagcaact    188220
     taaatccaag tcaatcataa ctcagtgatc aataaatctg tcaatgaaac atatgaggca    188280
     tgatagttca gttcagttat ttactgtaaa taatatgcag tactaaacag aaacacatta    188340
     tagtatataa caagctaaaa caaaaaaata caataaaacc aggtgttaca catttaaaat    188400
     actatagtaa agggaatttt tttggaataa tatataaatt aacatacatt attaatatat    188460
     agaaataagt tattgcatct taacatgtac ttctcgaggt atggtcacga ggaatcctgc    188520
     ttcatccttc aatcgtcctg tcatctttct atcaagcaag tttcggttgg cgacatccaa    188580
     ccagaggtgg cagtaacgca cccaaatatt ttttgtcgaa caccgtaaaa caggatgaac    188640
     aagaattc                                                             188648