EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX950178; SV 23; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 175858 BP.
AC   BX950178;
DT   17-FEB-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   15-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 33)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-100L13 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:77289), the rxrab gene for retinoid x
DE   receptor, alpha b, the edf1 gene for endothelial differentiation-related
DE   factor 1, a novel gene and four CpG islands.
KW   edf1; HTG; rxrab.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-175858
RA   Johnson C.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a64d7f1e6b94a5935a869158b7c2abfe.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991907.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000009950; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035127; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000015940; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000016321; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-100L13. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-100L13 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-87E10 is at 107984 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-100L13 is at 175858 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-100L13 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..175858
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-100L13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..173858
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(19996..20246,20552..20603,20862..21022,21100..21193,
FT                   28118..28493)
FT                   /gene="edf1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.4-001"
FT                   /product="endothelial differentiation-related factor 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059541.1 Em:BC071480.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN018833.1 Em:CN177990.1
FT                   Em:CO930649.1 Em:DV585887.1"
FT   CDS             join(20172..20246,20552..20603,20862..21022,21100..21193,
FT                   28118..28176)
FT                   /gene="edf1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019158"
FT                   /product="endothelial differentiation-related factor 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O60869 Sw:Q6GPQ6 Sw:Q9JMG1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PN46"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001387"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010982"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013729"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN46"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-1710"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN87974.1"
FT   polyA_signal    28470..28475
FT   polyA_site      28493
FT   polyA_site      complement(34440)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34441..36596,39816..39941,42999..43288,
FT                   45016..45248,51549..51617,54168..54356,56797..56925,
FT                   61266..61637,66515..66693,66780..66924,68381..68518,
FT                   70606..70928,76573..76697))
FT                   /gene="CH211-100L13.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77289)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055533.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF158102.1 Em:BQ077751.1
FT                   Em:CD282865.1 Em:CD751290.1 Em:CD754227.1 Em:CK353072.1
FT                   Em:CN017901.1 Em:CN831911.1 Em:CR930963.1 Em:CV481649.1
FT                   Em:CV483093.1 Em:CV490467.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34441..36596,42999..43288,45016..45248,
FT                   54168..54356,56797..56925,61266..61637,66515..66693,
FT                   66780..66924,68381..68518,70606..70928,76638..76751))
FT                   /gene="CH211-100L13.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77289)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC065949.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL915390.1 Em:AW116793.1
FT                   Em:AW343956.1 Em:CK148073.1 Em:CN017901.1 Em:CN831911.1
FT                   Em:CO923660.1 Em:CO926199.1 Em:CV481667.1 Em:CV483039.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(34454..34459)
FT   polyA_site      complement(34863)
FT   CDS             complement(join(36478..36596,39816..39941,42999..43288,
FT                   45016..45248,51549..51617,54168..54356,56797..56925,
FT                   61266..61637,66515..66693,66780..66924,68381..68518,
FT                   70606..70806))
FT                   /gene="CH211-100L13.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019133"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77289)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5TJG6 Tr:Q589Q8 Tr:Q5K541
FT                   Tr:Q6NZW1 Tr:Q8UUM2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001487"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018359"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN47"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-5316"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN87975.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(36478..36596,42999..43288,45016..45248,
FT                   54168..54356,56797..56925,61266..61637,66515..66693,
FT                   66780..66924,68381..68518,70606..70806))
FT                   /gene="CH211-100L13.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019157"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77289)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9ESU6 Tr:Q4G0X8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001487"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018359"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN48"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-5316"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN87976.1"
FT   misc_feature    42327
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(60075..60359,60968..61215)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.3-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL921053.1"
FT   misc_feature    65875
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-87E10"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(98835..99067,99586..99691,101327..101418,
FT                   104466..104598,108224..>108353))
FT                   /gene="rxrab"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.1-001"
FT                   /product="retinoid x receptor, alpha b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:U29894.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(98920..99067,99586..99691,101327..101418,
FT                   104466..104598,108224..>108353))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="rxrab"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-100L13.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019130"
FT                   /product="retinoid x receptor, alpha b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q90415 Tr:Q499T0 Tr:Q5TJF8
FT                   Tr:Q6MGB3 Tr:Q7T2G7 Tr:Q8VCR0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5PN49"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000003"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000536"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001723"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008946"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5PN49"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-243"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN87977.1"
FT   misc_feature    173858
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-100L13"
SQ   Sequence 175858 BP; 56527 A; 32017 C; 31967 G; 55347 T; 0 other;
     gaattcagaa gtacttacag ttcacgatac tcttgattgc gtcacgttta tatgaataaa        60
     atgacttaag cattcgtact gtacatttca agcacatctt gtttccaaca gaaattgagt       120
     tgctgtttat atgaaactgt atgttgtatg gaagccccag atgtgtcgtt tcaattacat       180
     ctcacaccaa aacgtaactt tttgattagg tggctaactt gtttgagttt gtacgatatc       240
     atttgtacat tttagtatga tttgctcatc tacaaataga tatgtttcca tccacctgtt       300
     tttgtgcgca ttttggatat gcacataaaa aatggttgat gctcattaat tttgaaaatg       360
     tgcataaaaa cgtatgttta taactaagta ggataaactt tttattagat aagaaaagat       420
     tcgcatgaac tacaatggaa atacttttac tgaacaaatt cgagttcttc gcattaaaaa       480
     gtcatgtgat tttgttacaa gagatcatgt gacgatacaa atgtgtgtga atggacaaac       540
     cagcaggttg agcacattgt taaacctctg aaatgttgtt ttgttcattc taaaatgccg       600
     taaccttttc agtattagtg ttattatatt attaattacc tctataattg tcaagagcgt       660
     ctgttctcta cgtctcacat tttcaagcgc caccacgcat tcattgcgtg gcatcgtctt       720
     ctgaggcgca agtcatttat taaatatgga aaagattgac gcagcttctc ctaccacagt       780
     aaattcagta tttacttatg atatttggtc ccagtttatc aagaagtgac gattttgttt       840
     tctttgagtc attggacgga aacgctgctt tattcgcacg tcttttatgc gatattccag       900
     tttgcatctt tggatagaaa catgactaat gacggtaggg tttggtgcca tgcctccttt       960
     taaaaatagt aaattttcct acgactgaac tcgtatgaat ttgtacgaat tagccactaa      1020
     actgacaaaa cgtaaaacag ttacgtttcc ttgtgagatc aggctggcca atttgtatgg      1080
     attccacagc agttgttatg tgtttgggcc ttccgtaaaa taaaaatacc ttaaatgaat      1140
     ttgatacatg attgttgtca accaaaagtc ttgtagtgct gtacagaaaa aaaggcataa      1200
     atgatataac acataagttc aatgagttgt atcttttatc attgtctttt cttcacgata      1260
     ctgattggtt aataacctta aaatgtatgt atctgccccc tgtttatttt cccccaatat      1320
     ctgtttaact gagtctaaac atttctaaac aaaattgttt caataaataa ctgagttctt      1380
     ttatctttgc catgttgaca gtcaggggcg gatatagtga ttttggggcc ctaagccatt      1440
     tcagccacgg ggcccaagtc ctgaaatgca ctttttctac tcttattaaa tttttattta      1500
     tattgctgtt ttttttaatt tttataatca ctcatttttt tttcgacaat taaaataaat      1560
     aaaatctcta cattttaaat gattagtttt ctttaaatta atttccaact aaaaataatt      1620
     aatatatatt ttttagaaat ttgactgctg gactgctcca tgatggatat tttattttgt      1680
     gatactaata ataggtatca ctttacaata aggttgtatt agttaatgtt agttaatcca      1740
     tttactaaca tgaacagaca atgaacaatt catttatcac agcatttgct catgttggtt      1800
     aatgcaaata cagttgctca ttgttagttc atgttaactc aaggtgcatt tattactgtt      1860
     aacaagtgtg aatttagatt ttagtaaatg ttgaactatg attaataaat gccctgacaa      1920
     gtactgttca tacttagttc atgttagtaa acacattaac tagcattaac tattgaaacc      1980
     ttactgtaaa gtgtgaccaa ataagaatat tgcataacat tacattatta taataatatt      2040
     atatttgatt gtgtgctaaa taatattaaa tttagctaaa attgtatttg tttaactctc      2100
     accatacaaa atatggtaga aaacgatgtt agatatatag tttatagatc taatttatac      2160
     ttctagatat ttattggggg tccccagatt tcttaggcct caaagtggcc gcttaccttg      2220
     ctgtttggtt aactccgccc ctgatgacag taaatattat ttgactagat attttcaaga      2280
     tgctggtatt cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact aggttaatta ggccagttag      2340
     gataataagg caaatcattg tgcaacggtg gtttgttcta caatcgaaaa tatatattta      2400
     ctgcctaaat aacctaatat ttaaacctaa atgttttttt ttattataaa aactgatttt      2460
     attctagcca aaataaaaca aataagactt tctccagaag ataaactatt atcggaatac      2520
     tgtgaaaaat tccttgctct gttaaacatc agttgggaaa tatttagaga aggggctaat      2580
     aattccgact tcagttgtat gggtgtgaca tcactgaaca tcatgactct atattttatg      2640
     gattcaccca aaaatgtgta tttgctgtta gtttattcct cctcaggcca ttcaagaagt      2700
     aggtgactac ttctaaaaac acatacgagc aaaacagaaa tagttccctg tgcctcatga      2760
     ggatacattt gaggtcttat aaagtgaaac tgtggtctgt gtaagaactc tataacacag      2820
     taatgtatgc atcctcagac atgcagattt ttcactctat ttcaagctga gcaatgtgtg      2880
     ctaggcagtt tgtcaaagga tgtttacctt tgcattgagt cagtgtcgag ttttagccag      2940
     ctgtccaggc aataccaaat accacactga ccaactgcat tcttgtacaa gcacaccagt      3000
     ggaaaaatgg aggagaaatg tatattgctc taaactgtgc caacatattt agaaagaatc      3060
     aaatgctctc tgaaataagt tactagtaac agtcttattt gtatcgctta tgttgtgtag      3120
     accaaatgtc cccaagtgta gcaagaccag tactttttga ccttttggtc ttaaagtgta      3180
     aaacgactca taaatcacac agaatgaagt attttgaaaa tgtaaaaata caaattgttt      3240
     tctgtgagtg ttgaattttg gggcataggt atcaaacata cagtcagtac actctcagaa      3300
     ataaagctac gcgagctgtc actggggtgg taccttttca caaggtacaa atttttacct      3360
     aaaaggtcta tattaatacc tcaagggtaa atattagtac ctaaaaagta caaaagtgtt      3420
     actcttaaaa tttttagata ctaatatata cttttgaagt accaatatgg accctttaag      3480
     tacaaatgct taaaaaaaaa ggtatcaccc cagtgacagc ttgcttacct ttatttctgt      3540
     gagtgtatgt tatagaatca ttacgtctat gggaagtcct cataacttta caagtgtgtg      3600
     tgtgagaaac tatacaatta gtttataatg aagttttcaa aaatgcatcc aataagttta      3660
     gctaaaccgt gctaacattt aaaaaaaaaa gagagaaatt atctatgaaa tcagatgaaa      3720
     caactgaata aataaataaa tacagactag taattcaggt gtaaaattaa aatcctttaa      3780
     aaatatatat taaaaaacta ttttgggata aaataatgtg tttgtgcata tattaaatta      3840
     caaaaatgtt ttacgatttg atattttatc agtgaaaaaa aaattttgtc tgtttattta      3900
     tgattataaa ttgcattata ggtaatttat ctcttctctg ttgacttttg atgttgaaaa      3960
     tgtaactctg ctgtttaaaa aagtggcttt gtttgacatt ttagtagttt gaaatgatat      4020
     attgaatgag aaatcaaatt aaccttattc ttcaatgcgg aagtgcgcac attttcgtga      4080
     ttgttttaga acttccgatt tagttgccta tgcgagaaat gactggaaat aacgccaaaa      4140
     aactacctgc tctacataca agtgtttgca tgagtataca aaatagaaaa atatataata      4200
     agaaaatatc agtttgcaag atccagcagc ataacgagcg ggttttaacc tctaaaaatg      4260
     aatggaagtg aatgagactg gaagactcaa gtcaaaaaca tacaaatgtc tgcgctcgct      4320
     cgcacgccaa gaataaggtg aatagagagc attgagtgca taaaataaca gaagtactgc      4380
     tagttcatta ccaggtttcc gatcaataat ttacaacacc aatacagaca atatatcact      4440
     ttaaaatatt aaaaatgtca ataaaagtca ctctttttca aacttttcaa catcaaaagt      4500
     tgttgggtga aagaccgaga acttataatg caaatcaaaa acataaataa attataaaca      4560
     acataaatca caaaatatag aaaactttac tgttttataa gtgctattct caacttttta      4620
     gttttaattt tttgtgttgc agtcaaactc catatgtgtg tttttgtgtg tgagcacaat      4680
     acatttattt ttaaaagtac tgttaaaaag agcctgttta attgcacttc ataagccatc      4740
     ccagttttgt gtaaagatag atgatgtaaa aataaaatac aaccccaaat caaaccaaaa      4800
     gctgggacag tatggaaaaa gtagtgattt ctaaacttac tttgacttgt attttattgc      4860
     agacaatata acaagcatta ttgaatgggc acctatgatg aaaatctttt ttttgtaagc      4920
     tgtttggact gatataaaga caatgagtct cttttttaaa atttccttat gttaaatcca      4980
     aatccctccc attttgaggc ccaccccaaa gtgacatagg agtgcggttt cctggcccac      5040
     cgaattaatt gacagcagca tattaacaag tctccgtagt aacatgtata atcctatcaa      5100
     caagacaggg cgtacacaac aactaggaat aaaagatctg ttcagctctc tgtggtcatc      5160
     aatcatcaaa tgtgatcaag agtcctttac aagtttaaaa caatttagat cagaacatgt      5220
     gtgtaatgaa ttacaacgat ttgaccatct ttatgtacaa ttatagatgc tctaatcccg      5280
     gtttataaat caggtttatt ttgtacatta acataacaga tatccataca gcagtggata      5340
     ttaacctgta tcctgtcaca tttgccatgc aaaaacagtg caaagttata cgcacgcact      5400
     gtgtgcctgc caagactacc aacaaaggag tctcctgtat ttcagaccca tctcccgtat      5460
     tgctctgtct cccagaattc caccccagcc acccccatcc ccccaaagtt ggaagagtaa      5520
     agcatttacc actttgtaat gtcattcctt ttcacaacac ttaaaagacg tatagagacg      5580
     gaagacacca agtgatgaag tgttttagct gtaattttgt cgtattcttc ctgcaaaaaa      5640
     gtcttaagta cagtacgagg tcttcgttgc tgcattttgc gctttaaaat gcaacacata      5700
     ttctctgttg gagacatgtc aggactgcag gcaggccagt caattaacgg aacacaataa      5760
     ataatgtttg ttgcattgtc taaaatgaaa tacaactaac attatttaat gtgttcaggt      5820
     aatttactgg cctgcctgca gtcctgacct gtcgttgaag aatgtgttgc gcttcaaaat      5880
     gcactacaca ttctcaattg gaaacagggc aggactgcag gcagcccagt caattaccca      5940
     aacacattaa ataacgtttg ttgtattgtc cgcagtgaaa tacaaggcaa agtaaattta      6000
     tatatcacta ctttcttttt tatttgcatt tttcatgatg tctcagcctt ttctgatttg      6060
     gtgttgtaga aaatgccaaa atcttatgct acaaaaataa aaggaatcat gtttaaaaaa      6120
     taataaggat aattcaggtg tcaagtgaag gttagatttg aattcaagct atagtaacac      6180
     atgaacatta ttattattat taatactatt gttatggctt cattaacagt ggaactgcca      6240
     aaactgccac gcacacactt tgtgtttgga atgcttggtg tgcatgagtg tttgacagaa      6300
     gagatcaagc ctttattgaa ttggttgttt aatatctcag cagctgtgtg tgtcagtctg      6360
     cgttttcgct catagctgtg atctggcaga gtgtgaccct gactcagcgc tctataaata      6420
     ccagcagggg tcagtctgtg agtccatgtt catgactgct gacaccccac tgctcctggc      6480
     tctgacctac atacacgtca atactgatca cggctgacat acaagtcatt ttggtttaat      6540
     aatcattcaa caatcatttg cgaactcaag ttgggctgtg tccaattttt ttcaaatatt      6600
     tcctaaatga tgtttaacag agcaaagaat ttttacagta tttgttctaa tattttttct      6660
     tcaggagaaa gtcttatttg ttttaattcg gctagaataa aagcagtttt cattttttta      6720
     aaacaatttt agggtcaata tataaattat atactatatg gggatcacac tcctcagcct      6780
     tcctgggaca gtctatgcca gagcattgaa gaggaggatc tggcagatgg ttgaaactaa      6840
     tgtaagaatt taaatattat aaatattttt gatgtctttg acaattcaaa acatgagctg      6900
     aaaacagggc caatggactc cacaacccac caggggggaa tgcgggaaaa accagttcct      6960
     gctgcatttg catctgagta tgctgaaact cagcttcatc cccccaactc acgcatatgg      7020
     tcatttcaat gtttgaatgt tctagattaa ccaaactgac tttaactatc atgtttgata      7080
     tcatttgaaa tgtctcagtg cgattggtac aatggtctca ttctctcaga aacagacatt      7140
     atcaacacaa taaatatata acttcaggca tcttttgaac cactgtgaag ggtgtgactt      7200
     tttccttttg ttatacacac acaacccctt ccttgaggga attcttggat tatttaaggt      7260
     aaggtttaag aaagactcag ggcgattctg cctacccaga tcagcccata acatggagcc      7320
     taggctccac gttatgtaaa atttatacgt tatgtaaaag gtcaggtatg catcttttca      7380
     tcttggattt atctttgata atttgatgtt ttgtattgat catttatgaa ttgactgatt      7440
     gaattggcat aatacattta cctgactaat aaattgtaat gtttgaccat attttgctca      7500
     ctctgtaatt attaattcaa gtagattacg ctgtatcctt gtttccgcac gtcttgcgtc      7560
     aggtcagtag acggactaaa atccaattga gatggagcat tgggcacact aattgtgttt      7620
     tagcgatccg gctgactctt gatattgatt catgtgtact taggtggaaa gggcgttaac      7680
     ttccgtctag gtcaacaagg tgttgcacga ctaacctaga ttgggtaccc gacctttgtt      7740
     tgaaggtaat attattctaa attaagttca tatgggaaac catgggcttg gtgaaaacca      7800
     aagttactat agagtccagt agtcgggtac atttatatta atgccctaac ctctaattag      7860
     aaatgatgat tgtcttaact caaaggtgta cacctaaact aaagtatttt agaacgagcg      7920
     cgctggtagc ggccatctaa agtattagtc aatttacctc tgtttaatat tcaagactga      7980
     ccggagtgtg accgtgaggg acgccttcgg ccgaggcgat ttctctgagc gacatgagca      8040
     cccgaatgaa cgaatgtaat agttactagt gaagacaaaa ggttcaaaca tttatctaaa      8100
     ttacatattg atataatctt cttaatgttt tatgattgga gtcagataaa acgaggataa      8160
     atatattaat attctaaacc acctcatact aaaattggag tcagataaga gttaagttta      8220
     atatagatca acattgtgca ctggaaagac cgaacatgca gtgaaccttc atccaccagt      8280
     ggataccgtc attggaccaa ctgggtggac cctacactaa aatccaggag atttccagga      8340
     ggacaattca gttttcgtcc gggccgtggc acacttgacc agctctatac cctcactagg      8400
     gtgctcgagg gttcatggga gtatgcccaa ctagtccaca tgtgttttgt ggacttggag      8460
     aaggcattcg accttgtccc tcgttgcctt ctgtggaggg tgctgtggga gtatgaagtc      8520
     agaaattact ttgttaaggt ctgtcttgtc cctatatgaa cagaataagg gtgctttcac      8580
     atctgtagtt tgcttcattt ggtccggacg aagggcaata aatgatacat tgttgcattt      8640
     tctgccgtct atgggttgtt ttcacaccac actgctggct ttggtccgaa ccagttgaaa      8700
     cgaaccaaaa tgcagtcgtc tgacaagtcc acatcactca ttggccagat gatgttgaac      8760
     atatttccta aactgcttat tgattggtta gaattcacat gcaggaaaat gccaatgatc      8820
     tcccgcaagt aaacaaaacc ggcagacaca aaatgtcact ttttactctg gagggacaac      8880
     tgcgctgact aattgtatcc ctgctttaga caaactatac atttcgagaa tgaagcgtgg      8940
     ctgcggctgg aaaacagggt tttaatgcat cgctcgtcac ttcaggaggt ggcgtgaatt      9000
     aatttagcta aactgcgaca tggtcatctt gcggaaatat taccaacgat ccatcaggta      9060
     atgttttccc ctctctttct ctctgttggt aaagcactaa aaatcaataa attaaagtca      9120
     ataaatattt ttcctccata tctcataatg caaagcgcat cggcctacgg cagctggatt      9180
     agtccaaaag gcgcagtact tattggggtt ggacctgtct tagtacggat cataatctca      9240
     acacaaacga accgctccag ggtttgtttg aaagcgtaca gagaccacct cttcaagcag      9300
     gtctcggtac acttgtttgg tccgcttttg gtgcgcactc gagtacaatt gctgcattct      9360
     cacctgccca aacgaaccgt accaaaaggg aaaacgaact ctagtgcgat tcaatctaac      9420
     taaataaggc aggtgtgaaa gcactctaag agtttggttc gcattgccgg caataagtca      9480
     gacttgtttc cagtgcatgt tgggctctgg cagggctgcc cttcgtcacc aattctgttc      9540
     aaaattttta tggacagaat ttcaaagcgc agccttgggc tggagggggt ccgattcggg      9600
     gaccacagga ttccatctct gtaatacgca gatgatgtcg ttctgttggc ttcatcgaac      9660
     atggaccttt agcatttact gaggtggttt gttgccgagt gtgacacggc tggaataaga      9720
     atcagcacct ccaagtccaa ggccatggcg ctccacttaa aaaaggtggt ttgccatctc      9780
     caggttggag aaaagtcctt accccaggtg gaggagttca agcatcttgt ggttttgttt      9840
     aagagtgagg gaaggataaa atgtgagatt gacaggcggg tctgtgttgc ggctgcagtt      9900
     gatgtaccgg tcccttgtgg taaagaagga gttgagccga aaggcaaagc tcttgattta      9960
     ttggtcaatc tatttttcta ctttgaccta tgagtcataa gctttgggtc atgaccgaaa     10020
     ggacaagatc tcgaacacaa gtggctgaaa taagttgtct tcacagggtg gcagggtgca     10080
     cccttataga tagagtgagg agctctgtca tccaggagga gctcagagta gagccgctgc     10140
     tcctccacat tgagagatgt cagctgaagt ggctcggcat ctgtttcaga tgcctccagg     10200
     acgcctacct agggggggtt ccaggcatgt cccacaggca gttggcctcg gggaagaccc     10260
     aggacacgct ggagggacta tgtttctcgg ctgacctggg aatgccttgg gatcccccca     10320
     gaggagctgg aggaagactg ctgccccctt aactcggcct cggataagcg gatgaatatg     10380
     acatgatgac ataattagcc ctcttaagca atatttttaa caattgacag aacaaaacca     10440
     ttgttataca ataactttcc taaattacct aacttgcctg ttccattgca ccctattttt     10500
     ttgctatcaa atgatctctt taaacaaaat cacatgactt ttttgtgcct gctggtttta     10560
     attcagtaaa cgtgtttcca ttgtagttta tttagcataa ataaatttag ttattgttgc     10620
     agtttttaaa atttttttga atagttcaaa aagagttttt tacagagtag tgaatcctac     10680
     tcagttattc tatgcattgt ttttgcgcat tttcaaaata tatgagcatc ttggcttttc     10740
     cattacgcat ttttatgcaa tattacaaaa tgtgcataat ataatgttga tggaaacata     10800
     gctaggtatc atgtgtttat catatattta agatattagt caggttttat cctcaaactg     10860
     ctactgtgtt tgggactagt ttctttatct tttgtcatca gtttcatttt atccaaagcc     10920
     ttttgttttg tttgatttat gactgttgtt ggctgcaaaa tatctgaaat catttggtgt     10980
     ggtgatattg aacttttatg cagtcaagac atacctggaa ctactttggg tgtggatttt     11040
     tctgaaagta attgcggaat gttcatcatc caatcgaaat caagtattta aaaactctgt     11100
     agtataagag gaaactgaac caagtacatg cattaaaggg actttgattt tcatgttaga     11160
     aaggtggtaa aaacgatggc tgccaaggga taagacttgc cttaaaggga ctttgaaaca     11220
     actcagttcc taacacatct tggtcattta tcaaagttca tttaagctgg attccatcgc     11280
     agattaagct aaattctttg aaaggcttaa aaaagtatta aagttgaatt tggtcaaaca     11340
     gatatactac tgttctttag gattacgatt agaaaatgcc taaaaataca agatgaaaca     11400
     aagtgttgtg aaacatggta aaaacatcat atgataaaga aaaatagatt gttataataa     11460
     taatagctat ggaaagaaaa ttaaaatatc actttctctg tatgttctct cagcatgtac     11520
     tggatttatt tcgggttaat attagctaag gtctgataac atttattcca aatgaaaaag     11580
     agaatatttg tttttctcca aaaagttaca actggtaaaa ctataatgaa taacaaatgt     11640
     aatcatttgt tgtgatagat aaatttcaga agcaaaaaca ttggtattgt gttgtcctaa     11700
     aataaatgta acctcgtcag aaaatatgac aaaaataaca acgttcatat aataatctat     11760
     atttgtttta cagcactttg aaatcttttt taatgttgtt gacaaaaaaa tgtatgtggt     11820
     ttagggttgt aacaatatac cggtatgacg gtttaccacg atttgaacgt gcacgattat     11880
     cataccatga acaattgcat atcaacggtt ttaaccctta aagaccgaga cagccgcccg     11940
     cggctaaaaa taagtattgc tcttaaatgt ttaataactt ttgatccgct gatccgattc     12000
     atacaattca aagattggca taaagaagag aatctcagct ttccagtgct gtatcacata     12060
     acattcgcgg actttctttt tttttttttt ttcttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgca     12120
     aaaaaaacag ttgacaagtt tgtaacaata tttgtttaca atgcagaata tgaattacat     12180
     tgtcaatgaa aagagatatg agagagaaag acagaaaaat aaaataaaaa taaagaacat     12240
     gatataaact tgagggtaag acatttaaga atcaagaaca gtacataaat taaagtcatt     12300
     acaaaatgaa atagttctgt ttgctttctt atttttagat aatgaaatta attgtatata     12360
     atgaataaat tcttgcaaaa acacaggaaa atatggttta gtattagtaa atttgcattt     12420
     gtggatatgg aatttacaaa gaaaataaat taaatttata acaaaacaag catttctctt     12480
     agtaggggca gattcataat aaccaaaaac aatttcttta aaagtaacag aaacatcttg     12540
     ttgtatatta tcattaataa ataatccaat atgtttccaa aattgtacag cataattaca     12600
     ctcccaaaat aaatgaataa cagtttcagt atgaaattga caaaatgaac attttacatc     12660
     aatattagaa ttaaactttt tcaaaaattg ttttatagga taaaatttgt tgatcaattt     12720
     aaaagacacc tctttgacct tgttggtgag aaaatatttt tgttgcaaag accatatttt     12780
     ttcccatatc aaatctctat agatattatt ccaataagag attacagggg acaatgtagc     12840
     aactttttca ataaaaagag atctaatttt gtaatttcta tcttttttgt ttgaaaaaca     12900
     aattttaccc acaaatgttt ctgtcggatc agaaaggtac aattttttag gagtgagatg     12960
     aatggtactt ttgaagagca tagtaattcc tgatgttata gctcccataa caatggcgaa     13020
     attttttgga cttactggta tgttatactc ggaaataaat tcaaagtaat tcattaaaaa     13080
     acctctgttg ttaaataact gactaactaa aagcaaaccg ttgttaaacc aatcactgaa     13140
     aaacaaagat ttatttttat ataaaatatt ttggttattc caaatagaaa atgtgtgagg     13200
     agtaaaatta tgtttataaa ttaaagtcca ggccagaagt acttgttgat ggaaatttga     13260
     aagtttaaca ggaattttgg ttatgttata attacacatc aataaaaact taatgcctcc     13320
     aacaatagaa aatacctgtt ttgggaaaat attccaaatt gagtcttctt tatgtagata     13380
     ctggttaagc caattaattt tgaaagtata atttgaagag cagaaatcaa tacagttaag     13440
     acctccttta ttatacgaat ttattataac agtctttttc atatagtggc atttattttt     13500
     ccagacaaag tctgttaaag ttttatcaat tagtttgcat gtaggcttat ctacgtacag     13560
     agattgagct gcataagaaa gacgagacag gccctctgct ttggtgagca aaattcttcc     13620
     tttaatagac agatctcttt gaagccaact attcaatttt cttttagttt ttgcaacaat     13680
     tggattaaag ttagcatcac atctattttt atcgttagtt atatttatgc caaggtaaga     13740
     tactgagttt ttaacagcta ctccacaaat tgaggaaaca ccacaatttt taatgggaag     13800
     taattcacat ttatttaaat taagatttaa accagatgca ttggaaaatg tttgtagagt     13860
     atttaatgca gccgccactt gagatgaatc ttttaaaaac aatgttgtat catctgctag     13920
     ttgacttata attaactctg tacttccaat agtaattcct tttaaattac tccttttgat     13980
     atgtaaatta agaaactgta ctgcaattaa aaacaaataa ggtgatactg ggcatccctg     14040
     ccttactcca ctatgtaaaa aaaatcttgg ggaagtacca ctgcttaact taatagagct     14100
     atttatgttt ttatataaca ttttaatcat tttacaaaaa gtaacaccaa acccaatttc     14160
     tttaagcgct tgaaataaaa aaccatgttc taaagtgtca aaggctttat aataatccaa     14220
     aaaaaatatg aaactgtctc catcaatcat atcagaatag tctaggatat ctaaaattaa     14280
     tcttatgtta ttagatatat gtctatttgg cataaagcct gactgagttt catcaataat     14340
     agaaggtaaa attactttta atcttttagc taaaactata gcaattattt tgtagtcgtt     14400
     gttcaacaaa gttattggac gccaattatc taataaattt cgatctttat ttggtttggg     14460
     gattagcgta atcaaacctt ggcataaagt aggtgggaga aaagagttat ctgtactttc     14520
     cttataaaca cttaacaaga agggagcaat atttttacta aacatatggt aaaattctga     14580
     aatgaaacca tcagtgccag gagatttatt ccgttttaat gatttaattg cttcttcaac     14640
     ttctgttaat gtgattggag cttcaagaaa agcctgatca gcattctcca atttttttac     14700
     acaagataat gtttcgaaaa aatctaaagc attttgttta ttaaatttag aggtgtacaa     14760
     atcattataa aacttagcac aaaaattagc aatagtcttc tggtcttcac atattgattg     14820
     attaattata agtttttcaa ttagattttt ttgctgttgt tgcttttcca atctaaaaaa     14880
     ataagaagaa ttctgctcac cttcttccaa ccatctcttc cgtgatctaa taaatgctcc     14940
     ctctgctttt tcctgataga tttgatctaa tttattttga taatgggtat attcaacctt     15000
     ttcactatca gacaaaatag ttttagatag aaaatcagaa attttgcata ttataatatt     15060
     ttcattttct tttctttctt tcgctaattt actgctaaat gttcttaaaa actttccgat     15120
     ttcatatttt gctaactccc aattctttcc aaaaacattt tcctcgtttg cttttttcca     15180
     gtacttgcaa attataaatt cgattttttc atttacttct ttatagttaa gcaatgaaca     15240
     attcaatttc cagtaagaat tgattctaca taagttggca gtttctgaaa aaggaatagt     15300
     tatcgagatg catctgtgat cagaaaaggg tgatggaata atgtctgaat tagccttatt     15360
     taaatctctt gagataagcc acaaatctat acgggattgt ctggaaagag agttatttcc     15420
     ccatgtgaaa catttttgat taggatgagt gtctctccaa ttatcaacta aacagaatcg     15480
     ttcaatgaaa gttttaaaat aaagatttga gttatcaggt gattttggag gccatctgtc     15540
     taacctatta tccaatgcaa cattaaaatc tccgccaagg attaaaaaag catttgggta     15600
     tttagtaagt aatttcaaaa tgtgttgttc tattagatca agaagttttt cattttcttt     15660
     ttgttgatta aacccataaa tattaacaat gataaacatt gatttggata tttcagttac     15720
     aagacaaata taatggccat ttgagtcaca ttcagagcaa ataattttcc cattaaattg     15780
     atttttaagg atgcaaacac cagctgattt gtttgtacca tgagccatcc ataaatctaa     15840
     accccactga gatctccaaa aattatagtc ctcttttaca gaatgacatt cttgcaaaaa     15900
     acaaaaatca gttttaaact ttttcatata caaaaatata gcttttcttt ttagagtatt     15960
     tcttaaccct cgtgtattaa atgaaattat agaaagagac ataacaaaga tataacctag     16020
     aatattaaac tagattattc tcaaaaaaag gatttgcaaa gctacattca gaacgatgag     16080
     aactgcaaac tctatatgaa ctataaaaat aatgtagtgt taattaaggt gcataaattt     16140
     tacatcaaag aacaaaaaat gttttgtaaa tcagattaaa ttacttaagt atagaagcta     16200
     ctcagttgaa caattttact ttagcccata aagtttttat agactatatt cagtgatatt     16260
     tttttttcag gtgtgttaat agaaaagtaa gaaaaaagaa taaataaata aaattgtgaa     16320
     gtcaaattct aaattgaggc cctttttgta aaatacccct ttactattgg cttaactgtg     16380
     tgaaaataag aaattagcga agtaaactat taaatcagtt ttaattgtcc taaaaaggcc     16440
     atcaatttaa caaaaagaca ttttttttta accaacttaa tattaacatc acacaccttc     16500
     ccatgtaaag tctcaagcag gagggaatat ttcgtttccc tctacgaaag ccctacttcc     16560
     gatgaagtat gctcgtttat tatcttttct tgctttctcc actgctggcc atagtttgtt     16620
     tcttctttct ttatctgcaa gggataagtc ttctgatatt ttaatgttat tttcgcgcaa     16680
     aaaggcagag tcctttgctg cacgccaaac agcatcgcga aagaaacggg aagcaaattg     16740
     tagaataatt cctctgttct tgtttggttg cttgcgacct aaccggtgta cagtgtcgac     16800
     ggcgctggag agtctgtcct tgtcctctgg taagagatgc tgacaaacgt ctataaccct     16860
     accacgaaca tcctctcttt cattttccgg aatgccgtgc atcctgagat tccaccgccg     16920
     cgagtaactt tctaactgtg acagccttcg gtcgtgtccc acgcacgttt cctctacctt     16980
     attcagtgtg gattccatca ctccatactt gtttttcaga tggttaacct cagcactcac     17040
     aaattcgata gcttctttca cacttgtaat ttgttttgta ttttcattaa ttacgtcctt     17100
     catggaggta atcgctcttg tgttttctcc gatcacattt tctaaagcat cagaacgggt     17160
     gtttattaat tgagaaagag ctccgagttg ggagagaatg gcaacctccg aactttcagt     17220
     tttccgttgt tttgtagcag gtgatttgca tggagtttct ggaagtgcag ggaattcttc     17280
     ctcacacatc ataaattcgt caaagtccac actaattttt gaataattgt gtaatttttc     17340
     cgtttcataa ctacatgagg ctcccatcgt ttcactcacg ttactgctaa cattagcagc     17400
     gttagctgtc cccagagaca cgtttttgtt cttccttttc tccgatttac ccatcttatc     17460
     acaaacaggg actaattctg tagtatttat attatattct ctctttgcac agagtaaaat     17520
     agctttcaac taataacact acttgccaat tacaatgttt gagcttacag agcacatcga     17580
     tccgcttgtt gttagagcgc catcttggtc ggaccccaca ttcgcggact ttcagaggct     17640
     ccggaatcag tgcggttacg tcatcaacat ttgacaacgc tgatttgaca aagaaacgct     17700
     cgtctctgtg tctccggaca aatcagacat gatacattga tgcattgttc ctcctccatg     17760
     cccagattgg ttcaaactcg ctatatcaca accaataagc ataggtttcg cttttgtttg     17820
     tggaccaagg ctgtttctca attccaagaa cgcagagaat ggacttgcgt tcttgtagag     17880
     tgcggtcttg ccagctgtcc tcggaagaac gaactcagga gaccgcgagg gcagagaacg     17940
     cgtcctttga gaaatgggat gctgcgttct tcctgatggt catgtgacct tcacgcgttt     18000
     taaatggaaa ttaattaaac attacagcct tcatacaacg atttattgtt tcccccctct     18060
     tcaaaatata tactttgcat aaaaacatta taaatatact ctgcacatta taaataaaac     18120
     aaattttaat acgaatttca tcaaacaaac acaattaatg tgtttattcc tttattaaga     18180
     tgttcatgtt aatgtttacc ttcaccgttt catttaggga aactcctgag gtaaataagt     18240
     aatatctctg aactttaata ataaatctaa ataaaatgct gcgcttccca cctccagtcg     18300
     caatgacttc tgggacttcc agagcgagct cgctgttgaa gtctgcatcg gtgcgtcctc     18360
     gatatcaaga acacatccgg gaagtttcac gcgtcctccg tacttgcggt cttgagtatt     18420
     ggaactgaac ttaggcagct gatgatgacg tttcacgagg acacaagacc gctgaagaac     18480
     gcatattgag aaacaagctt tttgaacaac acggaatgag agataggcat acatttatgc     18540
     gcggctaaat aaaacgcaaa aaaaaagttt tgcatgaaat aattctcata ctaagtactt     18600
     ttgcatgcac agcagcacag aaacatgaca aaacagtgac acagcaaaga cgaactgctg     18660
     ctcttgctgt tttcaaaaga cgcaaatgaa gatgcagctg tttgtctgca ttgcagacaa     18720
     ccatatccat atccatagac aaccatatcc atgctggcac ataaaaccta aggatgttcc     18780
     atatttaatc tagtttcgtt atgtaactat ttatagtata gtaaatattt atatctattt     18840
     ttttactgag gatttgcacc atgtttattt ggactttgac acattattta ttattttctt     18900
     atttttattt gttcattgta agtggtgttg tttatagtaa ctaaaaatat attatttgaa     18960
     aaaagtcaaa tttgcttcac tgttctatta ttttgtaaca taccgtatac cgcgaaaccg     19020
     tcaaaccgtg gtattgtttt agacgattat cataccgtga aaaattcata ccgttacaac     19080
     cctaatgtgg tttattttct ttaaacggat ataaacaaac taatatttta ttcctattaa     19140
     aaacaataaa ttaacttgaa ctaagatact aaattgctgc atttgtatta tttcttgtta     19200
     ttcataactt gctaacaact ttgctaattc attcaagttg ttgcggatgc agatgcagtc     19260
     agatgccacg aggggcaaat taaaagcttt tgaccattca tgacacacac tatatcatat     19320
     gatagagaaa atagattgtt ataataataa taatagctat ggaaagaaaa ttaagagacc     19380
     actttctctg tatgttctct catgatatac tggatttatt gagggttcat attagcttta     19440
     ttctataaag gtctgataac atttcttcca aataagaaag agaatatttg tttttcttca     19500
     gaaagtgaca aatggaaaga ctataataag tatcaaatgt attaatttat tgtgatagat     19560
     aaatctgggt tccagacact tttcagaagc taaaacattg gtattgtgtt gttctaaaat     19620
     aaatgtaacc tcgtcaaaaa acatgacaaa aataacaacg ttcgtttaat tattaataca     19680
     tttttacagc attttaaaat cgttgttatt tacaaaaaaa taggtggttt gttaatttta     19740
     agctgtaaca aatgtgatct tatttctaat aaaaacgtta atattataac gttaatatat     19800
     aataatacgt tattttctgt cattcacaac tagctaacgt taactttgct aattcgttca     19860
     agttgttgcg tcagatgcca cgcatggcaa attaaaagct tttgaccgtt cataacacgc     19920
     actatttatc taaacttata ataaattgta cgtttttcag tacaatttta aaacccacac     19980
     cttctcaata cgataagctt tactcacgtt aaaggggctt gttgacatgt gcccacacgg     20040
     tgacgtatat ccggtttagt tcactagcat aaagagcaaa aagggacgtg ctcgacaact     20100
     tcaacgcccc gcagttgccc taaaatcaaa cacctctaaa cacacaacaa caacaaaatc     20160
     atccaaaaat catggcagaa tgcgactggg acacggtgac cgttttgagg aagaagggat     20220
     cggccgcgca gtccaagtcg aagcaggtat ttcacacgct tctgctacat atagtttgct     20280
     gacgtgatta gttcacgtat gacgagcaca ttgttgcttt gacctgttta taaatgtttg     20340
     tcttcgacta atgcgatata atgtgtgtcc caaagcatta aatatcaatg tgacagtaaa     20400
     aggagtagta atgttaacgt ataacttcga gaattagcca gtatgtgaaa cgtgctgttg     20460
     gaggccataa taagtgtgat cataacaaca cagttcaaag atctacatgg agtttcggtt     20520
     tacataacaa cgttataacc tctgttttta ggctgtgact gctgctcaga gaaagggaga     20580
     agctgtggaa acgtctaaga aatgtaagaa tacatacctt ttatataaga tctgtttata     20640
     tcactaactg gagtgaaatg tgctggtaat ttcattgagg taaagttggt tttaccttca     20700
     cacatagtct taaaaagtct tacattttat ttcataaaac ctgtagaaac catgtacttg     20760
     aaccatggaa atcgtaccaa atagttcaat attatataga gtattggagc attgctagca     20820
     agtacactga gtaaacaatc ttgttttttt tttctcctta ggggctgctg ggcaaaataa     20880
     acaacatgtt gtaaccaaaa acacagccaa gctggacaga gagacggagg agctcagcca     20940
     ccagagagtg ccacttgaag tgggcaaagt gatccagcag ggccggcaga ataagggcct     21000
     cacccagaaa gatctggcta ctgtgagtgt ttgccagact taccgtaagg ttcatttatt     21060
     tttgaggtgg tgaaatataa ttgtgcgttt ctcttgcaga aaattaacga gaagccacag     21120
     atcattgcag agtatgaatg tgggaaggct atccccaata atcaggtcat ggggaaaatc     21180
     gagcgagcca ttggtaggat tttatccttc ttctatttgt tttggtcaca atagctaatt     21240
     gtctactgta ataaagtttg tgttatttta atgatattat cttaggctag gctgtttatt     21300
     tgtaaagcac aatgggctac ggttgaagtc agaattatta gcccccgttt acctcccccc     21360
     tctttctgtt taacagagag attttttttt tcagcacatt tctaatcata ctagttttaa     21420
     taagtcattt ctaataactg atttatttta tctttgccat gatgaccgta aataacattt     21480
     tactagatgt ttttcaagat acttctatac agcttaaagt gacatttaaa ggcttaacta     21540
     ggcaggatag ggtaattagg caagttattg tatgatgatg gtttcttctg tagactatcg     21600
     gaaaaaatta tagcttaaag gggcaaataa tattgacctt aaaatgtttt taaaaaaata     21660
     aaaaactact tttatcctcc gaaatcattt tcgccgaaat caaacaaata aggctttctc     21720
     cagaagaaaa aatattatca gacatactgt aaaaatgttc ttttctctgt taaacatcat     21780
     ttgggaaata tttaaaaaag aaaaaaattc aaagggggtc taatattctg acttcaacag     21840
     tatatgcaca gcttgtgttt ttcagccact gataaacttc cagtgaaaga tttatgtgat     21900
     tattttcaat ttaataaggt tctttttaca gagtcagtgt tgtcatgtaa ttaaaataga     21960
     catttaaata gacttagggt gctttcacac ctgtaaatag atggttttgt tctaagggtg     22020
     ctttcacacc tacacttttg ttttggaaca tatctccttt gcccagttag cgcggttcgt     22080
     ttggcatatg tgaacagggc aatcgcgctc tgttccgcgc caaagtaatc gctccgagat     22140
     cgcttgaatg aggtggtctt ggctcaattg aaactaaccc tggagcggtt cgattgcagt     22200
     gagaaagcga tccgatccga gcgcggttat atcacagtgt tttatggata tgtaataggc     22260
     atacggctgt atgaagagag aattatgagt atggcgggaa gtttcgcaag tctccgcatg     22320
     ctcgcaaacg agtgataatc tcccggtaat ctcgcgtctc cctcccggtc ctcaaatagg     22380
     catcatcacg cacccttctc acccctcccc accgcatctc tcctcagaca cgtcgcgcac     22440
     gcgcaccctg tcaatcacca ccaaaccacc acctctcctg acagcttagc gtcacgctgc     22500
     aaaataaacc ctgacactga ccaatgtaag gagagtttac tcgcagtcgc acgtgacttg     22560
     ttttagctct tttggtccga taagaaactt tgcagtgtga aagcgaaccg ctccaagagc     22620
     aaagagcaac aatgtaacat ttgtaatctc tgtttcggaa caactgaatc gattcatagg     22680
     tgtgaaagca ccctaaaaca gataaaaata ggaacaatgt tgcactttgt tcttcttggt     22740
     gcggttcgct ttcactctcc aaagttggta aatggaccaa aatagataaa acaagttacg     22800
     tgcgagtaaa ctctcctcac actggttcca cggtttattt catagtctct cagctgtcat     22860
     gcatccctat tttaatttat gacgatgagc aaaaagacat tataaacccc tttcacaaag     22920
     taataccggt aaatatccgt aaattttcgg aacgacttta ccggtaaatt cataaaaaag     22980
     atgttcacac aggcacagac gttctggaat ttttcaggaa aagatcatac acgcatccat     23040
     tccaaaatac cagtaaattc tgacatcatt atccagaaat gacctgtaaa cggctgcact     23100
     tttatttgta aacaaagaag gggtcgacat tttcttgatg gtttcacttt tatttaaagc     23160
     tttagcattc atgcagctgc tttgtgagac atccaaaggc agaaacgtga accacagcta     23220
     aatgtttaca cacttgacta cattataagt attgtgaaca tcttatatga aaacgtatgg     23280
     aggaacactt tcgcatgttg atatgtacat attgtgtgtg tgtgctgaag ctcacccgct     23340
     ccttcatgtg cacacacgtc ttgaaggtag acaaacagcg gtttattata agcattttat     23400
     caatatattt ttaaacagtt ggcattaaga aggaacatag aaacgttatc tacctaacat     23460
     ctaacgggta aatgtgtctg gaaaaatata aaaggttttt attttcctaa accgcgcagg     23520
     tgtgaatgcg tctgagtgtt ctgattggct aaattagacg gcttacgtca gcacgttcta     23580
     gtcgtgagca cactctttcc ggcagttatc cttctgcatt cacacagcat tccagcaaat     23640
     tactggtaat gttacaactt ctctttaagg aaaattgctg gaattaattt accggtattt     23700
     tcaaaaaggg cctgttcaca catacagact ttcactttta tattcgacat gaaacacaca     23760
     cttgtcgata ggaactaaga tatcccgccc tactcattct ctcttcatat agccatataa     23820
     acctattaca tatccataat acacgatgtt atagcctcgt tcattggatc gtattgcttt     23880
     cttactataa tcaatctgtt ccagagttcg tttcaatcaa gtcgagacaa cctcattcag     23940
     gcgatctcgg accgattgtt ttagcgcgga tgcgagtgcg attgctggtt tcacatatgc     24000
     caaacgaacc acgctaactg gggaaatgcg ccagcttctg aaacaaaagt ctaggtgtga     24060
     aagcaccctt aagcattcat ttagttattg aggcgtaaaa cgagatgaaa agctgtgtaa     24120
     acacaagttc tgtgtgaagc agcaggctac tgcagaaact ctattgaaaa tacaatggtt     24180
     aaataaattg gcaaatttta aagacatggc atgaaaaaaa tggaacttaa tgcagtgctt     24240
     ctttgaactc gcatatattg tatatcaatc aggcagtgaa gattgatgat ttataaagaa     24300
     attgcacctt aaacatgggg attttgtaat ggcgctatcg gaatggctgt tgtcaccgga     24360
     agcgcttggg ctggctgact gaaaatctaa agtctgtgtg tatatacccc attaaaaaca     24420
     acaggggcct catgtatcaa cgctgcgtaa gcacaaaaac tttgcgtacg ccaggtttca     24480
     cgctcagaat cgctcacgtt tggatttact aacgatgaac tgaacgtggg aatgtgcgca     24540
     gctccacggc agcttcttgg ctggcgtacg cacatttttt gtgcgtgtct gttttatttc     24600
     cattggcgac tcctagaggc agttgtgtta aattcctctc tacaaagtgt ctgagccttg     24660
     caatggcagc tgtatgagac gggttcatct agcaggtata taaggtttcc atactataca     24720
     gttgaccagc taaacataaa agcgcaattt gcagcggtcg cctgttttcc caatgtaatc     24780
     tgagctatct aacgcacgca cattgctata aagacactat ctgaagatga atttgcatgc     24840
     gtgaatcaga aacatttcca ttcaataaat gtgcaaataa aatatgatgc acaaacttat     24900
     taatgattcc aacttgtctt tctcgtgata aatagtaggc aaaatctgat atgtagtggg     24960
     ggaaaaaaga agaaagagtt catcagacgc tggattcgaa ccgagttcat gctcgattgt     25020
     gtcaaaacat gttgacatgc atcttacgag ctgcgccact gagactgtta agggcattgc     25080
     aacattttac acctataaac cacactattt ctttttttat tcactcagtg cgatgttcag     25140
     acccaactgt gttaaccgca tcagctaaac tctcccactc tatttttttc ttttgttgtt     25200
     tattccggag aacaaacttg caaataacac cgcttttctc tggtctacct ccgaaagcag     25260
     cacctccaat tcacattctg ttcaaagttt ctctttttgc ttgcttttgc ctttgctttt     25320
     tcgttgggtt ttgccaaagt gaagtcatta gcatattcat acgggggagg aggcagggag     25380
     gggttttgtg ctcgtgcatg ttgcgctcag tttcacgttc attcagatgt acaaaagaat     25440
     atgcgtaata ttcggcgtac gcagtgtttc atacatctga atttttttct gcgtacgcaa     25500
     tgttttagta tgatttccac gcaagtcttc gtacatgagg ccccaggtga ccaatgcgct     25560
     gtacagaaac ttctgactgt ctccatgaat agcataggta ttagaactgc ctccacattg     25620
     aggaccttca aaatgtctcg aagctagggc tgtgcgattt aatataaatt cagtttcaat     25680
     aataaagtac acattactcc atgcaggaaa aacccagagt aatagaataa cacaccaaaa     25740
     caagagataa agttgcagaa gagtgctgtg caaagggcaa tgttagacta ttctcatgtg     25800
     ttattgacaa catggcagat gtacaagtac gttcattcta agtactccta ttcataacta     25860
     aaaataataa taaaatagtt aatgtctaaa acgttaaggt aacttcgttt gttgatctgg     25920
     agtatatact ctgggaacac ggctctttag cttgtatgat attacttgaa tattattatc     25980
     atcatgtctt attttcattt ataaccatat atttatggtc attctatcat cctttatcac     26040
     acattcaatg cttttggact caagccaaat gagaaaacaa cgataacatg aggaaaataa     26100
     agataagctg caatcgtgct gttaaaattg gccaaatttc ctaatgtttt acttcatgta     26160
     atgagctgtt catatgtgca aacaggaaat gatgtgtttc tctggtaatg ctatccgtct     26220
     aaataaacct actttggtca ggtggtacaa gctgtcagga aattgtatat taatataatg     26280
     gctgtttttt aaaaaagatc atttagtctt actaattgta aatgtgaatt tacagcatca     26340
     ttactctggt ctttactgtc acatgattct tcagaatcta tacctgacta aagtcttgtc     26400
     gtcaatccca gttgtaagag caacaaataa taacttctag ttgatcattt ggaaaagtgg     26460
     ctgaaggcag atttttctga tgaatcattt gttgaactgc atccagatca tcacaaatac     26520
     tgcagaagac ctactggaac ctgcatggat ccaagatttt cacagaaatt aagtttggtg     26580
     aaggaaaaat cttggtttgg ggttacattc agtatggggg catgcgtgag atctgcagag     26640
     tggatggcaa catcaacagc ctgatgtgtc aagacatttg tgctgcccat tacattacaa     26700
     accacaggag agggcaaatt ctccagcagg atagcgctcc ttctcatact tcaggaaaag     26760
     aagaccttaa agaaggtcaa gctgctccag gattggccag cccagtcacc agacatgaac     26820
     attattgagc atgtatttgg taagagggag gaggcatcaa agatgaatcc aaagaatctt     26880
     gatgaactct gggagtcctg caataatgct tcctttgcca ctctattact ttattaataa     26940
     gtgatttgag tcattgcaga gatgtatgga tgcagtcctc taagctcatg ggagtcagac     27000
     acaatattca ttctttttcc actgcagcat gactgtatat tctatgctgt acattatttc     27060
     tgttaagtga caagactttt gtctaaggaa agtcagaccg tactgtccta attaaataat     27120
     taaaactcaa ggcatgatca tactatattt tggtaaaata agcataatct agaggtcttt     27180
     gcctttcata taagacactt ctgatatcaa atggtcaact ataagtcaag ttattatttg     27240
     ttgttcctaa aacttggaca gataataaga cttttgtcaa ggagggtatt ccgatatgct     27300
     aattattgtt gctcattttt aagttttttt tttaaataga gagttcaata ctaacagata     27360
     tttaaaattg aaatcttttg ttttataatg tttttgaagt cacttttgat ctatttaatg     27420
     aaggttgagt aaaataatct ttaaattgct gcaccttcct tattagtaga tactacaaag     27480
     ttcttaataa atatacatcg aataacatat aatgcagtgg ttctcaaagt aagggtcggg     27540
     accccttgag gggtcgcaga acaatgaagg ggggtcgcct ggtgatttcc aaaaatctac     27600
     ttattattat tattaggcca taagacttac catattttat ccataaccaa ctgaagagaa     27660
     aaaaacagtc gtttatagtt actatagtag cttatttact agttctattg gattgcgacc     27720
     cctggggtaa ttacattata ttaaagacaa tagcgtcaga tgcagcagat tgattttata     27780
     acaccaggtt aaactttctg gcccatttac agcactcaca tccaaaaaaa aaaaaattaa     27840
     acgaagaata gactttggtc tatttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     27900
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     27960
     cgcgccattg catgcaagtt ttctgtattt ataaccacct cagaggatat tgggggtcgc     28020
     gagtcactgg tattgttatt ttaggggtcg cgtgctgaaa agtttgggaa cccctgatat     28080
     aattaataac atcatttttc tctgtttaaa tttttaggcc ttaagttgcg tgggaaagac     28140
     attgggctgc ccctcgaagc ctgttccaag aaatgagtac aaaatcctcg aaagatccac     28200
     catccactgg aacctcccag tgctaataag atctttacag tcaatctctg ttaattgctg     28260
     cattactcta tttcatggtg gaccagacgc actcatttta ccacctacac gaaatgcgta     28320
     ttatctaacg ttctatgtca gatgataaaa gaagacttgg attattatct tttttttttt     28380
     tagcctgctc actgctttga aataaactta tttctatgaa tgactaagat gtgttctgat     28440
     tgctgctttt tttcttcttc agatgatgca ttaaagaaga gacactcaaa aatctttttt     28500
     ttttctgtct tttttccatg aatgttgatt ttgagatttg gagcttttat ttttttgctt     28560
     ctaatgtaaa aacatccaaa acacacttaa tgtaatgtag tgtgtgtatt tatataacgc     28620
     atttattgtg tatggccata cacccaaagt gcttcacaat ctctaggagg gggtctctcc     28680
     acaccaccac caatgtgcag catccactta gatgatgtga cggcagccac aggataatgc     28740
     cactcatcac acaccagcta tagggggagt ggagagatag tgatacagcc aattcggtgg     28800
     atggggatga gtgggaggcc atgatggccc gataaaggga atttgtccag aatatcgggg     28860
     cacaccacta acatgtttac tactctttac aagacttagc attgtcagtt tgaatcccaa     28920
     ggataatgag aatacagtag gcagaaagga agatggcaaa agtaaattaa ggtaaagttg     28980
     gttttataat cgcacattag tttagtgaca gctccataca ctgtttacca tggtacaatt     29040
     aatattcaga ctgacaacac gtgtaaacat gactacaaac atccaacatt aggactattt     29100
     aattgactgt ggacagtgtt gtacttcgat ggtgttggct gtggatatga tttccctatg     29160
     tagaatttgc aattaatgaa ttactgagat tatattatca atggaaaatg tcagaatatg     29220
     cgaatataaa accaacttta cctcaatcaa aagtaactca ttacttacca taaaaggacc     29280
     taagtaacgc aactagttac ttcttatata cagatatata cactagatat cgcctggcct     29340
     attgttgtct gttggacgga atgcgtcaat aagactgtgg ccgtccaaag ccagagatat     29400
     acacatatac acaaatatct atgatcggga gttttcctgg atgttagtat gtaatttttt     29460
     tttctaatta cgaaaattat aattttacat cacttttcta cattgatgga tcaggccatt     29520
     cctgacaaaa aaaacttgag tttgtgtgta cagaaatgta ctattcaccc tccctgataa     29580
     atttgattta atcatgtcct gaaacacagc tcctctcctg ctttcacttc tcatactgac     29640
     ggagggagcg attcgtttgt gaatgaatcc cccgttatga acgactcgtt tactagccga     29700
     caataataca agtttctggc agcgcagcat ctcgttgtca tatttctttt gcattgtttg     29760
     ctgattttat tcaacaaaac tagcataagc cgagtgttta gtgcgagttg gagctgcttt     29820
     gctttatggt gaatgcagtg actgtcatca ataacgttac ctgattagca caacagttca     29880
     gaacatacaa aaacagaaaa aaacttaata ttacctatga aatgttctgc ctttgtgcat     29940
     cttcacgtaa taacactgtc ttgactagtg cggttgaatg acatttgtcc tgggagcact     30000
     gtaccaatgt ggcggcgcta ttgacgcatg cttagggtcc ctatgcgata tcaagtgtat     30060
     atatctatgg ccgcctgtca gtgctctgag gcgggggagg ggccgacggc atcacccgct     30120
     gctcgttgag aaaagtaggg acggtaaagt atggacaagt gacagtccat aaaaatctca     30180
     attaacacag aaaaaagtcg ctagatttgt cgctagtctc ttttctgaaa atttgtcgct     30240
     aggggtgtct gaaaagtcgc taagttggca acattgtgcg gaaccactag acgtctcgtc     30300
     gtgagtaacg ttagttccag tcggattttt attcaagcgg acgttgttgc cacaggcagc     30360
     cgctggcgtt tctggagttt aaccatcttc gtttttttcc agtttccccc aagaaacata     30420
     cggaatacaa cagaagacca tcatacctca tgaacggact gttcgttaca atcagcacag     30480
     acattatcat taaacaaaat gccaaggaaa gtagtatcga ctggcgaaca caagcgcgtt     30540
     tctcctgtca tcgaccctgc tgtaatggaa gctcttaagg agatttttct gagatgaata     30600
     cagattcaac gagacgcctg tccgcctgga tccggagctc gcgatgacgg agcgctgtcc     30660
     attagccgag aaggcgatgt cggagggcta cgcgcggctc cgcttcaggg acacgtcgct     30720
     gttgatctgg cagcagcagc agctggagct ccagaaggcg ccgccaagca actacctgag     30780
     ccgcagccag agctcctggt acagccgcta cggaaaccag gcggtggtgg tgcgcgacaa     30840
     gacgagactg caggactctg acggagatgg acaatcccgc atttgcgcgg ttatgtgacg     30900
     gggttatacc tatgatggtg taatctctcc tcaaacaatt gctaagacaa tcaagtattt     30960
     tagttagcat agtcaacaaa taggtacagt attatatact tgaaaaaatg tagctgttga     31020
     atgtgtattg agtgatttca gcgtgataat agcaacgtgt gttgcgtgag aattggtcga     31080
     catgcgtgag acttgaaacc cctgtgaaag tttgcgcgtt tgcgaacacc aaaaccaaaa     31140
     ttgaacacgc atggactttt atttaaaaaa ctgttttata cgtatgggtc aaaagcaaaa     31200
     catgtttgtc ataatcagtg ttggggaaag tcactgtaga aagtaatgca ttgcaatatt     31260
     gagctactcc atgaagaagt aactagttgc gttacttttt atggtaagta atgtgttacg     31320
     ttacttttga gttgcttttt gttacctttg ctgaggcttt ttcaaaacgt ttttattaaa     31380
     taggggagct ctgcaattaa caacacagta taaccttcat ttatctttaa aaaacacaaa     31440
     aataatgtta tcttctgaga actttctgat ggctttacat gctgtatata cagattaggc     31500
     atgggctggt ataagattct gacagtatga gaaccttgga taaaaatatc actgtattgt     31560
     gattactgct ctaaaatagg tttttattaa atgtctgtgt aaaaaactta aaccttttct     31620
     ctcctttgaa cacttttttt taaagcaaaa aattcagata ttttgtaaca tcaagcatgc     31680
     catgctaaat aattcaaata atcaataatt aattgacgtc tgctgtcttc attagtttca     31740
     aaaacaattt cttagtttaa aactgcattt ttggacatct tttctgctgg agataccatt     31800
     gtcctaaaag cagaaaaaaa aacgtacaca taccttaaac gcctcattca aacgaggcgt     31860
     caatgcttcg cattcacttt gcatgggtga gatgtcaagc gttgccgaac tgaattgtgg     31920
     gtccgttggc gctgcttcag tggcgttgct cgctgcagaa gttggcaact ttttcaattt     31980
     ctcaaccacc cacggaagcg tcagccaatc agatggcttt atgcaaattc tccagctcag     32040
     acagtagcca attgcagact tgttttattg gatggcgctg ctatgataat cgctttagcc     32100
     ccaacttcag acacgccctt cgtcaagagt ttgatgctga agcaatgtaa gaattgtaaa     32160
     gcagaaaaat ttagcagaaa aggttttaaa accttgactt ttcaaaaccg tggtatacct     32220
     tgaaaatggt tatcgcccca tgtctaatac agattaatgt aaggttaaag caatgtgttt     32280
     gctacttttt gccttatgag tgaagaaaaa tcaccatgca ttacaacaac actattttcc     32340
     ttttttttcc atttgttcag aataatgaga atatttccct cacagaaatg taagctaaag     32400
     ccatcttggt ttctgttcct gcgtttaatc cagcaatttg tttttaaaag cgaattaatt     32460
     taactaaaaa gtaactcaaa tatcattact caattttcta aagtagtgtg ttactgtact     32520
     cgttacttaa acagttgact acgaaaagta atattattac gtaactcatg ttacttgtaa     32580
     tgtgttaccc cccaacactg gtcataattc atttcactaa taattgtgtt cacataaaag     32640
     gtatattaga tactagaaaa gtgtttgttc caataacata atattgagga aatagagttg     32700
     agtagtctac tttttaaaat atgcaggaaa atgttgtcac actgaagtgt attatatttt     32760
     aaagtattta attatttttg ctaacaatgg tttgagaaac aaagtatagt cttaaaatga     32820
     tgattataat gtcttgaaat gattttctaa atctatctga caagatattt tgagcatgta     32880
     aatgagtctc tacaccacgt tcctggagga ccaccaacac tgcacgtttt ggatgactcc     32940
     tttgtgtcac acccattacg ggtctttcag tctctgctaa tgagctgatg atctgaatca     33000
     ggtgtttggt taaagagacc cggaaaaatg tgcaaagcag gtggtcctca agaaacgtgg     33060
     ttgagaagtt gttataaaca ctaagtattg ttacacaaca ttatacatat atagctatag     33120
     aatgaccact tgaatttgtt cacgaacgca acttaaaatt gtatatctag aattctcaat     33180
     agctctctct ctataacata tgtgctgtat tacctaatat tcaatatact ggcatctgaa     33240
     gtattatgct ttagttactg aatcaaacat cactgtgttt atgatttatg cgaaacagca     33300
     atcttaataa cctatgtcat gctttctaat atggagcttt gatgctgcca aaaaatatgg     33360
     aaaataaaac ttttgatgtt tgtatcagta tcgtttgttt ttaagatttc tattaactgg     33420
     tgcgctccaa aacagtgaca atttgcgttt tttaagatat aaaacttata tgagctgtaa     33480
     agcttgtagt ttgtcacttc gcctaaatga atcaaaggtc acgtcacctc atagtttagt     33540
     ttctgatcaa attaaaacca attggatgct ctctagaatc tgacaagcct cgcccccttc     33600
     aagatctttc ttatttgatg cacttgagtt caacccgtct tactgacaga gctaagataa     33660
     accaaaacgc tattggcttt tataaaaggg aggagataca ctatgccaca ccctctcatg     33720
     gtgttttagt tgagattacg tcaaacatca gatacaaatg cacatttcaa agcacttcat     33780
     gggaccttta acaagctgaa gatggtacag tttaacgtca ttacgctggt caggagagta     33840
     ttttaaaatg taccactctg ttaaagatcc aatgaaatta aagtaacgtt tttaagatgt     33900
     tattttcagt attgttagtt tttaagatat ctataagcta gtgcgctcaa aaacagtgac     33960
     aatttgcgtt tattagatat aaaactgata taaacatatt tgcacacatt tgtagttcgt     34020
     cacttccacc tatggaccaa tggtcacgtc acctcatact tcatttctaa tcataaccaa     34080
     tcaaatgctc tctagtatct gacatgcccc gcccctttaa gatgccttta atttgatgga     34140
     gttcaaccac tttcactgac aagagctgtg ataaaacaaa acactattgg ctgtttttta     34200
     agggggcgga tctacactat gccacaccct tttcgagttt tagttgagat tgtcaaacat     34260
     cgcatataaa tgcacatttc aaagcacttc atgggacctt taatgaactg atgatgatac     34320
     attttagtca ttacactgtt aaagagagta ttttaaaatg taccaccatg ttattgcctt     34380
     ctaaatcata acatctacct aacaaatata tatatccaaa tagtaaaaag acactctaat     34440
     gggttttttg tggtttattt acgaaaaacg aggggctcag tgtccaaatc tcagattagc     34500
     ttatacatca gatattacca tgtaagtctt cgccaaaaac atacctgccg aacttaacat     34560
     atgcagcgct acgcattttg aaaatttgta ctcgaaagga tgacatttac aggttataaa     34620
     ctgctcaaaa aagttaagaa atatactgta aattggcatg caatacacaa atgttctctc     34680
     tctttctctc ataaaaaaaa aacaaataaa caaaagctaa aatcctcaga cccaagacag     34740
     agtttgacga ataagtagtg aatatacatt tatatctgtt attatatata tcctatgtat     34800
     cgttaaatct ctgtctgcat cgcgaagccc gggtggagga atttctgaca aagagacaaa     34860
     agtaggttat agacaaggga aatgtaatgc aatacagtgg tataataaat caaaacatga     34920
     ttaaaagcat cctacatgta agaaaaaatc ccatgaaagt cactttacat cacaatttca     34980
     tgattaaaaa acaaaactat acacattggc ttagactcga tcagttaaac cggacccatc     35040
     ggactttatt ttagtgtgcc gactaaactt aaggcaactc aagagcacat ccaatgattt     35100
     caaggggttc agagatgaag gctggaaaat gaaaagaaat cccactgaat gagcggcagt     35160
     acgagaagaa aaatgtgaaa ataacctcta atacattcat atttattttt ttttaatata     35220
     tatttatata taaagattat cagtcatggt ccacttccaa actactcccg gaaaacaagt     35280
     gtctaggtac cattgaaagc attcaataca ccatttaagt aaaatcaaat caattcaaat     35340
     tgagaacata cattagttgt gatactttca actaataaga actattatca aacacaaatc     35400
     cttctgaaat gacgtctagc actgctgctt gaactttctc cgccgtttgt ttctatacaa     35460
     aaagtctcat tgtccaaaag gggtgcaata ttgtgaggga ggggtgttgc gtcttgctga     35520
     acttgcgtca ttatctttaa gacgtccgta tctactgatc tttgattgtc ctatgagtgg     35580
     acttggtatc agatagaaag tagagctatt cagggcacca atatatcaat agtaaaataa     35640
     aaaatacaca agacgattca aatagaaaac aaatgagagt atgatataga ttaaaaacaa     35700
     acaaacaaat tcagacatcg taattctaca tcaaatactg agccgagagc accggaggag     35760
     acattttaca gtgttgaaat tgcctaaaaa tatatatatg aagggttgcc aaatttcgta     35820
     catatttaaa ccggtcattt ttgtaaaaac agaacgctga gaacactcgt gtgccttatt     35880
     ggattacaaa aaaacgaaat aataaataga ttttcttttt aaaaaataat ggtaacaatg     35940
     aaaagcacta tcatactcag caaaagaatc gtggaatgag ttgaaaagtc acgcggacat     36000
     gacaagagcc acactaagag tgtaaaagag ccgatcgctt atggttcctt caggctttga     36060
     gaacttgtga agctactcga tcgataaaat gcagccaggc atttgtcagt ttttccccac     36120
     taacgcgtgt atgaatctaa cgagcagcaa cctaaccgaa aataaaaaga aagaacagac     36180
     gcacaaccgt ttcacttcca caactgacat attttcaaaa aaatatcttt tttttttgtc     36240
     tttttttaat cctctggtga taccaggcgt ttttttccct ttgagggcca gagagaacct     36300
     ttaaaactcg tactattccc gctctcctct tgatctgagc cgtcctacaa actatgttta     36360
     aaatatcctc tgccgtcctg caaagctctt cgtaaaagcg gcccccttca gagagatact     36420
     atcatgacaa cacacactac ttggttagaa aacagaggag cttgaaggat ttggagttca     36480
     gtctgagtcg ctgctctcgg agctggagcc gctggagctg ctgctgcccg aatccgaaga     36540
     gctgctgctg ccgctcaacc gggatgcccc gcccccctgc gctgaccccg ccttctctgc     36600
     tggcgacagg gaagaagaat gattgcgccg tttaataaca aacactgagc attatgcatt     36660
     tcaaatcaag tccctagatt gttcccttag ccactcccgc agatgtgtat taccataaag     36720
     cagagacatg cacaaagaaa gcagagaaca gagtatttac gtgcgcacca aagcagctga     36780
     tatcaagtga agtcagttag ttacagcaca tacacaacca cattcatcag ttttggattt     36840
     atttagcttc tctagcaggt cttcactctt tgtccaaagc agggctcaac agcaaggatt     36900
     tgtttttgtt tacagttgaa cttttactgg ccttaacata cacaattata tagttattat     36960
     caaaggttaa ggggctttgc acatatttca tcttttgcgc actcaagtgt atactaggga     37020
     acaatgcggt catggcatgc ttgcgatatg ataagcttaa agggcctcga aacccccctg     37080
     tttcagcagg gtgttttcac acctctagtt tggaaaaagt caggaaagtg ggtgtgtcca     37140
     gctctgttta ggtgggagtg tcgcaggagg gaaagaggga aggtgcataa aaatttgcat     37200
     aaaaatggga gtgtcgattt gggcacacgc tgattttcac agaggcacaa acacacagac     37260
     gcagggcaga aagacagtga ctgcgtttac atggacatca gtaatcaaat tatttgccaa     37320
     attattaaat ggtggacttt aactgcagct aggcacgttc attcatgcac cttgtgacaa     37380
     acaagacatt tctcggtaac ttagatgcac tcgataggta acgtattgtc agaaagctgt     37440
     atgtatagac tatcccatca caaaatgcgg ggaaaaccct acaacacggt gatggtttga     37500
     ttgtggtgtt tacatgttta cactcggaga gcagcattta catcggatct ttcagtccat     37560
     aatattgtag tgatattaac atactgtaaa cttagtaact aaatcatttt gactaaggtc     37620
     tgtctttaaa caccgaaaga gtactgctgc tgatacgaac taactttgcc atctaaataa     37680
     acaaacaaag aacactgatc acacacttac caaatctgta gagactggac aataaacacc     37740
     aactggtgcc gcgtctttat taaaaggaga tgagcggaaa atccggattt catcatttct     37800
     agatgtgaaa agctctcggg taaataatgc tccttacaaa cgtacttctg caacatgcac     37860
     tgcaatccac acgtgagttc agctgcgctc tcatagcggg aaatgaaaac ataaccttcg     37920
     ttgcagcaaa ttaataaaag caacactgac aacctgtgtc tccaaacaat tcttcttatt     37980
     ccactttttt ggcaacaccc cgtggcgtct ctctgctgtc tgagcactgt aacagtcttc     38040
     aaagctatca tgcatattaa tgaagttgca catacataat agagcgtgct gattggtttg     38100
     aaccaagtct ttctcatgaa ttaatgctgc acactcagag acatcataat gcactcccag     38160
     gtacagacat ccagtctaca ccttgtggaa tatacacaag gatctaatcg tgacgcagct     38220
     tcaaaaattt gtttcaaacc ggaaggagga atttgcttga aataacacaa aaacaaccaa     38280
     ttttcacttt tcacactgtc ctaatagtgt ttatagcagc atgggacaaa aaattagact     38340
     gtcaacatct caaaaaatgt gttttggtgt ttcatgaccc tttaagttca agtgtgccga     38400
     cagaacagcg cgatctgatt ttcaagcacg tcatgtgata agaaccaacc aatcagcttc     38460
     atgatttgta tggagtatta acattttaat aataacagta agctaattac gtcagacaaa     38520
     caaccaaact ctgcggcgtt taattttttt ttataaataa aagttgtatc agagctatag     38580
     cagggttttg atcacaccaa actcgttttt tttttttttt gcaccgagag acgaatcttt     38640
     tgaatagttt actattacag gatttgtaca catttttaca aaaattccat gacttttcca     38700
     ggactttcaa gtcgattttt gtgacctaat gtatcatgta atagtaaatc ataagaaaaa     38760
     caacgaacgt ttaaatttat tacagcatat gagaaaacac gcaacaatct atttagtgtc     38820
     aatttatttt catatctatg taaaatagac aatgcttaca cagcactaat gatgtgagag     38880
     catgtttttg gccaacaaaa gaagtaaaaa catctaactt ccattccagt acagatttgc     38940
     caaactaatt ttagatgatg ttaatagctt gttaaactag taatagtatg taaaactact     39000
     tctattgtaa agccgaggtc acactgcact tcaatcgctc acttttgtta atgtctaatc     39060
     atattgttta accccgtccc ttttcacagc gccatacgac agaattccac aagcacaagc     39120
     tctagtatga ctgcagctta agttgctttg gacaaaaacg tctgctaaat gactaaatgt     39180
     aatttccatt actttttcga aaccttgtgg gtttttctgt ttttccaaaa cttttccaga     39240
     cacgtttatt ttcatcatag tagtacagtt tctcaagcag tttgtgatgc attttgaaaa     39300
     cgggagatga gcccctagtc taatgcgcca cctggcttga gaaacccgtt ctcaaaaact     39360
     tacttttagt cattatttgg gtcgcacata tattctgaat gccttcggaa gaattcaaat     39420
     cagccatttt aatctagatt aattccaaga ttacagtgag attaatctag attaaaaaaa     39480
     tatctatgcc cacgtatata tatttttcat agcaacagtt aaatcgctga caagcagaat     39540
     aaaaattgtt agtaaatttc acacagaaag tcccatctac tggtcctcag ctttagccag     39600
     cagcccatcc ttgttgttga gccctgcgat cccttttcag tgtgtgaata gcattaaata     39660
     tgaaagaagg tctgacagaa gcccttccat caagttagtc gaattagtga agcagcctat     39720
     ccttatctcg gttttctcat cctagcctcc taaatccatc taaaacccaa tctggtgacc     39780
     tgtctgctca catctgcaca ctaccacaca ggtacctttt ttgggtggtt tcttgttgtt     39840
     gttcagttgt ccgctcacgt cctgtagcct cttttctaac tctttcttct tttcctgaac     39900
     cagttcctct ttagacttgg cactcttttt cccagtgccc gctgcaggag acacacagcg     39960
     gtgaccggtg agtaacgggt tgccctcgta gcccaccgcc gtggcaagca gcaaaaagca     40020
     ctcgactaca ctggttttag actgcatgac gtcaaatttg ggatgaagga atccatcagg     40080
     ttcaatacaa gctgagccca aacagcagga ccacattctt cctaattttt ttgcatcatt     40140
     tctcagggac taccgatgga aattagcttt aaggccaact ctggcccaaa atgtcatgtt     40200
     gtatttgtgc ctttcaattg tgaaattcaa taccttttaa gacctttttt aagacacgtt     40260
     ccatacattt taagacctta aaaccacttt acgtttcaac cggaaacact gatgagattt     40320
     tacagcatat ttactaaata ttaatgtaag acatgagtct aaaactaaaa cattattcat     40380
     atcctgaata aaaatctggt aagtctagct tattcagcag gttggcgcct acagaactgc     40440
     agaaataatg gtgttacctt gattactgca gtaaacaaag cagcatgatg tcaaatctag     40500
     taggacttta ttgatttcat aaacaatgca gcatcctgat attcgcagat ttaattcagg     40560
     taaactttag catacaacca tacattgcat taacacaaat gatataaaat ttaacaactt     40620
     gcaaaatatc atttaagaat atttaatact tttaagggcc ttaaattact caaaattgat     40680
     ttatcaactt ttaataattt ttaagaccgc agacaccctg ttatatgaag tggtcaaaaa     40740
     ttgtttcaat gtttcctgtt gcgcttttgg gtttttcagg tttttctttt agacttatca     40800
     ggtaatcaaa atttcacttt gtgagtcgct ctttttaaga aattgtcaca gttgtagcta     40860
     caaaatcata ttgagaggaa caaaaataaa ctgattcaga tctgaaacat cagaaaacgt     40920
     gcaataggct accataaaag gcgtgaattc taacgtttaa caaccttaaa ggactataca     40980
     gactatttaa ataaaatggt ctattgttgc acaaatgtga gcattttagc aaattttcca     41040
     catgcaacat gttcaattgt agataaacca ttaacgatga tactactgtt tacgaactac     41100
     gctggcactg gcagtatttt ggagcaatag tatcacagga tactaccata gcaccggtaa     41160
     accgtgcaac cctagtactg aatataactt gtataacaga aaacattaac aaatcagaga     41220
     atcaatcaat cagagaattt tgacaaaata aataaaaata ataataaatt acaggaaaat     41280
     tatttgagtc gcgaagtacc ctaacctaca tagtactgtg aatgactgta tacaattctt     41340
     aaaataacat ttaaaattta attgtgtata tgagtgttag ttatcaaaat ttgaagggat     41400
     agttcaccca aaattgttca gttaggccca atcccaattc tacccctagg gcacttactt     41460
     acttaggggt gtcctgattc tctttagttt gaaggcgtag ggctaagggg aagggctaga     41520
     cttgcacttg aaactgagat ttttcaagac cacacttgaa accaaaaggt aagaaaattt     41580
     ccagagtatg gctgtttata aagactactg gcccgtttac actgagtggt gtggtacagt     41640
     acggtacggt ttggtacgct tttatggccg tttccactgt caaaaagcgt accgaaccaa     41700
     accgtaccgt accacttttt ctgcactctt tcgaaagggt accaaacggg aggaagggta     41760
     ccaaaaggtg aaggtacacg tgcagcagaa cgctgattgg ttacagacat acgtcacgag     41820
     ctcgtggagc tacaaagaat gtaaacaaag gaaccgccat gtttttttta aatacaaagc     41880
     tgagacatta catggaaata ctatatgcat ataataatgg gatgacctgg gcttaaacaa     41940
     acctcgtcgt cgtctcaatg aacagacaca cagccaagaa gaaaaatctg ccgtgtcctg     42000
     ttgttgtttt acgagcccgt ctaaaagtgc gagcggtatt cgctttcttc cgggagcttg     42060
     ggatcgcttc tatatttgat acaacgaact tcttgagctg atgataataa cgcgtgtgtg     42120
     tgattattga aaagtctcca tcatctgatc cattaaaaaa aaaaaaagga caatcacgag     42180
     agtaaagcga gagtgaaacg cggaaaaaaa attttttcga agcccggcaa aacacaggat     42240
     tgttttagca acctgaatca tgaataaact gccatgttta tatttgcctt ttggactatt     42300
     atgaactggg aatgacaaaa tgaccctttg tggtggaaac gcaagcctga taaaggtgac     42360
     ccgtaccgaa ccgtaccgta ccagtcagtg gaaacgaggc ataaagtgct atctgttttt     42420
     taaaaactaa atgataaatc aattcaagag aaaatagcga tgcattttga aattgtctga     42480
     attttgtctg gtttttaggt tttcagaaca ctctgttttt gtgggtcgaa catgctggag     42540
     tggtgtgggc gccatgctta accataacaa cacttgcgcg tttaaaatgt aaacgcatta     42600
     gtgtaaacag cacctgagct gaccttgtaa tgaacccgga atattcctta tttggtacga     42660
     cagtgcgcct aattaaacgt acatacactg tgtacaatta ggaaacccta atggtctgat     42720
     atcaaatgtt ctctactgta tactcatgta ctctttaaac ccttgaagct tcacttgaag     42780
     gtattaattc caggaaaagc acaagtaaga taatccacca aaagtcatgc aacacattgg     42840
     agaaaagtga gtgctcccag ctcaaaggag gaaacagcac agcccatttc agcttttaga     42900
     gcagacggac caggcaagaa aaaaagagag ctgcttgtct agaaaagtac gcctagaata     42960
     acgaaccatc tgaagaatgg gaaaagaagg gcacttacgt aaaggtttgc gctgcttttt     43020
     ctgtaaacag gacttgacgt atcgctccag ctcgcgcagc gtggaaggct tgagtgtttc     43080
     gaagtcgatc tcgatctcgt ctgggttgga gtctcgcagc gagggctcgc gtgattggat     43140
     gatgtggacc acgcggccca gtttctcacc cggcaatcgg ttgatatcca ggctgagctg     43200
     ccgcttctcg tcgtaagaca tgggaagaga ctcttcctcg tcagactcgt agtttgctgc     43260
     accaggtttg ccaccctttt tcgcttgcct gtagattgga gattgcgcag ttttcacaaa     43320
     ggataagact caaagaatta catgaaaccc actctacctc ttctatgggt gtgtgataaa     43380
     actgtgaaag tactagatct gtggcagaac aatcgttcaa gaaatcgatt ctgagatttt     43440
     ctaattcctt cgatattccc ttttaattct gagtttcgtt ttaacagtag atggtgctcc     43500
     aggctagttt taacagcaga tggcgatcta tgctactttt taacaacaga tagcgctcta     43560
     ggctagtttt tatcagcaga tggcacactc taggctagtt tttaacagca gatggcgctc     43620
     taggctagtt tttaacagca gatggtgctc taggttagtt tttaacagca gatggcgctc     43680
     taggttagtt ttaacagtag atggcgctct aggttagttt taaacagtag atggcgctat     43740
     atactagttt ttaagagcag atggcactag ttttatggca gatggcgctc taggctagtt     43800
     tttaacagca gatggcactc taggctagtt tttaacagca gatggcgctt taggctagtt     43860
     tttaaacagt agatggcact ctatgctagt ttttaacagc agatggcgct ccaggttagt     43920
     ttttaacagt agatggcgct ctaagttagt ttaacagtag ttggcgctct aggttagttt     43980
     taaacagtag atggcgctat atactagttt ttaagagcag atggcactag ttttatggca     44040
     gatggcgctc tagtctagtt tttaacagca gatggcacac tagtttaaca gcagatggca     44100
     ctctaggcta gtttttaaca gcagatggcg cactagtcta acagcagata gcgctctagg     44160
     ctagttttta acagcagatg gcactctaga ctagttttta acagcaaatg acactagact     44220
     agtttttaac agcagatggc actctagact atttttacac agcagatggt gctctaggct     44280
     agtttttaat cagcagatgg cactctaggc tagtttttaa cagccgatgg cactctaaac     44340
     tagttaacag cagttggcac tctaaactag tttaacaata gatggcgctc tagactagtt     44400
     tttaacagca gatgacactc tagactagtt tttaaacagc aaacgacact ctagactagt     44460
     ttttaaacag caaacggcac tctagactag tcattaacag cagatggcgc tctaggctag     44520
     tttttaaaag tagatggcgc tccaggctag tctttaacag caaacagcac tcaaggctag     44580
     tttttaaccg tggacgctga tctaggctag tttttaacag tggacaacaa tctaggctag     44640
     tttttaacag ctgacagcac tctaggctag tttttaaaac agctgacggt gctctaggca     44700
     agttaacagc tagttatttt taacagagga tgaccctcta ggctggtttt aacagcgaat     44760
     tttaacagtg gacagctctc taggctagtt tttaacagca gatagtgatc taggctagtt     44820
     tgtaacagct gacggcactc taggctagtt tgtaacagct gacagaactc taggctagtt     44880
     tataacagct gttggcactc taggctagtt tctaacagcc gatggcgctc taggcttctt     44940
     tttttatacc ccaagcttat gcatttagtt gtaaatattg aaacatccca acagaactat     45000
     tgaaaagcag ctcacctcgt agtagatgtg ctgttgggtt ttcgcgccga ggtctttttc     45060
     tgtggtgttt gcttattcgg ttgcgtggac ttggcctttt tgtcttcttc tgccttgacc     45120
     ttgttcttgt ctttgtcctt ctctttgtcc tttttcttct tctctttttc cttcttctct     45180
     ttctttttct ttggtttgct cacaggaccc tgtgacagag cggctagctg ttcatgaaca     45240
     gccttcagct gaggaggaag gtggagggaa tgttagcaag caggggatgg tgcatgctgc     45300
     atcgctgcta acgtaaaaca ctaggatctc agctgtgcgg ggacagatga tgggactggt     45360
     gatggaggga agagtttgaa ggataatgaa tgacatttgt cccctacgca tctcccattt     45420
     tcacggaaat gctcttccca gaaaacagct gtttgtagag gacacttatt taatggttta     45480
     cacgtctaaa atctttgcaa actaaagtta tatttggacg ttttcatgtg ttacatcagc     45540
     aacatctttc ttcttttagt tgtacagtaa ctaaacttcc caataaattc gaacaaattt     45600
     ttgaaacgca agttgacatt attggtctat gcactggatt aatttcgaaa cttgtcattt     45660
     tgaataacgt ttggagcttc aggattcaca cacattttta ctactaaaat tcaacgacct     45720
     ttccaggact tttaagtaaa ttttcatgac ctaatgtttc atgtaatgtc tacgtatgcg     45780
     tggtaaataa taagaaaaat aatgcatgtt aaacgttatt aaagcctatc gtaaaacatg     45840
     caacaatctt ttattttaaa tgaatctgta tctatgtaat tttttagata acgttcacac     45900
     agcactaata acgcgaaagc atgtgtttga ccatggacag aaaagaagta aagctatatt     45960
     taagtaaacc gatatttgtt aaactaattt ccatgacttt tccaaaactt tgtgggtttt     46020
     tttatttttc caaaactttt tcaggcctgg aaaatgccat gtcaaaaatc catgactatt     46080
     ccaggttttt catgactgca ttaaccctgg agcttgcatc tcatcgttaa aaatgttggg     46140
     attttcagat taaacaacaa gagatctgtt tttcatatgc aattcataaa atacaagtct     46200
     atggcaactg gcactctgcg agtcaaagaa aggcaagtaa aatacaaaac aaaaataatc     46260
     agtggctaaa atgactgatt ttgaggtgat ttttcacaaa atctgcagca aatttcggaa     46320
     catttctttt attgtttttt ttttttgtga aagtataatt tacatatctt aattcatcat     46380
     taattgttgg acctctagaa ctattgatct ctataaagaa aaatactgag agaaacagag     46440
     aaactacagt tatcctataa agcctgtttt ataatttgga aataaaacca actgcttaaa     46500
     aataaaggct gatttatact tctgcatcga gtgatcggcg tgacccacgg cgcctgcttt     46560
     ttgcgtagtc atacctttac acgtctgcgt gcggtatgtg ttgctctgca ataacacttc     46620
     cgacagctat ctggttttta tgttcctctg agtcgtgttt cttccagggt gttttctttt     46680
     gtctgaaggc taccttaatg tacaagtagc tcaaacttgc ttattcagag gcgggaaccg     46740
     gcagacatgc aacaacttta atcataaagt aaacacaaaa ctaaagtttc catctggagc     46800
     tccttcacag gactcgacac ttgtaaacaa ttgcttgcgc tacgtgtcat cccagcgtgt     46860
     agttaaattt ttttgtgagg tgcatgtcag ccacggcgag cgctatgtga ctgcgtgaag     46920
     gaccatacat gtgtgcttga cgcagaagta taaacaaaga ctatagaata cacaagatgt     46980
     gtcactcgaa tacttttgaa tggggaagtg taactgttaa tatggtgaat aaagacgcct     47040
     tctagtacaa gagccgatca gggattgcta tagaatgaca attctccggg ggaagggcat     47100
     agactagact tgagtttctg cagatttaag cctggtttat acttctgcat caagtgaccg     47160
     gcgtaaccca cggcgctgac gcatagccct tcgccgtggc tgatgtgcac ctctcaaaaa     47220
     atgtaactac acgtcgcaac gatgcgtagc gcaagctctg tgattggttg ggttggtagc     47280
     gctgacgagt ctgggcagga ccgagaaccg cgtgaatggt gcgagcctga tggagcgatt     47340
     gtttacaagt gtggagtccc gtgaaggagc tccggatgga aagttttgtt ttgtgtttac     47400
     ctcatagtta aagttgttgc acgtccgccg gttcctgcct caaaatgagc gagtttgagc     47460
     cacttataca tccaggaagt gttcaggaaa agcaaaacag cagcgaagaa actcgacaca     47520
     gaggaacatt tacacctgac tgcccactag cgtttcggaa gtgttaatgc agaccaacag     47580
     agacagagcg cagaagtata aatgcacagc tacgcgtgtt gcatgcgccg tgggttacgc     47640
     cggtcacttg aagcagaagt ataaaccagg ctttagtgtg atacgaatat tcagaaatga     47700
     aactaaaaag acagttgttt aattttattg gttattcgta atatgaaatg taatcataag     47760
     cttggagaat gtagttttgg agaatttaat caaactgaat gcccgggagg cgcttcaaag     47820
     atggccgccg agtgaaatga cttgccttaa agcgacttat aaatcagcct taaatgctaa     47880
     gtcaaacatg ttgttagaca gctgtttgaa actgtcaatg aaaaggatgc agagcgtttg     47940
     tgcttttctg tgtgatgaag aaagaaggct acattataga tgacagatgc atatataaaa     48000
     tattagtata aaataaaata aaggtttagt aatcgatgca actcatgtgg cccatttcaa     48060
     aaaggttttg aatgcgcgtt gcgataacgt cacacgatgt ggatcacact gattgcgaag     48120
     caagtattga caactcaagg ttttgcacac aagacgacca cattccattc acaaaaacta     48180
     aatggttttt caatgtaaaa ctatgcaaat ggcactctgt tgcaaaaaga attactggca     48240
     ccacaacatt ttcctacatt tacttgacct gacttgatta tttaacatta tttcaacaat     48300
     ttaccttaaa tcaacaccct cagacctgag ctcagtgtat cgccagaaac cacatgtatt     48360
     aactttcttt tgcctgtatt tattttattt tatttttttt gactctcaaa gtgctggtaa     48420
     accattgact tgtaccttat tatgtcacta aagacatttt cagctaaaca tttgtttaaa     48480
     gattctacta aagaaaaaga acaacatccc ggacttcaaa ttttaacttt tagattaaac     48540
     gatctcttta aggcccactc caacaactct acctataatg atgaagatat agatttacaa     48600
     gttttcatta atgtaatata aatagtccac accacaacta taatgacagc agcacagagg     48660
     aacaacactg atgaactcga tttcagaaca atttgttttc agctgatgaa agattgaaaa     48720
     gattaacagc caatcagaat cctcatttaa taagcttgaa gatttgaagc agcagataag     48780
     aaaacagcag cacatgctta gaataaacag atcgacgttg tgcttatgtg tgaaagcaat     48840
     aaattagggc cctataacat catttcaatt aatttcttcc catattctgt ttactgtttt     48900
     ttttctccac ataattttat ttaatcttct ggactcaact ttaatacgct aatttcacgc     48960
     ggccgccatt ttaaaacacg aaagtgaggc tgcggtggga aggaactcgg atgtatagga     49020
     tcagcactgt aaacattgat ttcaaaatgc agatggggta aacatcactt taacctcatt     49080
     ctgttcagtt tagtttaaca attaaaacag attagacatt aaacaaaatc ataatctctt     49140
     taagcgtaat atgcttaagt gtcctcctag gcttcagttc attgcaccag gtaaacaccg     49200
     cggtgacgct tccctgtttg agccaatgta acacggtaag cgatgaaaca atacagtcct     49260
     ctgtagcaca ccctcgtgtt gtctgtaata atgttgtcct ggtattgata ttttattttt     49320
     tcctgctaac atttaagcac cgctgagtgc attcttaaac agagcttttt tgccttagtg     49380
     ttcaccggtg ctcaacagaa aggactgtaa ttggccgtga aggtcatcag ctcaccgctc     49440
     ttcacggagt aaacacagat acatggacac tggagtgttt aaagctgcaa agattggccg     49500
     attgctcatc tgtgtttgca ctcggagaag tgtggtgaac tgatgacctt cacagccaat     49560
     cacagtcatt tctgttgaac actggtaaat actatagcaa atcagcgatg ttgcattcaa     49620
     cagagcttta acgttatcag gaaattgacg tttttttatt tcagtaccga aattcagtat     49680
     catgacaagt ctaatataat aaaagaatca gttaattaat ttaagtttga taaaaggttt     49740
     caaaaatgtg tgtttgggaa agaaattgtt tgcttactag tgataactag tgccatttcc     49800
     cttaacttag ctgaaaataa agtttgatat tcctttgtta ttttcatttt ccattcagaa     49860
     cggaccttcg gatcactcgc aaagcagtga aatgataaat tggtgtcact ttttcttcgc     49920
     tgataagata tacagccagg ttacacaaca ttcctgtgtg actcgggcga tacttccatg     49980
     ttttttcccc accgcagcct tgatttcact ttttaaatag cggacgcatg aaatcagtct     50040
     attgttacaa tttcaaaacg catgtcgatt taaactctgt tttttttttt caataaaaat     50100
     gcaaaaacta aagtaaaaca gtactcaata gtattataaa ggggtttcac aagactctat     50160
     gctatgaaaa taatgctcat gtgccgtaaa atacacaata agctgaacca aactgctcaa     50220
     attatttaaa gagacatagg ctgcgaccga aatcacatac tatatagtac gttaaaaaca     50280
     atatgcgagc agattagtat gtcctaattc atagaatttg aaaaacagta tgtggggtac     50340
     ccagatgacc tactacttct ggctaattct aaagtgtgca tctgatgcac gctatgctat     50400
     cccatacagc actacagcag atttcatgaa cgggaaaagc aacgcatctg actcaggtag     50460
     gtcgcgcgat caaaatagcg aatgtagtat gtctgagttc cgttcatact attcacattt     50520
     atagtgcaaa gaatgtactt ttctaaccgt ggagtagtaa atttaaatgc ggtacctatt     50580
     gagtaaaagg ccattttgga tgcagccatg cacaatatgt ggactaaata ttctaatagt     50640
     cccttgcatt tttaatattc actggcaata gttcttataa tgatttaatt aatcaaattc     50700
     aatgatattc catgttatat ttagatataa aaataactcc tttatcaatt caattgatct     50760
     ttatttctat agagctttta caatgtagat tgtgtcaaag cagcttaaca tagaaattca     50820
     attgatggat tttaaatatt cactgacaat agtccttata acaatttgat taatcaaatt     50880
     caatgatatt ccatgtttta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taaataactc     50940
     ctttatcaat tcaattgatc tttatttcta tagagctttt acaatgtaga ttgtgtcaag     51000
     gcagcttaac agaaattcaa ttgatagtgt tgtgttttgt gcgtcataga aatcataggg     51060
     ccctaatttg attctcttta tagttatcgt tcttggtatg acagtgcttc aagtctagtt     51120
     taaactccat tcatttaaac tctttaaaat ctgcctccat ccaaaccaag accagcacac     51180
     tttcccctca ttaatcatat tttgaaagaa cacaataatc tactttcatt cgattgttat     51240
     tttcaaccgt tgaaaataaa agctctacca tgataatgtg gaagcactgg acaccacgtc     51300
     ccggcataaa tttggtattc tccccgataa acctgccaat caatgtcatt cacagagcag     51360
     agagggggaa acagagccga aagactagct gagtgacaaa agcaagctga cttaagggag     51420
     atgcccagct taaatacacc ccataaaagc accaccttaa ccctctaccg ctcacttaag     51480
     aagaagctac gaaaaataaa tggaggagtt agtggggtgg gggaccggga agtaaaaata     51540
     tcattcacct gaaaacgttt ggcacacccg ttttttgtcc ccgccctgtt accattgggg     51600
     cgctccacag cgaattgctg gcaaaaaagt caaagtgaaa tcaagggaca aaaaaaatgt     51660
     attttaacaa cagactgtgt cacatgagag cagagtaact tcaaatcgac acaaatgttt     51720
     gacacagaga tagtgaaact agggttgtca cgatactaga attcagtacc aattgatact     51780
     gatattttta aaagttcatt tcccactaac aattgagcgc tgttgagcgt gcattaaaac     51840
     agtgcagatt tgccattgtg ttcacgtgct caacagaaat gactgtgatt ggccgtgaag     51900
     gtcatcagtt cattgaacgc accactgttt actgaattta aacactaggg ctgtttctca     51960
     aaatgcgctc ttgtctgtac ttgcgttctt gtgtcctcgt gaaacatcat caaccgtcgc     52020
     cgaagtcctg ttctaattca aagttcacat cttgccaagt acagataaag ttcctggatg     52080
     tatacttgct gtcccccttt tgtcaaggat gcatcgagag atgacttgtg cgaacttaca     52140
     aagcgcaggt atcccagaat gcattgcagc gtaaccagtg aaagctaatg gcagaacaga     52200
     aaacctgcac ggttttaaaa aatactcctc tgtttcctta caaattgaag ttttaggagt     52260
     tttcaggcga gaatgtattt gttttaaact cgaatctgca gtttatttat gaagatagcg     52320
     cgtctttggc gatgtgcctc agcttatgcg gactctgacc cccagcctgt cagcgagagc     52380
     tcggccatca cctcccctgc caagagcagc tttacatcag tcagtccatc acgaatgtat     52440
     cactggattg catctgtcta ttgtagttaa aatatgatat ttattacatt ttgtgcatat     52500
     ctaacggaca gtttttggcc ttatatctct attatttgtt ttcggtgtat tattttgtca     52560
     ctgttgtttt gttacctttt ataatcgtct ttaactaagt tgtgttgtac gaggtttgtc     52620
     tttatttttg ccaaattgct taacgttgtc tttatttctt atagtgttcg tcttgtactt     52680
     tatacttgta taacgcccat tttagtttat taaatctaat aacaaaagac acgagtctgt     52740
     atatagtaac acatttcact tcacatttat agtgatttat gttttcattt tcttaaatca     52800
     aaaatataga tttataataa taataatacg atattaatta taaagccatg ctttacaaaa     52860
     ttaaatcatt ttatttttaa tgtatagtaa aaccgatgaa tccatgtgag gtaagtgacg     52920
     ttataaagta cactgccgtt ccatatgaag aagtacccga cttgtgtcct cgcgtcctct     52980
     gagatttcgt tcttccaagt ctgaacttcc aaggacgcag gtccgaactt tgcgtacttg     53040
     gtattgaaat acagcctgtc tcatttcaga ggctgcatcc tccgaaggat gcagacttca     53100
     gaggtgagtc cttcgaagtc cacaaaagcc gaactagcgt tttgaaatga gattatctag     53160
     cctacagaca acagatctca tcacctagca accgtaacag cacccgctaa taaaatgtgt     53220
     aatgactttt ttttcaaaat gattttaaag cttattttaa gcgatctgaa ggcaaatcaa     53280
     aatatatttt tctttgatcc atacatgtac acataaaatg taaatgtctt taaaatcact     53340
     ctttagcaag acatctcata ctctttttgt tatttaatgc gtttagattt tcaagtaaaa     53400
     taaacccaat tcatattttg aatcgtagtt ttctgttaaa aacgtcctgc cgttatcaga     53460
     gcgcagtaaa tcttggggtg ttcaaggccg catgtttcct gcttgtgtat tttttttgtg     53520
     gatgttccac atacttcggc tgcacaattc taactgaaca aaacaaaagt gtgctcactc     53580
     acttcactag taatactgtc acacagacaa catgcatgca tttgttctgg gtgggggaaa     53640
     tgaaatagta catatttcat atcgcagcct cttttgatta gagtctcaaa tcgtgattgt     53700
     gattcgattt cgaataatcg cgcaggccta acgatgaaaa aatcagcact gtttaagaca     53760
     ctcaacagcg cttaaatgtt agcgagaaat ggacgttttt aaaacttcag tatcttctgg     53820
     taccgaattc cagtatcgtg acaactctaa gtgaaattaa aaaactgtca ggttgtacag     53880
     catgcaagcc aatgtatacc aagatgccaa cacaaactgc agaggcggta gagggttaaa     53940
     cgttcagtcc agggtgaaaa tgggcactcg ttcatttcca aaacattacc aaaacaggag     54000
     acattaaagg aaaagaaaag acgtccgaat gactctgaca caagcagtca gactggtcag     54060
     gcggtggtgg tgaatgtgag gggagcgggt ggagcctctg cctgtccctc cacccttggt     54120
     ttggatcttg gtcctcaagt ggtgacaccc acctgtttgt cactcacctg ttcctggagc     54180
     tcagccagcc gagtggcccg ttcctcctcg gagtcggagc tggagctgga cgagtctgcg     54240
     ctgctctcgc tgctgcccgt gctcttgctc accactgccg tcgccgaaac agcgtttggt     54300
     gaagatggtt ctgccggttc atctggcatc ttggcgaatt tcatctcaaa cacatcctgt     54360
     gggatatgga caaatatgat tagtgagatc tgaaaaaaac attataaggc tttatagtaa     54420
     tgccgggttc acaccaaacg caattatttt gcattgattc ttaaagggcc atgaaacccc     54480
     ctcgtttcag cagggtgtat tcacacctct actttagaaa gtcagaaaag tgggcgtgtc     54540
     cagctctgtt taggggggag tgtcggagga actaaagagg gatagtgtgg gagtgtcgat     54600
     ttgggcgcgc tgagtttcag agtcaaaaca cacacacagg ggagaaagtg gcagtgttta     54660
     catggacatc tgtagtcgaa ttatttgcca aattaataaa tggtggactt taactgcagt     54720
     ttgactcttt catttaggga attcattcat gtccctcatg acaaacaaga tatttgattc     54780
     gaggaactgc tccaagcgtg tatttttcat gcaatgtttg ataccgcacg gcgaatgaga     54840
     gaaaaaatac ctcagcattt ccctgaaacc tagatgcaca cggcaggtag tgtcagaaag     54900
     ccgcgtgtgt tattccggtc acaaaatgcg gtgaaaatcc tacacgacgg taatagtttg     54960
     gttgtagtgc taacatgttt acactcggtg caatagtttg ttagatacga acaaactgaa     55020
     taaacaaaga gcactgttcg cttacttacc taccaaaaaa gccgcatctt tattaagagg     55080
     agactacaag cgaatccaga tctcagtgtt tgcaaatgag aacagctctc aggtaaacaa     55140
     tgttcctcct tagacacgca agttattgtt gttgagcgtt gcgtacacag tactccacgc     55200
     atgactccag ctgcgctctc acagagagaa aataaaaaca aaacctaact gcagcaaact     55260
     ataaaagcaa cacttcacgc ttgttttgcc aatacaacgt ggtgtttctg tcgtctaaac     55320
     actgtgacag taatgaatat taatgaagtt gcacaatagc gcgctgattg gtttgaacca     55380
     agtctgactc atgcatcaca ctctgagacg taataagcca cactctggca cagacgccca     55440
     gtctgcacgc tggaatacaa cgctattatc tcatggctgt gacgcagctt caaaaattag     55500
     tttcaaaccg gaagtacgaa tttgcttgaa ataacacaaa aacaaccaat ttacactttt     55560
     tagtgaaata taggtgtcct aatagtgttt tttagcagtg tgagacacat atacgactgt     55620
     caacagctca aaaaatgtgt tttggtgttt catgatcctt taaaatatcc tgggagtcta     55680
     cacttggata tatctacgga ttctcatttt tacttattgt tgaagtccca aaaatgcgag     55740
     aaagccatca tgttcgggct catgacacaa tccagaggag cacaaaaagt gaatggggta     55800
     tatgtacaag ctagtgtttt tttagccaaa gatgaacgaa cttccatttc cttttataag     55860
     gctcctttta cagcattgat gttgtaatgt acttaatata taatcgctta aatagatttt     55920
     cattatcatt catctagctg ttcaaacgta aaattaaatg aaagactgtg taaacacaag     55980
     caccgtcagt agcagcaggc tagcgtgacg tgtttgaaga gtgaggagaa atgcggtggg     56040
     gaggggtgag cagggtgcgt gacgtagcct atttgaggac cgggagggag gcgcgagatt     56100
     ttaatcgagc cgagaccacc tcattcaagc gatctcggcg cgattgattt ggcgcggatc     56160
     agagagcgat tggtggtttc acatatgcca aacgaaccat gctaactggg caaacgagac     56220
     aggttccgaa acagaagtgt aggtgtgaat cacccttaaa aaaaactata gtgttgctca     56280
     accacgttcc tggaggacca gcagctatgc acattttcca tgtcttctta acaaaacaca     56340
     ccaaattcag atcatcagct cattagcaga gactgaaaga cctgtaatgg atgtgagaga     56400
     caaaggagac atctaaaaca tgcagtgcta gtggtccctc caggaacatg gttgagaaac     56460
     actgctatag acgatctatc ttagaggatg agcacctgac tatctgcctc aggtgagggg     56520
     tagtttcata tttgcataca gatccactta cagcattaat gaagctgtcg attttgattt     56580
     aacaggaggt caaatgaatg catcaggcaa atattcgtct caagtagaat ttttttaact     56640
     catgcgaaag atgtgatggg ttcgtgtttc tgtgttattc acattgtttg gtaaaattag     56700
     ttctctattc gcatgtttgc actgacttgg tatgtaacaa atacttaatt gtgcatttgg     56760
     tgtgacccga gcataagtga ttttcaaatg ccgtacctgg agttttctcg ccatggcaac     56820
     gacctcgtga tcaggagggt tatatttgta acaatttgag aacattaacc gaacatctgc     56880
     tgcaaagttt tgggcgtctg ggtattctcg actgtccatc tttttctgga aaagagacat     56940
     tgcaggagaa acagtttagt aaataaaaat acactttagt aaaaaatgtt tttaaaattt     57000
     aaagaaaaat aaaccaatac acacacacac acacacacac acatttagtg ggactaaatg     57060
     ctattgtctt tgaaaaaagg taatgtaata catatttaac taattattta atataacata     57120
     tatgtaaata acatataaaa tgttagatat agatgtatag ttatgtttga atatattcag     57180
     taaactactg atgactttac ttacaaatta aaaaaattta ataaaaaata gtagccagtg     57240
     ccatgtttat ttttagactt aggcccaatc ccaattctat ttttgtaccc ctaccccctt     57300
     acaattgagg gttaagggga agggcttcaa aatttacccc tgagaattga gacagcacta     57360
     caccacctgc acacatcacc atatgtcctc gcaatctcct gcttcatgtg agatcagaca     57420
     atcatgactg ctttagttat tccagttgtg ttatttattg gtatttaact tcaggaaatc     57480
     actaaaggca tatagtatgt tatcataaca atctaacgtg gcaataagat cgtaactgta     57540
     ctgcgtattt acacagaggc catattcatc aatgtaaaca caccaaaaat aacattaaca     57600
     ttttagcaaa cactgtaaaa agctcaatcc cagccactag acattactga cagggtattc     57660
     cagtgtcaga atgctgtggg actgctgtac aggaattatt aataaggatt ataggacgtg     57720
     aaatttagag gtttttattt tagcattttt ttttttaaag catgatggta aaacacgaac     57780
     gcggttgtga atatatgaaa aacgtgtttg tatgttgtaa aaatgtgtta tgatgaatga     57840
     aaaatactaa tttgtggatc tccttacttc tgggttcagc aacactgctg ttgtggctgg     57900
     tgtattctgg gaaatgttcg taacccttgg tttcaagtgt ggtcctgaaa aatctttgtt     57960
     caaagggcta ttcacccttt ccccttagcc ctacaccttc aagctgaaga gaattgggac     58020
     acccctaccc cctggcgtgc aagtgcaaaa cgaggagaag ggctaagggg tagaattggg     58080
     attgggcctt aaaatttgga ggaatttgat tatcaaatca cacaaatttt tttttattaa     58140
     tttgttattc tgaccaagaa taagaacata aaataaaata aaatgtgtat ataaacatat     58200
     atttaaattt gttccacttt tttgaaagaa attgtattag acctggagct ggacgaatta     58260
     aaatccaaat ctcgattaat tgagcatttt aacttgatta ccattaatga acaattacta     58320
     ttttattatc attttttttt gccctcatag ttcactgaca ggttttgtac agtaaacata     58380
     tatatatata tatatcattt tttttttaac agtgaaaata aataacttgc agttttagaa     58440
     aataaataaa taattttaaa tgtttttcat attaaaagta gaaaataagc agtatctctt     58500
     ctaaataaaa taactcttgt ttatcctgta aataatgtct taaaccatgt attctagcat     58560
     cttctgcaaa caaatatatt aatgtaaata atcattttaa tgtaatgaaa aatatgccat     58620
     ctcaaggcct ctctggcgca gcttccaatc atcgtcaatg taatgcaaag taaggctcaa     58680
     gaataggtcc atcattccac ttgaccaaag atcagatgtg actacaaagc agccgcagaa     58740
     gtataaatcc gcctcagcct tagcggagac atgtgactcc acatgcggta gggaaagtaa     58800
     tttttaaata aaacattgac ctggataaat tagatcgatt ataggcagtg ttaattaaaa     58860
     gcaaattttg attttagttt tagtcttaga cccaattcca attgtacccc ctagccctag     58920
     cccttgccct tgtcccaatt ctctttagct tgaaggcgta gagctaaggg aaaggggcgg     58980
     atagccctta gagcggagat ttttctggac cacacttgaa accaagaggt aacataattt     59040
     cccagaatac acagccacaa aggcaggata gcagcacccg aaaataatga gatccacaaa     59100
     ttagtatttt tttgtcatta ttatgaattt ttacaacaaa aaaagcacat gttttaatac     59160
     attcataacc gtgtacgtgt tttactgtca tgctttaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaagat     59220
     aaatattgct atccataata ataaatcctg tatagcagta tcataacatt gtgtaaatgt     59280
     gcagtatagt tatgatctaa ttgccacatt gtatagttat aataacataa tttaagcctt     59340
     ctgtgatttc ctgaagataa ataccaaaaa acattgctac tggaataact acagcagtcg     59400
     cgatcatctg atatcttata aagcaagagc tcacgatgac atatggtgac gtgtgcaggt     59460
     gctgtagtgc tgtcccattt cttaggggta aattttgaag cccttcccct tcacactcgg     59520
     ttttaagggc caaggggaag gggtacaaaa aatagaattg ggattgggcc tttagtcctc     59580
     taaatcattt tagttttagt cgactaatta tgctctagat ttagttgacc aaaatatatt     59640
     tggtttaatt taagtgaaat ttaattcaaa tatagtagac atttatttat acagaatatt     59700
     gtaacttaaa ataaaatcat ttcattaaaa tattgattat agcttttcca ttaaagacca     59760
     aaaattagat atgcattgtt tatttatctt aagtaatatg taaaattatg tgtcggcaag     59820
     agcagtagac tactgaaaat gcaggatttt tctttcagct gttgacatca gaaatagttt     59880
     aatcagacag acgcccctat ggatgaggat gcaatcacat cctgcatcta ctgtggatca     59940
     gttacttttc aaatatgttt gtgtgcatca tgcatcacac accatgatta attctgattg     60000
     gatttttacc aaaatacatc cccgaatcac attttactca tttttttagt aaagaaaatg     60060
     tcagtatatt tttattatag ttgttgtcgt cagcactttt tatttcgttt ttgtcggtag     60120
     aaacttcttc gccacaaaaa tcatgataaa aaaaatttcc tcattgaaat taactcatta     60180
     tagattccca atgtcgattt tgatgacttt tccaataatc acccagccct aatcagacct     60240
     ttttagaaat caaaccaata tctagtatag gacactgttt tatcttttct taacttccta     60300
     tataaacagc taatcagaca taacatacaa ttgatcaaat acacaactcc taaagcctgg     60360
     tttatacttc tgcgtcaagt gaccggcgta acccacggcg catgcaacgc gcgtagctgt     60420
     gcatttatac ttctgcgcgc tgtctctgtt ggtctgcatt aacacttccg aaacgctagt     60480
     tggcagtgag gtgtaaatgt ctctttgtgt cgagtttctt cgctgctgtg ttgcttttcc     60540
     tgaacacttc cgggatgtac aagtggctca aactcgctca ttttgaggca ggaaccagcg     60600
     gatgtgcaac aacttttact atgaggtaaa cacaaaacaa aaatttctat ccggagctcc     60660
     ttcacgggac tccaaacttg taaacaattg ctccatcagg ctcacaccat tcacgcggct     60720
     ctcggccctg cccagactcg tcagcgctac caagccgacc aattaaagag cttgcgctat     60780
     gcattgttgc gatttgtagt tacatttttt gagaggtgca catcagtgaa ggcgaagggc     60840
     tatgcgtcag cgccgtagca tagcatagcg tttgacgcag aagtataaat cagcctttac     60900
     cttaactgtc aaatcataaa cagatcagtc atcaaaccct aaacggtatg ttatcacatg     60960
     gcacaagctg attggcttct gtcaatcatg gtgaacattt aaataatcca cactgtaagc     61020
     tggtcctaca gtatgctatc aaagtcttat ctgaaacctt ccacctccac ctgtttgtat     61080
     ttgctatggg atttatgaat gcttatttac acagcagcag cagcagaata tcttacatgc     61140
     tcacagcagc atgccaataa atcaaccggt tttaaatata aattagctac agatattaat     61200
     acataccaac atattaattt ctgtttaata aaggaactaa ttgtgagttg aattttaggc     61260
     catactttga cagtgctgag gtccatcggt tgcttgatga tttcatgata gtcgtgcagc     61320
     tccagggcct ccgcgtctac aggtttgtag aagggccagg cgtaggccgc gtgcttcttg     61380
     gaaagcatct ctttgaggat agtgtcacag tatttgagat gatcgttgag cttgcttttc     61440
     ttgttgcctg gctgctggac gtccccgtcc tccaggtcct tcttgggagg tttaatgggt     61500
     cgacctgtgc tctctcgtct ggaaatgact ttactgtgtt tggactccaa cattgcagta     61560
     ggcgactcac ttcggctggc agtgatcgcg caggttgtcg gtgtggtcgt gtctgctttc     61620
     cgcttcaccc ctttcttctg aggacaatga cataggtgtg ttagaacgta attaaaacaa     61680
     tgaaacgaaa aattacgatt cttctcagca gtgtgcttga caaacttgat atttaggctg     61740
     gtttagggtt tttaattaga ccgtaatctt ctttagagaa agtcaatccg tcattcgcta     61800
     ggtcagtgtt tccaaaccct gttccttaag gcataccagc agtacacatt ttcaatctct     61860
     ccctaatcaa acacacctaa atcaactcat cagaacatta gaaaagactc caaaacctga     61920
     aataaataga tcagatatag gacacatcca aaatatgtac tgctggtgtg cctccaggaa     61980
     cttggttgga aaacactatg ctaggataag ttacagatat caaactaatt aatagactac     62040
     aaattttcaa agcacaaact tgagcaaaat attgcaaatg tgcatattgc actataatcg     62100
     tcgcaataat tgtgatattt aatacataat taacataatg gatgctgaaa aaatgaccaa     62160
     aataaataat tgatgctgaa aaattaccaa gatacccaat tagcataatg gatgctgaaa     62220
     aatgaccaag catttaagct atttaaagta atatttcacc taaaacttta ccatttacta     62280
     acagtgggca gttaaaaaac tggtggtgct atttgtttta aaaatatatt tactttgttt     62340
     aattgtatga cttgttttat gaaacggcaa aacatgactg tttaattcca gaaagtttag     62400
     agatgctttt tcttccccca aaaattttat gaaacatatg ttggttatat atattattat     62460
     atcgcaaaca acattattta gcatgttatc gcatatcagc tttttcttca gaatcgcaca     62520
     gttctagcac taactatcat agacgaacga taaaacaaag gatagaacta tagaatgatt     62580
     aaattctgat aaaagtatag aatgataaaa cgatagaaca gaatgataaa atgacagata     62640
     gaactataga acaatagata gaataataaa atgatagaca gaatgataaa acaacagata     62700
     gaactataga acaatagaca gaatgataga acaaccgaca aaattataaa acgatagata     62760
     gaataataaa acgatagaca gaatgataaa acgatagata gaataataaa acgatagata     62820
     gaataataaa accatagaca gaatgataaa acgatagata gaacaataaa acgatagata     62880
     gaatgataaa acgatagata gaatgtcaaa acaataggca gttagatgga tggatgagcg     62940
     gatggataga tggacaatag acagacgggc ggacagacag acagattttt ttattgcaga     63000
     tcacattatt tagcatgtta tcgcatatca tctttttctt cagtattgca gtcctagtta     63060
     ggcttgggcg gtatccaaat tttgataccg tcaaaccgcc tccatatttt accccggtat     63120
     ccggtattac cggcgtaata aaaaaaaaaa atgacataag gctcagacag catcaccaaa     63180
     ctgttggctt gagcctaaac cattcagaaa ctgaatacat tctttgcgac cttaggctcg     63240
     cggtgaaaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga cgcacagcac ccctctctct     63300
     cttacacaaa cacacaagca catctctcct gcgatttatt cagaaattta cttccacacc     63360
     gtaagaaatc tggccggctc ccgcggaaca gcagcgggaa tgcagagagc tgtaatcggg     63420
     ccataaaaat tatacccgat aggtcccgag tccaacaggt acattttgat tgacagcttt     63480
     ataaagcccg aacccgttta cagccggaca ttattcaaat gtgctcatgc acacagctcg     63540
     tatgcttttt ttcaagaatg agtcatttat atgttttaac atcatttatt cgtaacaaac     63600
     gtagactgta ggccacttgg aagttggaac aaagaaataa aataagtcct ctgtaacatc     63660
     gtaacatctc agcactctat aagtctaggt acatgcactt agcctttaaa ttggccaaca     63720
     caccaatgaa aagaaatcgt gcttaacaaa tcaaattaaa ataaactcta aatgatgacg     63780
     ggtattttgg caataacgaa attaagataa aggctctgca agatgtgttt ctccacttct     63840
     cttcacaatc tggcattagg gcggcggtga agctgaatat taaaagaata atgccaccat     63900
     tagtctgtac actttgtcta cattatgatt atatggttta attaatattt atttataatt     63960
     taaaaaccct ttactcacca agattaggct acgtgtgttt gtggaggaac attattaaat     64020
     ccacaggctt tagcgcagcc tctcactcat ggtgcgtcca gcataactga acaccctttc     64080
     ctacggctac aggtcgagat gcagagttct gatctggctg attttgcaag gtttgggtgg     64140
     gattgtttgt tcatcttcta ccagtcagga acatccattt aattttccat gacagcagtt     64200
     tcagtgtagc gagtggcctc gtctttttac ctgtcagctt gcggtttagg gctctactgt     64260
     aatacgcagt gtatgagcga ccacgaaata cctgcggctg gaataaccgc tctttctgag     64320
     ctagtgaccg ccgtcaaaat tagcgttttt tactacttcg tcatcatttg tttcaccttt     64380
     gcagggatgg attttaatgc agggatttgg attttttcgg gtctcgccgg ttcgggcaaa     64440
     gatcttcagc tcaaatgcag acctctcgtt catattaact acatctcact tctgttcagt     64500
     cgaaactgcc aaattgcagg acactttgaa gcgcgactcg tcacgtcacc tctccctctc     64560
     tccccctccg tctctccccc tccgtctccc cctccgtctc tcccccttcc tctctctctc     64620
     tcctccacag tcctgtgtaa caaccacaca tacgtttttg taggcattaa ataaaggata     64680
     tttaatattt tatgacggta taacggtatt gaaactgaca ccgttgctat ttttagatcc     64740
     cgcggtatac cataataccg taataccgcc caagcctagt cctagtccca actatcatag     64800
     acatctcaaa aaatgcttat gcaaaataca cagcaggcag tatgaaattt attgctaaag     64860
     gcagtgaatc tgctacaaaa gctgttttga tggcggaaac ggtggcgctt taggagatga     64920
     atttagagat gtaacatctc agaaaagagt tatgcgtgtt gacaatccta catctacttt     64980
     tagactgtta acacacaaaa gcacagcatg ctgcctgaaa aaaaatctaa aagtgacctc     65040
     tcagggaagt ggtatctcta aattcatcca cttcaaagcc aagcagctaa aaatatttaa     65100
     ttctaaaagg tttcagcaaa aaatatatat atatttatgt ttatatgatt acaaaaagaa     65160
     agattataaa gatagaacaa tttgaaagaa tgattagaga gataaataga tttgatagac     65220
     aattagatac gaaacaaaat atgaatatac cttatatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga     65280
     tggacagata gatggacaga aagatggaca gatggatgga gggacagata gatggacaga     65340
     cagacagaga gacagacaga cagacagaca gacatagata gatagataga tagatagata     65400
     gatagataga tagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     65460
     gacggacaga cagacagacg gacggacgga cagatagatg gacagacaga cagatagata     65520
     gatgggacgg acggagtgac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     65580
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     65640
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatggat agatagatgg acagacggac     65700
     ggatggacgg acggatagat agacggatgg atggacagac agacagattg atagatagat     65760
     agacagacag acagacagac agacggacag acggacggac agacagatag atagatggag     65820
     ggacagacag atagatagat ggagagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagat     65880
     agacggacgg acggacggac ggacggacgg acggacggac ggacagacgg acggacagac     65940
     agacagacag atagacgaac ggacggacag acggacggac agacagacag acagacagac     66000
     agatagacga acggacggac agacggacgg acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     66060
     atttagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     66120
     agatagatag atacagacag aatgatagaa ctatattcag atagatagaa caatcgacaa     66180
     aagattggac ggacgaaaaa atatcttaaa tgatacaaaa taacataatt atagataaaa     66240
     ccatagagca atggatggat agatgaatag ataaaagtag acagaacgac agacacagac     66300
     agacagacag acagaaagac agaaagacag aaagatgata gatagataga tagatagata     66360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     66420
     gatagataga tagatagatg aaaagattgt aagatagcta aacataggaa actactcctc     66480
     tatgatgagt aaacacattt gtagctgctc ttactttgac cacaggctgt gcggttggga     66540
     tcatggccgt ggcagggggc gcagcttgga cattggttgt gatggtggcg actggagtgg     66600
     cagcgattac aggagtctga gccagctgag gaggagagct cggacatgac gacgatggag     66660
     atccaggagt caaggctatc gattgctggt tttctgttta aaagagagaa cgacaaagtc     66720
     agctggaaac tctcctcaaa gcagcatctt ccagagcttt gtggtgttca gtcagttacc     66780
     tgaaccaggg ggtgctccgg gtttccgtgc tttgcccttc ggtggtgggg gtaaaagctc     66840
     cacctcctcc tggggcatct gagctacctt ttggaggaaa atcttttcca aggcttgagc     66900
     catgagaaca atgtcatctg tgggctgagg gtaacaaatt aaagacaatt attctagatc     66960
     acatttactc tatttccaca cacacacaaa agggatgcac gatatattgt ttcagcattt     67020
     ctattcaggc atgcgatcag tcgaggataa atataaaatg tttttatttt ataagagaaa     67080
     caaacaacaa caaaaaaaaa aaacagaatt gttaaaattt tgtagtttgt aattttttga     67140
     gtgcaatatt ttgcatgagt ttaaatgaat tatatttcta tttctaaaga tgtttggtga     67200
     ctaaaacatt attttaataa atatatttgt ttaacaaatc tgttttgttc aaatgcatcc     67260
     aaatatatta cgtgtattca ctgaaaattt gataaaaata tttattttca aaatgaggtg     67320
     ttctcattca tgctgagcac tagggatgca acgattatac attttggttg tacgattata     67380
     gtctaagaat tgatcacggt ttcactgtga tcgcgattat ttgcattaat tgatttcaaa     67440
     accccactag tttaaaattg ttttaaattt cgttttgtag ttcgggtcca actaaatatt     67500
     tgttgccgtt ctaatcgttt aagtttattt aattgaatat ataaatatca gcggatattt     67560
     tcgatgcatt tattgggtaa aattgctcat tccatgtgtt tttggtcatt atcaatgcac     67620
     cgaaaaaaat agacccagcg gcgaaactat cgctgcttca acgacgctga cacactgctt     67680
     ctgtatgcag tataaaagct cttatctgtt atcatggatg ccaaaaaaac atgctctgct     67740
     cacgcttgcg gtgtgaaaca ggcttgagtc tttcagcact ctctccaaaa acactccgtt     67800
     gatcccagct agcattcgcc acatgatcgc tcttatcagc gccattattt gtaactttaa     67860
     gtggtttgca attctgtgta ttttccattg cttcttccta aaacaatagc gatttgaaat     67920
     ttccgcactc acaaaagccc cctgtcatct cccatactcc caaaataatt ccgcagtaat     67980
     ccgcagattt ttaccaaaat tctctgcaga aatagcaaaa aacgtccgca gattctgtct     68040
     gaccctggtc ttgatgcaca aactactttt agttgctgca gttttgttcc aagcagaaac     68100
     gcggtgttga gaagccttta cgattaatta atcgtgatta attaaataaa taattatata     68160
     gttaatagtg aaaccggcaa agaaaaaaaa catgttaaat tattaaaaat aataaaaggt     68220
     gtcatgctta ataaagtgct gaaaaaaaat ctctctgtta aacagaattt aagaaatatt     68280
     tggaaaacta ataatttcac actgaatgct cctctagata cacaaaagca taacaggaaa     68340
     aataaaataa tttaaataaa tattaaaaac ccaaacgtac cttgttgtag atgtaacagt     68400
     ttgtgaacat agtgttgaag tcctgcatgc attcgccagc agtccaatag taattattct     68460
     caagccgctt ctttatggtt cccatgtcca ttggattctt gataacttta tggtagtcct     68520
     aaatgacaca gatgataagt tagactaagt ttaaggcacc aaatagagaa aaactcaagc     68580
     cttaaaagcc aacatctgca gtaaaagata tatctatata aaagtaatat cacttattcc     68640
     ttactttaat aatcccaaaa aggcaaatat tttttctttt aaaaatatta tttcctttgg     68700
     caacattaaa ggtgcagaaa taaaccagtc aattttattt aatcttttaa aacacagctt     68760
     gcagtccaaa atatagaaaa tatgaataat tacacttcta aaacatagta tgtttagtat     68820
     ttttctgctt cacaaagatg gattcattta tttaaaaata cattaaaaat aatattttaa     68880
     aatgccattt attcccctga ttaaaagttg taagttactg tagtcttcag tgtcacatac     68940
     tatgatactt tagaaatttt ctattatgta gctcaagaaa catttaaagc tgtttttttg     69000
     tcaaatcttt tagtgtaaac cataatactt taccatttat acgattggtt ttttttttgt     69060
     attatgaaat tttaacctag ttcagcaaga atgattttaa acaataaaaa aattatgaaa     69120
     taaatctgag aaaaaaaagc ataaccattt ctgcaaacat ttaaaatgta aatagtgaat     69180
     cattctttta gttcagtaaa aaatacactt ttttttcata aaattatcat gtgacaaggt     69240
     acactagaat attgatacca aaaattcaga ctagtcatta tagaaaataa ctgcattttc     69300
     aaaagttttc acataaaaag atgtcatttt aaattgtaat tttacaatat tccttttttt     69360
     aacaaactac ccaactaaag aaaaatgcaa cataagagac aaaaaaacaa caatcttgta     69420
     tttcaaatat gcagttgaaa tgaaattatt attcctcccg tgaaatattt attcttttaa     69480
     aaatattctt catgtctttg ccttgatgac agtacatgat actgaacagg atatttaaca     69540
     aaagcattaa gggcatgtcc aaatccactt taatatttaa aaaaacagaa aaatatgctc     69600
     ttggtctaac agtgttgtgc ttattctatt aattagttat gggttttttt agtataactg     69660
     cattaaacca atcagattct catctccaag gataaaaaat gagcctcccc catttggcct     69720
     ctttactttc tctttaattt acttttactc ctttactttc atggagtaag gaaacagtga     69780
     aaactgactc cactgaagat atcaattagc ctacatattt aatgtcattt ggtaagtgta     69840
     aagattggtt tcaaaactat ttctaaattt agttctaatt tccagcaaac taataaataa     69900
     acaataataa ttgtgttaaa aaaataaaag agttatatcc aaacacgcgt cctattctta     69960
     tgccctatat ggtgatgcat gcctctcgtt tttattaaaa caaatataaa gatgcatata     70020
     ataaatagca ctgctaataa taataataat aataataata ataataaaaa taataataac     70080
     aataataata acaacattat acaaacgcaa tttgttaaga ataaactgaa agaccagctt     70140
     ttagttggtc aatggcatgg tctatttcag ttcctcaaaa tagcaacaca cctccttttt     70200
     agaccagaac acccatgagt ccacaaagtg gcgcaagtgg atttgcaatt taaacaacat     70260
     ggtgcaaaat gtgaaagtta ctgttgtact ggtcttaagc cttattgcag cgggtgtatg     70320
     atagggccca ttatgttaac taggcaagtt actggataat agtgtcaata aaaatcttaa     70380
     acagcctaat aatacagacc ttaaattgtt tttaaaaaat ttaaaaactg cttatattac     70440
     agccaaaaga aactaaataa aactttccct agactaaaaa atatgatcag aattactgtg     70500
     aaaatttcct tggtaagttc cttgaaaaat attagaaaaa gaatataaat ttcgcaggag     70560
     gaataataat tgtgtatata gtaaagacaa aaaggttttt ctcaccggca gattcaattt     70620
     gattgcatcc acaggtgtgt aaaagggcca cgcaaactga tgcttccaaa gagtcttcac     70680
     aaccacattc tgcatgtact gtagctggtt ggttttccgg cccggcttac cagagtttat     70740
     gaactcgggt gggggcgggt taacaatagg tgcaggcacc tgggcagggg acgtgactgc     70800
     cgacatattg gccagggggg aagctgttgc ttgaatgacg tctgtagctc agttacaacg     70860
     atcctcttgc tgctccttag tcccacctcg acacacacat cccatctcag gacctgagtg     70920
     tcagcacgct gccagcgaaa aaaacaaatc acatatataa ataatatttt gcacaatata     70980
     acatataaat gcatatattt atacacatta aaattagacc aaatggttga tttgcataat     71040
     ttactgctta tcacatttgc aaaaaattca cacacagtcc aaaatagggc tggacgatac     71100
     ggcacaaatg cattctcaat atttattttc catatattga acgataatga tatttctata     71160
     taagttgtta atacttttag atttaaaaga gtaccccaac aacgactgaa gccacaaaaa     71220
     ttagagggtc cattaaatgg caaaacataa tttcggccac tgaaattttt ggtgtccaaa     71280
     aattcggagc atttgtaata tcaaataata ataatattgt tgcacatttc tgctgtatga     71340
     ttggctctta gatcaacata cagtaaaaaa gtccagaact tatcattgtt attgacataa     71400
     aagttaacgc aattctatat aataccgttt atcggcacag tcctcgtcca aaatgaaaga     71460
     aatataaata gccatgcaaa aaaaaaagta agaaagcaag gctgggctga taaccgatat     71520
     tgtatcgaat tgcgataaaa tttcggtcaa taacaatgta agctctgaac tttttactct     71580
     gttaatctaa aagccaatca cacggcagaa atgtgcgaca aattttcagc caacggaaat     71640
     ttaatggact ctccaatttt cgtctttggt cattgttggg taatgggtac tcatttaaat     71700
     cggaaagtat taacatatat atcgctgtag ttcaatatag aaaatattta ttagggatgt     71760
     ccagatccga tcacgtgatt ggaaatcggg cctgattagc tgtttcagac ttgatcgaaa     71820
     tcagacgtta cctcccgatc tggactcaaa tatatatata acacatctat atttatgcgt     71880
     tggcacagag ttagacctca ttcttaactt cacacagaaa cagcaacgcg tgcagcttga     71940
     catcacttag tcgctgagac gctattggtt gaatgctaag aagcagcttg aaacggaaag     72000
     cgtgagtatg tctgcggtca ggtattataa agttaatgat gacaacattg ccatagcaga     72060
     ctttgagata tgtaaatttg ggattgcctg acgagcactt tattttgagg cgctatttgt     72120
     ttttatatta ttttttatat atatttactg ttgcagtaaa gtccaaaagt gaagaattga     72180
     tctgtcattt attacttgat tgttcaagct acctcacaga agtgctctgt ttgttaacag     72240
     agttgttgaa tgtaaaaata aatgtaaatt aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaca     72300
     tcctggatct gtttcttggc tcttctttat gcttttttta tgtattataa aagtatcgaa     72360
     tggggtttta gtattggcag atactcaaaa tcaaattact tggacacgag ggcaaaaaac     72420
     cacgggtcat atctaataat tatcgagact gcatttttcc catattgccc agtcctataa     72480
     gtaggtaagt ttctctggat ttacggtatg tataaggtaa gggtttgaga taaatgttaa     72540
     tatttggttt gaaatattaa aacagtgtaa tttacagcaa tttgtcagaa taacaaatgt     72600
     tttaatttgt tgactgaata tcatggttat cccacaaaaa aattaattta gttcctttga     72660
     aattttacca tctgaagatg tccaaacaca taacattttg atgtgatctt atgcaaaaat     72720
     ctatattttt atgtacattc agaagaaata ttattagtac ttttcaaagc aaacatgaga     72780
     ttttactcaa aactataaat ctttaatcca aaaaaactga gaatcttcaa gtgatgtttt     72840
     atcttttttt tttctgtgcg tgcatttata aaatgtgtcc aatttacaac acgatttagc     72900
     caagtttatg catatattaa aattgataaa atgtcaataa caatgatgtt gatctaagaa     72960
     caattcacac agcagaaatg tgtgacaatg agaatctaaa agtggtattt tactctcccc     73020
     cccccctgta tgtttgtgca tttataacat tacactgcaa aaaaaattac aaattattaa     73080
     atgttttgtc ttgttactag tccaaatatc taaaaaaaat cttaaatcaa gaagaatttt     73140
     ctagacaagc aaaacatatt gtcttgtttt aagaaataat atgccaaaat gaagtgagtt     73200
     tttccttaaa accagcaaca tctgccaatg gggtaagaaa aattatctta tgtcaaaaga     73260
     aaaagcaaga ttattttgtt tatctcattg gcagattatt ttgctcgttt taaggaaaaa     73320
     ctcacttaat attggcatat tattttcgaa aacaaaacat tatgatttgc ttacctagaa     73380
     aaagcttctt gatataagaa tgtttagata tttggattag aaaaaaagaa aaagaaaaaa     73440
     tctacgcaag aaaagcattt tttgcagtgt agcccaattt acaccaagac ttagtttagt     73500
     ttatgcatgt attattgtgt acattctaaa gccagtcagg ggacaatcta atcgatcaat     73560
     actaacataa tgtgcatgtt gtaaaaataa agaaagaaaa aaaataaata aagagtgttt     73620
     tttattttat ttacaagcat atacatctaa atacccaaat taatatcctc attaatccac     73680
     attaaataat ttagaaaaaa gactcacaat attgcacatg tgccagctaa aacacaaaac     73740
     aaaccatttt aaatcctgta tgtgtgtgtg tttatgaaat taatccaatt cacaccataa     73800
     tttagtttaa tttaagcata tattactgtg tacagtctga agccagtgag gggataatgt     73860
     catttatcaa tactaacatc actgtgaatg tgtacgtagt aaacaatgtt agtatttcat     73920
     taactagcac atacatctca atatcaccat taatcaacat caaattaatt tataaacaac     73980
     actcacagca ttacattgca catgtgccag ctaaaataca aaacaaacca ccttctccag     74040
     tacttaatga agtttaaagt cctgtatttg tgtgcattta tgaaattaat ccattgtaca     74100
     ccataattta gtttagtttg tgcatacatt aatattaact gccgttttta tttcattaac     74160
     tagcacatat atttcaatac ccatagtaat ataattatta atcaccatca aatcaattta     74220
     gaaacaacat tcacagcatt acattgcaca tgtgccagct aaaatacaaa ataaatcacc     74280
     ttctccagca gttaaacaag ttaaaagtcc tgtatgtgtg gaattaattg attttacgca     74340
     atcatttagt ttagtttgaa gtacactaaa gccagtgagg ggataatgta atttatcaac     74400
     agtaacatca cggtgaatgt gtatgtagta aacaaacgac cattttattt cattaactag     74460
     cacatacaac ttaatatcat cattaatcca catcaaatta atttagaaac aacactcaca     74520
     gttttgcttg cacaagtgcc agctaaaata caaaaacaaa ccaccttctc cagtacataa     74580
     cgaagttaaa agtcctgtat tagtgtatgt ttataaaaat ttatccattt tacaccttaa     74640
     tttcgcttag cttgtgcata cattaatatt aactgccgtt tttatttcat taactagcac     74700
     atatatttca atacccatag taatataatt attaatcacc atcaaatcaa tttagaaaca     74760
     acattcacag aattaacttg cacatgtgcc agctaagata taaaaataaa tcacattctc     74820
     cagcagttaa acaaggtaaa agtcctatat gtgtgaagtt aattgatttt acacaataat     74880
     ttagtttagt ttgtgcagta cactaaagcc agtgagggga taaggtaatt tatcaatagt     74940
     aacatcatag tgaatgtgta tgtggtaaac aaacgaccat tttatttcat taactagcac     75000
     atccatctca atatcatcat taatccacat caaattaatt tagaaacaac gctcacagtt     75060
     ttacttgcac aagtgccagc taaaatacaa aacaaaccac cttctccagt acataacgaa     75120
     gttaaaagtc ctgtatgtgt gtgtgtttat aaaaataatc ccattttaca ccgtaatttt     75180
     gtttagcttg tgcatatatt aatattacct ggcgttttta tttcattaac tagcatatac     75240
     atttcaatta cctatattat aattattaat caacatcaaa ttaatttaga aacaacactc     75300
     acagcattac ttgcacaagt ctcagctaaa atacaaaaca aaccaccttc tccagtacat     75360
     aacgaagtta aaagtcctgt atgaaagtat gtttataaaa atgaatccca ttttacacca     75420
     taatttcgtt tagcttgtgc atatattaat attagctggc gtttttattt aatagcctag     75480
     cacatacatt ttaatacctg tattataatt attaatcaac atcaaattta gaaacaacgc     75540
     tcacagtatt atttgcacaa gtgccagcta aaatacaaaa acaaaccacc ttctccagta     75600
     cataacgaag ttaaaagtcc tgtatgaatg ggtgtttata aaaataatcc cattttacac     75660
     cgtaattttg tttactttgt gcatatatta atattactgg cgtttttatt tcattaacaa     75720
     gcacatacat ttcaatacct gtattataat tattaatcaa catcaaatta atttagaaac     75780
     aacactcaca gcattacttg cacatataaa gcagtagttt gtggtctccg gtagttaaac     75840
     atgttaaaag tctcaactac agtatcaggg tttctttcac acgacccatt gaaacaaaat     75900
     gactaacgtt aagagtgaaa aacgcagata gattcagtaa acttgtgttt ttcaactgaa     75960
     ctaaccccga attattgtaa acaccaacaa atcgacccaa atctgcgcct gcccatcaga     76020
     ggccataaaa aattgcaggt ttagtcagaa ttaaaccaaa acatcagcta gcaaaatgcg     76080
     cccctgcgcg catttaaacc ataaccagaa actcgactgg acaaaaacat tcgccatccc     76140
     gcgttaaagt aactgcatca ggcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtata tgtgtgtgta taagttcttg     76200
     aaaagatggc gggcacggga gagacagggc atcgagtgag gaatgccgag gatcgagccc     76260
     caccatgtct ttaacacaac cattgtgtgt gcatgccgtt cagtcggcta gctactcagc     76320
     gggctaattt gaaatcaacc cacaatgcgt ccagcagccc gggttttaac acttgatacc     76380
     acgaggaaaa aacagcgcaa acgattacga cctttttgcg ttcacacatc gacacggtgg     76440
     cgcgtgaaaa aacaggtttt gttacattga ttgttgcaaa gcgccgctca tcagcagcct     76500
     cgactctgtc agaggagatc ctgctagcca cattcagctg tgttttcccc ccaaaacacc     76560
     gatatacctc acctaaactg aacgcgaact ccggtcggaa tgcgctaaac gtaaatgtat     76620
     atgttgtact ttattacttt cactcctagc ggctccggtt gcgttgtcct tgcagatttt     76680
     cgggtagctt ttattgcgaa gaagcataat agatggctgg ggtcgacact ggttgggtag     76740
     tgttgtgcgc atgcgcgctg cgtcgcacgg tattgtggtt gttgttgtgt gaatgaataa     76800
     ctgtagctcg gcgctgccct gccttttttc tctttaatac aagcaaatac acatatttta     76860
     cagtataacg tcagctggtc atatctgtta atgactgact gtagctctat tattatataa     76920
     ctgctacaaa atgaacactt gcatttttat atagactagg tgtgtatgcg tgcgtgctag     76980
     ctgagtgtgg ttcataaatt tacaacaagt ggtcagaaaa aaaaattcat tttccttcag     77040
     cttagtccct tatttatcat gggtcaccac agcagaatga accaccaact attccgctat     77100
     atgcatcatg caacagatgc tcttccgcct gtcataataa ccaagggatt aatattgctt     77160
     gtgtttgaag atcaaggttt tctcccccaa tgttgatttc ttatttattt tgaagtcaaa     77220
     attttcgtat tttatttatt tgccaattaa tataaacatg ccagaaaaaa tattttcagt     77280
     gcattcggaa agtattcata gcgcttcact ttttccacat ttctttatgt tacagcctta     77340
     ttgcaaaatg gattcagttc atttatttcc tttaaattct acacacaaaa ccccataaag     77400
     acaatgtgaa aaattatttt tttgaaattg ttgcaaattt attaaaaata aaaaccttga     77460
     aaaaaatcag atgtacacca gtattcacag cctttgctca acactttgtt gatgcacctt     77520
     tttgcagcaa ttacagcctc aagtcttttt gcatatgatg ctacaaactt ggctctcctg     77580
     tttttgtgaa tgtttgccca ttcctctttg cagtacctct caagctctat caggatgtgt     77640
     ggaaagcgac agtgtatagc cattttcaga tctctctaga gatgttcaat aggatttagt     77700
     tctgggctct agctgggcca ctcaaggaca ttcgttattc attcattttg tcttagggtg     77760
     ctttcacacc tacacttttg tttcggaacg tatctcgttt gcccagttag cgcggttcga     77820
     ttggcatatg tgaacagggc aatcgcgctc tattccgctc caaagtaatc gctccgagat     77880
     cgcttgaatg aggtggtctc ggctcgattg aaacgaaccc tggagcggtt cgattgcagt     77940
     gagaaagcga tccgatccga gcgcggttat attacagtgt tttatggata tgtaatacat     78000
     gaagagagaa ttatgagtat ggcgggaagt ttcgcgagtc tccggatgcc cgcaaacgag     78060
     tgatgatctc ccggtaatct cgcgtctccc tcccagtcct caaataggca tcgtcgcgca     78120
     cccttctcac ccctccccac cgtgtctctc ctcagacacg tcacgcgcgc gcaccctgtc     78180
     aatcaccacc aaaccaccac ctcctgaaag ctgagcggga cgctgcaaaa taaaccctga     78240
     cactctgacc aatgtaagga gagtttactc gcacgtgact tgttttagct cttttagtcc     78300
     gattagaaac tttgcagtgt gaaagcgaac cgctccaaga gcaaagagca acaatgtaac     78360
     aattttaatc tctgtttcgg aacaactgaa tcgattcaca ggtgtgaaag cacccttagt     78420
     cattttatta atttggggtc gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc tcaggcccgt gcagagactg     78480
     tccaaagggc atgtgcaaga tgaaatattt gaagaggggg gggggtgttg tcgtactgaa     78540
     gggcggtgtt gtcgcgcgtt ctgataagcg gagttgtcac atgcctactg aagggaggta     78600
     gggcgagggg agtgtcacgg gggcactttt gatcattttg gaagggcact ttctatccaa     78660
     gactaaaaag ggcatgtcca ctgcacaggt tgagccctat gtgtgcacgt gcctagaacc     78720
     gctggacatt caccactcca ttaatatttt tcagcagttt ctcattcagg atgtctctgt     78780
     acattgctgc attcatcttt ccctctatcc tgactagtct tccagttcct gctactgaaa     78840
     aacatcccca cagcatgatg ctgccaccac catgctttac tgtagggatg atattagcct     78900
     ggtgatgagc ggtgcctgct tttctccaaa tgtaacgtct ggcattaact ccaattttag     78960
     tctcatcaga ccagagagtt ttgtttctta tggtctgaga gtccttcaga tgccttttgg     79020
     caaattccag gtggggagtg tcttccgtct ggccactcta cactggcctg attggtggat     79080
     tgctgctcag atggttgtcc ttctgtaagg ttctcctctc tccacagaag aacgctggag     79140
     ctcagacaga gtgagcatcg aggtattgat cacctccccg actaagggcc ttctcccccg     79200
     atgactcacc acaggtgaac tccagttaag ctgctgaaac atctcaagaa tgatcagtgg     79260
     aaacagaatg taccaaagct aaatttagag cttcacagca aagaatgtga atacttctgt     79320
     acatgtaatt tttcagtttt ttttttattt ttaataaatt tgcaacaatt tcaaagcatc     79380
     ttttttcaca ttggcactat gggctattgt gtgcagaact atgaggataa aaattaattg     79440
     aatccatttt agaataaggt tgtaacataa aaaattgtga aaaaagtgaa acgctatgaa     79500
     tactttccgg atgttccccg tgttggcgtg ggtttccact gggtgcttcg gtttccccca     79560
     cagtccaaac acatgcgctt ataggtgaat taaacaaact gtagtgtatg tgtgcgaatt     79620
     agtgtgtatg gatgtttcca agtacttggt tgcagctgga agggcatctg ctgtgtaaaa     79680
     caaatgctgc attagttggc ggttcattct gctgtggcaa cccctcatga ataaggggac     79740
     taagccgaag gaaaataaat gaaagaatgt gctttgaaca ctgcttggtt tagtccacaa     79800
     ggggtccacc ttgaacgata gtcagatagt cagaaaggaa actgaggaaa cgcaacaaga     79860
     actaagccaa attcaaatat attttaatct actctatttt attacaaaga ctctcaaaat     79920
     ggtcaatatc atacattttg actatttatt ttacaaaagt tgtttgaaac actaagtaaa     79980
     cattttatct tgaactgtta tttaaaggga ccacccaaaa aagaaaagaa aataggttta     80040
     aaaaaatcga agtgctcttt gtgctttatt tatttatttg ttttttttat ttatttataa     80100
     ataagaaaag agatttagac ttttagttat taggctagat tttttttaat atcctgagtt     80160
     tatatacact gtaaatgcga atagtattcc ttactatcaa aattctagtg tgtttactta     80220
     attttaagct aattgttgag tttactagaa atgcattagt gttgctgaca tagtaaggta     80280
     taaagttccc ataactaatg taatttgagt aaaattgctt ataagggcta agccatgctg     80340
     ttacgcatgc gtactgggtg gtgatttccc atcccccatc ccgagtcaca accaaccgcc     80400
     acccagcacc gccattgaag gacaggattt catattgaga agatgtactg ctgtaaatca     80460
     aggtaaactt ttcgttttaa ttactacttt gattttattt gtatagtatc agtaatctgt     80520
     ttatttcctg cactttgtga aattgtttgc tgttttgtga actaattaat agcccatgat     80580
     gttgtgacta aacgttttga ccactgcacg ttatttgcaa tactgtctac tttactagat     80640
     aagctatttt tagctgctta gtccttttta ataactatta ataatttgta aagttagtaa     80700
     cgttagtaat ttgtaaagtg ggcgttatgc tctaaaagag cgggccgcgc cattttaaat     80760
     gatgcactga gagagcaaga gcgcgcgcaa tgatccgttc aaatagatgt aaagttaaca     80820
     catagctgta ggtctacatt tttaaaaaag aaaacgaaac ctatttatcc gcattacaaa     80880
     tacagtaacg tcagttatcg ctgaacttta gtggcgcttg ttgtgacgaa aatatgcgtg     80940
     ttttttttta agatttactt ttatgagatc acctgcagga agcaggtgag gagatcagct     81000
     gtgattcggt ccggcgtcag cgagcggctt atgaccagac cagtcgtttt tttctccatg     81060
     atcgccgggg cagcagcagt tttaacccgc cgaggcttat aaagaacatt atacgaacat     81120
     tataaagcag tttcagctca aaatggaccc gtgagtgtct taggtaattt aggatttcga     81180
     tgcgattacg attcgtgtca ctgtatgagg cagatacata tttacacatg atgctaaagt     81240
     gtgcttatgc taacaatccc tatgaaactt aaagttaaac ttatgaaaat gcgagagata     81300
     tttaattaac tcatttattt gttttatatg ctatttgtct tttctttatg ccgttttgaa     81360
     ggtttattcc agtgttgccg ttacgttatt gagtgttttg tattgctgta atgacaagta     81420
     aatctgacca gacgcgactg aatatgtgtg atggataacg ttaatgatga agtggtaacg     81480
     ttataactcg tacaaccaag cacagaaaca tccctttgtt tgctcaatat cacacaaagg     81540
     catcaacaag cctttgttat aagcaaactt tctgttaaga aacaggcttt gccaaacctg     81600
     ttagtttgca tttttaaaga aggtttcact aatttttaac aatttagggc aaataaatgt     81660
     gaacaattac aaggttgttt aaaatgtagc acaccattag agtattgtga gtggcatatt     81720
     tggtttgtaa tatcattata ccctttattt tttatttcag actaccagtt tgtgagctga     81780
     tatgcagtgg aaatgtaagt tttgcactta cacatcaaag aaaacttttt gaacaatact     81840
     gcacaagcca tagaacatat tcatgaattg ttctattaac gttaccttgt ctccatactg     81900
     agtgtcaggg taattttaaa tcgtttaatg cattaaaagt acatttaaca aaattctcag     81960
     caaagaactg catgatcaag aatagtccga atattttgtc catttgaata atcatctgag     82020
     gactagttag aaatagggtt gttgtgttgt gataccatta atttatgtta caatactata     82080
     ccagctgaag tatggtgata ccaagtagta ttgcaatact gtaattcata acttaaatcc     82140
     atgaaataaa gaaaaatgtc agaaataata tattgtatat gttattatag gcctacttga     82200
     atttaaataa ttcccttatt gttgaaaaaa gtatttgcac atctcttcac ctaaaatgta     82260
     ttcattccag caaaaaaaat acattaaaat aaagataaat aaagaaaaca gcatttttcc     82320
     aacaaaccta ggctatatga agtggtcaaa aatagtttcc tgttgctatt ttgggttttt     82380
     catctatcat acttttttca cacttattat cggataagaa tccaaagtaa ttcaaaattt     82440
     cactttatga gtcattcttt ttaatagatt gtcacggttg ttgtagctat tatatcatat     82500
     tgacaggaac agaattaaac gaattccgat tcaaaatgaa ccatcacaaa atatgcatta     82560
     ggctactata aaagtttcaa attctacagt tttacaacct tagaaggctc catagactat     82620
     taaaatacaa tgatctattg ttgctgaatc gtgtaagtat tttagtgact ttttcacatg     82680
     cagcattatg tattgtaggc agactgttaa tgacaatact accgtttaca aactacagtg     82740
     gcaccgccag tatcttggag ccatagtatc acgatactac catagtaccg gtaaaccgtg     82800
     caaccctagt cagaaagttc agtgtccttt taaagacatc aattgagaca aatatttatt     82860
     ccacttttaa tgcgcataaa agtaaggcac accagcaaca atgccatgag tatatttaat     82920
     cgggggttgt gtttattact gtttggtgac aagtatagct catgcttttg atgacaggcg     82980
     ccgggagtat ttggcagctt ttattattca agaacattta actatgtcat gttaaagtgt     83040
     aacatctgtt gctaaatggc attgcattgt atcattgcat gtgtttctga tttctgtttt     83100
     ttgttttaga atttcgctta gccatgtcaa taacacttta cgtttttgtg cacaacagtg     83160
     acatccagaa ggaagtcata gaggaaacac cagctgatgc aagtgctgca gaaggtttgt     83220
     tttcttttca aaactttgtg tgattttgtg aatttgtgtt tttgaatatt attaatgact     83280
     aataatgttt tgattggatc tttgcagaat tcaatcgaat atcaggaaga aatgtgagat     83340
     ccaagttcta cgctgcattg gacacacact gctcgtttga ttgaaataaa aaaaaaaaac     83400
     aggagaaaat tgcagaagaa aactagaaga aattttcaac atgtttattc aaaggtattt     83460
     ttgtgacatc atctttgaat cataatttgc atttgattgc aataaattgc atttgatgtt     83520
     ttcattgggc tataatgcat gtctacctgt ctttactttt tcaaggtcat ctggcagcag     83580
     ttctccgggg tctttcagtc ctttagaggg atgagtctaa agaaattttc aggatgtgtt     83640
     ttgtaagtag tattattgtt tctgctttct tagactggaa atgaagcagt cattccagtt     83700
     tacttcactt attaataaaa attttcaatt ttataaaaat aaaacaaatg catttaatgt     83760
     aagtatttga aagtaagagg gatgttatat tatggccttt ggagcaagag cattgctatg     83820
     ttgcaaatac agcagcttgt gccgtcacag ggtcagttag cttcataggc cagtgaagta     83880
     atgaatgcat ttctttaatt tttaaacaca cttgttttga aaaggaggaa gattagcttg     83940
     aaaaaaaaat cttaataagt gtaataccta tgtaatatgt tgagagaaat ataatttcag     84000
     ttgaaagaac ctgctggatt aagatgtaaa aagatagtgt taaaagccac aaagtcaaag     84060
     atgctccgta ttataaccaa ccctgtgaag tcacctgctg tgggattgta gatggctgca     84120
     cccttgttct aaaagccata ctaaaacatc aattttctta ttaaaaaata gttattaata     84180
     catttttaaa aagtgtgcta aataatgcaa acttgactca ctgctttaat ctagcaaaac     84240
     caaatgcatg aatcggtttc caatttatta agttttccct acaaaatatt tatattgatt     84300
     atgtagcacc aattggtctc tcacacattt gcatttaatt tcttgaaaat gttttaaaag     84360
     tacttttact gcagtttgtt ttattacatt acagtgtttc tttaattaag aaaaattatt     84420
     gttcctttag aatagtatca tgatcaagat actggaattt agtaccaatc tctgctgcaa     84480
     ttttaagcag caaatttcct gctaacattt taagcacttt tgagcacatt tttaaacagc     84540
     actgttttgc cattctgttc acatgcttaa cagaaatgac actcaacaat gctcaaatgt     84600
     tagcaggaaa tggatgtttt taaaattact atatggattg gtaataaatt ccactatcat     84660
     gacaagccta gtagaagcag tacaggcaaa tccatcgtgt tggtctacat tgaagaagga     84720
     gcaccatagc aaggccttct tataagaagc atttgaatgt aaaatgtact ataaacacaa     84780
     atagtcatgc taataagcaa ctagttaata gggtaattgg ttcctactaa agtgttacta     84840
     aattaagcac aaggaattgt atttttttca cctctgcttt tggtctcctg gccactacag     84900
     gctttattag tgccatttag aatatcaaac tttacttatt tttctttctc tattcatagg     84960
     atgtaattgt agagtcggac ttcagtgcag aagatgttgg cctgctgact gtcgtgtgtg     85020
     aagatgtcta aagaacctca ttatggatgc aatgtgggcc tttatactgg aaggaaaagt     85080
     ggttatggac tttgccacat gcagtatgtc tctttttttg ctttgattta cacactgaat     85140
     tcggactacc caaagacttt gagcaatgca tttgaatttg ttcaacgtgt gttgcttttg     85200
     ctgggaggga agcgtaatgt gttttattcg gcgagtgcct atatactgct gtgctttatg     85260
     tttaaaggtt caggtataat ggcatgttta attacaaagt gttgcttttt aacatgttgc     85320
     tgtttgcagt gttacattta ggactgcagc attttggtgt ttaaaacact tttttttttt     85380
     ttttttttta ccaaaaaagt gtattgtgat ttatagggtt gtcaaaagta ttgagtttgg     85440
     taccaatcgg tactgaaata aataaaaaaa aagtccatcc atttcccact aacattgcaa     85500
     gaactgattg gccattgtgt tcacatgctc agtagatatg actgattggc tttgaaggtc     85560
     attattttta ccacacttca ctactgttca ccaggtgcaa agatacaaag acactggata     85620
     acttcaaagc actgtcgatc agtcgattca tcaccagata gcttatatgt tagcttctaa     85680
     acaaatcagc tatcgacatg gctttgaaac acttcagtgt ctgtgtaact ttgtttggac     85740
     tcagtgaaaa atggtaaacc tatgacagtc acagccaatc acagtcattt ctgttgagca     85800
     tgtgaacacg gtggccaatc aatggtgttt aagaacgagc tcagtagcac tcaaatgctg     85860
     gtggaaaatg gatattttta atatttcagt attgattgat accaaactca atacttttga     85920
     ccacactaat gtgatatttt ctgtaggaaa atctaaacta cacagtctaa caaattagct     85980
     ttacagctta atatctgttc ctctgtgagt gtctatatgc tgccatgttt aaggtgctgg     86040
     tgcaatggca tgtttaatta cactaattca agtatcattt ttccaagtgt caagtattat     86100
     agtttttttg atagattttc aaaccttttc gaaaacttgt gttttagggt tgaacatgtt     86160
     tattatattt tttgtctgta ttgctgttta cagtatatta cagcacttta caacaggttt     86220
     ttacaaaact gtattgtgta taagtgtatt gtgatactaa aatatcacaa gtgtattgtg     86280
     aaattctgct aattttgtca aataaaatgt ttacatttaa gacctgtata atgtcattac     86340
     ttgtaggttg aactacatat tttatgttca gtttaattga agaaaatgtg gaaaccgatt     86400
     gcacgtagtt tctttagttg acattactta aaatggtgga ttaaaacaat gttgagacta     86460
     ctagcattca agatgttaac tgaacatggt agaacagtat tagttaaata gagttattaa     86520
     agtaatctta ctataaaacc ctaagtaaga ttactaaata atgacaagta tgttaactag     86580
     aattttctat taaacttact taatttttaa cagttagttt actttataag ttttagtttt     86640
     cttacttcaa ggcaataatt aaacttaact taagatttcc ttgtaagttt atatcgcaaa     86700
     aataaggcaa tcggtttcca aacttttttt aagtaaactg aacatgttag aatttacagt     86760
     gtacactaaa acccaataaa ttaaggtaac tcacactatt tgaggaaaca attgcaccaa     86820
     accaattaag ttgaaaaact agtcctaatg agtactgtga acttaatcca tttgaataaa     86880
     cgaagcaatt tgagcacatg taacacccaa taaatgaaga caactcaaac caactaagta     86940
     ctgccaaacc cattaagtta aggcaaatca aaccatttaa gttaaaaaaa aatgaatcta     87000
     tatgagtact gtgaacttac tcgttgaagt aatgaggtat taaattaact cataatcttc     87060
     aacactgagt tcaaatgagt aaaattaact ttgtccattt tgagctaaca ctcatttcat     87120
     ttgatgaact tgacttttgg gttttacagt gtatcacatt tcagactttc ctcctcacac     87180
     ttctgaaaag aaatcaaagc actgtgcatt ttaaaagtca aaattgtctt tgtttacttt     87240
     tgttattgtg tatctgtaaa acaactgatt gtattttgtg ctttatttca atctaaaaat     87300
     aaaaaaagag atttagactt tttatattag atttttttct taatattctg agtttataag     87360
     actttcctct tcacaattct gaaaagaaat caaagaattg tactttaaaa tgtccaaatt     87420
     gcctttttat aacttttatt attttgtaac tgaaagacaa acaaacaatc tatgattcct     87480
     gaggaaaagt caaatctgtg atagataaac ttgaagtaaa ttatatggta aaataaaaaa     87540
     ctacaggtga gggcaaattc ttcagcagga tagcactcgt tttcatcctt cagcctccac     87600
     atccagttca aggtgctcca ggattgacca gcccagtcac cagacatgaa cattattgag     87660
     catttctggg gtaagatgaa ggaggatgca ttgaagatga atccaaagaa tcttgatgaa     87720
     ctctgggagt cctgcaagga tgctttcttt gccattccag atgactttat taataagtta     87780
     ttcgagtcat tgcagagatg tatggatgca gtcatccaag gtcatgggag tcatacatga     87840
     tattaattct ttttccactg cagcatgact ttattttcta tattgtacat tatttctgtt     87900
     aagtgacaag actttgacaa agtcagacct tactgtccta tttattcttt cattcattca     87960
     ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc ttttattaat ccagggtcgc cacagcgaaa tgaaccgcta     88020
     acttatccag caagttttta cgcagtggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccta tccctgggaa     88080
     acatccacac acattcacac acacacacag acacactaca gaaaatttag cctacccaat     88140
     tcacctgtaa cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agcacccgga gaaaacccac     88200
     acgatcgcag ggagaacatg caaacagaaa cgccaactga gtcgaggctt gaaccagcga     88260
     ccaacttgct gtgtgacaat agcactacct actgcgccac gtcttcgccc ctgtcctaat     88320
     ttaataatta aaaatcacag catgatcaaa ttatattttg gtaaaataag cgttatctag     88380
     aggccttttg cctttcatat aagccacttc tgatacaaaa taaacaacta gaagtcaagt     88440
     tattatttgt tgttcctaaa acttggatgg gcgatatgac cttagtccgg tggtgtatgg     88500
     caacaaaaac agacatttta tatacatatt actaaacatg aaatgtaatg acattattta     88560
     tctattgtct atctatcctg catcaagtta atgtctgaga actcttatag gtacagtatg     88620
     aggctgtttt ctctgcagtc tatgtgcttg tgaagcatga tatcaacttt tcttatcatt     88680
     gttggatgtt tttatcattt aaatttcaac tgttgttgtg gtgccagatg gcaggatggt     88740
     gtgtggtgta taatttggat aaatgtggcc tctctaaatg caaataagga gagtgtgttg     88800
     atggagaact gatttttttg ttttctttcc agatgacgac aaccctcctg tctcatttgt     88860
     gaagtttgaa gttttttcct aatggaagac acgttctagt tgcgatgctg gacaagtgag     88920
     ctcagccact attcactgtt cattttgtct attcagtgca gagataataa ttcagtaata     88980
     tgtctgaaat tgctgtgcat aatatgtata acagcagcat tatggctcag tggttaacac     89040
     tgtcgcctca cagcaagaac gtcgctggtt cgagtctggg tcagttggca tttctgtgtg     89100
     gagtttgcat gttggggttt cctcccggtg ctctgatttc tcccacagtc caaagacatg     89160
     cgctataggt gaattagatg aactaaattg gccacagtgt atgagtgtgt gtgaatgtga     89220
     gaggtatggg tgtttcttgg tactgggttg cagctgcaag ggcatccgca gtgtaaagca     89280
     tatgctggat tagttggaga ttcattttgc tgtggtgacc tctgataaat caaagactaa     89340
     gctgaaggaa aatgaatgaa tatttataac ataacaacct gttacctatc tgctcaaagg     89400
     ggtggactga aaacaaaaaa aactgtaatt ttacacttta tttgcggcag ctggggtgcc     89460
     agaaataaac cgtaaaataa cggccgtttt atgacagaaa tttactgtaa aatattgaac     89520
     ataaaattac agaaatttac ttcaatttag acttagggta aatttttcag ttgaatttca     89580
     tcttttttat tttcgtgttt tggctttgat ttgttttatg cagacatttt aaggcagcaa     89640
     tatttttgtt aacgaaaaca ttaatcctat tttatatttg tatttatttg gctctgttat     89700
     tcattatatt tgatcttggt cacactttat aataaggttt cattagttaa tttatttcct     89760
     aacatgaact aagtatgaat gatacttcta cagcaattat taatcatagt ttaacattac     89820
     taatgcattt ttaacatcca aattcatgct tgttaacgtt agttagtgca gcctgagtta     89880
     acatgaacac taaatatata ccattcattg tttgttcatg ttagtaaacg caatgactac     89940
     tgcaacatta ttgtaaagtg ttaccatgat gttttattcc tgccttttga atagttgact     90000
     gatgttttct gaagatagca gcgcaggctt tttttacaat ctgaaattta atagtccttt     90060
     gaacagacat tatataatag aggacaatat acaatacacc ctccaattgc cttgtaaaaa     90120
     acaacaatcg agccatcctc agctcttaga tgagggtaac aaacagcaga ggaacaggat     90180
     tgaggctcct ctttcaaatg aatatttaca ccagcaacgt ttacaatgta caaacgatga     90240
     aataatgaca tagagaaaaa cgacattaca ctgtacaaaa atagaaaaat cttttaaaat     90300
     gcatctcttt tgtcttcatc ggacgtgtcc tgtgacggat cggtgtctca cagagaaata     90360
     ttacagattt gtctcagata ggacgtgctt ttgctcctga tggtctaaca aaccctgttt     90420
     gactagtgca aacccaagag ttttgcgttt tgtcttaacc tcagccaggg gtctttaaat     90480
     ctcgtcttca cattcacaag atgctggttt gggagagtac tgaaatgcca aagatgtcca     90540
     atgacaaaac ccacaaaagt ccactcattt aaaaccgttt ctgttggttt taatacattt     90600
     taattcaacc ttccacaaat taatattgca taacttgtag caaaactcca aaaattgatg     90660
     ttcttccata gtatttgtct cttgttttcc aatacaaata tccaaacctc cttaaatcaa     90720
     gatattttta cttgagaagc aagatgaata ttaggcttaa accacactca aaactaatat     90780
     ctaactatgt ggtgtgtttg tacagtatat agatgtgaac ataattatta atacccctca     90840
     attttgtaca ggctagattc aatagttttg tttaatgctt ttgttaaacc acaattttaa     90900
     agtgttatct gattttcctc agtttatttt ctgtaaattt ggaacttttt cagttttatg     90960
     ttattttagt gaccactgta gtgttttttt tcattgaaat caatgtatta ttataaactg     91020
     taaaatatgt cttgctgtat gtaagcttga cacccaatgg ttgaactagg tattgcactc     91080
     ctagatcaaa acacgcaagc gcaggttgct agactaataa aatcaacagg agtgtgcatg     91140
     actatcaagc ctaaaggctg atttaagtgg tgttctaaat aaaagcaaca cacttgatag     91200
     aaggaatatt ttccttatta aaaggagttt ttgtcctaat caacacctga aatttgacat     91260
     tagaaacggc ttctatttct tgcatctgaa caacataaaa ctgacaatga ttgcctcagc     91320
     tacacctcat gtgctttatt cagtgttaaa tgctaaaaac gtgagtttga atgccatttt     91380
     acatgacatt tattgccata ctactgaaag cagcagcaga tagttcacct tagatcttga     91440
     gaataaaata aaccgtttga aattgaactt tcgaactgtg acacatactg tgtcagtgat     91500
     tcagcatcta cattaaataa tgttaaagtt taatatgtat taattagatt aaaaactttg     91560
     gtcccacttt atattaagtg gccttaacta ataagcacgt acacaggaat taatagtttg     91620
     ttacaatgta cttattgtgt aaatacatgt atttactgtg tacttatgct tgattaaata     91680
     catgtatgta attacatctg taattaactt ttgtaattac atttgtaaat acactgttga     91740
     ccactcctta caccttaacc cacccttaaa cctacccatg ccacaaaacc tgtccataac     91800
     ccaaccccta tcccaactca aaagcaccac aagtgttctc aaatacatta taaacacatt     91860
     aagtacattg tatttatttt ttgatgcaag tacatagtag ttaagaacac ttaatataaa     91920
     gtgggaccaa aactttacca tttcattgga gtgcagtaag tgcactattc tgtgcttctg     91980
     aatggcggta tttacatttc tgtcgtgttt catctcgtgc aaacagctaa attgtttatc     92040
     actgcaaatc tcataacgta gcgtgttgtt aggtcacggg gttacgacgt cacctaatat     92100
     ttacgctcaa aataattata ttatttgcta attaataacc tcatgtggaa ctctgaatct     92160
     gtgtctcatt tcggaggctg ctactgtcta ctggaggtcg catttcggtc atagatgcac     92220
     actttaagag ccttccttac gcagttttcc aacaagtcaa catgggttgc tgaaatttag     92280
     ttggctaaac tgtgggttgg cactaaagaa gcaaaagaaa gacagttgtt ctggcacgta     92340
     acttgcattt tcgaaacaga atatctgact ttagtattgt ttttcagata aacaagaatg     92400
     tttacttgtt ttttaaatat ctgcaaacat agtatggtat tttaatgctt taaaagagtc     92460
     gaaaacttac atacagcatc tttatttatt tgttttttag ttgaattaaa taattacatt     92520
     tttctattta tcttaactta tatcaaactg actggaatta ttaagttaaa ctttgcataa     92580
     cttaaacaat atagttgaaa cctgattaac gtattcaaat aagttgaagt aacttaacaa     92640
     catttgtagt gtagatgttt ttttacagtg taccagactt ccatggaaac tttgttaatg     92700
     cttatcaagt gtaatattag aatttgatta cagtaaaaaa tatacagttt gatcaattta     92760
     agtttcttta tttaatatag ttattttcaa aagacactat tttgaatgat actcccgaca     92820
     agctaattct tgatatgtaa atcatcattt tagttataat ttgaagagtt cagatgaaaa     92880
     cacctttaaa ttttcctcta gaacgattgt ttttctaagc ctccaatatt tatgttcagt     92940
     tatttcactt taaaggcaat gcaaaaacct acagttgaaa tcagaattat tcgcccccgt     93000
     ttatttcccc ccaatttctg tttaacggag agattttttt caacaaattt ctaatcataa     93060
     tagttttaat aactcatttc taataactga tattttatct ttgccatgat gaccgtaaat     93120
     agtatttgac tagatatttt tcaagacact tctacacagc ttaaagtgac atttaaagac     93180
     ttaattaggt taattagggt aactaggcag gttagggtaa ttagtcaagt tattgtataa     93240
     tgatggtttg ttctgtagac tatcgagaaa aaaattgctt aaaggggcta ataattttga     93300
     ccttaaaata gtgtttaaaa aattacaaac cgcttatgtt ttagccgaaa taaaacaaat     93360
     cagacattct ccagaaaaaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgaaaattt ccttgctctg     93420
     ttaaacgtca tttgggaaat attaagaaaa agaaagaaaa aatcaaaagg gggctaataa     93480
     ttctgacttc aactgtatgt tttgccataa aagttaattt acttaacata cacacagtag     93540
     cttgcaaaaa tgctcctttt agctaaacat tccagatggc atttagagat ttttgcatct     93600
     gaattcttca tttctgcttg atcatgcaac accaaagaat agattaatga tgctgaaaac     93660
     tcagcactga atcacaggaa taaagtactt tttaaaaaat gtattcatat tcaactgtga     93720
     tttaaatgta cccagaactt agaaaaagta cacaattcat caactaaaag aagaaaagta     93780
     gacttatttg cttacattaa tacaaatctt ccaaaactct gaccggtaat gtatgtcatt     93840
     ttgcttctca agcaaatgct tcttgatttt tgaccatctt tagttatttg tggtggatac     93900
     cttttttttt tctttcaaaa agtgcaatca aaaattgtat ttgtttcttc taatgggtat     93960
     ttttttgaag attatttttt aaaaataata cctttcaagg catttacagt gaaagaacat     94020
     gttggcatac tgtgatgtct tcagttatat cttagattgt tttttacttg aaaaggtatt     94080
     tcaaaatgtc ttaaatgtat attcataagg aaagctgtac agtcagatta aaacatggcc     94140
     aattccagtt tctctttcac aatcagaaac tcttttagac tcttttgctg tcagactctt     94200
     agcaaacctt tagcagaatg tgtcatttaa atcaatagat cttctgcact ttccatgaat     94260
     gatgaagctc tacaatgcac acacctcccc caattgcaat aataattcag aattcaccat     94320
     catcatcatc atcatcgtca tcatcattat catcatcatc atcgtgaaaa cactgcttca     94380
     gattggctca atctgcaatt gaggtttgat gtgtcaacac aaatggtagg aaatctatcc     94440
     accttttccc catgatttca taaatactgc atttcaaatg atggattgca cttccggttt     94500
     ggggaacttc cattcaaaaa gaactaaagt cactgtaaag tcagtgaggc atactgtgta     94560
     tttggctttg tgccatgatg gaggataata agggtgtgct tgcttgtgtc agtgtaacat     94620
     atgtgtttat tgtcatatac tgtaattaat tttacttatt ttatattgta atattgtcac     94680
     aggcatattt atgtacactc accggccact ttatttggta tacccattca actgttttta     94740
     ttgcaagttt ctaatcagcc aatcacatgg tagcagcttt aggcacgtag acattagcta     94800
     gagtttaaac tgagcatcag aatggggaag aaaggggatt taggtgaacg ttcacatctt     94860
     tgaacgagta tttcagaaac tgctgatcta cttggatttc catgcacaac catctctacg     94920
     gtttacagag catggtccaa aagagatgat attatcctgt gagctgatag aaaggcaaca     94980
     accgaggtat gcagaagagc atctctgaac gcacaacacg ccaaccttga ggcatatggg     95040
     ctacagcagc agaagaccgg gtgccactcc agccagctaa gaacaggaaa cctatggtac     95100
     aatccgcaca ggctcaccaa aattgaacaa tagaagactg gagaaacttg cctggtctga     95160
     tgagtctcga tttctgctgc aacatttgga tggtagggtc agaatttggc atcaacatca     95220
     tgaaaccatt gatccatcct gccttgtatc agcggttcag gcgggtggtg gtggtgtaat     95280
     ggtgtggggg atattttctt ggcacacttt gggctcatta gtaccatatg agcattgtgt     95340
     caacgccaca gtctacctga gtattgctgc tgaccatgtc cattccttta tgaacacagt     95400
     gtactcatct tctgatggct actcctagca ggataacgca ccatgtcata aagcgagaat     95460
     cgtctcagac aggttttttg aacatgataa tgagttcact gtattaaaat ggcctccaca     95520
     gtcaccagat ctcaatccaa tagagcacct ttgagacgtg gttgattgag agattcgcat     95580
     catggatgtg cagtgacaaa tctgtcagac aaatcagacc aacaactgta tgatgctata     95640
     tagcctctga aaaattaaaa tctctgagga acatttccag taccttgttg aatctgtaat     95700
     gaaggattaa ggcagttttg aaggcaaaag ggggcccaac tcggtactag taacgtgtac     95760
     ctaataaagt ggccggtggg tgtataagct catttgagat tcctgtgttg ctcctctgct     95820
     ttattttgtc tttgttttct ccatagtaca gtaatattta acatatgtct gtaagattgc     95880
     tgcagaaaga tttgttaaga gttttggagg ttatttatgc tctgcagaaa gtaatttttt     95940
     aattctaaga atttttattt ttaatattca tatattttcg gttttaatat acctaattta     96000
     atccattttt aaattttcac ccaatgttta taatttaatg gaagttactc ccataattca     96060
     ctcaagcatc atggggtgca ggaaaaaggt ggataattat caacatttac agtttcttcc     96120
     ttatgacaga cagacaacag aaccaaaaaa aaagaaagaa aatgagggtt tttgcatttg     96180
     tgtcaacctg aggcttagaa atggatgttt tgcaatgtgt accaagcatt tcatgaaagc     96240
     ccaaccttaa actgtaagct gtaatgtcgc aactcttcca atagggggca gaagtggcac     96300
     ttccaaaatc ctggcgattc cctgaggcca gacgatcatc tggattcctt taactccttg     96360
     catattttca aatcacaaac accctgcttg ctgggaatta tcagatgaca tataaacatt     96420
     attgaaaatc tttggaaatg cttaatacat gtttacgctg aattatagag gcaaaacatc     96480
     atgaaaaagc gtcttttttt cacacaaatc taacaatgaa tctttgtgtt ttttcatcca     96540
     gcgtgagttc agccaggagt acacctgctt ttcattcttt ttagaccact gtgttattca     96600
     taggccgata tatcttccaa atagaaagga acttaaagcc aaactgtgtg tagtttcttc     96660
     ctcatgaaga tggactctct gcaacccgga cgcctgaaag aaacagtttc taagtgcctt     96720
     ggggaaaaga aacgaatgtg actgtggtcc tgctaacacg cggtacgttt acatggacta     96780
     cagtgttctg agataaatat gattaaggca atcctctgat taaggttcta acatgtaaac     96840
     agaaggcatc ctaaaagtaa acaaaaattg agttaagtat ttctatttta gctgcattgt     96900
     ttaagtgccg tagagacaca ttaatcaccc tattattgtt gtgcaggact gttcactcca     96960
     ttttgcataa ggattcgcac taaggtggca tgagcagtgc taaatttgag ctgggtcttg     97020
     ccggatgctg ttctggaaaa tgtcaaaaat tagtgttctg tgttccggta tttattttaa     97080
     tggatccaga attaactcgt gcgtagtaaa tacctacatg tttgtgtgtg tgtgagaaag     97140
     agagagaatg tgaatgaacg ctagcgaagg ctgtgtggat tgtgtgcgga cgacggtagt     97200
     tatcaagcgc aatattttca gccaatcagc ttccttatgt ttaatcacgt gcgcagtgag     97260
     cagcgaaaat aaatagtggc ctacctgaat aatatatata tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg     97320
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtata tatatatata tatatatata aatatatata     97380
     tatattgacc ttattctaaa atgcggaagt gcgcctgttt tcgcgattgt cttagaactt     97440
     ccgattcagt cgcctattgg agaaatgact aggaataata aacggcagaa aatggtcaaa     97500
     ctacttgctc cacaaacaaa tgtttgcatg actacacaga ccaagtagaa taatataaga     97560
     agaaaatatc aaattgcaac atcaagcagc gtaacgagca gtttttaacg tcaaaaaatg     97620
     aatggaagtg aatgtgaccg gaagtggcga gacaaaaaga ttcaaatggc agcgcccgct     97680
     cgtcggcgga gaatatggtg aacactgtaa ctcggtatat atgtgaagtg aatttcatgt     97740
     gcaaatgaag tgaacttgac acgctaaatt tggcaagtaa actttaaatg ttcacgcgtg     97800
     taattattag cgaataacaa aatcgatttt tagggcaaag cagtggcgca gtaggtagtg     97860
     ctgtcacctc acagcaagaa ggtcgctggg ttgctgaatc gagcctcggc ttagttggcg     97920
     tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg cgttcgcgtg ggtttcctct gggtgctccg     97980
     gtttccctct cagtccaaag acatgcggta caggtgaatt gggtaggcta aactgtccgt     98040
     agtgtatgag tgtgtgtgtg aatgtgtgtg tggatgtttc ccagagatgg gttgtggctg     98100
     gaagggcatt ctctgcgtaa gaaattagct ggataagttg gcggttcatt ctactgtggc     98160
     gaccccggat taatagagac taagccgaca agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatt cgaggcgtaa     98220
     aaacttgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggcg accccagaat aataaaggga     98280
     ctaagccgac aataaaatga acgaatgaaa attgatttgc gcaaatcgca tctggtgtga     98340
     tgatgcacaa aatgaaagcc tcaccctcta tttaatatta catttcagtc ggaattacat     98400
     caagatgcta aagtctcaga cttccaactt taagtacaaa catcttaagt gggacttgag     98460
     cgtagcatta gtattataac atctaaagca ggaacatgac aggtatattc taaaatcaac     98520
     tcaggtaaac acctcaatca taatattgcc ttattcagaa gaagataaat aattggatga     98580
     ctcatgacca tgtaaacgta cccactgaaa tcaacacagt ggcgcgcttt aaggacagct     98640
     gcatgtagaa gtgcatctga ggtattttgt gtcctctcat tcacagcaaa atgattgtga     98700
     gttcagagat gaggcggttc ggctgtggaa agcagaggta gacctctgta aggcaaaaga     98760
     aataaaaaaa aaaactccag aacgttgcga gacttcccaa acgtgcatgc aaaccaggaa     98820
     aaactcactt aatccggcat ggtattccgt aatgaatggg ttggacagta tttagcgcat     98880
     tgcgtaatgt tcctgccgtg tgtttcgtac atgaggagtt tatgtgattt gatgcggcgc     98940
     ctccagcatc tccatgagga aagtgtcgat cggcgtgtct ccaattaact tgaagaaaaa     99000
     gagatgctcc agacacttga ggccgatgga gcgcagggcg ggcagacgca gcagcagctt     99060
     ggcaaacctg cgcgattttt aaatattaca gagaatatta ggcaaaacaa cactgataat     99120
     aaacatgaat gtaatgttaa tatacttata gaatgttaaa aaacataaac atacagtgga     99180
     agtcataatt attagctctc tattattaga aatatttccc caatgatgtt taagagagca     99240
     aggaaatttt acacagtatt tcctataata ttttttcttc tggagaaagt ctgatttgtt     99300
     ttattttggc taaaataaaa acagttttaa aactatttta aggataatat tattagtacc     99360
     ttgataaatc tcccttcaac tgtaaatctg taagtttctt aaaaattaaa atcactaaat     99420
     tagcaccaga ttccaatgta atcattcaat tgattgggcg ttatcagtgg cagatatggg     99480
     ccagtagggg ccttctgcgc ctatttgtag tctcagtagg ctgtaatcat ccagtgaaag     99540
     aacgaagtgt acataatcac gtgggatgaa agtgtgtgtg tgtacctgcc aggctgatcg     99600
     gggtatttgt gtttacagta ggcctctagt gaagcataca ctcgttccct taatgcctcc     99660
     acctctgatg gattagacaa tccttttgaa tctaaaataa cacaaaccac aatatatttt     99720
     gaaatactaa tgatgagtca ttttcactct ctcattcaca cacacattca atcgccacgg     99780
     ccatttttag tttagctgat tcacttatac cgcatgtgta agacatgcgc tggagtataa     99840
     gtaaattggc taaactaaaa tgtgagtgag tcgttttcac agtgtcagct ttatatttca     99900
     caggaatcac tatgtaaaga taaacaatca aaaccacaga aagagcaact tccaaagttg     99960
     aaggtcagga agaaagtaat catttataca ttgagtaaat attttaaatt gatcaactgt    100020
     acgactgaag acaattaatg aagcatttct aattgtaata aatgttatat atatatatat    100080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga tattaggcag    100140
     aacaaccatt taaaccttga tttttaaaag tctgtaagct ttaaaattag ctaaaagaat    100200
     gaaatcacca gtttatgatt atttttgtca ccaatgattt ctgatgaatc ctgtgacact    100260
     gtagactgga ataatgatgc tgaaaaaaac atgattggca ttatagttta aaggtttatg    100320
     aaaccctcta gtactttttt tctgagattt taacagattt atgtgtgttg atcatcagtt    100380
     aagacaatgt tagcacctgt tagctttaat tgtgggaaga actggatcat tttaagcttt    100440
     tgtcagctaa tttcagcttc tgggtttaaa atgatttttg gggcgggatc aaaatcagca    100500
     acgtagcgca aagctgcaag tgcaaagatg acgtgttgat ttctcattgt cattcatagc    100560
     ggagttttct tatcctatga gaagaccctg cttcttaatt atttatgact gcgcatactt    100620
     tccgaaggca agtgccaagc tgtgagacat gttgatgact gagttagact gcatccacag    100680
     acccacggta cacagtattt agccgttcat gaagggtcgt atgtgtttgt gtccatgatc    100740
     tatggggttt gtggcctgtt tccccgcgat gctgtctagg ccgatacagc aaagctgttt    100800
     gtgtccagca agcatttttg tctggagagc agtacgagaa ttggagaatg gcggacgtta    100860
     tcttttatca ggagttgttc acatttagac acatctccgt gctgctgtgt ttgcctaaat    100920
     ccacttgatt actagcaggg ctaatggtta aaatagacag ggcaagagac ctgctgcact    100980
     gtgtctgcat tcagacccgg ggattgaggg agaagtcctc atttatagtg tttatataag    101040
     cacggttatc tttataatga tataaattgt ggttatctgt atatgaaatt acaaaaaatt    101100
     gtgttctatt aatgtcaaca aagggctagc agtctactta cacaagctgt tattaaacca    101160
     aaccagctac agcttcttac actgaagttt acagtcacag gaatcttatt tattctgact    101220
     tcattccaac acatttttaa aagacttgcc aaaacaaaca gcataatcaa gtggcatctt    101280
     ataggcgctt gactatgaga atgtgtttaa atacgcatta ctgtacctgg attgaacaga    101340
     acaatggctc gcaggcatcc gagttcagtc ttgtccattt gcatgtctct catctttgac    101400
     acaagctctg tcagcactct ggatgaaaaa aaaaagtgac aaaaatcgct tacagccagt    101460
     ctgatgaata acaaactcat atttccccac agcacactcc taaaatggag ggaaatgttc    101520
     tgtaacatat taaacaggcg cactcttgag tcatcgctcc acctttacat atagttttca    101580
     tatcgccttg aaaatcaaag tcattacgtc ttataagaca catctatctg tgctgcggac    101640
     ggaggatatt tcattagcgg agacaccagc atatctcact ctggcagtga aacattagca    101700
     cagcgctaca taaaactgcc acatggccta atgtaaaaat ggcattaatc aagagtagat    101760
     gtgcgggaca ctttcatgat gcgccgtcac atatcattat agaggttctt tgcaaaaatt    101820
     catgcatgcg tgacctacgg ctgtcacaaa tcttttataa gacacacaag gtagatcaca    101880
     agtccattgc gtctgtaaac tgaacacact gacagtgact ttaaagaaac actccacttt    101940
     tttacagcta tgctacaatt aaacattcat tcattcattc actttccttc ggcttagccc    102000
     tttattcatc aggggtcgcc acagtggaat tattccagca tatgttttac acagcagatg    102060
     ccctgccagc tgcaacccag cactgggaaa ctttaataca aacttattca ttcatacata    102120
     cactacggct aatttagctt acccaattct tcatgtacgg cgtgtcggga aaaccagagc    102180
     agccagagga aacccacgcg gacacaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa    102240
     ttggtccagc cgggactcga accagtgacc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc taaccactga    102300
     actactgtgt cgtcttacag ttaaacagtt gagttttagc ttagcttagc atagatcatt    102360
     gaatcggatt agaccattag catctcgccc aaaacattca aaaaagagag aacattttta    102420
     ctttcctatt ttatttttgg atttatttga atcttatttc attcttatca tttgaatctt    102480
     atatttaata caataatgtc aactggaccg cagattgaaa acccgtaata tatacattaa    102540
     tagtcaacaa gtttttacat tttttttaac caatttttat tttcagtggc tttttttagc    102600
     tttgtgtttt acacattcat ttctttcata gagatgttta caaattgttg taaagaatat    102660
     cttttaaaag ttataagcca caataaatca accaaactag ttatgaagtc agtcacaact    102720
     ttataaactt tgaatttaag caaaaatgta ttcgacaatt gaactgctac aagattttac    102780
     tgtcaaccga tttgaatgtc acacggacac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat    102840
     gccaactggt ccagctggga ctcaaaccag tgaccttgct gtgaggcgac agttgagttt    102900
     tagcttagct tagcttagca tagatcattg aatcggacta gaccattagc atctcgcacc    102960
     aaaacattaa aaaaagagag aaaaatttta cttttttatt tattttttgg atttatttga    103020
     atcttatttc attctaatca ttttaatctt atatttaaaa caacagacaa ttgaactgct    103080
     acaagattgt aatgtcagcc gatttgaatg tcatcactcg attgattagc cactctcagt    103140
     ggttatcagt tgatagattt gggccagtag gggccttctg cgcctactag tagactcgga    103200
     aggctattaa catccatcca catggttaat cagctgtaga tcaaatacag ttggatgtaa    103260
     gcaagtatat tataaaattt cccattaatt gtattctatt aacgtctact cctaccccaa    103320
     ccctaaacct aaccatcaca gtaatgtaaa aacagatcta gatctggagt cttctctatt    103380
     agtctagctg attaacaatg tggatagatg ataacagcct tctgagccta ctagtaggtg    103440
     cagaaggccc ctactggccc atatttaatc agctgataaa tattaagtga acatttgaag    103500
     caggtggtac tgtacttatt ggctttaata aggaaaagaa ctaatcccat gaaacactgc    103560
     acatgatgaa aattacaaac taaaagtgaa cataaaaatg agacaggaga aaaaaaagct    103620
     atttaatcac gtcagtattt tttagtaaat tttttttgca aatgattttg cactttatca    103680
     agaaactttg tgtcaaaact gaactgctat tttactctga cctcatatta ttttatatac    103740
     aaaacaattt tatttttttt tctaaaactt aaagtttatg tttggggaac acaacaattt    103800
     tgcaagtgaa cataaatggc ttatgactaa tactgctatt aaactattta acccttttat    103860
     atctgcgatc acactagtgt gatcagtctt agcttgtgcc tgaagcgtat aatcacacca    103920
     gtcaaaagtc ttttttgatt ttttttaatg agatgctaat ggtctaatcc gatttaatga    103980
     tttatgctaa gctaagccaa gctaaccccc cccccccctc cccaccccgc atccagatct    104040
     agagattgac agaatggatt caaaaatggt aaaactcaac tgattaactc caggtaagtt    104100
     gtaaaatcag cctatttatg aataaagtta agtattttaa actcttgagt gaaaggatta    104160
     agtatttaat ctattgagta ttaaaataaa ttaaaaaaag gttgaaatat tgattgatta    104220
     tatatggact actatatctc acagtacggc tgtatttgtg taaaatagtt tttttttttt    104280
     tacttcaata tctattctat tactatttat agtgcataaa atgtacccct tgctgacatc    104340
     ttatcttcat taacattcct tacattgacc aaaactgcca atgcttatta atgttcaaga    104400
     attctccttt tgggatccac caaagacaaa tccattcccc tcagaaacca cagacattca    104460
     ctaacctgtc aaaaatggct ccgacaccag cagtatgtgc gctgtttcta tggacgtgaa    104520
     ggcctgtagc taataatatc ccgtctttca cagctatgga gcgatgcgaa aaagaagcaa    104580
     tcaggagttc attccaccct agaaacagag gacaaaaaca cattgatgaa agaacaaaca    104640
     agcaggtagc aggaaaggct cacatcttgt atctgtatat gtgtgtaggt ttctgttgta    104700
     tttgtgtact caacactctt aaaggaacac tccacttttc tcattttaca agtcgccagc    104760
     tgagttttac catttttgaa tctatttcaa tcaatctagc ttagtttagc ataacttatt    104820
     aaattgcatt agaccattag catctcacta aaaaatgacc aaacagtttt gataatcctc    104880
     ctatttaaag cttgactgat ggaaaattta aagttggacc atatggttag gaactatact    104940
     ttaatacttt tttattttct ggcagtaata ataaaggaac acaatatcat tgtgtaataa    105000
     taataacgga acgtaatatc agcataatat tattgcatct gtcccttgat tatttaattt    105060
     tcagcagcta tgagtacaca atgaaactac actgtaaaaa gtaaaagtgc ttcaagtacc    105120
     ctgttgagta ctcaagaaac ttcaaaatgt attttaagtg ccccaaagct ctttctctca    105180
     aaaaggggtt ccttgaggaa ccactgacag tctttgcagt actagcagga cccttttgca    105240
     gtaactggga tcctacaagc actttttgtc aatactgagg ttctggagtc actgtttcct    105300
     tacactaaga cctcgaagca ctttaaaagt tattggagga actcaaattt caaaaaagag    105360
     ttactgtaag atctgtaaac ttatgtaatg gttcctggtg gatctctttt ctaaaagcta    105420
     gcacttaaag gaaccttttt ttttgtcaaa attaaatagg acaattgtgg agaccagaaa    105480
     atgagatgga tgttcactta cttaatattt acttagttat ttgtgctttt agaatgatat    105540
     gaaatttggt gtgtgttttt tttgtgtgtg tgtggcactc gtaaacacat aagaatatca    105600
     ttgatgagag tctaaatgtt aacttaattg cacttaggag actgactggg aaattgtgaa    105660
     aaaatatgta aatttaaaag taattttgga ggataaaata gaatctttaa tttttacagt    105720
     gtacagaaaa gtcaagcttt aaatagaaaa ataatcgaaa gtctttttag aatatttttg    105780
     aacaagatgc taatggtcca attcaatagt ttatgctaag ctaagctaaa agttctcctt    105840
     ttaaacttgg agattgatta attagattca aaaatgataa atctcaactg gttaactcta    105900
     ggtaagttgt aaaataagcc tatttccaaa aaaaagttaa gtttttcttt aaaaatgtaa    105960
     gttttttggc tttgatggtt catgaagacc atcaacagtt catggaatct ttccattcca    106020
     caagagtttc ttaaatgctt ctttggagct ttaaaatgtt ctttggctgt gtccgaaagc    106080
     tttaaaattt ccccattgga ggcatcaagg tacgtccaaa ttcaaattct gtttcacttc    106140
     ctttctacag agatatgttt tattgatcga ttttggaagg tagtatagat gtgtcttttg    106200
     cttccttcaa tatctcacat tcctgtgtgt aaaagctaaa catggtgcct caaagtttct    106260
     gtgtaatttt gtgtattaat gaaactgttc tattaagaac agctcaatga atggtttggt    106320
     tcttggcaga aatggcaccg cactcttaaa aaaggttttt ataggcaaat acagccacat    106380
     tttcacctga tgttgaaagc aagcaaagaa atccatatat gcaaagaaaa caaacctaat    106440
     tcgattacaa atgaagttat gcgtaataaa atgaaatggc acaggtaaaa gtattgaaca    106500
     gatgaagaaa gggagatgta gaaaggcaat ggaagcccag acagcagttt ttttaacgtt    106560
     tttataatta cagatgcgta cattttaatt acgcacaaaa tatttatgac agtgatttta    106620
     ttccatacag tagttcttaa catgaattgt gacctaaact atacactgta aaaaataaat    106680
     aaatgagaaa aaaataaaaa ataaggcaac ttgatgcaat aagaactttg agttgtctca    106740
     acaactgttt tttagttttt ctcaggaaca atttttttgt tcagctaata taattttgtt    106800
     tatttatgca atgctgatta ttgtatttta ctaataaaga tattcttgta acatcaactg    106860
     aagcaacagt tactgctgtt gagtcaatta tttttttttg tttagaggat gatttttttt    106920
     caaatttgca aaataagtaa ttaattctag ttagcatatc atcctgtttt taataatttt    106980
     acttaaaaat gaacacatat ttactacttt ttatatttac tacttcattc attcattcat    107040
     tttcctttgg cttagtccct ttattcatca ggggtcacca cagtggaaag aactgccaac    107100
     tttttcagca aatgttttac acagcggatg cccttccagc tgcaacccag tattggcaaa    107160
     cacccattca cactcataca cctgtacctc atgtatttga actatggcgg aaaccggagc    107220
     acccagagga aacccacatg aacacatgcc aactgaccca gtcgggtctc gaaccagcga    107280
     ccttcttgct gtgaggcgac tgtgctacca actgcaccac tgtgtcaccc ctctttcaag    107340
     caactgataa acaagcttag ttttcgatcg tcacgtcacg catgcgcaaa ttatttaaat    107400
     atcatcattc ctgttcaaca caaaaatgtt tgtccagaaa actcagttaa acatgtaaac    107460
     ataacatttg agcaaatatt gttgacataa catattttta tgtaatcaat tcttattcac    107520
     aattcttagt atatatgact gaaaaagtag tgtgctgaac aaatagtgat tttgtttttt    107580
     atagtgtaaa gtgttaccaa agttctttgt tgaactaaat ggttctttat ggcatcctta    107640
     taaagcttta ttttaaagtg ttttgaaacc ttttaagtat gaaagaagct cactatcagc    107700
     taaacttaca ttctcttaaa ctaaaatgaa ttttaggaca tttcaaaatg tttaacgcat    107760
     ccttgcaatc ctacattccc atttctaagg ctctgaaaga aaaaaaaaac acacacaacc    107820
     gaatgactct gagagattga ctgtcctcag gcaaccttca gtctaatgaa ataaatgcaa    107880
     catgtgaaag gcaagaacaa tccagcctct tattctccct ggttctgtac cgaagccatc    107940
     atccctaaca gaataaggtc tctcactccc agataatgag atggaattcc tcctttaatc    108000
     gatgctacgg cctgaggcag gatcagatgc gtctctgaat ccatataaat gcttcttgaa    108060
     tagactgtaa tactgtaata actgtaaaca tactcatttc attagcccat gctattttgt    108120
     tcagctataa ccttacatag cttgaagact gtagatgtat gcaagtaggt cgcgccaggt    108180
     cgtgactcac acaaaagcgc tctgtgttta ttttctgacg cacctgctcg cagaaggatg    108240
     acctgatcgt ccagcgggag gtccgaaaag tgaggtatcc gcttggccca ctccactaag    108300
     gtaaagagtt gcttgtcagc tgcttggcag atgtttgtta cagggtcgtt cggctggaga    108360
     gagaaacgga gagatatgga cacttcagtc agaaagaaaa atcactactg agctcttttt    108420
     atgactagcc gagcaacttt tgccatgtcc agggttaaag gaacgtaaaa gggtaatttt    108480
     acagcccctc tagagttaaa ctattgaatt ttaccattcc attcagccaa tctttgggtc    108540
     tggcaggaac actttaagct tagcttagca taaattattg aatcagatta gaccattagc    108600
     atctcactca aaaatttgat ttcagttgct gcataattta attgtgcctg caattattac    108660
     accaaaatga gagtaaagtt cctatagttc ctacaaaata gcaaacattt ctttccattg    108720
     gtctgaagag tccaggaaaa tcacgcttca aataggaaaa ttatcaaaac tttgctcatt    108780
     tttgagtgag atgctatact gaaaacccaa aataagttga ctgaattaaa ttaagtaaac    108840
     ttgttgcctc aatttaattg agcaatggag tccaaaatta gcatatttaa gtttatttaa    108900
     cttgccggtt ttgtagacta tacttaaatt gttcagttca ccaaacttag aacagtttaa    108960
     gtatagtctt aaattcaagt tcactctgaa aacgtagccc cgcggatgtt tctggaggcc    109020
     acgatttacg tggccggagg tacggtgtga cgccgctcct ctacgcactc gctggcttac    109080
     agctcacctc cgtatggagg gctttcccgt cggtggaggg gagagctgga ggggagccga    109140
     ccgtgatgac ggcgatgacc gagttcgagt ccggggaaga gcggtatcag aaattaggta    109200
     agacaaaaac agaatccaaa aaataaagcg aacgagaatg tggtgaaatc caaaaacgcg    109260
     gtcaaaatca gacaagggct tttctttttt acaatgatgc caaacaattt aaatgggtca    109320
     aatttaaaca aacaaataaa gtttactaat ggtcaactaa atttgtttgt ttaaattcag    109380
     cccacttaaa ttagccactt aacgtaaaaa aacaagtaaa tccaaggaat cctctttgaa    109440
     tcattttttc agtgtacgtt ttaataaaat aataatgtta gaatggaaaa tacataaatt    109500
     taaaaaaagt cagggtacta tagttatatt gatttgttat agcaaagttt ttaaattaca    109560
     aaatctctgt agcctctgta gttctagtgc ttcacaacaa ctccgtgact gttcttgaat    109620
     ggcccagcca gagccctaac ttaaacccaa ttgagcatct ctggagaggc cgaaaaattt    109680
     aaacaaagcc atccaacctg acagaactgg agagaatctg catgaaggaa aggcagagga    109740
     tccctaaatc caggtgtgct gcatcttttc caaaaagact catcgctgta ttagatcaaa    109800
     agagtgcttc tactaaatac taagcaaagt gtatttcaaa aatatatttt aacaattctg    109860
     tttttctgtc aatatgggct gctgtttcta cattaataag ggaaaaaaat gggtcccact    109920
     ttatattaag tgtccttaac tactttgtac ttagatcaaa aaaataaata caatgtactt    109980
     actgtgttta aaatgtattt gagaacactt gtggtgcttt tgagttggga tagaggttgg    110040
     gttatggaca ggcttggtgg catgggtagg tttaagggtg ggttaaggtg taagggatgg    110100
     tcaacagtgt atttacaaat gtaattacaa aagttaatta cagatgtaat tacatacatg    110160
     tatttaatca agcataagta cacagtaaat acatgtattt acacaataag tacattgtaa    110220
     caaactttta attcctatgt aagtacatat tagataaggc cacttaatat aaagtgggac    110280
     caaaaaatga gcttaaatga gtttagcaaa tggctgcaat ataacaatga gtgaaattta    110340
     agggggtctg aatactttcc atacctactg tacatgaatt ctgaaataaa atccaggttt    110400
     ttaaaaaaaa atttaaaaga tgttgtaagc aatattaatt ttgagaaatg tttccggagc    110460
     atcaaatcac gtaaaaactt caagacacat ttgactgaaa actggagtaa tacttaaact    110520
     tcagctttga atatctcagg aataaatagt aaaatatatt ccagtaaaac caatctttca    110580
     aagcattact gttttcaatc atatagaaac agccttggtg aacttctgaa caacgctgag    110640
     tttctatata aatgtgctca ggcttgtata cggagaatgc aataaacaaa ttagaaacaa    110700
     tcacaaaatg tattcgcgaa cgcagctgaa acggccttcc agttgttatt gatttgcccc    110760
     tgttacttta tctgcattct gcaaagatac caacatgaga aactcggctg tcaaactcag    110820
     tgatgcgaat ggaaaactga gcagatatct tgtggaaatc actcctgtca ttcgttccca    110880
     atggaatact tttatttccg gcttaagtct tgctctctaa aagcctttcc ctctgcttga    110940
     ataagccaca gtctccaggc tcgaatcaat cagaacaagc actcatgagc caaaggcctg    111000
     gcatggtgga gcagttcatg gagcaaattc tgctatagga tcccaaaatc atcatgactt    111060
     tcctaatcat catgatcatc atcatccttc tcctcccagt gagagagaaa aactgttaca    111120
     tttttgctta cataaccttg tgaaatagaa atagactttt tttttttttt tttttacaaa    111180
     gaacatctgc acaggaacaa aaattggatt tgctacaatt tttaaggtat gtggttgcaa    111240
     tcaacttatg ggtaattctt caactagggg cacttttatg tcctttgatc atatatccaa    111300
     aaatatatat aattttgttc aaattcctct ttctttgtca aactaacaat aaaacctact    111360
     tttaaaatgt tagctttcta ttctatattt tttatattat tcaacctcct tttaggtgtc    111420
     aaactcactg ttttcatgtt gtcacacacc cagagtttta aacttcaaca atgaaaatac    111480
     cattttaaaa tattattcat ctggtaatta ttaatgtatc ttaattaagc actagtgaaa    111540
     taatttaaat atttgatagt tattaatgtg agactattat caatgttatt ttttatacaa    111600
     aatatagctg tcgcacagta tcagtgtaat ttgtgtgaga ttatttaggt ggtttctatg    111660
     aaaatgaaca gtgccatctg agaacatgtt caagatcaaa tgtgagggtg agtacttaaa    111720
     ggtcccatga agtgctttaa aatgtttgat gtcattttta ttcaatgttt gacgtaatct    111780
     caactgaaac aggaagagag catgtgactt agagtggctc ctcccattaa aaaaaaaaaa    111840
     aacagccaat agcaggcccg tagccagcct ggtgaaaggg gtggttcttt ttttctcaaa    111900
     aagtggacct ttttgcagtt atacgcctca gtttttaact ataagattta aatactgcat    111960
     tttactgact ttttcggtca gatttgatca taaccacact ttttgatgta ctaaaatatt    112020
     tccttaaaat tgcaataaaa ttttttttaa acaagattaa ttaaaaaaat aaattaaaaa    112080
     ataaattaca tcatatatca gtcctaaagt aaaaaaaact gtctactata atttattaga    112140
     caaaaaaact ggtagtcaga ttcaactgcc tcagtcacta ttttacattt caataaaaaa    112200
     aaaacattaa aacaataata ataataataa aaaaaataat aataataata caatattaat    112260
     tcattcttca gattttttta tagcctcttt ggttaaaaaa cataaagcct tattcaatgg    112320
     attattttca ttatttatga tggcatagca gtcaaaatag gacgaaaata ggacaaatga    112380
     gctcatatat gggacaaatt ctggaccttt gtcagtgagg ggcgggtctt tcgaacaacc    112440
     cgaacccccc tggctacagg cctgaaacgt tagaacacgt tttatgctca tagtaaatgt    112500
     ttaaaaagaa ttttggttgt aaaagcgcac ctacaggtgt ttcaggcgca ggtcagatgt    112560
     gacgggatta gcgccttttg ctgtgaagta acacctgatg gctgatggct gaggactccg    112620
     cttgccatta aagccttcgt tggacagtta ttaaaaaaat aatgtcaaaa ataggaaaag    112680
     ggaggtcatg tactggacaa gtttataaac atacaggacg tcccggctaa tgcggccagt    112740
     tagcctatgg atagatttca tctgttagga aattagtaac ttttgcctaa acgttaccgt    112800
     tgttggcttt ttgaacagtt caatattttg cggtaatgac gccgctgcct gccttttctg    112860
     ccttgctctt ttcgaccaac actgttactc agtatccatg tcgcatcaaa gattcaaatg    112920
     ttacccctca gtgtgttgtc acgtgactcg cttaacatta ttgaggcttc gaggcttttt    112980
     gggattcaaa ttactggcca gagttagtgg ggtagcgcaa aatgcgaagg cccccctgca    113040
     gggatcactg acggggcccc ctgattggtt gggggggggg attagggaga gacagcacag    113100
     ggaaacgatc acaaattgag gagcagggaa gggaggaggg gtggagcgac aaagtgggga    113160
     aaccttcaca aactgaggag cgatcacaaa ccgaaagcgg cgagagcgtc aaagtagcca    113220
     gaagtcattc attttcaatg agagccggtg gcaagaaaca gcgcgacgca tcttctccag    113280
     tgtgggcgtc gaggatagtt gaaatcaagt caactttatg gtatgagcta taacgcggtt    113340
     cggcggcaag caatcagaat gaagtagtcc accggttgag aggtgttcag agaacacaga    113400
     cctctgaact ttggttctga ccacagttgt tcccaagagt ttgattattg cggttgccgg    113460
     atttacaatt attgaaaatc gtgatgacgc ggggccctgt gggcccgtcc gctacgtcac    113520
     tggccagagt tatttaaaat tacactttat tacaatatat attgaatata aatatattat    113580
     attattatat aataaatata ttatataata ttaaattaca taaaataatt aaagggacaa    113640
     actctggacc ttttggccgt gggagtggtt cgttcgaacc acccgaacct cccctggcta    113700
     tggggatgaa tagtgttttg tttaatcaca gttctgccag tgagagtcgt tgagctcaag    113760
     cgcatcaaat gtgaagtgtc ttgaagtggg cggagtttgt cagatactag aaagtatttg    113820
     attggtcatg atttgatgta taaggtggtg tgaataaaac cgttaatcca tttaggtaca    113880
     agtgacaaac tgctagcatt acattatatc agttttaaat ctcttaaacg caaattttac    113940
     cactattttg gtgtgcacta gctcttacat atcctaagat aaacaatact gacactaaca    114000
     tctaaaaaac tttatttatg ggacctttaa taacacaatt tccatttttg gatgaacaaa    114060
     ccctatacga atttccaatc aatccaagaa gaactcagat ttactcaagc tctattcatg    114120
     tgaccttctc cagagcttaa ggttgagtac acgaacaacc attaaacaca atctaaaaaa    114180
     atacaaagca gtaaagacag agcatatgcc tcctcctctc tgacctctgc ctgatttaga    114240
     gcttacagct gcacaaaaca gaggacagat ctgcaaaagg cataaatata cccagcgcta    114300
     gtctaactga catggttaat ggctccgctc ttatctagtg acatgacaat gtgcttctct    114360
     gcagtttgtt ccctctccag ggcccttaat gccaaagagc attgctgtgt agcccaatct    114420
     atccactggg attgggatcg caaaaatagc tgttctttat ttacaaacag aaaacgctca    114480
     aatctgcatg tgactctttc ttggacagct gcaaaggtct taaggctctt tttatgttcc    114540
     agttcagggt tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    114600
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtttc acttgtcaaa ttgactgtaa agtacacttt gttttgttgt    114660
     tttgtgtctg aagatcatct gttccagatt tccctcaact gtgacatcac aagccccgct    114720
     cattactgct attactgcta accattatta tgaaatgcat ttgttcacta ttgttatact    114780
     gctatacttt tcacttatga ttataaaagt aatatgatga ataacaataa tgatcataat    114840
     aatattatat cctagtaaaa actagtatag atatttacaa aaatattaac cataaattaa    114900
     tcacacaacc attgttttct aaatgttgtt attattatta atcataaaac atcattattg    114960
     tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattaat tattattatc atcatcatta    115020
     tatacattac aattcatatt taattgtttt aatcagttgt attataatga tgtttctctg    115080
     atgactacat aatttgcttg aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    115140
     ataataataa tatcaacaac aatcaacttt tgattaaatt atgttaaaat tattattatt    115200
     aaatacatta gttcactatt attatactgc tacttcttca cttatggtta taagtaatat    115260
     aataatatta ttaatataat aatatatact agtaaaaaca ggtataaata tatacacaca    115320
     tattaaccat aaatcattca accattgttt cttaaataat aataataata atgtcattaa    115380
     tattaataat cttaacatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattatcat    115440
     catcatcatc atatacattg aattaatatt taaatacgtt gtattataat attgcttcct    115500
     tgataactac ataatttgat ttgttattat tattattatt aataataata ataataaaaa    115560
     caacaatcat cttttgatag aattgttaaa attgttatta ctattattaa atacatgatt    115620
     ttacttttat tttacagcta tttctttatt tatgattata aaagaaatat aatagtaata    115680
     ataataataa taatatacta gtaaaacaag tataaatatt tacacaaata ataaccataa    115740
     ttttacctca caaccattgt ttcctaaata atattaatgt taaaaataat attgataata    115800
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataattagga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa    115860
     actagctgga taagttggcg gttcattccg ctgtggcgac cccggattaa taaagggact    115920
     aagccgacaa gaaaatgaat gaatgaatta ttattattat tattgttatt attactgtac    115980
     atatacatta ttattattat ttaagttgat tgtattataa tgacgtttct ctgatgatta    116040
     cataattagt ttggataata ataataataa taataattat tattatttat ttattcattc    116100
     attcatttat ttattcattt tcttttcggg tagtcccttc attattcagg ggttgccaca    116160
     acagaatgaa tcgcctatta ttattaatat tattatttat tattattatt attgacacat    116220
     tggcaataaa gtaagttagg ttacccagga ttttagtcag ctgaaactca tccgcagcac    116280
     acagtaacag aagaggctaa aacttctgtt ttagttccgt ctacttccac atctgcagga    116340
     aagttgcctt tgcatttgac attcagaatt gatcaagccc gggcctttca ctgaggagcg    116400
     attgtgaagc gtaactctgc gacactcaca actcacagag ccaaacgttt ctgcatgagc    116460
     tgaatgtcac cgagtgtgat ttagatgcag gggattggct tacagaattg gcagacgggc    116520
     tcaggttggc ctccacatag gtctccgtct ttggttctac tgccagttcg gcctccagaa    116580
     tcttctccac gggcatgtcc tcgttggcac agccgccgaa ttcagcctcg ctgcgctcct    116640
     tcgccctctg acgctcctcc tgaactgctg cacacatcaa cagagacaat tcaattcaag    116700
     tctgcttgtt tagcgctttt catactaatt aacgttacaa agcagcttaa aaaagaaaca    116760
     gaaaaaagtt atggtgtcaa gcttatacag agcattcgta aagtattgat agcgcttcac    116820
     tttttcaaca tttatttatg ttacagcctt attccaaaat ggattaactt aatttatttc    116880
     ctaaaatttc cacacacaat accccataat aacaatgtga aaaaagagtt tttaaaattg    116940
     gtgcaaattg attaaacaat aaatccctga aaaatcacat gtacacaagt attcacaggc    117000
     tttgctcaac actttgttga tgcacatttg gcagcatgta cagtctcaag tcttcttgaa    117060
     tatgacgcca caagcttggc acaccagtct ttgggaattt ctgcccattc ctctttacag    117120
     tatgtctcaa gctctatcag gttggatggg aagtgacggt gtgcagccat tttcagatct    117180
     ctccagaaat attcactagg atttatgtct gggctctggc tgggccactc aaggacattc    117240
     acagctgttg tgaagccact tcattaatat tttgggtggt ggtcattgtc ctgcttgaag    117300
     ataaaccgtt gcacgagtct gaggtcaaga gaactttgaa gcaggttttt tatttttaaa    117360
     tttgaggggg gagcggtcaa ctcaagagca aacctctata aatagtcaaa cacatcatac    117420
     ctctgtattc tcttaacttc agcatccctc caccacccca actccacact tttaaacccc    117480
     atacctattt aaatctgagg ggggagcatt ctggagccgg gctagacact gcgctaggac    117540
     cttatctctc tctttcctga caaggggaat aactcgagtt agggtgtctt cctaagcaag    117600
     ggagcccttt cccagatagc acggcaaata cgcatattct catatgccaa gttcagactg    117660
     catgattttc aaagtagtcg tgtcacagat gttttcacac tgcatgacta tctgggctag    117720
     cgtttcgtcg ctgctttgtt tacactgcaa gatggatcgg tgatagggac tttcacattg    117780
     catgacttta ctataggaag aatcgccgac aatttcgtcc aaactacgtc tcacagccaa    117840
     aaacacgttg tatatctttt gttattaact acataatgag aaagaagcct ttaatggggt    117900
     agaacatgta catgtttgct cacctgtgtt taaagggaat tagccatttc tcctcaacgc    117960
     tgataataaa ctaatttctt tctgtatgaa acgtcaaaca gacacggttg ctcttgagtc    118020
     ctgtcaaacc tccactagtt tttcctccat ttcgtgggtc caaataaacc gaaaaagagt    118080
     gcttttaact tctcccccag cctcccgctg gcctgcagca ggtatacaca cacgcacaca    118140
     caagtgaatg ctgctctctc attgcctgta ggcgatggct gatgttattt tcagtcaaaa    118200
     ctcaattcac acggcatgat ttgaatcgcc gacagctcca gatatttagc acgccaaata    118260
     tctagcaggc atcggcgact catcggcgat tctctcagat cgtgtctttg atagttcata    118320
     ctgtgtgatt gtcactcacg cgcacgagca gcgatttgcc tgtgatttca ggcatttgtc    118380
     ggcgatttct caaaacctgt cggcgagcca aaatcagggc taaaatcacg caatctgaac    118440
     taggcattag tcaaatatct gttagtgtga actcgtgaaa ttgtttaatt gttgcatgca    118500
     aatgttttat gtgatattcc agcattttta gatggaaaca taactgtttc tgtgtttgtg    118560
     tactcagtgt ttggtctgcc aggtctaaaa gcacaccagt ggtctacagt ggtcagcagt    118620
     ttagctttcc tcattttcag actctctcta tactgggcag aaaatcatga gtgttcctcg    118680
     tggaggtcag atgaaggata aagctgcgct cggaggtgag gagagaggca gaaggaaatg    118740
     atttcagcgt tattgtgctg agaaaccgag aggaacgtgt gggggagaag tgtgtcaggt    118800
     ttcctctctc ccctcacagg cctcagttct gggggtccag agctttttaa tagcttcaac    118860
     aatatacagc tgaagccaaa acggttcgcc ctccagtgaa atttttgtat tcttttttaa    118920
     aatacttccc aagcgatgtt taacggacta ttttccacat tatttgctat ttgtcttctt    118980
     tttaagaaag gcttatttct tttagtttgt ctggaatcat tttttttttg aacaattgaa    119040
     gtggatcatc gtctttcatc aaagttgtcc cttaaaacta ttgaacaaca cccattcttg    119100
     tcattcatgc attcattttt tcccccgctt agtcccttta ttaaactggg gtcaccacag    119160
     tggaatgaac tgccaactta tccagcatat gttttgcgca gcggatgtca gctgcaagcc    119220
     atcactggga aacatccaca cacatctatt cacactcata cactacggac aatttagcct    119280
     tcccaattcg cctataccgc atgtctgaac tgtgggggaa accggagcac ccggaggaaa    119340
     cctaacaaac accaactgac ccagccaagt ctcgaaccag cgaatttctt gctgtgaggt    119400
     gatcgtgcta cccactgtgt caccgtgcag ccccacccat tcttgtctca gcccaaattt    119460
     ggaaatctgt gttaaaccac ttcaaatgtt gactactgta gtttactaat gtggtgtctt    119520
     tcaaacccat tgttgaacat ttgcaaacag cgtcacaaac tttaatattt attcagttct    119580
     caatctgtgt ttataaagca aatttacaca ctatgcaatt aatcttttgt tccatatttt    119640
     tttttttttc ggccaacaaa aatattatat ctgggcccta ggctttaaat aataataata    119700
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataatagcca atatttattt aatttaaaca    119760
     ttttaacaaa taaatgtttc aataacttag ttgtgttgct tgcttggtga tctcagtaca    119820
     aatcattgaa tgaataaatg actaaatgaa ttctatttaa ataaaaaaac ttattattta    119880
     cactgattaa attaaattaa ataatcttaa attattaaat aattttaaca aactcaaaac    119940
     aaataaataa ataaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag    120000
     cactgaaggc atttgcaaaa ggaataaatg aacgaactga cagataaata gccaattttt    120060
     aaaaaattaa tgacatttta ttttagataa ctaactaact aactacctaa ctaactaact    120120
     aactaactaa ctaactaact aactaactaa ctaactaact aactaactaa ctaactaact    120180
     aaataaaaat aaataaataa ataatttaca gttaactcaa aacaaactat caaataaata    120240
     aacagttcac tttcttctta gcttttggaa tgttcttaaa catataatat tttgacattt    120300
     atttcatttc taacattttt tagtggacct actccactct ctttacattt tgtttagctc    120360
     tacattcaga tgattttaac cttaaaatgt gtcatttatt caacacatta atcaaccacg    120420
     ttcatttcct tgccaaacgt acacagcact caatgagctg caaaccgtca gtcattagtg    120480
     ctttcagcca tctgtacagt gcgctgattg atgctgattt ccttatagct tttttttttt    120540
     ttttttttaa atcagattaa acatttatca gactcaattg agcaggatca aaatgcagga    120600
     tatacagatt aaaaatacat taagggcaac tgaattgaac agtatctatt gttagtgtaa    120660
     catgtatatt gtgatacttg tttgtaataa ggtaatgagg attccatttc caacattttc    120720
     tagtggaaat actccaaact ctctacattt tattcagcta tactttctga tgattttaac    120780
     cttaaaaagt gtcatttatt caacacatta atcaaccacg tttatttcct tgccaaacgc    120840
     acacagcact taatgagctg caaaccgtaa gtcgttagtg ctttcagcca tctgtactgt    120900
     tcgttgattg atgctgattt ccttataaag ttgataaaaa caagtctcat ttttttcaat    120960
     agtttgactt aaaaaaacat gttttattgc atttatactt ttttgaaaca ataaataaac    121020
     cgtaacatta gtaatcagaa tacggggatt tccatcaaaa gctgtgaatt ttgttttaag    121080
     tgcaaaactg aaatatttat aaatatataa cactttttcc atgccatgtg ctcaatagga    121140
     taaaaatgat cacttcctgg gatactagtg ttatgctgta tatatgaatg ttaaaaaatg    121200
     tctctgcaag ctgaggaact actttatttc ttttctcctc taaataaata agctgaacag    121260
     caggtgacac acgcatgaac aaattctggt atgttatctt gtgtttttag tcgcatgact    121320
     gatgtcctag gagataacta tccaaatcta ttttaaggat gaacttttgt gtttgtggaa    121380
     ttgttaaaac gagattgcag atggtttgtg atgaaatcgc tacacaggtt tgtccagtta    121440
     tccaattgca tcatctgtcg aggccaaatc atataacttt tcaaggcatt tattcagtaa    121500
     atgtgttctc aacatagttt atgtgcatat tactcagctt attttttatc agattagaca    121560
     ttgatcagac taagttgagc aggatcaaaa tgcaggatat acggattaaa aatgcattca    121620
     ggtcaactga attgaacagt ctctattgtt agtttaacgt ttatattgtg aaatgtgttt    121680
     gtaatgaggc aacacacacg tgttaagctg ctgagtatgt gtttaatgca catttatgca    121740
     ttgtgtcata tcactcagct cttttatatc agattaaaca ttagacttat ttgagcagga    121800
     tcaaaatgca ggatatatgg attaaaaatg gattcagggc aactgaattg aacagtctat    121860
     tgttagttaa acgtgtatat tgtgacattt gcttgtaatg aggcaacaga cacatgtaag    121920
     ctgctgaata tgtgtttaat gcacatttat gcattgtgtc atatccctca gctctttttt    121980
     atcacattaa acatttatca gactcaattg agccggacca aaatgcagga tatacagatt    122040
     aacaatacag atacagaaca gtatctattg ttattttaac gtgtatattg tgacatttgt    122100
     aatgtaatgt gtatttatat agcgcattta ttgtgtatgg ccatacaccc aaagcacttc    122160
     acaatcatga ggggggtctg tccacaccac caccagtgtg cagcatccac ttgcataatg    122220
     cgacggcagc tacaggacaa cggcaccagt acgctcatct cacaccagct attagtggag    122280
     tgaagagaca gtaatagagc caaatcggtg gatggggata attaggaagc catgatggat    122340
     aacagccaaa tgagggactt ttggccagga cacctgggtt tgacccctac tctttacgag    122400
     aagtgccatg ggatttttaa tgaccacaga gagtcaggac ctcggtttaa cgtctcatcc    122460
     gaaagacatt tatttgcaaa gaggcaacac acatgttaag ctgctgaata tgtgtttaat    122520
     gcacatttat gcattgtgtc atatcactca gctcttttat atcagaataa acatttatca    122580
     gactcaattg agcaggatca aaatgcagga tatacagatt aaaatgcatt cagagcagct    122640
     gaattaaaca gtatctactg ttagtttaat gtgtatattg tgaaatgtgt ttgtaacgag    122700
     gcaacagaca catgtaaact gctgaatatg tgttaaatgc ccatttatgc attgtgtcat    122760
     ataacacagc tctttttttg tatcaaataa aacctttatc agactcaatt gagcaggatc    122820
     aaaatgcagg atatacggat taaaatgcat tcagagcagc tgaattaaac agtatctact    122880
     gttagtttaa tgtgtatatt gtgaaatgtg tttgtaacga ggcaacatac acatgtaaac    122940
     tgctgaatat gtgttaaatg cccatttatg cattgtgtca tataacacag ctcttttttg    123000
     tatcaaataa aacctttatc agactcaatt gagcaggatc aaaatgcagg atatacagat    123060
     taaaatgcat tcagagtagc tgaattgaac agtatctact tttagtttaa tgtgtatatt    123120
     gtgaaatgtg tttgtaacga ggcaacagac acatgtaaac tgctgtatat gtgttaaatg    123180
     cccatttatg cattgtgtca tatcacgcag ctcttttttt gtatcaaata aaacctttat    123240
     cagactcaat tgagcaggat caaaattcag gatatacaga ttaaaaatgc atacagagta    123300
     actgaattga acagtgtctt ttgtaagttt aacgtttaca ttgtgaaatg tgttggtaat    123360
     gaggcaacac acacacacac atgttaagct gctgaatatg tgttaaatgc acatttatgc    123420
     attgtgtcat atcactcagc tcttacattt tctgaagtga aagggtgcca cttagcttcc    123480
     agttttctgg ccggtgtttt catttacgtt acagcttcaa aatacaactc taactacatc    123540
     tgtcagttct ttgtgttaaa aatatttata atttagccta tatttcatcc ataacacaac    123600
     tcaagcccaa actaggttac tctgatgact taaagaaaac ttagtcactc ttttaagata    123660
     aaataaacca ctcaataact tcaggtgaaa atattgctaa caaggaatct acccaatttg    123720
     ttcaaatatt ttttgccaaa tgaagtatga ctatttagca tgggtgtatt tcatatgggt    123780
     gtatttcaga gcatgtccca ctgtctgtcc cacatattta ttcttattta aatgtggcag    123840
     aaagaaagaa cggacgcacc ttctctcttc atccccatgg ctaagcactt ctgatagcgg    123900
     cagtactggc atcggttgcg ttggcgtttg tcgatcatac agtccttgtt gtctctgcaa    123960
     gtgtacgtca ggtcctttct gaccgtcctc ttgaagaagc ccttacagcc ctcacagctg    124020
     tacaccccgt agtgtttacc tgccggcaga cacacgcttt agcactcttc ccagcagggt    124080
     ttcatttaat tggcgctcag tatcaataat tcagcagcca ccacatctgt ttttgtccca    124140
     tactacatga gaggcagagc atatggagag accaaattta ttgaatgcaa tacaatataa    124200
     ggaaacgaca ctatggaatg actgattctg attggtcatt tgggggattt acatttagtc    124260
     atttagcaga cacttttgtc cgaagtgact aatgctgtgt tcacaccaga catggcacac    124320
     acgaataaat agacgtgaac atttttgaat ttactcgctt ctttcgcaca tcaaattcgc    124380
     cagtgttggg caagcgatcg gtaaatgtag cttgtgtgga cgttattgca ttacttgctg    124440
     aaaatattgc tttcgttgtt gaaaatctaa ttgatttaga aagtagcgac actactgcca    124500
     ctctgctgag aaatgtagtt aagctattag cgtcacaaat tgtagcgact ctactgccca    124560
     acactgaaat tcacttcatt cctgcgtcaa attcccttca caatagacgt ggatttccgt    124620
     catgcaggcc atctgtctgc ccgttgactg tagcttcgtt gctaaagggc taacatggat    124680
     tttagtgagt tggtatctgt gcttcatgtg ctttaggggg gctgaaaaac aatgtaggtt    124740
     tgtttggcac cgtgtctgat ccactcgatc ctttctgagg tgcacccagc tctgtgagtt    124800
     cataaactct tccagaaact atacctgcat gatgagtttg atgagctgtt gttcgatgtc    124860
     ggcaagagga tttcccctcg gaacaccaac aacagtcata atcacgcttc tacaagagca    124920
     agctcctgat tggttaacga agtgcgaatg tccattgaaa tttagatttt tgaactcaag    124980
     taaaacaccc aaaactatta actcgtgctg cttcattcgg gtcattcacg ccacatcatt    125040
     tgtgcaaatc acaccgcaag atgtttattt gcgtctttgc attgacttaa catgtaaatc    125100
     actaatgttt gatgctacat ccgtgtctgg tgtgaacgca cgatgcataa tgggatttat    125160
     ttagtaaacg ggtttctgtc aaagattatg caattttttt tcatagcaga taaaacgttt    125220
     atcttcaaaa tgtatgcgtg tcttggcatt tccattaagt atttgcgacg aacgaatcgt    125280
     tgcagtcaac tcctctctgc atctcaagtc tgccaacgta tgctacgagc cattatacaa    125340
     actcgtaaca gcaggaaagc tgttcgtttt aaagacaaaa tgcagtcata tgtacctctg    125400
     gctacataat tcgcgatctc ctaaattgta tatagggcta cgttttcaga atgagtctat    125460
     gttgattaat tgggttaggg gagggttggg gtagggggat agaatataca gtttgtacag    125520
     ataaagatag ctgtgcaagt gtgtgtgtta cctgatgaac ggtctccgca aatggcacag    125580
     atgtgtttgg tgagggacag ggatagggtt cctatgggct gcgccgggac cttcatcact    125640
     ccgttcagac caagaggagg tttaatgtcc tctgaactac tgactgcatt catgggggaa    125700
     ctgagctgaa aaacaatcaa aataaataaa taaatacaca aagaaaacac ttttttttac    125760
     tcctattgta attttttttg gtgtaatcta atatccaatt cagaaaaaaa attaatagat    125820
     ctggtgcgaa ttttaattat tgataaaata ttttctgaca cgtgttgttt aatttttttt    125880
     tatctctaca catttttaaa cataattttt ttataactaa tttataataa ctattttttt    125940
     tgtctttgcc atgatgagaa taaattatat tttacgttat tttgcaagat actagttttc    126000
     agaataaatg caatttaaag tcttaactga gttaataaga ataacttgtt aagttaggct    126060
     aattaggcac gtcactattt atttctcctc gagttcgagt catttgattt tgagtatcta    126120
     ctgatactaa aacctgatct gatacctcta taatacataa aaagggaata aagaagtgtg    126180
     aacaaacaga ttcaggatgt tctttatttt ttatttaatt caccttgttt caataactct    126240
     gttaacaaac ggagcacttc tgtgaggtag cttgaacaat caggtaataa atatcataaa    126300
     ttcttcactt ttgaatttta gtgcaacatt aaatataaaa aaaaatctaa tatataaaca    126360
     aatagcatct cagcttgaaa tacccggcag gcaatcccaa gtttacaaat ctcacagttt    126420
     gctctggcgt cgtcatcaac tttataatac ttccagacca cagacatctg catctctgca    126480
     acaaaagtga cgttatgctg cacgtgttgc tgtttctgtg tgaagtcaag aaagaggttc    126540
     aactctgtgc cactgcgtga atatagatgt taacaaaata atgagaatgt attagagtcc    126600
     tgatcgggag gtaaccttca attccgattg agtctaaaac cccatgatga ttgggcctga    126660
     attccaatca tgtgatcaga tctggagatc cctaatataa atttaaatat agggctaata    126720
     ttacttaatt aaatgtatta ttattattat ttttattatt attattatta ttatttaaaa    126780
     aacaaaaatt gtatccagcc aaacttaaag aaataagact ttgtccagaa gaagaaaaag    126840
     aaaatccttc tgctagatgc tatagcatgc ctaaaattaa aagcaatata tagagagatt    126900
     cttttattcc cattttttac tttgtgaggt tttagaatgc tgtgtgtgct gttagactac    126960
     ttgtttgtct tgtgtgacat ttatggattc tatgctgcac ctataattgc ccacttggat    127020
     tataatacta tattatattg aacttaacct atgaaaattt taccttgctg ttttaaatac    127080
     agaaagattt ttgtaaagaa agaaatttgt gaaagaaaaa agtgaacttt gtgtattgtg    127140
     cttatgtgca acagtgaact tagcattttt taaagtgtgg gaaattcatt cattcattca    127200
     ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt cattcatttt cttttcaact tattcccttt    127260
     attaatctgg ggttgccaca gtggaatgaa cagccaactt atccagcata tgttttacga    127320
     agcggatgcc cttccaactg caacacccat acactctctt tcacacacat acactacaga    127380
     caatttagca tacccaatcc acctataacg catgtcttag gacttgtgtg ggaaaacgga    127440
     gcacccggag gaaacccacg ccaacacggg gagaacatgc aaactccact caaaaatgcc    127500
     aactgagctg aggctcaaac cagtgatctt cttcctgtga ggtgacagca ctacctagcg    127560
     catcgcccca gtcattatat aattttctaa atttgacgtt ttctcgtttt ctccctagac    127620
     accttattaa atcgtatcaa cactagtttt cagaataagg ccagtttgag gtcttaatta    127680
     ggttaataaa aagaaaacta ggctagtaat caggcaaata gattattctg tagaaaactg    127740
     aaacaagaca acgcagtggt gcagtaggta gtgctgtcgc cttacagtaa gaagaacatt    127800
     agtttgagcc tcggctgggt cagttggcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgcata ttctccacgc    127860
     attcgtgtgg gtttgctcca ggtgctccag ttttctccca aaagtccaaa gacatgtggt    127920
     acaggtgaat tgggtaggct aaattttcag tagtgtatga gggtgaatga gtgtgaatgg    127980
     atgtttccta gagatgggtt gcagctggaa gggcatccgc tgtgtaaaaa cgtgctggat    128040
     aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc ccagatcaat gaaaggacca atctgaaaag    128100
     aaaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaaacaaaa actagtaaat agggggctaa tattattaaa    128160
     ccaaaatttt attaatgggg tttgccttag gcaaagtcca ttcttactat tgtggtttat    128220
     tattctgtct tcttcttctt cttcttccgt acactttttc ggcgcgtaac tagtcccgca    128280
     gctttcgtcc cagacccttg aaagtgggct caaattgtgc ggctttatcg ggaatggtgt    128340
     gctatgactt ttataagggg tgggtggttt tggggccccg caggggcccc aaaaccaccc    128400
     cccaaaacgc attgactcaa cattacgccc aactttgaaa gtttatagcg ccaagtgtga    128460
     aattcataga aacatgggat tcacagcatc tgtagggggt tgcagcctaa gcgagaacat    128520
     accccgcaag ggggtataag ttgcacccct ggggctctag gacgtcccaa agtggtcccc    128580
     attgacttac atgggcccca ttgactccca ttcattttct agacactcgt agatactatt    128640
     cccggaaatc gccgtagcgc caacagggaa attcgtagag acatgggatt cgcaacatct    128700
     cgagagggtt ataggaggct tcaaaccaca ccccgaaacg cggtaaatgt tgtacccctg    128760
     gggagctagg acgtcccaaa gtctccattg actttacatg gagccgaact ttaaccaatc    128820
     actgtgtcca ttgtgaattt catagaaata tgggattcac aacatctgta gggggtggca    128880
     gcctaagtga gaacataccc cgaaagcggg tataggtcgc acccctgggg ctctaggacg    128940
     tcccaaagtg ctccccattg actttacatt gcccattgac tcccattcat tacattgact    129000
     cccattataa atgtcatatg tcaatcacag tacgtggcag tgtcatactg acttgggggt    129060
     tgtcttattt gacttaggca accaatcagc atctcaatat gatatttgag ctcacaagcc    129120
     acgccccccc aaaccactta aagaccctta ataactgccc tattgactta acatggggtg    129180
     ggacgtccca ttgcagatcc cattgacttc cattataaag gtcacacatc tataacatta    129240
     cataggagtg tcatagagac atgggggtgg gctcatttga ctcaggcaac caatcagcat    129300
     cactctatga taatgaagct cacaagccac gcccccaaat gggtcccata gacttctatt    129360
     ataataggga tagatgcata tctttgcatt gcagtgtcat ataggcttag gggttggctt    129420
     attggactca gacaaccaat gagcttttca atatgataat gaagctcaca agccacgccc    129480
     ccaagctggc cccatagact gccattgtaa ctggtccaca tgcatatctt tgcttagcag    129540
     tgtcctattg acttgggggt tggctcattt gacttggaca gccaaccaca ttcaagttca    129600
     ctctgtaacc tcgcccatag caacaaaaga gagtacccta gcaaccattc atcaacagct    129660
     atatctcagc atcagaacat cgtagacact tggggattgg ctcgtttcac ccatgctagc    129720
     aaacggaact tcctatatgc tacacatgct agcagtgact agctacatgc taatattgac    129780
     tagccaagta ctgtaacttg ctagaaatgc ttactaagta taaatatttc atcaggcatg    129840
     tatgtgaggc ttgcctagta accacccagg gtaccctagc aactgcctag caaccaccca    129900
     aattacccta gcaaccgcct agcaaccacc tagcaactgc ctagtaacgc cttagtaagg    129960
     gcctagcgac cactcaggac accctagcaa ccgcctagca acgccttagc aaccacttag    130020
     aataccctag caaccaccta gcaacgcctt agcaaccacc tagcaaccac tcagggcacc    130080
     ctagcactgt tgctagcatg atgctagcaa ctcgattatc atgctaacat catgctaaca    130140
     cgattagcat aacgctagct acatgctaat catgttagca tgatgctagc aactcgatca    130200
     gcatgttgtt agcatgatgc taacacgatt aacatcatgc tagctacatg ctaatcatat    130260
     tagcatgatg ctagcaagtc gattagcatg ttgctagcat gatgctaaca cgattagcat    130320
     tatgctagct acatgctaat tatgttagca tgatgctagc aactcgatta gcatgttgtt    130380
     agcatgatgc taacatgatt agcatcatgc tagctacatg ctaatcatat tagcatgatg    130440
     ctagcaagtc gattagcatg ttgctagcat gatgctaaga cgattagcat catgctagct    130500
     acatgccaat catgttagca tcatgctagc aactcgatta gcatgttgtt ctattggcca    130560
     gtttagtacc gttttgtacc ccatcgattt gccacgcaaa ccccattcac atttccttta    130620
     ggaaatgtac aattctagtt attattatta tttaaaaact gtttttattc cagccaaact    130680
     aaaagaaata acgttctcag aaggaaatac tgggaaaaaa atttcttgtt ctgtcaaaca    130740
     ttacttgtga aatacttaaa aacaattcta atcatttttt ccttaacttc aacatatata    130800
     acaactttac tgggacttgt ttactgtgtc agtttacagt gtcttggttg aataattaca    130860
     ttgttattct taattttctt cttattatat tgaaaaaaca aaacaaaaac aaaaaaacac    130920
     gcacgcacac acacacacac acacaaacat cctgctgatt ctaactctta gaatagcatt    130980
     gtgtaattcc acattaaact atgtgttgga acggaatcag ttacacatgc catttattct    131040
     taattaccca gaactaaagt catgcaaagc gtgatgatgg atgagcggac ctgtgaaaga    131100
     caggacaggc acacctacac actacactat gaagaaagaa tgttcgctat gcttttcttg    131160
     ggtaatcctt cagacagata ctgtacaaga aactccacag ctccctgaag cgagtaaaaa    131220
     catttaaatc attcaccagc gaaagtgcta aagattcagc ctacttctgc ttataaccaa    131280
     acagtaaaaa tagtttatgt ttaaacactc aaacaatcaa aaacgcaaag tgcatgacat    131340
     ttttaaatag aaatggggga caatgcaaaa ctcggcatca cacaactata tttgacttga    131400
     aaccagtagt ggagcacaaa ataaaacaaa accaaaaaag taaatgacaa aagtaactga    131460
     ataataaaat aataaaataa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    131520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    131580
     tagtgcatcc ggaaagtatt catggcactt cacttttttc cacatttttt aatgttacag    131640
     ccttaaatta atttatttcc tcaaaattcc acacacaata ccccataatg acaatgtgaa    131700
     aaaagattta tttatttatt tttttttatt aaaaaactga aaaatcacat gtacagaagt    131760
     attcacagcc tttggcgtaa ggttctaaat tgagctcagg tacattctgt ttccactgat    131820
     cattcttgag atgtttcagc agcttcattg gagttcactt gtggtaaatt cagctgatta    131880
     gacatgattt gaaaaggcat acacctgtgt atataaggtc ccagggttga cagtgcatgt    131940
     caaagcacaa accaagcatg aagacaaagg aattttctgt agacctctga aacaggaatg    132000
     tctagaggca caaggctagg gaaggttaca gaagaatttc ttctgctctg aaagtactaa    132060
     tgagcacagt ggcctccatc atctgtaagt ggaagatgtt tggatcaacc aggactcttc    132120
     ctagagctgg ccggccatct aaactgagtg atcggtggag aagggcttta gtcagggtgg    132180
     tgatcaataa cccgatggtc actctgtctg agctccagcg ttcttctgtg gagagaggag    132240
     aaccttacag aaggacaacc atctgtgcag caatccaatc aggcctgtat agtagagtgg    132300
     ccagacggaa gacactcccc acctggagat tgccaaaagg catctgaagg actctcagac    132360
     cagaagaaac aaaactctct ggtctgatga gactaaaatt gaactctttg gagtgaatgc    132420
     caggtgttac attttgggaa aaccaggtac cgctcatcac cagactaata ccatacctac    132480
     agtaaagcat ggtggtggca gcatcatgct gtggggatgt ttttcagcag caggaactga    132540
     agtcaggaca gagggaaaga tgaatgcagc aatgtacaga gacatcctga atgagaacct    132600
     gcttcagagt gctcttgacc tccgactgcg gcgacggttc atcttctagc aggacaatga    132660
     cccaaagcac acaaccaaaa tatcaataga gtggcttcac aacaactcag tgaatgccct    132720
     tgagtggccc agccagagcc caaacctaaa tcatattaaa tatctctgga gagatctgaa    132780
     aatggctgca caccgttgct ttccatcaaa cctgatagag tttgagaggt tctgcaaaga    132840
     ggaatgggca aaaaggaact gaatccattt tggaataagg ctgtaacata aaaaaatgtg    132900
     gaaaaagtga agcgctatga atactttccg gatgcactgt atgttaattt ggcaagctga    132960
     acgcattttg tactgtacat tagccatgga gaagattgat tgacaatggt ctacagccaa    133020
     tcaggatgca gaacacaaag acctgtaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaagaaaa gagcatggaa    133080
     aattgcacaa aaaaatccac gaaactgcga gacctcgaaa ggtgaatcat gttattgcga    133140
     gggaccactg tacccctaaa caatttctaa aaacaacaac taaaaatcca tttgtagtag    133200
     aaattagtgg gatatagcaa ctactacaac aaatcaaaac acgtagtcaa aaataacaaa    133260
     agcaaatggc aacctggctc atgataaatg tttcacactt aacactacac aacatcaaga    133320
     ggtgttcaat cctgaataat tacacctaca gataggaaga agatagttgt ccaatgagct    133380
     caaatcatta gtcgggaata aatggcaaat acaacaaatc tgaatgcaaa ctcagcttga    133440
     aatacttgac aaacagcaaa caaaagagct aacggcagta ttgtgataac aaaagaatga    133500
     caggaaccag gacaaacacc gatttaagaa cacctgtgca tactgtttac acacacagac    133560
     acagacacac atacgcatac gcatacgcac acatatgtac ctgtactgtc tgcttctgtt    133620
     caggtacagg catgaccggt ttgacatgtc ctgttcagtg gcatgatcaa tcttaaacgg    133680
     gttcttgtca actcctggtg ggccctaagt ctgaacacac atacacccac caactatttt    133740
     gggtaaactg taattcaata tgttcctgga ttgtctgtgt gccagggata cgggactggc    133800
     agctactaga tttagaccag gagacagaga acagattacc agtcttaact gtaagccctg    133860
     aaatagagtc tcagatcctg gcaatcatgc actcatggaa aagaaattat gagccacccc    133920
     taaagtagat cttttaggaa tagctgacac aaatgatgtt aaaaagcatg gtactaaatg    133980
     tcagagttat ggttgattta cagatgtctg ttgcacaaaa tgagttcaac aaactctggg    134040
     ttgcagagtc agttttgagt tgacaaaacc aaataaatcc aagttgtttc acaatgcttg    134100
     gtataaatgt tcactgtcaa ctgtgatagt gattaattgt gtactgtact cagctgaaag    134160
     tgtgcaatgt gcagcaaaca gccaataaga tgaatcattt ctcacaagag agtcagcgat    134220
     tcacgtctct gttgagatta aggccgtact cacactaggt acagttgcct cgaaccgggc    134280
     caaagcacgc ttgtcccccc tcccgtctcc cccgacggcc cgcgctcaca ccatatcgga    134340
     cctcggcacg cttacgtcat cgctgctgcg ctgttcagaa gcgctctcta tggcaagcct    134400
     ttttagcatt taaatctttg ttctgactcc ataaatatat ttagagatat ctctaattat    134460
     attttgacta gtcataatta taattcgact agtcagaata acaattagag atatctacaa    134520
     ttgcaattgt actagtacga aatcagattg gagatatctg caaatatatt atgactagtc    134580
     atattcctcc attgacttcc attgaaaaat atttgcagat atctctaaat gagttttgac    134640
     tcgtcacaat tgtaattaga gatatctcta actgagtttt tactagtcat aatacatttg    134700
     gagatgtctt taattaataa tatttagaga tatttacaaa tatatttgaa gatatctcta    134760
     attaatttac taatagtcaa attacagttg tagatatctt gaattggatt ttgacgagtc    134820
     aaaactcagt tagagatatc tgcaaatatt tttcaatgga agtcaatgga ggaatatgtc    134880
     tagtcataat atatttgcag atatctccaa tctgatttcg tactagtaca attgtaattg    134940
     cagatatctc taattgtcat tctgactagt cgaattataa taatgacttg tcaaaatata    135000
     taattatatc tctaaatata tttatggata gtcagaacaa ggtttaaatg caaaaacggc    135060
     ttgccatacg ctctcactca gcagcacagt ggagatttct ctagttatat cgtttcagtc    135120
     gtttgttatg cagtgacatg cagtcaaata tttcgccaaa cagtccttag ggatgcgggg    135180
     acacacagtc agatatttta ccgaacagat ccgccacttt tggcgctcat aaacaatcaa    135240
     agctctcgtg ctgcaggaat gaggaggtct gctcagcagc tggcgtgctg tgaggagttt    135300
     gcgtctttaa taaactacgg cagtttgcga tcactaaaca gtaagaatga ttaataaatc    135360
     catatcaaac agtcccttaa aagtcacgtc tcgctttcgg gctttggcgc gtttcgcgct    135420
     cacacacaag cgtaccgcgc caaagcccaa gtgtaccgcg ctcaggcaca cctcttccaa    135480
     ccgggccagg gccggccaag tgaaccgtgc ttgagcctga ttcagcgcac tcacacttct    135540
     caaacgattc gggaaacggg cctgggcacg gtacggatgg catagtgtga gtaggccctc    135600
     agagatatca ttatcagaaa tattcattca ttctttttcc ttccgcttag tcccttattt    135660
     atcagaggcc gtatggaatg gacagtggaa tggatcatca actattccgg catatgtttt    135720
     acgcagccta tacactctcg cattcaaaca tgcactcata cactagggcc agtttgctta    135780
     cccaattcgc ttatagcaca tgtctttgag gaaaccgacg tgaacactgg gagaacatgc    135840
     aaactccaca cagaaatgcc aactagcgca gccaggactc gaaccagtga ccttcttgct    135900
     gtgaggcgac agtgctaacc actgagccac cgtgcagcct tatcagaaat ataatgaatt    135960
     gaaatacatt tacaatatat aaacaccgct aaaaagaaaa atgacgacaa caacaacaca    136020
     tcaaaagaaa aatcaacata accaaagcag ccaaacacag caaaacaaaa gaaaaaaaaa    136080
     aagtaaagga aaaatacaaa acaagcaaat ggtggttctg catcacagaa tgaaacaaaa    136140
     gataataaaa caacaacaga aacaaaaaca aatcaaaaga aaaatcaaca taaccaaagc    136200
     agccaaacac tcacaaaacc aaaaaccaaa aacaaaacaa aaaaaacaag caagtagtgg    136260
     atcacataca gtactaaaac aaaagctaat aataaaaaca gcaacaaaaa cacatcaaaa    136320
     aaataaatca acatagcaaa aacagccaaa cacaacaaaa caaaacacac agcaaataaa    136380
     taaataaata atctagacac aacaaaacaa actaaataaa aaagcacaca tgaaaagaaa    136440
     agaaaaaacg cacacaaaat taaaaaaaca aacaaaaaag ggtggttctg gaacacaaaa    136500
     tgaaacaaag caaaacaatc ataataaaag ccaaagtaaa aacaacaaac aaatttagaa    136560
     aacactatta tgtgtgatgt cacaacaaaa tatagacatg atgtttctga aagaaataat    136620
     tgtatgaagc aacgtcttca ttcattcaac catttttctt cggcttagtt cctgattatc    136680
     aggggtcgcc gcagcgcaat gaactgccaa ctattctggc atatgtttat tgcaggggat    136740
     gcccttccag ctgcaatcca gtactgggaa acagccatac acactcacat tcacacactc    136800
     atacactacg gctcaattca cctacagcac aagtttttgg actgtggggg aaaccgaaag    136860
     aaaacccacg tgaacacaag gagaacatgc aaactacaca cagaaacacc aactggccca    136920
     gccaggactc gaaccagcga ccttcttgct gtgaggtgac agtgctaacc accgtgccgc    136980
     caaaatgtag caactactac aaccaaaaac aagcgaaaaa ataaaaaccc aactacaaca    137040
     ccaacaaaaa tgccgaaacc atactgaaag gacaactttg aaattttaat aactaatatt    137100
     tgcaaaatgt ctaaaaaaaa gtggacaaaa cttttctaaa attaatacaa atgtatacaa    137160
     aaatgaagca aatgtgttaa aaaaagcagc cctaaaacat tcacaataac cctttttgtg    137220
     ttttgtaaaa aaaaaattgt gggtgtgaca cttttggaag agtaaatgag aagtagtaag    137280
     actttccaca caagacatgc caaattaggc tgggaaacta cactctctta tagtcctgtg    137340
     gaaagagtga atgacaagcg aatgaaaata agtagcatgt ccagaaagtg cagacaggct    137400
     taatgaaccg gcagagaagt tttactattg catcgagccc acgggagctg ttataagaca    137460
     gatcacatgt gccatgtgat catctcatgc cttctgagct ttaacaattg ttaaatctgt    137520
     ctatgaattg atgctgctgc atagctcagt catgagatgc tccatctctg accacaaaca    137580
     cccctaaaat atcatctgtg ctctcaatgg cttcaagctt tcttctatac aatgcataaa    137640
     catttttatt gagtcttaat aagagatatg caacactttt gttggagttt cctttcttat    137700
     actataaatc ttatactgta attttttgga ggtgctatat gttagtctta aagcgctagt    137760
     ttgctactaa acagtgacaa aatccacacc taggatataa aagcatttaa aaatagctgt    137820
     ttctcacttt taaaaaagta ttgggctcta tcatagaccc ggcgcaataa ggcgcaggac    137880
     aggtttggtg caatttgttg ctattttcag accagagcaa ctgtgatttt catattttgc    137940
     actacgttgt ttaaagagaa aatacatttg tgatgcattc atatgtgatg taataataaa    138000
     ataataataa taatattaat aataaatgat catttctgga tgtatctgta cctatctctg    138060
     cttttaaaag aataaaaaat aacactcacc ccaaaccttt atatattaaa acagaaacca    138120
     gttatataaa attgtaataa tctctgctta gtgaacataa aaaacgtctt tcacaaagca    138180
     taaaatccta ctcactccaa actgcagtgt acaagtacaa aagcagaagg taactaactg    138240
     cttgtgcatc tgtcagtgtg tgtgtgagag gaaagtgaac tggctgggtg ttaaaagagt    138300
     ttcattctga cacacaccac atggctaagc tgcagatttt aacaagccat ctcatttccg    138360
     ttgcgattgg gccctgacca gtccccaacc aggcctcttc tgaacccatt tagcatgcca    138420
     ataaaaagca gaaagcccat gtggcagact aaggccgtgt ttgacaccat gcggtcagag    138480
     atcaagcact ctgacggggc taatgaggat gaatgggggc cagggcacct ccaagacgcc    138540
     tgtccctaag cccgtacgcc attacttaag gcaacaccat taatgtgaaa ctcccccctt    138600
     tccatttcaa agccaaatta aagtgagaca ctgcatgatc tgtttttcag cagccgactg    138660
     taaggaaaac acctaaactc atttatttag ttgcgctcta ttaaaagaag tctgtagatt    138720
     ttaattgcaa tatatatttg taaaggtggc gaagcagtgg cgcagtagga agtgctgtcg    138780
     cctcacagca agaaggttgc tgggtcactc gttcgagctt cggctcagtt ggtgtttcta    138840
     aaaaacttgc tggataagtt ggtggttcat tccgctgtgg cgaccccaga ttaataaagg    138900
     gactaagccg acaagaaaat gaatggatga atgaagcgct atgaatactg tcctatacat    138960
     ttcttcacag tattttctga attataaaaa cagattcccc agatcctttc tgtgaaaaca    139020
     gttgaatata aaatgtaaaa aatatatatt aataaataaa aataaactac atgcccagca    139080
     ctaaatcttt ggtataattt ttaaggaata aaattaatat ttgctgacta ttcactcatt    139140
     ctcacaacct aagctcattc tggaaacgta gccccgcgga cgtttctgga gaccgcgatt    139200
     tacgtggccg gaggtacgta aggccgcgtt tagttttctc ctcctcttca cgctcgccgg    139260
     ccggtggctc gcctccgagt ggagggcttt cccgatgcaa ccagtttgtc cgcttagctc    139320
     acagcgttgc gtcgacggag cggaggccct ggaggagaag gaggagcggg ccgcagggac    139380
     gacgaccggg atcgagtccg gggaacagcg gttccggaaa ttgggaaaat aaggttgaga    139440
     atgcggcggg atccgaaaac gcagtcgaaa tcgaagacga gggcttttgc tttttttttt    139500
     tttctggaca gcttttgcaa accgtcgctt gggtttaggg aaggaggagg aggaggagga    139560
     agaggagggc ggctgggtcg gccgatctgg cggcttttcg cgcgagaaca gtgcgggcgt    139620
     gaacggcgca cgttcccgag aggtgcccga gatgcgaaaa agtgtgcgca gcggcctctc    139680
     gcggatccgc gaaaacaaaa accgctcgaa tacgtacctc ccgggacgta tctcgcggtc    139740
     cgcagaaacg tccgcggggc tacgtttcca caatgagccc gggttgcatt ctcaagttgt    139800
     taatgagatt cttttttctg attaacacaa aagaagatag ttgaaaaatg ttggaaatca    139860
     gtaagtactg acttccatag taaggtaaat atatactatg taaggcagtg gttacgggtt    139920
     tcagacattt ttcaaaataa cttcttttgt gttgaacaaa gaaactcaaa catttctgtg    139980
     acaagtgtag ggtgagtaaa cgaagacaga attttcggtt ttggcttaac aatcccttta    140040
     aaactttctg atatgaaatc aagtggtaaa aaatgaagtc tgctgtttta ctgccaagcc    140100
     aaactcgctt ttaatgagaa cttgtttcta tttaagggta caagactgaa cactttatta    140160
     ttttgtagtg agagggaggt gatacgagga aagaaaactg cacaataact tgttcatatg    140220
     agtgtagtgt gtgtggtttt atcttaaact caactgctgg gattttattt ctcttattac    140280
     cagttggtgt ctgataaatc ctttcggtct tcagatgaat gtctaaaagt ccgttattta    140340
     atatgactgg agtaaaatgg tttaacttga ttctccaatg gctttggcag gcgctcagtg    140400
     gtttcactgt gccaaagtct gactcaaata caggacatct cgcttatctc tgaatttaaa    140460
     gttatgcatt aatgatttca tctttgactc aaacacactc gaacagagca ttcgtacaac    140520
     ctctagagca ttaacaatac cttataccgg ttatgatcag gtgaagtggg agatttatgg    140580
     taagtacata gttattatcc attatttgtt attataataa tagttgcaaa ctttgtgtat    140640
     gcagaactgt taaatgaagt gctatgcata cttcttgtga atcaaatatt tagatataaa    140700
     ttagtgcaga ccacgtcttg ttataattta tgctaattca aagagacaaa atttaattac    140760
     ttcagtattg taattattgt gccagaatat tacaaattta cagtcagctg ctcttatact    140820
     gaatacagct tcaacttttt agttctgatg tgtttacttt gtatctgttt tttttttttt    140880
     tttttttttg cccaacatat cttttatatc atatatattt attgtaatca atacttggaa    140940
     agacttaaaa tcaacaggtg ttacaatttg aataaaaaaa atctaatcaa atgctgaaac    141000
     tgtttaagga acaactcatg taaaaaaaaa aaaaatcaga tttttaaaaa taatttacac    141060
     ccaaaccatc aaacagaata atttccaacc caggctcatt gtggaaacgt tgtcccgcgg    141120
     acgtttctgg agaccgcgga atacgtcccg gcgggtacgt atggctgcag ttttgttttt    141180
     cacgaatccg cgagaggccg ctgttatgcg ctttttcgca cctcaaacgc ctctcgcgag    141240
     tgcggttcgc gcccgcgctg ttctcgcggg aacccaccgg aggccgctgt ccgactgacc    141300
     ggatgattga ctgcgcgact ggccaatcgg ccgacccgac ctcatccttc cctgaaccca    141360
     accaatttta ccgatcgacc cacccacccg ctcgcttccc taaacccccg agcaacagtt    141420
     tacaaaagcc gtccaaaaaa ataaaagcac tgattttttt ttctaccgcg ttttcggatt    141480
     tcaccgcgct ctcaccctgt tacgaaactc attcacttaa ttttttggat tctgtttttg    141540
     tcatacctga ttgctggaac cgctcttccc cggactcgaa accggtcgcc gtggtcgact    141600
     cctctctgca tcttgagcct gccgacgtac acggtgagct gagtggaaaa acgggttgca    141660
     gcggggaagc cctccacaag gaggtaaggc aagtgcgaaa gggaacagcg tcacactgcc    141720
     ccgcagcgtt cgcatgaaaa aaattaacgc ggccgtacgt accccctggg acgtattccg    141780
     ctgtctccag aaacgtctgt gggactacgt tttcagaatg agcttgggtt gataatttca    141840
     atagaaatga tgtcatgagg gtaaagttgt tctctgtcca ggtgaatgtc atactagcta    141900
     tgtttccatc cacctatttt gactgcattt acactgcaga tcttcatggt cattttgtga    141960
     ttgtggtcat tgggcgattt tgtgactata cgatttgttt gatgacctgc ttacatcatc    142020
     ttttaaaagt gacttgtatc cgatcgtctg catttacaca gcacacgtta aaggtgcaat    142080
     gaccaggaaa aaaagagcgg gcgctgacta aaagctgata attaaagagt gctcttttct    142140
     ctattcctgt atgtaatgta ttcgcagctt ttgacaagct gctttactat agtttatgtc    142200
     agaaaggttc tcatttgtcc atcgtctttt gatatatagg cttttttgaa tctttaggca    142260
     tcttaatgta atgtccatgg cgtgatttat gcgcatgctg tagctatgca ctagttttat    142320
     attagtttat attggttacg tggcggacat tgcgctctct cgcactcgtt atcatgctta    142380
     aataactgtg ctttatgaca atatgaaagc tgttaagtcc tcgtgtatga gatttaaggt    142440
     ttgggactct gctgaagtct gctctgatat gaaagtgtca gacttgacat catttgctat    142500
     ggtttttaat gacgcgcgac tcgcattgac aggtaaaaat ctgatctacc tgcttacact    142560
     gcagacatga gaacacagat ccaactcata tcggacaatt tttcacatat gaacaaggcc    142620
     tgaatctgat ttaagtaaat cggaatccat gtgatttgtt catgcttaca cgtgcatggg    142680
     ccatatctga tctgtgccac atgggagaga gaaaaaaaaa tcgcaattga gtcacttaaa    142740
     cagtgcagtg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaatatata tatatatata    142800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    142860
     attttttttt ttacttcaca ctaacaatta cttacagatg ataaaatcct caaaacataa    142920
     aataattaaa aataattaaa tgtgatttaa agtgacttct ataaaacaac tatttaccat    142980
     actgtaacat caatatgcag attctgcatt tctcttcttt tttttttttt ttgcacaata    143040
     atctgacaat aaatgtcgca attaaattga aagtaatttt aatcaaatgg aaataataat    143100
     ttctttaaag tttctgatgt gttggtgatt taattttttg cgttcggtct catcatatgg    143160
     ttttttgatt ttatttcaca ttatttacac ccaacaagtt ttatgattat gtgaggtcat    143220
     tctgaacact ttaacactgc tgtgattagg ttacatttac actaaaacac ttaataaaca    143280
     tttaataaat actgaataaa tgaccataaa aagttcctcc tgatcgatct tcttggctgt    143340
     tcacagggaa taacatgttc ttcttgagca ctaatttcta ttttgagggt ttgtcccttt    143400
     atttcttaac tatgtacctt aaaatatata tataccacct acatacatgc ttgaatataa    143460
     aatattaaac caagtttctt tcagtttctt ggaaaccaaa catacatcat aacaataaat    143520
     aaaacagtag aattacatca cttggagact gtaatattcc ttgtatgatg tctcataaaa    143580
     ccaagcttat attgagaggg atttaacaga aacccaataa caccacaaca ttttacaagt    143640
     atctacattt tccacccatg aaacattgct tcggcagagc tttttaagct atgtgttatt    143700
     aaataaaacc tgatcataaa gctaaaaaca ctgatgctga attgattcga ttttctatga    143760
     gtaagcaagg ctgatgcaag caagaaacac tcattttcaa aacaccacta aactctttat    143820
     aataaaacta atgaggtaaa cacgttgtat aaaatatgag tgtatatgca tgtaccacag    143880
     gaaagacctt gaaagtccac ttataatttc tcttgcactg ctgagaaact ttttcagagc    143940
     ttttgagcta tgagttatgc aagcgtcttt cgccaccatt gagttaaaaa tgcagtgaac    144000
     taacagatgt ccatgcctca ttgtaacgaa aagctcatta aaagctattt tacaaaatcc    144060
     cactatatag tctgtttggt taaattaaat gaggtaaaga atcaaataat tgtgttccct    144120
     gtgtgcggca tgtacatcgt gtacagtaat caagctcatt taagcaatca gacctttttt    144180
     aaatagtcag tttccagcaa gggttaggtc aagtttagct aattcagcag gagaattcag    144240
     ttcaaattca cgcactgaac atccataaat gttcactcta aaactgtaaa agaaacagag    144300
     aaccatcaaa gagaggtttg taagatgtaa gatctgaaat agaaattatg tcgtaaggat    144360
     aaagttgttc tctgtccagg ggaatgtcat actgtcttta taatgttcag gtctggactc    144420
     tgtggaggcc acttcatgac atgaaaatga acatacattt tcatatatga aaatgaaata    144480
     ataatgaaat tcccctctta atctgtaatt aatggattta tttatttatt catttattta    144540
     tttatttatt tatttatttt ctttctttct cattctctct ttctttttct ttcttttttt    144600
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ttttcctctt acttttttgt tctatccctt ttgtttataa    144660
     ttttttttac tttgaatgaa caagaactca cagaaaatta aattctcaaa aaatgtatat    144720
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    144780
     atatatatac aactgtcatt gtaatgtaaa actactgcta taaaaatatt tacgagacac    144840
     ctaacttcag ggatttgcag attttgcatt tcaatctgac aataaaggtc acacacacac    144900
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acaaatggtg tttgttgttt    144960
     gttcacctta ttccttcagg tttttggtgg acaacttaat agttttatgt tcagtccact    145020
     taaattgatt aaaactaatt cctttatgtt aagttaactt aattcctcca tgttgtttca    145080
     gtacaaatcc attgtgtgga accaggcatt ttacagtgca cccactttta ctgatgtcac    145140
     tattctggct gcttaagtgt tttggggtga acagtaacaa caaataagac aacagcaaat    145200
     gcactggtgc tcatgtacat catgtacagt agctatcagt ttaagctatt agactttttg    145260
     taaatagtca atttccagca aagttcaggt caagtttagc taattcagca ggataattca    145320
     attcaagttc acacacttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaattctaa aacagaagtg atgtcataag    145380
     gataaaggtg ctctctgtcc aggaaaatgt catactgccc tctataatgt tcaggtctgg    145440
     actctgtgga ggacacttca tgacatataa tgtaatgtat tttttattta atgccatgtc    145500
     agcaaccaag gctattttca tggcaggaat ctttcaacaa taaatataca atttaaaaat    145560
     caacaaacaa aataaaacat aaattaaata agattttttg tgttaataca tgataaaaat    145620
     cctaaaatct tttctggatt cactttgtta aaaatgtcct taaaagagtt catttcataa    145680
     aaaggtcttc tggaatcagt aaaagcagga cagtccagta aaatgtgttt tatagtaaga    145740
     ggagttttgc agcacaaaca tcatgacata tagaaatgaa ataatgagga catttaaata    145800
     agtttatccc ctctttcctt ctctctttgt ttctctcttt gtttgtttct tgttttgttg    145860
     acaaaaatac attacttttt acttaattaa aactgtaatt ggtggatttt cttccttcct    145920
     tccttccttc cttccttcct ttctttcatt caatctttct tttttcattt aatctttctt    145980
     tccttctttc tttctttctt ttttgctttt aaaaatacca tcgtttttgg atttttctgg    146040
     atgaacaagt aattatagaa aataaaactg aaaatgaact atgattgtaa tttaaagttg    146100
     catcaataaa aagtaattta ccatacatat aacgtcagtg atatgcattt aatctgacga    146160
     taaatgtcac acactctaaa aaaataaatg tttgctgttt gttcaaacta cttatttgaa    146220
     atgagctgaa acaacacaat tcttgagttt ttttgggagg acaagacatt agttttatgt    146280
     tcaatcaacc taaattttta aatacaaata cgttaactta atcctttcat gtggtcccaa    146340
     cacaaattgt ggaacacagc attttttata atgcacccct aataaaaaat gtctcttttc    146400
     tggctgttga agtgttttgg gatgaacatt tacaataaat aactgccgct cacctgcggg    146460
     ctcaggctgg gtctgaagct catgctggtg gaggaagggc cgctcatgga cgaatggccc    146520
     ataggtgagc tgagggtgga gaatggcgag ggcagcccgt tgatgggcga gtgcagctga    146580
     cccgggctgg agctcatggt agatgggctg aggagaggat gggcactgat gcctctgtga    146640
     cccacagagg atgacagctg accagaggag tctgcaggac gggcaggagg aaaaacaatt    146700
     agcacacaca cacatatact ttattttgtg acaaataaaa agaactgaga atagatgatt    146760
     aaactgaaag ttatattgtg accctcactt cattaattga tcatttatta tcgcaaatgt    146820
     ctgacagtta aagtcagaat tattaatatt ttttaaacat ttcccaaatt atgtttaaca    146880
     gattcaggaa actttcacaa tatgtctgat aatatttttt ttttctggag aaagtctttt    146940
     ttgttttatt tcagctaaaa taaaagcagt ttttattatt ttttaaaaac attttaaggt    147000
     caaaataatt ttttcagtta catttttttc gactgtctac agaacaaacc cttattatac    147060
     aattacttgc ctaattacgc taacctgcct agttaaccaa attaacctat agttaaacct    147120
     tgaaatgtca ctttaagctg tatagaagtg tcttgaaaaa tatctagtca aatattattt    147180
     actgtcatca tagcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga gatgaattat taaaactatt    147240
     atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa aaacccttat ctttgttaaa cagaaattgg gggaaaaaat    147300
     taaggctaat aattctgtct tcaactgatt attgcttata taaatgtaag aatcagttta    147360
     ttttaaatgt ttataaaaga agcctatgca ggatcaccag gaagaaaact tcaggtcaca    147420
     cacaggaaat tgcaggaata tttccctttt gtgaggtaaa caatagcatt gtgtcaatag    147480
     cattgtgtgc tcgggccttt tttgagagcc gctgaatgga tgaatggtgt agaaaggttt    147540
     aagattgtga actgtgtgca aatacctgtt cattctcgaa aggaggaatc aaatgttctt    147600
     gaacttaaaa aaaaaaaaca cttggaaaaa actgtatcat gcaaatattt tctagatcaa    147660
     aatggcgcac caattgaaac caaattgcaa acagcgttaa gcaaaaatgt gcaacaacaa    147720
     acttttggtc atagtaaatg tgcaaaatag tcacttaaaa cagtgaatta aaagaataaa    147780
     atgttttggt gcaaaacata actatattga attaaagtat ataatcaaca actacataaa    147840
     aaaaattaat tgttttcatt aaaagtttgg gaatgcattt atttatatat ttaagcatga    147900
     cagcacacac aaaacaactg ccaaaaatct aataaatgcc aacaatcatt taattctttt    147960
     gatactttct attcattaaa aataaacaga tttataaagt aaatgcaggt gaattgtaaa    148020
     aataatttcc tataaaaata cattttgtca tcaaaatgtt ttccgttgtt tttatatcgc    148080
     aaaaaataaa taaataaata aaataaaaag acaaaaatct tatttttaca taataataat    148140
     gtacataata tttctttata atgactttcc atagacaaag ttaatttaat actgtacaca    148200
     ctgtacaatt gaagtcagaa ttaatccctt cttttttaaa tatttcccaa attatgttta    148260
     acaatgcaag gtaactttca caaaatgtct gataatattt tttcttctgg aaagtcttat    148320
     ttgttttatt ttggcaagag taaaagcagt tattaatttt tttaaacacc attttaagga    148380
     caaaacaatt agcatttaca agctatatat tttttcaata gttaacagaa caaaccattg    148440
     ttatacaata acttgcctaa ttaccttaac ctgcctagca aacttaatta acctatagtt    148500
     aagcctttaa atttcacttt ctgtatagaa gtatcttaaa aatatctcgt caaaaattaa    148560
     ttactgtcat catgacaaag ataaaagaaa tcagttatta gaaatgagtt atttaaacta    148620
     ttatgtttag aaatgtgttg aaaaaatctt ctcaattcaa tcctacctct aagccaaacc    148680
     ctcacagaaa acaattagca tttcattgtt atcaaaattc ttcactctgt gatttatgag    148740
     cccttttcct catgaagaaa aaaaaaagtc caaaagacat tcggtccaca gacatatact    148800
     tttatacgtc ccagcaggca cacaatgtca tgacattaat attaggttag atttaggtcg    148860
     tgatgtaggg tgacaaaaat tcaatgtccg gtcaacgtct aaggacaacg ttattttgat    148920
     gtccaatatc gacatcgata ttcgcttgat tttaagttgc gctggaaagt gaaacattga    148980
     gccaacatct taaaccaacg tcatagtcag caaccaaaat ctaatgcctg ataggcgtca    149040
     taatggtaac gtccacacaa tgtcaagctg caacatcatt agatgttgct atttgttttt    149100
     ttaggttgtg ttggaaagtg accaaaatca aatgtccagt gtctgttaga cactgacgtc    149160
     attgggttct gacgtcaaca cgattgtcat ttccaccccc aagtcccctg atactggggg    149220
     tacaacttca atctgacgtc atgttgatgt cctttgctgg tgtaatggtt tacagggaca    149280
     ctctataggc gtaatgtatt tacactataa aaatgcttat tacattgccc taccccttgt    149340
     aatgtgaatg ggatgctgac aatggaggtg cggatttaaa tgcaggttta ttaacagaaa    149400
     ggtcagacaa gcaatggtca acacaggggc aaacagatgt gtactagcaa tccagagtcg    149460
     tggtcataca acaggcggat agtcaaaagg caggcagcag acaacgtaaa taaacaaaaa    149520
     aacaaagcaa gggcctaacg caaggcaagg aaaacgtgtc gtaatgctca caaacaggta    149580
     aacaagactc agcaatgaga gtgtgaaagt gagccatata tatgtgtggt gtaaacagca    149640
     catgagcagc tccagctgag tattcgtgtg taatcccagg agaacaggaa caggtgtgtg    149700
     tgtgtggtgc atgacagtat ttgtagtcca tgtgatggca gatttgtctg taaatgatct    149760
     gcatgtttac taatgatctg cagccactaa atccctggtg atcataacac ccctaatcaa    149820
     accctcacag aaaacaacct acttttcttt tttttttaca aattattata aatttatgag    149880
     ccatttttct tttggagacc aaacgaaaaa tgtccaaaca aagtcaaaac atactggatt    149940
     tgctctactt gagtggacat ttggtataca agaaatacac acacactcac gtctgtattt    150000
     gtacgcttgt gtttgtgttt cttcctccac atatacagta ctgtacagtc agttgtttta    150060
     ttgacactgt cagctctgat aacacttgtg gacttgagcc acagcttgcc ttctctttac    150120
     acagagagta aacacatgct gagaaaacac agagacctta attactcatc tctgttttcc    150180
     cccagagcta caaggccttg actgcaatca aaacaatatc catctttcct atacatgcag    150240
     caacacatct caggaaaaag gtcaatgttc aagtgtcaca gcaaatatta aattgaaaca    150300
     tcagcggttt gttttctcaa acctttctat tgtgaaacgt tctgaaggcc attagtcact    150360
     cggcgggttt ctctggaaat agatcatttg tatcaagact tttatttacg tctaacgaga    150420
     agcaagaaca catgtcatgt tattagttta aaactgactc gtttctttta aatcacatgt    150480
     tcaaacaagt ctagagaagt agcaaacaaa aaatgtcact gctgatcagg atacagtgtt    150540
     taatggttgc ggttttggag ccaatataac ttttcactac agttaaagcc aaaaaaagtt    150600
     ttcagccctc ctgcagtgtt tggaccaggg tcggccatgt acatttgggg accctaagga    150660
     gaataatttt ggggccctac cttgctctaa aatagtggag tattgccatt gtaaactggc    150720
     ccacaacgat tatattgctt aataaacatt cattcattga atctttcttg tcagcttagt    150780
     ctctttatta atctggggtt gccacagcgg aatgaactac caacttatcc agcaagtttt    150840
     tactcagcgg atgcccttcc agccgcaacc catctcaggg aaatgcttaa tgaacgcaat    150900
     caataaaaca gaaaagaaaa gtatgatttc ttctactaaa taactcacag aatgatttgg    150960
     atactttaaa acagcactgt ttttgtcaat cagcagcttt aaaaatgaag aattaaactt    151020
     tacttacatg cttttattta ccattaattc ctgctttgca tccttctggt gtgtttaaaa    151080
     catatgctat taatttaata aacagattga agattctata gcaaaaagtg gagttttttt    151140
     ttataaattc caaaatcaaa aacccaatga aacgacattg aacatccata aatcataaaa    151200
     tcaataagca aatactataa agtaaatatg aaaaaaatta tataaataac atataagaaa    151260
     aaagaaagta acaaatactg ggttaatgtt aaaacccaaa cacaatatta ttcccttcag    151320
     tcaccttccc tgttccttac atttaggatg cagggcccag agcttacatt attatgatta    151380
     attaaattaa gacataactt ttataaacat gtctcaggaa aagtattacc ggtgtgcaaa    151440
     atatatcagt gaaagacact tcagtactat tgcatttcag taaaatgcct ttaaaaaata    151500
     aaaaaataaa taaataaacg tctgtaaaag caggaaaaaa ctaaatattt tatataagtg    151560
     gactatgttt attaatctgt aattgcctac ttttgataaa tgtgctatta aattatgatt    151620
     tcattgtatc ataaggattt atgatatcct tttcccctca gtttttctat gcctgaagaa    151680
     taacgttagt ttcatttcat attcgcggtc caatttacaa aataaatcag gtatataacg    151740
     gggcaggcaa tggagcaaat gccatagctg tgtctgtgca cggatttggg ttcttatgtg    151800
     ttccataaaa atgcacattg tcatcaaaat gtttgccgtt gtatttatat cacaaaaaca    151860
     aaatgttcaa aaatcttact tttacataat agtaatgcac ataatataca gttgcaatca    151920
     caattatttg caacctgaat tattagcccc cctatttatt tttttctccc aattttagtt    151980
     taacggaggg aagaactttt caacacattt ctaaacataa tagttttaat aactcatttc    152040
     taataactga tttattttat ctttgccatg atgactgtaa ataatatttg acgatatttt    152100
     tcaagacact tctatacagc ttaaagtgac atttaaagac ctaaacaggt taattaggtt    152160
     aagggcaggt tagggtaata aggcaagtta ttctatagcg atggtttgtt ctgtagacta    152220
     tcgaaaaaaa tatatagctt aaaggggcca ataattttga ccttaaaatg gcttttaaaa    152280
     aattaaaaac agctttaatt ctagccaaaa taaaacaaaa aatactttct gcagaagaaa    152340
     aaatattagc agacatactg taacaattcc cttgctctgt taaacatatt ttgggaaata    152400
     tttaaaaaag aaaaaagaaa ttcaatgggg ggctaataat tcttatgtct actgtcagac    152460
     ctttgcgata atataagatc aattaatgaa gtatatgcat aaatctaacc gtaagcctaa    152520
     acttaacaca aacggtaaac gtatccctta gatctgattg gctgtttgga ctgttgttcc    152580
     aggatcaaca tagatgttac tccaggaaca agtcctactt ggtgaaatca tcgaaaagcc    152640
     atcgaaaatt atgtgaaacc caaaaaaaaa aaaaaacact aaaacatttc tcaaaatatc    152700
     tcaatgtctt aaagacaaaa gtcaagcaaa ttatcccaat catttcactg tgcatttcaa    152760
     tgtgaatcca aaacactgaa ggatctgaaa aactgcagca agttgaagat ttgagttgga    152820
     tttacgccat gattcttttg gccaaaccac aaccagccct gcagactgtc accaacattt    152880
     ctcactgtga agactaaaat tgctgaatga acagcgaaca aaaaaaaaac acacacatct    152940
     taaccaagcg gaaagctcat gttttctctc acagatctgg atgaaagacc tggctggact    153000
     gcagaaatga gttttgatct ggtttctcac cttatctaca tgacaaagta tgagtctgtt    153060
     acaaatgacg accagtgaaa tatgcttctg aagacacaca cacacacaca cctgctgttc    153120
     tgccaagatt taacagccca aagcattaca caacccgtgg gcacaagtac agacatatac    153180
     tgtacattca cacacacaca cttacactat aaacatcaac acacacctat ccacatattc    153240
     ccagagcaca tttcagatca taaacaaggt gtgtaggaag atcatcatgc ggccctaagt    153300
     gtcaatttcc acctcttttc tctttcccac atagacgcag aaacacaaac acacagaatc    153360
     aaaaagttat ttttgcaact acttatataa aatgagtttt tttgggggac gacttaatca    153420
     ttttaagttc aatctaccta aatttgaaaa aatccactta aatttgtgac aacatgaagg    153480
     aattgcgccc tgtatttttt tcactacatt tatgcattta tatatttaaa catatttgat    153540
     atttctacat tttcattgta tttaagcaca ttcattctca acaaaactaa cagtgaatga    153600
     gaatctgcgc aattctgagg aagagaaagt tgaggttttc tctctaagat gaccacacgc    153660
     tgacagcaag atttgcagct ccaatccttc ccctgaaaac agcagcgtaa gtataattat    153720
     aaaactggac tacactaaga aaacggtcta ggattcattt agaaacagtt ttcactgtca    153780
     aattgcacca aaaaaataaa aataaaaaat gcggcacatt aaataaaacg tggcatattt    153840
     gaaccagaac gactgaaaca gcattatatt gtgatcttta tttcatcaga tccatatttc    153900
     aataatttta tttatatttg ttttcataaa tccgtgctgg tggtcaatct cgaaaaagtt    153960
     gtaaaattta ggggggctaa taattttgac tttaagtgta tatcaaacat aatggctgat    154020
     tgatgtttaa aggagcctgt taaatttgaa gtactaagcc agtaaagaag ttaaaaagct    154080
     gtctgatgtg ctacatgcac aggccctatt gagttaatct aaataacagt taactagatt    154140
     gttgctccat ctcgattgac ttttttttaa aagtattaaa atgattatat gagctacata    154200
     ctgtagttta attgagtttt tgaagtgtgc tttgcttttg tttccctgat ttaaattttt    154260
     tgttaaaaat ttttccagtc caacttccaa aataaatcag gtatataacg gggcaggcaa    154320
     tgaagcaaag gccatagctg tgtctgtaca cggatttgtg ttcttgtgtg ttccataaaa    154380
     atgcacattg tcattaaaat gtttgccgtt gtatttaaca aaaaacaaaa tgtttaaaaa    154440
     tcttactttt acataataga aatgtacata atatacagtt gagatcacaa ttattagccc    154500
     ccctgaaata ttagccccct atttatttaa aatagtctta aaataaatac tttttaaatt    154560
     ttattttaga gtaaacagtt gggttttacc acaactatta tttacaacta ttaaaactat    154620
     tattagctta atataaacat aaatcaaaag gattagacta ttagcatctc ccctttaaaa    154680
     tgaacaaact tgtttaaata tttttccttt ttagatggat agttcatcca aaaagtgaaa    154740
     actgtcatca tttacacaac ctttacttgt ttcaaaccgg tttgtgtttt ttctttttct    154800
     ttctgttgaa caaaaaaata agttcttttg aagaaagctg gaaacctgta accattgact    154860
     tacattgaca ttgtatttgt ttatcctttc atggaagtaa atagttacag gtaactaatg    154920
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    154980
     tatatatatt tatatatagt tgaagtcatt attattagct tctctgttta ttttttccct    155040
     caatttatgt ttaacgggag attttttttt cagcacattt ctaaacataa tagttttaat    155100
     aactcatttc taataactga tttattttac ttttgccata atgacagtaa aaataatatt    155160
     tgactaaata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact    155220
     gggttaatta ggttaactag gcaggttagg gtaattaggc aagatattga ataacgttgg    155280
     tttgttctgt agactttcaa aaaaatatat agcttaaagg ggctaataat tttgacctta    155340
     aaatggcttt taaaaaaaat taaaaactac ttttattcta gccgaaataa aacaatctgt    155400
     atgtgtatac atatatatgt ctactttcat ttaaaatttg ggttgggtat aatagtacac    155460
     caccttttta tatatattcg agtcctggta acgtctaatt ccgataaagt ctgaaaccgt    155520
     gtgaaatcat gtgatcagat ctggatgtcc ctaatactga tatactgtat ttatacaaca    155580
     atacatttaa ttaaattgac gcgcatataa aaagcacagt gcaaacataa aaacgccttt    155640
     attaagcata caggcagtta aacaaacaga aactgctgga cgtgatgatg tcagtaatat    155700
     gcaaattgac gtatagcgta atcctatgac atttattgaa tttttgagca gagcttatca    155760
     attctaattg aaaatatttg ccaaaactga cgtgaacaaa acaaccaatt agtggtgttt    155820
     aagaacatgt tcaaacagcg ctcaaatgtt agcgggaaat tgacattttt aatagtttaa    155880
     taatttaacg tttccaccaa aactattaat accttcatta tttctccaag agtaaatttg    155940
     atttatgtgt gagtgtccgc tttccaagct aaaccctgga atacactgat cgtgttacat    156000
     atctcaacac tttgaggttt tagttctgtt ttacttgaat gtcgacaagc ggtagagtct    156060
     ctgtgtcaat taggaaaatg atttggcctt atcacataaa cacaacaatc tggacccgac    156120
     cgctgtataa atactgctac aggacgtgtt tactcaaaca cctactcact gaaatgtaaa    156180
     tcacgggtgg gagataaaca gacgagagga tcaggatata acgccagcct aagcgaaatg    156240
     tatttgagca aagcatggtt acagttggct aatgaggcag cgagaggcag agcagaggct    156300
     gattattcag aagatgaggg atgatgtgga gcgttgactc catcacaaac acgcatgaca    156360
     agatcatcac tcacactaat ggactcactg ccaagaaagt gtgggagtcc caattttgta    156420
     gttcattcat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatcaggggt cgccacagcg    156480
     gaatgaaccg ccaacttata aagcaagttt ttaggtagcg gatgccgttc cagccgcaac    156540
     ccatctctgg gaaacatcca cacacacatt cacacactac cgacaattta gcctacccag    156600
     ttcacctgta ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca    156660
     cgcgaacgca gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaattgagc cgagcctcaa    156720
     accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcgacag cactaccgac tgcctaccta ctactacctt    156780
     taatttaatt taatttaatc aatttaattt aattaaatgt gatacattca ttcatttcct    156840
     tgtcggctta gtctctttat taatctgggg tcgccagttt ttaaaagttt ttacgcagcg    156900
     gatgcccttc cagccacaac ccatctctgt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt    156960
     aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaaaa ttaaattaaa    157020
     ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa    157080
     ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa atttataatt ctgagtaaaa acatgtttag ttgtgactta    157140
     gcactgtcat ttaggcatgg gctggtgtaa gattctgagg gtatgacaac cttggataaa    157200
     aaaatcatgg tttcacgata ttgtgattat tgtgattgtc tgggtaaaaa caactttttt    157260
     tccccattaa acatactttt tttttttatt ttaggaaaca ttcaaaatag taaaaaacat    157320
     gtccaggctg aataattcaa ataaaatcat tgatgccggc tgccttcata gtttcaaaaa    157380
     cacagatttc ttcacaactt gaaaaggcat ccttggatat cttttcttct ttggatttaa    157440
     atgaaacctc tgactgttca tgtctatagc ataacaggat aatggtttat aagcgacttg    157500
     tttttcagtt gtttgctgaa tgggctgacc agtagatttt gatgtgaata gtctttttct    157560
     gctggagata ctgttgccct aaaagctacc ataaaaacca aaatataacc tataaaaaca    157620
     ttttaaaaaa tccattacat ataccacaaa aagaaaacag acaattttat cagttttcaa    157680
     atcttaaaat cggttatcgt ccacttactt tcattgtttt tctacattta tgtatttctt    157740
     ttctcttctt gtctttaatt gaaaacactt catgatatat taataatata attttagaca    157800
     ttttgttatt aaccttatta ttaaagggat gatgggtcat tattacattt taataattat    157860
     ttcatttttg tttattaaat gtgcattttt aggttatttt aatttggttt ttgagcactt    157920
     taaattttat tttatattct tatctatata cttactttat tctaataata ttaaactatt    157980
     attagtttat tattaaacta ctattatttc taaattcact ttaaaatcta ttattaatat    158040
     taatatcata cattttctta tgaaatatat aaaaggtcat cattattctt tttaataaca    158100
     attatttaga aaattacaat tgccattagc acaatttggt ttaatttagt ttggtttagt    158160
     ttattacaga ctaaaactta tgtttgtttc acatgtgttt ttcatgatca gtacatttcg    158220
     agcactgtaa ttttcattgt atatttcatc tatatattta cttttttatc taatactaat    158280
     cttaaaatat taatagtgta tttttaaact actattataa aaaaatctat gaattaaatt    158340
     aaattaaatt tttatttatt attccatgca aaaatgctat aaaagtttgc tacaaacaaa    158400
     caaacaaaca aacaaatcaa tgaataaacg aataaacgaa taaataatta aacaaacaaa    158460
     caaactgatg aattaattaa taagcataca acataaataa aaaaataaaa aaaccattaa    158520
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaatat    158580
     gtaaataaat taaataaata aatatataaa taaatgttct ggtctgtttt ctagactaat    158640
     ctctcacaga tcaagtcaaa agaacccacg tctctcagaa atcttcttca gtccaagtct    158700
     agatgggatt tattcaccct atttattgtc tgctcagcat ctgctagtgt aattctaagg    158760
     gttataagtt tgtctaaatc cctgatccaa catatgagac ctattaatac taatgcttac    158820
     tcgagcggca ttaaaataaa acacacatga gatgagctca gcactcaaaa acttccaaga    158880
     tctcattaaa caggttcaaa acaatgagac tgaaagctgg gtgaatcagc cagaaaccgc    158940
     gcacaggagt ctattttcaa ttgactcatt tgaatacaga ggaagagagt ggtttcgtgg    159000
     cttcctacat tagatcggca cgggtgttta aatcaaagct tccctaatgc gtttagtcta    159060
     acacttcctg agcaccttct ttcccttctc agtttcgttc tgaaccctca tcagatctgc    159120
     agagaaaaaa aggcaaaaaa aaaataaaaa tactacagta aaataaaaaa cgtatccgtc    159180
     agaccatatg acgaaacgca actgacttta aaaggtaata ggagatgaga ctctggaagg    159240
     tctaatgcat gttatgctca aaacacaccc ataacacatt aagaaaaaag gcacaaccct    159300
     gttagaccat gtgccagggc gcagaccata tttttctgtc cttaaaatag caaaagtgga    159360
     ttcagtcacc cccctaatac ttttgcgcca tgcgcttcag actttgcgtc ttcattgcta    159420
     aaatagggcc ctatacatta acaaaatatg gtagtttacc acacaattta gacatttatt    159480
     ttacaatttt gatagttttt tttaacagtg aaggtctggc aaccactata aatactgagt    159540
     acttacaaag actatagata aacaaagatg ggttacttgc aataatatta ataggtgaga    159600
     cgggttctac ctattagaat agccaatcgt tactctttac agctttgggg gagggatttg    159660
     tacagattca cttatttgtt tgcttgtttt tttatagtcg tcctccagat tttgtgacca    159720
     ttggacacgg tcataaacaa gattggcttt atgaaatatt gtacatgcgc agtagctgta    159780
     gcaaacaaat ttttaaaaat caaatagtta aaatcattgt tcaaattgtt gctcatattt    159840
     aaggccagat ggaatctgcg gacgttttct gctatttctg ctaagaattt tggtaaaaat    159900
     ctgtggtttt ctgcagaatt attttgggag tatcattact aaaaccgtaa tatgtgaaat    159960
     aaaaataata ttattttgac atgtatttaa tgtttaaaat gcaaatccaa ttagattcac    160020
     attatttggt aagcaaagca agtctctcat ataatttata tccactaaaa gacagaaaat    160080
     attactttac aaactgcatt gtacataaat cagataaaca ttttcatata agtcaataat    160140
     attactgtaa ttaatttaaa aacttaataa atatagattt ttacacatat ttacttaagt    160200
     aaataaacag agttaatgat aggctaaaaa tctgcagaaa atctgcacgg gcagattctg    160260
     tgtgggccta ctcatattga ttgaatgatg caaaataagc agtttgacga ttaacaaaaa    160320
     tttaatgacc agcgattcat ctccggctgt cacttttaat aagactcccc cgacaaacac    160380
     aggataaata cattgaacag aacttccagg atttcctcca caggtttaat cccaatcgag    160440
     actcaaaaag tcttttgaat tcacccttca ggaaaactac ttcatgacaa attacaacaa    160500
     tgcgatgatt gttccggaat taaaagccga taaacaggat gcacgctttt caacacttct    160560
     catcttgttc acagaggaaa aagagaaatg atctgatgat ctcaacgcat tagcatttgc    160620
     atttttttgt ctgctgatgt aaaaccacag gcagccactg tgatttctga aatattcatg    160680
     atcctcattc cccctctggg ttttcttttg aaacgaccgc cataatgttt caatctcagt    160740
     tccagacaga attcatttta aacccagctt ttatccggag ctgacagaca gaggctgtac    160800
     atctcgttca tgacaaaatg gacagtgtaa aaaaaagtgt tctgagcaag ttcaactcga    160860
     tgctggatat aaatcgtact tgctttcatc tgatttatgt agtatcactg agagatttca    160920
     gatgagaatg actacagtat taccaacagt aatggtacac acgttcattc ccaagatttt    160980
     actacattac aacatttgtt ggcagagcat gcgacttgga gagtcttgga cagtcttgag    161040
     ttatgcttaa atagtaataa aaataacaaa tattgtactc aaaagcagca gacttaattt    161100
     taaatgactt ttcaaatgac ttttcagtaa caaagttaaa gaaattcaac aatcaaaagt    161160
     aaaataacac tgtataggct tcattgtata aatgattaaa cacagtttac atttacattt    161220
     agtcatttag cagacgcttc tatccaaagc gacttacaaa tgaagacaag gaagcaattt    161280
     acacaactat aagagcaaca atgaataagt gctataggca agtttcaggt ctgttaatct    161340
     ttaaaggagc aaactttaat atttcatgtg tccaaatggt ttaaattcac ttgaaagcgc    161400
     ttgagatcct gcaatgtgac tattgcagat ttgtgtattg cgagatcgat gctgaaacga    161460
     catttattgt gcagcccaaa gaaaatactg taccgttcat cccccaagat atctatttag    161520
     cacatttctg tgagcagatt gttttagttg agctaataaa agcagaagag cccaaggtga    161580
     tgcacctgtt taaaggtctt gctgactgta tcagatatca gccagccatc tgcagccctt    161640
     atgttcatgg catgttaaag taaacacttg catatattac tggtcagaac gatgcgcttc    161700
     atgctagcta tgctaatgca aaggccacag gcacagtcat gtttccatgc acctattttt    161760
     atgcactttt ttagcatcac ataaaaaaag actagatgga aaggccagga tgtgactaaa    161820
     ttcagaaaat gctcatgaaa aactgatgtg cggaattgag ttagattcac tttttatccc    161880
     ataagaaata atgcacacaa accaggatga gattccttca aaaaaaggtc atgtgatttg    161940
     attggataac tggacatacc atgggataat cttgtattac accatctcaa atgttgtttt    162000
     ttaaaaaaac acctaagaaa atgtccttcc ttaaaatgat ttgtatattt atttcttaga    162060
     acatcagtca aatgaaagat agcaagagag attttattat tgtgtatcgt ctgacaaaga    162120
     cacagcttat ttactacaca ctgtaaaata tatacgtatt atatacatta ctatatatta    162180
     ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    162240
     atatatatat atattcattc attcattcat tttcttgtcg gcttagtcct tttattaaaa    162300
     cagggtcatc acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtttttac acagcagaag    162360
     cccttccagc cgcaactcat ctctgggaaa catccacaca cacattcaca cacacactca    162420
     tacactacgg acaacggctg gtattcttcc ctccaatttg ttttgaatta aaaaagtgat    162480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attaatcact tttttaattc aaaacaaatt    162540
     ggagggaagt tcaaggtcac ataatatagt tttacagaat aaataaataa atagatggat    162600
     ggataaatac ataaatacat gaataataaa taaaaaatta ttaaataatt aattaatgat    162660
     tgattgaatg catgaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgat taaataaatg aataaatgaa    162720
     tacataaatg catgaatgga tggatggatg gatgaatgaa tacataagta catgaataaa    162780
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaattaatt aattaatgga ttgatggatg gatgaataaa    162840
     tgaatgaatg aatgggtgga tgaatgaatg aatgaatgga tggataaata aaaataaata    162900
     aataaataaa tgactgaatg aataaatgaa tgcatggatc gatagatgat ggatggatgg    162960
     atgaatgaat aaatgaataa ataaatgaat gaatgtatag atgggtgaat gaataaataa    163020
     tgaaataaat aaataattgc atgcataaat gaatggatga aaacataatt gaataaataa    163080
     ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa    163140
     tttcccagta cttatgctgg ataagttagc gattaattcc gctgtggcaa cccctgaaaa    163200
     ataaagggac taagctgaag gaaaatgaat gaatgaatat ataaataaat aaataaaaat    163260
     tcatgagaaa aaaaacatca ataagaaaat atggaaattt tatataagga tattttaaca    163320
     ctggcgagga aaaaaagata aacagatgct tcacctttgt ttaaattttt ttttcaaaaa    163380
     ttttttgcta gtttcccatg attaagtaat gatttatatt ctcttgaaca caaggaaact    163440
     gtgttttatt atcaaatatt ttaatgcaat atttaaattt tgctctttaa gtgaactctt    163500
     tgcaacactg aatgcaaaca tgaccagtgt atttctgatt tcagggcatg ggaagctggt    163560
     ccctgaaact gaaatgttat cagtttccgc tacaagacga gagtgaatga gatgatgaga    163620
     taagcgtctc cgcagcgcag gaagaaaaga gctggctctc tataagccac ctgtgagatt    163680
     gagctgccgc tatctgacac actcggctac acgtgtttgc acagagatgg acagatatga    163740
     agagctgcta tggagtccag gggctgctcg cattaaccca aatcacacag tcaacataca    163800
     gcagctgaca tgaggaaagt tcactgcttt aatgactaat gaacgactgg ctttataaaa    163860
     gtatagttag atgtagtcaa tgtccgaatt aaacattgac aataaggggg gtaatgtaaa    163920
     ctgtagtttg tgtaatgcat tcttcagtca tttatgtatt aacttaaatt acaactaatt    163980
     tataagtaaa acatattgaa gtttttagtg agtaacccag cggtcctagc cgggattaaa    164040
     ccgaggactc tttgcatggg agtcagttgc tctaacaaga aggctaaaga ccatggcctc    164100
     tgtcatctga cctgtagtca tggcctgtgg cctctgtcgt ctttcgctag agcacctttt    164160
     gaggtgagag gagtgagatt tacctacata ggacttcgct tggtggcctc tgttacacta    164220
     acccccctaa acctcactcc catcccggac gagccccctc atataaccca ttggtcttac    164280
     tgcacatgac ccgctatgag ctgggatcaa actggcaatt ctttgcatgg gagttggttg    164340
     ctctaacaag gaggctaaag ttcatggccg ctagcatctg tcgccaaagc acctttagag    164400
     gtcagagaag cgaagtttac ctgcacagca cacactagct ggccgatgtt acactcaccc    164460
     ccctagacct cactcccatc ccggacgagc cccctcatgc aacacatcgg tcctactgca    164520
     aacaacctgc tatgagctgg gatcgaaccg gcgattcttt gcatgggagt cggttgctct    164580
     aacaagaagg ttaaaaacca tggcgtctag catctgtcgc taaagcacct tttaaggtca    164640
     gaggagcgag ggtgacctgc atagcaacac gctagctggc ctctgttaca agtgttttga    164700
     ggcatattct gacctacagt atcctctgat tagctatttc agacgttact gtaggtcaga    164760
     ctatacaaac tgtgcatcta atttgactat ttgtagttat atgtagatat aaaaacttat    164820
     tttatgataa atcgtgtcta taggtgcgct agatctgcca gtttcagact attgaatgag    164880
     ttttttccca catagactga ttatgcattc acaatggtat gaaccattag aggggtggtc    164940
     aaatgtatat ttatattata tattattttt attatttctg tgtagatttg catgttctcc    165000
     ctgcatttgc attgatttcc tccgggtgct tcggcttccc ccacagtcca ataacatgta    165060
     gtagaggtga attaggtatg ctaaaattga ccgtagtgta tgagtgtgtg tgaatgagta    165120
     tgtatggatg ttttccagtg atgggttgtg gctggaagga catccgctgc gtaaaacata    165180
     tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggctaccca agattaacaa agggactaag    165240
     cccaaaaaaa atgaatgaat gaattatttt aattatgaac atttttattt aaaatacaga    165300
     tcagagtgaa ctatttatca aaattaacgg gctgaccccc cagtaattcc tccctggatt    165360
     tagtgtatta tacttaaagt tagacatgtc tctgataagt ctaaagcagt gatgggtata    165420
     taggcgctac aggaaagatt acatttgtgt tttttacata agacagtgaa agactttaaa    165480
     ataacaggaa tgttatttga attcatatag atgtgctatt ctttatagct taaacatgtt    165540
     taaaaaacag aataggtttg attcaggaaa tcaaaaactg aaatctgaaa caaaatgtgt    165600
     acctttcatg taaaaatgca ggaaaacata aaaaatgtaa aagtattaat gtataaaatg    165660
     ttgaaagttt aatacagaac gttttttttc aaattcattt agcattttat tcattgcaaa    165720
     aagactgaaa ttgtattaac ggtggttaat ttactgtttc aacatcagta ggaatgtatt    165780
     taaggaaata ttatatagaa attaaaataa tgtgaaaaca aacacagttt ctattacata    165840
     atattattat catataatta gtataccata ttatataaca tttaatatgg tccatacatg    165900
     gcttcaatga ttcaaataac ttattaaaaa agtcttctgg ttcttgcagt tcatcaagat    165960
     tctttggatt catcttcaat gcttcctcct tcatcttaca catgctcaat aatgtttaaa    166020
     tctgggctgg ccaatcctgg agccacgtga cctactttgc tcttagaaac tttggtgtgg    166080
     aggccgaagt atgaggagaa gcgctatcct ggtaaagaat tgtccctctc ctgtggtttg    166140
     taatgtaatg ggcagctcaa atgtcttgat aactctggct gttgatgttg ccatccactc    166200
     tgcagacctc tcgcttgccc tatactgaat ataaccccaa accaggattt ttactttacc    166260
     aaacttgatt gatttcttta agaatctttg tttaattatc atcctttaca ataacgttgc    166320
     tttaatatga gattaactcc ccatttatgt gtagtaactg ctgatttggg gcctttagcc    166380
     aggacagatt actgtacata ttttagatac atgacaacag atttttttaa aatggcaata    166440
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaga aaagttttgt tcgataaaaa gtgcatctat acagctatat    166500
     atttgcttgt tttgacacat ttaaagtgtg tggctaagca gtaattattt atttttggtg    166560
     tggtcagaga tacatttggt aaatccttaa ttttgagccc taaaaaactc atgtgaaaaa    166620
     aaaacacaat tgcaaaaacc atttgctcat gcacagtaag caagcttata cttaacacac    166680
     acaaacagtg aaataaatta ggaggcatgt agacaacaca acatctaaat caagtcattt    166740
     tagcatgtca aagtcacatt tattaatata aaaatatatt tttccaagca acaaaattgt    166800
     ggctagtaaa aatggcaagt tgctagtaat gttggaaatc tactagccta ctagtcataa    166860
     atctactagt cattggtata gtagtagcag aagtagtaat agtgtggttg ttacagcagt    166920
     agtagtagtc gttgttggtg tagtaatatc agtagtagat gttgttgatg tagatgtagt    166980
     agaagtgatt gtggtggtgg tagtagtagt agtagtagta gcagtagacg ttgttgtatt    167040
     agttgtagca aacgctatag tagtatcagt agtggtagta gtatcagtat tagtagacac    167100
     tgtagtagta gtagtcgtgg ttgtggctgt agtagaagca gtagtagttg taatataagt    167160
     aactttctgt agtagtagtt ggtgtagcac ttgttattta ttattattgt tgtcatttat    167220
     ttctgttgtc ctttctttca tttttttaac ctcatcatac attaataggc attgttgtta    167280
     ctccctacct ctgactggtt tctttctata tgttttatct gaatatatat tctatatgtt    167340
     ttatttattg actgttattg tcccttatgt atgtactctg acctgtccac caagttacct    167400
     ttacatgcat acacacactc acacgcacac actcaagcac ataccagtac atgactatat    167460
     tgttgttgtt tttgttttgt ttttgtttcg ttgctttgta tttgttattt gttgattttt    167520
     tttcttgtat ttgtatgatt tttgcatatt ctaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggaaatc    167580
     tactagccac agtggctggt gatcaaaaaa gttaatgtca agccctgaca ttataataag    167640
     taatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    167700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggttcaaaat    167760
     ctttcatcaa agttgtcaaa aaacaacatc catttttgcc tgagtttttg aaaacttttt    167820
     gatggactta aattaaatta tgcattttat ttatctctag gagaatgaaa tgtaataaag    167880
     tatttgcaac aataatatca tagtaatcct tgccattcat ccaacatcac taataagcag    167940
     aacaacaaat gctaaataaa aacagaccca gcctggtttg agtaaaaaga aagaaaaatc    168000
     gtgtccacca gcaacaacta taaaactcat gtccactgat ctgatgaatg cttctccctt    168060
     caacccctga ccatcatcat catcattatt atcatcatcg ctaaagactt ctattttctc    168120
     tttctgcatt aaatcaggac aacagttcct gccactctct ctctcagcgt atcactgcag    168180
     tatgtgtgcg cacgctggcc cacttttagg atacaaacac acacagacac acacacacac    168240
     actgttgccc aatcaccggt gggacaggac ggctggcttg ctgccctgag aactagagct    168300
     tatactgtgc gtctgccaat cggagccctt caggccgttt taggggacgc ctgtgcattt    168360
     tatttcattc tcacatcagc atcctgcaaa caggccaata taaaccttca tcttctaaaa    168420
     aagcctttgt cacattgcac aatgcaagca aaaacacaca cctgttccca aagcaaaatc    168480
     agcaagaatt cacaattaac aatggcactg ctttgattaa gaggagtgat ctgtattgta    168540
     ggtaatgtac attttctcag aataaaaaaa aataggttag gataggtgca ctgtgacagg    168600
     gatatcataa atgagataat ctttctttgt gactgtgcca cagtgataaa gatttgatta    168660
     aagctgatag agctccagga ctcatcattt tcctccagct tctgaatgtc atgtttgctc    168720
     agtatccaga gactgaatat gactgtaatg aattaaagca attactttta aggatgttca    168780
     tatttttcta ttgaaacgtt tcatttacac aaaaagattg attgatttaa tgatggattg    168840
     attggttgct tgtctgtttg cttggttagt tgaatgattg gtagcttcat tggttggttg    168900
     attgcttgat tggttggttg gctgattact ttactggttg gttggtttgt tggttggttt    168960
     gaggggtgat tggtttgatt ggttggatgg gtgattggtt gattggttgg ttggtttgat    169020
     tgcttgattg attggttggt tggttggttg ttggttggtt ggtcaattgc ttcattagtt    169080
     ggttggttgg ttgattgatt gcttcattgg tctcttggtt ggttgatagc ttcattggtt    169140
     ggttgggtgg ttggttgatt gcttaattag ttggttgact gagtacttga ctggttggtt    169200
     ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggttggtt tgattgcttg gatgggtgat    169260
     tagttggttg actgattact tgactggttg gttggttggt tggtttgatt gcttggatgg    169320
     gtgattggtt ggttggctga ttacttggtt ggttggttta attgcttgat tggttggttg    169380
     gttggttggt tgcttgattg gttggttgat tacttgaagg gttggttggt tagttggttg    169440
     gttgattgct tgaatgattg gttggttgct tggttgattg attggttgac tggttgactg    169500
     cttgattcgt ggttggtagg ttgagtgctt cattgattgc ttggttggtt gattgcttga    169560
     ttggttggtt ggttaattgc ttgattggtt ggttagttgg ttgattgctt gattggttgg    169620
     ttagttggtt ggttacttca ttggttggtt ggttggttaa ttggttggtt ggttgattgc    169680
     ttgattggtg gttggttggt tgagtgcttt attgattgct tggttggtta attgcttcat    169740
     tggttggttg gttaattgct tcattggttg gttgatgggt tggttggttg attgattact    169800
     tggttggttg gttagttggt ttgattgctt gattggctgg ttggttggtt aattgcttag    169860
     ttggttggtt tgattgcttg attggctgat tggttggttt gattgcttga ttggctggtt    169920
     ggttggttga ttgcttggtt ggttggttga ttgcttgaat gggtggttgg ttgattgctt    169980
     cattgattgg ttgtttggtt ggttggttgg ttggctgatt ggttggttga ttacttggat    170040
     gggtggttgg ttgattgctt cattaattgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttggctgatt    170100
     ggttggttga ttacttgaat gggtggttgg ttgattgctt cattgattgg ttggttggtt    170160
     ggttggctga ttggttggtt gattacttga atgggtgttt ggttgattgc ttcattgatt    170220
     ggttggttgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ttacttgaat gggtggttgg ttgattgctt    170280
     cattgattgg ttggttggtt ggttggttgg ctgattggtt ggttgattac ttgaatgggt    170340
     ggttggttga ttgcttcatt gattggttgg ttggtttgtt ggctgattgg ttggttgatt    170400
     acttgaatgg gtgtttggtt gattgcttca ttgattggtt ggttggttgg ttggttgatt    170460
     acttgaatgg gtggttggtt gattgcttca ttggttggta ggttggttga ttgcttgctc    170520
     ggttggttga ttggtgggtt agttggttgg tttattggtt agttcattgg ttgattggtt    170580
     ggctggttgg ttgattggat ggttggttag ttgattagtt ggttagttgg gtgactggat    170640
     ggttgattgc ttgattggtt ggttgctgga tttataataa ttgattttta gattgattga    170700
     ttgattaatt aattgaatta tggactgatt gattgattga tggatgaatg taatcagcaa    170760
     tccataactt cctctatact ctaaccacag ctgagtagac acttgcttat aatctctcat    170820
     aaatgttttg aacttttttc atttttagtc cattttaagt atttttaaat ccagcactta    170880
     ttattagggc catacgatta atcagacgca atcttcatgt gcagtataac tgactttgta    170940
     atcagctgta aatcttcaga cactgttttc agatagacca gcagacccta cagttctgta    171000
     aggcccttca gttcaattta ccacagacct atagttcagt gacaagctac tcaacaaaaa    171060
     gatcacgaat gatttattca atgcgatcca agaaattgtt ttacaattga acagctgttt    171120
     gcgtcacttc taagtgattt atggctctgt gataaagcta atctgaacgc atgtgagaat    171180
     accacattta ataaaatttt ttgctaaaat ctcacctcaa aacttcagtc gagtgtttaa    171240
     aataatccat tattttaaaa tctcagaatc tcataagtaa tcggtcatca gtgtactttt    171300
     ttttttaatt ctgtgaattt ggtaccatat agtactgaag tatgtgattt cggatgcagc    171360
     ctgtatctct ctttttgtag cctatttgca gtttctgcac aagagcgccc cctgaccttt    171420
     ggaggagatt tactgctgtt cacagagttg tgtttcccag acagtatgtg catgagaatt    171480
     gcagttttta ctgcatcatg atcttgattt catttaattt aattgttcaa atctgattat    171540
     tactcgggtg acatggtggc tcagtggtta gcactgtcac ctcacagcaa gaagtccgct    171600
     gattcgagtc ccggttgggt cagttggcat ttctgtatgg agtaagtatg ttctccccat    171660
     gttagcatgg atttctttgc agtgctccga tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgtgcttt    171720
     aggtgaattg aataaactaa attggctgta gtgtctgtgt gtgaatgagt gtgtatagat    171780
     gtttcccagt actgagttgc agctggaagg gcataaagag atgaataaag ggactaagac    171840
     gaaagaaaat taatgaatga attgtcagat gctaacaaaa tctttagttt cctctcagaa    171900
     gcgtgcatca cccaacgcat tacacatacg atgaagctga gcacctcagt ctgctttatg    171960
     gagaaatcgg cctcgatcat caggaagaaa ttagccgagc gctaagcaac acagtctcat    172020
     tggctgccgg gctccatctg aggtcagccc agacattcca acggataatc ttttccatcc    172080
     ctccactctc ttgtctttct gttttcctcg aagagctacc acagcacaag gctggctttg    172140
     tgtcgcctct tcacaagctc tttcttgctc gctcagtgtg ctttaagcga accgtacaga    172200
     gcggccttcg ttcccagctc tccctgcacc ttccagtaaa gttattttct aaagcaagct    172260
     agtaatacga agcctccgaa ttaggagcat caccacatca caaagctacg ggagtgttag    172320
     tcgagctatg tttgcttctg gagcttcgcc cacttttccc agcatcccgc tctttgttct    172380
     gctcactctc tctctctgaa cttgtaacaa agggctgtaa ttatggtggg cacaaaccag    172440
     agagaaggag cgatattata gcgttctctc acacttcaaa tactgccgct cgctacgagt    172500
     tacaggaacc cattgggatg gatggcagct gtggaaactg tgtgtaatcc tgtaaacttc    172560
     taggatggcc gttttgatgc gacaaacaga tttggtgtat tctgcattac aatatttaca    172620
     gtacacaagt cctcatgata aacaatggag atacacagat cctcatcata tcatgctgtt    172680
     gaataattgc actgaagact gactttcaaa tgctacaatt aaaggaacac tccactttgt    172740
     ttgaaaacag gctcatttgg tcacctagag ataaaaagtt gagcctcatc tttttatttt    172800
     ttcaattcag gtgatctcag agttttagct tagcttagca taaatcattg aatcggatta    172860
     gaccactagc atcttgttta aatttttttt aaaaaggttg actattctga agttatgtgt    172920
     actaagactg acagaaaata taaagttgct atattttagg ccgatattgc aagaactata    172980
     cttttattac agcataataa taaaaaactt tgctgccata ttattacagc aacgcaataa    173040
     tattacacaa ctaggtaata acagaggcgc tgcataatat tattgtgaga acaactttca    173100
     aaaagcactt tttgggaaat gaaacgattg ttgttttggt gttaacgtta tcaaaactat    173160
     taaccctttc aggctcaaat taaattttag aaacaggtaa aatctatgct tttaactgtt    173220
     gcaaatcagc aacgtctgcc ttgagagggt taaaacagtg acgccatgct tgtgtgtatt    173280
     acgagttcat tctacagaca agggtgaata cctgacatcc taaacaacta tggtattaaa    173340
     acatgagtgt ttttttacaa agtgatatcg ccacatactg gctttgcata cataaagccg    173400
     tggccctata gacttcctct catacagtaa gcaagcgaat gcgacagatc agaaatgcaa    173460
     gcttatgcga caagtttcag agttcgctgc attgcaaagt tcaagcttgg tgaactccgc    173520
     cctgcaaaat cgcatcacgt gagaccaatc ggacatcaaa acaagacctc agtgtacaga    173580
     agtttcaaat atggaccaat cgctcacttt ttaaaatttc aaatcatcta atttaatcct    173640
     gccccttttt gcagcgctga attgacagaa ttttacatgt gtatgtgtaa gcaagatcgc    173700
     tggatttcac taataataac tcatggactc atgcactccg gtcacactca cacatgcttc    173760
     ctcatctaga ctgattactc gcaccacctg aggattgtca gagactgatt gcacacacta    173820
     tttaagccac acactcactc ataccgtatg ctgagtcttg tttatcttta gatgacatta    173880
     caacgcggta ctcctgtcta gttttcctgt gtttcaacct agccttgaat tcttgttctc    173940
     cctgcctgcc gcctgccttt ttgacctctc gcttgttaac gattacgatt ctggacagcc    174000
     tacacatatc tgtttgtacc tgttgacctt tgcttgcctg accacgatta aacctgcctt    174060
     tttggatcct accttcagtt gtatgtgtca tcccctgcgg ttacagaaac tctagcgtga    174120
     cagcatttta gtgtttttgt ggatccaggt aaataggggt tgtttctatg acatttgtga    174180
     tacaataaag attacgttct taattcagaa aaatataggt gcccttactt caaaataaag    174240
     agcatccaaa acttttatac ataccagagg tatgtctggc agcatttcgc ctttaaaacg    174300
     aaagcaacgg tatgacattg ttgaaggctt ctgtttattt tcgtgttact agcttacaga    174360
     ttacctccga atggacagca tttctgatat tactagtttg cccagtagct cattgcatat    174420
     gctgatggac ttgggacatg aagctgagtt gactgcaacg atggggttct gtgagtcctg    174480
     tgaagaacgg ctacagaaac caggtaaaac aaaagcaaaa aattaataaa acaactcgct    174540
     gaaaatgtgg cgaaatcaca cagccacgca gcttttcttt ttctagattg cttttgaaaa    174600
     cactattggt tggattcagg gaaggggtgg gttggtcagg cttctgttta ttttcatgca    174660
     accagctgac cgattacatc cgtatggaca gcatttccga tgttactagt ttgcccagta    174720
     gctcattgga tatgccaatg gacttgggat atgaagctga gttgactgca acgatggggt    174780
     ttgagtcctg tgaaaaacgg ctccagaaac caggtacaac aaaagcaaaa catttataaa    174840
     aacaactcac tgaaaatgtg gcgaaatcac acagcctcgc agcttttctt tttctagatt    174900
     gcttttgaaa acactattgg ttggatttag gtagggggtt ggttggtcag tcgagttgaa    174960
     agcaagctgt cctggttggc caaagtgtac attacgtaca ttacattacg atttgtgatc    175020
     atcaaaaagc ttaaacagcg acctctggtg aatttgcaaa cacacacaaa aaaaaactaa    175080
     aactgcaagc agacgtacct gaggtacata ttccactgtc tccagaaatg tagacctgtg    175140
     ttcgtatctg caatgagcct gggttgacat taacattgct cagcaaacat tatacaattg    175200
     agctacgcca aaacaacaaa ccctattggt tcttttggaa attaataaat gccacctgat    175260
     actcaagaat gaaactcgtt ggttcttttg gaagctcaaa catgccatgt aactgtcaag    175320
     aatgaacctc attagttctt gtgcatcaag caaacaaaat tctgcatctg tgaccaaacc    175380
     tgacccaatg ctgtaaatat tgttcactaa tcaaacttta tatgtacttt aaatgaacac    175440
     ctaaattaca tctcttcatc atataaagca atcatgtctc ttcaagagat ttgctccatt    175500
     catgaatcta ctttttgaca tctttatgaa cgttttgatt gtaaagatag ctttttgtgt    175560
     tgcaagatga acatcatagg ggtaaataaa tgatcacata atcttcatac tgttgggaaa    175620
     taactcgtca gcaaatataa cccataccac aacaaatgta aagctcactc gaaggtataa    175680
     tgcatgacct aatgctaact aatgggatct tactgtaaag tgttagcaat tatcttcata    175740
     tattatctcg aaaagtgaca gccggctttg aaaaagcaac aagcctgggg aaaaaccaac    175800
     tttcagcaca ccggctgaaa agcaaccgaa aacaaagaga cctccagcat gtgaattc      175858