EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX927076; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 152951 BP.
AC   BX927076;
DT   18-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-241L24 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the fli1 gene for friend leukemia integration 1, the gene for a novel
DE   protein (zgc:113361), the gene for a novel protein (zgc:63534) and five
DE   novel genes.
KW   fli1; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-152951
RA   Mashreghi-Mohammadi M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 7bd1034882531b501161f510a8b48b75.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000054632; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000076861; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-241L24. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-241L24 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-241L24 is at 152951 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-241L24 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..152951
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-241L24"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..152951
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-241L24"
FT   misc_feature    1748
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(2808..2886,10887..10971,16683..18321)
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63534)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY394568.1 Em:BC055133.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(8012..8087,18582..18648,18995..19056,
FT                   19341..19431))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO360795.1"
FT   mRNA            join(10783..10971,16683..18321)
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63534)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BC092004.1"
FT   mRNA            join(13633..13788,16683..>17376)
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63534)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK870342.1"
FT   CDS             16691..>17376
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015263"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63534)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUX3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUX3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-031118-55"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04691.1"
FT                   ILDQVS"
FT   CDS             16691..17803
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015261"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63534)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-031118-55"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04692.1"
FT   regulatory      18303..18308
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      18321
FT   mRNA            join(33047..33226,34283..36182)
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:113361)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC092004.1"
FT   CDS             34291..35403
FT                   /gene="CH211-241L24.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015265"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:113361)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUX1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUX1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050327-22"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04693.1"
FT   regulatory      36163..36168
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      36176..36181
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      36182
FT   misc_feature    36392
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(46903..47069,47256..48425)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK030353.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC092004.1"
FT   CDS             47264..48370
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015260"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUX0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUX0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050420-256"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04694.1"
FT   mRNA            join(55637..55816,56047..57474)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC092004.1"
FT   CDS             56055..57161
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015259"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUW9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUW9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050420-186"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04695.1"
FT   mRNA            join(64495..64667,64892..66037)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK027347.1 Em:CK030353.1
FT                   Em:CN509966.1"
FT   CDS             64900..66012
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015264"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUW8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUW8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050420-120"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04696.1"
FT   mRNA            join(73626..73801,73934..75550)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC055133.1 Em:BC092004.1"
FT   CDS             73934..75046
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015266"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7SY43"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUW7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003268"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013518"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016449"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUW7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050420-272"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04697.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(78386)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(78386..80389,80517..80564,80779..80841,
FT                   82734..82793,99874..99942,114959..115162,116964..117115,
FT                   117302..117513,138281..138401))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-001"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC066571.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(78386..80389,80517..80564,80779..80790,
FT                   80814..80841,82734..82793,99874..99942,114959..115162,
FT                   116964..117115,117302..117513,138281..138401))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-002"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056588.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(78406..78411)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(79860..80389,80517..80564,80779..80841,
FT                   82734..82793,99874..99942,114959..115162,116964..117115,
FT                   117302..117513,138281..138298))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015256"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PU61"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9PU61"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000418"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003118"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011991"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013761"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9PU61"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-426"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04698.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(80522..80564,80779..80790,80814..80841,
FT                   82734..82793,99874..99942,114959..115162,116964..117115,
FT                   117302..117513,138281..138298))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015257"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUW5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003118"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013761"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUW5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-426"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04699.1"
FT   misc_feature    82074..82080
FT                   /note="1327 bases of IS2 transposon (V00610) removed here.
FT                   This sequence represents the duplicated flanking sequence
FT                   of the IS2"
FT   misc_feature    110879..110915
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<115016..115162,116964..117115,
FT                   117302..117513,143060..143104))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015258"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUW4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003118"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013761"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUW4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-426"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04700.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<115016..115162,116964..117115,
FT                   117302..117513,143060..143147,145854..145935))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-003"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK030303.1 Em:CN513454.1"
FT   misc_feature    116618
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(117304..117513,148916..149115))
FT                   /gene="fli1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-241L24.8-004"
FT                   /product="friend leukemia integration 1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD603629.1"
FT   misc_feature    118560
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    148168
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    152951
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-241L24"
SQ   Sequence 152951 BP; 49031 A; 28924 C; 27103 G; 47893 T; 0 other;
     gaattccatt ttctctttta ttcttcttag aaaaatgtgc atcgcatttg atatgaaaac        60
     aaaagctttc tgtttggtga tttggtcatt tttgtccttg tcgggatcaa aaatgcgcat       120
     tatatttgat gttataactt gcccttgaaa ttctttttcg tgtccgctgc agctgtagga       180
     aactagttct caaggtttat tgtaatcccg gcatgttcac cgtttcactt ctgaattggt       240
     gtagaaaaac actgctacaa acagaataga tataacatgc aaagatgcga ataataataa       300
     taataataat atcaaataaa taatttgccc agaagtggaa acctcttttt aactaaatca       360
     attcaattat tggtgattca gacatttgga atgaaaaaac aacaaaccac tgctgttcaa       420
     tggcaggcca aattacccta actttcctaa ataagccttt aaattgtact ttaagctgaa       480
     tgctagaatt tcgcaaaaca actactaaaa tattacgtat atgtcatcat ggcaaagaca       540
     aaaaaataca tcataaatga gtcaataaat ctattatgtt ttaaaaaggg tttgaaaaag       600
     aataaaaata ataacattta ataataaatt ttaatccatt attattccat ctcatgaatt       660
     aaataataaa cgcctcttca actattaaca tatgtgttct ggtataagcc taaatgatga       720
     cggcttcgct gttggcatga cctgtcactt tgctaacatg tctgtatttg ccgtgtttga       780
     cagcagtact gatggatgtg tggccgggct ctgaatgtgc tgttcaatag ttcagtgctc       840
     tttactcaca ggccgagctg agtttcataa taaatcacac tggactgttt cattttagct       900
     tcaagtgttg ttcagcgccc acatactctg tatgagagga taacaggagc acttgtcgcg       960
     ctaacagaag agcagattgg tttttcccat tagctgtgcg tttaacagat tatttagact      1020
     tcacattcag atctgataaa atgatcgtaa tttcgactgt gacaatgata cagtgaaaac      1080
     ccatagctag attaacagta tgttttctta gtatacacta cctgacttgt aagagcaaca      1140
     gataataact tgacttctgt tgatcatttg gaaaagtgca gacggtagat ttttcctaag      1200
     tatcttccgt tgaactacat ctcagtcatc acaaatcctt cagaagacct actggaaccc      1260
     gcatggaccc aagattgaag attacccctg aattattagc ccccctgttt atttttcctc      1320
     caatttctgt ttaacagaga gcagattttt tttcaacaca tttctaatca taatagtttt      1380
     attaactcat ctctaataac tgatttattt aacctttgcc atgatgacag taaattattt      1440
     ttgtctagat attcttcaag acacttctat acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac      1500
     taggttaatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag ggtaattagg caagttattg tataatgatg      1560
     gtttgtgccg tagactatca aaaaaaaagg gggggctaat aatattttac cttaaaattg      1620
     agttttaaaa ttataaactg cttttattct agccgaaata aaacaaataa gactttctgc      1680
     agaagaaaaa aatattatta gacgtactgg gactttaaac tatacatata tatatatata      1740
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      1800
     tgtttatata caattagtaa tcctactgaa tatctttcat tcagtaacac tttacaatga      1860
     ggttgtatta attaaggtat tttttaacat gaacaaacaa tgaacaatac agtatatgtt      1920
     catattagtt aagcttagtt aatggaaatg aagttgttca ttgtaagttt ttaactcatg      1980
     gtgcataaac taatgctaac aagcttgaat ttctatgtta ataattcatt agtaaatgtt      2040
     gaactagtat taataaatga tatacaagta ttattcagaa ttagttcatg ttagtgaata      2100
     cattaactaa tgaagcctta ttgtaaagtg tgacctttaa ttctaatagt ctggaaatat      2160
     gtaaagaaca gggagtgatt aaaatacatt aatttctagt agtactgaca gcaaaagtaa      2220
     ttaaatcact agggttaatc ctagtctaaa ttctttggag caggatagct gcataaaata      2280
     aatatctgca ttcagactta ccctgcttta atacaaccga gtcagggcta aattcagata      2340
     ggatagctga aaactcccag ctcagccctt catcttgcct tttttgtgca ataccattct      2400
     gccttcagtt ctgttgtttg ctcagcagcg acccctttca gaaaaccgcg gtactgcagc      2460
     gcttcactct caggtgccat aaatattcct aaagcacttc gaggtggtga tgtttcaata      2520
     tgcaagacat ggaagaagaa attcaggctt tttctcagac gctttcctcc tcaggctaaa      2580
     caaggatctg ctggctaata ttcagccgct gtttgccagc agttcttggc ctggcctttc      2640
     actgacagct tctgctggct ccacaccagc tctgactgtt gccgtttatc aagccaagcg      2700
     aggatctaaa caggttctgg cacattatgt agtactatgt atctgttaac gaactctttg      2760
     tgttcttaga aagtgaataa aaaagaggtt tgagcagcag aaacaggaat tgtagatgaa      2820
     ggaggacact gtgtttactt catggtgatg atttgagctc aggtcttctc cacactgaag      2880
     aaagaggtga gttttggggt ttttaaccaa tcattttgaa gtccacttct gagaatctac      2940
     tgtaggtgta atgttgggca agaacaaaac tgaaacaaaa tagcagagca ttgttgggaa      3000
     atctacttag tgaggagttc agctagactg gaggaaccct cttaggaacg ctaacggcgc      3060
     taaaatgacg atatcatgac caaaactaac aaatagatat aaaaaactac aaaattacaa      3120
     ttaggatagc atgatgaaac atgattattc actcaagcac cagttaattc agttataaag      3180
     gagatatttt agtttgatta cactgagctg cttccaaccg ttgagtgtgc gatttaaaca      3240
     ggactttttt ttttcccccg agacctataa ttacgctcat cagacgtcaa acgtgagtaa      3300
     atattttcgt tggcaagtgt aagaaacagc cttacttgcc tgtctgccag tgatacatta      3360
     attcttagaa tacagtatga caaacactgc attgtgattc tacaattacg tcatttgatg      3420
     cagagcactt tgacagcata taatcacaaa atatggctga aataatgttc aaacatttaa      3480
     tttagaaatc taaactttaa ctttaccact tttcttaaaa gattaaacaa tgctaagctc      3540
     aaaaaactga atagtttact ttatatgttt gggtaagtgt tgactatatt acattaaaat      3600
     gatttaatat tgaaaaacca ggtcatttgc aacacaatca aaaagtcata ttaaaaccca      3660
     acataggctc attctgaaaa cgtaggccta tatacatttc tggagactat gtattatgca      3720
     aattatgtag ccagaggaac gtgaatggct atttcgtctt taaattgaac gctatgtggc      3780
     agtttgacgt tccttttcgt gcttgataac cgaccgatta cttccatgtg aattgctttt      3840
     ccggtgttat caatttgtgt acaacggtgg atttgagacc cagttgactg tgatgacggt      3900
     gttcgagtct ggcgaagatc agttccagaa agcagattag acaaaaacaa aaggcaaaaa      3960
     ataaaataaa caagtaaata ataggaaaaa aaaaaaggta gtaaaaaaat aaataaaatc      4020
     agccggccac aaggcttttc tttttctgga ttgcttttga aaacactgtc ggttgggttt      4080
     agggaaggca gtatgtggag ggatcggtca ttcagtcagt aaactgcagt ctctggtgga      4140
     tttatgtgag aacagcaggc acaaatggca ttcgtgtgag aaatttgaga tctaaaaagc      4200
     atacatagca gcctctggtg gattcgcgaa gacaactgca aaaaaaataa aaaaataaaa      4260
     atgtagttcc tgagatgcat ttggcgctct ccagaaatgt atataagggt acataatgga      4320
     tgaaaaatgt attatgtact tgtaaatgtc aatttatttt gaaaacagtt tttaaaatag      4380
     taatcatttt tcttgagcag tttaacatat agaatggttt taaaggatca tgtgacactg      4440
     aagacgggag taatgaacgc taaaatattt gacaacgcag gaataaacat attttaaaat      4500
     acattgaatc caaattttct cacagcaatt tataacttta tttagtggct aattcatatg      4560
     aattcatacg atctcattcg tccaatttag tacaattagc tcatttttca atgatggttg      4620
     ggtttaggga aggcagtggg tggaggaatc ggtcagtcaa tcagtcgaca gcgtcctctg      4680
     gtggatttct gtaggaacag caggcacgaa tggcactcgt gagaaatttg agatctaaaa      4740
     aagcgtccaa agcaacctct ggtggattcg tgaagacaac aactgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa      4800
     agaatttctg agataaattt ggagctctcc ggaaatgtaa ggaaaaatgt attattttta      4860
     aaaatatgta gttgtaactg tttcaaaatt aaattactaa tttttaaaat aatatttata      4920
     tttcttgggc agtttaaaat atagaatggt ttctaacgga tcatgtagta ctgaagacgg      4980
     gaataatgaa cgctaaaata tttgacaaca caggaataaa catattttaa aatacattga      5040
     atccaaattt caatgctatc tcacagcaat tcataacttt tgatttagtg gctaattcaa      5100
     atgaatttgt acaatctcat tcatccaagt tagtacgatt agcttatttt tcaatgcact      5160
     cacaagagaa atttgaagat ctgaaaaagc ttacagagaa gacaaaaact gccaaaaaaa      5220
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atgcacctcc tgggacatat ttggcgatct ccagaaatgt      5280
     atacaggggt atgtaatcag aatgagcctg cattggtaaa atcatgtcaa acgctgatag      5340
     tcactcagca atatgtacta tcatcagatc acaccctgag ggccatgtgc gtttgttgct      5400
     cttaaatatt tggtgaggta acctaagtta caaaacaatg tcattcagac aaatgccgtt      5460
     cagtctacac acatgtgtgc tttctgttgt ttctctgtga taatcatgaa cgactgaggt      5520
     ggtttcatta attcaatgac agctaatgtc aaggcaaggt tgctttatgc agattttctg      5580
     gtttgatgca ttgaccatga atgagaatgt cttccaggac ttgaagtaaa tgatgtatga      5640
     aaaatattat ttaatttttt ttttttgcaa aatgaataga ttctaggcat tctaggcaag      5700
     aaagtcattg gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctcccgtgtg gagtccttcc      5760
     atgttggctc tggtttcccc acagtccaaa gacatgcgct atagttaaat tgaataaact      5820
     aaattggcca tagtgtacag tatgtgtgta tgggtgtttt ccagtactgg gttgcagccg      5880
     gaagggcatc cgctgtgtaa aaatatgctg gatggttggc ggttcatttc actgtggtga      5940
     cccctgatga ataaagggac taagccgaag gaaagtgaat ggattctagc ttttatttaa      6000
     gtgctttaaa agtatgcaca aaatgctgtt ggatttggga gtcaaaaaag ctgaaaatac      6060
     gggtgggagt gtcgcctgga gcgtgtgact cattggagtc gttcagtgga actaagttgg      6120
     ccattaaagt tcacacttca attgtgaaat accccctcag ccacctggca caggtgatta      6180
     tatcattacg agcacacaag ggtgacgaaa aactttactt tgccacctca aattgactgc      6240
     aatgcttccg agaatcgttt gaatgacccc aaaagttgag cgagagtcac atttttggag      6300
     tttctttcag gcgcataaag gtatgcatgg aaagcaatgc atttcagaat aacctgcaaa      6360
     gtaaaacatc caggtcatag gacaaagaga gcaacggttt tgttgtatat aacggatttg      6420
     aattgtatga ctgttgcaca aatacacaaa catcatagta gaaagtcagg gtggaaaaaa      6480
     aaacgtcttg gatcagtggt tttgaatggc agcctacggc gagattttgt ggtttggtat      6540
     tattgaaaag cttattatgg attttccatt caaaggtaaa tttggccttc ggcatatcaa      6600
     agcacacaaa ggtattgaac tgaaggaaga ttaaagctga atgacagaca ggagaagcaa      6660
     cgttgttttt agtattaaaa gttgattctt aatattcagg ctttaaatga ctgtcaatac      6720
     tcgtcaatct ctaatgtttt gtcattttgg gaattaaagg aagcgcatat tctaccagaa      6780
     ctgtttaaag taattcttgt gtgagaggat atgatgcaaa acaacacaaa gtgttgcaac      6840
     acttcagaaa ctttttattt ttattttcct atgttgatgc tcaaggctct ttgaattata      6900
     aatcactatt gctttaaatt gatttagtaa accagtaaac acagggccaa tttgaaatcc      6960
     aatcatgaaa gaaaactgtg ccttgatgac aaatctcgag tgtttctttg caagtttaat      7020
     gattaaagaa aaagttcaca gaaaaaaaat aaacatatat gtcattatta ctcactctca      7080
     tattatattg gaacctattg tgcatgtgta cgtacgtacg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg      7140
     tgtgtcctta cattggaagc caaaggtcag caaaactctc aaaaggtcac caaaggcttt      7200
     caggattttg ctgaaaggct ttttcattta gttggtaaaa gtgcttgatt gttaaactga      7260
     atatctaaaa atgtctataa aagccacttt tttaaagtca aatggctgac aggttagtga      7320
     tcaaggtttc atgatgcgga ttgaaagtgt aaataaacta aaaaaaacta tacaggcttt      7380
     ttaacagtgt taaataagtc aacgaaaaag catgttttac tgatcatttc aaagaaaaat      7440
     ctattttagg aatgtttata ggcattattt atatttcaag ctatttttat tttatctgtt      7500
     tatttatata ttttttaaat agccaaaaac ttgcgcaaat caatttttat gatcaaaagt      7560
     aaggtatttt tatagttaaa actagtgtaa ataccacata aagtgcgaaa ttatgactgc      7620
     tcctatcctc aggattgact atatatagtt atacagtaat tgttgtgtaa atggattcac      7680
     ctctgaacaa cataaaaaac attgtgtaaa tactcttaaa tgctaaatca gaacagcttt      7740
     tgggcagtta aatatgacat taaatataaa atatattatg taacaacatt tcttattgtt      7800
     aaaacaataa gtttctatca aagccaccaa ttctgacaca agtccctcat ttcaatgata      7860
     aaggaccttt tcaatgtcag agtcagtctc tgtggggaaa aaggctttga gatttcaggt      7920
     tgaagctcct gtcatttttt tactcactgt ccgaagaaca aagatctgag aatgaaagaa      7980
     gcttgtctga aacatcaatc tgccaactta cacagtcctg cgcttcatca tcttctgtat      8040
     catatcactg aaacgtctgt tcacaatcct gatatacacc tgaacatctg aaacaaaaga      8100
     gtgatttttg tctgtttttg gtttaggtta cataatattt tcttattaat atttgtagaa      8160
     ggtcatgagt gtgttgctag cagacattaa tgttcaatat gttcttatta aggctgtgct      8220
     atattgtcaa ttattacacg tctgtcttga atactggatt ctgattggtc agccgtgaca      8280
     tttcaaggta tgttattctg tgatgacaac tgctaaataa cattggctca tccaagaact      8340
     gagaatcact ttgattgtca gtgaatttgt tcacattcat tcacttacat ccatattcat      8400
     ttgtatctgc tcgtctgtca ctgtttttaa ctgtttgaca ccatcttgtg accgaataat      8460
     gtgcagggtt ttgtatactc catcagctgt ttttgtttat gtcagctttg catttttgac      8520
     agtttggcgc catcttgtgt ctgaataaag cgcaggttag tgtatactcc atcagctgtt      8580
     ttcgtttatg tcagcgttgc gtttttgcct atttgtctcc atattttgac caaataatgt      8640
     gcaggttagt gtatactcca tcagctgttt tcgttctctt aactttttgt gtgtttgttt      8700
     tcagctttgc attaaatcta caaatgaatc acctattatg gctcaacaat gttttgggtc      8760
     taatttttat gttttgaggc aagtagccat gtaataagtg ggataaaatg cacccaggat      8820
     ggcagttttc acaagccttc agtcatataa aatagtgtta cacataaaaa tttcaaccca      8880
     aaacataata tgtactcaaa tgtgtggtca tattaattca tgtaattatg tttcaaacca      8940
     gtgttattgt gtttggcacc atctactgat ttgtgtctgg ttttatttta taagaacaac      9000
     catcttgatt atctcttaca taatgacacc tcagaatttg tgaaatttgt tgtgaaaatg      9060
     ataattaaac tatatttagc agttttttgc gataataccc taactataat agccctgaca      9120
     accccccaaa aagtaggtat gctaaacaaa aaaataacag taggtggcga caggtccttg      9180
     tcattataag atattcgttc aaaaaatgaa taacaaaaaa taaaacaaaa atatcttgaa      9240
     gtatgagatc attcatatta atcacactct atttcaagct agaattttca ctattaataa      9300
     accattacct atgacttttg cctcaataaa tttgaggaca acacatacaa gcaacccagt      9360
     ctcattctga aaacatattc tcatggacgt ttctgaagac cgcaaaaaac ctcttgggac      9420
     ctatttttgc agttttgttt tcacaaatcc gcgagaggcc gctgtttgct ttttggcatc      9480
     tcaaatgcat ctcgcgagtg ccgtttgcgt ctgcgctgtt ctcgcgtaaa cccaccagag      9540
     gctgctgtcg accaactgaa tgattgactt ggcgacccaa tcagctgacc cgccctcctt      9600
     atctaaaccc aaccaatttt accgattgac ccgcccaccc aattacatcc ctaaacccaa      9660
     ccaacggttt acaaaagcag tccagaaaaa gaaaagcccc cgtctgattt ttaccacgtt      9720
     ttcggatttt accaaatcct tcaccttgtt attcactcgt tcattttatt tttccgattc      9780
     tgtttttgtc tcacctgatt tctggaaccg atatttcccg cactcgaacc tggtcatcgt      9840
     cattacctgc tctctgcttc tccagtccgc cgatgtacaa gacaagctag ctagacaaac      9900
     tggttgcagg gggaaaagaa acggcgtcat accaccccat agcgttcgct caaaaaaaag      9960
     gaaatgcagc catacatacc tccagctaca taattcgcgg tctccagaaa cgggactaca     10020
     tgttcagaat gagccagtgt tgcatacaac taatacaaaa atacaattca ttaagcatct     10080
     acacatggac atcacgattt taactacata actgcagttt atgtttaaat acaatgtcca     10140
     ccctataaaa ctctttgatc gtaatacatt aatgtgcact gtttgtaaag cttctttgaa     10200
     aaaataattg tgaaaagtga attaactcct tatttgctgc ttgttattag ttattggtag     10260
     tagttgtgta ttaggtagga ttagatatgt agaataagat cataatatgc aataattacc     10320
     aataaataaa agtaataaca ggcatgagtt aataatgaga acttgcacct gaactaaagt     10380
     gttaccatta tttacttcta cataatcaat ttgcagtaaa gcatgacatt tgacctacgt     10440
     gatttgcatt cgacggctaa cctaaaacac agggtttatt taccactgca cgcacgactt     10500
     catacatagc catacatgga gcctcaatgc acagccatca gcgctgacga atatttatgc     10560
     taaacaaatc agtgatgtga tttttttttt cttctctttt tcttctgggg gtaccagcac     10620
     atcgcaggtc aagtgtgttg atgtgtacat ccacctcgag tatgcaaaag taaatgcacc     10680
     ctgcatgtgt atagatttgc caaagtgtgt gtacacataa acaagagatg agtgcgcgag     10740
     gaggagggaa acctacaaaa ggagagactc gagacacctg aagggaaagt agggagaaag     10800
     agttagtgaa gtgtgaaaca gttaaggagg gatacggctt attaatcagt aacacacact     10860
     tgttcatttc caatttcctg ctttagcttg cttttataag agcggacgaa ggcttcagga     10920
     gcaggagaac cagcgagcga ctcaagctct cctctcagac ttctccagca ggtaagctat     10980
     tgaacatcta cacgtaattt cagtgtactc ttctgatgga gtctggtatt ttgggaacgt     11040
     tcataaatct ggcactgcgg gttcctctgt aattgagcgt tgatgtgtac tctaatagac     11100
     tcggcattaa acattaagcg cactccagag atggatctcg gcactcagtc gctcatgaag     11160
     gacagataag cggagattag ccacagctaa ctgccctgaa catgcaatgc ctgcatttat     11220
     caaagcgctt atttactgtt gtaattaaat accgataatt attcaagtgg agtaaaatga     11280
     ccctgaatca aagccctgtg gtgaaacaag aggccggaga acacagtcag gtgcagctct     11340
     tacacaattg tttggattcg ctgacagctt aaagcgatag tttgctcaaa aataaaaatt     11400
     acgtcatttt tttttactcg cactcatgtg gttttaaacc tttatgagat tcaaacacat     11460
     cagcatcgcc gtatactcag agagtaactt gtcagagagt tagttgaccc aaaaatgaaa     11520
     gtttactatt tactcaacct caagtgctta aaaaagagtt tctttcttct gataaacaaa     11580
     aaaaaaaaga tattttgaag aatatagttc agtttccttt attttgtcat tcaaaacatc     11640
     acaataaaat tgtaatacag aacaaaatta cattgcaaca gacccaacaa gaacataaaa     11700
     acatccctat acaaacacta taaaatctta acataataaa taagctttta taatttcata     11760
     aagatataaa aatatagtta tataaaatat aacccaattt aaaaactctc tgaagagaat     11820
     aactcaatac ataaatacct ttttcaccat ttgttataat agttgtaata ttaacaattt     11880
     attgatttat tatttcgcac aagctatcga taatgtttaa gaactggtat tattcagaag     11940
     tcttataatg acaggataga aactataagg aaaccgtgct gattttgaat attggttgct     12000
     tgtattaatc aattctcatg ataagaaata aaaataacta ctaaagtcaa tcatcaccag     12060
     cattttttct aacttttatg tttaccagca gaaaaaaact cggtcactct ttattttgat     12120
     ggtctgtttg ttgtaattag ttacattgca actaattctc attagattat aagtagactg     12180
     ttaggttggg gctagggttg ttgcaaagtt tcatatagtc agttaaaggt ctgttgaagg     12240
     agcagtatca acagatataa agcagacagt ctaataatac tcaaatggac catcaaaata     12300
     aagtgttacc agaaactcat aggatttgat caagtgaagg gagagtaaaa aatgttagaa     12360
     tcttcatttt tgggtgaact gtccctttaa ggcttattga ttcaactaat ttgaacttgt     12420
     gtgcttgtta agagcgatgt ttctaataat attttatgat ggtgattcta tcagaattat     12480
     gcaaggcagg ttcgctgaaa atacctatac atagaaatca ccaatgaatt tttttcaatc     12540
     ttaccagatc agctttacag ggcacactgt aaaaaaggtg ttactttaac ttaagttaat     12600
     cagatttcaa ctaaagttaa acaaagttta cctcaatgtt tttagtcatt atgagtaaca     12660
     caagttgaga taactaaaca attgaaggta ctgtaacaaa ttcttttata gtgtagactt     12720
     tgtactgaga agaaattgac actaaaagaa agttttcttg gtgtacatga tgtaccggtt     12780
     aaaacaaggc tacttcttac atgttaataa ttacttggtc tacaattaca gaatgtaaaa     12840
     atattgattg cacagagaac atgctttatt gttccaataa acacaaagta ggaaatatgt     12900
     gaacatttaa gagaaatgac acagtctgac taagtgtcta tcaatacttt tacatgcatc     12960
     gtaactgcct gcactgtaaa aagccattag ttactttact ttaacaaagt gagtaaaccc     13020
     attgccataa aagcaacaag ttgactttac tttaaaaaag agagtccatt gtaacttaga     13080
     atggttgact tgacttgtat aattatgcac ataattcctt tacttaatca ttgtaaagca     13140
     atggttttac tgactttttt tttgtaaaat caactaatgg ctttaaaatc aatgcatgta     13200
     ctcactttta taaagtaaag tcaactaatg gctttaaaag caataggttc actcacttct     13260
     atgtaaagga aactttacac tgtaaaaagc atttcattga aaaagtgagt aaactaattg     13320
     ccttcaactt aagtcaactt aacagttcta agttaattag taaattaaac ttatcattta     13380
     aggcagtggg tttaatcact ttaagcaatc gctttttaca gtgtgtgatt atccacagag     13440
     tattgttaaa aattaattaa ttgtgcacaa aatactgtga attttcacta ctgcattagc     13500
     tcaccaaaac acaaagcttg catggcataa aaaaacaggg atccagtcag agcgcattta     13560
     agacacgccc acacttggga atccagccct tttcattgac tttctaaagc gggaagcctg     13620
     cttgtcattt ctgactaata acaaaaactg aagcatgtct aaaatctgcc gtgcgccatg     13680
     gtgtacagca aacaagctga aaacccagac ctacatattt ataagctact caactgtaaa     13740
     agccagcctt taaggaaacc aaactggata ctggcgataa ggaagaaggt aaggaacagg     13800
     ggcattgaca tacagttttt ctgtgtatct ctacatttgt ttgacgaggg taaaaataca     13860
     gaacgtttct agaatgcgat tgcatttcac tcatgtgtac atcacgtttg ttctcagagt     13920
     aatttgacac attgtgctct acttttgtgt ccttaaacac tctttttttt cattgtgggt     13980
     caatagctta taaaaagttc tgggttttta gagttttgct gtatcatgtt acagcattat     14040
     tttttgacat ttcattttta gtcagagaca agcaggcaga ttcccacaat tgaaagtcaa     14100
     tggagagggt tggattgtcc ctattgcccc ctttccccag tgggcgtggt tgtcagacta     14160
     tggtgtgttg ctgtgtttct gtaggattgc ttgagataag caaaatctgt ccagaaccaa     14220
     tcactgactg gcaattgctt tatttattta ctctaccagg gctaagaggg agctggaact     14280
     ttatgtgggg gggggggggg gggggggggg ggcaatcaag aaagcattaa aattttcact     14340
     aattttaaaa gctaaagcaa gtatgttttt aataaaagca gatgtggttt aataattagt     14400
     ttatcaatgt tatttggcta aggcatggat atactgtata gtgagtgtgg attctgtata     14460
     ttgtccttat gaccaacttt aggtaaaata gtggtaacat tagttggatg taattattta     14520
     caaagtaaca agatgttgta attaaattac ttgatttcta agcatttcta ataactggtt     14580
     tgttttattt tgccatgatg acagtaaata atattttact taatattttt taagacactt     14640
     ctatacagct taattaacta ggttaattag gttaactagg caggttagag taattaggca     14700
     agttgtttaa ctatggtttg ttctgtaaac aaacaaaata aaaattagtc taaagtggct     14760
     aataattttg tccttaaaat ggtttttaaa taattaaaaa ctgcttttat tctagccgaa     14820
     atataacaaa taagactttc tccagaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgtaaattt     14880
     tcttgctctg ttaaacatca aggaaatatt tttaaaagcc aaaaaagttc aaaggggggc     14940
     aaataattct gactaactca cacagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     15000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat gtgaagagtt     15060
     tagattaaaa aaaacctcca agtgccatct gaattttttt ttctaatatt accatttttc     15120
     tcaggtacct ttgtcttgat tcagtaatct ctcatttatg gcaaataata gattattttc     15180
     attgctttta acataaaata attgaacata aacataagag gttgtgaata aagctagtaa     15240
     agtaaaaaat gctaatatta agaaatagtt gcagaaaaaa atccagatgg cactggtatt     15300
     tgcatctgaa ctcttcatat ataaacactt tattttgatg gtccatttga gtattagtat     15360
     tagattgtct gcttaatatc tgttgattct gcagctaaac agacatttaa ctgactaaaa     15420
     aaaaaaaacc tttgcaaatg catgtcaact tacactaacc ctaacctaac agtctactta     15480
     tgatttactg agaatcagtt tgcttgtaga tgcaatgtaa cttaaattca acaagcagac     15540
     catcaaaata aagtgtgaca tatgtgtatg tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg     15600
     tgtgtgtgtg attaaattac ttattagaca tagcaattag aaaatgacta attaatatct     15660
     tttttatcta acttattcaa cattggtcat gtgataatat ttaataatgg cttatttttg     15720
     ctctaatact gtattatgat gtcaacaatt tgtatagaaa tcagagattg gctattgtca     15780
     aattaatatt taaaaatata ttttagattt attaaaaaaa aactattaaa ccatagctgt     15840
     gacgcagctt taaatcagct gatttattag taatgttatt tgaaatatcc tggattcaga     15900
     agaaatgttt actgattaca aagcatggac atatttggcc attttacctg attcataaca     15960
     atagccagtg tttgcccata aatacacgag tctgttataa cacacggagg acacgttctc     16020
     tgttctcatt cgaacactag ctctgtttct atccaaagac gcgaattaga ccaatgcgca     16080
     aaactggaaa attgcattaa aaaaagattg cgaggtaaag cagcggctcc tgataaactg     16140
     gcgtcgatta tcaaaaagga aaatggaatt tgccacaata ggaggagtca ttgtgagtct     16200
     ttgttcttct gtaatatatg atttttgcct caggagatta aataaaatga atggtgggag     16260
     cgcagacatt caagacaaat ctggaggtaa taataatata atattaatac tgaaccactg     16320
     tgaagacaga ctttggctga ggggtttcat atgaccaaca caacatttca gatgtttcat     16380
     attgtggttt gtccattact gcgttcccat cagactatat ttaatctaag ttatactgct     16440
     tatttgatgc gcatgctgga atttattggg tgttttcatt gtactttatg cacatttttg     16500
     ttttattgca taaattgttt atcctactca gttatatgca tatgtttgtt tatgcacaat     16560
     ttttaaattt ggcatttttt gtgatactcc aaaacatgca ttaaaacagg tagacagaaa     16620
     cataagtaat aaagttttgc tgttttttcc ttctaactaa tattgtttcc ctctctttac     16680
     agactctaag atgactcgct cattgagaga gtggtttaaa gagtacatgt cagagcggcg     16740
     cgggcgcaaa aaccgactgg tcaccaaaga tggccgctgc aacatcgagt tcggcaacgt     16800
     gatgcacaga aaccgcttcg cctacgtcct cgacttctgg accaccttcg tggagacccg     16860
     atggcggttc atcctcttgt attttgtggc gtccttcacc cttagctggt tcatcttcgg     16920
     actcatctgg tactggttgg caagaaacaa tggcgacctg ttgtggcaaa atccaccacc     16980
     aggtcataaa ccatgcgctt ttagcgttaa tgatatgact tacgccttcc ttttctcact     17040
     ggagacccag tccaccattg ggtttggcaa tatatacgtc actgaccaat gtcctggagg     17100
     tgtggctctg attgtaatcc agactatcat aggactcttc atcaacatct tctggtgtgg     17160
     tatagtcatg accaaaatat cccttccaaa aaagagagcc aaaaccatca ccttcagcga     17220
     atccgctgtc atctgcccca aaaaaggcac tctttgcctt caaatccggg tagccaacct     17280
     gcgcaaaacc ttaatgatcg gcagtcagat ttacgggaag cttctgagga caacagtcac     17340
     gggaggtgag accgtcatcc tggaccaggt cagcattgac ttcatggtgg acgccggtaa     17400
     agacaatctg tttttcgtgt gtcctttaac cctgtaccac atcattgaca aaagcagtcc     17460
     gttcttcaac atggctgtgg acacgatgca tcagcaggac tttgagcttg tggttttcct     17520
     cgatggcatg gccgaatcca ccagctctgc ctgccaggtc aggacttcat acatccctca     17580
     ggagatcatg tggggctatg actttctccc gatcatctcc cgcagcaaag agggaaggta     17640
     ccgagtggac ttttccaact ttgctaaagt ggtgcctgtg ccaaccgctc attgctccca     17700
     ctgctaccac aatgagcccg gaaaccatct ccatctcaag ggcattgaca acaagggctt     17760
     tgaggtgatc gacattgagc cgccaaacgg caccaaaatg taacgctttt ttgactgact     17820
     ggtcaacatc ttgcactagg ccgaaaccat tggacactaa tcctcatgtc tttcattgtg     17880
     tggatgagag gcgagaggag tgtttcaata tctcgaaata ccacttgagt gggaacactg     17940
     caggagtcca tttcttttat caaatgcact gcttcactct tcgcaaaaac aacatttttt     18000
     ttgtctattt cacctgacag aattgaaaag tgtgaattgt ggagtgaatt atggttctgt     18060
     tcttctgttt cgtactgtag acattgattt cggagtttga gtatccactg gcaattaatt     18120
     aatttgagat tgacttaaaa agtttttttt tttttttttc tcagattcca gcctgagatt     18180
     ctgtgctctg aatcactctg ggatgttgtt tcttgttaca tttgtagatg tattgtaaat     18240
     ttgcagaagt gaatgtgtaa atataatttg tactttattt gtacatacat tttttttatg     18300
     aaaataaaaa atgaaacgta attttttttt cattgttatg gcattataaa aactccagca     18360
     gtcaaccatt ttccagattt cacagttaaa aatcaccaca cgagggcgta aaagtataga     18420
     tgacaaactc agtttgacaa agtctaggaa ttatatacag ttctggaaaa aataaatagc     18480
     ccatttttaa ataaatatgg gttctgaaca aaaacattca aaaacatgta atactttagt     18540
     atgagactag caaaacagtg gatcaaaact caaatactca ccagattgaa tgtgtcattg     18600
     tgctcctcag atacatgtag atgtcagtca gctgaagtat catgtagtct agattgaatc     18660
     ataaacagca gttatgttga tgtcagaagg agatttttct attggtttgt ttgcatgtgt     18720
     aatttacttc tgatttacta aagatgacag tattttaatg taatcatata cattcagctt     18780
     aaccacagta gttaccatca caaagcgaat ttaacaagtt caactaaaat tcaactgata     18840
     ttgttggttt aacataataa gtgaaattct tctctggaaa catctacata gtaggtttat     18900
     ggcattggta agttacaaaa tctccaaaaa cagttttata tgctcattta ttactctgta     18960
     aaatactcct agagtcagaa ggtctataac tgaccgtaga tggatcaagt cgctctttgc     19020
     agttctctca cacaaacgaa cagagcatga tgtaccctaa acaaggacta atataaaccc     19080
     aatcaaaagt aatgttaacc tattttgcac acgaggtgtg gataaaggtt aaactataat     19140
     taaacttaac aattgagacc gataagagat gttattgtgt tgtatcttga agctataatg     19200
     tcatagaaat cacatccagg acttctctcc tcccatgaca gttgagctga gtgatctgac     19260
     acatttcagt ggtctatgtg tttcatgttg aaacgcttca gatttcacaa tacattaaca     19320
     caagacacaa ttaaatatac cttaatgcct attcggagtg atgctaaatg aatgtataat     19380
     ctgaaaatct tccattttgt ggcctgacga gagtttgaat atgtttagtg cagttgttgc     19440
     ccagtaacgc aacaacagta aacaatctgc ggttgcggtt tcaaaataaa agtcccgcat     19500
     actttagaaa gcaaagcttt aatataatta agggaaggaa aactatcatt gtttgctttt     19560
     ttttcactag aaaacacagc ctggggattt attagaaaat gatcgtcagg ggtggattta     19620
     accagcaagg ttggcggccc cttatggccc caggaaatcc tgagggtctt caaataaata     19680
     cctagaaata taaattatac ctataaatga tatataacat cattttctat catattttgt     19740
     atgacgaggg tctaaaaaaa acaagtttaa tgtttattac atcgcaaatg tgtcccttac     19800
     cctcaatcat ggagcagtcc agcagtcaaa tgcacagcca gtgtttttct gccaacggta     19860
     aacgtctggt gaaaggtgac tatttttaag tgtataaggt tccttttaca gcatcgacat     19920
     tgtaatgtaa ttaaaataca atcagttaaa taaacttaaa cattcgaaag acgaaagaaa     19980
     gtgttactgc tagcgccgtc agtactagca tgctagtacc agcgcagaaa ctccattcaa     20040
     aatactgagg taaaataaat gttcatgttt taaaaagatg gcaggggaaa atgtaattta     20100
     atgcagtgct tcttgtccgg tctaagacta actttatatt gtatctatat caggcagtga     20160
     agatcactta tttttaaaga aaacagatct taaacatgac gattttgtaa tggaaagaca     20220
     gttcacaaaa agccgtcggg ctggctggct gaaaactata agtctgtgtg cataaacccc     20280
     attaagtaaa gatttcgttt taaaaacgaa atagctacta tatcattttt tggttgtgaa     20340
     tccattttaa gaaaacaaat aatttaaaaa gttttacaag atgctttaca tgttcttatt     20400
     agtattaatt tgcattaaga caaattgtag aaaaggagat tgagtgatat aaaaataaga     20460
     acagcaaaat aaatcaatta aaaataaatt agttcaaaag tgaatgaatt agttcaaagg     20520
     tgcattttag aactttcagg ccggaattaa ttaggacccc caaatcacta aatccgcccc     20580
     tgcagatcgt cttctggcat gaatagtaag gcatttattt ttagagaata aaaatattaa     20640
     ctacatatca tctttcttat tgttaaggtc aagacacaac atttatgaac tcattgtcca     20700
     tatgtacaga tacaaaacac ccttgtattg caatatactt tcaataatta ataaaaaagt     20760
     tagcattttg acaggtcaac tcttattaac ataattattt aacactgtaa catgtaaaca     20820
     gcagtgcatg gggcctaaat tgagtgagat gcttttaatg cttagttgac attaatgttg     20880
     tgttcttgta taacagattc atcacaagag gacgctagag gttacaatgt taggatgtag     20940
     aagaggtgtt gaagaactga aagtgtgtag gcatgtggag ttgcttgttg ttaaactcta     21000
     atgcttataa acctgtgaaa ttgtaaattc tgggatctga ctcttcatgc atgtttgggc     21060
     aaacagtaca acattattat ttcataattt ttttgtagtt gcttctttcc ctcatcattc     21120
     ttgtcacgtc ctggtgagcc tttgataagc tttgatgttt ggatgaagat gttcaagaac     21180
     tacttactgg tcgttattgc atctggcctg ctgaacagaa gagactattc ttgcactgtt     21240
     tagagacaga aggtcagaga ttactttata ctttgacaaa acaaggtgag actatggagg     21300
     aatcgattga agcttacttt cagtacgttc cctacaggat atattaccct ctgaagggca     21360
     cagtggagtg aaaacattca tggccgccat tttgaagtgt cattttaaac tcaagtgcgc     21420
     aaaactggcc actttgaagt gcccttcaga ataaaggatt tcatagggta caactgatgt     21480
     cccttagagc tgagaagttg tttggcatct cacactgcat tccaatcata agggggtcat     21540
     ccctatgcat cagtggcatc tcataaaaaa tttccagcag ccatcgactt tcttcttaat     21600
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac tttttcaaca aaatagcatt acataacgca gggtttgcac     21660
     gcatttgtct aatgctgatg tgttaggtag aaacgcagcg ctcaggaatg gtttaaaaca     21720
     gttgtcatgt caacttgctg cagtaaacaa agccaagtcc gtactgcttg ccccgccttc     21780
     gcgctcttct tattggtcca ctgctctagc actgaaatat cagctgtcaa tcactcagtc     21840
     aatgccttct ggcttgggat gacaggtaga gctactaccg cgaaaaattg taaagcgctg     21900
     aagatgagaa tgaagataac actgacagat tttgttttag aaaccatgac atctaaagtt     21960
     acaaataatg gcacatctta ctagtgatca tgtgctgaat gttaatccac catctacact     22020
     tttccaagag tggataaaag acttccattg gcttcaagta cgctatgaaa agtctgtgag     22080
     atggagtttt caggtaactg tttgccacat ctagcacgag agcttcagtt taatccttca     22140
     tataaccgcc agatgctgtc cgccgtgcaa gtggcagcta tatgtcaaat ataacaccat     22200
     gtacaccatc gcaaacgggc ttgcgccgag taaactaata tcgctactca tgaagaccgg     22260
     tatggctatt aacatgacgt atgcatataa taaggtacag tatatgtcaa aagcatcagt     22320
     gcaatatcag acactatccg tgagaacagc acagttatat cgtttacaga ttcattcatg     22380
     tcaagcagtg cgtgcagggc cggtgagcgc tccgtgtatc ctttggtcac tcagttttgt     22440
     cataaaaatg tttttttttt agtgataacg ggatttcgtt gagacatatt ttcctcacgc     22500
     atatatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatattttt ttttgcttgt tagtttgatt     22560
     actgttaatt tcaaatgcaa taaataagtt tgtataaaac ttgttgtagt aacggtgctt     22620
     ataattggtg agtgcgacta aattttggct gatgcgccaa atttttttaa gttaggaaca     22680
     ccagtgttac caagcaaaaa ggttaatttc gagccctgta tatatatata tatatatata     22740
     tatatatata tatatatata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     22800
     cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatata catatatata tataaatatg tatatttttt     22860
     aaagcagtat ttgtttaatt taattcattt ttcattcatt tatttattgt ttcatgtact     22920
     aattactctt ctcaacaaat atcagttttt ttaaacctta atttccatgg ttgactgtca     22980
     tgttgaaaaa acaagtaatc attttaatca ttgtgactca cacgatgaca aatacacgtt     23040
     gttttggtag ccttggccaa attactgaca caagagctag gtttcgaagc atgaatgaac     23100
     tattttgggt aatgaactac attttgcaga cgtgcactaa agctccagca aaagttttga     23160
     catttgcact cacagtttac agaatgttta gaccgtttag aaatatttac caaagcaatt     23220
     gaggaaaaac tgtaagacaa cattaaatag cacaaaggat gttctctctc tccagactta     23280
     ccttcactgg agtgcagagg tagctgtggt gtgtcatgtt agggcagctg cgctctgttc     23340
     tgaccccagc tctgatgtgc tcatctcagc cttcacacag cacctcctta cctctctctc     23400
     ctggaggatg aaaatgagcg agaggacgag agaaaaagag ggagggatgt gaaagtaagt     23460
     acgagaggat gttccctctc ccacagcccc ctcagttgga ttacccagac tgatgtttac     23520
     ccaacttcgt atctgtttgc gtgcatgtgt ttgaattgaa atattgtgac ctgaagagca     23580
     aggacaacac aagggtagag tcaatcaaat aataaagaca aagcatacca acaattacaa     23640
     caacttggac tggatgacag aggcaagaat gaaaaaatgc ctcatcctgc ctgtcattaa     23700
     ttagcttcat tctgaccaca aaatgtggga gaaaaagttt ttgaaggttt atttttgtag     23760
     gatttcttta tttagctatt ttagacattt aaaatcgttg aaaatctgca acacggtact     23820
     gggaaacacc catacactcc cacattcact gaccaatttt gtttacccaa ttcactcgga     23880
     agaaacccac gagaacatgg ggagaacatg caaactccac atagaaccaa cgactttctt     23940
     gctgtgaatt gacagtgcta accaccgagc ccccgtgcca actggactga agcagataat     24000
     attaatttaa actgagaagc gacaggtgct aattaaccac tgcaagatgt cagctactgt     24060
     ctggactttc agagcctttt tacactgtct ttttttaagt gttcaatact taaagaaact     24120
     atctaaatta gctttgttgt ctttgtatgt atgaatttct ttggttgttt ctaacatctg     24180
     gcaaaaaaat aaataaatga aaaatctgat cattttgaga aaaatgttga caatcaaaac     24240
     ttttcctaaa tcacatgaaa atctgtcatc accaagaaaa cataaattgt cataatgata     24300
     ctgcttcctg ctttgctact gttcggacgt ctttgcctac tgctccgctc cttgcactcc     24360
     tgctttttta ttttataatc taattttaac ttgagcctat cagcacagtg ctcaaacgaa     24420
     acagcttgaa gatcaacatc gaatctacaa actttctgga gtacaacttt acttttattt     24480
     agaggaatta tcgtctaaac aatcctcccg ctaccagctg ctttcattcc tgagacggga     24540
     aaacacggct gtgaaaatgg ctctggatca tattgatttg gaatctcact gctgcaccaa     24600
     ctgccacaaa cttttacaaa agattgcagt tcttgaaaca aagttacttg cgatccaacc     24660
     agagctgccg aattacacag gaccggttca tcgtggagcc tcacagcatt cagccggtaa     24720
     gccctataaa tctactccag ctactgtttt gagaacagaa aaacagattg aaactgttga     24780
     aaatcagcgt gaactatggc ataaacaagg tgcgagacca aagggtactc gtggggtcag     24840
     atcacgaagg tcatacgctg ctgcattagc gttctctacc ccaaatacag ctcggactca     24900
     aatacagctt cagaacagat atgaagtttt gagtaatatg ggtgaagatt ccccaaatgc     24960
     agttagacag agatcgcatg actcagcaat taactttgct ctgaacagag gctcaaggcc     25020
     gactagacag cggcattctg ctccgatcgc aacagagata agaacactga ttgttggaga     25080
     ctcaataatc aaaaatttta ggagcagaga taccatgaca tactgctttc ctcatgctac     25140
     agtttctgat ataaataaag aacttgagaa catattaagg aaacatgaga ctgcaaaacg     25200
     gattatcatc catgtgggga agaatgatat tcggaaggag cagtcagaac tgctcaagag     25260
     agatttctgt aagcttttgg aaacagttga aagattgaaa attcagccgt tcatcagtgg     25320
     accactccct gcaagaggga caaatatgtt ttcaaggctc cttggtctaa atgcatggct     25380
     gcagaaaaca tgtaacatga aaagactgaa tttcatcgac aacttcaatc tcttctggaa     25440
     ccaaagacag ctgtttacat cagacggcct tcatccaaac aagcttggtg caaaagtgct     25500
     gaaagacaac atcctcttct ccctccatca tccatcagat gtgtatgcca ctgaactgaa     25560
     tgacacacac acacctagca aatgtccgga tgaccacagg acttcaaatc agctcctgag     25620
     tggacttgtg gctgacgcat cctacaagga cagagataac accacgcagc cacaacaacc     25680
     gccgataacg gacgaactgc cgtctgcacc ctgcacactg agctcaacac aggcagactg     25740
     tgatgcatca gaacagcatc aagtctcagc actcattgat gatccccagg aaaacagcca     25800
     ggtaaacata tctcagcagc cagaaacccc agacccacag cctctgtcac cggacacaca     25860
     gcctctgtca ccggacacgt tctcattgtc atcttgctcg cctctcttgg atttttcaaa     25920
     aaagatggag gaactggtgt gtgctggaac taaactctca cactccattg ctgctagccc     25980
     ccagttagca accaaaagtc agcaagccac acgcccatct ctaagcccac ctcgccctac     26040
     acctaggaaa ggcctcaggt ctttgcgaca gcgccaggtc ccaaaaaaca cctcatcttt     26100
     agctggtgaa cttaaaaact gccattgatg tgtctcgggg gaacacatag aaatgtgcta     26160
     tataaataaa cttgccttgc cttgccttgc cttgccttgc ctaatgtaga tttgtcataa     26220
     acatcaattc aagagttcac tcttagctga tgatttataa aagcttgttt ggcatgctgt     26280
     cccgggagag agccccgagc tcaagggctc ctcgagcccg gggcttcctc ccgttgacag     26340
     agcgagaggg gagcctgagc tcggtgcatc tcagaactcc cctgctgcgg cagctaaggg     26400
     aacacaaggg gttagacaaa gcttgattgt tatgcatgtt gaatgtcttt ggatggtggg     26460
     aggaaaccgg agaacccggg gaaaacccac gcggacacgg ggaggacata caaactcctc     26520
     acagaaacac ccaccggtcc tgtggaacca gggccggcag tgttcttgct gtggggctca     26580
     cagtgctagt cactgggccg ccgtgccgcc cagtcagagg taaaggagga gaatagggga     26640
     ggaggggggt ttcttccaaa cgaagatgaa gtgaattgaa aactgtgatt atttatagta     26700
     gcttagggct catatgattg gaagacagtg attagcaaat gtgagactgg ctgtgataaa     26760
     tcataagcac gtgatcctct cgaaattagt ttatgaataa acttcactta atgttccttt     26820
     tatttaaatt tttagtttct tttatattga tttaagtttt agttaactct aatgtccctg     26880
     aacttgagga taaatagtgc atacatgtac agtagcaatg accttgtctg tcctgaaaaa     26940
     taggactggt gactttaatc tctttgttag gatttttcca tgcatcagct gaacgaattg     27000
     cttcatattt gatgttgaaa cttgtttttg gaaaagcctg tgaattgatt tttccttttg     27060
     tcctcctcaa atggaaacgt cttcatattt gatgttataa catacccttg aaaactccag     27120
     ggtttagtgt ttttgttagg ggattatttg cagcacagct aggttttctt ggttggttga     27180
     catttaacat tttgcgtctg tttttccatt tgtttgttgt ggaataaaaa gcatatctgc     27240
     atcccaggtg gatttcaaac atttctaaaa gtccttcata ttgtctgtgg tagacttttg     27300
     acacaattga taaattgacc ttaagttaca tgaaacaggt cgcacagtat tattttggag     27360
     aatgtgaagg aatgtaagaa tacaccacaa acacattcat aatcagtcat aagtgtagag     27420
     agagtagggg gtgggggtgg ttgaaatttc ccagggatat gaacaatttt ggtcttgact     27480
     gtatatgtag agattataaa atatggctgt ccacagaatg tgttaatgca tgtgattaat     27540
     ctgtaaaggt taacttcttt aaattccttt taaaaaatta tcttttaata gggtttgacc     27600
     ccagcatttc ttcccaaaac caagttacgt tatccatctg gcaatatttt ggctttcaat     27660
     tgaataacaa aagccaattt agataagcca atatgcaaaa tttgccatac attaagccat     27720
     acattaaacc tgagatctca tccgactgtc atccttttgg ggtttagggt tcaacctaaa     27780
     atgtgtctgc aacatttttt ttgtagctca aagacaccca tccatctatc cattgtttgc     27840
     tgctgcatat ctggagctgg gtcgtgggag cagcagtctc aggagagaac cccagacttc     27900
     cttttcccca catcctccag ctccgccagg ggatcctaag gtctttccag tgtatccagg     27960
     gtcttcccct ggacctcctt ttggtgggac atgcctggaa cacctcccta agtaggtcac     28020
     agcttcattg gatgcgcagg atcagtggct ctacttcgag ctcctcaccc tatcgctgta     28080
     ccctgtaatc ctgtgaaaga aaactcattt tggccaactt gtcccttggg gcataaccca     28140
     aagctcatga ccaggcgaga gtagtcaaca aagattgacc agtaaattga gagctttgcc     28200
     ttacagctca gcttcttttt accagaacgg gctggtacat cgtctgtagt actgctgctg     28260
     ctgcaccaat ctgcctgtca aactcatgtt ctgtcctttc ctcactcatg aacaaaaccc     28320
     caagatactt aaagtcctcc acctggggga ggaccgtcct ccaacctgga cattgcaaga     28380
     catctttttc cagatgagca gcatggcctc ggatttggag gtgctgactt tcatctctgc     28440
     tgcatcacac tcggcagcaa accatcccag tacatgaaga aagttaatgt tcaataaatc     28500
     caacacaacg agatcctgtg aaatcctgtg gtcccctaac tagaccccta ccgaccctaa     28560
     gttgctagaa attctgttga taaaaataat gaacagaacc ggacaaacat gcaccgggat     28620
     catgtctgat cggttgccgg caatgcaaac caaactccgg ctccatttat acagagactc     28680
     aaaagcatcc ctccaaagaa tgccacgaga aactaagttg aatgccttct gcaagtccac     28740
     aaaatacatg tggactggtt gaatcctcca taaattcttg agcactctaa tgagggtata     28800
     gagctggtcc aaggtttcac ttccaccagt gttcctctcc agacttttca gggaggctga     28860
     ggagagtgaa ctcaccttct ggtccctctt cttaaaaatg ggaaccacca ctagagttgc     28920
     ccagtccaga ggtattgtcc acgcccttaa tgcaatgttg cagaaacatc cagagatacc     28980
     tctcgccccc accccctttc ctttctgctt tgccactgtg gagctagcaa attacctcag     29040
     tgacttcaac ttgggtgatg ggtaggtcaa ccccttcatc cctgttctct gctttttcaa     29100
     tggaaggcat gttggtgggg ttgaggagat cctcaaagta gtccttccat tatccaacat     29160
     ccctagtcaa agtcaagagc tccccacttt cactatacac agtgatagtg tagatctact     29220
     tccctctccc aaggtaccgg acagtttgcc agaatctctt tgaagctgac cagtagtctt     29280
     cctccatagt tcatagaact cttcagtttt gcttctgcaa ttgtccaggc tgtagcacac     29340
     taggcctgtc agtaaccatc agctgccttg ggagtttcac tggccaataa gtcctggtag     29400
     ctcgtcgtgg ccgctctgga tctagtcaaa gttcttgtgg aggtgagagt tgaaaatgac     29460
     tctgacatgc gtttcagcca gacattccgt cctctgccag cagatccatc tctgcacctc     29520
     tctttactta aaagtgcagt aggtgacctt ccaaaatgct aaccgcttag catattgtct     29580
     ttggacggcg gggagcgact gtgattcaaa gccacacccc ctgaaatcgc gagcgcgcga     29640
     accgcatcac aacagccgac agacaaccca ctagttcatg tcattcgcca gttagttagt     29700
     gccagcgccg tgcaggaatt acatgaaata ctttgccaca cttacatgag agcgaatatt     29760
     cagagtagca tggtaaacag tataggaagg ctatcattgt tcaaaaatga cccaatgtga     29820
     atataaaagc aacttcagct caataaagca ggctaggcgg aatagcgcta tttactggtg     29880
     ttttgttgtt aaactacata taaatctaca ttatagatgc tgtaaaagaa ccttatgaag     29940
     ctgaaaataa tcacatcaat cattcaccgg gagatttcag tggctgaaca acacatctgt     30000
     gcatagaagt cattcataac acaacacaat ctaacataaa atagttttaa aacagaacat     30060
     tacctgtcta acagtgatac ttcagccatg gtgtcgtcct tcctccagcg tgctaaagta     30120
     actccaatat tgattcaggt atttaaaagt ttcaattcag cttttgattt ctcctggtcc     30180
     gtcttgtaac cgcgcggccg ctttaagggc gaattatact cgcgcctggc tttatagtaa     30240
     tcggcccgag ctcggctgtc ctgcggcacc tccggctcca actcggcatc tgcgagtggc     30300
     ccgcagcttg ctcggagcac atacgtttgt gatgcagacg ggcacgcgct aatggcggat     30360
     ctgcgtgaac agatgcgcag aagttggaat ctacatttgc tgacagacag tctgacctgc     30420
     ctatcggaat taagggagat gacagtccga ctctatttaa ttggatgaac attttttagt     30480
     tttatgcttt accctgaata taaaaataca tataaacaca tttagatcat ttactgtaat     30540
     cattactatt ggactgtgaa gagactttca accagcacaa caacacatgt ttctgaagac     30600
     aatcacctac tgcaccttta actgttccaa gacacatggt ttaagatcat atgaaacaac     30660
     cacaaagtct atcattgttt gtacacatcc aggagaatga gatgctcgtc atgcagatca     30720
     ttaagcaaac caataaccta aacccaacca atagtgattc aaaagaatag gagataggag     30780
     aacaggttca ttcctggtct tattttattt gattcagtgt attttatccc aaagacaaat     30840
     tagatagata caaacagaac cccagaagaa taaaaaaggc aatgaaatag tgattaaagc     30900
     acacacagac acatcattta ccactaaaat agccttgacg caagttttga caaactgtga     30960
     tacgcatttg tctgtcacaa gacacacggc ctactgacga atattacaag atcacaacat     31020
     aaggtgagcg tttctactga caatgcatat ggaaaataac aaagggattt acctctttgt     31080
     ttatggaaaa gtatgagtca gatgtcatca gtcgggtttg agttttcaat aaaacacctc     31140
     acactttgaa cttctaaatc agtgttaggt tcatttcaaa acaaatatga aaataataag     31200
     gcatgatttc aacattgtct atacagctac atgagtgtgt attttgatag ctcaaacaat     31260
     ggagtgtgag gctagtgatg tttccatgcc agggaatata ataactcata aagattacat     31320
     tgtctgtcaa gtgcatataa aaccctttat ccgcagacta aaacatgata gtggcagaac     31380
     ctctccaaac aaggaacatt ttcagatatt tagtgctcat tctgccatgt taccaacaaa     31440
     agtaccatac aaaaaacgcc tattaagatt cacagagtgt ggtctttatt tttgagctga     31500
     tgttatagga aaattattaa agaacacaca atccagcaat gttttagttg cagttcccac     31560
     atttttgggg gaactgatat atttcatatc ttcatatata ttcacactaa atattatttg     31620
     agtcacactt tttattatat tttaaggtag aattctcact gttcatgacc ttcaataaac     31680
     tgattattcg ttgcttatta ctatttattg gtagtagctg gtgattaggt agagatgtag     31740
     aataagcagg gttcatacgg tcatggaaaa cctggaaaag tcaatagaat tttaacatgg     31800
     cattttcagg cctggaaaag ttttggaaaa gtcatggaaa acagatatct gtatacttga     31860
     atataggtta gctgtcttaa attcttctgt ccttggccaa tcacattagt gctgtgtaag     31920
     cattatttaa ataaatctta tctagatatt aatataaatt aggcatcacg gtggcgcagt     31980
     gggtagcaca atcacttcac agcaagaagg tcagttggca tttctgtgtg gggtttgaat     32040
     gttctcccca tgtttgcatt tcagggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgaatgttc     32100
     tccccatgtt tgcatttcag ggtcagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttga atgttctccc     32160
     catgtttgca tttcagggtc agttggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgaatgt tctcccaatg     32220
     tttgcatggg tttcctcctg gtgctccggt ttcccccacg gtctaaacat tccatactgt     32280
     attggtgtga gaacagttca cacacaatcc cattgatggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc     32340
     gctgcgtaaa acatgtgctg gaaaagttgg cggttcattc cactgtggtg accccagatt     32400
     actaaaggga ctgagctgaa aagaaataaa tgaatgaata aatataaatt gaaactattg     32460
     agattgtggt gtgttttacg atatgctgta atgaatgttt tgttttgtta ccacacatat     32520
     gtagacattg cattaaataa taggtcatga aaatttactt gaaaatcttg taagaatcat     32580
     ggaaaagtca tggaacttta gtagttaaaa tgtggatgaa ccctcaatga gattagacta     32640
     tactttataa gtactaataa gggagtattt tataaatagg caggtaaaat aagccactag     32700
     ttaatagtga gaattggtac atggactaaa ttgttaccat tatttggttt cacataacca     32760
     aaacttccaa tttgcaacaa agcctgtgat ttgcattcat ctgctggcca aaaacagagg     32820
     gtttatcatg gatacccgat gcacagccat gtgaatattg atgctttctg tgggtaccag     32880
     cacactgcgg tttgagtgtg ttggtgtact tccaccttga gtatgcaaag gaaaatgcac     32940
     cctgcatgcg gtgtgtacac atttgttaat ttgtgtgtac acataaacaa cagatgagtg     33000
     tgtgcggagg agggaagcct acaaaaggag agacttgaca cctgaaggga aagtagggag     33060
     aaagaaagaa aaagttttaa acagttaagg agggatacgg cttattaatc agtaacacac     33120
     acttgttcat ttaaagtttt ctgctttagc ttgcttttat aagagcgaca aaggagcagg     33180
     agaaccaaca ggtgactcaa gctctcttct cagacttctc cagcaggtaa gcgattgaac     33240
     atctacacat attgacatta cattaagtca tttagcacat gcttttgtct aatcgaggag     33300
     gcgttcaatg attcaacaag aagatacaca tatttcagtg taaatctctg ctcttctgat     33360
     ggagcctgca tcactgatat tcctcacgga cattctggga atgcctgcat ttatctaagc     33420
     ccttatttac tgttgtaatt aaatactgat aattatcgaa attgagtaaa atgatcatga     33480
     agcgcagccc tgtggtgaat caagtggctt tgtgatataa tataatttgt aatatataat     33540
     gtacacacct taatgtatat tttgtgtatt ttatctcatt cataacgata gcaatttgtt     33600
     cataaatact ccagtgtgtt ggataacaca ctctctgtct ttatttaaaa caatgtagca     33660
     aacaagccgc acactgtaaa actttagcaa ctgaaatgag tgtagtcaac tcaaaattga     33720
     ctgaaagtta attctactca tttgaaaaga gttttaaact cagtgttgaa ggtaatgagt     33780
     tcattaaaca cctcattact tcaacttaaa ttgagtaagt tcacagtact catatagttt     33840
     actttaactc aaatggtttg tagcaatcgg tttccccaaa tgattaactt attgggtttt     33900
     acagtactca gttggtttga gttctgttca tttaatgggt tttacagtgc tcaaactgct     33960
     tcatttactc aaatggatta agttcacagt actcattagg attcattttt aactcaaatg     34020
     gtttgctgct atcggtttaa aaaacgcttc gagttatctt aacttcttgg gttttacagt     34080
     gcagtagctc tgtttccatt caaagatgta aaattaacgt atgggcaaaa ctagaatatt     34140
     gcatatacat ttgaaaatac agcatagttt caatccacta agttaaagag atcaaaattt     34200
     tgatataaca aaattaaaaa tgtaatttgc tgtggttgga gaactgcttt cagagactaa     34260
     tattgtttcc ttctcttcac agactcaaag atgactcgct ccttaagaga gtggttcaaa     34320
     gattacaggt taaagcaacg cattcgcaaa aaccgactgg tcaccaaaga tggccgctgc     34380
     aacattgagt tcggcaacgt gttgcacaga agccgattca cctacgtcct cgacttctgg     34440
     accaccttgg tggagacccg atggcggttc atcctcttgt attttgtggc atccttcacc     34500
     ctcagctggt tcatcttcgg actcttgtgg tactggttag caagaagcaa tggtgacctg     34560
     ttgtggcaga atccaccacc agatcataaa ccatgcgttt acagtgttaa tgatttgact     34620
     tatgcctacc tctactcatt ggagtcccaa gccactattg gatatggcaa cgtatacgtc     34680
     actgaccaat gtcctgcagg tgtggctctg attacaatcc agatgctcat aggactctta     34740
     atcagtatat tctggtgtgg tatagtcatg accaaaatca cccttccaaa aaagagagcc     34800
     aaaaccatca ccttcagtga atccgctgtc atctgcccca aaaaaggcac tctttgcctt     34860
     caaatccgtg tagccaacct gcgcaagacc ttaatgatcg gcagtcagat ttacgggaag     34920
     cttctgagga caacagtcac gggaggtgag accaacatcc tggaccaggt caacattgac     34980
     ttcatggtgg acgccggtaa agacaatctg tttttcgtgt gtcctttaac cctgtaccac     35040
     atcattgaca aaagcagccc atttttcaac atggctgtgg acacgatgca tcagcaggac     35100
     tttgagcttg tggtgttcct ggatagcatg gccgaaacca ccagctcctc ctgccaggtc     35160
     aggacttcat acatccctca ggagatcatg tggggctatg actttctccc gatcatttcc     35220
     cgcagtaaag agggaagata tcaagtggac ttttccaact ttgccaaagt ggtgcctgtt     35280
     cctaccgcac attgctcccg ctgctaccac aatgagcccg gaaaccatct ccatctccag     35340
     ggcattgata acaagggctt tgaggtgatt gatatagagg ttcaaaacag caccaacatg     35400
     taaggctttt tgagtgactg gtcaacatct tgcactatgc cggaaacatt gaacactgtg     35460
     tcctaatccc agtttcagtc tctacccctt gttttgcgca ttcacatgat ggtgttgggg     35520
     tgtccaaatt ctgtttagct tgaaggcgta gggctaatgg gaagagctag acagcccttg     35580
     aaatgaagat tttccaggac cacacaagaa atcaaagggt acgaacattt ctcagaacac     35640
     atggctgcac acaacaggag tcagaagtat ttttggcatt attaagaatt ataaaaattt     35700
     taataacaga ttttttttag ggattgggcg taatgcttta tgtctttcat tgtggtgatg     35760
     agaggcgaaa ggagcatttc aatctcttga ttggtatttg aatagtaaca ctgcaggaat     35820
     tcatttcttt tatcacatgt gttgctttac tctgcacaca aacaatggtt tttgtctctt     35880
     tcacaaagtt tgaaagtgtg aattgtgaag tgaaactatg gttctgttct tctcttaagt     35940
     actgtagaca ttgatttgga tgttcaagta ttaactggaa attcattaat aagatattta     36000
     tttatttaat cctctttatc tcagatacca gccggtgcta ttgtgctctg aatcactctg     36060
     ggatgttgtt tcttttaaca tttgtatatt tcttgtaaat ttgcatgagt aaatgtgtaa     36120
     atataatttg tagtttattt gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg taaataaaaa atgaaaataa     36180
     aagagaaatc atgtttaatg tttttttttt tattgaaatt ataatatctc cagcaactct     36240
     ggcagtcaaa aattttccag ctttcacagt taaaagtcac cacacgaggg cgtaagggca     36300
     atatataaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     36360
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     36420
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagtata     36480
     tagaggttga ctttctcatt gtccaacgga gagggttgta aaaaattccg tcataaccta     36540
     ttattgatcg ttatttaatt tgcatatttt ttaatcgctt ttttcattca tattttaata     36600
     atgagcttgc gcgacgagca tataggctaa attattaatt gatttatttg acaaacaaaa     36660
     actcctatct gccttaactc atatcttcct cctgtgagat ttttgcaact gtacgcagca     36720
     gtgacaagag gagagaaaac aaggacaatc gccatcagct ggacaagagt gggaattaca     36780
     attagctaca aattacaata gatcaccctc agcataatcc atcaaaatga cggatcacct     36840
     tcagattcac tgctgaaaaa aaaatccgtc aatgacagaa aatattcggg taacgcgacc     36900
     tctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataatacac     36960
     aagggtgaag ggagaagaga cagtatgagt gctgttattt gcagaatatc acagggctat     37020
     gcaataaata ttctctataa ctctttaact cttctacatc tgtgatggta acactttagt     37080
     gtaggaacta gcaaaatgga attaaaacac aaatgaatta acactcacca gatttaaagt     37140
     gtcatggtgc tcttcagatg tgttcagggt ggttgatgat cagtcagatg aaatatcatg     37200
     tagtcttgac tataagattg attcataaac agcagttatg ttgatgtcag aagcagattt     37260
     tccaattagt ctgtttgcat gatggattta tattaaaata acagtatttt tatatgataa     37320
     tataaattca gcataaccca tgtttagttc accaccacag aggtttagtg cactgccatt     37380
     ttaactaatt aaactgattc attggcccat ttacagctat atgcattttt tgcaagacat     37440
     aacttggcaa agtcaaagaa atattttgca tgtgagcata aatgaaaaga aaataaagat     37500
     tgaagctgta gctcacaagt ataatgatgg gaagtttgga tcatttgaat acaattaaaa     37560
     acataattga caaatgccaa atggtggcac ctacagcaag acaataatgc atctactgta     37620
     taaaattata attaaaaatt aatcaatcat ttttatttta gtagcacatt ttgtttgttt     37680
     tacaactgta atgaaatgaa catataatgc caaattacat taataaaaaa tatgtatgta     37740
     tttaaattaa atatctcatt gaagtaaatg aaacaacaca tgaaatatgt tatcttcatt     37800
     aaaatacgta taatatttaa cgttcattaa aagtaatttt aattgcatta aaagtaatgc     37860
     aatgtgctaa cattacaata aatgttaatc aggctgattt gtatggttta acaaagtagc     37920
     tgttgttcat tttggtgttt tctcaaccac attcctggac gtgcaccagc tctacacatt     37980
     ttccatatct gcctaaaggt gctgtatgtg agtttttgac tcttctaaag tataaaaata     38040
     gcataatatg tttgcagata tttaagaaat ctgctaagtg aacattcttg tttatctgaa     38100
     aaacaatgct ggagtcagat attctgcttt gtaaatatgt tttccgtgct ggaacggctg     38160
     tctttgtttt ggtaatttta atctgcccaa tgccacttta accagttaca tttcagcacc     38220
     tcgggttgcc ttgaaggaaa gccacatata ttattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc     38280
     attcataaag gctctgaaag catgcgctcg tgaccgaaat gcgacctccg gtggacagta     38340
     gcagactccc aaacaagaca taaatttcca catgaggtta ttaattagca aatgatgtaa     38400
     attttacagc taactctgaa agctggaaaa tggtggactg ccggagttgc tggagatgta     38460
     atttcaatta aataaataca acattaaact tgatttctct tttattttaa ttttttattt     38520
     acattttttt ttttacaaat aaagtacacc ttatacagtt aatacttcag aagcacagaa     38580
     tgtgcactcg ctcatgaaat ggtaaggttt ataatctatt taatatatat taaccctctt     38640
     taacatgatt aaatgtagat gctgaatcac tgatatgtgt tggcttccac tgagtcacaa     38700
     ttctaacgtt caatctcaaa ctgtttattt tccagatctg tgaactatct gctgctgctt     38760
     tcagtagtat ggcaataaat ggcatgtaaa atgccactca aactcacatt attagcattt     38820
     aacactgaat aaagcacatg aggattacct gaggtgatca gtcagttttc tgctgttcag     38880
     cggtgagaaa taaaagccgc ttctaatata tcaattcgag gtgttggttc agacaaaaac     38940
     ttcttttaat atggagaata ttccttctat cgggtgccgt tgcttttata tagagcacgg     39000
     tttaaatcac tcactcctgt tctcaatctg gcaacctgcg cttgcgtttg ttttgatcca     39060
     ggagtgcaat acctagttca accactgggt ggcaaactta catactgcac ctttattcaa     39120
     acacaccagt ttcagatcat cagctcatta acagagactg aaagagctgt gatgggtgtg     39180
     acaaaggaga tgttcaaaac atgcagtgtt ggtggttctc cagcaggatg tatgcagaaa     39240
     tcttatacgc agtgttgggc agtagcgtcg atacaagtag tggcgcaact agcttaacta     39300
     catttctcag tagcgtggcg gtagcatcgc tactttcgaa ctcaaatagc ttttcagtag     39360
     cgaagctatt ttattagtca agtagcgcag tagcgtccac acaagctaca cttaccaatc     39420
     gtggatcaat aagtgatggc acagacattc acagagctgt gaggccgatg tctagccaat     39480
     gaaagtaaat ccatatgatg gcgagaatga cgatttcttc atcttcctgt tttactgtgt     39540
     tcgacaacaa agtttttggt gcgctacttt tttggacaat gcctaaaatt taagacctcg     39600
     taaaaacatt attaaaactt taatactttt taagggcctt cattttctca taattgattt     39660
     atcaactttt aatacttttt aagaccccga ggacaccctg tctacgaatg tgattgagaa     39720
     atactaaatt taagaaatta tttgatgcta taaaatgtgt agttttaata attttgcatg     39780
     cataataaaa acactgcgtt tgccatatga tcaagtatga catgctttca ttaacctttg     39840
     gtttaaaata ataataatcc cccatttcac attcctccct ctttcccttt gcagacttac     39900
     ctttattgga gtgcagaggt agctgtggtg tgtcatgtta gggcagctgt gttctgttct     39960
     gaatcagttc aggtctgatg tgctcatctc agccttcaca cagcacctcc ttacctctct     40020
     ctcctggagg atgagaatga gcgagagaga cagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     40080
     gagagagaga gagagggaga gggatgtgaa agtgagcctg aaaggatgtt tcctctccca     40140
     cagctccctc agttggatta cagtacccag actgatgttt acccaacttt gtatctgttt     40200
     gagtgcatac atttgaatta aaatattgtg acctggaaac caaggacaac acaagggtag     40260
     agtcaatcac ataataaaga caaagcatac caacatcacc aactaggagt ggatgacaga     40320
     ggcagaatga aaaaagcctc taaaaagtca ctcatttgtt ttattctggc cactaaatgt     40380
     gaaagaaaaa gcctttatgt ggtcatttca gacatgtaaa acactaggaa cagagctaag     40440
     ggtatgttta tacagcaatg cacttttaaa aaggatgtgt gtttgcttag tgtttttttt     40500
     aaaggcgttt atcaagcctg aaatgttctt gctataattt attgttattt ctacacatca     40560
     ctacattcat ccataatgga gttgacaaac aaataaaaaa aactgcatat ttctctaaaa     40620
     gtaaaacatt taatcattta tgtttggcaa aagctgaatt ataaaactta aatatgcttt     40680
     caataagata ctagaaataa ttgctgtttt taaaaagttt tatttcttga aattccaact     40740
     atacatgcaa tagaatcacc tacattgatt ttaatgcata taataatctt tacaataact     40800
     gtaactagtg ttttcacaat gctggaatgt ccaacttcga gatgattaaa tgttaatcaa     40860
     aggcggcaac accaaggctc caaaaataca aatttattgc agtttttttt tggctgagca     40920
     cccagttaag agggatgtgc atgcttttgt acagtttttt cacaactttg agatgatacc     40980
     ttaaaaatgt caaccttcta taccatttta tacattttgt gatttttcaa aaatcttctt     41040
     cttattatta ttaattatta tttaatgcac cagagccaat atggacatta gtatttttta     41100
     ataacaagtt tttgaaaagc agatctttgc atattagcct acctgttagt ggtagatagc     41160
     taaataccat ttatagccta tcaaaaacat tattataatt tttttatata tttaaatagt     41220
     cttatttatg ttttttatct gaattcaaaa gagctacaca ttttaaaaca atttgaggtc     41280
     aataaaaata tatgcactgt catcatcaca aagacaaatt agttattaaa actaatatgt     41340
     ttagaatttg gttaaaacat ctctgttcaa tatttttttt aaaaagtaaa cttcacaggg     41400
     ggatttcgac ttcagctata caatatacta tacaatataa tatatatata tatatatata     41460
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattca actatatata ttcatttttt     41520
     gtaaatcaag ttaaactgaa aatctgaaat tatttagtaa tctgagactc ttaataatga     41580
     acaaatttat cagttaatgg ctctttttta aattgattta agttttagct aactctaata     41640
     atcctgaacc ggatgataaa cattacacgt gtgtaaagca acagcgacct tgtctttgtc     41700
     ctaaaaaaat aggactaaag acaacatcaa caggaagatt tgcttcatat ttgatgttat     41760
     aacataccct tgactccact gtttagtgtt tttgtccgag gattagttgc agcagttttt     41820
     cagggttgtt tgtgctttaa tattctgctt ctgaactctt ccatttgttg ctgtgaaata     41880
     aaaacacatt ttaggctcta ctgattataa tcgaaatgac cgaataatgt attgggttac     41940
     ggctgaaagg gcatccactg cattaaagat atggtgaaaa agttggcggt tcattacgtt     42000
     gtggtgaccc ctgataaatc agggacaaag ttaaaagaag ttgaatcaga agtcaccaat     42060
     ctctgtcctg gagggccagt gtcaaaacac tgcagggttt agctctaacc tgcctggatg     42120
     tttcaagcat acctagtaag agcttgatta gcttgttcag gtgtgtttga ttagggttgg     42180
     agctaaaatc tgcaggacac cggccctcca ggaacaagtt tggtgacccc tgagttaaat     42240
     gaatgaatta atgtcttaag attacaacct ttaaaataga aagattactt atttgtctct     42300
     gtacttattt gtttttcagt ttttaaagtc agcaagacat ttacattgac agtgtgcaaa     42360
     ttattggtct atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     42420
     atatattctc agagatgggt tgcgactgga agggcattca ctgcgtaaaa aaacatgctg     42480
     gataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtagcg accctggatt aataaaatta ctaagccaaa     42540
     aagaagatta ataaatgagt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     42600
     aacatcaata taatatcaat atataacatc aaatctgact ttacttaata ttggtttctg     42660
     ctcttaattt taaatattca gtgtatatta cttaacagac aaattaaaat acattttgca     42720
     acaaataaaa taaaaaagtt aaatagtata taattattaa tgaaaagggg acaacagtcc     42780
     aaaaacaata caaagaaaaa aaaagtcaat taaatagatg ttaaagtacc caaagtcaaa     42840
     taattcatca ctaaaatagc cttgacacaa cactttaaac agtttgacac aaactatgat     42900
     atttctatcg agatgcatga agggaaaagt aaatacataa cacagcccat tgaagaatat     42960
     tacatcttac acagctgcct gaaatgccta atacttatta aataattaat tacagctcag     43020
     gacaatgctt aaaaaaatta tttgtgtttt gtgaaaagta gtctgtaata agctggataa     43080
     agttcatcca gctggttgtt ttagcagaat aatgtccttc agttttatat aacaaagttg     43140
     ataagccttt cgggtcttta ttatgcaata acaacctcca ggatgtactt catcctttac     43200
     acaacataca gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt ctactgacga ttcaaacaca aaatgacaaa     43260
     gagatttaac gctttgttta cggaaaattc tgggttggat gtcctcagtt gggtttaagt     43320
     tttacagaaa aattttcata ctttgaacat ctcctaaatc agtattaagt gcattttagg     43380
     tcaaatataa aaatcataca gcatgatttc aacattatct agacagctac aggaataaac     43440
     ttgcgtattt gtttttttaa acttgtgtga cgcttgaatg ccaggtaata tagtaaccca     43500
     taaatattaa agacattagg ctcattctag caagtttcat gccatgttgc actcatcttt     43560
     ctttagtaat tgcttcactg tttctctcgt tttttagtat ctatggcatg ttgaatgctt     43620
     gaataacagt caaaatagac aaactcatga tatggacatg tgattataga gtagttcatt     43680
     aaaatataca tgccatgatt tacttgcttt gctattattg atcatttctt tgtcaatatc     43740
     aatactgaat catcatcagt tatgtggttg tcccacccct acacacacac tttaaaactt     43800
     aagttttaaa atgaacatgc cgcagtatga atcgtgttaa tgaaagcttt caaaaatgtt     43860
     tagtcatgtg accaattcag ttaaaatgag gaatgacata caatgtttga tttttccaaa     43920
     agacaatgga cgtttactcg ctgttctggc tctactgcca gtaaatgttc ttgcttacat     43980
     ttgaactgtc acatcattta tgattttcct caccaagttt caaaaagctg gaaactaaat     44040
     aaaaggcagg cagaaatgac atcgatcaaa ggtaacaatt attgaacagt aaacactctt     44100
     tggtcacctt gcaagtattt ccttttctct tttattcttt ttaggaaaat gatcataatg     44160
     gttgatataa aaacaaaagc tttgcatttg gatttttttt tgtccttgtc aatatcaaaa     44220
     tatgaaaata ataaaataat attattattt gatgttatac agtaacatgt cctagaagtt     44280
     ctgttttgtg ttcactgcag ctgtagaaca atcattttca aggttatcat aatcccttca     44340
     ccttcgctgt ttcacttctg aactagtgcg atattcagaa aacacatcta caaactagat     44400
     acaaaaagag ttgatattac attgaaagat ttattatcag aaataattag atcaataatt     44460
     ataagtaatt aataaatatt tttaactaag ccattttgat gatggctcag acatttcaga     44520
     atttttttca tcattgttta tttttctctt ctagttggaa aagaatagtc aaacactaac     44580
     attaaggttt tatgtagggt ggctcagtcg taggcactct cacctcacag caagacggtc     44640
     gctggtatga gtaccggctg ggtcagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc     44700
     cgtgttggcg cgagtttcct ccaggtgctc cggtttcccc cacagtccaa acacatgtgc     44760
     tataggggaa ttgaataacc taaattcaag agttcacact tagatattgc ttgataataa     44820
     taacaggttt gacatgctgt cccgggagaa aaccctgagc ttggagataa ttgagcccag     44880
     acctcccacc tggtcaatga gcgtgtaaag caggtcgaag accagaagtg ccacttggca     44940
     ccgcgacacg gcgcgcacat gacagtttaa attatcgcac accagacgcg cacattcgca     45000
     tgatatttag catgaaacta attagatggc gctctgtggc gcggctgaaa aatgaactgc     45060
     gtcctgagtc atggccgggc gccgctgacg gccgccgaat tgcagcgcag gtgtgtgtac     45120
     cctgatagaa acctatgttt agaattctaa aatgcacggc acttcagatg tgcgacctgc     45180
     ttaaggcagg gatgtccaaa ctcggtcctg gagggccagt gtcctgcata ttttagttcc     45240
     aacccctatc aaattaacct gaactagcta atcaacctct ttctaggtat atcaaaaact     45300
     ttcagggaga tgtgttggag gaagttgaag ctaaactatg caggacaccg gccctccagg     45360
     agtttggaca ctcctggtgt aaggggagga cgagatcagg tagttctcga gagctccccc     45420
     tgttaaaaga ggaaaggggg agatggggtg gatgggggac agtaaattga atgcgagaaa     45480
     acataactca gcaatgtatt tgccattttt caaacctgca tacagtgccc tctagtggat     45540
     ttgtcagcac gtgagcacgt atttctaact agcctgggtt gagatcttaa actgcactac     45600
     ttgcttaact acatttctca gtaacctgac ggtagcatcg ctactttcta aatcaaatag     45660
     cttttcacta actaagctgt tttttttttt tggttaagta gcgcattagc ttccacaaaa     45720
     gctacattta ccgatcacag atcaataagt cacggcaccg acattcatgg agctgtgagg     45780
     ctggtgtcta gccgatgaaa gtaaatccat atagttggtt ggtcggcaac aaactttttg     45840
     gtgtgttact gccacctctc gttttggtct gtgacgttgc caaccaatta ggcataagaa     45900
     ttttgcttga tggaaagatt actaagggag aggagttatt tttgaagcaa gattccttgt     45960
     gaccatacct caaggagtgc atgctaagat gcaaaatgac ttcctcaata atttgttgtg     46020
     gtacttgttg tgatatatat atgattgact tggatttaag ttgctttgat ttaacaatga     46080
     aaattgcaag aatagcttag atgtagctaa cttacttctg gcaagtaggt tttagcttag     46140
     cttgctacat ttcccagagg gtagctttta gtgtagttaa gctacatttt tcaagtacct     46200
     tgcctaacac cacccactgg acatctctaa atggatggaa gcacattccc tacagcttaa     46260
     tctggcagaa acaaaacttt tcatcttttc ttcaactcaa tactttcaca cacaatttca     46320
     ccatccatca gggatagtct actattatcc catctacttc agcaaggaat cttgaggtga     46380
     tctttaatga tcagctgtcc ttcaagagca cattgctagc acagctaaat catgcaggtt     46440
     ttcactttac aacatcagaa agatcagacc cttcctgact gaccatgctg cacaacaata     46500
     tcaacacctc caatatgcaa caaatcatga cctttgacct ctatgatttg cattctgctg     46560
     ctgacatgaa actttcagtg agggttaatt tattactgta cacaggaatt catgcatagc     46620
     catatgtggc agctcaatgc acagccatca ctgctgatga gtatttatga taaacaatgt     46680
     gatgcggttt actgaaggta ccaacacatt gcggtcgagt gtgttgatgt gtacttccac     46740
     atcaagtatg cagaagtaaa tgcatcctgc atcctcccct tgtgtaaaac atcggtgtgt     46800
     attcatttgc caatgtgtgt acatataaac aagggatgag tgtgtgagta ggaggaaagc     46860
     ctacaaaagg acagacccga gacatctgaa aggtaagaag gagatagaga agtggagtat     46920
     gaaacagtta ttacagatca ttaatcagta atacacactt gttcatttcc aatttcctgc     46980
     tttagcttgt ctttataaga gtggacgaag gattcaggag cagaagaacc agcgggcgac     47040
     tcaagatctc ctttcagact ctccagcggg taatatttgc tgtttgcaaa gtgtgaaata     47100
     tcctagtcat tgtttttctc taaaaactct agtctgttgt tcaacatgtt ggtgtttgtc     47160
     ctcatttgaa atgatgtagc aatcacttca caatgaagcc actattcact attttactgc     47220
     ttctgctaac taatattgtt tccttctctt cacagactca aagatgactc gctccttaag     47280
     agagtggttc aaagattaca ggttaaagca acgcattcgc aaaaaccgtc tggtcaccaa     47340
     agatggccgc tgcaacattg agtttgacaa tgtgatgcac agaaaccgat tcgcctatgt     47400
     ccgcgacttc tggaccacct tcgtggagac ccgatggcgg ttcatcatct tgtattttgt     47460
     ggcatccttt accctcagct ggtttatctt cggactcatc tggtactggt tagcaagaag     47520
     caatggtgac ctgttgtggc agaatccacc accagatcat acaccatgcg tttacagcgt     47580
     ttacgatatg acttatgcct ttatcttctc gctggagacc caaaacacag ttatctatgg     47640
     caatgtatat gtcactgatc aatgtcctgc cggtgtggct ctgattataa tccagactat     47700
     tataggaatc ttaatcagta tattctggtg tggcatagtt ataaccaaaa tcacccttcc     47760
     aaaaaagaga gccaaaacca tcaccttcag cgaatccgct gtcatctgcc ccaaaaaagg     47820
     cactctttgc cttcaaatcc gtgttgccaa cctgcgcaag accttaatga tcggcagtca     47880
     gatttacggg aagcttctga ggacaacagt cactggaggt gagaccgtca tcctggatca     47940
     ggtcaacatt gacttcatgg tggacgccgg taaagacaat ctgtttttcg tgtgtccttt     48000
     aaccctgtac cacatcattg acaaaagcag cccatttttc gacatggctg tggacacgct     48060
     acatcagcag gactttgagc ttgtggtttt ccttgatggc atggccgaaa ccaccagctc     48120
     ctcctgccag gtcaggactt catacatccc tcaggagatc atgtggggct atgactttct     48180
     cccgatcatc tcccgcagcg aagagggaag atatcaagtg gacttttcca attttgccaa     48240
     agtggtgcct gttcctaccg cacattgctc ccgctgctac cacaatgagc ccggaaacca     48300
     tctcgagggc attgacaaca agagttttga ggtgttcgac atggagctta ccaactgcaa     48360
     caaaatgtaa tgctttttga ctgactgctc aacatcttgc actagccaga aacattgaac     48420
     actatgtcac aatccccgtt ctatccctta gctcatcccc ttacccctca ttttgcctgt     48480
     gaaggcgtag ggatgtccca attctcttta gcttgaaggc ctagggctaa gggagctaga     48540
     tagcccttga aatggagatt ttccaggacc acactagaaa tcaaaggaat caacaacaac     48600
     atggctgcac acatggtcag gagatgcaca aatttgagtg ttgttttggt attatttttt     48660
     gacaaacaag catatgcttt aatacattca ttacggggtt catgtttttc gatcatgctt     48720
     tcaaaatata tattaaaaaa gcagaaaatt tcaccatcta taatccttaa taactgctgt     48780
     gtagacatct gtcactcgat gactctcgaa tgtcctgtca gaaatgtcta gtggctggaa     48840
     ttaccttttt acagtgtctg gtgttgtttt gttgtgtttg catatataaa tatggccatg     48900
     gtgtaaatag acaagacaat tacgagctta ttgccacatt atatcattat aataaagtga     48960
     tattgttgct ttctgtgatt tccttgaaga caaagaccaa acaatgcaac aggaataact     49020
     acagccgtca ccatcatcga tctcatacag tatgaaggaa gagctcgcga cgggttatgc     49080
     tgacatgtgc tggtgttttg gtgtgttgtc ctatttctta agggtaaatt taaagccctc     49140
     acatgctgtt tcaagagaca aggggaaggg gtgagggtaa acaatagaat tgggattggg     49200
     cctaatgctt tatgtccttc attggaagtc aaaactatgg ttctgttctg atgttacgta     49260
     ctttagagat tgatttggat gtccgaatat caactggaaa ttcattatta agaaattttt     49320
     attttttaat catctttatc tcagattcca gccattgctt ttgtgaatca cactggaatg     49380
     ttgtatctta ttacaattgt acatttgcat ttgcattagt gactgtgtaa atataatttg     49440
     tactttattt gtaaataaaa aaggaatcat gtttaatgtt ttcttttctt cattgaaatg     49500
     acattataag gacgccagca gtcaaccata ttttacagta aaaagtcacc acataaaggc     49560
     atacaaatac agatgacaac ctcagcttgc caaagtctag gaattatgca tatacagttt     49620
     tgaccacttt aatgcaaaca ttggttaaaa aaaaatccat aagaaattca aagcatttgc     49680
     aaaaaatcct aataggtaaa tgttatatat cttatttatt ataggtaagt gtcgtcacgg     49740
     ctagtttttg aagtaactgt ctgatatcca gggccggagt gagactcctt tacagccctg     49800
     gagtttcaag cctcagacca gcccacctca gttcacgact gagtatatac aaccctaaca     49860
     ctattatatg tcttaacaat aaaaattgga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatacaca     49920
     gacgaggatc aaaccccggt cgacgacgtc gtaatctaac gtgctaaaca ctggaccaca     49980
     gcagttgtat attgagaagt gactcatctg agttatatca tcaataacct gcaggctggt     50040
     tatatataag cagagcagag ctgcggtaaa ataatgaata agaagactgt ggtcaaataa     50100
     atacattaat ttaaaaagtg tgactgctta gagcaacaga ttctggagct agggacaccg     50160
     gccatcgcgg ctaaaaaaac agaacggccc accgggaatt ctcccggtcc tcctgattag     50220
     ccaatccagg cctgctgata tcatagcagt gcctctgcct tattgtgcac actgttcacc     50280
     ctaacttatt gaatattaca aatattagat atcttatagt ttgtaacagt gcacactgag     50340
     gggcagggat atcgataaat cacacgagtc attcataaca gagattcatt cacaaacgaa     50400
     tcgatccctc agttggaatt agaagtgaaa gcaggggacg aggtgtgttt cagaacatgg     50460
     attagatcaa atttaacagg gagggtgggt aatacatttc catgctcaca aacacatgct     50520
     atttgttggc agcgcccatg cggtcactta tccacaaccc ctcgtcctcc ataattctca     50580
     taatagtctc acccgtgatc tactacagat gtacgatatg tgggctgata taagattaat     50640
     gttcccagcc catgttccct tcttcccctg aaagcacagc gagcacagtg gtccagaacc     50700
     accacccttg ccttaccctg gcagatattc accataccga caaagtgtgc tttcttagag     50760
     catttatatg ccaggcaagc ctactttgca gtcctctgtg gtgagagatc agccatgatg     50820
     gagtaggtca tgtcttggtg ggctcggaag actgctcccc caccgaaccc atctgcgctg     50880
     gctgttcctc gctgaaagcg atctttctac agctccaaga tgctccaccg tcacaactgg     50940
     ttccactggc tggtgaatgc gaatgctagt gaatgcagga agttgacact cctgtcaccg     51000
     ttaagtcagg taatcgtagg gcgaaccgaa cctggtgcgg gccgcttgga gaggaggaga     51060
     accgttcttt ccccagtgaa tggccgggac tccccctgca aatgaatgta gcgatccaaa     51120
     aaagagcggc ttttcctccc tctgggtgtg gaagcccaaa tgccagcatg ggatgtgctg     51180
     ccttccagct ctaagctttg gtgcacttca ccactggctt ttgagggcgc cagatgacgg     51240
     gctcttttct ctggcacctc cagcctcttt gtgggatcct ggaaggaaag taagtcagtc     51300
     tcttattttc agctctgcct caggacgctc tgcttcctgg gatgggtact ccccatccca     51360
     aatctgcccc tccacgattg ttctgatgat gctgctcatt cggactctgt cagcttagtt     51420
     agcaccgctc agcccatcat tgtagctcac acaaaaggtc agactcgtct atgtgttggc     51480
     ctcccaagtt gatggtagat caaccatttt gggagatgta cgctatggcc atatgcctta     51540
     gctcattcgg ctgtacactg tttatatccc ggacaagcgc aacctgcccc actttcatga     51600
     cagtcacgtt cccaagagaa tggagactag acatggtcca gctgttatgg gcatgcttca     51660
     gagaaaccca agttatccca agcatccctt cgctagctga aattcctgct ctgcacgaat     51720
     accctggctc ttagctggcc ccgggaatat gcgatatgca cttttgcccc cagtgagcct     51780
     gtttgcacaa actctgtgca aggtcgggga gacgagaagc gggtctcgct tgttgtgcct     51840
     ccaaggccca accggacccg agtttccgga ctcacactcc tcgtgacggt cctccctgac     51900
     aaaatcccca ctggaagcac ttcctttctc tgggacaggc accctctggc acccgtgcag     51960
     ggttctggaa cctccatgga tggtttctag acagagcatg aaggacttac gtgacctaca     52020
     actcttagga aacaactgct catgaaaatg aatgctatga tcatatgtta tcaatgttat     52080
     aatttttaat gtacagagtc gattctttaa aggtcagcga gaggctatac catttcagtt     52140
     cagctaaatt tttaccatga atttcaggct gatttctcca tcactgaatt tttatttagt     52200
     atttatcaag tttttgtagg tagaaacttg ctcgtcacaa aaataatgac aaaaaaaatt     52260
     gtcaatgaaa tgaacaatga ttggagtgca gaggtagctg ttgtgtatca agttagggca     52320
     gctgtgctct gttcgttacc tctctcttct ggaggatgcg aatgagcgag agaccgagag     52380
     agagggagag atgggaaagt gagcatgaga ggatgtttcc tctctcacag ccctctcagt     52440
     tggattaccc agactgatgt ttacccaact tcgtatctgt ttgcgtacat atattgtgac     52500
     ctggaaagca aggacaacac aagggtagag tcaatcacat aataaagacg aagcttacca     52560
     acaactggat gacagaggca gaatgaaaaa agccttgtcc tgtcactatt tgttttattc     52620
     tcatcactac atttttttat aggagttctt tatttcacct agacatgttt aaaaaatgtg     52680
     catatttaat ctgcaagtta aaatactttg tttcatttaa ctatctacgt ctcacttaat     52740
     cctaaaacct cctcttcata aaatgttcac attatttcct attatttttt tgtattttaa     52800
     tattttgtaa tattatttaa atatctgcaa tatttaaata gtcttattta tgtttttatc     52860
     ggaaaaaaag aacttttttt gaggtcaata aaaatatatt gacatttttg aggtcaataa     52920
     aacctcaaca tttttgaggt caataaaaat atatgcacag gcatcatcac aaagacaact     52980
     tggaaattaa aactattatg tttagaattt tgtaaaaaaa tatctgttat gcaatatttt     53040
     aaaaagaatt taaatttcga cttcagttat atattacatt acatattttc tatatattca     53100
     actatattct tttttggtaa atcaagttta actgaaaata agaaatgttt tagtcatctg     53160
     aaattcctaa taatgtacat atttatcagt taatactatt tttttattca agttttagtt     53220
     aactctaata accctgaacc ggatgataaa cattacatgt actgtatgta aagtaacatc     53280
     gaccttgtca ttgtcctgaa aaataggatt aaagacaaca ataacaggaa gatttgcttc     53340
     atatttgatg ttaaaacatg tttatgggac attttgtaaa ctgatttttc ctcctcaaaa     53400
     gaaaattctt catatttgat gttataacat acccttgacc ccactgttta gtgtttttgt     53460
     ccgaggatta gttgcagcag ttttacatgg ttgtttgtgc tttaacattt tgcttctgaa     53520
     ctcttccatt tgtttgttgt ggaataaaag cacattagag gatctactga ttataatttg     53580
     tatgactaaa tcatgtctta agttttttcc cagtactggg ttgcagctgg acgggcatcc     53640
     actgtgtaaa acatatgctg gaatagatgg cagttcattc atctgtggca acccctgata     53700
     aatgactaag ccaaaggaaa tttaatgaat gaataattgt tttaagtgta caaactttaa     53760
     aatagaaaga ttacttgcaa tttttaaagt caccaagaca gtgtgcaaat tactggacta     53820
     tatatgcgtg tgttcaataa aatatacatg acatgattga cttgttttgc cattattgat     53880
     catttctgtg tcaatatcaa tactgaatca tcctcagtta tgtagttgtc ccacccctac     53940
     acacacactt taaaacttag cccgtaaatt atattttact atttctccct gtttaggcct     54000
     tttgtccata acgaaaacac atcttttaaa aacactctgc aaaggggtta ggttttaaaa     54060
     ttaacatgtc acagtatgga ctgtgttaat ggaggctttc aaaaacaatg tttagtcatg     54120
     tgaccaatgc agttaaaatg gtgagcgaca tacaatgtca gtttgatttt tccaaaggac     54180
     aatggatgtt aactcagagc tgttgttctg gcactgctgc cagtaaatag tcttgctcac     54240
     atttgcactg tcacatcatt tatgtttttt ctcgccaaat ttcgaagggc tggaaactaa     54300
     ataaaaggcg ggcggaaatg acacaaagca aacttagcaa ttcctgatga cggtaaacac     54360
     tctttgctgt ttctgtcacc tattctcttt cattctttgt aggaaaatat gcatcatggt     54420
     tgatataaaa acaaaagctt tgcatttgga gatttttttt tgtccttgtc aagatcaaaa     54480
     tataaaaaca atcaaataat attattattt gacgttatac actaacatgt ccttgaagtt     54540
     ttcttttgtg ttcactgcaa ctgtaagaca ctcgttttca aggttcatca taatcccttc     54600
     atcttcactg tttcacttct gaactagtgt aatattcaga aaacacatct acaaactaat     54660
     aatacaaaaa aagagttgat attgcattga aagatgcaaa taataataat aaataatcac     54720
     acaaataatg taaccaaata atatatttta gaggtgcaaa ccaagaaaag agcagctcat     54780
     ccctacacag aggatctctc cttgggtttg agcataactt gatcaccatg ctgagctgat     54840
     gctgacctgt ctgagagagt tcgactaaaa aaactgaggt ctcactgaaa ttatttcaga     54900
     ggctcctggg gcatatggca tctgcagccg ctgtcgtgac acttagattg ctctatatga     54960
     gactgcttta gcattggctt catgatcggg tcccaagaca tgcatggcat gcccgcacac     55020
     acctggtggc tgtcactccg ctgtgtttcc acaccctcag acggaccttg tattgctata     55080
     ggcctgtgtg cctcaagaac aagtgtccag gcatgccgtc agtctgacag atgcttccag     55140
     tacgggctgg gggaagcgtg taacacagct caatcatgca ggttttcact ttacaacatc     55200
     aggaagatca gacccttcct gactgatcat gctgcacaac aatatcaaca cctccaatat     55260
     gcaacaaaac atgacctttg acctctatga tttgcattct gctgttgacc tgaaactttc     55320
     agtgagggtt aatttattac tgtacacagg aattcatgca tagccatatg tggcagctca     55380
     atgcacagcc atcactgctg atgagtattt attataagca atgtgattcg gttttctggg     55440
     ggtaccaaca cattgcggtc gagtgtgttg atgtgtactt ccacatcaag tatgcagaag     55500
     taaatgcatc ctgcatcctc cccttgtgta aaacatcggt gtgtattcat ttgccaatgt     55560
     gtgtacatgt aaacaaggga tgagtgtgtg agtaggagga aagccttcaa aaggagactc     55620
     gagacacctg aaaggtaaga aggagaaaga gaagtggagt atgaaacagt taaggggaat     55680
     acagctcatt aatcagtaat acacacttgt tcatttccag atatttgcct tagcttgttc     55740
     tataagagtg gacgaaggat tcaggagcag gaggaccagc gggcgactca agatctcctc     55800
     tcagactctc cagcaggtaa tatttactgt ttgcaaagag agcaatatcc tgaggtgttc     55860
     atgcacatac agcatccaat ctcatgcata acaatagtca gtgtttgtct ctaaatactt     55920
     tattctgttg ttcaacatgt tcttgctagt cctcatttga aatgatgtag caatcacttc     55980
     acactgaagc cactgttcac tattttcctg cttctggtca ctgatattgt ttccttctct     56040
     tcacagactc aaagatgact cgctccttaa gagagtggtt caaagattac aggttagagc     56100
     aacgcagtca caaaaaacga gtggtcacca aagatggccg ctgcaacatc aagtttggca     56160
     acgtgatgca cagaaaccgc tttacctacg tcctcgactt ctggaccacc ttggtggaga     56220
     cccgatggcg gttcatcatc ttctattttg tggcatccta cacccttagc tggttcatct     56280
     tcggactctt gtggtactgg ttagcaagaa gcaatggtga cctgttgtgg cagaatccac     56340
     caccagatca caacccatgc gcttacagcc ttaatggtat gacttatgcc ttcctctact     56400
     cgttggagac ccaaggcaca gttgggtatg gcaatgtata tgtcactgat caatgtcctg     56460
     gaggtgtggc tctgattata atccagatga tcgtaggact ctttatccgt atcttctggg     56520
     gtggtatagt tataaccaaa atcacccttc caaaaaagag agccaaaacc atcaccttca     56580
     gtgaatctgc tgtcatctgc cccaaaaaag gcactctttg ccttcaaatc cgtgttgcta     56640
     acctgcgcaa gaccttaatg atcggcagtc agatttacgg gaagcttctg aggacaacaa     56700
     tcactggagg tgagaccaac atcttggacc aggtcagcat caacttcatg gtggacgccg     56760
     gtaaagacaa tctgtttttc gtgtgtcctt taaccctgta ccacatcatt gacaaaagca     56820
     gcccattttt cgacatggct gtggacacga tgcatcagca ggactttgag cttgtggtgt     56880
     tcctggatgg catggccgaa accaccagct cctcctgcca ggtcaggact tcatacatcc     56940
     ctcaggagat catgtggggc tatgactttc tcccgatcat ctcccgcagt aaagagggaa     57000
     aatacagagt ggacttttcc aactttacca aagtggtgcc tgttcccacc gcacattgct     57060
     cccgctgcta ccacaatgag cccggaaacc atctcgaggg cactgacaac aagagttttg     57120
     aggtgttcga catggagctt cccaactgca acaaaatgta atgctttttg actgactggt     57180
     caacatcttg cactagccag aaacattgaa cactatgtca caatcccagt tctatccctt     57240
     agctcatccc cttacccctc attttgcctg tgaaggcgta ggggtgtccc aattctcttt     57300
     agcttgaagg cctagggcta aaggagctag atagcccttg aaatggagat tttccaggac     57360
     catactagaa atcaaaaggg tacgaatatt tcccagaaca cagcagctac aacaacaaca     57420
     tggctgcaca cgtcaggaga tgcacaaatt tgagtgttgt tttggtatta ttaagggttt     57480
     ttttgacaaa caagcatatg ctttaataca ttcattacgg ggttcatgtt ttaggatcat     57540
     gctttaaaaa tatatactaa aaaagctgaa aatttcacca tctataatcc ttaataactg     57600
     ctgtgtagac atctgtcact cgatgacact cgaatgccct gtcaaaaatg tctagtggct     57660
     ggaattacct ttttacagtg tctggtgttg ttttgttgtg tttgcatata taaatatggc     57720
     catggtgtaa atagacaaga caattacgag cttattgcca cattatatca ttataacaac     57780
     gtgatattgt tgccttctgt gatttccttg aagacaaaga ccaaacaatg caacaggaat     57840
     aactacagca gtcaccatca tcaatctcat acagtatgaa gtaagagctc gcgacggcat     57900
     attctgacat gtgctggtgt tttggtgtgt tgtcctattt cttaggggta aatttaaagc     57960
     cctcacatct cacatgctgt ttcaagagcc aaggggaagg ggtaagggta aaacaataga     58020
     attgggattg ggcctaatgc tttatgtcct tcattgtggt gatgagagat gagaggagca     58080
     tttcaatctc ttgattggta tttgaatagt aacactgcag gaattcattt cttttatcac     58140
     atgtattgct ttactctgca caaaaacaat gttttttttt gtctctttca cctaaaagaa     58200
     ttttaacgtg tgagttgtgg agttaaacta tggttctgtt cttctgttac gtactgtaga     58260
     cattgaattg gatgttgaag tattacctgg aaatttatca ttaaaagatt tattttttaa     58320
     tcatctttat ctcagactcc agccattgct tttgtgaatc acactgggat gttgtttctt     58380
     attacaattg tacatttctt gtaaatttgc attggtgact gtgtaaatat aatttgtact     58440
     ttatttgtaa ataaaaaagg aatcatgttt aatgtatttt ttttcttcat tgaaatgaca     58500
     ttataagaac gccagcagtc aaccattttt cactgtaaag tcaccacata agggcataca     58560
     aatacagatg acaacctcag cttgccaaag tctaggaatt atatacagtt gtggccaatt     58620
     taaagtgaat attggttatg ataacaaaaa aataaataaa aaatcaataa gaaattcaaa     58680
     gcatttacaa aaaaaatctt aatttgtaaa cattatatat cttatttgtt atattttaca     58740
     gtgaatataa atgcattatt taatattata ggttacatgc atttcatcaa tgtttctaaa     58800
     tatgtaataa ataatctcta taattcttct taatgtaatg gtaacacttc agaaaaggca     58860
     ctagcaagtg tgatctcctt agcacacggc tgcaaattat ccggtctgtg tggtttggct     58920
     tataaatact ttttttttta atctatattt attcattttt ttgcgtatta acgtgtgtga     58980
     cagttgtttt ttcactgtgc tgcatcatat tcttcttctg ttagtgtaag tgaacatctt     59040
     tttgcagttt gtgttttgtc tggcacactt cacctctgtc attttagtct gccgccccac     59100
     ctcttgcttg ccactgatgt gcaggtaaag cgagtttggg cctgtaaaca cagcaccccc     59160
     tctgttcaaa acatgtatcg cgattcattc aacatttcta caaatttgaa tcgtcacata     59220
     tttgaataca tttttaattg gctcacgatg aatcgttaca tccccactca taatatagtt     59280
     taatcagaca gacgccctta tggattatga tgtaatcgca tcctgcgtct atgtgaatca     59340
     gttacttttc aaatgtgtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat tacacactaa gattatttct     59400
     gattggataa ttaccaaaat acatccccaa tcgcatttct tttttattag tcaatgaaaa     59460
     tgtcggtata tttttgttag ttgttgtcaa catcacttaa ggttttattt agttttcatc     59520
     tagtttttgt gcatgggtaa aaaaaattta gtcaacaaaa ttaacactga ttggagtgca     59580
     gaggtagctg tggtgtgtca tgttagggca gctccgctcg gttctgactc tgatgtgctc     59640
     atctcagcct tcacacagca cctccttacc tctctctcct ggaggatgag aatgagcgag     59700
     agagaggaag ggatgtaaaa gtgagcatga gaggatgttt cctctcccac agccccctcc     59760
     gttggattac ccggactgat gtttacccaa cttcgtatct gtttgcttgc atatgtttaa     59820
     actgaattgt tgtgacttga aaagcaagga caacacaagg gtagagtcaa ttaaatcata     59880
     aagacaaagc ataccatcaa taacaactag gactgaatat ttgtttcatt ctgaccacta     59940
     aatgtggagg aaaaagcctt tggatgttta tttttatagg agttctttat tacacctaga     60000
     catgttttaa aaattgaccg atttaatctg caagttaaaa tactatgtct catttaacta     60060
     tctatatctc actttatcct aaaacctccc ccttataaaa atttcacagt atttcctaac     60120
     atttttttgc tttttataat atcattttag tattttttaa tatataaaat aaaaatatat     60180
     gcactgtcat catcacaaag tcaaattagt tattataact attaagttta gaattatgtt     60240
     aaaaacatct ctgttatgca atatttttaa aataatttaa attttacagg ggatttcgac     60300
     ttcagtttag ttttcgatat atttaactgt ataaattttt tttggtaaat tacgtaaaac     60360
     agaaaattta gaaaattcag aaacgttttg gtaaattttt aatattgtcc atatttatca     60420
     gttaatactt attttgtaat ttatttctat tttctttttt aattggtgaa ccttaagata     60480
     aacattacca acacaatctc acggctattc gtaacttttt gatttagagg gtaattcgta     60540
     ttaattcgta caatctaatt cgtacaattt agtatgattt gctcatcaac caatgacggt     60600
     tggggttagg ggtggagttt tgtgccacgc ctccttttta aaatcgtaca tttttgtacg     60660
     actgaacttc gtacaaatta gccactaaac tgacaaaatg taaaatacgt ttcctcgtga     60720
     gattaggctg acattacatg tgtgtaaagc aggggtgtcg aactcagttc caggagggcc     60780
     gcagcccagc acagtttagt ttcaaccctg cttcaacaca cttacctgaa ggtttcaaac     60840
     aagcctaaag actctaatca ctgtgatcag gtgtgtttta ttagggttgg aactgaactg     60900
     tgcagagcag cggctctcca ggaactgagt ttgacatcca ttttgtaaag tgaccttgtg     60960
     tttgtcctga acaataagac taaagacaac aataacagga agatttgctt catatttaat     61020
     gttaaaacat gtttatgaga catttttgat gttataacat acccttgacc ccactgttta     61080
     gtgtttttgt ccgaggatta gttgcagcag ttttacaagg ttgcttgtgc tttaacattt     61140
     tgcttctgaa ctcttccatt tgtttggcgt agaataaaaa cttttaaaat aaacatgtcg     61200
     cagtttggac tgtgttaatt gaagctttca aaaatgatac tacttttaac ttcggttaaa     61260
     attgtgggcg acacacagtg tgtgtttgct tttttccaat ggacaatgga tgttaactcg     61320
     gagctgttgt tctaggatga ctgccagtaa atattcttgc ttaaatttgc actgtcacat     61380
     catttatgtt tttcctcaca aagttttaaa gagctggaaa ctaaataaaa ggcgggcgga     61440
     aatgacaaag caaacttagc aattcctgat aacggtaaac actttttgct gtttccgtca     61500
     ccttacaagt ctttcctttt ctcatttatt ctacttagga aaatgagcat catggttgat     61560
     ataataacaa aagctttgtg tttgctgatt tagttttttg ttcttgtcaa gtttaaaaca     61620
     tgaaaataat caaatattat ggtttgaggt tatacagtaa catgcccttg aaattctgtt     61680
     ttgtgttcac tgcagctgta ggacactcgt tctcaaggtt tgttgtaatc cctgcatctt     61740
     caccatttca cttctgacct ggtgtaatat tcagagaaac actgctacaa atagagtaga     61800
     cattaccatg aaagatgcaa ataattatca taaataataa cataaataat ttgcttagaa     61860
     gcaaatcata atttgtatga tggctcagac gtttcagaaa cagttttcat cattgcttat     61920
     tttgtcttgt aatttaataa aaatatgcaa acatgtttct tttactcaca caaagattgt     61980
     acattcattc attttcttgt cggcttagtc cctttatcaa tccggggtcg ccacagcgga     62040
     atgaaccagc aaattatcca gcaagttttt atgcagcaga tgccctttca gccgcaatct     62100
     atctctggga aacatccaca cacacacaca ttcacaaaca cacttataca ctacggacaa     62160
     tttacggaca ctatggacac ttacccaatt cacctgtaca gcatgtcttt ggacggtggg     62220
     ggaaactgga gcacccagag taaacccata cgaatgcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca     62280
     cagaaacgcc aactgagccg aggtttgaac cagcgacccc gtgaccttct tgctgtgagg     62340
     cgacagcact acctactgcg ccactgcttc gcccaagatc gtacatgcct aatgcttttt     62400
     tcagcatttt tcttatgcaa tatctaaaaa tagtgcatag aagaatatgg atgtaaatat     62460
     agctgtttgt gattttagta tgttaaagac atttaatgcc tcttctaatt ataagttgaa     62520
     aactttgaag ttataactgt acagcccttc aaatcttgat tgcatctggg aatatcagca     62580
     aaaaattgta atgattttaa tggtgccagc agcaaaaagc atgggctgtg gacaatgtga     62640
     aacatgtatt gttctctgat gagtccacct tcactgactt tcccacattc gggagagtta     62700
     ccgtgtggaa aagccccaaa gaagtgtacc accaagactg ttgcatgtcc agagtgaagc     62760
     atgggggtgg atcagtgatg gtttgggctg caatatcatc gtattcccta ggcccattac     62820
     ttgtgctaga tgggaacatc actgccaagg actacacaac cattctggag gaccacgtgc     62880
     ccccaatggg tcaaacattg tatcctcagt cagggccatg aatcaggatg gtaatgcacc     62940
     aatacacaca gcaagactgg caacagaatg gtttggtgaa catgaaagtg taattgaaca     63000
     tctcccatgg actgcacagt caccagatat aaacattatt aagcacttta gggtgttttg     63060
     gaggagcaag tcaggaaaca tttttcttca ccagtatcat gtagtgacct agccactact     63120
     ctgcaagaag aagacaaaac tcaaaatccc tctagccact gtgcagggct tatgtctgtc     63180
     atttccaaga ccaattgatt ggtcaaaatt ggttgggtcc ctacacaagc tgcaaggaaa     63240
     tcacaccgaa gcaaggctgt tcatggttca caaaaacgta gccctgagca cacatttcca     63300
     attagcccgg attgggatct gcactaccca caggatatct ctaaatgaat gaaagagcat     63360
     cacctacaga ttaatcttgt caaagttacc tagcttttcc cttcattaac cacgatctga     63420
     ctggaggttt caaatacccg gaaaatagac tttattgaaa tataaagcca agatgtctaa     63480
     aaacagccct tcaggacaac ctggagtttc cccctagact aggggtgtcc aaactcggtc     63540
     ctggagggcc agtgtcctgc atagtttagc tccaactccc ttcaactctc ctccctgaaa     63600
     gtttgtagta tacctagaaa gagcttgatt agcttgttta ggtgtgttta attggggttg     63660
     gaactaaaat ctgcaggaca ccggccctac aggaccgaat ttagacaccc ctgccctaga     63720
     ccatctgaat cttatgtgtt tatggtcttg cttttataca gtttttttct cgtttgaact     63780
     ctcaccaact ttggatgagt tttcacttta ctggaaggtc aagtatatgt ttaggcggtc     63840
     ttgttattct tggctctgcc ttctctgcaa tgcaaatgac tttctcccca cagttgttca     63900
     taacttgttt tgagtatctt tatatattgt catgatggta cattaacttg ataatatgtt     63960
     acttactctc gtgagtgtct ttcacagata cagcttcata tgagtattta tcatatataa     64020
     taagtgctgt acatattcag ttattctata gcatagcttc tcatagcagg ctccagcacc     64080
     tctctgggct catttttaca cacacacaca cacacacacc taccacagta tctttagttt     64140
     acatgcttgc atgtttgctg cagactcttt gctgcacact tttaagaata cttataggga     64200
     cactactgca cacttttaga gaataaaaat ctgtcaatct acatacaacc tccatccatc     64260
     tgggatcatc tgctattatc ccatctacta ccaacacatt gcggtcgagt gtgttgatgt     64320
     gtacttccac atcaagtatg cagaagtaaa tgcatcctgc atcctcccct tgtgtaaaac     64380
     atcagtgttt attcatttgc cattgtgtgt acctataaac aagggatgag tgtgtgagta     64440
     ggaggaaagc ctacaaaagg agactcgaga cacctgaaaa ctaaggagaa agacagaaag     64500
     agaagtgaag tatgaaacag ttaaggggga tacagcttat taatcagtaa tacacacttg     64560
     ttaattttca atttcctgct ttagattgtt ctataagagt ggacgaagga ttcaggagca     64620
     ggaggaccag cgggcgacgc aagatcttct ctcagactct ccagcaggta atatttactg     64680
     tttgcaaaga gtgcaatatc ctgaggtgtt catgcacata cagcatccaa tctcatgcat     64740
     aacaattgtt tgtctctaaa tactctattc tgttgttcaa catgttcttg ttagtcctcg     64800
     tttgaaatga tgtagcaatc acttcacaat gaagccactg ttcactattg tcctgcttct     64860
     ggtaactgat attgtttcct tctcttcaca gactcaaaga tgactcgctc cttaagacag     64920
     cgattcaaag attacaggtt agagcgatgc attcgcaaaa accgactggt cacgaaagat     64980
     ggccactgca acattgagtt cggcaacgtg ttgcacaaaa atggctttgc ctatgtcctt     65040
     gacttctgga ccaccttggt ggagacccga tggcggttca ttcttttgta ttttgtggca     65100
     tcctacaccc ttagctggct catcttcgga ctcttgtggt actggttggc cagaaataat     65160
     ggcgacctgt attggcagaa tccaccacca gatcataaac catgcgctat caacgttaat     65220
     gatatgacta atgccttcct caacgcgttg gagacacaaa ccggaatggg gtgtggcaat     65280
     ttgtttgtca ctgatctatg tcctggatct gtggctgtac ttacaatcca gatggtcgta     65340
     ggactattta tcggtatatt ctggtgtggt atagtcatga ccaaaataac ccttccaaag     65400
     aagagagcca agaccatcac ctttagcaaa tctgctgtca tctgccccaa aaaaggcact     65460
     ctttgccttc aaatccgtgt tgccaacctg cgcaagacct taatgatcgg cagtcagatt     65520
     tacgggaagc ttctgaggac aacagtcacg ggaggtgaga ccgtcatcct ggaccaggtc     65580
     agcattgact tcatggtgga cgccggtaaa gacaatctgt tttttatgtg tcctttaacc     65640
     ctgtaccaca tcattgacaa aagcagccca tttttcgaca tggctgtgga cactttgcat     65700
     cagcaggact ttgagcttgt ggtgttcctc gacggcatgg acgaatccac cagctcctcc     65760
     tgccaggtca ggacttcata catccctcag gagatcatgt ggggctacga ctttctcccg     65820
     atcatctccc gcagcaaaga aagaagatac cgagtggact tttccaacat tgctaaagtt     65880
     gtgcctgttc ctaccgcaca ttgctcccgc tgctaccaca atgagcccgg aaaccatctt     65940
     catctccatg gcactgacaa caagagtatt gaggcgttcg acatggagct tcccaaaagc     66000
     accaaaatgt aatgcttttt gactgactgg tcaacatctg gcactatgca ttgaactcta     66060
     cgtcacaatc ccagttctat cccgttttac gcattcgcaa gaaggcgtag gggtgtccca     66120
     attttcttta gcttgaaggc ctagggctaa gggagctaga cagcccttga aatggagatt     66180
     ttccaggact acactagaaa tcaaagggta cgaaaatttc ccagaacaca gcagcaacaa     66240
     cagcaacagc ataatgtttt gtgcctttaa tattatgtct ttcattgtgg tgatgagagg     66300
     caagagaagc gtttcaatct cttgactggt acttgaatag taacactgca ggaattcatt     66360
     tcttttattt ttgtattgct ttactctgca caaaaaaaaa acaatgtttt tgtgtctttc     66420
     acctgaaaaa ttgtaaaagt acaagttgtg aagtgaaact atggttctgt tcttctgtta     66480
     catactgtag acatggattt ggatgttcga gtattaattg gaaattcatt gataagagat     66540
     ttatttattt agttcccttt ttctcagatt tcagccggcg cttttttgaa tcactctggg     66600
     atgttgtttc ttattacaat tgtacatttc ttgtaacttt gcattagtga atgtgtaaat     66660
     aaaatttgta atttatttat aaaaaaaaaa ggaatcatgt ttaatgtttt tttccagctt     66720
     tcacagtaaa agtcaacaca caagggcata aaaatacagg tctagcagtg cctttggcag     66780
     tgaaggccac attgcagcac gatgagcagg ttctaagctt tgatatcact gatgtcctca     66840
     aggccctaaa ataagtaaat tctgttaagg ctacagggcc tacagggttc taaaagggtg     66900
     tgcagaacaa cttgcacaag tactgacaga catatttaat acctccctgc atcaagctgc     66960
     tttgcaatca tcctacaaaa catctgctat catcctagtg ccagaaaagc cttccatcac     67020
     ttgcttaaat gactatcggc caatagcttt aacttcattg aaaatgaaat gctttaagag     67080
     actagttaat aatcagatca cctccatcct gcccaattca cttgacccat ttaagtttgc     67140
     cagttctgcc aaacaggtct actaatgatg ctatatccac tgcactgcat ctgagcctgg     67200
     aacacttgga gggtagaaat acattggtat gaatgctgtt agttgatttt agctctgctt     67260
     ttaatactta aattcctaag cacctggtca ataaattggc atgcgtatgt ctgaatacac     67320
     cacttcagaa ctggagtctt gactttttga caaataggcc acagtttgtg cgagcagagg     67380
     gtatttcatc atctaccact cagctgaaca aaggctcccc tcaggggtgc gtcttgagtc     67440
     cactgctcta cactctgaag acccatgatt gttgtgcaaa cgtagcacta atcaaattat     67500
     taaatatgct gataacacca caaaagtggg tctcaaccag gataatgatg agaggaacta     67560
     cagggagaaa gggaagctct ttgcagtgtg gtgcagcgac aacaactagg ttctgaaaac     67620
     caaggagttg gtgaacaatt tcaggaagaa tattaacaac actgcagtgc agactgaaca     67680
     gcaggtaaaa ttcctggggg tccatgttac tgagaacttg gcttggtctc tccatactac     67740
     ttgtcttgca aagaaagcac aatagccact gcactttctg agaaggttaa aaccagcaca     67800
     cctcagccca tcaatcctca caacgtttta cagaggagct gttgagagtg ttttcaccaa     67860
     tgccatctct ctttggtatg agaatagcag tgtatctgac aagaacacaa tttatatgcc     67920
     acagccatat caccctgcag cccaagacca cttaatcact gaagctaagc agggctgagg     67980
     ctggtcagta cctggatggg agaccacatg ggaaagctag gttgctgttg gaagcggtgt     68040
     tagagaggcc agcaggggga gctcaacctg cggtctgtgt gagtcctaat gccccagtaa     68100
     aaaatgaagg tgacactaca ctgtcagtga gcgccgtctt tcggatgaga tgttaaaccg     68160
     aggtcctgaa tctctgtggt cattaaaaat cccttggcac ttctcgtaaa gagtaggtat     68220
     gtaaccctgg tgtcctggcc aaagtccctc aatcggccct tacaatcatg gcctcccaat     68280
     catccccacc caccgaattg gctttatcac tgtctctcca ctcccccaat agctggtgtg     68340
     tggtgagcgc actggcgccg ttgtcctgtg gctgctgtcg tgtcatccaa gtggatgctg     68400
     cacactggtg atggtatgga gattgtatag ccatacacaa taaatgctat atataaatac     68460
     acacattaca ttacgaagat aataaagtca gctgaaaggt atgttgaagt caaaattaca     68520
     tttattaagg aactgtatca acaacgctgt ctgcctaggg caaatagcat tttaagggat     68580
     ccaaccccac acccttagct tttggatgga tcttgccttc tactgagtgc ttttaaaaca     68640
     agtgtccagt catgctgtca ttttgataga tgcttccagt atgggctcgt agcatttcaa     68700
     ttgcctggag ctgttggcaa agtttctcgc tctctgccta ccggtacagg aggggaaaca     68760
     tgttagatgt atggctgcga tagcgtagat caaccacttt cttgaatagc taacggagac     68820
     atgtgtctgc tccgatgcca cagcagctga gtttccagct gttagctgag tgatcggctc     68880
     ttcagcaggc aaatatctaa atgctgactt cacaggagcc agctgagata ctctattatt     68940
     gactaactgc tgacaacggt ggagctgagc tctgctaatt catattattt tagtgttttt     69000
     taatatttaa atagtctttt tttaaatctg aaattaaaag atctatattt tttaaacaat     69060
     tttgaggtca ataaaatata tgcactgtca ccatcacaaa gacaaattag ttattaaaac     69120
     tattatgctt aaaatttagt taaaattagt ttaaaaacat ctttctttat aatgcaatat     69180
     ttttaaaaga ataaaaaatt ctctgcattt cgacttcaac agtgtatata tatatatata     69240
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataattata tatatatagt     69300
     aaactaaaac aatgtacatg tttatcagtt aatgtatatt ttgttatatt tttctattat     69360
     cttttcttta attgatttaa gttttatttc actctaataa ccctgagttt aatgacacat     69420
     tacatgcgtg taaagtaacc atgaccttgt ctttgtcctg aaaaatagga ttaaagacca     69480
     catcaacagg aagatttgct tcgtatttga tgttaaaaca tgtttttggg gcattttgta     69540
     aactgatttt tccttttttc ctcaaaagaa atttgatgtt acaacatacc cttgacccca     69600
     ctgtttagtg ttttgttaaa gcagcgtttc atggtttgcc ctttaacatt ttgcatctga     69660
     aattctccat ttgtttgctg tggaataaaa acacctttta ttccatgtta tattattaat     69720
     atcagtatta ttactattat taacatcaaa acagacttta ctggtctttt ctgagcttat     69780
     tttgaatgat tcattgtata tattcctaaa cacaaatgaa atacacttac cggccacttt     69840
     attacgtaca acttactagt ttcggttggt cccccgtttt aattaataat aataataata     69900
     ataataatga taataataat aataataagg ccataataga cagaggccag tgggcgtatt     69960
     tggccaggat gccattatat tgaaaacaaa tcatcattaa tcatcactaa aacagccttg     70020
     acgcaagagt ttaaaaggtt ggacaaacta ctacgtaaaa gtaaatgcat aacacagctc     70080
     attaaataaa tttataacat cttattacac tgtacatctt attctgtaat acttaatact     70140
     tattaaatca tttataaacc atttcagctc agaacaatgc ttgaaaaatg atttgtgttt     70200
     tgtggcaagt agtcttgtaa taagctggat aaagttcatc cgggtggtgg ttttagcaga     70260
     ataatgtcct tcagttttaa acaacaagcg aaaagtcttt caggtgttta ttatgcaata     70320
     acaacctcct ggatgtactt catcttttac aaaacatatg tgacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     70380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgttt ctactgacag ttcaaataca aaacaactaa     70440
     gggattaaac ttttgtttat ggaaaaggct gggtcagatg tcctcagtca ggtttgagtc     70500
     ttaaagaaat gttctttaaa atttgaaact tgaaaatcgg cataataaaa tatgctgaat     70560
     tatttgatca ttcgtttctg aataaagtaa ctccattaat attagagttg ttcctctgga     70620
     cacagtatat ttagatttat aaacccttag acctatgaac ctttatgcag tactgtctgt     70680
     ttgttatcaa actgactaac acaccatcaa cactaatcca ttttaccaat agtgcattca     70740
     caccagacgc ggatgtggca ttgattgcga gtgatttaca tgttaatcta tacaaagaca     70800
     cgaacagacg acctgcttga tattcacatg aatgaggcag cgtgaatgag gttggtttga     70860
     catgttttga aaatcagtca agttagaaaa tctgaacttt agcatgagat ttgtgccgct     70920
     ttacccaatg ggcgtgacta tgacgtcgcg catattgttg gtgccccaag ggaaaattct     70980
     cctgccaaca ctagacaaca gctcatcaaa ctgggctcag ctcagtcaga agcaccgctg     71040
     aaagcttcca tcatccaggt acagtttctg caggtgttga tgatcttaca gagctcggtg     71100
     cacctctgag aggattcagt ggactcaacg cttttttcag ccttcctaaa gcacataaag     71160
     cacagtcact ctctcaataa aatccacgtt agccatttag caatgaaact gaagtgagcg     71220
     ggccgacaga agccctgtca atgatgcgaa tacgcatcaa atgtgaaggg aatttcacat     71280
     gtgtatgaag gagtaaactc atactgttca ggagtctatt gacgcacaaa tagagcaagt     71340
     tgtttatgca cgtctgatgt gaacgcccca taaaacctcc cacttaggcc ttctttccat     71400
     tctgtccata aaaaaaccat atctttttga aaacactctg caaaggggat acatttttaa     71460
     ataaacatgt cgcaatatgg actgtgaaaa tagtcatgtg accaattcag ttaaaatggt     71520
     gggcaacaca caatgtctgt ttgctttttc caaaggacaa tggatgttaa ctcggagctg     71580
     ttgttctggc atgactggca gtaaatattc ttgctcacat ttgcactgtc acatcattta     71640
     tgcttttcct cgccaaattt caaagagctg gaaactaaat aaaaggcggg cggaaatgac     71700
     acatagcaaa cttagcaatt cctgatgacg gtaaacactt tttggtgttt ccgtcacctt     71760
     acaagtcttt ccttttctca tttattctac ttaggaaaat gagcatcatg attgatataa     71820
     taacaaaagc tttgtgtttg ctgatttttt tttttgttat tgtcaagttt aaaacatgaa     71880
     aataatcaaa tattatggtt tgaggttata cagtaacatg cccttgaaat tctgttttgt     71940
     gttcactgca gctgtaggac actcgttctc aaggtttctt ctgacctggt gtaatattca     72000
     ttcttttaac taaataattt gtgtgatggc tcagatattt cagaaacatt tttcatcatt     72060
     gcttattttg tcttctaatt tacaaaatat ttgcaaacat gtttctttta ataatgtttt     72120
     ttttcagcat ttttcttatg caatatgttt gccatttttc aatgccaagc atcggtttca     72180
     gtggtgccag cagcaaaaag catgggctgt ggacaatgtg aaacatgtat tgttccctga     72240
     tgagtccacc ttcactgact ttcccaaatt cgggagagtt accgtgtgga aaagccccaa     72300
     agaagtgtac cacctagact gttgcatgcc cagagtgaag catgggggtg gatcagtgat     72360
     ggtttgggct gcaatttcat cgtattccct aggcccatta cttgtgctag atgggaacat     72420
     cactgccaag gactacccaa ccattctgga ggaccacgtg cccccaatag gtctaacctg     72480
     aaggcagggc catgcatcag gatgataatg caccaataca aacagcaaga ctggtgacag     72540
     aatggtttgg tgaacatgaa agtgtaaatg aacatctcct atggcctgca cagtcaccaa     72600
     atttaaacat tattgagctc tttagggtgt tttggaggag tgagtcatga aacgttttcc     72660
     tccaccagca tcaggtagtg acctagccac tattctgcaa gaagacaatc cctctagcca     72720
     ctgtgcagga cttatgtctg tcatttccaa gaccaactga tgccgtattg gctgcaaacg     72780
     gagggcccac accacaaact aggtgtttca gtaagcagca aggaaatctc acgaagcaag     72840
     gtatttcact attcacaaaa acatagccct gagcacacat ttccaattag cctggattgg     72900
     gatcttgcac tacccacagg atatctctaa atgaatgaaa gagcatcacc tacagattaa     72960
     tcttgccgta gttacccggc ttttcccttc attaaccacg atctgactgg aggtttcgaa     73020
     taccagaaaa atagacttta ttgaaatata aagcagagat catctgctat tatcccgtct     73080
     actacagcaa ggaatcctga ggttatcttc aatgatcagc tgtccttcaa gagcacattg     73140
     ctaacgcagc tcaatcatgc aggttttcac tttacaacat cagaaagatc agacccttcc     73200
     tgactgacca tgctgcacaa caatatcaac acctccaata tgcaacaaaa catgaccttt     73260
     gacctctatg atttgcattc tgctgctgac ctgaaacttt cagagagggt taatttatta     73320
     ctgtacacaa gaattcatgc atagccatat gtggcagctc aatgcacagc catcactgct     73380
     gatgagcatt catgataagc aatgtgatgc ggttttctgg ggttaccaac acattgcggt     73440
     cgagtgtgtt gatgtgtact tccacatcaa gtatgcagaa gtaaatgcat cctgcatcct     73500
     ccccttgtgt aaaacattgg tgtgtattca ttagccagtg tgtgtaccta taaacaaggg     73560
     atgagtgtgt gagtaggagg aaagcctaca aaaggagact cgagacacct gaaaactaag     73620
     aaggcgaaag agaagtggag tatgaaacag ttaaggggga tacagcttat taatcagtaa     73680
     tacacacttg gttatttaaa atttcctgct ttagcttgct tttattagag tggacaaagg     73740
     attcagaagc aggaggacca gcgggcgact ctatagttag tgtttgtctc taaatactct     73800
     agtctgttgt tcaacatgtt cttgctagtc ctcgtttgta atgatgtagc aatcacttca     73860
     cactgaagcc actgttcact actttactgc ttcttctaac tgatattgtt tccttctctt     73920
     cacagactca aagatggctc actccctaag acagcgattc aaagattaca ggttagagcg     73980
     acgcattcgc aaaaaccgac tggtcaccaa agatggccgc tgcaacatcg agcttggcaa     74040
     tgtcatgcac aaaaagggct ttacctatgt ccttgacttc tggaccacct tggtggagac     74100
     ccgatggcgg ttcatcatct tgtattttgt ggcatcctac acccttagct ggttcatctt     74160
     tggactcttg tggtactggt tagcaaaaag caatggtgac ctgttgtggc agaatccatc     74220
     agaagatcat acaccatgcg ttcacaatgt taatggtatg acttatgcct acctctactc     74280
     attggagacc caaaccacaa ttgggtgtgg caatatatat atcactgacc aatgtcctgc     74340
     aggtgtggct ctgatcataa tccaggtggt cataggagtc ttaatcggta tattctggtg     74400
     tggtatagtc atgaccaaac tcacccttcc gaaaaagaga gccaaaacca tcaccttcag     74460
     caaatctgct gtcatctgcc ccaaaaaagg cactctttgc cttcaaatcc gtgttgccaa     74520
     cctgcgcaag accttaatga tcggcagtca gatttacggg aagcttctga ggacaacagt     74580
     cactgaaggt gagaccgtca tcctggatca ggtcaacatt gacttcatgg tggacgccgg     74640
     gaaggacaat ctgtttttcg tgagcccttt gaccctgtgc cacatcattg acaaaagcag     74700
     cccatttttc gacatggctg tggacacttt gcatcagcag gactttgagc ttgtggtttt     74760
     cctcgacggc atggccgaat ccaccagctc ctcctgccag gtcaggactt catacatccc     74820
     tcaggagatc gtgtggggct atgactttct cccgatcatc tcccgcagca aagagggaaa     74880
     ataccgagtg gaattttcca actttgctaa agttgtgcct gttcctaccg ctcattgctc     74940
     ccactgctac cacaatgagc ctggaaacca tctccatctc aagggcactg acaacaaggg     75000
     ctttgagatg ttcgacatgg agtcatcaaa cagcaccaaa acttaatgct ttttgagtga     75060
     ctggtcaaca tttcagaaaa cattcaacac caatgcttga tatctttcat tgtggggatg     75120
     aaaggctaga ggagtgtttc aatatcttga gaggtacatg agtagcaact ctcaggaatc     75180
     catttctttt atcaaatgaa ctgctttaca cttagccaaa accaatgtgt gtgccttaca     75240
     tctcacaatt gtaaagtgtg aattgtagag tgaagctatg gttctgcttt tctgttactg     75300
     tagacattga ttttggagtt taagtattaa cagggaattt attttcaaaa ggtaccaaaa     75360
     agcgaaccgt atcatttcac tttttgggta cccaccacaa caaaagtgta ccaaaagcag     75420
     aggaggcgta cagccgaacg ctattggttt acagacatcc gtcactagct cgtgcacaag     75480
     ccaggagaat gaaaacaaag gaagaaccat ttttaaatac acagctgaga cattacaccg     75540
     taataatata tgagacatgg tggacccgag ctcaaacaaa cctctttgtc gtcttgacga     75600
     acagccacaa agccaagacg gagagtagaa tctaccctgt gccacgtagt tgttaacaag     75660
     gtcatctaaa gcgcgagcag tttcgttttc tcacgtgcgt tggctgcgca tctatatttg     75720
     aaataacgaa cttcgtgagc tgatgattat aacatgcatg tgattactga agtgcttctg     75780
     acattcgatc ctgtcagaaa ccgacaaacg tgagagtgaa gcgtgaaaaa acaaaggcga     75840
     agccggaaaa aacaaagcag ctactgattt ttttagcagc ctaaaacatg aacaaactgc     75900
     catgtttaac tattatcatc accttttgga ctattataaa ctcggtatga cgaaattaat     75960
     ttctaacgga gtctacatgt gctggtgaag attaaagata cggatgagaa gtttgcactg     76020
     actgtaggct gtacagtacg ttgcatgttg gactaaatgt atgttgtgtg tagtaaatct     76080
     gtaacatatc ggagactgta aagggctgta tgtgtttaaa tattttgcat ttatttattt     76140
     atttttttat tattgcagac gatacaaagg gttatttcac actatcattg atctaagcaa     76200
     atcctagtta ggttagtaat gaacatttat acacaagtat ttatgtgtat aaagcatctg     76260
     ttttgtgaaa agtgcccata tagcttttct ttgacatttc ccaaagcagg aattacgtcg     76320
     actgaaactt tctgtcacac accacaccca tcaaaagtac cattggtatc cttttggcag     76380
     tggaattgca agcctgaaaa aggtgacccg taccataccg tactgtgcca ctcagtggaa     76440
     atgggccaat attaaatctc catctcaaat tccagccaat gcttttatgc tctgaatcac     76500
     tctggggtgc tgtttctttt tacatttgta gatttattgt aaatttgcta aaatatattt     76560
     tatgaaaaaa ataaaaatga aagaaggaat ctgtatttgg tgtgattttt ttttctcttg     76620
     aaaactcaaa gttaaaaatg ctccagctgt cagtcaccac acgagggcgc aaaagaccaa     76680
     aaacacagat gacaaactca gcttgacaaa gtctagaaaa taggctacag ttctcattca     76740
     ttaactttaa agagttcact tgaaagttaa tattggttct gatttttgtt ttaataaatg     76800
     ggtcatacct ttttcaaatg tataaaaata tttggttaga aaaatttatt atttccagta     76860
     tccagaactt tgccatctca gtactgactg gaaatgtgta aagcccataa aaacaactgt     76920
     gtgcacaaga aaatgtttag atggtaatgg agcactactg cctgctgcct tgtcctaaca     76980
     aaatgtgacg ttactaacac caaacatgac acgacagaaa atttaacatt agcctctgaa     77040
     ttcccaacaa aatgttaagg gttataatat aataatacaa attacacccc taacattatt     77100
     aaatgtacac aatgagtgat gttgttagct tgttctgact ttcatttaca aaccgctgtt     77160
     ttcttttcaa gatgaggtaa attacctgct gctgttttag gtatggcaat atgtgacgta     77220
     aaatggtgtt taaactcaca tttgggagca tttgagactg aataaagcac attattgtac     77280
     ctgaagtgat caatgtcatg ctagatgttg ttgttcagcc gcgacgtcga agtagccaat     77340
     agagaacatt gctaatgttg acattccacg aggagccgtc gtttgatgga aagaactaat     77400
     tttaacgtgg aaaagatcgc ctttttaata acgtcaatgt gtagcgtgta gttcggacag     77460
     gggctttctg aataactgca tgagacacct gccaacactc ccgtttttcc cgggagtccc     77520
     cggtatttca gacccatctt cccccacccc ccggttctca gctttttggt acagtctgta     77580
     atgcacataa acatgtactg aagatcgagc tttcactgac gaactcatct tacatttcac     77640
     tgaggtatgt gtttacgata ctttcattgt tattatttat ttgactatat ttctctcaga     77700
     atttccacca cgttttttta aataaattat caaattttcc ccttagcaaa acagaaacta     77760
     attccaaatg aataaatact caccagattt aatgtgtaat cgtgctcttc agatgtgcaa     77820
     tggtttaaga tcagtcaggt gaaatatcat gtagtcttga ccacacaacc ctgctgaaaa     77880
     atccagctta aaccagccta ggctggttgg ccagcctggt tttagaaggg ttttggccat     77940
     ttccaggctg gtttccactc acttccagcc tggtcttagc tggacatagc tagttttggc     78000
     tgggctccca gcttggctag gctagtcaag ctggtcatct cccagcctga ccagctaaga     78060
     ccaggctgga aatggccaaa actcctctaa aacattcctg gtcaaccagc taaaaccagc     78120
     caaccagcct aggctggttt aagctgtttt tttcagtaga gaattgattc ataaacagca     78180
     gatatgttga tatcagaagc agatttttca tttggtctgt tttagcacaa gcgatttgct     78240
     gtaaagatga cattatgttt atgtgagtat attaaatcag cataacccat gtttatctca     78300
     ccaccagagc agtctcttta gcaaattcaa ccaaaacata tttttaacta atgcattggc     78360
     caagttacac agtaatatgg aaaggttttt tttaatgtaa aaacatttat tttttcacat     78420
     tttatctata caaaaaccct tttacaaaag gtgatacttc atacattgca gaaacaacaa     78480
     aattaacaaa aaagattaat tgcaatattt catatatata tttatatagt cataaattta     78540
     atatccaaat acttgcatat ataaaatagg acaaagcctt catatctgag ggtgatccct     78600
     tataagagat gaacagctgg gagttttgtc tcgatgctac gaaaataaca caagagaaaa     78660
     tgcaagaaaa taatactgtc tgaggcacat acttacacga tttggcttta cgtccttata     78720
     atggcacttg attaacagga aactgattgt ctctgagcat gtttggtaag gcgtttgtgt     78780
     ttagagaata aaaatatcaa ctacacatca tcaactttct tatcattaag gcaacgtgcc     78840
     aagaaaaata caagaaaaca ttcataaact tattgcccat atgtacagat acaaaacacc     78900
     tacgtagtac aaactacttt cagtaactgg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaggttt gcattttgac     78960
     cgaggtcaac tcgtattaac gtatgatgct ttaacactgt cacatatgaa aatagctctg     79020
     cataatttat acagtaagat gcttttaatg cctagttgac ctttgatcaa aaaaaaaaaa     79080
     ataatactag caaataggtc tgacaaacgc acagcgtttg tgaatctctg gtttcatcgt     79140
     ctcgtgctgc tgttttcaat cttttaaaga ggtactttgc atgatgccca cattcagtcg     79200
     atcaggaatt actcgtgaac tttggctgtt ttgagatgat tcacatagga catcagaaac     79260
     gtaaatatga ttggaagctt tcacatcctg acgcagaaga gagcgctgaa gacgaatacg     79320
     tgagtttagc ttgagccagt agcctgagaa gctcctaata aacaatcaga cgccacgtcc     79380
     tccattcggg aggaaaaaat ggtgaatgaa tgccaagatt tttttccagt tgccagatat     79440
     gctttagata gagagagagt aagagtctca gtcacaactt ataaagatga atttgtgtaa     79500
     ccaaagggat tgggagcaag gacttggtcc gacaatataa acactcggtt cacaattgca     79560
     ttaacacaca gggtgagttt acagtgattc attttttcgg cgcttcgccg acttacacat     79620
     catacaggtg gtctttattt ggcagaacgc aactatcggt gcaactttca aggctcaaga     79680
     aacttgctca aactctccac aacaaacatc aacccaagtc cttgaataag tagtactcca     79740
     ttttgaagag gatcaaccgt ttgtggtcca tttttttgac tttctccttc tcatcctttc     79800
     agtccaaatc cttcccttct ccatcttcga gtgcagttca agttttggca tttaagggtt     79860
     tagtagtaac taccaaggtg tgaaggcacg tgtgaattgg catggcgtgg gacgctggga     79920
     ttggggtaaa tacctcctgg tggggagctc cagtatgggg ttgtgggacc gaagaagttg     79980
     gaggaggtga cgggcattga cggagggtga ggagagacga agttgacctt ctgctggtgg     80040
     gcgtgatagc taggcacgta cggcagctcg cttgggtact tgtacatggt ggactcggtg     80100
     ggatggggtt gcagggcctg ggcgatgccg tggaagtcga acttgtaggc gtagcgcttg     80160
     ccgtgcactt tggtcatgat gttcttgtcg tagtagtagc gcagggctcg gctcagcttg     80220
     tcgtagttca tgttgggttt gctcttgcgt tcgccccagc gccgtgccac ctcgtctggg     80280
     tccgtcatct tgaactctcc gttggttcct tcccaggtga tgcagccggc gttggcgctg     80340
     tcggacagga gctccagcag gaactgccac agctggatct gacctgagcc tggacacaca     80400
     cacacaggtt tactagacat gttttattta gtctttgcca tgatgacact acataatatt     80460
     ttactaagtt ttattgcaaa ataacttttt gttggctaag aaatatataa atttacctgg     80520
     gttagcaagt cgactgctgg tgggtcctaa tatctgataa ggatctgaaa gaagagagaa     80580
     aagaatcaga atttgacctt tgaatcagac agcagacaat cgtcatgata taaacttgag     80640
     ttccagcatc tgaacaggtg aagaaactcc agcagagaca cgagtgcagt tcccagaaag     80700
     ggataaaaac atgccacctg tcaaacgcgt aaatatgaaa tatcttttaa aaatgtcgtg     80760
     cgtgagctcc agctttacct ggctgaggac gaggctgatc cgggtttttg gacacgctct     80820
     gagagaccac tgttggagag cctgagaaat ggaaagaaat agcgacagca ggagcaaaag     80880
     agaaaaaaaa aaacattaag cacattcgtc tggacgagca gacgcacaat actcaggcca     80940
     aagaaaacaa ggccaatgtc tggacgatct gctgagcact taatggccct cttcagctcc     81000
     tcgtggccct aaaacggttt agtggtttga ttatgaaaaa aaaacttgct gcttttttgg     81060
     gaaaacttaa ttcttttaag ttcaatccac ttaaattttg taaaaaccat taagttaact     81120
     ttatcaattt gtgttgggaa aacatggaga aattgtgtgg aaccctgcat tttttatagt     81180
     gtagaactca gggcctgttc atatccaatt aaagatgtaa atacagaaaa cataagtaca     81240
     catgcaggca ttgtagaata taaatacaaa ttaaaatgtt cacacattaa ctaaatataa     81300
     atataataat acaaataaag ttgacttaat gcctttaatt aaattttttt aattttatat     81360
     aaaagtttca cattataact cagtactatc cttaaacctt actctaaccc ttgcagttac     81420
     cttataatac cggcacttta aacagtgatt ggttacttta cttataaaaa ataactcaaa     81480
     tggcttaaaa gtacttcaag tgacaagttg gctttactta aaaaagttag taaatctgtt     81540
     agaggttaag ttgactgaac ttaattttta taataatgcc catatttcat ttgtttaata     81600
     attttaagga atgattttaa gaaaatgagt tactctattt tgtgaagctc ttactctttt     81660
     aaaaaaaata aaaataaaat cactttaaga gcaaggggtt tactcacttt tttttttagt     81720
     caactaattg cttaacttat ttttacagtg cagtatatgc acactgtcag tacacattat     81780
     tacttaaaga tgataaataa agaaattagg tttaaacaac ttagtaaact aagttaatca     81840
     tgctctaact taattttata acttaatttt tataagctgt tttaagtcag tttaacataa     81900
     tataagttca acagacttaa tggaagttca gtaaggttaa tttgagtcaa cttaacaatt     81960
     taaggcaacc tttttcatgg tgtatattta tatttatggt cggttcattc cactgtggtg     82020
     acctctgatc tatctatcta tcaatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     82080
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctgtc tgtctgtctg     82140
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctctctg     82200
     tctgtctctc tgtctgtctt atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     82260
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atccatctat ccatccatcc     82320
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc     82380
     atccatccat ccatccctat ctatccatct atccatcttc atttataata cactgaacat     82440
     atacatttct tgtttttcca gtgcttttaa gttcaaatta aagaaagcag gtcttgtcat     82500
     acatttcaaa aacccgttta tgttttaacg agagccccat aaggcacatt gtttgaaatg     82560
     aaatgatttt catatgtacg attctcaaca tgtttacata taaatgtccc ttatatctcc     82620
     atattaacac atgcaaacaa atctgaagtg tccccaaact gagggctgag cttccagatt     82680
     gaaataagct caagaatcaa gcaaaagtga ctataaaaac cgcagacgct caccttttcc     82740
     gctgtgcatg ttgttcgacc agcccgtcct ccgtacagca tcataagacg catctgcaga     82800
     aaacacaaag gcatttttat aacccttttt tatcccactc agagcgcttt ggaaaatgtt     82860
     cctgcaaatt tttttattta gagtgattac agctgtttat atccttgccc gaggagcctt     82920
     tttcccttca tatttgcttt ttttctaaac gttttaagtg cgtatgacag tgcttgagcc     82980
     gttcgggttt catctgccat attttgtgca tgatttcata ctcagacaag caaacagaga     83040
     cactgagaag tctctgataa taacaatgtg gctgtcagga ctgaatctgt ttggatgtga     83100
     gaacattatg aacatcagct tctctgcttt tagacacaca accacaaatt agcagcacat     83160
     ataaagatct ctggtactga agcattgctg attcactcaa aaaatatgta tatgtcttac     83220
     ttaaaatgaa ctgaaacaac acaattctta agatttcgat gggataactt gttttatgtt     83280
     caatccactt aaatttgtaa aaactattaa gttatcttca tgctgttcca accatccctg     83340
     ccaacactcc cgtttttcct gggagtttcc catatttcag acccatctcc ctcccgtttt     83400
     gttttttctc ccttaatact ctactgtgaa ataacatttg actagatatt cttcaagact     83460
     cttctataca gcttaaagtg acatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg ttaactacgc     83520
     aggttaaggt aattaggcaa gttatcgtat aatgatggtt tgttctgcag actatcgaaa     83580
     aaaatatatt gcctaaaggg gcttataatt ttgaccttaa aatggtattt aaaagattaa     83640
     aaactgcttt tattctagac gaaataaaac aaataagact ttttccagaa gaaaaaatat     83700
     tatcagacat actgtgaaat acttccttgc tctgttaaac atcatttggg aaatattaaa     83760
     aaaaaaaagg aaaaaaaaaa tcaaaggggg ctaataattc tggcttcaac tgtatatgat     83820
     attattataa tattattatt attgcaataa taataataat attaaattaa tacaaaataa     83880
     tccatataca aatgtgcaaa tatattaacg taaacagata atcacattaa gattatttgc     83940
     atttagttac taaacttaaa ataaatacag aaaatattaa tataaaaaat atattttata     84000
     tattgtggag cagagttatt acagtttgtt aaaactgaga gatgagagat tagcctttga     84060
     tatacacttt gacaagttac tgaaaaagcc taggccaaaa ttaggtttct tacacacgtc     84120
     gtttttttct tataaggcca gtaagaaact agtagagagt acatttctgt ctataattga     84180
     ttatggtgat catctttata tgcacgcagc cgctactcta cttagaaaac tagattctgt     84240
     ttatcatgca atacgcttcg tcacaggcgc agactcacgg actcatcact ataatttgta     84300
     tgattctcta gactggttat ctttatatca aatgagaaaa ttacatctgt acttatttta     84360
     tttttaggta aattatcaac ctatcttttt agcacatgtc actccgctgc tagtccgttt     84420
     gcactggctg ccagttgctg ctcgcatcaa attcaaagct ctgatgtttg cctacaaagc     84480
     gacttctggc tttgctcctt cttatctgct ctcacttctg cagatgtatg tgccctccag     84540
     aaacttgcgt tctgtgaatg aacgtcgcct cgtggttcca tcccaaagag ggaagaaatc     84600
     actctcgcga acgctcacgc tcaatctgcc cagttggtgg aatgaactcc ctaactgcat     84660
     cagaacggca gagtcactcg ctactttcaa gaaacgacta aaaactcaac tatttagttt     84720
     ccacttcact tcctaatctg caattgcctc tgaatattac actaactgta cccaaaaaaa     84780
     aaaaaactaa tattactaat acttcccttc ttagacttta cagacctgaa acttgcctac     84840
     agcacttctt cattgttgct cttatagtcg tgtaaattgc ttccttgtcc tcatttgtaa     84900
     gtcgctttgg ataaaagcgt ctgctaaatg actgaatgta aatgtaaatg ttttaatttg     84960
     taaacatttc acataaataa gcaacacact acatttggtt cctgtatttg tttaacaatc     85020
     ctaaggatat tgtcagattt cggcaaacat gctttttcct tttatgccca cagggcttgg     85080
     aatgacctgc aaaatcttga caaaactccc gactctgagt acttttaaac atcttttgta     85140
     caacatctta aaggacactt gtaattgttt ttatgatctg acctttttat gaatggtgat     85200
     tttgtggttt tttttttttt ttatttgctg cctgctatct tgaccaggtc tcatgcactg     85260
     gaggaagaga cagtactgtc tcaatgtgat ctcctggtta aataaaggaa ataataataa     85320
     caatcagttt gtataagaat aaaaaataaa aaattctcat ttaaaattat aatgtatttt     85380
     atatttagct attttagcat ttagagaact tttatgatta gtaatagtaa taatattttt     85440
     tcatttattc attcattaat tttcttgtcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc cggggtcgcc     85500
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtttttac ccttccagct gcaacccatc     85560
     tctgggaaac atccacacat ccatacacta cggacaattt agcccaccca attcacctgt     85620
     accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggaacaccca gaggaaaccc acgcgaacgc     85680
     agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaag ggcaactgag ccgaggatcg aaccagcgac     85740
     ccagcaacct tcttgctgtg aggcaaacgt gctacccact gcgccactgc gtcacccaat     85800
     aatttatcat tttaatatta ttattattac gactactaat tattactaca acaacaacaa     85860
     caacaacaga aaattatgtg gaaaattgca ataaaaagtg agtaaaactg caatcacaga     85920
     agcgtgtgtt ccctttaatt ttgttttcct cttatacata gttttgaaat tcccatatgg     85980
     catcactgaa tgggtttgct atgataatgg ccagagttcc ttcattcccc aacatcctct     86040
     taaaacatgg cttgcggcag tgcactgatc cctgtttccc cagcggaaat gaaccgatga     86100
     ctggcactaa tcatgtcttc tgagtgccct cgacagacat cttcctctag ggctttacag     86160
     cagctctgta agactgaact gcccactgct tacatacagc atcattcatc cacgttcctt     86220
     cagcttagtc tctatgtcag aggtcgccac agcggaatga accaccaact attcctgcac     86280
     atgttttaca gagcagatgc ctttccaggt gcaacccagt aatgggaaac acccatacac     86340
     actcattcac ataaaggcca atttagctaa ttaaattcac taaaggcgca tgtgtttgga     86400
     ctgcggggaa aaccggagca cctggaggaa accaacgcca atactggggg aaacatgcaa     86460
     actatacata gaaatgccaa ctaaccaggt cgggactcga accatttacc ttcctgctgt     86520
     ggggcgacag tgctaaccac tgagcatcat ttgggagggc aaataattct gacttcagct     86580
     gtatgtgctg tctgacaagt gtctgctgcc ctctgctgga cactggaaac tcatccaggc     86640
     tctgggtgct ggaactacga cacattaacc tctgaagaca aagaaaaatg tttagtttgg     86700
     aaagcgctgg taaaactaca tggcccacgt ctgaaaatcc aaacacagtc tccggccagc     86760
     gtttctcagc taaagcagaa tccaagacaa aggaagagac tgatctctga aaggagacgc     86820
     tggagatctg tgatactggt ctgtgatccc ctccgtttgc tgactttata ttatatcaac     86880
     tgttttgttt attacactat taaaactatg aatcattatt ataagaaaaa ataaataaaa     86940
     ttataagtaa actaaaatat aataaagcaa aaccacaaaa tataagttat taaaacaata     87000
     tataaatgat actaacataa cactgatgca cagctgcagt tttgatagta tattaagcat     87060
     ttatttttta tttactaatt taattaatta atttaattac tttttattta cttactcatt     87120
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tgtgtaaata aattcaaaca tacatacaaa     87180
     taaaactaaa ccttgccagg ctattattaa aatatattat tattgttttt ttttatttat     87240
     aatttgtatt tagtggaaga aataaaatat ttctaacaga aatgcacatt ttatgcattc     87300
     atttagctgt ctttatatta tatcaactat tatattttct attacactat taaaactgat     87360
     acaaattatt attattgtag taagcaaatt taataaatat ttagtaaact aaaatacaat     87420
     aaaataaaac cacacaattt aaattagtat atatttattt attaaatatt tatttattta     87480
     cttactaatt taatgatcta attattcatg tatttattta cttacaatgt ttgtcattta     87540
     tttatgtgca aataaataca gcaaacatac atataaaaca tttgatttca ctgccatata     87600
     aatgttgtca aattatcgtt aaaatatatt atttttaaat gtttttttta atctaataaa     87660
     aataaatatc ccactttgta ttcagtggaa gaaataaaag cgattttaca gaaatgcaca     87720
     ttttaataaa acagctcaat tcagtttgct gacttaacat tatatcaatt attatatgtt     87780
     atattgcact attaaaacta caaataatta ttatacgaaa caaatgaaag aataataagt     87840
     aaacaaaaaa ttaataaaac aaaaaaatta tttactttct aatttatttt tgtttgttta     87900
     tttgtttgtt tatgtaattg caaataaatt caacaaaata cataaaatat taatttcact     87960
     gacaactcaa attaatatta aaatatttta ttattaaatg ttatttattt atttatttat     88020
     ttatttattt gtattttgta ttcagtggga aaaaaattaa agccgagatt tctaattaaa     88080
     actataatca catgaatgaa ataataagta aactaaaaat ttataaaaca aaaaaattct     88140
     ttctagttta tttatttctt tatttgttta tgtatctgca aataaattca acaaaataca     88200
     tataaaaaca ttaatttcac tgacatctaa actcaaatta tcattaaaat attatattat     88260
     taaatgttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatactttg     88320
     tattcagtgg ggaaaaaata aaagcctaga tttctaattg aaagtataat caaattgaag     88380
     aaataaaaca aaaccacaaa atgtaaatat taaaaccata tatgatatta aaacagcagt     88440
     tgcaatttga cttattttgt ttgtttgttt gtttgatata tgtgcaaata aattcaacac     88500
     acatgcatac aaaacatttg atttcatttg atattggtgg tcaaattatt cttaaaaaaa     88560
     tatatacaat tttttgataa aaaaaaccct ttgaattcag tggaagaaat aaaacctaca     88620
     gatttctaac agaagtgtat gtttgtataa actgttctat taagtaacat aaggtgaatt     88680
     tatcctatat tatttcagta taaatatgaa aaatgcatat ctgtaggagt aattcatcac     88740
     tcagcactgg gcagagttta gatcaaatct gggaaaaaca tatatatttt tccatttaat     88800
     atgttcactc ttctctcagt ccttcacctc tctaaggaca cgctgtaaac atcaatctgc     88860
     tcagtttagt caattgaatt gtgcaaactc attaatttca gtgtttaatt cctactaata     88920
     ttcatttatt aattttcctt tagcttatta tctatttcag aggttgccac agcggaacga     88980
     accgccaact attccagcaa atgacttatt cagcagatgc ccttccagcc acaactccat     89040
     actgggaaac acccatacac aacaattcac acacactcat acacataagt gaatcaatgc     89100
     ccctatagcg catgtgtttg gactgttggg gaaaccggaa cactgaggaa acacccacat     89160
     caacacgggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgtca cctgacccag cggggactcg     89220
     aaccagcaac cttcttgctg tgattcgaca gtgctaacca ctgagccaca gtgtccgccc     89280
     ttaattcctt cattccaaca cgaagggatt gtgtgaaagc caggagtttt tacagtcagt     89340
     gtttccctga actgatcctc catccgtccg tccgtctgtc agactctcag tgtccgtcag     89400
     gtctgatctg gagccgcaga gaagagagaa agagtcctga gagagttacg cttcctgcct     89460
     gccgactctc acacaacctc tctttgtttt actgcgctct ttttttcccc tcgttttttc     89520
     atccccttcc atcatgaaaa aacacacagc ggcagccagg aggaggagag cagtaacaca     89580
     caccgatggg gaaacgctgc acatcaggcg aatctgcaaa gaaaacagca gcgctgaccg     89640
     tccagacgct actgtctgag agaaaagacc accaccgtct gaagatcacc atcctcattc     89700
     aatcatgaat caacaactca ctgattcaaa tcatccagtc atagcaagtc tccagataat     89760
     gattcactga ttcaaatgat ccaatcagac taagtttgcc attattaaat ccatccagac     89820
     attactgtcc gagagtgaca aacactgtgt gaaaatcacc agcttcactc aatcatgaat     89880
     caacaactga ttgacaacaa cactgattca aatgatccag tcagagcaag tctccagata     89940
     atgattcact aattcaaatg atcaaatcaa tgcatatcta caggctatga atcacttcaa     90000
     atgatccagt cagagagtct gctgttaatg agtcactgat tcaaaaaatt taatcagcaa     90060
     gagtctgttg ttaatgaatc actgattcaa agaaccaatt agagagagaa tctgctgtta     90120
     atgactcact gattcaaatg aaccaattag agagagtctg ctgttaatga atcactgatt     90180
     caaatgatct aattagagag tctactgtta atgactcact cattcgaata atccaatcaa     90240
     agattctgct gttaatgaat cactgattca aatgatcggt tacagatagt ctgcagttaa     90300
     tgaatcactg attcaaatga tctaatcaga gagagaatct gcagttaatg aatcactgat     90360
     tcaaatgatc taatcagaga gagaatctgc agttaatgaa tcactgattc aaatgatcta     90420
     atcagagaga gaatctgcag ttaatgaatc actgattcaa atgatccagt cagagatagt     90480
     ctgctgttaa tgaattactg attccaatga ttcagtcaga gtgtctgctg ttaatgaatc     90540
     actaattcaa aagaccttgt ccaaatgatt ctcaactaaa tcaatcaaat ctgcaaagaa     90600
     aacatctgcg cttaaattct agatgcttct gtccgagaca tgaccaccat ctgaaaatca     90660
     caatcttcat tcaacatatc atgaatcaac aactcactga atcaaaagat caagcaattg     90720
     gattcaaatg atccaatcag agagagagtc tgctgttaat gagtcactga ttcaaaacat     90780
     ccagtcagac tgattctcaa cttaacattc atcagtacat cctttattta ttcattcatt     90840
     cattcatttt ctttacagct cagtctcttt atttatcagg tgtcgccaca gcggaatgaa     90900
     ccactaacgt atgcccttcc agctgcaacc cagcactggg aaacacccat acactctaat     90960
     tcacactcat acactacgga caacttagtt catcaattcc cctatagtgc atgtgtttgg     91020
     attgtgagga aaaccaaagc acccaaagga aacccacgcc aacacgggga gaacatgcaa     91080
     actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctgacccagc caagactcga accggtgacc ttcttgctgt     91140
     gaggccacag ttctaaccac taaaccaccg tgtcgccctg tacgacaaat tttggttgat     91200
     agttttcttg caaaataatt catctgtacc tccgtcatat gttaaatatt aaagcacttt     91260
     ctggatatct gcactttcac tcaaagagct cgatttgtgc atttcggcca ctgaaaatga     91320
     gacacagacg ggcatctggg agacagagag aacggatgct ttttaaaact cacggccata     91380
     aatcctgatt ttccctgtag cgtgcgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta gatgtctctg     91440
     aacacttaag aataatgatt gtatattggc ctcaatgaag aatctgcaga aaatcctgtt     91500
     ctccccgtgt tggcgtgggt ttcctcctgg tgctagggtt ttccccacag tccaaacaca     91560
     tgcgctagag gggaattcaa ttcaatttaa ttcagcttta tttgtatagc gcttttacaa     91620
     tgtagattgt gtcaaggcag cttcacataa atggtcatag taactgaaac agtgtagttc     91680
     agttttttag tgtttaagtt cagttcagtt tagctcagtt cagtgtgatt taattgatca     91740
     actaagttgt ccgtagtgta tgagtgtgtg cgaatgaatg tgtatggctg ttacccagta     91800
     ctgggttgca gctggaagga catccactgc atagaacata tgctggaata gttggcggtt     91860
     cattccactg tagcgacctc tgaaatagag actaagccga tggaaaataa atgaatagat     91920
     gaggggcata aaataaaatc atgctgaata tggaattaat aggcactttt agatatctag     91980
     attaaaaacg ggacaacaat atctaagaag tgctttttct ccagtgtaaa tgtgcataat     92040
     tataagagat aagttaggac aactcaacat tatgatgagt ttactcactt ttaagacaag     92100
     tttgcttatt gtttctagct tttttacagt ataagcactg cgaaaaccct atttggttat     92160
     tgtctaatat tcaaattgca tctgccttat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat     92220
     tattattatt attattattt ttaattttat tattagtaat gcttatttgt attttaaagt     92280
     gaacgtacta tatgtgttta gactaatcta taagtgtcca gttctctctg tatttttgct     92340
     tttaggtcgt ctggtggtgt ttttctttca gctgtatgct tgtctcttag tgtgtgtagt     92400
     ttttttaaaa gcgctgtatg cttgtgtgtg tgagtgtgtg tgctgttctg gatctgtgtt     92460
     tgggtgtggc gtctcctcca gagaccagac ttctgctctt ctagtcaaaa caagcctctc     92520
     gcccagccgg ccgtctagac gggctcagtt tttaaacact gcccaaaatg cctttttctc     92580
     tgcattatac agaaagccca cagtgtcctc cattcagacg agaatgcaga ttacagaccg     92640
     tgttttaaaa tctagtgagc tgccctgctg tctacagtgt attgtctttt aagggagcat     92700
     ctaaactgtt gaagctgaac cttataattg agggagtaaa gcagctgttc aggaatctgc     92760
     tctgctacag aatgagccat actcgaaatg agtaaaaaga caatagcaca gagaatgaaa     92820
     ttcattcatt cattttctct tcggcttagt ccctttatta atctggggga gcacccaggg     92880
     gaaactgacc cagccaggac ttgaaccagc aaccttcttg ctgtgagaca acagcactac     92940
     ccactgcgcc attgcgccac ccaaataaaa taataatagt aagattaata ataagtctgc     93000
     aattattatt ttcaacaaca acaacaataa aaaaataata aataataata ataataataa     93060
     taaaatacta ataatggtga tgatgataat aattataaaa tacgtccatt cattcattca     93120
     ttcattcatt tttttcggct tagtccctta tagattggtg taataataat aataataata     93180
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taatacctat tattattggt     93240
     atattaatac accgtaaaaa atcctggttg ccttacattt ttaagctgaa tcaaattaac     93300
     tgttgtaaag tccactgaac ttatattatg ttaaactgac ttaaaacagc tggcgtaact     93360
     ttgaaaatta agttagaaca tgactaactg acaatgacat aaaaacatat gctgttagga     93420
     ctgataatta ttataattga taattaataa tactactact aataataata ataaacaaaa     93480
     ataaagtaat aataatagta ataaatacat tttaaaaaaa aaaagacatt tttttttaaa     93540
     taaattattt ctttgacgca aaactgaatt gtcaagcttt attactccat tcagaaatta     93600
     ttatcatgga agtattctga ttttgtaatc gattataaat aattcatcgt cttataatcg     93660
     gcatcggaaa ctatgctatt ttttcaggat tcatggatta aaataaaaaa tgttatatac     93720
     attttgttat agaaatctgt atcattataa acataaattt aagccaaacc atttattagt     93780
     catttaaaac aataataaaa ctaaaatatt aacaataaca ttaataataa taataatgat     93840
     aacgaattat taataataat agtaatagca atattattaa taataataat attaatggtg     93900
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataatta ttattattat tattattagt     93960
     attatagtaa taatataata atatgataat aataataaaa tattaatgat agtaatagta     94020
     ataattaata tatttataat aactgttttt atagtgtaaa agaataatag taaccaaaat     94080
     gtattaaaca attagtcatt tattatgtat aataataata ataataataa caaaaattac     94140
     tagtaataac attattagta ttattaataa taataattga attaatggtg ataataataa     94200
     tgaaaggaaa ataatattaa taataaaata taaataataa ttattctaat aattattatt     94260
     attataatta taatagtaat atcgttatca ataataatat taatgatgat gataataata     94320
     gtaataataa taataataat aataataata ataatattca ttcaaacaaa aaatacataa     94380
     cggaaatgtt aaaaaaataa attaatttgt ccacctttaa tttgcagcaa gctttttttt     94440
     tttatcgtgc acagtatata atattaagtc ttatataata tataggtcag cattaccatc     94500
     tatttttaca atatgctttg tatctgcagt tatgatgcca taaaacgcat aagagcttgg     94560
     caacggagct attcagtgta ctataaaaga agatcgtggt taagatcagt gtaatatgct     94620
     atttattgtg ctaagtggag tattaatctg cattaatctt taactgcctg tgagaaatta     94680
     tgctgaaaag aaatggcctg agatgaaagg ctaagtggaa ataaatgcag tccataaatc     94740
     ccgctatcag aggtttaatc tccagctgat aaacacagac ctgtaaaata gccactcttt     94800
     gacgtcttta gcgttttagc actttcagat ggagtttctg gatcactgat cttcagagat     94860
     agagtttttc cacactaact ttgacacact tgttaaatgc gagtgaaaaa gggctgcgat     94920
     aatgtcttta ttgtgatata atattcgtaa aaaccccaaa aaactcttaa ttaaaaaaag     94980
     tcaaaatgat tcgccctctt ctgatttttt tccccccaaa tatttctcaa atgtttacca     95040
     gagcaagcaa tttttcacag tatttcttat aatatttcat cttctggaaa aagtcttatt     95100
     tgttttattt cggctagaat taaagcagtt tttttttttt ttttaaagct atattttatt     95160
     tttattttat tttattttaa gattaaaatt attattataa ggcacgaaaa tgcactgtaa     95220
     tgctcactaa cccagataaa caagactcaa ccctgaagtc caatataatc ggtgcataac     95280
     gaccctccat ctatgtgtgt gtaatcaata tgaatcagga actggtgtgt gtgaggtgca     95340
     tgctgggagt tgtagtccat atggtgacgg tattgtagtc tgagtgaaag tgaatgaatc     95400
     ccagagatct ataaggttta atcatgacaa acctattgtc ctaaacagtt accctgtgtc     95460
     tcgccatgta tggcattgtt tcctaaagtt tccctgtgta tcatcagcat cagtttactg     95520
     agacggttta tgaaagctga tttccttgat gactttgaga gcccgcttta atgtggatgt     95580
     gtatcttgtg ttatcgttga aaaagtacac aagtaaatta cgcaaatgag tctcagtaat     95640
     cgccgtctat aatcactgcg atcatgaaag tctgacgacc gatctgagac tttaagagca     95700
     ctagaactct tctagaaaac tagaactatt ctctcacgat tgctcatatg ataatgattg     95760
     gctcagtagt gcctgctgat ttaataatgt gcttattata tactaattaa aagattagtg     95820
     gaggacagtt taccaaaaca ataccacatc ctttattata gatctgaatt ttacatctaa     95880
     ctcagcacga ctgccttaaa ctttgtttaa tttagtcatt tatgagagaa aatctttctt     95940
     tcatccaaac gtctgtctgt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     96000
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt tttattcatt cgttcattca ttctttcatt cattcattca     96060
     ttcattcatt cattcattta atcaatcctt tctttctttc tttttttagt tttttacttt     96120
     cttccttcct tcattcattc cttcctcctt ccttccttcc tccttccatc cttccttcct     96180
     ttcttttttc tttcttcctt catttcttcc ttattttctc tttctttctt tctttctttc     96240
     tttcttccat ccttcctttc ttttttattc cttcctttct ctttcagggt gcagaaatga     96300
     agcaaattaa tgcaacatgt tcatatatat attttcacag gatgtctaat aatatttttc     96360
     cttctaaaaa aagacttatt tgttttattt tgcctagaat aaaagcagtt tttaattttt     96420
     aaaaccccat tttagggaca aaattattag gcttcacata cttcaactgt atatacattt     96480
     ctttgtagct tatttacaag taatttctgt atatacattc tttttgcttc aaaattaaaa     96540
     tatagttaaa caagaaaata gtaaataatg taaacaaatc tcaaattcag catgaataca     96600
     aataagccaa taagaaaaat aatgcacact tgctttcaat aaatttatta aaaaatgtct     96660
     gtaagtgcta ttgcatatgg aaaaataata attcataaat aaacaaacaa acaaacaaat     96720
     aaatcataat aataaatcat aataataaac tctttattca ttttctgttt ggcttagtcc     96780
     ctttattaat caggggtcac cacattccat ggaagggatg cccttccagt ggaaacccat     96840
     cactgggaaa cacccaaaca ctctcattca cactcatgca ctatggacaa tttatcttac     96900
     ccaattcccc tatagcgcat gtgtttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcag tcagagtaaa     96960
     cccacgccaa catgcaaact ccacataaaa atgccaacct acaaaaccga ggcttgaaac     97020
     agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgatattgc tacccactgt gccaccatgc cgaccaataa     97080
     taataataac aatgatgata ataataataa taataatgat gatgatgatg atgataacaa     97140
     taataacaat aataataata ataataataa taaagataat aataacaata ataataataa     97200
     taataatgat aataataata ataatgatga tgatgatgat gataataata ataataacaa     97260
     taataataac aataataatg ataataataa caacaataat aataataatg ataataataa     97320
     taataatgat gatgatgatg atgatgatga tgatgatgat gatgatgatg ataataataa     97380
     taataataac aataataata acaataataa tgataataat aacaataata ataataataa     97440
     caataataat aataacaata ataataacaa taataatgat aataataatg atgaggatga     97500
     tgatgatgat aataataata ataataacaa taataatgat aataataata ataataataa     97560
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa tattaataat agtagctgtt acaccttgga     97620
     acaccttaga aattttccaa aatttgccag attgtttcta ttatcacttg caatatttca     97680
     ttttactcta ccagcagacg aaaaaaaaaa atgtcagtac tgtatttatg atgtaaaaca     97740
     cctttctcaa tgttcctaca ctataaaacc catcctcatg ctcaataaca gctctaaatc     97800
     acggttacaa cgcgacacgt gtctcccatt aacacaattt gagtcggatt ctgtagtatt     97860
     gtatatacac ctgtcagtct gctctttctc tctgtatttt atcctctttc tctctttcag     97920
     cacacgtggt ttttgtcttg ctaattgtct ctgtgttctg aaagggctcc gctgtctgtg     97980
     ttcagatgga aactcaatgc ttgacgctct ttatttgggc cacacaaaga cagcacctgc     98040
     tgggactgaa gccctgcacg gattcacagc agaaaaagag ccaaaaagac tggcaaacgc     98100
     tattattttg acaaaaccgc gagactcact ttcctcatgt catagccata tgcattgtat     98160
     acctaatgtg ccttttgtgc ctcagaatta gcactgcatg cgcaaatggg attattgcaa     98220
     ttggacagtt gaaatcagag ttattagccg gcgtgtatca ttttataccc aatttctgct     98280
     taatggacag aagatacatt tttaaacatt atagttttga taaccaattt ctaaaaattg     98340
     atttatttta tctttctcat aaaaaaaaaa atattgctta tgaaaggctc gaaattgacc     98400
     ttttttttct tgacagcacc ggttctccta acttcaaaaa tgtaggcgca ccagacaaaa     98460
     tttagtcgca cccaccaatt atgagcaccg ttactacacg ttctatagac ctttttcacg     98520
     gctgctgcat ggagggcgcc atagcgacca gcgtcttctg gtagaatgct aaaaacttcc     98580
     gttctcagcg tgtacaactg gtaatttgcg ctccgaaaat tcaataacgt ttcaataacg     98640
     tttttaatgg ataacagagt gtttttgtga cacacaactt ataaatgtgt ctgttaaagc     98700
     cgttataatc tgtcacatgt ggttcaagcg cgtcagaaat acgagaaaaa cgttctccta     98760
     gttcacgtgt ctgccgtcag aaatacagtg tgtgtgtgcg ttcccggcct gtcagttgtt     98820
     agctcagcgg ctttttaaca cacacacaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     98880
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     98940
     gcaaaccaga gtactggcat gaaacttaac aggtatgaaa gtcgtgcaat ttacaaaaat     99000
     gagcaataaa agtctgttat tgatcctctg ctgctgattt gctgttcatt ctaatcgcga     99060
     gccgtttgtg ttttatttca tgtgttgtat tcaccacggt ttgtgttttc tgtcattttg     99120
     aaatgacact agcctatatt ttcactttgt cacagttatt aaatcagtgt gtcagtggca     99180
     cagtacaggc tacgtgtgtg tgtcaaacat tttggtaaac tacattagtt tgggctggtt     99240
     atatatttga aataaagaga aaatgttgac tttagcgatg acgaggcttc atttaaactg     99300
     cagaagatgc cgtctgacaa cgaggggaaa atgcctcaca gcagctgttt tccatcctat     99360
     tagatcacat ttctgtaaat gatcagtcca ggagatgctg ctgatggaca acagtattag     99420
     ttcaaagagg ataaaagcag gtaaaataga ttaaaactat cgtttcaaag ctgtccaaat     99480
     gtgactgttt acacgcatca gctgccgacc ggaagttctt cgcattctcc ttgcgcatac     99540
     acgcaaagcc tcatgggtaa ttttgcattc caagaaaaag gtctatacta acacatttat     99600
     tgcatttgaa atcaacacta atcaaatcta ataagctaaa atctgcacgc gctcattggt     99660
     tctgcatgca ctgcttgacg tgaatgagat gaactgaatt aacaataata actgtgctgt     99720
     tctcacggct gctgtctgat attgcacaga tgatattgac atttaactta ttatttgcat     99780
     acctcatctt aatagcagtg acaatctttt catgagctgc aatattagtt ttatctcagt     99840
     gaatgcacga acaacaaaaa aagatgatct taccgtcttt tgcagccagg cgaggggact     99900
     ggtcagcgtg agatggcgtg ttgtatgata tcgatgagct acctgcaaga cacaaatgga     99960
     aaatacatgt taggatgatt cagatttagg tacatactct ctgctttgtt tattcattga    100020
     ttttccttcg gcttactccc ttgtttatca ggggtcacca cagtagaatg aacccagcat    100080
     ttgtttgttg agcgtataaa tgtttgcaat taattgtaat atttgcaaga gtgagtaagt    100140
     gtgtaagata ttaaataatc ctatccttgt ggtgatataa atgcattttt ctttgacaag    100200
     gaacaaatca gcactgaaaa aggcacgtaa aattaattaa aaaacaaaac aagacaaagc    100260
     aaatcaagca ttctacaaat ataaagataa atataaataa aatataatta aaataacatc    100320
     tcttttattt tatatatata tatatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tataaaataa aagagatatg    100380
     ttattttaat tatattatgt gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatgtat    100440
     gtgtgtatag ttaagtctgt tttttgtgta cctgcatagt aagggaattg ggatgtaaat    100500
     tagcattgtt gctaatccgg cacctggctt gtttacattt tgtgttaatg ctaaatgttt    100560
     attcagttcc ttgtcacata ataatcgcaa tccaaacaca atctccagtc tgtttccagt    100620
     gagcagcccc tgaagcgctc tcttaatttt agctccttta acccataaat cagcgcaaag    100680
     caaaaactgc gctagcaaaa aaaactagcg gtgggatttc agcagatgct aaaggaggga    100740
     ttttctgaat gagcaagcgg aagcgatgga gtttggtatt tctttgttct tttgaagggc    100800
     tcaggagaga tagtagtgtg ttttaataca catgcgagtg tgtgtacact tttatggggg    100860
     aggagagctc atccaacaca tattttaacc tccaggcctg taaacccccc tgagcgctgc    100920
     tgccgaacag ggcaggcttt gtgtggggtg cgaatcaaac atacaaacat aaaccctgct    100980
     ggatagaaag aggaatgcct atagacaaaa acacaacaat aatatagaaa atacaggagt    101040
     aactgatcat ttcgtaattg attttcatga ctaatgttat tgtgattcac gttgctcccc    101100
     taaaagatgt taaactccat gaactttcat tgtcgcaatc tctataacat tacagcactg    101160
     atttttttta aagcttgtaa caagtaataa ctatgtaatt acactgtaat aagaaaacta    101220
     actacatatt ttagatattt cttacaacat ataattaaac agttatttaa taaacagcat    101280
     atgcgatgaa aacagcatct agaggagctc aggtttaata atgaatcatt taataagctg    101340
     atttatgaat tgcagtgcaa ctaggtccac tgcaggatcc agagatgcat aaaatcctgt    101400
     gggagtatta aggaaggtgc tgaaacaacc aacataagtg ataatccacc acaaatggag    101460
     gacagatcaa taaaagcttg aggagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagggagaga    101520
     gagagaatag gctgttcata tgcgtatggt ctgtgtaaac catcaacggt ctctgaatgt    101580
     cccagtctga attatcactg tggccactct gtctcataac tacagccaga cctgcagtgc    101640
     tcaaggaaac cactgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    101700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtcaaaataa tatggttctt tgagattata agataaagaa    101760
     taaacatatt taatgcatgt cggcatcatg gtggcgtagt gggtagcatg atcacctcac    101820
     agaaagaagg tcgccggttc aagccctagc atccatctat ccatccattc aaacattcat    101880
     ccaatgcagt aattccatcc atacattcat tcattcattt tcttgtcggc ttagtccctt    101940
     tattaatccg gggtcgccac agcggaatga accgccaacc aatccagcaa gtttttacgc    102000
     agcggatgcc cttccagctg caacccatct ctgggaaatc catccaaaca tccatacaat    102060
     atttctatcg attcattgac ccagtcattt catctatcct tctatccatc catctaattg    102120
     ttctattagt tcatctcccc gatcctcttt tatcatccat ccatccatcc atccatctat    102180
     ccatttaacc aatctttcta tcagttcatc aaattcagtc attccatcca tgcatgcatc    102240
     atttcatcca tccatcaatc catccattca tccaatcttt atatcgaagc attgacccag    102300
     tcattccttc catacatcca tccatccaaa catctatgca tccatccatc aatccatcca    102360
     tcaatccaaa catccatcca tccatctata tatctatcta atctttttta tcatttcatc    102420
     aattcagtaa ttccatctat atatccatcc aatctttcta ttccatccat ccatccatct    102480
     atcactcctc catccattta aactttatag cgaagcattg acctagtcat tccttccatc    102540
     catccatcca tttaaacatc catctaaaca tccatccatc cacacatcca cacatccatc    102600
     catccttcca tccatccatc catccatcca tttaaacatc catctaaaca tccatccacc    102660
     cactcatcca cacattcatt catccatcca tcaatccaaa catccatcca tccatccatc    102720
     cattcatgca ttcatccatc taatcttttt tatcatttca tcaattcagt aattccatct    102780
     atatatccat ccaatctttc tattccatcc atccatccat ctatcactcc tccatccatc    102840
     caaactttat aacgaagcat tgacctagtc attccttcct tccacccatc catccatcca    102900
     tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatttaaa catccatcca    102960
     tccacacatc catccatcca tcaatccaaa catccatcca tccatccttc catgcattca    103020
     tctatctaat ctttttttta tcatttcatc aattcagtaa ttccatctat atatccatcc    103080
     aatctttcta ttgattcact gacccagaca ttccatccat ccattcatct aatctttcta    103140
     taggttcatc aatacagtta tttcatccat ccatgcattc aaccagtctt tctatcagtt    103200
     catcaattca atcattccat ccatgcatgc atcaactcat ccataaatca atccatccat    103260
     ccatccatcc atctatcact cctccatcta tccaaacttt ataacgaagc attgacctag    103320
     tcattccttc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catttaaaca    103380
     tccatctaaa catccatcca tccacacatc catccatcca tccttccatc catccatcca    103440
     tttaaacatc catctaaaca tccatccatc cacccactca tccacacatt catccatcca    103500
     tccatccatc aatccaaaca tccatccatc cattcatgca ttcatccatc taatcttttt    103560
     ttatcatttc atcaattcag taattccatc tatatatcca tccaatcttt ctattgattc    103620
     actgacccag acattccatc catccattca tctaatcttt ctataggttc atcaatacag    103680
     ttatttcatc catccatgca ttcaaccagt ctttctatca gttcatcaat ttaatcattc    103740
     catgcaacca tcaatctatc catccaaaca cccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc    103800
     tatctatcca aacaacaatc catccatcca tctatctatc caaacaacaa tccatccatg    103860
     aatctaatat ttttttatca gtccatcaat tcagtaattc aatccattta tccaatcttt    103920
     ctctcagttc atcaattcag taattccatc catccatcca tccatccaat ctttcaatca    103980
     gttcattgat ccagccatcc cttcatccct ccattaaatc catctgtttt aaatagtttc    104040
     agcctcagaa tttattttgc cgcatcagtt acatcagaca cattttaagc cctcaaaata    104100
     atttcagtcc gatcaaatta caccaaacta ctgcattcaa ttcaacaaga gcattcaaat    104160
     tcatccctga cgcttttcaa tatacataga ctctaaaaac aaactgtaag tgtgtgtttc    104220
     ttccaatcta acttctccaa cacacacaca cacacacatg cacactcata agtgtagata    104280
     aaggcagcag ctcagctccg ctcccctcct gcaatgaaat tccaacaaat tctcaaattg    104340
     caggcaaatt gaaagcacat tggcgagtgg gcggcaatcg ctaataaaat ctcaataact    104400
     gaccaacagc aaagtcaaaa caaagcctcc tacagaccct gagctctagc ggcagcaggc    104460
     ctgttacgat gcatgtgctg tgtgtacagc atttgtgtac agtatgattc agcgttggcc    104520
     tgtgtatatg cttaatgaca cacaggaatg ttaatcagac tctatgtaaa cagcccagca    104580
     tgtacgcaaa tgtgtatgaa gcgattacgt tgaggactgt cacaatggcg ggatgaggga    104640
     tgcaggagtg tatgcgtgtg tttggggatc cagacccagt attgtggctt tattgtggat    104700
     gtctgaggat gtgtttgttt gtgttgcctg aggaaaagga tcatctttgg tttcaggctc    104760
     ggagccccgg ggtgcaaagg aaaacacccg gataaacata tggttcgatg tacatgtaca    104820
     cacaatccca catgtaaact gcataacaca gggccttcct aaagcaactg ctcaaccaaa    104880
     aatgtgctgt cgtcattttt aagcctgtat ataagatttt aatgattaat tttaatggtg    104940
     aagacgtgtt agctggtcaa cagacccctt acactgaaaa tcagaaatcg aaaagttttg    105000
     tgtgattcaa caatttattc attcattcat tttcttttcg gtttagtccc tttattaatt    105060
     tcgggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccacctc aacagtttag cagttgtata aatttatgta    105120
     tacattaata atcagttatg ttaacacagt tatttgttta tttttttaca tttacgtttt    105180
     ttattacaca tttatttatt tattttttgt atatattcat atatttaaat atatctaaat    105240
     gtcactgtta ttaatcacaa tataatatta tattatattc aacaacatac tatatatact    105300
     tttcagagat tttgctctat attgacatga tagcatcaca cagttgctgc agatttgtcg    105360
     gctgcacatc catgatgtga atctcccatt ccaccacatc tcaaagctgc tctattggat    105420
     tgagctctgg tgactgtgga ggccatttga gtacagtgaa ctcattatca tgttcaagaa    105480
     atcagtctga gatgattgag ctttatgaca tggtgcgtta tcctgctgga agtagccatc    105540
     agaagatgga gacactgtgc tcataaaggg atggacatgg tcagcagcaa tactcgggta    105600
     ggctgtggtg ttgacacgat gctcaattgg tactgatgag cccaaagtgt gccaagataa    105660
     tatccccaca ccattacacc accaccagca gcctgaacag ctaatacaag gtaggatgaa    105720
     ttcatgcttt catgttgttg acgccaaatt ctgacccgac catccgaatg tgtcagcaga    105780
     aatggagact catcagagca ggcaacgttt ctccaatctt ctattgtcca gttttggtaa    105840
     gcctgtgtga attgtagcct cagtttcctg ttcttagctg ttaggagcgg cacccggtgt    105900
     ggtcttctgc tgctgtagcc catctgcttc aaggttggac gtgttgtgtg ttcagagatg    105960
     ctcttctgca gagctcggtt gtaacgagtg cttatttgag ttactgttac ctttctatca    106020
     gctggaacca gtctggccat tctcctctga cctctgacat caacaaggca tttgcgccca    106080
     aagaaatgac actcactgga tatttcctct atatcagacc attctctgta aagcctatag    106140
     agatatatac atgcctaaat acattgagtt actgccatgt cattggcttt aatttgtgtt    106200
     aacggacagt tggacaggtg tacctaataa agtgaccggt gtgtgtgtgg tgcgtatatg    106260
     tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    106320
     tatatatata taattactat ttttacttta attgttatgc agactaatat atttttgaga    106380
     ggataatatg ttgaccaata aattaatttg aactgttgga taaaaataaa taaataaata    106440
     attaaacaca tagcttttat tcatactatt atgtatattt attagtttta atataattat    106500
     atgtatttat tatatgtatt aatttagcat attagcatta tttcatcgta agtagcttga    106560
     taaattcatt aattcattaa ttttcttttc taagtgcctt tattaatctg gggtcgccac    106620
     agcggaatga accaccaact tatccaatat atgtttttac acagcagatg cctttctagc    106680
     tgcaacccgt cactgggaag caaccataca cactcattca cacacataca caacagacag    106740
     tttagctttc ccaattcacc tataccaaat gactgtggag gaaaccggag cacccagagg    106800
     aaacccactc caacactgag agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcct actgacccaa    106860
     ctggggcttg aaccagcgac ctacttgctg tgtggtgatt gtgctaccca ctgtgccacc    106920
     gtgctgcccc aacatgataa atatacggta aaaaaaagtt tatatagtaa ataaaaccag    106980
     acaagtttat tatgcatgct ttccatacag aagaagcagc gttccagctt tttaataaca    107040
     cgcgggtgag gaaataatgt cagaagtttc atttttgggg tgaacttcat ctttagagtc    107100
     acaaaaaggt aaaaaagatc ccgaatttct tttggctggg cgcaagtagc ctctggtgca    107160
     cgggacaaga ccatctccct tattattatt tgattttcac tcgggacgcc ttccaaggca    107220
     atacaaatgg tggagtggag gattaccgat gttttcttct gtttccaaaa cacacaggct    107280
     aaatcaaaga aagagcggaa ggcagatcca caatgcccag cgcgtaagct ctggctcagt    107340
     cccggggcaa tcgtccctaa tgaaaactca aaacccagtc ctgctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    107400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacacctg acagctcaca gactctgccc tacagctcac aatgaggctc    107460
     tgttatactg cgagtctgta tgcaggccca cagcctggcc accagcacaa aaccgttgac    107520
     acccacggaa taaagttccc attacctcac agcacaatcc atcaccaatt tctttttttg    107580
     ttttttttta aggaggcccg tttttaaccg ctcagccatg ttggactcca cccgtctcag    107640
     aagtgaaatg ctgctttaca tttacattta atcatttagc cgacgctttt atccgaagcg    107700
     acttacaaat gaggacaagg aagcaattta cacaactata agagcaacaa tgaataagtg    107760
     ctgtaagcaa gtttcagtct tgtaaagtgt aaagtctaag aagcaaaacg tcttttttgg    107820
     gggggggggt acagtcagtg gtatctccag agcggcaatt gcagattagg aaggaaagtg    107880
     gagactaatt agttgagttt ttagtcgttt cttgaagaca gcgagtgact ctgctgttct    107940
     gatgcagtta gggagttcat tccaccaact gggcagattg aatgcgagag ttcgggaaag    108000
     tgatttcttc cctctttggg attgaaccat gaggcgacgt tcattcacag aacgcaagtt    108060
     tctggagggc acatacatct gcagaagtga gagcagataa ggagcaaagc cagaagtcgc    108120
     tttgtaggca aacatcagag ctttgaattt gatgcgagca gcaactggca gccagtgcaa    108180
     atggatgagc agcggagtga catgtgctct tataggttca ttaaagacca ctcgtgctgc    108240
     tgcgttctga agcagctgaa gaggtttgac ggagttagct gggagctcgg ctagtagaga    108300
     gttgcaatag tccagtctgg agagaacaag agcttgaaca aggagttgag ctgcatgttc    108360
     agataggagt gcgaatctgc aagatcaagc agttctaaag atgtgcgcag agaaatttag    108420
     ttggatcatc aatcgttact taacagcttt tcaccatttt tgatgcagta gtggttgccc    108480
     cttccatctg gattaaaaag attcagatct ctttaaagga gatctattgt gaacagtgtg    108540
     tgaatacagc cagcctctaa tggtaaaaat taattcattc gatttttttt ataatcaaaa    108600
     cagtctgcag aaacactttg attagcattc tcccttggta catgtcatca gaagggaaag    108660
     ccccgcccac tcctgacatc atctatctca catttgcata aacagtcctg agtgagaagc    108720
     agttgtcgat cattagagtt taaagctgct gaagatgact gcagggatta tacatacgga    108780
     gttgtgcttt aatttagtgc taaagtagtt aattaacatt attaattaac agggtgtcac    108840
     agtggttagc actgtggcct gacagcatga aggttgctgg ttcgagtacc agctggacca    108900
     gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccccatgt tggcgtgggt ttccttcggg    108960
     tgctccggtt tcccccacag tccaaacaca tgtgctatag gggaattcaa taaactatgg    109020
     ccatagtgta tgtgtgtgaa tgagggtgta tgggtgtttt ccagtactgg gttgcagctg    109080
     gaaggccatt tgctgcgtaa aacatatgct ggaatagttg acagttcatt ccgctgttca    109140
     tcccacatat taggaacata catcttgtaa aaaaaggggt ataataggtc tactttaaat    109200
     gtttggatgg gccagatggt ctcgccagcc ctgcttctgt ttactgatgc atttctgatg    109260
     caaacaaagc gctcagatgc gacgtgtcct ctacacgttt tgcttataga tgccaatgat    109320
     gtattcaagt ggactttttt ttttttttgc caaagctgat ggattcttgg caaaacattc    109380
     agggaaaata atataagaaa tcctttggaa gagaaatggg gcaagatgtc tctgttgtaa    109440
     attagggata aactttgcgt atgccagaga gaagagtctg aagcggcaaa tgcaaaatac    109500
     aaacagttta ttcactcgat aaaatcactt ttgcttgaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaca    109560
     tttgctggat aagttggcgg ttcatttcgc tgtggcaact ccagattaat aaagagacta    109620
     agccgaaaag aaatgaatga ataactatcc atttttgctc aatgaactac ttgttgttgc    109680
     ttattaatag ttattatgat agtaggttgg gtttagatat tgggaagata cagtaaagat    109740
     gtagaataca atcatactaa tatttgtact aataagcagt taatatataa ttaagcaggt    109800
     aatgagccac tagtaactag ttaatactca attaatgtgt acctcaatta aaattgttac    109860
     acttattagc tctggtttta cagccaacaa gagtttaaag ggatagttca cccacaaata    109920
     aaaatgtact caaaattatt caattttaag ttgctccaaa acctttataa ataataataa    109980
     aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    110040
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa agaagatatt ttgaagaatg ttgtaaactg atctctgtag    110100
     tgtttacggg tttccaacat tcttcaaaat atcttcttta gtgctcagca gaaagtagaa    110160
     actcatatat aggtgtgtcc caagcagagg gtgggtaaat gatgacagac ttttcatttt    110220
     tgggtgaact atccatttaa gtttccactg ggttaagtgt aaaactgggt aaaactgtcc    110280
     aacgtcacca caagcatttt aatgggagga ctacagcagt gagcagatct tctgcggttt    110340
     catttattgc agcattattt attttcagag caagcaagtc atactttctg taatattagt    110400
     agcaccaata agcagttagt tataaacacc caaaattcaa caactgatgt atttatttat    110460
     ttatttattt atttatttat ctttctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt    110520
     ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctgtctgtct gtctgtctgt ctatctatct atctatctat    110580
     ctatctatct atctatctat ttatttgtat atgtatttat ctatttattt ttgtatgcat    110640
     gtatttattt atctatctat ttatttattt gtgtatttat ttattaatta atcaattaat    110700
     taacttattt atttatttat ttatttattt atgcatgtat taattttatt tatttattta    110760
     tccacctgtt tatctgttta tgcatacatg catgcatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta    110820
     tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtattta attatttatt tatctatcta    110880
     tttattctta tttatttatt tatttattta cttatctatt tatttatttg tctatttatt    110940
     tatttatttg tatatgtatc tatcttttta tttatttgta tatgtattga tctatttatt    111000
     tatgtatgca tgtacttatt tatttatcta tctatttatt cttatttatt tatttattta    111060
     tttatttatg tattcactta tctatttatt tatttgtcta tttatttatt tatttattta    111120
     tttgtatatg tatttatctt tttatttatt tgtatatgta ttgatctatt tatttatgta    111180
     tgcatgtact tatttatttt tctatctatt tatttatttg tgtatttatt tatttatttt    111240
     atttatctat ctgtttatct gtttatgtat gtatgtatgt atttattgat tttaaaagta    111300
     atttaataat aggcaggtaa taaaccagta cactgtaaaa aaaaaatctg ttaattaggt    111360
     gttttctatt tatttacggt agtgaattgc gttatgggat gttgatctct gctctgttga    111420
     ctttctattt taaaaaattc aagtctacag tttaacaaag tgacattatt gacatgttag    111480
     tagtttgaga taatataatg tctaagaaat aataacacag agaaataagt ctgtaaaata    111540
     gcaaaaaatg tactgacagt ttattacaag gtttctgtag cataatagac aacatcaacc    111600
     cagacaatat agcactgcaa actactaaaa atgatcagaa aagtcacttt ttagaacttt    111660
     tcgatattaa aagttattgg aagaaagatc ccataatgca attcaacagc ataaataaac    111720
     aattacatta cagacattgt ttacagtgtt gttaataatg gaaactcagg gttacttaaa    111780
     ctaaagtgtt agccaagatt tagcttatac atagttgaca gtgagtggat ttccaccaaa    111840
     agctgatgga ttcttgccaa cacatgcagg ggaaataata taagaaatcc cttggaagag    111900
     aaataggaca agatgcctct gttgtaaatt agggataaac ttgaccatgc aacagacccg    111960
     aggacatgca cctgggcttc atctctgtaa gtctgagccc acggcgggac gggacgctcg    112020
     cttaaaatca aaatcatcgc aaatctgcca aaccaaacgc agtcgagcag gtggagcaag    112080
     acaggagcac ggggataata aaaagtcagc ataatgtgca aagcaccact gaaatcagaa    112140
     ttattaatat atatatattt ctccaatttc tgtttaatga aaagattttc ccaacacatt    112200
     tctacacata atagttttaa taactcatat ctaataactg atttattttc tctttgccat    112260
     gatgacagca cataatatta gactagatat tcttcaagac acttctatac agcttaaagt    112320
     gacatacaaa ggctcaattg ggttaattag ggtaaagtta gagtaattag gcaagtcatt    112380
     atataaagat ggtttgttct gtagactatc taaaacaaat attgattaag ggggctaata    112440
     atattgacct taaaattcag atgatttaaa accgttttta ttctagctga aataaaacaa    112500
     ataaaacttt ctccagaaga aaagatctct cgcatggacg gtcatgcatt aaacagtcac    112560
     aactgtttcc aaatgtttta ctgatgtggc aaaattcata caagctcttc tatatgcttt    112620
     aggaacaatt tattggtcag ttgctcgtaa atagtcataa aacataaaaa ggggtgcgtt    112680
     tcccaaacaa cgacgtaact cgtggctgaa ttatcattgt acgatgcatc gttttggaaa    112740
     agaacgatgt agtgaagagt gtttcccaaa acgcatagtt tctctgtcgc agatccattg    112800
     ttataacgta aaacgcccat aatgatgctc taaatggggt ggaggaacaa cctctttaga    112860
     gaccaacccc atcatttcat tgtgcaaatt atattctttt atacgcacac gcattaaaaa    112920
     aaaaaaatcc aatattagtt ttgctaaaaa catgcactgg ctttccatat taattaatat    112980
     attaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    113040
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt atatagggtc tgtgttttct    113100
     ttacagatat tattgagaac attacatatt ctattctaaa acataaaatc acttacaaaa    113160
     gctatcacat attctaatat catatataaa tcgcataaat aataaatgaa tgaataaata    113220
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataatgagg ctatttatta    113280
     agaaataaaa tatatattta ttatttaaaa aatcctactt taataatagt tttaatgatg    113340
     atgatgatga tgatgataaa gattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt    113400
     attattatta agtaggatat tgttttattt tagaaaagtc tacttttaca atttgacata    113460
     tgcaaaccac tgcacaaatc ttctaaccag caggtcatgt acagtacaga tacttcataa    113520
     gcaattcact ataaattaaa agcattaacg tatgctgtgt tttttgcttt cacaagtttt    113580
     ggagacgtaa cataaattcc gcttttaaat aataggtcac ctatagcttt tgtcatgagg    113640
     ctgtgttcaa aatgacatca atgtttttaa agtgcactac gaagggagcg caattgtaaa    113700
     catgaagatc gctaaagctg aactgtaaaa aatactttga aagcaactta cacgcaagag    113760
     agatgacctt aatgcttttt tatttttaat tattccatat ttaaatttca gaatgttcta    113820
     aataaatagg gcataggggg ataagtggga atagaacaaa gccaggaact atgtatctaa    113880
     ctacagctgc agaggtgtag ttgcaagtgc acaaatttgc aacgcagttt gcgaatgttc    113940
     gttgtagcga cggatttggg aaacggcaaa tcaacaaact atgtttgtaa cgacggaact    114000
     tgcaacggta ataatagttt tgggaaacat aaaatgcaat gttctcaata atatttgtaa    114060
     agaaaacata attaatatgg aaagtgagtg cgtgttttta gaaaaactaa tattggatta    114120
     catttcaaat gtgtgtgcgg gtaaaacaat ataatttgca caaagaaatg atggggttct    114180
     tctctaaaga agtagttcct ccaccccgtt tagagcatca ttatgggcgt tttacgttat    114240
     aacaatggag ctgcgacaaa gaaactacag gttttgggaa acactcttca ctacatcgtt    114300
     ctttccccaa acaatgcatc gtactatgat agttcagccg cgagttacgt cgttgtttgg    114360
     gaaactcagc ccagaaacaa tatcatcttt ctaatattta ttcattcatt ttccttcagc    114420
     ttagtccctt ttttatcaag ggtcgccaaa gcagaatgaa ctgccaacta ttccagcata    114480
     tcttttacac agtagatacc catccagccg caacccagta ctgggaaaca cccattcaca    114540
     ctcaatcaca cactcacaca atttagttta ctcaattccc caatagcaca tgtgtttgga    114600
     ctgtggggga aaccgaagca cccggaggaa acccactcca acatggggag aacatgcaaa    114660
     ctccacaagg aaatgccaac tgactcagac gggacacaaa ccagcaacct tcctgctgtg    114720
     aggcaacagt gctaaccact gagccacctt tctaatatca ctttgcgaat tttgttttat    114780
     gcaaatatta aaatacgatg tcacatctgt gatagacaac aacaaaaatc taatattaaa    114840
     gcttcagtac tattaagtgc attctgatgt cgtcacaaaa ccacaaatac aagtgtcgca    114900
     aaaagctaaa ctccacctca gcccatgcaa aatggattaa cagaggtgtc ggacttactt    114960
     tccctgaggt aattgagatg tgagagaagg acctcggtgt tataaacgct ggtgagtctc    115020
     aggaagtcgt ctttgctcat cttgcagagc tcttttccat ctgtgctgtg aaacatggcc    115080
     gtgtcgatct cctgaagacc gtactcctta atggcccagt ctaaccactg ccgcacgtga    115140
     tccggagacc acagagacgg gtctgaaaca gaaagcgcaa cattgggttt acagacagca    115200
     cataagctat ttctattggg ttaagtgtaa ataataactg ttcactaacc agggtctctg    115260
     caagttaaat ttaagacttt aagacatttt taagaccatt atgaatgaaa ttttagactc    115320
     atgatagact aaacgctaag aaatttattt tttaacattt tttcaagatt ttatttgccc    115380
     cccacacaca cacattatat atatatatat atatatatat agttgaaatc aaaattattc    115440
     gccccctttt aatttttttt cttttttaaa tatttccaaa atgatgttta acagagcaag    115500
     gaaattttta cagtatgtct gataatattt tgtcttctgg agaaagtctt atttgtttta    115560
     tttcagctag aataaaagca gttttaattt attaaaaaaa ctattttggg acaaaattat    115620
     tagccccttt aagctaattt ttctttttaa cttaattaag cctttaaatg tcactttaaa    115680
     ctgcatagaa gtgtcttgaa aaatattaag taaaatatta tttactgtta tcgtattaaa    115740
     aataaaataa atcagttatt agtataggtt tctaaaacta ttttgcttag aaatgtgctg    115800
     aaacaatctt ccctccatta aacagaaatt tgggaaaaaa ataaacaggg gcgctaataa    115860
     gtcagagggc ctaataattc tgacttcaac tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatgta    115920
     tagagagaga gagagagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    115980
     gatagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca    116040
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gatagataga tagatagata    116100
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga taaaataatt aaatatgtac tttgaaaagt    116160
     acaaaacaaa tactataaat tagtgaatat tgcattaatc agtcaaagtc aactttattg    116220
     tcaattcagc cacatgtaca agacatatag agaatcgaaa ttgcgttact ctcagaccca    116280
     aggtgcctaa cattaatata aaaaagtaga gttttaagaa aaagaaaatt aacagtatat    116340
     acattgtgca taaaatgtgg tctaaaaaat atacataggt aataaaattt gtaaacaata    116400
     caatgacatt aagggcattt aatgtagcaa taacatgtta acattgcaaa tatttgtcat    116460
     atttactctt tttttcattt attttttaaa ttcacttcat taacaagcag tttcttttcg    116520
     tttggaaaaa acatatatac tctgtatata tttgtgttca attgtctatg catatatata    116580
     tatacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    116640
     tatatatata aataaaaata ataaatagac tttcaatgca ttacaaggaa aagtactgat    116700
     tgcagggtag tagtagattt agtagattaa tagtagtagt agatttagat tttagtaaat    116760
     atttaatttg cataattaat atattcatgt cttctatttt caactttaga tcatcactga    116820
     taaaaaaaaa ccccaaacaa taaacgaaac aggacagtaa ttattaatta ataatagttt    116880
     acacacttat agtagaattg acatttattt atttttaata catcattcga attctcattt    116940
     aaacatactt atgcagtatt cacctgcggg gacgatgact ctcctctcat tggtcgtcat    117000
     gtttggaggc ggagcacatt tctcatccat gtagccagta tagttcatct gagacgcttc    117060
     ggtcccgccc accattttat tgcatttccc cacgctgcag tccaccggcg actctctgca    117120
     ggacgataga gggacagagg gaagaactat tgcctactga tgtttatttc agattcaaca    117180
     gctcttataa caccacaaca gcgaatgcag tatggattta aagctaaaat ttgtgcatta    117240
     acccttgtgt agtgttcaaa ttgactaccg gctctgagtg aatgcactgt gcattatata    117300
     cctggatccg ttgatgtggt catactctcg cttgacgttc acccgcaccg gctgattaat    117360
     ccactcttgc tgagggggaa tggggttgat tttgtgcgtc tggccgtaat cctgagtccc    117420
     ggacgcagtc atgtctgtct tgggtaaagg agcagcagcg gcgtatggag gctcgaacag    117480
     agactggtct tcactcacca ctgacagcgc ctcctgcaaa aaaaacacag cactcactac    117540
     tttacatgga catcagtaat caaatgattt gccttaatct gaataagaca ataataataa    117600
     gattaaggcg tctacatgag ctgaaagttc ctgttttaca tacaagcatg acaaactcac    117660
     atcaaagtca gtgctcttga taatgtgcat ttcttacaga attctcagcg tagtcatcgt    117720
     ttcatgctcg caccaaaaat gtgctctcca gcttgaaatg taaacgtact cactgtttca    117780
     aattacaatg actaatgatg ctcggcgcaa tcagaattaa gctgcacgca ttattaagat    117840
     gttgctttgc ttaaggccag tttggagcca cagatgcaaa tatcgcaatt gattgcgtac    117900
     acacacaacc acagccagct gaaaaaaaat ggctaaaagt caacatgaaa tgcagtttgg    117960
     taacccttta cacactcaaa aaatgactca aactacatga ttatggggag cagcttagtt    118020
     gttatatgat caatccactt aaatttatat ataaaaaaaa aaaaacgatt agggtaattg    118080
     aattaatttg tgttgggaca acatgaagga cttatgtgga aaccagcatt tatacagtgt    118140
     tctttacaat gctcaaaaac gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aacagttgca ttgtcacttt    118200
     tttgcgatgt tcaatgcact ctacagatta aaagctaaaa ataatgtaag aagaaatttt    118260
     tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtc aaaatacatt tacacaagaa aaaactattt cagcgtttta    118320
     caatacaata agtgaataaa taaacaaata ataataacaa taatcgtaat attatcattg    118380
     gtattagtat tatatataca tatttacatt cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    118440
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    118500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    118560
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    118620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cagttgaagt cagaattatt agcccccctg    118680
     gtttattagc gcccctgttt atttttttcc caaatttctg tttaatggag ggaagattgt    118740
     ttcagcacat ttctaagcat aatagtttta aaaacctatt tctaataact gatttatttt    118800
     atctttgtca tgatgacagt aaataatatt ttacttgata tttttcagac acctctatac    118860
     agcttaaagt gacattgaaa ggctcaacta ggttaagtag gtgaactagg taattaggca    118920
     agtaattgta tgatgatggt ttgttctgta gactatctat tttgtcccaa aattgtccca    118980
     aaattgtttt taaaaaaatt aaaaactgct tttattctaa ccgaaataaa acaaataata    119040
     ctttctccag aagacaaaat attatcagac atactgtgaa aatttccttg ctctgttaaa    119100
     cataattttg gaaatattta aaaaagaaga aaaaaattga aaaggggcta ataattctga    119160
     ggtcaactgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    119220
     atatatatat atgtctgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgcgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgt    119280
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gtgtgtaagt    119340
     gggtcactga gccccggctg gattagttgg catttctgta tggagtttgc atgttctctc    119400
     tgtgttggcg tgggtttcca ccaggtgctt cggttttccc cacaatccaa acacatgtgc    119460
     tgtaggtgaa ttgggtgggc taaattgtcc atagtgtatg agtgtatgtc ctggtcctcc    119520
     aggctgggag ttgaaagctg ggctaacaac tcacctcata aaaactagat gttaggaaac    119580
     accaatatgg tgcggctaaa tatcaacttc gatataaatg accctcagag taagtaagta    119640
     agtaaatgaa taaatgaata aattaattaa ttgaaatcaa tacaatatac aataccctac    119700
     actttcagtt agtacataaa acatactcca ttgataataa tattaagtat tacatttaat    119760
     tttgtttatg aaggttccat ttttgtcaat gctatttcaa gtacgtgata gcatcagcaa    119820
     acaatgaaca atacatatat tacagtataa atttaacatt agttaatgca cacttcagtc    119880
     attcattgtt agttcttgtt aactcacaat gcattgatta aaacaactct agattttaat    119940
     aatgtgttac tacatattga actatgaata aattatacat ttttagttta tattcgtaga    120000
     tacatttagt aataaatcat tattgtaaag cttgagtgaa aaaccttata aatacctcat    120060
     aacaagcaaa aaacttttta aattaaatga aaattgtata gaatcttgat gatgataata    120120
     ttaataattc attcattcat tttcttgtca gcttagtccc tttattaatc cgaggtcgcc    120180
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc    120240
     cacaacccat ctctgggaaa catccacaca cacattcaca cacacactca tacactatag    120300
     acaatttagc ctacccaatt cacctgtacc tcatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga    120360
     gcacccggag gaaaccctcg cgaaggcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacacc    120420
     aactgagctg aggttcgaac cagcgaccca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg cgacagcact    120480
     acctactgcg ccactgcgcc actgcctcat cctataataa taataataat aataataata    120540
     ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    120600
     ataataataa taataataat aataataatt ttccttcggc ttggtccctt atttatcagg    120660
     ggtcgccaca gaggaatgaa ccaccaactt atccagcata tgttttacgc agtggatgcc    120720
     cttctagctg caacccagta ctgggaaaca ccaaaaaaat ggggagaaca tgcaaactcc    120780
     atacagatgt caactgacca agctgagact cgaaccagcg accttattac taggcaacag    120840
     tgctaacctc tgagccatca cccataataa taataaaatc attacataaa tatattaata    120900
     aaaatattga tgatgaggat gataattatg attattatca tcacaaataa ataaattcaa    120960
     tacttaataa catattaaac caaatttctt catagactaa aactgaaact gttctgtgtt    121020
     catgaaacac actccgataa tcttcctttc attttgtgta caatgtttat ttcttttaac    121080
     caatgtaaac acaactgtcc aaacttcata actggccgct aaatcttttg ttttggggaa    121140
     gaatttcaaa cttccaataa gtgaaggccg tctttgtctt gttcatgact cattcgtgag    121200
     accgacagag gcagagagat ccgtccaggg tcacttctac atttgctctc aatgcgggcg    121260
     ctcagctggg gtgatgtagt tttattaaag aaaacaaacg cggcagacag actcgagagc    121320
     agcgtctaca tgtgcaccag atcctctcca ttcacagtcc acacaaacac tttcagcaaa    121380
     tccacactca aacattcacc tgctcttcag ttcaactcaa ttcagtcatt tcctttttgg    121440
     cttaacccct ttattcatca gcagtcacca cagcggaatg aaccgccaac ttatccagca    121500
     tatgttttat aaagcggatg cccttccagc actgggaaac aaccatacac tcttgcattc    121560
     gcacacacac tcatacacta cggccagttt agcttatgca gttcccctat agctcatgtg    121620
     tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcaccca gggaaacaca tgccaataca tggagaacat    121680
     gcaaactcca cacataaatg ccaactgacc cagctgggcc catcagtgac cttctttgct    121740
     gtgaggcact cgtgctaccc actgtgccac cgtgacgcct caattcaatt caagttaatt    121800
     tgtacagcgc tttttacaat aattactgtg cttcatctta gttcaattat gacatgtatt    121860
     tgcttaaaga attgttttaa gtgtatacat ttttgttcga tataaacaaa tttaatttaa    121920
     aaaaagcaga tttacactgt aaaaaatatc tgtttattaa cagtttccgt attataaagt    121980
     gttttccctt tatttatgct tgtgaactgc attatgggat gttatccagc agctagctct    122040
     ctgcaactct cacatggtcg cccactgaag ctaagcaggg ctgtgcccgg tcagtacaca    122100
     tgggaaagct aggttgctgc cggaagtggt gttagtgagg ccagcagggg gcgctcaacc    122160
     tgcggtctgt gtgggtccta atgccccagt atagtgacgg ggactctata ctgctcagtg    122220
     agcgccgtct ttcggatgag aagttaaacc gaggtcccga ctctctgtgg tcgttaaaaa    122280
     tcccaggatg tccctcgaaa aagagtaggg gtttaacccc ggcatcctgg ccaaatctgc    122340
     ccactggccc ctgtccatca tggcctccta accatcccca tatcatgatt ggcttcatca    122400
     atctgtctcc tctccaccaa tcagctggtg tgtggtgtgc caaaatggct gccgtcgcgt    122460
     catccaggtg gatgctgcac actggtggtg gatgaggaga tccccccccc attgtgtaaa    122520
     gcgcttagag tgcccagaaa agcgctatat aaatgtaatg aattattatt attattatta    122580
     ttattattat gttataatat ataggaactc taaaaaaata gttgggttaa aaatacccca    122640
     acatttaacc caactatagg ttattatagc actttcccaa ctatgtgtta ttttatatca    122700
     tttaacctaa tgcattgggt tattttgatt aaatggtatt tttttgttct ggtgatacta    122760
     ttgctactat tactatacta ctgttaattt ttcagattct caatttattg gggaaactgg    122820
     caacttttta aatgtttcta tctttttttt aatgtgtcta tccaacacaa tctcacggca    122880
     atttgtaact ttttcattta gtggctaatt cgtatgaatt cgtacgatgt aatttgtaca    122940
     atttagtatg atttgttcat cactcaatta cggttgggat taggggtggg gttatgtgcc    123000
     acgcctcctt tttaaaatca tacaatttca tacaactgaa ctcgtacgaa ttcgtactaa    123060
     ttagccacta aactggcaaa acgtaaaata cttgcgtttc ctcatgagat caggcttgtc    123120
     tatcttagta tttaaatgca acaatatagt tttttagcaa aaggaaattt gcttttttat    123180
     taaaaagcaa caaacctaca ccaagactgg acacgatacc gagttgattt ttccgctggg    123240
     tcctaaagcc gagaatgacg gccgaatatc tcaaatatgt gtataaatcc ccccgaaaaa    123300
     atgcacagat gaacacggaa ggtagacaaa ctgtttttat ctgtttatta tagatcagtt    123360
     acaaagcgtt tgtatcatca ttaattaaga gtgctggaga aacggatata aaaatcacta    123420
     gagaaaggtg aacatgatca aaataacaga aatattattg cattggagac tatataaacg    123480
     ttataacgca aaaacaacat tacacacgca catcaacata cagctgttct gtgtcaattg    123540
     aatcagttga ctgttgaaat tcaaatgttt aacccaactg gttgagttat taaataactt    123600
     aataaagatt aaaaataacc caacaaagca ccaaacattt aacccaacta gttgagttat    123660
     taataaccaa ataaaggtta aaaataaccc aacaaagcac caaatatttt aaactcaacc    123720
     attgggttaa ataaataact taaggttttt ttagagtaaa taataacata tagagaaata    123780
     agtttattac gaggtttttg tagcgtaata tacaacacca acacagacaa tacagcactg    123840
     caaactatta aaaatgttca taaaagtcac tttttccaac tttttaagat taaaagttgt    123900
     tagaagacag atcaagcttc cataatgcat tttaaaagca gaaataaagg gaaaacaaaa    123960
     aacatgaatc acaaaatata caaaatatat atatataatt tacaaatgtt tttacagtgt    124020
     acaaaaggtt attaaaatca aaatcagaaa ggttaaggtt attaagttta atataggccc    124080
     aatcctcatt ctacctctta gcagttcccc ttacccctcg ttttgtgcat tcacgtaatg    124140
     gggtaggggt gtcccaattc tttttagctt gaaggtgtag ggctaagggg tagggctaga    124200
     tacccctgga aatttcagga ccacactcga aaccaaaagg taagaatatt tcccaaaata    124260
     caccagctac aacagcagca tagctgcaca cggaaggaga tgcacaaatt atatattttt    124320
     gtcattatta agaagcgcat gttttaaaag attcataacg acgttcatgt gttaccgtca    124380
     tgcttaaaaa aaaaacacta caataaaaac cactaaattt cgctatgtat aatccctgat    124440
     caccctgtac agcagtccca caacattctg acactcgatg acactggaat accctgtcag    124500
     aaaagcctag tcactgggaa tgggctgttt acagtgtctg ctataatgtt aatgttgttt    124560
     tcgtgtgttt gcatagatga atatggccac ggtgtaaatg cacactacag ttatgagctt    124620
     attgccacat tatatcgcta tgataacatt cagtgatttc ctgaagataa gaataacaaa    124680
     aaaatagcac aactggaata actacagcag tcgccatcgt ctaatttcct aagaattctt    124740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    124800
     atatatatat attttttttt tttttttttt ttttttcttt attgaataca agaataataa    124860
     catcactgca ttgaagaaaa aatacaataa caaaaaataa gaaagaagtc agagagaaaa    124920
     caaataataa tacacagcct caatcattaa gaaaaaagat tgtcataagc tttaagaaac    124980
     ttattattct tcttattatt aataagctga agagattcaa tattgtacaa aatttcatca    125040
     aggaaagtat taaaaatagg tattgttttt agaaacttat tattgtgtat aaaaaattta    125100
     cagtgtaaca caaaacaatt tacaataaga tcgagagcat gatcatcatc cgagaaatac    125160
     agaaatacat ctttaataga caaatttaaa tcatgtttaa aaattgatga taaataaaaa    125220
     ataaagtcat tccaaagatg tttaacgtga gtgcaactat agaataagtg aaataaagtc    125280
     tcttcatgta tattgcagaa agtacactaa ttagatatat caaaataatt agcaatttgg    125340
     gaatttgtag gataaacatt atgcaagatc ttaaaatctt tctctcttat tttgttatat    125400
     atgctgaatt tttcaggtaa taaccatgct gtcttccatt gaatgcagtc agagaagttg    125460
     gtccaaaaaa atttacatct tggggtggta tatacagagt aatgtaacaa tcgtctgaca    125520
     tccgatgtgc accaacatta ggcacattca aatcaagact aaaaacacat ctgtttagct    125580
     gtgcctttac tgaatgagcc gtccgacaga tcgcactatt ctgtttttca ttttcttttt    125640
     cattctttta tagcctgttt taactcattt taatttgttt ttatctgctt ttaacaattt    125700
     ttattgtctg ccttttatgt tccttaactt gtctttttta ttcctgttta tgtaaagcac    125760
     tttgaattgc cactgtgtat gaaatgtgct atataaataa acttgccttg ccttgccttg    125820
     tcacattttt tatcaaaaaa aagacactcc atccaaaaca agtttaggca taatttttcc    125880
     ctctcattta agtaaagaaa agtcttaaat aaatgcacat aactttgtaa caaactctat    125940
     aacacagttg aaggatttag ctggcaaagg gaagttctac aatgtcataa attcttcata    126000
     ttccaaaata ttgccatcat ttttaaataa gtccaaaaca aaaacaattc ctctttcaaa    126060
     ccacttatca ataaaaagag atttcccacg agttaagaca ttagagttac tccaaaaaat    126120
     cgtctgattt cctaagaagc aagagatcgc gatgtcatat gatgacgtgt gaaggtgctg    126180
     tagtgctgtc ccaattgtta gaggtaaatt tggaagctct tccccttcac actctgtttc    126240
     aagggccaag gggaagggga acaaaaatag aattgggatt gggccataat gtcaattgaa    126300
     acaaaaatga aatagtttca acttaaattt gtaaagcagc actgcaaaca tttctgaata    126360
     tataaataat tatgcattga tgtcattttc aatgcattca tttcagccga tactctaatg    126420
     ccacaatata caatgctcac tcagcctcta aggggattct gtgacactcc atcagacttg    126480
     agctattttt attccctctt atgctgttat ttacgggtgt aaaaagttca ctcagtttcc    126540
     aaggggattt tgggacactc catcaccatt tagctattct tttcattttt gttctagagg    126600
     aatacatcta aattgaagta aaatgtagac aaactcaatg attatttttt taaatgtttt    126660
     tatttttaac ccaaccattg ggtttgtcca tatctgaccc aacctagcat tttgtgcaga    126720
     tttcaccctg gcaaaaacac tagtaaacaa cagcggtcag ctttacgctc aataaatgca    126780
     cagattcacc atttaaagtt tttgaaggca gacagaaaga caggcagaca ggcagacaga    126840
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga caggcagaca gacagacaga    126900
     cagacagaca gacagacaga caggcagaca gacagacaga caggcagaca ggcaggcaga    126960
     cagacagaca gacagacagg cagacagaca gacaggcagg caggcaggca gacagacaga    127020
     cagaaagaca ggaagacaga cagacaggca gacagacaga caggcaggca gacagacagg    127080
     caggcagaca gacagagaga caggcagaca gacagacagg cagacaggca gacagacaga    127140
     cagacagaga gacaaaaaat agcacaactg gaataactac agcagtcgcc atcgtctgat    127200
     ttcctaagaa ttttttttta tatatatata tatatttttt ttctttattg aatacaagaa    127260
     taataacatc actgcattga agaaaaaata caataacaaa aaataagaaa gaagacagag    127320
     agaaaacaaa taataataca cagcctcaat cattaagaaa aaagattgtc ataagcttta    127380
     agaaacttat tattcttatt attattaata agcttaagag attcaatatt gtacgaaatt    127440
     tcaacaagga aagtattaaa aataggtatt gtttttagaa acttattatt gcgtttaaaa    127500
     aatttacagt gtaacacaaa acaatttaca ataagatcga gagcatgatc atcatccgag    127560
     aaatacagaa atacatcttt aatagacaaa tttaaatcat gtttaaaaat ggatgataaa    127620
     taaaaaataa tgtcattcca aagatgttta acgtgagtgc aactatagaa taagtgaaat    127680
     aaagtctctt catgtatatt gcagaaagta cactaattag atatatcaaa ataattagca    127740
     atttgggaat ttgtaggata aacattatgc aagatcttaa aatctttctc tcttattttg    127800
     ttacatatgc tgaatttttc aggtaataac catgctgtct tccattgaat gcaggcaggc    127860
     agacagacag acagacagac agaaagagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag    127920
     acagacaggc agacagacag agagacaggc agacagatag acagacagac agacagacag    127980
     acagacagac ttggacaacc tcaattgttt ggttaaaaaa actggtttaa aacagttgtg    128040
     tttcacattt tatgctgcca tttaccactt taaaatgttc accccatatt gggacactca    128100
     atcaacttca acaaacccaa tcgttgcatt aaaaatggta aaaagcagac ataaatgtaa    128160
     tacattttct aatattttaa ccaaactttt gagtttgtcc atatttgacc taattttgcg    128220
     ttttgtagag tgtagatttc acccagccct aatcatctga actttacact caataaatgg    128280
     acagaatcac catccaaaga cagacagaca gaagctgaaa gatacaaaac attaattctc    128340
     ctttggcttc gtctcgattt tagaggtcag cagaatgaac cggcaactat tccagcagat    128400
     gttttacacg gcggatgccc ttccagccgc aatccaatac tgggagtcac ccaacaacac    128460
     acactcattc acacacacac acgcttataa actacagcca atttagttta ttgtttagtg    128520
     tataattcat tgttttagag tgtaaaatag gcattaaaaa aatttaaatt aggttgtttt    128580
     aaaccagttt tgtgtccaac atggacacac ccagttgatt ggttaaataa attggttcac    128640
     agttcatttc aaaaatataa ttcttgctat tgacaaaccc ttaaataaga ctctttgctc    128700
     gataaactac taattaaagt tgggtttagg tcttgggtag gattagggat atagaataag    128760
     attatacact ataaaacaat gctgggttcc acacaacaca tgttgaccca acacaaatcg    128820
     attaagttaa tgtcattgtt tttacaaatt taagtggatt gttcaagaaa cagttaagtg    128880
     gtctcaaaaa taacgtaagt attgtgttgt tactgctcat tttaaataag tagtttgacc    128940
     atggacagca cagtggctca gtggttagct ggaatagttg gtggttcatt tcgctgtggt    129000
     gactcctgat aaataaacag gctaagccga aggaaaatta ataaatgaat gaatgagttt    129060
     gaacaaacag caaaaatatt tttgagcgta ctaatagaca gccaatatct tatataataa    129120
     gccaataaat cactgtcatt tactacttta aaatattcac ccagttgcat ttgtgaaatt    129180
     tgagaccttt tgttgatttt aaatcagact ctgacaaccc caatttggga ttgaaaacca    129240
     aataaaatac caaatatttg ctcatatttg atccaaattt gggttgaagc agcacatgac    129300
     ttatgatctt atttttgttt agagcagtgg ttcacttttt tcatcaagta ccacctcaga    129360
     agaaaattgt ctctccaagt accaccaaaa tgagcagtat tgaaatacag tagcgttgta    129420
     ggctcagtaa agcggctaca actctgctca gttaaaaaac gtggcagatt accagaaatc    129480
     tggtggcaga aatacaggct atatgtcata tatggcatat tatatacatc atttttgata    129540
     aattttgaaa tatatgtagc atgtacatga catatttcat tcctccgcgt accactagaa    129600
     ggaagcccgt gtaccactag tggtacacgt accacagttt gagaaccact ggtttagagt    129660
     gaactctaat gctgcaattt caacacaatc tcacggcaat tcgtaacttt ttcatttagt    129720
     ggctaattcg tatgaattcg tacgatctaa ttcgtacaat ttagtacgat ttgcttatcc    129780
     cccaatgacg gttggggtta gaggtggggt caggtgccac gcctcctttt taaaatcgta    129840
     ccatttcata cgactgaact cgtacgaatt cgtacgaatt agccactaaa ctggcaaaac    129900
     gtaaaatact tacgttttct cgtgagatca ggctggcaat ttactgcttt actttagtat    129960
     agactccatc aatatgtata gttgaagtct ctctacaggc ctcttttata tattttctcc    130020
     aacaaagaga ttttttttgt tcacatttct aaacataata gtttaaaaag ctataaattc    130080
     aaattttgtt tagctttgcc atgatgacag ttcatatttt actagatgtt tttcaagata    130140
     ttcagcttaa agggacattt aagggcttaa ctaataggca agttagagta tgtcatgatt    130200
     ttgatgcgat gctatcccgg attagcatct atgttgatcc tggaacataa tttttggtgg    130260
     aaaatgtaat caatacctat ttcctacccc taaacccaac cataactgta aattactccc    130320
     aaattcagaa gggaataata gttagatagc actcatgtaa aagcgcataa gcctaatcat    130380
     aagcctaatt ggtaaacgta tcccttaatt ctgattggct gattggaatg ttgttccagg    130440
     atcaacatag atgctaatcc aggaacatgt cctacttggt gaaatcaggt tggtgaatta    130500
     gccaagtttg ttctgtagca tatttagaaa tttttttgct taagggggct aataatattg    130560
     acctaaaaag gtttttaaaa aataaaaaca gttttttttt taaacaaaaa acaattaaac    130620
     aaaacaatta agactttatc taaaagaaaa ataaacatta tctgaaatac cgtgaaaatt    130680
     tcctcgctcc actaaacatc acttgagaaa tatctgaaca aaagtaggga gggctaatca    130740
     ttttgccctc gactgcatct attctggttc cctcttttgg tgacagtggt catcaattgg    130800
     acagtatcgg ctggacccac agcggcaggc ctgcggcacg ataagtatgg cagagttaag    130860
     gaatgcctac atggtgccag ataaggccag agctgctatt atgactgtta cacgttactt    130920
     acacgcagac atatcagcct ccaccatata attcatgatt ggcaggcagt ctttcccaag    130980
     attacagagg gttgcaaaaa taggaaaatc taattccaca ctcacgctcg tatacatacg    131040
     tacagacggg tgactttcct ccatctctgt caaagcaacg gtcagcgtac agtttctgta    131100
     tttaagtgtt gcattatggg atgttgatct ctgctctgat attgaaaatt catatctctg    131160
     ttttgatatt gaaaattcaa gtctaaagtt taataaagtg gtttttactg acattttagt    131220
     tgtttgaaat aaagtaataa ataaaatata gggaaataag tgtgtgaact aacagaaatt    131280
     gcactggcag tttattacta ggtgtttata gcgtaacata caacacaaac ccagacaata    131340
     tagcacttta acagagttta taaaaaaatc aaagagtgaa attcaatacc ttttaaaacc    131400
     tttttaagac cttaaaacca ctttaggttt caaccggaaa cactggcaag attttaactt    131460
     acagtatatt tactaaaaat tactgtaaga aactaatcca aaacaaaaca ttatttatat    131520
     actgaataaa aatctattta atctagctga ttcagcaggt tggtgcctgt agaactgcag    131580
     agtcaatggt gttgccttga ttattgcagt aaacgaagca gcatgatgtc aaataggatt    131640
     tatgacaaat aggatttcat aaactacaca gcacagatta gcatataaag tttagtacct    131700
     tgcaaaatag catctgagac tttttttaag gtcctttaat ttctctaaat tgatttatca    131760
     acttttaata ccctttaaga ccctgcggac atcttgttta aactataggg ctgcatgata    131820
     ttggaaaaat ctgacatggc catattttct atttctgcta tatgcaatat atacagtttc    131880
     accagatgac ttgaatccct ctatttggaa acgattaatt aatttgatta gcatgattct    131940
     gagtatataa agaaatcgga gtgaaattca atacctttta aaaccttttt aggactgttt    132000
     ccatacatca agaccttgaa accactttag gtttcaaccg gaaacactgg caagatttta    132060
     acttacagta tatttactaa atattaatgt aagaaactaa accaaaacta aaacattatt    132120
     tatatactga ataaaaatct atttaatcta gctgattcag caggttggtg cctgtagaac    132180
     tgcagaatca atggtgttgc cttgattact gcagtaaata aagcagcatg atgtcaaata    132240
     ggattttatt gatttcataa actacacagc acagattagc atataaaatt taagtacctt    132300
     gcaaaatagc atttaatata ttaatattat tatatttaat attatttctt atattactta    132360
     agaaaaaaat acaaacaaca aaaatgtcaa taaaattcac ttagttaaac tctagacttt    132420
     aattttcaat atcaaaagac atcagagcag agatcaacac cccataatta gaaaaataac    132480
     tgtttgatga ctataaaagt tcatagtttg gccactatgt caaattaata aaatcaatga    132540
     tttttgattt acaccagggg tcaccaaact tgttccttga gggccggtgt ccaacacagt    132600
     ttagctccaa ctctaatcaa acaatcctga acaagctaat caaggtctta ctaggtatac    132660
     ttgaacatcc aggcaggtgt gttgaggcaa gttggagcta aaccctgcag ggacaccggc    132720
     cctccaggac tgagattggt gacccctgtt ctacactctc agaaataaag gtacagggct    132780
     gtctctgggg cagtaccttt tctaaaggta tttaattgta cccgaagagt ccatattagt    132840
     acctcaaagg tacattttag gtgcatttgg gtactgatat gtacctttga ggtaccacac    132900
     tctcagaaaa aatggtacaa tgtttaatca aagaagctac aaacacttgt cactggggca    132960
     gtacctttgt atggggcaaa attgtacctt aagacaaaga aacacatttg taccattgca    133020
     gttttacctt taaggatatc ataccatggg aaaccaaatg tacctgattt ttaaaaccta    133080
     cagatacaaa atcgtacctt cactaaaggt acaaatctga tccataaagg tagcaccaca    133140
     gtgacaagac actttgtaca ataacagtgt caaaaatgct cactaaacat ttatttaaaa    133200
     tgcctttaat gtttagttta caatacctat ggtatatgtt ttaccagttg ttttgtaata    133260
     ttgcattatg aaatttaata attactgttt ctttctttta gaaattatac atacaatcac    133320
     ttttcctttc tagtcatatt tattttcata ggtgttgtaa taaataaaac gttgatcaac    133380
     actattgcac catttatatg ggaacaattg tgtaccttca tttcagttgt accataaaag    133440
     gtattgaata gtatcataag aggtcttttc tgcaccatat tgaccttatt ctaaaatgcg    133500
     tacagtaagt gcgcctgttt tcgtgattgt cttaggactt ccgattcagt cgcctatggg    133560
     agaaatgact aggaataata aacggcagaa aacggtcaaa ctacctgctc tacaaacaaa    133620
     tgtttgcatg actacacaga ccaagtagaa taatataata agaaaatatc aaattgcaac    133680
     atcgagcagc gaaatgagca gtttttaacg tcaaaaaatg aatggaagtg aatgagaccg    133740
     gaagtctcaa gccaaaaaga ttcaaatggc agcgcccact cgtcggcgga gaatacggtg    133800
     aataagatac aatctttaca aagggacaaa actgttcctc aactaacatt atttgtacca    133860
     ctgtgtacct tttcttctga gagtgcacta aagactttag gtaaagtcaa atactgtatg    133920
     caacttttga aaagtgacag ccaagtgaca gcccttgtac ctttatttct gagagtgtat    133980
     agataggaac tcctctcctt ttgatgagcg ttatttcttt tggctagtgc agtttaattc    134040
     acagactttc tatcaagtat gttgtatgtt ttttggtcac atccataact catgtttatt    134100
     ttcctcattt aaaatataga aaatgtttac agattgatat ttttctgatc ccataactct    134160
     gtagtagtta gttgttttgg agaacataaa cagttgcctt aatttaatgc tgacgtatac    134220
     gttctatgtg aatttatgtt ttgagctttt actgtaaatg tcacattcat aatgccggaa    134280
     ttgctctcct attaaaaata tgactttaaa atatagattt gtgaggggtg tacttatata    134340
     tgctgagcaa tgtatagttg aagtcagaat tattagaccc cctttgaatt tttttcttcg    134400
     ttttgaaata tttcctaaat tatgtttaac agagcaagga cattgtcaca gtatgtctga    134460
     taatattttt tcttctggag aaagtcttat ttgttttatt tcggctagaa taaaagcagt    134520
     ttttaatttt ttttaaagaa ttttaaggac aaaattatta gcccctttaa gctaattttt    134580
     gtttcgatag tctacagaac aaaccatcat tatacaatga cttgcctaat taccctaacc    134640
     tgcctagttc acctaattaa cctagttaag cctttaaatg tgactttaag ctgtatagaa    134700
     gtgtcttgaa aaatatcaag ttaaatatta tttactgcca tcatgacaaa tataaaataa    134760
     accagttatt agaaatgagc tattaaaagt attattttta taaagaaaaa tcttctttcc    134820
     gttaaacaga aattggggaa aaataaacag gggggcgaat aattctgact tcaacattat    134880
     atatttctta actatataaa taatgccaat taaagacact attgtgtgtg cacagcttgt    134940
     gatatcgatg ctcaacacga tatattgtgc agccctactt taaaatatta aaaatgttca    135000
     taaaagtccc tttttcacgc ttttcaaggt taaaagttgt tggaagaaag ctcaagatcc    135060
     aataatgcaa tttaaaagca gaaataagat caaaataaaa taaaaacatg aatcacaaga    135120
     tatgaaaagc tgctaatttg tggctatttt ttacagtaag tgcagattct tggtacattg    135180
     aggtcgaaat gctcacaaag ctgctatttt caacatggct ataaattggc cgtgtctgca    135240
     aggctcgctt aaaccatcca gaaccgcagg attacgctgg aatagagatt ttacgctgag    135300
     gtgtgtcaag agctcatctt tgtactgctg aatatgctgc atgatgaata atgcatgtat    135360
     gctaccgtgc ttttaactta acagggggac aaaaaactgt tttcataagc caacttgatc    135420
     gtgattggct gtcccgcaga agatgcgtca tgaggtcggg atgtacagag acccattaaa    135480
     agcgctgtgc tattttatac agagggcatt cctgtctttt gtttcaggag gaaaaggaaa    135540
     cctgacagga aaccagattg tgtggaacag gaaataccca tagattgaga cacccttctc    135600
     attgtcgact aaagtgtaca gttaaaagtc aatcatgtga ggtatctgtg tcaaattgtg    135660
     aaggaaaaaa catgcaggtt actattataa tctgtggatg catatgttta ctacactgaa    135720
     aaacccataa agttatggaa actcaaaccg tttgaggaaa ccgactgcaa caaaccattt    135780
     aagttcaaaa actaatccta atgagtactg tgaacttaat ctatttgatt aaacgatgca    135840
     atttgagcac atgttgaacc caataagtga agtgaactca aaccaactga gtactgtaaa    135900
     acccaaaaag ttaaggcaac tcaaactgct tgagggaacc gactgctaca aaccatttga    135960
     gctaaactaa tctatgtgag taccatgaac ttactccagt taagttgaag taatgaggta    136020
     tttaatgaac tcactacctt caacactgag tttaaaactc ttttcgaatg agtagaatta    136080
     acattcagta aattttgagt taattacact catttcattt gataaagttg actgttgggt    136140
     tttagtgtat gtttatgggt caaagatgag atctcctggt ttggtgtcct tactgtcaat    136200
     aaatgaattg tatagaagga aggcatgtta acttaaagta aagagtctac ttgtccattt    136260
     ttaaatgttt ttgtgacaat atatcaaaat atggttgata gtataattta ccgtcttcat    136320
     caagatcata tatatattta tatgaacatg aaaaataata tgatcataca tttttatatc    136380
     agttaaatta aaggaaaggt atacttgttt caaatttcaa aatttgtgaa aataaaatat    136440
     caatttattg gtgttaatgt aatattccat gtacactgaa cttagataga aacttgacat    136500
     ttaatatttt ataatactag attttatact attttattta ttaaaaactt cctgctgaca    136560
     aatagcttaa aaaatagtgg cgatgacaaa actctaaata tttcaaatga cattaaatta    136620
     atatgttgtg gccaaattaa gcgcttttaa tgtaatcaaa caattattat tctaattatg    136680
     aatcaatcaa tgtttaattg ttatgtatta atcaatgtgt ttacttgcta ttgttacact    136740
     aaattacatt ttaaaggatt tttttttgta aatcatattt aaattgagtt tatttatgat    136800
     tatgattgat ttatttacat taaaaaactg acattctata atagctacaa ttaggtaaat    136860
     tttacattgg catcttaaaa taataatgat aataataata ataataataa taataataat    136920
     aataataata ataataataa tcattataaa taagcactgc aaaaaaatcc tggttgcata    136980
     ttttttaaag ctgaatcaaa ttaactttat gagttcattg aacatatatt atgttaaact    137040
     gacttaaaac agcttgcgta acttaaaaaa aattaagtta gaacatgaat tacttggttt    137100
     aataagttac aatgacctaa aaacatctgc tgtcaggact aattgatatt ccatttttaa    137160
     gtttgaacaa acaaaaaaat aaaagaaaac atttttttag gttaataaac tattttatct    137220
     agcaatgaca acacagatta tataaaaaca aacagaatat tccaattcct aatgttatat    137280
     atttcacaac agttatcttt tgccctttat gcgccaaaaa ataccatttt ctgtcctcag    137340
     tcaccccatt gctatcgaaa aaagccaatt taacatgata aaatctaaca caagcatgat    137400
     gtgtacggcc ccaaacatat accacaccca aaaccactta tatgaccgca aaaaaaaagg    137460
     agtgtttgca tttgtagccc tcccctccag acaggagcca acaattaatc agagatcatt    137520
     acaccttaaa tatgacgctc accaatattt aattcaaata gctactggtg tcttttcaga    137580
     catggattta ataattatgc acatgttaaa atagctattt ggagattgaa aatgtgagga    137640
     ccacacatag ctaattattc taagcagacc gcgttttttt ttttcttaag cagcctaatt    137700
     tgcgatatca cagcccaatt aagattagct tatagcaatt attttgagtt atcagaatgc    137760
     ggcaaagact gtggagtgat attttattgt gggtgggctc cgcttttgaa ctatatgaat    137820
     ggttggaaaa cctcggcacg gtgccactcc aagtgcgcag ccacatctcc agcctaaagc    137880
     tttatgattt atacaaacca ctgcactgca ttcacacaca catacacaca cacacgcgcg    137940
     cgccacgata tgctgaaaac ccaaagcaag cagtctcgtc gactagaaga cattcgctgt    138000
     tttcatctta aaaacaaagc ggattttccc tcaactcttt gctccatcac aacagcgagt    138060
     ctagcccgtt agttttacga gcgtgcgtct gaacgcgcgt atcctccgct atagctttca    138120
     actttcaaca aagtttcgac gaaaaggaaa aggaaacttg agaaagagag agggagaaga    138180
     ggaaaagagc agctcggagc ggctgagaca gcccgaaata caggcgtcta cgctctcgaa    138240
     ctccgtccat ctccgaaaga tccctctcct ccactcttac cttaatagtt ccgtccattt    138300
     tgcgcaattt tcagtggagc ccgacaatat tccaaacatg acacgcgtct gaattaattc    138360
     cagcccccga tatgtggcgg agagacagag acagtttcgc cggatggttt tttttcctct    138420
     aaatttggga agtgaagtca ctgcgcttga gaaggaagcc gtgtatgcgt gtatgtgtgt    138480
     gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgtca ctggccctgc cttcattacg gcacccaaag caggatattt    138540
     gtccagcgaa gataagacac caaaacaatg gtgtttcttt cctttgtgca tgtttttgcc    138600
     tggaaatatt tacagaatgc ctgccaactc tttacatttg ttgcgctttt tttccgacat    138660
     taaacaaggc gggtttgtag aaacattgca ttgatgcatc aaagctgtgc tagaaataat    138720
     cattaataca acgtctgaaa taacagatta tgctgattaa tataggctaa ccatagttta    138780
     aggctaaaat aaaatatata ctttttcaac gatcgaatac aaatatgtct aatgcactcg    138840
     gtctaataat aatctcataa tatgatgaat attgttccgt tatatccaat aactttgatt    138900
     tgatctacct atggtgaagt gaagaatgtg acgagtctgc ccgagcttct tctaaaatgg    138960
     gcttccatga ataaaaagca aagcccgctg cgtcgagtct gtctgctcca cacgtgtgcg    139020
     cgcctctgaa tgcacatgaa cgcagcgagc ctggtgctgt atggaccata tagagaggct    139080
     gatacctctt gtgtgctgtg ctgttcaaca tttctttaaa tcagtagcat atgacctcac    139140
     atttttcatg gacaataata ggaatattgt gcgtgttaga ctacatttac tgcgcattaa    139200
     atgtctcatt tcgttaaaaa aagaaaaata gatatatttc cgacttgtag tgtttagtgt    139260
     cgaaacatat tttgcatgca ttaaatgcct gctattttta tatagcatat acagcgtgca    139320
     tgtgattcca tctctaaatc caaaatctcc accccctctt tttcagttac cgagcacgct    139380
     ctagacgctc agccaaccca gacccccgga tccagagacc ccctgaccga gaggtccatg    139440
     cctaggggag cgagactgag tctgcgccgg ctggctgttt gcgacatggg ggtctggatg    139500
     gtggagaggc cccctcgaga gccccacatc tggatcctgc taggggtcaa ggcttctcct    139560
     gcctgaggcc tgcacagtaa ttaacggaga caccttgttt aaccatttcg actcagggcc    139620
     tctttctctc gtgcacaaaa caacccgact tttctttcat tcaaataaac gacattggca    139680
     tacatttatc atttcagtgt tctgcgttaa tggggaatat acaagacccc aagtggggaa    139740
     aagtgatgca acataaaatg tacaatttgt cacatggctg atttggtttt gggtcatcat    139800
     atcggatttc ttgttctgcg acatttgtag gctattcacg tttaattcag tggaagggtg    139860
     gacatcattt ttttcacata gcgtgggact tgatagctga aacatatgtt tccctagagg    139920
     ggccgcttag actccaccat tcttttaatt aaaacaccat tatctctgag cgcatgacga    139980
     gacggagatc tggcggagaa gggtcactaa tgacagtata attatgtttt atggtctcca    140040
     tttcgattat tataaatgag acgtctcttc gcttgaagca gaactataca tcagataaat    140100
     tgtgaacaca attgattcat tcaaatttgc gaactgtatt agtagttgtg gcttaaataa    140160
     aagattgcgt ccagttagat cggatatcca cgtaggaagc caacagtctt atctcgctgt    140220
     caacatcatc cgcttatcta aaccacggct gcttccagat acagtctgtt ttcaactctc    140280
     aagatgtaat gataacatgt ccaaaataaa tgcatgtttt atttacggag caaacgtctt    140340
     ggtgaagtgc atcattaaac ctagaaaaat cagcgtcttc tcccgcgtgg cacttgccca    140400
     ggtcattatg agtccagcgg taacaaacat tttggaaggc caataaacag atgcatgttg    140460
     gtttatgtag tgagccacag aacatctggc tcgacgctgg agcttgacag ccaggcattt    140520
     ctcccaacca cgacctgtgg gaagccagtg gcccaacgct actggaaaaa ccctgaagtg    140580
     ctggagcaag actaacccaa agtgagacca gaggcttcct caacttgaaa agaaagaaat    140640
     aagaaaaaaa acgggtgtgg gaacaacgtg gtgaacggac cttcgatgtt attacataac    140700
     tagtatcatg ttattacata actagtacat ttggctacaa gtagatctat ctatctatct    140760
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    140820
     ataggcctat tttacaacat ttaattgctg tgtaaatagc atatctttta aatttacatg    140880
     ttataaaaat ctccaccaaa ctgaccttgg agattattta atctatctat ctatctatct    140940
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatatat ctatctatct    141000
     atctatctat catctatcta tctatctata ttacaacatt ttagataata aaacgctcta    141060
     catttttatt tattgctgtg taaatagcat acctttgcaa tttatatata ttttaggcct    141120
     tagatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    141180
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctataggcc tattttacaa catttaattg ctgtgtaaat    141240
     agcatatctt ttaaatttac atgttataaa aatctccaca aaactgactt tggagattat    141300
     ttaatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    141360
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcca tctatgatta attgatagat    141420
     attcgacata aattacccgc tataggctgt cctgactgct gatagacatc cagcttctca    141480
     ggttgctcca gatcgtcacc agccccaaat ttcctccgag aatgacacga aaaatagaga    141540
     ctgcagcaca caacaccaaa ctgtctggcc tcctgctcgg ggccataatt aatttgagat    141600
     ttatttttat tggaaagccc cagtctcgcc cggccttaac caaacaaaaa ccttaaccca    141660
     tggcttcgcc tgaatgaagc tgaatatttc tctgaaactg gactttctta gggcgtgctg    141720
     aggtaaatcc ctttcccgct caaattctgc ccgccagcaa ctacactcaa atatggccgt    141780
     ttatctgcag cgcgcgaatt aaaatggggg gaggggggga tattcgtgga agcatttctg    141840
     gaacttattt gctaaatatt tacaaaatat gaccaaaaca aacacttaga tttggctgtg    141900
     gagttatttg tctgaagaaa cacctgacat gtaggctata aaactaagta taaacacgaa    141960
     aataacaaca acaataataa taataatagt aataatccta ccagaaacgt tttcttttgt    142020
     ccagtttttt ttttgtttag ctcaactcct accatgcagt gcactattta ttattcagtc    142080
     tgcatgtggg gagaaagctg gatttcaaag agaaggtttt ccctcaacat tcctgcgctg    142140
     ctaatgtctc gaaacaaatc gaggactgtt cgtgggactg tgaaacgcag cccctctgtg    142200
     gaggaacaca aactatagcg tctgcatgaa aagctccctt atgcaggggg caataagtct    142260
     ccataacata acaactcggc tctggaaagt atgctgattg taaagatata atgaatgact    142320
     ttagcaggca caatacttca ttttcatggc tctgtctgta cgcagtgcac taagcctttt    142380
     gatacattaa agttattact gtggcactct gccataaata accatccaaa tatgccaacc    142440
     ttatttcagc gtctaaaagc aagaacattg ataatacagc atagctttca taagagtaca    142500
     ggttagcaat tcagtagcta aatgtagtgt caatacaaag tattaagtgt cattattata    142560
     ttgcagacat ttgcaagtgt tcactatgaa aaaacaatcc ccagaggtcc ctaaaaatat    142620
     attttcctat atggaaattt ccatatgcat ggttggtagt actttttgtt cgtgcaaaaa    142680
     cagatgtctg ccatttgcaa tgtttacatt ctttaagagc atactgagag aggaaaaacg    142740
     cagcatgtca aatataataa tgtagaataa gtaacattag tgaaggtcaa aatggcttgc    142800
     atctttgttc aatggattag acagtacaca ctaccccaga tgttctgcga accaattagc    142860
     taagaagtca aactaaaggc ccctcatgtc gtatcatcca tgttaattca aatatgacga    142920
     gatgtgaatc cggaaaaccg cgtttataca agccatttac atcagtgatc aatgtagctt    142980
     gtaagaggaa aagggcaatt taggaattac agtctgtttc ctctgacatt acctgctcgt    143040
     ggtgacgatg gtgtcttacc ttgacgtaag acgaagtgtc ggggacggtc tgaaacattg    143100
     tcattggaca gagagtccgg aaatgtatga tgttcacttc acggcccctt gaaaaaacac    143160
     aaatctacag gtcaatttag aggaaactaa agtttgccca gtgcaaaaaa taaaataaaa    143220
     taaagggtta ggttaggtta tataataaca atagcctatt attattatta ttattattat    143280
     tattattatt attattatta ttatgctaca actacaaata atagcaacga tgatgatgat    143340
     aattttaata atattaacaa caacaaaaca actactatgt ataatacgta ttaatattta    143400
     taataatagt tatagttatt tataataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata    143460
     ataataataa taataaaata aacaaagaac atttgtcccc caattctgaa ttaattccga    143520
     ttgccggcgt aagtcaattg tcttgcgttt aaacaattaa cttgactcca ttgttcattt    143580
     ggtaaattta gtacattaca aggagcaaat tatccaatcc gttatgatca tgcattaatc    143640
     tctcacacat ttatacagaa acgaattccc catccctgaa atccccttcc tttttgccac    143700
     gccatgcttc ctctaaaaaa atgtatttgc atctgagact ctaagaaatg tatttatacc    143760
     ctgcagtgtt attttcgttt catcaataag aaaagacatg catacactgt atttctgctc    143820
     aaatcattta aaaacataaa gctgttattg tgaattataa gaacaccttg cttttcaccc    143880
     cgttaaaacc acatccagcc atctaaatgg aggggtcaga tctggttcat gagcttatat    143940
     gagaggagga cttctacaca gagctgcatt tattcgttta agaattgtag cctatacctt    144000
     tcatcccccc agagaatcaa aatgtgctta ttttttaaat taacaacaca ggcctccatt    144060
     tcatgaagca ttacggttgc agaaaaggcg gcattagcag taaatgtaaa taacacaata    144120
     atatttaata atttaagtat aaaatataaa agttactcat tgttctttcg ttttcaagtg    144180
     tgtttactta aaggctcaat aagaaatttg tgaaatatat aggcccagcc cccttctggt    144240
     tctgcagcag ccaacatatt gaaacacttt tcgttttaat aagtgtagct tacaaagtct    144300
     cgggtgaaag ggcacctcgg ggacggtgtc ttttgccttt ccttcggctt gcaattacag    144360
     agcagactgg cactagaatt atttaacatt ccacagcagt tcagaaacac ggatggccat    144420
     atcaaaacac ggcaataacg taaacacatc aaatctttat tagtgaattg cgcgcaatct    144480
     gataactgga acgctattaa agtttattca ggctcacaat taaatggcca tttatcatga    144540
     atagcaggct gatggaatgg aagaatggcg agtacaatgt tgatgtagac taaacagttt    144600
     tttgtttatt tgagtggtgg agattttaaa gcagaaaaaa caagacggcc ttcgttttag    144660
     caaattttta cacagtaaca tcctggtttc cttaagtttt taagctgaat caaaataacc    144720
     gagtcaattg aactcatatc atgttaaact gactgaaaac agcttgcgta acttaaaaaa    144780
     attaagttag aaaatgatta acttagttta ataagttata atgacctaaa acaaaagcag    144840
     tcaataatat ttactcatat atttttacag ggcaggaatt accactaatg aattaattgc    144900
     tatcattgta aataatgtag agttccacaa aatgtattaa tgctgttcca acacaaattg    144960
     attaggttaa tgtaacaaag tcaagtgtat tgaacattaa aaaattaagt tgtaacaaaa    145020
     aatcttaaaa tcttgtgttt ttaactaatt ttaaatatgt ttaaacaagc agcaaaaatc    145080
     atttgagtgt ataaagtata actgtttcaa ctactagctt attacaacac attatggcat    145140
     taatattgga ggcagcgaga tattcttaat aaataattaa attcaaattg attcaaaatg    145200
     tttgttttcg tacatgtcga ttgattaatt tattttccat ttaaggatta cacacaataa    145260
     aacgacatgc catgatcgaa taatctaata aacgaaaatg cttctcgtgc taattatgga    145320
     aactcaaatg cattcgtcgc ttgtccgtca tgaggtgtag ccattttcta tacctgaaca    145380
     cacactgacc gtaatgaata aatcaggagt cttataactc gctcgattta tattcgcagc    145440
     gtcagacccc gggctcctgc gggcgagagc tgggctcgcc tcataaactt tcccaaatgc    145500
     atccaatttc taaacggtaa aagagcatag aattccgcat ctgtggccaa ttaagtgact    145560
     ggaggctcaa caggactgtt aagtaagtgc atcgtctctc ctccgaagag gaccgagagc    145620
     gtattatatt acattttgaa gcgccttacc tagcgagtgc gcgttatcca tcaaacgacc    145680
     tctttctaca ctgtcaacac attgcaatcg agtaaaggac gcgacaccta gcacaatgag    145740
     ctcaaagcat gcaaaacagt tccacgtgca tgcaacaaac gtgtttgcaa tgcacacaaa    145800
     ctacatcaat aagtctgatt aaaaatgcaa caaccacaaa aacgcatgct cacctgtctc    145860
     gtctctgtca gcctttaatt tcgagctttc ttccagtctt taaataatta atcccgacta    145920
     tgagaaagtg attgtgatgg ataagtttga gttatgttaa ggaggcgtgt gaggaggaga    145980
     ggagggatgt ttgaatgggg aaagtgtaga gtttgccctc gaccgctgac caatgagaac    146040
     gcgcgagctc accatgtagt gcatccactg aaccgtgaaa taaggcaaat ctgaaacgag    146100
     cgcgagacca taaaagacat gcagagatgg ggggaaagcg tggagcttgc tggaggacat    146160
     ccgaatatag tttgcaaata ggctactttt tctaaaaaaa aaacgaactg gcgattttat    146220
     taggagctct gtctattgat ggatcgattt gtgtatttgt ttttattttt aaacgcttcc    146280
     cagagacacc ctatggcgag gatgagcgcg cacagttggg atcgtgtcac atatccacgc    146340
     gtcacccgta gcgtctcttt cctgttgggt ttgaccctgt tcacttcact aactcaattt    146400
     cctccacccg aaagctcctt caaagtaaca gcggcaggtt tacagtgcgg aaaactgctg    146460
     atccgtgacg tgtgaagaag atcagcaagg aggaactatg atgatcgttg atctgacctg    146520
     aaggcgggtg tcagattaaa gggacagttc acaccaaaat acaagtttat tcacactcat    146580
     gtgggatcaa atctttgagt ttccttaaaa aaacaaacaa aacaaaaaaa aacacacaca    146640
     ctcaaaagaa gatattttgt agaatgttgg aatctggtaa ctaatggcat tcatagtaat    146700
     taaagggaca gttcacccca aaataaaatt tcaaaccttt gagtttacct ttttctgctg    146760
     atcattgatc tgaactaaag gcggctttca gattaaaggg acagttcaca cccaaataca    146820
     agtttattca ctttcaagtg gctccaatat ctttgaattt cctttttttt aaaacacaca    146880
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    146940
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaagaa gatattttga agaatgttgg aaactggtaa    147000
     ccattgacat ccacagtaag gggttaatgg gatatttcac ccaagataaa ttgtattcac    147060
     cctcaagtgg tttaaaattt ttgagtttat tttttaacaa aaaagaacat attttgtaga    147120
     atgttggaca ctggtaacta ttggcaaaca cagtaattga agggacagtt cacctcaaaa    147180
     taaaatttca aatctttgag ttttcttttt tttctgctga acatttatct gacctgaagg    147240
     caggtttcag attaaaggga cagttcacgc aaaaatacaa gtttattcac cctcaagtgg    147300
     ctccaaacca taaaaagaag atagtttgaa gaatgtttta aactggtaac ctttggcatc    147360
     cacagtaatt aaaggagcag ttcacccaag attaaattta ttcaccctca agattgcgtg    147420
     cataattaca taaattaatc tttataatta cattaataac ctgcataatt acagtagtta    147480
     tccttataat cacatgaatt aatctgtata attacagtaa taacatgcat aattatagta    147540
     ttaatgctta taattacatt aataatctgt ataattacag taataacatg cataattaca    147600
     gtatttatcc ttataatcgc attaattaat ctgtataatt acagtaataa cctgcataat    147660
     tacagcaata atccttataa tcacattaat taatctgtat aattacagta ataacatgca    147720
     taattacagt acttatcctt ataatcacac taattcatct aaataattac agcggaaacc    147780
     tgtataattg cagtaataat cctaataatc acattaatta tctgtataat aaattattta    147840
     caataataat ttgttaaatg acagtaataa tctgtataat tgcagtaata gttagtaaaa    147900
     tggcagcaat aacctgtaca attacagtta aaatctggaa aatgacaggt aacttttata    147960
     agtatctaca ttttttaaca gtttttttaa cagagcagtt cacttaggaa atgtcgaaaa    148020
     aaaccagaat attttactaa aagcaataaa taaatgaatg aatatacaaa taaataaata    148080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    148140
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    148200
     tatatatata tataaatata tatatatata tatatatata cagtaaataa cactataaga    148260
     catacataaa taatgtttat taattataat tataattata acttaattat aaatgtttag    148320
     ttttattaat aaaatgttct ttatatttat taatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    148380
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataggaactg    148440
     tttattaaat tggttttggc aaagcaaaag aggctcttct attgcgttgt ttttttgagt    148500
     gtattgtaat caattattac acaatgtcaa atgtgcaaca tgccctgcaa taaaagtgtc    148560
     acaacaagtt gcctaagcgt gtctttgcaa ttagatgttt atgtaatgca tgtcatttga    148620
     acacacatga taaactacaa acgagacaag tgcaatgaga atgaatagaa tatatttacc    148680
     tggttgattt cggtaaacct taataaacct cgacttaaac agaattagga aaaggacgcc    148740
     acattcccat aagatcacac aaattcttca gaacaatagc aggaaattgc cacctcagcc    148800
     agacaggaaa catactgtat ctaaaggcaa ccatcgctgt gtttgcactt tctgatcatt    148860
     tacaacatgt aaacagcatt tatttaataa cacagaacag ttttacacct cataccttat    148920
     tgattgctgg tttttatgcg tccgagcagc tcttagaatt gaacagatgt caggaatgaa    148980
     agcagatgaa tggacggatg acgcacttcc atctaaatgc cttttgacag aagcgaagaa    149040
     caataaacac agctagtgtt agttctcaga aacggcttgt ttttcctctt ctttgtcctg    149100
     ggcctttaaa gctgttactg taatcatctc acgttcagta gtgagtgagc tggggtattt    149160
     agacaggcag ccatacgaat gtaggaggaa tgaaaataaa gatattccag cattattcgt    149220
     ggaaagtgtt ctcagcagct cctgtctaga cagactcgaa ctcactgaag gtacatgtac    149280
     atgacaacaa tgtacttaaa catttatttg cagggcaaag attaattgta tcccccccaa    149340
     aaaagaaaaa aaaaaaaaat atatatatat atatatatta gagatgtaac ggtattgtaa    149400
     ataccgtcat accgcaatat taatttttta tcgatattac cgaagtcgca tgactcggta    149460
     aaactatagg tcttctgaga aattttgctc aggcgaatga agcaaacggg aggtagcgaa    149520
     aactacaatt gccatcagcc catgcttgac catcatccct tgcggtctgc tgtcgctaca    149580
     gatccagtaa tgcggaaatg gagtgtgctg ctagaagcgg ggatgaaaaa gagctggaaa    149640
     actctaaagc gggtgttgtc gccgcgcgcg tactgaatag cggtgttgtc gcgcgagttc    149700
     ttatcagctg tattgtcgcg cgagttctta tcagctgtgt tgtcgcgcgc gtactgaata    149760
     gcggtgttgt cagcacactg ttcagattga tgcagacatg agacctctat cttactcatg    149820
     gtttgtcctc tcaagtgggg gaaagacaat gcacaacgtt acccactgct gtcaacctgg    149880
     cccaagtcat atctctcttg tcccagaaac ttcagtccca aatgagaggg tttttttctg    149940
     ttgcagggca cattgtaaat atccagagat accagctttt accagattat atttatatga    150000
     taattttcct ttaaatccat ctctatctaa gtgagtgagt gattaaatgt tgaatgtgat    150060
     gagttttcaa caatactaaa ttgaaactta atttttttac atggtttaat atttttttgt    150120
     tattaaaatt gaagttcctg tttcaaagct tacagataga tggctaattt gtatgtcatt    150180
     gacacttttg gcactttttt ggagtatttt cataagtttt gttttttcct gtaaatgatt    150240
     caataaatac cgtaccgtga cattcatacc gaggtattac cgtactgtga aattctgata    150300
     ccgttacatc cctaatatat atatatattt acttaaaggg tcacgaaaca ccaaaacaca    150360
     tgtgtttgag ctgttgacag tcgtatatgt gtcccacact gctaaaaaca ctattaggac    150420
     acatatattt caataaaaag tgtaaattgg ttgtttttgc gttatttcaa aaagcgtgta    150480
     atccagcgtg cagactggac gtctgtgcca gagtgggcct tgttacgtct cagagtgtga    150540
     tgcattaatg catgagtaaa gcttggttca aaccaatcag aacgctctat tgtgcaactt    150600
     cattaatatt cattactgtc acagtgttta gacgacttgt gtttagaggc gccacgttgt    150660
     gttggcaaaa caagcgtgaa gtgttgcttt tatagtttgc tgcagttaag ttttgttttc    150720
     attttctctc tgtgagagtt cagctggagt cacgtgtgga ttaacagtgt acgcgacgct    150780
     cgacaacaat aacttacgtg tctaaggagg attattgttt acctgagagc tcttctcatc    150840
     tgcaaacgct gagatccgga ttcgcttgta gtcttctctt aagaaaaacg cggctctagt    150900
     tgctggtgat tgtcctgtct ctacagattt ggtaagtgag cgaccagcgc tctttgttta    150960
     ttcagtttgt tcatatcaaa caaactattg caccgagtgt aaacatgtta gcactacaac    151020
     caaactttaa cctcgtgtag gattttcacc gcattttgtg accggaataa cacacgcggc    151080
     ttactgacac tacctgccgt gtgcatctaa gttttcggga aatgctgagc gttttttctt    151140
     tcattcgccg tgcggtatca aacattgcat gaaaaataca cgcttacagc agttcctcaa    151200
     atcaaatatc tcgtttgtcg tgaggggcat gaatgaattc cctgaatgaa agagccaaac    151260
     tgcagttaaa gtccaccatt taataatttg gcaaataatt cgactacaga tgtccatgta    151320
     aacaccatca ctttctcctg tgtgcgtgtg cgtgttttga ctctgaaact cgcgcgtgcc    151380
     caaatagaca ctcccacacc atcccacttt agttcctccg acactccccc ctaaacagag    151440
     ctggacacgc ccacttttct gactttttcc aaagtagagg tgtgaaacac cctgctgaaa    151500
     cgagggggtt tcatggccct ttaaaggtgc agtatgtaag tttgacaccc tgtggttgaa    151560
     ctaggtattg cacacctagt tgaaaaccca ctcaagcgca gtttgccaga ttgatgactc    151620
     caacagcagt gtggctcatt cctcatacct gccaacattt gtccctgaaa atccaggaga    151680
     atggggtaaa gtctagatcg gatacgccgc tagccagaag tgtgatatgc acattaatat    151740
     agtagcattt ttttatgaca ctggataaca ataattaata tttttacgtt actgtgatgg    151800
     ttgggtttag gtctgggggt aataaaacac aataaatagg aaattttaaa aataatataa    151860
     ataattatca ttaacttccg accccaaaag tatctgatct agcagggggt gggtatgtat    151920
     gtctaggtgt tgggggtgag atgtctgaat aacacagcta agtaacagta caatgcaagg    151980
     tttcagcagc ccctgcaatc ggatactaca acacaatctc acggcaattc gtaacttttt    152040
     catttagtgg ctaattcgta cgaatactta tgatctaatt cgtacatttt agtacgattt    152100
     gctcatcccc caatgacggt tgggtttaag ggtggggtta gatgccacgc ctccttttta    152160
     aaatcgtaca atttcttacg actgaactcg tacaaattcg tacgaattag ccactaaact    152220
     gccaaaacgt aaaatactta tgttttctcg tgagatcagg ctggatacta taccaaagtc    152280
     ggcgatctgg gggatgttaa agactcaaaa tgactcttgc ggcaagctga aactagcaaa    152340
     caactattgc gtcacgcctt gcgccacatt gcgccgggtg tatgataggg ccctgagagt    152400
     ttaataaggt acggtatcac agcctggttc ggcaacttgt ctgtgcagct gagatctaaa    152460
     gtagtttgtt tgattcacac cgcctggaaa attattaggt tgtatcagag ctgatgtcac    152520
     tgcaggatat gtatgaacag gatgcattaa caagcttatt tgttttattt cggctagaat    152580
     actcaatatt attagccccc ttaagcattt tttttcattg gctacaaaac aaaaccactg    152640
     ttatacaatg ccttgcttaa ttagccttat taagtttcat aattaacctg gctggaaacc    152700
     cataaccact gacttccata gtatttgtat tactatgaaa ctaccctgtc aatgttttct    152760
     aacatgtttc aatctacttc tattgtgttc aaccgtaaaa ggaaactctt aaaggtatgg    152820
     aaccacttaa gtgtgagtaa atgagtacat tttcattttc gcatgaacta cccctttaaa    152880
     cccaagaaaa actgatctga actataataa aaccatctct cgtgggagct gtcatctctc    152940
     aagctgaatt c                                                         152951