EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX914216; SV 14; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 72914 BP.
AC   BX914216;
DT   16-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 21)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone RP71-25N17 in linkage group 18
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-72914
RA   Leongamornlert D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 0e38de7efa2ec7283e6983be458f903d.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000041450; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000060766; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   RP71-25N17 is from a Zebrafish mixed sex BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..72914
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-71"
FT                   /clone="RP71-25N17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-181H11"
FT   mRNA            join(7792..7966,9691..10038)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP71-25N17.2-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL926129.1"
FT   mRNA            join(21601..21774,24901..25096,25568..25761,25858..25938,
FT                   26389..28977)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP71-25N17.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate Ras family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI839975.1 Em:BQ616966.1
FT                   Em:BQ617283.1 Em:CD759184.1 Em:CK019413.1 Em:CN021302.1
FT                   Em:CN317458.1 Em:CN328846.1"
FT   CDS             join(21735..21774,24901..25096,25568..25761,25858..25938,
FT                   26389..26525)
FT                   /locus_tag="RP71-25N17.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate Ras family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35509 Sw:P46638 Sw:P62492
FT                   Sw:Q15907 Tr:Q6FI42"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5U3E1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003579"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5U3E1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041114-53"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46852.1"
FT   polyA_signal    28952..28957
FT   polyA_site      28977
FT   mRNA            join(BX088690.9:<48636..48731,BX088690.9:56049..56150,
FT                   BX088690.9:56633..56733,BX088690.9:81447..81539,
FT                   BX088690.9:149658..149904,BX088690.9:151907..152027,
FT                   BX088690.9:155809..155945,BX088690.9:156889..157101,
FT                   BX088690.9:168425..168599,BX088690.9:188750..188870,
FT                   BX088690.9:194186..194349,BX088690.9:194482..194584,
FT                   BX088690.9:211099..211245,BX088690.9:216266..216404,
FT                   complement(62139..62257),complement(58250..58378),
FT                   complement(57863..57991),complement(53230..53463),
FT                   complement(50785..50903),complement(47613..47667),
FT                   complement(47142..47196),complement(36920..37200),
FT                   complement(<33291..33466))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-211A20.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate laminin
FT                   EGF-like (Domains III and V) family"
FT   CDS             join(BX088690.9:<48636..48731,BX088690.9:56049..56150,
FT                   BX088690.9:56633..56733,BX088690.9:81447..81539,
FT                   BX088690.9:149658..149904,BX088690.9:151907..152027,
FT                   BX088690.9:155809..155945,BX088690.9:156889..157101,
FT                   BX088690.9:168425..168599,BX088690.9:188750..188870,
FT                   BX088690.9:194186..194349,BX088690.9:194482..194584,
FT                   BX088690.9:211099..211245,BX088690.9:216266..216404,
FT                   complement(62139..62257),complement(58250..58378),
FT                   complement(57863..57991),complement(53230..53463),
FT                   complement(50785..50903),complement(47613..47667),
FT                   complement(47142..47196),complement(36920..37200),
FT                   complement(33291..33466))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-211A20.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013222"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate laminin
FT                   EGF-like (Domains III and V) family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8BKK7 Tr:Q8BX64 Tr:Q8WUL3
FT                   Tr:Q96KG6 Tr:Q96KG7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPL9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002049"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006212"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011489"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013032"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPL9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM46853.1"
FT   misc_feature    55521
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 950bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    70915
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-211A20"
SQ   Sequence 72914 BP; 23471 A; 12913 C; 13170 G; 23360 T; 0 other;
     ttgtctgtag agaaaatgag gaaatccgtt tggaatcttg cacggattcc tctagaaatt        60
     actgaaattg acctatctga ctgaacaggc aatagaacga tgactataac catgaagttg       120
     ttattattgt ttaataacaa ctgcatgagc atagggaaat ccacgacaca acttcagagt       180
     aataatgata ataataattg attaacaata ttgcttaaaa tccctttttc aatgtcatca       240
     caagatttac agctgatgaa caattaaaaa aaagtgcagc aaatcgaacc tcagatttaa       300
     tacatttaat tttaatacaa caaaatacaa aactccagca caccacactt gcaataaaca       360
     gaatgctatt ttgcaatggt gagaactgag aatgctagca tagttaaggc tgatttatac       420
     ttctgcgtca aaagccggcg tatgctacgg cgctgacgca tagcccttcg ccgttgccgt       480
     cggcgtcgct gacgtgcacc tctcaaaaaa tgtaactaca cgtcgcaaca acgcgtagcg       540
     caagctctgt gattggtcgg cttggtagcg ccgacgagtc tggcgagcga ttgtttacaa       600
     gtgtggagtc ccgtgaagga gctccggatg gaaagttttg ttctgtgttt acctcatggt       660
     taaagttgtt gcacgtccgc aggttcctgc ttcaaaatga gcgagtttga gtcacttgta       720
     cattcaggaa gtgttcagaa aagcaaaaca gaagtgaaga aactcgacac agaggaacat       780
     ttacacctca ctgcccacta gcgtttcgga agtgttaatg cagaccaaca gagacagcgc       840
     gcagaagtat aaatgcacag ctgcgcgcgt tgcctgcgcc gtgagttacg ccggtcactt       900
     gagggagaag tataaaccag gctttaatac tacagctatc tgcattctct tttcctaata       960
     tgaattatgt ttttggatgt ttttagaatt gttttcagct gagtcataat acatagaaat      1020
     taaaaactta aagcggtaaa tcacaaaagt gcaagagatt gttttcaaga agcaagataa      1080
     caaacacctc attcagctta tctcaggcca attgttatgg tgcagatttg agcgcaactg      1140
     ccatgttcac attggcctca gcacaccagg ttccaataca atgagtcagg tgtgaaatca      1200
     gccacagact ccttacccca gatcggtgag cggtggttta tctctgcctc tcctatagca      1260
     caggaagatc tgcggcccca tgaggcttcc accattcagt tcagcaggga gtccggaggg      1320
     ggtgcattca acacaggtat accctctagg tacttcctcc cctagagagc gaatcaccac      1380
     tgccacatca gtgatcggtg ccttgagttg agctgagctt cggtgagctc catcttcagg      1440
     gtgaacatct tcctccaggg gctttgaaga gacggtgagt cctgccacca caaagtagtc      1500
     tgctacacga aggctttttt cctccatctt cgatcatccc cataaaacga ggactgtatg      1560
     tgctgggggg aaaaaaaaac agagtaatgt gaacggggga ggaaatcatg acatgctgta      1620
     ggctagtaaa cagtgttgct taataatgcc aggtgctctg acacaaatga aaacatcctt      1680
     ctttaaaccg gcagggattt taagaaacaa atcagcacat tgcggcacgg ttatacaacg      1740
     ctctcaggac atatcatttt aactctggtt acattttggt cccttatgtg cttagaaaaa      1800
     ggatatgagc attatacctt cacagatgca gagtacaacc acatgtaaca atctcagtga      1860
     gaaatataaa ctggacaaac ggatgcaatt acccattcct gccggggata tatgcctttg      1920
     aatcatgact catactgttt gtacctgcag aataagtgca caaaatggaa gagggaaaga      1980
     atgtactaaa aagggaattc cttttgcttg cgtcaatgcc aaggctgtca ctataagcct      2040
     ttctaacact aaaaccactg atatcctaat tagagactcc cctctctttc agaagaggcc      2100
     tggggctttt acaacactca agttggcaca tgtagtgctt ctgagtcagt ctgggtgact      2160
     gacgctcaca tggcttcgac gtaccaaaaa tagctgggta cccaatggta ggtagcaggt      2220
     tcagctttat ctttctgtac gggtcattca gtcccaacaa atcactgata gacaggctaa      2280
     ataaacaagt tattcaactt caactcaccc catcgggagg tacaatggtt cttgtataat      2340
     ataacacata atgaatgcag taaaaaaaat ttgtaattac gtttttccaa gtaaacttat      2400
     ttatattatt tcagcagtca ttactactaa catttctaat atttattaat gttgtcacta      2460
     atggtgtaat aactgaattc ttaatgcttc tgtcacttta cttgaagggg gtgtcaacag      2520
     aagtgtaaac ctatacagtc tcacggtaca gtttgattac gattatcatg ccatcgaatt      2580
     ggttcaattc gatatctcgg tgcatcaggg tgcattgatg atgctttcca tacacaattt      2640
     tatatttttc ttcacagcac aataattctt gtattaaaat ttataaaaaa catgtatata      2700
     ttatttgcaa cgcaatttgt caacagtcag tgtatgaact gtacctttaa aaactcaagc      2760
     acatgcagag aacaaaatga gcatgtataa caaataaaca aatgtaaata tcctgttcac      2820
     tttctgagcc ttgtcgagca agtttttaca cacatatgat caggtcatgc gctcaacaga      2880
     aagggctgtg attggctcta acgttctagc gatgttcacc aatgagtgac actgatcagt      2940
     agtgattaca gctgatccat gatatctacg cggtgacgaa aattcgcagg gcttctgctg      3000
     taacttcagt gtcagcaaaa gactgtctag ctaactcaca agcagtgaat tgtgcagttt      3060
     ctgcattagg tagttggagt gttttaatta ctcactctcg cctccctcac catagtaatc      3120
     taccacaata cagcacaaat gagatgaatg acatcagtac gtaataaccg gttatgatct      3180
     attactgaat cgataccaaa taggtgtcat aacacattta taattatgac atgaaaactc      3240
     atgaatatga ataagatttt atgcatgctt atgacaacac tgtcattagg tatcattcac      3300
     tcatttatat cgttttaatg caaaggtgac attgtttaag attttgactt gaaattacca      3360
     agacaacata gcttgtcata aatctttcat aaacatgact gtcataagcc caatgttatt      3420
     atgtgatttt gtttgtggaa caaactgaat ttgtaattat aagtttgatt aaaagtgtta      3480
     atgctacgtc aaataatttt ataacaggaa caataatatt taatgacatt ttaatgacca      3540
     ctgtagttgt aatgacactg ttatacagtt catgacaatt ataatggcct catgacaagt      3600
     tatgttgttt tgattggtaa tgtcaagttg tcgtgacaaa ggtacatcat aagctgagag      3660
     gttatgattt atttgataat gtcaagttgc catgacaaag acatctcaaa caatgtcacc      3720
     tttgcattta aaatgacgga attgagcgaa tgtgacttaa tggcagttgt catgtagaaa      3780
     aatctcatct catatattta cgaaacatgt catatcctgt ttataaaggt tttatgacag      3840
     tcctttgaat gcccttttca aataaattac aacaatttca aaagactttt gtgaaaataa      3900
     atgttaatat ataggtaatg ttccattata aataaacaac agttattctg ccctttactt      3960
     attgtagatt cagtattgta aatctcaacc attagggctg ggccaataaa cgatacaata      4020
     ccgaatcgtg ataaaattta tgttaataac aacgattagc tctaaacttt tctggacaac      4080
     aggaatctaa aagtgtctcg atagtagaga tttaacacat tttcagccac cgaaaattta      4140
     ttggcagaaa agatgttatg ccgttaattg gccccccaaa tttttgtgtg cttcagttat      4200
     tgttggggtc ctcttttaaa tatggaagca ttaacaattt atattaaaaa tgaaatatac      4260
     atccttataa ttcaatatga aaaataatta tcgagattta attttagcta tatcacccag      4320
     tcaacaatac tatttcaccg cacaagtact aaagtgaacc aaatcaggag actaaaactg      4380
     tgagaaatat gcagaaccat tgtcattaca gcggaccaga catcatctga aaggtctttg      4440
     atggctttca gctttatggc caatggctcc tctgtgattt acagtaatgg ccaacagtca      4500
     cgggacacgg cttaagagct taggaattga aactgaccta ctgactagtt cttttgcaaa      4560
     gtgttgaagt gatgaattca tcttatgagg aaccagtgac gctcatgaca cacaaaagca      4620
     gaagttgctg tgtctttcat atatttagaa aatgataaca agtcttcgat aggtttcacg      4680
     atcacagttt gatgccaaaa ataaatacaa gccttaaaac tctaatcctt ctcatcctca      4740
     taaaccttaa agatttgaag gaggggtctc taggacactc tctctctctc tctgtgcccc      4800
     atgaccagca aaaacaaaga ggctcatgca tattttgttc caggtgtttc ttctacagcc      4860
     attttcatat atcaagcatg ctcaaaaaca ccacaatgca gtgcaaactc taatcaatcc      4920
     atccacttgc gtaaacaata aaacatcagt caagatataa tcacactcgc atttttgaga      4980
     ccccacagaa agtcgcagcg aggggaaaaa tgcagcagat gtgtcacatg ttacgtgaga      5040
     gatttaggat tatatataga cataatctct cggtccaaca accacgccat ccgcagaggc      5100
     tggctgtgcc ctctctacca tcagcacaga gaaattataa tcctcaccat ggcaaccatg      5160
     aagaaaagcc agcaaatatt catcattcgc cttaaaaacg taagggggag agaaaatact      5220
     tacataaaac taataaacat gagtcacgga taagcagaaa gctgtctctt ttgacagaga      5280
     taatgagggc atcgcaatcg catcatttaa ataacaattg ctggggagga aaggaagacc      5340
     aagcgtaact ttagagacag gttaaggata aaatcaagtc aaatatggat gtaattgctg      5400
     agaattatac cattattata gtcaggcaca tcgcagactg aaaagccttc aggcacattt      5460
     cattgttatg tgatgcaatt acagacactc ttgcactgac tcaacacttt tcttcagaca      5520
     actaatagga agtcactcct ttattgagaa actccatggt aacgtcaaag agagactcaa      5580
     aaattgtccg gaagtgcgtt gtaaatgttt atttcatcag aaaaatcagc atgagtccta      5640
     cgcagcggaa atccttgcac ccatatacga aaactgcagc aacccagaaa tgaggaactc      5700
     ctttacttct ctcatctctg accgacttca gattcatcat tccaatgcac cggagtaaga      5760
     gatcaatggt tcccttttcc agtgtaaatg accagatagt accagtacac acggcacaga      5820
     aggcacgacg caacagagtg acgcctcaga ataagaaacc agcctcacac aatggacata      5880
     aatctgagca tcgtgagact gtgtcctgtg atgtgattta ggaggaccag aacacaatgt      5940
     actgctccat tataaaaaga aggacaaaca ttttattata ttattacatg acataaatct      6000
     agaaaaatgc tgcatagaag atgttaaaat gtattgttca aacatgtaaa catgcatgat      6060
     ttttttaagc actaaacaac acatgaagag gtcagacgca aaaaccatct gaaattttcc      6120
     cctaaaattt ataattttaa gcaattttcg tttacgtcaa ttaatatgtt tttttcattg      6180
     tctttaatgt gaaattagtg aacataaata taggagtctc aaaaaaggct cattttagaa      6240
     taaaagttca gacggcactt ggaggttttt gcatctgaac tcttcatata catccattgt      6300
     ttttttgatt gcttaatatt tttattaaat catcatcaaa tgatccaaga gtatgtgttg      6360
     tgcattagta ataaataaca taaaataata tagataccta cattatatga ttaaattaat      6420
     tgattgtatg attaaatgtt tttataacat gatcattatt gtcatacatt taagataagc      6480
     atgcaaatta tatgaaaata catcttaaaa gatatttcat ataattgtac cggtttctat      6540
     aaaaaaatgg gtcatctttt aatttacatt tacaaatcat aatcatttcc agaattacct      6600
     caagattaac tgcatttcta cttaatttat taaacataca agtttcaatt tgagtcaggt      6660
     taagttaatt tgtttcttat aatttaacgc agtatcccct tttttacagc tcaaaactga      6720
     tgatttttta attttttttt catcttagtt gtttgctatc aaggttttct caagccaatt      6780
     caaatttttt ttttcaaaac ctgtttaatt catggcgaag cgcagaaggt agtgctgttg      6840
     cctcacagca agaaggtcac tggttcgatc ctcggctcag ttgccgtttc tgtgtggagt      6900
     ttgcatgttc tccctgtgtt cgagtgggtt tcctccgggt gctccggttt cccccacagt      6960
     ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt aggctaaatt gtccgtagtg tgtgaatgag      7020
     tgtttgtgga tgtttcccag agatggtttg tggctggaag ggcatccgct gcgtaaaaat      7080
     gtgctgaata agttggcggt ttgttccgct gtggcgaccc cagattgata aagggactaa      7140
     gccgacaaga aaatgaatga atgaactttt aaacctacaa aacataaaat agttatatgt      7200
     ccttatgaga taaggctgtg cactgtgttg tgttttgaaa ttgaagcaag ttatgtgtgt      7260
     atgttacatg attggtacct tcaatatatt agtatttaca tcagcttata gaaaagtctg      7320
     ttttactgca gatttcacag acatttaaat cagtgcatac attgttaaga ataaaaaaca      7380
     gctctcatgt gacgttttcc ccaatttggg ccttgaccta aaatgagtct gacacccctg      7440
     atttacacca aacctcttta ccactgagtg cgtagcttaa catgactcat tatatcaggg      7500
     aaaacatctt gtactaaaca aaccatgcgc agcatcctat tttctaataa gtttatctca      7560
     gtgctcctgt aggagacatg cttgacacga taagtcgtgc ccttctttca ccaacctgtg      7620
     gcgtgtagga gccacaggat aagccaattt aacagcctgc ccgtaaaaat aagcatgatc      7680
     ttatccagct gtgctgaagc tgcggtcctg agcgagggct ccatggacca acaggctcct      7740
     gatactgcac agttctggga cagcagggag gcctggagga aaacacaagc acagggaact      7800
     aatgcagcac atttggccca gcatctggtc ctgcttaaga ctcagggcgg acatttgatt      7860
     cctttgcacc atgccgggaa acaagcagac atctgcatac tttggatagg aggaggcagg      7920
     caagctattt ctatgtggaa atgttttgtc aggagacttt actaaggtac attcttctct      7980
     tttactgtac tgttctgatt caataagcat ttaaagattt aaagatttaa agttatgcat      8040
     tttacacaac ctgatgtcat acggaccaat tctggcaaat gcccagagcc tcaaaacaat      8100
     ttctgcccct tcccaaagtg gacaagaaga caaaaagcaa caagactctc gttagtcaaa      8160
     atgtccatga tgcaatgtaa aggaacaccc agctaaatcc aaggcatcca ttactgaagt      8220
     tggacaaaca tggactgttt agttagactt aaagggatca caaagagaca tttgcgttta      8280
     gtttgttttg tctgtatatc cgtatttgta tattcatcta tataaaatgt attttatttt      8340
     aagaattacc aagaaccacg gttttaatgt aaaatcttct ttctcttttt ggttctactg      8400
     agggccaaac gtaacccagt aatctggtat ggtctaacga tgagtaaatt aaaagctaat      8460
     tcaatatttg ggtgaactag cccttaaatc atccaatata cagctaaaaa attaccacaa      8520
     gcaaaagact ggtgaaatag gtcaaactga aaaatcttat tcatgcttct gtttctaaag      8580
     gttagcagca aatatcacag tttaacataa aatgtatgct taatacatca ttacagattc      8640
     atcttaaatc agatttaaat cacaaccgac tctaaatcca ggatcatggc tcaatcacca      8700
     catgaaggat gctttctgta atcctccata acctctctga aataccttgg caaatttttc      8760
     atagattgtt ctgccaggtt aattacgaac aaccaaccat aatattatca catcagatga      8820
     aaagaattaa tctcggtctt cgtaactttg tcaccttgtt gcgtatacac aaggatttaa      8880
     cccacatgtt cagaactgga aggacaaatt gtaccaattt accaatcaat cttacaacat      8940
     ttacacatag gtaattcata taattcaatg tttatggtgg ttatggctct gcaaaccaca      9000
     catcacacca gttgggcatt ggaagtgatg ccttttttat tgtaggtacc agcaatgatg      9060
     aaacattgca cttaaaaaca aacgagagaa catggtgaaa tacatatgaa gatgatactg      9120
     catccagaca gctgggctgg gtcagtcata caataactcg taaatcataa gggccacgat      9180
     gtattaaaac tggatgtctc gaatgctgaa ttacataaac aaaaacattt taaacgagct      9240
     tcacaataat accgtgtgag agatcgtcac atggagtgta aatacacgac caggatcaaa      9300
     acaagcgcac aattgtcaac gcgtgatgac agcagtcact ccaatgccgg ttatttgtaa      9360
     atattaataa agcatattgc tttgaaatgc atcaaatgga tcacctccaa acacaattgc      9420
     acatttttaa tctctaagaa ggcgtataaa tgtccgtaag cattaaatag atatgagcaa      9480
     tgaacactca ctgttttcag taggacgacg attctgagga cacgctcatt gacacgcgca      9540
     ccgttatttt gatcggttat cactggacgg aagaatgtct ttatgtattt ccatccattt      9600
     tcatcagaca aatgaattat tattccttca tcacgtataa acatccctca gggagggcag      9660
     tgcctcatct tcttctctgt acgctttcag agatgcgctc agctcggcag tctcgcaaac      9720
     gcttatcaaa acctgccagc gggccacgtg acttccagca agccgtgacg tcatttgaac      9780
     attccgggga ctgtcgctga ttttaatgtg gaggcgtcca caggtagtcc atataaagac      9840
     tggccatctg aatgttattg acagacttgt gtttgaaaat gttggattta atgatacaga      9900
     ctgtaataaa caacacgaat aggaatgatt ggacttatgt gagagctaca gttgagtgaa      9960
     tttcatttac tgtgctttaa tatgtgtttt tatgtggaag agagttgaat aaattagcaa     10020
     tgtttggcaa attaacaagt tctcagagga agtgttattg ttgtgtttta ttaatggtgt     10080
     aaataagcct ttatttttgt tttacatttc cattaggtaa atggtttatt taggaaagtt     10140
     gtttttgatc atcagtattt acattttact ttagtacaac aaatttaaac tcattgatac     10200
     atttatatat agttttttag gcttaatttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     10260
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     10320
     atatagtatc aggggcggat ttagtgattt agggggccta agcaattgtg gccacggggc     10380
     attaaattaa atttaatcaa attgtacttc tatttatttt caattgattt attatgctgt     10440
     ttttattctc ataatcactc aatctccttt tctacattat gtcttgatgc acatcaacgt     10500
     gtaaagcatc ttgtaaaaca ttttaaatga tttgttttct taaaatcctt acctgatttg     10560
     actgctggac tgctccatga ttgacggtgg aggacacatt tgcacatttg caataaaaaa     10620
     acattcaact tatatattta gaccttcatc ataccaaata tgatagaata ttatgttata     10680
     tataatttct aggtataatt tatacttcta ggtgtttatt tgggggccct cagatttcct     10740
     ggggccataa gcagccgctt gccttgctta ttggttaaat cttcccttgt atagtatata     10800
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatagt     10860
     ctttgtatag attaaatatt attttgtagc taacaaatat tgtttgtaat gaaaaattac     10920
     aatatttaac tacattctcg gaaaaaaatg ttacacgttg atagaaataa tgttccttaa     10980
     ggaacagctt tgtacctttg taaaagttat ggtacagaaa agatctctta tgatactgtt     11040
     ctgcacattt tatggtacaa ttgaaatgag aatacaaatt gttcttataa aaaaagtaca     11100
     taagtattgg acaactcatt atttattaca ttatctataa aaataaatat cactggaaag     11160
     gcaaagtgat ttatgaataa tttccatagt aaaacacaaa tcattattta aaagcataca     11220
     tgtatgctta aaaaaactca aaaacattac ttgttaagtt ctataataca aaacaactgg     11280
     taaaacaaaa ctataggtat tgtaacctaa acatttaagg catttttaat aaacatttgt     11340
     taagcatttt ctgataaata cagttcaatt attgatatcc gcaccttttg gcttttgctt     11400
     tccaatacgc acatgagctg gcaaaagtcc tgcatatgta cagtgttcat gcagacattt     11460
     tagtatagtg taaaactaat caaacattgt gcatatcttg tcacaatact tttgtatagc     11520
     tctattttta tttcaaaatt aagtaaatta aattaacttt aattgtgtga aaattggaga     11580
     aaaaaaagtt ttatcttgta tgaatgtatt atgtactgta tttttgtaac atttttgtaa     11640
     aaagtgttgt aaaaatgttt agcaaaaata gatcttttga ttcatgctaa attatttatt     11700
     attgttaaaa agtgtatttg atgttttata tttgctgaaa ataaattgat actttttgga     11760
     tataaaaaac acctttaagt agttctcgaa gtaaaacatt tgacactgtt agggtacaaa     11820
     gtgtcttgtc actgtatagt ggtaccttca tgaatcacat ttataccttt gaggaaggta     11880
     aaatattatg tctgcaggtt ttaaaaacca aaagtatatt tggtttttcc atggtacaaa     11940
     tcagtatctt aaaggtacaa actgcaatgg taaaaaattg tctttttgtc ttaccttctt     12000
     tggtataaca ttttaccatt tgtctgagag tgtagctgac ataaaaattg cttatgcatt     12060
     atttcattta acaaattgat ttgatttttt atgtatcttg tgtactatct tgtatttgta     12120
     gttttaattg caacaaaaat cagatttaat aaaattaaac aataaaatag tgcaataaag     12180
     gtgcagtttc acttgtattg acattccatc ccgttcttca caatgacctt agccattaaa     12240
     acctccatat tgattgccca tataagccaa cctattttat tccattttgt attattacaa     12300
     ttgcttaagt ccattagcag tcattgcata gagaagcact atatgaatag tttagtttat     12360
     agagacaatc tccttcacat atgaaccaag ggcagagtta tagagagtaa agaccccgag     12420
     ggaccactga agtttgtttg caaaacccac tcctgcactg ctgctctagc tgcacttcta     12480
     aaatgtaata ctgccctcac cagacagatt ttgcagacat tcttttctag ttaatggtgt     12540
     gactgccaga aaaatgtgcc actgactcag atgttccatg ccattctagg tggtctgatg     12600
     aggctggatt gcctcataca tcttcaacaa gctacatctc ttcagctcgc tataaaacac     12660
     aacaatagcc ttttcctgca acaagtcccc tgactaaaat aacaggatct gtaaacaata     12720
     gcgtgacaga agttggaaac tgaacttgga aagaccatat ttgtggacat gtgcaattct     12780
     aatctagatg tgagtggctg taaatgtgct gcagagaatg tttggttaga aggttcagag     12840
     atcaagaggt gctgcaaaca ctccggagag tacaactaat gaaggccaag acgggccaga     12900
     gtgcttcagg ttttttcatc aaggagacac ttctgaaaca cagatgaatg atttaataaa     12960
     gcagtttaag tggatgctga atgaccaccc agctggctgt ggaaaaccat aaacaccaga     13020
     aggattagga catccataag ccccctcaag ttacagtcct atagctatgt ggttttagag     13080
     gtcacttgct ggccacccaa atggcaggaa tacacatgcg cacacacact tacactctat     13140
     tggtgtaatg tattttatac tctaagaacg gcatattata tcacattagt gtacaataac     13200
     cccaaactca actctctgag aaaacctctg gcagttctga atatgaaaac accttgttga     13260
     gtatgaaaca gttttaaatt accaattacc accttaacat tgcaatatag gtaatgccat     13320
     gtcatactaa ttttctgtcc ttgttaacca ccaaaaccag tctacacatg cgcgcacaca     13380
     caaattagtt ctttagtagt atttttgcgt gtatgtttta tgtgtgtgtt ctatttgtgc     13440
     ttgtgtttct ttagcagttc tttggggtgg ttaatgtact tggaaactgt tttttttaat     13500
     gcagtaaatt acatgaccag gaacacaaaa ccagtaaagt gtcatttcaa ctgagatttc     13560
     taaaacttta aatacatcaa atgaatgagc taaataagct ttccactaat gtatggcttg     13620
     gtatgacatg acattttttg gctgaaatga ttatttgaaa atctggaatc tgggggttca     13680
     taaaaatcaa agtatggagg aagtctcctt taaaattgtc caaattaaat gcatattata     13740
     tgatatacgt ccagtaggaa acagaaatat actttattta tttacagtag aaaatataca     13800
     aaatatctga gtggaacatg atctttactc aacattcttt tgattttggc ataagtaaat     13860
     aaaaattttg atctatacaa tgtattgttg gctgttggta tcattgttgc taaaaatata     13920
     cctgtgcaac ataagactgc atggttttgt gctccagggt cacacgagtt gagtaatgcg     13980
     tctaaatctg aaactatatc gcattagtct gaagtggaga gctgtgtgca acattttgta     14040
     ttgtttttac attgttacag aggtgttgta ttgcttgagt ttgcaggtct acagttttgc     14100
     ttaatacatg tgtacacagc tcaacaaact gattaggatt tgaagggtgt tgccgcacgt     14160
     ctccgtctat cgtagagttt gatgtccaca gggctctgcc agaatacaca tttaaacaca     14220
     aatttacaca ttcatttaaa tgtagtgatt atagttaaaa agcttaaatt gtgtttgttt     14280
     gtaatactat ttgcaatttg atttatcatt gtgatgctcg gcggtactta tttaagcact     14340
     gaaaatgttg tcaaaactga catgtctgca cttacttttt gatccatgtg cttcacaaaa     14400
     tcctgtttat gtgttgcttt ctctgtgtgt attctgtttg tgcctacagt acaaaagcgt     14460
     ctcttaaatt tccctgtgga gctgaagaaa tgttgttttg ctgcactgtg tgcttcggta     14520
     tgactggaat gacaaataaa tctacatttt aaatgtgaat ttaggtaagt ggatcatatt     14580
     gtttgaataa atgcatgtaa aataagtcaa taattttttt gaaaaatgta ataattatta     14640
     acagatgatt ccatgttggg cggcacggtg gctcagtggt tagtactgtt gcttcacagc     14700
     aagaaggtcg ctggcttgag tcccggctgg gtcagttggc agttctgtgt ggagtttgca     14760
     tgttttcccc atgttcgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa     14820
     gacatgaagt ataggtgaat tgaataaact aaattggccg tactgttttt gtgtgcaagt     14880
     aagagtgtat gtgtgtttcc cagtactggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcg cctgtgtaaa     14940
     acatactgga tgagttgccg gttcattcag ctgcggagac ccttcgtgaa taaagggact     15000
     aagccaaaca aaaaagaagg aatgaatgaa tgaatgattg tagatattgg attgaagctg     15060
     acattaaaaa tgtctctatt aaattgaggg tgttcttatg ccagtcaaca ccttagttga     15120
     gtggtttaat ttcttgttta tttaaatcct ttttttctct cttttcgttt ggtgttgtct     15180
     ttggtttaaa aagttattat ggctcatatc atgtggatta tctctttttt tattagttat     15240
     atgaagtctg acttactgtg acgatgatgt ttctgtatag gtttgctttt tacagcagcc     15300
     agttgccatg tcattttcct taaattgcaa caaattacat taaacccgat atgaaaaacg     15360
     ttcttttact aacagtaaat ggaaaaagtt ttaaatgaaa acatacaaat atgcatagga     15420
     taacaaaaga gatttttgga aaatagagtt agtttcagaa cactggtctc ctaaagcagt     15480
     gtttctcaac cacgttcctg gaggaccact agctctgcac attttccggt gtcttcttaa     15540
     ctaaacacac ctgactcagt tcatcagctt attagcagat actgaaagac ctcaaatggg     15600
     tgtgagagac aaaggagaca tccaaaacat gcagtgctgg tggtccttca agaatgtagt     15660
     tgagaaacac tgtcctgaag aataaaccat tcaattaact atcacttgct taactactgt     15720
     agcactttta ctataagtta aagaggttac attatactca agaaagctga aaaactgtat     15780
     tacctataac cttgtcttct agttaaacat gttttcttca tctagtattt actttaatca     15840
     tataattaaa tcattgcttt ctgtcctttt ttctaacaac taaaactaac attacattaa     15900
     aataatggtc tcactatcca cttgttccaa acttgtatga atttctctat tttattgaac     15960
     aaaaaaagga agttttaaag aatgttggca accaaatata gccatcaaat ggtagctatg     16020
     attgaataga tgccagtagt tacagtcaac agagcttacc aacattattt tttgctttca     16080
     acagaacact cttaaaaaca aagattctct ttgggtattg aaggttacaa caggcctgta     16140
     gccagcctat tgaaagggat aactcttttt tcttaaaaag ttaacctttt tgaagttatt     16200
     tgcctcatgc gaggttaaaa tactgcattt tagtgacatt ttaaacacta atctttgttg     16260
     ggttagcttg tcggatggtc atcataacat aaccacactt tttgatgtac taaaatattt     16320
     cctacaattt tgtcaaagtg cttatattat tttataacga agtattaatt taaaaatttg     16380
     catttaaact gtaaattatt acagttttat aaataaggtt atgagaatag cattttttat     16440
     aaaaaaagaa acatgaataa atacttattt ttaagtataa ttctatatca tccatcgttt     16500
     gaaaaaataa gaatctggta aaacttgttt taaactaaaa attgtagcct ataggcaaaa     16560
     aataaggtct aaaataaaat ctggccatct tattcaaagt tcctcagtca gaatttggcc     16620
     aattaattaa aaataaattt gtctttttca ttcggtaatt ttacagttta tgatggcata     16680
     gcagtcaaaa attggacata cgtgtatatg taaagcccaa attctggatt gtgtcagtgg     16740
     ggggtgggtc tttcaaacct cctgaactcc cgctggctac gggcctgtac aatgataacc     16800
     tttcatggag atttttggaa accttgcact gcgctaaaac aattcttaag agttttacaa     16860
     ttaaattttt tattatacct ttcacatgaa gagaaatggt ttattcataa actgtttgct     16920
     gtgaggttct gtgaagaagt tattcagtgg ttcctctttg gcatcacagc aaaatccccc     16980
     ttttggaatc tttattttta agagtgaaga aagaaatgca tattacagca acttgagtgt     17040
     gaatgaatat gttttgtgaa tgaactatgt tgtgacaaat aaaaagcatt aaagaaacag     17100
     aaatgtgcac acatctagga tttttcaaag acgggtgctc aatcaaaaac aaacactgag     17160
     tcaaaaaaaa gaaaattgaa acactgcagc tttagctctc aaaagttaaa ataaaaagca     17220
     tttacccatt agtttatata agaacatgtt ttgctttgca ggaaaccacc caagtgccca     17280
     gcagatacat ttttttcaaa gatgagtcag caacagtgag agtacattac tggcagactt     17340
     acagaatatg cttaaaaaat gcagctctga tatcagtcct gtacagttta cagtaatgca     17400
     cctgtactgg agcttcctag gtttcttgtt agataggtct gaatgtaatg aggcaaaaac     17460
     taaataaaaa taaaaaagca tatatatatt tcaaatttaa aaaaaatata tatttttatt     17520
     aaccatgtgg aaattgtcga agaacagttg gatgctgctt tataattggc tctttaagct     17580
     gtagaactat tttattgcta taaacccaat catacgtaat caaagagctt ttgaaaacaa     17640
     taattgtaaa agaaaggcaa aacaattttg gacaaaccat tatgtattta acactgtaaa     17700
     tacattccat acaatatgca aatggccggc aagctaatct gaaattggca gtaaaacaag     17760
     tctgcatgca ttgccagaaa atgcatatgg tcctctatta tgagtcatgg gcttggttgc     17820
     tattgtgtac aatcaaatat ttatgtgata gactaccttt ataattacaa aatgagtaaa     17880
     tatcttcagt ggcatccaaa aaggtcagcc cgtgtttaaa acgtttcgtt attaccaaac     17940
     tatccactca gaatgaatga aatacaggta gctaaaatga ttctgcaata gtttcacttt     18000
     cattgtgaat tatgaggact ttcccataat cactttcatt tacgtaaaca aggggtcctt     18060
     aggctataat ttctcatggt aactaaaaat aaaccttcga gaagcatctt gtttatttat     18120
     ttacaggttc cttgggccta gcattcaacc attttggggt ttctgtataa ctcaagatac     18180
     gcacaacact gcaccctagt gttcatatgc agtgtttcta tcattataat aatgttttat     18240
     gtgtgaatat aaaaaagaaa aaaggccttt tacagaacgg ttttattttc gaaaaatttg     18300
     tttgacacat ttctgttttt aattttgtag ctgattattg actttgtaaa ataaggggaa     18360
     gaaagaagac gttaacggca gttacaatgt cagcgtttaa ctaactttac taacctttaa     18420
     cagaaagtaa ttattaaaaa catgcatttt tgtcatgcca taactataac tgtgatattc     18480
     agcccattca aacaaatctt accaagaaaa gattaaaagg caggttccac cgagatttga     18540
     actcggatcg ctggattcag agtccagagt gctaaccatt acaccatgga accgctctga     18600
     cgcgaatagg aaatctagcc gttttgactc taatttcctc agctgtaaag cgatgaataa     18660
     tgttgcttgt ttgtttcctt ctaaccactg tcacctagct gcacgacctc aacaacacac     18720
     gcttagacgc caaatttaaa aataaatgcg aagaacataa gcgtttgcgt cttatgtcac     18780
     tgcatgtcaa acaaacatat ttcgaagtct cttgagattc tacagaacat catcacaaca     18840
     tcagcaacat cacacaaaca tgcagttgta gttttaacgg taaagatcat gtgtgaaata     18900
     agtaatgtta gcttgacagc tggcagtgtt tggagaaaat cattaaaaag atgtaaacat     18960
     agatgtaaac ataaaaaagc attggtataa attaaacaaa caatcccata atttaggtag     19020
     tacattcaag tatttataca acttaattac atttttgttt aaaaacactg caaagattaa     19080
     aagaaaaaag attgatctaa tataaaaaga taaatatgca ctgaaatgaa attacaatct     19140
     aataatctaa taatgaaatg caataaaata atattacaat ctaaatataa attacaatat     19200
     aaatatagta ataaatacat ataaattctg attaagtcaa ataaataaat gaccaaaaac     19260
     tgattaaaat gaataaacaa taaaaagatt ataagagaac aatacataca aattggcaat     19320
     acatgtaaat aaatttgcaa ttaaatacaa aaatgcagaa aatgtgtaat aataataagc     19380
     tatttaagaa ataaattatt atattattca ctcattatct tttcagctta gtccttttat     19440
     taatcagggg tcgccacagt ggaatgtact gccaacttat ccagcttatg ttttatgtag     19500
     tgtatgccct tccagccaaa acccaacact gggaaacacc cacacacttt tgtattcaca     19560
     cacatatggc caatatactt attcagttca cctagggcgc atgtctttag actgtgggga     19620
     aaaccagagc actcagagga aagcctcaca aacacaggga gaacttgcaa actccattaa     19680
     gaagtgccaa ctgacccagc cagggctcaa acttgtgacc ttcttgcttt gaggcgatcg     19740
     ttcaacccac tgtgccacca tgctgcttat ctctgagcat agtagctatt taagaatggt     19800
     ggtccctttt aaagggatag ttcacacaaa aatgtcttca tcatttactc aaattcacat     19860
     caacaattca tagttttcct ttcccctttc acatatcgat tctcaatatc gctactatct     19920
     gtgacattgt tttctacagt aggaaggaac atgagcattg tctgattaat gagcagcaaa     19980
     taattatgtc tgggcaaagg tgtttatttc cgtcagcatt gtggagtgaa tgtaccacta     20040
     aacttgtatg tggctcatac caacaatttt cctcctgctt tcacacacac agcagaattc     20100
     ctgctatttc ctggtcatgt tacaacttct cattgcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaacaca     20160
     atttctggca ttttaaaagg gcctgttcac acatgatctc tttactgcaa tttaccagta     20220
     ccagaaaaag attgtatatg taaaagcggc cattaacatc caaaacatga gctgtatatt     20280
     gtacaattaa aatgataaca attattaagt tattcaccta aaaatatgag taaataagaa     20340
     aaaataaggc acaataaaat actgtaaaat ttatagtaaa tgctgtagta ttgtactgca     20400
     gtaaaatact tgaattacaa tctgttttgg ttactctata gttgctcttg taacacgaaa     20460
     aatatgctaa tataagcaaa cgacacaaat actgtagttt tccacaacga tatgttacat     20520
     tatagtacaa tacaccacca cagtttgctg tattaaaaat aatttatact aaagtattca     20580
     tgacagttta tcagatgaca attaacatta cagcttactg aagcattccc tatctaagtg     20640
     ttgtaaatat tataatatat actgttgaat atactttact agaaaaggct atggaacaat     20700
     gtagttttta ttatatacta atatagtact ttttcacgtg gaatgaattt attacaaaat     20760
     agatacaagt gaaaaaaaat aaagaaagaa aatacgggca ataagcgtgt tacaatgtaa     20820
     caaatgaaac caaatatttt tctctcttta cagtataaat tatggagtca gatcagtcta     20880
     aaaaaataca tttacaaaat aagattcata catgcataga acaattcaca tttacaaaat     20940
     caaatttgga tttacaaaca caaaatttgt gattttacaa gtaaaaatca taatattttt     21000
     gccaaatgaa ttggctttgc gtatatatga atcgtttttt gaacttagga atcaaatttg     21060
     tgcatttatg aatcatgttt tgtacttacg aactggattt gtgcatttat gaatcatgtt     21120
     ttgtacttac gaactggatt tgtgcattta tgaatcatgt tttgtactta cgaactggat     21180
     ttgtgtattt atgaatcatg ttttgaattc aataattgaa tttgtgcatt tataaattgt     21240
     gttttgaatt tgaattctat ttataaattg tgttttaaat ttatgaattg gatttatgta     21300
     tttacgaatt gtgtttagaa catacaaatt ggattttgta aatgtgtatt gttttgtgaa     21360
     tatatgaatc atattttgta aatgtattat ttttgagact gatctggctc cataataaat     21420
     tggctcaatt gagacggtgg ttccttacaa aaacatatgt cttatacttc attatataaa     21480
     atgcccttgg ggaacagaaa taatacacaa tgaataaaaa taataaataa tcctgctttt     21540
     attttgacag tctgtaaggg ccctcacccg gaacacttga ggagatgttc tctggttcgc     21600
     ctgctcgcta agccgttagc atggctactg cctaatcaca gacagactgc agtgccgcag     21660
     cggagaggac agcgacgggt cgcctccact ttccttcaca ttcttccatt gtttgcgctt     21720
     ttgttttgat cgagatgggg acacgagacg acgaatacga ctacttgttt aaaggtaagc     21780
     acgtaatact tttgtcgcaa ctgtacaagt taaagcgtct ccgatcatcg tggttattgt     21840
     tagttagtgt ggttttatat taaacactaa aggccagcta accggctagc tcacttcgag     21900
     cagcccaaac aaactcctgc tcttcgactg gagtagcgta tttgagtctg tatcgttata     21960
     tgtataatat tatttagtta ctgtgcattg ggttaatata gatgttggtt agcataaaaa     22020
     acacagtttt ccagagatcc gaccacacct tgaagcggct agcttaagtt agctgacact     22080
     gtcgctggat gagtttaacg gagcaggcgg aaatgggaaa cggcctgtat tcccgaatgt     22140
     tttttcaagc ctgtgtgtct ttgttgtttt ttttggccat aatatatttt gatatactta     22200
     aaccaccgtt cgctgtcatt atatcttagt ccatatacta aaactgaacg gtgaccgacg     22260
     ctgtcatgac gtttaacatc tccttttgta ttccaccgag ataaataacg tcatatgaca     22320
     ttgaagcaac ttgaacaacg aaggaatttc ttcaatttgg atgaactgtt cttttaaata     22380
     gataattatt tgtgtcagtt tgttgtcttg gaagtaaata ctagatgtca ggtgatgcgg     22440
     cctgtttttc tcgaatatgt tgctcatcgt tttttttcat taagcaaatg tggagtttct     22500
     atcatttgga gtaagctctt gaaacaatca gtttagtcat atttgcagca catttgactc     22560
     attacgtatg ttttcacttc tgtgagactc atgttagtca ttaaagaagt tctgtgctgt     22620
     cacgtgaatc gtagtgatag taaactacct ctacctgtct tcacgtaaga cagaaccact     22680
     cggaaatctc caccagtttc tgtcataaca aaatgtcaaa aaatgccacc aaaaatggta     22740
     atctcaccca cattgtgaaa taaataaata aatatcttct gccatttatt taaatgtact     22800
     tctctcaaat gatgttgtgt ggtgtgttgt gacatagagc tctgagtgta aagaggtttg     22860
     ttcctttatt taatgtagac agaagtgttt gtgtaaagag tcatttaact gaaatattaa     22920
     aatgtggcaa tcgtttactc accctcatgt cattcaaacc aatgtttcca ttcatctttg     22980
     aattgaaaat aaatttgaca gatcccttca ctgaaagtcc atctaataaa aactgtcaat     23040
     ttatgaaatt cataagtaga tctggcacga taaccgtttt caaggtatac tgtggtttag     23100
     aaaaggtttt gaaactgcca aaatattctg ctataccatt taagatatat tatataagat     23160
     tttttttaaa catttttttt tcgaagatgc tgttttgatt cgtaaagaaa tctgtgtttt     23220
     tgaaacttat gagtacagca gaagtctgtc tgtgccaata gcctagtggt gaagtgtgct     23280
     gacattgcac catggtgctc atgtcgaccc gagttcaatt cctggctcaa ggtcctttgc     23340
     tgacccttcc cctctctgct cccgatactt tcctgtctgc aaactttact gtcctttcaa     23400
     ataaaagtga aaaaacccta aaaaataact ataaaaaagg aatacagcag aagtcaatgg     23460
     ctgcctccga aatcgcctac tactcagtag atactgcatt tgaatttaaa tgtactacta     23520
     aatgtgctgt taaaaaagta tattctgtac attatgaatg gaactcggac gtactacatc     23580
     ctccattttg tcatgattac gtgacctacc tgtgtaagtt gcgtcgcttc actctcattc     23640
     ataaattctc ctacagggca ttatgagata gaatgcacac ttccgaggta atctgggtat     23700
     tctcgcatat aatgtttttt gaattctatg aatttggtca cactggtccg gtctcatact     23760
     gttttagcat aatttatgat atagtagtat gcaaattcgg tcacaaccaa tgatccattt     23820
     gaatttagcc tgacatgttt acagttccaa aatattttaa atatttctta aaataaaatg     23880
     atgtattgtg ttcagagggg gaaaagtttt tgttttttta cccagacatt taaaaagaat     23940
     atattttaga gcagtgatca ctatactgtg aaaccgtgat gttttatcca agattatcat     24000
     atcaccagaa tcttacacca gcccatgcct gttcattagc actctaaatt tatcaggctc     24060
     tttaatccag tgcttttgaa gagaagttat tgttttatat gatgaaccca ttttgattgg     24120
     ttgtcatatt ttaatactga cagacatgca tatttagagt caatgaaata tggtaaacaa     24180
     actgtcaaca ttttgataaa attctcatgt tttacgtaga aagtttgaag ttgaattgtg     24240
     aagcatatca gaagtcttgt atgctgaaaa atgactatgt aaaatgtagt ttcttttttg     24300
     agtttttggg ctccaaaatt tgttaaacaa tgaattgtat gtgtggaatt aagtaaaatt     24360
     atatatattt tttttaatgc ttgcttttct tgaaaacatg taaatagttg atttcctatc     24420
     acagtttctc tattgttaga gtgtgaatgt cattttgagt agaaaatgaa ctgcagatgt     24480
     cataaactca atttataata cctgacaaca acagcaatga aatggcagtg taaatttacc     24540
     tggaaaactg aaaagtgcaa aatgctccag ggtgtgttgg gaacaacagt ttcagaaagt     24600
     tgatatttat tgttattgct ttcatatata tttgggagtc acgaccaaaa caacaaagga     24660
     ttcaaagaaa aatatacttt ttagaaattt cattgagcag taatttagaa tattgatttt     24720
     cattgctgaa tttattgttt tatgtttttt tatgttttag tattttcttc atcacagaat     24780
     cgtttattta atcagtgtag tagtttggaa agacacaagg cttgagtaaa taatgtgaga     24840
     agcccaattt gttatgtgat ctatgtcaga tattacacca tgttgtgttt tattttgaag     24900
     tggtcctaat tggagactct ggtgtgggga agagtaacct gctgtctcgt ttcactcgca     24960
     atgaattcaa cctcgagagc aaaagcacta ttggagtgga gttcgccaca cgtagcattc     25020
     aggtggatgg aaagaccgtc aaggctcaga tctgggacac ggcaggacag gagcgctacc     25080
     gagccatcac ttcagcgtaa gacttattac agattccagt tttaaagttt aactgcctga     25140
     tcatagcaaa gatctctata gaagttattt taatcttgtg atattcctcc aaaacacaac     25200
     ttaaacacaa tggcaaagac aaacaatatt gtacactgat atagttaagc atatttgaga     25260
     ctatagatta attaacacct tttttttgac attactgtac agaatgacac ttgtgcatta     25320
     tcgttgtgta agcatttatt tcatgcatca taaaacagaa aagaggctct ggagggtaca     25380
     tctttgagtt tttgagcaaa aatgtttaaa atcctttaca taaaaagcag ttaacaggct     25440
     taaccctagg aatactggtg aggccaattt ttttaaggta cattaattaa tatgttatcc     25500
     gtactccaaa caaaattcat atatagccct tttattttcc atcttcattt gatttgctgg     25560
     ctaacaggta ttaccgtgga gctgtggggg ccctcctagt gtatgacatc gccaagcatc     25620
     tgacctatga gaatgtggaa cgctggctta aggagctccg agaccacgca gacagcaaca     25680
     ttgtcatcat gctggtgggc aataaaagtg acttgcgtca ccttcgggct gtgcccactg     25740
     acgaagcacg tgcatttgca ggttagaagt gaaccattaa ctcctgatag tgctgcttgt     25800
     gtgtattgct gaggcattaa tccatactct tccacttttt tgcaaccata tttgcagaga     25860
     aaaacggtct gtccttccta gagacctcag ctttggattc caccaatgta gagactgctt     25920
     ttcagaccat cctgactggt gagtgttctt tccaaaaacc tttttcagca gatacttatc     25980
     agtgtgcaag gttaaggatg gtaaactttt gtttttgtaa tggcagcatt tttcttgaag     26040
     aaatacaggc ttgaggaaat gactgtgtta gtctaaactg ggagaaaaag agatggtaaa     26100
     tgattggccg aaggccatat ccttatgaat gactcatcaa aagccctgcc ttggtcgggt     26160
     aggtttctct ggcctgacgt gactgccata gagagtttct gtcgtctttt gctcctctgt     26220
     tcagctcctg gcatctgcag aggaagaaca aataataaat gtttcagagg cattgctgtc     26280
     agttgcgatg ctgtaattgc atcggccctg acatccagta ataacagcac ggatgtatgg     26340
     caaaacaaag ttcatataca agtttttgat tgtctttctg tcctgcagaa atctaccgaa     26400
     tcgtatccca aaagcagatg tctgaccgcc gagacaatga catgtcacct agcaacaatg     26460
     tggtgtccat ccaggtgcaa cctactgaga ataaaccaaa gatgcagtgc tgccagagca     26520
     tctagcaact cctgtaccga atccaccccc cccccccccc caaatccccc acacgcccac     26580
     ctgcaacacc ccctcctccc ctcctcttca agactgcttt gggtctgaga tgcagctgca     26640
     caactaggct tgagcacaga ggccggttcc aaagctgagt ctcaaagggt caccacctgc     26700
     agtctggact aagcttgttg tttttttggt tgtttttttt ttcggttggt tttctccttc     26760
     ctgccatggt aggcttttat attgcagaat tttaataatc atttgtgccg atcttcactg     26820
     aaatgtctta atatataatt tcattcgcaa acgtgtgagg ttcgctcatg tatgtcttta     26880
     gtagcagccc cctcgtcact gtcgtgtctg gggtggaggg gagaaacgtg cagtattgga     26940
     ggttttgcta tatttaatgt tgtgattgta gagagatgat gtacctgata gatgttagat     27000
     gatgattagg gcccaaagac cacagtcttc accttttttg tccatcttcc aagtatggtt     27060
     tacattcgca ttcacacttc cttcatgcat tcggcacggg gcggcattaa atttcaccat     27120
     caggcacgta gcttctgcgc tcttttccct tggccatcat gtgcttcttt tgcattgagg     27180
     tagattagtg gttttagtgc cttttttgat gaacgtcacg tgcggatgct ttcatgcatg     27240
     tgctttactg ctgtccgtgc cggtgctgcg aggccttcat cacacgctcg aatatagtct     27300
     aatagacctt ctctttcgct gtcaccagcc ctttcagctg tagtcttgga gaagcttcag     27360
     tttctaataa acaaaaactg atgtcataat tcatgaagag gggaatgttg tatttgaaac     27420
     actaccacaa atgttttcag tgtgaaatga gggaaaagag acttcctcta catgtaacat     27480
     gttcataacc gcaaacacgt catgattttg caggtcacac tctggcatta aagtcatggt     27540
     tcacctaaaa attgaaattc tgctgtttgt ttactgacta tatttcatca gtagaatgtc     27600
     agaacagatc ttttttagtg gaaactacag cttagtcttt taaaaaaaca aaataaatac     27660
     ctttggctcc tgatttcctg agcaaactaa atgtcgagtg aaagtatgat ccaccaaaac     27720
     aaaggtttca gctaaaaatc tactttaatt atctaccaaa ggtaaaaagt caggtaaatc     27780
     agcagcgaat gttcagtttt agttgaacta tccttgagag tcagaacaag aaaacataaa     27840
     acagcggcca gtcgatggcc acatcacatg agagcactct agggaataga ctggatactt     27900
     tctttcttta tttttttgca ctgaatgtaa aatatatccc gattagattt ttttttccct     27960
     cccgccacta cagtagtaat gaccttaaga cgtgtaactt atatttattc tgtggtagtc     28020
     atttaaatcc agttgttagc cttcaatctg gatgcgatgg gactcgttaa gataatttct     28080
     gaatgtatta tgtgttttag cctacacaat gtcttcgtct tgattccagc agatggggca     28140
     aaaccaccac aagctgtgat gctcgtcttc gcttaatggc tgtctgctca atttactcgg     28200
     tgtgacgtga aatatcagta aaggctgaac taataatgca tgttatataa cgggtgacct     28260
     cggagaggaa gaatactgta gacctcagca tcttagtctg caaatcccga agtcatttat     28320
     tttcactttg gatatcgatc cctttgactt taattagccg agccctaggt aaaaaaaaaa     28380
     caacaacata gtttgctacg atcattctta acagtatgag aacacattcc aggtggaatc     28440
     gaaggccctt aaaggctgca atgtaattag ccaatcagac tgaagcgaca ttactgcgta     28500
     agtgcatgtg agtcatttta ctgtttccta tatctcctaa agttaaactc tagatcttct     28560
     aagcaacaca tcgaggttat tacagtactt gtctccatcg gaaagaaaac gcctcatgat     28620
     tttacgagcg ttagggtctg ttagcgtcga cttagtgacc ctgactctga ttgtaagact     28680
     gttctttaaa ggcaggggtc tctggtgcta acaggggcca gtgccaatga tgtgagggta     28740
     cagatggcac aaccatgacc tgcccatgca ctgcacatag ctggcgtgat taccggatat     28800
     tactttttct gactgtcgga tctttcacgt attgcctcca gaatctcatt tctttttcct     28860
     ttcttttgtc tgcactgtac tgtgatttac ttttttattg ttatgattat actattactc     28920
     ttgtccactg taattccaat ttaaaagagc aaataaaaat atgtagttaa ttcaaaacgc     28980
     ttctgtgttg ctcataaatt aaggctttct ttaagcacag agttgtcatt tcacgcggtt     29040
     tctttaccaa aagtgatttt atttgtcaaa actttatttt aaaggcatag ttcacgcaaa     29100
     atgatcagtt tgtcattatt tactctagtt gtttcaaacc tgtttgactt tgttttcttc     29160
     tgttaaacat aaaaaaagga tgtttggcac aaagctggca gcctgtatag ttttacttcc     29220
     ataatatttg tttttttctt ttaaagtcaa tggttacatt gattttgaac aatatttttg     29280
     tgttcaaaag aagaaagaaa ctcttaaaat agggtgtccg cggtgtctta agttttagaa     29340
     agtcttaaat cacaaaagtt agtcttaaat ctaccgaaat gttgtaggtc tttaatcttt     29400
     ttttaaccgg tcttaattgt tctttgttca tgtatagctt gccaatctgg ccattaacac     29460
     ccatacaatc accaacaatc catctcaata taacttcact ttttatttta aagtggcatt     29520
     taattacgct atagcatata cttactgctg aggatactga cctgacctac acttttttta     29580
     ttattaaatt attattattg taagctgaag taattgacag ctatgtttgg ttctattctt     29640
     ggtaagtgtt attgggtttg tgaatggatg tattttataa ttaataaaaa aatactcaaa     29700
     cataaatatt attattgtat tattaaatta ataatttttc ataggatttt tttttgtaat     29760
     cgggatattt aaaaaaaatc taactaaaat gttattcaga atggtttaaa aaaatttctt     29820
     aaattttact tggtgaaacc tgcagaaacc ctgtaaaagt ttggaaccac ttgagggtga     29880
     gtaaagccat ggttacaccc catagacttc cattcaaatg aatgcgacgt gcaacaagtt     29940
     tcgcagttcg ccatgttgca aagttcaagc ttggtaatct ctgatctgtg aaatcaaaga     30000
     tcaaatcatg acatcagtgt ctagatattt aaaatctgga ccaatcactt gctgttttgt     30060
     aatgtctagt catcttgttt aatcccgccc ctttttgcag ctctgtacga cagaattttg     30120
     catgcacaaa ctcaagtgtg accatggcat aaatagagta aatttccatt tttgggtgaa     30180
     ctatttaact taaggtgtcc ttgttactca tgttccatgt attactatag taataaatta     30240
     attacatcaa tactttagta gttactatag tattattaca catgttctat gtacttactg     30300
     tattaattat aatgctaacc ctatggctgc atttataagc cagcagtgta gccaaaaatg     30360
     cgaaggtttt tttctcgtgt ttaaaaagaa aggtatcaca tttacgcaac actgttttta     30420
     aaactttcca catttacaca tctgcaaaaa catccaaaaa tgctgcacta cattgttcat     30480
     tgccagtgtt tagtgctgtg actgtcactt taatatctgt aagtgacaat gtgtcgttta     30540
     tatgatgtct caatttttgg ttgcatactg aaaaaaaata atttgctgtt tatttcataa     30600
     aaatgtaaaa tgagctgaaa caacacattt cttgagtttt ttttgtacaa caatcttatt     30660
     gttttatgtt ctatacactc aaatttgtta acaataataa gtaaacttaa ttccttcatg     30720
     ttgtcccaat acaaatcaat tgtgttgaac ccaacatttt tagtgtaaag tgaatacgtt     30780
     acactttgct aaccaagcag taggtaacat ttaagaaaca acactactat atacactcac     30840
     cttattaggt acacctgtct aacttataac tcaacttctt cttctcaact caatgcattt     30900
     aggcatgtag acatggtcaa gatgatcatc agaatggggg aaaaaaggtg atttaagtga     30960
     ctttgaacgt ggcatggttg ttggtggcag acgggttggt ctgatccact gggactttca     31020
     cgcacaacca actctagcat ttacagagtg aaaaataaaa tatccagtga gcgacagttc     31080
     gttacaaccg aggtatgcat aggaacatat ctgaacgcat acacaacacg acaaaccttg     31140
     aggcagatga actacagcag cagaaggcca caccaagtac cactcttgtc agctaagaac     31200
     aggaaactga ggctgcaatt ggcacaggct caccaaaatt ggacaataga agattggaaa     31260
     aacgttgctt ggtctgatga gtctccattt ctgctgcgac attcagatcg ggtcagaatt     31320
     tgccatcaac aacacgaaag catgaatcca cctttccttg tatcaacagt tcaggctggt     31380
     gattgtggtg taatggtgtg ggggatattt tcttggcaca ctttgggctc attactacca     31440
     attgagcatc gtgtcaatgc cacatcctac ctgagtattg ttgctgacca cgttcatccc     31500
     tttatgaccg cagtgtaccc atcttctgtt agctactttc agcttttagc ttactttttt     31560
     gatgtgcagc cgtaaaatat gcagcaactg cgtgatgcta tcatgtcaat aaggggcaaa     31620
     atctctgagg aatatttcca gtgccttgtt aaatatacac cacaaaggat taaagcagtt     31680
     ctgaagacaa aaggggtcca acactgtact aataaggtgt acctaataaa gtggccggtg     31740
     aatgtactct gccagtgttg tttgttcaca acacagcttt catagactct cattatcgga     31800
     tgtttacaca ctcaacaatg ctggtgtttt ttttgttttt ttttcaaaaa cttgcacttt     31860
     gtttccagat ttcaaacatt gtttatgtaa acaaacaagg aaaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaaa     31920
     cccttttatt tttggctgaa aacatgtcaa cctaacctgc tttctaacca tacagtaatt     31980
     agcttagtag ttaaatgaat agttacactg taacagggac accttaaaat gttacttttt     32040
     attttcataa attatgtcat gaagtgaaac tattaaacta tttgttaaaa aaaaacctag     32100
     aaaagcataa ggaaccacta ttgagctgta gagctgctaa atgttttgtt ttcctccttt     32160
     tattcatgaa tgattgtcac tatgctattg ctaatttgat ggaatgcagt cactagaaca     32220
     aaactccaaa gctgtaatca tcaaacaaag caaaacacaa ggaatgaatg ggacacgtct     32280
     ccaaatctat ttgtactata cttttctttt ttttttagga cgcatatgag gtctcgtcct     32340
     gtcattagcc tctgttgaca taagagctaa catataatgt cgactttata tattaatact     32400
     gtgcaccaat agcacaagca catgaaaaga actggtcact atgagtaatc atcatttgtt     32460
     catcatgcta ctttttaaat atgttcaact tttacactat aaagaaaacc atcacttctg     32520
     cacaaacaag gtataaataa acatcataaa tacaacagag gtctttaaaa atgtaaacgt     32580
     acatagaaca aactaaacgt gatagcttcg aaaagtgtaa cacaaacgta atacacactc     32640
     aaagaatcca tagatagcaa cagtcataaa ttcctatgta cagtagaaag caccaggtta     32700
     ttacacaaat gagccgtgtt gtaccagctc atgttggccc caggctctcc tcataaactt     32760
     ttataaatat ttctgagtag gtagatgaat gtacattatg ataaaagtcc tgaacagttc     32820
     tccttcacat ctggcaccca tcttttatac acattaagaa cgtcttattt taaaccatgc     32880
     ttcgtagcct gagaaccaaa cttagcttag aggtgaaaca caaaagaaaa tggtcacctc     32940
     tgtctttctg ttctggatca ctgattccca ttgattatca gttccaatat gcagagctct     33000
     agtctttaag aatcgccact gaaacgtctc atatgctccg ttataaacaa aataccccaa     33060
     aaaagcattt gtacacctgt atttcctgat gttaaatggt ataaaacatc tctgagaaag     33120
     acgaattatc gctggtgtcc aaatcagcca gtcccacaat cggaaaaata gtcttttcca     33180
     gtttaatcta ctcatgcatc tgtattggat gactgttgga gagacgatga agacggagag     33240
     ctgaggtcga gagagtgtac caaaaaattc agagggtcag gatagggggt ctacagcagg     33300
     gagctgggcg ggctctctgg aggcggtggg ctgtgtgtgg gactgtggcg catgggcagg     33360
     atgtcgtagt ggctcgggat gtggctgttt cgagggaggt catagggact ctgggagaag     33420
     ccggtggcca gaccgttggg cccctggaga acactcactg tcggctctga gggaagaaca     33480
     caggaaatct tttaggagtg gatgtttaaa gctgccgtga tgtgctttga aatgtgcatt     33540
     ttttaaattc gacgtttgac cgaatctcga ccaaaaaagg agaagacaaa gtagctccta     33600
     taaacagcca atagtgtttt gttttatcag cgctctgcca gtgagagtgg ttgaggtcaa     33660
     gcgcatcaaa tgaaaagcag atgagaagct tcttaaagag ggcggggcat gtcagatact     33720
     agaaagcatt tgattggtct agatttgatg agaaactaaa gtatgaggtg acgtggaaaa     33780
     aaaaaatttc atcagtgttt tggagcacac tagattaaag atatccttaa atgtaacaga     33840
     ctgaaactag catctacatt ttttttttat ttcacagtac ttctaataca cagctctctg     33900
     tgtcacagtt ttctcattag atattgtgat gtaacttgag atctggtgta gttggtaagg     33960
     taatctttag cactgcaaca aaaacggctc aaagaaagtt tcagtttcag aaatttacat     34020
     gcttgcaaat ttaaaaagtg ccattgagtg aattagcatt tagcttttaa ttttgtctca     34080
     accacaagca atactttaat actaaagtgg tcaaattgga gtatcgtaaa cctcgcaaag     34140
     tcattaactt tagtaatatc ataacatgta ataagagctt cttttaagct gttttgtaca     34200
     aatactgtat acagctgaag aaatcatctg tcaattaata acataaaaaa tgtagaatct     34260
     gacattaaaa accttctgtc ctgtaaacaa tggctattaa taatctttaa atatagaaac     34320
     aaatatatgt attttctcaa acattgtata tgtgcagtag tgttatacag tgcaaaacat     34380
     ttacaagtat tattttgatt gaaatgaagt tgacataaaa cataaatatt aggcagctgg     34440
     caactaactg acagatcagg ccatttacta aatgcactaa aactaaaata aaaaataaac     34500
     agctattttg gactagtcga aaaagtctaa tgtgcagcaa aatattcatt aattctttct     34560
     agctccctcc ttctgagagt gtactctttt ctgattggtc agatggctct gttgtgattt     34620
     gccaaccatt aagaccgtgt gttggaaaat aaagcagtca tttccatatc tttcaatgta     34680
     attgcagggt tgttgccaga acagatacaa ctgtggcagg aagttattaa gaattattta     34740
     tattatttac taaattactc attaattgta ttttattaac atctacccca accccaaccc     34800
     taaacccaac cttcacagta atgtaaaaaa cagtaattat attgagacat tttatgtcat     34860
     atattacatt acccattaat tttattgtat ttatttatgt ctaccccaac tcttaccctc     34920
     acagtaatgt aaaaacggta atcataacaa gaaatcttta tattatttat taattcatta     34980
     attgtatttt attaacgttt acaccgaccc caactcttac agtaatgtaa aaacagtaat     35040
     tataatgaga atcattaatt aaatgaccca ttaattgtat tttcttacag tttacaccaa     35100
     ctccaactct tacagtaatg taaaacagta attataatga gaattattaa ttaaatgacc     35160
     cattaattgt attttattaa cgtttacatc gaccccaact cttacagtat aatgtaaaaa     35220
     cagtaattat aatgagaatt attaattaaa tgacccatta attgtatttt cttacagttt     35280
     acaccaaccc caactcttac agtaatgtaa aacagtaatt ataatgagaa ttattaatta     35340
     aatgacccat taattgtatt ttattaacgt ttacatcgac cccaactctt acagtataat     35400
     gtaaaaacag taattataat gagaattatt aattaaatga cccattaatt gtattttctt     35460
     acagtttaca ccaaccccaa ctcttacagt aatgtaaaac agtaattata atgagaatta     35520
     ttaattaaat gacccattaa ttgtatttta ttaacgttta catcgacccc aactcttaca     35580
     gtataatgta aaaacagtaa ttataatgag aattattaat taaatgacac attaattgta     35640
     ttttaataac atttacacca aacccaactc ttacagtaat gtaaaacagt aattataaca     35700
     agaattatat ttatttaatt ataattgggt cattataatt aaatgaccca ttacttgagt     35760
     tttattattg tttaccccag gggtcaggtg ccttttttca gcaaagagcc ctttcagttt     35820
     ttctattggc aaatgctttt tttagagagc cattgggtat aagcatcaca tgtcgagcaa     35880
     attcatgtat taagaaagga gaattttttt cttttcgcca tcagcattta tgaatgttgt     35940
     ttgaatttat gtgcgcatac catatgtaag ttgcataacc tttattggtg tccattcaag     36000
     ttaatccaca gcgctgcaca tgcgcattga aatgtccgtt tattcttatt cttattcatt     36060
     ttggtgtaaa aatatacaat aaaaaggtca tttatatttg tattttacag gaaactgatt     36120
     tttagtggca gttttaattt tttattgaag ggagacagct ggagagccac atgtttttgg     36180
     tcaaagagcc acatgtggct cccgagccat aagctttcta ccccaggtcc accccaaccc     36240
     aattctcaca gcaatgaaaa aacagtaatt ataacgagaa ttattaatca aatgactgat     36300
     aaattgtatc ttattaatgt caaccccttg ttgtaaagct tcaaacatga tgctatattt     36360
     atgcaagtat ccgcagctgt atcccttcta gacattcccc aattgcagct aaggagaact     36420
     cacattgcaa gtaattagag atctgaactg atcagaccat caaaatcact ttccacaaac     36480
     tgccacaatg aattaaagga acaactaatt cattcattaa tgaagtaact ctttattagg     36540
     tgcacctaaa aatgcctgtt gatatcatat atgtttaaaa gagatgaggt ggtaacactt     36600
     tacaattaga ttgtagtagt taatgtattt agtgacaaga acaaacaacg aacaatacac     36660
     ttattacagt gtttgttcat gttaactcac agtgcatgtt aacaagcatg acgttgaatg     36720
     ttaataatgc attagtaaat gttaaaatgt gattaatgaa tgatctacaa atatagttca     36780
     ttattagttc atgtttgtaa ataaataggc tacattaaat aataaaacct ttttgtaaaa     36840
     tctgactgat gaggttatca gttttaacgg acctttaact aatggcgatg aactgtttgc     36900
     atctgtagtt gagactcacc aacatcatag acgttcctgc tggcagtggt gagggttgtg     36960
     ctggtgctgg agcagaaggt caggtctctg tgagcgggag acttcatctc cacataactg     37020
     ctctccgtgt gcttgcaggc caggctggga ggatctcgga tggtggcgta cgggttctca     37080
     ctattgaggg aacacgagct ggagctacac atcgaggcct ttatgtaatc tgcacacatt     37140
     acagaacaga tattactcag atattcatat ttcatcgcaa tgcaatcaac gcacatcatc     37200
     ctgcgggaga ggaaacagac taaatctgta ataaatgcta ttatttttta caaagaaaga     37260
     tgaaaattaa gttatgctcc agacaatctg tagtcaaagt tgcaaaatat gcacttttcc     37320
     attatgttac tgtttagaga gagcatccca ggagggaatg aaatcctgtt agactgcact     37380
     gttaaatctt gtttcagtag ttaagatcta atgtagctga agaagagttt ctgtcgagag     37440
     agtgaaagat agacagtcac tttaatatct atgtacatca tccagaaata cacataaata     37500
     gattgaagac acacacaacg ggctatttat gaatctgcta ctaagaatga ggaacctgca     37560
     catccaggtc agtgagatca ctgtgaatgt caatgcactt aattcacaaa gcagaggcgg     37620
     aaatgtatgt atgccacttt ccatgcatca acatttgtca tctataaaaa cacacttgat     37680
     gagaaaatgt gtaagtaaga tctaagttaa atgcattcac tgcaaaaaat gcttttcaaa     37740
     tctaaaggtt ttgtcttgtt tctagtccaa atatcaacaa attcttaaat caagaagcat     37800
     tttttagaca agttaaaatt attgtcttga tttaagaaat aacgtcaaaa ttgagtgagt     37860
     ttttccttta aacaggaaaa ataatctgca aatggggtat gaaaattttt tttgttttcg     37920
     atttaaaaga agattatttt gcttgaaaga tgaaaagtta gaaaaacagt ttttttgcag     37980
     ggtttaactt atatatggat ttaatcgaac ctcttaaaat catcatatga ttcataatta     38040
     ttaataatta acaattaata attaaaaatt aaacatttat tctggtataa gttcactttt     38100
     aggaaaaact aactttcaaa gtttgttcat ttagtagtta ttcaattggt tgatttgctc     38160
     tatatgtttt taacatattt ttaaacaaaa tactaactta tttaataact catttctttt     38220
     gtctttgcca tggtaactgg acttagtatt tgactacttt cattgcaaga tactagtaat     38280
     ctgcttaaag tgcaatgtaa aggtgctgta tgtaggtttt tgacttatct aaagcataaa     38340
     aataccataa tatgtttgca gaaatttaag aaacacgcta agtgaaaatt cttgtttctg     38400
     aaaaaaatgc tgaagtcagt tattctgctt tgaaaattgt ctatttacgc gccaaatgcc     38460
     actttaccca attatatttc accaccccag gttgccttgt tggaaaacag catatttcat     38520
     tcattcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attcattcat tcatttataa aggctctgcc     38580
     cgtggcccaa atgaccgaaa cctctttatt atttatttat ttattttctt atttatttat     38640
     tactttttta ttgtttattt agctttttca atggtaagtt ataggctgtt aagggggaaa     38700
     gggtttattt gattttatat ttaacaacat aattataaaa tgaaagttgt aattaatatt     38760
     ccatgtagaa aacctaataa aagaaatttt caatagtaat aaaaaaagat cttaaggagg     38820
     aaattaatat ggacttttaa aaacggatca agccaaatta aaagaaatta ctttctccag     38880
     aggaaaaagt ataatattaa attctgtgaa aatgtccttg ctctgttaaa catcacttag     38940
     gaaatatttg aaaagaattc aaatttcaca gagggcgaag tttaccttta actgtatcaa     39000
     aatctctcca ttataccatt tccccccctc acgaatctct ctattaaatt catattttct     39060
     ataggatgat ttaaatataa tatttgtgca tatacgttag attaatcagt tctaaagcca     39120
     aatctggagc taatctatca aaactactga agaaaatggt ctaaaaacta gtagcctaaa     39180
     tttatgtttt agggaaaaat attaaataaa aaatgtaaga aaaaaaggaa aaatcaagag     39240
     aaacaaatat atatataaga ttttgttgaa atttcacatg catttaaatg tgctatcttt     39300
     ctatttctaa agacgtttgg tgacttaaat attacttcaa aaataatatg accaattctc     39360
     acagaaaaat caatcaaaat attcattatt aaaatgggga gtactcaatt atgctgagca     39420
     ctgtatattt tttcaagaca ctaaaaataa agccaaaata catgactgta ctgggaaaaa     39480
     ggggacaaca ggtcacccta gaaaagaagc tcttgtgtat attttggtat ccgcatgttc     39540
     catgagtgta tgtccactat aatcattacc tttggccatt cgggtggttt tgttgtccct     39600
     cagtgtaagc gtgtctcctc ttgatactcc taatgaggca caacaacaca cattctgagt     39660
     aattcatgac tcaacaatat tataaatagc acatgataaa tgtaggttac agtaatgctc     39720
     tgcggaaacg taacaataac agagggaagg ggacaaataa actgcacttt caagccaaga     39780
     caaaatcata taatcacaac aaaacatttc attttgatgt ccagagtcca tgacaattta     39840
     aattcgcaaa agtcatttta tatacacaaa gatcaagttt tctggttaat taattaattt     39900
     tacaccgatt ctaaatcaca ataaatctac actacctgac aaatgtcttg tcatcaatcc     39960
     cagttgcaaa agcaaataat aacttgtatt ctaggttatt gtttggaaaa gtggcagaag     40020
     gtagattttt ctgatgaatc atctgttgaa ctgcatccca atcatcacaa atactacaga     40080
     agacctattg gaacccacat ggacccaaga ttctcacaaa aatcagtcaa gtttggtgaa     40140
     ggaaaaatcc tggtttggga ttacattcag tatggcggca tgtgaaagat ctgcagagtc     40200
     gatggcaaca ttaaccgcct gagatttcaa gacatttgct gcccattaca ttacaaacca     40260
     caagagaggg caaattcttc agcaggatag aactccttct tatacttcat ccacatcaaa     40320
     gtttttgaaa gcaaagaggg tcaatgtcct ccaggaaggc cagcccagtc accagacatg     40380
     aacattattg aacatgtgtg aggattatta tttttttgat tgttggatag gccacaagac     40440
     ttgtcaggta gtgtgtataa cagtcattat tattcttgta atgtaccaga acaaaaatta     40500
     cagttggtac acttttaaca gtaaaaaaaa acctattgca cttaaaaaca actgctttga     40560
     catttaatta tttttaaaaa cataatatca tattcagaat tttcaggcgt tttagataat     40620
     cctttagatt ttgtgactgt atatttagat atctttagat tttttcttct gtatattaaa     40680
     aataataata atatttatgt aaaatccatc ataaacattt ttagaatcat ttcatttttc     40740
     atttgctgtc atttctttca acccaaaatt acatacactc aaaaatatat attttttgct     40800
     tgttcaaact acttattaaa attgagctaa aacaacacaa tttctgagat ttcattgcga     40860
     ctacttaatt ttttatgttt aattcacata aatttgttaa aagtgttgtt aacttaatca     40920
     attagtgttg ggacaacatg aatgaattgt gtggaactgc attttctcca gtgtacagac     40980
     aaacccaacc attgaagtaa aataatgtaa tttaaaataa tgaaaaaacg gttgggttta     41040
     attgatccaa attatatgga aaatgaaaca gccaaacatt ttttaaagtg tacatttaat     41100
     ccagcatcat gctttttctt atttctgcaa ttgcgctttg ccctcagagc atatggagtc     41160
     ccttggggat ctgctctcga aaccaattct tcgctggttt actattacct ctctacaaac     41220
     tgttgtttca ggtatctatt cccgccttct tgaggctaac caaaagctat tctcaatacc     41280
     aatgatttgg gctagtgaat tatctgaggg ccagattgat tgggagacgg tttgggaaaa     41340
     catattttgt tcttcaaaaa atccaaatca ccaattatta attatttaat taatttattt     41400
     tttttagagg agtggatctt gttttgtttt tttgaaagaa aattgtaaag atgctgtgac     41460
     ccacccacat gtaaaatcaa taaaaacgta atcacaaaaa agtgtaaatt aaatcaaccg     41520
     atacataaat aaacaaacaa acaaaacaaa tataaaggag gaaaagtaaa tattgaacaa     41580
     gtcatgtttt tgcctgggaa tgacatttct aaaggagctg tgtacatgga attgaaacag     41640
     attttggtaa aagctctaac aaaacagaaa aaaatctgaa aaatttgtta catgtaatga     41700
     caatggaatg acacaaggag aaagtactga actgaaatgt attttatgct ttatataaaa     41760
     ggctttttta atgatggcag cttaattaca tctctcaaat ggagaataaa gtcacatgaa     41820
     ttgctcaggt gtgatttcgt aaaattaact tgatgttttg tggctctcat ctatcaaatc     41880
     tgatctttaa tttgtatttt ctattggatt taagtcaggt gattggctgg gccattctac     41940
     agcttgattt tctttctctg aaaccattcg agagttttct tggctgtgtt ttggatcatt     42000
     gtcttgctga aatgttcact ttagttttag ctttatcatt ctggtaatgt aaatattgga     42060
     ctgaagcagt taatattaaa ttactatgac gaagggcaaa gggttgccaa ataacttcta     42120
     agggatttca gctgctgtct gggctttccc tgcctttcta caccttcctt tcttcatgtg     42180
     ttcaatactt tttccctgca tcatttcatt ttaatatgca tagttttgtt tctttgcata     42240
     tatgaatttc tttggttgtt accaacattt agggaaaatt tcaaatcaaa ggcaccttta     42300
     gaaatatatt ttcagagaaa aatgccgatg tgttcaatac ttatttacat cactgtatat     42360
     ttacatcact gtatatctca aaactttgat aaactaggaa gacccacaac atattattac     42420
     tacagggtat gtgtggatta tttggctttg gaagattgtc actgcaactg gcccacaaat     42480
     gccacaaaac agagaaaagt aggaaggaaa gccagatgaa ttccaaagtc caagtgaatt     42540
     atgacagcac aggaatcttt ccatcaaaca cctactgtat aagagtgaaa gcaacaccca     42600
     gcctagtcaa tcatatgagt attctgagtt aaactttaac caaatcacat ctctaaatca     42660
     cgtttctcag ctgaccagcc agagatactg acatgccttc acggtgacgt caagatgtta     42720
     taaacaaata aatggaaatg ccaaaccagt gtactctgat aaagctggtg caatattcat     42780
     tctcactgtt tctgtgattt atctccatgc tgtgatatca gtagatctac agtacgtgtt     42840
     cattctttaa atgggctttt cttctataca aatgtggcac tgtttagtct gtttaaagaa     42900
     aaggacagct tgtgcttgga tgattggaaa tcaaatccgt cctcgtttac tttaacacag     42960
     tcttatagtg aaagattaat caagactgtg acctttttat ctttgtaatc ttcatcaaaa     43020
     tgtaacaact tttggctcag tctttgagat atctctcata tattaaacag ctgtcatctg     43080
     gctaagtccc aagcacactt cacttttaat gcgtatatta tggtctgtgt atcaaattta     43140
     tcagaccagt attcatgcac ttatggatgg tgattgtgat tttctttaaa tgaaacatat     43200
     aaaattggat tattacagac agcaacaaca caatccaata aagttgcctt atttgaggct     43260
     atatttgcat atttaatgca atgcatgttg ggatgcacgc ataaaaacat aagacatgtt     43320
     tttttcatga aggatattat aatgatatac tactatttgc aaatgttatt tcattttacc     43380
     ataaaaattc tgtgtctgta tgatcaaatt atgcatgtct acaaatatta aagggttagt     43440
     tcacccaaaa ttgaaaatac tgtttttaat taccctcacg ttgtaacaat ccacggaaat     43500
     gtatatattt agactcgatc tgagagctct ctcatcttcc ataaacagca acagtcatga     43560
     gatgtttaaa gtccagaaaa gaaacaacaa aaacattcca tgtgacttca gtggtttaac     43620
     tgcaatcata taaagctaca agaacacttc tatgtgtcaa aatgttttta aaactacttt     43680
     gttcacctgt tttcccagtc agattggggt ttgttcttac tatgggtaat tcaacattta     43740
     caagctacta ttgactgtag taaacacaca tcatgccctg aagagaagac aaagacaaac     43800
     taagttgctt taatagtttt tgacacacag aaataattct tgaagcgtcg tatgattaca     43860
     gatgaaccac tgaagctata tggaatgttt tgacaatatt tttgattaat tttctagaat     43920
     ttaaaattct agtgactgtt ggtgttaatg gatgattcaa gagttcacac ctagctgatg     43980
     attgattata aagcttgttt gtcatgctgt cccgagagag agccctcagt atataagacc     44040
     ctggaaaccc gggctccctc ctgttcgcag ggtgagaagg gagtttaagc tcatgaagat     44100
     tgttgtgata tggaacttat agggtactta tagtggctga ggaatcgtct gattggtgaa     44160
     tcacacatgg gatacgggat gcgggaccag cagcaagcaa tcataagcat gtcatcctct     44220
     tgaaattagt ttataaataa actttactca gagagcttcc agatttcatc taaaatatca     44280
     tagtttgtgc tttgcatatg aatgaagaac tcaggggttt gtaataatat gagagtaatt     44340
     aataatagaa ttggacattt ttggggtgaa acctttaagc tacatcttaa aacaaattgc     44400
     tacctaataa aatagtgttc aaggtgacaa caaattcaca cattctgttt aaagaaagca     44460
     aaaaatgtgc agcatcgggt actgcaggga aggagaccaa acattttttt atactgtatg     44520
     tcaatgaaag acaagcttaa aatctatgta aaattaaact cactgaaaaa atgtgtcaaa     44580
     ttacaatgac tatgtttaca tgatcatcag taattgaatt atgtgcctta ttctgaataa     44640
     gatgatatat gattaaggtg tttacatgat ttgcttttta aatgttcctt tcatgatcct     44700
     gttttacgtg ttatagcaca taattcaatt aatgtcattg catcacccac actatccaca     44760
     tttcctccgg agtttcatgt agttttgggt gtttcatttt taaattgtcg actttagctt     44820
     tagcttggca ctttcgcttt catttaggaa cctattatgc atgtcccccg tgacaaacgt     44880
     aaggaacccc ggaggggacg tagtggagga gaaaaaaatt ggctgggtga aaaaaaaaaa     44940
     aaaaaaaaaa tgggtgaaag aaaaaaaatg ggtgggttcc aaccatctct cgcaaaactg     45000
     tttctccaca aacacttcct gttcacttca ctcatgtaaa ccctcccgtt tttgccgaaa     45060
     ctctcccata ttttaccatt ctaccccact tacattaaat ctatgcgtcg atcgtcgcct     45120
     ttcactttgc aacctctgaa ccagcgaatg catgtataag cgctgactga cagacgcgct     45180
     ccgtacaatc aactcacttg tttgataaca ggagtgtctc tttgaatggc gcgtacagac     45240
     gctgatctgg gatcagttta ttgtatggag cgcgtctgtc agtcagcgct tatacatgca     45300
     ttcactggtt cagaggtagc atatgaatgg caacaatttt gcacagtaat gtaaagaaag     45360
     tggggtagaa tggtaaaata cgggataatt tcggcaaaaa cgggagggtt aacgtgagtg     45420
     aagtgaacag gaagtgtttg tgaagaaaca gttttgcgag ggaacgcaaa acatctttgc     45480
     gagataacac aaaacttagc gagggaacgc aaaacatctt tgcgagataa cgcaaaactt     45540
     tgcgagggaa cgcaaaacat atttgcgagg gaacgcaaaa ctttgcgaga gaacgcaaaa     45600
     acttagaaat atatattttc ctccctccca tttttttctt tcacccataa attttttttt     45660
     tcacccagcc aatttttttc tcctccacta cctcccttcc ggggttccgt acaaacgaga     45720
     tattggttgc ctgtataaac tgctggaaga gtgttgtttt aaaggaattt gatagcacac     45780
     gccgtatggg caaaaaaacc tacgcatttc atgatgcagg tgtctgtggt ccttcactga     45840
     ctcggtagga gcagagaata gtgccaaaca gccgtgtgta tagactatcc tgtcgcaaaa     45900
     tgcagcaaaa atccttcatg aaggtaatag tttgattgca gtgtttacat gtctgtactg     45960
     cacttcaata atgcaaataa cataggcatg ctccatgtct taatttgatt tctgtttagt     46020
     tcgattatga ctgtagtcaa attaaggtaa tcaaaaatcg ctgtttacat ggtaaactct     46080
     taatcagtat attgtcttaa tcatattaaa atcatattat tggtgtccat gtaaatgtac     46140
     tcaatgtttt attggtaaca ctttacaata aggttcataa attaatgcat tcactaacat     46200
     gaactaatca tgaacaacac atgtacagca tttattaatc ataattgaac atttactaat     46260
     gcattattaa catccaagtc catgcttgtt aacattagtt aatgcaccat gagttaacat     46320
     gaactaacaa tgatctactg tattttcatt aactaatgtt aactaacatg aacaaataca     46380
     gtagtagatg tattgttcat tgtttgttca tgttagtaaa tgcattaatt aacattaact     46440
     aatgaacctt attgtagagt gtgaccgttt tgttttgttt ataccacaca ttgtaattct     46500
     ttaggtgaac aattcatcca tacaagttaa tctactaaaa attgttaatg tttggagtgg     46560
     tgtcacttct ctgacgtcag tttgatgatt tcagtcacaa tattcttaac cacgcccctc     46620
     tttccagtat tttgctatga gggaatgatg cttaataaga aagccccgcc ccctactcag     46680
     tattcccttt cagctgaatg tacaacaaca cactgttttt atactgtaat ttaaagtcag     46740
     caaacttaca gaatttacta tgctaaaaaa atggacacct tacgatttta tgaatttaca     46800
     accccggcta atcttctctc attcagtggt atcctacaaa cagttacagt tgcacaattt     46860
     gaaataaatt gtattatttc ttgtctgttt tgcaaaatgc ggcaacactg acttatacta     46920
     gtgtgatggg attaaaaact gttcattcac ccaaaggaat ctacttataa aggctatgta     46980
     tgtattcgac tgtgtgtatt tgttgggctt tgacactata actctttgac cagaattcag     47040
     cgaaacttcc tataacaagg tgaaatcact ttgaacttgt ggtcactggt ccctatttca     47100
     cttcctccat gggcttgata agcatgatgg aaatacccaa cctcgaactc gagtctccga     47160
     ggtctcgtat gcttcgccga agctttatca gcagacctgc aggtagacat aatggggtga     47220
     agcgccgtgg gacggggagt cagagaggta atgaactctc tctgagtgac cttgggtaat     47280
     ataggcaaag gctgaccttc cgccatgtgc gggtgccacc taaagtaggg gcttattaaa     47340
     aaacacagca ggcgaaggtc ttgctccggt gccagaagca ccgtctggtg ttcaccgcag     47400
     cccccaggaa tgagtaagta gtttaattct ctggcgcttc aatgaaaaac aaaggtctta     47460
     tttgttttgt ggaataggct gagcgaagaa gagaatgatg tatttgatcc atttcaaatt     47520
     gcatgagtaa cttttcaggc tctgtctgac aggaacagat ggaagatggt ttaaatagag     47580
     ggtgagataa gaaattaagt gaggacactg acccaggtca ttgagattgc agtatgctct     47640
     ccattctgag ctgttcctgt cgcctttcta gaggggaaaa ccagacaaaa ataaacatca     47700
     aagacaccat tgaaagaaga acatattttg atacgctacg cattagcagt ttttatgatg     47760
     taaacaactt gcaacagcat gcattatgca tttaagacca actaaagtga atttatctct     47820
     aggtgtaaat atataaatta tgttcttaag aatctttttc attattaaga cagtattatt     47880
     gttattgact caccatttgg tcctgtctaa cataaagtaa tgtttaaaat ttttgggctc     47940
     tgagtttaaa aaaaaggtgt tttaaaggtt ttatgctcac ctaggctgca tttatttgat     48000
     ggaaaattca gtagaaactg taatattgtg aaatattact acaactcaaa atgacagttt     48060
     ttatttttag atatttaaaa atatatacaa tttcatagtt ttgtattttt gtgaaaaata     48120
     tttcaaaatt atttgatgaa aaaatataag aataaatagc aataaatggt ttgaagaaat     48180
     gataacaata taggtaacaa tacaaatgtc tttattgcca cttgtaatga atttaatgca     48240
     tccttcttaa acaaattcat taatttattc attcattaat tttccttcgg cttagttcat     48300
     tcttcatcag gggtcgccac agcggaatga actgctaact tatctagcat atgttttaca     48360
     cagggaatgc ccttccagct gcaacccaga aaggtccata cacactcatt cacacacata     48420
     cactattgcc aatttagttt atttaattca cctataccgc aatgtctttt gactgtgggg     48480
     gaaactggag cacctggagg aaacccatgc aaacacagaa atgtcaactg aacaagccag     48540
     gactcgaacc agccgcattc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc taaccactga gccaccgtgt     48600
     caccacaaat gtagtattaa aataaataaa taaataaata ttctggggac caaggattcc     48660
     caggaagatg caatagaggg ctgggggtcg atgggaatgt ttaaaaaaaa aagcaataat     48720
     ttcaataaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcaataat ataaacacaa cattagtata aaaaaaaatc     48780
     aacaaataag cacatgtgta atttaataga ccatttaaaa attatacaat gattacaata     48840
     taaaaatatg attaggattc aagtaaatat tcaaaaattg tattaaaata aataaatgca     48900
     aatactattt aattgaaaat gaaataacaa taaaatactg ttgtaatgag caggattaaa     48960
     actatggatt aaaattaaaa tattttacaa acattatttt aaaccatttt ataatttgta     49020
     ctatggatat attggcgggc atatcgttat ctgccgataa atgctatttt taatatttaa     49080
     tgggcggaac ttgtccagtg cactataatg gagctttcct tacattgttt attccttcca     49140
     agttcattct ttctttgtaa tgtattgctg tgcattaata actcagtaag taaccagtaa     49200
     gtaaccttat cattgtagat atgtttgata gagtgtcatt gtgtattttg gtttaaacct     49260
     tgtcaggaaa acattacatg cgtaaacata atagcagtaa tacaaatgtg ctaaacaact     49320
     tgttgggttg tttgtaatct aatatgatta tttattatta tcaacgcata gactaccatg     49380
     tgttgttgat gtaagattgt actcagtttg atcagcatat taaaattatt acaacgagcg     49440
     cacgcatatc tgatctgaca gccttcacag tagcacgcgg cagaggtgtg ccagtaactg     49500
     aatccagcat aggcgttctc aactcactgc aacattctgt ctttataata tgctctgtat     49560
     ttttcaaaaa gtcatctgtg ctcagtgatc aggtgctgta tcaaaatctg actcagaggg     49620
     caaatgtgac tccgtgtcgt atgtgtacgc atcacgcagc gcctgtagtt gagtgaaact     49680
     cacagcggtt tatcataaac tttcattgat cgtttttcct gcaatcgaca gcaaggagga     49740
     acatagaggc gtagtctgac tgatgccaaa taggatgaat ctatgccgca ttttctaaaa     49800
     tgtactatct gtatttagct tttcacttgt acgatgactc tgaacagtca aacacctccc     49860
     aaaatgtttt tcgcacatga catatttgta catatgtaca tgactgtaac acgttgtatt     49920
     tatgaacatt tcggctggtt ttagtcctta gctcgttaat tttcatttta tttaaatata     49980
     tttaacttgc ttgttaatta aatccctttt ttggtattta acctattatt cttatgcaac     50040
     agtcaagctg catgttaatt tgctatgaag aaaaggaaat catttatttt tatataattt     50100
     ttatatattt aatcaccttg caattttgaa attattgctt ttttatgctt tgagtaggct     50160
     gttcagttca tttgatcaga tttgaagact tttatgaagt ttttgaaata aaatcagttt     50220
     ttttactgta gaaaaataga acatttaaaa ttatttatat ttactgacct atatactgta     50280
     tcgactattg gcctccaaat ctgaagagtt atcggttatt gatattggcc aaaaaaccca     50340
     tattggtgca tccttaattt gtactttaca caagattaat tagatctata tgcaataaac     50400
     tattttatca ttttagaata ggggtctctc acatgaagat gagaatattt ggcagtcagt     50460
     agcacctaaa agattgaacc accacctagc attttaatgg gacttcataa atgtatattc     50520
     aaatccagaa cattagcatt attatttcac aactatattt ccaaatttgg atcattattc     50580
     cttcttgatg caaattaatt ctaaatctgc tgttcagcaa ataagtctat gcatacaaag     50640
     aagtgaatat actaagtttg tgcttgtttc tgatattcta ggcagctact ccagttataa     50700
     aatattgctt gaaagaacgc tgtttttcaa tattactcat cggccgacca gacattggag     50760
     tagctattca cctagtgtgc tcaccttcag agtgagagtg ccatccaggt tgttagttat     50820
     ggaggatgag atgttgcact gtgccacagt gtggtagctg ggattggaga agcactggcc     50880
     actgctgctg ctctgagacg tttctgaagg agagagagag acagcagtgt tcataacgtc     50940
     agcatatcaa agtgcgcaag tacaactcca attctagaag tacaacttga gattaataaa     51000
     aatctgtgat ctgtgatttg tgatttgtta ctcctcttta acggtccctt gaagtgcttt     51060
     gaaatgttaa tttgacataa tttcaactga aacatgaaac agggtgggac atatattgtg     51120
     gtagcccctt ccctttaaaa aaacaaaaca aaacaaaaaa acagcaaaca gcatttcatt     51180
     tttgaacagc tctgcaagag agatcaagtg catgaaatga gatgcaactt aaagagggca     51240
     ggacatgtca gatactagag agcatttgat tggtcaaaga cttgatgagg aactaaagta     51300
     tgaagtgacg ccaaaataat agttcaagtg acaaactgca agctttgggt ttcatttcac     51360
     tttatttatt tatttataaa gcacaaaaaa gctaaaaaga atgtcataaa aataatataa     51420
     tgtgatgtga taaaaataaa catcataata aatacaaatc actcaggttt atattttctg     51480
     aatttaaatt ttgtcattgt tttggaaaac actagcttat agatatcctt aaaaataatt     51540
     tacagatact aacatctaaa aaactcagtt gcataagatc tttaagcttt acgtatttga     51600
     caaaaatcaa tggaaagggt ttttcttttg tggtaaatat gtgggaatag tatgtttaaa     51660
     ggtacagttt gtaagattga ctcccactgg ctgaactagg tattgcagtc caaaatcaga     51720
     acactttttc acccagcccc acctcaaaca acacgcaaac gcaggttgcc atattggtgt     51780
     tgctaaggtc gaagaggata aggggcttag ccccaaagaa gtgtgattta ttttaaagtg     51840
     tgagttgtta accaatgtga tacaaagcta caaacatttt cattttacag agtgattaac     51900
     taaagtagtg ttgtcaagat actggaattt ctaaattcaa taccttgtaa aatattatta     51960
     tttattaggc tactatttgg gataataaca attgtttcaa aaaaagtaca aaaaatgtaa     52020
     ataaagatct atatgctagt aatatgtata tgtgtacttc aaatttcttt agagggagac     52080
     ttttcagttt tcctcaaaat agggtgatgt gggcattgta gcactttaaa tggatgtaat     52140
     gcctgtttca ttcatacgtg agcagaaatt ccatatatgc cttagaaaag tagtagaaca     52200
     ttgaagggaa tacgggatga agtcatcaag ctattgctgt ggttgaatga aaataatatc     52260
     tgaataaaca taaaaaggct ttaactgatc acttacacga ctgcgacaat aaatggttta     52320
     tatgtgttct tccacccatc ttaggtattt tcataagaaa gtcgatttat aattcgatgc     52380
     taactgacat agcatgttac agtagaatat agctaaaaaa taatatgcat gaactcactg     52440
     tgatttaaat attacagaaa caaatgtgac tggctatatc atatcttgat aaacatgtct     52500
     agatatctat atcatatcta gaaagcccaa tttacgtttt tctgactaat ttgcatgtat     52560
     ttacatttat atgacgcaga ttttattgat tgaagttttt ttatttcacc aaaactacac     52620
     acattttata ctgtgaaaac aaatgtgcaa catattccaa aagatcaggg gtgtttttga     52680
     caatacatca ggggcttaaa taatattcat agatattcct gttttgcgca tacatttaat     52740
     ttggtttgtt tggttgtgag agatgtgatt tgcagactga gacaaagttg tcagtgattc     52800
     ttcctattgt aaagtcatgc agtgtgaaac cccttgacac cattccatct tgcagtgtaa     52860
     acaaaacaga gacgaaaagc ttccccagat agtcgtgcag tctaaactct gaagtttaat     52920
     ggactgacat tcataacact taatggaact aatcaagtct tttaaagcca catcatcaaa     52980
     agtagcatct atggcattat aataactata aatatgcagt attttaacct gattaaaata     53040
     tgaatgacat atttcagcat acgaaaagtg tgttagcacc atgtaaactc tatttcactg     53100
     ctggattgac tgcttttact gtcagttact gaataaacaa acatgcgcta cacactgtat     53160
     aagtcatgct agtaaacaca ctcaagaaac ctgggaagtt gttcttcaat atttaatgat     53220
     tagtctcacc agaaagagag tagtcagtgt tggtgacacg cagagctggg gtgtatgaaa     53280
     cactgggcat ttcctgtcct ttgtctctct gtctctgcct gaaccaaaca aacaagctga     53340
     gcatggccat gatgatcagg agcaggaaga tgatgcccat gacggcgcct gcggactggc     53400
     gttctgaacc cagagcgggg ctgatcttag tgtacgggtt gagttcctcc atcactagag     53460
     ccgctggaac agaggacatg aatatgatga aagcaagtag agcagatcag agcacttgat     53520
     tcccacaaga acatgtgcaa gagagttttg atacaaggta atctctagtt tgatgcatgg     53580
     cagcaaacac tacaaggagt gcagtaaata agattttcat atttcacaaa gaagatttag     53640
     gggccggacc atgcagtggt tatcaaagta ttattatgca gatactaatg gtctgagtgg     53700
     ttgctagtgt gtttgtgtct ggttgctacg ggtctgtttt ttgttatgta gttgctaccc     53760
     ttgtagcaaa gaattctggc ccagatttgg caaaaagctg gcacagcagg cattcatccg     53820
     gcactggcat acagcatgtg ggccaaacat ggccggggtt tggcagaggt tgcaccgttt     53880
     ttaaggcgga acaagagatt tgggccagat gaaaaacgta gtatttggcc cagatttaaa     53940
     aatttgataa gtgggccatg tgagtttggc cagtcttgac ccacatttaa aatacactaa     54000
     aatcattttt gagtaaagaa aaaaaattct accaatcagg tcactttgag aaaaagcgtg     54060
     cccatagtgt gcctaaagcg catcactcca tgggtttatc aatttcattg caaccgtgac     54120
     acaccaacct atctggccca gttcaggccc agttatgagt tattaacttg gctgagactt     54180
     ggctaagata tggtctgtgt ttggctcttg tctggaagcc agatttggtc cagtcatgta     54240
     ccttaattca ctgcggcatg tgggccaagc aaaacctgat tgtgtgggcc agagctgggc     54300
     cagagaaatt ttgctatgtg ggtagggtgt tctatgtagt tgctaacaag tgttgagtgc     54360
     cttatcagat ggattctttt gttctgttta ttgtatgatt aaatttgttg aatattcact     54420
     ggtttccgtc tctttcttct atgaatgagt gtgagtttga gctatttcta aagtagcatt     54480
     gcacacattt ccagcataaa cccaaaacac tgccaaagaa actcaacaca tatatgtttg     54540
     ttctatatca ctgcaaaggg gcaagggtga tgacaagtgc attctctgtg tttttacatg     54600
     tggttgctaa gcatatgtgt tgtgtaagca ctgcctgtgt gttccacatg gttgctaaga     54660
     tcctgtatag tagctaggat gttctacatg gttgctaagg gtccaagtgg ttgctagggt     54720
     gttttatggg gttgctaagg gtctaagtgg tagctaggat gctcagtgtg gttgttaggg     54780
     gattctaatt ggttgcctaa ggtttgagtg gttgcaaggg ttttctattt ggttgctact     54840
     atgtagttgc taagagtctg ccatggtgtt ctgtgcggtt gctaaggaga ttgattgtag     54900
     gtgcatttct gtgtaatttt acatgtgttt tttaaagcat ctgagtggtt gattgggcgt     54960
     tctgtgtggt tgctaaagat ctgtgtagta gctagggtgt tgtgtgtgtt tgctaagggt     55020
     ccaattgatt gctagggtgt tgtgtgtgtt tgctaagagt ccaagtgatt gctagggtgt     55080
     tctgtgtgga tgctaagggt ccaagcagtt tctatggtgt tttatgtggt tgttaagggt     55140
     ctaagaggtt gctaggatgt tcagtgtggt tgttaggggg ttctatttag ttgctaagag     55200
     ccaatgtggt tgctaaggtg ttcaatgtgg ttgctatggg ccagagtggt tgctaaggtg     55260
     ttctatgcag ttgctaagga tctgtgtagc tgctatgctg ttttgtgtag ttgctaagtg     55320
     tccaagcgat tactagggtg tgttatgtgg ttgctaaggg tctaagtggt tactaggatg     55380
     ttcagtgtgg ttgctagggg gttctatttg gttgctaaga gtcaatgtgg ttgctaaggt     55440
     gttttatgtg ttgctaaggg ctagagtggt tgctaaggtg ttctatgtag ttgctaagaa     55500
     tatatgtagt agcttgggtg ttgctaaggg tctaagtggt tgctaggatg ttcagtgagg     55560
     ttgttagggg gttctatttg gttgctaaga gtcaatgtgg ttgctaaggt gttttatgtg     55620
     gttgctaagg gctagagtgg ttgctaaggt gttctatgta gttgctaaga atatatgtag     55680
     tagcttgggt gttctgtgta attgctcagg gtacaagtgg tttctatggt gttttctgtg     55740
     gttgtttagg gtctaagtgg ttactgggat attcagtgtt ttttcttggg ggttctattt     55800
     aattgattgt ggtagctagg gtattcaatg tggttgctag gctgctcttt gtggtgggaa     55860
     agggccagag tggttgttag tgtgaaaaag aaaatatatt tttagatata aaaaaaaagt     55920
     ctgctttgaa aaaatcttca ttagaaatat tttagtttct gcagtatttt aacgaatcaa     55980
     ataaagcttg tttttacagt ttttctcagt cactttggtg caattctcac aacactattt     56040
     acatttcaac aacagttaat ggatttctta aaccaattag tcatttttgc acatcctagt     56100
     agcagtttct cattcttttc aacaaactgc aaatgctttt ggacatgcat caattgcttt     56160
     catacaactc tctgctgttt aataacatta tcacctgctt acgtcatgtc agtcaaaatt     56220
     aactaaactt gtgaatatga atagtcattg catataaaac taatagtcct catttcatta     56280
     cttgagtcat tacatacaaa aatgttgaac taattgtcaa aatctgtcaa atgtaaattt     56340
     ttataaaaaa ttttaaatct tttttttttc ctgaaaatat cttctaaatt gaacaatttc     56400
     atgaatgatt tacagacctg tgtatgttgt aggttcagtt ccaatatgta ctgcaatatt     56460
     gtttaaagtt gtgcacagtt ctgtccaaag gaagtttctg tttgtggtaa gtaagggtgt     56520
     gtttatttgc acaatgctgt gaataaatta gaattgcaaa gagcaaatgc agtaaaaatg     56580
     tgaaacatat attcagtgtc ttgtactcag ataccttact tatgcagtgg tgtctaactt     56640
     tactgtagtt ttcaaatggc tgaacaaata ttatatagtg ctgtcttgag aattttcgag     56700
     aggggtctgg ctgcagactc gttgcagtgc aatctgagct gcatccaatg ctttttaatg     56760
     cgctcaccta accccacccc tatccgtcac agtgacatca ctcactcaat tgagtgcatt     56820
     gcgtctgaca ttgcatcgct gagtgatgca atctcagctt gcatcataaa ggctgcatcc     56880
     agataatatt ggcattttta ggacatgtca ccaaaatctg actttttgca ttgaaaaaat     56940
     gtacagagta aactgtccta atgaaaacat gacaaagcca tttgactatc ttgttcataa     57000
     acaatggtgt caggactttt catcttgatg tcactgacac tttcattgac atcaatactt     57060
     gcttttgagg aatgcgttat ctattttgag caagtgacac acttttgcag gttatctact     57120
     atgttttgca gtttgtacta attgttttga gaaatgcatt aactgttgtg caaatgtaaa     57180
     tagtgttgtg aggaatgcac tatagcgact gagaaaactg acggtatgat catgttggat     57240
     aaaaatgcca gtttcacggt attgtgatga atgctctaaa agatattctt tttaaaggtc     57300
     tgggtaaaat acaaaacttt tttctttttt aagaaacatt cacagttttt cttaattgct     57360
     acagacaatt tagcttaccc aatttaccta taccgcatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaac     57420
     cacagcaccc ggaggaaacc cacgcaaaca cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa     57480
     tgccaatgtc tcagccaagg ctcgaaccag caaccttctt gatgtgtggc aacagtgcta     57540
     accactgtgc caccgtgaca cctatgtgag catatttact gtacaaaact tatcagagaa     57600
     ctacgaggac aaataaataa aataagtaaa ataaaatgtt caactaatca agattttatt     57660
     tttaggccaa atcgcagagc cctaattgtt ataatgttac tatgtggttt ctagagcttt     57720
     gctaagtgtt taactgcagt ctcaattcta gaacatatca gattctcttg ttcatacacc     57780
     aaagggattt aaacctatgg gatttttctt cacttttctt agtcttcttt tcttcacccc     57840
     agataaagaa agagaaagtc accctggtca cagcggatgc ctttgtatcc cgggctgcag     57900
     tagcaggttc cagtcacata gtcgcaggtg gcgttgttca tacattcaca cagctgctga     57960
     cagccatagc caaatgtccc gggaggacac tctgaacaaa aacacataca aaaaacaaac     58020
     aaacacacaa ttaaccaaac gcccctggcc tgtgtaacac cgtgtaaaac aagcactcag     58080
     acacatgttg tgagatggtg gatggggaca gcactcacac acaaacatca tcaatcacca     58140
     ccacaatcat catcatcatc attggggcag ctaaatgtct ctttctactt gacattctca     58200
     caaccccctg atacaagacc cacaatctta aaaagtctac aacactcact ctgttcacag     58260
     ttggtcccaa taaagccagt ccgacaggca cactggccag tgatatgatc acagtcagct     58320
     ccattttgac agcggcacac ctctgcacag tctcgcccat aaaaccctga gggacagcct     58380
     gaaggaaaga gatatcctgc tacatcacat taacctacaa cagactgtcg gtgtatacac     58440
     taatggcgcc agcaacagga aacccagtgt gaaagagcca caacattcgg aaaaaaaggc     58500
     aaatggcctg aatttattgt atcatgtacc taatttaact gtattaccgt ggcagcgttt     58560
     tcttctccga agacactaat aacgatttga ggacaaacac gggtacagtt cataaataca     58620
     caaacacgca aagacagtct gggcgctaaa gataacaagg caaccggagc aaacattgca     58680
     gcaaaacaca aactgatttc atcactcctc aagaaagagt tcatatcact gccatcgtaa     58740
     aaaaaagaaa agtttcaaac agagtggcag cagaggaggg atcaagaaat gattgacgta     58800
     atgaatgaaa gatggattct gggatttttt tttatttgca ggcgtgatgc tgatggtttt     58860
     tgatttcagc cttgagcaag gtcatataat gagttaaatg actggcgtgg aaaaaatcca     58920
     aaacgtgcat ttattattaa gaaccactcc gtggcatcat aacatcatca gatttcacaa     58980
     cactcgtgtg cagttctgaa gaactaccaa cagatgtcac tgtgtcattt tctgtgagat     59040
     atggttgaga gggtgtaata gaggctcgtt tgaacattta ataactgtga atgtgtgtat     59100
     gtgtgtgtgt aagagagact cacgctgtgt gcagtagagg ccagtccagc ccaggctgca     59160
     cctgcactct ccgtcgtagg cactacattg ggctccgttg tgacagttac atgagttcaa     59220
     gcagtcgggg ccccactggc ctatgggaca aactgcggag ccagagacac cgtcaaatga     59280
     aaactaaact cccgttcaca ccaagaataa taactgtatg tgggatcaca acaatacacg     59340
     tttatttata agtgcactgc cactttaaaa taggatgaac tctgattggc tgtcaatgct     59400
     tttgatgtga tcccaatgat aatgatgttg tggtgtggcc tttccttaag agaccctttt     59460
     cacaagccta ttatggcgcg tttaacggtt ataagcatct taaatccttg aaagttttta     59520
     atatttagat aaaaaaacat atgaatttgt atttatgttt gtattatatc atctttgctt     59580
     caatgctttc taatgcagtg tctatgggac tgagagtaaa tttgtcgtta atttctcctc     59640
     tggctgccat tatccgtttt tttttttttt tttttacttt ttctgaatgt cttgataaca     59700
     ctatcatgga gtttttcttt tatatttcag caaataagat tgtaaaaaaa ttccttgttg     59760
     tactctccct tttactgcgc tctaagtttt cccacttatg acgacttccg ctactgagaa     59820
     acctggaaat gtgaaaaggg tctattaata gagaattaga gtgtttattt aaactttaca     59880
     ggtattgtta ttaatatagt tattttcctt ggtgtgaatg ggccttaaag agacagtaca     59940
     ccccaaataa aatgaaaatt ctgccataat ttactcattg ttaaaggaat agttcaccta     60000
     aaaacaaaaa ctttgtcatc acttactcac cctccacttg tactttgaat ttatttcttc     60060
     tgttgataac aatataatag atgctatact tggaaactga aaccattgac ctccactaaa     60120
     tttgttttcc aactatggaa gtcaatggtt tctggtttcc aacatctttc aaacaattct     60180
     tttggattca gcagaaaaaa caactcatga attaatatta tatctatctt atattggaca     60240
     tttaggttga gagttccttt tttttggcaa tctatccctt taagttgttc caaacctaca     60300
     tttgtttata aaatataaaa aaatattcta aaaagtactg aagaatgtaa ttaggactag     60360
     attctgattg gcttcttgaa cttttttttt ttgtccttgt tacagtgtaa ctatacaaat     60420
     aacttgcaag gaacaagatg tcaacatgac atcagattgt accccaatgt catggggatg     60480
     ttgctttttg tttggaaatg aaaaccgggt tgatgtcaga acccaatgtc caaagtctaa     60540
     cctaaaatca accaaatatc aaagtctaat gacgttacag cttgatgttg tgtggacatt     60600
     accactatgg cgtctatcag acattggatt ttggttgcca acttgacaaa taaatgttag     60660
     tatttgattt taatatgaca ttggttttcc cagtgatggg ttgcaactgg aagggctgtt     60720
     cattccactg tgtactccag gttaataaag agactaagcc gaatgaataa attaatgatg     60780
     ttggtttaag atgttggctt gagtttggat tttggtcact ttccaacaca atctgaaatc     60840
     aaccaaatat caacgttatt attggatgtc aaaatgacat tgtccttagt cgctggttag     60900
     acattgaatt ttggtcacct gacatcacaa actacatcta acctaatatt aacatcggta     60960
     acactttgtt ttgatggtcc ttttgagtat cagttgactg tctgctaaat atttgttgat     61020
     atgctccttc aactgacatt taactgacta taagaaattt tgcaagtaca tgtcaactta     61080
     cactaacccc caccctaacc ctaaccctaa ccccaatcta acagtctact tggcatgtag     61140
     atgcaatgta acttaaatta aacaaaagga ccatcaaaat aaagtgtgac cttaacgtct     61200
     aatgatgttg tgtgcctgct gggaagtata ataataatat taattaagta aatgtattta     61260
     caacatggtt aggattatgc agaggggtaa gtttagcaat atttgcatgt aatcatgcct     61320
     aatttattgt ttttagtgag tacacgtaac aaggacattg taaaataaac tacgaccata     61380
     tcttctttta agcagctcag aagacaaaat aacgcatata tatttggaac aacttgaggt     61440
     taagtaaata atgacaataa ttgtcatttt agggtgattt atctctttaa caaacgtgtg     61500
     tggtcctaat attaaaccca tatttacatg cccttgatcg acacaacaaa tatacaaaat     61560
     gatgcatttg atttaaaatc ggcatgtttt gcaaataaaa tgtggtacag ccaaaaataa     61620
     agagaaatcc cactgaaatg agcgccacag ctgcagcata atcctcttaa tttagtccag     61680
     tttaagctga aaatgccact gtttggaatt aataattgaa atccctcact tttttcaccc     61740
     acagccaatc gtcacccctt cacttacagc aaacagcgtt agattaacag ctctagaggg     61800
     gagggagaag agcgagggag cgataaattc tccgggacat tgttgctctc gtctctattt     61860
     catattgccg ctctccagcg ctgtgtaaat tattgagagt gtgctatcaa gtaatttatt     61920
     gaggaaattg ttggtctcca tcagcggtgc ttgtggggta tttggcgaag aaaaaaatgg     61980
     acgtggtcat gatttacatg gcactatgac atgaggcgtc catgaaagag aaatggatgg     62040
     gaaaatggat agggaaagag tggtgggata aagcaaaaca caaagagtgg gagaaataaa     62100
     gagggtgaaa acagaaagaa agacaaattg cttcatactc tgtgagcagt cgtctccggt     62160
     ccagcctggg aagcattggc aagagccatc aataggattg caggttccat tgttagtgca     62220
     cagacagatc tcagcgcagg ctttcccaaa ttttccactg ggacacactg acggacacaa     62280
     acacacaaga cagaacaatc attctttcga tggtaatcac acaatatcgg taggacgtaa     62340
     gaatgtattt actccctatg ctgatcataa tgcatagtaa tgttattgtg ttgagtcaaa     62400
     tatttgcatt tgaaattaca gatacttcag aaatagctgt ggttgctcag tgaaatgaag     62460
     gtgaagtgtg tcagcagtgt aactaaacaa ttcatgattg aaacgatgaa aaaaatatta     62520
     atgtttctca aactctactt cagcctcatt cctgcctgac atggttttaa aaaagaataa     62580
     ggttgaattt tagacaaatc attcaatcaa tcaatcaatg taccaaccaa tcaatgtatc     62640
     aaccaatcaa tcagtcagtc tgtctgtcta tttataatat ctattaataa tctgtctgtc     62700
     tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcag tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc     62760
     aatcaatcaa tcaatcaatc aatcaatcaa tcaatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     62820
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     62880
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc taaataataa atcttaaata     62940
     atattttatt ttacatttct ctgtaacttt tcacaatttg cttaacagca ggtaactctt     63000
     gctctaaacc ctagttaact aaacatttcg caattgtaac tattttttat ttatttatta     63060
     attttttttt tttacctagg gttttataac ttgctgtgaa cttgctgtaa accctgatat     63120
     tgtgatgcca aatatgcagc atcgagcaat gcagtgtcac aatgttacag ctagatgctt     63180
     agcaaccaac agcaaatccc ataccttata ttcacttgct ttgaaaaact ctgtgcattg     63240
     aatataaaca gtcatatcag cattcaaagg gagatatgtg tactatttgc atttgcacaa     63300
     gttaatgcat ttctcaaaac aattagtaca aactgcaaaa cctagttgat aacctgcaaa     63360
     agcttattcc tttaaagcaa gcattgatgt caatgaaagt gtcagtgtca tcaagataaa     63420
     aagttctgac accattgttt atgaacacaa tagtcaaatg gctttgtcgt gttttcatta     63480
     ggacagttta ctccgtacat tttttccaat gcaaaaagtc agattttggt aatacttcct     63540
     gaaaattctc aagacagcaa tatatactat ttgctcagcc atttgaaaac tacagtaaaa     63600
     ttagacatta ctgcatttag tgaggtatct gagtacaaga cactgaatat atatgtttca     63660
     tatttttact gcatttgctc tttgcaattg taatttattc acagcattgt gcaaataaac     63720
     acatatttac aacaaacaga aacttatttt gtgtagagct gtgcacaact gtaaacaata     63780
     ttgcagtaca tattggaact gaactttcaa cacacaggtc tgtaaatcat tcatgaaatt     63840
     gttcaattta gaagatattt tcaggaaaaa aaaagattta aagattttta taaaatttac     63900
     atttgacaga ttttgacaat tagttcaaca tttttgtatt taatgactca agtaatgaaa     63960
     tgaggactat tagttttata tgcaatgact attcacactc acaagtttag ttaattttga     64020
     ctgacatgtc gtaagcaaat gataatgtta taaaacagca gagagttgta tgaaagcaat     64080
     tgatgcatgt ccaaaagcat ttgcagtttt ttggaagaaa tgagaaactg ctactatggt     64140
     gtgcacaaat gactaattgt tttgagtaat gcattagctg ttgtgcaaat gtaaatagtg     64200
     ttgtgagaaa tgcaccaaag ccacagagaa aaactgtaaa aataaacagt tggtgatata     64260
     tttacagtat atgcgaacac ttgtctcagt cgcctcacag caagattgtc ataggtccga     64320
     gtcctgactg ggtcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc atgtactctc tgtgtttacg     64380
     tgaatttcct ccaggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc agtataggtg aattaaataa     64440
     actgtgtgtg aatttgagag tgtatgggtg tttcccatgg gttgcagctg gtagggcatc     64500
     gtaaaacata tgctggataa gttgtcggtt tatttcgctg tggcaacccc tgatgaataa     64560
     aaggactaca cagaagtaaa atgaatgaat gtggacactt gtcaatttgt tcattcagtc     64620
     attttctttt cagcttagtt cctttattaa tctggggtca ccacagcgga atgaaccacc     64680
     aacttataca gcatatgttt tatgcagcga atgcccttac agctggggaa cctccataca     64740
     cacacattcc cactcgtaca ccgccagaca attttagctt acccaattct cctgtctttg     64800
     gagcactgga gcacccggag gaaacccatg caaactccac acagaaacgt taactgaccc     64860
     agccgaggct cgaacccgcg accttcttgc tgtgaagcga cagcaatacc tactgcgcca     64920
     ccgcattgcc ctacacttgt caatgacact gataattcaa atatgtaaac aaggacagta     64980
     cagtgtcaaa ctttgttgtt taaataccta agattcattc ggtaattaag agtgagtaat     65040
     aaatactgtg gaaaataaaa aaaaataatc caagatgttt accttataat gacccagtgt     65100
     ggagtatttc aattgtaaca aatatttttt tttacttttg ttcaatcatg cttaatatta     65160
     aacccagtct tttcagtcct gtacatgtcc tgtttttatt tgcatccagt caggatttct     65220
     aaatctccta aaatgtcaag aattcagctt ttgcttcagt acagttgtca ttaattcaat     65280
     gcatttttgc acaccttaca gcacgccacc attggtcaat catatacata tgcacaaaca     65340
     ttggccatct caatccctta acaccaaggc aatggccaag aaagagagag agcagcagct     65400
     cctgtcagtg gatgacacat ggctcctaat aagcataaaa aaacgaactt tctgtgttgt     65460
     ttatttaaca aataaattat attactttaa caaaatgaaa aagcaacagc atcaagtaaa     65520
     aagcgttcaa ttcctaacat ttaaaaaaat gttgagggcc aaaagtttaa tgcaaagggt     65580
     gttattatta ctttgtgtat taaagtcctg taacagtttc acggtgaacc catttgtcaa     65640
     gtattgcccc agcagacccc catctcacca ccctcttttt taaaatcaga aatagggtta     65700
     tcctagagca ggggtctcaa actcaaattg gcggggggca gtggtggaaa gagtactgaa     65760
     aaagcatact ccaggactgt gtttgggcat ccctgatcta aacagtctct gggtcaatgc     65820
     gtgtaaatat ttatcttctt ggacactttt aatgcttcca aacagtttgc tgcaatgtaa     65880
     agtgcacatg tcttgaggta gttcatcatg atgcaattta ccttctatgt gtgatttgat     65940
     tggacaggaa ttacaggact gatttttaaa caagaaaaaa tatagtagtg actgcaggtt     66000
     gaaggaaagt agtggagtaa aagtacagat tctgcactaa aatgtactca aggaaaagta     66060
     aaagtacaca tttttaaaac tatttagtaa cgtacaatat atctgtggtt gttgtgtgaa     66120
     tgtcaagtgt tagacagagt atatgcagtc aaaactctag ccttttgttt cttgtacaaa     66180
     gtaaaggggt agttttaatt acgatgaaaa tagtacaaat agtaggcata atgattatta     66240
     ttctgtccca aacaattata agttaaaaca gtttgggtaa ctttactggt aattgttctt     66300
     ctcaatatct ttgttttttt ctagaacaaa gagtgcaaag tacatattca catttacctt     66360
     aacaagttca attcaaccag cactaaaatt tgactaatgt acatagtttt ttatgcaaat     66420
     cttaataagc ctatgaggaa aatctattaa atgagaccat ttgaatcgaa tattagcaaa     66480
     ttaatcatat tacaccatca gcataacatg taagccatga agaagtgttt gtataagaaa     66540
     acacaggttg aataaaactg ataattatca aacaatcctt aaatatttac aaaaattgag     66600
     ctttagtaaa aatacagcgc taacggatac ataattcaac atttaaatca gccccagaat     66660
     taaaatgcat gtgtgttact ctcgactgca cactgagaga aaatgaaagt aaaactaatc     66720
     tgaatgcagt actttaaatg tcggctaggt ggcgggtcaa aaccacaagt ggctacagat     66780
     gactgcacaa cagtgatagg ggttcaaaaa tgtatgtttt ggtaagtcaa atcttgttat     66840
     atttttgatg tcagttgcgg agggaggaga gcaggctgta aatggcctgc gggccagcag     66900
     tttgagacct ctgtcctaga gtaaattgtt tttttaaatg acattatagg gatagtacac     66960
     ccaaaaatga caatttactc attttgaaga cacatggaaa cctgtaacca ttgacatcca     67020
     taatgagaaa aaataaatac catggaagtc aatagttaca gactttcatc attctttaaa     67080
     atatattatt tagtgttcaa gagaaactga aacaggttag gaataagtga agccacatta     67140
     aatgataact acccctttta cacaaaacca tatgctgtca tgacgttttg atcatataat     67200
     gttttcacag tctacataat gtgcctttaa atttcccagt aacatcttgc tcgtcacctt     67260
     taaaacctgt catagttcac agatgttaag acatgtgatt ccgagatctg caacggctct     67320
     gcgtgagtag tgactgatga taaaccagag tgacacgtgt aggagtgatt gtaagtcatg     67380
     tgtctgcgtg cacttcaaag ctgatcaccc ttcaaacatg tgcttctgtc acactgtcca     67440
     attatccatc tctgccagct tcgtcaagaa cagggtcgac tgatgtgcta cgaaattaaa     67500
     aatagagcat gtgttcattt ttaataaaat gaatatttca ccacgctctg acactcgcct     67560
     caattagaaa cttccgttta gtttaaagtc caaaaatgtt ttctctctgt ttgttttggt     67620
     ggacgctttc tattatgaaa gaaaacacac acgtctgtgg tttcttgaaa tacggtcgca     67680
     gaatgaactc agatgttcca gtcagatgga ttgtccatcg aggtgcagct aaagctaaaa     67740
     atctttgtgc cactggcttt taataattat atttccgctg tggaaacact ttcaactaac     67800
     tcaaagcttc ctcttattag ctagtgtcac gggctctgtt tcattccaac tgtgactagc     67860
     tgaagttcat tagctcgttc ggagatgggt gaacgtgggc tcaagacatc cgaggacgcc     67920
     gacatcgacc aaactacaaa aaagtaggta tgtgggctag ccacaatccc ccccgagacc     67980
     tgcctttctt ccagtaatta tgatccggac aaattaaaac aaggcttttc ttgaaccttc     68040
     tccttcttct gctttaacat attaaatatt tattcacaag acagctctga aagcaatgaa     68100
     agtgaattct atatattcat gccgcctttc cttaattcat gaaaagactg gttaattatt     68160
     atgagatggt ctatccatat ttcatctgga cgtctcagct gggtgctgcg gatcgggaag     68220
     tgagttttgg ggtttattag ttttgagttg gagatatgcc tcgttgacct taaagttagc     68280
     tctggatcat gtaatcttgc atgtcgatat gacagtcaac atggcgtcaa tatttagagt     68340
     tctgccttag tctgtgagga cagatttagg agctgcattt gaataacttt caaaaaagtg     68400
     aaagtaaatc aaggcatcag ggtttggctg gtcaatctcc tgctgataag ctcaagcaca     68460
     ttaatgccta gttcagacta cgtgatttta gccccgattt tggctcgccg acaggttttg     68520
     agaaatcgct gacaaatgcc tgaaatcaca ggcaaatcgt tgctcgtgca cgtgagtgac     68580
     aatcacacag tatgaacgat caaagacgcg atctgagaga atcgccgatg agtcgccgat     68640
     gcctgtgaga tatttgccat gctaaatatc tggagctgtc ggcgattcaa atcatgccgt     68700
     gtgaattgac ttttgactga aaataacatc agcgatcacc tacagccaat gagagagcag     68760
     ctttcacttg tgtgtgcgtg tgtgtatacc tgctgcaggc cagcgggagg ctgggggaga     68820
     agttaaaagc gctctttttc ggtttatttg gacccacgga atggaggaaa aactagtgga     68880
     ggtttgacag gactcaggag caaccgtgtc tgtttgatgt ttcatacaga aagaaattag     68940
     tttattatca acgttgagga gaaatggcta attcccttta aacccaggtg agcaaacatg     69000
     tacatgttct accccattaa gggcttcttt ctcattatgt agttaataat aaaagatata     69060
     cgacatgttt ttggctgtga gacgtagttt ggacgaagtt gtcagcgatt ctccctatag     69120
     taaagtcatg caatgtgaat gtccatgtca ccaaaccatc ttgcagtgta aacaaagcag     69180
     cgacgaaacg cttgcccagt tagtcatgca gtgtgaaaac atctgtaaca cgactagttt     69240
     gaaaatcatg cagtctgaac tcggcataag taatcttgct taccctcacg gccgtttatg     69300
     tcaaagttga aatttagccg caccatgttg atgtttcata acatctcatt tttactaggt     69360
     ggatcgttag cccaatgctc aacccccaac ctggaggacc aggacatgca tacatacact     69420
     actgacaatt tagtttattc aattcaccta tagcgcatgt ctttggactt gtgtggaaaa     69480
     accggagcac ccagaggaaa cccacacgaa gacgaggaga acaatcaaac tctacacaga     69540
     aatgccgact gacccagtca ggactcaaac cagcgacctt tttgatgtga ggcgactgtg     69600
     ctacccactg caccactgtg cctcccacat taagtaatca tgcttgacaa aatttaaacg     69660
     atgtaaacat agttagattt agattaaggt cccactgcaa aattaagctc cacttatatt     69720
     atttttttaa acaccaatca gaatatttgt tacatctcaa agaatattag tgttttctgc     69780
     tctgaacaca atgtagctgt ttttgttgcc tgtgcctata atgctagttc ttcctgccca     69840
     ccatcccaca ttcctgtcag agtgtgcctc aatctctgcc tcggctgtct cagataaaca     69900
     gcacagtgac agacatgaag gaagcagatt tcacataaca tttatgagaa atactacagt     69960
     aggaactttc ccaatgatta tttgatgtat ttgttgtgga gttgcatcga tgagtcacat     70020
     gcaatgttgt tacaaagttc actcacgcac acacacagac atacacaacg cacgtgttta     70080
     actttgcact gttgttgcac gtgaaatgtg acaggctaaa tgttaatata tactgctgta     70140
     tagatatctg ttattttaat gtacaaaaca aacctgacgt gcacaaacca ggattgaagc     70200
     atctttcttt ataattgtac taatatgcag ctgtgatgat gagtaaagac attaaaattg     70260
     cagtaattca ttcactgtct taacgtttca aacttgtaaa acttattctt ggttacattt     70320
     gatgatgatt catgatcaca gcgagctgaa cagatatttc gatcccagtt gctttatgca     70380
     catcctgcct ctttaatatg attatacacg ttactactgt gacatgttaa tatgcaactg     70440
     tcaatcaatt tggtggacgt gtaaacctca ctccaacgtc acgttgtggt gagcttcaaa     70500
     atgggtgcga tttggatcct attttaacat cagtaaattt atgaaaagag acttattgtc     70560
     tttatatcac cccaatatga ctgtggacac actataattc acagttctgt ccaaacagct     70620
     taaataaaat atatgctgtt gcagtaatat catactcata tgagttgttt ttttttggac     70680
     aaaattgtta aaataaaaag gtgtgttttt aggcatgtgt ttatcttttt tagaccacac     70740
     aataacaggt tttaacttta cagcaattaa aaatatttga tgtaacaacc atgactttca     70800
     atcataacaa aacaaaccaa aaaattagtt atttaaatca tatctatact tgaaatggca     70860
     tcagaccttt atggaacaca acatttttct taaagccata cccaataaag tccagaattc     70920
     tcaaactgtt ttcttagctg tatgtaagcc caaattagat atgctcctta tataaagcac     70980
     tgatggtttt ttatatgctt atgaatgttt taaaacatca gagttttggg taaactgact     71040
     ttctatgggg tgacagaaat ctctcagtct cattaaaata tatctgtctc gtttcttatg     71100
     gttttggaat gacattaggg tgagtaagcg atgacacaat tttgattgtg gggtgaacca     71160
     gcccttgaat cacatcattt ttgcatattt tccccactga cagttgtcat gctttctgac     71220
     gaaataagtt tgttttgcaa gcaacatgta tatagtgcag gcatgtcatt atgttacagt     71280
     agatagtaat gccatcagcc aaaaatggca gatttcaaac tgcgcactca gaaagtcggt     71340
     tacaagccaa agcggcgaaa ctgccattga gatgaatgag aatgctaata gaaagctctc     71400
     tccaggtatt acagacctcc tcgatgtaaa tctggaagca tgaagtatat tagcggaaat     71460
     taacaaatga tggtctctgc aatgtctttg gtttttcaca ggagctccac aaaaacagaa     71520
     agtggtgata tcgacctgac tcttcggtgt ttgtctcgct cagaagaatg agctcagcaa     71580
     tattcagatt tcctctgaag gttatttgtc agagtgtcag tgataatgcc aattattttc     71640
     agtacggcgg aggcgcagag tcagcgtggt ttttctgcgg atgggcatga tgccaatggc     71700
     acacacacaa acacacacag aaaagtgtaa tgtggcatgg gtcgagtaca gctcattttg     71760
     gatgacaggt aggttaaggg ctaaaccgtc acttatgtgc atcatttatg tgcttaatgt     71820
     cctaaagaac cgcactacaa aatgcatgta aacaatactt tttttttaag taaacagaca     71880
     gcttcctgag aaatacagtt tgagatacat aattgcatca gaataaccag tgattctggt     71940
     tcatcaggag gggaaaaagc aactagaagg aaagaccttt catctgatgt cattacagtt     72000
     tgataaatta ccccaggacg agtcaattgc ttatgatttt caatcatgca tctttaaaat     72060
     cttctaaaaa agaggctaaa atccaaagcc aaatatttca ctggcttcac caaagaaaat     72120
     aaaacaaatg atttcaattt tggttatgtt tcagggttat tagggttata gttatatagt     72180
     taatcttgaa aataaaatac ttgcaataac aaaaataaac tgagtatttc aaactgataa     72240
     aataattaaa attatctctc agtaatgcta aaaattgtgt aataaatgta ctataattta     72300
     ctataatttc tatatttata cacagagttt acagatattt ttgtagcttt aaatgatttc     72360
     tttaaaatat atattttata ttataaatga taaacattat acagacagtt aactttactg     72420
     aagcttccaa gactatcact acatcccagg gtctacaata gatgtggaaa atgtgacagg     72480
     acacaattat ggagaataaa aaccattaac attgcttttc tgtctggact gtatgcactc     72540
     caaaaataac ccataggatg aacttatttt agggcaggat ttccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     72600
     aaactgatta cacaattaaa tgcaattgag tcggtccaac atgattttat caaacaaaag     72660
     tttaaataca tttgtgtttt tatttaactt agattcaaag gtctgttaat atcatgtcta     72720
     ttagttttat ttgaagttat cctaaggtca ttttaagcat acttcctgag ttacatttat     72780
     agtttactga gactgatctc agaactaatt ttagggcagt tactgctcac tgagcaaagt     72840
     aacaaactgc acttttataa attaagctgc caacacccaa agcattgatg cttctgcaaa     72900
     gtggtaatct caaa                                                       72914