ID   BX901975; SV 18; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 105226 BP.
AC   BX901975;
DT   05-JAN-2004 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 30)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-283J23 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the 3' end of the veph gene for ventricular zone expressed PH domain
DE   protein, the gene for a novel protein containing ankyrin repeats, the gene
DE   for a novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1 (CCNL1), the 5' end of
DE   the sept1b gene for selenoprotein T 1b and a CpG island.
KW   HTG; sept1b; veph.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-105226
RA   Gray E.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; a13ed889c9efa8ea848ec85ee0d928cc.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000055124; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000077435; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00005; tRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-283J23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-232P17 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-283J23 is at 105226 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-283J23 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..105226
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-283J23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..104204
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             join(complement(BX255879.6:105123..105260),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:99324..99539),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:92626..92800),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:42742..42905),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:35146..35355),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:14536..14753),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:10938..11162),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:8747..9075),2043..2182,4665..4799,
FT                   20987..21104,35594..35730,38859..39095)
FT                   /gene="veph"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000021765"
FT                   /product="ventricular zone expressed PH domain protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8JIG6.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BID5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A2BID5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041014-375"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM14213.1"
FT                   L"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(BX255879.6:125658..125758),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:105123..105354),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:99324..99539),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:92626..92800),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:42742..42905),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:35146..35355),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:14536..14753),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:10938..11162),
FT                   complement(BX255879.6:8747..9075),2043..2182,4665..4799,
FT                   20987..21104,35594..35730,38859..>39095)
FT                   /gene="veph"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.5-001"
FT                   /product="ventricular zone expressed PH domain protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB085188.1"
FT   misc_feature    5875
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    7112
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    14105..14121
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   unsure          58132..58133
FT                   /note="number of bases in mononucleotide run unsure"
FT   misc_feature    68700
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 110bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(69809..69894,72698..72947,77402..77954,79388..79684,
FT                   83220..83741)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing ankyrin repeats"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ615890.1 Em:CF999762.1
FT                   Em:CN018424.1 Em:CN022001.1"
FT   CDS             join(72709..72947,77402..77954,79388..79684,83220..83399)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013555"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing ankyrin repeats"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q01484 Tr:P97582 Tr:Q7Z3L5
FT                   Tr:Q8CBW9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020683"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036770"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BID2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM14210.1"
FT   mRNA            join(86036..86370,86714..86788,88090..88199,88722..90468,
FT                   90585..90649,90880..90893,94208..94307,94384..94488,
FT                   94741..94882,96128..96239,98266..98364,99545..100469)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC057418.1"
FT   mRNA            join(86036..86370,86714..86788,88090..88199,88722..88876,
FT                   90348..90468,90585..90649,94208..94307,94384..94488,
FT                   94741..94882,96128..96239,98266..98364,99545..100469)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI943037.1 Em:AL914097.1
FT                   Em:BI890168.1 Em:CA469924.1 Em:CK126627.1"
FT   mRNA            join(86106..86370,86705..86788,88090..88199,88722..88876,
FT                   90348..90468)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK142431.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<86119..86370,86714..86788,88090..88199,90348..90468,
FT                   90585..90649,94208..94307,94384..94488,94741..94882,
FT                   96128..96239,98266..98364,99545..>99968)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT   CDS             join(86119..86370,86714..86788,88090..88199,90348..90468,
FT                   90585..90649,94208..94307,94384..94488,94741..94882,
FT                   96128..96239,98266..98364,99545..99968)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013562"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q52KE7 Sw:Q9R1Q2 Sw:Q9UK58"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BID3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004367"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006671"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013763"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015431"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BID3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050419-206"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM14211.1"
FT                   KSKHHSSSHSSHSRHRR"
FT   mRNA            join(<94127..94307,94384..94488,94741..94882,96128..96239,
FT                   98266..98364,99545..>99677)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-005"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF998902.1"
FT   CDS             join(<94127..94307,94384..94488,94741..94882,96128..96239,
FT                   98266..98364,99545..>99677)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-283J23.3-005"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000013582"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate cyclin L1
FT                   (CCNL1)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BID4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013763"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015431"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036915"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BID4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM14212.1"
FT   regulatory      100441..100446
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      100469
FT   misc_feature    100520
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
SQ   Sequence 105226 BP; 32567 A; 19515 C; 20147 G; 32997 T; 0 other;
     agtttcctgt tcttagatga caggagtggc acccggtgcg tcttctgctg ctgtagccca        60
     tccgtctcaa ggttagatgt tttgtgcgtt cagagatgct cttctgcaaa cctcagttgt       120
     aacgagtggt ttttaaatta atgttgcctt tataaaacca ttctggccat tctcctctga       180
     cctctgcatc aacaacgcat ttatgcccac agaaatgacg ctttaaatat tttctctctt       240
     tcggaccatt ctctgtaaac cctagagatg gttgtgtgtg aaaatcccag tagatcagca       300
     gtttttgaaa tactctgacc agcctagacc agtcacttaa atatcttaaa tacctttctt       360
     tcctattctg acactcggtt tgaactgcag cagatcgtct tgaccatgtc tacatgcgta       420
     aatgcattga gttgctccca tgtgattggc tgattggaaa tttgcgttaa cgagcagtac       480
     ctaataaagt ggccggtgag agtatattat cacacagatt taatttaggc acaaagatgt       540
     tacaagatat tatcattcaa attgactata ttatatatgt gattaatatt aatcattaat       600
     tttccacaaa tctgctttga aactgtgtaa tgttaaaagt tctgtgcaag caattttgac       660
     attattttaa cctctattta tttatttatt tttaattcaa ttttaatacc tttttctatt       720
     ctttgacatg tccttcagag cacttgatga aaaaggaaaa acagatctaa tttagtgtgg       780
     atatgattat tatgaactag acttttagtt aatataaact aaacatctga gtcgccaaga       840
     taaatcaaca ccaccgtcat caagcccaaa gtgcaatata caaagtataa tagctcgtct       900
     gaattccact atatctcatg aaagctggtc tcttttttaa ttcccatgaa ctcattttct       960
     tttacaagaa cagcctcatt tatcttcagt ccaacagagt tgagttattc caagaggtcc      1020
     agctttagtt tctcttgtct ttcattggtt cttttagttt cattaaacag ctggtgcgta      1080
     agccacatgt caccaagttg cattaaaaag ggaatatgca aactatgact tatgcttcat      1140
     cttttgtttc aaaaacacat ttaagtctga aaggccacaa gcagggtcac atacacaaac      1200
     ccaaacacag aaatgcaaca taaaacctct acttcaccct aacttgtata gtgtcagtaa      1260
     aagcctaaga gaataaagga tggattatgt ttataaagag gttgatgcta catgatttgt      1320
     ataatcaata gacagaacaa aattatgcat ttatgagtaa tggtttacca aaaggagctt      1380
     tgcgatgact ggtggaaatg taaataaata cagtactgtg aagtgtgaga tacgcacgca      1440
     cttagctgat gtttttaatt tgattaaaaa aatgtatatg catatgtttt gttcacttgc      1500
     agtatgttta tgaatttgca tgcatgtgtg ttttcaaact gatgcttttt ctattgtttt      1560
     tttttacttg cctgtttgag ctctctcagt catcacagtt taccttaatg tgtcataatt      1620
     cactaaatca taattctgta acttggtgtg tttgtgttcc tggtctggtt tcttcacatt      1680
     ttcctattgc tgtgggcata aatgaataat gctaggatta aagaaggaat aatgggcctg      1740
     agatctttta aactcaatat tgttgcagtt taggtccttt ttggaacaac acaaatgata      1800
     aacaagtttg aaaatccttt aaggcatgag aaaacaagct ttctgtagtt tcatgattgc      1860
     ctggtattac tgattaatac tcaattttgt tatctgacta tactatagta ttacaagatg      1920
     gggcagttta gctgctggca gtatatttta caatatttag tggtttggga aagtattatg      1980
     catttctgga ggaggaattc aaaagtaatt tattttcttg tgtttgtgtg tttgcaatcc      2040
     agactctcac cgaggctgtg tagctaagct gtcgttctcc tgtccactga aaggacacta      2100
     ctgtctctac gggaagtcca gtttctctct gtgtagcagt caaccacacc tctggatcca      2160
     aatcatgcta ttggcactgc aggtaacagt taaggatgtt gattttgtga caaagagtat      2220
     gtgtttgtac ttatctacaa acagtggagt ggccaagaat tctcatatac accacctgac      2280
     aaagatcttg tcgcttatcc aagttttagg aacaacaaat aataacttga cttccagctg      2340
     atcatttggt atcaaaagtg gcttatatga aaggaaaagg cctctaaatt acgcttattt      2400
     taccaaaata aaatataata atgccttgat tttaaattta ttaattagga cagtaagttc      2460
     tgactttgct tagaccaggg gtcaggaacc tatttttcag cagggttttt ttttttagca      2520
     aattaatttt ctttttagga gccaccggcc acttttttta ggtgcacctg tccaaatttg      2580
     taatcagcct atcacatggc agcaactcaa acgccttgtt gatgccagag gtcagaggag      2640
     aatggccaga ctggttgtat gtagacatag tcataggcat gtagacatat agtccctttc      2700
     acacagtaat accggtaaat atgcggaaaa tttcaagaag aacttaccgg taaattcaat      2760
     aaagcgctgt tcacacaggc gaggacgttc cggaactttc ccggacaaga ccattcacac      2820
     actcattcca atataccggt aaattctgac atcattaatt agaagtgagc tctaaacggc      2880
     tgtgcttgtg tttgtaaaca tttgactaca ttacaaactc tgtggataag tattgtgaac      2940
     tacttcgata aaaacatatg gaggaacact ttcacatgtc gagatgtaca cgatatgtgt      3000
     gtgttttggt tctcactcct tcatgggcac acacgacacg tcaagcaact aaaggaagca      3060
     gagcttgaag gtaaacaaac aacggcttat gattagcatc ttatcgatat ttatttacac      3120
     agattgcact aaaaaggaac atataaacct catctgacta acatctagca gctaaatgtt      3180
     tctggaaaaa tattcaaagg cttttattct cgtatactgc gctaacttga atgcgtctga      3240
     ctgttctgat tggctaaagt agacgtctca cgtcagcacg ttctaggcgt gcacgcgctc      3300
     tttccggcaa tcttccttct gtgttcacac agcgcagcat tccggcaaat aaccggtaat      3360
     gttacaacta ctctttccgg aaaatagcct ttaccggtac tttcaaaaag ggcctgttca      3420
     cacatacaga ccttttcggc aaattgccgg taattttcca gaaaggtctg tatgtgtgaa      3480
     aggggctata gtcaagacga tagattacta ttataaatga cacaggttta aacaaaaact      3540
     ttatgtccat gcacaactca aaaataagca tcacatgttg agcaagtcca tgaatgaaaa      3600
     aaaggacagt ttatagaatg tttttctttt cgccatcacc actcatggat gttatttgta      3660
     cttacataca cgagaagatt accataaaaa cgcaagttct gtgctcttta ttggtgtcgt      3720
     aattcaagtt tttccatagt gccgcacacg cagattggtt gaatcatttt tatttttttt      3780
     ttttgttaac tgagttctta ttcattttgc tctaaaaaat tacaattaaa aagggattta      3840
     aaattgtatt tgcaatcgga aactgatttc ttgtgactgt ttaaaaaaaa acacttaaac      3900
     tgttgtaaaa cattattgta gggagacagc tggagatcct tgtatatttg gtcaaagagc      3960
     cagatgtggc tcgcgagctg taggctccac accactggtt aagacgaaag tcttatcact      4020
     taacagaaat aatgtacagt atagaatgta aagtcatggt gtagcggaaa aataaataaa      4080
     attgtgtatg actcccatga acttggagaa ctgcatccat acatctctgc aatgactcaa      4140
     ataacttatt aataaagtca tatgaaatgg caaagaaagc gctcttgcag gactcccaga      4200
     gtgcatcaag atacattgca ttcatcttca atatctcctc cttgggatgc agtttaaccc      4260
     atgattcttt ggaaaaatct accttctccc acttttccaa acaatcaacc agaaagtcaa      4320
     gttattattt gttgctctta caactgagat tgaggacaag acttttgtca ggtagtgtat      4380
     gtagtaaaat ttcatgacaa aagtgtccta aaaaggcatt attatgttat attatgttta      4440
     aaggtccatt tttttgggtg tactatctct ttaaaggatt atggtggtct ctacggattt      4500
     catgttgtgt gcaaacctac acagtgaagt tcattacttt ggctcagcgg ttaatcttat      4560
     ctctccaaga gcagcagtac atgtaacact aaccatatca agcaccagta attacgatta      4620
     gcttgtatgt tggcaggcta gcagtttatc atgtctgtgt gcagagcaaa gagagcgagg      4680
     ccttgtgctg tcgggacgag tgtgtgctgc agctgaggaa actctgggag aaaacacagc      4740
     tgacaggagc acacagcttt gagctggcca tgacccagac cactgttcct cacaagaagg      4800
     tgaagtcttc tactgtctgc cagtcacaca aacacactca tacgaaccat ggccagaggc      4860
     gctgtaatgt tttagcagtg aaagctaaaa tgtcgtctaa atgctgctat tttcacagag      4920
     cttcttgtgt ttctgtattt gggattccaa aggacatgac acaaagagag aagtgcttgc      4980
     aattaaattt taattatgtt tagagaatta tataaaagat atagctctag catttgacaa      5040
     aggatagctt ccagaatctc tcccagttca gtgctggatt ccgctaaaag ctcctcaaag      5100
     gagcaggtct aaccataata gacgaagctg tggactgagc cacaacctgt aagtgttttt      5160
     aattgttaaa atggatctat tacatgcaca gtttctagcg ctaacattat gtcgtagcaa      5220
     ggacataaac aaggatgtaa ataatgggaa atgctatttg gcatcgttaa caatttagct      5280
     acaaattcat atttatcagt caaacccaca atcttcacca gctctacaga gtctcttcat      5340
     gcagcctatc tccctgcgat ctacatttca aataaccaac ttgcaaaaga tatgtgaacg      5400
     tttcatatta cttataagcc cgatacatta tcgcagtatt tacacagcag tggcgtgcta      5460
     ttagaggtgt gacacttcct ggtgatgtgg agccaatccg cgaatcacat cacattatgt      5520
     cagctgacca atcagagcct cttaagggca ggctttcaga ggaactaaga aatatgacag      5580
     tcgttttcat gttagctagt aacagtagat aattaaagga agatatatga agaaataaag      5640
     tgattttttt ttacaagtga agcatgagca cacattgttt tgtaccatgt aaacacaacc      5700
     aagccttaaa agtacactct ggaccacccc tttaaaagca aacctgtaca ggaatgtgca      5760
     aaaaaaacta tttacaatgg agattttaat tgtttaaaat gaataacatg tttcgaccta      5820
     agagcttctt taggcttaag agcttccttt atttacaagt agtgctggat tattctttca      5880
     catttttgaa caccatggac tcggactcca ccggaaaagg gtgctttgcc atctcctggt      5940
     tagaggagag tcttaacccc aggtgaagta gttcaagtat cttgggtttt tttcacgagt      6000
     aagaaaagga aggagtgtaa gattgacagg cggatcggtg cagcggcagc agtaatgcga      6060
     cctgtatacc ggtccgttgt ggtgaaggaa ctgaatcgaa aggcaaagct ctcgatttac      6120
     cggtcaatct acgttcctac tctcacctat gctcatgagc ttcgggtcat gactaaaaag      6180
     acaagatctt ggatacaagt ggctgagttt tcttcgaagg gtggcagggc gcatctttat      6240
     agacagggtg aggagctctg acacccggga ggagctcaga gtagagtccg tgcttctcta      6300
     catcgagaga agtcagctga ggtggctcgg gcatctgttt cggaagcctc caggacgcct      6360
     acctagggag gtgttcctgg catgtcccac taggaggagg cctcggggaa gacccaggac      6420
     acgctggagg gactatgtct ctcggctggc ctgggaacac ctcgcgattt cccccacgga      6480
     ttagcgggaa gaagtgtctg gggagaggga agtctgaggt tctctcctaa gactgcttcc      6540
     cccaggaccc ggtcccggat aagcggataa aaatgatgat gatgatgatg atgatttttg      6600
     aatattactt tagaaaaata tctaaaatat tgtgcgaaac tgaaggctgg agtagtgctt      6660
     ttaaatatta cactactttt acacagaaaa aaaaattgtg cctaaaatta aattaaagga      6720
     gaactagtct tttaaattgc aaaaagcatt ttacaatatc tattttactg cattttaata      6780
     ataaaaaaaa gattgcagat ttccagacac gtagtgcaca tgcagacagt gaaataaatt      6840
     atttatatgg ctttctgctg agaatcccta actccaagct agactaaata agcaggaaac      6900
     ataatttatc cttcctcttc ttctctgcaa gtcatgttta agcaagaggt ggcccagcag      6960
     ggtaggaaaa aaccacgtct gatcccgatc aagacttaca tttatgcctt tgggaaaaga      7020
     gtataagtta caacactgga cgcaatttat gcatgtatat ctaacaggac cctgctgtat      7080
     gagtcaaagt cctctgtgga gaccgatgaa gaaagacctt taataagtag acgtttaaca      7140
     acacaaatct cttcaccacc acctctatag tggaaaatgg tcacgtcatg taggtcaaag      7200
     gtcatgattg ctgctgagac tgggatgttt accttaggtc atttcctcag cacggtgcca      7260
     tgtaaatcca tgtgctcaga tgatcttatc aaacatcgta aatgtcacgt ctggagtaat      7320
     tacatagtac agctggtgtc ttttgtgtct taatgctctt cctaaatctg gggtcattca      7380
     ccgtccattg aaggactgtg tgtgtgcatt agacatatgg aatctgtttg tgttgggcaa      7440
     atgcgcacat gccaaattac aaggcaggac actagctagt ccatcttaaa tgctctcgta      7500
     aatgttcact agctgatgcc ctataccttt tgatttatac aatggtttaa actgcctttt      7560
     aaagaggcaa actttggcaa cattgggtaa atagggttgg atttcttgcc ctattgaagt      7620
     gagctagtgc tagtgctgtt ttacgattaa tcttgtctag tcgcatacaa aataaaaatg      7680
     tatatttaca taatgtaagt tcatgtacgg tatttttgtc agatcccctc ttttttttat      7740
     gatttttttt gtaatttatt tgcgatttaa taaatgactg attttgtggt ggcaattgcc      7800
     agacatttgc agacaatttt gcaattatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7860
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa attatattat      7920
     aattaaataa taataataat ttaattatat tattatatta aattataata atgaatatat      7980
     tatattaata aatataatat atctcagagg tcgcgttaac tgaatatttt ccgtcattga      8040
     cggattttct tcagcagtga cggattaagc tgagggtgat ctatagtaat ttgtagctaa      8100
     ctgtaattcc cactcctgtc cagctgatgg cgattgctct tgttttattt cctctttgtc      8160
     atttgtacgt ttgcaaaaat aagtgtgaga agtttcttta aacggccata tagttgtgat      8220
     attaatgatg cagtagacga tgaagaacaa aagacaaaaa tacgatccaa ccaagcggca      8280
     gctagcaagg tcagatttat tgtttttata ttgatgttct tatgcactac aaaataattt      8340
     ttgtatcatg tattaagtat caatgtcata tcaaaaggtt atatatgcag gtaaactgag      8400
     tcgcgctagc tctgggccgc agcgcacatt actcgggggc cgattctggc tcagatgcgg      8460
     caacgtcggc tcgcttacgg gtgccgcatg tgacccgatt gactagggcc tgagtacggc      8520
     agctggagtc tccggcaggt gagtattttg ctatctaggg tgcgttggag tgtgttgtga      8580
     gcactaccgg agtcagaggg ttgcagccgc acccctggtg cagaaggagc gcgggctgta      8640
     gtattttttt cccagtgaaa caagtacctc cagaatcgag aaatcccaca ttcagagaat      8700
     ccagcaaact ttctgatcac agcctttgga gaaatgtttc ctaactacaa aacactggct      8760
     gaagtggcgc tagtaaatcc agtctttgct cacgagaagt cgactttccg aggcaaagac      8820
     agtctccctt gattatgcac aggcatgcac ccaattcagg tcaacacagg aggaagatat      8880
     gagttaatgc agataaataa ataaatgaat aatttagcct gtatgctcgt cgtgcaagtt      8940
     tattattaaa atatgaatga aaaaagcgat caaagtctaa gttaagaaat aagttatgac      9000
     ggaaatttta caaccctctc cgtcaaaatg acggacaatg agaaaatcta atgcaacctc      9060
     tgagatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      9120
     atatatatat atatatacat atatatatat acacacacac acacacatac acagtaaatt      9180
     attagcgctc cctgtatatt aatatttact gtatatataa tgttatgtta taatcttgct      9240
     ggaaagttta aatacccctt aaagaatctg ttaaaatgtg aatgatttta actaaattat      9300
     atagacagct cattgaagtg cttttttaat cttcatgaat gagccatttg tgaattaggc      9360
     taaattgccc agactactca ctcagtccag tgttcagtca tgtccagctc gaaataagcc      9420
     aggaagtaat atgatcagat tgactgctaa ctgtgccttt cgtttggttt gtcagttcat      9480
     ttacattccc aaagtccact gcgacaccaa gagaatatga gtcagctaga gtaactcgag      9540
     ctttgctata gctgtgtact gtagggagaa actgtgtcta gtagtagtag acaagtcatt      9600
     ttattgaaag aacctgtttc agtggatgag tgtggacatt ccagatcgtt tcagagggtt      9660
     ttttaaagta aattcacagg tttattgcta ttttaggtgg cacggtggct cagtggtttg      9720
     cactgtcacc tcacaccaag aaggtcactg gtttgagtcc cagctgggcc agttggcatt      9780
     tctgtgtgaa gtttgcatgt tcttccggtg ttggcttggg tttcctctgg gtgctccagt      9840
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcagtatt agtgaattaa ataaactaaa ttggctttag      9900
     tgtatgagtg tatgggtgtg tcccagtact gggttatgat tgaaagggca tgcgctgcgt      9960
     aaaaacatgt gttgaataag gcggttcatt ccgctttggc gaccccagat caataaaggg     10020
     actaagctga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa ttgctatttt actcgtcagt tctcaagttt     10080
     tcattttccc aaagtttata caagcagagc gcaatactca actagatgta ggggtattaa     10140
     attatgcagt gatttacttc atacaaaaga aaattgttcc tctttaacag gttttaagaa     10200
     atgcatatgg gaatcacttt caagagttcc cacttagaaa tgcttggcac ttatagcagg     10260
     tttggcatgc tgtcccagga aagaaccctg agctcggaga tatttgagcc cagggctccc     10320
     gcccggtcta aaagcatatc aggagaaccg agatcaggta ggtctcgatc gctccccctt     10380
     tagaagggga gaaaaaggag gagatggggt ggaaggggga ttcttccaaa acgaagatag     10440
     tgcaataagg agaaagtgat ccatttatat taagctagga tcattctgat tggattatta     10500
     ctgattacgg atgagtggcc agcggtgcac aatcatatca cgtgctcctc tcgaaattag     10560
     tttatgaaac ttcacttaat gttgtctgta acttgtcatt tagatttgaa ttttattcac     10620
     ttgtaactgt aatttagcat ttgttgtaat gcaatagttt tgttaattcc tattattatt     10680
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt atttatgcag aggctctaaa taagcccttg     10740
     ggcttttgtc tcttcctgca cattatggct ttttttctgt tttattccaa tattttttgc     10800
     attcttgtgc aaagaaaata agcaagctag atagaacaga caaacaaaca tataaatagt     10860
     aacaaaaaac aaacaaatga attatttaat aataaaaaac agacaaacaa acaaataaaa     10920
     taataacaaa aacagacaaa aacattcaaa caaataaata aataaaataa taacaaaaac     10980
     attcaaacaa atacacaaat aaaacaataa caaaaacaga caaacaaata aacaaataaa     11040
     ataataaaaa aacagacaaa aacattcaaa caaataaata aataaaataa taacaaaaac     11100
     attcaaacaa ataaacaaat aaaataataa caaaaacaga caaacaaata aacaaataaa     11160
     ataataacaa caaaaacaga caaataaatt aataaataaa ttataacaag aacagacaaa     11220
     taaattaatt atttaataac aaaaacagac agacaaacaa acaaattaat taattaaata     11280
     aacaaataca taaaataatt acaaaaacag acaaataaac aaataaataa aataacaaaa     11340
     acagacaaat aaataaataa taacaagaac agtcgaacaa ataaattaat tattcaataa     11400
     caaaaacaga caaacaaatg aataattaaa ataataatga aaacagacaa ataaataaat     11460
     aaacaaacaa aaaacaattt tgtgaaaaga aaaaagggag acactggaag ttgtattaaa     11520
     ttcaagaagg cagccggtca tttgaaacat gaacaagaga atgagttaaa ctcaccagta     11580
     ttatgcgtcc atattttctt cattgtgttc agaataaatg aagtagacag gaaaattaaa     11640
     tcacaggagg tcttaaagga atttttacca gacaacatct tgaaggcatt acatgcgtgt     11700
     cattttgcta atgatggatc accctgaaat agtagtaaat aaaagaatat ttttagaaaa     11760
     tataggaaac ccccctttgg tttcatatca ttgtgttttt tattgattgg tggatgatat     11820
     cccattacca tctctgcatg agcgtacgtg tgcatgtgtt atgctctata aatgacactg     11880
     ggaagagtgt tgcaatagta tctattacaa acagaaggac ctctgttgct tttccgctcc     11940
     ccgcagcata atgatgacat gctagctagc atgtagtgtg gttttggtcg ttctcccctg     12000
     acgcttcgcc acatctgggg tttagtgttt tcagtgcaca tgcacactgg ggctctgaga     12060
     gtcaaggctg gtgttgacgt gtttcttctg acaggctagc aaagtatagt cccgttgttc     12120
     agctctgttt cccaacactg gcagagtgcc ggcccggatt gcccaatttt ttggggatca     12180
     gaaaaggata gtgaaaattg actctctttt tttaaatact gctctctatt aaatatctaa     12240
     gcaccctcaa attgtcattt ctccctgtga ttcactagac taacgcatca tttcctgtgt     12300
     gtcatcttta gtcatcagtt tacagattca tctcatgaaa gagattaaac actgagcaac     12360
     tcgaggcttt ttcctgacta gttaactggt tcaacttgca atgagtggaa tacaatatac     12420
     tgaaatatac agataaagtc aaaattacta accctcctat gaatatagtc aaatatttcc     12480
     aaaataacag agcaagcaaa ttttcacagc atgtctgata atattttttt tttctggaga     12540
     aagtcctaaa tgtttttatt ttggctaaag taaaagcagt tgttaatttt ttaaaagctt     12600
     ttttaaggtc aatattatta gcctcctcaa gcagtattgt tttcaattgt ctacaaaaca     12660
     aaccattgta atacaacgac ttgacttgtc taattaagct agttaagcct ttaaatgtca     12720
     ctttaagcta ctagtatctt gaaaaatatc ttgtaaaata ttatttacta ttatcatggc     12780
     taagacaaaa gaaatccgct attagaaatt agttattatg tttagaaatg tgttaaaaat     12840
     aggggagtgc taataataca agagagctaa taattctgac ttcaactgta tatttttggg     12900
     gattttgtca taaaatttta tattttgaat tggattttat tttttgtttt ttttaacttt     12960
     tactgcaaaa taatggcatc aaccaatcac aatcaagatt tcatcatcct tattatcata     13020
     aagtatatgt gaatacagta aaatgagtga agtgatttag ttcatatgta tcaagtggtt     13080
     taaaccaaaa cttccagtga gacaaaatca gtttattttg ttaacagtca atcagccaac     13140
     agtcttttga aggtttggaa ccatatgatt cattcaatgt tcattttcag gcaaactaaa     13200
     tcttgctttc atgcatatgt tttataatat tcaatatgtt atcttgcagt ggaatgaatg     13260
     ttgattcagt gggtgagata cattaaatgt ttgactaatt tccatgattt agttcatatg     13320
     ggttatttca ctgaatccat tcaaaaatct gatgcactga ttttttaaat ttgcagcatc     13380
     actccattga ttcctttcct atattttctt ttttgtcaga tttatgcata taattaaaat     13440
     gaaaacatat tttttcttgt aatgtttttt ttaagttaat tgccactttt ttaatgatat     13500
     ttttacttta ttttttacag tacaagtcaa catttcagtt tttgtttttg agcaacaatt     13560
     ttaattttaa acattgtcat acaaattgac aatagtttac atttttaatt taaccaaaat     13620
     taaacaaaaa ataaaaaaat acaactacaa taatgtataa acttaaaata gcttaaaaca     13680
     ctttgaaaga aaaaaaaaaa ttaagtaata cattaataac atgtgcccaa tctataaact     13740
     tttaatgcct atcagttcga caaaaccagt tcagagtcac cattcagact ctccaaaaag     13800
     tcataaacta ctttacaaat agaccaaaat atatgaccag ttgtcacatt caagtttaat     13860
     ggacaaatat gcaatattgt aatcaaaagg aattacttta ccaatgattt gacttgcaat     13920
     attcagtatt ttaacccaaa aacaactgac tttagtacac tcccgcatac agtgaaatag     13980
     agtgaccttc tcttgtttac atttatagca tgtaaatcat ttcacctttt aaacttttct     14040
     ttttttaaat catgtaaatg catattaaaa cttgaaattg ggagtaaaca tttaaaagta     14100
     aaaaaaaaat caatttagag ctaatcggaa aaacaaaaaa tttaaattcc taaaaaaatt     14160
     atgtcagcca atgcacttct tattttacat ctggcggttt tgacttttat ttcagaattg     14220
     tgaaatttac ttttttattc tgtgacagaa caaaacaaag gctaaaaata taataaagtt     14280
     gtttttggtg gatgtgaaat cacatggttt cagttgtgtt tttgaattga gtcctgttct     14340
     tgccattcat ttggtagggt gctctgttat aaatctattc gaaatgatga ttcgagttcg     14400
     caaagcatgt cataagtgca gcacacaatc tgcagctggc catctgaaca ctgtctttta     14460
     tataagcagt cactccattg gtggagccag aagttgacat attgggccgc tcaaacaaat     14520
     agtgtttgtg tttcaaatag agagtgtttc gataggacca cggagacaca gtgttgttta     14580
     tactcttttg ggaaatcagc ctaagaaatg gctacttaaa gttgtctctg cgcattaaac     14640
     tgagatagaa gaaagtattt tagcatccag acaatgactt gcatcagctt taactaccat     14700
     ttagaatcaa gagttctgct cattgagaga ttttgagatt tttctttaag cggcacatgg     14760
     cctgtatata atctattatt tgtacagatg tttctgactg tcatttaatg tttttattat     14820
     tagcccccat caaacaatga caagcggcca tagctgaaat gttgactcgg ttgccgttta     14880
     caccaatgca tttttgtttt aaaatgcttt tttttttaat catccacatt actccaccat     14940
     cttcaaacta tgaaaatggt aaaaatcctg ttttagtttg gaaatgctga tgttacattt     15000
     aagtttaaca gactaaaatg cgaacttttg agaaagtggc tgtctacaat cactctctaa     15060
     atggtcttct ggaccagggg tttttaaact gtgtagtttc aaacactagt gggtcgcaca     15120
     gcgaacaaag gtggtcacgc aacatcacat agctgcagct atatttacgt tgcggtgaat     15180
     caaaaccagt acgataatga gcgaacgact cttcagagac aattctgttc tgcaaaagaa     15240
     tcatttaggt taaaacacat gaactgaaac agtctgaatc agcattcata gaatgactga     15300
     gtcagattca tttgttcatg tgttcactgt cacgtgtcta cgtcagtagc gtgcagcact     15360
     catgaccgca gccgcaaagt gtttggtaaa atggaaaagt ttttaaaact aaaggcatgg     15420
     cagacttctg atgcgtcttc agatcaaacc aaatctaaaa aaggagccac acagaaatat     15480
     gatcagtcct acctcaatct cagttttatt gccggcagag gtccagaggg tgaggaagtc     15540
     ctgcaatgtc ttttatgctt agaaagtgct agcatgaaac ccttaaaaca taaacaacac     15600
     ctgacaacaa aacattctga atatgtcaac aaaggttgat catattctct tctgaaaaga     15660
     gaagagtatc tttgccaaca aaaaatgatc acagttacag ccagcatccc acaaaaagca     15720
     ctcattttgt gcaaatcaaa tcgcaaaatc caaaaagcca cacaccatct ttgaatggat     15780
     aaattttttt acccattttt ccatattaaa atattatgtt gggtcttgag attgaattac     15840
     ttgccttggt gggtcccgga ataaaaaagt ttggtaatcc ctgttctgga ctatagactg     15900
     atttcacacg gctgacattt tttaaataaa aattgaggct acgttgggaa gaaactcgag     15960
     agtatcatgg ggagtcacat aggaacgttg tgtacctggc tgtatgtctt atcagtgaat     16020
     agaaagtgac ataaatttat atatatatat atatgtatgt atatatattg tgcactttta     16080
     atcaaattca tttaacaatg gaagatttag ttgcatgggg tgtgggcaat atatatatgt     16140
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatattgcc cacaccccat gcaactaaat cttccattgt     16200
     taaatgaatt tgattaaaag tgcacaatat tttcacgcta gaaagcatgt tttatgcggg     16260
     aatgtaactg aatgatatgc tgcaacggcc tctttaaaca cgagattaat gtagcagatt     16320
     ttgacgctct cgccacctga gctgaaggta gacagcattg tggccagggt ggccagagcg     16380
     acctttgaca ctctcaccgc cttctgtgtg aaggcacagt aagagtttga agaaaggatg     16440
     ggtgggacat tgttctgctt tacttcacaa taagaagtac ttttgaattc atctgcagca     16500
     tttatcatta tgtcgtttcc atattattgt tcctgtttag tgctttcagt tgttgagttc     16560
     attacaaagt ttaattcaaa tcaagctcag tcggagtgat aaaggtgttt gctcggttgc     16620
     atgtatatgt aacccctgat atggagccat attacactaa tatcgggtca cgacccacca     16680
     attcagaacc actaccttaa ataaagtgat gtgagcaaat cctcttcagc tcagggcccg     16740
     gtttttaata aggtgcataa accacagcca aatatcccct actggactcc acatgtgaga     16800
     atataaatat cacacacgct cacacatggc ccttgtttag atctatgtac ttgactcatc     16860
     tgtaaaaaaa taataatgtc agattcattt gagaatttgt gctctttgta aggttttcat     16920
     gacacaaata atcaaatcca gattacattt cttgctcagt tcttacactg atttagttgg     16980
     cataaaataa gtgatggcag agcactagta agatgactcg acggttcttg gccagaaaga     17040
     ctgtctgcag gggtttgata atgacctgca ttaatctaaa gacaagcatg aagagagatt     17100
     taaacatgag gtgtctgatg gatagtcttt cagctgccat tagaaagaaa gacactaaca     17160
     aatgctctaa aacagtggtt ctcaaactgt ggtacgtgta ccactagtgg tatgcaggct     17220
     tccttctagt ggtacacgga cgaatgaaat atgtcatgta catgctacat atattttaaa     17280
     atgtatcaaa aattatgtat atgatgtgcc atatatgaca tatagcctat atttatgaga     17340
     taatctgcca cgttttattt actgtgcaga gttgtagcta ctttactggg cctactacgc     17400
     tactgtattt caatactgct cattatggtg gtacttggag ataaaaaaaa attctgaagt     17460
     ggtacttgat gaaaaaattt tgagaaccac tgctctaaaa tgtccagact gtgatagccg     17520
     caaggtgaag ttacacattg tatcacttgt attgtgtcgt tgaactgaat tgtatctttc     17580
     tgaggaacaa atttggcttt tttaagtgtg cttgacgcag ataagtgggc ttgacactgt     17640
     aggaaacact ctccttcctc tacatttaat gcttgcagat cgctggaaaa caacagctct     17700
     gtcactgaac cggactacaa atagcatcat gcacctcatg cacaccagtt ccttattcct     17760
     tctgaattct tctgttaccc aggaagtgtg agactctcgg attgtagatc caaatgcagt     17820
     agacaacatg agggcgaata actgttgaca gaattttcat ttttgggtga actatcccct     17880
     ttaagggtgc agctagtgca caggattgta atttcttgga atggactttc aaatctcttc     17940
     caactcttct gtgcgatgtt tgtaatcatc cttgtccaga ctacctcaac tcagtataat     18000
     agtctcttta ctggctttta tgtctataaa aacatataat tcaaatatca ttgcacgtct     18060
     taattttggc agactggcct tgctataggc cacacaccct tgcatcagca tgtgtagcca     18120
     ataaagtaca tttagatgtc agctcctatt gttcatcagt atctagctgt gcagttgact     18180
     ccttaatacg taaagcaaat cccttattgt caatactcag ctgtttctgt tcattgtgca     18240
     tgaagacttt agagactgat tctaggatga cttaatcaat agctgtgttt acatccaatg     18300
     atgtgaatta aacctaatgt tgcatacaaa tatataataa agtcaaatag aaaaaaaaca     18360
     aatatcaaaa agagacatgg aatttgctgc aatattatta aattcgtttt tatttctata     18420
     gcgcttttac agtatagatt gtgtcaaagt agctccacgt agaagttcta ggaaattgaa     18480
     tctgtcagtc cagatttcag agttgaagtt cagtttagtt cagttcagtg tggtttaaat     18540
     ttcactgctg aaagtccaaa cactgcagga caagtgcatc gatgctcagc tccacaagtc     18600
     ccaaaccaag caagccagtg gcaaggaaca aacttcacca attgatgaaa gcgaagtaaa     18660
     taaaaccccg agagaaacca ggctcagttg ggcatgatca tttctcctct ggtcaaactt     18720
     cttgtgcaga gctgcagtgt aggtgctgga ggctggagaa tgctggacgt taatcgtgaa     18780
     gaagctgcag gtgtaagtag gtcaccggcg ggtgaacaca gatcaatgcg aagactcatc     18840
     tgtcactgga gtctttcagg aatcagtctc aaactctccg ctcctccatg accaccacag     18900
     catctgctca ggatacggcc tggtccagga ttatggatac cttggcatca tctctttaca     18960
     ggtcttggat cacatctatg gtgctgcaca atctctagag gcacacttgt gcatcatgct     19020
     tacatgtgct gcattgtgtg tacactttac taaaaagatt ggtctttaat caggttttgg     19080
     actgagagag tgtgtctgag cctcagacat tataaggaag gctgttgcag agtttagaag     19140
     ccataaatgt gaagtctcaa cctcctttag tagactttga tattctgagt actaccaaaa     19200
     gccctgagtt ttcagatctt taagagccgg ttggaatatt agatgcaact gtgggccttt     19260
     tttcttaaat aaaaaaaatc acttgcacct cagaggatga agatggaaca caatgaatgt     19320
     gcagtggttt ttggaggtgc aaggcggctc ttaaaacaaa ataaaaatat ttttgatgcg     19380
     catgctgaaa tttagatgcg ttttcatcct atttaatgca caggtttatc ctgctcagct     19440
     gtgtgtacaa tttttgcaca ttttccaaat gtatgcgcat cttggtgttt ctattaagca     19500
     tgttttaatg ctatcccagc agacacacat caaatcatca taagatgatt tgcttatatt     19560
     aagttagatt taggtcacca gcatctaagg atattgatgt ccaatacaga catgaaatga     19620
     tgttggtttt aggttgtttt gaaaagtgac caaaacctaa tgtcgagcca acatcttaaa     19680
     ccaacgttat attgacatca aataatgata tggcaaccaa aattcaatgt ctgatagacg     19740
     ttatggtggt aaccttcaca caacgtcaag ctgtagcatc attagacgtt catatttaat     19800
     tgtttttagg ttgtgttgga aaacaaccaa aatgcaacat ctgtccatca ttggacattg     19860
     atgttgacct tgagatagga ccgttgacgt tgggttctga catcaacctg attttcattt     19920
     ccaaacaaaa tgcaatgtcc caagatgttg gggtacaaca tcattgtgac gtcatgttga     19980
     cgtcctgtgc ctgctgagat aactctaaat gcacataaga atagttgaat acaaacatag     20040
     ctagtgtctc cattccgtgc tgtcgagaag taataataaa taacttgtcg caactctctc     20100
     aaagttagtt tgtggtttaa tacttctata cttacttttt tagcagaaaa gttattcatc     20160
     tacagtaact acactgtaaa aaatgcaatc gatttgtgtc gagaacacat gagggaatta     20220
     agttaactta ctagtttttt ttacaattga gtgaattgaa tataaaacaa caaagttgtc     20280
     ccccaaaaga cccttaagaa tagtgttgta tcagctcatt ttaaataaat agtttgaaca     20340
     aacagtcaac atcttttttt gggtgtagtt tgttacaact aactgcttag taacaacaca     20400
     aagacttagg cccaatccca attctaccgt ttagcccttt cccttacccc tacccctcat     20460
     tttgcgcgtt ctcgtgaagg ggtaggggtg ttctaattat tttttagctt gaaggcatag     20520
     ggctaagggg gtatagggca cggtgtaaat acacagtaca gttatgatct tgttgccaca     20580
     tttgatcgtt ataataacat aatatatacc tctagtgatt tcctgaagat aaataccaaa     20640
     aaaataacac aactgcaata actacagcag tctcgatcgt ctgatatcat atgaagtaag     20700
     agatcttgat gacgtgtgca ggtgctgtag tggtttccca ttccttagga gtaaattttt     20760
     aagccctccc ccttcacact tggttttaaa ggccatgggg aagggcaatg ggtacaaaaa     20820
     tatttttggg attaggtctt actttacact taaataaatt attttaaata tgtaatagac     20880
     cgtttgtatg tgtaagtagc acataactca ttcagttgtg tggagttttt ttttaatgct     20940
     gttgatttgc tgaatttcat cactttccct ctctatttaa tttcaggatg tagacagttt     21000
     gcagatgtat ctggaggagg ttcgtttctt tgacctgttt agttacagcg aagacaaggg     21060
     tggatggctc tgcttcatgt gcagcaatcc agagaaagcc acaggtaaat aagatttgct     21120
     tttccttggc catgtacaat tgtacgcata caatgcaata tatccgtcac tctcattctt     21180
     ctgaaacaat cattgattca caatgctagt ttggactgtt aataagacaa aaactagcac     21240
     tgatttaatt catttttgaa aaaggattca gtataatcag gcgtcaattc aggtctttaa     21300
     aaatgcaatc gaacccatcc aaaacaagaa atttgttttc gtttttgacg gaacccttta     21360
     aaatcaacgc tatctcacag caattcagaa ctatttgatt ttgtggctaa ttcatatgaa     21420
     tttgtaaaat ctcattcgta caatttagta agattttagc tcattttttt ttgtttaaaa     21480
     agttgaagtt ttcagcaaat gccttcccac aacaaagtca aacaaaatca gaaaattagt     21540
     aggctatcta taaaacattc attcattcat tttcttttcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc     21600
     tgaggtcgcc acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttagccagc acatcacaca catactacgg     21660
     acaattttag cttacctaat tcacctaggg cctcatgtac gaagacttgc gtggaaatca     21720
     tactaaaaca ttgcgtacgc acaaagctgt aaatgtgcgt acgcagaaaa aaattcagat     21780
     gtatgaaaca ctgcgtacgc cgaatcccac gcatattctt ttgtacatcc gaatgaacgt     21840
     taaactaagc gcaacatgca cgagcacaaa acccctccct gcctcctccc ccgtatgaat     21900
     atgctaatga ctctactttg gcaaaaccca acgaaaaagc aaaggcaaaa gcaatcaaga     21960
     agagaaactt tgaacagaat gtgaattgga ggtgctcctt tcggaggtag accggagaaa     22020
     attggtgtta tttgcaagtt tgttctccgg aattaacaac aaaagaaaaa aatagaatgg     22080
     gagagtttag ctgatgcggt taacacagtt gggtctgaac atcgcactga gtgaactaaa     22140
     aaagaaatag tgtggtttat aggtgtaaaa tgttgcacta cccttaacag tctctgtggc     22200
     gcagctcgta aaatgcatgt caacatgttt tgacacgttc gagcatgaac tcagttcgaa     22260
     tccagcgtct gatgaactct ttcttctttt tttcccgcta catatcagat tttgccaact     22320
     aattatcacg agaaagacaa gtaggaatca ttaataagtt tgtgcatcat attttatttg     22380
     catatttatc gaatggaaag tttctgattc acgtatgcaa attcatcttc agatagtgtc     22440
     ttcatagcac tgtgtgcagt agatagctca gattacattg ggaaaacagg cgaccgctgc     22500
     aaattgcgct ttaatgttta gctggtcaac cgtatggtat ggaaacctta tatacctgct     22560
     agatgaaccc gtctcataca gctgccattg caaggctcag acactttgta gagaggaatt     22620
     taacacaact gcctctagga gtcgccaatg gaaataaaac ggacacgcac aaaaaagcca     22680
     agaagctggc gtggagctgc gcacattccc acgttcagtt catcgttagt aaatccaaac     22740
     gtgagcgatt ctgagcgtga aacctggcgt acgcaaagtt tttgtgcgta cgcagcattg     22800
     atacatgagg cccctgtact gcatggcttt ggacttgtgg gggaaagtga agcacccaga     22860
     ggaaacccac gcgaacatgg ggagaacaac gctgaactcc acgcagaaat gccaaatgaa     22920
     ccagccgagt ctcgaaccag cagccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagcacta cctactgcgc     22980
     taccgcgtcg ccatctataa aacaataata aaaaacttta catattaaat attgttatgc     23040
     ttaaattaat aataggcata agttattgac attggaaaag tattgtctgt tagtgttgat     23100
     aatgcagtct gatgtaggat ttttattatg tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt     23160
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta aaggtgctgc atgtaagttt     23220
     ttgactcttc taaagtataa aaataccata ataagtttgc agatgtttaa gaaacatgcc     23280
     aagtgaacat tcttgtttat ctgaaaaaca atgctaaagt cagacattct gctttgaata     23340
     tgtgcaaacg gctgtctttg ttttagtcaa tttaacccgc ccattgccag tttaaccaat     23400
     tatatttcag cacctcgggt tacttttatg gaaaactgaa agccttcatg actgaatgaa     23460
     ccaaatgtgc aaagtatgcg tctgtggcca aaataggacc accggtggac agtaacagcc     23520
     tctgaaaata ggacgtagat ttagagttcc acatgaagtg gtttattatt agcaaataac     23580
     ataaatatta tgaacataaa catcaggtta gcaggttaca ttgtaaccca gtgacctaac     23640
     aacacactac gtgacaacat tggcagtgat aagcaatttg gctgcttgca ccagacgaaa     23700
     catgatagaa atgtaaatac agccattcag aagcacagaa tagtgcactc actgcaatcc     23760
     aatgatatgg taaggtttat aatctaatta ttacatttta aacctcttta atattattaa     23820
     atgtacatgc tgaatcactg atatgtgttg gtttgcactg agtcacagtt ctagagttca     23880
     atttcatata gttaacatct gaggtgaact atctgcagct gctttcagta gtatggcaat     23940
     aaatgtcatg taaaacggca ttcaaactca cattattagc aataaacact gaataaagca     24000
     catgaagtgt acctgaggtg atcattgtca gtttatcctg ttgttcagct gcaagaaata     24060
     tttatatttc taaataatac atttcaggtg ttggttagaa caaaaacttt taatatgttg     24120
     aaaattcctt ttatctagtg ccattaattt tatttagaac acaatttaaa tcagctttaa     24180
     atcagccttt aggctcgatg gtcaggcatg ctcttgttga tcctcaatct ggcaaccagt     24240
     gcttgcctgt gttttgaacc aggaatgcaa tacctagttc aaccactgtg tcaaacttaa     24300
     attctgcatt tttaataata ataataatgc tttgagtttt tttcacactt tatatagtat     24360
     gtataattaa cagtgtaaag gtggctattg tttatttgta ttcatttatt tattgcaaat     24420
     tctgtactgt aatagtctta aatttaattc ggtgtaggat tgaaaaggtc ttaaaaagtc     24480
     tcagtttaaa cttatagaaa cctgcaaata ccctgataat tctctctttt atgtgaattc     24540
     aggagggaag aaatcatagt gaaattttcg gggggtattt tcaattagat aaaacttggt     24600
     ctgaatgatt tcatcaccga atatctgatc tggataatcc agttgcagct gctcactcta     24660
     gggcaagatt atcagtgaag aacacccacc tctctttaac agagtaacac ttgatcccct     24720
     tctgaagtta atgattagtg gctacgtgat tttactaaag cacatcagga ctcaggacag     24780
     atgtcttggt cctcaaatct gctttgcatg agaagaagaa agagatcaaa actagagtca     24840
     aaggtggttc ctttggttgc tttagcttta gagacagttt agcattagga tgctcagaca     24900
     aagaggcttc tgatcccatt caactgcatc cagaatgttg ctgttgcttt gttttgaatc     24960
     ttctccaaac atacacatgt gctttttggt aggatttttt ccacaagaac caattagata     25020
     caatagggaa ggttttttgc ctctggcctc aatgttttac caaaaacaat gaaacatatt     25080
     gtaaataagt gcacatggaa cttgtctttt tcatctgaga tcatttatag gcgtttgaaa     25140
     caaaaaagaa ggtctcaggc ctctgcgttg atgatgctaa aacacgacat aattccccat     25200
     gtgtttagca gaactttact atttacctaa aacatgccag ggactaaaac aatgtgtgct     25260
     ggatcacttt attttctgga ttttgtcgac tataagttac aagtacatgc aactaatcct     25320
     cattagagta ttaaaagact ctgcttaatg tctgctgacg ctgcttgggt ttcttttttt     25380
     acaccagacg taaaagcgtc atttaaaaaa aaaaaaacgc ctcatgctcg tttttttttt     25440
     atttgacccg ccgtgttaca accttctcca ccaattatgg ttggcacttt tgttcacgtg     25500
     cactgagctg ctaaagttac agtaaacagc acttggaggc gctcaagagc aaaactgtca     25560
     atgcgagcgc acattgaaga agatgctcag agtcgatatg aacgtggagc tgcttattgc     25620
     aatggtgaac aataatcatg tcttcatcac tagagctgga gctgctgctt gaaccatcca     25680
     taacaacaag cgtgttcact ttgtcttttt cttctgtgtt acaagcggtt gtcagaagct     25740
     taaatttttg tagcgccatc taacgtcaag gagtgatttt gcatactctt ctgctcgacg     25800
     ccagtaaaac tcgcttgagt ttgaatacgg aaaaatgtct tggaaaaaaa aaagtatccc     25860
     ggtgtgtacg agcctttaca ctgtagtctc ctcagcggat gtttaaagtt gtaatattca     25920
     tattgtaaaa atcatctcat gtagattttt agaactctga atctgcatct cgtttcagaa     25980
     ggtcacgttt tctttgcata tagaggcagc tttcctgact taaatgaaaa gcgctgttta     26040
     tttcatcaag gcaacctagg gtgctgaaat ttgattgggt aaactggcag tgggcggagt     26100
     tacacagtcc aaaacaatga tggacgttct gacacagaac ttttcaaagg ttttcaaagg     26160
     agaataactg actttagcat tgtgtttcag ataaacaaac atgttcatta agcatgtttc     26220
     gtgaatattt gcaaacatgt tgttgcattt ttatgcttta gaagtgtaaa aaacaaaccc     26280
     acagaacctt taagggttaa cagacagttt gacggcattg gaggctgagg cttttgtgaa     26340
     gtattggatt gctgctgtac gtgaaatatt gatggcgtca ctccacctca gaaaaagcca     26400
     cgtagagaca atttaatgag acaggaaatg tttttacatg ccacaactcg gcagccaagg     26460
     tggcaataaa aagctcattg aacctcaata gcaagtgccg ctcattaaag gagtgtttgt     26520
     agcacacatt ccacctctta ctccttattc gtaatgcggg acagtttcca tggacagaga     26580
     gctgtaatga tttttaatag agcgagatga atgtttacag aaataaggac tttgggaagg     26640
     gtgagcaagg cagcacgtac ccttggcagt gttatggtct aacagaagtc ttgtgtgtcg     26700
     tcagctcatg aaacatgtta tagtgtttga gagcactcca gcgcttggag tttggctttt     26760
     acattaatga ggaattcaaa caggggatca agaagcttca gaacgaccca tatattgctg     26820
     catacagcct tttttactgt tcgtaatgtt tagggagggt aattgtttac attttattgt     26880
     cagctatatg gcttatcaat acctgctcta acctatacag ttattaataa tattctctgt     26940
     aatttgacag aaagaaaaac aaacatatgt gaaaatccta aaagtgtaca tttgttttaa     27000
     tactgttgaa ccctacagca gtttacacct taaagcaaac agaagtaggt gcataaagta     27060
     tgtgggcata ataaacatgg cactttgctt aagtttgatg gtgtcgcacc acagatgatc     27120
     gagactcaga gattatcaaa aaaacatagt aatataaaaa atggtaaaat aaaccgcact     27180
     tacaacaaga acttggcaca caggattcac atggaggttg acactttaat accggacact     27240
     aaactaaacc aaaacagcga cacacaggaa acaattacaa agattacaaa caggggtgac     27300
     acgacaggtg gaactaatgg tcattaacac agcaggaaac agaacaaagg ggtcacatga     27360
     catacagaca agcacatgga acacggcaca acataacatc aaatagcaca acacagatac     27420
     accagacatg tgacattgcc ccacccaacc acgtgccttc aaaacataaa ggatggtgga     27480
     agggcggggg ccagggagga gtcataggag ggaagagtca ggagaggagc tggagaatga     27540
     ggagcggagg acacggccag ggcaaagaca caagagggag gagcctggaa gagagctgaa     27600
     gcagtagtat tacgacccaa gacacagcaa ggaggatggc cacagagcgg agtcgaggga     27660
     gggaagaacc atggaagagg aatggcctcc aactccatgg ggccgaccga ggaagacgcc     27720
     gctgagggaa gtggagccca aggaggagac agaaagccac agggcgaggg tgatgccggg     27780
     ggaccaaagt aaagcggccg actcaccccc gaacaaggcg acgatgcggt ccagaagccc     27840
     gcggcgaagc cgtagtgaca aaagaccaag gtgtagctgg agggaaagag gagctcaata     27900
     tagcctacag gacaaaaaga cgaggcgcag ctaaaggagt ggaatcaaga agtgtaggca     27960
     cagcaatgaa tgaccaaggc agagctggag ggatgaggga gctggtgggc tgacggtcta     28020
     tggaggagat gagggagtag tgagccaaag cggaacctta gggtcggagg gctgaggcgg     28080
     agtttgcaac tcagagggca gagtagatga cgctgggcga caccttgatg gcgatgttgg     28140
     caagcagact cacagagaga tctccccacc tggtgcttga gggtaagttg gggggatggc     28200
     agacttcagc gacacttgat ctggctgact ggctgcagtc attggcatat gcacaggaag     28260
     agagagcggg ttgggtggga tgctactcaa gactctgaag ctaatatcgt cgggatcaac     28320
     agggctggga tattgtctgg gaacagtcga ctcagaattt gaccttggct gactggaaac     28380
     agtggggaag ggttggcttc actccagaag tcgatgagca gcatctcagt gtccagcagt     28440
     aggtcatctt cagcagtggg gaggtgggca ggactctcgc tcgatctcac attcttcacc     28500
     agaactctca caatctgtga tgctgccggc tcacacacct ggtctgatta tctgttaaac     28560
     tcctagatgg agagctacct gtggtgttcg atccatgccc atcgggagca cagagccaag     28620
     cactaccgtc gagaacatcg tcagacacag gactcacatg gaggttgaaa cttcaatacc     28680
     agacactaaa caggggtgac acaacaggtg gaactaatga tcattaacac agtgggaaac     28740
     agaacaaagg ggtcacatga cataaacaca cgctcatgga acatggcaca acataacatt     28800
     tacacgactg tggtgagggg gcgtggctga gaggccaccg cgtaagtgga tacacctgcg     28860
     gtgcgcacct gcctcggatc ccacggaagg agctctggac cataaaagga ggaactatga     28920
     cagaggaagc cgagagagga ccggacccgg acatatttta cttttgcttt cagtttgacg     28980
     gcagtctccg tgaggagctg ccgttctata tgttttggtt tagacggcag tctccgtgag     29040
     gagctgccat ccctgttatt aataaatatt ttaaactacg tcagttctcc gcctccttct     29100
     tcccggcggc caaagggccg taaacttcat tacaacgaca caacacagat acaccagaca     29160
     tgtgacagat ggattgtctt tgtttccaaa agtactaatt cttagtacac agtcttagtt     29220
     gtgacatgga actgctgcaa ctactccacc tgtgtcgtta tcataaaaca ttagaatcaa     29280
     aatcaagcat gcattgttca gatctttact gtaacttagg aactaacggg tacaggtaca     29340
     ataaatgtta aaattaaata caatttaaag gttttaaaat gtgcattttt atttgatatt     29400
     tgacgtaatc tcaactgaaa aacgaagaga gggcgataga gtagcttctc cccttttcaa     29460
     aagcagccaa aagtgttttg ttttatcaga gctctgccgg tgagagtggt tgagatcaaa     29520
     ttaaaagcag acttgaagca tcctgaaggg gcggggcatg tgagatacta gagagcattt     29580
     gattggttat gatttaatga gaaaataaag tatgaggtga tgtgaaaaaa aaacgttgat     29640
     ccatttagga gggagtgaca aactacaagc ttcatatgtt tatatcggtg ttatatcttc     29700
     taaacgccaa ttttgtcatc gttttgtacc acattagctt ataggtatta ttgaagacta     29760
     acatactata cttacatcta taaaacatcg tttgaatttc actggacctt taataaattc     29820
     ttaaaaagaa catatttatg atatagcaag tatacaaatg catttttaag atctggaaaa     29880
     catctgctgt gtttaaaggt cttaaaatgg tccaacgaat gaacatgtaa tattttaaac     29940
     atcttaaagc acaaccaata tttcaccttt taatgcccca aatgaactac tgaactgtta     30000
     tcctatgctt tgttttcaat gtggactatt ggacgtactc cagctgaaaa tacatcaaaa     30060
     gactctccag taaattgtat agaagtgaat ccgttttctc agcaaggggt tgctggagtc     30120
     ctttctcagt ctgagcttct ttctttagtt actctaaatc aacagtaaag ccgaacactg     30180
     gccaaaaccc agagacaaat ctataacaca caccaaccag cagaataata aacaccgacc     30240
     ttcctttccc ccacagtgac taacaatatc ctcattgaat caatttacaa tcgatccaga     30300
     actggaataa acaaaactta cctcaaaaga tgtatcggtg taaccactta ctcttctccc     30360
     attggcattc atagcttgcg actgccaaaa tcctgattta caaagctatt ttctcaattt     30420
     gtataacatg ctatttagag tgtcttactg aaggctacta tgatttggca cattgtgtaa     30480
     cttcagacca aacattagta gtcttgctct gttatcatta gtgtatcttt cactttcatg     30540
     gccacaaaca gtcaagctta gtttttagtg ctgtatcgta tacacaataa aataaacaga     30600
     gagcataaat catgttaggc aaacaaactc aatgcagaat gaactgcaga tgcgttaaat     30660
     gttctgagat ttaaaaaaaa tgtacacttc atatttgttt tgctcttgct agcgctttag     30720
     atttatgcat ggcagagaaa ggcagataga gtgaaagaaa tcaaagtaag atcaaaaata     30780
     gaggattatt actttgctca cgggataaac acagatatca ggttcagata tcaaccataa     30840
     ccactactgc aaagtttggt ttaatcaacc agaacaactc atatctctta tgaaacttat     30900
     ttttttactt tttattgtta atttttgcag ttttgtgtgt ttttatttat tagttatgat     30960
     tgcttaatgc ttagggtgaa ctcaccctat gctattcgaa ccatgccagg gcatgtttct     31020
     ctgtttgttt ggcaaatgtg agtgctgcga gtcgagccca ggcgctgttc agttggccgg     31080
     ccatttccca gttgtggtcc atttccactg agtggtacgg tatggttcag tgcgttttat     31140
     ggccctttcc gatgtcaaaa ggtacctaaa agggaaccgt accgtaccac ttattggata     31200
     ccctttctaa tagccggttt tcactgagtg gtatggtatg gttcggtacc ctttaatggc     31260
     cgtttccact gtcaaaaagt tcctaaaaga gaaccgtacc ttaccacttt ttgggtacct     31320
     ttttgaaagg gtacctagca caacaaaagg gtaccaaaag gctgagtagg acgcacagat     31380
     gaacgctatt ggtttacaga gaaacgtccc gagctcgtgc acaagctagg agaatgaaat     31440
     agaagtgcca ttttaaaaac acaaccaaga cattacacca taataaaata tacatataat     31500
     atcgagccat ggtcaacccg agcgcaaaca aaccttgtca ttgtcttgat gaacagaaaa     31560
     aaaaagcaga gaagaagagc agaatctacc ctgtgcccca aagttgttta caaggccgtc     31620
     taaggcacga gcagtttcac tttctcgaaa gagcttgcgt gcacatctat atttgaaata     31680
     atgaacgaat gatgaatgat aataatgtgc gcgtgattat taaactgctt ctagcatcca     31740
     atcctttcag aaacgaacac gttagagtga cgtgcaaaaa aacaaaggag aagccgtaaa     31800
     aaccatggag caaatgattc tttcagcaaa ctaaaacatg aacaaactgc catgtttaac     31860
     tattatcatc accttttgga ctattataaa cttggaccga tggaatgacg ttctaacaag     31920
     agtctacatg tgctgatgaa gaataaagat aaagatgaga ggtttgtact gactgtgggc     31980
     tatatttctt gtttgtctgc ggtgctcagt gggaagcaca ttcacctcac agccagaagg     32040
     tcgctggttt gagccttgac tgggtcagtt gaagtttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc     32100
     cctgtgtttg cgcgagtttc ctccgagtgc tctggttttc cccacaagtc caaaggcatg     32160
     cggtacaggt gaattaggta ggctaaattg tctgtagtgt atgtgtgtga atgagtgtgt     32220
     ttgagtgttt cacagtgatg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat ccataaaaca tgtgctggat     32280
     aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggctacc ccagattaat aaagggacta agccgaaaag     32340
     aaaatgaatg aatatgggag actgtgaggg tctgtatgtg ttcatatatg ttgcatttat     32400
     ttatttaatt tatttaatta cagacgttac agtaggctat tttgcacaga tcattgatct     32460
     gcagttataa tcaaatcttg gtcagagaaa ggttagtaat gaacatttaa acacaagtat     32520
     ttgtgtatag agcatttgtt ttgtgagaag tgcttctcat atggtatatg aacgacctgt     32580
     acagctttac tgtagacatt tacttgagag ataatggcgt caactgaaac tttctgtaga     32640
     accattggtc cccttttgcc agtggaaaca ctggcctgat aaaaggttgg actgtaccac     32700
     tcagtggaaa caggccattg gaagagttgt gccagagtgc ggttctgtag gctttggtgc     32760
     tgtagacttg tagtctggtg tgtgcgcaaa gcacacctga gcccgaaact gaagacgcaa     32820
     cattgaaatt ccactctctc acaataacca aaccattaca gtaactaact ggcaacattg     32880
     tggccagtat tttactgtaa aaaagcaagg cactaattct taccttattc atagaaagtg     32940
     tcttttatac atcagaacaa aatgatttaa ctaaataaac aaaagacgtt tctaaagctg     33000
     tttttgctat acaggaaact gcaggtcatg atcagtcatt ttcaccccag tgttaatcag     33060
     ggctccagtg ttctctaatg caccagcagt taaacatctg attatcagac ttgcctaatc     33120
     ttaagcgggc tatcaaagtg ctgcagattc tcatctgttt ttcttgctgg aaaaaaagga     33180
     aaagtcagac aatgggcttc tttgtaccat cctggaaggg ctataacaca gtttcctgtt     33240
     taactgaaat agacccatga gggagatctg tgaaatgctt tgtgtagctt agacagaccc     33300
     agcaaacaca ggcaggagag acacgatgtt caccacatct gaaagcacac cagatattgc     33360
     agtgtggtca taaacactga gtaatgctct tttgttcgtc taatgagaac aatttaccca     33420
     gaattctcag tgtgtgtaga aatagagtag atccagaaga tgatggctgt ggtagagagt     33480
     tgtttgaatt gtcggtttca ctttatatta aggtgaagtt acaattcatt tattcatttt     33540
     ccttcggctt agtcccttta ttcttcaggg gtcaccacag cggaatgaac caccaacttg     33600
     tccagcattt gttttacaca gcaaatgccc ttccagctac atcccagtac tgggaaacac     33660
     ccatacacat tttttcacgc acatacgcta tggccaattt aattcattaa attcacctat     33720
     agagcatgtc tttggactgt ctttggacta tagcgcagag gtgtccaaac tcggtcctgg     33780
     agggccggtg tcctgcagat tttagctcca acatgcctca acacacctgc agggatgttt     33840
     ctagaaggcc tagtaagggc ttgataaggt agcccaggtg tgtctgattg ggattggagc     33900
     taaactttgc aggacaccag ccctccagga ccgagattgg acacccctgc tatagcgcat     33960
     gtctttagaa aatcagagca cccgggtttc tccctgtgtt atgttttatg ccctttttac     34020
     aagatctaaa ttaagtctct gatgtcagtg tttatgagac ttttcagctc aaaatacccc     34080
     acaaataatg ttttatatct ctttgaagct gcccttttta ggctttgatc ctaattgtgc     34140
     catattggtg actgtcgctt taaattaaaa taaacttttt ttaaagcggg cggggctaca     34200
     aatacccatg tgccctatta gtgatgcacg aatggcggtt atattcgcgg gcactgcgga     34260
     taatccgagg gtcgggtaat aaaaaaatac attatgatta attgcgggta gatgtagcag     34320
     gatatgacag tgggctttac agaatgggat gatgagacac ctaaaataat ggatgaagtg     34380
     caagagtagc ctactgttca tagtttcagt tagaggagtc atcagaggaa aatctgctat     34440
     cgttctggga gaaacaagat tacatatttc cacaactgta gggccttgcg aggagaatct     34500
     tgttcattcc tacaacaagc ggtgctaaca aacgctcaat tcagtgcagc tggcagcgtt     34560
     ttggaggcaa ggcagaatcg cccgattcca ggcacagttg atgctattct gtttttgcac     34620
     agtgcaaaga aataggccaa gaaaacacaa catatcgccg tttaggctaa agtggcaccc     34680
     tttttgttat cttgttccct tatctgtaaa agctaaaatg tctactttct gtatctattt     34740
     gtaaatgaag aaaatgttgt ctgaagacaa gcttttcttt ttataaataa atgttcatta     34800
     aaaaacattt acaattaacg tattattgta ctatcagaga tgcgcagatt aaagctgaat     34860
     gaatctgctg ttaatatcta cagtgaacag atccggggcg tccataaagc atagaggcaa     34920
     cccaggcggc agaatagaga gggcggcatc cgcgacaccc ccccggtcct ctctttcatt     34980
     cgtgacaata cccccaccgc ccgatcctcg ctgtcatacg cacaatcaca cccccgtttc     35040
     tcgttttcgc tttcggtata agggcggcaa gatcatcttt tgcctagagc tccagttcag     35100
     gttgctctga ccctgacggt gacctatcat gccttaaaca aagaattaaa ttattaaagt     35160
     gacgatcggg tgcggataca tatatcaaat aaaaaatgtg tgcgggcggg aggcgggttg     35220
     atgattagta taaagccgct gattcgggta tcatttccgc tgatccgcgc atctctactg     35280
     cctatagtgg catattcaaa aacaagacta ccttcttatg ctaatgagat cattaatggg     35340
     cggggctttc ccttctgatg acatgtacta agggagaatg tctatcaaag gcaagtgtat     35400
     ccctttttac cattagacgc tggttatgtc cacataccgt tgccacacaa ctgtgtttaa     35460
     accccttata aaagtgactt ttgcattata ggtccccttt aaggactagc agaatgttct     35520
     agccatggcc agagcaccat ttcatttgtt cattactaat acaatcctac gtgtgatcat     35580
     tttttgtgct cagttgttaa ccaggacggc cagccactca tcgagggtaa gctgaaggag     35640
     aaacaagtgc gctggaagtt catcaaaaga tggaaaacac gttatttcac ccttgctgga     35700
     aaccagcttc tgttccgtag aggaaaatca gtaagtgtgt ctcattcacc acaattgcat     35760
     atgcagattt tctttccaaa gtacaatgtt gtatttagat agttactcag cctttgtatg     35820
     tacaaagttt tgtgcatcaa aatatgcttt gtcagatatt attgctttat atggaattag     35880
     ataaatgcat atatgtagta ctgaagtgtt tctgatagga aatctcttaa taatttagag     35940
     tccttctgac aggaagatga tctttacttt taaaagccta tgacttaatc ttgagactaa     36000
     gcaaagcttc cctggaggca attacttgaa ctggattaaa tagaatctct ctgttgtgct     36060
     tcacaaaaga gcaaagccaa atttagtaag tgttcatata acttggaaga catattgtgc     36120
     agaagagaat tcataaccaa agcaatgaca cacaaacact gacttaaaag ccacaatcag     36180
     tcagttttac aggattcgga cacaaagcca gcaaaatctt tttaagcaaa aaaataaatg     36240
     gatttgtcag agctgtaagc acattaaatc tcgatttgct gtaaatctta atctggaaaa     36300
     gagattcatc actacagtca tttcatcttg atttgtcttt atttgatcag gcatgacact     36360
     aatgcataca atatcatttg gcctcctgtc atggtatctt gcttttatta tgcctttaat     36420
     ttgctcgcag ttcttctgtt tttcttttct taatgatgtt cgtcagtgca caaaaacaac     36480
     gataagcctc aattttggca gcctttatgc agcacaactt aaaaacactt tgagagacag     36540
     gaaaaataat agagtgggag aattggaacc atcaatagag agctgtttct ctactccaaa     36600
     acccttattg ctgttagaga ttaatagaca atatttgact agttgacaat tcctcacaag     36660
     attgcgtctt gtgtaaacca ttgtgataac cattgcatct tactctcaaa caattacatt     36720
     tgctgtttgt tcaaactact tatataaagt aaaacaacat aattcctaag ttttttgtta     36780
     caacttaact gttttgagca atctacttaa atgtgttcta cttaaacatg ttgtgccaac     36840
     acaaattgat tgtgtggaac ccagcatttt ttacagtgta cactctagac cagtggtccc     36900
     caagccctgg gctgcggact ggtactggtt tgtggatcaa ttggtaacgg actgcacaag     36960
     attattttta attattttta attaattaat ttgtgggcga cgcggtggcg cagtaggtag     37020
     tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcgctg gttcaagcca cggctgggtc agttgccgtt     37080
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcg tccgcgtggg tttccttcgg gtgctccggt     37140
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaatttg gtaggctaaa ttgtccgtag     37200
     tgtatgagtg tgtatgggtg tttcccagtg atgggttgcg actgtaaggg catccgctgc     37260
     gtaaaaacat gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgacccag gattaataaa     37320
     ggggctaagc tgacaagaaa atgaatgaat gaatgaataa ttgttttcgt tttaagtcta     37380
     aacaattttt attttgaaaa atcttatagt ttgaaaaatg accgtatttc tttgaacgct     37440
     aaaatttaac ccacaagcca gcaaaatttg tgagtaaaaa agatgtctga aaagtttctt     37500
     tgcaaagggg aaaaggctca gtgaagcgac ctgccaagga atacatccgc aactcatttg     37560
     tcaacaaatc aggtgaccag gttggggacc aacgctctaa acaatgctgg gttcactatt     37620
     gcacaaaaca actccatgtt gtctcaacac aaaccaatta agttaacttt tttcttacac     37680
     aaatttacat agattgaaca taagttgtcc taaagacatc tcaggaatgt gactcatttt     37740
     aaacaggttg tttgatcaag cacccaattt tttttgagtg tatgtaaacc attatgtgaa     37800
     ccccctatct attgctaaac agagcttttc ttacttgttt tgattgtacg ctgtaaaaag     37860
     cgattagttg actttactta aagaaagtga gtaaacctgt tgctttaaaa agactaagtg     37920
     aactgtgcat aattaaaaca aataaagtca acttaacagt tccaagttac aacgggttta     37980
     ctcacttttt taaattaaag tcaggttgct gttttggaaa gttttattat tcacgtttta     38040
     ttatatattg attattattt attatttata ttagggatat tttatgttgg gcctgtaata     38100
     attagttttt taaattatta ttattattat aattattatt aatcttattt tttattcata     38160
     tttatttcta tttctacatt cactgtaaaa attttgagtt tcacacattt aatttgtgtt     38220
     ggaaccatat gtaggaatta agttagcttg ttgtttctac aaatttaaaa taattgaaca     38280
     taaatcaatt agtttgtgcc caaataaaac tcaataattg tgttgtttag gctcaattta     38340
     aataagtagt ttgaacaaat ggcaaacaat tccttaagtt ttcttaaaca tttgccctga     38400
     agttctaaat aaaaagtgag aaatatgatt gagcagattt gaggatatac tttaaaatgt     38460
     aaaaaaagtc agtttttggt aagggtatat aaactattat tgccagaatt tacaaaaatg     38520
     gtactatatc atgatatata tcgttatcaa aatatgactt gagattttgt catattgccc     38580
     atcccaatgt acagttatga tctctttttg tgtgtggtgg gtgaccttta agttagcatg     38640
     tctttagtgt cttatagtac ttttgaatgg taatgtatcg tattaccttt tccaacgttg     38700
     ataatcaaag ctgtccactg atcatcagtt cagcatgtgg caataccgaa aattcaactt     38760
     tgacatcacg ggaataaata gcatcctaaa ccattgtcac atggtctata caggagccta     38820
     aaccaatttc aagctatgtt cccctcttat actcacagaa ggacgagctg gacaacaaca     38880
     cgattgaact tagcaaagtg caaagcgtta aagtggtcgc aaagaagagg cgagaccgcg     38940
     gcctgcccag agccttcgag atcttcaccg acagcaaaac ctacgtgctg aaagcgcagg     39000
     acgagaagca tgcagaagag tggctgcagt gcatcaatgt ggccgtggcc caagccaaag     39060
     aacgagagaa ccgagaggcc acaacatacc tgtgactcac tcgcttatta ggtgtctcca     39120
     atgccaccgc tgcagtcatc atcaatccca ttcttgtgat ggtaagctgc aaagatcatc     39180
     ggttagtgct acacaaggtg gcacgttatg gccaaaactg aagggtactc tgagagaagc     39240
     cttctgaatc atgaagtgac caatgggatg tccagcagcc ttgtggactt ctcagatgtg     39300
     cttggaaagg gcttaatgcc aaaagtcaac atgaagcgtg ttgcttggat gttgaggctg     39360
     agcaacactg acacactcat tctgtgtgtc atattgctgc atttttttga ataggaatga     39420
     tgattggttt catctttttg aaagcaacag aagattcatt cagaataagg gcacgtgtcc     39480
     accgcagtgt tttgcgctgc agaaatgcca gctgagagtt ttgttttgta ttgtcaatgc     39540
     tgcatgtttt aaaggatctc tgctgagcat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     39600
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct     39660
     atcatctatc atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat catctgtctc tctgtctgtc     39720
     tgtctgtcta tctatcagtt gaagaagtgc tcacaaccaa agtcccttta aggcaagtca     39780
     tttcacttgg cggccatttt ttaaatgcag atcgggaatt ctgtttgaat ggggaaacaa     39840
     aattctccat aattgtttgc caagcttatt atgatttaat ttcatattag gaatcagcag     39900
     caaaaaaata aacaactgtc tctttagttt aatttcctaa cattcaaatc acacaaaatc     39960
     tgcagaaact catgtctggt ccatgcccct ccagagaatc ctcagtttat agcgatcaat     40020
     gatggctcct gtactagacg gtggctatat tgactgttac tcttttcccc attcaaaact     40080
     atacaaatga tgtgtcttgt ggattctata tagtctgtca caactgcagc acaaaaatac     40140
     tttagtggac atgtgcccta attgcttgtg cacacttttc atacccaggc gattttcaca     40200
     agtgatgggc aaattgagca tgcacatttt ttcctgacat tatagcgctt aatgcaaaac     40260
     atacataccg gtacactagg cagcacaaca caacttacac ttctgacact tgcctgttac     40320
     acaaaaacaa aatcgtttta tagtgggttt ttttaaagca tacctgtcaa ccctcccatt     40380
     tttcctggga ttctcccgta ttttacagtt ctttcctgct atcatccctt aaaggtattt     40440
     tcctatattt ctcccgtatt ttcagtgttt ctctgaaggg gggcaagaaa caataaagag     40500
     ccaagccttt ctatacacaa accatactgc cgaaccacca ggggccgccc cttgctctta     40560
     aatgtgggtc tgttctgtgc tttcactttg tttagacaca aaaacacttt gcaataaata     40620
     taaaaatggc gcgattcccc ttccttttca ttacaggtgc tgtcacccct cctatgcaat     40680
     cctcaaaaca gtcatataat gctgacgcat tccatagtga taaatagaag ctgtttccca     40740
     aaatgattct gtacatgcga tttgaagcag agcgaaagtc tggcttttgg gtgcgtgttt     40800
     aaaccgacat acacacataa ttaataataa taatatctaa agatgtcgat cttggtgttt     40860
     gttttttttt caaacacaac taatttcatc ctaaatgagc ataaaaagtt aggaaagcag     40920
     ccgaatgcct ttattttatt gttagatgtg tgcattatta aagtgacacc tgttatttaa     40980
     tgtaatcaaa tgaaaagaat ctaaataaga gattcattca ttactcttta atcagaatgt     41040
     gtaagttata cagtgaagaa atagctaatt agatttgata tcttgattct atttcattat     41100
     aatagctatt aatttaaata ggctgaacag tttgctaatg tatttgctgc taatgtatat     41160
     atttattttt tcttttgtaa ataataataa tagattacat agacaagatt acatattgct     41220
     gaccatttaa ctgcttattt acaatgaaac agctccaaat aaacatagct agtcccttat     41280
     tatggtgggc atatccctta ttttcacatc ccaatgttga caggtatgtt ttaaagtgat     41340
     ttattttatt atcgggctga aacctataac taaacaatgc tttaaacatt tattagccaa     41400
     tacagatatg gtggatgcta tttctttcat caatagttaa cacatcaata attatgttaa     41460
     gtcacaggtg tcaaactcag ttccaaaagg gccgcagctc tgcacagttt agttccaacc     41520
     ctaattaaac acacctgatc aaactaattg agtccttcag gcttgtttga aacctacagg     41580
     taagtgtgtt ggagcagggt tggaactaaa ctgtgcaggg cttcggcctc caggaattga     41640
     gtttgacacc cctgcgttaa gtgtatggtt tagcatgagg ggactcaaac cacaagtcat     41700
     accccctagt ggacgtgtta tctaaaaaac acaatgaact gcacctacaa caactttaga     41760
     tagtgaaaga attatttcag attgttcaaa aaacaggcag attcacatat ttccatcgag     41820
     cctgggctgc cagtactagt aaataatcct aaattttact accagatccc agaatacaca     41880
     aaataggccg gtgtcattta tacagcaatc attttatact tcacttagca ctcatactgt     41940
     tacagaagag caataaaaga accacgctgg atcagttata cgaataaagc atcaagtagg     42000
     gcctctctgg tagggcacac actgttcctt ggccacagga gcttgcgtgt cagtaatgtg     42060
     gatcagcgtc ttcttgaagg acctctcctg aagctccaga aaagtgcaga acaatagcag     42120
     agagaaatct gttccactgg catctgtttc agagctgtgt tagctgggct ttcatgtctt     42180
     tgtagatgaa gaccagtaat gttgtactgt aagagtggct tcaatccaag ccctttattg     42240
     atttatatta atagctattt tgccatgaga agccaaaatc aatgattgat gttggtatcg     42300
     tatgttctgc cgatgggttt tgctcaatag tttagcgtga gattgatgtc cgtcagtttt     42360
     ctagtattca gtattggtgt atttgctgta gtttggcttt tctagatcat catgccaatc     42420
     ggaggctgat cgttattcgt cgtgggagga attgctcagt ttatttgcga gcattgtttt     42480
     ggtgcccagt tcagtaaacg tattaaatta ggtaatagct cagacttacc cacaaaattg     42540
     gttgctaaac acagtgtaca tggtataatt ccttcctgta gggttcagct ctgactgcta     42600
     gtttaaggag aatatataat acatctaatg gacagcctcc taatgtgcaa cgaaaataat     42660
     gacagtacat ttaggcaaag caaactttat ttatagaaca caaccatagt tgatccaaag     42720
     ggctttacag gaatataaat taaattaaat tagtattaaa tatataagag aaaaataata     42780
     tatggatacc tgaaatacag gcataaaata acatgcatgc atcactcaaa ggctagggga     42840
     tatttacatt taaaaattca gagcaccgat attgtttcag tacatttaag caaactgtaa     42900
     caaactgaat gcctgtttag aaccaaagca agcaatctat gggagtgaaa acaccataaa     42960
     gggggtcaga aactggttct caacagaatt atgtgagatg tcattaaaga acgactactt     43020
     tatggaaaaa tctatgaatg taacaatata ttagaagcct aaattgtttg tgcatacaaa     43080
     agtctacaaa tttacttctg actctaaacc attaaaacag tggccaaata tacattgtat     43140
     gggtaaaatt ctaaatataa tcaaagcttg tttggcatgc tgtcccggta gagagcccta     43200
     aactcataag atcctaaagc ccggggctcc ctcccgtttt gcgaggcgag aggggagttt     43260
     gagctcaggt agatctcgag aactgtccta cagtagtagc taatgatcag atagtgattc     43320
     cttttaaaga gataactgct tattaggagc atttctatgg tgccgatttg gattaggaaa     43380
     taggcatgac tgtcatttga attataaatt tattgcccct taaactattt tattgtcctt     43440
     gtaacgcctg gttgaccttt catcattaaa tccaaaaact caaatttttt gtcagaaaca     43500
     caatgtaacc aaaaaattac ttttatctta gcgagcaagt taaaatattt tgatagatca     43560
     ttgtcttgtg ttgtaaagtt gttctttttt acattctgag atgattcttt tttacatttt     43620
     atcctctctt ttttacgtca gaacagttag gctcaatccc aattctattt ttgtacccct     43680
     tctccttccc cttggccctt acaaccgagg gttaagggga agggcttcaa attttagccc     43740
     taagaattgg gacagcacta cagtcaaaaa tcagtcaata atatgtcaaa aataattgga     43800
     gtttttcaac ataggctcat tctgaaaatg tacttctaca tacatttctg gtgattgtga     43860
     attatgtagc cagagtttta agacgtctct aaaacgaacg attcggggtg gtatgacgcc     43920
     gtcccttttc acgcttacca gctgaccgat tgcctctata tggaaggctt tcttgtctac     43980
     atcagcagac ttgagacaca gagcggaata gacttcgacg aaagggtttg agtccagtga     44040
     aaaacaggac aggaaagccg gtaaaacaaa aaccaaaaga taataacaaa aaagtaaata     44100
     acagggtgag aacatagtaa ggcctgataa tgtggtaaaa atcaggcggc catggattgc     44160
     ttttaaaaac agtgttggtt gggtttaggg aaggggatga ttgagtcaat ctgtgctttt     44220
     gaaaacacta ttggttgggt ttagggaagg aggatggtgg gtcaatcagt cagtcgacag     44280
     ctgcctttgg tggatttacg cgagaacagc aggcacgaat ggcgaactta cgagagaaat     44340
     ttgagatctc aaaaagtgta cacagcagcc tctggttgat tcacgaaaat aaactgctta     44400
     aaaaaacgta gctcctggca cgtacagtct ttaacgctct ccagtaatgg atactggggt     44460
     acgttttcag aatgagcctg agttggagtt ttgcctttaa acaagcaaaa taatctagtt     44520
     ttcgctttca aataaaatta tgttgcttgt tttaagggaa accttgttta tttttgccac     44580
     aaaacaagac aatattttac gcttgtctac aaaatgctaa gaattcttgg acttttgcac     44640
     tagaaacaag acaaaaactc ctttttcaag ctctttttga actatattgt tgcttaaccc     44700
     agagttaaat ttacatcgct ttaacccaga actaaaaaga tactacctca cggcttatca     44760
     tgatgtgaaa atcccacttg tagttgatgt tttcaacatc ccaaaataac aaacaagtcc     44820
     acagatgctt cttgttttgc ttcacaatgt tgaatcactc tgtctgttta cttcagttga     44880
     caatataatc cagtcaggat gtgtttcttg tagcatttct ttacacctca cacccctatt     44940
     ggccaaagaa actgatggac tttcagctca gcaaggcgtt taaaggtccc aaaatgtttg     45000
     aagatccaaa atatggacac acttttgtgc ttccagtcgg ttacaatggt tgtacagttc     45060
     aattaccaac acaaactttc tcccaggcat ttttttttac gtgtcgaagc caaagtgtgt     45120
     ttatcctttt ttttttcttc tgcttttcaa tgcgtttcca ggcagctgta taaatatcag     45180
     cccaattcca tgttaaatga aggtgtgcat atgtgcggtt gacctccata acccgagcat     45240
     ggcttctgtt tgtgttgttt ctcctgaggg accgatgtct attttctctg taatgaatgc     45300
     tggagggctt ttttcgttct ctttatatgt gtcactgaac gtcgtgttct ctcttaaaaa     45360
     actggagctt ttaactgtga gcaaaaaaca gtttcactgg ttgaaatatt tgaagtatta     45420
     gtcaacgtga aattgaccct ctttactaaa ttttgcgctc gacagtgttg tgaaagattc     45480
     agctgaacat gttttccaaa gaattttgat attattgaat aatttgagta gaagaatcta     45540
     tttaagcatt gttttccaaa gcacaattcc tattcaggct gcattctggt gttggacaca     45600
     tgcagcagat cgaattgaat cctgctttgt attttctgta ttaatatcag ttatgtctga     45660
     tattaatgtc aaactgtaaa caatgcaggg ttccacacaa tttctccatg ttgtcccaac     45720
     acaaatcaat taagttaact ttagtgattt tacaaatcta attggattga acataaaaca     45780
     actaagttgt cgctaaatac tctcaagaat tgtgtttatt cagctcattt taattaagta     45840
     ggattagtag tattaaagta gtaataacaa gcagcaaaaa catcttgtct gagtaaaata     45900
     tgaaagtaaa ataagtcgca aatagcaatt tagccatcgt gaacatgaag agggcatgta     45960
     aaatctaata tttgtttatt cgtctgtttt tttcttttat gtatatttat ttcaagtgtt     46020
     tgaattttta tattattgta agtagactaa tctgtataag cattgttttc taaagcacta     46080
     cttatattat ggtttcattt tggtgttgga cacatacaca tattttaagt gttgatttgc     46140
     agcagatcga attgaatcct gctttgtatt tttcttgctg agttatgtct gatattaatg     46200
     tcaaacactg taaaaaatgc agggttccac acaattccaa atgttgtccc aacaaaaatc     46260
     aattaagtta actttattga ttttacaaat ctaagtggat tgaaaataag ttgtcgctaa     46320
     aaaccctcaa gaattgtgtt gattcagctc attttattta agtagtatta gtagtattaa     46380
     agtagtaata acaagctgca taaacatttt ttctgagtga aatatgaaat taaaatgagt     46440
     cgcaaatagc aatgaagaga acatgtaaaa tcaaacattt gtttattcga ctattttttc     46500
     ttttatgtat atttatatca agtgttttaa ttttgatatt actgtgagtg agcaaatcta     46560
     tttaagcatt gttttctaaa gcactactca tattctggct tcattctgat attggacata     46620
     tacagttact taagtgttga tttgcagcag atcgaattga attctgcttt gtattttctt     46680
     gcttgatatt aatgtcaaac actgtaaaaa tgcaggattc cacacaattc cttcatgttg     46740
     tcccaaacca aatcaattag attaacttta ttgattttac aattctatgt ggattgaaca     46800
     taaaacagtg aagtggacgc taaaaaccct caagaattgt gttgattcag cacattttaa     46860
     attagcagca tggtgaatac atgtaaagta aatcatttgt ttattcaagt agtttttctt     46920
     ctttcatctg tatttatttc aagtgtttga aactatttga ctaaatgctg aaatgctgtt     46980
     tgattttaga ctaatgttag ctgacaaatc tgaaatagat tccttttata tacagtagag     47040
     gtgaacagtt ttgctaaatg tgtctttgac taatgtaata tatatgtttc gttcttctgt     47100
     ttatattgta tgatgacctt ttttctaaaa ataaatcatt aggataaata tcgtagcatt     47160
     tacttttatt gacaccatct tgaaggtgtg attgaagtat cgatgtccat gtaattcagg     47220
     taattgagtg taaaaggtgt tgcaaaggga ttctgggtgg attgttaggt gaaaggtcat     47280
     gagcgtgaca tttagagtag aacatatctt agaaaattct aggttgtatt attaatatat     47340
     atttttataa agcattatct tttaggcaca ttataggttc attctgaaaa tgtaggtcta     47400
     tatatatttc tggagatcac aaattcgttc ttttttacgc taaccatctg accgatatcc     47460
     tgcgtataaa tggcttttcc gctgttacca gtttgtccag tagcaaatca tgtacgtcgg     47520
     cggatatgag actcgaagag gagttgacca caacgacagg gtttgagtct ggtgaagaat     47580
     gtttccagaa agcggataag acaaaaacag aaaccaaaaa ataaataaac aaggaaataa     47640
     cagggtgaga atgtggtaaa atctgaaaat gtggttaaaa acaggtgagg gcttttcatt     47700
     ttctagtgct tttgaaaaca ctattggttg ggtttagggg agtcagtcag tcgaaagcgg     47760
     cctctggtgc atttacgtga gaacagcagg cgcaaatgac acttgtgaga gcaatttgtg     47820
     atctcaaaaa gcatacacag tggcctctgg tggatttttt tatgaaaaca aaaactgcaa     47880
     acaaacacac ctcctgggac gtatttgttg ctctccaaaa atgtatacaa gggtacgctt     47940
     tcagaatgag cctgggttga caaaatgacg gtctgtgcca tcatgtttgt ttgctgtagg     48000
     ttgaaaacaa ggtgaattgc taaaaatgtc accttgaggt tgagattttg ggggaaaaaa     48060
     ctgtttaatg taagttttac accaaaaaaa aactacatgt ttaatgaaat tagactaaag     48120
     gctgatttat acttcagcat caagcatgcg tattctctgg cgcaggctac gggtggacgc     48180
     atagccctca ctgtggccat cggcgacgct gacgcgcacc tctcaaaaaa tgtaaccaca     48240
     cgttgcatga gagccccgcg agcccgatgg agtaagtgtt tacaagtgtc aactcccgag     48300
     aaggagcttc agatgaagac tgttgttgtg tttaccttgg gattgcacgt tcgctgattc     48360
     ctgcatcaaa atgagcgaat ttgagccact tgtacattaa agtagcactc caaaaaaaaa     48420
     aaaaaacgtt ggagaagaaa ctcgacacag aggaagataa agactcactg ccagctagcg     48480
     tttcggaagt gttgttacag agcaacacaa acagcgtaca gaagtataaa tgcacagcaa     48540
     tgcgcgttgc atgagccgtg ggtcacgccg atcacttgac gcagaagcat aaaccaggct     48600
     tgacttagca gtgaccttac cctaagaaat tataggtcgt tctccaacat ttatctcctg     48660
     tgtttgtgtg catgtgctta aatgtatggg ggatattatg tacatatgta tgaatgtact     48720
     ttatataaca cttgttcatt tcattaattc agttattttc cgttgagttg gtccctttct     48780
     tcattggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc atatgtttta cacagcagat gccctttcag     48840
     ctgcaaccca gtaccggtac ccatccatac actctcattc actttcatac actacggcca     48900
     atttagttta ttcaattcac ctataatgca tgtgtttaga ctgtggggga aaccgaagca     48960
     accggaggaa actcacacga acacggggag aacatgcaaa tgcagaaatg ccaactggcc     49020
     cagccgggac tcgaaccagc gacagcgcta accactgagc caccatgtcg ccccctgttt     49080
     tttagtttgt ttgattgttt taatatacag ctctaacaaa ttatttgtac aaatatctga     49140
     tatttatgca ttactagtcg catttgctgt ttcattccct tcccagcagg cacaagacgt     49200
     caatatgatg tcagattgat gctgtactcc aacttcttgg ggacgttgta ttctgtttga     49260
     agatgaaatc gggttaacgt caaaacccaa cgtcaggttg acgtcaaagt ccaaagtcca     49320
     acctaaaatc agccaaatat aaacgtctta tgatgttaca gcttgacatt gtgtggactt     49380
     taacactatc agatgttgga ttttggttgc catacctgaa gattaaatgt cagtaaatga     49440
     tgtcaatatg acgctggttt aagatgttgg ctcgacgttg gattttatta actttccaac     49500
     acaacctaaa atcaaccaaa tatcaacgtc atttgacatt gttattgaac atcaaaataa     49560
     ctttgtccag acgctggcta gacattgaat tttggtcacc tgacatcaca acctaaatct     49620
     aacctaatat attgtgtgcc tgctgggtta atgaagcatt ttatgtacat ttctatgtat     49680
     ctgaagacca aaacaaaccc gaatgctttt gtgggttaaa tagggttaaa cactgcaagt     49740
     aaattggctt tggaaaactt gctttagtgg agtttttcat gttgttcaca catcagaccc     49800
     gagtgcccgc atgggttgtg cattaaactg ccattatgtg cagcattaaa cagcagtcac     49860
     tgcgctgatc acagagagaa cagcccttaa acacgaacac agcagctttg ccaaaacaca     49920
     tccatattca atcccaccca acagaccgat ggcacgtcgg aaagctcgtg ggccctctcc     49980
     aaagcaaata caatcaccat atgtagtgaa tacaccttac aaacatgagt atgtgcgcaa     50040
     gcaaattaca ccgtccataa agccaacttt ttgtgccata tagagaccct actgacagcg     50100
     gatcctgagc aaatgggaca ccaaaagttt ccagagtgaa tcaatgcagc aaatacaaaa     50160
     cagctgctca acatgacaca atcacagcca atcacaatgc gtttgatgtc taatgtacag     50220
     tgacggaggt cttttaaggg ggtctttaat atcccattgg ttcacagatc catattgctc     50280
     aatgtctcat gaaaaataat gatggtcaac aggcgaagag actagtggat gccgtcgcta     50340
     aataataaca gaccccacat tatttacatt atgttttcat aactcattgg atgattttgg     50400
     atcattaaac ctttagaaaa catgaaatgt ctcttgttaa atgtaaatgt atatttttat     50460
     atttattgaa tatgattatt tgataagtta tccatcacaa gatgggcaca tacatttttt     50520
     tttgttaaaa atatatgtaa attagcagtt tttcgtattt tgtgacttcg tattttcttt     50580
     ttccacattt atttatgctt ttggattgca ttatgggacc atgatcttac ttccaacaac     50640
     tttttaacta aaaaagtgac ttggtaacat tgaattgttt cagctttaaa gttttggtgt     50700
     tgtatgttat tgtacaaaaa ccttcaacaa aaggattttc tgttatttta cagacttatt     50760
     ttttctatat attgtttctt aaacattaac ttattttaaa cttctaacat gttaataaaa     50820
     gtccctttgt aaaactgtag agttgaattt tcaacatcaa gtgttgacag agcagagatc     50880
     tatggagcta aaaatatgcc aaaacaatcc gaatttgaac tgtgttcatt tgaattattg     50940
     cgattataat ttaacaaatc tgaattttta tatgacgtta aaattgttat gaatttgaat     51000
     ttcttaattt gaatttgaag ttcataactt gaatattgaa catttgaaat ttaacacaac     51060
     tgaattttaa ggatgaattt ttctagacgt attttcaact cttccctgtt gttcacccct     51120
     gacctcgttt ctgctgaatc tgaatttcac gatctgaatt tctggttttg aattttagga     51180
     tattgaattt aatgttctga atttcttcat cttgaaaact tgaaactgta ttcttacaaa     51240
     ctggatatct gcagtctatg aattcattca ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc ctttattaat     51300
     ctggagtcgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag cacattttta tgcagaagaa     51360
     tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc atgtctggga aacattcaca caaacacaca cacacactat     51420
     ggataattca cctgtaccgc atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaaccagagc acccggagga     51480
     aacccacgcg aacgcaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgcgaa ctgacccagc     51540
     cgaggctcga acctgcgacc tagcgacctt cttgctgtga ggtgacagca ttacctactg     51600
     caccactgcc ttgccccagt ctatgaattc agaacacaaa aaatctgaag aaatacatct     51660
     atagatacgt ttatacattt ataaaaatac atctagaaag aaatcatcct tgaaaaattc     51720
     agttgtgtta aatttcagat gttaactatt caagtttgaa attcaaattc aaatgatgaa     51780
     atttaaatta tgaacttcaa attcaaatta agaaattcaa attcaaaaca attttaacgg     51840
     cataaaaaat cagatttata aattacaatt gtcaataatt caaatgaaca caattcaaat     51900
     acagattatt ttggcatatt attagctcca tagtgatcat gctcccataa tgcaatgcgc     51960
     taccgtaaac aaacaaaaac actgaaactg ttaatgaaca gatattttgt ttacagtgta     52020
     gtcaaaaaat tgatggacaa ccagcaataa ttcatactca gctgtgacct ttgaacaatt     52080
     ctcaatatcc acacagacct ttaatttcag tcagccagtc ccaggacatc cagttatctg     52140
     tcatcctata caaaattgct gcatttaaga tctgatttct taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     52200
     aaaaaaaaac agcaatcatc actgcctgcc tgagatatcg atataaagtg gttatcagac     52260
     caaacaagaa gcacaccccg gtattttcaa tggaatttgc tttgactcta ttaggtacag     52320
     cttactagta cctggttgga ccccttttgc cttcagaaca gccttaaccc tttgtggcat     52380
     agatctgccg ctcactggat atttactctt ttgtcaaacc attctctgta aaccctagag     52440
     atggttgtgc atgaaaatcc cagtagatca gcagtttctg aaatactcag accagcccgt     52500
     ctggcaccaa caacgtcaca ttcaaagtaa cttaaatccc ctttcttccc cattgtgatg     52560
     ctgggtttaa actgcagcag atctaaatgc attgagttgc tgccatgtga ttggctgatt     52620
     agaaatttgc attaacaagc agttggacag gtgtacctaa taaagtggcc ggtgaaatga     52680
     ttgattgctt gcattgtcac ccaaaaaagc aaagacagaa taattgcccc actctaatct     52740
     gtttaatgtg actgattaag aaattataaa cattaacttc cagcatttac tctaaagttg     52800
     ctttgaaact atgtgtattg tgaaatgtgc tgtacaaata catgttaact cactgcagct     52860
     gctcaggtca aagttttaaa ggtggaagtg gtccccaaag atgacctgaa aatacaaaga     52920
     ttattatagt tcatttatac cagaataaca acaacagcgc cgagtggtgt ttaacgtggg     52980
     ttaaagcaat tgtgtctgac ccgccgttac tagtatttat tgtgtttggc tggtctgatc     53040
     tggtccgatg ctgttctttc cgctcgacta cgtttcagtt tttgctcaga aaagaaaagt     53100
     gctcccataa gtcaaggaga agtggataaa tctttgtctt cctcattccg agcactcctt     53160
     gatgccactt ttagatcaaa taaacaattg ttgtgaaatc ttccacgttt tggattgagt     53220
     gcacacttgt aatgtaatct agggcagatg ttaatgtggc aaagatgtat aaaagatttt     53280
     agatttatat aagaaatgtg ggtaaacttt ggagtgaagc aaaataaaat ggcattttaa     53340
     ctgtttctga ggtatattaa cttgatcttt tacaggtaaa tcaataatgc tttatgatga     53400
     tatatccatg tcaagatggc aaagcagggt ggatcaatgc tttcatgttg tttatgccca     53460
     attctgaccc caccattcaa atgttgtagc agaaatcgag actcatcaga ccaggcaatt     53520
     tttcccatct tgtattgtcc aattttggtg agcctgtgtg aattgtagcc tcagtttcct     53580
     gttcttggct gacaggagtg gcacctggtg tggtcttctg ctgctatagc ccatccaagg     53640
     ttttcaaggt tggacgtgtt gtgcattcag agatgctttt ctgcatacct cagttgtaag     53700
     gagtggttat ttgacttact gttgcctttc tatcagctgg aaccagtcta gcaattctcc     53760
     tctggcctct ggcatcaaca aggcatttgt gcctacagaa ctgcccctca ctggatattt     53820
     tctcttttat atatatctat atatctcaaa aagtttgttt gtgtttttgt gtgtgcataa     53880
     gtgtgttttc ttattcattg actattaata taaatataga gaacagacga tggatcataa     53940
     caataaatgg cctctatttt tttcctgaac aatatcatta tagtcattaa attttacttt     54000
     agtcatgata aggagttttt gtcgtgcaat atattgtccc agaaattgtt gcgatgagcg     54060
     atattattgt cattttggga tcattttatg ccacagatta tataatgatt atataccaga     54120
     aatataatga aaatagccat aaacacttta aaaatttttt acggttattt agattataat     54180
     ttgatgttaa aaaggcaaat gtcctattac gttaccatac tattaaatgt tttggtaaat     54240
     gtccaattat aaactgtcat cggtgaggta gaacctaaat atcatggtga aatagcttta     54300
     acattatttg tgaaattgta aatatatata ttgaaacggt aaaagttatt gaggtcatct     54360
     ccaagtattg cacgataagt cgatatatta attattgtga caggcctgtt aagtatcatt     54420
     attgaacatt ataattgcta aacattctga taaaatagtt taatctgaat tgaaatgtat     54480
     agaaatttta atcagtaatt gtatatgttt ggtattttga tgtattcatc attagatctc     54540
     tttgttattt tgcttctttt ggctctttcg gttttggaca aaataaataa attaatgcat     54600
     ttagtacctt gtttaacact ttatgttgtt ggccttatta tatacagttg aagtcagaat     54660
     tattagcccc cctgaattat tagccccttg ttaatttttt ttcccaattt ctgtttaaca     54720
     gagataaggt ttttaacaca tttctaaaca taatagtttt aataactcat ctcttataac     54780
     tgatttattt tatctttgcc atgatgacag taaatattat tttacaagat atttttcgag     54840
     acacttctat acagcttaaa gggacattta aaggcttaac taggttcata ggcaagttat     54900
     tgtataacag tgttttttct gtagactatc gaaaaaaata tatagcttaa aggggctaat     54960
     aattttgtcc ttgtttttgt tttttttgtt tgtttgtttt tggaaagaat taataaaatg     55020
     tgtgcaagag gagtctggtt ctcaatggct aaattgaaag gtagtggtgt agtgggcaat     55080
     attgagagta taacatcaat agaaaaacag atatggcatc atattccctg ttatggttac     55140
     atcatttcct gtttttgttt attcaaaaat atttttcact gcactgttgt gtgtttggaa     55200
     ccctttcagt gccctgtaaa taacaattta ttgggtttac tcaatttttt tttacaaggc     55260
     aagtgtgtca ggattctacc acttcgggtt tttgttggca gagtccagac actggtcctg     55320
     tcttgtttgt tgtgctcggc tctagttttc agttgttttc cctatagtgt tttatttatc     55380
     gtgtactcat gtcttgcgtt ctgtctcgtc ttggtgttgt gtttagcacg tggatccatg     55440
     tttagatgtt ggtcgcgtgc tttagtgttg tgtttcatgt gaacacacgg tgaatgattt     55500
     ctcttattcg cggtgtgttc tagttccatt ttacatgagc acgtggcttg tgtcttttct     55560
     ttgtgtcatg tcttcctgtg cctaatctca ccctccttgt taacccatta ttagtttatt     55620
     gtgttcacct ttttttagtc ttttattttt atttttatta ttaataaacc cattatttac     55680
     tgcgcttact gtatgtcctc gctctcgttc tctttcttga aaccttgact aagtggttgc     55740
     aaacaattta catgggctga atttaaataa acaattgcct ttagtgacat tgaacttaag     55800
     taagttgttt aaatttagcc aatataaata gtttgcaatc acttacctta aaaaaatgcg     55860
     taaatcgaat gaatcattta tttcaatgtg gtctcgatcc acttgttagg tgcactagag     55920
     ttcatatgac agtgttcaca cttatttaaa tgaaccacaa tcaaaacaat cacacaaacc     55980
     agccaaatgt gaacgcatcc tcagtgtgct ggtcaccttc caaaatcgtt gagatttcct     56040
     cacagttaat gaaggtagtt tcctatgtag gcagaagaca gcaagggaaa ctcactacgg     56100
     agagcttctg gagccgagcc atagattaca tttggcaagc agactgtttt caaagcccag     56160
     agcagttcgc tgatgctgta tatcaatatg tggttgtgtt tttttttaag ctgcgtgtgc     56220
     tcttcacgtg tctgggccag tgctgttact atgaccgcat acaagccatt agctcatttc     56280
     ataaatctgt acgagattta ttaattagaa ttagaagcga gtccaatctg tagacaagat     56340
     cagtgaccgc tggccgactg ggaattgctg gactgacaga tgaagtgctg actgaatgtc     56400
     aaagggttac ggttacaatc cccaccgaac actgaagcca aagaaagcac aagtaaaggt     56460
     gatcttgtaa tgttaataca gaaaggaaat gactgcaaga agttgaaaga actgggcctt     56520
     agtaggatga gtttttggta tgtgacagtt taaccatcat ctgtagctat gtttccctcc     56580
     agctattttt ttatgtgcgt tttggaatgt gagattaaaa cattgctaga aaacgctaag     56640
     atgtgcattc attttgaaaa caatgaaaca gtgaaaatca caaaaattaa aaaaaattgt     56700
     ttatcaagaa ggttactggt ttgagtctcg gctgggtgag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt     56760
     ttgcatgttc tccccttgtt tgtgtgggtt tcctccaggt gctccagctt cctccacagt     56820
     ccaaagacat gcgatatagg tttaattaat aaactaaatt ggctgtagtg tatgaatgtg     56880
     tgtgggaatg tgagagttta tgggtgtttc ccagtactgg gttgcagttg gaatccgctg     56940
     cgtaaaacat atgctggata agtaggcagt ttattccgta ccactataaa accaccgtaa     57000
     aacgtaccac tatacatttc tggagtgtga caaatgtgtc ctaggagcta cgattttttg     57060
     cagtttttgt tttcgcgaat ccactagagg ccgctgtgca tgttttttga gagctcaaac     57120
     ttctcttgtg attgccattc acgtctgctg tcctcacgta aatccaccac agggcaactc     57180
     tcgagtgact gaatgattga cccatcctcc tccttctcta aacccaacca atagtgtttt     57240
     taaaagcaca gtttgacccg cccaccaact tccctaaacc taaacaacag tcttaaaaag     57300
     caatccagaa aaagaaaagc ccttgcctga ttttttacca cgttttcaaa ctttttacca     57360
     cattctcacc ctgttattaa cttgtttatt ttatttgttg gcttttgtgt ttgtcttacc     57420
     cgctttctgg aaccaatctt cgaactcgaa ccccatcatc ttggtaaact tatctctgtg     57480
     tctcaagtcc ctcgacctac atgggaagct attggacaaa ctggtaacag cagaaaagac     57540
     acatggaggt aagcggtcag ctggtaagtc cgaaaaggaa tggcgtcata ctttcagtgt     57600
     tgccagatgt agctcactaa atccagccca aaaactctaa aacctgccga aatgcaaaaa     57660
     caactgccca gaatctaaca taagcgattc taaagttcag ggccgagggg ggaagggggg     57720
     gtggttgtag atggcatcgc attgtgagat aataaacggt ttataagtta aggatggggg     57780
     gggggggggt acaggaaggg gtgtggttga acataagcag atgataagtt aaggcggggg     57840
     ggtaatgggg gatgttggga ggtgttgtgg gttgggggtc tggggcaaaa ccgcaaaaaa     57900
     tttttccatc cacccatgtt ataatcaaat tcaaaactgc ccaattgggt ggtaaaactg     57960
     cccaatctgg caacaatacc tacttctggc tacaaaatta gccatcctca aaaatctata     58020
     tagggctacg ttttcagaat gagcctatgt tgactaatat ctgacatgcc ccgccccctt     58080
     taagacgctt ttcatttgcc tttcatttga tgagcttgag ttcaaccact ctcactggca     58140
     gagcggtgat aaaaacaaca cgctactggc tactttttaa aaaggtaagg ggcaactcta     58200
     cattccaccc tctcttcatt tttcagttga gattacatca aaacattgaa taaaaatgga     58260
     ctttttcatg agacctttag cactgcatct ccatattgaa gtataagcag aaaccaagca     58320
     gctttaactt tgctgataca agctgctgtg gtgccttcaa aatagaagat cctcattttt     58380
     taaagatgtt ttgtcactta caaggaatcg tatattcaaa cacaatgtat taacaataga     58440
     gtgcaattga attcctgata ttcctctccc acagagacac atgtcccact cagtgagggg     58500
     ttggttttgg acatcagcga tgccaagaca catccagaat atttcactgt cattgcttca     58560
     aaattagtcg cttgcagaaa atctgctctc cacggatgta aatcttagtt tgtttaagtc     58620
     actctcctta ttaagcttca aaattgactt ttattcaaag gttccctgaa gactaaagaa     58680
     acaaaacact taatattaaa atacaaacaa aattggaaat tgcattaaaa tcaaatcaat     58740
     gcaaaatcct tgagtttgac aaaactaggg gagatggaga aacagcgtga gtctacgttc     58800
     tctaaagaga ggcagcatgt gttttcaatc ggttcctctg gctgtgattt gctctgaggc     58860
     cctgtggggt cccgcgtgtg tcttaattac ctcagatttc gctttaataa gctttttttg     58920
     tcgagctttg cttctacctg attgggcttc tggctccaca gaggctagtt tttgacgacg     58980
     acgtttacat catcagcact tggatgtaac gtttaaaata aataaagcaa aacacaaact     59040
     gctttaacca catccagtat gagggtcaat gtagacacgg acattttttt gagactgcac     59100
     caaattaaac gtacaaaagg tcaacttaac tgaagggttt catcatcatt cagcataacg     59160
     gatatgttta cataaaaatg atgcagctct taactgtatt agttaaaaat ctttaaaact     59220
     ataaatgatc ataaaactcc taatggtgaa tgggaaagcc tagtagtttg aagaatagag     59280
     gtaaattata aagatttcac ttgacaatta agctgtgttt acgatgtttt caaaaaactg     59340
     aaaggttttc atgtattata aacgacgttt ggaaaatgat tcacgtatag cctgatctca     59400
     caagaaaacg taactatttt acgttttgcc aatttagtgg ctaaacgttt agtggagtta     59460
     aaaggaggag tggaaccaaa ccaaacccca cccctaaacc caaccgtcat tgagggatat     59520
     gcaaatcgta ctaaattgta caactgagat tgtacaattt catacgaatt agctactaaa     59580
     tttaaaagtt acgaattgcc atgagatatc gttgcataca aatatcgaca aaagcatcca     59640
     aaaatgctgt attacgtata ccaggctagt atttggcatt gtcaccttgt aagtaaacaa     59700
     tacctgtagg gaagtgactt tggctgtaac gaaaaccgtc actactcagt aggtactgca     59760
     tttgaattta ttagtactac tcgaccatta gaaaagtacg ttctgtacag tatgaatgtg     59820
     agcaatatga attgagcaaa tttataaaaa atatgtgagc aaaattctct tgcaaggcat     59880
     catggtatag cgttccgttc attggatgtg cacttcagaa tcttcccgga agtagtaggt     59940
     catccgggca cttctcgcat actgtttttt aaattctatg aattcggaca tactactcgt     60000
     ctcgcatact gtatttagcg tattatatag tataaatgta tacagtttcg gacacagcct     60060
     ataagtgacg agcaggcccg tgcagagact gtccaaaggg catgtgcagg ataatttatt     60120
     tgatgagcgg ggggggggga gggggggttg ttgtcgtctt cgctgcgcac gtactgaaga     60180
     gcagtgttgt cgcgcgcgtt ctgatcagcg gtgttgtcgt gtgcgtactc aagagctgtg     60240
     ttgtcgcgcg ctaaaggccc atggaagggg ggggcggggg ctgttgcggg ggcacttttg     60300
     atcaatttgg aaggggactt tctatccaag actaaaaagg gcatgtgcac tgcacaggtt     60360
     gagccctatg tgtgcacgtg cctgatgacg agctcggtgt tcttttccat gtactgtata     60420
     ttttactgtg tgtctaagat gtctcggctt ttgtttgcaa tgtgaagtaa atctgaagtt     60480
     tgctgatgaa gtgttagcat acacttgagc aacaacaaca ctaccacata ctcaatcatt     60540
     gttgtgtgtt tgtttgtgct tgcctttaac ctctctaaac atgtgctatg cacgcacatg     60600
     acaatcatca tcgcttttaa agcctctcaa tgtctggcat tttcaaaaac ttccatttga     60660
     aacccgattt atgcagtttt cagtctcaaa aaacggcatt atcatgtaaa cagacaggca     60720
     agaatcatac aaatgttcct catgtcatca actgattctt aatcaaaaat ttcctgataa     60780
     gatttattta ctgtttttca ttttatttta tttttaattt tatttgtaaa tcatagtaaa     60840
     aaaaagatat tgcatttttt ctcaaaaaat tattattgaa gagaaaattt aaactgaatt     60900
     acaatttcat tgatttggtt ctttaaaact catgttaatc ttgacccatg tacatctagt     60960
     tattaattaa acacttccaa atatcccatg atgcaacacc tttacaatac atattttttc     61020
     atatttgcta aaaaataatt taacctaaac tcagaattag tatacaggtc tttcaacagg     61080
     gtttcgaaat gtatcagaac ccaaaaacat tagaattcat ggtcccactt tatattaaga     61140
     ctgctatgta cttgcatcaa aaagtaaaaa cactgtactt agtgtgttca taatgtattg     61200
     cagaacacat ttggtactct tgaggtagaa tatgaatagg cttagggtgg tatggacagg     61260
     tttaagggtg ggacaaggag tagggatgat taacagtgta attaataatg taattacaga     61320
     aataaattac atgtaaatac atgcaggtat tcaatcaagc ataagtacaa tgtaaaaatc     61380
     atgtatttac aaaataagta cattgtaaca ttatagtcag tgtatgttca tattagttaa     61440
     agccatttaa tatataatgg gtctgaattt attttacaag gttgcaactt tagcaagaaa     61500
     acgtagtcca aaagcataaa aaaatgagcc acaaattttc aaaactgtac aataattcta     61560
     ccagaaagac tttaggaggt agataaacgt ttgaacattt attgtgaatt gtttacatga     61620
     atgaaagttc gttacgatcc tttcatgaag ttctttggcg taagccccgt ctatagtgca     61680
     gaactcagga tgagctggca gatcctgcct gaagatgaag gcagggtgaa gccgaccccc     61740
     tgagtggaga caaggccgac ctggtggtgg tggtgatggg gaggatggag ggaaacttcc     61800
     gcaacgtcac ctgaatacag cgaaacagat tgtttagatg agcttatata cattgcttgc     61860
     ttggttgtta ttgaagaaga ttttattctc tctgtataaa gtattttcta agtgtaaagc     61920
     agttaatttt ctcttctcaa aatgtatgta gtgtttgcag caaacatgcc agcctgtgtt     61980
     aaaaatactg tgtaagatga gtatgcctgc acaggagcaa cactaggaga aggctgagtg     62040
     actgattgtg tagaataact gaatatgtaa agcactgatc atatatgtta aatacttgta     62100
     tgaagctata tgtgttagaa gttagaatga gtaacatatt atcaagtgat tatgctatca     62160
     tgacaatgta tgtaaaactt agtccttttg cataagttgc atctatggag agagaacttt     62220
     ggtgtcaaaa cagttgctga cacagacctg taacatctct gttgacatga gctagtgggc     62280
     tgagagccaa gaataacagg gccacctaga gtaaaaacct atcctaaaat ggttaaaagt     62340
     taaaatgaga cacctagggg tgtgtcaaaa taacctggtt aaatattgta aaaaacttga     62400
     gacttgagaa aggagcagat gaagagagaa ccaaagaaat gaagtgtcca ggagagactt     62460
     cagaatgctc tggggtctcc tctgctcttt ctcggcttta ttatgaagaa taaagtctat     62520
     tttccgatat tcaaaacctc cagtctgata atttctaatt gataagaagt cgaatttacg     62580
     acattatagg ctgacgagat aattataatg aatgacttga catctcagtc ttcctggtag     62640
     aattattcct aaagctttaa tatacataaa aaatgttatt aatcacaata attagattgt     62700
     ggtttatgtt taaacagttt taacgactac attttgtgcc ttaagtgttc tatttctaaa     62760
     gtctgcaacc cttaaaagct atattgtgca attccccaac tgcccattag caacaacata     62820
     atcacggcac attttcattt gatttatgaa agaaacacat tcttctctaa actatacata     62880
     cagtttctct tcacatatac atgtccattc agtaacctga acactccgtg tttttctatt     62940
     atgatgtttg aattatcttc cagagattga ctcaatccat ctgttcgggc tcttagtgaa     63000
     aagtgctgtt tcagcagatt gagaactctg gcagatctga gctgcagaaa cccggctcgt     63060
     ttttatggac ctctctaaca tgaattatgg taatcctgca tacattaaac cacaaggctt     63120
     tagagagact cagtggatgg ttcgtatttg cttcttatgg atgtcataat cactgattga     63180
     ggattctgcc gggttgtgaa cattcatact gtagtatcct tttacacact ttcaatgaca     63240
     tttacattac actgaactga actaaactgg accgaagcgg ttttagttta ctagaacctt     63300
     tttgtacaaa aacatttatg aacatttatg ttaagctgct ttgacaatct acctagtaaa     63360
     agtgctgtag aaataatggt gaattgaaaa gtgaatggaa ctgtgtgagg gtaatgaata     63420
     acttataaaa gaccgaatat tactgccact tataatcaga ggattttaaa tgtatcctca     63480
     tacgttatct gtttttaaag tttgtttgaa atcaaaatgg aaaaggttta ttttgctagc     63540
     gcacattgtt attctttagg tgaatagtgt ggatatgtac ccctgtctac atttctgaag     63600
     agcacgaatt atgtatccag aggtatgtat ggctgcattt tgtctttaaa atgaaggcta     63660
     tggcatgaaa tgatgccact gatgacttct gttcctttta gcgctaccag ctgaccactt     63720
     gcctctgtac agacggcttt tctggtgtta ctagttggcc caatagctga gaagggtctg     63780
     gctacagagt tgcacttgca ctttcaggct tgcactctca tacttgcact ctcaggcacc     63840
     tgctatgctt cctatgcaag tgacatcatt tacaatggca ctctcctgtc acgtcacttg     63900
     caatcaacac aaataaaccg aaattaagtt tccagtttgt ttgtgttgct agtgacaacg     63960
     ttgttaaata attttaagta cttatgttgt aaaccatgac agatccagca tcttatcctt     64020
     aaccgcaact tatcctgtat gttttatgca gcggttgccc ttccagctgc aacccatctc     64080
     tgggaaacat ccacacacac tcatttacac acttacacta tggacagtgt gcttacccaa     64140
     tttacctgta ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg gtggaaaccg gagcacctgg aggaaaccca     64200
     cgcaaactcg gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg tcttcttgct gtgaggcgaa     64260
     cgtgttaccc actgcgccac cgcgcagccc agtgttcata tacttaacgt tccttagatt     64320
     ctcattgaca ggctagattt agcttgtttt agccaagatg tcaatgttta gacgtatatt     64380
     agaccaaatt ttcaccaggt tttgtacaga gaatgaaaat gagaatggga aataaaatct     64440
     tattttttta ttttgttttt ttgatgcttg agaaacatga tatacaaatt tgaaatgttt     64500
     ttttttttca tgaccccttt ggtttattat acttgaacgt ttatatatat atatatatat     64560
     atatatattg gagtttgctt ttgttgtaaa caaatgagca gcaagaacat tttttcaaat     64620
     atcttcattc ttgctctaca gcagggttgt ccaaactcgg tcctggaggg ccagtgtcct     64680
     agagcgttta gctccaaacc ctaatcaaac acacctgaag cagctaatca agtccttact     64740
     agataaacta gaaactttct ggcaggtgtg ttgaaacaag ttggaggtaa actcagcagg     64800
     acaccggccc tccaggaccg agtttggaca cccctgctct acagcaaaga gacatttttt     64860
     tcccttattt ttttaatgaa ctgcatgaac tacagcttta aatgttaaac tatttgtcct     64920
     gaaagattta gtaaaacaag cctgaagaac aaatctcaga ggttcaatgt ggaatcatca     64980
     gatactgtgc aaaacaggtg tggttggttg gaactgcacg cttagacaac attttgtcac     65040
     acttagggtc tcaaatcact gatgtcctta tctaataaaa gactgacttc tggacgaatg     65100
     agctaatgaa tgcttacaac agcgcctcta gcggttcagt gtgataataa atctttgctg     65160
     gacagacatt gccctcttgt gggtcagtga atgtactttg atggaggtca atggcaaaaa     65220
     cctgctggga agcaaaacaa acacaatgtg ctcttgaaga gacgcccctg tgaggcccat     65280
     aaaaaacagg ccttccttca caagcccaaa aacccacccg acattaacac accattcaga     65340
     ctcaaagcgc aaatcacctg cagggaggat gatgatgtca tactcgtgtc ttggatgtca     65400
     agaaatggtt tgttacgcta ttgtgtgttt gctgatttac tcctgaagcc actgagcaac     65460
     aggaagtctt aaataaggtc ttccagacgt ggaaatgtga aacaggactc tgttataaat     65520
     tgattgcttg tgatttcatt acacaaactt tagaggagta tctaggatta actgttgttt     65580
     ggcaactgca aacgtgacat ttgctgtgac tggtggctaa ttgttatact gtcatctagg     65640
     aggttgctgg ttcgagtttg agctggaaaa ggatgctttg ctgtgtggag ttcagtcaaa     65700
     aaagtcaatg ttgacaattt ttcaaaaaca atattagctt gactttaaaa aggaagttaa     65760
     cttgttggtt ttaaagcaat taattggctt tacttaaaaa tatgtaaacc tgttgccttt     65820
     aagaaatttt ttttgtgggg aaattagtcc attttacacc ttccctaaag ttaaacagtc     65880
     aagttttata attttttaat ccagttagcc gatctccagg actggcggga attttttttg     65940
     cttagcttag cataaataat tgaattggat tagaccatta gcatctcacc taaaatgacc     66000
     aaatattttc aataattctc ctatttaaag cttgactttt gaatttgctt tctacaaaaa     66060
     tgtatatagg gctacgtttt cagaaagagc ctataatata gataaattgt ctgggtctga     66120
     gactcttctt tagttacatc gtgcactaag cctaacgaca aatgaaaatt gctatttttt     66180
     aggctgatat gactatgaac tatactcagg gttcaaacaa tctggttttg atttcaaatt     66240
     taaacctttc aaacttctgc cttttaaaag taataaactt tcaagctata gtttctaaag     66300
     caaacattaa gacagtgtcc acagtataat tttttcttgg ctgtgagtgt ttttttatgt     66360
     tgttgtggta gcaccatgtt ttgagtgcat gcagcatggc gaggtgatga gtttgtgttt     66420
     tactgtcagc gctgaacact cttgctgctt cccaattcgc atacttacac tacgctctaa     66480
     aagtatgtac tcttttgcaa cgccccattc acacggggct tcagcgtcaa cgcttgactg     66540
     aagacatgtc tgaagttagg gctaacacga tcgtcatagc agcgtcagcc aatgaaattc     66600
     agttagcaat aggccactgt ctcaggccac taatttgatt ggctgatgct tccatctgcg     66660
     cttgaaaagt tgagctagtc ccaacttctg cagcgagaaa cacctctgaa gcagcgccga     66720
     cggatccaca atgcagtttg gcaacgcctg acaacaccca ttaaaagtga atgggaaccg     66780
     ttggcgctga tgccccgtgt gaatggggcg taaaggaaaa atatgtaagt tttatatgag     66840
     ttcacattgt tgttgcagat gaaatataac acggaaaacg tgaattaaat attttttagt     66900
     tggctagata tatattaata gtcattacat tcaaacaaat ttactgaagc ctctcgactt     66960
     gacggttggt cttcgtcatt cgtcaagttt gtagtttatt tacacttttt acccgacttt     67020
     gtagttctaa tcaaattccc atccaatgca caatgtattg tgggcagtat tagcagttag     67080
     actgcacttt gaatttttat cgaaaatagt aaatcgtctg agaacttttg gcttttcaac     67140
     atactgcagt ttgagacata ctttttctat ttttgaatac tatttaggac ggatagtata     67200
     tgaattgggg tgcagcattt gtgttttttc agccattgca agttgaaaaa tgtagcgccc     67260
     tttattgtca cttttgagct agctgtccag tcacagtgga ggaggggcgg gacaatacca     67320
     tgcaaccgtc aacaaataat ctgctaaaga ctttcaattt gtaatgatct atagtacaga     67380
     cagactgatc tcacaaagta aatgtaagta ttttatgttt tgtccgttta gtggctaatt     67440
     cctacaaatt cctatcagtt cagtcaattg aaaattaatg attttaaaaa gaagacgtgg     67500
     caccaaaccc cataagcaaa taagcaaatc atactaaatt gtacaaatga gattgtacaa     67560
     tttcatatga attactacta gatcaaaaag ttatgaattg ctatgagata gcattgatac     67620
     agcagtgata atctatcata gcaacctact gaaaaaatgc tgtgctgcaa aaaccgttaa     67680
     gcatttatag taaattgctt gcatttctgc agcgcaaaaa cacttcagtg gacacgaaag     67740
     cttaactttg tccttatgct ttttctagtt ttgctaacat aggctcattc tgaaaatgta     67800
     gccctatata catttcagga gatcgtgaat tatgtatcca gaagtacgta tgactgcatt     67860
     tcgtcgttaa aatgaacgcc actgggtggt ttggcacctt tgtttttcac gcttaccagc     67920
     tgaccgttta cctcaagtgt ggatggcttt ccaactgtta ccagtttgtc cagtagctca     67980
     ccatgtacat cagcggactt tagacacaga gaggagttga ccacaatgat ggaggttgaa     68040
     taaacgagga atggtttcag aaagcagtta agacaaaaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaag     68100
     tcaataacag ggtgagaatg aggtcaaata tgacagcatg ataaaaatca ggcgaaggct     68160
     tttctttttc aggattgctt tttaaaacac tgtcagttgg gtttagggaa ggaattgaga     68220
     gggaattggt catttggtca atcaggtggt ggatttatgc gagaatagca gtcgcaaatg     68280
     gcacttgcga gagaaatttg agatctcaat aagcgtacac agcggcctct ggtggatttg     68340
     cgaaaacaaa aactgcaaaa aagaaaaaaa acatcctggg gcgtatttag aactctccag     68400
     aaatgtatat aggggtatgg tttcagtatg ggaaaagttc tcctcagttg tttgctattc     68460
     aaatcctgca tacaaatcag catttcattt gcaatctcat agcaattcgt aactttggcg     68520
     gctaatttgt attcgtaact aatttgtatt cattgtatga tcacatttgt acattttagt     68580
     acaatttagt actcatcatg ctccaatgag ggccagggtt aggggtgggg agacacctct     68640
     ttttaaatat tgtacgtttt cacacaaact aaatcgtatg aattcaaacc aattagctgc     68700
     ttttctgaca atatgttaaa tagtttagtt tccttgtgaa atggggctgg aaacgtcata     68760
     ggttgactta aaacattaat tcattcaatc attttacttc ggcttactcc cttatgtatc     68820
     aagggtcatc acagcgggat gaaccgccaa ctattccaaa atatgtttta catagacgtt     68880
     gcccttccag ccgcaaccca gaaccaggaa acacccatac acacgcatac tcatacgact     68940
     catacaatac gacctattta gtttattcaa ttcacccata ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg     69000
     ggggaaaccg agagctcgag agaatccatg cgaacacaag aagaacatgc aaactccaca     69060
     cagaaatgac aaggtgtcca tctgggaaca cagagcagcg accttcttgc tgtaaggcta     69120
     cagtgctaac cactgagcca ttgtgctgcc ctgatttaaa acataaaaaa agatcacact     69180
     aagcaaaatg actgtgataa tgatagtgaa attataaaaa ctacaacaat tcatgtgtcc     69240
     tgcccatggt cctgccccat tgccctaatg gaacaagcgg acgcgtcgag tataaacaag     69300
     gcttaagcct gggattgtgg gttcgagtcc catctagggt gcttcgtagc agagtggcac     69360
     agcggaagca tgctgggacc ataacccaga ggtggatgga ttgaaaccat cctctgctaa     69420
     gattttccca gagatgggtt gctgctgaaa gggcatccgc tgcgtaaaaa ctttctggat     69480
     aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc ccggattaat aaagggacta agccgacaag     69540
     aaaatgaatg aatgactgaa caacaattca atgagtttta cacagaaaaa aagattatag     69600
     gagacaacca caagcccaca agcatttgag tgcgtattta aatgtgcctc agcaaccatc     69660
     aggcatgcgc actctcgctc tctctttctc tctctctcat cagtgccatc atataataac     69720
     agtgctccga aagcccaatc tcaccatagc aacctcagat gaacataaaa cacttgaaca     69780
     atatcagagg aagcggaaag accggactta catgttatgc cacgctaaga aatcggctca     69840
     gaacacagaa caccggagag aagcaagacg ccatggagta acaggcactc acaggtaact     69900
     tctgtctcgt ttttcagtca tctgcaaatt cacacaatcg tctctaataa tgtgtattta     69960
     tgtgactgct gttttaaact cacaggaaaa gcaagttatc ttttgaactt ataattgctt     70020
     ggaaagccac tcagtacagt cagtatgagt ttggtgggca ttggaaagtg aatgtggaat     70080
     agtgttaatt tcactgtaaa aaatgttaga aaatagcatc atgtcacttg aggtaatttt     70140
     tctttctcag catcagtgca gttttgtgct ctgaaaagat attttgcctt gataaatggc     70200
     gagggcagga ggcagttgtc cgcccacata atcccgaact cccacgacat gacaggccga     70260
     acacgcctcc agatctccag cggctcgcag cttggcttgg aacatgcatt cacagcgaga     70320
     acaacacttc gagtgtgatc cttctaaact acacctcttt gcatctgtca gtctgactgc     70380
     taaaaaagac aattcgttgt ttactcgccc tctgtggaac atgatataaa aaaagctttc     70440
     tgtaaaatgt atttaaaaca aacttaaaag gctataaaca ggaccagaca gaatctagtt     70500
     ttacgttatt tctgcacaga atttggtaca aaaataatga taaaatctgc agatttacgc     70560
     agaatgaatt tgagagcata ggagctgaaa atgtaaattt caagagctat tttgtaatac     70620
     attgttaaaa gttttttttt aataattaaa aaaactttta tatatatata tatatatata     70680
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     70740
     tatatatata gttttttttt tagttgaagt cagaattatt agccccccag tttatttttt     70800
     tcccccaatt tctgtttaac agagagaaga tttcttcaac acatttctaa acataatagt     70860
     tttaataact catttctaat aactgattta ttttatcttt gccatgatga cagcacaaaa     70920
     tatttgactt ttttattttt caagacactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct     70980
     taattaggct aacttggcag gttggttacg caagttgaag atggtttgtt ttgtggacta     71040
     tcgaaaaaaa aatagcttaa aagagttaat agtttagacc ttaaaatggt ttttgaaaaa     71100
     ttaaaaagag cgcggttata tcacagtgtt ttatggatat gtaataggct tacggctata     71160
     tgaagagaga attatgagta gggcgggaag tttcgcgagt ctccggatac ccgcaaacga     71220
     gtgatgatct cacagtaatc ttgcgtctcc cttccggtcc tcaaataggc attgtcgcgg     71280
     gtcgcgcacc cttctcaccc ctccccaccg agtctctcct tagacatgtt gcgcgcaccc     71340
     tgtcaatcac caccaaacca ccacctctcc tgacagctta gcgggacgct gcaaaataaa     71400
     ccctgacact ctgaccaatg taaggagagt ttactccacg tgagtaaagg gcaacaatgt     71460
     aacaattgta atctgtttcg gaacaactga aatgattcac aggtgtgaaa gccagcagct     71520
     gaatgtgaga gctgaatgct catgtcaccc cgctggtcct acgccaccca acccgctctg     71580
     agctggtatc gaaccagcga ccttccacat gggagttggg tgctctacca aggaggctaa     71640
     agaccatgtc ctgtaatgcc tgtcgctaaa acacctttag aggtcagagg agtgaggttt     71700
     acctgcacag cactaactag ttggccaccg ttacactcac aatactcact gcacactgat     71760
     gttttaaatg tcctaatact aattcatata gtttgaaata gaactgcata ttctttatac     71820
     aggttagtgg gcttgacaaa ccacctgtag aaacactctt ctctcttatg cacccgacac     71880
     tttatctaaa ctccattgca taaactcaat aatgaaaaag atgtttacta taaatgtacc     71940
     aaaatcatgc tgcgctgctt acttcaacct tgtacttatg tagcttgtcc tatgtgtata     72000
     gttaagtatc atatatatgt atatgtaagt tatacataga tttaaaaaaa atagctctta     72060
     tgtccactgc tgtgtttgta tttatgatta atttatgtag cactgtggtc ctgcacgaca     72120
     tgtcattcct ctgtatgtcc atacaaagcg gattgtcaat aaagctcgac ttgacttgaa     72180
     ctagaatata gcaatacata ctccatttct aacaatatct ctacaatgct ttccacactt     72240
     tctccacaca acattctgcc aggaaagtta atgaaacctc taaaatagta atagcagcca     72300
     ctgttaccat gacaacatgc ttctacatga aattacagcc aaaggactga tctgaacagc     72360
     tgctgaaaac atttgctggg agatccatgt tgaatttcag acccagtgag acgatgactt     72420
     tataagttat gcaaccgcta cagcaattcg cacaatttca acatttatta cacttcaaat     72480
     gtaggtcaga aatggtttaa tttagtgatg taatgaactg gctgagaaac ttctgtaaag     72540
     ttttaccacc ccctagtgga gtaagtgtgg agatagccag aaattaattt gttattcact     72600
     tagttcagtg taatctttac taaatcttac ttggtagtag gccagtgata atagaagtaa     72660
     cacattaaaa tgcaatgtat gatctggtcc tccacagact gtcctgccat ggctcgcgca     72720
     ggcccagagg tgcactggcg gtggctggag ctccatgact ctgtgtccat gggctctgtg     72780
     gagaggaggg tccggacgac tgcaggagcc agacagtgga ggatccaccg tcgacccaaa     72840
     cccaggcact ctctgctgga tgagcgcagg ctgcactacg ctgcatggga cggctgtctg     72900
     gagcaagtca aggccatgct ggagcgaggg gtgcctgcta actgccagtt tgtgatctga     72960
     aatattcatc caaaacgttt aatcctgcta ttattttatt ttctctccac aaccagtttt     73020
     caaaactaca tctatgatct cgtagagaag ccacgttgtg tattttggta acacttaaat     73080
     ttacatttac atttagtcat ttagcagacg cttttatcca aagcgactta caaatgagga     73140
     caaggaagca atttacacaa ctaagagcaa caatgaataa gtgctatagg caagtttcag     73200
     gtctgtaaag tctaagaagg gaagtattag tagtactagt attttttttt tttttgtaca     73260
     gttagtgtga tattcagaga ggcaattgca gattaggaag tgtagtggag actaaatagt     73320
     tgggttttta gtagtttctt gaaagtagta agtgactctg ctgttctgat gcagttaggg     73380
     agttcattcc accaactggg cagattgagc gtgagcgttc gcgaaagtga tttcttccct     73440
     acttgggatg gaaccacgag gcgacgttca ttcacagaac gcaagtttct ggagggcaca     73500
     tagatctgca gaagcgagag cagataagaa ggagcaaggc cagaagtcac tttgtaggca     73560
     aacatcagag ctttgaattt gatgcgagca gcaactggca gccagtgcaa acggactagc     73620
     agcggagtga catgtactcg tttaggttca ttgaagacca ctcgtgcagc tgcattctgg     73680
     agcagttgaa gaggcttgat agagctagct ggaagcccag ctagtagaga gttgcagtaa     73740
     tccagtttgg agagaacaag agcttgaaca aggagttgag ctgcatgttc agataagaag     73800
     ggtcggatct ttctgatgtt atagagtgcg aatctgcacg atcgagcagt tctagaaatg     73860
     tggtcagaga agtttagttg gtcatcaatt gtctttacac ttttactttg acaactgtct     73920
     ttaagtgtca tttgctcaga tattgtacat tttaaaagct gacattgctt aagatgtctt     73980
     tgttgtgaca acttgacata accaagacaa cataacctgt cataatccaa cacaggctca     74040
     taatggttat gtacccctac gtacatttct ggagagtgca aagtatgtgc caggagctgc     74100
     atttttttgc agtttttgtt ttcacaaatc caccagaggc cactgtgtac actttttcag     74160
     atcacaaatt tctctcgcaa gtgccattcg cgtctgctgt tctcacgtaa atccaccaga     74220
     gggtgctgtc gactgacttg acttgcttac tctccaacct accgattccc cccaacctcc     74280
     cccttcccta aacccaaccg atagtgtttt gaaaagcaga aaaagaaaat ctgtgtctga     74340
     ttttcaccac gtttgcagat tttactacat tctcaccatg ttaattacta gcttatttta     74400
     atttttcttt ttggattcta tttttgtctt acccgctttc tggaatcatt ctttactgaa     74460
     ctcgaacccc gttgttgcgg tcaactcctc tctgcatctc cgtcgtacat gtcgagctac     74520
     cgaacaaact agtaacagtg ggaaagcggt ccatataaag gtaagcggtc agctggtaaa     74580
     gacaaaaaca ggatgtccgc aggatcttaa aaagtattaa aagttgataa atcaattatg     74640
     agaaaattag ggccctgaaa aggaattaaa tagtcttaat tgcgtttcta cgagggctta     74700
     aatttttatt aagcattttc taaagtgttt gactcatgtg tttgaaaaag tgttgaaaaa     74760
     agcataaata tatttatttt gctcctaatt ttaacaacag cgttctcgat ccaagcgatt     74820
     aattcagact gggcacgtcc agccaagctc ctctatccgg gtgatgtcac gtaatttgcg     74880
     tcaaacgcgg taaggtgatg tgactctctc tgcatgtaac gtaaccatag agctgaacag     74940
     atggcaaaat gggaaaatgt aagtttgtgt acttctggtt ggagaaagac gcgtttttca     75000
     tcagtggcta aagcctgtcg ctgaaaaaag cagcgtaatt tattctttca agctttgttt     75060
     ctaccgagct tatctgagtt ctgttgcatg gtttgctcca tttatttatt taactacaac     75120
     tgtttattaa caactgctta ttaagtttaa ggtttgatac tggttagaac ttgaaggggc     75180
     gatgaggatg aggtcttaaa atattctgag gatgttttta aaaagtctta aaaatgtatt     75240
     aaaaatagga ttccaatacc tttaggattc ctgcatatac catggaaaag agacagcgtc     75300
     ataccgccct gtattgtgtg ttttaaagac aaaatggagc catacatact actggctaca     75360
     taactcatga tctccagaaa agtatataag gctgcgtttt cagaatgagc ttatgttgca     75420
     accatctgtc ctaagtacaa ttgcacgagg ccattattat tgtgtcatga agtatataac     75480
     aagtatattc atttatttct tgacctcaat tactgataca aattgaattt gttactaaag     75540
     tgtgattaaa aattaatgat gctgttctaa aattatttat agacattaaa tgagacattt     75600
     taacaaacat ttgacaaatt cggtttcttc cattaaacaa aagtgaccag aaaaatattc     75660
     atgacccgat tataatggca taatgacact catgtttatg acagatttat gacaagttat     75720
     gttgtctttg taatgtgaag ttgtcatgac gaagacaaaa acaggctctg atgtatttgt     75780
     ttatgtcaag ttatcaaaat aaaaactcaa gcaatgtttg catttgaaat gcaaacggag     75840
     taaatgaagt tgtcataaac atgcgtaaaa tcaattttat tcatttattt tctttttgac     75900
     ttaatccctt tattaatcag gggtcgcctc agcagaatga accgccaact tatccagcat     75960
     atgctttaca cagcggatgt ccttccagct gcaacccagt actgggaaac atccacacac     76020
     actcattcac acacatacac tacggataat ttagcttacc caattcacct atagcacatg     76080
     cctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagaacc cggaggaagc ccatgcaaac acggggagaa     76140
     catgcaaaca ccacacagaa acgccaactg accaagttga ggctcgaacc tgcgaccttc     76200
     ttgctgtgag gtgacagcgc ttaccactgt gccaccgcat gcataaaatg tcattgatat     76260
     tcatgatgtc atgagtataa aggtataatg acagtcttgt gaacaccccc ttcaagtaaa     76320
     actgattttt gtagcttaaa ttatgacaag ataaagcaag tgttgaaggt atagttcacc     76380
     cagaaatgaa aattctgtct tcattggctc accctcaact tgtccaaaca ttacaaaagt     76440
     ttacaaagga agatattctg aagattgttg gaaattggta gccattgact tccttcgtat     76500
     ttatttttcc tactatggat gtcaatgtta caacatttat ttaaactcct aaaggttcaa     76560
     tactacctga acatgagtga atggtaagaa aatattcatt tttgggtgaa ctattccttt     76620
     aaattatgca atgagaccta tagtatccat ccacgtttct ttacctgcaa ggatttttac     76680
     catttggaat ttttaatttt ttttgtaaat tgtaagcgat gaaccataaa acagcaaatc     76740
     ttagtaatta attttgtcaa cagtattttt tgtctaaggt tcacacttta cacgtctctt     76800
     tcaaataagc acaataagcg ttagtcacag aagatgttag caagagaagg aaatagtcat     76860
     gcctagggcc agacggaatc tgtggatgtt ttttgctatt tctgcaaaaa atttgaataa     76920
     aaatctgccg atatctgcgg aatgattttg ggagcatcat aactaaaacc ttaatatggg     76980
     aaataaaaaa ataatacctt ttttactttt atttaatgtt caaaatgcaa atccaattag     77040
     attcacttta tttagtaaac aaagcaagtc tctcatatat ctactaaaag acagaaaata     77100
     ttactttaca aactgcattg tacttaaatc cgattaacat tttcatatta gtcattgtta     77160
     ttactgtaat taattttaaa actgaataaa tttagattta cacatattta gtcaaagtga     77220
     ataaacagaa ttaatgatgg gctaaaaatc tgcggaattc tgtggaaaat ctgcggaatt     77280
     ctgcatgtgc agattccgtg tgggcctagt catgcctaat gccaagcaaa agtgttgtgt     77340
     taatcccaaa ataaaaatcc acaggcttgt ttttgctgac tggagcattt tgtgcttcca     77400
     gggacccgta tggttggaca gctgtccacc acgcctcttt caagagtcat ctcatgctga     77460
     tcaagttcct gttgcaaacc ggccaggtgg aggtaaacaa ccaggacttc ttcaactgca     77520
     ctgccctgca ccgctcctgc agtggaggaa acccagagac cacagacctc ctcctccaga     77580
     agggggcatc acattcaacg aggtcctgct ccggccagac accccttcac ctggctgcag     77640
     caagcggaca cctgggcaca gctcgggtac tgctccaaca tttggcctca ccgaaccccc     77700
     aggactttaa taagtgggca cctctgcact gggcaatttt cggaggctgg ggggatgtgg     77760
     ctgagctcct gctggataat ggcgcagacg tggagggagg aaaaggtgtg ggaatgagcc     77820
     cgctgcagct ggcggtgttg gtggggaatg aggcgggggt gagactattg ctccagagag     77880
     gtgcggacgc caatatgagg ggtcctaatg gacgcacagc catgcacctt tgtgcctgct     77940
     ctggagacaa gaaggtgaat acaaattcat cctatttatt ttctaaaaag ccatttcata     78000
     ggccttattt taaatttcca atgcattcaa gtgttttgaa aatgttttga cctcataatg     78060
     tttaacccaa agcccaattt acacctaaat ttaggtgaat ttacactgat tctttcacag     78120
     gcggtcaagt gagatgcatt acagcttaca catgatctta aagtctgcat aaagtctaaa     78180
     tttatattat atttatttat tattttatat aatttgcagc catttgctaa aatcatttaa     78240
     gttcattttg ttcctcatta ttgtacacac agcaccccat aaaaagacag aattattgac     78300
     atttttgcaa aattattata aaaaaaaaac tgaaatatca catggtctta agtattcaga     78360
     ccctttgctc agtatttagt agaacatact cgacagcatt cacatctaca atatgaaagt     78420
     gtactaatct acaaccagac aagtcatttt gtttcaacaa agcacttgta acatcaaccc     78480
     atagatatat acactagata tcacatacgg accctgttca tgtgaaggac aaaacattaa     78540
     atctgtctgt tatttttatt ttgacagaaa atttagtaac tggaaaacta gcaagaagta     78600
     caatgctagg cctattttta taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat     78660
     aataataata aaaaacacct gtcaaataat acttttttta aaaaattgaa cgatgatgag     78720
     atgagaactt catgttaaac agtgtttttt taatgttgtc ttttattccc cttttttctc     78780
     cacggacgag cgggcgcagc catttgaatc tttttggcac aagacttccg gtcacattca     78840
     cttccattca tttttaagca ttaaaaactg ctcgtttcgc tgtttgatgt ttccttgtta     78900
     tattattcta cttggtctgt atagtcatgc aaacatttgt ttgttgatca agtagtttga     78960
     ccgttttttt gccgtttatt attcctagtc atttctccca taggcgactg aaacggaagt     79020
     tctaagacaa tcccgaaaac aggcgcactt ccgcatttta gaataaggtc aataaaggtt     79080
     ctctctaaag aaagtcctgt aaatatgaac catcctataa aaacctaaac gcatttgttt     79140
     ccaatcaacc ctattaccgc agcataacct gcactgccaa gactgtgaat tcaaggtctc     79200
     gctgccctgt tggctgtatg cagtcagagt cacgccaact gcgtactgtg aaacagatgg     79260
     catttgtgtg ggtgaagggc agtgtacgct ttctgtctcc ttagcaccat ttgatctttc     79320
     ttcctctccc tacttgtcat cctcctctgt atttgtcttg ataactgtat cttctccttc     79380
     cccgtagatt ctccagcaac tgttagcagg aggggccagg gttgatgtca gggatggaga     79440
     tgtggcgtct ccgctgcacc ttgctgcccg cagcggctcc agggcagtgg tgcacttgtt     79500
     gattctgaac ggagcaggac tggaggacag ggacaatctc aaaatgaccc cgctgcacta     79560
     ctccacactc agggacaacg ttgaggctgc caaactattg cttcactatg gggccgatgt     79620
     gaatgctgtg gagaggctcg gacagacacc tttgcacctg gcttctgaga ggggtcactg     79680
     caaggtgcga tacttaagta atttattaag taacaaatat gattaaaact tactttcaca     79740
     gtgttggcct ggcatctttc ccagaatgca ttggttttaa agagcccata ttatacatga     79800
     aatagggtca tatcttggtt gttagggtct ccaacaacag tctaatatgc atgcaaggtc     79860
     aaaaaacact ttgtggtctt ataatctgca tttattttta cctaattatc ccagcgactc     79920
     ctgtatgaat cgtccagtga ttcatttgtt cccaaacccc tccttagcgc gaagctaatc     79980
     tgcgctgatt ggaccgatga cagcctgttg cgattggttg actgccttca gtcagagtga     80040
     aatgccaaac agctaattag caatataaaa gtaatcacag tacatacacg ctcgatagtt     80100
     taggcgtgga ttttagctgc cagtgggtca atgtaaatac agtcgatgga cttgaaaatt     80160
     cagacgacta ttttattgag caaaaactcc ataaactgtc gaggagatca aatagcttgt     80220
     ctcactctgc tcttttcaca gacacacaca cacacacaca cattgccctc gtccttgcgc     80280
     gcgcacacac acacacacac acacacacct ccggacgaca acgcgcgcgc gcacacacac     80340
     acacaaacac acacatacct ctggatgaca gcgcacacac acactactcc tccacggagc     80400
     tccataaaca aagcagcacg cgtcgcgttt ttaatgtgac tttgcacgcg ataagtgaat     80460
     atagccagtt aacctgatac attaaacgcg gttacaagta acaaatgaca acaaaataca     80520
     tttgcaagct agagtcaacg aggcaacaac tttaatcgca cgcacttaca cttgagaaat     80580
     ggaggaagaa actaatcctg acgtccatca gtaagttact ctttactgat ccttccttta     80640
     acaaacgccg atgaagtatt ctttgtagca tgcagtttcc agtagtttca aactgcttgg     80700
     ttataatgct gatgtttcat ctttgggtag agactcaatg taatatccat ctgcagtgtg     80760
     acttcaatcg accggcatgt ttgtgtgcgt gtgtttgtgg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgggt     80820
     ttctgcgtca gagggcgggg cctcaggttt gaaatctccc aggtttgcgc gtgcacgtga     80880
     ataacttggt ttcgttcgta cgtcatggcg aaacacctaa tgactcggta tcaaggcgac     80940
     tcgtttgaag cactatgagt cgactctttt atagatgaat caaccgtttt gaacactgta     81000
     ttcttacaga tttaagcctt agctggatac ttcacttcac ttagagctgt gttacacact     81060
     acatggaggg gaattttcaa aaacccataa tataggctct ttaaatgatt aattcacccc     81120
     aaaaatgcta attctagatg aattttagat gaaatccgag agtaggcatg ggtcgataac     81180
     tggttttaag gtttaccaca attttaaaaa gtcatttttt taaaatggct aaaattttta     81240
     taccattcct aaggtgtatg caagtagttt ttttattaag taatatttga tttatttagg     81300
     ccaaaaagta tcttcagcag caaaggaccg tctacattaa aagctactgg tcagcccacg     81360
     attcagcaaa catttaaaaa acaattcgct tatacaccaa catccaacca tgctacggac     81420
     ctgaatggtg cagtgttgtg ttcaatggga aacaagttgt tttttaccca gatatttaag     81480
     atcagaatca gcctatccga gagctctctc atcctccata gacagtaaag gttccagctt     81540
     gttcaaagtg tagaaaagag gagttttcat cttgaccatt tccacaatca tggtgtgtac     81600
     actgaccctt aaatgaaatc ccacatagca aaatttctct ggcccagctc tggcccacac     81660
     aatcaggttt tgcttggccc acatgccgca gtgaattacg gtacatgact ggaccaagtc     81720
     tggcttccag acaagggcca aacacagacc atatctgggc caagtctcag ccaagttaat     81780
     aactcataac tgggcctgaa ctggaccaga taggttggtg tgtcacgatt gcaatgaaat     81840
     tgataaaccc atagagtgct gcgctttagg cacactatgg gcacgctttt tctcacctga     81900
     ttggtagaat tttttttctt tactcaaaaa tgattttagt gtattttaaa tgtgggtcaa     81960
     gactggccaa actcacatgg cccgcttatc aaatttttaa atctgggcca aatactacgt     82020
     ttttcatctg gcccaaatct tgtgtgccgc cttaaaaacg gtgccacctc tgccaaaccc     82080
     gggccatgtt tggcccacat gctgtatgcc agtgccggat gaatgcctgc tgtgccagct     82140
     ttttgccaaa tctgggccag aattctttgc tactagggat gcatgaagca gaaagcactg     82200
     gtcattctgt gcagcacttg tatgcagtcc tctgtaggtc gatatgtaag tattgaaaag     82260
     agtccacaac tcgtgtctga gcgctctgtc agtggaggct ggtgcagagc cagcctgaag     82320
     tatgaatcca ggttaaagac atgtttttct aaaaggatgt caggaacgga taggatattg     82380
     tttgaccacc cattcttgtt caaaacaggg ccgtgacaca ccaagccaat gccaaaaacg     82440
     agcaccaaca aaacccaact gtgttgttgc cttgcactgg atcgcttctg gaccaaaaag     82500
     ctgaacaaac caaagggaca aaagtcgact aaaatgagag ctgcgctctt atctgttttc     82560
     tcgttacttt aaggggacca aacagccggc ctctttttga tcctttttgg cttgaattgt     82620
     ttacttgcta catcacttca ctacatcaca ctcatgtctg attcgttgct aaataagcag     82680
     tcagagtact ctctttcgcc aacagcgatt tggcatgctg aattgggcca acaagctctg     82740
     atgttaaccc aatgagagcc gacgtgtgga acaccaaacc aactagcctg accgaaggac     82800
     cgatgaaccc caactgccaa cttatatgat tataattttg catctcacaa atgtgatctt     82860
     tctccacata actatgctta catcatacaa ttacattttt gtttgtgaca cagaaaaaaa     82920
     aggtgatttt gactttttta tctcacgttt ctgacttttt attcagaatt gggagagaaa     82980
     agtatttttt ttatatttcc tttctgtgct gaaaataagc actgtcacat tattacagtc     83040
     ttcttcttgg aggaaaatct ttcatttgct ctttatttta tctcaggggt ctcaaaagga     83100
     atctgtgttt ttaattcctg cagggatgat ctgccttttt gtgttgcttt ataattgtct     83160
     cgttataaat gattacatgt gtatttgctc tctcagtatt cccgtgattc aatccacagg     83220
     ttctcaaagt tctcctggac aaaggtgctg atcccaattt aaggagcagc tggagagaga     83280
     cagcagagga catcgcgaga gcacacaatc agctagccgt catccagctc cttcaacaac     83340
     accagacggt cagcatgagg gaacaagctc aggacagtat acagcaagag aagaaatagc     83400
     agtgaattaa ggtctatttt acacaggatg atagctctaa tatttcgaat agaattgaaa     83460
     agtcaacacc acgactatga taagtacatt gacagtgcat ttaaagtggc agatgacaac     83520
     tgcagtgcac aagccgtctt ctttaattca gaaagctgtt gtgcatttgt gtggatgctg     83580
     atgtagttat ctttcaagtt atcattgtag ttacagttct tggtgtgaac agacatttaa     83640
     ttgtttcaag tggcatggga ggaattttca ttgtcaaaat taagtcattt taattggtag     83700
     ctgtgcaagt tggtcaccca aaatcactgt accgaccatg agaaagcttc ttggttaaaa     83760
     tgattgtagt ggtaactggt gcttagtatt ttggtgtaaa gtatggttct tatatgttct     83820
     tatgaggttc tatatggaaa taaaattatc tttaacattc agaaacacta aagtgtccat     83880
     ttctaataaa ggtttccttt ctgctcatta taatggaaaa tgttgatatc agtagtttct     83940
     attaggaata ctgcattgaa atttaaaacc ataaagagaa ataaacgaat gtaggatgtg     84000
     cgttgtctat gaagcccagg ggtgcccaaa gtgtttcata taatggccca aaaataaaat     84060
     gtcattatga gctgtgggtt aaaagtagat ataccaaaac ttattacatt aaagttgcca     84120
     tggttaattt cctaatttat ttcctaatat ttaaatataa ataataaata aaaaacatta     84180
     ctttaaattg tattaatgca gtgtaactta taaaataaac ttattgcaat aaaacaacag     84240
     tgagcagtgg agttcaatgc tgaatacact agtcaagcag aatctgtctt tgccttcatt     84300
     tgctcaccaa agtctctgca ttgtcctctg tccaactgta catataaact aagtctgatt     84360
     aatttaaaat atttaattga aatatttaat ttcagttagc ttttaacaat aaaacaaaag     84420
     gttacattag atttgaaatc cccatcattc ttccactctt ctcagatggg atggcgggcc     84480
     aaatcaaagg ttactatggg ccaactttgg cccgcagacc ctagtttggg catctctgat     84540
     gaagcctctt catcagcctt atagcttaca agcaattgtt tattatctag taccacagat     84600
     gcttttcatg ctcaaaataa gagtttctct tcagaaactt ttttgtttta tcttcagata     84660
     tgattagtta ttttacaata gtgattaaaa ctggactcag actttaaatg taaccattct     84720
     aataaaaaca aatcaagata attatataaa cttttcaatg tcaacatttg gaaggcaaat     84780
     ttgactgggt ttgaaaataa cccttaatat aaggctgaaa aaaattgttt ttttttgaca     84840
     atttaacatt ccaaagtatt attaaattca actaagagtt attacattac atttttacat     84900
     gcgcaaaaca tcagcagatg taataaatta tgcagcatca tactttttca ggcattttac     84960
     cagtgaatat tttcaaaata aggtttctct ctggtgacgt gatgcatcag catcacgggt     85020
     gtagtacgca cccgcggatg gatatgtacc actgattttg gttcctgtta tcaacgtcac     85080
     tgcgcttccc gtcagtgttc agtcactagc aggaactgta caatacacct aaaaatatcc     85140
     aatacccata ttacataata cacagtatta caattatata ggttctcaaa aggaatagcc     85200
     ataataacgt atttgtcccc actaagtaaa acagttttga ctcgaaatgt caacacaaat     85260
     tatgaaaacc attgctgatt attttaatgt aataaattga tgtacaaata ataacataaa     85320
     aaagaaagaa aaaaaaacac cacaaccaac aggaaagaca aacattcttc acatatttat     85380
     ttatttattg taattgtaat attttaagac attggagaac aggaaatcct agcaatagac     85440
     agttttagaa atagacatag cagatgtaac gttataagaa tttaaattgc caacggaaat     85500
     gttttcacac cagactaatt cacactgcta aaaaaaatga agcagaagtt tctttggcaa     85560
     acattcgtaa taatagtttc ttttataagc tacagtgtaa ttaagtttta tgtttatata     85620
     tttactcttt attttacgca cataaattca ttttattcgg ctctacatga gacggcggat     85680
     gtgtacagat ctgtaataac agatttcgtc agaccaacgt tcaaccctta ccgaaataca     85740
     aatacctgga aatgaaggga actgcctgtt ttaagttcca tctgcaggag gcgctgtaaa     85800
     aatatatatt tcgactgaca caaaccctgt ttggcaatgc attcaatcta aagcataacc     85860
     aataatacac aaagtgtaga attaattctt ttcagaagat aacttctgta ttggtgcaaa     85920
     aatagaacat tattgaaagc ttacagcgtt gaataatgta acagtatgtc cgatatattt     85980
     tttttggtca catgacacaa ctctgcacca atcagcgagc tgtcatttaa gcggtcgact     86040
     ggattgttgt tatccgctct aggttacaaa tatatttcta gattgtaacg tcttcggcag     86100
     gtaccgacga cagcgatcat ggagccgtcg attgttaaca ttgccggtcc cgccgcaaac     86160
     acgcccgcta ataacagcga gggcatacta ataggggata aagtatattc tgaagtcttc     86220
     cttaccatag acaattcact gattccagag gaaaagcttt ccccgacccc gtctatgcag     86280
     gatggcctcg acctgtacac cgagaccgac ctgcggatcc tgggctgcga gctcatccag     86340
     tccgccggaa tcctgctgcg ccttccgcag gtaatcgact catttattag actatgacaa     86400
     tggtaatata aaggaagagc tgtcaaataa cgttaactgg gacattttga gctaatcatt     86460
     agcgtctgcg acttttatca gacaacccaa taaatacaaa catcacacgg actagagaaa     86520
     gtgttaataa aataataagt taattttgtt ttaacatggt gtataattta gaggagaacg     86580
     attgtgattt tctatattta acgaatgatg tccgtgtatg ctggacaaaa acaaaatggc     86640
     gggcgctgct ttttagacaa aacgggtttt atatggaatc cttttaaaga aaaatcctaa     86700
     ttatgtattt caggttgcca tggctactgg acaggtcctt tttcatcgct tcttctactc     86760
     gaagtctttc gtgaaacaca gttttgaggt aagagaataa acacttgttt acaggcattg     86820
     cgggtggcag ccatgttgtt tgagctgacg tttagtcaga ttacagctaa aacatagtgc     86880
     tgggtgtgtg taaaagtgga tgtaaaatgc tcgtgtaaga atagataaag tgtatgtatg     86940
     tggatgtaca gcttaaattt aagaggccac tcaaaaactt catccagtat gggattgtat     87000
     aaaattatta tatttgcttt attctattaa cagttcttcc aaaaaaggaa taataaatgg     87060
     cttattttaa tgtaatttgc cccaaatact ttataatatt atttaattta aatgtaactc     87120
     aataacataa atgcaatttg atattttttt aacagtataa tttattaact gtacaatttt     87180
     agcatatatg tatgcgtgta catgagcaga atatacacag agcaaaatac tgagctattt     87240
     ttttaacaga ctagtatgta cacaagctag ttgtagatgc tctctactgc tcttatgctt     87300
     tagtcaccgt ggcaactatg cagataatta aaataatggg ttttattgcg tagtgctttc     87360
     tgcgtccact gtgaaagcca cttcacctct aatagagatg acagctgaag taaaatccgg     87420
     tgcagcctag tctttgtttc attacactct taggggccaa tccacagaat gtgcttttta     87480
     cgttgtgagg cacctttatt gaatgattta ttgaaggctg cgagtgattt gcacgctact     87540
     cataggtttc aatggcctgc tgcaccctgc acttttgcca ttgcgcgctt gcacttgaaa     87600
     aaaatgtcac ctctgagtgg aataagcgtg ttacgtcagt cgcgtcgttt tcattttcca     87660
     atgaaataaa agcagaggcg gggtttccgt tgaggtgaca gcagtgtttg tgttgtcaag     87720
     acgatacgga gacttttgaa gatagagact agtggttact gttttgagtt atctggagct     87780
     gtctttcttt tcttttttct ttttgtccac aaaaaggtgt gcttcgcatt tttggaactt     87840
     aaaagcacgt tcatttcatt tttttctttt cgggaaactg aaaaagccct tttggctgat     87900
     aattttgtgg tcaaaaattt ggtgcttcca catacattac attttagaat tggggtcctt     87960
     ttacatatgt aaatttctat ttatctgtta atggcttcaa taaaatggaa cccccttgaa     88020
     tttatgtatg cttggtttct tgtgtagcag tgttttgaca tctctttttg tcatctgttc     88080
     tctctccaga ttgttgccat ggcatgtgtc aacttggctt cgaagataga agaagcccct     88140
     cgacgaatta gggatgtcat caatgtgttt catcatttaa ggcagctccg aggcaaaagg     88200
     taagcaaatc ccagtctctc aggcttcctg tcacaccctg tttccttctg ttcgttacct     88260
     gtgcaagcaa aacctcccac cttaaccagt ttattttcct ttgtataaca tttaatgtca     88320
     tcaccttaaa ttgtaaacga ttcaggaata cttaaaatat gttacctgtg agtagtctgt     88380
     gcacttctgt ttgtccttga tatgatgtct taattttgtt tgctttattc taaaccattt     88440
     taaagctttt cagttccttc atcagtcata attggtagta acagcaggat attctgatta     88500
     cctgagcaag aaaaatacat tctgatggat ctgacgttta atcaaagata tataatgcca     88560
     attggactat attgtgggaa ttactggctt gtctaaattc cttattgagt tataaagcta     88620
     tttaaagaga tattaaaaag gaacaaaaca aaaaatgttc acctaaaacg aaggacatgg     88680
     tattaacttg aattcttttt tcccttgcaa ccaactaaca gcgaccagct acatttacca     88740
     atgcctgggt gatgtggaat ggtacgtaga gatgaagcag tcggcatggc aacagtgagc     88800
     gaggtgtcgc ttccccccct cccccgggag aagccagtgg tctgaaagcg gtcactggga     88860
     tatcggggat cgacaggttg gccgctggtc tgaagcgtct gggtgactcc tgtatctcag     88920
     tttaagctta ttgtctctgc cagcacaggt gatgatctca atcttctttt cattttgcaa     88980
     aaaaaaagac acctcaccac caccacacat gtcatagctt ccacagaaat gtctcacgct     89040
     gcacatccta gatggatctt tcttgtgtgt tcatgtgaca gaaactgtca tttttattga     89100
     attacaaagt tgggtattgt tagatattta ttgttttaaa gtttgttcga aatgcggaat     89160
     tatgtcgtgt atttatgtta agtcgcgaaa tgttgatgta cagttatttg aggggttttg     89220
     tcagggcatg tttgcattcg tcgttagaaa tctttgattg ttttgtgtag atttgtttat     89280
     gatagttatg aaataagatt tcttttcaag ttttacgtaa aaatataaga attaaagcaa     89340
     atttagacaa actatctgca tttctggatg ttgccgtaaa aaatgaaagc attctgataa     89400
     ggactgatta gttcataaaa attttttaat acaaagtgta tttaaatatg tgtaaacccg     89460
     tttaataaaa agcgaaaaca aatttttagt aaagtaaaag agagactaca ttaattttat     89520
     atataaattt ttctcgcttt atttattttt tattggtcta taactggagt atattattat     89580
     tattataatt attattagta gtagtagtcg tagtagtagt atttttagcc gtcgtcatag     89640
     tagtcctagt agttgtaaga ttcatagtcg tcgtcttctc attattatta ttattattat     89700
     tattattatt attcagctgt agaaaactac atttgatggt attatagata gtttcgcttc     89760
     tgaacaccta ccgtattagc attatagcaa gagtacaggc catttaaatg ctttttacac     89820
     tagaattgct gatttactga tttttgagca tgtggtgaag gtgactaatg ttatgattac     89880
     acctctaaaa ccccattgtg ctattctcag attgtgactc agcactgtta gcatgttatt     89940
     atcttgtttt agaagcagtt ttatttatgc tttataaatg ctttaatggc tattctaaga     90000
     ctatttgtgt tgtgattttg tttcccagtg ttgacatagt ataacagttg gatttatgct     90060
     ttcagttgtt tttaaaagac gtgtatctaa tttctgttga agctatgatg tggtgagagg     90120
     tggagcgctt tgtttttcct ccaacagtca cttgtggcag tgcgaaaagt cttacactga     90180
     aattacagga gtcaaaacac tggacctgtt gcctgtagtt ggttgaaagg gaaatggaat     90240
     gatttgaatt gaaaatgaag caaacaaaaa aaggcacttt tttcatattc tttaatagta     90300
     tttgggtcgt gggaaaacca ttttactttc gttccttcat gaatcaggag tccaagtcca     90360
     ttgatacttg atcagaacta cataaacacc aaaaaccagg tgataaaagc ggagcggcgt     90420
     atactgaagg agctgggctt ctgtgttcac gtcaaacacc cacacaaggt acgtctacca     90480
     tctcacttga tagcagcaca acctttttgt ttttcttgtt acaatttgta tggactagac     90540
     atgggtcgtt taacctacag ttcattcaat cattgccttt ctagattatc gtcatgtacc     90600
     tgcaagtcct tgaatgtgag aagaaccaaa cattggtcca gacagcctgg tgagtaaata     90660
     agcaatcttg cattagtgtc tcgacattgg aacataatca gcccagtaat gaaccctctg     90720
     cctctgttac gtaacttttc tgtcctctca tctgatggat tggtgtattc gtggctcatg     90780
     tgtgtgtctt ttgattgaaa tctcttgttc atggctgtaa ttaaagggaa atggagagct     90840
     tagtttaact ctgtcctttt ttctactctt tgattaaagg gtagtccatg atggtaagtg     90900
     tcataaaggt cctctgaact ctactcctcc aaccacatga cctcaggaat ctccccctca     90960
     ttggctgccc ttctcgagac agccaatcca gtgagagctc tctgcccgag aatcactgaa     91020
     gggggccttt tccagctgcc agcagcatct tgttttcttg ctgttgtcca aaaggatttg     91080
     tattttgttt ttgctcaagt ctctcaagtt ttatctctac tttgattttt aaaaggtagt     91140
     tttttttttt ttttaaagaa atgagtatca actgatagat gtaggtggta caagtagttt     91200
     ttgttttgtt acttaatgta atttaagtta ctaagtcacc taaaaatgga aattgtcatt     91260
     ttcatatggt gtttttttca agcatatatg attttttttt tttttttaga attgtgaatg     91320
     ttgctatttt ccatacttta aaagcatatg atgtcaagat ataccaacat atttgataaa     91380
     actcatactc ttagatctca tgtgtttctg acaattcgat attggtatgt cacttttgtt     91440
     gactcgctct gtaaaatatt tcttaaaaag gccggaggta gtttagttga tcaaagatca     91500
     acatctgtac ttgtattcac cattttccat aaatattgaa aagacttatc tggataaggt     91560
     tctgctgagg aagatttgtt tatttttttg gtgaaatttt aaatttcctg taggcaaagc     91620
     ttttatttga cttgtaacat agcacacaat gtgcgttttc atgctttaac gtaaaggaat     91680
     attttttact agctatgttt ccattagggc ttggcaatat atcaaaaata caatcgcaat     91740
     aattattatc catattgaat gcagcgaaac tggacctctt ttaccataca caaacatcac     91800
     acatttcagg ggaaaacagg tcagtcgaga ggtggcatag aaaagttgga aaaaagatac     91860
     tttggtgaaa aaaggaagta aatattaaca cacttttaaa ttcctattgt tgcacatttc     91920
     tgctgtgtga gtggctctta gatcagtata gagcaaataa gtccagagct tatcattgtt     91980
     tttgacataa atttattttt ctcaattcga tataatattg tttataggcc cagccctatt     92040
     ttccatctac ctgtttttat tcccattttg gatatgctca tagaaaatgc ctgatggaaa     92100
     cagcaagatg cacatacatt ttgataatgc gcttaaaaaa tgtatgcaca taactgagta     92160
     ggataaactt tttattcaat aagaaaaaaa gtgcataaac tatgattaat tcttttacca     92220
     aacaatttcc agtatgcaca tttaaaaaaa atcatgtgat tttgttacaa gagatcacgg     92280
     ggtgataaaa tgtgtgtgaa tagacaaact gcaggctgac cacattgtaa aacatctgaa     92340
     atgttgtgtt ggtcattcta aaacacctta accatttcag tattagtctg tgctccatgt     92400
     ctcatgcctt taaacatcgc cacacactta ttgcatctcg gcattgtttt ccgaagtgca     92460
     agtaatttat taaataaaga aaagattcac gctgtatctc ctactgcaga aaagtacgtt     92520
     tttttttttt tttatttggc gccagttaat cagaaattga caattttgtt ttctttgacc     92580
     cattggatgg aaatgttgcc ttattcgcac gtcctttatg cgatattcca gttttgcaca     92640
     taaatttaat ttgcatcttt ggatagaaac atagctactg aataaagccc aaaaggctta     92700
     tcggcttatg catagtaaag cactgttgta gaagactgaa gggctttatt ctgctaatac     92760
     aactgcctgg atgtacttca tcctgcttat tacacagcta cttgccataa aacctttttt     92820
     ttttacacca agcattgttc tgagctgtaa tgacttacta atttaattaa atgcaatgct     92880
     gacagaaaca aaaacattgt gacttacaag cttaaatatt tggatgtaaa tgtatttaca     92940
     gaggaaagat cgtttgaagt acccaaatga gtttaagcgg ttgttatcta tgaatatcat     93000
     accttggatt gtcacaattg gttaatcaga atcaagtatt ccagatagtt atgtaattac     93060
     attctttaag tttatgaagt cagccttggt catcatatgc tttcttcgtt gagtgggcgg     93120
     tcttaaccat ctgatttgtc ctaattgtgt tccactgagt aaagtgtcat gggtttagaa     93180
     agggtgagta aatgacagtt tccattttaa ttatatttta tatatatatt tatacaccgc     93240
     tgttatcgca ataatttggt gtgaggcgtt gtgtcctaca ggaactgcaa cttaaaccat     93300
     ttgtttgaag ctcagctttt caatctaaat caaatgttta agaaatctag tgtttctgtt     93360
     gcatcataat gtagctgttt ttgacacata gcgtttgctt tttcaaagag ctttgctttc     93420
     catatctggc aatcattcaa agctgaagtt acgattttgt ttgtctgata gtctcctcta     93480
     gtcttgtgct ataggtgacg tttgtttgtc catacccagg gcagctgctc ccagtcccgc     93540
     tttgattact ggttatgcat gctgtatagt gttccaagtt gcatgcagcc attggctaca     93600
     acacttgcca cattaaagtt gctctttctc tccattttac actttcatca gcttatttta     93660
     taagggatag tttacccaaa agtatatctg cctcgtggtt ttgagtttct tttttctgtt     93720
     gaacaaaaaa gatgtttcga ataattatgt ttgctggcac ttatcatctt atcagaaaaa     93780
     ttctgtggaa gtctatgggt cccagcaacc agcaacgttc caaatatctt attttgtggt     93840
     taacagaaaa aagaaactct aataggtttt gaaccaagtg aagggtgagt aaataaattt     93900
     ttgggtgatc tatcttttta aataggattg agtagcattg catgctttgt gtaattagta     93960
     gaccaatgtc ctcccatgag ctttctagtg tgtacatgag tgcgctgaac acatgcgcgt     94020
     gcctgttccc accgcatgcc taccgtaata cttgtacaac aacaggaacc cgaggcagga     94080
     aaaggacaaa gttaaaccaa agcctccatt tctatattta gttatttttg cattgtgttt     94140
     caaacctcgt acatgcaggt gaagttatag gaaatggcaa tgttgtggtt caccttgtgt     94200
     gttgcaggaa ctacatgaac gacagccttc gcactaatgt gtttgtgaga tttcaagctg     94260
     agaccatcgc ctgtgcctgc atttacctcg ctgcacgagt gcttcaggta cagaatcttt     94320
     catcgcctct ttctgtcttc attctttgtt aagatcttgt gttaatatcg gtctgtttct     94380
     cagatatcgt taccctctcg gccgatttgg tacctgctgt ttggtgccac ggaggaagag     94440
     atcaaagaca tatgtacaac cacattgaag ttgtacacaa gaagaaaggt tagatttgtt     94500
     tcacctcatt tttgctttag gcccactata aacctgctat taggatgcat gtttggtgat     94560
     cctgtgactt gtacaatctt actgttatcc acttttaatt ggccatcctt tgaataactt     94620
     ttgtcctcag ttcaagacaa acatttcagt ttatgttatg aaaagtccta gagttagcag     94680
     gtcctaattc tggttttatt tagtgtttta tcatttttaa tttgtttgtt tgttttgcag     94740
     ccaaattacg atttgctgga aaaggaagtg gacaagcgaa agatggcgat acaggacgcc     94800
     aaactgaagg ccaaaggact gaatccagat ggcacccctg ctatctgttc atttggtgga     94860
     ttctctcctg catccaaacc atgtaagtta ccacttcgtc tttatattgt gttgttataa     94920
     ggacgactta ttatttcttt atttatatat atatatatat atttatagat tagactaggt     94980
     tcttgtgttt ttccaaacaa tgaaagtaaa acccaaattg tacttgttta tatggcaggg     95040
     cccgcaaata ccggtaagac cagacctaac ttttatcttc acctgccaaa gggctagtgg     95100
     gagtaaaaat atattttaat gtctttacat tcactcaaaa aattgataat tatgtatgtg     95160
     ctgtgctgct gatacggcag cagtaaaccc acttttttac ttgagaaaag ccacaatata     95220
     aacaattaac tctcaaaaat gcagtgtttc aatcaatgca cagcactgaa gcaaacaaac     95280
     acttgtcacc cacacaaaga ttcatataca gaaatagcct aggctaagtt tgaaatgtag     95340
     taatcatatg tgttagattt aaagtcactt ttacttgtct atagcagcat gaacttgaaa     95400
     ttaatggaac aaatccgtat gtttaaagta tttaaggttt ttaaaacatg ccatttattc     95460
     agtacaattg aacagttaac aaagaaacat taatttctta cctcagattt gtacagaact     95520
     gtaaagttta ataagacatg tttgtgtagg agaataaaag aaacatgtgc gtttttagaa     95580
     acaaaaataa ttttaagtgc tgtactttag catagtgcac ctatcatgtc taatattcgt     95640
     ctcaacataa agctattgca tgtctttaga agaatttttt ttttttttta ccattttgat     95700
     accattttat aattgctttt tgacaaggcc tgatcacaat ttattttgtg aactaaacaa     95760
     tgggagtatt ctgctaaacc gctttttaaa gttgacgatc atcgtttttt tatgaatagg     95820
     attttattta aaggccaata tattaaagaa ttgtcacatg tgatgtgttg catacatttc     95880
     aagtgttgag aggatatatg ttagggtttg gtggaaacta aaattgtcgt atttaggaaa     95940
     aattgcaaat gtaagggaaa atgcaagttt tctctttgtt ttgtggcttt taaaactaag     96000
     aacatatgca ttagaacagt accaaggtga atgaataagt cagttttttt ctgcccagac     96060
     tattccctta aaaccttaaa cctgtaaatc aagggaaaag ctaacacaat tcaattcttc     96120
     ctgccagctt cacctaatat aatgaaaacc gacgagaagt ctcccaacct tcaaacactc     96180
     aaggcaatga aaaaagaacc agaagatcgt cctcaggggt ctaagagccc acacaatggg     96240
     tgagtgtctg acaaatgtga ctcaatatat taaatatatt ttaggaaact tgtactgtgc     96300
     tgccacttca tgactttacc taaagttaga ttttttttta accccaattt gtcaacagat     96360
     tctgtgaaat tgcagaaaaa tccctgaaat tagagtcaat ctgtgctttc acacgattgt     96420
     cacgcagtgt gaattatcaa agatagaatc accgacatat ttgaaatata tgaaatattt     96480
     gattataaat atcagtggtg ttaagtaact aattacaaat actcaaatga tgtaactgag     96540
     tagttttact taggaattgt aatttactag gtagttttat aaaggtgtac ttttactttc     96600
     ccttgagtac atcgttagtg ctgtattggt acttttactc cactacttta acctgcagtc     96660
     aatactatat ttttgtcctg tctatggata ttagaaaaat aagccctgat tcctgtccaa     96720
     tcaaatcaca tatagaaggt aaatcacatc ataatgaact acctcaagac atggtcgttt     96780
     tataatcaca gcaaactgat tggaaacatt aaaagtgtcc aagaagatgt ccaaaattta     96840
     tttatttttt ttatataatt attttttagg ggtttttcac ctttattttt gaaaggacag     96900
     tagagaatag acaggagagc atggggagca gagagagggg aaggatcggc ataggaccgc     96960
     aaggcggaat cgaacccggg tcgccgcgag caccggagtg catgtgtcga cacactaacc     97020
     actacaccac tggcgccgac tgatgtccaa aattttatac acgcattgac ccagagactg     97080
     tttagatgca tgtcactgat gagaagatga ctgatgttta ctgtatgacc aaaatggcct     97140
     taaacaccca gcaggcacaa gacgtcaaca taatgttaga atgacgtttt accccagtgt     97200
     cgtggggaag atgtattttg tttggaaata aaaatcatgt ttatgtcaga actcaatatc     97260
     aggtcaatgt ccaacattca acctgaaacc aaccaaatat caacatctaa tggtgttaga     97320
     gcttgacgtt gcgtggacca ctatgacgtc tatcagatgt tggattctgg ttgcaatacc     97380
     tgacaaacaa atatcagctt ttgacatcaa tatgacgttg ttttaagatg ttggcttaac     97440
     gttggatttt ggtcactttc caacagccta aagtcaacta aatatcaacg taatttgacg     97500
     tcgttattgg acatcaaaat aatgtacttt gacgctggct agacattgaa ttttgttcac     97560
     ctgattttta caacctaaat ctaactgaat gttaacgtct tatgacagaa tgcactacag     97620
     aatgttacgt ttacacacgc atgcacaaat tacaagtaaa tgcatcagct tttaacagtg     97680
     taatactctg tagtactctt gaaagggcta ctttttactc atactttgag taatatttac     97740
     aacagatact tttaatttac ttgcactaca tttttaggca agtaatggta cttttacttg     97800
     tatgattttt cagtactctt tccaccactg ataaatatcc accagttcaa aatccagaac     97860
     gtcaggaaac atggctttgg ttccaaaaag tactgcttat ttctcttttt tggaaagggg     97920
     aacccatgac tttttgatgt tagtttggga tgtagccttt tcagtcttgc tcaagaactc     97980
     gaggaaataa tgctttctca ttattttcta tcacatctca catgcatttt gtggtgaaac     98040
     ttcgtttgca ggccagagtt gtctgtgatt cattctattg taaagtcatg catcatgtaa     98100
     cctcctctca ccaatccatc acacaatgta aacacagcag cacctagtgc tacttagaca     98160
     gtcacgcagt gttaaaacaa cgacagcctg acaatactga aaatcatgca ttgtgaactt     98220
     tgcattaagg acattgattg aacattctcc ttttgttttc ctcagtctca ggaaggacag     98280
     taaattgggt cgcaacagta gaagtgctag tcgttctcgc tctcgaacga gatccaggac     98340
     cagatcacgt tctcccagaa gacagtaagt agcatttgca gtgagtcctc tcctgcaagc     98400
     actctgatgc tgatgataca ctctggatct ttttgtgcat tgctgtcggg caattttgca     98460
     gagcgataag gcttggcaac tttcctataa agaattgact acaatattgt agatcagtgg     98520
     ttctcaactg gtttggtgat gggacccaca tttttacatg gtcatcaagc cgcgacccaa     98580
     atttttagca actataatat aatttttgta attataatca atttgtattt atttgttaac     98640
     atacacaagt agtaacagac agatcataag aaaatcacca agacttacaa ataagcaata     98700
     ctttatctct ggcatttaac aaaatttatt gaattatatt aatattacaa aaaaaacaac     98760
     atcaaatatt gtaaacagtg gttagggtaa ggaaaggttc tgttactatt aactaaactg     98820
     aactgttaat aaaacgttaa cactgatcct gttgaccaga acaaaccatc aaattaaagt     98880
     aaaatattaa aataatctta acccttttta taataatcac tagttatttg ctcttctgct     98940
     attgtgtggg ctttcttggc ctttgcttga cggtgagcac agtaagatgt gcggagtgcc     99000
     tgtacttgtt atgaacatga agatgttcgg gagttttgtg atgttttcag ctattggagt     99060
     cgtctttgaa aatagtccac aggtttgtcc ttgcaactgg gatgtttgct ttctaaatgt     99120
     tgttttttgt cttcaatata tgtaaatcca cactttacat attcagggtc gtacttgcaa     99180
     ttcgacatat ttgttgcttt aattcaaaga aatttcacat gtcaaatggt actattgtcg     99240
     cacgtgcatt ttaaaataaa agtccgatat aagcaaaata agtaaaaaat taaacttttg     99300
     ttgttttttt tgaccacaca ctccgcgacc cactgaaaac acttttgaac acttttgggt     99360
     cgcgaccgac cagttgagaa acactgttgt tgatgtaacc cgttgctcta attagtgtca     99420
     cacctggtta ccaatttatg gcatcatttc ccaaagttgc ccaacaacgg tgctcaaaac     99480
     attgctctgt gtatcatccg cattactggt cttcgtactt aaatcgattg tgttttttct     99540
     gtagttacaa caacagacgc agtcactcag gcacttacag ctctcgctcg cggagccgct     99600
     ctcacagccg cagcctgtct ccacgccggc acaccaacca tggccctcca tctccgctac     99660
     tgccacactt aaagtcaaag cagcgctcgg acgacctgca ccagcacagc agacacagcc     99720
     acaagaggaa acgctctcgc agccgctctc gatccaccag caaacctcgc gagcgggaca     99780
     gagagcggga ccgagagcgc gagcgggaca gaagctcctc agatctggcg aagaagcaca     99840
     aacacgagcg cagcagcggc ggcggacatc accgcgaccg gcgggaacgc tcacggtcat     99900
     atgaacgctc tcataaaagc aaacaccaca gcagcagcca ttcgagccac agccgccaca     99960
     gacgctgagt gttttcctgt cacatcacgt ctgcgagtgc gcttgtgttc agtttaagtg    100020
     gtcgacgttg acctagtcat ctgttttaat taatttgatt ttctcttgtg ttattttgga    100080
     gttttagttt taaacgtgga aagaatgcga agctacatat ttacagtgta aagatgggtt    100140
     caatgttgag gaaatatgag aaatgctttg atttataaaa gcaacctttt tcagacggtg    100200
     ggaaatcact agttacatta aaacaatagg agattttcag gaacgatgga gactttgcac    100260
     aggttcatga atgaataata gagaggctct actggtgagg aaaattggtt tgtctggaaa    100320
     tagatcacat tttttttaca ggggatgcag actttttttt tctttttttt cttttttgga    100380
     tcatggtgac tttgttacac tggtttttag tctgcacgtc ttcatgtctg atttttactc    100440
     aataaaaagt gacttattcc tactgtaaat tggtgttttg ctttttttat gaaactttta    100500
     tgtacactac ctgacaaaag tcttgtcgcc catccaactt ttaggaacaa caaataataa    100560
     ctcgacttcg agatgataat ttggtatcag aagtggctta tataaaaggt aaaggcctct    100620
     agactgtgct gaatttacct taataaaatc gtatcatgtc ttgattttta tttatattat    100680
     tatgacaaaa agggtcagac tttgctaaga caaaagtctt gtcattttaa cagaaataat    100740
     gtacagtaca gaatataaag ttatggtgca gtggaaaaat aaataagatt gtgtgtgact    100800
     cattttggag gactgcatcc atacatctct gcagtgactc aaataacttg tcatctggaa    100860
     tgacaaagaa agttcttgca ggactcccag acttcatcaa gactctttga attcatctac    100920
     aatgcctcct taatcgtatc ccagaaaagc tcaataatgt tcatgtctag tgactgaact    100980
     ggccgaccct ggagcacctt gattttcttt gctttcagga agtctgatgt gggggcggaa    101040
     gcatgagaag tggttcctgg cccctacttt gggaactaca aaatgaatta tagttttact    101100
     atagcatttg aagtaataac atagtaacta ctaaatgaat catggtttta ctaactatag    101160
     catttgaagt atgaacatgg taactacaaa atgaatcatg gttttacaat gacagttaaa    101220
     gtaattacat agtaactata aagtaaaata tagttttacc atgacagatt aaaaataaat    101280
     atgatttttt ttgtgatttg tgttatgttg aatgcaattt ttgattgaaa atctttttac    101340
     catagcattg cagtgtttta tcagttacat ttaagtaaaa tatagttatg attactatag    101400
     caatccaatg tttgcaccag aaaaacacag ttcctacgat ctttttatag cattactaca    101460
     atatgttttt aaaacgacag tacgcacaga aacatgttta ctacacagtc ataattacta    101520
     caggtgtact atagagaacc atgattaatt attattaatt aacgagcgtc tttaaaaaca    101580
     cgagtaatag agtcactgat ggcaattaca tttgtaacgt tattcttcag aaaagctttt    101640
     ttttattcga cgactcaaaa cttcggtctc ttttatatat atatatatat atatatatat    101700
     atatagcttg tttacagtac agcttgttac ataacaactt ttagatgttt tgtgttgtta    101760
     taagttaaaa gtaaaagatt aaaaacattg tcatatgcca gccgacagca taaagcgtta    101820
     tactgatact ttttttcagg actcgggaac tgaaactctt aatttggcat ttaacgtatt    101880
     tattttttgt gagcttccgg tagggacaga ggctcagggc agagtttaca ctagcggagc    101940
     gtgcgggatg gaaacgcggt gtttatatct tttactggtg tgtgtgctgt cagtgaatca    102000
     cgccacagcc gacaatggca gcattaaaaa gatgaaaatg caatataccg gattcccact    102060
     gctgaagttt cagatttggt gagcaactga atggttttcc gtttcctgtc agttcatgtg    102120
     ctgatcaaat gtgttgataa cacaacttat attattaaaa atggcattat tatgggtcat    102180
     ctaagtgcat ttaaatagaa ttttagcata cgttctccct gcttatcact cagtaacata    102240
     acagtatttt ccttatctgt acatgctgtt ttatttgaca tttagacatt tgacattact    102300
     cttaagtaaa ttttaatgat cgtaactcca gaacaaagaa aaaaacatta atattgttta    102360
     gaatttatat aatttgaaga taaacttgta acgtaccctg taatcgtttt catgaactac    102420
     agtgtatgac agagtgtgac attatgaggt aaacttgatt ttataaatgt aaatatatat    102480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    102540
     atatataaat ataagttcag aaaagtattc tttgcaaact ctaactaggg aaatcagcag    102600
     ccaatggcta ttaaagtaca tttttcacaa ttaaattgtg ctaatttttg acctcgtact    102660
     ttcatgcgtt tttcgcctac ttgttggcat gtgaaaataa gaaataacta ataaaacatc    102720
     cacaaattac taaatctatt catctggagc tgtttcactg taaataaaga gttgaaacgg    102780
     tcagtaatat gttaatatta ttatttacaa aggaattatt attatacttt agtatacatt    102840
     agtaaagctg caaataaaca gtttagcctt ttaaaatgaa tagctattat aaagaaattt    102900
     aatcaagata tcaaatcaca tttccctttt cttcactgta taacttaaac attctgaatt    102960
     aggagcagct aataaatctc tcaattagat tttccatttg attacattaa atatcagagg    103020
     tgtcacttta aaaacgcaca catctataat gacataagta acttttttgc tcatttaaga    103080
     ccaaatttgt tgtttaaaag aaaaaaaaaa aacaccaaaa ttggcatgtt tagatattat    103140
     tttttaaata tttttattat tattgttatt attatgtgta tatgtttgtt caaacatgca    103200
     tccaaaatcc agagtgtcca ctttcacttc acatctcatg tacagaatcc atttgggaaa    103260
     cagtgtctat ttatcactat aatgtaagtc tgagtcacgc accgctacat aatcggactg    103320
     ttttgaggat tgcctatgag aggcaacggc gactgtaatg aaaattctgc cgtttttatt    103380
     tttatttcaa agtgttttca tgtcttaata aaatgactca catttaagag cagggggcgt    103440
     ccccttgtgg tttggcggta tgggttgctt ataggaggat tggctcttta atgtttgttg    103500
     gcacccttca tcgaaagatt aacatatgag agaaatacag gaaaatgctt ttacggaatg    103560
     gtagcgggat agaattgtaa aatacgggac aatcctggaa aaaaacggga gggttgacgg    103620
     gtatggtttt tcgactgcat attcaggtta gtgtgtcaca agtagggttg tcacaatact    103680
     ggaatttggt accaatccat actgaaattt taaaaacatc catttccagc tgaaatttca    103740
     gcgctgttga gcaccttctt aaacagtgct gatttaccat tgtattcaca tgctcaacag    103800
     aaatgactat gattggccct aaaggtcatc agttcaccaa actcacagct gttcacaaag    103860
     tgtaaccgca gttacaggga ccatttcaaa gtcacgtcta tcagctggtt tgtctataaa    103920
     ctgacatgag attcactgat gaattgtggc tttaaaacgc tttagtgtgc ctttatcttt    103980
     ggttacactc cgtaaacaag ggtgagtttg gtgaactgat gaccttcaca gccaatcact    104040
     gtcatttctg ttgaacacaa tggcaaatca tttcccagag atgggttgcg gctggaaggg    104100
     catccgctgc gtaaaaactt gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgaccccg    104160
     gattaataaa ggaactaagc cgacaagaaa atgaatgaat gaatgaacaa tggcaaatca    104220
     gcgctgttta agaacgtgct caacagcgtt caaacgtaag caggaaatgg atgtttttaa    104280
     aatttaaaat taacaaatgt gccaatataa aacaaacttt aacctacatg tgtgactttt    104340
     agtctaacag aaggggaaaa aaaacagcat ttggaattgt atgtaatttt aggtaaacta    104400
     gtattttata tgtaaagaac acaagcagtt aatagaactc tttgcatgca aaatggctta    104460
     gtattataca aacagctata acaatttgta attgggtaac agtttttttt attaggtgta    104520
     tttttttatt ggccaatttc ctttgtacgg tgtctctcaa ttttcagtgt ttcctgaggg    104580
     taccggcggg tgtttgaaga gtacactcgg gttctcaccc agaggtatcc agacatccgc    104640
     atcgagggag aaaatttcct gccacagcct ttatacaggt aaatttgctg aaatgtgaca    104700
     ctggacctca aaaccaggct tatgttgcaa gtagggctga gccgataaac gatattatat    104760
     tgaatcacag tgaaatttat gtcaataaca atgataaact ctggaaaagc caatcacact    104820
     gcagaaatgt gcaacaatgg aaatctaaaa gtgtttatat tcgagatgaa ctgaattatc    104880
     ggccaccgaa aatgtattat ccgagaatat gttatgccat ttaatcggtt ctctattttt    104940
     tgtggcctta gtcattgtta gggtactctt ttaaatttag aaagatcaac ttgaaattta    105000
     tattgaaata ttgttatcgt gcaatatgga aaataattat cgagattgct ttttgccata    105060
     ttgccaaggc ttggttacca gagtatattt gtaggaatgg ccaaaatgac attgaatagg    105120
     tcaaagttat caatttttct tttatgccaa aaatctttaa agatattttg tacatttctg    105180
     aaaatatata aaaaaaaaca tgttttttgt ttagtactgt gaattc                   105226