EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX842691; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 92189 BP.
AC   BX842691;
DT   03-DEC-2003 (Rel. 78, Created)
DT   03-OCT-2007 (Rel. 93, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-239I20 in linkage group 20 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate HLA-B
DE   associated transcript 2 (BAT2), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   flavin containing monooxygenase 5 (fmo5), the fmo5 gene for flavin
DE   containing monooxygenase 5 and the gene for a novel flavin monooxygenase
DE   protein.
KW   BAT2; flavin monooxygenase; fmo5; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-92189
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (03-OCT-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 598ac76fc67ba752070ae83494cc14b6.
DR   ENA-CON; CT994064.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   DKEY-239I20 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..92189
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="20"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-239I20"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-239I20"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<1533..1676,1820..1932,2686..2863,
FT                   5497..5665))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate HLA-B
FT                   associated transcript 2 (BAT2)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<1533..1676,1820..1932,2686..2863,
FT                   5497..5611))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004592"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate HLA-B
FT                   associated transcript 2 (BAT2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3F4 Tr:Q6P857 Tr:Q6PD54
FT                   Tr:Q7ZYK1 Tr:Q8BMJ4 Tr:Q8CGH3 Tr:Q9H2N2 Tr:Q9Y520"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009738"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGM8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040724-79"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21024.1"
FT   misc_feature    29683..90189
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34267..35098,35209..35281,37121..37476,
FT                   37619..37818,37919..38061,39034..39199,39308..39496,
FT                   40073..40250,45243..45303))
FT                   /gene="fmo5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.3-001-2"
FT                   /product="flavin containing monooxygenase 5"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY394974.1 Em:BC045414.1
FT                   Em:BC055385.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(34675..35098,35209..35281,37121..37476,
FT                   37619..37818,37919..38061,39034..39199,39308..39496,
FT                   40073..40204))
FT                   /gene="fmo5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.3-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004595"
FT                   /product="flavin containing monooxygenase 5"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7T1D7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RGM4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002257"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012143"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020946"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGM4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6606"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21028.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34750..35281,37121..>37443))
FT                   /gene="fmo5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.3-002-2"
FT                   /product="flavin containing monooxygenase 5"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK025937.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(35154..35281,37121..>37443))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="fmo5-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.3-002-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004677"
FT                   /product="flavin containing monooxygenase 5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RGM5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020946"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGM5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6606"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21027.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(56667..57039,59347..59419,62532..62887,
FT                   63004..63203,66848..66990,68814..68979,69072..69260,
FT                   71903..72034))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel flavin monooxygenase protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI658098.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(56667..57039,59347..59419,62532..62887,
FT                   63004..63203,66848..66990,68814..68979,69072..69260,
FT                   71903..72034))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-239I20.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004594"
FT                   /product="novel flavin monooxygenase protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P16549 Sw:P31513 Sw:P36365
FT                   Sw:P50285 Sw:Q04799 Sw:Q8K2I3 Sw:Q8K4B7 Tr:P36365 Tr:Q6PB07
FT                   Tr:Q6TLD2 Tr:Q7T1D7 Tr:Q86U73 Tr:Q8C9C1 Tr:Q8K4B9
FT                   Tr:Q8QH01"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RGM3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000960"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002253"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012143"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020946"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGM3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-2644"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI21029.1"
FT   misc_feature    90190
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-246K22"
SQ   Sequence 92189 BP; 29581 A; 17236 C; 17154 G; 28218 T; 0 other;
     aagcttatat ttagcattaa aagggtcact tggcatttct aaaaatattt attttttata        60
     tctagtgttt aaatttccac attcaattca gtgactaatt agcaaacaac tacagaatag       120
     tctcaaagaa gtatttattt ttatatagta tttattttat taaattccat gagaagtgat       180
     gcaaacagct gtaattattg caaaacaaca atgctgtgac gtgcattttc attttttgag       240
     aggtgtgcat caaacagtga ttggtggttt tgaaatcgat tttgcgtgta aaaaatggca       300
     tagccgggtt gacaaaattt gagcggtttt gaaacgtaca ttttttatgc aacttttttt       360
     aacaaatcat aactgtgtgc acctactcca ttcaggtaat agtgaccagt gcatagaaca       420
     aactgggtgg gcacaatcgc aagaggagat gaaggaaagt cttactcccg aaccacgctg       480
     actcacctcc gcgtgcacat gcaaaacgca acccctgcag ttaaactcag tggtttatca       540
     tgacacttat attgataatt ttttttacaa ttgagagcaa gaacaaacgt agaagcattg       600
     tctgattgac aagcagcacc taattatgtt caaacgaatt taaaactcaa aatggaacaa       660
     gtttataccc cattcggaaa gtaagacata ctaaacattt acacaacatt aagtgcagtt       720
     tgtgggtgag agggggcagt gtttcgatgt gatccggtta tgttgtagtt ctgtgactgc       780
     cagtgtttgc tgctgtatgg ttaaaagtta tgacagttaa agtaactagg taaatttcaa       840
     tttactaaaa gtaatttgaa atattaatat attatataat ataaatatca aataagaaat       900
     tattcaaaat aaattacatt taatattatt ctaatatttt gggcattttt gtgtgtttgg       960
     gtgggttttg gacagctttt gggctggaaa aagtcagcta tatctaacaa cactggcatc      1020
     agggtatgac aaacagtgtg cgactaagca aggctacacc aaaacaacca tttgcattat      1080
     tgtgagcatg tgataatgaa aatattattc agtagcgtca gtgaactatg tcgtagtata      1140
     gtaaaagccg ctccatttaa aagtgtgaat atgataaaga tttattactg atcacagaag      1200
     cggctttact gacaaaatgt gcataaagac agaatgtaac agaagctttt attttacata      1260
     gtagtcaaca tggtgtcagc agcaacaata ttacagcgag aacaaaagtt atgcttcatg      1320
     gcagcattgt ggcaatgttc ccacttacag atttttgagg catgttcaaa tgaggcattt      1380
     tggaagtctc tttgagtttg caaattgtag gttgagactt tatgtatctt atatttgcag      1440
     aacggctggt aacactccaa agacacagga aaacattaaa tcaacagcat aagagccctt      1500
     taatattttt acaccaggct tgtaaacaat caaaaggatg atggtcttac tctgaggcct      1560
     gaggctgggc cctggtccat agggttcatc ttcctgatcg gctggtttct ccacttcacc      1620
     tgctgcctgc agactcggaa actcctgatg aaactgactg ctcattcgag gagctcctgc      1680
     acacagagta gcgtttaagc attttgcttt agaagctcaa aactcatgat tattctgctg      1740
     gcctaattca ttttaatatg catttacagc tcataaagct gcaatttcag agcaatctaa      1800
     tagcaactaa gtagtttacc atcctgctgc ccagactgtt tgctgttggc ccacgagcgg      1860
     cttcctccca gaggggcatc agaggtctgg ggcacagttg gcttaggctg tgggggaggg      1920
     gtttcttgct gcctaaaatc agaaaatgat cagtgagcag aagcatcaaa agagggcaaa      1980
     acgtagaaac caatgtggca gactatattc agcgtaatgc caagttcata ttgcaccatt      2040
     ttagtcctga ttcttcactt tgccgacagg ttttgtgaaa tcacaaacaa atgcccaaaa      2100
     atctgaggcc aacagatgct cgcttatgaa agttacaatc atgaagtata aattatcaaa      2160
     cacatgatct gagagaatca ctgacgcccc ctaaaaaata tttggcaagc taaatatatt      2220
     gaccggacaa taattaaaaa tcatgctgtg tggaataagt tctgactaaa aacacatcag      2280
     cgatgaccta caatcaatga cagagcaaga tacaggacaa cgaaaacaag cagatcagta      2340
     cagataaaga ctgacgattg gctatttcga gcagtaggcg ggacttttgc tgtggcagtc      2400
     gtactgagca ttgtattttt cctcatacaa agtaatgcgt ttaaattgta attgcatatc      2460
     tatagtcttt ggccagacag agttgtctct gcatgtttct ggtgcagtta atctcttgtg      2520
     aagtatgaac ctagcagcaa atgagtgcta acccagagag acgtgcaatg tgaaaacaac      2580
     ttaaaaaaaa caaacaaaac aaaaacaaag agtacatcta gcacagtgtg aactctgcag      2640
     gaaagagttt acctataatt tagtgtttta aggttgaaag attaccgttc gtctcctggt      2700
     tgatcttgtc tggaagccca tccactgcca tccttgggta ctatgctaac attgggatca      2760
     ttgcctttgt tctcagcttt taggctgggc aggttagctg gagggggcat gcgtcgactg      2820
     accgcaactt tacccaaact ttggagccca tgtctggcgg caactaaaag aaggagaaaa      2880
     aattaattac caacactgct aacacattaa tctttcattt aggctaggaa atgaaagtga      2940
     aagttctgat taaaaatcag tgaagtttta acaacaatgt gaaaagcagc aacacacatt      3000
     cttgagcact ctcttttcta aagcttgtat gaatgaacag cagtgactga gtggccaaag      3060
     actgcttatt tgatccagca atgcacgaga ggctaattgg gaagctaacc cagtatgctt      3120
     gatcaagagt acaatctgct aagtatttct gaaggtcaga agatccatcg tcacgagtaa      3180
     gtttatgtga aaatcataga tatagaacaa ctttattaaa cagcaatttc tgatgcagtg      3240
     ttcaactgga cactagggtt gggctaatag acaataacga tgctgagccg gcatcacgat      3300
     catccgcccc acccgcaaac tcgctcatca aaaatacaca cttaggctct gtttacacta      3360
     aggctacgtt cacactgcag gcaaatgtgg cacgaatctg atctgattct tattccccct      3420
     cacgtgacac aggtgatgac agtgtgaaca gcccaaaccg catggaatct gatcttttaa      3480
     ggtcagatct atgccacttt catatgtggt cttaaaccag acacagatct gatgttttgc      3540
     aatgcgaccg cagtgtgaac ggttatgtcg gatttcatgt gacttttacg caatctttga      3600
     gtgacatgcg tcatcattct gtgctgcaaa catcctctac ccctcagcag cacagtagaa      3660
     taacacagaa ggcaattaca gtaccacaga aagttggttg ttcatgttga aaaagaatct      3720
     gaaggcataa ctggtgctta tgaaataatc tggttaacga ttgaagcacg ggtagatcgc      3780
     gaggccaaaa agcgttgtgg gtgttgcgga tgggggatct gtgtgcaaat gaggaagaat      3840
     tttctctcca agagaaaaaa agggcagttg ctcgagcacc caaacctccc ttctgcacgt      3900
     gtctgctgtt tataaccaag tgaaattaaa taactccaca aacggagata aaccaactcc      3960
     gccttcacaa ctcagtctgc ggctgctcat taacccttga tgagttcact acactgccgg      4020
     tggtcagagc gccacgcacc gctgttgtca taaatcacaa aagattagtg ttttttttta      4080
     atcacaggag acttatttta gatctcaaat gctgaaataa acattagtag tagcaaaata      4140
     atcatttaca gttcatgaaa tagaccccgg ttgtctgtga aaagggtaat aatcatataa      4200
     gcatgatctg acaacgtgct tactcatgca gcactcacgt gtgtggataa ttagacattt      4260
     cggctctccg taatgcactt ttgcgcatgc gggtcagttt aggaccatga tctgttcaca      4320
     ctgcaaatct gatattggcc acatttaaag gagcagtgtg aacagtcatg caaaaaatca      4380
     gatctgagaa aacatcagat ttgagcacta agccttgcag tgtgaacgta gcctaatacg      4440
     tctaagtttt aatgtggcgt tttaaaacaa aaaaggatgc acgaccacaa tggtgtcacc      4500
     tagcattttt gccattcgtc cacactagac cactgaaagc acacatcacg tgaccacaca      4560
     tacacagaca gacagaatct tgcgctcatc tgatcttcag gcagtcagca ggtgctttga      4620
     gcacaaaccc ccaaagtgca gaccacgttg cagtttaagt atgtaccact gaatctcatc      4680
     tcactgtagt tattaaacgt gatatttaat taattttgtc tctatctaat gactcttcgg      4740
     tcttttgaat ctatcaggta acgtgtcaca gcgtcagtat actgcttcaa tctgtcgctt      4800
     tcacgcttgt acttttataa cattataaca cagatcactc tgcctattca tgccagagtc      4860
     ctgcggaaaa agtgattgac gggtggtaat tcgtgagcat cttttcttta ttaacttatg      4920
     atatggctat gggtaaaaca tagaccgtgt gggtgaggta gttgaaacag taggctacaa      4980
     ataattaatt tgttatgaat tattcaaaaa taattcactg cagtctatga tgacgatgcc      5040
     attgtctatc gtgatgtttc acattagtca tcgtacgatg ccaaattagt ctgcttcagc      5100
     caaccctact ggacacgctt cacaaattca acccaatggc tgctgttttt ttaatgatca      5160
     gaagctcatg agccattttt atcagctcgc aaattgcttt cacacaatac gaccatcagc      5220
     gatttccaca taaattgtct cagtggagaa gaaaaatttt cgtacaagct ccagtgacag      5280
     gcaaaaatgg caccctgtac gccagccttt actctagcta caaaagtgac aagattactt      5340
     ttcaacccca aataaaaagt ctgtatttca tgacgttaaa taatacatct actttctttg      5400
     cattctcttc actttcttgt aataatgtgg ttcagagctt tcaattttga gatgatttaa      5460
     atcagcttgt gtgtgagaat gattagctgg actcacctgc agttttctgc gtctccaaag      5520
     actttccctt gtacgtgttg aagaggctaa gggttgcata cttggtcttg ccatcctttg      5580
     ccttggtgct ctgccctgac ttctcggaca tttcgctgga aactcattga gtctggtcct      5640
     gcggcctcac ccctcagaac cagcccctta ttgaagagag caagaaataa aaaaaactaa      5700
     gtgagcagat ggtaaaacca gatactctgc ctaatattta ccaataataa agtgctttaa      5760
     gctatatttt ctgtcaggtt taaaagcagg agtaagaagc taatgttgag caactacaga      5820
     gagaaacaga caaatgtaca tgtgagcaag aaacactcaa atgtttgctc atgatagcct      5880
     ttattctcgt ttcacaaaca ttactgaact gaatccagtg cttctgacta ggtttatttg      5940
     aggctatatg gccttgcaga gaaaatgaaa gcatcaagtg cacaatcagc ctttaatcaa      6000
     actctcctac ttctgcccaa gacagatttt aatgtgcaaa atatattatg tatatgattg      6060
     ttatactata cctatttgaa aacatcaacc aacaagtttg tcacgctagt atatccatca      6120
     ccagcattgc ttcccctccc tataaggaaa ctaagtggct ggctagggag tcccctcaac      6180
     ccactagtgg tgtgagccgc ttccttgcta aaatcatgtt tatttagtac ttgaatattg      6240
     aaaaaatttc actgaaaaga aaaaaatcct aactttatta aagttgaaat tgcttttgtg      6300
     tgaaagtcat gtgatcaaca acaagcttca ttgcctgcct ttatataacg gatttatttt      6360
     ggaaattgga tcacaaaacg aaaccaaacg aacattaatc ttcagacgta caaaaactga      6420
     gggggaaaat gacaacgaga agagacaacc acaaaattat tttaaagggt aatgacaacc      6480
     cccatcttca gtttaggtct acctcagaat ttttttaaaa gatccataat aatgggcgtg      6540
     gagctccgcg aaaaaagggc aggcatgggc ggggccagca ggggaggagg aggggagcga      6600
     acaactgtta tcagttagct cccaaaatga gacacaaacc ttaaggagat gcatgatttt      6660
     atagtttaca aagttaaaat gctaagaaat aaacagtgat ttaatgccct gctacatttg      6720
     caattcataa tttcatatac agataacaac aatttatata attataaaga taatcgtgtt      6780
     catatgaaca ctataaatga ggacttttcc ctcaatcccc gggtctgaat gcagactcag      6840
     tgcagcaggt ctcttgccag gtctatttta accattagcc ctgttggtaa tctagaggat      6900
     ttaggcaaac acagcagcac ggcgatattg tctaaatgtg aatgaactcc tgataaaaga      6960
     caacatctgc cattctccaa ttcttgtact gctctcccaa caaaaatgct tgctgcacac      7020
     aaacagcatt gctgtattga ccctgacacc attgagggga aaacatgcaa caaaccctgt      7080
     gaatcatgaa aacaaacaca taaaaaatac aacagaaaaa gtatgaaagt ttaatgcctc      7140
     gcgactaaat aaagggcgcc actgtgatcg tgcataccaa tgcacaaaac ggcgacgtaa      7200
     aagcgtcatt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ttacctcatg cttgtttttt tgttttgacg      7260
     cgccgtgtca aaaccttctc caccaatcag attggcactt ttgtttacat gtaagaagct      7320
     gcttaagtta cagtaaacag cacttggagg tgcttaagcg caaaactgtc aatgcgagcg      7380
     cacattgaag aagttgccca gaggcaatac aagcgtggag ctgcttattg ctctggtgaa      7440
     caataatcat ttcctcatca ctagagccgg agctgctgct tgaaccatcc ataacaagcg      7500
     tttcttcttc tgtgttacaa gcaggtgtca gaagttgtgt agcgccatgt aacgtcaagg      7560
     agtgattttg catactcttc tgctcgatgc cagtgaaaat cgcttaggtt gtattacaga      7620
     aaaacgtctt gaaaaacgct gacaataaac gcaaacgaaa agttttatat acaaaatgta      7680
     tatatctgac tgtattatag gacaaaattg cattacaaaa tattatatac tgtaatttaa      7740
     atgtatctat acattttaat acaagaattg ctgtgctgta aaaaaaaaaa aataaaccta      7800
     tgtatgaaaa gcattgtcaa tgcaccatga taacgaactg aaccgaatcg ataggcatga      7860
     taatcgtaaa tgaacgatga gaccagtgaa gattcacacc tctactttta agtgctaata      7920
     atgatgttaa agacataatc tagtagcaca ttttatggga aacatccaca cacactcatt      7980
     cacacactca tacactacgg acaatttaga ctacccaatt cagctgtacc gcatgtcttt      8040
     ggactatggg ggaaaccgga gcacccggag gaaacccacg tgaacgcagg gaggacatgc      8100
     aaactccaca ctggaatacc aactgagccg aggctcgaac cagcaacctt cttgctgtga      8160
     ggcgaacgtg ctacccactg cgccttacag agccgttttt agtctaaaat gcattttact      8220
     gaactgtaat actgtagcat ctttcactgg catattttgc agactggtaa tatttttttc      8280
     cagaaacatg tttattaaag ttatgtttta atttaattaa taatagttta atataagctc      8340
     tggaccccgc atctcaaaca taaggaacag ggaaggagac tgaacaaata ataaagtttg      8400
     tgtttgggta ttaacattaa cacagtattt gctgcttccc ttttttctat gttttttcta      8460
     taaatgtttt ttcaaattta ctttatatta tttgcttatt gttcttctta tgtatgaatc      8520
     catctttgca ttaatgttaa tagttttgtt gttttttgag tttttaatga gttcagaatg      8580
     tatattcttt tattaagtag ttcattttcc cttttggcta attactgttc agtgttgttt      8640
     cattgcaggg tttttacttt tggaatttat taaaacaaaa actcaacctg gaatctttta      8700
     tagaatcttg aatttgtttg ccaaaacaat aaaataggtt ttaaacacta tagaaggatg      8760
     ctaagtagga attaaaatgc cctagtcatt cagggagata ttaagtagta atattaaggc      8820
     tttattttct gtttcatcga ttgtattaaa gaaataagga ataaaattat tgtgggctag      8880
     tttgcaatgg tgataatgca ctatagagca aggtaggacc ccaaaatagt tcagcttagg      8940
     gcctccaaat gtacaaggcc agcccagatc accagcagtg aatttgaagc tgatagaagg      9000
     tctctacatc tttgaatgtc aatggttgga attgatgatg catatcacgt tgccatgccg      9060
     atgtcagtga agatggtgaa atgacagtga gggaaggggg tgctgcaatc taccgtgagc      9120
     cacatggagc tccattcata attgatgtgg tgtgagggct tatgccaaga caacaaagta      9180
     taagcaacag ggtcacctca acatgtccaa caaattagac acactgcagt acatgagcca      9240
     aaataccagt ctgctaatac atgtaaaaat gaccacactg tatatccaca actatattta      9300
     cattactata tctacgttta aaactatggc tacgttcaca tgccacattt tttctttagc      9360
     agatttttat aaacaaaatg ttttgcatga atatgtgtat tgttttcaag gtagatcagt      9420
     gtacatgcca cagctatata tggcattgtt aacacagaca gacagaatgg ccagagacac      9480
     aaaattcaaa gaatgcagta agcatttgca tgaagtcctt catgtgctga ggacaaaatt      9540
     atgtacattt aacaatatcg gattcatgta actaataatg catttaagct aggggtgtca      9600
     aaagaaacac atttttatgg gtcatcacac tgcacaagag gacaattctg tttcaattta      9660
     gcaacaatgg catgcactca ccatgtgtct atgataaact tgagttcatg atataacttg      9720
     cacaatgtta ctgaagtgca gattcttaca ctcttttaga aacagaaagt gaagcactag      9780
     atcctttctg aggcgcaccc agctctgtga gttcagcaac tcctctagaa actatacatg      9840
     gatagggttg taacggtata aattttttac agtatgataa tcgtctaaaa caataccacg      9900
     gtttgacggt ttcgcggtat acggtatgtt acaaatgtta caaaataata gaacagtaaa      9960
     gcaaatttga ctttttccaa ataatatatt ttcagttact ataaacaaca ccacttacaa     10020
     tgaacaaata aaaaagtaag aaaataataa ataatgtgtc aaagtccaaa taaagtccaa     10080
     ataaacatgg tgcaaatcct cagtaaaaaa atagatataa atatttacta tactataaat     10140
     agttacataa cgaaactaga ttcaatttgg aacatcctta ggttttatgt gccagcatgg     10200
     atatggttgt ctgtggatat ggatttggat atggttgtct gcaatgcaga caaacagctg     10260
     caccttcatt tgcgtctttt gaaaactgca agagcagcag ttcgtctttg ctgtgtcact     10320
     gttttgtcat gtttctgtgc tgctgtgcat gcaaaagtac ttagtatgag aattatttca     10380
     tgcaaaactt tttttttgcg ttttatttag ccgcgcataa atgtatgcct atctctcatt     10440
     ccgtgttgtt caaaaagctc gttgttggtc cacaaacaaa agcgaaacct atgcttattg     10500
     gttgtgatat agcgagtttg aaccaatctg ggcatggagg agggacaatg catcaatgta     10560
     tcatgtctgg tttgtccgga gacacagtga cgagcgtttc tttgtcaaat cagcgttgtc     10620
     aaatgttgat gacgtaaccg cactgattcc ggagcctctg aatgttatgt gatagggcac     10680
     tggaaagctg agattctctt ctttatgcca atctttgaat tgtatgaatc ggatcagcgg     10740
     atcaaaagtt attaaacact taagagcaat acttattttt agtcgcgggc ggctgtctca     10800
     gtctttaagg gttaaaaccg ttgatatgca attgttcatg gtatgataat cgtgcacgtt     10860
     caaatcgtgg tagaccgtca taccggtata ttgttacaac cctagttaga tatagcaggg     10920
     gagattaact tcttactcca gggccgaata atatttgttt cggggtaaac tgccttctct     10980
     tagttgcagc cggtgaatga acgagaacac atgtaacttg gtaaaaaata tttattactt     11040
     tccgtgtggt acaacaaatc agtcactgag tgaagatagt ttcattgcca aaaaaagctc     11100
     ctcctttctt tctccctttc cgcttcacac acacacacac acccaaactg cagcccagtc     11160
     tcgttgaagg acccgcacat tttacaacac gtgcaaacat aacggttgtt tgtaatctga     11220
     ttatttgtta ttatcaacgc gttgcttgcc atgtgttatt gatgtaagat tgtattcagt     11280
     ttgatcagaa tattcatatt gattataacg agcgtgcgag ctagagcaat aggctattgc     11340
     caactcgccg cagccatttc taaaatgaaa ctcttatcag aaaacaataa acacatatgc     11400
     caagcgcaac tttgtgtttg atcttagcaa atacactgtt gctactaaac aaaacattgg     11460
     aaaacttcac cgcatacaaa cagtcacgtg tgggtggcga gtcctccatc tgcatcccgt     11520
     ctgaaaggac cgtaatgcaa ttttgattct tccgtgcata gataaatatc atttgatttg     11580
     ctttcatcca tgtgtattat atccattttg cggcaatctg tggtgatctg aaaattttgt     11640
     atatcgccca acactatttg acacccatag ttttcggcag aaggatttcg catgtttgca     11700
     ttgacttaat aagcaaatca ctcatggtag atgcttcacc tgggtctggt gtaaacgcag     11760
     tattaaactt atgatggttt ctttttttat gtaggtgaat taataaaaaa cataacaacc     11820
     caaaaacgaa aatgctcaat ttacgtaccc ttttttctgt taaataataa aaatacatta     11880
     aaaaaacatt tgttctgtaa ccattcactt ccatagcatt tcttttgctc atacaggttt     11940
     ggaagcactt gagggtgtgc aaatagtagg gttgagcaaa atgggcaaaa aaaatcatat     12000
     cctggtattt ttaggaggaa tgacggtata caatacagac ggtattttcc cataaatggt     12060
     tacttgagag ttaaagcctt tattaaaact ttaccaaaca ttttttttta acaaaatata     12120
     attcaaacac aggggttcct tccctgttta caaataaacg gctgcacaaa aaaataacag     12180
     ctgcataaaa tctttgataa ttaaaataca gtacaagttt tttttaatgc ttaaaactat     12240
     gttgcacaac atttcaaacc atataaacaa tctttgataa ataaatacaa atataatttt     12300
     ttcctcctta actctatact caacacttct aagctgttgt gtaaattaag taaacagaac     12360
     catagaaaac agctacattg tcagagcaaa aagggaactc acttaaatag aaacaacaaa     12420
     aagtattgta cgatagaaaa gaaccacatt gaatgtaaat gacacagtat tttatgtcac     12480
     aattacagtg ttgttataag taataccaca gtagtgtgat ttataaacaa ttaaatcagc     12540
     tgtatatgtt ttagttacag atttacatgc atgtaatgtg cataattact aaatagtgca     12600
     catagaagat atctaaagag aagtctttta ctcaatgtaa aaaatcctac acttttgttt     12660
     ttactaaact tgttttacta aatattaaat aaggagatga aaacaaataa gactatagat     12720
     atgagaagta aaattgtttt agagtactgt gatgaaatgc tggtaaaaca tataaatgta     12780
     aacagtgata acagagcaga acgcagagct aaatgtctta taacaaatgt aaagaagaga     12840
     ctgtcgtgta ataaatattt ataactttta atcagtgaat atgaggtggt ttcactttcg     12900
     aaatgtgcta taaatgcctc tattttggcg ttttaattcc attgaacaca ttcaagtgct     12960
     gcttgtcaat ttcacaaggc ttctacattc gttccttctg tcaattgctg aagaactgtt     13020
     cgataaatga tttcagatag actgctgtga cagctgcatt agctgtgtga gctgtgtagc     13080
     tgcgtgcacg agaggggagt gagatgtgtc cgggaatcac gtgtggcctc aaaccctatc     13140
     gatatgaatg atattggata atcctacatc gagttgggga atcatatcaa ttagggatgt     13200
     aacggtattg taaataccgt catatcgcaa tagcaatttt ttccgaaatt accatagtcg     13260
     catgactcag taaaactata ggtcttgtga caaaatttgc tcaggcgaat gaagcaaacg     13320
     ggaggtagcg gaaactacaa ttcccatcag cccaggtgtg gccatcatcc tttgcggtct     13380
     gttgtcgcta cagatccagt aatgcggaaa tggagtgtgc ttctagtagc ggggatgaaa     13440
     aagagctgga aatgatcgaa atctaaagcg ggtgttgtcg ccgcgtgcgt actaaatagt     13500
     ggtgttgtca cgcgcgttct gatcagctgt gttgttgcgc gcgttctgat cagctgtgtt     13560
     gttgcgcgcg ttctgatcag ctgtgttgtt gcgcgcgttc tgatcagctg tgttgttgcg     13620
     cacgttctaa tcagctgtat tgtcgcgcgc gtactgtaaa gtgggaaggg ggggtggagc     13680
     gcgcatactc aagagcggtg ttgtcgcgcg cctactgaag ggtgggacgg agggtgtgtc     13740
     gcgtcgtggg ggcacttttg atcattttgg aagggcattt tctatccaag acaaaacggg     13800
     catgtgcact gcacaggttg agtcccatgt gtgcacatgc ctgcaagtta gggaatacga     13860
     ctaataacag tcatggggac tgcagaaaca cagcacactg ttcagattga tgcagacatt     13920
     gacttgtacc gcaaagagac ctctatctca ctcatggctt gttctctcaa gtgggggaaa     13980
     gacaatgcac aacgttaccc actgctgtca acctgggcca agtcatatct ctgtcccaga     14040
     aacctcagtc ccaaatgaga gggttttttc tgttgcaggg gacaatgtta atactaaagc     14100
     tgtgaaccta cactagtctc acggttcggt tacgattatc atgccatcga ttcggttcaa     14160
     ttcgatattt cggtgcatca cggtgcattg acagtgcttt ccatacacaa ttttatagtt     14220
     tcttcacagc agcatttctt gtattaaaat gtatgaatat atttatattt atatactatt     14280
     tgtaatacaa ttttgtcatt taatacagtc agatatataa actgtaactt taaacaaaac     14340
     gagcatttag caaataatat aaacaaatat aaatatccag ctcaatttct gatccttgtc     14400
     tagttctctt acaccccttt gattggtcac accctaaaaa aaaacggttg cgattggctc     14460
     ttgcgcgcta cgttcttcac agatgagtga tactgataag cgacaggcgg cagcggcgat     14520
     ctcacagctg atgtatgata gacacggtgg agaaaactct gcagacatgc gctcgtttct     14580
     gtacgcaaaa gtaacgctgt aaaacagccg agaagagaag aaaagccacg ccagcaggtc     14640
     aaatgggcca ctgtgtgtgt gtgagaaaga gagagagaga cagagcgaga gaaagagaga     14700
     gagaaatgga gtaggctact ttcattctct cgatctcagt gaaatagggg ctattgttgt     14760
     ttatgtcagt gaaagactga tctagcaaac acacacagta aaattgtaat aaccggttat     14820
     gacttttact gaaccgatac cgaattgtcc gcgtctgcat cgcagtgcat caaagaaacg     14880
     attaattttg acaccctagt aaatacccag agataccagc ttttaccaga ttatagttat     14940
     atgataattt tccttaaaac ccatctctat ctaagtgagt gagtgagtga gtgattaaat     15000
     gttgaatgcg atgagttttc aacaatacta aattgaaact ttattttttt acatggttta     15060
     ataatttttt gttattaaaa ttgaagttcc tgtttcaaag cttacagata gatggctaat     15120
     ttgtatgtca ttgacacttt tggcactttt ttggagtatt ttcataagtt ttgtttttcc     15180
     tgtaaatgat tcaataaata ccgtaccgtg acattcatac cgaggtatta ccataccgtg     15240
     aaattctgat accgttacac ccctaatatc aatacatccc tagaactcga tataaagccc     15300
     agccctagta aatacattta cacttttgaa atatttcttg cattatcaga agtctacatg     15360
     caatttatta gatccatgtt gcacaatgtg atatcttaca aatatcttgt aaatattgat     15420
     ggaatcacaa agactgtata agacttaaat ctaaaaaaat atgcaaacca actaaacccc     15480
     cacacacaaa aaagaaagca caaggtaaga cagaaggtgt aatgaaagtg aaagcagtca     15540
     cattttactc tgcactatca gcaattactg ggacaacaag aaaaaactct gtgcagtcat     15600
     gagttaaatg ccattaacaa ctttcttcca atccagacct gataagatgc catcaatgca     15660
     actgtctggc atattaaaga tggagaaaaa gttataagta gttaagctca acaatagcac     15720
     catcaaaaac atcattcaaa tgcctcttta tgccagactg ccaagtcaag aggtggagac     15780
     agacagatga atgcataaaa ccccctgtgg agtgcgagtc attcttggga agtctaagtc     15840
     aaagatgatt aaagggtcac gaaacaccaa aacacatttt ttgagctttt gacagtcgta     15900
     tatgtgtccc acactgctaa aaacactatt aggacaccta tatttcacta aaaagtgtaa     15960
     attggttgtt tttgcgttat ttcaagcaaa ttcgtacttc ctgtttgaaa cgaatttttg     16020
     aagctgcgtc acggccatga cataatagcg tgtattccag cgtgcagact gggcgtctgt     16080
     gcctgagtga gtcttattac gtcttacagt gtgatacatt aatgcatgag taaggcttgg     16140
     gtcaaaccaa tcagcgcgct ctattgtgca acttcattaa tattcatttg tgtccccgtg     16200
     tttacaccac aaagacgcca cgttgtgttg gcaaaacaag cgtgaagtgt tgcttttaga     16260
     gtttgctaca gttaagtttc gttttcattt tctctctgtg agagctcagt ctcacgtgtg     16320
     gattaacagt gtacacgacg ctcgacaaca ataacttacg tgtctaagga ggattattgt     16380
     ttacctgaga gctgttctca tctgcaaacg ctgaaatctg gatttgcttg tagtattctc     16440
     ttcataaaga cgcggctcta gttgctggtg attgtcctgt ctctacagat ttggtaagtg     16500
     agcgaccagt gctctttgtt tattcagttt gctcgtatcg aattaagtta actattgcac     16560
     tgagtgcaga aatgttagca ccgcatttag tgaccggaat aacacacgcg gctttctgac     16620
     gctacctgcc gtgtgcatct aagtttccgg gaaatgcaga gttttttttt ctctcattcg     16680
     ccgtgcggta tcaaacattg catgaaaaat acacgcttag agcagctcct cgaatcaaat     16740
     acctcgtttg tcgcgagggg catgaatgaa ttccctgaat gaaagagcca aactgcagtt     16800
     aaagtccaac atttattaat tcagcaaata attcgactac agatgtccat gtaggttaaa     16860
     caccatcact ttctcctgtc tgtgtgggtg tgtattttga ctctgaaact cgcgcgtgca     16920
     caaatagaca ctcccacacc atcccacttt agttcctccg acactccccc ctaaacagag     16980
     ctggacacgc ccacttttct gactttttcg aaagtagagg tgtgaaaaca ccctgctgaa     17040
     acgagggggt ttcatggccc tttaagactg gaaagaccga gttttaagcc aatgattcca     17100
     gaattgtgaa gcaattcact tacattttaa atgactgaga aatctccaca cagtttagaa     17160
     tgataatgtg taaatcttat attaagcaat gaaatactga gcctcagata cactgaaggc     17220
     ttcagtcaaa tttcattact cttccaaccc caacctctga catccaacca tgcccccatc     17280
     acctggccat ctgcctccca aatgtacaag ccaatccctg ctttcccttg acattcccaa     17340
     aagagcatca aagcaatcac tggcattgag ccacggcccc taggggataa gaaaagtcaa     17400
     tatatttttc aatattgacg agggctgttc ttaaagcaga gagatatgca ctcatatgaa     17460
     acctcacagc tcaaacaaat ccgccgttac caggaaacat caaatccttc acttgatctc     17520
     ctgttcctgt ggctccatcc cttcctttgt taaaacacac aaggccagct ttaaccagtg     17580
     gtgtcattgg tggcatttcc ccttatgaat atgtaaagct tttaaagcaa aagttaaatg     17640
     cttaagtcct ttcctgacgc tcacaaatat cttccctcct gctgtcactt tgatgaatca     17700
     aatctgactg gttcctgcat ctgctgaaag acactgttgt gcgttgacct caaaggcttc     17760
     ggacttgctt caagattcaa gagccacaaa aaaataaaaa taaaatctat tgatagttca     17820
     tcctcaaaaa atataagttt gtggttaatt tataaaccct caaagacttt ttcttctcca     17880
     tcagtagaat gttattttat tttttgttgc tgaaactgta atcttgggtg attcatcaca     17940
     tgcaagttaa cagttactgg atcttagtga acttgaaaat taataatgcc catggctgct     18000
     gacaataaat caaggtctta aaaggccaaa acaatcagtc aaagaaaaaa actgacgagt     18060
     acaattagta ccgttaatcc acataaaaat tgtcttgaca gcattcatga gccaggggcg     18120
     aatgtttttc cttcatctca atgcatcatc agaagccact gatataaatt tggtttgctt     18180
     gtaaatattt tatcaaataa gcattttcat ttttttgggg tggggtgggt gggggggggg     18240
     gggggggggt gtcactttaa ggttagttta attaaacaac tatattcaaa agtttcttct     18300
     cattgtcagt atatggtgta cacacacaag agcactgtgc atcaaggttt accccagatc     18360
     ccaatacacg acttcctgtg ttgtaatcaa agcacggacg cattcagtgt atatacgtaa     18420
     agaaaaacga aatgctgaat aaagtcatta tttttgtttt atgtgcgcac aaatggatta     18480
     gtgtagcttg gaaattcaat tgaaccactg aaggtatatg gtctttttct ttgtattttt     18540
     ctggactttg aataggtcag gagcattgct ctctatggag ggtaagagat gtcaaagatt     18600
     tcaccttcgg gattgaacag cagctttagg ggtaaagtct acattctgtt tctttcagtg     18660
     tttcctttac acaaattacc ataatcaata agtcttgaga tcaaaaaaat tacaaataat     18720
     tatggtgtac atttgtgcat attttcacag caaaccaata taagaaatgt aacacaattt     18780
     gctataaatt taacaaaact caccacaacc atttgttgca atattttttt tctcgcaaaa     18840
     tcctggaaga actgtatttt tttctaaaga cgaatgacag gctcagtgat ttggaatgga     18900
     atgaggataa ttactaccac aatttcattt ttgggtgaac taacccttta ggtcgtacca     18960
     tgcaaaggct gataaattac aacaaatata atgttgaaaa tggatattgg acactcaaaa     19020
     tacccagtcc attgcaaatg agagcattat tatgttgaaa ttctgatatt caatttaatc     19080
     atatgatcca tgtaaaggag tagcaaactc cttacataaa ctcatataaa tcattgtgtt     19140
     gctctacata atccatcttt caagtaagat gatagttatc aaatggaaaa tataaccatt     19200
     tgataattat catcttactt gaaagatgaa ggacaaagag ctgtagcttt aatggtggag     19260
     acaaagcaaa tgatgcaaca caatgatggc aaagagaaac gcacttaaaa gtccccaaaa     19320
     ggcctggagt atccaaactg ataaacaaaa ctaattgata attgagatcc tttagacatt     19380
     caccaactaa atgagatgct agtaggcatg ggccggtata agattctgac agtatttcat     19440
     ggtattgtga ttactgctca aaatatatta tttttaaatg tctgggtgaa aaacaaaaac     19500
     ttttttttcc cgtttgaaaa caacatattt tagtttgaga aacatttata atattttgga     19560
     acagtaaaca tgttgggcta attaattcaa ataaatcaat gaattctgct gtcttcattt     19620
     gtttaaaaaa aaaaaacatt tctttgcaat ttaagatgac atctttggat atcttttctg     19680
     ctggagatag tgttgtccta aaattttttt tacaaatctt gcacataact taggaacggt     19740
     atagcagaac attttaccag ttttaaaacc ttgacttttc caaaccacaa cataccttga     19800
     aaagagttat tccctcatgc ttagatacta gggctgaaca atatatcatt taagcatcga     19860
     tatcgcaatg cgtgtatttg caatagtcac atcgcaggat ttcatttttt attaagcatt     19920
     aaagaataaa gatattaata catattattt tacattattt tataaaatat tttttatttt     19980
     ccttcagctt agtcccttta gtaatcaggg tcaccataac agaatgaacc gccaacttat     20040
     ccagcatacg ttttacgcgg cggatgacat tcagctgcaa cacagtactg ggaaacaccc     20100
     atacactttc aaatttccac aatcaattca cctatagtgc atgttttagg aaaccatttc     20160
     caacacaggg agaacatgcc aactccacaa aaaaacgcca tctcaccagc cgggaaccag     20220
     cgaccttctt gctgagatat cattgtgctg tgaatacaat aaccatgcta tttcatgttt     20280
     gattattcaa tttccatatt tcaattcagt tagaacaatg aaagactttt atttaacttt     20340
     tatttttgct ctatttcttg tcatttgttt attttataca gatgaaccat acacaataat     20400
     caccccacac tcttacaaat gaaggtatag gagctgtcac tggggcagta ccttttcaaa     20460
     atgtacatat tagtacatga aaggtctaca acgctactac aaaggtactt tttaggtaca     20520
     aatattcacc ttttaggtac cactgtggac tatttgggta caaatatgta ccttttaaaa     20580
     aggcactgct tcagtgacag ctcctgaacc tccatttcta agaatgcagg tgatctaaag     20640
     gaattaaatg tttacaaata gatctatgca aataatctag gaaaattata ttcatattgc     20700
     aatatatatt gcagcaaaac aaaatactgc aatgccaatt ttttccaata tcgtgcagtt     20760
     ttaagagata ctgtaggatt tcgggcgtta attcatacat gcatgtagaa gtcaggatga     20820
     tttgggacta aatagatagt actattctat gaatttcaac atctacacta ttacatttct     20880
     ctactacact atggatttct caactattta gcaagatcta tgggtgaaac agttcatgca     20940
     gttcataaac gtattcatgc acctggatgg gaaacagaca tgcaatatct tttaagtctg     21000
     cataacacta agcacatgtc tacatggcac acttgccaca tacaacagat tttttttagg     21060
     attaaatgcc atttatgcac aggtcaacct ggttgggagg ataaatgaat agcaccacct     21120
     tcctcctctc tggctctgtg cacacttggt acagtgtgag atgcagcagg atttttaaac     21180
     cacacgtata ctgcatacaa ttcaacttcg cactactctg tacctccatg cacacagtga     21240
     ctggccattt gcatgcactg attttaatgt tttgtttgat gtacttggaa aagtcatgtg     21300
     agccaccatc acctttggct aacctacctc tgcacaagca caaccaagaa taggacactg     21360
     tataaccacc agtgccttcc tcgtggctgc gaactcgtct ttaaaaatga aacaataaaa     21420
     ctactagttt gagatcgtga tgaattcatc aagccaaaaa atgtccaaat gtccctatta     21480
     gtatttcgcc ggcaaatgag tcatttattg gaaagagcat gtcaattggg ccctgtgagg     21540
     tggcctccaa atccccacta tctcccccag atttttgcct ccggctaccc ggttaacatc     21600
     tttctgcaat ttctacacaa atccttccca tataaacgtg attggtatga gagaaggtgt     21660
     gaagggttgt ggttgcgtgg tttgtcgttg ctcatggcag tgctaacatt agccagactg     21720
     actcctttct attcaaacac agcagctgct gcacgctgac caaccgtaac catacctgtc     21780
     tccgccggtc ccgtctctct cttcaggtgt aaccttgtgg tttattccgt ccagaagctt     21840
     tgcgtccggg ccctttgttt tgtgtctttc agcgcgtgtg tgtgagagag gccggctgtg     21900
     gattacaaaa gctcgtgcta tgctagttcc agctagccga gcggttagcg acccacaaaa     21960
     acccctttca cagacgagag agacgcgctt ctcctcccct ctcggttgtt tttaattcct     22020
     ggtatctctc cggttgcgcc gccggtgtga ggtgagcagt aacgggcggt tggcggtttc     22080
     tcgtgcgctc gagagaggcc ccgctcgcgc cgcggcctgt cgcacaatca aagatggcag     22140
     agcgccaatc cacgagagcc tgacgtcaac acgtacagac gctgcgtagc gctagtgacc     22200
     gaggaaaggc ctagacacag cagatggcgc catttgtacg ttttagcagc cagattgttc     22260
     catctctggc actgatttat tttttattga aacgaagtga taatacaaaa ttatacacaa     22320
     cggttgcaga gtgtgcatat caacaaacta atagtgtaga ttcagccttt tttctgatgt     22380
     gacttctgct tttcaaatta tgggttgcac atccggttcg ggaaacttcc attattagag     22440
     aactgaagca tatcacttca aactagattc ttaaagtttg agaacaaact ttgaggctgg     22500
     cttgtgaaag cctgacggta atagtttatt tagtttaaac agttttaaaa agtatgaaaa     22560
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     22620
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     22680
     gatagatgat ggagggatgg atggatggtg tgctagcata agtcaaacaa gccaaccccc     22740
     gcttctctac gattttctga tactgagata tagctgctgt tgtatcgttg ctaggttagt     22800
     ctgttttgtt gactgatgat gtatcaaagc ttcttgccag tatgaacagt taaaagcaac     22860
     acccatgtct ctatcacaca gcagcatgac aatatcaatc tgaacctcta taatggcagt     22920
     ctatgggacc gttgctaggg tgccatatct ggttgttagg ggtgtggcta aaaagttaaa     22980
     agctcatcag ttattggtag tttggtagtc tgagttaaat gagcccagtt agaagcctgt     23040
     aggacagtct gatgcagact tatgaggtca caaagtttgg tccaatgtta agtcaatggg     23100
     atttttcaga cggtcccggg acgtttttcg gaaaaccaaa agtcggatca gtcggaaaag     23160
     atatagcaac ccgagtcaga ccagtttgga ggtctggtgg gagtttggtg gtcaaagctt     23220
     gaaagctcta ggaggagata gagtttaatt tttagtctca gaggataaca atagtctggc     23280
     ttgctacaca agccagccta ataataagac tgaatggaat ggcttgaaaa tgagaggtat     23340
     gctttctttt gtgttttgtt tttattggcc atgaaaacaa cgtgaattgg gtaagctgtc     23400
     cgtagtcttt gtgtgtaaat aagtgtatgg gtatttccca gtgatcgatt gcagatcgaa     23460
     aaaaaacatg ctggatacaa gcttgatgtt gttttcattc attcattttc ttttcggctt     23520
     agtcccttta ttaatctggg gcaccacagt ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ctagcacatg     23580
     ttttacacag cgacagcgga tgcccttcca gctgcaaccc atcactggaa aacatccaca     23640
     cacacattca ttcagacaca taaattgctg acaatttagc ctacccaact cacctgtagc     23700
     gcatgtattt atgggggaaa tcagatcact tagaggaaac ccacgcgaac acggggagaa     23760
     catgcaaact gacccagcca aggctcaaac cagcaacatt cttgctgtga ggtgatcgtg     23820
     ctacccactg tggcgctcgt tttaagttta atttaacact atttccatga atatatttat     23880
     attttcatga aaaataccgg ttacaccaat tgacacaaac aagttacacc tcctgcaggg     23940
     gcgcccccaa ggggtaaact ctggcccccc caataggatt ttgctgttga tataattaat     24000
     ttaatgtgct aatgtaaatt cctaatattt aaaaaaataa ataaaatgca ctaaattatt     24060
     gttggtgcca ttgacgtaca gtgtgtagtt gattcactgc ctcttcccct tagcgctggt     24120
     tcaactctgg tgaaagcagt tgttacattg ttttccagaa acatttagga ttgctttctg     24180
     ttatttattt ataataataa ttgtataata atattaataa tatttgtatt tatttagaat     24240
     aaatatagtt aagttgttat atttattgaa aaacaaatat aacaatataa ggggtgtatg     24300
     gggtggttgg cccagggtgt catttaaact agaaccacca ctgccctccc tgatcgttgc     24360
     tgacagcagg cacacacctt caatagacag caatgccaat ttaatattta ccttaaggta     24420
     catcaaaaga agaagctaca ttataatatt gtggctcaaa aaggaatatg gataaatgat     24480
     attattaggg tatgtagtgt gagtgtgtgt aatgcctttt gttcagtttg ttcatttgtt     24540
     ttattaatta attcattaat cttcattaat tttaaacatg gcatatactg tatgttgtac     24600
     aataaaagta tgtgaaaaag agctgaaaag aaattaaata tatgaaaagt gtttttaaac     24660
     ctaatattga ttgattttta tttaatttgc acatgtactt gctcaactat tttaagaaat     24720
     aaattgcaat atttcaagag taattaatta atttaataaa ttaatttaaa aaatgaaata     24780
     atgaggtttt aataaattta cttgtgtgca aaaacactga atccaaaaca aataaaagta     24840
     acaactaaag aattcagaca aacatattaa tattaaagat catactctat atgttgaaca     24900
     tgcccatatg ttaagcattg ccatttttta agaaattaaa aaaatataac ttttttatat     24960
     agattttaaa taatacactt gactgatgtg tttggctgta agagctctac aggcacttct     25020
     ctaaacagcc acagattttc cacccgactg tgcttctgaa tttagaaaac tattatttat     25080
     ttctgtgaag ttgtattttt agttagttca gtgactggtg tttcttttag tttaatttga     25140
     attttatttc agtcaacaaa aatgtttttg accaacaatt ttagtatgtg tttactaaaa     25200
     taaccgttct aactagtatt atagtactac tataatagca atgttttact tgcaattgaa     25260
     cacaactgaa attacatcat accttttatt attattatta tattaaacaa tgagcatctt     25320
     tcacagctct gttaataaaa ttatttttct ataggtttac tacactaaaa tttaaaagac     25380
     agcacttcct tcattcattc attttcttgt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtcg     25440
     ccacagtgga ataaaccgcc aacatatcca gcacgttttc atgcagtgga tgcctttcca     25500
     gccgcaaccc atcgctggga aacatccatc cacactcatt cacacacatt acggacaatt     25560
     tagcataccc aattcacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg tggaggaaac ccacgcgaac     25620
     gcagggagaa cttgcaaact ccacacaaaa acgctgaggc tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg     25680
     ctgtgaggcg acagcaatac ctactgcgcc actacgtcac ccaagagagc acttcatagt     25740
     taattttaga ctgtgaatga tgatccagta aaattaaaac aaagatttac agtttttttt     25800
     atttgtgtta tttattattc tttttcaata caacaacaaa acttaaagat attccttcat     25860
     aataatatta atgatttttt atactattta gataaaattt agtatgctca actgctaaca     25920
     tcatgtattt taccacaaaa gtacatttat gcattcaata tacaccaaga attgcaacaa     25980
     atatatttat tcaaatgtta tttgttatat tttcaattta caataatagc tagaagtcgt     26040
     acaagtataa tttaacctaa tgccatattt ttttacagtg aacgtcggtt tgttaaaacc     26100
     acacatcaat taatataatt aggctgacac acaaaacttt gtttgaaatc agatttagtg     26160
     aaatgtagat tatgcatgat ttgcttttcc aaagtttaag ctgataaatc aaagtatcag     26220
     tattacaata acaaattcac agaatttacc acattctttt tcccctgctc tatacacaca     26280
     ctggtaaagt taatcagaat agaaggatga gatgttaatt tcacataaag tatgtttctt     26340
     actcatacat aatcactgtg tgggcattgg caatggtaca aaccccctga tcttgtccag     26400
     taaagctgaa gggttttcta agaatgtttg cagactggct ctgccgtaat acagagcaga     26460
     caggagccct gcaatagaca ctgaaaatat gagtgaatgt gagaagctct gtgactgtgg     26520
     ttcttttgta cagcgtgttt tcagaggctc caccactcga tcccactgag tcaggatggc     26580
     ctgacgtgca ccttcccact ggcctggtcc atgcaagcga aactggtatg gggtgcaggg     26640
     cccaaagatg attttgaaag ccagtcttgg gtctgtcagc agcaacctcg ggatagaagg     26700
     acggacaccc acttgtttag ccaactcatc catgtagggg atgtagtcca cctggatggt     26760
     gtgcctctgg gctgccacgt acctgcatga aagcaagatc aagagtcaat aggatacagt     26820
     aaaattacag tttaacccca gaaactgtgt taatgttgtt atataatcat gtgatatgaa     26880
     atgtgaagga cctttgagtc attgcttgct ctttggcttt aatgtccttc atcatagcat     26940
     tctttgaagg cagtttacac agtcctagtg agcataacac atgacaaatt tatgtattta     27000
     tacgtaatat ataaagatat ttttctttaa aactgaaagt gtattttatt tcatgataaa     27060
     agaacacctt gtataccttt aaaaacacgt gtggcccagc gcgcttgcat ctcagagatg     27120
     ggcataatgg ctcccagagg ctggatcaga ccaatcactg ctaaagttga gcgctctagt     27180
     cctggaggat atacaaattt gtacagggat accttgttgt ttgaaacagg gatcacatgc     27240
     gaggaaagga aggggaatga gaaagtgtag cctgtggcaa acaccaccag atcaatgtta     27300
     tcttcaacag tgccatcctc aaacaccaca ctagatccac aaaactcctg cacattgggc     27360
     ttgactgaga cggtaccaga gaggatccgg tttggcaaat catcattgac catgggatgt     27420
     tggctgaaaa ttctgccaga ttaaaaaaca gcaatattca ccacaatgtt gaagacagca     27480
     atataagaca gtatgctgtt tttaactgta accagcatga tctgaatgta gttcttcagt     27540
     atttacagta cctgtgctca ggctgcagtc catagagctt gtggtcaaag cgtttattca     27600
     gatgactctc tcccagtttg ttacgatatt taacaggcaa cgagtcaaga aaccacatta     27660
     ctgctctgtt attaaacatc atatcgaaag gaacgccgct gtctcccaca cgattgagga     27720
     tccaggatcc ctttcgtgtg ctcagataaa cctgaaattg aagccacata cacctaaaat     27780
     tgaacactct tttctttcca tgcaattata gttataagag ttcactatgt tgcttaacgt     27840
     tttggcacac atgagtcctc acttagaaat gttgcagagt ctttacactc aagtgccact     27900
     gagccttggc actctagttc catagaccac aagtgtcaaa ctcagttcct gtaggaccac     27960
     agctctgcac agtttaactt taacccatat gtctcaaact caattcctgg agggccgcag     28020
     ctctgcacag ttttgctcca accctaatca aacacatctg atccaactaa tcaaggtgtt     28080
     caagactact agagactata aagcaagtgt gaattagagg tggttggaac taaactgtgc     28140
     agagctgtgg cccaccagga attgagtttg agaccactga tttaaccgca gtcaagcatg     28200
     cctgtttaaa ccaatggagt tcttcaggct tgtctgaaac ctacaggtaa ttgttttaaa     28260
     gcaggattgg aactaaactc tgcagagttt gacaaccctg ctgtatactt agtgggtttc     28320
     tctctgctgc tctgcccatt atgtggatta ccttcctgtg tttgtggatg gcacagtgct     28380
     ctactgcttt tgaccgtcca gagcaggggt caccaaccgg gttgtccaaa ctcgatccag     28440
     gggggctggt gttctgcaaa atttagttcc aaccccaatc agacatgcct tggctggcta     28500
     atcaagctct tactaggctt tctagaaaca tcctggcaga catactgaag caagttggag     28560
     ctaaaatctg caggatattg gccctccagg accgagtttg gactcccctg tcctagaaag     28620
     ttacccgcca gcaaaattca gctccaaccc tggttaaaca cacctgaact aataaattag     28680
     aaccggtagc agcacttgat aattacagac aggtgtgttt ggtcagggtt acaactgaaa     28740
     tctccaggaa ggtagcttgg tgactcctgc tccagagctt gttattgtga ctccactcca     28800
     gagcacactt ctctccgtga cttcagagtc tggtcagagt ggtcttcatc cacagacaag     28860
     tgatcttccc tacttgccct atcgtggtga tcccatcttc tgctccgcct gccctcacag     28920
     tatctgtatt tttaattgag tacttcattt cagaccttca tctccaactt ataataattc     28980
     atgtaagtca agcatttcac ctgtttggcc attctgctca actccacagc aatatctcct     29040
     ccagagtttc caatgccaat cacaactgcc ctcttcccac gccagtcttc agggtttttg     29100
     tagtcacggc tgtgaaagaa tttcccctta aatgtgtcta ttcctaaaaa gaaaattggt     29160
     acaagattcc actgtaatga aagagatata tatacacata tgactatttc atctatgact     29220
     catgggccct gttagcaatt ccaacattca ttatatggat aagtaagttc tgtcagatct     29280
     ggccattatc tagacttatg gtatcaatca ttttctattg ttgtgaggcc tttagtttac     29340
     tatgggtgtc tgcttttgag ttttattgac ttaacgttgt tgtactttgc acacaatctg     29400
     tttgccttat ttgtcactgc acctggaaag tcttttagag gaaggtgggg gtgacagtgg     29460
     tgaccagtgc agaccatcac agcatcaaac acctgcttct ctcttagacc atccttagac     29520
     tcggtctcta catcccactg tccagagtga gggaagtctg gccttggtgt gacatgaagg     29580
     actctggtct gagaagcaca aaacatgact ttttaaacct ctgccagtca aaaacatcct     29640
     tagctatgat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29760
     atatatatat atatatatat ttatttatat taataagttt ccccctttta acaagcaata     29820
     ataattgtca gaacctggaa acggatgtgc cgtttaagtt ggaagttttc agcgtacatg     29880
     cggaagtatt ccatgatgag ggagttgtgc atgtagtttg ggaagtgagc agggattggg     29940
     taatcactgt agcacatcat ctccttcgaa gtgttaataa tcagtgagtg gtaaatgctg     30000
     gcttggtctg gatctggatt ttccttagat ggaaaggcaa aatggatact gaatcaggtt     30060
     atctcttgac tgttgttttg tgtaatgagg tgtgcctcag ggtttaatga tgagccctca     30120
     tcattttatt atatgcacaa gtttaatagg ctcagtcatg tggaaaatct taccttaaac     30180
     ctccaaagtc ctccgatatc atcactggtc tcaaaacaca caggctccag cccttcatcc     30240
     agacagcatt tgatgcaggc cagtccagag gttcctcctc caataatagc aacacgttta     30300
     gccatgatga tccacaaccg ttagatttta ggtatgtgct ggagacagta attaataatg     30360
     aaatatataa ttattattgt tgtttttatg ggtggcagag cgatgtcacc tcacaggcag     30420
     taaggtcgct ggttcgagaa ccggctgggt aagttggcat ttctgtgtgg agtttgcctc     30480
     tctgtgttcg tatgggtttt cctctgggtg tttctctttc ccctacaatt tagctttcct     30540
     cttgggtaag caaaattgtc tataatgtat gtcttggtcc tccaggttgg cggttgagcg     30600
     ttgggctaaa gacccatctc cataaaaatt agatgttact aaacaccaac agcgtttggc     30660
     taaatgtcaa cttcgatata aacatccctg ggagtaagtt tttttttttt tttttataga     30720
     aaggagttta tagcatacca ttaaagcaaa gttaattgtt atatatgata acgttttata     30780
     tggccattgt tacttgtggt gcaaccaagg caagtggagg ccaatttatg tgcaaccaga     30840
     aacatttttt taatgatcaa aaaaatagat tttaattaca attctattga tgttgcaatt     30900
     aaaataaacc gaatcacagc aaaaatacct acctaaaaca aattttaaat tagaaaaaga     30960
     ttctcttttg ttttttattt tcttattttt tatatatttt taggtacagt atttttaaaa     31020
     tacaatttta agcacacatt caaaacaaat atgcagttct ttctgacgat accctacgaa     31080
     aggttaaggt ctatttttct tatgtaatcc tttaggtaat gtatacacta catatgcgcc     31140
     actaatggtt gtagccatat ggctccgtta ctgcacagtc cttttgaaag actgctgcgt     31200
     catccctagg tcaacacatg tgggaatgta tattacagtt gacataataa agtactgatg     31260
     cttagtacac acaattatct gcagcataaa acatttagat gaaataacac atcattttaa     31320
     aattaagcaa caattaagta atatatagtt tagcaaactt tagtcacatt agtgtaaatg     31380
     caaagtatgt tgcattgtat cttaccaact gtgaagctgt gggtgaagaa attaatgtat     31440
     aatggtcact tcagagaaat attaacactc accactcccc ttgtagggtt gtaaaagggg     31500
     cggaggttcc tgtcaatttg actggtcaat gttcatttag aaaatgctga catttaattt     31560
     tatgtgtttg cctttgcact acatctcatg gtcacagtct tgataatcac atgcaaaaaa     31620
     tacagatgga aaaatcacat taagtaccaa caaaaataat ataattaaac ttaaatgtaa     31680
     tttttattag tacatttaaa aatattttct aaggacataa gaatctgtag tttagacgac     31740
     taattggagc agaaacagag gtggagccca aaaccaagga ttgcctggaa agacaaagga     31800
     ccctggtgaa gccaaaacct acagatggat gacagattac accggagcag ggggatcaat     31860
     attccaaggc acattgtgcc tggtttaaag aagcatcaag atttaaactc atacgacaac     31920
     tctaatgacc acgttagttc tgtagaccag attgtggcca tgggaagaat ggtggaccaa     31980
     ggagtgatca gagtagccga tatgtcagag gatgatgagc aagaaaagaa gtaaatccag     32040
     agaggagtaa gagcaaggca agagaatggt accaagagac ctatcaagca gaggagaacc     32100
     agtgggtctg ggacagggaa ctggacagaa ttaaaaagtg cttacaggta tacaatccca     32160
     gcagagcaat gcaatatgtt gaaccaaacc agcagggtaa tggctttatg ggtaagggcc     32220
     ggctcacact gtgtgatttt gtataatcct gaaccaatgt tgcatgtcag actgcacgaa     32280
     catggctctc atgacacact gcaagatctc agttgtcata aagtttttaa cagcaatgaa     32340
     gatttgccaa acacgaaaga aaaagccttc ggagtttgac gtcatccacc cgtcacactt     32400
     ttactatcct gcattctgaa atgattcctt acataaaacg taaacaattt gtagcagcaa     32460
     ttttgcacac agtgtgtcta aataatataa ctaggaagat taaaaaaaaa ctgttgtgac     32520
     attttcccgc tgtcatttga attgtctcct gaaactgcca taactttatc gaaagaaaaa     32580
     tctgatctca aagggcgcta agcggctgtc tgttaacata tcaaactaat gatcaaagat     32640
     tacagatttt ttcctaaggt ttcaggaatc ttttaggaat tctcaagttt gtctcagata     32700
     acaaatttgt agctgaaatc tcctagtgtg agcatggctt aaaacataag taaagaatgc     32760
     acaggtcagt gagtttgggc tccattgtgg ctggcactgc ctctgccatg gggatgttag     32820
     taggtgttat ctatggacat agcctcaggc tgagacccaa ggtatcccta agaatgataa     32880
     tagatgacaa aaggtcaata aggtctgggg gaacctatgg gtgtggattc atggaatcag     32940
     aggatcaagg caaagctgag gaatccaatg actgaggcag agccgatgct tggaaagccc     33000
     atggcaagtc tgaacaacac aatgaagcca caggaaaaga acctgagggg attaaggaat     33060
     aaggcagaga tgaggcagca gaatacccaa aaatagagga ggctgggttg gaccattcat     33120
     gatagagatt tggatctgga caaatgaaac aagaaacaag atagaattaa ggccctggta     33180
     tacttcaaac aaagttttat gttctaactg tgtcctcctg cttgagtagc ctactgctaa     33240
     acacaacaac agcagctgag aataactgtt tcatagacag actactgtgg tggacagaca     33300
     ctgaacaatg tttggagctt tatcagaggt ggcacgacgc agttgcgttt ctcgtctgct     33360
     gtgatagtac aggtgcgaat acatctgtac cagttctgct tctcgaccct ccaatgtatt     33420
     catgttgcta attttgtgtt gatgtgctgg atgtttttct tctgtctgac tataaactgt     33480
     aagaatacaa agtacgtcaa aaaagatgga gcttcatgac acatccacca attgtgtaat     33540
     cattgtagaa aaaatggtag ctcaaaagtg ttttgaaata aaggaacttc cctaaaaagt     33600
     tcactatggt aagctgtttt gaactaaaaa gaactttgtt gtggctagat ttggtttgaa     33660
     atcagaatac tggaatttgt aggctctcaa aacagttgtt taccacacaa ccaaatgtat     33720
     atttgggaac ctgacacagc tcaccctcag tgacataact gtaaaggggt gtaaataatg     33780
     ccattatact acacaataat gcctttttaa tgtcaagtga aggtacaggg tcatgcactt     33840
     caagtgatgc aacgagcttg gcctagcgaa caatggaaag cctctggcat ttgctccgac     33900
     tccagcttca tggtgggatt ttgcttgtag cctgatggga agagagttga aattctagct     33960
     taaaggttgc aggttcgatt tcctgtacag acaagaatgc tgtgggcggg gtaagtaatt     34020
     aattagcact ctcttccact ctgacttaag tgccactgag ctaggtacct aactctagtt     34080
     gctccctagg tgttgcagaa aatggctgct tgcttcccta attcttgggc gatgtggctg     34140
     ctgaacatca aatcttaata taacattatt attaaatcaa aaatgcactt ttcaaaagta     34200
     cacttgtgca ttatcataaa agtaggtatc attaaagtgc acttaaattg acatttaaaa     34260
     aaaaaatttt atagatctta tttgaaacta tttaatttgc ttcacagaca tatattactt     34320
     aacagacaaa tattatttaa attgacacaa caaagactgc tagtagtagt agtgcatgct     34380
     agtgaataaa atggcacaaa tatacaatta caccaacaat tatagtctat tcaaacacac     34440
     aaaatcgtta tttcaaatca aattaaatgt tctttataca caagctgttc caaatttaag     34500
     gcacttgctt ctaataaata gaagaaccca gcattgtata aaagttctgt ttcaattctg     34560
     acattttcat gatgctgaca ttcgtttgac tttaaaatca atctgaataa ggacaattaa     34620
     actaatgtta gattacatat gaagttaagt atgtttctga ctaatataac atgatcactg     34680
     tgtgggcaat ggtacaaacc ccctgatctt gtccagtaaa gctgaaggat tttccaagaa     34740
     tgtttgcaga ctggctctgc cgtagtacag agcagacagg acccctgcaa cagacactga     34800
     gaatatgagt gaatgtaaga agctctgtga ctgtggttct tctctgcagc gtgttttcag     34860
     aggcttcata actcgatccc actgagtcag gatggcctga cgtgcacctt cccactggcc     34920
     tggtccatgc aagcgaaact ggtatggggt gcagggccca aagatgactt tgaaagccag     34980
     tcttgggtct gtcagcagca acctcgggat agaaggacgg acacccactt gtttagccaa     35040
     ctcatccatg taggggatgt agtccacctg gatggtgtgc ctctggctga ccacatacct     35100
     gcatgagagc acaatcaaga gtcattaatc atgctgatat tgcattttat ctttcaaaac     35160
     tgtgaaagtg atgtgttttg tagtaatgtg aggtgaagtg cagagaacct tcgagccatt     35220
     gcttcctctt tagatttaat gtcgttcatc attgcattca ttgaaggcag tttgcacagt     35280
     cctgggtgaa cataagagtt gcatacagtt aatgctttga catgttgtat tacttcaaaa     35340
     tcaatctgaa taatcagtgt gtaatatttt aaaataagat aacgtcctaa tgttttaagc     35400
     attgttgtcc ttaggtagtc agggaaatat tgatgtgatt tttaggaaaa taaatcaaat     35460
     cattggtgtc taaactggtg ggtgccaaaa ggtttactgt cctgtatcag gtgactgatt     35520
     ccaaaacttt tggaaaactt tggcccaagt gattttcaga aactcaggta acagggtggt     35580
     catgtgacca tgaaaatctg ggttcttatg atgtcagtca gtgtcataga ctgtaaaata     35640
     tatggacgta gtatccgtgg cgtcacccat tggtttctaa agagcgcaaa agaagccaca     35700
     aggaggcgcg gccaaccatc gccattttgt tcacgcgtca tcacacccac ggcgggatac     35760
     caaacaaggt caaagaggca gagagtgagc ggagctacag acacctgctg acagtttgct     35820
     tggacctgat tcagacacac tttactttgg aagaaagctt aatactttat cacctgtgac     35880
     tcgtttgtat tctgaccaca tgtgcttggt tgtatactat atcaataaag tgtttagact     35940
     tttaaaaaca ctgctgtaat acattgagcc actaaacatt gttcttatga catttttcaa     36000
     caggaggaaa acgcaaatta cttccaaaca cttcagatat agtctgtgtt agttaatgta     36060
     agactattga tgaaatccag catacactgt atgacaacgc ttcagatgac tgttctagag     36120
     cctacagcta atcaatctga cagattctga agtgcattac agctctaaat ataaatataa     36180
     acgataaatg atcttaaata aaacaaatac atgtatagag atggtatata agtatatatt     36240
     tttactcaca tgggaaacgg aggccatgtg aatggattgt gagcacaatt aagtgcactc     36300
     agcatgccat gctatctaat aattgtaggg aacaagtcca aaaggcagtt gactgtgtaa     36360
     agccacataa aacaacacag aaatatgata aatatgccga gttcagtggc taatctgcag     36420
     gattcagctg aggtgacgtg acggcgacca acgagaccta gctgtcactc aagtggccac     36480
     tcccttaatt atgcaaactt aatataactt aatataaagg aaacagatga gttataaaaa     36540
     aaattaatcc ccctcacagt tgtcttgaag ggtaatatta gctgtattaa ccaaaatctt     36600
     tctttgtacc agactgtaaa cacctttttt tctgctgtaa agttggccat tctaacagtg     36660
     ggctcaattg aaatttgctc tattttggag ccaggagcgg ccaggactag cggaattttg     36720
     gatgaattgc agttttagtt acttccgtat tggcttcctg agggaaagcg ggaggttgcc     36780
     gattggtcag tgtgtacacc aatgctcctt tctgattggc caacatgatt ggcctttact     36840
     tgtgacgtga ttgagctgaa ttccatgtgt tgcattgatt ttgtttgaac cttactcatg     36900
     tgaatactta attctgcatt tggtgtgaac ctagcacaaa ggattttatt gctggctctt     36960
     ggttcagcat tcccttagtt ggtatggcct gatttttcta aagcagtggc tttttatgaa     37020
     ccagaaatca agtagaggat tttaaatatg cttgaaatat atcatataac gtattaaaaa     37080
     ctttctgtat ttttctgtgt atcaacatca tgtttgatac ctttaaaaac acgtgtggcc     37140
     cagcgcgctt gcatctcaga gatgggcata atggctccaa gaggctggat cagaccaatc     37200
     actgctaaag ttgagcgctc caatcctgga ggatatacaa atttgtacag ggataccttg     37260
     ttgtttgaaa cagggatcac atgtgaggaa aggaagggga atgagaaagt gtagcctgtg     37320
     gcaaaaacca ccagatcaat gttatcttca acagtgccat cttcaaacac cacactagat     37380
     ccacgaaact cctgcacatt gggcttgact gagacggtac cagagaggat ccggtttggc     37440
     aaatcatcat tgaccatggg atgttggctg aaaaacctga taaattagca acagacgtaa     37500
     tataatacat gttgaatagg gcagataata aaacataaaa aagataacat catgaaaaag     37560
     tacaaatact gagactaacc aatgggatgt aaatgttgtt ctttagtatt cacagtacct     37620
     gtgctcaggc tgcagcccat agagcttgtg gtcaaagcgt ttattaagcc gactctctcc     37680
     catgttgttg acaaatccaa caggcaacat tttaaggaac caattttgta atctcctatt     37740
     aaacaacata tctgatggaa tgccattgtt acccacacga ttcaatatcc aagatccctt     37800
     tcgtgtgctc agataaacct gaaatgaaaa aagggaaggc aattaggtac acaaattcct     37860
     taataagatt ataatgactg aaaagctata attattttat gttgttttgg catttcacct     37920
     gttgggccat cctgctcaac tccacagcaa tatctcctcc agagtttcca atgccaatca     37980
     caactaccct cttccctcgc cagtcttcag ggtttttgta gtcacgactg tggaagaatc     38040
     tccccttaaa tgtgtctatt cctaaaggga ggatatgaac aagtaagcat tactatggaa     38100
     agcagtggtc ctcaaccact ggttcaattg gttccgggtc gcataaaaaa tcattaatta     38160
     ttttcgtttt atttattatc cgagtcttct aatatccgaa tcttttttta aaaaaaaaaa     38220
     gtcttttatt ttgaaaaatg accgtattct cttggttaca tcttgttcac ttgagcaacc     38280
     aaatttaacc cacaagaagc taaatgaata agaaacagac gtctttgtaa catttctttt     38340
     ctaacaagaa ggcccagtga aggacttaca aactgccaag gaatggatcc gcaatttgtc     38400
     aacaaatcag gtgaatacac catggctgtg caagaatatt aactgctggg gatctcaaat     38460
     gacggtggcc ttttagggga gccgttcaca tatcgcgaca ttttatagag tgcatacaag     38520
     ttggttgttt ccaatggaag tgtgcgcctt gcatgcacaa gctgcatgat gcgcccagtt     38580
     aaaagaatcc cgcaagtcac gggacaaaaa ttgaccgatc agcttcagca gcttgtatgg     38640
     aaaatacaca ttttggtaag actaattatc ccagacaaac acagaacacc caaacactgc     38700
     aatgctttgt aattttcttc ataaataaaa cttgtatcag aatgacagct tgtcttatct     38760
     tctgagaaaa cggttgatgg acacctagca acctacaacc tatataacac cgccacaccc     38820
     tcccacccct ggtacaattg tcaatcgttg accagtccgc ggtgatatga aatttgagaa     38880
     cctctgatgt aaaggacagg atattgatgt atgtaaatgc aatatataag gtctgacaac     38940
     aaggcctagt gactcttgta cacccagaat gttttattga cttaaagttg ttgtactttg     39000
     cacacaatct gtttgcctta tttgtcactg cacctggaaa gtcttttaga ggaaggtggg     39060
     ggtgacagtg gtgaccagtg cagaccatca cagcatcaaa cacctgcttc tctcttagac     39120
     catccttaga ctcggtctct acatcccact gtccagagtg agggaagtct ggccttggtg     39180
     tgacatgaag gactctggtc tgaggagcac aaagcatgac ctgtaaatct gccattatcc     39240
     ttagctaatt ttgagatgca ttcataactt catgcttttt agtgccataa taactttcag     39300
     ttctgacctg gaaacggatg tgccgtttaa gttggaagtt ttcagcgtac atgcggaagt     39360
     attccatgat gagggagttg tgcatgtaat tagggaagtg agcagggatt gggtaatcac     39420
     tatagcacat catctccttc gaagtgttaa taatcagtga gtggtaaatg ctggctcggt     39480
     cagcatctgg attttcctta gatggaaata cagcataaaa acattggatc aggttctctc     39540
     ttgacaattg actttttata aaaccagatc agtttaaaaa ttaatacatt tacaaaatga     39600
     aattcataca tgcagagcac aattcacatt tacaaaaccc aatttgtaca tctgtaaaca     39660
     caattcacaa atttacaagt aaataatata atacattttt catattaaaa tattttcacc     39720
     aaattaatta gattaatgta ttcatgaatc gtgtcttgaa cttacgaatt ggatttgtgt     39780
     attttaaatc ctattttgag tttatgaatt gaattagcac ttttttaaaa tagtttttta     39840
     tatttgcaaa atttggatgt gtatttttga atcatgtttt gaacctacga atcggatttt     39900
     gtaaatgtaa aatgtgtttt ggatgtatga tttctatttt gtaaatgtat tatctttgag     39960
     acccatctgc ctccataatt ttctgtaatg aggtgtacct cagggttcag tgctgagccc     40020
     tcttcttttc tttaaattca caacttcagt gggcttatgt ggaaaagctc accttaaacc     40080
     tccaaagtcc tccgatatca tcactggtct caaaacacac aggctccagc ccttcatcca     40140
     gacagcattt gatgcaggcc agtccagagg ttcctcctcc aataatagca acacgtttag     40200
     ccatgatgat ccacaaccgt cagacttcag gcacgttcag gtgagaagaa ctgaaattca     40260
     attgtaaaga atatatatat acacacacag tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     40320
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacagtat atatacagta     40380
     tatataaagg gggacagtgg cagtgctgtc gcctcacagc aaaaaggtcg ctggttggac     40440
     tccgtcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggagttt gcatgctttc cctgcgttcg tgtaggtttc     40500
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg ctgtacaggt gtattgggta ggttaaattg tccgtagttt     40560
     atgagtgtga atgagtgtgt ggatgttttc cagatatggg ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc     40620
     gctgcataaa attgtgctag ataagttggc ggttcattcc gctgtggcaa ccccggatta     40680
     ataaagggac taagccgaag agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg aataaatgaa attgcaattt     40740
     aaagaatgta ttctattcaa tagtaatatt tcacttcttc aacagaagca tacgaagaac     40800
     ctataaacat caaaacttag tcaagacttg cccaaagatt attggtttac ctctgaggag     40860
     tctaacaggg ttacatgaaa agaaagtatt aaggaaaact caaagtgtgc taagagatgt     40920
     agcaatgtgt gctcccatcc tctaaagcat tttttttgtt tgttttgttg ccctctggaa     40980
     gaaggttaag aaacatcaaa tgctcttcca acagatataa atttaccttt gtttcaaagg     41040
     caataaggct taacaacact acatttaagc aactcttaaa tgtacctttt aaataaatgg     41100
     gtctttgcta tgtttttttt tactatttat gaagccatta tgaagcatgc tgaattgtgt     41160
     tttttaatat tgtttgcaag tgatttgtct ctttatgagt ttgttgtatc atgaaatgcc     41220
     actaccctaa tcccatggac ccttcactaa gcctcgccct ccttagttac tgttgctacg     41280
     cctgtcaagc tttatgtgcc tggcacagct ttttcaatgt gtgtgcgccg gtttcagtca     41340
     ttgccagcaa gggatataat gtcatttttg gtgaacaggt gagatatacg agaaagccag     41400
     acaagtagta tgccttacag gggtatattc accacataat aggcaaccga ttagagaata     41460
     aatcaatcaa aattgaagct agcttagcct agccgcctca tacgctaacc attcaacagc     41520
     ttagttcttg ctcagcagga gaggtgacat ttaaaaataa tctaataata ataaattaaa     41580
     ccgtgacttc tctattttta gccaaaaagc ctgattaatt cattggtgtg caatgaaata     41640
     taaccttact aacccgtgag aaaacacgca tgacagtgct tttacatagt tcattcatag     41700
     aaagaacagc cagaaaggga aactgatgga ttagtgccga atattagcat cattgaccca     41760
     taacaatgta cagtaagtta cctattactc acagtatgtt tgtgtgctct ttataaatga     41820
     ccgaaaaaca gctgggggta aagtatattg atcgcagatg ctcagtttgt gatcatatct     41880
     cggttttgtt ctgttgattt gtaatttcaa atattcgtag ttgaaataga tggaaatatt     41940
     aagttcagta aagttagcaa cagattctca gattttccgg attaataact catgtcatta     42000
     tgatctattc gctattagta tgactacgtt actaacgtta tggcgaaggc ttaaaaggag     42060
     cattaatcat aatatcgagc gaaaaaaagg agtaagacaa ctgtgaaaca taacttgctt     42120
     tgtgtttttg taggaaacac agtttagatc tgtttagggt aagaggtctg tgagttattg     42180
     ccgcctgtat atcactgaat gtgtcaggaa tatcaaaaca aaaccaactt agctccgctt     42240
     ctttagcgcc ccttacacag cttgatccac gctgtcattt ctcctctagg ggtttaggtt     42300
     ttgaaaaggg aaaaaattcc accatcccgt tcaaacttta aggagaccgg gtatcagatt     42360
     tgcacattcc atatgtattc gcttgaaagc ttgacagagc cactgcgcgt agctacagtt     42420
     gctaagccac gattagtgga tggcggtttt tgagagtggc tttgcgaagg atccatggtg     42480
     ggattaataa aggtgataaa cttattatat atacattagg cccgtagcca gcatattgaa     42540
     agggaatgtt ctttttcctc aataagtgga catttttttc agttattaac ctctttttct     42600
     attcaattat aagtactgca ttttggtcac tttttaagca ctaatttgtg ctggattaga     42660
     ttgtcggatg gtgatcatca tactttttga tgaaagctaa atttcctaca attttcatcc     42720
     attcattcat tttccttcag cttagtccag gcatgtccaa gctcggtcct ggagggctgg     42780
     tgtcctgcaa cattttgttc caaccccaat cagacacacc tgagctagct aatcaagctc     42840
     ttactaagct ttctagaaac atcctggcag gcgtgttgaa gcaagttgga gccaaaatct     42900
     gcaggtcacc ggctctccag gatagagttt ggacacccct ggcttagtcc ctttatttat     42960
     ctggcagaac aaacatatgc acagcagaac aaaccgccaa cttatccagc atattttaca     43020
     cagtggatgg gaaacaccca tacacactcg tacactacgg ccaattttgc ttacccaatt     43080
     cacctatagc acatggcttt aaactgtggg ggaaaccaga gcacctggag taaacccacg     43140
     ccaacacggg aagaacatgc aaactccaca aagaaatgct aactggccca gctgggactt     43200
     gaaccagcaa ccttcttgct cctacaattt tgttaaacca taatatttta ccacaaacaa     43260
     tttgtttata aatgtgcatt tatactatca attattaata acttttaata atgttatgaa     43320
     atttgtatat aatttttaaa aggtttgaat aaataagaaa aaacgctttt ttaattcaaa     43380
     tttatattat tcatcattaa aaacaaaaca aaaaaactat catgaaacgg tttaatacct     43440
     gatttaaatt aaaagccata gcctataggc ggccagctca tttccttaat tcagaatttg     43500
     tccacttgaa taattaaaaa tttagtctgt cagtgtgaaa ataactgatc gaagaagtct     43560
     aacaatttat gatgatatac tattaaaaat ggaaaaaatt agctgatata ggggccaaat     43620
     tctggacttt gtcagtgggg cgtcggcctt tcgaaccagt tgaacacccc tggctacggg     43680
     tctgaaaatg tgcattatgt agattatttt ggaatgggat atatgcacac acttttaatt     43740
     tcagtcagtc agccccagga gttcatatga attgtcatcc aatacaaaat cacaaagttt     43800
     aagatctgat ttatttaaaa accgtgatct tcactgcttg gctgagatac aatataaagt     43860
     ggatataaaa aaacaaaaac aagcagcact gcaaataaat tctattttct gtatcatgtt     43920
     tttaaaatat ggaaattcat tttaccccag tcttttcaat ggagttttac attagcctga     43980
     tgacagcgcc ggcgttggtt tttcgtctct ttttacgctt taacaaccaa atggatgctt     44040
     aaatctatga ctgattatat ttgaattaca ttaaaacatt aatgttgtaa aaggagcctt     44100
     atgaacttta aaatagtcac ataatccttt cactggaagt tcatcattgg ctgaaaaaca     44160
     ctatgtgcat ataacccagc atcttggtaa aaattggtga agcatcctga tgaaatgaga     44220
     aagattgtgg gaaaggcatt ggtaaggaag tggagggaga aataagaatc cagtaatata     44280
     attcatgaga aaatgtttat cagcattttt aaagaatgca gatagcattt gtttactatg     44340
     agttcttgca aagcaagtta ttcttgtcat tgtcactctt aataaatttt ttttttgttg     44400
     atccaaactt ttatttattt ttaataaatt aaatatactg tatacactta atcctttatg     44460
     cagcatattt attaattatc aattgtagta aaaaatcttt taattttgtc aattgtgtaa     44520
     aaccttaagc tgtggatttt tctttaatgt caaaaatcat tagactgtaa agtaaaatat     44580
     ccagtttcac tagacatttt gtaaatttct actataatta taggctatca aaactagcat     44640
     aaatataggc tttcaaaaat gtatgattag taatgtgcat tacttaacac ttcatttaaa     44700
     caaatgtgat taaaggtgat ttagtcaata tttagatttt tattttaccc tcccagatta     44760
     tctaacagtt gtattttata caaataacat taatttgtcc aatcctaaca tcaattaaaa     44820
     gcttattttt tcagctttca tgtgatgtgt aaacaaatct actaatcgac accgatgact     44880
     ggttttgttg tccatggtca caactgaggc tttttgtgaa agcctatgaa ataatggtca     44940
     acaatacaga taatcattgc cgttaaaaag tacaaaaagc agcaaaaaaa acattacgca     45000
     gtcaatgtcg gtttattcat cgctgttgaa tcatgtctaa cgttacgcag tgttgatttg     45060
     caaactgaat tgcaaaagcg atgaaaacaa caaacttaag cacgaaccct ctattcagtg     45120
     aggcagggat aaaataacat ctacaaaccg taaacgttag agaagtcacg ttatataaat     45180
     acacccgttt cagacgataa gtgataatac agtaaaaaaa ataagtttgt ggcgcacttt     45240
     acctcagtgt gcagcggcag tagatgtccg tcagtctact cgagcccttc agctacacaa     45300
     cacacttcca ctgctggaga ccacaccctc aaatggagaa ggggaggaga ccctgccgcc     45360
     attcactatg gtaagtaggc taatgctgaa tagtctttcc tacagtgcat tgaaaatctg     45420
     tgtattactt tggtaaaaat agtaaatatc tacattttaa tcctatataa aataatgcat     45480
     agcataaaaa ctaacatagc tcagaagcag tcaaaatgca ttcatgttgg ctacatatta     45540
     acagtgttgg atgtaattag ttactacttg taacttgttg ctgtaattat attacttttt     45600
     tctgctgaaa aagtaaagga ttacttaaca ttttaggtca tttaataaga gttacctata     45660
     attgcttaaa tactgcaaag taattcaaca gttctgaata aaggaacaga tatagtggcg     45720
     tgatcagggg gcccgcatcg tcgcaccata tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata     45780
     tatatatata tatatatata tacttaatcc tttttgcagc atatttatta attattattt     45840
     gtagcaaaaa aaacttttaa ttttgtcaat tgtgtaaaac cttaaaataa ttgtggattt     45900
     ttatttaatg ccaaaaatca ttagactgtt aagtaaaata tccagtttca ctagacattt     45960
     agtaaattcc tactataatt ataggctatc aaaactagca taaatatagg ctatcaaaaa     46020
     tgtatgatta gtaatgtgca ttacttaaca cttcatttag acaaaggtga ttaaaggtga     46080
     tttttttaat atttatattt ttttaccctc ccagattatc taacagttgt atcttatact     46140
     aataacatta atttgtccaa taacgtcgct ttacagcttg gatttgaatg attctttagc     46200
     gtaaaacagg ttattttgcc tacattttaa gattataagg ctgaacgtga catgcaatga     46260
     catgttatat gcaatgagat cttcctgcag tattaaagtc taaagtattt ctctgttgca     46320
     gtaaggatat tgcaataatt aaccccgaag aaagcaactt gctcaaaaat tagagggttt     46380
     cggaatggtg gccgaaaaat tgatacatct ctaatctcaa tacactgtta gattcccatt     46440
     gttgcagaat tctgctgtgt gattggctta gatcaatatg gatttaaaaa gtccagagct     46500
     tatcattgct attgacataa attttatagc aattagatat gatattgttt attgggccca     46560
     ggcttactaa gaactgctat ggaattccat gaggcttgag gttgactcca taaactttta     46620
     atctgagaag atcagctaca aaaccagttg ttcaactgtc ccagtcacac accctgaggc     46680
     cccctctctg ccctctattt taccttcttc atcagatcag cccacaaacc cagctccaca     46740
     cagaaccacc aagttctcaa taaatagttc tcacaaaaat gtgtgattgg taaagtggta     46800
     taaatttcac agtaatgttt tacaattcct gttatatctg ttgatttggg ttttcacttt     46860
     gataagatat ttgccagatg ctccactcca gggaaaatac tttacacatc aactgattac     46920
     cagacaaggg tcttttgtga agtttttatt gtcctgaatt tatggctatt tgttctgagt     46980
     tgagcgttta agcatttgaa tctctgagct tttgcatcaa gacttcccag caagcatatt     47040
     ttgtttttaa aagatgtcta atagatgtct aatagacctc taagcatggt cgtctcggct     47100
     aaaacatttg catggataaa tttgagctgt taaaaatcta atagacgtct aagaatagga     47160
     caaaactaaa ctagtcatca aataaacaga aatgaatgac tttacatata acatctttct     47220
     aatctgccta ttttacaact aaggctctat tttgacggtc catgcgcaga gcgcaaaacg     47280
     cagggcgcaa acgctttcag ggcgtgtcag gacgcgtttt tctaatttaa ggacgggaaa     47340
     tctgctttgc gccttggcgc atggtctaaa agggttgagt ttattttttt aatgagttat     47400
     aggtgtgttt tgagaataaa ccaattagag tctcatctcc cattcccttt atgagtcagc     47460
     tgcgtcgcgc cataagcgca tttgctattt gcaggacgca aagtaagtct aagtggaaaa     47520
     aatgagcatt ttacaagcaa acagttaaca gttgacagtt tttttttttt ttacataaaa     47580
     ctgttaaaca gagcatttac tgcgtgagaa tgagagataa tggatcactt tcactttcgc     47640
     tcttggatag ggaaaccttt atgcacagac atcaattagc ctataaataa atactattgt     47700
     ttgttaagcg caaatattca ttttaaaact atttctaaat tcagttctaa tttccagcaa     47760
     attaataaat gaacaataat aacaaaatgt gctcaaaaac ctgagttata ccctaaaata     47820
     catgctgtgc cccatatggt ctaaaacctg acaggtggac aaatctaagc ttgtttttaa     47880
     taaaacaaat atacatatgg atataataaa taatactgct aataataata acattataca     47940
     aaagcaaatt gttatgaatg aactgaaaaa gcctcccgag atgaagacat aaaagcagtg     48000
     atttttcata tttatgtagg ctagaaaata atatgttttg tattatttat ttatattcta     48060
     tatttattct tattatatcc tatatatatc cttaatattt acattttttc atatgtaaag     48120
     atatttgcct attgctctct tgtgcgtatt aagcagtgcg taagcgaggc gcaactctgt     48180
     gccggagttt agaccgggtt agttttggtc taatgaaaaa tctattatag tttctcaaaa     48240
     taccaacgca ccagcggtcc gcctcagaac gcctcctttt ttagaccaaa acgcctatgg     48300
     gcgcacaaca gagcgctaat gcatttgcta tttgaacagc gtagcgcaac gcctcaaaat     48360
     gactcttgcg ccaagctgaa actaccaaaa ggttattgcg ccgcgccttg tgccacactg     48420
     cgccgggtgt atgatagggc ccctagtcta gctttgggct tttcttagac gtctaataga     48480
     ttttcactgt cagcccaagt ttagccttga tttagcctgt ctacatttag atgtctatta     48540
     gacgtctatt aaacacaaaa ttgtttgctg ggttatatgt tgcaacatat ttcatccatc     48600
     tgaactctta gatttatctt tgagtaattg atgttgtgca gttacttctg aactggtctt     48660
     tattgtttga ttctgtaatt ggtataataa tacactttta tctggaaaat aaaatgttac     48720
     attttgattc cttctgaatt ctcctaaaaa atattttata tccagtagat tatggagtgt     48780
     ctgcactaac actttttact tttttaggtt ttaaggcaca tttgactgta cagagtagtg     48840
     tggaatagca gcatttaatc atcaaatcac tgatataaac aagttgtatg gaaattatta     48900
     gctactcttt tacaagtgag ctggaggcaa ctggactaat tgggtattag ttaaccctgc     48960
     atcctctgac tgccatgcag gcacaggaca tcaacatgac gtcatattga tgctgtaccc     49020
     caacgtaccc caacattgtg ggacgttgaa ttttgtttgg aaataaaaat cgggttgacg     49080
     ttggatccca acatcaggct gacgttaatg tccaatgtct aacttaaaat caaccaaata     49140
     ttaacttcta ataatgttac accttgaaat tgtgtggacg ttcccactgt gacatctatc     49200
     agacgttgga ttttggtcac ttttcaacgc aacctaaaat caactatatt aacgtaattt     49260
     gactatgtta ttggacatca aaataatcct agacaatgtc ctagactaaa ttgtcttaga     49320
     ctagacattg cattttggtc acctgacctc atgacccaaa tctaatctaa taacatccta     49380
     tgatgttatg tgcctgctag ataacttcag agtgtcgaga tagtgtccgt gagaagacac     49440
     aaaatcccag agcgtgcaac tataagtggc gtttggttcc taatgagcat ataactgaag     49500
     agtatgggat cagatacaaa tctaaattct aaatggagtt aaaaatgatg aatgtgatcg     49560
     gctcctgcaa ttaaaaatac aaggatgatg aacacctact gttattaagc agaaacagaa     49620
     gagaaacaca aaactactgc tgacttcaat cacagcctta agctgcggtc acactagact     49680
     tttctcccca ctgacttcca ttcatacgca cacgtatgca tcagaccgga aacgcagagt     49740
     catgcgtcaa gtttcgcagt tcgctgtggt gcaaagttca agcttgatga tctctgacct     49800
     gcaaaatcgc atcacttgac tacgtaagac caatcgagga tcaaaacatg acctctctgg     49860
     acagaaattt aaaacatgga gcaatcgctc gcttttttaa tgtctaatca tcttgtttaa     49920
     tcccgcccct tttcgcagtg ccgtacaaca gaatttcaga agctcaaact ctatgatcac     49980
     agctttagac aaaatcagct gaaatataat acattgaatc tattaaaatc tcagcagaga     50040
     atcaaattga tcaataagca actccacaaa cagcagcttt acttacagta ttactaatct     50100
     atttgcctta ttataaagag ggtccaaata caaagtttgg tttggtgtat tgttagtatt     50160
     ctagtatgat tagtatgttt gtaagtatgt ttctagtatg gattggtatg ttgttagtat     50220
     gtcaaatgta atgtcaatgg cagttttttt ttcaatggaa gtctatggga catttgtggt     50280
     tggcagactg gtaatctgag taaaatgagc caaatgtaag tgtgtatgac agtctggcgc     50340
     aaagttatga ggtcacaaag tctggttcaa tgttaagtca aacggacttt tctgagctta     50400
     ccgggtcagt tttcagaaaa ctgtaagtca gatcagttgg aaaagatata gcaacttaat     50460
     tcagtgatgt tttgactggg gtttggagtt aggtttggag ttagtttgtt gtttttagta     50520
     tgagtggtct aagaggagat tcgttcttaa aatagtctaa gaaaaagaag acggaagata     50580
     atacagggtt cttacacatt tttactacaa aaattccatg actttttcag gactttcaag     50640
     tcaattttca tggtcttatg tttcatttaa tgtctacata gccgtagtaa atcagaagaa     50700
     acatttaaat tttttacaac atatcataaa acatgcagta gtttcaatgt atttttatat     50760
     ctctgtaaaa tagatgatgc ttacacagca ctaaaaatat gagagcctgt ttttggccaa     50820
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaag aagtaaaaac aactaacctc cattccatta tacaggtatt     50880
     tgtaaaacta attttagata atcttaatat tttttttaac tattagtaac taatagtttg     50940
     tgaaactagt agtaggtaaa actacttcta ttattaagct acgatcacac tgcacttttc     51000
     gctccataga cttccattca taggcatgcg aatgcggcag accaaaatgc aagcatgtgc     51060
     gacaagtttc gcatttcaca gcattcttgg tgaacttccc caagcttgag aaatcacttg     51120
     tgaaatcaca tcaggtgact gcatgagacc aatagaagat catttaaaat aagaaattta     51180
     aaatatggag caatacctca tttttttaaa tgtctaatca tattgtttaa ccccgcccct     51240
     tttcacagcg tcatacaaca gaattttgca agcacaagct ctagtgtgac cacaacttaa     51300
     gtcgctttga acaaaaacgt ctgctaaacg actaaatgta aatgtaattt ctatgacttt     51360
     tccaaaacca ttgtggcttt tatgtttttc caaaactttt ctaggcctgg aaaatgcctt     51420
     gtcaaaattt catgacttgt ccaggttttc catgaccgta tgaaccctga tattaagttt     51480
     atgtagtata acagtatgtt ggttttctta agccaccata ataaacaaca taattctttt     51540
     cagaagcact agaaaaggct tacacacatt taacctttga ccatgctgtt agtttcatca     51600
     ttgggttaat agataggctt ttacaattca gactcaaatg tgtgtagaat ggtttaatta     51660
     atttttacaa agtttttaga cgcttctata acttcagata taatacgtga taaaatgtta     51720
     ttggcaggtt tttaatgagt ttagtcatta ttttagtcat ttcaattgtt atttaatttt     51780
     gtataattgt tatcattatt ttcttttcat ccccctctct tgctcttcac agttcgtgtt     51840
     tctttgacct ctgaggaggg tctaagccag ccagggtgtg ggggttgtgt tttgtgttaa     51900
     gttttctttc tccttcctgt taccagacat cctagttttg caatttgtga aatacgtttg     51960
     aaatgtctcc aaaaatgaaa agtgttttga cacctaaaat gttcattcaa ctcaaagttt     52020
     ttttaatgtc agactaatgg ttatatctag ttttataaat ctgagggggg aaagtttata     52080
     atttgaaagt ttttttattt ctcctttcca ggtcaaaatg gatccaaatg catcagagtt     52140
     aaaatgcttg ctgacgatta aagttacaat ctcaaagtta aaatgaacag acatcatgag     52200
     aaagaaatca tttaacagtt gagagtatgt taataactat aaggtccaga aaataatgca     52260
     gagaatctta acttaaacac atgggtccat ttcacctcca gtatacactc ttagaaataa     52320
     aggtaggatc tgtcactggg gcagtacctt ttaaaaaggt agatatttgt acctcaagag     52380
     ttcacagtac accaacggtg catattagtg cccaaatgta cctaaacagt acctttgagc     52440
     taccattatg gacccttcag gtacaaaaat gtatcaccca gtgacagctc ctgtaccttt     52500
     ctttctgaga gttcaataag atgtactgta aatagaactg acactgtctg caaaaataaa     52560
     aacttaaaga actagatttt aaagcaagga cacaaataaa cacaaaaaag cattaaatgt     52620
     taatatttaa taatttatct gaaagtgcta aacagtactc atttattaga cacagataag     52680
     gtgctaaaat cgttatctgt ctgctgtcaa tcagtgagat aaagacaaca agtgtggtga     52740
     gacagggcga cagaggattt ataatctata catcacactc aatccaatca aagttccact     52800
     ttgatcaaat aaacattacc ctgaatgacc caactactat ttcagcttat actgcagact     52860
     ttccaccagc tacttctatc aaacgatgct tgaacaaatt gtacaacaca caatacacaa     52920
     catacatttc tttttgcatt atttatactt atttactgca tataaaagtc cttttcagca     52980
     cttcactgat ttaaataatt ttctaagtca tattatcaca tcatgaaaac acaaaatgat     53040
     ctaatattta caaccaataa acaaatttca caacacccct tcagagggtc tttaatgacg     53100
     tcacggactg tcaaatgact atcattattg aaataatttc agaatgcctt tttaaagatt     53160
     tcacaatgaa tgatctctaa catgctaaat ttgggacaaa agtccatctg tttatatttt     53220
     acaacattta aaagaaacaa taagacatgg taaaaaagat gttagtgact actttaaaaa     53280
     agtgagtaaa cccgttgctt taaaagtgat atagttaact taaataaaat taagtaaacc     53340
     ttttacctca aaaaatatta agtaaatgaa attttcacag tttaaattca gcaaaaataa     53400
     taaaattatt tcactgaata gttttcttta aattttattt gtcagtgtaa cttttaagct     53460
     gggaacaaat tttataattc tgcatataat tttaagggaa ctgaactctt ttaaaacaat     53520
     aggtttactc actttaaagt aaagtcacct cttttatttt acagggattt caacgtccca     53580
     ttaaaaaagt gtatttttga caaatgtgat cgttgaattg gtcatcagtc aaaattacac     53640
     taaagtcaaa attacagatt tttctttata ccacaaatca ttagaacatt taataaaaat     53700
     catgttccat tgttgctttt atacatttcc tactgtataa ataaattttt tgattaggaa     53760
     tgtgcattga taagcactta atttagattt tcccattttt attattgttc ttttttgaac     53820
     atattccaga tttacaaata tttttatctc tgtcaaataa tgttcaataa aaaaaaatag     53880
     cacgaatcag gaatctcaac attcatgttg tccaagatca caaatgtgta gttttaacat     53940
     catttaaccc atattttttt ttacatttta ttgccaaaaa gtttattcta atacttaaag     54000
     tgggcaattt ttatttattt atgagttttt ataatattat tattttaatg gatgtttttg     54060
     tatatacagt tgaattaaaa ataattagcc ccctttgatt ttcttttctt tttaaaatat     54120
     ttccaaaatt atgcacaaca aagcaaggaa attttcacag tatgtctgat aaaatttctt     54180
     ctgcttaaga aagtttcagc tagaataaaa acagtttttg ataataatag taataaaata     54240
     aaataaaaac gattttaagg tcaaaattat gagccccttt aagcaacttt tttcaataga     54300
     acaaatcatc gttatacagt aaattgccta attaacctaa cctgcctagt taacctaatg     54360
     aactctgttt tattctcatt aaacatgttg ctgttaggtt caatcatgtt aaggtttctt     54420
     ttcatctgta cgctgatcat gttcaaatat atcttcctgt tgcattagac tcttttgata     54480
     cacttaaatc tcttcacaga tgtttagttg ttgtatcaaa ttttggctgt tagagaattt     54540
     tctctgcctg aatgaaaaca aaactgagtg catgcatttc gcaagttttc cgggataaat     54600
     aacaaaatga gagcgtggct ggagatgggt ctaaaatacg ggagtgttgg caggtatgcc     54660
     cacacataca ctacgcactc tgactacttc aatattgttg aaatgccgtg ctgggcattt     54720
     ctctttgtct catgctgaac gctgtcaacc aatcgcaaca aactggcatt ggtccaatct     54780
     gcacagatta gctttgtgct aatgagggga ttgggaacaa atgaatcgct gaacgaatca     54840
     tatgggaatc gctagaataa ttagataaaa ctaaatgcat attataagac aatgagtgtg     54900
     ttttttgagc ttgcatgcat atcaccctgt tggtggagac ccttaaaccc aaaatatgac     54960
     ccttttcaat gtataatgga gctctttaaa taatcattgc ttcatctttt agaacttgtg     55020
     caaaatgctg ttgctcgact cctgttgaat agtcgaaagg atgagcacac cacaccagtc     55080
     ctttctttcc ctcacttttc tggctccctg ttaaaatcag atttgattgt aaaggggggc     55140
     tattatgcca caaattacaa gatgtaaaat aagtctctga tgtccgtaaa gtgtgtatgt     55200
     gaagtttcat ctcaaaatat cccacaaata acttttataa ctcttcgaaa ctgtcctttt     55260
     taggttttag ttcaaattgt acaatttctg ttcctttaaa ttcaaatttg gccgtttaaa     55320
     aagtgggtgg aactataaac gtctatgttt cagcatagca gcagattaaa aatactaatg     55380
     gtggacggct gcttctctct cagggctgtc tatgctaata agggagagat tgtcactaat     55440
     gggcggggct ttccccctct aatgacacgt acaaagggag aatgtcaatc aaagtgtttc     55500
     tgcagaattt tattttattt ttttatcaag tgtgattata aaaaatacaa ttaattcatt     55560
     tttaccatta taggctggct atattcacac actgttgcca cacaattgtg tctaaaccca     55620
     gataaaagtg gtttttgcat aataggtccc catcaaacaa cttttgcttg tttttaatga     55680
     tgttaatgac cttgcgcttt catgtttatg tgagatttta aatgttcaca agtttaacag     55740
     ggcccaacaa tctgcatagc taaatgttgc tggaaaatcc ccactccagg tgtaaacaat     55800
     tcaccttatt ctccgccgac gagtgggcgc tgccatttga atctttttgg cttgagactt     55860
     ccggtctcat tcacttccat tcattttttg gcgttaaaaa ctgctcatta cgctgcttga     55920
     tgttgcaata tgatattttc ttataatatt attctacttg gtctgtatag tcatgcaaac     55980
     atttgtttgt agagcaagta gtttgaccgt tttctgccgt ttattattcc tagtcatttc     56040
     tcccataggc gactgaatcg gatgttctaa gacaatcgcg aaaacaggcg cacttccgca     56100
     ttttagaata aggtcaatag ggggatcgct tattttcaga ggctggctcg aaagcctgga     56160
     ataccctgcc catcaatcta cacattaacg tagcactgct taaagcaaaa cccaattatt     56220
     tagagtagct tttgatgttt agtagtgcat cctccccact ttgcataagg tttatgtgtt     56280
     ttcaccaaga catgttttta gatcaacatc tttgttgatc ccggaacaac attccaatca     56340
     gccaatcaga attaagagat aaacttactt ctaaatgatt gttatccatt atttccctgt     56400
     gatttgggaa taatttgcag ttgtgaatga ttttaagtgt aggatttatg tatggattac     56460
     atttttaaac caaaatgacg ttccaggatt aacatagatg ttcatccagg atcgaatcat     56520
     acctttattt aactgtttta atgttttatt gacattcttg ttttgattat gttcttaatt     56580
     ttctaaagtg ctttaattat aaagcattgg tggcagccct ttgcatgtag taaagtgcta     56640
     catattgttg attgattgat tagaatttaa ctgatcccca taaacaatgg gatcttcttc     56700
     tgcagtgcta taatggccaa aatcacagca cccccacctg acaaccccag ccaaaacaac     56760
     aaactgaagg acgaaggttc aggtatgggc cgagttttca tgggtttggc cacacgctcc     56820
     cattgggtaa gaatagcttg acgggcacct ttccaatgtc ctggtccact tagccgaaac     56880
     tgataggggg tgcaaggccc aaggaaaacc ctcaaaccca aagcaggatc cgtcatgagc     56940
     agccaagcaa tgttgggaca agcacccact tctttggcta ttgagtccag gtaaggaatg     57000
     tagtccactt gaagggaagc cagcttggga caggggtgac tgtagagaaa ttgcagagag     57060
     ttcaagatga gcagagatac acagtcaagc taatatctat ttaaaagttt caccaacaag     57120
     agaaatttct tttaataagt acacacataa ttttaatttt gcacttaacc aacacggtaa     57180
     cgctttaatt tacaaccagt aaagtgccat gttagtacag tgaaataaca gtgtagtata     57240
     agaataaaga aagtaattaa gcaagtatag tataagaata aaaaacacat gtaaaggaac     57300
     taactgtaat gtttgcctga taaggggata acaaccagat atgcaacagg caaagtacca     57360
     cgtaaatata tttaataatt ttgttcttta agcatagaga cgagaaaata tttgagagag     57420
     atgaagtgtt ttaaaatccc tatttggtaa aattaagttt acaaaataga gaaatatatt     57480
     ctgtgtttgt atatttattt tgccaacttt aagagttacc atgtaaacta caggggaaaa     57540
     ggaggaaaca aatgcagtaa tttcccttta actacaggga acaaggaagg aacaatgcac     57600
     cactttaatt tacaacccgc acatgctgta tttaccctgt aactacaagg aacgaggagg     57660
     gaacaatgca ccgctttaat ttacaacctg cacatgctgt atttaccctg taactacatg     57720
     gaacgaggag ggaacaacgc accactttag tttacaaccc gcacatgcag tatttaccct     57780
     gtaactacag ggaacgagga gggaacaacg caccgcttta atttacaacc cgcacatgct     57840
     gtatttaccc tgtaactagg gaacaagaag ggaacaatgc accactttag tttataaccg     57900
     gcacatacag tatttaccct gtaactacag ggaacgagga ggaaacaatg cactgcttta     57960
     gttaacaacc cacacatgct gtatttaccc tgtatctaca gggaacaagg agggaacaac     58020
     gcaccacttt aatttacaac ccgcacatgc agtatttacc ctgtaactac agggaatgag     58080
     gagggaacaa cacaccgctt taatttacaa cccgcacatg ctgtatttac cctgtaacta     58140
     gggaacaagg agggaacaat gcaccacttt agtttataac cggcacatac agtatttacc     58200
     ctgaaactac agggaacgag gaggaaacaa tgcaccgctt tagtttacaa cccacacatg     58260
     ctgtatttac cctgtatcta cagggaacga ggagggaaca acacaccgct ttaatttaca     58320
     tcccgcacat gcagcattta ccctgtaact acagggaacg aggagggaac aacgcaccgc     58380
     tttaatttac aacctgcaca tgctgtattt accctgtaac tacatggaac gaggagggaa     58440
     caacgcacca ctttagttta caacccgcac atgcagtatt taccctgtaa ctacagggaa     58500
     cgaggaggga acaacgcacc actttagttt acaacccgca catgcagtat ttaccctgta     58560
     actacaggga acgaggaggg aacaacgcac cattttagtt tataacccgc acatgcagta     58620
     tttaccctgt aactacaggg gacgaggagg gaacaacgca ccgctttaat ttacaacccg     58680
     cacatgcagt atttaccctg taactacagg gaacaaggag ggaacaatgc atcactttag     58740
     tttataaccg gcacatacag tatttaccct gtaactacag ggaactagga ggaaacaatg     58800
     caccgcttta gtttacaacc cacacatgct gtatttaccc tgtatctaca gggaacgagg     58860
     agggaacaac acaccgcttt aatttacatc ccgcacatgc agcatttacc ctgtaactac     58920
     agggaacaag gagggaagaa gctggacttt aacacacaag tgtacatctg aacagtaaga     58980
     acagagaaaa ctaaagcagc agttttaatt agattaagta gttttgaaat ctacgagtaa     59040
     gcttttataa ggtaagtagt gtatggaatt ctatatattt aaaaatcatt tgttttcctc     59100
     ataaactgca tacaccttgt taaattgaaa tgcagattta aaatacatac agtatacaat     59160
     aaagtgttat aatttaacag gttgtaaacc ttttattcac caaacacccc ttgttataaa     59220
     acccatactt acagaaaagt acactgttat ttcactgtac ttacgcggca ctttgtaggt     59280
     tgtaaattaa agcgttacca ctaacacttt aaaatgatca tgtgataaaa ttatgtaaac     59340
     atttacctct tcaaatatgg ttttatgtct ttttcaattc tttttgacat tttttcagca     59400
     gatggaaggt ggtttagtcc ttgaagaaca gagagacagg ataaatgaaa agcaaaagtc     59460
     attattaaaa gttgtcattg gaattcatta gcatttaata gacattaaaa aaatgcatct     59520
     atttaaatct gtagtagttc tatttaaagc tctggagcaa gagagaattt ttataagcct     59580
     aatttcatga agtgtaaaat aaatagtgta tactgtagct attatactgt aatactgtta     59640
     ttaaatgttg tatattgtat acttgaataa aatcagatat ttcaaaagga atactattga     59700
     aaattagagg cacttttcat ttccttctag attttggtga taatttggca cctgatgtat     59760
     tattaaactg taggtagaat ggataaactg ttacaaatac tgtaacatac tttagtttta     59820
     ttacactaaa ctgatgtgtg gtttattata aaatacccta tagttgtaga aaacaaacca     59880
     gtattgggtg atctgtttat attaacatag ttgtattacc atagcaacta cataattcaa     59940
     cacaggctca ttctgaaaac gtagtcctgc tgacttttct ggagaccgca aattacgtag     60000
     ccggaggtgc gtatggttgc atttcatttt ttaagcaagc gctacggggc ggtatgacgc     60060
     cgttcctttc tgcacttatc agctgacagc ttacctccgt gtggagggct tgcctgccac     60120
     aaccagtttg tccagttagc tcatcgtgta cattggcgga cttgagacgc agagttgagt     60180
     tgaccgtgat gacaaagatg acctggttcg actactggaa agagcgcttc cagaaatcag     60240
     gtaagacaaa aacagaatcc aaaaaataaa acgaacaagt gaacaacagg gtgagaatgt     60300
     ggtaaaatcc aaaagtgtga taaaaatcag acaaggggtt ttctttttct agacggcttt     60360
     tgtaaaccat tggctaggct tagggaagta agcaggtggc caggtcaatc ggtaaaattg     60420
     tttgggttta gggaaggagg aggatgggtc ggtcgattgg ccggtcgccc agtcaatcat     60480
     acagtcattc agtcggtcga cagcggccac tggtggggtt tatgtgagaa cagcgcatgc     60540
     acgaacagca ctcgtgagag gcaattgaga tgcaaaaaag cacagacagt ggcctctcgt     60600
     ggatttacaa aaacaaaaac tgcaaaaata cgtatttccc gggatgtatt ccgcggtctc     60660
     cagaaacgtt tgtgggacta ggttttcaga atgagcctag attgacataa ttaccacaac     60720
     agactaattc aagaactcaa ctatggtatg gtttaaaaca ctgtagtatt tattattata     60780
     aattgctaat attactgcag ttctaaagtg attgaaattg tccaacagca agtccattgg     60840
     aagaaaagct ggacaatcca aacctagata gaatattata tctttatata tcataatata     60900
     agcatggatt ctcctaccac tgctatgttg atgataccca gctatacctc tcttttcacc     60960
     ctgatgatcc ctcggttccg gctcacatct cagcctgcct gtcagacatt tcactctgga     61020
     tgaaagatca taatcttcag cttaacctca caaaaacaga aatgcttgaa gtttctgcca     61080
     acccgactcc acaacataac ttttcaatcc tgatggatgg ggcaaccatt actgcatcca     61140
     aaatggtgaa aagccttgga gtaacgattg atgaccagct aaacttctct gaccacatct     61200
     ctagaactgc tcgatcgtgc atattcgcac tctacaacat cagaaaagtc cgacccttcc     61260
     catctgaaca tgcagctcaa ctccttgttc aagctcttgt tctttccaga ctacactatt     61320
     gcaactctct gctagctggg cttccagcta gttatatcaa accttttcag atgcttcaga     61380
     acgatgcagc atgagcggcc tttaatgaac ctgaaagagc acatgtcact ccactactca     61440
     ttcatttgca ctggctgcca gttgctgctt gcatcaaatt caaagctctg atgtttgcct     61500
     acaaagcgat ttctggctgc gctccttctt atctgctctc actcatgcgg atttataagc     61560
     cctccagaaa cttgcgatct gtgaaggaac gtcgcctcgt ggttccatcc caaagaggga     61620
     agaaatcact ttcccgaact ctcgcgctca atctgcccag ttggtggaat gaactcccta     61680
     actgcatcag aacagcagag tcactcgctg tcttcaaaaa acgactaaaa actcaactat     61740
     ttagtctcca ctttccttac taatatgcaa ttccctctct gactcctcca ctaactacat     61800
     aaaaaacttt aaaaattaaa aaaaaaatca ctaatgtttt gcttcttaca cttctattat     61860
     acctgaaact tgcttacagc acttattcac tgttgctctt atagttgtgt aaattgcttc     61920
     cttgtcctca tttgtaagtc gctttggata aaagcgtctg ctaaatgact aaatgtaaat     61980
     gtaaatatta aatatcttta tgtatataca gtcaaggcga aattattcat tcgcaaattc     62040
     tagcttaaag ttacttttat tcatccagca agatttttgt ttttattgac ctgaaatgac     62100
     acagacttct cccaaatgat aataagatgt ctctattgga ttttagtcag gactctggct     62160
     gggccactgc aaaatattaa tgtgtattaa tacacttttg ctgtgtattt taggtcgttg     62220
     ttgtgctgaa atgtccactg gtacccaagg ccaagtttct cagcagactg actgatgttg     62280
     ttgttgggaa tcttgatgta ttgtttcttt ttcatgctgc catttcctgt gtttaggtct     62340
     cctggccccc tgatatgttt attttttttg tttggttttc agtgttcttt gtgttcaaat     62400
     caagacttgt aatgttgtaa ttcaacatgt agctgcatga gtaaatcagg ataaacactg     62460
     aaatattcta taaaaacaag aattctccat actggagtaa caacgacttc gaaatttagt     62520
     tcgctcatta cctttgatga ccctggttgc ccagcgtgcc tgcagttctg cagctggcat     62580
     gatcggacct ctggtctgca ataagcctat gatggccagt gttggacgct ctagagaagg     62640
     aggaaagatt cttctgtaga gtttcatgcc tccatcagca ctagagttta aagagtcagg     62700
     caggaagggg aatttgtaat catatcctgt gcataagatc actgcatcaa tcttctcttc     62760
     aatagatcca tcgtcaaaga ccactgttga gccgtgaaac gtctgcacgt ttggttttaa     62820
     caccagttct cctaccagaa tgcgaccggg gaggtcatcg ttgataacag gacgatggtc     62880
     aaggatcctg gaatgacaaa atatgcacag aggtcactgt ggatgaagga atattgatat     62940
     ttagctaaac tgtttggact ttacttcaat cgtcaacttt acaaaaaagt tttggtcctt     63000
     tacctatgct tcggttgtaa tccataaagc ttgtggtcgt gtctctgatt gaggcttctc     63060
     tccccaatcc agttgactag cgctcgaggt ataaggcagt gcatcaggtc ttgaactcga     63120
     ctaatgttca tcatgtctag aggcagccct ttttcaacca tgcgacctat gacccatgac     63180
     ccttttcggg tactaaggaa tgtctaggcg aggaacagaa aggacaaagt agagtcagaa     63240
     ttagtggact aagcagagac catctgagtt tgacaaaata ataaatagca actgcttgta     63300
     gacattccca ctgtaataaa gatgaaagat gaatcaggaa gaatgagttc ggtaaatgtt     63360
     taagattctt aaataaagac ttccggttgt ggcagcaata gaaaaagata gtacacagag     63420
     ctcctgagta agtaaatctt aatagccctc cttaactagt ttaaacgatg aatgacctac     63480
     gacaattact tggtataact gtggtagata tgctgaaatc aaagaaaatg gacagtaaga     63540
     aaaaagtaaa ctatccgaaa taaaggattt cttagaacac aggaatttct cagagcctta     63600
     actatgacaa gctgcatgaa catgttaaat ttatccatgt ttaaatgttg atataggttt     63660
     gcaaagttag taacatcagg atcattaatg ctgcatttgt atttgatact ttacacctga     63720
     tagaatcctg agtaaattca cagaatcctt ggagaaaatg ggtaatgaca ttcaattcaa     63780
     ttcatttcag ctttacttgt atagcgcttt tacaatgtag attgtgtcaa agcagcttca     63840
     cataaatggt catagtaact ggatcagggt agtttagttt taagtttagc tcagttcagt     63900
     gtggtttaaa gtcattactg agagtccaaa ctctgaagag caaattcaac gatgcgcagc     63960
     cctaccgatc ctgaaccatg caagccagag gcgacagcgg agaggggaaa aaaaaaactt     64020
     cactgatagg agagtgaaga aagaaaaaaa accttgagag aaaccagact cagttgggca     64080
     cgactatttt catttctccg ctggccaaat taatatgaaa ataatggatg taaaaacaaa     64140
     gcaaatggag gcaaaggaag cagtgacagg ctttcaaaaa gaagccacag gcttaaaaca     64200
     tgggagaata atgtgttcgc taaacccacc atcatttgag aagacagatt agaagtgcta     64260
     atgtgttcag agttatgttc cactattaat tcaaatgacg ctcaaaactg tttctgttaa     64320
     tctcgttggt cacaataacc ttatcttcag tacctgacac aagtggttct tacttctagc     64380
     ccagcgatat tttggtgcta ctcaagaaac actttctgtt tcagagccag tggctgtttc     64440
     tcaatcttta aaagcgctaa aaacagactt gtgttcttgt ggagaccggt cttgccaagt     64500
     taccacggaa gaaccaactt ggaagaccgg gaaaacagag aacacatcct gtgagaaatg     64560
     agatgctgca ttctactatg gttcctcctg atggtcacat gacctttaca catttttaac     64620
     agaaaattat ttaaacatta cagcttttag gcaatttata gtttcccccc ttttcacaat     64680
     atatactatg catagagacc ttacaaatat acttagcaca atacaaataa aacaaatttt     64740
     aacacaaatt tcagcaaata aacaccctta atgtgtttat gcctctatta ggacttttca     64800
     tagtaatgtt tactttcacc atttcgttta gggaaactcc tgaggtaaat aagttatatc     64860
     tctgaacttt aataataaat caatataaaa tgctgcgctt cccacctcga gtcgctatga     64920
     cttctgtgac ttctaaagcg agtgctgcgc tcaagtctgc attgatttat tctcaatatc     64980
     aagaagacat ccgggaactt taacgtgtta ttgtggtctt gagttttgga aatgaacttt     65040
     gacatttgat aatgacattt tacaaggacg caagatcacg gaggaacaca tattgataaa     65100
     cagcctgtaa cttgatttga aactagactc tttctctgaa ccactgtttg aagtgccttg     65160
     gtggaaaagg gtaacaggag ctccagaaag ctcagaggat tgctgacagt gaaggatgat     65220
     ggaggaccat ttaagttgct gttttattta ctgtgggtac ggaaagtatt atgacgaccc     65280
     gcccatttgc taaaataatt aaattacatt tttccttatt tatgtctaga cagcacccaa     65340
     tattgacaga aaaacacaga attgttgaac atttggcata tttatagaaa aaaaagaaaa     65400
     aatgaaatat ggtcctactg taagtattca gaccctttgc ttagtattta gtagaagcac     65460
     cttttgatct aattgggaaa gacccaaagt ttggatggta aacgttggcg gacagccatt     65520
     tttaggtctc tccagagatg cacaataggg tttaagtcag ggctctggct tggccattca     65580
     agaacagtga cagagttctt gtgaagccat ttctttgtta tttagctgtg tgcttaaggt     65640
     caatgtcttg ttagaaggta aacatttggc ccagtctgag gtcctgagca ctctggagaa     65700
     ggttttgtcc aggatatcca tgtacttgct ctgtactctc tctgtactgt ccctgcacct     65760
     gaaaaacacc gccacagcat gatgctgcca tcaccatgct tccctgttgg atctgtattg     65820
     gacaggtgat gagcagtgcc tggttttctc cacacatacc gcttagaatt aaggctagaa     65880
     agttttatct tggtctcatc aaatcagaaa agcttatttc tcaccatctt ggagtccttc     65940
     agatgttttt tagagtgtct tgcactgagt agaggctttt gtctggccac cataaagccc     66000
     cgactggtgg agggctgcag tgatggttga ctttctacaa ctcttgacgg catctctaga     66060
     gatcagccac agtgatcttt aggatattct ttaccactct cttcaaggct gttcttcccg     66120
     atagttgctt taggaagggt tctggatatt ccagttgtct tccattcaat gattatggag     66180
     gccactgtgc tctaagggac cttaagtgca gcaaatttta agtgtaaatc taggaaaccg     66240
     gactgacttg actggactag actagactgg gtataactta gaatttatta gagagcgaga     66300
     gaaggtacat caatatagat taacacacaa tccgacaaag agtaacaaga gggaacaggt     66360
     aaggagggac caatagactc aaatggaaac aggtgagtaa tgcttgcacg ccagcgctta     66420
     ttgaaagaag aaacagctga agttaacaca aaagattaga tcaaacctga ctcgtaacaa     66480
     aaatgtgacg aacatgcctg agatttgctt attgtgtcat tattttaaca tccagattac     66540
     acgattgcct ttacttttgt atattattag ccttttttgt ttaacgtcct ggttgaaaat     66600
     ttttttgttt gggcattttt tgctaaataa taaaaagctg tcacagcaaa gggtctgaac     66660
     actttaaacc atgtgatatt tcagtttttc attttataat aaatctgcaa aaatgtcaac     66720
     atgtcaacaa aactttaagg gggtattaat actttccgtg cccactgtat gtttatgtga     66780
     ccctgctgag aacctaaaat agatcaaata tgtgtaaaga aatgttagat tacaaattcc     66840
     tgcttgcctt ttcacatgtt ctgctgagct ccacagcaat gtctccacca gaatttccaa     66900
     tcccaatgat caaaaccttc ttcccaatgt attgatcagg cttcttatat tcccaactgt     66960
     gaattactgt tcctgggaat gtgtcaatac ctgtaacaga ccaaattgaa gtaaagttat     67020
     gtaattaatg tattttatta cacagagctg tatttcattc agtgttaaat tataacaata     67080
     taaaccattt taaccattct gttatcacaa tgtacattag tcggccactt tattaggtac     67140
     aacagtttat tcatgtgaat aacttataag caaacatggc agcaactcgg tttgcttaga     67200
     tctgctgtag ttcaaactga gcagactgat aaagaaaata aatttaggtt ttttaaacag     67260
     aactaaaata gctcatctga gtgtcttgga agcttctgat ctatctggat tttcatgcac     67320
     aaccatctca atacattggt cagaaaaaaa aaataaattc aatgagatgt agttctctga     67380
     gaaaaaggta ttgttgatga caaaagttat gaccagactg agttcataga agggcaacag     67440
     taactactca aatattaact cattacaacc aatgtctgca gaggagaatc gctgaacaca     67500
     tcaaaccttg aagcagataa gcaacagtag caaaagaaga tgagccctct aggcagataa     67560
     caaaacaaga atctgagact ataatttaga cagactcaat aaaacaatag aagattaaat     67620
     aaaagttgcc tggtctgact acactgtaaa agaaatccat aattttacgt tttattccca     67680
     gcagctgggg tgcaggaaaa accctgtaaa ataacggccg ttaagttaca gaaatttact     67740
     gtaaaataac cagttgaatt actgaaactt accagaaatt ttaattaaag aacatttctg     67800
     taatttactg tccattattt tacgataaat ttctataatt taacagccgt aataatacct     67860
     gagcaaccgg aaataaaccg caaaatgaca gttttgtttt tacagtgtag tacagattct     67920
     ggcactcaaa tagtgcttaa aatagttgaa cagtcatata tgattcaaga caaaacaatc     67980
     accatacttc aagggaagtg ctgaacttgg tccatgctta acccaactga aagggcagta     68040
     aggagttctc atacagttga acattttgac ccaaccggtt tattcattgt acatgaaact     68100
     ttttgaattc atcacaatgt tgatgtcatt gagctccaaa aaagcaggat taaggtaaac     68160
     taatgagatt atattaatat taaccaatat taaatatata aaatcatgtt attagtttat     68220
     gatttcactg tttttgcagt tttcgatctg tcaacatgcg ggttgatgag taattgagta     68280
     acttgggtca aaacaaccta gcagtgttct gtcccatagt tattcattca ttcattcatt     68340
     cattaattca ttcattcatt cattctctga tcgcttcgtc cctttattca tcatcaaggg     68400
     tctccacagc ggaatgatct gccaacttag gctgcatatg ttttacacag cggatgccct     68460
     tctagctgca acccagtact gggaaataat cattcaatca cattcacact catacgtcca     68520
     atttagttta ttcaattcac ctatagtgca tgtcttttgg actgtggagg aaaccggaac     68580
     acctggagga atcccacgcc aacataagga gagcttgaaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa     68640
     ctgacccagc tgggactcaa accagcgaca ttcttcctgt gaggtgacag tgctaaccac     68700
     tgagccatcc atagttaccc aatgtcttgg ttattttcca gcccagaatt ttttaaagtg     68760
     taacaatgaa ttatccactg agtgaattat tatatattat atcagttaag cacctggaaa     68820
     ctctgagagg ggtttaatgg gttgcgtgta gtgtcctaca cacaccagca caccgtcaaa     68880
     catatgtgtc tccacttgtc cgtctctgtc tgcggtcacc acctcccatt gaccagagac     68940
     agagaaatca ggcctttgcc tcacactgcg aactgtggtc tgaaataaac aacaatcctg     69000
     catcatttag taatcatcaa acacttatca aaaacacaca cacaaattta caataatgtg     69060
     gatttactca cctgaaagtg gatgtgttca aacaggttga agtgctcagc gtagagcctg     69120
     tagtattgca cgatcaaaga gttgtgcatg aagtttggga aattatcggg cacagggaaa     69180
     tcactataac acatcatctc tttagaggtg ttcactgtga gagagtgata aatgctgcaa     69240
     cgatctgttt caggcttttc ctgtgaataa acagaaggaa atacatatat actgcatcat     69300
     acttttttac aaaatattat tactaataaa tattttaaca tgactatatc atcaaaccaa     69360
     ctagtgattt ccaaatttac tttgagtttt attttatagc agacaatatg aacacaaaat     69420
     atttcatgtt atgtctagtc aacttcattt catttataaa tatacattct ttcctgtcat     69480
     tcagacccaa cattcaacac ataccagagc agtttatgac tggtaatcag ggaaattggt     69540
     taaataataa tgtgtctagt cctttaggag caatgatggg ccaaggatgg atagtttctc     69600
     aaagaaaggt aggaagatat ttggattttt cactttcaac agtgcatgat ctggaggaat     69660
     ttcagcgtgt aaaggacaaa ggcacaagcc taaacatgtc tccgatccct tgggcaggac     69720
     tgcatgaaaa attgttgttc atctataagc aatcatctgg gctcaggact actttggcaa     69780
     accaggtatt tttttttgtc aaggaccaca atacgtagtt acatccacaa atgccagtta     69840
     aagctgtact gtgccaaaag aaagaattgt tgtcgactta tgtgggctca aaggtatcta     69900
     ggatagacca taatacagtg gaaacatgtt ctgtggtcag atgaatcagt atttcaggta     69960
     tttttttgaa gagaagtgga cactgtgtgc tcaggaccaa agaagaaagg atcatccatt     70020
     ctgttaccaa caacaagtct aaaagccatt gtctgtcatg atattgggtt gtgtcagtgc     70080
     ccttggcaaa gataacttgc acttctgtga tacaccaata atgctgtaaa atacattcat     70140
     tcattcattt tcttgtcagc ttagtctctt tattaatccg gggtcgccac agcggaatga     70200
     accgccaact tatccagcaa gtttttacgc agcggatgcc cttccagccg caacccatct     70260
     ctgggaaaca tccacacaca cacacactac ggacaattta gcatacccaa ttcacctgta     70320
     ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca tgtgaaggca     70380
     aggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgagc caaggttcga acctgcgacc     70440
     cagcgacctt cttgctgtga ggggacagta ctacctactg cgccactgcc tgtaaaatac     70500
     agtacataga gattttgacg cacaatttgc agccttcttt ttcaatgacg cccatgcata     70560
     tttcaacaag acaatgcaaa accacatact gcacacatta caaagtcctg gatgtgcagg     70620
     aagagggtac aggtacttga ctagcctgtc tgcagtccag acctgtctcc taatgtctag     70680
     tgcattttga agcacaaaat gctaaaaaaa aaaaaacctg tggtgttgcc cactttaaga     70740
     cttgtttgca ggaagaatgg gacaaagtta cacctgaaac acttcatcac ttggtgtctt     70800
     gagtctctaa acagctttta cgtgttgtga aaaggaatgg gaacattaca aaatgctaaa     70860
     tgctttcttg ttccaacttt tttaaaaggt gttgcaagaa ccaaaattat gtttatttat     70920
     tttgaaaaaa taataataat gaggaacaaa tttaataatg ttaaagtcaa agtaaattta     70980
     gaaatcacta ctttagtttt tatttgcatt ttccacacct tcccaacttt ttctgatttg     71040
     gggttgtaga tagtatttgt gaagccaaat atgaacttgt atgtcacaca tgtgtttttc     71100
     agaaattgcc atatatcaga tttctttatg tgtataaaag atatctgatg acattgatat     71160
     tactgtacga gtgatgcttt gctcatcttg ccaggatgtt ttgttttaaa caccataatg     71220
     gattatgaaa taataaacag gtatgatttt atgtcataga atgccatctg ataaatgtca     71280
     tgactgttct gtatcaaata aagcgatagt tcacccaaaa aaaatcctta caatttactc     71340
     tccatcaagt ggttctaaac ttttatgaat gtttttcttt tgttgaacac aaatgaagat     71400
     atgcttaatg tttgaaccca gtagccattg acatctattg taaaaacaaa aactactatg     71460
     aaagtcaatg gcctctggtt tccaacattc tgaagtgtat cttccttgtg tttaacatgt     71520
     ttgtgattga ttacttctgg tgtttgttta gttccacatg ttcatttgta aagttaaaag     71580
     tcactactat atagcaaaca ttttctttgt gaaagcattg agtttattaa agttgatact     71640
     agttttgatc aaactgttgg agattattcc atgacaacac ctgagaggat gtgtgttatc     71700
     ctttacttgt caacactcgt tcttggagta tcatttgttt ttgttgatgg aaaaaaataa     71760
     caacttgact tttatattga agctgttcat tacatgttaa ttaattgtct ttaataaggt     71820
     gtgcctcagg ggtcggtgct agggtctttt ctttttttta tatgtgcaac ttcagtaggc     71880
     tcattcatgt tgaaaagctt accctaaacc tccagagtcc tccgatatca tcactgcttt     71940
     caaaacacac cggctccagt ccttcatcca ggcagcattt gatggcagcc agaccagagc     72000
     tgcctgctcc aatcacagcc acacgtttaa ccatgctgcc agtctaacat gcaatgatca     72060
     cttgaaaaga agcatgcgta tggaggttat tatttaggga caaaccgttt tattagtgtc     72120
     cccacattgc ttgtgccttg catttttgca aaggtattca ctcaaaatat ttggcacaga     72180
     tctgctattt attggttaat cattaataaa acatgacatg ccagcacatg ttgatttaaa     72240
     cacaggcacc aatctaaaca aatgctgcaa gcttaacaca catgtaataa tgcttacctt     72300
     ttgaatgaag acgtcagtgc tcaaaactgt tcaaatgatg tttttctctc cctatttgtt     72360
     agcgaagctt tcctttgcag gcgtctcatt caaattcgcc tgttatgcaa ccaaatgagc     72420
     gtatctgaag tctcaaagga aaggggttgt cttggctggc accagtttaa ggtggatcaa     72480
     actggaatga acaatttgtt aaaaaaaaat gcggacatca cagacatgca agactttatc     72540
     tttggtcata aatgttatca taaacggctt cactagattt tcacaatgct ctgaaatgtg     72600
     cagttaatga tgaaccagca gatgagactt gcaggtgtta aaataatctt taactaagtt     72660
     aaaatgacat taaagaatgc atagcatgat tttaacagta gtttgaggtt taatgtcaca     72720
     catgaaaagc tgaactgagc tgaactaagt gtgaaaaggt tcactaaagg tgaaagggtt     72780
     ttagagggct gggcgatgcg tgatcacagt taaccctttc cttggtatca tatgacttat     72840
     tctgcaggcc tgttagcaga aattaatgtt taaagtgttt ctatgatgtt tttctcctgt     72900
     atacactcac cggccacttt attaggtaca cctgtccaac tgcccgttaa accaagtttc     72960
     taatcagcca gtcgcatggc agcaactcaa tgcatttagg catgtagaca tggtcaagac     73020
     aatctgccgc agatcaaacc gagcatcaga atggggaaga aaaggggttt aagtgacttt     73080
     aaatgtggca taactgtaga tgtcagacgg gctggtttga gtatttcaga aactgttgat     73140
     ctactgggat tttcacgcac aaccaactct agggtttaca gagaatggtc cgaaaaagag     73200
     gaaatatcca gtgaacggca gttttgtggg cgcaaatgcc ttgctgatgc cagagatcag     73260
     aggaaaatgg ccagactggt tccagctgat agaaagccaa cagtaactca aataaccaat     73320
     cgttacaacc aaggtctgca gaagagcatc tctgaatgca caacacgtcc aactttgagg     73380
     cagatgtaat acagcagcag aagaccacac caggtgtcac tcctgtcaga tcagaacagg     73440
     aaactaaggc tacaatccgc acaggcttac caaaaatgga cattagaaga tgggaaaaat     73500
     gcctgttctg ataagttttc aattcagctg cgactttcag atgatatggt cagaatttgg     73560
     cgtcaacaac aagaaagcat ggatccatcc tgccttgtat caacagttca ggctggtggt     73620
     ggtagtggtg tagtggtttg gggggtattt tcttggcaca ctttgggccc attagtacca     73680
     attgagcatc atatcaatgc cgcagcctac ctgagtattg atgctggcct tgtctattcc     73740
     tttaagacca ccactcttct gatggttact tctagcagga taacatgcca tgttataaag     73800
     tacgaatcat cttagactgg attcttgaac atgacagtga gttcactgta ctcaagtggc     73860
     ctccacagtc accagctcac aatccaatag agcacctttg ggatgtggtg gaacaggaga     73920
     ttcgcatcat ggatgttcag ctgacaaatc tgcagcaact gcgtgatgct atcatgtcaa     73980
     tatggaccaa aatatctgag gaatatttcc agtaccgtgt tgaatctctg ccacaaagga     74040
     taaaggtcag ttctgaaggc aaaagggagt cgaacccagt actagtaagg tgtacctaat     74100
     aaattgacca ttgaatcact tctaacattt aatttagact gctttttaaa ttgctttcct     74160
     taagctcgaa tagtagtgtg ctgtgcaaag gcaaggtttt aagttcaatt cccagggaaa     74220
     gcaagaactg ataaaatgtt atgactcatg agataagtga gttgcttcgc ataaaagggt     74280
     caattgcata actgtaaaca tacagtaggt ctgaactgat gtttccatcc taatgcgaag     74340
     tgaatctttt aagttaaata aggtgcgttt cctttaagtt gttagagtaa cagactgtag     74400
     tattggtaac ctactaacag taaacaaggc aagcatgtct gagacagctg tgagtgggtg     74460
     aaatgttcgc atataagtca gagattaatc tgcaaaagcg tttccatctc ctattattcg     74520
     cataaaccct ttgttttcca aaaacaaagc caaacttacc ttaagaatgt gcgtcaactg     74580
     aagcagaaat gcgagtgcaa acactctggg agcacttcta caacagtcaa agcttttaaa     74640
     aagctgaaag cgatcagctc tgggcgttct aaaaatgaga tgcttccaat gataacaaca     74700
     gtatagaagg tgaaaaacag gtttggtgga cacccaccat tttgtgagct tacagttgtg     74760
     ttatgtaata cttctaaatg cacaacaact cagggtgata gaaacccagc tataaagtgc     74820
     tgaaattcac atatggtgtt gttggctgtt tgttttccag tgtgcactat aaagttgaac     74880
     cagtcacaaa agattgggtt atgatgacca atcagtgtca agtaagcctc tcatttagat     74940
     tataatgcat tgtgtattat cagaataaaa agtaaacctt ttgtaggagt atcaaaacac     75000
     actttggaat tatgagccta aaacaattgt tttaaatata atcagagttc aagagacaat     75060
     ttattagggc ccttttcaac caaatggcac tcttttcaaa acggctcagt actctctcat     75120
     gtcatatgat atgcatttaa atgttggaat cttgcataga gcagatgtac tactgaaagt     75180
     aattcaatgt ttttaaaaaa tttattttta aagaaataac tgtaaaaatt ggagaacgta     75240
     aaagagtttg ccccaaaata aaatgtactt tcccctaact tgttccaaaa cttttttttt     75300
     ttctgctgaa cacattagaa acaacattct tattttgaag aatgttggga aaatatagcc     75360
     atgacatcca tggtagaaaa acacactcac actatggtca atagctacca gcttccaaca     75420
     ttattctatt agttcaacaa tagaacgaat ctcaaacgtg ttttaatcaa gtagtgggtg     75480
     ggtaaattat taaatagttt tcaatttgag gtgaactata tctttaagta caactatgtc     75540
     tttctgagtt tttaaatttg ttgagacatt tccgttaaaa aacttaacct taattattat     75600
     gtggaataat aataataata ataataataa taataatata ataaataata agggaatttg     75660
     cactttaggt ttgtttgtaa ccccagccca tcaaaaatac ttgactgtat tttaaattta     75720
     tataaaataa tcatcaattt acttacagtg catccagaaa gtatttatag cgctctactt     75780
     tttccacatt ttttatgtta cagccttatt tcaaaatgga ttaaatcaat ttatttcctc     75840
     aaaattctac acacaatacc ccataatgac aatgtgaaaa aagagttttt ggaaaaaagt     75900
     tacaaattta ttaaaaataa aaaatcagaa aaatcccatg tacataagta ttcacagcct     75960
     ttgccgtgaa tctgtaaatt gagcattctc tttccactga tcattcttga gacaattcag     76020
     cagtttaatc gagttcacct gtggaaaatt cagttgattg aacatgattt aaaaaggcat     76080
     acacctgtct aaataaggtc ccagggttga cagtgcatgt caaagcacaa accaagcatg     76140
     aagacaaagg aattgtctgt agacctccga gacaagattg tctcaacgca caaggctggg     76200
     gaaggttaca gaaaaatatc tgctgctctg aaagttccag agagcacagt ggcctccatc     76260
     aatctgaaag tagaggatgt ttggaaccac cagaactctt cctagagcag gccgaccatc     76320
     taagctgagc gatcaggaca gaagggcctt aatcagggag acaatcaata acccgatggt     76380
     cactctgtct gagctccagc gttcttctgt ggagagagga ttgtatggta gagcggccac     76440
     tccctgcctg gaatttgcca aaaggtatct gacaaatttc tctggcctga tgagactaaa     76500
     attctctctt tgtactgaat gccaggcttt acgtttggag aaaaccaggc accgctcatc     76560
     accaggctaa taccattcct acagtgaagc atggtggtgg cagcatcatg ttgtggggat     76620
     gtttttcagc agcaggaact gaaagactag tgaggacaga gtgaaagaaa gagacgaggt     76680
     aaggatagag ataaatgctg caatgtacag agacatcctg aatgaaaacc tgcttcaaag     76740
     tgctcttgac ctcagactgg ggcgacggtt catcttccag cagaacaatg acccaaatca     76800
     cactgaaaaa atataaatgg agtggcatca caacaacttg gtaaatgtcc ttgagtggcc     76860
     cagccagagc ccagagctaa atcctactga acgtctgaaa acagctgtac accgtcgctt     76920
     tccatccaac ctgatagagc ttgagagaaa cagcaaagat aggcaagtat tccaaaagac     76980
     aggtgtggca tcttgtggaa tcatattcaa aaagacatga ggctgtaagg tgtcaaaggt     77040
     gcattaagta ttgagcaaag gctgtgaata attatgtaca tgtgattttt cagttttatt     77100
     tttaataaat ttgtaacaat gtccaaaaca tttttttcaa gttgtcatta tgggctattg     77160
     tgtgtagaat tttaagaaaa taaatgaatt tattccattt tgaaataagg ctgtaacata     77220
     aaaatatgtg gaaaaaaata agcgctatga atactttctg tatgcactgc aaattaaaat     77280
     tacagggttt aaaaactttt tctaacatgc acatttgctc caatcgtgta ggtggtttta     77340
     agacagttta agaaatgtat gggtttttgt tagcattaag gcataaaact gaaacaaaag     77400
     gttttctcaa atggtttgag taccaacatg tcttcttttg tgaaaaaata aacatcccga     77460
     aggtttagaa catcatgtga atgaatgaat tatgaaaatg tttatatatg ttaaacatat     77520
     tttcatgtta accctttata tgtaaaaaaa taataataat aaaaaaaata aaaaaaaaaa     77580
     cattttggtt gccaaagaac aaaacaactt gattaaagtt aactgaaatt gccactgtaa     77640
     ttacattatt attgaccagc agaggtcact atagcattag cttagttcac aaggaaattg     77700
     tctggcgtgg accagtctgc atacctgtca acattgggat gtgaaaataa gggatatgcc     77760
     caccataatt agggatacgc ctaataatta gggatacagt caaatggtca gtaatatgtt     77820
     ttttattatt aatattatgt acaaagaaaa aatagatttt ttttgtttga ttacattaaa     77880
     taacaggtgt cactttaaaa atgcacaaat ctaacaatat aatgaaggca tttgactgct     77940
     ttttatgctc atttaagacg aaatttgttg tatttgagaa aaaaacacca acatcgatat     78000
     ctttagatat tattattatt agttatgtgt ataagtaaaa cacgcagcca aaagccactt     78060
     tcgatccgct tcaaatcgcg tacagtccaa tagggaaaca gcgtctattt atcactatgg     78120
     atcgtagctg acagtaacgc accgatatat gactgtttag aggattgcat aggaggggtg     78180
     acggcacctg taatgaaaag taaagggaat cgcgccattt ttatatttat ttcagtgttt     78240
     tcgtgcctaa acaaagtgaa agcacaaaac agactcacat ttaggagcca ggggcggccc     78300
     ctagttgttc ggcggtatgg gttgcgttta gggaggctcg actcttaaag ggccatgaaa     78360
     cccccttgtt tcagcagggt gttttcacac gtctactttg gaaaaagtct gaaaagtggg     78420
     catgtccagc tctgtttagg ggggagtgtc ggaggaacta aagtgggatg gtgtgggagt     78480
     gtctatttgg gcgtgctgag tttcagagtc aaaacacaca cacacaggga agaaagtgac     78540
     tgtgtttaca tggacatctg tagtcgaatt atttgccaaa ttattaaatg gtggacttta     78600
     actgcagttt ggctctttca ttcagggaat acattcacgt ccctcatgac aaacgagata     78660
     tttgattcga ggaactgctc taagtgtgta tttttcatgc aatgtttgat accgcacggc     78720
     gaatgaggaa aaaaaaccct cagcatttcc cagaaactgc tggtagcgtc agaaagccgc     78780
     gtgtgttgtt ccggtcacaa aatgccgtga aaatcataca catggttaaa gtttggttgt     78840
     ggtgctaaca tggttacact cagtgcaata gtttgttcga tacgaacaaa ctgaaaaaac     78900
     aaagagcact gctcgctcac ttaccaaatc tgtagagaca ggacaatcac cagcaactag     78960
     agccgcgtct ttattaagag aatactacaa gcgaatccgg atctcagcgt ttgcagatga     79020
     gaacagctct caggtaaaca ataatcctcc ttagacacgt aagttattgt tgtcgagcgt     79080
     tgcgtacact gttaatccac acgtgagtct gcactctcac agagagaaaa tgaaaacaaa     79140
     acttaactgc agcaaactat aaaagcaaca cttcacgctt gttttgccaa cacaacgtgg     79200
     cgtctctgtc gtctaaacac tgtgacagta atgaatatta atgaagttgc acaatagggt     79260
     gcgctgattg gtttgaacca agctttactc atgcattaat gcagcacaca gtaagacgta     79320
     ataagacaca ctctggtacg gacgtccagt ctacacgctg gaatacaacg ctattttgtc     79380
     atggtcgtga cgcagcttca aaaatttgtt tcaaaccgga agaatttgct tgaaataacg     79440
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca atttacacgt tttagtgaaa tatatgtgtc ctaatagtgt     79500
     tttttagcag tgtgggacac atatacgacc gtcaacagct caaaaaatgt gttttggtgt     79560
     tttgtgaccc tttaaatgtt tcttgccacc cttcagagaa acaatgaaaa tacgggagaa     79620
     atacaggaaa acacctttat ggaatgatag cgagatagaa ctgtaaaatt cgggaggatc     79680
     ccgagaaaaa cgggaaggtt gacaggtatg agcctgtggt ttggactccg tggtctcaag     79740
     gtaaactgtc tatcagatgc acatttctgg gtcacaagga acaagtaaat tattctttct     79800
     ttatgtgtaa aggagctgta tgtcattttt ttgaatattc taaagcaaac aaaatacatg     79860
     acatgtttgc agatatttaa gaactatgct gagtgaacat tcttgtttat ctgaaaataa     79920
     aagctgaagt cagatatttt gctttgaaaa tttctgttac gtgccaaaac ttctgtcttt     79980
     gttttagaca tttaacccgc cctctgcctg tttagccaat tatatttcag ccccacaagt     80040
     tgccttggtg gaaaaccgtt gctgcgtcac aatttgcatt cttatactac gccctaaaag     80100
     tatttttttc ccgtaaaagg aaaagtttat acttttgagt gtgcatcaga agagtatgca     80160
     agctttggga catactactt cctctttaac agatcgttgt gttgcttagt tatgccccct     80220
     gtcaatcaat ccacaccgtc caaatttctg tcatatttat ttttctacct tattggagaa     80280
     gcagcagcag caggttaacc tcccattcac gggtctttca tgcagagaaa tctcctcagg     80340
     tctttgggta aatatgcatt cagacgttca aacgtgtctt tatataagtt cagtattgtt     80400
     gttgcaaatg aaatataaca cagatcatgc catttaaata tgttccagtg ggctagatat     80460
     tgactaacag tcatacaaac atttttaccg aagcctctct acttgatggt tgttctcgcg     80520
     catccatcag gtttgtagtt tatttacact tttcacacgc atttgtatag ttctaatcaa     80580
     attcaaatcc aatgcgcaat gtcattcatt cattttcttg tcggcttaat ccctttatta     80640
     atccggggtc gccacagcgg aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agctagtttt tacgcagcgg     80700
     atgcccttcc agccgcaacc catctctggg aaacatccac acacacattc acacacactt     80760
     acaatctacg gacaatttag cctacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg     80820
     gggaaaccgg agcacccgga ggaaacccat gcgaaggcag ggagaacatg ccaactccac     80880
     acagaaatgc caactgagcc gaggttcgaa ccagggacct ttatgctgtg aggcgacagc     80940
     actaccaact gcgccactgc ctcgccaatg cgcaatgtat tgtgggcaat attagcggta     81000
     agagtatgga ggcttttaca cttaattttt ttttttacgg aaatagcaaa tcatccggga     81060
     accgctggca taatcttttc aatcttcttt tcaaatctat tttcaaatac tatttaggat     81120
     ggatagtatg cggattggga cgcagcaagt gtgtttcatt cattcagtca tgaaggcttt     81180
     caaagcataa agcatattct gcgcatgcct aggctcaaat ttcagcaatg ttttgcgacc     81240
     ttttgtgccc gtcacgaggc gttttgcctt caatgcttta aatagcaaaa ggtgccattt     81300
     ttttacaccc attggtttac ccccttatgc caatttcaga ctgtgtgatt ttcgatgtaa     81360
     tcgtttcaca gatgttgtca cactgcatga ctatctgggt cctgtttcag aaaggaggtt     81420
     caaccatctc agagtttaaa cttgaactct gtgttgattt accgagagct taaaaactct     81480
     gagtttttgg ttttagaata gaagatctga gttgggaagc gcgcacacca aaactataaa     81540
     aaggcattat caatggagcg cagatattat aactcggata tgagtgactg gcaacatctt     81600
     aaaaaagaga tcagcatttc tttctccagc tgaacttgat ctgctcatgc aaagttataa     81660
     caaatatgat catataaaaa agcaacacca cttcatcagt gaagcagaga cggtgtggga     81720
     aaacagctgc ttaagttgat gcgtaatttt acatttgaag tagactattt aaatatttca     81780
     gtataataaa ataagtaatg ttatgtgtga cgtttataac attttttaca cacattcccg     81840
     cttttataca ctttgattag ttttaaaagg tttacaagtg cacatgtgtg cctctattat     81900
     tgatcaagtg atagaggttt atatgacatt tagtatataa gcagaactaa gcaatagttt     81960
     ttagaaagaa taataattcc attaatctag ttacaccaca cggagtttgc atgttctccc     82020
     tgcatttgcg tgggttttct ccgggtgctc cggtttcccc cacagtccaa aaacatgtgg     82080
     tacaggtgat ttgggtatag gctaaattgt ccatagtgtg tgagtgtgtg tatgaatgat     82140
     tgtgtggatg ttttacggct aatagggcat ccgctgtgta aaaacgtgct ggataagttg     82200
     gcggttcatt ccgctgtggc aatcccggat taataaaggg actaagccga caagaaaatg     82260
     aatgaatgaa tagttacagc acatgtccct gttgaaggta agtgaaatta agcaaattat     82320
     ttatttttaa aaaaaggaca agccattctt gtacatgaca ttttctttgt gtgactgaaa     82380
     tgtaggcaat agctgtgttt gcattcaagt atattaaata aatttatgtg caaaactgta     82440
     ataacgcata aaagatgtgc gaaaataaag cagcgttttt atccaacaag ttaaagagag     82500
     caaaatcgtc aattcctgat taaacgggcg ccaaatatca acagtaaaaa caatatttac     82560
     tgtgtaggag aagctgcgtt tatcttttct ttacttaata aatgtacttg tgctttagaa     82620
     gacaatgctg acacacaata aacacgtggg atcgttaaga gacgcagaga acagacgctc     82680
     ttaacacgct ccagatgctc tggatgtcat taataatata ataacattaa tactgaaaca     82740
     attaaggcgt tttagaatga ccaaaacaac atttaagatt ggtttgtcta ttcacacaca     82800
     tttttatcat catatgatct ctcataacaa acctttttta tggcacatac tgtaagtagt     82860
     tcagtaaaaa tgttttcatc gtagtttagg cacatctttt ctatcaaata aaagtttatc     82920
     ctacttagtt atgcgcatgt tttttatgca tatttttaaa actcttttgc atcatgacgt     82980
     ttccaacaat tcggttttat gtgcatatcc aaaatgagca ttaaaatagg tgggtggaaa     83040
     caagcttcat ctttaaaaaa ggggaggaaa ccgatagaaa ctctgagttt taagaataaa     83100
     atctgcttct gaccaggtta ggttcacggt gtaaattacc acggtaactg actctgagtt     83160
     aaagttactt ctctttcaga aacaggcttg acttaccctg ctttctcaag ttcaacaaac     83220
     ctgccatttt gtaacggaaa acccagagtt tctcacattt cagggttaaa atactctgag     83280
     ttttcactta acctcctttc tgaaatgggc cactgggcta gggttttgtc actgctttgt     83340
     gtacactgca agatgaatgg gcaacagggg ctttcacatt gtatgacttt acaatagaaa     83400
     gaatcgccga caacttcgtc ctaactagat ctcaaaacca aaaacacgta gtatatattt     83460
     tgttgttaac cacataatga gaaagaagcc tttaattggg tagaaaatgt aaatatttgc     83520
     tcacctgggt ttgaagggag tttttttgac caggttgtga tatagctcac atgacacatt     83580
     aaacagacac gggtgctcct gctaaattta tactagtttg cttccatttg ttgggtccaa     83640
     ataaactgaa aatgagcgca atatcacttc tctttcaacc tttcactctc tcagtagctg     83700
     taggtgatcg ccgatgttat tttcagtcaa aactcatttt acacggcatg gtttaaaacg     83760
     cagacagctc caaatattta gcatggcaaa tatctcacag acatcggcga ttctctcaga     83820
     tcgcatcttt gatagttcac attgtgtgat tgttactcgc gaacaagcac cgatttgcct     83880
     gtgatttcag acatttgtca gcgatttatc aaaacctgtc ggcgagtcaa aatcagagct     83940
     gaaatcatgc agtctgaact cattagtgca ttagtgaaca ctagtaacac agcctttagt     84000
     ttttttatta ttctaaagct tcagagtgct cttgaactca gactggggcg atggttcatc     84060
     ttccagcaga acaatgaccc aaagcacact gccaaaatat caagagagtg gcttcacaac     84120
     aactctgtga ctgtccttaa gtggcccagc cagagcccag acctaaatcc tattgaacat     84180
     ttctagagat ctgaaaatga ctgtacatcg tcacttccta ttgtgtgatt gttactcgca     84240
     tgaacaagca ccgatttgcc tgtgatttca ggcatttgtc ggcgatttct caaaacctgt     84300
     cagcgagtcc aaatcggcta aaatcataca agaactcagc attagtaaac accagtgaca     84360
     aggtctttag gttttttaat attctaaaat tcctctgcat ttccgcctgc agcactgaga     84420
     ctgagaatga ttatgtgctg aaggctcctc atcctgttct taatgactga ttttattcca     84480
     atggcacatc tgactctcta aggcaggggt gtcaaactca gttctaaaag ggctgaagcc     84540
     ctgcacagtt tagttccaac cctgctccaa cacacttgcc tgtaggtttc aaacaagcct     84600
     gaaggactca attagtttga tcaggtgtgt ttaattaggg ttggaactaa actgtgcaga     84660
     gctgcggccc ttttggaact gagtttgaca cctgtgctct aagtgaatgt gagacaagac     84720
     tctgattggt ttaatgcaca taatgctcaa aacacaccta taactcatta aaagaataat     84780
     ctcaaccctg ttagatcatg cgccacagcg cagagcagat ttttccatcc ttaaaatagc     84840
     aaaagtggat tcggacacaa acttaatgct tttgcgccat gcgtgtcaga ctttgcacct     84900
     aaactgttaa aatagagctc attgttttgt ttttttttgc aactaacctt ttttaaattt     84960
     gaccgagcta ataattatca ggcagtcact cacaagattc aatatttgaa gaaaagaata     85020
     aatatgaatc atgacatcgt gtttatttag aaaatacaat cacagtatga acattgtaga     85080
     gtactgttta catcacaact atattccaca gtcatagcag acactacatc aagcccatgt     85140
     cttttttggt gaacgtacat cgcaataaac acaacaatta aatgtcagct aaagaaacag     85200
     ctgggaagcc attgaaaatg accgtatacc ccaaatacca aacaaatata tattaaaatc     85260
     aaagaaagag aaacgaatac atgtggtccc gagcaaaaga acaaacacgt caccaaaaac     85320
     agcgcaagtt attgcagttt tataaacacc gttggtcgcc atctgtcact tgtattgtgg     85380
     tattgcagca caaatgagca aatgattgca ctttagagaa ataactgtta ttgcaaagga     85440
     taatatatgc atatggcgct tctgaaacag ttacagcttt cagcagaaac tcattactgt     85500
     gaatcatatt gaggaactgt gctgccagag gagacacatc agagaataag gaattacaac     85560
     ttcaggattt gggggtaaag tcatgaaaat atctttgaaa gaggaagacc aatcactgct     85620
     tactgacagt acttcaacat tccagcaaga ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaatg     85680
     ttcaaaaaat aaaaacaaaa atacacaatt agtgcagcat ttttaacact ataggtacag     85740
     tacttttgga taaccagtta aataaaaaac gttttcctca aaaaacaccc cagaatgcat     85800
     ttgtaggtgt aacattaaat ttagttttag ctcagagatg cccaaagtag ggcacgcagg     85860
     ccaaagttgg ctcatggtaa ccttagattt ggcccaacat cacatctgaa aagagtgaga     85920
     atgatggaga gggttggagc gaatgctttt gacagagatc ttcgtattga atttaacaaa     85980
     atcttttgtt tctttgtttt atcgctgaac gacctgaaat taaatgtcaa atatgaatca     86040
     gactttaaaa atataaagtt gaagtcagaa ttaataaacc ccctgaatta ttaacttccc     86100
     tgtttatttt tttctctaat ttccgtttaa cggatagatt tttttcaatg catttctaaa     86160
     cacatcagtt ttaataactc atctctaata actgatttgt tttagcttgg ccatgatgac     86220
     agtgaataat atttgactag atatttttta agtcactcct atacagctta aagtgacatt     86280
     taaaggctta acaaggttac ttaggttaac aggcaggata tggtaattag gcaagttatt     86340
     gtataacgat ggtttgttct gtagactatc gaataattat atagtttata ggggctaata     86400
     attttgaaaa tttgataatt ttaaaaatta taaactgctt ttattctagc cgaaataaaa     86460
     caaataaaat cttttccaga agaaaaaata ttatcagaca tactgtgaaa atttccttgc     86520
     tctcttaaac aacatctggg aaatatttat aaaaaaaaga aaattccaaa gggggctaat     86580
     aattctgaat ttaacagtaa atactgttac ttgacagatc gaggacaatg cacaagtcat     86640
     gcgagcaaat caaggtgaag gcaggagcag cttgagtaat gcattcagca ttgaacttca     86700
     ttgtgttata aatggaattg ttaatgtttg tacagtaata agtttattat aaaatgttaa     86760
     aaatgatact gggttagtta ctataattta aagcagcatt ttctttttcg tttttaatat     86820
     taccaaaaat aaatgaggaa attccccttg gtaaatttat tgtaatatgc tttggtatat     86880
     ttttcaactc tgaaatctgg acttaactag aagttagaac tattgaactg aatatttgcc     86940
     cacagccctt aatcaagttt aattttttgg ctctttatag gaaagatttt gggcacccct     87000
     gaactacatt tactcaaaaa gcaaaacttg gttcattgag agtgtccata cactttcagc     87060
     cttccactat acatgaaaca cagaaagaat gacagaactc tagcataaaa aatggtgtgc     87120
     aaattactat tacgttttaa tatataaaca tttataattg tacacaatca aatggtgatg     87180
     tggaatgcag tgtcttcagc aacataagaa aactgaaaat aaaagcttta gaatgtattt     87240
     gtatgtgcat tcaattttat tttagctgaa attactggaa tggcgaatct ttgctaaaag     87300
     catgtctcta tacactttca gtttcataca aatgaggaat ttaagatttc caataaaagg     87360
     aaatcacagg tttaggcata aaaatggaat tagctgtaat gaataattta ttattattat     87420
     tactaaatac agatcttaac ttattcaaat tgtaatatgg aatatcgttt ctgcagcaat     87480
     aataaatgag ttttgagtca taaaattact actattaaag gacaaaatgc aaccccccct     87540
     cgcccaaaaa aaaacataaa taaataaaag ctaaaaaaaa aattacacta gggaatgcaa     87600
     aagtttgaat atggcgttca acatccttca tgttttttca attcaagata aaatgaacaa     87660
     tgagaaagga aagaaaataa aactctcctc cttcacgttt tacttcagct cacagggcat     87720
     ttagaaaaaa agtgttgttg cctttataat aagactattg taataccatt ttttccacat     87780
     accatggctt caccttcata ttcagacacg tatatttgtt aagaatgagg cgtcccattt     87840
     tgctgtatac ttcaaattgg taacacttta gattaattat ccgttataac tagttaatag     87900
     aacattaata aactgttagt tgagttagaa attaattgtt aaataaaagt taatagtttg     87960
     ttaattattt ataattgtgt cttatagata gccaacagat aacttacaag ctgttcgtta     88020
     acaagttata aatgacttgt taactgtatt taatgattta taactatacc taataaatta     88080
     gtagtagatc atgaacaagc tgttggtaaa ttacttacta aaggcttgtt tagtatcagt     88140
     agtttaaata tgttattgaa acgttattct aaagtttaaa ttgtttttca tttactaact     88200
     tttattttgt tttcatgttt aatacaaacg gtgcccaaat ctcatgggtt tgtattctgt     88260
     tgtatactgc tgttctgcca tgtgatggct cagtatgtgt gtttctatac attaaacaca     88320
     ctgttcaaca tttcatttgt agcgtttctt tggtaaatac agcacacaga aaagtctttg     88380
     agtggaacaa ggttaaggta caaacatttt atattttaaa tatcacatcg aatttctgta     88440
     gcttaaactt gttccatccg tttgctgttc tataaagttt cactggtatt agatgcttaa     88500
     attatgaaca actgatctgt aaagtgtgag ttaatatatt agttaagtgt tagttattag     88560
     cttatgtatg ttattgggac gttattctaa agttgcaact attcctcatt tactaacagt     88620
     taatacatga agaataatag caactataga ataatgtccc aataacatat ataaactact     88680
     aactgatact taacaagcct ttagtatgta atttaataac agcttgttca tgatctgtta     88740
     ctaatttgtt ataaatcatc aaaatacagt taacaagtca tttataactt gttaactaac     88800
     cgcttgtaag ttatctgtta tctatctaaa aaggcacaat tataaataat taacaaatga     88860
     taaacgttta tttaactttt tatttaacaa gtcatttgta actcacctaa ctcaattatt     88920
     aatgatctat taactagtta aaacagatag ttattctaag ctacaagttg actttactca     88980
     aaaagtaagg aactgttaag ttgtcttgac ttaattttaa ctcaacgttt aacccttgtg     89040
     cactgttcaa attgacaact ctttataatg ttcaggatga aaactaccac tgaattaaac     89100
     tgttgtaaaa atgcacaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     89160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tttaaaattg ttttgcataa atctgtttat     89220
     taacctcagt cctgatcaaa acagctaaat tgtttagaaa attacaggat tttaactctt     89280
     taataggcaa atttataaac catgtcgctg atttggtgga aaaaacacac aaaatgatgt     89340
     attttcaata taaaaagtaa tcattgacta tatttttaaa aacttttatc acaatcttag     89400
     acatgtctag tgtacttccc cttctgtaaa tagtttttgt aagaatagaa gataaaggga     89460
     tatattgctc gttatcatca cgagaaattg tgtaatggtt tttagttttc tttctaatga     89520
     ttagacggat gtaggcccga ttgggtagct tgacttggac agaggaaaat taagacctgt     89580
     ttaacactat tcaggacata caacacaata tttcagtgaa gttaagactt taagtcttta     89640
     taaatttaag atatttaaaa gctttttaag actccgcgga taccctgaca attacttttt     89700
     atattaaaaa aacattattt tgtgtgtttt tctcaataaa tcagtgacat aatttataaa     89760
     tgtcaattaa agagttaaaa ccctgtaatt ttctgaacaa tttagtagtt ttgatcaaga     89820
     ctggggttga ttaacagaat tattcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatatata tatatatata     89880
     tatatatata tatataaata aaaattatct gacgcaagca gttaattcag tggatgtttt     89940
     tatccaaaag ggtggcaaat ttgcccagtg tatcgttgag tttaaaaaat aaataaataa     90000
     aaaataataa atgtattttc ttaaaatagg tgtcaaaata agatttgtca ctcaaaaatc     90060
     attctattag ctaaaacaca gagaaagtta tggccaaatc aagactcaaa atccccccag     90120
     aatggatgaa aacatgccca acagcacata agggttaagt aaagtcaact aatcgctttt     90180
     tacagtgtag aattcatatt aacagtgtca aatgttacaa ataattttaa tgaataaatg     90240
     taatcatgct tgaatttttt ttataagtgt aagagatagc agatgccata aaaatatgct     90300
     ttatgattgt tttgttacac ttactgacat ttaagtgggt gtcttttgca aatcatgcta     90360
     aaaatatagc atgaaaaaac ttaaacgtgt attagacttc cattgtttga tccttaaaaa     90420
     ctccttttaa tcttccaccc atacacaagt taaaaccatg gtacataaat acacaatcct     90480
     tcattaaaat ggtgttttaa agtgccacag ttacagttca gccccacaca accatgcact     90540
     cttttataat ccagatgctt cattctgaat gatgattcag ctagactaaa atcaaaatta     90600
     tggccattat ggtgcaattt acccttcatt aacagtatac agagcggccg ttatgtcaga     90660
     ttcttctggg atatatggca acagtttgca gcatatcatt tatggctcta gaatcacagt     90720
     tgtggcttta acccaattaa aaacccagca aattttgcaa agaccaaagc aaaatgttta     90780
     cttctccaaa aaatagcatc gcaaagtgca ataaaatgtt gcatgggcta gcacacgata     90840
     cacaaacaca gaaacaagct tttatccaca aacaaagacg actttaagat atcagtgtaa     90900
     tgagcaaacc ctctgagata acagcactat tcctttgtga acatctatca aggacggcgc     90960
     atagcctgaa ggtatcagag atgtgctgaa attcaccccg acgcttcaaa tcctctccca     91020
     cgcttaatta aatattcatt catggtaagc ttttaatttt aattacagct ctggcagggt     91080
     ttcgattaaa acggaggcaa aaacctctat tgtttaagat atgaatatgc atctctacaa     91140
     tggttaagtt caaagtctga agccagaggt tgtcttctcc ataaaagagc agagataggt     91200
     ggcagcgtat tcataaagac tgctttaaac tatctcttaa agggacagtt cacccaaaaa     91260
     ttataacatt tacttgtttt aaaccttttg agtttctttc ttctgttaaa aacaatagaa     91320
     gatatttgga agaaagctga aaactccaaa tcattgactt ccacgaaatt ttccccctta     91380
     ttttgtgttc cacaggtttg aaaacatggg tgagtaaata gtaactcaat ttacacttat     91440
     gggtgaacta tccctttaag gccttggtct acttcaaaca aaatcaaact gatgaattgc     91500
     ttcatcaaat caattttaat gaagaaaagg aacattgtaa tgatttaaag cagtgtttct     91560
     cagccacgtt ccagggggac caccagctct gcacataatc tatgtcgcct gaacaaaatt     91620
     cagaccataa gtttaatagc atagactgaa aaaccttgaa ggataggaca gaaaaaggag     91680
     acatccaaaa catgcagtgt tggtggtcct cctggaacat ggttgagaaa cactgatcta     91740
     aaaaacgttt ttgactttaa agaactttcc gtgtaataca acggctctat agatgcttaa     91800
     tgtgcttcgt ggatgcattg acacaataaa gaacctttat ttttaaagag gactcttaaa     91860
     aaagtatgtg aagtggacaa aacagactaa ttataaaagc atgactttct cggtctactt     91920
     ttgagccaat aggccttcaa cagttctcca agttacaaag caaaaaccct tcatacaccg     91980
     attttgctca tcttcatgtt cctcaaaata atttctcagc aacggaaaca ggcataattt     92040
     cgctaaaact ttggcaactc gattacactt taccacacaa tgaaaattct gtcattattt     92100
     attcatagtt gtatcagtcc aaacccaaaa ggtatatttc tggagagatt tttgtccaat     92160
     attaccattt atgaatcaac tgtttcctt                                       92189