ID   BX784401; SV 3; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 57313 BP.
AC   BX784401;
DT   14-NOV-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 11)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-244B2 in linkage group 4 Contains
DE   the rbm17 gene for RNA binding motif protein 17, the pfkfb3 gene for
DE   6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/ fructose-2,6-biphosphatase 3 and a CpG island.
KW   HTG; pfkfb3; rbm17.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-57313
RA   Donaldson S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 8f83d210d403cf9cb18af15a9e387b99.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991676.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000045530; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000066951; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-244B2. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-244B2 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEYP-14F10 is at 55314 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-244B2 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..57313
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-244B2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..57313
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-244B2"
FT   CDS             join(<866..1010,5639..5788,5903..6124,8089..8205,
FT                   8825..8950,9604..9780,11544..11666,11811..11924,
FT                   12035..12167,14803..14921,15023..15123,17665..17743,
FT                   17824..17910,18014..18133,19551..20189)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008386"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P3W7 Tr:Q8CFE4 Tr:Q96ST4
FT                   Tr:Q9H7V5 Tr:Q9NWE9 Tr:Q9P2I7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RGP0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011989"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGP0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-205"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11894.1"
FT                   DLFG"
FT   mRNA            join(<866..1010,5639..5788,5903..6124,8089..8205,
FT                   8825..8950,9604..9780,11544..11666,11811..11924,
FT                   12035..12167,14803..14921,15023..15123,17665..17743,
FT                   17824..17910,18014..18133,19551..20396)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL916480.1 Em:AU130508.1
FT                   Em:BG737392.1 Em:CD507140.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC042443.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(24672..25329,25679..25791))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.2-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW019760.1 Em:CN513010.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<32472..32532,32853..32973,34790..34940,
FT                   36512..36635,36809..36818))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008384"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004170"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037197"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGN9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11895.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<32472..32532,32853..32973,34790..34940,
FT                   36512..36635,36809..36853,37439..37515,38242..38272))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW173887.1 Em:BF718133.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(39122)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(39122..40056,41749..41854,42373..42481,
FT                   43579..43660,43744..43855,45103..45238,46117..46264,
FT                   48103..48289,49467..49588,50608..50853))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI331216.1 Em:BE017257.1
FT                   Em:BM083040.1 Em:CK676364.1 Em:CK704719.1 Em:CN322309.1
FT                   Em:CN506498.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(39134..39139)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(40001..40056,41749..41854,42373..42481,
FT                   43579..43660,43744..43855,45103..45238,46117..46264,
FT                   48103..48289,49467..49588,50608..50641))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-244B2.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008385"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RGN8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000571"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004170"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036855"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR037197"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RGN8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-8699"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11896.1"
FT   misc_feature    55314
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEYP-14F10"
SQ   Sequence 57313 BP; 19270 A; 9087 C; 9223 G; 19733 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgtg gaaatcaaaa atgagttttt ttgatttttg agttattaaa atatgtattg        60
     agtatccatg ttaataaggt ataacactca agttagaaat ttcattatca tgatgacact       120
     aatgaacatc attgcaaatt attccatggc aaacatgaaa taaaaatcaa aaatggattt       180
     aatttttcat ccacttagtt ttttttttat ctttgattaa agctgatttg aagcctcaga       240
     agcactcttg ataaaagttt cagaggtctt tttttattta agacttggct tctctggttc       300
     tgcaatcaat atttgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gcggatgcat gagatcaaaa gcagcggttc       360
     tactatggaa gagctctcct aaataataaa tgtttctctt aagggatgtc agatgaagct       420
     ttgatccaga atgttaggta tttttattta tataggaatt tctttgaatg cctatttaat       480
     atacacattt tacatgaaaa tttagcaggt tgcccttagg gagatgatta aaaattttga       540
     tgtgtaaatt gaatgaatta gaacttcttt gtgccaactg ctgtttaatt actgaacagg       600
     gatgtctact ggagtttgat ataaatttaa aataagatgg ggtgttgtcg tatttaccat       660
     gggtatgttt ttatttttta ttttgtttta tttattgtga ttaattaata ttatttttac       720
     acaaatacta aataatactg agaaaacggt ttaatgtatg ccaggaaatg tcttgacaac       780
     acttgacaac acttgttccc attatctgtg tttttatcag tttgtctgtt ttttttactg       840
     gttgtctttg tctgtttgtc tctagagact gtctggcgtt ttgcacagag cctgtgtttg       900
     ccagcctagc gaatgtgctc ggccagtggg acaacctgcc cagtcctgtt cccacagaca       960
     tcaaagatta caaactctac gatgtagaga ccaaatacgg cttactgcag gtgagagtaa      1020
     aaaaaaaagt attattttac caaatacatg tcatatttca cagctacaaa ctacagcttt      1080
     cataatacat tgttgttgaa taattacttt ataagtatat ttggaaatat tctggaggcc      1140
     attaaatgtt taaaatacta ggtactaggc atgcaacgat taacttattt cactatttac      1200
     catgctttaa tttgtcacat ttaattaatt gtaaaggctt ctcaacaccc cacttctgca      1260
     cgaatcaaaa ctgctgcatc taaacaaagt tatcccagct gtgtgctagt tttaagtacc      1320
     gagcttatat actaaggcta atcttttgtc cacctcgtgc gagcacacgg tgaatcatgt      1380
     gacaagatca gcttcatact ttgtatggaa tatacatatt tctacttcaa agacaaaaaa      1440
     atatataaaa tgaaaatacc aaacaattat gtaatacaat tgatcaaaag tgcctttcag      1500
     acagaggttc agcagccttt gactacttct gttctattta aaagggaaat acttagctaa      1560
     taagatgctt aaattcacat taggccaata ctatttttta tttattctta tttttattta      1620
     ttcattgttc tgtcatttat tttcagtgta aaattaaatg tcaacaacat tttttccact      1680
     cattaatagt ccaaatagat gtggactatt attgtttttg attattattt ttgtgctgta      1740
     ttaattaagt acagagtagc aataaataac actttaaaat aaaaggagtt ttcatgtgat      1800
     tttccaaact agttatgttt tgaaattaat aaatgcataa taatcgagat gtgaaaccgt      1860
     gactataatt ttacaaccaa aatctaaaac tattgcatct ctagatggta ccaaaatcag      1920
     ctgaaagctt tttttattat ttgtaaaatt atggctggca attagaactg catgatatta      1980
     gaaaaaaaat tcaagatgta ttttcttctt tatgtattgc aaaatgaatt acagtttcac      2040
     cagatagatt aaagggctgt atttagaaag gattcattaa atttgatagt ttgcgaggat      2100
     tctatttaga attgagtcat gcataaaatt aaatataata aactaattaa aagaaaatat      2160
     taataaaata gcactaagat ttacaatgct ttatgctttt ctgagtctaa caatattcat      2220
     gtatagaaaa taaagggccc ttattataaa ttaaaaagcc tcatatttca gttttatggg      2280
     tctctaacaa catactgatc tacatgcaag gtcaaaaaaa cacttacatg gtcttataat      2340
     atgcatttat ttttacctgg ttatctcagc gactcccata tgaatcgttc agcgattcat      2400
     tttgttccca aagccctcct tagcgcaaag ctaatctgcg ctgattagac tgatgacagc      2460
     ctgttgcgat tggtcgacag cgttcaaaac gagatagtaa aatgcccagc acggtttatc      2520
     aagcccaggg tcgccaacgt ttttatagga tccgattgca gcccgaaaca cacttcttag      2580
     taaacttact aataccacag taaacagtgc ccggttctca acagtgttat ttagacacct      2640
     aacccccgaa agcaaaccag catattgctc tattcttaaa tcacacacat tcagtattaa      2700
     tccacacagc gacaaaaact gaattattct gaacctaagg gcttacctgc actctgcttt      2760
     gcccagagat cacatcccca gccagggggt tgtcgcgctc accagcgctc cccctcagtg      2820
     cagcaggctg cctttgttcg actgtgtgcc taataaactg gccttatttt gcacgcaccc      2880
     ctggtgtatt gtctgtccat tgcaaaatgg aggaagaacc taatccatga gcggtttact      2940
     gatagttttt gtcgagctct gtcaaagtct catacatcag tagtcttttc tgatccttcc      3000
     tttgacaaac aaatgaatcg cccattgtaa gtgtgtagct tgctaaagct cacctttacc      3060
     ccacacctcc aataatatcc aggtaagcac agcatcttaa cgactcatga ctttaggatc      3120
     tgtttgtttt tgctgctgtg ttagtgggcg gggccgcagg tttaaatttt cccgggtttg      3180
     cgtgtgcaac aattggacgg gggttatatt tcgtagatct aaagactcgt taacaagatg      3240
     attcactcta atcactgtga gtcaactttt tttttttttt ttttttttga tgaaaatagt      3300
     tttaaatact gtcctctttc agattttagc tttagcttga tatttcactt caattagagc      3360
     tgtgttacac actacatgga aggtcatttt caaaaaccca taataggggc tctttaaata      3420
     attatgtgta aaataacacc gtagtcttca atgtgaatat aatttaataa aataaacttt      3480
     tatttaagag acacatttta gaattctgtg tgcctaaata ctcaaaccac agtcccaata      3540
     gagtttgttc aaattctgtc atatgcactg ttaaatgggg caggataaaa caagacgatt      3600
     ggatgctcca cccttatttc acatttttgt acagagaggt cacattttaa tttattagtt      3660
     tcatgcaatc acctgatcgg atttcgcagg tcaagagttc atcaatcttg aacctgctgc      3720
     aacccagcga catttgaaac tttttgcatg agcttgtgct tgaagtctgt cctatttgga      3780
     tgtatatgaa tgaaagtcaa tgggttgacc acggcttcac acagtcacag gccttaaaaa      3840
     cacatgcaag tgataaattt ttactccatt atgcttaaat tttgcaagtc atatgttcta      3900
     aatcaaggtt gtccaaactc ggtcttggag ggccgacgtc ctgcatattt tagtttcaac      3960
     cccaattaaa cacacctgaa ccagctaatc gagctctaga aatttccagg caggtgtgtt      4020
     aaaggaagtt ggagctacac tgggtaggac acaccgagtt tgggcacccc tgttctaaat      4080
     tgtgtcttaa atttcaaaag ctacatttta ggccataaaa agacttcaat ctactgaaat      4140
     gttgtgttgt aggtctttaa tcctttttta acaggtctta attttttttt tgttcatgta      4200
     tagctaccca atctggccat taacactcat acaatcacca acaattccaa tctcaagaaa      4260
     acttttaact ttttatttga aaatagcatt taattacttt ccttacagta acatttgttt      4320
     aaaagttctt catttattta ctgctgagga tactgacctg acagttttaa ttattaataa      4380
     atggattaaa ttagaatcat tttttgatag gtcaagtgaa aatcttttcc agctgcaata      4440
     ttcgaaaaca atccttagca tttagccctg tataaacaca ttgcatattc ttgctgaaat      4500
     gatttattgt gcagcaatat ttggaatgtt tctgctatta aatatcatat tgctagcaag      4560
     gtgctaacat tagtcaaatc tattaacatg tttagcatgt ttttgctgat ttgtacttag      4620
     atttatcttg tagcaaaaaa tgtttatata gtattacagt aagttggcca tctttttttc      4680
     aaatatattc aaaatataca cattgttagc atgttttaat gttgtttata tcagtggttc      4740
     tcaaccacgc tcctggagga acaccgcaac tgcatttttt agatgtttcc tttgtctgtc      4800
     agaaccattt caggtcattc agtcactgca aataatctga attaggtgtg tttgggtaag      4860
     gagatatgaa aatgtgtaga gctggtggtc ttccaggtat gtggttgaaa aacactggtt      4920
     tgcatgattt agcatgatgc tgcatgttta tgcatatgaa attaacactt ttgaaacagg      4980
     tttagtatgt tgctagcacg atttaactaa ttaagtttct cagtagaaca aatagggtaa      5040
     ccttcttaag aaaatgtttg aaattctttt aaagtaatat tcctaagtga aaattagcag      5100
     gaattaatgg tttttgtgtt ttattttcaa acattaatta gtacaacaag gtttctgcca      5160
     ctatcaaata ttttttgttg cgattaattg cggtatctct tatcaatgta tacagtatta      5220
     tcaggatatt taccaaagaa aattactttt tagatcacat aaaatttagt taaaatatat      5280
     gatatatata taaaagaaaa attactgtac aaagtgaatc aacaaaaact ctttaatagt      5340
     tacagaattt tttagtggca ttggccagat taacgtgaaa atgctaatgt ttgaaaataa      5400
     atgacctatt aagtcttcaa acagttggtg ttgtgatgaa caactgccaa catatcaatt      5460
     tgaatatttt aaccaggaat gtttacataa taaatgatta ttcactgtat tttaaagtgc      5520
     cctcaatatt gtggttttac attattataa tggttttaca atattgatat aatgaattat      5580
     taaatattgc cataaatgct tagttaatga tagcatttct ttctgttttc tttctcaggt      5640
     ctcagagggt ttgtcgttcc tccacagtgg agttaaaatg gttcatggta acttgtgctc      5700
     agagaacatc atcctgaata aaagcggagc ctggaagatc atgggctttg acttcagcat      5760
     ctcctccagc aacccctctg atgctgaggt taaaaattag atttactgtt tctaaagtcc      5820
     tagagaacag agatcaagct cttactttct gttgctttta acaaagatgg agcctaaagc      5880
     actgtttgtt tctgcctttt agcccaagta tgtgtgtaaa gagtgggacc ccaatctccc      5940
     gcctctttgc ctcccgaacc cagaatatgt ggctcctgaa tacatcctgt cggtcagctg      6000
     tgattcagcc tctgacatgt actcactggg cgtcttgatc cacgccgtgt ttaatgaggg      6060
     caagcctgtc tttaaggtca acaagcagga catattcaag agcttcagtc gacagctgga      6120
     ccaggtgggg attctgcaga agctgcttta cataacaatg tcattggggg tgctttttgt      6180
     ctcccgtatt gctcccgttt caacccaaaa cagtatacta ttacattaaa atattcatgt      6240
     ggcacagtaa tatactaaaa ttgcacctaa acattaaaat atcagccatg ccatggcatt      6300
     ttataataca ccaacagtca aatgtctttg ggattgtaca tttttattaa tttactaatt      6360
     tctaaaagta gacttcaagg tcaaaaacat tataaaatta aggtcaaaac tagggatgca      6420
     ccgatatgga ttttttggcc gataccgata accgataact tcagacttgg aggccgatag      6480
     ccgatatata taggccgata tttataaata tttcaaaatg gtatattttt atacagcaaa      6540
     cttcataaaa gattgaactg ctcttatgaa ctaaatagtc tatactcaaa gcaaaaaagc      6600
     tttaacttca aaattgcaag gtgattatag acctatattc acgatttcac ataaatcagc      6660
     atgcaaaaaa tataataatt ccttttcttc atagcaaatt aacatgcaac ttgactgttg      6720
     cataaaatta ataaggttaa ataacaaaat gggatttcat caacaagcaa gttaaatata      6780
     tttaaataag atgaaaatga aagcactaag gactgaaacc agctcaaatg ttcttgaata      6840
     aaacgtgtta cagtgatgta cacatgtaca aataagcctc cgtacaagtg aacagctaaa      6900
     tatatatagt acatttagaa aatgcggcac agattcatcc tatttggcgt ttttgattct      6960
     tttgaacatg tagctgctgc ttgccaatca gataacgctt ctgtgctcgt tcttgctgtc      7020
     aattgcggga aaaatgatcg atgataagtt tatgataaac cactgtgaaa taataggaat      7080
     aatcagtgtg aggagagctc cattatagtg cactgggcaa gtctgaacaa gttccgccca      7140
     cgcgagcgcg gcatacaggt ctgtacaatt acgtaattta tcggcttaaa gatatcggcc      7200
     taatttagac atcagatcga taacgataat cttaaaaata gcatttatcg gccgataacg      7260
     atatggccgc caatatattg tgcatcccta gtcaaaacct ttaacattaa ttgtaaatac      7320
     gtttgacatg atctttcaga aatcattcaa gtggtttggt gctcaaagat ttcgtatttt      7380
     tattgttcaa aaacaaattg tttttgcagc tcaatatttt ttggaactta gattgaagac      7440
     ttgcacttct tttatcctgc aaggaaacat acattgatct aaagtgataa ttaatgtaca      7500
     ttgctttttt ttttacaaac tatttgattt aatacattaa ttattacttt tgaatatttt      7560
     gagcaacaat tatttttaac attttattca tcaaacctca aaagatttgt catggtttac      7620
     caatttactt tacccatggt ttacctatta gatttattac actcaggaca ttcaacagtg      7680
     tattataata atgacattac aatgtattaa aagtgtactt aatatcagtt gtcagtttga      7740
     ctgatgtaaa ttaaggtgac tagaaaagtt catttgattg agctaaaaat aattaggcag      7800
     caagatttat ttttgttttt tgtgcagtaa ataggcacag cattcagcac tttctttatc      7860
     ttttatcata ccctaaatga tttaacctaa aacgagtata ctgttttcta aaggtaaaaa      7920
     aaatcaagtt tatgcctaat acaggctttt gtgatatctg aacctggttc agttttgttt      7980
     catttcacag aaacaaagca actaatattt gacatgctgt tgtaaaaact gctaattcag      8040
     agcagtataa aatgctaatc tcatcatgtt cctcatcctg aatttcagct gagtcatctg      8100
     agtccaggag tgttgagtca gatcccagag gaggtcagac aacatgtgaa gatgctgctc      8160
     agcgtcacct ccaacgtgcg tccagacgca gaccagatga caaaggtcag atctttccct      8220
     ccttactgct gtttttccag ggattttttt gtttggccaa gctttttttt tcattttata      8280
     ttgtactttc ctttttcaaa atggaacttt cccatactgt gttttttagc atgttgtttc      8340
     ttgtgttttg ccggttgttt tggttagggt atttttcagt gccttttaat gactttgcaa      8400
     tagttacaat agttcattaa atacagtaag catctaatga tatttggaaa tatttttaaa      8460
     tgtgaattta tctagaattg tgcagttgtt ttatcaaaag taagccttaa aaaggttaat      8520
     cttaaattat tagttaaacc ttttatctta tgtattattt attgatgttg atgacttttt      8580
     atttgtaaga tataataata attataataa ttgaaaagtg ttatttatga aaggttgtaa      8640
     acttgatttg ttttttgcca tggtagagcc agataagctg atatggcaat aaacttaaaa      8700
     attaaatcta atttaattta aaaatgtgtt ttgttttatt ggggctgttt tattgaagtt      8760
     gagggaaaag tattcagcct ggatcaccaa ggccatggct aaaagtgaaa ttgtttgtgc      8820
     tcagattccc ttcttcgatg atgttggagc gatgactctt cagtacttcg actcgctttt      8880
     ccagcgggac aacctacaga agtctcagtt ctttaaagga ctcccgaaag tgctgcccaa      8940
     gctgcccaag gcaagagcaa aaatgtgcac aaatgttatt catcaagaag catcactaac      9000
     gattcagatg aattaatcat gaatttgttc aaccaaaatt tgccagatta tgtggtattc      9060
     catataatat tctacatcaa ttttcaaaat aattgttata ggtttgtatg catctataga      9120
     aatgacaaaa tacagatatg gaaaacatta agacatcatt caaactacta atgacatgtc      9180
     ttttcgagtt taaaagaaat ttgttgtcag agtttttttg gtgcagtttt ctgacattta      9240
     tatttattcc aacacaatat taatgttact tcaatgtgtt aagttattat tgtgtgtaat      9300
     aatcctgtgt gtcagttaca acaattgaaa acatttataa gtgtattttt tatagcatac      9360
     aaaaatgcta catttttctc aaacccacac catgttttca cttttttcac cgttcatcat      9420
     agaaaataac aaataaattg tttaaacttt aaatatctag tatttcagtt tatctttgaa      9480
     aaaatactaa atgcttgtgg tgtatttcca gtaaatactg actcattgat ctgtgatgtt      9540
     tatacatgca tgtgttttat agccttttgt atacattgtt ttgttctgtg tttctgtcat      9600
     cagagagttg ttgtgtatag aatccttcca gcccttatgt ctgagtttgt aaatcctgac      9660
     atggtgccct tcattcttcc aaacgtgctg ctcattgctg aggagtgtac aaaagaggag      9720
     tatgtgcgcc tcgttctccc cgacctcacc ccagttttca aaatgcagga gccagtacag      9780
     gtatatacat gaatactact cagtgcaaat ttacttttag gttttagcaa cctttttaaa      9840
     agtgttaacc gaaaatgaca gttttgtcta cttgtattaa acctgtttta gtttctttat      9900
     tttgttgaat acaacagcag gaatcttgaa gaatgctgga aaattatagc aatgttttca      9960
     tgcaaagatg taaattaaaa ttatgtgcaa aattggaaga ctgcgttaag acatgcgaac     10020
     aaagcagagt ttccatccaa gtagtcaaag aaaacaaaat tatcacttcc tgattaacta     10080
     gtgccaatta tcaaaagtaa aaacggaaat tgctgcggta ggagaagctg cattaatctt     10140
     ttctttattt aataaatcac ttgcgcctta aaagacagta tgtcgatgcg caataaatgc     10200
     atggtggtgt ttaaaggcat gagatgcata gtacagacgc tcttgaccgt tctgaaggtc     10260
     attaataata taataacact aacaatgaaa tggtaaaggc gttttagaat gaccaaaaaa     10320
     actgtttaga tgtcttacaa tgcagtcagc ctgctggttt atccattcat acacattttt     10380
     atcatcacgt gatctcttat aacaaaatcg cacgactttt taaatgcgca taatggaatt     10440
     tgtttggtaa aagtgttttt atcgtaaaaa gttttatgca cattttataa atttatgcct     10500
     atcttgactt ttttacaaat agttttttac gtgcatatcc aaagtgtgca taaaaatagg     10560
     tggatggaac tattgactat tgagctattg actactgtta tttttttttt ttttactact     10620
     ggcgatctac aatctttctc caagctccag tgatgcttta ccattctagc cttgtcttaa     10680
     atggtgtgat gttgcattgc aatgccacta tgtggctgta ttactttaag gttaaagttt     10740
     ttattattgc ttattttttt tcatgccatc aggccagcaa catggtgagt gaagtgttaa     10800
     catcaatcag tcttcgtggt tgtttacatg ataatgcatg tatatttttt gtttatgtta     10860
     cttttttggt ggttttgtgt attttttcat taacatttac aaaaatattt atatttaact     10920
     agatttttaa atattgatgc aaaatatact actgctatta ctaataataa taacaataaa     10980
     gaaaaaaata tgaactaatg cagaataaca taattgacaa ccccccaaat gaaaaagata     11040
     accaacatat taaacaaata catacagcat atatattaag cacataaaca ggaaatgaca     11100
     gtactcatat ttaaaaataa aagtgaggat ttactaactt aatatgctag cttcccagga     11160
     ttctcaggat aggtccctct gtgaagtttc aaggcatagc tgttcaattt gaattacata     11220
     aaacacctca ttcagtcatc tttaataaca gggagctttt agttctttaa ttaagcaaaa     11280
     tcatcttttt ggctgctttt aactgatatt aatgtagttt ttattagttt ttattagcac     11340
     atttgtgtgt tgtagcattt ttttaaaatc attttagcat tgttcttgtt taaatctttt     11400
     ttcttttttg tgctattaag cattgtattc ttttcttttt ttcttttctt tttcaagtca     11460
     aaacatttaa tggggtggct cctaatccta tggagaattt atacttattt tatatttatt     11520
     tctcttctct cttatgtatc cagattctgc tgatattttt gcaaaagatg gacttgcttt     11580
     tgaccaaaac gcctcctgaa gacatcaaga acagtgttct gcctatggtt tacagagcag     11640
     tggaggcccc ttctgttcaa atacaggtga atacattaaa agcatacaat tatagctgaa     11700
     tgtttttatt aattttataa tttgtgtttt taaacatgta taaattatca ttgtgtgatt     11760
     tcagtattgt aatttataag tataatttat ttatttttgt tgttaaacag gaactttgtc     11820
     ttaacatcat tcccacattt gccaatttga ttgagtaccc atctatgaag aactctctta     11880
     ttcctcgtat caaatctacc tgtttacaga catcctcact ggcggtttgt gtcctcttat     11940
     gtgtttaata acataaaata ttcaatgtac tggtacagta gttttgaggt ttgttgctgt     12000
     taaggtttga tttctgtttt ttgtgctgtt ttaggtgagg gtgaactctt tggtttgcct     12060
     tgggaagata ctggagtatc tggataaatg gtttgtcatt gatgaaattc taccattcct     12120
     gcagcagatt ccatccagag aaccagctgt gctcatgggc attctgggta attgagttct     12180
     tctcttcatt gcgctggtta tcttttttat gtataggact acaaagaata gctatggata     12240
     aagttaataa caattaagat ttcttacaaa tgacaaataa attttttttt actctgtttg     12300
     actccaacac aaaactataa atctgacttc ttttttttcc atagatgcgt gtatgatgct     12360
     ttttaggttc acttctcatg ttaatatgag atttgctcaa actgtgttat tttatgactt     12420
     ttatacactg aatatcttta agtaaagaaa aatttaggta aattcgatga cttattaaaa     12480
     gtcctgtgaa gtgctttaaa atgtcaaatt tttataaaac atttgacgta atctcaacta     12540
     aaacatgcag acagggtggg catttaatag ccctacttct ttataaaaat ggccaatagg     12600
     attttgcttt tatcacattt ctgccagtaa gagtatttga gcacaagtgc atcaaatgaa     12660
     aattaaaagt tgaaatgaaa attaagattt gaataagaaa gcaatcatgc atataggtgg     12720
     acgtggcaaa ctgcaagctt cggaagttta tgtcttctaa atggaaatgt tgtcactgtt     12780
     tttcagcaca ctagcttata tagatatcct taaaactaac atactaattc tgacatctaa     12840
     aaaacttcat tttaatttta caggacctat aaaaaaggaa gtttaaggac cgtagtccag     12900
     attcaaattg ctgctgacat tttttctgac ttttaaaaca ttaaagcttt gcctctgtcc     12960
     ttcaagccaa tttttatcaa ggttttgttt gtttaaatgt ggtttaatac tatcacgtgt     13020
     ttactatatt taatacatgt cagaataagt atgtttcaca tttttacaaa taggtataga     13080
     gtagggttgg gcatctaagc tataatgccg atccggtacg catctcgata caaagaatat     13140
     gatccgatat attagcgata catttgtgac attgcgatgc aacacgatac gatttacacc     13200
     catatcacga tacaatgcga taattcagca ctaacttatt agatcaagtt tatgagatga     13260
     tgtaagaaag gatgctgtgc cattgaatga gtttgattat gtattaacca agtaaaacca     13320
     aaactttttt tttacaaact ggcttttctc tcagagccag agtgtcagtt tacagtagag     13380
     ggccatttta gaacctatag cacatattat ttaagtattt tcaagataaa cagaatgtat     13440
     gagtgcaata tatattatga atgtatatat ttgcactctt tcaacataaa ggattaccat     13500
     tgcacaacaa gaattgtgat ttaacttttc aactatgaaa acaagtttta caaagatata     13560
     ttgtgccact gaatattcaa aacttaaggt cgtgaactag cagtgttatg ctgctttgaa     13620
     acatcactat cactgtaaac aacaggctaa taaaaatata aataaataaa aatgaacagg     13680
     aggaggtgtt taaaaccttc gttctccgtg acactaggct gaatatcttt gcagatgaac     13740
     aatgcaatag cattcgttat tgccgtagag cgagcagaac tgttgcgcat ggagaaaact     13800
     ttcaatgctt ttctcaccac ttttggagct ggtagctaca gttgaagcag agcaggaagc     13860
     aggggatgta ggaacactgg aagatgcttc cacagcaaca ccgaggcgcc gcttcaagtg     13920
     agatttcaga ttagtcgtac tgcccgtgta ttttacagat gcgcggcaca ttttgcaaat     13980
     tgcatctgtc ctgtaaagtc gtccagcctt tttgcagaat ccataatgtt gccatacttt     14040
     agatttaaaa ctcagaaagg aataaaatgt ttgttttgct tctcgcgctt tctgagggcg     14100
     ctccactagc ttcatccgca cacctgatac actgagttgt agtgtaagtg tacacatccg     14160
     caagcccgtt gctaatgcat actttatgta ggtcgattaa attatgcgcc aaaaacaggt     14220
     tgacaacact tgttaataaa taaaaaatac attctatatt aaaaatataa gttgtatctt     14280
     ggaaaaaccg atgcatctcg caaaaactga tgcatctcga tttgcttcca aaatttcatt     14340
     catcctctgc tgctctacag atgcactcgc atcgtgcacg cgcatgaccg cgtatcgata     14400
     catatcggtt aatcttccca tccctagtat agagatattc attgtcttca cctgccaatt     14460
     gacttaattt ccaaagcaat tatattaaat aacacaattt tttgtaacac aaacttttgg     14520
     aattccttat ttttaatgtt atcagacaac tatttttatc tgaagatact ttaaatgaaa     14580
     tatatttcaa aattagttct tcaaaaaatg gtaaaatatg ttataaaaag taaatataaa     14640
     tattttttag atttttattt tacctgttga tgtctttttt ttattatgaa cgtttttttt     14700
     attatggaaa cattttgcca tgacatagct aaagaatctg atatggcaat aaactcaaat     14760
     tttctttaaa ctttatttat ttgtgtttgt ttgtttcttt aggcatctac aagtgcactt     14820
     ttacccataa gaaactgggc atcccaaagg agcaccttgc tggaaaaagt ttacctcatc     14880
     ttgtgtcgct tagtattgat aacaacctta accttaacca ggtgacagca caagcttgtt     14940
     cattcataca attcaatgtc atttcagctc acacactgtt ttggtcgtgt ttgtgacctt     15000
     ttgtgtctgt gttttttctc agtttaactc tttcatggct gtgatcaagg acatgttgac     15060
     tcgcatggag gccgaacaca agatcaaact ggagcagcta cacatcatgc aggagcagca     15120
     gaggtgattt atttacttta ttgtaatttt tttattcatt ttattgtttt agtctgatca     15180
     aaaggtatca gatttgcatc gcaaagccta gttcagggat tatcaaacta gagtccaact     15240
     agggggtctg aaatttatgc tatgaagatc tgtggaaagt tttgggggaa atggtcttgt     15300
     agaaaataaa aataagaaca aatattctat ggataaaaaa acaatatata ttttttttaa     15360
     acaagtaaat aaaacatgtt agttgtatta ttactaatac agttttttct ttactcatct     15420
     taaaatattt gtataattgt ataactagta atattttgag aaattaatga atcttaattg     15480
     aaaaatatac tagtcaataa ataaattatt aaattggtgt gatgcttttt tttaaatgaa     15540
     attatattag ttttttcttg atatacagta ccatacaaat atataaaatg tatacaagtt     15600
     cttcacaatt tattaatttg ttcatcaatt taaaaaataa ataaatcatt tgacaaccag     15660
     taacaaaagt ataaaaattc taaaaaccat agtaaagagc acagcaggat agatactttc     15720
     atgtttcaag tgtggaaatg aaaatctccc atatatctat ttccttgtaa tcgccattca     15780
     ttttggccaa cattttctca tttgattcat tctcaatcat ggatttcatc catagtttaa     15840
     gtgtagagca ataaacatct tttcaagacc tcagtattat acgtcaccat ttgtaatatg     15900
     tggaacctca gttttgtcac ctaaaaggca tatcctgggt gagagaggga tattaaatcc     15960
     cagacattca acaaaacaga actttgtttt ttttctctct tcacaaaaca gaactttgtt     16020
     ttttttctct ctccacaaaa gttaacaagt ttaagttcag tttatttata tagcacattt     16080
     ccagctgcca caagaccaca tgaaaggctt tacagagaaa atacaaacaa gcagtatggg     16140
     cataataatc aaaacagcaa tagacatata atgtaaaaga gaacataaaa gatgtgaagt     16200
     agattataca aaaacagttt ggttccaatg ccttaaacaa gaaaataatt gaccctttaa     16260
     ataattccac ctagtttaaa gatgctacca cagttgacca agttatgcct tgagtttgaa     16320
     acatttttat gaaatgaaaa tttgatgaaa ttgagccaaa actaacatca ttgtgcctaa     16380
     tatgcaagtc aattgctatt agttcacaat tggcacattc agagatggag ttcattgatc     16440
     ttgaacaaca aaatgtgcta agaaagggtg ttctttattt taaaaacgca gcgtaaacag     16500
     attttttttt aataagtcgc ttcctttgaa atttgatgag gaaattaacc catatggtgc     16560
     tttctcaaag cttacatctg gtacatgtca gagataacac atctgaatac actcacaaat     16620
     aaaagcttaa attctgtaca tgcacattct ctttcagcaa tatatgcttt ctttttttta     16680
     cgcatgcaca ctaatgttat acataataaa aaataaaagt aaataaataa tgttaaaaaa     16740
     ataaaataca ttttaataaa aataaataaa taaaccagta gaataagatg tgcatacacc     16800
     tcagcaacaa aactatgtac acgtagggag tgatacttcc gattttagat taacagaagt     16860
     tcaggtccta tgggatcttg catagttggt ccatttttcc cataatgaaa tcagttgttc     16920
     tgttttctga tttacattgc agtaatttgc ttcattttat aaacttccat tgttatttcc     16980
     atccatgtat ttagggtagg attttcatgt gacgatcata ttttggtaat gctctttttg     17040
     acagctatta acaaaatgtt tattagatat ttatcccttt taacgtttcc tcaggtatat     17100
     gtccaaaaaa tttaatttta caatcaaaga atatcccaga ttcaaggata ttttgtaagg     17160
     cattgtgtat ttccttctaa tattattaat aaccgagcag tccctcggtt attgatcact     17220
     gatagtgatt cgctttttga tttccgcatt ttctccagca tatagacaaa tttccagcat     17280
     gacttctgac ttctgagagg gtgtgataaa aaaatcttat taaactcttc caaccaaatt     17340
     ctctctattt gctatatggt gctttcaggg ttttgtccat ttaacaaaaa atatttcaaa     17400
     gcaagaacag tgggccttct cagacaagtt aatgtatttg aaatgtgaaa aaaaaaaata     17460
     ggtagactta gtaaaaacta aatattttcc aaataataat ttagtcctat gcatttttca     17520
     cagtataaat tgggtgttaa acagtaacct ctacaaatgc attttacatt tccttttaga     17580
     agcatgatcg tcttaaaata tgaaaatatt gtttcaatta tacagataca attttattga     17640
     atatgattgc tttcatttgt gcaggagttt aaatattaca aaccccataa accaatcaga     17700
     ggacacaaag agcacaccaa gcccagccac gcaagtcaga gatgtaagta agcgcaaaaa     17760
     ctgaatccac agccgtcttg taaaatgaac tttgtttaat caattctctt tggcttctga     17820
     tagatcgatg acatctttgg tggcagttca gcaaatgccg gcgtcaatgg taaagaaaac     17880
     ggttcatcca ctgtctcaca gccttctcgg gtgagtgcat cttagccatt gaatacattt     17940
     tgggattgct cggttttgct gatggaggtc agagggttgt tgacatcaga gctgttgttt     18000
     gtggtgtgtt taggtgtctc tcacattgga agaaaagcag cgattggcta aagaacagga     18060
     acaggctgct aaactaagaa atcagcagcc tttagctcca cagagcgtca aatcagccac     18120
     gacaacacct caggtaataa acactaacga gagagtggcc agattcatgg cttaatcagt     18180
     atctgaaatt tacactagca gagaacttga aaactatcgt gaaaatgagg tggtagagtt     18240
     ttattacatt taagttcaga ataattacat tttaattagc aaaataagca gttttgcgaa     18300
     taattaaatg gtttaagcat atttaaatca attgaaaccg tcaagatgta gtttgctacc     18360
     atcaatttaa atgtaactaa taatatacat tttaatgtaa gcttgttttc actacagaat     18420
     cacaaattga catccgttta tcaatctttt tttttttttt ttgctttgct attgaaatta     18480
     agtctgaaat gcaagattta aaaaatatga gaaatagtta gaattgtgaa ctagcaactt     18540
     gcatggggag agagtttttt tttgcaagtt taatccttac agatctgaac ttttttctga     18600
     agtgtgagtc aaaatattgt taaacggtac tagtatattt tgttggggtt tttattaacc     18660
     tcaactaacc ttccctttta atgaataggg caaaaataac tcattgtaac ctgatgctat     18720
     tcactgaaaa ttagctgtaa gcttatgcta aataagtata catcaaaact gcaaatattc     18780
     agagaaaatg tatgagatct gaatgtactt ttcagaactt aaaagttcac aagtggcata     18840
     ttattagtta tttttgtttt aaatatgttg tatttgaagt ccaagcatag tatatttgaa     18900
     gtcatagcat aaatactctt ccattatgct atttcaaaaa tgggtcttgt gtacttgtga     18960
     tctgaaaatg ccattacgtg tatcacaaag ggtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     19020
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     19080
     tgtgtgtgtt agagaatcca ctgatattat catctctgtg ggaaatggcg agtcatattt     19140
     ttctgcttca tttattatta tcactcatga gctactctgc agtaaattta ttcaggtgta     19200
     ttgacttaat cttaaatctg ttcatataaa tatgctattt ttcaaaacat ctgagtacat     19260
     atttaatgtc tctattgcaa aaacagttaa aaaaatattt tcatgttttt ctttgaatca     19320
     aagtttagga taatgcatgg ggctatttga ttggttgctt gcttcatggt tttatgtatg     19380
     gaattgtttg ttatgataaa aatgaagcaa ttcttctgaa agtacaatca gaagaaaaaa     19440
     cgatttcctc atcaaactta aattaattta cttgcataca ttaatttatg tagtgtaaag     19500
     ccaaagcaat aaaacacaat ctataactga ataatatgtc cattgttcag gcaaaggatc     19560
     taaccagcag tcttctgaac aacatgacgt ccctcaacaa catgtcctta aactctggca     19620
     ccagaacgat gcccatgcag ggcaacacca tctcatccac cttcccggca gcaccgacca     19680
     tgggtggaat gagtaccatg agcgtcagca atggcttcaa ttcccccatt ggtttccaga     19740
     cgggaggaat ggggatggga atgagagctc ccactcctgc cctctacggc ggcatggcca     19800
     ccacaaccag tactccaaat ttcagtgccc tcaccctaaa tcataaccaa aaccagcccg     19860
     gcaaaccccc agacatgtca gcactagact ctcttttcgc ttctaacaaa cccaaagtca     19920
     gcctgaacca aatggcccct aaaccgaccc caggaaccaa tgcaccttct ccatggatca     19980
     atcagtttgg atcaggccaa cctccccaat ctgcacccat acagtcaaat ccgatgggga     20040
     tgtcaggagt tcagggtggt tttggcatgc aagcaaatcc gttctttaac cctcagaact     20100
     tctcgcaacc tgcggcctct tccacaatga acactggaat gaagcaaagc gcatcggtca     20160
     acaatgacct caaagacctt ttcggataaa acgtatgcct tttggttaac atttgtgtgc     20220
     gattttaaaa aggaaagaaa atcatcagcc aagatgacag tcgaaatgtt ggtggtaaac     20280
     catgggatcc ttgaaggaca gtgtttaaat agggttttca gtcttttttt tttttttgct     20340
     cataacaatg gtttgccttc ttcaaacagt caacttatgt gtgaatcaaa atcagccgac     20400
     acaaaacaaa cacatttcta ttgaaagatt gggctcttct ccagaaagca gcttctgtcg     20460
     gttgttgttg tttattttct gtatcattta atgcaaaaag attcactcgg aaaaggggtg     20520
     aaaaagttga ggcatctatt gaagctcagt atctggtttc actttcacct cacattcaca     20580
     tcttgctgaa tgagccacct ttttgtaaca ggacaaatgt cattgatggc tggatttggc     20640
     tatggatttg ctgatagagt ctcacaaaag tgttcacttt tatatgttaa agaaaacact     20700
     ttactcttta gtttaaccat tattttgatg catttagaca aactccaagt ctggcgggag     20760
     cacttttagc ttagcttagc atagacaatt aaatcagatt agaccattag catctcactc     20820
     aaaaacaccc atgtagtttg ataattttct tatttaaaga ctcttctgta gctatattgt     20880
     ttactaagaa tgatggaaag tggttgaatg agagtatagt tcatagccat atcagcctag     20940
     aaaatagcaa tttcaaaaat agcaactttt cattttccat cagttttagt acatgaacaa     21000
     gtacaaaaga attgctgaaa ctcttaggac atttttgagt gagctttaca gtataatcag     21060
     attcctatgc taagttgaaa gtgcttcagc cagagattga tggaatagaa tcaaaactgg     21120
     taaaactcaa cttcgagtgg taaaataagc ctatttccaa aaaagtggaa tgttccttta     21180
     agtcatagat attaaacctg atttctggag ggctgcagct ctgcagtttt gctccaaccc     21240
     taatcaaaca cagctgatgc acctaatcaa ggtgttcaag gcaattattt ggatcagctg     21300
     tgtttgatta gaattataag cgataagcaa atgaagatgc ggtgcacata gtcgggcctg     21360
     aatgagtcat tttataatgt gttctttgtg tatatactct gtatatggtg atttgttgct     21420
     tgagttttat acggatacat gatccattga ggtgaaactt cttaaataag gacactggta     21480
     tactgtaggt gcactaaatg ttatagagct aaaaaaaaac tattgggttt gagatgtctt     21540
     gggatatcgt cagtacttta aagtgagttt gtttgtcttt gttatggctt ctgtaagaca     21600
     gaattcgaga gactccttta tggaacactt gcaaaattaa tgtctgtttg aaacttctta     21660
     ggcgaatcgc atgaaaatgg tcatgtttca atccaaaatc aaaacaccat gtcaggtttg     21720
     cttatttgtg aaaactgcaa gtaaaatttt cattgcagtt aaaaaaaaaa taaaatcagt     21780
     acattggata caactcatga caatatattt tgtgtgcatc aggtttcagt gatatttaat     21840
     atcatatttt ttcatgttac agtagtaact gtggaattaa taagaaatgc ggtaatgaga     21900
     aatctatttt ttgataatgc taactattat atttcttttt cacattccag atatccttct     21960
     ttagcatttt ttgtaatgag ataaatcggg agttctcaaa tttggtcctg gagatccagt     22020
     gttctgcaga ttttagctct aacttgcctc aacaaacctg caaggatgtt tctagaaagc     22080
     ctagtaagag cttgattagc tagcctagtg tctgattggg attggagcta aatcatcagg     22140
     acacctgact tccaggactg tgattgagaa taagataaat gattaaattt tttttttgtc     22200
     acaatgctgg aattttttat tgcattttag taatgataca gcaatattta ttttcttttt     22260
     gctccaagga aaattgttaa gataatgatt aagtttgttt ttttcccata ttggatgttt     22320
     cagcagtgaa attttcacat tatggcatgt gtgtcaaatc tagctcctgg agagccacag     22380
     ctctgcactg tttaatttca acccttattt aacacacctg atcaaactaa ttgagtcctt     22440
     caggcttgtt tgaaacctac agctaagtgt gttgaagcag ggttggaact aaagcagagc     22500
     tgtggccctc caggaactgg attaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtc accaataggc atctaatgca     22560
     aattaaatgt tctgcatatt tagattttgg cttgaaacat gatttttttt ccccctgctg     22620
     aatcgctgga aaatggtaaa cggttgcaca aattgattgc agcagcttgt ttaccactaa     22680
     gatttaagat agaagagcgt gtttcttcaa tgaagcttga tgtgtttgtt tccctttcag     22740
     ttctctgctg ttacttcctg ccctgtcttt gttaagaaat ctgtattatt gttgcgtttc     22800
     ttaagaaagt tagttactga tcatatcatg tcgatacatt gtccactttt cttttttcgg     22860
     gggggagtgg ggtggggcag tttccagttg tgaatcgtga ccaattcaat tccatatcat     22920
     gttgttttgt atcatgacca aacaaaatgc tgcaacacag catatcacca aaatgtgtat     22980
     tatttctgga aaaaaagatg aagtgtacag tatatagaga ggaactgcca ctttattttt     23040
     tttcgtcatt ttgtttttat caatacttgc gagtgaatca ctttcctgag gagaattttt     23100
     aatatccaga caggttttac tcaaagggaa tgagaggcct tatgttgaga gttgtgcaat     23160
     aacaggtctg tgttggagat tgtataaatc aatcactttt ctgtacgagt gtttctgtac     23220
     atgcagtttt cagattaatt attgtagata aaacgtctgg attgttttaa tttaaagaat     23280
     gtgaactgga ttattggtaa aatggtgatt tttggaatca aataaattga ttattaaagg     23340
     gtaattcctt ttcacttcca acttcttttt tatttatttt tcattatcct gtttgagatt     23400
     acaaatcaat aatgtttttt ttttttttta taaaaggaaa aaaaagtgta aagtgatttt     23460
     tttttttaaa accatacatt cttacagcta tggaataaac aaagacctct cgaaattttc     23520
     tcagatttgg gcaggggtgg ccaaccctgt tcctggagag ccatcttcct gcagatttca     23580
     ggtgctaccc atatcaaaca cacctgaacc aattaattag gacctgaaca ccacgtgata     23640
     attacaggca ggtgtgtttg atataggttt tccattataa aattgctctg tttaaggtct     23700
     gatttcttta aaaatcagtg atcttcacca catgactgat ataccagggt ttccaagggg     23760
     gcgttaaaaa gtatcaaaag ttggtaaatc aattatgata aaattaaggc cctaaaaagg     23820
     tattataaag tcctaatcgt gttttttacg aggtcttaaa ttttgttcaa gtgttgtcca     23880
     aagtgtttga ctccaaaaaa tagcataaat atatttaatt tcctcctaat attaacaacg     23940
     gcgtgctccg agttctgttg catgcttgtg ctctatttat tcatttaacg acaactgttt     24000
     gttaacaact gttaagttaa aggtttgata ctaattagaa cttgaatggt gaagaggtct     24060
     taaaatattt tgagaaggtc tttaaaaggt attgaaatta ccttaggatt cctgcatata     24120
     cgatattaag caggtctcag acctgacaag aagcactgtt ttaaattcca ttttctcccc     24180
     cagtctttaa aatataattg tttattttac cccagtattt tcaatggact ttctgtgctt     24240
     gcctgctgat cctgattgcg ctagctgaat ggcactgtct ttcatcttat tttatgcttg     24300
     aacaactaaa ttaatgctta agtattatat aactgaatgt tatttattac attacaacat     24360
     cgatctgaat tacattacaa catcaatgct ataaaaggaa ccttatgaaa ttgaaaatgg     24420
     tcacattaag tgttcaagtt tattattggc tgaaaaacac tagctcttca tataccccat     24480
     ttactggatt tattaacttt ggctaggaat aaaatgttat ttctttttat tttgtatgta     24540
     ttaatatcca tattataaat attaattaat ataaaaaaaa taataatatt ttaatataaa     24600
     gattaccgtt tgggattttt taaaataaat gttataaaaa tctgcattat tctaccaaag     24660
     attttaccca gttgtagtat gaagaaaatg gttttaatac attttattaa aaattgttac     24720
     ataaacagaa acatagaaac aaagcttaca atgtaattac gactgcgaag acaaaagcga     24780
     atataaatta gaagagtaat gtcagtttaa tagagaaaga aaatcagtaa ttctaatcag     24840
     aattgaagtc atggaaaagt cgagggaaat ttattgacca acaacgtgtc agaacccctt     24900
     gaacattagg gattagcata aataatgtaa acagacttct ctaaataaaa ttttaataga     24960
     aatgtcctca taattttaat tggcagttaa caaagaaaaa ccacacatta tgaataatat     25020
     cattttgttt tctaatcaca gtaaatgcac cgaaaggaaa agctgaaaac tgaaaacgaa     25080
     tagtacattc aatgatcatg aatttatggc agttgataaa tcctgtgaca caagttagca     25140
     ttgaaaaaca acataatttc tatgaaaaaa aaaatcatat caacatattt tagtcatggc     25200
     cagcaaacat tgcattaacc ggcatcctga gattgttcat acagagctac agcaaaagta     25260
     aacagtccta ttgctgaagg cgttgtacgg ctctcctcgt gttagtcctc aggttggtct     25320
     gagtcatggc tgcaaaaaca attgatttaa gcatcattta tgcgaaagaa cttgtatttt     25380
     cagccagatt tcacaaggaa acgtagcttc tttttttttg ttacttaagt ggctattaat     25440
     ttgtacaagc tccaatcagt cgtatgaaaa agtatgattt taaaaaagaa ggtgaggcac     25500
     caaactccac tcttaaaccc attattgggg gatgatcaaa taatgctaaa atgtacaaat     25560
     gagatcgaaa attcatacaa attagccact aaatcaaaaa gttacgaatt ggtatgagat     25620
     atatatgcat agataatgtt tataaataat tcatgttttt ttttcttcat gcacgcacct     25680
     gagaagtcga gctcatagtt gaatctgcct gcactgaagc tcatgatggc agtggggtct     25740
     tgctgatact gagcttcaat atcttgactt gacacactgc actttcctcg agatccaccc     25800
     tatataatca taaagtacat gtttatggca cacaaccacg aaagcacaaa ctctaagcac     25860
     tgttgtgcat gattagagaa aagcagacat gttaaacgct gtttttttta acagaattaa     25920
     aggaatagtt tacccaataa ttaaattaat tcatttactc tctgtcaagt ggtttctttc     25980
     ttctgttgaa cacaaaataa gttattttga agaacgctgg ttgccctttg acttccatag     26040
     tagggaaaac aattacgatg gaagtcaatg agtactatca gccagcagtg tttaacataa     26100
     agaaacccaa ataggttttg aacaagtgaa aggtgagtaa atgaacagaa tttaaatttt     26160
     ttgggtgaac tgtctaattt gactaatatc atcataattc cttaataatc agcaaacgtt     26220
     ttttatttct ttcggaattt tataattgtt aaaagaagac attgttttat taaacatgct     26280
     aatttgctaa ttaattgaag tcaggttcaa aatatttttg tttttactag ttttttgttt     26340
     gtttacaaaa tatttgtatt tttttgatat attacagtca atgattttgg aaatctcatt     26400
     ttatcactcc atgacccaaa aaatacacaa ttgttgcata aagtaaaatg aaatgctgta     26460
     tataatcagc caaattatgt atgaattagt gctgtcaaac gtttcattaa aatgaattgt     26520
     gtcaaatcaa aatatatgtt catatttaca aaacatacgt gtacgtactg tttgtttttg     26580
     tgtatataaa tatattcatg attattgtat aacatataca gaatataaca aaaatatata     26640
     caatatatac aaaatattta catatatatt tgtaaaatgt tttttttttt ttggtattta     26700
     ttgtacaata tgtgtgtgta tttatagata cagtgcttag catatataag tacagccctc     26760
     acaaatctct ttaataacaa gctatacaaa atgatatttg tacatataca ttagtcagta     26820
     ctgaagccaa atctggagtt tatttaacaa aataacatac tataaccgtc caaaaactag     26880
     ttcacccaaa gttatatttt gtagaaaaat attaaataca aatttagaaa agagggaaaa     26940
     atcaagagaa aatggaacaa ttttgttgaa attgtgtagg ttgtaattta tttatatata     27000
     tatatatttt ttttttttgc aaattttaaa tttaaattgt attatctttc aatatttaaa     27060
     tatgtttggt gactaaaata ttattttaat aaatatatct gtttaataaa tcagttttgt     27120
     ttaaatgcac caaaatacat tgtctatatt cgctaataaa tggaaaaaaa aatattaatt     27180
     ttcaaaatgg ggtgtactca gttatgctga gtaatatata tatacataaa tatacacaat     27240
     agacatacat ttttattaaa ataaataaat aaataaaacc ccaaaaactc aaaacactaa     27300
     aaccttaacc acctaatcac cttaactata aggattagca agttactgct gaacaataca     27360
     tgttagattc aattaaaggg tcataaagaa acactctgaa gtctgtgttt atttatttat     27420
     ttatttatga ccctttaatt gaatctaaca tgtactttgt tcggctgtaa cttactaatt     27480
     cattcaaagt aacagcatcc tttcatttta actgctgcct ttttggcact gttttttttt     27540
     tttttttaaa tctacatcat gttagagcat aacatgactg ttacattaca ctgttacatt     27600
     acatgactgt ttaacaatac atttggagaa agtatagtaa atgttcattt actctcacat     27660
     aatccttcca tttgccatcc atgtctttaa actgccagcg agcttgtgac aatgcactgt     27720
     aaaaaaacac acacatataa aacatactca gacatttttc ctagactgaa tatatttcct     27780
     agacagaata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattta tatatatata tgttctgagg     27840
     cataattaat ttgtatatct ttcattaatt cacacatact tgtttgtctg ctggcttcca     27900
     ctggcgatcc ttctgactgt tcttcttgta ccaagtctat cgtttacttg atacattcct     27960
     gtagatatac atttcaacaa tacagttatg acatatgcag tacctgtgtg tttgcattcc     28020
     tttccaaaca cagtcaaggc cttaaagttt caacctttaa ccctcctttc ttcttatcag     28080
     acgttctcta gttcgacatt tcataataaa aaccctgttt attagtcagg cttgcagaac     28140
     acaagagact tctacatact atgtttttcc tcacattgag catgttacat tcacaccaat     28200
     atgctaataa ttctcaaaga ttttcctgat ttatatgcaa accaaaagcc taccaatgca     28260
     agtaacacat tttattgtgc agtgaattaa catttgtaca ctgtaaaacc caacagttaa     28320
     ctttattaaa tgaaatgatt gcagttaact caaaactgat tgaaagttaa tattactcat     28380
     ttgaagagtt ttgaactcag tgttttaggt aatgagtcaa ttaaatgcct cattactgta     28440
     acttaaatag agtaagttta cagtactcat atagattatt ttttaactta aatagtttgt     28500
     agcaatcggt ttcctcaaat ggtttgagtt gccttaactc gttgggttta acagtactca     28560
     gttggtttga gtttttttat ttatcaggtt ttactgtgct caaattgctt catttactca     28620
     aatggattaa gttcacagca ctcattagga ttagtttttg aacttaaatg ctttgttgca     28680
     atcggtttcc tcaaatggtt tgagttatct taatcacaaa attgaaaaat ccaaaattaa     28740
     gctgtgatga ttgataagcc atttattact ctgataaagg aaaacaggtt aatgtattta     28800
     catgatcatt gtcagattaa gcataatcat gctaagaaca tgcatgtaaa cacactcaat     28860
     gtactttaat gtatattacc gccaaagtaa agtgtgtaag agaatcttct ggcagtgaag     28920
     gaaacttggc actgagggtt gagctgatac aacctctcga tttctgcact gtccagcgaa     28980
     catgcctgag aacacaaaaa cacacatgta aaaacaatga actgatagaa taaacatgtt     29040
     ctttttatgt gaaacagtcc caacaggatt ttgtgtttct gacaacgtat ttaaatagtg     29100
     atcaaacaac acaaaatcat gacatttagc tttgtacttt gcaagtacct gtcaacttac     29160
     actaacccta accaaacagt ctacaatcta agcagctcaa actaaagttt aaaaactttt     29220
     gctaatgtaa gaaatagttt atttcggatt ttcaagtcct tcatacattt aatatgatac     29280
     agtagttttt gatataggtt ttatataggc tctaagtgtt ccgtgtacca gacgctcaca     29340
     tctcaggtga gtccaccttt tggagttctg gaggtattaa taccaaacca cattaatgac     29400
     agactttggt gaaggcattt tagaatgacc aaaacaacat ttcagatgtt ttacaatgtg     29460
     gttggaccac tggtttgtga aattttgttt ttatcatcac atgtctcaaa tgaatgtcac     29520
     aaatattaca gcaaattaaa acaagcagct gcaaaatcag tggttttaga cacaaaggga     29580
     cttattggcc atttaaattg atgtaatgag tggatttggt tgtgatttag tgaactcact     29640
     ggtttctggt actcagtcca aatgccctca tcccccataa actcccagat gaagtgagag     29700
     gaggagtttg atgggtttgt tgaaggagat gccagagttg gggaactgca tgtgatggaa     29760
     aaaaaaatca aaacagaatt gtagacagtt ctttgtaatt gttaagattt tttaaattct     29820
     tcataaaaaa gtgaacagga atttataaat aactaatcaa aacattgttt tgtagaggtt     29880
     gtaaataaat gccaactttt ttacagaaat ctgttgactg gataagtgta atatattgtg     29940
     attcaagaat gtaataaata gtaaaatcta tcttaaataa attgtcgcat taaatgtatg     30000
     taagaatggg tttatggata attcctgaaa tttaattgtt ggtgtttcat taaaaaaaaa     30060
     aaaaatttgg ggtcattttc ttggaatcat ctgatgttca gaatttcttt ttaaatcaaa     30120
     tctttccctt ttttaacttt taaaaatgtc tattcgaggt ggataatcat cttaataaac     30180
     ttaaatagga acaattaaac tttttaaaaa gtgtgattta aaatacattc ttacatcatt     30240
     tatttttaca aaataaacat acattaattt aaatattgtc tagaatgcaa atactgtgat     30300
     ttaaacattt tgcagaccta tttttacatg aattcctaac tttaattgta agaataattt     30360
     tatgaaccat ttctacaacc acaaatcaga aaacattaac taaataaata aaaaagaacg     30420
     tagtgatttc caagttaact ttgacgtatt ttattgcaga gaatatgaac acaaaatatt     30480
     tcatgttttg tctggtcaac ttcgtttcat ttgaaaatat acattctttc ctgtcgttca     30540
     gaccagcaac ttattctaaa agaagttggg acaagagcaa tttagagcta gtaagcaggt     30600
     aaattggtta agtaatctga tttgaaacat ggatgtcaac aggtgatagt aattatgatt     30660
     tggtagcatc caagaaaggt ctagttgttt aggagcaaag ttggtcagag gattgccagt     30720
     ttgcccacaa atacttgaga aaattattga aatttaaaaa aaaagttctt aagtgcataa     30780
     caattaaaag atttaaagaa tctggatgaa tttcactttg tcaagaacaa gggtgcaatc     30840
     ttaagctgaa caaccatgat ctctgatccc ccaggcagca tttgcatcaa gaatcgccat     30900
     tcatctataa atgatatcac cacatgggct taggactact ttggcaaatc tttgtaaagt     30960
     acaggaatat gtagttacat ccacacatga cagtgaaaac tgtactgtgc cataaggaag     31020
     ccctatgtta acagtgtcca gacgtgctgt tggcttctct gggcttggag gcatctggaa     31080
     tggacatcac acagtggaaa tgtgtactgt ggtcagataa ttcagtattg aaggtatttt     31140
     gggagaaaca gacgctgtgt gctccagatc aaagaaaaaa aaaaatagat tcattcagac     31200
     tgttaccaga aacaagtcca aaagccaggg tctgtcatgg tatagggttg tgttagtgct     31260
     cttgccaaag taacttgcac ttctgtgata gcattatcaa tgctgaaaag tacatagaga     31320
     ttttggtgca caatgtactg gcttcttttc cagggatgcc catgcatatt acaacaaaac     31380
     aatgcaaaac cacattctgt agacattgca gtcctggctg cggaggaaga ggatacaggt     31440
     acttgactgg cccgcctgca gtcccgaact ctcttcaata gacattgcgt ggcgtattaa     31500
     ggaagtgcaa aatgcaacaa caaagacaac gtactgttgc ccacttttag aattgtttgc     31560
     aggaagaatg ggacaaaatt agacatgatc cacttcatca cttggtgttt tccgacccta     31620
     aacatctttt aagtgttgtg taaagaaata gcaacattac aaagtggtaa atgctttacc     31680
     attctaactt tttttaaaat gtgttgcaag aaccaaaatt ggagtacgtg tttagattaa     31740
     aaataaaaat aaaactataa aaatcatgag gaacacatta aataatgttt gttgtattgt     31800
     ctgcaattaa atttaagtca aaggaaattt acaaaataat tttcattttt ttaaaatttc     31860
     catactgtct caactttttt tgatgtggga ttgtaaataa acgtatgggc tgggtttaga     31920
     gagagaattt agacaaagat ccttaacaca taaaaacatt aatataatat tttgataaca     31980
     tatcataatg ttcaattggc attaggttat gcattaccta tcaacaacca acaataaacc     32040
     aattagctgt tacagtatca gataatcttt tttaatgtta gttaatgcaa atatttatac     32100
     ataaaatctg cttttacatc atttagcaat ttagacatat ttgtaaagtg actttcttaa     32160
     taatgtagac actataacaa taaagacttc ccgacataaa tgttgctgtc aatttaagta     32220
     caaatagttt tacaaaatat tttttacaac aatatgtaca ttgagttctt aaagactgta     32280
     agcaggatat gatataaaat cagcctacta tgaattattg ccctttaggc gaaaatgtga     32340
     ttggattaac aaacagtaac tcataaggac ccattctgaa caaaaccaaa ccaaagacat     32400
     ttaaatcaca gatagaacta atgaaatgat acctgttttg aaaactgttg ttgatagcta     32460
     cgatcttgtt gaattttggc cgtcgtctca ctttcctcgt caagtgtgtg gacagattgg     32520
     tttgagtcat ggctaaaaca tgcaacaaaa atgtttttat taaatcaatg caatctcatg     32580
     gcaaaagctt tttgatttag aagctaatta gtattaatat ttacaatctc attcatacaa     32640
     ttttagtata attcgctcat cccctcaatg agtgtaggtt tagaggaatt tgtatttata     32700
     taaatgaaat tgtatgaatt tgtacaaatt agccacttat atatatatat atatatatat     32760
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attttttttt tttttttatt     32820
     ttatttattt tttttttatt ttgtccaatt accattaaag tccacactgt aagtcatatt     32880
     tcctgcagta aactgaactg agccgcttgg gttgctgtta aagtgctgct ctataaaatc     32940
     actgccaatc gaagatgttc ttccacccca tccctgcaga aatgacagat attcaaaaaa     33000
     taaagtaatt agagagattt tacattattt atgtgtgctg gtttagttga caactgcata     33060
     gtttcaaatg tatacactac tggtcaaatg tctggggtca gtacaatttt taaatgtctt     33120
     taaaagaaac attctactca gcaaaaatgt ttaaaacaaa tagttttttt ttaatacagt     33180
     aaaaactgta aaattgtgaa tgtaaaggca tttgtaatgt aaaattgtag attttattaa     33240
     aataaatact gttattttta actttctttt catcaaagaa tcctacaaat aaaatataat     33300
     agctccacaa aaaatctact agaggccact atgtacattt ttgacaatct ctaaaatgtt     33360
     actgaggtac attttctcat aagtgccatt tctcgtaaat ccaccagatc tacaagcaca     33420
     tatttcgctg ttctcaaaaa tgtatccctg agcacatttt cccgatgagc taatgttttc     33480
     gacattgata aatgtaagaa ttatcatcaa ttcttgagaa ccaatatttt acgatcataa     33540
     cagaatgcag atcagcaaat tataatgatt tctgaagaat cgtgtgacac ttaaacaatg     33600
     tgaaaaattc agccttaaat cacagaaaat acgaccaaca tttgatgact gttaagccat     33660
     ctggtaaata taatataatt taccaagagc tgttaaatat aataacaata cataaattgt     33720
     gatttataat aaataagttg aacctgttca agaaaactac actagatcaa ttgggaatat     33780
     gattatgcat actaactctg tgtattatta tattaaatta tatttttata tacagttgaa     33840
     ttcagaatta ttagccgccc tttgaatttt gttttctttt ttaaatattt cccaaatgat     33900
     gcttaacaga gcaaggaaat tttcacagta tgtctgataa tattttttct tccaggaaaa     33960
     gtcttatttg ttttatttca gctagaataa aagcagttat taataaataa aaaaatagca     34020
     aaatgattag ccccattaag ctgtttcttt cgatagtcta cagaacaaat gatcataata     34080
     caataactag cctaattacc ctaacctgcc tcgttaacct aattaaccta gttaagcgtt     34140
     tacatctcac attaagctgt ttagaatatc tagtaaaata ttaaatataa aaaaatatta     34200
     aatataaatc agttattaga aattagttat taaaactatt atgtttagaa atcttctctc     34260
     cgttagacag aaattgggga aaaaataaac aagggggcta ataattccca agtggtgctc     34320
     gctgcagagc catttgagga gagctgagct ccagcgaggg ggagcttaag cttgagctcc     34380
     accttttttg cacttcttct acgagtgatg tcactggggg aagggttagg ggtggggttg     34440
     gtgtatgcat taaaacagct tacaggagga ggagcgacag ctcatgctcc ccctcgctgg     34500
     agctcagctc tcctcaaatg gctctgcagc gagcaccctc tcaataactc tggggggcta     34560
     ctaattctga cttcaattgt atcttcaaaa gttactatat tgcttaattt aaactatttt     34620
     tcagtttgtc tttttgtata attctctatg attggtattt tactggtatt ttaatattct     34680
     tttaaaattc tacagtttat actgtatttt gatcaaataa atgtggccct gatgagcaga     34740
     ataggtttct tttgatgcca gtcttttgac tggcagtgaa agcactcacc tgagatccat     34800
     actcacacca gcgatggtta tctttgtagt accagccgac ctcttgcttc tggttttggg     34860
     acaggagtgt gttacgccgt atagcaagat tatcatcagg tccgtcggct gtcatctcgt     34920
     caaagtcaat gtaaacagcc ctgtgtagtc aataaaagag tataaagggg taggttattt     34980
     atttttatat ccctttaatt tagtttttaa tcatttatta gggatgtgcg gtcatgatgc     35040
     ctcaacctgt catcatgaga tgtattctta taataaaata aataaatgtc gactaatctc     35100
     tgctataaat gtgccatgat gtttgttgct tgttgtaggc tgtctgtaac atccagctgg     35160
     gtgttttttg ggaggcatat ttaattgcta tacattttac atttgttttt agcccaatat     35220
     gtacctgcca tatgtataga aataaagctg atatgatata taaaacacaa tcggtaattg     35280
     gcaaatatat tgggtggata tgtttgtaaa tctgactttt gactttgaaa gggtcagtgc     35340
     ctcaccagtc acaaacctta ctgaatatta tatatttaaa ttaatatgat tgtgatacat     35400
     ttatgcataa aactctttat aaatgggtca aagacaagac atctcatttt gctgttggca     35460
     tcaaaataaa tgaatagaag tgattttaca tgcaaagaaa acatgtgcga gtaaaacatt     35520
     gactttgatg tttaaattag cttgtttcaa taataataat aatcttaatt taaaaaaaat     35580
     tcatatataa aatattctca tactactaat gcttattttt taagtattat cgtatctttg     35640
     ttcattagct gctagtgcgt attcattagg ttcttgtctt ttaaaaggct ctttgcacaa     35700
     atatgtttat tagaagtaat tcaatgtaac aggatcaaca agttatttta aaatcatata     35760
     aaatctgata gtaatttgac agtctgtggt atttaaaaat acattttgga gaccatgtga     35820
     tggtgtcttc agtttatagg tgagtttaga gctcttaaat atagaccatt tacatttttc     35880
     atttctatag cttccgagaa tacaaaaaga gctacatgtt attaaataat aataagatag     35940
     ctgttttaac attaggttat gaatgaattg cctcttgtta cagttatgaa atagtttgat     36000
     aacaagcagg aagcgttgtc aataaagtgg ccaatgacat ggccacttta aaatagtctt     36060
     ctttgactat tctattcgtc taataatatt ctgtgaaata gcatgcataa acaaataaat     36120
     aaataagtaa ataagcaaac aaataaataa aaatgcagtg gattttagtg attaaaattc     36180
     ccttgtgatt aaaatgactt gtcaagctgt ttgatattgg tggttgataa tctgcaataa     36240
     ctaatgtaaa aatgttgttt ttccagggtt aatgtttctt tacctttgtt acggggacta     36300
     cttagcattg acaaatgttt gttaaatgta aaaattattt ttaatttttt ttttttacat     36360
     ttaagctaat ttaattgggt tttaattgta attatagttc aagtgaattc aattaacata     36420
     ttttcatcat tgacccacat gcaataaata taatattcaa ctaaaatgtt acaagtaaaa     36480
     tgatctgtaa tcttgatgaa gaccaacgta ccccgtattg aggttgatcc tgatgccact     36540
     ggctcctggc tgacagtaat gggtctcaat gataaaatca ttattgatat aaacccactg     36600
     atttccatta aacagctgcc actcatagta attacctgat gatttaaatg aagggatgaa     36660
     tgactgaatg aaagaatgaa ttaatgaaat aaaagacaac aaatagttat tcaattacta     36720
     tggaaacaat ctgggattgg ttttgtttaa aacgaacaaa acaaaaaaat tcaaaaattg     36780
     tacatccata gtatgtcaac aaacttactt gtagccatgt tcttagataa caatgttgtc     36840
     tattaaagcg taccttgaat aaacaattgg attgtaagta aaggaaagat gagatagaca     36900
     aaaacacagc acactcttga gattgaaata aaattgtaaa aattttaatt aaaaaaattc     36960
     tattgagatt gagatacaaa aaaaaactat ggagtttgaa ctatgaacta aggatctaaa     37020
     agcatccttc tgtaaagaaa tgtaattcgt aataataaaa cttgtcaata aaaaactaaa     37080
     tttgactttg gttacataca atgtctaggt tttggttaca ttgcaaaaat acaggattag     37140
     ttacttaaaa atgctagttt tttaagttga cgccttaaaa gttgacaaat gtttactttg     37200
     ttgtacaaat gtttatttta aaaatgaaat aaaaaaatgt attgagcaca taattaacaa     37260
     aataatgccc catttgctgc atactggaaa agaacattta aaaaaattgt tatacaataa     37320
     aaaaaaagtt tgcaattgtt aatacaagca accagcaggc agtgtggtga taattgttaa     37380
     ttatctcaac atgccatcta tttacaatgc ttcaaaaata aaaattaaaa taacttacct     37440
     aaagcatagc gcggatcatt tggtgattca gagatcttta aggtcataga gatttcagaa     37500
     cttctctaaa tacaccttca taatagagat tgaaaaaaca aatagacaca agtggactgt     37560
     tcattatgaa actcagatcc agtagatttt tgtacaatgt taaacttcgt atctgatcat     37620
     aaaattaagt aacagtgaaa agcatgattt catttcatgc taaatggaaa atattccatt     37680
     cagcaaatat ttataaatgg aatattataa atggaaaatc ccttcagcgc caaaaacaaa     37740
     aatcagccat ggttttatta tagtaaacat atataaccac ttttttttcc tggaagacca     37800
     tttgaccacc atttaacaac aaacactatg gctaaactaa agctaaaaac catggtaatt     37860
     agtggtttac acaactacaa aatgtgttta ttttgtagtg aaatcatgtt ttttttaagt     37920
     ttgacaaagc ttacatgctt tggctttagt gaaaccaatt aggtgctttt gagaaatatt     37980
     atgcttttga tgagtaggtt atctaatatg tgggaggttt aaaatcccag tgagtgtgtc     38040
     accttcactt atagtcatta tttacgatac atatttattt aaaataaaag taatgtatta     38100
     tggaaacatg actttacttt taataaatgt acgacatgat gaatgcgaca taaactaatt     38160
     atttctgcca tgcagctatt ctcgatcaga gaggtcatgt cataaaaatt gtaatgtata     38220
     atgaaagatt ggtatactca ccaaacatag ttcctagaat acgtcgatac cagattaaaa     38280
     acgcttgtca aataaacata ttttcatgtt ctgtaggcta gcgctaatca gtttcgcttt     38340
     cttttctggc tcatgaaggc agggctgtgg tggtatttaa acatctgttg ttgacagtga     38400
     tacgtgttta gttttccccc attttactgt tgcgtgacgt aggccccttt taggcacaca     38460
     tgtcagggga aaaatgttcg tgtcaaaaaa caaaacaaca gaaaagtatg acatcaaaga     38520
     aatgtttgga tttctttaca agcgattcta atgactacaa aaaaaaaaca aaaaaaaaaa     38580
     aaatttattt tgagtgattt aacttagaac agaacagttt gtcctacgtg caattgtttg     38640
     ttgttgtttt tattactgcc tttgattagt caatgataaa aaagaacgtt aatgttgacg     38700
     cattactaat tttggtgaag tggcaaacac atttttagca tatcgatagg ctacataaac     38760
     ttttatccat aacaactaac aaacataatt atatgtacat aattttaact aatatagtac     38820
     tgcagcactt aaaaagcaga caacaggaaa gtctttgctt tataatccaa actcacaaat     38880
     attacttaaa aaagcaactg aagccttgct aacaaaatag ataacctatt gttcacaatg     38940
     attaaatatt gcagttttta tagcttaccc actgtcaaaa tgtatttaag aaaaaaaggg     39000
     ttaaaaatca aggttgatat taaatgaatg cgtgaaattt ctaatcaagc aggacttttg     39060
     tgtggatatt gtttaattgt gtgtaaggtg tgtaaaccac ttgaaataag ccaagacaaa     39120
     ggagtctgca ttttttattt tcaaacatag taaatataat gcaattaaga tgacaaggtg     39180
     atcagaatac attcaagaat gtacaaaaaa agcattagta cataatgtgt ttgtttgtta     39240
     aataaggact catttatcat caatttattt aagtagaaca caaaaccaca tccataaaca     39300
     caaactcttg catagctttt attagcccta attaaacagt tcagtttata agaaaaaacc     39360
     tgtgtgaaaa acaggtttac cttcaacatt gtcttagtca ttgcatgtaa tgctaattta     39420
     ttgtaaggtt tacagactgt attgtaaaaa tatgctgcag tgaatgctat tgcagatgat     39480
     attgcatgct caagtcgata tttacacaac gtttttgcgt gtaaccctga tgcttgtaac     39540
     aaatctgcct atacattaaa gtaaaacaga cttgaaaaaa atagtctcaa gctaatttgt     39600
     aaacatagat ttttaggcac tttctgtaaa taatagcaaa aatattcacc accatgaata     39660
     tattgatatg acacaaggta ataataaaaa taatagcaca gccaaaaaat tattttcttt     39720
     aagttaaaca gaaagcaaag ttatacgtca ttcagaaacg tttcatactt ttcttcaagt     39780
     tgatatggca agcagcatta aaaaaatatt cataacattt atcaaaacta attaaacatg     39840
     aattaagaca ttggttttct gtttctcaca ggcagtttac caaacaagat tgcagatata     39900
     acattcaaaa tcataatcac taacatttaa gttcaaaatc aatatataaa gtttgtgttc     39960
     atttgtgaat ttggatcctg atttttgcct ctgctccaca ttacacgcgt ctgactttcc     40020
     gttcagcctt tgttctctgg tttatttgac gcatccctta atgaaaaaaa aaacattttc     40080
     aaaaaccata atttgcaata tgtgtcaaag ataagatccc tgcattaaat acaaaagtga     40140
     gcatatatat aaaaaagtat tgttaaatgg aaatgtctat aaggtctcaa ataactgcag     40200
     aaataaaatg tcaaaatatt ggtgaaacaa tgttgcaatg tcatccaata aaacagatat     40260
     atttatgtaa aaattaaaca tattaaacct ataatttatc aaacataaat atacagttga     40320
     agtcagaatt attagccccc cccccctttg aattattttt ttcttttttt aaatatttcc     40380
     caaataatgt ttaacagagc aagaaatttt tcacagtatg tccgataata gtttttcttc     40440
     tggataaagt ctgtttgttt tatttcggcg agaatgaaat cagtttttat ttttttctta     40500
     aaaacatttt aaggtaaaaa ttattcaagt tatacatttt ttcaatagtc tacagaacta     40560
     accatcaata acttgcctaa ttaccctaac ctgtctactt aaattaatta acctagttaa     40620
     gcctttaaat gtcacttcaa gctgaatact agtgccttga aaaaaaaatc tattattgga     40680
     gatgagttat taaagttatt acgtttaaaa atgtgttgaa aaaaaaactt ctctctgtta     40740
     aacagaaatt gagaaaaaac aataaacagg ggagtaacaa ttttgacttc aactgtattc     40800
     aacatatata attaatgtat ttattaaaca tttttgtttg aaaaacagtg gcacaaatca     40860
     caaataaatt ttatttaggg gtcaaacggt aattgtcata tttaatgttg tattttaaca     40920
     tgccatgaag taattattgt tctaaatatt atatttgtgc tgtacataaa cagttattac     40980
     actgagtgac aatttagtgt cttctataac tcatggtaaa aatgtatatg gttaagggca     41040
     caattattag cctattatta ttaggtaaat atttctcaag ttaaagttaa tggagaaaaa     41100
     gaaattttca cagtatctct gacaatattt ttttttccta gaaaaagtcg tatttgtttt     41160
     atcttggttt caataatagc agtttaaaaa acaatttcaa ggttaattag cacccttaag     41220
     caatattttt taaattggct atataaaaaa acaataactt atttatcttt gttattcaat     41280
     aacttgccta atttccctaa attgcctaga aaacataatt aacccagtta agcctttaaa     41340
     ttgcacttaa agctgaatac tagcatcttg aaaatatcta gtaaaatatt atgtactgtc     41400
     atgatgacaa agataaaaga aatccaatat aagaaattgg ttatgtttag aaatatggtt     41460
     aaaaaatctc tggtaaaaaa aaaaaattgg gtcaaaataa tatatataaa acaatacaaa     41520
     tgtaacagga gggctaataa ttctgactta aacggtatct gttttcgcag attacaaact     41580
     aaagcaaact ggacacattt tactgcacca aaaaacagta atttaccttt atcttactat     41640
     attttatgtt tgaaaacctt tttttccacc tttgacccat gttctttaca ttgtggggct     41700
     atgtattaca aaacaacatg ttactgtatt tggtttttgc tgacatactt ccaaaatcca     41760
     gagtgtagtt gtcttcattc acagtaaagt tcattgtagt ttggttcttt tggaaacatc     41820
     tctcaatatc agcacttgag actgaacaac caccctgtgg agaaaaaaaa tcaagacaaa     41880
     caatattaag attttaatat ctctgtggcc ataaatatag tacagccagt caccgtaatt     41940
     atgggataat ctacattcaa gctattatta tggcaaacta aacccttaca gagacaacag     42000
     gactagttta aagttacact gaatggtttt atatagcaat aattacaagt tgaaatgaaa     42060
     ccatccattc aaagatataa ttaaaattat atgaattttt tttctatatg ttataaaatt     42120
     caagttttca gtatttaatt attttagctg tggattatct ttttacaatt cgaaaatgaa     42180
     aacagaattt gttgctttat caatacaaaa aaacaacacc aatatcctaa atatatttag     42240
     ctttttattg aatatttgat tggtttgctg ttctctcatt ttagtgaggc tggtcttttg     42300
     gcttgtttcc cttatgaata ttaaaaagca agcaaacaaa caaccaacaa acaaacaaaa     42360
     aaaaagttat accgtgttct tgaaggtatg ccaatgatct ctcccatgaa actgccactc     42420
     tggagtttta tttgttgaag gactcatcat gttttttatt ctggagctta aagcatgtaa     42480
     tctgttcaaa cagaatacac aataaacaat acatttgaat tacttgtgta aaatcggcat     42540
     tatacagtaa atgtaaataa tctaaacaaa gtaaaattgt gtgtgcaatt tatgaaagca     42600
     tcttattatg gcctacagtt acattttaaa gtttagcaat tgtatgcaat gtaaaaataa     42660
     aaatagcgtt gtggttagct tcatcgtgaa attaagtatt catacttatg aatatagcat     42720
     gaatgcagta tcattaaaac agagtgcaga ttttatatcg acaacccctt acccactatt     42780
     tctcctattt catattcaca actttatttt ctttgagctc aactgtacat acgtaacttt     42840
     acatgttcct cacttcacat ttcacttttg gagtgtaata agggccatat cattatgaaa     42900
     atatatgttt aaatatatta ataatatatt attagacaag cagtccagcc cagatttaaa     42960
     aaagtaaaac gaaagtaacg caacacatta ctttcacgaa acaattacta agtaacagtt     43020
     actttttaaa gatgtaaggc aagattatca ggcattactt ttaaaactga aggtgcatct     43080
     aaaatcgcat acttatgcgc aattctgcgc tattttttaa tataaatagt gtaagtagtg     43140
     caatcacact gaaaactcaa aaaataacaa gtgcacttta attacccgga tgatgcactt     43200
     attcaactgg taaaatgaag tgtggaatga tggacacttc acgcacttaa ccgcagcttt     43260
     gcttatgtag cagaaggggc ggagccatcg ggcgctcatg ttggaatact ttatttattt     43320
     tgggttttga aagcaaaata gtgtgccatg tatagtgtgc catttgggac acagcttaac     43380
     tttttccaac atattcggta atttaagtta gaagaaaagt tatattgcaa gaatatatat     43440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt tttttttttt ttttttaact     43500
     gctttgtttt attttatttt tactctgtca tgcaaaaatg gtaaacatga atatgttgca     43560
     taaactattc atatttaccc tccgtcgttg gggggctcgt atttagggcg gcgtctgatt     43620
     gtccttttat ggcctgtaga tacatttctc tgacgcattc ctggcagcag aaaaacattc     43680
     atgaatgtga cttttcctgt ttaaactaaa aaaaaacaaa catgtgtgtt tcataaaaca     43740
     aacctttaaa gcatatctca tactgtgtag agtcaatggt caatttaact gaaccattgc     43800
     ggtttttctg aaactccgtt tccagttttg agctctgaat cgggctggat ttgccctata     43860
     aacaaagttg taataaaaaa tatatttatt aaagatgaac aaacatgata taatttttac     43920
     ataatataat ttttacatta taaggaatac tataattttt ttaaaacagc ccttattatc     43980
     atgatatttt gacatgattt ttatgcgaaa ttgactgctt ttttcttttt gttttgtaaa     44040
     ggttgcatat gaaactgcat ttcaaacatt tataatactt tttatttata gattttgttt     44100
     ggcttgtgcc aatctcagac tttcaatgat taaaatatcc tttctatttc aggtgagcgt     44160
     tatcagagct aagtaagtat gcaagtaagt aaataattta tttgttacaa aatggtattt     44220
     gttacaaaat aaacattaac tcatcttaca gttagatagt aaacaaatga ttcttatttt     44280
     caattagttt aaattgtact aaaataaatg attgaatata tgaatgaaga aagaaagaaa     44340
     gaaataaagt agatacaaga agaagagtaa gatattaagt ttcagttttg tttcatgttt     44400
     aatattcctg tttttgcttc tgtttcctga ttggcaaggt ttgtctgtca taacttcttt     44460
     aatgattacg tcaacctggt cctttttttc accactttct tgttttgtca taatataata     44520
     tcataaattt aggcgtacat ttaaacaaca acattataca aaaaaaaata tatttttgtt     44580
     atgtttgcgt cattaaaaat gacttttatt ttgacagcaa gaccaacagt tggtaatgtc     44640
     acagtaaaga aacattatac aatcaaaaaa tacacaaata cacattttta tacattgtac     44700
     aatttttttt tgtaatttca cagtttattt acggcagctg gggtgtcgaa aaaaacatta     44760
     aataacagcc attaaattac agaaatttac tgtaaaataa catacattaa attacagaaa     44820
     tttccttaaa tgaaaatttc tggtaatttt ccgttattta acctctgttt tttttacagt     44880
     aaatttctgt aattaatggg cgtcaattga agatttttaa taaataaacc gtaaaatgtt     44940
     tttttttttt acagtgtagt ttacttggag atgactatag tataactttt aaaaacctga     45000
     attgaaatcc attttccccc taaacaacac atttaaaata gtggatagaa gtatttgttt     45060
     acatttgcaa acggtgttgc gtaaatgact gctaaaactc accttgtcgc cataacgata     45120
     ccaacagtgg tttcctctgt aataccacag ccattctgtg tcttttgagc tcatacgccg     45180
     gactttaatg tttgttttct taagaactcg cattttcatg aagtcaatcg aaacagccct     45240
     ataaagtgaa ttagaaaaca gatatgatgt atataaatgt atgtagctaa tactacattt     45300
     cggtaaaaag tgtgaatgcc atgcataatg gctacacagg ctcatttaga aattcatgtt     45360
     tcaacctata tttttgtgaa actaataaaa atgtacatca acgtacattt gactgcagtt     45420
     tctaggtaaa atgaatgctt ttcagttcaa aataccccac aaatgattta tagtttactg     45480
     ccccttttag gctttgatct aaattgtgcc atgaaaatgt caaaagaaac gtttcaaaag     45540
     gtaacatttg tgcatcctaa aaacccacat ttataatgcc ttatagttgc tgccattttc     45600
     ttcagcaggt gaaaactcca atggaggatg gctgcttcac acttaggact gcctatttta     45660
     ataggtgaga gatcgtcact aatgggtgcg gctttccctc gcagatgaca tggacaaagg     45720
     aaaaatctca atcaaaatgt tactgaagac aagtgtgagt ataaaaaata gactgaattc     45780
     atttttacca ttagaggttg gctatattca cacaactgta tttaaaccat ttataaaagt     45840
     gatttttgca taataagttt ataggtcccc tttaaatcat gcctatttaa aggactatat     45900
     ataatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ctcatttcaa     45960
     cataacattt tgtagtacaa ataaatagtt gaaatgtttt gagtaatcaa tcaactggtt     46020
     aagcatggct acaactatta gttaattttt ccctgttcac aagaaatatt ttaattagtg     46080
     acaaacccat gatgaataat gattatgtgc atttacccag cagaggtgtt gtaaatcttg     46140
     attcctttgg tgttaggaag tgaatactgg gcttctagaa tatgatcgtt ggaaatgttt     46200
     ttccagcctt ttccagtatt cagctgccat ctataaggcc cttcaaactc ttcatcctct     46260
     gtctctatat gaagattaaa aagagattaa aaagcaaata atgatgacta aacagtttta     46320
     catggtattt aatggtcaca catgtgactg aaattataga attactagtc ttactgtact     46380
     agtctttaac tatagatcac cgtttaagtg tatacattca ttcattcatt ttctttttgg     46440
     cttagtgcct ttattaatcc agagtcgcca cagcggactt atccagcagg tttttacgca     46500
     gcgaatgccc ttccagctgc aacctatttc tgggaaacat ccactcacac taatttacac     46560
     tcatacacta tagacaattt agcctaccca attcacctgt accgcatgtc ttttgactgt     46620
     gggagaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc aagcaaacac agggagaaca tgcaaactcc     46680
     acacagaaac gccaactgac ccagctgagg ctcgaaccca tgaccttctt gctgtgaacc     46740
     gacagcatta cctactgtgc cactgtgtcg cctaagtgta tatctttata tattattcat     46800
     aatattattg tcctcattat aaggtaaaaa tattaatcta ttgaaataaa gtgaatattt     46860
     taaatacaaa aaagattact tattatatta gtagttatca ttttagaagc taaaacaaat     46920
     caaacaacac aaacaggtgt aaactattgt aggtattgta cctaatttct acacctttct     46980
     taacaatatg tatttaggca gtattaataa tttgtttagt attcattttt gctagtggtt     47040
     tgaatgatag tggattatat gacataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     47100
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aacattcaga atttcacatt     47160
     aacacctgcc aaccaagcaa atgcgggtag ctggggcagg ttagtcagcc acccccatta     47220
     gccactttgg ctgattgaaa atcattctta aattgccagt gctggcacgt taccaaaggt     47280
     tagtttttaa gtttatgtat agttttatgt ataaaactta tgtttagttt taggatacag     47340
     ctttagtata tagtatgctt gttttgacac attatttaaa ttttgtggca aggaaatagt     47400
     tagttcagtt agtgttaagc cctgaaaggt catgtaaaaa aaaaactaat tgcaatgtga     47460
     cactgtgaaa ccattaccta tttgcttaag ctcattaagc aagctcacac acaatacaca     47520
     aataaaggta aatgaaagag gaggcatgtg gacattacac aaaaattaaa tcaagtaatt     47580
     ttagcatgcc aaagtcaaat ctatgcatat aaaatgtatt ttcccaacaa aattgaggct     47640
     agtgaaaatg acgagtggca agtaacgtta gaaaactacc aggtgcagtg gctggtgatc     47700
     aaaaaaggta atgtcaagcc ctgattatat tatattcact ttaaccattt taataaacgg     47760
     atttcccatt aacattgagt ttgtcctaga ggcaaagtat taaaaggcta agacacaagt     47820
     ttatttttaa atattttaca tataaaattg tttaaataca ttttacagaa aatactttta     47880
     cttttttatg ttttcacctt tatccacaca ttcagaacct gattttacct agtgcaacgt     47940
     gttcctggat cagcatattt tgagagaaac gtctgcagtt gttgtatttt ttatcaatta     48000
     ttaccctggg gtagggatta ggtttggctt atgtttttat tcaggaatga ccaaaaaaca     48060
     agccttactt atttttcata tttaggatgt gtgcacacaa acctgcaggt gagcgtctgc     48120
     ttcttttttg tctgtcttgt gctgatgaag gactctgacg attgtggttg agtcgacatc     48180
     cagtgccata tttgcatgag ttgttcagaa agttgctgca gacatgctcg tccctgcact     48240
     tttccccgta acggcactga ccacggttgt aatacttgca aacattacgc ttgaacacaa     48300
     aacaacataa ttgattaaga cttcatttat taaggtaaaa tcacagtaaa tttttatgca     48360
     tatcaattca gtctctttta tcatgcttaa ttaatttgtg tgtagatttt aacaatgcat     48420
     atttttttaa ttatcatttt tattcagcac tgagacataa atcttcactt catacatatt     48480
     atatacatca aattaaattt aatataaaaa attatctaag ttctgtaggt tttttcagag     48540
     cgatttttca gatggatatg ttctaggcat gggaagataa cagttttcaa ggtatactgc     48600
     ggtttggaaa aatcaaggtt tttaaaccgc caaaatattc tgctatacca ttccaaggta     48660
     tgtgtaagat tttttattta catttttgtt ttttaagaca acagtatttc cagaagaaaa     48720
     gatatccaaa gattatgttt taaatggtaa tgaaagctgt gttatgaaaa cttatgaaga     48780
     cagcaaaggt taatgattaa tttgaattat ttagcctgaa atttttcctg cttcaaaata     48840
     ggttaaatgt ttcctaaaat aaaatatatt gtgttcaatg gataaaaaag ttttagtttt     48900
     tttacctaga catttaaaaa gaatgtattt cagagcagta atcacaatac tatttttatc     48960
     tgaggttatc atactgtcaa aatcgttcac cagcttatgt ctaatttgtt catattaaat     49020
     gtgcctttgt actctatcca atacccaata atgtattcta ccaacatcgt cttctaccca     49080
     atacccaaag tacacagtat tttctgactt tcctgaagtc ccactatttt tgatacccaa     49140
     tatcaccaca gtaaaatcct tttgagtaaa catggcaaaa aagaaacttc attcaattct     49200
     tatagttttt gtgctagaaa tgtctgctaa acagtgcata tttcacaaaa aaatgttcca     49260
     tttgcctatt taaacatacc attttaaaaa ttttttaaat acatctaaat agaaaacgtt     49320
     tgcagttctt aatttaatca atcatctgtg aaagtattgt caaacagctt tttaccctat     49380
     ttacctgcag tgtcttgcag atacattctc acatatgatt ggtttttaca cgtcaaatgc     49440
     cttatagtca tttttaacag atgtaccttg ttaggggttt gtggagcatc ttcagagtca     49500
     gaatcagaat cagtggatgc atcagagtct gtgtcagtgt cactgaaatc tgagccactc     49560
     tcaccagaaa gctgatcgcc gccttcagct gggaaaaaaa caagccctct ttaatattaa     49620
     tattgttatt atggaatttc tagcagtcat tgcatcacac aatccttcag aaatattttt     49680
     taatgaataa gtatgtattc aagaaacttt aacaaaaaac ttaaactaac aaagaataag     49740
     ttaataagta aataagtttc agtaacatta taaaagcctt tactctcact gctgaaaaaa     49800
     aaatattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa caggttcatt     49860
     tctctttact attttaggaa gactattctt aacggatcaa tgactattga aaaaatgcaa     49920
     ctcatttatt ttacaaaaaa atattactga cttttactgt gttactacat ttcagtttga     49980
     catatttaca cagtttgcaa aatctctgat gttatttaat aaactccgct cagacagtta     50040
     ttatattttc aaatatcttc aaacatttat ctgaaatgac atgaaagacc tgtctaataa     50100
     atgaaggcaa taggtcgtgc agtcaattga cagaatgatt gcgagtgtga gtttgtttat     50160
     attgagctat tgtttacatg ctgctatcac ttaaatatga tgttatattt gtcttgatga     50220
     agcagtagca acaaactcct tgagttaaga aaaaacctta tcaaaatcct tgctgtttta     50280
     actttaacta caaaaacaat tttatgtaac gtctaaaagg ttgcaaatta tgtcaacttg     50340
     gcccagtagg ctgtgttttg agttaaagac ttttcgaaaa caaatattta ctggagtaaa     50400
     acgtattaag tatcatttac tagttttaga aacaaagttt cgaaacagta tgacatgttg     50460
     actgaagcag tgttgatcga aaccgcagaa aataataaga taggcctact tgtcgagagg     50520
     aaaacatttc tgaaaagaac ttttatctac agctctcatt acacttttga agcaagtttt     50580
     gattatttga catcggaata aactcaccgg aatcctcttg gtagttcgaa gccatattca     50640
     taaatgaaac gccctatgct ctttcagttt cattttcatg tcaaatggtt cgtatgtaaa     50700
     ctcgtgtgcg ctatgtattt cgatctgtag tgttatttat tatttattac ataattcgac     50760
     aagacaactg gataaagttc acagcatatt gaaatgaaaa catctcttgc tgcaatatct     50820
     caaattgatt tccttcaagc agtcattatt ttcgagatca ggcgccatct aaaggtttga     50880
     aacagtaaat gcaaatgcag acatagttag gcagtaggtt accccccccc ccccccccaa     50940
     atcaaatcca ccaccccatg aagggaaaaa tacctgaact aaaaacaaaa aattggaaat     51000
     tatggaaatg gcctaattac atgcagatga acatatctac aatttaaatg atttataaca     51060
     tgaacactat atttaaacta ttgccagaag aatggttggt gttgcaaaac cacgcagagt     51120
     ttttggtggt tcatttattg ttaaactaag gttggttttt ggatttatta gagtgctctg     51180
     aaaactctta aaaacagcat aatttaagct tagccagcat ttttaaaaat ttagtgattc     51240
     tttagaaacc attttttagt tccattagca gcaaatctaa tcaaactcag gggtgatatg     51300
     tggtataaaa atactttgtg aactgatcca acataattaa ttaatatgac tctcgaggtc     51360
     ttgcaaaata tgatgaacgt cttcaactga ccgttagatg gcagcagtag caaatatttt     51420
     tttctttcct ttcctttttt atgcaagaaa ggacacaata tgaacaaaga gacaaaaagg     51480
     gttgcataaa taattcccag caaattatac acatttaaaa gatttacacc aagtgtaaga     51540
     gtttaacatg caatataagt attagaggcg acacagtggc ttagcacaca gtcgcctcac     51600
     agcgagaagg ttgctggttc gagtcctggc tgggtcagta ggcatttctg tgtggagttt     51660
     gtatgttttc tcgctgtgtt tgcataagtt tccttccggt gctcttttta ttcccacagt     51720
     ccaaagacgt ggtataagtg agttgaataa aattggctgt ggtgtatgtg tgtgaatgag     51780
     tgtgtagttg tgtttcccaa tactgggttg cagctggaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaaa     51840
     acatggttta tgttgtaaac gtatgccatt tgtataagcc atttttttaa gctggtgaat     51900
     ggctggctgt aagagtattt gctactgctt cttagcttct ggtttatata tatatatata     51960
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacataca tacacttaca     52020
     aaatagaatt tggaataaca ttttaacaag atgttgggtt attttaaaat gtctttaccc     52080
     acttaatttt aaacaaatta tcatatgcgc atggttcgat cacctgatga agaccatgta     52140
     gtcgaaacat tgtgacatat atatataaaa atgaacaata tcacacaagt agcagtgcga     52200
     tatggctgta tatcggcact ggtgggaggc ttgcgttgcc ttaagcaggt cgcacaccag     52260
     aagcgccgct cggcggcgcg ccgcgcagcg ccacgccgcg ccatgcattt tagaattcta     52320
     aacataggtt tctatcagga tacacacacc ggcgccgcaa gtcggcggct gtcggcggcg     52380
     cccggcgacg gctcaggacg cagttcattt ttcagccgcg ccacagagcg ccatctgatt     52440
     agtttcatgt taaatatcat tcgaatgtgc gcgtctggtg tgcgatactt taaactgtca     52500
     tgtacgcgcc gtgtcgcggc gccgagcggc gcttctggtg tgcgacctgc tttagtgccc     52560
     ccaccagtgc tgatatacat atcgcactgc tacaagtgtg atattgcgtt tatacaacag     52620
     tttgacatca taattgtgta tataaaaaca aaatcaaaca tggagagtct caaaaaccct     52680
     tttgtatgag caactacttt gttctgcatg gattcaaatc ataagctgac agttaaacag     52740
     ctgagcaagc atcttttaaa ctttagatct gttgtggctg ctttttgctg gttgtatgtg     52800
     ggcggagtaa tacacaaagg gtaaagaggc tttacgggtg ctgattttac ttaaacatat     52860
     cactgctatc agccaatcag atacaagaac cagacagaat tgttgtatat atatatatat     52920
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     52980
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtaa gtgtgtgttt attttgtttt ttcggatgaa     53040
     gcagaagctg tccttactca atgtcaccaa atatattatt ccaaaaactt ctacaggtaa     53100
     ataaatctaa aaatctacta ataactgagt gaatatcttt gtttgacaga acaactgaga     53160
     acaatttggt caacaaatag gtttatgttg tcaaaagtaa aggaatctaa caacctttag     53220
     gccagacttg attcaaaata acggtatatt ttttgggaga aactggaaaa gaaaattgat     53280
     gcatacattt ttcatatgag aaaagggaca ctactaagag ctgactaact aaaagtataa     53340
     ttttataaaa caagttattt aagaaagaga tttattttta aatataatat ttttattgtt     53400
     ccaaataaaa aaggggagtg gagaaaaact ataattatat gtaagggacc aacataagct     53460
     attaaggcct gtttatgaaa actagataag ttcaaagatg ttttagagat gttgaaatta     53520
     cattgcaacc aaaaatgtac agtaaacctc caactgacct acaaaataga atttggaata     53580
     acattttaac aagatgttgg tttatttaaa aatgtcttta cccacttaat tttaaacaaa     53640
     ttatcatatg cacatggttc gatcacctga tgaagaccat gtagtcgaaa tgttgtgaca     53700
     ttaaaatgtt ttgagagcta gtggcagtgt gctgattttc ttttgatctt ttgctactgt     53760
     gtttgttttt gacctataat ttcagacaag ctttgctaag aaagtgtttt ttcaagtaga     53820
     tgtagcaata ttcctatata atactcttgt ataatggtgt tatttaaatt tataatatat     53880
     aggtttgagt gtcagtaaga tctttaaaag ccaagttaat aaaaggacaa ggacaagttg     53940
     catttttaca acatatactg taaaatacaa cataaaaaaa ttccatttca aataaatgct     54000
     gttttattga actttttcca atatttatat attggaatat atacagttga aatcagaatt     54060
     attaaacccc ctttaatttt ttttcctttt ttaaatattt cccaaatgat gtttaacaga     54120
     gcaaggaaat ttttacagta tgtctaataa taatttttct tctggagaaa gtcttatttg     54180
     atttattttt gctagaataa aagcagtttt aattttattg taaaaacctt ttaaggctaa     54240
     aattattagc ttttgagcta tattttttta atagtctaca gagcaaacca tcaatatata     54300
     aaaacttgtc taattaccct aaccttctta gttaacctat ttaacctagt taagccttta     54360
     aatgtcactt taagttatat agaagtgtct tgaaaaatat ctagtaaaat aattgttact     54420
     gtcatcatgg taaagaaaag aaatcagtta ttagaaatga gttattaaaa ctgttgtgtt     54480
     tagatttttt ttaaatcttc tctttgttaa atagaaattg ggggaaaaaa ataaacaggg     54540
     gggctaataa ttctgacttc aactatatca tggttaaaaa aaaaaagcac cggatcatat     54600
     tagatttttt tttctaaagg tttatatgaa ctgaaaaatg aaataataca gctaaaatca     54660
     tattattttc ctaatacaaa attactttaa tttaattttg tgcatattta actgatatta     54720
     actattttat gatagcttat tatgtacact gttaacaatt tcctgtaatt atacagttcg     54780
     ccagtaactg gctgtgaatc agttactgca aaaataaagt ttttacattt acaccattta     54840
     tcttgctctc gatgtattta cagaattata tctttactgg tcattttcac aatgcaactt     54900
     tagaatacag taacattgca taactgttct acagtaaaat acagttcata ttacagttaa     54960
     atactgtgta atttacaaaa attgttaaca gtgtgtagaa taaaaagaaa cgtgtaaatt     55020
     taaacaacaa caaaaatata aatcttaatg cattagcttg attttctcac acattttcct     55080
     ttttaaagtg cagtagttcg tattgagttt ttagtctgat ctaatgcatg accaggaaac     55140
     cagacaaaat aatccatatg cctttgaaat aaggtcagtg gccatataat gttgtagtaa     55200
     gggactaaat gtttttggct ccagggtgag gctttcattt ctccctgtgg attaatggag     55260
     gaaaagagct gaaggtgtgc agatggacag ggggatgact gtcattaatg tgaaagcttt     55320
     gactgaaata tcagaaacat atttgcacat atatattgtc tgttattgaa tgtcatgctt     55380
     ataaagttga gattttaaag ttaaaattaa agttgaattt tattcagaag acaataacaa     55440
     atctatacat gttaaagaaa acaagaagca aaatgctctt ctattagtct gggatattca     55500
     atacaataat tgtatgtaca attcgttaca atcatttagc cgtatgacct ggtgagcatg     55560
     gagatttgat gaataataac tatctatgca tctatttatg aattattatg ctgggtttta     55620
     aggattttaa taaacacaac tgatccttca ttaaaaaggc atattattta ttgataaagc     55680
     aacaataatt tagttatcat gatcagcagt tttgaaaaga caattcaaag ctcatacata     55740
     atttcatata aacagttttg tggattttcc caaaaatatg aacacaaagc atcttcaaca     55800
     ccagtagtta tgatttgaca gagggcaaat gctgcttccc ttcaacacaa gattatatta     55860
     cacgctgtca gctgttttgt gttactaatg gcactttgcc gaaatctggc attttctctt     55920
     tagtacaaca cagtgaccta aaacgctatg gctaaaaatg atatctacac cacagaaata     55980
     tgtgaacttt taagtttggc attggtaaga tttttttata cagtttttac tgtaaaaaaa     56040
     agtatattta gcttacctag gctacattta cttaaaaaaa caaagtaaaa tcaagaatta     56100
     atattattac aacttgaaat aaatgtttct tattcttctt atgttttatt catgtgaata     56160
     ttcagcaaca ttattccagc tttaagagat ccttcagaaa ttattatgaa acattataat     56220
     acttattatt attaccaggg ttaaaaagaa ctgttggatt gatttatctt tattttggta     56280
     aatgtgatag agtatccttc aaattgagat taaacattaa gcaggaaaaa tatttttaac     56340
     attgataatt ataagaaaga tcaatcaata aaaacatttt aatgaaccta taatatattg     56400
     tactttcatt aaatgtagct tattttttat agtatttttt aacagacaac ttgtgtgatt     56460
     cagtcacaaa cattattttt tctcaaggca ctttgtgact tttctaactt catacagata     56520
     aaaattgcaa aactatgaca atattttatt acttgatgat gatttggtat tttataatag     56580
     tagtattttt ataaaataaa aaagcaaaaa cttgggaata ataaacattg ttacttctat     56640
     gcaaaagaaa tgtcagcgct tgagccttgg taacaccatg gacaattgat tttgatttac     56700
     tcaccataac gccatcctcg ttgtacatga cattccgctt tcagacacat taagagttat     56760
     tttaaatttt tctggacagt ttcaaacatt ataatggtag tgaactgtga cctcttttaa     56820
     ccccgaaaga gcccaaatat ctatcgtcaa actatcccat acacatccag gaggtaacat     56880
     gtcttttgaa gcagatcaat gggttttcga atctgccaat gtctgtatgc ttgttctcaa     56940
     aaagtcaagt tggctaagtt tgggacatct tcgatttttt ctttgattcg gttaggttca     57000
     tctgactctg tcgccaatgc acaagtggca actgagttta gaatgcacaa aaaacaaata     57060
     ttttcgttaa aaaaaatatt gatttgcttc aaaagacatg acatgtattg gaacggtttg     57120
     acaatggaca gttatacttt tttcaaagtt ccaaaaaggc ccacatttca catccattat     57180
     agtatttaag taaccgagaa cattcaaaat aactcttaat gtgttcatct gaacgaagaa     57240
     tgtcatatac agctaggaag gcatatgggt gaataaatca tgggctaatt gtcatatttg     57300
     gatgaactaa ccc                                                        57313