ID   BX664735; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 187005 BP.
AC   BX664735;
DT   20-OCT-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-665E4 on chromosome 9 Contains the 5'
DE   end of the gene for a novel protein similar to contactin associated
DE   protein-like 3 (CNTNAP3) and a CpG island.
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-187005
RA   Dyer L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (09-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   (http://www.geneservice.co.uk/) and BACPAC Resources
RL   (http://bacpac.chori.org/)
DR   MD5; 41782702fe794ea0acb75c0e6343b646.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX664735.7:1-187005; homo_sapiens.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs of
CC   human chromosome 9, constructed by the Sanger Centre Chromosome 9
CC   Mapping Group.  Further information can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/HGP/Chr9
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone RP11-665E4. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone RP11-665E4 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone RP11-665E4 is at 187005 in this sequence.
CC   RP11-665E4 is from the library RPCI-11.3 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
CC   http://bacpac.chori.org/
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..187005
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.3"
FT                   /clone="RP11-665E4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    76841
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: RP11-665E4"
FT   misc_feature    110165..187005
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(136405..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93602,CR788268.5:102402..102529,
FT                   CR788268.5:107753..107923,CR788268.5:108951..109169,
FT                   CR788268.5:111537..111776,CR788268.5:123061..123285,
FT                   CR788268.5:124861..124994,CR788268.5:125893..125980,
FT                   CR788268.5:132817..133047,CR788268.5:133283..133354,
FT                   CR788268.5:137706..141506)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-001"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF333769.2 Em:AK094831.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA431919.1 Em:AA629715.1
FT                   Em:AI148152.1 Em:AI479290.1 Em:AL698076.1 Em:AU130948.1
FT                   Em:AW023468.1 Em:BE465115.1 Em:BF327443.1 Em:BF327494.1
FT                   Em:BF894330.1 Em:BF992905.1 Em:BG031960.1 Em:BG186160.1
FT                   Em:BG281728.1 Em:BI668345.1 Em:BI670343.1 Em:BQ189521.1
FT                   Em:BQ723042.1 Em:BX090925.1 Em:BX336334.2 Em:BX344163.2
FT                   Em:BX344164.2 Em:BX389540.1 Em:BX391675.2 Em:BX452383.1
FT                   Em:CA392097.1 Em:CB137313.1 Em:CB306283.1 Em:CK300515.1
FT                   Em:CK817901.1 Em:CN255543.1 Em:CN335926.1 Em:CN335927.1
FT                   Em:CN335928.1 Em:CN482495.1 Em:CR607800.1"
FT   mRNA            join(136413..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:37067..38823)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-003"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK024257.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI302553.1 Em:AI926617.1
FT                   Em:AU152804.1 Em:CA392098.1 Em:CA449537.1"
FT   mRNA            join(136566..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93783)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-009"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK056833.1"
FT   mRNA            join(136566..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:102402..102529,CR788268.5:107753..107986)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-011"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AK054645.1"
FT   CDS             join(<136652..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93602,CR788268.5:102402..102529,
FT                   CR788268.5:107753..107923,CR788268.5:108951..109169,
FT                   CR788268.5:111537..111776,CR788268.5:123061..123285,
FT                   CR788268.5:124861..125024)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000064574"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q96NU0"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:32035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000421"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036056"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q96NU0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI16324.1"
FT                   VIPQMQKSN"
FT   mRNA            join(<136652..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93602,CR788268.5:102402..102529,
FT                   CR788268.5:107753..107923,CR788268.5:108951..109169,
FT                   CR788268.5:111537..111776,CR788268.5:123061..123285,
FT                   CR788268.5:124861..126750)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-002"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB051501.2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI917315.1"
FT   CDS             join(136798..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:37067..37138)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000064575"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q96NU0"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:32035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000421"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036056"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q96NU0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI16325.1"
FT   CDS             join(136798..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93606)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-009"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000070186"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q96NU0"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:32035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000421"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036056"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q96NU0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI95321.1"
FT   CDS             join(136798..136882,161153..161263,
FT                   complement(BX649569.5:68986..69179),
FT                   CR788268.5:18321..18468,CR788268.5:33242..33445,
FT                   CR788268.5:34094..34278,CR788268.5:35498..35641,
FT                   CR788268.5:39975..40236,CR788268.5:45535..45678,
FT                   CR788268.5:61601..61772,CR788268.5:67202..67308,
FT                   CR788268.5:70954..71073,CR788268.5:78460..78663,
FT                   CR788268.5:93446..93602,CR788268.5:102402..102529,
FT                   CR788268.5:107753..107923,CR788268.5:108951..109169,
FT                   CR788268.5:111537..111776,CR788268.5:123061..123285,
FT                   CR788268.5:124861..124994,CR788268.5:125893..125980,
FT                   CR788268.5:132817..133047,CR788268.5:133283..133354,
FT                   CR788268.5:137706..137827)
FT                   /gene="CNTNAP3B"
FT                   /locus_tag="RP11-204I2.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTHUMP00000064576"
FT                   /product="contactin associated protein-like 3B"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BZ76 Tr:Q96MJ5 Tr:Q96NU0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q96NU0"
FT                   /db_xref="HGNC:HGNC:32035"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000421"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028873"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036056"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q96NU0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI16326.1"
FT                   KEEC"
SQ   Sequence 187005 BP; 54138 A; 36324 C; 37201 G; 59342 T; 0 other;
     gaattctatc aggtatatat accacatgtt ctttatccag tcatccactg gtggaccctt        60
     aggttgattc catatctttt ctattgtgaa tagtgctgca agaaacatga gtgtaggtac       120
     ctctttgata tattgattta ttttcctttg agtagatacc cagtagtaag gttgtgggat       180
     cgaacagtcg ttctagtttt agttctttgg gaaatctcta ttttcaataa aggttgtact       240
     aatttacatt cccatcaaca gcatacaaac attccttttt ctccatatcc tcaccaacat       300
     agcagatgag acattttatc tttttaataa tagccatttt aatgaagatg atatcttatt       360
     atggttttaa tttacatttc tctgatgatt agtgttgagc atttttttta tatgcccatg       420
     ctggccattt gtgtgtcttc ttttgaaaaa tgtctattta tatcctttga ccacttttaa       480
     agaacattat ttgttctttt tctttttttt ttttaatttt tttttttaga cagagtttcc       540
     ctctgtcgcc aaggctggag tgcaatgtgg agtgcagtgg tgcaactttg gctcactgca       600
     acctccacct cccagattca agggattctt gcctctcagc ctcccgaata gctgggatta       660
     catgtgccca ccaccatgcc cggctaattt ttgtagtttt agtagaaacg ggctatcgct       720
     atgttggcca ggcgggtctc aaactcttta agtggtccag tcctcctggc ctctgaaagt       780
     gctgggatta taaacgtgag ccaccatgcc tggccttgtt tgcgcttttt gttgttgttg       840
     agggagttgt ttgagcttct tctatattat ggatattagt cccctatggg ataaatagtt       900
     ttcaaatatt ttctcctgtg cattgtctgt ttacacacct ggttatttct tttgctgtgc       960
     agaagctttt tagtttaatt gtcccatttg tctaattttg gttttgttcc ctgtcctttt      1020
     aggtcttaag tcataaattc tttgcctaga ccaatgtcca gaagaatttt ctcaaggttt      1080
     ttagtatttt gatagttttg ggtcttatat ttaagtcttt aatacatctt aagttgattt      1140
     ttgcatatgg tgagagataa aggtctgtgt ccagatttgg ttcctgccag tgggttggtg      1200
     gtctcgctga cttcaagaat gaagtcacag accttcacgg tgagtgttac agcttttaaa      1260
     ggtggcacgg acccaaagag tgagcagcag caagattcac tgtgaaaagc gaaagaacac      1320
     agcttccaca catggaaggt aacccaagca gattgccact gccagctgag gtggccagct      1380
     tttattccct tatttgtccc tgcccatgtt tggtttttgt cctatcagag tgcccttttt      1440
     tcaatcctcc ctgtgattgg ctacttttag ctactgctga ttggtgcatt ttacagagca      1500
     ctgattggtg cattttacag agcgttgatt ggtgcatttt ataatcctct tgctagctac      1560
     agagcactga ttggtgcatt ttacgatcct cttttaagac agaaaagttc tccaaatccc      1620
     cactcgaccc aggaagtcca gctggcttca cctctcaggt tctgttttat tttcctgcat      1680
     atggctatct aatttcccag caccgtttat tgaaaaggat gtcctttctt cagtgtctct      1740
     tcctgttagt tttgtcaaag accagttggc tgtaactatg tcgtgttatt tctgggttct      1800
     gtattttgtt ttattgatct atgtgtctgt ttttacagaa gtattacact gttttggtta      1860
     ccatagcctt gtaacataat ttcatatcag gtaacgtgat gcctccagtt ttgttctttt      1920
     tgcttagaat tgattttgct atttgggctc ttttttctgg ttccataagg atttaacatt      1980
     gttttttcta attctgtgaa aaatgacatt ggtattttga tagggattgc atttcatcta      2040
     tagattgctt tgggcattat ggtctttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt cttgctctgt      2100
     tgcccaggcg tgatctcagc tcactgcaag ctccgtctct caggttcatg ccattctcct      2160
     gcctcagcct cccaagtagc tgggactaca ggtgcccgcc accacacctg gctaattttt      2220
     tttttttttt gtatttttag agacggggtt tcactgtgtt agccaggatg gtcttgatct      2280
     cctgacctca tgatctgcct gcctcagcct cccaaagtgg gtcattttaa caatattaat      2340
     ttttctgatc cataagcatg gaatattttt ccattcgttt gtctcactga cagtttcttt      2400
     catcagtgtt ttatagtttt ccttgtagag atgtttcacc tccttgctta aatgtattcc      2460
     taggtagttt attttttgta gctcttgtaa ataagatttc cttctcagct agtttgttat      2520
     tggtgtatag aaatgctact gatttttgta tattactttt gtatcaattt tactaaataa      2580
     acttactaaa ttcatttatc aaatccaaga gtgttttggt ggagtctcta ggtttttcta      2640
     gacaggtaat cctatcatca gcaaatggaa ataatttgat tttctctttt cctatttgaa      2700
     tgtcttttaa ttctttctct tacctgattg ctgtggctag gacttctaat actatatcaa      2760
     ataggagtgg tgaaagtggg aatacttgtt ttgttccagt tcttgagaaa atgctttcaa      2820
     cctttccccc attcagtatg atgttggttg tgggtttgtc atataagcct tttattattt      2880
     gaggtatgtt acttccatgt caagttattt gagggttttt tttttatcat gaagggatgc      2940
     tgaattttat caaatgattt ttctgcatct attgaggttt ttaatccttc attctatttt      3000
     cgtgatgtat cacatttatt aatttgcata tgttgaacta tccttccatt ccttatgtac      3060
     aacccacttg atcattgtgt attacctttt tgatgtgctc ttgaattcca tttgctagta      3120
     ttttgttgag gatttttgtg tctatgttta tcagagatat tggcatgtag ttttcttttt      3180
     ttgttttgtt ttgtctttgt ctggttttag tatcagagtg atactggcct tgttacatga      3240
     ggaatgaaga agtccctcct cccagattat ttggaacagt ttcaggaaga ttggtattag      3300
     ttctttgtac attttatgga attcagctat gaatccatca ggtcctggac tttttttttc      3360
     catgggaaat ttatttatta ctgattcaat cctgctactc attattggtc tattctggtt      3420
     ttcagtttct tccttcttca atcttaggag gttgtatgtt tccaggaatt tagccatttc      3480
     ctggggattt ttttggtttg tgagcatgta gttgttcata atagtcacag atgaaatttt      3540
     gtttttctgt ggtatcactt gtaagtcttc ttttcatttc tgattttgtc tcttctcttt      3600
     tcttggttgc tagcagttta tcaattttgt ttctcttttc aaagaaccaa ctttttgttt      3660
     cattgctcct ttgaatggta ttcttacata gatgcaatga taatatgtcc tataggcttt      3720
     agaagaatct tagtgcattg tcaaagaaac atttttagtt gagcacatac attatgagca      3780
     aaggagtggc attagatctt catagtagaa acagttatag tgtttctaat acatgtgttt      3840
     cttagagaga atctaacaac attgaaaggg cctactcaca aaggccactg tgcaaagata      3900
     acaggaaact ccccaaaagc ttatcttcaa gttagctgca tcaagtcctg tggtgcttga      3960
     aaatctctcc attaatgctg aattgaagac tacagggaga tgaaaagact gtaggattaa      4020
     tatgcttcat cacgataatc tataatatta agaaataatt taaaattgtt gaacaaatat      4080
     gtcatggtgt atgtcccaaa ggttcattat gggctattga attaataact ttataaatct      4140
     attcacatat cacctaagac ataaaattat tttgaaaaga aacagtggaa tttgatatac      4200
     aaacatttta gaactcgaat tgccttgtaa agatgtccac atatgattgg gaaagaaggc      4260
     agaccttccc agagggagtg agtaaagcat catcagcaaa taataagtta aacaaagtga      4320
     ataaaagctt attgttaggt atgtaatgtt tgtgacaata ttgtaggaaa tattgtacat      4380
     aaaatgctgt atggagtata aactcagatg taacaggatc atatttgaaa atagtaaata      4440
     tgtttaatat tcttcttctt agtaaatcat gttccctagc catcatttta ccttattgca      4500
     ataccaatcc aaaaagagga gaataagagg ccatgtagtt ccacatcagc ccagaaaagg      4560
     cgtcccctct ttctggtcat gacagattat gagaatgaaa aggggatgaa ggcagaaagt      4620
     tcaggaggtg agacacgtat ctaaactcct ctatcagagc taaagtccca gaagtcaagt      4680
     cttcttagct acactgagga acaagtgaag aagagatgat gactttaatt tagcttccta      4740
     cttgagtttt tgaagggaga tcacttagca gggtacttgt ggtagcctgt tcaacaaatg      4800
     tttccggttc ttttcccttt caggtacaca gcataattgt aattcctgtc cacttgaggt      4860
     agggtggaac tatgtaacta attctgccca atgacttgtg agtggaagtg gaagcatttg      4920
     attaccagag tgagaccatt cagagctctt cttttccctc tggcacagag tttttcacat      4980
     gtctttcaag acaacacata tattagctga gaatatgggt acaaattaac agaggaaatg      5040
     atcaggaagt caattgagtc tgtagtcaag ggcagaaatg ctactcaatg ccagcaatca      5100
     ggtaggcctt acaatcagag tttggagtgc ctatagcatc agcagaaatg atgtggcact      5160
     catcagcaaa gggcgatgta cttgtttctg ggagtatggc ctataccaac tgaatggcca      5220
     gtgggacgta gcaaccacag actttggaag tggtgttaaa gaaaacacct gtgattaagt      5280
     atagattaac tataccttag tgatgtcatc taaggactga aggacctgac cagtggagac      5340
     caacacagat actcatatgt cccaagaaac tctctccacc cacccaatgc catgaattta      5400
     catgagccct catatgccca aattccacct tggaaaacat tagcgagagg acatgaaaat      5460
     ctggaagaca acacttactg gaaaagatct catctaaaat aggctattca acccgttaga      5520
     gattaggcca ctgacttaca tttgggtttt tccaaatcta ggcaaatact tctgtattag      5580
     ttttgactaa aaatggaatt acaagcaggt agtcatttcc tataacatct ccaatactag      5640
     aggttgttga cgatactgaa aagaaaaatg attaattcat tttcatgaca ttttctaggc      5700
     tctaaagcag ggatcttaaa aatcagagca gccaaatgct tctactctgt aggattaatc      5760
     tatggcaaca tcttaatgag tcttttgctt atctggtgcc tatcttcaca catgttgaca      5820
     cctatacata ttgggtaaat tatgatatga taaagctaaa agtgctgatc ataggtaatg      5880
     ataaatatca tttgcacaaa cagcttaatt cactcagaat tgacatacct gactccttag      5940
     ccatatttac cattgatgct gttatgtttg actgcagata tcagattcat ttgacattca      6000
     aaatgtcatt taatacaact cagaggaaag ggtgaaataa aaataaaggg tctattggct      6060
     ctcatatttc tagtaactat tagaagaagt agtaaacaga agttcatatc tcatggctac      6120
     aagcagaatg tttccctgta cagtcataca actttatcaa tgctgtattc caaatgcttt      6180
     tttattagat ttgagtcact gcacttaaga tctgggaaca ctgaccagct ccatctggct      6240
     ggcctttgta tctgtgaaca aagtagagaa atacagaagg gttatagttt ctttgggggg      6300
     ggaagctgag aaaaaagggt cactattatg aagcttgagc ctaaactttt tggatatatt      6360
     aacattaaat acaacatgta tcagtaaaca tttagatttt ataaattata tattttaata      6420
     atttttatta tgtatttatt tgaaaaaatc agttttatac catattctat tttgagatat      6480
     tgcattctaa taaatagtgg tgagttcata tggctaaaag tgtcataaag aaatgcttag      6540
     gggtgaactt tcctattgta agtattttcc ttgtattttg taatctgatt ttaagctatg      6600
     gttatcggtt gtgcactaat aatggtattt ctcaaaggaa gaaatagtat aatataaaaa      6660
     gtatttcata aagtgctcaa ttaatttttt ttttttgttg ttgttgttgt ttgtttgttt      6720
     gtttgttttt tgagacggag tgtctctctg tcgcccaggc tggagtgtag tggcgcgatc      6780
     tcggctcact gcaagctctg cctccagggt tcacgccatt ctcctgcctc agcctctgga      6840
     gtagctggga ctacaggcac ccgccagcac acccggctaa ttttttgtat ttttggtaga      6900
     gacggggttt taccatgtta accaggatag tctcgatctt ctgacctcgt gatccgcccg      6960
     cctcggcctc ccttgtgttg tttgtttgtt tgtttgtttg tgacggagtc tcgctctgtc      7020
     ggccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcgcgatctc ggctcactgc aagccccacc tcccgggttc      7080
     acgccattct cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcgctg ccaccacgcc      7140
     cggctaattt tttgtatttt tagtagagac agggtttcac cgtgttagcc aggacggtct      7200
     ccatctcctg acctcatgat ccgcctgtct ccgcctctca aagtgctaga attacagacc      7260
     gtgcctggac tctcctaggt ttattggtat ttgtcttttc cctctgtctt cacatggtct      7320
     ttcctttgtg tgtgtctgtg tcctaatctc ttcaatatga caccactcat attagcttca      7380
     tatccatctc tatgacctca ttttaccttg attacttctt taaacgttct ttcttcagat      7440
     atcacattat gaggtactgg gggtcaggac ttcaacctgt gaattttaga gatacacagt      7500
     tcggcccaca acataaatga acctcgaaaa cattatgcta agtgaaataa atgagacata      7560
     aaaggagaga tattgtatga ttacacttac atgagataca tgaatagtca aattcagaga      7620
     caaaaagtag aagaatggtt accaagtcct ggggaaaggg ttggaggaat gcggagttat      7680
     tgtttaatgt gcagttttgg gatgacacga aagttctgaa ggtggatagt tatgataatt      7740
     gcacaataat gtgaatacac ttaatgccac tgaattgaat atttaaaaat cgtcaaaaag      7800
     ataaatttta tgttatgcat attttaccac aataagaaag aaaactctag aaataaaaat      7860
     atagtaacag aaatgaagaa tgcctagcaa tgcattggag agggaataaa tggtatcaaa      7920
     attaaatctt ttatttttct tattcttaat atgtgtaaag cataacattt aaaaataata      7980
     gtattacaat gtattgcatg attatcaaat atgaataagt gcgattaatg atagcagtat      8040
     tacaagggac atgagagaga agttgagaat attctgtatg aggtacctat actgtacaca      8100
     aagtaatata atgacatctg aaagtggact gagagtacag aatcatatat tgtaaactgt      8160
     agagcaacaa ttaaaaacct tttaaagaga agtataatta ctattctaag aaaggaaata      8220
     aaatggaatc atataaaatg atcaattaaa aagaagacag aaaaagagta ggaaataaca      8280
     aacagcaaat tcaatgagca gaaaacaatg acaaacatag tagatatcac tccacctata      8340
     tcaataatca cttcaattat gaatggttta aaaatgctat tgtaactgta ctccatttgc      8400
     ttaagaaggt agatgaaaag ctatatacat taaggagaga catggaagat acaaacacta      8460
     aaataaaact tctaaaggta aaaatacaat atctgatata aaaattcatt ggattagatt      8520
     aacagcagat taaacattgc aaaggaaaag attcatgaat aaaaatcata gcaactgaaa      8580
     ctatacaaca tgtcacacac agatttaaaa aaagactgaa aatgatgaag agggaatctg      8640
     taagctagat aaactgcaag cagcttaata tatgtaagat tggagttccc aaaaagtagt      8700
     aaagaggaga ataataaaaa tgagggccag gtgcagtggc tcacacctgt aatcccagca      8760
     ctttgggagg ctgaggtggg cggatcattt gaggtcagga gttcaagacc agcctggcca      8820
     acatggtgaa accctgtctc taataaaaat acagaaatta gctgggcgta gtagtggggg      8880
     cctgtaatac cagctacttg ggaggctgag gcataagaat tgcttgaacc tgtgaggtgg      8940
     agattatagt gagctgagat tgtgctaatt caactctagc ctgggcaata cagcgagact      9000
     cagtctcaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaaaacaa caacgaatat ttgagtacac aatggctgaa      9060
     tatttacaaa tttcatggta actacaaatt cacaattcca aaaatctcaa taaactcaaa      9120
     catgaaaaaa ttacaaggca cattaaagtc agattgttta agactactga tggacagcgt      9180
     taaatgcatc cagatgtgga gcacatgaga tacaaactaa caaagaatga gaaaagaatg      9240
     aaagcatatt cctcattgaa agaaatgcaa tcaagaaaac aagtatagct tttctaaaat      9300
     acggaaataa aataaaagta ctgaaatagt tctatagtat ttgtactcag ggaaatcaga      9360
     ttttcacaaa tgaaggcaaa ataaagagct tttcagacat gcaaaagcta aaagaaatca      9420
     gtagcagaac catatcacaa agaaatgcta atggaaattc ttcaggcgga aggaaatgac      9480
     acccagtgaa atctacctct attcaaagga atgaaaagca tcagaaatta tagctacatg      9540
     agcaaatatt tgtttcttat tatgtaaatt tcttttttat tattactatt atttttaaat      9600
     tatagtttca gttctggggt acatgtgcac aacatgcagg tttcttaaca tatgtataca      9660
     tgtgccatgt tggtgtgctg cacccattaa cttgtcattt acattaggta tatctcctaa      9720
     tgctctccct cccctctccc cccaccccac aacaggcccc agtgtgtgat gggggcctgt      9780
     gtccaagtgt tctcattgtt caactcccac ctatgagtga gaacatgcgg tgcttggttt      9840
     tctgtccttg cgatagtttg ctcagaatga tggtttccag cttcatccat gtccctacaa      9900
     aggacatgaa ctgatccttt tttatggctg catagaattc catggtgtgt atgtgccaca      9960
     ttttcttaat ccagtctatc atttttggac atttcggttg gttccaagtc tttgctattg     10020
     tgaatagtgc cacaataaac atacgtgtgc atgtgtcttc ataccagcat gatttataat     10080
     cctttgggta tatacctagt aatgggatgg ctgggtcaaa tggtatttcc agttctagat     10140
     ccttgaggaa tcgccacact gtcttccaca atggttgaac tagtttacag tcccaccaac     10200
     agtgtaaaag tgttcctatt tctccacatc ctctccagca cctgttgtgt cctgactttt     10260
     taatgattgc cattctaact ggtgtgagat ggtgtctcat tgtggttttg atttgcattt     10320
     ctctgatggc cagtgatggt gagcattttt tcatgtgtct gttggctgca taaaagtctt     10380
     atttgagaag tgtctgttca tatcctttgc ccactttttg atgagattgt ttgattcttt     10440
     cttgtaaatt taagttcttt gtagattctg gatattagcc ctttgtcaga tgagtagatt     10500
     gtaaaaattt tctcccattc tgtaggttgc ctgttcactc tgatggtagt ttcttttgct     10560
     gtgcagaagc tctttagttt aattagatcc catttgtcaa ttttggcttt tgttgccatt     10620
     gcttttggta ttttagtcat gaagtccttg cccatgtcta tggcctgaat ggtattgcct     10680
     aggttttcct ctagggtttt tatggtttta ggcctaacat ttaagtcttt aatccatctt     10740
     gaattaattt ttgtataagg tgtaaggaag ggatctactt tcagctttct acatatggct     10800
     agccagtttt cccagtacca tttattaaat agggaatcct ttccccattt cttgtttttg     10860
     tcagatttgt caaagatcag attgctgcag atgtgtggta ttatttctga gggctctgct     10920
     ctgttccatt ggtctccatc tctgttttgg taccagtacc atgctgtttt ggttactgtt     10980
     gccttgtagt atagtttgaa gtcaggtggt gtgatgcctc cagctttgtt ctttgggctt     11040
     aggattgtct tggcaatgca ggctcttttt tggttccata tgaactttaa agtagttttt     11100
     tccaattctg tgaagaaagt cattggtagc tcgatgggga aggcattgaa tctataaatt     11160
     accttgggca ctatggccat tttcacgata ttgattattc ctacccatga gcatggaatg     11220
     ttcttccatt tgtttgtgtc ctcttttatt ttgttgaaca gtggtttgta gttctccttg     11280
     aagaggtcct tcacatccct tgtaagttgg attcctaggt attctattct ctttgaagca     11340
     attgtgaatg ggagttcact catgatttgg ctctctgttt gtctgttatt ggtgtatagg     11400
     aatgcttgtg atttttggac attgattttg tatcctgaga ctttgctgaa gttgcttatc     11460
     agcttaagga gatttggggc tgagatgatg gggtattcta aatatacaat catgtcatct     11520
     gcagacaggg aaaattggac ttcctctttt cctaattgaa taccctttat ttctttctcc     11580
     tgcctgattg ccctggccag aacttccaac actatgttga ataggagtgg tgagagaggg     11640
     catccctgtc ttgtgccagt ttttgcccat tcagtatgat attggctgtg tgtttgtcat     11700
     aaatagctct tattattttg agatacatcc catcaatcct agtttattga gagtttttag     11760
     catgaagggc tgttgaattt tgtcgaaggc cttttctgca tctattgaga taatcatgtg     11820
     gtttttgtct ttggttctgt ttatatgatg aattaaattt attgatttgt atatgttgaa     11880
     ccagccttgc atcccagggt tgaagcccac ttgatcatgg tggataagct ttttgatgtg     11940
     ctgctggatt tggtttgcca gtattttatt gaggattttt gcaatgatgt tcatcaggga     12000
     tattggtcta aaattctctt tttttgttac gtctctgcga ggctttggtg tcaggatgat     12060
     gctggcctca taaaatgagt tagggaggat tccctctttt tctattgatt agaatagttt     12120
     ctgaaggaat ggtaccagct cctctttgta cctctggtag aatttggctg tgaatccatc     12180
     tggtcctgga ctttttttgg ttggtaggct attaattatt gcctcaattt tagagcctgt     12240
     tattggtcta ttcagggatc caacttcttc ctggttcagt cttgggaggg tgtatgtgtc     12300
     caggaattta tccatttctt ctagattttc tagtttattt gcatagaggt gtttatagta     12360
     ttctctgatg gtagtttgta tttctgtggg atcagtggtg atatcccctt tatcattttt     12420
     tattgcatct attggattct tctctctttt cttctttatt agtcttgcta gcggtctatt     12480
     ttgttaatct tttcaaaaaa ccagctcttg gattctttga ttttttgaag ggttttttgt     12540
     gtgtctattt ccttcagttc tgctctgatc ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt     12600
     gaatgtgttt cttgttgctt ttctagtttt ttttaattgt ggtgttaggg tatcaatttt     12660
     agatctttac tgctttctct tgtgggcact taatgctata aatttccctc tccacactgc     12720
     tttaaatgtg tcccagagat tctggtatgt tgtatctttg ttctcactgg tttcaaggaa     12780
     catctttatt tctgccttca ttttgttatg tacccagtag tcattcagga gcaggttgtt     12840
     cagtttccat gtagttgagc agttttgact gagtttctta atcctgagtt ctagtttgat     12900
     tgcactatgg tctgaaagac agtttgttat aacttctgtt cttttacatt tgctgaggag     12960
     tgcttcactt ccaagtatgt ggtcaatttt gtaataagtg tgatgtggtg ctgagaagaa     13020
     tgtatattct attgatttgg ggtggagagt tctgtagatg tctattatgt ctgcttggtg     13080
     cagagctgag ttcaattcct ggatatcttt attaactttc agtctcgttg acagaaagtt     13140
     tctgtcaatt cctggatatc cttgttaact ttctgtctcg ttgacagtgg gttgttaaag     13200
     tgtcccatta ttattgtgtg ggagtctaag tctctttcta ggtctctaag gacttgcttt     13260
     atgaatctgg gtgctcctgt attgggtgca tatatattta ggttaattag ctcttcttgt     13320
     tgaattgatc cctttacatt atgtaatggc cttctctgtc tcttttgatc tttgttgatt     13380
     taaaatctgt tttttcagcg actaggattg caacccctgc ttttttttgt tttccatttg     13440
     cttggtagat cttcctccat ccctttattt tgagcctatg tgtatctctg cacatgagat     13500
     gggtctcctg aatacagcac actaatgggt cttgactctt tatccaattt gcccctctgt     13560
     gtcttttaat tggagcattt agcccattta catttaaggt taatattgtt atgtgtgaat     13620
     ttgatcatgt cattatgatg ttagctggtt attttgctca ttagttgatg cagtttcttc     13680
     ctagcctcga tggtctttac aatttggcat gtttttgcag tggctgatac tggttgttcc     13740
     tttccatgtt tagtgcttcc ttcaggagct cttgtaaggc aaacctggtg gtgtcaaaat     13800
     ctctcagcat ttgtttgtct gtaaaggatt ttatttctcc ttcagttatg aagcttagtt     13860
     tggctggaca tgaaattctg ggttgaaaat tcttttcttt aagaatgttg aatattggcc     13920
     cccattctct tctgccttgt agagtttctg ctgggagatc tgctgttagt ctgatgggct     13980
     tccctttttg cataacccga cctttctctc tggctgccct tcacattttt tccttcattt     14040
     caactttggt gaatctgaca attacatgtc ttggagttgc tcttctcgag gagtatcttt     14100
     gtggcattct ctgtatttcc tgaatttgca tattggcctg ccttgctaga ttggggaagt     14160
     tctcctggat aatatcctgc agagtgtttt ccaacttggt tccattctcc ccgtcacttt     14220
     caggtacacc aatcagatgt agatttggtc ttttcacata gtcccatatt atttggaggc     14280
     tttgttcatt tgtttttact tttttctcta aacttctctt ctcacttcat ttcattcatt     14340
     tgatcttcaa tcactgatac cctttctttc acttgattga gtcagctact gaagcttgtg     14400
     catgcatcac atagttctca tgtcatggtt ttcagctcca tctggtcatt gaaggtcttc     14460
     tctatgctgt ttattcaagt tagccattca tctcatcttt tttcaaggtt tttagcttct     14520
     ttgatatggg tttgaatatc ctcctttagc ttggagaagt ttgttattac tgatcgattg     14580
     cagaatggca aatgttgctg cctgatcctt cctctggaag cttcatctca gaggggtact     14640
     aggctgtatg aggtgtcagt cggcccctac tgggaggtgt ctcccagtta ggctactcgg     14700
     gggtcaggga cccacttgag gaggcagtct gtccattctc agatctccag ctccatactg     14760
     ggagaaccac tactctcttg aaagctgtca gacggggaca tttaagtctg cagaagtttc     14820
     tgctgccttt tgttcagcta tgctctgccc ctagaggtgc agtctacaga ggcaggcagg     14880
     cctccttgat ctgcagtggg ctccacccag ttcgagcttc ctggccactt tgtttacgta     14940
     ctcaagcctc agcaatggca gacacccctc ccccagcctt gctgccacct tgcagtttga     15000
     tctcagactg ctgtgctagc agcgagcaag gctccatggg cgtaggaccc tccaagccag     15060
     gcacaggata taatctcctg ctgtgccatt tgctaaggcc attggaaaag cacagtatta     15120
     gggttggagt gtcctgattt tccaggtact gtcagggcta cccttgacta ggaaagggaa     15180
     ttccccagcc ccttcttctt cccaggtgag gcaatgcccc gccctgcttt ggctcatgct     15240
     ccatgggctg cacccactgt ccaacaagcc ccattgagat gaacctggta cctcagatgg     15300
     aaatgcagaa atcactcatc ttctgtgtca ctcacgctgg gagctgtaga ctggagctct     15360
     tcctatttgg ccatcttgga acctcccctc atgtaaattt cttttaaaga taattgatta     15420
     aacagaatga taacaatgtg ttgttattgc aacatatgta tatacaaata aagtatatga     15480
     caacaaagca taaagactga gaggggagaa atgcaagtat actgttgtaa ggtttgaata     15540
     gtatatgtga aatggtataa ttcacttgaa gctagattgt gataagttta agatatatac     15600
     tactactcca cagcaaacac aaaattagca aaataaagaa ttataatttt aagccaaaaa     15660
     ataccagaga caagtctcaa tcaattcaga agtttattta gccaaggtta aggacatacc     15720
     cgtgacatag ccttaggagg tcctgagaac atttgcccaa ggtgatctgg ctacagcttg     15780
     aatttccatg ttttagggag gtataagaca tgaatcagta catgtaagac atacactggt     15840
     taggtctgga aaggtggggt gtattagggt tctctagagg gacaggacta ataggataaa     15900
     tgtatatgtg aaagggagtt tattaaggag tatacactgt cacaaggtga agtcccaaaa     15960
     taggccatct gcaagctgag gagcaaggaa gccagtctga attcccaaat ctcaaaaata     16020
     gggaagccga cagtgcagcc ttcagtctgt ggctgaaggc ccaagagccc ctgccaaacc     16080
     actggtgtaa gtccaaaagt ccaaaagcca aagaacttgg agtccaatgt tcaaagccag     16140
     gaagcataca gcatgggaga aaatgaaggc cagaacactc agccagtcta gtccttccac     16200
     attctcctgc ctgctttatt ttagctgtgc tggcagctga ttagatggtg cccacccaga     16260
     ttgagggtgg gtctgcctct tctagtccac tgattcaaat gtcagtcttc tttggcaaca     16320
     ccctcacaca tacacccagg aacaacactt tgcacccttc attccaatca agttgacact     16380
     caatattaac catcacatgg agtaatgtga agggggagga aggggcagtg ggggggttgt     16440
     ggactgcaag tcataagtgg attaaaagat ttcctgattg gcaatgggtt gaaagctttt     16500
     atctaaagac ctggaattaa tagaagggtt aaaataaggg gctgtggaga ccaaggtttt     16560
     tattatgcag ataaagcctc caggtagcag gcttcagaaa gaatagattg taaatgtttt     16620
     ttatcagact taaaaaggta ccaaactcag ttaattctct cccggatcag gaagaagacc     16680
     tggaaataaa aggagatttt ctatagaagg tagattttcc cacaagagac agctttgcag     16740
     ggccatttca aaatatgttt aagaaatata gccaggcacg ttggctcatg cctataatcc     16800
     tagcactttg ggaggctgaa gcaggcagat cacttgaggt caggagtttg agaccaacct     16860
     ggccaacatg gcaaaaccac gtctctacaa aaaatacaaa aaaataagcc aggaatggtg     16920
     gcgggcacct gtaatcccag ctattcaaga ggctgaggca ggagaatcac ttgaacctgg     16980
     gagacggagg ttgtggtgac tgagccaaga tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgggcaaca     17040
     gagggagact ccatctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gagggagaga     17100
     aaagaaatat cttttgaggt aaaatatttt tatttctttt agggcttgct gtctgtcatg     17160
     ttggtatctt aatggctacc aagagtctgt ttcatcagtc gtaaggtctc tgttttaatg     17220
     ttaaatgctg gtcagctgtg cctgaattcc aaaggaaggt gagtatagtg tggcgtgtct     17280
     gacctctact acccatcatg gcctgaactg attttccagg ttaacttagg aatgcccttg     17340
     tttgagagga ggggtccatt caattggttg atgggcttag aattttactt ttgatttaca     17400
     tagttaatga accagaaagg aagatgaaat gtaataaaaa tgtttgatcc aaatggaaaa     17460
     aaagaagaaa aaagaacaaa aatcaaaatt atcgactcaa acctaactat ataaataatc     17520
     atattaaatg taaatggttt aaacacctca attaaaagtc aggaattgtc atataatttt     17580
     tttaggaaga cccaattcta tgctgcttac aagaaataca ctttatatat aaagaaacaa     17640
     agaggttaaa aaatacatac catgttaaca gaaatcaaca gaaagctgat aaatctagcc     17700
     agactaatca ggcattagaa gaaaaaaatg ccagtagcag gaatgagaaa ggtgacatga     17760
     ttttaggttt tacagatgtt aaaagaatca taataaaata ttatatataa cttcatgtca     17820
     atgatttcca caattgtcat aaaatagatg aactccttga aatacacaaa ctaccatatc     17880
     tcactcaaga agaaatacat aatctgaata gccctacatc tgttagagaa atacaatttg     17940
     tagttacaaa accttcacat aaagaaaatg ccaggcccaa gtggtttcac tagtgaatta     18000
     tatcaaatat ttaagaagta atactaattt tacatgaact cttcatagaa aatttttgag     18060
     aaggtaatta tttcctacct cattctatga aattagcatt accctgatat aaatgtcaaa     18120
     gacattacaa gaaaagtaaa ctagagacaa tatctctcat gacattagtt gaaaaaatgc     18180
     aattttagca attaaattac agcattatgt aaacagaata acacacaagg accaaggggg     18240
     cttatcctaa gaatgtgaaa ttgtttgaac atttaaaaat caaacagtgt actaagaaga     18300
     aggaagacaa aaacagaaat gaaaaagaca ttgcaactga tgtcacagaa atccaaagat     18360
     cataagaaac tgctgtgaga aaaaatacac caataaactc gataacctag aataaatgga     18420
     taaattccta gaaacataca acctaccaag agtgcatcat gaaagaaata ggaaatttaa     18480
     acaggcaaac agtaaataag gagatcgaat cagtaataaa aaaaactccc aacaaagcaa     18540
     agcctccgac ctgatgactc tgctgctgaa gtctaccaaa tatttaaaga agaattaata     18600
     ccaatcattt taaaactctt cccaaaaaat caaaaaggag ggaatatttc caaactcatt     18660
     tcacgaggcc agcattatgt gaatttaaag acagacaaag acactacaaa aagaaaacta     18720
     caggtcgatg tccctgatta atatagatgc aaggatcctc aacaaaataa ttgcaaacca     18780
     aatttaacag caaattaata ggatcataca ccaagtggga tttatccctg agttgcaggg     18840
     atggttcaac atgtgaaaat caattaatgt gatacagtta atagaataaa agataaaaat     18900
     cacaaaatca tctcaataga tttaaaaata ataatttgat aaaattcgac actttttcat     18960
     gttagaaact ctcaacaaac taggaagaga tggaagttac ctcaacatat tgaggccaga     19020
     tatgaaaatc ccacagctaa caccacactc agagtaaaaa actaaaagct tttcctctaa     19080
     tatcaggaaa aagacaggga tgttcacttt taccacttct attcaacata gtaatgaaag     19140
     tcctgcccag aatgattatt caagatcaat acaaaaaata catcaagttc agaaggaaga     19200
     agtgaaattg tacctgttta aacatgatct aatatacaga aaactctaaa gactccacaa     19260
     aaaactgtta gaattaataa gtcaattcag caaagtagta tgataaaaaa caatatgtaa     19320
     aaatcaattg catttctata caccaaaaat aaactctctg aaagaaaatt aggaaaccaa     19380
     tcccatttac aacattatca aaaataatca aatacttagg aataaactta gccaaggagg     19440
     taaaagacac actgcaaact gcaaaacatt aatttaagaa atttaaaagg acacaagtaa     19500
     atggaaagac atactgtgtt catagattgg aagtcttaat atctacacta ctcaaagcaa     19560
     tctacaaatt caattcaata tccataaaaa tcctaatagc atttttacag acagagaaaa     19620
     aacaattcta agattcatat ataattggaa agtaccctga atagccaaaa caatcttgag     19680
     aagaaagagc aaggctagag gcatcacttc ctaatttcaa aatatattgc aaagctatag     19740
     taattaaaat aatatgttaa cagcataaag atagacattt aagaccaatg ggttagaata     19800
     gggagccaag aaatagatct gtgtatatac agtcaattga tctttgacat gggtgccaag     19860
     aatgcacaat caggaaagga cagtctcttc aacaaatgct gctgggaaaa ctggatatct     19920
     ccatgcaaga gtagaactgg atccttgtct tataccataa acaaaaatta aatcaaaatg     19980
     gattaaaaac ttaaatgcaa ggtgagactg taaagcttct ataacaaaac actgggaaaa     20040
     agattaattt ccaaaatacg ttaggaactc aaacaactca gtagataaaa ctaacaatct     20100
     gattttttaa atgagcaaag gacttgaata gacatttttc caaagaagag aaatacccac     20160
     aggtatatga aaagatgctc agtgttacta atcatcagaa aaatgtaaat caaaaccaca     20220
     atgaaatatt tcctcacacc tgtcaggatg attattatta aaaaaaaaaa aagacaagtg     20280
     ttggaaggga tgtggagaaa tggaacctgt gtacattgtt tgtgggaata cacgatggtg     20340
     catttactat gggaaaaaag tacgaacggt cttcaaaaag ttaaaaacag agccattata     20400
     ttgctccaat aatcccactt ctgagtattt atccaaaaga attgaaatca ggatcttgaa     20460
     gtaatattac cattcctatg ttcattgcaa cactattcgt aatagctcag atgtagaaac     20520
     aacattaatg tccattaaca gataaattca taaagcaaat gtggtataga catacaatgg     20580
     aaataatatt cagcattaaa aaagaaattc tgcaatatgc acaacatgaa taaaccttga     20640
     ggatattatt ccaagtgaaa taagccaatc acagaaagac aaatcccgta taatttgctt     20700
     attttagata gtgaaaatat taacagtaca attcatagaa tcaaagagtg gaatggtggt     20760
     tgccaggatg ggagtgaaag ggaagtgagg agttgcttat caatgggtat aaaatttcat     20820
     taatgcaaga tgaattagct ttagagatct gctgtgtaat actgtgccta tagttaacaa     20880
     tattttattg tatactgaaa aatctcataa gagagtagat ctcatgttat attcttacca     20940
     caataaaata aaaattttaa aaatcaagca ctgtagttca ccaaatagag aaattaaaaa     21000
     agaaaagatc ttatctcagt ataatcagaa gaaaataact ctcagcaaac tggcactagc     21060
     aggaaacttc ttcaacctga ttaaggtaat ttacaaaaaa cctacaggta atgtcacgct     21120
     tagtgagttt tctcacattt tttcaacatt tccagaaaga tggttgactt tgctgggttt     21180
     tctttccttt tcttaaccta taagaacaat ctctgtaacc tgcatccttt gcccacgaat     21240
     gaactctgac ttcctgaaac tctaagtgag caacttggtt gttacttctg gaggtatcag     21300
     ccttctgcta attgcattta agatgccatt gtagaaagtt ttggccacag gacctggctg     21360
     gaaaacactg gccccactgg actgtactct gtactcaaac tttccttaag tataaagatt     21420
     tgatagagaa tggcttttac ataggaagat cctggggatg gttaagcaca tgagaaatga     21480
     ttattggggt tctctgagaa agaaaattgt cagaagaggc aattgaatca ccgagatcta     21540
     cgaactaatg tagaataagt cactgcaagc atcagcttag tttctctcca aatgagaaag     21600
     cagtcgtcaa actccttcac atatccttga aacatacgaa caatctgggc atctgttgtc     21660
     tacacagggg ttgcttctct tgaattctct aaacataatt tggtacaata gagtattagt     21720
     cttttgcatt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtc tgtgtgtata cacacacaga catacacaca     21780
     tatgccatac aatatttttt gaagttttat taagtttaat aattgaatga ctaatactgc     21840
     agctatgtct agcatattgt gttagaaaac atgcttagcc tctctgtaag agagagcccc     21900
     agagaactgg gaacgtttat ctatgtagaa ccatatatct agtagaacca tagaacattt     21960
     atctatgtag gctgaatgtg cgatttatca tattctcaac aataatccta tgcttggtga     22020
     aatgtataag ggacctttgc gtaccttttt ttctttttgc aacttcatgt gaatctacaa     22080
     ttatttcaaa ataaaaaaat ttaaaaagta catgtgtcaa aagaaatctc ttgataaaca     22140
     taaaacaata aaaaaggaac ctttgtcaga aacacatgga taggctctct gtgattgtct     22200
     ctcatggctg ttgcttaact tgaataaaaa ttcacatcat gtcaaatatt acaagcaaca     22260
     ttatctgtga catagtctat tgaagcagtc acattggcat tggggagata cacaaacaaa     22320
     gcaaaccata gccatctggt attctcagct tgtttacaaa atcacttaac aaggctaagt     22380
     tgaagatgtg gaaatagagg ttcatctggg agtgaatggt ctcacctgtc cccgacttac     22440
     ttttctctct ctccatttcc ctcagggctc aatgaagagg gagtcatgaa gaatttggat     22500
     gagcaagtgc cccagtccta tgtatttatg tctccccact gatgtacagt gctccatctg     22560
     ccataaatat ctatcgactc aattctgagt catttactgg acttctattt tttttccttt     22620
     gggctatttc atctatcagg agatttgccc catgctgtct tgaaggctaa cattatgaat     22680
     tttgattggt ggtacggcag ttccttacat cttattatta ttatttttat tctacagatt     22740
     tgttttcaat tcttcggcct ttgacttttt ttgtacgaag gtaagaatta ttaatagttg     22800
     tttaaatact caaaaaacac agtgaaaatt tttaggggaa atgcactgaa tatatctatc     22860
     aatttgaaaa tggaggctgg gtgcagtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg     22920
     caaaggcagg cagatcacga ggtcaggaga ttcagaccat cctggctaat atggtgaaac     22980
     cccgtctcta ctaaaaataa aaaaaattag ccgggcgcgg tggcgggcgc ctgtagtccc     23040
     agctactggg gaggctgagg caggagaatg gcgtgaaccc gggaggcgga gcttgcagtg     23100
     agccgagatc gtgccacagc actccagcct gggcgacaga gtgagactcc gtcttaaaaa     23160
     aaaagaaaag aaaatggaaa agcttaaaat catgagttat atagtattat cttacatatt     23220
     actatataca taattcagtg aattatagta ttcaagaata tagaatgaat tttcatttag     23280
     ttttataaat ttccatgttt cttgatctta ttgagcattc aaggcaatca ataaaatata     23340
     ctcctgatac tagaaattcc ttatattttc tggatatttt ttgtggcatc tgtacattgc     23400
     aaatactttc taccagtctg aagattggtt gtcactttgt taggttttct ttaagatgtt     23460
     ttttctttct ggccgggcgc ggtggctcac gcctgtaatc ccagcatttt ggaaggccaa     23520
     ggcgggcgga tcactaggtc aggagatcga gaccatcctg gctaacacgg tgaaaccccc     23580
     tctctactaa aaatacaaaa aattagccgg gcgtggtggc aggtacctgt agtaccagct     23640
     actcaagagg ctgaggcagg agaatggcgt gaacccgggg tctgagcttg cagtgaacct     23700
     agattgcgcc actgcagtcc agcctgggtg acagagcgag actctattca aaaaaaaaaa     23760
     aaagagattt ttttcttttc aatgtggaag agttaaatta tcttttccta ttgtggtttt     23820
     gtttcagaca gtattcataa gaaaattctc ttattctttt tactaaatga ctcacatatt     23880
     ttgtttcaaa tttaagtttt taatcccact gggatgaatt tagtgtaagg cgtaagtacg     23940
     gatccacaat gtttccatat ggatatctga atggtttaac tgcttttatt ttattttatt     24000
     tatttattta tttatttatt ttgagatgga gtctcgctct gtcacccagg ctggagtgca     24060
     atggtgtgat cttggctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccggg ttcaagcgat tctcctgcct     24120
     ctgcctccca agtagctggg attacaggcg cccaccacca cgccaggcta cttttttgta     24180
     tttttagtag agagggggtt tcaccatgtt ggtcaggctg gtcttgaatt cctgacctca     24240
     agtgatccgc ccgagtgatc tgcccgcctc cgcctctcaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt     24300
     gagccacagc gcccggcctt gactgctttt aaaatagtca tctttctaaa ttgccctgct     24360
     gtttccactt tctcgtaggt atctgtttcc attttgtttc ttcagtttca ttggcttgtc     24420
     tctatttttt ccaatacaaa gctatcttaa ttaatttatt ttcatcataa attgtaaggt     24480
     ccagtagata atttctctta tgttattact gcatgagagt gtctttggtt ttctttggtg     24540
     tgaggtttat tttttcatat taattttgcg tcagcttatg aaggacatta ggaaatctgg     24600
     ttgaggtttt ggctggaatt aacattgaca atttgggtgg aattgatatt ttttatgatt     24660
     ttgacttttc ctattgatat ttgcagtata aatctccatt tatttgcttt tatttttttt     24720
     ctcttatgaa taagttcacc tttaaaatgg tgaaaccata gtattcatct ctcagggtag     24780
     gttaaatttc ttacaatagt gaggggacta taaaatactt tttatctttg gtgaaattta     24840
     cccctaagtt catagcattt gagtttgcta ttgaaaaatt tgttatttat atttttaaat     24900
     taacaattac acattttttt aaaaccagtt aatcaccaag tatgctaatc ctaaattaca     24960
     ttttctctcc tcactgatgt gtgtgtcccc tctgtaagac accatgtgga tataaatgct     25020
     aagtatgatt ctgggcctct ggtcttttcc tgtgagctac tttgtctctc actgtgccta     25080
     taccactgtc ttgatgagtc tggctttcta aaaccttgat tggtagtaag gcacgtgctc     25140
     caaatgtatt tgtttctttt acagatattt ttgagttttc ttacctctct ttttttcaaa     25200
     tatatatgaa aatctggtta tcgatgtcct cactcaacct agtggatatt ttaagtggaa     25260
     aaatattgta tatagatagc atattgaact gtgagatgct tcatgtatgg aactatctta     25320
     tgcatgaaca tagacctgat taagttatgt gcattgacag gttggaaaga tgcatttaag     25380
     atttaagaac aatcaatgac ttcctctgtt tccactagag tccccacaaa attgaaacac     25440
     attaggggaa aaacgtagat gaagtccaaa atatttttaa aaatagctca cagataatga     25500
     ctcataggac aaaacattca gggttggagc tcagccagct ttaagttctc agagcttaaa     25560
     gggtcagggt cactagctca aacctgaggc ccctaatcag cctggcacct gtcctaaggt     25620
     tggaatgggc tgatactttg cactggacac tcttgttccc tgagagatgc ccactttgct     25680
     ctacttgcct catttgttct aataagatcc tatactggtg atgtcagcag gtgtctgata     25740
     caaggaaata tgttgtatgg agtgggagag gtgaagagta gtgaggtagt gatttcatgg     25800
     tgtgggatac attaggacca acccacttag aaaaaaatga ccttagcaac aattttttac     25860
     cactaatgcc cttggcaaaa acatccttaa gaacaattgc ccttggcacc aacactttta     25920
     aaaatatgcc tatcacaaca atgactctta ttaataatgg cccttagcaa caaatcccat     25980
     agcaacaata cccttagcat agacaccatc aggaataatg ctttaagaca acattgttaa     26040
     tattaaccct tttagccaaa agactcttgg caacataatc taagcaacag taacattaga     26100
     aaaatgccct cagctataac actatttgcc acagttgttc ttagcaacac ctttgactga     26160
     catcaacact cctagaagca atatcttaca ttagcaatca tagaccttaa caaccacccc     26220
     aaacaacaat gaccttagca acaaatagct tgacatgaat acctttacca aaatgtcgtt     26280
     taaaaaaatg gcctttagca tcaagaccct taacaaaaat ggcccttagg aaaaatgacc     26340
     ctagagacaa cactcataac ataacaacaa tggtccctaa caacaatgtc cttagcagca     26400
     acatcattag caatggtgca ccttactgac aaatctctaa gcaacaacaa ccttagcata     26460
     attgcctgta gaaatagtgg gaattatgcc aattgcaaca atgccattgg caacaatgtc     26520
     tttaaaatca atgtccatag caacaatgcc cttaggaaca atggtatgtc catttacctc     26580
     tataaattgc catggtactt tggaaatggt caaaccatgg cctgttagtg tatcttagca     26640
     aaaacaccct tagaaataat accttcaaaa accatggccc ttagcaataa caaaattaga     26700
     aataaagcaa ttagcaacaa tgcccttaca aaaatgtcct ttatagtggc attaacaaca     26760
     gcactcttac caatggcacc ttagtaaaaa tgcttttagt atcaactcct tagcaataat     26820
     gacatcagca acagtgttgt tggcaacagc acactttaca gcaatgtcct agctacaaaa     26880
     tacataatat caatgaactt agcaagaatg gctcttggag acaatgctcc gaatggtaat     26940
     actcatagaa tcaacactct taacatcagt accattagca agaaaggggt aaacaaccga     27000
     ccttagaaat gacattctta ataatgtcct tagtaaaaaa atcatgagca tcacccctat     27060
     aaccagtgcc cttagcaaca gtgctcttat ccaaacttgc cttaccaaga gtttaccatt     27120
     gtttacctta taaacaatgg cccttagcaa ccacactctt tgcaacaatg tcctaacaat     27180
     attactatta gcaaaaatcc cctaagacca gcattcttga caacagccct cttggccctt     27240
     agaagcaatg actttagcaa ccaacgttga gccataaaaa taaagccttg gtaataatgc     27300
     tcttagcatt gaccttagta aaatggtctt agcaacagtc tttagcaaga gtgactctag     27360
     aaatgtcccc ttcccaacaa tgccctttga agaaaatacc tgtaacaaca atgcctttag     27420
     tcacaatgcc ttcagcaaaa atgtcccttg ccaacattaa caccctagga acaatgatct     27480
     gagaaacagt gtccttaaca ataatataca aaaacattct aagcaatagt accctaagca     27540
     acaatatact tagcagtaat accctcagta acaatactct tagcaacacg agatttagga     27600
     tcagtgctgg tagaaacagc atcatgagaa acactagcaa tagtaataat gcctttagcc     27660
     acaatgacct tcaacagttc tcttatgaac atcacccata actacaatgg ctccaggaac     27720
     aatgcactta gaaataactt ccttagcaac agtgacctta ctatcgatgc caattgaaat     27780
     atcatcctta ggcacgtgtt ccatggaagc aacatcatta gtaaccacag cttttgtaac     27840
     aatgactttt agcaaaaaca ttagcatagt gccttaacaa aggcccttag aaacaatgca     27900
     actacaggcc gggcaaggtg gctcatgcct gtaatcccaa gcacattggg aggctgaggt     27960
     gggtggatca cttgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatgat gaaaccccat     28020
     ctctaccaaa aatacaagaa ttagctgggc atggtagtgc acgcctgtaa tcccagctac     28080
     tcgggaggct gaggcaggag aatcacttga acccgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagctga     28140
     gatcatgcca ccacactcca gcctgggcaa cagagggaga atccatctaa aaaaaaaaaa     28200
     ataaaaaaaa taagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa gaaacaatgc aattatcatc aattccctta     28260
     gcaacggatc ctttagaata taatgctctt aacaacagca ctcttagcaa caacatcctt     28320
     gacaacagtg tacttagcaa cagtgccttt agctaaaatg gcctttagta aaatcaactt     28380
     tagcaacaat gcccttataa aagatgcccc ttgtaacagt gtccttagcc agaatctctt     28440
     taggaacaat gcctttacca aaatgcattt aagttcaacg gccttagcaa cactgtcctt     28500
     ggcaatatta gatcttagtg gcaatgctct cagcagcagt ggtactcagc aatgatttct     28560
     cttacaacac ccttaacaac aatacccata acagcagcac actttaaaaa acaggcttag     28620
     caacaatgtc cttaacatca atgccttttg gaacatcaac cttagcgaca actgcactta     28680
     ctaagagtgc ctttagcatc agtcccctta gcaataccac cattcaaacc aatacccctt     28740
     agccaaaatg attctaataa cggcacactt tattttcttt ttgacagagt ttccttcttg     28800
     ttgcccaggc tggagtgcaa tggcatgatc tcggctcact gtaacctccg cctcccaggt     28860
     ttaagccatt ctcctgcctc agcctcccaa gaagctggga ttacaggtgt gcaccactaa     28920
     gcccagctga ttttgtaatt ttagtagaga tggggtttca ccatgttggt tggtcaggct     28980
     ggtctcaaac tcctgacctc aagtgatcca ccggcctcgg ccttccaaag tgctgggatt     29040
     acaggcgtga gccagcgtgc ccggccaaca gcacactttc aaacaacacc ttaacatcaa     29100
     catccttaac tctctttgca acaataccct taggattaag tccctgagca atagagtcat     29160
     taacagcagt gtatttagta gcaatgcttc tttactgtaa tacacttaac aataatgaac     29220
     atagtaacaa tgcccttagc cataaaggac tttacaacaa caaccttagc aacgacactc     29280
     acagtgacag tgtccttcaa atgagtttct tagaaacagt ggtcttagga tcaacatttt     29340
     agcatgaatg ctctttgcaa caattattct aggaaaagtg cttctagcaa ctagcccttt     29400
     agcaacaaca cactgaacaa gaatgctcta gcaaaaatgt acttaataac aacatcctta     29460
     gcaaaaatac ccttagcaaa aatgagtctt agtaacagag ccttaatgtc aatgtcctta     29520
     gctacaatgc ccctaatatc attgtcagag tgacaatatc cttagcaaca ataggccaca     29580
     tcaacaaaac acctagcagc aagttcctca gtgacaatgt gcttaatata aatatcctta     29640
     ctcacaatgt cctttagcaa ctcttatagg caatggcctt aacaataata ttcataataa     29700
     tattttcctt acaacagtac ttaacaacct ttgcacagca cccttggaaa aaagccaatt     29760
     tagcaaaacc tttcttggct accaaccata gcaacaatgc cctaagcaat aacaccttta     29820
     gtatcatttc ccatagaaac agtggctata aaacaaggcc atcagcaaca gcatgcttag     29880
     caaaaatatc tttagaaaca atactcttgg catcaacacc ttaaaaacaa cctcattatt     29940
     ataactgcct ttaataaaaa tgccatgaac aaccaggccc ttagcattgg tgcagtatca     30000
     acagtgacct tagaaacagc accattaaca acaactctgt gagcagcact atttgcaaca     30060
     atgtccttat taacaatgca tttagctaga gtacccttag caattggctc ttagcaacat     30120
     cacatttgga aacagtactc atagcagcag ctcccttatc aacatcactc atagcaaaat     30180
     ctgttttatt ttcaacactc ttactatcaa ggcctttaag aacaatgact ctaagaaaat     30240
     agcccataac aacaatttcc ttaaattcaa cactctttcc ttaggaacag cacctttagc     30300
     accaatgatc ttagcaacag tagcctctgc aatagtggcc atggccacaa tgttcttagt     30360
     aacagcacct ttagcaaaaa catccaacaa caacattaac atcaatgcct ttggctgggc     30420
     acagtggctc atgcctataa ttccagcact ttgagaggtg ggatcgggag gattgcttta     30480
     gaccaagggt tcaagaccag gttgggcaat gtagtgagat ctcatctcta caaaaagaaa     30540
     aattaaaaaa attaaaaagc tagctacatg atatggtttg gctgtatccc catccaaatc     30600
     tcatcttgca ttgtagctcc cataattccc acgtgttatg ggagggaccc gatggaaggt     30660
     aattgaatca tgggggtggg tctttcccat gctgttctca taatagtgaa taagtctcat     30720
     gaaatttgat ggttttataa aagggagttt ccctgcacaa gctctcttgc ctgctgccat     30780
     gtaagatgtg actttgctcc tcttttgcct tctgccatga ttgtgaggcc tctccagcca     30840
     tgggaactgt gagtcaatta aatgtctttc ctttaaaaat tacccagtct tgggtatgtc     30900
     tgtattagca acatgagaac agtctaatac actaggcatg gtggtgtgtg cttgttgtcc     30960
     cagttgcttt ggagactgag gcaggaggat cactttgagc acaggagttc aagcctgcag     31020
     tgagctgtga tcatgcaact gcactccagc ttgggtgaca gagtgagacc ctgtctcaaa     31080
     acaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aatgccttta agaacagcat gtttaacaaa agaacctcag     31140
     caatgacttc cttagccaca acaaccttgg caaaaatatt attactacca ttctcttagc     31200
     aattaagtcc ttaggaataa tgctctgaga aaaaaagtgc ttttagcaac agtttcctta     31260
     gaaacactag tcatagcaat aacaccctta gcaaaacttt ctttgcacaa taacttcaag     31320
     gccttaaaga acaatgccct tacaaaactt ttttgacatc aacacctgcc ttataccatt     31380
     ttgtgttgct caaaataaat acctgaggat gggtaattta tacagaaaaa ccatttagtt     31440
     ggttctcaat tctgatggct gggaagttca agattggaca tctgtgtcag gtgagggcct     31500
     caggctgctt ccactcatgg cagaagatga aggggagctg gtgtgtgcag agctcacatg     31560
     atgagagaga gaaagagagc agaaaggtct caggctcttt ttaacgacca gctctggcag     31620
     gagctgatag acgacacact cagcctcaag gaaggagatt aatctgttaa tacgggattt     31680
     ggtcatatga cccaaacact tcccattagg ccccatctcc aacattgggg atcaaatttc     31740
     aacatgaggt ttagagggga caaacatcca aaccatagca atacccttaa gaacaataac     31800
     cttaccaata gtacccttat caaaaatgcc cttaacaaca gctttcttag caacagtaca     31860
     gttactaaca gcactcatag caaaacctta atcttcaata acacttttaa tatcaatgcc     31920
     tttaagaatg acaatcttga ccagatatgg tgactaatgt ctgtaatccc agcactttga     31980
     aaggttgagg caggaagttt gcttgaggcc ggcagtttga ggtcagtctg ggcaatatag     32040
     tgagatgctg tctctacaaa aaattttttt aaaaagtccg gtatggtgac ctgtgctcgt     32100
     agtcctagct acttgggagg ctgaggtgag aaaattgctg gagcacaaga gtttgaggtt     32160
     agtgaaccat gatcatacca ctgcactcca gcttgggcga cagagctaga ctctgcctgt     32220
     ttttttttta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaggacc ttcaaaattg cttccatcaa     32280
     caattacctt tgcaaacttt ccatcaacag caatgctcct agcaagaaca tcttttgcaa     32340
     caatgctttt aacatatctc attttgcaac atagaaacaa atgcagttag gaacagcatc     32400
     cttaacaaca actttcttta caacgatatt aacacaagag tcttgcaaca cccttaacaa     32460
     caagtttcct ttgcaacagg gccataacat caacactctt ggtaattgca ttggtaccaa     32520
     aacttatctg tgacaatatc ttgaacatta atgcctttaa gagaaatgct cttaaaaata     32580
     tctttagcaa gcatttcctt agcaaacacg ctcctagcaa cagagagtaa gttttgtaag     32640
     ggcatgtgaa tatgaaggca gagactggag tgatgccaag aaatgtgaaa gatttccagg     32700
     aaccatcaga agcaaggaaa aacgcacgga aaagattcag agtgctcaga aggaagcaac     32760
     cctaccacca cctgatttgg acttctaagc tccagaactg taagataaat ttcttttgtt     32820
     ttaagccacc tcgtttttgg tactttgatg tgacagccct aggaaactaa tacaattctc     32880
     ttaacaaaaa ggcaacaatt tccttagcaa taataaactt agaaataatg ccttctcaat     32940
     aatgactttg ccaacaatgg ccatagcagc cacaccctca gcaaaagcaa cttagtgcag     33000
     atttcttagc aaagcacgcc aaaacacact aacaaacata ctaagaaaac acaaaacaca     33060
     ctaatactaa caaagaaagt gcctttctaa aaactgccta acatcaacaa tcttatcaac     33120
     acatttcata gcaaaaattt ccttagcacc tttgccccta gcaatgttgt ctttagcaac     33180
     agttttcgtg gcagtagtga ccatccaacc ttgatttagc aaatgcatcc ttagcaaaaa     33240
     ctttcttgca acaccaccct taatactaac acctttaaga acgatgtctt tagcataagg     33300
     gccctctcaa caatatcatt agcaaaagct tggcaaaatg tgcttagcaa ccgcactctt     33360
     tgaaaaagtt ccattaatag caacatactt aataacaatg tctttagcaa cggtggccat     33420
     aggaattgct ccttctgcaa gagtggctac tgtaattgtg accagagcaa taatggccat     33480
     atcagccatg catttagtta cagtggcagt aacaactatg tccttggtgg cagtatgtgt     33540
     ggggaacatt tcttagcaac aacaccctta tctaagaggc cctaggagca aaatccattg     33600
     caacactata tgcagcaaca atgtccttaa ttattaggtt gatgcaaagg taattgcgat     33660
     ttttgccatt tcagtggcaa aaaccgcaat cacctttgta ccaacctaat acaattccct     33720
     tggcgacaat cttcttagca acaacaccct tggcaacaaa gctcttagca atatccttag     33780
     aaacattgtc tttagcaaca tttcttagca atggtgccca tagcaacagt tccctagtaa     33840
     cagcaacctt aggagaaact ccctttgcaa gagcacattt aacatcactg cctttaatga     33900
     aaaaccactt aataaagaag tcctggctgg gcgcgctggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca     33960
     ctttgggagg ccgaggtggg cagatcacga ggtcaggaga tcaagaccat cctggctaac     34020
     atggtgaaac cccgtctcca ctaaaaatac aaaaaattac ctgggcgtgg tggcaggtgc     34080
     ctgtagtccc agtactcggg aagctgaggc aggagaatgg cgtaaacccg ggaggcggag     34140
     cttgcagtga gcggagattg cgccactgca ctccagcctg ggcgacagag cgagactcca     34200
     tcgatggcct gatggcctgc aggtgtctgt tggcctgctc ttccgccagt gtgctttcga     34260
     tgaccagctg cttgtgtctt cttctgctga tgtgttcctt atgatgtcca gctgcttgtg     34320
     tccatgcctt gctaaggtct ctggttttta taggcccatg atgggggcac agcaggccag     34380
     ggtggtcttg gaaaatgcta catttcggca tgaaagcaga agtgcctgtc cttacctagg     34440
     tctgtggggg tggagcccta gccagggacc acgccctcct ctacccagca cttcccttct     34500
     ccccttccct atcatttaaa gggaccacgc tcttcccttc ccagcacttc catatcagtt     34560
     tggtacacag gtaaactcgt gtcatcgagg tttgttgtac agattgtttc atcacccagg     34620
     tattaagcct aatgcccatt tgttattttc cccgttcttc tctctcctcc tatcctccac     34680
     cctcatgttt ccctctgtgt gtccatatgc tctcatcgtt tagctcccac tataagtgag     34740
     aacatgctgt atttggtttt ctgttcctgt attagtttgc taaggataat ggcctccagc     34800
     tccattaatg tttgcgcaaa ggacatgatc ttattctttt ttatagctgc atagttttcc     34860
     atggtgtata tgtactacat tttctttatc cagtctatca ttgttgggca tttagggtga     34920
     ttccatgtcc ttgctgttat gaatagtgct gcagtgaaca tacgtgtgta tgtggcttta     34980
     taatagaatg atttatgttc ttttgggtat atgcccagta atgggattgc tgggctgaat     35040
     gacatttctg tcttcaggtc tttgaggaat catcacactg tcttccaaaa tagtagaact     35100
     aatttacact cccaccaaca ttgtataatt gttccttttt ctccacaact tcaccagcat     35160
     ctgttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgctt tttgcttttt aataatagcc attctgatga     35220
     gaacacatgg acacatagag ggtagcaaca cacactgtgg tatctcaaag ggtggagggt     35280
     gggaggaggg agaaggtcag gaaagataac taatgagtac taggcttaat acctgggaga     35340
     tgaaataatc tgtacaataa ctccccatgt cacaggttta cctgtgtaac aaaccttcac     35400
     atgtaaccct gaacttaaaa taaaagttaa aaaaataatt accaattaaa agaagaaatt     35460
     tcaggttttt aaaaagaaat tgtaacagtt ctgctgaaca atgtttcagg atatcatttt     35520
     cttttagaaa aacatgtatt gtgctgctgt agggtggagt gttctataaa tgttaggtat     35580
     agtttataat gttttattat tttaaaaaat caccattctg actggtgtga gatggtatct     35640
     cactgtggtt ttgatttgca tttctctaat gatcactgat attgagcttt ttttcatatg     35700
     attgttggcc gcatgtatgt cttcctttaa aaagtatctg ttcatgtcct tttcccactt     35760
     taatggggtt ggttttttct tgtaaattag tttaagttcc ttatagatgc tgggtattgg     35820
     acctttgtca gatgcatagt ttgcaaatat tttcttgcat tctgtaggtt gtctgttgac     35880
     tctgttgata gtttcttttg ctgtgcagaa ggtctttagt ttaattagat cccatttgtc     35940
     aatgtttgtt tctgttacaa ttgctttttg tgtctttatc atgaaatctt tgcctgtgac     36000
     tgttctgaat ggtattgcct aggttgtctt ccaggatttc tatagttttg ggttttacat     36060
     ttaagtcttt aatccatctt gagctaattt tttaatatgg tgtaaggaag aagttcaatt     36120
     tcaatcttct gtatatggct agccagttat cctagcacca tttattgaat agggaatatt     36180
     ttccccattg cttgcttttg tcaggtttgt tgaagatcag atagttgtag gtgtgtggtc     36240
     ttacttgtgg gttctctatt ctgttccatt ggtttatgtg tctgtaccaa taataaattt     36300
     gtacaaataa atttgtacca gtactatgtt ttttggttac tgtagccctg tagtatagct     36360
     caaagtcggg tagcgtgatg cctccagctt tgttgttttt gcttaagatt gccttggcta     36420
     tttgtgctct tatttggttc catatgaata ttaaaagagt tttttttata gttctgtgaa     36480
     gaatgtcagt gatagtttaa caggcatagc attgaatctg taaattgcat tgggcagtat     36540
     ggccatttta acaatattga ctcttttttt ctctctctct cttttgagat ggagtctggc     36600
     tctgtcgcca ggttggagtg cagtggcaca atcttgactc actgcaacct ccgcctccca     36660
     gattcaagcg attctcctgc ttcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggactacagg cgcacaacac     36720
     catgcccagc tagtttttgt atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt tggccaggat     36780
     ggtctcaatc tcttgacctc atgatctgcc catctcagcc tcccaaagtg ctaggattac     36840
     aggtgtgagc cactgtgcct ggccaacaat attgattctt cttatccatg ggcatagaat     36900
     gtttttccat ttgtttgtgc cttctctgat ttatttgagc agtggtttgt agttctcctt     36960
     gtagagacct ttcacctccc ttgttagctg tattcttagg tattttattc tttttgttgc     37020
     agttgtgaat gggagtttgt tcctgatttg gctcttggct tgacttttgt tggtgtatag     37080
     gaatgctagt aatttttgca ccttgatttt gtatcccgag attttcctga agttgcttat     37140
     cagcttaata agcttttggg ttgagactat ggggttttct agaaatatga tcatgtcatc     37200
     tgcaaacagg gatagttgac ttcttctctt actatttgaa agttctttat ttctttatct     37260
     tgcctgattg ccctggccag aacttccaat actatattta ataggagtag tgagagaggg     37320
     caaccttgtc ttgtgccagt ttccaagggg aatgcttcca gcttttgccc attaagtatg     37380
     atattagctg tgggtttatc atatatggtg cttattcttt tgaggtatgt ttcttcaata     37440
     cctagtttat tgagagtttt taacatgaat gaatgttgaa ttttattgaa agccttttct     37500
     gtatcttttg agataatcat atggttttgg cctttagttc tgtttatgtg atgaataaca     37560
     tttattggtt tgtgtaggtt gaaccaacct tgtatcccgg ggatgaagtc taattgaccg     37620
     tggtggatac gccttttgat ctgctgctca attcggtttg ccagtatttt gttgaggatt     37680
     tttacatcaa cattcatcaa gaatattggc ctgaagtttt ttgttgttgt tgttgttgta     37740
     tatctgccag gttttggtat ctggatgatg ctggcctcat agaaggagtt tgggaggaat     37800
     ccctcctcct caattttttt gaatagtttt ggtatgagta ataccagctc ttctttgtac     37860
     atctggtagg attcagctgt gcatctgtct agtcctgggc cttttttggt tgacaggcta     37920
     cttattactg attcaagttt ggagcttatt tttggtctgt tcggggactc aatttcttcc     37980
     tggttcagtc ttgggagggt gtatgtgtcc aggcatttat ccatttctac tagattttct     38040
     agtttatatg catagaggtg ttcataatat tctctgatag ttatttgtat ttctgtgggg     38100
     tcagtggtaa tattgccctt gttgtttctg attgtttatt tgaatcttct ttcttttctt     38160
     ttttgttagt ctagctagtg gtctatttta attttttcag aaaatcatct cctggatgtc     38220
     tctatctcct tcagtctgcc tgtgtgcagt tctagtttca gtctgtttca gagctcaagc     38280
     ttgaatacat aagaagaaag aagaagactg agaagaagga gaaggagggg tggaagagga     38340
     ggaataagag aggagaaata agaaggagag agggagggag gaagaaggga aagaggaagg     38400
     atgatgagag ggagggaagg aaagaggaag ggaaggaagg aggaaatcaa gttaggcaaa     38460
     tcaccgctag gtcatccttc aggtcctgag ctccatacca agttcagggg tacatgtgta     38520
     gctattaaaa tgggaaaggt tcccttgtcc cttttgcagg gcatgtgatg gaggtgtggc     38580
     ttgcttcttc agtgcttcag tgccccgctg gtcaaacctc taggggagca tacagacagg     38640
     ctgtggggct tcaaccccat ggcaatgtct aggggtgaat gtttactact cttatccaac     38700
     gttcagagtc ttctgttagt aacattatgc attttgacca tgattatcag tgtaatcagt     38760
     agataaggca gaatgtgtct actcaatctg aaccaaactg gaactctgca attgggatgt     38820
     gtgcaactgt gcaccttcaa aatgtccatg ttgaaatttt agagcaactg attaatatga     38880
     ccaaaagtac ttaagagaaa agtttcaaaa cactaattct aattatacca gctcttgttc     38940
     ttttttatgt tcatgcttaa tattttcttt ctttatttat tttatttttt atttttttga     39000
     gacagagtct tgctccaccc aggctggagt gtagtggtgc aatctcagct cactgcaatc     39060
     tctgcctcct gggttcacac aattctctgc ctcagcctcc agagtagctg ggattacagg     39120
     tgcctgccac cagtcatagc tagtttttgt atttttagta aagatggggt ttcgccatct     39180
     tggccaagct ggtcttgaac tcttgacctc ataatacacc tgccttggcc tctcaaagtg     39240
     ctgggattac aggtgtgagc caccatgccc agccatactt aatattttaa tttcaaattt     39300
     tatatatgaa tgtatgtatg tgtcagtata tatattctat gtacatattg tgtgtgtgta     39360
     tatatacaca cacacacaca cagagagaga gggaggaagg atataaaaat tatatcaaag     39420
     aagaatgtag tgctatttaa accaaagaac acacgcacag ctcttactat tataatcata     39480
     gaaaaaaatg aactgacatt aaagggcatt ttaaatgttc atatattttg tctcttttac     39540
     tcagctacta aaatactcaa aatgtggtaa gattctctaa tgtttatata gtagaggttt     39600
     tttgtctttg tttaactagt tgagttggat tgcttatcat acaattgaga gcttcgaata     39660
     tcagaacagt tacttacatg ccaaaattgc ttatgaatgt tctgtcatgt caaagttgtt     39720
     ccattaccat atagaagtaa actctgatct gtatagatac taccagatgg gtgtggtggc     39780
     acatgcctgt agtctcagtt acatgggagg ctgaggtgga agggtcacct gagcctggga     39840
     ggttgaggct gcagtgagct gcgatcacac cactgtactc cagactgaat gacagagtga     39900
     gaccctgtct caaatgaaaa ataaaatgat attactagaa tatacttgtc taaactttta     39960
     ctttgagaaa acagaaaatc aaacacattg ttctcacggt gttaactttc aaagaaatga     40020
     tctgtaattt atctggtgga attcaatgca gttattttgt ttataacatt tttcaaaagc     40080
     tgcggttttc cctgggtgtg tgtgggcaca attccattgt gataacactc atcttttgca     40140
     gagtgctgaa agagtgagcc aggacagcct tttgacattg aacaaggcaa ttcccaatct     40200
     cttggtgggt gaatggagga agagtgatat cctgattgat gcctctacaa ttacttaaaa     40260
     atatttggac actctagaaa attactcttt ttggaccatc ccctcaggtc ccttaaatat     40320
     ctgtgtccct ttactgagca gcaatttggg tcagaaaaaa tgggctctga ggatgctcag     40380
     aaacaaaagt gttttgggga gaaagatatg gttctgaagg cctggagagg caaaccatgt     40440
     ccagaaaagg tcccagatga tagaactccc tgagtattct tgcagaaatg aatatccacc     40500
     aggcttcttc tttttttttt tttttttttt gagatggagt ctgtctctgt cgcccaggct     40560
     ggcgtgcaat ggcgcgatct tggctcaatg caagctccgc ctcccaggtt cacgctattc     40620
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgggac tacaggtgcc tgccaccatg cccggctaat     40680
     tttttttgta tttttcgtag agacggggtt tcaccgtgtt agccaggttg gtctcgatct     40740
     cctgacctcg tgatccaccc gcctcggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc     40800
     accgtgcccg gccccttgtt tttcaatcac aagatatgag tcattgcagg aaacaaataa     40860
     aatggaacca acacagagaa aggtagagat ggaagaggta agactaaatt ctagagatgc     40920
     tgcttattcc ctaaggtctg tcctttagca ttttgtaaca tgagttaaag tacatttgag     40980
     ttgtgtcttt gtaatttgca tccaacagag ccctggctgt gttcactgaa tggatctagt     41040
     ctctgaaaat tcaccgacat ttttggcttg gcgctgtggc tcatgcctgt aatcccagca     41100
     ctttgggagg ttgagacggg aagattacga ggtcaagaga tcaagactat cctgggcaac     41160
     atgatgaaac gctgtctcta ctaaaaacac aaaaaattag ctgggtgtgg tggtgcgagc     41220
     ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggcttaag caggagaatt gcttgaaccc aggaggcggc     41280
     ggttgcagtg agccaaggtg gcgccaccgc tctccagcct ggcaacagaa cgtgactccg     41340
     tctcaaaaaa agaaaaaaaa aaaatttcag gggtatttat gtagtgacct gttatttgat     41400
     ttttcaataa cataaatctg tttcaagaaa aagaaatttt aaacaaactc ttatgatttt     41460
     ctttctcctg aaaattattc cagaacttaa aaaaaagaag aaacaaaaca gagtaagtac     41520
     attagcttta ttcaacatac catcttgtct agtagtaaac tactaaaaac agtctcctga     41580
     gtggaaaaaa tataaatttt tgtctattta acaagtaata gcatcagtgt tgtcctgcgt     41640
     gttctcatta ttttctccaa ataaattggc tcaatatgct gctaagtatt accatttatg     41700
     tttattttga agttctatat cttgtctttg ctgtttcatc tgtaaacagg caattattgc     41760
     ctcaatgtgt attctgatac attttctctc taaatctatt gtccaacatc ttgcatataa     41820
     aatctggctt ttctctcata tatcaaaatc acaggtcaca tagtctcagt gccaagagtt     41880
     acaagaacaa ctgctttatt tcactcccat ctctgtgaat acaaaacttc aatctctaaa     41940
     gtattttgta tctatttata acactatgtt cctggcttat tattatatta tttcattatt     42000
     agttcttaaa aacttaaggt gctgaataat tttgtgaaat attccatgga gaactaccat     42060
     taaaatagtg attattttaa ttatatttca tcacctcatt tcacaagtca ttacaaaact     42120
     tcttaattgt ttaaaaatga atgtacttgg gtggggcaca gtggctcaca cctgtagtcc     42180
     cagcactttg ggaggccgag gaggccagat cacctgaggt caggagtttg agaccagcct     42240
     ggtcaacatg gtgaaaccct gcctctactc aaattacaaa aattagccgg gcatggtggc     42300
     acatgcctgt aatcccagct actcaggagg ctgaggtagg agaattgctt gaacccagga     42360
     gatggaggtt gcagttagcc gagatcatgc cactccagcc tggccgacag agcaagactc     42420
     tgtctaacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaggaat gtacttatca gtccaaggga aatagctatc     42480
     aaattagtca ctgcccaagt atacgtcttt tagtgaacac aaattgagaa tttagcactg     42540
     aatctccaaa gatttagttt ttatctaggt tttgaaattg aattttgttt tgttttgttt     42600
     tttgttttga gacagtgtcg ctctgtcgcc gaggctggag tgcagcggcg caatctcggc     42660
     tcactgcagg ctccgccccc cgggttcacg ccattctctc gcctcagcct cccgagtagc     42720
     tgggactaca ggcacccggc taattttttg tattttttat agagacgggg ttctcaccgt     42780
     gttagccagg atggtcttga tctcctgacc tcgtgatccg cctgcctggg cctcccaaag     42840
     tgctgggatt acaggcgtga gccaccgcgc ccagcttgaa attgtattct taaatctcag     42900
     aaggctgaag ctttcaagac aggaagaaga cagggattcc cgagttgaac agagagtggg     42960
     ccgggcgcag tggctaacgc ctgtaatccc agcattttgg gaggccgagg caggtggatt     43020
     ccgaggtcag gagatcaaga ccatcctggc taacacagtg aaaccccatc tctactaaaa     43080
     atacaaaaaa ttcaccgggc gtgggggctc acgtctgtaa tcccagctac ttgggaggct     43140
     gaggcaggag aatggcatga acccgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagccga gatcaggcca     43200
     ctgccctcta gactgggcga cagagcgaga ctgtgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     43260
     aaaaagaccg gacgcagtgg ctcaggcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gctgaggcgg     43320
     gtggatcacg aggtcaagag atcgagacca tcctggccaa catggtaaaa tcccgtctct     43380
     attaaaaata taaaaattag ctgggcgtgg tggcaggcac ctgtagtccc agctactccg     43440
     gaggctgagg caggagaatc gcttgaaccc gggaagtgga ggttgcagtg agccgagatc     43500
     atgccattgc actccagcct gggcaacaga gtgagaaacc ctctcgaaaa agaaaaaaca     43560
     aaaacaaaac aaaacaaaaa gataataaac aagaaaatac taatgtagtt gttaactttc     43620
     agaaggcagt aatttaagac atggatgtga atgcagataa tggaagtaag gagagatcag     43680
     tgtaggccac agtcctgtgc tgagtgctgt ctttacctgt cttgtaggga tggctcagac     43740
     aaagtcttaa caaacaggca aatgactgat ttatcttttt agattctaaa gttcataaga     43800
     ataataatga gctttatagt tgacaatagc taactaaaat ttggtctaag gggaaaagag     43860
     cgcttaatgt taatcagtca gtttaatctt tctgtaaacc ctctcaaaaa gcaaaattga     43920
     attagatcat tgtggtgcac tgattctttt ggtatgtgtg tcccacctat aataaagttc     43980
     tgggccaggt gcggtggctg acgcctgtaa ccccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggcgggcg     44040
     gatcacaagg tcagaagatc gagaccatcc tggctaatgc ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact     44100
     taagaaatac aaaaattggc cggacgtggt ggcgggcgtc tgtagtccca gctactcagg     44160
     aggctgaggc aggagaatgg ctgagctttc agtgagccga gatcacacca ctgcactcca     44220
     gcctgggcga cagagccaga ctctgtctca aaaacataaa taaataaaat aataaataaa     44280
     taaagttatt ggccaggagc ggtggcttac acctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggtggccaa     44340
     ggtgggtgga tcacctgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc tggccaacat ggtagaactt     44400
     ccctctctac taaaaataca aaaattagcc aggcatggtg gcgcaaatct gtaatctcag     44460
     ctactcagga ggctgagaca ggagactcgc ttgaatccag gaggcagagg ttgcagtggg     44520
     ccgagactgc accactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacagagt gagatgctgt ctcaaaaaaa     44580
     aaaaaaaaaa tttatctgaa gactgacccc acaatggtga gccctgcctg ccatgtttgt     44640
     gttatggaat catgtcccat acctgaccct atttatttaa aggtagaaca actgacccaa     44700
     ccacattttc tctttaaaat gtgggaattg ggattgagag atactggtct ttccctatgg     44760
     gtcatttcaa cttagaatat ttaagtttgg gatcgttggt gcttccatat ttaaccagca     44820
     gcttagaaaa gcagacatag tcgatctgtg gaaagaaaag ctgaagtgat gtggagagag     44880
     aagttgtgaa aagcgatcag agcgcctggg agagatttac ttagggtagc tggagctgtt     44940
     cctggagctc tttccagact ttggttctag ctcttgaagc taccaggctt ccagccttta     45000
     gaataattcc attttaacct cagagatttt gcgctggttc aacaccaaac aaaagaacac     45060
     tgaataagac agtaatgtga gtagaaaatt ctatgaaata gaaaagaaac ttaatgatgc     45120
     gtcataggcc attgatattc actttcctcc gtcccatgta tatagatcac ttcgcctctt     45180
     ccaaaattct tatttcataa taaagattaa ctagttattt aaaagttaac catagcctat     45240
     ttattgttta ttaacgaacg tgtttaaaag gatcaggtgc taaaccttgg aagaatatta     45300
     aggcaagatg ttatgagatc acagaagctt agtgctgaag ggtccatgcc ttcacgtggg     45360
     tacagattcc tctctgagtg ctcattcacc cattgtggtg tgagccctgt gtgaaaactc     45420
     ttcagatgca gacatgaata agacaaggtg tctgctcaaa gtcaactaga ggagacagta     45480
     agcaaataat tagaatgtgg aacatgccat aatcgaagtg gatgggtgtc atgggagcac     45540
     agatcatggg gtatctaact ttgctttgga ggttaaagta tagcagtcat gaagacttca     45600
     aaggggaggt ggatttttat tggaactgtt gagaataaac aaggatatac atattttcaa     45660
     ctatggcctg agcgtatatg agctttaaga gctgaactgt tgggggcatt ccagaccaag     45720
     aggaagtcgt gggcagaggc aggaaggtga aaggagtatg ctgtttttgg gagaagcata     45780
     gttagtgcag aggggctatg actcagggca cacaggatgg cagagtgtgt ctgggagatg     45840
     aaactggctt acaggcagga agtgaggaag aaaggacttt ctgaacttct tatggaattt     45900
     agacttctat agataacaga gaatcactgt atgaatacac tgtcatacat tctttgagag     45960
     aaaacacatt catttttgag aatcctcatt cctgaattct ttttgtctgt ggtacagctt     46020
     cctgcagccc catccaccaa ttacagacct atcttcttag tgtgagtcta atgtctcctc     46080
     catgggaggg agctgtagaa tttaaagttg accatcctgc tcatgcctga gttttctctc     46140
     tcctgcaact aacgccttcc tctctgtctg agacctggca tgtcagggta gaaggccctt     46200
     caccctcctt ctcttgacaa actctgattt attgacatct tactgaatat ccaatggctg     46260
     gaactgggat caagctcttc agtgtggtct gaagctgggg gcaggagaga cctcactccc     46320
     ttcaaattca ctaagatatg aggtgacctc atcataccac aggcttttgt caaggccaca     46380
     gggacataaa ctcaggtcac ttttgtttca caggcattat tctaatattt gtggggtttt     46440
     ttttgtttgt ttgttttttg agatggagtc tcactctgtc acccaggctg gagtgcagtg     46500
     gcacaatctc ggctcactgc agccccgcct cctgggttca agcgaatctt ctccctcagc     46560
     ctcccgagta gctgggagca caggtgcaca ccaccacgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt     46620
     agtagagaca gagtttcacc atattggcca ggcaggctgg tctcgaactg ctgacctcgt     46680
     gatcttccta cctcggcctc ccaaagtgct gagattacag gtgtgagcca ccacgcccgg     46740
     cctaaatttg tgtattttta aactaaagtg tcaaactaca tttatcgccc tcttcttagt     46800
     ttggaaaagt gctttgtttc tgttaagact gttttaggtt ttatctcttc accacacaca     46860
     ggctgctcct tccagttcag tattagctga ggatttcatt tcagtcctca tacagagcag     46920
     tgataacagc tgaataaacc agagctgaaa gtgggcccat gtccctcttt cctacctctc     46980
     tttcacacct gagtctgatt gagtgcagta tgcaacttgg atgagcgtgt gtatgcaaag     47040
     tgcacgtcag caatgaccat agctggaaca ggatggagct agccacctct ttatcatctc     47100
     cctgctcatt ctttgatgca gaaaactaac cttgtctcaa gcatgtgtaa ataattcatg     47160
     caaagttaca agacatggtt caagtcatgc cccctccaac cacatcagca ccatgagcag     47220
     tccttgaggg tcttcagata ataacaacac taagagttag catatgttga atgctgtact     47280
     atgtatgtca ttctaagggg agaagctatg tagaaccaaa agtaagcaca ggcagcttca     47340
     agcagcacac agaaacgcaa cacaggaggt ggcttatttg attgtcattg aagttgtgaa     47400
     aaagtgttaa aaataataaa tacaatagtt taaaaaagaa acaaggaaag tattatatac     47460
     cataacaaag tgggatgcac tccagaatgc aagcctagtt caacagtcaa agatcggtcc     47520
     attataccaa tgggttaaag aagaaaaatc atgtaatctt atcaatagat gcataaaaag     47580
     aatttgacaa tatctaacaa tcattcatga taaaaacttt cagcaggctg ggtgtggtgg     47640
     ctcatgcctg taatcccagc actttgggag gccaaggcag gcagatcacg aggctaggaa     47700
     atcgagacca tcctggctaa cacagtgaaa cctcaactct actaaaaata caaaaaaaaa     47760
     aaaaaaaatt agccgggcat gatagcgcgc acctatatcc cagctactca agaagctgag     47820
     acaggagaat cgcttgaacc caggaagcgg aggttgcagt gagccgagat cacaccactg     47880
     ccctccagcc tgggggacag agtgagactc tgcctcaaaa aacaaaacaa acaaacagac     47940
     aaaacaaaaa ctttcagcaa actagcaata gagagaaact tcttcaaatt gattttttaa     48000
     atctaaaaaa cccctccact taacatgata ctcaagcctg aaaagtgaga tactttccca     48060
     ctaagaacag gaacaaaaca aggatgtctc ctcttatcac tcttatttaa ctttgtgtgg     48120
     aaagtcctaa ctaatgcaat aagacagaaa aaagaaataa aaggtataca gataagaaag     48180
     gaagtgatag cggagcgcag tggctaacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gatatcgagg     48240
     gaggcggatc acgagaccag gagatcgaga ccatcctggc taacatggcg aaaccccgtc     48300
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagccaggc gtggtggcag gcgcctgtag tcccagctac     48360
     tcgggagact gaggcaggag agtggcatga atctgggagg cagagcttgc agtgagccga     48420
     gatcgagcca ctgcactcca gcctgggtga cagagcgaga ctctgtctca aaaaaaaaaa     48480
     aaaaaaaaaa agaagaaagg aagtgataaa actgtctttg ttcatatatg ccatgagtgc     48540
     ctatgtagaa aatcacaaag aataaacaac tcctagaatg aatgctatgt atataatctt     48600
     ttataagtga ttacagcaag gatgaaggat acaaagttaa tttacaaaag tcatttcttt     48660
     ttctatatgc catcaatgaa cagttgaaat ttaaaattaa aaacacagtg ccatttacat     48720
     tagcaccaaa aatgaaatac ttaggtataa gtctaacaaa atatgtgtag tatctatctg     48780
     aggaaaacta tgaaaatctg atgaacgaaa ccacagaaga tctaaaaaat cgacttactg     48840
     catgttaatg aataagaaaa ttcaatattg ttaagatatc agttctttca acttgatcta     48900
     cagatcagta ttgggatcaa tgcagtactt atcaaaatcc aagcaagcta ctttgtagat     48960
     attgactagc tgactccaaa tctatagaaa gtcacgagat gcagaaaagc caacataata     49020
     ttaaagaaga acaaaattag agaactaatg cttaatgact tcaaagggct tactgtaaac     49080
     ttacagtaat caagagagtg ttgtattggt aaagaataga caaatagatc aatggaatag     49140
     aacacagagt acagatagag accctcacaa atatagtcaa tagatctttg acaaataagc     49200
     aaaggtaatt caatgggaaa aagatatggt tcttaacaaa tggtgttaaa actactggac     49260
     aaccacatgt aaaaaatgaa tctagatact gaccttatac ttctcacaaa aattaactca     49320
     aaatggatca tagacttaaa tttaaaggca aaactataaa acttctaaaa gatagcagga     49380
     gaaaatacag gtgaccttgg gtttgactat gagtttttaa ttacaaccct atagtgtgac     49440
     ctatagaaga aaaacttgct aagtgggact ttattataat taaaaaaata aaaaaaaact     49500
     tctactgcat gggtgacact gttaaaagaa ttagaaaaca agtcacaggg agggagaaca     49560
     tatctgataa agggctagta ttcaaaatat acagagaata cttgaaactc tacaataaga     49620
     aaacaaataa tccaacttaa aagtgggcaa aaggccgggc gtggtggctc acacctgtaa     49680
     tcccagcact ttgggaggca aaggtgagag gatcacgagg tcaggagttc aagaccagcc     49740
     tgaacaacac agtgaaacct catctctact gaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcctggtgg     49800
     cacgtgcctg taatcccagc tactgaggag gctgaggcag gagaactgct tgaacctggg     49860
     aggcggaggt tgcagtgagc caagatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctgtg tgacagagca     49920
     agactgcatc tcaaaaagaa acaaaaaaag tagctggaat catacagtat gtatgttgat     49980
     attatttttc cagctatatt ataaactcca catgggcaac gtatattccc taccttatat     50040
     aatgtataat atatacaata tgtacctggt ataatgtata atatgtacat atttaataaa     50100
     cactcattat tataaatatt cacaaatata cataataaat gttctctaat caaccacata     50160
     gagttttttt aacacctttg aataatgcaa taggaacaat ctattaaaat aaaacagaaa     50220
     aatattcaaa tttaaatgaa acaaagcaac tgccaaatta ttaaatccaa gttccttatt     50280
     ttaggcgtca aatgcaaata ttcttatagc ttttattgca catacatgtt ggcggtcatg     50340
     gtaaaagaag atacaactct caacttcaat aaaatgtatt tcaatattca ataaaatttc     50400
     aatattataa gaaaaccaaa atgttgtgtt agtaccagga cagttgcatt tgtaagtact     50460
     tgtgatttct ttttctttct ttcttttttt tttttctgag atggagtctt gccttgttgc     50520
     ccaggctgga gtgcagtggc gccatctcag ctcactgcaa gctccgcctc ccaggttcac     50580
     gccattctcc tgccacagtc tcccgagtag ctgggactac aggcgcccgc caccatgccc     50640
     ggctaatttt ttgtattttt ttttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccgtgt tagccaagat     50700
     ggtctcgatc tcttgacccc acgatccacc cgcctcccaa agtgctggga ttacaggcgt     50760
     gagccactgc gcccggccca tacttgtgat ttcacgtgca cagtgagagt ttgactcttt     50820
     catcctcgcc caaatacttt ttcatcccat gactgttggg cttttgtttc cctttctttc     50880
     tttctttttt taagattgca actccatcaa tactgggatg tctattcaag ctagctaaat     50940
     atgttgatta acttctccac tcccagcacc tcctagaatc ccactgcaat aacaacaaat     51000
     aagaacaaag gggccgggcg cagtggctca agcctgtaat cccagcagtt tgggaggccg     51060
     aggcgagtgg atcgcttgag gccaggagct caagaccagc ctggccaaca cggcaaaacc     51120
     ccgtctctac tgaaaatata aaaactagcc aggcgtgttg gtgcgcgcct gtaatcccag     51180
     ctactcagga agctgaggca gaagagcttg aacctgggag gcggaggttg cagtgagccc     51240
     agatagcgcc aatgcacacc agcctgggcc acagagtgag actctgtctc aaaaaaatta     51300
     aaaggaacaa aatgaaccca tttatacaaa gactacaagg gtggagagac ttggatagca     51360
     tgcaggatat tcacaagcaa ttctggaaga aaaatgacag atgagtgcat tctgttatta     51420
     aaatcacagc tcagagtcct cccaggaaat ggctgcggtg tgtagggagc tgtctttcac     51480
     agtgatgaaa agaactctag gttcagagtg ggcaggtatc tggaagaaca ttttttcgcc     51540
     agcatccctt tatttattga tacgtcgatg agaatagtac cacagcccaa tgacatttat     51600
     catttcagtt ggcagtgtct ctgagagcaa gctgcaagat ttccaagcct tcactgagtc     51660
     ttctactgac atttagctta atcttgacaa gtatatctga ctactgcaat gtgttaatga     51720
     tcaaggagta tgtcaaatta taacatgtct gctgcaggaa attatggggt aatacagaca     51780
     gtgtgcactg gatcaaccat tatctatgcc tggtgttatg acaaaaagtg attgattttg     51840
     gcatcaaaat taaagtgttc gtctggttca acttgttctt tgtacaccgt ccttcattat     51900
     gacaagcaca tatagcaaaa atactgtctt caatatgaac tgttgattat tgattaaaca     51960
     gatcacattt ggatgggctg cagtttctgc atgtctaacg ggtgggatcc ttctgagaat     52020
     gctagaatag ggaatcatga caccgagcca cttcagtcat agaccttatt cttgcacttt     52080
     tttttcttgc tggcaatttt acatagcagg ttgagaaagc tactctatgc tagtatagac     52140
     tatacaccaa taattttgat aatgagttcc aggatgtatt tttcttctta tatattttcc     52200
     ttcctaccat gatactagta atttataagg ggtctgtgta gtttgaatgt atttgaataa     52260
     ctttagctct actgtttgat ttgaaccaaa gaagcgaaga ggacgtaaat attcccattt     52320
     agaagcccaa agtcagtgag atgaaaccca acatcaagaa attgaagcaa agttacttgt     52380
     ggataaagaa agcattaggt aagttgtcta gagcataata attagatttt ctggctttca     52440
     aaaatttgga ttgcaataag aggaaacttc atgctatttt tacaattttc agtacaaagg     52500
     ggtgtatatc tagaaacaat aaagttgaca tatttgagta ccttttcaaa aaaaggtaac     52560
     cataacctat tttttttttt tttattaaaa ggaccaggtg ctaaaccttg gaagaatatt     52620
     gaggcaagag tattaaggca ttttaattca gcttaagtat catgttaagt cgtggaattc     52680
     agatgtaata gaatgcataa aagtgttaat caccagtgct taagatggcc cacagaggtt     52740
     gttctaccag gcatatagaa atctttctca ctatgcctgt ttgtgagcag gatcagtggt     52800
     tttgcactgc aggcacacat ttcattttgt caaatatttt tgcaacctcc cctctactta     52860
     atagtttaat cactacatct atacaaacta cttggtcaat gagggcccat tttacttgtg     52920
     tcttccagaa atattttgca ttaccccaaa tgacatcttc cagcagatct tcctcagata     52980
     taaagtttcc aaaaaactgg caaataaaat tactatcttc agaacttttc tgtatttaaa     53040
     aataacaata aaaagctatg aatttacata aaattcaaac cattgtgttt atagccacag     53100
     tcctccacac aattttcatg acaccattgg taaaatcatg tataagcaac attcctttat     53160
     tcctagaaag tgtttatatt tcaaaagcac tttatttttc ttcagatatt cccctgaaga     53220
     aatttggaaa gaaattgaaa ttgcctgtgg ttgtagccaa ttcacctgta aagaatataa     53280
     aattctcccc atgaactggt catcccagtg tcacacttac aagtctgaga aaagtgcaag     53340
     aggttattgg gaagtattcc ttcctttttc aattttctct ttaattggaa taattggtaa     53400
     gaactagcag aattggtatc atatttttct taaatgtttg gtagaattct tcactgaagc     53460
     catttagacc tagcattgga gtctttgtgg aaaggtttta aattacagct tcaatttctt     53520
     taatagatac cgggctattc tgtctatttg tttttgagta agactagata attgtgtctt     53580
     tggagaaatt tgtccacttc atctaagttg tcaaatctgt tggcacaatg ttgttcataa     53640
     ttaccattta ttatctcttt agcatctgtt gaatctgttg ttatgttact tctcttattc     53700
     ctgataggtt gtttttgtat tctctctttt tttcctgata agcctgaata gaagtttatc     53760
     aatactatgg accttctcaa agagacagag tttggtttca tttatttcct gtaaatgatt     53820
     tttcctgttt tctattgcat tgatttctac actgatgctt tttacttcct ttcttctgct     53880
     tactgttggt tttattttct tttctagttt cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgaga     53940
     tggagttttg ctcttgtaac ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc aggatctcgg ctcaccgcaa     54000
     cctccccctc ctgggttcaa gcgattttcc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggattac     54060
     aggcatgcat caccacaccc ggctaatttt gtatttttag tagagactgg gtttctccat     54120
     gttggtcagg ctggttgaac ttctgacctg aggtgatctg cccgcctcag cctcccaaag     54180
     tgttgggatt acaggcatga gccaccatgc ccagcctcat acctgatttt attgtccttt     54240
     gctttactgc acttctcaga tactgcattt tttataaatt gaaggcatgt ggcaaccctg     54300
     cattgagcaa gtctatcagc accattttct ccaatagcat gtgctcactt tgtgtcactg     54360
     tatcacatct ggtaactctt gcaatatttt aaatttgtat tattatgtgt tatgtgatct     54420
     gtgatcagta atctttgatg ttactattgt aattgttttg gggtgccacg actgtgccaa     54480
     tataagatga caaacttgcc agtaaatatg tgtattctga ctgctccacc aaccatcccc     54540
     catctctttt ttcctctctt caggcctctg tattccctga aacagaacag tattgaaatt     54600
     aggccaatta acaatcctac aattgcctct aagtgttcaa atgaaaggac gaatcacgta     54660
     tttctcactt taagtcaaaa gctagaaatg attgagctga gtgaggaagg catcctggaa     54720
     accaagatag acgcgaagct aggcctcttt caccaaacag ttggccaagc tgtgcatgca     54780
     aagagaatgt tcctggagga aattaaaagt gctactccag taaacacaca agtgatgaga     54840
     aagtgaaaca gacttattgc tgatatggag aaagtttgag tgctctggac agaaaatcaa     54900
     accagccaca acattccctt aaaccaaagc ctaatccaga ggaaggccct aactctcttc     54960
     agttctatga aggctgagag aggtgaggaa gctgaagaag aaaagttgga aggtagtaga     55020
     ggttggttcg tgaggtttaa ggaaagaagc catctccgta aattagcttt taaaactttt     55080
     ttaagcaggc aatctctgac tttgcttcag taacatttcc ttctcctgct ctttctcatt     55140
     ttcccattgc tcatgcttat acctgcccat ctttctctag tattaaagtt tggataaatg     55200
     tttgatcttt gaataatatt ttatattgtt atatgcctct gattttatcc tctggacaaa     55260
     cttgagagac agtgcaaaaa tttctttata tctttataat ataaagaatt atggcaaatt     55320
     ttaaaagaag taccagcctt attgaggtat aatttacgta taataaactg caccctctcc     55380
     accccctccc ctcactgtct accaaaaaat gtctgatgat atcctggcaa tctgaccctg     55440
     cctggaaaac accatagaga aagacagcaa tgtgcttcct cactctggag ttctattgga     55500
     ttttaatggc catagatgta ttatgagcca cacaaaccag cactaaagta gagaattttt     55560
     tccagaaaag gtgtgctaaa aaagcatgta aacgaaagct tttatttgtt ttattttcag     55620
     caaccaagac ataaaattat taggtaggcc atgatacaca aacactaacc actgtaccat     55680
     cctttgatgt tcattgcaat ggattcaatg tttgtgcccc ccacaaaaat tcatatgttg     55740
     aaatcctagc ccccaaagtg atgagattag aagggaggat tgctgagaag tgattcagtc     55800
     acgatgggcc ctcggaaatg ggattagtgc tcttatcaaa gagactagga gcactggctt     55860
     gcccctatca ccacatgagg acacagcaag aaagcaccca tttatgaacc agaaagcagg     55920
     ccttcaccag acactgaatc ttccaatgcc gtgatcttgg acttcccagc ctccagaacg     55980
     ataagaaaca catttctgtg gtttataagt cacccggtct atggtatttt gttgtagcat     56040
     cccaaatgga cgaagacata gttcactgtc agttcaattg accatgaagg attatggggc     56100
     ctgcgtgtcc ctggcactgt gataggaact gaggagaaca cagatggaaa ttaataatac     56160
     ttcagcctgt attttaataa cgtagagttt agtagaaata aactgaaagg catagcaggg     56220
     tgaaaaaaaa gtgtaagtaa tgtactaata tttgttgagc cccaccatat gctagactct     56280
     attgtcttac ttatacctct cagcaaacct ataagttagg tcctattagc taatttatag     56340
     atggcaaaat aggctcagtg aggtcaagta acttgcccta tgttatagag ttatcagtgg     56400
     gaaagttgaa agtggtcaag ggctatttat agtcaggaga aattaagcga gtttagagtc     56460
     attccttttc tgtagcatta cattagtcct gaaataaagc aaaatgtatc aaattcatat     56520
     accatatata aatatatata tattttttat tattatttta agacagagtt tcagtcttgt     56580
     tgcccaggct ggagtgcaat ggtatgatct tggctcactg caacctccgc ctcctgggtt     56640
     caagtgattc tcctgcctca gcttcccaag tagctgggat tataggcatg gaccaacaca     56700
     tccggctaat tttgtatttt tagtagagac atgttggtca ggctggtctc gaactcctga     56760
     cctcaggtga ttcacctgcc tcggcctccc aaagtactgg gattacaggc atgagccact     56820
     gcgcctgatc ctgtatttta gataagaaag atgctttatc tgtctcccat tggaatacac     56880
     ttttgttgtt cgtttttttt taacttaatt aaacttgaaa gccaactttt gtcaaaacag     56940
     aagaaaataa agcaattttt taaaaaatcc agtatttaaa atacttatca tttataatat     57000
     atgcatataa cagaaaagta gaaaataatt ctgcatttta aaagcttagc ttctacatgg     57060
     caagtgtggg acataaagtt gatacttgac tactaactgg atatattcta gattttcaca     57120
     tttaatgata atggatgtgt gcgtctcatg gtcaaactaa aatgatttat tttttacaaa     57180
     ttatctttat cattagcaaa caagtcttac ttttattagt caattataag tccacagagc     57240
     tataggagct caatttgtta cagggaactt gagcattcca tggattatct gagctgaatt     57300
     tgaagaatgt actgtggaga tcttctatgt gacatatata aaggatgtag gtcaactact     57360
     ggttattatt tagaaaatac tttagggaaa aaaattatct tctggggcca ataattgagt     57420
     tctattaaac tacagaggta gataattttg aaatgagaaa tcaaaatata ttttgatttt     57480
     atattactca tattttcatt ttattcataa agtcttttgg aaaaagacaa cagaaattgt     57540
     actttgttga gaagactcct agagccaaat agtcacagac tcagaacaca cagagacaag     57600
     caaagatggt tccagcaagc tctaaggaca cagacatgtg aaagaggcgc tgaagacaca     57660
     cgaggactga tgcatggtag atgtcattct gatatggctg ggcttctgga ctcactgcct     57720
     cctccttcta gaacccagca cctccaaggc tgggagaaga gaagtttggg gtctatggga     57780
     aatgacctct ggaagtggct gtgactgttt ccaaagacaa atacaatcta gattctcaaa     57840
     acaatgcaaa tgaacaaaaa atgtgagttt agcagttagt gaaacattaa gatgagatac     57900
     aggagtaaac acattttttt ccataaaagt agtggatgtt aaataatgaa atacagtggt     57960
     aaaacaatta cagcctggag gctttaagat gtaaatcaaa aatggagacc agtggtgtta     58020
     atatcatatg agaggattaa atatgagctg ctggtccaac tgtgttctgc aggaattcag     58080
     gcagatggat gagagacagg ctatgagtaa agcattacca cagctggggg tgtggtgtat     58140
     ggaagctcat cctagctagc acttggagaa gaactcacac attgcaaaca tatccggtta     58200
     aaaactggca tttgctgcaa ctaaaaaagg caagtgatgg tctaggtgaa ctgccttttc     58260
     tttctctcct tccaaaggac aaaattatta ttattatttt ttttgagatg gagtcttgct     58320
     ctgtcaccca gactggagtg tagtggtgtg atctcagctc actgcaagct ctgcctccca     58380
     ggttcacacc attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggactacagg tgcccaccac     58440
     cacgcctggc taatttttag tattttttag tagagacggg gtttcgccat gttagccagg     58500
     atggtctcaa tctcctgact tcgtgatgtg cccgccttgg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt     58560
     acaggtgtga gccaccgcac ccggccccac aaaattaaat tcttaattaa ggaaactgtt     58620
     tcttttacat ctattttttc atcccaaact caaatgccaa atatttagct attatacatg     58680
     tattcatttt cttagaatac actctatcca gcttgacatt tcttttaaat tttcccatta     58740
     cataattaga ttcttgatcc tcatgtatgt gatgtttcca tcatgtgctg ggttttatgc     58800
     tccaaataca tgtcctttca tactttaatg gacacaaatg tgctttataa atattttaaa     58860
     atccatttta aggtaattta ttgagtgaaa attctgtgtt tggtatttta ctggggtcag     58920
     tggtggggta ggagaaggaa aggacatggc ttttgccctc taaggaagtt gcagggaaac     58980
     tgtctctgat ttcattatca aagcgaggcc cctttctatt tctccatttc aatacctttt     59040
     ctactgactt cagatctatc agatgttata attatttccc acttgtgttt gtgtaactgt     59100
     gttctgacta tccacacatt aggtgtgggc tctgtgaaag cagggaccat attgatcctg     59160
     ttcaatgtca taccatatcc ctagcataga actagtagag gcataacaaa gatctgtgaa     59220
     aaagtaaatg catgcataac tcagttggtc aattaatgta catcacttgg cagaagaata     59280
     aaaggatcac gagagcagat gaaagaagac tttatatttt gcagaagaaa attttctgtg     59340
     tcttcaaatg atcacaaatc aaattaataa agttgatgag gctttcttca aaatggtgct     59400
     tgtagaaaaa gtgagagaaa ggtaaaacaa gaggaataat atggatattt agcattctgg     59460
     atgtttgcta agtgacaatt taaccacaag aatacacttc acaggccggg agcggtggct     59520
     cacacctgta atcccagcac tttgggaagc tgaggcaggt gatcacgagg tcaggagatc     59580
     aagaccatcc tggctaacat ggtgaaaccc catctctact aaaaatacag aaacaaaatt     59640
     agctgggcgt gatggtgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa     59700
     tggcgtgaac ctgggagctt gcagtgagct gagatcacgc cactgcactc cagcctgggc     59760
     gacagagcga gactccgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagagt acatttcact ccattgtcaa     59820
     gagagagaga tatatatata tatataaaat acatattaaa ttatgtgtgt gtatatgtat     59880
     atcttttaag accaatttta ttgagatata atttatagac agttaaagtc actaatgttg     59940
     tgtataatac aattagaatt ttgacaaatg tgtacataca gttgtataat tggtgccaaa     60000
     atcaagatat aaaatatttc cattacccat aaaaagtttc ctcagtccct tttgtggcca     60060
     atgaatcccc atcttcctgc aaccaatggt tttctttcag agactatagt tttttgtttt     60120
     caaactttct gtgaatagaa tattacactg tgtatttgat aattgttttc tttcaatcag     60180
     catggtgttt ttaaattcat ctatgttatg tatattacta cttcatcctc tatttttgct     60240
     taacagtatt ccttttctag ctagaaagta gtatcaagat actaaaatat atttgttcat     60300
     cacttgttga taggcaacta taaataaatt tattgccata agcatgtgta tacaagcttt     60360
     ctgtgagcat atgttttcat ttttcctgta taaatttcta caagtgagat tttggggtca     60420
     tatggtaaat cagtaccaaa gtattttcca aagtaatgta ttatttttca ttttcatcag     60480
     caatatgtgg gagttctagt tgttctacat ctttaccaat atttggaatc atcaatcttc     60540
     ttaattttag tcattctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagat agagtctcgc     60600
     tttgtctccc aggctggagt gcaatggcac aatcttggct cattgcaacc tctgcctctc     60660
     aggttcaagt gattcttctg cctcagcctc ccaagtagct gggattacag gtgcctgcca     60720
     ccatgcctgg ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagacaggg tttcaccata ttggccaggc     60780
     tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct catgatccac cctccttggc cttccaaatt gctgggatta     60840
     caggcatgag ccactgcgcc cggccttgat gacgtctctc tttcactttt gttcctgaca     60900
     gtccagactg cacaatttcg gatgtgggag actgggtgat ttctttgatc ttcccaacca     60960
     aatatgactt acttaaggat tttacctgta aaatacatta ttaaaggtta agagaagggt     61020
     gacaatggtg gcctccttag cttaactgaa tggttatggt ttttagttgt agttgcaatc     61080
     ttatgcttgt gtggttcttt gattagtgtt tactttctct atcctacact attagcttca     61140
     tgagaatagg aaaattattc ctctttgaac tcaccattgt attcccaatt ctagcacagt     61200
     gcctgggatt tcctctgtat gtgtttttga aatgcaccca atagatccac agacagattt     61260
     taaaaatata aacatagaaa caaatccttc tggtcttgaa gcttgaaact tacatttgtt     61320
     ttctctgagt ttcttcctca ggaaatggac tctcagctct ctcaaaaagt atcaaagaag     61380
     tgaaattcat cagaccactg tgtcgagaca atgagatgcc agatgccaga ttccttattt     61440
     gtcatgattg cttccttagc cctccctagt tcctgttttc ctgctcatag ttacatttct     61500
     tccttgctat ataatcccct aatttcggct ggttgaggag atggaattga gactgatatc     61560
     ccatatcctt agctgtagca tgcaattaaa gccttcttcc ttggcaatat tcattgtcta     61620
     agtgattggc tttctgtgtg caagtaacag aacctagatt gaactcctgg tatttcagta     61680
     acattttgtg tgtaagaaag agggtggagg aaggagagta ggggaaatag gaagagtgtc     61740
     ttaatatttt tgttgctata acagaatacc acagactgag tgatttataa agaaaataaa     61800
     tgtatttagc tctgaggcct aggaatgcca agagcatgat gctggcctct ggagaaggcc     61860
     ttcttgctgc ctaacaacat ggcagggggc atcacatagt gagagagcaa gagcaaaagg     61920
     gcttatgata aggaacccac tactatgcta gtgacattaa tccattcatg agggcaggac     61980
     tgacataaat ctattcatga gagaagaggg attaagtttc caatctacga acttttggag     62040
     gatacattca aaccatagca gaaagacaga cagagataga tatgtaaaga gggaacaagc     62100
     acacatcaca catacaaaaa ctggacaata tttttataaa tgaaatgcct agagcctctc     62160
     tcgtatattg tatttgttgt tattttctca atttaaactt atcactccat aatttctctt     62220
     tttcttccaa atgaaaattt cttctcattt ctccaaaatg atgtacatgt ttcttcctta     62280
     tagccataaa acacagtaat tgtttcctgg aaaattttaa atgtctcact acaattcaag     62340
     tatcatactt actatatgtt ttttatcttc tgtgtatttt gaaaatgtaa gagcattatt     62400
     gtcttataca aaataggtgc tagcagagtg aagagacaac caaaaataac tcaataagaa     62460
     atggacaaat gatccaaata gacatttttc aaaagaagac atacaggcca acaggcatat     62520
     aaaaaatgct caatattact aatcattaga gaaaggcaaa ttaaaaacac tttgagatat     62580
     caccccatac gtgttaggat ggttattata aaacgacaaa atataacaag tgttggagaa     62640
     gatttgaagg aaaggcatca tggaaaatag catggaggtt ccttcaaaaa ttaaaaatga     62700
     actaccatat gaaccagcaa tcccactact gggtatatat ccaaaggaaa tgaaatccgt     62760
     atgtcgaaga gatatctgca acaccatata cattaaatct tatttatata ttagcccaag     62820
     atgtggaaac aatgtaagtg tccatcaatg gatgaatgaa ttttaaaaag tagtatatat     62880
     acacaatgaa atactattca gccataaaaa ataatgaaat cttgttattt gtgacaacat     62940
     ggatgaacct ggaggacatt atgttaaatg aaacaagcca ggcacagaaa gaccatatga     63000
     tttcactttt atgtcgaatc tgaaaaagct aaactcatag aagtagagag tagactggtg     63060
     gttaccagga gctggacttg gggtggggag tggggatgtt tatcaaagga ttcaaaattt     63120
     catttaggag aggggaaata ttcaagaaga gatctaccgc acaacatggt cactatagtt     63180
     aataacaaca tattgtattt ttgaaaaaaa atgcaaagaa acaaagtaag tattaaataa     63240
     aaactggttc tttgaagctt tggcactgta atatatgaag gccagaagcc acatttatat     63300
     agttccgttt cttgagcatc caagacaatg gatgagatga cagtgttgag gaagacaggt     63360
     cacccactgt gaacactaga ttcagcttct ccccctgctg tttgactcat tctgcagaag     63420
     gtgagaattt atctgaagga gtttacatat ttttatgtga caatgtattc ctgagaagat     63480
     accaaattct ttcttctaca tcaaaaatac agcatgaaac tgacaagaga gcatataaat     63540
     gatgattttt tttaagtttc caggaatatc acatgtatca tattactgaa aagaaaaaga     63600
     gcattttatg ccgtgaaaaa ctttggatat ccttgaataa tgttgactaa aaacagtgag     63660
     tttatttagt attcatcgtg tctatatttg gagtgtatat ttttagtatt tgtcatcttg     63720
     cttatcaaac tcctgaatct cacttaaaaa gtattttcca aagtttttga aatttctcca     63780
     acaaaagaag aaaaaacaaa aaagcaagta ttggaagtca aataggtttg agaaatatta     63840
     tgacacatgt ccttcttgca catcataaag cctctaacac ttttcatagt aaaccaataa     63900
     atgaaactca gacttcttgc tttgcttaat caaaaaatta aagttttcca aacttctttg     63960
     actacagaat cttttgacaa cacaatattg atcattgcac actttgagag atattactct     64020
     acaaaagtca ctgcacagca ccactaaaat atggtgaccg ataaaacgga caaaggtcat     64080
     tcagtgaaag tttcaaagca aagagaatga atgaatatat atatatatgg atgtttactt     64140
     tttggattac agttttcaga ttatgtttgt tttaaataag ccagtctgct ttcataataa     64200
     ttatatttta agccattttc tgatgagaca tttgtcatca tgagaacaat gtagtaaaag     64260
     tttgttacac tggggattaa gatattagag tttccattca agattcccta atactggaag     64320
     aggttcactt aaattccatg attctatgag aggagtcaaa tctgaggtgc aggctctgca     64380
     ccttcccagg cctgcagggg ctttgcacct tcttgcggaa cagttgccag ctgttatcgc     64440
     ttcacactta ggtcactgcc ttcactcaag tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttaggcag     64500
     aatttcgctc ttgttgtcca ggcttgagtg cagtggtgca gtctcggctc actgcaacct     64560
     tcacttcccg ggttcaagca attctcccat ctcagccacc tgagtagctg ggattacagg     64620
     cacccgccac caagcccagc tcattctttt tgtattttta gtagagatgg ggtttcatca     64680
     tgttggccag gctggtcttg aactcctgac cttgggttat gcacccacct tggcctccta     64740
     aagtgtaggg attacaggcg tgagccacca tgcccggccc caagtcaagt ctttttcaca     64800
     gccttggttc accataaaac taaggtggac aattgtcatg gacagaattg tgttgcctca     64860
     aatttatgtt gaagtcctca cctctagtac ctcagaatgg ggctgtattt ggaaagagga     64920
     cctataaaga ggtaattgag gtaaaattag gttatatggg tgggccctaa tcagtaagac     64980
     tgatttcctt gtaagacaag gagatgtgga cagagaccac acacagacca cgggacaatc     65040
     atgtgaggac acagtaagaa ggtggccatt ggcaagggaa ggagagaggc ctcagaagag     65100
     accaaatgtg ctgattcctt gatcttggac ttccagtctc caaaactgtg agaaaagaaa     65160
     ttttttatgg ctgcatagta ttccatggtg tatatgtgcc acattttctt aaaaatgatg     65220
     agttcatgtc ctttgtaggg acatggatga aattggaaat catcattctc agtaaactat     65280
     cgcaagaaca aaaaaccaaa cacctcatat tctcactcat aggtgggaat tgaacaatga     65340
     gaacacatgg acacaggaag gggaacatca cactctgggg actgttgtgg ggtgggggga     65400
     ggggggaggg atagcattgg gagatatacc taatgctaga tgacgagtta gtgggtgcag     65460
     cacaccagca tggcacaggt atacatatgt aactaacctg cacattgtgc acatgtaccc     65520
     taaaacttaa agtataataa taataaataa agaaagaaag aaagaaaaaa agaaatttat     65580
     gttacttaag ccactcagtc tgtggtattt tgttatggca gccctagtaa actaatacaa     65640
     atatttttag ggacaacaaa ccatggactt tgttattcta gtaagatgac tttagcacta     65700
     ttacctactt ctaccttgaa gtggtaaaaa aaggcagtga gaagcatttc catggaatgt     65760
     ataaatcgtg tcccgtgaaa cagaattagc taataaggtt aacacctgtc agctgtatat     65820
     gatgctgcgt ctccaatctc catccggaca gcaaagggga aggcatggac aggagacctg     65880
     ccttcagaag agcacctgac aaaggggccc acagcctggg gacggtgacg gcagtagccc     65940
     cccgaggcct gggatcccac agcacaattg tgaagggaaa gtcttacttg ctgggcccag     66000
     atgtgtaatt ttctcccacc actggttttt tgtgaaaaat tcttctgaat acgtaatttt     66060
     gcccctaaat aaacatggtg ttggacattt ttctgactag gaagttagga tatttgcttt     66120
     tctagcatct ttattagatg actttttatg tttgcaaagt cactcagaaa aaacttcatc     66180
     ctcccaacac ctccctggac cacagtcccc acaaatgaca ttgaactcac aacataaagg     66240
     aactcaccac taggtaaata ggtgcttgac tgtgatttaa cacctgaatt actaaaattg     66300
     attgcaataa ttatccaaag aaaaacagcc aagtgcaaca gtaacgacag cctctgaact     66360
     ctctccacat cttcttgtgg acagcctttg agctctctcc atgtcttctc tgggacagcc     66420
     tctgaactct ctgcacgtct tcttgcagac agcctctgag ctgtttccat gtcttctccg     66480
     ggacagtctc tgagtctctg agctctttcc acgtcttctc caggacagcc tctgaactct     66540
     ctccacgtct tctctgggac agcctctgag ctctctcttg tttgggacat cctctgagct     66600
     ctccacgtct tctctgggac agcctctgag ctctttccac gtcttctccg ggacagcctc     66660
     tgaactgtct ccacgtctcc tccaggacag cctctgagct ccctccacat cttctctggg     66720
     tctcctgtgg agtctgatca cctttcagtt aaggcatctc ctgtgagcaa cccagttggc     66780
     tactctgagt tctgggggta gctgtccttg gtttctctga attgcccaga aaccaacctt     66840
     tctgttgccc atcgtagtgc ctacgtggct tagctggagc cctaccctgc ttttgttgcc     66900
     caaccaatgc ctatgtgaca gggctaaatt cccattcagc tttaactgct tagttttaga     66960
     aaacaggatg tctggggtca gaagttcctt cttaggacta aactggctga agctggcaaa     67020
     atccgcaatg gcagcttgac ctctgaaaaa cctctagctt cattatgatc caatttccat     67080
     gctaaatgac actcccactg gcaccttgac agttgacaat caccatgaca atggccagaa     67140
     gagaccaaaa acaggcagaa aagaggtggc tctttgattc caaaaaaacc tacctccctt     67200
     cccaagaaaa gctatgaata tttctccctt tcctctgtat acccagcccc ttcattaaga     67260
     atcctcagtt ctcaggctct gagaagttga tttgcaggct atgctcccac ttctgcaatt     67320
     ccatggccat tgaaaaaagc ccacactgtt tgatactcac tctcggtttg gtgtattggc     67380
     ttcacaccaa acaagaaaga gctcctttag gggtagtcag gaccctgatt atattcccac     67440
     atagaaactg ttcccactca ctactggcac agcagaacac ataaactgtc agatggctcc     67500
     atttcaatga tttgacttgt aattctcaat tgtttctgtt cctaagattt taggactttc     67560
     tatcaactca taaaaaaaat tttaaaaagg taaggcaacc ttcaaatcta agatgctcag     67620
     ctttaaacta gtaagttctt aaggatgttt tttttcctcc aaggaaacaa ttctcctctt     67680
     tgctgagcaa taatacaggt tttaatatta aataagtaca caaagtaaaa gaaacagaca     67740
     aaaatgtctt catagcaagg ctgttaacag atttctttct ttttttttat ttttgagatg     67800
     gggtctcact ctgttgccca ggcgggagtg cagtggcaca atctcagctc actgcaacct     67860
     ctgcctcctc agttcaagtg attctcctgc cccagcctcc caagttgctg ggatcacagg     67920
     tgcctgccat cacgcccggc taattttttt gtatttttag tagagacggg gttttgccat     67980
     gttggccagg ctggtctcaa actgctgacc tcaggtgatc cacccacctt ggcctcccaa     68040
     agtgctggga ttacaggcat gagccaccgt gcctggccag atttctaata tatgtaaaga     68100
     aaaaagaaaa attttcaaat acttgtttag ataagtactg atatttaaaa aaacaaccaa     68160
     gcctaaatcc ctagatttac aatttttaaa aaataagaaa agcaatgtaa ttcacagaat     68220
     aaaatctttt ggagtaaagt aatataactc taacaaattg gtaaatctag gcaagaaatg     68280
     acttgcccaa gtaacagacc tagtaggtgg agagctcatc tgactccaga aaccacactc     68340
     tacaaaataa acttattgac gtgaagtatg tatataatct gtaactggtg tgaaactgtg     68400
     gcagaaatac aaagagccgt ggtcttgctc atgatgttca aaggcaatat ttgaactgag     68460
     ggatggctgt gtgaattgaa gtggtcactg gagaaacgtg gttgagattg tgaaccatgg     68520
     ggaacagggg gtggtaattc tggatttttg gcatagagga gaaagaaaga actgcaaaca     68580
     tcattacagt gaaggagggt gaggccctcc gaaaactgat tgcgtttcac cagaaacact     68640
     gatccagtgg gggcagctga agcacgaaaa tgattagaac cagagtgatg tcacccacgt     68700
     ttctttcttt ttcttctttt ttttttgaga cagagtctcg cagtctcgct ctgtctccca     68760
     ggctggagtg cagtggcgcc atctcggctc actgcaagct ccgcctcctg gggtcacgtc     68820
     attctcctgc ctcaggctcc cgagtagctg ggaccacagg tgcccccacc atgtcctgct     68880
     aatttttttg tatttttagt ggagaggggg tttcaccgtg ttagccagga tggtctcgat     68940
     cccctgatct cgtgatctgt ccgcctcgac ctcccaaggt gctgagatta caggcgtgag     69000
     ccaccgtgcc tggccgatgt cacccacgtt tcttaggaaa gacgttagca tcctctaaat     69060
     cctcaccgac tgtgcctggc gcagcattat tttgcagttt tctgggattt acagttggca     69120
     tcatttgcac agcggcagcg tgacgtggct gtggagagca cggaagatct gtccccacgg     69180
     aagtgggctc ttctggttgc aacatggtgg aggccagccc ggcctcaggt gagggaagat     69240
     gccacagcaa acctctgagc aaccaagatg acaagcacct gcttggaaaa ggtgacaagc     69300
     cacaaggcca taggcccagt tataaggatg aattgtgtta cacgaatggt tataaacctg     69360
     accgacctca gaaggtatat ggaggaggca attatcaagc cccttgatgg tctgtggctg     69420
     gatgcaccat actttgccaa cagtgtgagc atggcagaga atgtaggtgt gtatataggg     69480
     gaaaacctcc agaaagtttt ttctgtggga gttctttgta aaataataac aatgcaactg     69540
     gaattatatt gcaatctata aagggaaatc actcttaggg atcaacattg tagaaagaca     69600
     acttgttttt tgcttctttg ctcagtgtta agaagtcatc acatcattgt caccctcccc     69660
     acattctgtt ctgtagtgcc cgatttgttg aaagcagtat gaggcctgtt ttaaacataa     69720
     atctattcta aatctaaatt tgtaatacat tctgaatgtc atttagacag tcttttgcct     69780
     ggagattaaa aattacttta tttctagcaa agtgctctga agtaaaatat tttaacaaca     69840
     aagaagatct gtgtttgttg ttttctccat tatctaatta ttgatatcca tttcatctgg     69900
     gcacatataa atggtaaaaa tatttacaag ctttgaatta ggtgaatcta attaaaaata     69960
     aaatatagat gttaatagag cctggaaata ttgtcaatat ctttttaata gattgagccc     70020
     cgttgattat ttcttctggg ataaaggctc aaatttattc tgtgaaatta gacactcaaa     70080
     tcatctgagg caatatatgg cagatgaata tacactgatt gatggaaatg ttgctttaat     70140
     gcacattgtt cattgcaatt ttgcgtaggt tactgaacta tgaattacta ttgaggaaca     70200
     gcacattcaa cgtgtcatag caatcaacta tttagtatgg acattttcta tgtttctaga     70260
     ttttctggcc actctgagca aatttaaatc aaatgactga agtataatca cttattttaa     70320
     ctctgttaaa acagtcaact tgaaaagtat atttttctgt atgaattttt tttctaattg     70380
     actctatttt gttctgataa ctaaacttat ttaagttgcg ctgttgaaaa aaactatagg     70440
     ccaagcgcgg tggcccatgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg agggtggatc     70500
     acgtggtcaa gagatccaga ccatccgggc taacacagtg aaaccctctc tctactaaaa     70560
     aaaaaaatac aaaaaaatta gccagtcatg gttgctggcg cctgtagtcc cagctattca     70620
     ggaggctgag gcaggagaac ggtgtgaacc caggaggctg agcttgcagt gagccaagat     70680
     cacaccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag agcaagactc tgtctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     70740
     aaacaacaaa aacaaaacta tatatatata tgtatatgta taatctgaag atccatgtcg     70800
     attccattat tttacaatgc agtgacatta taaggaagtg gaaaaattaa gtcaaaattt     70860
     tttaattatg atgaatatag aaaggggatt tcttgttgaa acaaataggc taaaagagcc     70920
     ttgatgtcag ctatgcctct cttagagaaa agactgtgac cctgtcatcc cgttggataa     70980
     tctagtgatg cgctttaaca gctattgtta aaatagattt taccaaggca aggacaacag     71040
     tttgcttatg agcaatgaga agtaagtagt cttaccagag tgcacccttt ggaaagtgct     71100
     gcatatataa ttagtgaggc cattcataat tcatttttat tatacaaatg ctgattaaat     71160
     gtataccttc ttccactcaa atgttaacgt gtcccttcct caatatattt tattaggcta     71220
     tgtatatatc tcaagcatag attaatttgt tttgtaagat ttcaaaacat tcctttttta     71280
     gccctgtaat gaatataaaa tggatcccta ctgcccatct tagagaatgc gtgtttcata     71340
     gaactgttta aaaaataaat ccttttaaat tgcccatctg cttaagctat gtttgtggaa     71400
     cattaggact aagtcatgtc tgacaaacat gtgtcatact actatttgag agcattactg     71460
     cattttcagg aataaaataa tattattaag aagtataatt tttccaagtg atacaataag     71520
     aatattgcta gagatttgac ctatttgtga aaaatctttg catgattatt agcttcctaa     71580
     aaataaaatg aactctgcaa atgtgatcca agctgttctg tatgaaatta tgtgctagtt     71640
     gcacagtccc ctgggagacc agtgtgagtc cagatgcctc tttgctggtt tgtttcattt     71700
     ctggggttca ttttctagag gtttttatca tattttcaaa gtacagaagt caggcatctc     71760
     aaattcaagt cttgtctccc ccaaacttta aaaaatatat gacattgata taatttggct     71820
     ggataataac aaactgaaca aataagatat tttctttcat tgaaggttgg taacattttc     71880
     ctcacttaaa aatttttggt tgggcacagt ggctcatgcc tataatctca gcactttggg     71940
     aggccgaggc gggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagttcgag tccagctggc caacatggtg     72000
     aaaccctgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaaat tagccgagca tggtagtgca cacctataat     72060
     cccagctact caggaggctg aagcaggaga atctcttgaa ctccagaggc agaggttgca     72120
     gtgagccaag attatcccac tggactccag cctgggtgac agagcaagac tccatctcaa     72180
     aaaataattt aaaaaaatga attttctaaa ttgtgggtca gaattcaagc taatggaaac     72240
     ctgtggaaga aggaattttg caggtctgcc tgtggaatcc ataattcttt tcagaggcag     72300
     cgatattaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtgtg aggatgtccc caagcagaaa accgccttca     72360
     ctgcaatgct gacagtatct gggtgtccca gggttcctgg ggagtgcaac tgttatcccg     72420
     gctgtgctgc tactgtgctg agtggtttta tatccactga gaaggacgtg tcaacaggtg     72480
     gctgctcagg cccctaaaga atggatggat gtgaggtctc tgtgaagcct ctgggccaga     72540
     tctctgagga gtatctgtaa ggggcatctc acctatggtg aggatgctgt gtgagcgctg     72600
     catgggaggc ctcagtgcca ggctcctggt gagaactctg agtgaggtct ctgtggagcc     72660
     tcagtgtgag gtttctgcgt gagttctgtg tggaaagtct ctaagaaatc cgagtcagtt     72720
     tctgtacgag gcctgtgagg ccacatgagg tctctgtggg aggactccat ggggcagcaa     72780
     gagggctcca ttgcctcttg tgaggcctct gtatgaggcc tttgcagaag gtctgtgtgg     72840
     gaggtatctt ccagaggtct ctgtggggtc tctgtgggaa gtccctgtgt gaaatctccg     72900
     tgctaggtct ctgtgtgagg gaccatggac tatatgaagt ccctgtgtga ggaccctgtg     72960
     tgaggaccct gtgaaagccc tacagaatct ctgtgtggaa tgtttgaggg aattctatgt     73020
     gagaggtttc tgggcaatga gtgtggagca acctgaggcc tgtgtgagga atctatacaa     73080
     ggtctctgtg gagagtggga ggtctccagg caaggtctct gtgtgaggag gactctgaga     73140
     gaggtctctg tgaggcagtg gggggtgcca tgtgccattt ctggggctgg aggccagagg     73200
     ttgcagtgaa ctgcatgagt ctctgcatga ggtccctgtt ttatgactct gtgtgaagtc     73260
     tctgaggtct ttgtggggtc tctgtgtgag atctccctgt gagaaccatg gaaggtctct     73320
     gacatttgtg ggagatctct gtgggactga gtgaagtctc tcagcgtggc ctctgtgggg     73380
     ttctctgggt gaggactctg ggaatctctg tgctaggtct ctgtggggca ccatgaggac     73440
     tctgagagct ccgtggggtc tctgtggagg ctgcagtgtg tctctttctg tggcagtgag     73500
     aggtcccagt gttctcactc tgtacgagat atctctgtga ggttcctgtg ggaggtctcc     73560
     gtgggtctct ctattgttgg cctcactgca tgtcatggga gactgagctg cagaagggct     73620
     aaggggttgt tgcttcctgt gttctttctg gtctctcagc attgcctgtg gcgcttctcc     73680
     tggtctgagc catgggctcc aagtccagct cctccacatc ccagaactca cgtcttggtt     73740
     tcctgaggga acccagcagc agccaggcat ggcccatcct cagtggtcag ggtcccagct     73800
     ctgtgccaca ctctcctgag ctcctggagg accggggctg ctctctgctc caggtcccag     73860
     ctcctcctgc tgatcctggc tccgctgtca ccgctgggcc caccttggag gctgcttcag     73920
     ttatccaggc ctcagagagg acctggcccc aggagaagcc acaggctggg gactgtgccc     73980
     actgccccct gcaccccggt gccggccagt cccacatgtt gggggcaggg ccatttccat     74040
     tgtcatctag atcagtggca ctgcctggca ctggcctctc caccattgaa atgaggcccc     74100
     cggaagtggg cctcttgcac gcctgtatgt ggcacaaggc agagaaaact ccctctagag     74160
     acctggctcc tcctgtccat gatttgtgga gacctcctgc tttcccatat ggacagggcc     74220
     cagagaggag gaaagctgtg ctgaaagcag agggagacag cagggacggc tcctgtcctg     74280
     cccataccct gcccattctg gacaggtcac ttccagctcc cttgtatgtt caaatcctgc     74340
     ctgcctgcat cttcccttgc tggtctctgg ggcaagcaag gatgtcagga gccagggaag     74400
     atttgctgtg tgaccccagc tcagctgctg ggccctagta agtcaccacc tttccccagg     74460
     gagcagtcct ggggctacgt gtatattaaa ggtcaccaga cttcgactca tgcctggggt     74520
     tctctagtcc ttgcttttcc acctgttgtc aacacatcct ttaaaaaatt caataagtag     74580
     gccaggcacc atggctcatg cctgtaatcc tagctctttg ggaggctgag gcccgtagat     74640
     cacctgaggc aaggagttcg aggccagcct ggccaacata gcaaaactcc atctctacta     74700
     aaaatataaa aattagtcgg gcatggtggt gggtgcctat catctcagcc acttgggagg     74760
     ctgaggcaga agaatcgctt gaacccaggg gccagagttt gcagtgagcc aagattgtac     74820
     tacttcactc cagcctgggc aaaacagtga aactctgtct caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttc     74880
     aatagattat tatgtgcaag cttatcgaag atgttaagaa attcatcttc cttattcact     74940
     tcgccttctc actaatatgg ccctctgtgt tgggggtaaa tgtggttttt ctaggggtct     75000
     gtgatctggg agctggagca gagacagacc ctggggtgtg gccaggatga gacactaggc     75060
     ccctctaggc ctatctaagg ggttggaatg tcagagtctc ctggctcacg gcaccactga     75120
     tggctccctc acacacgcca ctttgcctcc ttttcaattc tctgtctgca tcccctgtag     75180
     ctctacagag tcccaccatc agaagcctct gcacacacag gcatacccta ctccattcac     75240
     ccagaactac ttcactgaag ctgagagaca tgtaggtgag atagacaaag gccggtgacc     75300
     caggagcagg gtcattcact catctggggc aggggagttc acggccctca gcaacctcca     75360
     taaaggctgc ccccctgacc ccctagcccc cacctacaca tgcacagagc tggaaggtct     75420
     gtccccactg ccactccaga gtgcgagaaa gggagaggca gtgggatggg gactctctgc     75480
     ttcgcatgtt ggctgagcta agagggccca tctccatccc agcctttgtc agggagagaa     75540
     ggggcttccc aggggcagac gttatctatt ctccaccagg atacccaggg tcaagacttc     75600
     tcccacttct gaactcaggg cccagcactc tcccacccaa acttccacta ttttttgaca     75660
     catgaaggta ctcggctgtg gcacttcctg gagcctgcat ggagatgttc agtcccgtga     75720
     catctctgca aaccttctcc ctacagctgc atgaagtttg aggtagagta agtagtggaa     75780
     agatgggttg aaccttattt cagagtggga ccttcatagg tttttctcat cttgttttta     75840
     gaattttttg ttgtttgtgt aaagacgata ttacggaaac ataaggttca gtgaaggaac     75900
     tcaggatgaa ggtgggctta cagcaccact gtcaacatcc ctccatgtcc tgtcgcatct     75960
     ggaaaccaag cccacaccaa gcatggcaca aatagaagcc atcaccctct tataaataaa     76020
     aaaccatata tattgtggaa tattaaatgt tctgcattta ctaacatgag agaaaatatt     76080
     ttttctctac atagagtgaa ttttttcttg gggacttgtt tttctccagg gaaggctaaa     76140
     aaagaatttg tgactgacca aatcagatac cttcccaaag aagacagtgc cttggacagt     76200
     ggtgatggtg gctagaggca ccggatgtct tcggccagtg ctgaggggga ctgactgggg     76260
     atacagcttt cttggggtgc aagatttggg gatgtcgcag gccccattgc tcattgttgc     76320
     accgcacact tttcaagggc tgttgatttc tgatttgcct gtctctgttg ggacaaccct     76380
     ggctcttgag agtggcttgt tgactgctgg ctgcatagct cagtattctg ccatgttctg     76440
     agtagaagag gtgcctgtgg ttgcagggaa acccacagac tggggcttga aacttctgtt     76500
     tgtgctgatt taccttcgag gcatggtgcg catggcaaag tgacattttc ttgtccagca     76560
     tttgtccaac tgccgtcatg agaccctgag cttcagcact gctgctgtac acacatgatc     76620
     tgttttttac tgttttttgg ctctcagcag tgactggtgc tggcttgctt tttttctttg     76680
     aaaaaatcca ctgaaaaaat tgcttgatgt tttctccaaa gtggcttact gaaggaggct     76740
     gtttctttga tggcagtagc tggacgcctt catcctgatg ggtgtcttct gttttcctga     76800
     ctggggtaag ttgaggagtc ctcaatcctt caagcctttc ttcatgtttt tctaagttgg     76860
     gcttcctaga cttctcactc ttgtgaatag ggggaaacat tggcctttgg ctcttgcatg     76920
     agccttgaca gtttgggttt ctgggctcct cttgcaccag tttgctcctt ctggctgcca     76980
     tgaggtcatg tagctcctgg gaagcccgca tgttcccagt aggcatgctc tggagatggc     77040
     cctggggcac ttgagaaacc aaattctctg aagcgtgggg cacaacagat gcttgcccat     77100
     ctggaaggag cacaacagcg gcacaaactt gaggctgggt ctctgacttt gtggccattc     77160
     caggctcaaa ttcactaaca acctcctcca taagacacag ctttcttgga tcttgggaga     77220
     cagacactct agggtgtaga gagcttttgc tggtccctgg agcctcgaaa ccatgcacat     77280
     cctcacttgt ggcttggagg tttgccagca tacaggtttc caaggggact ctgcattgtg     77340
     gcactgcctc ccttgtctct ccagcctttg aagattgggc tcctaagctc ctgctctgct     77400
     gggtgctgcc tgtgaggctg tacgtgaggg gcttagatgg ccacctgccc tcctgtccag     77460
     ctggaggagg cttcaagggc ccatgatcat tccaagatgg gattcctcgc ggtgccctct     77520
     ggaactgctt ccatgcaggt gaggaggcca gaagactctc tggcatgtga tcagatgctt     77580
     tggtcagcac ctgctttctc agacttgcca ttggtggctt tctaaggaac atgtccacct     77640
     caacttctga gccagcccca gattcacagg tggctgagga gggaccagca agctgcgtaa     77700
     gggacaagga tgaaaccttt tccagtttaa agcactgaat gggcttgagg accctgaggg     77760
     gtagacccca cctgtgtttg gcccaaaacc tcacaatatg ggctcccaac ccctgctgag     77820
     tacacggctc gaggaaggaa agcacctggg ctgtgttcac acaggctttc ccacttttcg     77880
     gggctgctag attgctggtt ttcacatggg tgttggacac gggaagagcc tggttgacag     77940
     caagccagga tcgacgcaca cgcacgggga tcaagccctc gttggtctgg cccaagttcc     78000
     tgcccatgtg ggctttcagg atgttttcta tatgagtcct ctctgtgcat cttaataaat     78060
     cacttcccga gtcactcctc aagggcttcc tcaagttcct ttccgactcc tcagaagtca     78120
     cccccagaac cttccgtggg aagcttttca tgtccctgga tagattttgt ggggtctcac     78180
     ccagaatttg ccccagatgt gggcacaggt ccctctctag ctggaacttc accttctgtg     78240
     cctccttgct gctttcacct gtggacgtgg aggactgcca gggactgggt ttgcccttgg     78300
     cctgacttgt ccctggtgat tcgtcccgaa gctgcatcag atccagagac tcttggatcc     78360
     ttcccaggtt gccccagtgt tggatgatcc acttttttat gtgttgctcc agttgtctcc     78420
     ggagttcagg actgactgga aagttctcag gcagaatgga tgtcaaactt tcctggggaa     78480
     ggttaggagt ggagacacta aagacgtcct gagatttttg gaccctagag ggtaaagcca     78540
     acctaccttc tagttgtttc ctcaacaaag gccattcagg gtgctgagtt tcaggtaggg     78600
     agagagcttg cactttattc tgcgatgcag ggcaagctac tccagtgttc ttaatcaggg     78660
     atggaaaagc aggagatagg actgggaaag aagactgaag atgggcctga gcctcggcct     78720
     gagccatagg tgtgggcagg aattggggtg tggatgaaat aaagggttgg cggtgggaca     78780
     ggggctgggc ctggaaaagc agtggggaca ttgtagtctc cctttgaatt gggcagacat     78840
     tggacatttc attgaacaag aaaggaggag actgtaaagt ataagacctg tcagttaccc     78900
     aggcgttagc caccagggac tcgctgtgca gagaggggag gccccagaaa agctggctat     78960
     aattcttcca aaaactttcc tgcaagagcc taggatctga gcacttctga ggtccgggca     79020
     gctgtttcga gttctctccc atgttccaga agggttttgg gtttgtggtg tcctgctcag     79080
     catccaatga tttagccaaa ttccccaaag aatttaagtg cttttctggg gtcatttgat     79140
     ttgtaaatga tccaacattt tctttttctt cccaaatgtt gaccttggct gtttctgtga     79200
     cttgtatccc cacgacattc tggccatcag agctgagcaa aaacaggcta ccagcttcca     79260
     tctgacaggt ctctggtggg tggcgggaaa gaggatcttg ctggactgat gagttaaagg     79320
     cgcacgaggt tctggcagtc tcctgccacc gggaggaggc agaaacatga ctgtttgagc     79380
     caccaaggcc tgagatggct gggacagaag ccaccaaatc ctcatgtgga gacaagcttt     79440
     gagggacggt gcccagtgga agtgccactg agtcacagtg agatggagtt atcagtgtgg     79500
     agtcccgcag gggaggagca gtgaagcctt ttggaggagg cggagagcag gccagaggat     79560
     caggggtgtg tggtgggtga gggaaaagtg caggtggctc gggtgagggg tgttctaggg     79620
     gaagggaagg ttctggtggc tgggaggcac ttagggagga gactgaggtg gtcattgggc     79680
     ctggtgatgg ggtggaggcc agatcctgag gatgcttggc ttgaggatcc ggggaagcta     79740
     acggggagag aatgggagca gcatcttcca taggctcatg agaggactgg gaggctccat     79800
     caggtgctct ttcgcccacc tcacctgggg ggtctggacc ggagagctga ccaaagtcac     79860
     ctttgtcaag gtgtggcccc aggaggctgc aggagacagg aggcacgagc tgcagccagg     79920
     agccggtggg gccggagggc agagtgggtg ctcgggccac agcccctcca ccatcccaca     79980
     ccctgattgc ccaattctcc tgctacccct cgccccaggg ttttactccc atcctctgtc     80040
     cccctggtct ccccatccca ggtcagctcc aggctgcctg tggcccttgg gtcatgtccc     80100
     agccctggta ggaaggatgc agggaagggg aagtgcctca cctctgcagt tgtgaaagaa     80160
     ggtccgaagt ctcctccagg cctctcgggc actctctacc agctggaaat caggagactg     80220
     ggttagggca gtgagggagg ggcctgggat ctcacaggag gctgagtggc tgtttcttta     80280
     gggaggacca tggggaatta gaccctggac cccacccatc tgtgtccaaa gccacatgac     80340
     cccgacgtta atagcaaggc atggaggaca gggctttttc attcacaaca ggcttccaca     80400
     cacggacccc ccacccccac agtcctcaca actgccctgt ggggagaaag gactgaggtg     80460
     gtctcaaaga ggaatcagcc ttagcagagt tggacagctg ttcccaggga gcgggaggcc     80520
     ccctcacccc cctccgcatc caggcaggca ttggtctccc caggacacac acactgcccc     80580
     ctgctgggta acgcccagtc cctggcccac catggcttca ttcccgcatg gaatctgaga     80640
     aggacccggg gttctgattt ccttcctagg agcccccacc tcaggcttct tcaactgact     80700
     tcttcagagt cagttccctc cgggacagat gagatcaaat taactctagt gtgctctggc     80760
     agagccttac ctctcagact gtggtttttc atcctgcctc tgggcctccg cctccgccct     80820
     actggacact gggagacatg atgacgtacg gagacaagat gacgcggaga gacaagatga     80880
     caatgggaga caagaaaggg cgagaagcta ggactggctc tccctctctg ctccagccca     80940
     gccgcagcat gctgcactca ggaaccgcat gactctctct gtcttgctca gggagctctg     81000
     tgtgcttcct cccactcatg tttaactgga tgataaactg cttttcttct tagaaaaaca     81060
     gcaagagggg gctgggcgtg gtggctcacg cctataatcc aagcactttg ggaggccaag     81120
     gtgggttgat cacctgaggt caggagtttg agaccagcct ggccatggtg aaaccccgtc     81180
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaat taggcaggca tggtggtggg cgcctgtaat ccccagctat     81240
     tcaggacgct aagacaggag aatcgcttga actcgggaag cagaggttgc agtgagccta     81300
     tatcactcca tttcactgca acctgcgtca cagagcgaga ctccatctca aaaaataaaa     81360
     taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taacacacaa ataaaataaa aataacacac     81420
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagag ggattttcaa tatgaggtcc     81480
     accacggaca ccttcagtcc ctgttcctct gctccaggaa cacccaagtt caggcccgca     81540
     ggcactgctg agctatcagg taggattctg cttcccagaa gaccagagga gacaccaggc     81600
     cctggtggga ggccctcggg ggcccagcac aggccccaga tcaccccaca caggggaggc     81660
     tgggccctga gccacctgcc ccagaaaggg gctgatgagc cagggctcag ggcctggtct     81720
     cggacagaga cctccccagt ctcatgactg gtactggtgc tgagtccact ggtttgattt     81780
     tgccttgatg cctcctgtgc tcccccacag atggactgag atcttgggat ggaaatccca     81840
     gtacactatc tacccctacc aacccctggc tgccctgcct ctccctggaa ggatgatgtt     81900
     ctggtctctt ctgagacttc ccatcataga aggctctcca ctggatttgg aaaagtggaa     81960
     ctaataataa aaagaaagga gagaatcaag ctctgtgggt cgggactgag ggttccttac     82020
     ctttctcttc ccaggcgatg gtgagggtgg gtcatcacaa tggaagtaag ataagtaggg     82080
     gagtaatagg aagaagaacc ccagggcaaa caccaaggtg aggaagatat ccaacaccca     82140
     tggtgtggag ctgggggcgt ttagcgatga ggcactaagt aattttaaag gaaagggaag     82200
     attctccatg tgaataggca cgttgctttc aagcaactga gctctgggca tccccgtgga     82260
     gactagggac tggggcccag gcctgcgtca cagaggtggg gccttgatgt cacaaagggc     82320
     tcctttgttg gggaggggca gtgggagggg gaggggcaga gggaggggga ggtgcagcag     82380
     gagggggagg gggagggaga ggggcagggg agggggagac tggagcacag cccctcccca     82440
     cccccaaagc tggggatccc tccaccatcc caccttctag atccctcctt cccactaagt     82500
     tttgtcagtg atagccaatt ttctattctt tctccctgga atatagatat tacctggttc     82560
     cttttatctg ttggagacgg tggcttgagg ttacctattt tatagccctt gaaaatctga     82620
     agttctgaaa ttttggctat gaaccaggga ttttcattct cagaatctcg ttcatcctca     82680
     actccagctt tcccacacta tgtttttgtc ttgtatcaat ccagggacaa aatgtaaatt     82740
     tcttttactc ttatttagtt ttgcaaattt tgaatagtaa gttttaaaaa attatttcta     82800
     tctcactttc aatcaaaggg aactacccac atacaattaa gatttttttt tgtcttttaa     82860
     agttttattt atgtacttat gtatttattt tattttaact ttcaggatac atgtgcagga     82920
     catgcagttt tcttacatag gcaaatatgt accatggtga tttgctgcac ctatcaaccc     82980
     atcacttagg tattaaaccc agcatgcatt agctattttt cctgatgctc tccctaccac     83040
     cagccctccc tcgacaggtg ccagagtgtg ttgttcccct cccagtgtcc atatgttctc     83100
     attgttcggc tcccacttgt aagtgagaac atgtggtatt tggttttctg ttcctgtgtt     83160
     agtttgctga ggataatggc ttccagcttc atccatgtcc ccgcaaagga cttgatctca     83220
     ttccttttta tggctgcata gtattccatg gtgtatatgt accacatttt atttatccag     83280
     tctatcattg gtgggcattg ggttgattcc atgtctttgc tattgggaac agtgctgcaa     83340
     taaacataca cgtgcatgta tctttgtaat agaatgattt atattccttt ggatatacaa     83400
     taatggtata tctgccacag cctctgtact gcactgtggg gaattctgcc cagtgcaaac     83460
     cacccagtct ccctagcact ggcgggggaa aaccaccggc tagacccgca gtaatggcgg     83520
     tcacccttcc ccccaggaac ttggtcttct taggcagact ccaggtgctg tgctggccag     83580
     tggggattcc atgctagtgg gtcttagctt gtggggttct gtgggagtgg gtctgcttgg     83640
     ctccctggct tcagccccct tctcatggga gttgatggat ctcctgcttc actggatttc     83700
     tgcgagccac cagagtatgc agaaactcct acagctcagt acctgcccaa gtggctgcca     83760
     gctggagccc ctgctatggg tctgcacagc tttgtgcttg ggacccaagg ccctggtggt     83820
     gtggactcac aaagggatta cctgttctgg ggtttgcaaa aatctgtggg taaagcacag     83880
     ttccctgggt gggtagcaca atccctcact gcctcccttg gctggaggag ggaggtctct     83940
     ttgccctgtg tagctcttgg gtgaactgtc acccaactct gcttttcctt gctctccatg     84000
     ggtcacacca actgcctagt cagtcccaat gagggaatct ggatacctca gttagaaatg     84060
     cagaattcac tcgctgttta tgtttgtctc agtgggggct gcagagtaga gctgtttcta     84120
     ctcaaccatc ttggcccctc cccccaatta aaataattca tatttaaaat ttgtaattct     84180
     aattatgaaa cagttataag tagttaaacc ttcaagtggt atttctgtaa atgtatagca     84240
     tttacagttc tggacttggt aatgcttaaa gtgcacgata acttatggga ctgctacata     84300
     ggcatacctc agagatactg tgggtttggt ttcaggccac tgtggagatg agctctttag     84360
     ggcagtgccc aatggaagtg ccattgagcc acattgagac ggagtcagaa tgcagtccag     84420
     cagtggggga gcaatgaagg cttttggagg aggtggaggg caagccagac aatgggggtg     84480
     ggtatgatgg gtgaggggaa aatgcaggtg gcttgggtga agggcgttct aggggaaggg     84540
     aagattctgg tggccagttc tgcaataaaa caaatatggc aataaggcaa atcacacaga     84600
     atttttggtt tctcagtgca tataaaagtt aggtctatac tatactgtag tctattaagt     84660
     gggcaatacc attatgtcta aaaaagtcaa tgtacatacc ttagtcaaaa attattttac     84720
     tgtttaaaaa tgctatcgat cacctgaatc ttcaacatca atatcttttt gctggtcagt     84780
     ggccttgcct cagtgttgtg gctgctgact catcatggtg gaagctgctg gaggtgaggt     84840
     ggctgtggca atttcttaaa ataagacaac aatgaagttt gctacatcag ttgactattt     84900
     ctttcaagat tcctctgtag catgcaatgc tgtttgatag cattttaccc acagtagagc     84960
     ttccttcaaa tcggagacaa tcctctcaaa ccctgccact gctttatcca ctaagtttat     85020
     gcaattttct aaatactctg ttgtcgtttc aacaaggttc acagcatcta cacctggagt     85080
     agtttccatc tcaagaaacc actttctttg ctcatccaag ttctcatttg ttaaaatttt     85140
     gtcatgagat ttcagcaatt cagccacatc ttaagatctc ttcacatctt ttaatcttag     85200
     ttctcttgct atttccacca catctgaagt tacttcttgc actgaagtct tgaaccctca     85260
     aagtcatcca tgaggattgg aatcaacttc ttccaaattt cttttaatgt tgatattttg     85320
     acctcctccc atgaatcaca aatgttctta attttaacct cctcccatga attgcaaatg     85380
     cttctagaat ggtgaaacct ttctagaagg ttttcaactt actttaccca gatctatcga     85440
     aggaactact atacatggtg gctacagcct tatgaaatgt atttctcaga taatcaggct     85500
     tgaaagtcta aattactcat tgatccctgg gctgcagaat ggatgttgta ttagcaggca     85560
     tacaaacagc tttaattttc ttgtagttct ccatcagacc tcttgggtga ccaggtaaat     85620
     tgtcaatgaa caataatatt ttgaaagaga tcttttttta aagcagtagt tctcaggtgt     85680
     gagcttaaaa tattcatgtc gtaacagatg tgatgtcatt caggctttgt cccatttata     85740
     gagcacaggc agagtagatg tagcatagtt cttaagggcc ctagaatttt cagaatggta     85800
     gatgagcttt ggcttcagct taagccccta acaaaagagt catcctgttc tttgaagcat     85860
     tgaagtcagg catttatttt gctacctggc tgtaaaagtc ctggatgaca tcctcttcca     85920
     atataaggct gttttatctg cagtaaaaac ctttgtttag tgtagccacc tttgttgctt     85980
     ctcttagctg atcttatgga tgacttgctg cagcttctac atcagcactt gctgcttttc     86040
     cttgcacttt tatcttatgg agaagacttc tttcattaaa cctcatgaac caatctctgc     86100
     tagcttcaaa cttttttctg tggcttccca acctctctca gccttcagag aattaagaag     86160
     aattaggtcc ttgctctcga ttagggtttg gcttaaggaa atgttgtggt tggtttgatc     86220
     ttctatccaa accactcaaa ccttctccat atcagtgata agtctctttc actttcatac     86280
     cactcatgtg ttcattggag taatactttt aatttccttc aagaactttt tcttttcatg     86340
     cacagtttgg ctgttaggtg caggaagcct agtttttggc ctgtttcagc ttttaacatg     86400
     ccttcctcac tcaccttaat catttctcac ttttgattta aataagagat gtgtgactct     86460
     tactttcact tgaacacata gaggcctttg tagagttatt aattggccta atttcaatat     86520
     tcctgtgtct cagaaaacag ggagacctga ggagttgggg ggatggagga agggcagata     86580
     gatggaacca ttcagacaca tatatgtatc agttaggctc attgtctttt ggagcatggt     86640
     ttgtgatgcc ccaaaacaat gacaatagta atatcaatga tcactgatca cagattaccg     86700
     taacagatat aataataaca aaacatttga aatattgcaa gaattacaaa aatgtaacac     86760
     agagatacaa aataagcaca tgctgccaga aaagtggcac tggtagactt gcttgatgca     86820
     gggttgccat aaatcttcaa cctgtaaaaa atgcaatatc cgagaagcat aataaagtga     86880
     agtgcaataa aacaaggtaa gcttgtatat gtatgcatgc acacaccagt atgcatccac     86940
     ctatccacac acaaatcttt gtacaaacaa atcctgtatt ttcaattcca acaatacatc     87000
     atttgcacct taaaaatatc tgtcaacctt gtagtatcct tttctgtctt tgttatcagg     87060
     gtaatgctgg tctcataaaa aatgtttgtg ttccctcctc ttcaactttt ggaagagttt     87120
     gtaaagaaat ggtactaatt cttctttaaa catttgctag acttctccac taagctatct     87180
     ggtcttggat tttccttttt caggagcttt ttgaccactg actcaatatt tttactcatt     87240
     atttgtgttg attttctatt tcttcatgtt tcaatcttaa gggatgtatg tttctagaaa     87300
     tctctctatt tcttctaagt taaacaattt gttgacacat agttgtttag actattatta     87360
     tcctttgtat ttctatggta ccaattttaa tatctgcttt tttgttctaa ttttatttat     87420
     ttgaggcttc tctctttttt cttagcctag tgaaaggttg gtcaattttt attattttta     87480
     ttttatttta ttttattttt ttgagactca gtctggctct gtctcccagg ctgtagtgca     87540
     gtggcgcaat ctctgctcac tgcaagctct gcctcctggg ttcatgccac tcccctgcct     87600
     cagcctccca agtagctggg actacaggcg cacgctgccc cgctctgcta attttttgta     87660
     tatttagtag aggcggggtt tcaccatgtt agccaggatg gtcttgatct ctgacttcgt     87720
     gatcagcccg cctcccaaag tgctgggatt acaggcatga gccaccgcgc ccagccatta     87780
     tgttttcaaa aaatcagctt tttgtttcat tgatcttttc tattgttttt ctagtgtatt     87840
     tcatttactt ctgctatcat cttcgttatt tccttccttc ttctaatttt gggcttcatt     87900
     ttttttcttt tctatttctt tgaggtttat tgtttatttg agatcttttt tcttcattta     87960
     gcacttaacc tgtataaact tccctgttag aattgctttt gcttcatctc ataagtttta     88020
     gtatgttgtg ctttcatttt agtttgtctc aagatatttt atttcttttt tgatgttttc     88080
     tttgatctat tggttgttca ggagtgtgtt ggttgatttc cacatatttg tcacttttct     88140
     aagttttctc ctgtttttaa ttttcagttt catgccactg tggtcaaaaa gaatacttga     88200
     taagatttca atcttcttaa atttgctaag acttgttttc tcccccaata tatgacctgt     88260
     gtaggagaat gtactgtgtg tgctcaagaa gaatgtgtat tttgctgttt tggaaagtaa     88320
     tgtcctgtat atgtctggtc catttgatct atagtgtagt tcaagtcatc tgtttcctta     88380
     ttgattatct gtgtgagtga tcaatccatt gttgaaagtg ggatatggaa gtcccctact     88440
     gttattgtat tatcgttgtc acttctctct tcagatttgt taatatttgc tttatacaat     88500
     taggtgttcc aatgttggga gaatatatat ttgtagtaat tatatcctct tgatgaattg     88560
     acccttgtat cattctataa tgactttctt tccctcttgt tacagttttt gacttaaagt     88620
     ttattttgtt tgttgtaaga atagctactc tttctttttt ttttgttccc tgtctttcct     88680
     ttcagtctat gtgtgtctct aaaggtgaag tgaatctctt ataggcggca tatatttggt     88740
     tattgtttta ctgtccattc agccaccctg tgtcttttct aatttgatcc actgatattt     88800
     aaagtaacta ttgataggca tttcgcagtt tctttgttct tttatttctc tcttgctgtg     88860
     catgatttga ttattttgat tattttctgt agtggtatac tttggttctt ttctgtgtct     88920
     ttgtattaat tcttttttaa acatgtggta aaattctcat ttgtgtaact attacatgtt     88980
     ttgtctttgt gattatcctg aggcttccat aaaacatcac atgctctcat ctgccacata     89040
     aggatgtttt ggtcaatgat gggccacata tacaacggtg gccctgtaag gttataacat     89100
     ttttattgta tcttttatat gtttagatat atttggatac acaaatgctt atcattgtat     89160
     tatagttgcc tatagcattc agtatagtac aatgctgtac agatttgtag cctggaagca     89220
     ataggttata ccatatagcc tgggtgtgta gtaggtggta ttatctaatt ttgtgtaagt     89280
     atactctatg atattcacac catgacaaaa ttgcataatg aggcattatt cagaacatat     89340
     ccacattaag aaatgtatga ttatagttat aatggtctat tttaagttga tagcaactta     89400
     acttcaagca tatacaaaac cctacacttt actcccctcc actttttatg tttttttgat     89460
     gtcagcgttt atttctttgt ttattttgta gttatattta tttgtaatat tttatgtctt     89520
     ttaacctttt aaaagttaaa gtgattatac tccatcatta cagtattagg aatattttga     89580
     atttgactgt ttagttactt ttactggtga ctttttataa ctacatatgt tttcgtgatg     89640
     ctaattagtc ttattgcatt tcagtttgaa gaactccctt tagaatttct tataaagcag     89700
     gcctactgac aatggactcc cttagattat tttggggggt ttctgaaaaa gtctgtaagt     89760
     cctagccaga gcaattaggt aagaaaaaga aataaaaggt atccaaactg gaaaagaagt     89820
     gaaagtgtct ctatttgaag atgacatgat ctcatataga gaaaattcta aaggctccaa     89880
     ttaaaaactg ttaaaattaa gaaacaagca aatttgcaga acacataatt aacattaaaa     89940
     aaaaacctgt tacgttttta tatactaata gttgagtatc ccagaaagaa attaacaaaa     90000
     caatctcggg ccgggcacag tggctcacgc ctgtaatccc agcactttgg gagtctgagg     90060
     tgggcagatc acaaggtcaa gagatcgaga ccatcttggc taacacggag aaaccctgtc     90120
     tctactaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgcgc gtggtggcgg gaggctgagg caggagattg     90180
     gcgtgaaccc gggaggcaga gcttgcagtg agccaagatc acaccactgc actccagcct     90240
     gggcgacaga gtgagagtcc gtctgaaaga acacgatctc atttacaata gcatcaaaaa     90300
     attaactact tacgaagaaa tttaaataag acagtaaaat ttgtatatac caacaactat     90360
     aaaacactga tgaaagaatt tgaagaagat acatatccct attactcagt gcgatctata     90420
     gatgtaatgc aaccccatca aaatttcaat ggcatttttc aaagaaatgg aaaaaagcag     90480
     ttctaaaatt tttatgcaac ctcaaatgac cccaaacagt caaaacatcc ttcagcagaa     90540
     aaaacaaaag tggaagcatc acattacctt attccaaact aaattataaa gctatagtaa     90600
     tcaaaatagt atgctactgg cataaaaaca gacatgtagg ccaagggaac agaatagaga     90660
     tcatagaaag aaataaatcc atgactttac aatcaattga tctctagcat tggtgccaag     90720
     agtacacaat gataaaattt agtctcttta ttaaatggtg ttgggaaaac tggatatcca     90780
     catgcagaag aatgaaactg aacccttatc tcactgtaca tacaaaaatt gtctcaaaat     90840
     ggatgaaaga cttcaacata ggaccaatat tgtaagactc ttagatataa atatcggaga     90900
     aaagctcctt gatactggta ttggtaataa attttcagat ttgataccaa aagtatagac     90960
     aacaaaagca aaaatagaca aatgggagta aatcaaacta aaagcttcag cacagcaaag     91020
     gagacaacca atacaatgaa aagataacct aaagaatggg agaaaatatt tacaaactat     91080
     acatctgata agaagttaat atccaaataa attaggaact cagacaattc caaaggatct     91140
     tgtattagtc tgttttcatg atgatgataa agacatacct gagactgggt aatttataaa     91200
     gaaaaaggtt tggccagaca cggtggctca cgcctgtaat cccagcactt tgggaggccg     91260
     aggcaggcgg atcatgaggt caggagatag agatcatcct ggctaacatg gtgaaatcct     91320
     gtctctatta aaaatacaaa aaattagcca ggtgtggtgg tgggtgcctg tagtcccagc     91380
     tacttgggag gctgaggcag gagaatggcg tgaatcttgg aggtggagct tgcagtgagc     91440
     agagatcgca ccactgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagcc agactccatc tccaaaaaaa     91500
     agaggtttaa tggattcaca gttccacgta gctgggtagg cctcacaatc acagtggaag     91560
     gtgaaaggta tgtcttacat gacagccagc aagacaggat gaaagccaag caaaagggga     91620
     aacctgttat aaagcaatca gatctcatga gacttattta ctaccacgag aacagtatgg     91680
     gagaaactgc ccccatgatt caattgtctt ccaccaggtc cctcccacaa catgtgggaa     91740
     ttatgggaac tacaattcaa gaggagattt gggtagggac acagccgaat catatcattc     91800
     tgccccagct cctcccaaat ttcatgtctt cacatttgaa aacaaattat gcctccccaa     91860
     cagtccctta acatcttaac tcatttcagt attaactcaa aagtccacag tccaaagtct     91920
     tatctgagac aaggcaagtc ccttccagct atgaattcat aaagttaaaa gcaagttagt     91980
     tactttccag atacaatgga ggtacaggga gcaggtaaac atacctgttc caaatgggtg     92040
     aatttggcca aaacaaaggg gctacaggcc ccaagtccaa aatccagcag gcctgtcaaa     92100
     tcttaaagct ccaaaatgaa ctcctttgac tccatgtctc acatgcaggt cacaggtcac     92160
     acttatgcaa gaagtgggct cccatggcct tgggcagctc cacccctgtg gctttgcagg     92220
     acatagcccc cctcttggtt gctttcatgg actggcattg tctgtagcct tcctgtgtgc     92280
     atgatcaagc ttttggtggc tgtaccattc tggggtccgg aggacagtgg ccttcttctc     92340
     acagctccag taggcagtac ctcagtgggg actctgtgtg ggggcttcaa ccccatattt     92400
     cccttctgca ctgtcctagc agaggttttc cattagggca ccacccctgc agcaaaattc     92460
     tttctggaca tctaggagtt tccatacatc ctctgaaatc taggcagaga ttcccaaacc     92520
     tcaattcttc tgtgcaccca caggctcaac accatgtgaa actgccaagg tttggggctt     92580
     gcaccacctg aatccacagc ccaagctgta ccttggaccc ttttagccat ggctagagta     92640
     gctgggatgc agggcatcaa gtcactaggt ggcaaacagc agggggcccc tgaatccagc     92700
     ccaggaaacc attttttcct tttaggcctc ttggcctgta atgggaggga ctgctgcaaa     92760
     ggtctctgac atgtcctgga gatattttcc ccattgtctt ggtgatgaac atttgggtcc     92820
     ttgttgctta tgcaaatttc tgcagctggc ttgaatttct cctcagaaaa ttggcttttc     92880
     ttttctatca catcgtttgg ctgcaaattt tccaaagttt tatgctgttt ccttttaaaa     92940
     ctgagtgctt ttaacagcac ccaagtcaca tcttgaatgc tttgctgctt agaaatttat     93000
     tctgccagct accctaaatc atctccctca agttcaaagt tccacacatc tccagggcag     93060
     gggcaaaatg ctgccagtct ctttgctaaa acatagcaag attttccttg actccagttc     93120
     ccaacaagtt cctcatcact atctgagaca acctcagcct gaatttcatt gtccatatca     93180
     ttattagcat tttggtcaaa gctagtcaac aaatctctag ggagttccaa actttttcac     93240
     atttttctgt ctttttctga gccctccaaa ctgttccaac ctctgcctgt tacccagttc     93300
     cgaagttggt tccacatttt tggataactt tacagcagca ccccactcta ccagtaccaa     93360
     tttactgtat tcatctgttt gcatgctgct gataaaggca taccaaagac tgtgtgattt     93420
     ataaagaaaa agacgtttaa tggactcaca gttccatgag gctggggagg ccttacttat     93480
     ggtgggagac taaaggcaca tattacacag cagcaggcaa gacagaatga aagccaagtg     93540
     aaaaaggaaa tcccttataa aacaatcgga tcttgtgagg cttatttact accacaaaaa     93600
     cagtatgggg aaaactgctc ccatgattca actatctcct actgggtccc tcccataaca     93660
     catgggaatt atgggagcta caattcaaca tgcgatttgg gtggggatgc agccaaagca     93720
     tatcagacct gaagagatac atttctaaag gacatacgat tgacaatagg tatatattaa     93780
     gaaaaagatg tttgccgtca ctaatcatca ggaaaatgca caatgagata tcacctcaca     93840
     tctattagga tggcttttat aacagtaaaa aggtaacaaa tgttgctgag gatattgaga     93900
     aacaaaaacc cttgtgctta gttgatagtt gatgggaatg taaattggta cagccattac     93960
     agacaacagt atggagtttc ctcaaaaaat taaaaatgga actcccatat aatccagcaa     94020
     tcccacatct gggtatatat ccaaagtaaa gaaaatcact atctcagaca gatatatata     94080
     cttacaggtt tattacagtg ttatttacac agccaaggta tggaaactac ctgtgtccat     94140
     tgacagatga atggatgttt taaatgtatt acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     94200
     acatatgtaa tggaatatca tttagccttt aaaaatgagg taatactgcc atttgtaaca     94260
     agatggataa acctggagtt tattatggta agtaaaataa gccaggaaca gatgcaaaaa     94320
     aatcctgcat gatttcactt atatgcatac taagaaaatg tcaaactcat ggtaacagag     94380
     taaaatagtg cttactaggg cctgggagtt gggggaaaag aaaaaatatt tgtcagaaag     94440
     tacaaacttt cagttataag atgaataagt tctgcagatc taatgtacag catagtgact     94500
     aaagtcaata ataatgtata cttgaaattt gctgaaagag tagatctcaa gtcttctcca     94560
     ccacacaaac acaaaaaggt aaccaggtga ggtgatgaat atgttagctt gattgtggta     94620
     atcatcactt cacaatgtat atgtatatca aaatatcaca ctgcatacct taactatata     94680
     caatttttct ttgttaatca ataaaactgg caaaaatatc ttttacatgt tgccttgact     94740
     ccatttctta ttttgtcaaa atagatagtc ctcactgttt gcataagttt agaaacttgt     94800
     gctatatcca gaagtcagga gtgcggtagg gtgaactaag ttactgattc tttaggaacc     94860
     ttagggtgtg aggtgggact ggagttcaag gtctaggagc tcagtctggt cttgagcagc     94920
     ttcttttttg ttttgttttg ttttgttttg agactgggtc tcacattctt gcccaggctg     94980
     gagtgcagtg gcaaaatctg ggctctctgc aacctccgcc tcctgggctc aagcaatcct     95040
     ctcacctcag cctcccatgt aacgggaacc acaggcatgt gccactaggg ctagcgaatt     95100
     tttttgtatt tttggtagag atggggtttc ccttgctgcc caggctggtc ctgaactcct     95160
     gagctcaggt gatccaccca ccttggcctc ccatagtgct gggattacag gtatgagcca     95220
     ccatgcctgg ccatgagcag cctcttctga tatccctaga gtgttctgta cacattttct     95280
     ttgtctgaat gcgccttcct ttctctctat tggtctacag attttttcct tctttaggat     95340
     attattaact tgaattcaaa tttttatcaa aaattggacc tagctctttt tattcatatt     95400
     ttcctgctat attttttaca ctaatttatt ttcgataggt tttattgagt gtttttttga     95460
     cacttaaaaa ttttacctga caatcttaat ctttgattta tgtaattatt gttccattat     95520
     gacttatttc tgtcatctca ttttatgatt tttcatactt tctttactgt ttattttttc     95580
     ctatttgtac ctttcactct atagatcaaa tctttttcta tttgtttgaa atctggaaat     95640
     ttttaacatt gtaatggtgg ttatatcatt atttatgtta attttctcaa tttctgatat     95700
     gtgtcaaaat taatatcatc tcagcaaacc agataagtgc tctagcctcc tctggccacc     95760
     tctggtttgc tttctctgtt acaacagcac tttgtctaag gggatgcttt ctgaagttta     95820
     ctcggggttt gttttcaata tgttatgttt tcatgtattt tttagggtat gataaacacc     95880
     actaccattg attctggaac cctcaattct aacaccacgg tgtatttctc ttcttagtgg     95940
     agtatgtcct ctaagcattt tcaaagggat ttatttgaaa taaaactttt caggccttac     96000
     tttttaatgt ctttttctgg gctttcatat ttaaaagatt gtggctgcaa ataattcaag     96060
     gattaaaatt ggtttccttt taatccttga aaaatattac ttcattttat tcttgtctcc     96120
     agcattgccg ttggaaaggc tgacgccaat caaaaccaat ttttccctaa aggatgatct     96180
     gtcttctcat cattttgaca ggatgtaaca aaacaaagga gtcttcaatg ttctgagtat     96240
     aaatcatttt gcaattataa acttaactta aatattaatg caatacaaaa agaattaaaa     96300
     ccttcttgag acatgcaagt gcacaggaaa attaagtatc atgcactcat tcaggaagaa     96360
     aaggtgcaaa agaaattgaa tgaaagagat ggtcgttaga tgcaagtgtg gttgaatgta     96420
     gggatgcgat gctgacacgt ggcagcaggc ctggcaagct gtctgtccca attcaacgac     96480
     ttcagaaaga gaagaatatt aactaggcta tcttggtgat gtgctgaaaa aagtgctgtg     96540
     tttccttttt aatcattcaa aacaaaggta gtaaaattcc cgggaaataa gaaataatgc     96600
     atcataaatg tataaaagtt gaggaaaata ctatattttt atgaatttaa aatgccatct     96660
     catttagatt gttatgtctt ttcagaagtg ctttaaaatt gatggcatat agtaaaaaat     96720
     ggcataaatt ccaacaatta atggaaaaac attaatccat cttcttgagt cttggaacca     96780
     ggattctttt gggaggcttc ggtgtatctg tgtatccttt cattgccttc agacaaatca     96840
     aatcacgcca cctgcgactg tggtttgaaa aaaaaagaaa acataataat gatgctgtca     96900
     attcacttga gattccatga tcaaaattaa cctacgaaca aagcacagac tttattataa     96960
     ttacaaaata ggatgtaatt tacataaaat gtgaaaatat aagcatagaa cgaaatttga     97020
     tacaagtcga aagctatgac agggactgtt ggaggggagg gaagttgtac actaatctcc     97080
     acatcctact gagccaatca gtggtgttca aattggatgg accatatatt atctaaacag     97140
     catattattt aagcaaagaa ttaagcactg taagtatatt atttagagaa agcaaatttt     97200
     taaaaaatcc cataaaatta tatattaaag actaaattgg aaatatagtt ttagaagaag     97260
     aaagtagggt aaatgagcta tgttctctac cgttcataaa aagtcaaggg atattactta     97320
     aaattgttaa aacaaaatta ggtgattgta taatattatt tacagttcaa gagaatagca     97380
     tatagtaaaa aaagaaaatg ataaaccttg cctaactctg aaaaacagga ccaaggtctg     97440
     tggaaggaaa aaaaaatttt ctggttttca ctggtttttt gcccatgaaa ctgtttgaat     97500
     gattttcaat gcacgtgtgt tggtttaatt ttaaaatgtt cttacttaca gatccccttg     97560
     aattacgtgt aaaattaggt ttcctttagt caatggtgta tgaaaagtaa tcaactcatc     97620
     taattgaagt tagacattaa taaataataa attggggaga acataaatat actcattaaa     97680
     aacaaccaga acatagcact tggctctatg ttctgcttat ctaggaagtg gaattcttaa     97740
     aattaaaaca aaaaaataag gagcttcaca ttttcttttt cttctttttt tttttttttt     97800
     tttttttttt tttttttttg agatagagtc ttgctctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg     97860
     gcacgatctt ggctcactgc aaccttcacc tcctgggttc aagcgattct cctgcctcag     97920
     cctcccgagt agctgggact acatgtgcgc atcaccacgc ccagctaatt tttgtatttt     97980
     tagtagagac ggggtttcac cagattggac aggatggtct cgatctcttg accttgtgat     98040
     ccacctgcct cggcctccca acgagctggg attacaggca tgagccactg cacttggtcg     98100
     gagtttcaca ttttctaaaa aatgttagaa ataaaaatgc aagtgtttca cctagataaa     98160
     gctctcataa tcactggtag actaaagtca atttagatta ccatttatat tttcaaattt     98220
     ataatatgac caatattgcc atgaaaatgt tcaggcacag aatggtttaa agtagctgtc     98280
     ttattatttc tcaatattct cttttcttct atgattggca tcaccaatca tggttggagc     98340
     atcttttttt tattttattt tatttattta ttttgagatg gaggctcact gtgttgccca     98400
     ggctggagtg cagtggcgtg atctcggctg actgcaagct ccacctccca ggttctaacc     98460
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg gcactacatg tgcacgccac cattcccagc     98520
     taattttttg tattttttag tagagacaga atttcaccgt gttagccagg atagtctcaa     98580
     tctcctgact tcgtgatctg cccgcctcag tctccaaaag tgctgggatt acaggcttga     98640
     gccaccgcac ccagccatgg ttggagcatc ttaccaaaga actatacttg tagtttttga     98700
     gtggaaacaa gggagaaatt ttattcatgc cttgaactta ttaataatgc gtaactagat     98760
     tctgatggcc gttatcaata gaactgtcat cagattcaaa gagcactgtt tgtctcctct     98820
     aatatggaga aatgccacaa ataagtggga aataatttaa tgactgtagt tcatttttaa     98880
     tcatatagct gagtgatatt ttaagtctga caagaataga tatttgaaca aaaatagcca     98940
     attctctgtt acataattta atacatttgt gttaagaggt ttagacaata aagttaattt     99000
     tgaaatgcat tataataact gagtaattag caatcattaa gttcattttt aaataagtgt     99060
     ttagataact aattagcaat cattaagttc atttttaaat aactgtttag tccacaaaaa     99120
     ataaaaaatg tattttagaa agggagggca ttccaaaatc tgtctcagga gcattcaatc     99180
     tcaaatatat tttaatgaag cagaaatgta aatacatgtt tagataattt aggttaaaaa     99240
     aggtaaattt tggttgcctg cttaactttt atgaaacaga tatttttcat tcaagtccag     99300
     catatatttt gctatgactt tcacatcctt tcctcagaga ctatttacct aaacattagg     99360
     gtaccaaagg aactaggaaa caaaaacttg ttagagagag aaattttaag tgaggcgcac     99420
     attctggtga cattaatttg tttttgacat tttattaata ttttgagaac actaagaaaa     99480
     taaaatccaa aggggcaagc aggtatcatt gtctcagcgt gggccctctt ttgtcatcct     99540
     ctgtaagatg gcagtcatca aagagcgtga cccaagaaga aagtaaaaca gtggaacaaa     99600
     tgagcatttc tctaaataca aacagtagag tccctgagaa agaatccttt aaggccttag     99660
     atttctttaa acatttttag ataaatagtc tggcctatgc agaacaaaat gaaatggtga     99720
     taatgaacag gatagtgaag ttttgtacta actgacataa acgacgagtt gattaatgct     99780
     taggatagtg tgaaagaaga attgaaagca aaatgcaaat caaaagaaga aatatccaga     99840
     cagacccttt cctaaaacat gtatcataaa atatttaaaa gcatctgctt taatgcatgg     99900
     gctgagtcaa agtaaggcaa attttcagat atctacaaga gcaaaaaaag tttgaatcca     99960
     gaggtgtgag tgcctcatct ggcatttgcc ctggggtgtc tcccaggaac tattggccca    100020
     gaaccatgag cacctaattc aggaaacaga gactgatgcc catgcaggga ggagtatagg    100080
     ctaaaatgcc ttctgcataa atctaggatt tctaaagaga agcatgttaa gtggggctag    100140
     gaaaatccca ctcccataag aagaaagtga aaaatctatg cttgtcttgg tttcaatagg    100200
     gtagacaaga aaaaagaaaa aaaaatggta atttctaaat ataagtcaat agacatattg    100260
     gtttggattt gaattcacac tatctatggg cctgagaaat accaggatgg aaattagcct    100320
     ctggcagtga gaggttaggc cagctgcact tcctgggtcg agtgcggact tggggaactt    100380
     tcctgtccta caaggaattt gtaaaatgca ccaatcagcc tctgtaaaac acaccaatca    100440
     gcaggattct aaaagtagtc aatagtggag aggattgaaa aaagggcact ctgataggac    100500
     agaaacgcaa cgtgggcggg aagacataag gggataaaag ctggccacct gcaaccagca    100560
     gcagcaacca ggtggggtca ccttccaggg tgtggaagtt ttgttctttc gctctcagca    100620
     ataaaccttc ctagcctcac ttttggttcc gtgtcatctt taagaactgt aacactcacc    100680
     aggaaggtcc acagctgcat tcttgaagtc agggagacca cgaacccacc ggaaggaacc    100740
     aactctggac acagtcctgc aaactagtta atctgagtac aatcataaag agaaatatat    100800
     tttgcactaa tactgggaaa cagattttgt aacacagctt tcattgttgt taagtgaaga    100860
     tagtatattt tacaataagc aacactggga ccactgatct ccataaggga aaaaaatgaa    100920
     attgaaactt aatcccggag aacaaatata aaaatatatt ttaacggata aagatagctt    100980
     ctcaacattt ttagaaaaaa tcctgggaag aattattttt tcttttttga gatggagtca    101040
     ctctgttgcc caggctggag tgcagtggcg cggtctcggc tcactgcaag ctccacctcc    101100
     tctcccatgt tcatgccatt ctcctgcttg agcctccgga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc    101160
     ccgccacccc gcctggacta attttttgta tttttagtag agacagggtt tcaccgtggt    101220
     agccaggatg gtctcgatct cctgaccttg tgatctgccc acctcggcct cccaaagtgc    101280
     tgagattaca ggcgtgagcc accgcgcccg gccatatctt ttatctttac atggggaaga    101340
     agaacaaact gaaagaggaa aaattgattt gataacacaa aaatttaata cttctgttta    101400
     ttaaaggata ctgcaaagtg aaaaaaaata cccaaaactt ggcagagcta tttgcaacac    101460
     atcttaccta gaaaggtctg gtatccagaa tatgcctcct ataaataagt gaaaaataac    101520
     atgtccgttg agaagttagc acaaatagcc cataagcatg taaaaagtgc tcaacctcat    101580
     aataatcatg aaaatgaaaa ttaacaatta gatatccttt cacacatatt gacaattttt    101640
     ttttgaagtt ccgaaacgtg tggtattggc aaggataaag aaccatggaa gtattcatcc    101700
     cacacgctaa agtaggacag ccatttggaa aacagacaga tgctggctca tacagctgat    101760
     cataatgtac cctatgaccc agtgacttca ctacaaccta gtgcaaccta gtcagcctgt    101820
     tacaggcccc agaaaaattc ttgcgtttgt ttacctagag atatatgaga atgttcccaa    101880
     ttttaaaaac ctggaaacaa tctagttatc tctcaatatg ggtagatagt ggactgggta    101940
     attaaatgat catatattcc aataatagag tacctcgcag cactaagagt aaatgaactg    102000
     cagctattca cattctcaaa tacagcactg caatgagata ctactgcatg cgtattagaa    102060
     tggcaaaaat ccagaaccct gacaacacca aatgctgatg aggatgtgaa gcaacaggag    102120
     ctctcattca gtgctgatag aaatacaaaa tggagaacag ttttgtggct tcttagaaaa    102180
     ctaaatctac tcttattata cgacccagca atcttgtttc ttggtatata tccaaaggag    102240
     ttgaaaactt atgtccacac agaaacctgc acacagatgt ttatggaagc tttatttata    102300
     attgcaaaaa cttggagaca agcaagattt ccttcagtag gtgaattaac aaactgtggt    102360
     acatccagac aattgaatat cattcaatga taaaataaat gagctgttgg ccgggtgcga    102420
     tggctcacgc ttgtaatccc agcactttgg gaggccgagg caggcagatc acgaggtcag    102480
     cacatagaga ccatcctggc taccacggtg aaaccccgtc gctactaaaa atacaaaaac    102540
     ttagccaggt gcagtggcag gggcctgtag tcccagctac acgggaggct gaggcaggag    102600
     aatggcgtga acccgggagg tggagcttgg cttgcagtga gcggagatca cgccactgcc    102660
     ctccagcctg ggcgacagag caagactccc tctaaaaaaa aaataaaaaa ataaaataaa    102720
     taaaataaaa aataaaaaga gctgtcaagc cacgaaaaga cacagaggac gcttatatgc    102780
     atattacaaa gtgaaagaag ccaatctaaa acggctacat actgtcactt ccaactatat    102840
     gacctttctg gaaaaggtaa aactatagag atagaaaaaa aaaaatcagt ggtttccagg    102900
     agttaggagg aagagaggaa tgaataacta gagcacagag gatgcgtagg gccctgaaag    102960
     tacatgtatg atattttaat agtgaatact tgtcattgta aatttgtcca agcccgagtg    103020
     tgaaccttaa tgcaaactat aagatgtatc atgtaggttc tttaattgta acaaatgcac    103080
     cactctggtg ggggatgttt attatggggg aggctatgca tgtgtggggg acagggagta    103140
     tatgggaaat ctatacctgc tgctcagttt tgctgtgaac tttgaactgc tcttaaaaat    103200
     aatgtgtgta tgtgtatata tatatacctt ctgctcagtt ttgctgtgaa ctttaaactg    103260
     ctctaaaaaa ataatgtgtg tgtacatgta tatatatata tatgcataca catgtttgtg    103320
     tgtatgcata tctaatcaca agaaacaata catagttggc caggcacggt ggctcacgcc    103380
     cgtaatccca gcactttggg aggccgaggt gggtagatca cgaggtcagg agattgagac    103440
     catcctggct aacagggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tagccaggca    103500
     tggtggcagg cgcctgtagt cccagctact ccggaggctg aggcagaaga atggcgtgaa    103560
     cctgggagat ggagctttca gtgagctgag atctcgccac tgcactccag cctgggtggc    103620
     agagcgagac tctgtctcaa caaagaaaaa aaaaacttgt aaacaaatga tgatgaaaat    103680
     aagaaactga atacaattac gaacaatgaa tttaatcatt agtttcttct gcattatact    103740
     atatgtgaat ttgttctaga aaatacaaca taaaaggaaa taagtaaaaa ccaaatgttg    103800
     agcattacta aggtaaaaat gttgaatgga atactttatt atttatttat gtatttatgt    103860
     atttatttgt ttgtttattg agacatggtt ttaccctgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg    103920
     gcatgaccat ggctcactac agtcttgaac tttcatgctc aagctatcct ctgaccttag    103980
     cctcctgagt agctggaact acaggtgagt gccaccatgc ctggctaatt aaaaataatt    104040
     tttttttttt ttgtagaaac aggctctcac tatatagcca gggctggtct caaactcctg    104100
     ggcttaaggg agactcctat cttcatctcc caaattactg ggattataga tgtgagtcat    104160
     caggtgtcgc ctgaatgata tattttaatg atgtacctag cacatgagtt tcaaagtttt    104220
     cactctccaa gaattttcat aaggtcagtt taattattaa tagcatgttt tacagttata    104280
     gaattaatgc ataaatacag taaaacaaaa caaaatgtga aactatagaa ttgtatgaaa    104340
     taaaaaataa gaatatttct tctgtctcta tacattttcc atctttacca tgttcaacat    104400
     atctttatta ctattattat aaaaaattta agaatataca aaaggaaata aatagcataa    104460
     tgaatgaata gtataagtaa ctcgttgacc taatacccag cttcagtttt agacagtcct    104520
     gattcctctg atcccacttc cctgacatag attaattgaa gagcatttct ggcatcctat    104580
     catttcatcc atgaatattt tagtatccac ctccaaaggg taaggatccc ctttttaaaa    104640
     taatacatct aaaaaattag ccagaattac ttacttttaa ccaaaatcca gtcgctgttc    104700
     aaatttccct gattgtctta cttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagata gagtcttgcc    104760
     ctgtcaccca ggctggaatg cagtggcaag atctcggctc actgcaacct ccgcctcctg    104820
     ggttcaagca attcttctgc ctcagcttcc caattagctg ggattacagg tgcccaccac    104880
     catgcctggt taattttttg tatttttagt agagacgggg tttcaccata ttggcatgtt    104940
     ggtcaggctt gtcggccagg attgatctcc taacctcaag tgatccaccc accttggcct    105000
     cccaaagtgt tgggattaca ggtgtgagcc acgctgcctg gccagtctta catatttttt    105060
     cacaccattt ttcttttttt taaaagagca gaatccttgt acggatatta cgatggattg    105120
     cagagtctct aaagcattct tcattcttat tcttcccctt ccatcttttt ttttccatgc    105180
     aattctttaa agaaactagg acagagtcca cagtgtagat ttttatgatt gtgtcatcac    105240
     tgtggtgtca tttaacatgc tactctgacc tcagtattat ctgtgaaacc cacatctcag    105300
     gggtgttggg cagatttgtt tgcttcttgt tgtgttccca acactcagac tcaggacctg    105360
     gtaacaatcc cctatagcag ttcataacta tttgcttaat tttgactgaa caccagaggg    105420
     cagtgcaggt ggacaccaag agcattgctg tcaacacaca gaggcctgtg ggcacagggg    105480
     tcctgcactg cgaggccaaa gctcccttct ctgctcctaa gcaatccatt tccctcctct    105540
     gaaggacagc cacatactct aggtcctaac ctctggagtg cactaatgac caagaggtgc    105600
     atgagcacca aatgtgagag tacaggagtc tggaaaccca gcacaggagt cttctcagaa    105660
     ccttaggaca ttcctactgt tgtgagggta ggagaagaat gcctagctaa ggaaacaagt    105720
     gtttagtgtc caatgtgagt aagtgccatg gggaagaata aagcagggaa gggcaagaag    105780
     atgcccaggg tggacaaaga agctctcact gataaagaga cattagaaca cgcatctgaa    105840
     ggtggcgaga tagtcagcct ttcagatatc tggagcaagc ttgttgcact aagaggaaaa    105900
     agcaggtgca aaggccctgg ggcaggaaca tgctagtttt ttttgagggg ggcagccagc    105960
     tgttgtaact ggaacagaga gagaaggggg aagatggtag tgaatgaaat ctgaaaagga    106020
     acagattatg tacgattttt aggccattat aaggactttg gcttttactc ctgtgaatca    106080
     gaaagctaag tgactggggt ggggtagtgc tttactaaga ggagtggcgc tctctgataa    106140
     tttttaaagg atcactctgg ttgctgagtt acaaatacat agaatgtgtc agctgggaga    106200
     tcaatgggga ggtgattgca atcatctggg gtggctgcta caatctatgt tagaaacttg    106260
     catgtttcat gccttttatt ctaggcaagt tcatcaacat ttgcttttca gatacttaat    106320
     gaatctttca gtctatttag agaataaggc atgtgttgaa atgatcagta cacagtatta    106380
     gaaaatggaa agccatgagt ataataacag agacgccttt aggggcaaag tgaggtcagg    106440
     agaggaaggg actgcagcca gcttggcagg tgagcatggc ataggacagg ccttccttga    106500
     gatggtcaca aatacagttt tatcagtttt ccttgtgatg gtcacaaata cagtcttatc    106560
     agttttcaca aataaaacct tacaaatgtt cactaataaa atgctacaac atatcgtata    106620
     ccatatgcca atttaagata ggttttactc caatgagtta ggttatctgt aaataacaca    106680
     tggtcaaatc ccatatgtct gtgtagcaaa tactttctca gtgtcctgtt gtttttaatc    106740
     cagcatgttc caccagcctg gcctaggcta gggctggcac ctagatagtc attagggtaa    106800
     gtgtgtgttt gttttggggt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtctgtgt gtgtaagact cattggctct    106860
     actctcagtc ccctctatca aaatttctgg aggtgggaat caagtgtgat actgatttgg    106920
     aaaccacaaa ttcagttcac agtcttctag tccagtctgt aacagctgcc ttcatgacaa    106980
     actgaatgtt gaaagctttg gaaggtgccg gtaaataaaa atagaggtgg agggaaagcc    107040
     atttcagaca aaggggatag agcactaaaa aacataagag tcagaccgga ttggttttgc    107100
     agtgacttct gatggccttt gcaagtgttc cataactgga tttgcctgga atgtggggtt    107160
     cagggtcctt ggaagagagt aggtagaaat aaggttttgg agcgtgtgaa attagattgt    107220
     ggagggcctc acatgttgag caaagaacac taaagtttat tttctaggta atagggagcc    107280
     aatcaaaatt tttaaaatga atgatgacac cacagaacta cggttcaaga accccacaca    107340
     tctgacagtc gtgtgtaata ataactgttg tgttaagagt ccagagatga gaaagctttc    107400
     tgcattcatt caggagagag ggggttgggt gcttaaatag gaataggcca ctgggatgtg    107460
     taggttggaa tgaatgtgag agacagaaga tgtgaacagc agaagagaaa ggacaaggtc    107520
     caatgtggca ctggggtttt aaatacagga aattgggagg atgaaccagc agccttagca    107580
     agatacagaa gaaaagagat ttaggaaaaa cgtagtatgg gtcagccaga tttggggatg    107640
     ctgatgccat aaccaactat aaccaatgga agatgattta acacagttgt aagtatcttg    107700
     aagccaatgg tctgtttaga tgggaaacag tctttcattt tcaaatttaa aactttattc    107760
     ttaaaatgtg tacatttaat ccagaataat ctatggatat gtactgaata aatgtgttca    107820
     tttttaaatt tatatttgat ttgtagtgtc ccatttcact atagttttct gaagaaatct    107880
     cagttcttta tgcaaactgt atcataatag tcaagaattt aagattactt tcgtgttcaa    107940
     ggtcctatct ccaattatcc tcttgtttaa catgattgcc ttttgaccta ctttccatct    108000
     taacattaac attatatttt taaattatcc tgaatcaaat ttcgatttaa gaaactccaa    108060
     aaataacaaa aattggaaac agcctataac attttaggaa atcaagaaat atatttaatt    108120
     gtaacaccca gtttcatact ccacaagaga aaaataaagc aaagcctgat caagacgtgc    108180
     ctttaacaca actcaatcac ctttgagcct tcattcttta ccagtctctc tagtctctgt    108240
     gcctattttc tactctccct gagcagaaat ttaagtgtca tattttgcca aggcctccat    108300
     tacatgagta atgagtgctt acttatattg atatcccctg attttctatt ggtgaagttt    108360
     ccaggaacat tcattctttt gggaggagta gagactcacg taaaggtcat gttatgtctc    108420
     ttcatcttcc atccttcaga gactactggt ggccagaaca cctatgtggg agagtgggta    108480
     tgggaagtgg ggtgtgtgga taaagaaact ctgttcggga gaggctccca gggatctgtg    108540
     agtcagagga gtcacctatc tttagggtcg cacaaatcta gcaccttcta tgaaaactgc    108600
     attcacccag aatgtgaaaa gaaaaaaggg atggctgaga acttttaaaa ttcagcaaca    108660
     gacacctgcc cacaaatcaa agaagctcgg agaacaccag atcctacttt cctactgtca    108720
     taaattaggt agtttttttt ttaaataaaa agatagggcc gggcgcggtg gctcacgcct    108780
     gtaatcccag cactttggga ggccgaagca ggtggatcac aaggtcagga gattgagacc    108840
     atcctggcta acacggtgaa accctgtctc tactaaaaat acaaaaaaat tagccgggcg    108900
     tggcggcggg cacctgtagt cccagctgct ggggaggctg aggcaagaga atggcgtgaa    108960
     cccgggaggc ggagcttgca gtgagccgag atagcgccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac    109020
     agagcgagat tctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga tagaaaataa cattaaactt    109080
     gaaggacgct ttaggccaaa tggacctaat agacacatac agaaacttca cccaaaagca    109140
     gcagaataca cattcttctc agggacacat agaacattct gcaggataga caacaggtta    109200
     gaccacaaga cgaatctttg caaatttaat attagaatca tatcaagtac cttttcagac    109260
     aacaatgata tgacactaga aaccaacaat agaaggaatt ccagaaaatg tacgaatacg    109320
     tggaaactaa gcaacatggt ggtgaaccac caataggtca atgaagaaat gaaaattaaa    109380
     agaattaagc aacatgctct tgaacaacca ataggtcaat gaagaaatta aacaagaaat    109440
     gtaaaaacat cttgagaaaa acaaaaatgg aaacacaaca taccgaaact tatgagatac    109500
     agcaaaagca tttctaagag gaaagtttat agcaataaac atcaacagca aaaagaagaa    109560
     agatctcaaa taaacaactt agtattacgc ctcaaggaaa tagaaaaagg atatcaaatt    109620
     ctttcaatgt tagcagaagg aaataaaata ataaagatca gagcaaaaat aagtgaaatg    109680
     aaaactagaa aatgacacaa aagatgaaca aaactaagtt tcttaaaaat ataaaaccaa    109740
     taatctttta gctagactaa gaaaaaagga gagaagactc aaataaataa aattagaaat    109800
     gaaaaaggag acattataac tgataccaca aaaatacaaa ggatcataag agactgttac    109860
     aattacatgc ctttacaaaa atcatttttt cattggcaac aacattggaa aatattacgc    109920
     taaaagaaat aagcgaagcc aaaaaagaca aaaactgcat gttctcactt atatgtggaa    109980
     tctaaaacaa tcaaactgta agaagcagag agcagaatgg tcattagcag aggctggagg    110040
     tgtggggtgg aacggatatt ggtcaaaagg tacaaagcct catttataca aaaggaataa    110100
     taaggttttt tttctttgag atatatcgca aaacttggtg aaaatagtac atagtaaaga    110160
     attctacatt ttaaaaatca ctaagacagt aaatttcaaa tgcattcccc attaaaaatg    110220
     acaagtattt gaggtggtgg atgttaatta gcttgatata attattccaa attgtattca    110280
     taaattatat catcattttg tactccataa atatacacaa ctatgatttg tcaatttaca    110340
     atttaaaaat aaaaattaaa gcacaaaaca agaaaacaca atacatgtgt gtgtacctat    110400
     gcatgtgtgt gtccatagaa gtgcacacac acacaccccc ttcacctcca ttactttcca    110460
     aagtggacaa atgtgtaatt attttgactt aggctccaaa tatctaatct aattctaata    110520
     tttccttgca gaattatcag tgaccacttg agaaaggaag agctagctgg cagactacat    110580
     cagctcagga ttttttaaaa atgacttttt aatttgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttgttgt    110640
     tgttaatgag agctggaggt aatgttcatc agcaatggaa atgaactctg gcggtcaatg    110700
     cttccacatt gtctaaaacc tgcagctgaa aataatgggc gttattcaac tgtaaactat    110760
     gcttatatcg tctttacatc cataattctc tatatcttgt gctgtctgat ataagagaat    110820
     tcagaagaaa ttctcataaa gcaagttgtc tctttaagag ttatcagtca tgtttcacta    110880
     gaaaagtata aaacacaaag ttacaataaa atgacattat ggagaaataa attcaataga    110940
     tagagctgat atatatgagg ttgtaaacaa aaggaaagac agggttttag catgaatttg    111000
     ttctgttagt gtaaagaaag aaagaaataa aaaagtaaat caaattctac tttgttgttt    111060
     atttggaagg gatttatctt atcttaaaag gtactacagt gggaattttg gtgacttcta    111120
     gactcattac tttctgaaga gctcatgata gttcttattc atttagtgta ttcaaataca    111180
     acactttatc tcacaattgt tcagggggta caaatgtaag tcttcaaaga atgatataat    111240
     cattagaaat acatcaagga acaagtacaa taaggcaagt aaatttactg atatcccatc    111300
     agagataagt gggacattgc aaattaacaa caatggagga acaaaccgca gtttattttc    111360
     ttactttatg atacatcctt tttgaatttt taaaaattat agagaagtat ctttaatttg    111420
     gtgtagatgc ttagttattc aaaagggaac ttagaaaaat tagaagcaga ccacttcatt    111480
     atttttcaca ataataacca atatgaaact tttcctggaa gactaaaatc ttaccacaaa    111540
     gaaattaagc aaaaacattg ggcacttctt atataaatac agcctatttt gaaatggtgt    111600
     gttttttaat ttttacaaac attttcactt gcagataatt tcgcatgtgc atgaaagttg    111660
     aaaaaatacg caaagaactc ccatatacct acctttaccc aggtttatca attgttaaca    111720
     tttcgtcaca cttgtttatt ctagataggt attgatatag atatacacac acatttttct    111780
     gaattatcta agagcaagat gcagacagta tgccccttta tttctataca ctagtgtaga    111840
     tttcctagga acaaagtcat tccttaaagg aggaaattca gtgaggcttt ctgcagttaa    111900
     tgacattctg agccagctga tttggccttg tgaccaatat gagggactat ttaactttgt    111960
     atttttttat ctccttcttt ctttacaccc agttatattg ttttccattt cgtttactcg    112020
     cataaatgtc agatttgtcc atgtgattta tcaggtttat cagaatatca acttgaatct    112080
     tttctctaac atttatctaa atatctcagg agactctcat ccttccttct ctcctttatt    112140
     ccatttccaa agttaaaaaa aaaagcctca attatggcat ttcagtattc atagtagtac    112200
     agataataca tttatatcaa ggaaaagaaa cgcattttag gccaggcgcg gtggctcacg    112260
     cctttaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccaag gcgagcggat caagaggtca ggagatggag    112320
     accatcctgg ccaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aatacaaaaa ttagctggat    112380
     gtggtggcgc gttccagtag tcccagctac tccggaggct gaggcaggag aactgcttga    112440
     acccgggagg cggaagttgc cgtgagccga gatcgtgcca ccgcactcca gcctggcgac    112500
     agagcgagat tgtctctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatg cattttaaag gtaaggagac    112560
     ataatataga atttgtacac cagattctga acttatgact atttttaaag gataatttga    112620
     aagttatacc agaatacgct gcttcttgat ttggtcttat tttgttcttt ttatttcttg    112680
     attttgtttg ttgtttgagg taggaattta gttggttgag gactttatca cttctaatat    112740
     aaacatttag taataaaaat tttcctctca cctctgcttc agctgcatct tacatatttt    112800
     catatacctt atttttattt taaatcagtt gtatgaactt tagtatatat atatatatat    112860
     attttttttt tttgagacgg agtcttgctc tgtcgcccag gctggagtgc agtggcgtga    112920
     tctcggctca ttgcaagctc cgccttctgg ttgcacgcca ttctcctgtc tcagcctcct    112980
     gagtagctgg gactacaggc acccgccacc atgcccggct aatttttgtt ttttgtattt    113040
     ttagtagaga cggggtttca ccgtgttagc caggatggtc tcgatctcct gacatcgtga    113100
     tccgcccacc tcagcctccc aaagtgctag gattacaggc gtgagccacc gcgcccggcc    113160
     tgcactttag tatattgtca acaagataat atttctaaaa taaaaaccaa gacatcaagg    113220
     gtttactttc tgaacatttc ttaacattaa atcagcacag catcttccca gatcttttcg    113280
     tttttggatg gctccatact ttattcccta cccacttcct ctttccttta aagaatgatt    113340
     aacagattcc atagacaaca tcaaataaaa cccgaaatat aaccaaagta attggaagta    113400
     aaagagaagg aaggttaaga tagttagcat aaacatgaac cagtttatac actttttaat    113460
     aatgtttttc ttttacttaa aaaataagta gagtgtaaag gtagtccttt gtttaatcac    113520
     tgaatctcaa actgtttact atagaataaa acaagtaaaa taatcatcat ccattataag    113580
     cttaatcaag atgagcactg tttaatcctg attaatttat aactaatttt ctgctgctag    113640
     tacacttttt aaaaacagct ttgtttagcc ataatttaaa ttttgtgtaa tttactcact    113700
     taaaatattt catacatatt aatatattca ttcagttgtt caatcatcac caaagtttaa    113760
     ttttataaca tttttggtac cctcaaagag tcccagtacc cattagcagt cacttcccat    113820
     tcctcctcca ccttacatca ttaggcaacc actgtctaaa cttgcctgtt tgggagattt    113880
     tatataaacg gaataataca aaatgcactc tttggttctg gtttctttta cgcagcatga    113940
     tatttacaag aatataatat tttcacccag gttgcagcat gtgtcagtac ttcattcctt    114000
     ttgttggtca ataacatgat atcatgtata cgatatatga tacaccatat tgtatttatc    114060
     cattcatcac ttaattaaca ttggggttgt ttttactttt tggctattat aagtaatact    114120
     gtaataaata ttaaaatttt ttaagagctt gtgaagaatg gcactaattc ttctttaaat    114180
     gattggtaga tattattcta gaaatgatat catttcgtca acattatcta atatgttgac    114240
     attctttttt tcatagtacc ttttatagtt ctttttattt ctataaggtc aatagtaatg    114300
     tccctctttc attcttaatt ttagtaagtt gaatctttct ttctccctgt aaatgtagct    114360
     aaagtttgtt aattttgtta atctttttaa agacccaact cttggttttg ttgatttgat    114420
     ctaccatttt ttctatttct ttaatttcta tttcaatgtt tattatatcc ttctgcttat    114480
     ttttcatcat gatctcatct ctgactcatt ggttatttag aagtatgtag ctaattttta    114540
     taagttctgc ttttcccaaa gttctttctg tttttaattt ctaatttaat tccactttga    114600
     tcaaagaaca atcattttct actttttttg aggtttggtt ttgggcctag catgtcatct    114660
     attttaggaa ctgttccatg tgcacttgag agtaatgttc tgcttttggg tgtactgtac    114720
     tgtcagttct gttacaccta gctagtttat actgttactc aaatcctcca tattcttgct    114780
     agcatctatt tagcttctct gattatcgaa agtgagatac tgatgtctgc tacgattacc    114840
     atctccaact attattgttg aattctacct ttaattcacc tttaattcta cctttaattt    114900
     ttgctttgta gattttggaa aaatttcgtt cagtgcacat aggtttataa tttttatgtc    114960
     ttcttgatat attgtctctt taacattaca gcatgtcctt ctttatctct gatgtatcag    115020
     cctgttctca cagtgctaat aaagacatac ttgcgactgg gtaatttata aatgaaagag    115080
     gtttgacctg gctagggagg cctcacaatc acggtgtaag gcaaggagga gcaaagtcac    115140
     atcttacaat catggcggca cgcaagaaag catgctttat aaaagcatca cataactggt    115200
     atgagatagt atctcattgt ggttttgatt tgcctttctc taatgaccag cgatgatgag    115260
     cttttcttca tatgtttgtt ggatgcataa atgtcctctt ttgagaagtg tctgttcata    115320
     tcctttgccc acattttgat ggggttgttt gtctcttgta aatttgttta agttctttgt    115380
     agattctaga tattcgcctt ttgtcagacg gatagattgt aaaaattttc tcccattccg    115440
     taggttacct gttcactctg atgatagttt gtttagctgt gcagaagctc tttagtttaa    115500
     ccagatccca ttcgtctatt ttggcttttg ttgccattgc ttttggtgtt ttagtcataa    115560
     agtccttgcc catgcctatg tcctggatgg tattgcctag attttcttct agggttttta    115620
     tggttttagg tcttatgttt aagtctttaa tccatcgtga gttaaatttt gtataaggtg    115680
     taaggaaggg gtccagtttc agttttctgc gtatggccag ccagttttcc caataccatt    115740
     tattaaatag gcaattcttt cctcattgct tgtttttgtc aagtttctca aagatcagat    115800
     ggttgtaaat gtgtggtgtt atttctgagg cctctgttct tttccattgg tctatatctc    115860
     tgttttggta ccagtaccat gctgttttgg ttactgtagc cttatagtat actttgaagt    115920
     caggtagcat gatgtctcca gctttgttct ttttactttt gcatctttta aagaagctga    115980
     ggtttcttcc tttcttggag ggcaagtata catttgtaaa gtttgtgata ttaatcttct    116040
     tttctgccat ttctggttct ctttattttt gtacacctga aaaaccatct ggtgtcaacc    116100
     tcttggttgg tccaatatag atttgcttct gctcatatcc tttgtgccat tattgtcaaa    116160
     tatattacat ttccatagat tacgaatcca acaatctgtg tatatacata tcattttatg    116220
     caattgcatt ttaaatcatt taaggaaaga agacaaaata tccaattata ctctaacaat    116280
     tatctacata attcaattta ccagcctctt tgttttctca tatggggttg aacacgtatc    116340
     aggaatcagc ttggaaatct tttgttagtg ttaataaata tcaagataaa tcttccagca    116400
     acacattttc tcaatttttg tttatatgaa aatgtctatt tttttttttt ttcgagacag    116460
     agtcttgctc tgttgcccag gctggagtgc agtggtgcga tcttggctca cttcaagctc    116520
     cacctcccag gttcacgcca ttctcctgcc tcagcctccg gagtagctgg gactacaggc    116580
     gcctgccacc acgcccggct aattttttct atttttagta gagacggggt ttcaccatgt    116640
     tagctaggat ggtctcgatc tcctgacctt gtgatccacc cacctctgcc tcccaaagtg    116700
     ctgggattac aggagtgagc caccatgccc agccagaaaa tgtctattta atctttagtc    116760
     ttagcatata gttttgctag atataagatt cttggtctct tattttcttt aatcactttt    116820
     aatatgtcat tccactttct tctgccttct gttacttatg atgagcaatt agtttttaat    116880
     cttattggag tttcctttat gtgataaatc tatatatgaa tatcaattgg atcctgttgg    116940
     tgaactgtgt agttcatatt tttctatatc tatgctaatt ttctgactag taattctgtc    117000
     agctagtgag aaggttggaa tccccaacta taattgtaga tttgtctatt tcttctttca    117060
     gtattctctg attttgctcc atgtatttta aaattctgtt ggtttatata catttagaat    117120
     cattgtgtct tcatagtagc ttggttttta aaaatatgta atatctttct ttgtctttag    117180
     taattttcct tactctgaag tctctccatc agatattaat atagccattc ctgcattatt    117240
     ttgttaaaat ttgcatatta tgtctttttc atgcatttaa tttcaattta cctattttat    117300
     taaatgtaaa gtaggtttct tataaacagc ttatgattag gatattttga aatctacttt    117360
     gctaatctct cactttttat taatgtattt agataatttt aaaaaataag atgcttcatt    117420
     ttttactaag ttttaggttt acagaaaaaa agatgaaaga aaaaaacagt tcccgtatac    117480
     ctccctgcag tttctcctat ttttagcatc ttacatgagt gtggcacatt tgttagaatc    117540
     catgacccag tattgataca ccattagtta ctaaagccca tagtttatat taggcttcac    117600
     tctttgtgat tgacgttcca tgggtttgga caaatatata atggcatgta tccaaaatta    117660
     ctgtgtcata cataacagtg ttactattct gaaaatctct tgtgttccat ttacccctag    117720
     tcccctttcc ctcaaactcc tggcaatcac tgagctattt actgtgtctg taatttttca    117780
     ttttccagaa tgccatgtag ttggaatcat acagaaatta gtttgttaga cctcgaactt    117840
     cattcttctc cttcaatatt atgttggctg ttctggatct tttgttattt catataaact    117900
     tttgaaccag tttgtggata tccacttaat aatttgctgg aattttgatt ggggttccat    117960
     taaatctaca gatcaagttt tgaagaaatg acattatgac aatattgagt cttcttatcc    118020
     atgtacatag aatatctctc catttattta gatcttcttt gatttctttc atcagtttgt    118080
     agttttttct catataaact ttgcacatat tttattctat ttatactcca tttatttaga    118140
     tctttgattt ctttcacaag agtttgtagt tttctcatat aaacctggta catattttat    118200
     tgaatttatg cctaaacatt tctcttttca atgctaaagt aaatggtatt atgcttttaa    118260
     tttcaaattc caattgccca ttgctggtat atcagaaatc aattgacttt tgtacattaa    118320
     cattatattc tacaacctta ctataaccac atgttagttc cacaaatgtt ttggttgatt    118380
     ttggggggat tttttacata aacagtcatg ccatctgtga gcagagtctt atttctttct    118440
     tccaaatctg tttaactttt atgtgtgttt catgttttat tgcattagct aggaccctca    118500
     gtatgatgtt gagtaaggtg agagcaggca ttcttgcctt gtttttcatc ttaccaggaa    118560
     agcatctaac ttcttacgag ggaatatgat gttagctgta ggtttcctat agacattgtc    118620
     actttgagga agtttccctc tattcctaat ttgccgagag ttatcattaa tggatgttgg    118680
     attttgtcaa atgttgttct gcatctggtg atgtgatctt gttttttttc tttttcttgt    118740
     taatgtgatg aaatatatca gtttattttc aattgttgaa ctagcctttc ataattagga    118800
     taaggtccac ttcatcatct ttttacacat tattggatcc aatttgctaa tactttgttc    118860
     aggatttttg cttaatgaaa gatagtgctc tttgtttttt tctttcttgt aatgtctttg    118920
     gttttggtgt atggtaataa tgacctcata gaataactag ggaagcattc tgtatgcttc    118980
     tattttttgg aaaaaattct ggagaattgt tataattttt cttttaagtg ttagaattta    119040
     ctagagaact ctctggggct tggtactttc tattttatca gcttattaat tattgattca    119100
     gttcctttga tagatatagg acaactcaga ttgtcttttt ctcctggtgt gaattttagt    119160
     agattgtata tttcaaagaa gtgctgcatt ttatgttggt tatcaaactt atgaagttgt    119220
     taataatatt tctttatttt tttaagtgtt ttaatgtcca tagtatctat agaggtggtt    119280
     cttctttaaa tattgatatt aataatttgt attctttttc tctcttactc tggatagaga    119340
     tttaccaatt ttatttatct tttcaaagaa tcagattttt attttgttga tttttttcta    119400
     ttgatttttc tgtcttcaat tttattgatt tttatatttt tcttctcctt attttgagtc    119460
     taatttgttc ttcctttact agcttcctaa ggtgaaaagt tagattatta attttagacc    119520
     ctccttggga tgcaacatgt acattcaatg ctataatttt ggtctaagca ttgttttact    119580
     gcatttcaca cacttccgtg agatgtaagc gaaaatgaaa agctatgacc accctctata    119640
     acttaccgca gtagcttttc catcccctta atttttatct ctatgggtct tcaaatttaa    119700
     agttgtattt tcattttcat ttagttcaaa atattttaca gttcctcttg agacttcctt    119760
     gatccatttt ttatttagaa gtgtgatgtt atgccttcac gtattttaat gttttccagt    119820
     catctttctg aagttgattt ctagcttaat ttcactgtag tcatagaaca taatttgcat    119880
     gacttacatg cttttaaata agttgctttt taatggccta gatagtgatg tgtctttgtg    119940
     aacattccat gggagcttca gaagcatgtg tattctgctg ttgggtgaat tattctacac    120000
     atgtcaattg gatgcagttg attaatgtca ctgctgactt gaattataat atgtcttccc    120060
     taattttttg cctgcttaat ctgctaatta ctagtagaga gatgttaaag tctcaaagta    120120
     cagtagtaaa ttcatctatt tttccttgaa gttctattag tttttgccta acatatagtg    120180
     atgctctgtt tttaggtgtg taaacactaa ggattgttat gtcttctcgg agaactgacc    120240
     ccatttttat tatgtaatta ctctctttat ttctgataat tcctcttgtt ctgaagtggg    120300
     atatgtcatt aatagagcta ctcctgcttt ctttggatta ctgttagcat gctattgttg    120360
     ccagtgggct gtttcaggtt cttgactttg ctgcacaaaa gaatttgaga acgagtccaa    120420
     agtaacagta agcaaaagag tttattgcaa agcaaagtac actctgacag ctgatcagag    120480
     caggctgctc aaaggtgaga cagccctgtc tgatgcaggg ggatcgccct ttatgggaga    120540
     tttacatgat tattcatgga ggggtgggaa ggggtgttct gatgagtatg ttatgggtag    120600
     tcccctggct gcacaggtgc tgtggttgtg cacgctagga cttacattgc atgtatcatt    120660
     agcatcttaa atctccaccc aggggtgttt ttcttttact attatagtga atataggtca    120720
     gtccaaggac actaatcatg ggtttctgtg cttgtgtgaa tttgggaatt ctcccttcta    120780
     tttttctacc tccttgctgc aggatgttct aaccctgagc ccatgatgtg gtttgtgcac    120840
     tgtcgggtag tttattctct ccatctattt agcaagtttg ttctccttta agggaggcta    120900
     tgaccaccct ttataattta cctcagtatc ttttccatcc ccttaatttt tatctctatg    120960
     agtcttcaaa tttaaaatga gcttcttgta gacagctggg tcttgttttt tgatttacta    121020
     tgacagtctc tgtattttaa ttggtgtgtt ttagaccatt gacagttaag atgactattg    121080
     atatagcaat taatatgtac catctctgtt aatgattttt ctttgccgtc cttgctctta    121140
     gttatttttg ttgtgcatag ttttctactt tttgtgtttt aattgagcac tttatataat    121200
     ttcattttct ctccttcctt agcatatcaa ttatactttt ttaaagtttt aaaacattag    121260
     tcctagagtt cgcaatatat ttttacaact aatccaagta cattttcaaa tgacactata    121320
     ccacttcaca ggtagaagat atattaataa cacaatattc ctaattcttc cttcctttct    121380
     cttttatcat tgctatcact cacttcatgt atacaaaagt atacaaaagc atatatatgc    121440
     atacataacc atatattgtt gctattatta ttttgaacaa actattatgt ctttgatcaa    121500
     ttaagaacaa aaaaatgaat gttttacttt acttttactt attaattcat tgactctctt    121560
     cttttattta tgtagattgg agtgtctgac ctacatcatt ttctttctga acttccgtta    121620
     acatttcttg caaggtaggt ctaccagtaa caatgccttc aggtttcgtt tgtctgagaa    121680
     gaactttagt tcttattact tttgaaggat aattttacag ggtgcagaaa tctaggctgg    121740
     tggtttttct ctcaacttca ctcttcttgc ttgcatggtt tctaagaaaa tttaagaagt    121800
     aattcttatt tttgctcctt tatatgtaag gtatttttcc tctctggctt ctttcaagac    121860
     ttttttttct tatttttgat tttctgaagt tgaatatgaa atgcctaggt gtaatttttc    121920
     ttttcatgta tcctgtttgg tgtactctga gctttcttga tctctggttt ggtgtctgac    121980
     actagtttgg aaggaatttt cagtcattat tgtttcaaat attgcttcca tttttttctc    122040
     tctttcctgt ccttttaaaa ttcccaatat atatattaac tccttttgta gttttgttac    122100
     agttctttga tattctattc tgtttttact gagtattttt ttccttgctc tttagttttg    122160
     gaaatttcta ttgtcatatc atcaaactca aagattcttt tttggctatg tccagtctat    122220
     taatgagccc atcaaagccc ttctttatgt ctattacaat gtctttgatc tctagcactt    122280
     cttttttgat ttttttcttt gtatccccat ctctctgttt acataattca tctgttcttg    122340
     catgttgtct atttactaga gtccttagca cattaattac aattatttaa aatatctgct    122400
     ttgataattc caacattgct gccatacttg actctgctta tgatgcttgt tcatactttt    122460
     caaactgttt tttttttttt tgcatttcag tctatcttgg aatttttttt gttgaaaagt    122520
     gaacacaatg tactaagtaa aagcagctat agtaaatagg cctttagtaa tgtagtgata    122580
     gagtgtaagg ggaaggggag cattctatag tcctatgatt agggctcagt cttttggtga    122640
     gactgtgccc cttgactgtg aacttcatca gtgcttctca gttcctccct gactttagat    122700
     gagacataat ggctgaaggg aggatgaagt tgtatatttc cctttttcca tgtggaaatc    122760
     taaaagggat tgtagctgag tgtttctctt cccccacatg aaaggccaga aggagatgga    122820
     gttatttatt cccttttgtg catgtggaag gctacagcca gttgagtatt ttccttctgt    122880
     cacgtatagt aggctctgat aaaaccccag cagattaggc tctagtaaaa tagtttctcc    122940
     tggtgcaggt cttgtgaaaa ataactgaat actccagcat gtttccaaat ggttcctttc    123000
     cccttcctcc tgccagaagc atgaggacat tttttccaac attcactgag aacctagtag    123060
     agtttctgga ggcataattc acaaaagtat ggagaccttc aatgagtgta cccacttgaa    123120
     gtttttaact tttagagttg ttcacattga gctccagcaa tttgttaatt acagtttcag    123180
     gtttttctac ttcagcactg gtgatttttt ttgtgtgttt ttttgttttt tgttttttct    123240
     ttggtggagt tttgctctgt tgcacaagct ggagtataat gacatgatct tgcctcactg    123300
     caatctccac ctcccggctt taagcaattc tcctgcctca gcctcttgaa tagctgggat    123360
     tacaggttcc cgccaacatg cccagctaat tttggtattt ttagtagaga tggggtttca    123420
     ccgtgttggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaggt gatctgccca cctcagcctc    123480
     ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcgtgagcca ctatgcccaa cccagcactg ggtcttatgg    123540
     agatttctgc tcatcatttc tgcatgagtt aagttttgct tctatgtatc tgcctgtctg    123600
     tctctccaat ttggggggcc ttggtttgct ctctgatctc atttccatga cagatctgag    123660
     aagaggtgtt gagttttttg tttgttcaac tttttactag ttgttaggat aaagtatgac    123720
     tatcaagctc cttacatact ggtttagaac cagaaggttt tcctctcatg tttgaaggac    123780
     agttttgcta attataaaat tttcagttga caattttgtt cctctgccta cactcctttt    123840
     gttttatcat acttggagtt cattgagatt cttggatttg catatacatg tcttaaaaat    123900
     ttgggaaatt tttgatcctt atgttaccag aaaggagtcc caatacagac cccaagagag    123960
     ggttcttaga gcttacacaa taaagaattc agggcgagtc cacagtgcaa agtaaaagca    124020
     agcggtgaaa gaacagctac tccatagaca gagtaggaca ttcctgaaag tgagaggaag    124080
     aacacatcca tcctaggtac gatggctgca tatatgggga gatgtgctct cctacaagag    124140
     tttttgataa aggattaatt ttcttaatta ccatattttg caagaatcaa tattattatc    124200
     tttaatgcaa aattaggaat gcccttattc tccagatatt gagatatctg gacactccca    124260
     agtctgggtc tgttttaata agcatcatta atttgttcac tgattcataa acatctagaa    124320
     gctaggaaaa cgcctaattt tctgagaatg cagtccagca agtctctgcc tcattttcct    124380
     agccctcact caaaatggag ttgctctggt ttgaacgcct ctgacactta tgttgtcata    124440
     taaatcactg cctccttctt tctcctgttt ctggaacttc tgtaatgaat aattggacta    124500
     ctcaatggtg actattaaat accttagact ctattcactt cttttttttt ttttccgttt    124560
     tggtccttag actcactact tttaaataat ctttcttttt gtttgctgct tctttccact    124620
     gcctgctaaa gtcttctgtt aaagctgtct cataaatttt tcaattcact tactgtattt    124680
     ttcatctcta gaatttcttg ttggttcttt taaaataatt tctgtctctt tgttgatatt    124740
     ctccttttgt tcatatatta ttttcttcac tttttagtta tttgtctatg tttttcttta    124800
     gctccttgag cataagatag ttgtttaaaa gtctttgtct agtatttcaa atgtcaatgt    124860
     ttcttcaggg acagtttctg cagctgtatt ttcttctttg atcgggccat ggctttcttg    124920
     tctctttgaa caccttgtaa tttgttattg ttattgttat tgtggaaaat ggggcattta    124980
     gaaaaaaagg catttcctct cccaatgttt gcagactgag tctgtgtagg aaaagctctt    125040
     caataattag aaaggcatgt tctttgactt gagatcagcc tggtctgaag gctttcatct    125100
     tctgtggtct tttatcagac ttcattttct ctgggcctgt gtgtggtttt atttattttt    125160
     tccttgtgta tacagccttt tagaaaatgt cttaattttc ctaggggtca tagccctgct    125220
     tctcctcaga gttgtgaata ttctatttta ttcctctatc tgtaatctcg tgctccaggt    125280
     atttgcacgt ctatcttgca tctcacagca acattcacga gctatgtctg ttgtctctca    125340
     ttggttttca tagcctgaga tctgagctgt tctgatcttt gctgtctgac ctatgagtta    125400
     gaaacaacag agactaatcc aacatggagc tcccagacag gttagaacat ttcaaataaa    125460
     gtctggttta cccttccagt tccagggaag gaactggaag ctcagccatc actttcctaa    125520
     gaccattctg tgcagttcca ggtatgggat gtggcaaagc caagtaaaaa tgcctcacaa    125580
     ttttctactg ctttggatgt ggctctgttt tgtttggatg ttcatgtgtt ttctgtaaac    125640
     cttgagctgt tttccatagt tcctaaatgt cagtttaacc aatttgtagt tttttcttta    125700
     atgtctccgt gggggacaaa gttctaaagt tttctagtct gccatttttc tgacatcact    125760
     gagattaatt ttatgcccca gcatatgttt ttttctaggt aaatattctg tgtacatttt    125820
     ttaaaaaaat gtgtatctga cagttggtat ttgaaatttt ctatacatgt caattaggtc    125880
     aagtggtaat gttggtcaaa tcttttacac tcttactgaa tttttgtctt cttgctgtat    125940
     cagtttttga tataggggta taaaaatatc tgactaggcc aggcgtagtg gctcacacct    126000
     gtaatcccag cactttgggt ggctgaggta ggtggatcac ctgaggttgg gagttcaaga    126060
     ccagcccggc caacatagtg aaaccccatc tctaccaaaa atacaaaaaa ttagctgggc    126120
     gtggtggtgg gtgcctgtaa tctcagctac tcaggaggct gaggcaagag aatcgcttga    126180
     acctgggagg cggaggttgc agtgagccga gatcacacca ttgcactcca gcctggggaa    126240
     caagagtgaa actcggtctc aaaacaaaca aaaaaaatct aactgtaatt gtggaaagaa    126300
     aaatgtttat ttttcttata atctttatat tttgcttcat gtatattgaa tgtacatgat    126360
     ttgttatata aacatttagg ttttttattt ctcttgacaa actgactctt tcattatttt    126420
     gaaatgactt tatctctagt aataaccatt caactgaaat ttactttgtg tgatactact    126480
     atagtcactc cagatttctt tgaggtagtg tttattatat attttttcat ctttttgctt    126540
     gtgtttttgc atttaaagta tgtttttttg gaggcagaat actgttagct tttgctttct    126600
     ttgaatctaa tctgtcaata ttagagtttt tgggcaattg atactaatgt gattattgat    126660
     atggttagat ttaagtttat tttcttaaaa tggtttttca tttgttccct ctgtgctttg    126720
     ttacttattc tcttttttag ccctttttaa aggataattg agaatttctt taagaatttc    126780
     atcttatctc tttgattggc ttatcaacct ttactctttg ttggcatatt ttagtggttg    126840
     gtttagggta tgtagcatat atttttaact tttcacagtg tatattcaag ttatattata    126900
     ttacttcaca tataaaattt ttcaaaagca tacttccatt tttctcctca taggcattgt    126960
     gccatcactg ccataaattt gacttctaca tgtgttataa acctcatgct atattgttat    127020
     tactgttact taaacaattg tattttaaaa atacttaaat aataagaaaa ccttccagaa    127080
     ttttattcat gtagttacca tgtccagtgt tccacagtcc tttgtatgca tttatatttc    127140
     catctagtat cagtttttca attttcttct gcctaaaaac tttaacattt attgtaaagt    127200
     ggctatgttg gagatgaatt atttcaggtt ttctaagtct gaaaaatgtc tttattttca    127260
     tttttaatgt tattttcact gcctctagaa ttttaaatag aaatattctt actttaagta    127320
     cttaaataaa atttctagtt atatcataca atgattagat tttttaaaaa tatttcttca    127380
     catgtactgt tcatacaatg ctgccattat aatggcactt aaatatcact acaacccaag    127440
     catttttctg agtgtccagt acgtatccat tcacttaatg ttcacaggaa gatttggagg    127500
     catgccctgt tattatcccc acttaagagg ccaagagagt acttgcccag agttgctcag    127560
     ttagtaaacc atgttccata ggtgaataaa actttgcctt tgcaaacttt aaatgttgaa    127620
     agataggttt aaagggtgat tattgttatt attttttaac ttttatttta gtttcggggt    127680
     acatgtgctg atttgttagg tagattacac atcatggggg tttggtgtac acattatttt    127740
     gccacccagg taataagcac agtactagat aggtagtttc tcagttgtca ccgtcttccc    127800
     tccctttacc ctcaaatagg ccccagtgcc tgttgttccc ttctttgtgt ccatatgtac    127860
     tcagtgtttt gctcccactc ataagtgaga acatgcggca tttggtttcc tgttcctgtg    127920
     tttgtttgct tcctataatg gcctccagct ccatccatgt tgctgcaaag gacatgatcc    127980
     cgttcttttt tatggttgtg tagtatattc tgtggtgtac atgcaccaca ttttctttct    128040
     tttttttttt ttttcaagcg ggagtcttgc tctgtcaccc gggctggagt gcagtggtgc    128100
     gatctcggct cactgcaaac tccgcctctg gggttcacgc ccttctcctg cctcaacctt    128160
     cctagtacct gggactacag gcgccaacca ccacgcccgg ctaatttttt gtattttaaa    128220
     ttgaaacggg gtttcaccgt gttagccagg atggtcccca tctcctgacc tcgtgatcca    128280
     ccggcctcca cctcccagag tgctgggatt acaggcgtaa gccaccgcgc cgggcctatg    128340
     caccacattt tctttattca gtctaccatt gatgggcatt taggttgatc ccatgtcttt    128400
     gctattgtga atagtgctgc aatgaacata cacatgccta ggtctaccat tctcattact    128460
     gggtagaata gtaattctgt tttgagttat ttgagaaatc accaaactgc ttttgacact    128520
     ggctgaacta atttacatgt ccaccagtag tgtctaagca ttcaaaatgg tgactttttg    128580
     tttgtttgtt tttgagaaag tctcactctg ctgcccaggc tggagtgcag tggtgcgatc    128640
     tcggctcact gcaacccctg cttcctgggt tcaagtgatt ctcgtgccct agcctcccaa    128700
     ggagctggga ttacaggcat gcaccaccac gcctggctaa tttttgtatt ttttgtggag    128760
     aaggggtttc accatgttgg ccagtctggt ctcgaactcc taacctcgag tgatccgccc    128820
     gccttggctt cccaaaatgc cagcattaca ggcatgagcc accgcacgca gcctcaaaag    128880
     tgtgattttt taaagagcaa ataaaataca tcaaaattaa cttatatctg aaaaaaagaa    128940
     acttaataga ccagtacttt gatatgtgat tcaactagag ctttcataaa aaaactttag    129000
     gctccctaaa atggctcttt attggattag tacaattggc tgaattttta tttaagggta    129060
     aaatttgccc aagaatgtag ggctttaaaa tttatttgcc ggcggggtgt ggaggctcac    129120
     gcctataatc ccaacacttt gggaggccga ggtgggtgga tcacgaggtc aggagatcga    129180
     gagcatcctg gctatggtga aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaat tggccgggcg    129240
     cggtggtggg cgcctgtagt cccagctact ccggacgctg aggcaggaga atggcatgaa    129300
     cccaagaggc ggagcttgca gtgagctgag atctcaccac tgtactccag cctgggcgac    129360
     agagcgagac tccgtctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    129420
     acacacacac acacagccgg gcgtggtggc gggcgcctgt agtcccagct actcagcagg    129480
     ctgaggcagg agaatggcct gaacccggga ggcggagctt gcaatgagcc cagatggcgc    129540
     cactgcactc cagcctgggc aacaaagcaa gcctccttct cgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagaa    129600
     caaatcatat gaaacaaaaa aatagcagtt ctaacatgaa tgtgaatctg tatttaatgg    129660
     caactacact taggtgttta tgagagaata ttaaaatttc ataaatttac attgaacact    129720
     taagaaaaga aacattggca caaaactctt tgaaccatga aaagtccact ttattcaata    129780
     tttatgtgga aattgttctg gcataacttc attctacact gctacaacag gaaactatag    129840
     gaacataagg acaaaatgcc aacatttaac tgcagccttt cctgggaaac ataatatgtt    129900
     tatatagcct ttagagacaa agaagagtct atttaattta tggaatgaaa agaaatgtga    129960
     caacaaagca ttttgtagtc atggttatca gtctttgaaa aagttcttaa taggatttgg    130020
     gtttatttta attaatgaaa ataaaatatg aataatttat tgaactcagt atattttagc    130080
     agtgggaact tctcataaat tattctcaaa taattttcac aagctaatca aaaaagacat    130140
     aaatctgttt attatgaaaa atgggatcca aggtttcgag agaactttcg tgtcttgcta    130200
     ttgtttctaa agtctccctc cagaccatct catttctgag ttacagactt tcctaaataa    130260
     caaatgcagc caaatatttt atcacttcag ggtcattttt gtttgtttgt tttctccctt    130320
     tctctctctc tttttttgta tccttatacc cggcagcagt ttctttgaaa atttggacca    130380
     gaagatgcat aacaagttgt tctgcagaag ttcttatctg atattcttag ggagctatcc    130440
     tgcatgtaat cttcattttt tttctctacc atcatgtagg catactcagt gtagactacc    130500
     acaatcctgg atacctctct gcttagattt acaatctctg ctaagatttg ccactgcaga    130560
     aagtgtagta gcttcactac atatgaaaaa aaagactgcc ttctaactgc gtacttattt    130620
     ctagcttcta gattgcacat ttacagtgtt tgcaaaagca ataactattc ttaccagtag    130680
     gagatgatta cacactcctt cttcttctat aataagagtt atctaccttc tggtcaaagt    130740
     gcttccttaa ggcactttga agctcatctg ctggcaggca tgaagcatgc tgttcccctg    130800
     agacttcacg aactggatct actcaagaca aaacagtctc tgcttcatta tattcagaaa    130860
     ttcaggcttg ccatgaggct gtttagtgtt ctgaaacaca aatgctggca aatctaaaaa    130920
     ttctcccaaa cacatatcta ccaatttttg ctccttaaat aggaacagta ttttctcata    130980
     tccttagatt agctgagtta aaaagatgcc ccaaacattg agtcccatta ttttaagctt    131040
     gaagttttat aattatagct ttatccttgc cccatgagag aggcattctc tatcaagcca    131100
     ttcaagcaag gatcagtttt cagtttagat aaaactacaa aatgaataaa ttcacttctg    131160
     acatttaatt aatgcctttc tttactctct cctaccccta cactccaccc cttatagtac    131220
     ttgcctcctc tcattctccc catctccagc ccaaatccag atgacttctg ctatattaaa    131280
     gtttgctttc aggaaaagat ctgaaatccg taagcggttt catactaaat attagcacac    131340
     ttcagtggtg gaacattgat ttgctgaagt ctggggttga tttcctagcc cctaaaatca    131400
     cattctaact gtgactacct gttctttcta taagtttaac attgatttag ggtgagactt    131460
     atctttttat ataaacgaaa atatttggga gaatgctttc tttgtttctt tgtttgtttc    131520
     tttctttctt tctttctttt tttttttttt ttttgagaca gagtcttgct ctttcaccca    131580
     ggctggagtg cagtggcgtg atcttggctc actgcaagct ccgcctccag ggttcaagcg    131640
     attctcctgc ctcagcctcc cgagtagctg ggactacagg cacccactac tatatccggc    131700
     taattttttt gtatttttag tggagacgag gtttcaccat gttagccagg atggtctcga    131760
     tctcctgacc tcgtgatctg cccacctcgg ccttccaaag ttctgggatt acaggcatga    131820
     gccaccgcac ccagccaaga atgtttcttt catatgtgac cacatagggt atttcatgta    131880
     ttagcgttaa tgttccttat caaatatgca atcaggggct ctctatagaa tcaatttcaa    131940
     taaaacagtt aagcaatttt ttaatggagt aggcattgat tataattttc tcctcttctg    132000
     acttttcaat tcttcccaat tagccagtga taagaaactg gaaagaaaat ttcaacttgt    132060
     ttaccattca ttcacttgtt ttttttaacc tactgtagtt tggaaggatt aaattttagg    132120
     ctagctgatt cgtttcacaa aaaaatttat aatgttttaa taaaaaatat ttccctttgt    132180
     atttgagctc aacttaattc ccatttggcc ctgaaatgtg agaattgttt tcctaaaata    132240
     ttgatggatg tcagaaggcc acaagaagtg agacctcatc ttttttgctc tatgagaaca    132300
     tcaatctttc tatttctgtt aaaaataagg aaaggtaggt ggactctggt gatttcctga    132360
     tgttgaagtt aataaaaagc tccattcaaa actacgatat tcagcacaat taatcttccc    132420
     tgttaatata aacagaagaa agagtaaact atttgacctc aaagctctgg tttaatttct    132480
     agcaagtacg attacttcgg ttcataattt aaaaaataaa agctttagat ttctattcca    132540
     agccattact ttataaatca ttcattaaag aacatgaatg cacaaaacaa aaataaactt    132600
     ttttttttta aatttgataa gtatcagtgt tctaggatgt gctggccatt ctttgtggag    132660
     gtcctcagaa ccaccctcta ctcttccagc cccagtgtca cccttcctgc ccgagtgtca    132720
     cccttcctgc tcgagtgtca ccctgctccc ctcccagctg acttccagtt ggttttggct    132780
     aatgagagac acccacagaa acaggaaggt ttcagaagtc agagctcaaa aagtttcttc    132840
     cctactcact cctgtttcca ggttctgaca acaaattttt ttacttctat gactgcggct    132900
     cctgccagac ctttgtgttc cccggctgct gccttctggg gatctggcag caaccgttcc    132960
     tccctccgcg cctctgctgt aggtggtaaa ggctttctgc tagtgcttgt ctttggttgc    133020
     cacaaggtca cctggtgggt cccttcactt ttctttacag cctgttcctt taaactatct    133080
     gaacaaatca tgctttcttt ctgggccttg actaatgcag tagtgcattt aaaaaatctg    133140
     agtaatatca cattgcattg cttagaaaaa tatcataaga aaaataattc tttgagaagt    133200
     agcatatttg tgaaagtaga tctatttagg aattaaaata ctattagatt ggcaggcaaa    133260
     tgttatattt ttgtattctc actctatttt ctagaactga aaactaagtt ctagcttaga    133320
     ctggaatgca cacggtatac tacaaagaga gatgataaaa ttgcaggatg agagtataaa    133380
     gtacaaggta aaaccttatt aaaacaaaat aagcacaact gtatgtacag gttgtatgtg    133440
     tttatatatg agccaaggcc ggtgtgatgg ctcacgcttg tattctcaag actttgggac    133500
     gccaaggcgg gtggatcact tgagctcagg aagttcgaga ccagcctggg caacatggaa    133560
     aaaccttgtc cctaccaaaa atacaaaaac ttagccgggt ctggtggcac tcacttgttg    133620
     tcccagcttc tcagaaggcc gaggcacacg aattgcttga acctgggagg cagaggttgc    133680
     agtgagcgaa gatcacacca ctactgcact ccagtctagg cgacagagcg agactctgtc    133740
     tcaaaaaaaa aagaagaaga agagccaaaa caaggataca taaggataca tactagcctg    133800
     tcagcctgtt atgtatcatt ggttacctca gtggggttgg ggtgatggta gtggcaatta    133860
     ttaacatttt ctttatacaa ttcttttaaa aatgttcctt ttgtaattca aaatattcaa    133920
     gaacaaattt caaaagagtc tatcttaaca aacatttaca ttcttataat ccagaagcta    133980
     gtcatcaaac acacctcagt atcatcattt gttccaatat aaatatactc acttcctaaa    134040
     tatgtgctat tacaaagtag atcttattcc ttttttattc tggttgaatc atgcaaccat    134100
     tatccagatt gaaataaaaa atataattgt atttattatc catgttaagg ttaaataaaa    134160
     ggtaagtaag aagtttcaaa gtttaaattg cattatcatg gaaagtaggg aagaaaggaa    134220
     ataaagcagc aacacataaa acatttatat ttgtgatatt cgacattttt tctaggacat    134280
     ccagtgttct agttacatcg gccatctcga attcatgcct tcatttgttc agtaagtgtg    134340
     tagtgtgtga tgattgtgac ggatgcttct ctattaggca aagtaatttt tagagcctca    134400
     ctactcttag tctgcaaagt tcattgccag cattatcacc acggcaaatg tctatgctga    134460
     tttaaataat aaccatatag cagcaattat agccacataa aatgcatttc aagacacaca    134520
     tttatgtcta aggacttcaa gttccctaac caaacaactt aagtagaata aacctaaata    134580
     tgttttaagt caaaagcagg ggaatcaaaa caattacaag cctcctgtct tagaagaaaa    134640
     tgctgatgct tattggctta accatataaa atagtgtata tatgtttact agacatgaac    134700
     aatttggaac aaattttgag tgtacctata agtgtgtaaa atgtatattt tatgtattgg    134760
     gaataatatt cataaacata ttcctccaat gttgtaaaaa atgcattcac cctcactacg    134820
     ctagtgattt tacagtttaa tgaagccatt ttttttaatt gcaaatgtct accaccgtag    134880
     aagtttcttg tcctttctcc attaagccta acactttgaa cacccaagtt cacttttttt    134940
     tttttttgtc ttgagacgga gtctggctct gtcgccaagc tggagtgcag ggcacaatgt    135000
     tggcttgctg caacctctgc ctcccgggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag    135060
     tagctgggac tacaggcagg caccaccacg cccggctaat tttttgtatt ttaatagaga    135120
     cggggtttca ccatgttggc caggatgggc tccatctcct gacctcttgg cctcctcagc    135180
     ctcccaaagt gctgagatta caggcatgag ccgccgcacc tggccaagtt cacattttta    135240
     aagactccat ctgatgcctg acaaattggt ataataatag attgacattt gttgttttac    135300
     tctaggtcca atttagaaaa tgatttccat tttctctctt tctgtctcac tgaaggcaac    135360
     tgatctgtca atcaaaactt tagatttata attttttctg taataaaaga cgtgctattt    135420
     acagagttct tgtgcaaaag tagtttaagt gaacccaatt aataattcaa gaatgacttt    135480
     gtaagtttct tcctctatta catctgaatt cattttacat tttacatcta ttacatttga    135540
     attcatttta atgaaaaagc ctttcaaagt tgtctttcca aagggaagat taatacacta    135600
     tttcttagag ataccatcta aaaaagttag tatctttctt tcttttttct tttttggaaa    135660
     ctcgcggtgg tggtaatgtg agtgagtttg tcaatctttg cccctactgt gaatttgaga    135720
     agcagaggaa gagaaaaaga gaaagacccc cccgccccct gcctcccacc tcccgcctcc    135780
     gcccctccct ctagcacaca gcaggtgcgc aaggagtgca gtgttagctg ctgctggact    135840
     gagctcctca tcctacactt gcaggggttg ctcttttgga cagaaagctg gaataaaatg    135900
     taaattttag acttccacca aggccaggac tagggtgaag ggactaacgc actagtctca    135960
     ggagcaactg ttaagtaacg ctaatcctga atgaatgaaa tagttttaaa attgaatgta    136020
     atcgcaaaga aaaaaaaccc atgatagaca aaatattaaa actttaaata aaggcttgca    136080
     cttgcagaac ccaggctcac cggcctctcc ctgctcctgg cccggtttcc cagcttggtt    136140
     ctctacaagt cagaattcct agcaaaatca aagtgtgcgc gcgtctgccc gagtacacgc    136200
     cgcagagtta tttctgcccc atcttcccta tttgaactca aacaggacag cattttcctg    136260
     ggtgcagccc ctgcgttggg tgaacagcgc agtgataaag cctggcgttc tccacctgca    136320
     ggcggaggct gacggcgcgg tctttggcgc gagtccgtgc accgcggccg ccccgccccg    136380
     gtgggagaga gggacggagg aagctgccgg tataacggga ggagagcgcc aggcggagct    136440
     ggggcgtccc tcccgctcgc ttcttgactc gcgttggtgc cggccgcctc ccgcgcctag    136500
     tgtccgggac gcgcctgaac ctgccgcctc cgtgcctggg gcggcgccgc gcggccccca    136560
     ggctcccgcg gggccgacct cggagacgca gctggggccg ggcgcggctt ggcgggaggg    136620
     tctgcagcgc cgagggaggc tgccagtgcg tgaggaagag agctagagac tggacagggg    136680
     agacagagca gcgtcggagc cgcgcagggg acgggagtga gagcgggagt gagagcagga    136740
     acgacgcaga gcggccgtcg ccgtgcccgg gtctcagggc gcctggctga agtgagcatg    136800
     gcttcagtgg cctgggccgt cctcaaggtg ctgctgcttc tccccactca gacttggagc    136860
     cccgtaggag caggaaatcc acgtaagtac agcaaatggt ttaaaacttg cgctaggctg    136920
     tctggaaaac tttgtatttt tttattatcg gtaatatttg gaagtggaat tgcagaacat    136980
     gctcctgaac atgaagaacc ttaaaaaaat atttggaatt gcaacccgaa aaagacgatt    137040
     ttgtttacaa tagactttcc tcttgtgggg gagtctaaga tataccatgc atgttttgac    137100
     tttttaatcg atgttcttga atattcattg agaaagtggc cgtttctgta aaacctgaaa    137160
     agagcatctt aataagagat tagcctgcaa atgctgtcat ttattccttt ttaggattgt    137220
     aatattttgt aggaattaag tctaacaggg aaaaaactgg cagacattac atcatactgc    137280
     atcaacttag atgttagcag cttacagttt tgccgacctt ggcagcttca gagttaaaat    137340
     gctaattaac ttccacgcag tatagggaca gagtgcctgt aggcgaaact aaattaataa    137400
     cctgccctaa ctactaaggg aataacactt gaacacccct gtcaggggct tcgtttctca    137460
     gtagaaagtt cttggttaaa gacaaaactc agccagtcat ttaggtgatc ttgaaaatga    137520
     ttcctctctg gatgctaata ttttacatta tttaatttgc catcgggttc cctgtttttt    137580
     attttactta atttggtaaa cacctaggaa gcttttattt ctagaatggg ctatgattct    137640
     aatataatga tgatattcca gacagatgag caaaacataa tgtacccata ttttatcaca    137700
     cataaaaatg tttacacaac attgcacatt tttttttcgg cttggagtaa atctctatca    137760
     gagagtcgtc tttctttctt gattaatgaa accatgagat tagaattttt aaaatgtctt    137820
     cctcctcctt ctcaaatcac ttttattttt ctttcagtgg catctccctg ctgtcagcct    137880
     cagccctctc ctaccaaaat ctctttcgaa ataagttcca ataaatgcta gtggccatgt    137940
     ttggaaattt agattattgc aggataacca agggtagctt tcagcagttt tcctaagctg    138000
     tcatgaaaag tttgccgtag ctcagtgctg ttctgcctgt gggctcaagg gtgggttgtt    138060
     tcttcacaca cagggcacgc acatgggttc atgcactcac tgtgcatcat gattcagttg    138120
     tgcctcagtt aatcctacac ttggtgtgcc cttcgaaaaa acaagctccg gattgctttg    138180
     gtcagatgct gtaccgtgtt tcagattcaa ctttaatctg cttttgtgag agggctttgt    138240
     gaataaaacg ttgttactta aattaaaatc cttgggtctt gtaatggaaa ctgccgtttg    138300
     gcttaaataa acacataaat gagttactta tagaaaggca tgctagagta attgaccaat    138360
     caactggcaa aatacaacaa aataagtcac tagaggtcac tcttactatt gaataaacag    138420
     ggcttcaaaa agaccttcct ggagaaaaat gaaatctgag atcctgccac cacctttcct    138480
     gtttttgttg catagttgtg attacttttt attctcagga ttagttgtat tgatagttat    138540
     tttgcttgga atccagtgga aggattacaa agcccataga aattaagctc ttctcattta    138600
     cagtgaacat tctttttgga ggaggggagg gcagggacag atattccaaa cggactcagc    138660
     accagacggg actctcgcga gttgctgagt gacacgtaaa atttcaatac tactactgtg    138720
     ggtgttttca gtcttctttc gttgatgaaa cttagtatcc tcatatctaa taaattttac    138780
     taattttaaa ttacctttta gatcaagtaa ttcttccaga taaaactatg taactataat    138840
     aattatacca ccttcaatac caagaagaaa gtcaataagg acatctaaaa gtttccttct    138900
     catgaagaca ccatgagttg ctcacgttat tcacagctgg ttttccagaa gcacattggc    138960
     cacccacgaa ggcagcctgt tgatgatggc atgaaatggc tcttcatggg aagagctctc    139020
     taggccgggc acagtggctc gtgtctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggcc gaggtgggtg    139080
     gatcacctga ggtcaggagt tcgagaccag cttggccacc atggtgaaac cctgtctcta    139140
     ctaaaaatac aaaaattagc cgggcgtggt ggcaggcatc tgtaattcca gctactcggg    139200
     aggctgaggc aggagaatcg cttgaacctg ggaggtggag gttgcagtga gccgagatcc    139260
     caccatagca ctccagcctg ggcaacaaga gcaaaacgca aaactccgtc tcaaaaaaaa    139320
     aaaagctctc taaacatttg gcattttggg gattatgtgc agtttatctg aatgttattt    139380
     gacctgacaa atacatggga aagctttgtt aggaagattc tgcatgaagg gaaatatttt    139440
     cgtaacttca gtgcccatag acttgcactg agtgaaaggt cacttactgc tctcattgag    139500
     tccctgaaaa caacaggaag catcaagaga aagattgaac tctgggcact gatcccaggg    139560
     atacacaaac aaatggctgg gcagattttg cagaaattcc tgtaattggt aaaatgctga    139620
     gtaatagcct ttgatgtaac ttttcagtgg gttaatttat tcattactta gcctaaaaca    139680
     cttttaattt taattgcctc aattttttcc cctaaatggt tatgttttgc aagttcgcca    139740
     gccagcctgg ggaaagaagg gtaagcctac tatagagtgt gtgtgggtta gttaggaaac    139800
     tcacttagat gtgaaatgtg tcaggaaaga gatctcacag agtgtaggaa taattatttt    139860
     tacagatgtt tcattttgga ccttttagta ataccatttt aagagagatt ctgcagatga    139920
     gtaacagact cttaatttta gtgtcaaatg gtactctata aaaaatggag ttcaggctgg    139980
     gcacggtggc tcacagctgt aatctcagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcggg tggatcactt    140040
     gaggtcggga gttcgaaacc agcctggaca acacggtgaa accctgcctc tactaaaaat    140100
     atgaaaaaat ttcagggcat ggtggcaggt gcctgtgagg aggcagtgag ctgagatcgt    140160
     gccactgcac tccagcctgg gtgacggagt gagactctgt ctcaaaaaaa aacaaaaaaa    140220
     aaaaaacaaa aaatgtagtt cacatgcctt tattcatttt caccaaactc tatacaaaca    140280
     gtacggagct gaagtagccc atggaaatga taatcaattc caagacattg gtttgatcat    140340
     gaaaaaagaa aaatcaaatt acttggcatt cttcttcctc ttcctttccc cttctctttt    140400
     tgaacaattc agtccaaggt cattcagttc agcttaggca tccatgctgg gtagtgggga    140460
     ggcccaggac catggcagag cattcagaaa ccagcagggt aaggaaagca tccacagtat    140520
     agcaagggtg gggacctgga gagacaggag acagcactgg tggtgaccta tagcaagttg    140580
     tcagaggttg agtggagtga ggaaggaggc attccagatt gacagaggct aagaaaacaa    140640
     ggcaactaaa tactattctg cattaaatgc ttatgttata aaggacatga ttgggaattg    140700
     gtgaaacttg aacaagattg gggattaaat attggaactt tatccatgat gactgtgatg    140760
     atcatattat ggttatatag gagaacatct ttgttgtagg aaatgtacat tgaagtattc    140820
     aggggtgata cagcatatta gcatagttct tccatgtttt ctgtaaattg gtttcaaaat    140880
     caaatggtta ctttaaaaaa ccattcaaaa ttgtgtttaa aggaaacatg gaccaataga    140940
     aaaactcaga ataagtaagt gtagttaaat tgatgcattt tacctaagag atgtagatta    141000
     aaaataaaga ggctgaaaaa aaaacaatta tgagaaataa cagttcattt atatatgtct    141060
     ctaaatcaaa ttagcctgga tttctgaatg acaaagatgt aattggcact gggattgttc    141120
     tccattcttt ttgggaagtt tattgcctag gacatctgta tcagtcttcg aagtactttt    141180
     taaagcttga atatctgaat gaacccgtca gactgactgt tatctggtct tctgtaatgg    141240
     gcttccgcac ctttgacgag actcttagct gaaaggttgc ttgtccctag gcccggttgc    141300
     tccacgttgt aagagcattt gcaaacgctt ggttgtacat gactgtgcac atgtcaagtc    141360
     tgctctgtca ctgtagaaaa aatattcctt ttccacttga catataaggc atggaattgt    141420
     ttgttttaaa tgtattttgt caaggaattc atatatctgc ttgatgtgtt gtggtactgt    141480
     ataaaagaca agtgtgaaat tcattgctta ctatgatagc cttaacagga ctacagtaaa    141540
     tctagttttc taaaaaatgg agtatatgct tagcttggtt aaaattttat aatgaaatga    141600
     ctactctggt aataaaaatt aaaaaatatc ataaagtggg ggctaaaaaa tgatactgca    141660
     tgtgttccag ttaatgaaca tttttgttgt aataatacga agagtgattg aaatctaaaa    141720
     acatttgaga ttttaaaata gttttaacct tataactaca ggattgtgat ttaagtagca    141780
     tgcctactta attaggcagc aattaaaatt attgctaaga attaaattac caagaagacg    141840
     tggtctagta tgtattgcct gggctgtggt ttgaattact tttgattaag tataatcaca    141900
     ttttttgaga gtataaaaac agaggatatt acttgcttct aattcacaga tgtgtttatg    141960
     aaccattggc aattaaagca tttgcaattg aggccctaag aaaattttag gttaaaataa    142020
     catgttgagt tatgccttat aactcagtat atgcttatac tttatatgct ttacggagtt    142080
     ttgaatatat aatatatatg tataatagta tatttttcca ggaaatatat aacttgtagt    142140
     tccttaactt attttgtaac taaatcccgt ggaaaaaagt ttattgaatg tcattgcttc    142200
     tcaggcaaat gtagagttag gaaaatgata tatatacata ttgggaatct tttagaaggc    142260
     ttggacttgg tagctcaaat cttctgcaac cttgagcttc aactttctgg ccggttcaag    142320
     agatctcttc actgtccttt tcatgtaaag tcaatgttta tggaacacta gaccaaaatg    142380
     gaaggattcc tttggaaact gaacaaacag ttgaattagt ctttgacttg atggagtgat    142440
     ttgatctaaa atattaccta tcagttttag atatctgttc aatcagagct gcctccatat    142500
     atgcaaatga taatttgtct tggattttta gatatcttag ccctcagaca agctaataga    142560
     gtttaaattg aacctggtgt tttagggaca gttgaattgt tgggttgccc aggaaaacag    142620
     tcacattttt ctataagtat gtgtttattt ggctggaatg tgggtgagga agaagttata    142680
     tgtgaattaa aagaaacatt gtctcaatgt cacatgttaa attaaattaa attacaggca    142740
     gaactaagcg agtttacgat tgctgccgct gggagcagag attattttca gcttacattt    142800
     ataacagaag gagggattta aaatatagta ttatgcctac cctgatacag ctaacctcct    142860
     ccacccgccc ctccacacac atacagctac atgcttaccc tcgaactatg aaagaagggt    142920
     gtctctcaga catcctatat ttaacccagc tttggacagg tccctggagt ctagtctttt    142980
     tgaacacagc agtgaagata aggaatgggg agggggcttt gatttcaaga ccactagata    143040
     tagtagattc ctaatttaat ttcaaagaca aatcaattat taacacaaat acaaagagaa    143100
     cagtatttta agcaaagctt ctgttgtggc agataacctt ttaaggtgtc tcccagttgg    143160
     gtttctattt tagatgactt tttgaagaat atatctctgt aatagaaata tgtttgatga    143220
     ttctcatctt taagaactgc acatttgcca taattaagat atttatgaat ttattgtaag    143280
     aagattggta gaaaaagtaa tgcaacatca aatgggaaaa taaatatata atattatata    143340
     gctgttcaaa tatagggttt atgattcttg tgctaatttg aactgctgta caacaccagg    143400
     ataaaagtcc acagctgtgt taagaaagct ctcataagct tatgaaattt tatagcacag    143460
     gctgtcacag aacctacaat ttacaaacat ttgtaaaagt taggaaagtt ttgggttcct    143520
     caatagaaaa tgatgttgct tagctttaag aaagtaacta atttatctct tttcattctt    143580
     gtccactaac aaaggaaccc aaatggtctt ttaaaattat aataaaacta agctagtaaa    143640
     atatcacata gattttgaga tactgtgaat aaccatagaa aataacaatt tgttattctt    143700
     catatataaa aataagctta acacgcttat caatacatct tgaactataa gagatttatt    143760
     tcagcagtgt tgccaaaggg caagcaaagc ctgctgccca tagaaaactt tgaattccct    143820
     aagctcaggg ctcctcactt gtcatgtaac ccactgcgtg tgcacacatc catctgtgcc    143880
     catccatatt cccccagagg acttggaggc aaggaaattg atgcaaatat gctgatgctc    143940
     atactgtttg ctatgctgta agtaatacag tcctttgctt tgacccagga gtcttctgcc    144000
     gcaaccatga aacaaactgg cagactcatt tgttagcttg caagtaggtt aaaatctctc    144060
     ctcacggttc ttcacagtgt acttgtctgt gcaatggtca tcttcttcat gaatataatt    144120
     ataacatgat ataagaaata gtgagctctt acctatagat aagcaaacat tgcaatataa    144180
     aaatagcata tgtcatttca taaatcacag ttgacacatt ctagagaaga gattgggcag    144240
     ctttcctttt ttggatgtca cagttgattc tactgtcctc atttcttctt ttttctggga    144300
     tatgaggaag aattgctgtg acaaagctca tctcctgggt ggccggggtt gattgtcaat    144360
     ttgttttgtt ttggcaggct aggcagatgt cctctacctc cttctttatg ccatgtgaca    144420
     ttcatccctt tgattttcct attgcatttt atttagtatt ttagaatact gcccacattc    144480
     cattctggaa agtccactgt cccagccaga gttttcttag aaagctgagc ctgtgatggg    144540
     cgtttgtgca ggtagcctct tttagaaagt gagctcataa aagagggaag aatggaatag    144600
     agaagaaaaa tccaccaaaa gggggtgtca ttgagctggt cacttctgtg agcaactggg    144660
     gcgtgaactc cctgggaagc tctcaggaag ccggtagaat gtgtttcaca gctgtgcctc    144720
     tgagagacag cagggggaat gcatttatcc tgagtcctgt ccagggattc agcactgccc    144780
     ttggggtgct aactcctggc tctaaggaga ggaatatgaa cgaatgggtt gcgactgggt    144840
     ttctgcaggc atcgcagagg ccaagagaca aagagagaac tcgaacactg aactttttaa    144900
     ttttttatta ttttattatt attatacttt aagttacagg gtacatgtgc acaacgtgca    144960
     ggtttgttgc atatgtatac atgtgccatg ttggtgtgct gcacccatta acttgtcatt    145020
     tacattaggt atatctccta atgctatccc tcccccctcc ccccaccccg cgacagtccc    145080
     cgttgtgtag tgttcccctt cctgtgtcca tgtgttctcg ctgttcagtt cccacctatg    145140
     agtgagaaca tgcggtgttt ggttttttgt ccttgcaata gtttgctgag aatgatggtt    145200
     tccagcttca cccatgtccc tacaaaggac atgaactcat cattttttat ggctgcatag    145260
     tattccatgg tgtatatgtg ccacattttc ttaatccagt ctatcattga ttgacatttg    145320
     ggttggttcc aagtcttgct attgtgaata gtcccgcaat aaacatacgt gtgcatgtgt    145380
     ctttatagca gcatgattta taatcctttg ggtatatacc cagtaatggg atggctgggt    145440
     caaatggtat ttctagttct agatccctga ggaattgcca cactgacttc cacaatggtt    145500
     gaactagttt acagtcccac caacagtgta aaagtgttcc tatttctcca catcctctcc    145560
     agcacctgtt gtttcctgac tttttaatga tcgtcattct aactggggtg agatggtatc    145620
     tcattgtggt ttttgatttg catttgattg ccagtggtga tgagcatttt ttcgtgtgtt    145680
     ttttggctgc ataaatgtct tctttagaga agtgtctgtt catatccttt gctcactttt    145740
     tgatgggatt gttgtttttt ctcttgtaaa tttgtttgag ttcattgtag attctggata    145800
     ttagcccttt gtcagatgag taggttgcaa aaatttcctt ccattctgta ggttgcctgt    145860
     tcactctgat ggtagtttct tttgctctgt agaagctctt tagtttaatt agatcccatt    145920
     tgtcaatttt ggcttttgtt gccattgctt ttggtgtttt agacatgaag tccttgccca    145980
     tgactgtgtc ctgaatggta ttgcctaggt tttcttctag ggtttttatg gttttaggtc    146040
     taacatttaa gtctttaatc catcttgaat taatttttgt ataaggtgta aggaagggat    146100
     ccagtttcag ctttctactt atggctagcc agttttccca gcaccattta ttaaataggg    146160
     aatcctttcc ccattgctta tttttgtcag gtttctcaaa gatcagatag ttgtagatat    146220
     gtggcattat ttctgagggc tctgttctgt ttttctatat ctctgttttg gtaccagtgc    146280
     catgctgttt tggttactgt agccttgtag tatagtttga agtcaggtag tgtgatgcct    146340
     ccagctttgt tcttttggct taggattgac ttggcaatgc gggctctttt ttggttccat    146400
     atgaacttta aagtagtttt ttccaattct gtgaagaaag tcattggtag cttgatgggg    146460
     atggcattga atctataaat taccttgggc agtatggcca ttttcatgat actgattctt    146520
     cctacccatg agcatggaat gttcttccat ttgtttgtat cctcttttat ttcattgagc    146580
     agtggtttgt agttctcctt gaagagttcc ttcacatccc ttgtaagttg gattcctagg    146640
     tattttatcc tctttgaagc aattgtgaat gggagttcac tcatgatttg gctctctgtt    146700
     tgtctgttat tggtgtataa gaatgcttgt gatttttgca cattgatttt gtatcaaatc    146760
     aagatacaaa atcttgattt tgtatcaaat caagatacaa aatcttgatt ttgtatcaaa    146820
     tcaagataca aaatcttgat tttgtatcaa atcaagatac aaaatcttga ttttgtatca    146880
     aatcaagata caaaatcttg attttgtatc aaatcaagat acaaaatctt gattttgtat    146940
     caaatcaaga tacaaaatct tgattttgta tcaaatcaag atacaaaatc ttgattttgt    147000
     atcaaatcaa gatacaaaat cttgattttg tatcaaatca agatacaaaa tcttgatttt    147060
     gagactttgc tgaagttgct tatcagctta aggagatttt gggctgagac gatggggttt    147120
     tctaaataca caatcatgtc atctgcaaac agggacaatt tgacttcctc ttttcctaat    147180
     tgaatgccct ttatttcctt ctcctgcctg attgccctga ccagaacttc caacactatg    147240
     ttgaatagga gtggtgagag agggcatcct gtcttgtgcc agttttcaaa gggaatgctt    147300
     ccagtttttg tccattcagt atgatattgg ctgtgggttt gtcatagata gctcttatta    147360
     ttttgagata ggtgccatca atacctaatt tgttgagagt ttttagcatg aagcgtcttt    147420
     gaattttgtc aaaggccttt tctgcatcta ttgagataat catgaggttt ttgtcattgg    147480
     ttctgtttat atgctggatt acatttattg attttcgtat gttgaaccag ccttgcgtcc    147540
     cagggctgaa gcccgcttga tcatggtgga taagcttttt gatgtgttgc tgtattcagt    147600
     ttgccagtat tttattgagg atttttgcat caatgttcat caaggatatt ggtctaaaat    147660
     tctctttttt gtttgtgtct ctgccaggct ttggtatcag gatgatgctg gcctcataaa    147720
     atgagttagg aaggattccc tctttttctg ttgattggaa tagtttcaga aggaatggta    147780
     ccagttcctc cttgtacctc tggtagaatt gggctgtgaa tccatctggt cctggacttt    147840
     ttttggttgt taagctatta cttattgcct caatttcaga gcctgttatt ggtctattca    147900
     gagattcaac tttttcctgg tttagtcttg ggaggatgta tgtgtcgagg aatttatcca    147960
     tttcttctag attttctagt ttatttgtgt agaggtgtta tagtattctc tgatggtagt    148020
     ttgtatttct gtgggatcgg tggtgatatc ccctttgtca ttttttattg tttctatttg    148080
     attcttctct cttttcttct ttattagtct tgctagtggt ctatcaattt tgttgatctt    148140
     tccaaaaaac cagctcttgg attcattgat tttttgaagg gtttttttgt gtctctattt    148200
     ccttcagttc tgctctgatc ttagttattt cttgccttct gctagctttt gaatgtgttt    148260
     gctcttgctt ctctggttct tttaattgtg atgttagggt gtcaatttta gatctttcct    148320
     gctttctttt gtgggcattt agtgctataa atttccctct ccacactgct ttaaatgtgt    148380
     cccagagatt ctggtatgtt gtgtgtttgt tctcattggt ttcaaagaac atctttattt    148440
     ctgccttcat tttgttatgt acccagtagt cattcaggag caggttgttc agtttccatg    148500
     tagtcgagca gttttgagtg agtttcttaa tcctgagttc tagtttgatt gcactgtggt    148560
     ctgagagaca gtttgttata atttctgttc ttttacgttt gccgaggagt gctttacttc    148620
     caactatgtg gtcaattttg gagtaagtgt gatgtggtgc tgagaagaat atatattcta    148680
     ttgatttggg gtggagagtt ctgtagatgt ctattaggtc tgcttggtgc agagctgagt    148740
     tcaattcctg gatatccttt ttaactttct gtcttgttga tctgtctaat gttgacagtg    148800
     gtgtgttaaa atctcccatt attattgtgt ggaagtctaa gtctgtttgt acacctctaa    148860
     ggacttgctt tatgagtctg ggtgctcctg tactgggtgc atatatattt aggatattta    148920
     actcttcttg ttgaattgat ccctttacaa ttatgtaatg gccttctttg tctcttttga    148980
     tctttgttgg tttaaagtct gttttatcag agactaggat tccaacccct gctttttttt    149040
     tgttttccct ttgcttggca gaccttcctc cataccttta ttttgagcct atgtgtgtct    149100
     ctgcacgtga gcagggtctg ctgaatacag cacactgatg ggtcttgact ctttatccaa    149160
     tttgccactc tgtgtctttt aattggagga tttagcctat ttacatttaa ggttaatatt    149220
     gttatgtgtg aatttgatcc tgtcattatg atgttaactg gttattttgc tcattagttg    149280
     atgcagtttc ttcctagcct tgatggtctt tacaatttgg catgtttttg cagtggctgg    149340
     tactggttgt tcctttccat gtttagtgct tccttcagga gctcttgtaa ggcaggcctg    149400
     gtggtgacag aatctctcag catttgcttg tctgtaaagg attttatttc tccttcagtt    149460
     atgaagctta gtttggctgg atatgaaatt ctgggttgaa aattcttttc tttaagaatg    149520
     ttgaatattg gcccccactc tcttctggct tgtagagttt ctgccgagag atccgctgtt    149580
     agtctgatgg gcttcccttt gtgagtaacc cgacctttct ctctggctgc ccttaatatt    149640
     ttttccttca tttcaagttt ggtgaatctt ttcacagtca catatttctt ggaggctttg    149700
     ttcatttctt tttactcttt tttctctaaa cttcttttct cgcttcattt cattcatttg    149760
     atcctcaatc actgataccc tttcttccag ttgatcggat tggctactga agcttgtgca    149820
     tgcgtcatgt agttctagtg ccatggtttt cagctccatc tggtcattta aggtcttctc    149880
     tacgctgttt attctagtta gccattcgtc taatcctttt tcaaggtttt tagcttcttt    149940
     gcgacgggtt cgaacatcct cctttagctc ggagaagttt gttattaccg atcatctgaa    150000
     accttcttct ctcaactcgt caaagtcatt ctccatccag ctttgttccg ttgctggcga    150060
     ggcgttgtgt tcctttggag gagaagaggt gctctgattt ttagaatttt cagcttttct    150120
     gctctggttt ctccccatct ttgtggtttt atgtaccttt ggtctttgat ggtggtgacg    150180
     tacagatggg gttttgtgtg gttgtccttt ctgtttgtta gttttccttc taagagtcag    150240
     gaccctcagc tgcaggtctg ttggagtttg ctggaggtcc agtccagacc ctgtttgcct    150300
     gggtatcacc agcagaggct gcagaacagc aaatattgca gaatggcaaa tgttgctgtc    150360
     tgatccttcc tctggaagct tcgtctcaga ggggcacctg gctgtatgcg gtgtcagtca    150420
     gcccctactg ggagttgtct cccagttagg ctacgcaggg gtcagggacc cacttaagga    150480
     ggcagtcttt ccattctcag atctcaaact ccatgctggg agaaccacta ctgtcaccaa    150540
     agctcagtcg gaaattcaga aatcacctgt cttctgcgtc gttcatgctg ggagctgtag    150600
     actggagctg ttcctattcg accatcttgg atccggacct gtctattttc ttagccttat    150660
     gagctttgtc aaaagagtgc agcttcttct gttttttctt atgagtatac aaaaaatctc    150720
     tttgattgca tttagcaatg tttgaaagtc ttaatgtgtt ctgggcttta actcactttg    150780
     ctttatattg cctcctttta atgttccttt tcattgtaag tatttctttt ttttttccga    150840
     tatggagtct tgctctgtca cctaggctgg agagcagtgg cacaatcttg gctcactgca    150900
     acctccacct cccgggttcc agtgattctc ctgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggattg    150960
     caagttcccg ctaccatgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt actaaagatg gagtttcacc    151020
     atgttggcca ggctcgtctc aaactcctga ccttgtgatc cacccatctt gaccactgcg    151080
     cccagtctca ctgtaaatat tctttccttg gttactttgc ccatttctct cttcttcagt    151140
     ggaacatgtt ttttctgggt ttcatttggg tagcttttca catttgatga acgatgttgt    151200
     cctcaatcat aacaacagtg tctctttgta tagtggttgc tcggaggtct acaaggtagt    151260
     attatgtaac atttcccatt gtgttctaaa tactcttatc tttttaagtt aaaaaattga    151320
     agtcaaagct gcctctaaag tcacacacat agcttgaaat aatagagttg aaatttggac    151380
     ataaaacata ttgccatggg ataatgcctg ttgttttcct aaagttttaa aattatcttt    151440
     ttgacatctc aaataaacat ttgtctattg acagggctcc ttccttgggc acaataaatt    151500
     ctaagatgtt ctggttatta ttttctcaag gattctgaca ctgccatctt actaatcata    151560
     ttagagccaa gtacggagta gtgaacaagt tctgataatt tgcaggttta ttactttggg    151620
     ctgaaaaaaa tctagctgat gtcattggtc ttgttgggat ctgtcttcag aatgcaattg    151680
     gagtgcatct cttaaccctt acttaagtat cactgaagtt ctctttcttc agctcccaga    151740
     tgctccatag cctgctctgg cctgtgaggt catgaggtcc ctttaagatg ttataagttg    151800
     aacacagtct tctttccatc cctctgtaac atgtcttggg aagaagccat atccttctca    151860
     taccttatat tctcattcag accctaattc tgtcaactct cagaggtgca tagaaagaat    151920
     tattattatt tttaattttt ttagttttta attttgtggt tgcatagtag gtgtatatat    151980
     cgatggtcta catgagatgt tttgatacag gcatgcaatg tgaaataagt gcatcaagaa    152040
     aaatggagta tccatcccct caagcaatta tccttcgagt tgcaaacaat ccaattacac    152100
     tctttaagtt atttaaaaat gtacaattaa gtaattattg actatagtca cctcttgtgt    152160
     tatcaaatac taggtgttat tcattttttc tatttttttg tacccgtgga aagatcattt    152220
     attgcccttt attaacagtt catctttatc acttatattc ccacagctgt ggatacattt    152280
     gtaataacaa ttattagtga tgacatcgcc acatgatttt ctttttaaat tatatgcacc    152340
     tgtgttgttg tatttttttc tgtgtcgtgt ctgatgtctt tctgcacgac ttaattttgt    152400
     tatttggttt cctctctttc tacttagcag taagtctcaa aaaaataggt tcgtcttatt    152460
     ctcgtattat atactttagc caaaaatcta tagtttaaaa ataggtattg aatttatcac    152520
     agaagtataa tttaactaca tagcaagaaa tttagaaata aaaggaaaga gaacaagatc    152580
     atctatccag cttcctcagg gaaaaggagc tgatctatgt tgaatccctt ctgtgtttct    152640
     agagctgtgt ttgttggatt taacacccat tatctcatct caatccagca gatctctttg    152700
     tccattatct tctcatatgc agattttccc atcccatctc cttcatctct ccacatgttt    152760
     aaatagttct tatatttatt gttgtaatga ctgtagagta gatcgtcaaa ctaagatgct    152820
     taaatttatg taaacttgac cgggcatggt ggctcacgcc tgtaatccca gcactttggg    152880
     aggttgaggc aggtggatca cgagatcagg agatcgatac tatcttggct aacatggtga    152940
     aaccccgtgt ctactaaaaa tacaaaaaaa atttagcctg ggcgacaggg cgaggctccg    153000
     tctcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaactctgta aactttcctc taggtcttca tttgtgttgt    153060
     gtcttttgta gttctcatag aataaagtcc ttggtcctgg tatgttaaaa ttggtatact    153120
     gttgttataa ctttatattt gtagtgctgt aagtcatttg aaaacaccaa tgtcaggagg    153180
     tattcaatgt tcctatgcta ggttttcttt aacaagtcaa aatgtcatct ggaaggagag    153240
     acaacgtgta acccctatct cctaccccct gtaaattcta atttatagaa tttaaacctg    153300
     tttctatgtg tcttcttcca agcctcatct gttcccacag gtagactcta ggaattgtct    153360
     gtcatgtccc gggaaccaga cactcatcag ctggtcatgc cagtctctct tcctcacccc    153420
     agaatcatca gtcagcaggc aaggctcctt tctcaggagt gaggttctcc tgttccctct    153480
     catccccatc tgccgccgca catggctgct gtgtggctcc ctgtgagtga ggtgctgctc    153540
     cttctccaga ggtgtaattc attttccatg agacagacct cagtatttca gaagagtaag    153600
     ccttactggg gccttcacac atgtgagaag acttcagagc agagacaaaa cttgagttga    153660
     gccctgaaga taataagtga tgggaactcg cagacagcag gggctgcaat gtcatcgggt    153720
     gagcggtcaa ggagcattgg tgcatgcatc ccacattcag gaaacagtga gaagaccact    153780
     ccaattaaag gaggaagcgc atctgagaaa tgtgtagggg attcggctgt agtgcagaga    153840
     gtaacgggga acaggtgatg gaaggaattg aatgccagga cctgaaattt gaatttcagg    153900
     acaggtgcag tggggatcca ttggagctcg ttgatatggc tgtttgtgtg acttgcactc    153960
     agcaatagtt taaaaccgtt tctgctctgg tgatatgtaa ggtgtgtgtg tggctgggga    154020
     cagtcaataa ggaaacattg gctgtaagga ttagttaggt cgttaacatg aggacctaca    154080
     gtgagatgat gatcatgata atggaaaagc tgccatatac acacaaaaag tacataatcc    154140
     ttggcaattt attggctgta gagggaagat aagggtgggg gctcaggaca gtgtacttat    154200
     tgagtatttt tcagtttcag gtgaccaaaa tctaagatca aataggcttg aacaataaag    154260
     ggaaccaaag tgtcttgatt gaagccaggc tgaatttagg caatcagatt ctttcatcag    154320
     cagtctgcct ctttccttct tgcagtttta ttttcatcta caactggcct cattcttggg    154380
     cagctctgtc tatgccttag cttcaggcat accgtttacc agcttaggag cgtgactatt    154440
     ttcctttatt tctgttctta gcaatgttga gttctacaga tactatgcct ttatttgttt    154500
     attctactca gtaggataag cttcacagga gcagagactt tttctgttgt ttatggttat    154560
     atccccagaa cataggggca cacctggcac agtatagatt ttcaacaaat atttgttgaa    154620
     tgaatgaatg ggtatttctc ccaagagttc aagccgaaag tcccaagttc tgctgttatt    154680
     cattcgaaag tcccaggttc tgttcccatt cattcagcgt gggcttcctg accatcctgg    154740
     aaccagtcct ttccagtagg acaggcatga cattcagttg ccaggcctga ggcttgtccc    154800
     tgtgctggcc ccaggtggta gggtgagccc ccttcagacc ccatggagtg agatgtaggg    154860
     aagacagtga ctgaagataa tcgaatggag atcaagacca tgtaaaacag aagtttttat    154920
     atggaaaaca gtagattttt acattgacca tcactgctta tgttcactgt gagtaaaatg    154980
     tactttttcc gaagcattcc ctctagatag caatgcacag atcaattcag attcataata    155040
     agatgaactt ttggtacctt ctaaataaaa gcattattta acctctcatt aagataatgt    155100
     taaggtacat taagaactga aaagacaggt gatgaaatgg gaagaatgga atagcgccgt    155160
     atccagatga acatccagac gtggcctgaa gaaggtatgg gcaccccctt ccctgtttgt    155220
     gattcgattc ccgaggccgt gctccctgct gactcaatat gtggaaccag agagaagcct    155280
     gctgtggagt tagtgaattt gacctaatcg agacagtctg agaaaggaca ggaatctttt    155340
     tttttctttt tttttttttt agaacaaaga ggttttctgt acatctgtga taacacagta    155400
     accatctgtt gaactcttta ataataggct ttgtgttttt ctgataattc gaagctggtt    155460
     aaggtgccgt cccctcatat tagcagttcg gtggcccctt cccctctcct tccatcctta    155520
     ggttccgccg acacagtgct tagctccttt cacagtgagg agcaagtgca gccgcaagca    155580
     tggggagagc cacagcctgg cagagtggct tagcatcacg aagcccttct cagaaggaat    155640
     tgagtatctg tgcgattcaa agggatgtta aacgtatttt cagtggaact ctcctgcatt    155700
     tgccctaaaa tatccaatat gtaattccat ataaagtgtg ttcatttcct atggcccttg    155760
     tgagaaatga ccataaactg gcagacttaa agcaaaagaa tttattctgt catagtctgg    155820
     agaccagaag ttccgcatca gtatccctag tccaaaatca agatgggcca cactccctac    155880
     gaaggctcta gggggacatg cattcttcgt ttcttccggc ttcctgtggt tgcccgtgtg    155940
     cctcaccttg tgggtgcctc actccatttt cacaccctct tctcttttgt atggggctct    156000
     gttcatcatc acctttatct ctcttacaag ggcagttctg atggtattta agacccagcc    156060
     agataattca agataatttc ctcgtctcag ggtctttgat cacatctgga gaaccttacc    156120
     ttctgaagta accttcacag ggtcccggga ttggggcata gacatatctt tgggagccac    156180
     tgtcagcctg tcctaacaca tgtaagattc atctctgata aaggcattca gccacaagtg    156240
     cagtgtggtt tggtctttta ataaaatcct ttaagtaata ctgtaatgaa ttcggagctc    156300
     catctggaga tgccaggagg tgtcctcatt tgaatgtaaa gctcctcccc aaaggatcag    156360
     ttgtcgcccc tccttttggc ttttcccatt tcctctgcag atacggacaa aatctgtcca    156420
     tgtattatcc atgcattctt tttttttttc attcttatta tcagatccca gaataatgaa    156480
     ttgctgtttg aaaatgcatg gtttatgttt atcttttcca gaagcacttt tatacgcatc    156540
     tctccctagt agtgtttgct ctttcagagg ctggttttgt tcctaagcaa ttaagatgct    156600
     tccctgtgtt ttggaataaa tagtagtatc taaatatttt gctcttctgt ttatttccta    156660
     taacagatat ttacacatct ccctcccatg ttagattctg gacttcttga acctagaacc    156720
     atgtctctct ttatgcccca taatgctttg aacatggtag gtgctcaata cacttttatt    156780
     aaataagtgc aagaattaac atactcaaat gaaatgctgt tttgaaaagt atatcatctc    156840
     tgtcttaggt aagggcaatt cctcaaattg attttttaat catttcatat tcatgtggta    156900
     aaaattgtca taaactagca catctgtgaa tgcaatgttg atttgtatac aggaagccct    156960
     taggctaatt ttaatcttct gctgtctttc atgaacataa tactaagaaa tggtttctgt    157020
     cccaaaccgt tcataggcac catgctggga atcacaaagc atgctgggaa tacttgtcaa    157080
     ggagaagtgg gaagctaaga gtgatgccag gcaggggtca ggggacaaat caagaccata    157140
     gagtggggag agaggaacct aggcagagct aatcaccgag actaaatcaa caagcctaag    157200
     gaagtgcagc aagccaaaaa ccctctggtc tagcgtgcat cttcaaagtt gtcacttgag    157260
     gtggctgcat ggaaggtggc aggtgggatc ctctatgggt ttatctctac ttctctctca    157320
     accgttgttg agccttcagc taagtcacca acccatactg tgtttattct ctgcattttc    157380
     caaatgcttc tcttcttcaa acctgcaagt tttaatatga atccagctgt tacccagttc    157440
     agcacaggtg atttttaagg aagtccacca tttttgaaca gatataaaac aaccctgaat    157500
     aaaacatttt atatcatttt caaccatgat cttctaggag aacaataata taaaatatac    157560
     ctatgtagca atgaatctct gcctttagat ggtgagaata aatgtgaaat aatcaatact    157620
     tgtaacatta agaccctaga accctctata ttgagccaag cacatggaaa tatagtgaat    157680
     cttaaccaga tttccaaata agctgaggaa gagggagatc cagcccctgt aacacttgtg    157740
     gggtgcccac tgtgttttcc cctctgactc agtagtgtac aattctttct agaaagaaag    157800
     tgttcacaga attcaaaatg atagggaaaa aacaataaac ttaggtacca gatatgttct    157860
     tatgttcttt tattttataa aatttagtgc ctttctttct ttcttttttt tttttttaag    157920
     acggagtctt tctctgtcgc ccagcctaga gtgtactggc accatctggg ctcactgcaa    157980
     cctcctcctc ccaggttcaa gcgattctcc tgcttcagcc tcctgggaag ctgggactat    158040
     gggcacgtgc caccatgccc agctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc    158100
     gtattagcca ggatggtctc gatctcctga ccttgtgatc cacccgcctt ggtctcccaa    158160
     agtgttggga ttacaggtgt gagccaccgc gcccgaattt attgcctttc tgaagggcaa    158220
     gatttattca agcctgtgcc agaaattttc ttcattacaa ggtgactctt tggcagacag    158280
     atgctattga ctcttgaatt ttccaaaggc gaaatggaaa atttcagcaa ttttgtttcc    158340
     agctgtcttt acagatttat atttggacct taatcctatt ggaaatcatc tgaaactcgt    158400
     gaaacacaca attggaaagt taattaggga gaaaccaagg gaaagaataa ctattatcta    158460
     ttacacctat ttagaacctt ctcttgagat ctggttatta tttttattag agatgtgaat    158520
     ctgatacctg taggcctctt gtgtttgaac tttaataaat tgtactctgc taacttagga    158580
     agactaagtt taattaagtg tattggttaa tgataattct cttttacgta tttagtaaat    158640
     attcagttga agtttattga gcatgtgcta tctttcagat tctgcgctag gtatagagca    158700
     catgaagttg ggaaagactt ttattgtgcc ttcaagagct catgattcca cagagagagt    158760
     tagacatgtc agccaggaat cccagggaca cgtgaaatgc ccagtgctgt ttcatgtatc    158820
     gcatgatact gcaggaatcc agggacacgt gaaacgccca gtgctgtttt atgtgttgca    158880
     tgatactgca ggacagaggc atcatgagaa cagctatcat gcttttctaa tgtaggaaga    158940
     gattttatcc aaaaaatgtc aatgctactt tagatgttct tggatttgtt ttattctttc    159000
     ccagaaaata gagagaaaat aacatcaggc agacaggctt aggaggcact attccctgga    159060
     tgatgtcctt ccttcttgga tcctgctgtg accactcgtg ggccatgtgg gacttgtcta    159120
     tagatggagc agagccttag ttgccttctt gtactttagc ttcttcacag ttttaaaatg    159180
     cctttttaga aaatgtaagt aaagttcgta gccagttgga ttcgtattta tctatttttc    159240
     ttagcccact ctgtagcata tttgctgaca tctgggaatc ccgactgcac agtgttatcc    159300
     agagagcatg tgtgctgggg aaatcaagaa agcctctctt gtggcataaa cattgagggg    159360
     gacatttaag gaaagtgtag agaaagcaaa cctttcttaa cagctctgca catttcaatg    159420
     gcttcttgct gtgtaaaaat attgggtgct cttcatgcta aagatgttaa atgcaatttc    159480
     ttagctagat tatgctgctc tttgtatgta aaaaaatcac aaattccagt gtctgactca    159540
     cctgtataaa tgtgacattg tcacttatgg ggaatatata gaaaaatgtt cctatatcaa    159600
     atactctgaa tgttttacca agcaatgaga tactgttctc cctattgtag aatagatgct    159660
     tcacaatgag ttactgagtt tttcttttgt catgtcttaa agacatgtca ctgtcttaat    159720
     ggtaatgcat gcttttagaa aagcagatat aattccagta tttctttatg aaatgatatt    159780
     cactcaggca aattatgtgc actgaatttt ctttctgttg ttgcagtatc atgtactcaa    159840
     ccaaacaaat caggagagac cctgaattac ctcttatcta tctcactgaa catagttgac    159900
     attttgctaa gtcgtagcaa tctaattaat tctggttgcc ttctttctgt gacttaacaa    159960
     gttgctcaca aagaaaaaaa gtgtatccaa aatatgcagt tcagaatcat ctaatgatat    160020
     attcaaggta taacattcct ctttcacaga catatcttaa tgtgtgacag aaaacttatg    160080
     tgtaacatta ttagatcaat aaccatgctg gaagaggtac cctttttatg acaaaatata    160140
     tgacatgcct gaaagtacag tgattacagg attggactgc gggactcaga ggtaacctct    160200
     gggttgcttc tgttacccat ggctacgcat aggaaaagag ctacccaagg tgggaatggt    160260
     cccaggggct cctcaagttt gatggtgggg aacaccaggg gcaagaaggc tctgagggtc    160320
     cttatggtct taggacaaat aagatgatct gggtcaaaca ctacttaacc cccagcaatt    160380
     cttttagacc agagctgaag caatagagag tcaccctgag gtgaggatga catggtgaca    160440
     tgcaggggtc cttgggttgg aaaggcagag caagttcctg caatgctcaa gttatcaggc    160500
     aaaaaggagg agcctccatc tcctgtaggc aagtagcccg cagtaattcc ctctggaggg    160560
     gtctacagag tgggcttttt ccagttcatc actacaggtg ttgcctctca tgggtcctgg    160620
     cttcacgcag gtaactctga cctgaacacc tggtgcattt cacttttccc atcccccaca    160680
     ggttctgtgc tggggcactg tgagaatttc tagccgctat tgaggtttgg gcacagaatt    160740
     cacactacct ctgtatgtgt gtacctaaag aacctaagca tcaaattgag tttaaagtag    160800
     tgttggatgg gtgatgtacc cagacatctt gcagaattga gaaaatgtgg gacattaggg    160860
     aactttgagg gctaatggac ctgttttatg tcttcattat ggtggaggtt acaaggcaga    160920
     atgcatttgc caaaatgaat agagctgtac actttaaaaa catcaaataa attctctgga    160980
     attttactct ctgtaaatta tgctgcaatg taaattttaa aaattgtaaa gaattaaaaa    161040
     aggagtgatg attgccatac atcctagaat atattcatat atatttttgg actattattt    161100
     ctcccaagct gcaatctgag tgttaaccat atcacggtat ttttcctggc agctgactgt    161160
     gattccccac tggcctctgc cttgcctagg tcatccttca gcagctcctc agagctgtcc    161220
     agcagccacg gcccggggtt ttcaaggctt aatcgaagag atggtgagtc tgcctttttc    161280
     cttgtattgc tccttggtga ctctcattgg attttctttt aacaaaataa ttataattga    161340
     ttaatacttt gcagaaggaa gtaaaattca gaataagcat atttgttcac atttgaaact    161400
     ccaagaatgt atttgacagg aataagttga tcacttcggc tttcttgtcc tgctgggttt    161460
     cccttggtat gatctttgtg tgccttgaac aagtcacacc tgactttgac agtgtttgaa    161520
     ctctttgtat accccttgca atatctgagt attatttatc aaagacctta gattctgcca    161580
     tgtccttttt ttttttacct tggattcttt tgttctgcca cagtatacat tttgttgtcc    161640
     cagattattt aattatccct atttggatga gaaaattggc aaagtaaaga aacgtttaag    161700
     aagattttta ttatgtttta actacaactc ttagtttatt tcttattatg gtggacttga    161760
     ttctctcttt agcatccact gtagagaaat aaccatgtaa tggtttattc atgctccact    161820
     gtgactattc catttatatt tgtaaacata tctcatgagg agtgtgtttc ttttacatat    161880
     gcttaagcag aagtgtagaa aattgaatgt tgtcttgctg tgtaaattag agggaacttt    161940
     aaacaccaaa tacattgtga caaggaatca tcctggcatt ttctgagcac aaactcagat    162000
     agaacttctt tgaataaatt ctcagaggaa attaaattta cactattaat aaaatgtatt    162060
     tgtaggcata tattaaaaag attcaaaagt gtctactgta ttttatataa ttgtgctttc    162120
     ctattttctt attgcccttg ttcttttttt tttttttgag acggagtctc gctctgtcac    162180
     ccaggctgga gtgcggtggt gcaatctcag ctcactgcaa gctctgcctc ctgggttcac    162240
     acaattctcc tgcctcagcc tcccaagtgg ctaggactac aggcacccgc caccaggcct    162300
     gactaatttt ttgtattttt tttttttttt ttagcaggga cggggtttca ccatgttagc    162360
     caaggtggtc tggatctcct cacctcctga tccacccacc tcagcctcct gaagtgatag    162420
     gattataggc gtgagcctgt aaccgcgccc agcctttttt tttttttttt tttaactccc    162480
     tgttgcattt cttggtgttt tctgtatttg agcacattta atgcattgca cattggacca    162540
     aataaatatg ttctggcatt tgttataggc agtatggcta tgaaacatga acaatttaac    162600
     ttttcatttt tctgtttatt tttcttaagt ctgtgatttc atttgttgca gagatatggg    162660
     ctctgtttcg ttactttaga ttctattgct gcagagcctc agtggatggt cattatcact    162720
     gaaacagtga ctaagcctgg gcacaggggg taaaggaaaa caagagcaat ctcaagccat    162780
     agctcttctt gatgtcaaat catattttgt actaaagtac atgattatga ggattcttta    162840
     tcttagggat catttttatt cttagttcat gttcctgtaa ctcatcgtgc aaaaaagcat    162900
     gatatcaatc ttaataaaat ttattttcat gttaatgaag ttagaaaaac aggcttactt    162960
     tagttagcta tcaactaagt ttattacaaa ttcattgttg ttgctttttt aaattggttt    163020
     tgactttttt cttctccctc gtggtagcct ggagtattca tcaaaggagt tccaaattgg    163080
     gagtgattta ttgagggcta tagattatct ctagtgtttt catatccttt attagattca    163140
     gaatggtcta tggaagagtg actgaacaaa tgttctgatc ataaataatt aaactaacaa    163200
     ataatgaccc cctgtctcag acattaaagc ctttctccag tggagtgtaa agatctcaga    163260
     gctaaaaatt aacaggcaga aaacaagtag tttccctgtt gtgcagccca gtgccttctt    163320
     cccatgtgat gggaagacgc catggaaaca gctgcaatag ttactcaagc cttagcctga    163380
     ggggtgagag gggaacaagg tagctatgca tcccgtctgt cccagtgtaa agagtcaaaa    163440
     tggacttttt ggaggtgtct ttcttcatgc ctcttggata ccacaagtaa actagttctt    163500
     ccatgccact aaatgatgaa cccatgggcc aaacaagtta atgcactttt ataagcaact    163560
     tatttaattc cctttaatgg ggaagactca atttttccac caaaggtttc ataagttatg    163620
     aagcataatc cagaattact ttcaacttgt aaaaatgtat tatcatgaat attgcacaga    163680
     ttggattata actaattaaa tatgtttttg ctttctacat cttcatagtt agaatttcag    163740
     tataacctct aacatggtat tggctaattt gaggataaag tgacttgttg taaatttatt    163800
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatcgaga tggagtcttg ctgtgttgcc    163860
     aggctggagt gcagtggtgc aatctcggct cactgcaagc tccgcctcct gagctcaagt    163920
     gattcacctt cctcagcctc ccgagtagct ggaactgcag gtgcccgcca ccacaccagg    163980
     ctaatttttg tatttttagt agagaagggg tttcaccatg ctggcccgga tggtctcaat    164040
     gtcctgacct cgtggtatgc ccacctcggc ctcccaaagg tgtgagccac cacacctggc    164100
     cgacctgttg taaatttaag aggctaaggg tcagtgtgca tttctacacc tttcacattg    164160
     catcacttga agctaagaag aactctgtgg tatattacat gtaaaaataa gactgaaata    164220
     agctgacaaa gacttagggc aaaaaaataa ggttttgagt agaattgaag aaaacatttt    164280
     gataataata tcaaagaaat tcagagatgc cattgaaacc atttaattat ttaaacatgt    164340
     ttgttattcc tttttctgta acttcttctg acactaattg aaaatttcag aaaattaacc    164400
     tatagtttaa aatgtttaaa atatgagaat tcaaatgata cactggcaca tagtaaattc    164460
     ttaacatttc aaaataaata atgaatgatc tatattagga aatgaaatct ttatatgata    164520
     cacacataca gttgtaaaac ttggttttct ccataatcaa taattggctt tcagaggcaa    164580
     tttaattatg caatggttgt ccttagtttt attatacttt ataataaatg gattgatgct    164640
     ttgtttagtt gacaaataca gacataggtg aattaatttt acctttttcc ttaggcctgt    164700
     cttctcatgt gcttatagct gtgtctgtgt cagatgaatt tgtgaaaata tattctcttg    164760
     ttttagacaa tttcaacaat taataaacac tgtgaagttg ttattccatg actgtttgag    164820
     atggaaaacc agccgttttg ggtatcattc acatactggc taaagacata catttatttg    164880
     tgcatttgct gccctgtgtc tcctctgcat ttattatatt agcagtttca gtttaaagtt    164940
     tatttttctg taattcagat tccttgcttc ttatgctggt tgtcatatga atatgccttt    165000
     ctaagattag gataaaacac tcttcttggt gttttctttc agtcctgtct tgagttattt    165060
     ttaatcaaaa tgctaggctg aggtcaactg attgtaattt gtttataagg aaaaaatgga    165120
     aggtgacctg aagaattttc tctcctccct ttacccaaaa gtatttattc ttattttgaa    165180
     atgagaaatt ccttcagaat tccccaagat caaagagggc tatctcactg acagctaaga    165240
     cactgttgtc ttcatctgta acttgactag tcttgtccaa aagaggcctc ttctgggttg    165300
     gaattgcatt tagttttaaa taaacaatta tgcagaaagt gcttcttcca tcttattaaa    165360
     atttcagagt tagaagaaaa ggcatctgaa gtttccaagt agaactataa cagacctagt    165420
     gtttttagta tccccataag taagcattct agcataaggg agggtttgct ggttgctcat    165480
     tgaatgttgt cttggccact cacagaccaa cacatgatga gtgtaagata aactctttgg    165540
     tctaaagaga gaaaacataa gagtctgtag ctgtaacatg tctgctgacc caagctggaa    165600
     tgttttagtg tattgtgtca cctagtgagt tttaggattt ccctccccac ttgagttttc    165660
     cacctcaggt taaaggaatg tgggatatta aggagaatta ttaagagaga aagggcaagt    165720
     atttggaaat gcaaaaccta gacaaggtgg agatgatgta ctggagtcag agaggaatta    165780
     atagcatatt aatatcaaca tcattatggc ccacacacat ctatcatgct ctctagtatt    165840
     gtgtccaagg tccatagatg gtcactgtct tattatatcc ctgatcatac tagcttcacc    165900
     agactttcag gtcacccagg ggctacatct cttagacagc agaatattaa gataatggaa    165960
     aacaataata agttatgaca gtgtgtgaaa aacatgaaaa agattttata ttctctcatg    166020
     atagatgtga ttcaagatgc tactgcaata aattaaaaaa tatatatgct tttttgcaag    166080
     gataacccgt gtgttttcat ggtctaacga agttagacag cattgttatt tgtggcttga    166140
     cacctctgca attgctcctt tttaaagttg caaaatgaat gtacaataac taaccatgca    166200
     ttagaccgaa ggagagtttg agaatttttt caaggggcct tcactaatga agcaagctgt    166260
     cttatttggg gatctgtaag cagcaaagat aaacattgcc taagacattt ctgttgaaat    166320
     ggcgtaaaac acatggatta cttacttctt cagggatttt aaatacttgg aaacaatgca    166380
     gtgaacacag atattactgt gaagaacatt tcagcaaatg agtttacaaa atggatgaaa    166440
     ccgaagaagt gtcttatgtt tatagcttct cacctgaaga gattaactat atgggtggac    166500
     ctcatcaaca ttcgaaactt tctttccaag aggtttttcc tgtagaattt taggactttc    166560
     tgggaagatg catgacagat gcatgccatt gttgatgatg tgggtcactg tggaaactgc    166620
     cctaatgagg ccattatgct gcctatttgt gatatttggt tatgagttga tgacaatatt    166680
     gtaaagaaaa taaacactca agctgttgaa aaattttaca ggttgacatc aattatcact    166740
     tagaactttt ttctcaattt tctgagtgaa tgagcattgt gtttaaaaag atactttctg    166800
     cctcatttct tctccagtta ttttgaaaaa gctcaggtac tgatttctta ggaaaagagt    166860
     aaagcaggga aactagaggt gggaatttgt gctgcacaca acctagccac gactctgggt    166920
     gcaccagccc ttcggatgtg ggcaggtaag catttgccca ggtatcaggc tgcctgtgtg    166980
     gctccacaga acaaagatgg ggaagcagag gcatcagctt ctcttatagc acagcacaca    167040
     gccttccagg agtggataca cactttcttt ctattattag cacaaataat tatctcaact    167100
     caatagaaaa aatagccatc tgtgcctgat tgtcctgaaa atgtttcatt aatttacttg    167160
     tattcagtga atatgaaacc atagttggtg gtttttcagt aagtacagaa aacatatttg    167220
     gtgggttgtt ttccatgcag agttaaatat tgtagggcca aagtcttagt tatctgtttt    167280
     tttttgctgt tggttttttt tttttttttg agacagagtc tcgctctgtc acccaggctg    167340
     gagtgcagtg gcatgatctc tgctcactgc aagctccacc tcccaggttc atgccattct    167400
     cctgcctcag cctcccaagt agctgggact acaggcaccc accaccatgc ccggctaatt    167460
     tttttttttt ttttgtattt ttagtagaga aggggtttca ccatgttagc caggatggtc    167520
     tcaatctcct gacctagtga tccacctttc tcggcctccc agagtgctgg gattacaggc    167580
     gtgagccacc acgcccagcc tagttatctt tttcatggaa taaaactaca gaggatacat    167640
     tccagtgtca gtaagacaaa gagtttctgc ttctctgagg aagtaagttt gctatgtaga    167700
     cacacacaca gagaaaatgg tcaaaagttg cttttataaa ctccaataat caactttttt    167760
     acattagcac cttactccat gaagatcaca gtatatgaat acaaaataat atgtatgaat    167820
     gtttatttgt ggaaaaaaat cttagagata tcactccctc gtttttccaa attctgtgta    167880
     ttgtctgttg aaacagttca tgcttatgat tctaatacat catttccatg gatctccccc    167940
     tcagcttagt ctcttcatgt ctcacttgga ttattttgaa agtcccatga ttggacttca    168000
     acttttgaag ctttccctaa ttaaataaat gcttagcaaa gtcctcagtt aatgttcttt    168060
     aaagtgctat tctcttctta ttccatgctc agttgatgaa tctcagacac taaccccata    168120
     gagcagttct caaattcaca agccacctaa tgcccactgc catacgtaag aaggtggtct    168180
     agtaaatttt ggagtaaagg caatatatat ttcacaaaat caaaatgtaa gatcaattac    168240
     aattcagcta atatttaatt aggatataag gcatctcagt gaatgcattt ttagtttttg    168300
     aagtacgtaa ttattttttt agatttgtac ttagctattc ttactaaatt ttggaaagtt    168360
     cctgctttat ggaaatgaat cagtgactct aaatggttct ttgaggtata aaaacaaaga    168420
     tagtaacaaa tacaaatttc acaatctgga ctagaaaaca ttactagtga ccacaactca    168480
     aatacaaata taaaaagcat ctttattaac ctggggtaaa agcttctctg cgtggggcag    168540
     ttttacccag gcaactgaac aggcggtgcg ggaggaatgt ttgaaaattg gaactaactt    168600
     ggacgcactc atccccattt tccatgcctg ctgtgcactc ctgccagatg ggaacatgat    168660
     gtcatatttt ccgtcagttt tcaaacaaaa cggggataat ctaatatttt ctggaataac    168720
     catagaataa tgttttccaa tgtgaacttg gtgaatttta tgagtgaaag agaagcagat    168780
     attggatcca cacagccatc attgaaggtg gcacacctaa catcaaaaac ttctgtgcgg    168840
     gaccgggcac agtggttcac gcctgtaatc ccagcacttt gggaggctga ggcggttgga    168900
     tcaccttgag cccaggagtt ggagaccagc ctgggcaaca tcaaaaccct gtctctatta    168960
     aaaaaaaaaa aagtttcatg ccactgttac ggactaggaa tgtctaaaat ccatcacaaa    169020
     gttagtattt tgcttggagg ggcaagtaga atgagctttt ggaaagtttc tttaacaatt    169080
     ctttgatcta gtaattcctg aaaacctttg aggctggtga aaatactttt tcatgtaggg    169140
     atgaatcatt ctgtgagtcc tggcgtaagt cagccagaaa ctcataatgg gagcttttga    169200
     tggggggata tgaggtttaa aaatggaaat aaaaactttc ttcacgacac tgataattcc    169260
     tataaaggcc atttctgtgt gggatgacat gtacaattaa cataaatgac cctgcttcca    169320
     agctcactga aatttttcgc cagtgccctc agacctccgt ctttgctcct aactcagatt    169380
     gtcttgagtc ctctgtgtag agaaaagggg atcattgcag agactgtgaa ccaagacatt    169440
     aatcttcact tctgaagtcc aaaagcatct tttggtctga ggtagaaaaa gtttgaaagg    169500
     gaattgagca ggctaaaggt gttttaattt ttctgctatc tcgcagacta ggaaccctca    169560
     gcaggactgc acgatagtat gcatagagag gtggggactg ccctgaagct ctgctctcaa    169620
     gcagagcctt gccggtggtg gcttaatgga agtcttcact gaagctcagg gatctgagtg    169680
     ggcactctca agtgtgtagt ggaaaggaga acgccagtct ccaagagcag cctgcacagc    169740
     atcctcattg tgctgcggca cattcagtga caggactgga cgccctgcgg cagctctggt    169800
     ggccggtgag gacagcccca gttatccaag gacaccctga ggtaccaaag gcaggtgagc    169860
     aagaccatgt tcctgcctga ggtctggcag agggaggaga aagggtcacc aaaacgttgt    169920
     ggagagcact gtcccagcct gggatgggag gacttggctc cgtcggcagc aggtcgccat    169980
     ccctgaggac agtgcagtgc tgacctctac ttggggcttg aacacactcc cctccccgct    170040
     ttaccaaggc aattagcaaa gccagaagag accagagtta actctgggga tgaaggggaa    170100
     gtaaaagaac ccctgaagga attttcaagg gtctgcgacc aatacagaca cgaactgaca    170160
     ggcttatccc ttaactggac ggagacacct gttgtgacta cttccagtct ctgtatcagc    170220
     cagaattcca gctcctacta gaaagctttc tgggttatgg agaaatgaag ttacattttc    170280
     cctcatgagt ttgtgattta aaaatttata cctgcagaat gattctgacg gatttgctca    170340
     agtggctttt gtcagggtta tagtcagtat cttctctagc ctcaaattaa tgtgatgttg    170400
     ttgaggatga cttaaaattt tctttgaaag tctgaaacat gatgcagaat gcttgcacca    170460
     aaagagtttt acattttccc cacgcttgta cttactagag ccaagtacat caaaggtgtg    170520
     ggttaaaacc cgtgatgcag ggaactctga cacttgtgat aacatggatg aacctggagg    170580
     acattatgtt aagtgaaata aaccaggcac agagagacaa ataccatata gtctcactta    170640
     catgtggaat ttaaagacag tgctcacaga agtagagagt agaatggtgg ttaccagacg    170700
     ctagaggaga aggtggatag ggaaggggga gatgttggtc agtaggtaca tagttttggg    170760
     tagataggaa taataatttc tgttgttctt ttgcacagca tagtgaatag agttaataag    170820
     tgttgtctgt tttgaaatat atgagagaat tttaactatt ctcaccgcta aaagaatgat    170880
     acatatttga ggtgactgat atgctgatta gcctgattcg atcattttac agtgtatgca    170940
     tgtatccaaa catcacattg cacctcataa aaatgtacaa ttattattca tcaattaaaa    171000
     ataaaagtta aacatgggag ttagcaaact tctgctgtaa agagacagat ggaaaatgat    171060
     tttggtattg tggaccatgt aaggtctctg ttacatttct tttttttctt ttttctttct    171120
     ctgtcttccc tccctccctc cctcccttcc tcctccttct ccttccttcc ttccttgctt    171180
     ttttccttcc ctcttttttt cttttcccct cttctctctt tctctttctt tttctgaaac    171240
     acagtcttgc tctgttgccc aggtttggag tacagtggca agatcacagc ttagtgtagc    171300
     ctcaacctcc gtgggctcag gtgatcctcc cacctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggaccac    171360
     agtcacatgt cataacaccc agcgaacatt tatatttttt gtaaagatgg gatctcatta    171420
     tgttgctcag gctggtcttg aattcctggg ctcaagcagt ccagccacct cagcttccca    171480
     aaatgttggg attacaggcc tgagccacca tacccagccc ccgccctctt tgtttttttt    171540
     ttttaaatgc aacgctttac aaatgtaaaa ccattcttag ttctctggct atataaacag    171600
     gtcataacct agattttggc tgccagacct aatctagatt tttactaagc ctgcatgcta    171660
     aatatgtctg gcactttccc ttaaaaagct ctcagcattt atcatatgcc agtgtgctta    171720
     ctaggtgttt gtatgctttt cttacgcttt gtgcaattct aacttccttg aaggaagggt    171780
     gctatcttat ccttagtgat tagggataag cttggaatca tccaggctct accccttact    171840
     agctgtgtga ctttggacaa attcctttat ctccctgagt ttttgtttcc tcagttataa    171900
     aatgggatta gtaaagtacc tatcatgaaa cagttaactt gagtaaaata ggttgtgaag    171960
     attaaatgaa ttaatacaca taaaataatt aggttatgtt acatcaatgt tcagagcagg    172020
     tgtatccaca agagccaaaa gagaaacaac ccaaatttcc attgatggac aaacggagaa    172080
     gcctagtgca gtgtaggaag aaaattctgg cccgtactgt aacacagttg aactttcaag    172140
     acattatgct aaggaaaata agctagacac aaaaggacaa ctactacgtt attcatttat    172200
     atgaggtacc tagagtagtg aaattcatag agacaagaaa tagaatagtg gttgccaggg    172260
     gctggtaatg gaggttattg ttagtgggtt cagagttttc atttgggaag gtgaaacagc    172320
     tctagagatg gatggtagtg atggttgcac aatgtgaatg tacttaatgc tactgaactt    172380
     tacatataaa acagttcaaa tggtaaattt cctgtgatgt gtattaccat aattaaaaaa    172440
     ttagtatatg atctgatcca aagtagctaa aatctactga gtgctgctga agcaaaaatt    172500
     ataattagta gttttttttt aatttgtttt gttttggttt ggtttttgag atggagcctc    172560
     accctgtcac ccaggctgga gtgcagtgac gtgatctcgg ctgactgcaa cctccgcttc    172620
     ctgggttcaa gctattctcc tgcctcagcc ttctgagtaa ctgggattac agggtcgcgc    172680
     caccacgcct ggctaatttt ttgtattttt agtagagacg gggtttcacc atgttggcca    172740
     ggctcaactc ctgacctcgt gatccgcctc ggccaccttg gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat    172800
     tacaggtgtg agccaccgcg cccggcaatt agtagtatca acagtgggag taaaagtggc    172860
     agttaagcac attgtttcac aacatctagc tcagagccat gacaaagcaa acattaaata    172920
     atatgtatag atggaattaa acttaagctt ctgtagtaga ataattcaga ataaaacatg    172980
     aaataatgcc aggtaatgtc agttgttacc aaagaaatgt ccaaactctg aaagagcttg    173040
     ttaaattagg ttatggcagc ccacggtgca ggggagggga ccgtcaggtg atgtttaagt    173100
     agtttacatg gactgaatga atcccctatg gttccattta aattggccac cacactgcca    173160
     ggcatatgac attggcaact taaactcgac agagaaacct ctaagaataa gattaatgca    173220
     tttctcattc tctgtgtcac aattattcaa tttaaaaaaa caggaaaata tcaaaaatct    173280
     ttttatgaaa tggctgtacc agttttacct tctatagtat aaatgcaata tggcttttgg    173340
     tgcatttaaa ttaattttat aaggagtccc aatcagctga tgagtagttt tagaattgtt    173400
     cctataattg tcaacctgga gagctcttca ctattttatt catacttcac tgaaaattaa    173460
     agttcagttt tatgcctaat tttatacata acgtgttgta aaacatcacc atttgggtga    173520
     tgtgtgtata tgtgtatttt ccttccaata ggatatatat gtgtattttc tatttataac    173580
     tagctgacac aggaccattc tcataatccc atttgatttt tgtatttgtc agtagatata    173640
     acaatctccc tttggttcag attgaaaaaa cggaaaatga tgatgatgat gatgatgatt    173700
     gttgactgtg ctgataattc tttgtatacc attattttag ctttaaacta ttttaagtgt    173760
     ggtccagtac aaaagctgct taagtcagat accccagtct ctatgatgtg attattatgt    173820
     attacatgcc tgtatcaaaa tatctcatgt accctataaa tacatacaac tactacatac    173880
     ccacaaaaat taaaaattaa aaaggaaaat aaaccagaaa aaagtcagat tttttaaaaa    173940
     ttttacattt cattatattt agaaaactta gctttatggg gttttagaga acatggtttt    174000
     tcttccatgt atcttcctat ttatttttta tgatgctcaa agttgctaag tttccacata    174060
     ttttagtaag aattagcaat gccctgaatt ccatagcttt cataaaggat tacctgtgta    174120
     ccatctcatc gccacctctt tcctattaca ggaaagcaat aagaagatat tctgtagtta    174180
     atttagattg cttgccaaaa tagttttaaa ctgatttgta atttttccta aaccagaatg    174240
     aggaattgta tagtttaaag tattaatata tatgaaattg tcacactacg tttcagatgc    174300
     ttaggaaatg tagagaaatt attgtaaaat acattttaga aaagatgttg caacaagacg    174360
     aggacagaag tctgtgaagt gttgtgagga gggcccaggg aagcaggagg aaggtgggga    174420
     gaccacagga tgacctggag ccaaagaaga agggcccagg tcccagggtc tctacagcac    174480
     tgccggcctt ccagccacag tttttctcaa tcttcctgtc atatccctca aggaagtaag    174540
     tggacattgt aaagagcgag taattatagc acaacaaaaa tcaaaagtca tgattctgga    174600
     aagcattatc aataaaaaat ggagaaatag ttgacatctc ttcatgtttc ctctggaaat    174660
     ttctgattat gtatgtatac tcttccactc taatatccaa acaactctct tacttcttca    174720
     tgcaaagaaa catgaaagaa tgaaaaggtt catcacaagt gtatgattaa ttttgtatat    174780
     ataattttgc aaattaatag attttaatgt gttcaataaa tgtacataaa tacacatgta    174840
     tgtatatatc tgtgtgtgtg tatgtactat gtactaaata tatactatat gtgtgtgtgt    174900
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat ttagagagag tcagtgtgta cttaatagtc    174960
     aaatccaaat ttcaagaact ttatatttta tgtaatggca ccagttttcc tgaagctgaa    175020
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tattcagttg caggaatata tacatatata    175080
     cggtcagtgt gagtgtgtgt atatatatgt cagtacatac atggtcagtg tgtgtgcata    175140
     taaacacaca tatgtcagta catatacaca tatacatata tgttagtgta tactaactgt    175200
     atactgacta tatatagtca tagtcatata tactgactat agtcatagtc atatactgac    175260
     tatatatgtc agtatataca tacatatata tttcagtata tatatgtatg tatactgaca    175320
     tataggtata gtcagattgt gtatattcag ctgcaggaaa attggtgcca ttatataaaa    175380
     tatgaaattc ttgaaatttg gatttgacta ttaaacctga ctttgttgtc attaagttta    175440
     cattgatatt tcctggaatt gcacattgct aaatttttct gcaaaaccaa gatttctaaa    175500
     atatgatggg gcatttgata caagaaaagg caaataaaga aaaagtagag ctccatttgt    175560
     cattcttctt aagtgtctcc ttaagaaaac tatgtgatcc aaagttattt agacaaaagc    175620
     ttaagaaata aaacacttag taactcatgc tagtacttga ttattctttt gcttatcaag    175680
     ttttcttctt tttatgatta ttataccttt aattgcgaac attcattgga ttggctcagt    175740
     agcattttat gtgagacaac tttccatttt aataagtaca tattctcctt cgttaatatg    175800
     aaatagaagt gcaggagtag ggatgaaatg gataattttg ctagaagcaa attgaaactg    175860
     gctaggcaaa agcgtatatg tattttgccc tctttttctg tttttagaaa gtgcttgcgt    175920
     taactctcat tctcagccag aagcgttaat gattcaaacg ggctttatat attgaaaacc    175980
     atgaactctc acgtgcagag tacaatcagg gagcaagccc gtgggtttga atggaaatta    176040
     acgttggtgt atgggaatga atttcataga caaggataat ttagaaacct gtgtgataaa    176100
     ctgcaaacac agagcaaatg gaaacatatt ggatcttttc cctccactcc tcatatttct    176160
     ccactattca gatgtccttc catgtgatca tgctttcttg gcacactgac taggttcagt    176220
     gattaagagg cagagaaaat aattactgaa tatttttaat acaaaatgaa tagctcagga    176280
     tatttgtaag ggcttttcaa tatcaagata tttatttccc acattagaaa gtataactcc    176340
     taatgaaaac ttggcaccat agtttaaaat catattaata aataaaagca aaattcttac    176400
     attggggaaa tgacccacaa atggtttgtt atagtatgcg atctttaact acttagaatt    176460
     tccactattc tgcacagtgc aatatcccaa aacagaatag gatgtgagat ttcattgttt    176520
     tgtatgagga atctagagga tagaaattga taaaaatgta tgcaataatt taaaaatata    176580
     aagagtatca atctctgata gaataatgta aatgtagcaa atatttaaga taactaatct    176640
     aataagaatt aaattcccct acatttttct tctcccctcc cctcccctcc cttttcccct    176700
     tctttcccct tctttctcct ttcccccttt cacccttttt ccctttccct ttccctgaac    176760
     agctgggatt acccttgtcc caagtaactg agattacaag cacccaccac caggcccggc    176820
     tgatttttat atcttctggt acaaatgggg tttcaccatg tttaccaggc tggtctccaa    176880
     ctcctggcct caggggattc gcccaccttg gccttccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg    176940
     agccaccacg cctggtcctc atttttcata aaatcaaaat tcttgcatat tcccctcctt    177000
     agtttatagg tcagaagcta cactaagctt cccaatgtgc ctaggtgtta gatgtgccaa    177060
     tttacatatg caacaaagga cctgaaaagt agaacattaa tacaacagaa aatattttgc    177120
     ctgaggatat tgtttactaa attttttatc tgtgcctttt aatagttctt agaattagta    177180
     agtccaatgg cattctattt ttatgctttt ttttcctcag atttgtagca tatgacaatg    177240
     tgaatatgtt acaaatgttg aatgattcag ctgactacag gccaaacaaa atagcatcaa    177300
     gttatctata gcaaaatgtg tttcgattga agaaatatgt agattttaaa gaaattaatc    177360
     ttacttactt acgcaaagag tatgcttcag cagcatatgt aactttaaaa ttcatctaaa    177420
     ataggttgtt agtactatga caggaagtgg cattcaaaca aacaaaatat tcataaggat    177480
     gttaatatag attagacatg agaacaagaa atatttggct ggtctgattc tcttgggtca    177540
     ctttaaaaat tatttttaaa atttttgaaa ttgaggcata acttaaaata caattaaatg    177600
     cataaagtgt gccatttggt taatatttac agatgtatac gcctgtatta ccagagccca    177660
     gatcaagtta cagatcagtt catcaccccc ttaccatttg ttaatacttt ttattgatta    177720
     tctaggcacc tcccacctat cactgttcta ctttctgtca tattatttag gttggcttgt    177780
     gcttttgaac ttacaaaaag tcatacagta ccagaatcat acagaagctt ttgtatccag    177840
     ctccctttag ggagcataag gtttctgaga tccatccatg ttgttgcgtg gatttgtggc    177900
     acatttcctt ctattgctga gtagatttca attgtgctgt ttgtttatcc attcttttta    177960
     aaatggacac ttgtggcttg tttccagtat ggatctatta tgaataaatt tctacaaaca    178020
     ttattttaca tcgcttttgg gagtggaatt tcagtatgtg aaactctaaa gaaactgtca    178080
     aactattttc aaaagccctt gaacatgtta tactcccatt gccaatgtgt gtcaattcta    178140
     gttgcttctt atcctggtca acatttggta ttaaaatcat taaccattag agaaatataa    178200
     gttaatatca tagagagata atatgttctc taggatggct aaaattaaag aatggcaaca    178260
     cctgtgaact atattactca tggcaccaca aacaacaaca tgagtttcag catatttgta    178320
     tctgtctcct ttgcccctga ggcccacagg ggcaatgcaa tagggcacgt atgaatatta    178380
     cactcatagc agacttgtat tgcagctgag aaataatgag cttggggaac ctactgcagt    178440
     tatagcaagt agtaagtgag aaggctcttt gtgtggaaga aaatgtaacc tcacctctca    178500
     aggttaccag ctgcataaac aaccatgaaa aaagggtcca taaaagagct tttaggcctt    178560
     tgtagtctta gcagacccaa caaaacatgt aggagtgcaa gctgcttaaa gtggactgtc    178620
     tctccataca ttattgtgta tggataacat gttcctatat ggagatcttc taagaaatct    178680
     agaaatctaa aagacaccaa ctaataagtg aattttaaca agttaacagg atacaaggtt    178740
     aatatacaaa aatcaattct tttttatgta gtagtaacaa tctgattatc aaattaagaa    178800
     aagaatttca ttcacaatag cattaaaaaa taaaatactt aaatgtagat cttacgaaag    178860
     gtgtgcagga cctgttcatg gaacactata aaacatagct attagaaaat aaagaagact    178920
     caaataaatt gagagacaca ctatgtttat agattggaag aaactggaat tgtcctaatt    178980
     gtaataatcc taattgtcat actttgttgg tgggaatgta aatagtgcca ccaccttgga    179040
     gaatagtttg gcagtttctt aaaaagtaaa agcatgtact taccatataa cctagcaatt    179100
     ccactccaaa aaatgtatgt ccactctaag acttaaatgt tcatagaggc tgggcacagt    179160
     ggctcacacc tgtaatgccg ccagtttgag agggcgaggt gggtggatta cttgaggtca    179220
     ggagtttgag accagcctgg ccaacatggc gaaacccagt gtccactaaa aatacaaaaa    179280
     ttagctggac gtggtggtgc acaccaggaa tcctagctac tcgggtagct gaggcaggag    179340
     aatcgcttga acctgggagg tggaggttgc agtgagctga gattgcattg aatcttggcc    179400
     tgggcaacag agcgagactc cgcctgttgt aaaatgtaaa aaaaaatgta aaaaaaaaaa    179460
     gtaaatgcaa aaatgtaaaa aatgtaaaaa aaatttatat atatatatat attcatagca    179520
     acattattca tagtagatga tatggtttgg ctgtgtcccc actcagatct catcttgaat    179580
     tgtagctctc ataattccta ggtgttgtgg gagggaccca gtgggagata actgaatcat    179640
     gggggcggtt tcccccatac tgttctcgta gttgagaatc aatctcacaa ggtctgatgg    179700
     ttttataagg gggaccccct tttgcttgat aatcattctc tcttgtttgc tgccacgtaa    179760
     aatatgcttt tcgccttctg ccatgattgt gaggcctcct cagccacatg gaaatgtgaa    179820
     tccattaaac cttttttctt tatgaattac ccagtctcag atatgtcttc atcagcagtg    179880
     tgaagatgga ctaatacagt agacaaaaac tggaaacaac tcaaatgtcc atcagccact    179940
     gaatggataa ccacaatgtg gcatattcat tgaactggtt gctatttagt aataaaatta    180000
     aagctactga taggccatga tttctttatg tacttaattg ttgcttaatg ttaccaatta    180060
     ctcttaatga agaatgccgt cccactcctc tctaggattt tcgcatcact ctcttacagt    180120
     ttgcgttctt ccttctaaaa atgttgtcct ttcacttttt tcctgttcaa aaaaatccag    180180
     tgatacatgt gacagctcaa ctgtcatgca gttcttggca agaaaggtga ggttgaatag    180240
     gaaacttcct gtttaccaga ggcaactgga atcactcaag aataaaggga cactgtattc    180300
     accatcatat tgccagcttc tgctccggag agatgaagta catgtcttta atatattctt    180360
     cctgataagt acattttaaa aggaacttta tatataaaat aaacataaga atgaaaaaat    180420
     gtagggaaga cagaccatct aggaacctga ggaattgagg aaattataga gatagaaaac    180480
     aaattagtgg ttgctatgta taactgtaaa gggtaccaat gaggaggatt gtcgtggtag    180540
     tgaagtcatt ctctttcttg attgtggtgg gggttacgga ccctaaacgt gtcatacaac    180600
     tggatagata catcgtttcc tggttttgat attgtactgt aattttataa gatgtaacca    180660
     ttggtagaaa ctaggtgaag agtacacatc acttctctgt actgtctttg ccaattcatg    180720
     tgaagctgta tttcaaaata atttttttct taaataacat ttaaattctg actggcagtt    180780
     taatttgtgc ttcaaaactg attcaaaagg actatgacca atgatgaaaa tggtaaatta    180840
     caacaattgg tcctataacc aactctccta cattagttat taaagtcagt gttaagggag    180900
     gcattccaga acttctatag gacatggtgc agattcacct attttctttc acattaattt    180960
     ttgccaactg gattttttta ggttgtcata ttttttccaa agaattcagt gggacaaacg    181020
     ttagcagaat tctgatgccc cacattgtcc ctgttgtgtg cttgcctcta aaaaaattcc    181080
     tctgttaata gcaacttaaa ataaacatta ttgtaatgtt tagaggacat tccttttgca    181140
     tcatattttg atagtgtcct gttacatgca ataataaatg catgtctctc ttcatatgag    181200
     gctttaacag caatttcata aactataatt agtttaacta cataatatcc ttaggaaaaa    181260
     tgtaaatatt accatctctt tttttttagg gggtggacta ggggattttg gttgactgag    181320
     caatcaatca catacagatg gataatttga tattcactaa aatattcact tctcagcatt    181380
     tcactctcgt gtttccttgc atgacatcaa ttgtcattta ataagaaaga caaatacacg    181440
     tgtttaatca ctccctgaag aaagtaaaca cactatctgt gggaaatgga acacaatgag    181500
     aggcgtgcca tcagcctcag ggtgccctga ctccattcca gccctctccg catatgcccc    181560
     atttgcacat cacccatcac ttttgcctaa ttgtttctac tcaccaagtg aagataatgg    181620
     cttctttgcc tgctcaagtg ataatttgag attatatgtc tcatcagata ctttattgga    181680
     tgaatgaaaa aatgcacaat gatggtttta ttaaattatg cagttagtta ccaagatgaa    181740
     tggaactaca cctatgcaaa aatcaagatg tggagataag ggaggttata ggctgagtca    181800
     tttaaccttt agggctcttt ctgatatttt ctgtgagggc caaatagagt tctcagtgga    181860
     ctgcatgtga gtttctgcca atggcctgtg gagcaagtgc ctgcaagagg gaacactccc    181920
     ccaacttctg gggtgataaa ggatttctca ctgtcccacc agcctgcaca gtaggtttca    181980
     ccattttgtt aactattcca gctgaacttt tcttactgac ctctggtttc atctatctaa    182040
     ggtgagctcc tgctcacatc tctccctgcg aggttcatat ctctttagat tttaggccag    182100
     gtggtggttc tgcaagctca actctccaat gcatttgtaa aagatcatga acttgaagtt    182160
     tgttgtaagg gtggaaatga ggctccttat agctttctac ttcctggggc agaagccaga    182220
     agttccagcc catagatttt gataagttgt attttcattt tcattcagct tgaaatactt    182280
     gctaatttcc cttttagttt cttctttgat tcattgagta tgaagtatgt gttattagtt    182340
     tcctaatatt cctggatttt tcagagaagt tgctattgct gatttcttat tttaatctat    182400
     tgtatatcac aaagatatac tttacatgac ttaaatgatt ttaactttgt tgaaacttgt    182460
     ttaatgactc gtttaatggt ctattttggt aaaagttcca aatgaactcg aaaaagaata    182520
     catgttcttc tgttaggtga aacattccat aaatatcaat gaatcatata ggttgatagt    182580
     gataattaat acttctgaat ccctattttc tgtcttcttg tgcaatcagt tactgagacg    182640
     gggtgctaga atctcctact gtcattgtgg atttatctat ttcattcagt tttactagat    182700
     ttcatttcgt gtattttgaa gctctgttat taagtgtttg catgtttagg attatgttct    182760
     ctgatgaaag aacatcttaa tcattacaaa ataattttct ttacctttta taataatttt    182820
     tgcactgaaa tctactttgt ttaatatagc caatccagct tttttaaaaa ctattattag    182880
     cataatatat atttttccat gtgtttacac ttaggctatt tgagcctttt ttatttaaag    182940
     tgtgtttctt gtaggcaaca tatagttgga tcttgctttc tcatctaatc tgaccatcat    183000
     tgccatttaa taggagtgtt tgcactactt acctttaata tgattgttta tatgattaat    183060
     tttaagtcta acatctacta tttgtttttt gtttattctt tgtccatttt caaagctgct    183120
     agggagtgta gatgcatttt gtaagagaat acattttata aattgttata tacactctga    183180
     gattttaacc ataattgcag ttcttttttt atgaacacat ttttagtagg ctgaatattc    183240
     tttctgcttc aacctgctaa gattgaagga aatactgctg aaatagaaca tgtacacaaa    183300
     gacagattct gagggagggt ttctgtattt ttttacttta aagcagccta gttgaaaaag    183360
     actgtggtac ctgattctat atctgtgtag ttagcccttt tttttctaaa tgaaattaga    183420
     tctcaggtaa atgtttaaat tcccctcagc aaaaaggcag atctactgac aaaaagcatg    183480
     gctgtttaaa gcctataaat ctcagaagtg gaatgaggga gtttatttaa agccagcttc    183540
     actcctcttc cctataaatt acatataatc acactggagt gtaggagctg tgacagtccc    183600
     tacctcacgt ctcacttccc acctcctgct caccccaggt aatacctgaa atttttaatg    183660
     tgaattaaaa tgcaattaga tgaggaaaga aacaaacaaa tatatctgga taaaatcaca    183720
     tttgaaacaa tttgttatct tagtgggaag tgtctcatgg ggacaaggtt gacttaactg    183780
     tgtgtttgct tgatatatag aagcccctaa tagtggctgg ctttgaacat ttactttgtt    183840
     tacttatatt ttgtgccctc aatatcaaat ttagttaagg aaggtataag attatggtga    183900
     tatgatgata atcgtaatga tgatgatgat gatttacctg tgcattattt cccctgtaaa    183960
     caaagtcaat acatactctg taacagtgct gccacttaat gactagatgc tatagtcatg    184020
     ggaagtttta ttgttgttag tcagaaacaa ttcaggctcc agctgtaggg tttctacttt    184080
     tcttttgcag agccccctgc cccagatagt gaaatgtaac tttgacctga tgtaaatgca    184140
     gaattataac acagatataa ctgtacaaaa tagagacata atcctgccag attatttata    184200
     accaaaaagt actaagtgat tgacaaatca tgtgaatata ttcatggaca aggataaaaa    184260
     tgaaacatag ctgattttaa aaataatatc tttccatgtg ttttaattag tgattttatt    184320
     ttctcatctg taaggtagat acgataaaga caacccactg aatgctttta gaaataaaaa    184380
     atgataatat gcttgaaaat atctggtcga attctcagca tacaatatat gcttcacagt    184440
     ttctcacttc cctcttttcc cttgttttcc attacaaaat aagtggcaaa actttaataa    184500
     tttcctcaga acttgaaaac ttaaaagtgg ataaaacggt acataagata aatcctatgt    184560
     tgtgtgaaca tttagggaca aaacagcgca gctcagcatc ttcactgtgg taccaatatc    184620
     agcctttata aaaacgaatt accctttaaa aaataacatc tgctgttcct caagccatat    184680
     aaagtgtaag agaaagtttc agttgctcag catattttaa tctcattcca gtaatggaac    184740
     atgtgtgtca gaacatatat tatgaatgga ggggatgagt tttcgtgatt cataggatct    184800
     gtggggtaga attgtgacac tttatttaac tcaggtgcaa tgtcttgtca gaggcagggg    184860
     gaggagggtg aagtggagaa gaaacatttg ttatggggga gaggctgagc ttagaggacc    184920
     taactgcttc ccctgttttg tgtacaaagt tttgttgacc atagactaga agggactatg    184980
     aaaagacact tccaggttga aaattagtca gcacatgtat aatcttgact taacaaatag    185040
     aagactttca tttgttttaa tttaaagaca acaaaaattg agtataacat cacatttgaa    185100
     taataattta gttacaaagt gctgtagttt cagttatccc attgtcttcc ttacagtctt    185160
     gtgaggtgat ttatatgact gttaatcccc tcactcccaa ctttatgctt ttctttttta    185220
     aacaaagaca acatttttgt ctcagagagg ctgagtgact ggacaattac cacactctag    185280
     ttgggggtgg agtcagccaa tctcctttct ctttctgtta cccatagtgg ccttctatac    185340
     caaccatcaa agctgccttt aacaaaggca cacagattag tgctatccag cagtgcacag    185400
     gtcagtcacg ctgtgtttcc caccatttcc actcagcgtt taattaaatt gtgtgcacag    185460
     cagcttaccc ttaaaatgca tctgggattg cagattgtaa ccatgagtct acaacatcct    185520
     gatgaaattc tttggtaatg ccagaatttc attactttat cagtaatggc tgaaaatata    185580
     gcttatttgc atttaagtac tacttcatca aaggtaaaat gaagtcactg aaatgtgtca    185640
     tctgttagca ggagtgcaac catgaacacc aacaaactaa caaactgtga gggatgccga    185700
     gaagagggat ggctagtggc tccctcttca tctaatgaaa acacaccatc ccagggtagc    185760
     acaccagaac cgtgtcaact cattttcctc cttgtgcttc tccacatgtg ttctcatagt    185820
     aattactttt ctaaacctgg aatgagaggg agtgaaaaca ccaaagaaag gttatgaaat    185880
     acaagctgaa gaggatgccc ttcatgctga ctaaccaaga tgaggggaag aaccaaaaat    185940
     attgaatagt tcctcagaag tttcagctct gtgtataaaa ttcccaatgt acaacatcca    186000
     gcctaagatg atgggttggc tgttagcatc tccttcacct tctcccaact cttttaaaac    186060
     aaccataaaa taggctgggc ccagtgcctc atgcctgtaa tcccagcact ttgggaggct    186120
     gaggtgggca aatcactagg tcaggagacc aagaccatcc tggccaacgt ggtgaaaccc    186180
     cgtctctact aaaaatacaa aaattagctg ggcgtggtgg catgtacctg taatcccggc    186240
     tacttgggtg gctgaggcag gagaattgct tgaaccaggg agttggaggt tgcagtgagc    186300
     agagatctcg ccactgcact ccaggctggt gacagagtga gactccatct caaaacaaaa    186360
     acaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaaaaccc cttaaaatag taataagaaa aacagaaaag    186420
     gatacacagt ttcagtagtg ttgtacctag gaccattggt tgctagttag accaacccca    186480
     aaaggatctc ccaccaatta aagtttacat aggcttagga gagaagagta gatctggtgg    186540
     agtcaacagg aagggccagt agagaaaacc ccattggcac tgcaccctca gctttccgaa    186600
     acccagacct tgcctgacca ggagtaggag aggttgccct gctgcatggg ggctgctccc    186660
     ttaggtagcc agacctgctc actcccaaat gtctttacat ctttgttaca tttatttgag    186720
     aaacaccaca tcccatgatt atcatcaaaa taatataata aaaatattta attgcacagg    186780
     ttctggatcc aaagcttgtg ggccccttgc tagatgcgta aacataggtg agctgcccac    186840
     catccatatg gagggtagta atgaggcctt gtcttttaaa ggtatgttag gaattaaatg    186900
     caaaatttac ttaaagggaa ctctttgcct gacctagagt tctcaaatgc tcgataagtg    186960
     ttcattgtta aattgagtga ttatggaagt gggtacgtgg aattc                    187005