ID   BX649488; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 183230 BP.
AC   BX649488;
DT   24-SEP-2003 (Rel. 77, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-21O6 in linkage group 22 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate SUMO1/sentrin specific
DE   protease family, three novel genes and two CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-183230
RA   Woodmansey R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 7b81122ca067d29ba947e44634ac2eb4.
DR   ENA-CON; KZ115652.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-21O6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-21O6 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-213C4 is at 181231 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-21O6 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..183230
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="22"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-21O6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..183230
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-21O6"
FT   mobile_element  <232..1786
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.6-001"
FT   mRNA            join(11682..11905,12187..12628)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.5-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ419980.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(76785..77205,80517..80557,90507..>90600))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI845434.1 Em:CO931912.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(76832..77205,80517..80557,90507..>90600))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011835"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR036179"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KQG4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050208-374"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56612.1"
FT                   SPKLK"
FT   mobile_element  <81075..>82725
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.4-001"
FT   mRNA            join(93413..93587,95803..95922,97669..97769,98791..>98909)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN832340.1"
FT   mRNA            join(93413..93587,95818..95922,97669..97769,98791..98952,
FT                   99051..99142,102114..102241,105268..>105418)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD592032.1 Em:CN506236.1"
FT   CDS             join(93546..93587,95803..95922,97669..97769,98791..>98909)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011834"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KQG5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56613.1"
FT   CDS             join(93546..93587,95818..95922,97669..97769,98791..98952,
FT                   99051..99142,102114..102241,105268..>105418)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011833"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KQG6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56614.1"
FT   CDS             join(<113392..113508,116562..116595,134354..134563,
FT                   149527..149759,152764..152843,155895..156011,
FT                   158997..159116,159254..159346,162679..162815,
FT                   163919..163983,166057..166100,166192..166260,
FT                   168587..168737,174127..174264)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011836"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate SUMO1/sentrin
FT                   specific protease family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BQF6 Sw:Q9GZR1 Tr:Q6P7W0
FT                   Tr:Q6ZQ43 Tr:Q7Z3F4 Tr:Q80TA3 Tr:Q8BUH8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KQG7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003653"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KQG7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56615.1"
FT                   LRELVLLLYRRQTEPRAT"
FT   mRNA            join(<113392..113508,116562..116595,134354..134563,
FT                   149527..149759,152764..152843,155895..156011,
FT                   158997..159116,159254..159346,162679..162815,
FT                   163919..163983,166057..166100,166192..166260,
FT                   168587..168737,174127..174413)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-21O6.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate SUMO1/sentrin
FT                   specific protease family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI601519.1 Em:AI626738.1
FT                   Em:AL924130.1 Em:BI472973.1 Em:BI473241.1 Em:BI476292.1
FT                   Em:BI476534.1 Em:BI672247.1 Em:BI673256.1 Em:BI839987.1
FT                   Em:BI866345.1 Em:BI866465.1 Em:BM024169.1 Em:BM024410.1
FT                   Em:CF999834.1 Em:CK686413.1"
FT   misc_feature    117844
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    127303..127394
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    127303..127473
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   misc_feature    127457..127473
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    135117..135123
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    152990
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   regulatory      174388..174393
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      174413
FT   misc_feature    181231
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-213C4"
SQ   Sequence 183230 BP; 57092 A; 35241 C; 33870 G; 57027 T; 0 other;
     aagcttcagt atagggctgg aagccaaaac tgtgatgcag atggcctttc aagacgacca        60
     catggtgagc ttttagatga ccctgcatct cagaaagaga gagagagaat taaacagttt       120
     acccttcatc atttagatga atttggagtt gaagattctc gtatcctccc agaggccata       180
     aaagccatct gtgatcgaca tcagattgga cattcctcag ataaatgcaa attttccaac       240
     ccttctattg cccttgttga gtccttagcc ctgcatgcag atgtattacc aaatgagttt       300
     gaacaagaaa atgagcatgg tcttccagtc attccttacc tgtctaacga ggagttaaag       360
     agacagcaga gaatggatcc tgatctcaaa ttcattcttg attgtttaca gcgaaatgaa       420
     aaaccttcta gttcaaaaga ccagttgctt gctgttactc tgtggataag ggaatggagc       480
     agattagaat taaggaatgg attgctttat aggaagaagc aagatcagga aagcactcac       540
     tatcaattag ccttacctgt agctttacgt ggaacagtgt tgaagagtct ccataatgat       600
     atgggacaca tgggcatgga gaggacactt aacttgtcag gaccagattc ttttggccaa       660
     aaatgtcatc atctgtggaa gagaaaatta agacatgtga gagatgtgta catagaaaag       720
     tgtttcctga aaaagcagct gaaacgatga acatcaagac tagcagacca ttggagttgg       780
     tctgtatgga cttcttgtct ttagagccag atcagagtaa caccaaagat atattagtta       840
     ttacagatca cttcaccaaa tatgcggtgg ctgtgcttac cagaaaccag aaggcacaga       900
     ctgtggctag atgtttatgg gaaaactttc tagtacatta tggatttccg gaaggactgc       960
     acagtgatca aggacgagat tttgagtcac gcctcatcta agagctatgt ctcgtcgcag      1020
     gtatgcacaa agtgagaact actccttacc acccaagagg aaatccagtg gagagattaa      1080
     ataggacctt cactgttgtt gtatcttctc tctctttgga ggaatttaga cttctgagca      1140
     tctggtccat tgattaaaag cttataatac atttgtgtat cgagggttac atgcatttgt      1200
     ctaatctcgt gaatatcctg tctactgcca ttttcattta cgctgcaagt tagggcatct      1260
     gagccgataa ttactgtgta ccgggctgag ccaatagctt cggatgtcgc tgaggctgaa      1320
     atcattctgc attcaaagta aaaagttctt caagatgaag gtattgatat aagataaagt      1380
     ggttatttat agtgggttag gaatcatctg attggagaat caatcacgag ctgatgcggg      1440
     agcagctgag aacaatcata agcatgtgat cctgtataaa ttagtttata aataaacttc      1500
     acgtagtgtt agaaagttct tggtttccct aactaacccc cgcaacctgc ctcataagtg      1560
     acatagatgt aagcacaggt agaactacct gcaaggcatt tctgccacac acctctgcct      1620
     gtgccattta ggttggctgc agggtcatca accaggaacc acccaccctg atgtttcttc      1680
     cttttaatcc cggaacatct ccaggtggtg gagcaacggt agggatgtcc cctgcagcca      1740
     accccaggat ccttctctcc cccatgactt gtctttcctc ctaagccata gccagaagct      1800
     cattttctct gcctcctctg ccagctcttt tagtgatctt gataatttag tgcctctgac      1860
     atggatgagt ggacgcacac cctgcatcct tacaagtgtc tgcaaggtct gctagctccc      1920
     tttcttcctc tcaaatgcag cgtccaaaat gtcttcccat ggcactgtta gttggaccat      1980
     gatgatagtt ttcgcaacag tggaccagag caaaatatct agccgaaggg aggttatcgc      2040
     aatttgctgc aggaacttta gctgctgatc aaaatctgct gtcagctccc agttgcttcc      2100
     aggtgacagc agcgaccacg tctttgtggt gatgctaagc gcctcacacc cttccctcac      2160
     aaactggaaa aggccatgag atgttactgt tggcttccag tctgtgagcc tcaatgactg      2220
     ttagtttctg caggacctag tcgcaacacc atctctttct tgactcaatg ctgccttgca      2280
     gctaaccagg atatgttgta aactgggatt tggatagcca cagagctggc agctttcctc      2340
     tgcaccacac cagagatgca aaatcttagg gcttgggaga gtgccctatg ttgccctgat      2400
     taggaagctc aaccttgctg gtgtcattct ccacaaatcc atacacaaca caatcttgtc      2460
     aacaacagcc tcccaggttg tccatctccc ttgttgggat tggcttacga ccttgatctt      2520
     ataactctct ttttccttct ttatggggga gggggggatg ggggggggag gggtattcta      2580
     aaaagcaggt aatgtgacat atctaggtaa gtttaagagt aagtacgtga ataacctcag      2640
     ctttggttcc aaaaacagag gtaacttttg gggtatgtta agtagccata gcaacttact      2700
     ttatgaagat aacttgctct ggagcaggtt atgtttcaga gtttctctgt tttagagagt      2760
     gtactgagcg ttacgtgctc tagatgagaa ttttgatgga catagaagca cagaaattag      2820
     tttttttatt gtgagagaat tataagtgca aaggtttttt tcatatcaaa atggatattt      2880
     gaatgagcgt tgttgatttt caaaagaatc gttattgtat ttaacaaagc tttaaaaaaa      2940
     aaaaaaaaag gtgacaaacc atggggatgc acctaccata gaaagcattc agtgcagctc      3000
     tttgtttttg agtctgggca ttttacttta caatgtacaa aagcggtaga actatctata      3060
     cagtatggca ctggcactga actgttttat actcttttgt acactttttg tggttctttg      3120
     actataaacc tctgcatatc attacacaca tgtttcaggg cgaggcaaca tcgtagtggt      3180
     cagtgcgcca ttaaagaacg acagtgctgc ttaaacacta ttaggacaca tatatttcac      3240
     taaaaagtga aaactggttg ttttttgagc gttatttcga gcacattcga acttctggtt      3300
     tgaaactaat tttttgcgtc acagccatga aatcttagtg tgtatccagt gtgtagactt      3360
     gacgtctgta cctgggagtt ccttattaca tctctgagtt tgttgcatta atgcatgagt      3420
     aagacttagt tcaaaccaat cagcgcgctc tattgtgtat gcgtgtaagt ttattaatat      3480
     gcatgataga ttccaagact gtttttacta gttacagtgt tcagacggca aaaagggccg      3540
     tgttgtgttg ccaagcggga gatatgggtc gtcagtgttg cgtttataat ttgctgcagt      3600
     gaaggttttg ttttcatttt ccctctatga aagcgcagct ggattcacgt gtggattaca      3660
     gtgcacgcga catgccatag aaataagtgt ctaaaaagca ttgcttacca gagagctttt      3720
     ctcatctgga aatggtgaaa tccagatttg ccgctcatct ccttttaata aagacctggc      3780
     tccagttggt gttgatagtc ctgtctctac agatttggta agtaagcgat cagtggtctt      3840
     tgtttgttta ttcagaggca aagttagttc gtatcgtcag cagtactctt aaagtgttta      3900
     aagacagacc ttagttaaat gatttctaag ttaacaaagt ttaccgtacg ttaaaataac      3960
     ttaaatatta tggactaaaa aatctgctgt aaatgctgct ctcccaagtg taaacgtgta      4020
     agcaccacaa ccaaacttac cgttgtggag gattttttga caggaataac acacacggct      4080
     ttctgatgct atctaacgag tgcatctaat gtctagttca cactagagga ttttaagcct      4140
     gatttgagcc cgatttgtaa gttaacgagc tcgccgacag atcgggctgt gatcgggaag      4200
     aaatttgcgg gtgctcggcg ctctttatgt gtgaactact gaacaacgca tcaacgaggc      4260
     tcgctgacgc gtcgccgaca cctcgcagac ggaaatccaa cattcagcat gctaaatatt      4320
     ccagagcagt cggccgactc aaccccacgt gtggtcagat gtagtgacga gctgcagcca      4380
     atgagagagc agatcagcat gagctgaatg cctgtgtgtt caggagctca gcagaaacat      4440
     ctgtgattgg tcagaatggg catcagtgca ctcacttcat tctgtgttaa cacagacacg      4500
     agagtaggct atattaacag tggaactaga attctgtaac tattagaatt accatacggc      4560
     tcattctgac cgttctcata taaaacgcca tactgtcaca acatatttac attcaaatct      4620
     attattgaga tattaaaatt aagctttgaa tgtttggcat cgtatttaat gaaaccatta      4680
     ccctaaaaat ataatgtttt tttggtaata cagcctataa atatgtagtt aagatactaa      4740
     aacacttaaa ggtcttggct ttcattttca ctttcaaaca ggagctattt aacagcacag      4800
     aatatgcagt tttgaaagat atctgaagta aattgatgtt tttgccatca gaaagttttg      4860
     tttatgttag caggaagttg ccaggcaaga aaatgcacac acatttaaag tcacagcgaa      4920
     aagtatcaga catgcatgca gtcattttga ccaatatggt aatttaaggc agaaatgctc      4980
     agttcttcag ttctgttttg taataaaaaa ataacaatgt cagaaagaaa tacactgata      5040
     gttagaaaac ggcagggtgt tataaatatg ttagtttaat ttaaaaaagt tataaaatta      5100
     caaaaattaa aaactctcgg tgtatctatc cactcgaacc ttgcagatga gtgattaatc      5160
     cgctgataaa tcagctgatt tgacgatgtt tttaaatgct ttctccaaag cttgaaacgc      5220
     tgtcagtgat gtcatcagca cacaagcagc caatagtgtt cagctttttc tgacgactcc      5280
     tccctcaaat tttcattggc tgtggtttgg tagcttgaat aagctgatgg ggaatgagtt      5340
     gttgtcaggt catggtgttg tgtgaccccc ctcttgtgga tcgttcacgg agtgttgctt      5400
     agtgtgaaca cctcagagat taaaagacac aaagtcaagt catgtagagt gaacagcaca      5460
     gcgatctgct gatgtttaaa atcctgtagt gtgaactagg cttaagttac agagaaacgc      5520
     agagatgttt tttttttcct ctcatttgcc gtgcagtaag aaacattgca tgaaagatac      5580
     atgctaacag cagttcctag aatcaaatat cttgtttgtc acgaggggca tgaatgaaat      5640
     tcctgagtga aagagccaaa ctgcagttaa agtccactat ttaataattt ggccagtaat      5700
     tcgattactg atgttcatgt aaacacactc acagtctttc tcctctgcgt ctgtttgttt      5760
     tggatgtgtg aaaatcagcc cgtgcccaaa ccgacactcc catttttatg caaattttta      5820
     cggaccatgc ctttttccct cctccaacaa tccacctaaa cagagttgga cacgcccact      5880
     ttcctgattt ttttccaaag ttgaggtgtg aaaataaact gctgaaacag gggtggtgtg      5940
     gggggggggg gggggggggg ttaatgtggc ccacagttgt tagacagacc tcagccttct      6000
     gtcagaaagc tacatgacag aaagagcatt ctagactgtt taatacagct ccattaaaca      6060
     aatattacct tttaagaaaa tgtttcttcg tttaattttg gctttgaaca gatttcttct      6120
     agctccagaa ggatgacact ttctataagc cttttatact agtcaataca cattattatt      6180
     gtggccttaa gaaattaatg gcagaaaaaa ataaatgcat aaatggttac gcaacaaagg      6240
     atgttaaagt tacttttaat cttttcataa taataaaagg gagggtggca tgtgtaattt      6300
     attaaactaa caaattcttt tattatttat tttgactttt cttttctatt ttttatctta      6360
     taattctttc cttcgttgat gcagctgtgt attgcttttt ctctataatc ggccttaatt      6420
     cctcatacgc cagcataaaa ccttcaactc cgcctctctt tgcccttttt actcaccgtg      6480
     actttctatg ctgacttgtg aattcagcga tctactgaaa atgccttcag gtatgcgccg      6540
     tgagcgtgca ttaacccttt gttatcttta ggaggttgat ttaactaact cttatcagct      6600
     gttttggaac ccacatacag atgttactac ttcaatgtgt tccttgtgcc gccattcata      6660
     ccgcggcgac ggcggtactt gatgcgccag cagcatttga ccgctgggtg gcactttaac      6720
     cacagatatt cagctttgcc ttttcacaat gctaaacaga ctgttctgta ggcgcagctt      6780
     actgtatgtg atgtgatgtg ttcaaataaa atataatttt aatttagttt ttctggtaat      6840
     agacatgctc ttacactata ctatgctgta gaaaagatac atggtgagaa gtcaaaaagc      6900
     aaatataaga attaagttat tagccttcag tgcccgatta aattgcgttg gggtgaaaat      6960
     aatgttctga tttctttgac tatcatggca atgttattat ctcaaatctt aaacgtgcgc      7020
     atataaaaaa cagcaaaata atatagatta tcctgccggt agagcacatc acctgacagt      7080
     tgtgaaattg ccatcacctc aacttacatt taaaatttgt ttacatggtt tattgtaaac      7140
     tttttaagtg caaagaggat tcgttttgga aaatagaatt gaagaaatga aagacaccta      7200
     aaatgaaaga acaaacattc agtacaaata agtagtctta aataagtaaa taaataaata      7260
     aataaataaa taaagcagtc ttttagtcta aatatagaga gatgtagtgt ttgctatttt      7320
     gataggacta agacaagaca ttttcattta tgtttttaat ttacgttttt atttacattt      7380
     tcgttgttga ttatatttta ctatctcatt ttatgtttca attatagtac ataataataa      7440
     acgaataata aaaatcaatg aataatgaaa ataggacata aattaagtct ggcaggttta      7500
     tttttaataa tttagtttca gttccgtttt tttgtttcaa aacttcaatg ttctgcttta      7560
     aagtataact gttgttttgt tttgttttgt ttttttactt tatggctaag tatgttttgt      7620
     attttaattt catattcagt caccttgcat atacgtgtga aatataatgc cgcataaccg      7680
     cggaaaaaga agaaaaggct gtcagctaaa gctaattaat caaaattagc tatattaaaa      7740
     tacagcattt atgttaatac aggcagagtg tgaacaaact caaggctaag atatgcactt      7800
     gccttttatt gcatttaaaa atatttgcgg cctttttata ggctacaggc tactatggtg      7860
     tataataatg tttttttttt tctttttttg tatagtaaag gacaatgcac attatgttat      7920
     tgatgtaaac ttaggctaaa acttaccatt gataaacgtg acctacctca agcagatcac      7980
     ttaaagtgta ataaaaataa tgatgccgca ggacaaaaat gaagtcccgc aagtttattt      8040
     ttaataattt agtttcagta ctattaaatt tttttttaaa acgtcaatag caccttcaat      8100
     aatctaaaca ttaaagatgg accgcaagat gtgttgagtg gctatatatg gtgcagaaag      8160
     atggcaaagc taagtgtgat tattgtaata aactaataag ttataaagca gagagtcccg      8220
     accaacagga ctaagcatat gcggttggct cattcttcac gaatatagga ttaaaataat      8280
     ggcgcgttag gttcactgtg catcccgcag gtgcaaccaa caagagttgt gcattttagt      8340
     ttaacttttt gatcgttata agcagctcgt cgctagtttt tatttaaata tatcgagccg      8400
     aaactaagca gcgcattctc tccgcctcat cgtttataac gagcgggaca cgctactgaa      8460
     gcactctgtc agagccggcc caaggcataa gcgaactaag cggctgctta gagccccgtg      8520
     gccaccaggg gttccccaag agtgctcgaa attattgtgt gactttcgtt taagtttgtt      8580
     aagttgtgga ttagtggagg gacaaaatat atgcccattc atagtgttat ttctgaccgc      8640
     gatagatact caaagatctg atttaattaa tcagttttca acaccaactg cagcagataa      8700
     ccgctttagc tacagtacac ctagctgcca ccaggtggcg cttcccgtaa tgacggatca      8760
     ttagacatac accagcgtca tgtaaaccac tgagtctatg agccattgca atggtgaata      8820
     tctcaggcat acagacactt tcttctgtcc aagctgggcc aatgtatttg tgtgtttcag      8880
     acatccagct cccccgaatt tgccactagt ttctttctta cagacacgct ttcacttcgc      8940
     tatatcgctc gcgcgtgccc gcggccagtg caacttttta tgtgctcaaa ctttttaact      9000
     ccgccaaaat atataaagat atcaataagg catgaacatt taattagaag ggccttgcgt      9060
     ttatttgact cttacagaca ttgtcaaagt cttgtagatg gtattttggc aaaaaaaata      9120
     ttaggggaat taaaaaactt aaatagatga gtaaataact aatgatctcc actgctgaat      9180
     acgtacgtgc tcagaggagt ctgtgctcac ctctcagagc attctgatca gttgaaaaaa      9240
     tagtggggat acatattttt ttattaaaaa taagccaggg ctaagcataa aatgtttcca      9300
     tgtttacata aaattagttg gtcaagttgt aataagtgtt ttaagtttac agaaaattag      9360
     aaagcaataa attacaattt tggcagtttt ttttcttaaa tgcatattcc actaaattga      9420
     gattctgctg ctgtgataga gatgtgctct cttcagtcat aaactcctct ctgcacaaca      9480
     gcatttttaa gcttgtttga cagatgtgca cttgttttac attgttgcaa ttctataaat      9540
     gcatgtttat aaaagaaatt catcatacat ttttgatgca ttttccccct tcatttacaa      9600
     aaattgtgat atattgtggc tgattttctt gtgatctatc aatatatcgc agaatcattg      9660
     atattgtgat tgaagcagca gtgcccggaa cagcagcaaa atgctttttt atgaacttgg      9720
     tgattaaaaa aataagtttc tgatttatac aattgacagt tggtaaatac attgcaaaaa      9780
     tgattttctt tcttatagtt tttgtgtgat ttttagtcca aatatctaaa aattattaaa      9840
     ccaataaaca ttttctagaa agattccccc gccgtttgac tgtttggcag cgtcttgtgc      9900
     ctgaataata ataaaaataa ttatgttatt ggctactccc agctgctttt gtttctgcca      9960
     gcccatatta atgttttgtg tctaattatt tagatttgtg gcaagtagtc atataagaag     10020
     ttggatcaat aggaagttgt ttctgcagaa taatatttag aattgtctta aaacatatat     10080
     tttatgatgt aggcaacaca gctacagcga ataaaatcga taatgtgtgt tttgaattta     10140
     tagtgtgcaa attatcaagg attgacgata atttctcata ttgtttgcac caaaggggcc     10200
     ccaaataaaa tcctgcttag ggccccctga aggcttgggc cggccctgca ctccgtcgtt     10260
     cataatctta gctgatgtgt cggagtcgaa agaatatatc aaagaggaat gttcttttaa     10320
     cagtcccgat atgtttaatc ttttttttcc ctgtcatttc tcttcagcaa attatatttt     10380
     taaagctgct tgattctttt aaaaccgaaa gcagagcccg tcaattggtg ttttttcata     10440
     agatactcct ttataaatgt tttattttaa gtagtcttta atgtgctttt taatagtttt     10500
     attttattca aagcagcacc taaaagcgaa tttatcctca aaacatggca tgagagcgat     10560
     gcatgtcatg tgtcgcatat tgcctttttt tctgatcttt ttgcataaag gttttaatca     10620
     aaagacaggt aatttaatta ctttcaatgt gctaaaatat ttgttaaata aatgttattt     10680
     caaaaaaagc atatgcaatg tgctctgaca ggtaaaatcc gattctttct ctttcaagtt     10740
     caaagcaaat ttgaatgcca aaggattcta gatatgcata tacaagacta tgtagtatat     10800
     taacatcaac ggattaataa aataagtagc aaatgagaaa taaatgacag acaagttgat     10860
     aaaaacagac attatctcta aaagttagaa ttgcaagatt aaaaaaagct gaatataggc     10920
     ctaaaataaa tctataaagc aactactgcg cgcagatatt tattcttttt ttttcgaata     10980
     acgaacaatt tcaaccgcgg ggagacaccg acagcttgat ttgcagtatt ttctaacatg     11040
     ttagaagcgg gcagcggaca tcagctagcc gtagagacgg gccggcacaa aaaaaaacat     11100
     ggctgccggt ggagaagcgg ctgtgccctc agcagctgat tgagacggag ctgcatatcc     11160
     taactgagtg cactaaatac tctgagatcc gagagaaatt ctacccgata atccaaaaca     11220
     tacaaaacaa ctttgagtcc ctgtcgaaca gaacccatct tactggggga gtgtgtgtgc     11280
     tgctgtgttc aaccaacaat acccgctcct gtctccaaca cacaaatgct ggaactcttt     11340
     atgtggactt acttttgata ataggctact attattacct ttatcctgtt taatgttatc     11400
     aaaaatctat ttttattatt atatttttat tttttattct attctatttt tatttttatt     11460
     aattattttt ttattatatg tttgcactac tgcccttttt gcacttgttt gtgagacgcg     11520
     acgctgcact gctttggcaa aacgaatgta cagttgcttg tcatgccaat aaagcacctc     11580
     aaatgtgaaa atgtgaaaat agcctaggca acaaataaca aatagtagtc taataataac     11640
     aaaaaatgcc cttttcatac aataggccta tgtgtgggtt ttgacaatat gtgtttaatt     11700
     aagctataaa gatttgccta tcagatgaaa tgcatagtga aatatgaaat aaatgtctct     11760
     tttgctgaat atttaattaa tctatatatt taatatttta aaaatcaact cctttttgcc     11820
     cagagaaaga ggcgcgcggc actagcggac atggggtgct ttcccaaaaa aagacttaca     11880
     gtaacttgct gctgaactat gcacagtttg gggaaaaaag gatatagtga tgcatgtttc     11940
     ccaaaacccc tagtttctct gtcgcagatc catcatttga atcacgttag ttataagtaa     12000
     aacgcacata atgataaagc acaccatcat cacgagggca attaaataaa gacaacctta     12060
     acatattttt aattgtttat ttatgtaatg tgagttttaa taactttgtt ctttgaatta     12120
     tttcaatata acttaggcta ttctatcgag atgacaccat aaaaggcctt caatgcactg     12180
     atataggtaa tagggataca atgaaaggcc gatttccctg tttttattca ttgacggctt     12240
     cccaatgccg gatttctgtt acgcgaaaaa aagctgctgc aaataagcaa atttatgaca     12300
     atacaatttt aatagtttca tgatagtagt agctggtgtg cttcatctgc gtgattctga     12360
     tttgacattc ttccgctaaa cttgcactgt gttgatgtgt aaatgggcta tgatctttgg     12420
     tattgaggct aaggcatcaa ggtgtaaatg agctatagtt ctctttgcaa ctttcaattt     12480
     cgaggtgggg aagtgggaag aggcaattta aatgtaccat ctctaaaaat aaaaaggccg     12540
     cttacgcggc atttgtgttt aaagattatt accttatttt tattttatta atattaattt     12600
     atttattcat tcgttcattc attttcttaa ttttcttttc ggtttagtcc ctttattagt     12660
     ctgtgattgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgtca acttatccag catatgtttt acgcagtgga     12720
     tggcaggagg gccagctggg gcttcgggac agagtgaaag gaaaggcgga atttgccccg     12780
     agtctgggaa agatggcttg ccataattac actagttttt gtattgcaca catgcgccaa     12840
     acacataaac aaataaataa aaaagggaaa gaaaacatct agccttatag gctgaggtct     12900
     ttttgcttat aatcaccctt atgtttccgt tttaaatgta aggctgttgc ataaaataat     12960
     acaattttag tttataagtg actttgctgc gtcccgcttg atgtttcaat aacgcataat     13020
     aatctacaca ccatattaaa gacagcagac agaatggttg tgtgtgagag cccgagcaaa     13080
     agagcgctct cttcacagct atgttgatgc tgctagcggc ttctttcttt ttgttattta     13140
     ttttgcagat aatacaccat atgaatacaa cagaaagaca taaaacttta caaattacct     13200
     tttgtagact caaaacaagt gtcatatctt gataagccta agacacattg aaatataatt     13260
     taaagaatta cattattgga tatattaaat aaattaacca attaaataaa taaaccaata     13320
     taaaacaagc aagagcaagc tataacattt taggtaggcc tatatagcct gcataaataa     13380
     aactgttaaa gccaaatcaa actttcattt tacaagatat tttcttttaa aagattttag     13440
     atatttacaa taaacaccag agaaggttta gaacattatt tataaagtat ttggatacaa     13500
     tgataataat caaatcgtgc aaacagagca ttttttgggg agagtgaaag cagaatgcaa     13560
     cctttttttt ttttttttgt tatccagctg cgcagtgcca ctttaaaaaa gcatcgggga     13620
     aaactgcaaa aacaaaaatg ttctgtgtcc ccaaacaatt gtgttgatgt gtttatatga     13680
     cgtgctaaaa ttgaaacatg aaatttacat gaagagcttt attagtgaaa agctgccgag     13740
     cgcaacgaaa taggctataa gctatatttt attacttgct cttatgtgct gaaatactta     13800
     acactttcct taagaccaca gaataatatg caacatctaa gtgtcatata gcctttaagg     13860
     aaaatttaac aagtttcagg tctctccagt gcatgtgggc tgaatgtttg actgtgtcta     13920
     aatgaggatg ttataaaata cattttctac cgagttatta acggagacca ctggatgcac     13980
     ggtgccaaca gtcaggggac gttctggggg ctgggtttgc gttacgcgct gacagctact     14040
     agcccgacag tggaaaggcg acatgatttc gatctcactg atgcccatta acacctgaaa     14100
     gacaagcttt aggttatgag atgggggaag gggtatgtct ccaccctcaa gtgtttttca     14160
     caaacatggt tacacaaaat ccaaaactcc caggacggat ggcgtaaccg tagcaaaacc     14220
     tatgtgtttt aaaaccaaac cgcattaaat atggggccta atgaaaatga atgtttctat     14280
     gcacagcaac ttctggactg aactacttgt tatttaaaat atctgtattg cgctctagca     14340
     ttcgccaaaa cgaatatatt tgtacataaa aaccccgaac atagcctagc taaatagggt     14400
     gttgcctgct gagccatgac agcagcagac aattctgcac gaccgtaaag ccttcacccg     14460
     acagttattt tctaatattc acaacgcgag ccacaacaat agacatgcca tgcccatcat     14520
     ccttacagac aacttcgctt taaactgtat taaggtccca tttacacagc acagcagttt     14580
     tatataaaac attaatgata catataacag gctacatttt gatggtgaaa taacctttta     14640
     aacgatggct ttttatttca gtattcaaac attaaataac gaatgcatca agtgaaataa     14700
     cgaatatgca aaaacacatg gatataaata taaaggacta ttataattag caaaatgctg     14760
     ctctatttat ctttgtattt ttataatttt attatattgt tatttttaat attttgaatt     14820
     aattaaagct atagacaaat actgcttgac attttagaaa atgttttgca tatacccaga     14880
     accgagaaca aacaaacaaa agcacatggc ttgttaatca atttaatcaa gctctagcca     14940
     caaataaaat aatatttatt tagacctatt ttcattattc atttattttc attattcgtt     15000
     tattattatc tacaattttt gagacataaa atgagatagt aaactttaat aaacaacgaa     15060
     aatgtaagta aaaacagaaa tgaaaacata aatgaaaatg tcttgtctta gtcctgtcaa     15120
     aaaagcaaac actgaacatc tctctatatt taggttaaaa gactgcttta tttatttatt     15180
     tatttattta tttaagactt atttatactg aatgtttatg ctttcatttt agttgcaaaa     15240
     taatcagaaa ttgatcgcgc acgcccaggg aaaaaaggca attatgcgac acatgacttg     15300
     catcgctctc atgccaagtt ttgagaataa attcgcattt agatgctgct tgaaataaaa     15360
     taaaactatc aaaaagcaca ttaaagactt taatcaaaaa ttaaaacatt cataaagggg     15420
     tatcttatgg aaaaacacca attgacgggc tctgctttcg gttttaaaag aatcaagcag     15480
     ctttaaaaaa tatatataat ttgctgaaga gaaatgacac gaaaaaaaaa aagattaaac     15540
     atatggggac tgttaaaaga aaattcctct ttgatatatt atttcgactc cgatacatca     15600
     gctaagatta tgaatgacgg agtggctctc ttgcttcagc agcgtgtcca gatggttata     15660
     aacgatgagg ccgagagaat gcgctgctta gtgaaccata cgcgccatta ttttaattct     15720
     ataatcgtga agaatgagcc aaccgcatat gcttagtcct gttggtcggg acactctgct     15780
     ttataactta gtttattaca ataatcataa ataataaata aataaaatgt ttagattatt     15840
     gaggtgctct ccggcggcga agtttctggc agagtagcga gtgaaaaaat gtgcttgcag     15900
     aaattggaat caaaattgaa attatataac aagcatcata ttctttctaa tcctcgccca     15960
     gttttaatac aagttgtgtg tttatatttg tggctgtgaa gtttattaat aatatatata     16020
     caggcctaca ttatttttat tatactttaa gtgatctgct tgaggtaggt cacgtttatc     16080
     aatggtaagt tttagcctaa gtttacatca ataccataaa gtgcattgtc ctttaccata     16140
     caaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaca cattattata caccatagta gcctgtagcc tataaaaagg     16200
     ccgcatatat ttttaaatgc attaaaaggc aagcgcatat cttagccttg agtttgttca     16260
     cactctgtgt aacgaggaga ctgacatgga gggatccatt atgcagtatt tattgctcaa     16320
     gttctcattc acacacacaa tatgcactaa cgtgcagaca cacaacaaca acagtctatg     16380
     atgacaagag actggcgatg gatagacaca gtgggtatta ccaggcatag atcgagggca     16440
     ggctgctagt atcagagtcc gtgaaccagg catgggtcgt gggcagatag caaacatcag     16500
     agtccgtata acaggcatgg ttcgtgggca ggcagcgagt atcagagtcc gtatacaaag     16560
     cgagggtcgt gggcaggcag aaggcgaagc agagtcaaga gacaggctgg agtaatacac     16620
     agggaatcag acaggaataa cgctcagaaa tgctggccgg ggctaaacaa gacttcgcac     16680
     tgaatgagcg tttggtgctg gcttataaat ggtacgtggg tcattaacgg gattctgttc     16740
     aggtgtgcat gatcagagtg aaaggatgat gtaatgctta gaagtctgga gatggtggcc     16800
     tctgctggcc agtgagggga atgactggga ccgagtcggt gacagagccc cccccccccc     16860
     cccacccccc aacgaacggc tcctgaagtg agaagagtct cgacgctggg gtcttccacg     16920
     ggggcgaggg gccggcatat ccgggtgctg tgagtggaac tcatccagta gtgttgaatc     16980
     aagaatgtcc ttacggttga tccatgatct ttcctccgga ctgtacccct cccaatcgat     17040
     gagatactga agttgaccac cccggcgtca ggatctcagg atctcgtgga tctgataggc     17100
     ttcctctccg tcgatcatga gaggcggagg accctgttca ccggctgcca cctccctatc     17160
     cgcctcggct ggaccaacag caggcttgag cagggaaaca tggaaggtag gagagatgcg     17220
     ataatggtta gggagagtca agcgaaagga aacaggtgaa atctgacgtt ctatttggaa     17280
     cggacccacg tacctgggac tgagtttctt acagggaagt cttaagcgaa ggtctcttgt     17340
     agatagccat acccactgtc ctggggaata cgtgggacca ggacgacggt gacggtcggc     17400
     ttgttcctta aaccttcgga tggcgtgtga taactgagtg tgagctgcgt tccagacctc     17460
     ctcactcctc ttgaaccaag tgtcgactgc ggggaggtca gtggtgtcac cgaaccaggg     17520
     aaacagggga ggttggaaac ctaatacaca ttggaacggt gtcagacctg tggctgcctt     17580
     tcgcaaggag ttctgtgcgt actccgccca cattaggaac ttgttccagt cagcttgatt     17640
     ggagtgacag taggtgcgga gaaagcgccc aatctcctga ttgaggcgtt ctgtctggcc     17700
     gttagactaa gggtgatagc cggaagttaa actgatgtta atccgaaggt tctcgaaaaa     17760
     ggctgaccat aatcgggatg taaactgggg acctcggtct gagacgatgt cttcgggaag     17820
     accataatag cgaaacacac attcgcatag aagttctgcg gtctctaagg ctgtgggtaa     17880
     cttgggtatg gcaataagtc gacaggcttt ggagaaccgg tccacaaccg tgagaatagt     17940
     agtttttcct tgtgatggag gcaaatctgt gatgaaatct atggctatgt gagaccaggg     18000
     tcgacgggga atctccaagg gttgtagtaa accagctggg cgatgacggg agtgtttagc     18060
     catttggcag ggagaacatt tattcagaaa gttaattaca tctttattca tggaggacca     18120
     ccagtaatga gactgaataa gttgagccgt agcagtgctg cctggatgac cggagctggg     18180
     gtgattgtgt acttcagcga tcaatttctc acggagcagg gggggcacat atattttgtt     18240
     ctcgggacat gcctgcggag tcggatcttg ttctgaagcc tgcgtgatct catgtttcga     18300
     taccccatct aatgggtgca ataatcagtg ggttcttcag gatgggttct acctcctcta     18360
     gtgaagtctc ctcgtcagaa atacgagaga gtggttctgc cttaatgttc ttgctgcctg     18420
     ggatgtacgt gacttgaaag tcaaatcgag tgaagaacaa cgcccatctg gcttgtctgg     18480
     gattcaagcg tttacatgag cgaatatatt ccaagttctt gtgatctgtg atgacggtga     18540
     acgggtgtgt agctccctca agccaatgtc tccattcctc gagtgcagcc ttcatagcaa     18600
     ggagttcgcg attacccaca tcataattcc tttcagcaga gttcagctta tgggaataga     18660
     atgcacaggg atggagttta ttcgtagtcg tggatctttg ggacaggatg gctccgatac     18720
     cggaattaga cgcgtcaatc tccacaataa agggtcgtgt agggtctggg tgacacagga     18780
     tgggtgcctc cgtgaaacgg gctttgagtt ggctgaatgc ccgaatggct tccgagtttc     18840
     accttaagcg ggcattattg gcttttacca ttgtggtgag aggggcagcc actgaactga     18900
     agtttctaat gaaccgtctg tagaagttgg ggaatcccag gaaacgttgt aattgtcgga     18960
     tggtttcagg ttgtggccag tgagtaacag cgtcaacttt ctgctggtcc atagcaactc     19020
     catcgtgatt gatgatgtaa cccagaaatg agatacatgt ctgatgaaac ttacatttgg     19080
     atacttttga tatacctttg gtgtataatt gattctggat gaggcgttgt agcactgccc     19140
     tgacatgttg aatgtgttct ggtagggaat tggaataaat caagatgtcg tcaatgtaga     19200
     cgatgaccca cttgttgagc atgtctcgaa atatctcatt tataaaggcc tggaacacga     19260
     aaggactgtt agctaggccg aagggcataa caagatattc gtagtgccca ttaatggtag     19320
     agaacccggt cttccactcg tctccttggc gaatacgaac aaggttgtaa gcactacgga     19380
     gatccaattt ggtgaaatat tgggctgagc ggagctgttc aagtgctgct ggaactagag     19440
     gtaggggata gcggtatttg atggttattt ccttcaaacc tctataatcg atacaagggc     19500
     gtaaactgcc atccttcttc ttaacaaaga agaacccagc tgaagcgggt gacgtagagg     19560
     gtcttataaa tcccttctcc agttcttcag agatgttaga gttcatggct tcggtttcag     19620
     gttgagagag aggaaatatg cgaccacgag ggggtgtggt gacgggcact agttcaatgg     19680
     cacaatcata ctcacgatga ggtgggagtt tggttgcttt tctcttgtta aaggcttcaa     19740
     gtaaatcgtg atacattctg ggaacttgac agagttcaga atcctccata ctagatataa     19800
     tgttaatctg gacgggagat acggagtgta ggcattgggt tagacaattc tcgctccatt     19860
     ttacaatctc acccgttttc caggagactt ggggatcatg acgttgtaac caggggagtc     19920
     cgaggatcac attgtgtcga ggagagtaga taacgaggag ggaaatttct tccacatgga     19980
     gagtgcctgt gcgaagacat aacggcaaag ttcggtactt tatgtgtcct ttccccaggg     20040
     ggcgcccatc tatagcagtg atggctagag aggaagtaca ggaagttaga gggatggagt     20100
     aagcagcagc aaacttgcag tcaataaagt taccagcggc tcctgaatcg accattgcca     20160
     aagtcgaaat ttcaacctcc ttatacttca aacaaacagg tacactcatg gtgtcattag     20220
     tggccgtgaa aacggtggtt gcactcaccg gaagtgcctt aggtggaggt ttattgggac     20280
     atacgctttt catgtgaccg gaaagtccgc aatacagaca tagttgattc cgtctcctcc     20340
     attcacgttc ttcgggggtc agacgagttc tacccaactg catgggctcc gtggtagtta     20400
     caggggatac aggactggaa atagcagagc atatggggtt acgagtacga agcaaggtgt     20460
     ctaacctgat tgacagttcg atgagctgat ccagagtttt cccctcatcc ctacatgcca     20520
     tctccttttg cagttctggt ctgagagctt ttcggtagag tgtagtgagt ggatcatcag     20580
     cccagcctgt ttgcgctgcc agcgtgcgga agcgcagagc gaattcagcg gcagatcgat     20640
     ctccctgttg tacacataaa agctcctcac cagcattacg acctccctca gggtgagcaa     20700
     acacagtgca aaagcgtttg agaaagtcat tgaacgatgg gaatatcggg gtactatctg     20760
     gccagacagc agtagcccag tctaaagctt tgccagtgag cagtgaacat acaaaagcga     20820
     ttttcccatt atcatcctta aataagtagg gttgttgggc aataaatagt ttacactgca     20880
     acaagaagcc tttacacttt gatgagttac ctgagaatta atcggggaaa gccaagcgta     20940
     ctcctgaagc attctgagtc tgggtctgta tgggttgagt cggagagtag ttagcggtga     21000
     gttgcgctgt gggagcagct tgcaggtttt gcagagatct caccagttca tctgttaact     21060
     gagtcaaatg ggttagttgc tgttcatgtg tggtgagtac ctgagcttga gtggtaactt     21120
     cctgtgacaa aacctgtatg gctgcgggat ccgtgttggg cgaagtcttc tgtaacgagg     21180
     agactgacac ggagggatcc attatgcagt atttattgct caagttctca ttcacacaca     21240
     caatatgcac taacgtgcag acacacaaca acagtctatg atgacaagag actggcgata     21300
     gatagacaca gtgggtatta ccaggcatag atcgagggca ggctgctaat atcagagtcc     21360
     gtgaaccagg cgtgggtcgt gggcagatag caaacatcag agtccatata acaggcgtgg     21420
     ttcgtgggca ggcagcgagt atcagagtcc gtatacaaag cgagggtcgt gggcaggcag     21480
     aaggcgaagc agagtcaaga gacaggctgg agtaatacac agggaatcag acaggattaa     21540
     cgctcagaaa tgctggccgg ggctaaacaa gacttcgcac tgaatgagcg tttggtgctg     21600
     gcttataaat ggtacgtggg tcattaacgg gattctgttc aggtgtgcat gatcagagtg     21660
     aaaggatgat gtaatgctta gaagtccgga gatggtggcc tctgctggcc agcgagggga     21720
     atgactggga ccgagtcggt gacactctgc ctgtattaac ataaatgctg tactttaata     21780
     tagcttattt tgatgaatta gctctaacct tttacaggtt tttctttttt ttccgcggtt     21840
     atgcggcatt atatttcaca cacatatgca aggtgactga atatgaagtt aaaatacaaa     21900
     acgtactgag ccattaagta aaaacaaaaa acaaaacaac agttatagct actttaaagg     21960
     agaacattga cgttttgaaa aaaaaaaatg aactgaactg aaactaaatt attaaaaata     22020
     aatatgcgag acttaattta tgtcctgctg caaaaatatt tttattatac ttttagtgat     22080
     ctgcttaagg taggtcaatt tattttttct tttgatgaag cagcattcaa cttaagctct     22140
     ttagaccatg ctgctgaccg tttctcagtg tttcacgtac tgtacggcaa tgtctttaaa     22200
     taaataattt atttaggccc attttcatta ttcatttatt ttcattcttc gtttattatt     22260
     atgtacaatt gttgagacat aaacgagata gtaaaatata atcaacaacg aatatggaaa     22320
     taaaaacaga aataaaacat aaatgaaaat gtcttgtctt agtcctgtca aaatagcaaa     22380
     cactgaacat ctttctatat ttaggctgct ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     22440
     aagactactt atttgtacta aatgttggtg cttacatttt agttgtcttt tacttcttca     22500
     attctatttt ccaaaacgaa tcctctttgc acttaaaacg tttacaataa agcgtgttaa     22560
     caaattttaa atgattaatg aaggaattat aatgctttga cttattgttt aatatcattt     22620
     acaagcacag tagctgctgt atgggctatt tctgtccgtt cgcatcccgt ccctttgcgc     22680
     cccctggcgg ctcattcaca aactgcggtc atacactaaa aacagagcgg cacctatttc     22740
     aaacggcggc ggtacatgct gcggcattaa tagccacttt gaactctcac ctactgtact     22800
     tacggtaagc aggtttttag gttaatcaac cgagagatca ggtttagcag atggtaagtt     22860
     aactcagctt tctgtaatac tcccctgcac aaaagatttt tgaattgaca tgttggcgat     22920
     tttctcagat tttgcctttg ataatgcata atgtgtaatt gttgcttgcg taaacaagca     22980
     gcgatttgca accacttact aattgaagct aagcaggact gaacctggtc cgtacctgga     23040
     tgggagtcaa catgggaaaa ctaggttgct gttggaagtg gtgttagcag gggaccctca     23100
     acctgagttc cgtatgagtc ctattccccc agtgaagtga aggggacacg acactgttag     23160
     tgagcgcttt ctttcagatc agacattaaa ctgaggtcct gactctctct ggtcattaaa     23220
     tatcccatgg cacttcttaa gagtaggggt gttaccctgg tctcctggcc aaattccctc     23280
     catcagccct tacccatcaa atcatcggca tcactcggca ttagtcactt acctgacttt     23340
     tgttggtgaa tcctctggga aaaaagcagc agccacctga aaaaataaat aaaagtaaag     23400
     tctcctatca atattttgaa cttaattaag gaaatggatt aacctgattt acttaagttt     23460
     ttttatttaa taaaaaatat atatttacat atatacatta cacgcaccta caccatattt     23520
     atgaagtgga aaggtagcca ggtgaggcag aagacggtga caataactgg atgagtttca     23580
     cacttcggat gtgcctgcaa aaccgggtct tgcgaattct ttgtaggata catacgtagc     23640
     tacctaagat caatccatat ggtatcaaga atgccaacag aatttccaaa cagtgctgaa     23700
     ctatcaccta aaaagacata atcatcactt aaaatggttt actttcattt ttacagtatg     23760
     ggggttgcct ctttattcta taaaaatcta taaatactaa tgcattttat tagtattttt     23820
     tttttgtcaa taactatttt tccatccacc tacagtattt gtttttgcct tttgaaacat     23880
     ctttataaaa atgcttaatg aataggccaa gctgtgcata caatttgaaa atgtgtataa     23940
     aaatagtagg ataaactttt tatcatacat tgcattatta tcaaaaagtc atgtgacttt     24000
     gttttaagag attatgtgat aacaaaatgg ttgcaatagg accacatttg ttaagatcca     24060
     ggcttgcaga tcgctggtaa gcatgcatca tcgccaggac ctcaattctg tcacctaatg     24120
     aactacaaat cctgtcatgc accccacaca tacctgtttc tggaactccg atgattacac     24180
     acacacacag ctcgtagttg atctaagact gattacatgg attatttata cagctcacat     24240
     ttccacatgc ttggctgagt cttgttggtt tatccctgta acattatgaa gcagtacctg     24300
     tgtctagtct ttcagtgttc cttgaccttt ggcttgtttt agttgtctac ccgttgacct     24360
     ctgcctgtct gacatttcaa aataaagctg catgtgtatc caggggtgct gctagggtgg     24420
     gagttaggat gattctaagg aaccacacca ttttggggcc ccagagatac aattaggcta     24480
     aaacatctga tttgagttga atataacact tgagattttg tctgaaacag gtacgtctgt     24540
     acagacattt ttataatcgg tctatgtgtg atcacaagga gaaccagatg acagccatgg     24600
     aaaaggagga atgttttgga acagttggga aaaacctgag ggatgagttt gttaaaaaaa     24660
     aaaaaagagg ccatgcaata gtagggaccc aggtggtttt aatattacag ttttacactg     24720
     atttatatat tacaattttg aatttaaaag aattttaaag ttacaaacta aaattaagta     24780
     acaaattatg tctttccttt aatacagttg aagtcagaat tataaccccc tttgaaatgt     24840
     tctttctttt tttaaatatt tctcaaatta tgtttaacag agcaaggaaa ttttcacagt     24900
     atgtctgata atattttttt cttctgggga aaggtttatt tgttttattt cagctataat     24960
     aaaagcagtt tataattttt aacacaattt taggatcaaa attattagcc cctttaagct     25020
     atatattttt tcgatagtct atagaacaaa ccattgttat acaataagtt gcctaattac     25080
     tataacctgc ttagttaacc taattatcct agttaagcct ttaaatgtca atttaagctg     25140
     tatagtagtg tcttgaaaaa tatctagtca aatattattc actgtcatca cggcaaagaa     25200
     gaaataaatc cgttattaga gatgagttat taaaactatt atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa     25260
     aaaaaactgc tctcagtaaa aacagaaatt aggggaaaaa taaacagggg ggctaataat     25320
     tctcacttca actgtaactg gaaaggaata tatgaaccta tcattttaca atatttttac     25380
     catttctagg ctttattgct gataatagtc aggaatgttg gaccattatt gcctttttag     25440
     cttataagta gagaacagaa actagccaga cagtgatgtg tgaattgttg gttgggcaaa     25500
     ataaataaaa aaatgtcagt attttcagta agtgtacttt tttttttatt cttgccataa     25560
     taaaaaaata taattgtaga gcaacccatg ttctgttgcc attaatattt aactttaata     25620
     ggtagaactg catcattttg attaaaaaaa aaaatagatt taaaaaatct tgaaagatta     25680
     taaaaatctt cataataaat tataaaaata ataaaaccaa ttagttaaaa aatctttaat     25740
     gatattaaca gtttgacctt ccgaaactta ctactttatt gtttatccat ctgattttac     25800
     tgtctgtttc ttttaaaaga atttctcaac aatgaacatt tattcgtgtc atttaaaaga     25860
     atatttcaaa agaactcatc aagtataaaa gccttgtccg attcttgagg tgctcgatgt     25920
     ggctccaggc gaaagtataa atcagcctta agatgtttgt ttgtgttttc tgtagttcaa     25980
     tggtgcatct aacctgtctt tagtactgtt caatttgaat tctctttatg tgtatgcctg     26040
     ttttttatat tgtgatatag gtcttgaatt taatgcttaa tggtcttaaa aaggtcttaa     26100
     aatgtcttaa atttgacatt atgatatctg cagaaactct gattatgtaa aagagaaagg     26160
     cccactttgg cttcttctac cacagcaaat ggttatacca gtttaaaagg aagtgatgca     26220
     tttgttatct ttgacttgtt agattgaaac tgtgcttttg ttttgcaaat gtttaatgcg     26280
     atattccttt cgttggaaaa aaaaacatag ctattgagaa attatccaga gaagacttga     26340
     aaagaatgga ctttagcctc atgtctacct ttctgagata cggaatctcg aaaaactaaa     26400
     ctgcataagc agatcagctg aaacaatgtt aaataaaaac taccactact aaaaaatgta     26460
     gtttctgaaa aaattctaaa atttttaatt attggaaatg gatggtgtga aagagaatgg     26520
     caaatgtaac ttacatcttg tgcttgtaga tgtttacaag cacaaattac aattgctggt     26580
     tcttgctctt ccctgaaagt ggtccagaaa actgaataag gcactgacac cccaagagaa     26640
     aggatccaca ctccttccaa caccttaatg attgttctct gctctgtaag gaccccagca     26700
     tgtttccgca atactatagc caccatcctg tgcaggctca ttagtgttat caaaaataca     26760
     gacgcgtaca tgttggcact gcagaggtac aacggtatct tgcacagcgg cagggtaaag     26820
     acccaagtgt gttttaccaa ataaacaata aaaaaaggta ttaaaaacat caggaatcca     26880
     tccgcgaagg ctaggtttaa gatcaggaga gtggtgatgg aacgctgacg ggttcgagtc     26940
     aggatgctcc agatgatcag caggttccca gaaatgccaa taagtagaaa aatgcagaga     27000
     accagagcca ctgtgatcgt cccagcgcta cttctcatgg ctgtgtcagt attattgttt     27060
     gtattatatt attaatatta ttgatgttgg agataagctg tgttgtcagg gtctgaagtg     27120
     gtctgaaaga gcagaatggt cttcttcgag aactactgct ggtctgagta atagctgaat     27180
     ccattatatc tccaggacca acatcaatag acaccaaatt atctattgtg cattagcgca     27240
     gatatctgtt gatatgcttt cagatgaatt aaccaagcaa tattttacca aagtgcattt     27300
     gtgagacttt ataatgtgat ctttatctca acctgtttct tctttgacta gacatgtgtt     27360
     tcagagcaaa caaactcaat gccagccatc tgtcggaagg tcactaccat caaagcatgt     27420
     gatttaaaaa cattttacta gaacagatcg atatgagatc agagatgcac aaaaaacatt     27480
     atctaccctt aaaagggtgc aaattactac attaaagtta aatttcatct actcaaactg     27540
     taaaaacgtg gtgccaagga catcaagatc ttgtgtttga gtcccaggga atatataaat     27600
     aaataaagaa atattctcca aactgcaagt catggtaaat ttgcagggat gcaagagtca     27660
     aagttcagaa atgtactgaa tggatgacta taatgtatat ggttgttaaa tcatgacgta     27720
     tggaatactg ttttcgagtc caagtgacta ctcatttgaa ttgagataat attcgttttt     27780
     caccactttt tagtcaaata tcagacatta aagtgtgttt cttatacaat catggtgcac     27840
     acaacagtct ctagattggc tgcgtcacag acaccaatac tttttcattc attcattttc     27900
     atttcggctt agtctcttta ttaattcgga gtcgccacag cgcgatgaac cgccaactta     27960
     tccagctcat gatgtactaa gagaatgccc ttccagccac aacccatctc tgggaaaaca     28020
     ccaatattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ttcatttttt ttttcggctt agtcccttta     28080
     ttaacccggg gttaataaat tattggggtt ttcaaacaaa taacatttac tttaggtttc     28140
     agacattcaa ccacacatag actattagcg aaatataata ctgatctttt gtaaaataca     28200
     tgctgatgac tatggagaaa acagtaataa ctttttttaa ttataattgg acgagttgct     28260
     taattcacgt aagatacacg ctaggagatg ttactaggac atttactcta ttcctctccc     28320
     tgttaatcag ccacttgctt ttgtgtattt caggagaaaa ttataaatta ataagttgta     28380
     aatgcagcag ctttggtctc tactgcagct gatgtcagtc ccagatcatt attaagccat     28440
     ttaattgatg aaataaatgg ccttatatca catatttgac atttggaatg tcggacattt     28500
     cacaatgtat tttgaaagct cttggcatca aatggctgaa ttgtgtgagc tacagtttgg     28560
     tcattattcc cttaagtcag gggtgtacaa actcggtcct ggaggcccgg tgtcctgggc     28620
     tgcgcccgaa accgactatt actcagtagg tactgcatta gaatttaaac atactactcg     28680
     ccgttagaaa agtacgttct atacagtatg aatatgaaat gtatgaatgg aattcggaca     28740
     tactacatct gccattttgt cacggtcacg tgacctacct gcagcagttg cgtcgcttca     28800
     ctcgcattca tgaattctct cgcggtgcat catgggattg tgcactacag aatatcactg     28860
     gaagtagtaa gtcatccggg tacttctcgc ttactgattt tcgaattctc gcatactgat     28920
     tttagcgtac tgcatagtgt ggaagtatgc ggtttcggac atagccctgg agagtttagc     28980
     tccaacccta atcaaacata cctgaagcag ctaatcaagg tctttctagg tatactagaa     29040
     acttcctggt aggtgtgttg aagcaagttg gagctaaagt ctgcaggaca caggccgtcc     29100
     aggaccaagt ttggacaccc ctgccttaag tataacatct ggtttgttgc gtttcaagcc     29160
     ctttctgttg gaaaccccct ttagagccta ctgtaaaatc acaatacaaa atcaatcctc     29220
     cctcaatcat attttaaatg tccagctgtc acaaccatat ttttgtttac caatcacaat     29280
     tgtcctaact agccaagcat gtttagcatc ctaatggcat ttgttttatt tcaagtgtgc     29340
     atattctaag tcagaggttt tcaaactggg gtccgcggcc ccctgggggg ccgccagatg     29400
     gagctagggg ggccgcaaag aaattttaga tcaatgagcc cacatggatg aattttgtgt     29460
     cccgcatcat tctgaaggtt aatatatttt tattataatt tgagctcaaa agtactgcaa     29520
     aaatgaagct ttatgcttat gtcatttaaa tgcagttgac actttcgtga cacaggaaaa     29580
     gaagcgcagc ggcccgcctc cgtggacggg gacttttatt gaataatcgc ttctggccag     29640
     gcgcttcctg actgtgattt ttgccgcttg tctgctgcac cagacggcgt ttacctttca     29700
     cttacgctta cctcttttac actaaacaac taaatgaatg ctcaggtttg actgactata     29760
     tttcagttaa aatacatgat caataagaac attatcggtg gctgaaagca ctaccctgtt     29820
     tatgcatctc gcatctgaac cctgctccag ttcaaagagc agctgatggt gagctagatt     29880
     actagacgac accagtggct actgtgggca acacaagcta ttttagattt taaaatgtaa     29940
     cctaattgta cttcaccttt aaaatagaaa gtttgaaagt gtacaaccct gaaatgttga     30000
     aaatgttcaa cacttaaaac tcaaatatag aaaatttgat gtgttaaagg aaatttcaac     30060
     caatagaata gtagttctat tagtattttt tcagcttttg tggcaccaga aatggtataa     30120
     attagatttt ttgaaatggg tttttgaagc attctggcaa gagtggaact ttaatttgaa     30180
     ctaacagggc caaaccaata atctaaataa gtggcccaga attccaacag acttcaaatt     30240
     ccatcccacc atcatgtata caagccccca tttaggcaga catgtgattt aaagcgttag     30300
     ttcaccccaa aatgaaatta gtctaaccaa aattaccttt tttgatcatt ggaacacaaa     30360
     tcttaataaa atgcataccc tgagctatcg tagaagaaaa gtcaaagtgt tcttggagct     30420
     tcttatgatt acagctgaac caaaggagtc acaagaaatg ttttgacaat gttttttgtt     30480
     ctttttctag tcttagaatg accattgcta tgtatggagg atgagagagc tcttggattt     30540
     catctaaaaa atcttaagtt gtattccaaa gatgcacagc aaattcatca gagttaaatt     30600
     ctcggtgttg aagcatttta gagtaaagtg ttgacgttaa agagttagat tttgataaat     30660
     gaatataata agagttagaa ttgattttat tcagtgcgaa atcaaggagt tatcttttct     30720
     acacttggtg gtgttatttc caacatccgg gaattcatgc agccccagtc actgaagaat     30780
     tttccagatg ccattttcca tctgaggttt agaacagcaa ctggtgagtc aaactaccta     30840
     aatgttggta ttttactgac tttctttaag gaaatacagt tgtaaaccta ttgttaagtt     30900
     aataacttta gaatggagtg acaattttaa acttctgtgg ttcattcatg gtcgtttgtg     30960
     tatctagctt aactgcatta ctattgactt cttttcaagc atgtttttat atatgctcac     31020
     gcatacatag tgcataaaaa catcaaatgt acatgttcaa cacatttctg tcacgcttaa     31080
     tgctattttg tgcgttttta cccatctgta aaataaaatc gacacttctc ctttaattcg     31140
     aagtaaacta gcgagggaat ccccggagca gcctagccta ctctgcctgg atgctaacgg     31200
     caacacagga cggtttccat gagctcggga gtttctaaaa catatctggt gagtaaatga     31260
     acatgcttac ttgtaaaagg cttcctgact gaaacatgat tgtttgttat tcgtgtacgt     31320
     taatttggtt attttaaaca ccgcagccct tttaaactgg ttcattcgtg gccgtccata     31380
     taacgttagt ccatagactc gtgtgataac gtacgcttga attatattaa gtgttgacaa     31440
     ccattaaagt cggaatgtta acattaatgt ctttaaatga ccgcgtttgc actttcagac     31500
     atttaacgtt acagaagtct cccggaagtt gcgggactaa cgttaacgtt atcccgcaaa     31560
     tgcacagaga ctcccagatg cccaagtaga tgcccgcaaa tgaatgataa tctcctggaa     31620
     atcgcgcgtc tcccgcccgg tcattaaaca ctttgcacac ccctctccac cgcatccctc     31680
     ccagctcttc aggtacgtcg cgcgcaagtc acccccaccg ctcttcaggt aagttacgtc     31740
     gcgcgcaact catcccattg ctcttcaggt actcatctct cccgctacct cccgcaaatc     31800
     aactctgtat cccccgaaaa tgacttttcc caactcggga tgtctgacgt tagtaagtta     31860
     ggctatttct gtagtcagga acatcttagt caagcttttt ctcccacatg atattgtgct     31920
     taaaactata ggctaaactt agcatgtact gtacacaaca tttccgtttt attaaagaca     31980
     atttagtgcg ttgtaaatag ccacctgtct gtaaaattaa tcaactgatt catatttgag     32040
     cagcctaatg atgatacagg tttgatttgt agatttatta tcaataatca acatctgaat     32100
     caaaagatat ctgaaaaagt gtgaggcata ctttgatgtt tatctctttt atctgaaggt     32160
     taagcatatg tgtttgatac taatgtgttg ttgttttttg acagccacag ttctctatac     32220
     aataacataa gaccctgtga cggtggctga ttagagacgg atggtgtatt tccagagttg     32280
     gtgaaatgac caagcacacc ttcttggtca tatgtggtga taataatgaa ggtatgtttg     32340
     ataaagttct gtatttgttt cacaataagc tgacagggta ttagagcatt agagaataac     32400
     aaatgacatg aaggtgataa gttttgtatt gtgggtgaac tgttacttaa ataatgtttt     32460
     gctctttgct ttgcactttt cctcttctgc ttatcctaat attttagatt atatttggac     32520
     ctgaaacatc tgctagactc caggaaaggt ggcgtcaata ctggacctga aagggcctaa     32580
     caagttgaat ctggtaaaga aacatgcacg cacgcacaca cacacacacg cacacacaca     32640
     tgcacgcaca cgcttacaga aaactgtagg tttatgaata ttttttacac tgtggccaat     32700
     attttgggga agtcatcact aaatgatata aaagatttta agctcctcta aattttgctc     32760
     caagtgttgt gttaaattca ggattctgga cagacagctg cctgtttttc cagttctagc     32820
     catagtggtt aacctaattg tttttggaga tccaacagtg atatatgtgt tttttctact     32880
     tttccatatc ctgtcacctc aaccagctgg gagagtcaag ttgtggatca tcatgaagat     32940
     tttcaaaagg tgagtttaga tttcttgaat gtttcattta ctttaaatgt tcttttaaat     33000
     atatcataga atttgattgc aatttgtttt caaacatttt tcttagtcat gctggagtct     33060
     tgaagagttc ttagatgagc atcaccctac agtatatccg tgcatcagga accaccagac     33120
     gagcgatcag cagctgctac atcgtcatgg ataaaaaggt catcctgtgg ctgggaagca     33180
     cttcattcac aggacatgct tgatgagatt tcctagctcc agtttgtttt cacacaagtt     33240
     tacagcattt gtaccttcat ttaaactgct gtgtttgata tggaggacca aggaaacacc     33300
     cgaagtgaaa gatttgcacg ccaagttgtt taaaatgtaa tttcagaaga aaactatgag     33360
     ttcagaagaa aactatgagt gacgatatat tgaactttca aattgctctg atgaaacatc     33420
     aagtttggac caaaggactg aaacagcctt tttgagcact ggtcatacat attttgttgc     33480
     tactgtctgt actaataaaa catttaaagc atatttgaca ttgttgcatt ttaaaaactg     33540
     aatgaattgt tgaagtggtg aatgttttca aataaaatgt tttttatttt gtaatttaca     33600
     gtctatttga cctttttacc atatttacac tcaagagagt tgaataaaat aacaatatat     33660
     tacaccaggc ggtgttaaat atagttacat attttaactc tgcccagagt taaaattaac     33720
     cctttcttcg gtgtcaatgt gccaaccctt ttgaaagtgt tgatttaagt ctgttttgag     33780
     tggaccccat gagacacttt caaagggttg aaattaacac ccatagagtt gttttgggtc     33840
     cccatatttt gctgtgtgga caaatgcctc aggggtttta acgacatgag tcacatgagt     33900
     gagtaattaa caacagaatt tccctctttg tatgaactaa ccttttaact aaaaaacaat     33960
     ggctaggtga ttcccattca acgacaaagc aggtcagtga cagaattaca ttacagtaga     34020
     catgaagaag ttttacttta tttaaaatta agtaaattaa aacgttaaaa tacataaaca     34080
     catttgtagg tgcacttgaa catactttag agcgtttgtc tatgctcaaa tggccaaaat     34140
     gtgggggtgt gatgacttcc tgttagtgat gtggtatgta gtgtaaagga cagcggtttt     34200
     gtttctgttc aaatgacatg cattatatat actttcaagt ttgtgttcaa acaagttcct     34260
     tgtttgtgta cacaaaatta atctctgaca ttaaatacct gcatgtatac ttttttccca     34320
     aactgtttgc agtgtgcgtt tagctcaaat aaagtgttat actaagctct gcacttgaca     34380
     aataatgact tgcatggtct tatgtttgtc tcgacatggt tatttttaca cagatttcaa     34440
     aattgcttca gacatatcac catgacaagg ttttctttac aacaactgga aaaaaaaagc     34500
     caagtaaccg ttttttctga acagcaaaac aaacaagggt taaaccacca aggcttgcac     34560
     ctcactggtg accaaatgtg gaaaacatga cataacttgt tggggcccac cacaatgtct     34620
     aaatcctgca aagaagttag tatgtgggca ttttccatta aaaacaactg agaatatctc     34680
     atttctgatg tgtctttatt atgttattca tcaagcaagc gtaattaatg catttcatat     34740
     ttaatacatt ggtggttggt caggaagagg ctcttgtgtt tattatgtgg gccatctttt     34800
     gttcaaactc ttcacacacc aaagaaaaga ccacttcggt atactgaaaa agcaaaacgt     34860
     tcaggttacg tacataaccc acgttccctg aatagggaac tgtaacatat tgtaacctgc     34920
     attctggaga taaacattcc atttaacatt ccagaaaaca atctgggtga atctgggtga     34980
     caataaaatc acttggcgac gaaaagtctg gcttagtaat ccgtggtgac atgttaacaa     35040
     gtctgggaga cttcacagaa ccactctctg cctacttcaa aagaacatga aagataagat     35100
     aagaaagaaa aaaaaacctc tttagccaac gttctgctca cagacaagac attcctcaaa     35160
     attaaacaaa gacatttaga acccaaatct cttgtttaat ttcatttaac ttttgtaatg     35220
     tgtacaatcc ctgatataga ctatacacat tcgtactttc aggccttttt aaaagcatca     35280
     atgacgtaag gatatgggaa ctatgttaat gtacttttaa tgttgatgta cttgtagagt     35340
     gtttggtgtc aatagaatgc cctcgacatt ttacaacaca tgatgcatag tgcaagacca     35400
     taactcgcat tgctttattc tttaaagccc tgtattagat gcctgtccgc atgctttagg     35460
     cggacactca aatttgcata cgagcagccc ctagacaaag gaaggttcgc gcgcaaactt     35520
     tcccctgaaa tcattggtca gaatgctgta cgggttgtca cgtgacccgc aggtataagc     35580
     acacttcccc ccaaacatct gggcagaaag agaacgtccc aaaaaggaac atcatttacg     35640
     gtggtccctt taagggccac acggctcttc acagccgcat ggactttccc gccacgcttt     35700
     ctttattttc cggcaaagta aattcagttt aaagtttgcg atcgtgttcg tccgaactgc     35760
     attacaaact ccacgcatca aaggacatca agagtagttt tcaccacgac ggaagagaga     35820
     cgcataagag agacctccag acatggaaga ccaggtgatt ttagtcatgc gattaagctg     35880
     tgaccctttt atcaaaaagg tgtgttttat aaccttggtg gtccttaatg gtgcgtgtgg     35940
     aactgaaagt tttgtcactc ttttatctga aatctatctt tcctagcttt actatttctc     36000
     tttgctgtta cccgttctat agacccgata tctccacgtg gtttaccttt gttttatgtt     36060
     taatgtatgt ttgtgcgttt gtgtgttcgt tacgtctgac tagtcaataa attccattat     36120
     aatcaaatga attgtattgt ttgcctcacg agaaaatgtc actgaaatac agattcccct     36180
     gcctagctat tataagttgt ttaaaacttt tgaatgatta atctacttca caagaagtag     36240
     caattaaatt ccctatttct aaatgaatag attaccgtgt ccgctcggaa gagcggcggc     36300
     tctgcttgtg ttcgtttggt caaattaaca ataaattgat ccggaatatt aatgattaat     36360
     aataattcgt tattgttaat aattaatatt cataatctgg gaatccgctc ggtcgcgcga     36420
     gcatgatcat ttacaatatg tttgtttgac caaactgact gaagcttata agacggaata     36480
     ttaataatta agaataaacc attattgttg attattaata ttcataaaat gagttaattt     36540
     catgttacat atattggtgg agagaatgcg ggcagttttc caaacatttt ctgtgaaaca     36600
     aactttccaa ttcattgtga tttattaagt gctataaaag aaaaaaaaga ccgcgagaag     36660
     catttccttt tcttcaaagc tgggaggacg gaaagcctgc tccagctatt ctgttcacta     36720
     aacacagcag agagctgccc gtgtagagtg taacaattta aactgcagtt catatatatt     36780
     ttgaatcgat tttgctgaga cgcacgttcc gcaaatcatt tgaatatatt agtgtgcctg     36840
     tcggaggaaa agacgcctct ctcagcgctt gtaagacagt ttggaaaccc caaacctgtc     36900
     cgtttaaaag gcctttatag ctagaaaacc tctagactat ttctcccgtg gtttcaaact     36960
     gttagattag ctgcctaacg tttaacctat ttgcttcgcc gccgtgcgaa attattttca     37020
     gaactgctgg acggttctaa attaatgtat ttgggagctg caagcttgcc ttttaaccgc     37080
     tttctgacga aaggaattct cagaatcata agcgtgtttt taaatggtac caaaatctga     37140
     tatggatgtg aattcccata tttcagttat gttcgtccgg accaaatctg tgtacaaacg     37200
     tgcaccgcct cgagagacgt ctcgcatttt atgtttgttt gtctaattgt aatggtcgaa     37260
     tattattatc agtgttacgg caacatgata tataatgacc gtttatgcga atcttagtgg     37320
     ttcgcgcttt gcctttgtga agtcagccgc ataccaagtt atgaatgaga actcattcat     37380
     aaaaacgacc cttcgagcgc tcattgactc ctcgtccacg taactcgtgt gcgcgcacgc     37440
     atgcgtgaat gacgtagtca ccaccccaaa gcataagatc cgccttcagg aggcagagtg     37500
     tgtgacgcgg cttacatcac agggcaaaac cactcgctag cttctaacga ctagccttaa     37560
     gtaaactaac ccttcgcgtc ttaatattac caaactgtta gcacaaggct aaccggatgc     37620
     gaagcgtaac tcgtaacaac ttactagcgg ctaacgccag ctaacgttaa tgcttaagca     37680
     aaccaaccct tcacattttg ttactttaac aaactttagc acaaggctaa ccgaatgtga     37740
     agtgctactc ggaaacatct ccccctgtct ccttctgctc tcctcacatc agttccgccc     37800
     accattgtgt ctcaagtggt ctgaaatggt taaacagttt ggagttaatt tgttttaatt     37860
     tcgattaagc attttatttt ccctgttatc attttatcca aacaatagtt tagttaccta     37920
     agtatagatt attggtctgt ttttatttct tttggtatta tgaattattt tgttactttc     37980
     aatttttttt tttattaatt ttctgccttc tgtctttttc attttaatag cgttgtccag     38040
     tttattttgt tattacttga tttttaatca agttcccaat aatctattct aaacttaggt     38100
     catgttattt tttaattttg ttggttttgc tatttgggga atagccttta atctctctat     38160
     tattatcatt aataggcata attttcttcc cttttgattt tttttttact ccatcttttc     38220
     cttatgcctt atttattccc tcccctctta ggttataggg aaagtataac tatattaggg     38280
     caagtattag tctgaagcta aattcagagc tatcaatcta tagatcccac atctgatcaa     38340
     aacatgttgg gctaacccat taatgtttgt agatgcccct gaatactaag gcactctttc     38400
     tactttttct aagccgtcct gtactgcttt tagctatagg ggattattat gattattctt     38460
     ttagattctt ttatgccgat ttaattttcc tttagcctcc ctccatcaca gggtgataac     38520
     cttctctatc catcagatac tacagcatac taagattcct actccaactg gctcgcccag     38580
     aatagtagat ccatagtact gcccgtatcc ggacccgagt cctctgtgct tgtgtggtta     38640
     agcgtacagg ttattcaggt tgcagatcaa aagattgggt tcatctgtct gacataactg     38700
     acccctgctg aaggatgcgt tagatacctt ggcgttttgt ctctccggct tgtgtggatc     38760
     acagtggcat cagcaatcgt actccaagaa gcaccatccg tgtcaactgg catacgatca     38820
     atcttggtta attaccctgt catgattcca cacacgtgcc cgcctgagtg agattggcca     38880
     cctcattcta caggcctagt gcggcaccgg aatcatcagg caaaacccaa ttttgaatca     38940
     tgccaggcgg tcagtgactt tcttgagtgc tacgtattgt gctaaaagcc tacgctgtgt     39000
     gagttcacaa ccgagttaca ttataggcaa gtgatctgat agcgactgca gtaggagttg     39060
     gggaaagtct agtcagatag cacgctcttg caaccttcat ctgattgcct ttcactcacc     39120
     accaagtgta aatagcatgt aaaacctagt ctaaacctag cccactacag gactataaaa     39180
     cgaacatttt agacatgccc ataggttttg ctattctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     39240
     tctctctctc tctctctatc tctctctccc tcgtttctca tccttgtctg tctttcagtt     39300
     ttatttttat tcatatttac tgatatccat attagtattt tctttcattt ttctttcccg     39360
     gtacactcgt tcatccgagc gaggtgcctt tttgtctaat ttatcgttag tattattcat     39420
     ttttgttttt ttttggggtt actgttattt ttatttactt aattattttt atttactttg     39480
     acctgctcag agaccacgct attgagaacc accagggtga tttaaataat tgattgataa     39540
     tttgcacagc ctggcgcatg actaaaagcc ttgaggccag tacgtagata tcaactgtta     39600
     tctagccacc caaattcgac atccgaattg tccggccccc agtggatcct tagaagaacc     39660
     aacgtctagc cggcacatac cccctagctg acaaccctgt cagactaata atatagcaca     39720
     atgctaacat ccactcgatt tggccatgtg ggtctctctc tctctccctt gtgatctctg     39780
     tctcacccaa cagaccagca tgtcaagtgc gcccagcccg ctgctcaccg ggaccaactg     39840
     gaggcctggt taagtgctta acccacaacc tcctgcccaa cgatgccatg gagctgcagc     39900
     ggccaagcag agaacagctg gacgtctgca ttaatccgct gagggcgaac gttctagccc     39960
     ggagccatga cagccaagcc cagactcaac tctccagggc cctgacacac ctcacccttg     40020
     caccggccag ccccatagga aagggtctca accagctgga gcatcgagcc caggacgcct     40080
     gcaagacgac gagggaaaag gacgccgaac ttctggagca aatggacgga ttacacgcgc     40140
     cccgatggag ctacaagcgg acaactcaca caaggagcga cgagaggaga aagccaaaga     40200
     tgaactgagt gtaaagctac aagctgaaac actattgtaa agagcagaac taaagacagt     40260
     aaagctcggg tcaaagcctc taaagtcaac ggctgagggc ccgagcaaaa ttccaacacg     40320
     gaacccaaca aagagacttt taagcatgaa cctaccagag ttcacccaga actgtcacat     40380
     ttctacaacc catgtgacta tccgaaaggg gaagtgccgc agtcagccca aaggccaaga     40440
     ctggatagac cagcagaggg gggtgaatcc aactcatacc gccccgccag ccagcattcc     40500
     agcaacgccc atcagcaaca cagggccagg actccctcca atggggtccc ccatgacaga     40560
     caccatctgt cagccaaaga ctttgaacca gctggccagg gaaatgccaa ctttcacccc     40620
     aaaccttgct gaaggcgacg acacgcactc ctaattttaa gacattgact tttacacttt     40680
     tacacagagg ccaagttcca ctctctgtga caaactgtat ctgctaagaa ttacttcgag     40740
     ccgtgaggca agaagtttcc tgaatcaata gcgccgtgcc atcaaagcag attacgagcc     40800
     gatgcaagag ctcttactag agtgttttac ctgaccccgt gtcagagtaa ggactgattg     40860
     tcgccatggg tctcagaaca gccaagagac ctcacaagca tactgcagtc gactacacca     40920
     accctacttc gagacaggaa atgagccacg gacggaggag gagttcacct tccagatcct     40980
     ctctctctca aaagcctgct ttctgtggtg agtccgcaca cgggcagtgc cctgccccca     41040
     cgccctgacc acccaacagc ggcagagttt agctcataaa atctgttcaa aacaaagact     41100
     gctttgaaag actatcaaac acctacgagc taccctgtct cagaatctca tccggagctg     41160
     actttaaaag gcacgttact gtttcccagc cacaagactt cctaacagtg agttaaagcc     41220
     tttctccgcc agcagaggac agcaccgcca ggaaggcgca tgtcccaaca ccagacagga     41280
     tgctcagaga cacactggga caaaccactc accacaagca gcccaaaagg agcctaacag     41340
     caaccaagga atgaacaacc tgcagtagct aggagctcaa gcaaccagca tccagctagt     41400
     tacacgccag agaaagccaa aagtgaaaac ctgacaccaa acaacggcac agtggcgtca     41460
     tgagcagtag aactgctaaa aagcttgaag ggggccctac aagaagtcaa gccagactcc     41520
     ttatgactag aggggggtcc aaaaccattt acccccctga acacctgctt tctgctccat     41580
     acccgcagag tactgcgagt ccaacacaag ctaaagactg tgtacctaac tgtagcatca     41640
     cgcttccccc aagaagcagc cagtgccacc atgcttgcaa cctcaggcac cagaaaacac     41700
     tggtctggtt gtctgtttac ctcctgagcc acagcccacc aaccagccac acctgcgtac     41760
     aaacaactgc tcaggcccct gcacttcaac tcttggggaa cctgacccaa atggcgtgtc     41820
     aacaatgagc tacttggctg taaccgtgga gatgaaagaa agatgaaaaa tgcgcgtcag     41880
     cacgggagca gacctcacat taatgtcatc tctcctgttt gagtaactca aagcaagagc     41940
     tcagagacta aaacgaacac ttaaatgcca accaggcagg ctgatggtgc aaatcatact     42000
     gccaaactga aggttcaact cacatacatc actctcaatc aagtaacaac tgtccccatg     42060
     actgcagtgc accccgtgta cccgtcgcca atgggcacat acctgctgct gaatggtaaa     42120
     aatccgctgc gtacgtgtga acctctttcg aactttgaac ccctttaaaa tctgggccca     42180
     agtgcgagaa ctctctcaca gccgtcaggt caaccccaac agactgtcag gtcaccgagg     42240
     tcgcgggaaa ctgctggaac ccgcgagaac ccaaactcaa caacatagag ggggtcaagg     42300
     tcgctactct gcagccttca aaccagctag caacctcaac gcttgctgcc ccaggcctca     42360
     aagggcttaa tgttgaataa ccggactgtg aatgacattg tacttgcact gtgagcagac     42420
     aacccagcag ccatcagcct tgcacggtgt gacactccgc ctgaacacac ccccagacct     42480
     gtgttcaact gacaagcata cacactactg tccaaatgct gaactctcac acatgacaac     42540
     tgccaacagc atttgcacat tgaacttgaa tcggaatggc ggatggttga cccatcccgt     42600
     cctaactctc acggccccgc cgcacgacgt tacatcagag ctaatagcct gatacatctt     42660
     caggcatata tatagacacc tttaacgact ggtgataggc acccacactt ctcacagcca     42720
     acaacaatgg ctgtcaccct caaaagcccc actcaggcca gaccatgcca gaggtctgct     42780
     ccgtcatcag caaacaagac tctgtggtgc cagcctatac aaacaggtgc tctatatggc     42840
     tctccatacg aaaggccgaa ctctaaacca tacattgggt tttcttccaa ccaacaacag     42900
     aaggggcata aaactgggcc tcaacctgga agccataccc taaattgaac tgtcctcatg     42960
     aacagtatat gtcttgtgta atagctgcat ggcaactgac ataaaaatcc ccaaagacta     43020
     cctactggga cgattggtca gctatgagtt ccatgacttt gaactcttgg gccaattagt     43080
     ggcctcaccc tacatgcaac gacaccagag gggagcttag aaaacacaga ctatactgtt     43140
     ccattccagc tcgccacact cacgtctgtc ttaccagtaa acaaagaacc ggtaggcaga     43200
     agtgagctca cagaggacta actccttgcc gtgtgcccag ccactcgtca ccccatcact     43260
     aacatggatg aagacagggc actttcctca acagaacaga catgctgagg ccacgcagga     43320
     cgaggccaac cgacaaacgt cagcacatcc tgtataacta ccacggtgcc ctcactaaag     43380
     actctttaga ctgcaagtcc cactgacctt cacatggaaa tatccaactc catgctggaa     43440
     aaaggacatc gggctatgca acaaaacctg ctcggcaccc atctggcccg tcctcaagcc     43500
     cagggtcgaa gggtgcctga ccatagaaag ctaaatcagc aaatgccatt gtcacaaggg     43560
     ccaatgacac cactggaaca ggaagtgccc agaattcaag gaccaaccat ctcctcaacg     43620
     cttgatgtgg tccccgcctt ctggacaata cctgtacatc caaatgacca gcataagcta     43680
     gctttcacct tgaacaacag acactaaacg atcatgaggt gccccgtcgg ctaggccaac     43740
     tcaccagccg aaagcaacac cctcctgaac aaagcatatc ccgatgctta tgttagaggc     43800
     tccctaagtg ggtgcaacta ctccagacac gtcattaaga actgttcaaa gacttctcga     43860
     cccgtgacca ccctgtcaaa aagggctgtc cttctgtttg acggaaggtc aacagctggc     43920
     cacgattgaa gtgagacaac gtctgggcat atgcaagtaa gacactcctt gcgccagaag     43980
     gcaaatacta agactgtgta acaacatcgc tctgcacggt gggtgccatg tcaacaacta     44040
     ttctccaact tctttgaagc acaaaagcca tcatagacac ctgccaccaa cctgtcatgt     44100
     taccgaacag tcagcacatc cgggatggca taaagactaa cgccagtacg gccatgcggc     44160
     cgatggcccc ccagggccac tgtattgaca cgcgttacac cttaagccac aaatccacgc     44220
     tgggtaacag cctagctgtt taccaagact gtacaactga cagaccagtt gcaacgccgt     44280
     agaggaggaa ccccagccac ctctgtcaac ctgtcattca agtactccaa ggactgggat     44340
     gagaatgcgt gccaaggtat gcccacagcc cgtgtcgatg gatgctccca caaacatcgc     44400
     agtatggaga aatggcagtc aacactgcaa cccttcaaag cacagcagcc catgacatca     44460
     gagtgcactt agctgcagac tccaacttgc tagactctgt ttcacgttcc accacccagg     44520
     gtggaaacaa aaggcttcag aactgcccac cacaagcccg tgaaacatta acactttttc     44580
     tttttcccaa gtaggcgacc acaacactga caaccacatc atggtcgtct acagaaaaaa     44640
     aaagataaga acagttcaaa ctttcaggca ctgacaaaga cctgaatgac tggaccgatg     44700
     cccttaccaa gaaggtgcat cacacggtgg actatggtca ccacccaacc aaaaccccga     44760
     gatctggcag ctgtaactgg cagccaacaa ccctgcctag cctagctgcc acattcaatc     44820
     tcaccagccc gacaaatgtc gacaaacgac attgcgacca cataggcgtc tgacacctca     44880
     cgtcagacca ggtttatttt tacctttact ttgtctcttg ttgttttgtt ttgtttccac     44940
     cactcacccc acctaccacc cgatccttct gtctgacctc agcttcaaca cagatgtcac     45000
     tcaacacctc ctacatctta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacag gtgcgtgtga atcctttttg     45060
     ggttgtccct gaagacccca cgacaccaca gttcgtgctg cctcagagcc agaggggggt     45120
     aatgctaatg tactgaccct gcacacagca aaacatgccc agggcgctga ttcaccgagc     45180
     accacagcaa cagagaaacc atcctctcat gatcagacac ccagatggat cgggcgggag     45240
     acttccatgg gctcacaagg agcaacaatt ttttttttgt gtgtgtgttt ttctctcctt     45300
     cgctttctct tccccatgaa ctcatatgcc agtacaccaa atgggtagag tgtctctcag     45360
     caccgacgac acagcccaga ccatggcata tcttctgatg atgtaaacaa cttggacaga     45420
     ggcactcacc ctgcactacc aacatcacac aggaagggca aagactcctg gttgtatacg     45480
     ctcagctgca tagcagccaa ccctcaaacc tacgtatcac aaccagagta acaaacactg     45540
     ggccacaagc caggaaaggg ggtagagacc ctgtaaccgg tgtcacagtg gaatgcccag     45600
     ccaagcacag tcatcacaga caccacctac tctctcccct gttccctctc tctctctctt     45660
     cctttcctac acagcataca gccacgatcc tgtacctcag tctcaccaga agaccactgc     45720
     aacctcacaa ctatactcct ctatcactca tctctggaaa actgcggaac aactaccact     45780
     ccgtgcctcc cgacaacagg gaagcacaca ttaacaaggg cctcgccatt caataagatg     45840
     caagcaccag tgaacaagtg caccgccgta ctcccacgag cctttcagcg gaaagctggg     45900
     aaaggaaagg aacgccaagg agctgcaccc acgttgattg aaatgaaact ccgtccagct     45960
     gactcaggaa cggacatcga ggggccctca cttcctgccc aaccaacaag ttaagtgaga     46020
     tcccaaccaa ccgggttttc tccgaaccac gttgtttggg aagaggggga ctgtaacata     46080
     ttgtaacctg cattctggag ataaacattc catttaacat tccagaaaac aatctgggtg     46140
     aatcgccagg acaataaaat cacttggcga cgaaaagtct ggcttagtaa tccgtggtga     46200
     catgttaaca agtctgggag acttcacaga accactctct gcctacttca aaagaacatg     46260
     acagataaga taagaaagaa aaaaaaaaac ctctttagcc aacgttctgc tcacagacaa     46320
     gacattcctc aaaattaaac aaagatattt agaacccaaa tctcttgttt aatttcattt     46380
     aacttttgta atgtgtacaa tccctaatat agactataca cattcgtact ttcaggcctt     46440
     tttaaaagca tcaatgatgt aaggatatgg gaactatgtt aatgtacttt taatgttgat     46500
     gtacttgtag agtgtttggt gtcaatagaa tgccctcgac attttacaac acatgatgca     46560
     tagtgcaaga ccataactcg cattgcttta ttctttaaag ccctgtatta gatgcctgtc     46620
     cgcatgcttt aggcggacac tcaaatttgc atacgagcag cccctagaca aaggaaggtt     46680
     cgcgcgcaaa ctttcccctg aaatcattgg tcagaatgct gtacgggttg tcacgtgacc     46740
     cgcaggtata agcacacttc cccccaaaca tctgggcaga aagagaacgt cccaaaaagg     46800
     aacatcattg acggtggtcc ctttaagggc cacacggctc ttcacagccg catggacttt     46860
     cccgccacgc tttctttatt ttccggcaaa gtaaattcag tttaaagttt gcgatcgtgt     46920
     tcgtccgaac tgcattacaa actccacgca tcaaaggaca tcaagagtag ttttcaccac     46980
     gacggaagag agacgcataa gagagacctc cagacatgga agaccaggtg attttagtca     47040
     tgcgattaag ctgtgcccct tttatcaaaa aggtgtgttt tataaccttg gtggtcctta     47100
     atggtgcgtg tggaactgaa agttttgtca ctcttttatc tgaaatctat ctttcctagc     47160
     tttactattt ctctttgctg ttacccgttc tatagacccg atatctccac gtggtttacc     47220
     tttgttttat gtttaatgta tgtttgtgcg tttgtgtgtt cgttacgtct gactagtcaa     47280
     taaattccat tataatcaaa tgaattgtat tgtttgcctc acgagaaaat gtcactgaaa     47340
     tacagattcc cctgcctagc tattataagt tgtttaaaac ttttgaatga ttaatctact     47400
     tcacaagaag tagcaattaa attccctatt tctaaatgaa tagattaccg tgtccgctcg     47460
     gaagagcggc ggctctgctt gtgttcgttt ggtcaaatta acaataaatt gatccggaat     47520
     attaatgatt aataataatt cgttattgtt aataattaat attcataatc tgggaatccg     47580
     cttggtcgcg cgagcatgat catttacaat atgtttgttt gaccaaactg actgaagctt     47640
     ataagacgga atattaataa ttaagagtaa accattattg ctgattatta atattcataa     47700
     aatgagctaa tttcatgtta cagaacggag acgtgtgtct gcataaacag actttgggag     47760
     tgctttaaat gaccaatcat ttcggaagat ataaaaacgg gccaatgaaa tgacaattga     47820
     attggcggag cttagctcca cagctgaaac tgatgagcca attagggcta tatcagtcgg     47880
     ctgtgtgagt tagctcgtca gaattgtgcc tgctgaagag ccgatcactc agcttccagc     47940
     tggagactta ggtgttgtgg cagtggagac acacgtctcc gttccctatt cggggaacgt     48000
     gggttacgta tgtaacctgg acgttcccct tcatatggga actccgacgt gtgtctgtat     48060
     aaacagactt tgggagactg tatggaaagc gccacagcaa ccaagctcgt cacgctcctg     48120
     atgtgcagtt tgccaagcca aagcatgagc gcactgacat caccaagagc gcaacggggg     48180
     tcttaagtgt cgggggtcgt aagtgtgctt ttacctagct aatatagact agggattttt     48240
     ggagatacga cagtacgttg ggaaagcgtc agtccccgca gggggaggac acggcggaga     48300
     ccatctgcta cccagaaggg gagacctgat ggtaaggggg catatggact agccctaaag     48360
     agggggagtg cttcatatga taagctggtt agcggtttag ggaagacacg ggaccgcctg     48420
     ataaggggga acacaccatg gtaataatgc acatggcatc accaagtggg gatgcgcata     48480
     gctggcaccg atcctcaata tgcatgtaga ccaaatgggc gtaccaaccg cacaccgagc     48540
     catgcattcg tctcctccgc tgagtcaatg atgggggcct cggaggaact ctctagggtt     48600
     cgcctgagaa ggaaaacttc tccagtaagc atggcgcagc aagcgtttgt gacaccgagc     48660
     ttaattcccc ccattgataa gcgagggcga tggcattaac taaccagtgg gccaacctct     48720
     gttttgatat gacacttccc ttctgccgtc caccgtaaca gataaagagc tgtttagatg     48780
     atcttacatt ttgcgttcgt tccacgtaaa ggcgcaaagc gcgaacggga caaagcagtg     48840
     agtgggttga gcctgcctcc tccgaaggca gcgcttgcag attcaccacc tgatctctaa     48900
     atggggtggt aggaaccttg ggtacatagc caggccgggg tctcaagaca acgcgagagt     48960
     aaccgggcct gaattcaagg cacgattcgc tgaccgaaaa tgcctccaga tccccaactc     49020
     tcttgaatga cgccaatgca atcagcagag ctgtctttag agagagaatt tttagtgata     49080
     ctgactcgag tggctcaaat ggatctctct gcagacccgc taggactaga gagagatccc     49140
     tagaaggcat gagagggggg cggatttaac cgctgcgccc ctgaggaatc ggataattag     49200
     atcatgcttc ctgagcgtgt tgccatctac cacatcatgg tgagcggaga tcgcagccac     49260
     gtaaaccttc agtgtggagg gtaacagcct acgctccagc ttatcctgaa taaaggataa     49320
     cacaatgcta atctggcaag ttcgggggtc ttctcggcga gaagcacact actcagagaa     49380
     tagactccac ttcagggcgt aggcatgcct cgtagagggt gctctagcct gagtgatggt     49440
     gttaagtacc gcgggcggta agtcacctaa gtcttccgcg ctccgttcat ggaccacatg     49500
     tggaggttcc agagatctgg gcgtgggtgc cagatggtgc cccgtcccta agagaggagg     49560
     tcctccctta ggggaatgcg ccaaggaagg gccgccacga ggagtgtgaa ctcggaaacc     49620
     caggtccggt tgggtcagag aggcgcaaca aacaagacct gctcctcgtc ctccctgact     49680
     ttgcacaaag tttgtgcgat tagacaaagg ggaaacgcat atttgcgcgt gcccgatggc     49740
     cagctgtgag ccagtgcatc tgtgccgggg agggcctcgg tcagggaata aaacagctgg     49800
     caatgtgcat tctcggtgga agcaacagat cgatctgggc ttccccgaag aacgcccata     49860
     tcagctggac cgaatcgggg tgcagtctcc actcttctcg gacactagct gccgtgagag     49920
     cgcactggct gcacggttga acttgcctga aatgtggatg gcacgcgagc tgagacatgc     49980
     ggcgagaggt atacccccat acggttgata taagccaccg tcgccatgct gtccgtcctg     50040
     accagcatgt gtttccgctc cagcaccggt aaaaattggc ggagagccag atacactgcc     50100
     aacagcttca ggcagttgat atgccaatgc aggcggggtc tgaaccacga acccgcagct     50160
     acatgctcgt tgtacacggc cccccagccc atgctggagg catctgtcgt tatgacaaca     50220
     ttcctggata ctagccctag gggcactcca gcccatagaa aaaccagatc cgtccagggg     50280
     ctgagggtgc agagacacag cggagtgacg cgtacctggt gtgtgcccgt ctgggaactc     50340
     catcgcaaag ccaacgccga agtggtctca tatgaagcaa accgagcggt gtgaccgcag     50400
     ctgcggatgc catatgcccc aggagcctct gaaaacattt cagtgagacc actatcctac     50460
     tgtggagcta gttcgcacag gaaagcatta gcctggtgcg ctcctcggag aggcgcacaa     50520
     ccatagcaac cgaatccagc tccagcccaa gatgagagat cctctgcacg aggcaaagtt     50580
     tgcacttctc tcggttgacc tgaaacccca actggtcgag gtgccaaatc actttgtctc     50640
     tgtgcataat cggctgagcg cagagtgagg ctatgagcca atcgtcgcaa tagcggagta     50700
     tgcggatgcc ggcaaggcgc aggagcgcta gggcaccctc cgcgagcttg gtgaaaaccc     50760
     gcagagacag tgagagcccg aaggggagga ttttgtattg ccacgcttgt ccttcgaacg     50820
     cgaactggag aaaagggcgg tggcgtggaa gaaaggagac gtgaaaacat gcgtccttca     50880
     ggtctatggc tgcaaaccaa tcctttgaac agacgctctg aatcaagcgt ttctgtgtga     50940
     gcattctgaa aggcattttg tataaatgac agttcagtct gctcagattt aggattggcc     51000
     ttaacccccc cactctattt gggcgcgatg aaatacgggc tgtaaaaccc ggacctcatc     51060
     tcggcaggag ggacctgctc gattgcttca ttgccaggag gacagcaatc tcctcttgca     51120
     agacaggggc gctctcgggg atcaccctca tgaaaaggac aaccgtgaac ttgggagggc     51180
     gaatagcgaa ctgaattgca tagccgagtc tgatcgtcca tatgagccac tgcaacacgc     51240
     tgagcggcgc taaccaagcc agtagagcgc gcgctaatgg caccatcaga gcgatcgctg     51300
     acgtgccagc ggaggggcag ctcgtgagca gcgcatcccg aggaagagct gaaaataaga     51360
     gattttctct taccttcttt cctggatccc acggtgaggc tggagtgaga gaaaggagtc     51420
     cgttttgttg cactctgagg gcctgaggcg aggagtcctg gcgctgcgag ctggaaggcg     51480
     gagtgtccca gactggcagt gctcgggttt gcgcatccgg agagagagga aactgctctt     51540
     ttggaaattt ggttgctgct gaccccaggc acgtgcacac atagggctca acctgtgcag     51600
     tgcaaatgcc ctttttagtc ttggatataa agtgcccttc caaaatgaac aaaagtgccc     51660
     ccgcgacgcg atacaccctc cgtcccgccc ttcagtaggc gcgcgacaac attacttttg     51720
     agtacgcgcg ctcaatccac ccccttccct cacccccgct ttacagtacg tgcgcgacaa     51780
     cacagctgac aagaacgcgc tcgataacaa cctcaaccgc taatcaatga ctttacccat     51840
     cgctttggac tgctcattta ccacggagaa ttcctgggtg cactccccaa cggtgtcggc     51900
     gaacaagcca gcctgcaaaa tgggagcgtt aagaaagcga gctttgtcaa cgtcactcat     51960
     atcacccaag ctcagccaaa ggtggcgttt cttgaccact aatgtggcca tcgtcttccc     52020
     cagggcacga gcagccgatt tggtggtctt gagagcataa ttggggagaa cctcccttct     52080
     gcttctcagc cagcttctcg gcttggtagc gttgataggt ggccatagcg tgcagagcgg     52140
     aggcggcctg acccgcagca gtgtaggctc tggccatgag agactcagat aacctgcacg     52200
     ccttggaagg gagtttgggc gaatttccac gagtggaacg gctagcacgc ccccccgggg     52260
     aatcgcctca tatcccctgg ccgctccatt atagagggag gtgagagcgg gagcgcacga     52320
     ggaccgggca gaaaaaggtg ccctccatgc ctgcgtgagc tctctgtgta cctccgggaa     52380
     gaagctttgc cttcaccccc acgtagcacc cgtctaagcg gtccggccgc ggttctgggg     52440
     gacaagccat ctccagcccc aaggccaaag cagcccggga taatacggct aacatgtcca     52500
     attccagatc cgtaacctta ctgacaacct cagagggtgg gagggggtcc ggatttcccc     52560
     ggagcatgtc aacccgccct ccgatgcagc aatggacgtc acgcccccgg tgtcatctaa     52620
     tgcaagcgcg gccagcccgg aggatggacc agtgctcaca ctcgaagcag aaacagagcg     52680
     cactggagag gagggaggga tccgcgggcc agaaggcgac ggattagccc ccactgtaac     52740
     cctcaggtct ccccgagtgc taaccgcttg gcggggagca gcaggggtga cttgccctaa     52800
     taaaagagct cgccgcgacc tcagttgcgc aacagtcaag ccatcgcaat gcgggcaaga     52860
     actgtccgcg agcaccgcat caacatgttg gacccccaag catgtgacgc aatactcgtg     52920
     cctgtcatcc ggggcgagga aaccactgca tccagaaacg cacggtcgaa acgacatctt     52980
     taaaaagaca tgctgtacga ccgtgtgctc tcttaggaaa ttctgctctt tcagtaaact     53040
     gctctttcag atcaccagca aaacgccaag gggacgggaa acccagctcg tacgccgctt     53100
     acacgtcttc tcccacactg gtgaaggtaa ggctttctat aaagttggaa gtcagctctg     53160
     cagaagggtt tttcagtctc agatcgggtc tgaagcaaca attctgacga gctaactcac     53220
     acagccgact gatatagccc taattggctc atcagtttca gctgtgaagc taagctccgc     53280
     caattcaatt ggcatttcat tggcccgttt ttatatcttc agaaatgatt ggttgtctaa     53340
     agcactccca aagtctgttt atacagacac tcgtcaaagt tcccatatga aggggaacca     53400
     gtgttagcat ttgcaaatcc atgttatatt ttaatatcca aacaatgaaa atggaacaat     53460
     gcatacaatg taaacagtac tgatgtatta aatgaatgta aaccaaatga aatggttctg     53520
     cataattaag gctaaagtac cactgtcttt gactcctgaa gttgctcttg atgcgtaaac     53580
     tccaaatctg ccgcttgaca ttttgcattt tttccagaat aacaacagac acaacctaga     53640
     aggataaaca attgatgtca tattttacag atagatacat tttaatctat taaatgttaa     53700
     agtttgttaa atgtctatta aagatgcagt atgtaagact gacctagtga tcgacgtagg     53760
     tattacagtc cagattctaa atttatttat caaaaaaatt taacgacgtc aactcaacac     53820
     ataaacaggt ttacagactg atgaaaccaa tgcttgacaa ttaagctctc cattgtaagc     53880
     tgataagcta aagtttacat ttgtaataat taaattgttc acaaaataaa aaaacacctt     53940
     atggatttga tatccctgaa tcttcatctt gttttaaagg ctgctggcca tactggcata     54000
     cattgaggca acttttaaga gtgaaatgaa atatttatga tatataatat atgaaaatat     54060
     ataatatgct aaaaacagta tgcgagttga gtagtatgtc agaatttaaa gaattagaaa     54120
     aaactgtatg tgagaagtac cctgataacc tgatagatgc tacgctatgc tatgatgcta     54180
     cgcaagagaa ttcatgaatg ggagtaaagc aacacaactg gcattggtaa ttcacgtgat     54240
     catgacaaat ggcagatgta gtccgttcaa gttctattta tacttccagt gttgggcagt     54300
     agcgtcgcta caagtagtga cgtaactagc ttaactacat ttcttagtag cgtggtggta     54360
     acatcactac tttctgaatc aaatagcttt aatgtagcaa aactcttatg tttgtcaagt     54420
     agagcagtag cgcccacaca agctacattt agcgatcacg aatcaataag tgacttcact     54480
     gactatcaca gagctgtgag gccagtgtca agctaatgaa agtaaatctg atggtgaaat     54540
     gacgatttct tctttttcct gttttatggt ggtcgacaac aataatgttg gacaacaaaa     54600
     atggtgcatt attgccacct ctcgcgctgc ggtgcatttc ctaaacaaca acataactcg     54660
     cagctgaact agcatagtat ggtgcatcgt ttgggaaaag aatgatgtag tgatgagtgt     54720
     ttcccaaaac ccgtagattc tttgtcgcag atccatcgtt tgaaccacat tagttataac     54780
     ttaaaacatc cataatgatg ctctggacag ggtggtaaca acttctttag agaaaaaaaa     54840
     aacataattt cataatttcc cataacaaat tatgttgtta tacaagcaca cacataaaaa     54900
     aattctatat taagattgct agaacatgca ctcgttttct atattaattg aaatatagca     54960
     catatagagc cattgtttcc tttacaaatg ttattgagaa tattccgtag tctattctaa     55020
     attaacataa aatcacttac aatagctaac aggtatttta atataaaaat aaaacatata     55080
     aataaataaa taaataatga ggctatttat aaagaaatta aattttatat ttattaagaa     55140
     ataaaaatat cctactttaa taataatatt aatgatgatg atgatgatta ttaggtagga     55200
     tattgtttgc ttatttgttg atttattttt aaatctactt ttacaatttg acacatgcaa     55260
     accactgcag aaatgttctg accaataggc ccgtcatata cagtacagat attttataaa     55320
     taatctatta attaaaagca ttaacgaatg ctacatattt ttgttttcac aagctttgga     55380
     gatgtaacat aaattccgct tttaaataat agggcaccta tatcttttgt catgagccac     55440
     ggtgttcaaa atgacaccag tgttttcaaa gtgcactgcg aagggagcac aattgtaaac     55500
     atgaaaatca ctaaaaatac tttgaaagca atttacacct aagagagatg actttaaggc     55560
     ttcttttaat taattacaag tttaaacgtc ggtaacttga gaaattagct tgatagaaaa     55620
     atcacttagg aaaaggagtt atttctgagg caggatgacc atacctcgag aatgttaaga     55680
     tgcaaatacc ttaactctta tgctgtgcac aaaatagtgt atactttagt gtaggggatc     55740
     aacctacatt ttaaaatcga tcaggggttt attaactcat ttcaatgaat cggatcctga     55800
     agattcgatt caattgagtc agaatgaatc agattaaaag attcacactt tttctaccat     55860
     ttgtcgcgca aataggagac atcgtatcgt tccaatcttg ttaatattat ttacgtggcc     55920
     atcgataatg acataacaca gcattgggtt aactttagca aggttctaca gctcgaggca     55980
     attacttaga agcacataaa caagaacacc gttcttacaa aatgagtaca aagatttatt     56040
     gagctacact acgatacatg aaactcacta tgtaataagc aaacaacaaa caaacgcaca     56100
     catacattca ctcacacaca cagaggcagt tcagaggatg caaaatgagt tgacaacgtc     56160
     ccaaattaat tctaatactt cttacaagat cttagaataa cacctgagaa actgcaaaag     56220
     catagacatg gcttttcttt aactgcttaa gatcagtctg cacaagatca gcaagagaca     56280
     acattagttt gtgttacttg cgcccttttt gctggggtcc gttcttcgta cctggcttaa     56340
     atgatctaag attatttggc agatcctgga tcttttcaaa tcgattactg atctctcgct     56400
     aatttggttc ttcaaacaag tttgcgaatc agactagaat gtctggataa actgatctga     56460
     gattgctgtg tgttgcgtgt gttatgaagg acagatctat cgatccttga aatcatgatc     56520
     agcaatgcaa tgattggttg acggcacagc agcataatga catcatctga ttaataatca     56580
     attatccatg tgagcaaaat tacatcaaat tagcagtaaa cggtttgtta aatatgacac     56640
     caataacctt ccacatttgt tgtgagctgc aggctttaca ctttcatgtg tcaagtgaat     56700
     tcatcatgta tttcaatgca aatcaatgta tttagctcta catttagaaa agattttctt     56760
     tattatagta gccatttttt aatcggtgta aagaataact ggttgtttac aaacgcattt     56820
     tgatattggt aaaggtgtgc aacttttgtg aagcatcaaa tcactggcat attaactatc     56880
     aaaacacgtt tgactgcatg aatgtattct tgctttaaaa acaagtcaca tattgtgcat     56940
     ttctattata cataatttgt actaaagcga tctaaaaagt tcatatcaat aatttcatta     57000
     ctacaataca ccaacgtatt gcaaatgtca ctagctttcg ttcaatacca aacatcatac     57060
     attttagaca catacagatt attttactct gttataaggg ttaaaacaac acattgatta     57120
     acctggttga ttggaataaa cagcatatta ggaacattat ggcatattat tcaaagatac     57180
     atctgcctta gttctaacat gttaagagat tgtctttcat tcatatgcat taatgtttct     57240
     agagatttct ttgtctctat gaaattggac atctggcagg atgtgcccaa ggcgagcaaa     57300
     tgaccatgta aaggagtcat tcaaaagagt ctcgtgaggc aattagttaa gttttcccgc     57360
     tgaaaatcct gtgaagcccc tttgtgggaa attgaacgat ttactaagtt agctgaaggg     57420
     taccataacc aaagtactga tgcagctatt gaggtggatt ttgtgctctt tggggtgtga     57480
     ggttgatctg tatattcggg ttctgtgtgt gtggtctgct tgtggacttg cataccatta     57540
     gaagaattaa ggtgctatgt agagttaaaa aggggaaatg gcctaagtaa acaactaagg     57600
     gtcacaagaa gtggatgaga agagagtggg agaaagcctg agtaaacaac taaggtgtca     57660
     caggaaatga atgagaatag agcaacacat gtggaaacag ttaagtatag ttggataaga     57720
     tatatggtta ttaggtttgg gtcaaaggtt aaaactaggt gggatcttgt gtgacaaata     57780
     tagaacaatg ataagagcag ctgcagactt gtatataagc aggccagaac atcagtaaga     57840
     cagaattttt cagacagaga tgctactggg ggtctcctga aaattctcct ttgttgtcga     57900
     caataaagta tactcttctg atattcataa cctccagact gagtttgatt cattaagaga     57960
     aaaacctaaa accacgacac tattcaagtc aattggtgct ctgttatcat ggtggtataa     58020
     gccctcaagc tagttcaatg aatgagaaaa ttggagatgc ccaagatttc agattcaact     58080
     cgtgttgacc actgcaatat gccgatgagt tccttcatta gtaaagtatg ctatagcaat     58140
     tactatttaa ttatgatagt tactaatgat attaccaggg ctggagcaag ctgaactgcc     58200
     gctctaggca gaggacgatc acgctgccct cagccccaat gtgaaaatga aagtgaccgg     58260
     ttatgaggtg tcgcggacct ctattctgcc gccctatgcg cggatatgac tgaggacgtg     58320
     cgggtgtcgc ggacctctgt tctgccaccc tatgcgcgga tgtaactgag gacacgcggg     58380
     tgctgatgga ggtgtcgctg acgtcgccct ctcgattctg tcgcctatgt gcgaatataa     58440
     ctgaggacgc gggtgttgag ggaggtgtcg cggacataac tgaggacgcg ggcctaggtc     58500
     gcctctatgg acgcgccggc cctggatact acattatgga gtgtagttca ttaatgaaat     58560
     ttttttaaaa atttatgcaa tataatactt tttcctaaat aattactttt aatttagatt     58620
     aatatagtac tttaaatctg taatacctgg ttttattgtt tgtttgtttt ttgctattat     58680
     atattttaat tagtttttct ttgaaacagc attttatttg cagtaaataa ttgaactgaa     58740
     taacactgcc tcatgtgttt tatacacagt tttattgatc actaagatat gatagacttg     58800
     gatttaagtt gcttcgatta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagg ttagatgtag ccagtggtgt     58860
     aaagtaacta attacaaatg ctcgaattac tgtatttgag taattttaaa aatgttaact     58920
     tttacttttc cttgagtaca tttttagtgc tgtatctgta cttatattcc actactttcc     58980
     ttcaacctgc agtcactact ttattttttc ttgtctatgg gaattagaaa aatcagtcct     59040
     gtagtttctg tctaatcaaa tcacacagaa tgtaaattgc atcataatga actacctcaa     59100
     gacatgtgca ctttgtttca gcaaactgtt tggaagcatt aaaaatgtcc aagaagatgt     59160
     tcaaaatctt tacacacatt gacccagaga ctgtttagat caaggatgca caaacacagt     59220
     cctggagggc tgatatcctg cagattttag ctccaacttg cctcaacaca cctgcacgga     59280
     tgtttctaga aagcctagta tgagattgat tagctagccc aggtgcgtct aattggaatt     59340
     ggaactaaac tttgcaggac accggccctc caggacagag tatgggcacc cctggtttag     59400
     atacatttca ctgattagaa aatgatgtat atttatgatg actgaaatgg ccttaaacac     59460
     ccagcagaca caagacttca acatactgtc agattgaaat tgtaccctaa cgctgtggag     59520
     atgcttcatt ttgtttggaa atgaaaatca ggttcacatc agaacttaat gtcagcccga     59580
     tgtcaatgtc caacttaaaa ccaaccaaat atcaatatct aatgatgtta cagcttgacg     59640
     ttgtgtcgac gttaccacta tgacatctat cagacattga tttttggttg ccataactga     59700
     tgaataaatg tcagtattag acatcagtag gatgttggtt taagatgttg gctcgacatt     59760
     ggattttggt cactttctaa ctccctaaaa tcaaccaaat atcaacgtta attgatatca     59820
     ttattggaca tcaaaaataa tgttgtcctt agacgctaac tagacattga attttggtca     59880
     tctgacatca caacctaaat ctaacaaatg ttaattatga cattgtgtgc ctgctgtgca     59940
     ataactaaat gcactacaga atgtaacatt tacactcaca catccacaaa ttacatgtaa     60000
     atgcatcaac ttttaacagc ataaaaatca ctaatcatga gtacttttaa aagggctact     60060
     ttttactcct actttgagta atatttacaa cagatatttt tactctactc acactccatt     60120
     tttgggcaag taatggtact tttacttaag tatgcttttt cagtactctt tccaccactg     60180
     gatgtagcta agctactttt tttcaagtag cttttagctt agcttgctac atttcccaga     60240
     gggtagcttt tagtgtagct aagctatatt ttaagtagag tagctaatag cttacctcac     60300
     tacatttttt aagaagcttg cccaacactg catgctcctc acgttcatac tatatattag     60360
     gtcttgtagt aaattcaaat tcaaatgtag cacctacttc agcagtagtc gatttcggac     60420
     gcagctattg tgttgagtta actgatagtg ggaagtgtca cacaaaccaa aacaaagaca     60480
     gatatttaga tgcagattgc acatttttaa agaaaataac tgacttaagt ctagtttttc     60540
     aacaagtatg ctcacttagc atgcttttta aatgtctgct aacatattat ggtatttttt     60600
     atgatttagt ataaaataga agtcaaaaat tatttagaag gtagtcaaag cttttatgca     60660
     gcaacttcaa tgagcagaac tcaccaatga cgacaataac tagaacgtca ttcgtcaaac     60720
     cagataggag gattataata gtacatggtt tctgaagttg cccagtatag ttgcctagct     60780
     ctctgcaact ctcacatggt cgcccactga agctaagcag ggctgcgccc ggtcagtact     60840
     tggatgggag accacataag aaagctaggt tgctgtcgga agtggtgtta gtgaggccag     60900
     cagggggcgc ccaacctgcg gtctgtgtgg gtcctaatgc cccagtatag tgactgggac     60960
     gctatactgc tcagtgaccg aggtcccgac tctctgtggt cgttaaaaat cccaggatgt     61020
     ccttcgaaaa gagtaggggt ttaaccccgg catcctggct aaatctgccc actggcatct     61080
     gtccatcatg gcctcctaac catccccata ttcaattggc ttcatcactg tctcctctcc     61140
     accaatcagc tggtgtgtgg tgtgcggtct ggtgcaaaat ggctgccgtc gcgtcatcca     61200
     ggtggatgct gcacactaat ggtggatgag gagatccccc cccattgtgt aaagctcttt     61260
     gagtgcccag aaaagcgcta tataaatgta aggaattatt attattatta ccactgaatg     61320
     atttttctcg atatacatca ctaccgtgtt actctagtac tccggtaatt tagtttgttc     61380
     tgtaaaaaaa gaacataaga tatcaaataa tgaaagtaat atacatctga tcaattaagt     61440
     tttattgaac gcttacttac ctttgatttg aagtttagtg ccgttgctga atgttggagg     61500
     tgcatctgtg gacatgcagt aataaacacc taactcttca ctagtgacat tagttataaa     61560
     cagactgctt ctgtttgact gaatatttgg atgctaagtt tacatcagtg taaaacggtg     61620
     ttggcgaagt cgaaaataaa cataatatca taactggacg atttggtggt ttcagcagca     61680
     tccaataaaa ctctttttcc gaaagattac aggtgataga cacgttttga cccaaatttg     61740
     taaattctgt taatgtttct acagatttac agcatgctag taaacctgtg agagattaaa     61800
     acaataatta aacacaaata cgtacagtaa aatagaaggt ttcaaggttt gaaataaaag     61860
     acacttacag aatagaagct ttacaatctt tgtgtaattt ccacaagaaa aatgcattaa     61920
     catggtgaag gtttgctttt gctaaggtga ggctattttg gagctttgaa atcgagaaaa     61980
     gaaagatttt ttttttgcaa ctaactaaag gaaatgacac tcacaaacca catgactgac     62040
     atgcttgatt taacaactca tgcaagcatc actgttataa ctatgaggga tgtctgttag     62100
     gtccttgctt taaaaaaatg catgaagcat agtagaattg atttctgtgc tgacttaatg     62160
     gtgttattta tttagtttta atacactgaa aatggcacac ttctataatt gaaataattt     62220
     ttccaattcc aagaggatcc cgtgattatg actgaacacg actggtgacg cattagcatg     62280
     catgatcctc caatcaggcc attccactat taaaccattc caccattaaa ccactataaa     62340
     gagccagggt tttttttcac tacagtcatc ttcgatttga agaacacact gctccgcagc     62400
     agcagctgct gctactgcta caacaacaac aacaacaact acttcaaaaa caacaactac     62460
     atctccaact ataactcgtc acccgtggta acatacataa tactttttaa atggaagcct     62520
     cgcaaactac aacaaagatt aaacattttt cttttgaaag acgaatctag cgtgaacaga     62580
     atgactcatc tctcaagcaa gggtccaggc aatccaatcg ttaaaacatt attccacaac     62640
     ttattcatac gttgataaac atcaatgtta atcatccaaa ctacttgctg tagtacgttc     62700
     aatagagtag cgtctccact catttcacct agcaatttgg gcaacaaaat ggccattttt     62760
     gcactttttg attgacactc ctttgagcca atagctgaaa ggagaagcgt catcatccat     62820
     tgagctctaa aaaaaacttg agatggtccc gccctctctt tagataagct catgaaggta     62880
     ctctgtggca aagactttat gaatgaactg ggctagatat gcttgtgatt tttaatcatg     62940
     ttaagtttcc aaagtaatgc tattcatgta ttaaagtaag cccataacta acattacatt     63000
     cacacagttt ctactaaatt gttacatcgt tcttaatttc agagtttgat gttggcagtt     63060
     gatatattta ataaaaaatt aaataaaaat aaataaataa aattaagtaa aaaaataata     63120
     caataaataa atatatactg tgccacatct gccatttaac ttctgaaaga ttattaccca     63180
     gctagtgaac aacattcaac gcattatgca ttgaagccca atcataatat gcctcagtga     63240
     atcatatcca tacacttagt gtcataagtg gattatgaca agtcggttgg atgtgaaaac     63300
     ggcaaggaaa caaaaacttc ctgctttgac tgccatgaat gggaggtgga ctaatgtttc     63360
     atccattgac tctgaaatag atacatttga catttttcat aaatgtctat atcaccaagg     63420
     attttaaact ccactcaact aaacctctat ctacttagtc ttcaagaggt acatcaggac     63480
     caccagacaa gccacacccc ataccctcag ctttccatcc atctgccatc ctgtgggagg     63540
     gacggatggc cacctctact atatttgcac attgcgacaa tgaggctatc gcacaatgca     63600
     ttaacaaaag gcgcttccat tcacagttgc ccatgccctt ataaagacgc ctcacataaa     63660
     tatcagctaa aacaattcac tgtgtctgcc gtacatgtat catgttgtaa aaaacttctg     63720
     attctctctt gtttctctaa tttcagagat catgtaagcc ggatgcataa gctgaccctc     63780
     atccaaccta ttacactcca catgcatttc taaatatatt cacactatta gcaaaggata     63840
     catttccatt cacatagccc acacgtgcga tgccatattc acactagcct tttaaaattt     63900
     tttatatttt ctgaattaaa catgaaattt caatcccaca atacacataa ccatatctga     63960
     tataactttg caggatgaag aaacgctatc tttctttatc ttaagcttta tctttagcta     64020
     tcttaagcaa agcaaacaaa tccatttcgc aaagaacatt ctatctatct atctatctat     64080
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatatat atatatatat atatatatat     64140
     atatataaaa tttatttatt tacttttttt tttatggata tcccctcccc aacccaccca     64200
     ttccaaacct cttagcattc ttacaccaca gaagagcaat accacctcag ggaagcccag     64260
     ctgatcctct ccagccaact tcttccctca tgcatttcca agtataaata tgactgccat     64320
     tttctgccaa ctatctcata cttctattca ctcttattca ccacagctct gatccattca     64380
     ggtgttgtct caagtttcaa ttgctgcagc agcaaagctc taaacaagct cacgtaaact     64440
     taattttttt tttcaaatat cactatcgtt gcactccccc gcactaatac agcagtaaat     64500
     gcttctgctg gagcacacgt tgcctccata ctgacccact acaccgccgt agaaacgctc     64560
     tgctgagcta cacacccata gcaccactgc tactgcagtg accctctagc taagccttat     64620
     tcaacttcat ctctacatat cactaaagac agtatttacc attcctgcgg gagcactctg     64680
     ctactgcaga ggtgcttcgc ttagctatac tcacccttag caccactgca actgcattga     64740
     tgctctagct gagccccctt tttcactttc atctctaaat atcattgctg atagtattta     64800
     acattcctgc gggaggctcc aatactaaat accactgcac ctctgcaaca gcagagaccc     64860
     tctgccgagc ctctttctcc ctctgcacca atgctgcagc agttaagctt tgcctgagct     64920
     gcaactgcag agattcccgt ttagccttaa ttctttgcac cactgacttc cattgcacct     64980
     ctgtaactgc agagaagctc tgccgagctt aattttccct ctgcaccact gtcttagctg     65040
     tgactctctg cctgaacaga gtctcagccg taaaggtgta gcagcaactc attttttcca     65100
     tactgaccac catcacacct ctacagcagc tccacttaat tacattgcat tgcagcagca     65160
     tctgactagt aacaacactc tagatgctcc actgagctac attcacccat tgcacaactg     65220
     cagcaacaat gtagctctag ctgaactcat acacatacta atattgacag gaactaatgt     65280
     ttctgcagga gttcacacaa ctctctaatt cactgagtta tactccctca ttgcataact     65340
     gcagcaacag tgtcactcta gctgagctcc tatccacttc catcttaaca ttccctctcc     65400
     cacttaccca ttccaaaccc tcttagcatt cttgcactac aggagacccc aggaatataa     65460
     ccctcttgct tcacttttac tgacgacgct aaccgtccag ttacacgttt ttggtttcaa     65520
     tataagttct ccgtatttca ggcttgattt ccatcatcgc actcgccgta acaatacaac     65580
     cgcaaaggct tagcggggac acacattgct ttcatattaa ccaacatttc attacattac     65640
     aatgctctag aacacaggtg tcaaactcag ttccaaaagg gctgcagctc tgcacagttt     65700
     agttccaacc ccaattaaac acacctgatc aaactaattg agtccttcag gcttgtttga     65760
     aacctacagg taagtgtgtt ggagcagggt tggaactaaa ctgtgcaggg cttcggccct     65820
     ccagggattg agtttgacac ccctgctcta gaagctctac taagctatag ccaattgcac     65880
     tactacatcg aaattgcagt ttagccaagc tcatacccac attactatca cctggaacct     65940
     atgtttctgc gtgagttcac ataactctct attctgctga ttttactcaa tcagcgcacc     66000
     actgcagcaa cagtgtcagt ctagctgagc tcctatccac tttcagcata acatttctgc     66060
     aagagcacac ataacactcc agacactgac tacctatgca cctctgcagc tgcagagtcg     66120
     ctctaccgag cgtcattccc cttttgcaac acagctacaa cagtaacgct ccgcttgagt     66180
     tcatacactt ccacttgtca ttcacttctg acacatgccc cagcactgcc acagcagtta     66240
     atcttctctc cagaggcgaa cttcccatca aatactgact tccaccgcac ctctgcatcc     66300
     gcagagatgc tcagccgagc ctcattcccc tctacatcac tggcgcagca gtgacgctta     66360
     gcgaacgcat atatacttcc atttagcaat ccactactga tactagggct gtgcaattaa     66420
     tcgaaaatcc gatttcgatt atggcttcta acgattataa aaaaacatta atcgagataa     66480
     acgattattc cattatttac tgccccctgt ccagttgtcc tcacttgttg ctcttaaaag     66540
     tgcgaaagac cgcatgcttt tgtgtgtgcg gcgcgcacag tcagaagcat gcagtctgca     66600
     cttggtctca ttcgcacatt gtgacgagca gagagcacac acatctaaag tcattaacat     66660
     gagcgcttta atgttcaaat agttgtcaaa acgtggtttt gattattcat attaaccctc     66720
     attttgtaat aatcaaacga gttgaggagg atcaaaagac acgtgaaagc gaaaccatta     66780
     aagtgacaga gcacatctgc cacctgtttt atcatgatta ataaaacaac aacaaaatcc     66840
     ctctttgctc ttgactgaag acttttgtag ctaaagtgtt tttcttacgg tgaagatgcc     66900
     aaaagcacag tttgtttcat atttttattc aattgtattt atttctcttt cctttgcagg     66960
     gaggaaaata atatatgcag ttgaagtcag aattattagc cctcctgaat attagcaatc     67020
     tttccccccc cccccaattt ctgtttaatg gaaagacgat ttctgaacat aatagtttta     67080
     atgatttgtt tctaataaca gattaatttt tatctttgct atgatgacag ctcataatat     67140
     tttagtagat actattttaa atacaaacat tcaaattcaa agtgtgattt aaaagcttaa     67200
     ttaaggtaat taggcaagtc attatataac agtagtttct tctgcagaca atcaaaaaaa     67260
     gcaaaaagga aatactgtta ttccttgctc tgttaaacat catttgggaa atgtttattt     67320
     aaaaacaatt cttaggagta ctaataattt tgacttcaac agtaatcgtt tggaataatc     67380
     atgattacaa ttatgaccaa aataatcgtg attataattt ttcccaaaat cgagcagccc     67440
     taactgatac actccccagc actgccaaag cagttaaacg tctctgcggt ggcgcatttc     67500
     ccttccaaat actgacttcc atagcacctc tgcagcagca gagacgctca gccatccttc     67560
     accccccccc tctgcaccac tgctgcagca gtaacgctct gctggtgatt atgtactcta     67620
     acattcatcc ataccactac tgacacaccc ccagcactgc aaaagcagtt aaaacgattc     67680
     tgcagaagcg tatttttttc ttcactattg actttcattg cacctcttca caacagagac     67740
     gatcagccga gcttcattcc cctctgcacc actgctgcag cagtgacact ctgccggagc     67800
     tcatgtacac tatcattcat ccatatcact actaacacac ccatagcact gccagagcag     67860
     ttaaaatgct tctgcaaaag cgtattttgt aacttttact attgacttcc atcgcacctc     67920
     tgatcaacag agacactcat gcgagcttca ttcccctctg caccactacg caacaatagt     67980
     ggacacagta actctttaat aattccttga tactgattct caccacattt ctgcagcagc     68040
     taacactctg cagaactcta tagctacatt tcatcactac catagtaagc ctctcttaca     68100
     gagatcaccc atatatgttt catatcatta catttatcat actctcctgc ccggtacttg     68160
     caattaatcc tgccccggga gcacacatag tcgtatatat tccatctgcc agtacaccac     68220
     tctagtagca atgactaccc tcatcttacc atttacaccc acactagttt tattttgctc     68280
     cttcaagctt ttctagtatc actttttaac actttttact cagcagctgc atattgcatt     68340
     aatcttcatt tccttttggg ggggttcctc aaatacgcgg ttgttgtccc gagtagagca     68400
     ttttggggag ttgtcgagat ctacctgagc tcaaggctcc cctctcaccc tgctaacagg     68460
     agagagccaa gagctcaagg acagtatgcc aaacttgctt ataatcaatc atcagctaag     68520
     tgtgaactca tgaagtgaag tttattcata aaataatttc gagaggatca tgtgattatg     68580
     actgaacacg ggtggtgacg cattagcatg catgatccac caatcaggcc atttctaaac     68640
     cactataaag agccagggtt tttttcacta cagtcatctt cgattttgaa ggatccccca     68700
     ttccacccct acctcttcac ctttccctcc atagggcgac acggtggcac agtggttagc     68760
     actgttgcct cacagcaaga acgtcaacgg ttctagtcct ttaaccttta agctagtcct     68820
     ctagccggtg gtcgtttctg agcgtagttt gcatgttctt cccatgttca cgtgggtttt     68880
     ccccggtttc ctcccacatt ccaaaaacat gcacaacaag tgaattgatc aatctaaatt     68940
     tagcactgta gtcaatctct catcctgcag catatatctc catagcattc atttttaatc     69000
     atcagctttt ataaaggggg gagtggtcaa gatctacctg aggtcaaagc tcccctctcg     69060
     ccctgcaaac gggagggagc ccagggctca aggacctttt gagctcaggg gccgtatgta     69120
     taaaacttct ttaaaatgct cttaagagta gtcttaaact ttgacttaag tgtcaaaaaa     69180
     ttcttaataa gaaggacttt tttaagagta ggagagattt attaagaatc taaaagccac     69240
     tttcagtaaa gtttgagact gattcttaag ttcagactta agtgttgtaa atcaaggact     69300
     acaatgatta aaacaaaatg gccatccttg acctctgaat cagcctatca gaagcctgca     69360
     aggatgaagt cacagcagca cgataccatt cactgataaa ttaattcaat aaaattattc     69420
     aacgttttaa aatttcatta agaagcagtt ttgtgttatg tgaaaaaaac acaaataaat     69480
     acaagaattt tacacaatct tgctcaaatt gattgagtgc atggacaaac gtgattctac     69540
     tagtaggaac tcatcggtat attgcagtgg tcaacatgag ttgaatctga aatcttgggc     69600
     atctccaatt gtctcattca ttgaactagc ttgagggctt ataccatcag gataacagag     69660
     cgccaaatga tttcgggctc ctctgaccag tacttctctg cagatgttct ggtacccttc     69720
     ggctagcttc tagccaatga ttaattaaat caattaaatt aaaaacaatg gcctttacag     69780
     gatcttcagc gaaaaccgtt tcacaagact tttaaatgac tcctggtcat gtgctcgcct     69840
     tgggcacatc ctgccagatg cacaatttcg tagagacaaa gagatctcta gaaacattaa     69900
     tgcatatgaa taaaagacaa tctcttaatg tcagaactaa ggcagatgta tctttgaata     69960
     atatgccata atgttcctcg tatgcttatt attccaatca accaggttaa tcaatgtgtt     70020
     gttttaaccc ttataacaga gtaaaatgat ctgtatgtgt ctgagatgta tgatgtctgg     70080
     tattgaacga aagctagtga catttgcaat acaatggtgt aaatgaaaaa ctagtagtac     70140
     aaacagtatt catcttgtaa catttgatgt aagagtttca atcttgcaag agttttacca     70200
     catgaaatct acatgcagtc tgttaattat tgacccttcc tacgtcagta tggggtgtgg     70260
     ccccgccctt catggcaacc gctcattggc agacagtgcc atagggacga actagaccag     70320
     gtcacttaaa acgcgctgca acaaagaaac tttgcttttt gcattagctg gcttgcgcat     70380
     gcttttgctc tctgccccct ttcgcctgct cggacaccgc gccgccacgc gattgggtca     70440
     ctctgctttt gtggtttctc aggtgttatt ctaagatctt gcaagaagta ttagaattaa     70500
     tttgggacgt tgtcaactca ttttgcatcc tctgaacctc ctctgtgtat gtgtgaatgt     70560
     gtgtgtgcgt tttgttgttt gcttattacg tagttagttt catgtatcgt agtgtagctc     70620
     aataaatctt tgtactcatt ttgtaagaac tgtgttcttg tttatgtgct tctaagtcat     70680
     tgcctcgagc tgtagatctt gttaccttgc taaaagttag cccaatactg tgttatgtta     70740
     ttatcgttgg ccacgtaaaa aatattaaca agattggtaa gatatgatgt cttctatttg     70800
     cgggacaaat ggtagttaaa gtgtgaatca tttgatctga ttcagtcaga ctcaattgag     70860
     tcgaatcaat gatttgaatc ttcagggtcc gattcattga aatgagctaa taaacccctg     70920
     atcgatatta aaacgtaggt tgatccccta catacttaag tcattaacct gataattcac     70980
     ataattttaa attgtactct tagctgtatt taaaagaaag tttaaagacc ctttaatatg     71040
     gattcaaaaa gaaaaccaaa ctggtccaag tagaaaaagt gttctagatg acatccaggg     71100
     ggaacataat tttgttcaaa ttacccagtg aggctcaaag aaccagagta ttatgtgttg     71160
     accctagcca ttttggtaca tgatcctgaa tcttgtaatt ggcatcaaac acaacttgaa     71220
     gattgatgct gtaaaatctt tttctattgg catatgcctc attatcagtc ggagcaatgg     71280
     tgcaaacatg agtgccatca aaggctccaa caactccagg aaagcccgca atcctcaaaa     71340
     aagctgctcg cttttgctgt atagtttgga ggtcacttgg aaagtgacct ttaagacgca     71400
     aacccctcac tgcatgacag ctgcaccttc agcaaacctc ctaattcctg cagcatgagc     71460
     attttatgat tgtttatgag cgtcaaaagt ggctgatctg ttcggcgaaa aatttgactg     71520
     tgtcactgca tataacacaa tttaaacaat aaaactaaag aaatctccac tgttctgaac     71580
     gagagcgttt ctaactgcac agcgcatcaa gcgtgctaca caagcgtgct taggcgcgaa     71640
     tgaaatgtga gtccaggctg tctggggaga cgggaggagg aagcttcggc gcgaatgaaa     71700
     tgtgagtcca ggctgtctgg ggagacggga ggggggacaa gcgtgcttcg gcctggttca     71760
     aggcaactgt actgtacata gagtgagtac ccaggtgaaa aaaatatatt attaaatgca     71820
     actaaaatac acttaaatac ccgcaaatac atttttagta cattgttatt ttttgtgttg     71880
     aataaaagtt tgatggtttt acactataaa tatactaatt aaaagtatgt ttatacttca     71940
     gtaggacttt agtacacttg acaaaagtat accaaatacc agtaatactt aaataaattt     72000
     ttagtgtact acaataaagt acactacaga aaaaacatcc aaaagacttt tattagtgtg     72060
     ttttccaaag tgtgctttaa atgcattaaa cattagttga tttttagtac actgtttaca     72120
     tactaatcct aggtttaaaa taagttaata tataataaat ctattagtaa tgtattgtag     72180
     tagaagtaca ttttcccaaa tgttgtactt aagtacactt attgtgaatg caatattatc     72240
     actaacactt aaatagattt taagtatggt agttttaagt ttatattaaa ttgactttat     72300
     taaaaatcta ttagtaatgt attgtagtag aagtacattt tcccaaaatg tctttacatt     72360
     tcacatatgt gctgtaatgt tgcatcttat ttacattttt gtgctctctg tatttgctaa     72420
     gtttttgttc cctcccataa ggtatttttg gacttgtggt ttattgcaaa ctctgtcctg     72480
     gagggccggt gtcctgcaca gtttagctcc aaccctaatc aaacacacct gcttatagat     72540
     ttcttgtgat cttaaagaca ctgattagca tgttcagatg tgtttgacta gtgttggaac     72600
     aaaactctgc agggacactg gccctcgagg atcaagtttg cccaaccttg gtttagagca     72660
     gtggtcacca aacttgttcc tggagggccg atgtcctgca gattttagct ccaaccctaa     72720
     tcaaacacac ctgaacaagc taagcaagct cttactaggt atacttgaag cattcaggca     72780
     ggtgtgttga ggcaaattgg agccaaaccc tgcagggaca ccggccctcc aggaccgaga     72840
     ttggtgaccc ctggtttaga gggtaaatat gcaaccagag atttatctaa aatgagtgga     72900
     aataacataa taaataagct catagactgt aaggcaagtt tgtacaggac atacaaatta     72960
     agaaaataat gaataaacat tataaccgat gttgggtttg tttttacaat aaaagttcat     73020
     gttaaaaaaa aacaaaatac tttattcatc ttcaattggt tttccacctg actttttttc     73080
     tgtggaacac aaaagaagat gttttgaaga atgctggaaa ctggaagctc atttacatgc     73140
     atagtatgca atattaataa cggaagtaac tggattccaa tattcttcag aatatcttct     73200
     tttgtgctta cattaaagca aatgctagca cacagtagcc tttagcattg catatacaaa     73260
     tgttttccat ttaatattca atgacctgag aggagaacaa tgacacctca ctaaacacag     73320
     tttaaaaaag gtaatgattg tcaatctaat agaactccca taattcatgg acagcatcat     73380
     ggtgcaagga gagaataagg atatgaattg aatttattct aaaagatgca ttttgaaggg     73440
     cccttaaatg tgctgcaatg tacattttca gttattactt gaaaatggtg taaacatgaa     73500
     aatatgaaag tgtggtttca actagggctg ggtgatatgg caaaaataca aactcactat     73560
     ttttgttcca tattgaacaa taatgataaa tttctatata agttgtttat tcttccagct     73620
     tttaaagtta ttatcccaac aatgactgat gcaacaaaac gtagagggct caattaatta     73680
     caatttaaaa tattgtttac tagcgataac atattacaca tttggcctta aattaaacaa     73740
     atagtaaaat acatttaaaa gaccaatctg gcattacgag gtaaattaaa agtgcaaaac     73800
     ataaacaata aaaatgtaca gtataacttc cagcaagtgg aagggcattc gctgcgtaaa     73860
     acataagctg gatgagttgg cggttcattt tgctgtggca actcctgaat aataaaggga     73920
     ctaagccgac aggaaaatga atcaacttcc agcaagtcca cacaaactat aaaactttta     73980
     tagttttttt aggataattt ttttaggtga tggaatatgc tggttgtgtt accagacttg     74040
     gttcacaaac cattgtaatt cttgacagat tttttacaga ttgttttaat ctgctccttg     74100
     tcacacttcc atgtaacaga atttgtgctt cctgttttgt tgaaaattca aacatctttg     74160
     gataataact ctacagtggt ttacttttgt cactgcttcc actcatcatc atttctttat     74220
     ttttgtcatc ttgttgagtt tgtttgcaaa gtgtggtaca aaatggtctt ttgacctcat     74280
     gctgattgtt tgttgtctca tattgctcaa ttttgagtaa aaatgtccag agttcatcat     74340
     cgttattgaa ataaatttta tcgtaatccg atgataccgt ttgttggccc agccctagtt     74400
     tcaacaaaaa cactttctgt gttaacaaga caattttgag ttttaaaagc tgatgttttc     74460
     atagtactga ccttttatat gccaaactgg tggtaagatt ttaccctgaa caagtcagtg     74520
     ttaacaacat aatttttaaa ccaaatgtta aacaattttt actgcatttc atcaacatac     74580
     aagcacaaat aatttttcga tcctaaatca aatttatttt aagttacaag accattggac     74640
     aattgacaat caacaaaaga aatattaaat aggcaaaata aattaaatta acataaatat     74700
     gttcaaataa atattattaa atatatttaa attaaataac tctaacaaat aaataaataa     74760
     atagatagct aaataaagta tataataaca caatacactc taaactatac ataaaaaatt     74820
     acttttgcag cttgttcaaa ctacttatat tatataaatg agtttaaaca atacaaatct     74880
     tattttattg agagggcaaa gtaattgctt tatgttcagt cttatatttt cattttcata     74940
     tattttccta caacatgtag gaatagtgtg gaacccagta tttcttagtg tagtaataac     75000
     ttggatgtaa cttaaatgca aactcacaaa cttatctttc tagtaaacaa tttaagtggt     75060
     cagctgtcac atcaaacact aataattaaa tgcgaatgga aataaaggct gtaaggtgaa     75120
     cagcaaaaag tgcaactgca acagatttac ctacctgaac tgattcatat tacagctcag     75180
     ataaactacc aagagataag tcacaattta agtaaactac aactagccct aactcaaaca     75240
     cagagcaaaa taacagcaaa aaagcaagca agcacttgtg atacaatcct ctctgcattg     75300
     gattcaactc caacgtttct gtctggtttc tcgtggattt ctcttggtct ctctgaaaca     75360
     cataaccaag aaaagaaact agcatatagg ctagcacaaa ctggaaaatc atcagaaaat     75420
     atcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tctggaacca ccaggggcct catgtatcaa cgctgcgtac     75480
     gcacaaaaac tttgcgtaca ccaggtttca cgctcagaat cgctcacgtt tggatctact     75540
     aacaatgaac tgaacgtggg aatgtgcgca gcttcacggc agctttctgg caggcgtacg     75600
     cacatttttt gtgcgtgtct gttttatttc cattggcgac tcctagaggc agttgtgtta     75660
     aattcctctc tacaaagtgt ctgagccatg cattggcagc tgtatgagac gggttcagca     75720
     ggtatataag gtttccatac catacagttg accagctaaa cattaaagca caatttgcag     75780
     cagtcgcctg ttttcccaat gtaatctgag cgatctaccg cacgcacatt gctataaaga     75840
     cactatctga agatgaattt gcatgcgtga atcagaaaca tttccattca ataaatgtgc     75900
     aaataaaata tgatgcttat tgatatgaac ttactgatga ttcctacttg tctttctcgt     75960
     gataaatagt tggcaaaatc tgatatgtag cggggaaaaa acaagaaaga gttttggatt     76020
     cgagccgagt tcatgctcga acgtgtcaat acatgatcac atgcatctta cgagtagaac     76080
     cactgagact gtttagcgtc ctgcaacatt ttacagattt aaaccacact atttcttttt     76140
     ttttatgcac tcagtgcgat gttcaaacct aactgtgttg accgcatcag ctaaactctc     76200
     ccactctatt tttttctttt gttgttaatt ccggagaaca aacttgcaaa taacaccgct     76260
     tttctccggt ctacctccga aagcagcacc tccaatttac attctgttca aagtttctct     76320
     ttttgcttgc ttttgacatt gctttttcgt tgggttttcc cattagcata gtcattagca     76380
     tattcatacg ggggaggagg cagggagggg ttcagtgctc gtgcatgttg cgctcagttt     76440
     cacgttcatt cagatctaca aaagaatatg cgtgagattc ggcgtacgca gtgtttcata     76500
     catctgaaat tttttctgcg tacgcacatt tacagctttg tgcgtacgca atgttttagt     76560
     aagatttcca cgcaagtctt cgtacatgag gcccctggtg agtaaatatt caactttagg     76620
     tgaactatct ctttagcatt tagcattagc atctgtttca tcttaccagt aaggtctaaa     76680
     taggatacag ctgtggatac aatttattgg gtaacttagt cagtataact tctgttttta     76740
     cattactgtg acgattgggt ttagcgttgg gatagtggta gacgttaata aaatatagtt     76800
     aatgggaaat tgaataaata atataaataa ttcactttaa cttcgggctg caaccgtatc     76860
     tgatctcgca acatcccatc ttacctttga cttgaagcgt tgtgcattgg agtgaattaa     76920
     catctgaaat ggagcagcaa tacgctccaa catcactcca agtcaaacct ctgagtctga     76980
     gtgagaagtt tcctttcata tagtctgtag gaaatgtttc agttctgccc ttgaattgtg     77040
     ggtcttgctc attatccgtc cctctgccgc tgagtatgtc gtaaacattc aagctgtcgt     77100
     ttaatctcca gtgcgcggag atcaatttca gtcgactggg atcataatag catggaaaaa     77160
     gtgcagaacc tccgatgaaa ccctcaaatg ttttctgcac agatgctgaa aacaaaagga     77220
     agttaaggcc agaaatatgt gaaagatgaa gttggtgagt taaagttgta ctgaaaattt     77280
     taaataaatt ttaatttatt ctttatttac tcggcctcag gtagtttaga acctttatga     77340
     gtttctttat tgttggacac aaatgaagat actttgaaga aaggtaaaaa cctgtttcca     77400
     ttgacttaca tattatttga ttttctgcta tagaagtcaa tggatacagc ttttcagctc     77460
     tatctgaaat atcttctttt gtgttcaaca gaggaaagaa actaaaggag gtttgaaaca     77520
     agtaaagggt gagtgaatga tggcagaatt ttcatttttg ggtgaactat cctattaagg     77580
     caagacactg caggcttttt tcagtctgat ggaaagaaac ctactttgtt ttatcaaaat     77640
     tcgttttttt ctcatgaatt gagtcacaaa tctccacttc agaaattttc catatactac     77700
     ctgacattga cgttaagact tttgttaatc ccaattgtaa agagagggtt ctggatgcag     77760
     acctagtgca gtacaatctg agctgcatcc aaagcttttt aatgcactca cctaacagca     77820
     cccctaaccc cacccatcac agtgacgcca ctcactccat tgagtgcatt gtgcctgaca     77880
     ttgaatcgct gagcttgcat cataaaggct gcatcctgat aatattggtt gtaagagcaa     77940
     caattaataa attgacttct agttgatcat ttggaaaagt ggcagaagat agattgttct     78000
     aatgaatcat ctgttgaact gcatcctaat catcacaaat actacagaag ccctattgga     78060
     acccacaaga catactgaag ccctaagatt cttacagaaa gcagtcaagt ttggagaaag     78120
     gaaaaatcat ggtttggggt tacattcagt ttgggggtgt gcaacagatc tgcaaagtgg     78180
     atggcaacat caacagagtg aggtataaag acatttgtgc tgcccattac attacaaacc     78240
     acaggagagg gcaaattctt cagcaggata aagctggatt tatactttcc cctggcgcca     78300
     catcgcttct gactgcgtgt gcactttgcg aaacggatga agtttttttt cctgctgcat     78360
     tcacccttgt gatattcttt aaaaagacag agtcaaaaga aactgaccgt aaattcaaac     78420
     aaataaacag agaagtagaa aatttccgga actgtcatat cattaatatt aattatatat     78480
     tatatgtata aatatatata agattttaaa actaactatt tttacaatgt ttataaatta     78540
     tgtcaatgat tataaggatt tttataacca ttcaaatatt taaacatttt ttttttacta     78600
     tttttataaa ttattttaat ggttaaggat ttttataacc attcaagatt tttttaatca     78660
     aactaatatc tctgttcata tctctgacat tattacctct taaagcttat tacaatatta     78720
     ataccaacag aacatgagtt gatctacaaa tatagtttat tatggcaata ataaaagcaa     78780
     aaaaaaaagt acacttacta aaaaatacag atgtttttgt ccactccaca attcacacat     78840
     tactgtctgg ttagtttctg ccctatactt atgctaaaaa ggcaataatg atccaaaatt     78900
     cctgagcatt atcaccaata aagcctagaa aagcaagcat cggtgtattg taaaccaatg     78960
     ggttcaaata ttcctttttt gttattgaag aaatgatttg ttcagtcatt gccaatagcc     79020
     tagtggttaa gtgcatagac atatagcccc atggtactaa cggcgacctg agtttgattg     79080
     ccgactcttt ccctctctct gctcccaata ctttcttgtc tgcaacctct actgtgcttt     79140
     ctaattaaag ttggaaaaac ccctaaaaat ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcta ttatttgttc     79200
     cttcattttt attttgtagc tattaaattg ttttaaattc aaaattgtaa tatatacaca     79260
     ttagtgtaaa acctatgaat ggtgaaaaaa ttaatttttg taattgtgta cctgggtctc     79320
     cccttttacc atggcctctt ttggctttaa cttatctctg aggttttccc aactttttta     79380
     acaaagactt tcctccattc ccacagctgt tgcaatttct agccaagaat tattgatcat     79440
     ctgggtatct ctatgactgg gtatcacgaa tcataaagat gtgtgtacag tcgtacccgt     79500
     ttcagacaaa atctattcaa agtagttcat attcaactca aatcaaacgc ggctcacact     79560
     gttcactcga ctctcaaaaa aaatcaagtc gagtacaccc aaagccttaa caaagaatct     79620
     taacaagcac agctatgacg tgacgttaaa ttcgttgcac gcactcaaaa gcactccttc     79680
     ttatacttca gactccacat caatgttcct gaaaacaaag gtcaaagtgc tccaggattg     79740
     gccagcccag tcaccagaca catacattat tgagcatgtc tgcggtaaga tggaagagga     79800
     attgaagatg aaatcaaata atcttaatga actctgggag tcctgcaaga acgccttctt     79860
     tgcctttcca gatgacttta ttaagaagtt atttgagtct gcagagatgt atggatgcag     79920
     tgctccaagc tcatgagagt catacacaat attaattatt tttccactgc accatgactt     79980
     tatattctat actgtacatt atttctgtta agttacaaga cttttgtcta agtaaagtca     80040
     gaccttactg ccctaattaa ataatttaaa aaaatcaagc catgatcata ttttattttg     80100
     gtaatataag cgtaacctag aggcctttgc ctttcatata agccactttt gataccaaat     80160
     gatacaacta gaagtcaagt tgttatttgt tgttcctaaa acttataggt gataggtgat     80220
     agaaactttt gtcaggtagt gtacgccaga cttaacagtt ttattcatat ctcctgtatt     80280
     ctaatttgaa ggttttaatt tttaataaca ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc taaccactga     80340
     gccaccctga agcaaaacaa actttttttg tacaggttgt acttgtacaa gttaaatgta     80400
     caggctaaat ttagattttg catagactat agtatagtca atcaactgca aaagtaggct     80460
     aatgtttacc ctatttgcct gcagtatctt gtctttgata aactgtacat ccttaccttc     80520
     acttgagagt gatatcaaga aacagatcag aaacccactg caaaacaaac acaaaacata     80580
     gtcatatatt taaacattaa taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa actgatttcc cagtagctac     80640
     tacacacgtc tccagatgag ttagttttgt ttctttaatg ctgacttttc ctgaggggac     80700
     agagacttat gacaacaggt acgacagcga cacagaggtc aacaaacgtc actgataatg     80760
     aaaccttgta ggttactata ctgacaggag tactcatttg aagatatgtg aagaagatac     80820
     atggatccag taaatgagga aattgcttgt ttaaatgttt attgatttcc accaatgcta     80880
     ataaacaatg aggcgtttta ataatttaaa agctgtttct agctgtataa gatatggcct     80940
     attactagta ttattattaa atgttttatt tattattaaa cagggcctac agttaccata     81000
     tcatatattg ctggtattat ttttaactga aatatgatgc agctggtgca gtttggcatc     81060
     atatagcagc taaaactata atcagtcttg ggcagtaacg tcgctacaag tagtgacgct     81120
     gggtaaaaaa agaaaacaaa aacaagataa ttagtgaaat gtattctatt atgttcagaa     81180
     gtaaccaaga tatgtcaagc aatgatgtgt taaaacttac agcattgcag aaagatctag     81240
     acaatattta tgaagaaaaa gcaaaaggtg catttgttag gtcaagaaaa aaaatggatg     81300
     gaagccggag aaaagaatac taaatatttt ttcagcttag aaaaaaggaa tcgggaaatt     81360
     tcatccgtta acaaattaat aataaataat tatatcaatg agaatcctaa ggagatttct     81420
     aactatgcat ttcaatttta tagtaaattc tatagtttct ttaatcaacc cactaatata     81480
     gaacttttcc ttagcagttt atcagaaaat actaataaaa ttgactctga ttttagaaat     81540
     tcatgtgatg aagattaaat ttagtagaag taatagattg tataaacagt cttaaagaaa     81600
     ataaatctcc tggaagtgat gggttgacag ggggatttta taaaactttt ggtaatattc     81660
     ctgcaccttt tttacttgct gtttataaag aatcagttat aattggagag cttccagctt     81720
     cactaaaaca aagagtaatt acactgatac caaaatctaa caaagacaaa ttgtacttgg     81780
     aaaattggag accaattagt ttgttaaaca attataccaa aatttactct ctgatattag     81840
     ccacaagaat taaaaaatct tttaaatatg ataattgatc aagaacaatc tgaagggctt     81900
     tctgaaggga cggtttattg gaaataacat tagattaatt cttgacctaa ttgactataa     81960
     ccattttata ctagaggata gtttaatatt atttatcaac ttttataaag cgtttgatat     82020
     tattgaacac tcttttatgt tcaaagttat tgaatttttt ggctttggta tttttttttc     82080
     aaaatgcaat tcaaatttat aatggttgca atagctcagt ccaattatct caagggactt     82140
     gtccaagatt taaaatgagc cgtgggataa ggcaaggctg ccctatatcg ccttttcttt     82200
     ttttattagt tgcacaagta atggctactc atattaaaaa agcaaatttt taatttcaag     82260
     gaatttcagt gtttgacaaa gaaatagaac taagtcaatt aactgatgac actacaattt     82320
     ttgtaaaaaa tagtaaagaa gtgaagaatg ttattaattg tattgaagaa tttttctgag     82380
     gtctctggat taaagatgaa taagagtaaa tctattttat ctgctcttaa agactgtccc     82440
     ttaaaagaag ttagtggtat tccaataaaa gacactgtca catacctcgg tgtaatgata     82500
     agcaaggatt taaaacaaag agatgaatta aattttaagc ccactattga aaagatcaaa     82560
     aacagtgttg taaatgaggg cgatgccaac cctcttgtgc accaccagag ggaaccatcg     82620
     ccagaattct gattcgactc acggactcaa aatcccataa gccctgctac ctggcactga     82680
     ttacggtcca ggtgcaactc atcagctctc gtgtatatat accacactca cgctccggtt     82740
     ctttgcgaag tcttgatttg cctggctgtc atttctgagc gttccatact tcctgcttcg     82800
     gactgatctg tgtttctgac cctgtgcttg ttctacgatt acgaaagaca tctgcctgcc     82860
     cctgatctcc agcctgttat tctgaccagt aagatatctg cctgcctttg aacttttgcc     82920
     tgtcccacgt tctgtctcct ggattgcccc tttgtgtttg tttgtatgtg tgctcttaat     82980
     aaagcttgca aatggattca atgccttctg actcatcaca acagaagact tcgccactac     83040
     agaatccagc agctttagca caagtctcga ctgaactttc cgctcaagcc actcagttag     83100
     ccacccatca tcaacaactc acccatctaa cttctctcac ggaggaactg gtgagagcta     83160
     tgcagcaact ccatcacccg aatcctgcag ttaccccgcc tgctaccatg acagcttctc     83220
     aaccaacgca tgtctccaat gctccggcta ccgtaagtcc ccgattagct tttcctgaaa     83280
     agtttgatgg gtcaccttct cgctgcaaag gcttcttatt gcaatgcaaa ctatttgtta     83340
     accaacaacc tgcattatat cccactgatt ctagtcgggt ggcttttgta tgcaacctgt     83400
     taacggggaa agcgctggaa tgggctacag cgatatggaa ggaggaggaa tgtaactatc     83460
     ccacatttga aacttttctc aagcaatttc gggaagtgtt cgagcaccca gcagatggga     83520
     gaagccccgg tgaacagtta ctttctctta cacaggggcg taacacagct gcagaatacg     83580
     ctctgtcatt tcgcactctc gccgctcaaa ctaactgggt tgaggataca ctgaagacgc     83640
     tattcagacg gggtctgaat accaatctac aatctgaatt ggcttgccgt gacgaaggaa     83700
     agaaattgaa caaactcatt gaacttacca tccgtcttga tcatctgatt cgcagccgta     83760
     gaaatccttg cacacagctc catgtttcaa gtgacacgcc ccctgatgaa cccatgcaac     83820
     tgggtttcac ccgtctcacc catgaagaaa gaatgcatcg attgcaaaat catctatgcc     83880
     tgtactgcgg tcaatcaggg cacaggaaat ccacctgcag cgtacgacct cagacaccag     83940
     ttcaatcggt gagtccttcc catgttcctg cacttttcag tgtactgatt cctgtgatta     84000
     ttaaatttga taaaagaatg attaatacta cggctctcgt cgactctgga tctgccggaa     84060
     actttatatc taagaaattt gctttatgtc acgaactatc tctcagctca tatgattcct     84120
     gtcttgcagt ggaagcacta gacggtcgtc ctgtgggtga aggacgcatc cgtatgatta     84180
     cgaataagct acagttacaa gttggtgttc tacacattga agaaatgcaa ttctacatta     84240
     ttgattcagt taatcatcca ctggtgttgg gactgccctg gttaaggcga catgatcctc     84300
     atatctcctg gagggacgga cagatattgc agtggagtga gtcatgcatg aaacagtgca     84360
     tccagcccat tcacaaaatt ccattacgaa ccaccaatgt gttacctgaa ctcgttgatg     84420
     aactaatccc cattgagtac catgacttac atgaagcttt tagcaaacaa aaagctactc     84480
     aacttccccc acatcgacca agtgattgtg ctattgagtt aattccaggt tcaagtcctc     84540
     caacgggtcg aatattccct ctgtcacaac ctgagcacaa ggcaatgtct gaatatattg     84600
     acgaggaatt ggccaagggt ttcatccgac cttctacatc tcctgcttca gctggattct     84660
     tctttgtaaa gaagaaagat ggcagtttac gtccctgtat tgattaccga gggctcaatg     84720
     aaatcaccgt aaaattccgc tatccactac ccctcgtacc tcctgccctg gaacaattaa     84780
     gaaaggctag atattatacc aagcttgatc ttcgcagtgc atataacctt gtcagaatcc     84840
     gtgctggtga cgagtggaag accgcgtttt ccaccactag ggggcactat gagtacacgg     84900
     taatgccctt cggcctgtca aactgtccat ccgtgttcca atcttttatg aacgatgtct     84960
     ttcgggatat gctggatcgc tgggtcatca tttacatcga cgacatcctc atatattcaa     85020
     acacgatgaa ggaacatgtt gaacatgtac gtatggtgtt gcaacgcatg attcaacatc     85080
     gtctgtacgc caaattagag aagtgtgaat ttcaccagac acagatcgcc tttttgggat     85140
     acgtcatcag tgcagaaggg attaccatgg atgatacgaa ggtacaggca gttcaacgat     85200
     ggccgttacc ccagaatctc aaggagttgc agcgatttct aggttttgcc aacttctata     85260
     gacggtttat cagaggcttt agttcaatag ccgcaccatt aacagccatg accaaacgaa     85320
     attcccacaa actatcctgg tcctctgaag cacgccaagc atttagcgat ctgaagactc     85380
     aattcaccac agctcctatt ctccgtcatc ccaacccaga cctacctttc attgtggaag     85440
     tggatgcatc caacacagga gtcggtgctg tgttatctca acgtcagggt caaccatccc     85500
     aaatgtatcc atgtgccttc ttctcccgta aattgaccag cgcagaacga aactatgatg     85560
     tgggaaatcg cgaattactg gcaatgaaat tagccctgga agaatggaga cactggctgg     85620
     agggggctag tcagcaattc accatattaa ctgaccacaa gaatctggaa tatcttcgct     85680
     cagccaaacg tctaaatccc agacaagctc gttgggcttt gttcttcacc agattcgact     85740
     tcattgtcac ctatagacca gggagtaaaa acagtaaggc agatgcacta tccatgctat     85800
     cagaggataa aaccccaatt agtgatgaaa ccattattcc tacgaactta ctagtggctc     85860
     cagtacagtg ggacatactt accgagatcc aagaggccaa ccgagaaaac aaccctccag     85920
     tagactgtcc gaatcacctg atttttgtac ccaataacat acgtaccaga ttactgaccc     85980
     atattcatga cactcccagt tcggggcatc caggcatcac tgcaactttg gagttagtca     86040
     aagcccgttt ctggtggccg tccctcacga aggatgtaat taattatgtt cagaaatgta     86100
     aaatttgcca aagcacgaag gcatctcacc aaacccctgc tggcctgtta caaccgctac     86160
     cggttccgca acggccctgg tcccatatag cggtggactt cattacggat ctccctgttt     86220
     cccagaacaa cacagtcatt ctcacggtgg ttgatcgttt ctccaaggct tgtcgcctaa     86280
     taccattgcc caaattgccc tctgcctttg aaaccgcaga agccctgtgc aatcatgtat     86340
     ttcgaatgtt tggcttacct gatgatatcg tctcagacag gggatcccaa ttcacttccc     86400
     gggtatggtc cgctctctgt aaaaatctaa atattaatgt tagtctcacc tcaggatacc     86460
     atcctcaatc caacggccaa actgaacgta tgaatcaaga agtcattcga tttttacgtt     86520
     cctactgtca tcagcaacag cacgactgga gtcgctatct gatgtgggca gaatatgcac     86580
     aaaattcatt aataaagcca gccacgggta ttacgccatt caaatgtatt cttggctatc     86640
     aaccacccct gtttccatgg tccggagaac ccactgagtt acctgctgtc acggattggc     86700
     tgcagcggag tgaggatgtc tggaaccagg ctcacagaca tctcatgagg gcagtcagga     86760
     ggagagagat tcaggcgaac cgtcaccgac gccagggacc cacgtatcaa ccggggcagt     86820
     gggtgtggtt gtcgacacga gaccttcgtc tgagattgcc ctgccgcaaa ctcagtccca     86880
     ggtatgtagg gccattcaaa attgtacgcc agattactcc agtgtctttt cgcttagcct     86940
     tgcctaatca ttatcgtatt tctcctactt tccacatgtc attactcaaa cccgctggtg     87000
     gtccacgaga ggaggcggtt gaggaggaat cggaaaccag gacccctcca cctgtcatga     87060
     tcgagggcga ggaagcttac ctcgttcgag aagtgctgga ctcttgacgt cggggtggcg     87120
     ccctccaata tctggtggac tgggaagggt acggtccaga ggaacggtcc tgggtgaatg     87180
     ctagagatat tctagaccca actctcacgg aagagtttca tcaaaggttc ccagagaaac     87240
     cagccccccg acagcgcggt agaccccggc gtcaggtgcc ttctcgcttc aggagccgct     87300
     cgcaggaggg gggttctgtt gtaaatgagg gcgatgccaa ccctcttgtg caccaccaga     87360
     gggaaccatc gccagaattc tgattcgact cacggactca aaatcccata agccctgcta     87420
     cctggcactg attacggtcc aggtgcaact catcagctct cgtgtatata taccacactc     87480
     acgctccggt tctttgcgaa gtcttgattt gcctggctgt catttctgag cgttccatac     87540
     ttcctgcttc ggactgatct gtgtttctga ccctgtgctt gttctacgat tacgaaagac     87600
     atctgcctgc ccctgatctc cagcctgtta ttctgaccag taagatatct gcctgccttt     87660
     gaacttttgc ctgtcccacg ttctgtctcc tggattgccc ctttgtgttt gtttgtatgt     87720
     gtgctcttaa taaagcttgc aaatggattc aatgccttct gactcatcac aacaaacaga     87780
     tataatatgt ggttaatgag agatctgtcc ttatatggtc atgtgttgct gtctaaggca     87840
     gaaggaattt caaggtctgt atacatatta ttgtcaatgg aaacttcgaa aaatgttgtt     87900
     taggaattgg ataaaattct ttatgatttt atttggcgta aaaaggctca ctatttaaaa     87960
     aaagatattt taaataacag caaagacttt ggaggccttg acgtgttaaa atttacatat     88020
     ctcaatgagg tatttaagat aaaatggata attgaataca ttaaaaataa agaaacgttg     88080
     tggcatatct ttccaaattt tatatttaac tctttaggtg gcataaattt tcttttaaaa     88140
     tgtaatttct ctattgataa aatccctatt aaattggcaa gttttcataa gcaggcattg     88200
     ttggcttggc agttggtcta taaacataat tttacacctc atctgtattt tctgtggaat     88260
     aataaagata tcttgtacaa aagaaagtct atatttactt aatcatcgta tgacaatgga     88320
     atatgtagtc aatcaattac ttgatgaaca tggattgctt ttgtcatact cagtattcct     88380
     taaaaaaatg taaagttcct gtaaaaccaa aagactatgc tcttattttt gatgcaatac     88440
     caattaaagt tgtaccactg ttgcgtaatt caatatacaa tgcggaccaa cagccaaaga     88500
     caagtgatga tgttttatat attggtgata ttaacattgt taaagataaa tgtagtaata     88560
     gatatattag aaatgtattt aaaaagaatc aaataccacc atcaacagtc ttctggtcat     88620
     caaaatttgg aaacattgag tggaaaaaag tatggttact aacaaataca ttttttataa     88680
     gtaataaagt aagacaggta tcatttaaaa ttttacaccg aatttatcct gtaagagaat     88740
     tatttgaacg atttggagtt gatagagaaa acttttgcga tttttgttgt ataattaaag     88800
     aatctgttac tcatagtttt tttcaatgtg tatactcaag attattttga attgatgttt     88860
     ctaactttat ttcaaggaca tttggtacac taatacaaat tgggttatat gatgtcatat     88920
     ttgcttttgt acaagatgga tttgattcaa aaacatgttt tctaatacaa ctaataatat     88980
     tacttggaaa ataccatatt catgtcaaga aataggccaa agctaagcca aattgtgttc     89040
     atttaaagga gattaaacaa tatggtatta cattatgtaa cataaaaaaa cagaaaagct     89100
     gtaaaaacat atgaggcatt atgtaaattt caattgattg aataagtttt ttttttaaat     89160
     ataattatta ttattatctt acctatttat ttttctaccc atggcatctg tttatacttt     89220
     gaataactga aataatttat ttcattctat tttttttatt atgttcatga tgtatgtgtt     89280
     catgatgttc aatacgatgt attctcttgt actatgtttg taaatattac aataaaaaat     89340
     aaataaataa aaaaaattta aatacaagca gtgacgctac tagcttaact acatttctca     89400
     gtagcttggc ggtagcgtcg ctactttcta aatcaaatag cttttcagta gcatagctat     89460
     tttattagtc aagtagcgca gtagcgtcca cacaagctaa gttaaattta cagatcgcgg     89520
     atcaataagt gacggcactg acattcacat agctgtgagg ccggtgatag taaatccata     89580
     tgatggttag aatgaggaat tcttcttcct cctgttttac agtgttcgac aacaaacttt     89640
     ttggtgcgta acagccatcg ccaacagaaa cttgcttgat gtaaagatga cagggagagg     89700
     agttatttct gaagcaggat tcctcgtgac catacctcaa gaacatgtta agatgctata     89760
     acttatttat atatttttcc aaaaaaatcc ctttactata gtatttgttt ctgtttagta     89820
     cagcatatta tttacagtaa ctgaactgat ctattatggc tcatatgttt catagacagt     89880
     tttattaatc actaagatat gattggcttg gatagttact tcgatttcaa aataaaaatt     89940
     gcaaaaataa cttggatgta gctaagctac ttttgcctta tagcttttag cttagctttc     90000
     tacatttccc atggggtagc ttttactgta acttagttaa gctacaattt atgtagagta     90060
     gctaatagct tagctcacta catttttaaa gtagcttgcc caacactgat tataacttta     90120
     cacgcataac attacgtcat atcggttata ggacacagac ctatatattc tacatgcagt     90180
     aacatttctt ccatgttcct atgttttata agtaattgtg ttaaaccaac ctgccatgtc     90240
     agttattaat taatttctac actgggtata tctgcacaat ccgacggtcg atttctggaa     90300
     gaattaacaa ttgtgttacg tttatctatt cctgaggtac tcgtaaggca aaaatctaaa     90360
     gatatttaca aatttatgct aactgaagct gaacaacaag ctacaagcta gactaccagc     90420
     tggtgtaata atgcgccttt tgtcctggac agagaataaa gacatctatg ttactgagtt     90480
     gcatcgacaa tttcagcaca acataccttc tgaacatcac gtagcaaatt gaaattcgtg     90540
     gaatcgaata tttgttgtgg aaattaagct gtacaaaaca gcttatcttg agttgtacgc     90600
     aatgtcatgc gcagtttagc tataacatga catcttcgta ctggattttt ccaatgtata     90660
     ttttaaacat atggtaagta tattttataa ccacatggcc aaataacatg cgttttaata     90720
     atattaataa taaaaataaa ctttattaaa tttaaaatta tattttaggg tcagaaaaaa     90780
     tcctttatta gcagattagt caactttaag ttctataagt taatgcataa ttgatgatgg     90840
     ggcatattat aatgcaaacc gttgtactgc ggtcaagcca cacgccaagt caaaacgaac     90900
     ggtcattcta catagataca ctagatgtcg cctggcctaa tgttgtctat tggacggaat     90960
     gcgtcaatag cgccgccatc ttgctacagg gtagcgctcc tttgaaatga atgcgggact     91020
     aaggtacagt ggaggactgt ggccaaccaa agccagagat atacacatat atctgtgatc     91080
     gggagttttc ctggatgtta gtgtgtaatt ttttttctaa ttacgaaaat tataatttta     91140
     catcactttt ctacattgat ggatcagtga ccgcacatgc attactgaca aaaagcttgt     91200
     gtttgtgtgt acagaaatgt actattcacc ctccctgtta aatttaatat gatccgtgtc     91260
     ctgaaacaca cctcctctcc tgctttcact tctcatactg acggagggag agattcgttt     91320
     gtgaatgaat cccccgaacg actctttcac taacgttagc cgacaataat acaagtttct     91380
     gtcaccgcag cacgtcgttg tcatatttct tttgcattgt ttgctgattt tattaaacaa     91440
     aactagcata agccgagtgt ttagtgcgag ttggagctgc tttgccgtat ggtgtatcca     91500
     gtaagtgact gttatcatca ataacgttac ctgattagca cataagttca gaacagaaaa     91560
     aaacttaata ttacctatga aatgttctgc ctttgtgctt tgttttcttt gtttgctcgt     91620
     tattacaccc gtaaacagcg ctaaagtccc gcatcttcac gtaataacac tgtcttgact     91680
     aatgcggttg aatgacaatt gtcctgggag cactgtacca atgtggcggc gctattaacg     91740
     catgctgagg gtacctatgc gatatctagt gtatatatct atggtcattc tagcgcagtt     91800
     acaaaataaa agtcaataaa atgccataaa cgatactgct ctgtcactgt attaaaaagg     91860
     tataataata caattgattt caaaagccag ctacacttag attgattgta gacattgcca     91920
     cggtggcaac taaacctttt tcatagacat ctgatgtgat attataatta caagttgacc     91980
     ctgattaaaa attaaatgaa caaataaata aaataaaact attagatatt ccaggccagt     92040
     tttatttcag attgatggca aactttacca cagtgtcaac taaatctttt tatggccatc     92100
     cgatgtggaa ttataaaata agaaccctac ctgacacaaa acaccatctg gccctgattt     92160
     taaaatatta ttaaaataaa atcattagat atcaccggcc agttttacct ctgatagtaa     92220
     atagtacaga taatagacat tactacagtg tcgactaaac tgttgcatga ccagaatgac     92280
     cattcttttt gaactagtag ctggcctgac cacactgagg ttgtggtgca gccatgatga     92340
     aaagtacata acttaaagtc atgcattatt agaaagggga ccggtcaaaa ataaattcgg     92400
     aaggatttag caataaaatt ccatacatta ataaataaaa aaaagacagt tgttagccag     92460
     ggcgaggcag tggcgcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt cgctgggggg     92520
     gctggttcga agctattcgc tcagttggcg tttctgtgtg gagttgcatg ttctccctgc     92580
     cttcgcgtgg gtttcctctg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac agtccaaaga catgcagtac     92640
     aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccgta gtgtatgagt gtctgtgtga atgtgtgtgt     92700
     ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcggctgg aagggtatct gctgcgtaaa aactagctgg     92760
     ataagttggt agttcattcc gctgtggcga ccccagaata ataaagggac taagccgaca     92820
     agaaaattaa tgaatgaatg agttgttagc cagtttattt taaaggtttc attaagaaac     92880
     ctgtcatgca cctgtcagtt taagattttg aggtttttgg cttttcataa aattaatata     92940
     atcacactct attgcactta ataaatacat gtctgtggat ttcaattaaa tttttagagg     93000
     gtgctttctt caaattcact tttatttccc tcataaatct cataactatt ttatgcatat     93060
     ctatattatt acgccttttt actaagggat atgttaatac acaatttgca tggcttaatg     93120
     cttaaactta gcattttaga aatgtggtac aaaaagtttg caaatcttta tgcaatgagt     93180
     ctgaggtgta gtatggagaa tactacagta ttttttttct tgcccaagac ttcccagtag     93240
     gcctgcagtg cgtgtaaaca aaatagcaga agaaggcagt aatgcaaagc aaaataccag     93300
     aagatggcag taatgctacg caaagaatgc aatcttttgc caaaagccta cagtgcgcaa     93360
     gatggcgctg caaaatctct caccacaacc gccaagcaat aacaacagca gcagcagagg     93420
     aagaagaatc gggaagagcg tcgcacataa tataaacaga aggaaggatg ccgacttctt     93480
     agtgcgctta tttacatttc tgctaaaaga aatgtttcat cagtgccttc accgtttaga     93540
     aactcatgcc tgatacttac agagagagct tcagacaggc gtgtgctgta agtatggcgt     93600
     atgtgacgtt tacaagacct aaatcagctc agatgtgtaa tgttcacgtt catcgagtgc     93660
     aacaaccaaa gataaacaca agggtttata ttaatcatgt tcatgatatc ccccccccat     93720
     atgttaactt gtagctcgtg aacggtgctt tatatatttt gttttttctt gtacttttat     93780
     ttaaaatcac aggcagacgt caatgagata ttttggacgt tttggttcag tgtagtagaa     93840
     ttttgttata acgttaatga attttacaga ttttagatta ttacatttta gaatcaaaat     93900
     gtcaatccct cagcttgaaa aaataagtgt ggacggcaga tatattagaa aatagtactc     93960
     atatctatct gtctgtctgt ctatttgtat atgtagtcca aattgtttaa ataaacaaaa     94020
     gtaacacaca tattgaaaaa taataaaaaa tattaaaaaa aatctaatga taaataatac     94080
     ttttattgcg taaatggctt ttgtatacac tctatcattg taatattgtg tattaataat     94140
     atatttttaa aatattgtca aatttagcac actgatttgt tgatgctgat taaatttatt     94200
     catgtgatca ttgagataac attggttttt tattcataca tttgtactta tagacatata     94260
     cacacataat ttaagaaaag tattatttgc aaattctata taggttagtc atattagtag     94320
     ccgatgacta ataaagtaca ccattgttct cacttaaata aatggtggta aggttgtttt     94380
     gaagtcatat ttacataaaa cttccaactg aatattcaaa ttagagtatg aaacaatata     94440
     gggatcgtgt cacaatttgt aactgaatga acgtggtaaa ataaaaccaa ctttacctta     94500
     atcatgttag cagtaacttt caattttaat tcaatttatt tattaagcac ttcaaaacaa     94560
     cacagtcgac catagtgctg acaacagaga gtaaaacaaa aaccccacaa aaaacatttt     94620
     actctgtgct aaaagccaaa ttgaacacgt ggattttaag aagccattta aaaacagtaa     94680
     tgtaagaggc ttggctaata tacaaaggca actcattcca caagtttggt gcagccacag     94740
     caaaagcctt ctgagctttt gactggtcct gggcacaccc aggaggagct ggtcgtctga     94800
     cctgagtgaa cgggaaggtg tgtaaggaca gagaaactca gtgaggtaaa agggtgcagt     94860
     accattcaga cacttaaaaa taaataaaag taacttaaaa tagatcctga aatgcacggg     94920
     cagccagtga agagaagata aactttaaag acattgcctt aacatttaat aatgttaagt     94980
     aaaatttgag ctcagagctc aaacaattat agtttagcac ctgaaaaggt tggggaaaca     95040
     catataaata tacaatttaa ctattaaaat gtttttttat gtttccttct aaaagaaaaa     95100
     tctataaaat taaataaaac ccttaaatac attaggcttt agtaataaat gttaaatcga     95160
     ctgctttgcg atggcttttt tttggctttt gtcaatatct atgtctaaac ataaaaaaaa     95220
     ctaattaaga tgcaaatgaa aaaaaaaaca agataattta tgattttatg acacaataac     95280
     gaaaatcttt gtttttctga aaccactggc agatatttgt tcttgtatga atcatacatt     95340
     taacagattt tcttattatg ttcattagtt ctctttattt gatcttaatt tcttttaaaa     95400
     gtttgttacc cttctattaa atgcccttaa taaacttata ttaatattgc taaaaacctt     95460
     tttaaacatg tgcacgcaca caaaattcta aatgaagtcg atttttttta tattttgttt     95520
     taaaaacaaa ttcattataa gggctctaac atgttgcact ggtgcacctg aaattacaac     95580
     cacatcgcat taaacataac gcccttcacc atctctgact ggttttagcc agaacatgat     95640
     ctaatgtgtg cctattctgt tgaaccacag ttgtggagaa gttttaacaa aatctatttg     95700
     ccctcgattg gctggtagca accttaaatt attttgttgc accattgaga aattaagtca     95760
     cactctagaa ccctgattat gcttggacta accttattgc agttactttt tttgcagatg     95820
     gcggtgtcct ttcgaatccc caaaaagaag cagccgtcag attcctgcag tcttgatatg     95880
     cagtctccgc tttctcgatt gcaggacgat aattcacaaa aggtaagaaa tgccacaaat     95940
     cacactgtag agaactggtt atctgcttta aaagtgaact gaaccactgt ggttttgtgt     96000
     aaagctgttt cttttgcttt ttttagtcag tacatttttt tgtccgcatc aaaacaaaat     96060
     gtgcaaaagt actatcgtaa aaaggtttgt gatgttactg ttttaaaaaa agctagtttt     96120
     gctcacagaa acagaatttt acaatataat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     96180
     atatatatat atatataaaa gggaaatgta ataaaaaaaa atgcaaataa atgctgttat     96240
     tttgaacttt ttttcatcaa ggataagcaa aataatatca atttgctaat aagcaaatag     96300
     tgtcacagtt tccacaaagc attgaagcag gaaaaaaaat ttcaacattg ataattgtta     96360
     gaatcattag taatgatttt gcaccgataa taatttatca taattgatta gtaattcatc     96420
     atatactgat taccaaagga tcatatgaca gaaatagagc tgaaaggatt aacgttttgt     96480
     aataatgtac tttttaaaaa atagttttat gtatattgta ttattatttt ttgtcaggtt     96540
     atttattcat ttatttgatt ttcttggtac aaattgtaca gtttttactg tatttgtaat     96600
     taaataaatg attaaataaa tgtagccttg gggagcggaa taatcttctt ttaaataaaa     96660
     aaaaattctt ttgactttgt gtacatgaga gcatattaaa tgaaagcgta tactgtatag     96720
     tttcagataa ttttatggaa atacactgta ggaatatgat tgaaaaaatg tccatttgac     96780
     attcagtgga acagatatga tcctattctt ttgccccatg gtcacacata tgtctccaaa     96840
     acctgacagg ttgacaaatc taaacttgtt tttattaaaa ctaatgtaaa tatgcaaata     96900
     ataaataata ctgctaataa taataacatt atacaaatgc aaattgtcgt gaataaattg     96960
     aaaaagcccc cgacataaag aagacatgga ggcagtgatt tttattgatg tagaaaataa     97020
     taatttttgt aacattataa tcctattttt tcatatgtaa agatactggt gtattaagca     97080
     atgtgtaagc gttttaatcc gcataggcgc ataactaaag tgctctgtgc tggactttag     97140
     ggaagctttt agttggtcaa tggcacagcc tatttcagtt cctcaaaata gcaatgcact     97200
     tacaatgcgc ctttaaacgc ctctatttta gaccaaaaag tgaagcaaat ggatttgcta     97260
     tttaagcaac gtagtaaatg tccgttgcgc tggtctaaaa aatagcatac aaatcgcatc     97320
     aaacatgctt tgcaccttat tgctccaggt gtatgatagg gcccttaatg tcaacaatag     97380
     tcttttgatt tttcttttct gatatataag ctatgacatt atagtaggtg ttttctgtca     97440
     atctttataa atcgtaagtt gctaatgtgg caaaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa atgataaata     97500
     aatctttata aaatgtgtga taattatagt ttttttttta catggacaaa cacacagaga     97560
     catacagatt ttattattaa aactaaatta aagctgcatt acactttctc ttttacactt     97620
     tcgttttaat gcctaaatac ccttctttct tgttttttcc ccctatagag tcagtggggt     97680
     tctgtcacat ttaatggaag aacacctcat aaaaccagtt ctaatgaaaa tatgctttca     97740
     aagggcagtc agaggacaga ttcattaagg tgagaattga ttcaaatggt ttgaaagttt     97800
     agaaattaac tctagatgga gctgcttgat catttcaaaa gtagtgttgg acattttaga     97860
     caaagcttca ttggtatgcg actggtcaaa agacttaatg aatgtttctt gagacttatg     97920
     tttgattaga aatacagtat aatcaattat ttgaaatatt gttacagtta taaactagcc     97980
     tttattagaa tatattttaa agtgtaattc atttctgtca tccaaagctg aatttttagc     98040
     attatatgaa agtctaacat atggtgcttc attgttttaa aagctctgtt attagtaata     98100
     gagtgtattt tcatcaattg ttaaaacata tttggctgct taatatattc atggaaacta     98160
     tcatatgttt ttaaattaaa tcagcatttt agaagtattt ctgaaggatc aggtgacctg     98220
     gaaatctgta acaatgatcc tgaaaatctg gcttttgata cagaaattga taaagtgcaa     98280
     ttaaaggagg ttttcttttc attgaaaaaa acctttatga gaagctaaaa tgctctaaat     98340
     ctcaaaacaa acctgcatgt tatattgtct aacgattaat cacaatcaaa ataaaagtta     98400
     ctatttacaa aatttatttg tgcatactat gtatattttt gtgtatacta tatgcatgac     98460
     tatattataa gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatata tatatatata tatatatata     98520
     tatatatata tatatataaa tatatatatt gtttgtattt catatacatt gtgtgtgcat     98580
     ttatacacat acataaatat acaaatatag gcacaaaaaa gtatatttat gtttaaatgt     98640
     agttaaaacc tttatcttgg atgcgattaa ttgtaattaa tcgttggaca ctaagtatat     98700
     aattttatat gttttccatt gcagacataa taggttgttt agtcttagcg gtgaaagtcg     98760
     gtcatctaac ttgcattctc caaattccag aggagccaca cgtggacgtt tcagctttaa     98820
     aatgaaccaa cagccaataa aaatcagccc tgctcgagtg aacgggacgc cccataaggt     98880
     gtcagataca tctggcttta ggcctcagtg tcaaactccc accacagcac cagacttcac     98940
     tgcaattaac aggtgagagt cagtgtgaat aatgggatat cgttggtggt ttttaggagg     99000
     aggtttttct tgtagggttt gtaatatatg tgtctgtgtg tgtgtttcag atggagacca     99060
     aaaagagcat ctgatagact tctcagccat gatgagaacc atactaaggc ttcagaatgc     99120
     tctgctttca agattcacag aggtatgtca ctgttattct gtttgaacac acacacacta     99180
     aggttgtcgc tatagcatta attcccgtta caatactata acagctgaag tatcgtgata     99240
     tcaagtacta ttgcgattag tgtaattcat aactcaaatc tatgaaataa agaacatttt     99300
     tagaaatact atatttttgt tatgatatac ctacttgatt tgaattctta attcccttat     99360
     tattgaaaaa aggatttgca catcacttta cctaaattac gttagttctt tttgtttatt     99420
     ttgtagacat ctgtccaata aaaaaaaata aagatacaaa tttgttacaa aaagagcatt     99480
     tttccaacaa aatttggcta tatgaaatgg tcaaaaatgg tttcaatgtt tcctgttttt     99540
     catctattgt ttatttattt attattatta tcagataaga atccaaagta atttaaaatt     99600
     ttactttgtg agtaaaaaca ctttgtgttt ttttcagaga tcagtgtggt ttttctatct     99660
     actaaatcat attgacagga acaaaaatga acttattcag atgtgcattt gaactcaaac     99720
     gtcagataat gtgcaatagg ctaatggtgt gaattctaca cagttctcac agactattta     99780
     aataaaatgg tttattgttg cacaaatgtg tgagcatttt agtgactttt ccacatgcaa     99840
     tgttatgaat tgtagataga tcgttaatga cgatactgtt tacaaactac agtggcacca     99900
     ccagtatttt ggagccatag tatcatgata ctaccatagt accaataagc catgcaacca     99960
     taacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    100020
     acacacacac acacacacac tcatgtatgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    100080
     atatatatat atatatatac ataattttta gccccctgtt tatttttttc cccaatttct    100140
     gtttaacggt gagaagattt tttttttaaa cacaataatt ttaataactc atttctaata    100200
     actgatttat tttacctttg ccatgatgac agtagataat attttactag atatttttca    100260
     agacacttct atacagctta aagtaaagtt taaaggctta actaggttaa ttaggttaac    100320
     taggcaggtt agggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtagaacaa tggtttgttc tgttgttctg    100380
     tagactatca aaaaaaaagt tagcgcaaag gggctaataa ttttgtcgtt aaaatagtgt    100440
     ttaaaaacta ataactgctt ttattctagc caaaataaac caaatttaca cacacacaca    100500
     cacacacaca cgcacacaca tacacacaca cacaaacaca cacacacact tgctattttt    100560
     ttggcacact ttgggcccat tagtaccaat agagcattgt gtcaatgcta cagcctacct    100620
     gagtactgtt gctgaccatg tccatctctt tatgaccaca gtgtacccat tttctgatgg    100680
     ctacttacag cagaataaca cgctatgtca gaaagcaaaa agtgtggata atcttagact    100740
     tgtttcttga acataaccat gagttcactg tactcgaacg gccttcacag taaccagatc    100800
     tcaatccaat acagcacctt tgggatatgg tggaacggga gattcacatc atgcatgtgc    100860
     agccaacaaa tctacagcaa ctgcgtgatg ctgtcatgcc aatatggagc aaaatctctg    100920
     aggaatattt ccagcgcctc attaaatcta tgtcacgaat gattaaggca gttctgaaag    100980
     caaaaggggg tccaacctgg tactagtaag gtgtacctaa taaagtggcc agtgagtgta    101040
     tattaataca tctattataa taatattatt ataattattg ttattattat taataattat    101100
     aataaacaat aaaacatacc aataatagta tttgtttttt tggtgttcta tttttaatgt    101160
     aaacttttat ttcttgttaa taatacattt gcaattaaat attaataggt aatgatacta    101220
     aatatacatt tatataaatg tacacacttc atacatctca aagtatacac aatttaagta    101280
     tgtattatta gatatgctgt tctctgtgta taaaaatgta tcctatatta ctgtaatata    101340
     tttaacactt attattacat ggcaaccctt ttagaattct ggttgtgaga tatgcacaaa    101400
     cccctcacat tatatcagaa aacacacaaa tgtgcaataa aaattaacca taaattgaaa    101460
     acaaaattga ctttatacta agtcttgcca aaacacgaaa atacaccata gcatgactac    101520
     tcctgcgtaa ttcccagttt tccctttaat gagttggatc gttaaactaa ataagcagtt    101580
     aaagtaaact gtaaactttg gctgagatat ctgatgtaga ttatcaagaa gctaatgagg    101640
     gaaaatgccc tggttttttg gcttttactt ggtctctgca tctcgaagta cctttaatga    101700
     tccgcttttg tgtctttcct ccttcgttcc acggagcttc gggcgtcatg tttaacatct    101760
     cgcagctgcc tgaccctcct tcactcctgc tctacatagt attggacgcc atcacacttt    101820
     tcctggcttc ggatagctga taaataaaca aatgcttaac tttatggatc tgttaaaacg    101880
     gtctttctct ctgtctactt cccccgtctc ttgggatttc gccgagttca ccctttcgtt    101940
     tcgtggctga tgtgacctcc accaaagtcg agaaatgatg tttggtcaat aaggccgttt    102000
     tatatgtact tgggactgcc taaagagggg aaaaaaaaaa cagtatgcac tgcttgtaaa    102060
     atcccagagc cttcccaatt tcattattta accaagtcgt tctgtctttt taggcctgga    102120
     ttctgaggaa ttggaggaag aagaaacaga aggaacacaa ggccactctc aggtcaagga    102180
     gacgcaaagg gcgacgtctt cagaagacta caaagtgaca tctgcagcct ctgtttttga    102240
     ggtaagttga tgctcatgtc atttattacc tatgtttcca tcaaaggttg tcaattacaa    102300
     ttattcacac aactggaatt tcgcaatata tattttgaaa taaagcacca tttccataca    102360
     ataagtcaaa gagaataaac tcgtcatttc tcgataaact ggtgccaaat atcacaaaga    102420
     aaaatgtact ttgtttttct tatacactac ctgacaaaag tcttgtcact ttacaagttt    102480
     taggaacaaa aaataataac ttgaccaaaa taaaatataa ttatgcctta atcccttggt    102540
     cccgaccccc actttgggaa gcactgcctt acaacaccct agaaagacat aaaatgatta    102600
     aaatagaata taaagaatca taaaataggt gaaatggatt ttgcaactag ggatgtcctg    102660
     atccaggatg cttcctattt ttgatttaat tcaccttatt ttaacattca acaactctgt    102720
     taacaatcag agcacttctg tgaggtagct tgaaaaatca agtaataaat aacatcaatt    102780
     ctttgctttt gtactttagt gcaacagtaa atatataaaa aaatctatta taaaaacaaa    102840
     tagcacctaa acctaaaata cctgtcaggc aatcccaagt atgcatatct cacagtttgc    102900
     tatggcaatg ttgttattat caactttata atacctccag actgcaaaca tagtcaaact    102960
     ttctgcttca aactgctttt gttttctact tcaccgtcat ttaaccaatg atgtcattgc    103020
     aacaaagtga tgtcatgctg catgtatgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    103080
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tattagtgct gtcaatcgat    103140
     taaaaaaaac taattaatcg cacctttaaa aaaaattaat cgtgattaat cgcatttaaa    103200
     tactgaaact tgtaattttg cctattcaaa tgtgaaatta atggaaacgc aagacaaaaa    103260
     actatttaaa ttcaattcaa aattcaaaat ataattgttt aatagaattt ttgtttaact    103320
     tgtaacactt gatgatttct tcatgtaaac aacatagcca caataaacca tcaagatcct    103380
     ggcttgacag ccatatttat taaagaaatc caaacacagg catgttaatg acatttaaat    103440
     ttcaaaacaa tcaatgccag taaagaaaac attgatttcc atgttggatt ctaagtggac    103500
     tgcaaaaaat gccaaaatac aggaattgca gatatggaaa atgaaaaatt ataataataa    103560
     actatagaat acaaactgtt gcactcattg taagttttat tgctgtgagt tgagaacatt    103620
     agttatagag tagaaacaat tttgcttaat cctcctttac attcatccag ttgctaagac    103680
     taggagtatc ccgcaagtgc acagagactc ccaaatggcc acaattgaat gataattttt    103740
     cgcaaaccag tcgttaaata cattgcacac ccctctcccc cgcatccctc ctagctcttc    103800
     aggtagccta tgccacgcgc aactcacccc caccgttctt caggtacgtc tcgcgcgcac    103860
     acgcccctcc tcagatacgt tgctcactcc acccctgaca cccctcaacg ggccagacac    103920
     agacacacac acacaaaacg cgctgcagac gttttggccc caacggcctt ccatactaga    103980
     gcgactcccc tcaaattcaa caagcatgat cacgttcata aaatttgctt aaactaagcg    104040
     tcctaaagta ttactgtatt tcacaaggat tctgacacaa caacgcgaag catacgctcg    104100
     ttgcgtttaa tgaggaaaca cgctaaagta atgccctgtc tttgacagct cgcgacttca    104160
     ccagactttt taagtacatt cacataagac accaatactc tgattttaat atgactaaga    104220
     ttatactctt attaaaattc taccgtgtag cctaagcagt gattttatta ccttaaagga    104280
     acacagagtt acgaaatgcg ggggattttc tttctgttcg ccatgcggta tcaacttata    104340
     atagaagtcg aaagttaaaa atgaaacacc cgaaattgca tgaaactttg gagagcctgg    104400
     tgatgcgact aattgtttta tactgaaact tgccttcaaa aagtgcttcc ttggtcttat    104460
     ccacatttat tgcatgttaa acacacatcc accacaacag gaagtaaaaa aaaaaacctg    104520
     caactgcgtt aattgcgtta atttttttaa tgcgttaatt atttaaaatt aatcgcatgc    104580
     gttaatgcac taattttgac agcgcttata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104640
     tatatatata tatatattgg agtcctgatt ggaaggtaac gtccagttcc gatcgtgcac    104700
     aatttccgat catgtgattg gatctggagt ctggacatcc ctagttataa ccttcctgga    104760
     acattgactc atgttacgta atattcatat catgaacttg taaatatacc cccccccccc    104820
     aggtataaca aaaggtttta ccaagtactc ttaagctcat catgttagga ttattgtttt    104880
     tttagtcata ctgaaatttg ttctcgggta ttatgattct aattctacaa agtatgaagc    104940
     tgattggtca gttcttgtca tgtgactcgc ggtgcacttg tgacattctt tcaactaggt    105000
     gtgcctggga agtgcaaaag taaaaaaaaa acgcgtgtaa aaaacaatat atgaacagtc    105060
     cttatttaat agcttcagtc atagtttacc aagtgtgcgt gcgtattagt ttagttgcag    105120
     cagttttgtt ccatgcagaa atgcattgat gagaagcctt tacgtttaaa taatcgtgat    105180
     agattcaagc acggttcata gtgaaatcag ttaatcgttg catccctagc catctaacat    105240
     gttgtttttg tcactttatg actccagaaa gcaacaagca aacacaagaa cggaacagaa    105300
     aaagctgttt ccaaaccgtt caaccactca ggcctccatg ttcaggaagc tccagccagg    105360
     catctgagga cctctgagga aagggctgcc tcgtctgtgc ctgttagaaa agaccccctg    105420
     acctcagaga ctgcagagaa taagagcaaa gatccgtttg cgtcttttta cagcagcaaa    105480
     ttgagaagga agcctcagag tttctgcaag acctacaaga gaaccaagcc cagctccaca    105540
     gagccgagta tgtgtgacct tcctttttct tttatttcac attattcttt tccacaaaca    105600
     tcgttttgag ggcaaacctg ccttatttaa actttcttac cctccagtgt gctggtagtg    105660
     cgtttaacag ctttttgcag gctgtgtatg ccaacttggg ccataaattc ttgaaaaaag    105720
     taaacattct gcctttgtct ttaatggcag atatattttt taatgcactt gttggcagag    105780
     gcaccagacc ttgttcttgg aaagggtcag gaggtcagga tgactccatc caaataaatg    105840
     tgagtgcctt cgcaaaactc ataaccacag ggtgctttcc agaactagct ttacaattgc    105900
     tgttacggcc caattcagaa gagcccacca tcacgtctcc atgatgtttt ggccctgttt    105960
     acactaatac gccttagttt taaaatggca gtttagaatg aaagtgatct acatccacac    106020
     tggcgcttca tctagcattt ctgacaagcc ctccttccac actttaccgc taaaaacaca    106080
     cattatgtgg ctacacacac acacacacac acagggctct attttgacgg tccatttgca    106140
     aagagcaggg cgcagagcac aaacactttc agggtgtatc agaatccact tttgctaata    106200
     taagaatgga aaatctactt tgcgccgtgg cgcatggtct aaaagggttg agattatttt    106260
     cttaatgagt tattggttag ttttgagaat aaacaaatca gagtctcatc tcccattccc    106320
     tttaagagcc agttgtgtcc agccatggca cgtttgctat tacatgatgt aaagttagtg    106380
     taagtggaaa aactgagcat ttcaatggca agaaaactgt taaacagaac atctacagcg    106440
     cgagaatgag agataaggca tctcataatc tactttcgct atcgtggata aggaaacctt    106500
     gtacgcacag acatccatta gcctataaat aattcatttt gtttaagcac aaagatttgt    106560
     ttcaaaacta tttctaaatt cagttctaat ttccagcaaa caaataaacg aacaataata    106620
     acgaagtgtg gtcttgtgtg tattaagcag tgtgtaagcg atgcgcactc tgcgccagac    106680
     tttaaactgg ctttgttctg gtctaaagaa cagactatta tagtttctca aaatagcaac    106740
     gcgccaaaac acgcctgctt ttttagatca gaacaccaat gggcgcacat ttgagcacaa    106800
     atgcatttgc tatataaaca gcgtggcgca aaatgtcaaa acgactcttg caccaagctg    106860
     aaactagcaa acaactattg cgtcgcgcct tgtgccacat tgcgcctggt tgtatcatag    106920
     tgcccacagg catgcacagc agcatatgag ctccatgcag tcagcgggtg ctttaaacac    106980
     caaaccccaa agagctgtgc acgtcggaca gtttatcaag gatgtactgc tggatttcat    107040
     ctcactataa ttgttaaacg tgatatttaa ttaatctggt ctctatctaa tgactcttta    107100
     gtcttttgaa tctatcagct aacgtgtcac agcttcagta cactgcttca atctttcgct    107160
     ttcacgcttg tacttagtaa cttttgcgaa aacctcagat actgttgatt ggttcgtgtt    107220
     ggttgtgcat cttttttacc aaccaagttt gtcaacacaa tgataacgac aaagatcact    107280
     ctgccaattt aaagtgattg acaggaggta atttgtgtgt aacttatctt tatttattta    107340
     tgatttggtt atgtgttaaa caaagaccac acaggtcatg tagttaaaac agtaggctac    107400
     aaataataca tttattatga attaattaat tattaataaa taattaatta attcatttat    107460
     tatgaattaa ttaattatta ataaataaat aattcaccac cgcctacaac gacggtgcca    107520
     tcgtccattg caatgtttca cattagacat atacactata caatgccaaa ttggttgacg    107580
     tcaaccaacc ctatctgttg ctatataaaa tctttcaaat tgtaaaaaaa taaataaatt    107640
     gtaaactgga ttgatacaag caaaatggat tgagtgtaag tgtagaatga aagtaaatta    107700
     tgcaaaaagt aaataaataa agcttaaatg ccaatatata tgtgcattcc taaataaaat    107760
     aataaatcat aaccagtgga acaagtgaaa tccaaagtaa gagatgcaga ttcagcatga    107820
     acctaaacct agaatgaagc cagatgaacc cttcaggtga aaaataagac tttcctgaga    107880
     cataatccca ttgttcttgg ctgaaggatg accttatgaa gattaatgtc tttaagtgtg    107940
     tggtgtgcag aatagcagca ttcactctca caatctagat tactacaatc ccgaccttaa    108000
     ggtctgagta aagcccatta cacctctgtc tgcaagagag gaatgctgat gaaccatcga    108060
     cctcctcgtc atcaactggg acatgttcat tgtaaaaact ttattctcca ttactgttga    108120
     ctttagacat aacaattcaa caccagtaat gaattgcaat cgtgtattgt gcagctttgt    108180
     tgttttcaag tcaattagaa aatttattta tttgggcaat ggattcattg aaaatatctg    108240
     gctctaaaat taatttaaat ttaagtccta caaagctctc gtgtggcttt agagttttta    108300
     ttctttttcc atttttaaaa gcttcagttg gtaatttttt cctctggtga tgacctaaca    108360
     agaggatctg aatagctaac aaatgtcttc ttagttcaca aatgtgtcca attcaaacca    108420
     ttttttaatg tagcaaaaac agatgggcgg cattgaattt gttattgttt tctgatggat    108480
     tggtagacag gaagaggaag ggaaaggagg tgaaggatga aaaaaaagga gagagagagg    108540
     attacccatg tccttgcttc tctctcaaag cccattatgg gaaccagcta aagagaagcg    108600
     tctgccgaag aggaggaaaa aaagatctaa attaaaactc ataaagctta gaatgggaat    108660
     ttattagaaa cattgtaaga atgcaatgtt gagtccatcg tttgacttaa gtcaatgtta    108720
     atcatgagaa cttttcaaac gcacattcaa actgtttatt gaaacaaaca tctgtcaaga    108780
     cttgcgttta cctcattgga aaatgtagca tcagaagttt atcttggcct gacacttgtt    108840
     ttgttttctt tttagaacat ttagatgtgc agaaatctgg aatgtatttt attcaatcct    108900
     aatttaatat aaaattgctg attcccagtt ttaagaacat ctgagcttta gtgcgaagga    108960
     attttagcaa gcgtttctgg ttcttgcttc tgattggtcg acatgatctg tctctgtgtc    109020
     cttcagttgt cctgtccagc gatgatgaag gagccaatga ggtgaatgac gtgtctggag    109080
     gtctgcaaga gcagcggatc tctgagggga tcagagacac tcaggtaaca gataaagaat    109140
     gaaatgaaga tttaaagggg ctgcattcag aattctgaaa ccttgttttt agcgacactg    109200
     gtggccatta agtaaactgc atctagcaac tttttaatct tgtgcgtact cgtgcacatg    109260
     taacattaca atagactgta tggaccttaa gactttgatg taatgacaaa gaattcagaa    109320
     actttgttgt tagcgacacc aattgctatt aaatgaactg cagcgagcaa ccttttaatc    109380
     atgctcacac tcgaatgaca tcctgctcaa tataatgcct tttttttttt tttttttaca    109440
     agtaagggta aaagaagagg ttttgaaagt taccatatgc aaccatgaat gacaagtcat    109500
     tttagcaaaa aaaaaaaaac acctatgtat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacactt ttccgatggt    109560
     cccttactga gagctcccct ccgcacaagc tctcccggct aaaggcatat tgcgagggct    109620
     taaatagagc agtgctcgtg atgttgagcg caaagaaaaa gacagctgtg aaacataaca    109680
     atatatatgg ctattacaca atcataatac acagtgatat agcttggttt gttatttcgt    109740
     tgcattgttt tacactcgat ccactcaatc gaccagagac aatctcagat aatctcggac    109800
     tgattgattt ggcgcggatg tgcagcgcga ttgctggatt cacatatgcc aaacaaaccg    109860
     tgccaattaa cgggaaacca gacagcttag gaattaaacg tgaaagtgtg tgaaagcacc    109920
     ctaagattgt atttacacac aattgacaga caatcgcagc caaacttttg tgacaaggca    109980
     gcactggccc cgggccatcg ggcaggcctt attgtcatgc cctgctcttg atgtaatgac    110040
     aaataattca gaaaccttgt ttttagcgac accagtgacc ttaagtgaac tgcagccagc    110100
     aacattttaa ttgtgcgaac actcatgcac atgtaacatt acaatagact gaacgttatc    110160
     taaagacttt gatgtaatga cataatttag aaaccttgtt gtttgtgact ccagtggccg    110220
     ttaagtgaac tgcagctagc aaaattttaa ttgtgcgaac actcatgcac atttaacatt    110280
     acaatagact gaacgttatc ttaagactct gatgtaatgc caaagaattc aaataccttg    110340
     ttgttagtga cactagtgac ctttaagtgt actgcagcta gcaacttttt gatcgcgctc    110400
     gcactcgtgc acatttaaca tgtatcaaaa gactcaaatt agcaaagcat ttttttagtt    110460
     tttctttctt attgttttaa agtttaagtt gcggtgataa actgaaaact atggcatcca    110520
     aactactttg agcaacattt acatgaattt gtagtctcag aacgtacggt gctttttcct    110580
     cgcaattgca aaacacacaa gcagataata aaagtgagaa aaacgacagt aaagaaagta    110640
     cgaatgtaat aaatttttgc tgaaacttat ctgttgaaaa tggcactttt ggtttttact    110700
     tttcggaata tatgatgact ataaccatta taactgataa ctatagtaca agttcacata    110760
     aattcaccac tggtgacaca taattttaga ctcaatagca gtaaaacgaa gttggtttgt    110820
     tcacttgcgg tgttcaaagc agcctgcctc attgaacttt cagaaatatt tgtgaacttt    110880
     cagaaatatt tgttcattct ggtaaaagcc tatgagaagc catttgtctg ctgtgatgat    110940
     aaggtgggtg tggcttagag gctctgtctt ctttagtaaa aatcttcaat ttcatttgct    111000
     ctgtttggtt cgtaaaggtc agatgcaaag aagtcaagca taaacattaa agagctgctt    111060
     taaagtagac attgaagcaa ttttaatgga aaaaatacac attttgtgtg tttaatacta    111120
     tgaaaattct tttactaaag tagttgtggt agtaaaaaat gtggaagcaa aaaaagtgct    111180
     aaattaaaag gctgttgcaa atatctattt ttcaatgcta acatggcttc ttagctgttg    111240
     tttttgtacc cctgtcattt aagttttgac tgttttacag tagtttagtt tatttcgtct    111300
     aaggctgtct gtcttaaaaa aatggacaaa aaatctttag gttcttcaat atcacctaac    111360
     actgaccaca acacatcaga tttgtaactc tgccacatat tggtcaaaag gtagaaacca    111420
     ataattaact aatatgttaa tttgttttta gtatttttcg gatattttaa gtgaaacaga    111480
     cttaaaaagt attttaaaaa ggcattgttt cacttagtcc ggtgctccct tgttgctttt    111540
     gacctctgct taggctgctt tgctaattcc gcctctggac tgctttgctc attatggctc    111600
     tgaactgctt ggcctcttaa ttgctgcttg ccgcaatatt tactgtttta gtttattttg    111660
     tttactaaga ggaaaatgct caacctatat ttgcatattt aaataaactt tgcttttagt    111720
     cttagcattg tggactgtat ctaaatattt gccaacatta aaccactgct tgggtatttc    111780
     aaacttcttt tttacttttt tttaaaagaa gagagactaa aaatcaatgg ctttgaaaat    111840
     ataatagtct taaatacctc tttttatgta ataaatattt tttttcctga gaaaaagaac    111900
     aaaacttcat tattcactga tagtcttctg ctccggtctg gatcattaac agagggagtt    111960
     tactttggat ggttttgcaa actaaatcaa ctgatttaat aaaaagatct ggctcgacaa    112020
     atgattcatt taactcttat ggctactttt agagtctttc catcttcaaa agcttcatta    112080
     tccattcatt gtcatttttc cctactatag catttacctg acagaaagga tctgaatgaa    112140
     ttgattcaaa gtacagctaa caaatgtcta cttagtttaa accattttca atgcaacaaa    112200
     acagcttaaa atgtattatt gttttctgat agtttggtag actttaatga accattcatt    112260
     tataaatcaa acccaaacac atttcaaaca aaagccagca tttattactg aaaggaaaac    112320
     agttgacata tctaccagtc aaacaccagc aaaataacaa gcgactaaat atacatattt    112380
     acattttctg agtgagttga tatacaacta taatatagat tttttttgaa aatggtgaac    112440
     atttagtttc ttttcttaaa aagaaaccaa aaacatattt gttttctttc ttactttatt    112500
     catttatatt tgtatttatt tttatttgtt tatttgtatt tattttattt tgtaatattt    112560
     gatttattta tttgattttt attattttta tttaatttat ttgttacttt atattcctat    112620
     ttatatttaa attaaataat ttttatttat ttattatatt tttattataa ttttatttat    112680
     ttatttattt tattttgtat tatttgattt tatttgattg atagtcctca agaatcggcc    112740
     acataactct ttacttgaag aagctttaaa acagcctgaa cactaggcta aacaaatgtt    112800
     gactcatttc agcttatctc catctcaatc tgtcttttga tgtctacatg tgttcagtat    112860
     gtttgcagtg ttttgagttc gcccttgttt actacgacaa ctcaaactcc atttcattgt    112920
     cattatccgt agtgtttgtc caagctgaac acgttttcag tttgcatagt tttttcatga    112980
     ctgatgaaca aatcttttat tgtgctttag tatgagaggc atttagtttt gaaacacaat    113040
     gttttgatca caggatgttt gaggctgatt ttacagcaat gcggctcagg tgtttgtcag    113100
     tttcgcttga tgttttcact tttcactttg acatgcaaga gaaatgagaa atgcatctaa    113160
     tgtaagggaa aacattgtgt ttttcattta agtgttagaa aagtggattt tgtttgtttt    113220
     tcattacgtc cgatgaaaca ttcagttgac tgtgagccac actacagaaa cctgcacatt    113280
     tgggtgcact tttattcatt tatagtaaat gtataaagtc tagaggttgg ttttcatctc    113340
     tgatttcttt gtttcttcat acttcagaca ggtaaccaaa agagttcaaa gacaaatgta    113400
     ggaggtgaaa gatcaacaac caaagtagaa gtgccttcca tcatggagct ggagttcagc    113460
     agactccact atgacacaat ccaggccgaa gccaacggga cagttgtggt gagtgaaaca    113520
     catccctggt aatagtgagt gggcttcaca aaccacttgt agataacatg ctctttcatc    113580
     tctctgacac tttaacaaac actttgcaac agtttttgca cattgcacaa gacactttct    113640
     taaaattact ccccactccc tctccatgtc taaaaaacac aacgttgtcc atttatgaag    113700
     ggtgcttcac acaggttagt gggcttgaca aaccacctgt agaaagcaca ctctttcatc    113760
     tccctgtcac tttaaccaac aattgcacaa gacactttct taaaattact ccacaccccc    113820
     accccccttc cataaaaaac tcctccttct tactctatca cttaattctc tgagcactaa    113880
     cagttccttc gtatagttag cacttgttgt gtgtatttcc tcttcctgtt gaattgctgc    113940
     atgcttcctc aattgtaagt cactttggac aaatgaataa atgtgaatgt gttagcattc    114000
     atatgtcgaa ctatgattaa taaatgctgc aagtatctaa cagaacctaa agtgtgacta    114060
     aagtttcaac ctttaacacc tttttcctga tctcttcata ttgcatcagg cctctcggtt    114120
     tgatccactg gatctgattc taacacatgt cttcagttcg gccaatcacg cagttcgatt    114180
     tttgcctgtt tgtttaatga aggacatctg ttattctagt attttaattg gctgttcttg    114240
     ctacaaacca caaaacaaca gctcgccgac acagggctgc agatgccatt agaagacccg    114300
     aaaaacgttc cttgccagaa aaattccaca ggtttaaact tgaaacgcta tgaaagtgct    114360
     tgtttatttg cattagacca gcggctgtgt gctaaagcag cctgacagag tagtgcagtg    114420
     catcactttt tgtctagtac tgcttcaaga cacaccacac tgttattacc agttttattt    114480
     tttaccatct ctctctttta caaggcattt agtgatagtt ctgttttagg atgtgtttaa    114540
     tgagtgtgga ctgtttgtag tctggagaga cgtgtgcgta tcgtgtggat gtgctcagca    114600
     ggttaacatc tgttacaaaa cattattggc tgattattta aacatcatga taacttacaa    114660
     gtgaaggatt ttgaaatcaa gtgagctatt aaagctttag gcaagatata tagaaataca    114720
     cagccagttt tataatgtat gggactgggt aatatatgaa cagtgagaga cattgcattc    114780
     atttattaaa atagtatatg tattacattt agaatcttta tagatttttt ttatgggaaa    114840
     agttttcttt ttcgaaactt ttttttttct tgaacaagtt ttattaggaa aaatgttttt    114900
     ttttaaaggg tgaaagtatg gttagattaa gaaatgcatt ttagagctta aaattatcac    114960
     aatgcaatgc ttcatatcat ttggtatcga tgattattga atatttttta acaatcaatt    115020
     taggaatatt agtttatttt tttaaccaca gtattttaat tcaccaacaa tacttaggca    115080
     aatagtttca gtagtctaaa acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaat ctaatttctt gtcttattat    115140
     aaaataaaca taagtgttaa aaagactctt aattataata aaattaaaat aaaaatttga    115200
     caaagggtaa aatgtaaatg ctgaacaatc aaagcaaaca tcaacatctg taggatggca    115260
     aaaaaaaacg atacagtaac cctataatta tgataatcaa atctgagctt tcaagtaaag    115320
     gaactagctg tcattattta aatgcacatt gcaacattac aaactgtaat aaaaagttga    115380
     atgactacat taccctatgc taaaaaaaat cttttagatg gggtgctagt gtctgggatg    115440
     cacaaaaaat caagaaatca aaaggccact ttggcgacat cattacatcc ttttttattc    115500
     ataatctcct cacttctgca agccatagca ctcattttca tgtgtgtgtt attctggtct    115560
     gaggtgttga tgacgaaacc ccaaactcac aagtgaaaaa gcaagcttgt ggattccttc    115620
     accattttca atgcgctcgt actcccttgg catctttcat aactaggcaa ccatcaaccc    115680
     ttttgtcaga ggttgaaaaa ctgacaaacc attgctgcag ttctgataca agttttactt    115740
     aaggagcaaa gtaaaatcca ctgcagtgta aaataaaata cacagcagtg caaaaattaa    115800
     gataaataca caaagtagtc gttcatttat ttattcatta tttgtttgtt cattcgttcg    115860
     gtcagttagt cgttcggttg tttgttcgtc gttcgttcgt ttgttcgttc ggatgcacca    115920
     gttgattcgt agcaattttt tttctattta aaattccata aaaattctaa tcattgattt    115980
     acttgcaact aaatttactg catgtgtata taaaatatat actttaaatc atgtattgaa    116040
     tttattaata ttgttaagat taattttagc aacacaaaca attcaagact taaatataat    116100
     atttagaaac tgatactgta catgtgaatg gcacgactgt taatgaagaa aatgaatgtt    116160
     ttgttacaca tctgtattat ataataagtc tgcatattcg ctgtctctgg agtgtgaaaa    116220
     ccagcctgtt atgaatttgg tttggttgag ttttctgtaa aaactgccag tgtcagcaga    116280
     gaggaagcct aggtttggaa tgtagagaaa gtgtcaaaca tttgttatct ttatcggaac    116340
     aagtaaagga aagacgtcca ttctgattca ggtttatcga ccagtgtttt atgtgactgt    116400
     tctgttgtgc tgctccatct gtggcagaaa aacagcagaa tgaatctttt atatattcgg    116460
     tctttgtagt ctgcagtttt aaaaggccgc cagctctttg ttattcatcc ctgtttgact    116520
     tttctcttaa tgcaatgttt ttccctctct gtcttttata gatcacagat gaaggcatct    116580
     cgataccact gaaaggtatt tacaagttat aaagctataa tgtgcttttt tatcttttca    116640
     ttaaacacat tttggagatt aagaaatcag gaaagataat gaaggacatc tgatcattaa    116700
     agtggaccat tagattgaat gttgtgtcat ctaaggattt gctttgcttg aggttaagct    116760
     ttaatataaa ttttttaaat gaataaaaac aaatatattt ttataaacaa agtaaacatt    116820
     ttatatgcta aagttattag taattttttt taagtattaa atattttaac cgaatatcat    116880
     agggctgcac aatatatcat ttcagcacta atattgcaat gttcgcatcc gcaaagtcac    116940
     atcgcaaaga tatgcaatgt tgagtctgaa ttatagttga gcaggagcta caattgtatt    117000
     taatcgctgt gtttatatgg aatttagata gtagattcca tataaattta gattttagtt    117060
     tatgcaaaaa aaagtaaaaa tcctacttaa aatttctgtc ttatccaaat atctacatct    117120
     caaaacaaaa actttcactt tcacccatat aatatgaata aaatgaactt gctctaagag    117180
     ttttttgata tttgataaca agacaaaaga aagtaagaaa agcatttttt ttttctgttg    117240
     gctattcaat gaacaagttt tagctactta aggtagcgtt cagaaaaaca aaacgccacc    117300
     gaagaaactt gtcacagagc aacataaaaa cttactgcta gcgtttcgga agtgttagca    117360
     gagcaacaca aaaagcatgc agaagtataa atgcacagca gtgcgcaagg catgcgccga    117420
     agtataaatt gggttcaatc aaatcaaaga gtgctattca aactatcttt tgaataaatg    117480
     atatttatat cacaatattt atcacagaaa attaaaatat atcagatttt tccaatatcg    117540
     tgcagccata gaatattata ttgtacaatt atatatgttt aataatacaa aaatatttta    117600
     tatttattta ataactatta tatttaaatc tgattatgca aaattattgt gaatattaca    117660
     atataatgta atttatcatt tatttaaaat gtacccacca ttattttgtg gctttttttt    117720
     attgttatca atatgtctgt ttgtctgtct gtctgtctcc ctctctctct ctctctctct    117780
     ctctctcttt aaatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    117840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt aataacgtca tgtacataat taaaatatat    117900
     tatatattca aatataataa cgtaatacaa tgtaacaata taataatgat aatataataa    117960
     tacatgatat gatatagact ttatatgagt cgtagcagtg cgatatggct gtatattggg    118020
     gcactggtgg gggcactaag gcactcagct tgcagcctcg tcccaacgca cgccaccagt    118080
     gccgatatac agctatatca cactgctact agtgtgatat tgcgtttata caacagtttg    118140
     atggcataat tgtgtatata aaaacaaaat caaacatgaa gagtctcaaa aaccccgcgt    118200
     tggattcaaa tcataagctt acagttaaac agctgagcaa gcgtctttta aactttagat    118260
     ctgtagtgtc tgctttttgg ctggctgtat gtgggcggag taatacacaa agggtaaaga    118320
     ggctgtacgg gtgccgatat tacttaaata tatcacggct atcttccaat cagatttgag    118380
     aaccagactg agctgttgta taaaattata aaatatataa tagtatacaa tgactttaag    118440
     aatgtattca agtttgtgta acaaaatata ttagaaaaat attgaattac ttttcaatac    118500
     aaaaaatgta attgacgtaa tattaataaa tagttataca tattttacaa taatttaatt    118560
     atatatttat attgttaact ttttatttat attttatgtt ctttatgatt tatatcactg    118620
     ttatgatttt aaagattgta agtcaagggg aaggggagta acattagttt tgggtgaaac    118680
     atataagcaa acacataata tcaacaagtg agggacaaaa caccaagact agctaaatgc    118740
     aatgaagtga gtttatttac aaatatagtg ataataataa atgcaaaaaa aatatgtgta    118800
     tagaaagaac attaaatatt tacaaagata cattgatatt tacagataac aaatgggaca    118860
     caagacgttt gaccagatag atgggagagt tggagaaatg agacgcggga ggcatccaaa    118920
     caatagaaat aaataaaacg aaacaatcta ttggcccaac ttctacccta actatccaaa    118980
     agaaaaatac tgtagttatt taaaaagaaa tcttcacgtc tattacgcac tacctaacct    119040
     actctaatat atgataagaa aacaaaagta cagtgggtgg agcacggccc ttacctagtg    119100
     tgtctactac agagatattc aaactacctg tgcacaatgt atgtcacacg acattcttac    119160
     ctgtcccact ctccaacctc agatgcgaat aacactgacg gtagacaaat ggagaacaga    119220
     caaataacaa cggacagata ccaaattgta acactcagtt aacggatatc aaattcactg    119280
     acacacagca caacacagaa attcagggcc tcccgaggtg tgtcctttca ccacttttat    119340
     gccattgtgt cagaggctgg attggagacc ttgggtgaca tcaggggggg cacagcaaac    119400
     agctgggcag tggtagccaa tcggagccac tgtgtaggtg gaagcgggag agaggtagag    119460
     agcaatcgag cgcagagaga gagagagact agcgagaaaa aaaacatata ttaatcacgc    119520
     aacacaggaa tgtaacaatc agtttttatg tatatttaac ttttaaacat catgtttgaa    119580
     gaccagtaat gtggttaagg ctatagtaat aataataata ataattatta ttattattat    119640
     tataattatt attttataat aataattatt attattatta ttattatcat tattattatt    119700
     atcattatta tcattattgt tttatcaatc aaaatgtatt ttcatttaag tcatttatgc    119760
     agattttttc ctatttccaa ttcacaaaac ttacatttac acatttgtaa gaggctttgg    119820
     aataaaaaat aaaaaacaaa aataaaattt tgtttttctg gaataaaagc atgatttttt    119880
     ttttaatgca attgtcaatt tggttatctt cctgctgtga ggtttgtcaa caagttactg    119940
     gatgttatgg tattaacata caggaattcc ccttagtgtc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtttg    120000
     agtgtgtgtg accattaaag gattaattta tccagtctgg tgctcatgct gagagcgctg    120060
     gaatctagac tcattaaaac aagtgtttca tattataaca tacaacacaa gcctgtttgc    120120
     aaggagaaaa ccaactctga gtaaaactaa tttaaaatgt agactcccat taagcatttc    120180
     ttatcataac atgcaaagac tccactgaaa ggcattatga tttgctgtgg tgcttccctg    120240
     tgtggtgaac aagtgtaatt acacccgatt agctccctgg atgggacgtt gggcagcctg    120300
     tagagtattt tgacccttca ccctattttg tcccaggtga gagctctcct caactgtctg    120360
     tgaccctctg tctctcggtt tcaccgttaa gacggctcag attaaggctc tatttatgtg    120420
     tatgagacgg aggaagagca gagaacttgt ttgcgtgact tactgaatgt gttcaataga    120480
     gcacctgtgt gtgcatataa gatgcttatg agggtttcag acaagcgcct ctctattctt    120540
     agctttctag ggtctttgtg cgtaagctag acacttggaa gacaataaaa caagccattc    120600
     gaataaggct ttcctgttgt aagagctaaa gagagccttt tttcaagccc ctgtggcagg    120660
     attgtggctt ttagctgcta gtgtaggtgt aaatatgcta gtgtggcctt agtcaggttg    120720
     ctgttagaaa tgtattgcac ttgacatatg cgacatattt gtgaggtaat atggatagat    120780
     gtcataaaaa atgtgcattt gaacattaga ttgctttaat gggtgttcca tggcagattg    120840
     tttgttaaaa cagatagtta gtttgtagct attttatatg ttggtaagca ttagcagtta    120900
     gcatttggag ttctattcat tacaaagaca taatgtaaaa gaagcatttt attcattctt    120960
     tttgtgatgg gtatgaggct tttaccagtt agccttggtg taaataggct tgtgctcact    121020
     tttgtctagt ttagtctacg tcatttgctg ttgctgttta actttatttg taaattaatt    121080
     ttaacaagaa aaaaacaatg tagtgggaca ttaagttgag ataaatatat ggtgcttacg    121140
     aggttgaatt gatagtttgt taaaataatg actaagcagt catgaatgtc taatgcagtc    121200
     taatgcagtt atatatgcaa tctcttctgt tctgtttaca ccaaagattt catagtaatt    121260
     taaaacggag agcattttgt taagctttgg gattggtttg tggcttttag atggtagcat    121320
     ttgtcttaat agtctagttc tcacctaaag gttagtccac atcagttggc gttagaaaac    121380
     tgtattgaga cgtaaagttg aaataaatga atggtactta ccaggttcta gtaataagta    121440
     aataaggaat attttggcta aacagcatta gcattagcag ttaacagtct aaggttctat    121500
     tcatgccaaa aatttcacag taatttaaaa aaagagagca tattatcaag ccgttgtatt    121560
     ggtttgtgct ttttagctgt tcgcatagat gtaaatatgc cagtgtgtgc ctaaaaggta    121620
     gtctatgtca gttgctgatg gaaactcatt ctgtttgaca tttctaaggt aaaggatatt    121680
     tgacaatttt ttagagttat cgtttaaatt cctgagcatt taacgaaacc tttgtgatga    121740
     gtttctggcc tttagcctgc ttttggcagt gtttacaaat actgtatgct aatgttcacc    121800
     taaacattta attatattta ctttttgaaa cccaattttg gtgacatgca ttttcttaga    121860
     taaatagctt tatttaacaa gaaatatata tttatattcg tgctgtcaat cgattaaaat    121920
     aattaactga ttaatcgcat ttaaaatact gaaacttgta attttggcta ttcaaatgta    121980
     aaattaatgt aaacgcaaga caaaaactat ttaaattcaa aatataattg tttattagaa    122040
     ttaaaattca aaatataatt gtttaataga atttttgttt aacttgtaac acttgtaaga    122100
     tttcttcatg taaacaacat acccacaata aaccatcaag atcatggctt gacagccata    122160
     tttattaaag aaattaaaac acaggcatgt taatgacata taaatttcaa aacaatcaat    122220
     gccaataaag aaaacattga tttccatgtt ggattctaag tggactgcaa aaaatgccaa    122280
     aatacaggaa ttgcagatat ggaaaatgaa aaattataat aataaactat agaatacaaa    122340
     ctgttgcact cattgtaaag ttgtattgct gtgagttgag aacattagtt ataaacaatt    122400
     taacttaatc ctcatttaca ttcatccagt tgctaaaact aggagtatcc cgcaagtgca    122460
     cagagactcc caaatggccg caaatgaatg ataatttctc gcaaaccggt cgttaaatac    122520
     attacacacc cctctccccc gcatccctcc tagctcttca ggtaacctat gtcgcgcgca    122580
     actcactatt ttatatgttg gttaacatta gcagttagca tttggagttc gattcattac    122640
     aaagacgtaa tgtaaaagaa gcattttatt cattcttttt gtgatgggtt tgaggctttt    122700
     accagttagc cttggtgtaa ataggcttgt tctcactttt gtctagttta gtctacgtca    122760
     tttgctgttg ctgtttaact ttatttgtaa attaatttta acaagaaaaa aacaatgtag    122820
     tgggacatta agttgaaata aatatatggt gcttacgagg ttgaattaat agtttgttaa    122880
     aataatgact aagcagtcat gaatgtctaa tgcagtctaa tgcagttata tatgcaatct    122940
     cttctgttct gtttacacca aagatttcat agtaatttaa aacggagagc agtttgttaa    123000
     gctttggaat tggtttgtgg cttttagctg gtagcatttg tcttaatagt ctagttctca    123060
     cctaaaggtt agtccacatc agttggcgtt agaaaaccac acagcacggt ttgacatttc    123120
     tgcggtaaag aggattttga ctagtactaa actgtattgg gacgtaaagt tgaaataaat    123180
     gaatggtact taccaggttt tagtaataag taaataagga atattttggc tgaacagcat    123240
     tagcattagc agttaacagt ctaaggttct attcatgcca aaaatttcac agtaatttaa    123300
     aaaaagagag catattataa agccgtggta ttggtttgtg ctttttagct gttcgcatag    123360
     atgtaaatat gctagtgtgt gcctaaaagg tagtccatgt cagttgctga tggaaactca    123420
     ttttgtttga catttctaag gtaaaggata tttgacaagt ttttagagtt atcgtttaaa    123480
     ttcctgagca tttaacgaaa cctttgtgat gagtttctgg cctttagcct gcttttttca    123540
     attcagcttt atttgtatat tgcttttaca atgtagattg tgtcaaagca gcttcacata    123600
     aatggtcata gtaactggaa cagtgtggtt cagtaactgg aacagtgtgg ttcaggtttt    123660
     agtgtttaag ttcagttcag ttcagttttg ctcagttcag tgtgatttaa tcattactga    123720
     gagttcaaac actgaagagc caattcatcg atgcgtagct ctaccaatcc tgaaccatgc    123780
     gaggcagtgg caacagcgga gagggaaaaa aaaacttcac ctgatgggag tgaagaaaaa    123840
     aaaccttgag agaaccagac tcagttgggc acgaccattt taatttctcc gctggccaaa    123900
     agtcttgtgc agaacttcat tcgtcgtggt ttaggctgga agatggcctc agcgaagact    123960
     cgtctgtccc tggagcgtcg ctggaatcag actcatgttc tccactcccc acgaccatca    124020
     gcgcagcagc agctcaggat atggcctggt cccggatatg gaatccttgg gatcatcacg    124080
     tcgctggtct tggatccaat cagtgactcc gcataatctg aggacctcgg gttgagtatc    124140
     accaggtgaa aatagagaat aaagagaata attagcgtag ctgctgttca tagtgtatat    124200
     aagcaagatg tagaagccag tgtggaaccc gctaggtgat gtattgagtg tatgctttac    124260
     taaacagata ggtctttaat ctagttttga actgggagag tgtgtctgag cctcgaacgt    124320
     tatcacgaag gctattccag agtgtaggag ccatgaaaga gaaggctcga cctcctttac    124380
     ttgattttgc tattctaggt actaccagaa gccctgaatt ttgagatctt aaagaacgag    124440
     ttggtttgta gcgagacaga aggttggtta gataaacagg agctagatta tttagagctt    124500
     tataggtgag aagtaatatt ttaaattcaa tacgaaactt aacaggcagc cagtgtaggg    124560
     aggataaaat tggggttata tgatcatatt ttctagacct ggtcagaact ctggctgctg    124620
     cattttgtac taattgaagt ttgttaatag aggatgctgg gcagccagca aatagagcat    124680
     tacagtaatc cagtctcgaa gtcataaaag catggactag cttttctgca tctgagatgg    124740
     atagcatatt tcgtaattta gcgatatttc tcagatgaaa gaaggcagtt tttgtgacat    124800
     gggatatatg gtttttaaaa gttagattgc tgtcaaatat gacacccaaa tcttttatag    124860
     tagagctaaa gctaactttg tatccttcta attgtaaatt gagttgcgag atctgctgtg    124920
     tgcaagattt aggcccaata agtaataatt ctgttttgtc ggagtataag agaagaaaat    124980
     tgttggtcat ccagcctttg atgtctttga tacactcagt tagtttagaa agttcagacg    125040
     tctcgtcagg tttagttgaa atatataatt gagtatcatc tgcatagcag tgaaagctga    125100
     tcccatgtct tctaataatg tctctcagag gtagcatgta aattgtaaac agtaaagggc    125160
     ctaaaactga tccttgaggc accccatacc agaggtggga ccaagtcatt gtttggcaag    125220
     tcacaagtaa gtctcaattc attgccctca agtcccgagt caagtcccga gtcaagactg    125280
     gcaagtcccg agtcaagtcc caagtcaaag gcaacaagtc tcgagtcaag tccaaagtcc    125340
     tatagtttga ttttcgagtc ttttcgagtc tttttaacag aaaaataaaa tttaaacaga    125400
     ttatgtatgg ctgtaagatc tgtatttatt aaacaaacct tttttttaat gaaagaacat    125460
     tgcttagata tataaagata caaatgtaat tttctgaaaa agtgctaaac agtgctgcgt    125520
     ctcgtctaca cagcctattg cacaagaatg agttccacca aaaaaagact ccattttgcc    125580
     tcacatcaca cagaaattgc aggtctactg ctgtctagtt cattaagttt agttgtgcta    125640
     tgttatgtct tcagtgatca acttgtgatt aactaaaact acataaacaa cctcaatgag    125700
     gcagcagtag accaacaact cctgtatgct gcaaagtaaa attgagtgaa cttggtattt    125760
     tgtcaattga atcttgtgtg tgctaaagag atggagatgc aaatctgtct agcagcaatg    125820
     taaaatggta gcacatattc taaatgaagt aggctacttc atacaaacaa taacgttgtt    125880
     ttcttcacat aacgttgaag agctttgctc tctaccttgt gtgatgctcg tgcaacgatt    125940
     tcctctgtgg acaaaactgc ttgcgagctc ttaaatatac gccgctcacg cgcaaatttt    126000
     ctcgctctca aatatgcact gctcacacac aaattttcct gcgcgctctc agagattata    126060
     tatagaattt gtgtcttgtg tttcctcttc cttttgtgct ttttgatatg atttatattg    126120
     aggcactatt tattaacaat aaccaaaata ctaaaataga cttacatatt caatttgtta    126180
     tctaataaac cacaacattt tggctgtatg ttttatgatg agatatttcc agtttcaaac    126240
     acttaaagac acagagaata gaggttggat gtaaagaatg cattttgttt tacaaacatt    126300
     tattaaacat ccaaaaggtg caccatacta atcaaataaa aaacatttaa acaaaaatat    126360
     aactaacgca agcagaaatg taactgtgat aaaaataagg aaaaactaga tttggcatta    126420
     ttgcctactg tactattcac tctttaaata aatctcacta tcaatcccat tttatcatgg    126480
     caactaaaat aaagtgaact agtctctgct gtcttccaca ttattgatga gattgtggag    126540
     gacattttcc atgtcgtcct cttcattttg aggaaaagct gttccacagg gcccctgaac    126600
     acatctattg gcatgaacag ggttttgaac agtactatag taaagtactt taattaatct    126660
     gttggggtaa tattatagtt gctatggtaa cacaagtgta atataaacaa atgacccagt    126720
     gctgtagttt tttttacagt attgggtata ttatactaca attcactaca ctttactgta    126780
     gtaaaactac actctgtatt tcattttatt agttcactat tcttaatact atagtatgct    126840
     gaagcattca ttaacaactt gtaaataata ctaggcttaa acataggcag tatacctaac    126900
     tctcaaaaac actagtattt attatagaat ttaccttaac ctcatagttt ttcatgtatt    126960
     gttactaaat agtttagcaa tatacaaacc atatcaacat tctggaataa tcaatttacc    127020
     aggaggatct ctggagagca aaagcaggaa aattatgaag cgccagtgtg gacaaaactc    127080
     aagtaaacgc agagagactg aatatgcgcg tgagagacca gcaaatcaga ttaaagtacc    127140
     tgcccactgg tgaaagtaat gttagagcca atcagatttt tctttctttt cataaagaac    127200
     ggggttcgaa tcccacttag gcacttgtaa acaatcattt tagaacattt tgtcaaaaat    127260
     ccctactgaa aaaacagctt aaaccagcct aggctggttg gctggtttta gaggggtttg    127320
     gccatttcca gcctggtttc cagccatttc cagcctggtc ttagctggtc aggctgggag    127380
     atgaccagct aaaaccagct atgtccagct taaaccaggc tggtcaagct ggaagaccag    127440
     gctggaaatg cctggaaacc agcctggaaa tggccaaaac ccctctaaaa ccagcctggt    127500
     tgaccagcta aaaccagctt accagcctag gctggtttaa gctggatttt tctgcaggga    127560
     tattgttatg tttaaccatt tattagagcc acaaagtatc taaaacttgt ttccatgttt    127620
     gaatagccaa taaatgtgct aaataaatta aaatagaaat acccacagtg aaacagttat    127680
     ataaatttaa atattagttt aaatacattc atagtggttt taaatatctt ttaatatgta    127740
     aagtagagaa gttcacattc aacaaactga ataaaacaag tcttcgtctt tagtttattt    127800
     aaaaacaatt acaaatggag taattcaact cacaattaaa tgatctcatt gagtgatgga    127860
     ataataaagg taaaacttta attgaatgat cagtcaagtg tttccaaatg aaatctgtta    127920
     aaataagagt cctacaaaac aggaacaaag acactcatga aacaaaatgc gattgttaat    127980
     tgtatttttt attagatggt tggttttaag tactttaaaa atagtagata atccttaaat    128040
     atagaggggg aaatacagaa aaacaaataa acagaaattc aacaatatag atgcattaca    128100
     ttacaatctc acaataaaaa ttttattaaa aaccatatag aggactaaaa tattgctaag    128160
     aggcataaca tcaacaataa taaaaatacc tttaaggttt taaatactaa ataaaattaa    128220
     tagtattaat ccaaaatatg aaaaatgtaa cactttacaa taaggttgta ttaattaatt    128280
     aagtttatgc atgtactaat gtgaacaaac aatgcagtgc agttcattac agtattcatt    128340
     attttatgct ttaattaatg gaaataaaat tattggttaa ttcttgttaa ctcacagtgc    128400
     attaacatta atgttaacaa gcataacttt aaattgtaat aatgcaatag taaatgttaa    128460
     actgtaatta ataaaggttt agaaatatag ttcattatta gttcatgtta gtacatagat    128520
     taactaaaga aaccttattg caaaatgtca ccagaaaata acaaaaaact tttttttttt    128580
     ttacagtttt aatagcttta aaaataaatt atatctagtt attatggcat gtaattaatg    128640
     ttactactaa ttaaatagtt agaaaatact gtcagaggat gggcaaaaca caaagataaa    128700
     acataatatg ctcattgaca caaacgacca agtgcaaaaa cataaattac agccatgttc    128760
     attcataatt atatgatata aatcaagaga gggtaaattt ggttttaaaa aaaactgaag    128820
     ttcattgact tatacacaac agcaaaacaa tgcttttgca caacagtaac acattgcgag    128880
     tagtaaagtc tcttaccttt gacagatgtt gtaaatccgc tgaataaaac aaaaggagca    128940
     gatcgcggat gtgtttattt cactctctga gtcagaatga aaatggcatc ttcaaatttc    129000
     ccgctggtgc aaaaacacgg aagtgcgcca caaagcgcta gtggtcgaaa gtatgcgtgc    129060
     atgctctctg tcacacacgc acacacatgc agagataggg cgttctgtgt caacatactt    129120
     tttatctttg ggctttttat agaaagtagc aagtctttac aagtcaatag gcgcaagtcc    129180
     aagtgaaagt ccgagtcatt tatgttcaag tccaagtcga gttgcaagtc ttttcatatt    129240
     ttgtcaagtc gagtctgaag tcatcaaatt catgactcga gtctgactcg agtccaagtc    129300
     acatgactcg agtccacacc tctgccccat actttactgg gcagatttgt gaaggctgtc    129360
     cattaagatt cacaaactgg tagcggtcag ttaagtatga cttaaaccat tgtagagcct    129420
     gtccctggac acctgtagac tttaagcgat ttatgaggat attgtggtca atggtatcaa    129480
     atgccgcact aagatcgagt aaaactaata gcgagacgca ccctcggtca gcagctaaaa    129540
     gtaaatcgtt ggttattttc actaaggcgg tttctgtact gtggtgagcc ctgaaacctg    129600
     actgaaacac ttcaaaaata ttgttcgtct gcagaaaaga gcataattga gtggaaacaa    129660
     ctttttctag tattttagac ataaatggaa gatttgaaat aggcctatag ttagctaagt    129720
     tgttggtgtc tagttgcggt ttcttaataa taggcttaat aacagctagc ttgtaagagt    129780
     ttggaacatg gcctatagat aaagaagagt tgataatgtt aagaagaggt tctcctatag    129840
     caggtagcag ctctttcagt aattttgttg gaattgagtc cagcatacac gtagctggtt    129900
     tagagctatt tataattttt actaactctt catgttctat gattttgaag cagtgtaggt    129960
     tattattatg atttaatgaa atatttacag gatttggagt ataagccggt gcagaaagtt    130020
     tggcatctcc tattttttgt ctaaagcctt ctattttatt actgaaaaaa ttcatgaagt    130080
     catcactact aatttgcggt ggagtagttt gttccaagga tgaccgatta ttagctaatt    130140
     tagagatggt gttaaataaa aatctaggat tgttatgatt attttctatc agtttgcgca    130200
     ggtgctcggt cctggcagat tttagagccc tcctatagct ggacatactg tctttgtacg    130260
     caattctaaa gacctctaaa ttagtttttt tccatttacg ttccagggcg cgggttgttg    130320
     ttttgagcgc acgagtatga ctattatacc atggtatagt tttattctct ctagcctttt    130380
     ttaatttgat gggtgccaca gtatttagtg tgctagtaaa gatggcatcc atactgctgg    130440
     ttactacatc aagatcattt gagtttgcgg gtgcattacg aaatagagag agatcaggta    130500
     agttatttat aaattcatct ttagttgacg gaacaatagt tctactaggg cggagtattg    130560
     gagcgggttt gctgatttca ggtaaacaca gcttatatag taagaggtag tgatctgtaa    130620
     tatcatcact ttgtggtata atgtctacgt caataacctc gattccataa gacagaatta    130680
     gatctaatgt atgctttaag cgatgggttg gacccacaac gttttggttt atcccaagtg    130740
     agtgtattaa atccataaac gcgagcccta atgtatcatt agcgtcatct atgtggatgt    130800
     taaagtcacc tacaattagc attttatcag ttttgactag taagtcagaa ataaaatcag    130860
     aaaattcttt tagaaatttg acatagggtc ctgggggtct atatatggtg attaaagcga    130920
     gagataacat aggtttttgt atagtatctg gaagctgaac attaagctat aatacttcaa    130980
     aggagctaaa caaaagtccg tttctctgtt taatattaag gaaatcacta aagattgatg    131040
     caactccacc accacgacca gtttgacgag cctcatgttt atataagaat cctggaggag    131100
     ttgcttcatt taagctaata tagtcatttt gtttcagcca ggtttcagtg agacagagtg    131160
     cataaagatt gttttctgtt attatttcat taatgataag tgctttaggt gcaagtgacc    131220
     tgatgtttag gagaccaagt tttacgaaat ttgtattttc actttctact ggtttttctg    131280
     gtttgattct taatagattt tttctggagc acacagtacg tttatttctt aatctaataa    131340
     tacgaggaac agacacagtc tctataggat tcgccagata tgcgttactg atgcgttact    131400
     tttggcagtg tttacaaata ctgtatgcta atgttcacct aaacatttaa ttatatttac    131460
     tttttgaaac ccaattttgg tgacatgcat tttcttagat aaatagcttt atttaacaag    131520
     aaatatatat ttatattcgt gctgtcaatc gattaaaaga attaactgat taatcgcatt    131580
     taaaatactg aaacttgtaa ttttggctat tcaaatgtaa aattaatgta aacgcaagac    131640
     aaaaactatt taaattcaaa atataattgt ttattagaat taaaattaaa aatataattg    131700
     tttaatagaa tttttgttta acttgtaaca cttgtaagat ttcttcatgt aaacaacata    131760
     cccacaataa accatcaaga tcatggcttg acagccatat ttattaaaga aattaaaaca    131820
     caggcatggt aatgacattt aaatttcaaa acaatcaatg ccaataaaga aaacattgat    131880
     ttccatgttg gattctaagt ggactgcaaa aaatgccaaa atacaggaat tgcagatatg    131940
     gaaaatgaaa aattataata ataaactata gaatacaaac tgttgcactc attgtaaagt    132000
     tttattgctg tgagttgaga acattagtta taaacaattt aacttaatcc tcctttacat    132060
     tcatccagtt gctaaaacta ggagtatccc gcaagtgcac agagactccc aaatggccgc    132120
     aaatgaatga taatttctcg caaaccggtc gttaaataca ttacacaccc ctctcccccg    132180
     catccctcct agctcttcag gtagcctatg tcgcgcgcaa ctcaccccca ccgtccttca    132240
     ggtacgtctc gcacgcacac gtccctactc agatacgtcg ctcactccac ctctgacacc    132300
     cctcaacggg cctgacacag acacacacac acaacgcgct gcagacgttt tggccccaac    132360
     ggccttccat actggagcga ctcaaaacga ttctgacaca acaatgcgaa acatacgctt    132420
     tcgttgcgtt taatgaggaa acttggaggg ctcatgctga aaggcagagt aatgccctgt    132480
     ctttgacagc tcgcgacttc accagagact ttttgagtac attcacataa gacaccaata    132540
     ctccgatttt aatatgatta agattatact cttattaaaa gtctaagcag tgattttatt    132600
     accttaaagc acaggtgtca aactcagttc caaaagggcc gcagctctgc acagtttagt    132660
     tccaacccta attaaacaca cctgatcaat ctaactgagt ccttcaggct tgtttgaaac    132720
     ctacaggtag gtgtgttgga acagggttgg aactaaactg tgcagggctg cggcccacca    132780
     ggaattgagt ttgacacctc tgccttaaag gaacaccgag tcatgaaatg cggaggattt    132840
     tctttttgtt tgccatgcgg tatcaactta caacagaagt cgaaagttaa aaatgaaaca    132900
     cccggaattg catgaaactt tggagagcct ggtgatgcga ctaattgttt tatacggaaa    132960
     cttgccctca aaaagtactt cctctaatcc ccatttctta tatgagggcg ggcagccatc    133020
     tggtcctgca gccatgaggc gctggtcgca gacccgccta ccacctccag tggataaaag    133080
     cacacaaagg cgtgggatga ggggataggt agtgatcgtc tatctgtagc tgtgtatgtg    133140
     tgtgtgtgtg taagcctgta gagtccaaca gatgtccttg acagggagca ggaatttcag    133200
     agtgtctcct tatcttgcta tctgggagaa gttgtttttc tccagccgag gccgtctggc    133260
     aggagaaaag aaaacacagg aaagctgaaa gagtagaaaa atacttcaac tttaggtcaa    133320
     tatctgctaa tttcacagat atttaatgtc catcactcgt ctccagatct ggccaaatct    133380
     tgttgcaaag ccgctacttt ctccccgatg ttttccaatt tgcgatctaa tattgcagtc    133440
     tgattattag cgagcctgcc catatgcatt tcaatcaagc ttgccagcct ggtggggttt    133500
     tgagcagcac tggccgcttt catcaatcat cgatacccca gggccccgca taagcccata    133560
     agcagaaacc ctgttatcaa agtttcgaat tggtaaatat cttcaatatc cttcagagac    133620
     agagcagcca ggcacaggat gcgccatttc tcccactcgt tcatcacgta tccagctgca    133680
     aatgtcccag caggacaagt gggctctccc aagcccaaat ttcttgtcga gaaggtggtg    133740
     tcaattgcat tcagagacca gttgataaaa tccacaattc ctaattcgtt tggatagcag    133800
     ggcatagaga gcctcagaga tatagaatat gacgaagaca agaggagcta gcaaggagaa    133860
     atatgggata gagagggaaa aagtgtgact gcctttgccg agagccaaac aaagaaaaga    133920
     tatatatata gaatttaaaa tgagtgcata atatcaaacc attgtgatgg gtttatggct    133980
     tttagctatt aacattgcaa caaatgtgct tgtgcgcatg taaaagtagg ataatggtca    134040
     cttttgttaa aagtgactaa atagctattc ggttaacttt agtagttagc atgtgaagtt    134100
     taaaattcag ttcagaaact ttaaacataa tataaatgga gcatattatc aaacctttat    134160
     gattagtttg tttttttgct cttaaaaaat aaaaaagata ctaagaaatt agccctatag    134220
     cgttttaaac taccttaaaa gcattaataa cattttttat tacgtttgtg ctgtgaatga    134280
     ccctttttga tgaactgcat tattatacat catgaccaaa gtcaaaaatc cttcttgttt    134340
     gttttatttc tagatgcaga tggagaaggt gaagtagcca ttagcatttc atgctctcaa    134400
     cttcaaatgt acggcatgtg ggatggtgga ctggccagtg acggcagtct gttatccagc    134460
     acagaggaac ccgctccttc tctcttcttt ctcatggttt cagatgctca agccaggctg    134520
     cttcggaaag agctgtcttt gcaatacaat acacacactt caggtgaggc atttaaaagg    134580
     atccatacta ataaaatata cagttgaagt cagaactatt agcccccctg aattattagc    134640
     ccccctgttt atttttttcc ccaatttctg tttaacagag agaagacttt ttcaacacat    134700
     ttctaaacat aatagtttta atacccatgt ctaataactg atttatttta tctttgccat    134760
     gatgacagta aataatattt tactgcgtat ttttcaagac acttctatac agcttaaagt    134820
     gacatttaaa ggctaaacaa ggttaattag gttaactaag caagttatta taattaggca    134880
     agttattgta taacaatggt tctgaagaca gtcagaaaaa aattgctaaa aggggctaat    134940
     aattaaaaat aaaaataaaa aaatgcattt aatctagcca aaataaaaca aataagactt    135000
     tctctagaaa aaaaaaaatt aatcagacat actgtaaaaa tttccttgct ttggtaaaca    135060
     taatttggga attatttaaa aaagaaaaaa aaatcaaaga ggggctaata attttgactt    135120
     acactgtata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    135180
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tatatatttt ttttaatttt gaaaaccatg    135240
     aatgtctaca atgactaatc attgtatatt ttattgtaat aatatatttt cagattaatg    135300
     ctcaaatttg cattgttaca tacagttctc tctattaagc ctttaaattg cacctaaagc    135360
     tgaattctag tatatttaca agtaaaatta ctagggctaa gcgatatggg caaaaaaatc    135420
     atatcccggt atttttagaa ggaatgacag tatacaatat atacccggta ttttcccata    135480
     aatggttact tgagagttaa agcctttata aagactttat taaatagtct ttgagcaaac    135540
     acaagggttt ccctctctgt ttacaaataa acagctgcac aaaaaataac agtagcacaa    135600
     aatctttgat aaataaatac agtacagttt ttttcctgct taacactata cacagcacta    135660
     ctgtgctgct ttgtaaataa caaagtaaac aaaaccatag aaaacattgc tacactgtca    135720
     gagcaaaaaa ggaacacact tgaatagtaa aacaactaaa aatattgtag gacaaaaaaa    135780
     gaaggcaagg caagtttatt tatatagcac atttcataca cagtggcaat tcaaagtgct    135840
     ttacatagac aagaataaaa gagacaagtg taagaaaatg aaaacaaata ataaaaataa    135900
     aaatgataaa aataagaata aaaatatata aaacagataa aaatgtgtta aaatatgtta    135960
     taagataatg aaaaagaaaa gaaaaacata atagtgcgat ctgtcggacg cagcacagtg    136020
     ctcaatcaca gtgctcaatc aaatcattct tgatttgaat gtgcctaatg ttggagcaca    136080
     tctgatcatt tctggaagct gattccaaca gcgaggggca tagttgctga aagctgattc    136140
     accctgcttt gactgagctc ttggaacttc tagttaatat gatcctaaag atttgagtga    136200
     tctcctagtg taaagacctg aggacaggtg tgatgtgctc tgatttcctg gttctagtca    136260
     gaatcctggc cgcagcattc tggatgaact gtaactgact gtctttttgg gaaggccatt    136320
     gaggaggccg ttacagtaat ccaccctact gctgataaaa gcatgaacaa gtttctctaa    136380
     gtcttcactg gaaacaaagc atctgattgt tgcaatgttt ctgagatgat agtatgctga    136440
     tttactaact gctttgacat gactattgaa actcagatct gaatccagag tctcaccaag    136500
     attcttgacc ttattttttg ttgtttgacc tttagtgcca aggtgcacat tcaccttaag    136560
     aacctcatct ctgttcctaa atgcaatcac ttgtttaact gaagaaagtt ttggcacatc    136620
     caactgttaa tttcatcaat gcattggcag agggtgtcaa tggggctgta gtcattaggc    136680
     agtaaggcta agtagatctg agtgtcatca gcatagctgt ggtaggagat ttggttcttt    136740
     ctcattattt tgctcaaagg gagcatgtaa aggttgaaca ggagaggtgc cagaatcgag    136800
     ccttgtggga ctccacatgt catgggtgtc caccttgacc tatggtcacc tttactgaca    136860
     tagtaacctc tccctttaag gtaagatctg aaccatttga ggaccgtccc agatagccca    136920
     actaagtttt ccagcctatc cagaagtatg ctgtcgtcga cagtgtcaaa tccggcactg    136980
     agatcgagca ataccagcac tgatatttac ctgaatctgt atttaggcgt atatcattga    137040
     ttacttttat aagggcgctc tctgtactgt gatgtgttct gaaaccagat tgaaaattgt    137100
     ctaaacaccc cttgaagctt aagaaattgt taacctggtt gaaaacaact ttttcaatga    137160
     ttttgtcaat gattttagag ggagagttga gattggcctg taattgctca atagggtgtt    137220
     atccaggttg ctctacttca agaggggttt aacaactgcg gtttaagtca gtttgtaaaa    137280
     atccctgaga gaagtgaagc atttatcact tttagaatat ccatttctaa acaggtaaac    137340
     actgttttga agaatgatgt ggggagcgtg tcatgactgc aggatgatgt tttcataact    137400
     tgcactatct cttctaggat ttcttaagtt gtggttgagc ttgtctgacc tgatgagctg    137460
     attgcctttc tgatattatt gatcttgtca gtaaagaaat gagcaaactc attacatttg    137520
     ctttcagaga gtagctcact gggaatccaa ctgggggggt ttgtgagtct ctctatcgtt    137580
     gcaaagagtg tacgagcatt atttacgttg ttgtttataa ggcttgaaaa gaaagtctgc    137640
     ctagcaatgt tgagttctac attaaaagca tgaagactgt ctttaaagat attataatgg    137700
     actactagtt ttgtctttct ccacattcgc tcagcttttt tgcattgtct tttaatcatt    137760
     tggactgctc ttgaatctct ccaaggggct ctctctttgc cagttctctg gcaaaagaac    137820
     cacattgaat gtaaatatga agcagaaaca tgcatgctgc gtccccattt gcatacaatc    137880
     catcctaaat agtatttgga aaaataatta gcctgtccca aaccatagta tgttaaaaag    137940
     agtatgccaa aggctcccgg atggttaact atcaacagtc aaagttttaa gtgttgaagc    138000
     gtccatactc tggacgcgtg gtggacatga attcgattag aactataaac gctgctgaga    138060
     agtataaaca aactactaac atgatggacg tgcgagacca accgtcaagt acaaaggcaa    138120
     agtagagttg tttatatgac tgtccataat atctagccaa ctggaaaaat ttaaatgctg    138180
     ttttctgtgt gatattttat ctgcaacagc aatactgaac ttatataaag atgtgtttgg    138240
     acattaacga aatgtgaatg atgtgtggat gattgacagg gctcataact aagcaacaca    138300
     acgaactgtt aacaaggaag tagtatgtgt caaaacctgc atactctttt gttacacact    138360
     cgaaagtatc tatttttcct tcacaaaaaa agttcatact tttagggtgt agtataagta    138420
     tgcgaattgg gacacagcaa cagtatttta tgtcacaaat atatatatat atatataagt    138480
     aatcctttat accaccgttg tgtgatttat aaacaacaaa tcagctgtac atgttttttt    138540
     agttacacat ttacaagtat gtattgtgca caattattaa acttgtttta ctacatgtta    138600
     agtaagcagt tgaaaatgaa tagactatag atatgagaag taacaaaatt gtttcagagt    138660
     actgtgttga aatgctggtt aagcatataa atgtaaacag tcattataac agagcagagc    138720
     gcagagctaa atgtgttaga aaccgtcgtg taataaatac tgaacttata atcagtgaat    138780
     ataaggtggt ttcacttttg aaatgcggta taaatttctc ccattttgcc gttttttttt    138840
     tttttttttt cacatttacg tgctgcttgt caattataca aggcttttat attcgttctt    138900
     gctgtcagtt gccgaagaaa tgatcgataa aaggtttctg ataaactgct gtgacagcag    138960
     caggcactgt gtgatgcgca ttcacatgaa ggggagtgag atttatccgg ggagtcagat    139020
     tttgatacaa caccggcact gcatgttcct ccatgtcgcg tcagtcagct agataccttg    139080
     gagtagtctg tttcgcaaag aatgcgcgtg tgtggcctta aaccatattg atatgaacga    139140
     tattggataa taccgcatcg ctttggggaa tcatgttggt atattgccag aactcgatat    139200
     actgcccagc cctaaaaatt actagtaaaa tattatgtac tgtcatcatg gcaaatacaa    139260
     aacaatgaga aaatagttat gaaagctatt atgtttaaaa cgtattgaaa aacaaatatt    139320
     atctctgtta taacacattt aggaactatt ttttaaatac atttccctca ttatttgtgg    139380
     cagttctgtt ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcgg cataagtgaa atctgcaaag tagtcagctt    139440
     tattttttac aattattata gatgttttaa ggctgtgaaa cccctcacta cacattttat    139500
     acacttttct cagacaggca cattttcaca cattcatctt ttgtttaact gtgcagtagg    139560
     tgattgtctt cagaaacatt ttttgttgtg ctggttgaaa gtctcttcac tgtccaataa    139620
     taatgaaaat gatctaaatg tgtttatatc tgtttttgta ttctgggtaa ggcataaaac    139680
     taaaaaatgt tcacccaatt aaatagagtc ggaccgacat ctcccataaa tatgataagc    139740
     agctccgact gtatgtcagc aaatgtagat tcggacttct gcgcatctgt tcatgcagat    139800
     ccgccattcg cgcgtgcccg tctgcataat cggccgcgca gtcacgagac acaccgggag    139860
     aaatcaaatg ctgaattgaa acttttaaaa acctgaatca gtattgaagt tacttttgca    139920
     tgctgaagga aggtcgacac catgtctgaa gtattactgt tagacaggta atgttcagtt    139980
     ttaaaactat tttagtcagg ctaagcttat gttagatcat tggttctcaa acttttttca    140040
     tcaagtacca cctcagaaaa caaatgtctc tcaaagtacc accataatga ccagtattaa    140100
     aatacagtgg tgtaataaac attataaata gccttaacat taaaactgta ctgtgcttat    140160
     ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa caacaacaaa caaacaaaca aaaaagctaa aaaacatcaa    140220
     catttaaata gaaatgttct ttaaaagtta aaatagttgg ttactgttct taaaaaaaaa    140280
     agtattagta taatattaaa gtattaacat atagtagcca actcatcaac atctggaaat    140340
     gttgcctgga tctcagaaat ataggcgata tgtcatcata tatttattta taaataattt    140400
     ttgataaatt ttgaaatatg tagcatgtac atatgacata tttgattccc ccgcgtacga    140460
     ctagtggtac acgtactaca gtttaagaac cactgtttta gattgtgttc tgttatgaat    140520
     gacctatatg cacagacatg ttgtttagcc actgaaatct cccggtgaaa gattgatgtg    140580
     attattttca gtttcataag gtccatttac agcatcgata atgtagattt atattcattt    140640
     taacaacaaa acatcagtag atagcgctat tccgcctaac ctgctttaat gagctgacgt    140700
     tgcttttata ttcacattgg gtcatttttg aacattcgtc gaaaaataag ttcagtatta    140760
     tagaatgaaa ccaaagatca aaacctgttg aggcgcaaac agggctgtta gcaaaaggtt    140820
     cataaagctt tttagctttt gtgcggataa cgttggcatc cagcatattg ttctttttta    140880
     tgcagtctcg gatccacata actaaagtac acatgatgtg ctgcacacat gacagtttga    140940
     agtacacact ggatgcgcac attcgaatgt tatttaaaaa aattattcag atggcacttt    141000
     gtggcacgac agaaaaatga atagtgtcca gagtcgtagt tagacactga agacagctgc    141060
     ttctgagctg gtttgtgacc ccctttacca tggtcttgct gcagatagtt acaactctat    141120
     ttgcattctt gtttaaaact tacacttgta gtgatcaaag atttgtgtta atttggcaag    141180
     ctgagcacat tctgttctgt acaggagacg cggaggtgat tgattgataa tggtctataa    141240
     ccaatcagca tgcactgtaa aaaaaaacta taattaaact actataatta aaatttccta    141300
     gaagggctaa taagtccatt ttataattga taaaaaaaca ctcaaccagg cattcgacca    141360
     ttcccctagt ggcattctgt gaagtgtgct ctgggagtat gaggtcagag gcgctctgtt    141420
     aggggctgtc tcgtccctgt atgaacaaag taggagtctg gttcgcattg ccggcaataa    141480
     gtcaaacttg tccaacagtg catgttggac tctggcaggg ctgctctttg tcaccaattc    141540
     tgttcataat ttttatggac agaatttcaa agcccatcct tgggctagtg tgagtccagt    141600
     tagggtacca caggatttca tctctgttat tcgcagacga tgttgttctg ctggcttcat    141660
     tgaacatgga tcttcagcat gcactggggc agtttgttgt cgagtgtgat gcggctggga    141720
     taagaaaaag caccttcaag tccaaggcca tggtgctcca tgggaaaaag gggatttgcc    141780
     atcttcaggt tgaaggaaag ttctatggag tcagaaaaga ctcaaaagta attcatgcgt    141840
     gtgaattaaa ggtgcaaagg ggcataaaca aattcaagac acgatgtaca catgcgtagc    141900
     caaattcacg tgcataaaat caaatacacg tgagtaaaat atttatttat attcaccaaa    141960
     aaattccacg tgcacaaata aaaaatacat tttcataaaa tacatttcac aaatgcaaaa    142020
     caccatttac taatgtataa gagtgtacaa aaagttttaa atgtttaaaa cttgctagtt    142080
     catcctaaat gagaatgtgc gaatcctact tcacgtacga ctccccctgg atacgtgtgt    142140
     gtgtattttt gatactttcc tggcagagtc agggcaactc atactcatag tcaatgacac    142200
     ccactctgcg ctccatttgt gcagactgtt cctctccagc atggcgaatg gagctgcagc    142260
     agtcgcattt ttttttcatt tatttattta tttgaccata gtctcactct ttttattcat    142320
     tattttgcct cagctccgct cttcttattt attgtctcgc aaccccatga gcaaaatgta    142380
     gcatgcaggg taatgatgag gattaattat cattccggct acacaagatt aactgtgcta    142440
     ttgtggtcca gcagtcagca cgttgtgttg cggcgccgtc gaaatgacct gtggtggcgt    142500
     caaactgctg aaatgaactt tcagttttga tcgtacagat aagatcagta catcaattga    142560
     atctgttata tgtctacttt ttgttgtgta cactcacaac aacaacaaac gtgtgtgctt    142620
     ttgcaaagta aggaaaaaag tgtaggcatt ctgtctttaa atacaaaacg cacataaaaa    142680
     tgagacatgt atttctagaa agcataaagt gtctactttt aaatgcagct tggcatgttg    142740
     aaaacaaaca ttgcttgata aagtaatcag tatgaaatca acgctatgtc tagttcctca    142800
     gtctgatctc attagtttta atgcgaccac gcccactagg cattgttatt acaagcatct    142860
     gaagacgcgt gcagactgtg gtcagaaaaa cacgtcacta aaatgaaagg aaactctgca    142920
     aatagtcaac aaagatgagg atttatgaca tctatataaa gcttgatatg tctatttttg    142980
     cataaaccaa ttcatatcga aaacaaatta tcttttttta tgtaatcatt ataaaaggac    143040
     tggtttggac tgctgtatgt tgtctcatta cagcagtgtg gtcccgcctc tcagtaagca    143100
     cgcttcatat gtaaatccag atgtgaaaac aatgacaaga agtgctcaga gtttgctcag    143160
     taatgcgagt aatgctggtc tgtgtcatgc cgacaaactg ttagatgaag atgtagcctt    143220
     caacgtcaaa aaaaatgtat ataaacgcta caaaagtgga ccaggatcaa ataatcctgc    143280
     gtctgtgagt ctccgctgat gtcaaataga aggccagggg ttacagtgaa atactgcctt    143340
     ttttctgcgc ccctcctcat caccagatac ctgtctgcaa gtctacattt ccaagtgtcc    143400
     tttgtaagtt tattctttaa ataattactg taaataccga atgagaggat gatcacttgc    143460
     gccaaaagct gctgtgatgc acgcgactat ttgaaagatt tcattatcgc acatggtgtg    143520
     tttttcacct gctttctttt gttcacagtt atttttgtta atatggatta attaccatta    143580
     tttaaaataa ctttgctcta atatgagatt accaaaacta actcagaatc gtattattat    143640
     aattcaaact ttgtatatac tattccatat attatgatgt attgtttaac caatttaaga    143700
     tatttgacaa tgttaagata atatgttgca ttttggcatg ttttttgact tatttataaa    143760
     ctaattatag acataatgtt aaataaaaaa tatcctgggt ttgaagaata ttgtgttcct    143820
     ggacttcact gagcttaata gtttaatgta taaaattgtg aatgaacttg actgttgatg    143880
     tcttaaataa tgtcaaataa ccaacatttc tcaaaatgga tatatctcat ttagcaacta    143940
     aactcttcat ttacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac agtatattcg ctatgtgtaa gtttaaaagt    144000
     ttgcaagttt tatagagtgc actgactctc acaaaagtat ctccagttat ttttttgtga    144060
     tttatatatt ttaaataaac tgcaaacaaa aaagtatata aactttcctc tgattccttc    144120
     ttaaaactct tccctcctag tcacatactg tacctgtctg atggcttatt atgcagctca    144180
     ttatgcaggt atttgtcttc aggtgtgact cactgcatag taatgatagt tcacgccttc    144240
     tcgcataaac caatttcact taaaaaggga cttagaattt tttattcatt ttattcattt    144300
     tttatacatt ttattcattt attcatttta ttcatgtttt ctgtgagcaa gttaacaaga    144360
     tgattctcgc atcattttga agcaaaaaca ctagactacc agatccagtt ctcaaaagtc    144420
     ttgtgcacaa atgttctatc tatgtttaac ggccttgttt cagtgacttt aaaattttag    144480
     tttttcacta accacgcata aacgtttctt tctcaaaaac acaaacacat acaaacatgc    144540
     tgctttggta ttattgtagc ccaacttgtg ctgtttacag tgttatcaca ctttagccat    144600
     taatatgttt ttaagatact gaaaacaaca caaatgtcag tgcatgtcaa aacttctcca    144660
     gagccccaaa acacccttta gatcccagag ggttaaagag tctacaagtt cgtgcatgga    144720
     tataagatgt tgtggattgt ggaaatcgat gatattaagc atgttttcct tcgatgcaca    144780
     gcagaaaaaa aaaagtcttt cagtattgca tgtttctaat ggtaaagttc tctcccagat    144840
     cagagtgagt tttgactatg tactaccaaa tgcagtgttg catgcaatat actcacattc    144900
     aatcaggcga agtaaaggtc tcattgccta ggatgtcaat caatttaatc aagctctagc    144960
     cacaaataaa ataataggct attttattat tttaagattt tagacgacgg gttagtaatt    145020
     atggttaatt atattcaagt caatgaaata ataactttaa taaataaaat atgttcgtaa    145080
     gaatgtggtg agccagtgaa aagcagctgt agtgtatact gtttaataat caatttaaat    145140
     tatgttacaa atgaataaat aatgaaaaag cagcattaat tcccgcatta atggtaggtc    145200
     cggacagtgc gtacagccgt acggctgcag tcgccactgt catcagccac cccacatgat    145260
     attctaaaat attttaattt gtttgtgcta ataaaaattt tgtttgagat gctttattta    145320
     aaacaacatc tgagtgagtg ttatgggcat attaaatggc aatattaaac agcagaagca    145380
     tttctcacct gtagcctctc tgtgaaaata tagcgaaaat aatacagtaa gatagttaca    145440
     ttcgtaaaga aaatcattca aataagtttt aatcataatg acataaattt gcccgtcttg    145500
     tgagcttgag catgtttttt ttttaactcc aggaaaataa tctgtcgaat aagctgatgg    145560
     tataaatata ttaatattaa taataatgat aataataata agatacctaa ggataactaa    145620
     aatatgacaa aatattacat gtttatcttc aattaaacca tatgaaaata gtcaaaataa    145680
     cattctacat cctgtgataa aaacgcacag tatttaccaa ttaagtgaat gtaaatgttt    145740
     tatattatta ttattattat tattattatt attaataatt gtaattaatt aatcaattat    145800
     ttattgttat tttattgcca tttgtacctt gttcttttac tgtatgacaa acaacacaat    145860
     cacgaaaacc aaaacttgtc tgtagaaaac gcatagccta tgtgtgttcg tgtgttataa    145920
     gccaaccaag ggtggagaat gacgtcacgg ctccccaaat attttgatca tatctaaaca    145980
     acgaaaatag ataaagtgtt tattttaatg gcacaaacca gcacaaatcc agcactaacg    146040
     aatgacacca gtttggtgtg atttagataa ccttgggtgg agagtgacgt cacggctgac    146100
     gaaatatttt gattatatct aaacaacgaa aatagataaa gtgtttattg ttatggctta    146160
     aaccagcaca aatccagcac taacgaatga cacccgtttt gcgcgattaa gagaaaatgg    146220
     gttgtagaga gagggctccc gaaatatttt gcttgtatct aaaagaggaa aacagatacc    146280
     atgttcgttt taacggcaca aaccagcaca tatcgagcac aaatgacctg tgctgatttg    146340
     aagtcagttg cgcaacatgg gtggaaagtg acgtcacacg gtcaaaaaaa taatgcttaa    146400
     tatctcagac cccaaagcag cagagacgtt cgtttttgcg gcacaaatca gctcaaacgt    146460
     agcataaacg agtggcatag ttttgggaat tatttgtttt tatggggtgc caacttcaca    146520
     gaggtactaa agtgttgtta ttcgacttct gtgttatttt accatgaaaa atgagttcag    146580
     cagtaaacta tagtttctga ccaacaggat ctggtggaac actgtttatt tgctaaggtc    146640
     agggcttttt tcgggcttta ttagtttgct gatacacgcc taaccaccca gatagcaaaa    146700
     tacatttaag ccatttccgg ctagattctc gcctgccgga gacttacccc tcagcctgac    146760
     tacctctgct ggacctactc cggatgccta tggattcact gcccgattcc agcccgagtc    146820
     aatcgagcca gatgcggcaa ttgagcgagc cgacgctgcc gcatgcgagc cggaatcggc    146880
     ccgcgacgct gcgagtaggt tatgtgcgct gcggcccgga actggcgcga ttgaatcttt    146940
     attatataaa agctcacctt tgttaacatt attacaacca tttgtgttga tgtaacagca    147000
     aacgcaggct actacagcag gtaaacgcaa agtgtagcac tgagtttaac ctttgaataa    147060
     caattcaaac agcatacaaa aatatattgc aaatattcaa ataaaggaca aaataaataa    147120
     caataaacct gaattgattg cacaagtatt aaataataat aaaattaaat aaattttgta    147180
     gtgcacaaga attaataaat taatttaagt acggggaaaa tacaggtgat cgttagcagt    147240
     aattttcttt atgtgtctaa ataataatta ggaagacaaa actagctgat ctccacattg    147300
     atttcaaggt tatttgaatt tgatttacag gacgtctctg catgttgagt ttcagcacgt    147360
     ttttgagtaa tctgctgaat ttactgttat aaaatatata ataaagctgt aaatgttaga    147420
     tattatttat ttacatacgt tttacgttta catatgtttt tcgatggcgt tttatttgaa    147480
     aactccttct aaacatgaaa atgaatgtaa attcgtcttt gccagataaa ggcatcgaat    147540
     aaaccaaata aaaacggagg caaaaaaatt taataaataa acaattcaag cgaaaatcaa    147600
     taaacaatac actagcgatg ttgcagcagc tgatggacat tgtattatta atgctgcaaa    147660
     gttttttgca caaattgcag ggttgagatg tgaaatcttg ctgtatttat tatttaaacg    147720
     cacgattgtt cccgcatggt aaatcgttat ctatggtgtg tagcctatat tttgggtttt    147780
     gttgattgct aattaaacat taaaaccttc ctaaaaatgt gcgtgttgtt tatatgttat    147840
     tgttcatatt ttacaagtgt tatttctacc cctatgaaat aacaagtacc aacaaccctg    147900
     ttagaagaga atatattatt tgtgctcata ttagtcttac tcaggctaga gtgtataaaa    147960
     gattgtttat ttctgcagtc caatatgtat tgcttttgat aaagtttaac agcttacatc    148020
     acaccatttt taaaccgtat attattctgt gtttttaaac gtaagtgctt atatttacat    148080
     cagcgagcct ttgtatagtg cagatactgg cggtcaagtg agaagttcgg ggggcttggt    148140
     tgattttaca taaagcgttt ggttggaaac tcgattccgc ggctcctctg gctccatcca    148200
     tccttctgtg catgcccagg ctccaatttc agcagtcttt tgcgacagtt agtgcccgtc    148260
     aagcaggcgt tttgccctca aggagttcaa tgggaaaagg ggctgttgtg tcgtccatat    148320
     tttttacagt cattgctctt gatttactga tcaatctacg ttcctactct cacctatggt    148380
     catgagcttt aggtcatgaa caaaaggaaa agatcttgat acaagcggcc aaaattagtt    148440
     tccttcgcag ggttgcaggg cacatcctta tggatagggt gaggattctg ttacctggga    148500
     ggagcttgga gtaaaacccc tgctccgcca catggagaga agtcagctga ggtggctcgg    148560
     gcatctgttt ccgatgcctc ctggacgcct acctagggag gtgttccagg catgtccctt    148620
     ccgagaggaa gcctcagata agacccaaga catgctggag ggactatgtc tctcggctgg    148680
     cttggaaacg cctcgggatc ccccttagga gcttgaggaa gtgcctgggg agagggaaat    148740
     ctggggttct cttatgagac tgctaccccc gggcccggaa aagtggtaga aattgaataa    148800
     atgaatgaac tcatagttat ttattaaatt aatgaataaa taaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaca    148860
     ggcttactaa ccatgttgac caatggaatc tgctgaaaat tattcattat ttactttttc    148920
     ataacaactc atgttgactt tttcataaaa taacattaaa gcaataaata tcccaggaca    148980
     agatttattt acaaaaaata gcagctttaa acaactgtcc aaaattttgc ttctcaagac    149040
     atgtatgcaa catttgaccc tatttctgat cggccgtgat taccaccata tgttcagtta    149100
     gctcagagta atttttcaag ccgttcttag tatacaaagt atacacgcac acatacacag    149160
     acaacatagc gaggcagtct taatggcacc atgctgttat cacagcggtc gtcgtttgtg    149220
     tgatgagtat taaagcatta acttagaggc attacctgca gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt    149280
     gtgtgtatat ttggacagag accattaaag gattaattcc ttcattaaaa gattcattct    149340
     gtcttttcaa tctgttgttc atttgtttgt tgttttatta tatggcgtca ctgtggctgt    149400
     ttttttttta ttgttcattt tggccaccca ttaaacatct gatcaggttt aaatgctaca    149460
     gataaacaaa taaaacctgc tccgttaaca gtaataaaaa gtgtgttttg tgctgtgttt    149520
     ctctaggaca ggcctgcccg tttgtcctgc ttgtgttgag tggtcagctg gatgatcttc    149580
     gggtggctct gttggcatct ctcatggacg tgattgggct gagatacgct caggactctt    149640
     tgagtaaccc tgtgtcctgg gctgatgggc tcagtcgact tctctgtcac ccgcggggag    149700
     aacacttcct ctcactgctg gggcaacact gcaaggacat gggccaggac aaagcaaagg    149760
     tcagcctatc aatacaattt gttgtttcat gctttctgtt tgtcagtcta tccaattcat    149820
     ttttcatgtc aaaccttttg tctatccaca agtgttccat tatccattca tccatctttg    149880
     tacatctttt tttcttagga gtaacagaaa atttatccat ctttagtcct cagtgtcttt    149940
     gactttgcct ctttgtttag tttttcatct ttatttagta ttcttctgtt catccacttt    150000
     tttattgttt ttattgtctg tccatcaaac atcattcagt ttatttgttc atccatccgt    150060
     ctgtctgtct atccatctgt ccatccgtaa gtccatccat tcctccatct atctttctca    150120
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatctttct tactattcat caatccatcc atctgttctt    150180
     tcatccatcc attctttgtc tctccatcca ttctttgtct ctccatgcat ccatccattt    150240
     gtctctccat ccatccatct atccatccat ccatcttttg tctctctatc catccgtcgt    150300
     tctctatcca tccattcgtc catccatctg tttctctgtt catccatcca tcctactctc    150360
     catccatctt atccatccac ccatttgtct ccatccatcc atccatccat ctttctccat    150420
     acatccatcc ttttgtctct gtccatccat ccatctgtct ctccatccat catccatcca    150480
     tccttttgtc tctctctatc catccattca tccatccacc catctgtctc tccatccatc    150540
     tgtctctatc catccatcca tccatgcatc catccatcct tttatctctt tatccatcca    150600
     tccatccttt tgtctcttta ttcatccatc tgtctttctc tccatccatc cttccatctt    150660
     tctctccatc catccatcca tccatccatt catctttccc tctatccatc cattcatctt    150720
     tttctatcca tccatccatc tgtctttctc tctatccatc catctttctc tattcatctc    150780
     tatctctatt tattttgttt gaacatatag atagagtggt gggtagacag acaaagggat    150840
     ggatggacaa aaaaggaatg aaattatgaa tgatggatgg atggacagac ttcatccata    150900
     catttgttta ttgatcagtc cagctgttct ttttttcaaa ccataaaacg tttctcgttt    150960
     tttttccata gttctttcag tcactttctt tgaccattca tccacttatt ctataatctg    151020
     tttgttcttg catgcatcca tcatccattc ctttcttcaa ttcctttgtt ggtttccatt    151080
     ctgttcttcc atccatccac ccattcatct ctttgcccat ccatcattcc aacaactaat    151140
     ctgttagccc atccatctgt gtccattcat tcatccatcc cttttccatc ctttcttcta    151200
     tccatctagc tacagtacat agcagtatga ctgtgtactc aattttcaac catccatcca    151260
     atcttttatt caccattttt tttctaccat ccatccaccc atgaatttca ttgctcatta    151320
     atttatccaa caattaatct atttgcccat ccatctatct gtccatccct tttccatctg    151380
     tccatcgatc cattcatcac tgtgcattca ttatccaacc agccatctga tttttcattc    151440
     acccatcctt taactgcata tccatcaatc tctttaccct atacagcctt catctgtcca    151500
     tccatctatc actctgttca ttcatttttt ggtccaccca tacataagat ctttcattca    151560
     tccctcgctc aatggcacat ccatctattt ctctgcccct cttcaatgcc tcctcgaata    151620
     gcattcaatg ggttggccag atattggcag aaacttgagt gcaggcgtga tagaggcacc    151680
     agagttatta tacggcccaa tataagagca gcagtgaggt tagccatggt ccatggaggc    151740
     tgtgttggtg cgtagatatg agacagagaa ggaaaattgg ctgcttttag gaatagtagc    151800
     ggagcagttc cctctttctg tggaagtggc cattgtgtca ctctctccag agtctttatg    151860
     acttatgcgt cggctctttg ctgttgcatt ttgggggtac tacaacttta gtacatatgt    151920
     gggtctttct tagggcaaca tctgcgtgtg ggcgtcaggg ctcctggggt gtgacacttc    151980
     tcttattttt cggtttcagt agtgccagct ggcagcaatg gaagtaggcc acctcagacg    152040
     cgttttcctt tcttttctct tcttgcgttt tacgagctgg ctcagcgctc aacagagatg    152100
     gagccggcta tccaccactc ttttcatttt cccttttctg aacccataat cactcccaag    152160
     tccacagtgg actttgagtc tatcatgttt gccctcttta aattttcccc atacatattt    152220
     acaatctttg ttacagcaaa ctcaatgcaa tttgcatgct tcaatgtaaa ccatatcctt    152280
     aggagatcat gcttaggggt tagacagaat ctgctgacat tttttgcttt ttctgcagag    152340
     aattttgtaa gaaataaaaa ataaaaaaat gcagatttat gtagaattat tttgggacga    152400
     ttataattaa aaacttaata tattaaataa aaaaataata tcttttaact taacttttat    152460
     ttaatgttta caaagcaagt ctttcaaata atatattgaa taaaagacag aaaatattaa    152520
     tttacaaatt gtattgtaaa aaaatcaaat aataattttt atattagttg ataatattac    152580
     tgaaattaat ttaaaatctg aataaataga aatttgccca cagttacaca agttaataaa    152640
     tagactcaat gatggactaa aaatcagcag atttctacac tcgcagattc tatgtgggcc    152700
     tagtcatcgt tcacccacaa gtggtcaggt ttcaaatctg atctggcctt tttttctcaa    152760
     caggagaacg caagtgggat caaagagcca actgctcgca gacccctacg gagtcacagc    152820
     aaaccacaga gtttaccacg caggtatggg atttaacgtt taatgccaat gaccccccaa    152880
     aatcatgaca ccatacttat atatttgcct atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatatat    152940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    153000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatac agtgaggtca ataagtattt    153060
     gatcaccctg tgatttttca atatctccta cttagaaatc atggaggggt ctagaatttt    153120
     caccgtaggt ccttttcaat gtgagagaca gaatctaaaa ataaaaatct agaaattgca    153180
     tcgtatgatt ttgaaacaat ttatttctaa attactggct caaataagta tttgatcaat    153240
     tgagtcaaaa atgcttaata tttggtacag aagcctttgt taacaattac agaggtcaaa    153300
     cgattcctgt agttcttcac caggtttgca cacactacag gagggatttt ggcccactcc    153360
     tcaatgcaga tctaatctag atctgtcagg ttttggggct gtcgctgggc caaagatttt    153420
     caattggatt taggtctgga gactggctag gccattccag aaccttgata tgcttcatac    153480
     ggagccgctc cttggttttc atagctgtgt gctttgggtc aatgtcatgt tagaagaccc    153540
     agccacgacc catctttaat gctctgacta agggaagatg gtttttggcc aacatttcac    153600
     aatacatggc cccgttcact gtaggtatgg tattattggg atgatactca tcattcttct    153660
     tcctccaaac acgacgaatg gagttaagac caaaaagttc tacttagttt tcatctgacc    153720
     acaggacttt ctccaatgac ttctctggat catccagatg gtccctggca aacttcaaac    153780
     atgggttgac ttaagcagag gaaccttcct tgcgatgcaa gattttaaac catgacgtct    153840
     taatgtatta ctgatggtag ccttggaaat ggtggttcca tttctctaca cggcattgac    153900
     cagctcctcc tgtgtagttc tgggttgatt cttgaccatt cttagcatca ttgatacccc    153960
     acaagaaaag atcttctatg gggcctcagt ccaagggaca ttgacggtca tcattagcct    154020
     cttctacttt ctgacaattg ctccaacggt tgttctttta caccaagctg cttggcagtt    154080
     ggcccttagc cctttccaac tttatgaagg tctacaatta tgtctcttgt gtcttttgac    154140
     agctctttgg ttttgcccat gttggtactt agacgtttga ctgattgtgg agtgcacagt    154200
     tatctttatg actgcttaca acttcaaacg ggtgctacta aattaaaatc ttgagcagag    154260
     tgtagctgaa ctatttaaaa gcaaaataac aggtctttga gggtaagaaa tctggctgaa    154320
     aagcaagtga tcaaatactt atttgacaca ctaatttaca aataaattgt taaaaaatca    154380
     tccaaagtga tttcttaatt tttattttta gattctgtct ccggaagtgg aaatgcacct    154440
     atggtgaaaa ttctagaccc ctccatgatt tctaagtagg agatattgaa aaatcacagg    154500
     gtgatcaaat acttattgac ctcactttgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    154560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atgtatatat atatatgtat    154620
     atatatatat atatatgtat atatatatat ataggcaaat acagaagttg acattatcct    154680
     ggtttcctca acaaaaaact cagtagatat ttccattgga attagtgcag aaaatgacat    154740
     ccgtgagaag tctgatactg ttttcacacc aggtgtggca taagtaaata aattgcgctg    154800
     ttcatgcata aatgaatgcg tgaacaattt gagtttactc gcgtcattca cacgtgaaat    154860
     tcacttcaca acaaacatct attcacatca tggacagggg ttctttctgc ctgttgactc    154920
     tagtttcatt ggtaaatgtc taacatggat ttcatgtgct ttatttgctt tttggaaggc    154980
     tgaaaaacag tgtatattcg ctcagcattg tgtctgagtg cactagatat tttcagaggt    155040
     gcatcgagct ctgtaagttt ttaaactcct tcagaaactt tacctggatg atggaagctt    155100
     ttagctgtgc ttcagactga gccaagtcaa gtttgatgag ctgttgcccg gtgtcgacag    155160
     gaagatttcc tcttaggaca cgcactgcag gtgccataat catgcctctg caagagcaaa    155220
     ctcctgattg gttaaagttc atattttcca actcaaggga aacgagcaat tcaacattaa    155280
     gcgcagcaat tgcacaaaat gctcattcgt gctgcctcat ttgcgcaaat cgcaccgcag    155340
     gatgtctatt tgcgtctttg cattgacttt acatgtaaat gatttgacta atcatgtaaa    155400
     tctgagaatc ttaaaagatt tacattttga gcttttaaaa ttactttaaa gcctaaacag    155460
     cttctatctg gaaccacttc aaactttaaa aaaatatgtt tgtctgtcag gttctttacc    155520
     cttaaacttt ccaaaacgta cttctttaaa cttcatgcct aacattttca agtttcaaac    155580
     cacctcagac actttcggca aggctggacc actagaggtg caaaaatgac acatttcacc    155640
     tttcatttct tatgtgaaag cagtgattaa gtcataaact cagcagttgg aacccaaacg    155700
     ttgacatttt ctggcacttt tgagaggttt ccatccttct aactttccgt caggttgttg    155760
     aagtttccat gcaggcagtg aaatttagat ttaatttgta agtcaatatt gatatgttac    155820
     aattagcgag gaggtatttt tggaagctgg agttacactt tctatgagca gcttgttcga    155880
     aaatgttcca ccaggctgat ccagtacccg cctccaccct ccaaaggcgg aattacagtg    155940
     acaaccgagg acctggagtg cctcaaagat ggagagtttc ttaacgacgt catcatcgat    156000
     ttctacctca agtgagtctg ctggtatttt gggcttggga aatgagtcga tattttccca    156060
     tccacttgtt aagttgtgac gtgtgtaata ctgtttcggg tccaagcttc tgctcatttg    156120
     gattgagaaa actctcagta gttgtttatg gcattgtata cgcaaatcca gtgttaggta    156180
     aattacttca aaaagttaca tattaaataa ttacaagtta aagcttaatg atttagatac    156240
     attttctaaa tactatatct taaaagtaat taaattttta ttcattacta cttaaaatca    156300
     caaaaaatat taacacgtag taaatagaat ttaaactttt taaagacttt aaaacaccac    156360
     accaagctga taataaagaa aaaacactct gtcagctgcg tctggtccca tcttggcaag    156420
     gcaagattgt ttatatagca catttcatac accgtggcaa ttcaaagtgc tttacataaa    156480
     taaaaacaaa agagacaatt attagaaaaa taaaaaacaa ataataaaaa acagataaaa    156540
     acaaataaaa atttgttgaa acagtttata aaagaatgaa aaagaagaga aaaacaatag    156600
     tgcgatctgt cggacgaaac acagttctca ttcagtaaag gcacagctaa acagatgtgt    156660
     tttaagtctt agtttgaatg tgcctaatgt tctacagtat gaaactgagt gtaaatacac    156720
     taaacggaca acagccaact aaaatgttat gtgtttatct tccataactg ggtgtattac    156780
     acattaaggg gccatttata ttagtggtaa accaatacgt cagtagatat tcgtagatat    156840
     cagcatcagc cttaaaaaaa cacttttctg tcaaccacta attaacatat tttatttaca    156900
     tataatttac atagcacatt ttttgcacgc ttattaaagt gcggatgatg gttgcagaag    156960
     ttcaacccca gaaatgcgtt aaaattgatg aaggaattgg agtatgtcac gttttctatg    157020
     aggttttaga tgcaatatgt gaatggtccc tgacacacga tcttttaggg atgtaatgat    157080
     tcacttaact caccattcga tacaattcac gatactgatc tcacaaaatt attttttttt    157140
     aagatttttt ttaacaaagt gagttgagac aatttagcaa ttaacaagtg cccttatatt    157200
     tttttaatgc ggcacatttc attgtaaaat aaaaatagat gttgttaaat accaaaacta    157260
     acttgcaatt ttaaaaccaa ttgaatagta ataaaaaata ataataatgc atgtataata    157320
     aacatctatt attgaaactg cttttcttag cttgaaatta tgtgagtaaa tttatgttta    157380
     tcatcatcat catcatcaat ttcatcagct tattcggggc cgggtcgcgg ggacagcagt    157440
     ctgaagagag aaccccagac ttccctctcc ccagacactt cttccagctt atccaggtgg    157500
     ataccaatgt gttcccaggc cagctgagag acatagtccc tacagcgtgt cctaggtctt    157560
     atctgaggcc tcctcccggt gggacatgcc tggaacaact ccctaggtag gcgccctgga    157620
     ggcatccgaa acagatgcaa tagcctcctc agctgacttc tgtcgatgtg gaggagcagc    157680
     ggcactactg cgagcttctc ccgggtgaaa gagctcctca ccctgtctat aagggtgccc    157740
     tgccacccta cgaaggaaac tcatttcagc cgcttgtacc cgagatcttg tcctttcagt    157800
     catgacccaa agcttatgac cataggtaag agtaggaact tagattgacc ggtaaatcaa    157860
     gagctttgcc ttttggctca gctccttctt caccacaaca gaccggtaca tcgaccacat    157920
     tactgcagct gctgcactga tccgcctgtc aatatcacac tccatcctcc atcataaaca    157980
     agatacttga actcctccac ctggggtaag gactttcctc caacctggag atggcaaacc    158040
     acctttttcc tgtggagaac catggcctca gacttagagg tgctaattct catacctgcc    158100
     acgtcacact tagcagcaaa ctgccccagt gcatgctgaa ggtctatgtt cgaagaagct    158160
     aacagaacaa aattgtctgc gaataacata gatgaaatcc tgtggtcccc gaaccagacc    158220
     ccctccagcc caaggctacg ctttgaaatt ctgtccataa aaattatgaa cagaattggt    158280
     gacaaagggc agccctgccg gaacccaaca tgcactggaa acaagtctga cttattgccg    158340
     gcaatgcgaa ccaaacttct actctgttca tacagggacg agacagccct tagaaaagca    158400
     cttctgaccc catactccca atgcaccctc cacagaatgc cacgagggac atgatcaaat    158460
     gtcctctcca attttattat taatgtttat tattattatt attaaataaa taagaagtgt    158520
     aaagcacttt gggtcaacta cggttgagta aaatcatgct ctaaaaaata aagtttgcct    158580
     tttctattat tattatctta agaaaactca gcatatcaat gttttctagc acaaacagat    158640
     ttggtgaaaa aaaatacttt cgtttaactg ttcaaaacat ggattgcaag tcctttaaca    158700
     ttaacgactg atttaaatca tcatatattt taatccattt tcaaccggct cacaatgaat    158760
     ctttacataa ctatcccaga catcaatatc ttaaactttt attaaagctg aaccattgtc    158820
     tgagaagctg atattcggca aggaaattaa tattatatga tcatggtgtt caataatatt    158880
     atagcacaca gtgagtgtat attatgacca tttgtcattt gcgtttggat cttgaaactg    158940
     taaaacattg gatcatatct aacaagcaga tactctaata ctgaattctc tttcaggtat    159000
     cttctgttgg aaagagctga caaagatatt gcagaaagat ctcacatctt cagcagcttt    159060
     ttctacaaac aacttactcg aaaagacacc agtggcccag aagagactgg aagcacgtaa    159120
     gaaatcattt aaaatcgcat ttagagaatt aaagaaacag taacagctgt ttttttagct    159180
     gtactgttcc atttagtata ttatgctgga gatttgaagc tgatttgaac gagtgtgtga    159240
     tgttttcctg caggtctgcg tacagacgac atcagagagt gagaacgtgg acacgacatg    159300
     tggacatatt tagcaaagac taccttttta taccagttaa tcatgagtaa gtgaggaatt    159360
     taaattgaaa ccacaccaca atcaaatgca agttttagac cagggatgcc caaacctttt    159420
     catatgaagg gccaaaaacc aaatatcatt gatagctgtg agctgacaat aaatataaca    159480
     aattatttta cattaaagtt gccatgggta atattctaat ttatttaata atatttaaaa    159540
     ataaatagaa aacattactt tgagtcgaat taactaatgc agtataacct ttttatttat    159600
     aacttagtgt gaataaaatc ataaacaatc acatttacag tataatatag tggagttcaa    159660
     tgctgaatac actagtaaag cagaatctgc ctttgacttc atttgctcat caaagtcctc    159720
     tgtcgggtga cagtatgtat gttttaaact aaatctgatt aaatgacacc atttggattg    159780
     aaacatttaa tgttggtata gctttttgta gcttagcaat aaaacaaaca gataaaagat    159840
     taaattaagt ttgaaatgat aatctctaaa tcatcttcaa aattctccct cttttctcag    159900
     atgggatggt aggccaaatc aaaggtgacc atgggtcaac ttaggcccga aagctctagt    159960
     ttgggcatct ctgatttaga ccaataattt ggtaaattaa tactttacat tgatatgtgt    160020
     ttttaaattt agaattacat gttgtttact actatagaag cttgttactg ccacatgatt    160080
     taaaaataaa aaataagtgc ctttttaatc ttacaagttg tatttgtaag atataaacac    160140
     attctttatt tcatgtcttg cagttcagac cttttgtcca ggtctcccat tccctttaag    160200
     agtcagttgc gtcgtgccat agcgcatttg ctatttactg tacatgacac acttattaag    160260
     tggaaaaact gaacccttca ctagcgagaa aaaagcctcc tcattcttta ctttcacttt    160320
     cactcttgtc gatagggaaa cgtgttgtac gcacagacat gcattagcct ataaattatt    160380
     tattttgttt gttaagcgca aacatttgtt tcgaaactat ttctaaattc agttgtaatt    160440
     accagcaaat gaataaatga acagtaatga caaaatgtgg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact    160500
     tatattgttt ttaataaaac agatacaaat atgcatataa taaataaaaa agccctccga    160560
     gatgaagaag gcaagaaagt atgttttttt ttatatttat gtaggctaga atataatcat    160620
     ttttgtaata ttttaattct ttaattattt ttcatttgta aagatatttg cgtattgctg    160680
     tacaccctgt atgtttcaag gaatgtatca gcgaggcgca caaataaccc actctgccct    160740
     ggactataga cctgctttga tctggtctat taaacagact attttagttc ctcaaaatag    160800
     caacacgcca gcaatgtgtg ttaatacgcc tcttttttag accagaacgc ctatgggcgc    160860
     acatatgcac gcaaatgcat ttgctattta aacagttagg tgcaaaatgt caaaacaact    160920
     cttgcgccaa gctgaaacta gcaaacaaca attgcgtcgc accttgcgcc acattgcttc    160980
     gggtggattc aaccagcaag tgtttttgtt gttggtggtg tttgtggttg cccagaaatg    161040
     acacataatt ctatcaaaag ataataagac aatgtacaac agtgtgaaaa atcagcacgt    161100
     tcaaaattat tcatatcctt ctcaataatc aatagaaaat gcctttattg gctattgcag    161160
     caatcaaacg cttcctataa ttactgacca gctttttgca tgtctccact ggtatttttg    161220
     ccaattcatc tttcgcaatg agctccaact ctttcagttt ggtgggtctc cttgccatca    161280
     gcctgatctt tagcttcctc cacagattgt caattagatt taaggcagca ctctgacttg    161340
     gccactgcaa gacattaatt tttttgtcta ttaatcatct gttgaccact tattgtgtgt    161400
     gttttgggtt gttgtcatgc ttaaatgtcc actggtgcca aaagctaggt ttctctgcag    161460
     actgcctgat gttgagaatt gtgaattatt gctccttttt catgactgtg agaggttctt    161520
     tgtttatgat gttcttttat actttttttc tcagaaagta attatgtttg tatatttata    161580
     gtcagcattt caatagttgg caagctttca acaagaaaaa aagcacacat ggccaatcaa    161640
     actgactaac tttgtgtact ttgaacaaca gtaaacagtt acgacttatg aagtggactt    161700
     tacacactgt tcttgtgttt tagtgacgct tgaggaagct ccatgtagat gtttgacatc    161760
     tgatgataaa tcacttcaac aaggtcaaac gagtctttag cgtcaaactg cgaaataggg    161820
     gagcaggaaa agcagccctc gtactccatg tgctcataaa aacaaattgg cccagtgtta    161880
     cgcacactat aacatgaaca tgaacacact cgcataggac aacagggcac agatgattca    161940
     ccagattaga tttttagcag aacttgttct gggacagcat gatgtagttg atatgcatgg    162000
     taatcattct aatgcaaggt aaactttgct caaattaaat gaaaataaat aaatacaaac    162060
     ttgtatataa aaaaacagga tttagattaa aaacaagcca tttcagagaa aatagattaa    162120
     tattgtgtga ttttattttt ataatttatt ttacttaatt agttgtttta tatattttat    162180
     ttatttattt atatattgta tttttaattg tattataatt gttaactttc attgcagcaa    162240
     caggccattt gcctgtgatt gaatttttat atactcttta ttcttatttt ttgtggtaaa    162300
     agatcaacac aaattaattt ttttttttct agttcatttt gctttgctat tcttttggtg    162360
     ttccacccca taaaaagttt ttgtttagta acattacatg aaggaaatga ttacatctta    162420
     tgtttattta tttatttgag aaaccataga aaacattcac ttttgttata tttagtttta    162480
     aaccaaacat gccttttatc cactttaaag caaatccaca tacattatgt ttacagtaca    162540
     tataaaaacc atccaaaagc atcattgttc aggttttctg cttcaggatg tgtttggcag    162600
     tggaaacgag actttatcac agatcactga cttccacttc ctcctctatc tgtgttttct    162660
     gctctgtttg tgtatcaggg ctcactggta cctagtgctg atctgttttc ctgctctgga    162720
     aaggcctcag attgtagagt ggagacaaaa aagctcagtg tcccaggatg aaagccagac    162780
     caccaaagag agaccctctg gagaatctca gcgaggtatc acacaaacac acacaaacaa    162840
     atacacaagg tttctttttt ttatgtattt attgaaataa taattgtttt atttttatgt    162900
     tttgtttgat aaattatata ttttatttaa ttttcaaata ttttttgttt tgtttcattt    162960
     attgtattgt tttgattaaa tattttttta atattataca tgttttatta tttttttaat    163020
     tagtattatt ttaacagttg catattatgt taaaattatt tcgctgtcat ttagaaacta    163080
     gcacatttaa aaccaatttt ggtcatgtag taattgaaaa tgtaatcttt ttttcttttt    163140
     ttctcctcta aaaattttta tatttcaata ttttaagtgt tttttattat tattttgcta    163200
     ttaataacta taataataat aataataata aacttaattt tttttttaaa tttatagcta    163260
     taagaatagc atctcaaggc actttacaga catgtgcagg aataaaagac acaagaataa    163320
     atgaaacatg taaactaata ataatagtaa tagatctaaa aatcaactaa aatctaaaaa    163380
     aagctaccct aaaaagtaag ttttagagat aatttaaaaa tactcaaggg gttctgcatt    163440
     gcgaatatca gaggataaag agttctacaa tttagatgtc agtaaagaga atgcctggtc    163500
     tcccatggtt ttagccatgc cgagcagtta aaagaccagc atcagatgag ggtaaagcat    163560
     gtccaggatt attttaacac agttgcaaat tgtgctaaaa tacatttgct gtcatttaga    163620
     aactagcaca tttaaaacaa atttaggtct tgtagctttt tttttttttt ctctaaaaaa    163680
     attagattta aatatttcaa ctttggttgt gatgttggtt atgtatgttt gtaattaatt    163740
     atttaagtta ctttttcatg ttaggtttgt gtttatatat atttgacaat tctcacttta    163800
     agaaaacctt tgttatcaca atggcaagct aatttctttt cttggaggga aaaaagaaca    163860
     gaattgtgag gcagaaaatt aatctgagga atatttgatc tgttttctat ttttccagaa    163920
     agttcacagc aaccgaaagg aaacccatca aaaatcaatg agtcgagatc acacaaccta    163980
     ccggtaatta cacatttatt atcaagttat aaatcctgtt gcatacaaat attatcacat    164040
     acctattgtg taatatatga gttattcaat tattctttaa cttgagtttt ttttcagtat    164100
     tatatatata ttagggctgt aacgatacac gatataaaat cgaaatcgcg acactcagat    164160
     ctacgatcct gtgtcgcggt gtgataaggg agaatcgcga cacaccctgt gactaccttt    164220
     ccaataacgt cacgcgtgcc tgcaaaagtt gagctagttg aagaagaacg tgaggaaaca    164280
     ctttttttcc cctcgacatt acgagcactg ctccgtttaa gccctcgcta ttagcgttta    164340
     accgggaggg ctcgcacgga gctcttagta agggactgtc tgaatgtgtc aggaatatca    164400
     aaaacaaaac caacttaacc gctcttgaca acagacaacg gcagaaacat tgccagtgct    164460
     gtcaaagcat tgttgttaat gtggctgcgc agagagggat gggcgttcac ctgatgcccc    164520
     gactcctctg cagaggaaac ttttctgtaa ccttgctgtg cgctttctgt ttgaaccttt    164580
     aagagttaac attacgtgct gactgacagc gcgatgcgtg aggcaaggaa acaggacgaa    164640
     gctttcaatt aagatgaaca cagtttctat agttatactt tatttataga taaaggtata    164700
     tgactgtata taatcactat cttgctggag tttatagccg ttttgcttta cttcaggacg    164760
     catgccgctc tgaaggtcta atcgctgttt taagttatcc agagctgtat gaatgtacaa    164820
     atcttgaata taacaatagc attaaatatt acaattgtaa cacagacagc aacacttaag    164880
     cacaatcgat acccagctga ttcagtcgtt tcataagagg accgcgcttc ttctcttctt    164940
     ttttccttgt caacataaag gcagtgagat gcgccttgtt ttcggcttat aaagcatgta    165000
     tgcacattaa tgcaatagca tatttaaaca acaaaactgt ttacaaaaag tctacatatg    165060
     cgcgcgtgtt gttgtctttt catcacgcag cacgcgcact tgaaccgcga gggagagaaa    165120
     ggaaaccatc aggacatatt ctttaaaata atgatttcta ttaaaatgta aaaggttttg    165180
     tgattatata atcacatata acagcggggc attaaataaa tgcatatttt ccgtggagcg    165240
     ggcaatttga ggaagtctgc gatttttatt tgacggaaga aaaaacatga ttggaaaaaa    165300
     acagcctatg ccggttttta aaaagaatca gtcagtattt tcgttttgta atataaataa    165360
     attatttaag tggaaaatca tttagggcag tcctatttat tttattcatt ttatttagat    165420
     tattctgctc ttctgtgcta aacactgcag gtgcgtgaag atgctctgtt gttctgttct    165480
     gttattaata tgctagcatt taaaaataaa tcagtagtct actttaaaat gcaatattta    165540
     atgtgtcaga cacaaaatag acacgtcaat ttgtttaata taaaattaat agtaatctga    165600
     ccagttaacc gttattataa taaccgatta atgagcggcg gttgtctgtt agcaaaatta    165660
     accgaaatga gcatccctag tagccattta atttactttt tctatgtaag agaacttgat    165720
     tgaaaaagac tttttaacat gcttgaacca tctacacaat ggagtttagt tctgtttggt    165780
     ttttcaaaag tattttgtta cacagaaaac aaaaatgata taattttatt taataaaaaa    165840
     tagttttaaa aatctttttg ccccacccca cacgaaaaaa aaaatcgtga tacgaatcga    165900
     atcgtgggtc aaaaatcgtg atacgaatcg aatcgtgggt ttggtgtatc gttacagccc    165960
     taatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    166020
     atatatatat atataaaatc attgtgtatt tttaaggatt gcaccgtaca cagctgtaca    166080
     aaagagacca tctgcaagag gtaaaaaaaa aaaacttttt cacaggtttg tgttagcatg    166140
     ctaatggagg tggcattgtt tcctgatcct ttgtttgttt ttggtcctca ggccctgcat    166200
     tctgatcatg gactcactca aactgtccta ccatcagcgc acatacacac tgttacgaga    166260
     gtgagtcagt ggggaaaatt ataaacgtct catgttgatt ttagagccct cttgcaaatt    166320
     acaatttgat ggaatatcca tgagttttaa tgcaaccaat gaaagcatat attattttaa    166380
     gtgcatttag gcatgtagac atggtcaaga cgatctgctg ctgttcaaac tgagcatcaa    166440
     aatggatttt gagaaaaagg gttgttggtg ccagacaagc tggtctaagt attacagaat    166500
     ctgctgatct actggggttt acacgcacaa ccatctctag gaattacagg gaatggttca    166560
     aaaaagagaa aatatcctgt gagcaacagt tctttaggcg caaatgcctt gttgatgtca    166620
     gaggagaatg gcccaactgg ttggagctga tagaaagtca acagtaacac aaataaccaa    166680
     tcattacaat caaggtatgc tgaagagcat atctgaatgc acaacacatc caaccttgag    166740
     gcagatggac tacagcagca aaagaccata ctgggtgcca ctcttgtcag ctaagaatag    166800
     gaaactgagg ctacaattca cacagactca tcaaaattgg acaatagaag attggaaaaa    166860
     atgtttcctg atcagatgat acttgatttc tgctcccaca ttcggatggt agggtcagaa    166920
     tttggtgtca acaaaatgaa agcatgtatc cattctgcct tttttcaatg gttcaggctg    166980
     gtggtggtgt aatggtgtgg gggatatttt cttggcacac tttgtgccca ttattaccaa    167040
     ttaaccattg tgtcaatgcc acagcctacc tgagagttgt tgttgaccat gtctatccct    167100
     ttatgaccac agtgtaccca tgttctgatg gctacttcca gcaggataat gcaccatgtc    167160
     ataaagtgca aatcatctca gactggtttc ttgaacaatg acaatgagtt aactgtactc    167220
     aaatggcttt cataatcact agagcccaac ccaatagagc acctttggga tgtcgtggaa    167280
     taggagattc acatcatgaa tgtgcaactg acaaatctgc agcaactgcg tgatgttatc    167340
     atttcagtgt agaccaaaaa tatctgagga atatttctag tatcttgttg aatctatgcc    167400
     atgaaggatt aaggcagttc tgaaggcaga agagtgtcca acctggtaat agtaaggtgt    167460
     ttataataaa gtggctgatg agtatatata aataatgttt tttgaataca ttattacata    167520
     caatatgcca tcagatcgca attaaattag ttgtatttgt ttgtattaaa tgtaaatata    167580
     agttatatta aaataatgaa tgtgtaatat atagtttaca ataagtatca aaattgtaga    167640
     aatatatatt atataaaagt atgcaagttt tctttttctg ttatttgtaa taaatattga    167700
     ttaagtacat ttagcttgga ttttagatat atagtaatat tcacatacat tgttaatcaa    167760
     aaatatctaa attattttat aaattatgca ttttatatat tgtgatatta attttcactt    167820
     tgtataaaat aaattacaaa atataatatg taatataaaa aatatataag atttatttat    167880
     atatatatat atatatatac agttgaagtc agaattatta gcccccctga cttattagcg    167940
     cccctgtata tttttttacc caatttctgt ttaatggagg gaagattgtt tcagcacatt    168000
     tctaagcata atagttttag aaacctatat ctaattactg atttatttta tctttgtcat    168060
     gatgacagta aataatattt tacttgatat ttttcaagac acttctgtac agcttaaagt    168120
     gacatttaaa ggcttaacta ggttaataag gtgaactagg caggttaggg taattaggca    168180
     agttattgta tagcgatggt ttgttctcta gactatcgaa aaaaaaaaat ttgcttaaag    168240
     gagctaataa ttttgtccta aaattgtttt ttaaaaaatt aaaaactgct tttgttctag    168300
     ccgaaataaa acaaatgaga ctttctccga aagaaaaaat attatcagac atactgtgat    168360
     aatttgcttg ctctgttaaa cataatttgg gaaatattta aaaaagaaaa aaaaatcaaa    168420
     acggggctaa taattctgac ttcaactgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    168480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tttgtctaat aagtttgtga    168540
     ttaaatgtta aatatactgt atgatgtgtt tgttgtgatt tgtcaggtat ctgcaggtgg    168600
     agtgggaggt tcgtaaaggc agctgtcgct cctttagcaa tgagagtatc accgggagcc    168660
     tctgccgcgt ccctttgcag gataacagca gtgactgtgg actttacctg ctgcagtacg    168720
     tcgagagctt cctgcaggta ctcgcgttca gcttcctcta cattactcct caattactgg    168780
     ctcagtgctc agcttcctca gctgtaaatg tcagagaatc agagagtcta catttacagc    168840
     tattaacaat gctggacgtc taatttattt tccatattga agtctccaga gtatcagtaa    168900
     tgtaagaaag agactgggat ctaagcgact caaatgacac ttattcctta tgaataagtt    168960
     ccaatttcta ataaagcaag aatatataca agtatagaat tccaggtaca ttttgcttct    169020
     acaagataaa aggttgagtg agagttctgg tgttggattg gtcagctgct ggagtctgct    169080
     gtgtaagaga gacagagaga cacgtgttag cgcagggagt catgtagaga aatgaagctc    169140
     gtcttccttg tgtgtgggat tgacttattt gtgtggcctc tgatgagctc cagctgtgac    169200
     tgatccatgt tgatttggtg ccagctgggg tgaattctgg accaggatga cgtggcatcg    169260
     gtatactcgc tacatcctcc ttctcgacca ttgcatatct ggtccctgcg ggggtaagct    169320
     tccgactcac gtacatgacg ggttgttctt cattgtcttg gacctgggag aggaccgcgc    169380
     ccaggcccga gtttgaagca ttggtttgta gaatgaactg gcagccaaag tcaggtgcgt    169440
     gcagtaccgg tgaggatgta agggccgact tcagagtcca gaacgtgtct tccaccgtct    169500
     tgtcccactt tatcctcttt ggctgcccct ttctggtcag gtctgtcagt gggctggcta    169560
     tggatgagaa gttaggtata aaacatctat agtagcccgc taactgcaga aatgcacata    169620
     cctgggtttt tgtggtgggt tgtggagttt cttgaagtgc tttgaccttg ttctgttgtg    169680
     gctgtatgag acctcttccg atgtggaact cgaggtactt ggcctcggct agccctaggt    169740
     ggcatttcct ggggttagct gtgagcccag cccgtcgaag atctagaagc accctccgta    169800
     accgggatag atgttcttcc catgactcag agtggacgat tagatcatcc aaatatgctg    169860
     ctgcatgtgg ctggtggggc ctcagcagga tgtccatcat tcgcaggaat gtggctgggg    169920
     ccccatggag cctgaaggga agaacccgga attgccagtg cccaccgggt gtggagaagg    169980
     cagttttctc cttggcctgt tcactgagcg gtaactgcca gtagcctttt gtgaggtcga    170040
     tggtagagat gaatcgggct ccacccagca tatccagcag ctcatccacc cgaggcatgg    170100
     gatacccatc aaacttagag atctcattaa gtttcctgaa gtcgttgcag aaccggaggg    170160
     tgccatcagg tttggagacc atcactactg ggctcgacca cgggctacgg gatggctcga    170220
     tgattcctaa cttcctcatc ttttgatgag cctctgatga gctccagctg tggccgatcc    170280
     gtgttgattt ggtcccagct ggggtgaatt ctggaccagg gcgacgtggc atcggtatac    170340
     ttgctacaat atatatatat atatatatat ataaagtata aactgcctgc aaaaaccagc    170400
     aaaacaaaaa aacatttgaa atacttccta aattagggct atataataaa tactttaaat    170460
     agaggtttac ttttagaagg gttctttaga actttagctg accatagatc cctaatgata    170520
     tcatatcttt aatatccatg cttagaatat tcaaaattgc ttattgtggt cttctgagtt    170580
     acaaaaggct agcatcttta ttttatttat ttatttattg cattagatat attgtctgat    170640
     gaaagttagc acaaatattt cattgctgca cattattact gtcgttttca taaaagtgac    170700
     aaaggtaaca ttctttaaaa gtttgctttc aaactggttc agttagactt tctgtaaagc    170760
     ataaccgagt gtatttactt aagatagata tttgtgtaga cagattgtgt aggctactat    170820
     tgactgggct attctcacgg tagtgccgaa ataagggact gtcctgggaa cattgggaca    170880
     tctcatcacc cttgtgggtg cttaaaacag ggccattcaa tattctgatt gggctacagt    170940
     cactctgagc cccagtttag caccggcgtc actgtttttg aacagcaaca aaccgaaagg    171000
     aatgcttcaa aacatcgaag agagaaagca caacgcaaag aggtgtttcc cgcctcatat    171060
     tgcaaattaa ttattcagcc aatcaagggc cttcttacct gggccctggg tcttcagccc    171120
     cacctagccc cttacattat tccggtcatg ttaacagata gttgtgttgc ttagttatga    171180
     gccctgtcaa tcattcaaac attatccaaa tttctgtcat atgtaatgtt tctactttat    171240
     tggagaagca gcagcaggtt gttcttcaat tcacgagtct ttcatgcaga ggaatctcct    171300
     caggtctttg gataattatg gattcaggtg ttaatgtcca aacattgttg ttgcagatga    171360
     aatatcaccc agaaaacgcc atttaaatat tttccagtgg gctagatatt aattaacaga    171420
     agccgctcta cttgacattt ggtctcgcat gtccgccatg tttgtagttt atatgcactt    171480
     ttaacccacg tttgtatttc tatacaaatt aacatctaac atgcattcta ttgtgggcag    171540
     tattagcggt tatgaacact tcttcactaa aggtttaact gaaaatagca aaccatcagg    171600
     gaaccttggg catactcttt tcaacataca tcgatttggg acatactaat tctgttttca    171660
     aatactattt aggatggata gtatgcaaat tgggaagcag caactgctct tttcaaaaga    171720
     gggtagagct acaaacatct atgaatcatc atagcagcag atttaaaaca ggacttactg    171780
     cattcaatat gtttgtgaat aactgaaaat atcaaaagca tcttaaaagg cagtctacga    171840
     aggctacagt gttcatttgt gcatctaaaa actccacatt cataatcctc ttagtcattg    171900
     gcaatatatt tagcaggtaa aaactataat gacatgtaca aaggaacttt tatattaagt    171960
     gtgattttta aataatagaa ttaattattt tttactatta aaggctgact atattcacac    172020
     actgttgcca cacaacaggt caaaccactt acaatttttt tttcataata agtacccttt    172080
     aaaaacttcc actgtagacg ctcacctatt tttgactgtg tctgactcgt gtattcagct    172140
     ttaatagact gatttcacgt gaacaacatt gaaaaagcat aatcaatgct gcggtggaaa    172200
     gaaacctgga aatatcgcct ggggagtcac acagaaatgt tgtgaacctg gttgtatatc    172260
     ttagcaaaga gaaagtgaca caaatttatt tttcttcttc ttttatattt gtcttcagag    172320
     tgacccaaag ctctgttctt aagggaaagt gaaaataaaa agggatatca gacctcattt    172380
     taagctaagt taagggaaat ggcactagtt agctaacttt atctttccta aacacacgtt    172440
     ttagatgcca ttaatcaaac tcaagttaat gaactgattc tttcactata gtcagggttt    172500
     ttgcagggtc ttaaaaagtc ttaaaatggc tcaaatctca aaatccaaat tttaggcctt    172560
     aaaaagtctt aaactttctg aaatattttg ttgtaggtct tttaaacgga tcttaatttt    172620
     cccctacaat catcaacaat ccatctcaat aaaactttta actttttatt agaataggtc    172680
     attttcaact tcatttatca taatggttta attattttcc ttaaaataac atttctttaa    172740
     aagttctccg tgtaggttta gtttactttt aactttaaat ttgtctcatt ttaaagaaag    172800
     tttatgttgg ggaaaaaaag tgtatggata caagtagagc ttgcttgttt ttacacaata    172860
     tttaaggtat tttgaatcta aaatattttt ttaataatta atgtaaaatt gtattattta    172920
     ttattgaatt ataataaaaa cttttttgat aggccaaata aatttttttt ctttctgggg    172980
     catttgaaca tttccttcga ctgatctttg cggctttaaa ttgctccagt gtccgtgcat    173040
     ctgtctttgc actcagtgaa atgcggtgaa ctggtgaacc ttcatggcca atcatagtca    173100
     cttctgttga gcacaggaaa atactatggc aaatcagcta tgtttatgta acgaatatgg    173160
     ctgaccagac acataattat tttgtttttt attccacaac cgagccaact ttgcccagag    173220
     aagactcgaa acctgattcc aaggtattta cgacccaaaa ggaatgtgcc atgcagcatg    173280
     gaacacaagg acggttaagg accttttaag ctgcttgtct tagactgatg ttttcatata    173340
     aactttactc tctttatgtt taatcatatg ttttgcaaag ttttcctttc tcttgtatta    173400
     atatttttgg ttttaatacc tctgcatata ttgtttaact gtacctaagc taaacaacct    173460
     cttatactgt tcaagtttgg acttttcgaa aagcttactc gctgtacaat ttattttaat    173520
     ataagtgcaa catattaacg ttttaagaga ctttaacatt tctttcccga tttgcataaa    173580
     atttgcctat gcaaattctt ctgcctcgga caaaggacag taaaattatt attccaggaa    173640
     gttagcttct aattgatcaa ctttccatgg agggtggatc cgaacccacc ctataaagtt    173700
     tgggaccaag ctaaactctc tctctcttcg ctctctctct tcttattgca aaaagttttg    173760
     acagtatgga aaatgcaaat aaacaagtgt acttgttgct tgttgatcgt tttcctcttt    173820
     gtcccggtgg acaaggcgag tatttctccc cccaaaaaac ccaaaatact gattcatctg    173880
     accagagtgc atgcttccac tgtgtaatgg tccatcccag atgtctctga gcccagagat    173940
     gtgaaaggaa agagaaaggg attccttttt gcacagtata gatttcactg gcatttgcgg    174000
     atgaacaata agttaaacaa caattaataa cagaataaat aaattcttta tctgtcatct    174060
     ttatgaatcg gtccttgatt gaacattcca ctcactgtgt ttttttgtgt gtttttgtgt    174120
     tgtcagaatc cagtggtgga ctttgctctg ccgctgcgtc tggatcagtg gtttcctcgt    174180
     tctcaggtgc gcaagaagag ggaggacctg cgagagctgg tgctactgct gtatcgcaga    174240
     cagactgaac ccagagcaac ctgacctgcg cttaaataaa ggatatattt atcatttcac    174300
     tttgtattta tttgtattaa agaattttaa gcaagacttc agttccatca gttgtattgt    174360
     tttccataca gaaatgtagt gtacttgaat aaaaagagct cagtattttt aaagcgtgtt    174420
     ggaatatgtt atttgagtac ctaagttaag caaatcaagt gtatttatgg gcatacatac    174480
     attattcata catttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgta    174540
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatacaacag    174600
     ttctgtctgg ttctcgaatc tgattggctg atagctgtga tatatttaag taatatcatt    174660
     acccaaacag cctctttacc ctttgtgtat tactccgccc acatacagcc agcaaaaagc    174720
     agacactcag gagtgatagc gttccggcac cacgccggat ttccggcgta ctgtggctgc    174780
     gggaaaaaaa aatcaggttc acggatattg atctgtcatt tctctagatt cacagaattc    174840
     actcactgct gaaagcgccg gattggtttt tattaagtgc cattttgtgt gctcatgaat    174900
     catcttttga gtgtagacgc catgtaaata aaagattaat tgtgtaattt agagagcttt    174960
     ataaattata ccggatcttt gtgagatctc tatgaactaa gattagtgac gctttttagt    175020
     gataataaga ggagcgtgct ttgcactttc caggctataa tacattcaga atttgtataa    175080
     aactttcgtt ttcggcacat aaacgctgat atgttttggg aatgacatct gcatatttac    175140
     gctgggataa ttctcgaaat aacggtgaag caatagacgg gacacaaata tatttccccc    175200
     ttctccttaa acaacttagt gtttcagcta tgaaatagtt cagttttgta tgtatcctaa    175260
     tggcaaagtg tttatattta gtttcgtttt ttattattta gaaaaacgct tatttagaaa    175320
     aacgtttgga gcatttttta ttcgttaaaa ataagttttt ttaacgaaca gcgcccagcg    175380
     gaagaccatc attgtctgtt tgatcagttt gccttctcag atcatcacaa cttgcctaaa    175440
     ataaaagata taaaacagtt caagtataaa acgatggtag cttaaacgtt aaagaatgtg    175500
     tgctattagg cacatagttt gcttataaaa agcttgcagg acatcgaggc gccagagcaa    175560
     tcacttgcat tttttcagtg ggagcaattt aaagttatcc gtcatttttg ctcacaaagt    175620
     acgtgtaata catcaaaaaa cattacaggg tttttataaa ataaagaaaa ccaaaattat    175680
     gcgctttctg tcgtctggtt tttgaacagg agcgcttaac aaaatgaagc aaaatgtata    175740
     tgcctcacag acataataaa tatatttata gtaagcttta aattattact taacgaaata    175800
     aaacaaatcg aaaacaaaaa aactccttca tgtaatccgt aaagatgaat ttctttctaa    175860
     aggcgagtcc aagaggagat tgccagtcag gatctttgcg acactgactc agaataagta    175920
     aataataaat taaaataata aataataaaa taaaaaaata aaataaaata ataaataaat    175980
     aattaagata tgtccttact ctttcctcga cacattcatt gttatttgtt tttgccggtg    176040
     cttggggcga gttttagctt attgtgtgcg cttgaacgcg gattcacagt agcagtttta    176100
     acatggagtg acacgacatc tgacgtacag atgacactgg cacagtccgg ttttccactg    176160
     tcatgtgtca ctcgctagtg gcatgtgtag tgacctgtgt cactcagtgt cgcgctgcat    176220
     gtcactgcag tgacatcgac acccggtgaa gcttatgaca ttaattaaca cgagcaaaac    176280
     catatttaat cattacgcga cttttaacct aatttatcgc gtcgcaagtt agtttatttg    176340
     ctgagctact ccaggatgtt ttaatttaaa cgcatttatt ttatgtattc gtagtcatac    176400
     ttccgtacgt aatatagtca tttgacagta catgtcagtc aaatttattg tggcatgctt    176460
     atgtatggga ggggttacac ttatctgttg tactgtatat tattgcatcc tggcagttcc    176520
     tttgttccct acaatatgga cttctctatg tttttaatta attcatttat tttattattt    176580
     aacttatttt cattttaagg tattttaaat aatatccttt aaaaagttat aataaaatgc    176640
     atgttgaaaa ctcataacat atatgcatgt aagataacag gtgtcatttg cctaatgatt    176700
     tttaaatatt aaagcaaaga gacttataag attaatgtgc ttataacgtg cttatactga    176760
     cacctactgg cacatgtcac aagatcactg acacaggcat gtgtcactga cattactggc    176820
     atgtgtcact gacattactg gcatgtgtca ctgacattac tggcatgtgt ctaaaaagag    176880
     ccacttgaca ataatgatga tcagggttac acataggctg ttaatatatt tgggcccagg    176940
     ggcccacaag ttatgtgtta aaagtgcgtt gcatacatag tacccccacc cctactcacc    177000
     tcaggggcaa ggaaaaaaag ttcaggctca ggaatttttt ccactatcag ccctggacac    177060
     tacaaatcta aagtttaaca gatgcttgct caactgttta actgtcagct tatgatttga    177120
     atccggaaga aagtagttcc tcatacaaaa gggtttttga gaaatcatgt ttgatttcgt    177180
     ttttatatac acaattatgc cgtcaaactg ttgtataaac gcaatatcac acttgtagca    177240
     gtgcgatata gctgtatatt ggcactggtg ggggcactac aacgcacgcc tcccaccagt    177300
     gccaataatg ccatatcgca ctgctactca tgtgatattg cgcatatata tatatatata    177360
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagcccccc    177420
     tgaattattt ttcccctaat ttctgtttaa cggagagcag atttttttca acacatttct    177480
     aatcataata gttttaataa ttcatctcta taactgattt cttttatctt tgccgcgatg    177540
     acagtaaata atattttact agatattttt caagacactt ctgtacagct taaagggact    177600
     tttaaagccc taactaggtt tttaatgtag ccaaaataca acaaataaga ctttttcaag    177660
     aaaaaaaata tattatcaga catacagtac ttagaaaaat tccttgctct gttaaacatc    177720
     atttgggaaa tatttaaaaa tgaaaaaaaa aaaatatata aaaggggggc taaaaattct    177780
     gacttcaact gtgtgtatgt actgtatgta actacagggc tcactttcct cagttaaggt    177840
     gtgttcatga ctacaccata agttccaaga tgaaaaccac tgctgtgcaa aaagaacata    177900
     aaggacctca gaatgcatat tatttaaatg tactttgaca acaaatagat tttaatattt    177960
     atttacatcc tcaattctga aaaagttggg agaatatgga aaacgctagt aaagaagtga    178020
     acttgttgat tttggacttg ttggtaacac tgaatgatca ttttcctctt tggcccagaa    178080
     gacacaatgt ctgtttctcc caaaaaatac ctaaaatact gattcatctg aacatagtgc    178140
     atgtttcctc attgtgatgg tccatcatag atgctcagag cccagagaag tcaacagcgc    178200
     ttctggacac tgttaacata aggcttcctt tttgcacagt acagattttc gctgtcatat    178260
     gtggatgtac tgtaaggaaa gtactgtatt tattgtggta cttgacaaag gtttgccaaa    178320
     gtatttctaa gcccatgtgg tgatattgct tatagatgat tgatgattct tgatgcagtg    178380
     ccacccgagg gattggagat cacagtaatt cagcacaggc ttgcctcctt gatctttacg    178440
     cactgaaatt ccaccagatt cattgaatct tctaattgtg ttatgcactg ttaaagatga    178500
     aatatcctaa tatctttgta tctttctttg agggcctgtg tttaaatatt ttaataatgt    178560
     tttcatgaat ttgttggtga attggcgata ctctgtccat ctttgctcct aagggactag    178620
     acctttcttg gatactgctt tagtaccaaa tcataattac aatcacattt ttattagaaa    178680
     ttttccacac tgttctgact ttttctgatt tgttggttgt agattatatt cactgaacat    178740
     cactctttgt gttcctgtga gctcaagcag tgctcatagt gcacttactt ggaccattaa    178800
     agagaaaagc tgtaattttt ccacagtcaa aatagaaaat gacgaaaatg aaaaaaagag    178860
     tcggccattt tctccagtgt ttgtatgagt tggcctgagc tcagctggac tcctcttcac    178920
     tgcctactaa aataataaca aacataataa atgttattta tccagtactt ggcatttact    178980
     taaatgcttt tcattaatgg aaaacccttg gaatggcaag cgatgaaaag tttttttttt    179040
     tttttaagag aacgaaaatt aagttcactc tcaatgtaca gggattatcg aaaccctgct    179100
     gcgctgctct cagcattttg caggaaaaag gtttgatggc caacgctgat tggtgctttt    179160
     tacttccaaa gaaaataatt gcgcattcag acgtgtgtat taattggacg catgacagca    179220
     aagaattaag tatttaagta ttaaatggaa acattttcta gcagtttgtg ggcttttttc    179280
     cccctgagga ctaaaacagt tttgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaatcac taagcctgtc    179340
     agtggagtca ttttgaaaca tttttaacct tgaggaaaat aaatagatac aaaaataata    179400
     attacattta cagtggtgtg aaaaaaaatt gccctccgtt tgtcacattt tattgtttca    179460
     gatcatcaaa caaatttaaa tgtttctcaa agatgatatt catttgatga tattcattca    179520
     ttttcttttc ggcttagtcc ctttattatt ctggggttgc cactacgtaa taaacttatc    179580
     cagcaaatgt tttacaaagc ggataccctt acatctgcaa cccatctctg ggaaccacac    179640
     aaacattctc atttacacac atacaggtag gacagtttta gctcacccaa ttcacctgta    179700
     cctcatttct ttggacttgt gggggaaacc agagcacctg gaggaaaccc acgccaacgc    179760
     ggggagaaca tgcaaaccac acagtaacac caactgatcc agctaaggct cgaaccagcg    179820
     atcgtcttgc tgtgaggcga acatgctacc tactgcgcca ctgtgcagcc ctcatagata    179880
     atatttaaaa catatctcta gtttatcaca tttcagttca gtttcactag ccacatttag    179940
     tcctgattac tgttcacact tgtgcacatt caagaattta cttaaatagt acctgcctga    180000
     ccaagtgaag tagaccaaaa gatcctcaaa atctaggcat catttttaga accaaagaaa    180060
     ttcaaaaaca gatgagaaag aaaagagcaa tctagcgttc agaattctga gaatcataaa    180120
     atgttagaat tctgaggggg gggggggggg gaatgctaaa ttctaaagat tcattcattc    180180
     cttttctttt cggctcagtc ctttattagt caagggtcag tacagtggaa tgaaccacca    180240
     acttctccag catatgtttc agaaactgtc tcaatcaatc aacaatgatt gtttttattt    180300
     tattttacat ttttttcatt cataaggaaa atgctccatt atggatgtga cagatgaaaa    180360
     attgccactt gagtagcttt gctaaatcaa acataatact ttgaaaacac tgacagagac    180420
     atttttgagt atttgtttta agtactgtaa aaaacttgct tacacaaaaa tgttgaaaag    180480
     gttttgctat tttgaaaact tattttttta ttttatggca aagttgacat ttgccagaaa    180540
     ttaactcata acaacagatc tcccagtctg gaaaagtttt taaagccatt tctaaagatt    180600
     tggcactgca gcgaaccaca gtgagagcca tcatctacaa atggcaaaac attaaacagt    180660
     ggccggccga acaaacatta cccccagagt gcgagttttc atgagcacca taagacgttg    180720
     catagagaac gtttcccctc agacattttt aatttgtgtg atatttttga tttgttcctt    180780
     attttgagat ttaccctgag aattcttcta atcaatatat taaaaatgtt gacttttttt    180840
     tcttcagaat tgacatttgt tttcctcaga attttgacat cttcagaatt aagatttttt    180900
     ccctaaatat ttatttttcc atctcataat tttgacattg tttttcagaa ttcagatttt    180960
     tccccaaaga attttaactt tttctcagac ttcagaattt tgttcctcag aatgttgatg    181020
     ccacttgcaa tactgacttt cttcctcaca atattctaat aattctgctt actttttttt    181080
     tttttttttt tacaattttg ttcctcagaa ttgtatgttt ataattataa tatataattt    181140
     atcttcagaa tttagcaacc ccccagcccc ccaccccacc cacaattcta gcttaacatt    181200
     ttatatttct cagaattcta aatttacatg gaattcatca tggaacaata atattaagtt    181260
     aacaggaaat ttatcttgca attcacaata ttttagtttc gcaacataag tgaaataaat    181320
     tcagctattt ggtaatttta ttacacaatc aactgttaac taataatatc atcattcaac    181380
     ataaatcctg tcaaccatta agttaaagag ttgcttctga cttggactgg agtgagggtt    181440
     gtgtggattt gtgatgggag cagatgggtg ttgttgggat gagaatggga tttaaagtgg    181500
     ccgctgcttg atgcctctct ttctctcgct aattcaaatg cagtttactg agagattatt    181560
     tcttaaggat acagagggat tttgtaagga aaattacgag attattgctc tacctggaat    181620
     aggcctcgac attttctttt gtgctcttgt aaaagaaaaa tggcacaagg ttcttcttaa    181680
     cattttgtta atagtaataa taataatatt aatagtatta ataaaatgta tgctaaatag    181740
     atagcttttt gaccacactc tatcaagggt ttgatattag aacttttttc ctcaacttta    181800
     cttttatttt ttagtatttt ttaaacaatg gtgtgtgtgt ggctttaaac tattattgtg    181860
     ggattttagg ataaatgttg tcctttaatc aggactgatg gtaaaaatag cctgactgag    181920
     ccaatgtcag accccgctgc tccaacttta cactatatgg ctctagatta gttaatctgg    181980
     tctaaactct tgagattact gcccaattaa agcctctgta aagacaggat ggtccaaacc    182040
     ccccttaaac actgtttcct tcccaataat cagctctgat aagtaggatg ttgcttccag    182100
     gttcagtcct tgaactgaaa aacaaggatc taatagccaa actactttaa aatgtatgca    182160
     tttgtgtgtt tgtttatgtc attttcatca aaagtgtaaa tatacagtat gtatatacac    182220
     tcaaaaaagt tatttattta tttatttttg cttgttcaaa ctgcttattt aatataagct    182280
     gaatcaacac aattcttgag atttcattgg gacaactgaa ttttttatgt tcaatccaca    182340
     taaatttgtt aaaagtgtta aataaactta atttgtgttg ggacaacata aacgaattgt    182400
     gtggaaccct acatttctta aagtatatat atatacacac acacacacac acacacacac    182460
     tatatatata tatacagtat atagccatga agtggtgcag tatgtagtgc tgttgcctca    182520
     catgtgtgaa tgagtgtgtg tggatgtttc ccagagatag gttgcggttg gaagggcatc    182580
     cgatgcgtaa aaacgtgctg gataagctgg cagttcattc cgctgtggcg accccagatt    182640
     aatgggggga ctaagttgaa aagaaaatga atgaatgaat atatatttat tttaaatata    182700
     atatattata atattattga tattataata gtatttatgt atataataac atttttaagt    182760
     tacaatcata ttactaattg aataattcct atatttaaaa caaatttttg tgtaactact    182820
     actaaatcat tgaaattatt aaaatcgctc atattcctta gtaatattag tagaagtaac    182880
     aataacaaca aaaatagaaa caaaacaata ataaattagt tatgaatata tttgtgttac    182940
     tactaccata catttaaaac acaattataa tactaatata ataaaactag tcacactgct    183000
     tagtaataat gataataaac atgctattca ttaaagtatg acgatgatgc ttattatatc    183060
     aaagatgttc aaagttttta caataatttt tttagtaata attttataaa tatcaattag    183120
     ataaaatgaa ttgattgaat aaaaattgat ttagaaaaaa atcagtattc atttacattc    183180
     atgtaaccac atttaataat aatctaatta ctaacattaa tatttgtgat               183230