EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX572633; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 184987 BP.
AC   BX572633;
DT   03-AUG-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-276P10 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the nudt4 gene for nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety X)-type
DE   motif 4, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate CG2666-PC,
DE   isoform C (kkv), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate early
DE   endosome antigen 1, 162kD (EEA1), the ube2n gene for ubiquitin-conjugating
DE   enzyme E2N, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate C1q and
DE   tumor necrosis factor related protein (C1QTNF4), a novel gene, the 3' end
DE   of a novel gene and two CpG islands.
KW   HTG; nudt4; ube2n.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-184987
RA   Phillimore B.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 3ba2c86f80dd3e2055e5b2f588cad107.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000008748; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000057767; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000014188; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000147024; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-276P10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-276P10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-276P10 is at 184987 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-276P10 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..184987
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-276P10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..184987
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(BX908754.8:80231..80443,BX908754.8:85574..86438,
FT                   BX908754.8:89459..89473,4503..4621,6181..6204)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-196D8.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK141933.1 Em:CK700420.1"
FT   mRNA            join(6688..6783,9850..9996,14474..14569,14659..14760,
FT                   17495..17608,20338..20512,25932..26047,28134..28221,
FT                   28315..28394,28995..29136,29957..30054,31218..31328)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ131964.1 Em:CF347843.1
FT                   Em:CK239717.1"
FT   CDS             join(9853..9996,14474..14569,14659..14760,17495..17608,
FT                   20338..20512,25932..26047,28134..28221,28315..28394,
FT                   28995..29136,29957..30054,31218..31328)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012865"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6ZR37"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWB8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04881.1"
FT   misc_feature    16064
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(37566..37688,40535..40633,40740..40860,
FT                   41735..41973,43011..43196,44364..44495,44658..44843,
FT                   44918..45100,47106..47267,47376..47477,47972..48302,
FT                   49609..49748,50959..51114,51207..51320,52380..52580,
FT                   52658..52861,53977..54096,54352..54501,55941..56279,
FT                   60546..60662,67075..67230,67365..67486,67570..67672,
FT                   69557..69628,69773..69827,70054..>70166))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate early
FT                   endosome antigen 1, 162kD (EEA1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919260.1 Em:BX850945.1
FT                   Em:N76788.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(37566..37688,40535..40633,40740..40860,
FT                   41735..41973,43011..43196,44364..44495,44658..44843,
FT                   44918..45100,47106..47267,47376..47477,47972..48302,
FT                   49609..49748,50959..51114,51207..51320,52380..52580,
FT                   52658..52861,53977..54096,54352..54501,55941..56279,
FT                   60546..60662,67075..67230,67365..67486,67570..67672,
FT                   69557..69628,69773..69827,70054..>70166))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012868"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate early
FT                   endosome antigen 1, 162kD (EEA1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q15075 Sw:Q8BL66 Tr:P92021"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWB7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000306"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017455"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04882.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(83055..83898,88376..88411,88654..88698,
FT                   99526..99636,124069..124436))
FT                   /gene="nudt4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.4-001"
FT                   /product="nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety
FT                   X)-type motif 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917501.1 Em:CD599852.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY423033.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(83448..83898,88375..88463,88688..88698,
FT                   99526..>99627))
FT                   /gene="nudt4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.4-002"
FT                   /product="nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety
FT                   X)-type motif 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF569090.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(83690..83898,88375..88463,88688..88698,
FT                   99526..>99627))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="nudt4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012864"
FT                   /product="nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety
FT                   X)-type motif 4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWB6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000086"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015797"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020084"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04883.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(83761..83898,88376..88411,88654..88698,
FT                   99526..99636,124069..124296))
FT                   /gene="nudt4"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012863"
FT                   /product="nudix (nucleoside diphosphate linked moiety
FT                   X)-type motif 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8NFP7 Sw:Q8NFP7 Sw:Q96G61
FT                   Sw:Q9NZJ9 Sw:Q9NZJ9 Tr:Q6TEL6 Tr:Q7ZUM4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1L8L2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000086"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015797"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020084"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1L8L2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04884.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(127069..128341,132743..132883,
FT                   135700..135946,141015..141150))
FT                   /gene="ube2n"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.3-001"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2N"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI461332.1 Em:BE605923.1
FT                   Em:BI879695.1 Em:BM776745.1 Em:CB357884.1 Em:CB360588.1
FT                   Em:CK397091.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC044461.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(127071)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(127090..127095)
FT   CDS             complement(join(128295..128341,132743..132883,
FT                   135700..135946,141015..141044))
FT                   /gene="ube2n"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012869"
FT                   /product="ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2N"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P52490 Sw:P61089 Sw:P61089
FT                   Sw:Q9EQX9 Tr:P61089 Tr:Q6P349"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q803J2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000608"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016135"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023313"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q803J2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04885.1"
FT   mRNA            147681..148774
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate C1q and tumor
FT                   necrosis factor related protein (C1QTNF4)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917755.1"
FT   CDS             147782..148774
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012870"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate C1q and tumor
FT                   necrosis factor related protein (C1QTNF4)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BXJ3 Sw:Q9BXJ3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001073"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008983"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04886.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<151407..151493,151586..151803,
FT                   151900..152010,152457..152536,152636..152661,
FT                   152790..153168,154364..154543,155088..155372,
FT                   155613..155813,156382..156523,156608..156739,
FT                   157312..157486,157567..157719,157797..157886,
FT                   158507..>158795))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate CG2666-PC,
FT                   isoform C (kkv)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL724004.1 Em:AL724095.1
FT                   Em:CK027719.1 Em:CK126259.1 Em:CK127522.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<151407..151493,151586..151803,
FT                   151900..152010,152457..152536,152636..152661,
FT                   152790..153168,154364..154543,155088..155372,
FT                   155613..155813,156382..156523,156608..156739,
FT                   157312..157486,157567..157719,157797..157886,
FT                   158507..>158795))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276P10.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012866"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate CG2666-PC,
FT                   isoform C (kkv)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6WD22 Tr:Q6WD22 Tr:Q6WD23
FT                   Tr:Q6WD23 Tr:Q8IPN4 Tr:Q8MQN8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWB2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004835"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029044"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04887.1"
FT   misc_feature    182987
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-276P10"
SQ   Sequence 184987 BP; 59505 A; 33881 C; 33210 G; 58391 T; 0 other;
     gaattcctca tccatgattt ctgcatgagt cccagaggat gtaatgaaga tgaaaactct        60
     ttattccaca ctcagtcatg gcatcatcaa actacgcctt tgtttgttgt gaatatatgc       120
     cctctagcag taaagatcac atgctgtgcc tttaatgtaa aaacagactt gtatttattt       180
     tgaaatttac agtgccaagc tcttatttct ccctcatacc tgcatctgaa gatgtacgcg       240
     attgtaaaac tccatttcca catgtgacat acagtagcac accgagtctc tgtagagagg       300
     acgagtatct caaaaaccag cccatcaagt tgtgtgtgaa aacagcattg cctataaacc       360
     cttaggattt tatgtcaaaa tgaaacaggg gaactgaagt gacctatgcg gaactacagt       420
     ataattgttt aattaaatct agtgaggata aaaattgaag aacaagaaca gaagagacca       480
     aaatgtggct gtttacaatc tagttctcaa atcacgttta catttctgca ttttaagaca       540
     tcttttacat tcaaatcaga tttagtttca caaatggatt cttaattggg tgttttcaga       600
     ttgtacagta tgtatttagt tttggtaatt gtagttcatt ataattagaa ttaagttaca       660
     tcaattcatt aacacaataa ttgcattcac aagaacagta tttacaagga cagtagttac       720
     agtaaagcat ttgatcttat ctgtataagg acaaatacat aaaaagtata tatatttatg       780
     tacatctctt cattcagttt gtaattagtt ttattgcatt gtgactgttt ttagttttca       840
     tattacgttt ggatttgcct tgcaggcaac ggaaatattt taaaccagta ggtttacctt       900
     tcatgtaggt ttatcctgtt taaaggtata gttcatgtca aaatgaacat actaatcctc       960
     cactacatta ctcatcctcc acttgttcca aatctgtttg tttcttcctt ctgttaaaca      1020
     taaaagaagt tacactggag aatgttgaaa aaactgtcat ttacctcctt agtatgtttt      1080
     gtctctacta tggatgtcta tggcggcgtt ttcctacatt ctttagaata tcttgcttgc      1140
     gttcaacaga acaaagaata aaagttcata aaagtttaga accatttgag tgtgaggaaa      1200
     ggatgaggaa atgttcattt ttaggcaaac ggtcccttta aagcaggggt gcccaaactc      1260
     tctagtatga aggcccaata accaaatatc atcgagagct gtaggccgaa gataaataaa      1320
     ctactatttt atttactatt ataagttatt tcgtaatatt tcgaaataaa tagaaaacat      1380
     cactttgaat cataataact aatgaagcat aacgttttaa atgaaaactt attacaatta      1440
     aaacaaacaa tcagggcgaa gcagtgtaga gagcagtgta gcagtgtaag tagtgctatc      1500
     gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctgggttgct ggttcaatcc taggctcagt tggcgtttct      1560
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccctgcgttc gcgtgggttt cttctgggtg ctccggtttc      1620
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaaatgggtg ggctaaattg tccgtaatgt      1680
     gtgtgtgaat gtttcccaga gatgggttgc ggctggaaaa aacttactgg aaaaagttgg      1740
     cagttcattc cactgtgggg aacccgtatt aataaagaga ctgagccaac aagaaaatga      1800
     atgaacgaac ataaataatc acatttataa cacagtgaag ttcaatgtgg ctgtcatgat      1860
     caccagcaat cataccctca tagatggctg gagaacattc attttaactt gactacaatt      1920
     ctgtcactat acagactaca aatcctgtca tgcaccacac acacacctgt tccagttctc      1980
     ctttgattac atacatacag ctgggagctg ctctaggact gattacaaag actatatata      2040
     cagcacacat actaacacag actttgctga gtcttgtttt attgtttgtg acattatggc      2100
     acggtaccct ttccttgcct taccttgccc agccttgcct tgcctttccg tgttagaccc      2160
     ttgctttgtt gtattgttta ttcttatctg ctgcctgctt tttgatcatc cgcttgttta      2220
     ctgaccacga ctctggattt gatctgtttg cctgtgtgtt gactgttgct tgcctgacca      2280
     ttctcctaat aaaccagcat ttgcatccgc acctccattg tcagcatccc atcacattac      2340
     agcagcatac actagtcagg ccgaatctgc attgtcctct atctgttggg tgacagtgtg      2400
     tactgtacat tttaaactga attacagcat ttaaattgaa acatttaatc tcagttagcc      2460
     ttttttgtag tttaacaata aaactaacaa ataaaaggtt agattaaatt tgaatttaca      2520
     atctctaaac caggggtgac caagtttttt tcttttgaag ggtcaaaatt caagcttgat      2580
     tgagagctgt gcgccgaaat taaatatagt aaactgtatt acattaaagt tgccatgggt      2640
     aatttcataa ttcaatcatt cattcattca ttcattcata atatttaaaa ataaatagaa      2700
     aaaaaacttt aaccataatt actaatgcat tcaattttaa ataattttct ttgaatttct      2760
     gttaaaggca ttttccaatc ccttctaatc atttccctct ggcgagctaa atcaaaggat      2820
     gcaaagggcc aactttggcc catgggcgct aatttagtca tcatcactgc tctaaaccat      2880
     ctccattatt ctccctctct tctcagatgg gatgacaggt caaatcaaag gttagcatgg      2940
     gcctactctg gcccacgagc cctagtttgg gcatctctgc tttaatcaca acaaaagcag      3000
     aagagggaaa cgaaatacag tggtcagcat atatccgtac acccctcaca aatctatctt      3060
     ttaatttgat atttttaata ggaagctaga caatattata gttgtacata tacattagat      3120
     tagtcagtac cgaagccaaa tctggataac gataccagtc caaaaattgt acagccaaat      3180
     ctatatgtta tagaaaaata ttaaatattt taaaaaatat gaatagtgct gtcgcctcac      3240
     agcaagaagg tcgctgggcc gctggttcga acctcggctt aattggtgtt tctgcatgtt      3300
     ctgcctgcct tcgtgcgggt ttcctccggg tactccggtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca      3360
     tgtggtacgg gtgaatttgg taggctaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgtga      3420
     atgtgtgtgt ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc gctgcgtaaa      3480
     aacttgctgg acaagttggc ggttcattcc gctgtggcga ccccggatta ataaagggac      3540
     taagccgaca agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgac aaatcaagag aagcaaaaaa      3600
     tttagtagaa attttgtagg ttgtaatttt ttttttttta atttttttgg cttggatgta      3660
     attgtattat ctttcaattt ctaaatatgt tcggtgacaa aaatgttatt ttaataaaga      3720
     tatctgttaa taaatctgtt ttgtttaaat gcaccaaata ttcactgaaa tatggatact      3780
     aatattcatt ttcaaaatgg ggtgtactaa gttatgctga gcactgtatt gtacataatt      3840
     aatcatgact tcattcctat tgcttgaggc aaaaaatcag ggtgctgatt ttccacccct      3900
     gcttttattc ttaaccactg tataacaccc tgtatctatc aatatatgcc actgctcagt      3960
     gacgtgcaca ttgcaatgat gtgcatgcag agtgcagctg atgcacggta tgtttttgtt      4020
     tatcatcttt gccaacacag ttccagcaac ctaataaaaa caaaagcatg ttagaaatgt      4080
     gaaaatggaa tttctttgat ttcctgctca aacaaatctt ccttgaaatt ttgagtttag      4140
     catggtcaag ctctgcataa agagattacc acagcacatt ggccaatgtc ctctgattaa      4200
     tttagtggaa taattgtttt ctgcggtctg aggagccatt gtaccgttgg agtaaagtag      4260
     aaataatttg gcacagttgc agttcacatg cagatttgta ccttctaaaa ttgttcggct      4320
     tacggtgagc tcgtaaaaaa atacaaaagc atacaaagca aatgcatctc agaagcgatg      4380
     ctctgtggtt aaccgacatt atttcagtga acatccatca tgtatgcttt gaaagacagg      4440
     ctgcctcagg gaccgaatgt tctctgaact cacctgttct cttctgctgt gatttctctc      4500
     aggctgaagg agaggaggcg gagctctgtg gttgtcagtc ttcctggatt ggatgtttcc      4560
     cctggagatt tgtttgtgtc caatggtgcg gctgatatgt tgaataaatc tgactattca      4620
     ggttagtcat gcctcagttg ttgttctttt atgactgaca taatttggtg tatagtaaaa      4680
     gaaggcataa tgtttgttta ttaggtgtac taggttaacc tgttttaaag tttcagtgaa      4740
     aagtttttta gatgttagtc ttggaattgt aatatatatt agctagtgtg ctccaaaaca      4800
     gtgacaaaat tcgcatttag aggatataaa actcatataa acatctaaag ctgccagttt      4860
     gttcacctca tacttcagtt tcccatcaaa tcttgaccaa tcaattgctc tctaatatct      4920
     gaaatgcccc acccccttca agatgctttc ctatttgcat ttaatttatt ctcaaccatt      4980
     ctctctggca gagctgttaa actaatcact tttggctgtt tttttttcaa aggggaggag      5040
     ctactgtatt ttccactctc gcttcgcgtt tcagtcgaga ttacgtcaaa cattgaatga      5100
     aaatgcacat tttaaaagac ttcaggggac ctttaatgtt gaaaaacaca tagatttata      5160
     tatatattta gattgtgtag cacctctatt ttcagttggt ctgaaaccga gtcacactat      5220
     ccataaagtc cctcaactgt aaatcccaga gagctctgat tggtcagttc acccagttca      5280
     ttgcgaaagg ctaaatcagc ttgtgtgact tctaaagcaa ttgtaaatac aaaaatacaa      5340
     acatttaata atggagtaaa gtatagggat caattttatg tcaataacga tgatgagagt      5400
     gtggcatagc agtaataaac aagtgataaa ttcttacttc acgagcctat cactatttaa      5460
     tttgagaaaa actttcatta aataaattta aatgcaaagt cgtcatgaca aacacacaca      5520
     cacacgcaca cacacacacg cgcacacaca cacacgcaca cacacacaca cacacacaca      5580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      5640
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtata ttaggtgtgt aaatttcatc      5700
     acaatacaat gtgatatcaa tatttttagg ctgtgatatt ttttgatact tcacaaaact      5760
     gcaatattat ttcgattcaa tgtgagcgaa atatcgatca aaatatatca acaatatata      5820
     aaatttaaaa aataggtaaa ttaatcaaga ttaccaaaat gttaatttta ccttaaaata      5880
     tgtatatggc catgaaggaa gataaataaa ggagatatcc atgttttatg taaataattc      5940
     atattagtag tattagagtt attcgatcaa tgtatcaata aatatcaatt tattgttaca      6000
     ctgataataa atatgtaaaa aatattgtat ataatatata tccaaagtac agtaaatgtg      6060
     catatcttat acatgaagat actttacagc ctaaaaaaag gaaaacgcca taataaaaga      6120
     attattaaaa atgtgattta aactcttatt taaactttat tgcactgttt tgttttacag      6180
     aaaaaaaatc caagtggccc ttctcaagac gtagcacagt aagtgcaaat attctcacat      6240
     ttgaacactt ctgtagcaca gtaagtgcaa atattctcac atttgaacac ctctgtagca      6300
     cgcttagagc aaatattctc atattttaat gcttcaatac cttcatgtca atatctcacc      6360
     catgacgttt tgatctgatg ccagttctgt ggttgttgcc atctgcaaaa cctctgtagt      6420
     cgttattcag atgctttgca tgatgtctag cacatagtgt tcactgaccc actttgagcc      6480
     aaatcagatt tgaatgtacg cacatcctcc cctccctccc caatcaattc cattaacagt      6540
     aaacaacaac aaaacgggca tgtccagcag agcttcaaca cgtcgctctc tccaatctgc      6600
     tccacagttt aatgctcaaa cacaaaggga gctgttgagg gcaggccaga gtgatgctga      6660
     attaatgtga gttctgtttt ccagcagaca aaagtgaaaa ctcgcagtgg agctgacatt      6720
     gacaagtgtc tggcttctgt tcaggtgccc gaatggagag acacagactt tcagaccttt      6780
     aaggtgagag tccaaaacgg atggagggaa atcattttga aaaccaatgg agatcagctt      6840
     ctgagcacat tagaagtcct taaattttaa aagggttttc ttaattacca agtgtagaaa      6900
     ataacaaaaa gttcttacca tgctttacag taagtacatt gtttgtatga cacgttttct      6960
     gaaattgtca taattgtcca gtatagataa actaaataca tatgcttaat tatccataca      7020
     agtacagaac agggtttata ttatatatga agagttcttc tctgatcttt tatcacttca      7080
     aaaataccgt aatactgaaa caaaaatgaa gtttatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatacaa tatctaactg gaaagacaaa aatgcaagca      7200
     gagtgtgatt ccctactttt cctttttttt tggtttgttt gattaacgtt aatgacataa      7260
     aaagcagatt ttttaggttt attacacaag aactttaaat gaatcttaca aatcaaaatt      7320
     cccccaactg tgtacattta cacaaaaggt taaggttaag acagtgaggc aatgtagcct      7380
     gggtgaatga ctgttataaa gtacactgtt ccccttgaag atttacccgt cttctggaat      7440
     ttgtttttta atatcaaact tgcgaagtct gaacttacaa gtaaaggatg caagactttg      7500
     cactttgtgc acttaatatt gaggaaaaag ccctaatcag atcagcagcc atgcctcagt      7560
     tttcagatgt ctctgttttt ccccatccac actgacagga agcagcagtg ttttaaaacc      7620
     aaaacagtca gtttcaaaat gctccatttt cagggatcaa gccatgacta tagcaaaact      7680
     tatgtgttta aaaactaaaa tgtattagtg taaacagggc cttagttacc atcgagtaat      7740
     tttgagtttt gtctcttttt atgttaagca caaaagaaga tattttgaag aatgctggaa      7800
     attaacagcc actgaaatcc attgttggaa aaaatatgca agcctttggc cccgtttaca      7860
     ctgccagtta aatgtgaccc aatttcgatt ttttgctcat atgtgacaga ctggatctgt      7920
     tctatggccg tgtacacaca cacacacaca cacaaaaaca aaaaaacgca tgcattcgga      7980
     tattcagaga tcggtttcag gcctccttca tatgcgtaaa taaatcagct ataaatcgga      8040
     tatgtgacga tgcgactgtc atgtaaacag gcagatcgga tttattgagg cattccattt      8100
     cataggttat aaaacttgcg acaatgtggt gtttctccat ggtttaatga catagaagaa      8160
     agagcgtgtg tgaagacacc aacgacaaca acagaggaaa catggaggaa gaatgaagtc      8220
     agtcgccaca atttgctccc accagacctg agacctctct catacccaca aattcctcgg      8280
     aaggttggag gacaccatat ataaaccata ggtgcaagct gtgatgacgg cccttcccca      8340
     cctccgcctc aaaatcattt taaagttggg tgaacttctt gttgtaactt ttgcttattg      8400
     gcgctattaa tacacgcact gcaggctaca catagaacaa ctttattctc tctaacacca      8460
     gtgcgcacac agcaaaggct acatcttcaa ctacacacac acatcaaggc tataccatta      8520
     cataaactgc ataggggtaa atctagactg aaccattcac tgcttatact acacttcgca      8580
     tattttgcag agctaaaaaa caagacaatt tcttccatct tggctagtgt ggcacagatg      8640
     ctagaacctg ccttcatgca tgcgccacat cgtaaaatga atggcaagtg taaacacatg      8700
     aattagatat gggtcacaat taaaacaacg tgtaaacgga caggcaaaaa aaaatctgat      8760
     ctaggcaaca aatcagaatt gggcatcaag acgtgacagt gtaaacgggg tctatgacta      8820
     ccagttacca acattcttca agaatttatt ttttggtgaa ttattttact atcaaaaata      8880
     ttattgttga ttgtgtgtgc ttgtgtgtgc gttcaacaaa acaagaaaag tcaaacaggt      8940
     ttggaacaag ttgagggcga gtgaatgatg acaaaacttt catttttagg tgaactatgt      9000
     ttatgtgtat acagatatta tgaataattc tgtgtgtatc tgagcgctta agcgtagtaa      9060
     tttctggtcc catggtgaca ttataggtgt gtcttttttc caagaatttc ctgcattgca      9120
     aaataaaact aaactgaaaa catcaaatgc acgtgttctc cttccaaaca atgcacacca      9180
     aaactgctgt acagtttaag tcagatttat tagcccccct gaattattag accgcctgtt      9240
     catttttccc ccaatttcag tttaatggag agcagatttt tttttcaaca catgtctaat      9300
     cataatagtt ttaataactc atttctaata actgatttct tttatctttg tcaggatgac      9360
     agtaaataat atttgactag atatttttca agacacttct atacagctta aagtgaaatt      9420
     tagaggctta actaggttaa ttaggtttac taggcaggtt ggggtaatta ggcaagtaaa      9480
     tattgtataa ggatgatttg ttctgtagac tatcgaaaaa caatttgcct aaaggggcta      9540
     ataattttgt ctttaaaatt gtgttaaaaa aattaaaaac tgcttttatt ctagccgaaa      9600
     taaaacaaat aaaactttct ccagaagaaa aaattattat cagacatact gtgaaagttt      9660
     ccatgctctg ttaaacataa tttgggtaac atttaaaaaa aatattcaaa gagggctaat      9720
     aattctgact ttaactgtat cttatgtaaa actacaaaat aatttgcaca aataataaag      9780
     aatggaacct gagtgttcca ctccatagaa tttttcctta aaatattaat gttctttctc      9840
     ctttttcagg atatgtcttt agtggacttt ttgcaagggc gctctgagct gaaagcagca      9900
     cagcatccaa tgacatacaa aacacaagag gccatttggg aacttttcac cagcgaatgt      9960
     gtctatttcc tcgatcagct catggtttta aaagaggtgt gaactcgatg ctttcagagt     10020
     aatgcaatgg aatgtccttc tgtcaagcat gtcaaaaata cagtacagta gcggaaaagt     10080
     actagcaaca cattagctaa cacataggcc tgtcacatta ataaatatat tgacccatcc     10140
     cggaatacat ggatatgacc tcaatcattt ctggtgacac gttttcctga aaactattga     10200
     cggtttgaaa gatgtttcct aatgagctgt tttgaagctg caatcgactt gcagaaaaga     10260
     accaatataa aatagccatg tttccatcta agatgcgaag taaatttaag ttcaagtctg     10320
     gaatatcgta taaaacattt gggaataaag catcgtttcc atccaacgag tccaagagaa     10380
     taaaattgtc acttgctgat atcattcatt cattcatttt cttttcggct tagtcccttt     10440
     attaatttgg ggtcaccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaacat atccagcatg tttttacgca     10500
     gcggatgccc ttccagccac aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac tcattcacac     10560
     tcatacacta cggtcaattt agccaacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg tggaggaaac     10620
     cggagcaccc ggaggaaacc catgcgaatg cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa     10680
     cgctaactga gccagccgag gctcgaacca gcaaccttcc tgctgtgagg cgacagcact     10740
     acctattgcg ccactgcgtc acccacttcc tgatatactg acgccaaata tgaaaagata     10800
     aatgaaagtt gctgagttag atgaaggcct tttttcgtct tacttgcgca aataatgata     10860
     tgtgctcttg gcacctgctc cactacattt agccatgttt tttagttaag catcttccat     10920
     tcattatgct taatagtcca tggtttgtca tatcctttaa ggatcatctc cgcttgcact     10980
     tggaagattt gcacgttcgg ccgatgttct atcaagaatg gtcgtcactt ctttatcata     11040
     tacaacattt aaaaatgttc tagctcaaca tccacacaaa catacagtgc ctgtcacttt     11100
     ccaccatttt agttatcata taattttttt aagcaaaatc atgtgacttt ttttgatgcg     11160
     catgctggaa tttatgtggt aaatgcattt ctattgtagt ttttgcaaat ttttttcgta     11220
     tcggataaaa ggtgtatcat actaaattgt gcgcatttat aaaatgtata aattttttta     11280
     tgtgatattc caaaatgtgc ataaatgtag gttgatggaa acgcagctaa tgatgcacat     11340
     tcaccaatta cgttaaagct attttaaaag gacatttaca ttctacatga ctggtgtcaa     11400
     agtttatatt atgatattta aataagctta actgaacact ccactgtttt tttttttttt     11460
     tttttttttc gtaaataggc tcattttata agtcatgtag agttaatcgg ttgagttttg     11520
     ccatttctga atctattcac ctgatctctg ggtctttctg gagcactttt agcttagctt     11580
     agcataaatc attaaatcgg attagactat tagcatctca ctcaaaaaaa tgtattcaac     11640
     tacaatttca tttaaagctg gacttttctg tagttacatt gtacactaag cagatggaca     11700
     ataaaagttg ctattttttt agatttatat ggctaggaac tatacgactg caaaattcct     11760
     tgctaatcca acaggatgaa agaataacta gccatatcag cagtaaaata tcaacttttc     11820
     attttccgtc agttttagta cacaatgtga ctacagaaga gtcatgcttt aaataggaaa     11880
     atgatcaaaa ctcttctcgg tcgagatact aatggctaat gattcaatta tctatcattt     11940
     aagctaagct aaaagtgctc cagacctgga tatgaattaa ataatagtaa aactgtttaa     12000
     ctctagtcaa cttgtaaaaa aaacattttt ccaaacaaaa tattgagcga ttctttaaga     12060
     atgagaagtc atacatacag cttaaattag ggaccgagca ccgaaacggt gcgtaggccc     12120
     tattggaatt gctcagttta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta ttcttctctc     12180
     caatgaatcg cgatttagag gggctaaaca tgcccgaaaa ctcacgcaat tttgcacacg     12240
     cctcagaagt ggcgaaaatt tacgtttatt atgggtctcg gaagtgggtg tggcaaaatg     12300
     actcgacagc gccacctaga aaaattaaac ggacgagccc ccgatctacg aatcacgtac     12360
     atgcacgaaa attggcacac acctcaaaca tgccaaaaca tacaaaaaag tctcttggag     12420
     ccatatctca aacccaacag gaagtcagat atttttcact tcctgcggcg aaaaagtgcc     12480
     gtttttgcca tttccaggtg ttgtacttta acgaactcct cctagggatt ttatccgatc     12540
     gacaccaaaa ttggcttttg tcatctaaag gccttggcga tgttaaattg cgaagcttta     12600
     gagttttcgt caatgggcgt gtccgtggcg gcctcgcaaa gtttgacgat tcgcgacaaa     12660
     acaggaagtc gttataactc aggcatgcat tatcagatct gcctcaaaat tcacacgttt     12720
     aataacagtc ctgacctgaa caagtttaca tgttaatatc cagatacagt cacagcgcca     12780
     cctgctggcc acaggaaatg acatgtttta cagagtaaca aactcctccc acaaatttta     12840
     tcgcatcagc accaaaattg ggtagtgtta tctaaaagct ctagcgatga tatattgtga     12900
     agatctagag ttttcacaga ggggtgtgtc cgtggcggca tgacaaacct caacgcttcg     12960
     ccattgacca ggaaggcttt ataactcaac cacacaatgt ccgatctgcc tgaaacttca     13020
     catggttgat aaaagtcctc tcctgaacac atccatataa caatattgta gtgggcgtga     13080
     caaaacgact cgacagcgcc acctagaaaa attaaacaga cgagcccccg agctacgaat     13140
     cacgcacatc cacgaaaatt ggcacacacc tcaaacacgc caaaacatac gaaaaagtct     13200
     cttggagcca tatctcaaac ccaacaggaa gtcggatatt tttaacttcc tgctgcaaat     13260
     aagtggcatt tttgccattt ccaggcgttg tatcttaacg aactcctcct agggatttta     13320
     tgctatcgac accaaaattg ggttttgtca tctaaaggcc ttggcgatgt taaattgcgg     13380
     agctttatag tttttgtcga tgggcgtgtc cgtggcggcc ccgcaaactt tgacgattcg     13440
     ccacaaaacc ggaagtcatt ataacttagg catgcattat cagatctgcc tcaaaattca     13500
     catgtttaat aagagtccag accagaacac gtttacatgc caatatccag atacagttat     13560
     agcgccacct gctggccaca ggaaatgtca tgatttacag agtaacaaac tcctcccact     13620
     attttttttt gtatcagtac caagtttggt gggttgttat ctgaaagctt aagtgatgat     13680
     attttgtgaa ggtctagagt ttttgcagag gggcgtgtcc gtggcggcat gacaaacctc     13740
     aacgcttcgc agtggaacag gaagtcctta tatctcaacc acacaaagtc agatcagcct     13800
     gaaacttcac atggctcata aaagtcctct tctgaacaca tccccaaaac agtaatgagt     13860
     cagtcataac gccacctgct ggcagaaggt agataggctt ataactcagc caaacaacat     13920
     ccgatctgcc tgaaacttca catggttgtt taaattccat tactgaaggc atctacatgc     13980
     caatcttaag tcacagttat agcgccacct gctggcagat ggtagtttgc attataactc     14040
     aaccacacaa agtccgatct gcctgaaact tcacatggtt gataagattc ctctcctggt     14100
     gacatctaca tgccaatctt aagtcacagt catagcgcca cctgctgaga ggaggaggtt     14160
     tggcataaat cggtgatttt ctccgatttt tttaaacata tcggcttaaa ttattactgt     14220
     tcgctgttct ctgtcatcct gaggccaccg ggtggcggtg agcccgggtg cgaggtccct     14280
     atcatcgctg cttgcagctt taattattat tgttgttgta taatcaatgc cttaaaattg     14340
     tcttaaaagc aaaataatat tacttatcac aattatttct ctcacaaatt gtcacacgag     14400
     aattaattat cttgacagac ctgctaacac atttgatcgc tctctaatat gaagtgtttt     14460
     gtttttgctg taggtgttct tgaccactct atcagacttg caaacgagac aatgtctaca     14520
     ggacatcgac tcctggaggc tctttgcaaa tctcaatgag ctttgtttgg taagaaatta     14580
     aggaggataa tgtaactgta aatgtattca aactgtgttg atacagtttt tattacttct     14640
     tcttctgctg tataacaggt cagcttcggc ttccttacta gtttattacg cgtcattaag     14700
     gagatgtgga ctgacccgga cagctgtagt actcaatctc ttcatgacct tttcagaaag     14760
     gtaagttacc acaggtattt taacatacga gaatgtcaca agttaagcga ggatccagtt     14820
     tatatactgt ataaaaagta tggtcaaaac aggcagggtc gaaaaacaag cacacaacaa     14880
     tgtccagatg tgatccacaa gagaaataca aatatcaatg caccgcaata acaagtgtac     14940
     gatccatgtc atttacattt tacatttagt catttagcag acgcttttat ccaaagcgac     15000
     ttacaaatga ggacaaggaa gcaatttaca caaccaagag caacaatgaa taagtgctat     15060
     aagcaagttt caggtctgta aagtctaaga agggaagtat tagtagtatt agtttttttt     15120
     tttttttttg tacaaaaatc catgtgcact caacagctag aataaacata gggtcattct     15180
     gaaaatgtag ccctatatac atttctggag atcgtgaatt atgtagccat aggtacatat     15240
     ggctgcattt catctttaaa acgaattata cggggtggta tggtgctttt catttttgag     15300
     tttatcagct gaacgcttac ttccatgtag acggcttttc cgttgttacc agtttgtcca     15360
     gtggggtttg agtcaccttg agtttgagtt cggtgctttt gaaaacacta tcggttgggt     15420
     ttagggaagg aggagggtgg gtcagtcgat cgatcagtca ttcagacgac agtggcctct     15480
     agtggactta tgcgagaaga gcaggcacaa atgtgtggag tcaatctagg gccatatata     15540
     attgcaaaat aaaagttttg caaacaaaaa agtattaagc aaaaaaaatt atttttaagg     15600
     aaaaaaaaat gctaacaaaa aaagaactgc aaatacaatt aagcagtgca aaaaaaaact     15660
     aaaatatttg caattaaaaa aaacctaaaa ctatttttgc aaaacatttt tatagtattg     15720
     cctttccagc catttgcaat ggtcattttg attttctatt tagtcaacca tgagtttgcg     15780
     aggctgtttt cactttgcac tgcacgtttc actttgtggc cctgatttta caagagggcg     15840
     gagtccaggg aagttgggcg tttatggtaa gctcggacct gcctccattt aagcgacatc     15900
     accacctgga aacagagtat cggaaatttg agatctgaaa tagcatacac gacctctaat     15960
     ggatttgtaa aaacaaaaac cgcaaaaaaa aaaaatgtag ctcctgggat gtattttgca     16020
     ctctccagaa atgtatatag cattacgttt tcagaatgag cctaagttga ctagaaaata     16080
     tccataattc attgtgagag tttgcacact gaacgaattt tctaagttaa ttttacaaaa     16140
     atgaagcttc agtgaaaata aaattaggga tgaaataatg ttgtgtggac atatatttat     16200
     gtataaattg aaacaacaca cttatcttca cctgtattta ttaagacata caaatgattg     16260
     ccctaaattg tattatatat gaaatgtttg aaaacgtctt tgctgacaaa tggacagtta     16320
     gagattttta gttcactcaa aaattcaatt cactcaccat ttactttccc tcatgtgttt     16380
     ctgacctttt ataagtatat ttttgtgttt ccaaccctct ctgagtatct tttttctgac     16440
     tgaacacaaa tgaagatatt gaaaaaaatg ttgttattac taatggatat ccataataag     16500
     gaaaaaatat gatgcaagtc aatggtcacc ggtttacagt tcttcaaaat atcttaggtc     16560
     actttatttt gatggtccgt ttattgaatt taagttacac tacagcttgt tctcattaga     16620
     ttataattag actgttaggt tggggttggg gttagtgtaa gttgacatgt acttgcaaag     16680
     cattttatag tcagttaaat gtctgttgaa ggagcagtat caacagatat tgagcagata     16740
     gtctactaat actcaaatgg accatcaaaa taaagtgtta ctatatcttc ttttttgttc     16800
     atcagaagaa agaaattcaa atatgtttgg aacaagtaaa gggtcagatg atgaatgaaa     16860
     tgatgacaga atcaagattt ttgagtgaac tatcccttta aggagtccaa tattatttac     16920
     aatattgaat acaaattctc catcgtttct aaaataaaac acatatgagg cctttactct     16980
     gaaaacacac tattaaaggc aaatccagag aagtaatgag acctttaaaa tggcatctta     17040
     aatgtttcca gaactgtacg tgtacattag tctgttgtat gctcgtcatc aattttgctc     17100
     aaacaggaca cattataata tacagaagac aaaaaacatt ttaagttgaa ttacacatca     17160
     tttttgtgat gcatagaaac accttttcat ctctgatgct tatgtaatgt acagtaaaac     17220
     tcatccaatg taaaacataa aagcaaagtc gcgttcagtg acctttaaat gtaatatata     17280
     actgcccaat cacacacaca cacagaccta agccctgagc aattttgtgc ttacacaatg     17340
     tattattata ttagccagtt agcaaatgat tgttctagaa aataaaaaat aagcagcact     17400
     aatctattat tctttatttg ctgaaaaata acagaaggtt ttcctctatt gtcctcatct     17460
     gatccctctc ccatattgac tgttgacttt gcaggcgttc agtgaaagca tttgccattg     17520
     tctccagaaa tactgcctga attacagcac ggccatcctt tatctggaca gcctgaagct     17580
     gagagaggac tttggctctt tcgtgaaggt aactgtggtt tgatatggta aatcagggct     17640
     tggtctcatc atactgacaa gatccaggga acagggcaaa tgttagcaca tgagccggac     17700
     ggttgtccag gatcattggc tctgacacag gaacacggta accgtgttga ctcagctact     17760
     ttccctcttg tgaattgttc cctgttgtat tcttaagctg tctccacatc agttttggcc     17820
     tgtcgcttct tgcttttcca ctccgttgca ctcacagtgt ttctgcaggc ttttaaatta     17880
     cctaaaaaag gacatgtgta ggaatataaa ttacagagct taaaaaatat tgtcttgtag     17940
     gtcttaattg tcctttattt atatttttgt tgttgttgta gctcttcctt tcactatagt     18000
     ccaaatgtag tttgctgtat aatgaataca aatacaacac tgtctatata taaatatata     18060
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     18120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtatata     18180
     tttcttaagt gggcaaataa tattgacctt aaaatggtat ttaaaaacat ttaaaaactg     18240
     ctttcatttt agccgaaatt agaaaaaaga ctttctccag aagaaaaaat attataggaa     18300
     atactgtgaa aaattccttg ctctgttaaa tataatttgg gaaatatttg ataaaaaaaa     18360
     gaagttaaat tgaggatagt tcacgcaaat atgaaaaatc tgtcatcatt tactccattt     18420
     gttccaaacc tgttttattt tttaatatat aaatatttat tgtttttagc ataagaaaat     18480
     aaacaataac cttaacctag aacagaaaaa gtacaaaggc catttcgcaa aacacagaaa     18540
     gtcagacaaa acataatcat caaaaaagca taagaaaaaa aaattgatta tagagcccct     18600
     attatgaaaa tgaccttcca tgtagtgtgt aacagctcta agtgaagtga aatatccagg     18660
     taaggcttaa atctgaaagt gcgccgtgtt taaatctatt gattcatcta taaaaaaaaa     18720
     aaaaaaatcg actcaaagtg cttcaaatga atcgtcttga taacgagtcc ggcgtgatgt     18780
     cgatacagaa cttaagcccc gaccatttgc tgcctgccca atcccaagaa aatttaaccc     18840
     tccggccccg cccacaaaca cagtagcaag aaaaagaaca agaacaacac tctagcagac     18900
     ggcggttgaa tcatgtcacg aagacgctgt gcctagctgg atattattgg aagtgtgagg     18960
     gaaagttagt gttattttcc ctacccaaat atgaggctgt gaagagtcag tggttgaggt     19020
     ttatttttgc aaaaatacct cagcattata gcccagcctt gtgctgtctt cctgtcattt     19080
     ttctgacgtg tgctacagca atctacacac ttacaacagg ggatttgttg gccgtttgtt     19140
     aaaggaagaa tcagaaaaga ctattagtgt gtgtgagctt gacaggaatt ttcagtacac     19200
     agttcatgaa cacgtttcat gaagcctcct tgttttctct agcttgcaaa ttttgtatgt     19260
     cattgtgttt tgttacttgt aactgtgtgt actgtatctg gttaaatctt tatattttta     19320
     tatcgcatct aaagctacgt tgtaaacgca atgcatgccg gtttgtttgc ggatttaaat     19380
     gagtttgtgg gagaccgggg gttaggctcg ggggtgaggt gtctgaataa cactgttgag     19440
     aaccgggtgc tgtgtactgt ggtgttagta actgtactat aaagcgtgtt tcaggtggcc     19500
     gctgcgatca gatttaatac caatgttggt gactaggggg ttatgggagt ttttcgggag     19560
     aaataacaaa tctggagggt ggcgggagat gggtctgaaa tacgagagac tctcaagaaa     19620
     aacggaagtg ttggcaggta tgctcacaca tacactatgc actctgacta cttcaatatt     19680
     gctgataagc catggtgggc atttctctct gtctcacact gaacgcagtc aaccaatcgc     19740
     aacagtctgt catcagtcca atcagcacag catcgcatta aagaggggtt tgggaacaaa     19800
     tgaatcgctg aacgaattat acgggagtcg ctgagataat taggtaaaaa taaatgcata     19860
     ttttaagaca atgaaagtgt tttttgacct tgcttgctta tcagtgtagt tggggaaatc     19920
     ccaaacccaa aatatgaccc tctttaatgc atagtagggg ctatttgaat ataataacag     19980
     tgtccgtggg gtcttaaaaa cctgtacagc ctctttatcc tttgtgtatt actccgccca     20040
     catacaacca gcaaaaagca gacactacag atctaaagtt taaaagatgc ttgctcagct     20100
     gtttaactgt caggttaact gtttggtatc attcttcaaa aaaaactttc tcaatgttca     20160
     acagaagaaa gaaaatcaaa acgttttgga accacaatgg tcaacatagt aaatgatgag     20220
     taaaatgtaa tatttggctg aactacactt tttaaaaaaa tcctaaattt gacttgctga     20280
     cagaggaacc tattgtgtct ccaaaatggt taagtgtcag ttttatgtgt ggtgcagtgg     20340
     tgtgagcgga atgaggagtg ccgcaggctg cagttgaagg atctgctggt ggttcctctg     20400
     cagaggttta cacgataccc tctgctgttg aagaacattg ggaagaggag ctgctcgaag     20460
     gccgaggaga acaccataca gagcatcgtg gatctggtgg acagagctat ctgtaagtcc     20520
     attacattac tgtggcaaat caaagtaagg atacagttaa atgtatttgc tagccaacac     20580
     ccatattaat gttaccatca gtgcttgaag ttagacggca cttctgtatt tttgtttaga     20640
     acaccactgt atgttttctg cgcactgcca cttctcatgt tgccaatact ttgacccctc     20700
     acagcgtcac gacacaggtt gttttcatct cctctcttta ctgtactttc tgaagaaatt     20760
     attaatgaaa atggcaaatt aatgttacaa aaacacctac aatttaaaaa aagttgttac     20820
     aatcccttga tgggttttta atttttttta cttgtgtgaa aacagaaacc ggcctactag     20880
     tgatgtacgc gggtgctgcg tataatccgc gagtcgggtt ataaaaaagt acattacaat     20940
     taattgcggg tgggttgcgg gtggatgtag cgggacatgg cagtggatca gtgaaaaaag     21000
     cagagtgggc tttgccgaat gggaagacgc ccaaaataat ggatgaagtg caagaatact     21060
     gtttaaactg tcagttagag gagtcatcag aggaaaatct gctatcattc tgggaaaaac     21120
     aagatcgctt attaacacga ttgtagcgcc ttgcaaggag aatcttgttc attcctacaa     21180
     caagcagtga aagtgaatgc tcattcagag cagctgcccg ccttttggag gcgaggtgca     21240
     atcgccagaa tccaggcaca atagatgcta ttctattttt gcacagccaa gtaaaaaaaa     21300
     gccaagtaaa cataacatag ctgccgttta agctgaagta gcaccctttt tgtaatctgt     21360
     taaagctaaa atgtcttatt tttactttct gtatctattt gaaaatgaag aaaatgttgt     21420
     ctaaagacaa aatgaatgtt catttaaaaa cgtttacgat taacatatta ttttactatc     21480
     agagatacgc agattaaagc tcacaggatc tgctgttaat atccgtgcct agggcggcag     21540
     aatagagagg gcggcgtccg caacaagccg tgaatttggg tatcatttca gctgatccgt     21600
     gcatctctac tgtctacttc cattgagcaa cttaattggg gatgctaaca aacactttgg     21660
     gacaatttat ctcccagtat gttcaattgt ataaattttt aggttctggg gggatgtcaa     21720
     tccagcctct ctctgattcc agtggctctg ctatggttgt agaaattaaa aaaataaaaa     21780
     tcgacccaaa acaaaccatt atgtgtgaat aggattggca atgaaaattc ggaaaaagtg     21840
     gttcgaccag gatactaaga gctgcagaaa ttaaaaaaat aatattaata ataaaataaa     21900
     atgtagattt ttaaaaaagt gttaataaga gatgtcccac ctaaaatatt tggttgttga     21960
     gcattattag attaagtgct taaagtctgg aagtacacaa actggaagta ctgcgtgctg     22020
     attggatgta gtaaagtagg catttcattc ataaagatgg agaaaaggat tttggtagtt     22080
     attacaacct aacacacctc cttgtatttt tgttgtcata gcgctgtcaa aactgacagt     22140
     tgaaggggcg tggttaaata tgttggccac gcccaatacc tcaaactgac gtaatctgag     22200
     aattgaacta aaaacaaaca gaaagtgcat ttttagattt caattctaga ttttaagagc     22260
     aaattatata tttttttctt tatgacacgc acagatgatt tgttcaccaa aaatctagca     22320
     atgtgtgcta acaaaatcaa tatggttagt tttgatttca tgtgtacttt agagtcagtg     22380
     agaaccgtaa gatgcagaga cttgaattgc attatgttga tgtacttcca aataaaatga     22440
     aatattggga tgggggcggg gcttctcctt ttttttatca ttccctcata gctaactaat     22500
     ggtgagagaa ttgtagttga agccaccaaa ctgaaggacc agcactccaa acacagaagc     22560
     aaatggtcag actttgattg atgtttacca aaacaaacat ttttgaagga gattaacctg     22620
     cacagattag caaaataaac gctgtaaatt ttaatttcac actgacttta aaaagagttg     22680
     aaattcagat gttttgtttt agaccctaat aagaacagac tctgccatct gaccaatcag     22740
     agcagagcag gctcttaaaa agagattcag aatccttgac ataccatttt aggcactgtg     22800
     agaaaagaac tgaagctgca ctatttctca tgaggaaatg aatgcttctt tagggttttt     22860
     cttgttgttt tttgtcttga atgaatgtag atctatgaga ttccaaagtg aaattagcgt     22920
     taactgtttt tgctttctcc agttattgtg actgcttagc atgctggtgc tttgatgtca     22980
     tttcgcgtca aagcaggata ttaaaagcag tgacaggtga cttttccagt tctctgactg     23040
     ttgctgaggc gtgtgtctat agacacatga gaaatatgtg cagagttaca gttgtagaaa     23100
     acagggtgaa caacagagct attttgactg ggtcatgtga gttaaaacag gagaaagtgc     23160
     aacatgtttt ggtaagctac aaaaaacatg acattgcatt ttatttgaca tggcgtgtga     23220
     aatcccagtt atctttactg aagcattaca cgccttgtcg taaatctatt atgctttaat     23280
     caggaatctg ttttgataag tagatgagat taatacatca ttcagtataa ctgtagataa     23340
     cgcaaaacaa actatttatt gagctctgaa aaaagagaac atttcagtaa atatattaaa     23400
     cattagggat gctccgattt ggatttttag gatacagagt accaactcct tgtcagagtg     23460
     atgggcagat tcggagttgc aattctacag cttcaagcac attttccctc taagcatgat     23520
     acttcagtgt agatctctcc ttaccttaga gaattaattc ctgacacatg tctcttataa     23580
     ccatttagtg tggacatatc atggtcagaa gcagatttac agaaaataat agataaaaca     23640
     cagatataaa aattggtaag aaaattcact aacaaagcaa tttagaaaca aatgatgaaa     23700
     gaagaattca acatgtctcg ttgaagtttg gagcgcttat ttgatgcata agaagttaaa     23760
     atgcacacct agaaatccat tacttcttta ttaaaagaaa atttgtccat aaactactgt     23820
     ttattgcaat aagtatgtta tgataggtta ttttattaaa tattattgtt aaaacaattt     23880
     ttttaatttt cctaatattt tcagccaggt tttaatgaac ttgcaatatt gttgaaaaca     23940
     cataactttt agttctgata tgcagataga tttcttgtta ttgtaaactc gtaaacacac     24000
     aattgtgatc ggttcatgag attggcgagt actgatcgag ccatgaaatg tgattatcgg     24060
     ctgataccaa tctctggccg atcgatcgga gcatccctat taaacatcat tcaaaaacat     24120
     acttaagtgt aaaataaatt atttatttaa taatatttta agtcatgtat ttatttattg     24180
     agtttttgta atgtatatta tattttagaa tttacgtaga tttaaataaa gatttaaata     24240
     aaaaagcctc atgaagataa taaaaatagc agcaataaat aataaataaa atattattta     24300
     tttcattcaa aaaattttaa atatatttgc taaattaaag atttactaag acaaacattt     24360
     aaataaggaa gccccatgaa gataattaaa aatgtaaaag tatcaataaa taatacgttt     24420
     tacatttttt aaaataaact tattaaaata tatgactaag acaattattt tttaattaga     24480
     tatttttatt tagctttttt aaaagttaca agacaaatat ttcaataaaa atgccacatg     24540
     atgttaatga ctatatgttg caatagtgat attttactgc tggcactgac aatttcaacg     24600
     cattttagat tatgattata ttaatattca aagtgttcaa gagccattaa ccccttatcc     24660
     cccatctcag cagggtgttt tcacaccctg tagttcgaaa gaagtcagga aagtgggtga     24720
     gctcaggtat gtttaagtga agggtttgca tgaaaagtgg agtttcagta cattacatac     24780
     acactacagc tgatttatac agcagcaaca caaacacaga cgcaggggag atagacagtg     24840
     attctgagag caacagcaga tctgagagct gtgtggaagt ggaggatttt cagtgtataa     24900
     aatattgtag tgacattact gtaaactatt actgtaaatc attttgacta aggtgtgtct     24960
     tagtcttaaa gacatcttaa aagagtactg ctgacgatac taactaactt tgcctctgaa     25020
     taaacaaact aaggacactg atcacacaca tagacagaag aatcaacaca aactgaaacc     25080
     gcatcttttt tttaaagacg atgagtggca aattcggatt ttaccaataa aaaatgttcc     25140
     tcacaaacaa atttctgtca cgtgttagca gaccactgta atccacacct gtggatccac     25200
     atgtcagctg tgctcttctt atggggaaat aagaacacaa ctttcattgc ggtacaatta     25260
     taaatgcaac actgacgatg cttccacatt tctttttaaa ccagaagaac gaatttactc     25320
     taaacaacgc aaaaacaaca aatttgtcac cttttagtga aatatacgtg tcctaatagt     25380
     gtttttagca acatgggacg catatatgac ggtcaacatc tcataaaatg tgctttggtg     25440
     tttcgtgaac ctttaatgat catatttctt tgccttgact gcactattcc ttatggccag     25500
     acaggcatga aattattaat aggtgaatgt cctacacaaa agcagtttct taatacaaaa     25560
     cattccaaga tgccactttc tgaagaacac acttcatgac acatctctca taaccaatat     25620
     aagggtgtgt tcgactcttc ctggtaactt ttgttcaaat caaacaagtg tgtaggagtc     25680
     tacatctaat gggtgtgagc aacacaacgg cgggtcattg ttgatgaaag agctattact     25740
     tgaaatgcaa taggaagaat cgggaattta aagtccgtcc gttgtctgcg gctcaataac     25800
     caaaaacagg atctgttatt gtacacaagc gctaatgttt gtgtggacga acccgctaac     25860
     gttttataga caagagcctt tgtgtggact gataatacaa tagcatttcc accctgtttt     25920
     tctctttgta gatgatcttg aagggaaagt caagtggttg gacaactatc agaaggtgaa     25980
     gcagctgaag gaaactctag tgtggcttcc tgtttgggag agcgataaga gggcacacgt     26040
     tcctgaggtc tgtacatttc tttagaatgg gctttataca cagacttttc attttcagtc     26100
     atccagccta agcgcttctg gtaaactgtt gcatcattac aaaatcacgt ttaagatctg     26160
     atttctttaa aaatctgtga ttttcactgc ctgattgata tacaaaataa agtgggtatc     26220
     agaggggaca agaagctctg cattaaatta tatttttcca cgccatgtct ttaaaatatg     26280
     gaattaattt tactccaata ttttcaatgg agtttctgca ctggcctgct gctactgatg     26340
     gcacttgtgg ttaaatgctc tttcttctta ttttatgctt aaacaactaa atgaatgctt     26400
     aagcctattg aacggattgt attttaaata caacatctat gctgtaaaaa gaaccttgtg     26460
     aaattaaaaa taatcacata aacctttcaa cggaaattta ccattggctg aaaaacatta     26520
     gctgggcata taccccattg gactatatgt tgaattttga aatcgttgtt aatagcgaca     26580
     ccagtagcca ctgagtgaac tccagtctgc aacacattgg ctgcgtctga aatcacataa     26640
     ctactgacca tatagtacgt taaaaacgta cgttaaaacg tgtgtgagcc gagtagtgtg     26700
     tctgagttgt taatagtaca ctgtaagacc ttcaacacaa cgttccacgt ttaatgtacc     26760
     tttaagattt caccagcatt gaactaaaaa aatttagcta gctaaacaga aagttttcaa     26820
     tgcaataaaa tgttacgtgt tacgtatgtt atgttacgta tgctacatgt tacgtgtcac     26880
     aaagttacat gttgcgaagt tacgtgtaac ttctgagtag ctattgccta cactgtgatc     26940
     accttctatt tatgccgaga ttttgaaatg cgcatccaat taacactaag ctattccatt     27000
     atgttatgca agagaatttt tatttttttt tgtattacag aattatatac attgtcggag     27060
     aactatttac attgtcaaaa tgtaacaatg ttgttgattt tttttgacat acattgtcaa     27120
     aaaagctatt tttttcaaca caacatttca cctttaatgt accttaaaga tttcaccagc     27180
     attgaataaa aacatttagc tgcgtaaacg aaaagttttc aaagcagtaa aattaaaatg     27240
     ttacccttta cgtatgctac atgttacgaa gttacgtgtt acaaagttac atgttgcaaa     27300
     gttatgtgta actacacagt gtatgcgata gctgcccgga tcacctacta cttacggcga     27360
     gattctgaag tgcgcatcca acatatgctc tgccatgata ttacgtaaga gaattcattt     27420
     ttttagtagt aatgcagata gcatacagta ttatatacat tgtcaaagaa ttatatgcat     27480
     tgtcaaaatg tgacattgtc gttgtttttt aacattttga atggcaaatt ttttcaacat     27540
     ttcacgtgta atgtaccttc acgatttcaa cagcattgaa ttaaaaacat ttagttgact     27600
     aaagttttca atgcaataaa atctaaatgt taccattacg tatggtttat gttacgtatg     27660
     atacgtgtta cgaagttaca tcttacgaag atacatgtta cgaagataca tataacttta     27720
     cagtataggc gataagtaca cagatgactt actacttcca gcaagattcg aaagtgcgca     27780
     tttaatcggt gctacactat gctatgatgt cacgtgagag aattcagatt ttataagtat     27840
     taatacagat agaatacaga gttgacatgt aaactatagt tgtatacaat aaaaaaagat     27900
     ataatttata tacatagtca aaacgcaaga aaattcgtga acgggagtga agcgacgcaa     27960
     cttatgcaag tgatcaagtg aaatgccaac tggcccaact ggtgctcgaa ccagcgacct     28020
     tcttgctgtg agatgaccat gccccctgat ttaacctctc aatatgcttt tccccctcat     28080
     tttattatcc aatgtttata gagattaact atttgatatt cggtccttca cagtccctga     28140
     agcacctgct gaaacctgtg acactggaga acctggtgat taaccgcagc ctgttgcatg     28200
     atgggaagct ttttctcata ggtcagactg atgaactgtt tcctttttta ttttttgaaa     28260
     tggttgcgca gtttgcttat gcgacttact attattcgga ctttttccac acagaaaaca     28320
     caaagcagca agaggtctat ctgtttctct ttgacgaatt cctcctaatt acgaagatca     28380
     agaggaataa aaaggtgagg ttatgtaacg gattaaataa tgtgtgtata tataaacgga     28440
     gggaaagttt gagtgtggtt tgctgttggt ctgtattgat gtactgtaaa tcatgagtga     28500
     tgcatgtgac gtggtatgaa aatggatttg ttgattctgt ctgggagcga tgattgattc     28560
     aggccatttt attctctaag gttgaataga gttcagtgga ttgtcacaga ttaaatgact     28620
     gcactgagtg actactggaa atggagagta aaagtgcaat gaataacagt gggatgaatc     28680
     aatatttgat ttatctcatc agatgctttt agatcagaga tgtccaaagt aaggcccgca     28740
     ggccaaagtt tacccattgt aaaccttggt ggttaaaagc gtgttcattt ctttaattat     28800
     tcagcaattc cttcgcaggc cactagaagg aagcctgcgt accaccagtt ttaatgctac     28860
     ttttacttgc tactactgca caatgcagaa tcaccagtgc tccttgaggt ttacaaaagc     28920
     acaagaacat tggtctgaaa ggctttttaa agacaaaaca tttaaagcat gatgtgtgtg     28980
     tgtgtgttgt gtagcagaag tctggtgtgg tggactttgc tgcgggtcaa gagctggagc     29040
     tcttactgca ggagggctgc agcttcactg tgctggacca gcccatctct ctggaccgcc     29100
     tgcagctcaa gaacattgac cagctcaacg ctacaggtgc tcaacacata cacacacaca     29160
     cacacacaca cacacttatc atgcctcgca cacaaataca gacccttaca cacaaaaaca     29220
     cacatgcgca tccaccctta cacacacatg gaagcagaca aacaggcaca ctcccattcc     29280
     cccacacatt cacacactca tacacacaaa cacataagct ctcacaaaca gacatgcgct     29340
     cacacccgac acaagtgtcc aaacacaccc acacacacat gtcatttcac tctgcagcct     29400
     aagagcggtt actcactgaa gctaagaaaa ctaggttgct gtttgaagta gtgttagaaa     29460
     ggccagcagg aggcgctaaa cctgtggtct gcgtgagtcc taatacccaa gtaaagtgaa     29520
     ggggacacaa tactgtcaga gagcgccgtc ttttagatga gatgttaaac cgaggtcctg     29580
     actctctgtg ctcattcaga gtaggggtgt aacgctggag tcctggccga attccctcca     29640
     tctgccttta tcgatcatgg cctctcccct ccaccaatag ctggtgcgtg gtgagggcac     29700
     tggcgccgtt gtcctgtagc tgccgtcgca tcatccaaat ggatgctgca cactggtggt     29760
     ggtgtggaga gacccccctc atgattgtga agcactttgg gtgtatagcc atacacaata     29820
     aatgcgctat aaaatacaca ttacactaca aacacacaca cacacatcag attaatttca     29880
     catttctgtt ctagcatcat tcactaatcc agaaatgtga ccaacaaatg attgtgtgtg     29940
     tatgtgtgtg tttcagcatc tactctgccc aactcattca tcataatgca tcagaatcgc     30000
     taccagcagt gcatcgctgt attcgttcta caagcccaga gcgagtcaat caaggtcagc     30060
     tttcagtgtt tttcctgact ctgaaacatt aagctttgcc atcgcagaaa taaaatataa     30120
     tatcatagaa gatcatcatt ttaaattaca ctacctgaca aaagtcttgt cttgatgcca     30180
     gttgtaagag caacaaataa cagcttgact tgtagttgat catatggaaa agttgcagaa     30240
     ggtagatttt caaatgaatc atctgtagaa ctgcatctta atgatcacaa atactgcaga     30300
     agattattgg aactcacatg gacccaggag tctcacagaa atcagtcaag tttggtgaag     30360
     gaaaagtcat ggtttggggt tgcattcagt atgggggtat ttaaaagatc tgcagagtgg     30420
     atggcaacat caacagcctg aggtatcaag acatttgtgc tgcccattac attataaacc     30480
     acaggagagg gcaaattctt cagcaggata gtgctccttc cattacttca gcctcctcca     30540
     ggaatcctgc aagaacgctt tctttgccat tccagatgac tttattaatc agtgatttga     30600
     ggcagagatg tatggatgca gttctccaag ctcatatgag tcctacacaa tattcattct     30660
     tttttcactg caccatgact tcatattgta tactggacat tacttctgtt aagacttttg     30720
     tctcagcaaa gtcagacctt actgtcttaa ttaattaatt taaaatcaaa gcatgatcat     30780
     attttattta ggtaaaataa gcgtaatcta gaggcctttg tctttcatat aagccacttc     30840
     tgataccaaa tgatcaacta gaagtcaagt tattatttgt tgttcctaaa acttggatgg     30900
     gtgacaagac tttagtcagg taatgtataa taatgttttt cattagtcaa ataaagacag     30960
     acagcaagag actttgcttt aaataaatta aggaaagaat agttgcatta ataatattgg     31020
     atttaaatca ttgtattagt attttcatca attataatga attatttgta attacttttt     31080
     ttaatgaatt taataaacgt tttgatgaaa taaatgcagc cctggagatc agaagagacg     31140
     gacaaacttg attgaagaaa aatgccgaac agcaagtgtg tgtgtgaaga tgaataaatg     31200
     tgttgtgtgt tttttagaaa gcctggatgt cggagatcga gaaggccgtg agttctctgc     31260
     tgaagcagga cagtcttcat ccacgcgtca acaactcttt tcactataca gagtcgtcac     31320
     agatctgatt tactgtacac acagactttc aggagaaaat acccagagtg ccaatggaca     31380
     ctgcagtcca caaaaacatc tctactttta gcccaaaaat cattatttct tccacttttc     31440
     taaagtttac cagaaagccg acacaatata tcgagtctga gctggtcaga aatccccatc     31500
     aaagtatcaa gtctatcttt atgactttgt gaaatcgtaa ggctgagttc tggacagcaa     31560
     tggtggattt cacagcaaca gtttcctccg cttattcagt tcaattaaag cagaacaaga     31620
     ggaactactt ttcagttccc cttttcaacg tttggagaac aatcttgcac gttcctgtca     31680
     taaataaaga tggtggattt tgtattgtga ggaatgttaa atgcagaact tgtacattag     31740
     ccttaatgct atgagtgtgt ttgtttgttc acccttgttc ctgtttgtat aaatttaaaa     31800
     gacagaaaat gatgttatga agtgtcggag tcttttctgt ttgaccatga aaactaaaat     31860
     attgtcatat atgcccttcc agctgcaacc catcactggg aaacatccat acacactcat     31920
     tcacacacat acgctatgga caatttagtt tatttaattc acctctagca catgtttttg     31980
     gactgagaag gaaaccggag cacttggagg aaagccatgt gaatacgccg ccggctgagt     32040
     gccttagtgt ccgaccagtg atgatataca gccatattgc actgctacta gtgtgatatt     32100
     gcctatttac aacagttgga cggcataatc gtgtgtataa aaattttaat caaacacaga     32160
     gagacttaaa atccttttgt ttgaggaact actttcttct gccattcatt cacatctgtg     32220
     gctgacgtta gaacagcaga aaccattaca aattcaccaa cgtcacttta acgctggtat     32280
     ttaaatgatt ctctagcata atatcagtca gtttaaagac atttctcagt atttctctgt     32340
     tactatcgag agatcacaat aattaaccct gaaaaagccg actcagcaca atcactacca     32400
     gattactgtt gtgtttgcaa tcaggaaaaa tgctaaacac atgcgggcat ttcttctttc     32460
     tttttaccga agtagtagta acgaaaacga tgtttaaatc ttctaaaagc ttattatgcg     32520
     gtttctgtca ccatcttgtg aatcgacaac atcaaccgtc tttgctgtgc tcgaagaaaa     32580
     gctaatagct gttgatgcgc tgtctcttag aaatgataaa tattttaaat aggcattatc     32640
     cttataaata aactgcatag ttgcaatcta aacaactaca ttctcgactg aaaaagcctc     32700
     ataagtacat tatgttgttt aacagcagcg atatttgtca aactgtagag tgccctctgc     32760
     ttgtcgctgc atgtaggtgg agtaatacac aagggtgaat ggtgaagaga ctggacaagt     32820
     gctgttattt gcagaacatc ccacagctat caaccaatca gattcaaaaa ccagacagaa     32880
     ctgttgtgtg tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt tatatatata     32940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     33000
     tatatatata tatatatata gaaaactgtt tgccttttaa atactaaaaa actgcttttg     33060
     gttaaagatg agacatcatg ttttggttta cggaagtaaa tgtttgaatt taacgtttaa     33120
     atttctttca tgaaaattaa attccaaaat atgggtgaaa taatcttgca tcatttagaa     33180
     aataaacatg tatttaaaat tatacttaaa aaaaatatac ttaaaaataa ttaaatataa     33240
     agtttgtgct caataataaa ttgtattgta tgataaatga ttcaaaatgt tctgtagaca     33300
     aatgtgaaaa acctagaagt tgaaaagatt taaagatttt aaataacaga aaacattaat     33360
     taatttggga aaaatctttc attggtatat aactaatgtt acactgaact acattccaga     33420
     ttttagtggg agtaaatgta aatctatgta aacaagttta agagcaacta aaatgaaacc     33480
     ccaaaaacaa attcaagcat tccaaatatg aataaacacc acagccatca aacaacactc     33540
     catgaggcag acagaaaata gaaacaacta gtttattatt tactcttaaa catgatggaa     33600
     aattagaaaa cacataatac ctctgaacat gtttttgtct tccataacat caaaacatct     33660
     cagttcgtca agtagtttac catcaaacaa atcaccttcg ccatctgctg ttttacacct     33720
     ttattatatt ctgatagtga ttcttcatcc acgtctgatg ctctgccaaa ggagtgagca     33780
     gatctcctgc ttcacaaatg cacagaagat gacagaaata aagctggatg taaggcacac     33840
     accaacatga gcacaacatg actatgaaca ccctgccgtt cagccaatgg atcgataaga     33900
     acaataatac tgcatgacat ccatataaca gacactgcta gtgtgtagtg ctgaccagaa     33960
     gtgatgtact ttgcatttgc gaccacacat gagctataca gcactgttaa agaaacactc     34020
     cactttttat ttaggaaatt aggctcattt tatcattcac caagagttaa acagtggact     34080
     tttaccattt ttaatccatt cagcaaacct gagtttgatg ggagcccttt tagcttagct     34140
     tagcataaat cattgaatca gattagacca ttagcatatc aaaaatgatc aaagagtatg     34200
     gataattttc ctatttaaag ctcaactctt ctgtggtcat atttgtgtat taagacagac     34260
     agaaagtgaa aaggtgttgt tttctaggct gatatggata ggaactacac tgacgtaata     34320
     attaaagaac tctgctgccg taccacggct gcagcaggca caataatgtt atgcaatgcc     34380
     tgaaaacagt cctcagatag gtagctaggt aacagcgcta cataatatca ttgcactcaa     34440
     tgcagccatg gtactacagc agagttcttg aattattacg ccacaatgaa agtatagttc     34500
     ctagctattt cggcctagga tatagtaact tttaattttc tgtctgtctt ggtggaatat     34560
     gtaactacag aagagtcaag cttaaaatag aaaaattatt aaagtctttt ttgaatgttt     34620
     tagtgaaatg ctaacggtct aatccgattc aatgatttat gctaagctaa gctaaaagtg     34680
     cttccgcaag actcggagat cggcttaatg tattaaaaaa tggtaaaact caactataac     34740
     tctgcgtgac ttgtaaaatg agcttatttc cgaaagtgta ctgttccttt aatggtaaga     34800
     gaaaacacaa agtgaagtca gatggaggtc gtatatggca ccgagtggca tctatgatat     34860
     tgttttcgat ggcggcacac aaaattaaag ggatattatt catataatat tacatttttt     34920
     aaagtcacct cacttgactg agctggtgaa aagcgcaaaa catcctgaga cactttaaca     34980
     ttgtgtttat gctcctgaat gcatctactg acacaaaccg catgaaatca ttacctctga     35040
     atcacacacg attcacgatg tgcgatcttt taaactgagt gaaaacatct attagacaga     35100
     gatacagtga agtgtactgt acagcagtga gtgctcagac aatctcacaa cacgctcggc     35160
     ttctgctaaa gatatagatc aacaacaaag aaaactgtca tttactgacc ctcatgttgt     35220
     ttcagagctc tatgaaagga agatgttctg aaaagaatta gcttgtgtcc acacaatgga     35280
     agtaaatggg gttcaaatgt attttgaaca acacaaggaa aattttataa tttactgttc     35340
     tgcaaatgaa acagatgtac ttttatatat caaaaataat acatctaaat cttattttga     35400
     aaacatttta gttcccatgt agtttctatt tgtgaacaaa aaacaacaga taacactgag     35460
     aatggaaact gtttggtcat taaagggaca gttctgacaa aactgaaaat tctttcaaca     35520
     ttttcagact tttcactgtt aacagagttt tttttaatta tgaacacaaa agttaagaaa     35580
     gaatgttgga aagctgtaac tattgacttc tatacagtaa gattatcttg ttttcaatgt     35640
     taatttattg tttaatgtaa actttcaatg tttttttaat tcaatattac agttcgtaac     35700
     attcttcaaa atatattatt ttgttttcaa tttttaaaaa tcccacaaag gtttggaacc     35760
     acttgagtgt tatttaacat cacttttctt ggtttggcat gaaaagatgt tttgaaacat     35820
     tggttacaag ttagggggga tggagtgtgc ggagtagggg tcacttctgc tatatttgca     35880
     aaaatgcaat ggaagttaaa agaaaaacca aaaactgtaa tcaacattct tcaaaacatt     35940
     ttcttttgtg ttctggaaaa caaacaaaca acatgagata ttttgaaatg aagtcaaaga     36000
     gaaaatagac tgatcaacta catacttaaa aaacattttt ttgtgtacta caagaggcaa     36060
     aaataagata aaaagtcttg tagaagtttg cagaaaaaca ttttttgttt gtagaagtca     36120
     atgagaaaga catcaaacgt attttgaaca gtttctgttg tcactttttt gcattgaatg     36180
     acaaaaaaag atcaacaaag tcatcaccgc tcttcaaaac atgttctaca agtagcaaaa     36240
     aaatgagaaa gaaacagaaa ctaaagaaat attttggaaa aaatgttagc aaactaaaac     36300
     attctgaata aataatgtgg gaaaaccaca acagaacaca ctgtaagagt ttgcttacta     36360
     acatttttga aaaatcgtca tgttgtgcac gaaaaaaaaa tttgtaaaag cagttttggt     36420
     ttcaatagac tatttacttc cattcatttt tttcttcatc acaataatct actaaatgga     36480
     acacagtaca ctgtttggtc tccaacattt ttcaaaatat ttttgacata aaaatagact     36540
     tttaatagat aatagatatt tatagataat aaaaataagt cagttttcat taacttcaat     36600
     aatacacttg atacacgata gacatcaaca ggaactaaaa tgtttgttta ccaacattct     36660
     tcaaaacatc ttcttttatg ttccacatat gaaataaaca ggtttggaac aacatgaggg     36720
     cgagtaaata atgtcagaat taacactatt acattttgga gtaaactatc cctttaaacc     36780
     taaagggtta gggttaggac aagcctattt gatgccatga aagagagaga atcaactcag     36840
     gctgacgata aacacactgt agcagctgac tttagaaaca caatcagcgg tctgtcattc     36900
     attttcaata gcgctagcac acaaaacaaa atcacaccca acgcacagtt attgcttaaa     36960
     agcagggcac atacatccaa catgtgataa aaaagaaacc agaacataga gacgtttctg     37020
     tgtgcgcaaa tctttaaaac gatcaccaac ttctggtgag attataaatg agaaataaac     37080
     atctccacag acagaagagc agcaaaaaag caagcatgta catcacaccc cacgaaccgt     37140
     atgttaacat gcccacactg agtgacaaat agagtgacaa ttatatcgca attattcaca     37200
     tgtgcctctt ttagtctgta caactactta caaatatgat atatcaaata aagagcagct     37260
     tccgttctcc tctgcacgct ttaaaatatc atgtcagtgt aaaaccttaa acatttaagt     37320
     caaaactcag gaactgctcc tttattttgt tcaagcggac ccttcatttt tcacccatcg     37380
     gggtgtgaaa gcggcccgta agtggcaaag gcactggaca gaggaggaca ggtttaattt     37440
     agtgttacct ccgtctgact ggcagcatga tgagcccacc cgtgacgtgc agctcctgtg     37500
     tttgctgtgg agaggtcagg gtgagcggga cttgcagagg ggtttcgggc gggacagggg     37560
     gccgatcagc cctggagctc atcaaagcag ttgtcacaca ctcgaacggg cttcttggag     37620
     gagggtgtga gggcgttgcg ggcagagcac tctgcacaga agatgttccc gcagtgtctg     37680
     cagtggtgct ggagaaacac agagggcagg tctcaggtca gctgggttaa aaaacttgtg     37740
     tgatggagtg atagtttagg cttgggttga ttgatcaaaa tatttaattc actttgattt     37800
     ggaactgatt tatttgaaga tatttctgtc attcactttt ttttgtaaag catatgttca     37860
     agaaagtgag tacatctgcc aatattcaat aatacaatac atggtgataa taaaaaagat     37920
     gtatttttta ataatagttt ttaggggttt tctcctttat ttggatagga cagtggagat     37980
     tttacagaca ggaaagtgtg gagaccagag atagggaaag gatcggcaaa ggacctcgag     38040
     ctgggattcg aactcgggtc gccgttagca ccttagtgct atgtgtcgac gcactaaccc     38100
     aggcatgggc aaacttgatt ctggagggcc gatgtccctg cagacttttg ctccaacact     38160
     aataaaacac ctgaaaaaac taatcagtgt cttaaagatt actagaaagc tgcaggcatg     38220
     tgtgtttgat taaggttgga gcaaaactat acaggacacc ggccctctag gatctggttt     38280
     gcccatccct gcactaacca ctaggctatt agtgctaaga atgtgcaggt cacagtggtt     38340
     gtttttttat caaaaatgct tgaaaacttt attataaaaa taaatagtaa ttcatttatt     38400
     ttctttttgg cttagtccct ttattaatct agggtcgcat cagccgaatg aaccaccaac     38460
     ttatccaaca tatgttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc tgcaacccat ctctgggaaa     38520
     attccataca cactcattca cactcataca ctggacaatt cagcctaccc aattcacctg     38580
     taccacatgt ctttggactt gtggaggaaa ctagagcatc cagaggaaac ccatgcgaac     38640
     atggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg accctgccaa ggctcgaacc     38700
     agtgaccttc ttgctgtgag gtgaacgttt tatacgaatt ataaatagcc tataaattat     38760
     gggctatttg ttgtccaaca tattcatttg aacaagttaa tctggtctac aacattccca     38820
     agataaagat tgtctgattc ttcataagtg tgcctgttgt taacaggcga tgcagtggcg     38880
     cagtaggtag tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggttgctg gttcgaacct ctgctcagtt     38940
     ggtgtttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctc cctgcattcg ctccggtttc ccccacagtc     39000
     caaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggc aggctaaatt gtccgtagtg tatgagtgtg     39060
     tgtggatatt ttccagagat gggttgcagc tggaagggca tccgctacat aaaaacgtgc     39120
     tggataagtt gtcaattcat tccactgtgg cgactctgga ttaataaagg gactaagccg     39180
     acaggaaaat taatgaatga atgattgtta acaatttaca atgaggcttc aattgttaac     39240
     atcagtaaat taaaataaac tgatgataaa attacttgta aagctttttt taatatttta     39300
     ggtgatgtaa atatcttggt taaggtttat taaatcatga ttacttcaac ttaatggtca     39360
     cttcattgca cttaataaag ttaagtgcac ttttcttttt aaactaacat taccagtgca     39420
     gcaattgtta ctcaccccta gggccagaca gaatctgtga acatgttttg ctatttctgc     39480
     aaagaaattt tgcaaaaaca tctactgatt tatgtggaat gattttggga gtatcacaac     39540
     taaaaatgta atacatgaaa taaaaacaaa taataccttt ttaactttta tttaatgttt     39600
     acaatgcaaa tccacttaga tccacttaat tggtaaacaa agtctctcat ttaataagtc     39660
     tactaaaaga cagaaaatat tactttaaaa actttattgt aaataaatca aatgaacatt     39720
     ttcatatttg tcaataatat tactggaatt aacctcaaaa ttgaataagt ataaatttaa     39780
     acacctttac acaagtaaat aagcagactc actaaacaat gagctaaaaa tctgagaaaa     39840
     tctgcagatt tctgcccgca cagattctgt gtaggcatac ccatcactgt tgatgttagt     39900
     ttatggttaa actaatgttt attaatgaga ttttattgta atttgtttta cttaataatc     39960
     tgccataatt tttactctga atatttacat acaaaaaaat agtgctcttg aatgatttat     40020
     cctgactaat tgcatacaaa aaagtatgca cttacatcac aacttagtgt gtatcattaa     40080
     caaatacata aatgatgtag aaatattagt atgtatgtga aaattgtctg catttatata     40140
     tacataatta atatgcgctg gacaagcaca ttcaaattca aatatcaact tttatgttgt     40200
     acattagtca catataatca tgaaactact aaagcaaaac acaaacatag ttagtttgct     40260
     actgtatata atgtaatagc tctgcaatta ttgaaacaag aacatttggg aacattttac     40320
     ggtatccttg ttaaacttgt tccatgtaat tacaatagta attacaatta attatgcata     40380
     actacattca actagctcta aacaaacaca ttctaaccac atagtaagta catgtagtta     40440
     attaatatta ctcggtagtt aaaggaatag ttacatttta acaaggacac caaaaatgaa     40500
     agtgtgtgtt atagagtgaa tctataatgc agacctttct gacagtgacg gagaagcctt     40560
     tcccacaagc catgcagttc tgcacctcat ggtcttctgt ccacttccgt gtgagggatt     40620
     gtgactgttt tatctgaatc aggagaaaaa aagagccaca taaaagacac taatctttag     40680
     aaaagattct gaattgtaca atcagtaatt tcagtgtgtc taatgttgct aagtcagacc     40740
     tgtaaggact ggttctctcg accaagctcc tgcatggcgg cagtagtgtc gtccaacttc     40800
     ctgcgcatct ccaacatctt agcctgaagc ttctccatct ccccttcacc ctggacgcac     40860
     ctggaaaatg agttatttgc tattattgat tactttctac ttattaaagg agaacttttt     40920
     ataattttca gttgtcgtca caccattagg caaaacattt atataccctg tcgatcgcca     40980
     agtcacaggc taaataatta ctctattttt ttattttcca aaaacctgga aaattgttgt     41040
     gcaatcaggt ttagtgttat aaaccaacaa ggagacacac ctaagctgtt cttctacaga     41100
     tttccttcat agaaagatca gccagaaaag agaaatttat gaatttgcgc caaatactaa     41160
     cattattgat ccataacaaa catattagct acaactgtca gtgtgtttgt atgcttttta     41220
     tacagtttct aatctaattt gcaggtcaag tgcaatttaa gtataaatag cagaagtgaa     41280
     tgaacagatt cttcctacca gcaaatatta atctatttaa ttggattatg aaaagataac     41340
     gttagaccag tttgtgctgc gtttctatag agatcccagt gtagctgcca ttcttttttt     41400
     gcttgccagg tctccgcaca ggtgacgtga tcagttgtgg aaaattctct ttgagatttg     41460
     attccttttg ttttccagaa atgtcagaat agcatatggc ggccccgccc tcttctagta     41520
     actcatttgc atttaaagag aatgagaaaa aaatctgtgt ttttgctcac aaccaaatag     41580
     gagcaacttt gacaagaaat aattaatgat ctactgtgtg atgtgagctg aaactttact     41640
     agcacattct ggggtgacca gtgacgtttt taacatctta tgtaaaggtg gacaatatgt     41700
     cccctttaaa gctccagata tcagtatctc aaacctctca agtagtgcac gtctttcgtc     41760
     ttggttgttc tggactgttg cttccagcac ggcaatctct cctctcagct catccgtctg     41820
     tttctccagc tcacccaccc gcctctggct gctctgccac tctcgcttca gcgtggccac     41880
     gttctcattc agtgccgtca cctgcatgga catcttcacc tcagcctctt ccctctgccg     41940
     caccatctcc tctttagcct tcacttctga tgcctgaaga tggaacagaa atgtaacttc     42000
     tctgtggatt ttttttgaaa gcaagtttgc taaataggtc agccagagag gttacttgct     42060
     agctggtaaa tttttaataa aataaaattg tttaacattg tttaaagtat ttttattagg     42120
     gagacattta aataaattat caaaaatata tatatttgtt ggcttttggt caaaatttat     42180
     ggagtataac tcctattcaa cctattgtgt ttctgttata aaaccttaag tatcctccca     42240
     atttataaac atgaataaat tagtacaaaa tgctagcttg gctcacttac atcagcaggg     42300
     gattctacag tggaataaat aaacaaataa aaataaataa ataaataaat aatgtgaaac     42360
     ttaagaaagc aacatataat caatgaaaat aaataatatt ttaataaata ttaaatataa     42420
     aaaaaccaat agcttagttt tagtctataa tagaaccagt cattattatt atttttatta     42480
     ttattattat tatataacac tatatttggt tatttgtagt aaccttgtga tagcatttgt     42540
     agatattcat tattatatta aatatataaa gaaatgtttc taatattgtt atttaatatt     42600
     ttaaataaat atcaatatca ttgattatga caaataataa cattgtatta gtagtaaata     42660
     aatagtatgc tataaagtaa aaactatttt attaatatta ttgtaataaa atattgaaaa     42720
     taaatcaata aatgtattaa tattaaatac aaaaagtctg caggcaagta aatgttattt     42780
     ttatgctaat cactaatatt ttataatatt agcaatagta ttaataagag ttactattaa     42840
     atgaatgcaa tacataaata caaaacaagt attacctagc agtactatat tttctcacta     42900
     gtagtagtaa catcatagta ccaacaaatg aagacaaaat aacaactaaa ataaagaaat     42960
     aacatcaata atttttaaaa agcaagccaa atagctaata tgaccagtac cagctgctgc     43020
     tttattttgt tggtctcagc cttgagctgc tgctcattct gtttgatgga gtctctggtc     43080
     ttctgatgct ctctctgttc tttctccaca gatgcttgag ccgcctctac cttcccctgc     43140
     atctccacct tttgctggat caacaactgc tttgctgcct gcaagtcctt cagctcctgc     43200
     cagacacaga aagaatttgc tgttacaacc agtgggatct gaactgttca tgtatgggtc     43260
     aaaagcccag agcaccaaac tataccatat gaagttataa acagtcataa tcaaagaaca     43320
     ttaataaaat ttgtgaattc aatactggta atttacagaa attctaataa aatgtgcatt     43380
     atttgtcaga gttattgtac aggatttaaa ttggagatat tttattttag gaatttctca     43440
     gttttttttt tcattctgct tgtgacaatt gagtacaatt gttgaaataa aacagtaata     43500
     gtaagttgct atgattattt tatgactact ataagccaca gccataataa taataataat     43560
     ataaaaaaaa taataaaaaa aataataata atacatttta tttatttcta gcaactcaag     43620
     gacaccgcac aatcaacaag agcaataaaa caacatgaga aataataaaa tatagacagc     43680
     aatagtgcag ataaaattaa gtattaaaag ccatcctaaa taagtgggtt ttgagtctag     43740
     atatgaatag tgtgaggggg tcaatgttca aaatcaccca atgtcaatga gtcaatatca     43800
     ccctgcagcc caagaccaat tactcactga aactaagcag ggctgagctt ggtcagtacc     43860
     tggacaagac accacatggg aaaactaggt tgctgttgga agttgtgtta gagaggccag     43920
     aacggagcgc tcaacctttg gtctgtgtga gtccatatgc cccagtaaaa gtgaagggga     43980
     cactacactg tcagtgggcg ccgtctttcg gatgagacgt tgaaccgagg tcttgacttt     44040
     ctgttgtcat taaaaatccc atggcacttc tcgtaaagag taggagttta accccggtgt     44100
     tctggccaaa gtccctctat ctgcccttac tattagggct ttccaatcca cctatagctg     44160
     gtgtttggtg agtgcactgg caccgttgtt ctgtagctgc catcgcatca tccaagtgga     44220
     tgctgcaaac tggtggtggt gtggagagac tccactaatg actgtgaaga tttttgggtg     44280
     tatgaccaca cacaataaat gcgctatata aatacacatt acatgattgt taatgtgaat     44340
     ttcaatgtgt tttggggtct aaccttttca ttcttctcag ccagtgtttt gagatcagca     44400
     gacagtttgt ttttgtcctt ttccagggcg ctttgactct ctctcagctc ctcgcattga     44460
     gctttctcct tcttcagctg ctcctctgtt tgtcccttca aaagacacaa agacccagtc     44520
     agatcataaa atagcacacg atttgtctgt gctaatctgc aaatataatt tatgactgac     44580
     aaatatttct gtaaccttca gaatctgtga ttcaaagtct tgcttgagag tgtgatttct     44640
     caggcttgtt ctgttacctg ttgtttctgg agcttctgca gagtctccac ttgctgtttg     44700
     atcttctcgt ctctcttgct caggtctatc tccatcgctg tgtggcccgt cttcagctcc     44760
     tggatttggg tttcgtaagc actgagctgg ttcctgttgg tcaccagctc ctcctgagca     44820
     agaaccaact tctcctcgca cacctgcatg gccaatagaa aggttattat taggtagtga     44880
     tgatttatta cgatagttta ttttgcatga atcagacctt aaggtcctgg cgtacagcag     44940
     agagctcaga ctctttgcca tagtaatcag actgaagggc ggtgagactc tctttggtgc     45000
     catcactggt tttctgcagc tctgcacagc gattcttctc tgagctcaga tctttagaca     45060
     gtgctgtgat ttgctccttt tgcttggctt cctcttcggt ctgaaacaca attccagttt     45120
     attcaaggac gaagtttatg tcaccttcat ttctatcagg gaatcaacag aaaattagta     45180
     aaagttcaga cactgtgtta cacttatggc cttttgcatt gagtagtatg gtttaataga     45240
     gtaacaataa aaagggctgg acatttttac tctatattaa tttaactgcc aatcacacag     45300
     gagaaaagcg gaacaacagg aatcttcaat tgtattgatg ttagagatta actgcatttt     45360
     ttccggcctc tgaaatgagg ttatgctatt taatggaccc tatatttttt gaggcttcag     45420
     tcattgttgg gatactcatt taaagctgga agcaacaaca aattatatca aaatatatat     45480
     tgttatcatt taagatggaa aagaattatc gagattgcat ttttgccata tcacccagcc     45540
     ctaagtacga tgctcattta tatacggttc cactgtaaaa ggttcctaag ggtaccgaaa     45600
     ggatggaggt agtctcactg ctgaatgcta ctggtgtaca aataaacgtc acttgcgcat     45660
     gcaacaagac aaacatagga aatggcattt taaaatacac agctgaaaca aaacaccaaa     45720
     ataatacaat ggcggcacac aacaacgaac cctgctcaaa caaagcttgt ctcttcttct     45780
     gatgaacaac cacataccaa aaagcaagaa catgatcagc tgtaggactt ctattgttgt     45840
     tttatggtat ctttcacaag tcacatctaa acatgtgagc tttcatttca ttcgtgtcta     45900
     cgtttatata ttgtgccaaa agatgatgat atgtcagata tgtcagcctg gagggcaggc     45960
     atcctccata ttttagttca aacccctaaa ctaactaatc aagctttttc taggtatact     46020
     agaaaccccc aggcaggtgt gttgaaggaa atttattatg caggacaacc acttgtttag     46080
     ctttctcaat tctgcagaac acaaaagata ttttgccatt attttaccaa aagcaacaga     46140
     tttcaccaac tccaacattt atgttttatg attcacgatc tggacaaaaa tacaatgaaa     46200
     gtcaattgga tccaaaacta tgtggttacc accactcttc aaaatatcta tgtttcattg     46260
     tactgacaaa aaatatatac aatagaatcc aatggaaacc caaactctaa atataaagaa     46320
     aataaaacaa atagaaaatg gatctcaata gaaattggaa ctgattacca acattctgta     46380
     aaatatcttc taaatttttt ttaaatgtaa agtgggtaaa cactagacat gcccacacta     46440
     cgtctattcc aattgcaaaa attgttttca atagaggtac acacacactg acaccacaat     46500
     taagcacctt tcacattact taacaaggta tccgcttgtt aagtggtgac gtgttggtgg     46560
     cgtcaacacc aatactgttt ccgggtccaa gccgccactt atttgagttg agatattatt     46620
     tatttatgat cactttttac tcatttcaca cattaaaatt aattttatat atagtcatag     46680
     tgtactcaac aatctctggg cttgctgcat aacaaaattt taacaattta taaaaaaatt     46740
     aatcactttc tgcccatcgg atattaggca tggacatata tattgcgatc atgattttcg     46800
     ctttgtaaac ctttataatt accatttcat gagtctcccc ataaagttaa atagagtgct     46860
     tggacccgga agccgcttcg cgtgatgtca cacttaacaa gcggatagaa aacattgtaa     46920
     atatgggtat actgtgacgc gtatggtgta cagcccgctt tgggaaccaa aaatatttgt     46980
     tacgcagcaa tctttatcca atgaacagtc tatttaagtg cctgtttctg agcatttcat     47040
     actacatcag ttaataagag aaacatacat gcctttttag caagggaagc ctgtagctca     47100
     gacacctgtg ccttcagttt cttcacttcc tgactgaagg agccttgcgt ggtcttcagc     47160
     tctgcctgca gctgctgttc actcttttct ttctccttca gtgtatcctg acactgcttc     47220
     agctgagcgt tcagtgcagt cagctgagat tgaagactct tttctgccta aaagattcaa     47280
     cattattgca aaatatatca cgattcgtct aaaatggggt atataagcga tgctataagc     47340
     gatacataag cgatgctttt tttgatcaat cttacctcta tcgatttctc cagcagacct     47400
     ttgacattgc tgagctcttt agaagtggcc tctgagttct tctgaagctc ttgctgtact     47460
     ttttgaaaaa ccttttccta aaaaaaaaaa ataataaaat aaaataaaaa agacagtgat     47520
     ttaaaccttt ttgtgcaaca tttgctttaa aagtgtgctt gtactgcatc actgcattta     47580
     ggggagagag agttttaaat gtattgctat atcagctttt ctggctattt tatggcaaaa     47640
     ccattttata aatattactt ttctataata ataaaaaaaa ctttaacaat aaaaatacat     47700
     taacagtaat aaatctaaaa catgttaagt tttagtttta gataagtttt tgattgactt     47760
     ttaaatgaaa ttgcactatt attgaaggat tcacatttaa aaatatttcc tttaaagtct     47820
     ctccagataa caattgtctg ataacattaa aaatagggca gtccaaaaga acaggtttat     47880
     tactgcatta atatttgttt tgtaatgcaa tgactttcat ttatttttat acaaagattt     47940
     ttttgaggca aacccctgtt aagcgaccaa ccttctcctc caaagtggcc ttgctgccct     48000
     tcttctcctt gtctaattga gtctggctct ctttcagagc tttagaagct ttgctcagag     48060
     cctctttcac tgtcgccact tcttttacca gcgtttcttt ctccccctga gttttctgga     48120
     gatctgaact cagaccctgc accttcttgt ccaactctgc ctgctgcttc tgaccctcct     48180
     gagacagttt atccaggttg gcctgcaggg ctccacgctc ctgctctgct ttctccagct     48240
     tttgtcttgt ttcggtgaga gctgagcttt tcttctttag ctcctcttgc tgggtggaag     48300
     ctctaaagaa tcaaagagga catcaaacat catccctgtg ctcactaatg cagaatttga     48360
     tacacagtaa aaatgttttt tccccattac aaccttataa catctgatga gcaacttcta     48420
     ataaacaaga agtttttttt agaatatatt atacaaatta cattataagc atgtcatttg     48480
     gtaaaaatgt aacctgctta atgaaaaaaa ctgacaaatg cattgaaatg gtaaattaca     48540
     aatgaaaaaa tcatatataa aaaacaagtt gatatagata tttctccagt agttttttta     48600
     ggtaacagtt ggaagaaaga gaatttaact ataatgatta actatataat aaatattaac     48660
     tataatattt taagttatga ctgcttcaga tctgtaaaac cttgatattt aatgtctgac     48720
     aaaacaagaa actatcaata ttactttaaa agagtaaatt aattttgttt acttgaatac     48780
     aacaaaaaat ctgatttcat gctggaagag ttcatctaaa catgtcaaaa ctttttaatg     48840
     gttaaatctg agaagaagaa aacaattttt ttaaagtatt ttgatggttg ttaacactga     48900
     tttttaacaa ctctgttgct ctttgcatac cttgacctca aaacagctta tcagttgcat     48960
     aggattagtt ttaaggatat gtttatgcaa actaatcatt actgtaaatg ttatctcttc     49020
     agataggata agtgatataa taaagctgaa tatgtctgct gtatgaaaat taacagttta     49080
     caaaacatat tgctaaacaa gggtaattat acaagaaacc tgatacacat atttggtatt     49140
     actagtaaca gaaactgaat attaaatata tagatattaa atcacattaa aatatgctga     49200
     gctatactgt ataaaatatg tagcatttga tcaactttct agaaaaaaac agttaatttc     49260
     ttcagtattg ttattgatgt atttgttaag ctttttatgc atttatcttt tctttgttta     49320
     ggtgtttaca attaagtgtt ttgtctgtca aggaaggcat aggaagggta gtttaaaaat     49380
     tatgtttaca tggatattga attcatcctc aatattgttg atgtaaaaaa taataaatat     49440
     attgataaaa acaatattat tgtctttaac aataaacaaa ggcaacactt aaaggctaca     49500
     taaaataaaa cagttaggct aatgtactcc aaaataagtc aatgtagcaa agaaaactac     49560
     aaacaattca gttttaaacc ctacacattt tctcatttta acacgtaccc ttgtttctcg     49620
     gaatctaaaa gtcggttcaa ctctttggtc ttcatctcca gctcactgat ctgcttctta     49680
     agagacgact gctctttctg agcctgttct cttccggagc ggatctcagt caactcaacc     49740
     tcggctttct acatcagaca caaagaaaag tcaccagatt ttagaaattc cattatgata     49800
     ataacacata ttaataatac agtactatga ggttttcaaa aatgtctcaa tcattttttt     49860
     aaatcatcac ttaaaactta ctttttttga gtagctttta agtagatttt tttaatgtga     49920
     ttttaatcat ttctttgttt ttattataat tgctttgtct agtcttttat gcatgtgtct     49980
     ttgtatgtat caagttctat acttgctata tttgccaaga actttgagat gctataaagg     50040
     agctattaaa aataaagttt gttattatta tgtgaaattt aaaatctttt aaaaactttt     50100
     cccaagtgat gtttaacgta gagaggattt tgtcagcaca tttttcatta taatggtttt     50160
     aataactaat ttctaataat taatttattt tgtctttgcc acgatgaaag tacaaaatta     50220
     tttactagat gtttttcaag atgctaggag ttaagattct agaagttaaa atgcttcagc     50280
     ttaaagtgca atttaaagaa ttaactgggt tattactagg ccaattaggt taattaggca     50340
     agttattgga taacagtggt ttgttctgta gccaatcgaa gaaaaaatga gggtaaaata     50400
     ttgactataa aaatactttt taaaatttaa aactgctttt attttagcta aactataaga     50460
     aataaaactt tttccagaag aaaatatatt atagcaaata ctgtgaaaat gtcttgctct     50520
     gtaaaacacc cctaggcgaa tatttaaaaa aataacaaca gaaatttcaa acaatttata     50580
     taatttgtca atatagtcac ttgattattg atgttcaata taaacaacaa gactgacata     50640
     attttttaat tgatgtccct gtgattaagt agaaatgcac tgcagtctaa aaatattgac     50700
     cataaaactg tttttaaaat aaaaaaatgg cttttatttc agccaaaaga acaaaaaatt     50760
     agaatgtatt atagtaagaa aaaatgtcac aggaaatact tcttgctttt ttaaacatca     50820
     taagggaaat atttttaact gtacattttg tcaatatagt cattcgattg ctgacgttca     50880
     aaataaacaa caagcctgac acattttctt aatgttgtcc ccggtgatga agtagaaata     50940
     cagtgcagtg ctgctgacct tggtctgggt ctggagcgtc tctatcctct gttctgcagt     51000
     catcagtttg tctctgctgt ccttcaggcc gttctccagc tgagagcact gctcctgctt     51060
     ctccgtcagc ctgcgggcct gctcctccag ctgagcctgc actttactga gctcctgcac     51120
     aagcacacac aaacaaacaa catcttctat gagttaaaca acaaaacatg actattataa     51180
     ataaactggg accgaaagat acatacttgc tgcttatcct gcaatgcatt ctgagcagtc     51240
     tctaggtggc tctccaagtc agctctctgg gcattttttg ctgcttcagc agacaacagc     51300
     atctcagtct tggctttcaa ctaagaataa aagagtataa catttgtttt ttattaatta     51360
     acgaaataaa aaaacactag gctggaataa ataaacattt ttaacatttt aatgtaaaaa     51420
     tgtagagaaa gattaaaaaa tctggttaat taatgggtaa taatggttaa ttaatcgggt     51480
     taataaaact gaaaaagcta tattagtatc gtttatgtac tgttatagct agtgctaata     51540
     ttttatgcgt aatattaata cgtttatatt tacaaatatg tgtatccgcg tgtatacata     51600
     tttttataca tgtgggtcta ttttatacac atatacacag cttgtgtgtg tgcatctata     51660
     catacagttg aagtcaaaat tattagcccc cctttgattt ttcttttttt ttttcttctt     51720
     tttttaatat ttcctaatta tgtttaataa agtaaggaca ttttcacagt atgtctaata     51780
     atattttttc ttctggagaa agtcttattt gttttatttt ttaccaaaat agaagcagtt     51840
     ttgaattttt tagaaaacat tctaaggtca aaattattat cccctttaag ctaattttat     51900
     tttgatagtc tacagaacaa accattgtta tacgataact tgcttattta ccctaacctg     51960
     cctagttaac ctgatttacc tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc actttaagct gtataaaagt     52020
     gtctagaaaa tatctggtaa aatattattt actgtcatca tggcaaagat aaaataaatc     52080
     agttattaaa aatgagttat taaaactatt atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa aaaaatctgc     52140
     tcttcgttaa acagaaattg ggggaaaaaa taaacagggg gctaataatt atgacttcaa     52200
     ctgtatatat acattctgtg tttatatgta ttcttttata aacattttag ttggctagta     52260
     ataagcaaat tggctagtaa taattcaatt aacaatacca acagtgaagt aaaatatata     52320
     attttctcat gggcataaaa aatgtattga aataatcatc aatcactttg cacaaatacc     52380
     tgagtgtcta gctgagcgat cttctctctg ctctctgtga gctgtgtgtt gagttcagtg     52440
     acggtggtct ccagaccctg acagcggtct tgagctgaac gcaggtgtgt cttctgctcc     52500
     tgcacctgtt catgaaggtt gtcctgagcc tgcttgtggc tctccgactg gttcttaagc     52560
     ttgtctgtaa gctgcgtgat ctgaatgaac acactagagt caacattttt tctgttcaaa     52620
     gactagatca aacatgtagt acagccttgt ccagtacctg ttcttgtagc gagtgatttt     52680
     tctcttgtaa ttggttcaga acagcagctt ctccttctcc agcctgaatc ttggcacaca     52740
     gatcctctct ctcggtctcc agctggctca cactttcctt actcttctgg agcagagctt     52800
     caagattctg gatcttctgg tctttgtcgc cgatctgacg caacacctgc tccaggtcat     52860
     tctgcatgag aaggtcatta aaatgttgtt gttttttttt atatgtgaat tgtataaaga     52920
     tatcttgtaa agaaaatcag catatttctg actaatcatg tgaaactcaa gactgcaaaa     52980
     aatgacaatt acaattattc agtatagttg tacacacagt ttatacagtt atagactaaa     53040
     ttattagccc tcctgtgaca tttgaactga ttttcaagca tacttacata atacattttt     53100
     aactgccatg acgacagtac ataatatgtt gctagttatt ttgcaagata gctttgttca     53160
     gctttagatt taggttaact agacaagtca ttggacaaca ctggtatgtt cagtagccaa     53220
     tcaaaaataa atatactttt tagaatagct aatgatatgg accttagttt ttacagcttt     53280
     acaaatatgt ttattcctgc caaactaaaa gaaataagac cttctccaga agaaaaacag     53340
     aatagcaaat aaagtgaaaa atattttaaa tagaatttaa atttcacact cttcaggttt     53400
     acatttggaa atctttgtgt aattatattg gttaaatgtg ttcattagtt tccataccaa     53460
     tatatatagt tttacagatg ttgtgtcctt gtgttcatga actaaaaaat aaacatataa     53520
     ataactttta aaatggagtg aaaacccaga gaggatccct agctcacagg gaacccaaca     53580
     attgacagaa atcagtcata tcgacagaga acttcaatcc atgcaactat atcattattt     53640
     tcttgattta atatatttag gtactaataa ttaactgtgt ttaagcgtaa ttactgtgtt     53700
     aagtgtaatt actgtataat tcatttactg tatctctatt atttactgca aagtgtgttt     53760
     atgtaaattt acacagacaa acaaaagaat aattgcaaaa aaaaactcct ttcttttctt     53820
     ttcaaaaacc accaaggacc ttgcatttat atttacaact ccataaacat aaaccctaac     53880
     aaacacaatg cttgtctaaa catattttgg aacaaacaat gctatttcta gaaaatatct     53940
     taaatgcaac agtcaaaatg ccagtgttct gtttacctgt gcttctctaa gtttgccatt     54000
     agtgctctgt tgaagtgttt gtagttcttg atgctgctgt ttggatttgt ccagctgatg     54060
     ctgcaggtca gtggacttgg tggagctctc cttcaactat acacacacac acacataatc     54120
     acagatatat aaaatctcag agaaaacaga agtccatgca gtgagttaac aagataaaca     54180
     agcccaccac actaataact agcctgtctg acttacccaa gtataacata cattattcat     54240
     aaagctgctg gctagactaa taattactgt caacatgcac cactgaattg atgtgattgg     54300
     agacctcaag tgctgtaaaa tgtttactca tcagccatat cacgttttta cctcttcctc     54360
     taagcgggag agtttgagct gcagatctgc tgcctgctgt tctctgtctt tgagcttctc     54420
     tccggacagc tgtctctgct ctttcagacg accctgcagc tcccccacct gacgctccgc     54480
     ttccagcagc ttggcatgca gctgagaaaa aacaccagag actgattata aacatgtagc     54540
     ttcttaacaa atcagcttaa tgtactctgc tgctgtacaa atgtaaatgc ctaatggatg     54600
     aatgggtcag tttctaggtg aatagactga ttcaggtttt atttatgagc agaatgtgcg     54660
     ttttattgga tagtttttac tatatacgca atttaaatgt attttttatc tagtattgta     54720
     ttttatttta taatatattt taaatgttat ttctgtttta tgaatgttgg ttcattctaa     54780
     aatattatac aagttattat tctgtattgt ttgctgggtt ttgtaatata attaaaatca     54840
     ataaaaaaac agaattatgc ataattacat gtaactgaca cttaacctaa ccaacaccct     54900
     ttacaaaact atttagtaag tacatgtaat caattaatat tactctgtag tcaaataaat     54960
     agttacactg taaccttgtc ccctccttga aataaagcac atttaaaagg ctgaactaaa     55020
     gctgaactta aagatgagag ggtttcattc tgaattaaac aatatatggg tttgattctg     55080
     aaataaaaga gatcttattt taaactaaac gatggatggg tttgatttga aaaaaaaaaa     55140
     aagatagatg gatctgattc tgtactaaaa catggacggg tctgattctg aacttaatac     55200
     agaaggtcct gattctgatc aagtagaaag aatctgattc tcaacagaaa gggtggattc     55260
     aagtctgttt agaaggacat atttgattct gattctaaca ggattcattt aatcccgatt     55320
     gaaattaatt tgactctgat tcaaactgga atttgattct ttttctgaac taaatataaa     55380
     tgcatttgat tctgattcta cagagatgga tttgataatg attggatgaa cgactgaaag     55440
     atgaagattg gatctaattc taatttaaaa gacggatttg attctaaatt gatgtatttg     55500
     tttctaaact taaagaaaca agttgtttac ttatcctgcc actagtttct ttcttctgtt     55560
     gaacaaaaag atttactaaa gaacgttggg aaaaacagcc aatttctacc atagtttatt     55620
     tttagctcat tcctaataag aatgtcattg gcttcttttt cccaaccact tgaatatgag     55680
     taaatgatga agaaatgtta agttttttag ttaactatac ctttaaagac cctttcaatt     55740
     aaattcaaag aattgatgaa ttagtttcta aacaaaagga tggatggatc tgattcagaa     55800
     ctaaagaatg gatggattct gaactaaagt atagatagat ctgatttcga ccaataaatt     55860
     agattctaaa ctaaaaggac agattaatct gattctgaag taaaggattg aatcatcttt     55920
     tattagcatc tcttactgac ctggctgatc tcactctgtt gctgcaggcc ctggttttct     55980
     ttatcctccc tttgctgttg aagttgtttc cgctctgcct tcagctcctg ctggttcttc     56040
     tccagctcgc ccagctctcg tctgagtcgt gcagcctctt ccccacgttc agttaattca     56100
     gcctgtgctc gactgagagc tgcttctcct gaagacaccc gtgctcgact ctcctggagc     56160
     tccagctctt tctgatgcag attagcctga agactcttct tagaggcctg ttcgtgaccc     56220
     agacgctcct ccagttcctg attctccttc tctttacgag ataatttctc tgacaaagcc     56280
     tgaggagtgg cagagtgatt acattcattg ctatttagtt ttttttttat tatgactaat     56340
     tcatttatac aaacttttgt ttcatggcaa cagtaagaat gcaatacaac aagctttttc     56400
     atcagaccac cggccgccag cacagaatac aaaaacatta tcattttata acagtgtttt     56460
     tgaatgctga caaaatgttt gggaattctg ggatagctca aacacctctt ttatgagagc     56520
     aaagctgagc agttgtattc tgacctttcc ttgtgacagc tttaaaaagg gcaagcagaa     56580
     aaagggcatc gtgacgtcca gaatggtggc atgaggatga taaaaatgtc ttgtttagct     56640
     tatatgagtt tttattgaga atagctatgt tctcttccta caaatatttc tttcttccaa     56700
     ctcctttata agatagaggc ctgctatttg tttggtttct gaaaggcata tatgtttttt     56760
     aaaggttcat ccaaacctgt gtgtcttctt ttaaatgacc tttgtaattt tcgtacagag     56820
     attttccaac ttaaggtata agtcaccttc aagtgcagca caaatgtctc aattatttta     56880
     aataaatgta aatatatata tataaatatg ggtgaaataa tgtcagtgca accaatatat     56940
     tcatataaaa tttaaagagc atacttatga cctgaataat taatattaaa atgaaaatgc     57000
     tgttttttaa aagattaaat tttttattac aatgggtatt ggtttgaatg aaaatgttaa     57060
     attaaaactt taaaatgtat aatataatta ttatagtatt taggggcttt actctgattt     57120
     ataaaaatca cacattaatt tttctcaagt atatcagaat ttaagttact gctgaaaatt     57180
     cagttttgca tccacatcaa tagatttcat tttagaattt aaaatagcac aatttaaatc     57240
     tataatatat attaaaataa tctacaaaat ttaataaata ttttttaatt aattatgaaa     57300
     taatttctat ttttaaacaa aataactaca gcatttgtga gcataagaga cccactattt     57360
     ttatatcaga gtttaattca gcttcaaatt gcaagcatct tttttttttt ttgatcatgc     57420
     tggatgaaaa aaaaaagaat aattttcctc tctgatgaaa aaaaggactt tcattaagat     57480
     aattcactgt tcatttcacc aatgcataag ctagttttaa caaaataagt cttaatatga     57540
     tgtctaatta atataataat attttaattt ccctttacat tttacatgca agtttactcc     57600
     tctcattcct gcatattccc tttgaacttt ttgaattatt gtttaaattt atccctcagg     57660
     actctttaca aggatggttc taataacaac cccttaaatt gctcctattt cacttcccac     57720
     cggtaccacc gtccacattt tttagaagtc agcgcgcctg tagactctga tctcttaatc     57780
     ctgtcctgac aatttaaaca atggatgaga gagttgtggg tcattacctg tggcaatata     57840
     tccttcaaaa caggcacgag acaaatctcc cccctgctgc tgtaattgca cagcatctgt     57900
     gatgtaaatg tcaacactcg gtttaacgac caatcaaaac acatggcctg ctgacaggtc     57960
     agtgggacaa ctttggaccg aacacacaag actgcttact gttaagtgtg ttatgccatt     58020
     tcctgaaagc cagctggaag cgtttgtaaa tggcagtaca gtaaacttat atttggatgc     58080
     aggcgcagat gctggcaggt cttaacatag ttctgtgaag ccgttaaagt aggccattaa     58140
     aatctacagc tggatttgca gtaaacatac agcacatgct ttgttgctaa gggtggtcca     58200
     gtaattctag gctactgatg tcaattccca caaatgactg atcagtgttt aaattcaaaa     58260
     ccaattaatc gaaaaacaga gatattgcta ttttagtggt tcaatgtttc cgcaatgaca     58320
     cgatgtgcaa atgacgctca aatagcaaat atcaacgtca aaggaaaatt attttacaat     58380
     tattttactg taaattgttt ttgtttgttt gtgtacagaa tataggcatg ctagcttcaa     58440
     tagctatttt aaagccagat tatatagatc agaagttttt acaatttatt tttgcaaata     58500
     ctgtacttgg tgtaactata aaaaaaatta actatataga aaaaaagaat gagaaaagaa     58560
     aggatcttct cctagcatta aaaacttgtt tgtcacccag gggtctgctt cgtaaaccaa     58620
     gcttacagaa aaagccagga ttattttggt aagtcaggtt tattaatagc ggaattttgt     58680
     ttcataaatc aaatttacat tagttcaaac tcagttagtc tggcaactta tgctggaaaa     58740
     ctagcttggt ctgggtcaag ttaactctaa gtcttaagtt caagcctaat cgaggtaatg     58800
     ttaacattca cctgccgaaa tttgatgcca ttttaattca cttaacctct taataatgat     58860
     taaaacttta tagtcagtta atagtatgtg tatacacaca ccaaacatct ttaatacata     58920
     taatgcattt caattcaaat aagttatcgc aaacaaaaaa atacaaacta caagattttt     58980
     atatattttc tatgtttcta tagatttttt ttcttccgtt taagaaaatt ttatttaata     59040
     tttccctcca acatattaat ttggatgtaa taatttttaa ctgtggtctt tattcattta     59100
     tttatttatt attattattt tttgttagat cagttccaaa ttttggggta ttgaataatc     59160
     taacgtatat gcacaaagat attattgtta agcatcctct agaaaatatt aatttaaata     59220
     aacctgtgag aagtgtactt agccatatac atatatataa atgaccaaca ttttataaag     59280
     aaaataatat aaagaaagca ctgactgaaa taaaaaagta ggctttttct tgcaagcaac     59340
     aattggcagc aagagcccat tctctctttc tctctcacgc atgcgtgcgc aagaacaatt     59400
     tcactgcatt gtgacaaata tttaatttaa cattattcat tcgttcattc attttctatt     59460
     cagcttagtc tctttaataa tgatgggtcg ccacagcaga atgaaccgcc aacttttcca     59520
     gtttttacgt gtatgcagat cccactctct ttgccatttg ttattattaa tattaggcct     59580
     gcacgatatt ggaaaaatat aacattgcaa tatgatgaac acaatttcac cagatgactt     59640
     gaatatctct atatgacttg aatatctcta tttggaaaga atttaccatt ttaaactgat     59700
     ttggatgatt ctgttgggaa gtgcatctgc ataaaatcta aaaatcaatc tacaagcatt     59760
     aataaaaaca ataaagaaaa tgttacaatt gaaacaaagt ttttatcgtt ttctatgtct     59820
     aacagtattc agatacagta attgaacaat aaaaatacaa ataattcaat gccattattc     59880
     atttttaaag ttactcatgg tacaatttct tattcctgaa tacttttaaa atcatcaggc     59940
     ctcaaaagca tatgcaaatg cccaattata atgcaacctc aacattgcag atcctgcgat     60000
     gcgactattg tgaatgatca tattacgata ttgatgctga aatgatatat tgtgcagctt     60060
     taattaatat aggaacaaat tattagtttt gagtctaaaa gggttatttt accctaaata     60120
     aaagactaga atggaaaaag aatcaataat tgattgttta aaacagccaa ttcatgattc     60180
     aacataatga ctaatataca atgtgtcaaa agcctcagaa aatatctgac aatcaggtgc     60240
     aacatttttt cataattttt gagttcactc aaaaattaac attctgtcat catttacttg     60300
     cccataaaga gttacaagta atcattacta ataaatataa gagttttaaa taaacttgtg     60360
     tgctcgcttc atttttcttt tggatgtgtt gtaaatgtta attgtatgtg cttcaaaact     60420
     atgcatgtta atgacattaa gttatataaa tgagttgagt tgtaatgcta aggtgtatgg     60480
     attataacgg ttaccaacaa ttaatcaaca gtaaattaat cactgatatc tcaactgagt     60540
     gttacctggg attgctgctg gaggttgttc aagctgctct gtaattggtg gatctgttgt     60600
     gtgtaaaccg ctgcttcttg aggacccttt tccagttcag cctttaattg agcaatcgtt     60660
     ttctgcaaac aaacacacaa atgtgagaac ggtgcaggga acaggttacg tcattgggtt     60720
     gaaaaaaaca aaataaagac agtaatggac agaagtgcag tctgttaaat tataacaaag     60780
     caatacacat ttaaaggaac accacctttt ttgaaaaagt ctcctagagt tacagttgac     60840
     ttgaattttt tttaatccgt ttagcctatt tcttgttctg gcaggtcact tttagcttag     60900
     cttagcataa tgaattcaat tagatttgac ttttagcatt tagttaaaaa catttaaaag     60960
     atttttgaca attttcctat ttaaatattg agtatggggc gacacggtga ctcagtggtt     61020
     agcactttca cctcagcaag aaggtcgctg gttcgagtcc cgaatgggtc atttggcatt     61080
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccccatg ttggcgtggg tttccccaca gtccaaagac     61140
     atgcggtatc ggtgaatgga agggcattcg ctgtgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttgcc     61200
     ggttcattcc gctgtggcga cccctgatga ataaagggac taaaccgaag gtaaatgaat     61260
     gaatgtagat cgagtattgt gtagttacat tgtgtgatag agggtgccgg agtctttttt     61320
     taatttttag attgaaatgc taatgatcta tgctgtttca attcattatg ttaagctaag     61380
     ctaaaagtga ctccaccaga acaagaaatt ggctgaatgg attcaaaaat ggttcaagtc     61440
     aacagtttaa ctccaggaga cttgtaaaat gaggcttttc ttttcaaaac aggtggagtg     61500
     ttcctttaaa tcacaggtgt caaactcagt tccaaaaggg ccgcagctct gcacagttta     61560
     gttccaaccc taattaaaca cacctgatca aactaattga gtccttcagg cttgtttgaa     61620
     acctacaggt aagtgtgttg gagcagggtt ggaactaaac tgtgcagggc ttcggcctgt     61680
     ttgacatccc tgctttaaat gatacatttt atagtaatgt tcaaaaggtt taattttatc     61740
     tccaagatta atttcagctt tgactaagta ggtatgcagt aaattaaaag taatatttca     61800
     aataagcttc tgttgtcaat tcccataaac aatagtaagc tgcaaaactg attataataa     61860
     gaaaatgtta aaattattgg attacaatat ttatttggat taaaattatt ggaatttaaa     61920
     tggctgctga taatgcagct ttgatgataa ttttaacaat atttaagatt ttttataaaa     61980
     tacatgccct tggccaacat aacagtccaa atatttatga atcaaatgtt aaattagcat     62040
     catattgcaa agtacattcg ttgttaaaac ggttggtaaa aataaatcaa taaaatacta     62100
     actgataaac aaaaagctac tttaaatgtt actgatgttc acgctctaga gccctatatg     62160
     gtcactccaa agctatgaaa atctgcagag tgcttttttt acatgcacat gacctaggac     62220
     ttgtccttgc cctaaagcct ggtagttgac tgtagttctt tccctcaaag tgtcatgttt     62280
     acttccgtca atgttaatct gccatctact gcatcttctt gcacatggtg aaaaaaaaaa     62340
     acaccttacg aaaaataata agttccattt ctaatgtccc gttttttgtt ttttttttac     62400
     ttttatgagg tacttaaaac ataattaaat aacattgcat tattgtggag aatataagta     62460
     caattagaaa gctgataaca taaacaacat aaaagcacac agacgtcaag aagggctatt     62520
     tatctgtaca cctcagaaaa acatttaaca ttttttaaat ggtggtcatt tttaaattca     62580
     aatcaattta attcatcttt acgaaaacaa tttaattcat cctttagttc tatagtgctt     62640
     ttttcacaac ataacagtgt ttttgatcaa ataataagac gttatgtagc ttttctaaaa     62700
     accttttata aaaagtattg ggggttgggg gaatttgaaa ttaaatcatt cattttactt     62760
     atgttatgca agtgagtgat tcaggcaagg aacaaattat acctattagt tatgagactg     62820
     aagcttattg ctttcctaga cagctctcca gggcctaaat cagagacact taaaactaat     62880
     ggattaaatc aaatgtaaag aaagactcta aacatttcct taaaccgtca ctagatggca     62940
     gcctttgaat tctgtacacc atcctatgtc gaagcagaac atctatgctt agttacgctg     63000
     aagtgacctg tttgtgatct atgaaccaca gccattccac ttttgtgggc ccttatataa     63060
     cgagaagcaa ttttttaggt cagaagtgca ggagattaca ggcatgttta caggaaacac     63120
     tcagagttgg aaggcctgcc aggggttaat ggttaacctc aggaatctgt tcagtgtgac     63180
     cctcaaacgt tgaacaaata tgctcaaaca ctgcattata acttgaacct tcagtatgaa     63240
     aattgcttgt gagttttcat tcgttttcct tgaagactga gtaatttacc aaagcagtaa     63300
     tctgcaatca gtcttaatct cggttcgatt tgaagagacg tcactggtgc acccattcaa     63360
     aggtcagccg cttgcttctg tctccaaatg acctcttatt agctttggct tcgtgagtta     63420
     ttgattctgg catgagcctc catattttcc ggctttaatc gatacataca atttccaaat     63480
     aaacagctca gagatcaacc atttataaag caaagcgtca cagtaactgt caattagaca     63540
     aggtcacagc agctttgagc caattcctgc agattcctat ggtcgatctt tgcaatcaat     63600
     gaattgacga attgattttt tttaatataa ttacttttat aattataatt tatttttata     63660
     actttaataa tgcacaatgt gtctatttca tggcaggatg ccatgtcatg catgatgtga     63720
     catgagagga catgccaatg aaaaaaggaa aaaagtgcag taagattatt tttattaaaa     63780
     ctcacgcagt ctcacgcaga gactgcagtt ctgtacaaga cttttggcca gcagagaaat     63840
     taaaatgatt gtgccgaacc gagtctggtt ctctcaaggt tttttttctt cactctccta     63900
     ttggtgaagt ttttttcccc tctccgctgt cgccactggc ttgcatggtt caggatctga     63960
     aaagctactc atcgatgaat ttgctctaca gtgtttggac tctcgataat gacttcaaac     64020
     cacactgaac tgagctaaac tgaactgaac tgaacttaaa cacttaaaac tgaactaccc     64080
     tgatccagtt actatgacca tttatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag     64140
     cgctatacaa gtaaagctga attgaattga aagatcattt gcttatcgca tgttatgacc     64200
     tctgacgtta aaactccgtg aataaacaga gagcactaat gtgcacaaac aacattctaa     64260
     acagctaaac taaagcatca ttaaaaaaaa cagctttgtc ttattatttt tggtttgagg     64320
     cactgcatta tcaacggact gaccaatgag attgacactt tagttcccgt gccgaaagct     64380
     gctgaagtaa aacaacattt cttttttgtt tcttttcaca taattttctt tggcttgtta     64440
     gttgtaagga gcgataaaat cctgcgcatg aggtttactt cttcagtgca acaaccaggg     64500
     ttgcgttcca gtccaattag acatgcactc tcaaactccc cttcccttgt tccctcgagt     64560
     gaatctccta ctcgatttta aaatgtgttc ccacttcata aagtggaaca tacccctgat     64620
     ccctcgattt tgaccaagaa tgcaatcagc ttcatatgtt ctctctatca catatatgtc     64680
     ctagaatgca gtgcgatcgt gacttcataa cagtagtagt ttgcaagtgc tcaagggttt     64740
     agggcagggt gtcagacttc aacacactta cctgtagcct gaaggactca attagtttga     64800
     ttagatgtgt ttaattagag ttggaactaa actgtgcagc actgcagccc tccagtcgtt     64860
     aagggcattc aatttaaagt ggtggtgcac agtgtatttt taaggcttgg ctgttttata     64920
     agatgcaaag caatgtgtgc tcatgcctta tttgtagaaa agcatgctat tttttcatat     64980
     gtcttatttt catttcatac agcttctcat ctaacatgaa aacgactgtc atatttccta     65040
     gttcctctaa aggcccgccc tcaaaaggct ctgattggtc caaacataat ttacagtgat     65100
     tcgcggatcg ggtctgtcac tcccctacaa gcacacgctt ttgcgctgtg taaacagtaa     65160
     acagtcagag gctcaaagca gctgttagca gcgttagcgt tagacagaaa taaaagagca     65220
     cacagctcat gcctgctctc taaaataaaa tctgacaagt gtctttcaca tatattcaga     65280
     ataagcatgt gtgatataaa acgttgtcat atcttttgcg aatctattat ttaagatgta     65340
     ctgtagaatg cagggaaagc agccgcatag agagacacgc ataaagagac actcaattgt     65400
     gaagagtcac taaaagctga agattgtggc tgttaacagt ggtttgactg ataaatataa     65460
     atttgtagct aaattgttaa cagtgccaaa cagcatatac cattgtttat gtccacccta     65520
     caacaaatgg ttagcgctag aaactgtgaa tgtagttgat caatttgaac aaataaaaat     65580
     acttacaggt tgtggctcac aagccacagc ttcatcgttt ggaagagttt taactgaatc     65640
     cagcaacaaa ctgggagaga ttctggaagc tctcctttgt caaatatttg agctatatcc     65700
     ttttttttat aattctctgg aacatattta aaattaaact acgcacttca ctttttgtgt     65760
     cgtgtccttt taaataggat atggttttga tatctcattt ctaataactg atttctttta     65820
     tctttgccat gatgacagta caaaatattt gactagatat tgttcaagat actagattca     65880
     tcaagtgaca tttaaaggct taaccaggtc aattcgacaa gttagggtaa ttaatgatgg     65940
     tttgttctgt agataatcaa aataaatatt gtttaagggg gctaataatt ttgaccttaa     66000
     aatggttttt aaaacaatta aaaacttttt attttagctg atataaaaca agtaagatct     66060
     tctccagaag aaatacaaga aatactatga aaaattattt atatatatat atatatatat     66120
     atatatatta ctcgagaaac ttttaagatt gttactttta cttaagtaaa aatttcagca     66180
     agtacttgta cttttacttg agtatagatt ttggatactc gacccacctc tgcagatatt     66240
     atagtggaca tcccctttaa actcatttag atgttccccc agtagtggac acttgtgtaa     66300
     cgttatcaat gacgtacata cgtgggaacg agatggaggg aagttagtga gcaaagggca     66360
     tagaaaattg gactgaaata caacacgaat gtcaaaaata taaatttgcc cagttccacc     66420
     ttgtgtactg cgatatttct gtttttcatt aatataatgt gaaagtgaaa atgctaacaa     66480
     taaaggtaag aaataaacat tccagtgcgc acaaggattt actgaaagca tattattttt     66540
     ttcccaaatg gccatagaat attctgcata gaaaaatctg gagaacaaaa caaggccaat     66600
     attcactcat gaatgttcaa ggtgtgttaa aggcttctga catttagtca ttagcccact     66660
     tcacctgtct ttatgtacct cacatgaata aaatttcaat attaatacat gttccagttc     66720
     agatggatca tatgctaata tatttcaaat aacaaacaag ctgataatgc tgaccgcaat     66780
     gaatgcacca ccccaagcgc actactggaa agcttttaat aaactcgtgt gcacttcaca     66840
     cctgctatac atgttttgca cataatccac atgaagctca aaaatacaca tgttaaaaaa     66900
     gtctgactac tgctaaggtg tatgatttga ggtgttctga cttttctgat ttgaataatg     66960
     tgcacctttt ataaagctgc tttgaatcaa taaatattgt taaaagtgct atacaaacac     67020
     agttgaaatg aattaaaagg attattaaca attttaatat ttagccatct gtacctctga     67080
     ggtagtgaag ttggcctgca gctgctcata ttggcctttg aggcgctctg actcctcctc     67140
     tcgctctcgg gtcatgttgt ccatgagcgt ctgcacctgc accagctctt tcttcaacac     67200
     ctccacatct tccacacccg gcctctggag ctggaggaga gccagtgaca gacaggatta     67260
     ggccgggaaa gattgatgag gtaagaagtt gatgaagtat gggcagcagc agctgagaga     67320
     atgcaagctc attcattacc accagacaat aagtgtgacg ttaccagctc tgccgacagt     67380
     ttctccttct cctgtttttc tttttgcata tcttggttta agttggccag tctctgctcc     67440
     aaagcttctc tcatactttt ctcctcatcg tagcgagatt tgatgtctga gatgggaaaa     67500
     ttggacaggc cggatttact ttatatttac tgtaaatata aaatgctgga actttccttc     67560
     taagcttacc aactatctcg gtcgcaagct gagcagcttt ttgttcaaac aggtccttca     67620
     tctgtttgat gttgaacttc tctgtctccg attcattgag tctcatctca agctctgaga     67680
     aaaggaatac agattgtaaa tttacaaaat gagccatcgt gcttacaatt caaacaaata     67740
     tttaggattt tacatgagat acactctttt gagagaattg tttttaaaat gtttttatcc     67800
     attaggtgta taaaataaaa ataaaaagaa aaggaataaa aatggaatta aacctggcca     67860
     gaattcaaat gataggtcct tattttgttc tgtattatat tttactttat ttatatacag     67920
     tatataagat tttatacaga tatactctgt tgagagcatt tgtgccaaaa atattttgta     67980
     tccataaggt ttataaatat aataaataaa ataacataaa attaaaccta gccagaattc     68040
     aaatgaaaag tccttatttt gttctttatt ttagtttact ttatttatac aacatacatt     68100
     ctgttaagag catttgtgtc aaaaatattt tgtatccaat atgtttataa ataaaatgtc     68160
     ataaaaaaat agaataaaga ggaaataatc ctgaccagaa ttcaaataaa aaagtcctta     68220
     ttttgttctt tgttttactt ttttcacaaa gagattttat acaagataaa ctacaaatgg     68280
     atacaaaaat agtttgcatc cattaggtta ataaacaaaa taaaataaaa taaagagttt     68340
     tgtgcatttg tgccaaaaat aaataaataa aataaaacct gcctagaatt aaaataaaaa     68400
     gtccttattt tgttcttatt attttattta tacaatatac aatctgttga gaaaatttgt     68460
     gccaaaaaca cccaaataaa taagataaaa caaaacaagg aattaaccct ggccagatat     68520
     caatatacaa ggtccttatt ttgtttttta ttttatttgc cattttttta caacattttt     68580
     tatacaagat aaactacaag tagatacaaa aagagtttgc atccgttatg ttaataaaat     68640
     gaaataaaaa tatatatata aataaataaa ctggcccaga attaaaataa aaattcctta     68700
     ttttgttctc attttacttt atttatacaa gatgcactct gttgagagca tttgtgccaa     68760
     aaataaataa ataataaatt aataaataaa acaataacga ggacttaaac ctgcctagaa     68820
     ttaaaataaa cagtccttat tttgttttct ttttttactt tatttataca agatacactg     68880
     ttgagatgat ttgtgcaaaa aacaaataaa taaaataaaa caaaacaaaa aaaggaatta     68940
     atcatggcca gattataata taaaaggtcc ttattttgtt ctttatttta tttcactttt     69000
     ttttacacaa acatttcata caacataaac tacaaataga tacaaaaata gcttgcattt     69060
     gttatgttaa taaaataaaa tgaggaatta aattggccca gaattaaaat aaaaaagtcc     69120
     ttattttgtt tttattttat ttatacaaca tacactctgt tgagatcatc cttgccaaaa     69180
     atattttata ttcgtttata aaacacatac ataaaaaaat aataaataaa taaataaata     69240
     aattatataa gaggaattaa acctggccag aattcatatg aaaagtcctc attgtgttct     69300
     ttattttatt taattttctt ttattaaccc accctatatt caagatcagg ctagcactac     69360
     ttaactaacc tgcatcttct ccacttgtac catcgctctg taagccctaa ggtcaataca     69420
     catccaataa ttcagttaga caacacagca aacattagca ttatctccag caatcaatag     69480
     acattactaa aatagtaaat gttcttaaac catctttaat atctgtgtga acagccatgc     69540
     gttttaaagg atttacttta ttagttgcta ttcgtccttg tactttgtct aattcttttt     69600
     tcaattcctc agaaaaccag cgttcctcct gaaaacacat gttgaaattg cacatcagca     69660
     actttgggct caatacacat caagtggaaa taacatgatt gagtaatgct gttatgaata     69720
     atgcatattc aggcatataa tggctgataa gaagggaaca aagtcagaat accttcagtg     69780
     aagcctgtaa gtcttggatt tcctgtcgaa gtaatgttaa atcctccctt aacaagaaaa     69840
     acacacgcct ttaatttcaa ctcttcatat ttttctttga gataacctgc agcaataaac     69900
     tgtacacaat aaaatgactt ttactttacg tccatatata tatcacttta aaaggaaata     69960
     aatatagctc aaatctcagg atggcaagat tgtctaactg agtttctctg aaaggaaagt     70020
     gaggataaaa ggtttaataa tgcataagcc cacctgccgg ggctgaaggg ggacggctgg     70080
     tctcctggtt catgaaagac ctcataatgt ttgaagagct cctcagcaga gttatgggat     70140
     ttcatacact ggggacaaat aaagccctgc ggaaaacaaa attaaaaccc acaatgagat     70200
     caggcgatga tatgaaagag aaagaaaggc atgaaagagt acaccaatga agacagataa     70260
     aggctaaagc tgaaaatcgt catttactca aactcaactt cacttctcac aaacctgttt     70320
     gagtttctgt tttctgctga acacaaagga aattattttg aaaaatgtca gtaacctcta     70380
     actattgact tccatagtat gtttttccta caatggaagt gaatggtttc agatttccag     70440
     cattctttaa aatatcttct ttcgtgttgt ttaacaaaaa gattaaactc aaagttttag     70500
     agccacttaa gggtgagtaa atattgaata tgtttacatg gacatcagta atcgaattat     70560
     ttgccttcat ctgaataaga caatatgatt aaggcattta cactagttgc tctttgaatg     70620
     ttccttttat gatctccttt atagcacata attctaataa catcattcta tcactgcgct     70680
     atccacattt cctccggagt ttcatgtaat tttgggtgct ttatttttaa tttgtccact     70740
     ttaaagggtc acaaaacacc aaaacaattt tttttagctg ttgacaatca tatatgtgtc     70800
     ccacactgcg aaaaacagta ttaggacaca tttatttcac taaaaagtta tttcgagcaa     70860
     attcgtactt ccggtttgaa atacattttt gaagcttagc gtgtattcca gcgtgtagac     70920
     tggctgtctg tacctgggag taccttatta catccctgag tgtgctgcat tcattcatta     70980
     gtaagacttg gttcaaacca atcagcgcac tctattgtgt atgcggtgca tctttattaa     71040
     tatgcaggat agctttgaag aatgtttgta cctgaaacag tgttcagacg gcaaagagac     71100
     gacaccttgt gggaaaagaa taagaattgt ttggagataa gggtcatcag ttttgctttt     71160
     ataatgtgct gcagtgaagg ttttgttttc actttccagc gatgagaacg caactggact     71220
     caattgcgga tcagtgcacg cgaaagaaat acgcttgtac ggaacatttt ttactcaaga     71280
     gcttttcaca tctggaaatt gtgaaatccg cattagctgc tcgtttcctt taaaaagaaa     71340
     aaaaaaagtt ggtgttgata aattactaca ataatatgga ctggaagatc tgctgtaaat     71400
     gctgctctcc gagtgtgaac gtgaacacta caagcaaact attaccgacc gtcgtgttga     71460
     attttcggcg cattttgtga caggatagtc tacacacacg gctttctgac ctaccaagtg     71520
     catctgagtt accgagaaat gcagaggttt ttttctctta tacgacatgc ggtatcaaac     71580
     attccaccgt cattaaacag agtcactgtc tttctcccct ccgtgtgtgt ttgttttgcc     71640
     tcggtgaaaa tcagcacgtg cccaaatgga aactcccatt tttattcaaa tcctttccat     71700
     tttccctccc ccgtcactcc cacctaaaca gagctagaca cacccacttt cctgactttt     71760
     tctaaactag aggtgtgaaa acaccctgct caaacagggg ggtttcatgg ccctttaact     71820
     gcaacatttc atgaatgcaa aagatattgg atgcaagtat gaactgctgg aagagtgtcg     71880
     ttttaatgga atttgatccc gcacgctgta tgggaaaaaa aaaccctgca tttcgatata     71940
     taggtgtcat tcgctgactt ggtgcgtgta gagaatagtg tcaaatagcc gtgtatgact     72000
     atcctatcgc aaaaaaatgc agtgaaaagt cctacatgat ggtaatagtt tgattaaggt     72060
     gtttacatgt ctgtactgct cttcaataac gcgacaaaaa tcggcatact tcacatttct     72120
     taattcgatt tctgtttagt ttaattatga ccttaatcgg attaaattaa tcaaaaataa     72180
     agagtttaca ttataaactc ttaatcagac ttttttctta attgtattaa aatcggatta     72240
     ttggtgtcca tgtaaacgta ataagtgagt atcttcaaac aacaattaaa aatccatctc     72300
     ttttgagaac gccttcaccc caatgaataa aaccaagaca tactctagca ctaaattctg     72360
     tttcaattca ctataatctt ctacgtaaag ctgctgacac aatctacatt ataaaagtgc     72420
     tatagaaata atgatgaatt gaattgaatt aagcacaaat aagttacttt gtataattag     72480
     cgcttcttgt gtgtattgcc tcttcttgtt gaatcgctga atgcctcctc aattgatcct     72540
     tcgctaagcc acacccaaaa accaccaccc accaattgcg gcttagcaac tgtagctacg     72600
     tgcagaggct ctgtcaagct ttcgagcgag tgcatatgga ttgtgcaaat ctgataccca     72660
     gtatccttaa agtgtggacg ggatggtgga attttttccc ttttcaaaac caaaaactca     72720
     agagaaatgc cagcgtggat caagctgtgt gaggggcgct aaataagtgg agttaagttg     72780
     gttttgatat ttctgacaca gtgatagacg gcaataactc acacacctct taccctaaac     72840
     agaattaaac tgagtttcct acaaaaaata caaagcaggt tatgtttcac agctttcttt     72900
     ttccttcttt tcgcttgata ttatgagcac tgctctgttt aagccttcgc catagtaact     72960
     tatttatact aatagtgaat gggtcataat gacatgagtt attgatccgg taaatacgaa     73020
     tctgcgaatc tgttgctacc tttactgaac tttatatttc catctgtttc aagctacgaa     73080
     tatttgaaat tcaaaatcaa cagaacaaaa cagagatgtg atcacaaact gagcacttgc     73140
     gatcaaaata ctttaccagc agctgttttt caataattta taaagagcac acaaacatac     73200
     tgacagttat cggtaactta ctgtacattg ttatgggtca atgatgctaa tattcggcac     73260
     aaatctatca tgttctatct atgaatgaaa tatgtaaaag cactatcatg cgtgtttcct     73320
     tgtcgcttag taactatatt tcattgcaca atttatcagg ctttttggct aaaaatagag     73380
     aaatcatggt ttaattagtt ataattagat tatttttaaa tttcacctct ccaagtgagc     73440
     atgagctaag ctgttgaatg gttagcttat gaagcggtga ggctaatcca gcttcgattt     73500
     tgattgaatt atcctctagt cggttgccta ttatgtgatg aatatactcc tgtaaatata     73560
     ctcctgtaat gcatactgca gtcctttttt tgtctggctt tctgagatat cccacctgtt     73620
     caccaaattc ctggcaatgt ctgacaccag cggatacacg ttgataaagc catgccaggc     73680
     atgaaagctt gacaggcgta gcaaccgtaa ctaaggaggg cggggcttag cgaagggtca     73740
     attgtaagtc actttagaca aaggcctcta attgactaaa tatataaata taaattctgc     73800
     aagaacaaca gtgaaataaa tccatctagc actattacaa acaaaaattt aaaaataaag     73860
     gagttaccag tgacataaaa aacatttgaa tttcaccatt caaatttaaa tggggggggg     73920
     gtgtcaaata ttaagattga ctgtcaaaag tctatgtaat ttctttgcga aactaaacat     73980
     tctgccacaa aacaacataa ttcatcataa ttcattcatg attgaaaaaa aatcagatca     74040
     gtaaaggatg atgttaaagt ccgaataaac caacatagct gcaaacgtta ttatttattt     74100
     ccaactgaaa cagaatttga gatatggggt ggggtttaat ttttgtgcgc ctcaaacaaa     74160
     tggttggaga ggtgtggcta aacatatctc gcccaggcag tcaaactaat gtcataagag     74220
     aaaaaaacaa ttagaatttg attgaatttt ttttccaatg tattcacttg cattgattat     74280
     tcgttcacct taagactaac aatgtgttca agcaaataaa tattgaacat tttcatttca     74340
     cacagacttt atttcaagtt gaactacctc ttaaaaagta ttttgaatcc aagaccgata     74400
     tccctttaac aaaagaaatc ttttacagaa tgaatgcaat gaggcattta ggcagtaata     74460
     tggtagcaag ggttataaat tgaattgggc ttacctctga ggactcatta ttcatatcag     74520
     cagacggctg ctcagactcc gagctctgag agcctccttt cccaggagtc tatatccaca     74580
     aagatttatg aggagaaaaa gcagagaaag aaaaggattt gagtcagacg tcagctgcca     74640
     tgaaactcgt ctcattattt cacacaattc aggtctggca gagctgatca ggtatctggg     74700
     cagccgatca acactgagtg ctgctttggc ccgctcactg catgtcattc acaaggtgta     74760
     aaggcaagga tccggggatg tgttctgcac gaggacataa gtcggcctga aacggtacac     74820
     tcggcaggag gctcgtttaa cgtttccctc gatcttggca accaggagat gcatgatgtc     74880
     aaacaatact gttgtctaac attgatacgc ccttgacatt tcatatgtgc ctactgtcag     74940
     atcacatgat atcactggaa gacaagtggc cggaaactgc actgtaatca cttttagact     75000
     tctgtaggga ttagttttga cacctcacac tggacttgtt accttttttt taagttagtg     75060
     ttcaaatatg cacacatctc tacgcaaaaa gcaatatttc aaaaatgcta agaatgatgt     75120
     tcaaattctt aattagagac aggaattcaa tgaatccaac aaaaacttaa tgccacaccc     75180
     caaaatgtat tatagaatta taattttcta aatttaaatg tatttattat taacatttat     75240
     tatagaattt attatagaat tatatcttga cttctaaaaa ccttactaat aactttagag     75300
     caaaagatac taagatttaa aatatttata ttttgtaaaa tttacattta cattaagtca     75360
     tttagcagac gcttttatcc aaagcgactt acaaatgagg acaaggaagc aatttacaca     75420
     actataagag caacagtgaa taagtgctat aggcaagttt caggtgtgta aagtctaaga     75480
     aggaaagcat tagtaatgta agcttttttt ttttttttgg agtacagtta gtggtaaagc     75540
     cagagaggca attgcagatt atgaggtaaa gtggagacta aatagttaag tttttagtaa     75600
     tttcttaaag accgcaagtg acactgtcgt tgtgatgcag aacttaattt ttttaaaaat     75660
     tatgtatata tatatatata tgtatgtatg tatgtcaacc ttatcaagga aaaaataagt     75720
     tttcgccaaa atagcaaaac cgtttctgcc ttttttgtgt aaacttgtat tttacggtgc     75780
     tttaaaaata cttaaaattg tttctatcag tgttttcaaa caattatatt tgattttcca     75840
     aagtcacaca agtggcaatt tcacatccat aacggagaga tgtcacatcc ataatgacac     75900
     tttttcctca taaatgcaaa aaagtgttaa atcaaataaa gcaattatgt ttgtttcata     75960
     aagagccaac tcttatcctt ttgattagca ttgttttttt ttgggttgtg cagtttaatt     76020
     cacagaattt ctacaaagta agttgtatac cataaacttg cagacttttt ttgtcacatc     76080
     cgtaacgcat gtttattttt cttcatttaa aatataaaaa atgtttacag attgatattt     76140
     ttctgctccc acaactctgt ggcaagttgt tttgaaaaat ataaagagat gttatataat     76200
     gttaacatat actttctatg cgaatttatg ctttgagttt ttactgcaaa tgtcacatcc     76260
     ataacgttgg aactgctcaa atatataata ttcatttatg aataaaatgt cactaatatc     76320
     caaaataata ttaattgtta gagcccctag agtttttgcc aataagatat tattttttaa     76380
     acaattagta taattatatt ccccatttct tgtttctcct tatacatttg ttacaattta     76440
     ctgtctaaaa ttataataat ctaatgttag aacctaaggc tgcatgattt ggagaaaaaa     76500
     atcgaatggc tatttatctg atcaaaattg cgatttaaaa tgcaatttac tataatttca     76560
     taaaagagct gcaggtttaa atgtggtggt tttaatagca ttaaagaaag accaagcata     76620
     atcacaaagt actccacact atgccactat taattaaaac caattttcca ataaaattgt     76680
     caattgtcat gacaaattaa aaaaaataac tacagtatct taaatttagt taaattgtat     76740
     ataaaccttt acatttaaat cgtgttattt atttcatatt gatttcatga catttatggt     76800
     gctttgacta cgctttccat acataattct agttttatgt gccagcacat gaattcttga     76860
     attaaaattt gcaatttatg ggtatattta tatttccata ttatttgtga tacaattttg     76920
     tcctttaata caagcagtca gataaatgaa ctgtaatttt acctgctcga agaaaacact     76980
     ctttttaaat gcatcaaaca aaactcaagt atatgcacag aacaacatta gcatttatag     77040
     caaataaaga aatgtaaata ttgtcccgct tgctttttga gcgttgtcaa gcgagttctt     77100
     aaagacctgg tattggtcat tatgttcctg cactcaacag aaagtctgcg attggttgta     77160
     actgttagcg tggctctggc gttattcact aatgagtgac acagataaac agtctcggtt     77220
     acgtctataa tgtgcgctta tcacagctaa tccatgatag atgtagtgga gaaaactcgc     77280
     tctgcagagt aacactcgtg tctggattca caagtatcgc cataacagcc gagagaggag     77340
     aggaaatgtt acctcatgca agcaagtaaa aggtccacac agagagtttt aatttctcgt     77400
     tttaatttct cgcgctcgcc tccacacttt tttttttata tttagaataa tcgcactttt     77460
     tcaaatcacg atttcggttt aaaatcggtc aatcatgcag gtttattaga acccttggaa     77520
     tatttggcac tgtaatatca tttattagag caattagaaa ccctttatca atggcaaatt     77580
     tttagcttct gcaatatatt ttaaacaaac attattacag atcaaatagt tctataattt     77640
     aataaggtta aaatcaaaag tttaaaagaa tatcgggtaa tgcttttttc actaaaaata     77700
     atattcttac tttaaaccaa atacttttct tttctaaaca ataagaatca ttaaaatgtc     77760
     aatttccaaa ttacaaaatg gcataggcat ttccagcatt tgtaatagaa aaaaacgaac     77820
     aggaataaac attaaacatt aaaattatta attaagtcta atatttttat aatatcgcca     77880
     atgtcactat atttgtgaga gttatgagaa taaaggccaa atagaaaata aaataataaa     77940
     acagtggatg aatagtgtca tgaactagac caaaaactat accagaacta gatcctattc     78000
     ttcagcccac gactatatta tggtaaaaca agaaggtaaa cattcattga ttcaatgaat     78060
     tcctgtttct gtcagcactc agagcttaaa gcacatacct gcacaccatt tcccatgcac     78120
     tctgcatgac aaatgacaat tattaggaca atatcttaaa tgaatattaa actacaatta     78180
     tggattgagg agcttttatg actgcagcaa caggatccgc caaatcagac atctctaaat     78240
     tcatctactg tgagtcacag catgacagat cactgaaaac acattcacac cagctatctc     78300
     aacaagacac acctcttaga agaaataaac aaaggtgaca tcttgtcatg gcctgtcgtt     78360
     aatcataaaa cgacttatta atgagtaatt tgcagaagca gcgttagcct gctaactggc     78420
     taacagcaca gtctgcatgt caacgtcaac gcaaaatgac attatcaaca atgtactgtt     78480
     tctaaataac taaacacatc tgctgcactt tcagtttgag acagtcctca aaaagcagaa     78540
     acgaaaagtc aatatgaatc aatcttgtac gaggccacca ttcagtcagg cccgacgagc     78600
     aacaatcact gaatgaacgc ctgtatttca ctcaccatct gtaatattcg tcttaacatt     78660
     ctggtccttt tttaggtcaa actatgaaaa aaaaagatca aatctaagtt ttagttaatg     78720
     agggcgtgtg ttaatatttt gttgttgaca cctgcacaca cacacacact gctgctcctt     78780
     gtacaagccc acccgtttcc tgaaaaatcc cgcccttcgt ctggtcaccg tttttgatga     78840
     ttggaacatt tgtgtgagcg acttccaatc tggccaatcg taggctgtct gaatgaagca     78900
     acatccaatc ataagaaaga aagatcgggt caaaggcggg acttgttgaa atgagcgaaa     78960
     cagtgaccgc acattttttt agtggcagtg attccggaag tattttcccc attcattttt     79020
     tgaaacggaa aatatttatt aatacattgt tttaggcaaa gggaattcag acttatatat     79080
     atatatatat atatatatat acatatatat atatatataa atatatatat atatatatat     79140
     atatatatat atatatatat ataaattttc tcaatatttt ttaatataat aatttttata     79200
     ttttctatat attttaaaaa tatattttat tttattaatt gtaataattg aatttgtgtt     79260
     gttgtcatta ttaattaatt tttttccaca tacgccatag aacaatttca gtccctttaa     79320
     gtgcctgtgc tgcacacaaa ggtttttgac ccagtggcct tccaaattga aatatccttt     79380
     tcaactaaat atcatgatgt ttgtacacaa tctttcatca aaatgtttat gcaaagtata     79440
     ttcaatataa tattcacctg acaaaagtct tatcatcaat cccagttgta agagcaacaa     79500
     ataataactt gacttctagt ttatcatttg ggaaagtggc agaaggtaga ttttttccga     79560
     tgaattatct gttgaactgc atcccaatca tcacaaatac tgcagaagac ctaatggaac     79620
     ctgcatggac ccaagattct tacagaaatc agtcaagttt ggtgaaggat aaatcatggt     79680
     ttggggttac attcagcata gggggcgtgt gagagatctg cagagtggat ggcaacatca     79740
     acagcctgag gaatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat tacaaaccac aagagaggac     79800
     aaattcttca gcaggatagc gctcctcata cttcagcctc cacatcaaag ttcctgaaag     79860
     caaagaaggt caagatgctc caggattggc cagaccagta gccagaaatg aacattcttg     79920
     agcatggttg gggtaagatg gaggagaagg cattgaagat gaatctaaag aatcttgatg     79980
     aactctggga gtcctgcaaa aacgctttct ttaccattcc agatgacttt attaagaaga     80040
     tatttgagtc attgcagaga tgtatggatg cagtcgtcca agctcgtgca agtcatgcac     80100
     aatattaatt cttttcccac tgcagcatga ctttatattc aacacagtac attacttctt     80160
     ttaagtgaca agacttttgt ctaagcaaac tcagacctta ctatcctaat tattcaaaaa     80220
     tggcatgatc atattttatt ttggtaaata agagtgatct aaaggacttt gccttttata     80280
     agccacttct aataccaaat tattaaccag aagtcaagtt atcatctatt gttcctaaaa     80340
     cttggataga tgacaagacc tttgtcaggt aatgtagcta atccagatgt acataataga     80400
     tgctactgtg cttgttgaca aattgacatg gtcaaatttt acattttggc ttttcatata     80460
     attccctcaa atttataatt atttattccc ttgttgtata gttatatcta aataaaaaaa     80520
     gctaatcagt ttaacattga cacaagtaaa ttatagaaac aaatacttaa caaacaggta     80580
     aacaaattgg tactaaaatt agaaccaagt catagcccca gtaaacatat aatttgattt     80640
     aagagctcta tatgaaggat aatgtgactt ccttgttgaa aaatacatct cctgtaaaaa     80700
     cgtcaaatct tggtctgctt tgttttcacc ccaaccaatt taaaggaaag ataggctaaa     80760
     tttagcaaaa taataaataa atcctgtggt acaatacaaa atacttccta tgttttaaca     80820
     acatcacaag aagctgatat ttatgccttc aggacaggac ctgtcacatc atgttccaag     80880
     aaaagcctgc ctttttttct tcaatatata tatatatatt tccaccatat ttactaaaca     80940
     aacttgtttt gttatttaat ttttacacag ataagttatc ataaaacgta tttaacatcc     81000
     caacttcaac ctttacctca caagcttgat gtttcgttcc acccaaaacc acaatcagct     81060
     caatgtacag taatcattct gactttggaa ctcagagaaa gagtttattt tgtttacaag     81120
     atttcaaggt aatcattatc attttgttct tatttttcaa agacaagcac aaaataaaga     81180
     agaagtcctt tttgttgaat cattttgtgg acatttttat catcttttta aatattcaac     81240
     agtgttcact aagcctcacc gataaacaag agatgtctgt attttctaaa gcgcaattct     81300
     ttgtctaaaa caaactgtga gactcgtaat catcactaga taaactaggc aaaaactgac     81360
     tttttgtctt ttaatattaa aacatattta caacctaaca tgcgatctcc tctctgaaga     81420
     aagataatgc ttgtttatca tttacagttt taataaaaca gtttggccac atattccatc     81480
     caattaaaaa aagaataaat ccatccttac aaaaaggcat aatggaacat ttaaagaggc     81540
     ctcaaaagag aaacatatta tgcacaatta aataaacttc ctcctcggtt atttaaaggg     81600
     atagttgacg gttggttcat ttagtcaagc cattccaaat ttaggtgact tttttcttca     81660
     gcaaaaaatt gatgaagatg ttattttaac taaaatcgtg gtgcttggtg actcttaaaa     81720
     tgcgagccaa cattaatata tattcataaa catacttatg tacatatttg aatatataag     81780
     ctcaacaaaa atgtatattt gtggttccta atgatacctt cccaacacgc actcaatgtc     81840
     ataataagct attttatgtt agatttagtt ttcctagaga tgggctgtgg cttgaagggc     81900
     atccgctgca ttaaaaactt gctggatgag ttggcggttc aatcggctgt ggcgaccccg     81960
     gattaataaa gggactaagc cgacaagaaa acgaatgaat gaatgttaga tttaggttat     82020
     gacgtcaggt gaacaaaatt caatgtctag tcagtgacta aggacaacat tattttgatg     82080
     tccaataagg gcgtgaaatg acgtcatatt gaggtccaat actgacattc attcatcagc     82140
     tatggcaacc aacgtctgat agacgtcata ctggtaatgc tcacacagca acatcactat     82200
     atgttattat ttcattgatt ttaggccgga cgttggtcat tgacatcagc ctgacactga     82260
     gttctgatgt aaacccgatg ttcatttcca aacaaaagca aatgtcccac aatgttgggg     82320
     tacaacgtca atctgacgtc atctgtgcct gctgggttgt ggccttatga agtgaaacaa     82380
     tttttacctc agtatattgt caagagccaa agggaataat tttgtttagc ctgtatttgt     82440
     attttgacag tttttttttt tttcgatgaa gatattttga agaatgctga aaacaactat     82500
     tgacatcaat aataggattg cactggcaaa gtagtattgg cttgcatttt ataaatcaac     82560
     cagcatttca tcattaaaag attattttat gttactgaat aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatc     82620
     acttacattt tggatggcct aaaagtgtga gtaattaact gctgatttga atattttggg     82680
     tgaaccttcc ctttaaattt ccaagattga gttactgata atgtgaatta ttcatataac     82740
     tacatattgc atttctgtgg catttagaaa acactatagt ttgacaaaat atattacggt     82800
     taacatcggg tgtgttgcct tttctttgtt tttctgaaat attcagaata tcgctccagg     82860
     caacataaac agcataacat tccatagtct tattaatatt atttttttga tcacatttta     82920
     ccatgctgtc ttaaagagac gatggctcag aagtagttct tctgcttgtc aggatggaaa     82980
     actaaacgtt catgtgcaaa aagaaagtag gatcatcaga ttgcaccttt taatgttgca     83040
     aattcacatt taagaccaaa ctgtgaaacg accttcaact tcacagcatg ttaaacctat     83100
     attacaggta gatttctgtg atgaaggcat ctaatatact caaaagcagc ccaaatcctc     83160
     ttttagacta tttacatata atataattca tgattttgat gttttgactt gattttacgt     83220
     tcctattttg ttctttatga acaccctaac aagaatgcct agttatctat tagatataaa     83280
     tagacagcat ttcaaaagac cctttctaaa cagcaatcaa tcaacccttg gcacatcacc     83340
     accatccttt ttcttcttct tccacttaaa tccatctatg aaaaaatata ttcaaaatgt     83400
     ccattaatac ttaacacttc acttcacata taccttccaa caactctgct ttgtttggct     83460
     tgaaatgcac atttagaaat gaaaggaaga taaagagaga gaaaaaaatt atgaaaataa     83520
     ccatcctggt tcttattgac ccagaaactt gcaggcgttt cacaacaagc ctttggtttc     83580
     tacactttaa aaaaagtttc aaatagtaaa cattgaaatg atacatgcat aagtgtctct     83640
     ttccagtctg aggatggttt cccttgcgtg tttggctctg ctggtagttc tatctgtgca     83700
     agcgggtcag tccgcagtcg tgtgaggccg tctggcggag gctggcgttg tcgtctgtgt     83760
     tcatcgtcgg ctcctgggtg ttgccgtttg tggggccgca gcgaggagtg agtttgcgaa     83820
     gatattctgc gtggaatggt ttgtggcact gtagcacccg gatggcctcg tcaatcttga     83880
     accatttccg tttgcgacct ggaaaacatt agattttaga gtactttaat tatttgacat     83940
     tcttgatgca taaagtacag tactaactta cagtggggga acatatcatg ttttgtctag     84000
     ggattaatat ttctaaagga gctgttgaca tggaagtgaa ccagatttag gtaaaaaccc     84060
     aaacaataca aacataaaaa taaaacaaaa cgaatctgaa aaattagtta tgtataatca     84120
     caataaaatg gcacaaggag aaagtactga actactgaaa cacattgaat aatactttat     84180
     ataaaaggct ttctttaata acggcagctt aaagatgcct tttatttgga gaatgaagtc     84240
     acatgtattg ctcaggtgta agtttttcac agacttcaac agtgtaaaaa tctagatggt     84300
     tccgtgagtc tcgtctacca aacatgagct ttaatttgta ttttatattg gattcaagtc     84360
     aggtgattgg ctgggccatt ccacagcttg attttctttc actgaaagca tttgagaatt     84420
     tccttggctg tgttttggat cattgtcaag ctgaattgtt caccctggtt tcatcttcat     84480
     catcctggta atgtagatgt tggactgaag cagctaatat tcatttacac tgatgaatgg     84540
     cagagggttg ctgaagaact actgagggat ttcagctgct gtctgggctt gcattgcctt     84600
     tctacagctc cctttcttca tgtgttcatg tgttatatat atatatatat atatatatat     84660
     atatatatat atatatacac acattttttt tcatgaaata ctagctgttt agattatttg     84720
     tgatcatttg ttttgttttc aaaaataaca cgatcaattt gcttattcag caaaacatgt     84780
     atattttaaa gcaccttcaa tactaaaccg aacattaaac ataaataata aatacatttt     84840
     tcagctactc agttctagtt agccaccaat atttgtattg tttaaaaaac atttaaaatt     84900
     aacttaagaa ttaacttctc aaatagtacc attaaaacat ttgatgcaat tctttatggt     84960
     gaccaagact tagatttttt tttttcaaaa ttagttaaca ctgaagccaa cattaaatat     85020
     ttccaatata taaatttttt ttatttttta gctatactaa atctttagtt aaaagttgta     85080
     ctgttcagag gacatcttgg actctctagt gttatgtcat ttgattggct ggcatgctag     85140
     gaaccacttc ttacactgca tataaaatgg ccgacataca aaatagcaca ttttatggga     85200
     aggagagagg tatgtaaaat tgagcttttt aaatgtttta ttattacata tatatatttg     85260
     tttatcaacg tgtcaggaac aatccgtata gcttttaaag ctgttaactt gtttttgttt     85320
     caaaacatca taatttttta aatgtccagt tagtggacac caggaccatc ttaatgtaat     85380
     taatgactgc atgttgtagg ggcagaactg aagcaaagag gattccttat aagatagttg     85440
     agggagactc tgacttagag tctgacaatc agacaattag agaattaaag accattagag     85500
     aatgactatc agttttaaat cgcttttatg ttaaatttat tttgtattaa catcacttct     85560
     ttttttttct ttttcttctt ttttctttca tactaaactg tttcaggaat ttctatacaa     85620
     aaagaaaaac ggcttttgtt ttgtttttgt tacattaata ttggattaat atccctttac     85680
     agatatatcc tgtacagttt tgttgtctga gtggtggtcg tttctatcta aaatggtcct     85740
     gtggtccact acagtggaca tgctgtaaaa ttaaaaataa aaacaaaatg taaaaactct     85800
     aaattgtaga atttgtttaa cccaaaggat gtaggaaatc acagaaaaaa aagaaagaat     85860
     ttctttgggt ctcaggagga tatttggtct gaatttatca tatttttatt tgaatatatg     85920
     gtaacacttt acaataaggt tcattagtta atgcatttat taacatgaac taatcatgaa     85980
     caacacatgt acagcattta ttaatcataa ttgaacatta actaatgctt tattaacatc     86040
     caagtccatg cttgttaaca ttagttaatg caccatgagt taacatgaac taacaatgaa     86100
     caactgtatt ttcattaact aacgttaact agcatgaaca aatacagtag taaatgtgtt     86160
     gttcactgtt tgttcatgtt agtaaatgca ttaattaaca ttaactaatg aaccttattg     86220
     taaagtgtga ccgaatatat aaacatgaca aaatctgcaa tatactgtac attaaacact     86280
     gaaaaccagg attaattatt tgacaacata aatgaaaata gtatattctg ttcaatgcct     86340
     aaggtaatta aaaactaatt atcaaactac ttctgacttg ctgacattaa atacacttat     86400
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     86460
     aatataatat aatataatat aatacaatac aatacaatat aaaataaaat aatataatat     86520
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aacatagtag ggcgacgcag     86580
     tggcgcatta ggtagtgctg tcacctcaca aaaagaaggt cgctgattcg agcctcagtt     86640
     gggtcagttg gtgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ctgcattcgc gtgggtttcc     86700
     tccgtgtgct ccggtttccc ccacagtccg aagacatgtg gttcagggga attggtaggt     86760
     taaattgtcc atagtgtatg aatgtgaatg agtgtgtgtg agtgtttccc agagatgggt     86820
     tgcagctgta taggtattcg ttgcgtaaaa acgtgctgga taagttggcg gttcattccg     86880
     ctgtggtgac cccgaaataa taaagtaact aagcgacaaa gaaaattaat gaatgaatat     86940
     gtagtaacta atataatata atatttgcag gtgaggtgtg ctgtgaggtg tgctgtttcc     87000
     gttcttttac acattcactc attttacaaa aaagtgattt atcaggtatg ttttatacaa     87060
     aaaatggtat aatccaaatg tacaaaacta tcctccaata aaagcagcaa acaacatttt     87120
     cctcttcatt aagttcctac caagatcagt atcatcatca ttaaacagac acgaagctgg     87180
     attagcgatg ctgacagttt aaagacttgc tgctgtccgt tttaaaaatg caccacttta     87240
     tttaaatcca gtacaaaagg tcaacttcac ggtgaacttg tcagacgtcg gtctgtataa     87300
     gcatctgcct gacaaacatt cctctgtatt tatagtcccc aaaagtgtct ctcacaaagt     87360
     gctgaaactc aaacattcac cttaagcact ttaaaaaaaa catcacacat gcaccgaggt     87420
     taaaagtcac cgctctgaca atcagattat tgaacttgct ttgcattccg ctcagcctca     87480
     gtcaagtaaa ctcatttcct ttgtgtgtat tgaggttatg atgccctatt tggcagccga     87540
     atctacggta cgggcagagc gaggccagcg ataggggagt gtagtgacgc taactggaaa     87600
     acaactgtgc ccctgtgaac aaacttcact ctatttatac ggctgctggg agtgaaggat     87660
     tacctgtttt tttctttcct cgccatctac aaatagtgca agttttgaat tgcgctgtct     87720
     gtggacgagt gttattattg tgtatccttc ctgacaacta aaaatgcagt aagtagacgc     87780
     tcttttaagc aggctaatcc acatggccgc tcttgtatct gtgatagctt tagaaaacag     87840
     ttacataaat ccccatattt gcagctgctt tacagatcag cagttgcgtc ttatgaaaag     87900
     aaatgagctg gttatgataa gcctgccgat ttaaaacggt ttaaattctg cccagttagc     87960
     agactaagct gtaagcagac aaatgctatt gatttgctgc agacctgtga agaggtcact     88020
     ttgttgcagg tgaacgtctc tggaggtctc gattaacata aaagcagtca atgccacctg     88080
     tgtgctttat tttaagtgcc aaatttgagg aaaacaggtt ctttgttggc tgtgtggctc     88140
     accacagatg ccttgtgaaa taaaacgcaa tttagattaa attaaatgct tacagaataa     88200
     aagtatttgt tttaaaatac tgtattactt atttaatatg tcattttata tgcctgttca     88260
     tcagtttact ggaactaagg ctgagattcc agaactttaa ttcagtcaat tatttgaagt     88320
     gatttgtatt ttcataacaa cactgaatgc agtctggcat ttcatatcaa ctcaccaata     88380
     ttgactgagt cctcccagtc ttccagtgtc tctgtaacag taagcacata cacataggtc     88440
     cgatgcttgc tgtcctggtt ctgctgtaca gaatgagaaa tataaagtta tcacatggca     88500
     tgtttaaaac ataggaaaac gagcactgag aaggtgtgaa gatgagatat ttatgaatgt     88560
     ttatgaaata aagccttgtt tattgaagta tcagtgacgt gctaagagct gaactagcgt     88620
     cttactttat ataagccagt ttggcagcct tacctcaaac acccccagta gcctgccaag     88680
     ggtgcccctc actccagcct gtttaagcag atagagacat ggaaaaagca tcagagagac     88740
     tcgcgtcatt ccctacacac aagccttttc agttttaaat aacgttgagg tctcaaagta     88800
     taaatcatac ataaatattc aaagtataaa tcatacataa atattactca actaaataac     88860
     aaaacccctc aaatatctaa cctctttcga tatattttag ttttcaatga ttatgtaatc     88920
     tgattgtaac agtaaagcga atctcccatt tgcacataac ccaaaggtgc tctattgaat     88980
     tgaaatctgg tgacttcggg ggccatttga gtaaggtgaa ctcatcgtca tgttcaagaa     89040
     accggtttga gatgatttga gctttgtggc ataacgtgtt atccctcttg aaacagatat     89100
     cataacatgt gcatgggttc actgtggtca taaaggaatg gacattgtca gtgacaatac     89160
     tccggtgaac tgtgaagttt caacaacact caactgattc ttatggtgtg ttcaagtact     89220
     gtatatcaaa taaatcatat tttatttaaa agtaaaggtt ttctttttac ctccaaattt     89280
     ctgagttgag ggtgtgtcag tgaaaaccat tgcaaaatca aatagaagtc aaaataatat     89340
     aaaaagtata tacatacata catacataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     89400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     89460
     tataattatg caaaattcat ggatgcatag tcaacctcag tgggttgtga gtgacaaaca     89520
     caattgattt gaattagtta gtgtattttc ctgataactc catcttgtgc caacaaaagt     89580
     gactcaaaca cgcttgacat tgtcattacg acttgccaac ctatcagtaa gaaagttcca     89640
     gagttgaaca cagcatcaaa gtgagccaaa accttttctc ataccacatt agatcaccag     89700
     caaactaaat cactggtttt ctaatattct gctttctagt tttggtaaac cggactcaat     89760
     tgtagcctaa ttttctagtt tctagttgac cagagtggca tctgttttgc ctttttctgc     89820
     tgtaacttct ctgcttcaag gtttgaccca atcttttgac ttttaaaaat tctcatcagc     89880
     agaccttagt tgtaacaagt gattatttgc cgtttagctt aaaccagcta ggccattatc     89940
     ctctgacaac aacaatccat gaaactgaca ctcgctgttt tttccgcagc tctgcacagt     90000
     tttgccccaa acctatatca acacacagct gatccaaata atcgtggtgt tcaaaagagt     90060
     catgaacacc ttcaatggtt gaatcagctg caaggttgga gtaaaactgt aaagctccgg     90120
     ccctcaagaa attgagtttg acacctatgc cctaaaccct atagagattg gacacatttc     90180
     aaggtcccag tagacctgtt tctgaactgt ttgaacatta atagatcaac atgccaacat     90240
     gccaactcat gcaaatgagt tgctgccgtg tgattggctg attagaaatg tgcattacta     90300
     aacaattgaa catgtgtacc taacaaagtg gccagtgaga aaagatcccg aatgcaataa     90360
     aacatttttt aaaaaaaaat tactttggct gtgacataag ctacagcatg attctatcag     90420
     cagcttaaca agatgatgaa cacaccgaat ttctggaacc ataccagctg acgttgacac     90480
     gtcaggccaa aacattagcc tggctcactg atccaggaga cctgagccgc atgtttccat     90540
     aacacaggag atccccggac aacataatgc tcacaaggga acatcatgtc ttcattcaga     90600
     cactgcgaaa tgcaccaacc aacccgagct atcctggaaa attgggttga tacgaccact     90660
     cgcgatcaaa tctgacaaac aacagtgggc aatttcagaa actatgagat atttagtcta     90720
     tttaaaacgc cctgagtgtg tttctgtcat ctctgtgtat cctgatctga cactgtcaca     90780
     tgacatgtgc atggccttag acaaaccctg aaaataaaca acttttgtta tgctatagct     90840
     ggaaaaggac caattgttta cccatttgac aatgtcaatt gtcattttaa agcattaacc     90900
     ctattataag aaattcactt tttaagatgt gtttgatatg gcgacacagt aggtagtgct     90960
     gacgcctaac agcaagaagg tcgctggttt gagcctctgc tgggtcagtt ggtgtttaat     91020
     atgttctccc tgtgttcatg tgggtgtcct ctgagtgctc cggtttcccc cacagtccaa     91080
     aacacatgcg gttcaggtga attgggtagg ctatattgtc cgttgtgtat gagtgtgaat     91140
     gagtgtgtgt ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcggctgg gagggcatta gctgcgtaaa     91200
     aaaacatgct ggttagtttg tcagttcatt ctgctgtggt gatcccagat taataaaggg     91260
     actaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgat gtgtttgatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     91320
     tgtgtaacca tacagcctat aatggtacaa attcacccag ccttttttca taaatccccc     91380
     taaatcataa acagcattac caaaatgcac agtaagagat aagcaacagt agtgaagcct     91440
     ctacatgact gttgactatt tttgaaggat gcagcaatac caacacttgc tctaacttca     91500
     agtttaatca gtcttattcc agaagaactg cattaattta tatccattca gataggtcct     91560
     tccttagtca gtcttaaaat tcctctttat attattctgc tttgcttctg gtaatttctc     91620
     gtttttggct tcatcttttt gtcatttctg gagtttcaga aaaatgtgta cagactccga     91680
     ccctcacttt ttttctggga aaggggagag atagagctta tttgcattta aagatacaca     91740
     cacaaatttg atacctataa taaatggtct gtactctctc agaaaaaaag gtacacgtgg     91800
     tacaaataat gctccttgag aaacagtttt gccctttgtg aaagttgtaa gttatatggt     91860
     tcagaaaata cctcttatga tactgttctg tgcattttat ggtataatta aaatgaagga     91920
     acacttgagg catttttaga aatgtttggt aagaattttt gcgctgttaa ggtaaaaagt     91980
     gtcttgacac tgtggtggta gttttatgaa tcagatttgt acctttcatg acggtacaat     92040
     attgtatatg caggttttaa aatccaaaag gaacattttg cttttccatg gtataaaccg     92100
     tgtccttaaa ggtgcaaact gcaatggtac aaatttgttt ctttgtctta gggtacaact     92160
     ctgtcccata aaaaggtact gccccaatga caagggtttg taccttcttt ggtaaaacat     92220
     tgtatcattt tttctgagag tgtagggtat ttaagatgaa gtttcacaga gacattctga     92280
     ggacaccagg tatattaata ttacatattt ggggaaaatg gcattacatg tcccctcaaa     92340
     tattcaattc aatatggcat taatttaaca caatatgtaa aatcattaat attttgatcc     92400
     atttcaaaat ctgttgaggc gcaatgggtt ttgaacagaa ggacagaaat cagatttcat     92460
     taaatatgtt ggtttggaaa gacacgatac tgtcagattt ttattttcaa gcagcttaaa     92520
     aaaaaacacg aaagctttgg gacatcccac acctggcaaa gcccctgggg gaagcagttc     92580
     ggggtcccat gagtgtcgcc atagccaggg gcatgccata attccgagac aggtttatag     92640
     actcctacag ggtcactcta acacttgaat ggctcgagtt accttttaaa ccattatgta     92700
     ataaataaat ccctcgaagt aaaaataaag tcttgtgtat gacagccaaa atcaaatata     92760
     aataaataaa taaataaata ggccaaatat aacttcattg tacagccttt tttattgtta     92820
     tgcaattatg ctttagtcaa tggactcaat gattcaattg atgagctgaa tttgacatat     92880
     aaaaagaaac atcaagcatt cgctgattta ttttataata cagccagaca gcccagtcct     92940
     actgtaaatg tcaccattag caccataaaa aatgacatcc ttaaaaccag aaaacgccgg     93000
     ctgctgtaat taagctgcat tcaaattggg caaccgcaag tgtcccaaca ccgtgactcc     93060
     tgaacctctg ggacatgtac atttcagacg gacgaggcca acggtaacag gacacggttt     93120
     ctaaatgtcg ctgcaatgct tcacagctgt caacaaatta ccctcttggc aacctctttg     93180
     acggcccttc aatgtcagga cacagcccat ccttgaaaag aaccacataa ccattagccg     93240
     agatagacat aaaaagattc atttagcgaa gcctcttaaa ttgaagatga cagaaaaacg     93300
     tgccgatgga catattgtga atgacgattg ggtggtgttg gcagaggtat cacatgatca     93360
     ttgctttcat gccgaaatct cgacagcgga gtcaaaggtg tgggaaaaaa ctgactggaa     93420
     tgcagcatga gggtttaatg gatagtttag atgcataaag aatgagtaag cttaatctga     93480
     ttttgtgcat ttaatgaaga tctttagacc aaagacattt tttttttaaa cttctttttt     93540
     atgcttcaca aaagaagaaa attgaacaat tttaaccatc aatgtcatat tgtttgggtc     93600
     attatttgac ttagtttaaa gcagaggttg gcaaactaca gcccgcaggc catatgtggc     93660
     ccgctgaaca ctttcatctg gccagcgagg aagtttttaa aatgctgctt ctgagtaacg     93720
     gtttggtttc agaattagta aatgaatgat gcaatacaag tgaatgatgc aatacaagtg     93780
     aatgcctatc cgagagtgaa catactctcg gatagtaaaa tgcactcgac cgtaaatgac     93840
     tgaaaataag tcaggcaaaa aaatgtactc tgaatgtcgt gtgtttaagg tagaatggac     93900
     aacaaaatac ttcttcacca atatctgaca gaaagcggta ggtctaatat gccaagagag     93960
     tattgttgtt ttttaagact acaacctaag gggccgatca cacctaacgc gcatttacgt     94020
     tccaaaaatg tgagatgcac cgcactgcct ttttgttgac aagaaaaaaa gaaagcatgg     94080
     tgtgcttttt ttatgtcttt aggcaacgaa agaatcagct tggtattttg tgagaatgtt     94140
     gctgttgata tttatataac tttattttta ggctcattgt tcacattaac gaactcataa     94200
     taacatgact tggaataaca aagattaata ttcttcttct gttttacctc ataattttat     94260
     aatgattgat atgagcatat taatacaagc tcaaatgcga ttgttgtgaa tttaactcaa     94320
     attatataat gtttgctggt taaatgtgtt atttttgtca tagaatatat tttccatgcg     94380
     tatatccact ttaaaaagtt cttttatcaa agatttgtgg ctttatcaag ttttatgatg     94440
     attgatctgt atattctaaa agcagtgcaa attagattat tgtattttgt taatgttatt     94500
     gttattttta ttattatcat tattataagt attattatta ttaccagcat gagtatatta     94560
     tagttatcaa gttaataatc taccatacat atctttaata ttattcttcc atgtgggttt     94620
     gtataattca taattagcat tgatatagtg ttttcttttt tatttattta gtttttatta     94680
     ttattattca ttttttttgc ttattctcat tgctttgttt gctgaacttt atttttcttt     94740
     tctctttttg tttcttttct ttttcttcta ctcctcccct tccttttctg ttttatttta     94800
     ttttttttta tttttttttt attattttat tattttttgt ttattattat tagtttattt     94860
     tctcttttcc tttctttccc cttctactta ctacttacta ctattattat tatttattat     94920
     tattattatt attatttatt attattatta cttgtcctct ccctgatttc ccatcctccc     94980
     ctctcctcga aacctttgtc ataaatggta ttacttttat tttttgtaat cattattatt     95040
     attactgttc tgacttgtcc cgttatcttt ccattatcat tattacaagt atttatacca     95100
     ttatcattat taaggttgca gttgttgtag ttgtagcggt agtagttgta gtagtagtag     95160
     tagtagtagt agtagtagta gtagtagtag ttgaagtagt agacattgta atagtaacga     95220
     ttgttattga gtaattgtta cagagattat tgaagtagta gttcatgtag tagcagatgt     95280
     cattggtata gtagtagcag aagtagtaat ggtgtggttg ttacagtagt agttgttgct     95340
     ggtgtagtaa tatcagtagt agatattgtt gatgtagatg tagtagaagt gattgtggta     95400
     gtggtggtag tagtagtagt agtagtagta gtagcagtag acgttgttgt attagttgta     95460
     gcaaacgcta tagtagtatc agtaggggta gtcgttgtag tagtatcagt attagtagac     95520
     attgtagtag tagtagtagt cgtggttgtg gctgtagtag aagcagtagt agttgtaata     95580
     taagtaactt tctgtagtag tagttggtgt agcacttgtg atttattatt attgttgtca     95640
     tttattactg ttgtcctttc tttcttttta ctctcatttt tactatcata cattaataag     95700
     cattgtagtt actccctacc tctgactggt ttctttctat atgttttatc tatatctgtg     95760
     acacttgcta catttattga ctgtttttgt tccttatgta tgtactctga cctgtccacc     95820
     aagttacctt tacatgcata cacacactca cacgcacata ccagtacatg actatattgt     95880
     tgttgttttt gtttcgttgc tttgtatttg ttatttgttg atgttttctt gtatttgtat     95940
     gatttttgca tattctaata aaaaaaaaga ttattgtaaa tttgactgaa taattaactt     96000
     taagacttat ttttaatgtg ttaatatatg tgtttttttc tatcttttct attctccact     96060
     gtaaaaatta ttacattatt attattatta ttattacagt ataagggatt attttattgt     96120
     tttatgatga ttgataagta ataataaata taaatagcag tgcaaattca tttgaatctg     96180
     ttttggttaa agtgacatgt ttctgtctga tattaaatgt tctatgcaga ctgccactat     96240
     aaaaaagttg ttttttgaag gatttgacat ttggcccttc acttggttta caaaacttga     96300
     tgtggtctct cgggtctaaa aagtttgccc accactggtt taaagggtta gttcatccaa     96360
     aaaaaaaatt ataataattc tgcgtcaaat catttactca cacttcacaa actttaaaga     96420
     atttcttttc tcttttgaat acaaaagaag atttcctgga agacaaccga tagccattat     96480
     cttccatact ctttgttttt cctatatgta tgtcaatggc cattctccaa cattcttgtt     96540
     catcagaaaa aaggtttaca atctcttttg agggtaagta gatggagagt aaattgtcat     96600
     tttgaggcaa acaatccatt aaagttaacc agaagtgaat taaaccacga tgatgactgg     96660
     tcgcagcttg ctgtattgtg ttactttttt aaaaatagaa tagtatatac tgctaagcat     96720
     gcaacacaca gtatgcatgg tgtaaagcaa aaaacatctt ggtgacaaga tatgggacag     96780
     ctgcaaacca taactctcac ctaaacatgt cgatactgta aacaacagcc caagagacta     96840
     ccattaacca gtagagcact tgatgacgca aaccatcttc agttaaccag taaaaataag     96900
     ataatgttgt ttttttacac taacaaatac atcaataata tggattaact ggggaaacgt     96960
     gaatgctgct aaatatgaat aaaggtaaaa tgttgtgaaa ctttaccaca gtttcaaaaa     97020
     atttgcagat gatttgagat atttacattg gagaaatatt caacacatca ccatttttct     97080
     caaaaaacaa atatctaaag gtgctgttga cttggatttt caccagatgt tgataacaaa     97140
     caaagaattg catatatgaa aagaaaacaa atctagttcg tttacaaatg aagtgatgtg     97200
     taataaaatg aaatgaccca ggaaaaaagt attgaacaca tgaagaaagg gagctgtaga     97260
     aaggcagtga aagcctagac agcagctaaa attactcaga agttcttcag ccactctctg     97320
     cccttccgcc cttcgtcagt gtaaattaat atccgctgct tcagtccaac atctatatta     97380
     ccaggatgat aaagaagaaa ccagagtgga catttcagca agacaatgat ccaaagcaca     97440
     gccaagcaaa cataggtatt tctttggtaa aaaaacaaaa aacaaagtca acagcacctt     97500
     tagaaatatt ttttctgaga aaaatgtgtt taatacttat ttcccccact gtatatgtat     97560
     tttaaggaat aattaaagat gctaatacct atttccccca ctgtttatat atacacaagg     97620
     aataattaag gaataattaa agatgctaat ttttttgcat cattgctcca atctttagtt     97680
     aaacatgatc cttcttaata aatcctttga aaatggcgat ttggtggtca agaaaagatt     97740
     tccattattg aacatattat taaaaataat acttttgaaa tgtttttttt tttgataaat     97800
     attcagttta acagaactgt tttgatttta aatcctttgc aatatgttaa caggtccttg     97860
     ataaatctat taaaaaagat atccaactca aagtcagcag gaaaaaccaa aatcaccatg     97920
     tagatgtgtg aaaatatata ttaaaaacag ataccgacaa acatttttaa aagtattcat     97980
     ttattttcct tcagcttagt ccctttatat atcaggggtc gccccagcag aatgaaccgc     98040
     caaattatcc agcatatgtt ttacacagtg gatgtccttc gagctgcaac ctagtactgg     98100
     gaaacaccca tacactctca cattcacaca catacactac agccaattta gtttacatat     98160
     agcgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc aaacgaacac     98220
     agggagagca tgcaaactcc atacagaact gccaactaac ccagccagga ctcgaaccag     98280
     cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc aacagtgcta accactgagc caccgtgtca cccctttaaa     98340
     agtaatcaca aaatattaaa tgtatatttt ataaatgggc tttaaaaaag caggttttaa     98400
     ctgcaagtta aaatttgagt gttggtgatt taataaatgg acaaaatgca tcttttaaaa     98460
     ttgaaaagta catttagcat tttcaggcag ctattttctt tgttcatttt atttttggat     98520
     tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggttgccaca gcggaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcata     98580
     tgttttacgc agcggatgcc cttccagctg caacccatca aaggtaaatt tagctgtttt     98640
     tgctgtttaa aagtaaatta taaaaatact aattattgaa aaaaaaatat taaaatggtt     98700
     ttgtgaaaag acggccacag attagcacct tccatgctta atttaatcat aaataattaa     98760
     aattaagctt ggaaggtgct gatctgtggg cgtcttttca caatctgcac agcattataa     98820
     tgtctttttt tattatttgc atttttataa tttacttttt accaacaaca gcagcgatgc     98880
     ttagctgcct gaaaatgcta acttttcttt tcaattaaaa tagatgcatt taggccattc     98940
     attaaaccag tggttctcaa agtggggggg gggggtggtt tggtgatttc caaaaatcta     99000
     tttatttttt attaaaccaa aaaaattacc atattttatc cataaatttt tttttatagt     99060
     ttctatatac taaataggta ctatagtagc ttatagttgt tctattggat tgcaacccct     99120
     ggggtaatta cattatatta aagacacaca tgcagcagat tgattttata ataccagttt     99180
     aaaccttttg gcacatttac agccttgaca tccattaaaa aaattaaacg aagaacagac     99240
     ttgggtctac tggtgtgtgt gcgccattgc gtgcaagatt tctgtattta tgcgagtccc     99300
     tggcattgtt attttggggg tcgcagtctg aaaagtttgg gaatccctgc aataaaccac     99360
     aaaactttaa tttgaacttg caattaaaat ctgcacttta tagcctattt ttaccagttt     99420
     agatttccag acaggagtga tcaaacgcgg tattggaggt tcattcaaac cttctgtaac     99480
     ttcctcctct acttgaggag ctggagctga attttcaggt ctcacctctt cataaacctc     99540
     tcggaccgca gctcctccag gctcctcttc cggctccatc cctcctccag gaacgatcca     99600
     ctgatctggg tgtcgactgc tgctaaccag caaaacctgc cgcacacaca cattcacaca     99660
     aacagagctg agtcagagtc caaactcaaa cgctcatcaa cactttgtca gaacatcttg     99720
     attacataac cgagtttaac ctgatacagc tcacagcaca tcaatctgca aaaataccat     99780
     ccatctgatg agcatcctgg ccctctaagt gagagattgg cctccatatg cagtatagaa     99840
     attcatttaa tttaaagtgg cagtccatgt ggttatatca tgtggagcac aagatgatat     99900
     ttaattttgt tagttcatgt agtgaatgac aaggggttct cttttgtcaa ggggtgttcg     99960
     agatgtatta ctgtctacta tattaccgta aacattgtta taatgatatg caacctgaga    100020
     ttatccagca tgtcactcac attagaaaaa acatttctcg atagtttaaa aacctccact    100080
     gagagatgaa gactttctaa atggaaataa ttaagatatt atttaagtat atgtaatttc    100140
     cttttctttt gtttagctgt gcctttactg aaggagcact gtgcaacatc cgacagatca    100200
     tactattata tcataatatt ttattctttt ataacctgtt ttaaaacatt ttaatctgtt    100260
     tttaatcatt ttattgtttg tttgttttta ttttttcata cttgtctttt ttttcttgtt    100320
     tatgtaaagc actttgaatt gccactgtgt atgaaatgtg ctatataaat aaacttgcct    100380
     tgccttccaa aaaatcgaat ttgagttcaa ttcaagatta tttgtatagc ttttcacaat    100440
     aattattaat taaaatatta gacacaatgg gctctatttt gacaatctag acccaaagtc    100500
     gaaaacgcag ggtgcaataa gggcgtgtca gaatccacta ttgctatttt aacgacggaa    100560
     aatctgcttt gcgtcatggc gcatggtctt acaggcttga gcttactcaa ttagtgagtt    100620
     ataggtgtgc tttgagaata aaccaatcag agtctcatct cccattccct ttaagagctg    100680
     gttgcgtcac ttcatggtgc atttgctatt tacatgatgg actttgtaag tggaaaaacc    100740
     gaacccttca ctagcgagaa aacagttaaa tgaagcatgt acagcatgag aatgagagat    100800
     aagccttctc atttattcct ttcactttca ctctcaagga taaggaaacg tgttgtatgc    100860
     acagacatcc attagcctac ataattaatt tagtttctta agtacaaaga tttgatttaa    100920
     aactatttct aaattcagtt ctattttcca gcaaacaaat aaatgaacaa taataacaaa    100980
     gtgtgttcaa aaactgagtt atatccaata cacacgctgt gccccatatg gtctaaaacc    101040
     tgacaggttg gcaaatctaa gcttgttttt aataaaccaa ataaaaatat gcatataata    101100
     aataatattg ctaataatga taacaatatt caaaagacaa tttgttgtga ataaactgaa    101160
     aaagcccctc gagatgaaga agccatgaaa gtatggtttt tatatttatg taggctagaa    101220
     aataatatgt tttgtaatat tttaatcctt taattcgttt tcatttgtaa agatatttgc    101280
     gtattgctgt acatcctgtg tgtgttaagc agtgtgtaag cgaggcgaac aaataacatg    101340
     ctctgcgctg gactatagac ctgctttgat caggtctatt gaacagtata tttaagttcc    101400
     tcaaaatagc aacgcgccag caatgcgcct caacacacct cctttttcag accagaacgc    101460
     ctatgggcgc acatatgagc gcaaatgcat ttgttattta aacagcgtgg tgcaaaaagt    101520
     caaaacaact cttgcgccga gctgaaacta caattgcgtc gcgccttgca ccgggtgtat    101580
     gatagggccc agtatcttca aacgctaatg atttataaat ttgaggagtg caaaagactg    101640
     tctgggttta tcttttacaa caaatactgt cataaatgct ctctgcattc cacttaatct    101700
     ttcaaataat gagattttgg tcaaaagcat tcaaggacag gaaaatgtga ataccaacaa    101760
     aagctttata actgaaggaa actcactgaa ggacaaaatt atcttttcaa aatccttgta    101820
     acaccttttg agcttgatta ttgtttggca atatataaac acatacatac acataccaag    101880
     tttgacaatg cagcatttca ttatgctaaa aatgtatttt tagtaataat gacagcagct    101940
     ggtttggaca tacacgcttt aactccaact aatacaacta acaatatatt aaaactgcat    102000
     ttctgtctgc acaatgagct tctgcattac agtcacttag aggcatcaat ctccactact    102060
     cttctagaag gcaatcgtat atatctgtgg aatcacttct tataaataaa cctccagcaa    102120
     cagctgcccc caccatcgca gcagattctg tcagctcaga gccaagctct gctttgggcg    102180
     gtgaggtgtg ggagcgaaaa cagctgctgc cagaccaggt gaccatggga gagctggagg    102240
     catctaacag attcttagat agattacaca tgttagaaaa aactactgta ccatattact    102300
     gattaaatca ttcagttaca gtagttgcta aaaaacaaaa ctacagcatg gtagtgttca    102360
     tgtacacttt cattcaagta actaatgtag tcaagtcaat attaggatat gtgatgcgtt    102420
     gagctaaatt ccatatctat aaatataagc tgtattcatt caactttgat ttgttcaatg    102480
     ctcatccgtg aacattttat attaaaacaa aagcaaagaa gtatactaaa agcacaaaac    102540
     agcaactcaa aaaatacatt ttgaataatg cgttgataat gtgtctattg ttggcaaaat    102600
     agcctagtca gggcgtcctg agttcgaatc ccggcttgag gacctttcgc cactctaccc    102660
     ccctctctct cttcaatttc gcttcctgtc tcaatacttt cctatcacaa aaaaaatctt    102720
     taaaaaaaaa aacataaata aataacgtgt cttataatgt tagtagaaaa ctgacctact    102780
     tacttaaact gacatcaaat tttatacacc aaaatggaga cacagaattt ttctaaaata    102840
     acatcatggt ggctatgtgg ttagcacaga acccagaagg ttgctggtct gaatctcagg    102900
     gtgctttcac acctacactt ttgtttcgga acctgtctcg tttgcccagt tagcgtggtt    102960
     agtttggcat atgtgaaacc accaatcaga tccgcgccaa atcaatcact ccgagattgc    103020
     ttgaatgagg tggtctcgtt cgattgaaac aaactctgga gcggatcgat tgcagtaaga    103080
     aagtgatacg atccgagcac tgttaaataa ctgtgtttta tggctatgta ataggcatac    103140
     ggctatatga agagagaatt atgagtaggg cgggaagttt cgcaagtctc cggatgcccg    103200
     caaacgagtg aaaatctccc ggtaatcttg tgtctccctc ccggtcctca aataggctac    103260
     atcacgcacc cttctcacca ctccccacga gaagggtctg gctgcagact cggtgcagtg    103320
     caatctgagc tgcatccaat gctttttaat gcgttcacct aaccccaccc ctaaccctac    103380
     ccgtcacagt gatgtcactc aatcagcatc actgagtgat gcaatctcag cttgcatcat    103440
     aaaggctgca tccagatgct attgctcccc accgcatctc tcctcacttt tcagacacgt    103500
     cgcgcgcacc ttgtcaaaca ccaccaaacc accacctctc ctgacagctg agcgggactc    103560
     tgcaaaataa accctgacac tctgaccaat gtgaggagag tttactcaca cgtgacttgt    103620
     tttagctctt ttggtctgat tagaaacatt gcagtgtgaa agcgaaccat tcaagagcaa    103680
     aaagcaacaa tgtaacaatt gtaatctctg tttcggaaca actgaatcga ttgacaggtg    103740
     tgaaagcacc ctcagtcttc cttaaattaa aatacacaag acatgtcacc gaaacccccg    103800
     tcttcgatta aaggagccaa tcatctattg ctaaagactg attattctcc gagggtagag    103860
     cttagtctag actgcttcta tgcgcttttt ttgctataaa gaaacttttg tctttttgtg    103920
     tggagtttgc atgttctccc aatgtttgtg tgggtttcct ctgggtgctc tggcttccca    103980
     cagtccatag acatgcagta taggtgaatt ggataaacta aattggctgt agtgtgtgaa    104040
     tgggagagtg tttgagtgtt tcccagcact tcgggttgac ctctcagtgc tgggttgtgg    104100
     ctggaaaagc atctcccagt aaaaacataa gctcaaaata agatttttgc tgcttgttca    104160
     aacttcttat ttaaaaggag cagatcaaca caattctaaa gttttttttt ttttctttgt    104220
     caacttaatt gttttgttca atccagttaa cttaatgaat ttgtgttggg acaacgaaga    104280
     aattgtgtgg aacccaatct tatttaaagt gcatgccaga attgacagtt catctgctgt    104340
     agttcgaccc ctgataaagc agggaatgtg ccaaaagtaa agtgagtgag aatctatgaa    104400
     gttaagattt acaaaattgc atattaactt ctaatgaagt ttttgtaatt tctcaacatg    104460
     tttgtgtatt ttatattaaa ttaaaaaaaa aaatttttta ttgtttttat ttatatcatt    104520
     ctgtctggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgtgt tcacatggat ttctactagg agctctggga    104580
     ctgagattta gggcctactc acactatgcc atccgtacca tgcccaggcc cgtttcctgg    104640
     atcgtttgag aagtgtgagt ttgctgaatc gggctcaagc acggttcact tggcaggccc    104700
     tggcccggtt ggaagaggtg tgcctgagcg cagttcactt gggctttggc gcggtacacg    104760
     tgtgtgagtg caaaacgtgc caaagcccaa aactgaaagc gagacgtgac ttttaaagag    104820
     cccatattat acatgaaata gggtcatatc ttggttgtaa gggtctccaa caacagtcta    104880
     atatgcatgc aaagtcaaaa aacactttca tggtcttata atctgcattt atttttacct    104940
     aattatccca gcgactcccg tatgaatcgt ccagtgattc atttgttccc aaacccctcc    105000
     ttagcgcgaa gctaatctgc gctgattgga ccgatgacag tctgtcacga ttggtcaact    105060
     gccttcagtc agagaatgaa atgcccaata gctaatcagc aatataaaag taatcacagt    105120
     tcatacgcgc tccatagtgt aggcgtggat tttagctgcc acacacacac acacaaacac    105180
     acacacacct ctggacgaca acgctcccgc ttccgcccgc acccgccagg ttttagcctg    105240
     aacccgaccg ctcccgctta tatttagaat ttcttgtccc ggtgcccgaa ccgccccgtt    105300
     ttctgcccgc cgcgcccgat cccgctaaag agcgggggag aacataaccg aaaatcaccc    105360
     agcaaaacag tccagagaca gccagacaga gctctctctc tctctctctc atacgcgcgc    105420
     actaacacat acacacaagc gccaagcaga cacacaggca ggcaaagctc tgtctcattc    105480
     gcatagcaat atccacgata ttgctagaca gcccgctccc gtcccaaatt aaacctgtta    105540
     ccgaccgctc ccgtgattga ttcggaaatt tattcccacg ccgcagaaat ctggcgcggg    105600
     gacagccgcg ggaatgcaga cctctaccac ggagctccgt aaacaaacag cacgcgtcgc    105660
     gtttttaacg tgactttgca cgcgataaga gaatatagcc agttaacctg atacagtaca    105720
     ctcggttaca agtgacaaat cacaactaaa tacatttgca agctagagtc aacgaggcaa    105780
     ctttaatcgc acgtacttac atttgagaaa tggaggaaga aactcatcct gacgtccatt    105840
     agtaagttaa tctttactga tccttacttt aacaaacgca gaagaagtat tctttgtagc    105900
     atgtagtttc cagaagtttc caactgcttg gctataatgc tgaggtttca tctctgggta    105960
     gagaatcgat aatgtccatc tgcagtgtga cttcaatcga ccggcatgtt tgtgtgcgtg    106020
     tgtttgtggg tgtgtgtgtc tgggtttctg cgtcagaggg cggggcctca ggtttgaaat    106080
     ctccggggtt tgcgcgtgca cgtgaataac ttggtttcgt tcgtacgtca tggcgaaaca    106140
     cctaatgaat cggtatcaag gcgactcgtt tgaagcacta tgagtcgact cttttataga    106200
     tgaatcaacc gttttaaaca ctgtattctt acagatttaa gccttagctg gatacttcac    106260
     ttcacttaga gcagtgttac acactacatg gaggggaatt ttcaaaaacc cataatatgg    106320
     gctctttaag ggactgtttc atatggattt attaatcatt cttaatgttc aatgaacgca    106380
     aactgccgtc gtttattaaa gatgcaaact cctcacttca cgacagctgc gcgccttcag    106440
     cagacctcct cattcctgca gcacgagagc tttatggttg tttatgagcg ccaaaagtgg    106500
     cggatctgta cagcgaaata tctgactgcg tgtccctgca cccctaagga ctgtttggcg    106560
     aaatatttga cggcatatca aacgactgaa acgatataac tagagaaatc tccactatgc    106620
     tgctgagtga gagagtgctt ctcactgaag agcgcagcag cgatgacgta agcgtgccga    106680
     agcccgtttg tggtgtgagc gcgggccgtc gggggagacg ggagggggac aagcgtgctt    106740
     tggcccgggt cgaggcaact gtacctagtg tgagtacggc cttactcaca gtccaaagac    106800
     ataaggtata ttggctgtag tgtgtgaatg ggagagattc ccagcactga gggttgtact    106860
     ctaagagcta gtttgtggct ggaagggcat tcgccagtga aacatacact caaaattaca    106920
     ttttcacttc ttgttcaaac tacttattta aaataagctg aatcaacaca attcttgagg    106980
     atttatgtcc aatccactta aatttgtaaa aacaattaag ttaacttaat caatttgtgt    107040
     tgggacaaca tgaattgtgt agaacacaac gttttttaca gtgtatgcca gagtaatcga    107100
     cagttcattc ccccatacca gccaacattt gtccttgaaa atctaggaga ccaggggggt    107160
     tggggtggtt agttttctgg gagaaataac aaaacgagag ggtggtggga gatgggtctg    107220
     aaatacagga gattcctggg aaaaacggga gtgtgggcag gtatgtcgac ccctgataaa    107280
     acagagaata tgagaacaac agtaaagtga gtgagaacaa catttgaagt tgggatttcc    107340
     aaaattgctt attaacaact aatgaagtgt tagcgatttc acaatatttt ttgtgtagta    107400
     tattgattta attctctttt gttaaatatt tttttaatag tttttttttc atattgcttt    107460
     caatattagt tatctaagta aatcaattca attcaaattc aatttaaatg aaaaagacta    107520
     aaatcaaatg cataatatta tctctcataa tattaatcac tcactcatca cttgttccaa    107580
     acctgtttga gtttactctt tctgttgaac acaaaggagg aggatatact gaaggatgtt    107640
     aggaaaaaca tacattgaca tccatttttg gatgccaatt tctgctttat ctaaagtatt    107700
     taaaatattt tgtttcaggt tcaacagatt tttaaaaata atttatatat attttaataa    107760
     tttatatata tttagatatt tatatgtatt tttataacca cataagtgag actaaataga    107820
     aaaaacattt ttaattatgg gtgaactatg tttttaaaag ttatattcct gagtcatttt    107880
     caaactaaat taaaattaag gtattctaaa gtcagttctg aatgttgcac aacctgttgc    107940
     tgtttgtaga acattctatc agtcgatgaa ggttaaagaa aatatttacc gatatagagt    108000
     aaatcaagga ctttctgaaa gcctcaacac acagataaca gctaaaaccc agcacattca    108060
     tctggacaac gttacttaaa actccttaaa tcaattaatc aaagttttgc accattaaac    108120
     aaagattaat tagctactaa gtttcgagca tctgctggca tactgaccca gttcagagcc    108180
     ccactgacac tgaagatgga gtgcatgttc aatcccagca tgagcctgag gagcacgtgt    108240
     ggccccatcc acataaacag cacccaggag agctggaata ttttcacttg ggcaaacccc    108300
     agcagacagt ggccgccttc cagttacgat aaacatcagc gtcagggctg tgtttggcgt    108360
     ttcaggacag tctgtcgtct atttgtggat tagattatta catttattac aagatacggt    108420
     cagaaattaa cagggacgtg tagagaaaat gccatcaaac taaagtatta taagcattta    108480
     gggcagaaca gtattcaaaa ataaaaacag aaactgctga gaattttttt tctgctatat    108540
     atattaccat atgataaaac cagcttaatt caatagctcg atttggaaag aaatcatcat    108600
     tttagattca ttgggataac tttgtaggtg agtgaatcta cattgaatat gtttaataaa    108660
     taaatataat tagtctagat aaatacaatt aaacaaaaac acacagtgct ttttgggttt    108720
     tctggggaat ctaacagtat tcaggtacaa aaagcgaata atttaatgta atcaagcaca    108780
     catagtacaa tgtttagtgt ttgattaact ccaaagaatg attctttgtt aaagctttac    108840
     atacactcac cggccacttt atccggtaca ccttactagc acagggttgg acccccattt    108900
     tgccttcaga actgctttaa tcctttgtgg catagattca acaaggtact ggtaatattc    108960
     ctcagaaatt ttggtccata ttgacaagat agcatcacac agttgctgca gatttgtcgg    109020
     ctgcacgtac atgatctagt gattgttgag gcaatttgag tacagtgaac tcattgtcat    109080
     gtttaggaaa ccagtctgag atgattcgcg ctttacaaca ttgcgttatc ctgctggtag    109140
     tagccatcag aagatggtta cactgtggac ataaagaaaa ggacttggtc agcaacaata    109200
     ctcaggtagg ctgtggtgtt gacatgatgc tcaaattggt actttcgggc ccaaagtgtg    109260
     ccaagaaaat atccccacac aattacacca ccaccagcag cctgtattgt tggtataagg    109320
     caggatggat ccatgctttc atgtagttaa tgccaaattc tgaccctacc atctgaatgt    109380
     cgaagcagaa atcgagactc atcagaccac ggcaacatgt ttccaatctt ttattgtcca    109440
     attttggtaa gcctgtccaa attgtagctt cagtttcctg atcttagctg acagtagtgg    109500
     cccccggtgt ggtcttctgc tgctgtagcc catctgcctt aaggttccac atgttgtgtg    109560
     ttcagagatg ctcttctgca tacctcactt gtaacacgtg gttatttgag ttacttttgc    109620
     ctttctatca gctggaatca gtctggccct tctcctctga cctcaacaag gcattttgtg    109680
     cccacagacc tgccactcat tgaatatttt ctctttttcg gaccattctc tgtaaacctt    109740
     gagatggttg tgcgtgaaaa tcccagtaga tcagcagttt ctaaaaaacc agcctgtcta    109800
     acaccaacaa caatgccaca gtcaaagtca cttgaatccc ctttcttctc cattctgatg    109860
     ctctgtttga actgcagctg atcatcttga ccatgtctac atgcctaaat gctatgtgat    109920
     tggttaatta gaaattaatg ttaacgaaca gttgtaccta ataaagtggc cggtgagtgt    109980
     acattaattt cttgcttttt aattggtcat ggagtgctta cacacacact tgtggattgt    110040
     gcacattgca attttgatgc tcaagctgaa acaatatatt gtgcagccca atggcccatg    110100
     ggtgttgcaa ataaactaac gcaagtgtca atttgtggaa atacatttag atctgcacaa    110160
     gttatttaaa gaaaaaaaaa aataataata ataaattcca accggggagc agcacaaatg    110220
     tcccacacat ttaacataaa ttggcataaa atgtccctgg acaattaaac taaactaata    110280
     tgcttgtcat aatgaaggtg aaaattgaaa ctgaatgaaa agtgatagtt tgtggcatta    110340
     tagttatgta cacaagtgca cattgcatct tggttttaaa agatgccaat tattaaaaag    110400
     gagccaaaaa ttaaagggca aattttttct aatggcaaaa agaaaaaatg atggctcatg    110460
     caatttaatg tttgtggcat tttatttaga tatgtgcgca ttgcatctat gctttgaaat    110520
     gattaaaact gacaaacaaa actccccaaa aaattgagat gaggaacaaa aatgaggtgg    110580
     gatattgata ctaaactaga attgctgttg tcgataaagt aagatgttaa acacagcatg    110640
     aaaagcgtca atttgcacca ttaaagattt gcagatgtgt agacgttgca tccagtatgg    110700
     aaaataaact ttggcttgag gaaaaataga tgaacatttt aaaatgttct ttctttttta    110760
     aatctgctgt gaaactgaat gaaaaacatt acatttttgc aacagtattg tagtctaatc    110820
     aagctattca tttcattaaa atgtacagta aatttcccgg gaatcaaatg tatgaccttc    110880
     caattgtcaa tgttacagtg ttatatcaga caatctattg acatgctaaa ctatctaaca    110940
     tgtatagcag catgtcaaca caatgtaggc tgcaagacat tcccgctttt aagcatttca    111000
     cttcatgtgc aagtttgaaa ggtaaggctc acgagataca ggaggaaacg attgcggctt    111060
     ataatcagtc acgtagagca cgcagtcaag tgccgtttca ttctggcttg ttttaagggt    111120
     cattgttcag gttcagtcca ctggatcatg ttcgcattta acaggatcat tgttgctatg    111180
     actactctgg cacgactctg gcattactgt tattgaacca gtctgaactc tgaattcaac    111240
     atcgtctccg aggccgaatg tgggcttctt ggcagacctg caattactaa tgtaaatgtt    111300
     tgttagctta aactatatag ccgtagttat aagttacttt tgtttggata gagttaaccg    111360
     aaaaaaaaaa cagttcaggc gcttcatcaa aaatgctaaa tgaaaacaag caaagccaca    111420
     ttcaatgcaa gtcaaaagtg ggcgacagaa tgacagaggc tcagaccaaa cacacacacc    111480
     caaaaacaca aacacatttt cagaagagct gtatcgtatt cttcctgatg taaacacacg    111540
     ttagccacac tctcaaaaaa aatcaagctg attggaaagt catcaagccg tgtttataaa    111600
     acatttgcaa aaatacccta tagactaatg ataggctgtg cttggaatct tgctgtattt    111660
     tactattcag tgcacactat gcactcatct ctgtggagaa cattgtgcta tgtgtcccac    111720
     aattcaatgt gctcaacttt taacctttca agtgagataa aataaaatct atttgacatc    111780
     cctttaaaca agtggtcccc tccaaccctt attgactaat tggtaccagg ccgcataata    111840
     aatacatttt taattttgat tttatttatt aaatgtctgt aagatcttct atttagaaag    111900
     gtcttttatt tagaaaaaat tacaatattt aatcggttac attttggtca cttgagcgcc    111960
     aaaatgtaac ccacaagcta gcaaaatgag tgaaacatac agttgaagtc agaattatta    112020
     gccccccttt tgaattattt gttctttttt aaatatctcc caaattatgt ttaacagagc    112080
     aaagaaattt tcacagtatg tctgataata ttttttcaac tagtgaaagt cttatttgtt    112140
     ttattttagc aaaaaaaagc agtttttaat ttttttaaac accattttat ggtcaaaatg    112200
     attagcccct ttaagctata tattttttcg atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca    112260
     ataacttgcc taattaccct aacctgccta gttaaccgaa ataaaccagt taagccttta    112320
     aatgtcactt taagctgtat aagtgtcttg aaaaatatct agtcaaatat tatttactgt    112380
     catcatggca aagataaaat aaatcagtga ttaaagataa gttattaaaa ctatgtttag    112440
     aaatgtgttg aaaatccatt aaacagaaat tggggaaaaa ataaacaggg gggggggggg    112500
     gggggggggc aaataattct gacttcaact gtacatcttt ggaaagtttc tttgtgaagg    112560
     gggaaatgtc cattgaagga cccacaaact gctaaggaat gcatccataa cctggtgtcc    112620
     agtccacagt ggaaaaaaag gttggggacc actgctttaa agcattattt gatttgtctg    112680
     taatattgct ctaatgcagg gttgtcaaac tcaattcctg gagagccgaa gccctgcaca    112740
     gtttagttcc agccctgctc caacacactt acctgtaggt tttaaacaag cctgaaagac    112800
     tcaattagtt tgatcaggtg tgtttaatta gggctggaac taaactgtgc agagctgcgg    112860
     cccttttgga actgagtttg acacctgtgc tctaatgcat actaactaaa taaaagtatc    112920
     aatttctttc aaaaagatct ttccccttcc tacagaaaca aaaagtttta cttcagagat    112980
     atggatgttc aaaccaatca tgaactgcac agcatcatct taacattatt ttaatgctct    113040
     ttaaaaaaca tgtttacatt aaaagattaa tagcaaatgc atgaaaatac tctgacaatc    113100
     actcaaaaaa gaaagaaaga tgtaccatca aagcagcaag acttaaatgt gcctctcaca    113160
     tttggtataa gaaaaaaata tagaataaaa tgtattaacc cagacaactt aatcggtttg    113220
     attctaaata tacacaaaac tgtgctaaaa cggcatggca atagtatttt ggcaaagatt    113280
     actagagtta cttaagtcat ctgttaaaat agttttcata tttcaatata tatttgcaat    113340
     aaataaataa atattgtaaa gtcagttttt tttccaataa cataaaaccc taaggaacaa    113400
     aacattgcaa aagctttagg accattaaaa tgatctctca gatttttaac aactattgtt    113460
     ttttaaatgc ataaatttag attcatttat atcgattttt gtttagatta ttttgtaccc    113520
     aggcatgtat tgatcacctt tttgggtgtc aataaagttt gtgtaaatta tcatcgaagt    113580
     tacattagtg tcaaaatcat ctgcatgcta gagtagtcaa catttaacgt tgatcaaaat    113640
     gtttaatcaa agttgaacca catttattta tgcattcctt tgattttatt aatactggtc    113700
     atttaaacag gtgtcacggt gacgtagtga gtagcacgat tgcctcacag caagaaggtc    113760
     gctggtttga gccccggctg ggtcagctgg catttctgtg tggaatttgc atgttctgcc    113820
     catgttcgcg taagtatcta caaagaattt ctatgttctg atggaaagag tataaaatac    113880
     agtaataaaa gggtaaatag tttttacact cttttatatt ctacaaatga taaaaactct    113940
     gctaaacatt ttataactta ataaacatct taaatgttta gatttttaaa atatccttaa    114000
     tttcaaataa attccacaag tttagggttt acttccacca gatatgttca gtacatccat    114060
     tacattttca gctatgattt aatcaattta actttacatt attatttttt tttgataaca    114120
     gaatctttgt aaagactaat atacagctat taatgcatac agtgaaataa aatatgtata    114180
     atataaatgg gaagtagcat atttggagtt ttggcattac tgggatttgg actagtttta    114240
     tttataaaaa cctggcaact ctgcttatag aacaacagca aacaacccga agagctgctc    114300
     ttctcaagga tgtgctatgt tgtcgcttgt actcagctaa ctatcgctac ggcaggaatg    114360
     cactgacgtc cacagaagcg ttccaggact caactatact caaattatca gcagtgaaca    114420
     gaaacacacc aaagagaggt agagcccttt ctgaatagga tgataaatga cagcaaaaag    114480
     gagataaaag gagacagata agaaagtggg gaaaggaatc tgtgagagga cagtgagcgc    114540
     tgtcattctg cttctataaa ttgcagctga taggtcactc ggagcgtcag aacatagtgt    114600
     aacttacccc tgccctcccc gtctctcagt gcaaataaaa cgcaggagag acccaggaga    114660
     gcagcaggtc ctgttgcaat gcggaatatt catggtctga ggatctcatg cctcaacatg    114720
     ccttatgtaa tcaaacttcg acagctctag tggaattgct taattaagct gcacccattt    114780
     atgctatttc aaagttcact tgttttgttt ttggagtttc caacgttagg tttacatgca    114840
     aggtcaaaaa cattcactca cttttcactc cgttcctgct ttttcaggga ctgccacagt    114900
     ggaatgaacc accaattact cttgtgtatg ttttgttttt gatttttttt tttttttctt    114960
     tgcagtggat gcccttcgag gtacaaagta aacttcagtg ctgggaaaca tccacacact    115020
     ctaccattca cacacacaca cacacacact tggggagagc tggcgccgat tgcggataaa    115080
     aagaaaaaga gtgtggggtt gcgtgggcct ttgataatgt ccctgggggc cccctggatc    115140
     atccttacta cctccccaca ccccctagcc gcacccctgg gagaatgtga tatgattgac    115200
     tgcagctggt cacccatcta caatcattag ttagccattc aaattagtac aaactcacaa    115260
     ccccttttcc cccttttctc ctttaccaca gagagctctc gaaaaccacc tgatcttgta    115320
     ctaccctttc atgctctatc gaccagacag aagccctggt ctcaactatc tccgagcttg    115380
     gggttctctc ccgggacagc atgccaaaac ctgctaacat ttgtcaagtt aagtatttaa    115440
     cttttgaatg cattcacaca caaacactct ctcactacag ccaatttagt tgattcaatt    115500
     cacctatagc acatgtcttt ggactgtggt ggaaaccgga gcacccagag gaaacccacg    115560
     tgaccatggg gagaacatgc aaacacacag aaatgcctcc tggcccaaca gagaattgaa    115620
     agtcctgcag tgaggagacc acaatgcaaa ccacctaatt tctctaaaaa tctcaaacaa    115680
     tttgttcata gttttttttt tttttataaa cacagaaatg ccaactggtc caactgagac    115740
     tcgaaccagc aaacttcttt ctgtgaggcg actgctacct actgcaccac catgccaccc    115800
     aaagtttaga gaataataaa caaaaataca cttttctttt tgatctgatc agttagcaca    115860
     ttggccaatt ggagagtcaa gtcaagcctc gagcctcctt caaggaaggg aggtccgagc    115920
     tctcttacgc ctgtttcaca ccgcaagcgt cagcggcgcg tgagcagagc gtgagcagcg    115980
     cgtttgtcga gcagtagcag cacgcaggcg tttgcctttc acaccagctg cgtctgcagc    116040
     gcgcagctct tcggcagctg ctgctgagat caacctattt gtcaattcta tctagttacc    116100
     tatgtctctc tatatacaaa tacacttttt aaacttttca tctgcaccaa ggcccctcct    116160
     atgctgttac tttaaccttc aaatgtttat tttacaaatt ttatagatca aatagtactg    116220
     tatgcttctc aagctaactt atatgagaag tgtctacagt cagaagacaa tcgcctgtga    116280
     tatcaagtca tttgtttttt gattatcagg ttgctgtaga cctagttata atcatattta    116340
     tacaatattg ttataatgat atttatacat gatcaaacta gtgttacttt ctccgcttca    116400
     gtgatgtcca gcggcagaat aacagctcgt taattcatgc tcgtgcagat gatgagacgg    116460
     acaaaagtaa ttaatgcatg ccattctttt acttattttc gtgttgtcag attcacagtg    116520
     caaacagctc ccggtaggaa taattcgagt gaacataaaa caaagccgat taaaactttc    116580
     ttcctctgct cagctgcaca gaacacagcg agctcacatc atccagcatg cgtttcgcac    116640
     tacactaccc acaatacact tcgctatgga ctacaaatca agtgtgccgc aagcctacgt    116700
     ttgagtgaag gtttcggccg ttagatcgcc ccctgggggc tggctgcagt acaagtcata    116760
     aagcccgcct cctccgtgtt aatgaaggag acttgagccc aaataaaaaa aaatattaca    116820
     cttgcaataa aatgtcccga aagatagttc tggtcgatta aggcactggt tattgtgctg    116880
     aaataggtgc agatcttcat ttttgtaaac agtttgtttt tagcagtaat ttaatgctgg    116940
     gcgtgtcatc gtgatacaca gctgtgattg acagtttctc aaagcgcggc gtctgagctt    117000
     cggcagaaga ctgaagtgtt attattcgat ttctgtgtta ttttaccatg acaaaatgag    117060
     ttcagcagta aactatagtt tctgacatac atgatcctgg tggaacactg tttattcgct    117120
     aagtttaggg ctttttttcg ggctttatta gtttgctgat acacgcctag ccacccagat    117180
     agcaaaacac agttccggct agattctcgc ctgccggaga cttatctctt agagctcaga    117240
     ctgactaatg ttacctctgc tggacctact ccggatgcct ggactcactg cccgattcca    117300
     gtccgagtca atcgagccag atgcggcggc cgagcgagcc ggcgctgccg catgcgagcc    117360
     ggaatcagcc cgcgacgccg cgagtaagtt atgcgctgcg gcctggagct ggcgcgattg    117420
     aatatataaa accctcatat ttgttaacgt tattacatcc atttgtgttg atatgacagc    117480
     aaacgcatgc tgagaagttc gggggcgtag ttgattttac ataaagcgtt tgattggaag    117540
     ctcgactctg ctcattttcg cggctcctcc tctggctcca tcagacaatc cttctgcgca    117600
     tgtctggctc caatttcagc agtcttttgc gacagtttgt gcccgtcaag caggcgtttt    117660
     gccctcaagg cgttcaatgg gaaaaagggc tgtcgcgtcg tccatatttt ttacagtcat    117720
     tgctacaaat cccgtaaata ttccatttcc cctctcctac aacactagtg tgcaacttaa    117780
     gcaaaactga tagtaaaatt gttttacatt cggttttgta gttcgggcct aaataaatgt    117840
     ttgttgccgt ttttaatcgt tttaagttca tttgaatgac tatatataaa ccatttgaca    117900
     ttattaacgc atttattggg taaaattgct actttttact gtcattcaat gtgttttggt    117960
     cattatcaat gcactgtcac tttaattgag cgtgagcagc gcgtcaaaaa tagacccagc    118020
     gccgaaacta tcgctgcact gctgcttcgg cgacgctcac gcctcgcact gacgcgctgc    118080
     tgctgcgtgc ggtatgaaag ctctaatctg ttaacatgga cgccgaaaac acacgcgctg    118140
     ctcacgctct gctcacgcgc cgctgacgct tgcggtgtga aacaggcgta agggttttga    118200
     tagcacaagc ccctgctcga gcaacctcaa aatcgtttac catgttgacg caattgattg    118260
     agcaggtgaa catgtaaatc acaatataaa aaaaaggttc tcttactttg ttttgtctca    118320
     ttttaagtcc gaattaataa aaaaactctt aaaggaagta aaaatattgt tatgttttca    118380
     ctattagaaa aaaataagca agaattactg tttttttaat taaaacaagc taaattatct    118440
     tgttctcgct ttgacatcta gatatttgga ctagaaacaa gacaaaaatg gcataaatca    118500
     aatacattgt atataaaaac agtgatttaa tacagttctg tagctcctgc tcagctaatt    118560
     cagactcagc agtggatatc tttgtgatgt gactattgtg gatgcacaca ttgagatatt    118620
     gatgctgata cgatatattg tgcagcccta atattcaaca tgtgaaaacg ggctgttttg    118680
     acaaaacacc atttaaagtt aggaaacact ggtgttccat ttcagtatgg atggaccaca    118740
     atgcagcctt ttctaaattc tctgactagt cttctggact attgtgtatc attccttgat    118800
     ttgtcaaggc cctttcatat gaccattaca caacctgtag atgtcccgaa agaatgccgg    118860
     caaaataggc aaaatatgtg cctgccaagt gagtgtgaat ggtcttggac agagattgtt    118920
     cttctgaaac acgtgtaaaa atgcagattg aggagcattt tcaatctgag actgaatttg    118980
     taaatgcaat ggtgtaaatg cagcctaacc aatacacaaa ttttgcagct tcggtgatta    119040
     taacagaaac ttttacgaaa gtgcataaga gtaaatgttt tcaacaataa atgcttcttc    119100
     tcatcatgat ggtgacaaca taaaccaact gaagtgcttt aggacaatga agtcaatgaa    119160
     gaatttaggc tggcattatg caaattcatc acaaatccga ttactgatcc aatccgataa    119220
     agaaataaaa atgaacttga ttcgggagtt cagaatcaat tctttcattt aaaaagtcaa    119280
     cgtgaacttt gacctactgt agtcaacatt taaagagggt taaaaaaaat agtccaaata    119340
     caagaatgag tgttgttcag tagttttagg ataatattat gaaaagcttc aaatgttgac    119400
     tactgtatac atcatgcaag tctatatgag aaaaaactat caaaatacac tgtacatttc    119460
     tgacaagttt gtacaaacag gttcaggttc aagttttcga ggtaaagatg actttgtggg    119520
     ggagtatttg tgaatacaac agcatattcc tgtcatttct aagcacacta tactacatgc    119580
     cctcaagccc tcatctgaga agctaagaac accttgactg tgactggcat gtttcataat    119640
     agatggtatt tttagtctaa tcagaatcag ctttcgagga agccacaaaa tgctaccgat    119700
     tgtcaatttg acagcttttt aagaataaaa gagcaattcc agtgtaatgg atgtgacatt    119760
     aaaactcaaa acataaattc acatagaaag attatgttaa cattatatag aaacaacttt    119820
     ttatattttt tccagaacaa ctaaccagag ttaaaggttt taaaactatt ttcaagagtt    119880
     cccacttaaa tatgcttagc aggtttggca tgctgtcccg ggagagaacc ctgagctcgg    119940
     agatatttga gcccagggct cccgcagggt caataagcat atcaggatat ccgagatcag    120000
     gtaggtctcg agatctcccc ctttagaaaa tggaggaaaa ggaggagata gggtggaagg    120060
     ggtggattat tccaaaacga aaagagtagt agggagaaaa tgatccattt acagtaaact    120120
     aggatcactc tgattggatt attactgatt acagaggagc ggtcagtcgt gctcaattat    120180
     atcacgtgct cctctcaaaa ttagtttatg aaacttcact tagcttcatg cagaggcaga    120240
     gctgatgtag attgggttgt gaatgggttt tatgcacaga cctgttgttc agccacataa    120300
     atctcctggt gaaagattga ttattctagc cgaaatcaaa caaataagcc tttctccaga    120360
     agaaaaaata ttatcagaca tactgtaaaa atgtccttgc tatgttaaac atcatttggg    120420
     aaatattttt aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaactt caaaggggag ctaatacttc tgacttcaac    120480
     agtatatcat acaattcctg atgcaaatat gcctgacaaa agctgataat ttcagtgaaa    120540
     agtggcaaga tggctcagtg gttggcatct cacagcaaaa agatcactgg ttcaagtccc    120600
     ggctgggcca gttgacattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctctccatgt tcgcgtggct    120660
     ttcctccaag tgctccggtt acccccacag tccaaactaa attggctgta gtctatgagt    120720
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    120780
     gtgtgtgtga ataaatgcgt gtatgggtgt ttccctgtac tgggttgaaa atgaaagggc    120840
     attcgctgtg taaaacatat gccggaatag ttagaggtac ggctgagcaa ttttagtgaa    120900
     aatatctatt tgcgatttaa ttttgtagtg aagtcgtagc aactattctg tgacagccct    120960
     taaaaactac ctgtttttgt tcggtatctg tctttgaaac caaaatattc ccatatgatt    121020
     gacatgctgt ttttctttgg tactaatgct tcaaagcagc agacaccatc atcccacttg    121080
     tccacgcttt cctgtttgtt tctttttttt tttattgtgg gcgttctgca tagttcagtt    121140
     gtgcaattct gattgggcag aatgaaagtg tgctcactca attggttagt aagactgtca    121200
     cacagacgac agtcacgcat ttcctctggg tgggggaaat taaataatag gcatacattt    121260
     tatatcgtag cctcttgcga ttaactaaat tgtgattgcc atcggatttc gattaatcaa    121320
     atagtcctag ttggaggatc attccgccgt ggcaacctct aatataaaaa ctaagctgaa    121380
     gttaaatgaa tgaatgcata atttcagtgg ctctctctga taaacaggtt tgataattat    121440
     tgctattttc tcaaacaagc aaacaaaaaa gacactggaa ttaaagctga acttaaaagc    121500
     tgaatttata ttgttttgat gcctgaaatc tccttttcat atttggccca caaaccatgt    121560
     ttgatgtcaa acatctctga agctataata aaccattatt gtgcattaaa aagaatgtct    121620
     atataaaaac acattgttct gtcttcataa gcaatactca tcaggcctgt ggcagaccca    121680
     tcaaactgta taaaaacaaa caaaactcca tactagcagt agctggtgca gtattttttt    121740
     tcttcaagag attaggcaac aaccctgctg attaagaaca ttgtgtccca ttttcctctc    121800
     taatatagac cataaaacag tgtacaaaca ccttggagag caaaaagcat gaaaatagga    121860
     aatcgggaaa cagctgtgag taatatgata tacagaaggt cagttgttac ctgttgtagc    121920
     cagacgtcat tactcaggag taaagctcac tgctgactta tagtgcactg atctcattca    121980
     ttacatttat accacctgcc atcagtgctc catgcgcagt cttatatttc tagacatgaa    122040
     tcataagcaa gttgctggtg agtgagattc cagttaaaat aatcctactg atttcagcat    122100
     gatgtagttt ggtttgcatt tactttaagg attagggtta aaagatggcg atgcttgtga    122160
     tattctttat ttttttggtt acacaataca aaaacgtttc tattggttaa tgcattagct    122220
     agcattaaga ccaggcaata cttatgatac agtatttatt tatctttagt tgacaatgtt    122280
     aattaatttt agaactgagg tagtcattag ttcatattta cactaaccta catcgtacat    122340
     taacttacta tcaggttgtt ttattaaacc attatactaa gtagttgttt agactggtca    122400
     caacatgact acaaaaaaga aattctagca tgtgaagcga attaaattaa aatatatata    122460
     tattagtaaa aattaggatc ggtctattta ttaagtaaac cactcacttt aaagatatag    122520
     atatatactg atattcaaca gtaaaggttc agtggaaatg ttatgtcatt ttggtaattt    122580
     taaactaaca aaacacacat ttttgtaact attaagaaag ctattgtcca tattcaaatt    122640
     tttgtagtag gcgaatgtac tagactttta aaaaatatat attaataata ataaaaaaaa    122700
     tatattaatt ataattaact aagtagtcgt tctggtttga aacaatgaca acaaaaaagc    122760
     aacaaaatac tattaagtgt tagagtagac tcatcgtcaa agtacacaaa gctgaatatg    122820
     aaatagttgc tagtaaaact ggactaagta gcagtataca gtattacaca gaaaagtcag    122880
     taggtaattg ttaatacctg tatattaagt taaccaagtt attaagataa gaaccataaa    122940
     aaaatcaaag gcaaagtagc agagggacag ttactaataa tcactgcatt gatagtgacc    123000
     agcaaaaccc gagacactac agatgtactg ttatcgtgaa ctgactaaca gtaataataa    123060
     taattaacca agtagccatt ctggttcgta caatatgaca acaaaaaaag agcaacaaaa    123120
     tactattaag tgttagaata gattcaactt cgtcaaagta cacaaagctg aatatttatg    123180
     aaatagttcc tattaaaact ggaccaagta tcagtacata tacattatta cacagataag    123240
     tcagtgggta attgttaata tattgagtta accaagtttt taagttaaga accataaaaa    123300
     ttcaaaggca aagtagcagg gggacagtta ctaaaaatta ctgctttgat agtgaccagc    123360
     aaaaacaata gacactacag aagtattgtt aacgtgaact gactaataat aatattaata    123420
     ttgataataa aggcagttaa aggaatggtt caccccccaa aaaaatacaa ttctgtcatc    123480
     atttactact ttagtagttt taaacatgtt tgacttctgt tgaacagaaa agacaatgtt    123540
     ttgaagaaag ctgaatgtcc tgtaaccaat gacttccatg ttggtttttc ctactgtgga    123600
     agtcaacaat tacagatttt aaattttctt caatcatctt taccattcga caaaataaaa    123660
     aacagatttg taatcactta aagggggagt aaacggtgag tagcctagta aaaatattcc    123720
     atttttgggt gaactatccc tttaacttca acactaacgt gaatataaat gataataata    123780
     ataaagtgac agaacgacaa caaacattaa taaaacgctg acatgtatta tttgaagtca    123840
     cttaatatat tatccagaaa cctgaatgag agactattat aaaataagtg ctagcaccta    123900
     atgggtgtag tcaataacat gttggataac tgattaaacc agcaacttct tgcaacataa    123960
     aactagctcc aaggaataac attgtgttgc aatctccaga ctctgtctcc gtaggcgaca    124020
     gttgtagtaa accagcaacc acatttgcac tttccccctc agcctcacct cgtcctctcg    124080
     gtcgttcttg aagcacaggc aggctgctcg ttttttgaag ccctctccgt catacgtcct    124140
     tgtctgattg ggcttgaatt tcatcatgtg ggtttttctc cgaacaaaac aagaatacaa    124200
     gtgttctcgg ttgcctagtt tttggatccg acgcgcaacg cagctgcctt tcaggccaag    124260
     agctgaaagt cgtcccagat ttcccaggct gatcatacag tttgcgtttt gtcagaagtg    124320
     actcacgttg aaggcaatat tcctgtcttg acggcggaga tcgtggcttg aggtgatctg    124380
     gactggagca tggtggctgg ctggttatgt gtgaacactc ctctgctctg ctgcggctct    124440
     tcggctctgc gcagtcgcct taaatcagct gcaataggat ctgcgttaca aacccaagat    124500
     gccatcaaca gataggcgtt tccctggtta gaaatatgaa tgagaaatca tcatcattgc    124560
     tgccgccaga ggaagggagg acattgttga ttcccggagg cttgatgtgg gtggaattaa    124620
     acaacgtcgc gtcgctgtaa atgtaataca aatggcagta attgattcaa agtaacatta    124680
     aagacaaaag ccacactgca gggacagaac ggagtcgtgt tttactagcg ccatctgctg    124740
     gtggatttta gtttaacaac tagccaaaga gtttggtgaa actttaatac ttagtattac    124800
     tttacttgaa tttttaaagg gatagtttac gctaaaatga acatttacca actaattatc    124860
     cctaattggt gcaaaatctt ctgagctttt tcaattgaac acaaaataaa ccatttgaag    124920
     aatgctgaaa acctcaaatc aaaaacttcc aaagtaggaa aaacaaatac attggaagac    124980
     aacagtaacc gtttaccagc tttcttcaaa aaagcttctt ttgtgttttg taaaaaaaac    125040
     ttacattttt aaaacaagtt aagggcgagt taatgcccaa attaaaattt ttgcttgaaa    125100
     tattccttta ttatcactaa aaatgctaac atttctttca tattaatgct atgctaacat    125160
     acaacgtagt gaagcatata gtttaaagtg atgttttgaa ttgaaatgtt gttaccacgt    125220
     ataacaatat ttctttcaag caagttacat cctattgttg ttctaaaaca tgtccacttt    125280
     ttaatagctt gctagcatct tctaacaagc tgtgacatgt tagcatggtt taccatgatc    125340
     ctaacactaa atagcagctg gtttctagag tcaatgggat atattgaatt aacatgttgc    125400
     taccaccttt aacaatattt ctatcaagca agttactcct atttttgttt taaaacctcc    125460
     acattttaat ggattgctag catttttcat acaagctctg aaatattgtt agcatggttt    125520
     accatgatcc tgacactaaa tataagctgg tttccagcct caactggaca tatttgaaat    125580
     tcttttcaag attaattttt gaaagttttg ataccaacat aaaaaattaa ggcagggttg    125640
     caggttacac catgtcaaat aaaaaaaaaa aaaactttta agaccatcaa gaataaaatt    125700
     tgggccatta agaaaatcct tagcatttaa ccctatatat atatatatat atatatatat    125760
     atatatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtgt atatatatgt atatttgtat    125820
     acatatatat acacatacat acatacacat acatacatat atatacatat atatagggtt    125880
     aaatgctaag gattttctta atggcccagc agaaaataaa atatttactt gccatatcaa    125940
     gaagcaaatt ctaattagga atgttttggt cacaaatttt gaataatgtg ttaaatcaag    126000
     cataccctag ttgtacaaat gtaatttgtt gtcaacttaa aattgctata aggcaattta    126060
     ggtaaagaat tttaatgttg tgtatgtgta ttgttttgac tttcatttta tatcaagcct    126120
     tggaaaggtg tttagcaagt ctgctaaaac acttaaacaa atgcatttgg tttgttaatg    126180
     catttgtgat gtccatgtca aataaacaat aaataaaata ttagttataa atagagtttt    126240
     gatttaagtt ttattgaaaa gtattgttgt tgttggatgt gtgttggatc attgggtagc    126300
     attacataaa taaaagtaaa ttaaaacctg tttaaaagga tttaagacct acaagacaat    126360
     atttcagtga atttaaggcc ttataatctt aaaatgtctt aaatttattt caaaaacaat    126420
     atttaagacc ccgcgacaca ctgcaaagtg ttaaccactg gtacacgatt ctttcaagaa    126480
     ccaatcgtct gggatctttt caatactgaa ctgataaaat gtatgacaga gtggtttctg    126540
     acgatttcaa ataattaaac caagagttaa ttgaagatac aattatataa taacatatgt    126600
     aatgctcaaa ttatgattaa actatgatca aatgaatgca ttttactcca atacaaagta    126660
     attaaaacat ttaggctaca aaagagagta tactttgctg agaagttctt taaaaccagt    126720
     tgagtgaaag aatcggttca ctgaagagga ctgattcatg gaaagcaggt aataagaaga    126780
     agagttattg gaaacactga cttacacttt gttaatacta ttaaacattc agtagtgctg    126840
     acattaccta taggcacaat agaaatcttc agacctttat gagctgctca ttaggtaaat    126900
     tagacctgta cctgttcatt ccaggttatt tggagtatag acaagcatta cgctgtgact    126960
     aactttttcc agcttatgaa acacatgaga acggtagact agggaaaaca aaggagtagt    127020
     taacctcaag tctttcttgg aaatgtaata aaaccaccac catgaatgtg tattattaat    127080
     caacagattt ttatttacag aaagaacaga aatatgtgtg tggacttttg tcatcacatt    127140
     tttaaaaagc agaatttgtt ttattttttc ttcccctttc tatagaaagc gggaatttac    127200
     agacttgacg ttttaaccaa agaccaatcg tggaaattga gacaaagcct ttattgatct    127260
     tttacaatgt ttccgcaaac attcccaccc ctcaatccct ttactaaaaa tctcactatc    127320
     catcattcgt cttcagcccc cccgccccag ctaccttggc gcaaggaaat aaatgcttaa    127380
     gggaagaaac agacaaatga atctaaatgc agtggactgt gctggacacg agaaaaaaag    127440
     aaaaagaaaa agaaaaaaag cacgcaatga tggagtttca agagtgcaat tagtacagcc    127500
     atggcaagat agataaaaac aaaacactaa aaccggatac gatgacagaa ttgttatact    127560
     aaaagaaata ttacgcaaca tctcccttct ctctctagct ctactttgcc catccatagt    127620
     tcaaacataa atcaagttct tggttagggt ttacatcttt taacggttac cgtgatggtg    127680
     gaaagacttt ccagttgaac catttcccag gtgaaactac tgtttgcatg tggtttaaat    127740
     gttggatttc ttttccattt tagtgagctc tctgctaggt tttctacgag ggtaagtctg    127800
     atgtctgaca gaaagggtgc tctaagcagg ggctaagtct gcagctcctt aataataaag    127860
     agcaatgaga agaaaaaggt taaaagaaat ataaaaaaaa ggttacccca gccctccccc    127920
     cagaaaataa ctatgggaca gacaaatgac ggtcagtttt aatgcacgct taatagcaga    127980
     agtctgcggc tccctcccca accatggtaa aagaatgccg tatgagtaga tcatccgccc    128040
     atgcatctga acagcagtga atcaggacaa agacgcttgt tttttgttgt actaatgtgc    128100
     atttaaatta caaattgtct gaagttttct tttttttact tgtgttaata tattccttac    128160
     agtttatcat attttgcttg tttgtttcct aagactgtgt cctttacatg aaaatgatta    128220
     ggtcttggca gaacatggag ttgtgttcac tcttgacttc cttttttctc tctctctttt    128280
     cattcccccc atttctagac ttcaatattg ttcccggcat aaagcctggt ccatgttcgg    128340
     gctgaaaaag acaaacaaat gcagagttaa tatgcatttt aatattttaa tcattcattt    128400
     aaatccatgc agatatatta tatatggcat ctacattttg tgcacatcat catgacggtg    128460
     taaaaagcaa ttaggagtag cagtgcactt ccatggtatc tacacaagat aaggaccatt    128520
     ttatgtcagt taatatagaa caaacagtca aaaacatata gcgataacta cactttcaga    128580
     aatcaaggtc aaaacatgtc agtggtgtgg tacgttttga aaaaacacac ttctgcacct    128640
     tacagggcca catatgtaca aaggtgcatt ttattaccaa aaaagtacaa atgtgtactt    128700
     catagtacct tatggcccat ttccactgag tggtacgttc tgcttttatg gccgtttcca    128760
     cagtcaaaag gtacctaaaa gcgaaccata ccattccact ttttgggtac ccttttgaaa    128820
     gggtacctag cacgacaaaa aggtaacaaa agacggagct agatgcgcag ctgaatgcta    128880
     ttggtttaca gaggtgtgtc accagcgaat atacacgaag gagaatgaaa acaaaggaac    128940
     caccattttc agatacacag ccgagacatt acatcgtaat gatatattta tacatataat    129000
     aacgagccat ggtcgactcg agcttaaaca aaccttgtca tcatcttgat gaacagccac    129060
     aaagccaaga agagcagaat ctacattgtg ttccatattg gtttacaagg ccgtctaaaa    129120
     gtgcgagcga tttcactttc ttgagagagc tcgtctgcgt gtctatattt gaaataacaa    129180
     acttcttgag ctcatattaa taatgtgcat gtgattatcg aagcatttct gatgactgat    129240
     cctttcagag actgacaaac gtgagagtga agcgtgaaca aaaaaaagaa gcctaaaaaa    129300
     agagatcaaa tgttttttta gcaacctaaa agatgaacaa actgccttgt ttaactatta    129360
     tcaacccttt tggactatta tgaactcaga atgacggaat tactgtctaa caagagctta    129420
     catgtgctgg cgaagttaca catgttactg tgggctatat gttgcatgtt tttgaaccca    129480
     aataaggact aaatgtatgc tgtgtgtagt ttttctttaa tgggtaacat atcagagact    129540
     gtaggggttg tatgtgttca tatatgttgc atttatttca tataattgca gacgttacag    129600
     taggccattt ggttcattta tctgcagtag taatcatgta catataaagg ttagtaatgt    129660
     acatttatac acaagtattt gtgtataaag catctgtttt ttgtgagacg agcttctcat    129720
     aatatgtgaa tgactagtcc agctttactt tgacattttc tcgagcgaga atgacgtcaa    129780
     ctgaaacatt ctatcgtaca ccatgtccac cattggtaac gcaagccaga taaatgtgac    129840
     ccataccata ctctaccact cactggaaac gggctaaaaa acactaaaaa tacaaaattg    129900
     caacatcaat gtacaaaatt gtacttttaa aagtaccaat gtgcaagttt aaggtaataa    129960
     agtgtacctt ttaaaaaggt accatcacag taaccggttt tatatgttta tttctgatag    130020
     tctattagag gtccaccact atatctgcta attattaaaa atctgaacaa aatagttgaa    130080
     ttactgttac aattacaaga accaatagtg tccaaacaaa tcctactggt gcatccctaa    130140
     aatccatcct ttactgcatt tttaacaaac gtaacaatcc aagcacagag ggcattatag    130200
     taatgtataa accataccaa aatcaaataa tttactcatc ctcatatcat attactattg    130260
     tcattatgca aaaggaacaa cattttcgat gtctcgtcca ttcacaacaa ttgaactatt    130320
     tacttttatt atacatgcaa acaatgtgtg atatcaacta caaaacattg ccggatttag    130380
     agctcatggc aatataatat ccttgtaatg atatagtata tagcatatac agtaatgata    130440
     actgtagtac cctttctgta aattcaatca attaataatt tatatatatt gaccatattt    130500
     aaagggctat ttgtttttga cattttaaag tacatacacg ggtatgcaca aatgcataat    130560
     tgcacaaatg cataattgac ctcaacttca aacaactgat tcaaaatgga ttaattttaa    130620
     aataattaaa aattcattca ttaattctcc tttgactaac tccattggtg tcaaactcag    130680
     ttcctggagg gccgcagctc tgcacagttt agttccagcc ctaattaaac tcacctgatc    130740
     aaaccaattg agccccatgg cttgtttgaa acctacaggt aagtgtgttg aagcagggtt    130800
     ggactggaaa aatggtctga atatgtcatt gtgaacaatt tgtgataatg tatgtcaaaa    130860
     gtatcatgac ttaattctgt aacccttacg acaaccactt tgttctgttt tttttttttt    130920
     tttttgtttt ttgtttttgg gttttttccc tcttctctct aaaaaaaaaa gtacagggct    130980
     gtacagggct atggcgctca aggaactagg cttgacaccc ctggcccctg tgccttaatt    131040
     atcagggctc aacacagaag aatgaaccga caacccttcc agctacaccc cagtactggg    131100
     aaacacccac atactctctt attcattcat gcactcatac accacagcca atttagttaa    131160
     tccaattcac ctatagcgca tgtctttgga ctttggggga aactgaagca ttaaaattat    131220
     tataaaaaaa aaataaaact atattttaac tttttttttg gcgcgggcgt tctttggaaa    131280
     ttgaaaataa aggagtagtg attaatcata tcacgtgctc cttttgaaat tagtttgtga    131340
     aacttagctt agcttccact gagtggtacg gtacggtaca gttcggtctt ttgacagtgg    131400
     aaacggccat aaaagcgtac cgaaccaaac cgtaccatac cacttttccg ggaccctttc    131460
     gaaagggtcc caaactgcag aaagggtccc aaaaggtgga gctgcacgcg cagctgaacg    131520
     ctattggttt acagagatac ggcattcgta gacgcaacaa gccagaatgt aaacaaagta    131580
     cccgccatgt ttgaaataca cagcgagaga ttacagcgga attatatata catatgcagc    131640
     catggtcgat cctgcaaaca aactctgtcg tcgtcatgat aaacagccac aaagccatgg    131700
     agaagagcgg attcaccctg tgccacgtag tttttaacga gccagtctga agcccgagtg    131760
     gtttcgcttt cttccttgct ttcgccgcgc gtctctatct aaaataacaa acttcttgag    131820
     ctgatgataa taacatgaac ttgattattg acaagctctg gaaacccgat cctgtgagaa    131880
     gctgacaaac gagagtgaca cattcagaaa gaaaagaaca aacgcgagag tggggagcgg    131940
     gaaaaaaagg cgaagccaag gagcacgtta tttctttagc aaacgtgaac aaactgcctt    132000
     gttttaatct ttattatcac cttttggact aatatgaact gggaatgatg gaatgactct    132060
     ctaacagagg cttcatgtgc tgctgaagat tacagacaca gatgagaggt ttactctgac    132120
     tgtaggctat actttgtgtt gttttgaacc taattaacga cgaaatgtct gctttgtgta    132180
     gttcttctgt agttggtaac atatcggaga ctgtaagtgt ctgtatgtgt tcatatatgt    132240
     tcatttattt atttattttg tataataaca gacgttaaag taggctattt tgcaccgtca    132300
     ttgatctgca gttataaaca actcctgttc atagaagtgc ttttcatatg atatgtgagc    132360
     gacctgtgca gctttattgt agacattttc tcgagcgaaa ataacatcga ctaaaactgt    132420
     catacaccac gcccaccaaa agggtaccct tggtagtgga aacgcaagcc tgataaaggt    132480
     gacccgtact gacccgaacc gtaccgtact gtaccagtca gtggaaacga gccattaaac    132540
     aattatttta ttttatgaca ctatgaaata aactatatag tatatgaaaa tcatattgca    132600
     cagccctact caaatcatat tcatttatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    132660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatataatt taattttaaa agacaggcac tagcccttta    132720
     aatgcatctg agcaccactc acctgtctct atggcttgag cttcattagt cttccactgc    132780
     tctgcgacat cgtttgctag aggatcgtct gggttgggag cgcttagtaa tgcctggatt    132840
     gatagcagca ctgtgcggat ctgcagagct ggagaccact tatctgtgtg acatcatcat    132900
     gtcagggaga gagacagaga taaacaacag aaagagcatt aggagctgct ggtttccata    132960
     catgccctat actgtcgacc agaccagcga gatcattctc tgaggggtca aaagtgcaat    133020
     gcgagatctc ctaccagaga ttaaatggaa aatattttta tagtgtatgt atgtcagcta    133080
     agggagcaat aatatttaat agtatatatt ttttaaatag cttttatgac tttatatagc    133140
     tttgtaatag gtaagactag catttctctg aggtcaagaa ataaatgagt cttttgcaga    133200
     aattattaca attctttttt ttaatcattt atcactctaa ggacaagatc catttatttt    133260
     tcatttaact gaacttttca tttctttttc ccaagagttg gagaaaataa tacaaggaat    133320
     tattaaatat tttccaaaag atttaatatg ctcttaggtg gtttaatgac cagactctcc    133380
     attccaaagg cctcaaaata tgaagatata atgaatgaag gtacttctga aggtaaatat    133440
     tgtgaaaatg tgtgaaagaa tgttccttaa ccatgtacag caaaatatgg taatgtaaaa    133500
     atttaacaaa ccttatttgg gtttattaaa atacataaaa cgtgtaatgt aatgtgtgta    133560
     tttatatagc gcatttatga ccattagagc tgcacaatta atcgaaaaaa gatcgcaatc    133620
     tcgattcaac ctcctagaca atcttaatcc agcatttcta cgattctgcc aatcatattt    133680
     tcaagttcag gagagaagaa aatgtggctg cacgagtctt ttcattgttt catatacatt    133740
     gctcagtgac atggacacct ctaaaggatg ttgagtcaca taatgtattt atgaggtaca    133800
     atttacctaa aaaatgtcat ttctgtcttc atgtaataat gtattcgcgg ccaggaaatc    133860
     acacgtgacc cgagctgctg accgtgagtg gttaccacag agagggtgga cgcgcgtgcg    133920
     tctactttag tgaacagaac ctgcataggc tgtgaataac aggtaataaa gttgtaaata    133980
     acattcaatt tgtggtacag tgattgtttg agagccgcgc gtgaagcata aacaacacac    134040
     cgcagtgaaa ataaaaccga cagagagtgt acagagaggt cacattttaa tcttttattg    134100
     gtctcatgca atcaaatgat gcgatttccc cggtcagagt tcaagcgtga actttcaaat    134160
     gcaactttca aattgcattt ctggtctgcc gcagtcgcac gcatatgtat ggaagtctat    134220
     ggggtgaaaa gtgcagtgtg accatggctt aagtgtgttg aagcagggtt ggaactaaac    134280
     ttttgagtgc agagctgcag cactccgaga actggatttg acacctgtgg tttagacatt    134340
     tataaatagc ctttaaattt gtcatgaatt aattgttctt aatatgaata atatttcttt    134400
     ttatatataa tttattgtta cacagattac ccacacattt tgatttatct tctgtataca    134460
     acagggaaag agtgccatag tcattttttg cttacaataa aataggtgtg tcacgatttc    134520
     gatttttaat cgcaatcgat ctaaatttat gctcaatttc gattatcgaa tcaaaaaata    134580
     gaatcatcga tgctgccacg cccccatgtc acgtcagctt ggtttgccaa gcgggaaaaa    134640
     aaacaagctt gttgaagtgc ttgtttaaat gcagaagcag gagacccgtc gacagaactt    134700
     aaaccctctc ctctttcaat gaagtcgccg gtgtgtaagc attttggatt tccagtgagt    134760
     tatgttgaca acgttcgtgt tgtcgacaaa aaaaaaaaca cagttttgca agctctgcta    134820
     tgtacgtatt acgtacggtt cgtccgatag accacaccgg catcgcatta ctccgcccgc    134880
     ccgcccgcga aaagtacaca ctcaggccct gtttacactg tctttgtttt taaatggcat    134940
     tttagaacga caacgatttg acatccacag tggtgtgtag catttccgag cagccctcct    135000
     tcctctctac ctctgaaaat gcacatcact tgatcacaca gacacagacg cacacacagc    135060
     catgcgctcg agacagcagg tccaggcagt cagaggactg ctttaatctt tcactcactt    135120
     gtacttagtc attttagcga acacctcaga tactgttggc tggttcctgt tggttgtgcg    135180
     tcttttttac cgacgccatt ataacgacac agatcactgc ctattcatga gtcccgcaga    135240
     aaaaaagtga ttgacaggtg gtaattatgt gtgtatcttg cctttattca tttactgtat    135300
     gatttgctta tgggtaaaac aaagaccatc caggtcaggt agtttaaaca gtaggctaca    135360
     aataattaat tggtcattaa ttaattaatt attcataatc aaaaatcgaa tcgaatcgtg    135420
     ccttcagaat cgaaaatgta atcgaatcga ggatttggtg gattgtgaca cccttacaat    135480
     aaaatcatta gacccttctt ttgtcatttc tgaataagca atgaataaag atgtcaaaca    135540
     tcatctataa gatgttcagc atcacactga aaacctcatg acaaaaatca catctagtca    135600
     atgcctcatg atctcaataa tgaagcctca ataataactg aatcaaagac cataatggag    135660
     aaaaaaacca caaagaacat gttttagttt gtctcttacc tttcaaaata tctagacata    135720
     ttcttcccag cttgtctaca ttggggtgat atattttggt catgaagcgt actttcggag    135780
     ctgccatggg atattcttca ggaagaaaga gttcaagttt aaaagttcct ccctcaaagg    135840
     gagagtcttg aggtccggcg atgaccacat ggaagtagcg agcgttgccc tcatctggct    135900
     ctgcctttat acccggcacc ggctctgcca acaaacgctg tgtttcctat tcacacatgg    135960
     aaaacagaag caattatgct ggaacatgaa gcatctctac acacatagca tgatagcaat    136020
     tagccaaagc accagcagct agctggtgga gtacaagtaa acaaaccagc aaaaagagtc    136080
     accatgtaac gcccagagca aaaacagttt tgggtttatg ataaattgta aaaacagagg    136140
     cagttatgct ataacatgaa gcatctatac acacagcatg ctagttagca cttagccaaa    136200
     gcaccagcag ctagctggta aagtacatag aagtaaacaa agcagcaaag gagccagcat    136260
     gtaatgctca gactgacaga agttctgtgt ttatgataaa ttgtatcacc tcactctgaa    136320
     aacatacgca attgtcatgc accaagaact aactattcaa attaactgac tgctcataat    136380
     tctgtgtcat ttacaagaca aggcttaagg tgcctggaaa tgcaatgttt tggaaacatg    136440
     ttactgatga cgtctttaat aaatgttctt tgatgactat cctggtattg tctctatgat    136500
     gaaaaccata atttgtgaaa acagtggcat catgttcata aagtctgcat attcagtcta    136560
     atggcttgca tgagtacaat aataaaaaaa aacgttcatg atgtacattg ttcaggattt    136620
     tgtaaagaga tatttgtatg acaaaaagaa tgaatataaa catagcatta gtatattaaa    136680
     ataatttcta aaggatcaat agagacttgt aataaataga gatttgtaaa ttaatcttgc    136740
     catcaggaat aaaatagcaa cttgtaaata tatttaaaac caataataat aatgaatatg    136800
     ttagacattt ttaagtacct caatatcttg aattacactg atttaaaaaa aaaacacaag    136860
     tcaataaaat aaccactttt tgtacttaaa aaattattta gtaaacaagt caagaggctt    136920
     cattttacag tgttgttata tgacaacaca gtaacactat tactagctgc aagaacaatt    136980
     atactaaatg aaaatgtcca gtcggtgtaa tatttgagtg tacttttctg atgagcatgt    137040
     gtggtttatg cataagtatt tgggttaaaa gcggaatatt gagctatttt gaacttggtc    137100
     actgcaggta cacaagctag tttactgcac tccgctcctc tttcgttttg cttaaagcag    137160
     caacaaattc ccttgtgagc tcaaaccatt aaaacaaacg ggttttataa tgcatagctt    137220
     tcccaaaaat gctttatgca acacacagtg acttttagca gcagggagag tgaaaccaac    137280
     acgctgaaca cttttcccat tcatatgttt tgccaaaatt tagctaccaa tgtaatagct    137340
     acaatattta cagataaaac agtactaaag ttaaccttca gtggaacaga gaatggcctt    137400
     acatcaccac aaacattgct ggttattcac tataaatgtt gagtaaattt ctttgcatga    137460
     catcagaaaa aaaagtctta tgacttcaat aataggcaca gtttaattgt ttttattaca    137520
     ttcttagatt ttatgctgcc ctgtatcttg catcacttaa taacattcag tatgacatta    137580
     gaccttaacg gtgcacatta ctcataaata atcagtgttt catcttaaac caagactctg    137640
     agggttaaac tgactgccgt tacagtccaa tccagacaga cagacactgc gtccaactca    137700
     gacaaggctg aaccttaaag ccctttggaa acacacaccc atctgactaa tgagaatctg    137760
     atatcacctg aggaatgctt gagtctggag aactgctgca cattgctgaa aacgacatct    137820
     aaaaaaattg tctgcttggt atttgagcaa gagctcgagc ataaaacagg atatcacaat    137880
     ctcagtgtca cagacccatc tccaaaagct accatgcctg ttctgtaacc tcgttcaatg    137940
     gatggggatt gttttgccat aaaatgatga taagatggta aaacattcta acactggata    138000
     attttataat cctaagagtg gttggcattg gcaaaaataa ataaatcaat ataataatga    138060
     tgaacacttc tactgtaaaa tatttttatt tcgttgtatt aataacagtt actttagtca    138120
     gagtagggct gggcaatttg gcctaaaatc aaaatctcca ttaattgaac attttaactt    138180
     gattacaatt aaacaaatga tttttttttt attattttat gttttttgag ttcatagttc    138240
     actaataggt tttgtacagt aaatatgctc acatattaca taataatatg aaagataaca    138300
     tataattgaa agaaacctac accatctatg attattaatt gaacgtcatc aacgctgaaa    138360
     aactgaaatt gaaacacaca ttgcctaaaa cgtggctctt tgcagcaccc acccttgtca    138420
     ccactaccaa acgaccaatc acaaagcttg tgttatttca tcattgtgac gcatagtaac    138480
     gtttttttga gaagtgtgcg ggcatgcgaa agctgcgctg gcctgtacac attacacttt    138540
     cagaataata taataggcaa atcataacaa aataagtata aaaaaatcct taacagagtg    138600
     gggtcatggg actccaccaa aaaaaaaaat acctggaaaa atgtaatcga ttatacattc    138660
     tggatgttta tttcgattac tttgattaat cgcccagcct taggtcagtg tcccatgatc    138720
     tttcaaaaat ttgcataata atgctgattt gatgctcaag aatcatttat tattttcaaa    138780
     aatatacagt cattgattat ttaaaaaaat atatcgccat gacatcattt ttgctaaaat    138840
     tttttactaa cttattaggc attactgctg aataaacctt attttttaaa tatagaaccc    138900
     caaactctga acagcgatat ataatacttt actgttagta taatgtacaa taatttttgc    138960
     taaataatgc ctgagaaggt aataagatcc cagtgttaac gctatgtggt cctgaatcac    139020
     acttgtatat tatcacaact attacattat tatttgaata tacaaaaaaa aaaaaagaga    139080
     gacatacgtt tccctccaaa aattgtatat catctacaca ctttcatctg ggtccaaact    139140
     tgtatgactt ttatatcaat gaacagacga tgatgagaaa tgagtacaaa aaatgtggtt    139200
     actaacattc ttcaaaatat cttttaggat tcacagaaat aaaaagctca tacaagttcg    139260
     gaacaataaa attagaggtt tttgtttttg actgaaatgt cccaccaata atgtttacat    139320
     tagacacaga agcctttgcc attttttttc cagttaactt atacaaatac attgacctca    139380
     gtatgaaatt cctcacgttt ctaaaaaccc acagacaaaa ccatgcagag caaacacaga    139440
     caagagaggg gctcatgtca tggtctcatg catgagaaaa aggccatcaa agatgcgttc    139500
     ccagccctcc tactcacatc gattcatttc acaaccaacc tattcacatg aaaacccact    139560
     gaaacggcag tctgacaaaa tgtatatttc tgaaattaat caaacggtat cctccctctt    139620
     gcctgaaaat tgcttatgta gaagtgggtg aagcaaacat gcaatttaaa cctgaattat    139680
     gcagaaacat atattgatat agttttgatt ttatcagcaa gatgattgtc atttcaacag    139740
     tcattaatct ttacactgag aggttaaaaa ataaagaaaa atgagttgtc atttttgtca    139800
     atgttgcatt catatttcag tcaaatttgt aagtagacta agcgaagttt agacgacttt    139860
     ctgtctatat attcaaaaga actgtactac aatatacaaa tgcagttttg ctttaattgc    139920
     aaagtgtgaa tacatgttgt tgtgatgaaa actctaccat tatgtgtgct tccttgcgtt    139980
     gttacaaaat atttgatatt tttctgttga tcagaaaggg agactataaa tgctaaatgc    140040
     tgacagctcc agtcatgtgc acagcatttg tcacagcatt gtgaaagtgt atgaagattg    140100
     ttactttcat tctctctaaa tttgaatgca aatacaaaca acattttgtt aacctacaat    140160
     agtttaacca tggtgtttgt attaaaaatg atagttaaac aattgattaa aataagacac    140220
     aaaaacatcg tcattaactt agagctttac aaatccatgg taaatctaat gtgtaaattg    140280
     tctctttatt tcggcgttgc agattattaa tctctcattg ggaataaaca acatctctca    140340
     ttaaggacga gcgtttattt aataaacgtc ttgataacat aatcctctat tttatttgac    140400
     atttcttcag tcttgggcct gcagtcatta gcttatttag cgccgcaact gcttccctag    140460
     cctacaggaa gcgagctagc cgaattattt tgctcataat cgcgtcgtaa atggtctaat    140520
     aatcatcgtg cactcgggaa aatagataaa ttaccccata tgtgtgaaac ctaattgtgc    140580
     ggttgtttaa actagataat ttgtccaagt ttgtaagcct agctagccgt ctggaggggt    140640
     tagctcgaga gctcccaaac agctcgagct ccagcaatga atgaccgcga gcgcaccgct    140700
     tcatgtacac ttccattgca ggaacgactc tcacttctcc atcattttga ttagttgtgc    140760
     aaattattaa tgaataatga ataagacaga ggcccaccgc catctttcac agcggtggat    140820
     gtatttttaa cccacccata ttcgggatac ggtgaatgta ccgaaacgga agtggctaac    140880
     aaacagagtg ccaaacgcta agccagctgt cgcttctctt tggcggatct tttcatatat    140940
     agaagaggat ttagtagtat tatggttaaa aacgaaagac tgaaaaggtg cagtgtgtct    141000
     cacttcacgg ttaccttaat gatcctgcgg ggcaaccctg ccatcttgtc ttgaatgcgg    141060
     attttagctt tgactcacgg tgcctcttac ttcgtttgca ttgacggcgg agacgcagtg    141120
     cacagacaca cgccttccgg cgcggtgcgt ccagacgcac gcggaaacgt acgcttttca    141180
     cgatgatgaa gatgatatgg aagttgtagt tttgtttaga aggaaagctc tctctttttt    141240
     aaaccgacat gaatctagat agtccgttat aatgaagttt tttggacgaa tttcttacac    141300
     gttttagact agttactcaa ataattttca gtttttaatg gttcagtcct tcaggtaact    141360
     ggtttaacga cattcctaaa atgacacgtt aaactggcgt tttattcatt ttcgtttcgg    141420
     cttactccct ttattagtca ggattcgaca cagcggaacg aaccggcaac ttatccagca    141480
     catgttttat gtagcagatg cctttccagc cgcaacacag cactgggaaa ttaactggcg    141540
     tctcttattg gaaaaagtta aacctctgga gtactaaaac agcaattcgt actcttttcc    141600
     aaagtgtatt tgtatagtga cttttgcctt gttaagtctg attgaaaccc ttcattgaat    141660
     gaaataaata atagctggag aaaaatgtgg ttattaccac tgaaaacatc aatgaacaca    141720
     ttcacagatt ttacaatatt ttgcagatca ttgtttataa taaaaataaa aaggggaaaa    141780
     tacgttttgt attcataaag acagctgatc agagccatta tcagttttct ggattttaca    141840
     ttatgagtta ataagaatat ttgattaatt tgaaaaaata tattgataaa gtatcctcaa    141900
     aagttgtatt tatatattaa tttaactgcc tgctcgacca aatggttgac tatattttga    141960
     ctgactatat taggagtatc taactaaacc tgattaagtt tcatctttag gaagcactcg    142020
     cgcttttgca ctaaaagata atgctgaaat gtgtatcggt gttttatatt gtttgaatta    142080
     atgttttaaa taataattta cactaaacag cattgttggt ttacaaaaaa atctaacaaa    142140
     caatcctgtt gcactcctac acttgatttt agttcatctt cattttcttg tcaacttagt    142200
     ccctttaata atctggggtc gccacagtgg aatgaaccgc caacttatcc agcaagtttt    142260
     ttacgcagcg gatccccttc cagccgcaac ccatctctgg gtaacatcca cactcacatt    142320
     cacacacact atggacaatt tagcttaccc aattcacctg tactgcttgt ctttggactg    142380
     tggggggaac cgaagcaccc ggaggaaacc caggaagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa    142440
     cgccaactga gccgaggctc gaaccagcga cctttttgct tttaggcaac agcactacct    142500
     aatgtgccac tgcttcgccc ttgattttag tgtcattgta aataaaacaa caacaacaaa    142560
     acatgtaaat tactgtgcta aattaaaagc taaaatattt tatggtataa aaaaagatga    142620
     tttagtattc aaaaatgtct tatttttatt atgtttttaa ataaattggt cttgcacttc    142680
     atattttcag attttccata gtatatgtac taattctgct acttttacct taaatcgaga    142740
     tatctaccat ttggtagagg ctgttatttt agaaattatg ggatgtgttg aaaaaaaagg    142800
     agttatcagt agttaagatg ttaaattttc aaaacacacg agagggagag ggagagggag    142860
     agagctttta atgaggacat tccgttggag ttattgagtt aaccaccatt ctgaacctaa    142920
     acctatccca aaacctaaaa ctcagaaaaa tttctgcact tttgcttatg ccgctaaaaa    142980
     attgttttgt tgtgattaac tgctgatgct tttacaaccc caaaaaacaa tggagcacag    143040
     tattaaatac tcaaattaaa ttgcaaaagg atgataaagt acaaaaggtg aaactttaga    143100
     ataatgtcac agcatgagta aatgttggta atattaggaa tattacgagt aaaattagca    143160
     gtaacatgag ttaatgtttg atttgaatgg attaaaatca acagtgagat ataattacat    143220
     ttatttcagt ttctatgttt ataaaactga attatattag ttagtaactc tggtaattag    143280
     tttacaacta caatttctaa tatattatta gacattaaga aattaggatc acctaagata    143340
     aaagcttttg ttttcacttt gagtttagtt taacaaatta atttttaagc ctattgaagc    143400
     cttcattcac agtattaaca tacaataacc ctataaatag tttgtttaat caattaatta    143460
     attactttgc gttaattagt taattttcaa tcaatatttt tactatgccc taggccagat    143520
     tagcatgcag aaatggttat atatgaacta ctaaccattt aaatctccaa acatttgctg    143580
     ctgtgatgag cacttactgc acaatggtaa tcttaaaatg ctctctaaaa gtttaaataa    143640
     tagattattt ttcaagtatt tttttaagta cccacgatat caatttggat ggtcatcagg    143700
     ctctattgta ttattgaaca tctgcatatt cagttcaatt caattcaatt cagctctatt    143760
     tctttagcgc ttttacaatg tagattgttt tcagagttga atttcagtta gtttagttca    143820
     gtgtggttaa ttttcactgc tgaaagtcca aacactgtag agcaaatcct ttgatgcgca    143880
     gctccacaag tcgcaaaacc aagcaagcca gtggtgacct atatctgttt aaatttttat    143940
     ttaaactttg tttagagtgt ttattttgct attttaattg tgaggacatt tagatgccct    144000
     catagcgtag ggagcatgga cacccatata cacacaaaaa tatggagatg gattctcaca    144060
     atgtactgta ggtgcaaacc agtgcaaaca gacacactta aataagttac agtgagccta    144120
     gttaactaaa gcctctaaat gtcactataa actaccagtg tcttgaaaat atctagtaaa    144180
     atattattta ctgtcatcat ggcaaagcta aaagaaatca gttattagaa aagagtcaat    144240
     aaaactatta tgtttagaaa tgtgtggaaa aaaatctttg ttcctttcaa aaaaaaatgg    144300
     aagaaaaata taaagggagg ctaataattc aacttccttg caactacctt cctttgactt    144360
     caactgtgca ttgtgtatat atagtgctcg gcataaatga ttacacactc ttttgaaaag    144420
     gaaaatttgt tctctatctc ccagtgaaca aagctaatat attttggtgc atttatatca    144480
     cacacaccac agtttgatgt tggtcattca gtagcatgta tttattatac attgtgacaa    144540
     tagtttaata gtaaatgaaa agctagccct ttaatcattt taaacagttt tacacaaaaa    144600
     aggtgtatca tgagtttatg aagcgcctcc tatttttcct ctatctctca gtctctcgct    144660
     ctctctcttt ctctctctaa tgcctctttt atttgaactg aggggcactg cactatagtt    144720
     ttagacctct tcacagctgt gtaccaaccg agtcattcaa aggcctacag gacacaaaga    144780
     agcaggtcat cagatatgaa gtttctgcca atactaagac caggtatgaa aacttacata    144840
     ttcctaaaga taaaattact tactgttgtt gattttggtt catcctcaaa tatttttgga    144900
     caatttactt tttgtttgac ttaatagtta atgagtcgta gtttaatgac acctgtttaa    144960
     tatcaacgtt tctatagcta agtgtagcta aatcactatt tatatttttg ttttactgtc    145020
     tattaaaact gttatactgt aaaaataaat catgcagttt taactaatta gcattaagta    145080
     gttaattagt tccgctaata gtttattttc attttcagtg tttctttttt taaaatatta    145140
     tatgaattgt cattttttta aattgggaca aacttttaag actttcatat tatgtttatt    145200
     ggtccagtct gaatattgcc tggatttgaa atcttttttt atattgtatt tatgtcattt    145260
     attgtattac tttttaaata ttattagtta tttatttgtg caaagggagc acaaatattt    145320
     attaaataaa cccaagcaat aatattgctt caactttata aactgtattc atttacattt    145380
     attcacacac accactgttt attcagaagt aagaatcatt tttaattgat atttctacaa    145440
     atacaattta aaagtcccaa aagaaagatg taatatactg tagataatga tttttgatga    145500
     aattgaataa tcaaactata taaaggcaca aggaaactat tgaaataatg tgaagttata    145560
     atttctatgg tttcacatgc aaatctatat tctcatcaca caatgataat actgtagtta    145620
     cagtatttct tgtttaagtc cttcatttca atgtaagtca tttttacagt aagtaataaa    145680
     taagaggaaa tacttccagt gacccctgta ttcactaact gacccttaat gtaccttatt    145740
     atggtccata actgttaact gaccggttct tcacttgacc atgaagtctc ccatagttct    145800
     gcacccctga catgtttcaa tcctcattcc caaaaatgcc tttgttccag cacacaggag    145860
     cagatgaacc attgtctaat ctattgcctt tacccggtgc acaccatgaa cagacaatgg    145920
     cagctgaatt agagggactt ctgcttccac tgagcacttg atatgaatgg cagaatgcat    145980
     tctgacagca ctaaacctga cttcctagca cggttatatg gcattttaac cacttcatta    146040
     cacatatcca tatgccagaa gtgcaggact ttgaagttgg ggtttgagtg attgaaagcg    146100
     agaaatacct aggattaggt gaaaatgttt gtttaaactc ttgtattcct tacattgtgg    146160
     gtctcattgt gattctcaac aggcaaaaca gactgagaac atgaaagatc tgttctgttt    146220
     tttacacagg cccatagcca ggggggttcg ggggtttgta agaccaacca cccactaaca    146280
     gaggtccaga atttgccatt ggtccagaat ttttgcaact attttctaat ttgtcctatt    146340
     ttggctgcta agacatcata aattgtgcaa ataacccata aggtttaaga ccacacagaa    146400
     tatgacgtaa gtgaagtcaa cttttgctat tgacctactg ttgttaaata gagaaaaaaa    146460
     aattacaagc agcctaactt ttaatctaaa tcttggacat tattcatgaa agaaaaaaat    146520
     tgaccaatga aaacatctaa aacagcaaaa gctaccccta ttaaagttaa tttaattagg    146580
     ctgttattga aatccataaa tgttcccatt tttcaacagt ggctagaaaa gattgtgaaa    146640
     gtctacctta ttatttttat tatgttttta ttgttttttg ttcaaatggc aaaattttga    146700
     ctgaggaaag ctgaatgctg gacagtttgt tatttgccta acaaataaca aaatactaat    146760
     ttttttctac tgatatatga tgtaataact ttgtatttta aatataagtt gttgttgttt    146820
     ttcatatttc tttattataa atctttaggt aatatttttg ttacatcaaa cattgaccat    146880
     ccaacaagct aatccagcta aaacataatg cttaaaatgt cactaaatgg catatctaaa    146940
     cctcataact gcaaaaaaaa agtccacttt ttgagaaaaa agaactaact ttttcaccag    147000
     gctggctacg ggcctgttac agctctgatg taatcaatct gtgctcattt attagtactt    147060
     tttaaaaata tttttttgct tgatatttct gtggaaatat ttccctttta agaatgattt    147120
     gtagaaaaca aagttcaaaa taacagcatc ttattctaaa caaagtatca ttgtatttaa    147180
     tatgtgcata taaaattact tttgtaaatt taatttgaca gagacaccca aatgtataaa    147240
     actctgcctt aaatttttta agttcaatca aataaacttt gcaggtcatt ttaactctga    147300
     ctaacacatt cttacattga ctttcaccat tacacacaat attagttgaa acattattca    147360
     ttcattcgtt tgttttcttt tcgcttagtt cctttattaa tctggggttg ccacagtgga    147420
     atgcacagtg caacccatca ctgggaaaca cccatacact ctcattcaca tacatccact    147480
     atggataatt tagcttaccc aattcaccta tagcgcatgt ctttgaactg tgggggaaac    147540
     cggagcaccc ggaggaaaca cacactaaca aattctaatg acaaaattac acatttggga    147600
     ataattattg ttttagcttg aaattttagc aatgccaaaa agtgacaata tttgatgaca    147660
     ataatgtatt ttgtttttta cagcagctgg tttgacatca tgcagaccaa gcagacatat    147720
     ttcccatctg ctgtgcttgg tggcctatct gggttgtgtg acgtcgctca acatttcccc    147780
     gatgacgcca aacctgcgct cagctttctc tgccacccgc agcagcagcg ttctgggtgc    147840
     cagtcagcga gctgtgacct ttgaccgcct cttgcttaac attggcgaag acttcaaccc    147900
     tgacacgggc accttccgat gccgcctgcc tggcgcctat tacttcgcct ttacagtagg    147960
     aaagttccca aagaagatac tgtcagtcat gctggtgaag aatgggctgg aggtgcaggc    148020
     catggcgtat gatggatacc gaaaccacgg acggaagatg caaagccaga acataatgat    148080
     cagcctgaag ccgatggata cagtttatct tcttctgcag gaaaatcaag attatgctat    148140
     ttacagtaac atcggaccat acatcacctt tagcggttat cttgtctacc cagactccac    148200
     atcatctgtc ggatatctca ataaccacct gtctcctcca gaccttcatc ttccaggctg    148260
     tcctcctttt actgatgccc agtatgattg gaaaagacga agaaggattg gcgaggaacc    148320
     gcgttctgca ttttcagttg caagaaccac atcagtactg ggagaaagca aaggccgtcg    148380
     tgaaagagaa gctcttacgt ttgatgttga gtatgttaac ataggcgggc atttcaacaa    148440
     aacatctgga catttcacct gctatttccc tggtgcttat tactttgcgt tcactgttgg    148500
     gaaacaccct cgtcgggcgg tttcggtgaa gctcatgaca ggcagaggcg aggttcgggc    148560
     catggtgttt gatgaggatt tgtcgagacg gagagagatg cagagtcaga gtctgatgtt    148620
     gtcattgaaa agaggagaca gcgtttggct gtacagtcag caggatgacg gattcgccgt    148680
     ttacagcaat caaggacgtt acacaacctt ctctgggttt ctggtctatc ctgatttcca    148740
     ccaatatatg gacatggaca gaactttccc ctgagaacca ctgagaagtc agccgcagta    148800
     ctgaataatt catagacata gctgtacttt taaccttctg tttttgtact aaatctgttt    148860
     cgccagtttt cgtgacatgg tgctaataca catgatgtaa atactgtata atataaaaga    148920
     taccaaataa ttttcattaa tgacttggtc ccactttata ttaagtggcc ttaactaata    148980
     cgtacttaca caggaattaa tagtttgtta caatgtactt attgtgtaaa tacatgtatt    149040
     tactgtgtac ttatgcatga ataatacctg tatgtaacta cacctgtaat tatcttctgt    149100
     aattacattt gtaaatacac tgctgaccat cccttacacc ttaaccaacc cttaaaccta    149160
     cccataccac caaacctgtt cataacccaa ccctctatcc caacttaaga gcaccacaag    149220
     tgtactcaaa tacattttga acgcagtaag tagattgtat ttattttttg atacaagtac    149280
     atagtagtta aggacactta atataaagtg ggaccaatga ctttaacaaa cactatcgtc    149340
     ccacaaagca aatggacttg gagcaaatgt ggcctcatta tggcactgct ggagtgttgc    149400
     cggcaatggc atgcacaatg tcagctgaat gtgggccatg catggcaatg atggcactgc    149460
     atgcatgacg gcaaactaca tttgggccag ttttggatgg gaggtgtgtg gcccagatca    149520
     gtgtagcaat tgttcacatt gtttaggtaa cgttaggctg ggttatggct cagtttttgg    149580
     ggtttctggt taaatggtgg tgttgatatg gttaacttat agctgattat cagtaccaat    149640
     aataaacctg ttttggccca gttcagggta ataaactgat tgagattcag gctggttatg    149700
     gctcatgtgt ggcccttgtc tttaaccagt tatgggccac ttcgggacca tcattatttg    149760
     cggtacttgg gctgaaggaa aagttattgt gtggcccggt gctggaccag aaaacatttg    149820
     ctatgtgggg tgttaagtgt atatggttag cagatcagac tgaatgtgct catatttgac    149880
     tgtaatttaa ccactgttct taattataaa tgaaagattt tatgaatgtt tatcaagctg    149940
     tatttgtgtg actgatttta ctgattttac tatcatgtat actgagtttc acaagtagta    150000
     tttaacacat actataaaat accctaggtc ttccttttcc ttgttatttt tttttcgcag    150060
     taaactcatt taaataaagt tgaacttaat ttctgttgtt gtctggtttt gcctatatat    150120
     cgtgagaatc aacagtggtc aagtgtcttt gtttaattaa taactccaaa aaattaaata    150180
     tataattcat agggtgacac tgtgactgag tggtttgcac tgtcgcctca gagcaaaaag    150240
     gtcactggct cgagccctgg ctggatcagt tggcatttct atgtggagtt tgcatgttcc    150300
     ctccatgttg gcgtgggttt cctctgtgtg ctcaggtttc ccctacattc caacactcaa    150360
     aaaacgtctt tttgctcgtt caaactactt caaattaaaa taagctgaaa caacaaaatt    150420
     ctttagattt cattgggaca acaaaatttt tttatgttca atccacataa atttggtaaa    150480
     agtgttaagt taacttaatc aatttgtgtt gggacaacaa aaatgaattg tgtggaaccc    150540
     tgcatttttt acagtgaaag atatgtgata taggtgaact gaataaactg atttgccgta    150600
     gtatatgtat gattgagtgt ctatgggtgt tttcagtact gggttgcagc tggaagggca    150660
     tccgctgtgt aaaacatatg ctggataagt tggctgttca ttccactgtg gcgacccctg    150720
     atgaataaag aaactaagcc gagggaaaat gtacagtatg tgtgttgtat cggtgatgga    150780
     acagatgttg tttttacttt tatgattaat ttattgggtt acaacatgaa tcacattaag    150840
     aaattttaca accaaaaaag atcataataa tatatttaaa tatatgctac acaacttatg    150900
     aacggatcta aaatgaaaca ttgtatataa tttcatataa atgtcaatta attgttaatt    150960
     aactttaaat aaagaaacat ggaaatatat taaataataa tgtggaaaaa atgcaaaaaa    151020
     tgtattgact atttcgtaac ttcatacacc acttacatga cattcaataa tttaacatta    151080
     aacttgacaa taaacaggta tatcatgtaa ttaataaata catctacaat gtcttgacca    151140
     acatatgtta cattacaaca tgcaaaacat ttaggtttat aaattaaata aatattcaca    151200
     caattataat tgcgcaacat tagtatcagg taaaaaatcc atccgatata aaagatttgc    151260
     gttttgttga aattggtgtg tcaccttcaa aagtctcatg atggtccatg aactttacaa    151320
     cctatcaaaa aaaaaatgtg aacacagtca atttaaaaag aaccaacaat gatgaaaagc    151380
     tgaccattaa aaatggctaa attcattgtg cttggcttac ctgttgtgac tgctttctat    151440
     gggctttaat ttcagtatca gcatacgcca caaaatggat aaaagtgtaa attctgaaac    151500
     aaaacgacat attgcatcaa tacttgcata taaaaataga aatataactc tttatgttat    151560
     cttacgcata tataagtcaa gttacctgtg gtaaagcatt gcaataaact gtattatcag    151620
     cagtgctgca aagccaagaa gaaacatcag tgcaattgga tcaagggaca acgtttctgt    151680
     tggagatcga gtcccattgg ggtagatttt tgggatcttt atagtgactg caccgccaat    151740
     agcttgaagg aagaacgttg ccactagcca aagtgcattg cagaagaaat agacaaatgt    151800
     aacctgtatt taaaaagaca aaaacaacat gagggtaaat ctttaccgtt tcagagcaag    151860
     cagagtagac tacactattt ttggaataac gaggcttacc ttattacgaa gttctcttag    151920
     atcattagcg attattgcta gttgttctgg tttctcctca agaggatgta gatatttttt    151980
     ctgcatttcc ttccaaaaaa ttaattcttc ctgtgataca aaaaatgtat aatatcaaac    152040
     cagtagatac tgggttgaat aaatttacat cagcaattaa ttcactaaat ataataatgt    152100
     tagtttcttg cacagactgg tccttccgct taataagacc tcattggtaa tcatttttta    152160
     ttgtttattt tattgttttt attgttatta tgttctttga ctctcaaagt gcaaaggacc    152220
     agggtttaag ctaaagcatt ttttaaatga gtcaagaaaa ttcattttgc aggtactttt    152280
     atttaaagca attaaactag ttatagcaaa taagaatttt acgggggaat aaaagcatga    152340
     catggacaga aataaacatt gaagctggta attttcattc attctatcca ttaattttgt    152400
     gtttttaata ttaaaaaaaa caagcttact aaaaattata aataaatttg tcttacctca    152460
     gaaagttcac atgcggattc actcctcaag gaaaaaccaa attttggctg caaactgtga    152520
     atccaaggtt ttcgatctat acatatgaca gatttaatga tgatttgatt tctattaatt    152580
     atattgccta aaatatcaca ttatgaacaa taatacatgt gaaagtcata cttactttga    152640
     ggaatgattt gggtgttttc actacattgt aagaatacat tatcattagt agcagtaatc    152700
     tcagggtaat tattttaatc ttttactttt taaaaaaata cataaaaata ctgtaataat    152760
     aataataata acagtggaca tgtttatacc ttagtatttc cgagatattt tccccttcag    152820
     gtttgtcttc aacttgagtt acctccctcc tcgtttcatc ttcatattcc aagcatggac    152880
     atttgcagca tgtggcgttc aaaaacttct tcttgagact gtttactgca gaagtcttcg    152940
     cctggccgcc ggactcacga gtcccccacg agacattgtt catgttgaca atagagtaaa    153000
     tggctaatag cagatagcca ctgggaatgc agatgaagta aagcaatcca tagatgatca    153060
     gtgaaaactc cttagggtgc aaacctgccg tgatgaggta caatacgacc atgccgatga    153120
     gaaacagacc actaggggtc agaaaagtat cttgcagcac taaatcacct atgaaagtta    153180
     agatgaaaag agatttaggt tagaggtgtt tttcatcggt tgtttagcca attctaaaca    153240
     tgaatattta gagacctaaa gatttaagta tttaagtaag agtcaatgat gagatttata    153300
     ttgtattgac attgtattgg attacggggg acattgtagg actttgcaat atgacaatat    153360
     ttattgtatg gacaaaataa aaatatatat gtcacaaaat acaatgtata tggtaatact    153420
     gttttataat ttgtatcatt acagaaatac aaacaaaaac atgaatagca gcgttgtgag    153480
     aaagttatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa acctgcaatt gatttttaaa    153540
     atatgatcat gggtaagttt ctaagtatat actttaaaat gtaaaaaaaa gtaatagtcc    153600
     tttacatgtg ggcatgtggt cataacatta catataaact acagaaacgg cagtatatta    153660
     tgacgtatat agtattaaaa catgagagat ttttacccag cccttgtgca ttctgggtac    153720
     ttattcatag tagatctatg ggttgattta tgaacattgt tatgtttgtt tatgctgtgg    153780
     ttggtttgtg tggtttttat ttatttactc tttttgtgtc tgtatggtca ccacacaaat    153840
     gtcagagcaa ttggtgtttg gtgtgccccc tggcgagcca gttctgaact acttcagggg    153900
     ggtttaaata gtaaaatgtt gaactttatt tacttgactt gaattacatt tactttactt    153960
     aataatgtaa tgagttgact ggcactattg agcaatttaa tacatccttg caagtaaaag    154020
     taatattagc tttttggtga tgatacatat ggtaactttt tgagcaattt tcccaggcaa    154080
     ttaaagttgc ttggttactt ttctattaag aacgagcaac aatattgtat ttgccattgc    154140
     tctaattagc tattccatgt ctgacctggt tttttaacat aattttctta tgcccagcga    154200
     tgctgttcaa aaagctgccc agtgtttcat cagcataaga gtgcattcac cttacatatt    154260
     ttgaaggcta gtctcaacac ttgaaacatg aggtctctaa atgttcaaaa ttgcatttaa    154320
     gatacagttt actaatacat taagatacac taagatacat taccaataat tgagagaatt    154380
     gatcctgtca tgagaaatgc atacataatg ctcatgattg ctgcaattgt aagctgcgta    154440
     tcagatttca gtttgaagca caggatgagg tagatagcag ggggcactat cgccaagata    154500
     agggcatcgt tttcactcat tttgaagaca aacacaaagc ctcctgcaaa atatacaaag    154560
     cacatttaga cagatgttac agcagaaacc tttcattgtt attgtaacag aggctagtta    154620
     gtaaaagttg ttaatgtata tctcacaacc ctgacctcaa gatgcatcat gtttgaattc    154680
     tctgaaaaga ctgaaatgct ggtcattaca ctgttgtaat cccttcactt ctactcaagt    154740
     tagactcctg tttagactca ttgttagcat gcctacatcc catgtcagtg gtgggaaaaa    154800
     attggacggg taaacttgac tatccttgtc ttaagagttg cactagatac actagctagt    154860
     ccaaggttta ggggtatcag tgtaacataa gcgggtaaac ctcacatcct ggcctcaaga    154920
     aacatgctag ctactgacac tatagtctgc tttgtaattt tacatggttg ttaacatgct    154980
     tacctccctg gtgtgaaacg cctttttaaa tccctcttgg ggcagggagg tacactataa    155040
     tggcacaacg aatgcaattt attgacaaga aaaaatgtat tgattacctg atatcatgag    155100
     acagacagta gcaggcccca agattgaagc tcccatgctc aaaacctggt acaatatata    155160
     aagttttgag atagagctgt tcctctcagc agttagttgt cctgagccca ggaggtcaat    155220
     agtgttggcc atggtagaag gtccccagcg cctgcgttgg ttgtagaact ctttaaaatc    155280
     ctgtggagca ttggtgtagg catcagatgc tgcattgtac tccactctcc agccctgctg    155340
     cagcagtaga gtgcacaacc agcggtcctc acctgacatt acaccaaaga gattagttta    155400
     gtctaggtca ggtttgagca actctggtca tgaatgttca ctatccttca gagctgcatc    155460
     tctaatcaaa taaatctgca tgtaagaaat cttgaagaaa tggattttat ttttcaggtg    155520
     tttgattagg cagcatgaga cagtggcctt atagaactag agttgaccac atctggttta    155580
     gattgaactt atgttatttg tcaagacatt accttgatca tattggacat aatggctggc    155640
     ttcactggcc ctggttgtgt atctcttcat gacgttgtca tccatgagtg cggctcctct    155700
     gaaaagacta aaacatccag gactgcacag aacacagccg agaacatgct ccgcagtctt    155760
     ttgcagccag tggcctacag cgtactcaaa cttctgatac cacaccatcg gcccttcaag    155820
     taaaaagagg aattatatta gtcggtgtat aaccttttta acacataata cataactagt    155880
     cagagcacct tcagaatgga tcttttatct gtatgtagag tagaggatct tgtatctata    155940
     gatcatagac aatgcttaat gtagcccatt taaaaggggt ggacagcttt ggtccccgac    156000
     tgccactgtc tcttgaggtt tagctctctg attaacacgt ctgtttataa ttttttaaac    156060
     aatcttgatg acatgggtta taatttccag gtgtgtttga ttagagatgg agatcaactc    156120
     tgcaggatag tggcccttca agattagaga tgtccacctg ctccataaca atgctttata    156180
     acaagagtgt ccaatccagc tttttttagt gccacttttt ggcataggtt agctcctact    156240
     atacacaaaa tcccactact agctaagtaa cagtctaact tgaaacatgt ttgaaatctc    156300
     cagacaggtg tgttggagct aaactgtaca ggatgcagta atgagtttag agagtagtct    156360
     actgtatact taatatccaa cctgtgcctg ttggatgaat cctgccacag gcggctccaa    156420
     catctgggta gagtttaagt ctgtcaatta acagcatgac tgcagacggc tggaaatcag    156480
     tatccccatc cagagccagg atatacgtgt tctccctttc tctctaagga gcatgtgata    156540
     cacagttaga gattcagagc ccagccaaaa cgctagaagt taaagccaat aaagttgttc    156600
     tactaacctt cagtttctct ttaagcgatt ccgtttgttc acctgctact ttaaggcagt    156660
     caagatcttc acctgcctca aacttttcgt agtacttttt gtgaagtctc cagccaagaa    156720
     tgtaatacaa atacattatc tggaaacata aacaattagt tagtctcttt gtgataaaaa    156780
     actgggaaca taatgcctgt agcagatttt tcaatgaaat agttttcgag ctttaattgc    156840
     tttgtattac aattgtggaa acatcttgta actcgttcat tcattcattc attcattcat    156900
     tcattcattc attcattcat tcaatcattc attcattcat tcattcattc attttcagtc    156960
     ccgtatcagg gttcaccaca gcggattgaa ttgccaatta ctctggcgct gatgtccttt    157020
     ctcaacttgt aactacatcc aaaaaatgac actatcacag agattctagg tttttaatta    157080
     attcctccat cttgatttca atgtcgaagt atattaaaat aatataatgt tcagggtaat    157140
     actgaaagag tcatgtatag tctcatagtg ccatgcaaag aaaggcatta gattgtgtaa    157200
     aggttgcaca gcatgcattt atttagttgc tggctgcagt tcacagatca gccactggtg    157260
     tcgctaataa aaatttagat ttctaaattt agttgctttt atgaatcata cctgagacca    157320
     tctttttttg tgacggataa gcttcttgtc tttgaggtta acaatcatca cattgccttt    157380
     aggaagagtg tattccagcc gacctccaaa aggagtgctt atgatcttct ggcttggtaa    157440
     cggttgctga ttcttgaaca cacttgaatc ctcttcacta aaattgctga ttaataaaaa    157500
     ttaaaagtag attatttgtt ttgcacatac attttcagaa cacataaatc aaaggaggat    157560
     acatacaggt aaacttcttt tatcacgtcc acaagaattt caacatattc atttgtatgc    157620
     cgctcctctt tgacatcctt gaaagcgtcg tcaacataaa tgtgaaattc aaactcaaca    157680
     tcgctttttt gttcggtttt gggcctatat ttatccatcc tgaaaacaaa agaaaaacat    157740
     tgaaattaaa cctaaattta gatgggttaa gttgagtcag tttagtatat ttttacctga    157800
     acatagagat gattatcttc atcatttcat cataggtttc atgccacatt gtcgcacaga    157860
     gaaacactcg gatggtttct ttttcactga ggagtacaac aaacacatat gaagtgacat    157920
     aatattaagg aatccaaaga tattctacat tgttctgagg ttgctctttt atagcttaga    157980
     ggcataagga agttctctaa gtacttaaag gtaattaaca acttgttgat gtaaaattag    158040
     aatcaaatga gaccattttt tacattaaat aataggttaa tgctgccaac gcccggtgtg    158100
     cgatgacata aatggatttg ggagagcttg gtgagatgtt tgaatccata ttgacatatc    158160
     tgagtttgtt ttttggcagg ctttggcatg tgagatgcat gtgagattac agtggccttt    158220
     ttgtaagctt aagcaattta tactcccttt taatctcatt gacgtcttta ggaaacattt    158280
     gagagatctc atttgcaatt tgtaaacaca tttcctctgt aaaaagcttt gatttaggaa    158340
     aaatgataaa gaatgtgtta aatactaata actaaacatt catattagag ccaaccgtat    158400
     tatatagagc tcatagtcat agcaaatcat agtaaaagtc aattcatgtt aagtataaat    158460
     aaagacaaaa tctccatgag catactaaag aagtcaaaac acttactgct ttttttcctt    158520
     gattttcttt ctgatttcaa aacgggtgtt cagcatcaag gactgctcca gaaacgctcc    158580
     ttcatacatg cgttgcacaa acagatcttt ggtcctttca attcgatgga tcttcaggaa    158640
     ccagatgtaa actgtgctga gcacaagccc cagccaccag cagagagcag aacagcccaa    158700
     acagaccagt cccactattt tgatgtttac tacaatgtcc ctggtgagta acgtttctat    158760
     ggtatcgatc agcaacaact ctacccattc tgtactggat aggggcactg gattgcccac    158820
     taggtagctt atagtgttat tagacactgg gaatgtgatt acaagtggag acaaaaacac    158880
     tgccaaaact acgattgaag ccaagtacat gggcataaca aagctacggc gcaaagcgtg    158940
     cattttgcaa gccacaacca caaaccagcg acacaaggct gaggatagag tctggatgac    159000
     aaccaatgca atgacaaccg tttcaaagac aagtttgaca gatttccagc catcacctat    159060
     tagagcaaca taagctccaa tcacagctga agtaatcagg attcttgtca aactggagat    159120
     gatgttcacc gcattactgg acttcgctat gtctttggga atctcattta gggacaggat    159180
     ggtgaaaagc gcgctgtagt tttcccacca gttcacagaa acacagatgg ttccaaagat    159240
     ggcaagtaaa attggtataa gaagagaact ttcgaatgcc agataattga ctacaaacag    159300
     cacataaccc aggactatga agacaataga taaaagcgga agcagtataa aactctttct    159360
     ttctttggcc cgacagtcag caatcacctg gaaaattgca gataggatgc tcacactgtt    159420
     taggatcatc acattagtga caatgtcaaa gtgtggcatg gctacaattg taagaactgc    159480
     agctcccaat gctaccagga tttcaacaca aaggacctat ggaggaaaag acagggtcag    159540
     aaacgttatg gctcaaacaa ttaggtttag gtggagcatt gtatttgctt acccataaac    159600
     atgttttttt agatggcatg gttgagttct tgaaaatgaa cttccatgtg ccttttagca    159660
     gaagtagaaa acttggcccg accagaacaa acccaatggc aagtagtgca gtcggttttt    159720
     ggtctgagtg aataatgacc gtttgattgt tgccaaatgt tatcaaaagc agaaatgatg    159780
     tctgtaaaaa caaaatgaaa atgttcaatc tgacagagtt tttaaatgtt attgaataga    159840
     caagacactg attaataaag cagctcactt tgctgagaag tgcaaggatg aagacaatca    159900
     tgccaacaac agtacatgcg aaccatttta gacagtgcgt tcggtttctc ggaatttgat    159960
     catcttggat gattggtact tctctgcatg tatcccaaaa tttccttttt ggggaaaaaa    160020
     aaaatattat tataaaataa atttgtaaat aatatttttt ttttctaaat gaagttaaaa    160080
     tgggtaaagt gattaaaaat gtgtaaagta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    160140
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    160200
     gttgaagtca gaattataac ccccttttta tttgaaatat ttcttaaatt atatacaaca    160260
     gagcatggaa attttcacag tatttacgat aatatttttt cttctggaga aagtcttatc    160320
     tgtattattt gggctagaat aaaagctgtt ttaatttttt ttaaaccatc aatattgtta    160380
     tcccccttaa actatatttt cttttgatag tctacagaac aaaccatcat tagacaatga    160440
     tttacctaat taccctagcc agtctaacca acctaattaa cccatatctt gttaaatatt    160500
     atttactgcc ttcatagcaa agaaaaataa ataaatcagt tattagaaat tagtcattaa    160560
     aactatttag aaatgtttta aaaaaatctt tccgttaaac aaaaattgag gaaaaaaata    160620
     aacagggggg ctaataattc tgactttaac agtatatgta taaaatatgt tatataataa    160680
     aaaacttact gttgttgttc cttctcattt tgcttatttt cttctttttc tacatcccat    160740
     aacctgtttt agagaaaaaa taatttaaat gtgtaaatgt tctctctata tatgcataat    160800
     aaattaacat ttttaataac tcatttttaa attaaggtat tgtggaaaaa agaatgaaag    160860
     tacttgagat caggactcgg ctccatgttg atgtttgaag atcagtaaaa tgccgttcag    160920
     catctgtgat cagagtcttt taaactaagg gggagggatt acagcatcac agcaattatt    160980
     taacatggct ggtaaaatga tgctataatt agctacatac tacatactca gtacatattt    161040
     cctcattaca ttaagacagc tttcaagttt aaaaagtgat tctcaaattc tttttaaaaa    161100
     atgactcact agttatgtct cagtccggat ccttgtgccc cactgatctg catattttgc    161160
     acatttctgt tatttaacag tgctgattta tgtaacgagt tgaatagaag agtgccgtgt    161220
     atgatttgtg ttctgattga caggtgccta tagaataatt ttgtttccta gttccttcat    161280
     tgtcatctac ttaagcacaa acaggacatt ttatttcaga atgttcattc acggatttgc    161340
     ataacagtaa tgcctgcagc atgttactag agaagcacaa agtgtgccat attatgctac    161400
     tgtaaatgaa tactatataa attcacatat cacactaata tgccattctg attaaaacat    161460
     atatcctccg tttaaactga aatcaaagca gaatatcttg tggagtccaa tttacagggt    161520
     acttgtggaa ttagaacaaa catctgtgaa atgagaaata tacaaactgc agtgaggtgc    161580
     ggtgcgagga tcaggattaa gaaatgctgc actacacgct gttgtgagca attccttctg    161640
     gttagttaat taattaaaat cacatgattc tattgaaggg tgtcacggtg gcgcagtggg    161700
     tagcacaata gaaggtgact gtttcgagcc ctggctaagt cagttaccat ttctgtgtgg    161760
     agtttgcatg ttcttctggt gtttgtgtgg gtttccaccg ggtgctttgg tttctgtttt    161820
     ttttttagtg caaagacatg ctctataggt aagttgaatg agctaaattg gccatagtgt    161880
     acagctgcaa tatgaaatta ttaaacctcc tgaatcgtta gcccccaagc ccccccgttt    161940
     attctttccc caatttctgt ttaaaagagc gaagattttt ttttcaacac attttaataa    162000
     ttactaatca ctcatttatt ttatctttgc catgatgaca gtaaataaga tttcactaga    162060
     tattttccat gacatttcta taaagcttaa agtgacattc aaaggtttaa ctagtttaat    162120
     taggttaact aggcaggtta gggttattag gcaagttatt tataatagct taaaggggct    162180
     aatattattg accttaaaat gttttttttt taattaaaaa ctgcttttat tctagccgaa    162240
     aaaaagcaaa tttctccaga agaaaaaata ttttcagaca tactgtgaaa atgtcttata    162300
     tttgggaata ttaaaaaaaa aatcaagagg gtttaataat tctgattgca actgtatgtg    162360
     tgtgaacagg aatgtataag tgtttcacag tgtttggttg tggctggaag ggcatctgtt    162420
     gcataaaaca taagctggat aagttggtgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc cctgattaat    162480
     aaagggtcta agctgaaaag aaaatgattg aatgattcta aagaagaaaa tatgcaatgt    162540
     tacactatac agagacattc aagttttctc taatggtact cagatagcat tgtaactacg    162600
     taagatatac aaggaaaaaa aaaactgagt catatatctt ttatgatcta gagtatgtgt    162660
     ttctagtaaa tcttcacatt gacatcaagg aaactgatta tttaaaagta tttggcgtca    162720
     aattatgcaa ctgcttactt aacttcataa cgatatattt gaaaaatgtc tcagtcaacc    162780
     ttgaaacaca gcaaaagcat ttaaaacttt aataaagttt aaaactgaaa tatgttaaaa    162840
     tgagtaattt aattctgact gattacctga cttaagtgta ggattcatca gactgattta    162900
     aatcaacctc tccagttcat taaaagaacc aagataaaga agacttctca tgatttttct    162960
     ttaatatgag ctaagtcaaa aaaagttggc tcagtggtta gtacttacct cacagcaaga    163020
     aggtcgctgg ttcaggtccc cactgggtta gttgccattt ctgtgtgggt ttcctccagg    163080
     tgctccagtt tcccccacag tcagacatgt aggtgaattg aataaactaa attggttgta    163140
     gagtatgtgt atgaatgagt gtggatgttt cccagtactg ggttgaggct ggaagggcat    163200
     ccgctgtgta aaacatatgc tggatgagtt ggtggttcat accactttgg caacccctgg    163260
     cgaataaagg gactaagcca aggggaaatt aatgaattcc agcccccagt tttgtagaga    163320
     gaagttagca aaagggaaat acccactatg gcacaaataa gcttttagga gtagttctca    163380
     gaataaaata gcgacaaaat ggtgaataaa ggtcacttaa aagagtatac tttaaaaagt    163440
     aatttaatca aaaatcatat ttcctgttgt aagctattta atcttaagat caaattagct    163500
     aaactgtaaa cattgatgat tttaaccttc tggtgctact caagcttata gtaaattttt    163560
     ccaaaaatgt tcacgttgaa aagttctttc cattatgaca gtaagtgtat atcctgtaga    163620
     acaacattac agtgaaataa acctggaagg tggcagtaga gcagcacatt ccgaagctag    163680
     caatgctaaa aagagaagag aaaaggtgaa tggaagaaaa aagctctctt agaaagtctc    163740
     taagatttga tataaaaata ttttcatttt tgaagatgaa agagagcctc atgagtttag    163800
     aacaacatga gggactcaag gacaaactat gtaaaaacgt cccagtttac cttaaaaggg    163860
     atgtaaaaaa atgtatttta aaatcttttc tttttttggc gtggtctctt tattaatccg    163920
     gggcagctac agagtaatga accgccaact taaccagcat atgttttatg cagcggatac    163980
     ccttccagcc acaacccagc actgggaaac acccatacac acttgcattc acaaacatac    164040
     actgcggcca atttagctca ttcaattcac ctgtagcgca tgtctttgga ttgtggggga    164100
     aactggagca cccagaggaa acccatgcaa tcacaaggga gaacatgcaa acttcatgca    164160
     aaattgccaa ctgacccagc cggggctcaa accagcgtcc ttcttgcagt gaggcgatcg    164220
     tgctacccac tgtgccatca tgatgcctct taacctctta tcatttaaaa tgttctgtaa    164280
     ttgttttaaa aacaacctac attgcttcaa aaaccaccaa gatgtcatgc agatttggca    164340
     atatgtggca cgataagcac tggatagtat gaatgtgtgc cctgtttatc ctaaacatgt    164400
     ctaattgtga taataattct tccttacatt tatatagtgc ttttctgtac actcaactca    164460
     ctttacacat gtttaggggg aatctcctca tccaccacca gtgtgcagca tccacctgaa    164520
     tgacgcgatg acagccattt tgcgccagac cgcacccaag ctgattggtg gagaggagac    164580
     atttatgata tggggatggt taggaggcca tgatggatag aggtcagaga gcaaatttgg    164640
     ccaggatgct tttgtaatga ccacagagag tcaggactgt ggtttaacgc ctcatctgaa    164700
     agacggcatt cacaaagcag tatatagtcc ccattaatat actggggtgt taggacctac    164760
     acagaccaca ggttgagcac cccttgctgg tctcactaac accactaccg gcagcatctt    164820
     agccttccca tgtggtcttc tgtataggta agacatatct gccagtttga gcaaatataa    164880
     acataaaaca tttcaataga atatatattg aatcaaattt taattaaaaa aataaaatgt    164940
     aataaattca gcaaacactt gccagggctc aacaataagg actgcccggt ggcccagggc    165000
     cagcgtgaga gacgcttggg acagtagaca ggatcaatac tggcccgatt gggacagtgc    165060
     tgacttgtca ctaacattta atttgtctgc gactatttgt ccattgtgtg cattttaagt    165120
     ttgtgctttt aagtctttaa acactacttt ctctgtgatg tcgataacac catattgctt    165180
     tctggttcct cttctctgat ttgatgtttt gagcatgcta tttttttcag taacctggta    165240
     acaaccagta cagcgaagaa acagcaacat ggcagcaaca tcaaattata aggctaaaag    165300
     aaaatgtctg tttctataac gtcttgaaag cagacattta tgtgtgaaca ttgcaacaaa    165360
     aaaaaattaa gtgatgtttt tcaaagtttg ccgtcagttt gacaagtcac ccaccttttg    165420
     ttaaataatt tcgaaccgca ataaaatacc tccacatttt ctatactgct ctttttgttt    165480
     gcacactttt attaacaatt ttttaagtat tgaaattcta gattcgcaga ctttattttc    165540
     aacacactat ttaaaatatg cagctaaaac atagctatta acgtcctttt tttttggtgg    165600
     ggctagtgaa aattttggca gggcaagtaa aaatctcaac cacttgccag atcggaccag    165660
     tagaaaaaat ccttagcgtt gaaccctgct tgctaatatt ggtgtgagcc taaaacgatc    165720
     catacatgtt tcagcaaata tagcccaatt atctgaaaat gtatctgggc cagttttgga    165780
     attaaagtgg cacagtaagc actgcgtaat gtgagccaaa accgaccttg catatgatgc    165840
     cacaaataag acccagttat actaaatcat ttctggccca gttttggtaa agatatgaca    165900
     cagtaagcaa tggctatatc tgatgactgt atgtgaccct agaaacccaa gtagcaaaga    165960
     attctggccc agattaggca tacatctggc acagcaggca ttcatccggc actggcatta    166020
     gcatctgggc caaacatagc cctggtttgg caggggtggc atcgtcttca aggcggcaca    166080
     caagacttgg gctagatgta aattgtaata tttggcccag atgttagtaa ttgatatgtg    166140
     aaccatgtac gtttggccta tcttgaccca catttaaaat acattttatt attttcaaat    166200
     agaggaaaaa aattctagca atcaggtcac ttcaagaaaa agcacatgca tagcacacct    166260
     aaaacgcaat tattcatggg tttattcatt tcattgcagt tatgatacac caacatatct    166320
     ggcccagttc aggcttagtt atgtgttatt aacttggctg agacttggcc cagatatggt    166380
     ccctgtttga cccttgtctg gaagccagac ttggtccaat catataccgt aattcactgc    166440
     ggcatgtggg ccaagtaaaa actaattgtg tgggccagaa atattttact atgtgggaag    166500
     tatgatgaga atatgactgt taacttgatg ttcaaaagct ctatacaaca tgcaacttgt    166560
     gatgccacca agagcataga tgtggttaat aactttcatc aacaaagtta ttttaaatta    166620
     atatagtttc attctacgtc tcatttgaat gttcatttta tttatgtgcc tcagctgatt    166680
     taggtacaaa tcagctgata aaaaaaaagg aattctgtgt tgaagaagaa agaaatgtca    166740
     gctagctcag aggcatcagc caactctgca actgcccaca atgtccgata caaagttggt    166800
     cattatgatt actttttaga actgaagaga aaaagctaat aaattaaagt gaaaccacat    166860
     aaatgaaaat atggcactga acttgttttt ttaattgcag aactgacagg gaagtagctt    166920
     ttattacagt agttgattat acttctataa aaaaaaatta cctgtcaatg ctttgatgat    166980
     tactatgata aatgtttgtt gtgataactg taatttgaaa aggtgtagtt tggctttccg    167040
     gtttcattta aataggtcag gtactgtggc tcagtttttg gcttgctggt tagactagtg    167100
     ttaatatggt ttactgcagc ctgtgttttg gttttgatct ggccccagaa tgtcaccatt    167160
     gtgggcaacc taggctcatt ctgaaaatgt aactctatgt acatttctgg aaaccgtcaa    167220
     atacgcccca ggagctacgt tttttgcagt ttttgttttc acaaatccac cagaggccgc    167280
     tgtgttcgct ttttcagatc tcaactttct ttcgcgagtg tcaattgcgt ctgctgttct    167340
     cacgtaaatt caccacaggc tgctaaatca ctgaatgact gactgatcga tcaatttatc    167400
     taccctctcc cttcactaaa tccaaccaat agtattttaa aaagcactga ttgacccgcc    167460
     cacccacttc cattaaatca accaacaaat ttaaaaaaca attcagaaaa aaaagccatc    167520
     gtctgatttt tatcacattc tcaccctgtt attttacttg tttattttat tttttggctt    167580
     ctgtttttgc ccactttctg gaatcattct tcattggact caaacaccgt cttggtaatc    167640
     tcctctctgt gtctcaagtc caaccgacgt taatggtgag ctaattggac aaactggtaa    167700
     cagctggaaa gccatccata cggaggttag tggacagctg gtaaggaatg gcgtcacatc    167760
     gccccgtatc gttaattaaa aaaattaaat gcagccatat gtagcataat tcataatctc    167820
     cagaaatgta cgttttcaca atgagcctat gttggatgtg ggcctaatct gggactaaga    167880
     aattttgcta tctgggattg tctgggataa taaagacctt gagtatttgt tgcaaacata    167940
     catagggttg gtaggattac ttactcccag ggccatttat atcaaagtta atatttagct    168000
     gcaccatgtt ggtgttgcat aacatcttat ttttacaagg ttggtcgtta gcccaacgct    168060
     caacgcccac cctggaggac caggacctac aagtacacta cggacaattt agcttaccta    168120
     attcacctag tgcatgtctt tggacttaaa ggggaaactc cggatcaact ggagaaaacc    168180
     cacgcgaaca cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgtcaactga cccacccggg    168240
     gctcgaacca gtgagccaca gtgttaagta ggatagataa aaaataaata ggtaaaaatt    168300
     ggacacataa actatgttaa gctggagttt cacctgggct tttataatat atttgactta    168360
     atgtaacact gataagttca tagttaattg actggagaag tggatagtat ttttatcaaa    168420
     attaaaacgg acgaaaacaa cagagaggag aaaaaaaatc acaaccatta aactaaaaca    168480
     gactgatatt acaaaataca accagatgac aaaagcttcc agaaacttca atctatagcg    168540
     tgcagggaca ggttcatgtc agcaggaaat aaagagtgca acaagctcta taaatggtaa    168600
     atcaacattt cctcataccc ataaataacc cacacccacc cacacatgca caccataact    168660
     cccgtgcagg aaagattgcc agcgaaaatc cacccctgcc ttaggcagtc agctcctgga    168720
     acactagggc tcggtatcgg tcaaatattt tcattaccat tagtgacacc gatacttttt    168780
     gacggttgct gaacgatgtt tttttttata ccaattttat tagaccttta acaagattac    168840
     aaaacctctt ttttcctttt tgttttcttt aacagagtca aaagcacaat gaaaccaaat    168900
     gtaaccaaac aataaatcag gtcaaatagt cttcagttaa acattgatca tgagtctggt    168960
     agacaaaaca gatttgtgtg gactggtggc tgttaaagaa gcaggttcag gtgctgatgt    169020
     ggtagtgaaa gcatccattt caggttcact gctgcattct ttaagccctt aatgatcttc    169080
     taaaacagat gcatttcagc atgtgtggta gagacggaca agcctaacat caaagaataa    169140
     agtaaagatt tattccagtg acagtgcatt cagataaatt actttaaata agttctgatg    169200
     aagaagccat gtctaaagtc atttgtgatt tatggatcat tgaataacca gtctcacaca    169260
     catctgactt catgaaattt gcatgttgtc aaagacactt cgggttacaa ttaacctcac    169320
     tgttatgctt gtttacaccc agtattaaga tgctttgtgg tcgttcggat cacaacaccg    169380
     aaaagtcaac acatactttc acacaatttt ttaataaggg ctgggttgtg tttctctcat    169440
     cagtcaatct gtactgtgaa acactcgtaa attctgtaag cactttatgg attggctaca    169500
     ttatgtacca agttgtaaac aacaattttt tttttcttta taaaaacaaa aactgatcaa    169560
     aaacaaaagc atcttagtgg gtgcattatc actcacgcct atctaaatat aatgcccttt    169620
     gattctttta actctctctt ttagaatgtg gaggaaactg gagcaccagg gggaaaccca    169680
     cgagctccgg tttcccacac aagtccaaaa acatgtggta caggtgaatt gggtcagcta    169740
     aattgtctgt atatgtgtgt gaattatttg caaccctgta ttttttacaa cgaaaaacat    169800
     gcgatatagg tgaattgaat aaacctaatt ggtcgacatg tatgtatgat tgagtgtcta    169860
     tggatgtttc ccagtgatgg gttgcagctg aaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aacatatgct    169920
     ggataagttg gtggttcatt cctctgtggc gacccagatt aataaaagga ctaagccaaa    169980
     aagaaaatga atgaatagat gaaatcacca tcaatagctt aacaactctt agaagaaaga    170040
     tacatttcta tgtatcgatg aaaaacttgt tttttacttt gtttttcacc aagtcaatga    170100
     atctgtcatc ctatctgggg tgtatttaag aagaatggtt aaaggaatgt gtttgacatt    170160
     tgattgtcac ttcaaattaa acttttattg ttgagctaca aaaagcaaac aaaaaatgaa    170220
     atgtttcagt tgaatgttgt aaataaatca gataaaaaaa gtacatactg tcatctgacg    170280
     aatagagcac gatacaccag acaaaaaaca aaacaaaaca aggtaaatga aggtgcagat    170340
     tgacgaatgt gtttgagaat tgaattccat tgtgttataa atgagattgt tcatttttaa    170400
     ttgtaatctg ctataatggc gtcacagtgg tgctgtgagt agcactatca cctcactgca    170460
     agaaagtcac tggttcgagt tccggctggg tcagttggca tttctgcgtg gagtttacat    170520
     gttctcccca tgttggcgtg ggtttcctct gggtgctctg gcttccccga cagtccaaag    170580
     acatgtgcta taggtaaatt gaataagcta aattggtcat agtgtatatg cgtgaatgca    170640
     agagtgcatg gatgtttccg ggtgttggga tgcagctgga agagcgtccg ctgtgtaaaa    170700
     catatgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc actgtggcga cccctaataa ataaagagac    170760
     taagccgaag agaaaattaa taaatgaatg aatatgtaaa taaattatac tgcattaatt    170820
     aatatgatta aatgttttct attattttta aatatgatta aacaaaattt cctttggcaa    170880
     cttcattgcc atatttttgt atatttacct tcggcccaca gccctcaatc aaatcttcaa    170940
     gatttccctt cataacaaaa agtttgggaa caatgaagat atatggaaca ctagggctcg    171000
     gtatcggtga aatattttct ttaccattag tgacaccgat actttttgac ggttgctgaa    171060
     cgatattttt ttttaatacc aattttatta gacctttaac aagtttacaa aacctctttt    171120
     ttgctttttg ttttctttaa cagagtcaaa agcacaatga aaccaaatgt aaccaaacaa    171180
     taaatcaggt caaatagtct tcagttaaac attgatcatg agtctggtag acaaaacaga    171240
     tttgtgtgga ctggtggctg ttaaagaagc aggttcaggt gctgatgtgg tagtgaaagc    171300
     atccatttca ggttcactgc tgcattcttt aagcccttaa tgatcttcta aaacagatgc    171360
     atttcagcat gtgtggtaga gacggacaag cctaacatca aagaataaag taaagattta    171420
     ttccagtgac agtgcattca gataaattac tttaaataag ttctgatgaa gaagccatgt    171480
     ctaaagtcat ttgtgattta tggatcattg aataaccagt ctcacacaca tctgacttca    171540
     tgaaatttgc atgttgtcaa agacacttcg agttacaatt aacctcactg ttatgcttgt    171600
     ttacacccag tattaagatg ctttgtggtc gttcggatca caacaccgaa aagtcaacac    171660
     atactttcac acaatttttt aataagggct gggttgtgtt tctctcatca gtcaatctgt    171720
     actgtgaaac actcgtaaat tctgtaagca ctttatggat tggctacatt atgtaccaag    171780
     ttgtaaacaa caattttttt tttctttata aaaacaaaaa ctgatcaaaa acaaaagcat    171840
     cttagtgggt gcattatcac tcacgcctat ctaaatataa tgccctttga ttcttttaac    171900
     tctctctttt agaatgtgga ggaaactgga gcaccagggg gaaacccacg agctccggtt    171960
     tcccacacaa gtccaaaaac atgtggtaca ggtgaattgg gtcagctaaa ttgtctgtat    172020
     atgtgtgtga attatttgca accctgtatt ttttacaacg aaaaacatgc gatataggtg    172080
     aattgaataa acctaattgg tcgacatgta tgtatgattg agtgtctatg gatgtttccc    172140
     agtgatgggt tgcagctgaa agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttggt    172200
     ggttcattcc tctgtggcga cccagattaa taaaaggact aagccaaaaa gaaaatgaat    172260
     gaatagatga aatcaccatc aatagcttaa caactcttag aagaaagata catttctatg    172320
     tatcgatgaa aaacttgttt tttactttgt ttttcaccaa gtcaatgaat ctgtcatcct    172380
     atctggggtg tatttaagaa gaatggttaa aggaatgtgt ttgacatttg attgtcactt    172440
     caaattaaac ttttattgtt gagctacaaa aagcaaacaa aaaatgaaat gtttcagttg    172500
     aatgttgtaa ataaatcaga taaaaaaagt acatactgtc atctgtcgaa tagagcacga    172560
     tacaccagac aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaag gtaaatgaag gtgcagattg acgaatgtgt    172620
     ttgagaattg aattccattg tgttataaat gagattgttc atttttaatt gtaatctgtt    172680
     ataatggcgt cacagtggtg cagtgagtag cactatcacc tcactgcaag aaagtcactg    172740
     gttcgagtcc cggctgggtc agttggcatt tctgcgtgga gtttacatgt tctccccatg    172800
     ttggcgtggg tttcctctgg gtgctctggc ttccccgaca gtccaaagac atgtgctata    172860
     ggtaaattga ataagctaaa ttggtcatag tgtatatgcg tgaatgcaag agtgcatgga    172920
     tgtttccggg tgttgggatg cagctggaag agcgtccgct gtgtaaaaca tatgctggat    172980
     aagttggcgg ttcatttcac tgtggcgacc cctaataaat aaagagacta agccgaagag    173040
     aaaattaata aatgaatgaa tatgtaaata aattatactg cattaattaa tatgattaaa    173100
     tgttttctat tatttttaaa tatgataaaa caaaatttcc tttggcaact tcattgccat    173160
     atttttgtat atttaccttc ggcccacagc cctcaatcaa atcttcaaga tttcccttca    173220
     taacaaaaag tttgggaaca ataaagatag tcaatacact acagcatgcc cttttgctgt    173280
     cgatcctgtg gacagcacag gttatacaag tttttttttc tttgtgagag ggttgtaaga    173340
     caacgcatcg atacgttttc acatccgaat aaatatttga atgatcttta tcatttttca    173400
     aaagaatagt ttatttatat catttttcaa aagaatagtt tatttaacta actgtttgaa    173460
     acttcatatg aaaagttcag atgcaaaaaa aaaaaaagtg ccgtctgaaa tttccattga    173520
     aaatggaatt tttttttcag cctcctttat tatgttgaga tatttcactt taatgacgag    173580
     aaaaaggact tgccataaaa atgatattac tgaacataca cacaaaaaac tgataaaaca    173640
     ctgattttag aggaaaattt cagaaagtgt ttagaagttt ttgcctctga actcttcata    173700
     tatcaaatgt gacaaaccat gggtctaagc ttaacacaga aaacagtctg gagtaaatgg    173760
     agcatgtgcg aaaggcaaca gtgtgtacag ccatttgtac catatgccat cattatgcca    173820
     cacgtttcaa cacagtacag cttattccct tactttgttt gccctatgat gacagtttac    173880
     tctgaacctg agcctggacc acagatatga tttaacctgg ctccaaacat gggtaaagct    173940
     gaaaatgacc atattcagtc caaaatgatt agtcctgaga ggacatatgg catcataatt    174000
     aggttgctgg cggaaatggt gttagtaaga ccagcagggg gcgctcaacc tgcggtctgt    174060
     gtgggtcgta atgccccagt atagtgaagg ggactctata ctgctcagtg agacgttaaa    174120
     tcgaggtcct gactctctgt ggtcgttaaa aatcccaaga tattttgaaa aaaaaaagga    174180
     tttagccacg gcatcctggc taaattttcc cattggcctc tgcccatcat ggccttctaa    174240
     tcataacaat atcataactg gcttcatcac tctgtctcct ctccaccaat tagctggtgt    174300
     atggtgtgtg gtctggcgcc aaatggctgc cgtcgtgtca tccaggtgga tgctacacac    174360
     tggtggtgga tgaagagatc ctccccaatg tgtaaagcgc tttgaaagtc cagaaaagtg    174420
     gtatataatt gtaaagaatt attattatta atattattaa agttgcttgt gttgtccttc    174480
     acaacattgc cacaataaga ggagaaagcc agccccttgt cctgatgtag atggcacaga    174540
     tgtcaaactc tgaagctctg cacagtttag ttaatcctaa tgaaactgag tctttcaggc    174600
     tttgaaacct aggtaagtgt gttagtgcag ggttgaaact aagtttgaca tccctggcct    174660
     aaaaagaact cccaataaac catgcagacc aaagagatgg aagagtgtta agagacatga    174720
     tttgtccaaa ttactttaat taaattgctt gcactgatat actgtcaatt tcctgaacca    174780
     aagtgtattt ctttacactg cttcatattt caacttggaa tcgacactat acaaatttca    174840
     ccttagggct atgccctggc atttctattt cagtttttgc ctttttagtg ttttctctta    174900
     cttttcctac ttttgaagtt gcataaggtc tatctccatg tgacattatt tgtctttgaa    174960
     gatgaacatt ttagaactcc tagaaactat gaaggcagat taaaaaacaa taaattaatt    175020
     tattaaaaga ttgttctttg attcaataac ataattaaaa cattgacagc tgctgacaaa    175080
     tttttacact gctgcacaag actatgtgtt gaggtagaaa taccttcatc tacatgcaaa    175140
     aacattcatt aattttcttg ttggcttagt ccctttatta atccggggtc gccacagctg    175200
     aatgaaccgc caaattatac agcacgtttt tacgcagcgg atgcccttcc agccacaacc    175260
     catctctggg aaacatccac acacatacac acacacacag acacacattc acatacactc    175320
     atccactact ttaatggtaa aatgaatata ccatcgaagt tgaattgaca ttcaacaaaa    175380
     ttcagaaatt atgtctagat tttatgtctt ctcaagtctt catttgagaa tgctcttaca    175440
     aacatcattg atgtgaggaa cacgtttcac acttttgcat gtctattgca attgcaatgc    175500
     actgttaggg aggttttaat acttagggag gttaggaact agttttccgg ttttaatact    175560
     ttttttcagt tttattatta aaatacacaa ttttttaaaa agatttataa taatatatta    175620
     tatactataa taataataat atattatatg ctaattatgt tttagtttcc cagttctggg    175680
     ttgcggctag aagtgcattt tctgtgtaaa gcatatgctg gaatagttgg tggttcattc    175740
     tgctgtggtg acccctgata tataaaggac taagccaaag aaaaatgagc gaatgagtga    175800
     atgaatagtt atgtattatt tccttatacc attagtgctg tcaaacaatt aattgcattt    175860
     aaaaagtttg tacatacaca caggtgtgtg tatatatatt tgaaaattat tacaaaccac    175920
     cctttcttgt atttttcagt ctatttcttg tagatttaga aacatttaga actttttaac    175980
     agctgctagt cgtatctttg cataacattt tttttgacga gtgattttag ctacaataaa    176040
     caatgcaaaa cataaacatt ttaaagttct agtatcatct agtatttcta ttttgaacaa    176100
     tcactttctg cactccatct gaaattcaca tgacagcaat gacattatgc ccaaacaacc    176160
     tacagttgaa caaattctcc cactgatggt ttctgttttg ttaaccaatg ttccaaacac    176220
     ttgataatta atattatatt aaggcaagat tatacataat tatttatcat attgcaaata    176280
     taaaaagcat atgaaaatac tggattgcgt aaatgtacat gctgggattt tctgcatgtg    176340
     catgctaaat aatgttcttt tccaattgtc acaccaacag ccctgtcaga tactgcagct    176400
     ctatgcttca ggtgacaata ataaaacagt agtactattt attatgagaa taactgactt    176460
     taacattgtt tttttcatat aaaaaagcat gtgtagcctg ttttagcctg tttcttaaat    176520
     atttgcaaac atattgtggt gtttttatgc tttagaagag tccaaatgta catacagcac    176580
     ctttaaagac attgtgctgt gtatgtatgg atatttttat atatatatat atatatatat    176640
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt tttttttttt    176700
     ttcttttttt tttttcttct tttatttaga tgatgacaag gaacaaaaga acaaacaaca    176760
     gtgtgtctaa acacctttaa acagaatgct tgcagctgtt tttatagaca gaaaagaaac    176820
     atggagaaac tattcacagg cagtgttgga acttgaaacc tgagctggaa gccacaacta    176880
     tttcttgatt aacactgaaa tatgacccag aatttgtgac tggtgtaaat gcagcagtag    176940
     aagcttgaca aatttgaaag acatcatatt acaagcaaca cctctcattc attaaaagaa    177000
     ccattaatgt attacacgtt ttatattact agtgataccc cttgtgcttg tctgtctagt    177060
     gtgtttacac tgattaacaa ctgaaaggtg ttctgtcaac atgaagttta aacacgggag    177120
     ttcatgagta gttaaggatg agttgatggt gatgtgcccc tccaagtaaa gtcatgacat    177180
     aattatacat taacagctta tgagcttgtg atggttacgt ttagcttaaa cttaaatgtt    177240
     aattaataca ttaattaaca atatgtacta acaagtaact aaactcatgt tgtagagagt    177300
     tatatcatga taaacacatg cattacctaa ttcaaaataa aataatgttt agtctaatat    177360
     taatacataa atattcatgt cctgttaggt gttaccaagt agatgttata taaacaacat    177420
     tccttagtgt cttttaacag gtatggcatc acaactagct tgtagaaact acttgatgaa    177480
     aaagccccta caatcctgag agaacacaaa gagacaaaga tactgtttat ttcctttctt    177540
     gatcattttc tgtttgtgac cttgtagagc acaggtgtca aagccaattc ctggagggcc    177600
     acagctctag tttagttcta accttaatta aacacacctg atcaaactaa tagagtcatt    177660
     caggcttatc tgaagcctac aggcatgtgt gttgaagcaa ggtttgacac ccttgttgta    177720
     gagaaacatt tgaaacatta atttaaataa gtttatactt ttaaataaat gatacattta    177780
     ggtaaaacat tataaatcat tcaatataag ttcttttaat aaataacaaa tgtgaagtgt    177840
     gagtgttaaa ttagattttt ttatgtttgt caatgtttgt gttagagcca tttctgcaac    177900
     tttaaatttc tcactttttt cagctttcaa tctttttaca ttaccatcag ttttttcttt    177960
     ttttcagtca ggtttttagt gctttaatct ttttctggat ctgtttcaat gcattcctca    178020
     cacataatgt gacatgagta ctttacattg gtctggaagg acttgccaca gaaatgtgct    178080
     tggagcattc gttatgcctt gaggtaatat gtgaactcat agaaaccttc tcaacaaaca    178140
     aatggcattt gggacttatc cgcttccttc attccatcca ctaactataa cttgagtaga    178200
     ggactttttt attacttctt tgagctcatt atctaaggta cctggcatgc agcgttgcat    178260
     acttacttat ttagaaggca aacgagaatt tttatatgac tctaccatct atcatctgac    178320
     tgtgtttgct ttcctgcaat ttacagttcc ttcaaaataa aaaatgaaag ttttttaggt    178380
     tagcatcaat atgttagtgt taaggttatc tataatatag tgtgctacaa aacagtgaca    178440
     gcatttgcat ttaggagata ggaggaaaag ggtacatatt tgtacctgaa gggttccata    178500
     attttacctc aaaggttctt ttaggtacat ttgggtacta atatgcattt ttgaggtacc    178560
     attgtagact ctatgagtat caaatatctt ttgaataggt actgcctatt ccagtgacca    178620
     gtgataccag tgacagctcc tgtagagtaa gtggataatc tcaggcagct tttgtttaca    178680
     aaaactgagg taacttttga gtatgtacac taagtaacca tagcaactta ttctctgaag    178740
     ataacctgtt ccagagcata ttatgttcca aagttagttt tagagaggtt gctgagcatt    178800
     ggttgctctt ttgatgataa tcctgtggac gtagaagcag gattttttcc cccatgggag    178860
     agttatacag ttaggtctat aaatatatgg tcattgccac aattctaaaa tttttgtctc    178920
     tatacaccaa acaattgatt taaagtaaaa tgaaaaataa caccttctat gagttctgaa    178980
     gtaattggca taatattagc aaaaaaatat tagctgaaac actttagaat ttatcccgct    179040
     gcttttgtca gcagtcactt catcaataaa tacaagagaa ccagtttcat tgacactcat    179100
     acacactcag aaatacgcaa actgtcactg tggtggtccc ttttcaaaag gtagacattt    179160
     gtacttgaag ggtctatatt ggtacctcaa aagtatatta ttacctaaaa attttaagag    179220
     gaacactttt gtacttttta ggtactaata tgcacccttg aggtattaat atggaccttt    179280
     tagctacaca tttgtatctt ttgaaatggt accaccccag tgacagctcg tgtacctttc    179340
     tgagagtgta catgcccacg ccatgtcact acttccatgc ttcactgctt agaattatag    179400
     ttcctttcct tctctatgct cttctcttcc catcactctg gtacacattg atcttgatct    179460
     catctatcca caggatgttt ttccagcact gggaaggctt ttttaaaaag tacaaagtac    179520
     ttgtttcaac cacagtccaa agacatgagg cataagtgaa taataggtaa ctaaattggc    179580
     agcagtgtat aagtgtgtgt gtgaatgtga gtgtttctgg gtgtttccca gtactgcgat    179640
     gcagctggaa gggtatccat tgtgtaaaac atatgctgga ataattggtt attcattccg    179700
     ctgtggcgaa cctgtataaa tcaggaacta agtttatgga tagtgagtga gaaactgtag    179760
     gtaggtaact agacctcaga cactagtata aactaactta catctacaat ttttatgtaa    179820
     aatgttggtt gccaatttta gaaagtagcc aagaagcatc acaccctgta atactgtaca    179880
     acaacattgc tcaaaaagtc ggcttatgta tcatcatcct gacgcaaact cacagcgttc    179940
     ataatgtagt tttgtggctg ttcgatcaaa aacaacagct gctattcatg ttcatacact    180000
     ctaaaataat tatgaagatc tgtatatctt tataaataat gtcttacatt ttacactgaa    180060
     ttctgtccaa atatatatat aataaatata aataaataaa tatcatattt gactgcaaac    180120
     aatctttttt gcattaggct aaagctgctt tattctcttt aaaaaagtag ctctcataca    180180
     taacctgtta tttcagtgat tgttttttcc agggtattgt ggttatatta tttaattaat    180240
     aaacattaca gttttttgtc agtcgctttg gtccatttct cagatcagaa ttgaaattct    180300
     caaaactacc tgttcaattt tcagatcatt attgtgtcac ttgtgcacag cagtttctca    180360
     ttatgaacaa gttgcaaatg cttttgtaga tccatgcaga tgatcatgtg cagttctctg    180420
     ctgcttccta ttttattaat tgctgaagtc atgttgataa aaatgtatta tgtgggtctc    180480
     tgttgaatag tctcaccccc aacagcattt aatcacgttc atgaattaag cctttacatg    180540
     aaaaatggct gaacaagttg tcataatgac tttatacatt tccattagcc tttttttcta    180600
     aatctgtcca caactttttc taataaaggt ctaaaagggc gttgtcctat gttcacatgt    180660
     ttattttgtt tgttctttgt gctatgcagt gctgtctttt tctttctgta tcactatgac    180720
     atgatctggc aactaattgc actacaaaca gccaaaaaca atttgacatg actcaaataa    180780
     gtaatttgag tcatgtcatt ctgacgccac tgacctgttc attaacagaa acatagtttt    180840
     gagagatgaa ctaaagattc tgaacaggag actggctttt gaaggattca attctgatct    180900
     gagaaatgtg caaagtgact aagaaaaacg ttcgaggtta cagaagtaac ccttcgttcc    180960
     ccgagaaggg gaacggaagt gccatagagt ggattgattg aaatccacga atgggaggat    181020
     tcggttcaga agccgattgt ctgaaagagt attgaacggg ccaatgaatg caatgaattg    181080
     gcagcgtaag cttgcacagg tgtacttcat tgccaattat cccagcgtat aagcacacct    181140
     ggagcgagca aacgccatcc ttttaagctg aagagacttt caaacagcta agggacagtc    181200
     attatggcga cggagtatgg cacttccgtt cccctcctcg gggaacgaag ggttacttct    181260
     gtaacctcga acgttcccct tcggttgggg aacttcagtg ccatagagtc gattgattga    181320
     aatccacgaa tgggagaagt atggaaagcg ccataatgac tgcaccttac caacgccgcc    181380
     gatgagggga taatcaagca agcgtgacgc acccacatca tgggaggcgc ggtcctccaa    181440
     cgtgtccctg gccctaattt atcctacttc aacagaagtc ttacggattt agatatattt    181500
     tttgggaagt cgtgagcatc tagataattc taggaaaata cgacggaacg ttgggaagcg    181560
     tgcaatcccg atagggagga cactgcagag gccattcgtt acccaagggg ggatagatgg    181620
     cagaatttac atatggacta gccctgaaaa gggggagtac gcatagcaag agtggttagc    181680
     ggagagggaa gacacgggtc cgcccagggg ggggaaactt aaccgtggcg gaataagcat    181740
     atgggatcgc ctagtgggga tcacgcatag caggcacctt tacccaaaac gcgggctgac    181800
     cagcgggcag acctacaacg tagtgggcca gcaagtgact cctccgctga gtcagtgctg    181860
     ggggccacgg aggaatctgc agggctcacc tgacggggaa cttactgaca gataaaaagg    181920
     cgcacgtacc tccgtgttag ggagaatggc gcagcaagcg attttcaaca ccctaccgac    181980
     ttgtttcctc aatcaccaag ggttacctaa tacccttgag gaaaccggct ccactcgcag    182040
     attgtaaaac cttgcaaatt tgttgggtgt cacccagccc gcagctctac agatgtctgt    182100
     tagagaggcg ccgcgtgcgc gcgctcgaga ggatatgaag ctccgagtgg agtgcgcacg    182160
     cactctcggg ggacgcagct cacctcggct ctgatagcga aagaaaggca tccacaatct    182220
     agtgggaact tatttcggta taacagacga agagctgctc agatgatcta aactctgagt    182280
     gcgttccgga taatacgcaa aacgcgaact ggacaataaa gaagggctgg gtctgcctcc    182340
     tccgagggca gcgcttgcag gctcactacc tcgtattaaa acggagtggt aggaaccttg    182400
     ggcacatatc gcgggcgggg tctcaggatg tgagaaagcc agcccaatta caggcacgag    182460
     tcactgaccg aaaaatgcct ccgggtcccc gaccctctaa tcgatatcaa cgcgaccagc    182520
     agagctgtct tcagggacag aaagatactg agtcgaggat cgaagggatc tgacgcggct    182580
     tgtgtagcga gggcgagatc ctaagagggc atgagagggg gcggggtgga ttaattcgct    182640
     tagcgcccct gaggcgacag cctgctctcc agcttctctc ggcgtaaaga aagcacaacg    182700
     ctgatctggc aaattacggg ggtcttctct gcgagagaca caccattcag tgaatagact    182760
     ccacttcagg gcataggcgc gctcggggag ggggctctag cccgagtgac ggtattagcc    182820
     accgcaatcg gaggttacct aagtcttcct cgcgtctaag gacctccaaa gatcggtgag    182880
     ggtgccagat ggtgccctgt ccctgagaga gtaggtgctc tctcgaaggg actgccaggg    182940
     gagggctatc gcgagggaga gctctgacat ccaggtccgg ttgagccaga ggggcgcaac    183000
     cagcaacctg ttcctcgtcc tccctgacct tgcacagtaa ctgcgcgagc aggctcactg    183060
     ggggaaacgc gtatttgcac atgccccgag gccagctgta agccagtgca tccgtgccga    183120
     gagcactcgg tcaggaaaga acaactggca atgagcgatc tcgggggaag caacagatcg    183180
     atctgggctt ccccgaatcg cgcccatatc agctgaacag actcggggtg gagtctccat    183240
     tctccaggac gtaaggctgc cgtgagagcg catcggctgc acggttgagc ttgtctgaat    183300
     atgaatggtg tgcagcgatt tcagccacgg atgactccag aggagcagac ggcgggcgag    183360
     ctgagacatg cggcgagagc gcataccccc atacggctga tatacgccac cgccgccgta    183420
     ctgtccgtac tgaccagcac gtgttgcact gccaacagct ccaggtgata tgccaatgca    183480
     actgggtacc tttccacagg tccgcagcca catgcccgca ttgcacagcc ccctagcccg    183540
     tgttggaagc gtctgctgaa acgacaacaa gactggacgc ctgttctaga gacacccagg    183600
     cctgtaggaa cgaggggtcg ctccaagggc tgagggcgcg gcgacacagc gcagtaacag    183660
     agactcggtg tgcgcgcgcg tgccatgagc gtctggggac tcgatcgtga agccagtgct    183720
     gaagtggtct catatagagt aatccgagcg gcatgaagcg gctgcggatg ccatatgccc    183780
     caggagcctc tgaaatagtt tcagttggac cactatttta ctgtcaagct ctctcagaca    183840
     gtacagcatc agctgagcgc gctctccgga gaggcgcgct gccatggtga ccgagtccag    183900
     ctccagcacg agagaagaga tcctctgcac ggttgcgagt ttgctctttt ctcggttgac    183960
     ctgaaacccc aacaggtgga agtgccggag cactttgtct ctgtgcataa tcaattgctc    184020
     cgagagaggg caaaaaatca gccagtcgtc aagaaattga gtatgcagat gcccgcgagc    184080
     cgaaggggcg ctaaggcacc ctccgcgggc ttggtgagga cccgcgtaga cagagagagc    184140
     ccgaagggta gggctttgta ttgcctagct cgaccttcaa acgcaaaccg cagaaactga    184200
     cggtggcgag gaagagtgga gacatggaaa tacgcgtcca tcaggtctaa tgctgcagac    184260
     caacccagag gacgaacgca ccggaggatg cgcttctgcg tgagcattct gaacagcagc    184320
     ttgtgcagac agtggttcaa aacgcgcaga tctaggattg gccgtgaccc accgctcttt    184380
     ttgggcacga tgaagtgtgg gctgtaaaac ccgctctcca tctcggctgg agggagcggc    184440
     tcgattgcat ccttcgccag gagaacagca atctcctccc gcaagacagg ggcggacagg    184500
     gggctgaccc tggtgaatac acacccgtga cttggggggc cgtttcgcga actgaatcgc    184560
     atagccgagt ctgattgtgc gtatgtgcca ccgcgaagag ctggcccgcg ctaaccaggc    184620
     aggccgagct ctcgctaatg gactcatcgc tacaatcgct gacgtaccag cagtggggca    184680
     gcgcggagtg ggtgtgctga tccggaaagc gcgcgcgtcc cacggaaaag ctggagttga    184740
     gatatttgct tcgcggtccg ttgccagact tagcggcgtt ctgggcaggg gggctgcctg    184800
     cttccgaggt gcccgacgcg ctcgtttcgc cagaggcgtg tgcgggggcg gagcagctct    184860
     cgtagacggg cgccttcggc gaggagcagg tatgaatggc acggcgggcg gagcgggctt    184920
     acggggccgc cgattagaca tcacccatca actgctctct caccgccttg aattcctggg    184980
     tgaattc                                                              184987