EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX572629; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 170971 BP.
AC   BX572629;
DT   03-AUG-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-195L15 in linkage group 19
KW   arl4; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-170971
RA   Clark S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 27bcf020923720d5e75f9372a9075087.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000033182; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000056034; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000040810; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000078459; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   CH211-195L15 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..170971
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-195L15"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-81E5"
FT   mRNA            join(BX511258.6:135866..136059,BX511258.6:137783..137807,
FT                   BX511258.6:141932..142040,BX511258.6:158889..158914,
FT                   BX511258.6:161186..161283,BX511258.6:181556..181696,
FT                   BX511258.6:197379..197496,2176..2252,11122..11234,
FT                   14866..14934,15027..>15117)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-81E5.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate EF hand
FT                   calcium binding protein 1 (EFCBP1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI846863.1 Em:CF347831.1"
FT   CDS             join(BX511258.6:135973..136059,BX511258.6:137783..137807,
FT                   BX511258.6:141932..142040,BX511258.6:158889..158914,
FT                   BX511258.6:161186..161283,BX511258.6:181556..181696,
FT                   BX511258.6:197379..197496,2176..2252,11122..11234,
FT                   14866..14934,15027..>15117)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-81E5.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015446"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate EF hand
FT                   calcium binding protein 1 (EFCBP1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q80W91 Tr:Q8BG18 Tr:Q8N987
FT                   Tr:Q9ESB5 Tr:Q9HBW8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWB9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007138"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011008"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018247"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWB9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04315.1"
FT   misc_feature    15242..15260
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    17922..17951
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   mRNA            complement(join(23210..23357,24913..25003,27819..27871,
FT                   30782..30905,33548..33654,38479..38627,50929..51082))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL922968.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(23214..23357,24913..25003,27819..27871,
FT                   30782..30905,33548..33654,38479..38627,50929..51034))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015454"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8N4L2 Sw:Q9CZX7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019178"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWC3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04311.1"
FT   mRNA            join(53347..53383,58443..58656,58787..58850,62081..62240,
FT                   62952..63092,63198..63247,63327..63380,64595..65063)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL923907.1 Em:BM155207.1
FT                   Em:BM181493.1 Em:BM778753.1 Em:CB357603.1 Em:CB359096.1"
FT   CDS             join(58452..58656,58787..58850,62081..62240,62952..63092,
FT                   63198..63247,63327..63380,64595..64724)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015435"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q80X71 Sw:Q80X71 Sw:Q9NUM4
FT                   Sw:Q9NUM4 Sw:Q9NUM4 Tr:Q8N353 Tr:Q8R5E7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWC2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009790"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04312.1"
FT   CDS             join(<85547..85760,90684..90838,94420..94581,96543..96692,
FT                   96803..96895,97016..97148,98009..98097,98197..98412,
FT                   98609..98745,98837..98927,101087..101257,101589..101766,
FT                   102149..102270,102685..102762,102869..102929,
FT                   103082..103254)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015437"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate scinderin
FT                   (SCIN)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q60604 Sw:Q9Y6U3 Sw:Q9Y6U3
FT                   Sw:Q9Y6U3 Sw:Q9Y6U3 Tr:Q6P4N8 Tr:Q7TQ08 Tr:Q8NBV9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWC1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007122"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007123"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029006"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWC1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04313.1"
FT   mRNA            join(85547..85760,90684..90838,94420..94581,96543..96692,
FT                   96803..96895,97016..97148,98009..98097,98197..98412,
FT                   98609..98745,98837..98927,101087..101162,101653..102270,
FT                   102685..102762,102869..102929,103082..103523)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate scinderin
FT                   (SCIN)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC056544.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<85547..85760,90684..90838,94420..94581,96543..96692,
FT                   96803..96895,97016..97148,98009..98097,98197..98412,
FT                   98609..98745,98837..98927,101087..101257,101589..101766,
FT                   102149..102270,102685..102762,102869..102929,
FT                   103082..104134)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate scinderin
FT                   (SCIN)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL913018.1 Em:AW421470.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(102581..103287,109979..110020))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK029183.1"
FT   misc_feature    108358
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 35bp by restriction digest data."
FT   mRNA            join(110193..110331,110983..112740)
FT                   /gene="arl4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.5-001-2"
FT                   /product="ADP-ribosylation factor-like 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL922117.1 Em:BG304815.1
FT                   Em:BG304992.1 Em:BG308473.1 Em:BG308553.1 Em:BG728323.1
FT                   Em:BG985813.1 Em:BI474155.1 Em:BI474227.1 Em:BI476024.1
FT                   Em:BI476084.1 Em:BM185596.1 Em:BQ261124.1 Em:CD600777.1
FT                   Em:CD600834.1 Em:CD600842.1 Em:CF348691.1 Em:CF997827.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC051616.1 Em:BC063973.1"
FT   CDS             111115..111720
FT                   /gene="arl4-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-195L15.5-001-2"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015452"
FT                   /product="ADP-ribosylation factor-like 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P40617 Sw:P61213 Sw:P61213
FT                   Sw:P61213 Sw:P61214 Tr:Q6P3I7 Tr:Q7ZTT9 Tr:Q7ZW76"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6P3I7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001806"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006689"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024156"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6P3I7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04314.1"
FT   polyA_signal    112718..112723
FT   polyA_site      112740
FT   misc_feature    144616
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 60bp by restriction digest data."
FT   misc_feature    170971
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-195L15"
SQ   Sequence 170971 BP; 54547 A; 31184 C; 30895 G; 54345 T; 0 other;
     actgaagtca cacttcaata tgtaccttgg ttttggagtc atggttcaat acggatacga        60
     tacaacagga atatgcaaca aatccccagt gcttgctttt tctgtttatt ttgaactgac       120
     ttggaggtcc atctataaca gcggttgcag tggaaaacaa ctgttgaatc ttgtgcatgt       180
     gtagagaaaa acaactcaat gctttttcaa tgtaaacaat gttttgtgtg ttaaactatt       240
     gctatggggc agtaatgctg actgcttacc ttagtatgga ccgcttttcc tgcataactg       300
     gtttgctcag cttgctacgt atggtgtcag acttgggagg cagagtggac cttgttttat       360
     ttgcaaatat gtgcccaggg ctgcattttt gagaaccaag aaatatatgc cccaggatat       420
     gtaatggctg cgttttgcat gtaaaacgaa ttatactagg cagtatcgct gcactgttaa       480
     ccccgttgtt gtcaaaacta aagatatgaa gttaatataa cttgacatta cgtaaaatac       540
     caagttttgg catcaaaact taaacagatg tgcttaactt actcattagg cagcaaaaaa       600
     aaatgtcatt aatattttaa gttctctgaa cttaacattt taatttcttt aaatgattta       660
     ccatgtctct gtttaaaatg attggttgcg cttgaaattc tgccttgata accgcgctga       720
     ttggttgata tatgatacaa gatggacatt ttgcttgtaa tactgaatac tgctgaagcg       780
     cagcaggaca gagccactac ctgaaccctg acaaaagaga aaagttaatt tagtaagtag       840
     atatttaaat acttacatgt atatgcatgt ttctaaattg atatacacaa agaggggact       900
     ctgtggcgca gtgggtagtg ctgtcgcctt acagcatgag tgtcactggt ttgagcctcg       960
     gctgggtcag ttggtgtttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatattc ttcccatagg cttcctccgg      1020
     gtgttctggt ttcccccaca agtccaaaga catacgctac aagtgaattg ggtgagctaa      1080
     atttgtctgt agtgtatgtc ctggtcctcc gggttggggg ttgagcattg gggtaacgac      1140
     ccaccttgta aaaattttat gttacagaac accaacatgg tacagcaaaa tatcaatttc      1200
     aatataaaag gccctgagac taagtaagta agtaaaagat tataaaagct gaaaatggaa      1260
     gtttagtcta ttagatatgt aagttatcta tacttaaaca tttaagttaa ttcaatgaag      1320
     agaccacatt tggtcaactc aattgcgttg ttgatttcct attacttaaa cgaactgagg      1380
     aactttactc aaattatttg agtagtctca acttattagg gtttacagtg tggggagtcc      1440
     agagaaagat ggttccagaa actatgtaaa aaaaactcaa aaaaagctgt gtaataccat      1500
     ggtaaaaaca tgataactgt cctgtcattt gtttttttaa aacactattg gtctgatggg      1560
     tcagtcaata tcaaggagat atattattca caacaagccg accggcttct ctcatgcaaa      1620
     tgtttgagaa ggatgatata ttttccacaa caagccgacc ggcttctctc atggacatgt      1680
     gtgagacgga tgttgattat tggcagaaat ttacacagcg acctctggtg gatttatgag      1740
     aaatgacaca catgaaaaaa catgccccag taacgtattt gaagtcatca aaaacgtact      1800
     cggtgtctct taggaaaaca aatactgaaa gcacacatag cccagggtac atacttcttg      1860
     gctctcaaaa atgtagccct aggcacatac tatggaagtc tggtcacatt tttcaaaaca      1920
     tctttagttt tttttcaaca gtagaaagaa actcataaac gtttaaacaa gtaaaagctg      1980
     agtaaatgat cacagaattc tctttttttt tttttttttt taggtgaaat atccctttaa      2040
     gaactgcctt aattatccct ggctttaatt caacagggcg cttgctcaat ttctccaaag      2100
     atttgaacaa tattctgttg ctatatgcaa tatgaaagtg aaaaaaaggt gagagaactg      2160
     tttttctttc tgcaggtctg tatgaagaag acaaccagtg gataacacag gtcaacaggc      2220
     tgcaaaagct gatcgaccgt cttgagaaaa aggcaacagg ctacacacat gatttctgtc      2280
     ttattaatga ccttgttatg tctgtcatca ctctttctcc atacaatcaa attggaccaa      2340
     aactgtcaag atgtcctggt gattaaaaaa aaatctgacc cttacttttt gcaaataaca      2400
     cttgttagta aacattggcc atgcagtgca gccagcacaa aaactatata taatctaaat      2460
     gcagtgctca gcatatatac aagtacaccc ctcacaaatc cctcatttaa cctaatattt      2520
     tctataggat gctttataat ataatatttg tgcatagtca gtataaaagc catgtctaga      2580
     gctaatctaa caaaataact tgcattaaag gtccaaaagt tagtagctgt ttaataaatc      2640
     gattttgttc aaaagaacca aaatatgagt gacgcggtgg cccagtaggt agtgctgttg      2700
     cctcacagca agaaggtcgc tggttctagc cttggctggg tcagttggca tttctgtgtg      2760
     gagtttgcat attctcctgc gttgacatgg gtttccttcg ggtgctccag tttcccccac      2820
     aagtccaaag acatgcggaa cagttgaact gggtaagcta aaaaatgtag tgtatgtgtg      2880
     ttaatgaaag tgtatgggtg tttcccagtg ataggttgca gctgtaaggg catccgctga      2940
     tgtgatggat aagttggtgg ttcattccgc tgtggcaact ccagattaat aaagagatta      3000
     agccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaga atgaacgatc caaaatatat tacctttatt cactgagaaa      3060
     tgaataaaaa tattcatttt ggaaatgggg tgcactcatt tatgctgagc acttgtacat      3120
     gcataataca cacataacat aaaatatagt tatttacatt ctttaggagt aaaatgtagt      3180
     aggaaatacc tttgcatcag taaaccgagt atgaacctcc agacaccatc cacagtaaga      3240
     gcgacgttta gatgttgata ctgtatgtgc tgcactcctt cctctcactg actaaataaa      3300
     cacagaatga cagcagttaa aaacatctga tcaccacagt ataagattta cacaagctgt      3360
     gcaattgaat agcatcatgt caacagatga agtcattcaa attacactta tgagagttta      3420
     attgtatatt aatatgcagg cagtggagta aagtaacaaa tgactaatgc tcaaattact      3480
     gtaattgagt agtttttctc aggaattgta atttaccaag tagtttttat aaatgtgtac      3540
     atttactttc tcttgagtac atatttcgtg ctgtattggt acttttactc cactactttc      3600
     cttcaacctg cagtcactac tttattttgt cttgtctatg cgaattaaaa aatgagtcct      3660
     gtgattcctg tctaatcaaa tagaaggtaa catagaaggt aaatcacatc ataatgagca      3720
     acctcaagac atgggcaact tattatggca gaaaacagtt tggaagaatt aaaagaaccc      3780
     aagtagatgt ccaaaatcgt cacacatatt cacctagaaa ctgtttagat gcatgtcact      3840
     gatgagaaga tgacggatgt ttactgtatg atgaccaaaa tggccttaaa cacccagcag      3900
     acacaagaca tcaacatgac attggtttaa gatgatggct cgacgttgga ttttggtcac      3960
     tttacaccac aaactaaaat caagcaaata tcactggcat ttcatgtcgt tattgggaat      4020
     caaaataaca ttgtccttag acactggcta gacgttgagt tttggttacc tgacatcaca      4080
     acctaaatct aacctaatat taaatcttat gacgttgtat gcctgatggc caataactaa      4140
     atacactact gaatgttacg tttacacaca catccacaaa ttacatgtac tgtaaatgca      4200
     ttagcttttc actgtttaat actcactact cttatgtcct cttgatccct ttctttgcat      4260
     gaaaaactga acattcacta tcaattatta tgcagaataa aaaaaaataa aatattcaga      4320
     tgcatcatac ttataacaat tagatttttt attctttaat aatagaataa tacattttta      4380
     taaatacaat aatgagaaaa ttatggtaat aaattaagta acaatttaca ccatttactg      4440
     ctgacttatt atctgcctat tataaagaaa gtaactgttt attagcactt ataaagtatg      4500
     actttattta atgtctctaa tcctcaatat ctaaacccaa ctactacccg agtaactatt      4560
     aataagcagg taattggtag tttattgaga taaaaactta gtaaatgatc tcagtggttg      4620
     ctaatagcgt gcatttacat taaaataaca aaaatattta catgtacatt aaaataaaaa      4680
     ggtgacgaaa agtattacgc tgcattggtt ttgatgagaa tattttattg atctattttt      4740
     gcattccagt aatgaacttt tagagaaaaa tgtagttggt tgtcgtgcaa aataaaatga      4800
     ataataataa taataataaa tacaaataaa ttaataaaca atacagcttt ttattcttta      4860
     aacatttcta acatatgacc cttgacccta gaaacaaaat tgcatgggta tatttgtgtg      4920
     aatatagaca aaacaattat atgggtaaaa attaaacatt tattttattt taaaaaatca      4980
     ttagaatata aagtaaagat catgttctgt gaagccattc tgtacatatc ctgccataaa      5040
     tataacaaaa cttatttttc aattaatatt atttattgct aatatattaa tttacctttt      5100
     atgggtgttt tcttggtatt tggatttttt aaactctcag attgcagata ttcaaatagt      5160
     tatatatatt atttatagcc aaatattgtc cagtcctaac aaaccatata atacatcaat      5220
     gtaaagctta actattcaga taatgtaccc atattattgg tttttctggt ccaaggtcac      5280
     atcttttaat ttagggtaaa atgtcatcct aaaatttgtc ctgagatgaa actgagactg      5340
     tatttcattc tcaggagctg cgtttggagc cggtggagga agaggtgttg gaaagctcca      5400
     ccaaatcagt aagtcattta tgttctccct gtcgatcacc gtattctcag aaaccacagt      5460
     cgcctgtcgt ctaggaaact gcgagatcaa aaaaatactt ccaagttatt ctttttcatt      5520
     tcctttttcc ccttcgtcta tcactcttca cctctccttt ggctctgcca tcatttctgc      5580
     acaacacttt ctgaaagctt ttctctcagg cacacaagat gttgtcgatg gactttaaat      5640
     aggcggcttg cgtgtctgtg attctgtgct tgtgaataga gacccctgca gagaccggct      5700
     ataaacacag taatgcatga gtgctgatac agacacaata ccacatgctg aagcagaaaa      5760
     tgacacacaa atgagcagtt ccttttttca aataacactc ccacacaaaa aaataaaaac      5820
     attctctgca gaaacaaacc agtgatcatt cattcatcat agattttgtt tttggattta      5880
     taatgagcaa tatttcaagt tttttgcatt cacattctct cgtttatctt aatgaggagt      5940
     cgtttatctc cgcatggtct acgaagctct atttcagggc tcaagttaaa ttgtgtctca      6000
     tcagtttgtc atttgtcttt tatccaaaca gactgtgaca ttcactgtat gtgtggaata      6060
     acaatttctg catggctaat gaatctgaat catttcatcg gcttcgttta tcattcaggt      6120
     ctcacttcag ttgtttttgt ttatgtaaat atgatggatt gtgttcaaag agttccttca      6180
     tttgtactag ggtagtaaag gacactcttt gtactagaca ttacattctt ttttcagcag      6240
     gaaaatatgg gaacgttatg taataggaca aaaaattgca cacaaatact ttgaaactat      6300
     ggcaaactgt ttccttaaaa acttagtgtg gtgctcatag gtattaatta tgttctggtg      6360
     cttatttatt agaaacatgt tgatatttat cacgatcatt agtactattt atcactgtca      6420
     tgtgaggaca ctggatgaca aatttgagga tacaaatgca ggttaattta ggagaatcgt      6480
     tttacagtca acaatgtaaa caaaagaaca aagcaagggt caaacacagc aaggcaagac      6540
     gcatcgtaac gctcacaata cagataaaca agactcagca atgatgtgtg tgtgtgtgag      6600
     ttgtgtttat agtccatctg gggtgctttt cccaaacaac aacataactc gcggctgaaa      6660
     tttcatagtg cgatgcatcg tttgggaaag aaacaatgta gtgaggagtg tttgccaaaa      6720
     ccgtagttgc tttgccgcag atctattgtt tgaaccacgt tatagttata acgcaaaacg      6780
     tccataatgg tgctctaaat gggctggagt aactaaatta atttaaagca tttacgtatt      6840
     tttgtttttt tacaagcttt ggagacgtaa tgtaaatccc acttttaaat aataggtcac      6900
     ctagagcttt catcatgagc catgcctgtg ttcaaagtgg cataaatgtt ttcaaagtgc      6960
     actacaaaca gagtgcaact gtcaatatga agatcgctaa aactgaactg taaaaatact      7020
     ttgaaagcaa tttacaccta agaaagatga tgaatgtttt ttgtttttta ttatcatttt      7080
     atatgtaggg ccagacggaa tctgcggacg ctttttgcta tttctgcgga gaattttggt      7140
     aaaaatctgc agatttctgc ggaattattt taagaatatc cagcgaagta tcataactta      7200
     cactttaata tattaaataa aaagtaataa attactgaat aaaaaccgaa taaattccga      7260
     tttacacatt tactcaagta atttataatg ggctaaaaaa ctgcagaaat ctgcggaatc      7320
     ctgcggaaaa tctgcggaat tctgtgcgca cagattccgt gtgggcctag ttatatgtta      7380
     gaatattcta aaggaatagg gcaaaggggg gataagtgtg aatagaacac agccaggtat      7440
     tatgcttcta actacagctc tagaggtgta gttgtaagcg tacaagtttg tgatgcagta      7500
     tgcgcatatt cgttggaacg acggatttgg gaaatgccaa atcaatgaac taacaatggt      7560
     ttttgcaatt atgggggatc tgagccaggt gtgtgagtga agtgcttgat gggatttgta      7620
     gttcattaaa gtggcagatt tgtagttttt cagcaatctg cacaggctgg atcgctggtg      7680
     accatgacaa tcacgagtac cttaaaaagc tttctagtaa aataaaaagc cttactaata      7740
     acatttttaa aagtgctggt atctaataca tttgtactat tatctattac tggcatttaa      7800
     tgtatatgta tcagttttta tttaatatat gcaattttct agtttactag tatacaagta      7860
     tgtaaaaaat aagaactagt gttttaaaga ttaagtagta agtattaata tgtgctactt      7920
     aaaaaaatac tagatatctg ctggtacaga gtttctcaac catgttcctg catggaggat      7980
     caccagatct gcacattttc catttctcct taaccaaaca cacctgattc agatcatcgg      8040
     cttattagca gaggctgaaa gacctgtaat gggtgtgaca gacaaaggag gcatccaaaa      8100
     cacgcagtat tggtggtcct ccaggaacat ggttgaaaaa cactgtgcta atatgtaaaa      8160
     aatatgtaca gttgaagtca gaattattag cccccctgaa ttattcaccc cccgtttatt      8220
     ttttccccaa tttctgttca ccagagagat tttttcaaca catttctaaa cataatagtt      8280
     ttaataactc gtctctaata gcttatttat tttatttttg ccatgatgac agtataagat      8340
     ttgacaagat attttttaag acacttctat acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac      8400
     taggttaatt aggttaaagg cagattaggg taattaggca agttattgta taacgatggt      8460
     ttgttctgta gactattgaa aaaaaaaatg cttaaagggg ctactaattt tgtccttaaa      8520
     atgggtttaa aaaaaattac aaactgcttt aattctagcc gaaataaaac aaatcagact      8580
     ttattcagaa gaaaaaatat tatcagacat gctgtgaaaa attccttgct ctgttgaaca      8640
     tcatttggga aatattttta aaaatctaaa aaataaataa ataaaagggg ggctaataat      8700
     tctgacttgc actgtgcatg acagatcgcc atggacgtca atgtttattt ttcacttaag      8760
     agagtagagt aattacaaat cactcctgag atatctagat cagggttgcc caaactcggc      8820
     cctgcagatt ttagctccaa cttgcctcta cccacctgca cggatgtttc tagaaagctt      8880
     agtaagggct tgactagcta gctcaggtgt gtctgattga ggtttgcagg acaccagcat      8940
     gccaggacca aatttggaca cccctgatct agatactagt acagaatgtt aagagtatgc      9000
     acaagtatat gtactacttt ctaaagaata agtatccaat aaataagtat tactgtccaa      9060
     taattactct tgtgatgaaa cggtgctaat atctaataaa aaggactaga agccattgaa      9120
     aaattccagt taaatgttta aatggctcat catattaaag caaaatgcag ttttgtttat      9180
     ttgtgtgtat ttgatattgt agtgaaggat gggagatggc agtagcacag gattagtaaa      9240
     gaggtcaaca tttcccacag ggttagatct tgcactgcct tcagctctca tttacctgtc      9300
     aacttttgta tttttaaaaa gcagctatta tgacgcatgt attcatgact ttacctgaca      9360
     cttaagtcct gaagggtttc tttttttatt ctgatctgag tcacagaagc atgacttgaa      9420
     gttttaggct ttcgttcttt ttaatattga cctcatcaac ccaactatcc taacctgact      9480
     aaaaatattc ctgaatctcg tcatattttg tatgaacaga aaacataggt tgatccatga      9540
     agttaatgga acacagttta tcaacaaaaa tgaagaaaat agaatattat tcctgttatt      9600
     ctctgaagct gccaaatgaa tttctcagct gcatttttgc gcagaattca tataataaat      9660
     gtaagtgcca gaaatggcaa aagtacacac atcctttact caagtaaaag tacagatatg      9720
     tttaaaacaa ctctggtaaa agttgaagta cagatttcac ttttgtactc aagtaaagta      9780
     cgacctgagt gaagtacgac ctgaaatttg aagcattcat tattacatgt tttaatttca      9840
     ctaggtaggt aaatatccat ttccccccat gtatcattat cctgacgcaa actcattata      9900
     tttttattca tgaattgcta gttacttttg ttgttataaa gcatttgtaa aaaattaatg      9960
     aagattaata ttcctatatg taaaatcaaa tagtcacaaa aaaactgcaa aaattgtaat     10020
     aggaaatatg aactcattgg aaataaagtc aataaatctc aatacataaa gtttttataa     10080
     agtatttggc tgttattagt actaaatgta agaatcttta caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacta     10140
     cttttttccc cacagtatta gattgaagaa gcagagaatc ctgtgttaca tgattggagg     10200
     tggacaagag actcttaacc ttcagcattt acatggcatg ttttttaact ggaatgtgtc     10260
     tcttttgttt acctgtgatc tgatcgagca aaatgtgtct tattaatacc atgtaaacag     10320
     ggcagcatca gtcatgtaaa attcgctgtc tgcctgtctt atctgcatag tcatctcggc     10380
     tttctcatgg taatcttcat aaactagcct aaggcgcgtg atagccttgg ttgaaaaagg     10440
     cgcacactgc agcgtgcagg tgcaatgaca aaaatagaat ggctgcatca caaactcaaa     10500
     ttgtgcaatg acaagaaata atatagatcg agccaacaaa cacatgaaaa caaaagtaac     10560
     aactctgatt taaaaatgta caaagaaagt acaaatattt gtgaaaaaaa gtaaggagta     10620
     aaagtaaaaa gctgtcaaaa aaataaatac tggagtaaag tactgatacc agaacactaa     10680
     caaagtattt gcagttcatt acttccgatc tttggtgagc acacaaaact ccatcgttta     10740
     cagtagtgac taatctaaac gacactgatt ggctactgca ttgataaact caccagtaat     10800
     ggcaatgatt ggttatgttt tagtgtggac aactgcggta tcatctttta actagactaa     10860
     attatttaaa gggtctatca ctttcttgtt ttaggcactg aaaccaaact gttttttgta     10920
     taatctattt tacatcttta tactctcttt tacattatgt gccagtagct gttttaagtc     10980
     cactgcttgt ttgttttttc tctgtaaagc actttgtgcg gccttatggc agttggaaac     11040
     atgctatata aataaatcga acttgaactt gtaattttaa ttgttctctt ctcttctctt     11100
     ctcttctgca tcgtcctcca gcacatccta atagttcaga ggcagctgtc ggttctggag     11160
     gaggaggtgg aggagtttcg tctggctctg cggcagtaca ttgagtgctc aagcgctcag     11220
     accggctgcc tccagtgagt tcacaacact gcacttctga gtcagttgag gcctgttcta     11280
     tatatctgga taatcacccc tatgtctgat tcacagccac atgtttgaat atgttgacta     11340
     agatgttgtg gttgacttgg atgttatgat gtttgtggca gggtcacaat ataacaggga     11400
     gctagagagc accacaaatt caagataaga tgggaaatac agtgcatccg gaaagtattc     11460
     atagcgcttc acattttcca catttttttt gttacagcct taatccaaaa tggattaaat     11520
     tcatttattt cctcaatatt ctacacacaa caccccataa tgacaatgtg aaaaaagatt     11580
     tttctgaaat cgctgcaaat ttattaaaaa taaaaaagct gaaaaatccc ataagtattc     11640
     acagcctttg ctaggaagct ctaaattgag ctcaagtaca ttcagtttcc acattcttga     11700
     gatgtttcag cagcttaatt ggagttcacc tgtggtaaat tcagttgatt ggacatgatt     11760
     taaaaaggca tacacctgtc gatattaggt cccagggttg acagtgcatg tcaaagcaca     11820
     aaccaggcat gaagacaaag gaattgtctg tagacctctg agacaagact gtctcgaggc     11880
     tcaaggctag ggaaggtaac agaaaaattt ctgctgctct gaaagttcaa atgagcacag     11940
     tggcctcctt catccgtaag tggaagatgt ttggagtgac gaggactctt cctagagctg     12000
     gcttcctcta agctgagtga tcagtggaga agggccttag tctgggaggt gatcaataac     12060
     ccgatgctcc accaatccac caatcaggcc tttatggcag agtggccaga cggaagccac     12120
     tccttagtaa aggacgcata gcagcccacc tggaatttgc taaaaggcat ctgaaataaa     12180
     attctctggt ctgatgaggc tgaaattgaa ctctttagag tgaatgccag acgttacgtt     12240
     tggagaatac caggcactgc ttatcaccag gcttaatacc attaatacca ggggatgttt     12300
     ttagcagcag gaactggaag actagtcagg atagaggaaa agatgaatgc agcaatgtac     12360
     agagacatcc tgaatgaaaa cctgcttcaa agtgctcttg acctaagact ggtgcgacgg     12420
     ttcatcttcc agcaggacaa tgacccaaag cacaccgcca aaatatcaat ggagtggcaa     12480
     caactcagtg aatgtccttg agtggcccag ccagagccca gacctaaatc cacttgaaca     12540
     tctctagaga gatctgaaaa tggctgtaca ccatcgcttc ccaaccaacc tgatagaggt     12600
     tgagaggtac tgcaaaaagg aatgggcaaa aattcccaaa gacaggtgtg ccaagcttgt     12660
     ggcatcgtat tgaaaaagac ttgaggctgt aactgctgcc aaaggtgcat caacaaagta     12720
     ctgagtaaag gctgtgaata cttatgcaca tgtgattttt caggtttttt ttattttttc     12780
     tatatttgta acaatttcaa attagtccat attatgctgc ggtcacacta aagtttgtgt     12840
     gcgcgaaatt ctgtagtaca gctctgcgaa aaggggcggg attaaacaag ataatgagac     12900
     atttaaaaaa gcaagcgttt ggtcaatgtt ttaaatttcc gtccagagag gtcatgtttt     12960
     gatcttcgat tggtctcacg caatcatgtg atgcgatttc acaggtcaaa gttcaccaag     13020
     cttgaacttt ccaacgcagc gtactgcgaa acttgtcgca cgagcatgtg tttccgatct     13080
     gatgcaatca tgaacgtatg aatagaagtc taggggagaa aagtccagtg tgaccccagc     13140
     tttactccca gattgaaatg acagcatttt tagagagcac atttctggga aaaatgcttt     13200
     atttctagca attgcaagtt acacgtttct tttcaaatct tactctactt tctatttcta     13260
     tatatttttt gcaattctac ttatttttta aaatacagaa tttctcacac aatatagctt     13320
     aaagggtagt aaattgaagt tacaaatttt tcacgaacat gcacgcgcac acacatatta     13380
     gtataaaaag cttcccttag aaagtagaaa ataagaggat gaaaatttat tctaggcaca     13440
     ctgtttgcag ggcttgtgga aaaacctttt tttttttgcc cgatgaaaac aaacctacaa     13500
     ttattatcat gaaactccaa ttaaacgttg aagtataaag aagaaaaaag tcctgctcac     13560
     gcggcaaagc tcgtgtaacg tctgcaaact tgacagtggt gcgtgaatga attgcgtcaa     13620
     gctgtgatca tgtggccgtg cgtttacaag ccctcagtcc agccttgact tttagcagag     13680
     acataccaaa aatgtcagtg atcacattag acagcaggag atttctcttc aacactggcc     13740
     tataaaggtg aaccctttgt ctggttcaac atactattgg atttttacta caggataata     13800
     agcttaggga gtttgtttta aattatttaa caatttattc actttaagat tgaagtgtct     13860
     gctcaaaagt gtcagataga ttgtgagctc aaaaacactg tccaaacaaa atatctgatg     13920
     actttttttt tttgaatggg gaaattgttt ataaaaatat ataattctgt cattattttc     13980
     attattctgt catcaccctc gggtcattca cacctacttt ttttgcacag cagaaggggc     14040
     atagaaatac atggaagcct gattctgcca ctaaattaaa aataaaggtt attgtgactt     14100
     tttaatctcg aagttgcatg atacaaacgt ggaattctga ctttataact cagaattgca     14160
     actttttatg taatttgcta tttctattta tattatatta tactatttat ataaatattt     14220
     atttttatat agacatataa ggaatatttt ggttaaatag taaggtaata actttaataa     14280
     cctaaatggt tacactttac tataagattg tattagtcta tgttagttaa tgcttttact     14340
     aacatgaaca aacaatgaac aatacattca ttacagcatt tgtccatgtt gtagttgttc     14400
     attgttggtt catgttaact cgtggtgcca taactaatgt taacgagcat gaatttgcat     14460
     ttaataagac aatttgttgt taagaatcaa atgagctgat tcagttttac acaaattatt     14520
     aaaacacaaa tacacaaatt attatatttt gtatcacatt cgcgcacact tacatagaaa     14580
     tgaagttgta tgcttgttag ggtttagtgt aagctgaaat gtacttagtc agttaaaaat     14640
     ctgttaatct agtcagttaa aaatctgttg aaggagcagt atcagcagat attaagcaga     14700
     cagtctacta atactcaaat ggaccatcaa aataaagtgt tacccaaaca acttgtggtt     14760
     gagttgagtt taggaaatat tttcaaaccc ctcatacaca gaattaattt gaaactgaca     14820
     gtaatactcc agtgtttttt ttttgttttg ttttgttttc ggcagtgttg cagtacagcg     14880
     actctccaat gaatctcgct tcattctcta tgagttctgg gagcacagca acgtgtggaa     14940
     gaagtgcgtc tctgctttgt taattgcaga aatttaacta ttttaatgtc actgcctaaa     15000
     aaagtgtact tgtgttgtat ttctagtcac ctgcagacta actacagcaa aaccttccag     15060
     aggggaaatg tggatttcct cgagacgcca gagatcatga cgactatgct ggtgccaggt     15120
     gaactttagt ataaataccc agaatgtaat gtaatataat ataatataat ataatataat     15180
     ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatatccc aggagatcat     15240
     atattatatg actgatcagt attaattttt ttagcccaat aattagttta attatattat     15300
     attgttctaa agtgtgttgt tttctaacta atgacattct cctttttgat agttatttaa     15360
     tttttattta tcctaaatag ttaataatta atgataactc tttgtaatta taaataatac     15420
     attaataaca ttaataaaac taatcttaat attataaaaa atacattaaa atatatttat     15480
     aaaaataatt ttaataatat tcaattaatg attaaaaata ataaataatt aaaaatgcaa     15540
     atgtgttttg ttggggactt atgatatcat taatgatatt atctgtacaa ttaataatta     15600
     ataatgatat attgtgattg atcaatatta acatttttgt agccctatga ttatgttata     15660
     ttatatttgt cgaaagtgtg ttgtttttac acaactaatg acattctcct cgttgttatt     15720
     tatataatta ttattcatcc taaataatta atataatgct taattgtccg taatgtatga     15780
     gttgggccgg aagggcatcc gctgcgtaaa aacatgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc     15840
     tctgtggtga ccccacatta ataaagggac caagccgaca agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg     15900
     atgttttgag ttgttgacaa ctaaacttat gatatcatta cttatattat ttgtacaatt     15960
     atttattaat aatgatttat ttaacaataa tatcatgaac cagtattatt ttttgtagcc     16020
     caatgattat gctacttatt ttatattata ttattctaaa atgttgtgtt ttcaaacaac     16080
     taatgacatt ctccttgttg ttatttatat aatgaattat tattcatctt aaataattaa     16140
     tgataactct ttgtaattat aaataatgca ttaaaaacat attaatagaa ataatatatt     16200
     aataaataag agaaaaaaat gtaagtgtgt tttgtgttga cttatgacag ctaaacttgt     16260
     gacaaactta tgatatcatt aataatatta tttgtacaat tgattattta ttaataatga     16320
     tttaattatt gataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa     16380
     tataatataa tagtctaaag tgtcttgcat tggataaaaa tatgtgacat cctgcatgat     16440
     attctgacta taactgactt attattcagt aatgataaag attattcatt gctttatact     16500
     caatgatata ttttttaaat aatataaaat tcttgtattt ctccagcatc atggtgggtc     16560
     ctcaacaata actagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttg actggcactg gagcaaagca     16620
     gacagtaaga ggagcacagg acagaagacc accatcagga agagctttcg tcttcatata     16680
     gtgactagat ctagagtatc atgtcgtgac attcttagct ctgtacgagt agtagaaact     16740
     gtagaggtta tcaaataaag caatgagatt ctgatgcatc ataagagctg ttgatcagtg     16800
     ccgtctggtc tgtttgttgg tagctcaggt ctgtgtctca tcatcctgac aacagcttct     16860
     ttcaaagatc ctacagttct gttgttgtaa ttcatgtcgt tcgtcaactc tgaataaaac     16920
     taaattcagt gtaaccaacc tgttatgttt tctctaaaat tatgtcaagt gcagtggtaa     16980
     attaaaagga tgtgccagct tgtatatcat tgacatgaga gactgagaga gagagacgca     17040
     cacacacaga aatctaattt gttataaatt aaatctaaaa tgttgattgt taaatatact     17100
     gttgattttt tttttatttc tactaccatg tcatttgtct tgatatgttc tgtgtaatgt     17160
     aaacattaca aatgctttgg caatacatat gtaacatttg agagaggaga ccaataaaaa     17220
     catcagtgat gcacttacac acaaacaaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     17280
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     17340
     acataacaat caatcattgt aaatatactg attattatgt tgcattgctg attattatgt     17400
     tatattacac atatgttgat ttattctaaa atgttaattg ttaaaatgta cagctaattc     17460
     tgatttatta tttttttctt ttattattag tttcctttta tttttattca tattatttta     17520
     ttaatattaa taatatgact tctcagagtc agatgactgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     17580
     taaattattc tcacttatat agaaatgtga aatattgaac atgaggacaa cgcttataaa     17640
     ttggctagaa catgttttat caaatgttaa caagtttcac ttgtttgtct gtgagttggg     17700
     tttaagggtg gggttagaac tatagacacg ttctacagat gatacaatat gatactgata     17760
     ctatagtcca ggggtggcca accctgctcc aggagagcca ccttcctgca gatttcagtt     17820
     gcaacctata tcaaacacac ctgcctgtaa ttatcacgtg gtgttccggt cctaattaat     17880
     tggttcaggt gtgtttggta tgggtagcaa ctgaaatctg caggaaggtg gctctccagg     17940
     aacagggttg gccacccctg ctaaagactg tatcataaac atgatgtaaa aacaatggaa     18000
     gtctgtaatg ttctcatcaa gataggaaca taaacgtgtt tgtgtctgtc gtgtttatct     18060
     tgcaagaatc aacactgcca tccagtggat ggagaggctc aggtcatggt tttatgatgt     18120
     catggttcta aattacatat taaatgttaa tcaataacaa cacaatatca cacaggtata     18180
     ttgttggaaa tcgctaacat ttttctcatt attttgcttt ttgaaccttc agattcataa     18240
     ttgcttgttt attggccaaa tattgtcctt tcctaacaaa acatacatca attgaatgat     18300
     tatttataaa attttcatat gatgtataaa tattttttaa atggcccttt gttacttgtt     18360
     ttgtgatcag tggacacaat ttgcattaaa aatatataag catttatact tcatttctca     18420
     cttccaccaa taaggatcat tttttaatgg tgtcatttta acttcacatt aggtcctctg     18480
     accaatcatg tgctctcagc tattctaact gttaaatata taagaaaata acttgtctgc     18540
     atggttcagt tgaaattagg gggaaatatc acttaaaggg ttagttcagt ggtcaccaat     18600
     ctttttatca aagcgaaccg gtcaacactt gacaatttta ccgcggaccg gggggtggtg     18660
     gcggtggttc gaaatttgct aggcaactat caacagtttt aatgacaagc tgacaaaaca     18720
     atgctgtcac tctgatacaa gttttatttt tggagaaaat aacatagcat tgcagtgttt     18780
     gagctaatta gtcgacagaa atgtgtaacg ttatatttta tttaactgtg agcacgcacc     18840
     ttcattgcaa acaacaaact tgctaacttt agtaaagact tgcgtttaac tgtcatttgc     18900
     gccgaccttt gcgatgccca gcagttgatc ttcttgcaca gacaagctgg atttacctga     18960
     tatgttgaca aatgggttgg ggatgccttt ccttggcagt tcgtgactcc ttcactgtgc     19020
     tttcgttatg ttgcttactc atagggcgct caagtgaccg agatgtaact gagactgtcc     19080
     tttttcataa taaaagagtt ttcaaaataa aagatcagtc agactcaggt aataaataaa     19140
     acggaatcaa ttaatgagtt ctagtgcggc ccgataacgt tacctattga tccacggacc     19200
     ggtagttgag gagcatcatg tcattccaat cctctgacac ctttgtctgt cttaaatcca     19260
     tgaacaaatg agccaaaaaa tatttataaa ataacattgt tcgccatatt gtcttctctt     19320
     acacaacagg tcagggtgtg cattactaca ggcaataaag tgtatttgcc attaaagtca     19380
     tcagtaaaac acacaagcat ctatatgtag aatataaaag tgtgcatgcg cttcgtatga     19440
     ttgtacgatg atgtgatgtt ctgatcatgt ttttggttgc ttttctggac tttgcatgtc     19500
     ttgtgaccat tgctgtctat ggaggatgag ggagctctaa ggttcacctg aaatacctta     19560
     actggtgttc tgaagataag caaagttttc agtggattaa aatgacatga aggagagtaa     19620
     taaacaacac agtttttact aacatttttt atttttattt tttacatttg tctaggtggt     19680
     tatttggcaa ggtttcgcct cattataaat atataaaagc tacatatcag tctcatatca     19740
     gtgtttaagc tggtgatgtc ctgttgacac ggctgctcat caggtctgga tgacgtaaaa     19800
     aacatgacct aaagtacatg ttaatcttaa ggacatggcc tgtgagtcgc gcaacagtgc     19860
     tttgttttct aataggccta tatttttcac agtttttact gaaggaaaaa atggtgtctg     19920
     aggctcacgg taaggccctt tacatatgct aaactcttat tattccactt tgtataccaa     19980
     gattttcttt acaacacctt taaacaagct ttatttggat ttcttgattg attggttgtc     20040
     aatacaatcg tcagatgctc atacaacttg ttggaaactc atctaattcg catttgtttc     20100
     ctattctttt ctaactttga aaagattaat tacacattat gatggaaact ctgctataga     20160
     ccagcaaaaa caaacacaaa aaagttttct ataaaaaaga aaacgtaaac agtgtggttc     20220
     taaagtcttg gataaatatt aaattgacta atgttaagcg aactttgaag aaaattatag     20280
     atattatata tgtattaaaa tgtcacagat acagaatgaa tgagataatt attggcccac     20340
     taaaaatcaa cattattttc attccaattg gagatattta aactgtaaag atttttctcc     20400
     atagaaaatt caattcatgt taatgtggag acaagtcaaa tcacaattat aaagtctatc     20460
     atttggtacg aagcaccaaa tgagagactg tgtggattga aaggcattta ggaggctatt     20520
     gtgacataga aaaataatac tacacacaaa acatgtacac atttcacaac caagatcaag     20580
     cgaagcatca aaagacaata aatattttac cattttattg agaaattatc attttaaaaa     20640
     gacccaagcc atattccaac ttgaactaca gactttgtgt gctcagtttc ctatgtacaa     20700
     ggacttcact ggctcgtcac attcagaaca agttaagata gtattgttat ctccgtttgt     20760
     cttgacgaaa tacaaaacta ctgtaaatgt aagctacagc aacactagcc aggtgaattg     20820
     tgggattgag cgggctttta cattctacac acgggaagaa gcacgagaca cgtggcataa     20880
     catttccact gtgtcttgtc agtaaaagac caataaaaca ctgcttctgc atacaaaaaa     20940
     gtcaaaggaa aatcatgcac atgtcatttc ccattcgaca agagtcattg agtttaatca     21000
     gtgagggaaa ttacaggact actccaggtt aacattagtt tcacagcatt tgtagtgtat     21060
     tgttgatttt cacaaaatca tgtattttca tcccttgttt tctttaaata cagcaagaat     21120
     catgttataa tgaggcactt ggaatggaat tgtggatatt ttttgttttt ttgataactt     21180
     taaaaaacaa ttttgtgatg gcaatgaagc agtaaaattg tacagaaaaa agtagtaagt     21240
     atttacaagt ttggtgccag gttaatcttt ttttttattt ttataaatga tacaaaatat     21300
     tacaaaaggg ttctgtttta aataaatgct gatatactta aacttttttg agaagctttc     21360
     tctcaatact gataataata tgtagccagt aaattaaatt ttaaaagata cttgaataaa     21420
     aaaatgtaac aatggaaaaa ggtaacccca cagtagtctt ttaaatagat atagaacaga     21480
     tataaacatg ccacacagat gcatatagaa ttccttataa aactgcaatt ggaaacttgc     21540
     aagaaataaa agtcagagaa agcagaaatc aggcaaacaa aaggcaaaat ttgaggtaaa     21600
     aaagttagat ttgcagaaaa ataaatcaga attttgagga ataaaatatg aattgtaagc     21660
     aaaaaataaa actaagagtt aataaatttg cacttgcagg aaataaaatg caatattgtg     21720
     aggcataaac tcgaagtctg acaaaaaaaa atcagaactg tgacatcaac gataaaatag     21780
     atcgccacta aattgcagga aatcaaatca gttttagcaa aaacatataa atgcaaaaaa     21840
     actttaattg gaaaaaatgc aattgcaaaa acacccatga attagcaatt gcaaagaata     21900
     tagttgtaac gcaaagagag agaaaaaaat cgaaattgca atagattatt gtcagaactg     21960
     taaagtcaat ttaaaaatta caaaatctca ataaaataat cagaattcca ctattctacc     22020
     ttttctccct ttagaattac tagaaaaagg tcaggattgt agaacacaaa gaattaaaac     22080
     tgcactgaaa aaatgattca aagatgatta ctattttttt taagttaagt ggttgtaaac     22140
     tttttttttg ggctgatttt aaacaaattg aattaaatta ctatatttaa cttgtttgtt     22200
     taaattcagc ccatgtagtt tgtttacaac aactttgcag gaatagattt ttcagtgtgt     22260
     aataatattt gacagaatta ctgttttaca gtatattgat ctagtactgc atttctcatc     22320
     aacattagtg ccatctttca aaaacatcca acaaatgctg aactaagtag tgtagtgtaa     22380
     tatttgaaat cccattttct ctttctattt tgtgcctgta gtatttaaag agtaatttca     22440
     atgtttatct tagttcactt ccattataag tgccccagta taacatattt agattctgta     22500
     aaacaaaaaa atatgcaaaa caatcaatat tacaccacaa gcactatcga atttactgcg     22560
     cctagaatat attcatttca gaagtccagt gactgtacat gctgttcttt tttaattctt     22620
     ttaaagccac aaacgaaaca aacaaaatgc atgattattg ctcacagtga gtttgagcag     22680
     tcaagaacgg gtttgctaaa tttcagatcc tcaaacaaca gaaaaggttg gcacaggatt     22740
     ttaggaacgg ttaaatatat ctaaacattt gaaatgacgc atcgtgccac cgttggcagg     22800
     ctttctgaac acataacatc tctcagctca tgacagctgt ggcaactagc agcaacacaa     22860
     cagaaaaatt gcataaaaat tgtagtgcaa tgggcaaatt gttcataaaa gatcatctct     22920
     tttggtcaag ttggtaacaa aacgcagtac ggaaaacatg tttgacatcc accctgctaa     22980
     aatgaaacag tttataactt ataacctttt aaaatcacag attcctcctc tcatcatcat     23040
     attgcgcatt caagaaacat ccgagctaat caataactct atttgaagac atttgcaggg     23100
     acctaaacct cctgggtact cacgcacttg taacaggact aggcatccat gggtttacct     23160
     gttcagatcg agtgaaatca aacactaaaa gggctcgaag gatggatgct tgtctatgca     23220
     aaggtgtttt caggatagct gactttaatg gctccccaat agcaggcccg gaccagacag     23280
     atgagaccca gcaggtatgc gaaggcccag gaaacatatg tagcatgata acgcctggcg     23340
     aagtcctgag tgccaacctg agaggaaaac aaacactgtg tttatgcgga gtacgaaatg     23400
     accgcttagc tagtgctaat ttgagagtta cttgtaagtc ggctggtgac gtttttagga     23460
     actgcaacat aatatgtgct ttaatgatca tcagatcctg atgtaactta caagtgtgat     23520
     ttaaataaaa gtgttactaa agaaaacctg tgacttaaaa tgtaggtgta tcataggaga     23580
     atagctttta tgagtctcaa gtgtgaaact gtcccaaatt cttctgttat gaaataaatc     23640
     attgatgatt gttgcatgac aagtgcagtt tgactgtgat tatgaataaa ctataaatgt     23700
     tctgatatca aaaacgtaat attagactgc aacattgtta agtaaagatt tgtgtatgtg     23760
     aaattatttg aatgatctct tcttcattta ttaattcatt ttcttttcag attagccctt     23820
     ttattaatcc agggtcgcca cagcggtatg aaccgccaac ttattcagca tatgtttcac     23880
     gcagcggatg cccttcctgc cgcaaccgat cactgggaaa cacacacact catgcactac     23940
     ggtcaatttt ttagcatacc caattcatct ataccacatg tctttggact tgagggggaa     24000
     accggaagaa acacaagcga acacggggaa acatgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaact     24060
     gacccagccg agactcaaac cagcgacttt cttgctgtga agcgaatgtt ctacctactg     24120
     tgccaccgtg tcgccccttc gcgattatat tactgcattt tgtaaatata aatcaacttt     24180
     gctgaaatca tatagaaaaa ataaaagcca ttctatagga ttttgtatat gtaaatacac     24240
     acctacaatt tttatgatac atacatgtac tgtacatctg attatcaata aggtgttcat     24300
     tcattttctt gtcaacttag tccctttatt aatccgtgtt cgccacagcg gaatgaaccg     24360
     ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacacagtg gatgcccttt cagccgcaac ccatctctgg     24420
     ggggcatcca cacacaatca ttcacacaca cacacacaca aactacgggc aatttagcct     24480
     acccaattca cctttaccgc atgtcattgg actgtggggg aaaccggagc acccggagga     24540
     aacccgtgcg gaagcaggga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaacgccaa ctgagccaag     24600
     actcgaacca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg cgaacgtgct acccactgcg ccactgcgtc     24660
     gccttcaaca aagtgttttt taaaacattt tctattttca tatatatgat tgaatgtaat     24720
     ttatttctgt gatgcaagct gaattggaca ttttctgata aatagacatt tcagaacatc     24780
     ttttttgaca taaatacatt tgctgaccct gttgatcaag ctaattcagc tctgccaaat     24840
     aaaattttct tcaataaaac aaaaatagta ctgaaaccaa caaaacttct taaaaccaag     24900
     aaacatactc actgttaaac caataccgat gaaaatgcag atcattccta ctgtaatgta     24960
     ggcacagcag cgtcttctgg gtaaagcact gcctacagag gatctacaga caaacaaaca     25020
     acacacaaac aattattgcc agtgctgaat taaaagaaca caaactttca gctgctctgt     25080
     atcagctctc agtgcaaaaa tataatgttt cattgctgga agtatgtgaa aagcagattg     25140
     gatattcaat gctattcaaa aactagctac aatacaaata aagagtgaag cagcatctca     25200
     tttatttaaa gtagatttta cattggtcta ttttttttct atgttttttc cagccagctt     25260
     gtctaaaagc aaattaaact ccccatagaa aaaataaaat aaattatttt gcgcactatt     25320
     tttaaatgac accagaatgc acatatgcag aacacacatt ggctttacaa atgatagatt     25380
     tgttttgtta gtaccaaaca gaaaattact gaaattttaa gaagacatta caatacattt     25440
     taaggtctat ccaaagtgct tttattaaat tacatgtgta atttattgta ggtaaactaa     25500
     atctaacatt aactttttta tagcttaatg tagtcatttt aacaatttta taaatgaaaa     25560
     aaaaattata caaaatattt gaacgatagc acatgagtag cagggcgata tggctgtata     25620
     ttggcactgg tgttatacaa cagttttgtc tggttcttca atctgattgg cttacatatt     25680
     ctgccaaata acagaaactc tttcagcctc cttgtgtatt acttcaccca catacagcaa     25740
     gaagcagagg acactctaca gtttaacaaa tatttctgct gttggacaac ataatgtact     25800
     tttgggactt tttttagttg agaatgtagt tgttcagatg caactatgca gcttatttat     25860
     aaggatagtg cctattttaa aatatttata gtttctgaga gagagtgtgt tggcggccat     25920
     tagcctgtcc aaagacagtt gacgttgtcc atctacaaga tgatgacaga ggccgcataa     25980
     taaactctta gaagagaaaa acagcataat gtctggctac agctgatcaa atcactatta     26040
     aactggttag tgacattcta agtcaatctc tctctctctt ttgtatgttg taatgctgta     26100
     tttatactat ttaattgagg tgtattgagt gtgagatggg actcgcatat caggaatgta     26160
     ctttgggtat tttatgttgg ccactctttg tacaaccctg agttactttt tggttgacca     26220
     tctgtttgtt tctaatgagt cttctgtttt cgttactgca cactagttca gttaacagaa     26280
     agaaagaaga aatgcccgca tgtgtttagc gtttttcctt atcacaaaca aaacagtaac     26340
     ctgttagtgt ttgcactgat ttggcttttt taggattaat tattgtgatc tccccattgg     26400
     aacagataat actgggaaat ctccagactg atggcgtttc atgctgttca gttgtaaaat     26460
     cgtaaaatgt cattacgcaa gagaattatt caaatatagc tctaaagtga cgttggtgaa     26520
     gtagcaacag tttctgctgt tctgacgcca gctgcagatg tgaataaatg gcggaagaaa     26580
     gtagttcctc atacataaag gttttgagac tctctgtgtt tgattttctt ttttataccc     26640
     acgattatgc cgtcaaactg ttgtataaat gcaatttcac acaggcagca gtacgatatg     26700
     cccaatatac agccatatcg cactgctacg agcgtattat tgctcatatc tatataaata     26760
     taatgcagaa tattaatatg ccttgtcagt ttatttttct gtaagtaagc tgaatgctaa     26820
     agctgaaaaa ggtttatcta tctgtctaaa gagaaatatt tttttaatat aagttatttt     26880
     tattttaagc aacaaaaagt agttctattt tttatctata ataattcata atttagcttt     26940
     cttttctgaa agctgtaaaa aacaacaaca acatgctatt gttattgatg ggtcaaatgt     27000
     tattttaaac aacaaatatt ttgattaatc ataatgtagt ctctgcaaca aaatgatata     27060
     atactaagtt gaaccaaact atgattaatt aatagttaaa acatctggag ttttaattta     27120
     attataattc aattatgatt catattcatt taatgcattt atgttattca ttatttgtcc     27180
     aatgtatatg tgtgtgagta taccgtttat ataaacatta atataaaaaa tataatgttc     27240
     caaacctttc agatgtaaga tcaacttcac ttctaaaagc cctacaaaca ctaacagtca     27300
     atagagaact gtgtcagtga gtcacatggc ctgctctttt tcctctctgc gacccattaa     27360
     atctcaccgt gacccttcac atgcctctca tgtgatcgga ctttcaaaca ttcttcaaga     27420
     ttcgcaacaa ctcaagatag cttaaggtgc ttaatttctc tctgtttgct gctcgtctcc     27480
     tcgtcgctgc ctcttcaaat gcactggaaa tggctgaatt tctcagcatg tctgatgagc     27540
     actggtcttc attcatgtgt gccgtgcatc tgttgtcata actctccctt gcggcgtcac     27600
     tagcgtacag gactcgtgtt tcagtatgtc agcatggtgt gccgctctct caggtgactg     27660
     gcatcacatt gcccttctct caaactgaag ctcgcaaggg gtttatttac tttcacttct     27720
     acaaactcaa gcctgaccgc agagattgat gagaaggcca catcgctggc ggaggaatga     27780
     cacatagata cagtatatgg aaaatgatgg cgactcacat ttttttgcaa tgtgggcact     27840
     tagccagggt attaaatcga agctccatcc actgcaaaaa aagagggaag ttaagaggga     27900
     agttagctaa gaataagcaa acatagcaaa aaaataaata aatttgttca taatctacag     27960
     cagttttgat tcagggtaag tggacacact tgacaaatga ttttctgctg atttacacgc     28020
     tgccttaaag tgttagttgt ctgaaaatga aactgttgtc atcatttact caccctcgtg     28080
     tttcataaca aactaataag aaatgtgttc acctttagaa cacaaattaa gagattttta     28140
     accaaatcta agatatttca gtcgccactc ttaaaaatct attcatacaa aagttcttca     28200
     aaatattcat ctacaaattg tatgaaaaac cgaggctaat ttgggcttat atttacatat     28260
     acacaatgat cagataacaa tgtttatatc catctaattt ggtcagtaag tttggccatt     28320
     cttttttttt tttgcttctg gaaaaccagc aagctttatt atcattattt aagccagagg     28380
     ttaacagtat gtaccttgtg tctggcaaag ggtttctgca tatgtaaaaa gaaaaatgcc     28440
     ctatatgaac atgcaagttc ataatgtgag gggcttttaa taatgtatct catatttgta     28500
     cacttaatat ttttgtacaa atgtgggttg cttttgtgaa aatgttcact tgttcttcat     28560
     ataaagtgac cttgtctctt tacctaaaaa catagcttaa acatattata tgtatacagt     28620
     tgaggtcaga attattaacc cccttcgaat tttttttttc ttcacaaatg atgtttaaat     28680
     gatacaagga aattttcaca gtatgtaaac taatattttt ttctactgga gaaagtctta     28740
     tttgttttat ttcggctaaa ataaaggcag ttttaaattt ttcaaaaaac attttatggt     28800
     caatatgaca acactacaca gacactaccg ttcaacagtc tgaggtcagt aagatttagt     28860
     tgttgtttat tatgtaggtt tggtttgaaa caatttgaga gataaaaaga gttttgagaa     28920
     taaattatac ctgtaaatga ggaattagag gtctatatgg aaaactaatg atttaatctg     28980
     attagtattt tatacaatta agatatcaat atcagcaaaa ttgcatcaaa ttaccaaaaa     29040
     acaaaacagt atatttcata tacagtaaca gtatgtgcat atatataaaa atgtttcaca     29100
     atttaaaaaa aaaaaccaca cacacacaca cacatatata tatatatata aaccataatg     29160
     ctactaatac tgtaataatt ttgcaccaga caaggatatt aaaatgattt ctgaaggatc     29220
     atgtaaaaag aaaatattca aaaaattcaa caacaataaa tcaaatgtgt aaatatatta     29280
     aaattagtac tgtcaaaaga taaatcgcat ccaaaattaa agtttatagt tacaaaatat     29340
     atatgtgcat actgtgtata tttttgccac agtataatga accgccaact catttattca     29400
     tttattttct tttcggctta gtcccttaat taatctgcgg tcgccacagc agaatgaatc     29460
     gccaattttt ccagcatatg ttttatgcaa cgaatgccct tccagctgca acctatctct     29520
     gggaaacacc catacactct catattaaca cacacattaa tacactactt cgtacccaat     29580
     acccaataca aactcaaacc agcaactatc ttgctgtgag gcgagaatgc taaccactga     29640
     gccaccgtgc tgccctaaat tgttatatat aatgcaaatt ataaatataa ccattcatta     29700
     attaatttca ttcgcttagt ccttttatgc atcagaaatc cccacagcgg attgaaccgc     29760
     caactaatcc accatatgtt ttattcagta aatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccagttctgg     29820
     gaaacatcca tacacactca ttcacacaca tgcacaacgg ccaatttagt ttattcaatt     29880
     cacctatagc acatggggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgcaaac taacccagcc     29940
     tgaacttaca cacaatatgt ggtaaatata ttatgtaaaa acaaactttt atcttggatg     30000
     tgattaattc aacctaagct cattctggaa acgtagcccc gcggacgttt ctggagaccg     30060
     cggtttacgt ggccggaggt acgtaaaggc cgcgtttggt ttttttcgag cgaacgctgt     30120
     ggggcggtgt tgcgccgctc cgcccctgct ctttgcgctc gccggccgac ggctcacctc     30180
     cgagtggagg gctttcccga cgcaatcagt ttgtccgcct agctcacagc gttgcgtcgg     30240
     cggagcggag gccccggagg aggaggagga gccggagccg gagccggccg cggtggacga     30300
     cgaccgggat tgagtccggg gaacagcggg ttccggaaat caggtaagac gaaaaacaga     30360
     atccggaaaa taagggcgag aacgcggcag gatccgaaaa cgcggtcaaa atcaaagacg     30420
     agggcttttg cttttttttt ttttttttga tccggcggct tttcgcgcga atccgcggcc     30480
     tctcgttgat ccgcgaaaat aaaaaaccgc tcgaatacgt acctcccggg acgtaaatca     30540
     aggtccgcag aaacgtccgc ggggctacgt ttccacaatg agcccgggat ggattaatta     30600
     tgattaatca tttgacagca ctaattcaaa tgtttgtaat tcttaaaatc taacaacctc     30660
     tactgaaccc taaagtttga acgacagcat aaatgcattc tgtccttcca cacactgaaa     30720
     ccagaaccat gcactgaata tatcaaagat gaaatgttat taaaaggatg tgagaccgta     30780
     caaggaatgt gtttccgcag tggccgcaga ccacacgcat gccctccggc tggacgggta     30840
     gagctggctg agccggctgc tcctccggga tcaccatcac tgggctcagg ttgatgatgc     30900
     gtctgctggg ggcccataca aacaacgtca gcgttttcac atcattcaaa aaactgaaaa     30960
     tgttaataag cctgtaaaat ttcaactatc aaatctgata caagaaaggt ctcgaaatta     31020
     ataatatgat cagaatgctg aacaattgtt gtacattatc atgctgcatg ttttctgtga     31080
     aagtttttgt tcttttacag tgattacaca gtcattacct tgtaacagtg taactacata     31140
     tataagtaat gaataaaatt aattaaaggt gcaagaggtg atcatcttca gaaacatttt     31200
     ttgttgtgct ggttgttgtg cctagcctgc tttactgagg tgaagttagt ttatatttac     31260
     attggttcat ttttgaacaa tgacacctgt gaagcactta gcattcagta gtcgctttag     31320
     gacaaagcgt gtgagagagt gagactgatg agaaagcgat gacaagtttt gcttgcttac     31380
     tacataactg aaaacgtgca acatataata cagttttttc gttgagaatt gtagttatat     31440
     aaagtactat aaagatttct aactggcaaa tgacatgatc tgttgggttt ctgtcatctt     31500
     taacctgcgc gttcgcgatt tcagaaggca tggctttgga caacagggga gggattgtat     31560
     ttgaaagata ttaagttaat cggttagcat ttaggcagat cacctactgc acctttaaca     31620
     acatgtaatt atgtgtagtc aggcttaggt tttgttgtaa ttatggttaa aggaacacta     31680
     cctttttttt gtttttgttt tttaaaggct aatttcacaa gtcattttac tagagcagtg     31740
     gtcaccaaac ttattcctgg agggccagtg tcctgcagat ttttgttcca accctaatca     31800
     aacacacctg aacaacctaa tcaaggtctt acttggtaaa cttgaaacat ccaggcaggt     31860
     gcgttgaggc aagttggaac taaaccctgc agggacaccg gccctccagg accgagattg     31920
     gtgacccctg tactagagtt aaacagctaa cttgaaatat ttttaatcca ttcagccgat     31980
     ttcttgttct tgtggggtaa tttttagctt agcattatga attgaatcaa aatggaccat     32040
     ttcattcaaa aatgcaaagc ttcagtcaca aaacttctat atttacatca tgtgataagg     32100
     ctgacagaaa ttgaaaaaaa aaaaaaacta ctattttctt ggccgatatg gctagcatct     32160
     atactctcat tctggcataa tagccaagaa actcctctgt tgtaccatgg ctggaccagg     32220
     tggattgatt ttatgcaact tattagaatc tgctgttttc agaggacgct ttaaaaccat     32280
     ggagaaatga gagataggct tgttgaactc aatcagaaaa cgcaacagat ttagtatgat     32340
     tgagtgaatg cctttacatt attatgtgag aatttacggt aaaaatttta taagtaacac     32400
     tacagctccc tgtttaaata tatagagagg tttttgaatt cctgttgttt ttaaatgaga     32460
     catatatttt ttttattcag ataaattcta aatgacattc cataagactg atttttgtct     32520
     ctttttttat atatattttg attgttatca ggtttttcat tataattaca tctatacatt     32580
     aaaatcttgt tagaagtgaa acacgtgttt attgaacatt ttgcaatctg tatttttccc     32640
     caatttcatt aaagcagttt aacctgttta tttctctgtg tttatgtgtg tgtgttctta     32700
     aatttccaac ccacgctcat tatgagaaca tacccctata tacatttctg gagagcacca     32760
     aatacgtccc aggagctacg cttttttttt gcagtttttg ttttcacgaa tccacctgag     32820
     gtcgctgtgt atgctttttc agatctcaga tctcaaaggc cactgtcgac tgactgaccc     32880
     ttctccttcc atacccaacc aacagtattt tcaaaagcaa tccagaaaaa gaaaagtctt     32940
     tgcggctgcc tgatatttac caagttttca gacttcacct cattctcacc cagttattta     33000
     cttgtttatt tagttttttt gacttttgtt tttgtcttgc ctgctttctg gaacctttct     33060
     ttgctggact catacccctt cgttgcaggc aactccgctt cacgtccacc acgtccaagt     33120
     ccaacaacat atgttgcgag ctactgaaca aactgattac agcgggaaag ccatccatat     33180
     gggggtaagc ggtccgcaaa aaggaacgat ctcataccgc cctgtatcgt ttgttttaaa     33240
     gatatgtacc tctggctaca taatttgtga tctccagaaa tgtatatagg gctatttttt     33300
     tagaatgagc ctatgttgca acaatttaaa taaacttttc catttttcaa atgaaatctg     33360
     ttttttcaaa tgtcagactt tacagagtta agacctttac agtgcaaatc cctaagccat     33420
     tcaaactgga aacaagcact gtttgcttga gtgtttatgg taatgcacgt ctgcacaaat     33480
     atactgttgc agatctcata acacatagcg actaaatgac cctctgaaat gtgtcttgaa     33540
     cacttaccag ttgggtcgag ggcatcctat cctcctagac gtgtctttac agattagcag     33600
     gcagttgcaa ggacatctaa catacttctt tcctgttggt ggattcttta taggctgtaa     33660
     aaaaagcaga catctcacaa ttcagatgaa tcacaataca caagatatca atcatattag     33720
     tttaacataa ttttttaata atttaaaggt ttatctgaat atattcccat atagaccttt     33780
     aattcttcat ttacaggtgc agtttactat caaaacggtt ttttttttat ctttatctct     33840
     caagatgttt aaaacctaca taaaaaagag tgtaaataat agaattctca tttttggact     33900
     aactattccg gcccctaata aatcaggcac taagctgaag aatagcgagt gggcatgggg     33960
     ttgaactatt atcaaacttc atttgtatgc attgaataat gctgttatta tatggagcag     34020
     tcaaatgctt tcttaactcc agacagaaca atctttcaat aatacctcct attgaggtca     34080
     ggtctgcatg gcaacttatg aaacatctga ttctgtgcca aataaatcta cactaaacca     34140
     atatgaaatg taaaatatgt agccatgtaa agccttttaa tttaaatcat tatgtatgac     34200
     gtactagcta ctggttgttt ccctgggttg cggctgaaag ggcattcgct gcataaaaca     34260
     tatgtcagaa tagttggcgg ttcattctgc tgtggtgacc cctgataaat aaaggactaa     34320
     gctgcaaaaa gaagatacgt atgcaaagat ttgaagaccc aagtgcatga tgaatggagt     34380
     tactgtcacc caaaggggag aattcattct gaacttccta aaatgagtca tgagcaattg     34440
     cagctttaca ttattcacaa atatatgtag atttgcaaca acttgatatt cattgactgc     34500
     caatatcaaa tgtataaaaa agtataaaaa ggatgatacg atacagtgtc catcctgcat     34560
     tagagggact agatccttga acaacctgca tcagaggctg tgagatatat atacagttga     34620
     agtcagaatt atacgccccc ctgtttattt tttccccaat ttctgtttaa taaagaaaat     34680
     atttctttta acacatttct taacataata gttttaataa ctcatttcta ataactgatt     34740
     tttttttttt ttgccaagat gacaatacat aatattttac tagatatttt tcaaaacact     34800
     tctatacagc ttgaagtgac aggcttaact aggataatta ggttaacttt ttaggtttga     34860
     gtaattaggc aagttattgt ataacaatgg tttgttctgt agactgtcga aaaaaaatat     34920
     agcttcaagg ggctaataat ttttacatta aaatggtttt taaataatca aaaactgctt     34980
     ttattccagc cgaaataaaa caaataagac tttctccaga agaaaaaata ttatcggaca     35040
     tactgtgata tttccttgct ctgttaaaca ttatttggga aacatttaaa aaagaaaaaa     35100
     aaacatttaa agggggcact acctaagtac cactaatata tctaaaaatg tacagtgaag     35160
     atttgtttat tagtagagaa tttatgacaa aaaataagat gggggtatta ttattattat     35220
     tattttaata atacataata aagttaataa tgcacacatt ggtatattaa aacaaaaccc     35280
     atcctttatt tcaaatgcat acaatgagta gaatgtagaa tacagaaaag agattattta     35340
     tcaaatcaag catatttatt tattaattga atttcttaat ttctttgccc agccctatta     35400
     caaatctgta ttttttatgc cattgagtga atcaggtcac tcagcaattc cattaagcat     35460
     ccacttttca tgcaaagtgt ttctcatgca gacaactcaa ttacggtgca attcagcccc     35520
     gttgagcaca acacttatag ccgtgcacgt ggatccttca tctcaaacac atttacttca     35580
     aggctgtgag gatacatcca ttctgtattt gatttatact gtggtcagat gagcagttaa     35640
     aaggatagca ataactacag aacagacaga aattgaatca ttattctctg agaaaatgtc     35700
     acacttgtgt ttggtccaca ttcacgtgct gtattgatca tgaactttta tataaactta     35760
     tatgttataa attgtaataa atgtaacttc tttttaatct ggatttgaaa gtagcccaga     35820
     catcagataa acatggcaca aacaagtcaa gattaagaga tatatcaaga aactgcaaga     35880
     gtagtctgtg gttatcattt atgcttgctt cattaataaa ctaatatgca attacatatg     35940
     ctgtttatac tattaaagtt gattaataaa ggtgatctgt ttgataaatg aggtcattta     36000
     tctaattgca atgctatata aatgatgaat attttgaaac ttctttcata acatttaact     36060
     tttaatttcc ctctatcaat ttgacaatta aaagaaaaat cagatgaatt taactattat     36120
     tcaaaaatgt gtggattgat actggaaagg cttttatgtt taacaaggtt gtgtcaaaaa     36180
     tacagtaaga actgtaatat gtaaaatatt tgctatctat tttttacctt taaagatgaa     36240
     atgtatattt gtaattacaa aactgaaatt taagcatcca ttactaattc tcaatgtcat     36300
     gtgacatttc agaaatgatt atatcaatca atattttatt ttacagcatt ttttgatgaa     36360
     tagaaagttc tactagcatc tacttaaaca ggaatcccgt gtgttattat aaatgccttt     36420
     actgaaactt tcatttaatg tagactttca caattgtaag taataattta tttttaaaaa     36480
     tcctacagaa cataatatac agtggtgtga aaaaaatgtt tgcccctcat tgatttcttt     36540
     ttttggttta tcacacttta atgtttcaga tcatcaaatt tattttatta ttagtcaaag     36600
     ataacacaag taaacccata atgaagtttt gaaattaaga ttttcattat taaaggaaaa     36660
     gaaaatacaa agctacatag ccttgtgtgg aaaaatgtcc aatcaagcat tttcgataac     36720
     ttgcaatgag tctgttacag cgctgtggaa gaactttgac tcatctttgc agaattgttg     36780
     taattcagcc acattagaga gcttccaaac atgaaccgca tttttaagac acctcaactg     36840
     gattcagttc aggactttga ctaggccact aaaaaatggc tggacattgt ccttaaggac     36900
     atttttgtac acagcaaaat tcatggttcc atttatcaca gcaagtcttc caggtctact     36960
     accaccacca ccaccaccac aatttgctgt tggtgtaatg ttctttttct gtataacagt     37020
     gttactttta tgtcacacat aatggggcac aaaccttcct cctaaactaa taactggttg     37080
     gatcaccctt aaaagcaaca actgcagtca agcgttctca aaaacttgcc ataagtctgt     37140
     tacagcactg tggaagaact ttgactcatc tttgcagaat tgttgtactt cagccacatt     37200
     ggagggcttt caaacatgaa ccgcattttt aggtcatgcc acagcatctc aactggattc     37260
     aggtcaggac tttgagtagg ccactccaaa gtcttcattt tacttttctt cagccattaa     37320
     aaagtggact tgctggtgtg ctttggatca ttgtcctact gctgaaccca aatttgcttc     37380
     agcctgaggt cactaacaaa tggccagaaa ttgtccttca ggatatttct gtacacagca     37440
     gaattcatgg ttccatttat cacagcaagt ctttcaggtc ctgaagcagc aaaaccgcca     37500
     cagaccatca ctctaccaca accacatttt actcttggta tgatgttctt tttctgaaat     37560
     gcagtgctac ttttatgcca cacataatag gacacaaacc gttcaaaagt tttgtctcat     37620
     cagtccacaa aatattttcc ccaaagtgtt tcccaaaact gagacgaacc tttgtgttct     37680
     ttttgctcag cagtggtttt tgtcttgaaa ctctgccatg caaacacttt ttgcccagtc     37740
     tctttcttat ggtagagtca tgaacactca ccttaactga ggcaagtgag gcctgcagtt     37800
     ctttggattc ttcttttcta accttttgga agagatgtcg caggtcattt tggtggccga     37860
     ccactcctgg gaaaattcta tactgtccta cgtttttgcc attagtagat aatagctctc     37920
     actgtggttt gctatagtcc caaatctttc tagatctcaa tatttttttc ttaacttgtt     37980
     tttgagtttt ctttagatct ctgcatgatg tctaattttt gaggatcttt tggtctacat     38040
     cactttgtca ggcaggtcct attttaggtg atttcttgac ttcgaacagg tgtagccata     38100
     atcaagccta aaaattgaac tcaggtgtaa taaaccagag ttaagttatg tttaaacagg     38160
     tgagggttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgggggggg ggtgtaatag tggaaacact tttaaacata     38220
     gggctaagta gttttttatt ttgttttccc ttaataaaaa agcctttatt taaaaactaa     38280
     aaactgcatg aagtgtttat ttgtgttttc tttgacttaa ttttgactaa atttgttgga     38340
     tgatcagaac ttttaaagtg tgagaacatg caaaaaaata agtgaggtgg caaaagcttt     38400
     tggttattaa atcaaagaga aagatggtgg actaaaggag tgcatgacta agcgctatct     38460
     gcagtcaggt tctcttaccg tggcctcatt acagacggtg cacttcacca catgctgatg     38520
     gagtttgcca tccagagtta taagagattg gcacactcga cagttgatga ctggcactcc     38580
     tcctgcatct ggactggcaa tggctgtgta gggcggaggt aattcagctg cagatgaaga     38640
     caaaaaacaa aatacagtct ttcagctgac ctgtcacaat aatagatcaa ttgtctgata     38700
     gtagttattt gctgtgcagt ataggtttca catatgatag gtttgagcac ataaacaaaa     38760
     gacaagcaat gatttatgtg cataatgctc agaaacattt actggtttta tgttaaagac     38820
     ccttaatctt tcacacacag ttaatgataa aacaaggaca cacttattta tatgaccatc     38880
     aactggtgag tatcttcctt gagcaaaaac atttttacat agaattacag aaatctctaa     38940
     tttgctctga aaacatcatg tatcatgtaa gttagaataa aatataacag tgcaaaaaat     39000
     taataacaac aaatctcctt ttaaaatcat ttgtttaata atcaatcgtt aggacaaaat     39060
     tgatgaacat tcatggtcac atgacattga caattattta aaacaacaaa attccctaca     39120
     gaatgcaaaa gtcaggttat gaacataata gtaaaaaaat aattagaaat tgtagttttt     39180
     aacaataacc gaaaaacttt aaagacatgc agaggttgtt aatcgactgt atatgttcac     39240
     atgaattcaa cttattttaa agcaatctct cattttgtgc actttgcttg ctgtaacttt     39300
     ctgactaaga aaagtttttg aggaatcata tatggttatt gacagtgatt acaatcaaat     39360
     aaaaaagtca tttaaagttc aaagatctaa taacccccag gcctagtttg acaggtcttg     39420
     taagactcca gattttttcc cggtgagtat gcagggtttt cctatcagtg ctctataaag     39480
     aaataatagt agaatttatt aacatgatgt agtgtacaac atggtgtatt tttttctgct     39540
     caaatttgca tattaacttt gacaatttct accaatcaga gaggtgcagg tagcaaagtg     39600
     cattgcaaac tcagctccac ccactcccat gaagcatgct tgaaacatga tggatacaac     39660
     caacgacttt aaatgaacaa ttgtatagtt ctccaatcat tttaaattgt aacatttgca     39720
     taacttcatg ggattgtagt tctttgcctc tattaggttg tcaagtcttg tacttttgtt     39780
     tttatcatgt ttttatatgt ttctttgctt caaatgaaat tcataatgtt gtgattcacc     39840
     atacagttgg ttggtttggt ttgtggctca taacacttta atcataacac tttaatcaaa     39900
     agatctaaga taaaaaacaa tgggaaaaat attttcaaat ccagtactac tgaaaaagtt     39960
     acaaaatcaa gtacattttc tcatgttcga gatgttgtca ctgggattta cttcacaaca     40020
     gtgaaaaaca aactattatt gtgtctatgt aatgttgact ttaaaatatt tttttacttt     40080
     aataatacta ctgcataaat aaatcagcta cactctatga aataacttat gacatctgtt     40140
     atcatgggcc ccacctgtaa ttatttatga tcatagattt ttactggggc acatgcccta     40200
     tatccaacca cattggctag cccgcgtggg gcccacctgt aattgtttat gataatactt     40260
     tacatttaag tacagcagat ttctttgaac tttttaagaa cagtgctatt tttaattaac     40320
     ttttaaaatc acatttttat ttatcacata tttattatgt atttattatg tttaaagtgg     40380
     ctgacaataa taaatattca taataataat aatcaatctg ccacatttgt gaactgtgca     40440
     gtagccgctt aattaggctt actatgtatt tcaataccag tcattatggt ggtacttgaa     40500
     gagacaagtt ttcctgaggt ggtacttggt gaaaaaagtt tgagaactac tggtctaaac     40560
     aatatttttt tagagtggag ttcaatccat aaacccacac tttgtatcat tatctgctta     40620
     ttgtctgcat aaaagaccct atccatgtgt gactttttta actttataga agtaaagtat     40680
     aaactggctt gagtagtgca agtattggat tgttaacgta cattcagctg gccattattg     40740
     caaaataacc ccagacaggg tgactgggtt ttgtttaaga ggctaatttt gccatgatga     40800
     ccagctcagt tctattattc catgtattat tcctctattg catggctatt tatcaaatac     40860
     ataattgaaa gagcatgaaa tattgatttg agtttaaata actcaattat gtgagaagaa     40920
     agaaaccaca gaggaataat agagacatga aagaagagca gttcacaaga atttagcggt     40980
     cattacacaa aaatctttga ctttgaatgc cacaattgac caataagcca tataaaaacc     41040
     aaggagaatc ctttttctca atcacagagc cataaaaatg aatcaaagtc atctagacat     41100
     ctagcgtttt gtcttttagg ccaatgccaa gacaaaatat atgtaacgtt tctattatat     41160
     atgtgtcttc ttgctggcaa tcctcatcca aataaatgca gattcactgt gttcaacaat     41220
     aagtgcagcc tattcacact ttcatctaca gtacagtatc tgggccttta gccaatccct     41280
     gcactcagtc tactcgcgcc ttcagaatta ctcaaatcca gagctcagtc acaacagagc     41340
     tcagcctgct gcttatgctc attgaaattg aaacatgttc ctcctactga ccgtcacttc     41400
     atattttgtg cgatcacgtt ggtgacagtc atacggcagc catattgaac atgtgacacc     41460
     acagcaaaag caaccgacag cagctctagc ctcatgacct cactcagctg tcgacatcat     41520
     ccgaactaga tactagcaac acataatgtc aagaaatgag atctgttgaa aggtaaaatg     41580
     attcttagtc attttaagta gaaaactttg ccgttaataa ttaataaagt tataatttcc     41640
     tgatgctgaa cataagattt tttttctttt tttaaatatg catgtgtttg aacaaaaata     41700
     cattaaaaaa gcaatattgt gaaatattat tacaatattt ttttatggat aagctcatgc     41760
     tatcctttag aaatcatttt tacaagctgt gtttattgaa aaatgtcaaa ttatttttaa     41820
     tttcgacaaa agccatgctt actcagctgt ataatatatt tgtggagact atgagcccta     41880
     tcatacaccc ggcgcaatgc ggcgcaaggc gcgtcacaat tattgtttgc tagtttcagc     41940
     ttggcacaag agtcgttttg acgttttgaa ccacgctgtt taaatagcaa atgcatttgc     42000
     gctcatatgt gcgcccatag gcattctagt ctaaaatagg aggcgtgttg aggcgcattg     42060
     ctggtgtgtt gctattttga agaactataa tagactgttc gataaaccag atcaaagcca     42120
     gtctatagtc cagcgcagag cgcattagtt gtgcgcctcg cttaaacatt gcttaataca     42180
     cacaagatgt acagcagtac gcaaatagct gcacatttga aaaagaatta aaggattaaa     42240
     atattacaac aattattatt ttctagccta cataaattta aaaactttca tgcgatcttc     42300
     atctcagggg gatttttcag tatattaata acaatttgtt tttgtatcat gttattatta     42360
     taagctgtat tactttttat atgcgcattt aaatttgttt tatttaaaac aagcttagaa     42420
     tagcccacct gtcaggtttg agaccatatg gggcataaca tgtgtatttg catctaactc     42480
     agttttttga ccagactttg ttattattgt tcatttattc gttcgctgga aattagaact     42540
     gaatttagaa atagttttga aacaaatctt tgcgcttaac aaacgaaatt aattatgtat     42600
     cggctaatgg agggtgattc agtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgacacttca cagcaagaag     42660
     gtcgctggtt cgagtctcgg ctgggtcagt taggcattct aaacatgagt tttgtcacag     42720
     ttctggagca cactagcttg tggatatgtt aaaaaccatc aatacaaaca cttacatgta     42780
     aaaaacttta ttttaatttc attggagctt taatggtatt ttttgacttc cacagtagga     42840
     aaaaaatatt atggaagtca atgagtgtca tcaaccagca ttctacaaaa tattgtattt     42900
     tgtgttgagc agaagaagga aattcaaata ggggtaaagt gaaggtaaat gatgacagag     42960
     aattaatttt tggaatgaac tatcccttta aatcaatgat ctcaaactca attcctggag     43020
     ggccacaact cagcatagtt tagccccaac cacctctaaa tctgaggtca cactggaatt     43080
     ttctccccat agaattccat tcatacgcac gtgaatgcgt caggtatgca agctcatgtg     43140
     acaaatttcg cagttcgcag cattggaaag ttcaagcttg gtgaactctg acctgaaata     43200
     gcatcacatg tttgcatgag accaatcgaa gatctaaaca tgacctctct ggacagaaat     43260
     ttaaaatata gatcaatcgc tcgctttttt aaatgtctaa tcttcttata gtgtaatata     43320
     atatagttta atatcaaact ctagtgtgac cgcagcttaa gtcttgaaca ccttgattag     43380
     ttggatcagc tgtgtttgat tagggttgaa gcaaaactgt gcagagctgc agtccaccag     43440
     gaatccagtt tgagatacgc tttaaattgt ttaaataaat cattgatcaa ctgtttgaat     43500
     ggcagtgtca actgctcttt gatatgatcc aattataaaa aaaacaatca tcaaaagggg     43560
     ctctaataag aacaacaaga aatataccct ttatgaatct catactaaca gcaaaccatc     43620
     ctgttaaact agtctgttga acgtcattta aatattctgg ccttttctac cttcaagcta     43680
     ttgccgatga taccaagaag ctcagcattc gagaacagtt gagggaaaaa aagtagagag     43740
     ttgagaatta agatgacata agctgaaccc acgtgaacct gcatgtctgg aacgacagca     43800
     actgggacat aaacatgtac cttcattact gtgccacttt ccttcttaca acaatatcat     43860
     tattaaacca aatgacaaaa atgacaacac atctcccatt ggcttgaata atagttggtc     43920
     ctgccccaaa ctcatgctat tggtttaata ttgctgtgtc aggctaatag atagtccaat     43980
     acagtacttc ttaagatttc aacaaccaat taaaatgtgt ctctccaaat gatggcgtta     44040
     cttctctcag gtgtttggga tgaattaaca cagtgatgtt tattttagta ggtgtccata     44100
     ctgacagctt taaactcgta tcctttgtgc ctcacacact aatatagcat aaaccgtctc     44160
     tccaggggaa agcacacgtc tcatttccct gacaccagtc cacactgttt gtaagatgag     44220
     aggccttttc caaaccttag agcctgcaga cagctgttgt tgcaactccc tccctctgtc     44280
     ttaatatcac attcaaaatc tgagagaggc tgagcattat gcgagattag catgctatga     44340
     caatggtgaa tgtgttaact gaatgttcat ttgtaaatgt acattatttt tatcagttac     44400
     acactttcaa tgtttgttca tcttacatgc tacacaaata aagctgttta atcaagattt     44460
     atatcgcttc attgaaggtt aattcaccaa aatcactgac gcttcacaac acacatgaag     44520
     agttcaagta ttgaatcaag caatccaggc tttctaaaca gatacaaccc cttttttatt     44580
     gtaactagct ctcattttgg ctttaaatta aagtttgatt catacagatt aacttattga     44640
     gtttcttttg aagcatgatt tgtttaaagg gaaatttatt ttgagtgagt aaacagttat     44700
     ataaataaaa ttttggtgtg aacaaatcct ttaacagcct aaatgtttat actcgcaggc     44760
     aggaaacatt attaggtaca ccagtctaac tgcttgttaa tgcaaatttc taatcagcca     44820
     atcacatggc agcaactcaa tgcatttagg catgtagaca tggtcaagac gatctgctgc     44880
     agttcaaacc gagcattaaa atgggaaaga aaggtgattt aagtaacttt gaacatgaca     44940
     tgattgttgg tgccagacgg gctggtctga gtatttcaga aactgctgaa gtactaggat     45000
     tttcacgcac aaccatctct agggtttaca gcgaataatc cgaaaaggag caaatatcca     45060
     gtgagcggca gttctctggg cgctaatgcc ttgttgatgc cagaggagaa tggccagatt     45120
     ggttcgagct gttagaaagg caacagtaat tcaaataacc acttattaca accgaggtct     45180
     gcagaaaagc atctctgaat gcacaacacg tcgaaccttg aggcagatgg gctacagcag     45240
     caaaagacca cgccgggtgc cacttctgta agctaaaaac aggaaactga ggatacaatt     45300
     cgcacaggct caccaaaatt ggacaataga agattataaa aacgttgact ggtctgatga     45360
     gtctcaattt ctgccattaa aatttggcaa aatttggcat ttctgctata taaaatttgg     45420
     catcaacaac atcaacagta tcaacagttc aggctgatga gggtggtgta atggtgttgg     45480
     ggcatgttct tggcacactt ttggaccatt agttcctatt gagcattgtg tcaacaccac     45540
     agtctacctg actattgttg ttgaccattt ctatcccttt atgaccacag tgtactcatc     45600
     ttctgatggg tacttccagc aggataacgt gccatgtcat aaagcgcaaa tcatctcaga     45660
     ctggtttctt gaacatgaca aagagttccc tgtactcaaa tagcctccac agtcaccaga     45720
     tctcaatcca atagagcacc tttgggatgt gatggaacgg gagattcaca tcatgaatgt     45780
     gtattgtgta gccaacaaat ctgcagcaaa tgcgtgatgc tatcttgtca atatggcaaa     45840
     agtgggttca actcagtact agtaataaag tggccagtaa gtgtgtaaac agatgtatga     45900
     ataatatcac tatattataa caatatggta taaaaaataa tactatagtt ataaaaaacc     45960
     ctgaaataac tattattttt agcatgcagt tctgcccgat atggataaat agcacatatt     46020
     tattaatatt gatttattat atttctattg caagtttttt tttttctttg ggacaattgc     46080
     tactcaggaa ttgaggttgt taatgggtgg tcaggaattc aggatgcctg aagcgcaata     46140
     gcgctacttg ttgttgactg tttaaaaagc tatcatttaa ataaagaatc gtatttatta     46200
     tcaattaatt atttaataat taagtctcat tgtctgaata gattaaatat aaatctttca     46260
     aaactgctga ccatgtcctt tatattgaaa tggaatacaa catattctat tttatgtaac     46320
     atttctataa tcaatgaaag caaaaattgt aattaaaaat aaaattcggt taacagccca     46380
     gtcctacagc tgatccacgt cttgcccatc cccaccctac agctaaacct caagagtttc     46440
     aattagctaa catttgttta tctttattta tcttgtgtgg acctagcaga aatcgcatga     46500
     cataaacaga gcagagagca ataattggtc tggttttcgc cttgcagggc tgatcacata     46560
     tcaccaaaat aaaacccatt cagtgtcatt tagacaaggt caaaactctt tcttatcctt     46620
     tgttctctca ctcagatgtc aaacactact gattactact aaagaagtag cagactgtaa     46680
     ctttcacgat tctacaataa cagggtttga tgtgcacagg tgttttgcga taaatctagt     46740
     tttggcatcc aaatgcaaat gcagaataaa caacaatctc agcacactaa gcaatgctgt     46800
     gcacagactc agcagatcct ccatcaacag gctaggctaa tcctcagaga gtgcttgctt     46860
     gtggtcaaaa gcagtgaagg aaaccgtaat ccaggggttt gaaatactag gccagataat     46920
     aaagcttgag tacattagca cacatagttt acaaccacaa catcacctga tcattaggca     46980
     tgggacgata atcactattg aagtatacca cggtttagaa aagtcaaggt tttaaaatcg     47040
     caaaattttc tgtaatacag ttcctttggt atgtgtacaa tttttgattg attacatttt     47100
     ttaggacaac agtatctcca gcagaaaaaa tgtcagaaga tgccgtttta aatagtaaag     47160
     aaatttgtgt ttttgaaacc aatgaagaca gcgaaatatt acaaatcttt aaaaaaaaaa     47220
     taagatatat tgtttttaaa ggggaaaaaa gatttaattt tttacccaga catttaaaaa     47280
     gaatatgttt tagagcagta atcacaacac tgtgatactg tgaaacaatg atattttatc     47340
     caaggttatc ataccgtcag aatctatact gatcatggta caatattaaa gccgttataa     47400
     ataatgagat gaagtgtaag ctgataatta cactaaaagt gagcattttt tctgttcatt     47460
     cattcattca ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtcac cacagcagag     47520
     tgaaccacca acttatccat ttgtaatttt ttacgccgcg gatgcccttc cagctgcaac     47580
     ccatctctgg aaaacatcca cacacacatt cacacacaca ctctcataca ctacggacaa     47640
     tttagcttaa ccaattcacc tgtaccgcat gtctttggac tttggaggag cacccggagg     47700
     aaacccacgc gaacgcagga aaaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcca gctgagccga     47760
     ggcttaaacc agcgacattc ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac tacgtactgc gccactgctt     47820
     cgcccatttt ttttctgtgt atatgcatat tgcaggaaat gcagtatgga tagatttaca     47880
     aataatcaaa atctggctga cagacgtgac tgttttgcaa tcagacattt ggtcattttg     47940
     gaaccataag caactggcca ataatcattt acaattggca aactaagaga tgcataaggt     48000
     gattatttgt tttcaaatat ttagtcaaat tcaaggacat tttgcaataa aattggttat     48060
     taaaaaccca attgattaac tgagtatttg ctgtcttggc atggtttaaa aatagggcag     48120
     cacagggcca ttgtttctaa atctacctta caaaacttgc tttactatta aatatacaaa     48180
     ataattataa agtataccat caaaagatta atgcaaacct tgacctttct ggtcaatttt     48240
     aggcattctc ccttgaattt ctcattgcag cctaataatc aaatatgcat ctgttcatga     48300
     ttagaggaaa cgaaaataaa aaaacaaatc tcacaatcaa tcactaatcc catttcaatt     48360
     gagcactata tgtgctttat tgcacgtcac gtctacaatt acaacaacat cagttgcagt     48420
     tttccctttc agttttcaag aatttaaaca aagtcttcct tgaaactaac ctgctatgtg     48480
     gtaaatcaca agattacaaa aactgatatg aaacaaaaaa tttaaaccat aagaccaaac     48540
     gaatgaaaaa tcagagaaga caaaaggaac aaaactgtgt acataacggt ttttgatgag     48600
     ggaaagaaat acagtgccat gaagccttgt gaactacact atcaaaatat gaaaacttct     48660
     atttaaagtt attaggtgta gcttaattgt agacacaata tgtcaacttt gttgcataat     48720
     atctataaat aatgacatgt ttacaaatag tttattgact acactctcag aaaaaaaggt     48780
     acacggtggt acaaataatg ttccttgtgg aaaagttttg tacctttgta aaaattgtac     48840
     cttatataat acagacctct tatgattaag acctcttatg atactgttct gtacctttta     48900
     tggtacatct gaaatggagg tacaccattg tcctcataaa aaaagataca aaagtgttga     48960
     acaactcctt ttttattaca atacctatga aaatcaatat gactggaaag gcaaagtgat     49020
     tttaagaata atttccatat taaaatcatc atctaaaagt atatgtttaa agaaacttat     49080
     taacattgat taataagttc tataatacaa taatacaaca cgactggtaa aacgtaaaac     49140
     tataggtgtt gtaagctaaa tatttaaggc attttaatat tttatataat atattcttca     49200
     ttcattcatt ttcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaacca     49260
     ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacgcagcg gatgcccttc caaccgcaac ccacctctgg     49320
     gaaacatcca cacaaacact catacactac ggacaattta gcctacccaa ttcacctgta     49380
     ccgcatgtct ttagactgtg ggggaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgtgaaggca     49440
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg cctaatgagc caaggttcga accagcgacc     49500
     cagcgacctt tttactgtga ggcgacagca ctacctactg cgccactgcc tcgcccataa     49560
     tatataacgt ttaatagata attttgacac tgtttaggta caaaatgtag tcactgtggt     49620
     ggtaccttta tggattagat ttgtatattt gatgaaggta caatattgta tctgctggtt     49680
     ttaaaaaaca aaggtacatt taggtttcca atggtacaaa gcatgtccct aaggtacaaa     49740
     ctgcaatggt acaaatttgt attttgtctt aaggtactat tatgttccat aaaaaggtac     49800
     tgccccagtg acaaggtttt ttatcttctt tggtacaaca ttgtaccatt tttttctgag     49860
     agtgtagagt acatcatttt ctgagcttta tttgagatga aagttttttt tttttttgct     49920
     gctactctaa atattctgta cactttatac taaagttttc ttccctaaaa atgtcattaa     49980
     acaaaaactt gatgttatgc aaataaaaag ctgggttaga caaaatcaca attgattaaa     50040
     atcttggagt ctttaaaggt tttggttatt gacaatcaat ttccttactg agaaaatgat     50100
     tgggccagtc tgcaagtcag aagtggcttt gctaacaata tatgaaaaaa taatcacaag     50160
     gtggaacctt tttttaaagt gcccctgtta ttactccaaa gaagtacaaa ctaccttagt     50220
     aacgattagc ttaatgaagc acaatttact gtcctttcaa tatgttcgat ctcctttaaa     50280
     actgacactg tacaataaaa ttttaccagc aaattagaat tagtgaagta aaatttatac     50340
     atacaaaatc tgtacaattt tgacagtcta tctgcgaacc aaaacgctca tcttctcatt     50400
     catatctttc ctccctgtgc atcttttgtt ttgtttacat ttagcagtgc ctcttattta     50460
     ggtgtaaaaa ggtgttttga tttcttctaa tgtttaatat gcttaaaaac ccaatattat     50520
     gaggtctagg ccagtgtgat aactgaaaga gctttatgaa tgaaagcaaa acataaatat     50580
     caacagcctc atcctaatgc aacaatctcg aataatgcaa atttgcagct ggctgaatcg     50640
     gcatcaatcg accgagatat ttcaatcctc atttaatatc ccacaaaatg gtttgttcac     50700
     taactagcag cgtgcccttg cccaggaaag caacgttttt gtacccatca catggaggct     50760
     gcgatggtaa caatttcagc cagatcgagg cccgttcttt tagcactgcc atccgagctg     50820
     tcgtctaagg acaatgtatg atattaaacg ggctgtagtc tgcaacagat caaccctcac     50880
     tactatacgc cctaaatgat tcagcactcc tccgtcaatc tcggttacct ctcgagctcg     50940
     ggtcctgctg gtacggcgga gcggtgggcg tgacgttccc cgagttcggt gccgacaaca     51000
     gcggggagcg ttcatccata ccatcggagg ccattatatc aggagatcgg cacagaaaaa     51060
     caacagaaac agcagcagca gcagcagcga cgaatggtgg tgggctccgt ccgctgctcc     51120
     gtctggaggg ggcagagaga ctgtgagcgc caggcagcgg gagcggagag gcggagttaa     51180
     agacgtcagc gggaggatga gaaatcactg ccggacggac gggatctcct tccctactcc     51240
     ctctcctcct tctgtgtcca cagcagcagg atagtatttc ccgagtctgt tcatttgacc     51300
     ttgctgctag atgtagctag gttgtttgct caatacggag gaattgtttc ttttctgtgc     51360
     taaagaaaac ctatcagttc caggagaaac attattggtg cattgttttc atttttcagt     51420
     aattttcttt ttaaattttg tcccttaagt gacacatata taataagcat tgtataagtg     51480
     tataatttta cattgtgttt tgcacaattt gaaaactgta aatattgaaa aataatctta     51540
     aaagtcctaa aacacaccaa aaatggcttg gctccataaa ataaaaaaaa tatgataaat     51600
     taaatctcct cgtctaatct ccaaccttgt ccggaggttt ggaatgagcc ccacattctc     51660
     tgctcgttct acacctgcac tgtggagaac atcctgtctg gctgcatcgc cacttggtat     51720
     gaaaacagca ccagcagcaa ttgcaaagga ctatgattgt gcaaatgtgg atatatttaa     51780
     tttataagcc tagctctcca gacagacaga ccgacagatg gtcggacaca cggacggacg     51840
     gatgaacgag cagacagata gacagaatat gttgaaatat gggacattct accaaaaaca     51900
     ttttcactta taaaaacgtg acagggcctg acttaagctt gtcatcctca aaaaaatcaa     51960
     acaaaaacaa gcctaaaatc atacaattca atgatagaac gcatccttga tcactgtcag     52020
     tttttcctcc ttcaaatgat gtcactttca agtcataacc ttaaacgtgt attgcacacg     52080
     ttgttaaatt tcatgcaaat gtgacaggac tgacagaaac atttggacaa ttgtaaatgt     52140
     attggtgttt tatatttgta gtattttttt gtaaaattca ttaataactt tgtttttaat     52200
     aaattgattt gaatgataac aacctaaact tgctatttct tttgtatttt ttatagcagg     52260
     ttttagcatt acaaaactat taaagctgta ggttcaattg ggatgaggac aagaacaatg     52320
     acagggttct taaagtgttt ataataaaga acaaagatct gagaacttaa tgtatgacat     52380
     attcctttac agaccaactc gcagaaatca accatcagtc cattttagaa attgttggaa     52440
     ttaaaacagt ttttattcgc tgtatttatg tttttatttc agggacagaa aatgtacgtt     52500
     tctggtaaaa tgtcacataa ataggctata tcaccaaaat acagtggaca cattccatac     52560
     aaacagataa atgcacatgt tagatctaaa atattttata cctttataag tctctttctt     52620
     aagaaccatt caagttttca catacacaaa cctcacagga aacgttctct attcttacat     52680
     ttataaatac ttaattctgt gtgagcagtt ttttttttct tgtggggtac aatttatcct     52740
     gataatgttt actcagctta ataaaaataa atacgttgag ttacaagtat tatacataat     52800
     taggttatgc aatatttata atactgtaac gacatagtaa ctacatcaag tggtggtcaa     52860
     aattatttca acgtattttt accagataaa aactttttct atctaatgtg tcagcagaaa     52920
     atatcagttt acattatcaa atttgttttt gctattaagt aattcagtat tttcaacgca     52980
     atgttattaa aaagaagagg cagtacagtg gattttattc tcactttaat gtaaacattt     53040
     ttagttcact ggtaataaac atctttatta ttattctaca acgcattttt tgtacagttt     53100
     agttccgcaa acctactaaa gtgaaggatg ttccaattaa tatttattac gtaactcgac     53160
     gtttgtcaaa tattcgttgc tgatttgcta taagggacac tttgtgggtg gatcgtatta     53220
     cgtgattgga tgccaggcaa cattcaaatc ttaatattaa tgagctgatc tcttcgccgt     53280
     agtgtttttg tccaggcatg gaaattaaac gacgtacaca ctgcgcatgt cgcaaacaac     53340
     aaaccgcaac tgcatgaacg ctcatctaaa ctattaaatt caggtaagaa cataatgctt     53400
     tatataagac aggtcaattt taatttgtgc tatcgtcttt atcaaatgtt tcagagttga     53460
     ctgtcctgct gcctttttgg cctgttagct ttgtttttag ccacccagcc agtaacgatg     53520
     ctcgagctct tgtcacggcc taccaatggc ttcctgtaat tttaactccg cattttctta     53580
     taactaaaaa ctcaagacat aatctctctc aggtctatca gcagtcatac aaaacgaagg     53640
     atatctgtgt gattatggtc agacataacg tacaggcgtc gtgtggacaa tttctctcat     53700
     gttagcacgt ttccgtgttt atattgagat aacgttacag cgctaaagcg atgctacatt     53760
     taacattaca tatttttctt tcggtctcag ctgagatagg gtcttctttg ttttttatcg     53820
     aataattcca ttaaatgccc ttatcgatgt aattgtaata atgattctaa tttctttgtt     53880
     aaatatttta agttacccag tatgatcact tgttgaaggt tcgtttaaag tctatttagt     53940
     tctgatttaa tttttaatgt gagtcccttt taaacattgt attctgttta atacttgaac     54000
     ttttattagc tagtttttta tgtattagtt tgctattaat cataatgcat agcagggaat     54060
     aagcctgagg aaagtgagta atcataatgc gttcaaaatg catttcactt actaagttaa     54120
     cgtttttagt tttgctctat atatacttta atatatatat tttagaaata aaattgtatt     54180
     taaatctaaa aaataactta cattaatgga atggaattaa tttgcattta tttatgtttt     54240
     gattaattaa tttataactt atttataaca cattcatgta cgcatagaca tcatctatat     54300
     actatataac tgcaagttaa ctatgattat atataacaac taactattaa aggctgttag     54360
     ttactagtta actagttaaa gttattagtt actaataaag tcgtggtaac taattaccat     54420
     aactttttaa aaaatgattg caatggaata atgtgcacct tttataaagc tgctttgaaa     54480
     caaacaataa tctttgtgaa aagcactata caaacgaact ggaattgaat aacctaattt     54540
     atgaactata cataaatcag ttgtcgttat aacaaaacat catgacaaac attgctctgt     54600
     gaaatgtaat gaatacaaca aagtaaattt gttacttgct taaaaaacat tttcaggtta     54660
     taaaggttta tacattttca ggttataaag gtgcacacac tgaggaagac tttttgccga     54720
     aacgtctgtc tgttatcacc cgtaaaatgt cagaaaaagt aaaaataaaa acagtacgaa     54780
     gcaattgagt gcgaatcatt accttctttt gaataatagt aacgataaga ttaatgcacc     54840
     aaaccaaaga agtaactaaa aaaaccgcaa gcgcgcagga caaacttcag taactctgca     54900
     caggttataa aggtttgtca ttagttgttg tatatttctt accaacaaat ttcagcctaa     54960
     aatgtggagg gtacagggaa aagactaaat aacacacaca cacacacaca caaacacaca     55020
     cacacgcgca cactttttaa cactgaaaaa aaaatttaaa tacactcacc ggccaccaac     55080
     taagcagccg acaactctgc agcaactgcg tgatggcatc atgtcaataa tatagaccaa     55140
     atcgctgaaa aaatatttca agtaccttgt agaatctatg ccatgaagaa ttaagtcagt     55200
     tctgaaggca aaagggggtc caaaccggaa ctagtaagtt gtacctaata aagtggctgc     55260
     cggtaattgt ataatagccc ctttcacaaa gtgttaccgg taaatatccg gaaaatttcc     55320
     ggaacgactt taccggtata ttgaaaaaag cgctgttcac acaggcgagg acgttacgga     55380
     aattttccgg aaaagagcat tcacacatcc attccaaaat accggtaaat tctgacatca     55440
     ttcaccacaa atgagcttta aacggctgcc cttgtatttg taaacatttg actaaattac     55500
     aaactctgtg gatgatcaat attgtgaaca actttcgcag gatcactttc tcatgtcgag     55560
     atgttcataa tatgtgcgtg tgctggcgct cacaggctgt tccacaggca cacgcaaagc     55620
     ttgaaggtaa acaaacaacg gcttatcata aggatctcat cgatgattat ttacacagtt     55680
     gtcattaaga agaacatata aacgtgatct gactaacttc tagcagctaa atgtgtctgg     55740
     aaaaatattc aaaggctttt atcctcacaa actgcgcgga cgtgaatgcg tctgactgtt     55800
     gtgattggct aaagcagacg tctcacgtca gcacgttcta gacgtgcacg cgcttattac     55860
     ggtaatcttc cttctgcatt cacacagcgc agcattccgg caaattgccg gtaatgttac     55920
     aacttctctt tccggaaaat agccagaacg aatttaccgg tattttcaaa aaggacctgt     55980
     tcacacatac aacctttgcc ggcaattttc cggaaaggtc tgtatgtgtg aaaggggcta     56040
     ttgatgctcc atactgagtt gaacattagt tgttgagcaa ttccatgcaa atgtcaacct     56100
     tgccatgaaa aaaaaattaa gttttcacta aaatatggta accgtttctg ggtttttttg     56160
     ggtaagcaag tattttacaa tactttacaa atactcaaaa atgcatctgt taatagcccc     56220
     tttcacacat acaagaaagg tgtgtatgtg tgaacaggcc ctttttgaaa atactggtaa     56280
     attcgttctg gctattttcc ggaaagagaa gttgtaacat taccggtaat ttgccggcat     56340
     agatatatac actagatatc gcatagggac cctgagcatg cgtcaatagc gccgccacat     56400
     tggtacagtg ctcccaggac aaatgtcatt caaccgcact agtcaagaca gtgttattac     56460
     gtgaagaaac gggactttag agctgtctac gggtgtagta acgagcaaac aaagaaaaca     56520
     aagcacaaag gcagaacatt tcataggtta tattaagttt ttttctgttt ttgtatgttc     56580
     tgaacttttg tgctaatcag gtaacgttat tgatgatgac agtcacttac tgcattcacc     56640
     ataaggcaaa gtagctccaa ctcgcactaa acactcggct tatgctagtt ttgttgaata     56700
     aaatcagcaa acaatgcaaa agaaatatga caacgagatg ctgcgctgcc agaaacttgt     56760
     attattgtcg gctagcgtta gtgaaagagt cgttcggggg attcattcac aaacgaatcg     56820
     ttccctccgt cagtatgaga agtgaaagcg gtagaggagg tgtgtttatg agaataaaag     56880
     cctttgaata tttttccaga cacatttagc tgctagaaat tagtcagata ccgattatat     56940
     gttcatctta atgccaaccc tgtaattcat tatcaatgtg atgcttatga taagccgttg     57000
     tttgtttacc ttcaagcttt gtgttagccc atgaaacagc acatgagcgc cagcacacac     57060
     acatatcatg tacatctcga catgcgaagt gtttctctat atgttttcat cggagttgtt     57120
     cacaatacta atccatccac agagtttgtg atgtagtcca atgtttacaa atacaagcgc     57180
     agccgtctaa agctcatttc tggttaatga tgtcagaatt taccggtatt ttggattgga     57240
     tgtgtgaatg ctctttccca gaaaaattcc gtaacgtcct cgcctgtgtg aacagcgcta     57300
     atgttttcaa actattctat ttgattgacc aaagtcacac aagtgctaat tttgtcacct     57360
     gtcacatcca taacgacact ttttcctcat gaaagtgaaa atattaaata aaataaaacc     57420
     aatcgttttt gttttgtaga gagccaactc atatcctttt gattattatt gtttcttttg     57480
     ggttgtgtag tttaattcac ataatctcta caaagtatgt tgtacactgt aaacccacag     57540
     acttgttttt gtcacgtcca taactaacgc atgtttattt tcctcattta aagtacaaaa     57600
     tccagattga tatttttctg gtcccttaac tctgtggtta gttgttctgg aaagtataaa     57660
     caaaagtttc aatataatgt taacatacac tttctatgtg aattaatttt tagatttttt     57720
     tactgcaaat gtcacatcca taacgctgga attgttctgt tatatcttat caaaataatt     57780
     atgtatgttc ataaaacact gttaagaaaa tttaaaatgt atgaatattt gaatctatat     57840
     aaagggtctg tttttttttt aaaacattta aaacattctg gtctgttgga ttcttttttt     57900
     tgtgtcatag attgtgtcct attctttcct tttttacaaa ttctattctg ggtctatgtt     57960
     aaagagtctg tgcagtttga ttttgtgatt gaatattctc ttcaatgtgg tccacagcta     58020
     gatatcctgt ttcatttatt ctgtttaaga ttttattatt taaaaaaaaa atacttatta     58080
     aagcgtttat ttctgttcag ttctgtaaaa tgcaacattt gcttttctaa aagatcctct     58140
     tgtatttgat ttttttattt ttgaacactc tattacagtt gatcctttat taaatcccgt     58200
     tttgtttgtt tctaaagatt gtacaccatt catgattttg ttgtattgtg ttccatgtta     58260
     caaataatat ctctgctctt aaaaatctgc ttatttatcc atgaaagatt ctaattctaa     58320
     tttggtaata ctagacatgg gcattttgtt ttacctacag atgtttagtt tttgcttaca     58380
     aaatttgctc tgtgtataat ttgtgatctc catccatact aaaacgttgc tgtgatcacc     58440
     aggtgtaaac aatggggaag gctctttccc atgtggctaa gcatacctgt cacgatgagt     58500
     gtcaggacag cctgacctca tccccgggtt acagtgccat gcagaccgat gacagcaaga     58560
     gtggcggaga cgtgtctcag ttcccctatg tggagttcac cggccgggac agcgtaacct     58620
     gccccacatg ccagggcact ggaaggatcc cgcgaggtgc atttcaaaac ttgcttccac     58680
     ccagacagca cctgttgatt gaaatgcttt taaagtaacc caatctgaaa tgtaatccat     58740
     cactaaatat ttacaccatg tgacagactc tgacatgttt atgcaggcca agaaaatcag     58800
     ctcgtggccc tgatcccgta cagtgaccag aggctgagac caaggagaac gtaagattat     58860
     tttatcctaa tgcatttaga tattttttta gggctgcacg ataatgaaaa aatctgacgt     58920
     tgctagattt atttttgcca caatatatat tgcaatatga atgaaatttc accagatgat     58980
     ctaaatagct ctatttggaa agatttcatt aatttcgatc gactgggatg atcaagcttt     59040
     gttcatgtag tgcatcagca taaattttaa taaattacaa gcaattataa atgaatgcaa     59100
     attttttttt ctagggagtc tagcagtatt caagtacaga cattgaacaa tcaaatgtaa     59160
     aataacatag tcatcattgt ataaataatt ataaaattga ataatatctt tatctttaaa     59220
     tctttaataa ataatctaat cttgtgatgt gactattgca gatacacaca ttttgatatc     59280
     gatgctctaa cgatacatag cagccttatt tactactata ggctccattt acatctgcta     59340
     tttgatgcat ttttgatcaa gtcaccttta tttctatagc gctttataca atgtagactg     59400
     tgccaaagcc actttacaag gatgaatggg aaaaataata agtgacaaag acgacaatat     59460
     ttaattttag tgagacatat ttaacatatc aaacaggtag caggatagta gtagaatgct     59520
     ggtgtagttc tagttagtta aaaatgattc agttcagttt aacactaaag tcgcagttga     59580
     aggatagact caaggagtca caaaagatgc atttgaacat atgtgaccat tgaactcaaa     59640
     acaaggctta tgttgaatgg gtatatttgt ggaaattcct aaaaatcaat aaaatattaa     59700
     attaaatgaa aataatcttc catgaagaca ttttttaaat ttacttctgt aaatatatca     59760
     aaatgtaatt tttgatcagt aatatgcatg gctaaaaact agggctgtgc gatttgggga     59820
     aaatatttaa ttgctattta ttttgacaga caacacaatt gatttacggt tcaattttgt     59880
     agtcaagctt cagccctata atctgcaagc tctggcaaca attatgcaac agctcttaaa     59940
     aaatacctct ttttgtttgg tgactgtgac tttgaaatag ggatgtcctg atcaggtttt     60000
     tttgcactcg agtccaagtc atttgatttt aagtatctac cgataccgaa acccaatcca     60060
     atacttctaa aatacattaa aaaaagaata aagagaagcg aagaaacaga tccaggatgt     60120
     tccttatttt ttatttaatt caccttattt taacattcaa caactctgtt aacaaacaga     60180
     gcacttctgt tagatagctt aaataatcaa gtaataagta atatcaattc ttcacctttg     60240
     gactttagtg taacagtaaa tataaaaaga atctaaaata aaaacaaata ctacctcaac     60300
     ttaatattcc cggcagcaat ccaaaatgta catatctcag agttttctgt ggcattgttg     60360
     tggccatcaa ctttataata cctccagact gcagaaatat actgcatata cttgcgtttt     60420
     ccgcttcata ctcgcgcttt ccccttcaag atacttccgt gttctacttt gctggcattt     60480
     aactaatagc gtcttttggc aattgctgtt tctgtgtgaa ctcaaaaaag agatctaact     60540
     ctgtgccatc gcataactat agatgtgtta aaaaatattg agaatatata tatatatata     60600
     tatatatata tatattcgag tcctgatcgg gaggtaacat ccgattctga tcgagtctga     60660
     aactgtgtga tcggatctgg acatcgatac tttaaaacca aaatattctg atattaccaa     60720
     tgctgttttt ctttgatatt aatttgtcta ttaatatttt tgaagcagca gacaccatta     60780
     tctaaattgt ccatgctttc ctgttagttg ctttttcatt attgttattg tggttgttcc     60840
     gcatagttcg gtttcacaat tctgattggg cagaacgaaa gtttgctcac ttagttggct     60900
     aataagtctc tcacacacag aaggcagtca cgcatttgct ctgggcaggg gaaatttaaa     60960
     aaatacatat atattttaaa tcgcagcctc atgcgattaa ctaatctcaa cgtttcaaat     61020
     tgcgattcaa tttcgattaa tcatccagcc ctactgaaaa ctttaacgtt ggacaacttt     61080
     aaaggttatt ttctcactat tctgatattt tttggaaccc tcagatttta gtttttcatt     61140
     tcattgtctt atcctaacaa acccaacatc aatcaaaaat gtatttagca tgcactcaga     61200
     caacatagac tcattctgaa aatgtagtcc tatatacatt tctagagatt gcgaattatg     61260
     tagccagaag tatgtatggc tgcacttcgt ctttaaaaca actgctacag ggccgtatga     61320
     cgccgttccc tttcaggctt accagctaac cgcttacctc catatggatg gctttttgct     61380
     gttaccagtt tgtccagtag ctcgtcgtgt acttttctct gagactcaac aacaaacaac     61440
     gtttgagccc agtttaagcc cagtaaaaac ggtttctgaa agcagataag acaaaaaaca     61500
     gaagccaaaa ataaaaatta acaagtaaat aacagggtga gaatgtggta aaatctgaaa     61560
     acatggtaaa aaccaggcaa gggcttttct ttttctggat tgctttttaa aactgtcggt     61620
     tgggtttagg gaagtgggta ggtgggtcaa tcggtgcttt tgaaaacact attgtttttg     61680
     tttagggaag gaggagggtg ggtcagtcga tcagtcattc attcagtcat taagtcagtc     61740
     tgcagcggcc tctggtagat ttacgcgaga acagcagttg cgaaaggctt tcgtgagaaa     61800
     aatttgagaa ctcaaaaagc atacacagtg gtctctgggg gatttgcgaa aacaaaatat     61860
     aatcaaaata catcttaatt tctacaaatt attactggtt ttgtagtcca tgatcatata     61920
     tgttaatact aatcataaat ggtaatgtgt cttggctgac cggttattgg atcactaaaa     61980
     acacgttaat ggcatgaaga aggtctcatt tctgtttatg gaattttgtt tgattctgat     62040
     tgaactctaa ctaaatcagt gttatgtaca tgtctcacag caaactatat gtgatggctt     62100
     cagtcatatt gtgcctgcta ctctgcactc tggctgtgtt cttccttttc cctcgttcca     62160
     ttgatgtcaa ctatgtggga gtgaagtctg tctacgtgtc ctacgaccag agcaaacgca     62220
     tcgtgtatct caatgtgact gtaagttccc acagagcact tttcactgta cacaggttta     62280
     aaaaaagtgt ttggtgtatt atctgtttca gcaaaaggcc atttacaggg gttcagttca     62340
     cctcaaaata acaattgtcc taatttactc accctcaacg tggtcttttt ctttttctga     62400
     taaacaatat gatgaacaaa aaatattttg aagaaagtct aaccaaaatg tcctcacaga     62460
     ctaccatagt atttttcccc aactatggaa gccaaatgag accataaaca tttgggttac     62520
     caacaatctt ctttcatgtt ctgtagaaaa aaagtaactc ctaaatgttt caaacaacct     62580
     gagtgtgagt aaatggtaag ttttcatctt ggggtgtact atccctttaa gaagctctag     62640
     ttatcagcag tggtcaatat ttggaacttg acctcaagcg catgtaacat acaagaaact     62700
     aaatgtgact taatacctta atttggctca tggataaatt taaataaata aatagcacta     62760
     aacagataat ggacatcatt tcaccacact gctgacagca atgtttagat gaatttgtta     62820
     atatgtgcag ctctctttct ctctcagtaa caaaataaat acacaacact aaatcattta     62880
     atttgtactt aattttcaat aattcagcct gtctatccag tttaatggtc tttcttttat     62940
     ctttttttaa gaactctctg aatattacta acaataacta ctactcagtg gacgtggcca     63000
     acatcacagc tcgggtgcag ttttcccaga ccgtgattgg aaaaacccgg atcagcaata     63060
     ttactactat tggccccctg gatatgaagc aggtacaact ttactgttac tagccattaa     63120
     acatggtcat tttagaagca tgtgttaact tagattctta tttagtaatc cttgtttttg     63180
     tttgtttgct tttgcagatt gactacatgg tgcccaccac tatagcagat gaaatgagct     63240
     atatgtagta agtatactca aatgtttaac atagtatgca taatatgtac atatttctta     63300
     aaagactgtt tcaatttgtt ttacagtgac tactgtacac tgcagagcat caaggtgcac     63360
     aacattgtgg ttatgatgca gtaagtattt tggagaatat atgttgagct ttaggtgttt     63420
     tggcaataag aaaaggggtt gaattataat gataatttac agagacctat ggggagttat     63480
     gagattgcga atggtacata tctttgcaga gttatcagca tgcgctattt aaattattat     63540
     tttttaggta aacatgtttc ttctgaaaaa atctacacaa atcacagatg tatttcaata     63600
     tattgttaat agtgataaat tataattacg tgtaagcact ttatttcatc tttattatat     63660
     cctatgggac ccctgaaatc atgttcacgg atgagctgaa atattgaaat tttattataa     63720
     tggtagtatg agtaaggctg atacgagagt gctaaagcaa tttcaaagat gagggcgaga     63780
     aaagcagtag agcttttatt atgccacagt ctaccccttc tggttcttcc agtcgtgata     63840
     atgtggagag cagccagcca gcgctccttt attataccta atacatttta ggcttaagtt     63900
     ataatgctgc tctgtgtaat ttaaacaaat gtacctcata ttaaaatctc ttaggtttct     63960
     ctgttttctt ataaaaacaa actggaaaat gagggtatgt gacattagca tggcgatatc     64020
     tatgggaata gttaaaattg cttatctctt tggatttgaa aaatctttga aacatttgaa     64080
     ataatgtaag tttgtaagtt agcaaaatac ttagatgttt tagtattttt tggggggata     64140
     tttgtgtata ttatttcacc tgagggtgag taaatggtga ataagtttta attttagggt     64200
     gtgctatcca tttaagaagc tctagttatc agcagtgctc aatatatgaa acctgacctc     64260
     aatcacatgt aacatacagg aaactaaatg tgactccaga cctcaatttg gctcatgaat     64320
     aaattaaaat gaatttaaaa aatgtccatg taaataaatg gccaaaattc atgaaaagtt     64380
     ctcagtattc aggtaaaaca tccccatttg acatttgact gagaaggttt actattaaat     64440
     attgaattgt ataactaatg aaaaacccag aacttttttt caataagaaa aaaaaaagct     64500
     agtgctcatg catgtaaagc atgtttgatt cagcacagtg gttgcactta aatgtgcttg     64560
     gttaattgta gtaactttgt ttgtgtcttt ccaggattac cgtcaccacg gtgtattttg     64620
     ggcatgctga gcaggtgtct caggagatgt accagtacgt ggactgtgga ggaaacacta     64680
     cagctctgca tgagtacagt ctgaacactc cattaacagg ctaaagctta ccctaaaagt     64740
     gtaacacatc accctgtcct acacctctcc accccacgac tcatagaact agtcaagggt     64800
     ttactgcacg tctgctagtt aaccaccaga tgtcagggtg tttgcagttc acaaaaatga     64860
     tgcactttat ttacagtgtt ctccgagcaa tataaacatt acaagggtgg agtagttctc     64920
     attccagttc acgttgccaa acagaccaag ctaacagagt tcccttattt tcaaacacta     64980
     cccatataaa acccctttaa agggacagtt ccctaaaaaa attaacattt ctcaagtggt     65040
     cacaaacttt tataaaatcc atagaagtca atggcagttt tttctatcca gcattattca     65100
     gtatactgaa taccaaactc aacagatttt gaacaagtgg aggatgtgca aatgatgaca     65160
     gacttttcat ttttgggtga actatctctt taaagcgact agataatgat gtattcatgt     65220
     atttgacgac tgctgttttc cagctgtact tctgctttgt ttgttcttaa cttattcatt     65280
     agtgtttagt gacacaatca atctcaaccc taatgaattt atttaaatgg aaatttaaaa     65340
     ggaatgattt acctcagttc ctgttaatgt ctagttgttc agttttccca cattgtcttt     65400
     tcaccaagga ttatgtgact tctgagggaa tgttagtgta taaagcacac cagtctgtaa     65460
     aaagtacggc tgagatgata aatcgatgtt tatggattta tagatcgatt cttaattttt     65520
     tgaatgcatt gcagttctct ctggaataca tttcaagctt agttcttaac agcagatggc     65580
     gctctaggct aggcatgggc ctgtataaga ttgtgacagt atgataatct tggataaaaa     65640
     tatcacgagt tcacagtatt gtgattactg ccctaaaata tcttcttaat aaacgtctgt     65700
     gtaaaaaaca aaaacttttc cccctttgaa cacaatatat tttattttga gaaactttta     65760
     aaatatttta gaactaaata tgttaggcta aaccattcaa atgaatcaat gaaatctgtt     65820
     gtcttcatta ttttcaaaaa cacagatttc tttaccttta aaatggcatc tttggagata     65880
     ttttttgctg gagatacagt tgtcctaaaa aaacttcaaa caaaatgtaa aaaagggtat     65940
     aggagattaa aaccttgact tttccaaacc acgttacaca ttgaaaatga ttattgtccc     66000
     atgccttctt aaggctagtc caattttgtc ttatcgcgga tgtacttcat tgtttacatt     66060
     acacaagtgt ccggtatagg ctatatgcag aaccagtgtt tttccctact gataaccttc     66120
     aggtgaacag ttaatgtgac ttttttcaat tttatacgtc ataaatataa ttataatgta     66180
     attaaaatat attcagttaa atagacttaa gcattgattt agatgtaaaa cgagatgttt     66240
     gtttaaaagc aaacactatg aggatcagca ggctagtgca gaaactccat tgaaaatact     66300
     ggagtaaaat aaattgtcat gttttaaaga catggccttg aaaaatataa tttactcagg     66360
     gtgtccgctg ggtcttaaaa agtattaaaa gttgataaat cattgtagag aattttaagt     66420
     cccttaaaaa taattaataa gttttaaatg ctattttgca aggtgttaaa ctttatatta     66480
     tctttgatta tgcaatgtat ggttgtatgc aatagtttgc ctgaaatctg ctaatatcag     66540
     gatgcggtgt agtttatgta atcaataaaa tcctgctaga tttgacatca tgctactttt     66600
     tgtacttcag taaccgaggc aacaccatta tttctgcagt tctatagacg ccaacctgct     66660
     aatttagctt ggtttattag atttttattc aggataggaa taacatttca gttttagatt     66720
     cgtttcttac attaatattg agtaaatatt ctgtaagttc aaatatcgcc agtgtttcca     66780
     gttgaaaagt gattctgagg tcttaaaatg tatgcaaaga gtcttaaaaa aggtcttaaa     66840
     aggaatagaa tttcacactc tgatttctgt atatactctg ttaatgtagt gctttttgta     66900
     ccatttgaga cccactttat atggtatatc aatcaggcag tgaagatcat tgttttttaa     66960
     agaaaacaga cattaaaagt ggggattttg taaaggcata cagtttaccg gaaaattaat     67020
     agtccttctg cctatactct attagcagaa catctgaatg agtttaaatg gaatgcccta     67080
     aagtaaacca ttgagcactt gggaactaca gtgttatgct gtcacaatca cattgccatc     67140
     tgaaacatat aggttcagga gtggacatat gaaggtccct cagttaatat cgaaggatcg     67200
     agtgtatgtt cgtgtgaact tcccttcttc acttgataaa gtagaataca ccttaaaatg     67260
     gcagttgggt ttcccctgag ggaaaaaggc aagggaagtt tgtgagtgcg tgtctaaaag     67320
     tggagtggaa tgcaaccctg ttgcgcataa agatctccaa tagtatctga atgcagactg     67380
     catggcatat atgaatacac cccattttga aagtgaatat ttttatctat ttctcagtaa     67440
     atatgaataa tgtatattgg tgcatttaaa caaaacagat ttattaaaca tatatttatt     67500
     aaaataatat tttagtcaca gaacattaga aatgggaaga tagtacattt aaattcatgt     67560
     aacatattgc aaaaaaaatt acaaacattt taacaaaatt gtatatattt gtgtttctct     67620
     tgatttttgc tatttttgaa aattgtattt aatatttttc cctaacataa atttgggcta     67680
     caaattttta accattattg taagatattt tgttagatta gctcttcagt actgactaat     67740
     ctaatgcata tgcacaaata taacattgta aagcatcctg tagaaaatat tagtttaaat     67800
     aagagatgtg tggggggtgt actcatatat gctgagcact gtatatcaga cttgcaatgt     67860
     cagacacatt gcactcagta gagctagtga cgtcactgtg aggggtaggg gtgggcttag     67920
     gtgtccccgt taaaaatcat tgcatacgac tcaccttgca cctgaatggt gcttttactt     67980
     tgtcatatac tgtactgtca atggcacctg tgccatgttt tttttttaca ggattaatgt     68040
     aaacacagct cactatgaac gctattttaa ttcacttaaa cgttttcatt aaatcattta     68100
     atgactgttt tatgttcaaa tgggtgtgaa gattggtaaa gtgtggctgt ttagaaagta     68160
     aacagcgcca tctagtggta aaactaagct cagaagctca agagagaacc tcaatgcatt     68220
     cagaaaatgt ctcaatttgc aataaatcga tttatcgtcc cagccctagt aaaagtgaag     68280
     cgcttcactt tatttatttt gtttgctgaa gtgtctcttt tcagtttaaa agctgtcaat     68340
     ctctccgtga gaaattgcct ctaaattaaa atgtataaaa cagtaattgt gtaaaacaac     68400
     aatcattggg atcagagagt ataatggagg atgttttgag atgatcattt ccttcggaat     68460
     ccctgacgtt tagaatatat gggcatttca tatagaactg tttaagtttg cttattaaaa     68520
     actagatgtg atgtgtggat ctttgataac acttttaaga ttactcagaa tggaatatat     68580
     agaacttgat gtttttcaat attttattca tgtttgtaaa aagcttcgat gataagttgc     68640
     ttaaagatga cctgctgcag aacagaagtg gctgctaaca tgacttggcg tttatgcatt     68700
     tcataacaac cgttcgcttg atgtacacgt ttgtttgtag cacttgttgt gacttttgag     68760
     tggattggac tgctttagag atgcactgaa gtaacacgac cctactgatt tccattaatt     68820
     aaacctgttt tgagtcactg tcttttcttc atatttttgt gagtaaaatc atatttagca     68880
     aagagattaa aatgttgctg ctgtaaaaaa ggaaatttcg caattctaca aaacaccaat     68940
     aaatatgtag gatgctttcc agtttacatg ttgcatgaat aaatgtgcaa acaatcagtt     69000
     aaactgacca cttatatcta ggcccacacg gaatctgcgc gcgcagaatt ccgcagattt     69060
     tccgcagatt tctgcagatt tttagcctat cattaattct gtttatttac ttgagtaaat     69120
     gtataaatct gaattcattc agtttttatt cagtaattta ttacttttta tttaatatat     69180
     taaggtctaa gttatgatac tccgctggat actcacaaaa taattccaca gatttttacc     69240
     aaaattctgc gcagaaatag caaaaaaatg tccgcagatt ccgtctggcc ctacttatat     69300
     cccagcaggc acacaacatc aagatgttaa tactaggtta aatttaggtc atgatgtcag     69360
     gtgaccaaaa ttcaatgtct agccagcatc taaggacaat gttattttga catctatgaa     69420
     caatgtaaaa ttatgttgac atttggttga ttttaggttg tgttggaaag tgaccaaaat     69480
     ccaacatctg atagatgtca tagtggcaac ggccacacaa cgtcaaggta taacatgagt     69540
     agacattgat agttggttga ttttaggttg gacgttggac attgacgtcg gcctgacagt     69600
     gggttttgac gtcaactcga tttttatttc aaacaaaatc caatgtccct acaacattgg     69660
     ggtataactt caatatgatg tcttgttgac gtcctgtgcc tgcagggatg attcaaactt     69720
     aagatttttg tatatcaggt tatcatattc caataaaagc ccaaaaattt tactgagggt     69780
     atcacattgt gaagtttatt cataaactag ttttgagagg attacgtgct tatgattgct     69840
     tgcggctggt cctgcattat ccaatatatg attcaccaat atactacgcc actataaata     69900
     ctcttagatt ccatataaca gccatctata ttttgaagaa tccccccttc cacccctact     69960
     cctcctcctt tcctatgggt gacacggtgg cccagtggtt tgctctgttg cctcacagca     70020
     agaatgtcac tggttctagt ccttaccaag ccagccaacg tttctgtgca gagtttacac     70080
     gttctccccg tgctcatgtg ggtgtcccca gggttccccg gtttcctccc aacgttcaaa     70140
     agcatgcaac ttaagttaac agactaatcc aaatcagcac catagacgtg ctcctagtaa     70200
     gtagttatct tttaagagca attactatct gttcattagc ttatgcagca gggcagttct     70260
     cgagatctac ctgagctcaa actcccctca cgcctcgcaa acgggaggga gccccgggct     70320
     ctctcctggg acagcatgtc aacaagcttt ataatctatc atcagctaag tgtgaactct     70380
     tgaataaggc ttttcactat ttaacacagg acaaaattag attgtgctat taaaatggga     70440
     aaatgttgac tctgctaaag catgttagat attgttactc atcctactca tgctaactac     70500
     attgtaaaac gtttaagttt gttgaagcta acaagtgcta acatgttaaa acacccttgc     70560
     aacagttata atgtgaatgc gagtctgatt aaaacattct aatgcatgct agcactatat     70620
     agctatgaaa tagtccagcc tgatctcacg agaaaacgtt actattttaa gttttgtcaa     70680
     ttgaaaagtg gcttattcgt tcactgaaaa aaaaatgatt caaagatgct ttcttggatt     70740
     tactaattat tatttaaggt aagtggttgt aaacaattta tttaaggctg aattcaagca     70800
     aattaagttg aacactacaa aatttaattt tacttaaatt caacccatat aaattgactt     70860
     caacagtttt gtagacacta tattttcagt gtacaaattt gaaatgtacg attttaaaaa     70920
     ggagattttt aaacccaacc gtcattgggg gataagaaaa tcattctaat atgtgcaatg     70980
     agatcgtatg aattcataca aattagccac taaatcaaaa agttctgaat tgctgtgtga     71040
     ttgtgtttta gcaacaggag gttctgactc tctgtggtca ttaaaaatcc catggcactt     71100
     ctcatataaa gtaggggtgt aaccccgctg tcctagccaa gttccctcca tcagccctta     71160
     ccaatcatgg cctcctattc atctccattt accaaattgg ctatatcacc gtctctccac     71220
     tcccatctac agctttctgt ggtgagagca ctggcgccat tatcctgtgg cagccatcgc     71280
     atcatccaag taaatgctgc acactgatgg tggagtggag agacccccct caagattgtg     71340
     aagagctttg ggtgtatggc catacacgat aaatactcta tataaataca cattacatta     71400
     cataacaaaa gctaacaatg ttaaaataca agtcatgcta ccaattggtt tgcataatgt     71460
     atcaacatag tgctaaagct cattgattcc tgcttaaata tgatagcaga atgtaaaata     71520
     aatattgaaa accctgattt aactgttagc catatgctaa aacatgctat caacatgcaa     71580
     attcatgcaa gtaacattaa ttatgttgta ttttggtaaa acatgccaga aatatacaga     71640
     atctttattt tttctttctg tatcaacttc aaaagttatt tttccgatca agtttttttt     71700
     aagttacagc tgaaacggaa acatcaaatg ctgttgagaa acaggaaatg cagcaaaagg     71760
     gtggcaacac atcatttgtg atgctgaacc ttgattatct tgttaaatca cttgtatata     71820
     aaacatctaa aagtcaactt ttatacaaag aatactctac gattttaata gctctatgcg     71880
     tttatactaa aaatatgggt aacactttat tttgaaggtc cttactgcac attttgttga     71940
     ctaaaagggt cccactttat attaagtggc cttaactaat aagtacttac ataggaatta     72000
     agtttgttac aatgtactaa ttgtgtaaat acatgtattt acggtgtact tatacttgat     72060
     taaatacatg tatgtaatta catctgtaat taacttttgt aattacattt gtaaatacaa     72120
     tattgaccat cccttacacc ttaacccacc cttaaaccta cccatacctc caaacctgtt     72180
     cataacccaa cctctatcca aactcaaaag caccacaagt gttctcaaat acatcataaa     72240
     cacagtaagt acattgtatt tattttttga tggaagtaca tagtagttaa ggacacttaa     72300
     tataaagtgg gaccactaaa agtttcattg caacgacatg ccaattactt ctcatttgag     72360
     aattagtagg ttgtctgctt tatatctgca gatactgctc cttttacata tttaactgat     72420
     ataagaagct tagcaagtat acatgccaac ttaccctaac cctaacagtc tacatatcta     72480
     ttgagaatta gttggtgtgt aaatacaatg taacttaaat tcaacaaaat gcattaaagg     72540
     gaccatcaaa ataaagtgat accaaaatgg gtaatacatt atttttcact tcgttaaagt     72600
     atttaattgg atgctgagat agcctggtct tgctcaacga aaagatggtt ctactcagca     72660
     attactgtta gatcatataa agtgcgcaga gaacagcata attagcagat tttcatttcc     72720
     gatgctttgc catgacaata agaaagcaat catgttcgac tgggtattgt atcaagcatc     72780
     taattagagt tattgcataa cccaaaggta accagtattt agagcttact caatgagagt     72840
     tcaaacagga aggctggttt tattagctag caacagagcg atgtatccag ggcagggaca     72900
     aattatacaa tagctgtcat gcagatagaa ctgccaatag cagcatttta ctgactataa     72960
     ttatgtggcc ctcgatcctc tctttaaata aaaagtttta ttaaaactac aaaagaaagt     73020
     tgcctaaagg ctttgaaaaa cgtttacaga gatgcatcta catttgttaa acgctaatat     73080
     gttgatatta catcaatata ttgatgtgag ctgttcatca aagcccattc ccacatgtct     73140
     gtgtaggcat cagtgccaat tttgcttgac atgacttgct tcttaacaat ttcctgtaga     73200
     atctacagta atttactgta tatcagttac agcagaaata ctgtatttac tgtacaaata     73260
     ccatgttttg agaaaaagtt gatttaccaa gaaaattatt gctttttaat gagaaagtaa     73320
     tgtttttatg agacaattgt tcagttttaa caagaaaaga tgttgtttta acaaaatagc     73380
     atttagttat tacgagaaaa gaagtcattt taacgaagag agattgcttt taaaaaaatc     73440
     ccaagctcct tgaggtattt gcaagatttt gtgctaaatt acagaattct agaaggactg     73500
     accagaaaat gtttcttttc tttcattatg caaggatttg catagttatc tgctgagttc     73560
     atcaggtatg catgattaaa ttctcagcag aggagacatg ttttggttta ttgctcagag     73620
     atacacagat ccatccagag cacagatggt tgatattaac tgccggcgat gagaccattc     73680
     agttttatgg gtcaccagag tattatattc ataattatca tgaagtttac aaaaaaaaat     73740
     agctatgacc atacaagtta tgagctagct tgtgaatttg aatgatcact tactgtagat     73800
     tctatgaaaa gtgttcatga tttttgctta atatccatgc aggaagggga tataaaggaa     73860
     tatttctttt aaaaatgaaa atacatgtaa gatgactctg ttggtttaca actttttcat     73920
     taaaccttgc taacacgatg taaaaatata agagcaacag actaaaaaaa aacacatgtt     73980
     gccaaattac atgaaaacac tttaacccag tgcttctcaa acttgtttta tcaagtacca     74040
     cctcagaatg agcaattttg aaatacagca gcgtagtagg cccgataaag cagctatagc     74100
     gaaatcgtat tagtagccaa gggctatcaa gtacattagt cacagtcaaa taaacagtgt     74160
     taattttgtt ttcaagtcac acttgcagat tatttcagat cgaatattca aagtggtaaa     74220
     caatataggg agtgtgcatg tcacaagttg taactaaaag aatgttcatt cattcatttt     74280
     cttttcggct tagacccttt attaatccgg ggtcaccaca gcggaactaa tcctgcacgt     74340
     ttttacgcat aggatgccct atcagccaca acccatcttt gggaaacatc cacacacaca     74400
     ctcattccca cacataatct atggacaata gtttatctgt ggggcccacc tgggctggcc     74460
     cgcgtgggtc ccagctgaga tggccagtat ttttatttat gataatattt tacatttaag     74520
     tacagcaatt ttcttttaac tttttaagaa cagtgccatg tttaattaac ttttaaaatc     74580
     acattttaat ttaaacattg acattttatt tatctttttt acctgtgtgt tattgttcaa     74640
     actattatgt ttaaagtggc tgacaatatc aaatattcaa aataataatt attaatctgc     74700
     cacatttgtg aactgtgctg tagccgctta atttcaatac atgcattatg gtggtacttg     74760
     gagagacaat tttttctgag gtggtacttg gtgaaaaagg tttgcgaacc actgaagtac     74820
     aacatacatt acagacaatt tagcctaccc aattcacctg caccgcatgt ttttggagga     74880
     aacccactcc aacatgcaaa ctccacacag acacactaac tgacccagcc gtggcttgaa     74940
     ccagcgacca ttttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact gtgccactgc gttgctctga     75000
     atgaatgtgt gaatataaca accaagttta cctcaataac ttacactttg cactacagga     75060
     gccaatcagc gatcactata gaatgacaat tctccgggga agaggcttag accagacatg     75120
     agtttttgca gattttgagt gatacgaaga tttagaaatg aaacgaaata gacagatgtt     75180
     gtttaattgt attggttatt cataatatga aatgtaatct taagcttggc aagtagttta     75240
     ggagaattta atcttttccc attcagacag agtgccctag catactgcca gaaaggtttt     75300
     tcaaagatgg ccgccaagtg aaatgacttg ccttaaagag actttgatgt agcatgtagc     75360
     ctacatatga cttatttgat tcctctgcgt accactatag gaagcccgca taccactagt     75420
     ggtacatgta ccacagtttg agaatcactg ctttaaccat tttagaaact gacaaaatcc     75480
     aacatcaagt tacagtatgt tagcaaaaat ctgacatgcc agaagcctgt aaacattaaa     75540
     accacatatt acaaccagcc taaactcatg aggaaacata actattttac aaattgtcag     75600
     aaaagaattg ctgtgtaaat ctgtgtaggc aacattccct catttattta ttttccttta     75660
     gcaaagtccc tttattcatc tggggttgcc acagcggata gaaccaccaa cttatccagc     75720
     atattttaca cagcgaatgc ctttccagct gcaacccagt actgggaaac atccatacac     75780
     actcattcac acttgtacac tacagccaat ttaatttatt gaatttacct atatatagcg     75840
     caagtcttta gactgtagga gaaaccggag cactcggatg aatagccaca tgaacatgtg     75900
     gagaacatgc aaacttcaca cagaaacgcc aactgaccca gccgggactc aaacgagcaa     75960
     cctacttgct gtgatgctac aggccaaacc actgagccac catatcgccc gtgtaagcag     76020
     gatgttcaat attttataaa catgctagct ccattctaat tgatgcaaac aacatgctaa     76080
     ccttcctaaa acctgttaaa atcagtgctt gaagtaagtg tctatatgcc agtatgctgc     76140
     actgcacttt tatagcactc ttaactcttt attaagcgca gaaagctttc aggaaaaaag     76200
     acatatgagt tatggaagtc tagcaatgat tctagttcca gctcagctaa gttttatgca     76260
     tgaacatgac aagaattttg ccctcagatt atcacaaatg tgtcttgaca tcaatgtatc     76320
     atcagtggtc tctgtagtcg attagtctgt ttatgcttga atataaattc ctaaagaatt     76380
     tttattagaa atgctggctt tgcatatgtc accgtacttt gtgttctcac tctctcttcc     76440
     agttctgttt cagattacct tcagttacct gcttttactc tgtcacgaag tcacaggtca     76500
     tttgagctaa ttcgctccac ctgtttctca tccctttttt cctacgtcat ttcccttcgt     76560
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga aagataacaa aaatggcttc agaaactata cacagatgtg     76620
     ttgtgaataa gagcgcagtg aactgtaatg ctctacaagt gttgcagcaa gatatatttg     76680
     gataagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtggg     76740
     gggttctgtt actcacccca tatttgtgtc gagggctgcc agtgaacgag tatcccgtta     76800
     ttttggactg tttccacggc acttccccgg cactcaccag actgggtttt ctttgtttgc     76860
     aaacactttc tcctcaataa atactttgtt ctgcatttga gttcacgcct tcgtctactt     76920
     gtgacagcat attaaatatc actggaattt cactggaaat gcaaaccaca aatctttctt     76980
     gtttttaacc ttgtttgtgg ttctccacaa cataccacat atactactga ctgatcatca     77040
     tgttttaagc tttatggaca attcctctgg aaacagtgta ctggtgtcat attcagttca     77100
     aattattttt gagtgacacg actgattctg ttgttcctgt gaagatctac cagggaaatc     77160
     tgacgctgtt tcaaactgtt gttaaactaa atgacatgtt agtggatgtc ttctgtaaat     77220
     catggtaaaa tatacaactg ttataatttt ttttgcttaa gtaaaaagta aaagtttgac     77280
     tgctactgca tgtgtgatac acagtaaact caacacttcc accaaagagg gcaacaaaac     77340
     attgctgaat actgtttctt actgtactgt ctataatgct gcaagaaaga aaatattctg     77400
     tgtgaagaag caaaagctga ttgtgtttct ctttcctttt tctttaccac tgtaaagtgt     77460
     gaaagtgtat aagtgtaaat cttgactgtg tcaaaaggtg agaaaatgat cttctatctg     77520
     agcagatgca acttaaacta gaaaaaagat aaaactcaat tcactacaac cacgatgacc     77580
     tcagaaatct ttggagcatc tcatcatgta tatgaattaa gaaaaatgct ttaagggggg     77640
     gtgtggtcgt catgtgactt tctgtactgc tgatataaaa gctgatactg tacagaaaaa     77700
     caggaaacaa caaacagtca ttccacataa cggaagccat ttgcttccct caaacatttc     77760
     aaatatattt tagcatcatc tttcatgcgt tatgttatgt gttaaataca ctcatcagcc     77820
     actttattag gtacacatta ctggtaccgg gtttgacccc cttttgcctt cagaacacct     77880
     taatccatcg tggcatatgt tcaacaaggt actggaaata ttgctcagag attttgatcc     77940
     atattgacat gttaccatca cacagttgct gcagatttgc tggctgcaca tccatgatgc     78000
     ggatctccca atcactacaa cccaaaggtg acctattgga atgagatctg gtgactgtgg     78060
     aggccgtttg agttcaggga actcattgtc atgttcaaga aaccagtcta agatgattcg     78120
     cactttatga catggcgtgt tatcctgttg gaagtagcta tcagaagatg ggtacactgt     78180
     gatcattaaa gggatggata tggtcagcaa taatactcag ggattgtggc gttgacatga     78240
     tgctcaattg ttactaatgg gcccaaattg tgccaagaaa atattcccca cacctggtgt     78300
     ggttttctgc tgctccagcc aatacgtctc aaggttggat gtgttgtgca ttcagagatg     78360
     ctcttctgca tacctcggtt gtatcgagtg gttatttgag ttactgttgt cttacttagt     78420
     ctggccattc ttctctgacc tctggcatca acaaggcatt tgcaccctca gaactgctgc     78480
     tcactggata ttttttgcag accattctct gtaaacccta gagatggttg tgcgtaaaaa     78540
     tcccagtaga tcagcagttt ctgtaatact cagagcagcc aatctagcaa caaccccgcc     78600
     acgttcaaag taaattaaat caccttattt ccacattctg atgcacggtt tgaactgcag     78660
     cagattatct tgaccatgtc tacatgccta aatgcattaa attgctgcca tgtgattaga     78720
     aatttgcgtt aacgagcagt tcgacaggtg tacctaataa agtggacagt gagtgtatat     78780
     gttaccggca atattctata ttctacgcat aggaaatgta tagaatgctt aaaatcgaac     78840
     atcaaagtat gaaattattg ctactttaca cattgcctag gcattctatt gaatgcagag     78900
     ttgctgtgtg gtaaagtatg taactgtcct acccctgcca ttcattccgc cactgatgtt     78960
     gttggtgacg ctgggttgtt tgataatgtt gatcgaagca catgcgtgtt atcgtaaggt     79020
     aatgtaatgc cattacgagt ttccattacc acatcacaga ccctattact tcacaaatat     79080
     tttaatctaa gttctgttgt cattgtcttt ttgggtgagg aaataggctt tattttgtgt     79140
     ttctttccac tcaagggcgt aggtttactc ttgacattgg tggggatagg tgaatccaac     79200
     accccccaaa ccccctcctg gccatttaca ttcatctgtt tatactgcaa ttagtcttcc     79260
     gggcatatta ttcacagaaa atatcagcct gctttaatgt tagactgtgt gttaaagcag     79320
     agaaaacacc agcattaact gcagtatcat gatggactta ttcagcagcg atcttgagtt     79380
     tatgggacac ttttcattca tttattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagaccct ttatttatct     79440
     ggggtcacca cagcagatgg ccttccagct gcaacccatc tctgggaaac taccacactc     79500
     attcacacac acgctaaatc tatgcccctg cttccactgt aaaatacttg atgaataaag     79560
     gcttttgtta tgctcttttg acactttgcc gaaatgttac ttgtcattat aaataatgcc     79620
     tagctaaaat atgcacaatc tttacaaaaa ctgatattta gtactaaaac catcaggcat     79680
     tctacacatt tcctaggcat tctatacaat accggcattt cacacattgc tggtaacata     79740
     tgttaaatat cttcaatttg aaatcttttc tatttcctca actactgttt aacagaattt     79800
     gacgttaaaa tgagtataaa aaaacattga aaactgcttt tattctcgct aaaataaaac     79860
     aaatgagatt ttcccagtac tgggttgcag ctggaaagac atctgctgcg taaaacatat     79920
     tctggataag ttggtggttc attccgttgt ggcgacacct gatgaataaa gggactacgg     79980
     caaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgttgtga aaaatcccat aatccgttaa acatcatttg     80040
     agaaatattt gaaaaagact atatatttta ctcaactgtg tgggcaaata tatgaaacaa     80100
     taaatgaaag taaatgtgtg gaagcagttt ataacttcat aagcttatca acattatgta     80160
     catcaaatga ttcatttaaa caatgtgtgt ttcatgattc aagcatttcc ccctcaggta     80220
     agatggtgtg cacgattctt tgaattcaag tactcgggaa gacaattttg tcctcctatt     80280
     agggcttcaa ttcaaacttc tgtgtaacta caagcttgtt tactttaaat actagggcag     80340
     ctggtaatac tagattattg tggttgttaa attcacacaa atgcgccgct attctttgcc     80400
     aaatactgca gggtaactca ctggaaatct acatatattt tctcacaata atctttgatg     80460
     gcagtgactg acagctcaac cctccctgaa tgtatttaaa tcagattaat ttgtgatcac     80520
     ataacagtga tgttgatgaa gaattgtctg gatcaagaaa aggtttctca tttaaagtaa     80580
     ttaaaccatt ctgaattgtt atggtttcaa acatttaaaa attaaaatta atttaacctc     80640
     aagcccgctc atttgctatt gattttcaag caaatatgtg atacacagct aatgttgggc     80700
     aaataagcta tggcagtgtg tctgtctact aataacttcc taaagaacaa atgttgcttt     80760
     acatgctatt gaaaatgtcc cacctcccac ttctcaagtc atattttagt catgataaat     80820
     tactttgttc aagtacttta aactgtgtag taatatccaa atatgcatat actgtatata     80880
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga     80940
     gagagagaga gtaatatcac acgagtagca atgcgatatg gctgtatatc ggcactagtg     81000
     ggaggtatgc gttggattga agatgcatgt ctagtgcctt agtgtcccac caccagtgac     81060
     gataaacagc catatagcac tgctacaagt ttggtattac attcatacaa cagttcgacg     81120
     gcataatcat gtatataaaa ataaataaat caaacacgga acccttttgt aagaggaact     81180
     actttcttcc gccattcata cacatctgca gctgatgtca gaacagtaga agccgttact     81240
     aattcaccta tgtcacttta gagctagtgt ttgaattatt ctctattgtt atatctaaag     81300
     tgatgacaaa acgtgatttt gctgacattt taagattata aggctgaacg ccattaaatg     81360
     ccacaagtca gagaaccgtt tttgctcgcc tcagtgtgac aagctgatgg ccgccaacgc     81420
     actaaatctt taaatattta aaataggccc tattcttata aataaactgc atagttgcaa     81480
     tctaaacaac tacattcttg catctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     81540
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     81600
     tatctaatat ttttattatg tacactgatg agctggaaca ttcttatcag ttactagtaa     81660
     agtcaataat ctttatcatc tcctaaaaag tccacataat aaggttgggt cgattagatg     81720
     taagcaaaca aaccattctc ataatcaaca tgtctaaagt aggagaaatt ggtaggaata     81780
     aatatttgag tacatttgtt atgaaatatt ggtctcaatg gaacaacaaa acttgttact     81840
     tgttcttgtt agctgaaact ggaaacctgt tctttatggt tggatgtagt gagaacttgt     81900
     taaatgtaat caaaagagca gcaaactaca cactggcgat gtggtctagg gtgcaaggct     81960
     tatcaaagct attaaaagat ccatatcagg ggtgtccaaa cttggtcctg cgggtcggtg     82020
     tcctgcagat tttagctcca acttgcctca acacacacct gcaaggatgt tcctagaatg     82080
     cccaatatct tgattagcca gcccaggtgt gtctgattgt ggttggaact aaacttcgca     82140
     ggacactggc cctccaggaa tgagtttggg cacccctcta tactgctgca cagttttatt     82200
     attatcaatt ttcatttaca ttttattgag ttgctttact gcagatcgat cagagtgggt     82260
     cctatgatat tctgtcagcc agtgcaagat caacagcgta ttaagcaggt agacaaaatg     82320
     ttctggctca atggtgtatg taaatatgca agagcttaat aagcatcatg agttattctg     82380
     aagcacagta caaaaacgaa gaagaatgct gattacaatt agagatcact tcagattcag     82440
     attttcagtt ttgactgttg caactatcat aggttttgtt gtttacatac ttcataatac     82500
     aagtacatat attacttttt aaaattcttt gtttgttgtt tcccagaaaa tgaagttagc     82560
     tagcatagta tagccactaa aggcccttta agttttgatc aataaacatt aaagattgtt     82620
     gtttccgaac gatagatatt taaaacagca tctaccataa aatgagctat actgtaaatt     82680
     aaaagtctcc caatacatct cttaatccga cattaacaag gcattaaact aaacatttga     82740
     agggtgccta ttgtcttgga tgtcttcaat tcctaaacta aaaggtagac ctaataagga     82800
     atctaccaaa ctgtgaaata attgtgggta acactttgca aaaacagcac atgaataatg     82860
     atgtatcaat atgtaaacta aacattactt tattatgaat taatgatagg cccagacaga     82920
     atctgctaaa aaacaattct gctaaaaatt ttgtaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tctgtggatt     82980
     tatgtggaat gattttagaa gtatcataac taaaacctaa tatatgaaat aaaaaatatc     83040
     tatttttact tttatttaaa gtttacaatg caaatttaat tagatccact tttttggtaa     83100
     acaaaacaag tctatcagat aatatatctt ctaaaagaca aaaaatatta ctttacaatc     83160
     tgtattataa ataaattata tgaacatgtt aatattacta ttattatatc acaataatat     83220
     tagtgaaatt aatttaaaaa ccaaataaat aaaaatgtac atatttacac aagtaaatta     83280
     gtagactcaa tgatgggcta aaaatctgcg taattctgtg cacgcagatt tcgtgtgtgc     83340
     ctaacaatga gttaaggctt gcgctaataa gcctgatttc acgaggaaac gcaagtattt     83400
     tatgttctgt cagtttagtg gctaaatcgt ataagttcag tcgtacgaaa atgtacaatt     83460
     ttaaaaagga ggcgttgcaa ccaaccccac ccctaaccct aactgtcatt gggtgatgag     83520
     caaatcgtac aaaatggtac gaattagatt gtacgaattc atacgaatta gccacttaat     83580
     caaaaagtta ctaattgctg tgagtcacag aagttcatgt gtaaataatg gctaccttaa     83640
     ttacttgtta gttcatgatt gttaattatg tattaattaa catttaaatt taagctaaat     83700
     gtaaccaaca tgaacttatg agcagttatt gtataattac gtcaggagtt tacttgcagg     83760
     ggcacatcac cgttagctca tgcttatgaa ctcctgttta aactgttgat gttgacagca     83820
     cacattttat tgttattcag tgtaaatgca ctagacggat gtgcatgagg agttcatgaa     83880
     tagaaagagt taaaggttca caaatctctc aagtactttt ttaaagattt taacagattt     83940
     gtgtgtgttg agcatcagtt aagacaatgt tagcacctgt tagctttaat tgtgggggaa     84000
     actggattat tttgagcttt tgtcagctaa tttcagcttc cgggtttaaa atcatttttg     84060
     ggacgggatc aaaatcggcg acgtcgagca aaactgcaag tgcaaagatg acgcgtcggt     84120
     ttttcattat tattgttcaa agtggagttt tcttatatga gaagagcctt cttaattatt     84180
     catgactgca catgctttct gaaggcaagg cagacctgcc agtgccaagc tgtgagacat     84240
     ggacccacgg aacacagtac ttagcagtac atgaagggtc gtatgtgttt gtttccgtga     84300
     tccacagggt ttgttgcatg ttttccccgc gatgctgtca gggccgatac agcaaagctg     84360
     tttgtgtgca gcaagcattt ttgtcaggag agcagtacga gaattggaga atggcggacg     84420
     ttgtctttta tcaggagttc gttcacacat agacacatcg tcgtgctgct gtgttcacct     84480
     aaatcctcta gattaccaac agggctaatg gttagggcga gagacctgct gcactgagtc     84540
     tgaattcagg cttacgattc agatccaggg attgagggaa aagtcctcat ttatagtgtt     84600
     tatatgaaca cgattatctt tataatgata gaaattgtgg ttatctgtat atgaaattac     84660
     gaataacaaa tgtatttata tttttatgtt tatttctttg cattttaact ttgtaaacta     84720
     taaactcatg cacctcccca cggtttgcgt ctcattttgt gagctaattg acaacagctg     84780
     ttcgctctcc tccttcttcc ctgctggcca cgcccactcc tgctctttgc tcgcagagct     84840
     ccacgcccat tatgatgcac cttttgaaaa aaagtgtggg gtgtcatgac cctttattaa     84900
     tgggttaatg ataatgtgcc cctcccagta aagtcaatat gtaattatac aataacatat     84960
     catgagtttg tgatgattaa attaagcata aactaatgtg gtaattaata cattaattaa     85020
     caatcatgta ctaacaggta attaaggtag ccgttattca caaatgaact catgtgactc     85080
     gtagttaaag ttagttcatg attgcatgca ttaactcagt agttctagtt cataataaag     85140
     taatgtttac atattaacac atcattcatg tttgtaaaat gttacctaat tgggttataa     85200
     atgtagattc agttgatctt ttttacccat attgtacatc actttaggca gcacttaatg     85260
     ttgattgtga tgaacactca acatgttgaa acattaatgc agtttcataa aagcaacagg     85320
     aaacattttc tcatatcttt tactatctct tcatccacct ctccctctct cactctctct     85380
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct gcgtatttaa ctactttgcc     85440
     atgttcttga acacacccac ttaatgtgtg agtgaagaca tctgcacact gctgtgttat     85500
     tgattcagtt gagcacagaa gtacacagac gtctgcctct ccacatctgc acacatcgct     85560
     ctcagatatg gtgcttcacc acaaagagtt tgagaaggct ggcaagtact ccggtctcca     85620
     aatatggaga atcgaaaaga tggaaatagt acccgtgcct gaaagctttt atgggagctt     85680
     ttatacaggt gatgcctacc tggtgctgca cactgttaaa cagaaagact cgagcttcta     85740
     cgatctgcat ttctggcttg gtaagtggaa tcttttctaa ttaaacacaa tgttgcattg     85800
     tattatgtta tttctgcaat attatattat attataatat attatattat gttatattat     85860
     attatattat attaaattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat     85920
     attatatcaa attatattat atcaaattat attatatcaa attgtattat attatatcaa     85980
     attatattat attatattat attatattat gttatgttat gttatattat attatattat     86040
     attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatgttgt     86100
     attatatgcc tactctttat attttgtaat aactttctct caggtttaat aatctttact     86160
     gaagtgcatg tgactgcaat taaacagtaa agagtgacta atctcagtat cttgactaat     86220
     ctagtgcttg aaatgttcaa gaggatatct gtatgcacaa cctgcattca caaacatgct     86280
     caaatgaaga ttccaatgta aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaactg ggaaatctca gtcgctattt     86340
     ctaaagctga gaaaaacatg gacaatctag ctgacacaac gctcaaatgc tcacattata     86400
     aacaccaata aagcagaagc agagtgtatg accccaataa aatgacgctg tagtaataca     86460
     aaggttagca agtgtgttct cagaagcagg tcatttgatg ttattactcg actttcattg     86520
     atagattttc tctttatgct ttaatttcta aatttctaaa acaaaaaata tatatatata     86580
     tgtcttatat ttttctgttt aataagagtg gcctaatgtc ctattaataa tatacagtcg     86640
     aaaaataaag aaaatgtcta atttaaagaa tatatgtatt ttaaatgtgt taattgttat     86700
     gtctagtttt aaactgctta ttaataattc aaatcatgtg actcaacata aaggaaaatg     86760
     gaacaggata tcacagctac tgtaaatcct gcagagcatc atatcaaagt gacaaacata     86820
     aggtttaaat agatctttaa tttaaccttt tcatgacact ttgcaacttc ccaaaaatct     86880
     aatatttaat tcatgatatt tttttgtggt gaagcctcag gcacaaaaat acctgcccta     86940
     gtggcttcaa aaagcggaca taatcattaa aaaaaaaaaa cttctgtggt caagctaaaa     87000
     aaaaaaaaaa gagcataaaa ctgatatata ttaatataat agatatattt atacatatat     87060
     aaacatctaa tattttgact ataaaaccta tttgaatgca tatgtttaaa ctatattaaa     87120
     aatattttct attagggtaa tgtttaaaaa agtgcatcct ggaagaattt ttaaatattt     87180
     taatatttaa taaactgaaa taatcttaca tgacctttgt attattgttg tcattagtat     87240
     gtttttattt tgtaggaaac tgttatgttt gtaaattatg tattaaatag tatttaccaa     87300
     taaatagata aaatgacatg aaataataca tttaaacaat caaaaaaaaa atacatcaat     87360
     atatttttaa atgaatagtt cagccacaat gaaaatctgt catcagttac tcaaccttct     87420
     cttgttcaaa atctgtcaga gtttctttgt ttttatattt tcccaatata aacattcgga     87480
     tatgccatga gtccaaaatg agatgtttga catattctca actaaaaaat gaagagaggg     87540
     tgggacatag tgtacctcct ccagccaata gcattttgtt ctataacagc tctgcaagtg     87600
     agaatggttg agctcaagtg catcaaatga aaagcagtgc ttaatttgta aatggatctt     87660
     ttccagaaca aaaccaggaa ataaaagtta tttcagtttt cctaaaactt gacattacta     87720
     atcgattaca tttttttacc caaatttctg aacagtcttt gattattttg tgcaagataa     87780
     cgttatgggt caacattggg taaaaaaaac atacaaacaa acaaacaaac atgtggttgc     87840
     aaacataaat cgtataaaac atcaatatcc agtttactaa caccactgac atgcacttca     87900
     ctattatgtg ccaagcgaaa attactcagt ctaatcttca agaagagccc acagttacct     87960
     cttccgtcat gttttctagc tgactttgct tctgtctgtc ctgatgcatt tgctcagttt     88020
     caacttctca agatctcttt ttgataaggc ttattatcag atttactgtt ggtttatata     88080
     aaaagatcat atgcttgact gcctctggca ttttgaaaat acaaatatta tttatgtagg     88140
     ccatgtcatt atttattttc actgcttact gcatgttgaa caataattac cgaccaatgt     88200
     aagtgattgt aaacgtaaga aagctgattg gtcgaaagtg cctatcttta tgtgtgtgca     88260
     cgcacataat ccacaccgct ttgctcgctg tttttcaccc ggactcattc aaaatctctt     88320
     tcttatacac acgcacacat gcaggtattc acaaagcaaa aggtaatgcc ggatcagttc     88380
     aaataaagac tggaacgcaa aacacaaata tctgacattt cccggaacag gatttggcaa     88440
     gatccgactt aaattaagca ctgatgaaaa gcaaatgaga agcttttaaa gggggcgggg     88500
     catgtcaaat actagcgagc atttgattgg ttatgatttg acaagcatct taaagtatga     88560
     gatgatgtaa ataacattga tccatttagg cagaagtggc aaagctttac atgtttacat     88620
     cagttttata tcttctaaac gcacattttg tcactgtttt gagcacacta gcttaaagat     88680
     atactaaaat ctagcaatac tgatactaac atctaaaaaa ctttatttta atttcatgga     88740
     accttaaaaa gtgttgataa ccgaacagtt gatggtagcc actgacttcc gtagagtttt     88800
     atttttaata aacatcgatg gctaatgcca gttttcttgt aaaaaattta caagccattt     88860
     agttgccaga aaacacgtgt acagacacgg ttttttacag tttccttcct ctacttaaag     88920
     tgctttcttt ccattagatg tttcagctat gtcaatatca ctggccttga gtgtacagtg     88980
     gccataacca cacacataca cacactccat tatgaatcat taacgacttc cagtctaaat     89040
     gaattctctt gatgtcttta cccatcgtgt ctttgttgtc aagtcattta ctctgcctaa     89100
     aatcgttggc gtctcacaga acagcatttc acctccaaca acacatctgt ggtcacaggc     89160
     ttcagctagt gcagcaaact gtaaaacgga tgctggctga aagaacaaac actttgggtc     89220
     tcagatgtta agtgtgaaaa agtttctggt taagaaaagt tagcttgtgc cactgaagag     89280
     ctgaacgtgt acgagagtag aagataaaca accagtgaat gataaaatag tgaagggaat     89340
     atagaaatca acgacttata ctgaattgta tatcgccact gttacaacta cctgacaaaa     89400
     gtcttgttgt cgatcccagt tataagagca acaaataata gcttgacgtc tagttgatca     89460
     tttggaccca agattctaac agaaatcagt caagtttggt gaaatatttg taattcttta     89520
     aattatattt caatatagct taggctattt taactagata tgacactata ttgtttaaag     89580
     tctatgaacg tgggcacgta actagttaag ttttatgtct ttctgttgta tttataatgt     89640
     gtattatctc caaaataaat aaagaaaaaa gccgctcgcg gcatagcaga gctgtgaagg     89700
     agcgctcttg cccggtctca cacacacata caggcatcta aacgtgcaca aacaaacatt     89760
     ttaaacttga caaaaactct cgaaaacttt tactgtctgc tgtgtcttta atatggtgta     89820
     aagattatta tgcgttattg aaacataaag gaggacgcag caaaaaacgt cactataaat     89880
     taaaactact ttattatttt atgcaacagc cttacattta aaagggaaac ataagggtga     89940
     tcatacgcaa aaagacccca gactataagg ctagatgttt tctttccctt atttatttat     90000
     ttatttgttt ggcgcatgta ctcatgtgcg atcagaaaac tgcccgcctc tcctttcact     90060
     ccgccccgaa gccccagctg gccctctttg gcccaaggta ttcggcgggc cgaaaaaggc     90120
     cggccgctgg ccccaagaaa gccccgcttt ggcccgatta ggccccggaa gtgacagtgg     90180
     aaacgccact ggccttggct cgccctggct tgctcgcttt aggcgcgata gtggaaacgc     90240
     ggctaatgta aaataaaaat gtggaaaggg tctaaatctt ctttggttgg ccgcttttga     90300
     caattgccat gctagacctc atctttaaac atgacatgtt attgaagtgt gctagccaga     90360
     ttgaatttaa aggggaccta ttatgcaaaa atcactttta taagaggttt aaacacagct     90420
     gtgcggcagc agtgtgtgaa tacatccagc atctaatggt aaaaatttat tatattttta     90480
     taatcatact tcataaaaac agtttgcaga aatactattg gcattctccc tttgtacatg     90540
     tcatcagagc gggaacgccc cacctattag tgatgatctc tcctgcatta atataaacag     90600
     ccctgagtgt gaagcagccg tccatctttc aatcaaccaa aatgcatctt tctcaaaagg     90660
     gcaaatattc tttctctgtc taggtaagga atgttctcaa gatgaaagta cagcagcagc     90720
     catcttttca actcaaatgg atgactacct gggaggtaaa ccagttcagt atcgtgaaat     90780
     ccagggtttt gagtccaccg tcttcaccag ctacttcaaa ggcgggataa agtataaggt     90840
     ttgagatgtt ttatattact tctactaatg ctgaaacaaa ggctttctga aatccagaat     90900
     gtaaagcctg aagtaaatat ggctgcattt cttctaccaa aacaaacgct actgggcatt     90960
     tctttttgca cttacatatg acctccatat ggacggcttt cctgctgtta ccagtttgtc     91020
     cagtagctct ccctgtatgt cagagcattt gagatgcaga gaggaattga ccacgatgac     91080
     ggggttcgaa tccggcaaag aatggttgta aaaagccaaa aaaataaata aataaatgac     91140
     acaaacaagt aaattacagg gtgaggatgt ggtaaaatct taaattgtgg aaaaatcaag     91200
     caagggcttt tctttttctg cattgctttt taaaactgtc agttgggttt aaagaagtga     91260
     gtgggcgggt cgattggtgc ttttgaaaac actatagggt atatgtgaag ctagtgtttc     91320
     ttcgcttact aataaacttc cggtgaacgg ttaatgtgac tttttccatt ttatacagtt     91380
     ccttttacag cattgatgtt gtaatgtaac taaaatacaa tcggttaaat agactttggc     91440
     attcatttag ttgcttaagc atgaagcgag acaaaaagcc ttttactcgc acacgcccgt     91500
     cagaatcggc aggctagcgc agaagctcca ttgaacagtg gcgcccccag aaaattttct     91560
     taggggaggc cagaagaggc acactaaaaa aataatgaat tcagtgtaat gttatatttt     91620
     tgtttttggt aaaagaaata atgtagtttt tattcattta attaattttt ttttaaatat     91680
     tgcaatttat tccttgaaat aattcaggaa gtacatggtc aaaccaaata aaaatctatg     91740
     tttagtttaa aaacactttt atatatatat actgtacaaa taactctttt ttttacgtgc     91800
     ttttattgta catcatacgg tatatgccaa gtctaaaatt aatgaagatt aatgagttta     91860
     ttattcccag agatgggttg cagctggaag ggcatccgct gtgtaaaaat gtgctagata     91920
     agttggcggt tcattccact gtggtgaccc tggattaata aagggactaa gccgaaaaga     91980
     aactgaaaga ataatgagtt tattaataac ccaaacacat gaacaaactg aacaataggc     92040
     atttctatat acacactcac tataccaaat aatatcattt atccatattg ctttttgagc     92100
     caatttatta atgcagcttc ttctattgat atactgtacc ttaaggtaaa tattaaattg     92160
     tctttgctgt ctattgaagg tgtgtgcgtg ctgtcaacga cgatcgggga gggtagtggc     92220
     ggttcttgtt taaatgacac cctgggcaaa ccaccctata cacccccacc tcccttgaat     92280
     tgttagattt gttatttaat aagcataaca atttatttat atttattcta aaaaatacaa     92340
     aataatatta atattattaa acaattatta ttctaaataa ataacagaaa tcaatcccaa     92400
     atattactgg aaaacaacaa ctggagtgat atgccaagat catttaagaa acattttgca     92460
     tgaaatttaa ttatgacaat tctaaagaat tatctgtggt cttagaccag atcatggctg     92520
     agaaatcatg ttatgaagtc ttacctccct gactcattat ccatcctttc tgctttaaag     92580
     ccatgcttag tgaaagtaac atcatcatca tcatcatcat cataatcatt atattatata     92640
     aactttagtt gactttcaaa actcgctgtg tgccgacacc tctgcacaaa aggctgttac     92700
     tccggtttca cagcacatga gcggcaccta ttttattggc gtgcatggaa acaaccaacc     92760
     gggattcaca caggagtgcg tgaggcacgt gggaatggtt ttctgctcgc atgcgtcagt     92820
     ttgctttcac cagcattgaa ccagaggggg agagctacgt cagtaacacc aacaataatt     92880
     tagtggctgc attttattta tttatttatt taaatattgg gaatttataa gtacatttaa     92940
     atcaataatg tcaacagcaa aattatattg gggtggccag gggtggccag agtttaccgt     93000
     ggtgtggccg tggccacccc tggccacccc ttgggggcgc ccctgccatt gaatatactg     93060
     gtttaaaata aattttcata ttttaatgac atggcgggga aaaatgtaat ttaatgctgt     93120
     gtttcttgta cattcggaga cccactttat atcagatatc actcagccaa tgaagattgt     93180
     ggatttttta aagaaaacag accttaaacg tgccgatttt gcaatggcat acagttcact     93240
     ggaatcactt aacccaggtt actgacacat gaaaagtcct ttagcatact tatataccct     93300
     attggttgag tttagaaagg aagagggtgg gtcagtcgat cagtccgtaa gtcaacagcg     93360
     acctctggtg gatttatagg aaaagagcag gcgcgaatgg cactcgcgag agaaatttat     93420
     gatctcaaaa agcatgcaca gcggcctctg atggattcgc gaaaagaaaa actgaaacct     93480
     ccaaggatat atttagtgct ctccagaaat gtatatagtg gtaaaatttt tttgaatgag     93540
     tctggggtgg acatattata tgaagtctgc aaaaaaaact tatccagcat atgttttacg     93600
     cagcggatgc ccttccagct gcaaccacat acacaatcat acactttgga caatttagcc     93660
     tacccatttc acctgtaccg catttctttg gactgtgggg gaaactggag cacctggatg     93720
     aaacccacac gaacgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacaa agaaacgcca actgacccag     93780
     ccgaggctcg aaccagcaac cttcttgctg tgaggtgaca gcactaccta ctgcgccacc     93840
     tgccttaaga tatcaaactt taagtacatt ttgggctaaa aataacaatt caaactatat     93900
     tttataagga aattgagtga atacaaaaaa atgtccgaac gtagttttac aaacctcctt     93960
     ttactaataa ataaagcaca aaatttattt tttattttga gcatattggg tgcttcatca     94020
     tttttcatta tccactgact cccatctgtg ctgctcttcg ctccagcatc atgttattta     94080
     aagtaatggc tgaaagctgc taaagtaaat ttttgcaaat ccacaaaatg tttcctacac     94140
     cccactgtgc aaatccagga ttagtcttta tgtttacaat ttgggtgagg tcaaactact     94200
     ccaatagaaa ttgactagct aaaagcaaac ttttacgatc atctgaaagg atgttgtgtt     94260
     ttagcgtgtg ttttgaaaca ctcagttcct gattgttgca tttggcctca aactgagagt     94320
     gtttcatgag tttataaata gaaactgtgt ttgaagtgga aaaacatgaa gaaagagtgc     94380
     aggaaagaaa aatagaacaa tattttctta ccttctcaga gtggtggagt ggcatcagga     94440
     tttcaacatg tgatcaccaa tgatcttaca gcccggagac tcttccatat taagggcagg     94500
     cgaactgtcc gggccacaga agttcctctc agctgggcca gtttcaacaa cggtgactgt     94560
     ttcattgttg atctgggacc ggtaagacct gcaataatat ataaagtcag gcataaatac     94620
     agcaagcacc aggaccctta actctaatta agataactat tgtaattata aattttaata     94680
     ctttgccact atcctaacca ttagggtttt acccatttat cagcaagaaa tacaatacaa     94740
     ttaatatact gttcttccaa tttcttccaa gtaacaaaat ggttctataa taggcttgtt     94800
     atatttacat aacacataaa tataatacac aatatttcaa attttctaaa atcatacaaa     94860
     gtatgtgata ctaaatttca gtgacttttt cactaaaaat cataaaagtt acttctaata     94920
     acaggcagtt tattagaggg cataaagagg gcaattaaca cattgccaat taactgcaaa     94980
     aaaattatca cataaagtag agataataca gtgtaactct caaaacaccc caaaaaaggc     95040
     catgtactgt atgcaaattt ccagcaacag caactggctg gttcagtaac ttgtcagcgt     95100
     gtatttatat atccactttg tatgctcttt gggtggattt gattattgga ctgctgtcaa     95160
     attactctga ctgtcaacac atggtggaaa gcaaatgtta tgaaagcaca aggaaccacg     95220
     tctcagatca aacaacagat gcatccctta agcaactaac aactcttaag atctggctga     95280
     tacttctgca tcaatcgatt gccgtgaccc acggcacatg ccttgcacat aggcgcgcat     95340
     ctatagttct gcacgctgtt tgtgttgctc tgcaataata tttctgaaat gctagatggc     95400
     attaggtttt tatgttcctc tgtgtcgagt ttcttcttgg gttttttttg ttttttttct     95460
     gaacgctacc ttaatgtaga agttgctaaa actcattcat tcagagggag gaacataagg     95520
     tatacaaaca aaagtttcca tctggagctt cttcacgggt ttcaacactt gtaaacactc     95580
     gctccatctg gcttacggct ctcagcacca cccacatttg tcagagctat caagctgacc     95640
     aatcacagag cttgtcggcg tcagccacgg cgagggctat gtgactgtgc aaaggctgcg     95700
     tcagaggata cacgtgtact tgacacagaa gtataaatta gccttcacgt ggccttatag     95760
     ccctcactgt ggctgactct gacacgcacc tctcaaaaga tttacattca catcgcaaca     95820
     aggcgtaggg caagctctgt gattagtcgg cttggtagct gtgaccagtg tgggtgggac     95880
     cgagagcatg caaacccgct aaagtgaatg tttacaagtg tcaagtccca tgaagtaggt     95940
     atagatggaa acttttgttt tgtgtttaac tcataattaa agttgttgca gttccctctt     96000
     ctgaatgagc aagttttagc tacatgttca ttaaggtagc ggtcaggcaa aacaaaacac     96060
     ctgcgaagaa actcagtaca gaggaaccta acataaccta ctgcccgcta gaattttgga     96120
     agtgtcatta caaaacaaca caaacagcat gcagaagtat aaatgcatga ctacgcgcaa     96180
     ggcagcagct gtgggtcatg gcgatcactc gacacagaag tataaattag ccttttctga     96240
     cctcatgctg cgcagaatgg tctgcaggaa tatcaaacca ttgaactgaa cagtttggca     96300
     gcacacttag ggctttacct tctcacttct ctaatggaat ttacagaaca gtcaattaac     96360
     cagtactgac aaatattgac tgatatcatt ccataatgac agggcagggt attttcaaag     96420
     gtaacgtaaa aaaagcgttc ttcctaagaa atttcatgtg tcaaaacaat taccatgaat     96480
     gaaacccaag tcttcctagg aaaccaacct gtttacaaat aacaacttgt cttaaaaact     96540
     aggtaatcta ccaatggtgt gggtctaaat gcaacaagtt tgagcgcatc aaagcagccc     96600
     aagtgggtac aggcattcga gacaacgaga ggagcggacg agctaaactg gtggttatag     96660
     aagaaggaca agagcccgca gagatgacag aggtattaaa taaaagtgtt aaaatataca     96720
     ccataacaca gcgttcactg taggcaacac aatatctggt ttatgaggaa agtttttcct     96780
     ttttatacct tatactttac aggttcttgg tgtgaagcct gaaatccctg aaggtgatga     96840
     tagcgaggat gcagttgctg acgtgtcaaa caggaagatg gccagtcttt acatggtaaa     96900
     caagtctata aacttcagcc taattcattt ctacaaattc aatagataca tgcaatacac     96960
     aatcatacaa aaaaaacgta ataatttatt atttaaatat atttgtactt tacaggtgtc     97020
     agatgcaaca ggaaaaatgc aagtgtcgct ggtatcaaag gacaaccctt ttgatcaaag     97080
     taacctgttg tctgacgaat gcttcattct ggatcatgga aaaaacaaaa tgatctttgt     97140
     atggaaaggt aaagctatta aaccagaggt gtccaaacct gctcctggag atcctctaat     97200
     tcaccattgt tttcacactg aacatctatc ttgggaagca ttcagtcact gcattggtca     97260
     cactgcgtga tagatcagtg acggaagttt acacactgca tgactacatt taaaaaactt     97320
     gcagataatt ctgtctagct gaaacacatg caagaagtgg aaaggattta gcttaatgtc     97380
     tcacaagact gtggtagtct gcaatacgtt tgccattcaa atggtctgtg cactattttg     97440
     caacaaaagg agttcaatga ataattttgc aatgtgatgc tgctgatgtt tgatttctgt     97500
     ttaatggtat tgtaaagctt atttattttg agattgtggc ctataattcc tcttcgaaca     97560
     cccactgccc tttatctagc tctctaattg gctgtaggtc attgccagtg tgtttttcag     97620
     tcagaatgat ttgaactaaa tattatgcta aatatttcac atattggtga ttttctcaga     97680
     ccgtgtcttt gataattgac actgcatgct tttcttagga tttcagtcat tggttgatga     97740
     tgttttaaaa tttgttggtt agtgaaaatc agggctataa tcgtgcagag tgaacttgga     97800
     atgatttaca gagttaagct cctagccgaa tgaaacacaa ctaaacaact gaagtaatta     97860
     aaatctccag gattaataga aatttctaga caaatgtgtt ggaggaaaat tttgcaggac     97920
     atggaccttc caggatcagg gctagatgac tctgcattaa aaatgagttg tgtgacattc     97980
     aaaatgcctg acattatttt taatttaggc cacaatgcaa atccaagtga gagaaaagag     98040
     gccatgaaaa cagctgagag cttcattaag cagatgggat atcctcaaaa cacacaggtt     98100
     cataagcatt agatatgcac atttgttttg ctgcattatt ttgtacatta tcaagtatag     98160
     agcttggatt acaggtcttt tcatctttgt acacagatcc aggttcttcc agaaggtgga     98220
     gaaacaccca tctttaagca gttcttcaag agttggaaag agaaggacca ggccgagggt     98280
     ttaggcagag tctttgtcac agagcggatc gctaagatca aacaagagaa gtttgatgcc     98340
     tccaagctgc acgaatctcg gcaaatggct gctcagtaca acatggttga cgacggcgct     98400
     ggaaaaacag aggtcagatt ttgcattaag gagattggag actatatagg tgactgtata     98460
     agagaataaa actagcgact actactctat tactattcta attcttacac atgtctctat     98520
     tttgaaagaa aattaacaaa tgaaacccag ttattctgaa ctgtgaatag atttgatgtg     98580
     atatttttaa tctgtggttg tttaacagat atggagggtg gagtgtggtg ctaccaaagg     98640
     tgataccaag gttcctgtag acccagagac atacggccag ttctatggag gcgactgcta     98700
     tatcatttta tataggtact ccaaaggaga aatcatttac acctggtaag tcatgtggaa     98760
     gtgctaagtt tcccaagaga aagtcaagtc atgtaaaaaa aaaataaagc ttactgctct     98820
     atgcttttac tctcaggcaa ggttcccgca gcaccattga tgaactgaca gcttcagctt     98880
     ttctcactgt tgaactagac cgttcactgg ggggaaatgc tgttcaggtg aggagatttg     98940
     agttttacct atccactcat ttattgactg taactaggtc aagatcaagg tgtcaaataa     99000
     ttcctggagg gcctcagctc agcatagttt agatttagct gtaattatac aaacttaatc     99060
     aaattaattg agtcctttag gcttgtttga attgttttga agcagggttg gaattaacct     99120
     ctgcacggct acagcccttt attaactgag tttgacacct ctggtctagt tcattggatt     99180
     atagcagaac tgggcaactc tggctctcaa gatccaatgt cctgtaaagt taaacttcat     99240
     caaatttacc tgtagctttc tagtaatcct aaagccatga aatagtagtt tgttcatgtg     99300
     tgtttgatta gtgttgaagg taaaggccta gtcctagatt atgaaccagc tcagtgtttc     99360
     ctgatgcaga tcctgaagtg ccctaaacac agcacatgta gtctgtcttc ttaaaaaaaa     99420
     aaaaaaaaac acaccagact caactcatta gatctttagt agtgactcca agacctgaaa     99480
     ttgttctgtc agatgagaaa gacaatgtac actattgagg acaccccaga ttcatgttgg     99540
     gaaacccctg aaccagaaaa ataagtgcag caaagatgta caacccaagg tctgactaaa     99600
     aaccttaaaa aagtgactgg agtacatttg cgtatgaaca acatatatag gttgtgacta     99660
     tttcccaaat caacgtgttg ccaaaacaga acttgtgaat atagctagta agcaatgcaa     99720
     ttgcaagatg caccccaggc ttgtgcagtg gcgcccccag aaaattttct taggggtggc     99780
     cagaagaggc cgcaccaaat cttggggtgg cacacaaaaa aattatgaat tcagtgtaat     99840
     gttatatttt tgtttttggt aaatgtaata atgtagtttt tattcattta attaattctt     99900
     cttgaaatat tgctatttat tccttgaagt aattcaggaa gtacatgtgc aaaccaaata     99960
     aaaatctgtt tagtttaaaa acacttttca tatgaaagaa tgataagttt attaataacc    100020
     caaacaaatg aacaaactga acaaaaggga ttactataca cactcactat acctaataat    100080
     ataatttatc catattactt tttgagccat tttattaatg cagcttcttc tattgatata    100140
     ctgtacctta aggtaaatat taaattgcca ttgctgtcta ttgaaggtgt gtgcgtgctg    100200
     tcaacgacga tcgggaaggg tagtggcggt tctagtttaa atgacaccct gggcgaacca    100260
     ccctatacac ccccacctcc cttgaattgt tagatttgtt attcaataaa tatagcaatt    100320
     tatttatatt tattttatta ttatttatat acaattatta ttctgaataa ataacaaatc    100380
     aatcctaaat attactggaa aacaacaact ggagtgatat gccaagatca cttaagaaac    100440
     catttgcatg aaaattattt atgacaattc taaataatac aaaaaatgta ttatagaatt    100500
     atctgtggtc ttagaccaga tcatggctga gaaatcatgt tatgaagtct tacctccctg    100560
     actcattatc cctcctttct gctttaaagg catgcttagt gaaagtaaca tcatcatcat    100620
     catattatat aaactttaga cgactttcac ctctgcacaa aaggctgtta ctccgtttca    100680
     cggcgcatga gcagtgcgta ttttgtcggc gtgcatgcaa acaaccaacc gggattcaca    100740
     caggagtgcg tgaggcgcgc gggaatggtt ttctgcgcgc atgcgtcagt ttgctttcac    100800
     cagcattcag cattgaacca gcactaaggg ggagagacaa tgaatcagct acgtcagtaa    100860
     caccaacaat aatttagtgg ttgcatttta tttatttaaa cattggggat ttataagtac    100920
     atttaaatca ataatgtcaa cagcaaaatt atattggggt ggccacaggg gtggccagag    100980
     tttaccgagg ggtggccgtg gccacccctg gccacccctt gggggcgccc ctgggcttgt    101040
     ggggttattt ttaatgaagc ctcactatca ttcaatgtcc aaccaggtaa gagtgactca    101100
     aggaaaggaa ccacctcatt tgctgagcct cttcaaagac aagcctttga ttgtgtataa    101160
     agatgggaca tctagaaaag gaggacaggc tcctgcagct ccaacccgcc tctttcaagt    101220
     gcacaagaac ctgggaacca ttacaaggat tagtgaggtg agtcctggtt tgcacatgga    101280
     gacaacgctg ttctagcaca atgtccaaga caaatgagtt tggtcatcag aaaatgatag    101340
     atggagataa atcaaatgtt caagttaacc tgatcttgca aaatggtgaa agatggttaa    101400
     ttcactagac tgcaatgtgg tggtaacctg ataaatttat aggtcatctg tttagcacag    101460
     gaagattgtc taggccaaga tggtggagat ttgcctgatt ctccaaatca gtgttgacca    101520
     tttgtggttg gagtggccta ttttgatttt gatgtgtcct ctgagtgtgt tggtttgtgg    101580
     tctaacaggt ggatgctaaa gcatcaagtt tgaacagcaa tgatgcctat ctgctgaagt    101640
     tacctcaggg agatgggtac atttggaagg gaaagggggc cagtgaagaa gaggaaaaag    101700
     ctgcaaagta catgaccgag aagctgaact gcaaaaccaa aatggttgtt gaaggaaagg    101760
     agccaggtaa agctaatatg gattcaatga catacttttg accatggctt tatgatacaa    101820
     ggaacatttg tgatgtacaa tattgatgtt aagtattgca gatgttttga ttcttcaact    101880
     ttgtcgcctt ctcctttcac tttcaggacc ggtctatcca atagcataat agcacttaat    101940
     gatagtaaga cccaatctga ttggtagaat ttggacaaac aatacacaaa tgcttggcac    102000
     atagaatatt tttaaatttg atcacatctt tgagacctgg acattgaatg tactataatc    102060
     acaataacat tttatttatt gtgcaacttt ccttttaact aagatcatta gacttatatg    102120
     cactaacttc tcattttccc tttaaaagag gccttttgga tggctctggg tggaaagaca    102180
     gagtatcaga cgtctgggtt gttggagagt agaactatag cacatcctcc tcgactgttc    102240
     gcctgctcca acaaaactgg aaagttcatt gtgagtatcc tagacctgat aaaactaagt    102300
     ccagtttagt tttacactgg gattttactc tcagaagaaa atgtaactat tttacacttt    102360
     gtcagtttaa aaactacttt gtatgaattc atgcgatttc attcgtaaaa atattgtaca    102420
     aaaaggtgtg acaccaaacc aaactcctaa gcacaatcat gggggatgag caaatcatac    102480
     tgaaatgtac aaataagatc ttacaaattt atacaattta gtcactcagt caaaaagtta    102540
     ggaattggcg caagatatat agttcaacat gttttgcatt ggagccaatg ctgaccatgt    102600
     aaaacagaac ctgtctgtgc taaatgatca gatacatacg gtcaaactga actactgatt    102660
     gaaaactgac ttttacaact atagatcgaa gaagtacctg gtgagtttaa ccaagatgat    102720
     ctggctgaag atgatgtcat gctgctggat gtctgggatt cggttagacg cttatctctc    102780
     tttatgactt cctcatggat tatgtttaag attcaaaggt atctcctgcc ttgggtgtag    102840
     ccatgatgac tcttgatttc cccctcaggt ttttgtgtgg attgggaagg atgccaatga    102900
     ggtggagagg actgagtctg tgaaatccgg tgagatgcct caggcacaca ttcatttgag    102960
     tcaaattaaa gggataaaca tgaaatttaa aatacaaaaa tcaacatttt caatatgtcg    103020
     tctgttggct aactaataaa tatggtcatt taactttctg aatactgttg tacttttgca    103080
     gcaaagatct acattgagac agacccatca ggacgggaca aggggactcc tttggttgtg    103140
     gtaaagcagg gacatgagcc ccccaccttc accggctggt tcctggcgtg ggacgcctct    103200
     cgatgggacg gtgacctcat ggcaagagca ctgaattccc tctctgtagt ttaatgaaag    103260
     gctcagttct gaactcaatg gacttcactg gaaatataaa acagatgttt gtttatggag    103320
     gcatgaagag tgaactatat tgatatattc tatgaaaatc tttttaaaaa tactcctcca    103380
     cccatcctaa atactccaat tcacttttga tcataaagtt gtgcacatca tttagaaggg    103440
     ttcgcacagt tttgtttctt ctctgaattt ctgtaagcat gatttaaaaa tgtattatta    103500
     aagaatcaat gcacttttga aaatgatttt gtctttgtta atgcagcaca ccagaacccc    103560
     ctagagacac aagatacatt tatacaagta gaataaacat tctagaccag gggttttcaa    103620
     actttttcag ctgagggccc ctttgtgtaa ggcgaattct tttggggacc cccctaaaat    103680
     aaaaatgacg ccaccccctc aaattaacaa ctgtacttaa ttttttttat tgtattattc    103740
     aatacattta tattattata tattattcaa taaatttata ttattcatta tctggattga    103800
     tttttgtaag atgttagttg agttgacatg gttttagtgc ttcaatctat tgatcaaatc    103860
     ttgatgcgca gtactcattg tggtctgctc tcactggatt attccatcaa gccatatttt    103920
     gtgtacaagt cgtcacttta cacagttttt atgccatttt tatgcttttt ttcagcctat    103980
     gcacagctag actcttctgt atttaccctt acagctgaga gtctaaatgt atctaaagat    104040
     ttaaagcttt aaagttttaa agagttttgt cattcatcag cctgttaaca gttaactgta    104100
     ctgttgtaac tagcaatact acaatggagg ctgtgtgttt tgtttatttt tattcctttt    104160
     ttttttgtgc acatcataat tttctcaggt cgacaatcct gacttacact gataaaaaaa    104220
     taatttccta aatgcaatct agaattgggt attcaagttc aaagagccac aagttttact    104280
     ttgcataatt ttagaagctt tgctgacttt aaaatgttca taccagtttg ttctattaat    104340
     aataatactg aacattacat ttaaattagt tacacaaaca aatatgggaa aaagtggaac    104400
     aaaaatgcat ttatattcag agtattaaaa tttgatcagg tatgttgagc tccattaaat    104460
     acagaacact aatacatttt aatatttaat aattattagc cctataacat aacacaaaca    104520
     gatacattat aatttttaaa ggctatagtg gttttactca gtgtgtatac aatttagttt    104580
     ttttaatcat ccagttatga accaatgtga gtaagaggtc cactgcagag ctcatccagc    104640
     tgtcattagt gtaacaggag tgaaactctg agaactcgct gatgtgatga cagctccatt    104700
     cattgttatt gcagcacttt ttgctttaca attgtaatat gtttgtttgc catgctgcaa    104760
     agaggaccgt ctgatatttg tacaatgcaa agtgtaaaag cctgtcgcgc tgtggacgag    104820
     gtgcaatgtt gtgccgtgtc tttaaaatgc tatttgttct ctatgagtga agcctgcgca    104880
     gagaggcgcg cactccgcag cacctcggtt acttaggaac gcaagccata aacagggtag    104940
     tgctttcagc caccgataat gttcttattg atcatgtatt ttaactgaaa tatagtcagt    105000
     caaacctgag cattcattta gttgtttagc gtaaaagagg taagcgtaag tgaaaggtaa    105060
     acgccgtcag gtacagcaga caagcgccaa aaatcacagt caggaagcgc ctggccagaa    105120
     gcgcttattc aataaaagtc cccgtccacg gaggcgggcc gctgcgcttc ttttcctgtg    105180
     tcacgaaagt gtcaactgca tttaaatgac ataagcataa agcttcattt ttgcagtact    105240
     tttgagctca aattataata caaatatatt aaccttaaga atgatgcggg acacaaaatt    105300
     catccatgtg ggctcattga tctaaaattt ctttgcggcc cccctagcgc catctggggc    105360
     cgcggacccc agtttgaaaa cccctgttct agacatgttg tagtagctgt ttgctgacat    105420
     ccattacaca tacaaaatag cacaatggca aagtactcat aattagataa cacttccgaa    105480
     agtaaagtat ttttacaata atttgaaaat gtactagttt tatgtccagg catgggtttg    105540
     tgtaaaatgt tcatatttga gtaacagttt ttaataactt catggctata aaccatttgt    105600
     taagcatcaa aaacaattta aatgatcatt tattatgcat aaacactaat aaacatttgc    105660
     aatcagttca taaatgctgt atttgaaaga ttcaaaaatg tgttttgaaa tatatgtatc    105720
     atttaacatt ttttaaatag tattaagtag aagaagaaaa aaatgtttcc ccatttcatg    105780
     tgtctaaaac acgagaccaa acttacatct gtgctccagt ttaaagactt tatatagttt    105840
     tatttggaaa tgtctttttc atcttagaaa atggattatt actactgtat ataaaaaatg    105900
     caccaaacaa tcaacaatag acaaaaataa acactaaata aaaataatga ataaaatata    105960
     gaaacttttt aaaataaaaa actgaacttc attcattcat tttctttagc ttacccaatt    106020
     tacctgtacc agatttcttt ggactgtggg ggaaactgga gcacccagag gaaacttacg    106080
     tgaacacaca gagaacatgc agactccaca cagaaacgcc aactgaccca gtcgaggctc    106140
     gaaccagagt ccttcttgct gtgaggcaat cgtgctacaa actgagccac catgttgccc    106200
     ctctttaatt taatttaatt taattattat taaaagcaat aatgtctgga gtaataattt    106260
     catttgaaat tcaataaaat aaaaaaatta aataaactaa aaaaaactgt tatttaaaat    106320
     ttttatgaat atttaacagt tcaacaaatt tttatacatt taacaatttg aataatcatt    106380
     tgatgaacag aatattcatt tattcatttt cttttcgact tagtttcttt attaatctgg    106440
     agtcgccaca gaggaatgga ccactaactt ttctggcata tgttttacgc agcggatgcc    106500
     cttccagctg caacacatct ctgggaaaca tccatacaca ctcttacaca ctcatacact    106560
     acggacaatt tagcctacac aattcacctg tatcgcatgt ctttggactg tggaggaaac    106620
     cggagcaccc ggaggaaacc cacgcaaacg tggggagaaa atgcaaactc catacagaaa    106680
     tgcaaactcc acactgaaac acagaaacaa ctgacccagc tgagtcttga accagcaacc    106740
     ttcttgctgt gaggcaacag cactacctat taccactgcg tcactggtga acagaataat    106800
     tttcttaaaa taaaaaaaaa cattaaaaaa atgaccctaa acttttgttt taattgaaaa    106860
     taggggttat tcttttattt aattaaacat aattttcacc aactgtcatt tcagctataa    106920
     attacttttt atttttattt tattttaaca ttagaggaaa tggctttttt ttttttacaa    106980
     aaatctgtaa atgggcattt attgttgttt gtcagaaata tccatattga aaataaatga    107040
     ggaaactaat ttaaacaagc ctttttcttt cttttttctt tctatcaata tctagcttaa    107100
     acgtgtttag gttagagcat ttgacaacat gttttggaga atttgtttaa ttaaacattt    107160
     atatttgtta taaaaactaa aataaacaaa caattgttta tgttttttta ttacaataat    107220
     ttgccaactt ttccctcaaa aaagaagaga ccaaactcac aattgtgctc caaatcaagg    107280
     tacaatagat tcgacatagc tctgtcaaaa aaaaaactgt tgctttcaat gtccatagct    107340
     gcaatctgac ctaaacttac aaactaatga catcatgacg aaatactgcc ggaagccaaa    107400
     cattgcaaaa aggtttttaa aattgtatta attattaaat tatgcatttt agataatata    107460
     atcattatga gctcttatta catttcaata tcaattttca caatgtttta acatttttaa    107520
     ctaaattatc cttacaaagg aattacacat aattgactct tacagaaagc caaaaatatt    107580
     attgtatatg gatcgctttt tttaaagtaa aaccacgcag gatatcaaaa ctcacactta    107640
     caagcggtga cgtttctcgt ttttaacaca agatggcgca catgtaaaac ataatgcttc    107700
     ctcattatta aacaatttgg gatcgacata accaatgatg caatccattc atttacagca    107760
     tattgagcgc tgtgctatta ttacatgaaa tgccttggtt ctaataaatt attaacttcc    107820
     aaaacaatct ttagtttttt tatgctttat gttgtgtatt tgttgaactt tatcgaataa    107880
     gcatatcggc ctaggctatt tgactgcaca tacgaatgag cttcaagtga ctaattaacc    107940
     tgtactgaat taactagctc aaatcaacga tctcaggcga gtgatgaggc gagattgggt    108000
     attcagtgag ttagatctcc ggtgtatgaa tggatgtgtg gtgtacgtga cagcacgtcc    108060
     atcacggagc aattgtgtat cgattgcgtt gttaattgtt ccgacacttt gatgggcctt    108120
     tttctttgac gagactcttt tctcttttgt ttgccattgt atttgatact cgctgatcta    108180
     ctgttcatcc cttctttgaa gttaactgaa ttgtttgtga attgtaaaaa tccgacctca    108240
     tataaccttt attgttatgt attaagtatt ttgaaaatat atacaaagta tattttaaac    108300
     cagaaaggct caattacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat atatatatat atatatatat    108360
     atatatatat atagtctatt tcaggatcaa gaaaaaaaat ctatttgcaa ggttacaata    108420
     gaaaagagaa accaaaacta gggcctgaga gccaaagtta gcccatgata tcctttgatt    108480
     tggcccacca tctgagggag agtgatggga tggtttccag acaattcaaa tttaatctaa    108540
     ccctttgttt gctttattgt tattgttaaa agccaactga aattaaatgt ttcaattaaa    108600
     tgatgtaaaa taatcagatt ttttttttct aaatgtacat atcacctgac aatgctgaga    108660
     atttggtgag taaaacaatt caaaagcaga ttctgcttaa cctgtgtgtt cagcattgaa    108720
     ctccactgtg gtataaatgt gaacattttt ggcaccctgc aatagaatgt ggatggagat    108780
     caatatacat tgtgcttttt aaaagaatcc agtctaaaac agtttagatc aggggtgcct    108840
     aaactttttt cgaatgaagg gccaaaaacc aaatatcact cagagctgtg ggccgaaggt    108900
     atttatacca aatttgattc ataatatttc aaaataaata gaaaaagtta ctttaaattg    108960
     tattatctaa tgcagtataa ccttttaaat attaaaaatt attgcttatt gcaataaaaa    109020
     caaactatcc cgtttatacc acagtggagt tcaatgctga atacacaggt caagcagaat    109080
     ctgcgtttga cctgttttac tcaccaaatt ctctggactg atgggaggta gtatgtacat    109140
     ttagacaata tctgattaat ttacataatt tagttgaaat tttattttag ttggctttta    109200
     aaaataacaa taaagcaaac aaacaaatgg ttacattaat ttgaaatgtc aatgtggaaa    109260
     ccatccccat cactctctct cagatgggat ggtgggccaa atcaaagttt accaaggtcc    109320
     aactttggcc ccctggccct agtttgggct tctctggttt agattaacag aaaacaacta    109380
     tacagatatg tctgattttg tctgataaca gaagagcttt tttgtgtctt gctcaaattt    109440
     tttttacatt ttacaatggt gcacttttag aacatattta ggtaaataca ttcatctttt    109500
     aaaatatata aatgctttaa aatgcatcca aactcataca aaaactgtac catgcgggtc    109560
     acactttatt tggatggtcc gttgatttta aggtaaacta tatctacttg cacagtttct    109620
     tcttgaagga gcagtatcaa cagctattaa gcagatagtc taatactcaa ctggaccatc    109680
     aaaataaatt gttacccttg tttatttatt tgttatattt attttgttat aatctataag    109740
     agaataaaga actgttttga ttgggatatt ttaaatagat tgcagagcat caaacaaaac    109800
     gaactgaatc agttccctca atgattcaga caactcgaga atcgtttgaa cagtgcctca    109860
     ctcagtaaac actgacgaaa tacagcatga ggtgcttttt ttgcagataa cacactgaac    109920
     caaaagctcc acaagctctc tttttgtttt ccagctctaa aaagccgctg aggctcacct    109980
     ttaagcgcgt ctccgaaact ttaaacgcct tgagcgacat gaacaggtgg tgaggaggcg    110040
     tgtccaagca gacgacaggc ttgacttttg accatccaaa ctgcagggaa aataacgcga    110100
     gcgcaatggg ttgaaccaat cggcgcattc ttccacacag tgggcggagc catccctgct    110160
     agaatggagt ggaagcagct cgccggagag tcagtgaaac aggcgctgtc agaaggagtg    110220
     gatatacact tgtcggctca gctgatttga atgacaacaa tattttgaaa atagtcggat    110280
     acattttcat ctgctgagct aacgcttgga ggaaggatcg cacgaaataa ggtgggtgcc    110340
     gattaagact tttttctagt atatgcgtgt gctggcaacg cttaaattat agatatatat    110400
     cattagtctg agtgataatg taatttagag taacttaata tttgggaaac gaatagccag    110460
     cattctgggg accagtaaac attcttggag ctcaaaatga taacgtctgc catgttgaat    110520
     tacttgttgg atgaaaatga tgaataatat tcatgtcttc atgtatggag atgtgccact    110580
     cctaaagcgc gtttacagtt ggccatagag atctgcgaca gactcgtgtt ttccacattt    110640
     acataggcca gcacgtgcgc ttttatctgt ttgcaactgg caactactgt tgaacaataa    110700
     aatagcatga atagacagac acgagtcttg gatttttacc gatgcgtaat tttggcgccc    110760
     ctgtggcgct acatgtgcaa ataggcttcc tgctgtttca tccttcattc accatcactg    110820
     gcactgaatg acacccagcc tggatgaatc tgtgtccctt ttagaatgac aaaaagacaa    110880
     gcatgcttat ttaggatgaa gtaaaggaga gctgtaaaac tgtgtgtcat ggtgctccac    110940
     tgctggcctc attgcatcat ctcctttttc atttggtttc aggttatcag agcagcagct    111000
     tctcagggga acgagagaag ccttgtgaat atttggtgaa gcgatagcag cggcgacacc    111060
     tggtctcccg agtccccacg ttcgctttca tcctcatcag agtggagaaa caagatgggg    111120
     aatggattat cagagcccca tgccatcttt ccgtgcctgc cgtccttcca ggccctgcac    111180
     attgttattc tcggattgga ctgtgccggt aagaccacag tgttgtacag actacgcttc    111240
     aacgagtttg tgaacaccgt tcccactaag ggcttcaaca cagagaagat caaagtaaat    111300
     cttggtccta aaagccggac tgccaccttt cacttttggg atgtaggggg tcaggagaag    111360
     ctccgaccac tctggcgctc atacacacgg tgtgccgatg gccttgtgtt tgtggtggac    111420
     tcggtagatg cagaacgcat ggaggaagcc aagacggagc tacataagat cacacggctt    111480
     caggagaacc tgggggtgcc tgtgctggtg gtggctaaca agcaggacct gcgtagcgct    111540
     ttgcccctct ctgaagttga acagatgttg gcgctgaatg agctcggttc ccatacaccc    111600
     tggcacctcc aaccggcttg tgccatcatc ggagaaggtc tccaagaagg ccttgaacgc    111660
     ctccacacca tgatcatcaa gcggagaaaa atgatgaggc agcagaaacg gaaaagatga    111720
     ctctttggtg atgagaatgt gagctggtag gcctctgtga tggctccgct actaatgtgc    111780
     cataggcctt tgtggccact gcgctcctgg aagtattgtt tcatcgggct gagttttatc    111840
     agtcaggagg tcctggatgg gtacagttca gagactgcga gaggacaata ttgattgtcc    111900
     actttggtta tcggattgta gcagctgtgg gacgatcaca tggaactttc acattaacgc    111960
     agtgttacgc aatgtcattg ggtctgtggt acatccagtt cttgtgaagg acagtactgg    112020
     acatgaactt gtaaatgaca gagactgttc gccaaagagt tggttattgt ctgacatgtt    112080
     acacgtatct aatatcctag cattcatatg aagtcttgaa atggaaggac tgattaccaa    112140
     agctgccatg gactaatgaa aaaaaaaacc tgcacattca ggatgattag ttttatccag    112200
     aatgaccacc cttcattttc cctgagtgtt tgtcgtctcg gtggtcaggg gaaccagaat    112260
     aagctttatg gatcacttgt tggggaacgc acaaatgttt atttgactag actcactgaa    112320
     gcagggtatt tcgctaacca ctaaagtatt tcaacaggtg gatgtggaaa gatttgtaag    112380
     gtgtaaaatc cttctcaagt ggccctgttg actgacacat ggaggacttg aggactacta    112440
     gcattatttc tagctgtacc tacattgtgt gctctcctga acaacaagag atgttaaatg    112500
     cactttagca attccctttt ctaaaatatg aacttgtaaa atctgatttt ttttttttgt    112560
     aaagagttta tcatgttaca aaaatgaagt aacgtattgc ttcaaatgaa gcgttttttt    112620
     caactctcca ctgtttcaca ttcagatgtg taaatttgtc actcggtgat tgtgtgttgg    112680
     gattttcata tttatgtgtc agaatttgta cactttgaat aaatccacaa ctacactgaa    112740
     catattacgt ttgaagtcat tattaatact tgttgcaaat tgacgtggat tgtcaaagtt    112800
     tatgacttga caacatttag tctgataatt gcttgacgca ctttaaagat gagtcactga    112860
     cttttaaagt cactgggaca cacagtgatg aggagatatg acgtaaatta tctgtgacct    112920
     gttctaggca tgcgaccaaa aaggttgcac tttgtacatg gtttgttgtc aaacatctat    112980
     aaatgttaaa ggtgctgctt aattgccatt cttgcatcat tatattgaat gtgaaggctt    113040
     aaagtgtaaa ggcttaaccc atttaactgc cccaccaaga aaaaatgttt ggattgcatt    113100
     tcctattata gttaacacac tcagtgcatt ttatttcaac acatcccata atttctaaaa    113160
     tatcaacctc taccaaatgg ttgatatgtc agtttatgat aaaagtaccg gaattattat    113220
     atataatatg aagtgtaaga ccaatttatt taaaaacata ataaaaaaaa atcctttttg    113280
     aatacttaat tatctttatt ttttgaagta agccataaaa tatttcagat tctcatttaa    113340
     tatgctttcc tttttaaaat aaacccaaaa ttaagtgtag tagtgtaaca gaattatgct    113400
     tgttagattt ttttgtaaac caacaatgct gtgtcttgaa aaccattaat taaatcagtt    113460
     attctttaaa tgactttatc agacattatt taataggtca tatatggtca accaccataa    113520
     caatttaaca ataggtttgc ccatttactg atgttggttt ctttaccagt gtcagctcca    113580
     atgaaaacta caaaaaaaaa atcagccctt taaatgacag cttgtttaca taatacttct    113640
     cttaattcta aaaacaaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaaa aaaagtctgt tatttttcat    113700
     tcaaataact acaaatttaa agccttaaaa aagggaagcc ggttcacaaa aacactttgc    113760
     ttacatggta ctagaatgaa atattgtagt tatagtgggt ttcatttgga atattgaatg    113820
     ctcccaaagg tcctgaaatt tcaaatatca aatattataa ggaaatatca aaataaaaaa    113880
     aaaacgtatg tattgttttt tttttttttt aatgtttaac atttgcataa acaaaaccaa    113940
     gatgatgaca aaaaatacat agtacataat acatatacac agtgctcagc atatgtaagt    114000
     ataaagtata aattgatatt tttaatatga agcaatacaa tttttatctg tgcatataca    114060
     ctagattagt cagtactgaa aacaaatctg gagcttacct aacaaaatat cttgtgataa    114120
     cggtccaaaa actagtaaac tccaaattta tgttatagaa aaatattaaa tacatatttt    114180
     aaaaaagagg aaaaagggaa gcaatttttt tttttaaatt tagttaaaat tttataagtt    114240
     gtaatatatt tttgcaatat ttagcttgaa tttattgcat tattttttaa atttctaaat    114300
     atgtttggtg gctaaatatt attttaataa atatatctgt ttaagaaatc tgttttgttt    114360
     aaatgcacca aaatacacag cctatattta ctgagaaata gaaaaaacga ttcattttct    114420
     aaatggagtg tactcaatta tgttgactaa aacatgtata aggtttaaaa ttgttattcg    114480
     aaggacttta cactttatgc agttcatata ctaatctgga ttagtatata aagcagtctg    114540
     gaacagattc tcaaacaatg tcaggatatt aatcagttta aaaacacttt aaatttaaac    114600
     atactgtata ctattaaagg aatataatta taagtataag tgattgaaaa agaacaaaat    114660
     gagaaaggta tgatgacatt ttaattaatg gctttttgca atactatata ccttttgggt    114720
     ctatattata aaatgtaaag gtacaaatgt aatcaaacat ataatatgtc aaagacgctt    114780
     aaaacataaa gtatgtgtca tgtaaagctc atatgtctcg tgtaaaaaga agagataagt    114840
     aaaagaagaa ataaatagaa gtattaaacg aatgatgtgt gtggtaatgg ggtggggaaa    114900
     ataataagct tgtgcttcat cccgctccat ttcgaccatg ttgaaatgta tttcgtttta    114960
     agagctgttt tgtgtaagat tttttctgtt cgaaataaat aaattttatc aaatcaaata    115020
     taagaatcat cagttaatac attttagata ctatttttaa ttccactgtg ctttaagcat    115080
     ttctagacgc aaagatgtat atccaagaac ttggcttggt tttaaaacta gcttttgaaa    115140
     accattttct tcatcatcca caatctactt aatcgctgac ctttaaaaca aagtaaatca    115200
     aacggttctt ccataacaaa gcacccttgc tgagagttca ttcaaaatta agcatttatc    115260
     aaataagtca gcacaagcat aatttgttct ttgacaaact ctgatatcaa actgagtttt    115320
     tcaacacagc tggttttgcc cggagcccca cagagtggaa tgtttgtgtt tggagagttt    115380
     ctagcacagc cagttccagc acaaaaatac tttctctggg aacaaaaaag gcttttaatg    115440
     cagggagagg ggcctgtgca ccagctgacc agttcaaaca ggcctccatc cctggacgtt    115500
     ggtctattct gcattcagat ggcagctgga tgacagacag atcacgtgac tctgctctca    115560
     gaagataata gaagtgggat tggcttctaa ttgggtctca aatcatgaaa aatgcaaacg    115620
     tctatcctcc acagaagccg cagcatgcac caagtggaaa acctgctgtt ctggtgctcg    115680
     tttagggaga cggtacaaag agaattcaca atttagcatc tcaaaacact gttgcatgct    115740
     tttgtatatt gcacagacct gcatcatatt tctgactaat atctaatatt tttttttttt    115800
     tttaactgga gtgtgatttt aactggaata tcattctgtt gcattttagc tttttagcaa    115860
     acattcgcaa gaaagaggaa ggttatactc ctttattgcc tgaatataag tcccagtggt    115920
     gtaaagatta tactcaacac tattacagaa ttattggatt aattatttta caattatgtc    115980
     caaggtgttg caggtaaata tagacccatc ccctgatgtt gccatttttg gggttccaaa    116040
     gatttggtcc aaatttaatt acaaacaact tgatgttttg gcctttacct cactaagggc    116100
     ctactcacac tatgccatcc gtaccgtgcc caggcccgtt tcccggatcg tttgagaagt    116160
     gtgagtgcgc tgaatcgggc tcaagcacgg ttcacttggc cggccctggc ccggttggaa    116220
     gaggtgtgcc tgagcgcggt acacttgggc tttggcgcgg tacgcttgtg tgtgagcgcg    116280
     aaacgcgcca aagcccgaaa ccgaaagcga gacgtgactt ttaagggact gtttgatatg    116340
     gatttattaa tcattcttac tgttcagtga tcgcaaactg ccgtagttta ttaaagacgc    116400
     aaactcctca cagcacgcca gctgcgcacc ttcagcagat ctcctcattc ctgcagcacg    116460
     agagctttga ttgtttatga gcgctaaaag tggcggatct gttcggtaaa atatctgact    116520
     gtgtgtcccc gcatccctaa ggactgtttg gcgaaatatt tgactgcatg tcactgcata    116580
     acaaacgact gaaaggatat aactagagaa atctccactg tgctgctaaa tgagagcgta    116640
     tggcaagccg ttttaacatt taaaccttgt tctggctatc cataaatata tttagagata    116700
     taattatata ttttgacaag tcattattat aattcgactt gtcagaatga caattagaga    116760
     tatctgcaat tacaattgta cttgtacgaa atcagattgg agatatctgc aaatatatta    116820
     tgactagtca tattcctcca ttgacttcca ttgaaaaata tttgcagata tctctgagtt    116880
     ttgactcgtc aaaaatccaa ttcaagatat ctacaactgt aattcgacta ttagtaaatt    116940
     aattagagat atcttcaaat atatttgtaa atatctctaa atattacgaa ttaaagacat    117000
     ctgtatgact agtaaaaact cagttagaga tatctctaat tacaattgtg acgagtcaaa    117060
     actcatttag agatatctgc aaatattttt gaataattgt tattctgact agtcgaatta    117120
     taattatgac tagtcaaaat ataattagag atatctctaa atatatttat ggagtcagaa    117180
     caaagattta aatgctaaaa aggcttgcca tagagagcgc ttctgaacag cgcagcagcg    117240
     atgacgtaag cgtgccgtgg cccggtatgg tgtgagcgcg ggccgtcggg ggagacggga    117300
     ggggggacaa gcgtgctttg gcccggttcg aggcaactgt acctagtgtg agtacggcct    117360
     aatagccagg cgtcgtatac tacttcactg gaaatcaaat aagcctccaa ctacatccca    117420
     atggcttgtg gataccatgc attttcttaa gttggaaaag gttagatgct gtgggaaaac    117480
     tcatttcttt aaaaagtggc aatgttttat aacttacttt aactctctta aggtattgcc    117540
     ttctatttaa tagatgcact ctcctgagtt ccctcctttt ttaatttatt tcgtattaat    117600
     taaacttttt ttgttttatc taataccatt ttataccgtt taattgtaaa tgtttacttt    117660
     caacattgac aatgtatctg aacatttgat tgtaattttc tgtacactta atacttatgt    117720
     ttctattttt cttttcctct tttattatta tcattattat tattaatatt tctctttttt    117780
     attatatata tattttttgt tattattttt tgtctctttt gtaaaaaaag aaaaaaaaga    117840
     aaaagaatgt tatgtaacta tctgtactga tgtaatgttt gttttttcgc aataaacaat    117900
     ttaaacataa agattatact caagtaaaag taccaatact tgcctaaaaa tgcggtgcga    117960
     gtaaaaatgt ctctgttgta aatataactc aaagtatgag taaaaagacc tttgaaggac    118020
     tcaagagtag tgagtatctt gctgtaaaac gctgatccat ttattgttat ttgtggatgt    118080
     gtgtaaacgt aacattctgt agtgcagggg tcatcaatct cggtcctgga gggccaatgt    118140
     ccctgcaggg tttagctcca acttgcctca acacacttgc ctggatgttt caagtatacc    118200
     tagcaagacc ttgattagct tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta gggttggagc taaaatgtgc    118260
     aggacaccgg ccctccaggc aatccgcttc gtgaccactg ctgtagtgca ttaattattg    118320
     cccagcaggc acacaatacc attagacatt aatacttggt tcaaattagg ttgtgatggt    118380
     caatgtctag ccagtgtcta gggaaaatgt tattttgatg tccaataaaa aagtcaaata    118440
     acgttaatat ttgtttgttt ttaggttgtg ttggaaaatt accaaaatcc aatgtcgagt    118500
     caacatctta aatcatattg acatcacaaa ctgacataca gtcgtcaaat atggaaacca    118560
     aaatccaacg tttgatagac agcatagtgg taacgtctgc acaacatcaa gctgtaacat    118620
     cattagacat tgatatttgg ttgattttag gtttgacatt agacattgac atcggcctga    118680
     cgttgagttc tgatgtcaaa ctaattttat tttccaaaca aagtgcaatg tcaatctcat    118740
     gttgatgtct tgtgtctgct ggggatttaa ggcaatttcc tcatcataca gaaaacatct    118800
     gtcatctttt tatcagtaac atgcatctaa acaatctctt ggtcaatgtg tgtaaagatt    118860
     ttggacatcc tggacacttt taatgcttac aaaccgtttg ctgcaattat aaaagcatcc    118920
     atgtcttgag gtagttcatt atgatgcgat gttcccatcc atgtgcgatt tgattgaaca    118980
     ggaatcacac aactgatttt tctaatcccc aaagacaaga aaaaataaag taatgactgc    119040
     aggttgaaga aaattagtgg agtaaaagaa caatactgca ctaaaaatgt actaaagaga    119100
     aagtaaaagc acagattttt aaaaactact tagtaaatta caattccaga gaaaaaacta    119160
     ttgagttacc gtgatttgag tataagaatt tgttacttta aaccactgat aagtcctctc    119220
     ttcctatgag gaagcttaat taatataggc aacattttct gaacattttt actaaaacag    119280
     tcattcaaag tcatcaggtc tttgagaggc gctagtcttc ggttgttttc agaacattag    119340
     cagaaaaaca tttgctctca tgctatattt taagatacaa ctatcgccat taacaaacct    119400
     gtgaaataac tgaaatcagg cagcgtagtg atatacagtg ttgggggtaa tgcattacaa    119460
     gtaatgtaag ttacgtaata atattacctt tctaagcaaa gagtaaagta attacttaaa    119520
     aaaatgaagt aatattattt gagttacttt tttaaaaata ttaagtaagt ttttttagat    119580
     tcatgaattg gcttttaaaa actaaattgc tgaattcaaa tttgtgtaat cacgttgaaa    119640
     atgatttcaa gccttagaca ggtatgaaaa agtaattcaa aagtaactca aaaataacgt    119700
     aacacattac tttccataaa aagtaactaa gtaactcaac tagttacttt tttggggagt    119760
     aactcaatat tgtaatgcac tacgttcaaa agtaactttc cccaacactg gtgatatgga    119820
     actgtgatga gtttaaaacc tgcttggaat tactgcgctg tgcttttgcc agtaaatagt    119880
     tgcacagctt acaatgttca tcagtcaagt cctatatagc acaacaaaga tgttaaataa    119940
     acatccagca aatctctttc tgaaaaaaat aaataaatct gtaaacaacc tagatattca    120000
     gcaacttgtt tatgtaacca atttcactat taactagcgg attattacct gcctattatt    120060
     aggatattga ctggttatga ttacttataa agacaatatt ctgcatggtc ttattcaaca    120120
     tcctcactaa cttaatttct attaataagc agcaaattag gagtttattg agccataaga    120180
     caaagttatt ggttggttat agcgagaatt gtactttcca aaaataaaaa aataaaaaaa    120240
     ttcagttctc agttcatttt cacatgtatg attttttaaa gcctaatccc gatttcaaga    120300
     aaataagagc atgacccaga tgctttccac tacatctgtc agcgttttac agcagtgaca    120360
     gaaaatgaca gatttatatt atttatgaac ttgtgtttat gtaatatttg ttgacataac    120420
     atgagtttac atgaacacat taagctcctt tgcagactgt aagttatatt atacatttga    120480
     ctgcttttgt tattttgaaa tgtgccttaa ttctgatttt aacagcatca aaattagaaa    120540
     acaacctaca atttccatag tcttcgaagt cactgataag tccattctgt tattatccta    120600
     acctgagtaa gttggcagtc tttaagtctg tttcatgagt tatgaatata tagtgcagct    120660
     ggatttgctc actagttaaa cgctaaagag tgcaaggatt aacttttgta gaagattgtg    120720
     ttgtgtggac aaaagttcac tttagtgatg aaagcaagtt taatttattt ggctccaatg    120780
     ggaaacatta tgttcgcttc caaaccgggg aaaacctgaa cttacatttt gtaacagatt    120840
     gaaaggtgga ggaggaagtg tcattcaaga agtcattcaa agcaagagcc tgcacacttc    120900
     ctactcattt tgactgctgt aactttcagc aattttagct gtaatccttc tttgggcaac    120960
     aatcattgct gatctttaaa tttgatcact tttttccaca aaataaagtg ttttgtaaaa    121020
     gtgctttgac tattttgcaa aataaaggca aaagaatcat tcaaatttta aatattgatt    121080
     acattatttc tgaaaaaaac aactgattgc tacattttct ctcgacggta tatataatgt    121140
     gaaaaaatca tgctttgtgg aaagaccttt ttgaacattt tttttttgtt gttgttgttg    121200
     aagataagct cattttacac gtccccttag tgttaaacag attaattttt ccatttttaa    121260
     tccatacagg ttattttcgg gtatggtggg aacactttaa gcttagctta gcataaatca    121320
     ttgaactgga ttagtctatt agcatcttgc tcaaaaatga ccaaagagtt ttgataattt    121380
     ttaatccata catgctatct ttgggtatgg tgagagcact tttagcttag cataaatttt    121440
     tcgatcggat tagattatta gcttctcaca aaaaaattat taaagagttt cgatgatttt    121500
     taatccatac aggctttttt tcgggtatgg tgggagcact tttagctcag cttagcataa    121560
     aacattaaat cgaattagac cattagcatc tcgcttaaaa atgaccaaag agttttgata    121620
     atttttaatc catacaggct ttcttcgtgt atggtggaag cacttttagc ttagcttagc    121680
     attaattatt gaattatatt aggccattag catctcgctc aaaaatgacc aaagggtttt    121740
     gatatgtttt aatccataca tgctatcttc tgggtatggt gggaacactt ttagtttaac    121800
     ttagcataaa ccattaaatc gtagtagatt tttagcatct agctcaaaaa tgaccaaaaa    121860
     aagagttttt aataattttt tatctattca ggctatcttc gggtatggtg ggagcacttt    121920
     tagattagca taaatcattg aatctgatta gaccattagc atctcactca aaaatgagca    121980
     gagtttcatt aattgttcta tttaaagctc ggctcttcta catagtttac taagaccaac    122040
     gtaaaatgaa aagttgctat tttctaggct gctactttac tctcattccg gcataataat    122100
     tgaggaacat ttctgctata ccatggctgc agcaggtgct attatatcat gcggattcta    122160
     tctgatggtg aaattgtagg gcttagtgtt ggggactatt ttcaggtgct gcttaatgtc    122220
     actgcacctg ctgcagccat tgtacagcag caacattttc aaaataaaag tggagtgttt    122280
     ttataaaact tcaaattaga caatactagg cacatatttt atgtattttt tattttttta    122340
     atgtcaagat gcagggctgt tttatatctt ggaggtgaaa caacatcaat actctgtcag    122400
     taacacaggc tggctgggca cgatgctttg ctgatccgtc tgtctgagtg tctgctttga    122460
     tttgcttgag aagagcactt gagaattaca cctgacaacc cctgcttcac aagtcatgaa    122520
     gatgagctgg ggaattttaa tgaacccgtg tgcagtgtca tttgtctttg catgaaatta    122580
     cagctcactt gtattaccaa tgctgccact gtacattgga ttggcatgat tcccttattt    122640
     ccactaaagc atcattcaag caggccagat gtaccgttct cctggcagtt taagggaaaa    122700
     aaggcctggt ttatcagaat caaactgagg ctagcagttc ccatactccc ctatcgctcc    122760
     tgaccctttc ctgtgaccca gttcgggccc ctttccttct gatcctgtga tgtaagtgac    122820
     gtgtgactaa agggctggtg tgttagtaga ggagatcaga aatcagagca ggcttcctgt    122880
     tcgctccacc caagaacacg ctgagtcagg acacaaatgc acagtctctg tcataaaaca    122940
     gccacttaca gttgtaaaac tgaacttcgt ggtcataaaa ggtgctgcag atcatcacag    123000
     gaaatgttta cagtaatttg gtgtcaagct aaatgtttct aatgaaaaag cgcatagatt    123060
     ttccttggac tattaactat gtattgagtt gactagtgat aatttatgag gattatggaa    123120
     ttgtggagca tagatgattt tgagtaatga cgcaaatctg gaggcacatt ttggagtgat    123180
     tggagatatt taatgcaatg taaagtgttt acacacaacc aggtttacct tttagtgaca    123240
     tgtaaaggac atttttggga cacctaccct cgcttaaaat tgaacctccc tttaacaagc    123300
     tgaagcacat tttgcaatat tacttcattg tcttgtatta ataagttgac agtatttagc    123360
     tttagagtga aataataaca aataaatcaa atattagtat tttttctcat tgtgaaaaca    123420
     tcccattaca tgtctagaat gcttatgcga aaaacctcaa atgcacaaat gcctcaaatg    123480
     caacattgtg ttcttacttt gtgactagaa tttatttttc aaaaatcatt tattatgtca    123540
     caaaaacatt gcattgacga tgctttccat agacactgtt atattttggg gggagggtat    123600
     aacaagctgt ctgtataacc acagagacac acagcaccac actgtctccc attcacatac    123660
     atacacaaac atagacagca ccaaacagac aaacaaacac acacacacac acacacaaac    123720
     acacacacac acacacacac acacactcac acacacacac acacacacac acacttaagc    123780
     cctcacaata tgcgtttaaa cgcatattgc gagggctcaa acggagcagt ggtcgtaatg    123840
     tcgagcgaaa aaaaacaaca aaaaaaaaaa aagagaaaaa gacagctgtg aaacataacc    123900
     agctttgtct ttttgtagga aacacacttt agatctttta aggctaagag gtttttgagt    123960
     tattgccgct ataactgaaa atgaaaccaa cttaaccgca ctcatttctg gcgcctcctt    124020
     ggatgtacag cgcccttagc atttgcctat actgcctatg ccacaggccg gccctgagtt    124080
     ggctcctgag tgttgtaaat acctgcgctc acctccctcg cgacagagcg cataggagat    124140
     aaatgacgtc agtacataat aaccggttat gattattact gaaccaatac caaattgacc    124200
     acgtttgcat cgtggtgcac cgaggaaaca attaattttg acatccctac ttgtttcgtc    124260
     tgagaaatat tgctaagtaa tgatgtagct atccatctca gatgcacaaa agctagtcta    124320
     tgtttttatg acttataggg tggattactg taatgctctg ttcgctggtt gcccagtatc    124380
     ctctaataat aaacttcaac tagtacaaaa tgcagctgcc agagttctta ctaggtctag    124440
     aaaatatgat attatcaccc ccaattttat cctcctcaca ctggctgcct gttaagtttc    124500
     atattgattt taaaatatta cttcttacct ataaagcttt aaataatcta gctcctgttt    124560
     atctaaccaa ccttttgtct tgctacaatc caacccgatc tttaagagct caaaactcag    124620
     ggcttctggt agtacctaga atagcaaagt agagtaaagc cttctcatgt atggctccta    124680
     aactctggga cagccttcct gataatgtcc gaggctcaga cacactctca cagtccgaaa    124740
     ctggattaaa gacctatctt tttagtaaag catacactca gtacatcact tagcggtatg    124800
     atacatgaat gccccatgca ggtttttgca tctcatttat atacactatg aacagcagca    124860
     actctaacta ttctctttat gctcaatttc cacctgggta tactcatcct gaggccctaa    124920
     aactatgcag cgccactaat tcgatccaag accagcgaag agatgatccc aaggtttcca    124980
     taatcctgga ccaggccgta tcctgagcag ctgctgtggt ggtcatagag gagtggagag    125040
     catgagactg attcctttga cgctttaggg acaaacgagt cttcgctgag gtccagcatt    125100
     ctccagcacc aagacagcag ctctgcacaa gacgtttggc cagaggagaa atggtcgtgc    125160
     ccaactgacc ctggtttctc ttaaggtttt ttaattcctc actttcgcca attggtgaag    125220
     ttttttcctc tccgctggca ccactggctt gcacggttcg ggatctgtag agcggcgcat    125280
     cgatagattt gctcttcaaa gttggactct cagtagtgac tattaaacta cactgaactg    125340
     agctaaactg aacttaaaca cttaaaactg aactacactg tttcagttta ctatgatctt    125400
     ctatgtaaag ctgctttgac acaatttaca ttgtaaaaga gctatacaaa taaaagtgca    125460
     ttggattgaa ttgaattaag atgcattaac attaccatat gtaataaatg caataaagtt    125520
     ttttggtagc aatttaattt aagcatcaat tctcactctt aactagtagc ttattacctg    125580
     tctattatta agatgttggc tgtttattaa tacttataaa gtaaatattc agcatgagcg    125640
     tattctttaa acataatcca atacataatt cctaaacaat aacgacttta ataactatga    125700
     ttaagtagta aactagcagc ttatttagag aaaattcaca gttaatagtt tgttaatagt    125760
     gaaaactgta cctaaatatg accagatatt tgtaatattg cacaaaaagt ttctgttgca    125820
     aaggaccatg aggattcaac caaaaaagta ctaattaaac caaaatatta aacatcacaa    125880
     ctgttttcat cacagataat aatagagtaa taggctaatc atttaaacta tacagtctaa    125940
     aattgtgcgt ttagtttgaa ggcaaaaaga ttacaaaatt acaatgttct taccagtatt    126000
     gattgtaacc caaacccaga aatttctggg tttgggttac aagttgagtt gcgtttatca    126060
     cagcagaaat caaatctgct ctcagtgtgt aattttgtgc acataatatg taaattgtct    126120
     cgacacttta tgcagtacta gatcaaaata tcagaagact gagcataaac acacccaaaa    126180
     gtaaataata gagatgaatc ttttttaagg gtaaagagta ctgtgtcttc ctcatctacc    126240
     tgtgatacaa tccaccaaaa cacattttaa gtgtaaatgt gtaaaggtga atgtgttttg    126300
     aagtaattag atcacaaaat accttgaaca tcaactgaaa tgaattacta ccaccagaat    126360
     aaaagaggtc cttcaaacaa acctataatc atcactttca tcggtgaacc gtgtttttag    126420
     atgactgagg taatgctcag gcctttcact ggctgtctgt ctgattctca gggcttcagt    126480
     tgtgattagc atgtgtttga agtcagtttg tctggcatca gtgctgaggt gtgaacgtct    126540
     gagcataggg ctgagtgtgt gtgaacggcc gggtggagga cgataggcct gagtgagagc    126600
     gagataagag cttcaccact ccctgctttt cctgagaagc tcaacgtctc acacccctcc    126660
     taacacatgt gccaggctat gacgataaac ttttactgaa agccattcat tcacatgtga    126720
     actcattaca ggatactttc actaatgctt agaggtggct tgagttgtat tgtacttagc    126780
     catcaaaggt gatcctagac tactagtgga tctattagca aaatgttggt gtggtcaaca    126840
     ctaatgtgtt tttgatttaa atgcaaacat tgtgttatgg ttatacccgg tattcacact    126900
     actccggcaa acctaaaggc cctagtatac tttaaatgaa gttccttttt tgttgttcct    126960
     ttaagggtaa gatgaagttt gaatttgtat gacatacaaa tcaatcattt gacaccaatg    127020
     gtggtccata atcgtcactg actaatagta gcaagcaatt taggagccaa aacaaaattc    127080
     cccaaaagtt agatttggtg agctgttttc aaactgccaa aacaactcaa aacgaacatt    127140
     gttttggcct gattttattt aattttttat aacttttgtt acttgacatt attattgaca    127200
     tttttcagtc tgttctttca ttttatttaa agtacaccag ggtcttaaag aatcatggtg    127260
     taaggattgg taaatgtgaa aactccattt tcagtttttc tgtgaaatca acatttcatt    127320
     ttcttttttt tccccaaaga ttaataaatt ttatttggaa acactgtaga ctgactaaaa    127380
     cacaatcttt tgaaaatgga atggaagtac aactatccac tgtctgactg gcctgctgga    127440
     acattgtgaa tattgtgacc cactgccaaa tgaactccaa gttgaaaaca acacagacta    127500
     agggcctact cacactatgc catccgtacc gtgcccaggc ccgtttcccg gatcgtttga    127560
     gaagtgtgag tgcgctgaat cgggctcaag cacggttcac ttggccggcc ctggcccggt    127620
     tggaagaggt gtgcctgagc gcggtacact tgggctttgg cgcggtacgc ttgtgtgtga    127680
     gcgcaaatcg cgccaaagcc cgaaaccgaa agcgagacgt gacttttaag ggactgtttg    127740
     atatggattt attaatcatt cttactgttc agtgaacgca aactgccgta gtttattaaa    127800
     gacgcaaact cctcacagca tgaaagctgc gcatattcag cagacctcct cattcctgca    127860
     gcacgagagc tttgattgtt tatgagcgcc aaaagtggcg gatctgttcg gcgaaatatc    127920
     tgactgcgtg tccccgcatc cctaaggact gtttggcgaa atatttgact gcatgtcact    127980
     gcataacaaa ccactgaaag gataaaacta gagaaatctc cactgtgctg ctgagtgaga    128040
     gcgtatggca agccgtttta acatttaaac cttgttctga ctatccataa atatatttag    128100
     agatataatt atatattttg acaagtcatt attataattc gacttgtcag aatgacaatt    128160
     agagatatct gcaattacaa ttgtactagt atgaaatcag attggagata tctgcaaata    128220
     tattatgact agtcatattc ctccattgac acaaatattt gcagatatct ctaactgagt    128280
     gttgactcgt caaaaatcca attcaagata tctacaactg caattcgact attagtaaat    128340
     taattagaga tatcttcaaa tatatttgta aatatctcta aatattacga attaaagaca    128400
     tctccaaatg tatgactagt aaaaactcag ttagagatat ctctaattac aattgtgact    128460
     agtcaaaact catttagaga tatctgcaaa tatttttcaa tggaagtcaa tggaggaata    128520
     tgactagtca taatatattt gcagatatct ccaatctgat ttcgtactag tacaattgca    128580
     attgtagata tcgctaattg ttatactgac tagtcgaatt ataattatga ctagtcaaaa    128640
     tataattaga gatatctcta aatatattta tggagtcaga acaaagattt aaatgctaaa    128700
     aaggcttgcc atagagagcg cttctgaaca gcgcagcagc gatgacgtaa gcgtgccgag    128760
     gcccgatatg gtgtgagcgc gggccgtcgg gggagacggg aggggggaca agcatgcttt    128820
     ggcccggttc gaggcaactg tacctagtgt gagtacggcc taaaggcatc taaatgagcc    128880
     aaaattatgt tacaagctga ggctataaac aggaccgaat ctttatatag ttacaaagtt    128940
     ggccaataca gttcagataa gatttttttc agttcagatc tgcactggtg tctcttgcat    129000
     cacagtcaat tccaatatag attatttata aagaaaaggc attgcgttag ggaaatgtct    129060
     tttattgttg acaagattgc attgtatatt tgtaatattg cattgtaaca tttttgcaaa    129120
     ttttaacatt taataatctt gtgacattca tacaactccg ggtaactcca aacagtgacc    129180
     acaagtctct ccccaatctt taaaacccca tctgccaatg gggtaagaaa aataatcttg    129240
     ttttgctatt tgtgataaga ttgttttgct taccccattg gaaaattatt tagcttgatt    129300
     tgaggaaaag ctcacttcat tttggcatat tatttcttaa aacaagacaa tatgttttgc    129360
     ttgtttagaa aatgcttctt gatttaagaa cttttagata tttggactag aaacaagaca    129420
     aaaaatctaa gtaagaaaag cattttttgc agtgcacaag ttgtgaacat gaactgattc    129480
     gttcaatatc acttgtgcat caaactaagc cctacagcaa aatagatgag gaatgtggca    129540
     aaacaagtga tccaaaggga agaatttata tgttaattca atgtggaaac aggacccatg    129600
     cataacttca cgactacatg tcaactacaa gccattagta ctgtccattt aatacctaac    129660
     agactttctc ctgactagaa cttccccaac agtctgctaa tgctttaatg aaagttagtt    129720
     gacacgtagt tgcaaagtta cttgtagtca aaattaaatg caaactaaac ttctgttctg    129780
     tattttacaa atggtttgca tgacgctcag tttgccttat ctaactggtg gcatgcttcc    129840
     atgattagct attatcatcc agtaagagtg tttaaaggat gttttcatga taagaatatt    129900
     tcgtaagact ttattaatgc agtttattcc aagttttgag ctcaaaatca aacaactact    129960
     tttacttatg cagatttaat tgattgttgt attataggcc aagagttgca tcatgtttct    130020
     ttactccctt aatcgtggcc ccatttattt tcttcagaca cagattcaaa aaattctgct    130080
     agagcttaac actaccaaag caaatcataa acataaaata aaatatcaaa tacataaaaa    130140
     tatattaaat aaaaatataa tattaaaaac agaatgaaaa tgatgaaaga atggcagtaa    130200
     aaaaagcgcc atcatttaaa attcagcatt cgtgtctgtg agcatatgag acgaggcaag    130260
     ggagagcgag gaagaacaga gaaggaaaga aatgaagaat acgtgtgtaa gtgaatatcc    130320
     ctcagtatgt ctgacagttc aaagccgggc tgaacttaaa acaaaacctc agtagatttg    130380
     tgtgtatatt cggtttgaag gtgctctttt actgtccttc aaatgagctc ttataaactg    130440
     tgattcttga caaatgccat cattaatttt tccagggact ggcgataacc tgacttttaa    130500
     agtgtatttt gtaaaatgct gttactaata aatatatgca taaagataaa acatgctttg    130560
     aagtggcaaa cccctattgt ggtgtaattc actgacatgc aatgctttgc agaccatcct    130620
     tgtcattagc gtgcatgtgt ttacttgaca gagacaaaac gaacattgtc agagaaacgt    130680
     tatccaaata aaacaaacca attttagaac aacaatgtgc aatctcttta tattgtctag    130740
     tcaaagtgtg tacaaaatac ggaagtcatt taaatttaga tctagcatgg ctccagactg    130800
     aatcaattag agtaaataat gaatataaat agttaggatg gctagatttc tcagcatgaa    130860
     gcaggctgca ggataaacaa aataataaat atatactgtg gtcataaaga gatgaacatg    130920
     ggcagcaaca atactcaggt aggctgtggc actgacacga tgcttaattg gtagagatga    130980
     ttccttggat ttactaattt ttttttacgt taagtggttg taaacaattt atttgtgttg    131040
     aatttaaaga aacaagttaa gttgaacatt attaaactta atttgtttgt ttaaattcaa    131100
     cacaaataaa ttgtttgcaa cagttctgca tgcaacactt tttttagtgg gctcaaagtg    131160
     tgcaaagaaa ataccccgat actattacac caccgccagc agcctgaacc gttgatacaa    131220
     ggcaggatgg atccatgctt tcatgctgtt gagcccaaat tctggcccta ccatctgaag    131280
     aatattgcag aaggtatcga gactcatcag accaggcagc atttttccaa tcttctattg    131340
     tcccattatg gtgagcctgt gcaaattgta gcctcagttt cctgttctta tctgacagga    131400
     gtggcaccca atgtggtctt ctgctactgt agcccatctg cttcaaggtt tgacgtgttg    131460
     tgcattcaga gatgctcttc tgcatacctc agttgtaaca agtagttgtt atttgtgtta    131520
     ctgttgcctt tctatcagcc taaatcagtc ttgactattc ccatctgacc tttggcatca    131580
     acaaggtatt tgcacccaca gaactgccgc cacaagtcac tcaaatgccc tttctttccc    131640
     atactgaagc ttggtttgaa ctgctgcaga tcgtcttgac catgtctaca tgcctaaatg    131700
     tattaagtta ctgccatgtg attggctgat tagaaatttg cattgacaag tagttggact    131760
     ggtgtaccta ataaagtggc ccgtgcatgt atattattca tctaattata tttctattca    131820
     aaaaaggtta ataattagat cactgatgtc catgtaaaca tggagtgatg tcagatggtg    131880
     taacttgata gatatggaga tgtgattgga ttgtgttctt caaatattaa atgacaatta    131940
     agacattatt tatgtcacaa aagtctattg caagtgctca gaaaatagca atgtttagga    132000
     aaagttaaat aaattgcaaa acctatttta tagggacatt atattataca ttataattat    132060
     tatatactat aaccacaatt aatttggaaa tcctctccca tagtggataa atctgaaagc    132120
     agcaccctag cagcttgtgt gactagacaa tccgtatatt ttgtgtattg atgacatcat    132180
     cagcctacat cttgatccca gtaatacaag ctacatcaca taacagcgac aacatcaatg    132240
     acagactaca tgcttttgtt cgtgctactg aagctaccaa gcttaaagac caggacacac    132300
     caatccaacg gttgcccatt gggctgagaa ggaccatcga taagcatctg tcaggctatt    132360
     ttgctttgtg tttcacatat catctctcat tgggtccaca ccaaaggaaa tttgcccaat    132420
     tcagcaagta aaattagtgt cggtggttgg tgaaagagaa cagtctgatt ggctgtttaa    132480
     gtacgagtca agctgcgaga acagaaactc cagtgatgag actaaccaaa tgatgcaagt    132540
     caagagggaa aacaaagata ccagcggtcg cttgtcgttt ttctaaaata tttgcaaacg    132600
     attattatat aatcagagat atttgctatt gcctagtgag caagaagttc tgtgaaaatg    132660
     atacaaaaat gctggtttgt ttacgatttt tatgtgtgtg gagcagtatt tttggtttcc    132720
     ctttgtggaa cgcgatacct gcaggtatgg aagcacacct cgtcttatgc aggcgaagga    132780
     catactatct cacttcagtt ggctgttgtc tgtttagtgt gttcacatgc agatttttgg    132840
     tccagacaca accaatgcca gacaacaacg ccttttttgt cacagctagt gttgtcatga    132900
     tcctgaaatt ttggtaccaa tttcttgtga acaacgatga agagcagtga actgatgact    132960
     ttcacagcga atcacagtca tttctgttga gcatgtgaac acactgggaa atcagctgtg    133020
     tttaagaacg cactcaaatg aaagcatgaa atggacgctt aaaaaaattc agttctgatt    133080
     gataccgtaa ttccagtatc gtagcatcat tctcgaacaa tgggatatat ggtaactgtt    133140
     cacagtttat tagtgtctat tatttaattc atcttgtact atattagtta aatgtttagt    133200
     ttatgtctac tgtgtgtcat atttttgttt ttaaattgca cattggagta tggaagaaac    133260
     gcaatttcag tctgctgtgt aatgtactgt tgcatggttt gattgacaat aaagttgact    133320
     tgacttgact tgacttgacc attagacatc gctagttctt tgacatcagc ttataggctt    133380
     attaaaatgc atttgacatg tttgtgtagc tttatatact gtacctgtac agtgtgaaat    133440
     atttatgtgt gtgtcttctg aattacagtg ccacatactg atctggaatg tatactatac    133500
     catttttagt tggtttcact ggttttgtgt atactgtaca cagataattt tgaagcaagg    133560
     cacaaaaaca ataaattgga tagggaaaac taagcttcat atgaatgtgg attcatgtga    133620
     atgtgaacct gtttataaag gatagctgtg gtccttggac aggttcctct agctgggtgg    133680
     gttcagagga tgacagggca gctgctttgg cctcaggaac ttgcctcttg tgttttgtct    133740
     agagagcttt tgttaacaca gagggtgtgg atgtccaggg cttcctgtca cagtcttgag    133800
     aggctgaaca ggggcagccc agataaggct gcaagtcaaa cagaaaggcg aagaaaatag    133860
     gtggaacatt tttgttctgg gtagttcatc aatcaaacct ttgcgaatac aatctgactg    133920
     caaaacaggt atgtgaactg atgtaacaat gctgtttttc agtgtagggt tattctaaaa    133980
     caataaaaga ccagcagagc accagcacag attgcgattg ttgtactgtt gtaaaaaaca    134040
     ccataattta cattttaagt caatgaaatg tgccattaag tgaagtttat ttataaacaa    134100
     atttcgagag gatcacgtgc ttatgattgt tcacagctgt tccaacttta gctaacgact    134160
     gattatccta tcagacaatc cttaactcac tataaataac caaacttttc tcatctcaat    134220
     atcttcgtct tgaaaaaacc cccccacccg accctacttt ccctcctttc aaacgggtgt    134280
     cacggtggcc agcgattagc gttgttgcct cacagcaaga atgcccctgg tttaattcct    134340
     ttccaaacca gacggcattt ctgtgcggag tttgctcgtt ctccctgtgg tcgcgtgggg    134400
     cttcctcggg tcctccggtt tcctcccaca gttcaaaaac aagcacccta aacaattaat    134460
     ccaaatactt tagctaaatt ctgagtacac ctttcagcat ccatatctga cacttagcta    134520
     caacaagcaa gagggggagt catcgagatc tacctgagct caaactcccc tctcgccatg    134580
     caacgggagg gagcccaggg ctcgaggatc ttataagctc agggctctct cccgggacag    134640
     cacaccaaac tagctttatt atcaatcatc agctaagtgt gaactcttga aatatgtaca    134700
     attttcaata aatattttct ttaagcaaca gcaatattga ttactattaa aatgactccc    134760
     agttttgcaa agtcaatgaa gtctggaagc tgccagatta atatgacttt ttaattgtat    134820
     atttaattta ataaatgcat cctacaccgt tttttaacga tcatgatttg ttccatgatg    134880
     tgaacaactg ggatcagatc actctcaatt ttaatataag gtgtaaacaa ggcctgatgg    134940
     aacatgcaaa acacttggaa ttaataaaga gatgaatgtg tgcaaatgac gacagaggaa    135000
     aaggtatgag gatggaatat aagtgagcag gaaagggcag agataatagt ttgcacacag    135060
     gaaaaagagc aaaggatgat ggagcgaaca aacaaagcta atatgactgt gacattaata    135120
     tcagggaaat tttacccata tggtggcgtg acgtagaggg agaacttgca gatctcaaaa    135180
     tagctcattt gtgagcgggc tttgtttggg tattcgaaca gtgtgccaaa gtctaacaca    135240
     ctttgcataa gctgttcacc attcaactcg tggttgcttg cttgctattt ttagatttca    135300
     aacaccctgt gaataaatta acacatcgga tcaggggaac agaaaagata tccctcattt    135360
     attatgtgtg atcgcatgaa aagagagatt tcttaataaa tagcctcagt actaaaagca    135420
     gcctctggat ttctttgtgt agctccatca atgttttatc aaccttccca gagggcacat    135480
     ggtttatgta atcgggttta tactgtactg aacgtaatgt taaccacatt cttgtcaccg    135540
     tgcctgaatc ttcagtcgca aatattacag tgggcgatga gtgtcctcgg ggcttaaaag    135600
     cattactggt gtatctgtgc caacagatca gggacaaaat gatctttgtt gtcatatgac    135660
     agcacaggtg gacctagctg aaacatattc aggctttcat ctggataaga agccaaggac    135720
     tgtgactaca tggaggacag tggtggaagc tttatgtaac ctgtgaggaa ttgctgctca    135780
     aatgtgtctg gccttgattc tgttattgtt tctgcctgtg tcagaggagc tctgccagaa    135840
     ggtggaggtt ttccagagca gctgttgggg ataaaaagtt gttgaggcac caccaaaata    135900
     cataatctgc tgaaacactt ggttaacttt gtttagactg aaagttaagg tattagcatt    135960
     tatctgaaat ttctccaaaa cccactttgg ccacatggca tgcatcacat tttttgttac    136020
     tgcatgctga ttaactgcaa aaaggctaat acataaacaa cgagtgttta tcctgggaat    136080
     aatatttcta aagaagctgt tgacatggaa ttgaaccaga ttttggttat accccaaaca    136140
     atacaaacat aacaatgaaa taacaacgaa atgacactaa gagaatgcac tgaactacta    136200
     aaatatattt aatactttat atgaaactgg acaatgaagt caaatgcatt gctcagttgt    136260
     gatttttttc acagacttca acagagagta aataccttga tggttctgtg gatctcgtta    136320
     atcaaatctg atctttattt tgtattttat aatagattca agtcaggtga ttggctaggc    136380
     cattccacag ctcgatttta gttctctgaa aacatttgag aatttgtttt ttgactgtgt    136440
     tttggattgt cttgctgaaa tgtgcaaact ggtttcatct ttatcatctt aataatgtag    136500
     atgttggact gaagcagcga attttaattt acaaagatga agggcagagg ttttctgact    136560
     aagtaaaggg agatttcagc tgctgtctgg gctttcactg cctcccttca tgagtttagt    136620
     actttttccc atgtcattaa ttttattaga cataacttaa tatgtaaact aattagtagt    136680
     gttgtgtttg catatttgga ttttattggt tattaccaac atccggtcaa cagcaccttt    136740
     agaaatgttt tgttgagaca aacagtgagg tgttcaatat ttatttcccc tactgtattt    136800
     gcttattagc acactttatc agtaaaaatt ataaaaaaaa ttaaaattaa aaaaaaagtt    136860
     cacatcagcc acaggccaca gtttgacaaa tcaccagcag ataaaacagt ggtgaccatg    136920
     acactgtcac agaagatagt tcaacacagc ctactgtgtt agggctacag aacctacttt    136980
     taccaactgg atcatttgtt ttaacaagaa tgatatgcct tgatcaacag aatatgttta    137040
     taaaataact ctacaaagtc agtatgtgtt gttagggcct gtgtaattga tgactgagtt    137100
     tcaatgctaa ctgctaacca ttccattgcc aaaaatgtac gagcacaaaa tcatgcacag    137160
     aggactgttg ataatctaaa gaaaatgacc atcatgttga tggttgggtg caaacacact    137220
     gatcaccagc agagccccag gaagctcaat tgatgctatt gcagacaaga tggatgcaac    137280
     aggtgatgtt ttcttaaagg gtcacgaaac accaaaacac attttttgag ctgttgacag    137340
     tcgtaaatgt gtcccacact gctaaaaaca ctattaagac aacctatttt tcactaaaaa    137400
     gtgtaaattg gttgtttttg cgttatttca agcaaattcg tacttcctgt ttgaaacgaa    137460
     tttttgaagc tgcgtcacgg tcatgacata atagcgtgta ttccagcgtg acgcgcgaca    137520
     acaataattt acgtgtctaa ggaggattat cgtttacctg agagctgttc tcatctgcaa    137580
     acgctgagat ctggattcgt ttgtagtatt ctcttcataa agacgcggct ctagttgctg    137640
     gtgattgtcc tgtctctaca gatttggtaa gtgagcgacc agtgctcttt gtttattcag    137700
     tttgttcgta tctaacaaac tattgcacag agtgtaaaca cgttagcacc acaaccaaac    137760
     tttaacctcg tgtagggttt ttaccgcatt tagtgaccgg aataacacgc gcggctttct    137820
     gacactacct gccgtgtgca tctaagtttc tgggaaatgc tgagtttttt tttctctcat    137880
     tcgccgtgcg gtataaaaca ttgcatgaaa aatacacgct tagagcagat cctcggatca    137940
     aatatctcgt gtgtcgcgag gggcatgaat gaattccctg aatgaaagag ccaaactgca    138000
     tttaaagtcc accatttaat aatttgtcaa ataattcgac tacagatgtc catgtaggtt    138060
     aaacaccatc actttctgct gtatgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtattttg actctgaaac    138120
     tcgcgcgtgc ccaaatagac actcccacac tagacactcc cacaccatcc cacttttctt    138180
     cctccgacac tcccccctaa acagagctgg acacgcccac ttttctgact ttttccaaag    138240
     tagaggtgtg aaaacaccct gctgaaacga gggggtttca tggcccttta agacacttta    138300
     gaccccatta tccaaacagc aaagtcccta acaactctca ggtatctgac tattgctgag    138360
     gaccaaatac tcccattcaa gaccactgtg ttccctatct taccagactg tcagaatcaa    138420
     taagaagtgg ctctatgagg agtatggtaa atttcagcaa atgcattgac ctatcctgac    138480
     ttgaaaccaa ttgaacattt gtgattcgac tggaaaaatt gggtttacat tacatcatca    138540
     tgtaccaccc cacaatgaaa aggaacttaa ggagctgctg ctgacatttt gaagccagat    138600
     atccaatgag acccaatgag ctgtttaggt ttaaatatgt acttcaaaat actaaatggc    138660
     tggagataat gtaatgcctc atcggtgtat atatttaaaa gaatgacaat ttatttactt    138720
     ggattttttt ttattcttca caaaaaaggt tgtttttccc cattaagtgg attaggtgat    138780
     gtacttcata atgagtctaa aaatagctgc ctggaaaaaa tgtccaaggg gtcacacgac    138840
     tgactttttc tcacctcatt tgactgtggt ttgagtgctc taaccataaa acactctgaa    138900
     taccatatat acctgtaatt aatactcaaa ccacctaatt ttagatcacc caggacagat    138960
     cttagtacat gtgtaaatag agcccaagag tgttttaaca gtgtaaacga gaatttgtaa    139020
     cctcacgatg tcttgcttcc tcatgtcatc agcagcgata atgagtgggt gctctgaaac    139080
     tctcacctgc agagaggata atctaattag tttcctcaag taaacttccc ccatgcaact    139140
     gtcccgctca atctccccta tacgcttgtc ccttgttcct gacagctgcc attcactcaa    139200
     aacctcctcg tctcagatca agctggaaag cagagctgca ctgatggctt tcagagcttt    139260
     gtttacagct gcctaactcg cacaggttcc agctttatct tcacattgtg cgattagaca    139320
     gaggcctgca gacgcaccgt gccaacagtt gcataacccc aaggcatttt atgtgcaagt    139380
     gcagtggtaa agcatgactt tctgtggctc ggtgagcacg tctgatgtgc atgggaactg    139440
     aaatgttaaa taatttccag ccgtgattgt tgtcaggcag atctgaaaga tcgggccttg    139500
     tggaaaaggt gtgacacgcg aacaaggatt gtagatgaac aaggagagca tggacattaa    139560
     aaggctcttt ggcaaagtgg aaagcgagga ggtgcttatt taaatgtctt aatgttttat    139620
     agagaggatg acagagcata tggcagaggc tcaatgaaca tggggagatt gaaaagcata    139680
     aataaaggtt atgcaagttt taagaggtat acatgagaga aactaaacct aaaaaactaa    139740
     tcgcttttct tacaggtgaa atcattttta atgcatttat cagccaatca gtttacaaat    139800
     tttatcctgc agttcttaaa cgttcttgaa aatgacatgt tttttttttt tgtctcaaga    139860
     agtgaccaat ctgaagtgta actgagtaaa aaataccaac aaaaaatacg taagtacagt    139920
     aattaataca attaatcaca tttaaaaccc ctgtaaatta attttacctt ttacagtgga    139980
     tgcattacct tttaaaaaac atgatataaa aaacatcact tcctgtgcac acctctttct    140040
     agctcacttg cttaacatcc tctaaaagtc ttgttgatat gaggttaatt ggcccgaggg    140100
     tggaggaaca atagcaggac aaaggttcgc ttccccctgc tcaaagcaca ccgcaggggg    140160
     aggatgttgc caggagggct ttgtgtggtg ccaaagtcaa cggtcaatag tttaatttgt    140220
     gacggatgac cagcggagtg gctgctctgt gtgagcctgt tgctcctgca ttagcaaaga    140280
     ggctaggcac cttttcaaat agtgatttta cagttgtaaa tgagtctgca gggcaaagga    140340
     caatcaaaaa acaaaaggag agcatgaccg atcaactgag tttctttgaa ataatttgta    140400
     agccatacaa aacacaagtt aggctaaatc tgttaagcat taactatgac ttctgaaaga    140460
     ctcagcttgt ctgaaagatc agtaaactac tgacactcct ccaaccagat gaaatcgctg    140520
     gactggattc acaccacaaa cacttgaggt tgtgtaacca aacatctgtg gttccaatat    140580
     aagcaaaaaa gccaatgggg aaaaaaacgg atggatgaaa aaagggaggg agctttagat    140640
     ctgtcagttc ctttcacctt ttagggtgaa gaagggtata atttcatgct tttacccagc    140700
     agactttgag gtgcaagctt agtgccaaag agacagatga caggtaggct cagcttcagt    140760
     gtgtttgctg atgtctgatg tacattgggt ccatgggctt tttcatgcca gtctattatt    140820
     gtggtatagt ccatttagga gaaaaacaaa caatcactgc tcacttcaca tgtcagtcaa    140880
     acaatggctg tatacaaaat tgcatactta gactcaatta gtgtgctaca gtatatagaa    140940
     gtatatctga aagtacatca ccaagtataa aaggacatag tgtgggtttt aaggcacaac    141000
     agacaatagc aaattaaaca aaacaaaaca atacagtcaa acaagaacaa aaccagggac    141060
     caaaaacaac aacaaactaa gcaaaaaatt ataccccttt aaagggaact tatgatgaaa    141120
     atcatctttt gtaagctgct tggacagaac tgtgtgtacg tatagtgtgt ccacagtcat    141180
     ataagagtga tataaagaca atacgtctct ttatttaaaa taggacccct cccattttga    141240
     ggcccatcgc aatgtgactt aggagtgcag tttccccgac caccaaattg attgacagcc    141300
     gcgtattaac atgtctttgt agtaacgcat atattcatat caacaataca ggacatgcgc    141360
     aaagcaactg ggataaaaag atctgttcag ctctctgtga ttatcaatca tcatcaaacg    141420
     tgatcaagaa tgagttttaa aagtttaaaa ccttttaaac attgcatttt tgtaatgatt    141480
     tacagggatt ttgccatcct tacttgatca ccataggtgc atgacactac aattgtaaaa    141540
     gcagacgctt caatcctagt ttgtggatgt taaatcaggt ttatttttta cattaacata    141600
     agggatgtcc atacagcaat ggatattaac gcgtatcctg tcacatttgt gtgcaaaaca    141660
     gcttgtgcta tgtgtgtgtg tgcatgaact ttgtaacaac attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    141720
     tgagactcat cgttgcagaa aggcatgaat taactccaca acaaatacat aaaatagtca    141780
     ttgggaaagt ttttactgta gtatttctca caagcattac atgagatctg cttccttcat    141840
     gtccttcaag attgaagaac acagacaggc acatgggaac gatgggaggg gagaactagc    141900
     attaaacgca caggccacaa aaacaactac aatgtgttca gagcagtaaa tccaatattc    141960
     tgaaaggtat attggtataa aggtatatac agacacattc tgcagacaca aaagacttct    142020
     cttaaatctt gaagaagggg taaaataggt ggccattaag acagacaaaa caaaacagag    142080
     acagatttgt cagacaaatg aatttacagt caaacaaata caaaatagat tcagaccaaa    142140
     acatggcctg tctgtctgtt atattttcat ttgttattta acctttttat ttatttttgt    142200
     tatgttttat gttttgattt agctttgatt tagtcttgtt tcagtctgtc tctatttttt    142260
     tttatttttc atccgcctcc atgttttgtt ttgtctgttt atttttctgt cttctgtttt    142320
     ataataggtt attatgttca gatttgtttt ttttgttaat ttgatgacag tgctgtgcgg    142380
     tttcgttggt ttaatccttt atttatgggt gtaaatcctt tttaaaacaa ggtgtgtgac    142440
     ctttacataa gggtagatta aatcagaaag acaatttaca gtgtaaactt tatattacac    142500
     aaggcgtgca caaacactct gaaccatcct gaacttgttg atgtatatgt atacttactg    142560
     tcaaactctc aaaaacattt taacacactc ctcaactacc tccagagtgt ctctgataca    142620
     agtggagcac aaacaccacc aactgtactt actgtctcca acccaaaaac acttttaaca    142680
     cactcctcaa ccccctccag tgtcttcaat gcagctcaga tgggacagac tgttggcaga    142740
     catgatctta tcacaacgga gacgaagaca gtctctgctt ctatctaaaa ctttattact    142800
     atatccgtaa aactttctga aaacaacacc caattgctac tattaaatct aaatcacatg    142860
     ggctcaactg ctgtacaaaa acagaaaaga ttcaatatca aatatggttg cataccatta    142920
     ttttttgtgc tccaaatgat tttctgatgt ttagcctagt ttgtacttca ataatgggac    142980
     cagcatctgt ataattgtta ggcctcaggc agagaagtgg gatcaggaga aggcatccca    143040
     tttatgacag tacaacaagg gataaggcct gaattttaag taggactgcg tgaaattttc    143100
     ataaatatta ctgtgctggc ctctgtgttc tttattgaca tgcagctgat gttcaaatga    143160
     aatgcacact cttctgggct tggtgttggc gctgcacttg gatttgggtt agtgagcgta    143220
     tcggtcacac caccaaaaca tttagataat tttagcgcga cttgcaacag tgtatagaat    143280
     agcaaatagc tacaatgagc attttgtgtt tataaagtta ttaaaaagac tttagatttt    143340
     gacattgtag aatttatcag tagaaaaata ttctaaaagt agcagtggtg gtgccactgt    143400
     agtttgtaaa tggtagtatc gtcgttaccg gtctatctac aatagataat gttgcatgtg    143460
     gaaaagtcac taaaatgttc acacgtttgt gcaacattag accattttat tttaatagtc    143520
     tgtggagccc tttaattagc agtttctgat gtgttctgat gtttcaacaa acaccttaat    143580
     tggttcattt ctgtcctgac aatataattt agtaggtaaa acaaccgcaa caaattctca    143640
     aaaagacaga ctcacaaagt aaaactttaa aatactttag attcttacct taaaagacta    143700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tgaagaaaaa cccaaaatag caacaggaaa    143760
     cattgaaact aattttaaaa tttgaccttt tcatatagtc tatttttgtc ggaaaattac    143820
     tctttttgta acaaatttca tttggtataa tttgtatctt tattttaatg tattttttgt    143880
     tggtcagata tctacaaaat aaaaaaataa aaaactaatg cattttaggt gaagtgacaa    143940
     taaaatatac ctattataga cctattataa catgtaatat ataacatgta tagtatttct    144000
     gacagatcag aattattatt aatttgttta tttgtttttt tttctgtttt gtttgttctg    144060
     tctttatgtt tagatttctt ttttttttct ttttagtgtt tgtttttgtc tgtctataag    144120
     taatctaata gctatgatta tgtttttaaa atcaaatctt tgcttgacta ttacaggaaa    144180
     caggaaacat ttggtctgaa tccaggccag tctgaattga ctgaaataat attttattta    144240
     aataaatttg tattaaaata tctacttttt gtgtaatttc ttgtttactt atgctacatt    144300
     ttgctttata ttcacgttca cgtaatagaa tgaattaaat ccaaactcta gctactcaaa    144360
     ttgtttgagg aaaccgattg caggaaacca tttaagttga caaactttat tcatttgagt    144420
     tcagtcaact taaaccattt gccgcaattg gtttaagtag ctttacagtt gtttggactc    144480
     gattcgttta agttaactca cacagatctg ataattgaac ctaacatgtt taagttacta    144540
     atactctaaa tgtttgatga tatcaactca aatagtataa gtgtatatga ttcaatatat    144600
     atatatatat atatatatat atatataagt ttacagcaca ctaaaaacat atatgatcaa    144660
     ttttaaataa ttttataagt taagcaagct attttaagta agtttaacat aatataagtt    144720
     caatggaccg gtaagattaa tttgattcaa cttacaaaat taaggcaacc aggatttttt    144780
     gacagtgttc tcaaaccatt tattttcaaa actcaaatag tttgctacaa ttggtttcct    144840
     taaatggttt gagttaactt aacttatcgg gttttacagt gtgccattta aaatgcatat    144900
     gaagaacagt taataaaaaa aagaatcaaa atcatccaaa ttgttgcttt acttaatgca    144960
     ttttaaatga taaggtttgt gcttatcaaa aattggcaaa gctatactaa atattaattt    145020
     ttaaattcaa gatatgtgta aaatttttat aaacacttgc aattaaaaag catttttttt    145080
     ctcagtagct gtaatgtatt acaattacat gtattatgta tacttaaatt agcctatata    145140
     acaccatttc acgtaactag atattgccca acactgctta gtttttggtc cacatatagg    145200
     gagtacacag aacgtgacta ttcaagagtt caaacagtct gacaaaatca aaagttaact    145260
     attgtgctac aattgactct aggtctcagt taaacatttc cagagctata gtgtgtgtga    145320
     gtgaatgaga gtgtgtgttt gcttgtgtct gtgtgtttag gtggggagac gtttgatgtc    145380
     tacactgact agccatatca atgcagtgaa taccaaatga ctttattaaa gcaaatctgc    145440
     ctccagagtg ctgaccaaag gtctgctgct ctctaaatat aggcaacaag tcacttagac    145500
     acacaaacat gcaagtatgt gcaatgcaga gacataatga agacttgtga ccttcattga    145560
     gacgtgaatg cattactaga atttaaataa aattgcccct gaattaaatt ctatcattat    145620
     ttacatactt tcagtttatt ttctctgttg aacacaaaag aatatattta taagaatgtt    145680
     gggaacttgt agctactgta ttagctatgt ttccattcaa agatggaaat tagatttaca    145740
     gttaaagtca gaattattag cccccttttg atgtttattt tcttttttaa atatttccca    145800
     aatgatgttt aacagagcaa tgaaatgttc acggtatgtc taataatatt tttttttctg    145860
     gagaaagtct tatttgtttt attattagta ttattttggg acaaaattat tagccccttt    145920
     aagctaattt ttcccccgat aatctacaga acaaaccact gttatacaat accttgctta    145980
     attaccctaa cctgcctagt taacctaatt aacctagtta agcatttaaa tgtcacttta    146040
     agctgtatag aagtgtcttg aaaaatatca agtaaaatat tatttactgt catcatgaca    146100
     aagagaaaat aaatctatta ttagaaatac gttttaaaat tattatgatt agaaatgtgc    146160
     ttaaacaatc ttgcctcaat taaacataaa ttggggaaaa aaataaacag gggtgctaat    146220
     aattcatagg ggctaataat tctgacttca actgtatatg caaaactgca atatcacata    146280
     aaatgtgtgt ttccagccaa aagaatcaaa gagaacaaat aatcatttca tgataaaatg    146340
     gtgccacata tcaaaagaaa aatggaattt actgtggcag gaaaaggcaa acatagactc    146400
     attctgaaat tgtagcccta tatccgtttc tggggatcac aaattatgta gccagaagta    146460
     cgtatggctg cattcagttt ttttaatgaa tactacaggg tggtatgacg ccgttcctat    146520
     atgcgcttac agatacccac tcacctccgt atggacggct ttcccgctgt taccagtttg    146580
     tccaacagct cgccatgtac ataggtggac ctgagataca gagtgagaaa gtgggtaaga    146640
     caaaaacaga atccaaaaca taaagtgaag aagtaaataa cagaatgaga atgtggtaaa    146700
     atctgaaaac gttggtagaa tgaagcgagg gcttttcttt ttctgctttg ctttttaaaa    146760
     ctgtcggttg ggtttaggga agtgggtggg cgggtaaatc ggtgcttttg acaatactat    146820
     tggttgggtt taggaaaaga ggagggtggg tcagtcgatc ggtcagtcag tcatttgttc    146880
     agtcagtcat tcagtcgact gcagcctctg gtggatttac gtacaacagg cgcgaatggc    146940
     acttgccaga gaccattttg gcatcgtacg atgtctaatg tgaaacactg cgatggataa    147000
     tggcatcgcc gtcggtggtg agtatttatg agtaattcat tcattcataa caaatttatt    147060
     aattatttat gaataattaa ttcattcatt cataacaaat gcattatttg ttacctacca    147120
     tttgaactac ctgacccgca tgctctttgt tttacccaca accaaatcat aaataaataa    147180
     agataagtta cacacaaata accacctgtc aatcactttt tccgcgggac tctggcatga    147240
     ataggcagag tgatcggtgt cattatattg gcgtcgacaa acttggtttg taaaaagatg    147300
     cacaaacaac aggaaccaac caacaatatc tgaggttttt gctaaaatga ctaggtacaa    147360
     gcgtgaaagt gaaagattaa agcagtgcac tggtgctgtg acacgttacc tgatagattc    147420
     aaaagacaga agagttttta catatagata tcacgtttaa caactatagt gagaaacgat    147480
     ccagcggtac atccctgata aactgtccaa cgtgcactgc tctttgagtt ttgtgcttaa    147540
     agcacccgct gactgcctgg agcttagacg tgcgcatatg ctagagcgca cgagtgtgtg    147600
     tgtggtcacg tgatgtgcgt tttcagtggt aaagagtgga aggagatctt ttcaaaaatg    147660
     cttgatgaaa cgccagtgtg gacgtggata atttttgttc taaaatgcca aactaagacg    147720
     tattatggcc taagtgtgtg ttttttggga gcatgttgct tctatgacag ggcagggcag    147780
     aggatcgcga tgctggctta gcatcgtgat gtctatcagc cattgtcgat ggcatcgtct    147840
     actgaaccca accctaatgt ctatcaacat tttccaaatt atttatacta atatacttat    147900
     tttcaacaga aacaataaaa tcataagtgt ctaaaaccac tacagaatga gtgaatttaa    147960
     aattgtctat gaaatatttt taaatgggaa ggtaaaagtg aaagaaagac ctttattgaa    148020
     aaaatggatt tcagtatctg tcctagattt gatctgtggc tgaaaggcct ttttacatca    148080
     caatttacag ctccacccat tctggatcca accttccaaa ggatattgaa ttctagttcc    148140
     accttattgg cctctatcta ctgctaacag agttgtcttt ggctttgtat gctaaagcac    148200
     ttctcaaaag catgtgctcc taaggtgcag attagcagct gctgcctaaa ggggtgaaac    148260
     gggacttttt aaaaccagag cgggaagcag cacaaccgca tgaacccggc acctctgcat    148320
     gatgagctaa atctcaatca gggtaaatct ttttaaagcc accccaagaa tgtaagcaga    148380
     cacctaaaat aatcacagta aaaatacctc atcaacagat gtaaaaacac agagctatat    148440
     ttaagctctt tgcaagcact tcacacctca tgctgcatgt ttgtgagtgg ttgtccatca    148500
     gcctgtgatt ttgcatgttt actaaaggat cagtttgact ttctaaaatt accgtgtcat    148560
     gtgaaaaata gcatcttttg gattttgttc aatcctgagg tttaagtatg acccgagcaa    148620
     acagtcattt tagattaaaa ttctgtatga aaagtgttgc atatgttcct gtctacacct    148680
     cataaaaatg gtctttaagt aacttcacac ctaaaatatc tgctttacgt tatttaataa    148740
     tctaatacac tgacagacac acacgtacgc atgcacacac acaactatgc ttccctattt    148800
     aggattttat aatatatttc cagtttcttt cgaaaactat gcatgtttta ttaaagtaaa    148860
     attgtagtaa ctataattat tttgtcagat tatttgtatt gtataaccaa cagtttacta    148920
     taaataccac atttaaacta gtaaaaatca tgtttgaatt gtggttaaca tgccttaaca    148980
     tggttagcat agttgcattt attcaaatat actacacatt aatggtaaaa tggataagaa    149040
     tgatcattcc gtgtaaaaag tatactctcg ctaaacatgt ctcttagcaa cctgctaact    149100
     catgctagca tgcactgaca atctaacaaa agtctcgtcg cttatccaag ttttagaaac    149160
     aacaaacaat aacttgacgt ctagctgatc atttggctcc caataagctt ggactactgt    149220
     atccatacat ctttgcagtt attcaaataa cttatcaata aagtcatctg gaatagcaaa    149280
     gaaagcgctc ttgcaggact tccagttcat gaaaatcttg tattcatctt caatgctttg    149340
     tccattatct taccccagac atgctcaata atgttcaagt ctggtgactt ggctggccaa    149400
     tcctggagaa ccttgacctt ctttgctttc aggaacttta gtgtggaggc tgaagtaaga    149460
     gaaggagcgc tctcctgctg aagaatttgc cctctcctgt ggtttgtaat gtaatgggca    149520
     gcacaaatgt cttgatacct caggctgctg atgttgccat ccactatgca gatctctcat    149580
     gcccccatgc tgaatgtaac cccaaaccat tattttccct tcaccaaact tgactgattt    149640
     cagtgagaat cttgggtcca tgctggttcc aataggtctt ctgcagtatt tgtgatgatc    149700
     aggatgcagt tcaacagatg atttatcaga aaattctacc ttctgacact tttccaaatg    149760
     atcaactaga agtcaagtta ttatttgttg ctcttacaac tggaatctat gacaagactt    149820
     ttgtcaggta gtgcagtatt aaaccatgtt agcaatttct aatcttcgcc acatgatctt    149880
     aaatcatgtt aacaacatat taaacagttc tcttacttac tttcttactt tcactctaag    149940
     tttgaaccaa aaacttacaa agctgtttca gactctcagg caaaggcttt ttccaagtta    150000
     gcataaggga atagccctta tcctcctttt atgatagtat aacacagttt acagctagcc    150060
     caccttaata ctaaaataga taagaataag aagcctgact tagttttgat cagaagttgc    150120
     gaatgtggaa cagtcatgca aaaaataaaa ataaaaataa ataaataata aaaaatgcta    150180
     ccaactttct gaaacatgct aacaatatga caaatcatgc tcgcaccatt ttgtttcctt    150240
     ctctttcatt ctttctttca tttccacctt cacctcaagt ttaaatgtaa agcagaaaaa    150300
     gtttcaaacc ttcaggcaag gcttttctca accctgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agatatcctc    150360
     cttttaagga cagcagagtg tacagatagc tcacagtaat gctaaaatag acgacaataa    150420
     aatccattct gtatatattt ttaacaaaac aagttaaaag gtcatgtgaa gcaggggtgt    150480
     ccacactcgg tcctggaggg ctggtgtcct ggagagttta gatccaaccc taattaaaca    150540
     cacctgaaca agctaatcaa gctcttacta ggtatactag atacttccag gcaggtgtgt    150600
     tgaagcaagt tggagctaag atcagcagga caccggccct ccagaaccga ctttggacac    150660
     ccctgatgta aagtatatta aatgtggtat aatgtaacat gctagacatt taacaacctg    150720
     ctagttcttg ctagaacagt ggtaacatcc tagcaatatc agatatacca ccctaccttc    150780
     aaagcttttc caaggccata tgtaatatct aaatacatgg agaatatcat catctttcat    150840
     catcattaca tctaacatgt atctaacata tcgagatcaa atatacataa atcaaacaaa    150900
     caacatcttt atccaacaga aagtgtcatc aactttcctg aaaagtgatc atgtatgtgg    150960
     ttgtaggctc gaaaaagcct cacggtagct ccactgacag tagcgaccag agctaaaagt    151020
     gctttactgt actatttgtg taatttaagg ctcattacat catgtgatgt actctctgtt    151080
     cctgaggtgc tttttcagat taacattttc tctcctgtct ccatgatttc tgggatattg    151140
     tatctaattt gtggctgagg taggatgtct gcaaaatggc aattagtgct agcatcagac    151200
     ttaaagaggt ttccctaaat cacgctaaaa catgctacca atgtattaaa acatgttagc    151260
     aacttaaatt attcttttgt ttctgaccct taaacatatt gaagcataca aagctgtttc    151320
     aaatctgcat gtttggtcaa tctataactc ctggcacact agcgttttag aatagtatag    151380
     gcttatacag aattttactg tagtaaccac aataatgagt ttaatcaagt taatggttca    151440
     tatactgtat atataaaata tattatattt tgcttaattt aataaacatg ttaattcatg    151500
     caattaaaca tgctaaaatt tgctaaaaca ttcaaacaat gttaaaccat ggtaacatct    151560
     tgctacatcc cttttttctt tctgtctgtt ccaatgaaaa tgttaaaaca acttgataaa    151620
     aattcaaaca atgtctttct ttcttttttt tctttctttc tttttttctt tctttctttc    151680
     ttactttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttccttc tttctttctt tctttctttc    151740
     tttctttctt tcaccagtgt aaagattgtt ccaacaagcg ttatattttt ttttctagta    151800
     tccttgagtt aggttaactg gctttacatt gttatgacag ttattaaaag ttattaagct    151860
     taagtatagc tcaatacaat cttgtgttaa tgtgtaatat tattgtgttt catataaaaa    151920
     agaaaattat ttttattagc caaagtccaa tagaagtcaa aatcattttg tgtgtccaca    151980
     gatgctgtta cagagattaa cttgttttga acccataata ttcctttaac agatttacag    152040
     tatagtctag catatacagt acttttcaga cagacaattc aagatttttt tttttcccca    152100
     tggatcttca gttcataaca tgtacatgca gagcccctga ggcttatgca attctcaaat    152160
     tcttcaggat ctgtacattt ctcacttgtt ttttggcagc agaggagcaa taacatgata    152220
     ccacaaacac agactgctga atgctcttaa tttagacgga gcacttttgg gtttatcttt    152280
     aaccacgcaa tcacaaaatc cctcagtgtt tccaagaacg ctcccagcac aacccattca    152340
     cagttatcag ctgcatctca ttaaaagagc tttttctgag atctgcctca aatctgtcat    152400
     ccacatggtc taatctccat ttaaagagca gcactacgcg ctgaactgag tatgtttcac    152460
     ccgcctgctc tgttgcaact atttaattaa gattccattg caaaacctca agtaaagaaa    152520
     aaatgggtta aacaaaacaa atggggttaa caaatatatg tctacttttc cagaacagaa    152580
     atgttcaaaa gtaagatgta aattcagttg aagtcagaat tattatccct cctgttaaat    152640
     gttatttctt ttatattttt tctacaattt ctgattaaca gtgttttttt taacacattt    152700
     ccaaacctta tagttttgat aaccaatttg taattacaga ttacttttat ctttttcatg    152760
     atagtatttt tttctagaaa atttttaaga ttctaatatt ctgcttaaag tgccatttaa    152820
     aagtctatct aggtttatta ggtaagttag agtaattagc aagtcattgt ataacagtgg    152880
     ttttgtcgtt ttatgaacta taaatcgcgt catgcacctc acacacacct gttctggtgg    152940
     tgatgattaa tacacacaca caactagaag ctcatctaag actgtttaca cagactatat    153000
     agactgctca ctctcccaca cacttggtta agtcttgttg tcatttacct gtaacattac    153060
     gaagcgttct agtatagcct ttctgtgttt gacccttgtc ttgttgcctt acttctgttg    153120
     tttgccacct gtatcgaccc ctttacctgt gacctcgact acgttcctgg atcatcctca    153180
     tgagactgtt tgtaccggtt gacaattgcc tgtctgataa aaatgataaa aatgcacatg    153240
     aatcctcagt ccactgtcat tcctctttgg ttatgggttt gttctgtaga caattataaa    153300
     aaagatattg cttaaggggt ctaataacat tgaccttaaa atgtttacaa aaaaataaaa    153360
     aataaatcaa actgctttta ttccagccga aataaaacaa atatttacaa ttttaacaat    153420
     aattataata aacaaataaa tataatattg caagaagaaa aaattgtcac ggttgcaggt    153480
     ttgtgcgctc ttccggaatg tttgtgtgat catgtgggtt tgttttgctt ttgtggccca    153540
     cgtgtgttgt tttggtcacg tggccttacg tcactccgct ggattgattt ttcgccagct    153600
     gacatacatc atcgtgacta tataagtgct acgtgtttaa tgttcattgt cagttcgtta    153660
     cgtgtgctca tgtgtgtctt tctgtctgtg ttcaggaccg tgaggagttt ctgctagtgc    153720
     ctgacttcct gtttgattcc tgtcctgttc ccctagcctt agcaccacac tcttttgtta    153780
     cacctgcttt ttgagtttga ctgtgtttaa taaattcctt tgttcactcg ctattggatc    153840
     tacccgaaca tttattttga acgtgacaaa acgaactgac ctttaccatg gatccagcga    153900
     gtacttcaca gatatcggag ttccttactg ctagcaacgc caggattgat cgccaggacg    153960
     aggctttagc cacgactgca caggctatcc aggccttggt tggtcaggtg tcattactga    154020
     ctactcaggt ccaacagctg atttccggaa caacacaagg ggagcctgca ccagctccgg    154080
     aggtgatacc tgcgccggtg gctgccagtg ctaacgtggg cgttggtcgc tcagttgagc    154140
     ctcgccttcc tccgccgacc tgctatgctg gggagcctca cttatgccgg tccttcttat    154200
     ccaaatgctc cctgtacttc tccctgcagc catctttgtt ttcctcagag cagtccaaag    154260
     tggcgttcgt catcaccctc ctttcaggaa gggcggctca atggggaacc acagcatggg    154320
     agaagaaatt accctgttgt tcttcgttcg acctgttctc aaaggaacta aaaaaggtct    154380
     ttgatcgggc cgcctctggg agagaggccg ctagagtcct cgctgagctc cgccagggaa    154440
     atcggagcgt ggcggactat tccattgagt tccgcacttt ggctgctgaa tccggctgga    154500
     acgcggaggc tcaatgggac atgttccttc atggcctttc ggatcgtctt caggacgaga    154560
     tctactccct agatcttccc aagaccctcg acgagctagt ggatttggcc atccgggtgg    154620
     actccagact gcttcgccgt gagagtcgca tgcggcaaaa caggtttccg gatcctgtcc    154680
     ctgactcgcc ggtctcgccg atggcaccgg aagttgggag cgttgacccg gaacctatgc    154740
     agttgggcag atcccgcttg tccgtagagg agaagcgccg gcgaagaacg gagggactct    154800
     gtctttactg cggtggggcg gggcatcggg tggcttcctg tcccgtaaaa gtcaacaccc    154860
     atcagtaggt aagaggttac tgatgggtga aattaatttg gacaaatcct ctatgtctgc    154920
     cacaatactg cccgtctcct tatcatgggg ttccggaact caagacacac aggcgctcgt    154980
     cgattccggg gcggagggaa acttcattga ctctagtttc gctttcagtt ttaaacttcc    155040
     ggttattgca ctgtcacaac ccattgcagt acgcgcactc agcggacttt cccttcccac    155100
     tatcactcac tccactaaac ccataaagct gatcacatct ggaaatcatg ttgaacacat    155160
     ttcatttttt ttaacagact gttctaacac accggtggtt ttaggtcatc cttggttaat    155220
     tcttcataag cctcatatta actggggtct taatgccata ctttcgtgga gtgagaactg    155280
     tcatcagtct tgtctttcgt ctgctcgttc tgctgtttct tgttctgtgt ttcaggagga    155340
     gcgcatggac ctgtcaaatg tgcccagtga gtacctcgac ctgaagagag tgttcagtaa    155400
     gtctcgagct gcttctctgc ctcctcatcg tccctatgac tgtgcaatag acttattgcc    155460
     aggtacgtct ccgcctaaag gcaagttata ctctctttct attccggaga gggaggccat    155520
     ggagaaacat atttctgatt ctctagcggc caagatcata cggccctctt cttcaccggc    155580
     gggggcgggg ttttttttcg tgaaaaagaa ggatgggtct cttagaccct gcattgacta    155640
     tcgagggctg aacagcatca cggtgaagaa cacgtatcct ttgccgctga tgtcttcagc    155700
     gttcgagcgt ctgcaagggg cttcgttttt cacgaaatta gatctccgca acgcatatca    155760
     tttggttcgc atgaagcagg gtcatgagtg gaaaactgcg tttttgaccc ccagggggca    155820
     ttttgaatat tgtgttcttc cttttgggct ttctaatgct cctgcggttt tccaagcact    155880
     cgtaaatgac gtgttgcgag atatgataga tcagtttatt tatgtctacc tggatgacat    155940
     tctgattttt tctcgttctc tccaggaaca tgtgcagcac gtcaggcgag tgcttcagcg    156000
     gctgctagag aatgagcttt ttgtcaaggc ggagaaatgc gtgttccatg cacagtctgt    156060
     tccctttcta ggacacattg tgtcagtcga gggggtgcgc atggatccag agaaagttca    156120
     ggctgtggtg aattggccaa tccccgagtc tcgtaaggcc ctgcagagat ttctgggctt    156180
     cgctaatttt taccggcgtt ttattcgcaa tttcagccag ctcgccgccc ctctgacgtc    156240
     cttaacctcc tccaaaactc ccttcaggtg gtcgatcgca gcacaggctg cattctccaa    156300
     tctgaagagc cgctttgttt cagctcctat tttagtgaca cctgatccct cccgaaagtt    156360
     tgtggtggag gttgacgcgt cagaggtggg ggtgggagct atcctgtccc agcgcgccgc    156420
     ctcggatgac agaattcatc catgcgcgtt tttctctcat cgattatctc ccgcagaacg    156480
     aaactacgac attggtaata gggagttgtt agctgtcaaa ctcgctttgg aggagtggcg    156540
     tcattggttg gagggttccc tttatcgttt ggaccgatca taagaacctc gaatacatca    156600
     ggtccgccaa acgactcagc tccaggcagg ctcggtgggc attatttttc ggacgtttcg    156660
     attttaccat ctcttatcgg ccgggttcca aaaacatcaa acccgacgcg ttatcccgtc    156720
     tttttgattc ttccgagcgc aatacgtctc ttgagcccat cgttccccag aggatttgta    156780
     tttctgctgt gacatgggag atcgagagca gggtccgcac agccctggat ggggtaacgc    156840
     ccccggccgg atgcccaccc agttgtttgt ttgtgccgga ggggattcgg tctgacgtca    156900
     ttcgatgggg acattcctcc aaagtggctt gtcatccggg ggtgagtcgt acattatttt    156960
     tagttaaaca gcgattctgg tggccagcta tggcacggga catacgcgag tttgttttgg    157020
     cctgttccgt ttgtgctgtt tctaaaactt ccaatcgccc tcctgctgga ctccttcagc    157080
     cgctgtcagt gccttcgaga ccctggtcgc acatttcgtt agatttcgtc acctggctcc    157140
     tgccgtctgg tggcaatacg gctgttttga ccgttgtgga ccggttctcg aaggcagctc    157200
     attttattcc tctgcccaaa ttaccctcag ccagagagac agcggatgct gtcattaatc    157260
     acgtctttcg cattcatggc ctcccgacgg acgtggtttc tgacaggggg ccccagtttg    157320
     tctctaaatt ttggagagaa ttttgtcatt tattgggagc gactgtaagt ctttcttctg    157380
     ggtttcatcc tcagagtaac ggacaaactg agagggcaaa ccaagatctc gagcgcatgt    157440
     tacgttgttt ggtttcccag aatccctcct cttggagtca gcagctccca tgggtggagt    157500
     acgcacacaa ttcattacca gtgtcggcta cgggcctttc tccctttcag tgtagtttag    157560
     gttaccagcc accagctttt cccagtctgg aatccgaagt cgcggtcccc tccgcccacg    157620
     cctttgtcca gaggtgccga cgcacttgga acagggccag gcagaccctc ctccaagtgg    157680
     gtgcgcgcac caaggctaaa gccgatcgcc accggtcgaa gcctcccgtt tacgtcgtcg    157740
     gtcaaaaagt gtggctttca actaagaata ttcccttgcg ttccgtatgt aataaacttg    157800
     cacccaaatt tattggccca ttcactgtca tcaagatcat tagtccggtg gcagtccgcc    157860
     tcaaacttcc tccagcgtac aggagaattc atcccgtgtt ccatgtttcc aaattaaagc    157920
     ccgtttttca tacggcgatt aatccgccca ctccggttcc cccccccgcc gcgtctcgta    157980
     gatggggaga ccgtttattc ggttaagcgc attctggact caagacggag ggggcgagga    158040
     tttcagtact tggtggactg ggaaggttat ggtgcggagg agaggagttg ggtccctgca    158100
     agggacatat tggatcactc tcttatcgat gattacaatc gccaggtaag cgcttctggg    158160
     agcaccagga ggtgctcttg agagaggggt aatgtcacgg ttgcaggttt gtgcgctctt    158220
     ccggaatgtt tgtgtgatca tgtgggtttg ttttgctttt gtggcccacg tgtgttgttt    158280
     tggtcacgtg gccttacgtc actccgctgg attgattttt cgccagctga catacatcat    158340
     cgtgactata aaagtgctac gtgtttaatg ttcattgtca gttcgttacg tgtgctcatg    158400
     tgtgtctttc tgtctgtgtt caggaccgtg aggagtttct gctagtgcct gacttcctgt    158460
     ttgattcctg tcctgttccc ctagccttag caccacactc ttttgttaca cctgcttttt    158520
     gagtttgact gtgtttaata aattcctttg ttcactcgct attggatcta cccgaacatt    158580
     tattttgaac gtgacaaaaa tattataggt attattgtaa aaaaattctt gcaccatttg    158640
     ggaaatattt gaaaaagagt taaataaatt cacttgaggg ttaattattt tgacgtcaac    158700
     tgtatctatt ttacatacat tccaaagaat tgtttttctc aaatacaaca aaacagatac    158760
     agtattatta aaacagatta ttcaatttat aacacaaaca cttacaacta attaattaaa    158820
     tgttaaaatt aatataagga tattttaata aagactaata aaactattct aatgttacta    158880
     tatttgtatt tttatttaaa aaaaggaact tccaatgttt acaacaaaaa gtcttatttc    158940
     tttcaggatt gaaggctgaa aatattattt ctagacagac tttgtattaa acatatacac    159000
     tcatttccat aagatccaat ctgaaaaaag tttagattgt ttctcagcat tagagaagca    159060
     gagtattctg gagaaacccc tatagtacag acacacatat aagggcataa gcggcatatg    159120
     gtacagcaga tctggatgcg cctcggctcc tccataaata tcccacataa aaaaggaatc    159180
     cttcatctac tggctattaa tggcaggact gctcttccac gcctgctccg aatcagcagc    159240
     tcgttaatct tcagatgaaa acatcgccct gttctgtccc tcacaggccc ttcagaccaa    159300
     ccacactcca tcagtgagct catctttaat tttgacaccc gcttcttcac catttgtcca    159360
     attagatgta ccacacagtt cagaatatga agacggagga agcttatttg agtgtaattt    159420
     tacagtctcc ctgcttttct ttcattaagt tcaaataaaa acgtgtattg ctcactaata    159480
     ttcaatcttc ttactgctgt gctggttata tctacacatt gcttaatgtg tcccttttat    159540
     gtgactctta cttttagttc taagatctat acagtaggtt taaatcacta caaggccaga    159600
     aacattttgt catgttctct ttctcatata ctgtaggttc agtttctggt cagtattaag    159660
     atgtactctg cttgttggtt ctagactttt gtgagggtca atctgttagt gcacaacata    159720
     aaaaagtata aaaatactag cccataatca ttgaaaataa atgcctcagc atacattttt    159780
     cagaaatgtt ttctaaatat gaaaatgcaa atctattagt taatctggaa tgttttgttg    159840
     tatgtttcaa acagtgtttt tttttgtgaa ctttaaggtc ccggaacaga tcgagttaat    159900
     gcatttgcat gttatttaag aatgtagagg tgtcacgcac aaaagtggag agcgggcggg    159960
     ggtgggggtg tcgcgtacaa aagtgaagac cgggggtggc tgtagcagac gaaagtgaag    160020
     agggttgggg cgttgcggaa ggaaataaaa gtgaacagct gacgtggagg aggccggttt    160080
     aggaagggga tgataaaatg aggtgatcag atttcagaag tgccggatcc ggatctgaac    160140
     ccaactattt ataatgagtt tggatcagcc tgatctcacg gaaaaacata agtattttac    160200
     gctttgtcag tttagtggct aatttctaga attcaaattc tacgagtttt tcagtacgat    160260
     tttaaaaagg agggttggca cccaacccca cctctaaacc caatcttcac taggtgatga    160320
     gcaaatcaaa caaaattata aaaatttgat agctggaatt tatacgaata agccactaaa    160380
     ttaaaaagtt acgaattgct gtaagatggg tgcgttagtt tggaataatc tgaccggttt    160440
     actaatgatt acagatgaaa gaccggctac gatcaatcat atcacatgct cctttcgaaa    160500
     taatgccgca gtaacactaa ggtttgagat tgtgaaattc tgttgtacgt cgctgcaaaa    160560
     aggggggaga ttaaactttc cccaaaactg gtatttaaat aaatgcttct ctgaagctcc    160620
     gcctttgttg tcatggaaat ctacacagaa cctcaagtcc tcaagtaaaa acaaacacga    160680
     atgagctgat ttaaaatttg gatgtttaaa taccctgaaa atattctggt aatttcagtg    160740
     ttagagatgc actcagacta ctttttgctc tgttgacttc cattcagatg caagagaatg    160800
     caggacagca tactgtaaat aataaaatac tgtttggatt tttcaaactt ttcaccctaa    160860
     acatatttca ggtcctcatc cccaattatt atacactata ttctttaaaa ctttgcagac    160920
     cttttacgat cacaaacaca atatacactg tacattaaaa gttatatgcg aaaataataa    160980
     taataattat aagaatactt tagcatccag aaaataggta cacaatcaaa ctcaaaaaga    161040
     ggttttttaa gcccatttgg gtcacgttgc atgcaaaaac gaagcaacat gcaaacaatc    161100
     aaactctgta aactccatca cgtttaatct cagcacgatt actgtctctc acatcactac    161160
     tttcacaact gtttgatgaa gaagacgaaa cgcagggagg gagaagatga ttgaagataa    161220
     tgtgctgaaa aaaactaatt aacgaagaag gccgtggcac gttatctgtt atcacagccg    161280
     tgcctgagtc tcccatttat agatcaaaca caagttggtg catttcagct ttcttgtact    161340
     ctcgcacaaa gcgagacgga tcaggtgaac ggcttttgaa gtagaatgaa atcctgcacg    161400
     ccgggtggca gattgaaccc cagacaaatg cctttcccaa cctcattagc tcagatgctt    161460
     caattggaca cacatacaca gctatatttt ttgacaatgt gtgaataata aaataacttt    161520
     caggggggtc ggcttattaa aagggatgtt gcaaagctgc taaatgggta attgtaaatt    161580
     tccatgtaac acaagctgtc atttaaaagc accattatag ttagttaaaa gcaaacaatt    161640
     ctaatgaatt aaacatcacg tatataaagt cactttttta atatgtgata tgtgataaaa    161700
     tgggaaataa aaaactgcat taaataaaat taaacaagat agaaatagaa tgatttcaat    161760
     ttttttatat ttttattata cacacacaca cacacacaca cacatgtaat atgtaatata    161820
     taaataggaa gaaattgaac cttattctta tttctgtttt tttttttttg tagtgaaata    161880
     aaacctccaa agttaatttt cctttgcttt aatgttgtaa aattgcttta atgttgtaaa    161940
     atgtttctta tttcttaatt aatttctaat ttatttattt atatttaaat atgaattgtg    162000
     ctttcattgt tatgattgtt tatctcagca cagcaaaacc ctcaaaaatg tactcagttt    162060
     agattcattt cagttcagtc cgatttttgt tttattcaaa cggtttgtag caattggttt    162120
     ccttaaatgg tttgagtagc cttagcttat taggttttac tgagctcaaa ttgcttcatt    162180
     tactcaaatg gattaagttc acagtactca ataagatttg ttttttaaca taaagggttt    162240
     gttgcaatcg atttccttaa atggtttgag ttaccttaac tttttgggtt ttacagtgta    162300
     taatacattg aatctcttaa aatctcagca gaggatcagc tcaatcaata tgcaactcca    162360
     aaaacagcag ccctacctac taccaacctg tttgctttag agagggacta aatactctct    162420
     gaacggagta cattttaccc agaggatttt gctgtgcacc agttaaaaaa tgtaagtaat    162480
     aatatgttca taatttgtta cataattatt tatacggaaa acttagggtg tcacactaag    162540
     ctatccaaac tgtgctcagg catgtttcac agttcgtttg acaagtgaga gtgctccgaa    162600
     ttgtgtccag gcgtagttca gttggccagc cctggcccag ttgaaagaga tgtgccagag    162660
     catgtttcgg ttgggttttg gcgcagtaca cttgtagtgt aagtgcaaag tgcgcctgag    162720
     cacgaaactg aagaccagag gtccctttta agggactatt tcacatggat ttatttatta    162780
     ttcttacttt tcaaagaaca taaactgtca tagtttatta aaatacaaac ccctcgctgt    162840
     gcatcagatg ccaccttcag caaacctcct aataactgca gcacgaggac aaaagtggtg    162900
     gatctgttca gcaaaatatt tgactgcatg tcactgcaaa aaaaacaact ttaaataata    162960
     caaatcaact aaactaaagc aatatccatt gtatggagag agagagagag agagaaagcg    163020
     cttctcttct gttaaactga acagtcgcat catcaatgac ataatagtgc tcaggcacga    163080
     aaggcggagg ggggacaatc acgtccaacc cgggctcatt gtggaaacgt agcctcgcgg    163140
     acgtttctgc ggaccgcgat ttacgtcctg ggaggtacgt attcgagcgt tttttgtttt    163200
     cgtggatacg caagaggccg ctgtgcgcgc tttttcgcgt ctcgggcgcc tctcgggagc    163260
     acgcgccgtt cgcgtccgcg ccgttctcgc gcgaaaagcc gccggaccgg ccgactcggc    163320
     cgccctcctc ttcctcctcc ttccctaaac ccgagcgacg gttcgcaaaa gccatccagg    163380
     aaaaaaaaaa cgcgttttcg gatcccgccg cgttctcgcc cttatttttc tgattccgtt    163440
     tttcgtctta cctgatttcc ggaaccgccg ttccccggac tcgatcccgg tcgtcgtccc    163500
     cacagccggc tcctcctcct ccggggcctt cgctccgccg acgcaacgct gtgagctaag    163560
     cggtcaaact ggttgcatcg ggaaagccct ccactcggag gcgagccgtc ggccggcgag    163620
     cgcgaagagg aggagcggag cggcgccaca ccgccccgca gcgttcgctc gaaaaaatct    163680
     aaacgcgccc ttacgtacct ccggccatgt aaatcacggt ctccagaaac gtacgcgggg    163740
     ctacgtttcc ggaatgagct tgggttgatc acgtctgggc acgttcaaga caactgtgcc    163800
     tagagtaaat tcttacattt tttataaaat tttgagtaaa tatgaatgtt tcttttatat    163860
     tgatcgttta cagcatttta aaacggaaat gatattgatg ggtctgaaaa aagtcgtcat    163920
     catcataaat gaaggggtct tccatcaggt ttgatgacat tagttcaaat cgagatgaca    163980
     gcagaagctc ttgtgtccta gttatcctgt cccttgtttg acctttgact tgtgaagtgc    164040
     tgaattatca gaggtgtcag tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    164100
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgttagctgt gtgagtatag gaagaaaaac aaagactaag    164160
     tggcagtgtt tttcattagt aacccactgt ccaggattaa gaccttttcc catctgtttt    164220
     cagctagaat ctatgaatat aaaatcatct ctgcagtgtg aaagagactt tgaggtctcc    164280
     actagctttg aatcttttag tttttaaatt tcttttaata aaaatggagc tttgagaatg    164340
     taatggttag ataatgatga aaggttttta ttaatgcatt ttgtcacata atcaaagaca    164400
     atgcccttaa atctatcact ttaataaaca gggctcatta aaaactaatg ctatatagat    164460
     agactgatca atttttcatt aaaatgtttg cctaaaatgt ttgctaaaga tgttaaataa    164520
     ataaacaatt aacaaaaata tcaaaaactg tatatattac caacaaatca atcaactgat    164580
     taatgatatt gataaaaaca gtgctagtga aatgattcaa ggataaggtt tactaaaatg    164640
     taatatgact accgaaggta aaccagcaaa caaagtaaat aaatgtataa aataccagct    164700
     aaaattgtcg aggaatgtaa atattccttt acatttgaga ctaacataaa taatttaaaa    164760
     tgaacaaaat caatcattaa atgtgatggg gaacatttgg ttctggtact gattgatgtt    164820
     taactcattt taaaccatta acagagttca caataacgga gttgacattt atttcaccat    164880
     tttttgtttt agctcaagat tctaaaccag atatcacatg gcatgtgata tctagtgttt    164940
     acctcaaact attgtttaaa aacaacaaat gagaaattca ctgaaatgtc ataatacatt    165000
     tttttaaata attaatctac actgttaaaa attgctgtta atttacatca taattttaag    165060
     agtattcctg ttattttcaa aagcatagtg ttgctgttat tttacagttt ataaaatgac    165120
     atagacaaaa tttaacatta ctttaccata tttattacac taaggcaaca aaacagtgat    165180
     taccagtatt ctgtaaacat tttcatctgt cttaaccggt gagtgcagca tgtttcttta    165240
     acacaaaatg cacttctgcg attgcacata ggctaactgt ttgctgatat tatagcatta    165300
     tgatgaaaca atgttttaga ttgattttag tgctgaatcc gtcaatgtgc aaactgcatc    165360
     gcagagtgca cctggatttg attggattga ttctatgtag cactgtgaaa tgacagtgat    165420
     ctcgttgcta attgtagctt tagcttttaa tagctactta atatgccttc aatgtaggct    165480
     ttgataaaat gttatttcgc taacgctgtg ctttccaata ttattgtagc atgtttgtat    165540
     tgtaatgtta ctttgcagag tacagttggc taatgaaaat gttatgctgt tttacatctg    165600
     ttttagtgct gataccgtga acatgcacac tgcatcatag agtggagttg gatgtctgaa    165660
     ggtgagttta atcaagcaca atatataaac tcgagactca agggctgatt gttttattta    165720
     aatggttatc attttcgata atggtattat tgtcttaacc actgaaatag aattttaaaa    165780
     atgtaatgca tacaatacat tattgttagt ttattttgtc ctcatgtatt ttgccctcca    165840
     ccactgtaac tgtgtcttag gcatcgtcca ctgcagctga tgtgaaaagg acacttgaaa    165900
     taccggcaac tccctgactg atttctggta tgtatagaaa tgtacatttt atcatataag    165960
     caaccgtgtg ttttttctgt atttcagcaa acatggtaaa tgcttttgta caaagcacaa    166020
     tacaaaatac atcaaataaa tagtctgcca tcttttaccc aagctttcat tcccctttgg    166080
     aaaacaaatt catatattat taaattattt catatttttt ttgttcatca aatcagaatc    166140
     caaaaaaaac tactttactt taaaatgttc atgaagttaa ggtaattgta tgaatttaat    166200
     taactttatt catgtattaa cattcaccat taagcataca tataaagaaa ataagcacag    166260
     acatgcttac ttgacatgag aaccaatcat gtttgttctc atctgtcagg ttagtacgtt    166320
     tgagttttca tttaccatgg ctttgatcat acttttaaag gatgaacaaa tgatgagaca    166380
     gaaacaaaat gtgttttttt ataactgaga ttacaaacaa tacaaaaaat gcatgtttta    166440
     tgcaaatgtt tatttaactt agtggagtaa atgacatgaa aattgaattt aattatttaa    166500
     tgataattga agccaaatgt aagattcagg aggcagagac agggaaaaaa ataggtatag    166560
     tgagagtctt taatttaata ttttcaacac actggctgcg tccgaaatcg catatttcca    166620
     tatatagtct gctaaaaaca atatgaatgg gagtaaagtg ctgcaactta cgcgggtagg    166680
     ccacatgatc gtgacaaaat ggggatgtat ttcgtccggg ttccattcat actgctcaca    166740
     tttatactgt atagaaccaa agactagaga atacataaga aatgtcatat ccgcttgtta    166800
     agtgatgacg tgttggtgac gtatgtaata ctgtttccgg gtccaagccg ccactcattt    166860
     gggttgagaa attatttgtt tatgatcact tttaattcat atcacacatt gaagttaatt    166920
     ttatataatg tcttcatgta cacaacaatc tctgggcttg ctgcatcaca aataccaaaa    166980
     ttgtaacaat ttataaaaaa aagaaatccc tttctggcca tcggatatta ggcaaggaga    167040
     tatatattgc gattgtgatt ttcaaaagta ttaaatcact ttgtaaacat ttataattac    167100
     catttcatga gtctccccat acagttaaat agagcgctag gacccggaag ccgcttagca    167160
     tgacgtcaca cttaacaagc ggatagtttt gaatggggga aagtgtaacg gtcaatatgg    167220
     cgaatgaagc cctgcctact acaggagcca atcatcgatt gatatagact gacatttctc    167280
     caagccagaa gcttgaacca gatgtgtgct tttacagcag tttggaggaa aacaaacgca    167340
     catcacatga cagcaactac ttaaacaccc ccaaacttgt aaacaaaagt ctttgtcatt    167400
     tctggaggag attctccatc aaaaacaagt tgtaaattac tcaaaaagag cagcgcgatc    167460
     agacccagcc ttaattcaga ggatgataat gtgtttcaca gccataaata aggttggtgt    167520
     cgtgatctcg ttcctttcga gtgcgcatgc gcattagcaa cctaaaaaat gctgatttta    167580
     tttaattcag atgtttaaaa aacaaaactt atgagacagc tgttattttt attggtgaat    167640
     tcaaatatgt aacgtagtca taagcttggc aaacagtttt gaagattttg atatttcccc    167700
     attaagacag aatgcctgaa cttactgctc gagaggtgtt caaagatgac cggcgagtaa    167760
     aatgacttgc cttaaaggga ctttgataga acatactttt ctaagggtca agtagtaaat    167820
     tttaattcaa atgcagtacc tattgggtag gacacaacca aaatgtccac attttttaga    167880
     aatagcttga aataattagt gttattattt aaaactgttt cattaatgtt tttgaaaaat    167940
     actaggttta tctaggaggc acaacatgaa cccataattc tattgccagt ggaatgagta    168000
     aagagaatat cctctaaaac ctgtgactgc tgaaagtaaa caaaggattc agtccaacac    168060
     tgggaatttc tccaaacaac tacactcaat atattattag caacacaaat aaagaggcag    168120
     tagtatcata gtgtttgggt gtgtttatct gtttatgttt atgttaggca ttagcatgtt    168180
     ttaagtcttt taactgctgt tgggacacaa tagtctgtca ggtgagggga agagcagccc    168240
     gctgaatgga aggaagagac gtggaggaga caggaagccc agcagccaga ggaaacatta    168300
     tccctctgtg cacatacaca cacacacaca cacacaacat cgatattgtc tgagagaaaa    168360
     acaagcagga aacagtgtga agaaacagaa agtcataaac tgtatatgag aaagtgcatt    168420
     aaagtgcatg agtgatgaaa tggtaacact ttacatataa gttatgtgta cggttgtatt    168480
     agttaagttg tattgtgtta gttgtataaa ttaagagtat atccagaaaa ttgtctaata    168540
     ttttttcagc aatatttgaa atctttatat cttcagcaat ctttataatg taaactttaa    168600
     aatgtagtaa tataggtgat acattagtta acatgaacaa ataatgaaca atgactcggg    168660
     ttcagcacta cacaaacttc tggaaaacta aactacacaa caaaagtctt gtcgtctatc    168720
     caagttttgg gaacaaaaaa taaaaacttg acttctagtt gatcatttgg tatcagaagg    168780
     ggcttaaatg aaaggcaaag gcctctatta ctctaagact tttgtcaggt agagtagaaa    168840
     agtcaagttg gctaaactag aaaaaaatta attatgagaa ctaagaaaag tcagatacat    168900
     taactaaaaa aataaagttg cagtaactag aaaatagttt taaatttaaa aaaaaaaaat    168960
     aggggcaact agaaaaaaaa taggttaaag taactataaa tattggatga actaaaatgt    169020
     cagggaagct aggattatta agttggggaa gctagtaaaa gttataagaa ttagaaaggt    169080
     tgaaggtaac tagaaaaaaa ataagttggt gcatcataaa aactaagttg gggaaactag    169140
     aaaaaacatt ggttttaaga acaagacaaa ttaagttgag taaattagag aaagaaattg    169200
     gttataaaaa caagacaatc tcagttaggg caactagaaa aattaagctg aggtaactaa    169260
     aaagattaat ttacctagtt cactttaaaa atatacgttg tattgtcata agaactcaca    169320
     atacctttac attaaaaata gcatagaaaa aaattttcac tcagaaaatg ttgcagaatg    169380
     taatgaataa taaaaacaga aataaataaa gaataaagaa atggtcagca cactgaaatt    169440
     tagaattagt gaatacggaa atagtatttt ttttgtaaaa catacagagt aatctttgca    169500
     tttgtttact atatggactt aagacatggt tttaagatac aaaaaataca attttcagta    169560
     tcattatcgg tggataaaac cacaaacaga tgaggatgac atgttcccat ttacaacctc    169620
     tcagaaatca aggtgaataa agggtggtac cttttccaaa ggtacttgtt tttacctaaa    169680
     gggtctatat tggtacctta aaagtattat ttagtacata aagtgtgttg ttactgcctc    169740
     attgatatct ctccttttat tagagttttt atgtcttttg tccctttttg actggtctcc    169800
     tgatctctgt atggactttt tctgatttga ttggtgcaga gagcagcact ttaatttctg    169860
     ctctgagcac aagtttgtgt gcaaatctga ctggaaagtg agcaatgtgc agtttttttg    169920
     gcctcaaatc aaatttatga tttcagatgg caaagtttaa atcccatctg gcaagtgtgc    169980
     tttaacagcc catcccataa tatttcagaa tgacatcagc aggcagaaaa gggtggtctt    170040
     tagtagctgt ttcaacacat gtgactagaa caacaaataa agcaacatgt tttcaattac    170100
     tgagttagaa caagctagac ccctttgagc atgtatactt gtgatatgat tgatgaaaac    170160
     atttaaaaat cacatctaat ccacggtatt ttaaaataat ttcacttgta gtatgagcat    170220
     aaggccaaca tacttgaaac ttgtacaaaa tactgcagtc taacatgccc aagtcctctt    170280
     ttaccccaaa tgccccctct cacaggcact aaacttctac tttcacttcc aatttttttg    170340
     tgaaagaaga cgatgcaccc atatgcagac ggacagaaaa gccctgcagg cgcattcatg    170400
     ttacacaacc atccagaatc aaaggaggcc cagctccagt ctgccatttc caacgacttg    170460
     cttatgtgtg tgtgtgtctg tgcgtgtata agagacgaca aacctgccct agtgacactt    170520
     acgcagttat aaaacaattt ctgtccttca gttcaacctg gctcagcagg tgacatgtaa    170580
     atatgaagtg tctgttttta agatgttttt gagatggatg catggggatt tctcctctgt    170640
     atgggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gatggtgttg tgctgctcag ctgtcagatt    170700
     gagtgtgtgt ctgcagctgg ttgagatgat gttcgtgagt gtgcgcacat gtggacgaat    170760
     gtgtgtgtgt gtcatatgcg cagatataat agacatgtca gagcagtgaa cgcctgaaag    170820
     acagacacac tgcactgtct tttgtgaagg ttactcggaa aacacagaca gggtacaaat    170880
     gagattaatc tctatagaca gaggctacta gacctttgta caaatgtaga gtcatggttt    170940
     tggaatttat ttatttcttt ttgaagaatt c                                   170971