EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX571971; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 153139 BP.
AC   BX571971;
DT   29-JUL-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-227K11 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate sirtuin [silent mating
DE   type information regulation 2 homolog] 2 (S. cerevisiae) (SIRT2), the gene
DE   for a novel protein (zgc:64098), the 3' end of the rfx4 gene for regulatory
DE   factor X, 4, the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate carbohydrate (keratan sulfate Gal-6) sulfotransferase (CHST1), a
DE   novel gene and three CpG islands.
KW   HTG; rfx4.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-153139
RA   Wood J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 7f5f01e07ed5aa8d783e9e564165e241.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000005972; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000026395; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000030465; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000093269; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000019818; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000031752; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000048206; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000137018; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-227K11. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-227K11 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-227K11 is at 153139 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-227K11 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..153139
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-227K11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..153139
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             join(<2040..2178,10595..10864)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /gene="rfx4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012894"
FT                   /product="regulatory factor X, 4"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6YM51 Tr:Q6YM53 Tr:Q7TNK1
FT                   Tr:Q8NDF9 Tr:Q8SNA1"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWD4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040909-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<2040..2178,10595..11570)
FT                   /gene="rfx4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.5-001"
FT                   /product="regulatory factor X, 4"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI641569.1 Em:AL718212.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY102011.1"
FT   mRNA            join(16560..16726,19406..19453,24686..25303,27433..27527,
FT                   32657..32807,32889..32984,34308..34452,36414..36558,
FT                   36691..36810,43792..44030)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW115568.1 Em:AW127739.1
FT                   Em:BM265043.1 Em:wz6012.1"
FT   CDS             join(16643..16726,19406..19453,24686..25303,27433..27527,
FT                   32657..32807,32889..32984,34308..34452,36414..36558,
FT                   36691..36810,43792..43900)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012898"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9NPQ8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008376"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011989"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019318"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWD2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6435"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10700.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(51979..52257,54248..54418,54501..54601,
FT                   56441..56673,56760..56921,58962..59137))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012895"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sirtuin
FT                   (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog) 2 (S.
FT                   cerevisiae) (SIRT2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8IXJ6 Sw:Q9NTG7 Tr:Q9I7I7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWD1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003000"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017328"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR026590"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR026591"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029035"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWD1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10701.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(51979..52257,54248..54418,54501..54601,
FT                   56441..56673,56760..56921,58962..59145,70136..70301))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sirtuin
FT                   (silent mating type information regulation 2 homolog) 2 (S.
FT                   cerevisiae) (SIRT2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM265688.1"
FT   mRNA            join(73173..73390,76648..76718,78614..81043)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-227K11.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:64098)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI703544.1 Em:BI703545.1
FT                   Em:BM035633.1 Em:CA474007.1 Em:CD760258.1 Em:CD777976.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY398380.1 Em:BC053251.1"
FT   CDS             join(76655..76718,78614..78912)
FT                   /gene="DKEY-227K11.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012896"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:64098)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7T352 Tr:Q8WUH6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7T352"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028153"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7T352"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2155"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10702.1"
FT                   VSKVPIGGGKKKDKSD"
FT   polyA_signal    80741..80746
FT   polyA_site      80767
FT   polyA_signal    81024..81029
FT   polyA_site      81043
FT   mRNA            complement(join(150493..151616,BX571976.11:4301..4439))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carbohydrate
FT                   (keratan sulfate Gal-6) sulfotransferase (CHST1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(150493..151616,BX571976.11:4301..4439))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-227K11.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012897"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carbohydrate
FT                   (keratan sulfate Gal-6) sulfotransferase (CHST1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O43916 Sw:Q9EQC0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWC9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000863"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016469"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWC9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050420-366"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10699.1"
FT   misc_feature    151104..151139
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    151139
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-227K11"
SQ   Sequence 153139 BP; 48534 A; 28298 C; 27942 G; 48365 T; 0 other;
     aagcttgtaa aatttgtgta attatttata taataagtta actaatacaa agcattgatt        60
     gtaaaacttc gataacttac taagttatta ataacattgt gagaatgata agaatttcat       120
     gtgctgtagt cagctgtact gttagaaaat gattattggt tatattgaat gtaaagtttc       180
     acatttatgc atgtattcag taaatcccaa ttataccaca atcagccaca acgttttatg       240
     tagtctaaag gttcaaaaaa actgctggat ttaaaaacat ataaggacta taataattgt       300
     caaatccatc atacatgcaa ctcacacatt tataacctta ttatagatac gtgacaattc       360
     agcttcaacc actctgttat atgcaagtaa ggtttgctgt tgattttttc aggtagatgt       420
     tgttcagcat ttcctttttg attgacctga attctggcat ctggttaaga gagtggtttg       480
     acgttgagac gtctgctgtg gcaccttgca ctaggatcct gaacaaacaa tatgatcttt       540
     tttaaagggc catgaaaccc cccacttttg gttcaagtct acctcagaat tttttcaaaa       600
     aatgcatcat aatgggcgcg gagcttttta agcagaggca ggagtgggcg tggccagcag       660
     agctggggag aaggagggga gcaaacaact gttatcagtt agctcacaaa ataagacaca       720
     aaccataagg agacgcatga ttttatagat tacaaagtta aaatgcaaag aaataaatag       780
     taatttaatg ccctgctaca tttgttattc gtaatttcat acacataacc acaatttata       840
     tcattataaa gataatggtg ttcatataaa cactataaat gaggacttct ccctcaatcc       900
     ccgggtctga atgcagactc tggaggattt aagcgaacgc agcagcacgg cgatgtgtct       960
     aaatgtgaac aaactccact gataaaagac agagttcacc attctccacc atactcatac      1020
     tgctcttcca acaaaaatgc ttgctgcaca ctaacagctt tgctgtatcg gccctgacag      1080
     gatagtggga gaaaacatgc aacaaacccc gtggatcatg gtaacaaaca catacgaccc      1140
     ttcatgaacg gctaaatact gtgtgtcatg ggtccgtgaa cgtggtctca cccagtgacc      1200
     aacatagggt ctcacagctt ggcactggca ggtctgtgtg tcttgtcttc tcataggaaa      1260
     ccgatgcgtc atcactccac ttgcagtttg gcattacgtc accgattttg atcccgcccc      1320
     aaaaatcatt ttaaacccag aagatgaaat tagctgacaa aagctcaaaa ttatccagtt      1380
     ttccccacaa ttaaagctaa caggtgcaaa agttgtctta actgacgtca acacacacaa      1440
     tttgtcttgg actcttccag cagatactgg agaagagctg atgctgatga gctccactcc      1500
     aacatctacg tcacctggac cctactctcc tgccaaatct gttcactcgg tgggcgtacc      1560
     ggcagtaggg tcccccaatt cagcccagtc tccggagtac accagcatat cagccacaac      1620
     aggtaaataa tgttagaacc atgctaaacc tcatatctca catcacagta ttacattcag      1680
     ctggcacggc cccattccat gcatccatta aacctgtatc ccacagtaag agcactcaat      1740
     taacactcca aacacgtttt tctgtatatg tatgtctgtg tatgtgccag gagctgttca      1800
     gtcatatacc tggtccctta catacacagt gacaacttca ggcggcagcc caaccgagcc      1860
     cggatcccag ctgtcctgca tgagaggcgg acctgcgtta cacggatcat cctccgcaca      1920
     ccggatgcca gtttacccac atcgggatga gcacgggtaa gcgccaatga atgatgagag      1980
     attaaatatt gtgctgattc tgaaatgtta ttaaagttat gttctttgat tttcctcagg      2040
     tacactggca gctataatta cagcagctac gcaaaccagc accatcatgc cattcagagt      2100
     caatactcca gtttaaccca tgaagcaggg ctgcccactc ctctgcatta ttcctcatac      2160
     caccgcacct ccgcacaggt cagaatcctc tatcaaaatg atcaaaaaac ttcatagttt      2220
     attagattgt ggcaatttct ggagtatttg taaaatatta taaaagtgaa tatagttatg      2280
     gggcagcaca gtggctcagt ggttagcaca gttgccttac acctcattca cattgggctt      2340
     cagcgtcaac acttgactga aggcgtgtct gaagttgggg ctaaatcgat cgtcatagca      2400
     gcgtcagcca atgaaattca gtcagcaata ggccactgtc tagctggtgt atttgcatac      2460
     attgatctga ttcgctgaca ctttcgtcaa cgcttgaaaa gttgagctag tcccaacttc      2520
     tgtagcgagc aatgcctctg aagcggcgcc gttggatcca caatacagtt cggcaatgcc      2580
     tgacgtcacc cattcaacgt gaatgggaag cgttgacgct gacgccccgt gtgaatgggg      2640
     cgtaacagaa agaaggtcgc tggtttaaga tccagctagg ccagttggca tttctgtgtg      2700
     gagtttgcat gttctcccca tgttcgcatg ggtttcctcc aggtgctctg gtttccccca      2760
     cagtccatag acatgcgcta taggtgaatc gagtaaacta aattggctgt agtgtatgag      2820
     tgtgtgtgtg aatgtaagag tatatgtgtg attcccagta acaggttgcg gctagaagtg      2880
     catccgctgc ataaaacatg tcctggaata gttggaggtt cattccgctg tggtgacccc      2940
     tgataaataa aggactgagc tgaaggacaa tgaatgaacg aacgtttcag ttcgaacgtt      3000
     agttatcaca agcaacacaa taaaggggta gttcacgcca aaatggaatt gtcctcatca      3060
     tttactcaca ctcaattggt tcttatcatt tgtgcacttg tgcattgtat tattcttctg      3120
     ttaaacacaa accaagatat tttgaagaat gttggaataa agcttgtatt tgcatttata      3180
     tacaaaaaaa tgctctggac gtcaatattt atttattttt ttacattatt cagtgtatct      3240
     taatctgtgg tcaacagaag aaactggttt ggaactagtg gagaatgact aaatgaggag      3300
     agaatagtca tttttgcgtt atctatgcct ttaaattttt ctaagagtgt gtgtgatgtc      3360
     aaattatgca acgcgatcaa ttcggcctaa cttttaagtt aaatgaacca agtgcactta      3420
     aaaaaagcat tttggctttg tagtctatat gaaactaacg cgaggtacag tccatcctgt      3480
     caaacgcact tcacatgata gcaactactc aaacgcccac aaacttgtaa tcaaagagtg      3540
     gctgtcaagg agattcacca tctagaccaa gttgtgggtt acttcagaag accagcatga      3600
     ttagatgatc attattcaga gcatgataat gtgtaaaaaa taagatgtcg tgatctcgtt      3660
     aatttccagt gcgtatgcgt attagcttgg gagaactgaa aagattccga cgtttagaaa      3720
     taaaacttat gagacggttg ttgtttaatt ttattggttt ttccaaatat gttattatat      3780
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttaaaat      3840
     aaataaataa aatcatttat ttattttaaa ttcggccaga atttaaaaaa taagaaagta      3900
     acctaatatc agatggaaag aggtgcgtat tgcccagtat ttggagggga agtgtattcc      3960
     atccatgtct cttacagggt ttgtaactga gagaagaata ccggtgtgaa tgtgaatggt      4020
     gcttgatgta ttacagtcat tagcatctga actgttccac taactgttat ccacagaggt      4080
     ttatggatca acaatgcttg tgtaatgtag cacagcactc actggggtaa caggctgaac      4140
     tcctcctgat cccaaatact ggtcttttag catatgcatt taaagcgtat tcagttctga      4200
     atgagaacag agatgaatag gctcccttaa ttgtctttgt taaaagtcta ttgaaatctt      4260
     taggttaagg tctgatgaaa aatatcaaaa tgcagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcaatttaca      4320
     tttatttaaa aatggataca actttataag tatactgtag tcttaggaat agtactgaac      4380
     tagtgtaatg gactagtgta atggtgttta gtgcatgtag ttagttattt ttgtgcgcat      4440
     ttgaattgag catgagtaat tcagtgatgt tcatgtttat tcagtgtgtg aaaaattcat      4500
     ttttgtaagc aactgtacaa attattttac actcagttga ttgtttaaca tgttagttta      4560
     gatgctgacc aaaaaatcta actttaaatg gatatctcac cccaaaatgg aaatcttttg      4620
     ttaatttatt ttccatccaa ggttataggt gaatttttct gttttgaaat aaatttgaaa      4680
     ccttggtgat ttatgaatag gaaaaaggtt acagctcttc gacagtctaa aactgtatac      4740
     tggcaaaaca atattgactg gcaaaacaat attgataaaa ttgtgtcttc tgttattata      4800
     tttatattat atttattata atatatattt gatatattta ggttttatga tgcgaaacat      4860
     tcaatcagtg caaaaaaact gaacgctatt tataaaatta ttactttaaa ttatatactt      4920
     caggggccac cgatattaat tgtatttgcc tgggctgtat tagcattgta taatagtttc      4980
     atgctttcag ttaaaaacta gaaatcattg gaaatagatg cctcagccaa catttttgca      5040
     aagcataaaa tacgttgctc tgggtacttt ttttttcaaa tttctgataa caattccact      5100
     agaaggcgct gtctgcattt ctgtgttccc aattccagta cttaggatcc cccaccttgc      5160
     acatttttat atcttataac acaccttggg cctaacatac tcccagcaca atgtggcgca      5220
     aggcacgatg caattgttgt ttgctagttt cagcttggcg caagagtcgt tttgttgttt      5280
     tgcgctcata tgtgccccca taggcgttct ggtctaaaaa agaaggtgtt ctgaggcgca      5340
     ttgctggcac gttgctattt taagaaacta taatatattt ttcaatagac cagaacaaag      5400
     ccggtctatt gtccagcgca gagcacgtta gttgtgcgcc tcgcttacac attgcttaat      5460
     acacacaaga tgtagagcaa tacgcaaata tctttacata tgaaaaataa ttaaaacatt      5520
     agggagatat ataggataaa ataaggatat atatatatag gatataaata taaaggatta      5580
     aaatattaca aaacacatta ttttctagat tacataaata ataaataaaa aagcatactt      5640
     tcatgcctcc ttcatcttgg gggcttttac agtttattcg tgacaatttg cttttgttta      5700
     atgttattat tagcagtatt atttattata tgcatattta tatttgtttt attaaaaaca      5760
     agcttagatt tgcccacctg tcaggtcaca gcatgtgtat ttggatataa ctcagttttt      5820
     tgagcacact ttgttattat tgtttattta tttgtttgct gaaaattaga actgaattta      5880
     gaaatagttt tgaaacaaat ctttgcgctt aataaacgta attaaatatt taaagtctaa      5940
     ttgatgtctg tgcatacaag gtttccctat ccacgagagc gaaagtgaaa gtagataatg      6000
     agaggcctta tctctcattc tcgcgttgca gatgctctgt ttaactgttt tcttgctagt      6060
     gaaatgctca gttttttcac ttacaaagtg aaatagcaaa caaactgtca atagcaaatg      6120
     caccatggca cgacgcaact cactcttaaa gggaataaga gatgagactc tgattagttt      6180
     attctcaaaa cacacctata actcgttaag aaaataagct caaccctttt agaccatgcg      6240
     ccacggcgca aagcggattt ttccgtcctt atattagcaa aagtggattc tgacacgccc      6300
     tgaatccatt tgagccctgc gctttgcact ttgcgcatgg atcgtcaaaa tagagcccct      6360
     gattcagatc aggtctttac cagaaagatt catgaacctt gtgtgtcaaa tgagaaggca      6420
     gggcttgttg tacagatatt ggtaacactt tacaataagg ttcattagtt aatgctttta      6480
     ctaagattaa ctaatcatga acaacacatg tacagcattt attaatcata attgaacatt      6540
     tactaatgca ttaataacat caagtccatg cttgttaaca ttagttaatg caccatgagt      6600
     taacatgaac taacaatgaa ctactgtatt ttcatgaact aacgttaact aacatgaaca      6660
     aatacagtag tagatgtatt gttcattgtt tgttcatgtt agtaaatgca ttaattaaca      6720
     ttaactaatg aaccttattg taaagtgtga cccagatatc ttagaccaga aaaccgctga      6780
     tccaaaccct tttctaattc caatagaagc atgtttttat aagcaaatgt aagagaaaag      6840
     cgcactgtga tcacatagtt ttaccttgat tttacattgg ttcacctgac tcaaatgctc      6900
     ggcagtagat agatatagat gatagatagt tgaggcaatt ccatatttaa atgccttttg      6960
     gtatttattt aatgttgtgc aaagaacact ataatagttt gttgaagttt gttgataata      7020
     tgcccctgca aatatcatta gtgtgaaaag gaacaaatgc tgtttgttgt caataggcct      7080
     gtcacaatat ctattttttg ttggatgata tattgcacca aaatatttta tgatttaatt      7140
     ataatattgc cattttaaga ccattttatg ccactcatca tataatgcca gaaagacaat      7200
     atagtatcat cacaatgcaa gtacactctt ccaaagaaca gatcatattt tactcgtaag      7260
     aatatttgat ttgtcatttg aacaatttaa ttattaggca ctggaatcat aatgtaaaac      7320
     ccatatccta aataattaat aataaatggt aacacaaaag tgaaaggtaa agagtaactg      7380
     aggctgagat atctgctaac agatttgcag gcacccacat gaaaatatac tatagtcatt      7440
     tatagtaaat actatagtgc ttttttgacc atactaaaac ctactataga gatggagagg      7500
     ttgtagtcag ctaaaatctt actagaattg ttttatgtat gggcgatata cagtatattg      7560
     catcaccaaa aataattgag gtcatgtcca tgtgttgtgc gataagtcca taaactaatt      7620
     attgtgacag gcctagttgc cgtcatactg ccctgtactg gtcattttac ctataaactg      7680
     cagtcagacc tgtatttaag tatattttgt gcagtttcac aaaaatgtag gctgaagtgc      7740
     atatttccaa tgagcctgtg ttaaaattct ctactgaaga atataagcca ttggcatttt      7800
     gaatgacctg agggagtaaa ttaacagctg aatttatttt tggatgaact tcagtgaagt      7860
     agtttttatg gtgcttgtca aaagttgaat taatctgttt gggttgaagg tgaagagaag      7920
     agagcctgtg tcacatacag tatgcttctg atatcagtac tatttaaaaa atgtttaaat      7980
     ataagttaat agaaaactgt tgttggctgc acggtggcgc agtgggtaga acgattgcct      8040
     cacagcaaga aggttgctgg ttcgagcctc ggctaggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag      8100
     tttgcatgtt tctctccata tttgtgtgag tttcatccag gtgctccggt tcccccacaa      8160
     gtccaaagac atttggtata gatgaatttg gtatgagtgt gaatgagtgt gtgtgtgcgt      8220
     ggatgtttct cagggatgtg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc gctgtgtaaa acatatgctg      8280
     gattagttgg cggttcattc cactgtagca actacagatt aataaaggga ctaagccgta      8340
     aagaaaatga atgaatgaat taaaactatg ttgaaaaatt attactgttt cttattggat      8400
     gtagtattgg atgtagtgaa tatgtttttt tactgtattt tggatcaaat aaatgcagtc      8460
     gtgatgagca gaatattttc tttaaaagga tagttcactc aaaactgaaa aattcattgt      8520
     tgactcagca gccattgaaa tctttagcac gaaaaaatac tctggaagtc aatggctgct      8580
     gctttatgag tctgcagtgt cttcccttgt cttcaacaga aaaaaagaaa ttcatacagg      8640
     tttggaacaa gtggaggatg acaaaatgat gacagaattg aattttctga gggaactatc      8700
     cattaataaa aatgcaaaaa aacaacataa tgaacccaaa ctacagacca gtattttgtt      8760
     tttaaataaa agcgtgtaac ttccagtcga gagttctctg gttcgtcatc agagcctcag      8820
     agtatcagaa atagtcaatg cagactcaag ggtacagtag gtagaccaac cagagccaac      8880
     agacccacaa acattcaatc tctactcaat ggccgtcgta gataacacaa ctaaaggccg      8940
     gagatccagg cggaaaagcg tgtttactaa aatattgtta ttcaatggtc tcttttcttt      9000
     gcatgaacaa gaggtcataa gcaacacatc gcgctctctg acctcgcctg actttctttt      9060
     tccgtgccgc aaccgttcat aaaagctctg actgtggaca gtttctattt tgagagcgct      9120
     tttagatttt tacttccact tattttccga caacttaaaa agggatacaa tgtccatgct      9180
     ttgtttgaga ggaggcagtg gagaggagac agatgaagat tatgttgaag gaacagagag      9240
     ttttatatgg acgcatatct tgagctgaca tgacaatttt gtttttggtc tgttacccac      9300
     agcaacaaaa atacctttgc tgggtcaagt tataggaaat agtgctgtta actttctctt      9360
     gtttatagga aaacaaatat acaaatcatt atgaattccc tcagtttttg gttaggcttt      9420
     tgaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaatatata tatatgatgg aaaacataac actgggaatg      9480
     tatacatagt gtgtagttca tttctttcag cttttaatct gaatacaatt actaatacga      9540
     ttataatact cactaactca ctgtcttata taatctaatt atacactgta aaacccaaca      9600
     gtcaacttta tcaaatgaaa tgagtggtta aatcaaaatg tgctataagt tacttctact      9660
     gattcgaaaa cagttttgaa cttagtgttg aaggtaatga gttcattaaa tacctcatta      9720
     ctttaactta aatggagaaa gttcacagta ctcatataga ttagtttttg taactcaaat      9780
     ggttgtagca aatggtttga gttgccttaa cgtagcactg ttgcctcact gcaagaaggt      9840
     aactggttca agtccctccc tgctgggcca gttggcattt ctctatggag tttgcatgtt      9900
     ctccccgtgt tcggatgggt ttccttcgtg tgctttagtt tcccccagag gccaaagaca      9960
     tgcgctatag gtgaattgga tgaactaaaa tggctgtaga gtgcgtgtgt gaatgggagt     10020
     gtatgggtgt ttccctgtac tggggtgcag ctggaagggc atctgctgct caaaacataa     10080
     gctggaatag ttggtggttc attccgctgt agtgacccct gattaataaa gggactaagc     10140
     tgaaaatgaa tgtatgaatg atgatatttt ttaaataatt aatcataaat aatgaaaata     10200
     aattgtgatg ttactacggt aacacctact gctactacta aggatgttga taataattac     10260
     tacttctact actattaagt tatgcatgtg aatgttttta ttatttgtta tttaagttgt     10320
     tattataagt gattaaactc actttttagt taatatgata ataaataaaa tctataatat     10380
     tgcataattc ctaagaaatg caatatacta aaatacagag agcctattca ttgatttata     10440
     agggtactct acttcataca cattgcttca ttcacacaaa cacggctcat agtggatgat     10500
     ttatttacaa actgcacaac atgagcctcg tctgatttat gaatgctggt ccttacttgt     10560
     ctctctttgt ctgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgttt atagtatccg ctcaacagtc agatgtccag     10620
     aatggagtcg tgtctaatga gcggctctcc tctcctacac tccagtccag tgacccctcg     10680
     atggcccgat gtgccctctg ccaacagctg ttactccagt cccaccgtcc acgcatcccg     10740
     ctactccacc ggagacatgt actcgcccct tgccccacgc aggaactctg aatacgagca     10800
     cgcacaacac tttccaggat tcgcctatat taacggggag gccacgaccg gatgggcaaa     10860
     atgataaacc agcggtggtc catatttaac acattacaga gaatgtatct gagaatggca     10920
     acggtgtttt tattggtgtg gtcagtgttt acagtgcaaa gctgccaatg aaagttgatt     10980
     cacaatcatt gtgagagaaa acgggacatc ctaaaaaacg actgaatgat ttaagttatt     11040
     tataaagtct aaatttggta tacttttaat taaatataca ttctatgcaa agattaacac     11100
     agaacgaaca gaacatgtta aattgcccgt taaatatttt tctcccatat aagaaagaaa     11160
     atgcttaatt tggcttaatg ctttaaagaa gtgatgcata tatacagttg aagtcagaat     11220
     tattagtcgc cctgtttatt ttttcctcca acttctgttt aacggagaga agaatttttt     11280
     taacacattt ctaaacataa tagttttaat aactcattta aaataactga tttattttat     11340
     ctttgccatg aacacagtac ataatatttg actaaatatt tttaaagaca cttctataca     11400
     gcttaaagtg gcatttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg ttaactaggc aggatagggt     11460
     aattagacga gttattttat aacgatggtt tgttctgtag actatcagaa aaaataattt     11520
     tgaccttaaa atggtgttta aaaaattaaa aactgctttt attctagccg aaataaaaca     11580
     aataagactt tctacagaag aaaaaatatt attagacata ctgtgaaaat ttcccttgct     11640
     ctgataaaca tcatttggga attattgaca aagaaaaaaa attcaaaggg gggttagtaa     11700
     ttctgatttc aactatataa gaccaaattt gctatacact ttatagaaat atatttgatg     11760
     tatagacaag cagatgaacc cagaataaat atgcaaaaac ctaaagtttt ttcctcacct     11820
     aaggcaaata tattggaaaa aggagcactt aatgtggatt attgcattaa gaaagtcatt     11880
     tttttaaata ttaatatact tgattctgaa tttggtcctc taatatccct ttttgctgca     11940
     ttaagccatg tttttaaagg ctttctatga aggaaacgtg caatacatgt ttagcatgca     12000
     gtttgaatgc tgtgttcata ttctgggtcc attttcttca aatatttgta acaatctgta     12060
     tactaaattt ggtcttcata tacagtgctc agcatatttt tgagaacacc ccattttgaa     12120
     aatgaatatt ttatccactt ttcagtgaat ataggcaatg tattttggtg catttaaaca     12180
     aaacagatta attaaaccga tatacttatt aaaataatat tttagtcatc aaacatattc     12240
     agaaattgaa aaatcataca attaaattca agcaaaatac tacaaaaaaa ttacagccaa     12300
     ctaaatttca actacatttt ttgactatat tttaaaaata tttttctata acataaattt     12360
     gggtgtacta gtttttgaac cgttattata agttatattg ttagataagc tccagatttg     12420
     gcttcagtac tgactaatgt aatgtatatg cacaaatata atattatgta gcttcctatt     12480
     aaaatacgaa tttaacagat agatttgtga ggggtgtact tatatgtgct gagcactgca     12540
     tatatatatt ttaatcaagt tttcgaattc ttgaagccac attaagcctt tatcagtttg     12600
     aataaccata catagtaact ttgacattga ttcaaatata atttaagcat aaagttttgt     12660
     aataaccccc agtaacacta cagtagcact gcatatttca atgatataca gcacagatgt     12720
     caaatccagt cctggagggc cgcagctctg tacagtttag ttccaaccct aattaaacac     12780
     actaacctgt aggtttcaaa caagcatgaa ggactcaagt agtttaatca ggtgtgctta     12840
     attagggtta aactgtgcaa agctgaggcc cttcaggaac tgaatttgac acctgtgata     12900
     taaagggtta aacatttttc tgttttaaaa tatcccacct aaaaggaagt gtcccaggtg     12960
     tgcctttccc cacatgttta taatttctct ctcaatgcac ataatgtaaa aacatacgca     13020
     tcttgtggtg ttgttttacc acaggctgag agtttgacgt caaacaatga tctgctaacg     13080
     acaccactgt ttttttttgt tcttctttca attcctgtca acatcaaagt gtgctgcttt     13140
     tctggtttgc atgttttcag caccaggaag aaatgcctta ataatttctt ctctgaacgg     13200
     cctgttggct gccagattgc taaagtcata ggagtgcaaa caaatggggc cacttgtgtc     13260
     agtccttggt gcatgcgaat gtaaaagtgc gatttctcat tttacgcaaa tgcagaattg     13320
     ccccggggcg acgctggaag aattttagag atcttgtagc tctgtaacat tgtgaccctt     13380
     tgcattgttt atctgtgttt gaactgtata tccagttttg tatgatttag gaaactgaaa     13440
     agtgttaacc taggtttgtg tgtttttttg aatgcactca aaggtactgt ggacctatta     13500
     ccctatgggt aggaataaaa aggaaagaat acgaaaatgt aacatttatt atctttagtc     13560
     actttctctt gtaaataaaa gcactcagta acttctgtgg tgacagcagt taccatgtaa     13620
     atgatatatg tgggattatt tgttgccaca taaagatttt ttaaaaccca gttggactgt     13680
     cttttttgtg tgtgtgtgtt ttccctttta aatatatatt aataatatta ttaaatgttt     13740
     ataatttaaa ctttaaactc atattattaa tagttttatt gtcatgcata cactgcaaag     13800
     ctcaacagtc aacttcatca aatgaaatga gtgtagttaa ctcaaaattg actgaaagtg     13860
     aattctacac atttgaaaag agttttgaac tcagcgttga aggtaataag tcaattaaat     13920
     acctcataac ttcaacttaa atggagtaag ttcacagtac ttgcgtagaa tagattttta     13980
     actgaaatga tttgtagcaa tccgtatcct cagacggttt gagttgcctt aacttggttt     14040
     tacagtactc agctagtttg agttctcttc atttattggg ttttactgtg ttcaggttgt     14100
     ttcatttact cgaatggatt aagttcacag tactcattag gattagtttt tgaacttaaa     14160
     aggattgttg ctgacggttt cctcaaatgg tttgagttac cttaacctat tgggttttac     14220
     agtagcaata aaggactgac agacattaca tgcacaccaa cttgaagatt tgaaatcaga     14280
     ttatcccaat ttttaaaagg cacatattat gtctacatct gcatatttgt gcataaatgc     14340
     tacattttgg catgtctgtg aattttatgc acactgtaaa acccaacagt caactttatc     14400
     aaatgaaatg agtgtagtta actcaaattt tactgaaagt taattctacg tatttgaaaa     14460
     gagttttgaa ctccgcgttg aaggtaatgg ggtacctcag ggctctgttc ttgggccact     14520
     tatcttctcc atctacacga catctttagg atcattcatc cagaaatatg gattttccta     14580
     ccactgctat gctgatgata cccagctata cctctctttt taccctgatg atccctcggt     14640
     tccagctcgc atctctgcct gcctgtcaga catttcacac tggatgaaag atcatcatct     14700
     tcagcttaac ctcacaaaaa cagaaatgct tgaagtttct gccaactcga ctctacacca     14760
     taacttttca atccagatgg atggggcaac cattactgca tataaaatgt tgaaaagcct     14820
     tggagtaacg attgatgacc aactaaactt ctctgaccac atttctagaa ctgctcaatc     14880
     ttgtagattc gcactctata acatcagaaa ggtccgaccc tttcctatct aaacatgcag     14940
     ctcattgttc aagctcttgt tctcttcaga ctggactatt gcaactctct actagccagg     15000
     cttccagcta actctatcaa acctcttaag ctaattcaga acgcagcagc acgagtggtc     15060
     tttaatgaac ctaaaagagc acgtcactcc gctactcatc cgtttgcact ggctgccagt     15120
     tgctgcttgc atcaaattca aagctctgat gtttgcttac aaagcgacct ctggctttgc     15180
     tccttcttat ctgctctcac ttctgcagat ttatgtgccc tccagaaact tgcgttctgt     15240
     gaatgaacgc cgcctcaggg ttccatccca aagagggaag aaatcacttt cgcgaactcc     15300
     cgaatctgcc tagttggtaa aatgaacttc ctaactgcat cagaatggca gagtcccttg     15360
     ttgtcttcaa gaaacgacta aaaactcaac tatttagtct ccatgtccct tcctaatctg     15420
     caattgcctc tttggctcca ccgctaactg tactaaaaac aaaacaaaca aaaaaacaaa     15480
     aaaactttgc tttgcttctt acactttaca cacctgaaac ttgtctacag cacttattca     15540
     ttgttgctct tatagttgtg taaattgctt tcttgtcctc atttgtaagt cgctttggat     15600
     aaaagcgtct gctaaatgac taaatgcaat gtgttcatta aatacctcat tacttcaact     15660
     taaattgagt aagttcacag aactcatata gatacatttt taactcaaat ggtttgtagc     15720
     aatgcgtttc ctcaaatggt ttgagttgcc ttaacttatt gggttttaca gtactctgtt     15780
     ggtttgagtt ctcttcattt attggattta ctgtgctcaa atagctttgt ttactcaaat     15840
     ggattaagtt tacagtactc attaggatta atttttgaac ttgagttacc ctaacttatt     15900
     gggatttaca gtagcaataa agtactgacc gacattacat gcacaccaac ttgaagattt     15960
     gaaatcagat tatcccaaag aatgatattt ttttaaatgc acatcctatg tgcaaatctg     16020
     catatttttg cataaaagct acatttttgc atgtctctat atactttaag cattgacaat     16080
     ttccctccat tcaccattaa aaggtattta acttcaaaaa gtatttaaca aagactctat     16140
     aatcacatta ggatttgtat tataaaatgt agtcctactt taggtagaat aaaacataat     16200
     caaacataaa aaactgtagg ctatgaatca tatgagccag atatttgttg tgaaattagg     16260
     agacaatcag gataaatcac tacacacgca atggaagccg gtttctagct ggtttataat     16320
     ggtccaagtt tgtcatttgc tgattgaccg gctacaaaac ctcctcaccc ctcctgtagg     16380
     tgcagctggt acagtggatg gtttgttgtt gggctaccat aaaaatccaa atgcacttta     16440
     aaaattatta ttcgatctta aaaatttggc ctccgtccag gtattattgt catgtcccga     16500
     agtgactcgt aaaacagtga cgtttgacgg gtgaaagtta aggagataag agagaacggg     16560
     gtgtgtagtg aaactcatac tgttgttgtg tgcagaagga ctgacagtgt ttctaagtgg     16620
     acggcaaaag catcattcag agatgagttt gagtgatatt ttgtcagaga tcgacggtgg     16680
     agatgacaag aaggttgaaa aacttttgct gaagtataac actgaggtaa agaggctgct     16740
     gttagcatat cttgtgttgt ttaaatgcga gcgttagcag tggaggtgtt agcgagttag     16800
     ccgttggcta atctcaatac acccggtgta tgtgtgtgaa tctccaaaaa cattaacggt     16860
     gtaggtgaaa caacgtgctt gtttttaaac gttaaatatc cacttcatcc gtattagcga     16920
     ggcacgaggt atttgccttg tgatcgtaga atagcatcct aaagcttagt tagcctgcga     16980
     tgatggtaac ctatttcata cacttaattg tactgttttt aaccaagaat ggtgtatttt     17040
     gtcaacgtaa atgaaataag cgcaaatagt ttagggcaaa tagttacatc aggcaaacag     17100
     attaacgtta actttacaaa ttaactgttg ttttcgatgt taataagtta gctggctaag     17160
     taacgttagc taaacttgac agctgtcaaa ctggtaaaaa cagacaacat gttggaaata     17220
     ttattttggt atcgcgttat ttaagccttt ataatgtctg tatccaggtg tgaatagaaa     17280
     ttttagacac attaggctat tttataaaaa tgtttttgat agaggaattc ccaagagtta     17340
     tgatgaattc tctattaccc aagttattcc tgtaggaaca gtaactaaac cagtcatgtt     17400
     aactttttag aaagagacta tgtaattgtg taataaacgt caacaaatca gattaacact     17460
     gattattaca gattttactg atcttaaatt gatagctcac ttcaaaatga aaatttgctc     17520
     ttactttagt caccattagg tcaatatttg gttaaccttt tttttctttc cagaaaattt     17580
     aagacaattt taagatggtc tacttgcatt ttgagagtta aaaatatttt tgcagacaat     17640
     tgtgtcaaaa caatattatt aactataggt ccacatggaa tctgtgcaca cacaaattca     17700
     aatttattag ccttccattg agtctattta tttactattt actatatata tttattcacc     17760
     ttttaatcta ctttcggtag tattataatt atatgcaaat gcttctaata cttatttgca     17820
     atacaaatgg acaataacgt aatcgtttct gtctttttgt agatgtatta tatgagagac     17880
     tcgctttgtt taccaaacaa gtggatgtaa ttggatttgc attgtaaacc ttaaataaaa     17940
     gtttaaaaga tatacaaatt tatttcatgt tttatgtttt tacttactat actcccaaaa     18000
     ttattctaca taagtcggca gatattttac atttttaaat ttttttttat tttttattac     18060
     aacattctct acagaaatat caaaaattaa ataaatttgc agatcctgcc catagctatg     18120
     tatgatacac taaatctagc attgtgatat ttttatttta ttttgcgatt aaatattgcg     18180
     attatgaata caatttcacc agataacttg aatatgtcta tttggaaaga gtttataatg     18240
     ttagattgat taggatgatt cacagtggaa gtcttatccc cataaaatct aataaacaat     18300
     ctataaactt ttggggtccc ccaacacatt ttcattttag tctgtgctat ttgcatttct     18360
     gtacttgcat gtgttgtatt ttcatgcata acaatctata aatagaatca agaaaaagat     18420
     acacttgaga taaagagttt tatcttttac agagtctaac agtattcaag tacagtaatt     18480
     aaatgataaa aataatcatt ggtaaaggca gaaatgatac aatttcttaa acctgaatgc     18540
     ttttaaaatc attatacaat cacatgcatc aaaaacacat gcaaatgata aattctaata     18600
     caaactcaac attacatgca ttcgcgatgt gactattgcg aatgatcaca ttgcaatatc     18660
     gatgctgaaa cgattttgga atgatggaac aaaattgtgc agccatatga tacaccatgg     18720
     acttatgaca ttacttaaca ttatttgcta aatttttgcc ttgaaaaaca aatcctcagt     18780
     tggttgaagg tgagtaaatt attagaaatt ttaggttttt tatctcttta ataaacaatt     18840
     tttgctctct ctgatcaatt tttcaatcag aaaatattgt taccagctag tggagaattg     18900
     ttttttttta cgttttagaa tgaaaaatta aatatgttag gccttttaaa tataaaaaaa     18960
     tagattaaaa ttgcaaagtt tggtgtacaa tgcgactgaa aattcatgca tggaaaaaaa     19020
     taattacctt gaaattcata tttgaataat aattgaaatc tacacaagag aataaatgaa     19080
     gtgtaatcaa acactttaag caaaacagtc gaaaatcaaa aaattggcaa gtgaattaaa     19140
     aacaatggtt aaaacatggt actattgtct tgctttaaaa tggttgtgct gggttatgga     19200
     acattaaagc taatcaacct gcttaaactg gttaccagct caactttctt gcaggactgg     19260
     tgatttgttt ttgtattttt tttactcact gcctatactc tagggtttga gactgatcca     19320
     tatatggttt tagaatgtca ccaagcatag gatctgttca tctcgaattt atacattctc     19380
     atgccatgtt tacattctat ttcagaacag tcgcacgttt gccttcgacc tcgaggagga     19440
     gggtgcacga attgtgagta acagatttat gcattacttt gattgcacaa tgacttatgt     19500
     ttcttgccat attggtatct gcctcccttt atttacaaca agcactacta ggcttctgca     19560
     atatatcaat atttcgtaat gcacatgtct caatgttttg tggtaagtgt gttttttaat     19620
     acaaaagtat ccacaaacac accgctactt gagacaatgt agttgtagtt tttatttctt     19680
     gtcaaaaaat ctgacatgat tttagtgttg atgctgaaat atgagcaagc aatcaagcca     19740
     tattaagaaa tcaacaagac agcaaaaaag ggtcctttca tactagcact tttgatcccc     19800
     acccgtgttc gtttgacttc agaatgcggt atgtttagct tgtgtgaaca ggtcttcaga     19860
     actcgggtgc acacccacga accgtacccg agttcgcctg gaagaggtgg tctggggtat     19920
     gattcgcgca aactctggtg cagttcactt ctgatataaa tgcaatcgta ccaaataacg     19980
     gaagtgaacc gccaagagta caacaaacta tcgcttctgc agacatcgcg ttatgttctg     20040
     aacgtttata atatttttgc ggcagttaga cgcgagatgc tttctgaatg tccaaaacca     20100
     aaagatccaa gaaaagcaga acgaccgaga agtgtggacg tctttccatt ttggcgcttt     20160
     gctttcgtgt ccgccaccta gcaacagcag tacacaacag cagctcgatg atgcatgcgt     20220
     accagggttc agaagtaaaa aagacagtgt gaacacaaac taaccgagaa ggtgtcaaag     20280
     ggggaaaatt gaacttgact acggttcaga caattgaacc aagcgttaaa aggaccttaa     20340
     taactccact ctgtttcaag tgtttttgtt ttcctgattg ttgttttcag gttgttaaaa     20400
     ctatacctgt aaagtggggg tcatatgtaa tttaccattt ttttatttga tattatcaaa     20460
     cagaaaatgt gattgttcaa tcacaatttg taaagttgtt caatcaaatt tgttaaggcc     20520
     atgtgaagca atttattcaa cgtataaatc tcaaagattt tttttgattt gaaggtgttt     20580
     ttatcgtctt actcttcatt tggttattaa acattttgaa ggtttaaagt ctgttttttg     20640
     tttcctttat attaataatt tttatgtttg tagcttactc ttaggttcta ttgcaattgt     20700
     tatgtcaatg gacagtaaat ttacttaact aataacacaa aatgtgagat gtgctttcat     20760
     tcatctgtac atcatgtata gctctgggct cagaaagttt tcaaaatata attttatcct     20820
     acattttttt taaaggaaaa taaaggtgta cgttaaataa gtgtttgtta aatgcagagc     20880
     ttctctatta aaaaaaagca tctatatata aaaaacacct gcaagttctg aaagagatca     20940
     aacttctgca ggtaaagaaa agtaacacaa aagtaatata acgcactact ttccacaaaa     21000
     agtaacttag taacacaatt agttattttt ggggggaata actccatatt gtaatgcgtt     21060
     actttcaaaa gtaactttcc ccaacactgt atataagcgt acgcttaaaa tagcttatac     21120
     aaaaactgga atattgtaaa catagttggt gtataaagca ccagttccat ctctagtgtt     21180
     caagaaatta atgcattaac agttaacaat aattgaactg ccgcaaaaca acttttcctt     21240
     tatcttatgc gaagtttcaa acaaattttg aaaggagcac atgatattga gcagggctgg     21300
     ttctcatcag tagttagtaa taatccaatc agattgatcc aagcttacaa taaatagacc     21360
     gatttttcat atcttcattt tagaagaatc ccccccttcc accccatttc ctcctttccc     21420
     tccattttct taggggacct cttaagactt acctgatttc tgaccctttt tatatgctta     21480
     ttgaccaggc gggagccctg ggctcaatta tctccgaggc ccggacagca tgccaaacct     21540
     gctattaatg ccaagcatat ctaagtgtga actcttgaaa taccttgtgc cttaatatgc     21600
     actgatatgt cataatgaca cagtaacaaa tgatatcatg ataactagta tttgcagatg     21660
     atggctaatg tttgggaaca caaacacatg agatgtaaaa tagttttcat aataggatta     21720
     gacatttaaa acaacatgtg aattgttgat gagattggtc ctctagtgca gtggtttcaa     21780
     gccttttttt gcctgagacc ccccttttcc ccagaaaata ttgtaaggcc ccactccaca     21840
     tgtaatgata taatcgttca taaaagtttg cagtaatgat gacaaaaaat tttgttcaaa     21900
     caagcggtgt gtttattact atatttagat atgtttatag acaaataata gcctaaagtt     21960
     tcccagagat gggttgcagc tggaagagca ttcgctgcat taaacatttg ctggatatgg     22020
     tgagggttca ttctgctgtg gcgaccccgg attaataaag ggagtaagcc gaaaagaaaa     22080
     tgaatgaatg aataatagcc taaatagaca aaacattgct gtcaccctga tacaagtttt     22140
     atttatgaag aaaagtaaaa agcactgcag tgatagggtg ttctgtgtct gtctgtgaaa     22200
     attgtaaatt aatcttaccg aaatgggaat attccataca agctgaagct gattgctcaa     22260
     atcttgtcac atgactcgcg gtgcgctcgt gtcgcggcct ggggtttatt ggtgcaagcg     22320
     tgtcactctg attgtgtgag catagcgcac acccattgga aacaaacttg tgcaaactct     22380
     agaaatacgc aatatgctgc cgtcatttgc aatctccatc tgttgatgtt tttgcacagc     22440
     cttggttgat tcactgggtc tgttgacaag tgggttgcgg atctattcct tggcagttcg     22500
     ggggtccttc actgggcctt tttcctttag caaagaaact ttctaaaggc tcctgtttct     22560
     tgctaatttt gctgtttgtg gcaacaatat gaagctgcag gcccggagac ccaaccgcac     22620
     gctcagacct gcacgctcag acgggttgac ctgcacttcc agaccttcca gtgccacctg     22680
     ctgtttaaaa gattgactaa cctgaattca gctccttata aattgtaact taaactattt     22740
     ttctactata aaaaaatcac gttatgattg aatacattat tacattaaat attaaacata     22800
     ctagattttg atttaatgca ttaattctgt tgtattttta ttaattgtat ttgtaaatag     22860
     atattgttca gttactttaa tattttcaga catttattgt tttttatcat tataaggatt     22920
     tatcaccttt ttgaattgag ttgagggaat gaatattatc ttcatataca ataaatttct     22980
     tcacataaaa taaattatag tactctgggt aattctcaca acaaacttta tttttgtata     23040
     ctttttcatg aggttctaca agtcatcaag ctgtaaacaa tgcagagaaa attggtgcaa     23100
     aataataatt ggattaataa tgatgttttt tacctagtaa ataacatcaa ataaaataaa     23160
     ttctttacat tcttgttggg gagatttttc ctttcacgag caaaaaacag tggaaatatc     23220
     tgcactgtgt cagtgttggc agagaccccc tttttgaatt gtaatatcaa tctgggaaaa     23280
     aaaataaaca tcacaagcaa ataatttttg ctttaacctt agagagctca tattgtaaat     23340
     tctatgcaga tattttgatt tccaaaaact tatttctaat cattacagaa cttattaata     23400
     attaataaac tattgggtta ctgttattgt ctttggtagc actttcagat cgataaaaca     23460
     gtaatctaca gatctactga actgaatcta ctgtactgca gacctgcata gcactaaaat     23520
     atctttcaaa taataatcgc gttatatata acacatttgt tttaacattt ttactttaac     23580
     gttttttttt tttgccagaa aacattgcta gaaaattgtc ccagaatggt aaaataacac     23640
     tgaaaataac ctgtaaatat cataaaataa tgctatcttt tggcactaat tttgatcaaa     23700
     tcaaacactg aaattattgt ttgttagtgt attattttac accacattga tttatgccat     23760
     aaaacctggt aattttcagt aatcccctta ataaaacctt atactggcgt gtctgatgtt     23820
     gctacttgct agcagttggg tctccgactc tccgtacctg ccgcttcacc caacccaaca     23880
     gcaagtggca ctgtctgaga aaaccatagg tctgaaagtg caggtctgtg cgagcaggtc     23940
     tgagcgtgta gttgggtctc cgggcctgaa gcttcacctt attcccttgt ggtgggttaa     24000
     attttggtgc tcaagtgacc gaccaagacg caagcatgag aataggctca ttttaagaaa     24060
     aaaaagactt ttcaaaataa aggatagttc agactcagat aataaataaa acggaaataa     24120
     ttaatggtat cttgtgcggc ccgattccaa ttgatccatg gaccggtggt tgaggaccac     24180
     tgagctaggg gataaaatga accaaggcaa aatgatcctg ctaattgtcc acttctaaga     24240
     attgaattga agaattgaat ttaaattccc cccacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     24300
     cacaaaattc tctgaggccc ctttgtgggc cgcaaccccc cgttgggaac cgctgctcag     24360
     gggtgtcaaa ctcagttgct ggaggaccac agccctgcac agtttagttc taaccctact     24420
     ttaacacact tacctgtagg tttcaaacga gcctgaggga ctcaattagt ttgatcaggg     24480
     gtgtttaatt aggattggga ctaagctgtg cagagctgca gctcttcagg aactggacag     24540
     ctgtgctcta tacgatgatc tgttggtgcc aaatcaatca ttttcctttg ttgttgttga     24600
     cattaaggtt attatttcat aaacatattt ccattctaag ttattcacat tttaatgcac     24660
     ttcgtctttc ttgtcttgtt tgcagaaatt atgtcagggt cttcttacag tcctccgtcg     24720
     gtcagatctt ccactttgcc aaagcacctg cctggagacc ctgcgcatct tgtccagaga     24780
     caagcatgtg cttggacccg tagccaccaa agaaggaatg cttactttag caggacttgc     24840
     ccggatctgt gtggcgggcc atgaaggcga gccattagag gaggcgcagt cagcagaaga     24900
     ggagagggtt gtggtggagg cccttaagtg cctgtgcaac gtagtgttca atagcgtgcc     24960
     ggcacagcag atgggaggtg acttgcagtt agcggaaggc ctatgccccc gcttgcattt     25020
     ggtcagcgcg tcacatcatg aagtgggctt attttccctc cggctgctgt ttttgctttc     25080
     ggctctgcgg acggatgtgc gctccacgct tcagaaggag gcaggcgcgg tgaaactact     25140
     cactaatgtg ttggaacgca ctcttgatgt gcgttgggtt gggccatatg aggctgcacc     25200
     tcctgatcca gaagctccgc ccattccacc agaaaacaac gagcttacca tggaagccct     25260
     caaagccctg ttcaacctca ccatgtctga ttcctgtgat aaggtgagag tgacagtatg     25320
     tgtagaacag caatataatc tagtatctat tctgtggtgt cgaacttgct atattattca     25380
     actccaaatt gtactatttt atgcataagt tagcatgcac acattgttga atgcaccttc     25440
     aaaacacttt caaagtatat tatattttac agcgtgcatg ctcaatagag ctgtggcaaa     25500
     aaatagtttg agaaattgat tctgcataga ttctgagatc ttcaaaatgc atcgctattc     25560
     ttttttgaat ccactcttag cctagttttt aacagcagat agattttaac tgtgtactta     25620
     aagtggaagg ccattacttt caatttatct gttcaccaac cctgtgacgt cagacacagc     25680
     gatattccaa gatggcggca ccctagctct aaaaacaata gtaaggggct gatcaaaccg     25740
     aacgcgcatt tacgttccaa aaatgcgagg tgcacctcac tgcctttttt gttcacctga     25800
     aaaacttttt atgtcactag gcaacaactg aatcagttga gtattgtgcg agagtgatgc     25860
     ttttgatatt aatataattt aaatatttaa caatattgtg atattcaaga tttgtgaagt     25920
     catacagctc tggataaccc aaaacagcaa ccacaagtcc tccatcttca aaaggctccg     25980
     ttgttgtcat gacaacacaa acactgctgg cacatcatca acggaaacct tgcctctgct     26040
     ttcatttgat tggacaatga aaaagacgcc actgacgtaa cacagtaagc gcagtaggtg     26100
     cttaaaacgc aaggcgtgca cggcgcatta gcagcacgca aaacgctcgc tgccatcagt     26160
     aaatcattca aaaaaggcgc ctctcaacgc aaaaagcgtg ttggtgtgat tggcacctaa     26220
     aacataccgt tttcttaaaa atggttacat taatcaagtt tgtttaatat aatttcagta     26280
     aagtagaaac caatttacaa aataatgtaa acttgactga ctgcttcact ttgatgccca     26340
     caataaagag cgattgtgtg ttcagttgag tcatgtaagt tggcttttat gtcacaagat     26400
     tattgtacac aacttactat aaacatcccc gtagtttgct taaacctttc ataacttcat     26460
     taaagattat tttaggttta attagtattt gtaagcaatt tgatgcaatc agagtacagt     26520
     tgtttaaaaa gcttgtgtgc aatctcttgt ttaaaactaa gctcaaaatt gattcaagca     26580
     agaatagtga gacattttga aattctttga atctatgcag aatcgatttc tcaatcaatt     26640
     atttattttt ttgtatggag aggttttaaa agattggatg tgtgattttt attcattttt     26700
     tgcctggtgg atggaaaaac agaaaatcta acactgaatt tttatgtgtt taggtaatgt     26760
     actgcattta ttgaagaaac acccacaaca ttgttgcatt ttttatggga aagaacagct     26820
     cactgtttaa agctctagcc cccattctta gagcaagtat atggaacagc cctggtgcat     26880
     tccagagttc ttaagagtgc tgaagttagg ctaagtgtgt ctcaattgct cgaccttttg     26940
     tttgtttctg tatggccctg atcaccttgc cttaagatgc cctttctttt tctcaagcca     27000
     atgattcctt cagtccctag atcttttcat tggctcaaag ctgtcaggtt gttatttgta     27060
     aatcaagttc taaactctgt atcagagtat ttctatcaaa tttcaaataa attttactgc     27120
     ttactttctg atagttcttt tgaagttagc atatctattt ctagcaaaat atcaaaacat     27180
     attattatta ctagtaagag tttttaaaca aaataaatcc gtcttctgta ccttttattt     27240
     tcatacaaat aatattcttt atttattttc agagttattt atttacatta ctataacttt     27300
     aggttaaaaa aaatgctttt agcaaaattt tctttaaagc tcaaaattgt tttggtattt     27360
     tcctttttaa aagctgcccc aaatgcactg tgaaaatgaa cactgacatc attttccctt     27420
     ttatttgaat aggacagtct ccacaaactt cggctgattg caggcatcat gagacacctc     27480
     ctaatgctga aaacacacac tgaagaaaaa actgaggaga ctcacaggta cttccaaact     27540
     agggctgcac gttattggaa aaatctgata ttgccatccc cccccccccc aaaagatggt     27600
     ttgaatagca ctatttgatg ttctctgggg ggctaacagt attcagtatt gaataatcac     27660
     agtattgaat aatcaccatg caaaaaaaat gcttttcttg cttttttatt gtcttttttt     27720
     ctagtccaag tattcaaaaa ttcttaaacc aagtaaaaat attgttttag ttttcaccgt     27780
     cagtagaagt gaaaattaag agtttttttg cttgttttaa ggaaatgatc agccagtgag     27840
     gtaagtgaaa tagtcttgtt ttaactttga aatgtagata tttggactag aaacaagaca     27900
     aaaattctaa ataaaaaatg ttttttttgc ataacttgtg taaattccat gcaaatgcag     27960
     tgattaaata cagttctgta gttcctggtc aactataatt catactggac attacatgtc     28020
     tttgcaatgt gactattgcc aatgtgcaca ttgcaatatc gatgctgaaa tgatatattg     28080
     tgcagcccta ttcaacacca tcaaacggac agccgaatcc aggtcactct ctatactaag     28140
     cctgtgtcca ttataaatcc ttcagaacca ggattccagt gagccagaaa gctaaagaaa     28200
     tgcaagtgtg gtgaatgtga gtgatgtgat gtcctctcca agtgattaat ggcacacccc     28260
     tttgccctgt tccattctga aactcctacc cgtttacttg ggcttgactc attgtgttgg     28320
     cggtggtacc atcaccagct ctttcacacc gctggaatgc aactctctct caatgcattg     28380
     tacagcactc tgaaatgact aactccacgc tcccccatta cctaaatgca ttgaatgtgc     28440
     tgaaccagtc ctggtcagta gatgttcttt tgtcatttaa attgactgaa ggttctgctt     28500
     tcagaaggcc tgctcatgtt cgtttgtcga tatcacattc ctggaatgcg ccatgggtgt     28560
     tgaattttct tttgcgtcag aggagattat gaaatgaaca aacacaggag gcagataaat     28620
     atttagtatc catttgtgtg tggtgcctac atgtgagagg aggtttgctt ttatgatact     28680
     agatacacaa ttggaggggt gcacatgaga aatttagtca cagcaggtta aattgcaggt     28740
     tagaaaaggg ccccaacaat tgtaatgaca gataagttaa cttactaact ttttaaataa     28800
     cagtaaaaat catgcagctt aactattata aatttgtcat gaatcaaaga tgaaaatagc     28860
     aaccattttg atagcaagaa attgcacaat aattaatatc aaatacacat tgacaacaag     28920
     ttagactctt aaatgttgct taatgataat cataatagca aacaaatatt tattgttgtt     28980
     gtagttaggg gcttagcacc aaaggtgcgt aggcacctat tgtatccgtt ccggttctta     29040
     ttattattct tgtggcttcc tcttctttct cttcttcttc ttcttcttcc gctctgggag     29100
     tctatttcag ccctatgaac cacttgcggc atttgcacaa actttggcac actgatagag     29160
     gacagtcttc aaccacaaca aatttggact ctctagcgcc accacttgta aaagttttat     29220
     tataacattt gaaaaaaaat aaataaataa aattttcttc tgatttcttg gctcaagccg     29280
     attcaatcgc accctatgac gtctttttcc attgtgaaat ttttacgcta ttccgaattt     29340
     ttcaaaaaac ctgttgaact cgccctaggc catttgtcca attttaacca aaattgaatg     29400
     atatgatcta cagaccatgc tgactaaagg tttttgaagt caagttgatt agaccaacca     29460
     tttacgttta acttgccaac aaatttaaca tagtgcttgt gaaaattgac ttaaggtgtt     29520
     gtgtccccat aacgcattga cgtattcaca ccaaacatgg tgtgtgttat cacaatcaca     29580
     atctgaaata agccacagta tttcagcgca ttccccccta gtggttggga aatacaaaaa     29640
     tagatatttt tgcttataac ttcttaatcc tttgtccaaa atacataaaa ttggtcgttc     29700
     cggccaagca tgccgagacg aattatgtct gattttccca ggccagccat tttggtcaaa     29760
     aattgctata ttttacgcac atattggcga attgttatga aaatctgtac gtgtcttcag     29820
     gactgtgccc tgaaggtgtt taaaaggttt tgtcacgtcg gcaccagtgg tgttgtggtt     29880
     agtgctacga catatgcact ccagtgctcg cggcgacccg ggttcgattc cgccttgcgg     29940
     tcctatgccg atccttcccc tctctctgct ccccatgctt tcctgtcaat tctctctact     30000
     gtcctgtcaa aataaaggtg aaaaccccga aaaaataata ataataaaaa aaaaaggttt     30060
     tgtcacaccg ccaccttttg gtcaaacgtt aaaacgacat ttctaaaaac gctaataact     30120
     tttgactaat tttgcctatt gttatgaaac ttgccttgat gctttccttg ggttgtcctg     30180
     agaatatcaa tattgatatc gataccttaa tgaactgaat ttcctgtccg ctttcttgca     30240
     ttaagtcaaa acttactttt tttaactcat ccgtttggct gatttgcacc aaatttaact     30300
     cagatcatct tcagaccgtg ctgacaaaaa gttagcaaat ttgtgtcgat aggtgttacc     30360
     gacaaatgtg atggcatgat gctaaactac atctgaggct gtatctctgt tatcgttaaa     30420
     gataataaca tcaaatttta ggtctgtcat tgttgcctca tactgatcac tccatagaaa     30480
     tttggtgaca gcgccaccta tgtgtcaaga gttataagac attcataagc cattattaat     30540
     gaaactttaa aatttggtaa tagcttttga ctgcatttgc ttattttgat gaaattggtt     30600
     tcaaattatt tcctggttga tgctgacatc actgatagca attatgccat aatctgtgta     30660
     aaacttcctc tccgctattt tgattttgtt caagccattc tttttttaac tcctcctaga     30720
     ccgttggtcc aatcctcacc aaatttgact caaaacatct ttcgaccatg tagaccaaaa     30780
     gttatggaat tcatgctgat agacaaaact attgtcattt agcacatgtg caaatttgat     30840
     gcaatgctgc cagatgacat tacaagctga atcactgcaa tggtttgaag tattgaaacc     30900
     aaacttgtca tgtttgatct agacctgaca ttgaccaaac tacgtcagtt tgtaaaatgt     30960
     gtaaaattta caaacaatta cattctatca attgaaatca tacaaaattt ttaaaatgac     31020
     ttttcaatag ttttgtctgt tgtcatgagt ctggttttgc agattcctta tatcattgat     31080
     atgtgatccg tgaaataatt tgttccttaa tttattaact tcctttccac catcttgaat     31140
     tagtttgaaa atctgttgtt ttgaactctc catagatcgt tagcccaatt tccaccaaat     31200
     ttggctctga ccatactgcc aaaaagttta taaaattttc cagttcctct gtagcttgtt     31260
     gtcgtacttg tttatgatat ggctgctggc caagataatt gttgcttgca gctatattta     31320
     ttcctattat tgttcatgtt gatggatttt actaatttgc caatcattta aactgtaatc     31380
     agtaatcaca ttttttaata aaaagtaaaa gcagtagtat aaataattac tgttttttta     31440
     ttgattgatt attgttctta ttaaactttt tcagtttatt cataacaatt tgcttttgta     31500
     taatgttatt aatattagta gtattattta ttttatgcat attaatattt gtttttatta     31560
     aaacacaagc ttagatttgg ccacctgtca ggttttagac cttatggggc atagcatgtg     31620
     tatttggaaa taactgaagt aaatttagaa atagttttga aacaaatcgt tgctcttaac     31680
     aaacgaaatt aattataggc taatagatgt ctgtgcaaac aaaacggttt tcttatctac     31740
     aagacagaaa gtgaaggtaa agaatgagga ggctcatttt ctcattctct gtgctgcaga     31800
     ttctctgttt aaccattttc tcgcttgtaa agtgttcagt ttttccactt acaaagtcca     31860
     ccatgtaaat agcaaatgcc ccatggcgtg acgcaactga ctcctaaagt gaatgggaga     31920
     taaaactctg attagtttat tctcaaaaca catttaaaac tcattaagag aataagctca     31980
     accctgttag accatgtgca gtggcgcaaa gcagattttt ccgtggttaa aatagtaaaa     32040
     gtggattcgg acacaccctg cacttaagat tttgctgttg ctgtttgctg tttaaaaatg     32100
     ttttagactt gtaaaacttg ttcttgacta cattttgatg atgactggta attacagtga     32160
     gctgaacaga tcttttgatc ccagttgctt tgcacacgtc ctgtcttgta cttgtctgtg     32220
     tcttactaca gagagatgtt aatacatggc tgtcaattaa ttcggtgggc agaaaaacca     32280
     cactcctatg tcacattgcg gtcggcctca aaatgggagg gatttggatc ctattttaac     32340
     atcaagaatt ttaacaaaag aaacttgttg tctttataac acctcaaata tacctgtgaa     32400
     aacactatac ctacacacag ttttgtccaa actgcttaaa gaagattatt ttcataatag     32460
     gtacccttta aataacattc tgtgatgctg tatcaaatta gtgatgtttt atcagacagc     32520
     gtcactaatt ctagagaaag cttgttctgc aaaaaacact ttcacataac agtccagtat     32580
     tcctttccaa gacatgttat attctcattt tattgtgtgc ttaacatttg tgattttatt     32640
     gtgccctctc ttctagtcat gcaataaatc tcttgagtaa ccttcccgtt cagtgcctgg     32700
     atgtcctgat agacgtccct gtccaaggtg gcctggaaaa atacagaggg aaaaacatgg     32760
     acacggtgca gattctgcta gattttatga taaagaggat agacaaggta ttgcacttta     32820
     gtctaacaca gcagacttta ttgcatgctg ctacatgtag tttgctcatg cttggtttct     32880
     tcactcaggg gttcaacttt aaagaaggct tgacacctgt gctgagtctg ttgacggaga     32940
     gcgctagata ccacagggag atccgcagat acatcaaggc ccaggtgcac gcttgagtcc     33000
     atgcacactg taatgcactg atctgttaaa tctgttgttg acagctacag tttcttggtc     33060
     caaatgctct atcagatgcc aaatggtgct attatatact acgtgacaaa agtcttgtcc     33120
     tctatctaag ttttaggtac agcaaataac ttgacctcta gttgatcatt gtgtatcaga     33180
     agtggcttat atgaaaggca aaggcctcta gattacgctt attttaccaa aataaaatat     33240
     gattatgtct tgatttttaa ttatttaatt aggacagtaa ggtctgactt tgacaaaaga     33300
     cttgtcactc aacagaaata atgtacagta tacaatataa agtcatggtg cagtggaaaa     33360
     agaatgaata ttgtgtaaga ctcccatgag tttggaggac tgcattcata catctctgca     33420
     atgactcaaa taaccgatta ttaaagtcat ctggaatggc aaagaaagtg ttcttgcagg     33480
     actcccagtg ttcatcaaga ttgtttgcat tcattttcaa tgcctcctcc ttcatcttac     33540
     cccaggcatg ctcaataatg tcactgggtt ggccaatcct ggagcatttc atcctggagc     33600
     attctttcaa gaactttgtg gaggctgaag tatgagaagg agcgctatcc tgctgaagaa     33660
     tttgccctct cctgtggttt gtaatgtaat gggcagcaca aatgtcttga tacctcaggc     33720
     tgttgatgtt gccatccact ctgcagatct ctcgcacacc cccatactga atgtaacccc     33780
     aaaccatgat ttttccttca ccaaacttga ccgatttctg tgagaatttt gggtctgcgg     33840
     gttccaattg gtcttctgta gtgtttgtga tgattgggat acagttcaac agatgattca     33900
     tcagaaaaat caaccttctg ccacttttca aatgatcaac tagaagtcaa gttattattt     33960
     gttgctttta caactgggat caatgacaag acttttgtct ggtattgtac tctggcagtg     34020
     tgctgtaatg ctattgaaaa tcctgattgt aatgtttaaa tccctgtcca atctcacaca     34080
     ctgattcatg tgtaaatcat tcaaatattt gtgtcttgat gcagcaattt tcgattttga     34140
     ttcgctttaa tgtgatctga ctgagcagtg gccatcaact actatttata gaattttctt     34200
     tattcaaagg aacgagcgta tttatgcgac tcttcatttt cttttgcact ttaattattg     34260
     agttaaagag tctttagttg ctgattaaaa gtgtactctt tgtacagatc ttacctcctc     34320
     tgaaggatgt gaaggaaagg ccagaaattg gagacaccat tcgaaacaaa ctggtgcgtc     34380
     ttatgacgca tgtagacatg gcagtgaaac agggggctgc tgagttcctg tttgtgctct     34440
     gcaaggagag tggtaagttc tgcttcataa tggtgcagtt ttatacataa tagttttcat     34500
     actaaatttt taagagcgca tattacagtc tttcttagtc gctttgctac attgttcaga     34560
     tcagaaatgg agaaatgcac ttactgtttt gcaaatttca aacaacgtat acaaatagca     34620
     aaataccatg cattaactgc aaaaccgtcc tctgctcaaa atctttagtt catccctaat     34680
     ttctttcttt agttcatcaa ctatatttct atgtcaatga acatgtcagt gctttgtgtc     34740
     attgtgtacc gataagactt ggtcataata acttggtcat gttgtcaatt taacagttta     34800
     ctcttgaggg gtgttcaatt gtaaatttta gcagctgttt gtattgtaat ttgttgacag     34860
     atcatgtcat tgtgatacaa aaaaagaaaa ataaagcact gcatagcaca aagacaaaac     34920
     aaaacaaaag taaaaatgta aacgacaatc tccttttaga tgcaccttca ttagaaaaag     34980
     tcaagtttca cctggaagaa atgtaccagt tgtagacaga tctagaaaaa agttgataga     35040
     aatgtataga aaaattcaat atgccaaaat attatgacag cttgtttaag ccattaacaa     35100
     acaattgaat gctgtaaata caattcagct gagacaaaaa taaaacattt tgatcaacat     35160
     gacataagca attgataatg caggaaacgt ctgataattg tacataatga ttaacatgaa     35220
     tgtacaaaag catttgcaac ttgttcaaaa aattgacacc atgatctgct gaagagtgaa     35280
     caggtagttt tgagaatttc aattctgatc tgagaaatgt accaaagcga ctgagatgaa     35340
     ctgtatttat tattttgtaa gatactagta aaaaaatgca atttaaatat gcttatctag     35400
     aataactagg tcattggaca gcagtggttt gttctgtagc taatcgtaaa aaaaatctta     35460
     aggggctatt gacattgact tcagcggttt ttacatttta caaatgttta tttttattat     35520
     tccagctaaa aattatagaa atatgttttt ctgcagaaga aaaatacaat gaataatgtt     35580
     gtgatctttt gttcttttaa acatcacttg aaaataataa acatttgaca gtagggctaa     35640
     taatgttgtc tttatctgta ttagggatat cctaatattt tctgttctcc ttgatcttgc     35700
     tcaatcattt attatgactt gtctgcttac acacaaagat ggaaaaatca agagaccact     35760
     tgaaaattcc cagtttcttt tttcccttct tattgtaaaa ctatagtgta tttacccatt     35820
     tatgtcatgt tgagggtgta ggtgatatca ttattaaact attaatcaaa ctgattatat     35880
     tttgcacata atcatagaaa ctgtggttgt gtcgaaataa gccttgtaca atggattctc     35940
     tgtattgctc aacttcataa aggacccgtg ctctgtgtga agttttctgt atgctttaaa     36000
     ttgctatatt cggtcagttc aactcactgc agtctttact ctgtatcttt atccaaaggc     36060
     tgcacaaaaa aactgataca acaaacacag tccctataat attgcagtgt tcatcgtggc     36120
     actggtaatt tgcaacacca tcttttgtgt gcgttacctc agataacaca ctgtattcct     36180
     taaaatgttt atcatttagg agtcaaatat gccttataga actgttgtaa ctaatcatct     36240
     tctgacaatt ctgtcaaaaa ttattttggt tatgacacct ggcatgaaaa tgtgttgatt     36300
     atccctgaca ccatctcttt tatacatttc gaactgtgat ttgtgacttt atgctattta     36360
     accaagtaaa aaaatgattt tatgctttgc tcattctttc ccccgtgatg cagtggataa     36420
     tctgctgaag tacactggat atggcaatgc tgctgggctg ttgatggcac gagggctgct     36480
     ggccggaggt agaggagaga cgcagtactc gtctgatgaa gactctgaca ctgaggagta     36540
     caagtccgtc aaaccattgt aagtgccttt ttgtgtatgc ataacttctc attaatatag     36600
     tttttgtttt atgattttgt acagtagcat atgttctgca tttggttatg cattcatgca     36660
     tcagtgcttt ttttcttttg tgtttttcag cattaacccc attacaggtc acgtagagga     36720
     tccattgcca aatcctctag acgagatgac ggaggagcag aaggagtatg aagcccagag     36780
     gcttgtcagt atgattgacg aattatcaag gtgcgtttgt gtaggtctta aagtctctat     36840
     tcatccttgc acaatttaaa gtccacatga actggaagat aaaacctttt tttttctgta     36900
     ttgtgacgca gttcttagaa gcactgaatc ttaaatgaaa aaaccgtggg cgtggcttat     36960
     ttttccaatg cgagctgatt tgatgtagca aagttggcat ttaattcaga aagatcggta     37020
     aaatgatttg gggagagtta caacctaaca gacacctcct cctcatcatt tctgtttgtt     37080
     ttcaaatctg acatttacac tttcagattt caatgaaaga ttagaagggc aatttttttt     37140
     tcttaacata cacagataaa ttgttcacca caaaactagc aatgtgagcg aacaaaacca     37200
     tatgggtagt tttaatttca tgggagcttt caggccttaa ggcttaagcg gttcttaaat     37260
     gagtcagaaa ttgatgccat ttaaatgtga catgcactta aaacgtaatt ttttcagttc     37320
     tatttttttg tgctaaacaa atatatctaa acctccttaa atcaagatgc atttacttga     37380
     gaaagttttt acaccattta gtagagttgt tggctattgt tttttttttt ttttggatat     37440
     catgccaacc aatgctattt tgcatacaaa atgatgattt aaatttaaag tatacatcag     37500
     aatgattagc ccccatattt attttttccc caatttctgg ttaatataga gaagattttt     37560
     tttcaacaca tttctaaaca taatagtttt aataactcac ttctaataac tgattttttt     37620
     aaaaatcttt gccatgatga cagtaaataa attttactag atatttttca agacactagt     37680
     attgagctta aagggcaatc taaaggctta ggttaattag gttaactagg caggataggg     37740
     taattaggta aatgattgta taacagtgta gattatcaaa agaattagct taaagggcct     37800
     aataattttg accttaaaat ggctttcaaa aaatttaaaa ctgcttttat tctagacgaa     37860
     ataaaacaaa taagactttc tctagaagaa aaaattagaa ttaaattaaa tcagacacac     37920
     tgaacatttt cttgctctgt taaacatcat ttgggaaata tttcataaag aaaaataaaa     37980
     catttcaaag gggggctaat aattctgact taataattct aatcattaat aattctaact     38040
     gtatacactc aactggcact ttattaggta caactgtcca attgctcgtt aatgcaaatt     38100
     cctaatcagc caatcacatg gcagcaactc aatgcattta gacatgtaga aatgttcaag     38160
     atgatctgct gcagttcaaa ccgagcatca gaatgggaaa gaaaggtgag ttaagtgact     38220
     ttgaaagtgg catgattgtt ggtgccagac aggctggtct gagtatttca gaaattgatg     38280
     atctactggg attttcaagt acaaccatct ctggggttta cagagaatgg tctgaaaaag     38340
     agaaaatatc cagtgagcag cagttctttg ggcacaaatg ccttgaagat gtcagaggtg     38400
     aatggccaga ctggtttgag ctagtagaaa ggcaacagtt actcaaataa ccactcgtta     38460
     caatcgaggt atgcagaaga gcatctctga acacacaaca tgtccaacct tgaggcagat     38520
     gggctacagc agcagaagac tacaccaggt gtcactcctg tcagctaaga actggaaact     38580
     gaggctacaa cttgcaagac tgaccaaaat tggactatat aagattggaa aagcgttacc     38640
     tggtctgata agtcttgatt tctgtttcga catttggatg gtagggtcaa aatttggcgt     38700
     caacaacatg aacgcataga tccatcctgc cttgtatcaa tggttcaagc tggtggtggt     38760
     gtaatggtgt aggtgatatt ttcttggcac tacttggctc agtagtatca attaagcatc     38820
     gtgtcaatgc cacaccctac ctaagtattg ttgcagacca tgtccatccc tttatgacca     38880
     cagtgtaccc atcttctgat ggctagttcc agcaggataa cgtgccatgt cataaagcgt     38940
     gaaccatctc aggctggttt cctgaatatg acaataagtt cactgtactc aaaagacctc     39000
     cacgctcacc agatctcaat ccaatagagc acctttgggg tgtggtggaa cgggagattt     39060
     acatcatgga tgtccagccg acaaatctgc atcaactgcg tggtgctatc atctcaatat     39120
     agaccaaaat ctctgaggaa tagttccagt accttgttga atctatgcag ttcgatgaat     39180
     atttttatat attattatat aaaatttatt atagtaattt atttatgcca caaaggatta     39240
     aggcagttct caaggtaaaa gggggttgac caggaggaag cccagggctc aattatctcc     39300
     gagctcaggg ttaaaatatg gtaaataatt aaaaatattt gaagttaaac cacttttttt     39360
     cctcactgta tttgctgtca tattcaatcc aagcattgtg tttttacttc tgtacataac     39420
     cagcaccaaa tatcggattg caaaacaaaa aaacatgaca tatattccaa aaaaatatag     39480
     taaataatta agaaatttga aggtaaacca tttgaagttc actgtatttg ctgacatttt     39540
     caatctgaga aaattgtttt tacttctgca tataaacagc atcaaatatt ggattacaaa     39600
     aaaaaaacat gacataaatt ctagaaaata tagtaaataa ttaagaaatg tgcatattgt     39660
     ttttacttct gcatattaac agcatcaaat atcagattac aaaaaaaaat gacatatatt     39720
     aaaaaaaaca tagtaaataa ttaagaaatt tgaaggtgaa cagttgaatt tgactgtatt     39780
     tgctgccata ttcattccaa gcattgtgtt ttcacttttg ctcgctaaaa ccagtcagtc     39840
     actctttctc tttctcatca tcctgcataa agcagttcat aattccctca taaaagactc     39900
     catccaccag aatcattgtg ctggtttcca cgtccccctc ctctgagtct ggatgtgtgc     39960
     agggtagcgc attcatgttg accttttcta aacaacccgt ggcgtaaact agcgagacgc     40020
     cggtgagagg ttgctccatc cgtcctcctt accaaccgct tcattaagac aagaatcctc     40080
     cagcagcagc gtcttgcgcc tcatttacag ctggccttcc gcattcagca ggagtcaatg     40140
     cgcaccggcc ggccaccgaa gctcccgctg cattaattac cagctaattg gtgcacacag     40200
     tggggtcgcc ggctcagctt cttttgtact gcttttagaa tacatatata cgtgcttctt     40260
     ttttcattta ttcagccggg tcgccagaca ttgtcctcgg atgtgaagtg gtttgagaca     40320
     ctggctcaat taagggtgtg cgtctgtacg ttagctgcca ggcccgtgtt aaataagttt     40380
     gcaaacacaa gaggaagcgc cattgtcctt ccatagggtg tttgagtggt aatgagcagc     40440
     gtgtgcccaa gagaggcaga ttcctggctt tgagaatgga tccttctctc ttcctcctat     40500
     tcttttttcg ggatgaagga ggtgttgttg ctgctgctgc tggggagacg caacatgtgc     40560
     atggaggaat gtccctgtct gcggctgatg cttgacttga tgtccaatta gtactgactc     40620
     tccaccccga atcctcacaa acacacacac acacgcacat acatacactg gtgtatgtaa     40680
     acaaatggtt gtttaggctg tttatcatta cagatgctgt tgatttgata atgcgtcagc     40740
     ttaggtttct ggtttttgtg ggatgtagag gaagtgtctc tgtttccttt ttatctagtc     40800
     atgacgttct tttgacttca attttgatgt tgagtttttt ttttttggag cctgtagtgc     40860
     aataattgtt tataaatgaa ggatgagata gtagatgttt cttgagaaac tgattcctga     40920
     ttaagttgtt tggaaattag atttttgtgg aaaatatcat ttagtaaagg tgaatatggt     40980
     gtatttacaa tagcagtgcc aaactgatac atttaatgcc ttattcacac tagcagcaac     41040
     tatgtagctg cctgtcgctc tgggtggtga ctatctgcca acgcaggtct gtgtaggccc     41100
     atacatcatg aatgcagccg gcctctgtgc aaactgagag atgatcacgt gagctctact     41160
     ggtgctccta ttggctgtcg ctcgaaatcg ctcttcattt gctttttgaa ggattctcaa     41220
     ttttgtcgca ccgctcgacc cggccacctg gtcatcagca gtcactgttg ctcgagtaga     41280
     cagaggttgc cagaagtcgc tcgctctccg ttgaaatcga ttgtcactat cccattgcga     41340
     gtcactttta gtgtgcatga ggattaaacc tcaaccgata taagctattt tttttgatac     41400
     tctacagaac aaaccatcat tatacaacaa ctttcttgat taccctaacc tgcctagtta     41460
     aagtaattaa cctattattg cctttaaatg tcactttaag ctgaacacta gtgtcttgaa     41520
     aaatatctag ttaaatatta tgtattgtca tcatggcaaa gataaaataa attagttatt     41580
     agaaattagt tattaaaact attagggagg aatagcacca acaacttttt gtctaccaat     41640
     attcttcaaa ataactactt tcatattgag tggaaaaaca ttacttatag caaacgtttt     41700
     tttgtatatt gggaatgcat tttcgctttt gtttgaacta tccctttaag ttgaagtaga     41760
     tgaataaagg aatactaaac acaacctgct gcttaaggtc aatgtattaa ctaatttgac     41820
     cttactataa agtattagta gtttataggc atgggacgat aacagttttc aaggtatacc     41880
     gctgtttgga aaagtcaagg ttttaaaacc gcccaaattt tctgtaataa ccttcctaag     41940
     gtgtgtgtaa gatgttttat ttactttttt tgttgttgtt ttttaggaca acattatctc     42000
     catcagaaaa gatatctaaa gatgccattt tgaactgtag aatgtaaaga aatcttgagt     42060
     ttttgaaacc aatgaagaca gcagaagttt atgatttatt ttttattatt tagcctgaca     42120
     tgtttactgc tctaaaatac ttaaaatctt tcaaaaaata aaatatattg ttttcaaagg     42180
     gggaaaaatt gttgattttt atttttttta cttagacatt taaaaagagc ctattttaga     42240
     gcagtaatca caatagcgta aaaccctgat agttttatcc aaggttatca taccgtcaga     42300
     atcttacacc ggcccatgcc tagtagttca tcagagttta tgaataaatg caaatgagct     42360
     ttccaaagtc cttgattgga taatgcgctt ttcactcatc agtgggtgtc ttctgattgg     42420
     ctggtgctgt gatggatgat ctggcagtgc acatataatt ggattagtgt ggaggagcag     42480
     cccaggcttt gaagagatta gattgagcac tgatcctgta attaaagcac agtcctggga     42540
     cgctggaggg gtgcaggggc gcgctgggat tgggggtggt tttttttagg gttgtgattg     42600
     taaggactct tatgtgtcca gatgtaaagg caaagaaaga tgttgtacac atcaacaggc     42660
     ctctttagag gacagagctg aatgcagata caatgccccg tacaaagact tgctttcaaa     42720
     gagcagctgg attgtgctga caaattagtg gcctgaaaaa ccaaatcgac aagccgcgag     42780
     cacaataaag ccggaggctc ggtgatgact gctggagttt ggaactattt tatacaaatt     42840
     atttatttta tacaaatttc tatgggaaat agcttcattc agggtgtccc cagggtctta     42900
     agaagtatta aaggttaata cattaattta gagaaattta aggcccttaa aaagtattaa     42960
     aatgttttaa atgcttttat gcaaggtatt atattttgta tgtgtgctaa agtttgcctg     43020
     aatttgattt gcgaatatta aaatgccgtg tagttcatga aatcgaatca aatcaaatcc     43080
     tgctggattt gacatcacac tgctttattt actgcattaa ccaaagcaac actgttatgc     43140
     ctgctgttgt aggcgtcacc tgctggatta gcatttttag tcagtatatg aatgatgttt     43200
     tcattttgga ttagtgtctt acaatcagta tttagtaaat ataataaatt aaaaagtcgg     43260
     cagtgttact gttgaatcct aaagttgcaa taaggtctta aaatgtatgc aaagtgattt     43320
     aaaaacagaa aatattgaat ttcactctct gaagcggtgg tcacaccaga gtttgagttt     43380
     gcgaaattct gtcttaaggc tctgcgaaaa ggggtgggat ttgacaagat gattagacat     43440
     ttaaaaagca agcgattgcg ccatattttc aatttctgtc cagagaggtc gtgttttgat     43500
     cctcgattgg tctcgcgcag tctagtgatg tcaccaagcc tgaactttcc accgcagcaa     43560
     cctgctaaag ttgacgcatg acgtgtataa ataaaatctc aatttggtgt cggcaataaa     43620
     aaatttctca gaaaaaaaca cctgtgtgca aagaaatcta ttcctcataa aactttccat     43680
     tggcactgca gctgatcaga tttctgctgt cggcatctct tatttgcata cgtcattgta     43740
     aacattcaaa gcatcatgca aaaacacaac tctgctctgc ctcgtccaca ggaaggagct     43800
     gatcagacca atgggagtga ggaaagacgg gactctggca cctttaggac aggccatcca     43860
     cgactgcagt ctagccagca gcggctccga ctctgactag cacatcacac acacacacac     43920
     acactgacca gtgctcgtct ttctcactga gatgcgaaga atgagctgcc gtcaagcaaa     43980
     cgcacgagtt tcagcagata gaaatgagga agatgatgct caacatgtgt ttgtggcact     44040
     ctgtgatggg gaaaagcact tggttttcac taatgaagta taaaggcttc ctgatactta     44100
     aagagcccat attatacatg aaataaggtc atatcttggt tgtaagggtc tccaacaaca     44160
     gtctaatatg catgcaaggt caaaaaacac tttcatggtc ttataatctg catttatttt     44220
     tatctaatta tcccagcgac tcctgtatga atcgtccagt gattcatttg ttcccaaacc     44280
     cctccttagc gcggagctaa tctgcgctga ttggaccgat gacagtctgt cgcgattggt     44340
     cgactgcctt cagtcagaga gggaaatggc caatagctaa tcagcaattt aaaaagtaat     44400
     cacagttcat acacgctcga tagtgtaggc gtggacttta gctgccacac tatggcgagt     44460
     ggatagtgcc acggataacc gaacgaagga gacagtcgtg tactcgccat accacacaca     44520
     cacaaaaaca cacacacacc tccggatgac aacgctcccg cttcagcccg cacccgccag     44580
     gttttagcct gagaacccgc tccgttttct gcccgccgcg cccggtcccg ctagagcgga     44640
     gaacacaacc aaatatcacc cagtatacag tccagacagc caagctgtct gtacacacac     44700
     agcacaaagt acacagagct cgttcgttcg ttcgctctct ctctcgctct ctctctctct     44760
     ctctctcccc gcgccagatt tctgcggcgc gggaatacat ttccgaataa atcgcgggag     44820
     cagaactcta gcacggagct ccataaacaa acagcacgcg tcgcgttttt aacgtgactt     44880
     tgcacgcgat aagataatat atgcagttaa cctgatacag tacacgcggt tacaagtaac     44940
     aaatcacaac taaatacatt tgcaagctag agtaaacgag gcaacaactt taaccgcacg     45000
     tacttacact tgagaaatgt aggaagaaac ccatcctgac gtccatcagt tactctttgt     45060
     tgatccttcc tttaacaaac tcagatgaag tattctttgt agcatgtagc ttccagaagt     45120
     ttccaactgc ttggttataa tgctgatgtt tcatctttgg gtagagactc aatatatcca     45180
     tctgcagtgt gacttcaatc gaccggcatg tttgtgtgcg tgtgtttgtg ggtgtgcgtg     45240
     tgtttgtggg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtctg ggttactgcg tcagagggcg gggcctcagg     45300
     tttgaaatct cccgggtttg cgcgtgcacg tgaaaaactt tgtttcgttc gtacgtcatg     45360
     gcgaaacacc taatgagtcg gtatcaaggc gactcgtttg aagcactatg attcgactct     45420
     tttatagatg aatcaacagt tttaaacact gtattcttac agatttaagc cttagctgga     45480
     tacttcactt cacttagagc tgtgttacac actacatgga ggggaatttt caaaaaccca     45540
     taatatgggc tctttaatat ataaaagctg gttccatttg tttttcaaga gttttgactg     45600
     ctgctgctgg ttatcagatg gaagaaaact gtttcatgac gtttcaaaat acttgaatgg     45660
     cttttgaaat gttatatgcc gataaaagcc atgtgatctt attattttac atggtggaaa     45720
     tgtttgtcac gcacaaaaag tgcactgact ctgtctgcca cttctgcctg gggtttcaca     45780
     caaatgaatc tgtcttttct aacgttctat attattttta gctgcatagt tttctatgta     45840
     ctgttattat tataatttcc tcctttgaat gttattggaa gtgtatcttt tgtttctttt     45900
     tctaaggaat gttcagtttt gtacacacga tgaagcatgt aatacattct gattttctaa     45960
     atattgctga tctttgattt gaagatttgt aaaattcccc gatattcaac atctaaatct     46020
     actgtaatgc ttcgtgttga ataaagggga tttgttttat aaaagattcc ttttatttca     46080
     tcttcagatt tttcttttct tttcagacaa tcatttgcaa taaaatgaat aacaaaaacc     46140
     tacaagtgcc gttatttgct aaaattattt aaaaatatta ttttcacaca gtttttggac     46200
     actctgtcat ataaaagtgc agaatcaagt cagaaactag aaactggctg tatgacacag     46260
     aaactcagaa ttaggtgaat tttctttatt aataaatgta ttaaaactta aatcaaatgt     46320
     aaatattaat caagactatt tagagggtac ctatgatgaa aatcctcttt tggaagctgt     46380
     ttggacagaa ctgtgtgcag gtatattgtg tccacaatca tattggggtg atataaagac     46440
     aatctgtctt ttttttttac ccccctcaaa tgttaaaata ggatccaaat ccctcccatt     46500
     ttgaggccca ccgcaacgtg atgtaggagt gtggtttccc cacccaccga attgattgac     46560
     agtcacgtat taacatgtct ctgtagtaac acttataatc atatcaacaa tgtgcaaaat     46620
     aaccagtatt aaaagatctg ttcagctcgc tgtgatcacg tcattatcaa acgtgatcag     46680
     taacgagttt tacaagctta aaactgcata tttgtaatga attgcagtta ttttattatt     46740
     tttatcagca cagccgcgtg tcagtacaat tataaaagaa gaggcttcaa tccaggtttt     46800
     tgaacgggtt aaatcaggtt tattttatac attaccaaat aacaggtata ctatcacatt     46860
     tacattgcaa aaacagtgct aagttaaacg caagctgtgt gtgtgcaaac tttataacaa     46920
     cattgtgtgt gtcacatcgt tgcagaaagg cttaaattaa cttcacaaca aatacatcaa     46980
     ataatcattg ggtcagtttg ttactgtagt atttctcaag cgttacgtga gatccgcttt     47040
     ccttatgtcg gtcactgtgc tgtttatctg atgcagctga ggcacactct gaaagacttg     47100
     tggcaatggt gagcggggag atctagcatt aaaagcacga gacacaaaaa acagctacag     47160
     tgttcaaagc agaaaatccc aatattctga aagctataat gaataatctg atggatgttg     47220
     agctgaaact ttagacacat tttggagaca gaaaagactt attttacacc cttttcaaga     47280
     tttaagataa gtgccctttt aacatgaatg agctgggtat gttttcagaa atattattaa     47340
     atgagaaata acatattaat acacgtattc ctacctatac atgctgcttc cagcaagagt     47400
     cctgcatgtt ctgtagggac acccacatgt ttcttgtata agtcctcctc gtttccatga     47460
     ggatacttgc atgttccctg tagaattctt gcaggtgtgt gtgggatgct gcaggatatt     47520
     ttttatcagc attaatgtcc aagtatctaa tgtggaaaac tgtgtacaaa acagcaaaaa     47580
     ataaaaaata aaataataat aataaataaa ataaatttta aagtcatttt ttgcctttaa     47640
     gtttacatct gtaatatttt ttgtaacagt aattcaaaag taatacagca gaaatgtaat     47700
     gcatgacagt tcagcatcag taatttcata aggtcattca ttactttata agaacagtaa     47760
     tctgtaacgt atttcagttt ggaggtaacc ttgtattctt ttgtttgaca atgtaaagaa     47820
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agatcacaac ccaaaatata atgaaacaaa gataaaggtt     47880
     tattaaatac tgcaagatgc aatttctaaa aacagtcaaa taaaaagtac agaacaaaca     47940
     aacaaacaaa caaacaaaca gcagcatttt atattaaaaa gtacagaaca ctttagaata     48000
     atgatccagt atttaatgta atttactaac gttaactaag catgaacaat cttgtaaagc     48060
     attaattaat catagttcag cattaactac tgcattatta aaatccaaag ttttgcttgt     48120
     taatacagag ttagtccact ccgagttaac atgaacccac gttatttaac ttaaataata     48180
     aaaaccaaag ttaacaaaca tgaataaata ctgcaataaa tgtattacta atagtttgtt     48240
     gatgttagtg aatacataat ggagcattat tttaaagtgt caccagaagt acaaatagca     48300
     acaatgttaa actcaacaaa tgcaaactca aataactggc gatcaataaa ctgcaaaaac     48360
     acagagtcct gcttcagtca aaacacaaat gttcatcaac cagaaacaat gaagccaata     48420
     aacaatgacc aaacaagcca gcgtatcaat atatgaacga tgtttgaaca gatgacaaag     48480
     tctaaaacat ttgaacagat tctcttcaaa atctgcttta ctactgtcaa aaatccctga     48540
     gggacatgat gagatctgat tatcagctac tactacactg atcctgtgca aagtcttagc     48600
     cactcactca ccctctcaca cacacaggat attgggttct ttgttggcaa gcaaagccat     48660
     taattagagt ttagtgggtc tgcaatgctg tgaaaacaca cagtggggaa actgctccac     48720
     tcactcactc tcacacacac actttctctc acacacacac tctctctcaa acacacaaac     48780
     acactctctc tctcacacac actctctctc aaacacacac acacacacac acacactctc     48840
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcacacac acactctctc tcaaacacac aaacacactc     48900
     tctctctaac acacactctc tcaaacacac acacacactc tctctctctc acacacacac     48960
     acacactctc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acactctctc     49020
     tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actctctcac     49080
     acacactctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac acacactctc     49140
     tctctctcac acacacactc tctctctctc tctctctctc acacacacac acacacacac     49200
     acacactctc tctctctctc tctctctcac acacacacac acacacacac actctctctc     49260
     tctctcacac acacacacac acactctctc tctctctctc acactctctc tctctctctc     49320
     tctcacacac acacacacac acacactctc tctctctctc ttacacacac acacacacac     49380
     acacacacac tctctctctc ttacacacac acacacacgc acgcacgact ccatggatac     49440
     caaatcatcc aacaagcgac tagaacttta catgcaccac tggacattag ttccatttca     49500
     tgagtacttt gcacaaccat ttctaaacca aaagattcaa atctggaatt cagcatgtat     49560
     aacagttcgg cctcataatt ttcctgaaat tctgttatta attactcact caccctcatg     49620
     ttgatccaca aactcagaca ttttacatga aatccaagag ctcgcttgtc ctttagaaac     49680
     ggcaaagatc ttgagacgtt taaagtccag gaaagaaacc aaaaacattt tcagaacaag     49740
     gcttcagtgg cgcaattgta atgacatgac gctccaagaa cacccaccgt aaaaaaagat     49800
     agtagtaaaa acaactgttc atcaatgatt tctctcatca ggacgcacat tttcaacagg     49860
     cagtgtgacg tattaccatt agagtcatct gcctaacata aatactgtat tgcaaatgcg     49920
     caccctgatc tgacccagaa cacaggcaaa ctttaacact tacagttcgg ttttggcata     49980
     caaaattgct cttggagctt cgtatgatca cagttgaaac actgaagtca catagaatgt     50040
     tcggacaatg tatttagttc cttttattga ctgtgagggt ccgagagctc tcggatttca     50100
     tctaaaatct cttcattggt gttctgaaga tgactgaagg tcttaggaga ttggtaaaac     50160
     agagtcatta ataacagaat agaaatgtga atgtttagat gaatgaatgc tttaaaaggt     50220
     tcgttcacac accagttgaa aaatggtcaa tttacattgt gttgagaaga tgaactgaag     50280
     tctaattggt tttgaacaac acaaatgaag ttaatttgaa taaattggag atttctgtct     50340
     gttgaaagtc ggttcactaa agccaaaaaa tgtgtatgaa tcgagttcag atttgaaaat     50400
     gatatacatg gagtttcttt ttttccatgt tctgaaaatg ggacaatgac aggaaaaggg     50460
     tcaatccaga tgttttaaac agacatgact gctttaaaat gaacatttaa tttaggcttc     50520
     tatttcactt aagaattcag caaacagcat tttaattgat cacggaaact ccatgctcgc     50580
     ttgacacgca acaaccaatg aggttcattc ttgtgacgtc acattaggag cttcacaaaa     50640
     accaaagagc catttttgca tgtcgccatg tttggtccta aagtgatccg ataatgaaac     50700
     ggtcatttgc tcatcctcca catggtcaaa cctgtttgag tttcagagct attttttgtt     50760
     cctactatgg atgtaaaagt tcttcccagc attcttcaga atatttgtgt gttcagcaga     50820
     aaaaaagaca ttcataaaag tttagatcca cttaaacaag taatttgttt tatttttagg     50880
     tgagcgatta atcactttaa gaaccaatga ggttcatcct cgcatcacac cgcacattta     50940
     agctcaacaa gaaccaatga ggctcaatat tgattctcaa gctccaaaca aaacgataag     51000
     gggctagttt ttgtgggaag caggtataat gtttacgttt gggcattaat atttatatgc     51060
     aaataaaaag cctaaattaa atctgttcat cttatgaagc agcagcgtct cttaagatgg     51120
     attcacacac atttctgaac gtttgaagtg tccaaatttt cttaaaagcc cttagagcag     51180
     ggatgtcaaa ctcaattcct ggagggccgc agtcctgcac agtttagttc caaccctgct     51240
     ccaacacact tacctgtagg tttcaaacaa gcctgaagga gtcaaatagt ttgatcaggt     51300
     gtttaattgg ggttggaact aaactgtgca gagctccagg gactaagttt gacatccctg     51360
     ccttagcgta tataatcatt tctaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac aaaaatgaat gaatgaatga     51420
     atgtcctgtt ggtttgaaac aacattaagt atatcattat aaaaatgatt agttttgaag     51480
     tgaactagct tttaactctt atctgcaccc attcataacc aactattccc tcaaatccta     51540
     tgtacagttt gtaaaatgga aaagtagctt ttagcatgat tcatttttgg ctagtccaga     51600
     gataatcagc cttccataat gaatcaagta agtgccatgt gtctagtttg tcttcccagc     51660
     agcattcaga tacagtttag cttttttctg tcaggaagtg cagatgtgtc atacttacag     51720
     ttctctgctt aaattacagt acagtcttcc tgcagacggc ctcaattgaa agaactggaa     51780
     gacaggggtt ctgtcaaaag cagcaaacac tctgcagaca atgatttctt ttccggttta     51840
     aaataatgcc accagaaagg gccagatttc atcgtttgac taaacaaggc tgtgctcatg     51900
     tggtcaggag aggacagaca aacaacgctc agatgtaagg agtaatagat ctccatacac     51960
     gaggagatta gagtgatatt agtgcatgct gtccgtctca gagtctccgc tgttctcacc     52020
     actgctgctg atgtatgaat aaagaccgtt ctcatggctg ttcatcaggg tctggatctc     52080
     tgtgtgccat ccaaggatct ctgccagttt gcgtacagat tcggacagat ctcccagctc     52140
     catgtagtcg gctcttctca ggggcctccg ttcaaagggc ccgactgcat cacggttcag     52200
     caggagacga ggaactgtgg acttcacggt gtttatcagg ctggcaaagg gctcaatctg     52260
     ggaaataaat atatattcta tttaaataaa cacactatac tttatttcat tacatgcaga     52320
     ctttgattca ttcaggaagg atgtatttaa ttagaggaca ataaagactt ctgttaaagt     52380
     tgtttccagt attcatttga aattggttca ccaaaacaac ctttaaagtg gttataatac     52440
     tggtgcaatt agatttacat atggcatcgt gaatatcaat tcagcatctt agaatgattt     52500
     ttgaaggatc atttgacaac taaaaatatc aaaaataaaa caaaataaaa aaaagttaaa     52560
     gagcccctat tatgggtttt tgaaaatgac cttctatgca gtgtgtacca gatctgagtg     52620
     aatgaaatca tccagctgag gtttaaatct gaaagtgcat cttgtaaaaa tattggattt     52680
     ttttaacaaa gatttcactc tggattccac tccgttagtc cggatctttt gcctgttcgc     52740
     gtcatgcaaa acaataccaa atacgaagtg ccggatgcag tagaacgtga acgcgccttt     52800
     cccttcagat actagcggag tgcgagggat catgacgcga agattaccag tcactgagag     52860
     atggccagac atgcggttgt gaggaataat gggttgagtt cattttcaca acaacaccaa     52920
     aagagtatag ccaacagtgt gctgtgtttg ttcctgtcat ttttctgtta attgaaaaga     52980
     tatccaacgc cgcaacgtgg gatttgccag tcgtttgcta ttgaaggaag gatcagtaga     53040
     gactattaat gtatgggact ttggttaata caaactgtgt aacagttact gacaatttct     53100
     ccctccagat cctgtaaatg tttctccttc atacacaacc tgtgttatta aaatggttgc     53160
     cttgttttct gtagttagca aaatatgcat ttaattgcgt gttgctctgt gcagcttgta     53220
     atcacttatc tattatagat cagtgcttgt actgtattta ttagggtaaa tctctatggc     53280
     tgttcacata tcacatccaa aaccatcttg aaaacacaat gtgtgctgct ttctttacca     53340
     atttaaatca gtttctgaac tcgcaatcct ctgctgctgg ttactgctat ggccaccatc     53400
     agctgttcct cactcatggt caattttcta aatagttcaa cttttgccac tgtgtggatt     53460
     aatactgaat gcgtgtcctt gttattactc ggggttagag tggagtaata tgctggagtt     53520
     taactgcatt gctttattgc attcctgcat tgggctctct tcatagccac gtttttttgt     53580
     ctcgcacaga acccagtcga ccaatcacaa cacattagcc tcatgcaaag gaggggtttg     53640
     gaagcaaatt aatctctgaa caaatcatat gggagtcatt gtgataaata ggtaaaataa     53700
     atgtatatta taagacaatt aaagtgtttt tgtcacactt attgcatatc aaacagctgt     53760
     tggagacccc caacaccaaa atatgacctt ttataatgca taataggggc tctttaattt     53820
     ttatatttct aaataccaat taaataattg cagccttgat aagcagaaga aaatgctttt     53880
     aaaaaaaagt ctctgatatt caatatttca tggtagccat atagagtgac attacacacc     53940
     ttgattgact ttttaaatta ctaaaaaacc tgtatattcc ttagcaaaat aataatgtac     54000
     ataataaaga taaaaaaatt atatttaaca aaaaataaga aaaaatatat ctaatgttga     54060
     gatctaaaca aacccacttc ttttagaaat ttgtgctaga tgaaaatagc ctccattcta     54120
     tttgaagcat gtctctatga tttgtgtttt cagataggta caacatcaat ctgaagtcat     54180
     gttgagatcc tgtgcctgct gggaaacatc atgaatttaa aatatttctt caataacaac     54240
     aacaacttaa accaaccttt aaagaagtgc ccatgatcat gagaagatct gcttttggga     54300
     aatcttcagc atgttggaag tatttttccg gcagatcttc tccaaagaac acaacattag     54360
     gtttgacggc cccagcacag aatgtgcaga tgggaacact cccgttcatt atagcttgct     54420
     gagagaaaaa cacaaaagca gtttatgtgt agtgcgtaga atggtgcaaa ctcaatacca     54480
     tctattttag ctctatttac cttggcttcc tctgcaggat aaggagtata gcagaggtga     54540
     caggcagcgg tggcaaaact cccatgagcc tccacaagtt tgtcatcagg gataccgcaa     54600
     actacagaca gggttaaaga gagagttcac acaaatacta ttgactaatg aataaaacac     54660
     agcaaatcag taaagacgtt taaggttaga cattccaggc aaaaatgttg agattttttt     54720
     ttttactttt gccttaaatg ctttcagtct aatggaagga ataaataata acaataaata     54780
     aatagctaaa ttttcttgtg attataccat acttgagggc taaggtgccc cctggtggtt     54840
     tggcagatga ataaacagga aaatatttaa ataggataac agctgcacgg aatagtaaaa     54900
     tcacgggaga atgccaggtt taaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaaact taaaaaaaaa     54960
     ttatacacaa aaacaaaaaa aacaaaaatg gacttcatcc aatgtttaga cttttgtaca     55020
     atatatataa aaattagcat atatttaaat ttaaaatctt tgttttccta ttatttaaac     55080
     cacctgtcat ataaaccatg tttgcatgac ttaatgtaat taatcaacaa gccgaaatct     55140
     ggaatgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacactaa ttctattaag gttgctcatc ttggttaatt     55200
     ttgccaatca acaaccgccg ctcattaacc caatattaat cattaacagg tcaaattaat     55260
     atcacattat tatttaattt aaaaagatga attcatgtgt atattttgtg tctgccctag     55320
     gtatttttca cttaaattac aaatgtagat tacaaacaaa aacactgact gaatcctttt     55380
     aaacggacat aaaaaggttt tttcctccgt caaataaaaa taacaggcta cctcaaattg     55440
     attgctcaac aaaaaatatg tatttaacaa acctttatcg acatttttaa tagaagtcat     55500
     tagtttaaag attgtcgtta gcatttgatt ttacattaaa gcttgtgtgc ttttattttc     55560
     tccatctcgc tcgtggtaaa tataaacaac aatgacaagg cgcatatgtt gactttttgt     55620
     aaagtatagg atataagcgt ataacaattt agttgtttac acatgatatt gcattaattt     55680
     gcaaacatgt tttataagct ataaaataaa agcctcagtt tggtgcacag tcattatgta     55740
     aaaatctaaa aaaaatcatt ggatttgttt gattcataga tcttaaaaat gggtatttta     55800
     ttggaactat taatagctgc aattttccaa atgaaaaaaa gttggtttgc tggttgtata     55860
     ctaaatcttt agaactatta gttgagttta taagtggtgc cagagcctgc gctaatggag     55920
     agaaaaccca gatgctcaga atgttttcaa agcagagcac atttcagaaa gttttatttt     55980
     gcgcttcttt ctccaattcg gcaaataaat ggtagtgttt aagaggcagc tccaggacag     56040
     aggcattgag catcagcgct ggtttgaaat caattcatct gtcaaactgt gaccagcaac     56100
     attcttcttt tattttccgt ctttgccaaa atgcatctgt aggcacatgt ggttgcaagt     56160
     gttaccatcc cacgagttaa caaatctgtg ttgcacattt atgcagccga acttttaatc     56220
     atttaactga taccattaac cagttaaaaa cgcactcttt cagtcaacgg gtaattgttt     56280
     attatgagca tccttaaatt aaatgaaagt caatagttag cagttttata gttagcatct     56340
     ttttgtgttc aacacaagaa aaactcaatg gtttgcaact aaaaaaggcg agtaaacgac     56400
     aattatttta tttttatctg aactgtccat ttaagctcac gtttttcgag gccgtcgatg     56460
     ttctgggtgt acatgcggag cagcaggcct ttctgatgca gcatgcggat gaagtagtgg     56520
     acgtagttgg gccggtggtg tccaggataa agctctttag ccagtgagaa gaagggatga     56580
     gggttgtcag aaaagtagtc gatgttaaag acagcctctg ggtaagggat gtcgtacttt     56640
     gctaggtttg cgtagagacc cgttcctgga gtcctgatat aaagagagaa gtgttagttg     56700
     agggtcatga gatttcagca gcagtctgaa ggtttgtggt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgttcacc     56760
     tgaagtctgg gatcccgctg gctgtgctga ttcctgctcc agcaactacc acaatgtttc     56820
     gcactcgacc aagcttcatc agcctgccga tggtttccaa agccccgcgc gatactgagc     56880
     gtccagaggg tgaggacaga gcaggtttac tactaccttt cctgaagaga tgcagaaata     56940
     caacacagaa cttaggctct attatatgcc actttttaac ccttgtgtac tgttcaaatt     57000
     aaccaccctt tcgttatgtt cttggctgtt tttgccctat tgactcccat tattattaca     57060
     tttttgattg ccatgacagc ataatcatgc attgttgatt gttggtggtt ttcctgttgg     57120
     gaagaggaaa caattgtgca atttttactg ttggtcatca gttggcataa ttaacccttt     57180
     agacaaacct gtgcaaaaaa gtttctggct tttatatgga gttatgtgga gtaaaacagc     57240
     agattttagt gtttgtgtgt ataaatacac ttactatgtc tactatgttc tgatagctga     57300
     gctgcttatt ttgtttttct cagacatcaa gattacattg tacatcttcc caacagggaa     57360
     aaccagcaac aatcaagcat taattaatgc ataatcatgc attattatat ggtgtcatgg     57420
     ctttgcaata aaaaaataaa aatctttttt tttttaagtc atcacgaaag tcaatggggt     57480
     agaatcaacc atgaaataat caaaagggta gtcaatttgc ccagtgtatt gttgaattct     57540
     tgaacatttt taaagcattt tcccaaaata tgtttgaaaa taagatttgt cgccaaaaat     57600
     cattctattt gctgaaacag gagttggttg cggccaaagt aagattcaaa atcacttcag     57660
     agtggatgaa aagagtttta aagatgtagg tcagttactc ctaaaactac aattaagcgc     57720
     tcatttaatt tatagattta ctttgtttta ttgttcaatt aagctttatc tttcagttgt     57780
     tttagtacgt ttttgtagtt gtcacactaa attaaaagta aatataaata tttgtacgta     57840
     ttagcattac tttagttgtt ttgatattgt ttgtatacca caaagttgat ttaatattct     57900
     taataatcat taagtaaaaa ttttcatttt tatttcaaaa acaattcttt tttattaaaa     57960
     catcttaata cactcagttt acagcataac actattataa aagtttcact ttaacattag     58020
     caaaccatgt taaatttgac atacttgtat catttattaa acttgtatta ttaacttctg     58080
     ctatataaca aacattctaa gcctttatta ttcttagtta taattaattt caacaaactc     58140
     aaatgtttga ttttaattta ttgactaata tttaacagaa tatattgaaa gaacagctgt     58200
     atgtttatta acgaatgtta agactactac aagttataac caacaaattt attgctcaac     58260
     taaagtaaat gaaactcatc tttaaggatg actgtaacaa caactgtaac aaatgttact     58320
     gtaaatgtag tcaaatcatt ttcattgtaa ttactatagc aagtaagcaa gtgcatggaa     58380
     catgtactat ataactcatt cattcattca ttttctttgc agcctattcc ctttattaat     58440
     cagggatcgc cacagcagaa tgaactgcca acttattcag cacatgtatt atgcagcgga     58500
     tgcccttcca gccgcaaccc aacacaggga aacacccaca cactcttgaa ttcacactca     58560
     tacactatgg cccatttagc ttatttaatt cacccctacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg     58620
     ggaaactgga gcaccaggag gaaacccatc acacagggaa aacacgcaaa ctccctacag     58680
     aaatgccaac tgaccaagtc gagactcgaa ccagcaacct tcttgctgtg aggcgatcgt     58740
     gctacccgct gcgccacccc ttgtagtcaa atccttaaat atccttaatc ctaaaatact     58800
     gaaaactaat tttgccaaat tattaatgtt tacatttact attacttaca gcccgttggc     58860
     agttgaaaag atgaggtcta atatcaagat caccttattt taaactgcat ttcatcacta     58920
     tgttgcttaa atgtgtagta atatttgagt gttggtctga ccgtgtggct gaggcctgct     58980
     gttcactgac actcatgagg ctgagctcgt ccagcaggcc ggggtctgga gctctgctgc     59040
     gctcacagtc ctgagggctc atcatggagc tgcgggtgac tctggagacc cccaccgatg     59100
     ccgctcttct gtctctgctc aacctcgcct tgctcatcac gacacctgtg aagagagaca     59160
     ggtacagtta cagtagatac agtaatgcta aagttacagt tgagcaattc catgcaaatc     59220
     tcaaccttgc cgtgaaaaaa ttgttaccaa aactctttca aatatttgtg tgtattattg     59280
     tattttacaa tactttagaa ataatcaaaa acacctcagt taatgctttc aaacaattat     59340
     atgtgattta ccaaagtcac acaagtggca atttcacatc agtcccatcc ataacggaga     59400
     gatgtcaaac ccataaccaa gcttttcttt catatagcca aaaatattaa ataaaaataa     59460
     ctaaatcatg tttgttctat attgagcaac tcttatcctt tgattagcat tgtttctttt     59520
     gggttgtgca gtttaattca cacaatttct acaaagtatg ttgtacactc tgtaaacttg     59580
     ctgacttttt tggtcacatc catgaagcat gtttatttcc ctcatttaaa atattaaaaa     59640
     tggttaacag attgaaattt gtctgatccc atagttctgt ataatggttt tggaaaatat     59700
     aaacagatgt tttaatacaa tgttaacata cttttataat gtttatatat tgagtattta     59760
     ttgcaaccat cacaaccata acggtggaat tgctcagtta ttgatttagt tctactttta     59820
     gagtgaaaag ttctactttt acgcttacac caaggagagc ttacattaca gagattacac     59880
     ggtgcatctg ttttcatagc gaaagtgtaa tgacatttgt attattgaaa gaggaaattg     59940
     tgctaataca gaagcaggtt ttatattgtt atttttttcc tctctttttt tcaatttagt     60000
     ttatgcatct tttaataatt tgcttattat agtgtacatt acaaattata atcagtacca     60060
     cctctgtaca cactgctctc tggtttagga aaggctttcc tgtccacatc agccatctca     60120
     gtccccagtg agtttttttt ttctttatca gcagaggaca ttgtaaatgt gcaaagatat     60180
     cagcttatgc cagaaatcat agatattctg gtatttaaaa aataaaaaag ggaaaaataa     60240
     aataaataaa ttactaaaat ccctgcacat tcagttttag tttgttttta ttaaagagtc     60300
     tttttaattt gtattattca cttttttatt tggattttgt cgtcgcagaa aatattttat     60360
     ttaagaaaaa aaaaagtgct gtattagaca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac acaaacgagg     60420
     tttcttgttc gcttttaatt tgtctcaaat aattttgtaa aacaaaatcc tgaataaaca     60480
     ctgaataagc attgcgagtc aggtgaattg tcacatgtct agggtcagtt caccaataac     60540
     caaattaagc taagggagta atccatgtac aaagaacaga ccgttggaca ggtatttaat     60600
     aaataaataa aataaaggtt aataatgtag caaatagtat atttttttag tatatagaga     60660
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagaataaac atgaatcaga     60720
     gagtgaaatt caataccttt ggaggatgtt ttttaagact atccatacat taagacatta     60780
     tacaacatct ttaggtttca accaaaaaca ctggcaagat aactagcagc aggattgctg     60840
     gattttattg atttcataaa ctacacaaca tcctgatatt tgcagattta attcaggcaa     60900
     acttcagcat acaatcatac tttgcataat caaaaacaat ataaaattta atacattaaa     60960
     aaataacatt taggactttt taatgcttta agggctttaa attgctctac aatagattta     61020
     tcaacattta atacctttta agaccctgcg gacaccctga catagttcaa tacaaaataa     61080
     aaatatagaa tataaaactt ctctaaatat ttacacacct aagaaattaa aataaaaaag     61140
     cagcataaat ataaaatcgc attaaccata ttaagtaaac tataaagaac aaaccacttt     61200
     taactgtcta ggtaaaaata ataataaaac atttacttaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacaac     61260
     aacacttgaa cattatgatg aagacatgaa ttataattcc actatcagcc cgctgcaata     61320
     ttttaagtgt aattaaaatc caagcagacg gatctctgta gtgtcctgcc tctgactgga     61380
     gtaaagcctc aaatgtatta aagctgtcag gccttaacaa agctaatggc tgtaatatat     61440
     ttaagatggt tgaacagccc acagctgtgg cagctttacg gctcgggcaa agggaacggg     61500
     tacgagagct ggaagaggcc gacagtgtgt caacaaaccc agctggagca gagaagagaa     61560
     gggagagaga gagagggaga gagagatgga tgatgcagag gtagaatcca ataaagaggg     61620
     tttgtgggaa gcgagaggtg aagaagacgc ctggagccgt cagaggacat ttctcaagct     61680
     gttgatgtct atggatgaat gacagaggac acaaagagac acgggcaata aaacaagggc     61740
     ctgcgtcaca gcctacgaat gcgataagac gggtctttca gagacgcacc ttatcacagc     61800
     agaaagagtg tcacatccac aatgactagg ggtcagtgtt cagagtgata aacaactaca     61860
     agcatctgcg ggacaaacaa aatctggcaa cctgcaaact gagatccaat aatagtccaa     61920
     tttgatgtgc aatgattatt ccacaatgat tatggcactg tggagcatgc agtaaactgg     61980
     ttttcattgg ctgtctggaa ttactttgcg cacaatgttt tgatcaaaac aagtaacatc     62040
     gaaacaatga ggaatcatga gatccaaaca tcattaagaa gatgaatgaa gagtgagctt     62100
     cccatcactg cattcatgac tgcaagtata agcacaaatg tagaagacac tcatctcaca     62160
     gcaaaacaga cctcaggtag atggtcttca aatttcatgg gggaagacaa atttagtctt     62220
     ccatcacaaa atacaacaat aatgacaatc atgttcgcgg accatgcttg catgaatttt     62280
     aagtatttta ttagaatggg attttagcgt ttttcaggtt taactacatg ttaaacaagc     62340
     acaataatag actgatttta cgcggacgtc attttaaaag caaaatcgag gctgcagtgg     62400
     gaagaaaccc aaacgtatcg cctgagtcat acaggtatgt tgtgtacctg actgtatatc     62460
     ttatcagtga agaaaaaagc aacacaaatg tataatttca cgatcttcca agtgacccga     62520
     aggtccgttg tgaaaataaa aagggatatc aaagctcatt ttcagccgag ttaaggggaa     62580
     atagcactag ttagctaagg ttatttttcc taaacacaca tttttcatgc catttatcaa     62640
     actcaagtta ataaactgat tctttcgcta taatagactt gtcatgatac taaattacag     62700
     cactgaaatt tataaaaaca gtcaatttcc cactagcatt taagcactgt agaatgcaac     62760
     actgcagatt tgtcattgtg ttcaccggtg ctcaacagaa atgactctaa tttgccgtgg     62820
     aggttatcag ttcactgcac tttaccgcag attacagtgc aaagacagac gagcgatcga     62880
     ctgatcttcg tggatttaaa acagtgcagt gttcgtaaat ttgtgtttgc actcagtgaa     62940
     gtgcggtgaa cttatgacct tcacgaccaa ttgtagtcat ttctgttgag cactggtgaa     63000
     tactatggca aatcagctgt gtttaagagt gcgctcagtg gcgcttaagt gttagcagga     63060
     aatggacatt tttaaaaatt cagtacaagg acaacactat tacagacaac atgagggtgt     63120
     gctacagagg actgcattgt tttatcgctc accgggttac aggctgaggc agggaagcgt     63180
     ccccatggtg tttacctggt gccataaact gaagcctagg aggacactct taaagagatt     63240
     atgactttgt ttgatgctta atatgctttt aattgtttaa attaaactta actgattgat     63300
     attaaagtga tgtttacacc atatctgcat tttgaaatca tggcaacagc tggaggtttg     63360
     tagtctacag catgttgctg caatgtttat agtgctgatc ctatacttct gggtttcttc     63420
     ccaccacagc ctagcttttg tgttttaaaa tggcagccac gtgaaataag catatagctg     63480
     gattttgact tttcggccaa agagttttgt ttgcttaaca gttccattct gtgccagtga     63540
     tttttaacaa ccacagaaag tcgggacctc ggtttaacat ctcattcaaa agatggcact     63600
     cactaaacag tatagagttc ccatcaatat actggggcat taggttgagt gccccctgct     63660
     ggcctcacta acaccacatc caacagcaac ctaggtttcc catgtggcct cccatccaag     63720
     cactgaccgg gctcagccct gcttagcagc cggctagctc tctgcacatg gaccatttca     63780
     ttgtaattaa ttaaaaaata ttattaaagt aaaaaacaaa acatttgatt agttccataa     63840
     tcaaatagtt gtgaaatcaa gaagtgaacg gaatcagtta agtgaatcgt tacatcccta     63900
     cttgtgtaca tgcatgttct agataataat aaagaatagc ttttttttaa ggttatctat     63960
     ttgttatgca cctttcactc attcattagc ttttgttttt aaatgtgttt ttttaaataa     64020
     agaatacaag tttgttataa ataaagctta aatgcattga agcttcaacc aaaaaaaaaa     64080
     caaaaaaaaa acactacatc tagctgcaga tggaactgaa ttagtcatta gtcggtggtt     64140
     taatcttttt aaagcgatca gggctgttca gtatgagatt gtccgctccc accttccctg     64200
     gtgtaattgt tcctcccaca ggactattaa aaactacagg ggacgggagg tcagtgcctt     64260
     tgtcctcctg ctaaacactc agacactgct gcgcacgtcc aatatctcac agctgagctt     64320
     attaagactc cagcagatgg catgaggaat ccacacacag cacaatgcat ttttctgttc     64380
     aatcgggact gtaaatgaaa aagaaacttt tgaaaaacat accaaagtgg aaaccctaaa     64440
     tgtttcagtc aggtttttct ttattgtttt attatatttt tggaaacact catgaatttc     64500
     aagagtcaat tcgaaatcca aaacttaaac tttgtattca agtattgttg aatctgaagg     64560
     ggaatatagc atttaaaaag gcattgcatt gatttaagaa tatatgtttc tttatattta     64620
     ctactactac tactactact aataataata attattatta ttattatgat gggcagcaca     64680
     agcaagcctc acagcaagaa ggttgctggt tcgaatccca gctgggtcag ttgacatttc     64740
     tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccccgtgtt tggcgtgggt ttcctctagg tgctctggtt     64800
     tcccccgcaa gtataaagac atgtgctatt gaccttattc taaaatgcgg aagtgcgcct     64860
     gttttcgcga ttgtcttaga acttctgttt cagtcgcgta tgggagaaat gacaaggaat     64920
     aataaacggc agaaaacggt caaactactt gctctacaaa caaatgttta catgactaca     64980
     cagaccaagt agaataatat aacaaggaaa tatcagtttg caatatcaaa cagcgaaacg     65040
     aacagttttt aatgtctaaa aatgaatgga agtgaatgag accggaagtc tcatgccaaa     65100
     aagattcaaa tggcagcgcc cactcgtctg tggagaataa agtcaatagg gcaattgggt     65160
     aacctaaatt gtccgtagtg catgagtgta tgttctggtc ctccaggttg ggggttgagc     65220
     attggactaa cgacccactt catgaaaatc tgatgttacg aaacaccaac atggtgcagc     65280
     taaatatcaa ctttgattga tggccctggg agtaagtaaa gtaagtagga tcaaactact     65340
     gataatcgtc attattagat taatgttaat acaattattt taatatatca ttattattaa     65400
     taatactctc attattccta ttcattagta agaagtaata gattaaagct gtaaatatta     65460
     aaccgtaatg ttaagaataa tattgtttaa gcaattttaa tggtgtagaa gtatataaca     65520
     ataatattag attagattca actttattgt cattacacat gtacaagtac aatgcaacga     65580
     aatgcagttt aggtctaacc agcagtgcaa tagcagcaag tgcaggatac aggaataagt     65640
     tataaagtgc agttatagaa aaactatggt gatattttac agatggatgt actatgaaca     65700
     ttatatacag gttggataag ctatgagcag atttacaata tatgaatata tgtgcaggtt     65760
     gctattaata atcagcagtg tgcagataga taaacatgat tacaagtgta tatgtaacaa     65820
     tatatgaata tatgtgcagg ttgctattaa taatcagcag tgtgcagata gataaacatg     65880
     attacaagtg tatatgtaac aatatatgaa tatatgtaca ggttgctatt aataatcagc     65940
     actagattac aagtgtatat ttatagtggg tgtctagata attacaaatg tccatatgca     66000
     gtgggtatgt acagttcaat aagtaaacaa attgaacaat ttaaaatagt tcactaaaaa     66060
     ttaatttcac cattattatt actaatacta atattactat aacggatact tattatacca     66120
     acttatggtt ataacttaat aatattaatt attattatta ttaatattat caaaattaat     66180
     aataataaat gtttttgtat acaaacattt attgaaaaca tttgaaacca tttctatatc     66240
     ttttgtaata aataaaataa tagatataat ttgtgcagct ggaagagaat ctgccgcaaa     66300
     aatgttttga cttgtcggac ttgtcaaagg gtagtgagtg attaatttat gatttttttt     66360
     gtaatagata gtagttggca tcggtttttc ttggctagaa tgcattcaaa tgtgttgcat     66420
     ggcactccat aaacacttca cacacctgtg ccctcattaa agaaatttta cttgtgtaaa     66480
     aaaatattca tgcgcttttc tctttagtgt acactatact actaaatcaa ttcgagtatt     66540
     tacaggctgc tcccattgaa catcaaaaac aacttttggt tgtgtttgtt ttgtttggta     66600
     atgtccacac atttctaact aatacgtagt gcaccgatga gattattatt ttttttcttg     66660
     catactttta aaataaattt gaaacaacac caaaacatgc agccaaacaa gcagcaaaac     66720
     ggtgtggtgt ctaacagatt tagccaatca caagcacaga ggcttccctc caaagaggca     66780
     aaaagcaaca ggcgtgaaac catggagaag aggttagaag ctggcaggaa tgagaagcct     66840
     gtcagaccca gagctgatat tagcacacat ctctggcctc tcgctgctca caaattgagc     66900
     ttaattagtt aagctgtttg tccagatgca gccaaaacag acagagaggg ggaaactcat     66960
     ttacaatgtt ttgttcatca tttgttctat ttccacaata cacaaaagaa aagttaaaaa     67020
     aatattagac ttaaagtctg ttgatctgtc atagtactgc cagatacttc tcaataacca     67080
     aatatctctt taaaacacta tacataaagt aaattacatt tcaatctgaa gattcaagtg     67140
     tggatttgct tgttaagtga agagatctgc ttctactaaa ttcaattcac ttcatcttta     67200
     tttctaaagt gcttcttgta acatagatga agaatagagt ataaaaggcc ataatactta     67260
     aaactgtgaa acagtccaga aatttaggca gggatgcgag caagtgtaac actggtgtgg     67320
     ttcaagggtt ttacagctgg tcatttgctg ccctcttttg ttgaatagga aaatgacaat     67380
     gcataagaca aatatgaata tactatcaaa aaaacaaaaa aataaaataa aataaaaaaa     67440
     caccacacac accaagcata acggtgttca gtagttatta caccatatat tgtctatata     67500
     catgtacata tatatgtcaa aaatggacaa acctaatgtt gatatcattt tcagtgaaat     67560
     ttaaaatgac atttaaccca atggttttgt ccatatttga caaaataaaa aaattaatta     67620
     aaaaaagaga gtgtgtgacc aagtaatatt caataatatt taagaaaaca atgtcacaac     67680
     tttagcaata accatcagta aattgtcagg agcacctcat gttattaaat gctgccactc     67740
     agtggtcaaa acgaagaaaa ggaggagcag ttttaaatat ggcaatcaaa cttttcgaac     67800
     gatccaaatt tattagcagt ttataaaact atttaaaccc cttctgtgat aaaaaatgaa     67860
     agtattattt gggtattttc agcttatgta ggcttgcaaa ctgtatctat gggaccttta     67920
     gctctgctct gttgattttg ttaaaaactt ttaatttgca tgttaaacaa tatattttcg     67980
     gaaaagacat ttaagtgagt ttcaaaattg tataaaacct ttaccactgt cattacaaag     68040
     acatgtcaca atataaaact ctaaaatata gcaaaaatac aataacttat tttggcctct     68100
     attagttata tataaataca aaaacctaaa caaaagacag ggttacatca actcacattt     68160
     gtgaaataac attgacattt ggtttaattt aaaaaataag gaatccatta gtacgtcgtt     68220
     aacacacaat tgggttgaaa taacccagca ttttagaaag tgaggaatta atctttttac     68280
     atcagattta aaaggtacag aaaaaaataa aagttgtctc ctgttataat ttttaaaaat     68340
     ccagcagtga caaagtattt atgaatatta atatgttaat ctttaaatta aatttaaggc     68400
     aagtaataca attttgtgag tgtggtgctt caaatatatg cgtttttatg atgtagatcc     68460
     aataggaaat catcataccc ttttaaaata attactttat ttgtcaaaca ttctaaaatc     68520
     aaatcccatc caaataactt tcccaaatac acacaaaata ggattgttaa acctacttat     68580
     tagagctaaa atgacacgaa ggcgacacgg tggctcagtg gttagcactg tcgcctcaca     68640
     gcaatatgat cactggttca agccccagcc gggctagttg gaatttcagt gtggagtttg     68700
     catgttctcc ctgtgttggt gggggttccc tccaagtgct tcggttttcc ccacagtcca     68760
     aacacatacg ctataggtga attgaataca ctaaattggc cgtagtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     68820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc     68880
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtacacat atgaaaatgt atggaggttt cagagtactg ggttgcaggc     68940
     ttgcagctgt aagggcatct gctgtgtaaa acacctgctg tatatgttgg cggttcattc     69000
     agctgtgagt gtgtgactga tgaatgaaga cactaaactg aagaaaaatg aaaactccac     69060
     agttcttgag ttttttgtga caacttaatt gttttaagtt caatctactt atatctcatc     69120
     tctttcattc ttcactcttt caacacattt tatcagtttt tttatcattt tattatttgt     69180
     ttttattttt cttacacatt tcttttattc ctgttaatgt aaagcacttt gaattgccac     69240
     tgtgtatgaa atgtgctata taaacaaact tgccttgcct tacatttgta aaaacggtta     69300
     actgatttgt gttagaacaa cataaaggaa ttgtgtggaa cctggcgttt ttagtgtaac     69360
     ttttccagcc tttgaaaggt ttttgcagct ttctgaactt tctacaactt tatctggaag     69420
     atcttttaaa agattggggt aaagttggtt ttatattagc acattcaatg gtccctatat     69480
     tgtttactat gctaatttga acaatcagtc ttacatcaca agaatgactt caaaacaaca     69540
     ttagctctat ttagttgact ttaaacaatg ttgtatgtta ctttgatatt cattggctgc     69600
     taatatgatt tccaggttta gaattcacaa ataatgcttt tctgaaactg tattattaat     69660
     gagaatgcct gaatgtgcgg atataaaacc aactttacat ttacttttaa agctgggtgt     69720
     aatgtgagta aaggtataga ttttcacagg atatgatgat cttccatagg cactgtacag     69780
     aaaactcaat aagcaaaata tctgtgcaaa tgaagatgaa aaaacacctg gggtgtttct     69840
     ccatgtttat aaggtaacac tcgtccatgc cgctctgtta cgcaatattc tgcacattta     69900
     ttcgcgtaca gcctactgta cagactaacg ttactgtatg agtttcaagt aaacactgta     69960
     tcagattctg tggaactgct gcatcaaaca cacgagctca tcataacaaa actgcccaat     70020
     gttaatgctc aaaacgtgcc attcagaaaa cgagagtctc tagttttgaa taaaaaccta     70080
     caatttgctt ttcaaatgtt aagtgaatcc taaaactatg taaattgtta cttgcctgta     70140
     tttgtttacc cgactaggga tgaagggaag accgtcaaaa cgagcaaagg gcaccgatga     70200
     aatccctcac cacagcaaac cgtcagttaa aggaaaatgt aggcgacatc taacgctaga     70260
     taaatgtcat gtttgaatct gtacaagacc agcgttcccg caagacatta gaagctgtgt     70320
     gacaatacag gaagtacgtc actttatgaa ttagagcggg aaaacacccc tgtgacagct     70380
     gctgcggatc aacagccaat gaggactgct ggtttaattt gtaatatata tatatatata     70440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatt actacatgcg     70500
     tgtaaacaac aacaatggtc ccaacatatt ttctgtttta catttttaat tttcataggt     70560
     tccgaaaatc taaaaagagt cacttattga taaaaaatgt tgtgatagat ttttaatatt     70620
     aagttgattg aattgcctct tgttacagtt atgaaataga ttgacaacaa gcagaaatgt     70680
     tcttgggtca atgacatgac cactttgaaa tggtctatag gcctagtttg ggggttttca     70740
     ttctagccta ctgaagttac tgtgattaat aacattacaa ttagaattgt ttaaatgcct     70800
     gttcaaaaca gtcacacaac atgtaaaaaa ttgtaaattg tttgttttgt tttgcttatg     70860
     gacatagggg agagtggggc acaaagtaat actttttgga tgtgaccaaa taataaacaa     70920
     agtaatgggg ttagataaac ccatttattt ttattttttt taccaacaac acacaagcct     70980
     ctcctacaaa tgaacactga tcgccggacc tatggtttct gtgcaaaaaa aataataatt     71040
     aaattcatgt tacatgcaat gttttagggt tttcattcta acctactaga gttactgtga     71100
     ttaacttaat aacattaaaa tttctaaagt ttatgcctac aaatgttaaa aatagtcaca     71160
     caacatgcaa tgaaattaaa ggcgacatgt aacaactgcc cagtttgtta tttatctaca     71220
     ggctacagtt ttttatatgt ttttagttgg ttttaatgag ttttaaaata ttcctaattg     71280
     tttttgttaa tactaatact aataaatttg tattttaaaa ataagcattt tttcagattt     71340
     tatttaaaat atttcaagtt ttaatcttat aacattactt ataaaactgt aataaatccc     71400
     agtttaaaca cacatttcta cataaacact ttgtgtttta tttatggcaa gcactttgac     71460
     aaaattgcag gaaatatttt tgtgttgcat caacatatgt ggtcatgatc atcatccaac     71520
     aagctaatgc agcaaatatt aatgttaaaa atatctctaa aatgcagtat tcgaacctca     71580
     taatttaata gaaaattggg agaataacag caaaaactgg cctgtagcca ggggtggggt     71640
     ggggttatgg gtggggtggg gggttaatct ggtggtttga aaaactcacc actcactgat     71700
     aaaaggtcca gagtttgtcc cacacatgag ctcatttgtt ttattctgac tgctatgcaa     71760
     tcattaattg tgaaggcatt aaaagagact tccaataaat gcaaacaatt atagtccaat     71820
     gtccagttgt gcaaaaaaat aaaataaaat aaaataacgg agaatttgac gtataaagtc     71880
     atctttagaa caggaaactt ttatttatac aaaagcatct catgttaaag ttattactaa     71940
     ttaaactatt tctgttatcc atgaactttt aaaatatact attttaacaa aaaagactag     72000
     aaaaatcaag aagctctgca ttattaatat taatgtttta attttcccag tgatgggttg     72060
     cagctggaag ggcatccgct gtgtgaaaca tatgctggat aacgttttat tccgctgtgg     72120
     cgaccccaga ttaatgaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaaat gaaggaatct tttaattctt     72180
     tgttattcag atggccaaat tctgactgag gaaagttgaa tgtgctggcc agtttgttat     72240
     ttgcccaata aatgacaata ggctacagtt tttattttat tttaaacttt aacagactca     72300
     ttttttccag atgatatatg atgtaataaa ttggtgtttt tttaaataat aatttttcat     72360
     atttttaaat attaagcaaa tgtttttggt acctcaaaaa gtgtggcaat gatgaccatc     72420
     tgacaggcaa atccagctaa aaatagtgct taaaatgtca ctaaaacgca gtaattatac     72480
     ctcataatta aaaaaaataa ggtgaataac tgcaaaaagg tccagtcttt tgagaaaaaa     72540
     gaaccaaccc ttttcaccag gctggctacg ggcctggggt tatatataaa tatatattaa     72600
     aaatttaagg caacaaggat tttttacagt gagattattc ttcttaaaga catcttcaat     72660
     tggttatttt caaaatttat gatgacatac tgctaaaaat gggacaaatt agcttatatg     72720
     gggccaaatt ctggacttta tcagaaggcg ggtgggtttt ccgaaccacc cgaaacccct     72780
     ctggctacag gcctgtttca gagcattagt ttatggactt tcatttagca ttgcaacaca     72840
     gcagaaagca atatacaggt gtaactactt gtgaaaaata ttaacaagcc ctgcagaaaa     72900
     attccttcaa gttcactcag ttcagtgcag catcaggtta cactttcagt tattaattta     72960
     gcaataaata aatccacata tataggctct gtctcacaag aacaagttag ttgatctcga     73020
     aagtaaaatc atggacacat cagcacagaa agacgcttca tattatcttc ttatggaagg     73080
     cctccactcc acactggcaa atatagtgaa gtcacatcac aaagcggagg gtaagaacaa     73140
     gaaacgtcac ttcctctccg atgtgtccac actagtacgt ggttaaaaac agctaggacg     73200
     ccacgtacac attatgcaaa gataggtctt taaaagaaaa gtgtcgtcag gtctcatatc     73260
     catcgttatt ttagcgtgtg ccattaagaa tcgccgaaag caacagcact tttttggtaa     73320
     caaacaaggg gtggagacaa aagttttcag cttgatttgc tcaagtttaa agcaacagac     73380
     ttcagacaca gtaagtattt acagcacagc tggcaaagtt tttcgcttgc atgttattcg     73440
     aggtctgttg atgtttcata tgatatttta cgatgagctt tatcgacttg atagacaatg     73500
     gctggattgt aatgcatctc ttacctaacg tcatttaact gttgtttgat tcgctgccgc     73560
     cctgtttttg tctctttctt caaatataga tttgtttctg ctacttttac ctgtcaaaag     73620
     tttctccaca taacatattg gcatcttcat tatgtgacta agggtataca atttcttgac     73680
     aaattgtttc tcaacataaa cctacagttt tagtgtaaaa taaagtaaaa tgcctaagtt     73740
     atcacaaaag cgccacgtaa gattcaattc aagaaacagc aatggttata cattgaagtt     73800
     cgattcaaga gtcattcttt cgagtcattt tcaacgaatc ttttaacttt tttcaacgat     73860
     tcccgaatca ttccgactcc gagcgattct caatgtaact acaacctgag ctgacaaatg     73920
     tatggcaagc agaattagct tacatccgag ctaaacattt ctagtaagtt ctctgttagt     73980
     ttgctaggag gttgagctta atgataacat tgcctgtagg tgaggagcat gcttctggaa     74040
     tgttcttgta agtttaactt aagttattgc ttaaaataaa aaaaatccct gccggcaata     74100
     atgttctgta aaggttaatg gcttcagaga atgttcttat ttgttttcca aacatattga     74160
     ggtaaagttg gtttaaattt gcacatttgg acttcctccc ttataatata agtattattt     74220
     gaaaaattct aaatggggaa atcatattag cagccaatga ctaacttatt aacactgttc     74280
     acagtgaatt aaatagtgct aatgttgttt tgaagtaata cttaatgtga tttcagaacg     74340
     aatattaaaa ttagcgtata gacaatatag gaacattaaa atgaacaaat gtgcgaatat     74400
     aaaaccaact ttacctcagt ttcaatgctg cccaaatgag aactaaagga aaccatatgg     74460
     gaatgttttg gcaatgtttt ttgtttgctg ggattatatt tatcacatat tattgttcat     74520
     gtacctaatg acttaacgaa acactaggtt ttaagattgt gtatgttact tttttattat     74580
     atcataaaat aaacatttgt ttttctgtgg ctcaaagtct atatgctcta aaacatcatt     74640
     gtgtgcacat ccaaatgatt cctaaaggca ggtgctcgat caagccagac acagttgaaa     74700
     aagtaagaaa atcggcaccc tgccacttta gctctcaaaa acaaatttaa tatgaaaaca     74760
     tttcagccta caccgtgacc tgatcaagac tatgtaggtt taaacattgt cataaatttg     74820
     tgtttgagag ctaaagtggc aggatgctga tttttttttc ttttcttttt ttacttttta     74880
     aaagtctatt tgcttcatac agagagctca aatattgtag aaattgtttt cattcacttt     74940
     aaactaacac aactttgttc aaatcctgag tttaaattag attggtggtt ctattactgc     75000
     ttttggactg ctgatgtgaa ctttatgtaa catatgtgtg cgatacctag tgtgttgtcc     75060
     tagacagctc ttgtccactg tgtaaccatc tctagagagc tcactacttt aacagttacg     75120
     tgtatttacc agtttggctt gacacacagc catctctttc accgaagtgc taaataaata     75180
     gtaagcttct ccattcactg aaacagttta agttattata caagtataaa caggctatta     75240
     ttacaaataa aacaatggaa acttgctatt acattttaac taataatatt atttaaaaat     75300
     gcacaacatt tcacattaga gctacatgat attggggaaa aactgacatt gcgatatttt     75360
     ggtttgcgat atatattgca atttgattag tttcacaaga tggactcttg taactttatg     75420
     tggtgtgcat atgcataaaa tatacaaaca tgtacgaaat aaaatgaagc acagatgaaa     75480
     atagaatata aatgaaataa acagcgctta gtttttggta aagtctaaca gcattaaggt     75540
     tgagaaacac aataataaca tgtttttttt taacactata gtttatactt tacaattaat     75600
     ctttgttaaa gtgacaaact ttagaattcc ttatgcccaa gaaatggttt aaattcgctt     75660
     gaaatcttac aatcacaagg cttaaaaata cattaaaatg aaggtatttt attagaacca     75720
     atagattagg tcaagtatta ttaatcccaa cataactgca gatcctacga ttctgactat     75780
     tgctgatttg cacattgcga tctcgatgct gaaactatat actgtgcagt cctatttgac     75840
     atcatagagt acataatcca actgtttatt gtaaatacag tgtatattaa tattatgaat     75900
     catgatggca gcagactgaa ctaatataga tcaaatgact atatttcttc tataacaata     75960
     aataggacat tgagtcatgt aattgggtca agacgaaaaa agaatcatga atcattttct     76020
     ttaaaaaaag attcatctaa atgccaaaga acagattgga tgacatcaga cttgcctata     76080
     ggtcatttta ggacagactt actatcatga tgcacttgtt gcaattgtta catcataaag     76140
     ttgagcggag atcaacgccc actgattcaa gaattgcttg cgtgtaaatg aacacgtaat     76200
     aataaactgt tcaatgagct ttatctttta gttatcttcg agttaatgtc cctttaagta     76260
     tgacttatgg atatgtgagt caagttaata tttaattaag acttcttttc tttttttttt     76320
     tactcgtgtt aatatgaaaa aaagaacttt aattgcaata ttataatttc aaaccatttt     76380
     ggtatttaag ttcctatatg caataaatag ttcagtctgc cagctgtaat gttgacaggg     76440
     tgttgcaagt tacattttgt tgagagagta aactggtccg ccttgttggg ttgaagctca     76500
     catttaattc taacctttca ccttgtttgt ggtgtctggc cccacccaga ttctccatgg     76560
     aaaacatttt acaatttcta ctggggaaaa ggagtcaaac tgtcactgtc acattttatt     76620
     cattattttt atttttttca ttttcaggtt aaaaatgagt gaaacaaacc agcagcggga     76680
     tgacttgcct gcatacttga atgatgaacc tccagcaggt aatgctactg tatagttatg     76740
     gtgaattttc agtgtgagat tggattaccg ccgttatatt tatacaacta agcttgttat     76800
     tttggtatag tcatgctaga tgaatcattt tatacagctg tcctttgtac atcttcatgc     76860
     aagagaatga aaacgctgtg tgccacatag tggagctatt gcacaatcca atgcggactc     76920
     taggcagctg ccctataatt tctagtctta ttgggtaatt cttgctagat ctgattatcg     76980
     ttccatccat accctatgct gttgatgtta tatcatctgc tttattgtcc catctacact     77040
     ggaaaaaaat agctcttgat taacaatttc caatctttgg gatgcacaag tgttttctgt     77100
     ttatttatgg atgtgaattg tgttatggga acttcatcac tgctctgtta aactctacag     77160
     tgttacttct actggcattt tagtagtttg aaaatagaaa gaaataatat atagaggaat     77220
     aatatccctg aaaaatcaat aggtctgtaa aaataaccga aaatgtactg gcagtttatt     77280
     acaaggtttt tgtattgtaa tatacactag gccactccat cttctcttta ttccagacac     77340
     taggtccaat aatacaaaaa caatacaaac taaacaacat acatgtaaaa cagacagtaa     77400
     tgccaatatt ttatcaaagg tgactgataa ctaggcccac acagaatctg cgtgcacaga     77460
     attccacaga tttttagccc atcattattt gtttatttac tgtagtaaat gtttgtaaat     77520
     ctgtatttgt tcaatttttt ttatgattta agtaatatta ttgactaata tgaaaatgtt     77580
     tgtcaggttt atgtacaatg cagtttgtac agtcatattt tctgtctttt agtagagata     77640
     ttatatgaga gacttgcttt gttcaccaaa taaagtgaat ctaattggat ttgcatttta     77700
     aacattaaat aaaagttaaa aagatatttt gttttatttc atatattaag gttttagtta     77760
     taacactccc aaaataattc cacagaaatc cgcagatttt taccaaaatt ctctgcagaa     77820
     atagcaaaaa acatccgcag attctgtctg gtcctgctga taactcacct cagttagcct     77880
     aggatttatc aatggtaaat caaacaaata gtgctcaggg gtagcttaaa taatgtgtcg     77940
     gtgctctttg ggtaagggat tcatcagaat aaacagcaaa aatcagtcca aggcacttga     78000
     aaaaagatga aaaaacttgt acttgtactg atttttgctg aacgttaaaa tgcttttctg     78060
     agaattctct aattgaaaga taaacttgta ggtcaaattt ctcatcaaag caaaaaatga     78120
     tcgaactctt accttaaaga ataattcact tgcatcacac catctatact gtttaagaag     78180
     aatcctcata cattattgta tgcaacctgc attttatgga gactctcttt tcttttaaat     78240
     tataaagtat aaagaactgg aataagttct aaaaaaaggt ttgtcttacc tcgctccaaa     78300
     cacaactttc tcaccagcat atttgctgga gcatataact ttcgacgttc cctgtacata     78360
     tcatcatcat tcgtatcttc agtaatgaca tgccattaat atttaacact tttactaaca     78420
     attaaaactt gccttgacaa ataaaacatc tattctattg aaattatgat ataatctaat     78480
     aaataataaa aatctaatct attatcttat agtattacat ttttctgtag catatttagt     78540
     ttcatccaca ttcttttttg tatcccatct gctgatagtt tctctattaa cacttcattt     78600
     tgatctcctg cagatgccaa caaagaccat ccccagcctc agcctggcat gttctccagg     78660
     gtggccggtg ggctgttcag tgtgacaaag ggcgctgttg gggctacagt gggtggagtg     78720
     gcctgggtcg gaggaaaaag ctttgatctg actaaaactg cagttacctc agtggcgtca     78780
     gtgccggcga tgggagtagg cctggtgaag ggtggcgtgt ctgcagtggc tggcggcgtc     78840
     accgctgtcg ggtcagctgt agtcagtaaa gtgcccatcg gcggaggcaa gaagaaggac     78900
     aaatctgatt gaatcacaag agcccgaagg tactttttgt cagaggcgtc agcgattcaa     78960
     agttgactcg gatcttatct gtcaacaaga caacattcgc agtcaggatg acctgttggg     79020
     atatatgaca ttaaacgcga gtcaaactgt ttatgaagta ttacaatttc tgaccagggg     79080
     tagagacacg gacctctaaa tgttctgttc atgctttttc atgtcacatg ttttaaaaag     79140
     gccttacagt tgacttgctg gaagctggtt gtagtgatgg agatgtaaat catggtgctg     79200
     ttgtggagaa tggcagactg cgaggtgctg atggtggagc tccatctgat cgatcggttg     79260
     tgagattact tattttgtgc cttcgggggt tgatcctgat atgtgttgcc ctgtcacaaa     79320
     actctagcca ttgctctctc tgagtgatct gaaaacacac agaagcccaa tatatttata     79380
     tgtgtaatgg tcaaaatttt gggatctgta gaaattgttt taaaaagacg cctattctgc     79440
     tcataaggtt gcttttaatt tgagcaaaaa taaagaaaaa aaagtaacat tgtgaaatag     79500
     ttttttttat tgaatgtggt ttagaattaa ataaatacct atgatttgca aactcaattt     79560
     ttagcatcat tactgaaacg ttagtgtcgt aatcctacag tgatcattct gatatgatga     79620
     tctgctttaa catattatta ttttcagtgt tgaaaactgt tgggctgctt catgtttttg     79680
     tggaaactat tatgtgaaac tattcagaag tactattaaa atacatttat ttatcaagga     79740
     caactttaat gtacatttat agtgtataat ctagatttta attcctaata catgtaaatt     79800
     ttaaaccaca ggaataattt aaatgatttt tgaacttttc atcaaaaaaa tcctaaaaaa     79860
     gggggaaaac tgaagcagga aaaaaggttt caactgatta ttattttaat aattattatt     79920
     aataattaat accatttata atagaaaaga aactctttct gaaggatcaa atgagagtaa     79980
     tgatgctgaa aactgagctc tgaatcacag gaattttgat atgcatttaa taggaattta     80040
     aaacagcaat aataattaaa aatgtttaaa cagtgtttaa tgatttgact atttttgatc     80100
     aaaataatgc agatttggtg agcacaatag gcctcctttt aaaacacatt ttctctgatt     80160
     tcttttgacc ggtagtctat ttgctcacgt tatgggctta tgtggatggg ttttatctaa     80220
     taactccaaa atttatcccg tgagccacaa atctgaatgc tgatgataat gttttaggga     80280
     aatctgcgtg acaatctcca tcaaaactaa agtgtttttg ttttgatgaa ttgtgtcttc     80340
     caatacccag tgacgtttac tttatgcttt tctgtgtgtc aatctgttgc tttttctgtc     80400
     ctgttgctct ttttatctcc ttaatgtgaa ttgtttttta tgggccaaca aagaaccaca     80460
     cggggtggga aagtagagta cagtattttt ctttctatcg agtatttgtt ttccctttac     80520
     caaagattta gaatttaaaa aaaggttgta tttgaggatt tctctttgtt tactatgcag     80580
     tgtactttat aatattcagt gcattctctc tttttagata gatagttatc aaatatatat     80640
     atacatatta atgtttcttt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgtttg atttgaggca     80700
     gtggatattt cagtgtaata atgtgaattc aaaggattta aataaagaaa tgacttgtgg     80760
     aaggtgactg ggtttgaacg aaatatgata atgttggtga ttatgtaaat tctttaaaaa     80820
     aatctcatat actaactttg gctaccaatc aaaagcctta attccaactt gaaggcttga     80880
     gggtttacat taaacaatac attattgtcc actattatgg atgctactaa aggcaaaata     80940
     atttttatta ctggtgtgaa ttgcatgctg gtttggtttg acttgtactt cttattctga     81000
     ctgctcctaa atttactctt taaaataaat gttctttttt ggaattgatg gaaaaccctt     81060
     taacatctat ctcaggatct ttaagagccg tgaaccctac ccccctttaa gtgggagggt     81120
     tgagtggcaa aagagggaag ggtttgcata aaaaggggag tttcagtaca tgcactaaag     81180
     cagcaaaaca aacacagacg tattgttgtg atattactgt aaacttcact ttgactaagg     81240
     tatgtcttta aaaactgagt actgttgatg atactaactt tgccttctga ataaacataa     81300
     acaaaaaaca ttaatcacac acttaccaaa ctcgtagaga aaggacaatc aacaccaact     81360
     ggaatcattt ccacttttga aaagctctcg gaaaaaaaaa tgttccttaa acatgtttgt     81420
     cgcatgttag cagaccactg taatccacac atgtgggtcc acatgcgagc tgtgctctca     81480
     tcacagggaa atggagacaa aacattagtt gcagcacatt tataaatgca acactaatta     81540
     cccatgtctc ttacaattct tttactactt gtttgagtta tggctggcaa cacaacatgc     81600
     cgtcttactg aacactgtaa ggctgcattt acactgcaga tcttgatggt caattccgat     81660
     tttgtgactg aaatccaatt tttttgatga cctgcttaca tctttaaaag tgactcgtat     81720
     ccgatcgttt gcatttacac agctcacggc aaaggcgcaa tgtccaggaa aaaaaaaaaa     81780
     aaaaagagcg ggcgctgact aacagctgat aattagagtg ctcttttttt ctatttctgt     81840
     atgtaatctg tttgcagctt ttgacaagct gttttactat agtttatgac agaaaagttc     81900
     tcatttgtcc atcttctttt gatatatagg ctttttaaac ctttaggcat cttaatgtaa     81960
     tgtccatgat gtgatttatg cacgtgatct atgcactagc tctcattaac atgcttaaat     82020
     acctgtgcta tatgacaata ttaaagctgt ttaagtcctc gtgaatgaga tttaaggttt     82080
     ggaactctgc tgaagtctgt tctgaaagga aagtgtcaga cttgacatca ttcgctatgg     82140
     tttttaatga cgcgcgactc tcattgtcag gtgaaaatcc gatatacctg cttacactgc     82200
     agacacgaga acactgatca ttaatatcgg ataagtttcc acttatgaac aaggcctgaa     82260
     tctgatttga gtaaattgga atccatgtga tttgttcctg cttacacgta catgggccat     82320
     atcctatctc tgccacatgg gagaaacaaa ttggaattga gtcacttgaa tagtccagtg     82380
     taaatgcggc ctaacaggta aaatgagtct ttgaaggtat atcatacata ttgatgaagc     82440
     tgcatctcgt tcactataga gtgtgctaat tggttcgaac cgagtctttc tcacagatgt     82500
     gctgaaaact caataaagtc actttgtacc ggccggtaca gacagccaat ctccatactg     82560
     gaatttacac aatggcctca tagccgtgat gtagcttcaa aatttcttgt taaacctgga     82620
     gaacgaattt gctgtaaaca acgcaaaaac agctaatttt ccctttttag tgaaatatgt     82680
     gtcctaatgc atggtgtttt taacgtgact gtcaacatct caaaaaatgt gttttagtgt     82740
     tttgtgaccc tttaaagtaa taacgattct tataaatatt taaatgttct tcacaccagg     82800
     aaaaaaggtt attttaagaa atgtttgata aaagattttt gggaagccaa aattggcatt     82860
     tagaatcttt ttttaaaagt gtgacaaaca ggactagatt atcaacctgt ggcagtgcac     82920
     catggccacc aaagcatcaa gctgaatgga ctagcaatta tacataaagc cacagtggac     82980
     ggatgctttt ttttaaattt actttatttt ataaaatgtc attttctgct aagaaactgg     83040
     ccctcaattt tcaatcaaat ccaatatttt ttttcttctt ttctttgttt tctaggcaac     83100
     tgtgatgatc agtaccgtgt gctactgcca gaaaaatatt cactgttatg taagcttggc     83160
     aacctcttgc agaaactgaa agtgtgaatt taggtgtttt tataaacaat ttgagaggat     83220
     cacatgcaga tgattgacca tggctggtct cgcattatta atcatcaatc acatgaccaa     83280
     ccaatcagat gaattcaaac gcacataaat atagtagtct gctcacctta ccgcagtcat     83340
     ctttgtgagg ggagactcag ggctttctcc tgggacagct tgccaaatac ggatttatct     83400
     tatcaagcat cagctaagtg tgaattgcat gtagtttttt gtttgtcttg agttagatat     83460
     cttgcataac agaagtttac atactgtagt taaaaaaaac gtaactgaca ttacaataat     83520
     cctttgcaaa ggtttgggaa accttggtcc ttgttatagt gtttggttac ctggaaaaag     83580
     aacgacttgt gttttgtttt ttttgttttt ttttttgctg ttgttttaaa ctaacagaag     83640
     ggggcagcaa gtccttgatt taaggggtag ttcacctaaa aatgaaaatt ttgtcatgat     83700
     cattctgtca gaccctccac ttccaagttt ctttttggtt tttttctttg gtttggaaac     83760
     agctatccat acattaattt ttcatgcaat ggttgtcaaa gggtaccaat ttccaagctt     83820
     cttaaaacat tcttaagtgt tcaagaaaaa aactcataag gggatttgaa ccacttgaga     83880
     gtaagtaaat cagacacact tgagtaagta gctacacata attacaacct ctaaaaatgt     83940
     acttgtgtat ttaagagttt gtcttgtatg aatgcaattt gggtgcatac tacatttgcc     84000
     attttgtaat cctggtactc tgtgctaaca ttggatttca aacatgagac aaatgttctg     84060
     catttcgtta aaaaaaaaat ctaaaataac tcttcaatta ttcaattaac actcacaatt     84120
     cacttcttgt aaatactgat aactctgaca tattaatagt caggtaaaca ggcctcttgc     84180
     ttgagtgatt ttgcttgact gtaattaaga gtaaactact ttttaaaata cttgtaatta     84240
     atctacagta actttctatg gattatatga ttgcatatta tttacacaat ggcagtatgt     84300
     tgtttgtaat tcatcaattc tcctgatttt cccttttttt tatattttta ataataaatc     84360
     tgccacttgt aatttaaatg tggctattat ttgatgtcat tgatactttt agatcatttt     84420
     tacattaaat atttgctgta gcggtgatat tgctgtgaat ataatgtttt ttgaaattgg     84480
     tttatgtaat attgctgtta tgtaacatca aataggtgta gtgtaacgga gcaaagaagt     84540
     ctattaaatt aatgcctcag tggggacagc gccctttaga gtgtgcgtca cattggtgcc     84600
     gtgacctgga tttgaaccgg ggttgctgca gcaatgtgac ggtcttgcct gggctgtctt     84660
     tttactgcac actgtacaat ggagacagac agtgcgtgta aatagttgct ggttcataaa     84720
     gaaaatgacc acttccaaag caatgtcccc atttaggcat taattcaaca cacttctttg     84780
     ctccattaca gtagcataaa agtaatctaa atgtaatcca attaagttac catatgtgaa     84840
     atctagtggc ccatttccac ttcgcgcgta tggtatgctg tagtacagga cactctgatt     84900
     atgcttgcgt tttcactgtc aacagtacta ctttgtagtc gttttgtaca ccagaaagtt     84960
     gtgatcattg tcacttgaaa aagaaagatg tactggccgt acacatattg tatcttttgc     85020
     aaacaagtta attatttaaa tgttgacgag cagcaagtgc gcaaatagat agcactttcc     85080
     acatgttttt ttgatgtgac gtgaactgtc ccatacagtg catccagaaa gtatttagag     85140
     cacttcactt tttccacatt tttttgttac agccttattc caaaatggat tcaatttatt     85200
     tatttcctca aaattctgca cacaatacca tataatgaca agggaaaaaa gacttttctg     85260
     aaattgttgc aaaattatta aaaataaaaa acctgaaaaa tcacatgcac ataagtaatc     85320
     accgccttta aatcactgca gctataaatt gagctcaggt acattgtttt cactgatcat     85380
     tcttgagatg ttccagaatc ttaactggag atcacctgta gtaaaggcat acaccagtct     85440
     atataaggtc tcagggttca cagtgcatgt caaagcacaa accaagcgtg aagacaaagg     85500
     gattgtctgt agacatctga cagaggattg tctcgaggca caaggatgga gaatgttaca     85560
     gaaaaatttc tgatgtctga tagttccaat gagcacagtg gcctccatca tccgtaattg     85620
     aaagatatgt ttggaactac cagaactctt cttagagctg gccggccatc taagttgagt     85680
     gatcggggga gaagggccat agtcagggag gtgataaata acccgatggt cactctgcct     85740
     gaaacgttct tctgtggaga gaggaaaact ttacagaagg acaaccatct gtgcagcaat     85800
     ccaccaatca ggcctgtatt gtagagtggc cagatggaag ctactccccg tctggagttt     85860
     gccaaaaggc attggaagga ctctcaggct gtgttcacac tagacgcgga acgcgcagat     85920
     aaatcgcgct attcgcgcgt aaatagccgc gggaacattt gagtttactc gcttcattca     85980
     cgcgtcaaac cccgcttcaa ttgcgtgtca aattctcttc agaacagatg cggattcacg     86040
     tgatgggcag ggcttctgtc tgcccgacaa caaggatttt atgaggaaaa caacagtgtt     86100
     tatgtgcttt atgaagactg aaaaacagcg tcgatacgtt tagggtcgtg tctgagtcca     86160
     ctacatcctt tcagaggtgc atccagctct gtgagctcat aaactcctcc agaaacttaa     86220
     tctggatgac ggaggctttc agcggtgctt ctgactgagc caagccgagt ttgatgaact     86280
     gttgttggtg aaggctggag gatttccctc ggaacaccga caacaggttc tacgtcacaa     86340
     tcacgccccc acaagagcaa gcttctggtt ggttaacgcg gcgcgaatgt acgctgaagt     86400
     tcagattttc gaactcaaga gattcgcacg aaacgctcgt taagcgcatc aaatctgcaa     86460
     aacgctcaat ttgccccgcg ccatttgcgc cattcgcgtc gcgcatatcg gcgcggttgg     86520
     atgtctattc gctcgtttgc attgacttaa catgtaaatc actcgcgctt gacgcgcgtt     86580
     ccgcgtctgg tgtgaacgca gcatcagacc ataagaaact aaattctctg gtctgatgag     86640
     ataaaaattg aactcattgg agtgaatgca accccttacg tttggagaaa accaggcatc     86700
     gatcatcacc aggctaatac catccctaca gtggtggccg catcatgctg tggagatgtt     86760
     ttttagcagg aattggaaga caagtcagga tagagggaaa gatgaatgca gcaatgtaca     86820
     gagacatcct gaatgaaaac ctgcttcaga gtgctcttga cctcagactg gggccatggt     86880
     tcatcttcca gtaggacaat gacctaaagc acacggccaa aatattaatg gagtggcttc     86940
     acaacaactt ggtgaatgtc cttgattggc cgacccagag cccagaccta aatcatatta     87000
     aatatatctg gagagatctg aaaatggctg cacaccttca cttcccatct aacctgatag     87060
     agcttaagag gtactacaag gaagaatgag taaaaatttc caatgacagg tgtgctaagc     87120
     ttgaggcacc atattcaaaa agacttgagg ctgtaactgc tgccaaaggt gcatcaacaa     87180
     agtattgagc aaaggctgtg aatacttatg tacatgtgat tttttttttt cagctttttt     87240
     attttttata agtttgcacc aatttttcac attgttatta tggggtattg tgtgtagaat     87300
     tttgaggaaa aaattaattt aatccattgt ggaatgaggc tgtaacaaaa aaaatgtgca     87360
     aaaagtaaag cgctgtgaat actttcggga tgcattgtaa acaacaatag aggacataga     87420
     gcaggtcctg tttttgctgc ttgataacaa gacgacaagc tttgtttgaa cattgtgaca     87480
     attatatgtc aaccagtact gttcagaagc aagtcttgct ctattttttg ttactgtact     87540
     gttgtgttgt aaaccttata aaagggtccc agaaaggtgg tatggtatgg tattttggta     87600
     cagtggaaac ggaaataaat acatacagta ctgtactgta cagaaccata ctgcggaaat     87660
     gagaaataca agattatatt accaactaaa aattactcat ctaatttgta gtgagtaact     87720
     aagtaatcta tcctaatttg cctaataaaa aatggactgt gggctaggaa gttgcgcagt     87780
     aggtagtgct gttgcctcac agcaagaagg tcactgggtc gcgtgttcga accttggtgt     87840
     gttcgcagtt tgcatgttct ccctggcttc gaatgggttt cctccgggtg ctccggtttc     87900
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg tccgtagtgt     87960
     atgagtgtgt gtgtggaggt ctcatgtttg aaatccaatg ttagcacaga gtaccaggat     88020
     tacaaaatgg caacctaatg cctaaaccta aaacctaatg cacccaaatt gcattcatac     88080
     aagacaaact cttaaataca caagtacatt tttagaggtt gtaattatgt gtagctactt     88140
     actcaagtgt gtctgattta cttactctca agtggttcaa atacctttat aagtttattt     88200
     ataaagggac taagccaaca agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg aaaatggtct gtctgaacac     88260
     ctttgaccaa ccaaaacatt tactcttctg tgttaacaaa gaaaacccca ctgcatcaat     88320
     ttaaagaata aaaacaaaca aaccaatctg gaacacagta cttttctttt gtgtgggaaa     88380
     agtgattttc cttcatatgg gtgttgctgc accttacggg gagaggttac ggtaaagtct     88440
     gtcaggagtg aacaaacact tgcaatcaag ttccagtccc aaggtcatgc ctgatgtcag     88500
     tgtttaatgc taagggaatg aggcgacagg ggtcttccct actctgtcac ctcctggaac     88560
     aaattcattc ctcacactcc tggagcttct ctttcagtaa acactttaaa tcaaaaacag     88620
     acagtctaac tcacactgga ggctccacag tcattgactt cagccttttg ctgctgggat     88680
     ggtagacggt gctcgcctga gttatgtatt tctagtgaaa ggggaaagtt tatgttttta     88740
     ttgtctgaac agataagcca tgtaaagagg ctgtgtgttt tttgtgaggt gaaaaatgtg     88800
     tagggaattt actttatgct acatctcaca cgaacaaaga agaaaactgt cgcacggcat     88860
     ccatagctgt gggaaaaatt aagagactat ttccccccca tctctgtgtg ttggagaaaa     88920
     tggttgataa cagagagtgc acggtcacaa ttttacagtt atttactgca aaaatgccca     88980
     gtaaaatacc acatacattc tttacagttc actactgtaa tatgtactac attgagggta     89040
     atttgaaaac ttttacagta acttactgca tattagagat ttgcggtatt ctattgcaaa     89100
     caaattaatc aagacaaaaa tgaaactgtc aatgaaaaag ttttcaaatg acccacaatg     89160
     cagtatttaa aactgattta ataacactga ataataaaaa cacatatatc gtcaattgtt     89220
     tggaattgat taaattcaat taacataggc tcattctgaa aacagctttc ccgctgttat     89280
     ccagtttgtc tagttagctt gccatgtacg ttggacttga gatgcagaga tgagttgacc     89340
     acgatgacgg tgttcaagtc aggcgaataa cggttctaaa aagcaggtaa gacaaaaaca     89400
     gaagccaaaa aataaaataa gtgacgttta atttttaaaa ctaatttcga gaggagcatg     89460
     tgcttatgat tgacccagct ggcccacatt agcttatcat gatcctccta tcaaagaatc     89520
     ccaagtcact atatcctaat ttcctttcta ctatcttcat ctgaaagaaa cccccctcct     89580
     ctccctcttt cacatttaag ctgcggtcac actagagttt gtgtgtgtga tttttctgtt     89640
     gtacggcact acgaaaaggg gtgggatttc gcaggtcaga gttcaccaag cttaaacttt     89700
     gcacctgaga aacttaacgc atgaccatgc gttatgaatg gaagtctatg gggagaaaag     89760
     tcaagtgtga ccgcagcttt atccagaatg ggtggcacgg tggcccagtt acttgcactg     89820
     ttgcctcaca gcaagaatac cattagcgtt gggtcctcgc aaggccatct ggtatttctg     89880
     tgcggagttt gcatgttctc cctgtgtctg cgtgggtttc acccgggttt ctaccaccgt     89940
     ccaattatgc tctttttttt tttttttttt ttatatagat aaaatttatc ttggcctcag     90000
     cagcgaggga gtttgagatc gacctgagct caatttcccc tcgccttgag ctcagggctc     90060
     tctccaggac agcacgctaa acaagctatg tataaatcat gagctaagtg tgaactcttg     90120
     aaacaagtaa ataacagggt gagaatgtgg taaaatctga aaccatggta aaaatcatgc     90180
     tataacagcc ttccactgct gttgtcgccg gtaacaggag taagcacgta tttaacgtgt     90240
     gcaatcagag tccatgcata ctaaagttga ttcaagcaga atgtttttat tgtgtttagg     90300
     tgaataaaac aaagcctcaa tctttgcttc tcctttcttc atcattatgt gcatataaaa     90360
     tttgcacctt gtacacacag cacatatcta aatactgcat tattcccatg ctcgcaaaca     90420
     agttacccat tagcacggtc aaaaactata gttgcatctc aaatggcaca ctatacacta     90480
     tgcactcata cactatgtac tgtacttatg cacttacaca ctcaacagca tagtacatgt     90540
     atgtagtgtc ttccaaaatg gagcaccaat gtttttttta ctaagcgaaa attcaaactg     90600
     tttctctgat gttgtttgac ggttgtcata ttagtgaaat aaatgaccaa actatcaaat     90660
     aatacctgct atgagaacaa ctgcattcac cagtgggagg tgctataatc actctcattg     90720
     gagaatttgg ctttcaccat ccaaactaaa caaagttatc caacagtcca cactttattt     90780
     tgccggctga atcacccggg taattaaagt gcacaaatta tttttagttt tcagtgttaa     90840
     tgcactactt acactattta tactataaaa tggcgtagaa tagtgcataa gtatgcgatt     90900
     tggtacgcag ctcatgtgct ttcctattac tgacgctctt cctcgcttac ataggcacct     90960
     tagttattct tattatcaag taacacctag tggaccacaa aatcattcat tttcttgtcg     91020
     gcttagtccc tttattaatc ctgggtcgcc atagcgaaat tgaacctcaa acttatccag     91080
     cacttttttt acgcagcgga tgcccttcca gcaacaaccc atttctggga aacatccaca     91140
     cactttcatt cacatacact cttacactac ggactattta ggctacccaa ttcacctgta     91200
     ccgcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg aagcacccag aggaaaccca tgcgaacgca     91260
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaaca ccaactgagc tgagtatcga accagcgacc     91320
     ttcttgctgt gaggcgacaa cactacctac tgcgccactg cttcgcccac actataatca     91380
     ctataataat taaggtaaca ctttacagta taattccatt atataatgtt tgtaatgatg     91440
     aagtggaggc attgctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctctct gtgctcgtgt gggttttctt     91500
     caggtgctcc ggtttccccc actgcctaaa gacatgtgct ataggtgaat tgaataagca     91560
     aaaatgcttg tctgtgtgtg aataagtgtg tatgggcagc tgaaagggca tccgctgcac     91620
     aaaacatatg ttggatgatg accaaaggga ctaagccgaa ggaacacgat tgaattagtg     91680
     ttgtaaattc cgacacaaat ggacaatgct aaaatcaggt ttaaactggc tcgacactga     91740
     aaaaatggtt cattgaattt actaatttat tttaaagtag ctatttgcaa acaattttta     91800
     tgtcctgaat ttaaacaaag atgaacatca ctaaatttaa tttgtttctt taaattcaca     91860
     acatataaat tgtttgcaaa cacttacctt aaaataaatt agtaaatcca atgaaccatt     91920
     tttaaaatag tttctaaaag gccatagttg cacaaacaaa agtaaaggca cacgtggtca     91980
     gatgcattga aatatccaca aaagcccgct agtatttgat gtcaaacaaa gttaaaagga     92040
     agccctgttt tggtttgttt atacaaatcc aatacgctca ggccttccat tattcacaga     92100
     cctcgtggca ttttgctgct gtacttataa aaaaatatag gtccgcatcc gaggagccgc     92160
     aagcttgagc cagcaagcgt gaatcagagg tgacagaggg aaaaaattaa acattcacat     92220
     cctgattttt ctccttcctc acatccacac catgattcag acagcctttc agcagatcaa     92280
     taacaaggcc tgtatgtaat gagcagacgg ggctctacac ttcaaagacc aaatataagt     92340
     gcttgagatg ttataggagg tggtgtaagt gcttttctag actgtaaata aaaaataaaa     92400
     aagtcactct acatgatata ttgacaaaac atttgcacaa tcctgattac tgtgcttttt     92460
     tcccttttaa agccatttct aagtaaacag ttatatatta atgcatgaat tagacaaatg     92520
     tgcattgtaa tcctgctgcg gatgattgac agctgcccgt tatgcttgtg tggtctgtgt     92580
     aggtgctgtg aaaaataaat gagcataaat taggagaaag aagctttaga ttttccctta     92640
     gtgttgtttt agctctatct atatattatt atggttttat taatatttag ttgcaatttc     92700
     agtttagaat tttcaattag aattagtttt cattcattta ttcattttcc tttggcttag     92760
     tctctttatt catcaggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaatcg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt     92820
     tttacacagt ggatgccctt ccagctgcaa cccagtactg ggaaacaccc atacacactc     92880
     acatttacac acatacatta cgtctttggg aaattagtac aagggatgtt attggaaaaa     92940
     actgaatcat ttttcaatgc aatatgccta tagagcaggt agaggggtta aggactgaca     93000
     ttgctaacct ggtatataaa catctgaaag acagtagtta tcatgctagg ctattatttg     93060
     tagatttctc ttcagcattc aacacaattc ggccagactg gttcacaaac tgaggtcaag     93120
     atttggtgtg gatgcaagct tggttactgg atttccttac taacaggtct cagagggtca     93180
     gggtttacta ttctgtcaga tcctatgacc acatcatggc tcaccacatt gggtgtgttc     93240
     ttgctcctct cctttacatc ctattcacaa ataagtgtca tatagtcctt ttgaaaatct     93300
     gtacattctt aagtttgcag atgacaccgt taggtttgtt ggatgatgag gaggcagaac     93360
     atggacctgt tctaatgaac ctgtgactaa ttggtgttga gtggctgatg tgcgtctgaa     93420
     cacagagaaa acggagaagc aatgacctgt ggcggaagca agacatattt ttaggtatga     93480
     tttgataacc accagattga attagtggaa agttataact attattgata ataaatgaaa     93540
     ttttttatga aaataaggaa atactatgaa ggacaggcca acaaagactt tactgattga     93600
     taggactaag atggtggcct tttataaggc ctataaagaa tccatttgaa cattttcatt     93660
     gatttgttgg tttgctactt taaagtaaaa cagaagaact tgctgtctaa ggttttaaat     93720
     acctgcagca aagtgttagg gataaaagcg ctggggttat cctatttgta tgaagcccag     93780
     gtgttaaaga aagcccatca gattacaagt gatatatcca tccccttttt aaatcatttc     93840
     aaatacttcc ctcacaatct cggtatcaga tccctttggc aaggaccaac cgatttgaat     93900
     tttcttttgt tcttttgttc cttgtgcgat tgatttgctg aattttaatg gaaagaggta     93960
     gttgttgttt ttgagtacta ttaatgttgt ttaatgtttg tcttaagtgt gctgatgata     94020
     tatgtgttga aaatctagta cgctgcagaa caaatcaccc caaaagggga cgataaagtt     94080
     tgcagtaaca ataacagtac actacggctt acttggctta ttcaaatcac ctaaagcaca     94140
     tgtctttgtc ccaacacaaa tatattgatt taacttattt ttatatatat atatatatat     94200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tgagttaaca aatttaagag     94260
     gattgaaaat aaaacaatca agttgtcccc ccaaaaaaac cttaagaatt gcattgtttc     94320
     ttctctattt taaataagta gtttgaacga gttgcaaaag acattttttg agcgtagtgt     94380
     aagctgagaa aatattgtat gcgattcctc ctatgctaat taaggacaac ctagacatta     94440
     cgaacatggc atgctcaagt tcctcacagt tccaatacac atctctgcca tttgcttaca     94500
     gaaactatgt gctttccact agacaaatca tctgctcgtg atattctttc atataacttt     94560
     gtcatgtttg gtgtcgtttg acattttatg atttaagtgt tgtagtgatg agagacattg     94620
     atgtttttca atacaatata tttactattg ttgagtcgtg gcctgaggag agcatgctaa     94680
     agggtcatga aacccccttc tttctgttca agtctaccta ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaagctc     94740
     tgagatgggc gtggagcact gcgagcagag ggaggagtgg gcgtggtggc agaacagggt     94800
     agaaagaggg gattgaacaa ctgttgacag ttggctcaca aaatgagaca caaaccttga     94860
     ggagacccat gattttgtag tttacaaagt taaaatgcaa agaaataaag attaagtaat     94920
     ttaatgtcct gctacatttg ttattcgtaa tttcatatac acataaacac actttgttgt     94980
     atcattataa agattatcgt gtttatataa acactaataa taaagaggac ttttctcctc     95040
     ctcaatcacc gggtctgaat gcagacacat cagaggtagc agtacagcaa gtctcttgcc     95100
     ccgtctattc caaccattaa ccctgccggt aatctggatt ttaaacacag gcgaacacag     95160
     cagcatggat ataggcgatg tgtataaatg gtaacaaact caactgataa agacaaagtc     95220
     cgctattctc caattctcat acaggtctcc cgacaaaagt gcttgctgta aaccaacagc     95280
     tttgctgtat ctgtcctgac agcatcgcag ggaaaaacat tcaaaaactc tgtgaatcat     95340
     ggaaacaaac acatacaacc cttcatgaat ggctaaatgt gtgaacgcgg tctcacagtt     95400
     tggcactggc aggtctgcct taccttcggt aagcatatgg agtcatgaat aattaggaag     95460
     cagggtcttc tcttagggta agatatctcc actatgaata ataatgagaa accaaagtgt     95520
     catcacccca ctagcagatt tgtactacat cactgatttt gatcccgtct taaaaattat     95580
     tttaaaccca gaagataaaa ttagctgaca aaagctctaa attattcagt tttccccaca     95640
     attggtgcta acaggtgcta ttgttgtctt aactgatcct caaagcaaac aaaactttta     95700
     aaaatctcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agtattccag ggtttcttga acccttaatg     95760
     tacttctccc ccacttgatc acctcaactt tgctttcatg tttaattggt tttggaggtt     95820
     ggtatttcac tcatgtttga caatgctttg ctgagggtat aatcgggaaa ggtaattggt     95880
     tgattggggc gaatggcttt tactttgctt ctcccgcaca ccagtgtgta tagcctcata     95940
     tgctaacaaa gccagattcg atgtatttgt tacacagcag tacatacaca gctaagtttc     96000
     tctatacaat attttagttt gtttcattca actgtctgta tattccattt acaatggaat     96060
     cagataaatc attcatttaa acacgccaca ctgctttctg ttttgttttt ggttcagaat     96120
     caaagcgtaa gtttcaaact ttacagtaca caacattttt catttagttt tttaaatata     96180
     atattttccg tttgagggct tcatggtggc gcagtgtgta gcacgatcgc ctctcaacaa     96240
     gaagttcgct ggtttgagct cctgctgggt cagttgtcat ttctttatgg agtttgcatg     96300
     ttctccccgt gttcgcattg ttttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac ctacatgcgc     96360
     tttggatgaa gggtaaattg gataggctaa attgaccata gtgtatgagt gtaaatgaga     96420
     gcgtatgggt ggtttcccag tgttaggttg tggctgggag ggcatccgct gcgtaaaaca     96480
     tatgctggat aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc cctgattaat aaacagacta     96540
     agccaaaaag aaaatgaata aatgaatcaa ttgtctgttt gatattttta gtatgtgatt     96600
     ttatttagct ttactgtatt tcaattagaa tattaaaaca attctttagg ttttcaatat     96660
     tcactcaaaa atgacttttg ctgcttgttc aaagtactta tttaaaataa gttgaaacca     96720
     cacaactttt aagtttttgg gacaacttaa ttttttaagt tcaatccacc taaaattgta     96780
     aaaaaaatat ataggtaaat taagtgattt gtatttagac agcataaaag aattgtgtgg     96840
     aacccagcat tatccagtgt tgattcctct acaaaaattg cttcaataat ggagttttaa     96900
     tgttttaaat gagaatacaa tagaaagatt acattttaag gaaacctaaa tggacaagtg     96960
     atgacataat tatagagtat accgcagctt agcaatggct tatgtccatc ataggagctg     97020
     gaggtcaaca ttaatcttaa gacacaatgg atatcttctt tcagggtcaa aagaagcatt     97080
     agaagacgga aaacagtgga tctgacaaac aaaatcagaa tgacacacat caagttgcat     97140
     ataaaaccca ctgcattatt catctctgtc atttcacttt gttcttcaac tttaatacct     97200
     atgtcttaaa aaaaagcttg ctttcttcct cttgtcacac ttcgactgat gcattgaaac     97260
     ttttaatcct ttaggctttg aaaagtattt aattaaatct ttttttatga aaacatttga     97320
     tgcaaaataa tgcactggga aagagacaaa acaacaacaa aaaacaatta aaatacaatc     97380
     taaggaataa gtactgtaat ataaatgcaa taacaacaac aacaacaaca gcaaattatt     97440
     ttcagaagcg atcatattta aagaagagtt cattaaaatt gtgttcccca ctctcttaca     97500
     ggacatcact agtctctctc agaggtcact agtctctcag aacatcacta gtctctcaga     97560
     acattactag tctctcagaa catcactagt ctctcagaga tcactagtct ctcagaacat     97620
     cactagtctc tcagagatca ctagtctctc agaacatcat tagtctctca gaacatcact     97680
     actctctctc agagatcact agtctctcag aacatcatta gtctctcaga acatcactag     97740
     tctctctcag agatcactag tctctcagag atcactagtc tctcagaaca tcattagtct     97800
     ctcagaacat cactagtctc tctcagagat cactagtctc tcagaacatc actagtctct     97860
     cagagatcac tagttactct cagagatcac tagtctctca gaacatcact agtctctcag     97920
     aacatcacta gtatctcaga gatcaaaagt ctctctcaga gatcactagt ctctcagaga     97980
     tcactagtct ctcagaacat aactagtctc tcagagatca ctagtctctc agaacatcac     98040
     tagtctctca gaacataact agtctctcag agatcactag tctctcagaa catcactagt     98100
     ctctcagaac atcactagtc tctcagagat cactagtctc tcagaacatc actagtctct     98160
     cagaacatca ctagtctctc agaacatcac tagtctctca gagatcacca gtctctcaga     98220
     acatcactag tctctcagaa catcactagt ctctcagaga tcactagtct ctctcagaga     98280
     tcactagtct ctcagaacat tactagtctc tcagaacatc actagtctct cagagatcac     98340
     tagtctctct cagagatcac tagtctctca gaacataact actcagaaca tcactagtct     98400
     ctcagaacat cactagtctc tttcagagat cactagtctc tcagagatca ctactctctc     98460
     agaacatcac tagtctctaa gaacatcact agtctctcag agatcactaa tctcttaaag     98520
     gatatcactt ttttctcaga gatcactaat ctcttccagg cgtcaggcgt ctcttgcaga     98580
     acgtcaataa tgtctcagac atcactagtc ttatacagga catcactagt ttctcagaga     98640
     tcactagtct ctttcaggac atcactagcc ttttacagga caccattagt ctatcggaga     98700
     tcactagtct ctctcaggcc atcactagtc tcttatagga catcactagt ctcttgcagg     98760
     acaacactag tgtctcagag atgactagtc ttatacagaa catcactact ctctcagaga     98820
     tcactagtct ctctcaggac atcagtagtc tctttcagga catcactggt ctctcagaga     98880
     tcactagtct ctctcagaga acactagtct ctcagaacat tactagtctt ttagaacatc     98940
     attagtctct cagagatcac tagtctctct gagatcacta gtctctcaga acatcactag     99000
     tctctcagaa catcactagt ctctcagaac atcactagtc tctcagagat cactagtctc     99060
     tcagagatca ctagtctctc agagatcact actctctcag aacatcacta gtctctaaga     99120
     acatcactag tcactcagag atcactaatc tcttaaagga tatcactagt ctctcagaga     99180
     tcactagtct cttccaggcg tcaggcatct cttgcagaac gtcactaatg tctcagacat     99240
     cactagtctt atacaggaca tcactagttt ctcagagatc actagtctct ttcaggacat     99300
     cactagcctt ttacaggaca ccattagtct atcggagatc actagtctct ctcaggccat     99360
     cactagtctc ttataggaca tcactagtct cttgcaggac aacactagtg tctcagagat     99420
     gactagtctt atacagaaca tcactactct ctcagagatc gctagtctct atcaggacat     99480
     cactagtctc ttgcaggaca tcactggtct ctcagagatc acaagtctct ctcaggacat     99540
     cactagtctt ttacaggaca tcactagtct atcagagatc actagtctct ctcagggcat     99600
     tactagtctc ttacaggaca tcactagtgt cttgaaggac aacactagtg tctcagagat     99660
     gactagtctt atacagaaca tcactactct ctcagagatc gctagtctct ctcaggacat     99720
     cactagtctc ttgcaggaca tcactggtct ctcagagatc actagtctct ctaaggacat     99780
     cactagtctc ttgcaggagg tcactagtgt ctcagagatc acttgtctct tacaggacat     99840
     ctctagtctc ttgcaggacg tcactagtct ctctcaggac atcactagtc ttttagagat     99900
     cactagtctc ttacaggaca tcacaattct ttcatagatc actagcctct tacaggacat     99960
     aactagtctc agagatcact agtctctctc aggacattac tagtctctta caggaggtca    100020
     ctagtgtctc agagatcacg tctcacagga catcactagt gtctgagata acttgtctgt    100080
     tacaggacat ctctagtctc ttgcagaaag tcactagtct ctctcaggac atcactagtc    100140
     ttttagagat cactagtctc ttacaggaca tcacaattct ttcagttttg gattaaaatt    100200
     cagaacagga atgatgttcc aggataaaca tagattttaa tccaggatcg catcctaaaa    100260
     tcacatccac tctccttttg cttcagaatg gttcaccatc ttgaaaggtt aaatcttctc    100320
     ttttactcct attgggataa cttcaaacag gactaagcaa tgaccttaaa actgagcaaa    100380
     ttgtagcttg tttttacata aattttgatt tatgtgagtt tactcttttg acagaggctg    100440
     ctaaaagatt gatcacattg tcagtcatta tcaggatcga attcacaaaa tatacaacaa    100500
     gtaaactctg tcgacacaca tacacagaga gaggctttgg agtcttccag ctcagcataa    100560
     ggacttctga aagatcaatt acagtgggcg agcaaaacac tacacaggaa attgaggaaa    100620
     gcataattta tttacatgtc tgctctttga ttaaagttgc ctaaaacaac aggcatcagg    100680
     gaattgattt tttttttaat catctctgtt ttcgaccaac agcacaagaa acaatcaaag    100740
     ggtttgcttg gctttgatct agaaaataca tatcatgttt tcttatcgga gcatgactgc    100800
     tgtggagtca tatgtttaat tgcccctaag acaacggatt atcaatttta tgttgttgtc    100860
     ttgtttgttc ttgaattcta ataattcaga accaaatgta atgagatgga aactgtttag    100920
     ggctttatgc aaataaacca tttacaatgt tcatgcaaga aactgttgaa gtcattttta    100980
     aagcagcatc ctgtgctatg aacttgctgt ttttaaatca tttacacggt tggttcactt    101040
     gcaaattaaa attatatcat catttactca ctcttatttc atcctgaact cataagtctt    101100
     cagaacacaa atcaaattat ttgaatatat ttctgaaagt caatgaaggg acagaatata    101160
     tcagatttaa atgcaaatat cttaatttgt gttctggacg ctgtttttca aaagtaatcc    101220
     agtgtggttt tgtacaacag attggatcaa atcttggaga tgtgtttttc aaaagtaaca    101280
     aggattttga attaagatca gaccatgtaa tctaatctta caattgattt gcatcaaacc    101340
     tgtcctttgg gctattcaaa actttaaatt cagaatggga tctatttgat acaaaaagaa    101400
     tcatcagaag ggtggattta gttgtgatat gactacgata tcatatttta aactttagtt    101460
     gatctgtaat gtagctctgt gaacataagc aacatctctg aatgtgagac attgactttt    101520
     aaagagttag ctatgcaaag ccaatagaaa acaaagtttg ggggttagtg agatcacaaa    101580
     tgcttcaggt tacgcggatt caccgtgtgc acacactcag tgctgcgaca gggcatgtag    101640
     tgctgtaagg tgtagcagaa ggtgctgtag tgctgtaatg tagcagaaaa agctaaaatg    101700
     ctgtccaaac gctgctactt ccacagagct tatgtttctg tttttgggtt ttcaaaggac    101760
     acaacacaaa gtaagaagtg cttacaattt aaatttaatt atgttccaga gaattataaa    101820
     gaagatatag ctagcatttg acaaaggaga gcttccagaa tcccagttcg gtgctggatt    101880
     tggctaaaaa ctgaagtgtg aagttgtgct gtcgcctcac agcaagaagg ttggtggttt    101940
     gagcctcagc tgggtcagtt ggcgtttctg tgtggagttg gcttgttctc cctgtgttcg    102000
     cgcgagtttc ctccaggtgc tccggtttcc cccacagtcc aaaaacatgg gcacaggtga    102060
     attgggttag ctaaattgtc cgtagtgcat gaatgtgaat gagtgcgtat ggatgttacc    102120
     cagagatggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc attgcgtaaa acatgtgctg gataagttgg    102180
     cggttcattc cgctgtggcg accccaaatt aataaaggga ctaagtcgaa aaagaaaatg    102240
     aatgaatgaa aatttggcat tttttggaat ttggaaattt ggtacaacct aatgttcgtt    102300
     aaaagaaaga tcatcagaaa gattccaaaa atatatagag ttgcttgatt tgtgctaaaa    102360
     cttaacttca tattattgat gatgatgatg atgatataca cattcattag ctctcttgaa    102420
     aattaattaa ttcattcatt catttttctt cggcttagtc ccttttttat caagggtcac    102480
     cacaattgaa taaaccaact attcaactat tcggccatat gttttataca gcggatgtcc    102540
     tttcagccgc aacccagtac tggaaaacac caatactcta acacatacac actcatacac    102600
     tatggccaat tttgttgact caattcaccg atactgcatg catccggttc cacacagaaa    102660
     tgccaactga cccagccggt tcttgaacca gtgaccttct tgctgtgagg cgacagagct    102720
     aaccactgag ccactgttct gcccctctct tgaatacttg actatagttg gtcaatctca    102780
     gtatttcaaa gtcataagta tttatactta ttaactagtg ctagtacaga ttaactagct    102840
     agtattgatt aacccttaca attggattac gtaaatcaaa ctgaaaagaa tacatttttg    102900
     cacatttaca cattttataa gcccttctca agttttcaaa tggtaaaaat accatacata    102960
     cacaaatata agcgcattct ggtaataaag catagattca gacataaaaa acttaacaaa    103020
     tgtatcatta aatgtgaaaa caacctgaaa ctagccttaa atttactgta tcattccaca    103080
     acctgtgtct gtctaaataa atgccgtgtt attctgaaag cttttttact atatacagat    103140
     aaaacatact gttatccttt acatactgaa tttagatata atgatatcca cagtaaagta    103200
     aaacctaaga gcggtaaacc ttgactaaaa cagatgcatt acaggatggt ttaatgcatt    103260
     ctgtgtttgt gttttctgca agtgtccatg caaactgcat tcataatcaa agcacttaga    103320
     ggctaaatgg agaaagcatg gtggtaaaca atctacccaa cagtaatgaa gactacaaac    103380
     agttgcaggg gacacagaac atttgcaatg atatgacagc atttattgat ataatatgtg    103440
     acccatatga ctcatatgtc ttatgttaaa aggatgtatc atgggcaatg gccaaactac    103500
     attgtaaggg tccttgattt atttttaata aaaagaatca cgttccatga atacattttg    103560
     tacatttcct accataaata tattaaaact caatttgtga ttaggaacgt aagaacttaa    103620
     aggtcccata aaatgaaaat atattttttt tagatattag tttcggtctg ttttaagtat    103680
     atgttttagc cagtgtgcta caaagcagtg acaaaatttg catttagaaa atataaaact    103740
     gatgtaaaca tccaaagtct ctttcgccta tatggatcaa tgtttttttc ttttttttac    103800
     gtcagcccat attgcagttt ctcttcaaat cttgcccaat caaatgctct ctatatctga    103860
     catgccccgc cacccttgaa ggtgcttttc atttgctttc cattgatgca tttgagctca    103920
     accactctca ctggcagtgg tgtgataaaa ataaaacgct attggctgtt cttttaaatg    103980
     gaagaagcta tgtcctaccc cctcgtcgtt ttttcagttg aaattatgtc aaacatcaaa    104040
     tagaaaaggc acatttcaaa gcacttcata gtatctttaa tttgcacaac ttaaaattga    104100
     ttttctcagt attctgattt gtttgatttc tcagattata gtttttcaca tagttatgtc    104160
     acgactgaat attgtcccat cctaacaaaa catacatcaa tggaaagctt attcatttag    104220
     ctttcagata accagagttg ggtgtagtgt gtttcacagt attaaggagt tactgtatta    104280
     taattaaatt tttggagaac acaatcagtc agtcagtcag tcagtcagtc agtcagtcag    104340
     tcagtcaatc agtcattctt tattcatttc ccgaaagcaa tttggttgca gcatacaagc    104400
     atgtcacaca taatacacaa aaacacaaag tacaatacaa atctacccta aattttacag    104460
     attggggata aatgaaggtt cgaactgagc tgtttcacta ataggagttc tgtatcgaat    104520
     accagagggg aggagagaaa acttgtggcc cataggatgg aattcatctt acagaacact    104580
     ctgagcttca ctcaaaactt gtctatggta taacttagcc atagtcatct gttttctcca    104640
     ttattttacc tcctaagttc acaattttct taaaacaact cttatttttc acacttagag    104700
     aattaataat aataataata cattttattt aataatctag cgcctttcta gcaagtcaag    104760
     gacaccgtac aattaacaag agcaataaaa caacaaaaga aaaaataaaa tatacacagc    104820
     aatagtgcag ataaaattaa gtattaaaag ccatcttaaa taagtgggtt ttgagtcttg    104880
     atttgaatag tgtgaggtag tcaatgtttt ttgatggcag gaggtagcga gttccaaagc    104940
     cgaggagcag agcggctaaa tgctcggttg cccatagtcg aaagacaagt ggagggagta    105000
     aaaagattgc agggtgcgag aaggagcaga aatgtggatg ataacatgtt aacatcaaga    105060
     ttttaaagtc aattcaaaaa tgaacagcta atcaatgaag ctgctgtagg acaagtgtga    105120
     tgagaagaag gagttctggt gatgatatgc gcagctgagt tctggaccaa ctgaagctta    105180
     cagagggatt tatgaaccag caatgaattg aaccaacaaa gcaaagaaaa gataacagtg    105240
     actgaatgta tgaacatgca catgagtgat ttgtcaatat taaatgatct taattactgt    105300
     atgcagtaca gtctttgctg ccccttctta cacaaaatat tagtattaac agaaaaggac    105360
     aatttactat ctaaaacagt acccaaatac ttgtactgac caacactcac aacacccact    105420
     ccattaatac ttgtttactt acccttaatc agtcttctct tagaattaaa atcaatagtc    105480
     atctctttag tcttaagaac actcgattgt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagc ctcctgacac    105540
     cagctggaaa attaatcaac tacaggacca tgcatgaagt cttcctcact taacaaacta    105600
     acaattacag aattgtcagc aaattttaaa gtacccatta ctacaactat ttgcgtacaa    105660
     aataaataat ataggagaaa ggacacaacc ttgaggtgac cccatggata cagccattca    105720
     gagaaacaat tatacacttt aaccctctgt gttctctaaa caaaaaagtc taaatccatc    105780
     ctacaagcct tggatccaac tcaaattcat taataagttt ctcaatcaaa atatgtggct    105840
     gaatggtatt gaatgcagat gaaaactaaa taaaaataat gtagcaatgt cagtaatgta    105900
     atgaattaca ttttaaaagt gtgtaatttg attacagtta ctaaagttaa tgtaattgcg    105960
     ttacttatgt tacaatatag attttagaaa acaacatttg cttttattta aatcacattt    106020
     tacgagctga aatatagcta ctaatgcatg tggctgcatc ttcaagtgga aatagagaca    106080
     ttactttgat ttcattgagc ataaaaacaa aaatattgct gtgactacag tccttgttca    106140
     gtctctaagg aactttcgac tgtttttaat ttttaacagc aacttgttta agcacttgaa    106200
     cagaaagcat tctaggacaa tacttgtcgc ttgggttgta acagatcacg gttgatccat    106260
     gattcgtatg gatcacaacc catggttcaa aacacacatg acccgcatta atacattttt    106320
     tttatcttgt agattaatcc atcatttgta acgatctgag agatcgcctc tcgcgtcatt    106380
     caaatcacat gtatgaaagc atttaggctt tcatgtaaaa tatgatgatg gaaaaagttg    106440
     tggtgggtta ttcgggatgt ggtgttttct gtcactactt gtttagcctg cgctcagtgt    106500
     aagctgtatg attaatccag cctgatctca caagattttt ttttagtatt taacgatttg    106560
     ccagtttagt tgctaattcg tacgaattcg acgagtttaa gcgtacaaaa ttgtacgatt    106620
     tgaaaaagga ggcgtggcac ctaaccccac ccctaaaccc aaccatcatt gtaggatgag    106680
     taaatcgtac taaattgtac ttattaaact tattactaaa ttgtaattag attatacgaa    106740
     ttatccacta aatcaaaaag ttacaaattg ctttgagttt gtgttgaatt aatcattaaa    106800
     agaaaggaat ctcaacactt ataaaataac tgatggtgat ttgcatgttt attaatcctt    106860
     caaatcgctg cattcaaatc tgaaaacgaa aaaatcacga aagaaattga gtgtttagtc    106920
     tattgcgtta gttatgaagt tacggtcaaa taacagaagt actgggagaa cagtttatag    106980
     tttagaaata accactgatg tttatggtaa agattaaaaa taaaaagatg tcactgaata    107040
     attcttctga aatgatccat cttgcaatta taaatgaagt tttatgaacg aataactgaa    107100
     ttaaaatgag actaaaaaca aatatgggtt gtccaaataa tgtaatttta attataatgt    107160
     tacaacagta gtagtaacag tgaatttttc acagtaatga atattttaca atttattttt    107220
     attcagctga ttatttctac attttatttt taatcaaatt gcaagttctg tttgttaaaa    107280
     ccaaaagtgt cttgcagtac tgttttttaa taaatggaaa ggaaatgaca tttgtcccct    107340
     ccccttttta gctgatccga aaaatggtct ggtttgtgag taaaaaaatc atagtgtgat    107400
     ccaaaccatg tgatttgtaa tccgttacaa ggctactcgt caccaaggtg gaagtcggca    107460
     cccaaaaaca cagcagctca actcagctta aaccgagtaa attggattta tgtgcagaat    107520
     tgggagtgaa ggtaacttct aaaaacgtga agagaagcgt agctgtttac gggccatcac    107580
     atcttttgca tgcgcaagtt tgttttttcc aaaagtgggg tatggcttgt gcatgtatat    107640
     tgggaaataa tccagatttc ccgtattcaa aatttgagtg ttagtttctc tcgttaacca    107700
     cagacatgtt gacatatgaa tgtcaatgat tacaggtatc cagtttgctt caaaatgtct    107760
     ttttttgtgt tcaaaacaac aacaaaaaag ttgacaaaca ggtttggaaa taattgaaga    107820
     ttaagtaaat gattattgta atcaaatgac aattttccag aagtaataag taatttgtaa    107880
     tcaattactt ttatttgtaa cactgcagat aacacataaa cctcactttt caagacactt    107940
     gttgacactt attaatggct ttgtcatcca gggtcatgca cgtacacatt gacacacaca    108000
     aacatatacc cataaacaac cattcacagc agtactatgt gcttgagaag tgtctttgct    108060
     gtctagcctt ggaggaagcg tttaggacac tgtcattgta ttttgccaaa tggagtaagt    108120
     catgataatt cagtttgtct gaatacatga tcagcgtcag ctctaaagcg atggatttct    108180
     attattatca tctcagagga ctaaaattaa tataatcacc cttctacaaa tgccctttaa    108240
     atcttttcaa agctacttga aatactttgc ttcttgtcat caagcttgac aaaaagacac    108300
     aaggatattg tttaagccca caggtaatgt acagaccgat ttgactataa ttatattaat    108360
     ggatatgagg tttttgacat ctgcatagta actgagttat ggcgatgcag tgaaggtgac    108420
     tttttgttat gtttctctat ttttgctgct ctttcttgtg atcagtttag acctaatcca    108480
     atttggcagt tcagttcaca tacctcaatc tgttttaatg cgagtgtctc tccaactact    108540
     gtcctatttt ggctccttac tttttgaaaa atgaaggtca caaaatttct taatgttaaa    108600
     attaataaaa aaaactgtgt ttacagtatc actgaaatta cattacaaca taatacaaaa    108660
     tatttattgt catgttaatc cactgtttgg tcatttaaag gtattgttca tattgcattt    108720
     ctatttgtat atgtacacta cctaaaaaaa gtattgtcat ctatacaagt tgtaagagca    108780
     aaaaataata atttggcatc tagttgatca tttggaaaag tggcagaagg tagatttttc    108840
     tgatgaatca tctgtagagc tgcatcccaa tcatcacaaa tactgcagaa gacctactgg    108900
     aacctgcatg aacccaagat tctcacagat atcagttcag tttggtgaag gaaaagtcat    108960
     ggtttggggt tacatttggt atgggggaga gtggatgcaa catcaacagc ctgaggtaca    109020
     gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat accaaaccac aggatagagc aaatacttca    109080
     gcaggatagt gctttttctc atatttaaca ttttgttaat tttttcatgt ttagattatc    109140
     caagatgtat gtgaatttaa agaagatttt gagctgaaac tgtgatcctt gctgattcat    109200
     aaaatgtaag acactagcta tgacactagc catctaaagg tgcgaattag atttatgcac    109260
     aaaaattgaa tatcgcacaa aacatttgtg aataaagcat catttccaat gattcaaaga    109320
     gaacaaaaac attgcttcct gataaactgt gaccaaatat caaaaagcaa aatgaaattt    109380
     gctgtagcag gagaagccac tgtggggatt ttttcaaata tactatttgt acctcagaag    109440
     atgaaactga aacacaatgg cttttggagg cacaggactg acctgtgtgg cattaataat    109500
     gaaccactat gatgacagac tttggctgag tgattttaga atgaccataa cgacatttca    109560
     gatgttgtgc aatgtggtcg ctcgactggt ttgtccattt atgctgtccc aatgctccca    109620
     ttttgctttc acatgatctg ttaaaacaaa atcacttaac ttaatcactt aatcactttt    109680
     tgatacttat gctgcaattt attcagtaaa tgtgttttca gcagagttta tagacttttt    109740
     ctttcttttt tgttaaaaaa tgtctgaaac accattaagg gcagctctgt cgcctcacag    109800
     caagaaggtc gctggttcaa ttcccggctg agccagttgg catttctgtg tggagttctg    109860
     tgtgcatgtt ctccctgttt tagcgtgggt ttcctccgga tgccccggtt tccctcacag    109920
     tccaaagaca tgtgctacaa gtgaattgaa taagcaaaat tggccatatg tatgagtgtg    109980
     tatgtgtgaa tgggagagtg aatgagcgtt tcccagtatt gggttgcggt tggaagggct    110040
     tccgctgcgt aaaacatata ctggaatagt tggcggttca ttctgctgtg gcaacccctg    110100
     ataaataagg gactaagcta aagaaaaatg attgaatgaa tgaatgaata aaacacaatt    110160
     ttaaatataa accaatgcct aaataactgg cccttaaaac atttaatcta caatatcttg    110220
     gaatgttcag ctcattcccc aggcttctct tactcaactt catccctatc tgtcattaaa    110280
     taaatcctgt gttcatgtcg aatgaagtag ggaaggtcag ggcagatgtc ctgaggttta    110340
     ttcatctgat cagtccctca aatcagctct ttgactcaga agatctcctc agagttcaaa    110400
     ctgttcctgc ggctgcgatg agccgcatgc tcattaaact gtattaggaa caggactaac    110460
     ctgctcacag tgctacttta ttaatgtatg tttgctaaat catggctttg ctactctgtt    110520
     catactatac acaagtcatt gaatgtatac tgtactttag acctttccat ctaaatgctc    110580
     ttttgagcat ccgccagccc cgtgtggctt ttagcaatct tgcgacatgt ttttttgtca    110640
     ttttacatta actcataaga gatgaaaggt gctttgaaaa gcatcacatc cttgaaaact    110700
     gctgggccgc tcatgaaccc ttgttttttc tgtggcctct caaaaggaga ttctcttagc    110760
     gctaatggat ttacttatgg agcacacaaa agtctaggca gaatatgatt tagttggggt    110820
     catggttatg agggaaaaga gaaacgctgg tagatctttt caaaaacatc tctttctgca    110880
     cacacactga atgctaaaag cattgaggca ggggtttttt cattaaaaaa aatatatttt    110940
     aaaatggttg gattttgtgt gttttgtcat tttttatgta tttgtattgt ttttgttaaa    111000
     ggtcagatta gttttaatac atttgtttta gtttcagtta tatagtttta gttatcgtta    111060
     ttttatttta aaataaacaa caatataaaa taataaatat tactgacaaa agtcttgttg    111120
     cctatccaag ttttacgtac agcaaataac ttgacttcta gtagatgatt tggtatcaca    111180
     agtggcttat atgaaaggca aaggcctcta gattacactt aatttaccaa aataaaatag    111240
     aatgctgcct tgatttttaa ttatttaatt aggacaataa ggtctgactt tgctgagaca    111300
     aaagtcttgt cacttataat gtacagtgta gactataaag tcatggtgca gtggaaacag    111360
     aattaatatt gtgtatgact cccatgagct tggtccactg cattcataca tctctgcaat    111420
     gactcaaaca actgattaat aaagtcatct ggaatgggaa agaaagcgtt cttgcaggac    111480
     tcccagtgtt catcgagatt ctttagattc atcttcaatg ccttctcctt catcttaccc    111540
     cagacatgct caataatgtt catgtctggt aactgggata gacaattctg gagcaccttg    111600
     accttctttg ctttcaggaa ctttaatgtg gaggctgaag tatgaggagt gctttcctgc    111660
     tagagaattg gccctctctt gtggtttgta ctgtaatggg cagcacaaat gtctctatac    111720
     ctcaggctgt tgatgttacc atcctctctg cagatctctc gcacacccat accaaatgta    111780
     accccaaacc atgacttttt ctttaccaaa cttgactgat ttctgtgaga accttgggtc    111840
     catgcaggtt ccagtaggtc ttctgcaata ttcgggatga ttgggatgca gctcaacaga    111900
     tgattcatca gaaaaatcga ccttctgcca cttttccaaa tgatctacca gaagtcaaga    111960
     tattatttgt tgcccttaca actagaatcg ataacaagac tcggaaaatg acaaaaactt    112020
     ttctttactg catttattta tgcttccatt tatttattag attttatgca gatgcattcc    112080
     cctacagcat catcccaatc gatctaaaat gagaattttt ttccaaaata gagatattca    112140
     agccaatctg gagtaattgt atccatttca ctatatatat cgcacagtaa caaaacatcc    112200
     caatgctaga ttttccaata tcacacagcc ctaatgttta ctcacacatt cagaagtaaa    112260
     tcttcccttc cttgatgtgg tgcagtggct cacagaaggc tgctttactt taaataagag    112320
     ccgatgtaaa agatttctct ccactgtttc tccttccccc atccgtgtgg aagtgtaaac    112380
     caggatatgt cagcgagtgt tgtgagcggc gggtgaccgt gcagttctcc tgtttaattg    112440
     ggaagaccag caggaccctc ctaaagcaga ggacgagaga aagacagaga gagactgaca    112500
     catgaatgac agactcctga ctgaacacag ccattcatta cgcttgatga gaccattcgc    112560
     caactgcaat cattaaaatg ataggaagtc tcttcatatt taaccagaca agatttaaag    112620
     ttctaattaa cagtaggggg agcagggata attgggatct catgtgactg tttcaagtgg    112680
     ccaatcagtt ttttattttt ttatttttac aggaagctta aaggtagctt atttaatata    112740
     aagaattaaa taaagaatat actaacacaa aacacacaat tgcatttaaa acaacagatc    112800
     tgtctggttc ttgaatctga tagctgtgtg atattctgca ataacagcac tcgtacagcc    112860
     ttgagtatta ctacgcccac atagagtgac agcagatcaa tacattcagt ttgacaaata    112920
     ttgcagctgt tggacaacat aatgtacttt tgatgctttt ctagtcgaga atgtagttgt    112980
     ttagattgca accattcagt ttattaataa agatagtgcc ttattcaaat atttataatt    113040
     tagaagatat agcaggatag acccaagatt cttacagaaa tcagtcatgt ttggtgaaag    113100
     aaaagtcatg tgctgcgtct gaaactgcat acttccatac tatatagtac gctaaaatca    113160
     gtatgcgagc cgagtagtat gtccgaattc atagaattcg aaaatcagca tgcgaaaagt    113220
     agccagatga cttactactc ccggcgagat tttgaagtgc gtattccatg cacgctgcgc    113280
     gatcccatga tgctccgcga gtgaatgcat gaatggaagt gaagcgacgc aactgatgca    113340
     ggtaggtcac gtgaccataa caaaatggcg gatgtagtac gtcccaattc cattcatact    113400
     tttcacattc atactgtata gaacagactt tttttttttt tacggctgag tagtacgttt    113460
     aaattcaaat gcagtaccta ctgtgtagta ggccatggtt tagggttaca tttagtataa    113520
     ggtgttgaag agatctgcag agtggatggt aacatcaaca gcctgaggaa tcaagacatt    113580
     tgtgctgcct aattacatta caaaccacag agaggacaaa ttcaaaaagg ccgtcatttg    113640
     tcatcacttt agacattacg caagagaatc gtttaaatac tagctctaaa gtgacgttgg    113700
     tgaattagca ctggtttctg ctgttctgtc gtgagctgca gatgtgaata gatgataaaa    113760
     gaaagtagtt cctcataaaa aagtgtttat agactctccg tgtttgattt tattttttat    113820
     acacatgatt atgctgtcga actgttgtat aaaatcaatt tcatacgagt agcagtgcga    113880
     tatggctgta tatcgtcact ggtggggaca aaggcactca acctgtggcc tcgagccaac    113940
     gcaagcctcc agtgcaaata tacagccaca tcacactgca gttttctatt aaaaattcat    114000
     ttattcattt tcttttcggc ttagtccttt tattttctgg gatcgccaca gtggaatgaa    114060
     ccactgtgaa aatgcaaact ccacacagat atgtcaactg acccagcata ggcttgaacc    114120
     agcgaccttt aattcaaatg ttaagtttta ataaagtatc taaaatactt tttaatgacc    114180
     tactgtcact atttattagc ctaatgcata atttcataat aaaagtttta ttttaaaaag    114240
     caccaataaa taaaaacttt acatttcaga ctttttagta tacatgcata acttcacatt    114300
     aaagtatttt tattttcctg tgagatgtat aaaaactaaa atgatagagt atcgtggtaa    114360
     tgaatgcaat tcaaataatt tcacatttaa aaactgatta gttgacttta attaaataaa    114420
     tagagtaaac ctataccagg gtctccacac tcggtcctgg agggccagtg tgctgcaaag    114480
     tttagttcca accccaatca gacacaccag gggtagctaa tcaagctctt actaggcttt    114540
     ctaaaatcat atttgcaggt gtgttgaagc aggttggcac taaaatttgc gagacactgg    114600
     ccctccagga ctgagtttgg acacacctga cctataccat ttatatcgat tagttgactt    114660
     tacataaaaa ggtgagtaaa actgttgctt taaaatgaca taagtgcata attaggactt    114720
     aacagttcca aattacaaca gttttactca cttttttaag taaagtcaat ttgttagttt    114780
     atggcaaaag gtttactcac atttttagtg caatgcttat gattgaccat ggctggtcaa    114840
     cacgattcat gatgagtttc ttaccttagt tatcttcgtc ttaaagaatc cctccaccct    114900
     tccacccaaa gaagcggatc agtcaagagg atatctctcc atagcaatcc ctaatttgcc    114960
     attagccata aataaacagg ggagttctca agacctacct gagctcaaac tctcctctca    115020
     cactgcaaac tgaagagagc cccgggctcg aggatcgtat gagcccaggg ctctttccga    115080
     ggacagcatg ccaaacacag attatgatca atcatcagaa gtgtgaactc ttgaaataaa    115140
     tgagttacgt taataactga tgatgtctat aaagatttca tttgtctctt tagctttcac    115200
     ttgacaatca gaaacacatt gtggtgggtt tggatgaagg tctgtatctt tagttcacta    115260
     ttttagagca agttcgtcaa tctcttctta cactagactt acacttgctt gtagaatcat    115320
     actgcgacaa ccattctgtt tataaaacac tttgttttaa tgatcaacgg attgattaaa    115380
     acaacaacca aacatctgta gcatttatat gatagtgaga cctttccaaa acctgaaatt    115440
     caccctaatc catatagact gagactattg atttatagta ttgattaaaa ttatacattc    115500
     gctgaaatat gctgttgaag taggatgaat cgggcatata aatgatgtat ttcaacaatc    115560
     ttacttcttc agactgagtt catgtcatgc cttgtcatga ttctcgttca gcaaaattta    115620
     ttctttattt cccctgtatt gaacaattca aatttacatt gatttgaaac aatgaaaata    115680
     cacagcagct ctgaatgtaa tgttcaaggc cacacagatc atcaagcttg aatctggatt    115740
     gagagatcag ggccgtgtct cgtattggca taatgttgct tttgcatttt tatgatgaaa    115800
     aaaacatttt cttaagaact aatgtattcc tcacattcaa aatatgtgca cagatcacct    115860
     ctaatcttgc ctgaatcaaa ttaaatgtgt aaactgtata tgtgagttat tccaggtatt    115920
     tggtgtattt cagacattgc gaaatgtaga aaatcaaact attttatgtt ttatgcaaat    115980
     atgatgaggc tgatgataaa cattttaaaa atacacattt tgcccaaact tctggtttaa    116040
     aaaaaaactg tcaaaagtat tttaaaaagt aaatatttta aaaagttaat ttaaaaaaag    116100
     tctttaataa tcaacattta taaaacattt aatcaaaaat gcccaccctg tggcagacga    116160
     aaataaaaaa gaccttaaat atttgtttta aatgtgttcg tggaaatttt ctgtttctgt    116220
     atatgctttc aaattgcatt acattacctt tacagtaagt ctactctgtt aaactccatt    116280
     tcaaaagttg tcaaagtaat ttttacctga tacaatggct gcactggtca tgtaaactac    116340
     aatacaaaac cagatgcaag tgctttttct taccttaaca gacttttttg ttatgcaatc    116400
     tattgtttca aactactaaa atgatcaata caagacactc tgttaaactg taaagttaaa    116460
     attacaacat cagaagttga tggagcagag atcaaggttc tgtaatgcaa ttctagttat    116520
     aaattcatat tattgaaact gataatatgt acactcactg gccactttat taggtacacc    116580
     ttactagtac tgggttggac ccatttttgc cttcagaact gccctaatgc ttcttggcat    116640
     agattcaaca aggtactgga agtattcctc agagattttg gtctattttg acatgatagc    116700
     atcacacagt tgatgcagat ttgtcggctg cacatccata atgtgaatct ccctttccac    116760
     cacatcccaa aggtgctcta ttggattgag gatctggtga ctgtggatgc catttgagta    116820
     cagtgaactc attgtcatgt tcaagaaacc agtctaagat gattcgtgcc tgatgacatg    116880
     gtgcattatc ctgctggaag tagccatcag aagacgggta cactgttgtc ataaaaggat    116940
     ggacatggtc agcaacaatg ccaggtagtc tttggcgttg acacaatgct taattggtag    117000
     taatgggccc aaagtatgcc aagaaaatat cccccacacc attacactac cagcagcagt    117060
     ctgaaccgtt aatacaaggt aggatggatc catgctttca tgttgttgat gccaaattct    117120
     gaccctacca tctgaatgtc gcagtagaaa tcaagactca tcagaccagg caacgttttt    117180
     ccaatcttct attgtgcaat tttggtgagt ctctgtgaat tgtagcctca gtttcctgtt    117240
     cttagctgaa aggagtggca ctcagtttgg tcttctgctg caagcagtga acaagctgct    117300
     cactggatat tttctctttt tcggaccatt ctctgtaaac cctagagaag gttgtgtgtg    117360
     aaaatcccag tagatcagca gtttctgaaa tactcagacc agcccgtctg gcactaacaa    117420
     ccatgccacg ttcaaagtca cttacagtaa atcaccattc ttcctcattc tgatgctcgg    117480
     tgtaaactgc agcagatcat cttgaccgtg tctacatgcc atgtttttgg ctggttatgt    117540
     atttgcgtta acgagcagta ggacaggtgt accttataaa gtgtcaaatt tttctaataa    117600
     cttttgtaaa aaaacataaa aaaataggtc aaataaacat atttgtcaaa gtgaaacaac    117660
     atacaacatt catttatttt cttgtcggct tagtcccttt attaatccgg ggtcgccaca    117720
     gcggaatgaa ccaccaactt atccagcaag ttttatatgc agcggatgcc cttccagccg    117780
     caacccatct ctgggaaaca tccacaaaca cattcacaca cacaaacaca cacacacaca    117840
     cacactaagg acaatttaac ctacccaatt cacctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg    117900
     ggaaactgga gcacccagag gaaacccact cgaaggcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca    117960
     cagaaacacc aactgagccg aggttcaaac cagcgacctt cttgctgtga ggcgacagca    118020
     ctacctactg cgccactgcc ttgcccaaca tacaacatac taaattgtat tatttttata    118080
     taattaaaaa catattgctg tcaagtaggt acacagcctt agtgtattaa aggaatattg    118140
     caaagtataa agattttaaa tcacaattag taagtatttt gttgctgcaa catagttttt    118200
     acttgtaaag tcctgtctta atatgtaaac aagtgattct tctaaatatg actgataaga    118260
     tgtgttttat aaactattca ctattgttac actgaatgac atttaagtgt atgacagcca    118320
     cttttttgca tagataaaaa caacaacaaa cgtgacacat tctaattaaa aggatataaa    118380
     tctaaaatta ataaaatcca atattagact ttactgtttt gatgctagaa attattattt    118440
     ttttgtcttt gacccataat aaccactaat atttcatact caagtctctc aagtaaatat    118500
     tgtatataat gcaactcatt gggaatatgt gcccattgcc attacttaca aaaaaactga    118560
     gcaaacacag aagattatga tgtgttcagg gttaaaagag ttcaaagggc ttttaagatt    118620
     aaaaaaagag aaaatgaatc atgcacaaat tgattccata aaagcttgga aggacatcag    118680
     ttgttgtttt tcgcatacta tacattgatt tcacctaaat cacactgtca gatcatgaca    118740
     ggagcattta atctccccca ttatagttag caagccttgt ttttaaaaga ccttttatac    118800
     acatacacat gcattcagcc atgcatgtgc gcaaaaaagc caataaacgt cccttgatct    118860
     gtttagatcc attagacaaa gatatataca gtaccgtata aaaaacagac acggcactat    118920
     tggatgatgt tgaaggaaga atagatgcat accatgtatt tatttcatta ttcacaaaag    118980
     tagcatcatc acttcagtac aatctgttca agagtctaca ttgagtcata gcattttctt    119040
     tctcatatac aagcatcaca tttttgctct gtttacattt cgtttcaggt tgttttggta    119100
     ttgttctccg tttcggtttg tttgtctaat tccctagatc agggatttcc aaactttgca    119160
     gcttgcgacc cccaaaataa caatttcagt gacttgcgac ccccactatc ctctgagggg    119220
     gttataaaca caaacattgc acataatgct gcacacacac caataaggtc tatataaata    119280
     agcttattga catcacgaaa aagtgcaaca atttttatat agtcattatt tatttgttta    119340
     ataataacct cacttaatga gaatggtggg cacgatgttt acagcacagc acaattttgg    119400
     agaccgccac ttggagatcg tcctttatgt tcagtcgtgg cctttatttt taatgtacat    119460
     gagtaccgta aaggtgtcaa agtttaacat tgtgccataa aatcaatttg ctgcaaccaa    119520
     tcgctattgc tgtgtcgtta atctagtgta ataaccgcag gggtcgcaat ccaatggaaa    119580
     aagaattgaa aggctaatgg ctttttattt gcaagttgtt ttataatgta actattaaat    119640
     tctatttgta ttgtcttttg taggttaagg atagaatatg ggaattctaa ttctagttta    119700
     ataataggat atttttggaa ataataataa taataatata tataataata tatatatata    119760
     ctgtaaaacc ccacagtcaa ctttatcaaa tgaaatgagt gtagttaact caaaatgtac    119820
     tgcaagttaa ttctactcat ttgaaaagag ttttgaactc agagttgaag gtaatgagtt    119880
     aattaaaaac cttcaactta aatggagtaa gtttacagta ctcatatact gtatattagt    119940
     tttttttttt ttaactcaaa tggtttgtag caatcagttt ccaaaaatgc ttaaatggta    120000
     attgctgatc ttgtagatta caagaagcaa ttgcaagtga ttgtttatga gtttaggaac    120060
     acgcatcaaa tatgcactcc aagccttttc ttcattgaga cacattgaat tcttcttcca    120120
     tcatttgcaa tgtttccaaa ttttccttac ctttcctttt tttatacttt atttattatt    120180
     ttctgttgag ctgcttttga ccatgtatat gtccataata actgttataa gagacatgtt    120240
     taagggatta aacatgtgca acatatatgc aacatccttc atttattctc ttagggaagg    120300
     agagatctta tataaagatg aagttatata aagtttactc ggcacttgct acatgagtcc    120360
     taatcagacc atgatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca    120420
     tccattagtg gtgttccgtg atcggcgtta acctgctgcg ttaacgcgag actcttattg    120480
     cgtgctaaaa aaaagctgtt aatctatact caaagttggt tttgggagcc gggtctattc    120540
     tacacaagct atgatgactt tcaccttgaa atttagcgcg gatgtaaacc tgaccggtga    120600
     gccgtctaac aaaaaagtgc ccttctgaat caaatcagca ggatccctga ctttacctgc    120660
     agttaactgc aaaaaaactt taatcaaaaa tcgctgtttt ggggattatg taggcctaca    120720
     gttcaaaatt catgtttaat tgaataaaca gctattaagt acaagtacat cttataaaac    120780
     atcatttatt ttcatcacca attatcatag tagaacagtt tttcaagcag tttgtgatgc    120840
     attttggaaa caggagatga gcccctggtc taatacgcca cctggctaga gaaacccgtt    120900
     ctcaaagact tattatttgg atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    120960
     atatatatat atatatatat atacatttat ttctttttta aatattcaat attttccttt    121020
     aatatttctc actcactctc acatactatt tagtgtaatt gtttatttac atttagatct    121080
     cctttgtttt taacactgtc aaatgtaata taattttgga atagtttaaa attgtatatt    121140
     tgtatattgt atagatatat agtcataaag tacatgtaat cataataact aaaaataaac    121200
     ataaataata atcaacagat atttccacaa tctcttcatt taccaatact gattggtaca    121260
     aaaaaaagat tgttattgtt atttttaatg ctaattactt aatactgtat tatttatcat    121320
     ttattacatg gaacaaaata aaattttatt tattattgag caattgaaat acatacaata    121380
     atgatattta ccatttactc acatttataa actttttgca ttttttttct gctaaacaaa    121440
     aagaatgttg ggtaaaaaca gtcattgaca tccatatcag cggtgaaaat actatagatg    121500
     tcaatggcta ttttccccaa cattctttgg tccatcttcc tttgtgttca agataaaaaa    121560
     agaaacccaa attggtttgg aaaaaaacgg aatggaatgg tgagtaaatg atgatagaat    121620
     attcattttt gggtgaaata tccatttaag ctacaataat acaatgtaat gacactgctg    121680
     actgaatgat cacagtaaca cttccttcag tacagtcctt catctaatgc aaagaaaaac    121740
     agcaagtctg attctaaact ggacccatgc atctccctga attcatccaa taaacaactt    121800
     caaaactgct gaagggtttc caatttggtg tgtcaaatgc atcctgacat ctaagtctga    121860
     gactaaactg aaccataaaa ccagtcaaac cttgacctcc ttctgtgtca cctcaacacc    121920
     taaacagacc acagaccacg agatgaaaaa ctgagtggca acaaataaaa aagtgtcaga    121980
     ctgcgagctc aggtggctcg aataaatgca atatgaaaag gataaacagg ttcaccagtc    122040
     cggaaacctc agtgaagccc tctgttatca ggcacaaaag gaccagagca caaagcatgg    122100
     gtccaacaaa ccaaggtgtg tcggtaattt aaatgagctt gcactaatta aacgtgccat    122160
     atgctcctaa agcagcatat gctctgggaa acacttgtct gtgagaatga aacataactg    122220
     tgtgcagtga gactccacat ggctgcgtat tgggggattc agttcatgtg atgtgcatct    122280
     gggtttaact gggtttggag gataaagact gagctgtgat gttggatgag cccagagcca    122340
     atgcaactcc gctgggaact gatcaactga tgttgagttt gtgtctttta tctgagctct    122400
     gttttagatg acactcatac atcacatatt gaagaaatta acaaaatgat agctacaagc    122460
     agcaattggt ggaaatcaag aaattgtaag gcctttgagc acaatcgtaa aaataaatta    122520
     tgcattattt agctagcttg taccagcagt tacaaaaact tgttttttta ggaatatcat    122580
     acaatttgtc atagcattta tagcactacc aatggactaa tcttcttaaa aatttggata    122640
     ctgatttagt atcatgtcaa gtgctcaaat tatgttatag gtcacagtgt tttccatggt    122700
     ccagtcaacc atggttgcca actattttca atgaaaaggt gctaagcttt gcccgaaaag    122760
     tcactaggtt atacgttata cgtcaatttg catattactg acatcacgtt catttctgtt    122820
     tgtcaaactg tttctgtttg tttaacagcc tatgcttaat aaaggggtat ttatatacgc    122880
     tttatataag catgccaata taacaaaatg tattgctgtt taattacagt aaataaatat    122940
     agatgtgtag ttaatttgca gtaatctctc acacctaatc agataagttc tgaaactgtc    123000
     actaaaatat ctgtgattgt gaacaagaaa agaataatct gtcatattaa atagtttaaa    123060
     taaaggagaa gatcagtttg actaaataaa gcgacaaaat cgctaagttg gcaacactgg    123120
     gtccagctcc aaaagttcaa ctttttatag ttattaggaa atacagagat tttgggtcca    123180
     agctctttta aaaactctat tacataaaag aaattacatg taatgttttt ttttttttta    123240
     ttaatgtttt atttatacat tatgaaacat tacaaaaatt tacaaagaca taatcatgta    123300
     acaatatgca aatatactga agagtatttt gagcaaatag taataataaa aataaataaa    123360
     cagtaataaa taaaaatatg ataataaaaa taaatagata aataaaataa aaaacaacaa    123420
     cactagtgca atcttataga aattacatgt aatgttatgt atttttatat agcgcattta    123480
     ccgtgtatgg ccatacaccc aatacacttc acaattatga aaggggtctt tccacaccac    123540
     caccagtgtg caaaattcac ttggatgatg caaaggcagc cacaggacaa atgcgccagc    123600
     acactcacca cacaccagct ataggtggag tagagagact gtgatagagc caattcagtg    123660
     gatggggatg attgagaggc cattattggt tagggggccg atggagggaa tttggccagg    123720
     aaaccggggt tacaccccta atctttacga gtagtgccac agtatttttc atgaccacag    123780
     agtcaggacc tcgggttaac atctcatctg aaagacgatg ctcattgaca gcatagtgtc    123840
     cccttcattt tactggggca ttaggactca cacagactgc aggttgagtg ccccgtgctg    123900
     accttactag caccacttcc aacagcaacc tagtttctcc atgtggtctc ccatccagta    123960
     accaggctca gtcctactta gcttcaatga gtaaccagtg ttgggctgta ggtcgatttg    124020
     gctgtggcat catatgtaac aatgtacaac aacaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat tctgttagca    124080
     cttaggtttg actctgggag gatttaatga agatttgttg ggctacttat agtaattgaa    124140
     ttaacatctg acactttttt attacaaaca caaaacagat atatttttat ctattttagc    124200
     tgaaagtgca gtgaatccaa ccaatctaaa aagaagagaa aaaaatgctg cttggttata    124260
     tttacatatt tatcagggtt gcaaccaaca atgatagtaa aaccattttc aatgatgtta    124320
     tgctattttg tataaaaatg cagaatttat agcaacagtt atagcaccac ctatgggcca    124380
     atctacctat gaccagtttg cagaagtaga ttcttaatcg attattttaa ggctcaacat    124440
     aaggagaatt agcatgatat gaatcgggcc gggtgtgtac gtgtgacagg cttcatggat    124500
     ttgactgcca caatagacaa agtcaatcga aattaatagt tgtgtagata ctagaacaaa    124560
     tttttttttt tcttgtttta gcatcccaga gtgaccccac ttttctactg taacctcaga    124620
     atgagctaat agaatgttaa tgtgcaatct ggagagcctg aattgcaatt gaatcccact    124680
     acatttctag gaccggtatt cctgataagg ggacgggtgg agtaaggcca aataataagg    124740
     gatcctataa tactgcccta gaaatgcagt cctgaagctg cagcctctct agttgtgact    124800
     ttagaaaaat gttttatttg acaaaatgtt tttgatcatt ttaattaaac aatataatta    124860
     aagtttaaaa gtatttatat tttatacatt tgaattgcat taatatattt cttttgataa    124920
     ttttggattt aggatttgca ttatgcaatt aacatcacat tagcttacta ctaacctgtg    124980
     aaaaaacgat catcaaaatc agggaacatc ttttttccag gcttgtcatt atgtttacgt    125040
     ggacattaat aacagcggtg tatctaggca tgggtaatgt gggcgatcgc cctgggcggt    125100
     attttaagaa gcgctggcat ggaggcccaa tcaccctacc aacagccacc accccctccc    125160
     ccgctgttca cttttgtctg ctcttcaatt tttttctgcc taaatcttca cttacatctg    125220
     caaaagggcg gcacaaacac cggcatcttg ctaggggagc atggagacac ctgacacccc    125280
     ccccacacac accaccaccc acattttatt gaaataatat ttgaaatcat tttgttagac    125340
     tgaagagtta gattagatta tatttatatg agagattgta tagttttgat agctgtactg    125400
     tcacatgggg taagcgtttg tgatgctgta gatagtatgg gtatagtaga tctctgtgac    125460
     ttttagtttg gtctgcgtct gcccttaaac ccctaacaaa tgcgctagat tgttctggag    125520
     taacatggca tatactctca aagctaaaaa ttgatggacc atgtgaaaag cactagctca    125580
     cttgagattt tcacacactc tcttacttgt cttgtaggct aattaaacac cactgtctca    125640
     aaagctccaa agaacatcaa ttgtgccttt gttgctggtc tgtcttcacc aagtaactgc    125700
     accaaaagcg gtggttgtct ggtcgattgt gttcccatgt acaaaagctg ggcttctcaa    125760
     tcaatgaact atctagctca gatgcatcgg ctgggattat cagtgctggg acttgctttg    125820
     agccagccta gagtaaaccc taattaatgg caggctttta aacaaagctc ttttgaaggc    125880
     tgatcagata cagagggcat tatgattaat gcagagtaaa aacgaactga tttgaagtca    125940
     ttttcctagc agggctgcaa attcgttcag gctgtaaact taattatagt tcaggtgcat    126000
     cattaagcac tgaagtttat catgatttgg aaaaaaagct atatgtgacg ctggaagcta    126060
     tgactaatga aaaacagatg gagtataaat attcatcaga atctgccaga aaatggacag    126120
     atattcaaat tcaagtgtct aattagtcat agatcaaaac aaacattgtt tcgtctaact    126180
     ctcagcaact gccttcagct tgaactgaag atgtttacat gcagcgttgg ggcacaaaca    126240
     catacactgt atcagtatca taaatatgag cctttcatac caaggatgat aaatatattt    126300
     taaaatcaga gtgtgcttct gcagtctgag acttacaaaa ttgtcttatt tagtttagag    126360
     caagggcatt ttactacaga ctctgtaaag aatgctgggt tccatacaat cgatttgtgt    126420
     tgggactaca tgaaggattt acaaaaagtt aacttattaa ctttaacaaa tttaggtgga    126480
     ttgaagataa aacaattaag ttattgcaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctcaataact gtgttgtttc    126540
     agctgatatt caataagtag tttgaacaaa gcattggacg gtaacgggtt tcaggactta    126600
     accctggttt ggaaaggtca agttttaaaa cagctaaaat gtaaaaacag cttctgttat    126660
     acgtctccta ataaaactaa tgaaggtagc agcagtcaat gatttatata gattatttag    126720
     cctgatgtgt ttactgttct aaaatatttt aaaccattta agcccactgg caacagttgc    126780
     cgaagttcat agttgtcatt atccttttat gggtaatttt ctacatgtta tccatgctta    126840
     atttcttaat gacatgcaag caaacaacca aatacaagat ttctagaaag aaaaaaagga    126900
     attgatgtac ttcctacccg taaatgcagc attgagtccc caaaaaaaca aagttttgaa    126960
     aactctcaac agggtgaagg ttttcaaaag tgctaggggc tgtgcttttc agaaaattga    127020
     gtttttgttt gtaaaaatac ctgtgtatgt gtgaacatgg ccttaagaac taaataaatc    127080
     tctcaacatt tcagctcatc aggatcatta acaactctac aaacagaatc agcagcttta    127140
     cttattacta agctgtttaa ccttttctgt cagatgtcta taaaattctg tagtgaaatt    127200
     taagtgaaat acttgttttg ttagatgtca ccattgtggt atgtatttac ttttgtgcat    127260
     ttacagcggt atttactttg cttttttatt tgtctttttg acactcagta gtctgttggg    127320
     gaaactagtg tatgtttcat cactttaaga caaatgaatt agttctttgt gttttcataa    127380
     ttattaaata atatgactga tttttattta ggggtgttca tatcaaatga tttcctaatt    127440
     aaaatcataa taaatgtgtt tatgaatatg aattgatttt tgaaagcagt tgttttgagt    127500
     taaaatgcca aatattctcc tattaaattt ttttaataca acacatattc aaataaaatt    127560
     ttcttgaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttaagaaaa catgttcata tatgagacca ttaacaagcc    127620
     cacatgcatg aaaccattga aaataaatgg gcacaaatgg gttaaatttt tcctaaaata    127680
     aaatacattg tgtttaattg ggaaaaaaaa gttgttgttt ttcacccaga catttattaa    127740
     catattttag aacagtaatc aaaataccat aacatttttt attcaaggtt atcatcagaa    127800
     tcctacatcg gcccatgtct ggtttgaaca aacagcaaat gtcatgtttt gagtgaatga    127860
     tagaagtcaa tttgaataat taacatgaac ttgagaaggc cttagaataa taaaaataaa    127920
     gttttagtaa caatctaatt ttttttaaga atgacgaagt ccatactaca acaataacaa    127980
     cactggtgaa cattaactga ctggctgatc aaacagaagc agaaatttgt catttactga    128040
     attggattgt tcagttaagg ttaatacaaa caataatttt cattactctt tttcagtttt    128100
     tactgttctg gttgttttaa tgagagaaaa aaaattgagt aaatcattga tacatgaatg    128160
     gtcactgctc aaattgtgtc taagaaatta tgagctaagc aagcttacgt ccattgccta    128220
     gctacactgt tagactttgc tacaatttta cagttgttta ctgcaaaaac acccagtaaa    128280
     ctaccacata ttctttacag ttcagtcctg taaaatgcat tgcattatgg gtaatttaaa    128340
     agttttacag ttacttattg catattagga tttctactgt aattacagta atcaagaact    128400
     gctactgtag ttaaagacca aaatgagaca gttaatgaaa aaaatccagt atcacaaaat    128460
     gaatttaaaa tagattgata aatgaaaatt acttttgcaa accatttaaa atggatataa    128520
     taacaagaag ttggagtaag gatattatac tatacaattt aattagtgct gtaaaacaaa    128580
     cttacaagta agtgactgta aaaatgtcaa gagcatcaaa tatgtataag tgacacgggg    128640
     ctgttggaca atgtatgaat gcatctcact caatcacaag atccaaccat agtgtgcaat    128700
     agcaaataat ctcagatata acacagaatt tcttagatca aacaactcca gactcattct    128760
     actgtgaacc aacagagctg tgtacttgga ctgtgaagga ttactggcct atttttacca    128820
     caaagctggt ctgtatcttt atatctgtct gaattatatg tcataccctg cataaaacag    128880
     actacagaga taggaatcat tcaaaattta tcataacagc gctctctgat catatttacg    128940
     agattcaatt attctgacac agacagatgg actgcttgtc caggagaggc ctgtcatttg    129000
     ttaccgtcaa cagttgtgtc aggctgaagg gcttctggaa ctcaactttt gtagctacag    129060
     agcaaaaata agcttaaata tgatggcctg gggatataat cacatttcta attgatgtag    129120
     agtatgttta cataatacaa aagctcctat ttacggtagt tatttaaatc tctaaagtct    129180
     aattgttatg aattattggt actgaataat tcatcagatc tcaacttgtt gagaactaaa    129240
     aatgggttaa tattgtccaa aaggaaataa taaaacgcaa tagtaatgca caaaataaat    129300
     atattaatgt ttaaaagcga ggacgaatgc ttcccgtact ttaaatcaaa tattatttaa    129360
     ataacactct aactgacaat aaaaggatga gaacttgaaa acttgaagct atataaagac    129420
     tataaaaaat ccattgaaaa acataaacgt cgggacgtcc agtgggacgg cgaagctgat    129480
     tgctgtgtga aagaacctca cttaatcggt tgattcaaat gcccctggaa gatacattta    129540
     ggtaactaaa gacaagttga aagtttaagt ggatggggag aagcacaaaa ggggtaaaaa    129600
     taaaagtagg tgaaaaagga gaaataaccg atgatactga tgagccgcga atttaatggc    129660
     ggtgtgggaa aaggctaata tgcaagtagc taactcaaat atctgcacta gttgagatga    129720
     aattcaggca tttagtgcaa atcatataaa tgatatggat gatttttaat tttttcttca    129780
     ggaagatatg cagaaattga ttacataaac cagatattca aagacatagg tctcaaactc    129840
     tgcacagttt tgctccaacc cttttctaac acagctgatg cagctaataa aggtgttcaa    129900
     gattactaga cactactaga tcggctgtgt ttgattaggg taggagcaaa actgtgcaga    129960
     gctgctgccc tccagtgtta gagtgctttt ttcagtgtta gagagtcaga aagacttgca    130020
     aacaaagtta actgacttaa aagctcgttc ctaaggaagc aacctgattg agtttgtgac    130080
     gaggcttatt aagatggagc ttggcctgtc gttaacagac ttgtagatcg gtatacagcg    130140
     atgccacaga gaaattgccc cgaagcctcc ccgtgatgca ccaccaagat cactggtact    130200
     ttgctttcta gaacaacaag agaaagaaca ggtgatgaac accgcatgaa aaaagaaata    130260
     tgtccgaaaa acagcaacgc cacaagaaca ttacaataaa gctggatttt aactttcgcc    130320
     tggcaccaca tcgcgcacct tcactgactg cacacacacc tcacaaaaca gacaaggctt    130380
     taatacttga cacatttgcc gttgtgattt tctttaaaaa aatgtagcac tgttggcttg    130440
     agtttaaaaa aaaacatgtg ctccggaagc cgaaatcatg ttgaacgcac ccaaagcaaa    130500
     cctctgcaaa cacattgatg acgtcactcg agcgaactag cagacgcatc aagtataaac    130560
     caggcttcaa gaaaatgcga aacaattaag aaagatggtt ttggaacatt ttaatgtgaa    130620
     acctatagaa caaatgtgaa cgtggacaac attactaaat gtatttcaca atatgttcca    130680
     aatctatgtt tcatgtgtgt tttaaatgtg ttccacacat ttcacatgat ttacagttag    130740
     ttctagagtt cacacttagc tgttcacact gagctcagaa tatcctcgag ctcatcccgt    130800
     ttgaagggcg agaaaagagt ttgagctcag gtgggtctcg agaactcccc tgcttgtaaa    130860
     cttgctgaga aatatctggc taagagttgt cttacgatgc tatttagaag tagtcaattt    130920
     ggtgtatgtc tttggatggt gggaggaaat caggaaacct aggaaaaacc cacgtgaaca    130980
     cgaggagaac atgcaaactc cgcacagaaa cgccgaccgg ctcggagagg ggtcgaacca    131040
     gcggcgttct tgctgtgaga caacagtgct aggggtgtaa ggtgggattc ttcaagacga    131100
     agatgactag agtagaaagc tctggttatt tatagtgtgg taccagcagt gttcaatcat    131160
     aagcatgtga tcctctcgaa attaatttat aaataaatca cacttagttt ctgaacccac    131220
     acactcactc caaataaaca tgacttgatt tgtgttgtca aaatagattt tatagagatt    131280
     aatacagatt tccattttaa ttaaagaaag aattaacgct actatatgaa tcagaactaa    131340
     ttagtaagat aaatgctttt tttttatttg aatgtcaagt tttcataaaa aggctacatt    131400
     attttatcta ctaattattc acatgctttt taaaaagaaa taagtgagca acctttattt    131460
     tttcattaaa ctctgttcta tatttgtatg cacactgcac aatttactgt acaccgggca    131520
     tttgagtaca gccacattat tggctcggct gcccactcat tggaggtcaa caccatttaa    131580
     tagatgcagc taatagcagg tgcttgagga caccaacaat atatacattc tcataaaaaa    131640
     atgggagttg attataaatt attagctaaa tatacagtcc tctaaaaggc tcaggaaaaa    131700
     atcctggctt gacagcttca ttgccatcac tacaaataat agagtatatc tttgcgcttt    131760
     gcttcaagaa agtcctggaa agagcattaa aatttgcatc aatataagca gtagctcgag    131820
     aagaacgaga agtatactgt aggcaactag aaagacaaag acttaaaatg catatgctaa    131880
     aagctatcat atatacgcac tttgagattt ccgatttcat agggtcattt aaccatgaaa    131940
     catttcctat ataatcatgt cagtttttca catcacccat cacttcccca gagacacatt    132000
     tcagtctaaa agtcttcctt tctcctgcat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtatcg tctgggctaa    132060
     caaacacaag gtaaatgtgg tagaaagact tctctgagtg aagttgtgtg ttgacgttga    132120
     gactgaatta tggatgagtt cactcaaaag acgagtgctg tatggaattc attgtggatt    132180
     tgctgacagt tctggtgcac cttgatccag agggagagag cgaaagaaaa agacagagcg    132240
     tatggggaaa aagaagtact gtaaatcctc tccccttcat catacaatag tcactgcgat    132300
     atagtgcaaa ccccacacta gtccatccaa tcctttcatc tctcatggtg catatgtttg    132360
     gtgggcaaaa taatccaata aagctgtgga ataaataaca catgcaatct aatgtgatct    132420
     cctcccaccg cataccagcc tctgggatcc tgccatttct tcacattcat cttcagattc    132480
     gctgctcata agttcatact tatgtgataa attgcactcg agaaaatgta caggctggat    132540
     ttagtgtttg caatatttct ggatagtaat cgtcatattt ttcacattat atgaatctgc    132600
     gcccatttgg ccacttttat taggtgcacc cgttccattc tttgttaatc caaatatctg    132660
     atcagcaaat taacttggct gcagctcggt gcatttagta cactggactt tcatagactt    132720
     tcattcatat acatgcaaat gcgacagacc ggaaacgcaa actcgtgcga taagttttgc    132780
     atgtagctgt gttgcaaagt tcaagcttgg tgaattctga tcaaatggca acattccact    132840
     ctccctcctt aagcgaatac aaaagtaact gaaactgcaa ctcaaaattc cactagcctg    132900
     actccataat agagcatagt tctattgacc ccaatgttaa aatggtcaac tttacagcag    132960
     aaaaaaaggt gtttactgcc tggaacaaaa aaacaatttt ggtgtatata gctagtatca    133020
     cccttcatga caactgtaat gctgtgttca cactagacgc ggaacgtgcg gataaatcat    133080
     gctattcacg cgtaaattgt cgcgtgaaca ttttagttta ctggcttcat tcgtgttaaa    133140
     ccccgcttca ttcgcgcgtc aaatccgctt cattcgcatg tcaaattcac ttcaaaacag    133200
     atgcggattc gcgtgatggg tagggcttct gtctgcccgg tgattctagc tttatagcta    133260
     aacggctaac atggatttta tgaagaaaat aacagtgttt atgtgcttta tgaagactga    133320
     aaaaccgcat ccatacgttt agggtcctgt ctgagtccac tacatccttt cagaggtgca    133380
     tccagctctg tgagctcata aactcctcca gaaactgaac ctggaagacg gagactttca    133440
     gcggtgcttc tgactgagcc aagcccagtt tgatgaactg ttgtctgtgt cgcctggagg    133500
     atttcccccg ggacaccatc aacaggttct acgtcacaat cacgccccca caagagcaag    133560
     cttctgattg gttaacacgg cgcgaatgtc cgctcaagtt cagattttcg aactcgagag    133620
     attcacgcga aacgctcgtt aagtgcgtca aacgcacaaa actctcaatt cgccccgtgc    133680
     cattcgcgca attcgcgtca ttcgcgccgc gccattagtg catatctagc cgcaggatgt    133740
     ctatttgcgc gtttgcattg actttacatg taaatcactc gcgcttgacc cgcgttccgc    133800
     gtctggtgtg aacgcagcat tagtgggtga atttttttat aaagttttta taactttatg    133860
     gccacttaag tgacagctag gtctcgctgg tcgccgtaac ttcaccttag ttgattccgg    133920
     ctgattagct gctgaactcg gcatatccat tgtatttttg tgttgtttta tgtggcttta    133980
     cacagtcagt tgctttttgg aattattact tacaattatc agatgatatg gcatgatgtg    134040
     tgcacttaat tgtgctcaca aaccattcaa gttgccttca tttcctaggt gagtgaagtt    134100
     atatacgtat ataccatatc tataaatgta tttgttttat ttaagataac ttagcattta    134160
     tcattttctt tagacttgta atgcactcca gaatctgaaa tattgattag ctgtaggctc    134220
     tagaacagtc atctgaaatg taatctcata cagttttatg cctggatttc atcaatagcc    134280
     ttgcatttac ttacacagac tatatttcaa gtagttggaa gtaatttgca ttttccttct    134340
     gaagaaaggc atcataagaa caatgtttag tggctcaatt tattacaaca gtgtttttaa    134400
     aagactaaac actttattga tatagtacac aaccaagacc atgtggtcag aacacaaacg    134460
     agttgcaggt aataaagtat taagcgtttc tccaaaagaa aagcctaagc aaaaattcta    134520
     gcaggcagct gtagctccac ctcttcgtcc ttttttaata acccctggtc ggcgagatga    134580
     cgtatgaaca aaatggtgac ggttggccac acctacttgt ggctttattt gcgttcttaa    134640
     gaaacctata ggtgacatga catatattac gtccatactg aatcttctac agtctatgat    134700
     tctgatctgt gtaatcgcat cacatgactg cgtgagacca atcaaagatt aaaacatgac    134760
     ctctctgtac aaaaatgtta aatatggacc aatcgctctc ttttttaaat gtctaatcat    134820
     cttgtttaat cccgcagcaa tgtattacag aatttcgcaa gctaaaacta ttgtgaccgt    134880
     ggcattacag tgcattccat tcagaagagc tcatccctat gccctattcc cttcgaaggg    134940
     tttaccctcc agagtgacaa cttcgaagag attagggcat agggatgagc tctggagtgg    135000
     aaggcacggt ttgacaccaa acaaaatctc tgtcaaagga tcactgggct caaagtgtcc    135060
     atcagttgta ccctttgaaa tccttcaaag tggccagttt tgagcactcc agtttggaat    135120
     gacaattcaa tatcgaagcc aagactattt acactccgaa gtgcccttca gagggcaatt    135180
     tgttctattt ggaacacact gatagtcatg gcaacctgat gaagttaaaa cgatgtaaaa    135240
     catcctgggt gtttcgaaag aaaattagca ttacattttt tgacggtttg ggtttgtctg    135300
     actttttccc aaaattaggt tgacaaccca ggatttgctg ttatttgagc accaaaatgc    135360
     taaatgaagg tgatttgcat tatgtttcag agtatttttc tgatctacta ggatctgcat    135420
     ggataatcat taattacaaa cacgttaaac cttgaagccg atgagctaca gcagcagaag    135480
     gccacacgtg tgactctcct gtcagatatg aacagcaaac cgaggctata attcacacag    135540
     gctcaccaaa actgaacaat agaacaatgg aaaaagcttg cctggtttga tgagcctctc    135600
     tttcaactgc attgttcaaa tggcagagat agaatttggt gtaaacaaca acatgaaagt    135660
     atggattcat cctgcctttt atcaatggtt caggctgttg ccggtctaat agggaggggg    135720
     agaacagctg ctcttgcatc atccaggtgg atgcagcaca ctggtggtgg ctgaggagat    135780
     ctaagagcct ggaaagttaa tgtaatactt ttaatttaat tttttgtttg cctgagtgtt    135840
     gttgctgacc atgcccaatc cgttataaag aagttgcagt ggacacagtg gctccatgtt    135900
     aacaaagctc aaatgacctc aaactgtttt ttttatattc tgtataaaac agttcactaa    135960
     aataaaatgg ccagtcacca tatctcaatc cagtagagga ctttaggatg tgctctacgg    136020
     aagattctct ttatggatgt gcagctaata aatctgtaag tctgtaaatc tgtatcttct    136080
     tcaaggtact acatgctgta tgcaacttta tgtgttattt tagtaacctt ttccttccta    136140
     gctgcttaaa ccactctggc tgttctccac tggcatcaac aaggaattgt cgctcactga    136200
     atgatttttc tttttctggt catttactag agaagatttt gtgtgaaaat cccagttgat    136260
     ttctgaaagc ctgtctagca ccaacagcaa tgccacattc aaacaggctt aaatcaccct    136320
     tcaatgtgaa cttcaggaga tggtcttgac catgattaac ataatacaag tacataatta    136380
     tgcatttaat tataatgtgt tttctcctgt tgccaaaata gatgttataa caaactgaag    136440
     ttgcgtatgt cagatatggt aaccatagaa acagcatgct tctcattcac tttcaattga    136500
     gatatgcatg ataatgcatg acaagcactg tcattatacc tttcttatat gggtttttga    136560
     ctttgtgtgt gtgtggttat gatgccataa ctgaaccaca actgattgtt caatgcaaaa    136620
     tgacatttaa tcatttagca aattttcaaa tgtttaaatg tctataccat aaatgcactt    136680
     tggcatgttt tgtcttattt ttaaactgtc attcattcat tcattttctt tttggcttag    136740
     tccctttatt aatccggggt caccacagcc gaatgaaccg cccacttatc cagcacgttt    136800
     taagcagcgg atgcccttcc acctgcaacc catctctggg aaacatccat acacacactc    136860
     actcacttat acactacgga caatttagct aacccaattc acctgtacct catgtctttg    136920
     gactgtgggg gaaactggag cacccggagg aaacccatga acgcagggag aacatgcaaa    136980
     ctccacacag acaccccaac tgacccagcc gagactcaaa ccagcaacct tctttctgtg    137040
     aggcgaaagc acaacctact gtgccactac attgctttac gtaaactttt atagggtact    137100
     taataaaaaa acaacaaata ataacttgac tttaagttga taatttggaa aagtggcaga    137160
     agtacatgta gatttttcca atgaatcatc tgttgaacag catcctaatc atcgcaaata    137220
     ctgcagaaga cctactgaac ccacacagac ccaagattct cacagaaatc agtcaagttt    137280
     ggtgaaggaa aaatggtttg cggttacatt tagaatgggg gcgtgcctcc acattaaagt    137340
     tcctgaaagc aaagaaagtc aaggtgctcc aggattggcc agcccagtca ccaggtatga    137400
     acattattga gcatgtctgg ggtaagatga aggaggaggc attgaagagg aatccaaaga    137460
     atcttgatga actctgggtg tcctgtatga acaatttctt tgtcattcca gatgacctta    137520
     ttaagaagtt atttgactca ttacagagat gtttaaataa acttttctaa gctcatggga    137580
     gtcttaaacc gcctttccac tgcacatgac atttcggcac gactgtcgaa atacggcccc    137640
     ttgtggcagt cgcacaaaat tttccaatag tatctggatg cagtctttta tgatgctttt    137700
     atgatgccca ctgacctgct tgtacaacac tggaatacat cacatccggt cgcatacggt    137760
     ctagttgcag gagttttaat ctgatctgaa ttttactcat acggagagga tcggaactcc    137820
     acgcagctcc cggactactc tacattgaaa atgaatgact tccagactgt cgcttgtcat    137880
     gtgcagtgga aaggaggcta taaacaataa taattgtttt tccactgcag catgacttta    137940
     ttttttaaac tgtaagggac atgttttgtc tcagcaaatt cagaccttac tgtcctaatt    138000
     aaataattaa aaatcaaagc ataatcatat tttattttta taaaataagc caagtataaa    138060
     gagaggcctt tgcctttcat ataagatatc ctaaaacttg gataggcgac aagacttttg    138120
     tcaggtagtc tagataaaca actgctgagc tcaccacatc acaacagcac tgaaaacgtc    138180
     tccttatccc ttaattattt ataaaccatc acgttgtctc tgtaatatat cataagatag    138240
     actaatgcat ataataaagt gcaagttagt ctgtaatgag agcttatttc ctcttatata    138300
     acacactggt tccaattgtg ttttgcgaca catctgctgg gagtaaatta attaaaagta    138360
     aatacaactt ccaagccaaa ggcgctacaa gtattcataa aggtgacttc aaacgaaact    138420
     actcacacca caatgctgca caacatgttt ttgtttttac agcaattcat ttgtgctatg    138480
     acagattatg acctaccctg aaattcagta atactccgag cgcaatattt tattgcatga    138540
     aattactttt aaattacctt cctagcaagg ttcagcgcaa aacaaaaaca gataaagcct    138600
     gaaaaatcta agccacaagg aacgggaaac atattggctg gtatgctgtc agaatgcgtt    138660
     gtcttattgc atgctgaagt tcacaggcat ttgatgctgc agcacagcta tttttaggac    138720
     aaagttcatg gtataatggt caaaacggag catacgcatg agtgactgct taaccgtgcc    138780
     atttactgta aaaaacacac attcctgcta ttaagctact aatacactga cataaatagc    138840
     agtgcactca ctctctagct actgtatctg cagtgtcacg agagtcatgg gttgtgaaga    138900
     cctggtaatt atctattcat gaagaaatgg ctgaaatgtg ttttattttg gagaagtagt    138960
     gtgggaggag tgaaagaggg ggtgcctggt ttgctgaaaa acagaacact gacagaacag    139020
     atgctaactt tgcatagttg tagatgcaca tgcgaactca cacatgcaca catacataca    139080
     cctacaccgt gttagcgctc ggtcctcttc tcaagctgca tttcttccat tcctgcactc    139140
     agattcgctc cttttttagc acggaaccat catgctctgt tcctatggcc ctaggcccac    139200
     tagagactat aaaaagatac aggctcatga aatatagaga gtgttcagga ttcaatttta    139260
     tggtgcctat tactgcaaat tgtaatatgg ctaattaccc ctcgccgtgt aggattgctt    139320
     cagcaattgt ctcatgcccc catcagacga aatttcaagc aaatggcacc tgaggggcgt    139380
     caattgagca tttcattatt ttaattatgt ggacttatga tttaccttct cagacaaaga    139440
     gaacagggcg attggaaagt ctttcgttag gcaatggtta cctcatgggc actgaatctg    139500
     tttttctgca gctttccaga cttacaagtt tgttctgaaa aaagcgacaa gccagatgga    139560
     taacacaatt tttttgtctc aaaccagtgc tgttatacag ataaacggtc tgaagaatat    139620
     gtcttggcca ttcataaatt acacatttct gctcgtaccc cacttgtata gcttattggc    139680
     ttcacagcac ttgtcaaatc agtctttgcg aataacagta ttaaattgct aacttggcaa    139740
     gtgattcatc ttaagtttta ctgtggatat tgagattttg ggagtgagat tgatggagtt    139800
     gagtggtgtg atggaggggg cagaaaatat tggatttctt tcacaattct tagcagcagt    139860
     gtgtgcttta ttgcttattt taataaaaac tggttgtcct ggtcctatgt aactcaatac    139920
     cgttcaatgg ggccaaaaag tcttgagcta catagggggt gtttataggc atgggccggt    139980
     gtataagatt ctgatggcat gataacctct gataaaatat atcacatttt atgatatcat    140040
     ggtgttgtga ctactgctct aaaattagtt gtttttaaat gtttgcataa aataaaacta    140100
     tatttccccc ctttgaacac aatatatttt attttaggaa acatttatgt tggatgggat    140160
     gggagaccac atgggaaagc taggttacag gtggaagtgg tgttagcagg gcaggcgctt    140220
     ccatagagac gacctaggcg gcgtccccga aactaccctc gccacccgcg cccttatccg    140280
     cgtctagggt ggcagaatag agagagcggc gtcctcgaaa ctatcctcgc cacccgcgcc    140340
     cacaattata tccgcgtcta cggtggcaga atatagagag cggcgtcccc gaaactaccc    140400
     tcgccacccg cgcctcagtt atagccgcgt ctagcgcggc agaatagaga ggttggcgtc    140460
     ccctaaacta ccctcgccac ccgcgcctca gttttagccg cgtctagcgc ggcagaagag    140520
     agaggttggc gtcccctaaa ctaccctcgc cacccgcgcc tcagttttag ccgcgtctag    140580
     cgcggcagaa tagagagagt ggcgtcccct aaactaccct cgccacccgc gcctcagtta    140640
     tagccgcgtc tagggcggca gaatagaccc ccgcggtttc actttaggtt tgagggcggc    140700
     gtgaccgttc tttgcctaga gcggcagttc agcttgctcc ggccctgggt gttagtgtga    140760
     ccagccgcgc taaacctgca gtctgtgttg gcctaatgcc ccagtatagt gaaggggaca    140820
     ctatgtgctg ttagtgattg tcgtcttaca gataagacgt taaaccgagg tctcgacttt    140880
     ctgtgttcgt aaaaaaaagg ggtttaaccc cagcatcctg gccaaatttg cccactagcc    140940
     tctgtccatc atgtccacct aaccatctcc atatcataac tggcttcatc actatgtctc    141000
     ctctccacca atcagctggt gtgtagtgtg caatttggtg caatggtgga tgctgtacac    141060
     tggtggagga caagaagatt cctgccaaat atgtgtaaag cactttgagt gtcaagagta    141120
     ctatataaat gtaaggaatt cattattatt tataatagtt tggaacagta aacatgtcag    141180
     gctaaataat tcaaataaat aattaattct gctctcttca tttgtttcca aaccacagat    141240
     ttctgtacaa cacacaaaaa aaaaaaaaac acacacaaga gccatgacag tcgccgcgat    141300
     agcatagtgg ttaaaatgta gtaaaatctt actaaaaaat tacaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac    141360
     tactaaatta ctaaaatatt actaatactt tccttcttag actgtacaga cctgaaactt    141420
     gcctatagca cttattcatt gttgctctta tagttgtgta aattgcttcc ttgtccttat    141480
     ttgtaagtcg ctttggataa aagcgtcagc taaatgacta aatgtaatgt aatgtatgta    141540
     atgtaaagcg ccaacatata gtgcagtagc acgtcagggc gtctcaagtt cgaatcccgg    141600
     ctcatggaca tttccctact ctactccctc tttctcattt aacttcgctt cctgtctcaa    141660
     aaatgtccta tctaataaaa gcaaaaaggc caaaaaaaaa aagctctgac taataccaga    141720
     ggaacggtat aacagaacat tttagcggtt ttaaaacctt gacttttgca aaccgtggta    141780
     aaacttgaaa ccgattattg tcccatgcct agtgtttaca tgtaccgatt acaacagtgt    141840
     ttcttaatcc cagttcttgc catgatcaac gcaggtttcg ttcaaatgga attttagttt    141900
     gtaatatgtg attttatatt gtttttattt atggagatat tctgtattat atcacacttc    141960
     acacatatcc tgtaagctgc tgcaagtagt gctgttgtgt aaatctgtaa actaatgttt    142020
     cagagtaaaa aaagtgttcc tgtgttcaaa tagagcacaa tgacggagaa tggactagag    142080
     aagtatgcac actgtgtagg aatgtgtcaa tcagaacacg tcatcataga cggagctctt    142140
     ctaaagagct ggttatctaa atcagtttgg ttaaataagg ctacatttac actgcgaggt    142200
     ctagtgctca aatctgattt ttttctcaga tcagattttt ttgcatagca gctgttcaca    142260
     ctgttgttat aaatgtggcc aatatcagat ttccagtgtg aacagatcat ggccctaaac    142320
     tgatccacat gcacaaaagt acagctatgg acagcacata gtaattgtgt atactgtata    142380
     aagtgaataa agcaagttgt cagataattc tttaatatat tctttaatat ttagttttgt    142440
     taattatcta attgaaatat agctatttta atatggtggt attttaaatc tatttttttt    142500
     tagggtgggg tgggacatgt tgatcaaaaa ttatgtaaaa gtcatatgaa tctgggtact    142560
     tctcgcatac tgtttttcta aatctatgta tgcggacata ctactcggct cgcatactgt    142620
     ttttaatgta ctatatagta tgggagtatg caactttgga cgcagcccca ttcatgaatt    142680
     ccctcgcggt gcctcataag atagtgtaga gtgcatcaaa tgcgcacttt agaatctcgc    142740
     cggaattggt atgttatcca ggtacttctc gcatactgtt ttcgaattct atgactgaca    142800
     tactactcgg cttacatact gattttagcg tactaaatga aagtatgcaa tttcggcata    142860
     gccattggtt tcgaaattat atatttttta attgtgaata atgtctgcag tcagtacagg    142920
     gaaactaggc ttttgtcagt cgtaaggggc aataagactg tccccaatcc ttaaaggcta    142980
     taaacaacta aaacaacagc agtgtccaac tactataacc aacttctggc ttggctagtt    143040
     tttttttttt ttttttggat ccgtgttagc atattgtcaa gacaatgatg ccgtttgtgt    143100
     tgtgaacatc ttaaaatatg taaaagaaaa atacttccac ttttagaagg tgcgtaactg    143160
     ttgtgtaaat gaactctgtt atctaaaatg cattctgaat aatgcatgtg aaagaaaatg    143220
     taaataaatt cacttctaat ctaagcagtg acagtagaac tgtataaaag gcgtatttgt    143280
     ctctataaca taggatgaat ccagctctcc tgttaatggt tcctacagta gacttattct    143340
     cttcacccac acatctctgc ttgaccttta tgcgatcggt tttctaagaa aaaaatgggt    143400
     cgttcgtgga gagcaggttg ttgttttata tccccttcag tttctcgctt ggcaacagaa    143460
     catatgctag gctcttgacc tgtggccact tcacatccat ctcttcatgc taatgcattc    143520
     gtgtataaaa cagtgctcta cacccccatg tatcatgaat ttgttctgaa catgggttac    143580
     catcatcctc agaggtctat atttgtcagc agggttaaga gggacagagg gggctgatat    143640
     tgactgtgaa gagatgggcg attaactgtg aggctgactc aggcggctgg tgtctttgta    143700
     cgtcagggca cgatggaaaa gccaatgaaa cagttctcag agggtgtcat aaagtctgct    143760
     ttattgccgg tttgtgttgc ctttgcagat taagttcaaa gagagatggc ttctcttctc    143820
     tctccatctt aaatcccgtt tctattgagt ttcttctatg gatatattct cagggcctct    143880
     gagaaataac cctgcagtca gcagctgcag ggcagagagt gattgtaaat gagggaggat    143940
     tactccctca gggggctttt aacccctcag agtctggcta gaagcatccc ctggcaaaga    144000
     aacctgtggt tatgttcaga tgggctttct tgagaagatg tgactcatta gcggtatccg    144060
     tgtggtgaga tgtttttgta gccgtttact cattatgctc ctgacctgtt tatcccttat    144120
     ccaaagctga aagtagcact gcaccgttac gaaatgagaa atattcatct cacactttat    144180
     tagtagagta ccttactaat aaaatagcga ctaataaatg tacaactgta catagtttga    144240
     tagattagct tgagtctttc ttaaaaacag ctcgcgtttt aggttagtcc taattgatca    144300
     aaactttagc aattgacata acgcagtttg accgcatatt attgcacaca atactttaaa    144360
     cacagaaagc tgagggaata tcaccgtaaa aacgactaac ctgtagtatt cctgttgctg    144420
     ttattctgtc gtatgctgtc tgaatcatac tgaatcaatc ggttcactta cgcaaacgat    144480
     tcatctgaat catttctcga ccagaatgcc gcgaaagacg gatggatgga tggatggatg    144540
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    144600
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    144660
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tattgtttaa cagatgaata agacagaaaa    144720
     atgatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    144780
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    144840
     tagataatta atttagttat tgtttgacag atgaataaac cacgatggat ggatggatgg    144900
     atggatgttt aaatgattta gttagtgttt gacagataaa ttaaccagat agatagacag    144960
     acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagagag acagatagat agatagatag    145020
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    145080
     atagagagat agatagagtt agtgtttgac agatgaataa acttgttgtt tttagaaaca    145140
     ctgatatgat aaaacataca aatatagatt atattacttt atttagatag attcatttat    145200
     ttattcttat aatatattta tgctcctatg atcaatccaa agcttatcat ccattatttt    145260
     gttaatggag ccttagctca gactgccttt gaaaacaaag aactgataaa aggaagtctg    145320
     aagcatggcc atatccctta gtaatcacgt ttattttcaa gctgaagctg gactgctgaa    145380
     attgaaaaga tgatcagtac ttcagcctca gcagaacacc ataaatgtca agtaccacaa    145440
     gaaaattatt tatatgaaaa aaaaaactga tgagaatagc agaccataaa acagcatacg    145500
     gttgaagctg caaacacctt atcatgttgt ttatcatcac acattaataa ttattcatct    145560
     aaaggcaggt cagtgtgttt atgtgtatta cactggaaac ttacatacgc ataaataaac    145620
     attaatacat catgcttctc cagttgcata gtgtctaata tacagttatg ttctaaacat    145680
     agatatttgc tttagatgtt gcctacactg ttgtctattg gaaggaatgg gtcaacagag    145740
     tcgccaattt tgtacagggt tgcactcctt tgaaataaat gtgagaccaa ggtgctgagg    145800
     actggccatc cagagccata gatatatata catatgtata tatctatgat cgggaatttt    145860
     cccggtggtc atcacgcaca taattttttt taattatgaa aattttaatt ttcatcagtt    145920
     tttcacatca atccataagt gatttcacgg acaaagagcg tgtgtttgtg tgcattgaaa    145980
     tgtattatcc tccctccctg ttaaatttga tttaatcatt gtcctgaagc acaccccttc    146040
     tcctgctttc acttctaatt ctaacagagg gagcgattcg tttgtgaatg aatctccgtt    146100
     atgaactatt cgtttgaacc atcgatatcc ctgcatctta atgtacatat ctacctttct    146160
     gatctatata gcatattaca tttgtaatat tcaataattt agggtggaca gtttgcacat    146220
     tggggcgcag gcattgttat cttatcaggc accctaataa gttactttaa aaactagcca    146280
     atactttact tagcagcaat agtacaagtt tctggcaccg cagcgtcttg tcatatttca    146340
     tttacattgt ttggtaattt tattaaataa aactagcata agcctagaat ttagtgcagg    146400
     ttgatgttaa tttgccttaa aaagtctgtt acatacaaaa ttgtaaaaaa ctaaacctgt    146460
     acgaagagca aaagtccagc atctttagat tggctttagt cttaactagt gcagttctat    146520
     gacatttgtt ctgggagcac tgtacaaatg tggcggcggt attgaagcat gctcgtatgc    146580
     gatatctatg tgttccaaag actttttttt gaagaaaaac attccatgga tgtgaaagat    146640
     tctttatgga accctcaata ccagtgaaaa tcatttattt attttcatga gtgtgaacca    146700
     gtgaagcaaa ataaaggtaa gaagcaatca tttatttcag ttttcctctt ttctctgcat    146760
     atttataaat tggcagtgtg gctgaacaat tgcatttaat catcatatac ctgagatgag    146820
     gaacagttaa tttacacagc atatttagaa tatgtaaaag tgtttgttta aaggcatgat    146880
     tcacatataa tgaatgaatt acttaatgta ttaacagtac aactgcaaca acaacaacaa    146940
     cacaagacat cctgaaattc aagaatattt aaggctaaac attggcacaa ttttctcaat    147000
     tcttatattt ctattctcaa aagaacacat gtatgcaatg tcattttcat taaatatcag    147060
     caggtatttg atccctggct tcagaaatat gatgtgttca tggacttaga attttaatcc    147120
     atgatatgaa ccaaaacagt aattagcaga gtcacactaa cccaagggat caaataggct    147180
     gcaggcaaag gctcaacctc aagggggctc tgtaaataag agatagcata ataattaaac    147240
     gaggattttg atttgtatag tttcatattt gttatcaaca aatagcaaag tggctccaca    147300
     gctcaaaagt gctttcccca gtgttgacac tgcacttaga attaatcact gtctctgact    147360
     cacaaattcc caaacgccat cagatagaga gataatttct gaagctgggg cttctaaaaa    147420
     ataatttgac aacttcagtg gatggaagca cattgagctg tctgccagag atttaaactg    147480
     aacatgacct tctgtgccga gttgacttca ttagggactt gcttttaaga agaacaagga    147540
     agggggcttt tcaatatcag cgagtgacat ttcagtcaat ttaagtgtct gcttgattcg    147600
     ttatgatgtt gtaaatacat attcactgat taacattcat acttaagggc atttaagtgc    147660
     ttgtccagat gttacatgct cttcatttgg ccaattggcc agttctggca tatttgttgt    147720
     gaagcgtggg tcttctgaca aagtatgcaa atcaccaatt tcagggatac taactcttta    147780
     aatgaccaca tggtttcgat cttgacaaac ctgagaggct atagtgaggt tcaaggcttg    147840
     gcactttttg gggcaccagg tttcatctgg ttggccagct tgaatctcct cactaccctt    147900
     ctagcaaaca gttgtcatgc acagggcatg gctgaagcta tggaggaaaa aggccccggt    147960
     catgtgatcc tgtggttcgg gacgaatgta actttccagg aagataaaat cacagttgca    148020
     gagactgagt acaaggtctc tgtaggttcc cagaaaagtc actgaattaa tcactgaatc    148080
     tgactcgcaa attcccaaat gccatcagat agagagatca tttctgttca agaaagttgg    148140
     ggcttctaaa aaataatttg acgactttag tggaatggaa gcacattgag ctgtctgcca    148200
     gagatttaaa ctgaacacga ccttctgtgc cgagttgatt ttagtagaga cttgacttta    148260
     acaaggcttt tcaatagcag cgagtgtcat ttcattcaat gtaggtgtct gcttgattct    148320
     tgatgatgtc ctaaggacat attcactgat taacattcat acttaaggct atttaagtgc    148380
     ttgtccagat gatacacgct cttcatttgg ccaattggcc agttctggca tgcttgtcat    148440
     aaagcgtagg tcttttgaca aagtaagcaa cttaccaatt tctgggatac gatctgtttt    148500
     aatggccaca tagttttgat cttgacaagc ctgagaggat atagtgaggt ttgaggctta    148560
     gcactttttg ggggaccagg tttcatctag ttggcctgct tgaatcttct cactacccta    148620
     ttgacagaca ggtgtcctgc acagggcatg gctgaagcta tggtggagaa atgatccagt    148680
     catttgattc tgtggttcgg gacgaatata actttccagg aagctgaaat cacagttgca    148740
     gagattaagt agaaggtctc ggtaggctcc cagaagagtc actgaattaa ttactaactc    148800
     tgactagcaa attcccaaat gccatcagat agagagataa tttctgaagc tggggcttct    148860
     aaaaaataat ttgacaactt cagtgaatgg aagcacattg agctgtctgc cagagattta    148920
     aactgaacac aaacttctgt gttgagttga tttcattaga tacttgactt taacaaggaa    148980
     gggggctttt caaaagcagc gagtgacatt tcagtcaatt taggtgtctg cttgattcgt    149040
     tatgatgttg taaggacata ttgactgatt aacattcata cttaaggcca tttaagtgct    149100
     tgtccagata atacatgctc ttcatttggt cagttggcca gttctggcat gtttgtcatg    149160
     ggcaagcgtg ctgtgctttt gtagctagtg agtctttggt cacatcaatg cacatttaca    149220
     ggctaaaaat ggtggtcatg aatgtttaat tgcaaatgat tacaaattgc aaagatgttt    149280
     aaaggaaaat ccccccccca agaaaaaaga attcctctca tcatttgttt tttcttaagt    149340
     cattccaaag ggtatgactt taattttttc tgtgaaagcc aatatacttt gaggaatgat    149400
     ggaaatcaac attttttgac ttttttgatt gagaatgcaa accagttctt gaagggtccc    149460
     gtctcgcgtg ccaaaggtca gagtttagct ccaaccctaa ttaaacacag catcgcttta    149520
     atgtatattc aactgcaaaa gaatgtagat gggctggttt gacaaagaat ttttcaacat    149580
     ttctgcacct gaggacatct gaggacattc ctagtgatga caattgtttc atcaaggaca    149640
     gtgcgtgaac tgtcgtgaaa caagaatgac aaaagtatac tctgggcttg atacttacta    149700
     gaaacatccg gccaagtgag tgtcagttaa actctaaagg attgggattg tatatacctg    149760
     ttttaagcaa aagtaaccaa gcattataat catgaccata ttatttttct aagtattccc    149820
     caaagtagca tccataatat tgtttttcta aagccttgat acctgatttg caagtgataa    149880
     aaacaaagtg aaaatataaa aagctattaa cacaatgtca tgtaacaaat atattttgtt    149940
     gagacttctg cttaattgaa tgtatatgta aagcctccag ttctgcacaa gccacttagt    150000
     gtggagttaa aacgggtcat tccagcatgg gagacataaa agaacgcttc agaccactgc    150060
     ctctaacatt tactgagttt gcatttgtga cgtttacttt gtcacattag ctgacctctg    150120
     ttacaataat cacctaaact cccattcaag tcacggcacc aatgacacct cccaaattat    150180
     ttatcaaccc attgtaggca ggatttgatc tggagtgagg tttacttgca tagctctcac    150240
     tagctgtcat ccattttacc tgtctcttaa acctcacttt atctgggtca cggcaccaat    150300
     gcaatgctac agactcaagg acacaccctc tagtatcttt tactggagtg cctcttgaga    150360
     tcaggggagt aacgtttact cacacagctc tcactagctg gcctccaata catttacact    150420
     gaatgcagtg taagttgctt tggataaatg tgtcttccag ctgaattagt ggttcactta    150480
     aaagttactt cactacacac ttgtctccat tagacttttt gttatattcc tcagttcatc    150540
     tacagactgg acaagtttat agccaagtag ggcaagagtt ctgttacaca gagactgaac    150600
     agtcttaaca atgtcaaagt ttagatgcac tctccagctc tgtgctgtag ctttagagtc    150660
     tcttgtggtg gagtacttat agttccactc tgaagaagat gggacactgc tattggtgtt    150720
     atcaacaatc catttgagga ctctttgatg taggtcaagg cctagaaatc tgtatatctc    150780
     ctttgccttt tcttcaggat tcaaggccag gtcttcatat cgcaccaata gatacctccc    150840
     tctcagccat gttggtttca ggaggccggt ttccacagaa tactcgatat ctttgcaggt    150900
     tcttgttatt tgtgtcaggt ccacataccg tggttgacgc ccagtggcgt tccagatctt    150960
     ccaagccctg aatttgctgg caaaagcagt cattcgggaa gcaagaatgg cacgggggtc    151020
     tctcaccaaa tggatgatac gcaaatctaa acgtgggtct tctgacagag tacgtaagtc    151080
     accaatttct gggatacgaa ccgttttaat ggccacatgg tttcgatctt gacaagcttg    151140
     agaggctatg gtgaggttca aggcttgaca ctttttaggg caccaggttt catctggctg    151200
     gcctgcttga atctcctcac taccctccgg gcagacaggt gtcatgcaca gggcatggct    151260
     ggagctacgg cggaaaaagg ccccggtcat gtgatcctgt ggttcgggac gaatgtaact    151320
     ttccaggaag ctgaaatcac agttgtagag attgagtaga aggtctcggt aggctcccag    151380
     aagagctcta ccatccagag ccctttgcag gcggctacta gaattggtga aagcctgctg    151440
     cacgtgataa agaggctcaa aaaggtaaaa tatgcctgga tgttgattaa aaagctgtcc    151500
     agtaaatgag gagccactgc gggtttgtgc aaacagaagg atgtgcttcc gagctgcagc    151560
     accactagtt tctgcaagga cacggctgtc atcgcacaga gatttccatc tttgctctgg    151620
     ggaagagaag tagagaaatt gagataatac ggcactctga aaccacagag gacattataa    151680
     ggccacagaa gacccaatta gttcagcttc atctttaatc aatcagttat ttgggtaaga    151740
     aatacctgga gcttcagtta ggggggggaa aacagagtac aatcttaact aactctttat    151800
     taaagtccaa cacaattcag aaaccttttc tccctgctga gagggaatgt gcagcaacaa    151860
     tagtgctatt ttgaagatct ggattgcttc ctcttgtggt ggtaatcatt tcaccgtttt    151920
     ggggaaatac ataaaactga aaaatgaaca atccacatac tgcacataca aaaaaagatt    151980
     atgggacttt cgctcaaaat gaacaattac tatatatagc aggagggtgg gagagactga    152040
     taacgcttgt aattacggct gatgaaagac tgattgcgcg tggcacatta ggttgtgcga    152100
     gtcgacgctt gctggaagtg caaacagctg gtccttgagg acataataca gcagattaat    152160
     gatgagataa ttgtagaatt aattattgat attccatcac tcgttccttt gcagcggatg    152220
     atgggggaat ttctgggttg catttctaca ggttctcttt tcatttcttt ccatacaaac    152280
     tcgcttatta aagaagtgat gacctgagag tgataagcct atagagataa tgtcatttag    152340
     atcctccaga attttcttgt caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa aacagctaaa gctacatcca    152400
     taaccaaaca tgaattataa ttaaatttga gtctctatgc aaactataat ttaatggagg    152460
     gcttaaactg tgcataaaaa tgcagcctgg catatggact tgaatgcaga tgaaactgac    152520
     tgcacatcaa tagattggtt attgctgcta tacagaattg gggctctaaa aatgctgtaa    152580
     agtttaggga agaaactaca ctacctgaca aaatcttgtc gttaatttca gttgtaaggg    152640
     caacaataac tggatttctg gttgatcatt tggaaaagtg gaagatggta gattttttcg    152700
     atgaatcatc tgttgagctg cgtcccaatc atctcaaata ctgcagaaga cccacatggg    152760
     cccaggattc tcgcagaaat cagtcgtttg gtgaaggaaa aatcgtggtt tggggttaca    152820
     ttctgtatgg aggtgtgcaa gggatctgca gagtggatgg caacatcaac agcctgaggt    152880
     atcaagacat ttgcgctgcc cattacagta caaaccacag tagaggacaa attcttaagc    152940
     aggatagcgc tccttctcat acttcagcct ccacatcaaa gtttctaaaa gcaaagaaag    153000
     tcaaggtgct ccaggattgg ccagcccatt caccagacat gaacattact gagcatgttt    153060
     ggggtaaaaa taaaggagga ggcattgaag atgaatctaa atgttcttga tgaactggat    153120
     gagtcctgca tgaaagctt                                                 153139