EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX571730; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 160875 BP.
AC   BX571730;
DT   16-JUL-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-35I22 in linkage group 5 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate G elongation factor,
DE   mitochondrial 2 (GFM2), the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:73179), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate ectodermal-neural cortex (with BTB-like domain)
DE   (ENC1) and five CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160875
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 427af5e44373cccd1c238a3c46fb5142.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991844.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000005561; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000009336; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000034368; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035398; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000009500; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000016314; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000050271; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000051293; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000139317; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000141338; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000145792; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-35I22. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEYP-114E10 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-35I22 is at 160875 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-35I22 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160875
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="5"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-35I22"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-35I22"
FT   misc_feature    2001..160875
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    80169
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(98816..100297,100681..100968))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ectodermal-neural cortex (with BTB-like domain) (ENC1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(98816..100297,100681..100968))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018281"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   ectodermal-neural cortex (with BTB-like domain) (ENC1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q4T2F4 Tr:Q6DFF7 Tr:Q7ZT06
FT                   Tr:Q7ZTI7 Tr:Q8C7V2 Tr:Q96L69"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000210"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006652"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011705"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013069"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015915"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017096"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BHD7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060531-140"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16011.1"
FT                   PTAFVSTWKHLPA"
FT   mRNA            join(108396..108729,108895..109043,109322..109387,
FT                   110714..110760,110884..110994,112822..112923,
FT                   115609..115741,115842..116022,116149..116235,
FT                   118401..118473,118838..119012,122053..122143,
FT                   123502..123606,123910..124650)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL925748.1 Em:AW059360.1
FT                   Em:BI672876.1 Em:BM072641.1 Em:CF998279.1 Em:CK027528.1
FT                   Em:CK030216.1 Em:CK713542.1 Em:CN318877.1 Em:CO813534.1
FT                   Em:DR715197.1 Em:DT075887.1 Em:DT868276.1"
FT   CDS             join(108488..108729,108895..109043,109322..109387,
FT                   110714..110760,110884..110994,112822..112923,
FT                   115609..115741,115842..116022,116149..116235,
FT                   118401..118473,118838..119012,122053..122143,
FT                   123502..123606,123910..123973)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018280"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P06865 Sw:Q5RC84 Sw:Q6AXR4
FT                   Tr:O18795 Tr:Q3TXR9 Tr:Q4R3S2 Tr:Q4R6G5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BHD8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013781"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015883"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017853"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR025705"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029018"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029019"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BHD8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-2333"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16012.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<116161..116235,118401..118473,121164..121341,
FT                   122053..122143,123502..123606,123910..>123964)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ450480.1 Em:BQ450491.1
FT                   Em:CD599194.1"
FT   CDS             join(<116161..116235,118401..118473,121164..121341,
FT                   122053..122143,123502..123606,123910..>123964)
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019194"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BHD9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013781"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015883"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017853"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BHD9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-2333"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16013.1"
FT   mRNA            join(121531..122143,123502..123611)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.2-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   hexosaminidase A (alpha polypeptide) (HEXA)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI883316.1"
FT   regulatory      124283..124288
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      124305
FT   misc_feature    126680
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 20bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(127073..128543,131361..131476,
FT                   131566..131748,134206..134344,135742..135818,
FT                   135893..136070,137536..137635,137879..138019,
FT                   138105..138253,138798..138878,140250..140435,
FT                   140518..140578,140735..140823,143368..143456,
FT                   143889..144014,145020..145117,145400..145445,
FT                   145529..145610,146244..146514))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate G elongation
FT                   factor, mitochondrial 2 (GFM2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI721360.1 Em:AL925641.1
FT                   Em:AW202941.1 Em:BQ419189.1 Em:CK696436.1 Em:CN834887.1
FT                   Em:CR928147.1 Em:DT070229.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC095886.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(128319..128543,131361..131476,
FT                   131566..131748,134206..134344,135742..135818,
FT                   135893..136070,137536..137635,137879..138019,
FT                   138105..138253,138798..138878,140250..140435,
FT                   140518..140578,140735..140823,143368..143456,
FT                   143889..144014,145020..145117,145400..145445,
FT                   145529..145610,146244..146279))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018282"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate G elongation
FT                   factor, mitochondrial 2 (GFM2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q969S9 Tr:Q3TSU6 Tr:Q4S2C7
FT                   Tr:Q4VBG9 Tr:Q5BJP6 Tr:Q8C1C2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A0JMI9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000640"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000795"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005517"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009000"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009022"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014721"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020568"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:A0JMI9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060201-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16014.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(149495..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7393,
FT                   CR762385.5:16305..16366,CR762385.5:16567..16705))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW171599.1 Em:BG738554.1
FT                   Em:BM777661.1 Em:CK363313.1 Em:CN013611.1 Em:CN502422.1
FT                   Em:CO814959.1 Em:CV111128.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059529.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(149495)
FT   regulatory      complement(149515..149520)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(150813..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7393,
FT                   CR762385.5:16190..16277))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO801966.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(150946..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7393,
FT                   CR762385.5:16305..16543))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN021410.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(151130..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7387))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018284"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BHD4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BHD4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9646"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16008.1"
FT                   DGPPPKRDITSLP"
FT   CDS             complement(join(151130..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7393,
FT                   CR762385.5:16190..16198))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018285"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q4SQH5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BHD5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BHD5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9646"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16009.1"
FT                   SSCKPDGPPPKRDITSLP"
FT   CDS             complement(join(151130..151217,156049..156211,
FT                   CR762385.5:3868..3909,CR762385.5:7327..7393,
FT                   CR762385.5:16305..16366,CR762385.5:16567..16591))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-35I22.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-35I22.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018283"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:73179)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O93246 Tr:Q5JUP2 Tr:Q6PBZ5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6PBZ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011992"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6PBZ5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9646"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM16010.1"
SQ   Sequence 160875 BP; 51537 A; 30200 C; 29590 G; 49548 T; 0 other;
     tagatgataa gtgtataaaa gtggctaata ataacgcagt tcttcctttc tctttccaaa        60
     aatgtattgt gtatctatac gactcacatt gtggcattgt ttagtgagca aatatttcat       120
     tttaaatgac tgatgtgctg ccagtgtgta atatgataca gcagtttaga tggctttaat       180
     cttggtctaa ccgctttatt tgatgtgcca atatagttga tttccacttt atctaatatc       240
     tgaggcctga caggatggct ttttgtcctg tgggggaacg cagagagcgc aggaatgaag       300
     gagaagaaaa gacgagagag gagggagagg tcggggtgtt gctctgtttc ctgtggggca       360
     aagtggggta atatcactca caaacccctt gatacacaac aagaggtcca ttgtgttggg       420
     agagcgagag agagagaaag aaggatgggg ttactcagct gttaaaggaa taaatccctc       480
     tctttaaaac tcaattatat tcgttttttc tgcatctctc actctttcaa gtcactgaag       540
     acatactgta ctgtatgcac aaaagcatat tacatttata aatctcaaat aataactgtg       600
     gttttgccag tgctgtcact ccaaacgagt acagaatgat tttttataac acaaatggag       660
     ttattgtaaa atgtcaagag tgttaaatgc tttaccattt ttatttaaat cattatgagg       720
     attctggtgc atgttaaaca aggttgtgaa caggaaatat ttctttcttg gctttcagca       780
     gtagatgaaa actacttcag tagatcaaaa tgacatctat gttcaaaaac tgagaaaact       840
     ttgcaaactg tgagatacaa aaaccctggg ttaactttaa ttagaatata acctggatta       900
     ttttacatgc gacttgaaaa cagcatcact agatgaatat gtacacacaa aactagtaga       960
     tggcaatatt gctataaaat tcttatttgt tgactatatg aagactttct ttaaaactga      1020
     ccaatatctg catttacact gaattaaaaa ttgtgtaatt tgctatgaat gtggcggcac      1080
     agaggctcag tggcttttac agtcgcctca cagcaagaag gtcgctggtt ctagtccagg      1140
     ctgggtcagt tggcatctct gtgtggcact tgcatgttct ctctcgtgtt tgtgtgggtt      1200
     tcctctaggt gctctggttt cccccacagt ccaaaggcat gcgctatagg tgaattaggt      1260
     aataggcatg ggatgatttc aaggtttact gcagtttaga aaagtcaagt ttttttttta      1320
     taataatttt ttaggggttc ctcaccttta ctgtgataga acagtagata ttttagacag      1380
     gaaagcattg ggagcaaaga gaggggaagg atcggcaaag gacctcgagc caggaatcaa      1440
     actcaggttg ccgtgagcac ttctgtgcta cagtatatgt cagcacacag taccactata      1500
     ggttattggc gcggttattg gggctgacaa aagtcaaggt tttaaaacag ctaaaattct      1560
     ctgttatacc attcctctgg tatgtgcaag tttcctatgt gtttttcgca atatgtattc      1620
     acaatattat gattctgtga aaccgtgata tttttagcca aggttatcat accgccagaa      1680
     acttatactg gttaagttaa attaaactta aacaaaaaat tagcgtaatg tctgtgtgtg      1740
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtctgtgtg tgaatgtatg gctgtttccc agtgatgggt tgcagctgga      1800
     agggcatcca ttgctaaaat atatgctgga atagtttgcg gttcattccg ctgtgttaaa      1860
     ccctgataaa caaggaataa gctggaaatg aatgctatga atgtagacaa aatgataaca      1920
     caggcttttg ttttcacatc atctttaaat acttgaaaat gaccaaagat tttaaagact      1980
     tttttttcaa attaaagctt gactgttata tataatgcta ataagaattt tataaaatgc      2040
     atcaacctca atttccaaaa atttccaggg tcacatctga tctgtgccac atgaatcaaa      2100
     ttattttgaa ctgtttttga ttaaaagatg atttgatgat attaaaatta cattctaata      2160
     ttttgtctat ttaaatttaa atgaataaat aaaacattca aattatacaa ctgaatttag      2220
     gcatcacata caagataaaa attaatactt attctgttat attccattca atggtgttat      2280
     atgttacaaa aaagctatct aataatctaa aactgtattt gagagaatcg gtttgcactc      2340
     atgtcaacac agaagaataa ttcctaagca taattttatg caggattttt aaaggtgcca      2400
     tatactacat tggtttatta aatgttctct gatttctaca tagtaggttt atggcttcgg      2460
     taattcaaag aaatctccag aaatataaaa atattatatt ataataatta taaatattaa      2520
     aataaatata ttttataagc aaatttatca ttccattaaa taccccacag ataattcata      2580
     atgaaccata tatggtttgt gccatgaata ttaatgaact ccacactgat gtgctaatct      2640
     tacacacaca cacgcacaca cacacacacc cacacacaga aaaagagaga gagagagaga      2700
     gagagagaga gagcatgatg tatgcagaac atgaacaaat ataaacgcaa tctgagtaat      2760
     attaacctat tttgcttccc aaatctgttg tggataaagc tatgcctaaa atatgcttaa      2820
     tcaaaatata tgctaaaaat aaaaaaaaaa taagttatta aaattatcac tgttgtatca      2880
     atagaaatgt ggcttgcata tgaatgattt cagagctgtt tatatgttct cttgatgaca      2940
     tcagctgctt gtcaggtccg gatgaatgac ctgaagtaag catacatgca aatgcggagg      3000
     gcatgagttt tgtcacagtt tgttttgtct tctgattggc ccgttgtcca ccgaggtttt      3060
     acacttgtgg aattaacata ggaatgagga aatagtagtg tctggggctc gcagttgccc      3120
     atttccatat actgatcttt tattattata ctatgccttg gtatatccaa actttcatta      3180
     tagggcccct ttaattatga acatacccca gaaaaatccc tttccatttc aagacctggt      3240
     acactgctta acttgtttgt gtctatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt      3300
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgaaatt      3360
     gggaaaattt tgtttatgtg tgtggaaaaa agaaagcaca taatatagac agaacacact      3420
     aagagaatat gagtgcgtat gtgaatgtac tgtatatgtg agtgatggca ggggccgtgg      3480
     ggcgggggat ctgacaggtg gctggataac taaaagctgc tgagagaact acttgtctga      3540
     gattaacagt tttgataaag cggtaatgag agagctgagt gaatgagaag agaaacgaga      3600
     gaggcacaca gaatatgaag caagggaaag ttcattttga gccacacaca tttaaaaatc      3660
     aaagtactga tttaactgta cccacataat gggttgaaat gccattaata taaacaaaga      3720
     ttttcctaca tgagttgtgg ctgaagtgaa tgaaaagtgg cattacattc atgtacaact      3780
     tggacatcag aattcaattc tgtttctgct tatgagtgca acagtcaatc agaggtgttc      3840
     agatgagtaa atgctgaaaa gtggtgaaag ttttgttttt agtgcgcaca tgcaaataca      3900
     ctcataataa tcaacttttt gaaacttgac ctaagcatca gtgctacact aaacttatgt      3960
     tatgtgccaa gatatcatgt cggtgtagcc agaaaatgac atccatttct ctaaacatta      4020
     aatgtttttg ttagatcatc attagaactg ttacaattag agctgcccaa taatttgaag      4080
     acgattggca tgcacatttg tcagtaaagt cggttgtgta atgagcagta catctccagc      4140
     atgtgcgttc agactgagca acaattacta cacagagcca tagttctcgg caagccagtt      4200
     aaaatagtta aatcttatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      4260
     atatatatat gtatatctat ctatctatct atctatatct atatctatat atatagacaa      4320
     ttgtgctttg catctggctc tggaaaaaaa atctcagaat tttgtgatat ctgggaggtg      4380
     tttttaaact ttctgaaaaa attagatatt gaagtagatt taaaaatctg aagttatgga      4440
     gtgtgaattg gtgtttgatt agatttttta aaaataatta ttatttaatt tagattttta      4500
     tttaatttat ttttacacct gtctggggta agttttgggt attgggtttt gatttattgc      4560
     aaaaccttgt aaaaaaaatg aaaacaaagc tataagtgtg atttctgtaa taaagtaata      4620
     tgttccaggc aagatgtcat gaccaacatg attaacattc acaacatcga attaaaagaa      4680
     tgcaccatct taaattcatt gcgcactcca aattgcaata aagacatgtt ttagttctac      4740
     ttttttgaac atgtagcgga gcagctcagt gcggcttttt gtttgtagca tacgttgata      4800
     gacatttaca gcattctctt tgcagctcaa ttataaacag cggagtgcat tgctgaagga      4860
     cactgaagag actgattcaa accttgttga tgataatctt aagtttttgt tttagagttg      4920
     aaaacaaatg tataaagtgg aatctttcta accagttgtg atatttttaa tcttaaaatt      4980
     tgatttttta gatctgcttc attctcttca aacagcagct ctctcagtac ttgtcaactg      5040
     gtgtttttct ttaggtacta taactacact gtaaaaaatg cagggttcca caaaattcat      5100
     tcatgttgtc attcatttat tcattttctt ttcggcttag tctctttatt aatccggggt      5160
     cgccacagcg gaatgtaccg cctcattcat tttgttccaa cacaaattga ttaagttaac      5220
     acatttaaca aatttatgtg gattgaacat aaaaaaatta agtcatccca aagaaatctc      5280
     aagaattgtt ttgttacagc ggattttaat taagtttttt gattgtatat ataattatat      5340
     aagacatcat gtcatgcata ttgaccttat tctcacataa gagcgagtgc agccattcta      5400
     ataatttttt tccacccaac actttcggtc taattcagtt ccatcgattt ttagatgtta      5460
     aaaacagctt gtttttctgc aaactgaaca ttttcctatt attcccagtc atttccccta      5520
     taggctacta aataagaagt tcttaatcgc aaaaactaca acacttctgc attgtaggat      5580
     aaggtcaaca gagtagttta taatgtactt ttaataattt tatactattc aaagcaacgt      5640
     tcatggcgtg aatttaatgc atctgttgaa tgatagtttt tactttgtcc actggtgatc      5700
     agattgacaa aaacacatct tacacaacaa tacacaacag ggcctaattg tttgactttt      5760
     ttgaactaca ttgaaatcaa aaatggaaat cgctaaaaat ctgactttta ggattaatgt      5820
     tagcattagg cggcccatta caatggacat cacatgacat cccatttttc tgaaaattgg      5880
     aacataattc aggtctgaag gggttaacac tagttgcacc attacttata ttaagatgca      5940
     ctaagtctct tcaaatatta agtatacagt ctactaaaat gactagctga cttgtggact      6000
     tactgtttta aagttactta cagataagaa tgtttaataa agaacaaaga agaaattgct      6060
     aataatttgg gtcattaact atttacaatt acagagagaa caaaaactga agagcagaaa      6120
     gtagcagcaa aagaaagaag agataaaaga gcaacacatt gctgggacaa tcaaaatatt      6180
     gaagttagtt tggttaagtt caactcttag gggataaaaa aaaggatttc ctgcatcctc      6240
     ataactgtgg tctaatcctc agccaaggct gagctctgct ctgggtaaat gagactcaaa      6300
     acggacacaa acgctccgtt tggtgttgta agtgactgat tccaaatgag acgtgaaaca      6360
     tcctccctag taataaacct cctgctgcga tacacacaca ctctcacaca cacactttga      6420
     tcttcaaagc tttgtctcgt tctgcagaaa atgacgacag gcgcatgaga agggttgcgt      6480
     gggtaattga atgtactgca ctcaaaatac agtgacggat tcaatcctat taacaaaatt      6540
     cgctacattc tgactctttt ttttccccct ttaactattt ttccatttct cagaagctta      6600
     aacaaaagcc aaaagagcct caagtcatgg ccgtttcatc ttgtttttaa ttcatatggt      6660
     acattttcat acctcaactt ttacatcaag cacaaaatga cttggtgaat gaagtgtgct      6720
     aaagctgact gcttcagatt tcggaataga gattatctaa attaaatgga tagcttcaaa      6780
     acttttgtat ctgttgccaa ttttgaaata acatttagta tttggtgaaa gtctatttaa      6840
     aaatgtgtat ttttataaaa taaatcttta ttttttaagg ttttagtatt agttacttta      6900
     gcattaattt aatgtcagta tgttgatgta ctttcaacta taattgaata ttgtgtcatt      6960
     ccctcattcc ctcatagcaa actaacagta tgggggcatg gttaagaaca ttgtggctga      7020
     agccttcaaa ctgacattaa cagagaagga caaccactcc aaacgcagaa gcacaaggtc      7080
     agattttaat taaagattat caaaacaaac attgatatca gtggattaac ttgcacagat      7140
     taattgttca tctaaaggac attaatttca ggtcacaata ttgattttag ttttatagta      7200
     atcgtttagt gaactatata tccctgttac tgactttaaa ttgcatgtta attaaaaaaa      7260
     atcaatgcat aatagtttac atttaaagaa atatgataac acctgggcat catggtggcg      7320
     aagtgggtag cacaatctcc tcacaacaag aagatcgctg gtttgagtca gttggcattt      7380
     ctgtgtggag tttgtatgtt ctcctcatgt tggcgtgggt tccttcgggt gctccagttt      7440
     cccccacagt ccaaagacat gcgctgaatt aaataagcta ctgtaaattg gctttagtgt      7500
     ttgtatgctg gataagttaa tggttcattc tcgctgtggc aaccaatgat gaataaaggg      7560
     actaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaata attacaccag tgtgaatagc      7620
     cttgtgttaa acacacagac atacagtgca actgcactca taatgacaaa ttcatataga      7680
     gtatagctaa atgtacttag catttatatt aagtaatatt gaatttattg atacatttgt      7740
     aacgaagtag gataaaaaaa ttttatcatt taatatggtg aaaattttaa gtaggtgtct      7800
     tggtggcgca gtgccttaaa gcaggagggt tgctggttcg agcctcgact gtgtcagttg      7860
     acatttcttt gtggagtttg catgttctcc tcgtgctcga gtgggtttcc acagggtgct      7920
     ccggttttcc ccacaagtcc aaagacatgc ataggtgaat tgaataaact aaattcagta      7980
     gtcagtcagt agtgtctgtg tgtgaatgaa agtgtatggg tgttttccag agatgggttg      8040
     cagcaggaag ggcaaccgct gcgtaaaaca tatgctggat aagttggcgt ttcattccgc      8100
     tgtggcaacc cctgattaaa aagggactaa gacgaaaata aattgaagga atgaatgaat      8160
     gaataaacaa aattaataac acatttgtaa taaagtaggg atttgcaaag aaaaataaaa      8220
     taatttaaaa aggtgaaaat ttcagtcaaa agcacctata gaaatatgtt ttctgataaa      8280
     aattgagatg ctgtaaagtt aaactctttg acaccccaaa gcacacattt taaaccaaaa      8340
     gtatttaaga aacagccatg aaagtattct ctctttaagt ccacatgata gttcacccaa      8400
     aaatgaaaat tcacccttga tttgttccaa acatgttaga gtttttttcc aaagaaaaaa      8460
     attgttaaaa aacaaataaa tgtttagatg ttctttgtaa atagaggttt ccaacctttt      8520
     tcaaaatatc ttctttcatt tttgactttg atttcataat taacaaatta acaaatataa      8580
     tctttatctt tacatattta tctttatctt tcgttttgac tttgatttca taattaacaa      8640
     attaacaaat ataattttaa ttattaatgt cattattatg gcattattaa tggcattatt      8700
     attattaaca atattatctg cgagtataga ctttaagaat acttaaaata ttagatagta      8760
     tctacaacta caaactccat tgtatgagga catgtttttt gtataaaaaa aaacaaaaaa      8820
     actgaactga actgtaatga atttgtcagt tgctagactc atgaataaac tgtgtgtgtc      8880
     ataatgtata taatgtgcaa ttgtattgca gttctttgcc atgacatgat catgacacat      8940
     cctggaaaat cttcatgcat ataaccttat ttagacttat cgggaaacac tgaatgaaca      9000
     taaatttgac attgtaagtc aacatgtgtg aattaacgac tccacacacg tcttctcctc      9060
     agtggaaaac gatccatgtc tcaatatcct gatggagggg agggtcagag tttagggtca      9120
     gctgtaatgc ggtgcatcaa aaggttaaac acattaaagc agaggtgggc tgagctggag      9180
     agcatcatct gaaacctgga gataaaatcc cctgatcaga tcagtgtggg ccatttctct      9240
     cactgccaca ctaatgcagc cttagcatga actgaggcgg tccacttgct gtccactcac      9300
     cccaggctaa cgcttttgcc tgtcattaca ctgtcaggtc attgtgccaa tggtgctagc      9360
     agatccaggc actcagctgt gatcttagag tgatgtactg taaaataaca cgccggtgga      9420
     tggtgaggaa gtgcgcacgg gcccctgggc ctgtgctcat aatgcccatt ggttaatcca      9480
     ttggtcttta aaagagatct tcatttttaa tttgatgtaa catttttttt gtttgttttt      9540
     ttcctgagct actaaaaaga aaagtgaaat aaactgtttc aattaaatgt tgtaaatgaa      9600
     tctgattttt gaaaacgtac agtaaataat gtcagcctat ggatagagaa ctatatggtg      9660
     agcaaatcaa agcaaaaact agtgcttcat ttactagtgc tccattttgt tatgaatgag      9720
     attgttttta ttgtaataat ttcattataa aatataaaaa tatgctgtat tagttaatat      9780
     aaagaaatgt tttctagttt aaaaaaatat tattaaataa attaggaaat aacccatggc      9840
     aactttattt acctctggcc cactagcctc aatcatgttt ggtttttggc tcttcgcaag      9900
     aaaaaggttg ggcacccctg cattaaaggc tggttatatt cacactgctt ccacacaatt      9960
     gtgtgtaaag ctcatataaa attacttttg cataaaatgg tccctttatt aaatttgtaa     10020
     tttcatatat ttgtgtcaca gaagtaaatc ttaaattggg ttgggatttt tatcatatct     10080
     tacaaaattg tatcttatct gtagttagga aatcataaat tgtcgccaag tttgacaatc     10140
     cacactcagg tctgttacca agcaaccaac actacaccag ttaatgagtt agcccaaaca     10200
     aatggatgaa caaaactggt gattcactta aactagaact ggtaatgctc tgtgatgcat     10260
     tgttggtctt tgatgtcata ctgattgcaa ttcatgtgct aaatgtatca tcatgttgta     10320
     caacagtctg taatgtacag tatttattgt gctcaaatat acttgtcttt taaatataac     10380
     acatcttcag ggtcctccaa gagtctttct accactaaag attttcgttt ttcattttta     10440
     atcaccaata aatataatct cgtagttgaa cagcacaatt ataagtgggt taccttgtta     10500
     gcttttgaat aattttgaag ctagcgcagt tgttgggttg tcgttaaatt aaagtttttg     10560
     tgtcaattta gtatgttttt gtgataccat cttcctatct gatgttaaga aaatataata     10620
     catttaggaa aatgcaaact tacatccaaa ctaaaattac cacagtacca tacagaaaag     10680
     gttagatttg aaagtttctg taatacacag tcataaaggt caatttttgg aaatcagaat     10740
     actaactgaa tgctaaacaa atagctttgt attgatatgt ggtttttagg tgagggcaac     10800
     atttgtctga gatatgacta tttaaacatc tgcaatctga ggcttcaaaa aacacactaa     10860
     aatcatttta aagttgtgca aatgaagttc ttagctatta ttattaaaaa aaaaacaaaa     10920
     ttaagttttt tatacatgaa atgttttatg aaaaaaaaaa tgagtttata aaagatgatt     10980
     tttagataat cttttttcaa tttctaccac acattacctg acaaatgtct tgtcaccttt     11040
     tcaagtttta ggaacaacag ataataactt gacttctagt tgatcatttg gtatcagaag     11100
     tggctgatat gaaaggcaaa ggcctcttaa ttacgcttaa tttatcaaaa taaaatatga     11160
     tcatgccttg atttaaataa tttaattagg acaataaggt ctgactttgc ttagacaaac     11220
     gtcttgtcac ttaacagaaa taatgtacag catagaatat aaagtcatgc tgcagtggaa     11280
     gaatcattaa tattgtctat gactgagctt ggaggactgc atccatacat ctctgcaatg     11340
     actcaaaaaa catattaatc atctggaatg aaaaagaaag cgtttttaca ggactcccag     11400
     agttcatcag gattctttgg atttcatctt caatgcctcc ttactcatct taccccagac     11460
     atgctcaata atgttcatat ctggcaacta ggctggtcaa tcctggagca tcctgacctt     11520
     ctttgctttc aggagctttg atgtggaggc tgatgtacag tatgagaaga agcactatcc     11580
     tgctgagaaa tttgccctct cctgtggttt gtaatgtaat gagcaacaca aatatcttga     11640
     tacctcaggc tgttgctatt gccatccact tgcacacccc catactgaat gtaacctcaa     11700
     atcatgattt ttttttcact aaacttgact gatttctgtg agaatcttgg gtccatgcag     11760
     gttccaatag gtcctctgca gtatttgtga tgattgtgat gcagttcaac agatgattca     11820
     tcagaaagtc taccttctga cacttttcca aatcatcaac taaaagacaa gtttgattga     11880
     aatttgattg taaaatccac gcattgggag gttcggttca gaagctactc gtctgaaaga     11940
     gtattgaacg ggccaattaa gaatgaattg gcagcgcaag cctgcgcagg tgagcggcat     12000
     aagcaatcaa ctgagtatat aagctcacct ggcgccagca gacgctatcc ttttcgcttc     12060
     agagcctttt ctgatcgagc ttatgagggt tcctcctgct gatctacagc cattcgagag     12120
     aacgattttc atcccggtcc agagcgagtc cacgcagcgg cagacggtcg agctgggtat     12180
     ctcccttgcc tggcgtccct ttgggtccgg tcctccaaga gcggtgcgta ttgttgcaaa     12240
     tcctaaaaga gcaacacagt cgtgcagcac gtccttttca ggatggcgct ccgactgtgc     12300
     gtttctggtt gcgggggttt cctggctccg gatgatggac acgatcactg cattacatgt     12360
     ttgggggtcc agcatgttaa tgtggtgctc gggggcggtt catgtcgtca ctgcgatgcc     12420
     atgaccgttg cgcagttgag atcgcggtta gctttcgtaa gagagcgagc caccccagtt     12480
     gcctcctgtt ctgcagcggg cgctcgggca gatctgaggg cttcagcgaa agacaatccg     12540
     ccgcccacgg gctcgcggac ctctcgctcc tccaagcgct ccatccaagc ttcgggtact     12600
     gagagtgatc cgtctaatca gatggtagct ctcacgctcg ctgacaccgg agatcagatg     12660
     tcctccgcgg catcggaggg cgggctttca ttgtccgacg atgatccgga cccgctcgcc     12720
     ccctctgggc aagcaagcgc cgtcaaaacg gatcctgaag cggacatgtt ggccgtgctt     12780
     tctcgggctg cttcggccgt cgggttggag atggtttatc ccccagcccc gcggccggac     12840
     cgactagatg ggtgttacgt agaggatcag aaggcgaagc cttcgaagcc tctcgtcccc     12900
     ttcttcccgg aagtgcacag taggcttacg cagtcctgga gggcaccttt ctctgcccgc     12960
     gctgcgtccg cctccgccct caccaccctg gatggtggag ctgccagggg gtatgaggcg     13020
     atcccgcagg tggagcgcgc cattgcggtc aatctttgtc cgcgtggcgc ccccgctttg     13080
     cgtggtccgc cccgtctccc gtccaaagcc tgtaagtttt ctgcctccct cggagctaga     13140
     gcttacaagg ctgcgggcca ggcagcttcc gccttgcatg cgatggccac ctaccagcgc     13200
     taccaagcgc aggcgctggc tgagctgcac gagggtgggt ctaacccagg cttgttacac     13260
     gagctgcgta cggcgaccga ctatgctctc cggaccacta agtccgccgc ctgcgcactg     13320
     gggaggacga tgtccacact tgtggtccag gaacgccacc tctggctaaa cctggcagat     13380
     atgcgcgatg tcgacaaagt tcgctttctt gacgcgccca tatcccaggc tggcctgttc     13440
     ggcgacaccg tcggtgaatt cacccaggag ttcaaggcgg tgagcgagca gtcggatgcg     13500
     atgggcagag tcatctatcg gcggggccgt aagcccgctc catccccggc cgagccatcc     13560
     acctccgctg ttcctcgccg agggcgcccg ccaacggccg atgccccgcc cccgcctccg     13620
     cctccgcctc cggcgaagcg agcgcgtcga gcacgccgaa agccggtagc ccctcctgcc     13680
     cagggcgccg ctaagtccgg taaacggacc acgaagcgtc cctgagacag gccatccgga     13740
     gaagaggaga cttgctcttt ccccgctgga gggcggggcc caaaatccaa cggtactttt     13800
     cagtgccacc aaagtttcga tcaaagagca ttttctccct tccccggatg tgacagctca     13860
     agccccgcca gtctgggacg cgctgcctct cagctcgcag ggcttgcatg ctccgccagc     13920
     ggctctcggg cgctgggggg acggtctccc ttctcccagc ccccaagccc cctctcagga     13980
     gtcagggtgc ggagccagag cgaaacgctc tcctccagct cttctgtggg accctcgcgc     14040
     tccccggatc agcacacccg ctccttgctg cccctccgcg ggtacgtcaa cgattgctgc     14100
     gatgacgtca ttagcgaggg ctctgcctgc ttggttagcg cgggccagcc cctcgcggtg     14160
     gctcatacgc acgatcagac tcggctacga actacagttc tccaaacggc ctcccaggtt     14220
     tacgggcgtg tatttcacca gggtcaatcc cctgtccgcc cctgtcttgc gagaggagat     14280
     tgctgccctc ctggcgaagg gtgcaatcga gccggtgcct ccagccgaga tggagagcgg     14340
     gttttacagc ccgtacttca tcgtacccaa aaagagcggt gggtcacggc caatcctaga     14400
     tctgtgcgtt ttgaatcgct gccttcacaa gctgccgttc agaatgctta cgcagaggcg     14460
     catcctccga tgcgttcgtc ctcaggattg gtttgcagcc atagacctga aggacgcgta     14520
     ttttcatgtc tccattcttc cacgccaccg tcagtttctg cggtttgcgt tcgaaggtcg     14580
     agcatggcag tacaaggtcc tccccttcgg gctctctctg tctccgcggg tcttcaccaa     14640
     actcgcggag ggtgccctag cgcctctgcg gcttgcgggc atccgcatac tcaattatct     14700
     cgacgactgg ctgattttag cccactctcg ggagcaattg actgcgcaca gagacgaggt     14760
     gctccggcat ctccgcctat tggggttgca ggtcaactgg gaaaagagca aactcgcccc     14820
     ggtgcagaga atctcttttc tcgggatgga gctggactcg gtcaccatgg tagtgcgcct     14880
     ctccggagag cgcgctcgcc tgctgctgaa ctgtctgagg gagctcgaca gcaagttagt     14940
     ggtcccactg aaatattttc agaggctcct ggggcatatg gcttccgctg cggccgtcac     15000
     gccgctcgga ttgctccata tgagaccact tcagcactgg cttcaagatc gagttccgag     15060
     acgcgcatgg catgcgggca cacaccgagt ctctgttact gcgctgtgtc gccgcaccct     15120
     cagccctagg aacgacccct cattcctgca ggccggtgtg cctctgggac aggcgtccag     15180
     tcatgttgtt gtttcgacag atgcttccag cacaggctgg ggagccgtgt gtcgtgggca     15240
     tgcagctgcg ggcctgtggg taggtgccca gctgcattgg cacatcaatc gcctagagct     15300
     gttggcagtg ttccttgctc tccgccgttt ttctccggtg ctggggcagc aacacgtgct     15360
     ggtcaggacg gacagtacgg cggcggcggc gtatatcaac cgcatggggg gtatgcgctc     15420
     tcgccgcatg tctcagctcg cccgccgtct gctcctctgg agtcacccgc ggctgaagtc     15480
     gctgcgcgcc attcacatcc caggtatgct caaccgtgca gccgatgtgc tctcacggca     15540
     gcagattcac tctggagaat ggagactcca ccccgagtct gtccagctga tatgggcgcg     15600
     attcggggag gcccagatcg atctgtttgc ttcccccgag aacgctcatt gccagttgtt     15660
     ttattccctg accgagggct ctctcggcac ggatgcactg gcccacagct ggcctcgggg     15720
     catacgcaag tatgcgtttc ccccagtgag ccttatcgcg cagttaatgt gcaaggtcag     15780
     ggaggacgag gagcaggttt tgttagttgc gcccctctgg cccaaccgaa cctggatatc     15840
     agagctctcc ctcctcgcga cggccctccc ttggcagatc cctttgagag aggacctact     15900
     ttctcaggga caaggcaccg tctggcaccc tcgtcccgat ctctggaacc tccacgtgtg     15960
     gtccatagac gcgaggaaga cttaggtaac ctgccgcccg cggtggttga taccatcact     16020
     caggctagag ccccctccac gaggcgcgcc tacgccctga agtggagtct attcactgag     16080
     tggtgtgtct ctcgcagaga agacccccga tcttgccaga tcagtgttgt gctctctttc     16140
     cttcaagaga agctggacag caggctgtcg ccctccactc tcaaggttta cgttgctgcc     16200
     atctccgctc accatgacgc ggtggctggc agcaccgtgg gaaagcataa cctcatcatc     16260
     cggttcctca gaggcgctag gcgaattaat ccaactcgcc cccctctcac gccctcttgg     16320
     gatctcgccc tcgttcttac gagcctgcga tttgatccct tcgagccact caatacagta     16380
     tctttaagat ttctgtccct gaagacagct ctgctggtcg cgttggcctc cattaagagg     16440
     gtcggggacc tggaggcatt ttcggtcagt gacccgtgcc tggaattcgg gccgggattt     16500
     tctcacgtta ttctgagacc ccgcccgggt tatgtgccca aagttcctac cactcctttt     16560
     agagatcagg tagtaaccct gcaagcgctg cccccggagg aggcagaccc agccctgtca     16620
     ttactttgtc cagttcgcgc tctgcgcatt tatgtggacc gtactcagaa ctttagatct     16680
     tctgagcagc tctttgtctg ttatggcgga cggcagcagg gaagtgccgt gtctaaacaa     16740
     cgtttatccc actggattgt ggaggccatt tcttgtgctt atttgagcag aggccagccg     16800
     cgccccccag gagtgcatgc gcactccact cggagcgttg catcctcttg ggcgtgtgcg     16860
     cgtggcgcct ctttagcaga catttgtaga gctgcgggct gggcgacacc caacacattt     16920
     gcaagatttt ataatctgcg agtggagccg gtttcctcaa gggtgttagg tacctttggt     16980
     gattgaggaa acaactcggt aggtgttgta cacgcttgcg gtgccttttt ttccctaaca     17040
     cggagagatg tgcaccctcc tgtctgtcag taaagttccc cattcggtga gccctgcaga     17100
     ttcctccgag gcccccagca ctgactcagc ggaggagtca cttgctggcc cattacgtag     17160
     taggtctgcc cgctggtcag cccgcgtttt gggtataggt gcctgctatg accgatcccc     17220
     gctggtgatc cccatatgct tttccgccac ggttaagttc ccccccctgg gcggacccgt     17280
     gctttcccta tctgctaacc accttcttat gcgcactccc ccttttcagg gttagtccat     17340
     atgtaattcc attgttcccc ctattgggtg cggatggtct ccgcagcgtc ctccctactg     17400
     ggatggcacg cttcccaacg tactgtcgtg tattcctaga attatctaga cgctagcgac     17460
     tcccaaaaaa gatacctatt ccgtaaaact tcttttgaag taggataagt tagggccaag     17520
     ggcacgttgg aggaccatgc ctctcgtgat ctgggtgcgt cacgcttgcc tgaccgctct     17580
     ctcatggtgg gtgttggtaa ggtgcagtca ttatggcgct ttcaatgggc tcccaatgcg     17640
     tggatttaac aatcaaatcc acttatagtg ctggagttcc ccccgaaggg gaacgttcga     17700
     ggttactaaa gtaacccttc gttccccgag gaggggaacg gaagcactat actccgtcgt     17760
     cataatgact gtcccttagc tgttaaaagt ctcttcagct taaaaaggat agcgtctgct     17820
     ggcgccaggt gagcttatat actcagttga ttgcttatgc cgctcacctg cgcaggcttg     17880
     cgctgccaat tcattcttaa ttggcccgtt caatactctt tcagacgagt agcttctgaa     17940
     ccgaacctcc caatgcgtgg attttacaat caaatccact tatagtgctt ccgttcccct     18000
     cctcggggaa agaagggtta ctttagtaac ctcgaacgtt attattcgtt gctattcgac     18060
     aacaagtctt ttgtcaggca gtgtacattt ttagttgtgg attaaataca ttatgcatgt     18120
     ttactttatc tagataaata ctttgctttg ggtaggttac caagatgcga tgagatgtcc     18180
     atcaataata tcatgtggca gcaattccgt ttataaatgc taacaaatga agtatgggtc     18240
     agttattgct attactaaat caaacatcag aatggtaaac aaataaataa acatgatcta     18300
     agtgactttg gcagtggaat gatggctggt gccagacggg gtgatttgaa tatctttgaa     18360
     cccgctgatc tctcgggatt ttcatgcaga acagtttcga caaaaatgtg tgaaaaacaa     18420
     taaacatgca gagagcagtg tctctgtggg caaacggctt gttaatgagg aaggtcagag     18480
     gagaatagcc agactgattc acaccgtacg gaaggtgaca gtgactgaca cgagcagctg     18540
     ttaaggctgt ataaaagagc agactgtcag ctgcagcagg aagaggaaat gaggaaaaca     18600
     ggccaatgag gttataggaa gcacaaatgt atatggcaga tacactgaca tgaacacaaa     18660
     atctatggat taattctacc ttgtttgctc atagttcaaa tggcataaag cattgcagat     18720
     tttcttgcac ataaagtagg tgtggttgag cttctatgtt tgttaatctt tatatgtgag     18780
     taaaacctgt ttgtgcaata aacactttgt gttctttcat aagacttgta ttgcacactt     18840
     tttttacatt gaaaacactg atgtccagtg tctcgaccat acaaagtgtt ttttttttca     18900
     cagaacattt tgtatgttta ctcaatttct ctctccaaaa tatgactaca atttgcatga     18960
     ctccaaaaac acaaaacaaa tactgtacaa tgtttgaatt tgtgtttgtt gacccagtca     19020
     acattctgat tataactatt taattaacac gttaaaaggt agaggtgtga acctacactg     19080
     gtctcgcggt tcagttacga ttatcatgcc atcttttcag ttcagtttga tatctcggta     19140
     ggggggcttt ttggtcgagt cccacatctc ctacggtaca gccgcgggaa tgcagaactc     19200
     tatccagaag tatctatcta gaagtatcca gctgagaaga gaagaaaagt cacgccagca     19260
     aatcaaatgg gccacagtga gagagggaga gtttactttt attctctcaa tcgcagagaa     19320
     ataggggctt ctgctataag tgtcagtgta aaactggccc agcgaacaca tacacagtga     19380
     aattgtgcac agtttctgcg tttttaagta gttgaagcat tgtaaatact cgagcttgtc     19440
     tccttcgcca tggtaagcta ccgcgacata gcgcatatga gaaaaattac gtcagtacac     19500
     aataaccggt tataattatt actgaaccga taccgaattg tccacgtctg catcgcggtg     19560
     caccgaagaa acaattactt ttgacaactc tattaaaggg cacctacttt accctctttt     19620
     caagttttaa gataagtctt tggtgtcttc agaacatgtc tgtaaagttt cagcgcaaaa     19680
     cacccatcag attatttatt atacctttct gaatatggaa ttttgagatc agaggacact     19740
     gtagctgttt ttgttgcctg tgcctttaat gcaaatgagc tagttttccc cgcccactgt     19800
     ttccacatgc atgtcagagc catggagatc tctctctatg actctgatgc atgtgtccat     19860
     ctgacgcatg tctccatcat ctcacgtcgc aaaaacaagc agtgacagac acaaaaaagc     19920
     tgatctcccg tttatgagaa atacaacagt aaattttccc atggtaatta gatgtatttg     19980
     ttgtggaatt aatttaagcc ttctgcaatg atcagtcaca aacaactaca aagtttacag     20040
     aatatgcacg cacacacaaa ctggtgtaac aggtcacggt tgatctgtga aacgcggatt     20100
     aataactgct tttgaacttg taggttaatc caacatttat aacaattgca aagagatcac     20160
     ctcccgcttc gttcaaatca cgtgtatgaa agcattttgg cttccctgtg aaatataatg     20220
     aagacggaaa aagttgtggt gggacctaaa tgctttctta ggttattaat taaaggtgtt     20280
     ttctgtcact gtttgtttag cctacattaa tgcattcaat gtaaagctgc acaattaaac     20340
     aataaaagat agtgatctca attcaaaccc gagcaacatc aatgataaat gattatgaca     20400
     acaaaaagct gcattcaaat ctgcgtttga tcaagagaga ttccattttt acactttttc     20460
     agttagttac aaacaaataa ataacacaga cgtactggaa tcacggttta tagttcagat     20520
     ataaccactg atgttaatgg taaagattaa aatcaccgtt tataggaact tgatgctggt     20580
     gagtgttgca gcaattacaa ctttgtcatg aataggtttt caaaaatgtt acatcaataa     20640
     tgaatgtatg tgtgaattgt tgaatcaata gttgaaaata aatatgatat ggtgtacaag     20700
     aggttagatt tctatattta gcattatcag caacaccagc aaagatcatt tttgtattga     20760
     atattttttt tgtatagata tgtaatatat tgatttttat taaaatgaca ggttctaagt     20820
     tctgtttgtt aaaactaatg ttttttgcag gaatattttt gtataaatgg aaagcaaatg     20880
     acatttgtct ccttttgatc tgaaaaatac caaatgtgac gggatacatg ttaatataca     20940
     ctgctgtatg gacatctgtt atgttaatat acaaaataat ccttatttaa cgcccacaaa     21000
     ccaggactga agcatcttct tttataattg tactgacaca atggtgttga attgcataga     21060
     gattttactg tcttttcttt attacaaaca tgcactgatt aaaaaccgtt ttaaaattgt     21120
     aaaacctatt cttgaggtgc agctgatcac agagagttaa acagatcctt taaacccaat     21180
     tggtttgtgc cagttctgtt tcgtggatga ttatacacgt tcctatagag acgtgttaat     21240
     acgtggctgt taataaattt ggtaggcagg gaaaactgta ctcctatctc acattgcaat     21300
     tttttttaaa aggagactta ttgtgtttgt atcacaccag tatgactgtt gacacgctat     21360
     acacacagtt ctgtccaaac atcttccaaa tgttgatttt gcatcatagg tgccctttaa     21420
     aatatatttc tgtagacttc acttgtctta attaagcaga aacaacaaca acaatagttt     21480
     agccaagatg tttgctcctc taatatttta tcaatctcca ttttttcatt taagaaataa     21540
     actcatacag ttttcaatga catattccaa tcattaacac tccctttgaa attggttcat     21600
     gcggtttcat tgtaggagat catgaggtat tccaattttt acatttgaat tgtattcatt     21660
     aataattagt catgcgtttt tgtgcactgc agatgtcgtt ctccgtaact aaccctcaga     21720
     gaccctgatg tttattttat cagatgaggt taaccatctt cctgctgttt ctgggacaat     21780
     gaactcagtg tgaggggcat tgtgcaccag tgaacgcttg tttggacaga acatcactgc     21840
     cttttctgca ttttctattt gtactgccaa cttagccatt atagagagaa aacgaggaga     21900
     gagctcatct tcatttatct cagctctctc acttcttatc tctcggtgtc attcgagagc     21960
     aaaaggactg cctttctgtg ccagctcttc tgcttttaat gaaggtgtgc agtgaatcca     22020
     ttgatatgaa ctggcactgt caggtgattc gcatattgtt agcagttcag caggtttcat     22080
     gcgaatcaca cgcagggtgt gttggtgtga accactgaat agtcattaaa aaccattcat     22140
     tctttcatgc cttccatctt tttaggccta caaaagcaga atatcccttt atctcagtcc     22200
     cttcccctga aactcacgct tgaaggtgaa caggtgagtc attaacagtg caactataaa     22260
     agtataaaaa gctaattgtt ttcccgtaag cctggggttg ttctttacca ctgctgtcag     22320
     tccagtttgt aagtccgatg acaaagcttt tttactgaga aatcatccga aaggtaaagc     22380
     ctgcatacca aacatagcag ctcgatgaca tacagtcaca tgcaggtcaa ctcatgtgaa     22440
     ccctcatcaa accaatatat taattagcat tggcatagcg tcaagagaaa gggcagaaat     22500
     agctttgcgg ctggcagaaa gtcctgctaa tgtatggatg tgatgttgca atcctgcctt     22560
     gttattgagc caattactca ccttttcctt cctttcttgg tagttttatg tttattacat     22620
     tttttatgtg gctcatttat attgaattgg catggcgggg gttatagaga gtgtttgtgt     22680
     gaagtgggct atttgtgtgt gtgcgtattt gcactatgtg tctgtgtgtt caagactatg     22740
     agtcacacaa cagcgcgatc tcaagcgaca caaccaggtc aagaggaagc gagttgcagt     22800
     gagctgaatc cagtgttgtg gatggatgtc aaagccagac tctggctttt cagcattaaa     22860
     cacatctcat ctttatatct cttatatact catttccttc ctttctgcat cagttcctca     22920
     tttgatatcc atctctgtca ttgcgtgcat tgtaaagaag cgttaaagcg atagtttacc     22980
     caaaaatcta ttttacttac tcctgactta ctgatccttt tcgagttgac ttctgttgag     23040
     tacaaaagaa gttactttga agaacgctga aaaactgttt gcattcatag taggaaatca     23100
     aatactttgg aagtcagtgg ttacaggttt acagctttct tcaaaatatt ttcctttgtg     23160
     ttcaacaaag aaaagaaact caaaacaggt tcgcagagta aatgatgaca gaaaatttgt     23220
     tttttgggtg aactatgctt taagaagtca tacctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     23280
     tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tcttgacaaa agttgataaa     23340
     tgtaagcact taccacttgc atttataaca cattattcta taatcactcg caatttaaaa     23400
     catccaatat tagttttggt aaaaacatgc acttattttc cctttacttc aaatatatgt     23460
     aaatgacacg tatagaacct atatatgcta tatataccta tatatatgtt tccattacaa     23520
     ataatattaa gaatatttca tataaaatca ctaagctaac acatattcga ttctcataaa     23580
     tcctataaat cgttaatggt tgtaggccta atttacagta ggctatttaa aaaaaaatct     23640
     tctactgaat aataatacta ttactactac tactaataat aataataaat tgttattatt     23700
     attattatta ttattattat tattattaag attttgttta ttgtcattca atcattttct     23760
     tttcagctta gtcactttat taatctgggg tcgtcacaac ggaaggaatc gccaacttat     23820
     caaacatgtt tttacgcagc gaatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatcactg ggaaacaacc     23880
     atacacactc atttacacac atacactatg gacaaattta gcttacccaa ttcacctgta     23940
     ccacatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cgccaacacg     24000
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgacc ccgctgaggc tcgaatcagc     24060
     gaccttcttg ctgtgagact acgttgtcaa aatctgagtc accgcctatt gattttatta     24120
     ttttcattat tttaaacact cttttatttt tgcttcccta aaaaactaaa ttaatgtata     24180
     aaaaaacatc aatgactcca ggggcttaag ttgataagat caatgcaaca aaataagcag     24240
     aaaatgaaag aaaaatcatg ccctctataa ctgggcttca agttgtgaca aactcatacc     24300
     atatttttaa agcgtttcca cagaatgaca gacacagcca ttttttccac taccttttca     24360
     gcctcaaacc agttttctac attgaaaggt catttaatat agggctgttc tgaaaaatgt     24420
     tacagtcggc tcacctgttg tgctctagac atctctcttt ctcttactct gaaaggaaaa     24480
     aagataacat caaataggat cagtcctatt attaaaacac taaaatatga ataccaaaag     24540
     cagttagtta ttcagagata cactttatta ggtacacctg tccaaccact cagcttctaa     24600
     tcagcgaatc acatggcaac tcaatgcatt taggcatgta gacatggtca agatgatctt     24660
     gaacatgaca tgattgttgg tgccagacga gctgatctga gtacttcaga aactgctgat     24720
     ctactggaat tttcacacac aatcatccct agggtaaaca gagaattgtc tgaaaaagaa     24780
     aaaaatgtcc agtgagcggc agttctgtgg gcgcaaatgc ctttttgatg ccagaggtca     24840
     gaggagaatg gccagagtag tttgagctga tagaaaggca acagtaactc aaaaaaccac     24900
     tcgatacaac cgaggtatgc agaagagcat ctctgaacgc acaacaagtc caaccttgag     24960
     gcagatggac tacagcagaa gatcacaccg ggtgacactg ctgtcagcta aaaagagtaa     25020
     actgaggcta caattcacac agactcaata aaattaaaca atagaagatt gaaaaaacgt     25080
     tgcctggtct gatgagtctc gatttctgct gcaacattca gatggtaggg tcagaatttg     25140
     agtattgttg tggaccatgt ccaccccttt atgaccacag tgtacccatc tactgatggc     25200
     tacttccagc aggataacac accatgtcat aaagcacaga tcatctcaga ctggtttctt     25260
     gaacatgaaa atgggttcac tgtactcaaa tggcctccac agtcaccaga actcaatcca     25320
     ataaagcacc tttgggatgt ggtagagcgg gagattcgca tcatggatga gcagccgaca     25380
     aatctgcagc aactgcgtga tgctatcacg tcattatgga gcaaaatctc tgaggaattt     25440
     tccagcaccc tgttgaatct atgccacgaa ggattaaggc atttcggaag gcaaaagggg     25500
     gtctaacccg gcactagtaa ggtgtaccta ataaaatggc cagtgagtgt atactgaaat     25560
     acccctttgt gtttttgggc acacacatta tttactaaca tacaggttga acaaaaagtc     25620
     taaatatata gtaggagcat tacattttca tagcacataa tgggcgctta ttgcgatatg     25680
     tacagatgat caaaaagttt gagctgcgca gttttgttta gtatattatt gttgtttaca     25740
     cctatagcct gagaagattc agtgactgta atgaatctct catgggagtt gtattttata     25800
     ggcaacaaac acactaaatg ttctaaggat gagatgacaa agacccacac gaatgaacgt     25860
     gcgcgcgcac acacacacac acacacacac acactgcaga taagagtttt atgcatcaca     25920
     ctgccaagga ctgctcaaga ttgggcccat aaatcaaaca gactcccttt ccacacacag     25980
     acacacaaat acgaaccccc ccacaaccac acacacacac acacacacac gcacacaaac     26040
     acctccacac cctctgccac tgcgtccttg acattaaatg gattttttct ctacccttcc     26100
     cggcagtttc ttcattactg aagttatgga gctatgattt atgtagctat ggccatcacc     26160
     gctgcacaat tttcagccaa acaactgcac atcccataaa aaagaagagg aagatgtccc     26220
     ttttttatct tccctctctt caattctctc ctatctctct ctctctcttg ctctgccttc     26280
     atccctccgg cacaaaccgc tatgcagggg gtaatataaa ttgacaatgc tatgtgcgcc     26340
     tctctatttg gggatgattt cgcacacgat tgctgaatgc agactgtaca tttgaaaaga     26400
     agtgtgctga aaacaatctc tggtggtaaa cttcaagaga atgaataatt cacatcccaa     26460
     aaggaaaata tcaacagacc ttgaggaaga aataatgctt tgagtgattt attgtttgac     26520
     agtctgaagg tgcaggaccc agaaccttcc ttgatctaac acctttgcat tctgtctttt     26580
     ctgaggctgc tataatttta cataaacact agcacagaaa ttcagtaaaa ccttagcacg     26640
     aaactcacaa aaaaaaaaaa acagcttggg ggtcagcttc ttctcaaatt tttacaagtg     26700
     tttgtttata cattccttct gagaactata cgcaggtttt tggacatatt tggttatgcg     26760
     ctttaactgc tgctttatag ctgaaattaa taagtttgat ttatgataca tgaacgtata     26820
     caaggttaag gtcagggttt ggtttagggt tagtttcttg tgcatactca ttactgtact     26880
     acatgaatgt aaactagaag cccaaaataa aacgtcttct gcaaatctgc tttacaagtg     26940
     aaatttcaag ataaattttg caacattaat attgaacaat atttaatttt aaaagacttt     27000
     ttacattaag ctacttaatt tattgacatt acagagtggc ataaataaat gtaacttcat     27060
     gtgttttgtc gttaatttaa taataaatta acaaaaaaag cactagatga atacaacttt     27120
     cctttccata aatttagtat gtaaagagta catattgcaa acaagcagac cactgttatt     27180
     gctaataaaa acactttaaa aatattcaaa tgctgcattt gcccttttct taattacatc     27240
     aacttaggca tgggatgata attgttttca aggtattcca cagtttggaa aagtcaaggt     27300
     tttaaaacag tccaaatttt ttgccatacc atttctatga tatgtgtaag attttttatt     27360
     tacatttatt tgttgttttt aggacaacag tttctccagc agaaaagata tccaaaactg     27420
     ttgttttaaa ttgtaaagaa atctgtgttt tagaaactaa tgaagacagc agatgttaat     27480
     gattcattta aactatttag cctgacatgt ttacagcttc aaaatatttt aaatgtttct     27540
     taaaataaaa tatacagtgt tcaaaagggg gaaaagttgt tgttttttac ccagacattt     27600
     aaaaagaata tatcttagag cagtgatcat aatatcatga aaccgtgata tttttatcca     27660
     aggttatcac actgtcagat tcatatacca gcccatgtct aacatcaaca ctggttgctt     27720
     ttaaccagat ttgaaaaaaa tacatgtaaa aatttaacac aaatttaacc caattaattg     27780
     gtttgctcat atttcaccca aatttggggt cgaaacaagt cagcattttc ttttgagtgc     27840
     aagcataaca aggcatagca agtgaaaagc tgagcaaaac ctgagaagtt aaccaatttt     27900
     ataatggaaa cgtcacttta aatgtcatga atttcatgga aaatagcaag taatcaacta     27960
     attctattgt gttataattt agaattattt gccatcttat ttaatgaaat aaaaactaaa     28020
     ctatttaact attaattaaa agaactaaaa ggaatttaaa aaaataatga aaaataaaat     28080
     gtattagaaa gttaataatt gttccaatta taatttgtta ttaaataatg caattattta     28140
     tttaagcgtt taaagagatg atgacgtttt cacaataaaa aaaaatgctt ttacatttat     28200
     gggaaaaata tttaacattg gctgatgaat taatattgtg ctgagatatt gcttccattc     28260
     tgacagttca cactcaatgt cacacatagg ccaatatata tccactcatt gtgcaatact     28320
     tggaaatgac ctcaatcatt tttgccattg caatatatat ttacaaattc acaaataaca     28380
     ttaagtcata ttacaatgac atttacagtc aacctcacag gtgtcaaagt ttaaatctaa     28440
     acattttcct aatatgacat tttataaata tattggtcag aataaatata ttgtttaatt     28500
     ttagttccta aatatatatt ttgtagtgaa tgatggaact tcatttatgt aaaaaattaa     28560
     gtagattaag taaagcatat gtacatttat tacacgagta gcataagaga cttgttttgg     28620
     cttgaggctg caggcagagt acctaagtgt cccaccagta atactatata gccatatcga     28680
     actgctatga gagtgatatt gcgtttataa aatagttcaa tggcataatc gtgtgtataa     28740
     aaaaagaaaa atcaaactca gacatcgtca aaaacacttt tgcatgagga actactttct     28800
     tccgccattc attcacatct gctgctgacg gtcagaacag cacaaactgt tgctacttca     28860
     tcaacgtcac tttagagcta gtatttgaat gatattttac aatgacattt acattctacc     28920
     tcacgggggt acctaatagg taataatttt tttagtatat atatacactg gaacatttac     28980
     cttttaacat caaattatag aatctaaata accttaagaa tgataagtat tttaaagtgt     29040
     ttatggctat ttgcattatt atgcagttat ataaatatta tgtaatcagt ggcataaaaa     29100
     taacctcaaa atgacaataa tatcggttac tgcaacaatt actgtgacaa tatatcgaac     29160
     aacaaaaagt ccttatcatg acaggtcgtg tcactctgaa taaaaaatta ttttgcctcc     29220
     tgtgaaattt taagtctttt ttaaatgtaa cagttattcc agccaaacta aaagacttta     29280
     actctgttaa tcatcactta ggaaatattt gaaaattaac taatagatgc ttttaattga     29340
     tgaatctcta actggtatat ttcttaaaag cagcaaaatc tgaaataata aaaaaaaaaa     29400
     actaaatatc aatattctta atacatattt acagcacaac aattgtgcat tcaatttgga     29460
     attttctatg tgttctcaga cattcaggcc ccactatatg tcctttacat aactgaggtg     29520
     aactctctgt gttgtgtgtg cgtaagggaa aaaagacata acatttcgac agacactgat     29580
     gtggagaact aaagcacctc tgccttgatg caatgtgaca agcgtcctgt gtgtgaggcg     29640
     gtgagtcatt gtgagtctgt ccgtagagag acagtcagtc tatatacgta agagtctctt     29700
     catctgtgtg tctttgtcat ggatgaacta caggacattt ggtaccgtat atatgacagc     29760
     tttaccttat tgcattatct ccaccctcac taacatacag atattgtgtt ttgatgttct     29820
     ctctttctgt cccttaattt ttaaatgaaa aaaaaaaact attttggtca gaattgtgag     29880
     attttcatct gttgctatgt gtgtgtatat caaatgtccc cacaagtata gcaataccag     29940
     tacattttga ccttgtggga acattatttt ggtctccctg agaaacaaac tactcataaa     30000
     tcacacagaa agtattttga aaatgtaaat atccagactg tacaacttat aattttctac     30060
     aaatcgtaaa aattatatct atgataaaga taaagaaaga tgtacgtgta tgtgtgtgtg     30120
     tccttgggag tacagtgcag cctacacatt tttactgtga tcatactgtc atcatcattt     30180
     agagagaatg agaagaaaaa gaagaagaga atgaaataaa acgttctgga tcatttatta     30240
     tttatgagtt aatattcata taaccttgag taagaaggta aactgatttc ggcagctgtc     30300
     cacgatggag ggtgtgactt tattaagata ataatattta atctataaca gaaatgaaca     30360
     gaaataaatc tgagatccct gcaaatgagg gatcttcctc tgactggttt gctctattat     30420
     taaacataca cgctgaaata attgattttg actgctcatt agtatcttaa ccaggagatc     30480
     attcagctgt catatatttc ctttaagcag tatatttaaa gtaaatttgt aattgtactt     30540
     gataacaatg aagctagata ctgtaagtga ctggtgtaca cagtacagtc tattacatat     30600
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacgt     30660
     gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaga gagagaaaaa aacaaacatc     30720
     aacaacaaca aaaaaactca aaaatcaaca aagtacagat tagaataaat ataattttta     30780
     gtttcagtag tcaaatatat attttgtagt taatgatgaa acatgttttc atttatggat     30840
     taaagtagat gcaaaggtaa agcatgtgat gtattttcca agcatcatgt ctttatttat     30900
     tgagttattt tatttattta ttttgcatga aatatgccat gctgtcagac atgatttcat     30960
     aatcattttg ggacaatgtg taaaccaatg aaaaaaggtg aggattatat tggctcaata     31020
     tttggtagaa tagccctgat ttttatttca tttatattct gaccaactgt catttttgtg     31080
     gtaaatcaaa tgaaattgga aagaaatgtc attaatactg taaaggtgtg atggcattag     31140
     ttacgcatta gacgctaggc taattattct atttattcgc tatttccacc tggggatact     31200
     catcccgagg ccctcagacc acgcagcgtc actgattcaa tccaagatca gcaacgagat     31260
     gatcccaaag tttccatatc ctggaccagg ctgtaatcct gaggtgctgc tgtggtggtc     31320
     atggaggagt ggagagcatg agactgattc ctgtgacgct ccagggactg atgagtcttc     31380
     gctgaggtgt agctttcggc caccggcact tagactgcag ctctacacaa aatgtttggc     31440
     caattggtga agttttttct tcgcccctgt cgcaactagc ttgcattgtt cgggatctgt     31500
     agggttgcac atcgatggat ttgcccttca gtgtttggac tctcattact gattattaaa     31560
     ccacactgaa ctgagctaaa ctgaactgaa cttaaacttt ataaactgaa ctgacctttt     31620
     gtgtgaagct gctttgacac aatctacatt gtaaaagcac tatacaaatt aaggtcaatt     31680
     gagttgaatt gaatttcttt gaaatatcaa gctgttttct gaaaaatgac agttaaaaga     31740
     cagttaaaga acaattaagg gatcagtcct tcattataca gtatatatat atatatatat     31800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     31860
     atattaggga tgtgcggagc agcgggtatt tgtatctgta tttgtatttg ttgagggggg     31920
     aaaagtattt gtatttgtat ttgtattcga gtaaaattca aaatggcgca aaaatctata     31980
     ttttttctat tacatttcta acttacgtta tagttaaagt attgtttaat tatacccatt     32040
     atataaatta tagatatgcc gaacatgtga caagatattt cattgaaaag aaaataacat     32100
     agaagccatt atctcatcca tggttaaacc aacaactaat aaaataccat tgtgaatatt     32160
     atgaacccca ccaccaccgt tcttgttgaa ggacactgaa tagacagaat aaaaacaaat     32220
     aatacttcaa aaaactgttc ttcttctgaa aaaacttctt tccaatggac agaattccaa     32280
     aaactaaaat taactaaata aatctaaaaa aaaaccctgc ctgggagatc tggcagaaca     32340
     aaagtattct atataatact aaaagataca gccctgctat tgtcatctgc ctgccacaaa     32400
     aaagacacaa agtttgtttt ttttttactt ttttatgttt gaaactgact tgctggggca     32460
     gaatgtggct gtgttgatgg tttggtgctt gtggaggatt tagcagaaca tagctgtgct     32520
     gatgagggga ttgatgcttg tggggggttc acagacagta tcaggagagg atgcttttac     32580
     tgcatgtgat aatacattac atagaaggtt gcgcggtggc acagtgagta gcactgtcac     32640
     ctcacagcaa gaaggttgct ggttcgagcc tcgactgggt tctccccatg ttggcgtggg     32700
     tttcctctgg gtgctccggt ttcccccaca gtacaaacac atgcaataca ggtgaattga     32760
     gtaagctaaa ttgtccctat tgtatgtgtg tgaaagagag tgtatggatg tttcccagtg     32820
     ctgggtagca gctggaaggg cagccactgc gtaaaacata tgctggataa attggtggtt     32880
     catttcaccg ttgcaacccc aaattgataa agggagttag ccgaaaagaa aatgaatgat     32940
     tatgcataga agatgttgac agatgtttaa tatctctgcc tctgctgatt tcacttttgc     33000
     acacattata cagtatcact ttgttttatc tgcagcacca ctgactgtaa aatgcttcca     33060
     caaagaacat gaagtttttt ttttttttga ctggtggagg accaagaaat ggctcagcag     33120
     cagtctcact ctttttctat tcgggtgccc aaatgtattt gaggagtttc aagttaataa     33180
     aaaatgacgg gaagctatgc taaggttaac tagcctatag catatatctt gctgtctgca     33240
     aaagacagta atgtagacgt accatataac taccataagt gcatactatt cgacacaact     33300
     gcacaagcat cgttttaacc tttataaacg aacgttaacg ttactctgtc aacaatttat     33360
     tgtctaaatt accgcgctaa cagagctaac agtgcgtaaa cagagagcac ccgattgcaa     33420
     acttcaaaaa tgcagcgtaa tggaatattc cgatcaaact ccgctacaag tttataaact     33480
     gcatatggaa cccaattaag gtacaaaaat ctatttaaca aaaatagtga tgcagtgaag     33540
     tatttttttt gctcagccga gccttctctt tcagttgctg tggagaagct tgtgccagac     33600
     accttttacc tccgccccgc ccttcgactt ctgactgagc gtctctctct ctctctctct     33660
     ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctcact cactcactca ctcactcact cactcactca     33720
     ctcactcact cactcactca ctcactcact cactcactcg ggcatgcact gtggtctcat     33780
     gaggaaacgc agctttttga tataatgctt ttcttgctcc cgaatacaaa taatttttca     33840
     agtatttgtt cgaaataagt attcgtaaaa acacgctatt cgtgcctttc cgaataccgt     33900
     attggggttc ggctccaccc ttaatatata tatatatata ttcaaaaaca acagccaata     33960
     ttgcatgtct ataatttata taatgggtat aattaaacaa tactttcact ataacgtaaa     34020
     ttagaaatgt aatagaaaaa atatatattt ttgcgccatt ttgaatttta ctcgaataca     34080
     aatacaaata cttttccccc ctcaacaaat acaaatacaa atacaaatac cggctgctcc     34140
     gcacatccct ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     34200
     atataaagca gttttaattt cttttaaaaa cattttaagg tcaatataat ttgccccttt     34260
     aagctatata tttttttaat agtctacaga acaaaccatc attacacaat aactggccta     34320
     attaccctaa cctgcctagt taacctaatt aacctagtta agcctttaaa tgacacttta     34380
     agcgtaaagg tgtcttgaaa aatatctagt caaatattat ttaccgtcat catggcaaag     34440
     ataaaataaa tcagttatta aaactattat gtttagaaat gtgttgaaaa aatctgctgt     34500
     taaacagaaa ttgggggaaa aaattaacag gtggttaata attcaggggg ctaataagtc     34560
     tgacttcaac tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttatata aaaaatgaat     34620
     gactgatcct ttatacgatt tattatgcat ttgaaattat gcatttctaa actttcccca     34680
     atcctcaaat gaacttcaaa tcccaagcca atcttccagt agtgatcaat agaagtaatt     34740
     acaggattaa cagattagat ggaagcatct ctcctctgct tgtcttctca ttcggcttgt     34800
     ctctgatact cttttttttt tcattcacat cggcacattt cactctctcc tcttgccagt     34860
     gtcttattac tgagactgaa tggatgaata gctaaataat ccccaaatca actttcataa     34920
     ttattgcaga gcaactatct ctctcactct tacagcagtc atctgtagct cttctcattc     34980
     tggtgtgctt tccaattgag gcactgcaga tgtagatgga tataaatata tgaatgtgca     35040
     aatacgtgaa ccatacaaat gagaggtgag gaaaaattca gcctcttaca tcatgtttta     35100
     tttattatgt gtttgacaac ttcgccttgg agctacatca ttagggtgtt gtgtttttac     35160
     gtgttcagtt actatttgag agtactgttt tcagtaacgt attaaagtca cacacacaca     35220
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacgcacaca ttaacacgct     35280
     gatattggtt gtttacagag actcttcata ggtgttgagg gactcttcaa ggcctttccc     35340
     cacccctacc gctaaaccca aactctctca ggtaacgtag caaaatttga atgtgaaaac     35400
     attctatcaa gtatgatttt tacgtgttat gaattacaag gacatcacac gtgacctcat     35460
     aaactaccgt aataaagtag aactgggtca tacccatgtc attatcaggg gcggacttag     35520
     tgattcgggg gctcaaagca attccagtta tggaaagaca ctagcattaa aactcaaaat     35580
     tcattttctc tatcttttta tttatgctag tttctttttt aagagtgtga caagacgctt     35640
     actccacgag atgagatgag acaactagga aaaaaaaaaa atatgaggtg ctattttttt     35700
     taaatgtatt tgaaatgaat gttattctac ttctatttta atgaagacac tataaaatat     35760
     ttttctaata gcctaagtga atggaaaagt cttctatttt tttactttta attttaaata     35820
     ttagctaaat atttgctaat ggaaaacttg tttttattca actgcaaaat acataaataa     35880
     atcacaaact acaaaacaat ttaactgctt aaaaaaaaaa aaacatttga atggtatttt     35940
     ttatttctat tttaattaat tctatgccgt aaaggacatg caaacactgc taaatattta     36000
     gctataaacg ctactgactg gatgtaatgt aatttgtaat gtattttgat actgtacaca     36060
     gaagggaaag gcgacgcagt ggcgcagtag gtagtgctgt tgcctcacag caagaaggtc     36120
     cctggttcaa gcctcggctg ggtcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc ttgttctccc     36180
     tgcgttcgcg tgggtttcct ccgggtgctc tggtttcccc cacagtccaa agacatgcgg     36240
     tacaggtgaa ttgcgtaggc taaattatcc gtagggtagg agtgtgactg agagtgtatg     36300
     gatgtttccc agagatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatccg ctgcataaaa catatgctgg     36360
     ataagttggc ggttcattac gctgtggcga ccccgcttta ataaagggac taagacgaaa     36420
     aagaaaatga tgacacagaa gggaaatatt taaaaaactt ttcccagaga gcataaatgt     36480
     gttttcagta atgataatgt gatgactgat cagactcgga agctgcagaa aatagggctg     36540
     aacagctgtg tgtgaatgtc ttatcctgtc gcaaaatgca gctaaaagtc cttgttaata     36600
     gtttgattca tgtctttaca tttctgtact gcacatcaat attgtgactt aaatagaaat     36660
     acttcacatg tcttaattcc atttgtgttt aaaacgatta tgactttaag catatctgaa     36720
     gtgctactcc aatgcattgt aacaaaccat aatgtttttg gctgcagttg tagcctctgt     36780
     tggacgcagc agccgctgaa ctgaaagcgg ttacgtcaca cctgcccacc caaccaagtg     36840
     acatgtgtaa ctccgagacc agcctgggtt gccaggtgtg tagaaagcac ttgatttgca     36900
     gtttaaatca aatcctgcct ccaatcttta tgctaatttc accctcacgc tccataacaa     36960
     cacacctcac aagacaactt tttacctcga cgagaaatct tgtagcgatt tattcttgcg     37020
     agatctcttc atacaagatc ttgtcacacc tctaataaac tgcatgtaaa atataaatat     37080
     tttttataat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaacat ttaaaataac ctttgttttt     37200
     tataacatta tctttatcta ttttttttac gtatttcttt tatggaagat taaatgcaat     37260
     aaattcacaa ataaaataac aagttcacta tgtacagtta attagccatt attgtgatta     37320
     gattttaata ttaataaaaa acaacaacat ttaaacaagt ttaattcaca acaaatcaaa     37380
     ctaatctagt caccattttt catatgaatt gaataattgc tgtcagtaaa tttgcggcca     37440
     ttactatgtt cactgggaaa tgttattgta tgtgaaaaga ccctctctta acaagctcac     37500
     agcactcatt atctcatctt gagcggtgtt ttggccagaa aacagggtcg ctgtttctta     37560
     tttctacttt ttcccaaatg ttctcaaaat tctcattcta acaccttacc tcagcagctc     37620
     tactctgatc gctgacagac tggtagtgtc tttgaactgc agctctcaca cctagcacca     37680
     ttattcatga gggtccccgg ttttgaaaag aagtaataat gtcaaagaaa atttatataa     37740
     aagagctata tgattaatat aggcttctcg gcattggccg gggcctccca attctcctgg     37800
     gccctaagcg gctgcttagt ttgcttattg gttaagtaaa actacacaca aacacattaa     37860
     attttcttct ttaataaaaa atgcagcaaa taacaataat acataaacta aaataaatat     37920
     ttaatcactg atgctacaaa ttaacagcct caaatggata atcatttatt cattcatttt     37980
     ctttttggcc cttttctttt ttctttttgg tccctttatt caatatgggt agccacagtg     38040
     gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcatatgt tttacgtagc agatgccctt ccagctgcaa     38100
     cccatcactg gtaaacaccc atgcacactc attcacacat atacacaact gacaatttag     38160
     cttacccaat tcacctatag tgcatgtctt tggaatgtag aggaaaccgg agcccccgaa     38220
     ggaatcccac accaacacgg ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc     38280
     agccatggct cgaaccagtg accttcttgc tgtgaggtga cagcgttaac cactgcacca     38340
     ccgcgtcatc ccctcttgga tagttcaccc aaaaattacc atttaagtag tatttactca     38400
     ccctcaagtg gaaccaaacc tttatattta atgttgaaca caaagaagat attttgaaga     38460
     agctgaaaac ctgtccttat tgacttccat agtacaaaaa caaaacagaa gtcaatggtc     38520
     acagatttac aggtttcttt aaaatatctt ctttttttaa gataacagtt tgggacatgt     38580
     gaagggtgat tgtatgatga cagaatattc attttttggt gaactatccc tttatccctt     38640
     taaatcatat cccaaccaca tgtatatttc ttctggatat acagtaaatc ctttctctcc     38700
     tatgcaatgt gatgatgaag cttagttgat ttgaaacagc agcactgtgt gagtttgcac     38760
     acatttacga acagacaatg cctcagggcc aatcattcac ctgacacaca cacatataca     38820
     caaactctct gttctgttgc cagaattcag gagcagcaat tcaggtgttc agtttttacc     38880
     gcagtgtctg tccagcgtat tgcataagct ctgatatcat tcgctattct gctttggctt     38940
     gaggtgttat tgcataagtt ttgcaatatc tcttcctcgt tgaatgtgga tgaggatgat     39000
     gatcttgttt accagcagtg tcttacatat atagcaaaat catttgaatt atacattcat     39060
     caaaaaacaa aacatcatat caaagtttcc acaaaaatat taggcagcac ttctctataa     39120
     catttatgcc agtgctaatg atttaaaatg tttcttgaga gcaaagcagc atattagatg     39180
     tcacataagt atgtttctgt taaagctgaa tgatgaaatg aaatcataat ttagcaaagt     39240
     tgtgactgtc gtgtacatct tttcagtgta aaaacatggt tctgtgatca gtagtaaatc     39300
     tcctccaaag gccagagtgt gctctcactt ggaaaaagca ctacattatg aagaatatac     39360
     caaatgaaag aaggatcaaa tgctttttga tttaacatga ttaataatca tatctataaa     39420
     atcacctcac attttttttc agacactcag tttggtgtaa gaaacattct gttaaacgtg     39480
     gtattttcac actttcagat gtagcagcaa cataaccata aattactgta aagtgaagca     39540
     aacaacatgg ctttcaattt tagaattgca ctgattaaat catatgcagt tttatgcaca     39600
     tattgtctgt gaactatggt tctgtgtagt aaacgtgaat agtgaaatta accaatgtta     39660
     agtggttata ttaaatttat aatataatat aatataatat gatataatat aatataatat     39720
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     39780
     aatatacagt tgaagtcaga attagtagct cacctgaatt attagcccca ctgtttattt     39840
     tttttcccaa tttttgatta atggagattt tttcaaaaca tttctaaacc taatagtttt     39900
     aataactcat ctcttataac taatttattt aatctttgca atgatgacag taaataatat     39960
     tttactagat atttttcaag acacttctat acagcttaaa gtcatattta aaggcttaac     40020
     tatgttaatt agggtaacca ggcaggttag ggtaattagg aactgtggat ttagaacttc     40080
     caaatgaaca aatccatgtt ttgagttgtg caattcagta aagactcttg tggcttcatg     40140
     gccaatggag ccagcataaa cacaaaacag tgtcttcaaa tatagatcat gtgacttacg     40200
     tgacttaacg gtaggcaggt gtatgggaaa tgttagccaa attgacatta aaatatcttt     40260
     tatatcaatt agcaatttca atttatgcaa taacagaatt aaacaatagt aagtaagtaa     40320
     gtaagtaaag tttatttata aagcacattt acttcagttt ggcactgacc aaagtgctga     40380
     acaaaaccat agcacacact ctaaaagagt aaaagataac aataaaagta ataataggaa     40440
     taaaagtatt acagcaacaa ccacaataaa gattaaaagc ctgggaatgc aatagaataa     40500
     aaatgtgtct taagtctgga cttaaaaata gagagagaag aagcacttgt aatatccggt     40560
     ggcagctggt tccacaaacg aggagcagcg actgcaaagg ctctatcccc tttcagttta     40620
     agtcgtgacc gaggaacatg aagtaaaatt ttatttgagg acctaagaga ccgaggagtt     40680
     gactgtaagt taataagctc tgatatataa gaaggtgctt gcccattcag tgctttaaaa     40740
     acaataagta aaatcttgaa ctgaattcta aaattaacag gaagccaatg aagggatgct     40800
     aaaactggag agatatgagc atgttttttg gtgcctgtta aaagtctagc tgccgcattt     40860
     tgaaccaact gcaaccgtgc caatgaggat tgggggagac caacatatag agaattgcaa     40920
     tagtctaggc gggacgtgat aaaagcatgt atgacctttt ccagatcttg aaaggaaaga     40980
     atggatttga gtctggagat gatcctcagc tgataataac tattcttaac cactgagcta     41040
     atttgttttt ctagacaaag ctcagaatca aagataacac ctagattttt tacttgcgat     41100
     ttaacatacg gtgcaagact tcccaagccc ccaatatacg acattcttgt ttttgagggg     41160
     ccgaagagaa taacttcagt tttgtcatta ttaagttgaa ggaagttttt tgccatccaa     41220
     catttaatat cctcaagaca attaattaga gactgcaggg agttctgaga ttttaaagga     41280
     acatacagct gagagtcatc tgcataaaaa tgaaaagata tgttatgttt ccttataata     41340
     ttaccaagag gaagcatata taagttgaag agcattggac ccagaataga gccctggggg     41400
     acaccacaca gaagaggggc agatgttgac ataaattggc caacagaaac tgaaaaagac     41460
     ctggatttca gatatgactg aaaccattga agtgctgaac cctttatgcc cacccaatgt     41520
     tccagacgtg acagaagtat ggtatgatca actgtatcaa aagcagaact cagatctagt     41580
     aaaaccaaaa ctgcattact gcctgaatct accgacagca gtaagtcatt ccacactttt     41640
     aacagagcgg tttcagtact gtggtgcata gtgaaacctg actgtaaagg ttcaagttta     41700
     tgggacgatt ttaaaaaagg ctgtagctgt gataagacag ctctttctag aacctttgac     41760
     ataaatggaa gtttagagat aggacggaag ttatttaagc aatttatatc tgcattgggt     41820
     tttttaagca atggctggac aactgcatgc tttaaaaacg cagggacagt gcctgaaact     41880
     aagcaggaat taacaattgc ttgtatacta gaacctattg tgttgaaagt ctcctttaaa     41940
     agattagagg aaataggatc acacggcgaa gttgaagttt ttgtctgaaa cactaaaccc     42000
     ctcaactcag agagagacac tggttcaaaa ttacagaagg tagctgaaga aactgtcgag     42060
     tccacacagg aactagggca gagaggggca aaagaggatc tgatatcagc taccttctca     42120
     gtaaagaacc ttttaaatct ctcacatatc tctgatgact gctcaatttt gcatgaggta     42180
     cgtggagaaa ttattgcgtt aattgtgtca aataaaattt taggggtgtg tgaatgttta     42240
     ttaataatgt ctgaaaagta tgtagctcta gccttttttg ctgctttttg aaagtttact     42300
     tgtgcatctc taaagatttc aagagagaca acaaggtgat cttttctcca gcgccgttct     42360
     gctttacgac aaatctgtct gagtgagcga gagagatcat ccagccatgg ctgagatttc     42420
     atttttggat acttatattt taaaggagct acacagtcta agatatctga acaagaagaa     42480
     ttaaaaagag aaattaaatc atcaggactt gaggaatgct cagcagcagc taatattgct     42540
     gtagacactt tgttactatt aaacatagta gaaaactgat ttgcagtgag agagtttatg     42600
     cagcgagagt gaaaaccttc actttttgta gtaccagaga agtatgacag agtagtgtta     42660
     aaaacaatag gcttatgatc tgagaaggag gcatcttcaa tgacaatatt ttctatggaa     42720
     aacccgtagg acattataag gtccaaagtg tggcctagtg catgtgtagc accaacaata     42780
     tgctgagtaa atccaaaaga atccaaaaca tgcataaact cagttaccaa aggctttcca     42840
     gggcagcaca cgtgaatatt aaaatcccct aagattaata aacgatcata agatgtgatt     42900
     atatgagaaa caaattcaga aaactccttt atgaaacctc tatcaggctt aggaggcctg     42960
     taaaccagaa cacacagaaa aggagtggta tccgattcta tcagagcaca ttgggattca     43020
     aatgtagtga agtccccgac agagatagtc cgacatctga accagtttct gaaaaccata     43080
     gccaccccac ctcctttccc aatacatcta ggagtgctga taaaagaaca gtttaaagga     43140
     caaagttcac cgaacacaga ggactcaccc gctccaatcc aggtctcagt taaaaaaagg     43200
     aagtccaaat tgtggcttgt aaaaaagaca ttcaaaataa atgtcttatt ggacacagat     43260
     ctagcgttca acaaagccat gttgatgtgg gaaatgactt gtagatctga ctgatgaaca     43320
     taatccagtg atttgatgtg ttggagattt acgcccctac gtcggatgcg cacccgtgga     43380
     ggagctccga attcggccag ctgccgtttg tccgggaaga taggcaagtg acaggtgtat     43440
     ctcacgtccc acgagcgtcg agccgggtgc aaaccgcggt gaccatacgt aggtacaaat     43500
     gagcacgcag tatgtagagc caatgaaata gaaatttcct tcctcatact cacccggaca     43560
     cctccgcgat ttcctcttct tctgcgacgt tttcgttgat agataagaca gcagggaagc     43620
     cggcgaacaa acgcggccgt gggaaaagga aacgatgaat agcagtagtc atgtgttatg     43680
     gagcagtctc tgggttgatt ctccaacaaa cctctaatgt ttaacagtgc ttggcgatca     43740
     tatgaaatta atgcatcaac gcagctcatg aataagagaa gaaaaagcac tgatagaatg     43800
     gttgccgaac agacatttaa aaattgacga ggcaaacggc atgccgacaa acacacaggc     43860
     gccatctttt gcacaataga aacacaacta ctagtctact tccatagagg ctcacagctt     43920
     tttcacctgt atgatagttc tgtgtaagtt atcatttgcg ttgaatttaa gcatttctta     43980
     gttcagtttt cagttcagtg tttgggcttg tctatgtttg gacatgtgta gattgtttcc     44040
     ttgttaccag tgtagattaa tgctaaaaat ttaagaatat tctacccttc ttgcctcctt     44100
     ggactcacaa aactagacag ctaatgattt cagaaaagac catgaggatc ggaggattag     44160
     taaatataat tagctaaaca taagaaaaac cttaacacac acaaacacgt tgtaagcgtt     44220
     ttggcttcac aaaccacaca tttacaagca ggactgatct tattacagtc tccctcagtg     44280
     tcagactaat gtgaggtcag tttacacact ggaatccaga ctgaccctga gaaagcctag     44340
     tttctgagac aggatatgat gttttcacaa gtttcaagaa gagtttatac tgcgttatat     44400
     gacaacttcc agacacgaaa acggaacgat ttcatgttaa acagaggaag tgcaaagtta     44460
     tgtgtacaca aatatggaaa tatagaacac agacagcacc agtaatgcac acagaaagct     44520
     ttttagtcga atccaccagc aatattttca ttacagaatt gaatcacaag aggctgttat     44580
     tttactgtca tttctaaaga tactgtatgt ttgttcacta atgggagttt gaaaaataaa     44640
     gaaagatgac tgctgtttgt gcactgttgt atagagtagt agcgtctgat cgatgagaca     44700
     cattacactg ctaaacagat tccacaaata cactggcact acactcatgc acacaaacat     44760
     acaccaatat agcctacata ttgatcagag aaactattat tgatattgat ttcacatgta     44820
     aaatgacagg tacttgaaca cgaacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     44880
     cacacacaca cacacaaaca cacactaaaa taaataaata atacttcaaa gatacacagg     44940
     tccccagaga acaaaaagtc tgtgctgcgc tggctaattg tatccctggt catagtatac     45000
     tatatagttt atatacatcg ctttagacaa actatacatt tcgagaatga agcgcagctc     45060
     tggcagaaaa acacaaacag agaaggcgca atgcaagtca cttcaggaaa aggcgtgaat     45120
     taatttttaa acacagtcac cttccaggaa tattaccaac gatccatcag gtaatgtttt     45180
     tccctctctc tctctgttta aaacagttgg taaagcgctg tcaacaaata tttttcttcc     45240
     acatcccata atgcacagcg catcagacta cggcagctgg attagtccaa aaaggtgcag     45300
     tactttttgc ggttgggtct gttctagtta ggatcatgtt ctcaccacaa actaaccgct     45360
     ccaggattta tttgaaagta tatgttataa tatgttattt aaaagcattt tggtacggtt     45420
     ttggtgcgca ctcatgtgca attgctacat tcacaccttc ccaaaaaaac tgcaccaaga     45480
     gggaaaacga actctagtgc gattaaactg aactaaataa ggcaggtgtg aaaacaccct     45540
     aaaacaaata aatgaacaat ttcttattcc ccctcactat gaatttaacc acttttaatg     45600
     gtaaacaaga gaatctattg attaagaaaa tgagtttatg cagtgtgcaa acagcacata     45660
     aaaaatggac atgccttgat actgatattg atgaaatgct tgggaaacag tgttatatgt     45720
     gccatggcaa agaggcttaa gcccagcaaa caataaacag agcagctaat gctcaaactt     45780
     aagccaaaga ggcaaccaag gcttactaat gctgccttta gtatttcaca ctgactgctc     45840
     cctgacaaaa ggcttaagac tcgcttctct taattctccc ccttctctct ccctttccgt     45900
     tcctgctcct atcgttattt gtcattttca aaccttttct ttttggcagt catttagtct     45960
     gtgcttttaa atgggagaga ctgtagtttc cagctgtcca gaagagtcaa cacacgcctc     46020
     ggtggaatgt gaccttgtct tttcttttct ttttttcagt cgtactacag tggatgttta     46080
     aaaccaacac agaacagcag gttattctta cattaagtac cgtggacatg tgaaagccaa     46140
     tgttgaacat cagtctggct tgtcagattc ccattttctg cttctcactt aattactaaa     46200
     ttcataacta aacagggact tgcgaaatgg taaatgcttt tatgaagttt cttccctgat     46260
     ggctcaatgt atgtgttggc aaatggagaa tgtcatattt atagtgtttg cttatctgca     46320
     cttcatcaca agaactgtta agaaatgtac ttgtgatatc tttaaaccag acaaaaagtg     46380
     cagatctctt atctgattca ttttacacca aaactgcaac tttaaagttt aggtaactct     46440
     gtgacctttg ctatttaaag atactaaggc cccgtttaca ccttttataa taaaaatagc     46500
     gttttagaat aaaaacgatc cacaccaact ctagcgtttc tgaacagatc tccgtccaca     46560
     ctacacacac agtctggcat gccctgcagc gtttgcagac atctgagctc caggcagtca     46620
     gctggtgctt taagcacaga accccaggtg aaagctgtgc actagaggtc tgcattcccg     46680
     cggctgtccc gcgggcgccg caggacccga ccagatttct gcggcgcggg aataaatttc     46740
     caaataaatc gcggtttaat ttgggacggg agcgggctgt ctagcaatat cgcggatatt     46800
     gctatgcgaa tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagca agctttgcct gtgtgtgtgc     46860
     ttggtgcttg tgtgtgtgta tgttagtgcg cacgtgcgcg aatgagagag agagcttttc     46920
     cagatagcaa aatacactcg ggccagttcc ggcttgattc tcgcctgccg gagacttacc     46980
     actcagcccg gctccggctg ccggactccg gatgcttgtg gactcactgc ccgattccgg     47040
     cccgaatcaa tcgggccaga tgcggcggcc gtaagcgagc cgacgctgcc gcatccgcgc     47100
     cggaatcggc ccgagagtaa tgtgcgctgc ggcccggagc tggcgcgact cagtatttat     47160
     acacctttat ataaaacttt ttggtattac attggtactt gatacatggt attacaagcg     47220
     tttgagttga tattacagca aacgcctgtg tgtctgcttg gtgcttgtgt gtgtgttagt     47280
     gagcgcgcgc gcgtatgaga gagagatttg tctgtgtgtg tgtgcttggt gctgtgtgtg     47340
     tctgtgttta tacagacagc ttggctgtct ggactgtata gctgggggat tttcggtttt     47400
     gttctccccc gctctttagc gggatcgggc gcggcggcca gaaaacgggg caggtcgggc     47460
     agcgggacaa taaattctta atataagcgg gagtggtcgg gttcgggcta aaacctggcg     47520
     ggtgcaggcg ggagcgggat tcaaaattta gtcccacgca gatctctact gtgcacttcg     47580
     gatggttcat caagaatgta ccgctggatc taatctcact ttatttatta aatgttatat     47640
     ttaattcatc ttgatgtcta tttctaacaa gatactccct gactttggtc ttttgaatct     47700
     attacttgtt ctcaggtaac gggttttggc tgagcgcaaa ggctacgcct ctgttttcag     47760
     atgtcttcgt tttttcccca ttcacattga cacagagcag cagtgtttta aaatgaaaat     47820
     ggcctcttca gcattttcaa aaagctctgt tttttaaaac tctgggataa ggtggatgga     47880
     aggcgtagtc atagctaaac ttatgtgttt ttaaaatgaa aaggtattag tgtaaacggg     47940
     cgctaagatt gcatgaatcc tgggcaataa tattgtggct gtttctctct gtttaatgat     48000
     tcaaatctta tatcggctct taaaaaatat aatatatatt aatatgagct cactgtggtg     48060
     attcaggata agccaaaagc agtttggaag ataaattcat gacatacttg tttatttatt     48120
     atttttccat agacttccgg tgtaaatttt tttgtactac tgcatatatg atacttctca     48180
     aacacacatc tgctttcctt tctaaatgag aacaaaataa tataatatct gtctttcagt     48240
     tcaaaccaga cctgttgaaa gctaaacacc attaagtgtg tctatgaaac atgtcattat     48300
     ccattataac tcaattaaca taaaagtacc atacatgaaa caacatttac ataatattcc     48360
     cactgcattt gggaaacacc ttgtgcacac cttttttcct tttatagggg aagagcatgc     48420
     tcactcatac ttgtttacat aactagtttt tttttctaaa atatataata gaaaaaatat     48480
     ttttaaatgt aaaaagatta aaggtcattg ctgaaggttt tgcccagtta aactcagaac     48540
     tatccattta atatagaact aaatgcaaca ccttttctta cctgaagcaa aaacgggttt     48600
     tcatgctaca aatgtacact agtaaccaaa agaaaaatta aagatgagta tttgattgtc     48660
     tgaactaggg ttcggcgata ttgaccaatt tggcatcgta cgatgtctaa tgtgaaacat     48720
     tgcgatgggc gatggcatcc aggcgggggg tgggggtcat tgttgaatat taattaattc     48780
     ataaagaatt aattaattgt agcctaccgt tttcactacc tgacccacat ggtctaactt     48840
     cacccaaaac caaaccataa aagttacaca caaatgacca cctgtcaatc actttttatt     48900
     ccacgggact ctggcatgaa taggcacagt gatctgtgtc gttgaatggc ttttcccaca     48960
     gctggtggag gagacgagag ttcgtttgga gtttactgta atttgtatta tgattgatga     49020
     taacttccat attttgttat tatcatgagg aaataataac aagtaaagat gctagggctc     49080
     aaccgttttg gtcgcatatg cgcctgaaat tttatctatg cgaccttaaa atatatttgg     49140
     aagcatttgg gcaagtgcat acattttcac tgttttcact gcaaaaatcc tcaccctgtg     49200
     cgcggatgta ggagacattc atgcagaatg catctttgca cctaaaaaca ctaaacgcat     49260
     cgctcaggaa cagattaaaa cagttcttgc cccgcctttg tgctcttctt attggctcac     49320
     tgctctagaa ctgaacacga attattggtt gatatcagct gtcaatcact cagtcaatgc     49380
     cttctgcctt cagatgacag gagctacaac cgcgaaaatg tgaagcgcgg aagatgagag     49440
     aataaaaata acactgacag attttgtttt agaaaacacc aacagttact aatgatggct     49500
     tatcttatta gtgatcatgt gctgaatgtt aatccaccat ttacactttt ccaagagtgg     49560
     atagaagact tccagtggct tcaagtccgc tatgaaaata actaaagcca tttactgtaa     49620
     agtctatgaa acaggctttg caggtaacag catttgccac tgaatctaca cattaagcgc     49680
     gagaggtact gtataatcct tcatttaatc ctcacaatgc tgtcagctgt gcaagcggca     49740
     gctatatgta aaatttaaca cagctcatga aaagactgta attgctatta agatgacatg     49800
     caaataataa gttatatatc aatataaatg tggggcaggg cgatggatcg caatgccggc     49860
     tcagcatgaa gtttgacgat ggcatcgtct atcggcccaa ccctagtctg aacaaaaata     49920
     aagttactat cagaataaat gcagctggtt tgtcaactgc caaaacatta cagactttaa     49980
     aagccaaata ctaagttcac aacagcgtga aggtcaaaaa gacaatgaca caggttcatc     50040
     ggaaatacat gcttcagcct acattttgta aaaccacaaa aatgtactta aacatacagt     50100
     acacttgact gcagtttcca tgtaaaatga acgctgcagg atagtatgat gtcaacaact     50160
     tttgttcctt ttaatgacat ttacaggcac atagtactgc tgaataaatt attattaaac     50220
     taaacaaata cagcaaaaca accagtgtct atgatttgta atcacatatg tttgcctcac     50280
     ctacagtggt caacatttaa agtagatcat aacctttcat caaaattgtc ctaaaattat     50340
     tgaacaatat ccagatgttc aaatgttaac tactgttttt atttccatat aaacaacttt     50400
     tcttgcatgg tcagtttgct catagctcag tgttgttttt gtgatgcaat gtgtttgggt     50460
     ttgagtctgg tgattcaccg tttcacaaag attaagtcta tgtaaaatca tgataaaatt     50520
     atgtgatcac agtgcacttt actcttacgt ttgtttttga aaacactatt gattgagttt     50580
     aggtcagtgg ttcactagat gatctttaca acaagccctg aaaactaaaa tgtacagaaa     50640
     tgtttactaa tcaaaacata attaaataga aatgacattg aaaatatctg ataatttttt     50700
     ttttaaaagc ttctgtttta aattccagaa taaataataa tgttgatatt gaaagaaaaa     50760
     catgtttctg gtgtattttg attgcgaata tgtttgtaag aaatgatggc tgtgtcagca     50820
     gagtgttttt tataatttac gcttgtaatg tttttgtgat ttaaaaaggc atatctgata     50880
     ttttaagaca aatatgatat ttcaaataca agataatgtc tgaacacatg gctgagagat     50940
     cagatagttt gcaaagatta tcagaggata acttaaaaaa aaatcacttc ctgtagttgt     51000
     ttactcaaca gacaaacaag ttaacaaagt tattattttc ttcctaaagt tgtgatcagt     51060
     ttacacaatt ttggcatgat cttgacctgt ttcaataatc aatatattga cttatcacgc     51120
     aatactcagt taaagccatt agaaacactg tttactgatg ggtaaagaaa gtcttatatt     51180
     tatatatttt tctgtttcaa agctgcagtc aacaattgca aaatggtaca caatcacaaa     51240
     taatgttatt tttttaagtt cattttcatt ctaaattgct gatatcaaag cttgtattag     51300
     gacatttact tattataaca tcaatttcat ctaaataagc ttaactcata cattttttgt     51360
     cttttaaaag tgtttatgct attagtattt ttatgctgtt gtaaaatcat tatataatca     51420
     gtggcataaa atggtcttaa agagccacta tgtttcttat aatatgcatt tatttttacc     51480
     taattatccc aacaactccc atatgatttg ttcagggatt cattaggtcc aaaacgttcc     51540
     tttcccatga agctaatctg ctgggattgg tctgatgacc tagtctgttg tgactggtcg     51600
     aatgagtaca gcgagagaca aggagaaatg cccgccatgg ctatgaagta gcagagagta     51660
     agtgagagcc caatgcagga atacactaaa gcaatgcagt taaacaccag catattactc     51720
     gactctacaa cacacatgca gtattaatct acacagtggc aaaagtaaag ctactttgga     51780
     aattgaccgt gctgtgcgtg tgaggaacag ctgatggggg ccaaagcaat gacaaacagc     51840
     agagatttct caagttcaga aacgcattta aatcagtaaa ggaagaagca agaattacat     51900
     atccaatgtg gttttggaca caatatgtaa atagaaccta aaaatttaac cagtacaagc     51960
     actgatttct gagataagtg attaaaagcc gtgtagagcg attacaagtt acaacacaca     52020
     attaaacaca tatgccaagt agattttgat gacacttaca tgttatgatc tggaagcaaa     52080
     acaaactggt ccatatgaac tttaaaagct actgacaaag tccctgtcaa tgtctgacaa     52140
     agtcccatgc agtatagtag tctctgctgc tccttgctgt tatagcaaag tgcagacgaa     52200
     tcctgcatta cattgtagct tattgtctcg taaatcagaa aaaggacagg aacaatgagc     52260
     tgtggtacaa tgatacttgt ggtattgttg taaaaatgaa ctttagcttt ttattccccg     52320
     cagccgaatt tccatctgac aatgatagtc atctttgtat catgattagt cttgtgatcc     52380
     cccaagttgt tcttgtgtct gaagggaaag gtgcgtttac attttactgg atctggtacc     52440
     tcatacagta tttggtgatg tactgtgtca acattgatgt gtttaagcaa gagatttaaa     52500
     cccaaaacga cttatttagt cgactaaaat agttgactat tttattaaag aatgaatagt     52560
     tttaaacatg ggacacttat agatttaaac ctcagctgaa tgttttcatt cacttagtgc     52620
     ttttacacac tgcataaaag gtcattttca aaaactcata ataggggctc tttaaaatga     52680
     caataatatt acttatcgca attattttta tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaagatt aatcaaaaaa     52740
     ggcatctctc aagggtattg ttgtaatcca taaacaacaa tggctgttgg gaagctagat     52800
     tttatcattt aatctcttac attaaatgga cgaaaaccag cggggacaca tctggggtgc     52860
     ttcacaatgt cctgagagaa aggctataaa tgtttaattt ttttttcctg gaccttcaag     52920
     acaggttcca tcacatttgc gacatgagca acagaagcaa aaatagtaca cagctattgt     52980
     tttccaaagg gaaatgtttc ccgccttctt gatgacatca tgctagccat taaagacagc     53040
     aaacattaaa ttatcaggta gcaacacaat tctaatccat gaaaagtcaa aactgaataa     53100
     tcctaactta acaaacaaaa acattgtgta gtctgaaccc agcattagtt tttccttttc     53160
     atccctccct ctgtttctct actcatattt ttccctagcc tgtcattctt tgttattgct     53220
     ctgtttattt tccctctcac tcctgcttgg ctaacactgc tctcattgcg actggacaaa     53280
     tgtgtttttg aaaaacccag agaaatgtaa tcttatcatc tgtcaaaaca agacccccgg     53340
     cttagcggga actcaatcct gcatcaggac gtgagcatcg agctcggctc agactggacc     53400
     gggtcagctg gggcgagtgt ttttgacaca gagcatagcg ctgagcatta agctttcggg     53460
     accctggttt tatccaactg acccgattgt ttgtgacgcc aagattaaac agataaaaag     53520
     ccaaaactgt ataagagatt agaattattc gagttaatta gcgtggctgt taaaccagct     53580
     tagggaaacg tgcagcctta aaagagactg tatagaccac ccactaccgt ttggtaggta     53640
     ccgtatccca cgacacactg acctcagtgc tcattcatct ctcacacact cgtatatgta     53700
     cacaaacact ctactgcttt aatttatagg ggaaatcaca ctcctacaca cgtgcatatc     53760
     actggcacac acacaaaaac tacacagtcc cacacaaaat agatataaat ctcatgtatt     53820
     ttcatattac gtagaaatct acttttttta atttaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc cttttttttt     53880
     taaatctaaa tttgtgtgct gatgctgcgt caggtgctga acacttgatg tggctcataa     53940
     aaactaaaag caggaggtgc tgaagttgtt ttagcaaagt caacagctgt tatgtgctac     54000
     attttctttg tcgtcactgt taaatgttct aaaaagtgag caagtggagt ctggggagac     54060
     aaaatagggc tcattacttt tactaaagaa acagatgttt acacacacac acttgtggac     54120
     agacttagat tacatggaac aatttgcatc atatatgaca tcatgtttcc ttgtgtgatt     54180
     atgtatactg tacagtgtgt gtcccacaaa ttctgtttat acatccttgt taatgttgtg     54240
     ggaatttccc tgtcatatat gttgaatacg ctttaacacg ccaacagatt tgaagatttt     54300
     aaacgcttac acaagatttc tgtgacttct cacattacac aacacaaagg aagacataaa     54360
     ctactgatat catgaagatt tttttaatgt ttttggagga aggcagcgcc agacactttc     54420
     ttatcaacct tccatgtttc tggaaaaaaa aaaaacattg cacaattatt agtgtgctta     54480
     ggtgagtggg cttaacaaac cacttgtaga acactctcct tttctgtatt ctcaaacggg     54540
     aaaaaaaaac aaaaaacttt tctttttaaa taaataagtt ttcattcata ttttcctttg     54600
     gcttagtctc tttattcatc aggggtcgcc acagcagaat gaatcaccat cttttccatc     54660
     atatgtttta cacagcagat gcccttccag ctgcaagcca tctccgggaa aataaataag     54720
     ttttaaatca atgaattaat tagagttgtc atagcattta tatacttcta gtctctgatg     54780
     atttgaagtg catcttttat cttcttgtaa gtcgcttcga ataaaagcat gcgctaaatt     54840
     aataaatcta tataacaaag gttttagcac attctaataa tttctaaagg atcatttttt     54900
     cattttaata tacagtatat ccacagaaat atggtgaaca tttattaatt ttcttttcag     54960
     cttagtccct ttattaatgt ggggtcgcca cagaaaaatg aagtttaatg aaccaccaac     55020
     ttatccagca tatgctttac gtagtggata cccttccagc cgcaacccaa cactgagaaa     55080
     catccataca cacaacggac aatttagctt attcattatc acgtctttgg gctgaggggg     55140
     aaactggagc aaacacaggg agaacatgca aactctactc aaaaatgcca actgacccag     55200
     ccgcagctcg aaccagcaac cttcttgcag tgaggcgatc gtgctaccca ctacaccacc     55260
     gtgacgccca catatgctga acaacaattt aataaacact ccatctgcag tcatcatctg     55320
     ctcacatcaa attcacactg ctaacactac agctttttgt tgttgttgtt gcttttagaa     55380
     acctcttatg ctcatcaagg ccaaactgat ttaatcaaaa aagccataaa ttcaacagaa     55440
     atattgtaaa atattcttac aaagaataca cagaacattt tttcacttct tatgttaaaa     55500
     caaggacgca tgatttaaat tttttttata ttagattttt aaatgctgtt atttttgtaa     55560
     tggcaaagct tcattactaa attcttcttc catctcacac aatatctcag aaatcatttt     55620
     aacatataga ttttctgctc aagacacaaa acaacttcat ttatttacat cgatttaaaa     55680
     catcaattgg aagaatacga tacatttctt ccagaaacta attgcatcac taaatgatca     55740
     cacatcttcc acttacacaa atgaatgctt tagtctttat ctcacccacc actacatgtg     55800
     actcctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag agacacgagg cccctgactg tgttttattt     55860
     tctctgcctc ttctctcagg aaaagaataa gtaattagac agggcagtca aaggctcata     55920
     gaaacacaaa gagaacatga gacacatgac tgactcagtc tgcatattca aattttccct     55980
     ctctagctct actaaacagg acatttccat taaacacaaa ttaggtaaac aggcaaacta     56040
     aagactgtgc agctcaaaga gaccatttga gtacagtaaa gaaaaacatt tgtttacaat     56100
     ctttaaaaag gaatcgtcca tccatacttc tgtgtaccaa attttattaa tcaaatatat     56160
     cagatcattt tttttataat ttttgcagaa atctgttaat taacctcagt tctggtcaaa     56220
     actactaaat tatttaggaa gttacaggat ttttactctt taattgccaa aattgtaaat     56280
     gatgccactg atttggtgaa aaaacaaaat tacgtatttt gaaaataaaa agtaattgtg     56340
     gactggattt tttttttaaa ctttcatcaa agtcttggac atgtgaacgt ttagtaacaa     56400
     cattggcttt gatgcattgt tagattttta ttttttctcc ctaatttact gttagtggct     56460
     gtttttgccc cattgactta cattatagcc acatttgatg gtgcataaat acagtgtttg     56520
     tttttattta ctctatgtag ttctgagagc cgtgatgcat atttggattt tctcagacac     56580
     attaaggtaa gtgcgtaaag gtcactctca cacactcaca gacacacaca cacacacatt     56640
     catttgctgt tacactgcat ataaaaacca gaaactattt gttgaacagg gctatctgaa     56700
     gagccaattg ttgatcaaca gtaagaatga caaattttac ttcttcccaa cagggaaaac     56760
     caccaacaat caaaattgca tgattatatg ctgtcatggt tttgtaataa aaaatgtggt     56820
     tataatggaa gtcaatgggg caaaaactgc taccaacaac aaattaggga gaaaaaatga     56880
     aaattattca aaaacaatgc atcaaaggca atgttgtttc acatgtctaa gactgtgata     56940
     aaagataaaa aaaaaaaaac atccagtcga gaataggcat gggatgataa ccattttcga     57000
     ggtataccgc agtttgaaaa agtcaagctt ttaaaaccgc caacattttc tgctatacca     57060
     ccctcacggt atatgtaaga ttgtttgtta acattttttg ttttgttttt taggacaaca     57120
     gtatctccag cacaaaagat atcttaaaat gctattttga attgtaaagg aatctgtgtt     57180
     tttaaaacaa taattaatat taattcattt gaattattta gcctgacatg tttactgctc     57240
     caaaatattt ttcaactttt ttttaaataa agtatattgt attaaatggg ggaaaaggtt     57300
     tttgtttttt tacccagaca tgcaggaaga atatatttta gagcagtaat aactaccatg     57360
     aaaccatgat atttttatcc aaggttatca tacagtcaga attaaatact ggcccatgcc     57420
     tttttatatt aaaaatactt tgttttatgt gttttttttt caccaaatac gtgaaatcat     57480
     ttatgatttt ggcacacaaa gagttaaaat cctttaattt tattaacaat ttaatacttt     57540
     tgatcaggac tgcggtttac agcagtttaa ttcagtggat gttttcatac ctaacataaa     57600
     aaagatagta aacttgccca gagtgtatgg ttgagttttt caaagcattc tctcaaaata     57660
     tgtgtcagaa taagatttgt cataaaaatc attctgctag ctgaaacaca gaaaaggtta     57720
     tggccaaatt aagactcaaa atcaccccag agtgaatgaa aacattccca acacaaaggt     57780
     taatacgatt tctaaagctt tacatatttt ttaattaatg aaatctatat ctttttgtaa     57840
     agctaaacaa tgtttgatgc caaaactaca caagaaaatg agttattgaa ctgttaaact     57900
     gtctgtgctg ctggcaattg ctttactttg aacaaactga agaaaagact gtaaattagc     57960
     taaatggttt gagctctgtt accaaacaac atgtttctgc tcgttccatg tttgcatgtc     58020
     agtttgagaa aactagtttc tcatttttga acctaatgtg caaatgacaa tgtggataag     58080
     ctagaagctc tacaggataa aagaaacggg gtttaaatgt gccctctgac ctttcctatt     58140
     agcagaataa tggcagagga cgcttgccat tcatatctac ctcagcctga aagaataaat     58200
     tccaacagag aggccttcag gcacgcaccc tgctgaattt aagagtgagt accatcaccc     58260
     catcccgctc taaccagcaa tccctccaaa ttactaacca ccccctctag agctcaagtg     58320
     atcacttcag acccctaggc aaccttcaaa acatcaactt gtgcaacctc gactgacccc     58380
     aatctgcagc agtccaccga tacttcacaa ttcattaaag tttaggtggc cagtaaacca     58440
     ataactcaga aatgcaccca ggggtgcact tattaaagac tcacaaacag tctcacacaa     58500
     gctccaggta caaaatctaa ttgattccaa aattaactta caaacaaaga gattactgca     58560
     gaatgaccat caaaaatgaa tcagagcaga tagaagaaga acaacaaagt acttttgatg     58620
     gcaaagacaa caactcttgt tgatgagtgc atgcttaaag taattaaaat atgtctacaa     58680
     ctctatcata tacagtatac tgtaaataca gagacatttt ttagtgaagt ttattcataa     58740
     actaatttcg agaggatcac gtgcttatga ttgacacggc tggccccgag tcaagctaat     58800
     gtacgaacca ccaatcaggc tattcctaac ccagtataaa taaccaaaca tcttactttt     58860
     agtcatcttc gttttgaaga atcccccctt ccaccccttc tcctcctctt ttctacaggg     58920
     cagcacggcg gcccagtggc tagcactgcg gcctcacagc aaaaaatgcc tcagactcgg     58980
     gtatccaccc aaccggtcag catttttgtg tggagttcat gttctccccg tgcttgcgtt     59040
     ggttttcccc gggtcctccg gtttcctccc acactcttaa aaacatgaga ctaagtaaaa     59100
     atcaaatttt aaaccaaatt agcaccaaat tcaattctgt cagcaacaca tcaccttagc     59160
     aatccttacg cagcaggagg gggggcttct cgagatctac ccgtgccaaa ctcccctctc     59220
     gccctgcaac gggagggagc tccgggctcg aggatctgtc gagctcgggg ctctctcccg     59280
     ggacagcatg ccaaactagc ttattaccaa tcatcagcta agtgtgaact cttgaaaaaa     59340
     catttaaaaa agacaaggat gagtgttact gatgcacctt ttgggtaatc tactaaaatg     59400
     taactactaa aaatacaagt aaaggttact ttgttaaagg tgtcaacatt aaaagataag     59460
     agcggtgatg atagaccacc aatgtaattt gaaacataaa taaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     59520
     aaacacccac tgcaaaagat gctttcttta attagatttt tttgacttgt ttcagtccaa     59580
     atatctgaaa gtttgcattt tgatattcag taaataaacc tagatagtag gcttgggcgg     59640
     tatttcggta ttatggtaaa ccgcgggatc taaaaatagc aacggtgtca gtttcaatac     59700
     cgttataccg tcataaaata ttaaatatcc tttatttaat gcctacaaaa acgtatgtgt     59760
     ggttgtcatc acgggacagt gtggaggaga gagagagagg aagaggaaga gggagaggga     59820
     gagggagggg gagaggtgac gtgacgtgtc gcgcttcaaa gtgtcctgca gtttgggagt     59880
     ttcgactgaa cagaagggag acgtggttaa tatgaacgag aggtctgcat tagagctgaa     59940
     gatctttgcc cgaacccggc gagactcgaa aaaaaaaaat ccaaatccct gcattaaaat     60000
     ccatccctgc aaaggtgaaa caaatgatga tgaagtagta aaaaaagcga attattacag     60060
     cggtcaagtc agtcactagc tcagaaagag cgcattccag ccgcaggtat ttcgcggtcg     60120
     ctcatacact gcgtattacg gtagagccct aacccgcaag ctgacaggta aaaagacgag     60180
     gcctctcgct acagtaaaac tgctgtcatg gaaaaataaa tggatgttcc tgactggtag     60240
     aagatgaaca aacaatccaa cccaaaactt gcaaaatcag ccagatcaga actctgcatc     60300
     tcgacctgta gcagcaggaa attaagggtg ttcagctgct ggatgcacca tgagtgagag     60360
     actgcgctga agcctgtgga tttaaatgtt cctccacaaa cacacgtagc ctaatcttgg     60420
     tgagtaaagg gtttttcaat tataaataaa tattaattaa accatataat cataatgtag     60480
     acagagtata caggctaatg gttgcattat tcttttaata ttcagcttca ccgccgcctt     60540
     aatgccagat tgtgaagaga agtggtgaaa caaaccttgc acagccttta tcttaatttc     60600
     gttattgcca aaatacccgt catcatttag tttattttaa tttgatttgt taagaaagat     60660
     tttttttcat ttgtgtgtag gctaatttaa agactaagtg catgtaccta gacctataaa     60720
     gtgctgatat gttacgatgt tacagaggac ttactttatt tctttgttcc aactttcaag     60780
     tggcatatag cctagtctac gtttgttacg aataaatgat gttaaaacat ataaatgact     60840
     cattcttgaa aaaatgcaat agatctgtgt gcatgagcac atttgaataa tgtcgggctg     60900
     taaatgggtt tgggctttat aaagctgtca atcaaactgt acctgtcgga ctcgggacct     60960
     atcgggtata atttttatgg cccgattaca gctctgcatt tccgctaccg cgggagccgg     61020
     ccagatttct tatggtgtgg gagtaaattt ccgaataaat cgcgggagag atgtgcgtgt     61080
     gtgtatgtgt gcgtgtgtga gagagagaga gagggagaga gagatagaga ccgcgagcct     61140
     aaggtcgcat agaaggtatt cagtttctga atggtttagg ctcaagccaa cagcttggtg     61200
     acgctttctg agccttacgt cataattttt ttattacgtc ggtaataccg gaaaccgggg     61260
     taaaatatgg aggcggtttg acggtatcaa aatttggata ccgcccaagc ctactagata     61320
     gtagatagtg tgtgtttcct ttaattattt taaagtctat gattaaccat atatgacttg     61380
     tgtcattaat gagctctgct ctgatatgcc gcccttacag acacacacac acacacacgc     61440
     gcaagagcac gcacgcacgc atgcacgcac gagatgaata aatgtacaat ctgtaaatct     61500
     tgcatttttg catcctgagg tcagtttgaa cctgcctcat gctgccattg cccagtaaca     61560
     aattagctca cgtttttaaa ataaaagtcc cacatacata gtaaattaaa tatatgcata     61620
     aaataactaa gagagggaaa tgatcacggt tgtctcacta gaaagcattg ttgctaatca     61680
     aacgcatcct ggggcgtgca tattaatgat ctcagagctt ttttgagatc tcagagcttg     61740
     atgacatcag ctgcttgtca ggtctggctg aacaacctaa attaggcata catgcaaatg     61800
     cggagggcat ggtctcttca cagtttgttt tgtcttctga tgcccatttc catctactga     61860
     tctttgatct ataatggaag aaaatgcttc ttgtttaaga agttttagat atttggacta     61920
     aaaacaaggc aagtaaaaag aaaaaacatt tgaatacctt cgctgttcac ttaattttgc     61980
     acttcatact taaaatgatt ttaagatctt tggttttgag ttctgtgact aatttgcttg     62040
     ttaaggaggc atgcagcaga atcgctggtt ctgtttgtgg gtttatacac tcattcacaa     62100
     agcaccagtt tcctggagtt gacttatact tagtcagttt atgtgtgacg attcctcact     62160
     gtaagttcaa tgtttttaag attaggatga agttaaacac atgaagcccc tgcagagtct     62220
     tggtctgacc cagcatatac atcatgattc acagattaca tgtgcagtct ggtctggagg     62280
     acttcagtac tgtgaggttt atggaatcag ctgttgtcac atcagaagga tcctgggcta     62340
     aaggtttcca gtctgcggtc gatgactctc tgaagctggt ttgtctgggt gcctttaaaa     62400
     tgtctggcct ggggcccttt ttaaaacaca tgttagagat ttaaaggggt gagggggact     62460
     ttgaattaat ggttactttg cgtgtttgtg tgcacgtgaa cacattggct gtgtattcat     62520
     taaaaaatat ttaagttcat ttttggacta aggtatgaga caatatccgg tctcaaggta     62580
     caccatggtt tgcaatagtc aaggttttaa aactagcttt tagttttacc gtttctatgg     62640
     tatatgagtt tttttgacgg ttttttaacg tgttgtcaaa gactatttgt actttttttt     62700
     agggcaacag taattccagg agcaaaagag catccacgtc aaaagctact ggtcagccca     62760
     agattaagca aacatttgaa aaacaaattg cttaaaaacc aacatccaaa catccaggct     62820
     tattttatat ccaaataaaa aatatattct aagatgcctt ttcaagttgt aaaaaatctg     62880
     tgtttttgaa actaatgaag taatggctgg gcaatatgga aaacaaaaaa aattagcaca     62940
     atattttttt tcatatcagt cattatcaat aattatcaca gtaaatgtca aattttatat     63000
     ctagcaaatg taaaggcttt ttagcatgac aatatctttg tgcagatgat taaacatttt     63060
     ttttaaaaat gttttagttg tctgacaata aaaaaataat aataaacaaa agaacagtca     63120
     ataatttttt tcaacattta ttgtttagag tttcaacatt caaagacatt accttacaag     63180
     tcattgtata ttgttgttca acagccgagg ctcgaaccag caaccttctt gctatgaggc     63240
     aacagcacta cctactgcgc cactgcatcg cctagtggaa aattaattta aaaaataatt     63300
     taatttagtc caataaaaaa aatagaggcc aattatgata atagaaaata atgaattcat     63360
     tcattcattt tcttttcggc ttagtctctt tgttaatcct ggggttgcca ccgtgaaatg     63420
     aaccgaaaac gtatccagca tgttcactta gcggataccc ttccagctgc aacccatctc     63480
     tgggaaacat tcacacactc attcaatctc atacactacg gacaatttag cttacccaat     63540
     tcacctgtac cacatgcctt tggactgtgg gggaaacctg agcacctgga ggaaacccac     63600
     gcgaacgcag ggggaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc cacctgaccc agccagtgac     63660
     ctttttgctt gaggcgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg catcgccaga aaataatttt     63720
     cccaaataat taaaaaaaac taaagggcag gcaatcatcg ccctcacctg tctcaccctt     63780
     ctcctgtccc agcactccaa caatcacatc agttgcaatg tacaaaaaaa gtacatttat     63840
     ttaaagatta acaaataaca aatagtaatt gtaggctcca aaaataaaaa tactcataaa     63900
     caggagaaaa atcaaatgta gcaaacaaaa agtttcatcc acctccatat tccttcaaaa     63960
     agttgaactt gcaaattttt acaaactttt caacaagtat ctcaatttaa agcacaatag     64020
     gttgtctgag aattaagtga aagcagcctt cccacataga ttcatcatgt atacatgatg     64080
     taatccattt tcatccataa aagatgacta tatcatcaca ctcatctatt agctactcag     64140
     ccgattagac ctggaaaaca tcagaatatg ataggagctt attgagaaaa tgttagagag     64200
     aaaaatagaa aaacggatcg aatcaattac acaaataaac acgcgagaga tttggatagc     64260
     attcaaactc ttatcacaca cagtctttaa aagcatatag ccttaattga tagtttggtt     64320
     gattcattga cttataatag cacaagtaag gtgggaatat aaacacagtt gaggtagatg     64380
     tgaatagctc tgttgttgaa tggttaattt gtaatcgccg gttagatagc aacacatccc     64440
     tactactgtt tagagttaat gaataatatg tagctcgaag ctatgcaagg tttcaacaag     64500
     ttgtgaatag cagacaaaga atccaactgt tactttttat ctcatgaaaa aatatagaga     64560
     taatttatct gatagtgatg agatatctgc taaaaatcca aaacataaac aacaatcaga     64620
     gctgcacaat taatcgtaaa aagaccgcaa tctctattcg accccctaga cgatcctaat     64680
     ccagcatttc aacgattctg tcaatcatat tttcaagttc aggaaagaag caaaagtggc     64740
     cgcacaagtc ttcacattgt tttacatacg ttgttcagca acgtggacac ctccaaatgg     64800
     tgttgaaaga gtcacatgct ctatttataa gatataattc accacaaaat tgtaatttct     64860
     gtcttcatgt aatgctgtat ttgcgaccgc aaaatcacac gcaacgtgag ctgactgtca     64920
     gcagtcgcca gagagagggc gggcacacgt gctgaatgaa gtctacttta gtgaacagaa     64980
     cctgaataag ctgtgaataa caggtaataa agttttaaat aacattcagt ttgaggcaca     65040
     gagtgatcgt ttgggagccg tgcgggaagt gaactgctct tagcagtgaa aatgaaaccg     65100
     aaagcgcaca cagccagacc tagctgactg attccagccc aaaaagtatc ctaaacccac     65160
     cgaaatacaa aaatacccgc ccagtcttct gtattcacga aaaacacgtc agtgacagat     65220
     tttaagcaga aaatgacaga ttgctgtttt accatatgtt tgagaataac aataataata     65280
     ataaccaact caaattaaac tttccatcta cagaatcgtg agaaaatcgt gatctttatt     65340
     ttagacaaaa aaaaaaattg tgattctcat tttacccaga atcgtgcagc tctaacaaca     65400
     atgcatgatg aaaaacaatt agcaatccaa aatccatatg gtctcagcca ttagaggaca     65460
     caggatggca gtggtgagga tgtagaggcc cttgttttaa cctccgactt ttgacctctg     65520
     tactgagaga actacaagtc aaacaacagg cctgttgtaa tagaacaagg actgatacat     65580
     actaaaatta caagagtcat gagagctaac acacatgatc ctcctgattc tccacatttc     65640
     ctgcagccca aggcctgacc tttgaataac cttcctgata ctgggccaga gagaccaaac     65700
     ctgaactccc agaaggaaca tctaagacgc agaggaaaga gggagggaga aagaaaacaa     65760
     agctatacag atatagaatg agagagagag aaagagattg agagagagag agagagagag     65820
     agagagagtg agagagagag agagagatcg agactgggac aaaagaaagg aggtattgga     65880
     gacaaagtgc cgattagtcg gatttgagcg tctgagagat atgagtaagc ggtgaggcag     65940
     gggagaagct gcaggctaac agataaagca gattcccaac agacagcatc atgggaagag     66000
     accagacctg atctagagga attcctctaa aaaagaacct tatcttagaa aaataggctt     66060
     catgtcttgt aatgggcagg gagatgatga aatgtgtgtg cacatgtgtg tgtgttaggg     66120
     ctgggtaatg ttaaaaagtc tcatatcacg acataagtca tatcatatcc tgatatatca     66180
     cgatatgcca tttctgtaaa ttataaatgt aaataatact tctcatttta tgtagaattt     66240
     tagagcaaat gtttgattaa aaaggtagaa atataaaatt aatattacta aaatataaaa     66300
     caatgttcaa aaaagcgaat gattgcaggt ccaacatgaa aataatagat atcgctaatt     66360
     aaaatgcaac atataaactc tgtactttca aggtttattc gtgtttgtgt cttactgtat     66420
     tttgtgacac cacaaaataa accatagagc atgatatgaa acgatagaca acccttgtgt     66480
     gttttgtaac ataccaggag agaaatgtgt ataataacac aggtattaca tagagatggt     66540
     gaattataag gacatagctg atgtactcat ttttagaaag gcttataaat cacacttttt     66600
     attcagaaag taaaactgca ccatttctgg taaggggtaa tttagggtat agggctgggc     66660
     aagggtcggg gcaatataaa atacagtttg tacagcataa aagaaagcaa tggaagccta     66720
     tagaatgttc cacgattcat atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgcat     66780
     gcaagtgtag aggttaaaag cagttttagt aatacggctg ttgagactaa agcaaagcaa     66840
     aaaatagttt gtgtttgtgt atgactcaac atttgtgatt gtctgccctt attctcaaga     66900
     aataagccaa gagcttttca aacaaacaaa caaacaaatg agaacatttc aagcaagggt     66960
     agaaaaggct accaatagct gtacagcttt gaagaataaa aaacacactt tttccagagc     67020
     tctggtctag tcttttggat ttatataaga gtagtcatac tcaaaggcaa caaaacaatt     67080
     taagatcata attgaagatt atggtgcaaa aatgagagca gcccataaat ttagcaggtt     67140
     gtattttttg tcatagggta taacctatat tttcagtagc tcatttgaat ttcaatgcat     67200
     tactcttttt tactaaacac atcaggtgat cacactctta tattacttaa tataaatgtt     67260
     tggtaaaact gcagcaatat atttcatatt cagtgtgaaa tggatacaaa tctaaatgta     67320
     taatagggga aaaaaatgtt aataaaaaat gaaatgagct ttaattatta cttaaaaagc     67380
     aagactaggt tacactttat tttcaggtgt attgttacag tataaattac aagtataatt     67440
     actatataat taaggttaaa atgcgggtta ggtttaaggt tatgcataat gcatacttaa     67500
     ttctaattac tgttcaatta tatgtaacat ggacacctta aaataaagtg taaccaaaga     67560
     ctgtatacaa ggtgcttgcc agggatatac aagagatact taaccccaaa attctaattc     67620
     tgtttattct gaaccttttt gagttacttt ttttttctgt tcaacacaaa acactccatt     67680
     ctaaagaatg ttgggggaaa aaaacagcca tagaaattca tagaatgttt tgttcctggt     67740
     gtggatgtta atgtcatctt tccagcattc atcagaatat cttctttacg ttcaacagaa     67800
     gaaagaaaca aatgaaacca tataactccc cgagtgagag taaagcgaaa tgttaatttt     67860
     tgggtgaact ataactttaa gaggacttaa gacaagaaga cttaagacaa aaatatttat     67920
     taaaaaaaga aattagggga atcaggtttt gctccaatct gaaggaatac agaattttcc     67980
     cacgttaaaa aataagtttg acctcacgtt gcgtgaatca tattgacaca atgcctttga     68040
     aattttgccg tcataaaaaa taataataat ttgaaccgag tttggttttt ttgttttcgc     68100
     atccgaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acgcttcgag ggcatttgag ctacagctaa ctttatgaca     68160
     aacacagagc ataaaataaa gacagaaagt ggtgaacagt tgagaacccg tgactggatt     68220
     cagacactag ctatgtttcc actcatctat catcctatgg gcatttggat ggaaacagtg     68280
     ctttacttgc aagtctttta tgcaatattc cagttaaaat tccactgatt tcctgaaata     68340
     aactttgcat tttgggataa tccagcacag ctttttgata atgagctcaa ctctccttcc     68400
     tctctatgcg gtattggatg aacacaatat gtaggagaac agcgtataac tgcttgaact     68460
     gactctgaac tgttttgtga tttttcataa tggattaatt aatgcacatc ggacttggtg     68520
     tggaaggttt gtttacatga cgaatctttc gcatataaaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaaaaacg     68580
     aaagttccgg gcatgctgtg tgcaatgccc tttactgtca aaacataaac agacatgtcc     68640
     attaagctga gaatatttac acacaaaatg aaaatcttat caccttgacc acataaaacg     68700
     ctgccatttc atgtcgtcat catgtgaaag ttctttacta ttataactac atttgcgttt     68760
     taacaggctt ctatctacag gactgtacta ttaatcaaaa tcaaatcgca attgcaattt     68820
     gaaatgtaat tatgattagt taagcacaag ttgctgcaat atgatatata tatatatata     68880
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaac tttttttccc ctcgcccaga     68940
     gcaaatgcgt gactgctatt tgtgtaagaa agtcttacta gccaattaag tgagcacact     69000
     tttgttctgc ccaatcagaa ttgcacaact gatctatgca gaatggccat aaaaacaaac     69060
     aaacaggaaa gcgcagacga gtgggatgat ggcgtctgtc gattcagaag cattattaga     69120
     ttaataatta aaaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaac aggacatcag taatatggga atatttccgt     69180
     ttcaaactca cagacactga acaaaaacag ttcattttat agaattgttg ccacagcacg     69240
     aggaaataca acaaccagca cctaaaaaca agacaggcag ctatatgagg agtgtcttgc     69300
     taaaaagtca acttaaagta ttgccagtca cactcaatat agtagcaagc aacagacaaa     69360
     aacaatttca gagttgtttc agccatgtta gtttgctgag tgttctgtat ttttataatt     69420
     attataattt tgtttgtata ataagctgca ctatcttcct aatttgagtt caacttgttt     69480
     acagaaaggt aaggtcattt tacgtgttta ctgtttgctc tagaaaaatg agtgttttat     69540
     ttctgaatat ttataaacaa atttgaataa atgtgtaagt aagttaatat cttttcaatt     69600
     ccttttttaa ctatcactca ctgcatttta gcagaaagaa gctatgattg agattcttga     69660
     gctgaagctt gactacaaaa ttaaatcgca aatcaaatag aaatcgcaat ttgtaaaaaa     69720
     aataaaaatt ctcaaaccgc acagctctaa tctacagtcc caacaaaaag cattctgctg     69780
     atgtttggct gttgtgacaa gccaaagatt cctcacctgg tactccttag aacaattttc     69840
     tttagagtac attgtaaata tttgatgtgc acacacacac ggtgttgtta aacacaatta     69900
     aaatagtaaa aagatgtctg aacagcaggt atgtgacctc cagcatgaga gagggcttgc     69960
     ttttctggtc agagacaaaa gctccattta ggtcctccgc tcctgctgtg attggaccat     70020
     ttgaaagagg aaacggattc aattggctct ctgacacaat gcacttctct ctctttctcc     70080
     gtctctcttc cttcaaacat gcttaattag ctcaggtcaa tgtctgtttt tccgctcaga     70140
     tcgctttggt tataaatgtc aaaagacata aaattagtgt tccagaaagt ggataaagca     70200
     aaaaattacc atataaaaat atcagcactg caatattaga tgttcacacc attgaccttc     70260
     ggttattgct tccttcaggg agacggttat aaaaggaaag agaaaaggag agattctgtt     70320
     ttgatctttt ttatcccatt aatctttata atgaaagtag taaaacaccg gattgaaact     70380
     cacacaccgt tattgctcac tgacactatt tccatcagtg cagtcaaatc tgctgttgat     70440
     gataaagcct ttaaacatat atagaaaact aactttgaga taacttcaaa gctgaagcag     70500
     atatggctca taaaacagag tgcaactgat aactgaaaag ttaatgttta ctcagaagtg     70560
     tgtagtattg aagcgcacag tgtttgtgtg tgtgtgaatg ggaggaggtg aactgtagga     70620
     ggaaactcac agtgacacta tcatcactca aactacacaa taatgtagac tcatcgcatc     70680
     agtgtcagac tgaagtcatt tctgtgacgg attcacatca gtctggagca caaacaaata     70740
     caatcaatta cattacgtct gaagcattcc tcatttatta tatcaatact tgaaaaagga     70800
     gagactctta aagtctgcag tcttgccgga gagtccactt gtgatttaaa aggaattagt     70860
     ctcaaaatga gaagctttaa gcaaaggaag ctgaagtgtg ctctagtgtg gagctggcgg     70920
     aaataacccc tagtcactgc tttgtgtgat taagtatgat ttaatatgta ggatttaatc     70980
     catcttgaat atatcatgat tgtattattc ttatattatc agatttaatc aagatgaaat     71040
     tgaagctttt actcaggcta aaagtatgat gcattttcat ccattacaac ttgtttttat     71100
     taatcaatgt tcaaaaaatg tgaactgttc aaaaagtgct ttgagcttgt acgatgattc     71160
     aaaaaagaaa ttattaattt tgttcagcag ccagctaatg aatatgaaaa tataaaaagg     71220
     atccctaaaa atagcaacac aaaaatatta ttttttttta aacaatagct atgtttccat     71280
     aacaaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaatgaata     71340
     aataaataaa taataaatcc agggtttatc caacccaggc tcattctgaa aacgtagtcc     71400
     agcggacgtt tctggagacc gcaaaatacg tcccgggagg tacgtatggc tgcatttcat     71460
     ttttttaagc gaacgctacg gggcggtgtg acgccattcc cttttgcgct tttcggctga     71520
     ccgcttacct ccgtgtggag ggctttcccg ctgcaatcag tttgtccggt cagctcatcg     71580
     tgtgtgtcgg cggacttcag acgcagagag gaggagttga caagtgtccg ggttcgagtc     71640
     cggggaagag cggttccaga aaccaggtaa gacaaaaaca gaatccaaaa aataaagcga     71700
     acgagttcat gacagggtga gaacgtggtg aaatccgaaa acgtggtaaa aaaaaaaaat     71760
     cagatgaggg tttttctttt ttttaagacg gcttttctaa attgttgctc gggtttaggc     71820
     aagtgagcgg gcgggcgggt caatccgtaa aactggttgg gttcagggaa ggaggagggt     71880
     gggtcagccg attgcccggt cgcgcagtca atcattcgat cagtcagaca gcggcctctg     71940
     gtgggttgac gcgagaaaag cgggggcgcg aacggcactc gcgagagacg ttcgagataa     72000
     gaaaaagtgc acacagcggc ctctcgcgga ttcgcgaaaa caaaaactgc acaaatacgt     72060
     acctcccagg acgtatttcg caatctccag aaacgtccgc tggactacgt tttcagaaaa     72120
     tttaaagcta tttaagacat ctgataaaac tgtatacatg tcacacatat atatatatat     72180
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     72240
     atataaaatc acagataaac aaaatatcac aaacctcaaa tttttccaat atcgtgcagc     72300
     cctagtcaag ctgtctgtgc tctgtgtcat gccttcattg ggcatcactg attaattcaa     72360
     aaatattatg aaacaaggca aaattaaact tgaattctgt gtattaattg tcagctgttg     72420
     tgaataatca aataaaatta gaaagcttcc tgtatatgtt catcttttaa acattttaaa     72480
     ccaatatgta caaatgataa acgaatcatt attaacaaca cccaattcaa aaatttttca     72540
     taatagccta aacttccaaa tactaactat aaaagtgagc aacatcaaat acattcactg     72600
     aaaaatgttt atgattttaa aaagtctttt gtttctctcc atcatcatgt ccaaatctct     72660
     gttgttgtgt ctgagcacat ttaacacatg cgtcagaaac gttgacctac atcaagccgc     72720
     ttgctcagct aatatcagta cacaaaggga ttagcctaag attaggataa aaccatctgt     72780
     ggagtaattg tttctgccaa ttacaatcta acataaacac aattaattca acaactcaac     72840
     catgcaatat ttaaagatcc catgaatcaa tccatccatc cgagagagca gctgtcactt     72900
     taccaaaaac tgcaaaatat gaaccaaaaa aaaacttatt tgtttagtgg ttactttgtc     72960
     cttagtattg cacttcagca ttgaaatatt tttcaagagt gtggcatgtt tacatggcgt     73020
     cctgatggac cagacatagt gtcagattgg agctattgtt ggtacacttt gtttttttgt     73080
     ctcactcaaa tgaagtgact catccagcag acattggttt gtgtaaacgc acatcatcat     73140
     taacccttgt taaataaccc cgttgtttac taaacaaata agtaagtgat gtccatccag     73200
     catccaaaga catgttgttt ttttgcagct gtccacctat ttgtcaagtc atgttagtaa     73260
     acttcaagat cttcaagccc ttaaatggaa ggtgctgtct gcgagaacac acacacacac     73320
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     73380
     acacactttt cactgtctta gtgtggccat tgcatgtggt agctggaccc atggcacatg     73440
     gttactaaca tgcaacaaaa aagtgaattt aaacattatt ttattaaaag ttttaaaagt     73500
     aaaagttttt ttttttaaag actgaaatta gggctgcaac taactattat tttattaatc     73560
     gattaatctg tgaatcagat aaaaaaagaa gtgtttgcct cattcataaa aagcagaaca     73620
     cgcaggactc agcaggtaaa ttcactagtt actccccaaa tacatgcaag taggggctgg     73680
     tgaacttaga gaagaataga ttcaacttta cttattttca ctatgtgtac ctgatatgaa     73740
     taaaacacat cggcaaacta tattttaatg gattgttaga ctctcttgtg tgttttacaa     73800
     acttatagaa atgttttgtt ttactagtac ttgagtgcat ttacatgtct aaaacataaa     73860
     ttaagcaata ggcgattaaa acgctgcata attgtgataa tatgacacgt ctttctcagc     73920
     ggggttaaaa aaaataagca gttttccgac ggtccctttg caagactaaa gacacgtttt     73980
     tatttactcg cctattttgg atcaataatt tttcaatctg ttgtcatgta ttgctacact     74040
     gcaaaaaaag cttctcttac ttattttgtc tcgtttccag tccaaatatt taaaaaatct     74100
     tcaataaaga gcaaaaaatg gaatgagaaa attaagtgat gcttaaaact tctgtttgag     74160
     attatatctc attaagatta tttttcttac cgcattggta aataattttg catgttttaa     74220
     gcaaacaatc acttaatttt gaggcgcttt tttcagaaaa caagacataa tttcttatgc     74280
     tattgcatgt gtctagtatg tatcttgatt aacttttaga tatttggatt gaaaacagga     74340
     caaaactacg aagttagttt ttattttatt ttattattat tataacattt cccagtacta     74400
     ggttgcagct gcaagggcat ccgctgtgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt ggcggttcat     74460
     tccgctgtgg tgaccgcgga ttaataaagg gactaagcca aaaaaaattg aatgaatgaa     74520
     tgaaatatta ttataacagc tcagggatgt tcaaggacat ataataatta taatatttaa     74580
     ttataattaa tataatattc attataataa taataaaatt taaaaaaagc catatccaca     74640
     gccatgtcac cctgcagcac aagaccggtt actcactgaa gctaagcagg gctgagcctg     74700
     gtcaatacct ggatgggagg ccactaggga acactaggtt gctgttggaa gtggtgttag     74760
     tgaggccagc agggggcact caacctgtgg tctgtgtgag tcctaatgcc ccagtaaaag     74820
     tgaaggggac actacattgt cagtgggtgc cgtctttcgg atgagacgtt aaaccgaggt     74880
     cctgactctc tgtggtcatt aaaaatccca ttgcacttct cgtgaaagag caggggtgta     74940
     accccggtgt attggccaaa gtccctctat cggcccttac gatcatggcc tcccatccac     75000
     tgaattggct ctatctctgt ctctcctctc caccaataac tggtgtgtgg tgagcgcact     75060
     ggcgctgttg tcctgtggct gccctcgcat catccaagtg gatgctgcac actggtagtg     75120
     gtgtggagag accccccctc atgattgtga agcgctttgg gtgtatggcc atgcacaata     75180
     aatgcgctat ataaatacac actacattaa attacattac aaaagtacac attacaagga     75240
     caacatgtgt gtgcactttt taaagatttt agttttggtt ttaaaaaaag gttggaaata     75300
     attgcttttc tattttttta tccgattcat taatcaatca aaaaaataat cgacagatta     75360
     atcaattatc aaaataattg ttagttgcag ccctaattca ggaggagcca tgtgcaccca     75420
     ctgatttgta aaatctgcag ctgacatttt gaacagcatt gccaaagcat gttagatatc     75480
     tataaaatat gtgctatatc agcatcatca aattacaaaa atatacagca aatgagaaat     75540
     aaatgacaaa caaaagtgaa accaaaagca gaatcccaga cattttagga gatttagaaa     75600
     ctcgggccag actttctaca gagggataaa aacgaggaac tgtttttgtc catgaacaga     75660
     aagctagtgc tgttgaaact accggattac ttctaaatct cttttttcaa tctccacaac     75720
     tctaaatggc ataatcattt ggaacaacat gcaagtgtat ggatgacaga aatttcattt     75780
     tgggtgcagt atcctttaat cttcaatttt aaaaaaatgt gtccgtcagg tgtgtttatg     75840
     catgcacaat ggcagtgaat gtgaatgcat acatggctct tagaaaccag ttgccagtta     75900
     catgtttgcc atatgacatt ttgccagggg tgtgcgtgtg tggtctcaag caaatctgtt     75960
     cagaacagtt tttgctcaga atttatgttt gtgtgttaca cctataaatt cctctgtttt     76020
     acaacttaca aagcaggctt tgctcgatta caaagagaaa aaaagagatt ctggatctta     76080
     tttagccaca cacaggtagg ccaggctgaa aaaaaacaat gaagagagaa taaaggagaa     76140
     agagacaccg aaaccttaaa gagatggggg aaacagagaa acaaactgaa agagagaatg     76200
     gaaaagggag acattcaaag aaacgttcac tggagagagt tggcagactg tctccacagc     76260
     ctacagttaa taagccaccg tgggagatac aggactcatg cactcactca tagactcaca     76320
     cacaaccaaa agagcaaaac ataataaaaa agacccccac tagtctttct tcgtgcattg     76380
     tggaggagaa taataaaaag tctggcgtgt ggaaaggcta ccaggtaaaa tgtcacagag     76440
     tggaactctt cacacacaca catgtaacaa ttctaaacag ctactggatt tcctatgata     76500
     ctttactaat tacaaactct ccgggttcct cctcccactc aaacacacgc tcacacacac     76560
     tccatctgct cgcgtgctgt ctaattaggg agcagctcat ttaagtgatg aaaggaaagg     76620
     cggcctctga acgtcagacc gcagtcccag tgaagaatcc aaagcctctg gtgtttcagc     76680
     ctattaacaa cacaaactgg tgcctcggag gctgcctctg gaggaatgtg tgcgttctta     76740
     tgctgcctcg ttaactgtgg gtattctacc tttatccgcc attgaccgaa tcgaccctgt     76800
     atgattaagg actctgtctc ttattactga ttttttttat gtggggtgtt gcaaaaaaat     76860
     gttgatttgg tctttctgtt cttgcaacac atttattgca aatgttactc atttgcatct     76920
     tgtggtgcag ccatataatg aaggtttaaa ttttagtgat actcacttta gcattttttt     76980
     ttaaaacaaa atagccaaat agtgaatttt tagagacatc acatgattgt gatgacacat     77040
     attttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattaaaa     77100
     ccttattttg caaaaagttt tttttagaaa aaattctata gaattctata gaaaaatttt     77160
     atagaattaa agaaatattt tgtaaaaacc atgattcggg ttgggtcgat ggacaatggc     77220
     atcatccatc accgatggtc gatagacatt acaatgctga gcccgcataa cgatcctcag     77280
     ccccacccca attgcagctg caacccactt gtgaaaaata cacaattagg ccccgtttac     77340
     acaaatacgt cttagtttta aaatggcatt ttagaacgaa aacaatccac gtttacactg     77400
     gtgtttcacc tagcgtttct aaaaatccct ctgtccacac tataccgata aaaacctcag     77460
     atactgttgg ttggttcctg ttggttgtgg ttttttacca aacaagtttg tcaatgctat     77520
     tataacgaca aagatcactc tgtctattca tgccagagtc ctgcagaaaa agtgactgag     77580
     aggtggtaac ttgtgtgtaa cttatcttta tttatttatg atttggttat aggtaaaaca     77640
     aagaccttcg ggtcaggtag ttgaaacagt aggctacaaa taattcaccg gcgcctacga     77700
     tgatgatgct atcacccatc gcgatgtttc acattagaca atgtacgatg ccaaattggt     77760
     ggatatcgcc caaccctaac aatgatacag tacaactgct tttaccactg atgataaaga     77820
     tgtcttaggc aaattaacat gtaaaaatga agaacgacat gattatgttt aatttacgct     77880
     tgcactaaaa tagttatttt tgtaattgta ataatactgt atttattcta aaactgaatt     77940
     actgtatttt ctaacctgtc ctgtagcttt atctctgtat aaattcttta ctgcacgaac     78000
     tgattagcac aaacattaaa ggctgctatt aaaaatgtaa aaagtagatg aaaatcaatg     78060
     gctttggcac ttaaaagtca taaattgaca gttttagcga ttgtgtcatg taaagcacac     78120
     agccttcatt cttaagcaag cattaggcca tttaatgtta aattcatcaa agaaacggag     78180
     caagcagtca atatgtgtct gggtcagggc aggctgatat tgacaacatc cctccctcag     78240
     taattacttt tccagttcgt taaagaccag cgtctttaac gagaatggca gagcctgata     78300
     agactgaagg cactcgactc ctgccagctg aagcatgagc attctcgctt ttaattaaag     78360
     gacagtaaac ctgatgaatt tctcttgtct ttatgtggag attcactagt tcacagctgg     78420
     gcgtccgtca ctggatcaca ttgatcaaac tcctcgagtc tgttgtttta aatgagcttt     78480
     cctgttatga cagcttgtct gtctctgagg gtctccagta tttccaacag ctcttggatt     78540
     aatgagagga cgcgtttagt gagactgcgc taactctcct ccccccacca aaaaaaaaat     78600
     aagaagaaag atttacagct taacagcttt tttttgggcc tgaaatacag catcaaatct     78660
     gtttggtttg gtgaaggggg cgggggttaa gctgatgact agcaaatgta ttcatgaatg     78720
     aactaatgac atttaaaaaa cggttttcct tcattttccg caatcagaaa atcatggcag     78780
     acctttatca cacaggtgct ggagttaata gagagggtga tagtgtgttt tgatatgtaa     78840
     tgagctgtta ccagaggctg aaatgagacg gcaagcacaa caggggttcc caaaagaaaa     78900
     atgcgcacag aaaaagttga attgcaaaaa aagacaggaa gttatttgat tacacatgtg     78960
     tatttaacaa ttaaaatgtg atttgaatga aatgaacact caaaaatgct ttcaaaattc     79020
     agctcaactc tccaaattgt gctagagctg caggataata atgacagcac ttggtaggta     79080
     atcttaacca aataatggag atatgcaaaa gagagaggga aagctattga gcggatattc     79140
     aactctgcca ggcctcgtaa tactgatcca aagagctctt agtgaaagag cacagccagg     79200
     ctctggagga gggaacagac tcagacgatt ccaggctttt gtgtgtggtc tcaatcgcaa     79260
     gccccttgag aaccacccct cctctgctgc cttctctctc tccatccatc tctctgttta     79320
     cgcgctcact ttctcttccc tcctttcctc ttttttttta atgcaccaca ggtgggcaga     79380
     cacaactgag ggcagctaac cttctcagag gtcaacacag gggccattgc atgcgtgtat     79440
     atttttgtgt gtggtctcag agtttatgtc ggccttttgg gaatattgtg cttttaaggc     79500
     tgggactgaa atcaagcaca tggcagacta ttgcaagttc atagaagctt tttgatatca     79560
     gttttctgaa aggattcact cacattttgt tttcaccttt ttgaacatgc attttgtgca     79620
     ttttaaagtt tttttctcag tttattttta tttgtttgca aaccagtgca tttctcaaaa     79680
     cagagtacaa agcaccacac agtgctacct gcaactttct cataatccat agttcatctt     79740
     tgcaaataat ttttgtcaat aaacatatca gaggttagag gagaatggcc agactggttg     79800
     aagttgacgg aaaggcaaca gtaactcaag aaaaaaacct tgttacaacc gaggtatgca     79860
     gaagagcatc tctaaacgca caacacgtcc aaccttgagg ggaatgggct acagcagcaa     79920
     aagaccacac caggtaacac tgctgtcagc taagaacagt aaactgaggc tacaattcac     79980
     acaggcaggc tcaccaaaat tggacaatag aagattgaaa aaaaaatgtt tcctggtctg     80040
     atgagtctca ttttctgctg cgacattcgg atggtagggt ctgaatttag cgtcaacaat     80100
     aagtatggat ccatcctgcc ttgtatcaac agttcaggct gatggtaatg gtgtaatggt     80160
     gtgggggata ttttcttggc acactttggg ctcattagta ctaattgagc atcgtgtcaa     80220
     caccacagcc tacctgagta ttgttgctga ccatgtccat ccttttatga ccacagtgta     80280
     ctcatcttct gatggctact tccagcagga ttacacacca tgtcataaag tgtgaatcat     80340
     ctcagactgg tttcttgaac atgacaatga cttcactgta ctcaaatggc ctccacagtc     80400
     accagaactc aatccaatag agcacctttg ggatgtggtt gaatgggata tttgcatcat     80460
     ggatgtgcag ccgactaatc tgctgcaact gtgtgatgcc atcatgtcaa tatggaccaa     80520
     aatctctgag gaatatttcc agcaccttgt tgaatttatg ccatgacgga ttaagacatt     80580
     tctaaaggca aaatggggtc caatcaggta ctagtaaggt gtacctaata aagtggccgg     80640
     tgagtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     80700
     tatatatata tatacacata ctatgagaga tttggtatgt atgcatcaag tatatttgct     80760
     gtataaggtt agtgttaata gaagtggaca agtgcaatat aaatcattac agcacaaatt     80820
     ataataatta cacagagacc tgatgtaaat ggaagtagac aagagaaata tgaagcatta     80880
     cagtcacaca gattatgata actagaccta catttttcgt ttaattactt gtttaataat     80940
     gactgcacat tttgtggagt agaatattca atataaccac aatatatttt gacaaacatt     81000
     taataatgca gcaagcaggt tgttgtacaa attcatcaac tgtctaaagg aatgtaccat     81060
     agcattcgca atttgctaaa gcattaagaa tttgcttatg tgcacaattg acactttcat     81120
     ttctgagaaa tgttccgaag gaccttataa atactgtgaa atggcatcac ccagaagtct     81180
     gtgtagccca catgatgtgt gttttaatca tatgccagta tattaaaaat atattttgct     81240
     actattcgaa aaatgttgct gtatcatata aacacggcgt cttaaccaac ctcgatatgg     81300
     caagtgattt attgtgtcac caaaatataa tcagccaatc agaactcata acgcactaca     81360
     gcagtgtaaa tattaaaaca cttaccatgc agcagcatcc tcgtgtctgc cgaatctctc     81420
     cacgggccat cccgctttgt attccattgt gtaatttgta attgtcaccc caaaatatcc     81480
     aatcctaaag ttatataaac gaacatcctt catagtttga tgttaatcac gtggttacgc     81540
     agggatcggt ttgaagtgtg ctgagctact cggagcaata tctacggtgg ccaagatagc     81600
     tcaaatgcgc tccaagtaaa aacaaacatg caaaacagaa aacactaaac aaataaaaaa     81660
     aaaattaatc agtatgacaa tacacacaca tacacaaatt cttatgtgta aatgcagaaa     81720
     cacccagcaa gtagaaatac aggcatataa gaacactagc aaagtgagaa aacatcttta     81780
     tcaatttgcc gacacatttc ttcaactgta aacataccac aaaaagttta gagccaatgg     81840
     tggtgtcatg cccattcaaa cggggtgtca gcatcaacag ttcccgttca ctttgaatgg     81900
     gtgatgacaa gcgttgccaa acttgccaaa ctaaattgtg gatttgttgc cggcacttgg     81960
     aaattgggaa tttctccact tttaaagcac caacgaaagt gtcagccaat atgatcgctt     82020
     tatgcaaata ccccagctca gacagtagcc aattgtggac aaatttcatt ggctgacact     82080
     gctatgacaa tcgcgtcagc cccaaattct ctattaagag ttgacgctaa agccccgtgt     82140
     gaatcggtcg gagatgtgag aagtaagttt tatattttta ttttttattt tttattttat     82200
     tttatgtttc ttgttattta caaaacacag cactgactgt aaacagaaaa cagctgggtt     82260
     catcatttta ggggggtcca ctgacataat tacattgcgg tgtgcactat ttgcaatgca     82320
     tttctgtatt tgcatgtgtt gtgagaattt gcatgtgtgt attttatcaa attgatgaag     82380
     atgtcttctc aatttgttaa tgttttttat ttgcatatgt tttcacaact tgcagcgtgt     82440
     ttgagctctc ctggctacca tagtacatga tataaataaa cacaaacagg caccattaac     82500
     atggaaactg tgtcaacaat gtgtctgcta catctggaac tatattacaa ttaattagct     82560
     aaaactaaat tctttaagca ctggcacaag aaaattatat taaattgtga tatgttggat     82620
     tgagaaggga tggtctattc ttattaagac atcatgactg aagatcattt ctaaaaaaaa     82680
     aaaaaatcta gaaaaaaata gaaatcctcc gtaggggaag ttattattat tattatttta     82740
     aattggaaaa ggcatgactt aaaaattctg catcgccccc aaaaattaca gaaaagcatt     82800
     taaaggtttt acatttttac atgatacttt tttttttttg ctttacaagc taaatgtgtc     82860
     attaacttca cattatttat tattctgtca taatgttttt tgtcatatat aggtattgta     82920
     ttccttatat atataatgcc aaaacattca cattatcata tcaaatactc aaaagtactt     82980
     aaaatgttca aactaaatgt gaaatttaat aatttaattc cttactctgt taaacatcat     83040
     ttggaaaata tttttttaaa taaataaaat tcaaaagggg gctaatagtt ctgacttcaa     83100
     ttgtgaatgt atttatttat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat     83160
     tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat tatattatat     83220
     tatattatat ttaacagtgt tcgttgttgt ttagatcttg ctgttgttaa ttgaaagaaa     83280
     taaaaaaagt ttaaaaattt aaaagcgttg gttttggtta agtactgttt taaaatgctg     83340
     ttaaagaaag acatgcatta acattgttag gaggatgctt tgctttccag gctattaaaa     83400
     tgatggagct tacaaaagtt ctgaaaatgc cattagagtt aaaaatgttc atgaatatat     83460
     tactgaggtt atgacagaat atctaaatac attatatgtt ttgttttgtt tataaagtac     83520
     atggcttctg tttatgtccc ttatattgtc cagctcagaa aactacagaa accacactga     83580
     atgataaggg ccgtaagaca ggttatgagt tttagagtgc tatgagagac tggcacactt     83640
     gttttgccat tatttctaaa gtaggactgc acctgattga ggagtacagg tcagatttca     83700
     cacagtgtga cctataattg gccaagatct gtgtgacatc tcaaggaggc tcttactacg     83760
     gcagaaaaca ctgagcatgt gccagcttac tggaactgac agacatgttg cctggcaaca     83820
     ggaaattgag gaacatcata tcacatgact atcgagtgta tatttgtgca tgtaggggtt     83880
     tatactatgc taactggagc agattacaca accagtaaaa cattatttac tattagaagt     83940
     tgtcgtgata ttatcatcta gatatactgt aattgcttgg cttacatgag tcagtgagaa     84000
     gtgtgaactt tatggctttc aaacacaatc ttgcattggt gtgctgggag cctgtaaaac     84060
     tagtctttct ttagctttac tgaaagggag tcgctttatc acaggaatgt aaacactcct     84120
     gtcctcacga agagcaggtt tgcaacatca tgtgtcactg cgtgtctgtt tactcgttgc     84180
     acacgtggta tatacagagt cctccgctaa tattggcacc cttggtaaat acaagccaaa     84240
     aaaaaaaaag actgtcaaaa atattcagta tttttttaac aatgtgatgt tctgcttaaa     84300
     atatattaac aaaatactgt taacacttaa gagagtgacc atttctaaca gtttgtggtg     84360
     atttcagatt gtcattttga gactttctga accccacact gtaaaaccca aaatgttaag     84420
     gtaactcaaa ccatttaagg gaaccgattg caacaaacca tttaagttca aaaactaatc     84480
     ctgagtactg tgaacttaat caatttaagt aaacgaagaa atttgagcac agtaaaaccc     84540
     aaaaaatgaa gagaacttaa accaaccgag tactgtaaaa cccaataagt taaggcaact     84600
     caaaccgttt gagaaaaccg attgctacaa atcatttgag ttaaaaacaa atctatatga     84660
     gtattgcgaa cttacttcat ttaagttaaa ttaatgaggt atttaattaa ctcattacct     84720
     tcaacactga gtttaaaact ttcttcaaat gagtagaatt aactttcatt acattttgag     84780
     ttaactacac tcatttcatt tgataaagtt gactcttggg ttttatagtg caataaatgt     84840
     ttttttttct gtacactgta aaacccaaaa gatgacagag accctaaatg tactctaaat     84900
     gtaaattatc aaaagtctct aacatttgta aattggggta aaataaacag ggcaaataga     84960
     atattctaat tctacaatct atttccactt tccacaaata caatcagtta ttaatttaat     85020
     tattttttaa attggtgttg taacaatgtg ttgatgtttt agaaagtaga atgttttgct     85080
     ttctttaaca tttatttaat gttttaaaat tataatatcc cccttgttga aattaaacat     85140
     acaaggatgt gctaattatt ttgtccagtg cagctgttca ttttatgtaa tataaaaaca     85200
     tttcttctca atttttttgt ggtgcgacat tatttagtcg attttgattt tgtgtttctt     85260
     tcccgctgtc aacggagcaa tctgtcggaa tgacaaagaa aactgaacct gattggtcct     85320
     catgcttgct ttcgaaatgc tgattggctc acagaaaaga cctagaggca agcaggagtt     85380
     ccagataaaa cctttgtttt tgtttaattt atttaaataa aatgtaaata acttagaaaa     85440
     caatttcaca taatgtaaac aattgtcatt taataagaat ataaactcaa aatgacaaat     85500
     gtcagataaa accttataat tccaaggtga cgatgatatt ttatggtaac acatttttgt     85560
     tatttaaatt tttttttata tgttaaactg gtgtttctaa accacattcc aaccagcact     85620
     gcatgttttg gatgtctcct ttgtcacgcc atttcaggtc tttcagtttc tgctaatgag     85680
     ctgatgatct aaatcaggtg tgtttggtta aggagatata taaatgtgca gagctggtgg     85740
     gcctccagga atgtggttga gaaacactgt taaacaacac tgtttttata cattgcacca     85800
     tctttgctca tatttactaa gtgccaatat tagtgaagag cactgcatgt tattgagaat     85860
     gcaaaccatt tcaaatgttt aaaaatagat cacacagtta tctgatattc attaaggaat     85920
     taaggtaaca ggatgaaaac aaacgtagga ggaactaaaa aatggcaaga ggacaagaaa     85980
     aggaggcctg tggtgctgga ggtcttttaa attttcatgt ttcacatcag ctgccagagt     86040
     ttgcagataa tggtcagggt tgccagggaa acactggaat aaaaggaaaa gaatcttacg     86100
     ggtcacgtat ggctgttact tcctgtctcg cagacacgac gagatgatct cagccccttt     86160
     tttgtgcatt tataggggcc cctaataaac acacacccat ttaatacttt gtacagacaa     86220
     gtgctgcctg ccatataaat ctggccagat atgtgagaaa tgttttaatg agcacccaat     86280
     aagctggaac gaaaagcttc atttctctgc attaaaaagg cacgaaaact tgcttcagaa     86340
     tcttaaaaag tcagtcacag tcaatcagga aaagctgaaa aatgcaacac acgtttatat     86400
     ctatcaagag gaaaaactct tatctttatt tagccatgaa tttcacattg tgaaaaaatc     86460
     acttgtacaa aataatgtta accgcagtgg ttgagataaa ataacaatac aattatataa     86520
     tacaacacat atagaaatga aaagaaaaat gacactcaca aaaacaaaca aacagtacag     86580
     cccaacattg acagtgtttt agcaatgcgt ctgtttgtga aggcatacag cgtttaagag     86640
     ttctttaaga gccacctccg aatcaatctt tcacttgagc agaaggagag agggaagttg     86700
     ggagggcaaa ggagtaagag ggagagaaaa gagaaaaaca aaacacttga ctattaccag     86760
     ttccaatgga gagggagcca tgattgttga ccattgctgt ggcaactgtg ctatgcgagg     86820
     gggcaggacg gggtgttctg attggacgga ggtcagcgtg tgcagtgctc tgtgaaaagg     86880
     tattctgaaa ggggggtcaa agaccctaaa ggccagaggg aacattgtaa gcaagaattt     86940
     cctggtggag atgagagggt ttgaggagga gagctttcct tgtactttgc agtgactgtg     87000
     cagtttaaca gcacagaaat tattatatat tccgttcaaa taaagccata tcatttattt     87060
     gtggtgttgt caccacagct attgtgtgtc aatatgccag tggtgctatt catcctaccc     87120
     gaaaactgtt gtcacagtgt cgctccgcag tcaaaattca aacagacaca tcgtttctac     87180
     aggcggtgcg tttggcagtc acatgaaagc accctggtct ttgcccttat gtagacatcg     87240
     cttttagtta tgttgagaac tttgggattt agctttatca taattaaccc cattgtggtt     87300
     aacatcatta aatttgtcac aggttgtgtt ttacgctaca ggctgtttcc actagcatcc     87360
     agtcttaaaa ataaaggtta tttttgacag ttaagcttct ataatgtcta gacaatctca     87420
     gtgcaacatt ctgaatccat ttgtagtgga agtagtgaaa tatttcagaa ataggtatta     87480
     gtttactgtc tgtatcactt ttgaacattc ttataatagt ctcaattcgc tcaatcacac     87540
     cacttacatt cacagtttag acatggtgta tgggtgtttt cacacctgca ttatttagtt     87600
     cggttgaatc gcactagatt tcgttttccc tcttggtgcg gtttgtttag gcaggtgtga     87660
     atgtagcaat cgcactcaag tgtgcactaa aagcgtacca aaacctccta tacattctcg     87720
     aaatgtatag tctgtctaaa gtgatgtatc caaactatta agtataccag ggatataatc     87780
     agccagcgca atcgtccctc cattggaaaa agcgacattt tgtgtctgcc agtttgttta     87840
     cttgagggag ttccattggc attttcctgc acgttaattc tgaccaattg aaaagcagtt     87900
     taggaaagaa catctgtcca agatgtgaat tttgtcacat gactgcacat aaaagctatc     87960
     agtgtggtgt gaaaaggacc caaaaacgtc aaaaatgcta caatgtataa tttctttgcc     88020
     cttggtctag aacgaatgaa ccgaaccaca gatgtaaaag caccaatgaa agtgtcctct     88080
     aggaacttgg gaataatggt tcttctgtac aactagcaca tcaaatttat ttttaagagg     88140
     ggtccaggaa tgtgcctgtg acgtattcct aatccaatca taacgttaac agcaccagtg     88200
     aactgtgagg gacaggtcaa agttacaaca cgctggtgac ggttccagct gttctcagag     88260
     cagctgcgaa tgtcacattc ttcagatagc tctacaggat ccttacaacc cacagagacc     88320
     ctgggtcagc gtgagtttca gtactgacag tgatagatgc atggcagggt tacagaggca     88380
     gaacactgaa gcgagtttgg catgaggtca cttgccactg gtcaaaatca cttgataaac     88440
     tacgctaatg ctccattacg tgaaacctaa tgccttttga atggaggttt gaggtcatat     88500
     tatatgcttt aagatcacta acagtttatg catgttaatg caacatccga actaagtgga     88560
     ttggtctgtg cttaaaagac ataggtttta atttagttgc ctaacttaaa gaaattctaa     88620
     taatggttaa aaagatcagt ttgcccaaca aggggtcaat cacaccgaac ccgctttacg     88680
     ttccaaaaat gtgaggcgca ccgcaatgcg ttttttgggg ccgatcacac tgaacacaat     88740
     tttcacattc cagataacaa aagtccctgt agtcgtcttg acatcacaaa cactgcagtc     88800
     acctcaacaa aaatgaaaga gacatgactg acgtaacgtc cattttccac tcggagtgac     88860
     ttttttttcc aactgcgagt gcacggcgcg caacggtaaa aatgtcaaat gcagcaagtg     88920
     gtaaaaacgt gaggcgtgca gggcgcaaaa gcagcatgca caacactcac gccgttagta     88980
     aatctttcaa aaaaaggcac ctctgtctgt gctatagcct agtggtttac atgcagacaa     89040
     atggtatggt agcacttcag ggtgtcccga gttcgaatca cagctcggat acatttcccg     89100
     accctactcc cctctctcct ccacttccct tcctgtctca ttactgtaaa ggcaagtaat     89160
     gtaacatcta ataaaggcaa aaggggcaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggcaaaaagg caattaaaaa     89220
     aatatggatt tggtgtgatc tacccctaaa atgtgaggca ggcagggtgc ataagcagtg     89280
     tgcacaacgc tcatggttat tagtaaataa ttaaaaaaaa aagtgcctct caacacaaaa     89340
     agcacattcg gtgtgatcgg cccctagtgt atccttatca caggactact ttgactcttt     89400
     aaacggtcat cagcatctta aatccttgta aaaaaacgta ctaacattta tatgcattca     89460
     tgaatgtatt aaatcatctt tgcgtcaaat tacaaaaacg aattaccgct tatgtgaggt     89520
     gtttcaaatg cagtgtctat ggggctgaga gaaaatttga cgttattctc tcttctggat     89580
     gccgtcatca gtctcacttt tttttttccc tttttctgaa agtcttaata acaccatcat     89640
     agagtttttc ttttattatt tcagcaaata agattgttaa aaaaatattt gctgtactct     89700
     ccgattcact gcactctaag tttacccaac tatgacgtat gagggtaaat aacttcgatg     89760
     gcagaatttc catttttttg ataagcagcc cctgcaattt gaagtatttt ccttgtagcc     89820
     gcctcaactc tcaaaacctc ttcccaactc cccagtctgc tgacctgccc acttgcaccc     89880
     tgggtaatct gagtccatga catcattcag cccattctta ttccgcttat gacctttgac     89940
     ccccaaaacc tcccagtttt tgatctgatc gctgaccact acaaattcca cctgctctgt     90000
     caaaatgacc cttatataaa tgtgcaaaag agcagcagga acacagagcg ttttgggcca     90060
     tgcgtagtac aaaaacctgt cagcgtctat acatccaaac attaggcaag cagaaaaaaa     90120
     tgaccaataa ataaaaagaa atgttgttaa tacacaatga atcaaacgaa acaaaaagct     90180
     tcataaacat cataaattaa gactattaat aggcaatgaa atattttaag ccaggcagcc     90240
     agtttcttgc actttttttt tttaaattta cagtttcgtt gtcgttgcca taacgactga     90300
     attccctcgc agggtgacga aacggctctc acctcctttc tctctccttc tgtcgttcac     90360
     gtttaccgtg actgtatgtg cttagaatag tacaggcaaa aacggcagaa gtgtctcgca     90420
     cagttcaagc cttgtgcaag aaagagttga gccggtgagt gatcaggaca gtgtttgttg     90480
     gtgctttctc agaggacatg ctcactcagt ttgtcgggtg tttattttga gggggtggga     90540
     gcatgatcgg gtgttgagtg ggcagatgga ctctcgatca gacgaacatg ctaggacatg     90600
     cctctcctgc actcacttag tcgcatacgc acagctggca cgtgtacctt gggacacact     90660
     gtgcccgtgt ccattttcac accaagctgc taaggtctgt tcaacaggac cagttcagca     90720
     tcagtctatc ctcattgtgc agatgtgtga aggacaaatt tgttaaacaa aacaaatgtt     90780
     cttcggtcct tttattcttc aaaccagcaa aatatgatgt ttatcagtcc ataaagagtc     90840
     cacatcagta tctctcctac tgagcaaagt ctttttttca aaacatcacc atgggagaag     90900
     aaaaggaaga tacctatcag gatgtgaggt acttttcctg gagtatctta aacatctcca     90960
     atcatgcgtt gagactcctg ttgatctccc aatcaaaagc ctccactcat ccttcatgca     91020
     gtatacaaat taagacaggc atacgggtct atttcagctt gcatggcatc agctttgtac     91080
     aaaaacggtc acaaacctgg gcaacgaagc tgatgattat gctggttgtg atggaagcag     91140
     actggacttt caggatgcat ctcagttctt ttggttttca ctgtgaagcc cacattttga     91200
     tacttcacaa aatgtacaag aagacatcac aaagtaactt ccaagcaaga cattaaaagt     91260
     ttttggcgta cttgcagctg gaaaaaaagc tttttttaaa gctttgcaac tggactttgt     91320
     ggacaatact tagctcttaa tggagaaagt ctcttcataa aattgcacag gagggttata     91380
     gcgtttcttc acagttggaa tccagtagac aataacgaca aatggacaca aggaactctg     91440
     tgggaaaaaa acaaaaaaca agaaaaccaa cattagaaat attttcaatt taggtttcct     91500
     ttccaccatt atacttcttt gaaagctaga taagatccca catttgaact tcacagtgac     91560
     tgtgtttaca tagacatcag taatcaaatg atatgcctca atctgaataa gacaataata     91620
     tgattaatgt gtttacatga gtttcttttt aaatgttgcc ttcatgatcc cgtttaacat     91680
     gttgtagcac ataattctat cgaagtcatt acgtcaccac gctacccaca tttcctccag     91740
     agtttcatgt aattctgggt gtttcattgt taatttgttg attttaactg cagtttggca     91800
     cgttcacttt cattcaggaa catttcattc atggccccat tacaaatgag atattggatg     91860
     agaatatgaa ctgctggaag agtgtagttt taatgaaact tgatactgca caccatgaga     91920
     gaaaaaaaac tcatgtgatg caggtgttta tggcctttca ctgactcagt tggtgcagag     91980
     aatagtgtca aactgccgtg tgtgaattga ctatactaat cgcaaagtga agtttcataa     92040
     actaatttcg agaagagcat gtaatattac tgagcacgac tggctgctca tctgtaatca     92100
     gtaataaacc aatcagagtg atccaagctt acaataagtg gataatttat tccctactgc     92160
     tctatcttca atacagaaga atcccccctt ccacccatct tcaccttttt ctcccttttc     92220
     tatggggagc tctcaagacc tgcctgatct cggatcccct tataagctta ttgaccaagc     92280
     gggagcctta ggctcaagta tctccgagct caaggttctc tcctgggcca gcatgccaaa     92340
     cctgctatta acgccaatca tatctaagag gaaattctta aaatgcggcg aaaatcctac     92400
     acaactgtaa tagtttgatt aagatgtttt gatgtctata ctgcacttaa ttaataaaat     92460
     actccacgtc ttaatttaat ttctgtttat ttcgattatg actttagtcg gattaaggta     92520
     atcaaaaatc gctgttaaca atgtagactt ttattcagaa taatgtctta aacgtattaa     92580
     aattggatta ttggagtcca tgtaaacgta ctcattgatg cccttacttt catctatgca     92640
     cttgaataaa aaatacactt cggtcattga ctcagaccat ttgtacctga tgtttttttt     92700
     tttaatccac ttaaagtaaa aacaagaaga gaggacatat aaggtcaggc tcccacaccc     92760
     gtttaacaag aaatacaagc caaaagataa tacaaaccta gaggcttgga ctcttaaaca     92820
     tggcattcag tcagattatt ggctgtgtaa attcaattaa caaaaaagca ataggaacca     92880
     agagcacaac cgaatgtaca acaacaaaag ctttattttc tatctatcgt tgttgcacca     92940
     aaatcaatac agtgtgattt gcctttttgg cttcgattct actattattt tacagctttt     93000
     ccgcaatggc taaaatctat tctgaattgt tgtattctct ctctagcttg gaaaggagga     93060
     tagaaattaa gtgtaggtga tcacttgaaa gctgaagtcc cctagagtgt ccaaatcaag     93120
     ccattagaac acattctatt tcttatgtgc ctcccaaccc ccactttcat cttttaagtt     93180
     gtgcatacag ttcgtataaa tgacagtaaa gggcagctga agcctgcagt tacagaagaa     93240
     tcgcttgcca attaaaaccc actcaaacag aagcccaaag aaactggaag ggggcaaagc     93300
     taaatccatg cctccatcga tcccaagcca gttgggtgta gaatctacag agctgcttta     93360
     gaagactaca tgttcagtga accatgacac ttgatctaag cgtggagctg acggtgaatg     93420
     aacacagctt agactaatga cctccctcca ctcccacacc cgccaaacac aagcctggca     93480
     taaacacata cacacgcgta tgtgcggttc acacttcagc acacgcgcag caacacaagc     93540
     ttagcatggt agagattttc tgtccagaac atatccctgg ccattaaaga acaagttcaa     93600
     agttcttccc ttgagattaa aaacaacaac aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     93660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatttaaa ggaaatttca     93720
     aattttcatg aattgatata aacaatcata aatgtattca atttcagatg aataccgatc     93780
     aatttaacta cttattaaat aatacttgga actaccacaa aactactgta tcgcagccgc     93840
     cataaaatat taaccggcac aaatgttttc aatattgata aaaaataata aatgttggat     93900
     attgagcaca atacagtata tttttataat ttttatatta tttctgaatt attatgtaaa     93960
     actgaaaaat cagccttgca atcagtggaa taaatttgta ttttttaagg tttaagctat     94020
     cataactaac aaagtctgta gtagccactt ttgacgcaca taaacaatca aagtcctcgt     94080
     gctgcaggaa ttaggaggtt tgatgcaggt gcacatcggt catgcagtga ggggtttgcg     94140
     tatttaataa actatggcag tttgcgttca atgaacagta agaatgatta ataaatccat     94200
     atcaaacggt cccttaaaag tcacgtcttg ctttcagttt cgggctttgg caggttttgc     94260
     actcccacac aagcgtaccc acaagaaagc ccaagtgaac cgcgctcagt cacacctctt     94320
     ccaactggcc agggccggcc aagagaaacg tgcctgaacc cgattaagcg cactcacact     94380
     tctcaaacga tccaggaaac ggttcggata ccatagtgtg agtaggccct aactgtactc     94440
     tgcaagggga atcgatcacc cgctgcaatc agatactata ccaaaatcag caatccgagg     94500
     gtgttataga ctgtaccaaa aagcagagga ctgaggcgcc gatgaaattc agggagtttt     94560
     ccagaagaga taacaaaaca ggagggtgac ggcagatggg tctgaaatac gagagacagg     94620
     aaaagcgggc ctgttggcag gtatggctct ctgcctcggt ttcgtcagat aaacagcaca     94680
     gtgacagaaa tgaagaaagc agatcttaca taatgttatt ttaagttaag agttcaagag     94740
     ttaattaaag cctttctgca atgatgagtc acacacagtg tcattacaaa gttcatgtac     94800
     gtaaaattgc tgaaaccaca ctccatcacg ttgcggtggg cttcaaaatg ggaggcattt     94860
     ggatcctatt ttaacgtcag gaatttattt ttttattttt tattatatta ctccaatatg     94920
     actgtagaca cactatacct acatagagtt ctgtccaaac agcttacaaa agataatttt     94980
     tatcataggt gccctttaaa ctactaccta aaaacataca agtatgttct ttatcattcc     95040
     attttgtcct ggttaaattc agcatttctg caaaaagcat ccttgaacct tccagagtcc     95100
     aaaaacagtt tcacagagag acggaaaaga taagagataa agggagcagt gtgtctgtat     95160
     gtaggaaagg gggatctctg taaccagatg cattctcatg ggagagcgat agcaggagtt     95220
     tgagtgtgag aaaacacagc gagttggaga gaaagaaaga gcaagactga aaatctttgt     95280
     ttaccctgcc ttatcccgtc ctccccctct ctcctcatct gtgtcttctc tctcctccca     95340
     ctcctctggc cagcagtgag gcttttcatt gttagtgggg aggaagcttg cttaaaacac     95400
     ttcatgctct tttaaatggc caggaatggc tcagcgaaca aaggaaggac caccactttg     95460
     aaattaactg ccctgtcaag gtgggcggca tttcacacac acatacagag agtcactgag     95520
     accttaaaag tgaagctaaa tgaccagcgc caaagggtca ggaatggaat gactgcctcc     95580
     gtttttgttt tttaggagga agttaaagtg gctatatatc ttgtttagtc tactgagttt     95640
     ggttcactct atcagtattt acgggttatt ctgctctcgc tgcagccaga ctgattacct     95700
     gccatgaagg gagaggagaa atttatgtat aaaatattca tttcactcta ccaggcggag     95760
     ataaatcttt ctattgttag gctttatata atcactccct atttccttct ctttgaatgc     95820
     tacgtttgtc cacgatatgc atatcaaata atacaaatat tgtctaggtg tccgcttttt     95880
     actttctata tagttacagt cacagaatat ccagatagat ttttgctttt cactcaagtc     95940
     acagacggaa ttacaaagat ttctgcatac taaaacatgg cgattgacag tactgaaatg     96000
     gtttatgaaa aacaaaagct atgactcatc tgaattacgt taggctttat attaatcact     96060
     ctctatttcc ttctctttaa atgctgacta gctgcgtttt gtccacatta taattgtcag     96120
     ataatacaaa tattgtctag gtgttctctt tttattttct atatagttac agtcactgga     96180
     tagccagcta gatttgtgct tttcactcaa gtcacagtcg gaatcacaag gatttcagca     96240
     tactgtaaaa cgtggtgatt gacagtactg aaatggttta tgaagaacaa aagctatgac     96300
     tcatctgaat taccttatct gacctaatgt attttactct gagtcaggcc aaaggttttc     96360
     aaaccaagat catctgaatc agcaacagcg tgaatagtac gctcttcatg catctataaa     96420
     tgactgaaat ccttaaagca tatgtctatt ttacttgata tcagtcaggt tacagcaata     96480
     atttataatt tactttttaa atttacgaaa gcaatgtagt cttacataaa aggcatcagt     96540
     catttaataa atcaattaag aaactgaact aataatacta atgaattaat aataataata     96600
     ataataataa taattaatat tagagtgatt tctgaaagat catgtgactg aagactggag     96660
     taatgaaact gaaagttcat ctttaaaatc actggcataa tttttttttt tattaaatta     96720
     taatctactt tttaacactt attttatagt gcaataacat ttcacaattt gtactgtatt     96780
     ttttttactg taaaacactt aaaaataatg ctgactccaa acctttgacc ggtaatgtat     96840
     atatatgaat ttctgttggc gaagtaaaat gtacatgact aaacattgta aaatctgtgt     96900
     agggaaatat tttggcctca tgtaaaattc cagtctattg aaaagtctgt gaaaattcac     96960
     caaacaatgg tatatgtgac cgcaccttta atcacaaaga cagcggtgat gcatgagttg     97020
     catttaatta ttcaaatatt tgattatgct ttgtggcatg gtttcttaga caggcagata     97080
     aagactgcag ctcaacaacc caaaacccca ctttaaacaa gctcagaagg actgagctgg     97140
     tgatcagact tcatgctagc atgtttcatg ttatcatcca aaatagctca tccaaataca     97200
     tcaaacctca ccattccttt cagtgttttc cccccaaacc ctcccacgtt tgccatgctc     97260
     ttccctcctt ccttagacaa atttccccct caggaacaat aaaagtcttc tattctgctt     97320
     caattaccct cggtgcaacg cccctcactg cacactcata actcattcag ccctaccgca     97380
     agccgtctcc tcacaacaga ggcacacaaa tgctcgattt tattctggat ctaaatttta     97440
     catttaaaga tttgcatgtg cccacaagca cattaaaatt caggtggagc ctagcatctc     97500
     tgcctgctag gtgtgtggag cttgaatatc ttaaagacta aggctctgaa ttttctccag     97560
     caaggatcat cgctcttttt tttctctcag tctggggact gatctgatac cgcagagtct     97620
     ctgtatcagc caggccagac atagcgcaca tacacacaca cacacacaca catcactggg     97680
     catatcactg ctgagaggta gatactggaa agcctgatgc ccttttccga agcagtcctg     97740
     ctgtgaccaa agcctgattt cctggagact gagcaagact cagtgcctaa tagcaagtat     97800
     ttttatggtc tctcaagaga gaggacatct gtagcatcct attataaatc cattaatgtc     97860
     ccggctttaa aaagttatcg attaaagtga aatgctgaga ttagtgcacc tacacacaca     97920
     cacacgcaca acagaaagtc tcattacaga aacaaagaag gaaaactgga aaaagttcat     97980
     cagcaactgg aagagtaaag aaagcactgg ggaactgata gactgaaaag aaactgatat     98040
     atagaaaaag aaatatcttt ttgtgcatat gagctgagtt gacctggttg gtattcatag     98100
     caatgctgcc ttgccattct tttcctcttt gattcttaaa gcaatctaat tctgtcaata     98160
     ctcaatttgc tgctgatttt aataagttct gtcaatgtca atatatattc aagccaaatc     98220
     atgatggata actgaaatca ctatatccaa atacagtgtg tagatgaaca aagaaactgt     98280
     acaatattac atgatggaca taggtgaaaa gaagacatga aagttaacca caacattgat     98340
     attttgttta attatataaa gtaatgtaaa acatataatt agataatgta tttttgtatc     98400
     cttaagttca tgaccttaac tgacaagggc atggtgcatc tcaaacggtt cctctagaat     98460
     ccctcgggtt ctcaaaaatg tatttcagtt catctatgac tgaaaaaatc caccataaaa     98520
     taaatctggc tacatgttaa gcacatctta aaatctagca cttcacatat ttcacctata     98580
     aataccaaat ttatgcaatt tttaaatgag tataaaagtg tcaaattaat ttgaattaat     98640
     tttgtcatca tggatttgag atgtagagta tgaaaaaata ttgcttgatt aataagtgta     98700
     taaattgcat ccttttttaa ttcaaacgca caaaaaagtc aggtaattct gtttttcagt     98760
     tgaacaacgt accttgcagg aacagtaggg tcacacatgg gagtacaggc gtgcttcagg     98820
     ctgggaggtg cttccaggtg ctgacgaagg cagtaggaat taaggaataa ggtaccgtag     98880
     tgatgctgtt ccatgcatcc agcgtgggat cgtaacagtc cagggttttg cagcgctgtg     98940
     taccaaagta gccacccacc acataaagtt tgtttccaga ggccacagcc tggcagctca     99000
     ttcgtttcgc tgtaacatct ccgactttag tccactgata agtctcactg ctgaatttgt     99060
     aggcagaaca agctgagaat tcggtgtcac cacccattac aaagatctgg ttgcctagaa     99120
     cagctgctgc agtgtatcgc cacggctgcg gacaggacgc tgggaccgtc cagcgatttt     99180
     ctgagggatc atagcactga actttgggca gcttgtcatg ggccacactt gtccctccaa     99240
     acgcaaacaa cttgagcttt acgctgacga cagctgcatt actgactcct tctcgcaagg     99300
     gtgccaccat gctccacttg ttagcaactg ggtcaaactg ctctacctgc ttcaaggaca     99360
     cagatggtga tgcaggcaga cagccagtgg cagctgtatg acctccgacg acatacaggc     99420
     agtggcgtaa ttctgccgag ccatgaccga aacgagctat caacatcgga gctgccttgg     99480
     accattcctc gtgtaatgta tcgtacaccc aaacgtcctt ggacacaccg ttctcagagc     99540
     ctcggccacc tgtcacgtat actttgcagc caatggcgca ggcgctgaac tctttgcgtg     99600
     ggctggggat gtcagccttt ggaatgatct ctttggcctt ctggtccacc aggtagagct     99660
     tgtcacacat aaatgtgggg ccgcccagca ggaaaagggc atgactggtc ttgcggggcc     99720
     gggcacaagg actgttgaca acaccgtcat tttgcaagat gcgcagtttg catcggatgg     99780
     cctcgtccac cagctctttg cttttagcct gtgcgatgat gagctcttcc gttgagacat     99840
     tttccatgag gaagatggca ggcaggagcg ccaaacgcac agtacggagc aactccggaa     99900
     ggtgacagtg cctcctctca aggtcgtagt tcacccaatt gagcgccgac tcgtagacta     99960
     gccgctcgtc ctctgtttcg agttcttcat gtgccagaag ttgcaccagc atgtccttgg    100020
     gcagctggag aaactcctca gttttgcaga tagcagggaa gttgctgagg cacatgctcc    100080
     aggacagctg gaacaactgg gtgcactggt gagcatctga gagcagcagc atgcccaggc    100140
     agttagatgg gtgaaggttc ttctctagga actcggcaca ggcatcgcgg atgtcctgaa    100200
     actccagcat gtcaccggcc tcaagcagag actctgcatt ctcctcattt attatcactc    100260
     ttgacgagta ggcatagtcc agaagtagct ccaaaaccta gacaatgggg cataaacaca    100320
     aagttaacca acaagtggca acctctaatt taagatcatt tgaaaaccac agaactattg    100380
     tttttcaaaa gcaaacctta ttattacctc ttgacatgct tagtaatctt caatcaatta    100440
     tgttttgtac ccaatttgtc ataggttact cactttcata ccattttgaa cctttcacac    100500
     aaaagattat atttgaggga gtgtttttaa gctatgtctt tcaagcccac tgacatttat    100560
     tataacaaca atggactaaa atccactgtc tttcatttta gaaaagaaaa aaggacatac    100620
     cgacctaaaa ccacaacatg gtacaaaaaa atttactttt tttgagtgct aaaacaatac    100680
     ctcaggatga atggagtctc tgaagtccac ctcactgtcc tgactctctc tcaggcctcc    100740
     gctaaacatt gcttcaaagt agcggctgca ggcggccagc acagccctgt ggcaggggaa    100800
     agagcggctt cccgcatgga gcaggacatc ggtgaacagt ctctgctgac gaagggcatt    100860
     caggtgcatt agcacactgt cagcgtacga agacttgtgg aacaggaaga tgttcattga    100920
     ccctgtactg gcacgagact tgcggttctc gtggacacag acagacattt tcattgaatc    100980
     ctaaaaaaaa gagagagaga aaaaaaatct gttgacaaaa acgtaagatg cagaaataaa    101040
     aacaaatcat aaatgcactg tttttaacat gtaatatatg ctaacgtttt gagactattg    101100
     taaatcactc ctgaatatga ggagggaaag attctcagga gcacttttga attctagtag    101160
     gaactggcat cctgctgggg tttaaacagc ctcagttgtc agttgcagaa gttgactgac    101220
     attgttttga acagtgatat gatcaatatc agcaaaatac acaaagagca tgccaaacct    101280
     caatatgaag gcagagaaag atgatgtaat tctgcaaaca caacataaaa acccactgga    101340
     aacctctctg atgtctagcc gactggaatg tgaacaaatg cgagggagtc taatcattac    101400
     caggtgttca aagacggacg gataaggagg gggaaactga aggaagggaa aaaactttca    101460
     gaagtaaaca ctcctgcctg aaatttactg tggaaaaaac gaacaaagag ttgagcacta    101520
     ggcacagagt caacacaaag tgtgtcaatg tcaccgactg ccatctggtc gcctatatgg    101580
     tgcacattca aatccaatca gtctgaattt ccatgtaagc gatacacgcc ccctggtccc    101640
     tgccggctgt caacatctct ccagggagaa tttaattgtg tttccgctaa tgttgtgcag    101700
     aggcaaaatg tagttccaaa ctgagctaaa tacattaatg acacagaagc aaatgtgatg    101760
     tatcacacct gatacagtcc agtaatccat tcaaattggt cacagctgtg aaggacaaga    101820
     gccagaaccc atgtgctgac attgaccatt aattattttg aagcaaacca cgaaaaactg    101880
     caatgtaaca tgcatgattg tatgcatgaa gaataaacat tcagcttgta acttacaatg    101940
     aaacaaaggg taatgacaat ttcataaaca tttctaaaat gttggcactg taaaaacaca    102000
     attaactgct tttcaagttc aagttatgtt tgtatcatca gatttaacag acatctaatt    102060
     ttaacttatg acataaacag aaatgctaaa taatattagt gtatttgcat gacatattta    102120
     tagtcacaca attatatcaa ttgcaaaagg actattaatt ttaatacggt ttaataactt    102180
     tccattgtta aaaattcact acaatattgc acactagtgt attatctata ataaacagta    102240
     attatattac tattactact actactagta ataataatat aaatatatat tagaaataac    102300
     tcccaccgaa catatcttta ttatcatata atagatatct attcatgaac atggaaatct    102360
     tacctgttca ggagcaatga ggatttcagt ttcgtctgct ttggtcgccg aacatgccac    102420
     aacgcgacgc ggacagagtc acaacactgg cggcgctggg agctctggca acagcgtgcg    102480
     atgtcgcgtg gataaaccac agaataaaca aataaagtgt gacttattcc acctaggttt    102540
     aacgtaagta acgagcctat aaatgacgtt tagtatactg ttgcggagtt acacggaaag    102600
     ctgcacgact tcctctattt ttgttaccga cgtgcagaaa tatactgact cgtctcgtca    102660
     gcgtgcagct ccggcgctgc gcgtgcaggt ctggatagtg aacagctgac gggtgtgaac    102720
     agcttttaga ggaggaagaa agaaagagag gggggcggag cgccgctgct cttcaagaga    102780
     atgtgggagg agaacgactg atgaaccgac gagaaaacag ataaggacgc cgttggtgtg    102840
     cctcattaat aaaataaagg aattttatta ggctgctcca gggaagatgt gggtaagaaa    102900
     tcattgcatt aatgaatcaa ggatatattc acatatttct gcgttgcatt atctagtgaa    102960
     cggtattata attataatta taatagtaat ataaaaaata ataagtaaag gtttttaaac    103020
     aataaataca cgtagagtcc aacctaaact tcgtttattc attgctttgg gatgcactgc    103080
     catttacacg ttggttgttg gttcagagct tcagaattga ttatgaattt taattcacag    103140
     cgcaatgtcg cccccgactg aacaaaaggt gcatttgcat tgtctgatta tacttgtaaa    103200
     tgccccattg atttatggaa cgtttgaatg gaaaatgtac attgtgggtc tagggtagta    103260
     atgtggtgga ctaaataatg aggctctcgt gaacctcctt ctctaaatat gtggctgatc    103320
     caaaatatgt gcaaatactg acagttatag ggctgtttgt acaaacaaaa acaacaataa    103380
     ttataataat aacaataaga atacttaatg acaagattaa taaataaaat aaaaaaataa    103440
     ataaataaaa aatagtccac cctaatttga aaattctgtc aacctgttaa ttttctttcc    103500
     tgatgaacac gaatgaagat attttgggaa aggttggaaa cctgtgaaca ttgacttact    103560
     gttcattttc ctgctatgga tttccaacag tttccaacat ccttccgaat acattctgtt    103620
     tggttctaca gtcatttttc atttttggaa cacaaagaag cgccatctgg cggacaacac    103680
     ggacttgtgg aaactattgg cagatgatct atttaggcca ggggtccgaa cctgttcctg    103740
     tagggcaggg ttgtccaaac tcagtcctga agggccagtg tcctgcaaat tttagttcca    103800
     accccaatta aacacagctg aaccagctta tcaagctctt tctaggtatg gggaaagtgg    103860
     ggcataaagt aacacttttt ggttttggtc aataatgaac aaagtaatgg ggttagacaa    103920
     accatatttt tttatcaaca acacacaagc ctctacaaat gagcactgga attatgatcc    103980
     ccggaccaat ggtttctgtg cagtattgcc aaaaatgcca ggagtaaaaa tgttactatt    104040
     taccttacct gcggggcaag ttgtaacaga cagagggata gttgtaacac atgaatttac    104100
     aggcagattt cacacaatta atttaaattc agtttttata ttatatttaa aatattagct    104160
     atatttcctc agtaattggc tcatttcttt ttttattcta catagcacag tatgtttata    104220
     tatttatttg tttattggat aaacacattt gaatctattt gcattattat ccattattat    104280
     acaatgcttt tatttgcagt attagcaata atatatatat atgctattat tattattatt    104340
     atttttttat taaaacaata ttttctatta aaaaacattt ttatttaaaa agttctcaac    104400
     atggtgacac agtggtgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca cagcaaaaag gtcactgggt    104460
     cgaacctcgg ctcagttgac gtttctttgt ggagtttgca tgttctccct gcattcgcgt    104520
     gggtttcctc caggtgctcc agtttccccc acagtacaaa gacatgtaca ggtgaattgg    104580
     gctaaatttg ccgtagtgta tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gatgtttccc    104640
     agagacgggt tgcggtttta agggcatccg ctgcgtacaa aaatattttg tttaagtggt    104700
     gtttaacagt gtgtggctta attgtaacac cctgttacaa ctaaccctgc tgtcatgttt    104760
     tcctccaaat tggctagcag ttactgtgtt tcttacatct tttaaaatgg tttcatcttt    104820
     tagcctagaa gatggcgatc acaagaatat gagattttac taatatactt tcacagattt    104880
     tttaaaaata aaaaatatag agtatattaa aaatacttta ttgctgaaaa atggtttctg    104940
     ctgtgtttct cttccaaatt ttgccaaaat ttttcaataa ttggcaggaa gacgtctgcc    105000
     aacattgtgg tgaaaacctc ggaagcatgc catggtaaac cctggggaaa taccttaaaa    105060
     ccctgcgtac tttgtgcccc gcgctcctag aaactttcct agaaactata ctagaaactt    105120
     tcaggcaggc gtgttgcagg aagttgcagg aactaaatta tgcaggacac cggccctcca    105180
     ggactgagtt tgcacacccc tgttgtagga caatgttctc aatctcaatc cctggagggc    105240
     cgaagctctg catatcttgg ctccaaccac cactaacttc cacctgatta atagtctctt    105300
     gttttgaaca ccttgattag ttggatcagc tgtgaatgag tagggtttga gcaaaactgt    105360
     acagagctgc ggccctccag gaattgagtt tgagacctat gctgtagtgc cactctttag    105420
     cttcaaccct taaacacttt taaactaact aatcaaggtt tttagactaa cgagaaactt    105480
     ccaggaaaat atgctgaagc tgattgtaga caaactctgc aggacagtga ccctcttatt    105540
     taggcttctg atatcttatt tttaggtttc atcatttgca tctcatgtca ttatttgggg    105600
     caaagttaaa gtgtctcatt aataagcata tgtaaaatat ttgttttctt ggtatgttca    105660
     agtgttggct gtgttatgta aaaagtatat ctgaaataag aatattaata tctttatagt    105720
     cattttgcaa caaaattaaa attaatatta tgtgtaaaca ttgcaaaaat gtaataatgt    105780
     aataaatata atacaaggca taacattgtt aatacaactg aacaagaaca tgaagggccc    105840
     agacgtggta aaaccagtac aaaaataacc agggacttgt gtactgaagt atttgtccag    105900
     aataagtagt atgcatactt gtgagttttt tctgaaagag tgtgattagc tttactagtg    105960
     aagtttgcag tttaatatac agttgaagtc agaaatatta gcccccctga gttattagca    106020
     cccctgttta tttttttacc cctatttctg tttaacggag agatgatttt ttttcaacac    106080
     atttctaaac ataataactc atttctaata actgatttat tttatctttg ccatgatgac    106140
     agtaaataaa tttttgacta gatgtttttc aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat    106200
     ttaatggctt aactagatta attaggttaa ctattcaggt taggttaatt aggcaagtta    106260
     ttgtattacg atggtttgtt ctgtagacta tcgaaaaaaa aattgcttaa aggggaaaat    106320
     cattttgtcc ttaaaatggt gtttaaaaat ttaaaactgc ttttattcta ggtgaaataa    106380
     aacgactgtc tccagaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgaaaattt ccttgctccc    106440
     agcattggaa aaatatttta aagagaaaaa caaaattcaa agttgggcta ttatttctga    106500
     tttcaactgt atgtggcaga tttataactt gccatataaa atgaatcaga ttaagtattt    106560
     taattattga tcctcaatgc cactaaattt ggacgccttc agtgaatgat gacatatgag    106620
     agttaggtgt ttgtgttttt ctgaagataa aaactgaagt gttgatagaa ataaaagtat    106680
     tcagagcgtt atactgtcaa agacaggcaa cacgatggct cagtggttag cactgtcgcc    106740
     tcacagcagg aaggttgctg atttgaaaac caactgggtc aattggcatt tctttgtgga    106800
     gtttgcatat tgatctgggt gctccggttt ccactaaagt ccaaagacat ggcgtacagg    106860
     tgaattaaat aaacaaattt ggccgtagtg tatgtgtgtg aatgagtgtg tatggatgtg    106920
     tcctagtact gggttgcagc tgcttggcct ctgctgtgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt    106980
     ggcagttcat tctgctgtgg cgacaccaga taaataaagg gactaatctg aagaaaaact    107040
     aaagactgaa actgtccaaa actaagagag tgtagtgtac acataaagcc agagtaagtt    107100
     tgcagtaata cagtaaccag gagtggaaga taattaaagc aactagtttt acaaaagagc    107160
     atttcaattt gtccctcttt ttgatttaaa taccatgata tcagacattt agcaattatt    107220
     gtgctatgga aatacacatt ttgctgagag cgttaccatt ttaatgactt attttgaaac    107280
     atgtttgaag tctgtcacct ctgttttaat tgactcatct tgcaaactgt aaaaaggatt    107340
     tagctgtttt agctgtggca attgtagaac gattgtattt tcccctcagc catttttctt    107400
     gtttcactat ccagttttgc aagttaccca catgataaaa tactatagtg atttgtcgta    107460
     aaaattatag tagtgtacaa actttagtag tttagtatag tagtgtcact ttcaatatcc    107520
     ctgcttaatc aaaggtcaca acagtggaat aaaaccacca attactcata tgttttacac    107580
     agagaaggtg taaccattag tgctggcaaa cactcacact ctgccattca cacattatga    107640
     ccaatttaat ttattcaatt aaccaacacc acatatcttt ggactgtggg agaaaccgga    107700
     gcaccaagag gaaacccagg cagacacggt gaaaacatgc taactctaca cagaaatgcc    107760
     tcgtggtcca gcttggactc aaaccagcaa ccttcttgct gtgaggcgac actgctaacc    107820
     atagggtaca tttgtcacta ttaacaaacc attaacaaac agttagctca ataaagcact    107880
     atatgtagct ttttaagtta gtaaggtagt agttgtgttt ttggatgtag aaagtgatct    107940
     tactttaata aactgccaat atcttaataa tgatataata agccagtaat tgctacttca    108000
     gctaaggttt gccataagta ttactgtaat tatgctgtaa tattgactat agtaaactgt    108060
     atttcgccgt ttagcatact ttagtcttca ctacagtaaa ctgcacaaaa ctaaaatggg    108120
     tcatatattt ctatattatt actatagttg ttgtattacc aaagccatat aatatataat    108180
     taccacatca atttaccata catggttcag aaacacaagt attaccgcat acagattttt    108240
     ttcatttgtg tagcctacat ttaactattt tgctcgagag ataaaacgct gaggtttggt    108300
     aatctgtgca ggtcaaatgt tctttaggag gggaaggtgt gacggtttgg aaggtcccat    108360
     gacttgggtt gagtcgaggt aaacaccgcc tttggctttg agcttcgcac agcacatcca    108420
     cacacacacg aacagtcctc cgctcagact ggaagcagag tcagtcagct gaccgctcaa    108480
     cacaaccatg ctctgtctgc tcaagtttac ccctctgttt ttggtggtag ccgtatgtca    108540
     cggctggctt tttggagatc tttttgaaaa acagaaagag ctggatgaaa tctctctatg    108600
     gcctctaccg cagaaatacc agtcgtccgc ggtcgctttt aaactcagcg ccgccagctt    108660
     tcaaatcgtc cacgccaaac agtccaccgc cggaccgagc tgcagtctac tcgagaatgc    108720
     atttcgcagg taattgttac tgtataatat ttctcgatcg catttacgcc gatattgtgt    108780
     tatgaatggc gctgcggttt tgccttaaca ggaagtatta gcacgtgatt catgtgagct    108840
     ccctgtcaat atatacagta agcagagtca tgaactgact gctttgcctt gcagatattt    108900
     tgaatacatg tttggagagc tgaaaaggca ggagaaaagc cgaaagaaag cgtttgattc    108960
     agatctctcg gagctgcagg tatggatcac atcagctgat ccggagtgcg acggttaccc    109020
     gagtcttcga accgacgagt catgtgagct cttttctctt ccgcctccgt gatcctcaat    109080
     gatctgtaat ccgaaagaag atggccaaat ccactaacag actgtcggag gtctaatccg    109140
     gttaacgaat taccgtaata tagaagctct ttttagatgt agtaacactt gacccaagtt    109200
     taatgtaaac acttttcttg ggatgttatc agagaagctg catcaggata tcaactttaa    109260
     acagtgttgg tataaaccag tcagtgtttt agttgtgtaa agatatgctt tctctttgta    109320
     gattcgctgt cggttgatga aacctcagct gtgctcaaag ctgctaatgt atggggagct    109380
     ttgcgaggta agcaaaactt cacaatgaaa tggagctgta cagtaaatac cacaaacaag    109440
     cactcgcttg gacatgcaca acattaaaaa ggatgtatta aattaatcat aagtgatttt    109500
     attgcaaaaa ataaaattaa taaatgtata attcatttaa gtttctggcg gtaggataac    109560
     atttttacca tggtgtcgta attactgctc taaaataagt tatttcaaat gggtaaaaaa    109620
     taataacttt tcccccattg aacacattat attttatttt taagaaatat ttctaatatt    109680
     ttggtgcagt aaacatgtca ggctacatag tgaaaataaa tcattgactt ctgcactctt    109740
     cattagtctc aaaaatacaa atttcttaac aacacgaaaa atgcataaaa aaactttaca    109800
     tgtccaatat ggtatgatga tagctaaaac aataattctt tgtcaatgaa aaaaagcatc    109860
     aaaaccccat ttttaaatac tggctttcag aattttctag cactttacat ttagagagac    109920
     gcaatctatc tgatgacaat gctggattcg aagccacctg aaaacctttt ttaatttcct    109980
     gtcaaatgtc aaggataaca gtttaaaggt ataaccctgt cctcgtctgc aagatcacct    110040
     tattgcttgt gcccactggc ctagaaatgt atgtgtaaca ttgttaaccc atgaataatg    110100
     ctggaggaac tgaagtagta atggttttca aaatcttttt ttgtttgttt tgtttgcatt    110160
     tcttttctga cttaataatt gttgcttttt attgctctgt gttgctttaa ggtcaaaatt    110220
     caaatccaat gtatttaaaa aaaacattgg gaatggtatg gcagagcaaa gaaaatacat    110280
     tatttgaata caataatgtg ttagcttgac ttattaaaaa tacagctttg ctgagtatat    110340
     ctttgaaaat ctgaaaaaag tacaaaaata cattgtacaa actcctaaca tactgacaag    110400
     ccttgaaata tttttcttaa tgacatttaa tagtgtctgc atgaaaggaa atgcttaaca    110460
     gggtgtaata tgtaacagct tatcacattt agcaaccaca aagacttcaa gattgcggct    110520
     tatttccttt ctaatgagct gcacttcaat cttctaaaat agatttgttg tttctaagga    110580
     ttggtattat actgccagca atccctaaat gagagattat gagagaaagg gattgcagtc    110640
     attatcttgt ccatacattt tatgtaaatt tataactaaa ttggtgtgta aagtcctttc    110700
     ttttttgttt aaggactgga aacattcagc cagttggtct atgaggatga ctatggagtt    110760
     gtaagtttaa agcaaaacct tatttattgg attgtagtaa tgtatttttg ctgcatatat    110820
     taatgaatct aatcaatgca tatatgtaaa cacttctcaa ataagttttt tttatcccaa    110880
     tagagaaata ttaataagac cgacatatca gattttccac ggtttgccca ccgaggaatc    110940
     cttctggact cgtctcgcca ttttctgcca ctcaaagtca ttttggccaa cttggtgagt    111000
     cttttgcttc atgataaagg gtctagagag gcactttggc catattggct cagattaatt    111060
     gtggagtttc atgaatgctc ggtataagaa atagatatag acgttctttt attcccactg    111120
     ctgtaagact tataaatctg taagatttta tttgtgtgtt gttacttgtt ttgtattgtg    111180
     tgatgtttat agattttatg ctgcaccaat aattgccgat tgagcttatg gtaataaact    111240
     tgacttcctc attaaaagac taacgtcacc taaacaactg aaggaagtta tttaacttat    111300
     gagactggaa agtcaaggga ttttttagat ttacacatga cagaaatcac aagacagtta    111360
     aggtgttaat cacatcaatt atctagaaca tttgcaactt gtgcacagta gggtaaacgt    111420
     ttgactgagg ttctgtcatt tgatctttca ttaaatttgt cacatattca taccaagggg    111480
     taccaatctc acaaaatcta tttaaacccc atttcctgca tttacatata tatatatata    111540
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    111600
     tatattaggt actacagtat aatgatacac aatcaagaaa aaataggctg attaaacaaa    111660
     tttatttcaa actaacctaa aaaataaata aatgatacta aattaactgt gtgtactgaa    111720
     taggcatgta accataataa atttttgacg ctataataac cttggatata aatattacgg    111780
     tttcacggaa ttgcaattac cgctctaaaa catattagtt ttaaatgtct gggtaaaaaa    111840
     caaaaccttt tcccctttaa acacaatata ttttaatttg ggaaacattt aaattatttt    111900
     gatacagtag ctgaacatgt caggctaaat aattctaatt aattattgac ttctgctgtc    111960
     ttcatttgtt tcaaagactc aaactttttt aacaatttaa aacggcagct ttaaatatct    112020
     tttctgctgg agataatgct gtcctaaaaa caaaaaaaag taaataaaaa aatcttacac    112080
     cttaggaacg gtatagcaga acattttaac ggttttaaaa ccttgacttt tccaaaccgt    112140
     ggtatatcct gaacaggatt attgtcccat gcctagtatt gaatcactat ttgtcatatc    112200
     aataacagat cgacaaaatt aatatgcagg caaattatat gaaaatattg atcattattc    112260
     tttattttca tgcataacac atgtaatggc acaaaaaata gatttacatt cctggtgcta    112320
     attgtttttg tgcagcataa attcctaaaa gctacaataa cattagcagg tgtagaaatt    112380
     ctgtctaact gaaaattaga ttttttttaa cctgagctta tataggctac tggatcaacc    112440
     aagtcacata cagtagcatt gtttttcttc ctaagctaac attgaagtca tctgttgctg    112500
     cttggcatta catagctgtc tgaaatgatc attttaaccg caatactgct cattagaccc    112560
     ataacagaat tatttttaga gcaagcacgc agacgttatt gaacacagat gcgcacataa    112620
     atgcattcaa actctctgta gtctgtggtg ctgacggcgt gcagctaaaa atcatataaa    112680
     ttgggcgggg tcaaaacagg tatttaaatt gttcgggtgg gtggagtatg tgtaatgata    112740
     ggtgtgagga tggtgttttg ttgcctataa aatgtttttc aatattcaac aatgaaatgt    112800
     tttttttttt tttttttaca ggaagctatg gccatgaaca agtttaacgt cttccactgg    112860
     cacattgtgg atgatccgtc gtttcctttt atgagccgta ctttcccaga gttgagccaa    112920
     aaggtcagta tgtgatgaat tcagacatgg ctatttttgg atttatgctt gactgcctca    112980
     ctgattagat aggtgcatat ccaaaatagc attgtttgcc aaattatagt tccttcatac    113040
     caacatactt cagctttttt gcctttcctg tatacatagt tccaatgaac taccacattt    113100
     tggaaccaca gctcttgacc tttggttaga agaataggtt tttttttgtc atatgacatt    113160
     tctataaagc tacagtatat tgttttattc catgcacgca caaatgtcat gcaatgtctt    113220
     cattttgatt gaactaaaga gcagttgttt aagagcgtcc atgagtgttt atgctatagt    113280
     accatggcag aaccatgaaa cctcacaata aagcacaaaa acagcaaagg tggcattgga    113340
     tgccatgtta ataatctaca gcattattat gatttcatta tttatcatct ggccaatgaa    113400
     ataatgtcag gcgttcccat tgtgttacaa aaacacttaa atcaccaatg caaattcacg    113460
     acatttaatc agtatcctga actaggatct attttcatgt tactagtact tattttttag    113520
     atactacatt aagtacttgt acttattcat tagatactag tgctttttcg ttagatacta    113580
     gtgcctattc ttagagctca tttatcgcca tggtgtttat ttaaaatata ttagtgctga    113640
     ctcattagac actagttatt tttttattag atactagtag tcattcatta ggtactagta    113700
     cctaatcatt agatcagaga tgcccgaagt acggcctgcg ggccaaagtt ggcctgtggt    113760
     aacctttgat ttctccctcc atccctctga gaagaaagga agaatgatgg ggatggtttt    113820
     gagattgtca attcaaattt aatgtaaccc tttgtttgtt ttattgttaa aagctaacta    113880
     aaattaaatg ttttaattat atgaaattat ttaatcagat tttttaaata tacatactcc    113940
     gggtgtccgc ggggtcttaa aaagttttta aatgtcttaa aatcatttaa atattgtgtt    114000
     gtatatctta aatcatttta aacagacctt gattttcctt ttttccaatt aaagctacca    114060
     aatctggcta aaatcaggga aagaaaacta aaaacttaca caattttcaa tttttttcaa    114120
     aatgttgaaa aaaagtatat acaacaattt ttctcgtttt tacacattaa actatgtctc    114180
     taagaaattt tttttttttt ttttgcggca agcataaacc attaaataaa cattagtgtt    114240
     tagccccgtt taagtctaaa gtttcattca taatggtctt aaaaagtctt aaattgaact    114300
     taatgaagcc tgcagaaagc ctgataccgt tacccaacaa tgcagagact ttggtgagca    114360
     aatcaagtcc aaggaagatt ctgctttact agagtattca gtcttcatcc ccactgtggt    114420
     ataattgtga ttgttattgt tttcatagca acaagttatc acttaaaatg ttatactgca    114480
     ttagctaata caatttaaag taaagatttc aattattatg aaataaactg gaaaattacc    114540
     catggcaact ttaacgtaat atagtttggt atatttacct tcggcccaca gctctcagtg    114600
     atatttggtt tttggccctt catatggaaa agtttgggca cccctgcgtt agatactagt    114660
     atgtatttaa taggtactag tacttattca ttagatactc ctacctatta aatagactag    114720
     ttcttattca ttagatacta gtacttattt ttagcagtga ctagtaacta ttctgttctt    114780
     actagtaaca catttaaaaa ctccattgat ttctttgggg atctgtcatt gagatgtgaa    114840
     ctattcagtt ttgactagta tgtattccag ttgggactag tacataattt tcatgtacta    114900
     gttaatcatt agatactagt acttattaac tacatactag tacatattta ttagatacta    114960
     gtacttaata tatactagta cctataaaat aaacactagt atttgtttat tatataccag    115020
     tacttattca ttagattcta gtattgtttt aatagatacc agtactttat taccagtaat    115080
     aaagaagtac tattatctat ttcataggta ctagtaacga atgaacaaat actagtaacc    115140
     aaaaaaaaat agtgtctaat gagtatgcac tagtatattt taaaaagcac tagtatctaa    115200
     tgaataagta ctagtaataa tggaaaaaat actactattt aaaaaataag tactagtaac    115260
     atgaaaatag atattagtac aggctattga ttaaatatta aaacagcttg tcataagttc    115320
     actgatttat tgaaagaatt atatataaag ccatgctttt aaaatagttt ctcatctact    115380
     gttttgtttt tgctgcattg gaagcgaaag gtaagggatg ggcatatagt agaaattaaa    115440
     tagagattta aacaatgtag aaatttcacc tcatatacaa agcattagct tgaatgtttt    115500
     caagttttgg ggctgtagaa ctcaactgcc actgttatta gctgaaaact gactggacga    115560
     gtgtttttct ttctgatcat gttttttcct attttttgtg gttaacaggg agcctatcac    115620
     ccatttacac atgtgtacac tccatctgat gtgaagatgg tcattgaatt tgctcgcatg    115680
     agggggatca gggtcgttgc ggagttcgac accccagggc acacgcagtc atggggcaat    115740
     ggttagtcag tggacatcat acataactgc tttatagatg tttgttaagt ctcttaaatg    115800
     aaacatgaca acaactgttt atctgtgttt tcctccttca ggcataaagg atctgctaac    115860
     accttgttac agtggctcta gtccttcagg atcatttggg cccgtgaacc ccatcttaaa    115920
     ctcctcttat gagttcatgg cacagctttt caaagagatc agcaccgtct ttcctgacgc    115980
     ttacattcac ctagggggag atgaggtcga cttttcttgt tggtgaggag gagaagctta    116040
     ttattgcctt catccttgcc cagaaaaaga acccagagcc agtaatgaca caataaactg    116100
     tttttacggt taaagttcat gcttgcattc cacttactgt tcctgtagga agtccaatcc    116160
     tgatattcag aagtttatga atcagcaagg ctttggcaca gactacagca aactggagtc    116220
     cttctacatt caaaggtcag agtttcagta cagtgaggaa gtccatgtat tacggagcac    116280
     aatagtaaaa acaaaacgta tatgcaataa ccgataatat agtggggaaa ataagtattg    116340
     agcatgtcat gttttttttc taggattaat atttttaaag agctgttgac atggaattga    116400
     accaaatttt ggtaaattgg actatacaaa cataaaaaaa ataataataa aaaaactgaa    116460
     actgtgttgt gtgtaataat gaaatgacac gaggagaaag tactgaacta ctgaaacatt    116520
     taataattga tataaaaggc tcttttggtg atggcagcct ctatatggag aacgaagttc    116580
     atgattttgt ctgtcaaatc tgatctttat tttgtatttt atattggatt caagacaggt    116640
     gattggctgg gccattctac agtttaattt tcttactctg aaagaagttg agagtttcct    116700
     tgtgttttgg atcgttgtct tgctgaaatg tcatcctgct aatgtaaatg ctggactgaa    116760
     gcagctatat tacatattaa tttacaatga tgaagggcag agagttgctg aaaaactaca    116820
     gagatgtttc agctgctgtc agggctttca ctgtctttct acaccctcct ttctttatgt    116880
     gtttaatact tttttcctgc agcatttcat tttttcacac aacacttaat ttgtaaacta    116940
     attagattag ttttctttgc atatggactt ctttggtttt taccagcatc cggggaaaaa    117000
     tttcaagtca acgacatctt tatgctgcat ttacactgca gattttgagg gtcaatcccg    117060
     attttgtgac tgtattcgat gtttttgatg accagcttac atcatctttt aaaagtgact    117120
     tgtatcgtat tgtctgcatt acacagcaaa ggtgcaatga catgaaaaaa agagtgggcg    117180
     ttgactgaaa acattttttt ctccattcct gtatttaatg tgttcgcagg gtttaattta    117240
     aaaaaatctt tttgacaagt tgttttacta tagtttataa cagaaaagtt ctcattttgc    117300
     catcttttaa tctagacatt tttaaaccta aaccttttaa tacaagacaa taggcatctt    117360
     aatcgtaatt tccacggcat gatttatgca acagtcttat attatttata ttggttacgt    117420
     ggtggatgtt gatctttctc tctctccttt ttagtccttg tagtatgaga ttaatggttt    117480
     gggactctcc tgatgtctat actgaaatga aaacgtcaga gttgacgtca tttgctgtgg    117540
     tttttaatga catgtgactc gcattgacag gtgtaaatcc ggtctacact gcagacacaa    117600
     gagcacatat ccgattcatg ccggataaat ttccacatac gaactaggcc tgaatctgat    117660
     ttgagtaaat cggaatccat gtgatttttt tcctgcttac atgcacaagc gccatatcca    117720
     atctgttcca catgggagaa ataaatcaga attaagtcac ttgaacagtg cagtgtaaat    117780
     gcagccttaa aaataagttt tgtgaaagaa atggtgacgt gtttaatatt tattttcccc    117840
     gttgtaaatc tttaacgaca gaactgctgt taagagaatc attaatggca gggatgccca    117900
     aactaggtcc tggaggacct ggagtccttc ataatttacc tctaacccca atcagacaca    117960
     tctgagccag gtaatcaagc tcttactggg cttgctagaa acatcctgac aggtgtgttg    118020
     aggcaagttg gaactaaact ctgcaggaca ttggccctcc agggccgagt ttgggcaccc    118080
     ttgattaatg gtgtatgtag tttgatagtg gattttgaca attctactaa tcagagagct    118140
     gcagcacgaa atgttcaacc acaacaaaaa cggtttacaa ttaatatggg aaaatactta    118200
     tagaacaagt gctgctacaa aaagtgaatg cagattattg ccacactatt gtctgcattg    118260
     tgtaaataac aagatgggta tgatagcttg ccttttggtt cccctaattg tatgtaattg    118320
     tgtttgtatt taaaaaaaaa tctgaataca atctgacaaa gtcattattg aatatagcca    118380
     ttctcatctt tgacaaacag gttacttgat attgtggctg ctaccaaaaa aggttacatg    118440
     gtgtggcagg aggtgtttga taacggggtc aaggtaaggc ttatctcttc ttatttctgt    118500
     ggataggttt gtgcttttgg gaagtcacat tcaggtcttc tttccgatct gtctattaaa    118560
     ttaagttgta atttgggtga attgtattgc tgctgaatgc tttgtgactt taaaagactc    118620
     caaatcaaag cctaatctat ttttccttaa ccttcttaat cacaaatagc aagacttgcg    118680
     tgatcacatt ttcacaagcc actgctaaca tgcgactaat ttactgtttt tgcctgtgct    118740
     tgctcgcatt aggatgttat ttgcttgccc ataacaattt attaacagtc aaacagaaat    118800
     tgattggggc acataatgtg ctttatgcat gttccagcta aaggatgaca ctgttgtgga    118860
     ggtgtggaaa gggaacgata tgaaggagga gctccagaat gtgactgggg caggatttac    118920
     aaccattctt tctgcccctt ggtacctgga ctacattagc tatggacagg actggcaacg    118980
     ctactacaaa gttgagccac ttgatttcac tggtcagttt cttcagtcaa actctttttg    119040
     atttctttta gcaccactag catagtgttt agtaatccag tgatgtcaaa atcactcgtt    119100
     tattgaattt agcagttttg tgtgatggat atgatgtgtt gttggcttat tcttaacttg    119160
     ggggttaaga atatcggttt agactctaca gttttaatca aataaagatc cttcaatagg    119220
     ttcttgatca ctttaacttt ttttttttgg cctaaaaatt ggcatggatg ttggcatgat    119280
     gttcaaagga tttgggggtt gaggatatag tttgagtaga gattgcaggt ttgtgctgtt    119340
     gttagtctag ctatagcttt tgcttttact tttcactgtt tttgttttgt ctaggcttgt    119400
     ctaaaagtat agtgtttaac cacctctgtt cacctctgag ctcctcacac atcttcaata    119460
     gatattgaaa ccactttctc cagcacagtt tggaaagcac acggtccaca aagtgccaaa    119520
     ctaaatatag tgccatccaa aagtcagtaa gatagttgtt ttaatgaatt catggttaaa    119580
     tttgttagca aaaatgcagt gaaaccagta atgttataac aagataattg tgtattttag    119640
     tattttcaat ataagctaat tattctaatg tttcagcagc tctcatgtca tttgatcctg    119700
     ctgaggtctt taattaaaag aaagtttggt cactttattt tgatggtccg attgttgaat    119760
     ttaaattaca ttgcatctac atgacaaata attctcatta gataagtaga ctgttaggtt    119820
     ggggttaggg ttagggttag tgtaagttga catcagggtg tccgcggggt ctcaacagct    119880
     attaaagttg ataaatcaat tatgagaaaa taaaggccct taaaaggtat taaaaagtct    119940
     taattgcgtt tttacgaggt ctcaattttt gttcaagcgt tgtccaaagt gtttgactcc    120000
     gaaaagcata aatacattta ttttcctcct aatattaaca acgacgtgct tgatctacac    120060
     aactgcttcg ggtcggggag cgtccggcca agctcctcag tacagatgat gtcatgtaat    120120
     tggcgacaaa cgcaggaagg tgatgtgacg ctctccacat gtagcaaaac catagagcga    120180
     aacagacggc aaaatacaaa aatgtaagtt tgcgtactcc tagttggaga aagacgagtt    120240
     taaacagtgg ctgaagcttg ttgctgaaaa caaccacgta acttattatt tcgatctttg    120300
     tttcttccaa gcttatctga gttctgttct atttatttaa cggcaactgt tgtttattaa    120360
     gtgaaaagtg attagaactt aaagtggcga tgaggtctta aaatattcag agaatgtatt    120420
     taaaaaatct taaaaaggta ttgaaattac cttaaaaatt cctgcatata ccctggacat    120480
     gttcttgata atttcttata gtcagtttaa tgtctgttga aaaagcagta tcaacagata    120540
     ttaaccaaac ggtctactaa tactcatatg gaccatcaaa ataaagtgtt accgaaagtt    120600
     ttctaacacc aattaatgcc attgagctat ttattttaaa cttgcttaat aataataaga    120660
     cataaaacaa atcttactga ctctaaattt gaatggtgta tgctttgcct tcactcttcc    120720
     tttattattc cttgagcctg attaaaatcc gctatcacca cttaaacctt tatttcacct    120780
     tgcatgctgc ttttcagagg ccataaatta ttgatctaat tagcaggcat gcaaattgat    120840
     tcagcgttcc ttccaggaaa agacgacaca attggtgtat ttctctggac tgcatttaag    120900
     ataaaataac caatagtttt atgtctaata gctaaacaac tcatttaaag ccacataatc    120960
     cacatttata tggatttgtc gcttttaaag ctcagttctt cttagatcta taagtcatta    121020
     gtcttggaaa agcttgatat caaaataaat ctgataccaa gtttgaaaag cctcagctta    121080
     aatggagtcc agagggatgc atctatctgt tgatgtatgg cagtttttat gttatacatg    121140
     cgtgtgtatg tgtacgcatg tagctgaaag ccgacacaca gatccatgtg tggaaaggca    121200
     ggccgcaata ccaggatgag atggcgaagg taacggcggc tggtttcagc gctctgctct    121260
     ccacaccctg gtacctcaac cgagtcagct acggccagga ctgggtggat atttacaaag    121320
     ctgaccccca aaacttcaac ggtgtgtgtc aaccgcaaat caagattgtg gattcatttt    121380
     ggcctccgtt tatgttcagc gcattgtttg caaaatagca caacatgaag gtttcaagag    121440
     taaaaaatgg actgttaatt aaattaggct gtttaataca tttaaacaat gttaataggg    121500
     ttaatatatg aactgttgga gtcgactagt ttaacaaagt tgataaggga tgaattttct    121560
     attgtttata ctgtagaaac tgtgattggt ttaaatggtt ttaaaggtta atggggtgaa    121620
     taacaaaggt ggcatgtgat tgtagagaat atttgcagta gatattttca tatccttaaa    121680
     ttaataaaca tcagttcaaa ttcagaactg tgcaatagca aaggtggttt cctttagtag    121740
     gtgtgcaaac aaacgtgcat gtcatgtgac tgagtatttg tacaagctga ttgatatacg    121800
     tcgattcagc caccctgatt taatggtttg ctttgtctgc aggtattcag gtgtttgaca    121860
     taaagttaca atagtataac tgtttaaatt ttcagactca aatgggatca cttctttaca    121920
     cctgtttttc atttatgtac cccctaatga gatgcctagt gtcaacctct agctctttaa    121980
     atgatcttga ataacttcgt tttacacatt cgtttgtggt tgttgcttta acttgtgaca    122040
     ttttgaccac aggcacagat gcacagaaga agctggtgat tggtggagag gcttgtcttt    122100
     ggggagagta tgtggacgcc accaacctca ctcctcgact ctggtatgac tgtaaacctt    122160
     aagctaaaat atagaccaac ctctctataa atttcagaca aaccataggg tctgcatggg    122220
     cccttttaaa gcctcgaaag tttgtgaatc aaatttttag ggcctgattt tttttttaaa    122280
     caaatctata gagatcctag aagtttttta gaaaaataat ccatatttcc ctccagtcta    122340
     ctgatgtgtt atttcaacaa cactgcatgg cctattcacg caccacattt agtgtttcct    122400
     gcgtgaggga gtttgcgtgt tgccttgatg tttacccaca aaactcagat gatggtacct    122460
     caatgtttta caggcacaaa aatgtatcta aaaagttcat atcaaaccag ttgtgaccct    122520
     ggacatcaaa accagttatg tgtgtaaaaa atacaatcac atgaaacctg aatatataag    122580
     caaagcattg atattttgtt gtttaggatg ggacactatt tggcagagaa aagatgattt    122640
     aaaatctgga atctcagggt ttaaaaaacc taaatgctca gaaaaattgc ttttagagtt    122700
     ttctgtataa tgtgcttggc aatgtacatt actaaacaaa attaagtttt aatatattta    122760
     cagtagtaaa tgtactaaat atcttcttag aacatgattg ttacgtaata ttctaatgat    122820
     ttttggcatg aaagaaagat cattttgact aatacaatgt gttgttggct attcccaaaa    122880
     atatatatct ttagactggt tttgtggtcc agggctacat tttataacag ttaggtccat    122940
     aaatatttgt acagccacgc aattctaaca tttttggctt tatacaccga cacaatggat    123000
     ttaaaaagaa atgaactctg gaccttttat ctactcattg tgattgggat aatgagggaa    123060
     taacatggaa cagcttagaa gccaattgtc aagtgggagg cacatatgca aactgttgta    123120
     attcctacag cattcacctg atttggatgt gaataccctc aaattaaagc tgacagtgtg    123180
     ctgttaaagc acatcttgtt agtttcattt caaatccaat gtgtttgtgt atagagccaa    123240
     aaatgttaga attgtgtcga tgtccaaaca aactgtagat atatcagatc tatgaaaaaa    123300
     ctaaacaaaa acacattatt gtccttgaat ttatctgact tgtaaacagg tccttaattt    123360
     taaagtaaac caaggtctgg atcctgcata cacgttatag gtgtaaaatt acaaacaaca    123420
     gcaaactagc tgtatatctc atatcttgta ataaataaat ctatttatta atatagtgtg    123480
     gttttatttt tgttcttgca ggccaagagc cagtgccgtc gctgagaggt tatggagtga    123540
     tgcaagcgtg accgatgtcg gaaatgctta tactcgcctg gcccagcatc gctgccgcat    123600
     ggtcaggtga gttaaactat gacatgtggt agaaaaggat ttctttatta caagattatt    123660
     cattttagaa tcctaataag tttttgtact taatcatcga gattaagtaa ctaaaagact    123720
     aaaagtcttc tgaggcagta tgtttagggc taaaatgttt aattaaatgt atggaagtat    123780
     tacataaggt attaatcagt ttacatggat ccattaatcc atgtatacaa acattcttaa    123840
     gatatattgt atatgcatat ttttgtatgt ttcactggta tagatttatg tttccctttt    123900
     cctcctcagg agaggcatac ctgcagaacc tctatttgtt ggccactgcc gtcatgagta    123960
     caagggtctg tgaatgccat gatttagttc acagtagacg actaaaggga aggacaaaac    124020
     agtttttatt tttacagatt aaaccatgtt agccatttgg agaactatga tttgctgtta    124080
     tatgcactga gccagttatc taagacttga tgtttgtgat ttttacctat acaaagtttt    124140
     actacaatac ttaggtttca ggtttattaa atggtaagta atattcctgt gaaaacattt    124200
     tatggaatgt gttttataat gaatgctagg tgtattctga gggtttacat gattgtaaca    124260
     ctgcactaaa tttatatatt taaataaata cgatttctga aagcatagtt gttgtaaaat    124320
     tattgtatat ttacacacat acatacatac atatgcatac tcacactaat aggttcttgg    124380
     tgtgttttct tcacttgaga aaaaatagtg caagggttgt ctgtagatgt gggctccaag    124440
     atcatcttct agaccatatg caagcagcaa tctacagagc aatatgaaat tgtctgtata    124500
     aataatcagt tggtgacagg gtcaagtgag cccagccatc ttgttgagca gtatgttctg    124560
     gtcctgagag ttcatgggct catagctgga cagctccaaa gaaaaggtgg catttccaga    124620
     ggtaagagtg cgcagaacgg ttgagtatcc cttgaggaag aaaaaaaaaa gtttttatac    124680
     aataatttgt aatatagtgt atattatata gtatatattt ctaataaatg tacattctgt    124740
     agcaatcgta ttaagagttg ggcccaaagt atgcttagtt atattccatg tatgctagtc    124800
     agaggtgtca ttttaccttt tgaaggattt caaaaggtac aactgcttga gactttgggc    124860
     ccccattatc cttttggctg agggaagttg tttggtgtcc cattcagaag gaattgttaa    124920
     tatgcactaa tcaaggggtc taaaactccc aggccgcagg ccatttacgg ctgaatacat    124980
     tttactcctc cctccggtcc gcaactgaca tcaaaaacat aacgagattc gaccccccaa    125040
     aacatgtttt gaatcacttt cattattgtg ctgttgtgta tagccactta tggttttgac    125100
     ccaccaccta ttggatgttt aaagtactgc actatattat acagtatttc agttttactt    125160
     tcgttttttc ctaagcgtgt ggtcgagagt aatgcacatg catattattt atgtgtctga    125220
     tttaaacgtt gaaattaatt ggcaaaagtg ctctatttat actaaagctc tatttttgta    125280
     aatattcaag ggtcaattga ttatcatcaa aatcaattat attgattact attttatgcc    125340
     acctgtattt tgtagggttg ggtattgttt tttttttttt cgatactggt gctaaattga    125400
     tacttttaaa acggtaccgg tgccaaaaat ttgccacaaa attaattgac aaaaaagtat    125460
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    125520
     atatattttt tttttttttt taatcattat aattgaacaa tataattata tatttataat    125580
     atgtttaaag taaacatcag ttcatatttt atacatttga attgcattaa tatatttctt    125640
     ttgatcattt gtttgttagc atgaatgcaa gacttgcatt atgctattaa tattacatta    125700
     gcttactact aacctgtgga aaggctgtca tcaaaatcag ggaacacctt ttttctgggt    125760
     ttggggcttg tgacttttac atggacatca atgatctaat gcaggggtct caaactcaat    125820
     ttacctgggg gccgcaggag gcaaagtctg ggtgaggctg ggccgcataa gggatttcac    125880
     aaaaaaaaag tcctcaaatg tcattattaa cagttttaat tatttcttct gaacatgaag    125940
     tgtcctgaac agtaatagaa cattgagtga agattatgaa cagttcttct gaacatggca    126000
     tcttttgcct actccttact gccagagact tgacagcgct tcttctcaca aatgtgaacc    126060
     acatttggct ttagagcgga agcagttgag accctcagta tggcttgaag atgatcatca    126120
     ttaagtctag acctgtactt tgacttattg aagtcctagg gaaaaaagtg ggggaactca    126180
     ctcaaaactt ccattccctc acgtaaaaaa ggcgtatata tgtataaata aaacaccccc    126240
     accccactcc agtcacatca gtctgtacca gtctgtatct acctataata tatataagac    126300
     agggctcgaa attaactttt ttacttggta gcaccggtgc tcccaacttc aaatatttag    126360
     gagcaccaaa ataaatttag gagcaccaga aaaaatttag gagcacccac caaaaatgat    126420
     tgagcaccgc tgcaaattac tttttaaggg atttattgta ttttaaaaca acatcaatag    126480
     gactgacaaa aaccagaaac aactatctaa ctaatgctgt gaagacattg atatttgtgt    126540
     gcaataattc caaaatgaat gtctaataat taggccatag aatattaatg atgataaaaa    126600
     atgacaataa tagtaacaat gaattacatt tctcattatg atactgcatg aatgtacatg    126660
     aatgtaggtt atctgctata aaaagtctgt tactttatga aaaataattg tatagtttgc    126720
     atcaaacaaa aatgaagcat tgcagtaaga aatatttatt ttgtactact gtttatatat    126780
     gcatgtcaat ttaataaata atatttctgc tacaaaacaa acaaaagatt ataataaatc    126840
     attcaattca atgatgaaag ctgcaaagca gtcatcagta aataaataaa aaaataatat    126900
     acacctcaaa caagaataga caaaagaaag taaagtctca cttctatcac tctttaaaag    126960
     ttttggtttc agtttgtgtc aatttaaagg ttcagtctga gctgattttc atgtttctgt    127020
     gttagtggaa aagctggcga cccaatttat gagcaggcag cacaagattc ttgcgatgac    127080
     caccggcgca ataccgctgt ttgttatgag acgcagtttc agtgtaaact tagaaaaggc    127140
     gagcttcttt ggcgatgata tgtacagtat tagatttgac ttttagcgga catttgcgct    127200
     gaacacgcag tgaatgcaac gcatggagat tcgggcacct tctccaagaa gcgcgtactt    127260
     gattgatctc agctggtgga tcattattca ccacgtgacg tgtcatgatc gctttcatct    127320
     gcgcctcaac tttaggtggg gtttgcaaac ctgtgtgctt taagttttta ctctttagcc    127380
     gtttgtattt cccgtggtca taaaagctcc ttccctgtca tctgacagcg gaataccttg    127440
     ttggattgac agctaatatg aaccaatata gcggcaggga agagcgattc agcacgtttt    127500
     tacaaaaaat caaaagaggt cgcactacaa ccattatctg cagtcgcact aatgcgccca    127560
     aatatattat gaggtcacat agattaatat tcgggcgcat atgcgaccaa aatggtcgca    127620
     atttcgagcc ctgtaagatg caggctgtag ctaagtggca ggcaggggcg ggaacagctt    127680
     accttggttc tggccggcgc gagttaacat ttcccgcccg tcacagcgtc taacaaaggg    127740
     gcggggtgcg tggtgacgtc accggcatcc ccgccccttt gtttacacgg cgggcaggga    127800
     atgccagtga ccgctgtgta cggatagaat cagcggagcg gggagcgctc tctctccccg    127860
     ctccgctgat tctgtcagtg tacagcggtc ggcgcgggcc acaaaatatt gcactgaggg    127920
     ccgcaactgg cccgcgggcc gcgagtttga gacccctgat ctaatgattt gctataatgt    127980
     gaataagaca tatgattcag gtgtttacat gagctgcttt ttgaatgtta cattcatgat    128040
     ttccaattac atgttatagc acacacccag tctataaatg attcctccgc agtttgagtg    128100
     tgtggtcctt taagataatc aaaaatcact gtttacgtgg tactctcgtg atcagagtat    128160
     tgtcttaatc atattaaaat cagagtattg gtgtccatgt aaacgttctc agataatgtg    128220
     ccagatgatg tcacaagctg ttaaagacaa tccattcctc acctttaagt tgattccata    128280
     agccctcaca ttttataagt ttgatatgat tcggtaggtc atggtaatgt ttttagtagc    128340
     agacagcact gcacactcac catcatctca gccaaaggaa catcagccag caaaatcttg    128400
     ttgtcctgtc gactttggat gtcgcatatg gtaccacgtc gctgggagag atctgcaagc    128460
     acagaactca gatgctcctc tcctacagtc acttccagag ccattaccgg ctccaaaacc    128520
     tgccctccag cctgcttcag agcctacatg caaacatacc aaaagacata ggcctggatc    128580
     agagtttggg atcaacgaat gaatttacat aatagatata tacattataa aatgtctcac    128640
     taaaattatt tgatgtgtta cgtgactatt gttgaccaat ctggttctga accaaggttt    128700
     tagggctggg tgaaatggca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatat atatatatat    128760
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atacacacac acatatatat    128820
     atatacatat atacacacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    128880
     atatatatat acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatac    128940
     atatacatac atacatatat atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac    129000
     atacatacat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatat atatatatat atatatatat    129060
     atatatatat tttttttttt aatcacaata tttttttcat attagtcggt atcgataatt    129120
     atcacgataa acgtcaaatc tttatatcta tcaattttta aggcttttca gcatgacaat    129180
     ccctttgtgc agctgattta gcacattttg tcaaatgttt tagctgtctg acaatataag    129240
     taaaaaataa tacacaaagt gcttttaatg gtgagtatgg tgaatttagg gtaaaataac    129300
     ctttaatata ttttatttag ggatgccaat gattccttga tgatctattg attgttaata    129360
     acccttatcg atgactgatt aagcatggac atttaaaggt taagttatgt tttacgcttt    129420
     aagatgcaat cgtgcattac ataatcaagt gcgggcagtt tacggtacct tatgaagtca    129480
     ccctcttgaa attgcatatt gcagtgttgc ataaaaccct gtgatgcgca gatcttggtt    129540
     atatccgcga gtgttttaaa caattttatt tgacagactg gcacgaataa gcctatgcag    129600
     actttcattt taaaaatagt gcatcatggc gagacatgag gggagcctct ccctttacac    129660
     aacatgttgt gagtgcatcc ttccgaccaa gttcgttcct ccaaggtcac taaagagtac    129720
     tttcagtgct gcgacaagtt tgtaaagact gtgctgctct cacagaccac ttgattaaac    129780
     aaattaaatt caatcagtaa ttgaaaacag tacattgaaa gcggtttaat ggattgcttt    129840
     cgcgctgaag catagcgcag acttgttttg aagcttttca actcagatgt tatttgttca    129900
     ggtgagggag tgtttaatat tgcataatgg ctggttattt tatcgttgat gagggaatat    129960
     ggtataagag atttcaaaga aaatatctta ataatttcaa taccgtttaa agactttaag    130020
     accttctcag aatatttaaa gaaacaaagt ttgaaagaat aaatcacgcg gttgttttca    130080
     gccactgttt aaactcgtct tcctcctacc aggagtaggc aacttaaatt ttcccttttt    130140
     accgtctgtt tcgctatatg gttttacttc acgtgtaaag tgtcacatcc ctttcccgtg    130200
     tttgttgcaa attacatcac atcacccaga cagaggagct tggccggacc tgcccctgcc    130260
     tgaaccagta gcgtggatcg agcacgcagt tggtaatatt agaagcaaaa taaatgttca    130320
     tgcttttttt ggagtcaaac acttaggaca acgcttgatc aatattcaag acctcgcaaa    130380
     aatgtgatta agacatttta atatctttta agggccttaa ttttctcgta attgattcat    130440
     caacttttaa tactttaaga catcctgtta ctattaaaaa ggaaacataa gcttgacaac    130500
     aaaagatccg atcaatgtta taacaaatgc ccttaaataa tgcagcctgc agtttacagc    130560
     aagcatcaag tgtttattga gattgtgtcg tctgtcacct atgtcttttc gcacggcttt    130620
     tgaaaatgat gacatgagac tctgctgggt agttgcgcta atgcttgtag atggtccccg    130680
     tttaccaaca cttgttttgg tctataattt cttagcatct tcataagggt ggcagtattt    130740
     taaatgatga aacaagtttt tggtgaggcc tgttttggat ggcactagtc gtgtctgtgt    130800
     agtttgctgt gcacgttgtt ctattttgtg ccagattgca aaaaactatg tagcttcaga    130860
     ctgctgaagt taagtgaagt ttcttgataa caatgtctgt gactgtgact ttatgttttt    130920
     taacttattt tttcttactc ctccaagtgc aactaacaca gtatggctgt aaacttgtac    130980
     tgcgtgcgga atccggaaat gcaggctgca aaatgcctat gcagtgttac gcataatgca    131040
     taaacattat ctaacactta tcaaactgtc attatcattt tattgaaaaa atatctattg    131100
     tgataattat cattattaaa ttatcgccca gccctatttt tacaagggaa aaaaaaactt    131160
     gagtgctaaa aaaaaagtca gagtttggtt aataaatcgt tgcgtcactc ttgtaaattg    131220
     tctactttat gtgaatagga ccatattaag aactgagaca ctacactgtc aaccttaatc    131280
     tgctgatgtg tgattgtggg tataaactca tgtgtggtgt tatttgaaaa ggattgtggg    131340
     aaaggttaaa gtttgagcac cttgagcatg cagcgggaca cacaagccga caccatggct    131400
     gcagatgtgc ctgattccaa acgtacattc tggatgacag tctgtactcc ttgaacagga    131460
     aaacccagca caggacctgc accgagaatt aaagtcacaa ctgcactgca atactgcaca    131520
     tgtatatcta aatgttccag gtttagaatc aacaatttct atcaccttgg aggtaggcac    131580
     tctgaactcc gttttccaca gcctctctga catcagcagg aagcatcgct tttacgtcct    131640
     cttcaaaagt gatgtcacag gaagcactag agttctcctt cagaggatga acggtgagct    131700
     ccacagatac aacatgcctc ttttctccca gaatacgatc taacaggtct gaaacgatca    131760
     ttcaaatcat atattatttt tactttacta cgtaaagaga tagttcagag aaaaataaaa    131820
     gttctgttga acacaaagaa agatgtcttg aagaatgttg gaaagcagca gccattgact    131880
     tccatagtat ttttgttcct actatggata tcaattgttt gcaatattca ttgatacctt    131940
     gttctgtatt caactaaata aataaaatca tgagtgcgag taaattttca gttttgccct    132000
     ttaaataaaa caaaaacact gtaatatttg gtatcaatat tataaagcaa tttcatgcag    132060
     ggttcccact caaagccaaa tgttaaattt tctgactttc actgaccgaa tttccatgag    132120
     ctacagtgct cttgcatata taaatacacc cttcacaaat ctatctttta aattcctgtt    132180
     tttaattagt cagtactgaa gccaaatctg gagtttatct aactaaataa cttacgataa    132240
     ctgtcctaaa actagcagag ccaatttaac acagaaataa cacacaattg aaaagagctg    132300
     acagtttttt aattgcctca gatttccttc atattttggc tgctctgtga caattgttct    132360
     acatactgta tgttcaaatg ttctactgca tgttcaaatt tctcctttaa attttgagtt    132420
     atcatagaca cagcactgtg ctgcactttt tactaggtgt gtgacccact ttagatgcac    132480
     catgtgtaca cttcatagaa ataaaggaga gcaaaggttc ttgaggtcaa aaaagtaaag    132540
     acaaaaagta ataactatgc tgtgtgcaaa taactatatt ttaagcaaaa caacacaata    132600
     aattcagcaa atagtgacac aaaagtcaca aaatcagtca atttaggcca caatcattta    132660
     aaagttgtcc cacaaaatat aaggactgat tgagcactga gcagacaaaa aaacagcaca    132720
     gtacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa acaggtacag cctgaccgtt acaattataa tatgttaaaa    132780
     aaacacatta tagaaaaaca cattctgata aatgggaagt aaaatttcaa aaatgacttt    132840
     caatgtcttg aatagacctt taaaaaattg aatgattttt tagacactcc atgacctgtg    132900
     gaaaccctgt caatgtttag tttgttgtgt gtaaaacccc aggcatgtca gttccttatt    132960
     gccattaagt tataatcaaa attcaaggat gttgtgaaat aaattgcagg attgataagc    133020
     attgctgata tacagtacca tttaaatgtt tgaggtcagt aagactttaa agtaaagtca    133080
     ttttaacaat ttaagtgtgt acgcacgcac gcacacttat atgtatatag tttctgtgca    133140
     tgtatgacat atacagctga agtcagaatt attagccccc tgtttatttt ttctcaacac    133200
     atttctacac ataatagttt aataacccat ttataataac tgatttattt tatctttgcc    133260
     atgatgacag taaataatac ttgactacat atttttcaag acacttctat acagcttaaa    133320
     gtgacattta aaggcttaac taggttaatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag ggtaattagg    133380
     caagttattg tataatgatg gtttgttctg tagaccatcg taaaaaaata tagcttaaag    133440
     gggctaataa ttgtccttaa aatggtgctt aaattaaaaa ctgcttttat tctagcctaa    133500
     ataaaacaaa taagactttc tccagtagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gttaacattt    133560
     ccttgctctg ttaaacatca tttgggaaat attttaaaaa gaaaagaaaa atcaaagggg    133620
     gcaaataatt ctgaattcaa ctatacataa taaatatata agacacacac gtacacacac    133680
     atattatgtc aaaacaagct tttattttag atgtgattag tctttgtcca gcactaattt    133740
     aaagaaatta attactttta ttcaatattg cattacaata aaatatatat acttcaagct    133800
     tttgagtaga aattaaactg ctcatgattg tgatcatata ctgtgtatat atatatacat    133860
     atatatatat atatatatat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatac atgcatacgt    133920
     gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    133980
     atatacacac acacacacac acacacacat atacacacac acacacacac acacacatat    134040
     atatatatat atgtacatat atatattaac tatacataac tatctgttag actgaacaat    134100
     aaatgagtga atgcaacaaa caaatcagat gaactgacta gtgttttacc acagcaaggt    134160
     gatatgttag tcaaaatatg aagacaatgt ttacattggc gttacctttg gctgttgctg    134220
     actgcaggat ggtctctctg taggccactt gcaggggtcc aagatgagtt tcgattttgt    134280
     actctctctt aatgcgatca tggatgatct caatgtgcag ctctcccatt ccacacagta    134340
     ctgtctgtaa gtgtgtatac ataaaatggt aacattttac aacaggttta tattagttac    134400
     tatgcattta ctaacatgaa cattacattt attacagtat ttgttcatgt tagttaataa    134460
     aaatagagtt gttcattgtt agttcagtgc tttaatgtta acaagcatga attctgatgc    134520
     taataatgta tcagtaaaaa ttgaactatg atttataaat gctgtgttgt attgttcata    134580
     attggtttat gttactgaat gcactaacta atgaaacttt attgcaaagt gtgaacaata    134640
     aaagaataaa tcaattgtag agcaatggat tgacaaagat agcacagcta ttatcttctg    134700
     gttatattgt aattatacta tatttaatga agacaattcc ttcaatgtag aatgttttta    134760
     atgtcagata acaaacaaat taagagctgg aaacagtttt aaggttaata ttataagcta    134820
     ccttaagatt gttcttttga ttggctacat aacaaaccac tgttatctgg tgacttaccc    134880
     aattaaccta acttgataag tgaacctaat aacctagtta atcctataaa tggcacttta    134940
     agctgaatac tagtatccgg caaaacaact agaaacaaaa atcctttact gtcatcatga    135000
     caaaataaat aagttattaa agttattatg ttaactccct taaatttgca tttaacaact    135060
     aattaaatcc cattcattct aaatgggtta atactgttaa ttataaaata ctataaaaag    135120
     atcagccctt taactgcctg ctctaccaaa tgttttaaat aatgaccgtt aaagtattaa    135180
     ttaatggttt acacacacag ctttgttggt ttacaaaaaa aaaaaattat caaataaaca    135240
     tcctgttgca ctactacact tgatttaggt tttattgtca aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaaa    135300
     gaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaac atgatattaa atgagtatct gcaatatttt atggcatact    135360
     tcaaaaaata aagatgactt agtattcaaa aatgttttat tttattttga ttatgttttt    135420
     aaataaattg gtcttacact tcattttttg ttctgatttt tatagtatat gtattaagtc    135480
     aagtactttt accataaacc gacatatcta ccatttggta gaggttgata ttttagaaat    135540
     tatgggatgt gttgaaaaaa atgcattgag tgtgtaaggc gacatccacg ttcagttcag    135600
     aaatccaatt caaaaatgat taagttaaag ggtcgatgca ataagggtta tgtttgaaca    135660
     atgctaatta gtactgtaaa ctgcaaatgg cacaatttac cagacaaagc acttgaaatc    135720
     ctgtgttact gtttcattta cctgtccaga atcaggatct attctaactt tcagactggg    135780
     gtcttccctc tgcaggcagt tgagtgcgtg ctccagatct gttttacaaa ccacagagag    135840
     atctcaattc tggcactaag cttgcttgga aaaaaaatta taatgtcatt acctgcttgt    135900
     ttggccatag taggaggttc aatggagcag aagaacactg gctcagggac ctccactcct    135960
     gcaagagccg cactatgtga gttgctcctg ctctctgctt cagcctgagc ccgtcggatt    136020
     gccgctgctg cagatgcttt ggaggacacg atggtgtcac cggttactgt ctgactcaaa    136080
     acatgaaaca ttacagaaaa tgcgaccata acaaggtgta caatgcatta cactgaccta    136140
     aacagtgaca tttttactga actgaactag tttcaattca ctagaactct cgcctcacag    136200
     caagaaagct gtttgttcga gcctcggcta ggtcagttgg catttctgtg taaagtttac    136260
     atgttctccc cgagatcgcg tgggttttat ctgggatttt ggtaaaaata tgcatatttc    136320
     agcggaatta ttttgggagt atcataactt aaaccttaat atgtgaaatg aaaaacatta    136380
     tctttttaac ataaaactta tttaatgttt caaaggcaaa tctaattaaa ttaactttat    136440
     tttgtaaaca aagcaagtct ctcatataat atctctacta aaagacagaa aatattactt    136500
     tacaaactgt attgtagata aatcagatga acattttcat attagtcaat aatactacaa    136560
     ttactttaca aacggaataa atatagatta acacacattc actcaagtaa ataaacataa    136620
     ttaatgtatg ctaaaagtct gtggcattct gcggaatatc agcagaaaat ctgcaaaatt    136680
     ctgcctgcgc agattccgtg tgggcctagc tataggtgaa ttgactaagc tacattgtcc    136740
     gtactgtatg cgtgtatgga tttcccagtg ttatgttgca gctggaaggg catctgctgc    136800
     gtaaaacata ttcgggataa gttggtggtt aataaaggga ctaagtcaaa aaaaaaaaaa    136860
     ggattgaatg tatgcacacc agcattctat actacttgtg acttcttgta actgagttgt    136920
     tggaatgttt catagcttga aatattatgg cttttactct cttttcatca tctatagcac    136980
     tatagaaata aaaatttatt gaactgaatg acaaaaatat tgtttactgt acatcatatg    137040
     gttatcactc ctaataaaaa aacaattttt ttaacacatg actacttgaa aaatactttg    137100
     gaaaagttat gacttattta tctacaatca aatctgttac attattataa agcagctaaa    137160
     acaagcttag taaaggtgtg cattctatgt aatagggatt tgacaaacta ataccacttc    137220
     gttttattga attgtttaga aaatgaagac tatgcagcat tattttacat ttgattattc    137280
     agttactgta tgcctgcaca cagtccgact tctctgaaaa caataaaacg ctgtttatta    137340
     aatttgcatc ttttctttat tgaatttatc tatgcttgta gatggtttat tatattatat    137400
     gcatatgcac taccctacag aatcatccca atcaatctaa aattctaaat ttataatata    137460
     gaataaagaa atattgcaat gttagaattt tccaatatcg tgcagctata ctatgtacca    137520
     ttgaagttaa attacctgtt tgagtccaac agtgagtgca atgtttcctg cagacaacga    137580
     tgggatttcg atttgttgat cggcaaaagg taagagaagt cgactcattt tctccctaga    137640
     ggacaacaca caaaatactg ttcttcaggg tagaccttaa ataaaacaaa tcttcactct    137700
     tgagaaagca tgaaaaaatc taagaattag ttgtaaaaac accaaagtac ttgtctttca    137760
     gttatttaaa gtaaaatatc agcttttata gtgaaattaa tgtaaaactg ttacttgatt    137820
     tatagggtct tatttactgt caagtaactg catgcgattt gatgttcact aaacctacgt    137880
     ttcattcctg ttgatgttgt gcactgatga ctgagctttc atgcttcctg aatagattcg    137940
     aacaaacaca agcggacccc tctgtttgtc atggaccact ttgaatgcca aggcacacag    138000
     atcattttta taccagcgcc tgtgcagaca aatgtacatg catttttaaa tggcaataaa    138060
     aaaaacacaa tcttactatg aagtttaaag gatggtgtac tcacaccagg tcatggttcc    138120
     tctcattggg agcaggaagg taagcagtga tggcatccag cagaggttga acgcctttat    138180
     tttttagaga gcttccacac aacacaggta cacccttacg agctaaagtc actctcctca    138240
     ccgcctcctg caacttgatt cataaagaga atttgcccag aggctgctgg tttcagtttc    138300
     accttcaaca aatttagttt tgctagacca ggggtgccca agctcgattc tagaaggccg    138360
     gtgtcctgca aagtttagtt ccaaccccaa tcagacacac ctggctagct aattaagctc    138420
     ttactaggct ttctagaaac atccttgcag gtgtgttgag gcaagttgga gctaaaatct    138480
     gcaggacacc ggccttccag gaccgagttt ggactcccct gtgctagaca tctgaatgcc    138540
     acaataattt ctgattcttt taaatgatag atttcatcct aattaatgtt tattttgaag    138600
     gatttgttgt ggattaaggg gaaataaata ttttatttaa aaaaatagca ttatgtttat    138660
     atttattgaa ttataaaatg tgatttatac accaattaac ctaatatgtg ttttttactc    138720
     ttcaccatca aattgacact gtgtgtctaa tagtcagatg cagcttttgc atagaccaca    138780
     gtatagtata ctcttacctt cactgcagga actgcatcaa agttttcacc atactctccc    138840
     agcagcagct ctgcaaaatc atcatctaga tctgctacct gtccacacag atcatgcaac    138900
     aattattttt aatttatata cccaattcgt tttctaagaa atttaattgc aaaaataacg    138960
     aaacccctct gatctgctct aacaattagg ctaaagatcc aaatctctaa tgtctgccac    139020
     tagggcaggt cacacagccc tcaccagctg gcctccatta cactcacccc ccaaaactta    139080
     aagtccccga gacatcaatc aaaccatatc agtttgtaac tcacattgcc agttttgtgg    139140
     tgaccgattc atctgtgcat gtcatcaaaa cgagctttaa tctttaccag gaatctgaaa    139200
     aagcactttt ttctgttaat ttgacagatt aaatttactt taaaattaag aaactttaaa    139260
     atttgggttt ggttaaaaca tttaaccatg cggctccaat tgtcagctat gacaacaaat    139320
     agaaatggtg aggaggagga gtctgttagg ttgcaataac tctcccaaaa ccaatttctc    139380
     catctttatg aaagaaatgc ctactttagt acatccattt agctcgcagt agaaaaaaca    139440
     agccacgcac aatgtttgct cttttaaaat tctgtttctc taggaactgc gtcacaatat    139500
     ggaaaaataa ttgcagcttc tggttcattg ggactttaaa gctgatttat actgatttat    139560
     gcctttgcac agttgcaaac cttttgccat ggctggcgct gatgtgcacc aaacaaaaaa    139620
     attaactaca catcgcaacg acacagagta agccctgtga ttggttagct tggtagcaat    139680
     gatgattgtg ggtggtcctg agaactgtga gcccattgaa agtataaata cacgacgtgg    139740
     gtgggttatg gtgatcaaca ctcaacgaag aagtataatt cagcctttac tcccatcagg    139800
     cttatggaaa caaatgttac ccctcttgtt caacatccat ccacccactg agagcgtggc    139860
     tcaaactaga gattccagca ggaccgtctc ccatgctaga atcatcaatt cgagccctgc    139920
     tctgagtgga cgggtgggtg tcagacttga agtgttgcaa aatatcaaag agcacaatta    139980
     cttttaaagt aaaaactcat ctataaaaca tttttaatgt tgttttgata ctttgacatt    140040
     ttccaaaatg tttttgttaa accaatgaaa gacaataaga gttctgttgt tgtttgaaca    140100
     caagcattat tcaaaataac catttcattc caccaaaaat aggtggtaag ttatgcaagg    140160
     aggaaaataa tgcatgataa aactgtattt agagactaac taaattgacc ataatgtatt    140220
     ttgtttttaa atagtttttt gtgtttcacc tgttctatca aagccgctct ggcctcactg    140280
     acagccagca gcacatttgg gtcatccgag ggctgaaggc tgttgatctc aaaggaacga    140340
     ccatcgtttg tgagtgcgtt tccttgccac atcattttct gcctagtgat caagtccacc    140400
     aatccggtaa agctcttccc agagccaatg ggaatctgca aatgacacca agtgttcaga    140460
     ttgaatcctt gcatttgtaa gtgtggttgc ttaataaggg ttgctcaaaa agagtacctg    140520
     aaggagaaca gggttggctt ttaatttggc ctttatgctg tctaaagaat acctcaggct    140580
     aggaaagatg agagagagat taaaccctag tgatcagcag ttgttcattc agatcaataa    140640
     catgtattac ttttctgaca atgttttaaa ggattgaact aattaaagag tgatattcaa    140700
     acaattgaag aaatgaaata tttgtgtgca tcacctagct gcaggtttgt ccatcttgtt    140760
     taggaagcac acacaaggaa tttgatgttt ttctgcctgc cgccacacag tcatggtttg    140820
     agcctgaaat ataggtcaaa aaccccacaa ccatttacaa atgaatagac tttttgacta    140880
     cactttagtg ttcttgttac attgtaacta tacatttaag tttaaagtaa tagcagcttg    140940
     tactatatgg ttagggttag aatgtgttgt tatttgcata taataggccc ataccaattc    141000
     tgcgtgtgca gatttttagg caatcattga ttctgtttat ttatttgagt gaatttatat    141060
     ttattcagtt ttaaaattat tttcagttta attattcatt gattcatatt cagttacttt    141120
     attaacctgg ggtcgcccca gcggaataac cgccaactta tccagcacag tttaacgcag    141180
     tggatgccct tccagctgca acccatctct aagaaaacat tcacacacac tcatccacta    141240
     cggacaattt agcttaccca attcacctgt accacatgtc tttggactgt gggagaaacc    141300
     ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcaaacgc agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac    141360
     gccaactgac ccagcctagg ctcgaaccag caaccttttt gctgtaagtc gacagcacca    141420
     tctactgcgc cactgcgtcg cccagtttaa ttattggcta atataaaaat gttatgattt    141480
     ttgtacaata cagtttgtaa agtaatatgt tctgtctgtt agtagagata ttatatagaa    141540
     gacttgattt gtttaccaaa taaagaggat ctaattggat ttacattgta aacattaaat    141600
     acaagttaaa aaggcattac tttttagttc atatattaag gttttagtta tgatactccc    141660
     aaaaccattc cgtagaaatt ccgtagattt ttaacaaaat tctgtgcaga aatagcaata    141720
     aatgtctgca gattccatct ggcctaaaaa ataaagcata acatcaaaac taaccataca    141780
     attttgttag ctcatattgc cagttttgta gtgaacaatt cctctgtaca tgcaattaag    141840
     aaagaaaatt tgttaaccct tctaatcttt aaataaaatc taaaagtgca cttcctgttt    141900
     gttttaagtt aaattgtcag attatgtgat tttgaggtga tgggtgtaac taaggctgct    141960
     gcaactgtca gctatgacaa caaacagaaa tggtgagcag gaggagtcgg ttagactgta    142020
     ataactctcc taaaacccct ttccctatat ttctgaatgt aatgcctact tcactacatc    142080
     cattcagctc gcagtagaaa aaacaatgct catttaaaat tccatttctc taggaactgc    142140
     gtcacaatac aaaagaaata ataattgcag cttccggttc attgggactt taatgggcac    142200
     ctattttacc ctttttccag atttaagata agtcttttgt gtctccagaa tgtgtctgta    142260
     aagtttcagc tcaaaacacc catcagatta tttattaaag ctgtctgaag tttctgtttt    142320
     attgctggta aaacctggtt gctgtttttt tgtacagcgt ctttaaggct agtactcccc    142380
     gcccaccgtt cccacgtgcc tgtcagcagc acgcctcaat cgctgccctc ggctgcctca    142440
     ggaaacagat ttcacgtagc gtttgtgaga aatactacag taagaacttt accaatgagt    142500
     atttgatgca cttttttgtg gagttgcaag tttgcaacca tgagtaacac acaatgtggt    142560
     tacaaagttc acacacgcac acagacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    142620
     acacagcaca cagcacacag cacacagcat gcgcgtttag ctttgcactc tttctgcacg    142680
     catatgtgac aggatacagg tcaatatcca ctgctgtatg gatatctgtt atgttaatgt    142740
     acaaaaataa acctggttta atgtccacag accgcgattt aagcatcttc tttgttctga    142800
     cacacagctg tgcagattag gcatgttaaa gctgaggtaa atcgctgtaa ttcattacat    142860
     gtgcactgtt ttaaaaacat tttaaacctg taaaattcac ttttgatcac attttatgat    142920
     gattgataat cctagcaaac tgaacagacc tgttattccc ggttgctttg cgcacgttct    142980
     gtcttgttga tatgactata tgcgttacta tggagacatg ttaatgtgcg cctgtcaatc    143040
     aatattagtg ggcgggggga ccgcgctcct acgtcaagtt gcggtcgatc tgaaaactgc    143100
     tctaactggt ccaccgtttt tatgttgtta aatttgaaaa aaaaaaaagg actgggtgtg    143160
     tttatatcac cccaatatga tggtctaaac actataccaa cacacatgcc tgtccaaaca    143220
     gctttaaatg tagatttttc accataggtg ccgtttaagt acaaggtaca ttgttttaca    143280
     tcagctttgg ctaaaagcta ccaatcatca taatattaag atattaatgc aatgattagt    143340
     catattatta aaaaaattct gtcaaacctc tactccagca gaagcatcaa acacagcgac    143400
     agctccatcg agcactcgta aagctctctc aacctccaga gtaaaatcaa catgacctat    143460
     aaaaaacaaa aaagacaacc tatcatgact gtcaattatg tattgtccaa gtttggggcc    143520
     cgtatgtttt atttccccaa acaaatgttg tacttttgaa ctttctaata tgactaatat    143580
     aatcctaaat tcattaatat aaaaaagcag cagcataact gagttttaca taaataataa    143640
     taaacatttc tttcgtacta gattagcata ctaaatggca ttttgcgtga taatgtgcca    143700
     ctgaggactg gagtaatggc aactaaaatt acattttaca aattgcgaaa aatgtagtcc    143760
     ttgtgatcat gatcttacaa aaacctaaca tattttttca tccataaaat aatgccagag    143820
     atcttttttt ttttacttta aaaggtgcct gaatgagtgt atggacacat gtgatggcca    143880
     ttgtgtacct ggtgtgtcta tgaggttaat cctgtaatcc ttccagtcaa aggtaacagc    143940
     agctgactgg atggtgatac ctctctccct ctcctgggcc atgtaatcag ttactgtgtc    144000
     tccatcatcc acatctaaaa atagcagatg accagtcata caaaactaag gcgcacagca    144060
     cttctttaac caagcattac agcagaaaaa ctaattaaat agctacttta aatgaactta    144120
     tgtaagatgt tcttcttttc ttttgaataa agtattttga aagcttttta attatttgca    144180
     tttagtttta ataatgttag tacaacaaat aattcttttc atctgtaaac tagacttcat    144240
     ttcaggccca tagccagcct ggtaaaagga tggttctttt ctcctgaaaa agagtacctt    144300
     tttgtagtta ttcacactat tttctagctt ttagctggac aagcttgtca tcattgcttg    144360
     gtcatcataa ccacactttt tgaggtacca taaaggttag ctaaatattt agaataaaga    144420
     aatatgaaat gtctttttta atgcaaattt attacatcat aaatcattta gggaaaaatt    144480
     agagtgttaa agtataataa aataataata aaataataat ctgaataata ataaaaacta    144540
     aaataaaata aacagtaata ttaataatgt agagcttcct gattttcctt atcttttttg    144600
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaag tacaatttga aagttcatgg ataacaataa    144660
     tagcctaact ggtataaaaa cgtactttaa tatgagctgc ttttggtgct ttaaaccttt    144720
     ttaatagtta tttagttttc ttttaagaat aaggtccaaa attctaaata aaagttactt    144780
     caagtttttt tttttttttt gtacaactag acgttgacta caattgtttg catttattgg    144840
     aagccttctt tgatgccttc gcaatttatg ttggcatagc agtcaaaata aggcgaatga    144900
     gctcatgtat gggacaagtt ctggaccttt tatcagtggg gggtgggtct tcaattaatt    144960
     caaataccaa aaaaaaattg atcctattct tcatctactt tttctaaaca tggcctcacc    145020
     tccaagagcc cgtgtgtagc cagagtagta gagcatcctc tcagtggtgg tggttttccc    145080
     tgcatctata tgcgccatga tgcctatgtt gcgaattctg atcaaaagca ttataataag    145140
     tgtggtgtga ataaaccatt atgctttcaa tacaatacat ttccacattt tcattcaaat    145200
     gataaacagt ttaaaatctg cttaatctag attaagtata tcaatataaa aacacttatc    145260
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatatctata tctatctcta tatatatata tagtcaactg    145320
     gttttctttt gattacaagt tcattactat caaatgcaca cttgcaacaa catgttttgt    145380
     gaagtatgtc aagtcttact ttgagatgtc agggttgacc accgttctaa gtgactttac    145440
     ctcatctgca gaacaaaaga aatgctgtga ttcaccagtc tgagtctgca gaacattctg    145500
     taactgggta actatcaaat cactttacct tgtaacaagc tgtaacttct tttccatgtc    145560
     actctccatc ttggagcctg taaggatctg tttaccaggt gtccagtgca ctgaaagtaa    145620
     ggaaccgatg ataacaatga atgacttttc ttctatcatg taatatgatt gaatatgact    145680
     ggttaatcat ttaaaaaatg tacaatacag gcttatgaga tggctcaaca ccgctttagt    145740
     attcaccaat cttacattaa aataaagttg gatttatttt ctcacattcg ttcagtgaca    145800
     acttgtgaca tggtccctat tatgtttacc atgctacttt aaataattga tcagaatgcc    145860
     atgaaagttg gacttgaaaa aacattagca ctattgaatt gactgtgaac aatattgtac    145920
     tttgaaagtc tttggctgac taagaatgtg ggaatataaa accaacttta cctcaatcaa    145980
     tcctacccac atctttgaat gcctaagtgt acacctaaca aacactgact tcaacgtcta    146040
     aagaattaca aaagaggcgg ctgaatgtta atttttacag tgtcagaatg taaggtttta    146100
     ctatccttgt acacacacac acacactgta aacaagggtt tactctcttg gaaaatgtaa    146160
     ttatcaagct aacgactgtc agtatcaaat ggctccacat tttaggcatt caagctaacg    146220
     tttgtcaaac aggacacact tacccctcgg aggacgggga acgtcagact taaaagcatt    146280
     ttgcaaaaga atgtcttgtt gagtcaaaga tgctgttgta ctctatgaca catgactgac    146340
     tgatgtgctt caaagtcacg ttgagaattt gctatgtttg ctataaaaca tgacggttga    146400
     agcgctgtct caaaaataaa ctaatttatt gacattttcc acaaacagca tgtagaaaac    146460
     ggatgacttg tggttataaa acgccttcgt tcagtcggtg acacttatcg actgcacact    146520
     gttcggtgca tctgtaaata agtccgttcg caaagaaatg acggaactgt aagacgttcc    146580
     ggggcttgaa aacaagcagg gtctcaaatc aaacaccaga tggcagcagc gttggcgagc    146640
     ataacagtcc gtgcagagca agtacttgtg aaatagcatt atatattttt attgttgttt    146700
     acatgcgttt caaatagatt ttctttcgtt ttattacaaa ataagctaca tacgttttaa    146760
     tgtttgttta gtgatagcta taaaccacag ataataataa ttatggtttg acattcagta    146820
     tttttacagc gttatcttca ttaattcagt ttttaacaaa caaacacaca aataaacgat    146880
     aaaatgcaat tagatgcttt tttcccgaat tgttgaaact gcttttaatg aaatatcaaa    146940
     tatagcagca ttagtaaaat atttatggct agtagttttc acaagtgatt acagcagaat    147000
     gatatagaaa ttatatttaa ttatagaaag gtttagtatc gatgagaaat caaattaatg    147060
     cagaagtcaa agaaattgta tttattttgg ttaaatacct gctttctaca ttcagccagc    147120
     ttgaataaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa attcattaat tttgtcacta    147180
     caaaattggt agatattaaa aagataaagc aaataataat aataataaat aaacaaacat    147240
     aagcaacttc ttaaatgaca aacagacaat cactgaaaaa gtagaaccat aacatttaat    147300
     ctataaagaa acgtcctggg tgtatatttt cttgttatct gtccttctat gtatatcatt    147360
     ggctatttaa taggtacaag tgtctatgaa tatgaattag aaacctatgt atatacattt    147420
     ataacaggct acttgtgccc aatgaagaat cactaacatt taaaaatatg tacaagacac    147480
     aaactaaatg catagtaaaa acggaatagt tgacatcaat gatagttatg tatgattttc    147540
     tgaaatatga aattctatta tttgcagcaa tacaatgaat tattatctaa tacataagta    147600
     ctatttaatt aataagagtt gttttgagaa aattgtgaac ccaggaggaa ataataacaa    147660
     gaaaacagat gactatagtt caagttgagt tctgagtatt ttgtcagatg attcccatcc    147720
     tatttggcct agttttatct tcaccattct agtattcgat acagaactcc tattagttaa    147780
     acaaatcagt tcaaacttgc atttatcctc tcagctgtaa aggttttaaa tttagggtag    147840
     atttgtattg tagagtgttt ttgtgaatta tgtttgtatg ctggaaaaaa atgtctttgg    147900
     gaaatgaata ctgactgact gactgactaa ttggtgatat actgtatagc ctatacttca    147960
     tggaaaagta accaatttct gaaaagtata aatatagcaa aaataggtac tagtatattt    148020
     gttttattaa atgagctata ccacaggtgt caaactcagt tattttgggt tggaagctga    148080
     gctgctgccc tccaataaac accctgatca aactaattgc gtccttcagg cttgtttgaa    148140
     acctacaggt gtgttgaaga gtagaaacta taggttcaaa ctaaactgca gggctgcggc    148200
     tctccaagaa ctgagtttga cacccctggg ttacaccatt tcatcccagc atggggaaac    148260
     aaagttcata atcacgtaat acaaacaaaa gatagcctat caaatgacag gacaacacga    148320
     ttatagtaaa atgagtaacg tcacataaaa atcgctcgta actgatcagc ttaaaagatt    148380
     tcatatattt gttgaggcag atttaaggtt aaggtacaaa agaaaggtgt agcaagtcta    148440
     taactcgtgt gactatttcc tctgaagcaa actgggaaag aaatttgaca gaaattgttg    148500
     tagaccttct gtttatcggc atggaggaga agcaggaggt ggtaaaataa cttcatcttt    148560
     aaattgtttc acatgtactg gtaagctgaa taaagaagtg aatagtggat gagaacaagg    148620
     ccacttttat gtggctttgt aatgcagaag tcttacgagg aagtgttcaa agggccctct    148680
     tcattgtcat tattctggaa attacctcca aataacttct gttttcaaaa tgtgttaaca    148740
     aatagtgaag tgatttaata aatcattttc agagcaacat tgttcctttc ttttagttct    148800
     gaaatgtcat gttttttccc cattctaaac ttaaatcttc ctccctaacc tacataaaca    148860
     ggaatatatt atgatatttt tttctactcg atgttactat gacaatacca gttacagcat    148920
     atttttactg gtttcatatg ctggaaatga tcacacatat aaatttaaca ggctacaggt    148980
     taagacacga gttatttatg tgactgagtt tgtggttttt catctgctcg tgtcactaat    149040
     atggttgctg aacattgaga tacgcatttc atcctcctga agaagatcat tcatttctta    149100
     aacttgagaa agttcttgac ccacacattt gaatggcagc aaacacagac tccaacctta    149160
     tgaaagagcc aacctcaaaa agaggacatt tctgaatttc tcgaaataag actgtcatct    149220
     tttgcacaat ataggaaaac tgtcacacag atatgaagtt tgtatttcac tcactattta    149280
     aatatcattt ggaacaaatt catcaaattt ggaacattta aaaaataatt taatgattta    149340
     taaacatggt ggctgaatgt tcatttttac actgtgaaaa aattgtatgc acacacacac    149400
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    149460
     acacacacac acagaaagga gcaccactaa tagctcaggt gtaacagcag ggtatttact    149520
     tcctttggtg tttccagaaa aaaaatacaa atgcctctgc taactaataa gctgaaaatt    149580
     attcatgatg tttaataacc ctttaaaagg gcaagtctaa taaacagcaa tacagtgcag    149640
     ccattaactc acatgtacat gatttaagaa aaaaaaaaca ttaaagagat aaacttgaaa    149700
     agaggcacag aaataaaact cataaaacag aatatgtaaa gtaaacaagt caatttcatt    149760
     acagataaag tatgaaatgg aagtgaaagc cacacctgct acttttgact catgtcctta    149820
     tttctgtata taaaaaatga gatcacattg ttttccttac aaagcacatg ttattgaaag    149880
     aaaagctgat gaggccagtg ggaaaaaaaa gtaaaaaaca gaggacaaaa gcactactgg    149940
     aatatttgca tcagagctga acattgaagt tcgcttggat taaaacatga caacatttcc    150000
     aaggactcca ccacatgacg acattcttgg aatgtctcaa aagacaactc gacagaataa    150060
     aaacttctag cacacattcg cgcgcacaca caaacataaa atccatttca aagatgcttc    150120
     actcaatctt cagtcaaaac ctgggctaca ttaaactgag tgaggcactt gaaaagagtg    150180
     gcttcaaacg aatcgcctct agcgactaaa acctgccctc ccgcagaact aaaagctgag    150240
     accagcgaca tcctccctaa tttaagcagg taaatttata aaagcaagtc ctaaaagtgt    150300
     ggttcaaagc gtatctgcac agtacgcatg tacttaactg ttaatgtgct tatacagtac    150360
     agtaatgtta cagcttataa tcatttgagc acacaaacag atcaacaaga aaataagagt    150420
     gaagagtgag tgaaagaggt acagacagaa tgaacaaagt ttgaggaaca aacgcttctc    150480
     cctttttgtc ttcactcact caaatcccag cgttctcggt ttgaaccttc cggtacagaa    150540
     ccgatacaaa agaaatcctg gattcagaag cagaacagcc taaatgaaaa gcagagcact    150600
     gactgaattt tttaaaagag cctcatgtac atctacgacg tcacactacg agacacagtg    150660
     agcagaatta gcaacacgct ttaagcgaat acggaaaaca ctaatgtact ggaatgaatt    150720
     aagcacacac tttggggaaa gatgaaaaat cttacttcgc aaacttaatt cgcaaaatct    150780
     cttgcaagct aattgtcatc ccataaacct taaacttagt acactaaact tcactagtac    150840
     ttcactcaca agatttgtgc ttgcaaacac tattcaaaaa cacttctcat ataaatatat    150900
     acatttgttt acttataaaa agctactctg cgcttcgact ttttcacagc aaatatataa    150960
     acatctttca cttttttttt tttcttcagt ttgaccatct atgaactaag attttccctg    151020
     gatcttggca aaaaaagttt ctaggtaagg ctatagaaac ctagtcccta atgttaaatg    151080
     gacgggattt gcgaatgtag ggacgtcgac catattcatc tccactggtc tatggtaggc    151140
     tggtgatgtc acgtttgggt ggaggcccat caggcttaca gctggaccca ttagctttgt    151200
     cttcaaacat cataaccctg tacaagagaa agaaaatcag ttgttagtat gaaagtattt    151260
     aaaggtcatt tcatttcaaa cgtcaaatgg gtctacgata tttcgctaca aaggtgtcag    151320
     tataggctga tactacactt tctctatggc ttattgtaaa gaaagtatcc ttatatacaa    151380
     tggtctaaca ctgaaacatc aaatgaaagt gctttacgtc taaggcaggg gtctcaaact    151440
     gctttaacat ttgcggccca ccctcttctt tcctccagcc cacaactgat gtcaaaagta    151500
     taacaagttt tggcccgcca aaacatattt ttaaaacctc taccattatt gtgcagtcac    151560
     gtttagccac ttgtagtttt gacccgccac ctagtcgaca tttaaagtaa tgcattcaga    151620
     ttagttttac tttcaatttc tcttagtgtg tggtcgagag taacacacat gcattttaat    151680
     tctgtggctg atttgaaaca ttaaaatagg tccataagcg ctctattttt tactaaacct    151740
     ttgatcactt tttttttaca ttttattatt atcagctttg taccacttga tttgttgtac    151800
     aaacgcataa gctttacggc ttacatgtta tgctggtggt gtaacatgat aattttgcta    151860
     ctgttcaatt aaaatggtct cattttgtag attttactca tacgtttatt aagatttgca    151920
     taaaaactat gtacattagt aaaattccac tgctagttaa attgaattta gtaaagcaaa    151980
     tgtgaatgtg tacatacttt tccccctctt tgtttacaaa agaaaggtat tgagaagaac    152040
     acttgccagt aaaatcactt acagtaagtt acccaaatgg ctttctgctg ttcttatgct    152100
     attgggacaa tacatttggt tgggacagaa taataattat catgcctatt atttgtagta    152160
     tcctctttaa tatgtacaac aagaaacaaa aagctagagt tctgactgca tatactcgga    152220
     gtttgtctaa tgctcggcca tacacacaac aaccacagat acatttcaac agcaaatgtg    152280
     tgacacgata aacatgctaa tttgcatcat cactggtgac gggtaaagct tgaaatataa    152340
     acatgtctgt tgtgctaaga tgcattaatt atgtcaggtt tccatttttt cttgtaattg    152400
     aaagttaaaa atgaccctcc tatgaattgt cagtcactga aatggccccc tgtcaactta    152460
     agtttgagac ccctgttcaa aggaaatggt taataattgc aacattttat gccctttgga    152520
     agtaaaccaa atgaatttaa tgtttttcag caaaaacatg tataagaaag tgtgtgtgtg    152580
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta taaactcaat tctgcacaga attattctca gaatatgtct    152640
     tgaataagtc taaaaattga attattttaa agcttatatg acaaataatt attgcaacta    152700
     ttattaataa taaaatcatt gaagtaaaac agcacagtga tgtgctgaga atggttataa    152760
     attgaaattg gtgccctcag aataagtcat ttcattgtat ggcaagtaaa acttcgcacc    152820
     tctaatcgaa aaaggaactg ttgccaaaca agaaacaagc tgtattagtc acagttgttt    152880
     ttctttttct ttcttttttt gttttttttt aaacagtcgt acagtgtata ttacaaaggt    152940
     cacccataaa caagagtcct gagcttcaga aaataagcct ttatatgtcc agctacagct    153000
     atttaagaac accacacaca cacacagggc taaagccatt atgatgtcca ctcagagtcc    153060
     agcactggat acaagcaata cgagcccccc acagagcaaa tcaagtagag agagacacac    153120
     tggaagagga aagtaaaaag acttcggaaa agcttgtgga attgaaaagg ctgttatcag    153180
     acaaaacctt gctgttttaa agatatgaga tagagaaaat ggtggatgat ggtaaagaac    153240
     tgctgactga tctcttcaga gcatgtgact aggtttcagg taaatcttaa caaatcgctc    153300
     ataagagtca actagctgct agtcacaaat cacctattca caacttgtag aatttcaaaa    153360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagatgtgcg cacattgttt aaaatttata catttctaaa    153420
     tatatttata tgtatttgtg ccatgattct gctccagtta ttaaatccat ccagcacagc    153480
     ccaaaattaa tcaatcccca tctgcattat gacagccaag aactgcacat ttagacacag    153540
     tgcttatatt tagcaaagca tacaatttac aaatgtaaaa gtcattttct gtttcagtgc    153600
     cattacagaa tgagtcaata tctaaaatga caacttcaaa atttgttcaa ctacaaagtt    153660
     tacagtgatt ttgtaagagg taaattttgg aacagcagaa ttttgtgtgc aagacttcac    153720
     aacacctgtc tgcgtgtcca gtcaagcttc gagataaaaa tggcttaaag tggtttcgat    153780
     gaatcatgaa acttggcact agtttggtca cagacattta acacaatcat gtttttgaca    153840
     aagggaaaaa agtaaaagga aaaaaaaaaa gttgaagggt ttgattaaat gggcagcatt    153900
     gagactaggg aggggtttac ccatgacaac ttggaccaca ttaaaggtgt ggtcaactac    153960
     aatatcatat ttttaacttt acttcatgtg taatgtagat gtgtgaacat aaacaacatc    154020
     tctgaataca gtatattatg ctcaaagttc aatgcaaagg gggacattgg cttttacaga    154080
     gttagttcag ttagttccag ttcagtgctg gatcaaacta ctcaaagaag gagcagctcc    154140
     aacaataata gcagaagctg tggattgtga gccacaaact atatttgtat tagtcaaaat    154200
     taaaaaaaat tacatgcaca gtttttagca ttaatgaaac gttgtaacac ttacacagaa    154260
     tgtaaacaac aagaaatact gtttgccaca gttaataatt tagctataaa ttcccattta    154320
     tccatcaaac tgctgcaaca cccacaatct tcagcagcgc tgcagtgtct ctctatgcag    154380
     ccgctttccc tgcattatac attttaaata aagaacttgc aaaagatatg tgaacgtttc    154440
     agattactta cacatgctta taatccgaat atatatgaaa gacaattgtc agattttatt    154500
     ttagagagca ggcatgaggt tcagctgtgt cctcttcatt ttctgtctga tttaggctca    154560
     aactaatgct gttaacagtt aacactgact gacatgctcc tggtgacatg gaggcgatct    154620
     gcgaatcata tcacattatg ttagctgacc catcagagtc tcttgagagc gagcctttgg    154680
     agaaactagg aaatatgata gtccttttca tgttagccga gtagcagtac ataattaaag    154740
     atatatgaaa aaatacatgt gatttttaac aaatgaagca tgagcacaca ttgctttgca    154800
     ccccataaac aaccaagcct taaaaataca ctctctatca cccctttaac acttgtgtca    154860
     gtggcagcca taattaggcc atagctatat ccctaaacct atacgataag ttgtgagtgt    154920
     ctatgggtat actcgcacat gtacagttgc cttaaacctg gccctcccgt cttacccgac    154980
     gtcccgcact cacattacat ttgggcctgg gcatgattac gtcatcgatg atacactgtt    155040
     cagtaagcgc tctcgctcag catagtggag attgctttag ttatattgtt taagtcgttt    155100
     gatatgcagt gacacgcagt caaatatttc gcagaacaga tcagccactg ttgacgctca    155160
     aacaaccata aaatcatcgt gctgcaggaa taagatttgc tgaaggtgca aagctgtcat    155220
     gcagtgaggg gtttgcgtct ttaataaact acggcagttt gcgttcattg aacagtaaaa    155280
     atgattaata aatccaaacg aaacagtccc ttaaaagtca cgtctcgctt tcagtttcgg    155340
     gctttggcgc gttttgcact catacacaag cataccgcac caaagcccaa gtgaaccgcg    155400
     ctcaggcaca cctcttccaa ccgggccagg gccggccaag ttaaccgtgc ctgagaccga    155460
     ttcagtacac tcacacttct gaaaagatct gggaaacggg cctgtgcacg gttcggatag    155520
     catagtgtga tttggccata taacatgcat agagaaaata ataacattag aaaaaccatg    155580
     tatatagtat ttttttttaa gtttaaaggc gccaagcaga agttaaatgc catcatttaa    155640
     taaacaatat caattagctg atagtgccag cttcatttta tcagtcacag gagagagctt    155700
     attcattgat tttgtattta tactggtatt taaatgtgcc aaagccaaat gtctggtatt    155760
     gatcaaacca ctagtgtctc atgatgatga catcatcatc atcatcatca tcacgtgcca    155820
     cagctgatcc tactgagaga taatggcaca gatatgctga tcctgcgctg gatgcgctga    155880
     caagattaaa cgcacacgaa gagacatcta aaaatagctg gactcaaagc acacgccagc    155940
     aggaaacagc ctgacaattc tgcatattgg catttgatga tatcagaaac aatatgggag    156000
     ggacatgcat gaagaatcag ataaacatgc gcacgcacgc acacttacag tttgagaaca    156060
     gctgatcgct tgccgagcat cattttcaca aaatccctgt agttgatggt gtcactgcag    156120
     cctcctgtca cctcagagat cattttcttc atctgcagat gagtttttgg cacacccaac    156180
     ttctccatca ttcgcttcaa gcccatcatg tctgcaaaga aaaccatcac aattacacaa    156240
     acaacttgat tatggatctc aaagatgaga tggctgacta gttgtccagc aagtcacttt    156300
     actggtccac aatttttaat tacttgacat caaccctttt gcacagtatg tgtatttaca    156360
     gtttttgcat tttaaagagc tagataaatc tacacaggta acctaaccca gaggtgtgca    156420
     ctcgagtcat gtgacttgga ctcgagtcag actcgagtca tgaatttgat gactttagac    156480
     tcgacttgac aaaatataaa aagacttgca actcgacttg gacttgaaca taaatgactc    156540
     ggactttgac taggacttgc ccctattgac ttgtaaagac ttgctgcttc ccatgaaaag    156600
     cccaaagata aaaaaagtat gttgacatgg accgctctct ctctctcccc gtttatgtgt    156660
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gagacagcat gcgcgcgcgt gtgtgtgtga cagcatgcgc    156720
     gctttcggca tgacatccaa tcaaagcacg gtagattgtt ttgattcgtc agtatccaac    156780
     gtgactacta tgaggcgccg gagtggacaa aagtcaagcg aacgcagaga gaatttgaat    156840
     tcgagatcga gccaatactc gcgtgccaat actctgtctc tctctctctc tctcacatac    156900
     aacatacacc tctctctctc tctctcgctc gtgcattcag tctctttgcg ttcgcttgac    156960
     ttttgtttac tatggcgtct cataccttta gtgcttttgc tctcacggga tcctcctttt    157020
     aaactgaccc ttcgctaagc cacgcccaaa aaccgccacc caccaatcgc ggcttaccga    157080
     tcgtggctac ggacaggggc tctgtcaagc tttcgagcga gggaaacaag ccaaatcgtt    157140
     gcgcaattat tggattgtgc aaatctgaca cccgctatcc taaaagtttg gactgggtgg    157200
     tgggattttt cccttttcaa aacctaaagc ccaagaggag aaatgccagc gtggatcaag    157260
     ctgtgtgagg ggcggtaaag gagttaacag ctaagttgat tttgttttcg atattcacat    157320
     tcagtgatag gtggcaataa ctcacactcc tcttatccta aacagatcta aactgtgttc    157380
     ttataaaaat taaaaaaaaa agcaggttat gtttaccagc ggtctttttc tttttttcca    157440
     ctcgatatta tgagcactgc ttagtttaaa ccctcgccat tgtaacgcat ataaatacat    157500
     acactaatat ttgctggtag gaaaaatcta tttgttcact tctgttattt atactttgat    157560
     ttgcatttca attttttttc ttccacttaa ctgcaaattt gaataaaaac tggataaaga    157620
     gcacacaaac atgctgacag taataggtac tgtacactgt tatgggtcaa tgatgctaat    157680
     attcggcaca aatccatcag tttcttaggt tattagatta ttttataatt tcacctctcc    157740
     tgctgtgcat gaactatgct gttgaatgtt cagcgtatga ggttgctagg ctaaccttgc    157800
     ttcaattttg ataatattat tctctaatca gttgctatta tgttgtgaat atacccctgt    157860
     aatgtatact gcagtcttct tttgtctggc tttctcagat atctcacctg tttgtcaaaa    157920
     atgactaatt aaatccttgg gaatgtctga caccagcgca tacacactgt aatagatgtg    157980
     ccaggcatga aagcttgaca ggcgtagcaa cagtaactaa ggagggcgag gcttagcgaa    158040
     gggttatacc aagaatgttg atatggtttc attcttgctt tactatttat taacaataca    158100
     caaaaaacta aaaggttaag gtaaattctt taataaattc tagtgttttt gagtattata    158160
     cttgttgtat acttgtatta tacttattat agtagtatta acaatagtga acagataaaa    158220
     tacaaagtgt agttttacta cagtaaagtg tagtgatttg tagtataaaa taccctatat    158280
     tgtaaaataa tacagcactg ggtaatttgt ttatattaca cttgtgttac catagcaact    158340
     atagtattac cacaactgat caattgaagt tctttactgt agtaggctac tgttcaaaac    158400
     acagtacatg ccaatatacg tgttcagggg ccctgtggca cagctttcct caaaatgaag    158460
     aggatgacat ggaaaatgtc ctccacaatc tcatcagcaa agtggaagcc agcagacact    158520
     agtttacttt attttagctg ccatgataaa atgagattga tagtgagatt tatttgaaga    158580
     gtgaataata cagtaggcta taatacctta ataccttaaa ataagtgttt ccttatttta    158640
     tcacagttac atttccgctt gcattagttt ttgtttaaat gcttttaaaa tgaaatgtat    158700
     tctttacaac caacatcttt tccaggggtg ccttatagtg gtgtaaaccc ctttacaagg    158760
     ggtgtttccc ctgtgtaaac tctagccacc ccgatatgat tttgctgttg acattattta    158820
     tttaaatcta cttacataaa tgcaatacaa tgcaatattt caataaataa atagcagcca    158880
     ctaaattatt gtggattgat tggtgccact gacgtagctg gcctcttctg gccaccccta    158940
     agcaaatttt caggggggca ccactggtct attctctgtc tttaagcgtt tgaaactgaa    159000
     aatatctcat catataaaac aaccaaaaat gttatggttt attagattaa acatttaata    159060
     tgtaagtcta ttttagtatt ttgggtattg ttattaaaca gtgcagcaat atgaatcata    159120
     tcaaaaagca tgaaaggaag agggaacacg acacaaattg tgagtctgca tataatctct    159180
     gagagcgctc aagaaaattt gtgtgtgagc agtgcatatt tgagagcgag agaaaatttg    159240
     cgcgtgagca gcgtatattt gagaagtcgc aatcagtttt gtccacaaac agaggaaatc    159300
     cgtgcacgag catcacacaa ggtagagagc aaagctcttc aacgttatgt gaagaaaaca    159360
     acgttactgt ttgtatgaag tagcctactt cattaacaat atgtgctacc attttacatt    159420
     gctgccagac ggatttgcaa ctccatctct tcagcacaca cgagattcaa ttgacaaaat    159480
     tccaatttca ctcaatttaa ctttgcagca tatacaggag ttggtctact gctaccacat    159540
     tgaggttatg taattttggt taatcacaag ttgatcaccg aagacataac atagcacaac    159600
     taaacttaat gaattagaca gcagggacct gcaatttctg tgtgatgtga ggcaaaatgg    159660
     actctttttt ttggtggaac tcgttcttgt gcattatgct gtggagacga gatgcagcac    159720
     tgttcagtac tttttcagaa aattgcattt gtatttttat atatctgagc aatgttcttt    159780
     cataaaaaag gtttgtttaa ttaatacaga tcttacaacc atacctaatc tgtatatatt    159840
     ttatttttct gttaaaaaga ctcgaaaaga ctcgaaaatc aaactgcagg actttggact    159900
     tgacttgaga cttgttgcct ttgactcggg acttgactcg ggacttgcct gtcttgactc    159960
     gggacttgag ggcaatgaat tgagacttac ttgtgacttg ccaaacaatg acttggtccc    160020
     acctctggat ttatcaggtg aaagaccata tatcgtaact tcattgacac cgattacaaa    160080
     gtaatattta tttttccaaa tcataaatag ttaagagtct cgtaaaaatc caaccagtaa    160140
     aaaaaacaaa taaattgtgt gcatgtttaa aaaaattata tataaaaaaa ttctttcaga    160200
     ttcaggtctt tttaaacaag cgggactaat tctataattt agtccaccca taatacgcag    160260
     aaatgtattt atactttagt aaatgctaca aacatcaaaa taatatcaca ccacatatca    160320
     tgataatatc ctcaagtagt gtgaatatta acaccctgca gggctgaaac gacaacacca    160380
     aatttgacac cagagagagt agagctacac agaacggtca ctgttcagta aaccacatta    160440
     tttgcattcg tggaaagatt tcaaagaatt actttatcct ccttgtatac tcattttggt    160500
     gtccacagta agcatctctc acattctatc acaaaccact catttttaca atatccatga    160560
     attattctct aaagtgcaca cacatcagat gtttgcattt actaatagga atgagagctc    160620
     atactgcttt cttccaacat ctgatgtggg caagcctgtc atttgcatag aaattagtta    160680
     taaattcata aaaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaa aaaacacaaa acgtataaaa ccacactgaa    160740
     aatcaaaata taataaaaaa atatatagtt cttccataga caaacagtac tttttataat    160800
     aagaacagtg ttgttgccag acgaaaaaaa aaaacaacaa caacaacaat aataatatat    160860
     aagtgtttca agctt                                                     160875