EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX546479; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 172294 BP.
AC   BX546479;
DT   30-JUN-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 10)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone RP11-438N17
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-172294
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Corby N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 642a232d91c486ac339263820aef7fe0.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000216.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX546479.5:1-172294; homo_sapiens.
DR   RFAM; RF00004; U2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   RP11-438N17 is from the library RPCI-11.2 constructed by the group of
CC   Pieter de Jong. For further details see
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..172294
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="RPCI-11.2"
FT                   /clone="RP11-438N17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
FT   misc_feature    11720..11850
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
SQ   Sequence 172294 BP; 41409 A; 46717 C; 25602 G; 58566 T; 0 other;
     gaattccatt gcattccatt ccatttcatt ctattacact ccattccatt cctttccatt        60
     ccattccaat ctattccatt ccactcgtgt cgattcaatt ccattccatc ctattccttc       120
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cactcaggct gattcaattc       180
     cattcctttc cattgcattc cattccaatc cattctattc caacccattc cattccattg       240
     tattccacta aacttgggtt aattcaattc cattatattc cattccattc gattcccttc       300
     cattgcattc cattcctctc cactcggcgt gattccattc cgttccattc cattacattc       360
     ctttccactc gtgttgattt cattccattc cattccattc tattccattc cattccattc       420
     agctcgtgtt gcttctatta cattccattc cattccatcc cttaccattc cattccatta       480
     cattccactc gggttaattc aatttcattc catagcattc cattccattc tattcgggtt       540
     gattctattc catttcgttt cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cactcgggtt       600
     gataaattcc attctattcc agtccattac attccattcc gttccattca attccattag       660
     cttccattcc tttccatttg ggttgtttcc attccattct attccattcc attctaatcc       720
     attccattcc attccactcg ggttgattca aatccatttt tttctttcca ttccatatca       780
     ctttatgcca atcaactcgg ttttattcaa ttccattctt ttctgtttga ttccattcga       840
     ctccattccg ttccataccc ttccattcca ttccattcca ctcgggttga ttccattcca       900
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattctc ttcattgcat tcaattgcat tccattccgt       960
     tccatttcat tccattccaa tccattcaat tccattccat tccacacggg ttgattcaat      1020
     tccattctat tccattttat tccattccat ttcattccac tcaggttgat tcaattccat      1080
     tctattccat tcctatccat tcaattacat tccattccct tccattccat tccttttatt      1140
     tccctgacat tccattccat tccattccac tccactcaat gctgttctat tccattccat      1200
     tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccttttcat tttataacac      1260
     tcggtttgat tcaattccat tctattcctt tccattccat tctattctgt acccatcaat      1320
     tccattccat tcctttccac tcgggttgat tcaattccat tctattccat tccattccat      1380
     tccattgcac tgtggttgat tcaatttcat tctattacat tccattccat tccgttccat      1440
     tccattccat tccattcggc ttgattcaat tccattatat tccattccat tccattccac      1500
     tcgggttgat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccac tccactcgtg      1560
     ttgattcaat tccattccat tccatttcat tccattccat tccattccgt tccattccgt      1620
     tccattccat tccactcatg ttgcttcaat tccattctac tccattccat tccattcaat      1680
     tccaatccat tccattccat tcgggttgat tcaattcatt tctattccat taaattccat      1740
     tgcattccat tccattacat tccactcgag ttcattccat tccattctat tccattcaaa      1800
     tccattccat tccattacac tcgagttgat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat      1860
     tccattccat tccattcgct tctattccat tccactcggg ttgataaatt ccattctatt      1920
     ccattccatt acattccatt ccgttacatt gaattccatt ccctttcatt ccattccact      1980
     cgggttgttt caattccatc ctattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ctattccact      2040
     cctgttgatt caattaaatt ctattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccaat      2100
     ccattagatt ccattccaat ccatttgatt ccattccatt ccattccact ccactccact      2160
     tgggttgatt caattccatt ctattccatt ccattccatt ccattgcatc ccattccact      2220
     ccactcgttt tgattccatt aaattgcatt ccattccatt actttccatt ccattccatt      2280
     ccattccaat actttccttt ccattccact ccattccgtt ccgttccatt ccattgcatt      2340
     ccattccatt ccgttccact caggttgatg caattccata ctactctatt ccattccatt      2400
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt acattacatt ccactcgggt tgattcaatt      2460
     ccattctgtc ccattccatt tcattccatt ccattccata ccattccatt ccactccggt      2520
     tgattcattt ccattctatg tcattccatt ccatttcatt ccattccatt ccattccact      2580
     cgggttgact caattccatt ctattgcatt cctttccatt ccattcctat ccattccatt      2640
     ctgttccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactccatt cctttccatt acattcctct      2700
     ccattccatt ccattacatt ccattctact tggtttgatt caattccatt ctattcaatt      2760
     cccttccatt ccattctatt ctattcattt ccattccatt ccattctact aggtttgatt      2820
     caaatccatt ctatcacatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact      2880
     ccactctgaa tcaattccac tctactccac accactccat tccattccat tgcattccat      2940
     tccattccat ttcattcgat tccattcgaa ttggtttgat tcaattccat tctattcatt      3000
     tccattccat tccaatctat tccattcaat tccagtccat tccattctgt tcgggttgat      3060
     taaattcaat tctattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccactacac tcttgttgaa      3120
     taaattccat tctattccat tccatttgat gccattccat tcatttccat tccattcaat      3180
     tccattccat tccattccac actgtgtgat tcaattcctt tctattccat tttattccat      3240
     tccattcaac tcctttccat tccattccat tccattccat tccactccat tccattccat      3300
     tccattcgac tcgggttgat tcaattccat tctattccat tccattccat tccttccttt      3360
     ccattccatt ccactctggt tgaaaattcc attctattcc gttccattac attccattcc      3420
     gttccattca attcaattcc cttacattcc gttccactcc gattgtttca attccatatc      3480
     attccattcc attctattcc attccattcc attccgttct tttccagtcg cgttgattca      3540
     ataactttct attccattcc actccattcc ataacattac attcctttcc actccattcc      3600
     attccacaag tgttgattca attccattct attgaattct attccattcc attccattct      3660
     attccattcc attacattcc attccattgt attacactcc attccattcc tttccattct      3720
     attccattgt acgactttcc actcggctgt attcaattac attccattct attccttcca      3780
     ttccattcta ttccattcca tttcattcca ctcgggttga tttcattaca ttccattcct      3840
     ttccattcta ttccattcct ttccattccc ctcggattga ttccattcca ttccattgca      3900
     ttccattcct ttccattcca ttccacacgg gtttattcaa ttccattcta ttccattcca      3960
     ttcgaatcca ttccaatcct ttcaattcca atcatgtcta ttcaattcct ttccattcca      4020
     ttccatttca ttccatttgg gttgattcaa tttctttcta ttccattcca ttccattcct      4080
     ttccactcgc gttgattcca ttgaattcta ttccattcca ttccattcca ctcgggttga      4140
     ttcaattcca ttccattcca ttccatttca ttccattcca ctccggttta ctcaattcca      4200
     ttctatgcca ttccattcca tttcattcca ttccattcca tttcactcgg gttgagtcag      4260
     ttccattcta ttgcattcct ttccattcca ttcctatcca ttccattccg ttccattcca      4320
     ttccattccg ttccattcca ttgcattcca ttccattcct ttccattcct ttccactcca      4380
     ctccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttctactcag tttgattcaa ttccattcta      4440
     ttcaattccc ttccactcca ttgtattcca ttcatttcca ttccattcca ttccactagg      4500
     gttgattcaa atccattcta tcacattcca ttccattcca ttccattccg ttccattcca      4560
     ctcctctctg tgtgattcaa ttccactcta ttccactcca ctccattcca ttccattcca      4620
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ctccattcct ttccattccg tttctttcta      4680
     ttccattcca cttggtttga ttcaattcca ttatattcaa ttccattcca ttccaattta      4740
     ttccattcaa ttccggtcca ttccattccc ctcgggttgt ttaaattcca ttcaattcca      4800
     ttgaattcca ttccattcct ttccattcca ttccactcca ctctggttga atcaattcca      4860
     ttctattaca ttccattcga tgccattcca ttcctttcta ttccattctg ttccattcca      4920
     ttgctttcca caaggggtga ttcaattcca ttctattcca tcttattcca ttccattcca      4980
     ttccattcca ctccattcca ttccatttga ttccactcgg gttgattcca ttctattcta      5040
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttcctttcca ttccattcca ctcgggttgt ttccattcca      5100
     ttccattcta ttccattcca ttccattcca atctggttga tacattacat tctactccgt      5160
     tccattccag tccattccgt tccattcaat tccattccct tccattccgt tccactccag      5220
     ttgtttcaat tccatattat tccactccat tccattccat tccattccgt tccattcctt      5280
     tccactcggg ttgattcaat aactttctat tccaatccac tccattccat aacatttcat      5340
     tcctttccac tccattccat tccacacggg ttgattcaat tccattctat tgaataccat      5400
     tccattccat tccattcaat tatattacac tcctttccat tcctttcaat tctgttccat      5460
     tctatacctt tccactcggc tgtattcaat tccattctat tctgttcctt ccattccatt      5520
     ccattccatt ccattccact tggtttgaat tcattccctt ccattccgtt ccattctatt      5580
     ccattccaat cctttcccct tgggttaatt ccattccatt ctttccattc cattccattc      5640
     ctttccattc cacttgggtt tattcaattc cattctaatc tattccattc gattccattc      5700
     caatcctttc cagtccactc aggttcattc aattccttcc cattccattc cattccattc      5760
     caatccattc cattccattc gggttgattc agttccattc tattctattc catggcattc      5820
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc agttccactc gggttgattc tattccaatc      5880
     tattccattc cattccatac cattccattc cacttgggtt gattgtattc cattctattc      5940
     cattccattg tattccattc cattcaattc cattccactc gtgttgattc aattataatc      6000
     tattccattg tattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc cactcgggtg aattccattc      6060
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc aattccattc cactcgtgtt gattcaatta      6120
     caatctattc ctttgcattc ctttacattc cattccattc cattccattc cactctattc      6180
     cacacaactc cactcgggtt gattcaaatc ctttctacag catttcactc cattccatac      6240
     cattccattc catcgagtgg attccattcc tttttattac tttccattca attccattcc      6300
     cttccactcg aggtgattga attccattct attgaattcc taccattcca ttccattcta      6360
     ttccattcca ctccattcca ttcccttcca ctccattcaa ttccattcta ttccattcca      6420
     atccaatcct ttgaattaca ttccattgca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattgca      6480
     ttcccttcca taccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattctc      6540
     tttcattcta ttccattcca ttcctttcca ttccctttct ttccattcca ttccactagc      6600
     gttgattgaa ttccattgca ttccattcca ttccattcct ttccattcca ttccattcca      6660
     ctcaggttga ttcaattcca ttattttcca ttccattcta ttccattcca ttccattgta      6720
     ttcctctcta gttgattcaa ttgcattctg ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      6780
     ttgcattcca atctggttga ttcaactgca ttgtattaca ttccactcca atccattcca      6840
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccactcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      6900
     ttcctttcca ctccactcca ttccattcca ttccatatct ctcgggttgt ttccattcca      6960
     tttcattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttcctttccc ctagggttga      7020
     ttcctttcca ttccattcta ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattccg tttggatgga      7080
     ttcctttccg ttccattgca ttccattcca ttccattcca tttgtgttga ttgcattcca      7140
     ttccatacca ttcctttcca ttccactcgg gttgattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      7200
     ttccattcca atttggttga ttacattcca ttccattcct ttcctttcca ttccctaaag      7260
     gttgattcca ttccattcca ttgcattcca ttccattcct ttccgatcca ttccattcca      7320
     gtcgtttcca ttccattcca ttgctttcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca      7380
     ttccactctg gttgattcca ttccattcca ttccattctt ttgaattcca ttccattcca      7440
     ttgcactgcg tttcattcca ttccattcca ttcaattcca ttccattcca ttccactctt      7500
     gttgattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ctcgggttga ttcgattcca ttgtttattc      7560
     cattccattc cattccatgg cattcaactc ggattcatac cattccattc aattttattc      7620
     ctttgcattc ctttccattc cattcaacta gtgctgattc taatccattc cattccattc      7680
     cattccattg aattccattc cattccactc gggttgaatc cattccattt cattccattc      7740
     cttcctactt gggtaggctc cattccattc cattatattc caatctattc caccccattc      7800
     cattccaatc ttgttgattc cattccattc cattccattc ccttccattc cattccattc      7860
     cactcggttg gactccattc cattccattt tattccattc cactccattc aattccattc      7920
     cattccattc cactcagatt gattgcattc cattccattt tctacctttc tattccattg      7980
     cattccattc cgcttgtgtt aattcaatac caatccattc cattccattc cattccattc      8040
     cattgcattg cattccattc cattccattc ctttccattc cactcggatt gattccattc      8100
     cattccattc cattcggttc ccttccattc cattctattc cattcgattc cactccattt      8160
     cattccattc catttgagtt gatcattcct ttccaatcca ttccattcca ttgcattcca      8220
     ttctattcca atccacctcg cttgattcca ttccattcca ttccattcct ttccattgat      8280
     tccactctgt ttgattccat tccattccac tccattcctt tccttcccat tccttccatt      8340
     ccattcaatt tcattctatt ccattccact cgtgttgatt ccattccatt ccattccatt      8400
     tcattccatt ccattctatt tcactcctgt tgattccatt ccattcattt ccattacatt      8460
     ccattccatt caattccatt ccattctact cgggtttatt tccattccat ttcattgcat      8520
     tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattgcat tccattccat      8580
     tgcattccat tgcattccat tccactcggg ttgatgccat tccattccat tcctttgcat      8640
     tccattccat tccattccac tcgtgttgtt tcctttccat tccattccaa tccaatcagg      8700
     ttgattccat tccattcctt tccattccat tccattccat tcggtttgat tccattccat      8760
     tccacttctt tctattgcat tccattccct tccattccat ttgcattgat tccattccat      8820
     aatattccac tccattctat tccataccat tccattcaat ttcattcgat tccattccat      8880
     tccattccac tctgacttat tccacaccat tcctttccat tccattccat tccactcggg      8940
     ttgattccat tccattcgat tccattcaat tccattccat ttcattccat tacattccaa      9000
     tccattcctt accattccat tccactcggg ttgattccat tacatttcat ttccccccat      9060
     tccattccat tccgttccat tccatttcat tcgattgcat tcaattcaac tctggttcat      9120
     tcaattccat ttcactccat tccattccat tctttttcat tccattcctt tccattcgtt      9180
     tcaactccat tctcttccat tccactaggg ttatgccatt cctttccatt gcattccata      9240
     ccattccatt ccattccttt ccagttgatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt      9300
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact agggttgatt ccattccgtt tcgttccatt      9360
     ctattccatt ccattccttt gcattcaatt gcattctatt caattcccct ctggttggtg      9420
     caattacatt cgattccatt ccattccatt ccattccttt tcatgccatt gcattccata      9480
     ccattacagt tgattccact ccaatgcatt ccattgcttt ccattccatt ccattccatt      9540
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccgttccatt ccattccatt ccactcgggt tgcttccatt      9600
     cccttagttt ccattccatt ccgttccatt ccattccatt ccattcgact cgtgtttatt      9660
     ccactacatt ccattccatt ccactccatt ccattccatt cctttcaatt tgactcgtgt      9720
     tgcatcgatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact      9780
     cgggtttatt gctttacatt cctttccttt ccattccatt caactcaggt tgattccata      9840
     cctttgcatt ccattccatt ccattccact cagattgatt tcatttcatt tctttttatt      9900
     ccatttcatt tcattccatt ccatcccttt ctcttccatt cctttgcact tgtgttgatt      9960
     ccattccatt ccattttatt ccatttcttt ctattccttt ccattccact cgggttcatt     10020
     ctataccatt ccattgcact ctattccatt ccattgcatt ccattcaaat cccctcatgt     10080
     tgattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt caaatcccct catgttgatt     10140
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact acggttgatt     10200
     ccattccatt gcattacttt ccattacatt ccaatccatt cctttatatt ccactcgcct     10260
     taactctatt ccattccatt ccattccgtt caattgcatt ccattccatt cacctcaggt     10320
     tgattcaatt acattttatt ccattccata ccactccatt ccttttcatg ccattctatt     10380
     ccataacatt ctagttgatt ccaatccaat gaattccatt cttttccatt ccattccatt     10440
     caattccatt ccattgcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactccggt tgattccatt     10500
     cctttccttt ccattccgtt ccattccatt ccattcgact cttgttgatt ccattccatt     10560
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactccact ccattccatt ccattccatt     10620
     ccattccatt tgactcgtgt tgcatccata ccattccact ccattccatt ccattccatt     10680
     ccattccatt ccattaaact cgtgtggttt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     10740
     ccattccact cggattgatt tcattccatt cctttttatt ccattccatt ccattccttt     10800
     cgattccatc ccattccatt ccattccatt caacttgggt tgataccatt ccattccatt     10860
     ttattccatt ccattccatt cctttcgatt ccatcccatt ccattccatt ccattcaact     10920
     tgggttgata ccattccatt ccattttatt ccattccatt ttattccagt ccactcgggt     10980
     ttattctata ccattccatt ccattccatt caattgcttt cctttccaat cccctcgtgt     11040
     tgattccact ccattccatt ccattccttt ccactagtgt tgtttccatt ccattccatt     11100
     acattccaat gtattccatt gcgttccata ccactcaggt tgactccatt cgattgcatt     11160
     ccatttcatt cttttccttt cccttccact cgggttgata acattccatt ccattccttt     11220
     ccactcgggt tgattccatt ctattccttt cctttccatt ccattccact ccattccatt     11280
     cgggtttatt ccattccgtt ccattccact cgggttgatt ccattccatt ccattcaatt     11340
     ccattccatt cgattccatt cgactcgggt tgatttcatt gcattccatt ccattccatt     11400
     ccattccatt ccattgcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     11460
     agggttgatt cccttccatt ccattttatt ccattccatt ccattgcatt caaatccatt     11520
     ccacatgggt tgattccatt caattccatt cctcttgggt ttattccatt ccattccatt     11580
     ccattccatt ccattccact ctgtttgatt ccattcaatt ccattccact cttgttgatt     11640
     ccattccatt ccattccatt tcattccatt ctattccgtt gcactcttgt tgattccatt     11700
     gcattcattt ccattccatt ccattccatt cacttccatt ccattcgact ctggttgatt     11760
     ccattcaatt ccattttatt acattccatg tcattccatt ccattctatt ccattccatt     11820
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccaatccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     11880
     ccattccatt ccattccact cgggttgatt ccattccatg ccattttatt ccattccttt     11940
     ccattccgtt caattagtgc tgattctatt ccactgcatt ccattctatt ccattgcatt     12000
     ccagtcgggt tgtttccatt ccattccatt tcattccatt ctactcggtt tggtttcatt     12060
     caattccatt acactccaat ctaatccatt tcattccatt ccactcgggt tgattccatt     12120
     ccattccatt aaattcaatt tcattccatt ccacttcatt gcattccaat acactctggt     12180
     tgattccatt gcattgcatt ccattccatt ccagtcgggt tcattccatt caattccatt     12240
     ccattccatt ccattccata ccattccaca cgggttgatt ccattccaag ccattccatc     12300
     ccattccact cgcgttgatt ccattcaatt ccattccatt ccatacaact ccactccatt     12360
     ccattccaca cgtgttgatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactcggat     12420
     ttactgcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccttt ccagttgatt ccgttccatt     12480
     ccattccatt ccatttcatt tctttccatt ccactcgggt tgattccatt ccattccatt     12540
     ccattccatt ccattccagt taattctatt cccttccttt ccattccatt caattccttt     12600
     ccattcgact cgggttgatt ccaatccatt ccattctatg ccattccatc ccattccact     12660
     acattgcatt ccattccact caggttgatt caattgcttt ctattacgtt caatcccatg     12720
     ccattccatt ccattcattt ccattccatt aaattccatt cgattccatt ccattccagt     12780
     tgattccatt ccattccatt cctttccatt ccgttccatt ccaatctatt ccactcgtgt     12840
     tgattcaatt ccattctatt ccattgaatt ccattccata cctttccctt ccattccact     12900
     catgttgact caattccatt ctattccatt ccattccttt ccattccatt ccattccaat     12960
     cggtttgatt ccattccatt ccattcgatt tcattccatt ccattccatt ccattccttt     13020
     ccactccact cgtgcttatt caattcagtt ttattccgtt ccattgcatt ctattccatt     13080
     ccattccttt acaatccatt caattccatt ctagaccaat ccattccatt ccaatcgtgt     13140
     tgactccttt acattccata ccattctatt ccattccatt ctattccatt ccattccatt     13200
     cctctcaggt tgattgaatt ccagtgaatt ccattcgatt ccattccatt ccatttcatt     13260
     ccactcaggt tgattcaatt cctttctaat ccattctatt ccattccttt caattccttt     13320
     cctttccatt ccattcaatt caattccaat tcattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     13380
     ccattccatt cattccacgc aggttgactc aattacattc cgttccattc cattccattt     13440
     cattcctttc aactaggttt gattccattc cattccaatt ccattacatt ccattccatt     13500
     gcattccagt tgaatccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt caactccatt gcattctttc     13560
     catttcttta cattccattc cattccattc cagttcattc aattccattc tattccttcc     13620
     cattccactc cattccattc cattccattc cataccattc cattccattc cattcctttc     13680
     cattccagtt gattccattc cattcccttc ccttccactc gggttgattc aattccgttc     13740
     tattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc tattccattc cactcatgtt     13800
     gattcaattc cattctattc cattccattt cattccattt tattccattc cattccagtc     13860
     gtgttgattc ctttccattc cactccattc cattgcattc ctttccagta cattccattc     13920
     cattccagtt gattcgattc cattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc cattccagtt     13980
     gattccattc cattccattc cagttaattc tattcccttc ctttccattc cattcaattc     14040
     ctttccattc gactcgggtt gattccaatc cattccattc tatgccattc catcccattc     14100
     cactccattg cattccattc cactcaggtt gattcaattg ctttctatta cgttcaatcc     14160
     catgccattc cattccattc atttccattc cattaatttc cattcgattc cattccattc     14220
     cagttgattc cattccattc cattcctttc cattccgttc cattccaatc tattccactc     14280
     gtgttgattc aattccattc tattccattg aattccattc catacctttc ccttccattc     14340
     cactcatgtt gactcaattc cattcttttc cattccattc ctttccattc cattccattc     14400
     caatcggttt gattccattc cattccattc gatttcattc cattccattc ctttccattc     14460
     ctttccactc cactcgtgct tattcaattc agttttattc cgttccattg cattctattc     14520
     cattccattc atttacaatc cattcaattc cattctagac caatccattc cattccaatc     14580
     gtgttgactc ctttacattc cataccattc tattccattc cattctattc cattccattc     14640
     cagaggatgc agttccacta cattccgttc cattccattc cattccatac aactcgtgtt     14700
     gattccattg cgttgcattc cattccctac agttccattc cattccctac cattccatcg     14760
     cattctatac cattccattc cattgcattg cattccattc catttctttt cttttcagtt     14820
     gattccattc ctttccattc cattccattc caacaaattc ctttccattc ccttccattc     14880
     cattcaattc ctttctttcc ataccgtttc attcctttcc gttccattcc agttgattcc     14940
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc actcatgttg attcaattcc attctattcc     15000
     attcaattcc cttccactca tgttgattca attccattct attccattcc attccattcc     15060
     atgccatgcc attccattcc attccaatcg ggttgattcc attccattcc attccgtttc     15120
     attccaatcc attccattcc gttccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccactcg     15180
     ggttgattca attccattct attctattcc attccaatcc attccattcc attcctttcc     15240
     actccactcg tgttgattca attccatttt attccattcc aatccattct attccattcc     15300
     attcctttcc tatccattca attccattcc agaccaatcc attccattcc actcggtttg     15360
     attcctttac attccatacc attccattcc attccattcc agtggattca attccactcc     15420
     tttcctttcc attccattcc attccattac atcacattat attccattga ggttcattcc     15480
     tttacattct attacattcc ctacctttcc cttctattcc attccattgc attccattcc     15540
     attgcactcc agttgattcc attcgattcc attccattca attaccacat tccactccat     15600
     tccgttcctt tccattccat tccattcaat tccattccat tcctttcctt tccattccgt     15660
     tccattccat tccattcctg ttgactcaat tcaattccat tctattccat tccattctat     15720
     tccattccaa tccattccac tcaggttgat tcaattcctt tccattccat tccattccat     15780
     tcctttccat tcttcttttc gggtccattc aatttaaatg cattccattc cattccagta     15840
     cattccattc gattccattc cattcaagtc catttcattc cattccattc cattgcattc     15900
     cagttcattc cattctgtta tattgcattc tattcttgtc cattcaattc cattgcattc     15960
     aattgaagtc cattccactc tattctgttc tagtccatac cattccattc gagtccactc     16020
     caatccattg cattcaagtc catttcgttc catgcaatta catttgaatc cattccattc     16080
     aattccattc gaatccattc ctttccattc cttttgagcc cagtgcattc ctttgatttc     16140
     aattccagtc cattccattc cactccttcc attcgtggtc actccattca attccattcc     16200
     tgtcaattcc attggattcc ttttgattcc attcaattgc attccaatac attccattcc     16260
     atttgagacc aatgcattcc ttgccattca attctagtcc cttccattcc accccttcca     16320
     ttcgtggcca atccattcaa ttcctttcga gacagttcca tttgaatcca ttcgattcca     16380
     ttccattgcg ttccattcca ttcctttcaa gtccagtgaa ttccttttta ttctattcta     16440
     ttccattcca ttcgagtgca ttccattgca ttccatttta ttcgagttac tcctttccat     16500
     tccattctag tctattccat tccatgcgag gaaattccat tcagttccat tccattccat     16560
     tccgttccgt tccattccgt tcgggtccat tccattccat tcgtatccat tccattccat     16620
     tccattgaac tcgagtcgat tccattctat tcgattccat tccattgccc tcgagtcgat     16680
     taaattctat tccgttccat tcgagtccat tccatttcat tcgagtccat tccgatccaa     16740
     tccattccat tcgaggcctc atcattccag tccgttccat tccattctct tcaggtccat     16800
     tcaattcaaa tccactccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat     16860
     tccattcttt tcgggttcat tcaattcaaa tgcattgcat tccattccat tccagaacat     16920
     tccattgcat tcgagtccat ttcattccat tccattcgag ttcattccat tccgttactt     16980
     tccattctat tcgagtccct tcaattccac tcctatcctt tggattcctt tccactctat     17040
     tccaatcgag tccatacgat tgcattcgag tccattccat tccattttat tcgagtccaa     17100
     tccattccat tctttacctt ttgattccat tccattccag tccattggag taaattccat     17160
     tccattccat cgcgttcaat taaattccat tccattccat tccatttgga accattccaa     17220
     taaattccat tcgagtccat tccattcttt tcaagtcctt tccattccat ttgtgtccgt     17280
     tgcattccat tccattccat tccattcgaa tccattgtat ttcattccat ttcattccca     17340
     tccattccat ttcattccat taaattacat ttctttccat tccattcgag tctattccat     17400
     cccattgcat tccattcgag ttcattcctc tgcattccgt tttattcgag tccattccat     17460
     tccattccac tcgagtcgat tccattccat tgcattccat tccattccat tccactatat     17520
     ttcaatctag ttcattccat tcctttccat tgcattctag tctttccgtt tcattccata     17580
     ccattccctt cccgtccgtt ccattccatt ccattgcttt tgtgtctatt caattcaact     17640
     gcattgcctt cgagtccatt ctattatatt ttttccatta gattctattc cattccattc     17700
     cattccaatc cattccattc cgaggcaatt acgtttcatt ccattacatt tgcgtccatt     17760
     ccatctcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattcgtgt ctaatccact ccattgcatt     17820
     ccattctagt ccattccact gcattccata tcatacgcgt cctttccatt ccattccact     17880
     tgagtcgatt ccattctatt ccattccatt ccactccatt tcattctagt cctttccatt     17940
     ccattgcgtt cgtgtctttt ccatttcatt ccattccatt ccattccttt tcatgccatt     18000
     ccattccatt cctattcatg ccattccata ccatagcatt ccaattgatt ccattccaat     18060
     ccattccatt cttttccatt ccattccatt caattctatt cgggtttatt ccttttcatt     18120
     ccattgcatt ccagttcatt ccattccatt ccattccttt ccattccatt tcgttccacc     18180
     aggatggaat ccattccatt ccatttcatt cccttccatt cccctcgggt tgattccatt     18240
     cagttaaatt ccattgcatt cctatccatt ccattccatt ccactcgggt tgattccatt     18300
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattctatt ccattccatt ccgttctatt caactagtgt     18360
     tgattctatt ccattccatt ctattcggat tgattccttt ccaatccatt gcattgtttt     18420
     ccattccatt ctatttgggt agattccttt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     18480
     ccattccatt ccactccatt ccattccatt ccattccact ccattccatt cttttgaatt     18540
     ccattgcatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattgcatt ccattccatc ccattccatt     18600
     cctatccatt ccactccatt ccactcgcgt tgtttccatt ccattccatt ccattctatt     18660
     cccctcaggt tgattcaatt ccattcgatt cctttcccat acattccatt ctttctcatg     18720
     ccattccatt ccataccttt acagttcatt ccattccaat ccgttccact ccactccatt     18780
     ccattccatt caattccact cagattgatt ccattcgatt ccattttatt cctttccatt     18840
     ccattgcatt acattccatt tggtttgaat ccaatgcatt cgattccatt ccattccact     18900
     ccagttgatt ccattcaatt ccattccact cgtgttgatt ccattccttt ccattgcatt     18960
     tcattccatt ccactgcatt ctactcgtgt tgattccatt ccattcattt ccattccttt     19020
     tcattccatt caattccatt ccattcgact cgggttgatt ccattccatt ccattctatt     19080
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ctattccatt ccattccact gcattccatt cgaatcctgc     19140
     tgattccagt ccattccgtt ccattctttt ccattccatt ccattccact cttgttgatt     19200
     ccatttgatt ccattccatt ccattccatt cctcttgggt tgattccatt ccattgcatt     19260
     ttattccatt tcattccctt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccacacgggt tgattccatt     19320
     ccatgccatt ttattccatt ccattccatt ccattctatt ccattccact agtgttgatt     19380
     ccattccatt cgactccatt ccattccact cgggtggatt ccattccatt ccattccttt     19440
     ccattccatt gcattccatc ccattccatt ccattcccct tgggtttttt caattccatt     19500
     cgattccatc ccattctgtt ccattccttt acatgtcatt ccattccatt cctttccagt     19560
     tgattccatt ccaatccatt ccattccatt ccactcgggt tgattccagg caattccatt     19620
     ccattccact tgattccact ccattccatt ccattacact cgtgtttatt ccattccatt     19680
     cctttccatt ccattccttt ccattatgtt ccatttcatt ccattcgact ctggttgatt     19740
     ccattccaat ccattccaaa ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt caattggaaa     19800
     cgggttgatt ccattccatt tcaccccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt cgaatcggcc     19860
     tgatcccatt ctattctatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccact     19920
     tggttgattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattcatttc caatcaattc     19980
     cattccattc caatcagttt gattccattc cattctattt tattccattc catagcattc     20040
     cattccattc cataccattc cactctgctt gattccattc cattccattt tattccattc     20100
     cattccattc cgttccccac tggttgattc cattcccttt cattacattc catttctttc     20160
     cattccattg cattccattc catttcactc gggttgattc cattccattc cattcgttcc     20220
     attctattcc gttcaactcc attctcttca attccattcc attctattgc attccattcc     20280
     attgaattcc attccattcc attacagttt attcaattcc attctattcc attccattcc     20340
     attccatttc gttccattcc agttgattga attccattct attccattcc attccattca     20400
     tttccattcc tttccattcc actccagttg aatccattcc attccattcc attccagttt     20460
     attaaattcc attccattcc attccattcc atttcacttg ggttgattca attccattct     20520
     attccattct attacattcc attgcattct cctccattcc aatagggttg aatcaattgc     20580
     gttctattcc attccattcc tttctattca attccattgc attccatacg tattgtttgc     20640
     attccattcc attccattcc tttccactca ggttgattct attccattct attccattcc     20700
     attctattcc attccattcc attctactca cgttgactca attcctttct attccattcc     20760
     attgcattcc attccattcc atttgattcc atttgattcc attcgattcc attccattcc     20820
     attccaatca ttccacacag gttgattcaa ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca     20880
     ttgcattcca ttccattcca atgtattcct ttcgactctg gttgattcca ttccattcca     20940
     tttcattcca ttccattcca gtgcattcaa ttccattcca ttcgattcct tttcattcta     21000
     ttacattcca ttcgactcgt tttgaatcca ttcctttaca ttacataccc taccattcca     21060
     ttccatacca ttccattgca ttccctagca ttccattccc ttctattcca ttccattcca     21120
     ttccaatttg ttccattcct ttgcattcca ttccattcca ttctattcca ttccattcca     21180
     ttccagttga ttcaattcca ttccatttca ttccattcca ttgtattcca ttccattccg     21240
     gtttatttaa ttccattctc ttccatacca ttacactcca ttccattacc gtccattcca     21300
     ttacatttga ttccattcca ttgcattcca ttactttcca ttccattcca tttcattcca     21360
     ctccactcgt gttgattcaa ttccattcta tttcattcca ttccattcct atccattcct     21420
     ttccactcgg gttgattcca ttccattcca taccattcca atccattcca ttcccgttga     21480
     ttcaattcca ttcgattcca ttccattcca ttccactcct ttccattcca ttccactgca     21540
     ttccattccg gttgattcaa ttccattcta ttccattcca ttccattcca ttactttcct     21600
     ttccattcca ttgcactcag gttgattcaa ttccttttat tcaattccat tccattccat     21660
     ttgaaaccat tccattccat tccattccag tccattgcat tccattccat tccactcctt     21720
     cccactcggg ttcattccat tccattccat tccattccaa tccattgcat tccattccca     21780
     ttgtttccat tgctttctat tccattccat tgcgttccat tcgactctga ttcattccac     21840
     tccattccat tcctttccat tccattgcat tccattccat tacattccat tcgattcgtt     21900
     tccattccat tccattctat tccgttccat tccactgtat ttaattccat tccattcatt     21960
     tccattccat tccattccat tctattcccc tcgttttgat tccattcatt caattacatt     22020
     ccttaccatt ccattacgtt cgatgctatt ctattgcatt ccctaccatt ccattccatt     22080
     ccattccatt ttaattgatt ccattccatt ccattccttt ccattccatt ccaatccatt     22140
     ccattccatt ccattccact agggttgatt caattccatt ctattccatt ccattccagt     22200
     ccataccatt ccattccatt ccggttgatt caattccatt ctattccatt ccattccact     22260
     ccattctatt cctttccatt ccattccatt ccttttcatt ccattccatt cctggtgatt     22320
     ccattccatt cctttccatt ccattccatt ccaatgcatt ctattccggt ggattccatt     22380
     ccattccatt ccattccatt tcattccatt ccattcctgt atattccatt tcattcccta     22440
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattcaatt ccaatccagt tgattccatt     22500
     actttccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt tcaaaattca tttccattcc attccattcc     22560
     attccattcc attccactcc attccattcc tttccattcc attccattcc attgcattcc     22620
     agttgattca attcctttct attccattcc attccactcc attgcattcc attcctattc     22680
     cttccattct attccactcg ggtttattca attccattct attccattct attccattcc     22740
     actgctggtg attcaattgc attctattcc atttcattcc attccattcc attcctattg     22800
     ggttgattct tttcccttct attccattcc attgcattcc actcgggttg attcaattgc     22860
     attctattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attctattcc acccgtgttg     22920
     attccattcc gttcctttcc attccattcc attcctctca ggttgattga attccagtga     22980
     attccattcg attccattcc attccatttc attccactca ggttgattca attcctttct     23040
     aatccattct attccattcc tttcaattcc tttcctttcc attccattca attcaattcc     23100
     aattcattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attcattcca cgcaggttga     23160
     ctcaattaca ttccgttcca ttccattcca tttcattcct ttcaactagg tttgattcca     23220
     ttccattcca attccattac attccattcc attgcattcc agttgaatcc attccattcc     23280
     attccattac attcaactcc attgcattct ttccatttct ttacattcca ttccattcca     23340
     ttccagttca ttcaattcca ttctattcct tcccattcca ctccattcca ttccattcca     23400
     ttccatacca ttccattcca ttccattcct ttccattcca gttgattcca ttccattccc     23460
     ttcccttcca ctcgggttga ttcaattccg ttctattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca     23520
     ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttctattcca ttccactcat gttgattcaa     23580
     ttccattcta ttccattcca tttcattcca ttttattcca ttccattcca atcgtgttga     23640
     ttcctttcca ttccactcca ttccattgca ttcctttcca gtacattcca ttccattcca     23700
     gttgattcga ttccattcct ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca gttgattcca     23760
     ttccattcca ttccagttaa ttctattccc ttcctttcca ttccattcaa ttcctttcca     23820
     ttcgactcgg gttgattcca atccattcca ttctatgcca ttccatccca ttccactcca     23880
     ttgcattcca ttccacccag gttgattcaa ttgctttcta ttacgttcaa tcccatgcca     23940
     ttccattcca ttcatttcca ttccattaaa ttccattcga ttccattcca ttccagttga     24000
     ttccattcca ttccattcct ttccattccg ttccattcca atctattcca ctcgtgttga     24060
     ttcaattcca ttctattcca ttgaattcca ttccatacct ttcccttcca ttccactcat     24120
     gttgactcaa ttccattctt ttccattcca ttcctttcca ttccattcca ttccaatcgg     24180
     tttgattcca ttccattcca ttcgatttca ttccattcca ttcctttcca ttcctttcca     24240
     ctccactcgt gcttattcaa ttcagtttta ttccattcca ttgcattcta ttccattcca     24300
     ttcatttaca atccattcaa ttccattcta gaccaatcca ttccattcca atcgtgttga     24360
     ctcctttaca ttccatacca ttctattcca ttccattcta ttccattcca ttccagagga     24420
     tgcagttcca ctacattccg ttccattcca ttccattcca tacaactcgt gttgattcca     24480
     ttgcgttgca ttccattccc tacagttcca ttccattccc taccattcca tcgcattcta     24540
     taccattcca ttccattcca ttgcattcca ttccattcct tttcttttca gttgattcca     24600
     ttcctttcca ttccattcca ttccattcca acaaattcct ttccattccc ttccattcca     24660
     ttcaattcct ttctttccat accgtttcat tcctttccgt tccattccgg ttgattccat     24720
     tccattccat tccattccat tctattccac tcatgttgat tcaattccat tctattccat     24780
     tcaattccct tccactcatg ttgaatcaat tccattctat tccattccat gccatgccat     24840
     tccattccat tccaatcggg ttgattccat tccattccat tccgtttcat tccaatccat     24900
     tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattgcat tccactctgg ttgattcaat     24960
     tccattctat tctattccat tccaatccat tccaatcaat tcctttccac tccactcgtg     25020
     ttgattcaat tccattttat tccattccaa tccattctat tccattccat tcctttccta     25080
     tccattcaat tccattccag accaatccat tccattccac tcgggttgat tcctttacat     25140
     tccataccat tccattccat tccattccag tggattcaat tccactcctt tcctttccat     25200
     tcaattccat tccattccat tccattacat cacattatat tccattgagg ttcattcctt     25260
     tacattctat tacattccct accattccct tctattccat tccattgcat tccattccat     25320
     tccactccag ttgattccat tcgattccat tccattcaat taccacattc cactccattc     25380
     cgttcctttc cattccattc cattcaattc cattccattc ctttcctttc cattccgttc     25440
     cattccattc cattcctgtt gactcaattc aattccattc tattccattc cattctattc     25500
     cattccaatc cattccactc aggttgattc aattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc     25560
     ctttccattc ttcttttcgg gtccattcaa ttcaaatgca ttccattcta ttccagtaca     25620
     ttccattcga ttccattcca ttcaagtcca tttcattcca ttccattcca ttgcattcca     25680
     gttcattcca ttctgttata ttgcattcta ttcttgtcca ttcaattcca ttgcattcaa     25740
     ttgaagtcca ttccactcta ttctgttcta gtccatacca ttccattcga gtccactcca     25800
     atccattgca ttcaagtcca tttcattcca tgcaattaca tttgaatcca ttccattcaa     25860
     ttccattcga atccattcct ttccattcct tttgagccca gtgcattcct ttgatttcaa     25920
     ttccagtcca ttccattcca ccccttccat tcgtggtcac tccattcaat tccattcctg     25980
     tcaattccat tggattcctt tcgattccat tcaattgcat tccaatacat tccattccat     26040
     ttgagaccaa tgcattcctt gccattcaat tctagtccct tccattccac cccttccatt     26100
     cgtggccaat ccattcaatt cctttcgaga cagttccact tgaatccatt cgattccatt     26160
     ccattgcgtt ccattccatt cctttcaagt ccagtgaatt cctttttatt ctattctatt     26220
     ccattccatt cgagtgcatt ccattgcatt ccattttatt cgagttactc ctttccattc     26280
     cattctagtc tattccattc catgcgagga aattccattc agttccattc cattccattc     26340
     catttcgttc cattccgttc gggtccattc cattccattc gtatccattc cattccattc     26400
     cattgaactc gagtcgattc cattctattc gattccattc cattgccctc gagtcgatta     26460
     aattctatac cgttccattc gagtccattc catttcattt gagtccattc cgatccaatc     26520
     cattccattc gaggcctcat cattccagtc cgttccattc cattctcttc aggtccattc     26580
     aattcaaatc cactccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc     26640
     ttttcgggtt cattcaattc aaatgcattg cattccattc cattccagaa cattccattg     26700
     cattcgagtc catttcattc cattccattc gagttcattc cattccgtta ctttccattc     26760
     tattcgagtc ccttcaattc cactcctatc ctttggattc ctttccactc tattccaatc     26820
     gagtccatat gattgcattc gagtccattc cattccattt tattcgagtc caatccattc     26880
     cattctttac cttttgattc cattccattc cagtccattg gagtaaattc cattccattc     26940
     catcgcgttc aattaaattc cattccattc cattccattt ggaaccattc caataaattc     27000
     cattcgagtc cattccattc ttttcaagtc ctttccattc catttgtgtc tgttgcattc     27060
     cattccattc cattccattc gaatccattg tatttcattc catttcattc ccatccattc     27120
     catttctttc cattaaatta catttctttc cattccattc gagtctattc catcccattg     27180
     cattccattc gagttcattc ctctgcattc cgttttattc gagtccattc cattccattc     27240
     cactcgagtc gattccattc cattgcattc cattccattc cattccacta tatttcaatc     27300
     tagttcattc cattcctttc cattccattc tagtctttcc gtttcattcc ataccattcc     27360
     cttcccgtcc gttccattcc attccattgt ttttgtgtct attcaattca actgcattcc     27420
     cttcgagtcc attctattat attttttcca ttagattcta ttccattcca ttccattcca     27480
     atccattcca ttccgaggca attatgtttc attccattac atttgcgtcc attccatctc     27540
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcg tgtctaatcc actccattgc attccattct     27600
     agtccattcc actgcattcc atatcatacg cgtcctttcc attccattcc acttgagtcg     27660
     attccattct attccattcc attccactcc atttcattct agtcctttcc attccattgc     27720
     gttcgtgtct tttccatttc attccattcc gttcctttca aatccgttcc attccattcc     27780
     attgctttca tgtccattga attcaacttc attcccttca attccattct gttacatttt     27840
     ttttccattc cattccattt cagcacattt cattccatta cattcctttc gagtccattc     27900
     cattccatta cattctttta cattgcgttc ctgttgagtc cattcaattc cattgcatac     27960
     cattgttgtc cattccattt tattccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc cattccattc     28020
     cattccgttc gaatacattt cattccatta aattacatta cattcgagtc cattccatga     28080
     cattatattc agttcgattc aaatccattc cattccatta taataaaatc cactccattc     28140
     cattagaata acttccaccc cattccgttc gagtccattg cattccgttc cattccactc     28200
     gaatcctttc cattccattc gagtccattc cattccaatc cattccactc gagtcctttc     28260
     cattcctttc gagtctattc cattccattc ctttccaatc catttgttta cattaccgtc     28320
     tgttccattt tattccattc ctgtccattc cattccattc cacttaagtc cattccattt     28380
     cattcctttt gagtccagta cattccattc gaatccattc cattccattt tctcctgtcc     28440
     tatattttcc attccattct atacgatttg aatccattcc attgctgtct attccgttct     28500
     attccattcc tttggagtcc tttgcgtcct attataatcc cttccattcc attccattcc     28560
     tatctttcca ttcttctcca taccattcca ttccactcca ttccagtcca ttcaattaca     28620
     ttcgagtcca ttctgttcca tttcattcga gtcccttcca ttccgttcca ttctattcca     28680
     tttgagtgca ctcaactgca ttccattcct ttcgagtcaa ttatattcca ttccattaga     28740
     ttccaatcca ttccattcca ttccatttca atccatttta ttccattcca tttcaatcca     28800
     ttgcgttccg ttccattcct ttccattccg ttccgttcca ttccattccg ttccgttccg     28860
     tacctctccc ttccgttcca ttcctttcgg ttctattcca ttcgtgtcca ttccattgca     28920
     ttcccttcga atccattcca ttccattcca ttgcacacga gtggatccca ttccatttca     28980
     ttccattcga ttccattcca tttcattcga gtaaattcct ttccattcga atccattcga     29040
     agccacttct ttccatttca ttccattcca ttaaattcca ttattttccg gtccactcaa     29100
     ttcaaacgca ttccagtaca ttccattcca ttccagtaca ttccattcca ttccattcca     29160
     ttcgagtcca tttcattaaa ttccattcca ttccatttga gttcattcca ttctgataca     29220
     ttccattcta ttcgagtccg ttcaactcca ttccatttca ttggattcca ttccactcta     29280
     tttagtttga gtccatacca ttcctttcga gtccattcca ttccattgct ttcgcgtcca     29340
     ttcaattcca tgttatgtca tttgaatcca ttccattcaa ttccattcga atctattcca     29400
     ttccattcca ttccatacca tttgtgccta atccattcct ttcctttcaa ttccattcca     29460
     ttccattcca ttccagcctt ttcattcgtg gcaactccat tcaattctat tcgattcaat     29520
     tccattgcat tccattcgat tccattcctt tgcattctgt tccaatcctt tcgagtccat     29580
     tgaattcctt ttgagtccat tctattccat tccaccgagc ccattccatt gcattccaat     29640
     ccattcgagt ctattctgtg ctattccatt cgagtctatt ccgttccatg tgagtccatt     29700
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ctgttccatt tctttcgtgt     29760
     ccattgcatt ccattcaaat caattctatt ccattccatt gcactccagt cagctccgtt     29820
     cttttccatt ccgttcgagt ccattccatt tcattcgagt ccattcaaat ccattccatt     29880
     ccattcgagg cctcttcatt tcattcaatt ccattccatt ccattctttt cgggtccttt     29940
     ctattcaaat ccaatccatt ccattccatt ccattccaat ccattccttt ctttttgggt     30000
     cctttcaatt caaatccaaa cttttccatt ccatgccatt ccattccatt ccattcgaat     30060
     ccattcaatt ccagtgcatt agagtccata ccattccatg ctattccatt tgagtccatt     30120
     ccgttcattt ccgttcgagt aaattcgatt ccattccatc gcattcgagt aaattccatt     30180
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccttt ggagtccatt ctattccatt ccatttcatt     30240
     cgtgtcaatt ccattccttt ccattccgtt ccattccatt ccattcgatt cttttgcttt     30300
     ccattgcatt cctttggact ccatgccact gcatgccatt tctttcgatg ccattccgtt     30360
     ccattccact cgagtcaatt ccattccact ccattccatt cgagtccact ccatttcatt     30420
     cgagtctatt ccattccatt ccattccatt actttcgagg cttttccttt tcattccatt     30480
     ccattccctt ccaatctgtt ccataccatt ccattgcttt caggtccatg caattcaact     30540
     acatgccatt cgattccatt ccattacatt ttattccatt ccattacatt ccattccatt     30600
     gcagcacatt tccttccatt acattcgttt caggtctatt ccattccatt ccattcaatt     30660
     ccattccttt cgtgtccatt ccattccttt cctctcgagt ccattccatt tcattctatt     30720
     gcatttgata ccattccctt tcattccacg tgagtccatt ccattccatt ccttttgatt     30780
     ccattccatt ccattccatt gagttcatta cattcctttg gaatccatta aattccatat     30840
     cattcgagtc cgttccattc cattctattc cattcaacac ctttccattc cattccattc     30900
     cattccattc cattccattc cattcctttc gtgtccattc tgtttcattc cattcacgtc     30960
     cattcaattc caatcgattc cattcgagtc cattccgttc cttttcatca cagttaattc     31020
     cgttagattc taatccagta aattccactg cgttccattc gagtccattc catttgagtc     31080
     cattccattc cattctgttc caatccattc tatttcattc tattccattc cattccattc     31140
     cattcctttc cattccatta cggtccattc cattcgtgtc catttcattt ctttccattc     31200
     catttcattc tggtccattc cttttcattt gagaccattc cattccatcc gagtccattt     31260
     catttatttg cattgcattt catggcattg cattgcattg cattccattc cattcaattt     31320
     cattagtttc cattctattg cattcccttg cattgtgttc cattccattc cattgcattc     31380
     ctttccgttc cgttccattc cattctgttc aaatcaactg cattccattt aaatccattc     31440
     cattccattc catgccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc cgtttcattt cattacattc     31500
     cattccattc gagtacattc cattccattc cattgcattc cattcgaatc cattagacac     31560
     cactccattg aaatccgttc gattccattc gattccattc aattcaattg cattacagtc     31620
     cattctattc tatgctattc catctgagtc cattccattc cattcaatta tattaaattc     31680
     cattcagtac catcgcatta gagtaaatta cattcctttc cattccattc cttttggcac     31740
     cattgcatta aattccattc cagtccattc cattcgtttt gattccattc cattccatgc     31800
     catttgagtc cattgtattc cattccattt cattctattc cattccattc aacttgaacc     31860
     tgttctattt cattccatgt ctttcttgtc cattccattt cactccatta cattccattc     31920
     ggttgtattg cagtctattc cattccactg catttctttc gattccgttc cactgcattc     31980
     catttcactc gagtccattg cattccattt catttgagcc cattgcattc cattccactt     32040
     gagtcaattc cattccactc cattccattc ctttccattc cactccactt aattctagtc     32100
     cattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc cattaaattc cattcgagtc ttttccgttt     32160
     cattccattc cattcctttc caatccgttc cattccattc cattgctttc gggtccattc     32220
     aattcaacag cattccctgc gagtccattc tataaaattt ttttccactc aattcccttc     32280
     cattcaattc catttcagca catttcattc cattacattc tcttcgaggc cattactttc     32340
     cattacattc ttttccattg cattactatt gagtccattc aattccattt cattcttttc     32400
     caatgcattc ctattttgtc cattcaattc cattatatac cattcatttc cattccattt     32460
     tactccattt tattccattc cattcgcgtc cattccattc cattccgttc gagtccattt     32520
     cattcaatta cattccattc cattcgagtc cattccatgc gaacacattc ggtttgactc     32580
     gaatccgttc aatttctttc cattccattg gaatacattc caatccattc cattcgagtc     32640
     cattgcattc cgttccattc cactcgaggc ctttacattc catttgagtc cattccactc     32700
     gagtcctttc cattccattc gagtccatta cattacattc cttttcaatc ctttcctttg     32760
     cattacagtc tattcctttc cattccattc atgtccaatc ctttccatac cacttagata     32820
     cattccattg cattccattc gagtccattc ctttccattc cattcctttt gagtcaatcc     32880
     cattccattc gagtccattc cattctattc cattccattc cattctattc cattcctttg     32940
     gagtgcattt cattctattg gagtctcttc cattccattt catccctatc tattctattc     33000
     cattccattc tattccattc cattccattg aaatccattc cattccattt cattgcattc     33060
     cattccattc ccttcttctc cattccattc cattccgttc tattccaatt gggtccattc     33120
     cattccatta cttttgagtc tattcttaat aattacattc cattccagtg cattccattg     33180
     cattcgagtc ctttccattc catttcattc gagtcccttc cattccattg cattctattc     33240
     cattgaagcc catttcattc cattccactc cattccattc ctttcctttc gagtccattc     33300
     ctttccattc gagtccacta cattccattc gattccattt cattccattt cattcgaggc     33360
     ccttccattc cattccattc tattccattc gagtgggttc cattgcattc cattccattt     33420
     cagtgcattc cattccattc gagtccactc cattccattc cattctattc caatccattc     33480
     cattccattc tattccattc cattcaactg gactccattc caattccttc gactccattc     33540
     cattcaatat gattcaagtc cgttccattc caatcgagac cattccaatt gattccattc     33600
     gggtccattc ctatccattc cattcgagtc cattgcaata tattccatcc cattcaattc     33660
     cattgcattc cattccattc cattccattc gggtccattc ctttccattc cttgcctgtc     33720
     ggttccatta cattccattc catttgagta gtttccattc cattccatcc cattcgaggc     33780
     cattctaatc tattccattc ccgttgagtc cattccattc cataccattc tattcgagtc     33840
     cattccattc cgttgggttc cttccattcc attgcatttg agtccattcc attccatgtc     33900
     aatccatttg aggccattct attccattcc attccagttg attcctttcc attctattcc     33960
     attgtatttg agtccattcc aattcattcg agtccattcc attgcatatc attcgagtcc     34020
     actccattct attgcattcc tttccattcc agtcaattcc attccgttct gttccgttct     34080
     attccattca tttccattcc atgcgagtac attccattct gttccattcc attgcaatcc     34140
     gttcaagtcc attcgactcc actctttcga gtccattccg ttccattcga gtccattcca     34200
     ttccattgca ttcgagtcca ttccattcca tgctattcca tttcagtcca ttccattcca     34260
     ttccattcta gtaaattcca ttccattcca acccattagt gcaagatcca ttccatttca     34320
     ttcctttcca ctacattcca ttccattcca gcacctttca ttccattaca ttccattaca     34380
     ttcgtgttca ttacattccg ttacattcta ttccattcga ttccgtgtta ttccatttga     34440
     gtccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcct gtccattcca aactcattac     34500
     attccacttc attctattcc atgccactgt ttttcattcc attccatttg agcacattcc     34560
     attccattcc attccattcg agtccattcc attcaattcc attccattcg agtccattcc     34620
     attccattcc attcgagtcc actctattcc attccattcc attcctttcc attctattcc     34680
     attccattca attcgggtcc attccattca attccttttg attcaaatcc actcctttcc     34740
     attttagtcc actctattgc atgccattgc attcgagtcc attccattcc atttgagtcc     34800
     attccactgt actccatccg aatcctttcg agtccactca attccattcc gttccatttg     34860
     agtcaattcc aatcctttcc atttgagtcc attccattgc cttccattcc atttgagtgt     34920
     cttccattct attccattca agtcccttca attccattcc gttacagccc attccattaa     34980
     attccattgt attccatttg agttcattcc attccattcc gttccattca tgtcccttcc     35040
     attccatttg tgtgcagtcc attcctatcc tttcgagtcc attccattca ttctattcca     35100
     ttcaagtcca ttccattcca taccatacca ttccattcca tttcattcca ttcgggttca     35160
     ttcctttcca ttccattcaa gtctattcca ttccattcta gtccattaca ttagatgcca     35220
     ttccactcga caccattccg ttccattcca ttcgggtcca ttcttatcca gtccattcga     35280
     gtccattgca atacattcca tcccattcga ttccattgca ttccattcca atacattccg     35340
     ttccattcca ctcgagtcca ttccactcct ttccatttgg gtccattcca atccattcca     35400
     ttcaagtccc ttccaataca ttccatccca ttcgattcca ttgcattcca ttccattcta     35460
     ttccattcga gtccatttca ttcattccat gcaattcgag gccattctat tccattccat     35520
     tccagtcgag tcctttccat tccatttcat tctattcaag tccattccat tccattggag     35580
     attattccat tccattccat tcgagtcctt tccattcaat tacactccat ttgagtccat     35640
     tcaattccat tccatacaat tcgagtagat tccattccgt tccgttccgt tccgttccgt     35700
     tccgttccat tctgttcctt tcctttccat tccattccat tccattccat tcgagtacat     35760
     tccattcggt tccattccat tgcattccat tcgagtccat tcgactccac tccattcgag     35820
     tccattccgt tccatttgag tccattctgt tctatcgcat tcgagtccat tccattccat     35880
     cctattgcat ttcagtccat tacattccgt tccattcgag agaattccat tccattcctt     35940
     cccattcgag ttaattccat tccaatccat tccattccat tgtatttcat tgcattccat     36000
     tccattccat tccctcacat ttcattacat tccattccat tctagtccat tccactccgt     36060
     tccgttctgt tccattcctt tcctttccat tccatgccgt tcaattccat tcgtgtacat     36120
     tccattcggt tccattccat tgcattccat tctagtccat tcgactccct tccatttgtg     36180
     tccattccgt tccattagag tccattccgt tccattgcat tcgagtccat tcctttccat     36240
     actattgcgt tttagtccgt tccattccat tccattcgag taaattccat tcccttccat     36300
     cccattcgac taaattccat tccattccat tccattccct tccattcatt ccattccatt     36360
     ccagcacatt tcattctatt ccgttccatt ctattcgtgt tcattccatt ccgttacatt     36420
     ccattccatt cgagtccatt caattccatt ccattccaaa cgtgtccttt caaatccatt     36480
     aaattcgaat ctattccatt ccattccatt caagtccatt tcattccatt gcatttaagt     36540
     actttccatt ccatgctatt ccattttagt gcattccatt ccattctatg ccattccatt     36600
     ccttttcagc ccattccaaa cttattacat tccagtccat tctcttcctt tccattattt     36660
     tccgctccat tgcattccat tccatttgaa cccattccat tccattccat tccattccat     36720
     tcgagtctat tccattccat tccattcgag tccattccaa tccattccat tccattccat     36780
     ttcattccat tcctttccat accattccat tccattccat tcgagttcat tccactgtat     36840
     tccaacccta tcttttcaat tccattcaat tccaaaccat tccgtttgag tcaattccat     36900
     tcaattcaat ttaagtccat tccattgcat tccattccat tcgagtctct tccattctat     36960
     tccattcaag tccattccat tccatttcat tagataccat tccattgcat tccattgcat     37020
     tcaagtccat tacattccat tccattagtg tccattccat taaattccat tgtattccat     37080
     tcgagaacat tccactcgat tctgttccat tcatgtccat tgcattccat ttgagtccat     37140
     tccatcccaa tcctttcgtg tccattccat tccattcatt atattccatt taaatccttt     37200
     aaattccata ccataacatt ccattctatt ccattcaggt ccattccttt gcattccatt     37260
     cgagtccatt ccattccatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     37320
     ccattccact cgagaccatt ccatttcatt cctttcgggt caattcctat ccattccatt     37380
     cgagtccatt ccaatacatt ccatcccatt cgattccatt gcattcaatt ccaatacatt     37440
     ccgttgcatt ccattggaga ccattccatt ccattccatt tgggtccttt gcaatccatt     37500
     ccattcgagt ccattccaat acattccatc acattcgatt ccattgcatt ccattccatt     37560
     ctattccatt cgagtccatt cctttccatt ccatccaatt cgaggccatt ctattccatt     37620
     tcattccagt cgagtcgttt ccattccatt ccattctatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt     37680
     ggagttcatt ccattccatt ccattcgagt actttccatt ctattccact ccttttgagt     37740
     ccattgaatt ccattccatt ccattcaaat ccattccctt ccattccgtt tcgttccaat     37800
     cctttccttt ccattccatt ccgttccatt ccatttgagt acattccatt cggttacatt     37860
     ccattgcatt ccattcaggt ccattcgact ccactccatt cgagtccatt ccgttccatt     37920
     cgagtccatt ccattctaat gcattcgagt ccattccatt ccatgctatt gcattttagt     37980
     ccataccatt ccattccatt tgagtaaatt ccattccatt gcatcccatt cgagtaaatt     38040
     ccatttctat ccattccttt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccatcccatt ccattccatt     38100
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatc ccatcccagc acatttcacc ccattccatt     38160
     ccattccatt cggattcatt ccattccatt acgttccatt ccattcgagt ccattaaatg     38220
     ccattccatt ccatatgtgc ccattcaaat ccattaaatt cgagtccatt acattgcatt     38280
     cgagtccatt ccattccatt gcatttgagt cttttccttt ccatgctatt caatttgagt     38340
     ccattccatt ccattccaag ccattccatt ccatttcagt ccattccaaa cttattacat     38400
     tccagtccat tgtattccat tccattcttt cccattccat tccattccat tccatttgat     38460
     cccagtccat tgcattccat tccattcggg tccattccat tccattccag tccagtccat     38520
     tccataccat tccattcgag ttcattctac tgtattcctt ccctatgttt tcaattccaa     38580
     tcaattccaa accattccat ttgagtcaaa tcctttcaat tccatttatg tccattccat     38640
     tgcattccat tccattcaag tctcttccat tctattacat tcaagtccat tcaattccat     38700
     ttcatttgat tccattccat tgcattccat tgcattctat tccattacat tcctttccat     38760
     tagagtccat tccattaaat tccattgtat tccattcgag tgtactccac tccattctgt     38820
     tccattcatg tactttgcat tccatttgag tccattccat tccaatcctt ttatgtccat     38880
     tccattccat tcattctttt cctttcaaat ccattgaatt ccatgccata ccattccatt     38940
     ccattccatt ccattcaggt ccaatccttt gcattccatt cgagtccatt ccaatccttt     39000
     cgagtccatg acattccatt ccattccact cgagacattt ccaatccatt ccaatcgagt     39060
     ccattcctat ccatttcatt cgagtccatt acaataaatt ccataccatt cgattccatt     39120
     gcattccatt gctttcgggt ccattccttt ccattccatt ccatgccttt ctgttccatt     39180
     agattccatt gcattcgagt ccattccatt ccattccaca ccattcgaga ccattcgaat     39240
     cctttacatt ccagtcgagt cttttcaatt ccattccatt agagtccatt ccattccatt     39300
     ggagttcatt acattccatt ccattctagt tagtctattc ctttccttcc cattcaactc     39360
     ctttccattc cgttccgttc cgttccattc cattcgagta cattccattt ggttgcattc     39420
     cattgcattc cattcgagtc cattcgactc ctctccatat gagtccattc cattccattc     39480
     gagtccattc cattccttgg cattcgtgtc tattccattc catgctattc catttcattc     39540
     catttcattc aattccattt gattaaattc cattctattc catcacattc gagtaaattc     39600
     cattccattc cattcattcc attcctttcc atttcaaaac atatcattcc attacgttcc     39660
     attccattct ggttcattcc attacgttac attccattcc attcaagtcc gttcaatgcc     39720
     attcaattcc atacgtgtcc attgaaatcc attccattcg agtccattcc attccattcg     39780
     agtgcattcc attccattgc atttgagtcc attccgttcc atgctattcc atttgagtcc     39840
     attccattcc attccattcc agtccagtcc attccaaact cattacattc cagtctgtta     39900
     tatgctatta cattattttc cattccattg cattctattc catttgagcc cattccattc     39960
     ccttccattc cattccactc gaggccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc cattccattc     40020
     ctttccattc gattctattc cattcaattc cattcgaatc aattccattc cattccattt     40080
     gagtccattt ctttgcattc catttcatta tggtccattc cattgtatcc ctttcgaggc     40140
     cattctattc cattccattc cattcctttt gagttgattc aattccgttc catacaattc     40200
     aagtacattc cattccattc ctttccgttc cgttccactg cattggagta cattccatat     40260
     ggttccattc cactgctttc cattcgagtc catttgactc cactccattc gagtcctttc     40320
     cgttccattc gagtccattc cattccgttg catcgagtcc attccattcc atgcttttcc     40380
     atttcagtcc attccattgc atttcattcg agtaaattcc tttccattcc atcccattcg     40440
     agtaaattcc atgccattcc attcaattcc cttcattcca ttcctttcca ttccagtaca     40500
     tttgattcca ttacgttcct ttccattcgg gttcattcca tcccgttaca ttccattcca     40560
     ttcgagtcca ttcaatgcca ttccattcca tacgattcca ttcaaatcca ttccattcga     40620
     gtccgttcca atccattcaa atgcattcca ttccattgcg tttgagtcca ttccattcca     40680
     tgctattccg tttgagtcca ttcaattcaa ttccattcaa ttccagtcga gtccattcca     40740
     aacacattgt attccagtct attctattcc attacattct tttccattcc attccattcc     40800
     tttccattcg gtattattcc attcatttcc attagcatca attccattgc attccatttg     40860
     agtccattcc atttcactcc gttgcattaa agtccattcc attggagttc attccactct     40920
     attaaattcg aatcctttga agtccattaa attcccttca ttctattgca ttcaaatcca     40980
     ttccattcca taccatacca ttccattcca ttcctttcca ttccgttcgg gtccattcct     41040
     ttccattccg ttcgagtcca ttccattcct tttgagtcca ttccattcca ctcctttcca     41100
     gtccattcca ttccattcat tctattccat tcaaatccat tccattccat acaacacgat     41160
     tccattccat tccattcaat tccattcgag tcaatttcat tccattctat ttgagtccat     41220
     tctgttgcat tccattgcat tcgagtgcat tccattccgt tccattccat ttcattcgag     41280
     tccattccag cgtattccat cccaatattt tcgagtccat tcaattccat tccattccac     41340
     ttgattcaat tccattccat tccatttgag tccatttcat accatttcat tccattcgag     41400
     tctccttaat tctattccgt tcaagtcaac tccgttccat ttcatgcagt tacatttcag     41460
     tcctttccat tccattccat tcaagtaaat tccattccat tccattccat ttgagtaaat     41520
     tccattccat tccattccat tgcattccat tccaaactca ttacattcca gtcgattcta     41580
     ttccatttca ttcttttcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcca tttcttttgg     41640
     gcccattcca ttccattcca ttccactcca ttccaaactc attccattac attccattac     41700
     attcctttct tttccattcc attccattcc attgcattcc attcgagtcc attccattcc     41760
     attccattcg agtccattcc attccattgc attccatgcg ggtccattcc attaaattct     41820
     attgcattcc actccattcc attccattcc aatcccttcg gtgccattcc attccattcc     41880
     ttttgattcc attccttcca ttcaactcca ttcaattaca ttccattccc ttcctttcca     41940
     ttccattcca ttgcattcca ttcaatacca ttctattcca tttgagtcca tttcatttca     42000
     ctctattcaa ctcctctcca ttccattcta ttccattcca ctccattatc tccatgccat     42060
     tcaggtccat tacataatat tcctttcgaa tggattccat tatactcgag tcaattccat     42120
     tccattccat tccattcgag catcttccat tctattccat tcaagtacat tccattccat     42180
     tccattagag tccattccat taaatttcat tgcattccat tcgagttctt tccataccat     42240
     tcctttccat tcatgtccat tccattccat tcgagtccat tccagttctt tcaaatctat     42300
     tcattcaaat ccattccatt ccataccata ccataccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     42360
     ccattccatt ccattccatt gcatcccatt ctggtccatt tctttccatt ctattcgaat     42420
     ctattccatt ccattcgagt ccatgatatt ccattccttt ccactcgaca atattcattt     42480
     ccattgtatt ctggtccatt cctatccatt ccattcgaat tcattccaat acattccaca     42540
     catttgattc cattgcatcc ctatccattc cattcgggtc cattccattc cattcctttc     42600
     cattcctttc ggttccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc ctttcgattc cattccatcc     42660
     catttgaggc ctttgtattc tattccattc cagtcgagtc ccttccattc cattccattc     42720
     ttttcaagtc cattccattc cgttggagtt cattccatta tattccattc gagtccattc     42780
     cattccattt cattcctttt gagtccattc attcctgttc cataaaattt gatagcattc     42840
     cattctattc caatccatac cattccatta gattccattc cattccgttc cattggagtc     42900
     catttcattc cattccattc gtgtccattc tgtaccatta tattccgatc tattcaaatc     42960
     cattcaattc cattgcattc cattcgaatc cattcctctc ctttccactg gagtccattc     43020
     tattccattc cattcaacta gagtgcattc cagttcattt gagtccattt cattgcatat     43080
     cattcgagtc cattccattc cattcagttc cattccattc cattcgagta aattccaatc     43140
     cattccatcc cattagagta aattccattc cattccattc cattgcattc cattcctctc     43200
     cagtccattt taaactcatt acattccagt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt     43260
     caattccatt tgagcctagt ccattccatt ccattccttt ccagtcgagt ccattccatt     43320
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattcaatt ccattttagc ctagtccatt ccattccatt     43380
     cctttccagt cgagtccatt ccattccatt tcattccatt ccattccatt ccatcctatt     43440
     ccattccttt ccattcgagt ccattccatc cattccatac cataccaata cattccattc     43500
     cattccattc cattccactc cattccattc gagtacattc ctttcagttc cattccattg     43560
     cattccattc gactccactc cattcgagtc cgttcctttc cgttcctttc cattatgtaa     43620
     aattccattc cgttccattc cattcgagta cattcctttc agttccattg catggcattc     43680
     cattcgagtc cacttgactc cactccactc gaatctattc cgttccattc gagtcctttc     43740
     catttcattg ctttcgagtc cattccattc cattctatta aatttcagtg cattccattc     43800
     cattccattc gagtaaattc cattccattc catcccattt gcgtaaattc cattccttta     43860
     cattccattg cagtccattc caaagtcatt atattatagt ccattctatt aaattccatt     43920
     cttttccatt ccattccatt taagccctgt ccattccatt ccgtcccact ccattccatt     43980
     ccattgcatt ccactccatt cagttccatt ccattcaatt ctattcgagt caattccatt     44040
     ccattccatt tgagtcaatt ccattgcaat ccattgcatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt     44100
     ctattcgagt cctttccact gtattccatc ccaatccttt catatctatt caattccatt     44160
     ccattccatt tgtgtcaatt ccattccatt ccatttgagt ccattccatt gcattcgatt     44220
     tctttcgagt ctctttcatt ctattccatt cacgtccatt gcattccatt ccatttgaga     44280
     ccattccatt aaattccatt ttattccatt cgagttcatt ccattatatt ccgttccctt     44340
     catgtccatt ccattccatt cgagtccatt ccattccaat ccatttgagt ccattccatt     44400
     ccattcattg tagtccattc aaatacattc gattccatac cataccattc cattctggtc     44460
     catttctttc cattcctttc cattcctttc gagtcctttc cattcctttt cattccaata     44520
     cattccatcc cattacactc gagtccattc cattccattc cattctggtc cattcctatc     44580
     cattccattc gagtcctttc caatacattc catcccattc gattccattc cattccattc     44640
     cattcgattc cattccattc cattgcattc cattcgggtc cattccattc tattccattc     44700
     cattcctttc ggttccattc aattcaattc cattcgagtc cattccattc cattccatcc     44760
     ctttcgaggc cattctattc aattccattc cagtcaagtc ctttccattc cattccattc     44820
     ttttcgagtc cattccattc cgttggagtt cgttccattc cattccattt gagtccattc     44880
     cattccattc ttttctagtc cattcaattc cattccatac aattcgagta tatcccattc     44940
     cataccattc cattaccatc cattcaattc cattcgagtc cattcctttc cattccattc     45000
     gagtccattt cattccattc caatctattc gtgtccattc catgccatta cattccgttt     45060
     tattcaagtt cattcaattc ccttccattc cattcgaatc cattccactc ctttctgttg     45120
     gagtccattc tactccattc cattcaacta gaatccattc taattcattc gagtccattc     45180
     cattgcatat cattcgagtc cattccgttc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc     45240
     caaagtcctt tccaatccgt tctgttccgt tccattccgt tctgctccat tccattcaat     45300
     tccattcctt tcgaggactt tgcattcggt tccattccat tgcattccat tcgagcccat     45360
     tcaactccac tgcattcgag tcctttccgt tctattcggt tccattccat tccattgcat     45420
     tcgagtccat tccgttccat gctattccat ttcagtccat tccattccat tctattccat     45480
     tcgagtaaat tccattatat tccatcccat ttgtgtaaat tccattacat tcagttccgt     45540
     tccggtccgt tcaattccgt ttcattccat tccattcctt tccattcgag tacattccat     45600
     tcggttccat tccattgcat tccatttgaa tccattcgac tccactccat tcaagtacat     45660
     tccgttccat tcgagtccat cccattccat tgcattcgag tccattccat tccatgctac     45720
     tccatttcag tccattccat tccattcgat tcgagtaaat tgcattcctt tgcatcccat     45780
     tcgagtaaat tccatttcat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccag tccaaactct     45840
     ttaaattcca gtccattcta ttccgttcca ttcctttcca ttccattcct ttctatttgg     45900
     gcccagtcca ttcctttcca ttccattcga gtccattcca tttcattcca ttccattcca     45960
     ttactttcgt gtccattcaa ttgcatttca ttccatctga gtccattcca ttccattaat     46020
     gtcaatttaa ttccattaca ttcctttcca tttgagtcca ctccatccta attcattaca     46080
     ttcgattcga gcctattcaa ttcatttcca ttccattcga gtccattcaa ttcctttaca     46140
     ttcaactcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttccattcgt ttccgtttca ttacattaca     46200
     ttacactcca ctggagttgc tattccattc cacactttcg agttcatttc actctagtcc     46260
     attcgagtgc attccattcc attccatttt attcgactcg attccattca attcgaattc     46320
     gttccattcc attcatgtcc attccattcc attccaattg cgtccaatcc atttcatttc     46380
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccagtcg agtccattcc attcttttcc     46440
     attcgagtcc attccattcc attcgagtcc attccattcc attccgttcc gttccgttac     46500
     actcaattcc attccattcc attccgttca agaccattgc attccatctg agtccattcc     46560
     attgtattcg tgttcattcc attccattcc actcctttca aatccattcc attcccttcc     46620
     attcctttcg agaccattca attcaatttt attccgtttg tgtccattcc attccactcc     46680
     attccatttc attcaagtcc tttctattcc gttacattcc attgcattcg agtccactta     46740
     cttccattcc actccattcc attcgactcc attccattat tttccattcg ggtccatacc     46800
     attccatttc attcgagaca attccattcg attccgttcc agtccattcc attccattcc     46860
     attctattac attgtagtct attccattcc attccattct attacattgt agtctattcc     46920
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccatacc tttcaggtgc attccattcc     46980
     attactttcg agtccattcc attccattcc tgtccatacc attcccttcc atttcatttc     47040
     actcgagtcc cttccattgc tttcattcca ctcgagtctc ttccattgct ttcattccat     47100
     tcgagtccag tccattttat tccattctat tctgtaccat tacattccat tagagtccat     47160
     tccattaaat tccattgtat tccgttcgag tccattccat tccattcaat tccattccat     47220
     tccatttgag tccattcctt tccattccat ttcattcggg tccattctat tccattccgt     47280
     tcaagtccat tccactccgc tgtatttcat tcaagtacag tccatttcat tccattccat     47340
     tccattccat tctattcctt tcaggtccat tccattccat tgaagtcctt tccattcctt     47400
     tcaattccat tcgtgtccat tccattccat tccattccag tccattccat tccattccat     47460
     tcccgtccat tccattccat tccattcgag tccattccgt tacctacctt ttgagtccat     47520
     tcgttttcat gccattcatt tcaagtaaat tccagtccat tccattccat tctattccat     47580
     tccattccaa cacattcgat tccagttcat tccattcccc tccatttcat tccattgcaa     47640
     tccattccat ttgagtccat tccataacat tacgttccgt atgattcacg tccattcaat     47700
     tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattcaat tccactgctt     47760
     tctattcgag tccattccac tcaaatccat ttcattccat tcgggtccat tccattctgt     47820
     tccattggag tccattccat tccattcctt tccattcaag tccattccat tctattccat     47880
     ttcatttgag taaatttcat tcctttccat tccgttcccg aatattttat tccattcgac     47940
     tccattccat tccattcgag tccattccat tccattccat taaaatccat tccattacgt     48000
     taaattcctt tcagtccatt cccttccatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt tcattccatt     48060
     ccattacatt acaatacatt ccattccatt acattccttt tgaatccatt caatttaact     48120
     gcattccgtt tgagtccatt ccattccatt ctattccact ccaatccatt ccattcgatt     48180
     ccattttatt ccattacatt cctttccttt cgtgtccaat tccattccat tacattcaag     48240
     tccattccat tccattcaat tcgagtccat tccattcctt tccagtcaat tccattccat     48300
     tatattccat tccattcgaa tcctttcaat tggatacaat tctagtccaa tccgatccat     48360
     tccattagag tctattcctt aaattctatt gcattcctgt tgagtccatt ccattaaatt     48420
     ccattccact cgtgtccatt gaattccaat cgagtccttt caattccatt ccattcgagt     48480
     ccattccata ccgttcgttt ccattcgagt cgattatatt ccattccatt ccagtgcatt     48540
     ccattcaatt tggtaatatt tcattccatt ctattggagc ccattccatt ccattcgagt     48600
     ccgctccatt ccattccatt ggagtacatt gcactccatt atagtcgagt acattccatt     48660
     caattccatt ccaaccgagt ccactccatt ccattccatt cgagtccatt caattccctt     48720
     tgagtccatt ccgttccatt ccattcgagt ccattacatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt     48780
     ccaatccact caattccttt cgagtcactt caattcaatt gcgttccatt cgatttgatt     48840
     ccattccttt ccattccatt ccattccttt cgagtccatt tctttgcatt acattgcatt     48900
     caattccatt ccattccatc tcattccatt ccattcgagt ccagttcttt gcattacatt     48960
     ctattccatc cgagtctttg caattccatt ccattccatt ccaatcgagt ccattccatt     49020
     caattccttt ccattccatt cgagtcgatt ccattccatt ccatttttgt gcattccatg     49080
     ccactcaatt ccattggtgt ccctcccatt ccattcaatt cgaacctatg gtatttcaac     49140
     ctattcgatt ccattttatt ccaatacatt cctttcaatt ccattccatt ctgttccttt     49200
     cgtgtccatt ccattccatt cgagtcaact gcatttcatt ccaatgtgtt ccatatgtgt     49260
     ccattccatt tcattgcatt ccattccatt gcattccatt ccgttccatt taatttggtt     49320
     ccattccgtt ccatttcatt gcattccatt ccattgcatt ccattccgtt ccatttaatt     49380
     tgtttccctt ccattccatt cctttcaggt acatttaatt tcattcgagt acattccatt     49440
     ccattatctt cgagtccatt ccactgcatt ccaatcgagt ccatcccata acattccaat     49500
     cgagtccata cctatatgtt ccattctatt ccaatccatt ccattctatt ccattccagt     49560
     actctccatt ccattccatt aaagtccatt cattaaattc gattccattc tattagagtc     49620
     cattcctttc catactattg atgttcattc cattccattc gagtccattc cattccattc     49680
     caaaccattc taaatgattg cattctattc tattccattc cattccattt gagtccactc     49740
     cattccattc cattctattc cattgggatc cactccattc tattcgagtc cattccattc     49800
     cattccatgt gggtccatta aatttcattc aagtccattc acttccattc cattcttttg     49860
     agtccattcc attccatttc cttccatttg attccattct attccatttc cttccatttg     49920
     attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attccattcc attcgagtct gagtccattc     49980
     cattccattc catttgtgtc cgttccgttc gagtcaattc cattccattc caaacacttc     50040
     aattcctttc gagtccattc atttcaattg cattccattc aaggccattc cattccattc     50100
     cattccattt ttgtccattc cattcgagtc aattccattc cattccaaac acttccattc     50160
     ctttcgagtc cattcatttc aattgcattc cattcaaggc cattccattc catttcattc     50220
     catgcgaatc cattcttttc cattccattc cattacatta catttcattc cattacatta     50280
     tattccattc tagtccattc caatccgtta catttaattc catttgaatc ctttcaatgg     50340
     cattccattc ctttcgattc cattccattc atgtccattc cattccattc tgttccattc     50400
     aagtccattc catttgagtc ctttccattg cattccattc acgcccatta cattcaattc     50460
     cattccattc catttgagtc cattccaatg catttcattc gagtccattc cattccattc     50520
     tattccattt gagtcaattc gtttccattc cattcgagta cattccattt caacccattc     50580
     gagttctttt cattccaatc cattccattt gattccattc ctttctattc cattcgagtc     50640
     cattccattt cattccattg tcttccattc gagtccattc tattccattg cattcatgtc     50700
     cattccattc tattgcagtc cattcctttc cattcaattc gagtccattc cattctattc     50760
     tattccattt gtgtcctttc cattccattc aattccattc gagtctattc cattccattc     50820
     ctttcaagtc cactccatta cattctattc ttttgcgtcc attcctttcc gttccatttg     50880
     attccattcc attgcatacc attgcatttc ttttgagccc attcaattct attccattcc     50940
     ctttgaggcc attccattcg agtctattcg tgtccacttc gttatattcc tttccattcg     51000
     agcccattcc attctaatcc attggagtac ttttcattcc attcctttag agtccattcc     51060
     attaaattcc attgttttca attcgggtcc tttccattca attccattcc tttccattcc     51120
     attcaatttc atttcattca agtccattcc attgattacc attctttcca ttccattcaa     51180
     ttccattcga gaacatttca ttccattcca ttcgagtcca tttcattcct tttcattctt     51240
     ttcaattcca gtacattcca ttccattcca ttggagtcgg ttctattcca ctttattgtt     51300
     ttccattggg gtccattcca ttccattcca ttcgagtcca ttccattcct ttcttttcca     51360
     cttgactagt ttccattcta tttcattcca ttcgtttcca ttccattcca ttcgacttca     51420
     ttcctctcca ttctgttcga ctccattata ttccattcca ctccaatcca tgccattcct     51480
     ttctggtcca atcaattcca atccattcca ttcgagtcca ttcaatccct ttccattcca     51540
     ttccatttga gtcctttcca ttccattcca ttccattcga gtaaatttca ttccaaactt     51600
     tccattccat tcgggtcttt tccataccat aatattccat tctattcgag tctattgaat     51660
     tccattccat tccattcgag tccattcctt tcttatccat tcagtcaatt tttccgtttc     51720
     attccattcc attccatttc attccattgt cttcccttcc attctcttcc tctccattcc     51780
     attatattcc gttccactta attccattcc attatattcg agtctattcc attccttttc     51840
     attcgagtcc attccattcc agtacattcc attaccctcg agttaatttc atacatttcc     51900
     attccatagg atttctttct cttccattcg aatccattcc attccattcc ttttgagtgt     51960
     gttccattca attccattcc attcgagtcc attccactcc attccattct atttgagtcc     52020
     attccattcc attccatttg tgtccattcc tgtcaattcc attctagtca attccatttg     52080
     attccattcg agtccattcc attggagtcc attacattcc attaaattcg agtacatacc     52140
     attgcattcc attctattct tttcgagtcc attcaattcc attccattac tttcgactcc     52200
     attccattgc attccattgg attccattct ataaaattac attatattcc tctccattcc     52260
     attccattcg tgtccattcc attccattcg agtccattcc atcccattcg tttctagtac     52320
     attccttccc aatacatttt attccattcc atccttttca ttacatacta ttgcattcca     52380
     ttcctatgaa ttctattccc ttccattcca ttcaggtcca ttccattcca ttcgtggcca     52440
     ttccattcca ttccaatcca ttccattcca ctcgatttca gtccattgca ttctattcca     52500
     ttcgagtcca ttccgctcta ttccattcca ttctgttcct tttggattca ttccgtttca     52560
     ttccattcca ttcaagtaca ttccttttca ttccattcaa gtccgttcca ttccatttca     52620
     ttccagtcga gtcgtttcat ttccattcca ttccattcga gtccatgcca ctccaatcga     52680
     gtccgttccg ttccattcaa gtccattcca ttcgattcca ttccattcca ttcattttga     52740
     gttcattcga ttcctttcca ttccactcga gtccatacca ttctaatccg ttagggtcca     52800
     ttaaattcca ttccattagc gtccattgca ataaattcca ttccactcta ttagaggcca     52860
     ttctacgcaa ttagaatcca ttccattaca tgcccttcga gtcaattcca ttccttacca     52920
     taatattcca ttcaagtcca ttccattcca ttccaatcca ttccactcta ttgcattcca     52980
     ttccattcca ttcaactcgg gtccattcca ttccattcca ttccattctg ttccatttag     53040
     ttacattcac gtacattcca ttctattcca gtcgagtcca ttcctttgaa ttccattcta     53100
     ttcatttcgt ctccattcta ttccattcca ttcgagtcca ttctatgcct ttccatttga     53160
     gcccattcca ttccattcca ttcatggcta ttccattata ttccactcca ttcgaatcca     53220
     ttccattctg ttccactcga gtccattcca ttagattcca ttcattaaat tgcattccat     53280
     tccattcgag ttcattccat tccatttgag tccattcctt tccattgcat tccattcgag     53340
     ttgattccat tccattccat tccgttccat tccattccat tccattacat tacatttcat     53400
     tccagtagag tccattgcat tccattccat tctattccat tttggtccat tccattccat     53460
     tcaagtccaa tccattccat tcaagtccat tccattccat ttgagtctat tccattccac     53520
     tctgttatat tcgagttcat accattccat tccattcgag ccattccatt taatttaatt     53580
     tgattccgtt ccattgtagt ccaatccatt ccattccaat cctttccgtt ccgttcgatt     53640
     gcattcaatt caattgcatt ccattcgagt ccattccatt ccattctatt ccatttgaat     53700
     ctaatccatt ccattacctt ccatttgagt ccattccttt ccattccatt ccattccatt     53760
     ccatgcaagt ccgttccatt ctgttactat acatgccatt tgagtccatt ccattccact     53820
     ccattgcatt catttgcatt ccatgctatt ccattctggc ccattccatt ccattacatt     53880
     caagttcatt ccatttcatt ccattctatt ccattcgagt ccattccatt ccatttcatt     53940
     cctttcaagt ccattccatt ccattcaatt ccattcgagt ccgttccatt gtattccatt     54000
     tgactacttt ccattccatt tgagtccatt cgattccatt tgtgcaaatt ccattccatt     54060
     atatttgtct ccattctatt ccatttgagt ccattccatt ccactccatt cgaatccatt     54120
     ccatcccatc acattccatt cgagtccact ccatgtcatt ccattctaat ccattccatt     54180
     tcattgcatt catttccatt ccattccatt ccattcattt ccattccatt ccattccatt     54240
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ctattccata tgcgtccatt ctatttcatt     54300
     caattccatt tgagtccatt ctgttccact ccattctagt ccagtccatc cgatcacatt     54360
     gcattcgagt ccactccatg tcattccatt ctaatccatt ccattctatt ccattccttt     54420
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ctattccatt tgcgtccatt ctatttcatt cgagttcatt     54480
     ccattccatt tgattccatt atataccatt ccatttgaat ccattccatt ttgttccatt     54540
     cgagtcaatt ccattccatt ccattccttt tgagtctatt ccattccatt acattccatt     54600
     tgtgtccatt caattgcatt ccattcgagt cccttccatt ccattctatt ccattggaat     54660
     ccattacata ccattccatt agggtccatt ccaatctatt ccattcgagt cctttccatt     54720
     ccattctatt ccattcgtgt catttacttt ctattgtagt ccattccatt ccattccttt     54780
     tgaattcatt ccatttcatc cctttcaatt cccttgtagt ccattccaat ccatacgatt     54840
     ccatcccatc ccattccatt ccattccatt cgtgtccatt ccattcattt tgcactccat     54900
     tcctttcaac tccatttcat tccattccac tccattcaat tcgcgtccat gggattccat     54960
     tctagtccat tccattctat tacattccaa tccattccat tctattcctt tcaagtccat     55020
     tccattccat tccattccat tgcattgcag tgcagtccgt tcacttccaa tccattccat     55080
     acgtgtcgat tccattacat tatattctag tcaattccat tgccttccat tccattccgt     55140
     tccattccac tcctttctat tccattccat tccattccat tcctttccat tccattcgtg     55200
     tagattccat tccattccat tcaagtccat tccattccat tcgattacat tacatttgag     55260
     tccattccaa tccattccat tccgttagag tccatttgag tccattccat tcaatttggg     55320
     tccattacac tctattacat tcgagtgaat tccattccat tccattctag tccattccgt     55380
     tgcattccat tccattaact tccattccat tctattccat tcgaatgtat tctattccat     55440
     tccattagct tccattctgt tagagtcagt tctattaatt tccattccat tgcattctag     55500
     tccattccat tccattcgag tacattcctt tatgttcgct tcgagtccat tccattacat     55560
     tcccttcaag tccattccat tccattagtg tctgttccat tgcgttccat tcgagtaaat     55620
     tccattccat tggattccat agcattccat taaattcgag tcccttccgt tccactcctt     55680
     tccattcgat tccattccgt gctattccat tctggccgat tccattccat tccattcgag     55740
     tccattcaat ttcattccat tctattccat tctagtccat tccattccat ttcattcctt     55800
     tgagtccatt ccattccatt ccattcaagt ccgttccatt gtattccatt cgagtacttt     55860
     ccattgcatt cgaatccatt cgactccatt cgaaccaatt ccattccatt acatttgact     55920
     ccatcgtatt ccattctaat ccatttgagt ccattccatt ccaatctatt cgtgtccgtt     55980
     ccatcccatc tcattccatt cgtgtccact ccatgtcatt ccattcgaat ccattctatt     56040
     ccattcaatt cgagtccatt ccattatatt tcatcagagt tcattctatt acaattaatt     56100
     acattcgagt tcattccatt caattccatt cgtgtgaatt ccattacatt ccttttaagt     56160
     ccattccatt tcatcccatt ccattccatt ccattcgtga ccattccatt ccattccatt     56220
     ccattatttt ccattccatt ctattccatt tgtgtccatt ccattcactt ccattacatt     56280
     cgagtccatt tcactcttcc attgcattcc attccactcc gtttgattcc actcctgtcc     56340
     attccattgc aattcattcc attcgactcc attccattct tttccattcg cgtccattcc     56400
     actccattac attcgagtcc attccactct atttcatagc attcgaatcc tttcattgca     56460
     attccatacg cctcaattcc attccattcc atttgaatgg attccattcc attccatttg     56520
     aatggattcc attccattcc atttgaatgg attccattcc attccattcc gttttactat     56580
     attggattcc attcaattct ctgccatttg agtcccttca attctattcg agtccattcc     56640
     attgcattcc actcaagtcc attcgagtcc attccattcc attccttttg agaccattca     56700
     attccattaa attccattcg agtccattaa attccattcc attccattcg attccattac     56760
     actccgttcc attcgagtcc attccattcc actccattac attggaatcc attccattct     56820
     attccatttg aatccgttcc attctattcc attcggttga gacaatacca ttccttacta     56880
     ttcccctaga gtccattcca ttccattgga gtccattcca ttccattgca ttcgaatcca     56940
     ttccgttgca ctctatttca tttgattcca ttcaattccg ttccattaga gtccattcca     57000
     ttccatttca tttgagtcca ttccattata ttccattcgt ttccattcta ttccgtttga     57060
     atccattcat ttccattcga gccaattcct ttccattata ttcgagtcca ttctattcca     57120
     tccaattcca ttttagtcaa ttccattcca ttccattcca ttaaagaccc tccaatccca     57180
     acccattcca ttcgagtaaa ttccatgtta tttgattcga aacgattcca ttccattctt     57240
     tcctttcgaa ttaattccat tccatttcat tcgagtccac tccattatat ttagctccat     57300
     tcctgtccat tccattcaat tccattttaa tccattccat tccattccat ttgaatccat     57360
     tcattgcatt ccattccatt ccattcgaga tcatgccatt ccatcacatt ccattccatt     57420
     tgagtccatt catttccatt ccattccatt tgattccatt ccattccatt tcattccact     57480
     cgagtccttt caattccgtt ccattcaatt ccattcgatt ccattcaatt ccattccatt     57540
     tgtgtcaatt ccattccatt ccattctatt cgtgtgcatt ccaatccatt cgagtccatt     57600
     tgattccttt ccattccatt ccatgagtcc attccatacc attatattcc attcgattta     57660
     agttcattaa attcctttcc attcgattca agtccattgc attccattgc atttgagtcc     57720
     attccattca attccattct attcgagtcc attcctttct attgcattca agtcatttcc     57780
     attccattac attcgattgt attccattcc ttgccattcc atttcactcg agccgtttcc     57840
     attgcattcc attccatttg agtccattcc attcaattcg agtccattcc atgccattcc     57900
     attcgagtcc attccatttc attccgttct aatccattcc attccattca ataccattcc     57960
     gttacttttg agtccatttc attgcattcc atttgagtcc attcctttcc tttccattcc     58020
     attagactcc attccattat attccattct agtccattgc attccattcc attcgagtct     58080
     gtttcattcc actccattct attccattcg agtcagttcc attccattcc agtgcattcc     58140
     attccattcc attccatttc actcgagttg tttccattcc attccattcc attcaactcc     58200
     attccattcc tttcgagtcc attccatgcc attccattca agtccattct attccattcc     58260
     attccattcc attccattac gatccattcc attccattcc gttccattcc attccattca     58320
     ataccattca attccttttg agtccatttc attgcattcc attcgagtcc attccattcc     58380
     attagagtcc attccattgt attccattgt agtccattgc attccattcc atttgagtgc     58440
     gtcccattcc attccattct attccattcg agtccattcc attgcattcc attctactcg     58500
     aacccattga ttccattcta ttcccctcga gtccattcca ttccattcca ttccattgat     58560
     ttcattctgt tccattccgt tccattccgt tccattccat tcaattcctt tcaataccaa     58620
     tcctttcctt ctgatttcat ttcattgcat tccattcaag tccattcctt tccattatag     58680
     tccattccat tatattccat tctagtccat ttcattccat tccattcgag tccattccat     58740
     tccattccat tgtattccat tccagtccat tccattccat tcgattccat tccattcgtg     58800
     tccattccac tccattcgag tacattccat tccgttcaat ttgagtccat tccattccat     58860
     tccattccat tctattggag tccattccat tccattccat ttgtgtccat tctgttccat     58920
     tccattccag tctagtcgat tccattccat tgcattcgaa gccattccac tgtattccat     58980
     ccctttcaaa tccattccat tctattccat tccattccat tccattcgta tccattccat     59040
     tccattcgag tccattccat tccattccat tccattcgag tccattccat tccattcgag     59100
     tccattccat tccattcgtg tccattcctt tccactcgag tccactgatt ccattctatt     59160
     cccctcgaat ccattccatt ccattccttt tgagtctatt acatttcatt ccattgcatt     59220
     tgagtacctt ccattccatt tgtgtccatt ctattccttt tcattcgagt ccattccatt     59280
     caattccatt ctattccatt gaagtccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt tgagtgcata     59340
     tatttccctt ccattccact ggagtccatt ccattccatt agagtccatt ccattggatt     59400
     ccaatacagt aaattccata ctattccatt cgagcccaat ccatttgatt tctttccttt     59460
     caagtccatt ccattccttt cgaatccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccaatgaatt     59520
     cctttccatt ctattccatt caaatctatt ccatttcatt ccattccatt tctctccatt     59580
     cctcttcttt ccattccatt ccattctatt tcattgcatt ccattccatt ccattccttc     59640
     acattacatt acattacatt tgcacccagt tcatttcatg ccattcgatg ccaatacata     59700
     ccattccatt cgaatccatt caatttcatt ccattagagt caattccatt ccattcaatt     59760
     atattacatt cctttgaagt ctattccatt ccattacttt ccatttggga ccattccact     59820
     gcattccatt cgagtccatt ccattcaatt ctgttccgtt cgaatgcatt ccatttcatt     59880
     ccaatagagt acattccact aaattccaat ctattccatt cgagtctgtt ccattccatt     59940
     tcattcaatt cgtggccttt ccattcgaaa gtagttcact ccattccatt ccttttaaat     60000
     tcattccatt ctatcccttt ctattcaatt caactccatt ttaatccgta ccattccatc     60060
     ccaatgcata ccattccatt ccattgcatt ccattcaatt cgagtccatt cctttcaatt     60120
     ccattccatt cgagtccttt ccattccatt cgattccatt acatttagtt cctttccatt     60180
     ccattcgagt ccattctatt ccattgcatt agagtccatt ctattccatt ccattatatt     60240
     tgagtcgatt catttctatt ccactttagt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattgcatt     60300
     ccaatctact ctttttgagt ccattcaatt ccattccatg ccattccaat ctaatcattt     60360
     tgagtccatt cagttccttt ccattccatt cgagtccaat aaattccatt ccgttacatt     60420
     ccatttcact cctttccatt cgagtccatt ccattccact ccattagatt cgaaaccatt     60480
     ccattctatt ccttttgaat ctgttccatt ccattctatt ccatttgaga ccataccatt     60540
     ccattccatt caactagagt ccattacatt ccatttgatt gcattccatt ccattgcatt     60600
     cgagttgatt ccattccact caattccatt tgagttcatt caattccatt ccattcgagt     60660
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattctgtt ccattcgtgt ccattccatt ccattcgaat     60720
     ccattccatt ccattcgagg caatttcatt ccactatatt cgagtccatt ctattccatt     60780
     ccattccatt tgagtccatt ccatgtcatt caatttgata tcattccatt ccattccatt     60840
     ccattgcatt ccattccatt ccattcaaac cattccattc catttctttc gagtccattc     60900
     catttcattt aattccattg cagtctattc ctttcaattc cattcgtgtc aactccattc     60960
     cattttttgt gagtctattc aaatgcattc cattccattc cattccattc gagacgatgc     61020
     cattccattc cattccattt gagtacattc aattccattc cattagattc cattccattc     61080
     catttcattc cactcgagtc gtttccattc cattccattc gagtacattc cattccattt     61140
     gattccattc tattccattt cattccattc cattccattc cattcatttc aagtccattg     61200
     acttccattc cattcatttt gagtccattc cattccattc ggtttcattc cattcctttc     61260
     ttgtacattc cattccattc gtgttcattt gattccattg cattccatta cattccatac     61320
     gggaccattc cataccgtta cattccattc gatttgaatg catcaaattc ctttccattg     61380
     cattcgagtc cattccagtc cattgcattc gagtccattc cattccatta ttttttctat     61440
     tgcattcgag tcaattgcat tccattccat tcgagtgcat tccattgcat tccattccat     61500
     ttctctcgag tcttttccat tccattccat tccattcgat tccattccat tccatgccat     61560
     tccatttgag tccattctat tccattccat tccattccat tcgagtccat ttcattccat     61620
     tccattccat tctattccat tcaataccat ttcattgctt tctagtccat gtcattgcat     61680
     tccattaaat ccattccatt ccattccatt tcattcgtgt gcattccatt ccatttaagt     61740
     tcatttgatt ccattccatt ccattccata cgagtccatt ccataccttt acattccatt     61800
     cgatttcagt ctattaaatt cctttcaatt ctgttcgagt ccatttcact ccattgcatt     61860
     tgagtacata ccattccatt ccattctatt cgagtccatt actttcaatt ccagtcgagt     61920
     ccgttccatt ccattccatt ctagtgcatt ccattccatt ccatttcatt ctagtcgttt     61980
     ccattccatt ccaatccact caagtccatt ccattccatt cgagtccatt ccttaccatt     62040
     ccattcgagt ccattccatt ccattctatt cgagtccatt tcattccatt ccattcaaat     62100
     ccattccatt ccattcaata ccattcgttt cctttcaagt ccatttcatt gcattccatt     62160
     cgagtccatt ccattccatt ctattcctgt agatttcatt ccattctatt ccattctagt     62220
     ccattgcatt ccattccctt ctagtccgtt ccatttcatt cccttgtatt ccattcgtga     62280
     ccattctatt ccattcgatt ccacttcatt cgtgtccatt cctctccatt cgagtacatt     62340
     ccattccatt gcatttcagt ccattccatt tcattacatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt     62400
     ccattccact cgagtccatt ccgttccatt caagtgcatt ccattccata tcatttgaca     62460
     acattccatt ccttttcatt ctataccata caagtccatt ctgttccttt ccattccatt     62520
     tcattccatt ccattctatt cgtatccatt ccattacatt ccatttgaat ccattcaact     62580
     gctttgtatt gcatttgagt ccatttattt ccattccatt acagtccatt ccattccatt     62640
     gcattcgagt ccattccatt ctatttgact ccattccatt ccattttatt cgagtccatt     62700
     ccattccatt caattcgttt ctgatccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt cgaatccatt     62760
     ccattccatt cgattccatt cggttccatt cctttgcatt ccattagagc ccattccatt     62820
     aggttccaat ccagtatatt ccattcaatt ccatttgagt ccgttccatt tcattccatt     62880
     tgagtccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ctattccaat ccattccatt ccattccttt     62940
     ccattccatt cgtttccatt ccattccatt atattcgagt ccactccatc ccattccatc     63000
     ctattccatt tgagtctatt ccattccatt gcatgtcatt ccaatccatt caactgcatt     63060
     ccatttcatt cgagtctatt cctttccatt acattcgagt cgattccatt ccattgcact     63120
     tcattcgggt ccattgcatt tcatttgact ccgttccgtt cctttccatt cctttcaagt     63180
     ccattttatt catttccatt ccaatccatt aaattccatt atattccttt ccattcattt     63240
     cgggtccatt caattcatct gcattccact cgagtccttt ccattacatt ccatgccatt     63300
     gcattccatt ccattcgagt ccattcaatt ccattcgagt ccatttcatt ccattatatt     63360
     tcattctgtt agagttcatt ccatttcatt ccattccatt atattccagt ccattcaatt     63420
     ccattccatt ccattccatt cgagtccctt caactccatt ctgttcgagt gaattccatt     63480
     ccattccatt ccattggaat ccattccatt ccattcaatt ccatttgaga ctaatccatt     63540
     ccatttcatt caattcttgt acatttcatt ccatttcatt ccattcgggt ccgttccata     63600
     caattccatt atgctcaatt ccattccatc ccattcgagt ccattccatt ccattccatt     63660
     ccactccatt ccattccatt ccattagagt ccattcaatt ccattccata cgagtccatt     63720
     ccactccatt ccattcaatt cgagtctatt gcattctatt ctatcccatt caagtaaatt     63780
     ccattctatt ccattccttt ctgttccatt tgtgaacact ccattccatt ccgttccatt     63840
     tactaccgtt ccattccatt cagttcgagt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccaatcgagt     63900
     ccattccatt cttttccact ccattccatt cgagtctatt ccattccatt gcattccact     63960
     cgagtccatt tctttccatt ccattcgatt ccattccatt ccattctatt ccgttgcttt     64020
     cgtaaccatt caattcaact gcattgcatt agagtccatt taattgcatt ccagtatatt     64080
     ccattccatt ccattcgagg tcattccatt gcattctatt acattcgagt gtatcccgtt     64140
     ctattccatt cgagaccatt ccattccatt ccaatatagt ctattcactt aaattccatt     64200
     gtattccatt cgagtccatt acattccatt ccattccgat gcatttgtgt ccattatatt     64260
     ccattcgagt ccattacatt ccattacttt cgagtccatt ccaatccatt caattctatt     64320
     ccattcaagt ccattccatt tcataccatt ccattccatt ccagtctatt ccattgcatt     64380
     ccactacatt ccattccatt ccattccatt cggtgccatt cctttccatt ccattcgagt     64440
     ccattccatt ccattccaat atagtctatt cacttaaatt ccattgtatt ccattcgagt     64500
     ccattccatt ccattccaat atagtctatt cacttaaatt ccattgtatt ccattcgagt     64560
     ccattacatt ccattccatt ccgatgcatt tgtgtccatt atattccatt cgagtccatt     64620
     acattccatt actttcgagt ccattccaat ccattcaatt ctattccatt caagtccatt     64680
     ccatttcata ccattccatt ccattccagt ctattccatt gtattccact acattccatt     64740
     ccattccatt cggtgccatt cgagtccatt ccattccatt gcattccatt ggagtccatt     64800
     ccaatccatt ccattccatt caagtccatt cttttcgagt ccattccttt ccattccatc     64860
     tgggtccatt ccattctatt ccattagtgt catttccatt ccattccatc ccattgaggt     64920
     ccagtctttt ccattccatt ccattcaatt cgagtccatt ccactccatt ccattccatt     64980
     ccattccttt agagtccttt ccattccatt ccatcccatt caggttcatt ccattccatt     65040
     ccattctttt ccattccttt cggatccatt caattcaaca gcatttcatt ccagcacatt     65100
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt agtgtccatt     65160
     caattccatt ctatcccatt agagtccatt ccattccatt ccattccatt tcattccact     65220
     cgagtcgttt tcattccatt ccattccctt cgagaccatt tcattccatt ggagtccatt     65280
     ccattccctg ccattcgtgt ccgttccatt cctttcgagt gcattccatt ccattcaatt     65340
     cctttcaagt ccattcaatt ccattccgta acatttgagt ccattccatt ccatcaaaat     65400
     ccattgcatt aaattcgact ccactgcatt ccatttattt cgagtccctt tgattgcact     65460
     ccattacatt ccattcgagt ccattacata ccattacatt ccattcgact tcagtccatt     65520
     ccattccatt ccattccatt cgaatccatt aaactccttt ccattcgagt ccattccatt     65580
     ccattcgaat ccattccatt ccattccact tgtgtccatt ccactccatg caagtccatt     65640
     ccattccagt tcattggagt tgattccttt ccattgcaat ctattccatt caagtccatt     65700
     ccattccagt acattccatt tcactcgatt ctgttccatt tgtgtccatt gcattccatt     65760
     ccattcgagc ccaatccttt ccattatatt ccattcgagt ctattccatt ccattccttg     65820
     tgagtccatt ccattccatt ccattcgagt ccattccatt ccattacatt ccattcgaat     65880
     ccattgcatt gctttcaagt cttttccatt ccatttaatt ctagtccatt cctttccact     65940
     ccattttatt gcattcaagt ccattacttt ccattccatt cctctgcatt ccattccatt     66000
     ccgttgcatt cctttccatt catgtccatt cagttcaaat ccattcgagt acattccatt     66060
     ccattccatt cttttccatt caagtacatt ccattccatt ccattctgtt ccattccatt     66120
     ccattatatt ccattcaagt ccattccatt ccatcccact tgagtccatt ccattccatt     66180
     ccgttcgagt ccattccatt ccattacatt cgagtccatt gcattgcatt tgaatacttt     66240
     ccattcaatt tcattcgtgt ccattccatt ccattctatt ccattcaagt ccagtccgtt     66300
     ccattccagt ctattccaat cccttccatt ccaatacatt ccattccatc aaattcaatt     66360
     ccatacgttt catgtccatt ccattccatt ccattaaagt ccattccatt ccattccgtt     66420
     agagtccata acattagatt ccaatccagt aaattccact caaatacatt cgagtgcatt     66480
     ccatttcatt ccattccatt ccattggagt ccattccact gcattcaaga ccattccatt     66540
     ccattcaatt ccaatcgatt acagtccatt ctattgcatt ccattccatt ccattccgtt     66600
     ccattccatt ccattccatt ccactcaatt ccattccatt ccattcgggt ccagtccatt     66660
     ccattccatt cgagtccttt ccattgcatt cgaatccatt ccactccatt cctttccagt     66720
     ccattcaatt ccattacatt acattcaatt cgtaaccatt caattccatt cgaattcctt     66780
     ttgattccat tcccctccat tccattttgg tccattccat tatattccaa ttcattcgag     66840
     tccattgctt tctattccat tctagtcaat tccattccat tccattcgaa tccattccac     66900
     tccactgcat ttgagtccat tccatttcat tccattccag gcgagtcaat tccattccat     66960
     tagtgtccat tccattccaa ttcattcgag tctattccat tcgtttccaa tctattccat     67020
     tcaagtccat tccattccat tccattactt tccattcgat tccattacag tccattccat     67080
     tccattcaat tactttccat tcttgtcaat tccattccat tcaagtccat tctattccgt     67140
     tcgagtccat tctgttccat tccacttgag tccattccat tgcattccat tccgttcgag     67200
     tgcattccat tacaatacat tcttgtccat tacattccat tcgagcgcat acttttccat     67260
     ttcattcgag tccatttcat tcccattcca ttctattcca ttcaattccc ttccattcca     67320
     ttccaatcca tttcattcca ttccatttca ttccattcca ttccatccat tccattcata     67380
     tccattccac tccattgcat tcgagtccgc tgccctccat tcaattccat tggagtacat     67440
     tcctttcgat tccattagat tcaattccat tccattccat ttgagtgcat tccattccat     67500
     accattccat ttcactgaag ttttttgctt ttgattcctt cccattagag tccattccat     67560
     tcctttccat tctattccat tccattccat tcgagtccat tccattccat tacattacat     67620
     ttcattccat tcgagtccat ttcattccat tcgggtcaat tccattccgt acctctccat     67680
     tccattccat tccattacat tacattcggg tccattacat ttctttctat tagagtcctt     67740
     tccattccat tccatctcat tcaagtccat tctcttccat tccattccat tccatttgag     67800
     tccattcaat tccattccat tagagtcctc tccactccat tccgtcccac tcaagtctat     67860
     tccgttccat tccattccat tctattccat tcccttccat tcttttcgga tccactcaat     67920
     tcaactgcat tccattccat tccagtccat tccgttccat tccataccac tccattccat     67980
     tagagtccat tcaatttcat tctatcccat tagagtccat tgcattccat tcaattccac     68040
     tcgagtcgtt ttcattccat tccatttcct tcgagaccat ttcattccat tggagtccat     68100
     tccattccct tccattctag tccattccat tccattccat tccattccaa tccaatcctt     68160
     tcgagtccat tccattccat tcaactcctt tcgattccaa tcaattccat tccgtaccat     68220
     ttgagtccat tccattccat tacaatccat tgctttaaat tcgagttcat tccattccat     68280
     tccatttcat tcgcgtccct gtcattgcat tccattccgt tcaattcgag tgcattccat     68340
     accattacat tccattcaac tcgaatccat tcaattaaat tccattcctt tcgtatccat     68400
     tccagtccat tccattcgag tccattccat tccattccat tccattccat tccattctat     68460
     tcgattgatt tcaattccat tcctttcgag tccattccat tccattctac tcgtgtccat     68520
     tcctttccat tcaagtccat tccattccat ttcattcgag tccattcctt tccattccgt     68580
     tcttttccat tcaagtccat tccattactt tacagtccat tccatttcac tctattccat     68640
     tccattcatg tccattccat tccactcgag cccaaacctt tccattttat tccattcgag     68700
     tgtattccat tccaatcgtg gtgggtccat tccattccat tccattcgag tccattccat     68760
     tccattacat tacattcgtg tccattccat tgctttcaag tcctttccat tccatttcat     68820
     tcgagtgcat tcccttccac tccattgtat tccaattaag tccgttgcta tccattccag     68880
     tcagttccat tctgttccgt gccattccat tcctttctat tccattccat tcttgtccat     68940
     tcaatttcat tccattcgag tacattccat tccattccat tctgttccat tcgagtccat     69000
     tccattccat tctattccat tagagtccat tccattccat tccacttcag tccattccat     69060
     tccattcgaa ttcattccat tctattacct tacatttgaa tccattgcat tgcattcgat     69120
     tactttccat tccatttcat tcgagtccat tccattccat tccattctat gacattcaac     69180
     tccattccat tccattccaa accagtccat tcccttccct tccattccat tccattccat     69240
     cccattccat tccatacgtt tcatgtccat tccattccat tctattccat tcgagtccat     69300
     tccattccat tccattccat tcgagtccat tccattccat tccattccat ttcattcgag     69360
     ttcattccat tagattccaa tctagtaaat tccactgaaa tccattcgag tccattccat     69420
     tccattccat tccattccat tccatccgag tccattccaa tgcatttgag accattccat     69480
     tccattcaat tctaacacat tccagtccat tctatggaat tccattccat tcctttcttt     69540
     tccatttcat tcctttccat tcccttcctc tccattccat tctattccat tccactcaat     69600
     tccattccat tccaatccat tcgagtccat tccattccac tcgtggccat tccacgccat     69660
     tcctttcgag tccattccat tccattacat tcctttcaat tcgtgtccat tcaattccat     69720
     acgaattcct ttcgattcct tttaactaca ttccatttga tccattccat catattccaa     69780
     tccaatcgag tccattcctt tctattgcat tctagtcaat tccattccat tctattcgaa     69840
     tccattccac tccattccat ttgagtccat tccatttcat tccattgcag tcaagtcaat     69900
     tccattccat tagagtccat tccattccaa atcatttgtg tctattccat tcacttccaa     69960
     tctattccat tcaagtccat tcctttccat tcctttcctt taccttacat tccattccat     70020
     tgcattcgat tcatttacag tccattgtat tccattccat tactttccat taaggtccat     70080
     tccattacat tccattactt tccattcagg tccaatctat tccattcgag tccattccat     70140
     tatattctat tctattcgat tccactccat tccattctat tccattcgac tccattccat     70200
     tccattgcac ttgagtccat tccattccat tccattccac tccattccaa tcaattacat     70260
     tcctttcgag tccattccat tgcttccaaa tcctttccat tcaatttcat tcgagtccat     70320
     tccattccac tccattctat tccattcaag tccattcctt tgcattccac tccattccat     70380
     tccattccat tccattccag tccatttcat tccattccat ttcatcccag tccattccat     70440
     tccacttctt tccattccat tcatgtccat tcaattccat tccattcgtg tacattccat     70500
     tccattccat tctattccat taaagtcgat tccattccat tccaatccat tcctttccat     70560
     tccattctag tccgtttcat tccgtctcat tcctttccat acatttcgtg tccattcaat     70620
     tccatttctt ataagtccat tccattccat tctactccat tcgagtccat tccattccat     70680
     tgcattcgag tccattgcat tcctttagac tccattcagc tccattcttt tcgaatccat     70740
     tccaatccat tacattccat ttgatttgag tccattcaat tccattcgaa ttccattgga     70800
     ttacattcca ctctattcca tttgagtcca ttccattata ttcaaatcca ttcgaatcca     70860
     ttcctttcta ttccattgta gtcaattcca ttccattcca ttcgaatcca ttcctctcca     70920
     ttccatttga gtccattcca attcattcca ttccagtgga gtcaattcca ttccattaga     70980
     gtcctttcga ttccatttca ttggagtcca ttccattcgt ttcaatacta ttcgattcat     71040
     gtccattcca ttttattcca ttccattaac ttccattcca ttgaattcca ttcgattaca     71100
     ttacaggcca ttccattcca ttccattcca ttctattcca ttcaagtcca ttccattcaa     71160
     ttccattcca ttcaagtcca ttccattcta ctccattctt gtccatgcca ttccaatcca     71220
     ttccatttgt gtccatgcca ttctaatcca tttgagtcca ttccattcca ttcgactcca     71280
     ttccattcca ttttattcga gtccattcca ttctattcca ttcaactcca ttccattcca     71340
     ttcaattcca ttccattcca ttcaattcca ttccattgca ttcgtgtcca ttccattcca     71400
     ttccatacga gtccattcca ctccattcga tttcattcga gtccatttca tcccatttca     71460
     ttagtgtcaa attccgttaa attccaatcc agtacattgc actctattca attcgagtcc     71520
     attgtattcc attccatttc agtctattcc attccattcc attctgttcg aatcctttct     71580
     aatcaattct attccattcc tttccattac attccatgcc attcctttcc attccattcg     71640
     cgaccattcc attcccttcc attcgagttc attcgattcc attcgagttt cttccattcc     71700
     attgcatgcc attccagtcc attccactgc attccatttc attcgagtcg attccattgc     71760
     attccattct attttagtcc attccgttcc atctcattca tatccattct attccattcg     71820
     aatccattcc attccattcg agttcattcc attccgttac attccattcc attcgagtcc     71880
     attcaattcc attccattcc atttgagccc agtccattcc atgccgtttg agtcctctcc     71940
     attccttttg agtccattac attccattgc attcgcgtca attccattct aatctatggc     72000
     attccagtcc attctagtcc ataccattcc attccattcc attccattcg tgtccattgc     72060
     attccattca attcgactcc attgcattcc attccacttc atttgggtga attccattcc     72120
     gttccattcc attcgagtcc attactttcc ataacattcc attccattcg ggtgcaatgc     72180
     atgccattcc attcgagtcc agtccattcc attccaatcc attcgagtcc attccattcc     72240
     atttcagtca tttccattgc attcccttcg agtccattgc attccattcc attccattcc     72300
     attcgttttg tgtccattca attcaacagc actcctttcg tttccattcc attgcattcc     72360
     attcgattcc attccattcc attcgagtct attccattcc attacaatgc attcgagcac     72420
     atttcattcc attccattcc attccattgg agttcattcc attccgttac attccattgc     72480
     atttggatcc attcaatgcc attccattcc atgcgggtcc attccactcc attgtattca     72540
     agtgcattcc attccgtgct aatccatttg agtccattcc attccattcc atgctattcc     72600
     atttgagtcc attccattac attcgggtcc attccattct attccattcc attcttatcc     72660
     attccattcc attcttttcc attccattcc attccatttg agtccaatga attccattgc     72720
     attcaattga aatacattcc attgtattcc attccttcca ctcgggtcca ttcccttcaa     72780
     ttccattagt gtcaattcca ttccattcca ttcgagcgca ttccattcca ttggtgtcta     72840
     ttcaattcca ttccatccca ttagagtcca ttccattcca ctctagtcgt tttcattcca     72900
     ttccattccc tccgagaaca ttccattcca ttggagtcca ttccattccc ttccattcga     72960
     ttccaatcca ttccagtcaa ttccattcca ttcctttcaa ttcctttcta gtccattaca     73020
     ttccattaca ttgctttcga gtccgttcca ttccattcca taccatttgt gtccattcca     73080
     ttccattata ttccattgca ttcctttcca ttccattcca gtccattcca ttccattcca     73140
     ttcaagtcca ttccattcca cttcattcca ttccattcat gtccattcaa ttccattcca     73200
     ttcgagtcca ttccattcga gtccattcca ttccattcca cttgagtcca ttccgttcca     73260
     ttccattcga gtccattcca ttccgttaca ttacattcga gtccattcct ttgcattgga     73320
     gtcctttcca ttccatttca ttcgagtcca ttctattcca ttccatttct tcgagtccct     73380
     ttcattccct tccattccat tccattccat ttgagtccat tccttactat tacattccgt     73440
     tcgactcgag tccattcaat tccaatccat tccattcgaa tccattccac tgaattccat     73500
     tcgagtccat tccattccat tcaattaaat tccattcgat tcctttccat tccattccat     73560
     ttgattccat tccattccac tcttgtccat ttcattccat ttgagtccat tccattccat     73620
     ttcattcgag ttcattccat tccattccat tctaatccat tctagcccat tccattcctt     73680
     ttcattcctg tccattccat tccattccat tccagtccag tccattccac tccattccat     73740
     tccattcgtg tccattccat tccatacgag ccctttcctt tccattatat tccattcgaa     73800
     tatatttcat ttcattcttc tttagtccat tccattccat tccattggag tccattccaa     73860
     ttcattacat tccattcgat tccatcccat tgtattcaat cctttccatt ccgtttcatt     73920
     cgagtccatt ccataccatt ccattctttt ccattcatgt ctattccttt ccattcctct     73980
     ccattccatt ccattccagt tcagtccatt ccattccatt ccattccagt tcattcgatt     74040
     ccaattcttt ccattccatt catgtccatt ccattccatt ccattcgagt actttccatt     74100
     cttttccatt caagtccatt ccattccatt ccacttgagt ccattgcatt ccattccatt     74160
     cgagtatatt ccattccaaa acattacatt tgagtccatt cctttccatt cgagtccttt     74220
     acattccatt tgttttgagt ccattccatt ccattccatt tctttgagtc cctttcattc     74280
     cattccattc cattgcattc cattcgagtc cattccatac tattacattc cgttcgactc     74340
     gagtccattc aattccaatc cattccactc gaatccattc cactgcattc catttgagtt     74400
     cattccattc cattccattc catgccatta aattccattt gattcctttc cattccggtc     74460
     cattcgattc cattccattc cactcgtgtc cattccattc cattagagtc cattccattg     74520
     catttcattc gagtgcattc cattccattc cattctcttc cattctagcc cattccattc     74580
     cattccattc ctttccgttc cattccattc tattccattc ccttccattc ctctccattc     74640
     cattccattc aattcgtgtc cattccattc catacaagcc ctttcctttc cattatattc     74700
     cattcgaata tatttcattt cattcctctt tagtccattc tattccattc cgttcgagtc     74760
     cataccaatc cattacattt cattcgaggc cattccattg cattcaagtc ctttccattc     74820
     catttcattc gagtccattc cattccactc cattctattc acttcatgtc cattcctttc     74880
     cattccactc cattccattc cattccattc cagttcattc cattccactt cattccattc     74940
     aattcgtgtc cattcaattc cattccattc gagtacattc cattccattc tattcctttc     75000
     gagtccattc tatttcattc cacttgagtc cattccgttc cattcctttt gagtcctttc     75060
     cattctattc cattccattc gaatccattc tgttgcattc gattcctttc cattccattt     75120
     cattggaatc cattccattc cgttgctttc tattccattc aattccattc ctttccattc     75180
     cactccgttc cattcccttt cattccactc cgttccattc ccttccattc cagtccattc     75240
     cattccatcc cattccattc cattcgtttc gtgtccattc cattccattc ctttagagtc     75300
     tattccattc cattctattc caattgagtc aattcgattg cattccattt gagtccattc     75360
     cattgctttc cattcacttc catttgatac cattccattc ctttctattc cattccattc     75420
     tattcgagtc catatcattc cattccattc cattcaattc cattcctttc gagtccattc     75480
     aattcggttg atttccattg gagtccattc cattccatta cattcttttc gtttccattc     75540
     tattccattc ctgcccattc cactccgttg cattcgatcc catttcattc cattacgttc     75600
     ctttccattc gattccattc ctttccattc catttgattc cattccattc cattcctttc     75660
     catttcattg cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattg     75720
     cattccattc cattgcattc cattgcattc cattccattg cattccattg cattccattc     75780
     cattgcattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc     75840
     cattgcattc cattctattc cattccattg cattgcattc cattccattc cattccattg     75900
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattgcattc cattccattc     75960
     cattccattg cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattgcattc cattccattc     76020
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattg cattccattc cattccattc cattgcattc     76080
     cattccattc cattccattg cattccattc cattccattg cattccattg cattccattc     76140
     cattccattg cattccatta cattccattc ctgtcctttc aattccattc cactccattc     76200
     gagtccattc cactcaattc cattcttgtc cattccattc cacatcattc cattggactc     76260
     cattccattc ttttccattc tgttccattc cactctattc cattcgagtc cattgcattc     76320
     tatttcattc ccttcgagtc cattccattc tattccattg aagtcaattc cattccattc     76380
     cattccattc aatttcaatc cattccattc aattcctttt cactcgagtg gattcctttc     76440
     aagtccattc cattcgagtt ccttccattc cattcctgtc cattccattc ctttccattc     76500
     ctttcctatc cataactttt gggtccattc aattccattc cattccattt gagtccttta     76560
     aattcctttc cattcctctc aattccatta cactccattc catatgagtc cattcaattc     76620
     cactccatta gattcgagtc cattccattc tattccattt gaatccgttc cattcctttc     76680
     cgttcctttt gagaccatac cattgcattc cattccactg gagtccattt ctttccattc     76740
     cagtccattt catttcattc aagtccattc cattccattg aattcaagtc cattccattc     76800
     caatatattc catttgagtc cattccattc cattagagtc cattccattc cactccattc     76860
     cattcgaatc cattgcattc tattccactc gtgaccattc cattccactc gaatcaattt     76920
     cattccattc gagccaattc cattctgtta tattcgagag cattctattc cattccattc     76980
     catttgagtc cattccattc tattacattc gagaccatcc aatccgaacc cattccgttt     77040
     gagtctattc catgtccttt gatttgaaat cattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc     77100
     cattcgagtc cattcgagtc catttttttc catttcattt gtgtccattc cattacactt     77160
     aattccattc ctttccattc cattcaattc cattcatgtc aattccattt cattccattt     77220
     gagtccattc aactccattg cattccattc cttttgagac catgccattc cattccatta     77280
     cattccattc gagtccattc aatcccattc cgttacattc gattccattc cattccattt     77340
     cattctactc aagtcgtttc cattccatcc cattcaattt gagtacattt cattccattg     77400
     aagtccttta aattccattc catttgattc cattccattc tattaaatta cattcctttc     77460
     cattccattc cattctatta cattcaattc cattccattc ctttccatca gagtccattc     77520
     cactaaattc ccatctattg cattcgagtc tgttccattc aattccattc aattcgtggc     77580
     ctttccattc cattggagtc cattccattc cattccattc tgtttaaatt catcccagtc     77640
     catccctttc tattccattc aagtccattc ctatccaaag cttaccatcc catagcattc     77700
     cattccattc ctgtcctttc cattcccttc cattccagtc cattccattc catcccattc     77760
     cattccatac gtttcgtgtc cattccattc cattccttta gagtctattc cattccattc     77820
     tattccaatt gagtcaattc ctttccattc cattggagtc cattccactc cattgcattc     77880
     gagtccattc ctttccattc cattctattc gagtccattc ctttctattc cattcgagtc     77940
     aattccattc cattccattc gagtacattc cattccattc cattccactc cactaatttc     78000
     ctttccattc ctttgcaatc cattccattc cactcaagtc gtttgcattc cattccattc     78060
     tattccattc gggtccattc cattccattg gagttcattc cattgaattc cattcgagtc     78120
     aattccactc tattccactc gagtgtgttc cattccattc cattctattc gagtccattc     78180
     cactccattt gactccattc cattccattc cagtcgatta aaatccattc caatccattc     78240
     cattccattc cattccattc cttttctatt ccattccatt cctttccatt ctattccaat     78300
     ccattccatt ccattcctct ccattccatt ccaatacatt ccattccatt ccattccgtt     78360
     ccattccatt cgtgtccatt ccattccact ccattcgagt caattccatt ccattccatt     78420
     cgagtccatt ccattccatt gcatgccatt cgagttcttt cccatgcatt ccatttcatt     78480
     cgagtccaat ctattccatt ccacctgagt ccattccttt ccattacatt caagtccata     78540
     tcattccatt cgaatccatt ccattgcatt tgagtccttt ccattccatt tcctttgcgt     78600
     gcattccttt cctttccatt ctattccatt taagtccaat ccgttccatt ccactccatt     78660
     ccattccctt ccattccagt cccttccatt ctatcccatt ccattccata actttcgtgt     78720
     ccatttcatt ccattccatt cgattccatt ccattttatt cctttccatt ccattcaagt     78780
     ccattccatt ccattccatt cgagtccatt ccataccttt acattccgtt tgaatcgaat     78840
     ccattgaatt ccattccact ccattccatt tgattccatt ctattccatt ccactccact     78900
     agcgtatatt ccattccatt cgagtccttt ctattctata tcattcttgt ccattccatt     78960
     cttttccatt ctattccatt caagtcattc cattctattc tatttcagtc cattccattc     79020
     cattcaattc cattccattt ttgtccattt cattccattt cattcgattc cattccattc     79080
     aattctattg cattcgagtc cattccattc cacttgattc cattccattc cattcctttt     79140
     gagtccattc cattccattc cattccattt gactccattc cattccattt aattcgagtc     79200
     cattccattc cattccattc tattgcattc aactccattc cattcagttc cattccattc     79260
     ctttccattc catttaagtc ctttccattc cgttcgcttc aattcgagtc cattccattc     79320
     catttcttta gagtcaattc tgttagtttc caatccagta aattccattc tattccattc     79380
     gagtccattc cattccattc catttgagtc cactccattc cattccattc tattccaatc     79440
     cattcttttc cgttttgttc ccttcccttc cattccattc catacaggtc cattccatcc     79500
     cattctattc gagtccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc     79560
     cattccattc gtgtttattt cattccattg cattccattc cagtccattc ctctgcattc     79620
     catttcattc gagtccattc ctttccattc cactctagtc gattctattc cattccattc     79680
     gtttcgtgtc cattccattt catttgagtc cgttcccttc cattccattc cattccatac     79740
     aagtccattt cattccattc cagtccactc cattcctttc aggtacattc tattcaactg     79800
     cattacattc gattccattc cattccattt tatgccattc cattccattc cattccatcg     79860
     actccattcc atgccattcc attcgagtcc atttcattcc gttccattcc attcccttcg     79920
     agttcattcc attccattcc tttcaaatcc attcggctac actctgtgtc ccttccattc     79980
     cattcgagtc cattccatta cattcgagtt ctttcccttc cattccatta ccttcctttc     80040
     aaatccgttc ggctccactc cattcgagtc ccttccattc tattcgagtc cattccattc     80100
     cattccattc cattcccatc cattcctttt gagtccattc aattccattc cattccattg     80160
     tagtccatta aattccattc ctttccgttc gattccatta cactccattc cattcgaatc     80220
     cattccattc cactctatta gattcgattc cattccaagc tattccattt gtgtctgttc     80280
     cattccattc cattcttttt gagaccatac cattccactg gagtccattc cattctgttc     80340
     gagtccattc cattgcattg cgttcgattc cattccattc cactctattc catttgagtc     80400
     cattgcattc cattccattt gagtccattc cattctattc ctttcatgtc cattctattc     80460
     cactcgaatc aattccattc ctttcgagcc atttccattc cattatattc tagtctattc     80520
     tattccattc cattccattt gagttcattc cattccatta cattcgagac catccaatcc     80580
     caacccattg cattcgagtt cattccatgt catttgattc gaaatcattc cattccattc     80640
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc ctttccattc cattccattc     80700
     cattccattc cattccattc cattccattc ctttccattc cattcgagtc catttcattc     80760
     gtgtccattc cgttacattt aattccattc tggtccattc cattcaattc cattcgagtc     80820
     aattccattc cattccattt gattccattc aattgcattc cattccattc cattcgagac     80880
     cctgccattc cattccattg cattccattc catgcgattc cattcaatcc cattccatta     80940
     catgcgactc cattccattc catttcattc cactcgagtt gtttcctttc cattccattc     81000
     cattcgagta cattccattg caatcgagtc ctttaaattc cattgcattc gattccattc     81060
     cattccatta cagtacattc ctttccattc gattccattc tattacattc gaatccattc     81120
     cattccattc cattagattc cattccacta aactccaatc ttttccattc gagtccattc     81180
     cattccattc gtggcctttc cattccattg gattccattc cattccattg tttttaaatt     81240
     cattccattc cattccatcc ctttctattc cattcaagtc cattccaatc cataccatac     81300
     catctcattg cattccactc catttcattc catcccattc cattccattc cattccattt     81360
     cattcgtgtc ctttccattc catcccattc gagtccgttg cattccattc gattccagtc     81420
     catttaactc ctttccattc cgttccagtc catttcactc cattgctttc gatcccattc     81480
     cattccattc cattctattc gagtccattc ctttctattc tattcgagtc aattccattc     81540
     cattgcattc gagagcattc cattccattc catttcattc cattccattc cactcgagtc     81600
     atttcttttc ctttccattg ctttccattc cattccactc gagtcatttc ctttcctttc     81660
     tattcatgtc cattccattc cattggtgtt tattcctttg aattccattc tagactattc     81720
     cactatattc cactcgaatc tattccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc cattctaccc     81780
     cattcgagtc cattcctttc cattccattc cattccattc gattaaaatc cattccattc     81840
     ttttctattc cattccattc tattccattc cattctattc tattccattc ctctccattc     81900
     cattccattc cattcgcgtc cattcctttc cactccattc gagtccattg cattccattc     81960
     cattcgagtc tattccattc cattgcgtgc cattcgagtt ccttccactg cattccattt     82020
     ctttcgagtc cactccatta cattcctctt gagtccattc cattcgagtc cattcaattg     82080
     cattacatta cattcgaatc cattctattg catttgagtc ctttccattc catttcattc     82140
     gagtccattc ctttccattc cattctattc ccttcaagtc cattccgttg cattccactc     82200
     cattccattc ccttccattc cagtccattc cattccatcc cattccattc catacctttt     82260
     gtgtccattc cattccattc catttgagtc cattccattc cattctattc catttgaatc     82320
     cattccattc tattccatta gagtctgtac cattatattc caatccagta aattctgctc     82380
     tattccattc gagttcattc aattgcattc cattccattc cattcgagtg cattccattg     82440
     catttgagtc cattgcattc aattcaattc cattccaatc cattcctatc tcttccattc     82500
     cattttattc ctgtccattc cattccattc cattcgagtc cattccattc cattccattc     82560
     gcgtacattc cataccatta cattccgttt gactagaatc cattcaattc cattccattt     82620
     gattcgaatc cattccactc cattccattc gagcctattc tattccattc ctttccacta     82680
     gagtccattc ctttccattc gaatcctttc tattccatat cactccagtc tattgcattc     82740
     cgttacagtc cattccattc cacttcattc cattccattc cattccattc ctgttcattc     82800
     cattccattc ctttcgagtc cattccattc cattctattg cgttcaagtc cattccattc     82860
     cacttgagtc cattccattc cattcctttt gagtccattc cattccattc cattccattc     82920
     aagtccgttc ctttccattc gactccattc cattccattt cattggagtc cattccattc     82980
     atctccattc cattccattc cattctattc ctttccagag aaggtttagg agcctgacca     83040
     aagtttcacg aagtaaagaa tctttctcaa ttttcataat ttaaaaccag ttaagcaaat     83100
     gttacaaaat atctgaagaa ataatccgtc atgaggaata gtcaatagga gaaaaatggt     83160
     tagttggatt tcagccactt gaatgattat atagcacgca aaagaatatt acttaaagtg     83220
     cttagacaaa taaaagaggg aacagtaaga acaaaaaata aaagagcata aaaaatgaca     83280
     tacagtatca agacaagaca acctacagaa tgtaagaaaa tatttgcaaa tcgtatatct     83340
     ggtaagggac taatagcttt tttttgagat ggagattccc ttttgttgtc caacgctgga     83400
     gtgcagtgac atgatctcgg ctcactgcaa cctctgcctc ccaaattcaa ggaattcttt     83460
     ctgcctcacc ctcccaagtt cctgggatca caagcatgtg ccaccacacc cagccaattt     83520
     tgtattttta gtagagatgg agtttcacca ggttgtccag gctggtctcg aacttctgtc     83580
     ctctggtgat tcacccacct cggcctccca aaatgctgag attacaggca tgagccaccg     83640
     cgcttggttg tatcattttg tttttaagag acagggtatt gcttaatatt gagtatataa     83700
     agaacactta cacctcaaaa acttgacaaa aacaaagagg ccaggcacag tggctcatac     83760
     ctgtactccc agcactttgg gagactgaga tgggaagatc acttgaggcc aggagttcaa     83820
     agccagcttg gtcaacatag tgagatcccc atctctaaaa aagagaaaat ataaaataaa     83880
     aaaatggtca ggctacatgg ctcatgcctg taatcctaga actttggaag gtcaagtcgg     83940
     gaggatcact ggaggccagg agtttgggac cagcctgggc aacatagcaa gacctgcccc     84000
     catctctaaa aaaatgtaca aaattatcca ggcatggtga tacgcacctg tattccaagc     84060
     tacttgggaa gctgaggcag gagaatccct tgaacagagg aggcgttggt tgcagtgggc     84120
     tgagattggg ccactgcact ccagcccagg gaacagagct ggagttccca gagactctgt     84180
     atcaaaaaat aaaaaacaaa aaaagagaaa aacatttgtt gttacaatca ggtcacaagc     84240
     ctgcagtcag agtcatccta ttaaagtcag ctcatgtctc ctctgctcaa tagtctccaa     84300
     tacttcccat ctcatctcac tctgaggaaa aaccaaaatc cttaagagga ccaacaatca     84360
     ctttatgatc tggacccatc gcctctccgc cctcagttgc aacagctcct acttcagtct     84420
     tccctagcct gatggctccc ctgctattcc tcaaacacca tggcagatgc ctgcctctgg     84480
     gacttggtgt tcacatttct gtacgtctga aatgttcctc cctcagatat ccaaatggct     84540
     atcttccttg ctgcataaag gttgttacca aatggcagct gagtaaaggc ttccctggcc     84600
     accctatcta aacttttacc actctcccac actcccaaaa accacttcct aacctcttta     84660
     actgcttcat tttttctcct taagaccacc acctaacata atgtatatat tttccctctt     84720
     tgttttctgt tggtgccctt cactggaatg tgagctctat gaagcagggg cttagtgtct     84780
     ccactgcagt ctatcttgca tagttacatc cttcattatt tcactcttag ctaagttcaa     84840
     gctagtttac tactgctgca tagagtttaa acacttctat caggaattca ctatgtttct     84900
     ggatttatgt gacttttttg ttcccttctg tttatgatat atgatagact cttgctattc     84960
     ttagaattct ttaagactca caagcccaca aactggaata tttgtagagg cccctggtcg     85020
     tcccttgaat catacatcca aaccccaaat taactccttt caacatgtat taaagctgct     85080
     ttcttcttga tcaattcaga agagttatta tgttgaaaag tacaaagctg cactgagatt     85140
     cagacaatgg catgtatcac gcttgctcta gcagatcatt gatctttgtg ggaccgcttg     85200
     taaaccacac atgctgagga ggcaacatca agtatgaggt gactcttgaa ccgtttgtac     85260
     tagtgattat cttttcccca tgtctttctg tctctttact tacactgtta ttggagctat     85320
     accttcttca ctggtaattt ccactcctaa atccaaatat agtgggtgac taattaataa     85380
     ttgtgggctg agtaaataat aaatgagtca ttttctatcc tttagggatc atatgcttct     85440
     aagagcaaca tctgattgta ttttatcatc gatatcattc aaaatctaat acatcttctg     85500
     tgtcctcaag ttttctcatc cttaatgcct ccatttttgc gttttccatt tactttttca     85560
     accaatattt gaggacctac tatgtgtggt agggacacag tttgaacaga caggtctggt     85620
     taggtgaggc tgagggtggg gtgtggaaat ataaattctt tgtctatgat atgtagactc     85680
     aaccttacag acaattacct aaaagaaggc aagggtggct ggtacctaat tggagggaaa     85740
     gactttggta caagatgagt tcaaagatga gataggggac agatcgcaaa atacctgatc     85800
     tgctatggta aaaaagttgt gattacagtg ccatgggtct aacttaccta gtcatttctt     85860
     gatccaaatt tcatttttta ctctgttttt ccttataatt ctcctcttaa atttcgggtt     85920
     actctctttt ctttatttta cattgtatgt gtttgtgtgt gtattttttt ttaaaatttt     85980
     agaaataggg acagagtcta tgttgcccag gctgtattca actcctgggc tcaagtgatc     86040
     ctgctgcctt agctttccga gtagctggaa ctacaggtac acaccaccat gcctgcctta     86100
     tattctttaa tattacctat aatctttcta acacccacct tcaattttct taaagtcatt     86160
     agtgagatta ggtaacaatt tatggcaaaa ggcacaataa aagtgattac gagcaggtgc     86220
     accaagcatg gcaataagag aaaccaatac atccacttcc acgcaaaaca ttctaagaag     86280
     tattaaaaat gaaataacat ttctggactt gaacattttg cattattttc cttttttccc     86340
     taagccctct caacagtaaa ttagtctgca aaaataaatc tgtctcatga tctgactcat     86400
     agtttgtaaa ccatatacta taaaatatac atatttatat gtaaaatata cacaccttgc     86460
     cttttaaaaa ttattatgtt tatattactc cagaatttgt ttcaacattt tctgtttgag     86520
     caatgcattt ttttttaaag acaaggtctt actccatcgc ccaggctgga atgcagtggc     86580
     atgatcatag ctcactgcag cctccaactt ctgggctcaa ttgatcatcc tgactcagtc     86640
     tctccagtag tgggactata cgaacacacc accatgcctg gctaattttt atttttttat     86700
     ttttgtagag acagtatctc cctatgttgc ccaggctggc agtgaatttt ttcgagaaga     86760
     aattgtgctc attttaacca aaactttata aatattttaa tatttattta atgtctcttc     86820
     atattctatg gaacaatcaa tcatttataa ttcatatatt tgcatgaagg gtgaaatagt     86880
     aaattagtag tttaaaaaat acttaaggat aatcttatac aatacaaatc tttaaaagtt     86940
     ataattttgt ttttatatct aaaactgaaa tttccctagt aatgcaggtt tctgaatctc     87000
     ctagaagatt caaatactat cttaataaag caaacgctga actttattgt gatagcataa     87060
     tgctgaaaaa gtaaaagtta taaattctgt tctggccagg cgtggtgatt catgcctgta     87120
     accccagaac tttgggaggc caaggcggtt ggatcacttg aggtcaggag ttcaagatct     87180
     gcctggccaa catagtgaaa ccccgtctct actaaaaata caaaaattag ctgggcatgg     87240
     tggcggatgc ctgtaatctc agctactcag gaggttgagg tgggagaatc gcttgaatct     87300
     gggaggcgga ggttgcagtg agctgaagtg cgccactgca ctccaacctg ggcatcagag     87360
     taagactcca tttccaaaaa ggtaattaat tctgtcctat tgtggtagaa gctcagcaaa     87420
     aggaaacatc agtctatatt gaaatatttg gaaccaagct ataacactat tgcaaacact     87480
     cactgcatat attcaacaca tttatttaga ttttcactta tttcctcttg cgggtttatg     87540
     gtagacttct taaaggcaag attaatttct cagccagctt tgcaactcct gcaaaataag     87600
     atacaggtct gtgcacaaac tatgtgatca ataaatatct gctgaactca taaacaatat     87660
     acttataatc tattattaca atgtttagaa aaaaaaagaa agttaatgag gtattatgag     87720
     tgaataataa cgtcttcaga ataaaggact attatttttt ggagagtggg atcatcggtc     87780
     caatactcca cgtcaactct gctgctggtt tgtggcaagg taaagagctt gcaccagaat     87840
     gtaaatcaac taactgcttc ctacactgaa gaggtcttgc tatttttaaa aagtcagctg     87900
     aacactaatc agtatgttta gtgacatcgc ctatttacat tctggcacaa gctctggatc     87960
     tcactgcaaa ccagtaagtc tgcactggcc ctgatctgca ggccacactt ttcagaatcc     88020
     tggttccatg ctactagtat atatggacta acaacaacaa tgatgataat tttaccaatt     88080
     agcatttata gaatgattat tgcacaccag atgctatgtt cagcacttaa gcactttata     88140
     tggattattt catttaaact cttaaggacc tcatgagggt ttactttatt atttccattt     88200
     ttcaaatgag gaaatgtaaa ccttcagagg tttaatttaa acagcttcta gaagatcatc     88260
     tgtggtagga caggtgctta aagtcaggca gtatgatctc tgcttaaccc cagttaagtg     88320
     tatagtgtat atgcttaacc atatatccat actgcttcct gactatgtta tacattgctt     88380
     ccagactaca ttttaaaaaa taggctcacg ttgcatcact ggggttgaag aaatacttga     88440
     cactaatgga gatgtcagga agagaggtct ggaagaaata ccataaaact gaaaaacatg     88500
     gtaaagatag atttgtaaat ctttttatag atttgaaaaa catatttcta atacaaagtt     88560
     acagtcaaat atttaataca ctttatctct caagcacggt atgctttaat tgaaacaatg     88620
     gacctaatca ttactaggac ttttagaagg tcacttcttt gtttgccttt gttttaatag     88680
     cctcaaatct cccaaaaata tatcctattt ggtttccagt ataaatttaa agtctttctg     88740
     ggaaaagata aggtcaaaat tcaaaattta ttttaaaatc cttatttcta gacttgtaac     88800
     gagttgattg ctttgatttt aagtaagcaa atctagttaa ttagcttttt aaaaataaaa     88860
     aaggtccatt tttaactcaa tgttggttca tatcagatac aaccagcctt gtattgacaa     88920
     ttggttgaat ataaaatatt atattaataa caacagatac tacagttgat cttagccaaa     88980
     aggccgagaa gtgatgaata tacagtattg aatattgtat tgcatattgg ttgaataacc     89040
     aaccctgcac aatcaaattt tttaaaaaga atccttacat tctaatggta cttaaaaaaa     89100
     ttttaggctt ggggcagtgg ctcatgcctg taatccaatc cttttgggag gccaagtggg     89160
     gaggataatt tgagcccagg agttagagac tagcctggac aacacagtga gaccctgtct     89220
     ctactaaaaa gcatattttt aaatgtatct acagaaagtc cccccgagct caatcaatgt     89280
     ttatgtagag tattaatata ccactcccca caaataagtt tctaagtcaa aggtattgtc     89340
     agaagttcaa aagactggac cactcagtgc tttgtgatat tattttgatg attttttgac     89400
     tgcattccat tccaaaaact aatttactct gagtagaagc agagttaata aagtatgcaa     89460
     aaatactaat ctggcttatt taagtagtct agtgacatat ctgagaaaaa ttttgtgtga     89520
     gattcaataa aagctgagat ttaaagaaca ggttactgct ggtctcccca agttaacata     89580
     gtttacctga gacatacaca aaattaactt ttatccatct ctctctctct cttttttttt     89640
     aagtatttgc ttgaggcata atcataatca acttctaaag ttacatttta cttgatttgt     89700
     tgtcccaaat gtagacaaaa aatccataaa tagacacagg cacagtggct catgcctgga     89760
     atcccaacac tttggaaggc tgaggctgga ggagcccagg agttccagac cagcgtaggc     89820
     aacatagcaa tactctgtat ctaaaaaatc tgtttaaaaa tgtttcaaaa atatttttaa     89880
     acataaatat gaagatttct gttgttaaca aagtaatggg tagtcatttt acatgaactt     89940
     taataaaaca ataatagatg aactctgttg tgcgttctat ggtgactaga ggaaaatata     90000
     atcattttgg ggaatgccaa tgcatgaact cctcaggagt aggcactctt ccattaatcc     90060
     tcccagattt tcagttccct tttctgaaca ctggtcttta gtctccgtgg gttcttccac     90120
     catcagcccc tccccacaac gtaaaatgtg catacttcag ggctctatcc tttaccctct     90180
     tattccacat aatatccctg gagaaaataa tcacatttta acttcaatca ctaaatgctt     90240
     aagccaaatt tctatcttca tctcagactt tttcccttta gttccagacc cacatgtcca     90300
     actactacta cttatgggac ctcccaacat atatgacagg cttctcaaac tgaacacatc     90360
     taccccactt cttaaactcc tcaaattttt tttttcttct ttagagttca atgaataaca     90420
     gaacaatcca ctctatcacc ccactgtcat ccctggcttc tccttcctca tctcctgtat     90480
     caccaagatc tgccaattct accttttttc gtggcccctc cttcttattc ccaccatcgc     90540
     tctcctagtt ctcttcattt cttcactgag cttcaactac atctccaatt ttttgttctc     90600
     tcatttaagc tctctaccaa tctgtcattt gagtgttgcc agtgatcctt tccaaatgta     90660
     aaactgatcc agtcactgac ccaaatcctc cttattacct ttaaggaaaa taaactcatg     90720
     gtccttaggt tccttctgat ttggcccaca tttgcctttc tggccttact tcctcccatt     90780
     ttctgctaat acacgtgaag aagtattctc cagttcagcc acaataaacc aaggcttgct     90840
     tgttctccca gccttcgtgc ctcagcccag gctgttctgc ttcagaagaa cctggtcatt     90900
     tcctgttcac cctttatgac atgcaattcc agagcccagg aagtacctaa cacattgtga     90960
     atgtggtatc aatgtctgct ctatgcctaa gtcattaaca gccctttata ttaaaaaagt     91020
     tcattacgac atacaagata ttttcattca taatctataa tcacatttat cttgattctc     91080
     acaactagac tatcggacaa ccattgcagg ttttattatc ccaagttatc aatgacaaaa     91140
     taatagcttc tgtttttcca aaggggcaaa gctagaaatt aatgcaatga ccccaaacta     91200
     aaggtttgac ctctctatta ttaccctact taaattatca ggtacacaat gaagcccacc     91260
     gtgtgctaaa agcaacacag aagaagcgta agtcatgcac ttagctccaa acatatttaa     91320
     tctagtcaga ggtacaagat ccaaccatat gagataaaat tctataggaa agtatcctgc     91380
     agagctaaat gctaaaccgt gtagcacccc cagtaggaga gagaagtgca tttagtgggc     91440
     attagcctaa tcctgaaaga ctttccagaa actggggcag catgctcctg cagtcccctt     91500
     tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt taactttttt ttttttttga     91560
     gacggagtct tgctcggtca cccaggttgg agtacagtgg cccaatctct gctcactgca     91620
     agctccgcct cccgggttca cgccattctc ctggctcagc ctcccgagca gctgggacta     91680
     caggtgcctg acaccatgcc cagctaactt tttgtatttt tagtagagac ggggtttcac     91740
     catgtttgct aggatggtct cgatgtcctg atctcctgac ctcgtgatcc gcccacctca     91800
     gccttccaaa gttctgggat tacaggcgtg agccaccgca cccggccagt ctcctttaga     91860
     ctgtggatga gtaaacggct gagagataga cattccatgt gagtgcaaca aattgaatgt     91920
     agaccatgac aagtttggag aataaagagg aaaacaccaa aaatagaaat ttgattgttt     91980
     tccacctttg accgaactcc ttaagagttt cagaaagtat cagatagaga aaaaagtacc     92040
     ctgactctgg aaaagaaaac aaaaaccaac aaaaacccta aaaccaacaa aaacaaaaat     92100
     gaaaacttcc ttcaacttac cacagtaagg ctagaagaca gaactattaa tagcatgctc     92160
     atttgctata tttgtatcaa cctatttgca ttaaataatg ttaacctccc actaaagtta     92220
     tttctacttt gaattctgaa gtagtcaaga gatttaaata agaaaaagac aacatctgtt     92280
     tcttcattat tactttgtta ttccctatcc ataatgcttc agtttgctac atttagctta     92340
     acaccagcaa agtaaacaat aatgtaacta ttctatctag tactgagctt ggagacttaa     92400
     aaaaatatac atagaacttt attccttttc atttgaccac taataacata ctgaacatgc     92460
     cggtgaaaag aaataaaaca caatggtaga aaactccaaa aaagtacaat cagtgtcttt     92520
     accattcatc ccccacccct atctcattag caactttctg atctcgggtg ttttttccaa     92580
     tagtaatgtg tatccctata tccaaacaat ttctctaaag cccttgtcat tcattcaaaa     92640
     acgtttaaca agtacattgc actaggtgat agaggaacag aaactgaata ttgtccctgc     92700
     ctcagacatt tcagtgtttt tacgcctcac ttccactcct aaccagtctt cttccacagg     92760
     taccctgtcc cctaaaatca aatgttgctt ttcacagttg cctttacttg tcacctaaag     92820
     tatttcaatt caaaatttcc tcgaagtcaa cttcacagct gctgataaaa taatcattct     92880
     atatgattac aaagtgtttc accaatacat atccccattt tttccaaact taaaatttct     92940
     tcagtcctta ctactttaat atagagacct gcactgttgt ttcttctttt taaaaaaata     93000
     ctaatgctaa tcctttactg tttgagcaga cttaatctta ccttttcttt tgtcaataaa     93060
     tgccaggtgt tttttaaatc actatcttgt cactttcgat tatgatatac tgatcactct     93120
     atttgtatct tgaatgaaaa gaccgctttg tgattttgct aatgatatgt aaactagaac     93180
     ttgagaacca ctggatacag aagtactgct gatctttaga tactttctgt ctaaaaataa     93240
     agccctgtct ccaaatttca ggaacaggga gttaaggttc catgaagtgt ttactttcca     93300
     ccctcaattt attaccttaa tacttcagct taagaattat gtgttctgta tatatcacgc     93360
     tgcttgtcaa tatccacaca taaaccttct tgttttgaca attaatctga aaaagtcccc     93420
     atatagtcta agagggggaa gagctaattt ggaagaatat aatatatgtc agtttccatc     93480
     acagaatata tgcttctcaa gttcaattaa cctctcaatg attccctttc taagaggaaa     93540
     gtaattctcc ttagtgtcct tgtcatccat ggagtggaaa tctttatact ggcaagatta     93600
     ttaatcactt gcatgacccc caaaacggct cttccttcca tttccctcaa gtactgtctg     93660
     gagcagcggt tggaactaat agaggggcca taatctccag acctgagtac caaatcaatc     93720
     ctgcagcccc ccacaccctt aatgcccctg cactttcttg cttatccttt ttctgtcctc     93780
     tccatttttc tttcctcctt ccggtgttcc agaacctatg atactctgcc ggttgtttga     93840
     atttttacaa cctaccagat aataatccct tgtgatcctc aaagcttcct taaagcaaac     93900
     cctgcatcac tgtgttttaa aaccagtatg aaagactatt gtgtgggata atgttacatt     93960
     gtttcacagc cctacaaagt ttggccacaa aaagtgtggg cagattccat aactcaactg     94020
     gaaacgcgaa ggactgaaac aaatcaacac acacaaaacg aagccagtga gaaagatcca     94080
     acctgggccc cctgcctgaa atgggacatg gggatgacgg ggcaaagccg ggcaaagccc     94140
     tgctcctggc tctcgcgatt caggaggcgc tcccagctca ctggggacga cagtgacgat     94200
     ggcagcggct cgcattgctc cacgcttccc gtcagggggg ctccagggac caccccaggc     94260
     ccggcgatgc ccgggctcgg agggagcccc tggtgcgagg gctgccagca gggctccgtc     94320
     ctctcgctga ggcgtggctc ccggagcagg aggcgcggag gccgtcctcg gcgtttcaga     94380
     gtcggggcag ggaatgtcca cggccaactg cgggcagggg acccccaggc ggctacaaca     94440
     ggtgcgccgg gtccgcccac ccggctcgag gcgcgcccgc ccctgcgccg acccccgacc     94500
     ccttccgccg ccggggccca gctgttacct gcagcgacgc ctcccgagtc ccgggagggc     94560
     ggcccagggc cggcgcctta cccgcgggca ggcccactcg cccaacggac gaggcgggtc     94620
     ggcgaagtcg gggcacaggt cctgcggggc cgcgggggcc gccagggagg gcgcgaccac     94680
     ctgacagggc ttcacaggca gtgtcctcag ccggtgacat ggccgctacc gtcgctcagt     94740
     gtccccggcg acgcgcggat cctcacgcgc tccctcactt cctgcggctt ttagtccctc     94800
     ccgctcgcca tccctctggt tctgcccact ctgcctccgg gttgtcaggg caaccgtagc     94860
     gacgccggcc ctggctgaga ggcgttagga gcccgggcgt tcgcccgcgg agggcgggga     94920
     gcagccgatc atggagcccc agagtaaggg aggccggggc tggagctggg accggggcgg     94980
     gcgaccgggc tggggctccc tgggaacgag tgtgggcgct ccgcgtgcga ctccacaggt     95040
     ttcagcgctc ggacacggaa atacggtttg cgtctcctcg cacttttctc tcttggagag     95100
     gggagaaggg ggctacatcc tgccaagtct gtatggttgg gccgccggcg cccgaaagtc     95160
     cgcgctgggg gccgggagcg actggagagc cccgaggtat gggtggggga gggcgcagcg     95220
     accccagctt gcgccttcct gaaacttccc ccagacagtt ccatttactc ctcctcctac     95280
     tcatgatttt agtttggtag tttggttcat taattgtaag tagcccattt ttcttctaaa     95340
     atgccagcaa ttaaacacgt ctgaggctgg gttttgtatt tattagagac cccgtcttac     95400
     tccctgtccc ccgccccaca cccctagtct gagacttgaa ggagagagag aaaaaaagag     95460
     ctttgtccaa gtgtatttga ttcattctta ggggttctac aagttaggac actcaaaaag     95520
     tgtttgtgat ctctttttct gttttcccat gttgcttttg atgtatggca aaagttgtgc     95580
     agttttgagt tatcagatct aacacaagct ctaacttact atttttgttg tttttacctt     95640
     tccagggact ttgtttcaag gcctttcttt ctctgccctg cctaagctgt cttattgttc     95700
     cttttgttct gaaaataagg ggagtgtttt gtatggagac ttaaaatatc taaaaccttt     95760
     atagaaggat gcagtttgac ttccaaacca agcggtctta tcttgtacaa tttcagaaat     95820
     gaagaactca gaccaaatct actctctggg gaaaatgttg gcatttttaa aggtcattcg     95880
     ttttccacca agaaagtttc aaatactttt ctttttaact catttgctga ggagaaaact     95940
     tgcaagttgt gacttatagt tgcttgataa attttgtaca gtatttgtta tttgcattta     96000
     cagctctttg gattctacat ttttttaacc tagtaaaaga aatttagcat acgacaacgc     96060
     taaaattttt gttttatgtc aaactgatgg caggctgtgt gtattccggc cttagagaag     96120
     tgagttgaaa tgtatctttt aaaaacaaca acttggccag gcccggtggc tcacgcctgt     96180
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ctgaggcagg cggatcacaa ggtcaggaga ttgagaccgt     96240
     cttggccaac atagtgaaac ccatctctac taaaatacaa aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaagaa     96300
     aaaaagccag acgtggtgcc gcgtgcctgg agtcctagct acttgggacg ctgaggctga     96360
     ggcaggggaa tcgcttgaac ccgggaggcg gaggttgcag tgaggccaga ttgcaccact     96420
     gcactccagc ctggtgacag agcgagactc catctcgaaa aaacaaacaa aaaaaccttt     96480
     atttcttcag atttatgtta ctgtttacat gtgtaaacta tgtttcaagt tattcagtgc     96540
     tgtctttatc cattcattca tttagagtgc ctgttatgtt gcagctctgt tctagggatt     96600
     ggggattgaa caacggatca gacagtgtta gttttggtca tcccaggaaa actaagcaga     96660
     ggcttgctca agaactactg aggtcttggt ggggttcgga gattggggga agaggagatg     96720
     gacaaaggct cccaagagga agtagtactg ggtctgcaga atgacccaac aaagaatgag     96780
     agcaagggat tccaggcagt gggaattact tgtacatagg ccctgagacc tgagagcagt     96840
     gtgggtttga ggctcacagt aggaagatta gtaaagctgt agctaaggag aggaggagga     96900
     aaaaacggct ggaaggaggg aggagaaatg agataaggct ggaaaagtca attggagcca     96960
     gatcagaaag gttctgtaac catgtgagaa atgtattaca tatgtgaact atacatttat     97020
     atctcatgtc attggatttt tgaggtggaa aatatttaat ttatacctga ggaatgactg     97080
     taaatttctt tctttccaca tattcttaaa tgatttcatc aatttaattt caaataattc     97140
     aatcaccatt tagctcaagt tctttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg     97200
     agacagggtc ttcctctgtc acccaggctg gagtatagtg gtgcgatcat agctcacaac     97260
     accccgaact cttgggctca agcaatcctc tcacctgagc ctcccgagta gaagtgacta     97320
     caggtgtgtg ccaccataca cagctaattt atttatttat ttagagacag agtttcgctc     97380
     ttcttgccca agctggagtg caatggtgtg atctgggctc aatgcaacct ccacctccca     97440
     ggttcaagca attctcctgc ctcagcctcc caagtagctg ggattagcag catgcgccac     97500
     catgcctggc taattttgta cttttagtag agatggggtt tctccatgtt ggtccagctg     97560
     gtcttgaact cctaacttca ggtgatcctc ccgccctggc ctcccaaaat gctgggatta     97620
     caggtgtgag ccactgtgtc cggcccctaa tttttttttt agttttattt actttgaata     97680
     gagataaagt ctgattttgt tgcccaattt gttcccgaac gcctggcctc aagtgatcct     97740
     cctgcatcgt cctcccaaag tgctaagatt acaggcgtga gccagcacac ccagcctgga     97800
     aattctttaa cagcctaaga aacataattt ggataaatat ttactaccaa atgagttact     97860
     aaatatttaa aaggacaaga ttaaatgatc cttgaggttt cttttaactt ggagatttgt     97920
     atccaaccag atttcacctg agactgaagt tatttcctac cgtcagtgat aatggaagca     97980
     ctacagttgt ggcattcaag tattacagtg aattacaatt atactgtcag caatattatg     98040
     ttaccagtac attgtttatg gcaatattat ctaacatatt ttaagccctg ttccttttgt     98100
     tactgagagg gttaaaataa cattttacaa gtatagttga atatagcatc agtaaattgg     98160
     ttatgaggaa gactccttca taattgcttt taaggattaa acatgtatct aaggacaaca     98220
     ccaaggaaat aatagaaata acccttgagt cagtcttttc cgttctgttt ccacaccctt     98280
     agttttctat tacttttagg aatgaccttt gttaactaag acattaaaat ccaataaaca     98340
     tagactcttc agaccccaca gctggatcat actcttggca gcaagcagag gaagacaggg     98400
     gctaccactg ttttacagaa taatattaag tcaatgatcc aagaaatgac ttgccaggga     98460
     aatggcaaat taaatacgta cacaaccttg ggctgttgag agtggttttg gctcttggct     98520
     tgcacattga cgtctttaat tcttttcttg ctaaaccaat ttcagtattg gaaagatagc     98580
     tcatgtataa aataacatgg aaaatgtaca tcacatccca tttgttttgg gtttttgtcc     98640
     tttttttttc tttttttgga aaatagttca atagtactat ctcttcctta atttcttaat     98700
     gagtgtcaat accaaggggt ggctttgggg atctttagcc caaatctaag caaacatata     98760
     atctgagtaa aaactgtgta tatttatcaa atgcagcatc aagacaagcc ccccagctcc     98820
     cacttggtgc tgcctgttct gtaagctctt gccatatata tatatatata tatatatata     98880
     tatatatata tatatatata tttttttttt ttttttttta aatctggggt tagtttaagc     98940
     ccagcaggca gcagttttct gctacacatg tttctttctg tttttgtttg tttgtttgtt     99000
     tgttttttga gacagagtct tgctctgtta cccaggctgc agtgtagtgg cactagcttg     99060
     gctcactgca acctccgcct cccaggttcc agcgattctc ctgtctcagc ctcccaagta     99120
     gctgggatta caggtgcatg ccatcatgcc tggctaattt tgtattttta tagagacaag     99180
     ttttcaccgt gttggtcagg ctggtctcaa actcctgatc tcatgtgatc cacctgcctc     99240
     ggcctcccaa agtgctggga ttataggcat gtgccactgt gcccagcctc tttctgcccc     99300
     cccgtttttt tgtagttgtt gtttttagag agacagggtc ttgctgtgtt gcccaggtat     99360
     gcatcaaact cctgggttca agggatcctt ccacattggc ctccctgggt tcacgcatgt     99420
     ttttaaagaa atggtagata agagatctaa ggtattccag tgactaagaa actgaggtga     99480
     atgactaagg gactgagact tctctctcca aacctgtttc tccactagtc ttccaagcct     99540
     tcccagttac tccaacctta aaatgagtca tccttggctc ctcattacca accctcaccc     99600
     cacccttttc catccatcag cagatctgtt tattccactt ccaaaatata ccccaaatgt     99660
     gcttcctctt cctccgtact ccaagctacc atgccgtgta agttatgatt gtgatttttg     99720
     cgtgtctgct tccactgctg ccctgtaaga tatgattgtg atttttgcat gtcttcttcc     99780
     actgctacct ggaagctgga gtgacctttc aaaatataca tcagatcaga tcatgtcact     99840
     ctcctgccaa aagccctcca aagttcttac ggtgatctag ctgcctcttc aaactcatca     99900
     cacatctgat cttagacgta ttatgcttca agcacattgg tcttcttgta gtccctcaaa     99960
     caagcttctt tcaggactgt ggctctgaac aagctttcct ctctgccagg gatgctattc    100020
     cctcctgcta tggcaggtct gactcctaat gtccttcaat ctttgcctaa atttcacctc    100080
     ctccagccct tccctggctt cctaaagtgg tggtgccccc tctctgatgt tattctatct    100140
     ctgtgctttt ctcttaatag taataatcag aacttataat tattttgtta atatttaaaa    100200
     tctagctgga catggtggct cacgcctgca atcccagcat tttgggaggc caaggcagga    100260
     ggatcacctg aggtcagggg ttcgagacca gtctggccaa ctggcgaaat cccatctcta    100320
     ctaaaaatac aaaattagcc aggtgtggtg ttgcatgcct gtaatcctag ctactcatgt    100380
     ggctgaggca ggagaattgc ttgaacccag gaggcggagg ttgcagtgag ccgagatatc    100440
     accactgttc tccagcctgg gagacaagag caatgtgggg tggggggagg gtggagggat    100500
     agcattagga gatataccta atgctaaatg acgagttaat gggtgcagca caccagcatg    100560
     gcacatgtat acatatgtaa gtaatctgca cattgtgcac atgtacccta aaacttaaag    100620
     tataataata attttttaaa aatctacttt cttcactcga ctgtagggtg gtggaagagg    100680
     tcaggggacc cgtctgccct gtttgccatc ctatccctag tgcctaacat ggagtaaacc    100740
     ctaaacattc atggaatgga tagcactgct gttcacagat agatgcctta cctactttca    100800
     tttccttaag agtgttgtgg tgtagttaaa aaaagaaagc cattttattc tacattattc    100860
     tacaacacaa agggctgtgc tccagtgaaa tttgaagtgc cttttgtgga gtgtgctttg    100920
     ggtaaagttc atttaaatca ggtacttata aatgtcaggt cgattacaaa tatggtttcc    100980
     cattttcttt tctaacctaa acgagacgtt ttaaacaagt ctcattctat ccagtaagaa    101040
     taaggaaaga ggcaagtaat cttatttttg ggaccaagcg gccacgaggt cataagacct    101100
     aaaaatcttt acactcccag gcagcacctg ctcgttaatt atctaggaga ctggtaagga    101160
     tttaaaagta atttttttcc ttaagcccag gaatcattta aaaaatctgt ataacatttt    101220
     tttctcatgt agtcttagcc ccgaagaata ttaaatctat caattaggtt ataattcaaa    101280
     tcttatcaag aaataaatgc ttatataaat caagattaaa aatattttca aagcagcgtt    101340
     ttttaaacag tgacgtttta aaatccccgt caaaatggta aaattcgttg tgatcctgac    101400
     ctctcatgct gtcagccaca ggaaggggca aaacaacttg aggcttgaag ccgtgtcttt    101460
     cccgaaactc aggttcacca aacatggtct ccagatggag tctgttcctc agaacctggg    101520
     ctttacttct tgatgggaga aggaagcagt gttaaaactt gtctattctg aactagccaa    101580
     ccagattaaa ggaggggttt gtgcatacca acatcatccc agaatgacct gaatgactca    101640
     ttacatgcag acagtggtgc aaactcatta acaagtaaac aactcacacc agtgctctgt    101700
     gctcacaggg ctgggggcat tcttgggtat ttttcttaag ggaggctgga agaagggagg    101760
     aggtgttcct ttctcctaga ggcaaaggcc agttcctttt gctgtgcccc aggcctttcc    101820
     tggttgttat aaactcttcc agtccttttc ttgggaaggt gctctcatcc ccaccctcct    101880
     gcctcctccc tccacctgtt gtgcactccc tgagagaaac aaaacaagtt aattagctta    101940
     ttcagctact tgggaagctg aggtgggggg actgcttgag cctaggagtt tggattcagc    102000
     ccaggcaaca tgtcgagacc ccatctctaa ttttttttaa gtttttgttt ttttaattta    102060
     aattaacata ttcaggctag tgcacgtact tcggttctct actgaagtaa ttcaccctaa    102120
     attgaaacta gcattgctag tttagtgtat tactcctctc taggcagcct ctctctctct    102180
     gtatatattt tgtttgtttg tttgttttgt tttgtttggt ttttttgaga cagaatttca    102240
     ctcttgtcgc ccaggctgga gtgcaatggc acaagctagg ctcactgcaa cctccacctc    102300
     ctgggttcaa gctattcttc tgcctcagcc tcccgagtag ctgggaccac agaatgtgtg    102360
     tgaccacacc tggctaattt tttatttttt tgaactggag tctcactttg ctccccaggc    102420
     tagtcttgcc actatcctag tttttcttct gtattattag acgggacctc agtgtccttg    102480
     aactgcaagg aattaacatt gagtgtagta ttagtaaaac ctatcttcta ttcatgaaaa    102540
     tcaatcattt ttttaaaaaa agatcccaca attattataa gcagaaacaa attaaaaggt    102600
     tgtataccta ctgtttgaaa aacacaactt accaaaacca aacataagaa gtatgtatac    102660
     tcctataatt atgaaataaa tagaatccat aatttaaaac ttcctcacaa aaacagtccc    102720
     cagttcctga tggcatcact ggtgaattct tcaatgaaag ggaaaaaaaa aaaacaacat    102780
     tacagatttt ttttaaatct tagggacaga tctcactatg ttgcccaggc tggagtgcag    102840
     tggctattca cagtcacgtt ccagttatcc tcccacttca gcctcttgag tagctgggac    102900
     tacaggctac agaaactttt aagagaacaa aaataaaggg aactcctgag ctcaagcact    102960
     tctcccacct cggcctccca aagtgctggg attacaggta tgaaccactg tgccctgctt    103020
     agtgtgctgt ttttaaaaat gacttttggg ctcgtgttca tgtgactgat tagcctgtag    103080
     ttttactttt tgtaattttt tagactactt ttgatatcaa gtttattgta atctcaaaaa    103140
     atgagcatgg ctctgttccc tttatttttg ttctcttaaa atttctggtc aggcacggtc    103200
     gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cactatggga ggccgaggcg ggcagatcac gaggtcagga    103260
     gatcgagacc atcctggcta atatggtgaa accccgtgtc tgctaaaaat acaacaaaaa    103320
     aaatttaggc aggtgtggtg gtgggtgcct gtagtcccag ctaccaggga ggctgagaca    103380
     gaatggcgtg aacccgggag gcggagtttg cagtgagccg agactgcacc actgcactcc    103440
     aacctgggtg acagagcgag actctgtccc aaaaaaaaaa aagtttctgt aacctgtagt    103500
     cccagctact ccggaggctg aggtgggagg atcactggaa cgtgactgtc aaaagccact    103560
     gcactccagc ctgggcaaca tagtgagact ctgtcactaa gatttaaaaa aaaaaaatct    103620
     gtcccggaaa ttaaaaaagt aattctgtag tgttggtgtt acttttccct ttcattgaac    103680
     aatttaccag tgaagccatc aggaactggg aattgttttt gtgggaaagt tttaaattac    103740
     ggattctgcc tattactaga cataagagtt tacatacttc ttctgtttgg ctttggtaag    103800
     ttgtgttttt caaacaacag gtgtaggtgt acaacctttc aatttgtttc tgcgtctaat    103860
     aattctggaa tctttaaaaa atgacttttc atgatgaata gaacatagct tttactaatg    103920
     ctctaatcag tataaattcc ttgcagatca aggacagtga ggccatgtct aataatccag    103980
     aggcagaact tggatttggg agataactcc cgcctcttgc actctctgtg acaagtctag    104040
     ttttgatatc aagtttatct taatctcaat aaatgagctt ggctctgttc cctctatttt    104100
     ctctttaaag tttctgcagc ctgtagtccc aactactcag gagggtgagg tgggaggatc    104160
     acttgaatcc aggagttcaa ggctgtttac tgaaacaata aggaatgagc attcccaaga    104220
     gaatacaatt acaaaagtaa aatcacctag agctttaggg ctgcttaaga agcccagaaa    104280
     gaagtgccaa gtgagaaaat aatcaaactc agtggaaaaa gtcacttgag ggtatcatgg    104340
     tcagctgagt ttccacccct ttgatgcact ttaaatcctg tgtattccac aaagaattac    104400
     tcctttctaa aggctatggt tgacgttcaa cagaatagca gcaaccacca tgagcctgag    104460
     ggctggctag tctttagtat tctgccttat tcaaagaaac gatcatttcc ctcattccta    104520
     aaaatctccc aggtccatta caaaaaaagc agcagcagcc aggcgcagtg gctcacccct    104580
     gtaatcccag cactttgaga ggccaagggg ggaggatcac ctgaggtcga gagttcaaga    104640
     ccagcctggc caacatggtg aaaccccgac tctactaaaa atacaaaaat cagcagggtg    104700
     tggtggtgtg tgcctgtaat cccagctact agggaggctg aggcaggaga attgcttgaa    104760
     ctcgggaagt ggaggttgca gtgagccaag atcatgccac tgcactccag cctgtgggac    104820
     agagcaagac cctgtctcaa aaaaaaaaat tcttacctcc tggaagtatt ttactagtgt    104880
     tggtttctat ttgacattaa acacttcccc aggccagtgc attagcagtt agctccttac    104940
     tgaatattat ctgtagcaaa cagtagctga ctcctagctc tcttcagtga acttgaattt    105000
     aaatttatag aattctcatg acttctattt catcttgaaa cctagagatt tcttcctttt    105060
     cctagtgatt tacctttcaa ttatatgtag actgaaccag tcagagccgt ctttagttgc    105120
     tctctattca aacactgtac ttttgtttct tgattacatc ttcaattatt ttagttattt    105180
     ctgagattct cccctgcaat ttctccaact ctctagggca taaagagtgc atgaataaca    105240
     ttatgaaggc tgtgagactt caaataaatg agtagccttt ctgagcctca gttttctcct    105300
     ctgtaaacca cgaataattt ttactgaaca aagttgttct aaggattagt gaaatgtatg    105360
     taaagcactt agcatttaat aagtgatcaa atggtaagtg atgcttataa aatgttttta    105420
     tcatggtaaa atatacaaag cataaaactt accagccttt taatctaaat agtcttattg    105480
     tgataggctt gcttatagta aaacaaactc ttatctttta gtatctgtag gatctatagt    105540
     gataagtctt cactccttat attctaactt gtgcctaatt agttaggcac aactcttact    105600
     aattagttat ctattgctgc ataagaaatt acctgaaact taatgtcttc aaacaacaac    105660
     aagtatttat tatctgtgat aggcagactt ctgtttccca tgatctcgat gtcctggtgt    105720
     tatgctctgt atgatctctt ccttttttag tgtggatggg atcactgccc aaacttttgg    105780
     atgaaatcga gtaagtgtga gtaggatctg tgacttgttt ctaactgaca taatattgca    105840
     aatgtgatgg gttgttactc ctgggatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgcaca gaagaaagga    105900
     gagggaagag gagaggagga ggaggagaga gacatacatt aggatatgag atagacatat    105960
     tgctggcatg cacacaagat tctccttgct gatttgatga agtgtgtgac catattgagg    106020
     aagcccaaca gcaggtggtg tctaggacct gagggtggcc tccagccaat acccaataaa    106080
     aaacatagct acacaatcat acagacataa ggaaatgaat tttgtcaaca acctgaatga    106140
     gcttgaacct agctcagctg acgccttgcc tgcaaccttg tgagacccta tgcagtgaac    106200
     ccagttgagt tgtgcccaaa ttcctgaccc acagaaaata cgagagaata aatatgtttt    106260
     ttcctccctt tttttttgag acagtttcac tcttgtttcc caggctggag tgcagtggtg    106320
     tgctctcagc tcaccacaac ctctacttcc ctggttcaag cgattctcct gcctcagcct    106380
     cccaggtagc tgagattata ggcatgtgcc accacaccca gctaattttg tatttttagt    106440
     agagataagg tttctgcatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctgaccc tcaggtgatc    106500
     tgtctgtctc ggcctcccaa agggctggga ttacaggtat gagccatggt gactggcctt    106560
     ttctcatatg tttatagcag cacaatctgc aactgaaaaa atatggaatc agttaaaatg    106620
     cccatcagtg aacaaatgga taaagaaaat gtggtatata tgtagcatgg aataccactc    106680
     agccataaaa aggaacaaaa taatggcatt tgcagcaatc tggatggaat tggagacttg    106740
     ttctatgtga agtaactcag gaatggaaaa ccaaatatca tatgttctca ctcataggtg    106800
     ggagcaaagc tatgaagatg caaaggcata agaatgatac aattgattct ggggacccag    106860
     gggaaagggt gggaggggga tgagggagaa aagactacac attgggtaca gtgtaccctg    106920
     ctcgagtgat gggtgcacta aaatctcaga aatcaccact aaagaagcta ttcatgtaac    106980
     caaacaccat ctgttcccca aaaacctatt gaaataaaaa ataaatttta aaaaaaggaa    107040
     gtaaaaaaac cacttaaaaa agaataaaca tgtattttct taaatgaaat cctgacccac    107100
     agaaactgta taagagaaaa tatactagac aatatatgta tgtttcctga gatgttcatt    107160
     tgttatacaa aaatagaaaa ctaatataga gcttctgtgg gtcctgattt gagaaatgct    107220
     ttagctggtt ggttctgtct tggtcaatat gttgattagg cctgcagtca tccgaaggct    107280
     tgactgaggc tagggcatcc aatttcaaga cgtctcactt aacatggcta gcaagtcaat    107340
     gctgtctgtt agcaggagaa ctctgtaatg taatgcatta agctctgtag ggttgcttga    107400
     atgtccttgc agtatggtag ctactttcac ccagggtgag caaggtggaa gctgccatgt    107460
     gttttataat ctagcctagg aaatttgaac tagctttttg ataacacagg tcagccatat    107520
     tcaatatgag agagaactgc acgaggcatg gatagcagaa gtgaaaatca ccgcgggcca    107580
     ttttggaggc tggctgccac agagattagc aactggaata ctgttttcaa agaaacagct    107640
     ttggcttttt atattttctc tattatgtct ttggtttttt tttcattgat ttcagctttt    107700
     atccttatta tttccatcat tttaatttca ttcagcttaa tttgctggga tttttgagat    107760
     ggatgcttag atcattggag tttttttctt tttctttttc ttttttttga gacagggtct    107820
     tactgtgtca ctcaggctat agtgcagtga tgaatcatag ctcatagcag ccttaaatta    107880
     ctgagctcaa gtgatccaat cctccctcct cagccttcca agtagctggg actacaggtg    107940
     tgtgtcacca tgctcaatta attttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttg    108000
     ctgtgacagg tctcactatg ttgcctgggc tggtattgaa gttctggcct caagcaaact    108060
     tcctaccttg gccttccaaa atgtcgggat tatacatgtg agccaccaca cctatcataa    108120
     cagtttttca gtactttttt tgttttgttt tcaaatacat gtgtttacga ttatagattc    108180
     cccccacccc agatttagtc acatcccaca agttttctac ttttgtaaaa ttttattgaa    108240
     gtataatata cctgacagaa agtgtgccat cttaaatgta caggtggatg aattatcaca    108300
     atgtaaataa acctctgtaa ctagcaccaa gataaaaaaa aaactactag ttatttaaac    108360
     ctaggtttga taatattacc aatgacttta aagttcatgt ctgataattc taatacctga    108420
     agcacttgtg ggtttgtttc ttttttctgt tttttatttt gctcatagtt ttcagtcact    108480
     tgatcatata tcctgggatt cctggtaaca tatacatact tcacattttt aaaaattgta    108540
     cagctctagc ataaagagtc ctacaatggg tacttatccc ccatctataa ctttttttac    108600
     actttgtttt gtttttactc tttctaaact ttattatttt actttttgga taagtaatat    108660
     agttacaagt ttctaagata aaaaattatg aaagagtgtt agtgaaaagt ctcattcttg    108720
     caatgccagc accctcttcc tgtcctacag gtaaccacca tgattaattt ctgctatatc    108780
     attccagaga tagtttaaac ctcatatata caagcaaatt atgtatactg cattcctgtg    108840
     tctgttctgt actttgcttt tttcacctaa cattatattt tggtgagttt tctgtttagt    108900
     acataataca ttttctcata ttttaaacaa ctgtattctg ttgtatgaat ttatcataat    108960
     tttttgaatc agtcccctgc tggtggacat ccagtttgtt tccagacgtt tgctattgtg    109020
     ataggctgaa taaaagatgt ccacaggccg ggcacggtgg ctcacgcctg taatcccagc    109080
     actttgggag gccgaggcgg gcggatcatg aagttaggaa attgagacca tcctggctaa    109140
     cacagtgaaa ccacatctct actaaaaaca caaaaaatta gccgggtgtg gtggcatgcg    109200
     cctgtagtcc cagctacttg tgaggctaag aggcaggaga attacttgaa cccaggaggc    109260
     agaggttgta gtgaaccgag attgcaccac tgcactccag cctgggtgac acagtgagac    109320
     tctgtctttc caaaaaaaaa aagatgtcca cattcaaatc cctgaatcta ggaatatatt    109380
     actttacata gccaaagggg ccttgggagt aaggattgtg agatgggcag aggagcgtgt    109440
     atcatccagg tgggcacaat ggaatcaatc acaagcgtcc ttataagcgg gaagaagcgt    109500
     cagactcagg tgatacgaag atggaagtgg tgattgcagt gatacacgat caaaagccaa    109560
     ggtatgtgga aagccgtcaa cagaaggaag aggcatggaa acggactctc ccctggagcc    109620
     tccagaagga accagccttt gattttagct ccgcaagacg cgtttcagac ttctgacctc    109680
     caggctcata ataagataag tttctgttgt tttaagctgc tacatttgtg gtaactgatt    109740
     atagcagcaa taggaaactt agaagagcta tttttataat tataagcaaa gcagcaagaa    109800
     acaatgtgta tctgagattt tgcatttggg aaagtatatc tgcagaataa atgtctagat    109860
     gtggactagg tagttagttt tgataattgt taaatcactc tcctctagac gggttatacc    109920
     agtttatact tctagcagca atatgagtga atgcctcttt cccacagcct cctcaactcc    109980
     atgtgttacc aaacttagaa tttttactgt tctgctagta aaaagcccta atttctttgg    110040
     ataacttact aattattgag tcttcctcat ctgcacaaca tggttagaag ctccttcaga    110100
     gttatgcctg ggtccttatt tctatttttt tctacactgc atacctttgc gtccttcctg    110160
     ttaaccttac atagggcggg ctccctgcac agaaggaggc gatgatatac tcaacggcat    110220
     ctgtgcgtga tagaggggaa aaatatgcga tgtagaatcc attctatcca tctatcaagt    110280
     tccatttagg aaaacaaaat atcctaatca caataattga ctagtgaaga ctgaagaagc    110340
     agttgcctag caatgccctg atcatttttg atgttgactg gttgacataa ggcgggatca    110400
     acaaacacac agcacgtgtg tggccctggc agctgattca gatccttctc actaaggtca    110460
     acattaccca ggctcttgga ggcagccact cctcattgat tatttgcaca tgagataaac    110520
     ctctttgttt taccatattg aaggactaac agaatcacaa actgtaactc aagtgctttt    110580
     ccagtgaaga gtgaaatagg aaggaacgaa aataacatat atctaccccc ctcctcctct    110640
     tcctttagct tggggtcatc attacctcca tttctccatt ttatttttgt ttccttttta    110700
     ttggcaccac ccaagtatgt gtgtatgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    110760
     gtgtttgata ttaaaacttt agggaaagaa acagctctct taaaaatgtc agcaacttca    110820
     attcattgct ttttaaatat cctggttaat aatttacgcc cttggttaaa atattcaatc    110880
     ttctacttaa tatatagtgc ttagctttgt ttttatttta ttttttgaga cagtcttgtt    110940
     agctctgttg tccaggctgg agtgcagtgg cccaatcttg gctcactgca acctccacct    111000
     cctgggttca agcaattctc atgcctcagc ctcccgagta gctgggatta caggtgccca    111060
     ccaccacgcc cagctaattg tgtttttagt ggagacgggc tttcaccatg ttggccaggc    111120
     agatctcgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc gtccgcctcg gcctcccaaa gtgttgggat    111180
     tacaggcata agccatcgtg tccagcctag tgcttagctt taatgtgagt tagtgttagc    111240
     atacacattc agaattcttt caacctcaaa ccacaaatct taattatgta tcatggaaat    111300
     acaaattgga acaaaaatct attgactgtg agcccacata acataatttt tgtttcctga    111360
     aaacaaaagt atgcaagtgg atgaggcctt ttaagggaat cttgtggctt ctctgtcctt    111420
     gctgttctga attggtgatt atcaacagaa atgcccaaca ggtgattgta aagatactgg    111480
     taattctcca ctcttatctg attacaccta cattttgctt gttgctcatt ctgcataaca    111540
     tctaaatgct gtgtgacacc taaacccttt agtagtcggc caaaaggagg aacgagggcg    111600
     tgtttatgaa acagacagct gtcgtgagtc ctggcgctca gcttcattca ctaatcagtt    111660
     gtcagttggc aacttgattg cagataactt cagtgtgagt caggctcgtt tgccacagct    111720
     gtttctctta aaagttctct gataagtcat tgccaccact acttccaaat agcgtacgtt    111780
     aactttgagt taattttaga taaactcggg ttaatttaca aaattttggc accaacaaca    111840
     tggttaggca aggcagcatg gatgggtatt ggaatccatc aatctgggtt gctgtgtacc    111900
     agctctggga ctgggggcaa gttgtagcag ccctgagcct cctgcttcac ctgtatcaag    111960
     ggaggctgag acctaccttg caagggtctt gtgaagatta aatgcaatgc tgtgtgaatg    112020
     gtgcctactt cgtgcctggc ctgtcaagac caggcagttt acacaaaaac acttgatatt    112080
     gactatgaaa caagatccgg aagagaacaa atataaatac agatggatca gctaaatgaa    112140
     ggactgtcga gtaaaaacac aaagaggatg tttgtgagtg gagggggatg gatctccttc    112200
     tccacccagc agtgaatatc atgggaatct ctctctacct gaatctacct cttataattc    112260
     ttaaattaag aaccattaga actcttctaa actttctaaa tactcattac agtatgaaac    112320
     cctgcccacc tcccagacaa cttcctgtgg acattagatt ttttaaacat aggatatgtt    112380
     aagtgatggt cttcattcat cgatgtcaca ttttaaattt gtattacttt ttcttcattt    112440
     tccaaagctc cagctcagca tttttgtatg ccatatatat atgtatatat ttaaaaagtc    112500
     tcagtggcct ttttaatgtg tcgatttcta caccccagcc tcaggtagtg taagcttcat    112560
     gagtacagga accagccctg cctgctcacg ctgtcaccag catgttcgca gggcggacac    112620
     atgccaggca ctcaggtatt agatgaatag gtaaatggaa gactggaaaa tgtaggctgg    112680
     actgagaact tgtggataga cacacctcag tgatttgtga aaaggaagat tggcccaaag    112740
     caatgtttgt gaaccaaatt ttcattatca aagaggaaaa actaaacatt ccctaacaaa    112800
     tgaaaaagga acaaaatttt tgttagatga tgttgagctt tgaaaggcca ccaaggacac    112860
     tttcaatatc aaatcttcct catcccccca actccagaaa actagttttt gctcaggtat    112920
     tggctcagtg gaaaatgtgt ggtctgaagc tgtagtctcc tagtttgtga gtctccttat    112980
     tttcactgcc tgaaggtttg agtcaccgta gaaggggagg aggggcggtg gagatcagaa    113040
     gtgaggtctg tgaactccgg agttgactta ggtgcggagg ggatgaggta gaactgctgg    113100
     cagggaggcc ccatctgatc caagagtgag cttggcaggc agaaagcact tggcaaagcc    113160
     aaggtaatgg ttgggagaga ctgatagatc caacactcct attccttgag gacattcagt    113220
     gatgtgtatt aacctagggt ggctctaact ttaatgtgtc agtgaaaggg atccggctac    113280
     aactccacac tcctgaggtg gggcccagtg ttctgcattt ctgttaaaaa tactgtgagg    113340
     gagcaccagg ctgctccttc cacaggccat actttgagaa gcatggcatt atctcacctg    113400
     tgcatgttat atttgttaaa gggtaacttt tcaaaaacag gaaaaactat cactcatata    113460
     gatataaatg ttaaatattt tattaatgaa gtgagcagtg agatgttaca agcagttcaa    113520
     aagggaaccc aaagggatgg acacatctat tactcagaat attgaaataa actggaaatt    113580
     gatgcataag tggctttgcc acatggagaa ggattggctt tccaaggcag gttgatttgc    113640
     atgtttataa acaagagtca tttgcattat cagttctttt caacttcaca taccataaaa    113700
     caggtgaaag gctagactag aaaaccttaa aggggctggg tgcagtggct catgtctgtt    113760
     atcccagcac tttgggaggt tgaggtagac agatcacttg accccaggag tttgagacaa    113820
     gcctgagcaa catagaccct ctctctacaa aaaaaagttc caaaaattag ctgggcatga    113880
     tggcatgagc ctgtagtccc agctactcag gaggctgagg tgggagaatc ccttgagcca    113940
     gggaagtgga ggttgctgtg agctaggatc atacccttgc attccagtct gggtgacgga    114000
     gggagttcct atctcaaaaa actgaaggag tgtgatctaa acaatgtgta gtgtttccac    114060
     tgaagcacag atgttttccc tgtgatttgt agtgattggc attttcaaac tgcagattgc    114120
     tgtctatatt aacttgacag tttgtaataa ctgcttgaga ttagcagttt gtctttcttc    114180
     agtttagtta attgtcatat ttagctcctc tgtgtaatat gagaaggtaa tgagaatttt    114240
     ttttttcttt tagacggagt cttgctctgt caccaggctg gagtgcagta gtggtgcaat    114300
     ctcaggtcac tgcaacctct gcctcctggc ttcaagtgat tctcctgcct cagcttccca    114360
     agtagctggg actagaggtg catgccacca tgcccagcta atttttgcat ttttggtaga    114420
     gatgggtttt accatgttgg ccaggatgat ctcgatctct tgacctcgtg atctgcctgc    114480
     cttggcctcc caaagtgctg ggattacagg catgaaccac cacacccaga catgagagct    114540
     cttaaataga atttccatct ataaaaagta ggtactgtca gtattcccct cacataggtt    114600
     tatgaagaag tcattttaaa aagagaaccc ttgtaatcga tcagggaccc catctgcttt    114660
     ctctgtgggc ctaggataaa ttcttttgat tgtttatgtc tatttggtgt aaaaagatct    114720
     gtagttaaaa tataacgttg cattatccat aatagccaaa aggtggaagc aagccaagtg    114780
     tctatctgca aatgaataaa caaaatatgg tatatacaca ctatatgcag tagaatacta    114840
     ttcaggctta cagaaaaagg caattctgac acatgctaca ccatggatga acatggaaga    114900
     cattatgcca cgtgaaataa accagtcacc aaagaacaag tattttatgt gatcagcttc    114960
     ttgataatct ccaaaatagc caccttagct tattgaatgt ttgaagctga aggaatctca    115020
     gaaatgataa gaaggacact ctgaccttcc caccctcttc tctgatgcag gccacaaggc    115080
     ccttgggtga gagatgccgt ccctgtccct ggaggaagga gcatccttct ctctgaagat    115140
     aacgctgaga ggaatctgaa tgataggtcc tgctgttcct cccagtttac tacacgtagc    115200
     tcctacccct ttttgtcctc ttgcaatttt ctgcttctct ccacttttta tcaaactgtt    115260
     aaaaatgatg ggaggccatt cttttggggc tgagctcctg cactagcctt caacagatca    115320
     gaccaaacca aaattgaatt acttatgcta aatgctgtgt catcaaactg aaactttaag    115380
     gaagcagatc cccaaacaga ccagtttttc ttgaaaacat gagattccag tctacttgaa    115440
     tcagtggaag aaggaagtcc cctctgcttt aaccattaca aaaaagtaac tgaagtagct    115500
     tgatgttaac caatcagatt tttctattct gtttccttgt tgctacctca taaaacctgt    115560
     ggttctgcta ttgcccagtg ggaactctca ttctgttttg tagagtgaaa ggtgcccaga    115620
     ttcatgaatc atgaataaaa gacaattaaa tctataaatt tgttgtagtc ctctgataaa    115680
     caatataaaa cctaatttgt tgtaatttag tcttttgaca aacctaatat aaaaagacat    115740
     aggtttaact gtttcttcat gtctttattt ccttacaaag gctcctagtt atatcaagtt    115800
     acttccagaa aagtccattt tttctgtgtc atataaaact tatgttaagt aaatgtgtat    115860
     gcttttctct tgttaatctg tcttttggta caagagcccc agccaagaaa ttagaagggt    115920
     ggaggaaaaa tatttttcct cccttatata tgattccact tatatgagat acctagatca    115980
     gtaaaattca tagaaacaaa gtagaatgat agtcaggctc agtgcctcat tcctgtaatc    116040
     ccaacatctt ggaaggataa ggcgggagga tcacttcagc ccaagagttc aagaccaggc    116100
     tagacaacat agtgagacct catctctact ttaaaaagaa aagtcaggtg tggtggaaca    116160
     tacctatagt cccaactact ggggaggctg aagtgggttg gatcactcga atctgggagt    116220
     tcaagctttc agtgaactat gatcatgcca ctgtactcca acctgggcga cagagtaaga    116280
     ccctgtcaga aaaaagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaggtagtt tggtggttgc cagaggctgg    116340
     ggtagagagg aatgagggct tattgcttac tgggtgcaga gtttcacttc gggatgataa    116400
     gaatgttctg gagatggatg gtggtgatgg ttgtacaaca acatgaatgc acttaatgcc    116460
     gataactgca cacttaagac tggttaaaat cgggctgggc acggtggctc acacctgtaa    116520
     tcccagcact ttgggaggct gaagcaggca gatcacgagg tcaagagata gagaccatcc    116580
     tggccaacat ggtgaaaccc cgtctctact aagaatacaa aaattcacta agtgtggcgg    116640
     caggtgcctg taatcccagc tacttaggag gctgaggcag gagaatcctt gaacctggga    116700
     ggcagagttt gcagtaagcc gagaccgcgc cactactgca ctccagtctg gtgacagagc    116760
     aagcctccat ctcaaaatat atatatatac acatatatat acatatacat atatatacat    116820
     ttatatgtat atatatgtat attgttatat atactttact atgataaaga cattttataa    116880
     gcaccattta ccatttgatc acctattaaa tgctaagtgc tttacataca tttcactaat    116940
     ccttagaata actttgttca gtaaaaatta ttcctggttt acagaggaga aacctgaggc    117000
     tcagaaaggc tactcactta tttgaagtct cacagccttc ataatggtat tcatgcactg    117060
     tttatgccct agatagttgg agaaattaca ggggagaatc tcagaaataa ctgaaataat    117120
     tgaagatgta atcaagaaac aaaagtacag tgtttgaata gagaccaact aaggacggct    117180
     gggactggtt cagtctacct ataattgaaa ggtaaatcac taggaaaggg aaggagtctc    117240
     tgggtttcaa gatgaaatag aagtcatgag aattctataa atttaaattc aagttcactg    117300
     aagagagcta ggagtcagct actgtttgct gcagataata ttcagtaagg agctaactgc    117360
     taatgcactg gcctggggaa gtgtttaatg tcaaatagaa accaacacta gtaaaatact    117420
     tccaggaggt aagaattttt ttttttgaga cagggtcttg ctctgtccca caggctggag    117480
     tgcagtggca tgatcttggc tcactgcaac ctccacttcc cgagttcaag caattctcct    117540
     gcctcagcct ccctagtagc tgggattaca ggcacacacc accacaccct gctgattttt    117600
     gtatttttag tagagtcggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg ctggtcttga actctcgacc    117660
     tcaggtgatc ctcccccctt ggcctctcaa agtgctggga ttacaggggt gagccactgc    117720
     gcctggctgc tgctgctttt tttgtaatgg acctgggaga tttttaggaa tgagggaaat    117780
     gatcgtttct ttgaataagg cagaatacta aagactagcc agccctcagg ctcatggtgg    117840
     ttgctgctat tctgttgaac gtcaaccata gcctttagaa aggagcaagt ctttgtggaa    117900
     tagacaggat ttgaagtgca acaaaggggt ggaaacccag ctgaccatga taccttcaag    117960
     tgagtttttc cactgaattt gattattttc tcatttggca cttctttctg ggttttttaa    118020
     tcagcccaaa aactctaggt gattttactt ttgtaattgt attctcttgg gaattcctga    118080
     ttcctcgttt caccaaatag gtgtgtaacc ttcttgtttc tgcctataat aattctggag    118140
     tctttaaaca aaacgactgt gacttttcat gatgagtaga agataggttt tactcatgct    118200
     acaatcaata ttaattcctt gcagttcaaa gacactgagg ccctgtctaa taatatagaa    118260
     gttgaacttg gacttgggag atgactcctg cctctcatac tctctgtggc tctgctttct    118320
     attattttac tcataagctt gttttgtctc cttgctgaga attgtcaaac atgaaatgta    118380
     atttcaggct atagtgaaga aagatgacat aggcagaaga aattggcaat catttggcct    118440
     gtacatgtgg ctttttgttt tttttctgga cttaggatat agaccacacc ttgacatttc    118500
     tggcctttga gtctttcaca actgttatta taatacatta gctcttctag aagttagaag    118560
     tgactttgga ttaagtcttt cataaggtgg ctaaatgaat ttatatagct catcataatt    118620
     cactagattg gttaagcggg aaatttacag agattttttt ctttgctgta aatgtttttc    118680
     taaattgaaa aacttctaat actgtcttct gtagtagacc tagaaataag tgcaagtgat    118740
     tgtttttggc aggaggtcac ataaactttt ctgcttctct gtgccttacg ggtagcattg    118800
     atataaattg ttaaaaataa tgattgtaga tagataatgt gtcagagttt gggctcagct    118860
     gaggtagctg ctgttgaccc agagggacca ctgggagcct cacatctcag ggcagcacat    118920
     cgtttgaagc aatggttggt tctacacaac cttttatgaa attaggtgag gcccttgctt    118980
     agaatttttt aaaagcttaa tatgagttta tatctcttta aatatcagtt tctaatattt    119040
     tttaaaggcc tatgtttaca acaaatttgg gagataccta tatgcagtac taactagtgt    119100
     tcttttgtgg tgctttagaa attctggctt acttgtattt ttgctagcct tctaatgatt    119160
     tcactcatca atcagaagat acttgtgtcc acctccctgc ttcctctccg gtgatcttgt    119220
     cgattcttgg ccattttaga gttgacttag cagccttcac aaaactgatt ggaatttcca    119280
     ctgggattaa attgataggt catttttggg agacctttgc aatattgaac tttccaatcc    119340
     gtgaacttta cttatctgcc catttattat gtttgttttt ggtagattac aaaattatat    119400
     gatcactcca aaaattacct tgccctttat agtaaagcct tccattgtaa attctggcaa    119460
     tcactgatct gtgttcctct agcattgctt tttttcagaa ttttatacaa atggaatcgt    119520
     tcagtatgta gccttttgag tctggctact ttcatgtact gtatcaacag ttattcctta    119580
     ttattgccaa atagtaatcc attgtataaa tactacatgg tttgcttatt ggtttgtcat    119640
     tggaggaata tggactattt tcactttttg gtaaactata agtggattgg aattcacaaa    119700
     gtgctttttg tctgagcata ggttttcatt tcacttgtgc aaatgcctaa gggtaggatt    119760
     gccgagtcac atgtacgttt gactttatca gaacctgcca aattgtcttc caaagtgctg    119820
     tgccacttct gtttctttaa taaatacagg ggtattcaag ctgtctgttt cttcttgagt    119880
     tttgttagtc tgtctttcaa ggaattgatc tatttcacct aatttgtaga atttagaagc    119940
     acatacttgt ttgttttgtt tttgtagtat ccattatagc cttctagtgt ctacaggatt    120000
     tgtaataata ttcctttcat ttctggtatt ggcaatttgt gttttctctt cttcctttgt    120060
     cagtctgcta gaggcttcct cattttattg atttccacct cccaccaccc ctgcaaagaa    120120
     ccaactttgg atttcgttga atttttttcc tttactgttt ttgtttaaat attactgatt    120180
     tagtctgttt tccttatgcc tgatttgagt ttatttggtt ctttttttac ttgaagtaaa    120240
     taaattgccc tgtaagcaca cattttgata agatgatgtc atatttatta agttcaaact    120300
     gttttccaat ttgtcttaag atactctctt tgacctatgg gccatttaga agtaagccat    120360
     ttaacttctc atattagggg atgttctaga aatgttctag attcctagtt taattctgtc    120420
     atcagagaaa ataattcact gaattttaat tgtttaactt tagggtttgt tttatgaccc    120480
     agaatatgat ctctcaccac cgccatccag ataattcttc aggttttgac gtttcccaac    120540
     ctgtctgctg gttacttttc agagtacttg ggtcattgct atttatattt tgtccagagt    120600
     ttcaaattgt gatcagtgga aatgacatgc cgtagcatgc gtacgccatc ctggccagca    120660
     tcacaggtgg tcagtatatc tttctgttgt tgttttgaga cagggtctca ctctgttgcc    120720
     caggctggag cacagtgaca tgatcaggga tcactgcatt ctcaacctgc taggctcaag    120780
     tgatcctccc acctcagcct cccgaatagc tggtctatag gtgtgctgcc atgcccagct    120840
     aatttttgta ttttttataa agatgggatt ttgcctagtt gcccaggctg gtctcaaact    120900
     cctgagctca ggctatcctc tcacccggac ctcccaaaat actaggatta taggcatgac    120960
     caccacacct ggccagtaca tcttaaaaat aatttctgat ccacgttgaa taatgatggc    121020
     ctgtaaatat tttttcttgc acttgccttg ttgggttttg atatcaaggt tatttttatt    121080
     ttaaccttgt aaaatgaact ggggagtctt ctttttttat tctctgtttg tgttagtggc    121140
     agagtttttt tttgtttggt tggttggttt ctcttgtatg tttcatggaa ctttttggtg    121200
     aaggcacttg ggcctgggaa tttctttatg ggaagttttt tcattactga ttcaatatat    121260
     ttaatctatg taagtttttt ttctattttt tgagtgaatt tcgatttttt ttcctagaaa    121320
     ttcatatctc accaagtatg gtggcttatg cttgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggctcag    121380
     gtgggaggac cacttgacta cagtagttca agaccagcct gggcaatata gtgagactcc    121440
     atctctacaa aaaaaaatta gcttggtgtg ttggtgggtg cctgtagtgt gagctacttg    121500
     ggatgctgag gtgggaggat catttgagcc tggaaggtcg agactgcagt gaactgtgat    121560
     tgtgccactg cactccagcc tgggtgacag aatgagacct tgtctcaaaa aaaaagactt    121620
     ttcatctatg gtttaaagtc tgttggcata aatgtattca taattttaca ttatgaattt    121680
     gtttatttga gacagggtct cactctgttg cccaggctgg agtacagtgg tgcaatcgtg    121740
     gctcactgca gcctccacct cccaggctca agccaccatc ttgcttcagc ctccctagta    121800
     gctgggacca caggcacttg ccaccatgcc cagctaattt ttgtattttt ggtagagaag    121860
     ggcttttgcc atgttgccca ggctggtctc aaactcctga acttgagcat tcctcccact    121920
     taagtctccc aaagtgctgg gattacaggt gtgagccatc gttcttggcc tgcaagttat    121980
     gacttccttt cagagtcttt ctatctgtag tacagtcctc ctgtgcaaga ttgttttttg    122040
     attgcttttt cttgacaaat cttgctaaag gtctgtgaat tttataatgt atttttaaag    122100
     aaccagattt tagcagggca tggtggctca tacctgtaat cccagcactt agtgaggcaa    122160
     aggtgggagg atcacttgag cctgtaaggg ggagactgtt ctaagctgtg actgagccac    122220
     tacactccag cctgggcaac agaatgagac cctatctatc tgaaaaccaa aaaaaccaca    122280
     agttttagct tggctgattc tattgtgtgt ttcttttgta tttcatttgt ttgttacgtt    122340
     tttccttttt ctatctttga atttaacttg ttctttgtct gatttattga ctgatgctta    122400
     gggttttttt tttttttttt ttttgagacg tagtctcact ctttcaccag gctggagtgc    122460
     agtggcacaa tctcagctca ctgcaacctc cagctcctgg gttcaagcaa ttctcctgcc    122520
     tcagcctccc gagtagctgg gactacaggt gtgcgccacc acacccagct aatttttgta    122580
     ttttttgtag agatggggtt ttaccatgtt gggcaggatt gtctcgatct cttgacctca    122640
     tgatccacct gccttggcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca ggcgtgagcc actgtgccta    122700
     gtctgttgat gttttttcca agttcctttt ctaatgttct catttaagac tataaatttc    122760
     cccagcctgg acagcatggt gaaactttat ctctaccaaa cacacacaaa attagccagg    122820
     cgtggttgtg tgagcctgtg gtcccagcta ctcgggaggc tgaagtggga ggctcacttg    122880
     agcccaggag gtggagggta gtaagccaag attgtgctac tgcactccag ccggggtgac    122940
     atagtgagac cccatctcaa aaaaaaataa tagactataa ttttcccctt atgaatggat    123000
     ttaattatat cctacagttt ttaatatgta gaattgatga tgaatttgcc ttattttatc    123060
     ttcaagctat gggctattta aaagtatact tttagaaagt ttctaaaatt gttaccagaa    123120
     attgtgatct gtccactttc tttgaaattt gttacttgtt taaacactcg tatatgtggt    123180
     taatttttga acttgtccaa attttcttga agggaagtct atttctgcag ttaaatctca    123240
     tgttctgtat gtgtgcattg agtctatttt ttcataattt taaatcttca tcctccttaa    123300
     ttatttttat actttattta ctgagagata tattaaatat cctactagaa gcatggattt    123360
     gtctgtctcc tcatctgtca acttttgctt tttgaggctg tacttgggtg catatgattc    123420
     aaaaattata catctttttt ttaatttgaa cttttatcaa aatgaaatgt tttccttcat    123480
     ttatgtatgc tttcaacatt atgtatgata tagctatagt aactttggtt agactttgca    123540
     ctgtgtatct ttcacgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatt tttttttcca ctgtgctgcc    123600
     caggctatag tgcaggggct gttcacagac gtgtctgtgg ctccctgctg ccttaaactc    123660
     ctgggctcaa atgatcctcc tacctcagtc tttagagtga tgtgtgccac cactgccaaa    123720
     taattgtttt tatttattta gagatagagt ttggctatat tgcccagact ggtcttgagc    123780
     tcttggtctc aagtgatcct ctcgcttctg cttcctgagt aactgggatt ataggcatgt    123840
     gccgccaagt ccggctcctc tgatacgtat tttaatacct tttaaaatca ttctatatct    123900
     ttatatttta aatatgactt ataaatagca tggaatggga ttttcacaat ttatccatct    123960
     ttaactggat tagttagtcc atttgcatgt atttgtattc tgacatactt ggattctgta    124020
     tagattgtga gtggtgtgta tgtacatgca tatgtgtttg tgtcattttg tcactttcta    124080
     tttatcctac ttatgtttat tttttccttt cttgccttct tttcaattgg tgtgatattt    124140
     tttctctagt cattttaagt tagtctttgt ttatattctt ttagtaactg tcatgctaat    124200
     ttaaatgtgc atatttaagt tatgaaagtt gaaaatttat cctcttcctg ggtgatagga    124260
     taacttaaga atactttcat tgcattaaac tcctcttgag ttatgctaca acagtatatt    124320
     ttcaactttt tgttttgaca ttattgcaga ttcacaggtg cttttaagaa ataatataaa    124380
     gaaatcccat atagtcttca ctcagtttct cccaatggta acgtcttgca taactacctt    124440
     gttcagattt taccagtttt atgtgcactt ttaggttttt ttgtgtattt agttctatga    124500
     aattttatcg tgtacataga ttagatacct aatcaccatc accatcgtca agatatagaa    124560
     gagttccatc agaaggatgg atcccttttg ctacccattt tatagtcaca aacacgttcc    124620
     tcactccctg acccctggca accactaatg tgtttttcat ctctgtaact ttatttcaag    124680
     aacacatgta aatgaaacca tacactgtct aatattttga gattgaattt ttttattcag    124740
     cataattttc ttgtgatcca tcaaatttgt tttgatatat tttatcattt ttctttttat    124800
     atttcatggg acattacttc tattgtttta tacatttcac atttgtttag ttttatccat    124860
     atattcacct gtctttttcc tgctcttcat ttcttcttat atcccagatc ttccacttgg    124920
     gatcattttc ctcctgtctg aaatctttta gtatctgttt agtaatggtt tccttgggcg    124980
     agctccctca atttctgcac attttaagct ctattatgtt agtctcatac ttaatttttt    125040
     tattgtggta taagaggcat acaggtaagg agatcatgaa tgtacaactc aaaattttca    125100
     catagttaac acctaagaaa tggatatgac cagcaaccca gaagtctctc ttctgtttcc    125160
     ttttagttgc tgctcttacc tcctcccaag acagggtgat ctgcccgcct tggcttccca    125220
     aagtgctggg attacaggta tgagccacca cgcctggcct aaaatgacca tcttgtcttt    125280
     tgagacagag tcttgctctg tcaccccagc tggagtgcag tggcatgatc atggctcact    125340
     gcagcctcaa tctccctggc tcaagcgatc ctcccacctt agcctcctga gtagctggga    125400
     caggaggcac acatgccaca cccagctcaa tctactgggc tcaagcaaaa gttatctcct    125460
     attctgactt tttacactat agattagttt tcctattatt tgctttataa ataggatctt    125520
     ttcttttggc ttcttttctc agctttaggc ttgtgagctc tatgcatggt gttgcacatg    125580
     gctgtggttt gtttattgtt gtgcgcattc agctttacta atattgcaca atatgtttat    125640
     ctgttctgct ggtggctgac attaggttct tccaagcttg agtccattat gagtaatgcc    125700
     attataaact ttctttcttt ctttctttct tttttttttt ggagatagag tcttgctctt    125760
     gtcgcccagg ctggagtgca atggcacaat ctcagctcac tgcaacctcc acctcctggg    125820
     ttcaagccat tctccctgcc tgagcctccc aagaagctgg gattacagtg cccaccacca    125880
     cgtctggcta attatttttt tagtagagac agggttttgc catattggcc gggctggtct    125940
     cgaactcctg acctcaggtg atctgcctgc ctcggcctcc caaagtgctg gaattacagg    126000
     catgagccac tgtgcccggc cctgaaattt cttgtacttt tggtgcacac ttgtgtactt    126060
     taatttgatc tgtatctggg agtgcaagtg ctttatagag tgtacgtaca gttttaggag    126120
     atactgctaa aaattttgca gtggctgtat cagtttacac tctgccagct gttgatgaag    126180
     gttccagttg tttcccatcc ttctgttata ggaaaggaat cctgatctag actccaagag    126240
     agggttattg gatctggtgc aagaaagaat tcagggcgag tccatagagt aaagtgatag    126300
     caagtttatt aagaaagtag aagaataaaa gaatggctac tctatagaca gagcagccca    126360
     agggctgctg gttacccatt cttatggtta tttctagata atatgctaaa caaggggtgg    126420
     attattcgtg cctccttttt tttttttctt aagaccatgt agggtaaatt tctgatattg    126480
     ccatggcatt tgtaaactgt ggtggcgcta gtgggagtgt agcaggggga ggatgacgag    126540
     aggtctacag gtttttttgg taatcatctt gagaaataaa gacttcataa atcatcttac    126600
     agttatgaca atatataaca accatatttc aactgaacgc aaagttgtac cttttcatac    126660
     ccccactgtg ttattaatat cacatattat cttttcttat tgtgtatcta tgaacacaca    126720
     tttatgcaga tttgtgcttc attttttaaa ctccatagca atattttgaa aattttgtgc    126780
     accatcatta tgacagtaga tagagatttc tatacctgtt tatatattta cctttaatat    126840
     agcactttct attttcatat gctgttatga tgctgtgcag catcatttca tttttggact    126900
     tgatagactt tgttttacat ttcctttagg attgatctag tggttagtaa cacactcaac    126960
     ttttatttat tttggaaagg cttatttttt tatttctgaa gtgaaattat tccagttgaa    127020
     ggtttttctt tggcagtata tcttcttgtt taattacctt gtcatctggg gatttctcag    127080
     ctacttttta aaaataatct ctttattact tttctgctgt attgtttttc taagactcct    127140
     tttataaata caaaggtcta cttgatggtg tgcagtacgt cccatatttt tttctctatt    127200
     ctgtttaaat aatttgtttt catgactcag tatttataac tacagtgaca tcagttgtat    127260
     gattttttct gctttattag tctgcttttg tgactgttga ttgaaatttt aatacagtta    127320
     tcgtgttatt cagatacaca gtttttgttg gtttctaaaa atcattttgt tgatatctcg    127380
     ttttctttat gtatcacttc taatattatt ttgttgtcta tgctctgttt ttgttaatta    127440
     agcagttttt tcctagttac attttattga aaactgcact gaatgctaaa tgtccatctt    127500
     tacaataaac aactacagta acggtaactc gcactaaaac aaagtatact tctgatagcc    127560
     attatttttc tgtttgtgac aattttaaag tttttctttt gtcacaaaaa caggaatgta    127620
     cctaatcaaa agatcaaaat aggccatctt tttaaacaaa aaggcaatga ttcacaaaag    127680
     actatgaaca gaacatgtaa ccaatcgatg caaatcaaat aggatttgtt aaaatcagtc    127740
     acatccaata catctgaagt gttcttgtat aaaatacaac gtgaataaaa gaagacttca    127800
     tcagtgtctt aaaaagtgca tttgttcata gacaatctga caagttacca ttaaaagtgt    127860
     ttcctgtgac ataaggaaaa gcaacattat ttttcttgaa tctttttagt gcaagacttt    127920
     ccactcaata aaatagcaga gcatctgaaa ctgagaaaat atttttgatt acaaacagct    127980
     tgtgaaactt aatactgttt tttttttttt tgcattatcg gaggctttta ctgaacttac    128040
     aaccaacttg cccactcagc atgcagttca gatgtgagag acgcttctct gtacaggagc    128100
     cggtactgtc ttcaatccta cgcgtgcagg tgtctaccac aggcaaacag tttactccac    128160
     attttctagt aatgtgatct tccttttagc aaaaagctgt aaccagtccc tgtagactga    128220
     agggactcaa gtgacaagat gtggatttcc tcctcatggc ttttattttg atgtttgaag    128280
     tcttgatgca acattctgag caggatgttc ctgacctgct gtgccccagg gactgataaa    128340
     ggaaaaagga ctatttattc tttgtgattt gacgcacata tcaaaaactt aacacacaat    128400
     aacggaagct ggtcgttaat aaatcacacc ctagtctttc agagcttcca taaacagacg    128460
     acatcttcag ttttctaact cttgtagttt ttacactgca acatcaatga tgcatatgtc    128520
     cagaatcagc taaaaagagc gtcagattct ttttctctta gtacatctat ttttcactgt    128580
     ccttgttccc aagtgtatca aaatgattac cttccggcat tctctactat ttctcgttgg    128640
     ggtgctctca attgtccccg tgattgtggg ctggttggga gagggcgctt gggaagtatg    128700
     tgccactgtc gggaggttgt gagtcactgg gatgcctcca gggatgatcc cttccatgga    128760
     cgcaggaagt cctcctggat ccacacccac aatgactgaa tgaattgctt gctggtctat    128820
     tactgaccaa agcacagatg tgacaaagaa ttccttgttc acacagtttc ttttttttta    128880
     attttattat tattatactt taagttttag ggtacatgtg tacaacgtgc aggtttgtta    128940
     catatgtata catgtgccat gttggtgtgc tgctcccatt aactcgtcat ttagcattag    129000
     gcacatctcc taatgctatc ccttccctct acccccaccc cacaacagtc cccagtgtgt    129060
     gatgttcccc ttcctgtgtc catgtgttct cattgttcaa ttcccaccta tgagtgagaa    129120
     catgtggtgt ttggtttttt gtccttgcga tagtttgctg agaatgatgg tttccatctt    129180
     catccatgtc cctacaaagg acacgaactc atcctttttt atcgccatat agtataccat    129240
     ggtgtatttg tgccagattt tcttaatcca gtctatcatt gttggacgta taggttggtt    129300
     ccaagtcttt gctattgtga atagtgcgca ataaacatag gtgtgtatgt gtctttatag    129360
     cagtatgatt tataatccct tgggtacata tctagtaatg ggatggctgg gacaaatgtt    129420
     atttctagtt ctagatccct aaggaatcgc cacactgact tccacaatgg ttgaagtagt    129480
     ttacagtccc aacaacagtg taaaagtgtt cctatttctc cacatcctcc ccagcacctg    129540
     ttgtttcctg actttttaat gaacgccatt gtaaatggtg tgagatggta tctcattgtg    129600
     gttttgattt gcaattctct gatggccagt gatgatgagc attttttcat gtgtgttttg    129660
     gctgcataaa tgtcttcttt tgagaagtgt ctgttcatat ccttggccca ctttttgatg    129720
     gggttgtttg tttgtttttt tcttgtaaat ttgtttgagt tcattgtaga ttctggatat    129780
     ttgccccttg tcagatgagt aggttgcaaa aattttctcc cattctgtag gttgcctgtt    129840
     cactctgatg ggagtttctt ttgccgtgca gaagcttttt agtttaatta gatcccattt    129900
     gtcaattttg gcttttgttg ccattgcttt tggtgtctta gacatgaggt ccttgcccaa    129960
     gcctatgtcc tgaatggtat tgcctaggtt tttttctttt tttttatggt tttaggtcta    130020
     acatgtaagt ctttaatcca tcttgaatta atttttgtat gaggtgtaaa gaagggatcc    130080
     agtttcagct ttctacatat ggctagccgg ttttcccagc accatttatt aaatagggaa    130140
     tcctttcccc attgcttgct tttgtcaggt ttgtcaaaga tcagatagtt gtagatatgt    130200
     ggcattattt ctgagggctg tgttttgttc cattggtcta tatctctgtt ttggtaccag    130260
     caccatgctg ttttgcttac tgtagccttg cagtatagtt tgaagtcagg tagcgtgatg    130320
     cctccagctt tgttcttttg gcttaggatt gacttggaga ttaaggctat ttattggttg    130380
     catatgaact tgaaagtagt tttttccaat tctgcgaaga aagtcattgg tagcttgatg    130440
     gggatggcat ttaatctata aattaccttg ggcagtatgg ccattttcac gatattgatt    130500
     cttcctaccc atgagcatgg aatgttcttc catttgtttg tatcctcttt tatttcattg    130560
     agcagtggtt tgtagttctc cttgaagagg tccttcacat cccttgtaag ttggatttct    130620
     aggtatttta ctctctttga agcaattgtg aatgagagtt cactcatgat ttggctctct    130680
     gtttgtctgt tattggtgta taagaatgct tgtgattttt gcacattgat tttctatcct    130740
     gagactttgc tgaagttgct tatcagcttg aggagatttt gggctgagac aatggggttt    130800
     tctacatata caatcatgtc atctgcaaac agggacaatt tgacttcctc ttttcctaat    130860
     cgaatatgct ttatttcctt ctcctgccta attgccctgg ccagaacttc caacactatg    130920
     ttgaatagga gtggtgagag aaggcatccc tgtcttgtgc ccattttcaa agggaatgct    130980
     tccagttttt tcccattcag tatgatattg gctgtgggtt tgtcatagat agctcgtatt    131040
     attttgagat acatcccatc catacctaat ttattgagag tttttagcat gaagtgttgt    131100
     tgaatttcgt cagaggcctt ttctgcatct attgagataa tcatttggtt tttgtctttg    131160
     gttctgttta tatgctggat tacatttatt gatttgtgta tgttgaacca gccttgcatc    131220
     ccagggatga agctcacttg atcatggtga ataagctttt tgatgttctg ctggattggg    131280
     tttaccagta ttttattgag gatttttgca tcaatgttca tcaaggatat tggtctaaaa    131340
     ttctcttttt tggttgtgtc tctgcccggc tttggtatca ggatgatgct ggcctcataa    131400
     gatgagttag ggaggatttc ctcttttttc tgttgtttgg aatagtttca gaaaggatgg    131460
     taccaccctc tctatgtacc tctggtagaa ttcggctatg attccatctg gtcctggact    131520
     cttttttgtt ggtaagctat tgattatttc cacaatttca gctcctgtta ttggtctatt    131580
     cagagattca tcttcttcct ggtttagtct tgggaggatg tatgtgtcga ggaatttatc    131640
     catttcttct agattttcta gtttatttgc gtagaggtgt ttatagtatt ctctgatggt    131700
     agattgtatt tctgtgggat cagtggtgat atcccttttg taatttttta ttgcatctat    131760
     ttgattcttc tctcttttct tttttattag tcttggtagc ggtctatcaa ttttgttgat    131820
     cttttcaaaa aaagcaatct ctggattcct taattttttg aggggttttt tatgtctcta    131880
     tttccttcag ttctgctctg atcttagtta ttccttgcct tctgctagct tttcaatgtg    131940
     tttgctcttg cttttctagc tcttttaatt gtgatgttag ggtgtcaatt ttagatcttt    132000
     cctgctttct cttgtgggca tttagtggta taaatttccc tctacacact gctttgaatg    132060
     tgtcccagag atactgctat gttttgtctt tgttctcatt ggtttctaag aacatcttta    132120
     tctctgcctt gatttcatta tttccccagt attctttcgg gagcaggttg gtaagcagag    132180
     cctagacaag agttacatca cctgggtgat cagtgcagag gtatgtgaca aggccccttt    132240
     aagcagagcc tagacaatag ttacatcacc tgagtgatca gtgcagagat atgtcagtat    132300
     tccccctata ggcagagcct agacaaaagt tacatcacct gggtgatcag tgcagtgata    132360
     ggtcaaaatt cctctgtagg cagagcctag acaagagtta catcatctag gtgatcagtg    132420
     cagtgatatg tcacaaaaat ccctgtagac agagcctaga caagaattac atcacctgag    132480
     tgatcagtgc agatatttga cacaatgacc ccatagacag agcctagaca agaattccat    132540
     cacctaggtt atcagtgcag agatatgtca tgaatccacc tctaggcaga gtatagaaaa    132600
     tagttccatc acctgagtga tcagtgcaga gatatgtcac aaagacccct gtaggcagag    132660
     cgtagacaag agtcccatca cctgtgtgat cagtgtagtg acatgtcaca aagccattgt    132720
     aggtagagcg tagaaaagag ttgcattacc tgggtgatca gtgcagagaa atataacaat    132780
     gccccctctg ggaaaagcct agaaaagagt tacatcgcct agtagatcag tgcagaggta    132840
     tgccacaaag ccccctgaaa gtacagacta gagaagagtt acatctcctg ggtgatcagt    132900
     gcagtgatat gtcacaattt ccctgtagac agaggctaga aaagggttaa atcacctgtg    132960
     tgatcattgc agagatatgt tacaataccc tctgttggca aagcctagaa aagatttaca    133020
     tcacctctgt gatcacttca gaggcatatc aaaacgaacc tgtaggcaga ccctacaaaa    133080
     gagttacatc acctaggaga tcagtgcaga gatatgtcac aataccccat gtaggcagag    133140
     cccagacaag agttacatca cctgggtgat caggacagag atatgtcaca atgccccctg    133200
     caggcagagc ccagacaaga gttgcatcac ctcggtgatc agtgcagagg tatgtctcaa    133260
     tgcctcctgt aggcaaagcc cagagaagag ttacatcatc tcggtgatca gtgcagagat    133320
     atgtcaaaat gctcctgtga gcagagccta gacaaaattt acatcacctg ggtgatcagt    133380
     gctgagacat gtcacaatgt ccatgtaggc agagcctaga caagtgttac atcacctggg    133440
     tgatcattgc agagtgatgt cactacgacc tctgtaggta gagactagac aagagttacc    133500
     tcacctgaga gatcagtgca gagatatgtc acaacgccct ctgtaggcaa agattagtca    133560
     tgagttacat cacataggtg atcagcacag atatatgtca atatgtccct gtggccacag    133620
     cctagacaag agttacatca tctgggtgat caatgcagag atatgtcacc atgtctccag    133680
     taggcagagc ctagatatga gttacatcac ctcggtgatc agtgcagaga tatctcaaaa    133740
     taccccctgt aggcaaagtc tagacaagag ttacatcaac tgggtgatca gtgcagagat    133800
     acgtcaaaaa tcctaccgta ggcaaagcct agacaagttt taaataacct cagtgatcag    133860
     tgcagagacg tctcccaatg cccctgtagg cagagcttag aaaagtgtca catctccgga    133920
     ttgataagtg cagagatacg tcacaatgcc cccataggca gagcctggac aacagttaca    133980
     tcacctagtt gatcagtgca gagatatgtc acaaagtccc ctgtaggcag agcctagaga    134040
     agagttgcat cacctgggtg atcagtgcag agatatgtca ggatatcccc tgtagtcaaa    134100
     gcctaggcaa gagttacatc acctttgtca tcagttcaga gatatgtcaa aatgcccctg    134160
     taggcagagc ctagacaaga gttacatcac ctagttgatc agtgcagaga tgtttcacaa    134220
     tacccccttt aggcagatcc tagagaagag ttgcatcacc tgggtgatca gtgcagagct    134280
     atatcaaaat gccccctgta ggcagagggt agacaagagg tacatcatct aggtgatcag    134340
     tgcagagatt tgtgaaaatt ccctgtaggc agagcttata aaactattac atcgcctagg    134400
     tgatcagtgc agagatgtgt cacaaagccc cctgtaggca gagcctagac aagaattccc    134460
     acgccgggag tgatcaggtc agagataagt cacaaggccc ctgtaggcag agcttagatg    134520
     acttacatca cctgggtaat cagtgcacag atatgtcaca aagcccactg caggaaaagc    134580
     caatacaata gttaaatcac ttgggtgatc agtggagaga tttctcacaa ctcacaagta    134640
     ggcagagctt atacaacagt tacatctcct cggtgatcag tgcagagata tgtcataatg    134700
     cccccatagg cagatgcaag acaagagtct gtcacctggg tgatcagagc agaaatacgt    134760
     cacaatgccc ccgtagacag agcctagaca aaagccccat cacctggatg atgagggcag    134820
     agttatgtca caaagaccct ttaggcagat cctagacaat agttacatca gttgggtgat    134880
     cagtgcagag atatgtcaca atgccactgt aggcagagcc taggcaagag ttacatgacc    134940
     caggtgatca gtgcagagat acatcacaat ccccctgtag gcagagcctt gacaagtggt    135000
     acatcacctg ggtgataatt gcaggcatat gtcacaaagc accctgtagg cagatcctag    135060
     acaacagtta cataacctgg gtgatcagtg cagggatatg acacaatgcc agtgtaggca    135120
     gagtctagaa aagagttaca tgacctaggt gatcagtgca gagatacatc acaatgcctc    135180
     tgtaggcaga gccttgacag gtggtacatc acctgggtga tcattgcagg gatatgtcac    135240
     aaagcaccct gtaggcagat cctagacaag agttacatca cctgggtgag cagtgcagag    135300
     atatgtcaca agccccctgc aggcagagcc tagacaagag ttatatcacc tgggtgataa    135360
     gtgcagtgat atgtcacaat gccgtgtagc cagagcctag acaaaagttt catcacctgg    135420
     gagatcagtg cagagatatg tcacaatgtc cccagtaggc agagcctaga aaagatttgg    135480
     atcacctcgg gatcagtgca gagatatgtc aaaatgcacc tgtgggcaga gcccagacaa    135540
     aatttacatc accttggtga tcagtgcaga gacatgtcac aatgtccatg taggcagagc    135600
     ctagacaagg gttacatcac ctgggtgatc attgcagagt gatgtcacaa cgccctctgt    135660
     aggcagagac tagacaagag ttacctcacc tgagagatca gtgcagagat atgtcactat    135720
     gtccctgtgg ccagagccta gacaagagtt acatcagctg ggtgatcagt gcagagataa    135780
     gtcacaatgt ctatcacaat gtctccatta ggcacagcct agacaagagt aacatcacct    135840
     gcgtgatcac gtcagagata tgtcacaatg ccctctgtgg gcagatccca gacaagagtt    135900
     gcatcacctc agtgatcagt gcagtgatgt gttaaaatgc ccctgtaggc agagcctaga    135960
     caagagttac atcacctggg tgatcagtgc agagatatgt cacaatgtcc cctgtaggca    136020
     gagcctaggc aagagttaca tcatctttgc catcagttca gagatatttt aaaatgcccc    136080
     tttaggcaga tcctagacaa gacttgcatc acctgggtga tcagtgcaga gatttttcac    136140
     attgccccct gtaggcagag ggtagaaaaa agttacatca cctaggtgat cagtgctgag    136200
     atatttcaga atacccactg tagacagatc ttagagaaga cttgcatcac ctgggtgatc    136260
     agtgcagaga tttttcacat tgcctcctgt aggcagaggg tagagacgtg ttaaatcacc    136320
     taggtgatca gtgcagaggt ttgtcaaaat tccctgtaga cagagcttat aaaagtgtta    136380
     catcacctag gtgatcagtg cagagatata tgtcacaaag ctccctgtag gcagagccta    136440
     gccaagaatt ctctcgccag gagtgataag tgcagagata tgtcacaaag cccctgtagg    136500
     cagagcttaa atgagttaca tcacctgggt gatcagtgca aagttatgtc acaaagcccc    136560
     ctgtaggcaa agcctagaca atagttacat tacttggggg atcagtaaag acatctctca    136620
     caattcccct gtaggaagag cttatacaac agttacatca cctgggtgat cagtgcagag    136680
     atatgtcaca atgcccccat aagcagatgc aagacaagag tccgtcacct gggtgttcag    136740
     tacagaaata cgtcagaatg ccctcgtggg cagagcctag acaaaagccc catcacctgg    136800
     atgatcagtg cagggttatg tcacaaagtc catttacgca gatcctagac aagagttata    136860
     tcacctgggt gatcagtgca gagatatgtc acaatgccac tgtaggcaga gcctagacaa    136920
     gagttatatc acatgggtga tcagtgcagt gatatgtcac aatgccgtgt ggccagagcc    136980
     taggcaaagt ttacatcatc ggggagatca gtgcagagat atgtcacaat gcacactgta    137040
     ggcagagcct agagaagaat tgcatcacct gactgatcag tgcagagata tgttgcaatg    137100
     cacactgtaa gcaatgccta gacaagagtt acatcacctc ggtgatcact tcagagatat    137160
     gtcaaaaagc ctctgtagac ggaacctaga aatgagttac atcacctggg tgatcagggc    137220
     agagatatgt cacaatgccc cctggaagga gagcccagac aatagttgca tcacctcggt    137280
     gatcagtgca gagatatgtc actatgcccc cataggcaga tccaagacaa gagtccatca    137340
     cctgggtgat cagtgcagaa gtatgccaca atgctgccag taggcagata taggcaatag    137400
     ttacatcacc tgcgtgatca ctgcagagat atgtcacaat gcccctacag gcagagccta    137460
     gacaagagtc ccgtcacctg ggtgatcagt gcagagttag gtcacaatgc ccccttttgg    137520
     cagagcctag agaagggtta catcacctgg gtgataagtg cagagatgtg tcacaagccc    137580
     cctgtagcca gagcctagac aagggttaca tcagctgtat gatcagtgca gtgacatgtc    137640
     acaatatccc tcttgccgta tctttgacaa aagtgacatc acctgggtga tcagtgcgga    137700
     gatatgtcac aatgtctcga gtaggcagag cctagacaag agttacatca ccagggtgat    137760
     cagggcagag atatgtcaca atgtccactg taagcagatc ccagacaaga gttgcatcac    137820
     ctcggtgatc agtgcagaga tatatctcaa tgccccctgt tggcaaagcc tatacaagag    137880
     ttacatcatc tcggtgatca gtgcagtgat ttgttaaatt ccccccatag gcagagacta    137940
     gacaagagtt tcatctcctg ggttttcagt gcagagatat ctcacaatac gcccgctaag    138000
     tagagcctag acaagagtta catcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagagatatt tcataaatcc    138060
     cactgtaggc aaagcctaga caagttttac atcacctcag cgatcagtgc agagatatgt    138120
     ctcaatgtcc ctctaggcag agcttagaca agagtcacat ctcctgggtg atcagtgcag    138180
     agatatgtca caatgccccc atagacagag cctagacaag agttacataa cccgggtgat    138240
     ccgtgcagag tgatgtcaca acgccctctg taggcagaga ctagaaaagg tttacatcac    138300
     ctgggttatc agtgcagaga tatgtcacag tgtcccctct aggcagagca cagagaagag    138360
     ttgcatcacc tgggagatca atgcagagat atgtcacaat gtcccctgta agcaaagcct    138420
     aggtacgagt tacatcacct ttttcatcag tttagggata tgtgaaaacg cccctgtagg    138480
     cagatcctag ggaagagttg aatctctggg agcccagaga gaggcttcca gttcccgcgg    138540
     gattcctgga gaggtccgga gagacagccc ccgatacgcg cccccctcac accttccctc    138600
     tcgccccctt cctcttcgtt tctccggccc caccatcacc acgccctcca ccccagggcc    138660
     tcgacgccct gggaacattc cggggtgggg cgggctgtcc cgggctgtcc cagggctcac    138720
     cgccattcat gaagtggtgg agcctgcctg cctgcaggcc tttataagag ccgctggctg    138780
     gctgtccggg caggcctcct ggctgcacgt gccgcagtgc acaggccggc tgaggtgcac    138840
     gggaacccgc cggcctctct ctgcccgtgt ccgtccatga aattccggcc ggtgatcccc    138900
     gcgatgtccc tcccgacacc ttcagacagc accctccccg cggaagcccg gggacgggga    138960
     cagcaaagga gactcgtttg gaccctgagc caaagcgagg ccctgtgagc ctgatttgag    139020
     tggaacccgt acccgggcat tacgaccaga gaacagctgg cccaggccat cggcattccg    139080
     gagcccaggg tccagttttg gtttcagaat gagaggtcat gccaactgag gcagcaccag    139140
     tgggaatctc ggccctggcc cggaagacac ggccctcaag aaggcaggca aaagcgaacc    139200
     gccggcacct gatcccagac gactggctcc tccgagcctt tgagaaggat cgctttccag    139260
     gtattgccgc cagggaagag ctggcaagag agacgggcct cccggagtac aggattcaga    139320
     tctggtttca gaatcgaagg gccaggcacc tgggacaggc tggcagggtg tccgcgcagg    139380
     caggcggcct gtgcaactcg gccgccattg ggtgtcaccc tgatccctcg tgtgtcgcct    139440
     tcgcccacac cggtgtgtgg ggaacagggc ttcttgcaca ccacgtgtaa tgcacgcctg    139500
     gggctcttcc acaggaggct ttcttgagac agggagtgag ggccgtccct gtgctccagc    139560
     ccagccaagc cgcgccggca gaggggatct cccaacctac cctggcatgc ggggattttg    139620
     cctacgccac cccagttcct ccagaagggg cgctctccca ccctcaggct cctcagtggc    139680
     ctccgcacct gggcaaaagc cgggagaacc gggacccaca gagagacggc cggccgggtc    139740
     cttgcgctgt gggacagcct gggccagctc aacggggcca cagggccaag gtgagcttgc    139800
     gccacccgcg tcccaggtga gtccgtggtg gggctgggcc ggggtcccaa ggtcgccggg    139860
     gtggcatggg aaccccaagc tggggcagct ccacctcacc agcccatgcc tccagaggcc    139920
     tccccacagc aggggcagat gcaaggcatc ccggcgctct cccaggtgct ccgggagctg    139980
     gggcgctctt ctgcactccc ctccggccag ctgctggatg agctcctggc gagcccggaa    140040
     tttctgcagc aggcacaacc attcctagaa acggaggccc cagggtagcc ggaggccttg    140100
     gaagaggcca cctcactgga agagcccctc agcgaggaag aataccgtgc tctgctggag    140160
     gagctttagg acacggggtt ggaacggggt cgggtcgggg cggggcggtg gcctctcttt    140220
     cgcagggaac acctggctgg ctatggatgg gcgtgtcttc accccgccca ttccaccagg    140280
     cagaccggcc tgggattcct gccttctagg tctaggcccg gtgagagact ccacaaagcg    140340
     gagaactgcc attctttcct gggcatcccg gggatatcag agctggccca ggtaccagca    140400
     ggtgggccgc ctactgcgca catgcggttt tgcaggcagc cacctgggct gtgggagcag    140460
     cccgggcgga gctctcatgc ctttccacca ccacaaccac gcctgaccac cccctcccca    140520
     cccccactgc cttcccccgg aaaatgcgtc ctcccctggg ctgagtggat acacccatcc    140580
     cgcgaaacac cgggcctgag ctgcgtccag gcctgacacc cctctggtgg ctcgccccct    140640
     ctactcctcc ccgccaccgt cgccagcacg cccgtgaccc tgcagcctcc cagctaccac    140700
     catggagtgc ctgcttgtgg aacgcagacc tctagctctc ttttccagcc tcctggctag    140760
     acctgcgctc attgcgcacc ctggctgacg tgcaagggaa ctcgctggcc tctctgtgcc    140820
     cttgtccatc catgaaattc caactgaggc tctcccaaca cattccaacg ctctttagtc    140880
     aaagcctgga gaatagttac atctcctgga tgatcagttc agaaatatgt cacaatgtcc    140940
     cctccctgtg gagcctagag aagatttgca taatttgggt gatcagtgca gagatatatc    141000
     acaatgtccc ctgtacaaaa agcctggaaa agatttacat cacctcggtg atcagtgcat    141060
     aggtatgtca gaaatcccca gtaggctgaa cctagacaag ggttaaatca cttaggtgat    141120
     cagtgtagag atatgtgaaa attcccgtgt agacagagcc aagacaagtg ttaaatcacc    141180
     tagtgatcag tgcagggata agtcgtaaag cctcctgtag gtagagtgta gacaattgtt    141240
     tcctccctgg ggcgatcagt gcagagatat gtcacaaagc ccttgtaagc agaaccttaa    141300
     gggttacatc acctgtttga tcagtggaaa tgtacatcac aatgctccct gtaggccaag    141360
     cccagacaag tgttacatca cctgggtgag cagtggagag atctgtcaca atgcccctgt    141420
     agatagagct taaacaaggg ttacatcacc tgggtgatca gtgcagagat atgtcaaaac    141480
     gctcctgtag gctgaaacta gacaggagtt ccatcacccg ggtgatcagt gcagagatat    141540
     gtgagaattt ccatgtagtc agagcctaga caactgttac atcacatagg ttatcattgt    141600
     aggtataagc cataaagcct cctgtaggca gagagtagac aagagttccc tccacagggt    141660
     gatcagtgca ggggtgtgtc acaaagcccc tgtaggcaga gcctagacaa gagtttcatc    141720
     acatggttaa tcagttcaaa gatatgtcac aatgtccatg taggcagatt gaagacaaga    141780
     gtccatcacc tgggtgatcc aagcagagat atgtaccaat gtcccctgta ggcagtgcct    141840
     agacaagagt tgcatcacct cagagatcag tgcatagata tgtcacaaag ccttctgtag    141900
     gcaaagccca tacaaggctt atgtcaccta ggttataagt gcagtgatat gtcacaaaaa    141960
     tccctgtaga cagagcctag acaagacttc catcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagagatata    142020
     tcacaaatcc cctccaggca gagtatagag aagggtccca tcacctgggt gatcagtgca    142080
     gagatatttc acactgcccc ctgtaggcag agagtggaca agagttacgt aacctaggtg    142140
     atctgtgcag agctatgtca aaacgcccct gtaggcagag cctagataaa tgttacatca    142200
     cctgggtgat cagtgcagag atacgtcaca ataaccccgg taggaggaga ctagacaaga    142260
     gtaacatcac ctgggtgatc agtacagaaa tatgtcacaa agccctgtag gcagggcctg    142320
     aacaagagtt acatttcctg ggtgatcagt gcagaaatat gtcacaagcc catgtaggcc    142380
     gagcctagac aagagttaca tctcctgggt gatcagtgca aagatatgtc acaaagcccc    142440
     ctgtagacaa atcccagaaa attgttactt cacctgggtg atcagtgaag atatctgtca    142500
     caattcccct ttaggcacag cttagtcaag cattacttga gtgatcagtg cagatatatg    142560
     tcactatgcc cccataggca gatccaagac aagagtccat cacctgggtg atcagtgcag    142620
     aaatatgcca caatgctgcc agtaggcaga tatagacaag tgttacatca cctgtgttat    142680
     cagtgcagag atatgtcaca atgcccctgt aggcagagcc tagacaagag tcccatcacc    142740
     tgggtgatca gtgcagaggt atgtcacaat gccccctttt ggcagagcct agacaagagt    142800
     tacatcacct gggtgatcag tgcagagaag tgtcacaagc cccctgtagc cagagcctag    142860
     acaagagtta catcagctgt gtgatcagtg cagtgacatg tcacaatgtc cctgtagcca    142920
     tatctttgac aaaagtgaca tcacctgggt gatcagtgcg gagatatgtc acaatgtctc    142980
     cagtagacag gccaagacaa gagttacatc acctgggtga tcagggcaga gatatgtcac    143040
     aatgccccct gtaggcagat cccaaacaag agttgcatca cctcggtgat cattgcagag    143100
     atatgtctca atgccccctg ttggcgaagc ctatacaaga gttacatctt atcggtgatc    143160
     agtgcagtga tatgttaaaa tgcccctgta ggcagagcct agacaagagt tgcatcacct    143220
     gggtgatcag tgcagagata tctcacaata tcccctgtaa gcagagccca gacaagagtt    143280
     acatcacctg ggtgatcagt gcagtgatat gtaacgaatc ccagtgtagg caaagcctag    143340
     acaattttac atcacctcag cgatcactgc agagatatgt cccaatgtcc ctctaggcag    143400
     agcttagaca agagtcacat ctcctgggtg atctgtgcag agataagtca caatgccccc    143460
     ataggaagag cgtacaaaag agttacataa tccaggtgat ccgtggagaa tgatgtcaca    143520
     acgccctctg taggcagaga ctacaaaaca catcacctgg gtgatcagtg cacagatatg    143580
     tcacaatgtc ccctgtagac agagcataaa gaagagttgc atcacatggg tgatcagtgc    143640
     agagatatgt cacaatgtcc cctgtaagca gagcatagag aagagttgca tcacctgggt    143700
     gatcagtgca gatgtatgtc acaatgtccc ctgtaggcaa aagctaggcc agagttgcat    143760
     cacctgggtg atcagtgcag agatatgtca caatgtcccc tctaggcaaa gcctaggcaa    143820
     gagttacatc acctttgtca tcagttcagg gatatgtgaa aacgcccctg taggcagacc    143880
     atagacaaga gttacatcac ctagatgatc agtgcagaga tatttcacaa taacccctgt    143940
     aggcaaatcc tagacaagag ttgaatcacc tgggtgatta gtgcagagat atttcacaat    144000
     gccccctttg ggtagagggt agacaggagt tacatcacct atgtgatcag tgcagagatt    144060
     tttcaaaatt ccctgtaggc agtgcttata aaaatgttac atcacctaag tgatcaatgc    144120
     agatatatgt caaaaagctc ctgtaggcag aacttagatg tgttacatca cctgggtgat    144180
     cagtgcaaag ctatgtcaaa aaggcccctg taggcaaagc ctggacaatg gatacatcac    144240
     ttgggtgatc agtggcgaga tctctcacaa ttcccctgta agcagagctt atacaatagt    144300
     tacatcacct gggttatcag tgtagagata tgtcaaaatg cccccatagg cagagcctag    144360
     acaagagtta cataacccgg gtgtcccgtg cagagtgatg tcacaatgcc ttctgtagca    144420
     gagactagaa aagagttaca tcacatgggt aatcagtgca gagttatgtc acaatgcccc    144480
     ctgaaggcag agcatagaga agagttgcat cacctgggtg atcagtgcag tgatataaca    144540
     caatgtcccc tgtaggcaga gcatagagaa gagttgcatc acctgggtga tcagtgcaga    144600
     gatatgtcac aatgtcccct ctaggcaaag cctaggcaag agttacatca cctttgtcat    144660
     cagttcaggg atatgtgaaa acgcccctgt aggcagacca tagacaagag ttacatcacc    144720
     tagatgatca gtgcagagat atttcacaat aacccctgta ggcaaatcct agacaagagg    144780
     tgaatcacct gggtgattag tgcagagata tttcacaatg ccccctttgg gcagagggta    144840
     gacaagagtt acatcaccta tgtgatcagt gcagagattt ttcaaaattc cctgtaggca    144900
     gtgcttataa aagtgttaca taagtgatca gtgcagagat acgtcataaa gctcctgtag    144960
     gtagaacata gatgagttac atcacctggg tgatcagagc aaaggtatgt cacaaaaccc    145020
     tctgtaggca aagactatac aatagttaca tcacttgggt gatcagtggc gagatctctc    145080
     acaattcccc tgtaggcaga gcttatacaa aagtttcatc acctgggtga tcagtgcaga    145140
     gatatgtcac agtaccccca taggcagatc caagacaaga gtccgtcacc tgggtgatca    145200
     gtgcagaaat atgtcacaat gcccccttag gcagagccta gacaaaagcc ccatcacctg    145260
     gatgatcagt gcagacttat gtcacaaagt ccctttaggc agatcctaga caagggttac    145320
     atcacttgga tgatcagtgc agagatatgt cacaatgcca ctgtaggcag agcctagaca    145380
     agagttacat gaccttggtg atcagtgcag agatacattg caatgtccct gtaggcagag    145440
     ccttgagaag tggtacatca cctgggtgat cattgcaggg atatgtcaca aagcaccctg    145500
     taggcagatc ctagaaaaga gttacatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcagagt tatgtcacaa    145560
     tgccccctct tgacggagcc tagaaaaggg ttatatcacc tgggtaatca gtgcagagat    145620
     gtgtcaaaag accctggtag ccagagccta gaaaatagtt aatgcagctg tgtgatcagt    145680
     gcagtgacat gtcacaatgt ccctgtagcc atatccttga gaaaagtgac atcacctgga    145740
     tgatcagtgc ggagatatgt cacaatgtct ccaataggcc gagcttagac aagagttaca    145800
     tcacctgggt gatcaggaga gagatatgtc acaatgcccc ctgtaagcag atcccagaaa    145860
     aaagttgcat cacctcggtt atcagtgcag agatatgtct caatgccccc tgtcggcgaa    145920
     gcctataaaa gagttacatc atctcggtga tcagtgcagt gatatgttga aatgcccctg    145980
     taggcagagc ctagacaaga gttacatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcacaga tatctcacaa    146040
     tacccactgt aagcagagcc tagacaacag ttacatcacc taggtgatca gtgccgagat    146100
     atgtcatcaa tctcactgta gacaaagcct agacaatttt acatcacctc agcgatcagt    146160
     gcagagatat gtcccaatgt ccctctaggc agagcttaga aaagagtcac atctcctggg    146220
     tgatcagtgc agagataagt cacaatgccc cagtaggcag agcctagacg agagttacat    146280
     aaccccggtg atccgtgcag agtgatgtca caacgccctc tgtaggcaga gagtggaaaa    146340
     gggttacatc acctgggtga acagtgcaga gatatgtcac aatgccccct gtaggctgag    146400
     catagagaag agttgcatca cctgggtgat cagtgcagga atatgtcaaa atgtcccctg    146460
     taggcagagc atagagaaca gttgcatcac ctgggcaatc actgcagaga tatgtcacag    146520
     tgtcctctat aggcaaagcc taggcaagag ttacatcacc tttgtcatca gttcagggat    146580
     atgtgaaaac gcccctgtag gcagagccta gaaaatagtt acatcaccta gttgatcagt    146640
     gcagagatat ttcacaatac cccctgtagg cagatcctag acaaaaattg aatcacctgg    146700
     gtgatcagtg cagatatatt tcacaatgcc ccctttgggc agagggtaga caagatttac    146760
     atcccctatg tgatccgtgc agagatttgt caaaattccc tgtaggcagt gctgataaaa    146820
     gtgttacatc acctaagtta tcagtgcaga gatatgtcac aaagctcctg taggcataac    146880
     ttagatgagt tacatcacct gggagatcag tgcaaaagta tgccacaaag ccccctgtag    146940
     gcaaagccta gaaaatcgtt acatcacttg ggtgatcagt ggcgagatct ctcacaaatc    147000
     ccctgtaggc agagcttata caacagttac ttcacctggg ggatcaatgc agagatatgt    147060
     cacaatgccc ccataggcag atccaagaca agaatccgtc acctgggtga tcagtgcaga    147120
     aatatgtgag aattcccgtg taggcagagc ctagacaagt gttacatcac ctaggttatc    147180
     aatgcaggta taagtcataa agcctcttgt agtcagagca tagaaaagag ttccctcccc    147240
     agggtgatca gtgcagagat gtgtcgcaaa gcccctgtac gcagaggata gacaagagtt    147300
     tcatcacttg gttgatcagt tcagagatgt gtcacaatgt ccatgtaggc agatctaaga    147360
     caagagtcca tcacctgggt gatcagtgca gagatatgta ccaaagtccc ctgtaggcag    147420
     tgcctagaca agagttgcat cacctcagag atcagtgcag agatatttca caaagcctta    147480
     tgtaggcaaa gcccatacaa ggcttacatc acctaggtga tcagtgcaat gatatgtcac    147540
     acaaatccct gtagacagag actagaaaag aggtacatct cctgggtgat cggtgcagtc    147600
     atttgacaaa atgcagccat agacagagcc tagacaagac ttcaatcacc ttggtgatca    147660
     gtgcagagat atgtcacaaa tccccctcta ggcagagtat agagaagagt cgcatcacct    147720
     gggtgatcag tgcagagata tttcacaatg ccccctgtag gcagagagtg gacaagagtt    147780
     acataactga ggtgatctgt ccagaggtat gtcaaaacgc tcgtgtaggc agagcctaga    147840
     taaatgttac atcacctggg tgatcagtgc agatatactt cataataccc ccgtaggtgg    147900
     agcctggaca agagttacat caactgcgtg atcagcgcag agatatgtca caaagcccct    147960
     gtaggcagag cctaaacaag acttacatca cctgggtgat ctgtgcagaa atatatcaca    148020
     aagcccctgt aggccaatcc tagacaagag ttgttacatc tcctgggtga tcagtgcaaa    148080
     gatatgtcac aaagccccct gaagacaaat cccaggaaat agttacatca cctgggtgat    148140
     cagtggagat atctgtcaca attccccttc aggcgcagat tagacaagcg ttacatcaca    148200
     tgagtgatca gtgcatagat atgtcacgat gcccccatat gcagatccaa gacaagagtc    148260
     catcacctgg gtgatcattg cagatatatg ccacaatgcc gccagtaggc agatatagaa    148320
     aagagttaca tcacctgcgt taacactgca gagagatgtc acaatgtccc tgtaggcaga    148380
     gcctagacaa gtgtcccatc acctgggtga tcagtgcaga gttatgtcac aatgccccgt    148440
     gaaggcagag catagagaag agttgcatca cctgggtgat cagtgcagag atatgtcaca    148500
     atgccccctg taggcagagc atagggaaga gttgcatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcagaga    148560
     tatgtcacaa tgtcccctgt aggcaaggcc taggcaagag ttacaccacc tttgtcatca    148620
     gttcagggat atgtgaaagc gcccctttag gcagagccta gacaagagtt acatctccta    148680
     gtcgatcagt gcagagacgt ttcacaatac cccctgtagg cagatcctac agaagagttg    148740
     aatcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagagatatt tcacaatgcc ctctttgggc agagggtaga    148800
     caagatttac atcacctatg tgatccgtgc agagatttgt caaaattccc tgtaggcagt    148860
     gcttataaaa gtgttacatc acctaagtga tcagtgcaga gatatgtcac aaagctcctg    148920
     taggcataaa ttagatgagt tatatcacct gggagatcag tgcaaaggta tatcacaagg    148980
     ccctatgtag gcaaagccta gacagtagtt acatcagttg ggtgatcagt ggcgagatct    149040
     ctcacaattc ccctgtaggc agagcttata taacagttac atcacctggg tgatcagtgc    149100
     agagatatgt cacaatgccc ccttaggccg atccaagaca agagtccgtc acctgggtga    149160
     tcagtgcaga gatatgtgaa aattcccgtg taggcagagc ctagacaagt gttacatcac    149220
     ctacgttatc agtgcaggta taagtcataa aacctcctgt agtcagagcg tagacaagag    149280
     ttccctcccc agggtgatca gtgcagagat gtgtcacaaa tcccctgtag gcagagccta    149340
     gacaagagtt tcatcacttg gttgatcagt tcagaggtgt gtcacaatgt ccatgtaggc    149400
     agatctaaga caagagtcca tcacctgggt gatcagtgca gagatatgta ccaatctccc    149460
     ctgtaggcag tgcctagaca agagttgcat cacctcagag atcagtgcag atatttcaca    149520
     aagccttctg taggcaaagc ccatacaagg cttacatcac ctaggtgatc aatgcagtga    149580
     tatgtcagaa aaaatccctg tagacagagc ctagaaaaaa ggtacatcac ctgggtgatc    149640
     agtgccaata tttgacacaa tgcccccata gactgagcct agacaagacc tccatcacct    149700
     tggtgatcag tgcagagata tgtcacaaat ccccctctag gcagagtata gagaagagtc    149760
     ccatcacctg ggtgatcaga gcagagatat ttcacaatgc cccctgtagg cagagagtgg    149820
     acaagagtta cataacctag gtgatctctg ctgagctatg tcaaaacgcc cgtgtaggca    149880
     gagcctagat aaatgttacg tcacctgggt gatcagtgca gagatacgta acaatacccc    149940
     ctgtaggtgg agcctagaca atagttacat caactgggtg atcagtgaag agatatgtca    150000
     caaagcccct gtaggcagag tctagacaag agttgttaca tctcctgcgt gatcagtgca    150060
     aagatatgtc acaaagcccc tgtagacaaa tcccagaaaa ttgttacatc acctgggtga    150120
     tcagtggaga tatctgtcac aattcccctt catgtgcagc ttagacaagc gttacgtcac    150180
     ataagtgatc agtgcagaga tatgtcactt tgcccccata ggcagatcca agacaagagt    150240
     ccatcacctg ggtgatcagt gcagaaatat gccacaatgc cgccatgagg cagacataga    150300
     caagagttac atcacctgcg tgatcactgc agagatatgt cacaatgtcc ctgtaggcag    150360
     agcctagaca agagtcccat cacctgggtg atcagtgcag agatgtgtca cacgacccct    150420
     gtagccagag cctagacaag agttaagtca tctgtgtgat cagtgcagtg acatgtcaca    150480
     atgtccctgt agccttatcc ttgagaaaag tgacatcacc tgagtgatca atgcggagat    150540
     atgtcacaat gtctccagta ggcatagcct aggcaagagt tacatcacct gggtgatcag    150600
     ggcagagata tgtcacaatg ccccttgtaa gcacatccca gacaagagtt gcttcacctc    150660
     ggtgatgagt gcagagatat gtctcaatgc cccctgtcgg caatgcctat acaagagata    150720
     catcatctcg gtgatcagtg cggtgatgtg ttaaaatgcc cctgtaggtg gagcctagac    150780
     aagagttaca tcacctgggt gatcagtgaa gagttatctc acaataccca ctgtaagcag    150840
     tgcctagacc acagttacat cacctgtgtg atcagtgctg agatatgtca taaatcccac    150900
     tgtaggcata gcctagagaa gttttacatc acctcagcga tcactgcaga gatatatccg    150960
     aatgtccctc taggcagagc ttagacaagt gtcacatctc ctgggtgatc agtacagaga    151020
     taagtcacaa tgcccccgta ggcagagcct acacgagagt tacataaccc ggatgacacg    151080
     tgcagagtga tgtcacaacg ccctctgtag gcagagacta gaaaacagtt acatcacgtg    151140
     ggtgatcagt gcagagatat gtcacaatgc accctgtagg cacagcatag agaagagttg    151200
     catcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagagatatg tcacaatgtc ccctgtaggc agagcataga    151260
     gaagagttgc atcacctagg tgatcattgc agagatatgt cacaatgtcc cctgtaggca    151320
     aagcctaggc aagagttaca tcacctttgt catcagttca gggatatgtg aaaacacacc    151380
     tgtaggcaga gcctggacaa gggttacatc acctagttga tcagtgcaga gatatttcac    151440
     aatactccct gtaggcagat cctagacaac agttgaatca cctgcatgat cagtgcagag    151500
     atattcaaca atgcctcctt tgggcagagg gtagacaaga gttacatcac ctaggtgatc    151560
     cgcggagaga tttgtcaaaa ttcactgtag gaggtgctta taaaattttt acatcaccta    151620
     agtgatcagt gcagagatgt gtcacaaagc tcttgtaggc agaacttaga agagttacat    151680
     cacctgggag atcagtgcaa agttatgtca caaagccccc tgtaggcaaa gcctagacaa    151740
     tagttacatc agttgggtga tcagtggcgg gatctctcac aattcccatg taggcagagc    151800
     ttatacaaca gttacatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcagaga tatgtcacaa tgcccccata    151860
     ggcagttcca agtcaagagt ccgtcacctg ggtgataagt gcagagatat gtgagaattc    151920
     ccgggtaggc agagcctaga caagtgttac atcacctagg ttatcagtgc agctataagt    151980
     cataaagcct cctgtaggca gagcgtagac aagagttccc tccccagggt gatcagtgca    152040
     aaaatgtgtc acaaatcccc tgtaggcaga gcctagacaa gagtttcatc acttggttga    152100
     tcagttcaga gatttgtcac aacgtacatg taggcagatc taagacaaga gtccatcacc    152160
     tgggtgatca gtgcagagat atgtaccaat gtcccctgta ggcagtgcct agacaagagt    152220
     tgtatcacct cagagatcag tgcacagata tttcgcaaag ccttctgtag gcaaaggcca    152280
     tacaaggctt acatcaccta ggtgatcagt gcagtgatat gtcaaaaaaa tccctgtaga    152340
     cagagcctgg aaaagaagta catcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagacatttg acacaatgag    152400
     tccatagaca gagcctagac aagacttcca tcaccttggt gatcagtgca gagatatgtc    152460
     acaaatcccc ctctaggcag agtatagaga agagtcccat cacctgggtg atcagtacag    152520
     agatattcca taatgccccc tgtaggcaga gagtggacaa gagttacata acataggtga    152580
     tctgtgcaga gctatgtcaa aacgcccctg taggcagagc ctagataaat tttacatcac    152640
     ctgggtgatc agtgcagaga tacgttacaa taccccctgt acgtggagcc tagacaagag    152700
     ttacatcacc tgggtgatca gtgaagaaat atgtcacaaa gcccctgtag gccgagccta    152760
     gacaagggtt gttatatctc ctgggtgatc agtgcaaaga tatgtcacaa agccccctga    152820
     agacaaatcc caggaaattg ttacatcacc tgtgtgatca gtggacatat ctgtcacaat    152880
     tccccttcag gcgcagctta gacaagcgtt acatcacatg agtgatcagt gcagagacat    152940
     gtcactgtgc ccccgtatgc agatccaaga caagagtcca tcacctgggt gatcagtgca    153000
     gaaatatgtc tcaatgccgc ctgtaggcag atatagacaa gagttacatc acctgcgtga    153060
     tcactgcaga gatatgtcac aatgcccctg taggcagagc ctagagaaga gtcccatcac    153120
     ctgggtgatt agtgcagagt tatgtcacaa taacccgttt tggcagagcc tagacaaggg    153180
     ttacatcacc tgggtgatca gtgcagagat gtgtcacaag acccctgtat ccagaaccta    153240
     gaaaagtgtt atatcagctg tgtgatcagt gcagtgacat atcacaatgt ccctgtagcc    153300
     atatccttga gaaaactaac atcacctggg tgatcagtgc agagatatgt cacaatatct    153360
     ccagtaggca gagcctagac aagagttaca tcacctgggt gatcagggca gagatatgtc    153420
     acaatgcccc ctgtatgcag atcccagaca agagttgcat cacctcggtg atcagtgcag    153480
     agatatatct caataccccc tgtcggcgaa gcctatacaa gagttacatc atctcggtag    153540
     tcagtgaagt gatatgttaa aatgcccctg taggcagagc ctagacaaga cttacatttc    153600
     ctcggtgatc agtgcagaga tatctcacaa tatcccccga aagcagagcc tagaaaagac    153660
     ttacatcacc tgggtgatca gtgcagagat atgtaataaa ttccacagta ggcaaagcct    153720
     agacaagttt tacatcacct cagcgatcag tgcagagata tgtcccaatg tccctctagg    153780
     catatcttag acaagactca tatctcctgg gtgatcagtg cagaaataag tcacaattcc    153840
     cccctagaca gagcctagac gagagttaca taacccgggt tatctgtgcg gagtgatgtc    153900
     agaaagccct ctgtaggcag agactagaaa agagttacat caccttggtg atcagtgcag    153960
     agatatgtca caatgccccc tgtaggcaga gcatagagaa gagttgcatc acctgggtga    154020
     tcagtgcaga gatatgtcac aatgacccct gtaggcaaac catagagaag agttccatca    154080
     cctgggtgat cagtgcagat atatgtcact atgtaccctg taggcaaagc ctaggcaaat    154140
     gttacatcac atttgtcatc agtgaagaga tatgtgaaaa cgcctctgta ggcagagcct    154200
     tgacaagagg tacaccacct agtcgatcag tgcagagata tttcaaaatg ccccctgtag    154260
     gcagatccta gaccagagtt acatcaccta ggagatcagt gcagagattt gtcaaaattc    154320
     cctgtagaca gtgcttataa aagtgttaca tcacctaagt gatcagtgca gagatatgtc    154380
     acaaagctcc tgtaggccga acttagatga gttacatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcaaatg    154440
     tatgtcacaa agccccctgt gggcaaagcc tagacaatag ttacatcact tgggtgatca    154500
     ggggtgagat ctctcacatt tcccctgtag gcagagctta taaaacagtt acatcacccg    154560
     ggtgatcatt gcagagatat gtcccaatgc ccccataggc agatccaaga caagagtccg    154620
     tcatctaagt gatcagtgca gaaatatgtc acaatgcccc cttaggcaga gcctagacaa    154680
     aagccccatc acctggatga tcagtgcaga cttatgtcac ataattcctt taggcagatc    154740
     ctagacaagg gttacatcac ttggatgatc agggcagaga tatgtcacaa tgccactgtt    154800
     ggcagagcct agacaagaat tacatgacct aggtgatcag tgcagagata catcacaatg    154860
     tccctgtagg cagagccttg agaagtggta catcacctgg gtgatcattg cagggatatg    154920
     tcacaaagca ccctgtagaa agatcctaga gaagagttat atcacctggg tgatcagtgc    154980
     agagatatgt cacaattcca ctgtaggcag agcctagaca agggttacat cacataggtg    155040
     atcagtgccg tgatacaacg caatgcccct gtaggcagag ccttcacaag tggtatatca    155100
     cctgggtgat cattgcaggg atatgtcaca aagaaccctg taggcagatc ctagagaaga    155160
     gttatatcac ctgggtgatc actgcagaga tatgtcacaa gccccctgta ggcagagcct    155220
     agacaagagt tatatcacca gggtgatcag tgcagtgata tgtcacaatg ccgtgtagcc    155280
     agagcctata ttaaagttac agcacctggg agatcagtgc agagatatgt cacaatgtcc    155340
     cctgtaggca aagcctaggc aagagttaca ccacctttgt catcagttca gggatatgtg    155400
     aaaacgtccc tgttggcaga gcctagagta gggctacatc acctttgtca tcagtttagg    155460
     gacatgtgaa aacgaccctg taggcagaga ctagacaaga gttacatcac ctagttgatc    155520
     agtgcggaga tatttcacaa taacccctgt aggcagatcc aagacaagag ttgaatcacc    155580
     tgggtgatca gtgcagagat atatcgcaat gccccctttc ggctgagggt agacaagagt    155640
     tacatcacct aggtgatcag tgcagagatt tgtcaaaatt ccctataagc agtgcttata    155700
     aaagtgttac atcacctaag tcatcagtgc agagatatgt cccaaagctc ctgtaggcag    155760
     agcttagatg agttacatca cctgggtgat cagtgcaaat gtatgtcaaa aagccccctt    155820
     taggcaaacc ctagactaaa gttacatgac ttgggtgatc agtggcgaga tctctcacaa    155880
     ttcccctgta ggcagaactc atacaacagt tacatcacct gggtgttcag tgcagagata    155940
     tgtcacaatg cccccatagg cagatccaag acaagggtcc gtcatctggg tgttcagtgc    156000
     agagatatct gagaattccc atgtaggaag agccttgaca agagttgcat cactttgttg    156060
     atcagttcag agatgtgtca tgctgactgt ttgctcctgg aggtctgcgg gcacccagaa    156120
     acatgcaggg aagggtggaa ggccgccatg gtgcctttgc actccttgcc agtttccaaa    156180
     ccggccaacc tgcagactcc ccatgttgcc gcacacggga atccatcgtc aagccttcac    156240
     gctgcggagg catcttctct cgctcttgtc tcctacgtgg aaatgaacga gagccacacg    156300
     cctgcgtgtg tgagactgtc ccagcaatgg cgacacccac aggcactggc tccttcacgg    156360
     agagagggcc tggaacactc aagactccca cggaagttca gttccacact cccctccacc    156420
     ctcccaggcc ggtttctccc tgctgaagat tcgtgggagc ccagagagag gcttccagtt    156480
     cccgcgggat tcctggagag gcccggagag ccaatccctg aaacgcgccc ccctcacgcc    156540
     ttccccctcg cccccttcct cttcgtctct ctggccccac caccaacatc accacgccct    156600
     cccccccaca ccaccagccc ccggccgcag gcctcgacgc cctgggaccc ttccggggtg    156660
     gggcgggctg tcccagggct caccaccatt catgacgggg tggagcctgc ctgactgcgg    156720
     gcctttataa gaaccgctgg ctggctgtct gggcaggcct cctggctgca cttgccaccg    156780
     tgcacaggct ggctgaggtg cacgggagcc cgccggcctc tctctgcccg tgtctgtccg    156840
     tgaaattccg gccggggctc cccgcgatgg ccctcccaac accttcggac ggcaccctcc    156900
     cagtggaagc ccggggccgg ggacgacgaa agagacttgt ttggaccccg agccaaagcg    156960
     aggccctgca agcctgcttt gagcggaacc cgtacccggg catcgccacc agagaacggc    157020
     tggcccaggc catcggcatt ccacagccca gggtccagat ttggtttcag aatgagaggt    157080
     cacgctagct gaggcagcat cagtgggaat cttggccctg gcccggagac gcagcccgca    157140
     agaaggcagg cgaaagcgga cctccgtcac cggatctctg cactgatcgc tgaggtgatg    157200
     taaaattctc taggctttgc ctacacaggg atttatgaca tatctctgca ctgaccacag    157260
     aggagatgta actcttattt aggctctgcc tacaggggct ttgtgacata tttctgtact    157320
     gagcacggat gcacaagggc acagagaggc cagggggctc ccttgcacgt cagccggtgc    157380
     gcgcaatgac tgcaggtcta gccactcagc ccaggggagg acactttccg ggggtggggg    157440
     atggggctgg ggagggtgcc ctccgaaggt ttcgagagtg ccatcgcggg gacattggga    157500
     catgtcacaa agcccccata cacagagcct agacaagagt cccatcacct gggtgtccct    157560
     gtgtccctct aggcagagct tagacaagag tcacatctcc tgggtgatca ttgcagagat    157620
     aagtcacaat gcccccatag gcagagccta gacaagagtt acataacccg ggtgatccgt    157680
     gcagagtgat gtcacaacgc cctctgtagg ccctcaggca ctgcctccca cacggagaga    157740
     gggcctggaa cactcaagac tcccacggag gttcagttcc actctccact ccaccctccc    157800
     aggcgggttt ctccctgctg aaggtgcatg ggagcccaga gagcggcttc cagttcccgt    157860
     gggattcctg gagaggtccg aagagccagc ccctcaaatg cacacccctc accccttccc    157920
     cctcgccccc ttcctcttcg tctctccggc cccaccacca ccatcaccac accctccacc    157980
     cccaccccaa caacccccgg ccgcaggact atgcctgtct tccacccttc cctgcatgtt    158040
     tccgggtgcc cacagagctc cgccagcccg tgggctcccg tacacctcag ccggcctgtg    158100
     cactgcagca ggtgcagcca ggaggcctgc ccggaaaacc atatctctgc actgatcacc    158160
     aggtgatggg acttttgtct aggctctgcc tatgggggca ttgtgacata actctacact    158220
     gatcacccag gtgatgtaac tcttgtgttg gatctgccta tgggggcatt gtgacctatt    158280
     tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgggactc ttgtctaggc tctgtgtatg ggggctttgt    158340
     gaacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgcaacgct tgactaggct ctgcatacag    158400
     gacatagtga catatcactg cattgataac cgaggtgatg taactcttgt cccaggctct    158460
     gcctataggg ggccttgtga catatctctg cattgatcat ctaggtgatg taacactttc    158520
     ataagcactt cctataggga attttgaaaa atctctgcag tggtcaccta ggtgatgtaa    158580
     ctcttgtcta ccctctgccc aaagggggca ttgtgaaata tctctgcact gatcacacag    158640
     gtgatccaac tcttgtctag gatctgactt cagggcgtat tgtgaaatat ctctgcattg    158700
     atcaactagg tgatgtaact cttgtctagg ctctgcctac aggggcgttt tcacatatcc    158760
     ctgaactgat gacaaaggtg atgtaactct tgcctaggct ttgccttcag gggacattgt    158820
     gacatatctc tgcactgatc acccaggtga tgcaactctt ctctatgctc tgcctacagg    158880
     ggccattgtg acatatctct gcactgatca cccaggtgat gcaactcttc tctatgctct    158940
     gcctacaggg ggcattgtga catatctctg cactgatcat ccaggtgatg taactcgttt    159000
     ctagtctctg cctatagagg gcgttgtgac atcactcttc acggatcacc ctggttatgt    159060
     aactcttgtc taggctctgc ctattggggc attgtgactt agcactgcac tgatcaccca    159120
     ggagatgtgt ctcttgtcta acctctgcct agagggacat tgggacatat ctctgcactg    159180
     atcgctgagg tgatataaaa cttgtctagg ctttgcctac agtgggattt atgacatatg    159240
     tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgtaactc ttgtctaggc tcggcctaca ggggcatttt    159300
     aacatatcac tgcactgatc accgagatga tgtaactctt gtataggctt cgcagacagg    159360
     gggcattgag acatatctct gcactgatca ccgaggtgat gcaactcttg tctgggatct    159420
     gctaacaggg tgcattgtga catatctctg ccctgatcac ccaggtgata taaatcttgt    159480
     ctaggctctg cctactggag acattttgac atatctccgc actgatcact gaggtgatgc    159540
     aactattttc tagtctgtgc ctacagaggg cgctgtgaca tcactctgca cggatcaccc    159600
     aagtgatggg acttttgtct aggctctgcc tatgcaggca ttgtgacatc tctacactga    159660
     tcacccaggt gatgtaactc ttgtgttgga tctgcctctg ggggcattgt gacatatttc    159720
     ttcacagatc tcccaggtga tgggactctt gtctaggctt tgggtttggg ggctttgtga    159780
     catatctctg cactgatcac ccaggtgatg caacccttga ctaggctctg cctacggggc    159840
     atagtgacat atcactgcat tgatcaccga ggtgatataa ctcttgtcca ggcactgcct    159900
     ataggggggc ttgtgacata tctctgcact gattatctag gtgatgtaaa gcttgcttgc    159960
     gctctgcctg caggggcatt gtgaaatatc tctgcactga tcacccaggt gatgggactc    160020
     ttctctaggc tctgcctact gggagcattg tcacatattt ctgcactgat cacccaggtg    160080
     acagactctt gtcttggatt tgcctatggg agcattgtga catatccctg cactgatcac    160140
     ccaggtgatg taactctggt ctaagctctg cctaaagggg cattgtgaca gatctctgca    160200
     ctgatcactc aggtgatgta actattgtct atgctctgct taaaggggcc ttgtcacata    160260
     tctctgcact gatcacccag gtgatgtaac ccttgtctag gctttgctta caggggtatt    160320
     gggacatatc tctacactga tcacctaagt gatgtaacac ttgtgtaggc tatgcctaca    160380
     ggtgcatttt gacatatctc tgcactgtta accgaggtga tataaccctt gtctaggctg    160440
     tgcccacatg gggattgagc cattactctg cactgatcct gaggtgatcc aactcttgcc    160500
     tggtctctgc ctactgggga cattgtgaca tatctctgca ctgatcttcc aggtgctgta    160560
     aatttagtct aggctctggc tacacggcat tgtgacatat cactgcactg atcacccacg    160620
     ttatataact cttgtctagg ctctgcctac aggggcttgt gacataactc tgcactgatc    160680
     aaccaggtga tataactctt ctctaggatc tgcctacagg atgctttgtg acatatccat    160740
     gcaataatca cccaggtgat gtaccacttg tcaaggccct gtctacaggg acattacgct    160800
     gtatctctgc actaatcacc taggtcatgt aactcttgtc tagactctgc ctacagtgga    160860
     attgtgacat atctctgcac tgatcatcca agtgatgcaa ctcttgtcta ggatctgcct    160920
     aaagaaactt tgtgacataa ctctgcactg atcatccagg tgatggggct attgtccagg    160980
     ttctgcctaa gtgggcattg tgacatattt ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atggactctt    161040
     gtcttcgatc tgcctatggg ggcattgtga catatctctg caatgatcac ccagctgatg    161100
     taactgttgt ataagctctg cctaccgggg aattgtgaga gatatcgcca ctgatcaccc    161160
     aactgatgta actattgtct aggctttgcc tacagggggc tatgtgacat acctttgcac    161220
     tgatcaccca ggtgatataa ctcatctaag ttctgcctac aggagctttg tgacatatct    161280
     ctgcactgat cacttatatg atataacaat tttataagca ctgcctacag ggaattttaa    161340
     caaatctctg cactgatcac ctaggtgatg taactcttgt ctacactctg ctcaaagggg    161400
     gcattgtgaa atatctctgc actgatcacc caggtgatat aactcatcta agttctgcct    161460
     acaggagctt tgtgacatat ctctgcactg atcacttata tgatataaca attttataag    161520
     cactgcctac agggaatttt aacaaatctc tgcactgatc acctaggtga tgtaactctt    161580
     gtctacactc tgctcaaagg gggcattgtg aaatatctct gcactgatca cccaggtgat    161640
     tcaactcttg tctaggatct gcctacaggg gatattgtga aatatctctg cattgatcac    161700
     ctaggtgatg taacttttgt ctaggctctc cccacagggg tgttttcaca tatccgtgaa    161760
     ctgatgacaa aggtgatgta actcacgcct aggctttgcc tataggggac attgtgaaat    161820
     atctctgcac tgatcaacta ggtgatgtaa ctcttttcca ggctctgcct acaggggctt    161880
     tgtgacatat ttctgtaccg atcacccagg tgatgtaact cttggctcca actacagggt    161940
     gtattgtgaa gtatctcttc attgatcacc cgggtgatgt aactcttgtc taggctccaa    162000
     ctacaggggg tattgtgacg tatctttgca ctgatcgccc aggtgatgta acatttatct    162060
     aggctctgcc tacaggggcg ttttgaaata gctctgcaca gatcacctag gttatgtaac    162120
     tcttgtccac tctcagccta caggggcatt gtgaaatatc tctgcactga tcacccaggt    162180
     gatgggacac ttctctttac tctgcctaga gggggtttgt gacatatctc tgcactgatc    162240
     acccaggtga tggaagtctt gtcaaggctc tgtccatggg ggcattgtgt caaatatctg    162300
     cactgatcac ccaggtgatg taactctttt ctaggctctg tctacaggaa tttttgtgac    162360
     atatcactgc actgatcacc taggtgatgt tagccttgta tgggctttgc ctacagaagg    162420
     ctttgtgaca tatctatgca ctgatctctg aggtgaggca actcttgtct aggcactgcc    162480
     tccaggggac attggtacat atctctgcac tgatcaccca ggtgatggac tcttgtctta    162540
     gatctgccta catggacatt gtgacacatc tctgaactga tcaaccaagt gatgaaactc    162600
     ttgtctaggc tctgcctaaa tgggcttggt gacacatctc tgcactgatg accctgggga    162660
     ggaaagtctt gtctatgctc tgcctacagg aggctttatg acttatacct gcactgataa    162720
     cctaggtgat gtaacacttg tctagactct gcctacacgg gaattctcac atatctctgc    162780
     actgatcact cagttcatgt aactcatttc taggttcagc ctagaggagc attctgacat    162840
     atctctgcac tgatcagcca ggtgatgtaa ctcttgtgtt ggatctgcct ctggggtcat    162900
     tttgacatat atctgcactg atcacccagg tgatgggatt cttgtctatg ctctgtgtat    162960
     gggggctttg tgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg attggacttt tctctaggct    163020
     ctgtctcctg ggggtattgt cacatatttc tacactgatc acccatgtgg cggactcttt    163080
     tcttggattt tcctatgggg gcattgtgac atatctctgc actgatcacc cagatgatgt    163140
     aactgtggtc taagctctgc ctaaaggggc attgtgaaag atctctgcac tgatcactcc    163200
     ggtgatgtaa ctattgtcta ggctctgctt aaaggggcct tgtcacatat ctctgcactg    163260
     atcacccagg tgatgtaact cttgtctagg ctctgtttac agggtgtatt gtgacatatc    163320
     tctgcactga tcacataagt gatgtaatcc ttgtgtaggc tctgcctaca ggggcatttt    163380
     gacatatctc cgcactgtta accgaggtga tgtaacaatt gtctaggctg tgcccacagg    163440
     gggattgaga gatatctctg cactgatccc gaggtgatcc aactgttgtc tggtctgtgc    163500
     ctactgggga cattgtaaca tatctctgca ctgatctccc aggtgctgta actttagtct    163560
     aggctctggc tacacggcat tgtgacatat cactgcactg atcacccagg tgatataacc    163620
     cttgtctagg ctctgcctac agggagcttg cgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg    163680
     atataactct tctctaggat ctgcctacag ggtgccttgt gacatatccc tgcaatgatc    163740
     acgcaggtga tataccactt gtcaaggctc tggctacagg ggcattgcga tgcatctctg    163800
     cactgatcac ctaggtcatg taaatcttgt ctacgctctg cctacattgg cattgtgaca    163860
     tatctctaca ctggttatcc aagtgatgta acattgtcta ggaactgcct aaagggactt    163920
     tgcgacataa ctctgcactg atcatccagg tgatggggtt ttgtctaggc tctgcctaag    163980
     ggggcattgt gacatatttc tgcactgatc acccaggtga cggactcttg tcttggattt    164040
     gcctatgggg gcattgtgac atgtctctgc actgatcacc caggtgatgt aactgttgta    164100
     taggctctgc cgacaggtga actgtgagaa atctcaccac tgatcaccca agtgatgtaa    164160
     cgatattcta ggctttgcct acacggggct ttgtgacata cctttgcact gatcatccag    164220
     gtgacgtaac tcatctaagt tctgcctaca ggagctttgt gacatatctc tgcactgctc    164280
     acttaggtga tgtaacactt ttataagcac tgcatacagg gaattttgtc aaatctctgc    164340
     acggatcacc taggtgatgt atctcttgtc taccctctgc ccaaaggggg cattgtgaaa    164400
     tatctctgca ctgatcaccc aggtgattca actcttgtct aggatctgcc tacagggggt    164460
     attgtgaaat atctctgcac tgatcaacta ggtgatgtaa cacttgtcta ggctctgcct    164520
     acaggggcgt tttcacatat ccctgaactg atgacaaagg tgatgtaact cttgcttagg    164580
     ccttgcctac gggggcactg tgacatatct ctgcactgat cacccaggtg atgcaactct    164640
     tctctgtgct ctgccaacag gggccattgt gacatatctc tgtactgatc acccaggtga    164700
     tgcaactctt ctctatgctc agcttacagg ggacattgtg acatatctct gcactgatca    164760
     cccaggtgat gtaactcatt tctaggctcc acctacaggg gctattgtga cgtatctctg    164820
     cactgatcac ccaggtgatg taacatttac ataggatctg cctacagggg cgttttgata    164880
     tagctctgca caggtcacgt aggttatgta actcttgtca actctctgtc tacaggggac    164940
     attgtgaagt aactctgcac tggtcaccca ggtgatggga ctcttctcta tactctgcct    165000
     agagggggat ttgtgacata tctctgcact gatcacgcag gagatggaag tcttgtctag    165060
     actctgtcta tgggggcatt gtgtcaaata tctgcactga tcacccaggt ggtgtaactc    165120
     ttgtctacgg tctgtctaca gggatttgtg tgacatatca ctgcactgat cacctaggtg    165180
     atgttagcct tgtatgggct ttgtctatag aaggctttgt gacatatcta tgcactgatc    165240
     tctgaggtga tgcaactctt gtctaggcag tgcctacagg ggacatcggg acatatctct    165300
     gcactgatca cccaggtgat ggacgcttgt cttagatctg tctacatgga cattgtgaca    165360
     catctctgaa ctgatcaaag aagtgatgaa actattgtct agcctctgcc tacaggggct    165420
     ttgtgacaca tctctgtact gatcaccctg gggatggaac tcttgtctac gctttgccta    165480
     caggaggctt tatgacttat acctgcacag ataacctagt tgatgaaaaa ctggtctagg    165540
     ttctccctac acaggaattc tcacatatct gtgcactgat cacctggttg atgtaactcc    165600
     tgtctaggtt cagcctaaag gagcgttttg acatatctat tcactgatca cccaggtgat    165660
     gtaacacttg tctaagctct gcctacaggg gcattgtgac agatctctcc actgctcacc    165720
     caggtgatgt aacaattgtc tgggttttgc ctacaggggg ctttgtgaca tacatttccg    165780
     cagatcaaac aggtgatgta acccttgtca aggttctgct tacaggggcc ttgtgacatt    165840
     tctctgcact gatcacccca gggaggaaac aattttctac actctgccta aaggaggctt    165900
     tacgacttat ccctgcactg atcactaggt gatgtaacac ttgtctaggc tctgtctaca    165960
     cgggaatttt cacatatctc tacactcatc acctaagtga tgtaaccctt gtctaggttc    166020
     agcctactgg ggatttctga catacctatg cactgatcat caaggtgatg taaatcattt    166080
     ccaggctttt tgtacagggg acattgtgtt atatctctgc actgatcacc caaatgatgc    166140
     aaatcttctc tatgctccgc agggaggggg cattgtgaca catttctgaa ctgatcatcc    166200
     aggagatgta cctattctcc aggctttgac taaagagcat cggaaggtgt tgggagagcc    166260
     ttagtcggaa tttcacggat ggacagggtc acagagaggc cagcgggctc ccttgcatgt    166320
     cagctgggga gcgcaatgag cgcatgtgta gccaggaggc tggtaaagag agctagaaat    166380
     ctgggttcct ccgccaggca ctccatggtg gcagctggga ggctgcatgg tcacgggcgg    166440
     gccggcgaca gtggcgcgga ggcacagatg aggcgagccg ccagaggggt gtcaggcctg    166500
     gacgcagggt ggcccggtgt ttcccgggac agtggtctcc acccagcccg gagaccagca    166560
     gtgatatctg gtttcagaat cgaaggacca ggcacccggg agaggtgggc agggtgcccg    166620
     cacaggcagg cggcctgtgc aatgcagccc ccggtgggtg tcaccctgct ccctcgtggg    166680
     tccccttcgc ccacactggc gcatgtggaa cgaggcttcc cgcactccac atgccctgcg    166740
     cgcctgggtc tctcccacag ggggcttttg tgagacaggg atcgagggcc gtccccgtgc    166800
     tccagcccag ccaggctgcg ccagcagagg ggatctccca acctgccctg gcacgcgtgg    166860
     attttgccta tgccaccctg gctcctccgg aaggggcgct ctccgaccct caggctcctt    166920
     ggtggcctcc acacctgggt aaaagccggg aggaccagga cccacagcgc aacaaattgc    166980
     caggcccttg cgcagtggga cagcctgggc ccgctcagga ggggccacag ggctaaggtg    167040
     tgcttgcgcc aaccgcatcc caggtgagtc cgtcgtgggg ctgtggctgg tgtccaccgg    167100
     tctccggggc ggtgtgggaa tcccaagccg gggcagcccc acctcgccag cccgtgccct    167160
     agaggcctcc gcccagcagg ggcagatgct aggcatcccg gcaccctcct gggcgctcca    167220
     ggagccgggg tgctcacctg cactcccctc tggcctgctg ctggttgagc tcctggagag    167280
     cccggagttt ctgcagcagg caaaatcttt cctagaaacg gaggccccag gggagctgga    167340
     ggccttggaa ggggcggcct ctctggaagc acccctcagc gaggaagaat accgggctct    167400
     gcgggaggaa ctttaggaca cagggttggg acggggtcgg gtcggggcag ggcggtggcc    167460
     tctccttcac agggaacacc tggctggcta tggaggggcg tgtcttcccc ccgccccctc    167520
     caccgggctg acaggcctgg gattcctgcc ttctaggtct aggcctggtg agagactcca    167580
     cacagcagag aactgccatt ctttcctggg catcccgggg atcccagtgc cagcccaggt    167640
     accagcaggt gggccgccta ctgtgcacgt gcgggtttga gggcagccgc ctgggctgtg    167700
     ggagcagccc gggcagagct ctcatgcctc tccaccacct caccaccgcc tgaccacccc    167760
     ctccccactc ccacacccca cccacggaaa atgcgtcctc ccatggcctg ggtggagaac    167820
     cccgtcccgc gaaacaccgg gcccacgcag cgtcctttcc tgacatccct ttggtggctt    167880
     gcatcctctg cacctccacg ccaccgtagc ccacccgtgc attcccctgc agcctcccac    167940
     ctgtcaccat ggagggcctg gcggcggaac gcagacctct agctctctta gctggcctcc    168000
     tggctcgacc tgcactcatt gcgcaccctg gctgatgtgc aagggagccc gctggtcgct    168060
     ctgtgacctt gtccatccga gaaattccgg ctgaggttct cccaacatct gatgctcttt    168120
     agtcaaagcc tggagaattg ttacatctcc tgaatgatca gttcagaaac atgtcacaat    168180
     gcagcctccc tgcggagcat agagaagatt tgtatcattt gggtgatcag tgcagagaca    168240
     tatcacaatg tcccctgtac aaaaagcctg gaaatgattt acatcacctc ggtaatcagt    168300
     gcataggtat gacagaaatt cccaataggc tgaacctaga caagggtttc atcacttcat    168360
     cagtgcagag atatgtcaca atgtcccctg taggcaaagc ctaggcaaga gttacatcac    168420
     ctttgtcatc agttcaggga tatgtgaaaa cgcccatgta ggcagagcca agacaagagt    168480
     tacatcacct ttgtcatcag ttcaggtata tgggaaaacg cccatgtagg caaagccaag    168540
     acaagagtta catcacctag ctgatcagtg cagagatatt tcacaatacc ccctgtaggc    168600
     agatcctaga caagagttga atcacctggg ttatcaatgc agagatattt cacaatgccc    168660
     cctttgggca gagggtagac aagggttaca tcacatatgt gatcagtgca gagatttgtc    168720
     aaaatttcct ataggcagtg cttataaaag tgttacatca actaagtgat cagtgcagag    168780
     atatgtcaca aagctcctgt aggcagaatt tagatgagtt acatcacctg ggtgatcagt    168840
     gcaaaggtat gttccaaagc ctcctgttgg caaagcctag acaatattta tatcactatg    168900
     gtgatcagtg gcgagatccc tcacaattcc cctgtaggca gagcttatac aacacttaca    168960
     tcacctgggt gttcagtgca gagatatgtc acaatgcccc catgggcaga tccaagacaa    169020
     gactcagtca cctgggtgat cagtgaagaa atgtgtcaca ttgccccctt aggcagagcc    169080
     tagacaaaag cccaacacct ggatgatcag tgcagagttg tgtcccaaag tccctttagg    169140
     cagattctgg aaaagagtta catcacgtgg atgatcagtg cagagatatg tcacaatgcc    169200
     actgtaggca gagcctagac aagagttaca tgacctaggt gatcagtgca gagatacatc    169260
     gcaatgcccc tgtaagcata gccttgacaa gtggtatatc tcctgggtga tcattgcagg    169320
     gatatgtcac aaagcaccct gtaggcagat cctacaaaag atttgcatca cctgggtgat    169380
     cagtgaagag atatgtcaca atgccactgt tgggagagcc tagacaagag tcccatcacc    169440
     tgggtgatca gtgcagagtt ctgtcacaat gccgttgtag gcagagcctt gacatgtggt    169500
     atatcacctg ggtgatcatt gcagggatat gtcacaaagc accctgtagg cagatcctag    169560
     agaagagtta tatcacctgg gtgatcagtg cagagatatg tcacaagcct cctgtaggca    169620
     gagcctagac aagagttata tcacctgggt gatcagtgca gtgatatgtc acaatgccgt    169680
     gtagccagag cctagaatat agttagagca cctgggagat caatgcagag atatgtcaca    169740
     atgtcaccag taggcagaga ccaggcaaga gttggatcac ctcggaataa gtgcagagat    169800
     atgtctcaat ccccctgtgg gcacagccta gacaagggtt acatcacctc ggttaacagt    169860
     gcagagatat gtcaaaatgc ccctgaatgc agagcctaca caagtgttaa atcacttatg    169920
     tgatcagtgc agagatatgt cacaatacca ggtttaagca gagcctagac aagagttaca    169980
     tcacctggct gatcagtgca gagatatgtg acaaggcgcc tttaagcaga gcctagacaa    170040
     tagttacatc acctgagtga tcagtgcaga gatctgtcac aatgcccttt taggcagagc    170100
     ttaaacaaga gttacatcac ctgggtgatc agtgcagaga tatgtcacaa tgcccccata    170160
     ggcaaatcca agacaagagt ccatcacatg ggtgatcagt gcagaaatat gtgacaatgc    170220
     ccccagtagg cagagcttag agaagattcc catccccttg gtgatcagtg cagagatatt    170280
     tcataatgcc ttgcaggcag agcgtaagca agagttgcat cacctaggtg atcagtgcag    170340
     agatatgtca caaggccccc tataggcaga gcctggacaa gagttacatc accttggtga    170400
     tcaatgcagt gatatgtcac tatgccccgt aggcagagcc tagttaatcg ttacatcacc    170460
     tgggtgatca gtgcagagat aagtcacaaa gcccccatcc acagtgccta gacaaagtcc    170520
     catcacctgg gcgatcagtg tagaaatatg tcacaatgcc cccataggca gatccaacac    170580
     aagagttaca tcaccaaggt gatcagtgta gagatatgtc acaatgcccc cataggcaga    170640
     gcctagaaaa aactcccatc agctgggtga acagtgcaga gatatgtcac aaagcccctg    170700
     taggcagagc ctagacaagt gttacatcac tttgttgagc agttctgaga tgtgtcatgc    170760
     taactgtttg ctcccggagc tctgcgggga cccggaaaca tgagggaagt gtggaagacc    170820
     ggcatggttc cttcgctctc cttgccagtt tccaaaccgg ccacactgca gtctccccat    170880
     gttgctgcac acgggaatcc atcgtcagtc catcacgctg gggagtcatc ttctctctgg    170940
     ggtctcgctc tggtctccaa agtggaaata aatgacaggc acacggctgc gtgtgtcaga    171000
     ctgtcctggc aaaggcgcca cccacaggca ctgcctcctt cacggagaga gggcctggaa    171060
     cactgaagac tcacggaagt tcagttccac actcccggcc acactcccag gccagtttct    171120
     ctctgctgaa aacgcgtggg agcccagaga gcagcttcca gttcccgcgg gattcctgga    171180
     gaggtccgga gatccagccc ccaaaacgcg cccccctcac cctttcccct tcgccccctt    171240
     cctcttcgtc tatccagccc caccaccacc atcaccacgc catcccccca cacccgacca    171300
     ccctccggcc acaggcctcg acgagctggg acccttctgg tgtggggcgg gctgtcccag    171360
     ggctcaccgc cattcatgaa ggggtggagc ctgcctgcct gcgggccttt aaaagagccc    171420
     gtgcccctgc agcctcccag ctgccaccat ggggcgcctg gcggcggaac gctgacctct    171480
     agctctcttt gctggcctcc tggctagacc tgcgctcatt gcacaccctg gctgacgtgt    171540
     aagggagccc tctcgcctct ctgtgccctt gtccgtgaaa ttccggctga ggctctccca    171600
     acaccttctg acactcttta gtcaaagcct ggagaatagt tacagaactg aatgatcagt    171660
     tcagaaatat gtcacaatgc accctccctg cggagcctag agaggatttc catcatttgg    171720
     gtgatcagtg cagagatata tcacaatgtc cccggtacaa aaagcctgga aatgatttac    171780
     atcacctcgg tgatcagtgc ataggtacgt cagaaatcca cagtaggctg aacctacaca    171840
     agcggtacat cacttaggtg agcagtgtag agatatgtga aaattcccgt gtatacagag    171900
     cctagacaag tgttacatca cctagtgatc agtgcaggga taagtcgtaa agcctcctgt    171960
     aggcagaatg tagtcaagtg tttccttcct ggggtgacca gtgcagagat atgtcataaa    172020
     gcccctataa gcagaacctt gacaaggatt acatcacctg tttgatcagc ggaaatgtat    172080
     atcacaaagc cactgtaggc aaatcccaga caattgttac atcacctggg tgagcagtgg    172140
     agagatctgt cacaatgccc ctgtaggcag agcttagaca agggttacat cacctgggtg    172200
     atcagtgcag agatatgtca aaactctcct gcaggctgaa catagacagg agttacatca    172260
     cctcggtgat cagtgcagag atatgtgaga attc                                172294