ID   BX537326; SV 9; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 237869 BP.
AC   BX537326;
DT   10-JUN-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-4I23 in linkage group 2 Contains the
DE   tnw gene for tenascin W, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   mitochondrial ribosomal protein S14 (MRPS14, zgc:153664), the cacybp gene
DE   for calcyclin binding protein, the plk3 gene for polo-like kinase 3
DE   (Drosophila), two novel genes, the 3' end of a novel gene and a CpG island
KW   cacybp; HTG; plk3; tnw.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-237869
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; eac0ed66d73789fb4c9bf6879adb541d.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991376.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000014731; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000024829; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000038754; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000068305; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000029006; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000077178; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098734; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000098736; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000147278; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-4I23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-4I23 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-198I20 is at 110854 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-4I23 is at 237869 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-4I23 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..237869
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="2"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-4I23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..235869
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<10408..10532,12585..12637,36314..36362,
FT                   110129..110698))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<10408..10532,12585..12637,36314..36362,
FT                   110129..110159))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000026499"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14530.1"
FT   misc_feature    13789
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    24644
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    24645..24679
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(111834..112344,113446..113666))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT644735.2 Em:EH590777.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(114456)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(114456..115865,115972..116082,
FT                   116457..116586,116749..116911,117017..117100,
FT                   117736..117853,118265..118377,118718..118844,
FT                   118988..119186,120165..120260,120348..120435,
FT                   120529..120658,120738..120854,120936..121043,
FT                   122297..122591))
FT                   /gene="plk3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.3-001"
FT                   /product="polo-like kinase 3 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC045487.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(114470..114475)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(115668..115865,115972..116082,
FT                   116457..116586,116749..116911,117017..117100,
FT                   117736..117853,118265..118377,118718..118844,
FT                   118988..119186,120165..120260,120348..120435,
FT                   120529..120658,120738..120854,120936..121043,
FT                   122297..122497))
FT                   /gene="plk3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000020344"
FT                   /product="polo-like kinase 3 (Drosophila)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZVM4.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S6K2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000959"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002290"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008271"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020658"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-6134"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14531.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(124875)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(124875..125297,127426..127520,
FT                   127620..127719,127973..128069,129261..129474,
FT                   130649..130805))
FT                   /gene="cacybp"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.2-001"
FT                   /product="calcyclin binding protein"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC066608.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN018956.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(124890..124895)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   misc_feature    125016
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-198I20"
FT   CDS             complement(join(125138..125297,127426..127520,
FT                   127620..127719,127973..128069,129261..129474,
FT                   130649..130666))
FT                   /gene="cacybp"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000020347"
FT                   /product="calcyclin binding protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6NYG2.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007052"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007699"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015120"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2579"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14532.1"
FT                   DDFDF"
FT   misc_feature    131143
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   polyA_site      complement(132061)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(132061..132522,132739..132903,
FT                   134722..134831))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-4I23.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate mitochondrial
FT                   ribosomal protein S14 (MRPS14, zgc:153664)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC122369.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH598286.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(132075..132080)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(132340..132522,132739..132903,
FT                   134722..134790))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-4I23.4"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000026497"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate mitochondrial
FT                   ribosomal protein S14 (MRPS14, zgc:153664)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q6B860.1 Sw:Q9CR88.1
FT                   Tr:Q0P3Z3.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S6K4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001209"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060825-75"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14533.1"
FT   misc_feature    133224..133293
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH211-198I20
FT                   (BX649387)"
FT   misc_feature    138891..139139
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH211-198I20
FT                   (BX649387)"
FT   mRNA            join(159233..159393,169974..170363,172520..172894,
FT                   181666..181929,184773..184955,185049..185138,
FT                   197791..198054,201628..201891,208479..208609,
FT                   209664..209802,210988..211139,213825..213921,
FT                   214038..214202,214284..214447,216082..216837)
FT                   /gene="tnw"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.1-001"
FT                   /product="tenascin W"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AJ001423.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK674348.1 Em:CK680607.1
FT                   Em:CK684499.1 Em:CK688165.1"
FT   mRNA            join(159311..159393,169974..170363,172520..172894,
FT                   181666..181929,184773..184955,185049..185138,
FT                   197791..198054,208479..208609,209664..209802,
FT                   210988..211139,213825..213921,214038..214202,
FT                   214284..214447,216082..216837)
FT                   /gene="tnw"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.1-002"
FT                   /product="tenascin W"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC095389.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK690624.1 Em:CK699829.1
FT                   Em:DN898382.1"
FT   CDS             join(169979..170363,172520..172894,181666..181929,
FT                   184773..184955,185049..185138,197791..198054,
FT                   201628..201891,208479..208609,209664..209802,
FT                   210988..211139,213825..213921,214038..214202,
FT                   214284..214447,216082..216207)
FT                   /gene="tnw"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000020345"
FT                   /product="tenascin W"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O57587.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003961"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013032"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014715"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014716"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020837"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-262"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14534.1"
FT                   AY"
FT   CDS             join(169979..170363,172520..172894,181666..181929,
FT                   184773..184955,185049..185138,197791..198054,
FT                   208479..208609,209664..209802,210988..211139,
FT                   213825..213921,214038..214202,214284..214447,
FT                   216082..216207)
FT                   /gene="tnw"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000020346"
FT                   /product="tenascin W"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q503B9.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002181"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003961"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013032"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014715"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014716"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020837"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S6K6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-262"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ14535.1"
FT   mRNA            join(213377..213693,213825..213921,214038..214182)
FT                   /gene="tnw"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.1-003"
FT                   /product="tenascin W"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO351385.1"
FT   regulatory      216807..216812
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      216837
FT   mRNA            join(CR855337.7:76209..76460,complement(229259..229959))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-4I23.7-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH278176.1 Em:EH508405.1"
FT   misc_feature    235869
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-4I23"
SQ   Sequence 237869 BP; 77091 A; 42711 C; 40895 G; 77172 T; 0 other;
     aagcttcaag gggcaaatca ttttgacctt aaaatggttt taaaaaaaat ttaaactagc        60
     cgaaataaaa ctttctccag aagaaaaaat attatgagac atactgtgaa cattttcttg       120
     ctctgttaaa catcatttga gaaatatttt aaaaattctg acttcaactg taaatccata       180
     ttaatctgta aattgtgtct atttttattt ttaaaattac attgcaagac taacacagaa       240
     aatgataatc aaaaaacaaa atacacaaaa atttgaaatc ataattttcc ccccttctaa       300
     atgaaaagtg aacacttaaa tcaatgatgt attggtataa actgatccat taagcattca       360
     cacatgcttt tcagtgagag gaactaggaa gcggaaaaat ggaaaatggt tatgaggaac       420
     tagggacatt tgttggtgaa ttatgatata cttaatttaa aagggaaaaa gtcatctgac       480
     tgaaagtttt ttcttatgat aataagcaat gaaagtcaac tgacggggaa tttttaaggt       540
     tgctaattca cttatgtcaa catgtgatgc cattgtacat tccatcaaat aactcaaact       600
     tcctcattca agtaaaaaca gtaacactta ttgttaaaac acaatcactg ctttcaatat       660
     ctgaattttg tgctatattt gctttgcacc attaaataat tcactgtatt ataagagaag       720
     cattatttac ttgttttttt tttggtggca tcaatgtcat gctccactga caagtcctgt       780
     tgctcaagga ttgaagtcat cacattacac cgagagtgtg tgaagggtgg tgtgtgtgaa       840
     gaagaatgtg gaatgaatgg attcgtgtca aagtttctga ctcatgtcac cgctctgctt       900
     tcatgtgtcc actcctgatc tgccctgtaa gtcttgctct gtcattgaag tctatttgca       960
     gcatgtgtat gcaaaagttt gacatgactg tattaccagt tgctctattt taggccaaag      1020
     gaggaaacgt tttatgatgt ggctatataa ttataggaaa atcgggagca ggaaaaacta      1080
     gggaaaagga atgaaagcat caaacagata gatgtcagtg aagagattca gtatatggaa      1140
     gattaacggt tgaattacac ttcagttatt tggctgtata tctgtgccaa agtggtctat      1200
     tgaatattgg tctatttttg tttttaaaaa tattgccttt taattaatgc cattatcata      1260
     cattttttac atcgcttaca aataaacata tttaattttt tatttaccca tgccaaacca      1320
     cttgacatac ataggaggta tgcgctaata tccttgtgac cctatacttt tatttacatt      1380
     ttttattatg gttgcttaag aaagccaaca tactgttata aataactttg caccaaactg      1440
     tcatacagac ttaaggttga gctcatttaa ctcagactat caatctgtca attactgatg      1500
     acctttaatc acactagcca caccctagca actgtccctt agacttctat tgtaaaagaa      1560
     ctgctattga ctttacatgg gacatactaa caacatacca attcactgac aatatactaa      1620
     tccatatact ataaacatac tagcaacatg ctaattcata ctaaatgcat gttaacaaca      1680
     tgctagttta tactagaaac atgctaattc atactagaac catgctaatt aattttagca      1740
     actgccaagc aaatactcag aaaaccttag caaccgccta tagcaacacc ttagcaatgc      1800
     catagaaact gcctaacagc tcagaacact ctagcaacca cctagcaaca acctagaaca      1860
     ccttagcaac cccctacaaa aacctttgca accaactgcc aaggcctcgc aaccatccag      1920
     aacaccccat caactgccta acaacaccct aacaactgct tagcatcacc ttagcaacag      1980
     tctagcagtc ccttagcaac caatcagaac accctagcaa cactttagaa atggcctggc      2040
     aacactttag caaccaccta gcaaccgcaa ccccacagaa catattggaa aatattaata      2100
     atataatata cacttaactg tttaaaaggg agaggccagg tatctgtttg atataaacag      2160
     ttggtagaca aatcaagagt catttaatga catactttaa gcttggcagt ctgacctgca      2220
     ggctcaaata actgaggaag agtggcaaga aaagcgtgtc taaaagccca aactcagaca      2280
     agcactcatt ttagattgct tcaatataaa tggctgagta gacaatatat aactccagtt      2340
     aagttgcatc attttaaccc aaatactcct gacacatgct ataaatgtga acaagagaag      2400
     ggaactttat ttcattgatg tgggagtgtt ctaaagtcag ttgtttttgt gttaaaatac      2460
     tgaatactgt aagtcaaatc attggtaaag taattcaatt caattcatat ttatttctat      2520
     agcgctttta caatgtaggt tgtgtcaaaa cagcttcaca tagaagatta tagtgaattg      2580
     aaacagtgta gttcagtttt cagagtttaa gttcagttca gtttagatta gctcagttca      2640
     gttcaatgtg ttttatttgt gttaaaggga ccctcaaaat aaagtgatac cttaattttt      2700
     tttcatttaa ccatgccaaa ctgacttgtc tgtcataaaa gatatataca gcgtcattta      2760
     ttttatttta ttatgacatt ttagataaaa aaaaaattat tctaggttaa caaatttcca      2820
     ctgcattcac tacatctaga tgattacgtg tttgtcagtg gctgacatta ctttcatgtt      2880
     aggctttcag acccactgaa tactagttaa gtagaccact ttaatcacca cgtcattctc      2940
     tgttatcctg aaactaatac acggctgtct gttttcacca tttaaagagt gaaccgtcag      3000
     catctgtcct tggagccgtt aaagccagtg cagtcatgct tcacttctcc gaaacggcaa      3060
     aacaacatct gtgctcgtcc gaggagtgct aatgtgccta aggctgaagc ctcagaagcc      3120
     tcagagattt tactgatagg tgctgtaatg tagcagacta aacttgtggc taaaatacag      3180
     tagcctttac atttatgtag gccacgactg cgactgcata catcaaccct cctttactct      3240
     gcttttgtaa ctgatgaatg tttttaatta ctcatttgca ttgaccagcc tggtcccaag      3300
     gctaatcaca gtggatttcg aatcaacatg gactcttgta ttgctgtgta agtccattac      3360
     atcatcttat taaaagcact gagctctatt tctgccagtc tgtccaagaa tgtaatttag      3420
     gttgttaaca gtgaccgagc gaggagcttt gatcgaagct aaaagaagaa gcagaaaaaa      3480
     aacgtatatt ttgcttcatc ctaaatgaag agccgacctt ctggcctatt aatctgaaat      3540
     aatctctttc tgacgccaca tttctcgttc ttccttttct gtttgacgtt tcagccttga      3600
     aattagtaat cgggctcggc ttggcctgaa ttctcctgaa aaactgtgct tactgctaaa      3660
     tcacggcata ctaaaaataa ccattagaag actcaggaaa tgagttaaaa tctgtccacc      3720
     gctttatgtt gacttcactg cactagattt caacctgacg gttagctgac gtcttccact      3780
     gcaagagatc taaagtgaaa catctatttc tctctgtttt tcaggctttg cgtttgcttg      3840
     tgctgactca tggctttgga ttccctcagt ttttgtaact tcagccacac ctgtttaggg      3900
     aatacaggat taaccacttt gtatgttgag tgttcacatt cttcaaagca ttttagctgt      3960
     tttcaggtcg cagtttaacc agtttgacag ttacactcac ccacataata acgatgcttt      4020
     tttcttatta ctttttgatg tttggaatgg gataagcatg actgagttca ttgtaggaca      4080
     gtatgtgtgt ggtttaagag tgactattga agagatagtt cacccaaaaa tgaaaattca      4140
     tcctccactt gttccaaacc tgttcaagtt tctttctttt gttgaacaca aaggatgttc      4200
     tgaagaatgt tggaaagaaa cagccatcag ctatgtttcc agccacctac tttcatgagc      4260
     attttagaaa tgccaagatg tgcatacatt gtaaaaatgc gcataataaa acacgtgcga      4320
     acaactgaat aggataaacg ttttatctga taagaaaaaa ttaatgtaaa ctatgctaga      4380
     aaaaaattca cagattaaat tccaccccca aaagtaatga gattttgttt tatttgaatg      4440
     ggattaatgg acgggattaa tggacactta atggacaaat tagttgacca agtacattgt      4500
     caatcatttt atttcatact gttaaaaaaa tgcagggttc cacacaattt aaggtttttc      4560
     caacacaaat cgattagtta actcatccaa atttaagtgg attgaacata aaacaattaa      4620
     cataccaaaa caatcttaag aattgtgttg tttaagtgca ttatacataa gttgtttaaa      4680
     caaactgcaa aactatttca atggctgctt ttattccagc atgtttcaga atatcttctt      4740
     ttgtgttcaa cttaagaaat atattaataa gtttagaaca acttgagtgc gagtccatta      4800
     gctttaatca aatctaccaa agcattggtg tgaacgggtt cttctatcca tttttttcca      4860
     ctattgctgg tatttgtgag actttgtaaa acaatcatta ctcttacacc ttttcaaaat      4920
     gatttgaatg aagatattca aactgaaaac aaatgactct aatatgtctg aaagctctaa      4980
     tcgaagtaaa tagtaatgaa tttgttattt ctgccataac ccagcaggca cagaacgtca      5040
     acatgatgac agattgacgt tgtacgactt taccggtaaa ttaaaaaatg cactgttcac      5100
     acagacatgg acgttacgga tattttccag gaaaaaacat tcacacatcc attccaaaat      5160
     actggtaaat tgtgacatca ttcaccaaaa atgaccttta aatggcagcc tttgtatttg      5220
     taaacataga aggggtcagg cttttgttaa aggtttcaga tttatttaaa gttttagcat      5280
     tcatgcagct gctttgtctg agacatacaa aggcagaagt gggaaccaca ggtaaaattt      5340
     tcccgatttg acgacattac aaattctgtg gatggataag tactgtaaac tcttttgcat      5400
     gtcgagatgt acataatatg tgtgtgtgct ggttctcatc gtagcattcc ttcacattca      5460
     catgcgttaa gcaactgaag cagagcttga cggtaaacaa acggcggttt atcataagca      5520
     ttttatcgat aatgttttac acagttggca ttcagaagga acatagaaac tttatctgac      5580
     taacatctag cagctaaatg tgtctggaaa aatattcaaa ttcaaggctt ttattttcat      5640
     aaacagcgca gatgtgagtg cgtctgtatg ttttgattgg ttagagtaga cgtctcacgt      5700
     cagcccgtta tagaagtgat tgcacccttt ctggcaattt tccttctgcg ttcacacagt      5760
     gcagcattcc agcaaattac cggtaatgtt acaactactc tttccagaaa attgccggga      5820
     tgaatttacc ggtattttca aaatgggcct gttcacacat atagaccttt cccggaaaat      5880
     tgctggtaat tttccagaaa ggtctgtatg tgtgaaaggg gctaatgtct aacgttggac      5940
     agacattgct tttttgttac tttttaaagc aatctaaaaa caacataata tcagacgctg      6000
     gaatgtggtt gccatacccg atgactaaat gtcagcattt gacatcaata tgacgttgat      6060
     ttaagatgtt ggctcgatat tggattttgg ccactttcca acacaaccta aaatcaacta      6120
     aatatcaacg tcacttcatg ttgttactgg atgtcaaaat aacattgctc tcagacgctg      6180
     cctaattcta accgatatta acgtcttatg acatttattt atattgtgtg tcagctggga      6240
     attataactt tgctgtcaaa aataacaaat tagtgcaaaa gaactgtgaa atcacagtaa      6300
     tcccaactgt atagtattgt gcaatttcta tatgtgagca gagtattgat ctttaatgtg      6360
     aaagcaggct cagccattgg aatctaatta tcttaagact tcctgcctca attgttttca      6420
     ctgattttta gccataaaaa ggcttgttat gctgcttgat gttgcaaact tatatattct      6480
     tattgtatta ttttaatttc tatgatcaca aacacacttg tttgtagagc aagcagtttg      6540
     actgttaact gccattagtt atttctggtc attttcctca taagaaactg aatcggaagc      6600
     cctaaaacaa taaagcttac ttccacattg caaaaaaagg tcaatacatt taaattcata      6660
     ttattcatac aacagagaga agtttccttc atactaccca catccaggct gtgttccact      6720
     ctactttttg aagtcaagca aataagggaa gtttatatgg acacacccct gctgccttgt      6780
     ttttgactgt aaaaagcaag tctacttcac atcgggccgc tccacataga aagtgggaag      6840
     gtattgttac agcgcaatgc attcaaggaa ttttagacat gggaatctgg atcccattga      6900
     tctccatagg cttattgcat catatacaca ctgacttgtg ataaactgta agcactcatg      6960
     ccacaaataa acaagaaaat catatatgca aatgttttgt tatggcagct cattgaaatc      7020
     ctgtaactta caataagctt tttaattcat ttgatccact ccctcagctg gagaccacat      7080
     gttattatat atttttttag cttctcagat agccaagaga atataaagat atctacatgt      7140
     aaggccattg ttttggagat gtttttcaga agtattatta taaaacggtt agcttcttct      7200
     gtggtcactt gcattggttt acattgtgta ttccagagcg tgtctaaaaa tgtcaatagt      7260
     atctggaggc agtctttatg ttgcaagcta ggactgcatt tctcagagat gcaatgacaa      7320
     tggagcaagt gatgtcactg tgacaggtag ggataagggt gggggatagg taagctcatt      7380
     aaaaagcatt gcatgcagct cagattgcat ctgcaccatg caggtctgca tccagacccc      7440
     tctcaaaaat tggtgaaaac gcagcactcc atgacgtaga ttcccaatct ctgttttgct      7500
     ttcatgatgt tgctaattta acgctcaatg atgaatgagc tagacactta aactttttaa      7560
     aacatccaag catgtagaca tataaactag tgtgtcgagc acattctaaa aaagggactg      7620
     aaatacttgt tgcgttttga cataatttcc actgaaaccg gaagacagga caggccaaat      7680
     caaacagctc cgcccccttt ttctaaaaat agtccacagt gttttattta tatcacagct      7740
     cggcttcagc cattaaggtc acttaagcca catttgccaa cttatgacag ccacaatgtc      7800
     atctcctctt aatctcttat acattgcttt taaatgtacc acagcattca aatagttctg      7860
     atacattttg taaatttcaa atctatatga tccactatgc tgttatgttt aattgcagca      7920
     gtctgttatg ttggattgcg taactagttt gttttccctt atataaaggt gtttactctc      7980
     atttttgatc aatttaatgt attccagagt aatatttagg cctgtcgcga tatatatttt      8040
     ttgttttata atatattgca ccaaataaaa ttcaattaaa taataatatt ttcattttaa      8100
     aaccatttca tgccacttat tatataaaat gccagaatga caatataata ccaacatcaa      8160
     aatgcaaatg cactcctcca aaaacacata atattaatta ggcattgaaa tcagaataat      8220
     aataaatgtt aacaaaaacg ggatatcaat atctgcttac aaatctattt tcagttgtca      8280
     ggcacccaca tgaaaatata ctatagtaat ttatagtaaa tactatagtg tttttttaac      8340
     gatactgaaa ctgacacctc tatttgagat gttgcacaat cagctaaaat gttgttagat      8400
     atgtttatta tgtatgggcg aaatatattg catcacaaaa aatgattgag gtcatgttca      8460
     tgtgttgtgc gataagtcca aatgttgatt gttgtgaaag gcctagtaat attcatgcta      8520
     atttcttttt aaaaaaagtc ttactgaaag caacatttga actttagttt accgtcatga      8580
     cactaacaaa ccacaatacc taaaaacagc ctttcattgt aatatgtcac atgagatttt      8640
     gatttgtcat aatcatatac cttagaaatg ccatgtgata cctttcagta gtgttggaaa      8700
     ttctctgggt ttgtaccttc ggggtatctt caccatgact ctggttttag tgatgtgttg      8760
     agtttagttg catttgttct tagttaaatg atgggaaatt atttgcattt tcttaatcac      8820
     caacagtatg catttgtctc cacaatgaaa attagtattt tattaaaagt agagaataat      8880
     aaatggtttt tgaatgataa aagttacaaa aactaaaact tttttacaga aatatcattt      8940
     gaatccagaa gtcttaaaga tatagtttac ctaaaactaa aaaaaaaaaa atgttaaaga      9000
     caatacactg tgggtaaatg cactaccatt ttgttatgtt tgtggctgtt tttgccccca      9060
     ttgacttcca ttacaatgac actgctaaaa tgaaggtcaa tggggtaaaa acaagcatga      9120
     acagtaaata agggagaaca ttttgttatc tgattctgca caaaaactaa caatccatca      9180
     aagccaatgt tgttactaat ctttcccatg tctaggactc tgataacagg taaaaatcta      9240
     tccatccaca attacctttt atattgaaaa taagtcaatt tgtgttttct ttttctcccg      9300
     caaatcagtg acatcatgaa cttggcaaaa acatttagta gatttgatca ggactgaggt      9360
     tgattaacaa atttttgcaa caaaattacc taattaactt acattttcac agtagattaa      9420
     tctgtgcttt tgaaaacact attggttggg tttagggaag gaggagcatg ggtcagttga      9480
     tcagtcaatc aatcaatcag tcagtcaaca gcagtctcta gtggatttaa gtgagaacag      9540
     caggcacgaa tggcactcac aagagaaatt tgagataacg tgctctccag aaatgtagag      9600
     gtaggttttc agaatgaacc tgggtttaaa tatgaacaat acacaattgt taataaaagt      9660
     ttagaacaac ttgaatgtgt gtaaatggtt aggaaattgt atttttttag tgaactatac      9720
     tttaacattt tatatactag tgttgcacaa cgtaaagcat cacagttaaa aagtaaatcc      9780
     atctgcagtt agttagagca gttactattc atgttagtcg ttgtcaccag acttaacatg      9840
     tctgcaacct ttacaagttc ataccatgtg accttctgga tggaaaagaa agtggtcgga      9900
     aaaacagttc agctatttta gtcttgaatg atgatgatct cactttgcag tgtgtatgtt      9960
     aaccacaaaa gtcaacagga agctgacata tcagaaaaga gccacactgc atagaaacaa     10020
     tccaacgcaa ggaaacaaca atgcacaaat tgttctgatt gcagaagggc ctgtaaacaa     10080
     acattgtgtg tcacaaacac aggtgtctat ggtgagacac gtttccacag gatgcatcta     10140
     taaatgggtt ttgtgttcag ggtaacacgg ttgacagaca gacagttttt tccactgaaa     10200
     tctgtcgtgt gttttggtga ggtgtacacc tgtggtctca ttatattatg cttttgcagg     10260
     tgaggtgagt ttcttgttga gaaacatgca gttatgatat ttaagtaaca tcatgtcaga     10320
     gtttttttgt tagcatctac gtacttgtat aatgggtgtc atgatacaca agaagatttt     10380
     ggtaatacag aaactaattt cttttacctg tttcatggac tgccatgagg cagtgctgca     10440
     ttccagctgc aatgggcaca gattcatcac cttgatgtct gtttgggtga gctccagtgc     10500
     cccatatctc aaacatattg cttcattgag ctctgccaga aggggagaga gaacattaag     10560
     gaggaaggag ggttttgcaa tcagctatcc ttttgttcag gcacattctg gtacatgttg     10620
     ttctttcttt gctctgtttg atcacttatt aaatttgata tttatttttt aaagtctctt     10680
     tattagaatt gacacatttt taaatgttgt tttattttaa tattaatttt agctatttta     10740
     tatggacttt tacattttct atgatggata tacataggcc taacttattt gatttaattt     10800
     tactttattt tcccatgcca aacgactttc catgtcaaat cttgtgacct taaaatgtat     10860
     ttaataaaat attaataaaa taagacatca taaaaaagta aaattatata ttaaatatta     10920
     atatactata tcataaatat ttaatgtaaa taatttttgt aaattgtatg taaattattt     10980
     tttcttttat tattattatt attattattt taataacaat tttaaaagtt ataaactgca     11040
     tgattatttt tattatatat tatttatatt tttaatagct aacatttttt tttattttta     11100
     acttttaaat tgtatttcat ttatgaccag attaaaaaca gtaaaatgta tttaataaaa     11160
     tactaaaaaa ataagacatg aattataaaa aaatacaatt acataataca tattaatata     11220
     ctatataata aatattaaaa gtattctttt gtaaattgta tgctaattat ttttacttat     11280
     atgtttggta ttattattat tattattatt attcagtttt aaaatgtata caattccatg     11340
     atcatttttc caattatata ttattcatat ttttaataat taacattttt aaataatttt     11400
     ttttactttt aaatagtatt ttatttatga caagattaaa tacactaaga tgtatttaat     11460
     aaaatattaa taaaataaga catgaattat aaaaaaatta caattatata ataattatta     11520
     ttatactata taataagtat ttaatgtaaa ttagttttgt aaattgtatg ttatttaatt     11580
     tgactttttt gtttattttt tatattttat aacagtttta aaagttatac acttttatat     11640
     atatgttata tatttttaat aatcaacatt ttattttatt acttttttaa attgtatttt     11700
     atttatgaca agatttagta cattcagtta aagccaaagc ggaaccacta attaattaaa     11760
     tagttaattc tgaattaaac agtctgaaat tcaagctctt tttgattttg cacttattca     11820
     accatttgca tccacacatg cattaaaata tacagtgcct tttagcagca atgtgttaag     11880
     aacatcttcc gtttactgtc agcttttcac acatgctaat gcaaggtgat ttagagcttg     11940
     aaattacatt tgttgtcagg gatgataaca gaatgctata tgttttgctg catttccctg     12000
     ctgtttagca gactcttttt taaccaaaat gacgcacatg gatgagtgca gggacagtcc     12060
     ctctggagca gcacacagtt aacagcttct tgcacagcaa cagtggagat ctcagcaaat     12120
     gcacacttct tacgaattga atcctcatct cgattttcac ctataacctt tacatactga     12180
     cagggtaatg agactgactc acttatcaac atgcatcaaa gaaatatatc aaaaacaact     12240
     ttatcaatga ccttgaaggc tgatttgtct attaaggtca tgtgaaactc tttacatgac     12300
     actcatagcc ttccaatgac gattcaatga gcgaatatag aaatggcttt gggcatttac     12360
     acaaaagcag aacttaagac aactgagagc cattgattgt cgtcagtgct gcaatttctg     12420
     catgacgctc agctctattg tgtggtgctg agttctgcct cacttgacgt acattataat     12480
     aatatcctgc agagaaaagt gcccagctga ctctgtcttc atcaccaaat tcagaaattt     12540
     aaagaaacag ttcacttaaa atgaatttag tttggtttgc ttaccgtcag gccatccaat     12600
     ctcattccta gggccttcta tatcagcaat gaatgacctg tagtaagtga attaaaaaga     12660
     tcgttcaaac aaaatgatgg ttgtgaggat tttttattta ctgaacactc aaagagatat     12720
     tttgaagaat gttggaaatc attatgcact gacaaacata gagtagtcaa catttgtagt     12780
     ggttgaaacc ctttcatcaa aggtgcccta atactactga acagcaccca tttgtctaaa     12840
     ccaggggtga tcaaccctgt tcctggagat ctaccttcct gcaaagttca gatccagccc     12900
     tgatcaaaca cacctgagcc aattaattag gacctgaaca gcacttgata attacaggca     12960
     ggtgtgtttg atatgggttg caactgaaat ctgcaggaag gtagatctcc aggaacaggg     13020
     ttggtcaccc ctggtctaaa cactaagggg aagtctaaac ctagtctaaa aaatactaag     13080
     ggaatcaaag gctaccagtt tttaaccttc tttaatatag gataatgccc catgtcataa     13140
     agcacgaatc atctcagact ggtttcttga aaatgacaat gagttcactg tactcaaatg     13200
     gcctctacag tcaccataac tcaatccaat agaacacctc tgatgataga acgggagaat     13260
     cgcatcataa atgtgcagcc gacaaatctg cagcaactgt gtaatgctat catatcaata     13320
     tggaccaaaa tctctgagga atatttacag tactttgtag aatctatgcc atgaaggatt     13380
     aaggcagtcc tgaaggcaaa agtgggtcca acctggtact agtaaggtgt acctaataaa     13440
     gtgggcggaa tataatattc attaattaat ttatttattg gtgtttaaca taaggaaact     13500
     caactggttt tggaacaagg gaagcgtgag taaatggtga caagctgtca ttcatatcat     13560
     ttatctaact ttaattaaca gcaaatttca tttttttggg tgaactatcc ctttaacagc     13620
     aaattatcat tatttgttga actattctta aacaagatct tcagaatgat gcaaatgtga     13680
     tcttcaaatt gtggtttcta atgtagttgc agctttggct cctatttgtg tgtataatgg     13740
     acataaaatg tcgaggtctg ctcatgtgat ggtgggtggt gactatttat taaagctgtg     13800
     gagagttgtt tacggagcag cttggtttgc atgtgctttt gcttgtgcaa gaggtgtttg     13860
     tggttaggct aatctgtttc cttttcttct gtttattttt cactctaagc atctgcatct     13920
     gcatatctga ctaaaaagca tcctgggtca agtggaaaac actttttggc taagtgaaaa     13980
     aattcatttc cgatgtagag atgttgataa atcaaactgt ctaggctttc agaaatgttt     14040
     tgagttcttt tacagcaaca ctccactttt cttttaaata gtcatatttc aatattatat     14100
     accgatattt tgcagcaccc gaaaatagtc cccagctggg ttgcttccaa gacttgcaca     14160
     gggattgtgt gccattcact ctgcataata tcattgcact tgctgcagta atgatatgga     14220
     agcaaagttc cttaattatt atgccagaat agaagtttag ttccttgcca cattcctggc     14280
     ttagaaaata gcaacttttt accatgtctt agtacacaat gtaagtacag aatagtccag     14340
     ctttaaatta ttaaaatcaa tccaaaatct ttggttattt ttgagtgaaa tgctaatggt     14400
     ctaatccatt tcaatgatct ttgctaagct aaaagtgcca gactgaggat ttaaaaatag     14460
     tacaattcaa ctctttacct ctaggggcag ggtataattt gtgccggaac caagtgtgcc     14520
     gcaaacctgc gtttgagtga gggtctcggc cgttagatcg ccccctggga gctggctgca     14580
     gtacaagtca taaagcccgc ctcctccgtg ttaatgaagg agacttgagc ccaaataaac     14640
     aaaaattatt acacttgcaa taaaatgtcc cgaaagatgg ttctggtcga ttaaggcact     14700
     ggttattgtg ctgaaatagg tgcagatctt catttttgta aacagtttgt ttttagcagt     14760
     aatttaactc ctcctctggc tccatcagac aatccttctg cgcatgtcaa ggctccaatt     14820
     tcagcagtct tttgcgacag tttgtgcccg tcaagcaggc gttttgccct caaggcgttc     14880
     aatgggaaaa agggctgtcg cgtcgtccat attttttaca gtcattggct ggaacatgcc     14940
     agatccggaa tctctgaaat ctgatcacct tgttttactg atctccatcc ttaactgccc     15000
     tccgctgttc actcttactt ctcaactacc caaccctctc cactttcgtc tgcgacaaat     15060
     ccacccgctc ttcactttcg tccgcaacca ccgtccatca tccatggccc cactctctct     15120
     cacccccgct cttcacttct gttccccccc cgacttccac tctcgtgcac ggcacctcta     15180
     tatcctcgag taatatgctg gatccgttac cctgatctgt tctgggtact agcaattcac     15240
     aaattaggca caatttaggc actagtcctc cagaggtcta gtaaaattag cctattttat     15300
     ttatttattt ttttaaatgg agtgttcttt tagagattta atacactcat acataatgtg     15360
     gtgcttcaaa aaacattcca aaccatataa tttaaatagt aatgtcatgg tcaaagcagg     15420
     aaatacagga tagaaaatga aagacaaagt acaatagtta tttaataagt ccaatatata     15480
     ctcacatcca aacacataac ataaacacac tcaggaagac aatcaagacc taatcaagaa     15540
     ctgaacaaac caaaggagct taaatagaga gactgctaat tgactaaaca atagacaggt     15600
     gaaactgata aactgaaatg acagtagact acagaactca gaaaactagg gttgtatcca     15660
     aaattgctgc ccataccctt aaataatgca gtatttgatg gtgcagccat ttgtagtggt     15720
     gttcaaaacc aaaggcttat ttttaaaccg tcccgctata tacgtttctg gagagcgcca     15780
     aatacgtccc aggaggtaca ttttttagtc gtttttgttt tcgcaaatcc acaagaggct     15840
     actgtgtacg ctttatgaga tttcaaattt ctctcacaaa tgccaatcgt gcaatccaga     15900
     ggccactttt gactgactga ttgcctgaat gactgactga ctgactgact gaccgattga     15960
     ctgacccacc ctcctccttc cttaaaccta accaatactg tttttttaaa agctcagatt     16020
     gaccctccca cccacttcac tcaccccaac agtttaaaaa agcaatccag aaaaaggaaa     16080
     gcctgatttt accaaatttt caaattttac cacattctta ccctgttatt tacttgttta     16140
     ttttattttt tggcttctgt ttaggtctta tctgctttct ggaaccgatc ttcgccggac     16200
     tcgaacctca tcgctgtgtc aactgctctc tgcgtctcaa gtctgccgat gtacatggtg     16260
     aggtactgag caaactggta acagcaggaa aactgtacac agggaggtaa gctgtcagct     16320
     ggtaagtgca aaaaggaatg gcgtcatgcc attcttaacg ttcattttaa agacgaaagg     16380
     cagacatacg tacttctggc aacataattc gcaacataac ataattcaac ataaatctaa     16440
     atctatatag ggctacgttt tcagaatgag cctatgttga atacatataa tgataatatt     16500
     ataggtgtaa gcttacaaaa aaatattgtt taaatgttaa attaacattt gtatacctga     16560
     cagaaatcaa aatactaaaa caactcaaat tcactcactt gttttcattt actcccttag     16620
     gtggactata ttaggggact aatgtggaga atagtgaaat cggggtgatt tcagattaag     16680
     ccttcatcaa accaaactga actaaaacat gtgcatgtaa acgtgacatt ggaagtctga     16740
     tgaaattaaa attaatgaaa taattataaa ataaacgaca aaaagaaagc aaaaccttta     16800
     attatttagg atgtatggat atgtaattat gtttatagtt aactatggtt actgagttgt     16860
     tgtacatata taggatacag tagaattttt aattcaagtt gagtgcctgg ctcatgatat     16920
     gattctcttc cttatatcta cttttataaa ccaattagta aaagaaatat tatgatatga     16980
     ggattgatta ttcagaaaaa taagtgtaga catttttaaa gatttaacga tggccaattt     17040
     aaacgcctgt tcctctccta actacccttt tattacagag ctcagtcaca ctgctcaatt     17100
     aaaggcccaa acagtttccc tcacagtcac agaacattag cctctagggt acaataacaa     17160
     gctcaataaa ctctcagata ttggcgaaag tcttcctctc catttgggag tttgtgggct     17220
     gctattgttt ttaggttagt gttcctaaca tgagttgagg acatacagtt gtttttttct     17280
     tctctctttt cttttttttg tagtctgaca ggcagctctg cttcctgggt ggctgattat     17340
     ctgtggcagg cagcaagcca ttaaaacatg tgcttgtcct gattgtgctt gtcctatatt     17400
     ctaacttttt gggagtcttc tataatactt gagtgtaaaa aaatgttcct tacaaatgta     17460
     tttttgtcgc atgttagcag agcactgtaa tccacacgtg agtccagctg agctatcata     17520
     gcagggaatt gaaaacaaga cctttgttgc agcacattta tgaaacattg ccgacccatg     17580
     tctccaaaca attatttttc ttccacttgt tttaagtacg gttggcaaca cataatggtg     17640
     tccctctgct gtctaaacac tgtaacatga aaaactatca tgcaaagttg cacctcattt     17700
     acaacagagc atcctgattg gttcgaacca agtctttctc gtgaattaat gctgaaagct     17760
     caaatacgtt acttaacact cattgtattc gctggtacag acatctagtc tacatgatgg     17820
     aatttacaca agaatctaat tgccgtgagg tgattttaaa atttatttta aaactggaag     17880
     aacaaatttg ttcgaaatta cacaaaacca accaattttc actttgttat gaaatgtgtg     17940
     tccttacagt gtttttagga acgtgagtgg gacatatata tgactgtcaa catctcaaaa     18000
     atgtgttttg gtgttccgtg accccaaaca aaggcaccaa aactgggttt tttaaagtaa     18060
     tggaattaaa gttcccaaca attttggatt cctaaaactt tttagagaag agctctttta     18120
     aagaaccttt atgtttgaga gtgtcagttc attcctaaaa cactttattt aaaattgcta     18180
     acaaatcgtc aagccgttaa gcctaaaccc tcaaaatgtg tcagctgtgg tctgcttgtt     18240
     atttgttgac ttgctctaca taccgaggat cctgcctcag tactcagaaa aaaactgggt     18300
     gattacataa atgcggcata aatctcttga gaattgtcac agttacatga acaaaacaaa     18360
     acagccactt gacgcagttt ggtcagacct tgtgtcagtt tttacatata tttaagatgc     18420
     acaccttttt ctgcatgttt gcaacactag ccacaaccac aggatatttt agacgcccca     18480
     agaggagtgt catgtgtggt tttaggttct agagaataat tcaacacatt ttgatgtacg     18540
     tcatgtttgt tcttctgtca agtatgaaat tgtcaaaaat ctaaagcaca ataatttgta     18600
     gactgaatta attaccttga ataaggttaa aaggttaccc aaaaaacaca gaagtaactc     18660
     attgaataac actttgccct ggtttatccg gtccagaatt aacaataaac cggagattag     18720
     ctcaagataa gaatctgagt gaaataatag cgatggcaag gttgcactgc aatcataaca     18780
     aagagagcac acagcaagtg cattatcctt atcaaaacca tcagtctgat atcaatgttt     18840
     gtgcagttat gtgtcatccg atatcagaaa acttttaggt aggtgaagtc ccgaaacagt     18900
     ttaaaagaac ggctcacagt tataataaac agggactgaa gattcagaaa gaatgcaaaa     18960
     tatctcaggt ctgttttcat catattgttt tcatagtgta gtactagcaa ctgcttaaca     19020
     ctataacaac catccagagt accaatgaga aatacagtag aaactgcaga gcaaacctta     19080
     acaacctcac agaatatcct aacaaccaca cagcaacatc ctaataaaca cactgaagaa     19140
     cctgagtaac tccacaaaaa acactctaac aacccccaca gaaatgatca gcaataccta     19200
     catcatagaa accaccctga atacaatata gtgaccacaa cacgataagt accaagcaac     19260
     cacttaacaa gccctaacaa cctcatagca accacccaga acacacttat cagttagcta     19320
     ccttaccaaa aaccttaaca accattgcct agcattttaa aatgaaaaca tgcatagctt     19380
     gaaaccttca aactttaagc ttttaaaaca acttcaagca ttctgtctag gcattctcag     19440
     gccaatagca atgtccttca atctttttgt ttcataattc aaatatgata caaattacaa     19500
     ataaattact caactcaaat acaccaaaac tgtcatcatt catgtaattt atgcagcaca     19560
     gttggatgat cttggtttat cacactgagc atttaaaaac gcaactggca cctgtagctg     19620
     attttacttg tctgtttgca gtcagatcct tttaaactac tatatgcagt aaataagtga     19680
     agtttattta taaactaatt tcgagaggat cacgtgctta tgatttatca cggccagtct     19740
     cacatttgct aatcactatc ttccaatcat atgagcccta agctactata aatagccaca     19800
     gttttcagtt cactttatct tcgtttggaa gaaacccccc tcctccccta ttctcctcct     19860
     ttacctgtga ttgggcggca cggcggccca gtggttagca ctgtgagcca cacagcaaga     19920
     acactgccgg ccctggttcc acaggacctg tgggtgtttc tgtgaggagt ttgtatatcc     19980
     tccccgtgtc cgcgtgggtt ttccccgggt tctccgattt tctcccacca tccaaagaca     20040
     ttcaacatgc ataacaatca agcttgtcta atcccttgcg ttcccttagc tacagcggca     20100
     ggggagttct gagatccacc gagctcaggc tcccctcttg ctctgccaac gggaggaagc     20160
     cccgggctcg aggagccctt gagctcgggg ctctctcccg ggacagcatg ccaaacgagc     20220
     ttttgtaaat catcagctaa gtgtgaactc ttgaaacaca gtacatttga ctgcacattc     20280
     aaactattca aacatacaga atgtaaagaa aaccaggatg actacattag atacatcaga     20340
     tggcaaagaa aaacaatgac agtaatttag taaattatta attccagtgc ttgtttagct     20400
     tcaaaacagt cctgtcattc tgtggaccat cacagtaaaa tacagaatgg ctaaacatcc     20460
     tattgctgta tagaaggtta tacactagct atgctttttg gctggataaa gcaaaccagc     20520
     atctcattag aaatgttttg attgttgggg aatgtaatta cgtataggag ttataaggga     20580
     tgtccagatc ggatcacatg atgtaaaatc gggtccgatt accttgggct ctattttaat     20640
     gatcttggcg caaagtccaa aacgcagggt gcaaaagcat taagggtgtg tgagaatcca     20700
     cttttactat tttaagaaca gaaaaatcca ctttgcaccg cggcgcatgg tctaacaggg     20760
     ttgagcttat tcttataggt gtgtttttag aataaaccaa tcagagtctc atctcccatt     20820
     ccctttaaga gtcagttgcg tcgcgccata gcgcatttgc tagttatatc caaatacaca     20880
     tgctaagacc catatggtca aaaacctgac aagtggacaa atctaagctt gtttttaaaa     20940
     aacaaatata aatatgcata taataaatcc taataaataa aggcatttaa ataaatacat     21000
     aaataaatat tatttattta aataaataaa taataaaagg cataaaggca gttgtttttt     21060
     atatttatgt agtaaataat catttttgta caattgaatc ctttaattct tttttcactt     21120
     gtaaagatat ttgcaaattg ctgtaactgc tctgtgtttt aagcagtgtt tatgcgaggc     21180
     agacaactga tgcgctctgc gctagacttt agacctcctc ttagctggtc tattgtgcag     21240
     tctattttag attctcaaaa tagcaacggg ccagcaatgc actttaacac ggctcatttt     21300
     tagaccagaa cgtctatggt cacacatatg agcgcaaatg catttgctat ttaaacagca     21360
     tggtgcaaca cgtcaaaaca acacttgcgt caagctgaaa ctagcaaaca acatttgcgt     21420
     cacgccttgc gccacattgc gctgagtgta taatagggcc cattgacttc acacagaaac     21480
     agcaacacaa gcggcatgat atcactttgt tgcagagatg cttttggtta actgttggca     21540
     aagtagaaca cggaagcagc tagaagcgga aagcgtagta tgcctgcggt ctgaaggtat     21600
     tttaaagttg atgacgacaa cattgtcata gcaaactgta ggatatgcaa acttgccatt     21660
     gcctgctagg tattttaatt tgaggtgcta tttgttttta aataagattt tgttatattt     21720
     actgttgcac taaagtccaa aagtgaaaaa aaaatgttac ttattgctta attgttcaag     21780
     ctacctcata taagtgctct gtttgttaac ctcctggacc tgtttcttta gtcttcctct     21840
     tttttttaat gtattacaga agaattggat cgggttttgg tatcgataga tactcaaaat     21900
     caaataactc agtctcgggg gcaaaaaaac ctgatcggga catcccaagg agttataaag     21960
     taagaacatg cagtacatgc atagagattg tgtgcatgat tcatttctgc agcagtatat     22020
     ggtgcagaaa caaataatgc acacaatctc aatgcacaca ttgcaaagta tttatgcaca     22080
     taatcagtgc aatcacattg ttttgacata cattcatgga cattttatta cttgtcatgt     22140
     gtatgttggt atgttttcaa taactgatcc ttctatgtac tgcgttaaag actatacagt     22200
     agaatacaca agacttataa tatgctgttg ttctactgga atttacgctc caaaatgtct     22260
     gctgcatgac acttgcagca tctagtggct gtttcccaaa tcgcattaga gtgtcgcctc     22320
     ttggtgattc tatgctcttt gatatggtga ataaagcccc gccaaccatt gattgctata     22380
     gactgatgat actctggagg agaagctcca gaggagtttc tgcagatgtt gtgtgattta     22440
     gacttttaga aataaaactg aagggacagt tgttgtttat atttattggt gattatatat     22500
     gaaattcaat tgtaagcttg gcaagcagtt ttagagaatt tgatgttttc ctattcagac     22560
     aaaatgccca agcataatcg tttcaaagat ggccgctgag tgaaatgaca tgcctcaaag     22620
     agcatagaat caccaagagg cgacacttat agtgcgattt gggaaacatc cactagatgc     22680
     gacagcagcc attttggaat aaaatttcct atagaacaac agcatattat aagtccataa     22740
     aatagactat taaaagtgct ggtgattgtg atagtaagtg ttgtattgtc gtctttaagg     22800
     ttgcatctca gcattaatga gctttttaaa taaataaata aaaaacaaag cagctgcttg     22860
     ccatcgcaac agcaataaga tcaatagacg gccgatcgct ttcactccaa aacggcagaa     22920
     ttgctgggct gttgttgggc gctgctgttg caatggattg ttttattgag tgttgcctct     22980
     aggtcattct aagctttttg cttgcctcaa agtgactttg actgcgtttc ttcccaattt     23040
     taaataaaaa tagctattta taaacagtat agcagttggt cagagtagca aatgtatttt     23100
     atttgctaag aataaatttt ttgattattc catcaaatat tgaattttta tctcttctga     23160
     agttgaaact ctgggaatgt gctgcctaaa aacacaaata cacacatttt tatgcttatt     23220
     aacccaaaac atggactaaa cgacaacatt ttcataaaga aatgtcataa gtagcttata     23280
     gcataaaaac atcacacaca cttgaactat tataaatcca gagcaacaga attttcacgt     23340
     ggtctcctca ttttttccat tgcatctaaa acttatgact aagtaaaatc aaaggtgtaa     23400
     tgacagcaat gaaagcaagc tgattaaagc aagtgtgtgt acggcatctt ttaaaaccac     23460
     atgttatctg ctcatatgtt tgtttttcac tcttatcagt gtcaccggag ccccaggaac     23520
     tttataaaca ctcgagatta aatgactttt accacacctt gtcaaagtct ccatctcaga     23580
     gacataaacg attgccgatc atcactcaca caatacagtg cagtaaaacg cacatgaata     23640
     cagaaaactg acactccctt caggtacagt aaagataaag ctgctattta tgatgcctgc     23700
     gcatgtatac gagctgcatg tgtgaacagg aactcagcag cagtcagctc atctttgttt     23760
     tccatggcaa ccgcgaggag cacaacaccc acgcatgcta gacattgata tcccagagcg     23820
     gggtttcctc cgagctgagc agatcctgcc tgtgacagta gtcagccgtc tttgcgtcac     23880
     ggcaagtgtt ctcctggcgt ttcacaaccg cctacagctc cttgagtacc ttccctcccc     23940
     ttctgctctc tcggcttctc cacaccttaa agagtcactt ccggctacag cctggcagaa     24000
     cacagacagc cttgagcatg ttaatgccta ttgtttatac agtgtgagct cagaaatgac     24060
     tagctggcac aagcaacttc tgattttatg tccatttcat ctatctgttt actttagtgt     24120
     gtgtctgtct atcaatgtct tatatatgct ttctgtctgt ctttatttat ccatgtctca     24180
     tgcatatttc tgtttgtcta tcagtatccc tgtctagtgt ttactttctg tctgtctttc     24240
     tggtagtctc tgtgtcatat atactaaact gactctctgt ctagtgtgta tactgtctgt     24300
     ctagactact gtctgtctgt cagtgtgtct ctatcttcta gcatgcattg tatatctgtc     24360
     ttcaactata tacaatgtgt aatttctcta tatactgtct ttctgtcatt ctgtaatact     24420
     ttctgtctgt ctgtctatga gtctgtctgg ttctgtctct atctgtctct attttcagcc     24480
     tgtctttttg tcagtctctg tctcatatac agttgaaacc agaagtttac actgtataaa     24540
     aaagcacata accattaaaa aaaaagtcag atgttaatgt gactaaactt tttttggtaa     24600
     gttaggatta acaaatttga ttctgttatg cttaatagca gaataatgag gtattttttg     24660
     agaaattgta ataacttttc ttaaaagtca agtttacata agattattat gcctctgaaa     24720
     aagcttagat gatggtgtca aggttttgga agtttctgat tggataattg acaacatttg     24780
     agttaattgg aggcacaact gtagaatagt atttaaggaa aacctcaaac acactgcttc     24840
     cttatgtgac aacatggaaa aatcaacaag ccagaatcaa acaaaaagcc agattacaat     24900
     tagctaaatt acactggaaa aaaatttttt tggagacatg tcctgtggtc tgatggaact     24960
     aagattgaac tgtttggcca taatgaccag tgttacattt ggaggacaaa ggggaaagct     25020
     tacaagccta ggaacaccat cccaactgtg tagtatgggg gcgacagcat catgttgtgg     25080
     ggctgttttg ctgctggagg gactggtcca cttcacagta tagaatgatg aagaaagaac     25140
     attatgtaga aacactgaag caacatctca agtcatcagc caggaaatta aaacatggcc     25200
     ccatatgggt cttcccaata gatcatgacc cccaagcata ctgccaaatt agttaaaatg     25260
     tgcttaatgt ccttttaaat tagttaaaag gacaacagag taaatgtttt ggagtggcca     25320
     tcacaaagcc ctaatatcaa tccaatagaa aatttgtggg cagagttgaa aaagcttgtc     25380
     cgagcaagac agccaacaaa tctaactcag ttataccaat actgtcagga ggaatgggcc     25440
     acatttcctt caaactattg tgtgaaggtt ctggaaggat acccaaaaca tctgaccaaa     25500
     gttatacagc ttaaaagtaa agctaaaaaa ataccaattt agcaaatgta aatcatttag     25560
     gtaatcctaa ccgacctgaa atagtaaaca tttattatgg tttattttag tttatggttt     25620
     aaaatagtta tgttcctttt ttagagtgta tctaaacttg gtttcaactg tatattttat     25680
     gtaaacattt attgtattct agtatatact gtgttttagt atatattgtt ttctgatata     25740
     tactttgtat tggtctagta tactgtctgt cagtgtttct gtatattgtc tagcatattg     25800
     tatatctgtc ttctattata tactgccagt ctggctatgt gtactttgtc tatatactgt     25860
     ctgtctgtct atccctctct tatgcatact tactgtctgt ctatcaccct gtctgtatcc     25920
     tatacatact tctgcctttc tatttatctc agtttcatac tttctctctg tctatttatg     25980
     tctacatatc tgcctgtctg tctgtatctt ctagcatgta ttgtatatct atctcctatt     26040
     atatacttag cataacttct ctatgtactg tctttccatc tagcttatca tacttttcgt     26100
     ctttttatgt taagtttgtc tggctcatgt atacttcctg tctgtctttc tgttggtctc     26160
     tgactctctg tctagtgtat actgtctgtc tagtctactg tctgtttgtc agtgtgtctt     26220
     gcacatctgc gtatattgtt gtatatctgt cttctattac tgccagtctg gctgtgtgta     26280
     atttttttct acataatgtc tgtctgtcta tctctatgag actatgaggc tctttattgt     26340
     atatattcta gcatatattg gatgtctgtc ttctattata tactgccaat ctggctatgt     26400
     gtactttctc tatttactgt ctgtctgtct gtttgtctgt ctttctgtct atccctctca     26460
     catgcatact tactgtctgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatagtt gaagtcagaa     26520
     ttagcccccc tgaattatta gctgtcctgt ttattttttc cccccaattt ctgtttaacg     26580
     gagagaagat ttttttcaac acatttctaa acataatagt tttaataact cagctctaat     26640
     aactggttta ttttatcctt accatgatca cagttattaa tattttacta gatctttttc     26700
     aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aactaggtaa attaggttaa     26760
     ctaggtaaca atggtttgtt ctctaaaata tatataacaa tatagcttta agaggctaat     26820
     aaaatggacc ttaaaatgtt taataaaaaa ttacagacat gctgtgaaat ttttttgtta     26880
     aaaatctgtc tgtctgtcta tccgtctgcc cgcccatctg tctgactctc tgtctgtatc     26940
     ttctatcata tattgtatat ctgttttcta ttatatattg tgtcattttt ctttatactg     27000
     tgttttttga gtctgtctgg ctgtctgttt cgtatatata ctatctgcct gtctttctgg     27060
     tagcctctgt gtcatatata ctaaatttgt catacgtcat acattcggtc tctctgtctg     27120
     tctgtctgat atatactttc tgtctgtctg tctcctatag actttctgtt tgtctggtat     27180
     acactgtgtc ctagtatata ttgtcttctg gaatatactt tctgtctagt atatactgtc     27240
     agaggtttta aatatgtaat atgtctgtct gtatttttaa tatatactgt atgtctgtca     27300
     atgtgtctgt tctaacataa tttgtcaatc tgtcaatgtg tctatcttca tacattgact     27360
     gtcagtttag taaatactgt ctatgtttgt cagtcaagtt actagtatac tgtctgaatt     27420
     tctgtctgtc tgttagcata tattttctgt ggctctgtct aatatatatt gttcaactct     27480
     gcagtatata ctctatgttt gtcttttatc tcttatatat tgcatatctt ttagtatacc     27540
     acctgtttat tatttactat taggtagttt gttttctagt atatattgat tctgtctatc     27600
     tttgtatttg aatatctact atagataatc tgtccatctg ctttctaata tattcacata     27660
     ttatataatg gttgaaaaac catccatcca tccgtctagg cattaaattc tcattcatat     27720
     tgatgccata tgtccattga caggtgaatg aaagctctcg tcttctacac tgacctctga     27780
     acattgtatt ctttgactct aatacagctg atgcatcatc tagaaattgc atttccttct     27840
     gtagtgtttg ttacttctct gagaataatt ggcgtctttg gttacctcca gtgagagttc     27900
     acgagcatta gggatttatg gagttcagag aggttttctt caatcgagtc tttgtgcagt     27960
     acagctctaa ataagctagt ttaaccccct tctgtgcttt gttatgtgca caaattagtt     28020
     tatgtaatgt aagttcaaaa gtaggtctgg ggtgaagaaa ctgggataat attcttagcc     28080
     ataatctgga ctttcagtaa tgctttggct tgtctgacaa tctgtctgag tttctgatat     28140
     atacacatta tgtatagggt ttgtgaaaat atattataca atccatccat cattcaagta     28200
     tcaaaacaat actatatttc actttaatct cacatgagaa aaactgttaa atgtagtata     28260
     gcaaactaca gtactgggtc atttgtttat tttactataa attttatgtt accatagcaa     28320
     ctacaacata accagaacag gttaatcaag taattttcta tagaatggtt caagtactac     28380
     agtaatattt catgtgaaat ccctttaatt gagcagagac atttttaata gggctttttt     28440
     ttttcattgt gctgcatggc acattcctaa tcctgatcta tccaactatt cgtccattca     28500
     tctatccatc catccatctg ttcatccgtc tatttataca tctgtctatt catgtatcca     28560
     tccatcaatc catctatcta tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca     28620
     tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatcatct atctatctat     28680
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     28740
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatcc attcgtctat ttatccatcc gtctatccat     28800
     ccatccgact atccgtctat ctatccgtct atctatctgt ccatctatcc atctatctat     28860
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     28920
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atttatctat     28980
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     29040
     ctatctatct atctatccat tcgtctattt atccatccgt ctatgcatcc atccgactat     29100
     ccgtctatct atctgtccat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     29160
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     29220
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ccgtctatcc attcatccaa     29280
     ctatctatct atctatccgt ctatcaatct atccatctat ccatctatct atctatctat     29340
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     29400
     ctatctatct atctatccat ccatccgtct atccaccgtc tgtctatcca tctatcatct     29460
     atccatccgc tcatccgtct aattatccat ctatccatct attcggtatg cactatttcc     29520
     ctattttcac tattgcttat ataaatcact gttgccatac tgtacataag ttatgtgtgc     29580
     aagtgttttt tttaatataa tttaaaacca actctaaaaa acaagaatta tattatttgt     29640
     attgctgttt tgcatccaaa atgtacaaga ctatatgcat atttaaataa ataatgaaca     29700
     ttttaaatgc ataattaaaa aaaatgtttt agttattcta tagaactata actaaagagt     29760
     gcactaacaa aaacaggcat tcctcttttt cagcttaatg aaataaagac ctcgccccca     29820
     cccctgcacc tccaggaggt cagtgacaga tgggggcaaa tctgaaccgg cttcactggc     29880
     agctgccggg gtttgggggg tgaaatgtta aaggtcggct cttttagact gcattgccta     29940
     cactgatggc ctagcagtca gacccactgt caaagtagat taaaacagtc ccaaagagag     30000
     ttttagtttg ctcttgatct gacgtggtgg ttgggggcat gtcgcttcag ctgctgtcat     30060
     cataaatcat cctacatgtg ggattcaggt atgagtgtgg atggggtgtg tattatttat     30120
     ttgtggtgac tgagatgtta agctgattgg ccttttccaa gagacactct aacgggtttt     30180
     tcctcttttc tatatagcat taagacaagt ctacacaatg ttagcacagt ttgttgctct     30240
     ccaactaaag gatatccttc ctgtggatgt gaggggggtg tttcacaaga ttttttaaag     30300
     ggttagtcca cccagaaatg aacatttact cactctgaag tgcttctata cctttatgag     30360
     tttggtatat ctgttgaaca cataagaaga cattttgaag agaaacctga aatcattgat     30420
     ttccattgta ggaaatatga atatggactc acactttatt ttgatggttc gtttgttgaa     30480
     tttaggttcc attgcatcta caggccaact aattctcatt agattataag tagactgtta     30540
     ggttggggtt agagtaagtt gacatgttct tgcaaagttt cctatagtca gttaaatgtc     30600
     tgttttgcag cagtatcaac agatattaag cagacagtct actaatattc aaatgtaaaa     30660
     tgaaaataaa gtgttagcaa atatgggagt cgataggttt ttaacatttt tcaaaatatc     30720
     gtattaaaaa ataagtgaag ggtgaaaacc attcctttaa gtagcttcta aatgtgacaa     30780
     cctgtgtcag aaactaacct ggccacaaat gtgtaaatat acagtcagtg tgtttattac     30840
     tgtcagtttg acaacttctt cagagtatca tcaacttttc taataaaaat ttctgataaa     30900
     tcaaaggagt ggttcacttt gctacttcac acatgaaaac tgagtaaaag ataaagtaat     30960
     gtcagcaggg gccaagcttt aaaaatagct caggtcaaac cactactttc tccaaagcct     31020
     caattctctg gtctgcaaac ataatctttt taatctaggt tgtggtcatt cgtctgaagg     31080
     tgtaggagag agatagagga caggaaaagg gtacagtgac atatactgag actttttagt     31140
     ggaaaatagt gcactgcact ttttagtgca ctgaagtgcc ttttatgaat gttccatatc     31200
     cttgtgacaa caacattttg aaaatgtgat cctggaccac aaaatcatat gcctttttta     31260
     catgacctaa aagtttactt tattatatat gagaatctgt ggctgaaata caactaattg     31320
     aaaatctaga aactgagggt ttaaaaatca cattttaaat gttcaaatta tgttcttagc     31380
     agtgcagatt acgaatcaaa gtcgaaaaaa tgtattcttg gtatatgacc actacttaat     31440
     ataatttccc ccccaatttc ttttattata ttttaacatg tacatacaca ttttcatgtg     31500
     ccagatataa cataaaccaa caagcaaata aatgaacaaa gaaaacaaaa ggcttctcag     31560
     tattgtacat cagaatacaa tatcacttct tttaataatc ttctagtaaa acatttccaa     31620
     atccaacacc ttttaaaaac aacataaaat ctatcaaaaa ttatgaattt ttaaaaaaaa     31680
     tatacaataa aatttttcca ttgacatgtt tgttaaaatc tctttaagcc aacggccaat     31740
     atttggtaca catatacttt tccaatttaa ataaatgagc tgtttcactt gcagaatata     31800
     tatatatatt caaaaatatt tactctgtct tttttaactt tatctccttg ggatataaat     31860
     gaaataaaga aattaaagga gacattggta tatttacctc aagaatcttt tctatcattt     31920
     ctttcacatc tcaagcaagt atctggaata ttttcatttc agttatgcaa atcctcatca     31980
     accacttata ttgtatcagt ttcagataag tgttcattgc tagtgattga gcttccttgc     32040
     atgtcttcat ccagtcctct atggaaattt aagctctaat ccccaagctt ccaatttaca     32100
     atttgaagat ttctttgatc ctgacaccag catcttgtat aatgcaaaaa ttaaaccttt     32160
     actaaaacaa ttttttgtta ttacttttcc aaaatagaaa atgttatcca aagatttact     32220
     taatattcca atgattttgg gcataaaaga aaaatcattc attttaatct ctatacatta     32280
     tatttttgct atatccaaca aaatatgtgt gcaactcaag actcaacttg tgctccaggg     32340
     taataagtaa ttaaataatt gttatttgtc tatttactag aataaaatca ggaactgaca     32400
     attttgtttg tgtgccctga attagacatt ttgttgatgc tatttatttt atatattatt     32460
     tatttgtatt tgtttttatt ggtatcagga caaaaacgtt tatgttaaac gctttaatga     32520
     aacagttaat ctattacccc aatgtcagta ttacattata taagattgca catttgtttg     32580
     ccaatctatt tgacatttaa ataatatctg cacaatgaac aatataaaaa taaactttga     32640
     tttacctttt gatataacac tcgagttttt gtacaggttt tcattctacc atatcttatt     32700
     atataacatt ttgaagtcaa gcattgggaa actcttgtca ctgacattat tagaaaacat     32760
     gttaggtgaa tattacaaag ttaaacatag gagttcgaca aaaaacatct ttattaaaga     32820
     ctgttttcat ctcttgtata ttacatttca gtctttggtt ttaaaaagac gctttaggaa     32880
     aagtcaatga agataaaatg tatatcaaat gtcatttgtg ccaacatgcc attagaattt     32940
     taaatagtgg gatttaaatt ggagtaggtt gtgattaatt atgattaatt gtgatttgtg     33000
     caatgatgtt taatgtattt gggttattta tttgttgttt tttatgtggc atatgtgatt     33060
     atgttgaagg tagttatatg gtaaaatcaa agacaaagtt ccacttaaag aaagtcaagt     33120
     ccttctttct caaaaagaca aagaaaagca agcagaaagc agaaacagac ctccactgtc     33180
     ttgttaaaac tgtaaaacca ggttccactc ctaatgaaag agctaagagt tgttactcct     33240
     cgaggttgaa tcaggtgttc actgcacttg tgttttagaa atatgctgag ccctctggtt     33300
     atattccaaa tgcttgcacg aacacataag gataaaaaga caccatgaaa tagcattcct     33360
     ttaaggagta accaagacaa tgaagtgaca ggtgtacaga cacacacaca ctccatttaa     33420
     ttaagtgaaa agctaaaagg agtgtttggg gcctctggtc tgtgttatac acccggagtg     33480
     acagacgtgc agactcccct attgtgtgct cacgccgctg ggcctctttc aatgtcccgc     33540
     cggaggctgt ggcggtgggg gctgatacac gggtcgcgtg ccccactttc acagcagcag     33600
     atgggggatg aacccctctc gctgccccga acctccggac agagggtgtc taccccacct     33660
     gtcaagacca cacaaaagcc agaccgccac gtcacaaagc ccagaatgag tctgcagact     33720
     gctggacccg aagccgcttt tcatgcagcg ccaagcgtgt aaacatagaa acgggtcttg     33780
     tagggggtca catgaatact aacaacacac atctgccctc aatatttctt tttggccttt     33840
     ccactttgca tagttgccgg ataagaatgg ttaataacaa aaaaaagttg ggatttggaa     33900
     tacaaaacag atttattttt agtgaaaaaa aaaaaataat ttttttgaaa aaaaatataa     33960
     taaatattat aaaaaaagta tatatatata tatatatata tgaatcattt ggtatcaaaa     34020
     gtggcttata tgaaaggcaa agacctctag attactttta ttttaccaaa ataaaatata     34080
     atcatgcctt gatttttaat tatttaatta ggacagtaag gtctgacttt gcttagacaa     34140
     aagtcttgtc atttaacaga aataacgtac aggatggaat atgaagtcat ggtgcggcgg     34200
     aaaaaaatga gtttggagga tccatacatc tctacaatga ctcaaataac ttattgataa     34260
     ggtcatctgg aatgacaaag aaagcggtct tgtagaactc ccagagttca tcaagattct     34320
     ttggattcat ctttaatggt tgctcttcca tcttagacca gacatgctca ataatgttca     34380
     tatctggtga ctgggctggc cagtcctgga gtaccttgac cttctttgtt ttcaggaact     34440
     ttgcagtgga ggctgaagta tgagaaggag cgccatcctc ctgaagaatt tgccctctcc     34500
     tgtggtttgt aatgcagacc actttgcaga tctcttgcat gcccccatac tgaatgtaac     34560
     cccaaaccat gatttttcct ttaccgaact tgactgattt gtgtgagaat cctcagtcca     34620
     tgccaatctt gggtccattc caaaaggtct tctgcagtat ttgtgatgat tgggatgcag     34680
     tttaacacat caaaagaatc taccttctga cagttttcca aattattatt attttttctt     34740
     tattattttt tcttttctat ttttctttct gtattttttg aattggaata agtggttcca     34800
     tgaagaaact ttgaaatccc tgaaatctct acacaaaagg ttcttgacag cttgttaata     34860
     tattctttca ctattaaata attaggtcct ttaaaaaaat gtggactgaa aggctattta     34920
     aagaaccaaa attggttctt tacaacaaaa acctcctttt tggagccttt attataattt     34980
     tttatttgat gaaaaaatgt tttaaaatca aataaaatat tatttcatca aatacttgga     35040
     tcattttaat ttctttttac atatgtaaaa cattttttta acataagctt ttatgaattt     35100
     ccaccaacaa aactcatatt tatacatgta ttgttatcta agaaactagc tattaactgc     35160
     aataatttga ttctcacaag catttttaag gacaacttac aaatgctttt ttacaactaa     35220
     tagctcatca tttgtgattc acagaaagga accagctttc cagagtcttt aaatcaggaa     35280
     ttaatgtttc ggcaatcttt gttttgattc agttaaaaga actgactctt acatgtcttt     35340
     tatttatata ctgtgtggta tgttggtcaa cataagagtt ctttcagaag tcaggttaaa     35400
     aatggttcga ttcactaaaa catatggggt catttatata tccaaggact agttctgttt     35460
     ttgctctcag agtacatatt tgtataaata gacatatttt gcattaaatt tgaaacacac     35520
     tgtttcttta gatacagtgc acaatttgct aagctggtaa cactttagtt taggtcacaa     35580
     ttcatgctgt taactactgg cttattacct gtctattgtt aagacaacaa ctgtttatta     35640
     gtagatttta ggtttgatct ttttttgcat ccctaatcct acccaaaacc ttaacccaac     35700
     tttcatctta ctattaataa acagcttact agtattttat taagctagta gttttaatgg     35760
     cttgtttgta ctgtgaattg tgacctaaac aaaagtgtta ccattaagtt tactattttt     35820
     ttgtctaatt gttatgtact ttcttgcttc aagttgaagt tttgtaatgt agtgattgat     35880
     ctcatatata attggtttat gatttctgac acattaacaa atacttttaa aaaaggcata     35940
     tggcaaaaag taaatgggga gaaaaatact ttcggtaccc gcactactga aaaaaatcta     36000
     acactagtgc tgaagaaaaa acaaatagct ccttactcta aatttccacc cgttttctgt     36060
     catatcagca aagtaatatg ttttgacagt ttaaaagaac acgacaatgt gcttagagca     36120
     ggattatagc ctgtggaaat catcagagct tacatttgtt ctgctaaaag gctgtatgac     36180
     ttactgtatg tcatcctcat catcaaccct tagatttcga aaccttccac aatgtgtttg     36240
     tactcatttt cacctatagc ctacataaag ggatagctca gccaaaaact gaaaattgtc     36300
     atcatgtact cacccttcac ttgtcataaa tctgtttgac tttctttttt tctttcttcc     36360
     tgctgttgaa cacaaaagaa tagatttcaa agaaagctga aagcctgcga ccactgactt     36420
     ccacagtatt cattttttgt ttcacaatcc ccatgaagca ttggttatga cacaatcaaa     36480
     taaaaaggat ggagaaacat aaaactattc acattctaaa tatacagtgc atccagaaag     36540
     tattcatagc cttgagtcct tgagtggccc agccagagct cagacctaaa tcctattgaa     36600
     catctctgga aagatctgta aatggctgtc catcgtcact tcccattcaa cctgatagag     36660
     cttgagaggt actgcaaagt ggaatgggca aacattccca aagacatgta tgccaagatt     36720
     gtggcatcat attcaaaaag tattgaggct gtaattgctg ccaaagatgc atcaacaaag     36780
     tactgagcaa aggtcttgaa tacttgtgta catttgattt ttcaggtttt tattaaaaga     36840
     aaaaatcttt ttcacattgt cattatgggg tattgtgtgt agaatttgag gaaataaatg     36900
     aatttaatcc aatttgaaat aaggctgtaa cataaaaaaa tttggaaaaa gtgaagcgct     36960
     ataaatactt tccggatgca ctgtagaaac aatatattgc ataaatgaac atttagatat     37020
     tttaaatatc attcatgcca ttcattttgg cacgctttgc tctctgattg ttggaatttt     37080
     cagttgcatc atgagtaatg tagttttttt gtacaaattt agttattata aatgattatt     37140
     atttttttaa gttaaattaa tgtaaacata tgggtgttaa aaaagtatat acaatcaaat     37200
     aacaacctta atgctcaaaa caggtaggcc ttttaagatt aatcgatttt tgttaacaat     37260
     caatttcttt gtggtgataa tgaatgacgt ttttacctcc tacaccagcg caatgtattt     37320
     gattgcacat atactgcagc ccaatccact tacagttact tttacattga ttgctaggtg     37380
     aatgcgggca ttatgtaagc agtcatttgt ctgatgcgat tatgaatgcc gtgatgtcta     37440
     caatgagatg acatcagtgt gctgtgtcac agctcggtct gcatgtgttt ggccttatcc     37500
     atctgtgcgc tctcgtgtgt gtgtaagtgt gtgtgtgtgg gctgcagcat attcatggag     37560
     ctcctttagg aacatcagac cgtttctgcc agtcagagtc tgaaccctgc aattagatgt     37620
     actcgcgctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tgcttctcga attttccatg cgcacatctc     37680
     tcctctcgct ctcctcagct cgtctccttg tgaagcaatg ttaattgctg tgatgagggt     37740
     gctttgtgtt gatttctgtg attaatttct gcacctgctg ctggatgttt tagctggtta     37800
     ttttagcaca gttttctcag ctagagagga gaggaatcca acaaggacct gcaacaatca     37860
     caccgtgtcc tcaatgcata tttgatgtta aagggatagc tcacctgcaa aggaaaacct     37920
     gtcatgtcgt tccaaacctc tgtgattttt attccctcag acacaaaaaa tgcatttatg     37980
     ctgtagccta tatttaaccc ttttaacata ataaatgaac tgtgaagcta ctaattgaca     38040
     aaagatgcac tataaaaaca tttataggca caaaagatgc attatagaca cattatagat     38100
     tcgataaaat tgttttaaat ctgcttggtg atttgatccg aacacagata aattaaatca     38160
     tcaatatagt gaataatcaa tatagtgaat cagttcagaa aacagacttg gaatgattca     38220
     ttcatgatac agatagattt aattatcagt ttagttcatg actaacagtg attactaaca     38280
     gtgataaata gttagcatca taattagcga tgtaacaata aaaggttttg gttgcacgat     38340
     tatggtctga ggaatagtca tggttttacc ttctttaagt tctaatattt taaagtgtta     38400
     tttattgctg ctttataact aaataataca gcaaaaataa taaacatttt gatatttaaa     38460
     cacaagtaac aaaaaaaaaa ctaaaaaaac acaagtaata ctttcacact gaaaaaaaat     38520
     gtcaggacaa tacattaata aataaataaa aataagaata aatgaataaa aaatgtattt     38580
     gtctaatgta aatctaagct acagattagc taagtatttc ccttttaagg aaaacaaatg     38640
     tagtcaaagg ctgctaaacc tctgtctgaa aggcactttt gatcaactat attacaacaa     38700
     ttgtttggtt tttgatttat tttttctctg gattaaaaat gtttatattc catacaaagt     38760
     atgaatcggt cagttcttgt tacttgactt gctgtgcgtt tacgccattt tcaattaggg     38820
     ccgcctggaa agcgtgcaca tgtcgctccc aatatccgca cacctccatt ggaaataacg     38880
     aacttgcaca cgcaaaggac gcagtattaa gattgccctt agttaatagc cccagccaca     38940
     gttaatccag tgtaacctca gcatataagc ttggaacttt aaactcgcgt aactttgttt     39000
     agttgcagca gttttgttcc gtgaagaaat gcactgttga gaagtcttta cgattaatta     39060
     aacgtgagga attaaagcac ggttaatggt gaaattggtt aatcacctta atcacaatat     39120
     tagcattatt ttgtttatgc atcccaaatc taacaaatca cttcagaaaa cgtatttgta     39180
     gttatatgag ccattttcag tacttttaaa aaaaactttt ggcatatttg gccagcggag     39240
     aaattttggc cagcggagaa attaaaatgg tcgtgcccaa ctgagtctgg ttctctcaag     39300
     gttttttttt tcttcactcc catcaggtga agtttttttt tccctctccg ctgtcgccac     39360
     tgcctggcat ggttcaggat tggtagagct acgcatcgat gaatttgctc ttcagtgttt     39420
     gaactctcag taatgattaa atcacactga actgagctaa actgaactga actgaactta     39480
     aacactaaaa cctgaaccac actgttccag ttactatgac catttatgtg aagctgcttt     39540
     gacacaatct acattgtaaa agcgctatac aaataaagct gaattgaatt gaaaaagctg     39600
     aatttaaaaa aaaacctatt attatggcag ctagctctgt gcaactctca catcgtcgtc     39660
     cactgaagct aagcatggct gcgcccagtc agtacctcga tgggagacca catgggaaag     39720
     ctagattgct gtcagaagtg gtgttatcga gaccagcagg gggagctcaa cctgcagttt     39780
     gtgtgggtcc taacgcccct gtacagtgaa gggtactcta tactgctcag taagcgccat     39840
     ctttcggatg agacgttaaa ctgaggttct gactctctgt ggtcattaaa aatcctagaa     39900
     tgtctttcaa aaaaaaagta gaggtttaac cccagcattc tggtcaaatt tgcccattgg     39960
     cccctgtcca tcatggcttc caagccatcc ctagatcata aatggcttca tcagttttaa     40020
     tcatatggca cctttaaaat atagtagcta agttattgtc aaaaaacata gattaaaatg     40080
     tttgtacatt tagcaggcca acatttatat ttttattaat attcattcac tcactcattt     40140
     tcctttggct tagtcccttt attaatcagg ggtcgtcaca ggggaatgaa ccgcaaactt     40200
     atccaccata tgttttaagc agaggatgcc attctagcca caacccagca ctgggaaaca     40260
     cccaaacact ctcacattca cactcataca ctacagccaa tttagttaat tcaattcacc     40320
     taagtctttg gacttcgggg gaaactggag cacccagagg aaacccatgg caacacgggg     40380
     attattatta ttatagacta tttatttgta tttttatcat tagtgctgat gttggttatt     40440
     atattatctg ccaaactata tttagttttt tttttttggt aagcatttac ccagaaaata     40500
     cgcagaatta tgcaacatat attattaaac tcagtgttta atgcagttaa ttaaaaaaga     40560
     ttgttttgtt atttcaacct taatgcctta gcagatatgc agactttaaa tgtatataaa     40620
     attgctactg atacttgagg gagacaaaat aatgactgaa tattccttca agagacaaca     40680
     tttcattcaa acctgtgtgt cagtaacaaa ttcttttgta atctcttttt cgaggtgaca     40740
     ttcctctctg gaggattaca tcactcaaac gaggtcatgt tgaaacacac ggctaaaact     40800
     cttactttca ttggccttta acgaatcgtt cactgcagtc ggccattaaa gttgtcgtgg     40860
     cgtcagatgc agatgctctg aattgcaatg atagcataga aattgcaatc ggcctcagac     40920
     ttgggcgcta cagctgtttt cgctccggca gcttatcaaa gcaatcaatt acccttgcac     40980
     gaaaatgttc aaggactctg catgattctg cgtaagcact ctgagtgttt cagcttttaa     41040
     ctgttattca gaccctttct cacatgcaac tccaccagcg aatgaatggg gagaaaataa     41100
     ctgctgctta caggaatcca ctgaaagtga atggatgtaa tttaaaccac tggacgagag     41160
     tggaggagca gtgggcaaca ggaagtccat tgaaggatgt gatgtgtaac ttaattcctt     41220
     actgtgccac ggagcaaaca gagaaatgac gccaagcatt gatctcctgt cgggtgcata     41280
     ttgattcagc gctggcttaa ggagatgagc ggttttcctg ctttgtagct ccagtatatt     41340
     aggcagatct gaagcgtgat ttatttttca atatattcag cattgaatac aggaaatgat     41400
     ttgtctattt ttttttcaaa gttgaaaatg taataatcct atattaatct ttgtgtgaat     41460
     acatttctgg aatattgtgg aattttaaca acacagaggc tcatgtgtta tctctgtcgc     41520
     ctttaagcaa gaaggtcaca ggttcgagtc ctgctggggc cagttagcat ttctgtgtgg     41580
     agtttgcaca ttctctccgt gttggtgtgg gttttctctg ggtgctccgg tttccccaca     41640
     gccatgccag ccccaagaca tgcactacag gtgaattcaa taaactaaat tggctgtagt     41700
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgc gtgaatgagt gtgtttggat gtttcccagt actgggttgc     41760
     agctggaagg gcattcgctg tgtaacacgt atgcttgata agtttgtgga tcattgcgct     41820
     gtggttaacc ctgatgaata aagggactaa gccaaaggaa aataaatgaa tgaatgaagt     41880
     tggtggttct ttgcactgtg gcaacccctg atgaataaag agactaaagc cgcactcaca     41940
     ctaggtacag ttgtctcgaa ccggcccaaa gcacgcttgc ccccccctcc cgtctccccc     42000
     gacggcctgc actcacacca caatctggcc tcggcacgct tacgtcatcg ctgctgcgct     42060
     gttcagtgac aagcgctcac tcactcagca gcacagtgga gatttctcta gttatatagt     42120
     ttcagtcgtt tgatatgcag tgacatgcag tcaaaaattt cgccaaacag tccttaggga     42180
     tgcggggaca cgcagtcaga tatttcgccg aacagatccg ccacttttgg cgctcataaa     42240
     caatcataaa gctctcgtgc tgcaggaatg aggaggtctg ctgaaggtgc gcagctgtcg     42300
     tgaagtgagg agtttgcgtc tttaataaac gacagcagtt tgcgttcact gaacagtaag     42360
     aatgattaat aaatccatat gaaacagtcc cttaaaagtc acgtctcgct ttcagtttcg     42420
     ggctttcagc ccaagtgaac cgcgctcagg cccacctctt tcaaccgggc cagggccggc     42480
     caagtgaacc gtgcttgagc ccgattcagc gcactcacac ttctcaaacg atccgggaaa     42540
     cgggcctggg cacggtacgg atggcatagt gtgagtaggc cctaagtcga agaaaactga     42600
     atgaatgaat gaatgaagtt ggtggtttat tgcgctgtgg tgaccctgat gaataaaggg     42660
     actcagaaaa aggaaaatga atgaacaaat aaaattggtg gtacattgca ctgtggtgac     42720
     cctaataaat aaaaaggcca agcccaagga aaataaatga ataaatgaag ttggtgtttc     42780
     attgcactgt ggtgatctct aataaaataa agggactaag ccgaaggaaa atgaatgaat     42840
     gaatgaataa agttgggtgt ccattgtgct gtggcaaccc ctgatgaatg aaacatgttg     42900
     aaacatgtat ttacacaata agtgcattgt aaccaatgat taatttcagt gtaagtacat     42960
     attagttaag gccacttcat ataaagtggg accaataaag ggactaagat gaagaaaaat     43020
     gaaatgaaat ttcagggatt tttttttgct ttacatttta tcagaatgta aattttctgt     43080
     accacatttt taaattgcgt tgtttggtta tttttaatct ccattctatt cctttcctgg     43140
     cagtcactaa agtcaaatta gctgtacaaa tcagctaaca tgtcaggaaa atatacattt     43200
     tcagatcttt ggcttccaaa tgaccacttc aaagactggg ttttaaaaag tacatgaaaa     43260
     aaaaaaggta aagtttatga aactgttatc aagctatcaa acataggaga ggaagcatat     43320
     agcaagcaag cagtaaataa ttcaataaat ctaaggtaaa aaaaataaaa aatctaaggt     43380
     acgttatcta ttgttgttct catactaatt aataaaagac atgcaaaatt acattcaggt     43440
     taacatcatt ttattattat gcaaagaata acagtggtct gttatatcat ttattatagg     43500
     tcatgaaaat taagctttta gccagtgaaa gtgaggaaaa agtcagggga ttttatattt     43560
     agagtcggaa aactgcacaa aataaaaatg ctataatata ccatttactc aagtgattta     43620
     aatgtttgtt tttttttgtt tgtttgatta acacacacac acaaaagata ttctgaagaa     43680
     tcagggaaac tggtagccat tgacatgcat agtaaaaaat actatggaac tcaatggctg     43740
     ctgcattcaa aaacatttct ttagtgttta acagaagaaa taaactccaa aaaatgtttg     43800
     gaacaagtgg agcgtgagta aatggtgaca gatttttatt tttaggtgaa ctatccattt     43860
     ctcaaatcta tgtgaagtat gcaggcagtt acataacagt ggttttgtca gtttgaagag     43920
     ctgaacaact ttctggtgct caaaggccaa tcatatttgg ttctccctga gaaaatattt     43980
     tcacaacggt gaaagagaaa cacatctgta ggtattcctg aaaccgcaag gctgtacgtt     44040
     gttgtagtgt ctgataatag atgcttgtga ttgtagacat agctcacata taattggtta     44100
     agaccgtata ttatgacaca gtgtcagaca aaaccaaaaa ttatagctat gtgtaatcat     44160
     agatctgtgt gagcattcct tacactccag aattgattta ctagggctgc acgatattgg     44220
     aaaaattaca tattgcgatt tttttttctg tgatatatat tgccatgtca aaacaatttc     44280
     tctaaatgag ttgaaaaact gtttggaaag aatgtatcat tttagattga gatgattcaa     44340
     aggggagtgc ataacatata acaaacaatc ttcaagtgta gataattcaa taaagaaaaa     44400
     tatgcaaatt acataaacag cgttttattg ttttccatag agtcaaaatg tatttatgta     44460
     taaagtaatt gaataacaaa atgtaaaata atactgcatc gttttataaa cgtctatatc     44520
     attttattgt ttcatatatg ccttcgttgt ataaacaatt caaggaaatg aatcgttatt     44580
     aattttcaaa gctacaaata gtatattttc ttatacctga atgcttttat aaacctcaca     44640
     cagtcacagg cctcaaaaaa cacttgcgac gtgataaatt ataatccaga ctcaacattg     44700
     cgtatactag caatgtgact attgcgaaga accacattac aacatcgatg ctgaaacgat     44760
     atactgtgca gcagccctac tatctacagt agtcaaaagt ggatcaaacc attcatcgaa     44820
     gttgttgtaa taaacaaaca caatgatttg cctaaatttc ttttgacttg cctatagtta     44880
     accaaattaa cattgctttt aaaggttcaa gacaccctgg agcacttttc ttgaaatttt     44940
     aacaaattcg tgtgtgttga gcatcagttg agacaacgtt agtacacaca atagctcctt     45000
     tcacacagta ataccagtaa atatctagaa aatttccgga acgactttac tggtaaatta     45060
     gaaaaagcgc tgttcacaca ggcaaggacg ttacggaatt tttctggaaa agaccgttca     45120
     cacaaccgtt ccaaaatacc gataaattct gacatcatta accagaaatt acctctaaac     45180
     ggcttgtatt tgtaaacatt tgactcaatt acaaactctg tcgatggata agtattgtca     45240
     acaacttcga tgaaaacata tagaggaaca ctttcgcacg ttgagatgtt cataatatgt     45300
     gtgtgtgctg gtgcttacta gttgctttac atgcacacac gtcagagctt gaaggtaaaa     45360
     aaaacagcgg tatatcataa gaattttatg tttatttttt ttttttttga catttggcat     45420
     taagaaggaa catagaaacg ttatctgtct aacatctagc agctaaaagt gtctggaaaa     45480
     atattccaag gcttttactt tcataaacag caaggatgtg aatgcgtctg agtgttctga     45540
     ttgtcttacg tcaacgcgtt ctagatttga acacgctctt tccggcaatc ttccttttgt     45600
     gttcacacag cacagcattc cggcaaatta ccggtaatgt tacaagttct ctttttggaa     45660
     aatagccggg acaaatttac ctgtattttc aaaaagagcc tgttcacacg tgatcccttt     45720
     tcgtaaaatt gccggtaaat ttacggaaag gtctgtatgt gtgaaagggg ctaatgtcgt     45780
     gtatatgaat ctttatgttt catatagtct taatatacat tgttaacaat ttccagcaga     45840
     atctacagta acctaccggc agcagctcac cagtaactta ctgtaaatca attacagtaa     45900
     aaatactgtt tttacattta cagctctatc ttatgctcta tatgcaatca cagaatggta     45960
     tgtgtatctt tattgtaaaa tatacagtaa tcttcacagt gcaactttaa aatacggtaa     46020
     cataccgcat aacatcaaca gtaaaataca gttcatatta gagttaaata ctgtgtcatt     46080
     tacaaatatt attaagtgta tgtttggcat aaataatgaa atgtaagtta atattgtctt     46140
     gataattata tataatttgt aattaatata cagtatagat agacttatac atgtaattca     46200
     tgaatcaggt tgaacatgtt ttaaatatgt gttacatgtg aaatgcatct tctgcctaac     46260
     acattttgag cactttcatg tcaatctatg ctgtatgttt ctcacctcat taatatagat     46320
     cacatttgat gtggtttgag ttcctgtcaa cagctcctat ctgcaaaagg tgtgaaatta     46380
     aatgtgaaac tcagcaaaat ctcaaaggtg attaatgtat tttcacgttt taattggcca     46440
     ccatataaaa tagtctgtga cggtacgttg gcagtgatcc catccttccg ctgtaaatct     46500
     tttatggctg tcatcgagtt ttatggtaaa acttcatcga ttttcccaga tcaccaaggc     46560
     aggaagccac aagctcatcg caaagttgat ctcctgaatt ataaatgtta gcgtatatgt     46620
     gtactgctgc cttactacac atatctgtgt gtctgtgcat ctctctttgt tgaagaaaca     46680
     agaaatcaac cttcagcaga cagaaacaaa gcaatcaaac agccgatggt ttcctcaggc     46740
     tttgtgtttt gtattccctg gattattaca gctcacttac ataattatat ggctttctct     46800
     tactgtggag aggtgcacat tgctggcagg cgtgattcat catttgtgct tctttgcttt     46860
     gctcgcttaa tttaatggag ctcgggctac atgccttcct gcatcagtgc ttatgtggcc     46920
     catgtgaact ttcttctacc tcagctgttc cgacccattc agatgctttt ctctgattaa     46980
     aaactcactt cggtgcagtt tgctgtccgg aaagcggaat tgtcaaattt tagaccttgt     47040
     actaaaagtt tttgctttgt tgtttcatgg tagacttcac agcaaacaac caatgagtga     47100
     tgaagtgtag ctatacccag atgaacattt cataacactt ttgttttgct caagtgttct     47160
     attttttttt ttttacagta aatgccaact gtccccactg tttttcttta tggtactatt     47220
     tttcatagga actttttctt acacaattaa tcatgtaatt tttagtattg tcatttttta     47280
     ctcaccctca gcttgttcca aacctgtttg ggtttctttc ctctcatgaa cacaaagaaa     47340
     gatatattga agaatgttgg gaaaaacagc tattgtcttc catagtatat ttttgttcct     47400
     agtatgaatg ctaatggctg ttttcctcag aaaatcttgc ttcagaagaa agaaattcat     47460
     aaaagtttaa aatcaatcga gtgtaagtaa atgctgagtt ctgtcatgat tttttggaac     47520
     ataaaataca cagaaaaaaa atatattctt acaataaaat ggaaatcagt gtcaaccaaa     47580
     agttaaccaa aatggacttt gcaccacaga aatgttttca tactttctac tgacaaaatg     47640
     ctaacttttt agtgtgttca tatcaaagaa actgcaatta atttttagtt atacactctt     47700
     agaaataaaa gtacgcaagc tgtcactggt gtggaacctt ttcaaaaggt aaaatttgtc     47760
     catgttcata ttcaaaggtc tatattcatt tctcaagggt acatattagt acctaaaaag     47820
     tacaaaagtg ttcctcttaa atgtttaggt actaatatat acttttgagg ttccaatatg     47880
     gaccctttaa gtatacattt gtacctttta aaaagatacc acaccagtaa cagcttgcat     47940
     acctttaatt ctgagagcgt aggagcaact ttagagagat taaattagtt ccttcttcag     48000
     aatctaaccc agtacgacaa cacaagacct ttcacaaaca gctatagctc aacagatata     48060
     gataacatgt aaaaaccaac tgcaaaacct agaaagtttt taggtcactg gtatcaaagc     48120
     aaagttttta gggcactggt attagctagt tcctattact acttcacgtg aaagccccta     48180
     ctgactttat tctttcataa gagaaggtgc agccatcgga accttattga aattggggtc     48240
     tgtccttcta acgtggatta cttaattagc cagatttgat tatttgccat tacgatccat     48300
     aatcgtttcg ttcttcaaaa cttatccaag agtttttttc atgcaacaga tctggaaact     48360
     caaacctgct cggtagcagc agcttatttc atatcaacag gattagatcg ggtcttacca     48420
     agcaaaggta atactgaaag catgtactga atgctgatat tttcttacag tagtaaccca     48480
     taggtttccc agtaatgggt tgcagctgga agggcatctg ctgcgtaaaa catatgctgg     48540
     ataagttggt ggttcattcg gctgtggcaa cgccaggtta ataaagggac taagccgaaa     48600
     agaaaattaa tgaatgagta accaataggc tacatacact aaagaaaata gtaaaagagt     48660
     taaaaaaact ctaataaatt aataaacaaa aactgtcacg gggcgggggt gttctttcct     48720
     aaaggggttc aaagagaaca tttattaata tggacttttt agagacaaat gcgtactatt     48780
     ttaaggtacc aacccagctt tagtacaatt tgagtatgaa aatagacatg cacaatattc     48840
     tctctctttt tttttaggaa taataattta tgcagtcatg catgcttttt taatgcaaaa     48900
     ctaatttaag ccattataag ttattcctta cgctaattat gaaacgtgaa aagacctact     48960
     ataatacaga aaatctgctc taaacaaatg tggaaagtta aagcatatta tatttaacaa     49020
     acggtttatg aagtaatttt cctcacttgt ataattaaat attaatcaga tgatgtcatt     49080
     acgctgctgt gctgtcagct aattgttgaa ttgctaatca taatttcgtg gattgataga     49140
     tttgttcttc acaacacaca cagcgatctc agatcagttc atccagacaa tttaatctga     49200
     tttgcaaact tgtttgaaga accaaattag ccagagatca gttatcaaga ttaaaagatc     49260
     caggagctgc caaatcatct aagatcattt gagcgaggta caaaaaacag acccctggtc     49320
     tcattcacat agatttttag ccatgaaaaa aaaaaacagt tttgcttgca gttttttttt     49380
     ttttttttgc tgctttatgt tgcaaacagg tattttctta ttatattaat ctttattttc     49440
     atgtattgac ataaacatac aattttacgg ctacaaatta atggaagtga atgagacttg     49500
     aaattttggc caataaggtt ccagtggctg caaacactcg tatgtgaaag aatatggtca     49560
     gtagaaaaaa aaaactaaca attttttaga ttactaaaaa tggtcctttg tagccagatc     49620
     attcaacagc aaagggcact acaccattaa tcatcacaat gatttacaga cataagatta     49680
     gattcaggat aatgaaaaac ctgtgttgtt gtcaggatgg cagtgaaggt ccatgtgtca     49740
     catgcgtatg cggtgatgct ggcagactca tagacattca tcagttccat tgagctcatc     49800
     tatgattact gtgtttgctt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgc gtgtgtgtgt gtcccgagac     49860
     ctgctactgc tgctgttgtc aggggaactg agttcaactc cctgatttca agacattctg     49920
     ttcataatgg caaatggtga atcagtgcta cttagagatg gagtacgttt gccataagca     49980
     acgacacaca cgcacttaca tgttgtgcag tggtgctcat gtgggcaatg tgggtttgaa     50040
     tcatttcctg tcctcttaag tatcattgta atacagcaag aatgtagaaa atgacacgac     50100
     aactataatc tacactgcaa aaaaaattat tttactggta aaaaaaccct gtaaaaacgc     50160
     tacagtaaaa acatctgtaa tccagttaac atcaagtttc cttaatacat actgtatttt     50220
     tttggtagat ttgaacattc actcaccggc cactttttca ggtacacctg tcaaactgcc     50280
     tgttaacgca aatttctaat cagtcaatca catggcagta aatcaatgca tttaggcatg     50340
     cagacatggt caagacgatc tgctgcagtt gaaatcgagc atcagaatgg ggaccgtttt     50400
     ttaagaaaac agctgcttta gaacttaaaa tgttcaacaa ccttacagtt ttatatgtct     50460
     taacaatcaa aatgaaggaa aaaaaaaaaa tactcaggtg aggatagaac acgttgttac     50520
     gcaatgtgct gaccactgga ccacaatggc actgttgccc gaaataataa ttacatcatc     50580
     attaccctgc aggctgtatt ttgctcatgg ggctgcgaga caataaataa gaagagcgga     50640
     gctgcattaa cataatcaat aaaaagagtg aggctatggt caaattaata tataaattaa     50700
     aaaaactgtg actgctgaga gtgcaagcaa ctagaaacac cggcccttgc ggccaaaaaa     50760
     cggaccggcc cacagggaac tctcccggtc ctcccgattg gccaatccgg gcctgcagtg     50820
     tacccatatt ctcatggcta cttccagcag gatgactcac catgtcattc agttattcat     50880
     tttcttatca gcttagtccc tttattaatc aggggtcgcc acagaggaat gaaccgccaa     50940
     cttatccagc atatgtttta cgcagtagat gcccttcctg gagcaaccca acagcagaaa     51000
     acgcccatag acttttatat tcacacacac acacacacac acacactatg gccaactcag     51060
     tttattcaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccgg agcactagga     51120
     ggtaatccac accatcacag gaagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc     51180
     agcttagggc tcgaaccagc gactttcttg ctgtgaaatg attgtgctac ccactgcgcc     51240
     accgtgctgc ccacgaacca tgtcacaaat catcacagac tggtttcttg aacatgacaa     51300
     tgagttcaat gtactcaaat ggcctccaca gtcaccagat ctcaatccaa tagagcacct     51360
     gtggtggaac gggagattcg catcatcgat gtgcacttgt gcagccaaca aatctgcagc     51420
     aactgcgtaa tgctatcatg tcaatatgga ccaaaatatc tgaggaatat ttacagtacc     51480
     ttgttgaatc tacgccacga atgattatgg cagctctaaa ggcaaaagag ggtccaaccc     51540
     ggtactagta aggtgtagta aggtaagtct aataaaaatg ataaaattct ggcatttaca     51600
     cttgtatttt ttaccttaaa ttgtatgcat ttattttttc ctgtgtataa aaaatgcagt     51660
     aaaatacagt attggatgtt tcatttaaat ttaacatcaa tattttacaa tattttgctt     51720
     tgtgataaat taagtttgtt tatgttttgg taaagatcag ttagttaatg caatctttta     51780
     aatacaaata atttcgaccc aaaactttga actttattct gaccaaagca tctggtaaat     51840
     gacaaaaagt attttaacta aaagtacttt tctacataat catgtttaaa gtaaaactaa     51900
     caggcataaa aaatttcccc aaactttata acaccatctt aaagatattc atagagctct     51960
     ttttatatca atagaaggga aattataaca aggaaacaat cataaaagtg tttcaaaccc     52020
     cagaccattg atattcaagg ctgttgctgt ttttctccca cgtcaacacc tattcattac     52080
     tatttaagct cagtttctca taaaacacct ctaatattca tctctctcgc aatcacttgt     52140
     gctgtaatta acaatgaaac ctccatgaca gattgccatt gtaccattct gcaaccttca     52200
     gctataaggt gaaacacttc aagatgatga atgaatacag agtctgcctt aaattctgaa     52260
     tgaatactat cagcatttac agtgccatac atttaatatt ggaacctttg gctgtgaaaa     52320
     aaaatcaact tcaacttttt gctgaaatta tattcaaatg tttgctttcc ttgaaacaca     52380
     atagacacct ggatgatgag gaacaggaaa tgttttagtc gtgatttcct gtttcacaga     52440
     gggtataaat ataagtaaac acaaaaggcc aatctcggtc attcattaca atgggtaaaa     52500
     ccaaagcaca gagctgtgtt tcgcagtaaa agtttgttga gctttataaa acgggaagtg     52560
     gctgttagaa aaatgcaaaa acactaaaaa tgtcaaactt caccatcaag acaaaaaaat     52620
     tctagtaaac tggaattgtt atgaatcagc ttggaaaaag acccacctgc cattaggaca     52680
     acagtttgag tgaccacaaa aatctcccta aatcacagct ggacatttac agaagtttgt     52740
     tgggttgtgt ggtcagaaaa tgtccaaagt tacaatctga catcaccaca tattgtttga     52800
     aagtatttca aaaagaaaaa aaagctcttg tctaaaacca cgctcaagtg tttttacttt     52860
     tttttaagat tacattttta tttttacctt aaagcaacaa caactataaa gacaaaaaag     52920
     aaaaaggcaa acaaacaaaa acagacaaaa gacaaaaaaa taaataaaag attttaaatc     52980
     catggttacc tcagttcctc cagttttata caaaggttat cacatatttc taggccagtg     53040
     ggcatatggt gatcttgcaa acaatgacag ggtcatacct taccactgta atctttaaca     53100
     tttcacaggt aagcaaaaac ggtttccagt gactttgaag gcagcaatgc tataagaaag     53160
     atctctctaa atgtaaagtg cttgaaaatt cagaaagcca ggacctaaaa agtggttttg     53220
     atcccttttt ttcaaagaca aagaatattt tttaactatc accataccat attggtcagc     53280
     ttttttattt gatgactttg cctgtgtgtc tgaatctgag tctgaaccca tgaaatgggt     53340
     cagaccaagc aaaaacatta attgctggat caggggtaag gtcacaagaa taagccttat     53400
     agtcaaatct gaaaactcca aaactcaaaa agtattagac atgaccaaaa aaagatgtcc     53460
     gaagggtcct tccccagatt cagatatgtt acagtttgag gagatggacg ggtagaatta     53520
     gttaagctta actctagaat aatgaagcca atgtactact ttttgtgagc aaaagaatca     53580
     aaaggttaac caataaagac atgtttttac agccgtcttt gctcagaatt acaagtgtgc     53640
     caattaaaaa ggacgtataa tatttaaatg atattcttat tttataacat aattatattt     53700
     ttaatatatg tttttgtttt attgtaacaa attacttttt atatgtttta aaatgtgtga     53760
     acaactagat gaaaaataga cagatggaca gaaagatagt tattgcttta aagaatggca     53820
     aagataaaag taaacaataa taaaaaaaag ttttgctttt tatggtgtaa ccaatagatg     53880
     aaacctatgt tggtgtaacc tataggtgga ctgatgttca ataacactct gacttgcata     53940
     aaatcactta acttgtacta ccttgtacag ttgaaggcat aatgattagg cctccagtga     54000
     aatttgtatt atttttctaa catttcccaa gtgacgttta acatggcaaa gacatttttt     54060
     tttcttctgg agaaagactt atttctttta gtttggctgg aacaaaagca atttgtacat     54120
     ttttaaatat aatgtttaag gtcaatagta ttagccccct taaaaatgat tattttttca     54180
     attggctaca gaacaaacca cttctgtcta atgacttgct taataaaccc aacttcccta     54240
     aataatctat ttaaaagctt ttaattgcac tttaatctga atatcttgta agatattatg     54300
     cactgtcatc atggcaaagg caaaatgaat tatttattcg gaatgagtta taaaaactat     54360
     tgtttgaaat gtattctctc tatcaaacag catgtactat agaaataatt aaataaatat     54420
     ataaaaatta attatccttt taactgtaga tgataccttc tttgcacact cttgtgctaa     54480
     tactaatgtt aggcactgta tactcaagaa ctaaagttac aaatatccac atccagacat     54540
     cttgatctca taaatgctct cctcctcttt gaagtgtcgt tgggagtgtc agagtcgttt     54600
     cgtcattgca tgtggaatct gtattaaagc cggtcaggat tataaagcgt cccctcctgc     54660
     tgacgcacac agagaagcag gcctttacga gcctctataa gcaggacgca gtgtttagaa     54720
     aggtgtcagc tgcgtgtgtg tgaagctcgc gtggtgcgct ttttcactcg aagggtgcta     54780
     ttaactgtcc agcaactcac acctacgtgc tgtaaagcca ggagagacca ggcttaggaa     54840
     aacactctca gacacccgca gtgtcaggcc tctcacccta ctgtttacat tcctctcgcc     54900
     cagcatgcca aaatcaccct gcgtgtctgc cacagaaaca caacatcacc ctgggctcag     54960
     agacactgct gatttagagc ataattgcag tgtattttct ttcagctaac attgtacaag     55020
     agactcttga tgtgttctgt tcgagggcta ctgatggcat tgtttagcaa ggcctgtgtt     55080
     taaccatgag aatggaggaa cagttacata acaacaacaa caacacaata taagtgctaa     55140
     tacaacatgc acacactctt acaactatct ttatggggac tttgagagat tccaccagac     55200
     tctcaaatca atgtggaaaa agatttaggc agaaatcttt ggtagaaatt ggtagaaact     55260
     gggtagaagg attaccactt gtgatatttg ctgttcgaga atgtgttcag gagtcacttg     55320
     gattcagtcc agcagagata atttctgact tcaaatgtac atggtgcagg ggaacattaa     55380
     cccatgccga accaacaaac gaacacatct gtgcctgtat atgtttcagc agagaaagga     55440
     agcacttctt tcaaaacaaa aaatgtgaag cccttacctg ttttttctct gactcagatg     55500
     aatgagagat agtgccaatg aaaatgaaag gctgatatgc atcaggactg acatcattca     55560
     gttttaaaag agtttgcaca agcgctacgc ttttaggcac agcatttttc tgtttccaca     55620
     ctttacattc tgaaataagt gattaggatc aagacagaaa aacatgtttg atcatccttt     55680
     gaacgtttag gactaaattg gcatcgagaa tggtgttctt gtcctgtttt aactgaatga     55740
     aaaattctgt atgaaatgaa atgaaattct gtttcttgat aaacgagtgg ccaaaattca     55800
     ctttagtgag ttaaaacaaa ctcatcacct gcatcagtta acactttcac tttttgctct     55860
     ttaagataaa caacaatgtt ttctggcaca caagctttaa aatcttccag cagaatcaac     55920
     tcctgaagtt gctcaagagt aggttccact ggaaagacac cacttattaa acagtgcttt     55980
     cttctctcag gccataaacg taatgatttt tataatatgc cctcaacaat ctgcattttt     56040
     gaaattttca aaataattaa ttctgggtga tatactgtat gagccgtttt ttctcaaaat     56100
     aagtctatac ataaataaaa taaaataaag gtccctacaa ggtttaaatt tactggtttt     56160
     gctatacttg tgggtataca cttagtcccc agagatgaag gaatacaagg tacacagaca     56220
     gacatacaga gacatacaca cacatagtgc tggaaaaaga ttaatcataa ttacacacat     56280
     tctcttgtct tcttcttttt ctgtgtcatg ttatgtgttt attaaattaa aaggaattaa     56340
     caattagttg cacatctttt ctgcaacatt catttattac cataaacatc tgtaaaaata     56400
     ttatttttga ttacccagat gaaattatgt aagtattatg aagtaatgtt aatatgataa     56460
     aatctattca tttaataaat aaaaataaat aaatacataa aagcacacca cattttgtat     56520
     gtatagagtt tgaagaatcc ggaagtatta agtgccggct gaaatttcct cctaaaatta     56580
     gcattttttc tctcagccac atatgtttat gttccgatag atttctttaa acttatttat     56640
     caccattaaa gtgaagatac taaatacaca taggaaaaat gcccattttg gaagaaaatt     56700
     agattctaac ttagaggctt ttagactctc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca     56760
     tccatccatc catccatata tatatataca gttgaagtca gaattattag ccctcctgtt     56820
     tattcttttc cccaatttct attcaacaga gacaaaagtt ttttttcaac acatttctaa     56880
     acataatagt tttatactca tttctaataa ctgatttatt ttatctttgc catgataaaa     56940
     taatatttga ctagattttt tttcaagaca cttctataca gcttaaagtg acattaaaag     57000
     gtttaactag gttaattagg ttaactaggc aggttacgat aattaggcaa gtttttgtat     57060
     tacaatgttt tgttcggtag actatcgaaa aaatatagct tgaaggggct aataattttg     57120
     accttaaaat ggttttaaaa acattttaag ttctagccga aataaaacaa ataagacttt     57180
     ctccagaaga aaaaatattg tcagacatac tgtgaagatt tccttgctat atacacacac     57240
     agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     57300
     acacacacag acacacacac acacacacag acacacagac acacacacac acacacacac     57360
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat atatacatac     57420
     acatatatac atacacatat atatatacag ttgaagtcat aattattatt ttttataact     57480
     catttttggg acaaaattat tagccccttt aagctatttt ttttccatat tcttcagaac     57540
     aaaccatcgt tatacaataa cttgcctaat taccctaacc tgcctagtcc accttattaa     57600
     cttagtgaag cctttaaatg tcactgtaag ctgtatagaa gtgtcttgaa aaatatcaag     57660
     taaaatatta tttactgtca tcatgacaaa gagaaaataa atcagttatt agaaataagt     57720
     ttttaaaact attatgctta gaaatgtgct aaaaatatct tccctccgtt aaacagaaat     57780
     tggggaaaaa ataaacaggg gcgcttataa ttcagggggg ctaataattc tgacttcaac     57840
     tgtacatata tatatacaca ctatagaatt actttttaca taaaaaacct aaataaatac     57900
     tgagccattg aacatgagta aaactaaaaa cgtagtgctg taaaaactaa agtaaactat     57960
     ttttaataag tatgacttaa gagcagtcga ttagtaaatc cactgattaa tcatactaaa     58020
     gaaaattacc acatgccaca tgactcacgg ctgttctttt gctttgctgc aaagacctta     58080
     ctttaaacat actttgaagg agagaggggg gtgatacaga ataaatatgg atctgctggt     58140
     ggatgactca tcatatcctt gatgtgatga taggtttgga ggtttcccat ggcaacaggc     58200
     accactccat tcaggggtcc cttctaactg cgcacatggg ttgatcacaa atgatgcata     58260
     attacgtaaa cagcctccct gttttacttt ttatgccatt ttcacagcca gttacattac     58320
     cttagtgcta aacaatcccc aggacaagtt gttacagaat aggtatatac tggtattcaa     58380
     tatattataa agaccatgca cgatattgat attgtgggaa cttcaaaata cagtgaatac     58440
     taatgtatta tttcaacttt taaagagctt tttaatattc agattgtatt tgtagtggtt     58500
     gttcaaaaca gcactaaatt cctgaagact tcacaggcta tttagttaac tatgtcaatc     58560
     tgttatgtaa atctggttta cgacatgttg aaatattgat caaaaattct atgactattt     58620
     ataagcctac tgttctttaa cgcattacga taaggtttca tttgttaaaa ttaaattaac     58680
     aatctctaac tcatgataaa aactataaaa gctttaagta atcttttagc taatgtaaat     58740
     tttttaatag atgacaaata gcacattaat aatagacgtt ttaataattt tattaaatgg     58800
     aattaataac caataaaata aattttaaca tagtaactga aataaatctg accttttctc     58860
     actgctgatt ttaaagggtc acaaacacta aaacacattt tttgagatgt tgacagtcat     58920
     atatatgtca cattgctaaa aacactattg ttgctaaaaa cacatgtatt tcacataaaa     58980
     aaactgaaaa ttggttgttt ttgtgttttc agagcaaatt tgttctttct gtttgaaaat     59040
     aattgttgaa gcaatatcac ggtgatgagg tcattgtgta aattccagcg tggtgattgg     59100
     ccgtcagcac cggccagtac aaagtgacat catttacacg attttttagc atgtctgagc     59160
     attattcatg aggaagagtt ggtttgaacc aatcagtgtg ctctagtatg aatgagatgc     59220
     aacttcatta atatgcatga gatcgctttg ttgcttttta gctgttacag agttcagaga     59280
     aacatggtcc aaatggtgtt accaagaaca attaaattta atagatgata gataaaattg     59340
     gcattttaaa gtgtgtcaaa acaaaagtgt tgcagaatgc atatttgcac ctaaaaaaaa     59400
     caccaaacgc agcgctcaga aatagtttaa aacagttgac atgtcaactt gctgcagtaa     59460
     tcacagcctg caatgcctgc ccctccttca agctctactg attaattaag taacgcctac     59520
     tcattcattt atttttctat ggcttagttt ctttatttat caaggaaaaa gccacagtgg     59580
     aatgaacctc caaattatcc agcatatgtt tatgtatgta tagtaattta tcatcctttc     59640
     gcaatgtaat tggtttgaaa acgttactta ctttgagcat gcattgatat accatgaaaa     59700
     aaatattttc ttagattttt tgtgttgttt ctagtccaaa tgtcaaaaaa ttcttaaatc     59760
     aaaaagcatt ttttagacaa gcacaacata ttatcttcat atattacatt atctaaacat     59820
     attatacaca tatatattct gatatacata taataaaaag taactagtaa ctatttactt     59880
     gagtattttt tttttcatca gcttttttac tcttactcaa ataactttga agattgttac     59940
     ttttacttga gtaaaaaatt ctgcaagtac ttgtactttt acttgagtat agattttaga     60000
     tactctaccc acctctgctg ttaggtttaa aagaaaaata taactgtaca tatataagca     60060
     gggctgagcc tggtctgtac ctggatgggt gaccacatgg gaaaactagg ttgctgtgtg     60120
     aagtggtctg ctctcaacat gtggtctgtg caggtcctaa tgccgcagta aaagtgaaga     60180
     ggacactata ctgtcagtgg gcgccgtttt tcggaaaaat cgttaaactg aggtcctgac     60240
     tctctatggt cattaaaaat cccatggcac ttctcgtaaa gagtaggggt ctaaccccgg     60300
     tgtcctggcc aaatttcctt cattagccct tatccatcat ggcctccaat catccccatc     60360
     caccgaattg gctgtatcac tatctatcta ctccacctat agctggtgtg tggtgagtgc     60420
     actggtgtcg ttgtcctgtg gctgatatcg catcatccaa gtagatactg cacactggtg     60480
     gtgtggagag acccccactc atgattgtga agtgctttaa gtgtatagtt aaacacaata     60540
     aaagcgctat ataaacacac attgcattac ctgcaatgtt aagatttaac tttaaaaata     60600
     atactaataa tcttgctaag agggagtaca tataaatcaa aaagaagagc gtctaggaca     60660
     gaaccttgag gcgcactaca ggacatacga gtctgacata tgcattcctt attttacctg     60720
     ttaaatgacc ttttattcgc tcagcttaca ggccaatatc gcgataatac catttactgt     60780
     aataaaagct tcagcaattt aataccaaca agaaaatctg atactgtcaa aagcctatta     60840
     cagaatgtga tgaagaaaat caaaccatct atccataata aagcagggat tattagtgta     60900
     aaaaaatcta tttcttcggt agcaagcaat gcttagcgtg catgctaatt attccttcta     60960
     tttttggcag agagatcctg gagtctctca gatgtgaata acagagagtg ctgctgcacc     61020
     tggtgcctgg acattccagt gcactggctt ttccctggga cgaaatcaaa tatgttctgg     61080
     aaactaggta gcaacaagaa catggcccca ggaaacagat gtgaggggga gagaaagaag     61140
     agagagggaa aaagacagag aagaagagaa aagaagaggg tgggggcagc tgcctgagga     61200
     gataacgtgt gactggaaat acaatgagca acttctcagt ctctttctct ttttgctcat     61260
     ttctttctgt ctctctcgct gggaagcccc tctgtcagcc tcagcagact gtaccatgat     61320
     taatcactgc tgtgatggtg taggattaat aaagagaaca gctctgtggt gcttcgggaa     61380
     gtaagcacag agtaaacaca cagagtatgg tagggggcaa ctgtttcatt tttcaaggac     61440
     ttattgctgc acctgtgcat gtctatcaga gagttgcata agggaacatc acccctctgg     61500
     cctcaagagg cgcactataa ctgatgcaag cgggtccagt gttagtaatc tatgttagaa     61560
     acagctgttc aggatgagta ggaccggaag ggtcacttca tgctgttctc tggatggagt     61620
     gaggtttagg attcaagggt gttacagagg ccagcttgta agagctgtgc aagtaaacct     61680
     cactcaattg gtctcaagcc tagaccacct gatgctagag gttgcagtct ttatatttag     61740
     tacactcacc tcccatacag aagaaccaga aagggtacat tagtgccttg agagaagttt     61800
     ggtgggcctg tgagtaaacc gcactgcttg gcctcaagag gaacaccaga atctgattgt     61860
     agatagtacg gaaacagcgg tttgacacct gctcagagaa ggtgacctgg atttgtaaaa     61920
     cataataact gctagaactt gagtaaaccg aaaggccccg gtatacatta aatgaattta     61980
     gttttgttct tcatttgagg acaaaaataa gttagaaaat catcagtgac gatgtactgt     62040
     tttcgaaaac actaaaaccc ttgcagtagg cacggttgta agtgtgtccc attgcttgca     62100
     tcagtgtacc tcctaaacaa tgaccgatgt gagaaaaaaa agagtttcat ataaggcaaa     62160
     cagccttctc caaccaacca gggggtaaat aacatttttt aattgttttc ttttttaccg     62220
     tggacagaca ccaaatagga cagtgtttag agctttaaaa gacaaggtgg gatgtgatca     62280
     cacatctcgt ttgatgtgtg atccccttta gagcgattgt acaggagtgg atacatcagt     62340
     accagcgctt gatgcttcag tgtattcatg ttggccttag ggaattagca atttctctta     62400
     aacttttttt atttatgacc aggttgtggt attgctcaga tgacacaggt caaacagaca     62460
     tgggtgctcc tgccaaattt ctaatagttt ttcctccatt tcttgggtcc aaatagactg     62520
     aaaagactcc gccccccaac ctcccactga cctgcagata ccctcactag tggatgctgc     62580
     tctctcattg gctgtaggta attgccaatg ttatttttaa tatttagcat gccaaatacc     62640
     tcacgggtgc tgacgactca tctgtgattc tctcagatcg tgtctttgat agttcacact     62700
     gtgtgattgt tactcacgtg aacgagcatc gatttacttg tgatttcagg aatttgtctg     62760
     caattttcca aaacctgtca acgagtcgaa attggggcta aaatcatgca atttgaactc     62820
     ggcattaggg ggcaggggtg agtttgacag agaccagcta agcgctgtgc aagtaaagct     62880
     gatatctctg gtctaaaagc tgcacaagtg aaagatgcta taggcttggt cttatttgtt     62940
     tgtttgtatg tttgtatact ttttggccct tagagggaaa ttttccatgg actcacaaag     63000
     cacttcagca agttctgaca caataacaat taaaaataag caaacatgca aaagaattac     63060
     atacagggga aaaaaacaac aacaacatac tattaatcag tgttcaacaa tctgattgac     63120
     actgagataa aagagttctt aaggcttttc cgcttccagc ggaaggctct gtatcttcta     63180
     ctaaaaggta aaagatcgta aaatgggaag agtacatgag atgggttatt taaaattctt     63240
     ttcgctttat tcagagtgca ttgcttgtaa agtgtttgaa aacaagtaaa agtttcagat     63300
     cctattagtc tcgtagcagt tctgataata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     63360
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatataaaaa actgatttca     63420
     gatttacaga aaggttgcca taccatgtag ataaaccaca cctgatgaca ctctcaaata     63480
     cagcctgata aaataagtac atgattttct tatcaacacc atagaaccat aaccttcata     63540
     gaaaatacag tctttggtga atcagatcca gtttaagtga gtgtcccatg ttagagacct     63600
     gtctatgtaa atttctaaat tcttgtatga ctgtacccga gtgatttctt gattatgcac     63660
     aaacactggt aaatgctcga caacaaactt gggattaaat attattattt tttgtttttt     63720
     tgtatttact tttaaaaagt tttcattaca ccactaaaca aatgaatcaa tttcagaaaa     63780
     ataaacaaaa acaggatctt gtttgttcag caaacttaaa actaccgtat cgtctgatta     63840
     tttaaaaata gattctgtga gtgcctgctt gagcactcat tagtatatag agtaaacaga     63900
     agtgatgagc tcacacaacc ctgagggaca ccagaactac aagatttgac ttgggacaaa     63960
     atattattta ctttgactgc ctgagttcgg tttgttaaag gggtggtcca taaagtaatt     64020
     ttaaggcttg gttgtgttaa taagatgcaa agcaatgtgt gctcatgttt cacttgaagg     64080
     aaatcctgtt attttttttt ttttaaatct cactttgatt atacacagtt actcagccaa     64140
     catgaaaacg actgtcatat ttcctagttc ctctgaaagg cccgtccgta agtgactctg     64200
     actctggtca tcgtcataat gtgctgtgat tcgcggatcg gctccatgcc acgcccgttc     64260
     aagcatgcag gttttgtgta aacagtcagt caacaagtct gtaacgagtg aaaatgggat     64320
     gcggctcctt taagacagtg tttgtgtgtc attgtgtgtg tgtttgtgtg tgtgtttgtg     64380
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtttatacc tgtaacacga gaaacacatg tgcccgggac caatttttaa     64440
     tttttctttt tctctcatgc tcggattaag ttattgtctg tggtgacgct gctgacagaa     64500
     taaagcacaa gatgtgggat gagacctgtg tgagccttga ttgtattttt tttggtgcta     64560
     cactcgagtt aggagagaat tgctgtattt ttcacgcata tccggaatat gcctgtgtaa     64620
     gtaacatgga tcgttcacat atcttttgcg acttgattgt ctgagatgta aaacgcatgg     64680
     aaaagctgcc gatagagaaa ctgccgtcgc acacagagag agacgcacgt gctgtgcgtg     64740
     tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtttaca gcagtttgac tgataaatat     64800
     cgatttgtag ctaaatcgtt ggcggtggcg atcatcattt cccgttgttt acatctataa     64860
     cacaccgtta aggctagaca ctgtacatgt catgatcaat tttaacaaat aaaaacacag     64920
     atcgtggctc agagttcata gcatctcctt gtagttgctc catctttgag gatattttag     64980
     ccgaatccag caatcagctc cttctaaatg atttaaaaca aagtgcaaca gattattgat     65040
     ggcatcacat gtacctactc ctttgcttta tgcaaactga agtggatcaa gtttagtact     65100
     aatattctct ctttacactg acaccatata cattttgaag catttgatta caaatgatgt     65160
     gaaaggaatt ggtctaaaat cattgttatc tacaggacag gcaattttag gcacagggat     65220
     tataagacat ctttttcgga ttgctgggac taccttcaaa ttaagatttt tgaaataaag     65280
     aacaccacac tggtgacagt tcttctgcgc atacttttag taagaatact gagagaccat     65340
     caggaccagc tgattttttt ggacatatct gcttaaataa aagctgaact tgatcacagt     65400
     cattcagcaa attgtttttt cttgattcat ttatataaaa tgagtttatt tcttttctat     65460
     tatgtgaatt tatactgtga gtgtcaaacc ttaagaaaaa actatttagg tcctgctttt     65520
     tgtttatcat caattgcgga tactaacttt atagcacacc taactctcat accagaaaca     65580
     cccattcaaa tcctgagagt attgtaagta cagctgaaga ggttacaatg gtgctgtgac     65640
     ctggatagta gtgagttctg ggggagtaaa tgttacatag accagctgtt taagtaaaac     65700
     ctctataaaa cctttcattt tatttaaagg gtaaaatttg agtccttgta tactgtttga     65760
     atacatcaat agaacctgag gggcttgagt ctagataaag acagccttaa aattgttgtg     65820
     ctttcatatt ttgtactgaa tttaatgagg aactcttaat ttattgatac ataccaaatc     65880
     atactacagc atccatgtgg atgttttctt ttgacttgtg tgctacatga cctacctttt     65940
     tcttttttta tttccttttt tttacagcaa acaagtatga tgtaaccaca ggaaattttc     66000
     ttggtattct tggtatttgc tgcttggctc acaattctct gccattttta attgatggct     66060
     tacatggcct catgggatag caaagcatct gtaatgcagg ccagctagta agagctgtgc     66120
     aggtaaaact cactctttgg cctcttgaga cacattatca cttctgtgcc taagactttg     66180
     gtttgaattt cactgcaaaa caaaccatga gggttacaca tccaccagtc aatcatttaa     66240
     aactaatttg cttactttct agcacagaca aatcatttca ctttataaaa ccttaacatc     66300
     aataatctcc tattctttga gaggaaaggg tgaattattt taaaagactt ggaatccatt     66360
     tttgaattat gctaaaaaag taccacatga tttgattaga caaaatagtt tttctccatt     66420
     gggttatact gtatctcctc cctatttatt tatttatgtt tatattattt attatatact     66480
     gtgtgtgtat gttttactct agtgtgtttg ctgcttagtt tcaatattct gttttgttaa     66540
     cgtttgaaaa agctaaataa taatataaaa taaaaaataa aaaaacttaa catattgtta     66600
     ggagccacaa gtattatttt actttacctg catattggta gttgacaaat agacagtcaa     66660
     ttatttttaa tgaatacatt tttgaaggca aaatagacat atttatgcag tttgaagtct     66720
     gatgtttgag aaaatacaag gggtcactaa cttgattttt ttctgtttcg ctgattttgt     66780
     aaacttatta ctgaactgca ccataaaaat gtcctatggt gtgacatagc aaaaattaag     66840
     ggaaaaaaag atttttaata atataataat taataacaaa caaaattgca tgatagtgat     66900
     ttatcttcct tgtcaaattt atcttcgtat agtgctattt atttatatga aattatgtat     66960
     aatatatttt ttccatgact tgtaagactt gctggacatt tttaataaat atgttaatgt     67020
     ttacaaattt tattttattt tatagtgatt taaagaaata aggagataaa atcttaacag     67080
     ctccttgtca tgagcttctt ggggtatttc agtaacacaa ttcagtctga aatgtggtcc     67140
     tttaacctag attttattta aaggtgcctt tctggcaact caaagacatc atacaataaa     67200
     acaagagcaa caaaacaaca agcgaaataa tataaaagta tacacaacaa taatgcagac     67260
     acaattaagt attaaaaaac attttaaata agcaagactt ttaaactagg cttgacggaa     67320
     aaacaatttt ctttttaatg tataagagtt gtacaagtat gttgtatact gtaagtattg     67380
     acttatgctt gaggtcaata catatacacc ataggctgta tgaatgtaaa atatataata     67440
     acgcagcagt ttttagaaca aagaggtcca ttaaagacaa aaaaagttta acgatttact     67500
     gcattttaag tgacgacata actaattata ataatttgtt acgcgtgatg ggcgaggcag     67560
     tggcgcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcatc gctgggtcgc tggttcgaac cttggctcag     67620
     ttggcgtttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcctt cgcgtgggtt ttcctccggg     67680
     tgctccggtt tcccccacat tccaaagaca tgcagtatag gtgaattggg caggctaaat     67740
     tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gaggatgttt cccagagatg     67800
     ggttgcggct ggaagggcat ccgctgcgta aaaacttgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt     67860
     ccgctgtggc gacccctgat taataaaggg actaagccga caagaaaatg aatgaatgaa     67920
     tgaaatgtta cgcgtgacag tgaaaatgca acttcacgtc aacaacttac aatccctttc     67980
     aggaacatct ctatttgcca tttcagaacc aggaatactg atctatgcca accaacaaat     68040
     actgatctat gccatccaaa taaccagcgg tccataaagt ttccaatact accctgtcat     68100
     tttgtagctc atcacaactt cacgcactca cattttgtgt gtactaaaac agaaccaaga     68160
     aatgatcatg ttgttgtaga tgacgatgcc tgcaaacaca actcaatcta atcattcaca     68220
     cgtcatgtgt ctcatctctg tgtttgtacc cgataagatc ctcccgttat caagatggaa     68280
     aagtgtcttc tcgacagaaa tgcatctttc agacagcagc attccggcag tggttggccg     68340
     cttcagagat gctctctaga ggaagtgtgg actcatttga tttcttccca tcaggcgaca     68400
     gctcaagcag tccctgaatg aataaaatct cagctctgct cacacatcac agtgaattcc     68460
     cagcctctaa tgtaccagac gagacagcaa actgttctgc gcagacttga gaaggacggt     68520
     gatttatatt tataaaggtg caatgtgtct tgagctacaa tgcggtgcct cgcgataata     68580
     actgagaaga gaatccagac gtatcagtca aaatatatct gagtaatggc acagataagt     68640
     tgaattcctg ctgtatcttt cctcccataa aacattccct cacaaggcaa gctgccagtt     68700
     tttatgtttt tacaatagac agacatcagg gagttccact tgtcactccc ataaaaaact     68760
     aatattatct gctggccggc tataagagcg cttgtatttc aaagataatc ccctgtagta     68820
     atatctctca gtacacatgg cctgagaaca ttggaaatca cctaagaata agagcttcgc     68880
     tgtagttgtt cgttggaccc tcgtgtttct cgtcctcatg ctgtgctcgt ctacttgaaa     68940
     aggtcaccca tacagacacc ggcactccag acgcacctct tgcctcccac tcacatcacc     69000
     cagcactgct agtgatactg cgtaggcact gacactcaca cacacgctag catagtgcta     69060
     gttcaaaacc tagacagcag aggtattaaa cgttgggcgg caaattcaca ggttcttata     69120
     tgatgcctca tttaaaaagc agcatcacag tgtactgttt atgaaataca catttccaca     69180
     atgcattgca gaaacattca gcctatgtac agcgctcagc ataattgaag acaccccatt     69240
     ttaaaaaatt tatattttac ccatttctca ggaaatgtat tttgtacata cctagaatag     69300
     caaaatcaag taaaggaggt cgagccttct ctttcatggc tcctacactc tggaatagcc     69360
     ttactgataa cgtccgaggc tcagacacac tctcccagtt caaaactaga ttaaagacct     69420
     atctgtttag taaagcatac actcaatgca tcacctagcg agttccacac aggcttctgc     69480
     atcttgctta tatacactat gaacagcagc tacgctaatt attctcttta ttctctattt     69540
     tcacctgggg atactcatcc cgaggtcctc agattatgca gagtcactga ttggatccaa     69600
     gaccagcgac gtgatgatcc caaggattcc atatccggga ccaggccata tcctgagctg     69660
     ctgctgcgct gatggtcgtg gggagtggag aacatgagtc tgattccagc gacgctccag     69720
     ggacagacga gtcttcgctg aggccatctt ccagcctaaa ccacgacgaa tgaagttctg     69780
     cacaagactt tggccagcgg agaaattaaa atggtcgtgc ccaactgagt ctggttctct     69840
     cagggttttt tttcttcact cccatcaggt gaagtttttt ttccctctcc gctgtcacca     69900
     ctgcctcgca tggttcagga ttggtagagc tacgcatcga tgaatttgct cttcagtgtt     69960
     tgaactctca gtaatgatta aatcacactg aactgagcta aactgaactg aacttaaaca     70020
     ctaaaacctg aaccacactg ttccagttac tgaaccacac tgttccagtt acaataacca     70080
     tttatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag cgctatacaa ataaagctga     70140
     attgaattga attgaattga tacatttaaa caaaatagat tttttaaata gatatattta     70200
     ttaaattaat attttattca ccaaacatat ttggaaactg aaagaaaata taattttcaa     70260
     gcaaaaattt gaaaaaaaaa tgttacagcc tacaaaattc caacaaaatt ttttaattaa     70320
     attttcgctt aatttttctt ctcgattttt cctttttttt taaatttgtg tttaatattt     70380
     ttctataaca taaatttggg tctactagtt taaggactgt aatcgcaagt tattttgtta     70440
     gataagctcc agatttggct acagtactga ctaatcaaat gtatatgcac acatataata     70500
     ttgtcattca ttcatgttat tttcggctta gtccctttat taatctggag ttgcaaaagc     70560
     agaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcatatg ttttacgcag cggatgccct tccagctgca     70620
     acccatctct ggaaaacatc catacacact catttacact cgtacactat ggacaattta     70680
     gcctacccaa ttcacctgta ccacatgtct ttgagggaaa aaaaaaatat tgtatagctt     70740
     cttattaaaa atattcattt aaaagataga tttgtgaggg gtgtacttat atatgctgag     70800
     cactgtgcct gtctgttgat ctatacatcc atctttatat ggcatgtaat ttcagtgtgt     70860
     aatatgtata ataactgaaa catgttcaat tcaattcaat tcagctttat ttgtatagcg     70920
     cttttacaat gtagattgtg tcaaagcagc ttcacataaa tggtcatagt aaatgacatg     70980
     tactaaatat ataaatgtat tatatattag atgtgtgtga ccccctctgt gaaaccctga     71040
     ctaaagtcgc ataataaaca gtcaagaaaa agagcattaa acaatgtcag gaaaataaca     71100
     gaaatatgaa ttttcagttt attgcagtga atgatgaatt gaatatcaag gttgtgagat     71160
     acagtattaa ctacactttt aacatgagaa atacttaaat tattaattta atcaatgtat     71220
     tgttattttg agcaaaaaaa tcaaataaaa caacaacatt agaggtttgc tacctaaaca     71280
     ctgatttcaa tcatctctgg gtttacgttc agtacagaaa cacaccctaa tttgcatatt     71340
     gttatgttaa gaatttcctt ttaaaacatt agtgacagca aatagactaa tgaaaatctc     71400
     ttcacacgca caaatgtcag gtcaatatgc atggaaggac acgcgatttt tggcatttgg     71460
     ttccgtttca tcagggaaat ataaagaacg gttgattttg ttttaaagct caatatgtgt     71520
     caagacaacc tgcttatttt atgtttagct cactttatag cttattcatc acaaaagaat     71580
     ttggttagac agcatgctgc tgatgggttg atgaattccc tgtaggacag gtcagctgtt     71640
     atgaagaatg aggaacagaa agtggattgt ttaacccaaa tattacaacc tcaaatgagt     71700
     aaaagttgag acagcatgaa aaacacaaat attagaaaag aagtagatat ttccaaattt     71760
     actttgactt gtatttcatt gtaaataaca tgaacaaaat atttcgtgtt ttgtctgatc     71820
     atcttcattt catttgtaaa taaacatcct ttcctgtcat tcacgcaggc aacacattcc     71880
     aaaaaaagtt gtgacaggag cagtttaggg ctagtaatca ggtaaattgg ctaaatgatg     71940
     tgatttgaaa caggtgatgt caacaggtga ttgtaattat gatttggtac aaaagcagca     72000
     cccaaataaa gtctagtcct tcaggagcaa agatgggccg aggattacca ttgccaaaaa     72060
     atgtgtagga aaattattga aatgtttaaa aacaatgtgc cttaaagaag gatgagaaga     72120
     catttggatg ttttaacagt gccttcaaca gtgcagaaca tcattaagag actgaaggaa     72180
     tctgaaggaa tttcagtgcg caaagtagaa ctttgattga ctatccccct ttaggcgaca     72240
     ctttatcaag aatcgtcatt catcatcaaa taatgtttgc tgtattgtct gcaagtcaag     72300
     gtcaatttag aaatcacttt cttttttatg tgtgttttct ataatgtcaa cttttttaat     72360
     ttggggtgta tataaatctc tgcgaaatta tattattata attaaaaatt ataacatgat     72420
     gtcaaacagt ggatcatttt tgtagaatga tgagcaagac acattctttg gcaaagctgg     72480
     ggaggaattt gaaggaagtt tgtctcatac aggctatctt ttaacaaaac tttttttgaa     72540
     caagaatttt tccataattc attactaaaa atgggagaac ccacctaagc tttaatttgt     72600
     tattcgacag agtcaggata attgttgttc agatgcgttg cttaaactga attttctaaa     72660
     aaaagatttt cagaactttt cggcatagcc taactctgtc aatattacag atatcaaggt     72720
     tatattttca catattcttt acattttgta aaatcaattg atgtcacaat caccaaatca     72780
     cgagcttaac ttacccaatt cagcacattt tctggactgt gagggaaaca gactggactg     72840
     tacagggaga acatgtaaac tccacacaga atgccaattg acccagccag ggctcgaacc     72900
     agcaaccttc tttctgtgag gcgattgtgc tacccactgc gtcaccgtgc tgtctaggca     72960
     aaattataca tatatttttc atatattttc taagtgctgt tacaggaaga tctttgttac     73020
     aacatatttt ttacatagaa gttaactgat ttctaataaa tactatattt tattcagctt     73080
     aaaagctgtt taatggctaa actagtttag gtaaagttag gttattaggc aagtcactgg     73140
     actacagtgg tttgttttta gccaataata atatataaca tatattaagg gagataataa     73200
     tatttaaaaa ataaaataaa ataaaactgg tttcattcag tcaaacaaaa ataataaaga     73260
     ctttctcaaa aactgtgtaa atttcctttc tctgtttaat atcacctaat aggacaaata     73320
     tttggaagaa aaaaatatca aaggagggct aatcattttg ccatacaggc ttaatgttag     73380
     tgaataagtc aataaaaatg actctaaata gaccatctaa tatttgttat atatttagag     73440
     ttcataaagg ctgtgccatt atcttagcat gatcctaaca tcatactgtt ataacaggtc     73500
     agggcacaca gactgaaatg tcaggtcagg taagcagtgg cgcccccaga aaattttctt     73560
     aggggtggcc agaagaggcc gcaccaaatc ttggggtggc acacaaaaaa atagtgaatt     73620
     cagtgtaatg ttatattttt gtttctggta aatgaactaa tgtagttttt attcatttaa     73680
     ttaattcttt ttgaaatatt gctatttatt ccttaaatta attcagcaag tacaaggtca     73740
     aaccaaaaaa aaatctatgt ttagtttaaa aacacttttc atatactgta taaataactt     73800
     ctttttttac gtgcttttat tgtacatcat acggtatatg ccatgtctaa aattatttaa     73860
     gatcaatgtg tttattattc ctagtgatgg gttgcagctg gaagggcatc cactgtgtaa     73920
     aaatgtgcta gataagttgg cggttcattc tgctgtggtg accctggata aataaaggga     73980
     ctaagccgaa aagaaaatga atgaaagaat aatgagttta ttaattaccc aaacaaatga     74040
     acaagctgaa caaaaggcat tactatatac actcactata cctaatatta tttatccata     74100
     ttgctttttg agccatttaa tgcagcttct tctattgata tactgtagct taaggtaaat     74160
     attaaatagc cattgctgtc tattgaaggt gtatgtgtgc tgtcaacgac gatcagggag     74220
     ggtagtggtg gttctagttt aaatgacacc ctgggcgaac caccctatac accccccatc     74280
     tctcttgaat tgttagattt gttatttaat aaatataaca atttatttat atttattcta     74340
     aataaataca attaatatta atatacaatt attattctaa ataaataaca gaaatcaatc     74400
     ctaaatatta ctggaaaaca acaactggag tgatatgcca agatcactta agaaaccttt     74460
     tgcatgaaaa ttaatcatga caattctaaa gaatacaaaa aatgtattat agaatatctg     74520
     tggtcttaga ccagatcatg gctgagaaat catgttatga agtcttacct ccctgactca     74580
     ttatccctcc tttctgtttt aaaggcatgc ttagtgaaag taacatcatc atcatcatca     74640
     tcattttgta taaactttag tcgactttca aaactcgctg cgtgccgaca cctctgcaca     74700
     aaaggctgtt actccggttt cacggcgcat gagcggtgcc tattttgtcg gctggcatgc     74760
     aaacaaccaa ccgggattca cacaggagtg cgtgaggcgc gcgggaatgg ttttctccgc     74820
     gcatgcgtca gtttgctttc accagcattg aaccagaggg ggagagctac gtcagtaaca     74880
     ccaacaataa tttggtgact gcattttatt tatttattta aatattggga atttataagt     74940
     tcatttaaat caataatgtc aacagcaaaa ttatattggg gtggccaaag gggtggccag     75000
     agtttaccga ggggtggccg tggccacccc tggccacccc ttgggggcgc ccctgcaggt     75060
     aagtaacacc tctcagtaac acgactggac atttccactg tgtgggactg aggggggtta     75120
     tattgttgtt tcagtattag tttactgttg acacactgag ggtttaactg gttaaatgtg     75180
     tgattgttat caacttgaaa aaattacgta gggttttgca ccgtctcatg caaacacact     75240
     caaaacaaac ctatacaaac atctgtatac tgagcttaac gtaggagtgg aaatagtgag     75300
     gggaaaatat atacatggaa aacccataaa atgtgtgctt aatacagtgt gttggtggaa     75360
     attacatcca taattaacca gctgtccatt tcagtttggt tttggcagtc cggtaacaca     75420
     acatcagtat gttcagcata tggttggttt aagcaaagaa cattttagca ttgtttcatg     75480
     ctttattcat gagcagagaa agtcagataa atcccccagc aggtttcttg ttctctttag     75540
     ttgttttttt ttcctgcacc atagaagaat gagcagcaga gagttgagag atgtctggtt     75600
     tatgactctg aggaacaggg gagtttttgg agagacaggc acggggcagt cccgacctta     75660
     ctgaaaaatg gcaagagact tgtcttacat tccacactca tgagatattt gacctgcttt     75720
     ttgtttgctt attgactgat ttacttaaaa ataaattgtt tatttaatga aaataaatac     75780
     attatttatt aagttattta gttagttaca tattaaatac attctttaaa aaatatattt     75840
     atttttgttt atttatattt atttttaaga aatacattta ttattctttg ttttaaaaaa     75900
     tacctttatt tttattatta tttttaaaaa tgcaatattt attcatgtac ttttgtaaaa     75960
     taaatgcata atttatgtat ttgtatgtga tagatatttt gtaataaatc tatttattca     76020
     aaaaatgtat aaactattta tttttattat ttagttttct tgttctattt gtttattatt     76080
     ttttattact tatttattat tttaaaaata tatttgtgta tttattgaaa cttacatgtg     76140
     aaaataaata catttttcaa tgcattattt atttgcttat ctatgaaata atttattaaa     76200
     ttacatacaa atatattact atttaaatgt aattcattaa ataaataact aacaaattaa     76260
     aacaatttat ttattttata ctgttaaagc acacaattca attcaacaat aatacattta     76320
     ttatccctcc tttgaataat tttaaaaaat atatttttaa atatttccca aatgatgttt     76380
     aacagagcaa ggaaattttc acagtatgtc tgataatatt ttttcttcta aagaaagtct     76440
     tatttgtttt attttggcta gaataaaaac agtttttaat ttttaaaaaa tcattttaag     76500
     gtcaaaatta ttagctcctt taagctatat tttgtttcga tagtctacag aacaaactat     76560
     tatgtttaga aacgtggtcc aaaaaaatct tttctccatt aaacagacat tgggaaaaaa     76620
     taaactaata tttcaggggg gctaataatt caggggggct aataattctg acttaactgt     76680
     acatcattac cccttctggt gaaagacatt ttaaatgaaa aataaaccca gctaatttat     76740
     gcattttaag ttatttatag atacagctta taatataata taatataaaa taatataata     76800
     taatataata tataatataa tataatataa tataatataa tataaaataa tataaaataa     76860
     tataatataa tatataatat aatataatat aaaataatat aatataaaat aatataatat     76920
     ataatataat atactataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat     76980
     atactataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataat ataatataaa tgtattatga     77040
     tgattttgta ataatataag ttatataagt taatataaga ataatctttt ttggattttg     77100
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcaa gtcttgctca caatcggatt tatcgtactc     77160
     ttactaagaa caccttgttc ttcatcagtg tctcctgtat tattattatt attgtcaggt     77220
     aaggccccgt ttgggttttc ctctgagtaa agcactcatc ctccacccac agtctcacct     77280
     ccctctgcct ctcactgtga agtgctccct cgattacact gcacacctcc agatgcagaa     77340
     gtcagctcca ctgctctaaa tttcacctct gaaatacccc agcaacagat caagcataaa     77400
     cacccacatt cttcagtcaa acaacagctc agaagtcaac aactgactgt gtctagataa     77460
     taacagtagc ggttagcaat gaggaaaaga tgaatttagg ggaaaaaaag caaagctaat     77520
     actcttctaa gtattgaatt cacttgtgtt ttttttagtg agactgttca atttatttca     77580
     aattatgttt atttatatag tgcttttcac aatctagatt gtcaaagcag cttagttgta     77640
     gtaaagtaca gatttcagag ttgaagttca gtttagttaa gtgtgcttta atattcactg     77700
     ctgaaagttt aaacactgta gacaattgtg acatattaaa gagatagttc acttaaaaat     77760
     taacatttcc accttttttt cacataaatt tatttatgtt gagcacaatg gaagatattc     77820
     ttaagaatgt tgaaaaccag cagttattga catacatagc ttgaacaaaa aaaacacaat     77880
     agatgtcaat ggctgttttt gttcgcagag ttcttcagaa tatcttcttt tgcctaaaac     77940
     ataaaaatgg agggcgagta aatgattact gaatttcatt tttggatgag tcatactttc     78000
     aagttaaata ggttataata ggtgattaag atatcacagt agctgtttcc attgaaacta     78060
     tttttatgca cattttggac attcgcataa aaattgtatg cacgtaactg ggtaggacaa     78120
     acgttttttt ctatacaaaa agatgcacat aaactattaa ggaaacactt ttactggaca     78180
     aattccagta tgcacattaa aaaagatcat gtgattttgt tataagagat catgtgatga     78240
     taaaaatgtg tgtgaatgaa taaaccagca ggctgaccgc attgtaaaac atctgaaatg     78300
     ttgttttggt cattataaaa catcttaacc attttcgtat tagtgttatt atattattca     78360
     ttacctccag aactgtcaag agtgtctgtg ctccacgtct gatgccttca aacaccacca     78420
     cacgttcatt gtgggttagc attgtcttct gaggcgcaag taaattatta aatgaagaaa     78480
     agattcacgc agcttctcct actgcaaaaa attccatctt tactgttgat atttggtgcc     78540
     agtttatccg gaagtgacga ttttgttctt attgtctcat tggatcgaaa cgctgcttta     78600
     tttgcatgtc ttttatgtga taatccagct ttgcgcatac atttaatacg catctttaaa     78660
     tggaaacata gctattgtta aaactgtaac tatggcttta gattcagaag tatgaggaca     78720
     aaaattctga attgagcgct attaactttg tctttgtttt aatgtttgta actgggacat     78780
     tacaaaacta acttgtcatt atgcttgttg cctagatgtt ctattttaaa gtcagcacga     78840
     taatactgaa acagacttaa ggttaatcat taatccgtgc aagttgatca actgaaaaaa     78900
     atgtttggtt tggtaatctt gcatacaaga ctgaccattt tcaggaagca tttgaaattt     78960
     gaagatcttt caacttgaca cagcatctaa aaaacagtgg tcacatatgc aatgtttcaa     79020
     aagacgcgag gataatggtc acatgcatgt ttacatcgaa aaaaaaaaca ttagaaaagt     79080
     agcaatggaa aggaaaaaaa atcaataaaa tattattgtt tttgtgatgc aaacggttca     79140
     gaatggtgat tttttttatt tgccacttta aatgtttgag ctgttgattg ggtattgttt     79200
     ttacggatca tcagctgttg caaaaatgct cagaaagtaa aattctaaca atattttcat     79260
     gtttttttaa acaaatttgc aaatgtatat agtataaaat gcactaatta acatactttg     79320
     tcctattgtg gttagcacta tttcacagca agaaagtcac tggttcgagt cttgactggg     79380
     ccagttggca gtttcttagt ggagtttgca tgttctcccc atgttggcat gggttttctc     79440
     tagttgctct agtttccccc tcagtcaaaa gacatactta cgctacaggc aaattggata     79500
     aactaaattg actgtagtgt atgactgtgt gtgtaaatga gagtgtgtat gggtgtttcc     79560
     cagtactggg ttgtggctgg aagggcatcc gctgcataaa aaatgctggt tcattccgcg     79620
     gtagggacct ttgataaata agggactaag ctgaagggca aaaaaatgaa tgaatgaata     79680
     attatctaaa gtgtatgggt gcttcccagc accgagggtt gtaatctcag gatgagcatc     79740
     tgctgggtaa aacatatgcc agagtaattg gcggttccct gataaagcag ggaataagct     79800
     gaaggaaagt gagtgagaat aatcatctgt taaaataact gcatattatc tcaaatgtca     79860
     aagctgataa gacaaacaat gtcacaaatt acttttacac ctgagactgt tgaagggttt     79920
     tatgtttttt tttaacccct ttgtgccagt tttcccttta gctcactttt tcttttctag     79980
     gtagccctgc tttaattgga catgctacca acatgagctg aaatagatcc tggacgagtc     80040
     cccaatttac gctacatgac ccagatgtct gggggacttt tagactattc actaaaattc     80100
     aatagcttat gattgctttg actcaccaaa acaagatatc atgctttttg tgtgtgataa     80160
     aatatggatg tcaaacaaaa actttgtact ttaactttga ggcaaagtac aaagagtggt     80220
     gtctcccaga agtaaatctc tttgtctaaa cacgcaggag aaacataaat ccaccactgt     80280
     atttatgctc agacttcagg cctttggctt tagtgctgct gtgaggtgca tctgggatcc     80340
     aggctgccat aataatcagc agggaatgtt ttgggaaaat ccccctatct gttactctgg     80400
     aatgtcttat tggtctgcca tcatatctga gactgtaaag agagactgtt caaagaaaga     80460
     caatgaaaaa gcctagagtc aaaggacaga tgttgcactt tttaaacctt tcaaagctgt     80520
     ttgcttgtcc tctttcattt tgggtttgtt cgtttcagct ggaaaaacaa tgcaaaagca     80580
     taattttgat tacctttata ttaataacaa tcacatttcc atttgcgtca caatgatata     80640
     tttccagtcc agatggggaa cgggagtggg tgatgctgac aataagttat taataatgca     80700
     cagtttaagc aaagagcagc catgcatgtg tcatgttaca catagttatt aatggacaga     80760
     ctgcgtcagc catctgaatc aaagcatatg agaaatcggt cttttctcag aaatattttc     80820
     tctgtataac attagagcgt aataaaaaat aaataaagcc cattttgtca taattttgac     80880
     ttcggcatag ttaagagtta agcatgtcat actttctaat tttatcccaa aattatgact     80940
     attaaactcg taatcaacgt gattctaaga cacttaatta tgacttaaaa gttaaaaaat     81000
     taaaagttag aagtatgaga taaataaaac atgtatcttt ttatctcata actatgaatt     81060
     ttgaggtttt tatttcacca aatatgtcaa aatgattact ttttatttct tatatgaatg     81120
     attggcctca ttacaaaaaa aaaacaaaac aaacaaaact aagaaatagt tgtacaataa     81180
     tatattattt aaaaattatt ttaagagggt ggtcgacaat gatatcatat tttaaacttt     81240
     agttgatgtg taatgtagct gtgtgaacat aaacaacatc tctgaatatt atacactcaa     81300
     agttcaatac aaagggagac attggctttt acagagttag ctaagccttt ggggactaca     81360
     aaaaatatat ccaggttagt gagatcataa atgcttcagg ttgcacccat ttaccatgcg     81420
     catatactgc gtatagcgtc ggggcgcggc cagaggcgct gtaatgctat agcagagata     81480
     gctataatgc catccaaatg ctgccatttc cacaaagctt cttctgtttc tgtttttggg     81540
     cttccaaagg acatgacaca aagagagaag tgcttacaat ttcattttaa ttatgttcca     81600
     gagaattata aaaaaatata tagtttttag gcattagata aaggacagct tccagaatct     81660
     ctcccagtcc agcactggat ttggctaaaa actcctccaa ccacaataga ctaagctgta     81720
     gattgtgagc cataacctgt aagtattttt tttttttgtt taaattgatc tattacatgt     81780
     atagggtcta gagttaagtt agtatgttgt agcaaggacg taaacaactg gaaatgctgt     81840
     ttggcacagc taacaattta gctacaaatt catatttatc agtcaaaacc ctgtaaacac     81900
     ccacaatctt gaccagcact gtagtgtctc tctatgcagc cgctttccct gcgttataca     81960
     tctcaaataa caaactcaca aaagatattt gaacgtttca tattacttac acacccttat     82020
     tcagaatata tgtaaaagac acttgtcaga ttttaattaa gagagcaggc atgaggttcc     82080
     gctgtgtcct cttcattttc tctctgatta aggctcaaac tgatacgact aacagctatt     82140
     ttgactgaca gtacttacgc aacagcaaag cgcatgccat tagcggtgtg atgctttttc     82200
     tggtaacgtg gagctgattc gggaatcaca gcacaatatg ttaaaaaaaa aaaaagtata     82260
     tgcacacatt gctttgcatc ttacaaacac aaccaagcct taaaatacac tctggaccac     82320
     ccctttaaca aaaatataaa aaaaaataaa taaaaattca tgtgattatt ggctaaaata     82380
     tatttgaaat tagtctattt gactacattt ttgttttaat gcattttgtg tattttaaaa     82440
     tgtagtagag aaatcctcaa gcaacaatga acaacaagca gtaagagttg gctgctatac     82500
     agagacgtct tgcctgcaat attgatccca ttagttaatg ttttgatcga atggccctgc     82560
     tgctgacaca tcagatcctg aaagtcaaag cagaaccaaa caaatccgtc atcagggtga     82620
     caacattgac cgaaatcctg agaaaacagt gttagaagtc aaacaacagt ctgacttacc     82680
     acggtgtgac tttcatcact tgtgcaatac agaataatca ggctgaaaag gaagttgctg     82740
     ctccacactt aaccaattat acatgaatcg gttcattcac acatgattgt aaactggttt     82800
     aacggcagac cccttttcac aaacaaatac gcccttatta ttattatata tatttttgct     82860
     gagataaact atgggggctt tccatgaaaa ttcttcagtc aaacatacaa agcgctgttt     82920
     atctggccct gccctgtcca gaggaagccc acaacatccc ccttctccca ccgcccatac     82980
     aatccaggct tttgtcagga aacactgaac aagccagcag acaaggccct gtttggtctt     83040
     catagtcccg ccatgtggtg gaacagagga agttactaat taaatccagt cgctaaacat     83100
     cagcaactgc tctttcacta agtttgacca cttcctttgt gtggattacc atgaggtttt     83160
     ccttaaaata ccataaaatt ctaaatggac ttttgtgaca tctagtctct gtcttttagc     83220
     taatgctaat agtactcaac cactcaataa gtttaaagtg caggggagcc taacatgtct     83280
     tagatttatt cagctgagaa atttacttaa tcttaaaaaa tatgcaaaaa aagatattta     83340
     aaacactttt atggtaaagt gtatggtttt gctaaaccaa aaaagagaaa aaaaaatcct     83400
     ttggattttt ggaaagattt gcatgcagac agcaacattg tcaaaaggct cctcattccc     83460
     atggatgcac aaaaatgact aaatatgctg aattatgcac gccaggccat tggttggtga     83520
     cagggccatt taatcaaaaa aatgtactta aaaaactcct ttgcattttt gaaacgtttt     83580
     ggtaatgggc agcaaacagc aaaatgatcc tcattcacat ggaagtgcaa aaaaattaac     83640
     taaatatgct gtattatgca tttcagtgca gtattagtta ttattattat tattccttac     83700
     atttataagg cacatttcta gacactcaca gcgttttaca catgtttggg gaaatctcat     83760
     ccaacaccag tgtgcagcat ccactaggat gactaacacc acttccgaca gaaacctatc     83820
     tttcccatgt gatctcgcat ccaggtattg atcggacaca gccctgctta gcttcagttg     83880
     gtgaccatgt gagagttgca gagagctagc tgctggcaat ttggtcagta tttggtggtc     83940
     actttgtgca aaaaacacta attatccatg caacactatc ctgtactcca ctattgagtg     84000
     aactcaaaat gtgtttgctt tttgttcaaa ctacctattt aaaatgagct gaaacaacac     84060
     tatgattgag ttttttgtgg ggcaactcaa tggttttatg ttcaatccac ctaaatttgt     84120
     aaaaaactat taagctaact taattccttc atgttgtccc aacacaaaat gattgtgtgg     84180
     aacattttta aagtatactc acacctatat atagaataaa gaaatagttt gcattcacat     84240
     gatgtcacca tatcacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aatggtatat aaacccagtt     84300
     ttaaaatttt aacaagcgag aaatgtcatc ataaattatt tactggagac taactctgaa     84360
     tggatcattt gaatcagtga atcatttact ggagactaac tctgaacgca ctataaaaaa     84420
     tactggctta cacacaattc cttcatgttg tcccaacaca aatcaattat tcattttctt     84480
     ttctgcttag tccttttatc aatctggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaactt atccagcata     84540
     tggattacgt agtggatgcc cttccagctg caacccctca ctgggaaaca ctcatacatt     84600
     ctcaatcaca cacatacact atgtacattt ttagcttacc catttcacct gtaccgcatg     84660
     tctttggact agtgggggga aaccggagca cccggaggaa gcccacgcca acacagggag     84720
     aacatgcaaa ttccacacag aaatgccaac tgaccaagcc gaagctcgaa ccagcaacct     84780
     tcttgctgtg aggcgagagc gctacccact gcatcaccac attgccacaa gtcaattaag     84840
     ttaactgaat tgttttatgt tcaatccact taaatttgtc aaattgatta agttgtccca     84900
     aaaaaactaa taatggtgtt gtttcaactc attttaaagg ttcaggacac cctggagaac     84960
     ttttttttta tattaacaga tttgtgtgtg ttgagcatca gttaagacaa tgttagcacc     85020
     tgtcagcttt aattgtgggg aaaactggat aattttgagc ttttgtaagc taatttcagc     85080
     ttctgggttt aaaatgattt ttggggcggg atcaaaatcg gcgacgtagc gcagtactgc     85140
     aagtgcaatg atgacgcgtc ggtttctcat tattattcat agcggagttt tcttatccta     85200
     tgagaagagc cggctgctta attattcatg agacctgcca gagtcaagcc cgagctgtga     85260
     gacacgtcac ggacccacgg caggggcaca cagtatttag ccgttcatga aggctcatat     85320
     gcgtttgttt ccatgatcca cgcggtttgt tgcatgtttt cccccgcaat cttgtcaggg     85380
     ccgatcatac agcaatgctg tgtgtgtgct gctagcattt ttgccgggag agcagcacga     85440
     gaattgaaga atggcggacg ctgtctttta tcacgagttc attcacattc agacacatca     85500
     ctgtgctgct gtgtttgcct aaatcctcca gattaccagc agatctaacg gttaaaatag     85560
     acaggtcagg agacctgctg cactgagtct gctggatacg gggattgagg gagaagtcct     85620
     catttatagt gtttacatga acacacttat cttaataatt atatatttat attttatatt     85680
     tatttatgtg gttgtgtaaa tgaaattacg aataacaaat gtagcagggc attaaatcac     85740
     tgtttcattt ctttgcattt taaatttgta aactcatgcg tctcctcacg gtttgtctca     85800
     ttttgtgagc tagcttcgtt tgctcacgtt cttccctgct ggccacgccc actcctgccc     85860
     gaagctcgcg gagctccacg cccattaatc atgcatcttt tgaaaaaact ctgaagtaga     85920
     ctttaaccga aagtgggggg tgtcatggcc ctttaaatga gtagtttaaa caagcagcaa     85980
     aagtcttttt ttaaagtttg tatcatttga atgagttgtt gactccgatg aacagagtca     86040
     acttaagtca gagtcagtca agttcacaac ttaaatatta tgtgcaattt gtgaacaaat     86100
     ttaaaaggta aactgcttgt tacctgccat cttgcgtcca gcaagctgac agtttcttct     86160
     tttcaaaata accttttact cagattcatt taagaactgt agtggagtaa aaagtatttc     86220
     gttttggaat gcagtaaagt taaagtttcc taaaataata atactaaagt acagattctt     86280
     aaaatatgta cttaaaggtc ccgtgaagtg ctatgaaatg tgcattttta tttgatgttt     86340
     gacataatct caaccgaatc atgaagaaac ggtgggacct agtgtaactc ctcctccccc     86400
     cctttttttt aaacagtcaa tagcctttcg ttttatcacc actctgccag tgagaggggt     86460
     tgagctcaag cacatcaaat gaaaagcaaa tgagaagcat catgaaggga gcgaggcttg     86520
     tcagatacta gagagcattt gattggctat gtgaggagaa aatgtacagt aggtgagagt     86580
     tcaaagtggc tattaacgcc gcggctggta ccgccgccgt ttgaaatagg tgccgctctg     86640
     tttttagtgt atgaccgcag tttgtgaatg agccgccagg gggcgcaaag ggacgggatg     86700
     cgaacggaca gaaatagatc atacagctac tgtgcttgta aatgatatta aacaataagt     86760
     caaagcatta taattccttc attaatcatt taaaatttgt taacacgctt tattgtaaac     86820
     tttttaagtg caaagaggat tcgttttgga aaatagaatt gaagaagtaa aagacaacta     86880
     aaatgaaagc acaaacattt agtacaaata agtagtctta aataaataaa taaataaata     86940
     aataaataaa taaataaata aagcagccta aatatagaaa gatgttcagt gtttgctatt     87000
     ttgataggac taagacaaga cattttcatt tatgttttat ttctgttttt atttccattt     87060
     tcgttgttga ttatatttta ctatcttatt tatgtctcaa caattgtaca taaacgaata     87120
     ataaacgaat aatgaaaata aatgaataat gaaaataggc ctaaataaat tatttattta     87180
     aagacattgc cgtacagtac gtgaaacact gagaaaaata aattgaccta ccttaagcag     87240
     atcactaaaa gtataataaa attatttttg ccgcaggaca taaattaagt cttgcaggtt     87300
     tatttttaat aatttagttt cagttctgtt catttttttt tcaaaacgtc aatgttctcc     87360
     tttaaagtag ctataactgt tgttttgttt ttttgttttt tttttttact tatggctcag     87420
     tatgttttgt attttaactt catattcagt caccttgcaa atgtgtgtga aatataatgc     87480
     cgcataaccg cggaaaaaga agaaaaaact gtcgaaggtt agagctaatt catcaaaata     87540
     agctatatta aaatacaaca tttatgttaa tacaggcaga gtgtgaacaa actcaaggct     87600
     aagatatgcg cttgcctttt aatgcatttg cggcctttag gctacaggca actatgtata     87660
     ataatgtttt tttttttctt gttttttttt tgtatggtaa aggacaatac acattatgtt     87720
     attgatgtaa acttaggcta aaacttacca ttgataaacg tgacctacct caagcagatc     87780
     acttaaagta taaaaaaata aagtaggcta tatatatata tattcttaat aaacttcaca     87840
     gccacaaata taaaaacaac ttgtattaaa actgggcgag gattagaaag aatacgatgc     87900
     ttgttatata taatttaaat ttttattcca atttctgcaa gcacattttt tcactcgcta     87960
     ctctgccaga aacttcgccg ccggagagca cctcaataat gtaaacattt gtttaaagat     88020
     ggagcgcaag atgtgccgag tggcaacatg tgaagaacga tggcaaagct aagtgtgatt     88080
     attgtaataa actaagttat aaagcagagt cccgaccaac aggactaagc atatgcggtt     88140
     ggctcattct tcacgaatat agaattaaaa taatggcgcg ttaggttaac taagcagcgc     88200
     attctctccg cctcatcgtt taaccagcgg gacacgctgc tgaagcagga gagacactcc     88260
     gtcattcata atcttagctg atgtatcgga gtcgaaagaa tatatcaaag aggaattttc     88320
     ttttaacagt cccgatatgt ttaatctttt tattttattt tttttttcgt gtcatttctc     88380
     ttcagcaaat tagatatttt ttaaagctgc ttgattcttt taaaaccgaa agcagggccc     88440
     atagtgtttt tccataagat actcctttat gaatgtttta atttttttat taaagttttt     88500
     aatgtgcttt ttgatagttt tattttattt caagcagcat ctaaatgcga atttatcctc     88560
     aaaacttggc atgagagcga tgcaagtcat gtgtggcata attgcctttt ttccctgcgc     88620
     gtgcgagatc aatttctgat ctttttgcaa ctaaaatgaa agcataaaca ttcagtacaa     88680
     ataagtagtc ttaaataaat aaataaataa ataaagcagt cttttaacct aaatatagag     88740
     agatgttcag tgtttgctat tttgacagga ctaagacaag acattttcat ttatgttttt     88800
     atttctgttt ttacttaaat tttcgttgtt gattatagtt tactatctca ttttatgtct     88860
     caacaattat agataataat aaacgaataa tgaaaattaa tgaataatga aaataggcct     88920
     agatatatta tttatttaaa gacattgccg acattgagct taagttgaat gcagcttcat     88980
     caaaagcaga aaaaaataaa ataatttgac ctattttaag cagattataa taaaaatatt     89040
     tttgccgcag gacataaatt aagtctagca ggtttgtttt tttaatactt tagtttcagt     89100
     tcagtttttt tttcaaaacg tcaatgttct cctttaaagt agctataact gttgttttgt     89160
     tttgtttttt tacttaatgg ctcagtatgt tttgtatttg aatttgacgc gtcagaaaaa     89220
     aaaaccgctg aatctctgca aatatttggt taacttataa aacaaatgta tggtttagtg     89280
     atgttagtaa tgcatagaaa aatgcaaagc agaattatta aagttattat ttcattgatc     89340
     tgaacataac catttataat ataattacta acccgtcgtc taaaatatta aaataataaa     89400
     atagtctatt attttattca tggctagagc ttgattaaat tgattaacaa gccatgtgct     89460
     tttgtttgtt tgttctcggt actgggtata cgcaaaacat tttctaaaat gtcaagcagt     89520
     atttgtctat agagcagcat tttgctaatt ataatagtcc tttatattta tatacatgtg     89580
     tttttgcata ttcgttattt cacttgatgc attcgttatt taatgtttga atactgaaat     89640
     aaaaagccat cgtttaaaag gttatttcac catcaaaatg tagcctgtta tatgtatcat     89700
     taacgtttta tataaaactg ctgtgcagtg taaatgggac cttaatacag tttaaagcga     89760
     agttgtctgt aaggatgatg ggcatggcat gtctattgtt gtggctcgcg ttgtgaatat     89820
     tagaaaataa ctgtcgggtg aaggctttat ggtcgtgcgg aattgtctgc tgctgtcatg     89880
     gctcagcagg caacacccta ttcagctagg ctatgttcgg tgtttgtatg tacaaattcg     89940
     ttttggcgaa tgctagagcg taatagagat attttaaata acaagtatag ttcagtccag     90000
     aagttgctgt gcatagaaac attcattttc ataaggcccc atttgcggtt tggttttaaa     90060
     acgcataggt tttgctacgg ttacgccatc cgtcctcggg agttttggat tttgtgtaac     90120
     catgtttgtg gaaaacactt gagggtggag acatacccct tcccccgtct cataaccaaa     90180
     agcttgtctt tcaggtgtta atgggcatcg agaccgaagt catgtcgcat ttccactgtc     90240
     ggcctatagc tcgcagcgcg taacgcaaac ccagccccca gaacgtcccc cgagtgttgg     90300
     catagtgcat ccgttaataa ctcggtagaa aatgtatttt ataacatcct catttagaca     90360
     cagtcaaaca ttcagcccaa atgcactgga gagacctgaa acgtgttccc aaaaatgctc     90420
     tgtttgcacg atttgattat tatcatcata tccaaatact ttataaataa tattcttaac     90480
     cttctctggt gtttattgtt tttagaaaat atctaaaatc ttttaaaaga aaatatcttg     90540
     taaaataaaa gtttgatttg gctttaacgg ttttatttat gtataggcct acctaaactg     90600
     ttatagcttg cttttgcttg ttttatattg gtttatttat ttaatgcgat tttattatat     90660
     ccgataatgt aattctttaa attatatttc aatgtggctt aggcttatca agatatgaca     90720
     cttgttttga gtctacaaaa ggtaatttgt aaagtgttat gtctttctgt tgtattcata     90780
     tggtgtatta tctgcaaaat aaataacaaa aagaaagaag ccgctagcag catccacaga     90840
     gctgtgaaga gagcgctctt ttgctcggtc tctcacacac aacctttatg tctgctgtgt     90900
     ctttaatatg gtgtgtagat tattatgcgt tattgaaaca tcaaggggga cgcagcaaaa     90960
     tcacttataa attaaaattg tattattcta tgcaacagcc ttacatttaa aacggaaaca     91020
     taagggcgat tttaagcaaa aagacctcag cctataagtc tagatgtttt cttttccttt     91080
     ttatttattt gtttatttgt ttggcgcatg tgtgcgatag gaaaactata gtgtaattac     91140
     ggcaagccat ctttcccaga ctcggggcaa attcctttca ctccgtcccg aagccccagc     91200
     tggccctcct gccatccact gcgtaaaaca tatgctggat aagttgacgg ttcattccgc     91260
     tgtggcgatc acagactaat aaagggacta aaccgaaaag aaaatgaatg aagaatgaat     91320
     gaataaatta ataataataa aataaaaata aggtaataat aaacacaaat gccgcgtaag     91380
     cggccttttt tttagcgatg gtacatttga attgcctctt cccacttccc ccacctcgaa     91440
     attgaaagtt gcaaagagaa ctcaatagca aagatcatag cccattaaca catcaacaca     91500
     tagtccattt acacatcaac acagtgcaag tttagcggaa gaatgtcaaa tcagaatcac     91560
     gcagatgaag cacaccagct actactatga aactattaaa attgttttgt cataaatttg     91620
     cttatttgca gcagcttttt ttcgcgcaac agaaaagcgg cgttgggaag ccgtcaatga     91680
     ataaaaacag ggtcaatagt gaaaatcggc ttttcattgt atccctatta cctatatcag     91740
     tgcattgaag gccttttatg gtgtcatctc gatagaatag cctaagttat aaataattta     91800
     aagaacaaag ttataaaaac tcacattaca taaataaaca attaaaaata tgtttaggtt     91860
     gtctatttaa ttgccctcgt gatgatggtg tgctttatca ttatgtgcgt tttacttata     91920
     actaacctga tttaaatgat ggatctgcga cagagaaact aggggttttg ggggacatgc     91980
     atcactatat cctttttttc cccaaactgt gcatagttca gctgcaagtt actgtacgtc     92040
     tttttttgga aaagcacccc atgtccgcta gtgccgcgcg cctctttctc tgggcaaaaa     92100
     tgagttgatt tttaaaataa taaatatata gattaattaa attttcagca aaagagacat     92160
     ttatttcata tttcactatg catttcatct gatctttata gcttaattaa acacatattg     92220
     tcaaaaccca cacataggcc tattgtatga aaatgaaaag ggcatttttt gttattatta     92280
     cactactatt tgttatttgt tgcctaggct attttcacat ttgaggtgct ttattggcat     92340
     gacaagtaac tgtacattcg ttttgccaaa gcagtgcgtg tctcacaaac aagacagtgc     92400
     aaaaagggca gtagtgcaaa caaatatgaa aataacatat aggctaataa aaaaatgatt     92460
     aataaaaata aaaatagaat aaaaaataaa aatataataa taaaaataaa aatagatttt     92520
     tgataacatt aaacaggata aaggtaataa tagtagccta ttatcaaaag taagtccaca     92580
     taaagagttc cagtatttgt gtgttggaga caggagcggg tattgttggg tgaacacaca     92640
     gcagcacaca cactccccca gtaagatggg ttctgttcga cagggactca aagttgtttt     92700
     gtatgtgttg gattatcggg tagaatttct cccggatctc ggagtattta gtgcactcgg     92760
     gatatgcagc tccgtctcaa tcagctgctg agggcacagc cgcttctcca ccggcagcca     92820
     tgtttttttt tgtgcgggcc cgtctttacg gctagctgat gtccgctgcc cgcttctaac     92880
     atgttagaaa atactgcaaa tcaagctgtc ggtatctccc cgcggttgaa attgttcgtt     92940
     attccgaaaa aaagaagaag aaatatcagc gcgcagtagt tgctttctag attatttagg     93000
     cctatattca gctgttttaa tcttgcaatt ctgataatta gagataatgt ctgttcaact     93060
     tgtctgtcat ttatttctca tttgctactt attttattaa tttgttgatg ttaatatact     93120
     acatagtctt gtatatgcat atctaaaatc ctttggcatt caaatttgct ttgaacttga     93180
     aagagagaaa gaatcggatt ttacctgtca gagcacattg catatgcttt ttttgaaata     93240
     acatttattt aacaaatatt ttagcacatc gaaagtaatt aaattacctg tcttttgatt     93300
     aaaaccttta tgcaaaaaga tcagaaaaaa aggcaatatg cgacacatga catgcatcgc     93360
     tctcatgcca cgttttgagg ataaattcgc ttttaggtgc tgctttgaat aaaataaaac     93420
     tattaaaaag cacattaaag aatactcata aaataaaacc ttgatagagg agtatcttat     93480
     gaaaaaacac caattgacgg gccctgcttt cggttttaaa agaatcaagc agctttaaaa     93540
     atataatttg ctgaagagaa atgacaggga aaaaaagatt gaacatatcg ggactgtcaa     93600
     aagaacattc ctctttgata tattctttcg actccgacac atcagcaaag attatgaacg     93660
     acggagtgtc ctccactgct tcagtggcgt gtcccgctgg ttataaacga ggaggcggag     93720
     agaatgcgct gcttagtttc ggctcgatat atttaaataa aaactaacaa cgagctgctt     93780
     ataacgctca aaaagttaaa ctcaaatgca caacccttgt tggttgcacc tgcaggatgc     93840
     acaatgaacc taacgcgcca taattttaat tctatattcg tgaagaatga gccaaccgca     93900
     tatgcttagt cagtcctgtt ggtcgggact ctgctttata acttattagt ttattacaat     93960
     aatcacactt agctttgcca ttgttcttca catatagcca ctcaacacat cttgcggtcc     94020
     atctttaatg tttagattat tgaaggtgct attgacgttt tgagaaaaaa ataaatagta     94080
     ctgaaactaa attattaaaa ataaacttgc gggacaaggc aagcacatat cttagccgtt     94140
     tgttcacact ctgcctgtat taacataaat gctgtatttt aatatagctt attttgatta     94200
     attagcttta actgacagcc ttttcttctt tttccgcggt tatgcggcat tatatttcac     94260
     acgcatatgc aaggtgactg aatatgaaaa taaaatacaa aacatactga gccattaagt     94320
     aaaaaaacaa aacaaaacaa aacaacagtt atactttaaa gcagaacatt gacgttttga     94380
     aacaaaaaaa acggaactga aactaaatta ttaaaaataa acctgccaga cttaatttat     94440
     gtaatatttt cattattcat ttattttcat tattcgttta ttattatgta ctataattga     94500
     aacataaaat gagatcgtaa atataatcaa caacgaaaat gtaaataaaa acgtaaatta     94560
     aaaatataaa tgaacatgtc tagtcttagt tctatcaaaa tagcaaaccc tacatctctc     94620
     tatatttaga ctaaaagact gctttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttaag     94680
     actaattatt tgtactgaat gtttgtgctt tcattttagt tgtctttcat ttcttcaatt     94740
     ctattttcca aaacgaatcc tctttgcact taataagttt acaataaacc aggtaaaaaa     94800
     aaaattaaat gtaagttgag gtgatcgcaa gttcacaact gtgaggtgat gtgctctatc     94860
     ggcaggataa tctatattat tttgctgttt ttcatatgcg cacgtttaag atttgagatt     94920
     ataacattgc catgatagtc aaagaaatca aaacattatt ttcaccccaa cgcaatttaa     94980
     tcgggcactg aaggctaata acttaattct tatattagct ttttgacttc tcaccatgta     95040
     tcttttctac agcatagtat agtgtaagag catgtctatt accagaaaaa ctaaattaaa     95100
     attatatttt aattgaacac atcacatcac atacagtaag ctacgcctac agaacagtct     95160
     gtttagcatt gtgaaaaggc aaagctgaat atctgtggtt aaagtgccac ccagcggtca     95220
     aatgctgctg gcgcatcaag caccgccgtc gccgcggcat gaatggcggt acaaggaaca     95280
     cattgaagta gtaacatctg tagtatgagg tgacgtgaat aaaactgttg atcaatttag     95340
     gcggaagtga caaactacaa gctttacatg tttatatcag ttttatatct tataaatgtg     95400
     aaatctgtca ctgttttggg gcacaccagc ttatagatat cctaaaaatg aaaaatactg     95460
     atactaacat ctaaaaaact ttatttcaat tttattggac ctttagtcaa gtacaaattc     95520
     atactgtatt gttgctgtcc accactgaat ggaagtcact ggagttcaaa ccaaacactg     95580
     aaccccattc actgtccctg tatgaaataa tgtctctggc aaaagaaata aagtcacgag     95640
     tttgaaaacc acgaggacag aattgtcatt atttggggat gtactgtgtc tttaatagtt     95700
     ctgatgcaag taaacgctat gagctattag ctctccattc tcatgcagtg tttatataag     95760
     ggtttctcgg tttatttaca catgctggat catatgagtg aaatcacctg ggccacagag     95820
     tcacagtttg tgttactcag cagtgacgct cagccagagg gggcagggaa gggaaactgt     95880
     gaggcttagc caaggaaatg gaggaagctg tcgaaaggaa acaaaaactc ccatctgcct     95940
     ccattttttt gttgttcgat ccgaatgtga ttcactggtt cttcaactga atatggaaac     96000
     actggcaagt gggtgacagt ggattgctcg gtcagagtga gaaatgcacc cctgctttta     96060
     ctgttacttt ttactcacac aggcttagtc aaaacaaaca caccgtcagg ttatgagagt     96120
     tgtggaatat ttatgagaac aagtcagatg cgtgagttaa aaagcgagac tttcaattca     96180
     tacttccgtc atggtttaca agcttttggg ttggatttaa tcagtatttc tttttcactt     96240
     ctgttcacca aggctcctct taattagggt gagcagaatt ccagttttac ctgggacagt     96300
     cccatactgc aactctattt ttagtgttct gactcattat aatttagttt tttcccgtat     96360
     ttgatttttc ttaaaaaata gttcccctaa aataaaaatc ctctctcaag tggttgtaaa     96420
     gttttaagaa ttcatttctt cttttgaaca caaaacaaga tattctaaag aatggtggaa     96480
     aaatacataa acaactattg acatccatag taggaacaaa aaatacagtg gtagtttatg     96540
     taaaaacaca gtcaatggaa gtttaaaaaa aatattggcc taccatcgaa ggctttaaga     96600
     ccaagcagaa tcctcatttg gctgttactt cagcatgact gaagaaagtt aaattagctg     96660
     gtcagtttgt gttagcccaa taaatgaaaa taggctagtt tttaatttaa aacttgaata     96720
     gcatcaattt ttctaatgat aaattatgta atcaatttgt atttgaaaaa taagtcttat     96780
     tctcatattt tttttcttca aaaaaatctt tatgaaatgt ttttggtaca tcaaaaagtg     96840
     tggttgatga ccatccagga aaaaatagtg cttaaaaagt atttaaacct tataattaaa     96900
     taggaaatga ggcaaataac tgcaaaaaag gtccatatta taatgaaaag tgtatataaa     96960
     tattacattt attacataca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata atacacacac     97020
     acacacacac agttgaagtc agaattatta gcccccctga atttttagac cgcttgtttt     97080
     atttttttcc ccaatttatg tttcaaggag agcaaatttt ttcaacacat ttctaaacat     97140
     aatggtttta ataactcatc tctaataact gatttatctt atctttgcca tgatgactta     97200
     tattttacta gatatttttc aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt     97260
     aactaggtta attaggttac ctaggcaggt aagggtaatt aggcaagtta ttgtataaca     97320
     gtgttttttt cagtagatta tcgagaaaaa atatagctta aacgggctaa taattttgtc     97380
     cctaaaattg tgtttaaaaa attacaaact ccttttattc tagccgaaat aaaacaaata     97440
     agactttctc cagaaaaaaa aatattatca gacatacagt gaaaatttcc ttgctctgtt     97500
     aaacatcatt tggaaaatat ttaaaaaaga agaaaaaaat gtgaaggggg ctaataattc     97560
     tgactttaac tgtatatata cacacataca gtatgtagtc aaagccctct ttttaatttt     97620
     attttctttg attttttttt cttttttttt tatatttccc aaattatgtt taacagagca     97680
     aggaaatttt cacagtatgt ctgataatat ttttcttctg aagaaagtct tacttgtttt     97740
     atttcggcta caataaaagc agtttaataa ttcagggggg ctcataattc tgacttcaac     97800
     tctatatgga tataaataga ccataggggg tgcataaaat atactacgca cacctacttg     97860
     ttatgaaacc ctgtgcattt gattgtgatt aagaaaagaa gttaatctga taccatgatt     97920
     aaagtcaatg aaaaatgcat cagtgtaagt cttgaataat gcaaagaaac agaatccttt     97980
     gatatgataa tgggtcaaaa tgctaatttg tctttttttt ttaaccatgt attaaatgta     98040
     cttaaaagtt agaatgtctt tgttcaatgt tttgtagtat tatttcttat aaatttaaag     98100
     taaaagaaaa taattcgtca tgataatctt ttcacctgaa aattaaaggt taaacatttt     98160
     gactaagaag atccaacttc atcagaataa gtaactttaa tatatctgta gtgtaacttt     98220
     aattattttc taatattttg gggagaacat aattctattg ttatgataat ccaaaaatca     98280
     gaagatacta acttcagctt catcaaaata agtaacttta atatatctgc tgtagtaaaa     98340
     cgtttttttt atttttttat tttttatttt aattatgttg ttcatgtcat tccaaacata     98400
     aatggttgtt gtttgtggaa aacaatgttc atgttaatta aaaatgttca ttcattgagt     98460
     ttgcggttaa gcttaaaaaa tgcctcaaaa atccagtgat tccaataaat aattcactat     98520
     taaaaaaaaa taacaaaagg ttcatgaatg tgagttttgt gttttgacat ttaactagga     98580
     gagagtgaat aaatgaagaa ctatccaatt atgcagttaa aggattttct cttggttgag     98640
     aatgaaaagg tctctgttat tccagctcct gattaaatac aggctgatcc agcactcctt     98700
     taaatctttc agctgggtga catcattaga cctgaactac atagtattta aattgtgtaa     98760
     cactagagct ctcaggatgt cagatacaga taaaaacgtt aaacttggtg ctgcatttca     98820
     cattgtgtgc tattaactca atcaatcacg tgcatctaat tcacgtgttg aactagatta     98880
     catcgaccag tggcgaggct acagagaggc cactgaacca ctcagatgac tgctggtcag     98940
     acgagccaaa taattttttg ttttgggaaa tgcactgaaa tgcatacatt taggcaacat     99000
     ttttgtcacc ttgcagaaat aattattttt gcataaaatg tgtctttagt gtgagccgat     99060
     catgcagttg tgttcttgtt tttcatgttg atcgctaaat gcaagagctg tcagtctgaa     99120
     ggattaatcc aatacaagtg tgttcctgca ataaaacagt tcctaatagg ttcttactca     99180
     ccgtctccac ccacctgagg tgcagtttct attggatcaa tgtactaatg ttttaaaatg     99240
     acattatcat cttcatcatc aacaacataa tcattatcat gaagtgatca catcctagat     99300
     gtagtgcttt agcaatgtac ttaggattat ctcaagattt gagtgccaag ttacatttcc     99360
     ctaatgttct cagtcgattt taaaaacatt attgtggaag ataatagaac attcaaaaca     99420
     tccattttgt tttcattcaa ttttctttta ttcgaaagat tatgttaata tattgttata     99480
     ttaatgttat cagaatgtta tttaaatagc taatagaaca ttccattcat aatgtatatt     99540
     cagttgaagt cagatttatt agccctcctg aattattttt gccccaattt ctgtttaaca     99600
     catttctaaa cataatagtt taataactca tttctaataa ctgatttatt ttatctttgc     99660
     catgatgaca gtaaataata tttgactaga taattttcaa gacacttcta aacagcttaa     99720
     agtgacaagt aaaggcttta ctatgtaggg taattagcca agttattgta taacgatggt     99780
     ttgttctgta gactattgaa ataaaatata gcttaaaagg gctaataatt ttgaccttta     99840
     aagatttttt tattaactgc ttttattcta gccaaaataa aacaaataag actttcttca     99900
     gaagaaaaaa ataatttcag acatactgta aatatttcct tcctttgtta gacataatct     99960
     gtgaaacatt taaaaaagaa ataaaaaatt caaagagggg cttacttcaa ctgtaaatat    100020
     atattttcta tcaaatttac aagaatgttc cacaaaattt atttgaatca gtttgcatgc    100080
     taacatttat acaactttta agtgttaaag tctagatagg atatatggcc ggccgcaagt    100140
     gtgacatgca catcaatcaa gcagcatttt tttgacactg tataacaata attaatattc    100200
     ttttagtact gtgatggttg ggtttagggt tatggtaggg gttaaaaaaa ataaattttt    100260
     gggtggttta atagataaca taaataatac tcggtacaac tactgtttta cgttactgtg    100320
     acgtttgggg ttatggatgg ggtaggggta gactttatta aaatacaata aattggaaat    100380
     ttaataaata atataaatat tttttgttaa cttccggccg caaccatatc tgatttagca    100440
     acaacccttt taaggcccaa tcccaattat atttttgtac cccaacccct tccccttggc    100500
     ccttacaacc aagggttaag gggaaggcct caaaataatt acccctaata attgagacag    100560
     cactacagca cctgcacatc atcacatgtc attgcgcttt caagcttcat ataagatcag    100620
     atgatagcga tggctgtagt tattccagtt gtggtatttt ttggtatttt caggaaatca    100680
     ctgaaggcat atattaagtt atcataacga tctaatgtgg ccatattcat ctatgtaaac    100740
     acacaaaaac aacactaaca ttatagcaga cactgtaaaa agctcattcc cagccactag    100800
     acttttctga caggatattc gagagtcaga atgttgtgaa actgctatac aggaggtatt    100860
     attatggatt atagattgtg aaatttagcg gtttatttag ctttttttta agcatgaagg    100920
     taaaacacaa acgcggtaat gaatatatta aaaaatgttt gtttgttgta aaaattcgta    100980
     ataatgacaa aaaatactaa tttgtggatc tccttacttt cgggtttagc aatactgccg    101040
     ttgcagctgg tgcattctgg gaaattttct taccccttgg tttcgagtgt ggtcctgaaa    101100
     aaactttgtt caaagggcta ttcacccctt ccccttagcc ctacgccttc aagctaaaga    101160
     gaattgggac acccctaccc cttggcgtga acgcgaaaaa cgagtggtag gggtaagggg    101220
     aagggctaag gggtagaatt gggattgggc ctaagtaact ttactgaata ttttttgaac    101280
     tttctctgtc agctgggtca gtgttaatgt tttaaaaagc agatatttgt gtcaaataag    101340
     gtggagaaac agggccacac tcaccatgga ccagcagcag tttaaaagtg tctaccagca    101400
     gaaacaaata tttcttctct gtaaagttca ctcgaaaata acttcatatt gacctgatca    101460
     tgttcagcac aacgtcacac caactcaaca tcacttcaat tatatcgtat tcttaaatat    101520
     ttgggtacca tttgattaca aacactcctt ttcttcagaa gtagttctgt gtatgaatct    101580
     gctcacagat tcccagaaaa gcaagttctt cctctttaag cactgtttat ttatgtttgc    101640
     cccctagctc tcaaaggtct tgccttttca actgcctcca tcatgtgtgt tttttttgct    101700
     tgacagcact tttgaaactc cactagtttt ctgacatgct tcattcgaaa catgtccaga    101760
     catgcttaag tacatctgtc gtttatttgc aacttcctca caattgtcct tgtgttttgc    101820
     ttgactaaga acaatggggt tgagcatgtg gaaagatatg catttattgc aacagcgaaa    101880
     tgtccatcag atacgtacag ggagattgtt tcaggtgatt ctcacatgga acgcaaagat    101940
     attctttcct aaaaagacat agctagtcat ggtttcgtga gtcagaggtg cgattcatga    102000
     gcagcttgtg tttgaacctg actgcaggcc tcttttcctc tcgattgcag tggaaacaga    102060
     tggaaacaga tggctctgcc tgataccacc cactggcaac cagagatcag caccttttcc    102120
     tctctatgag acaagagatc agtggaatac actaaatccc tttatgatgc agttccattg    102180
     cactattgga aacaaggata ttttccaaag aaggaaattt tgtgttgctt tcaacaagtc    102240
     tcttccacca cactgaaaaa aatgattcat tggaaattac tcaatttttt ttacgcaagt    102300
     ggtaaattat atgggctgaa tttaaacttg caaattattt ttagtaattc attaattcat    102360
     tttcttgtcg gcttatgcct agttcagact gcgtgatttt tagccccgat tttggctcgc    102420
     cgacaggttt tgagaatcgc cgacaaatgc ctgaaatcac aggcaaattg ctgctcatgc    102480
     acgtgagtga caatcacaca gtatgagcta tcaaagacgc gatctgaaag aatcgccgat    102540
     gagtcgccga tgcctgcgag atatttgaga gggtgctcgc tgcagagcca tttgaggaga    102600
     gctgagctcc agcgaggggg agcatgagct gtcgctcctc ctcctgtaag ctgttttaat    102660
     gcgtacaaca accccacccc taaccctacc cccagtgaca tcactcgtag aagaagtgca    102720
     aaagaggtgg agctcaagct taagctcccc atcgctggag ctcagctctc ctcaaatggc    102780
     tctgcagcga gcaccacttg agatatttgg catgctaaat atctggagct gtcagcgatt    102840
     caaatcatgc cgtgtgaatt aagttttgac tgaaaataac atcagcgatc gcctacagcc    102900
     aatgagagag cagcattcac ttgtgtgtgc gtgtgtgtat acctgctgca ggccagcggg    102960
     aggttggggg agaagttaaa agcgctctgt ttcggtttat ttagacccac gaaatgcagg    103020
     aaaaactagt ggaggtttga caggactcag gagcaaccgt gtctgtttga cgtttcatac    103080
     agaaagaaat tagtttatta tcaacgttga ggagaaatgg ctaattccct ttaaacccag    103140
     gtgagcaaat atgtacattt tctaccccat taaaggcttc ttactcatta tgtagttaat    103200
     aacaaaagat atactacgtg tttttggctg tgagacgtag tttggacgaa cttgtcggcg    103260
     agtcatgcaa tgtgaaagtc cctgtcgccg atccatcttg cagtgtaaac aaagcagcga    103320
     cgaaacgcta gcccagatag tcatgcagtg tgaaaacatc tgtgacacga ttactttaaa    103380
     aatcatgcag tctgaactcg gcattagtcc ctttattaat ccggggtcgc cactgcagaa    103440
     tgaaccacca acttatccag caagtttttt acacagcgga tgctcttcca gccgcaaccc    103500
     atctctggga aacatccaca cacactcata caccacggac aatttagcct acccaattta    103560
     cctgtaccgc atgtctttgg actgtagggg aaacctgagc acagaaacgc caactgagcc    103620
     ggggttcgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact gcgccactgc    103680
     ctcaccttat atttatatta tagattattt acaaacgctt accttaaaaa aatttgcaaa    103740
     tccagttaat cttttatttt gtgcaaggct gcatgcttga ttaaaaaaac atacactacc    103800
     tgacaaaagt cttgtcccct atttaagttt taggaacaac aaataataac ttgacttcta    103860
     gttgatcagt ttaatgccag aagtagctca tatgaaagga aaaggcctct agattactct    103920
     aaatttacta taataaaata tgaataccat ttcacaattt tacagttaaa gtaactaggt    103980
     taatttatta aataataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata    104040
     taataataga ctaacttatc tcaaacgttt gactggtagc atatgctaca ggaaaaaatg    104100
     cattggacat cagccacagt tgttaagttg ataagccaat caggccacag tggaaggtta    104160
     aaataaaaag gctttccatg actacaagta agttcgtggc agaaatccag gttgttcaat    104220
     gctgtgtgtg aatgattgcc tggcttgttc agcacgcctg cccatgtagc ccattttgaa    104280
     aataatttac ggcttctgct tagagatgcg ctcgcaacag agaacatgaa ccacttagtg    104340
     acaacattac ttgagcagag agttgctcat tggaatacta caatattcat atattttact    104400
     ggagcttcta aacgggtaag gacatttagg gtaacattat cgggacagtg aatgctacat    104460
     attacagaaa taacttttaa acgttttttg cagtgatttt ggcagtcaaa ttaatgcttc    104520
     tcttctgttt taatagactt taattttaca tattggaaat atatagagga aatttaccta    104580
     gtgattattt tattggatcc ttaatatatt aaaaccactt accacgttta ctgcttccaa    104640
     acttttacta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    104700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattgc    104760
     attaatttgt atatttattt ctatgatttc tgttattttt aatgtatgtt ttcttctgac    104820
     aaaatgtgta gaattaaaag tgccattgat taccctgatt aaataagtta agttgttctc    104880
     tgatgaagta ggtatgtggc ttaggtcagt taaaaaattt gatttgataa tttattagca    104940
     taggacttac cccaagaata aaaagctcag ttttgaccat atttagaatg gtcatgaata    105000
     ttaatgagct tagatctgac gctctgcagc ttatctcagg gccaacactc tctctccaat    105060
     tacaaagatg tattaagagt tgtatttttc agtttaaaag acagaggtcc ctcgttattc    105120
     gtggaggtta tgatctaaaa ataacctgca ataggcaaaa tctgccaagt agtcagcttt    105180
     attttatttt acaaatttta tacattaagg ctgtaaaacc cttctctaca cactttacat    105240
     gtttttcaga cagccaataa cattttcata cttttctctc ttgtttaaac tcaaagttca    105300
     aacttttgta gaaaaataag tccagtttta tagaatgaat ccaaagatca aaacctgtta    105360
     aggcgcaaac attcattact gacttgtggc accggtgtgc ataccctgat ataaacctat    105420
     ggatacaatt ctaaaatgca tgatgctgtg tggcacagcg catctggttt ttgaacacct    105480
     ttacgatggt cttgatgcat acgtttacaa ctcttattgc atccttgttg gaaatcacac    105540
     tgcaagcgac ccaatttttg ttaattttgc aagctgaatg cattctgtat tgtacagaag    105600
     acatggagaa gattgattga caatggtcta cagccaatca tgacacagaa cacaatatgc    105660
     tgtaaaaaaa aaagcacgta aaattgcaca cacaaaaaat ctgcaaaact gcgaaacggc    105720
     gttataacga gggaatacag tatatgaaga caaacatttg cattaataga tgaattttct    105780
     aaagtttact gccatccttt cactcaagaa aatcacataa gagctaagtg atgtgacaca    105840
     aacacacgtt aaacagttta catgtttttg ttgccttgtt acaaatgggt acacgagtct    105900
     gttgcctcat tacaaatata cgtggcaaat ttcacatgtt aaattaacaa aagatacatt    105960
     taaacagaat atatgcctat tcaatgtcat gtatggccac cttctttaca aaactgctcc    106020
     tttttagtct ctatgaactt agaaaaataa aatcaggaaa aaatattgtt gtaatatcat    106080
     taggaaatac tgttgccaat aaaactgtgc ctgggatgtg cacattatcc tgtgtgcatc    106140
     gtcagagtct gtatttttta atacttttta ccaggatttt attgacctta ttctccgcag    106200
     acgagtgggc gctgccattt gaatcttttt ggcacaagac ttccggtctc attcacttcc    106260
     attcattttt agacattaaa aactgctcgt ttcgctgttt gatgttgcaa actaatattt    106320
     ccttgttata ttattctact tggtctgtat agtcatgcaa acatttgttt gttgagcaag    106380
     tagtttgacc gttttttgcc gtttattatt ccttgtcatt tctcccatag gcgactgaaa    106440
     cggaagttct aagacaatcg caaaaacagg cgcacttccg cattttagaa taaggtcaat    106500
     actcaggatt tacatgagaa caagtaaaca atggtgtttg aggctcacag tatgtaattt    106560
     ccttgtactg gactcttact attcagctat gcccatgtat atccagactt tcattctatg    106620
     tcacctttag gaaatatgaa aactcattca ttcattcatt cattcattca ttttccttca    106680
     gcttccttca taagaggtca ccacagcgga atgaacagcc aacttatcca gcatatgttt    106740
     tacacagcgc atgtccttcc aactgctact cattactgga aaacatccat acactacggc    106800
     cagtttagtt tattcaattc acctatagtg catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccagag    106860
     aaccggaagg gaaacccatg ccaacacagg gtgaacatgc aaactttaac tgacccagcc    106920
     gggactcgaa ccagcaacct tgctgagaag ccacagtgct aaccactgag ctaccatgtt    106980
     gctcaaaata taaaatcaga tacttaaaaa cacacaaaaa aaaaaaaaat caaatgcctt    107040
     tatcagctat tagaacactg attgaggttt ttggaaaagc ccgttaaaac cgtctggctt    107100
     aagtgccaga ttagtgtgtt tattgttacc gctcatttcg tgaatgtgac ggtaaagatg    107160
     tgctcattaa atgggtttct tggactgacg ttgtacaaca gcttgtgttt tttttctagt    107220
     gactcaatca tgaacgtctc attcttactc tcggttctac ccatacacta cctgtatttt    107280
     catgtgtttc aagcacactc atcaatcgtt gtgactcttc tgtgcgcaca atggtaattg    107340
     tggttgtata taaatgtttt attatgtctc cacagtgttg ttgtgccaaa gactttgtat    107400
     tgcagaggaa gaaaaaaagc gggaagtgta tctgaggtgt gatacactat tgactcagtc    107460
     tgaagacctg aacaacatcc cacagtaaag acaggaggga acttccctga ctgttttgat    107520
     caagaaacat gtatacatta aaagcacctc attctcttta ggaagctctt tgggtctgct    107580
     tccaagaaac agatgaaacc aggtgcccca gctcaaatca atttgaatgc ttctgaattg    107640
     ctatcaaatg caatttaatc tgggtttgga gtaaagctgc gtctggaaaa ccattccttt    107700
     gagtgtgggc gaagaaaccg ttcaaactga aatttatatc ctcttggtta tgaaatgtta    107760
     tcatgagaat aaaacctcag caaaagagat tcataaaagc aattttcttt cgccaaataa    107820
     ggtctcaagg gcattttcag acaagaaatt agtcatttta atggacatgt ctaatgtaga    107880
     tcagctccaa acagaagttt aatggtatat ttttctccac tatttattta tttgaataaa    107940
     atctcaagag ccttttttca ttcatgaaaa gaatctgttt aacagacatc taacactaaa    108000
     aaaatattta tttattgcat attgaggccc tacatcctaa ctatatctat gacttaaact    108060
     cttgaactca tgtgacctca tttactgagt cctgtgggta attcacagta gatgatgcct    108120
     tttcagccct gatgacttac tacagatctt acaaatagga ttctcaactt ttcttaaacg    108180
     atttcataat tactgtagtg taaaaaaaaa tcataaagtc atcagccaat ttgcttgttt    108240
     ttattcatca ctattacact gtaacggcta atgtcgaaat ctatcattcc gacacactac    108300
     tggtgtttat tatattgaaa gaaaaagaag cacaatttat acttgcactt ttttttaatt    108360
     ttcttaaaca gtaaaattta gttttttggc ataatcaaca agaatgctga aagtaaataa    108420
     ttctttaaca ttcagaatat aagagagttg cacacagtat ggtgcttcag gattagtatt    108480
     gataaataac tattgttaat cgcaaatatt ggattgtggt agtggtttga gaacaaataa    108540
     gaaacactca ttttaataac ttgtatgtat atacctgttt tgcaccatga ggttggttat    108600
     taattgtaca gcccaatgtt gatcgcttct gttcacatta gctcaatata ttttattgag    108660
     gtgtgagcct aaactggtct cacgtttcgg ttcagtttgg ttacaatttg gtttaatttg    108720
     atattttggt gcataatggt gccttgatga tgccttccat aaacaactag attgtacttc    108780
     acagcgcaac aattcttgta cttaatcgta taaatatata tttatatatt atgtgtaata    108840
     caattttgtc ctttaataaa aacagtcaga acggtacctt taaaaactca agtactcatg    108900
     cacagaacaa catgagtagt gagtttgtgt tttaagcgtt tttaagttgg agtgttttca    108960
     ttacttgcgg tcgtcttcct cgtcatagta aactaccgca atatagcaca tatgtgataa    109020
     atgaggcgat gcagtggcgc agtaggtagt gctgtcgcct cacagcaaga aggtcgatgg    109080
     gtcgagttta tgtgtgcagt ttgcatgttc tccctgcatt cgcgtgggtt tcctccgggt    109140
     gctccggttt cccacacagt ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt aggctaaatt    109200
     gttcatagtg catgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatgtgtgtg tggatgtttc ccatagatgg    109260
     gttgcggctg gaagggcatc cgctgcgtat aaatgtgcta gataagttgg cggttcattc    109320
     cgctgtggtg accctggatt aataaaggga ctaagctgac aagaaaacga atgaatgaga    109380
     taaatgacag cattacataa ccagttaggg tctattacag aaccgacacc aaattggtcc    109440
     atgtctgcag aagaaacaat aaattttgac acccctagta ctcttaaaac agttaatagg    109500
     ttaatagtgg aatttgtaca gaataactac attgcccatg atgatataca gaaaattcca    109560
     ccaatcaggg aggcgcagtg agcaaagcac agcaaaatag atatttagct ccacccattc    109620
     ctataaagca gtgtcaatga tgtcggtata taaaacgttc tcaaaataca tttgtatatt    109680
     tatgaagata tgcatagatt agataaatga actagataaa tcagcaactt tttatagttt    109740
     gaatttcact gttgtttatc atttgcaatg caatacgggt attgtttctt tgggattgat    109800
     tcagtccctt attgaatctg ttacagtctt accttgtctg attccatata ctttgcttaa    109860
     aatgaaagat tgtgttgtgt ttacctcaga tgtttttaat ccttatggta aaaatatttc    109920
     cagcacaaac actgctgaaa acagacttta atgcactcta aacctgcttt ttgtcttttt    109980
     ctttttacct gcacaaatag ctagaagcaa atgataaggg aaattaattt ttctgaacac    110040
     tataaaataa aataaattaa ataccactgg cactacacca ccaccataca atgccattat    110100
     tatttgtcac tttctgaaca agacttactg atgtgtctcc tcgcagattc cttcaccatg    110160
     tccaaccagc ctctgccact ctctcaggag actttagccc aattcaatcg ttcccagtcc    110220
     acagaaccag aacccccagg acctcctagg cgtcgtctgg cctccatttc cactcgacga    110280
     agctctaaag accagtctaa agaccacccg caccccagac cactgttcat ccgggccatg    110340
     acgggtcttt cctccgagtc ctcgttcatg agtcccagcg tgagcacctc tcacatgtcc    110400
     atgggcaaac gcttctcctt cgcgggctgg catcagggcg gaagggtgag tttttcggga    110460
     ctgtaccttc agcagcccat tcaggaagtg tatgtggaga acacctacag aacagggccc    110520
     gaaccgggct gccgcttcag cgccagaagg acccagcaga tcttacaggc aactctggat    110580
     gcgtatttgg aaggtgtttg ttacagtgct gacagttgca gccagctttg tcagatgttg    110640
     gcggatctgg tgctcagtaa gctgaaagat gtcaatccgc cacggtataa actcgtgtgc    110700
     caggtggtgg tcgggcagag cggtgatcat ggtgtaaggc tggccagtca gagcctgatt    110760
     aatccaaata ctgacaacta cacatccgcc gttttccaaa accactcact gttcgctgtg    110820
     gctgtggtac acggagtgta ctatgagtga attccaaatc atcctaaatt tactttaaaa    110880
     ataatgtgct ttaaatctca aatataggct ataatatatt tcttacaata attagtaaat    110940
     atacacattc acaccaattt atgaaattct gatttgcttt taaatcttaa atatatattt    111000
     aacatacact aataattaaa atagtttgta ataattcaaa tataaggtcc tgttatggtc    111060
     catttatatc attaattata atatgagcat tcacaccaat atttgatacc attctgatta    111120
     taatgaacac aatgtagttt tgtccactta aattctcact ttctccagat ttattgttgg    111180
     agttaaatta aagggcaact attttatctt ttcttcaaga tttttatata agtgtgtctc    111240
     cagagtgtgt ctgtaaagtt tgctcagatc acccatcaga ttattgggct ctatgcacgg    111300
     cggcgcgtga cgcatttccg gtaaaattta agaccccgag cctacttccg ccgatcgtac    111360
     agtacagtac tacaacagga gcgctactga taaaaacgag taatgttttg gacagttgtc    111420
     ttaatgtttt atgccattat agcccactta tatatgttta tgtcagctac ataaatatga    111480
     catctaaacg tttaaaagtg tcattttaaa gacgtgagaa cagtttttgt agataccact    111540
     gctgtgttca gcaatgcaca gcgtcagaaa ttgaactctt accttagttt ccacacgttt    111600
     ccaaacgaca aagtcgtgca gaagaggtgg gttgttgata ttaaacgtga gaatttttac    111660
     agaaacagaa aaaaactaga gtgtagctga caatttcagt ctaactgatc gaggctcgag    111720
     tgccaaacgg atgcagacat ttgaagaaag gagcttttat ggcaaataat agtttgtttt    111780
     cattgccttt gaagtaaaaa aactgaacat taatatacat aaacatttct taagctactt    111840
     tctaagtgca atttttaaat tcagaataaa gacctttatt ttattcactg tacatataaa    111900
     atataattca ctgtatataa tttaaattaa aattgtcaaa aaaatgtaac attttgaaaa    111960
     aaatatttta ttcagatgaa cagaaacaat gacattgaat cagttgtttt cttgaatcag    112020
     gtgcttcttc tgtaacttgt gcatagagag gtatttgggt ttatacgtat taaataaata    112080
     aataaatcac ccatctgttt catggaacct aacacataat tgatccattc caaacaattg    112140
     ttcatgttac aacacacatt acacatttca gagtaatggg ctgtctggta aagcaaagca    112200
     accaaatgtt tgcatatccc actctcagcc acacaagagc aggagctatt aactagcaga    112260
     cgatggcatg gatcttctga cggatgtccg ctccaggatg aagtaacaca taaaattttc    112320
     tagctctgaa tctcataatg ttacctagaa aacagaaaca agaatattaa taggttttta    112380
     aagagagtca ttaaaggcag ttcactcaaa actgaaaatt ttattttctc atccttcact    112440
     tgttccaaac ctgtttgagt ttctttctga tgtttaacac aaacaaaaat actttgaaga    112500
     aagctggaaa cttgcaacca ctgatattca tagtagttct ttttcctact atggaagtca    112560
     atggttacag gttttcagct ttcttcaaaa tatcttcttt tgaaaggcat ctgcagcaat    112620
     atcatcagat taaactacac agtaaattat taatttaaat tatttaaaag tagctccctt    112680
     tagtcacact ttaaaataag gtttcattag ttaatgtatt tgctcactat taaaataact    112740
     atttaatagt tagcattgtt aaactaattt actaatgaat aaaaatccaa agtcatgctt    112800
     gttaacatta gctattacat tgtgagttaa caagcacaat gaataagcat ttgttcatta    112860
     acataaaaaa actaataaat attgcaatag acaaattgtt gatgttaaat taactaatga    112920
     caccttattg ttttgggtca ccctcccatt taattacaat gttatcgact aaatagaaag    112980
     catgctatct acactgtttc actgcatctg tcatctccac tgtttcagca ataaatctca    113040
     gcattgacac agtgctattt gtctgttgtg gatggaacgg cattgtatta ttttattcct    113100
     aatatatctt gctcaataat catgcttaca agctaagaca gcatctgtgt ttctgtaatt    113160
     atccgaactg aacagtggtg gtcactttag aacagtaaaa gtatgaatgg gacagaactt    113220
     gtatgctgtc ctactctcag ctggtgagga gactccgatt tcttcataga tctatcggta    113280
     gtaatgagct ctcactgaga tcttatttct gccctgtttt tacctgacac tatgagacag    113340
     aattacgtac acatatgatt atttttactt acgtgataaa gctgccgatg gacggatcgt    113400
     aagagtatta acgctaaagt tagccttcag gctagctgaa cttaccttca taattgcaca    113460
     ggtaggaaga tgcataaaac ttgaaacctt tctcaagctt tgctctgcgg ggttgtagaa    113520
     cacatccgga caatcatttg cacatcgttg accataattt actcgcaaac agcgagtaaa    113580
     tattgacgac tctgccataa tactgtttac cgccgcttaa aatcacccag accggaagct    113640
     ggaccgcggc cttagacaaa acgcggaagt aatgcgtgca tataggccaa ttcattatgc    113700
     ttttaagaat attgtgattt tctgctttga acacaatgta gctgtttttg tgtggggttc    113760
     tccccaccca ccattcccat gtgcctgtca gagtgagtgt gcctcaatgt ccgcctcggc    113820
     tgcctcagat aaacagcaca gtgacagaca tgaacgaaac cgatctcttg taccgtttgc    113880
     gagaaataca acattaagaa ctttcccaag gattatttga tgtatttgtt gtggagttaa    113940
     ttcaagcctt tctgtaacag tgagtcacaa acaatgtcgt tacaaagttc atgcacgcac    114000
     acatacacag tgctcactta actttgtact gtttttgcat ggctaacgtg acagtataca    114060
     tgttaatatc catgatacca gtagcacaca tcctgtcttg tggatatgat tatacatgtt    114120
     aatacagagc gatggtaata cgcagctgtc aatcaatgga cctcaaaatg ggagggattt    114180
     ggatcctatt taaccattat gaaatttgct gaaaaaatat actatactta cagttctgtc    114240
     caaacagctt ccaaaagatg attttcatta taggtgctct ttaaatgttt tattctataa    114300
     actactgatt acatttccta cagatttgaa attacaatta tgtctttgag cattctcatt    114360
     tcatatttag tggaataaac aaaacccaat tacttacttt tttttttcag acttaaaaca    114420
     aaaaaaaaat taattaaaac acgacacaaa atatgtattt tcaataaact ttattccccc    114480
     cgctctccca atacataaaa agtgatcata ctgaacattt cccagtgttg acaccgtaca    114540
     attatcttac gtcaataaat aaaaaactat aaataaaaaa ataaatagaa cacgtgccac    114600
     aattaattaa taatactagt taggatttgt ctgagagggt aatggcttta acaatgttgg    114660
     ttttcagaac acttgtttaa cacttacagc catggtcaca gttttgagga cattatgatt    114720
     acctattata aatggagcat gtcaagtaaa caaagctgga ggcacactga atacatagtc    114780
     tatttttttc tcctcaagta cagacattaa ggatataatc acttttaaga gcaaaaagct    114840
     tatatcaggt gtgtatttgt agtgtttctt tcccaactcc tgcctaattc gcttggaaaa    114900
     ccgaagacta tataaaggcc ctctctcatt ccctttgtga cttaagcttg agattcaggg    114960
     ccatcgatgt tgttattatt tattattatt attaattatt gcacagagga atccatcaga    115020
     aaggcacttt tttcagtcac ttccactcca aactgctcct ccatgaattc cagttccacc    115080
     tcagccgttc acctctgcca tctttaaaac taatctcatt aaaagtcaaa ccatttggtg    115140
     ttcgtagctc ttctcatttg tgtactattt agtgaaataa aatgtctttt tttaaaaaaa    115200
     agccaagtga tcgagcataa aaagccaagc acatcttgcg cagtgtttgg gacacataag    115260
     caagacgctt aagaaccctg tgagtttttt ttctttttac gtcatttgca cttcagtcca    115320
     gctttaaaac aaactaaacc aaaataaaaa aaaaaaacct aataaaaaaa gaacaggctc    115380
     aaattttggt tgtgcacact gtgagtcaag ctggtagtgt gatactgttg gtgtagaggc    115440
     tcagttgcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact aaaaaaagaa aaaaaattgt    115500
     gcaccatagt tcaaagaggc cagccgatga ccaaggacag gagatcttcg tggcaacatg    115560
     gaagcttccc ctgattttct tttagtcttt gtcagtcatt tttttttgct tcccgaaagt    115620
     aagcaataag cagcaaatgg taatataaag cagtttagcc gtcttcatta tgcgttggtg    115680
     tagtgctgaa gaagctgaac cacataatga agccgctgcc ggagctctgg agagcagccc    115740
     agttcagaaa gcacgttcag agggtaggaa taagagactc gctccttgct gatgaacgtc    115800
     accaggtatg aggcgtccga gggcttgcac aggatgattt ttgtgtggtc tgtgtaaaag    115860
     ttgacctgta gtgtaaagag aaaggaaatg ttttaaaatt aaggtttcgg aaacaattcg    115920
     atttataaaa cggtcttttt ccagtgcttt tttttctgat ttgagactca cctgtagggt    115980
     tcggttgtca aagagcatga ctaaggcatg atcagtcttg atccactgca gaagcagcgg    116040
     agaagagctt gaagattggt cctcacagtt gatatctcca ccctgcaaaa acaaaaacta    116100
     aatgtttaaa gatacaaaag aataccattt tattattttt aagattacat tattcggcta    116160
     aataaaaaaa ttaaaataaa tcttacaata gcaagtttaa atctatgatg tgagaaacac    116220
     aacgagggat ggggaaaata tataaacttg gaattgtttt tggtttgcaa aacttgctga    116280
     tctacagtct aaaatggata tgtatgtaat agttaaataa taaatgtaat caaaataatg    116340
     atgataatga ttataataat aataataata ataattatga taataataat aataataata    116400
     ataataataa taataataat aataatatta ctggggcttt tttcccctga acttacctcc    116460
     attaggttct gctccatgta gttagccatc aaatcaacga tgtgtttctg actctggagc    116520
     ttctctggta gcgcattagc aggaaagcta aagtgtttgt tgtttgtcag acagtaatgt    116580
     acagtcctgt gcaagaatat aaacaaagga gacttagaac ttcaagttaa gctacttaaa    116640
     acaattaatt tgaaagcgaa gcctttacta aggttaaagc catctatatg ggtcaataag    116700
     agctcagttc aaaagccaaa attagaaaag gagcacagaa agccgtacct ccgctggtca    116760
     cagaggctca gatgagtgcc ttcgttgaaa agtacgccga cgttttgatt ggaaagctgg    116820
     taaccgaagc cgtatttgtt ggagtagtcg acccacttgg ttacccagat gaaaggcttg    116880
     gttttaacaa ggcagggagg gtttcttgaa gctggcagag aggaaaggac aatatttgag    116940
     aacatgatca atggcttaag agtaaacctt gaagactgct taagcacctc agtgagagca    117000
     aagagtggga acaaacctgt tggcatggaa gacaagcagc tgttaagaac cttcatggca    117060
     gattcggcta cagcagaagg ggtagggatg tcgtcacaac ctgaggaaag aaagaaaagc    117120
     aggattttta attagatgaa ctgcatccac acacaaatat ctgttgttac tttaaataaa    117180
     atacagaaaa actaaaatca cttgcaaaag aaacaaaata aaaatccgca ataaatgcaa    117240
     actgaaaata gaacaaatag tatataaagt gatacaataa atatttcttt aatgttgtcc    117300
     taaaaataaa tcaacaacca ttcttgtctt ttttttcctt gccaaattag aaaagttttt    117360
     ttgatccact tcaaatgctg actgtaaaaa tataagacaa aatgactaaa ggtttaataa    117420
     atacagcaaa tctttaaaca attttttttt tttttattat ttagaacaaa tttaatttta    117480
     agctataaat aaactacaaa agttagtgga tgctaaaata acactggaaa aaagtcaatt    117540
     tatttttgga cagcaactga aagtgatttt attattatga agggtttaaa aataaataaa    117600
     taaaacatga attaggccag gatgtatttg gagttcttaa aagcggccac tgcaagactg    117660
     atgataatgt aggccacaca tgcacaagcc aaactatttg ctgctgtgca ttaaagaagt    117720
     tgctctccct cttaccatca gtgctgctgg ccacggtgcc tttgaaagat cgagacgcag    117780
     actttctcga ctcctcctca gctggagtgt ccagaggccc agagctcgcc agctgaaccg    117840
     ttggagaagt ggcctgagag aaggaaaaag aggaagttgc attgttataa aagtcagaag    117900
     tacttcctta tgctccatta atcatgcaca gtttacagtg gttttccatt gttgtgtctc    117960
     aagctaaaaa aataaaaatc aatttgtcat gtaataactc ggcgtctgtg agggtttgtc    118020
     attttggatt tagttagtat ggagttattc tgagacgttc agcaaaataa gctgaacgac    118080
     tgcactctat tattcatcta tggctgcttt caaaatgggt cctcactgag cttactttag    118140
     ctatcccaca aaacagtgta acacacagac accgctttct acgacagtca tgagtcagta    118200
     tatgattaga gcagcaaagc tattaataca caccaaagca caaagttaga aaatgcatta    118260
     ttacctcatt cactcccatt gtcttgtagc tcatttgccg accgatggag tgtttcacca    118320
     tgcctgacac cagtttagaa atgtcatctt tctcctcaga agtggtcttc tcaacagctg    118380
     gaataatatt ttaattttaa tagacaataa cgttggattc caaacaatac tattaactaa    118440
     aaccaactta acatttgttt tccagttaaa agaaaccaaa agggaaaact aactgaaatt    118500
     gaaagagaac tgaaacaaag taaaagccta atgtgtgtgt gtattgttcc aaacatctta    118560
     aagacaaaga aatatacact attaaaaaat acaatttatg taaaaacaca aaaataaaga    118620
     caaaatataa atattttaaa ctattttgta attaaaatct actacaaaag gtaataaata    118680
     gagctcaaat aaaagtgtgg tgtcagtatc cacatacttt tcgatttctt cttgccaaat    118740
     agacttttag ccatcttggt gaagaacttc ttagcaggac tgggtggatt aagctcaggc    118800
     accatcacac agctgctggg agggagtttt tctggggtga aaccctgagg gaggaaaaac    118860
     aaatatcaat tagagaattt aaaaatttaa ttacaacgca tcaagtaaat gcctttataa    118920
     cctagttaaa aggaaagaag tttaattact ctttggactg tgataaatga ttactccgta    118980
     tgctaacctt tgtgaagtag tcgtgggcca gtatctgatc cagcgtaagg cggtcgcagg    119040
     ggtttttctg aaggatagag gagatcagct tctgtgccga tggagtgagg gatgaaggaa    119100
     ggctgtattt cacttcctta atacacttgt aggtctcttt caagtctaag gtttcaaaag    119160
     gtggattccc acacagtaga gtgtacctaa ataaacataa agagcttgtc atcatggctg    119220
     tcacatctga tgcatcataa ttcaagtatt tattatggac tttccatgaa attaatagca    119280
     ttcgttgaca ccagggattc ccaaacttgt tttttgtcaa ccaatatagc ttgcaatata    119340
     tacttaaagg gcactaataa ttttaaaata ttaacttatt ttttgtttgt ttgttaacta    119400
     actgttaatg gtttcaataa cagttaaagg tatagttcac ccccaaaaaa gttatttgct    119460
     caccccttta ctagtgccaa aacctgcttg agtttatttc tactgtttat tgtaaaagat    119520
     aatttgagga atgtttattt atttatttat gttttaatgc catgtcagca gcattggcta    119580
     tattcatagt aaaaacaaat ttaaataatg ttggaaacca gtaacaactg acttccgtat    119640
     tatttgtttt tcctacaatg gatgtcaatg gttaccagtt tctaacatag tttaaaatat    119700
     cttcttttgt gttcaatgga aaaaagaaac tcacaggttt gaaactaaat gtgaagtaat    119760
     aataataata ataataataa taataataat aataattagt tgaaataaaa tttaaaaaat    119820
     aagtgaaata aaactacaaa caagctgcca agtttcatta attttaaaat actaaacaat    119880
     ttaatacact tatatataat aaaaagtaca aattaaatta aacatgcaat atatatacac    119940
     atcataaata catttatcaa ggctacaata gtaactgaat gttactagac accctttaaa    120000
     aaggtaaaaa aaagttttaa tttatttagt aattctttta tgcattaaac attccatctt    120060
     tacttttttt ctcattaaat tattaacttc atcaatgcat tcgtgaacca cagtttacaa    120120
     aacaataacc ctaataaccc tactgtagtg ttgataagac ttacattaca caacccagcg    120180
     accaaacatc tgactctgtc ccatggcctt gtctgtttaa gacctctggc gcaaggtagt    120240
     ttggcgtccc acagatggtc ctgcaaacac acaaacagat ttcaatcaac acaccgcttt    120300
     aataagttac tattgaattt atgaacactg aaggcaagca aactcacttc ttcctctgct    120360
     cgactgtctc cagctttgct gccaggccaa aatcacccaa tctcaactcc atgttttcat    120420
     tcacaaaaaa atttcctgca aaaacaaaag cagcatattt aaacccagta catttgacga    120480
     ccatcacact aggaagtaaa cagcagacag aggaatcaaa aacgctacct agtttgaggt    120540
     ctctgtggag gatgcctttg ttgtggaggt atttgagtga agaaatgatc tgtctgaggt    120600
     agtaacgtac ttctggatcg gtcaacgtgt gtcttgcttt ccaaatgtgt gccagagact    120660
     gcaaacatcg aagagtaaga ttagatcatg tagcttcagt ccccaaatga aacctgttct    120720
     tggttgaaac aactcacctt tctgctgcag agctcaagga agatgtaaat attgtcttgg    120780
     tcctcaaaat gatgagagaa cttcactaca tgcttgtgtt ggaggctttt gtggagctcg    120840
     atttcattaa tgatctacaa tgaaaatgat gaataagcat tagagagggg gctggaaata    120900
     tgaggattct actttgtgct aggttgttaa tttaccttct ccctctggtg tggctttgag    120960
     actctgcttt gaggaataac cttcaccgca tacatcttgt tgtttgcaag atcagtcatc    121020
     tcatagcacc gtgcaaaacc accctaaaca tcaaaaggca caatatataa atcactcaga    121080
     atgcgtcaac aggaaacatt gcaggggatt tcaatgcaag atgatgatta acttcaacga    121140
     tcagcagcag gtgactgtgc aaactcaatg acaaactgaa agaacagttt cctgcctgca    121200
     gaagcaacat ctttagagat tttgggtgtt gttgaacatt ttgttcatgt tttcagcatg    121260
     actaaagaat gtggtctagg cagcaagttt gggagtctat agatttgtca ctcgtttcat    121320
     tgatattgga ataattcagt tacatcctat atagtcattt aaacttataa atatatttct    121380
     tctattcaat gtgttgaact tcaaattttg gtattcatca ttcattctaa aatgcataaa    121440
     atccttaaga tttttagtag aacattttct attcattctc ttaggcagtc ccttgtggct    121500
     ccctctgtga gacatgtact ccgatgactg tagaattgta tgtgataaca tacacaaata    121560
     taaaataaga tattaaaaac gttaataaat caattccagt taagcaattc tatagctgac    121620
     aaattatcct tcacatgtga tgcattagaa ctctgcactt tcaacccatt taacatgcat    121680
     ctttaaccaa attctttatc tccagaaacc aaacatggga ggcatttttg catcaaagtt    121740
     tgattaattt cagaacctgg acctaaaaca tgtacaaagg aatgacgtat tcttttccca    121800
     gtcgaccaag ccctccttac agcatcgcac aatgatgcgg cactttaaag cccaggatcg    121860
     acaagacttc caataatcga tcgcttaatt catataagag ccttgttttg aaaacaaccc    121920
     aatgaaactg agacgatagt cactggctcc agtgatcata aagcattaca gcatcatttc    121980
     attgatgcat tgattcattc attcattcat cctttcaaga catcaaatca aattacaaag    122040
     ccagttctca atcccaaaca caaatcaatt gcgatgtctt ggcgtttgaa agaaatgctg    122100
     catgcattgc tgcaatgacc atcaggtaga ttgtataaaa acccggacag ggcggactgc    122160
     ggtccagtgg ttctggtgca cccatgatga acacctcacc aaacacgaga cgaacacgag    122220
     acacgtttga gcaacgcgac aacacataca gtgatcaaaa ctctccaata aatcccgtta    122280
     atagaaaaca ccgtaccttt cccaagagct ttcctttaca gtacgacctc ccggtcttcg    122340
     cgtccaccac cacctgcgcg agctccggct taacgtgctc cgatttactc cggctcggct    122400
     tggcgggcgg tggagccgct ggagacgctt tgaacatatc cggattcatt attttacacg    122460
     aaagacgctg agctgtggtg aaacaagaag gatccattca ttaagaaaga tccttctcct    122520
     tagaaaataa actcctctgt gcgaagtcct gaagtctggc gaagttctct agtcctgtgc    122580
     gagtcaaaca tgcccgggta ccggagccca gcagtatata aactgtccat gacgtcacgg    122640
     gcagaggtgg ggcgccagaa aggggaagtc tagaataaat caacgtcatt ggctactgga    122700
     gattcaatca aagatcagag agacgcatat gaaagtgcag aagaaaagtg aatgaaaagc    122760
     cgagagcaca tcatcctatc acggctgacg cgattatgga cctccgggtg acacaaacag    122820
     tgcttctgta ttcttcggtt ttaactttct gatatggatg ttactttttt gttttgtttt    122880
     tcccacgtga taatttgttt ttcatgacaa aatcttcaca taattcaatg tttcattaaa    122940
     tagacaatat atattaataa taaaatttgt atatttataa catttgctca cgtagcctaa    123000
     tgtaacgttc agaaatgaaa ttagacatat ttacaaaaat aaacacgaat tacatctaca    123060
     catactgtat ttacatcatg aggacgaagc caaattacgt cactacaaac atgcatctgt    123120
     actgaacgga actgagaaac ttgtggattc atgcgccccc ttgtgtatga taaacaaaca    123180
     aggagaaact tataaaagca catcatgttc tgtttctttt tattttagtc actgaaacaa    123240
     aatatatttt taaccctaaa atataaaaag catctatata gtgtcattca tagtgtgaaa    123300
     atgtatataa gaattgagga tgaaatatta cttggaatac tatagttgca gaagtggaaa    123360
     aaataattat ttattagata ctagtactta ttaaataact actactaatc tgatattagt    123420
     accttttaat tatatatagt agtttaattg taaactagaa ctaattatat acaggtattc    123480
     attttagacc attttgaggg atgtaaacaa aaacaatagt tccaaatcat ttcctgtttt    123540
     acatttttaa cttctacagc ttctgagaat ccaaaaagag ccacatattg ataagtaatg    123600
     ttatgattgg agttttaaca ttaagttatg attgaattgc ttcttgttgc tgttatgaaa    123660
     tagtttgata ataagcagga aatgttcatg ggccaatgac atgaccacat tgaaatgttc    123720
     ttagcagtta caagaatata atacaactta ttcacactag tactgattta tgttttcaaa    123780
     atgacagtgt ttatattact gacaaaagca catcttccaa tttgttgatt tacacctgcc    123840
     tttattatcc tgcacctttt attctcctgc cttctcagaa tcttattcaa tctctttcga    123900
     tttcctgtac aatttctctt atattgttag cttattctca accattcatt ttcttttcgg    123960
     cttagtcctt tttttaatct ggggtcacca cagcagaatg aacccccaac ttacccagaa    124020
     tatgtgttac acagcgcaac ccaacactgg aaaacactgt gatgccctat actcaaccag    124080
     atattacaaa atagaggaga aacaggcatt taaaaggtac tgagtaagaa atgagaaatt    124140
     gtatttgggt ctaaacaggt ttaattaacc ttagtgacta ctttaacaag cactatcagg    124200
     tttccaaaga tagtagtatc taaacactca ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttagtcctt    124260
     ttattaattt agggtcacac agttgggatg aaccggcaag ttatccagca agttttatgc    124320
     agcggatgcc tttccagctg taacccatta atgggaaata gtatctaaac cagtggttct    124380
     caaactttat tcatcaagta ccacctcaga aaaaaattgt ctcttcaagt accaccagta    124440
     aaatgagcag cattgaaata cagtagcgta gttggcccag ttaagcagct acatctctgc    124500
     acagttaaaa aacgtggcag attacctctg aaatataggc tatatgtcat atattacata    124560
     ttatatacat aatttttgat acattttgaa atgtgtgtag catgtacatg acatttcatt    124620
     tctccgcgta ccactagtgg tacacgtacc acagtttgag aaccactgat ctaaacaata    124680
     ctaataaata aaaaataagc actagcagct gacaaaaatc aaaatggaaa atacactagt    124740
     atctgaaaaa agtagcggga aatcagatat tggagttgga cgcactaaaa tggcccatca    124800
     tttacttgtt tttacgcatg attgtcttat atatgtcaat ttatgcatct ttaaaaaaac    124860
     acaagacaag ataatacatt tacagagctt ttattttgtt ttcctaagtg caaaaataag    124920
     tttatgacaa cgcactgaat atgaatacct gtgaaacaac ataaaattac agtggggata    124980
     tgacccattt aaagcacttt ttacacaaac atttcattaa cagccataat taacagtaaa    125040
     aaaattctgt aaaatcattg caatgaagtg gaatgatgtg tagagtggag cagctggatt    125100
     tgggcgcttc actgtgaaag caggttattt atctggctta gaagtcaaaa tcatctggtt    125160
     tggccttctt ctcctgagac tcaacccagg ccttgttgat ggtgcgtttc atctcgtcgt    125220
     caccatctgt gtagattttc tttagcacac tcatcagacc ctcactcgga tcagcgttct    125280
     cacccatgct tggtttactg aaacataaca gttactatga agttatcttt tatatgagcc    125340
     aaatgtagta taatgctgat gttatcctga taataatgta ttctgcagac aaatctttct    125400
     ttcaagtttt aattcaaata agcacaaaat actattttaa atatataagg gttcaacact    125460
     aaggattaat tctactggcc agattgggcc tgcagttcag atttttactt gccctgccaa    125520
     aattttattg gccctaccaa aaaagaaggt taatagctat ttttttagtc acacatctta    125580
     aataatgtgt caaaaacaat gtctgtgaat ctagaatgta aatatattaa atgttttaaa    125640
     aaagtataat gaccaaaaaa gtgaaatgca aacaacaata gcagtacgca aaatgtgcag    125700
     gtattttatt gcaaaacaaa aggtgtctga cttgacaaac tgatgacata aaaaattttt    125760
     tcgttgggtt gtacctacat aaatgcctgc ttccatgatg ttacaaacag acttttcttt    125820
     tagcttcata atttgatcat aatttgatgc tgccgtcatg ttggagtctc ttggctgtat    125880
     tggggttgtg tttcccaaac aacaacataa cttgtggctg aactatcata gtttgatgca    125940
     tcatttggga aatgaacgat agagtgacca gtgtttccca aaagccatag tttctctgtc    126000
     gcagatactt catttgaatc acattggtta tgacataaaa cacccataat gatgctctaa    126060
     atggggtgga caactatttc tttagagaag aatccaatca tttctttgtg caaattatat    126120
     tgttttacat gcataaaaaa aatctaaatt ttggtaaaat catgcatacg ttttttcata    126180
     ttaattgaaa tatattaaaa tggcacatat agagcctata atcctttata aaaattattg    126240
     agaatattac atattctatt ctaaaacata aaatcactta cagaaagcta acatctcata    126300
     tataaatcac ataaataaat aaataggcta tttattaaga aatgaaattt aatatttatt    126360
     atttattagg aaatgaaaaa aatcctactt taataatatt aataatttta attattatta    126420
     ttattaagca ggatatcgtt tgtttatttt ttcttttttg aaaagtctga aatgaaaaaa    126480
     atcctacttt aataatatta ataattttaa ttattattaa gcaggatatt gtttatatat    126540
     tttttctttt ttgaaaagtc tacttttaca aattgaaatg caaacctctg cagaaatgtt    126600
     ctaaccaaca ggcccatgtc atatacaata cagatactta ataaaaaacc cactataaat    126660
     taaaccttta actttcgcca tgagccacga ctgtgttcca aatggcatca atgtttttaa    126720
     agtgcactac aaagggagca caattttaaa cataaagatc gctaaaactg agatgtaaaa    126780
     atactttgat tcactattca ctttaatgct taaaaaaaaa aaaaattcaa agtgtaaatg    126840
     ttagaatgct ctagatgtat agggaataac tgtaggggat aactgtgaat tatttcaata    126900
     tttcaattaa tatgggaatt gtgtgcatga ttttttgtat gcgtgtaaaa caaaataatt    126960
     tgcacaaaga aattatgatt ctatactatt cttctctaaa gaagtagtta ctccacccca    127020
     tttagagcat cattttgggc gttttacttt ataaccaacg tggttcaaac gatggatctg    127080
     cgacagagaa acaacggttt tgggaaacac tggtcactac atctttcttt tctaaacgat    127140
     gcatcatact ataatagttc agctgcgagt tacgccgttg tttgggaaac gcaccccagt    127200
     ctagtaacga ttctgtctac tgtcccgagt gtctcacaca ctttaaaata tgcaaatata    127260
     aataattttt tttttactta aaagaaaaaa acattttata caaacataac aatgtatcaa    127320
     tgtttaaata tacatttctt tgttatgttt taatttttct tgcttttgta tacaaatgta    127380
     aaaagaaaca caaaataaaa attaaagtgt gtggatttta cttactcttt ctctttagac    127440
     tgtttttcaa cttgtgtcaa gcagtcccac ttctttgctg atttcttctt gcacatgata    127500
     agtaccatgt ctgtttttat ctgtaaacaa accaatttca caatggtgtt catctatttt    127560
     atctatcgat cagacaaaac agaaccactt aaaaatagat aaataaaaga gtgacaaacc    127620
     tttttactac tctctgctgc aataatgggg aataaaaggt tgttgattgt catttgatgg    127680
     ttcttcccat ccaaatcttt gactagagtg ttaaagcctc tgtgaaaaca taaaagtagt    127740
     gtttacactc attgccatgt tttgcccttc aacctagtaa gctgtggaaa tcttttggaa    127800
     cttgaccaaa agtttacaaa gcttgcagga ggtattaaga tgtctaattg atatattaca    127860
     tgtcataata atctttctta atgtatagaa attagtcaaa taaaatgttt accacaataa    127920
     aatcaattat aaaataaacc aaagttaagc catattgaat ctgaaagcac acctctctgt    127980
     gaagctggtc tccacatttt cagctggaat agtatgcact ccttttagtg tgatgtagat    128040
     tttgacaaat ttgtcagact ggtcccatcc taaaagacaa aacaatatgt gtattactgt    128100
     gcggtttcaa ctttattaaa aatattttta aacaaccatt tactcatttt aatcattttt    128160
     attatgattc taacaaaaag aatttttgtt aattcttgtt aataaaaaga aaatattttt    128220
     tttatttaat caaatattca tttttagttt aattcataag aattatttat tattttaatt    128280
     agttataagt tggataaatt agttatttat cttaagtcaa atgttcttat ttagattttt    128340
     ttttaattaa taaaaatttg taactttctt ttgcaatttt tgcagccccc cggaatccac    128400
     tctccgtaca tcacctaaac aatctaagcc gatttggcag atcctggata tttttatcat    128460
     gattactaat ctctggctaa tttggttctt caaactagtt tgagaatcag attttaaata    128520
     cctgaatgaa cttatctgag gttactgtat gtgctcctgt ttgttgtgaa gaacagatct    128580
     attattcctc aaactaatga tcatcaatgc agtgattggc tggctttagg aaagcaaata    128640
     ataatatcat ctgattatta ttcaataatc agctttgtga ccaaaaggac cagctttgta    128700
     gtaaactaaa ggtttgttaa atgattcgca taaatattcc acagttgttg tagcgtatta    128760
     gttaatgcat atttatagca gaacttctat ttcactgtat tcaagtttct taaacttgtg    128820
     gaataactgg ttatttcatt taattttctt ttattaaatc actcccatat aagctgttat    128880
     tgtagcgtgc acaggactcc tgcaaattat acaatcagtc cttcacaaaa aataaaaaaa    128940
     aacctcactg agaacattgg ccatgtctat tatgatacac tctcagaaat tctctaattt    129000
     caaagtatgt aactaaaagg tctatattgg tatcttgcct aaaatgtaaa tattagtcac    129060
     aaaaaaagta caaaaacaat ttgatctgga gagttaaaca cttataaatt ctttttaaac    129120
     attttttcag atttttattt ttagctaact gattaatcca catcggaaga attaacccct    129180
     ggtggtttga aatgccgcgg gcatagccaa aagtacctat gtatgtctgt gatcacaata    129240
     tatattatta acatacatac cataattgtt aattttgact gtgtatcctt tgactgttgt    129300
     ttcagttttg tctcccgact ctttcttttc ttgctgctgt ttctgctgcc gtttctgtgc    129360
     tagctctttc tcgatcttct tctgctcttg tgttaatatg tctcgcacac gctgtcgttc    129420
     acacttctcc tgcagactcg tgatctcctt aagatcactc tcgagacctg cgatctgcag    129480
     aaacaagaca aatttgacat cagttttcat ttcagcacag gcgagctcaa gagagagtcg    129540
     tctacggcaa actcttttat ggttgctcgt tccaatgcta tgtgctctta atatcaacaa    129600
     ttacttttca tttgttaaat gccgattctt tacaatagga aaactactct actagtaaca    129660
     ataacaatgt tgtttcatat tacaatttgt caattcttca tttcaacaat tgaatctgaa    129720
     tagaagtggc ttagtgcagt ggttaacaat gtcgcctcac agcaagaatg tcgctatttc    129780
     gagtaccggc tgggccagta agcatttctg tgtggagttt gcatgttctt tctgtgttgg    129840
     tgtgggtttc ctccgagtgc tccagtgtac cccccagtcc aaagacatcc acttttgttg    129900
     aattgaataa actaaattgt ccgtagtgca ttagtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    129960
     tatgtgtgtg tgtattgata tcttccaata actgggttac gacaggaaaa catacgctgg    130020
     agtagttgac ggttcattcc gatgtggtga cttctgaaat agagactaat ccataggaaa    130080
     ttttaagaat aaatctgaat aggagcctaa atgatgtcat ttaactagtg gaaatacagt    130140
     tcttggtatc aggaatgaca ttttttttat tagttgaaac taaaatcttt ttacattttt    130200
     atttatttat ttaaatattt gaaactaaaa taaaaataag acatctgcga gagatgacgt    130260
     cattgttgcc atgaagaatt tatattttag cggaaatgca attacttata ttaaaaacat    130320
     gaaattgaaa ctagtaacgt tagtaatcta attcatgata tggagaatca gcatttgaac    130380
     aagtggaaat tgaactgatg ttacgttaca gagaaatgat gaatcaaata ataataaaaa    130440
     aactgctctt cgtatcttat aatccacagc gtattcacag agcatccaat aaatcatcag    130500
     ggtaaaccat cagttccatt cacattcata agctaagtta cttaatgcca ctaacgttat    130560
     gcggtttaat gtgaaacagt aacgtaaacc ctacaggact gctaatactc tactaaaatg    130620
     agtaaaacac tgagaagcga ccgtttacca gttcattgat gtccattgct gtcttggaaa    130680
     aacttctgta tactaattat cttaaatagt tttcctgaag tgatgaaaat gaactttgca    130740
     ttcaaccggc gctgcgagtc cgcagatatg cgtgaagcgc tgtttctaga agaattccta    130800
     tttccgcatt ttgacaaaat aaaagtcctt attttagtga atcaccagcg gacaacgaaa    130860
     tatatattta caataacagt attaaaatca ataaaaatgt aacaaactct atttgataat    130920
     gtaattttat gaattacagt gttacaagtt tcacacctac tgtatcacaa aacaagattc    130980
     ttagcgtaat gtacaatgta gcgtagtggg caatatggaa ggcaaaataa cacagcaggc    131040
     aatatttaaa gttaatcaaa aaagttttca aaattttcta tattttagaa aatctaatga    131100
     tctaaaatat acagtaatcg gtccataata gtatttgaaa aaatatttac ttaataaatt    131160
     atattaagtt agattacata atttctaata atttagaaat tatgtaatct aacttaaaat    131220
     ttattaagta aataattttg caaatactat aatagaccaa ttactgtata atttaaataa    131280
     ttagattttg tatacctaaa acaagaatgg gtgttattga gcagcgttaa gtcaacttca    131340
     aaaatcatcc actacgaata ataaaatctt taattcatta aaaaaagttt tttgtataaa    131400
     aatcgaatta tctaaaatat acagaaattg gtccatttta gtattcgcaa aattatttaa    131460
     taaattttat tttttattag acgacataat ttctatttaa tactgtactc agttctttca    131520
     tttatatttt cttaatagca tttgctaata attttaatat atttgtgttt atttatagat    131580
     ttctttcatt tggattatac atacatttat tcaaacctca ctaataaata attttgtgtt    131640
     aattattatt attatttgaa ttaaaatgtt tacttgtttg ggttatgggt ttatatgaat    131700
     gagaatttac cttaattaaa cttttaacta ataacttcaa ccatattttt aagaatttga    131760
     aacatttgaa acatgtccgg acatcccttt gattaactga agcttcgtat tagcgaacgc    131820
     ttgctcaata taagtaaata agtgtgagtg caaaaattag tgattgaatt tgtattttaa    131880
     aaatcattaa attatttaaa actctttata tagctgaaat gtaacttttt atatatactt    131940
     tttgtatttt tattttatta tgccaaatta gtaaaagatt atttttgtat tacacaaata    132000
     cagaaacagt aacaatagaa tctaatactc ttgaacttta aataaactca caaaacaaaa    132060
     cacattacac cttttttatt gtatcaacaa taacataaca tattacattt gccatcaatc    132120
     tctaagacaa aaaaaaatca tcaatataaa tttcaaatca attcagcaga gaaataacac    132180
     atcatttgag tagatgcttg atgaatttcc tgctccgtct tttcatgtaa tatgaatatc    132240
     tcctctttca agggcatacc aagctcaagt tcattcatag gttgaaaagc tcacacactg    132300
     aatgacaatg atgtagaaca aacacaatgt catggctgat caccacattg atctctgtac    132360
     tccagacatc tggctgtggt ctgctaaatc acgaaaaact attcggctaa gacgccatct    132420
     gcgtttcact gcacgtggac gtgaggtcag cacacacctg ttgcgaatgc gcacgggaca    132480
     actgtctcga ggaagagcag cgatttcttt atctgctatt tcctaagagc aaaaacataa    132540
     caaacatgga cagcattatt attattatta ttattttaaa tacacttcat tcttctgtta    132600
     acgataatga ctctataaat aggtttcaat tactgcaaaa taaaaacgtg ttcatgttat    132660
     ttgaaagctg tacatgaaaa acaataatga tgaaccataa atctccactg aactgaaatt    132720
     gcaagactct gaatgtacct gtagctcttt tggcaaaata gtattcttcc taatggcatt    132780
     gatgcgcagt cgtgtatctg catattcgaa agccatctgt cgtcttttca catccctcaa    132840
     catcctccag tcgacatagt agctcctgac ctgctccatc actgcaactg gacttctgca    132900
     ggcctgaagg acatcagata ttttatattt atagacagat ttttgaaata caaattgtca    132960
     aaagattata attgctgtac ataatactta aggtggtata tttaatgttc acatgcataa    133020
     attaacttca caaggtagat aacaaaagtt aataacatgt atacaaatcc ccatagtaaa    133080
     attacattag ttaatacttc tagaatgtag caattcagtc tttacatatg cagttttaat    133140
     attttattat tacacaaata gtatactatt atacaaaata ttgtaaacac acacacacac    133200
     acaacaacaa attatacaca ttttaaaaat tgtaaatatg ttagagctcc acaatatatt    133260
     gtttcagcat caatatcgca atgtgattat tcacaatagt caatgttgag tgagtctata    133320
     tataataatt ttcatgtgtt tttgaggcct gtgattgtat gactatgaaa ggattcatgg    133380
     ctaagaatct gtactgttta taacgtaata atgattactt gtattgaatt atttttatat    133440
     ttattgttca attactgtac ccagggtttc tacaggtttc atcaagtcaa atttaagact    133500
     ttttaagacc ttttaaagac tattttaaga ccataataaa tgaaatttca gacttacaca    133560
     aggctaaaag ctaaagattt tttaaatggt caaggtaaaa ccttaaaaaa gcattaaaaa    133620
     caaatgttac tgaaaggaag ataattaatc catattaaga agtaaataga gttaataaac    133680
     aaacgtttct taaaactttt attgaagtat attaaggatt ggatggatgt tgacacaatt    133740
     gggtatagct gtacataaca aaaatattaa gaccatttta aaatgattta agtcctacaa    133800
     cacaatattt cagggcattt gagaattttt aaggcctaaa atttggtttt tgaaatgtaa    133860
     gacattttaa gacctcgcag aaacattgta tgcctgttgc ctgaagactg ttagactctg    133920
     aaaatgctaa aacattgttt atgtcaattg tatcttgtat tttttagttg cattgatctt    133980
     tgcttgtagg ttgttaatta tattttagtc agatgcactt ctcatctcaa ccgatctaaa    134040
     atgactaatc ctttccaaat agagaaattc aagtcatctg ctgaaaatcg tatcgcgata    134100
     tatattgcag aataacaaaa attgcaatga cagatttttc caatattgta cagctctaca    134160
     aattgtccat ctttttgttt acatatactc tatgtaagta taaatactat agtaacatat    134220
     agtaaacact atgttttaaa cactaccagg aaagtatgtg aactaatgca tggtggtaat    134280
     tctatagatg ctgtgataat acaactaaca caagataaaa caactgtatt aaaatttcta    134340
     caactaggta tatcatacta caataccaca gttcaccata ataaaagtat attacagaat    134400
     ttattacaga cttacatatt tgtattggtt agacataaaa ttaatacatt aaactgttct    134460
     caatatttaa cagggtttat atacatgttt agtttcatgt aatgtgtaaa caactataac    134520
     atttcaatac aagtatttat gggtagccct tacaaaacga caactaaatt aaaacaaatt    134580
     acatgacgta caaatgtcac cagaatgatt cggttagaca tgtatgcctc ctaaccatat    134640
     cgcattctaa accacaatat aattgaaaca caaataccac gtgtctaaat ttacaaatgt    134700
     gcatcttcaa agattactta cttgtctact gaatgacaag gacgagtgca gaaagcccat    134760
     gcccgtgttg aggagcttcc acgccgccat gttgatctgc actggcagtg gcagattgta    134820
     gggttaggac tgaaaagagt ttatcattac tgccatctgc tggttatatc aacgttcatc    134880
     caagcatttg tcaacgatga taaacagtgc taaactagtt gaaaatattg agactttgtc    134940
     gttatatatc atgtcaatca catttttttt tgtcatgatg aataacattt aaactgtgat    135000
     tattgtccag gaaactgtag ctccgtatct agaatcttct ggaccagggg tgcccaaact    135060
     cggtcctgga tggtcctgca aagtttagtt ccaaatagtt tacacatctg ggctagctaa    135120
     tcaagctctt actaggcatt ctagaaacac ccttgcagat gtgttgaggc gagctaaact    135180
     cttcccttca gaaacgagtt tggacaccct tgttctagac caatccataa gcatagcact    135240
     gagcaaaaac agattcacga gaaaaaagat tcataaatta ttcagagagc atgaaaatta    135300
     agaaagttaa taatgattaa aaaagttaat gttaataaat tatgtaattg cggaacacaa    135360
     ccacacgatg gcagaattga cctttactca actatacttt aataaattaa aaatcctgaa    135420
     actactttta tttctttaca cgcctatttc actggaccat aatgggctac aacaatgggt    135480
     aggattgttt ttatgaacat aataaaaaag agcttggcaa aactaacttt aaaactaaaa    135540
     ctaacctttt tacaatatgt taatataggc ctaaccatac ctgcaggttg taaatactct    135600
     tttttcccga gagtaaaaca ataataatac aatgtaaatt aacatttgat cttcagtcat    135660
     tttatctaat aataataata aaaaaaacta aaatagcagg tcatttgcag aaaacgtcct    135720
     cttatgcact caaaaattat ttctgctgcg ttttcaaact acctgtttta aatgagctga    135780
     aattacataa ttctagtaat ttctttggct aatttctttg ttttatgttc agtccagtta    135840
     catttgtgaa ccattaagtt gattttagcg ttttgtgttg gaacaacatg aagaaattgt    135900
     attggtccaa ctacctggtt aggggatttg tagttctttg cgtgggattg aattaataga    135960
     aacaaatttt aataataaaa ataatcttag gtgtttaaag tttatagaca aaattgttat    136020
     aatctacact tcaccttagt ttgaagattt agaatatttt cacctttcat ctaattttga    136080
     gattagcacc ttgcagaagc accccatatt aacaaaaatc aggttgttgc tttgctcagt    136140
     gagcaataac tgtcctaaaa ttagatctga ggtcagtctc aatcaattgt atatgtaact    136200
     catgaaatat cattaaaatg gctcttttag cttatttggg ataacttcag gtaaaacttg    136260
     acatactgta tattatacat acatgatgga atcagactta ccatatatca tatatcataa    136320
     atatacaaat gtatttaaac ttttatttaa aaaatcatat tggaccaact ctgatgcatt    136380
     taattgtgta aatagttttt ttatttggtc tttaacaaaa ttaagttaat ccaataagtt    136440
     attttgtggt tataccagcc atgcaccatt taaattaatt attttctgat atgaatcttg    136500
     tgatatgaat aaaatgtttg atttttttaa atatttttgt aattaaagtg gctgaggaag    136560
     tcaaaacaac cttcatttac tgtaataaaa aataatgtct attatttcta cctataatat    136620
     gggttttagg atagatatac atgatgtata catgttcata taatgtcaac atctggaaaa    136680
     tgtggaaaat gatctacaac tttgtgaggt tgtctgcatc ctgcacctgc actgtgttca    136740
     tagcagttca atacaagaga aacaagctgc cttacagaca attttctgat tgtaatgcag    136800
     actggctgca cacacaagaa atcatgttag acagcaaatt tgttgagcat attacaggcc    136860
     tacaaactat aaggataaac aagggagaga gagtgaaggt ctgttttaat attccttcct    136920
     cacagcttga tgtcagaggt aagtttgctc attttgtgtc tgtttaccag atttcatggc    136980
     tttttcttat gcccgtctac cattctgtca ttaccacaga ataaataccc atataaaaca    137040
     atgctaaaat aagaggaaaa aacaaaacaa aagcagacaa caatgaaata acaaccgaca    137100
     aatagcccct tgtgtgctgc tctgcatgac attggttaaa gttcaacctc aaggcattca    137160
     taaaaaactg ttgtagtaaa ttcctgtaga atttcccaag caatcagcct ttgttaaaag    137220
     atactaggag atgtgttctg agaaaaatac taacatgtgt caaattgccc gactttacaa    137280
     agaagatcat ttatgtgtat taaaacagat tgagtcgcag tctagacacc aggttatgct    137340
     gctataaacc aattattttg atattaggtt gattaatagg aacaaaaaat gtataggaat    137400
     agattcgtca ttaggggcga cacggtggtt agcactgtct ggtttgagtc caggctgggc    137460
     cagttggcat ttctttttga gaatcaccac ctaaaagtat gaggtcatgg tgctccacta    137520
     aaaaaaggtt gtttgccatc tccaggttgg aggaaagtcc ttaccccaag tggaggagtt    137580
     caagtatctt ggggctttgt tgacgagtga gggaaggatg gaacgtgaga ttgacaggcg    137640
     gattcatgca gcggcagcag taatatggtc aatgtatcag tccgttgtgg taaagaaaga    137700
     gctgagctga aaggcaaagc tcttgattta ccggtcaatc tacgttccta ctctcaccta    137760
     tggtcatgag ctttgggtca tgaccaaaag gacaagatct caaatacatg aggctgaaat    137820
     gagtttcctt cgcagggtag cagggcacac ccttatagac aggataatga gctctgtcac    137880
     ccgggaggag ctcggagtag agctgctgct cttccacaac gggagaagtc atctgaggtg    137940
     gctcgggcat ctatttcgga tgcctccagg atgcctatag ggaggtgttc caggcacgtc    138000
     tcactgggag gaggccttgg gaaagaccca ggacacgctg aagggactat gtctcttggc    138060
     tggcctggga acgcctaggg atcccctcgg aggagctgga ggaagtgtct gggaagaggg    138120
     aagtctggag ttctcttcta agacgaacgt atcaccaact tatccagcat atgttttaca    138180
     cagcggatgc ccttccagct gcaacccatc actttgaaac atccatcaca cacagataca    138240
     ctatggacaa ttttagctta cccaattcac ctacagcaca tgtctttgga ctgtgggaga    138300
     aaccggagca cccggaggaa acccaagcaa agatagggag aacatgcaaa ctcaacacag    138360
     aaatgccaac tgaaccagct aaggctcgaa ccagcgatct tctagcttag gtttattgtg    138420
     ctacccactg tgccactgtc acgcctgata ttagtatgat taatttatta ttatactgtt    138480
     taatagcact tataaagtat gattttatgc tacatgccta atactaccca atacctaaac    138540
     taaccaacta tatcaactac taatattaac tatttataag cagcaaatta gtagttcatg    138600
     gtgataaatg tctcagtcaa tggtttgtta atagcaagaa ttgtacctta aaataaagta    138660
     tcactctaaa gtattactca cgtctaaaag acgtctgata gatgtctata cacagacttg    138720
     gtctaaaaca aaacaagact aaattatgat tgtctgtgaa aatcgaatag atatcaaatg    138780
     atctagtcat cagctagaca gattagactg atttttcatt catttattca ttttctttca    138840
     aataagggac taacttattc atcaagggtc gccacagcta aatgcaccgc caactattta    138900
     agcatatgtt ttgcggatgc ccttccagcc acaacctagt acagggaaac accaatacac    138960
     tcactcatta acacacacta cagtcaaatt atttcatcca atttacctat agcgcatgtc    139020
     tttggtctgt tggggaaacc agagcacccg gaggaaactc acatgaacat atggaaaaca    139080
     agcaaactcc acacagaaat gccaaatgac ccagctggga ctcgaaccgg tgaccatttt    139140
     gctttgaggc aacagtgcta accaatgagc tgccatgccc acagactgac ttttcattcc    139200
     tgtctatttt gaaattattg ttagatgtct attttatttt tactaacagc ctaaatttgt    139260
     atttgtttta gccaagatgt caatgtttgg atgtctatta gatgtctttt aaacacaaaa    139320
     aagcttgctg agaatcaccc attaataact aaaaggtcaa tatttaaata atctttacat    139380
     aaaaaaatac aatccacaaa tataaaacat gcaaataatt tctttacgac atctgtctta    139440
     tttctgttta ttttaaagcc actggtataa agcagaatgt ccgtgtgatg catgtgctgc    139500
     ttttctaaat ccaatatctg caactcagtc atctgaatac ttctaaagca aaggcttcaa    139560
     aaaatattta gcacatttcc tgctgttcac aggccacttg aaatcctagt tgcttttaaa    139620
     tgagatcaat gctttccaaa aacaaagcag atccagtcag ggctttgttc tttaacaaat    139680
     aaaaaattaa atacatcggt gtgaagggct tgacttcccc tgaattcata ttcagacatt    139740
     ccaggctgat ccccactgga gtgtgaaaat cagaaacaaa actgaacctt gatgtaattg    139800
     tgaaaccatg agtttgagat caacattttg taagctaaat ctctttcttt ctttctttct    139860
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    139920
     ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttcttttttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    139980
     ttcttctttt ttgtcttgtt ttcttggaca gatatcttta atatttaata aatgtcatta    140040
     aagatgtcaa gatatgcttt tgattaatct tgttttaatc aatttatgtt cattggcaga    140100
     tataatttta ttttcttgtt taaaaaagtc aggttattat tattttttta aacattttta    140160
     taatatgtaa taatcaaccc aggcttatta tggatatgta cccctgtata catttctgga    140220
     gagtgcgaaa tacatcaggc accagccaag gacaaaaaag aagaaacaca cacacacaca    140280
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacgca cgcacgcacg cacacgcaca    140340
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactgt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    140400
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    140460
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgctt tttaataaaa atcaataata gaaataataa ttctaaaaac    140520
     tttaataaat attctttata taaatgtttg aaattagcca cacaattaag ttcttttttt    140580
     gttttatcag tttaaatgtt cagcagttta atagacaccc aagtaggcct actttgtacc    140640
     tcagtgtcgg gacagattca cacacattgc tgctagatgg caccactaac tcggcttagt    140700
     gctcttgtgt ccattcattc attcattcat tttcatttcg gcttaggccc tttattaatc    140760
     aggggttacc acagcagaat gaaccgccaa cttccgtggg ggaaaccgtg ggggaaaccg    140820
     gagcacccgg aggtaaacca cacgaacgca gggagaacat gcaaactcca tacagaaacg    140880
     ccaactgagc cgaggctcat accagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggcggcag cactacctac    140940
     tgcgccactg cttcgcccaa tactttaaca ttccacctcc aaatcataca tggctagaaa    141000
     gagtttatca ctttaccttc cttttccgtc tgcttagtct ctgcttttta atagttttaa    141060
     ctaattataa aatacatttt tatacatttg taatatcatg taaacttatg acacgttcag    141120
     gtatacaatt tctgatgcct gaattaatga agacataagg acagatgact tgcataggaa    141180
     aataccaagt ttgagtcctg gttttctttt taatgtacac gtaagcgcaa atggtcgtgt    141240
     tacgactgaa gtttatttat ttgtttatta ttaaggattg tactctgtct ttttcttttg    141300
     tcccgccttc ttgttgtttt tctgttgtct caaaggctcc cataccggca tgattccttg    141360
     ttctgattgg ctgctggtcg caaaagcatg tataaaaagg agcttacggc agggatcgga    141420
     gagctcattt ctgtgcgttc ggtgtttgga gtggagctcc tgggtttccc tcacccctcc    141480
     ggccgacgac caacaaccat tgtactgatg accatcatac gttaaaatat ttttttgaga    141540
     gtttgagcgt gtaggggtga cctgcctatt tatttgatta cttttgactt tgtttatgtt    141600
     agggattaag gtaagctttt tgtatttttc tttaaatagt aataggtaat ttagtggatt    141660
     tattttatag attcttttgt ttgttatttt ggcctgtggt caccatggca aaatgctcat    141720
     ttatattaac taaattgttc tataataaat atatactctc aactgagtgt ttgagtttgg    141780
     ttgtcgaccg aagggaatct tttgctttaa gttttgttta gtttgggaaa tccaccaccc    141840
     caacacattt gttttttttt cttcgtttat tatgcccttt ttgtttcccc tagacttggg    141900
     gcgtaatagg tcgtgacatg caaatgtaag agcggaaaaa gtgcatagtt gcacgcgcat    141960
     tcaaatcgat tttataagct tgcataattg tcagcggctt cgtcatatat gcatattaaa    142020
     ggactacaca atgtcattat gctatataca tagtagctct acagttatat acctgaatga    142080
     tgtcgggaac aaagcagtta ctgcaccttc tgcacaatga tgaatagtga aggcgcaaag    142140
     catcaggtcg tctgctttgg tgacgataaa cctcaatgat acccccacaa ccccctctct    142200
     aaacccaacc gatagtgttt caaaagcaat caagaaaaag gaaagccatc tgatttttac    142260
     caatgttttc agattatacc atgttatcac tctgttattt acttgtttat ttaatttttt    142320
     tgtcttttgt tttactttta cctgctttct ggaactgttc ttttccgaac tcaaaccctg    142380
     tcgtcatggt caactccgct ctgtgcctca agtctgctga tgtatgaggt gagccactgg    142440
     acatactggt aacaacggaa aagccatcta catggagcta agtggtcagc tggtagcttg    142500
     aaaagaaaca gaagccgtca gggcatcata ctgcaccgta gcgtttggat gaaagaaaaa    142560
     atgcagccat acctgaacat acctttggct acataattcg tgctctccag aaatgtatac    142620
     gggggtacgt atttacaaga agcctgtttt gcaacatggt aataccatgt tattttgcaa    142680
     ttaaacactt aattgcgata cttggaaaaa caagagttaa catttaagtc attttcttct    142740
     aaattttatt tgatttaaga attactagat ctttgtatgg atagtcgata caaaaaaatt    142800
     aagaaagaaa caattgctgc atagttttaa ttctatgtgt taattttaaa tcagatgttg    142860
     gtattttgat tgatcagaaa gtaattgttt tgtttgttta aaggctgtgt gaatgtgaat    142920
     gtgtgacatg tcttaacaaa agcttgtctt aaagcacaag ttccccaggt gcacttgaag    142980
     gcatatttca gaaggttccc acaaatttca cttaaaagaa attcagacgc tgcacacatg    143040
     tggacatgca tgttctgagc tctttaccat atgtcgtagc aggtgatttg catatgtaac    143100
     ctcaagattg tttattttcc acatcggtct agctttctgg accagtagct tttaacgttt    143160
     gttttgattt ataacaacag agaagtcatt catatctgct ctaaagctct tttgtgcaaa    143220
     aaaccttatt ttgatggctt cctttagaag gtctgttaac tatgagtgac ttaaagcaat    143280
     taataaaccc tcatcacagt tttacttgat tatatagcta gggtgaatat aaaaagtgga    143340
     taaacatcca aggttactca tagtgagaag cagagatttg cataaataat agtgtttttt    143400
     cagctcattt taaataagta gtttgaattt ttaagtcatg tttagtgtgg tcaactgtgg    143460
     tagcatcttt tgagtaggtg gaattattta aagggtctaa tactttcttt tttaagacac    143520
     tgaacccaaa ctgtttttga ataatctatt ttacatcttt tatgcgcttt tacattatgt    143580
     gcctattgct gttttgttta ttatgtctat actgcttgtt tgtattttct ctgtaaagct    143640
     ctttgtgcag ccatgtggca gttggaaaca tccaatataa ataaattgaa caactattaa    143700
     acatattttt tgagtggaag taaattatta ttttataaac ataaaaaatt caatccataa    143760
     acaatcattt gaggaaatac aatgtcattt gtttgtctca ttctttcttt ctttgttttt    143820
     tctgttataa atctgttatc atgctgatgt cacttttaaa tgaacacaca ctgcacagac    143880
     ttgatttact gatccttttt tacccacatg ttcactcgag acataatcaa atgccttttt    143940
     agtgtctttt ttaattctgg ttggtacaca tgattttgtg tattttagat atgaattgta    144000
     tgctgcatga gggttctttt gctaactgcc ttacaataat gacaattatc taatactatt    144060
     tactacatag tttatcctaa ggtacttaat accctaatga gcactgagca ctaaagtgac    144120
     ttctttcctt gcttttttct agttcacaaa aagcagatag gattcaggaa gatttgaaaa    144180
     tctgacatga tttctttaca tataattagg gccagacaga atctgcagat gttttttggt    144240
     atttctgcgt agaattttgt aaaacaaatc tgcaaattta tgctgaataa ttttgggatt    144300
     attgtaacaa aaaacttaat atatgaaata aaaaaaacct tttaaacttt tatttaacgt    144360
     ttacaatgca aatccaatta gatcaactta tctggtaaca aagcaagtct ctcatacaat    144420
     agttctacca aaagactgaa aatattaatt tacaaactgt attataaatg gatcataaaa    144480
     aaatcatttt attattaaat cattatatta tattattaca ttatattatt agtcaataat    144540
     attactgaaa ttaattaaaa aaattacgac acccaatgat gtgttaaaaa tctgcagaac    144600
     tctgcagatt tctgtggacg agatttcatg tgggcctaca tatgatcaaa aactattcgg    144660
     tacactaaaa aatgaccagt tgactttact taaaaaagtg agtaaacctg ttaatatttt    144720
     tttctaatta tgcacttagt tatttatttt tttatattta tttacttatt taaaaaaatg    144780
     tataatttca agggaacagg ttttctcgca ttcaagtccg ctaatcataa tggaaaaagt    144840
     tctgtcattt ttacaatctt tgttttgaag gaattgtcac attttagaca aaatctgact    144900
     tgtatatcgc attacatatt aaaccagtaa acctattaaa gttgtatctc aaaatatcat    144960
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatgcag tgcattttca tcaaaacatt    145020
     gtagcaatgg atttgtgtct gaaactctta acataagttt gtttttattg tgtatatagt    145080
     gtatagtgta tagcatatag tgtatgattt ttatttgtgg aatacttgtt tacgtccagt    145140
     tcaagtaaaa ggtctcaaac gtgtgcctct gttgttttgg ctataggtga ggtttagtgc    145200
     atacgtgaat ccaagaaaaa atgtgcacgt actaaccaga ttttccaagc cagccatgac    145260
     ttgctcatcc tccaatacaa tgctgaagtt ctcatgatca tccctctggc atacagcaaa    145320
     tttctgtgca tcctcgcact tcaaaataaa cattacattt attattatgc aattttgcag    145380
     ttataatttt cagttcaatt ttcagagcct ataattcaaa gacatcggta aataaaccat    145440
     ttctatatac ctcttccaac tctccagaat gattgagtgg actgtgctga ctgtgattat    145500
     aacataaacc caagtatagt ttgactaaat atggacagga tgtttccaaa atgtttctat    145560
     ttacattaat gacactatag tgcaaaaaaa aaaaatcaaa acaaaacata acaatgattt    145620
     taatgcattc aacatagtgt ataagctgtt tttctgtttt tgaaaaaaaa aatcaaaaat    145680
     ataaaatatt tgatatttaa tatttttaaa atataaaata tttttttcta aaaaaaaata    145740
     aaaaaataaa taaaaaatag accagcaaca gaggacaaca tatctttttt ttatcaatta    145800
     aagaaaatat gcacattgta tttaatgaac acattaattt attaaagaag atttcaagcc    145860
     ttaagattca attggtcaga cttggtcatc aaactttttt ttttggtgga ttaaatttaa    145920
     catacagaat aatcataaat cgattattta taaaaattaa cattgtattt ctatcataaa    145980
     aactataagc cttgtgataa tttattgtat tatttgtatt tcttgtatta ttacttgtct    146040
     gttagaggac tacagtatta acataaagaa gagcactatt aatgagaaat aattgataca    146100
     gtttgtaagt gattaacatt acatcctaaa gtgggctgtc ggaactgtta ctgtgaccag    146160
     aatttctgac aaataaatgt tgactttttt caatcaatgt agctttgcta actttccact    146220
     gcacttactt ttgtttcatt tagccctcca gctatgaggt gaagcccctt ttggactcga    146280
     ggtcaaggct ttcctcaatg ctggaatgtt ctgcattgct ccctcaggat gatgtcaatc    146340
     aagtagcagg ggactgatgc ctacccctcg ctgaacgagt ccatatttcg acggaagcca    146400
     ccgttcctcc gtgtctccat gggtcagtgc atgtttttat ctgtgtttta caccctggtc    146460
     cttctgttca acagatgctg tagctgatga atagaaaaaa gtgagaacat ccatcctgaa    146520
     gtcccattta agtagagcgt ctacttcagt aaacaaacaa gagctgctta gaatgagtta    146580
     ttaatgttca acctccaatc tcagcaaaga agcatgacaa gtatttgatt aatgttttgt    146640
     ccctgacgca tgtctgctta tgacattaga ttaagaaata gagacatcag agggaatgaa    146700
     ccttgcacgg ccaaccatca caatcagagc gatcccgctt tccaaaccta actgttaatc    146760
     ccatcaatca caacacaagg acttttatga tgagtaggat ccaaaatgaa atataaaatg    146820
     ataactggga cattagggct ctttagtgtt ttttcttttt tttgtatgac catctgtgaa    146880
     ttcgttcaaa gggaccacca aggttaacag gaagcgtgtt ctcaggaaac ctcagtggag    146940
     cggagaaacc caacacaata ctgtggagta aacctcacaa aatcttcttt tattgactct    147000
     ggtaattgag aatagtctgc agaaagaaag aaaaaatgtg caggtcagcg tgtgtttctg    147060
     acctgtttta actatttaac ttggttggta aatttaatct ctagatgttt tgagggagct    147120
     gccattgagc cagattgctt gactgattac ttcacgccgc ggtgcattat tttcaacagt    147180
     acatctatat tttgtggctg tatggagttg tggacagctg aagttttgta tttctgcacc    147240
     cacctgagtg ggttagtgtg gggatatctg atttaacgtg gagaatgtga atggtgaagt    147300
     actttagttc attagattag actactggaa acattttact catgatcaac atgtaatctg    147360
     ttttctggat acaatgtttt gaagtttgct tttagtcgca gtaagaggtc ttttattaag    147420
     taaaacaaga aacttacatt taaactgttc atataggcct acttgcactt gaaattaatc    147480
     tgagtaaaat atggacaatt ctaaccgttt tgtaaaattt attttaaaat gtatttatat    147540
     ttatacattc attcattcat tttcttgtcg gcttagtccc tttattaatc tggggttgcc    147600
     acagcagaat gaaccgccag gatatgtttt acgcagcgga tgctcttcca gctgcaaccc    147660
     atctctggga aacatccaca cacactcatt cacatctaaa cactacggac aatttagcta    147720
     cccaattcac ctgtaccgca tgtctttggc ctgtggggga gaccggagca cccggaggaa    147780
     actcacgcga acgcagggag aacatgcaaa ctcctcacag aaacaccaac tgacccagcc    147840
     gaggctcgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact gtgccactgc    147900
     atcaccctat atttatacag catgtattta ttttatttat tattaattga tcaacagcca    147960
     gtgagtggca aatgataaac aaacaaacaa agaaatagta aataaataaa taaataaaca    148020
     aataaattaa agttcattta cattatttaa tgtttataat gatgcccacc aactcactat    148080
     ctactttatt tgatcaaaca tacaaaaaaa taaaaaataa aataacaaaa aaagcaatat    148140
     tgtgagatac actaactggc aactttataa ggtacacctg tccaactgct cctactcaat    148200
     ccatttaggt atgtagacat ggtcaagatg atctgctgca gttcagaaag cgcagcagaa    148260
     tggggaggaa agatgattta agtgactttg aatgtggcat ggttgtttgt gccaggcggg    148320
     ctggtctgag tatttcagaa actgctgatt tattgggatt ttcatgctaa accatcccta    148380
     gggtttacag agaatggtta gaaaaaagat aaaatatcca gtgagcagca gttctgtgga    148440
     tgcaaatgcc ttgttgattc cagagatcag aggagattgg gcagactggt tccagctgat    148500
     agaaaggcaa cagtaactca aataaccact cgttacaact gaggtatgca gaagagcatt    148560
     tctgaatgca caacatgtca aatcttcagt cgaatgggct acagcagccg aagaccacat    148620
     ggggtagtac tcctgtcagc taaaaacagg aaactgaggc tacaatttgc acaggctcac    148680
     caaaattgga caacagaaga ttggaaaaac gttgcctggt cctaagtatc attgatgacc    148740
     atgtccatcc ccttatgacc acagcaggat aatgcgccat gtcataaagc acaatctcag    148800
     actggttttt tgaatatgac aatgagttca ctgtacttaa atgtcctcca caatcaccag    148860
     atctcaatcc aataaagcac ctttggcatg tggtggaaag ggaaatttgt catggatgtg    148920
     cagccggcaa atctggacca agtcaatatg gaccaaaatc tccaaaaatg tatttccagt    148980
     actttcttaa atatatatgc catgaaggat taaggtagtt ctgaaggaaa agggggtcca    149040
     atccagtatt aataaggtgt acctaataaa gtggcaggtg agtgtatttt tccatttcta    149100
     tggtaataga ttggaaaata ctatttactc ctattcaaac ctatttaaag cagattttta    149160
     aaaagccgtt ttatccgaat gatttttgaa cacgtgtaat gacagatttg attttttgaa    149220
     ctaattagta gttttgaaca aaatatttga gcgagttact caatagctaa cgtctacaca    149280
     aatacatttg tttgcttttg gattgaatgc gtgaacaaac tgattccgta aataattcaa    149340
     tgattcaatc agacacttat gctggtgtaa ttgtatgaac ttcatcaaga gtcagtgaaa    149400
     aggaacatgc tgacagaaaa tctgagggat tcagatttga aaatgataaa aagagccagt    149460
     gctgttggat tgtaaacttc ttatgccatg tgggacactt cttttcagag atttgacctc    149520
     tgctatagct ataaagaaag aatgcacttt tttgcagcat gcagtgcggt agaaacagca    149580
     tgcttcaagt caagtgtcca gatcacatta tatctgagga ggtaaaaaaa cacggtggcc    149640
     aacgagaaac aggtgagaga agacatgcgt tgaactcttg gagggaggtg agcttttttg    149700
     taccacagaa atactgttat caggttatta cgtgacattt ttggtggcct ttgccatatg    149760
     aaacattttg aattctgttt tatttttctt tctcccctcc tcccatttct atttttctgg    149820
     tatgcattct tgtgcagatt ttatattatt cctgttcaaa tgaaacacaa acagttttgt    149880
     aatcatatta tattactcca ttcctgtact gtaatcccaa tactttaatg tgacatgaaa    149940
     catttagaca tttatgcaca tcaaactagt tcattactta caattacttc aaatttctaa    150000
     cctagaattt cattcaccat tcaatttctt tacatgcagt gccagaccag tctatgcaga    150060
     tcctggagaa ctgaagagat ttatatagct ttatgtcagc agtgtttaag tgaagtttat    150120
     ttataaacta atttcaagag gatcacattt ttatgattga cctaggatgg tcctgcataa    150180
     actaatcatc tgattcctaa gtcactataa acaaccagaa tttcatatca cagttttctt    150240
     cattttgaag aatccccact tccaccccta ctaccccttt tcctagattg gcgtcctggc    150300
     gtcccagtgg ttagcactgt ggcctcacaa caagaatgtc actgattcaa gtccttaccc    150360
     ttacatgttc tctctatgct cgtgtgggtt tactggttta ctcccaccat ccaaagatat    150420
     gcgacataag tgattggact aatcaaattt gccaccatag atgtgctcct agtcagcagt    150480
     gtatcatacc aattcctaat ttgttattag ctataaacag caggggagtt ctcaagatct    150540
     accttgactc aaactcccct cttgctctgc aaatggaggg agctcagggc tctctcccag    150600
     gacagcatgc caagtacgct gtataatcaa tcatcagcta agtgtgaact cttaaagtgc    150660
     atatttagag gcattttttt tccaatctaa gttgcatttt ttaccaaaca attaaaactt    150720
     atacttttac gggtttacca tatctgagct cttctcacct ttcttatagg agaaatgcaa    150780
     tcaagtactt ctaggtctgt tgagatgaat aaagtataaa gtttaactat aaagtttgcc    150840
     tgtcttcaat tagtttagag gttctaagat aaattacatt gaacgatgga accaatttca    150900
     aaaccagtgt tggttattta aaaaagaaaa aatcatgtaa aaataataat tgatattttg    150960
     ttgcacaaaa ttagatttat ttagttcttg cctgtacacc atcttttcaa cattacagga    151020
     tgttttaaaa gtaaatgtct gtttatgtat aagcattaaa gggataccta taccctgaca    151080
     caaatataaa cgtgtactca ctattttctc aacctaaaag ttgttccaaa cattgttttt    151140
     cacacaaaat aagtcctttt aaaaagtgtt aaaaacccaa cccaggctca ttataaaaat    151200
     gtaccgcttg atacattttt tggagagcac caaatacatc taaggaggta ccgttttttt    151260
     gcagtttttg ttttcgcgac tccatcagag gccacggtgt acactttttg agattttaaa    151320
     tttctcctgc gagtgccttt tgcccttgct gtcgactgac tgattaactg actggtcgac    151380
     tgacccactc tcctctgttc ctaaacccat ccaaagtttt caatacgctt cgattaaaat    151440
     ggtatgtttt catccaaatg aaatcacaaa actcgtacca attagtccct tttcagacaa    151500
     tacataaaat acttatgttt ccttagcaga ttggaaaatg tttgtgacag ctgaatgatg    151560
     agtaaacaat gacagaattt tcagatttgg gtgaactatc cctttaaatt ctgtattagt    151620
     ttcacgaaga taaagactgt tgacagcctt gataaagaaa tataaatgtt tttttttttc    151680
     aggctttcaa catgctgttt gaaagagtcc tgcaatggat ttaaagacat cagcttcaca    151740
     gaggtctgat tcaatgagat agcacagatg tgaagaaagc attttgtgct gaacttaaag    151800
     gtcacctgca tgctggcatg tttattgcca aacatattcc tgcactgagt tacaacagca    151860
     attttacgta tatctgtttg ttcaattaag gccatcagtc agcttaacga tgagcaaagt    151920
     tttaatagta ggatcgcatt ttctcagatc gttaatgctt actatgtctc ggttcgacaa    151980
     atagaggatt gcatgacaat gttggaggac atcccattcg gtttctccac cagtgctttg    152040
     gaaaatgtgt attatgatcc ctgcaatgga gacagacaga cagatgaatg gataacacat    152100
     ctcgaaacct actgttgaca gtgtgataca ggatatggga tgtgtgtctc acacgcatgt    152160
     gatttggtgg aaggtttatt tgcagagctc gagaccttat ggcattgatt taaatttcgt    152220
     tttcccttct cggttctgtt atggtggagt tgaccttcaa aaccagccta ataaaaccca    152280
     gaagcattcc atcttaatat gttaaagtgc agagatttaa ttttctttga tagattttct    152340
     tgcggcttgt ctttgtagcc ttaagtctct gcgctcctgg tagactttaa aacaaacacg    152400
     ctctaataag tttaacttcc agcagaagaa agatgggctg tgcagctatt ttacacctca    152460
     cagtgtaaac atgatgtctg cttataaatg gcatttatgt ttttatagct acaggttatt    152520
     actaactaat tgtgatcatc ataaacctcc agcatagcaa tgagcatttt tttcttctcc    152580
     ttatcccttc ttttcctcta gacctctcac atagtctttg ctgaaatata tccctgtttc    152640
     cttaatacac aaactcttgc tgagacaccg cctcataaaa atcatggtga aagccataag    152700
     tctgcttcac gctatgccac atttctgctg cattcttgta cacaaacact ggcggccaaa    152760
     cacattaatc agtgtacaca gatcctcttt tcaaataaac ggagagagag acagagaaag    152820
     ggatgttggg gcaaaacaga gtgacgaatg aaagtcgtat ttcttttgcg ggtatcgtct    152880
     caatagcaga gttgaaaaac tgcaaaataa ttcaataatt caaaagggaa actggtttga    152940
     tatatttgag gatgtgtcag gctggacctc caacatgtgt acctctcaaa ggataaatga    153000
     tttaaagctt tctggaaaat cgaaaacatg cggcatccag atcttgactt caaaacgaat    153060
     atatcattct aatgcagttc attggtatgg tggtatttaa ctaatcaggc tacattacat    153120
     ttttgatcaa atgtttgggg tcaatatagg gggaaaacac agtaatacag tgctcagcat    153180
     atacgagtac acccctcatt taaatgaata ttttctatag gatgctttac agtattagat    153240
     ttgtgcatat tcattagttt agtcagtact gaagccaaat ctggagctaa tccaacaaaa    153300
     taacttaaaa taacagttca gatattagta gccaaattga tatgttatag aaaaatgtta    153360
     aatacaattt ttcaataata gcaaaaaaat caagaaaatt tttttattga attttgtagt    153420
     tagtcttttt tttttttttt gcaaaatttt ggatgaattt aattgtatta actttccatt    153480
     ttaaaaagat gtactgtgac taaaatacta ttttaataaa tatatctgtt taataaatct    153540
     gttttgttca aatggacaaa tatatattac acatattcac tgagatatgg ataaaaatat    153600
     tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    153660
     cacacacata tattctttaa aaatgcggta tgtcagtgaa ataagttact tttgtaaatt    153720
     attaaaaata ttagaaataa taaaataaaa tttaaaaata aataaaagta aaaatattta    153780
     taatttacat ttaatttatg gttatagtaa aatatatttc tgcaatggta cagggacagt    153840
     cagcaaaaaa taagttaact ttagcgaatt atttaaagat aattaaaaaa taataaaata    153900
     aatatacaaa taaaaaagat aaacaaaata tttataatta acatttaatt tatacttgta    153960
     gtaaaattta aaacttattt taaatagttt tgagttatct taatattact gttgttaatt    154020
     attctcatgt atctttgaca aataaatgta taatttgtta taatagacta atgacatact    154080
     ttcttaaata atagataaat aaataaatat ttgaaaataa aattaaatct tatagaccac    154140
     aattatttaa atacatttaa tattataaaa ccaaaatcca caatgtattt ataattctac    154200
     tactacaact actactgcta ctgataataa taatgaattg catgacttaa gttttttaaa    154260
     ctgaatatcc aataaagctg ctttttcaat acaatgaaag tgaatggcaa ctattccctg    154320
     accctaaccc taaccccact tcttttgcct cacacacaat agtaatttga gttccagaag    154380
     acttggaata cagcaaatca tattcatgct tcaatgtgcc ttttgttctt tatggagctt    154440
     gtcagtctct ggtcactatt tatttttaca gttaaagcaa cactactgtt tactaaatat    154500
     ctacatattt attctcaaga ttttataatg tcagttttat ttcacagtca aaccctcaaa    154560
     taatgataaa attgatttta ttgtttatat tatatatttt gtttatatta cggaggattc    154620
     acagctgata tgcactagac ttcatgtctc ttctaaatat agatttaaac cttacctttt    154680
     agcctgtcgt ttccctcagt gttcaaacca tagtgttgca gttataaagc aaagcggcat    154740
     gtaattaaaa ccggtagtga cagtgcttgc tctgctataa attataatta aagacacaga    154800
     cccacacgca atcacttacc cagaaaatcc ctgcagaacg agagctactg taaactagca    154860
     tgcctttgtt tcatatagct tgacatttgc tgactgcaga acagtttctc cctgttctta    154920
     ttccctacat attccaacca catgtaaaag tatccaaata tttatggaga cgatcaggtg    154980
     tgccaaagac ttttttttat agtgttctgg gtctactttt agcccataac aaatgaaaca    155040
     ttgagtatgt cagagctgcc gtgggaccga agggatggtt ttaaggcctg tatttgtgat    155100
     tttgctcagt gacgacattc tttgaaagtg ctccaagagg aagctgctgc cgtttctatc    155160
     tggtcgagga agaatatatg gccacattat gtataaagcc ggacccctgc tttcctttaa    155220
     aaaacattac acctggcctg ctctccagtt tcagtccaag tatttcacct ctgtgtaaca    155280
     caacacccaa cagatgcctg ggaaattata gccaaacaag ctcagtgatg actccgataa    155340
     ttggtcttct gttgcacgta cgactttgat tataggctga cagaaaaata tgtggagttg    155400
     gtgtgcaaac aaataatttg gtccaaatct gttttctttt tctatgcatt gttgtgtaat    155460
     ttgtaatatt tatgaatgat gcatacgttt gcaccctgtg atttccatga tttagaaaac    155520
     cacagatgga gctgcagaat cccatgttaa aaatggatta caatgctgaa actgaaacat    155580
     tttgatgaat gaatcaaaaa tagtgttgta taatcaaatc gtgatgtgga ctagagtcta    155640
     taaatattaa acagcaaaaa agatttaaat tctgcatgtt ttggatgtag atttgaattg    155700
     atgccatggt ttgtttttgt aaacttttac agcttctgtt gtcacaggac atcagcgtat    155760
     gaacttcaat actgcttttt tatttgagaa caatgcatgt catatcatgt attcacagtt    155820
     aataaaatag taaagttttc tgctttacat ttctgtacat ttgtatattt ctgtattata    155880
     atctgtttct aaaattaatt ctgcaatttc atctgttttt ctaaatcatg gaaatcgtag    155940
     gatccaaatg tattgcatat atttaaaaat tacaggatac atagaataaa aatgagttta    156000
     atcaatgatt tgtttacaat agaatccagt ttaactgact tctaactaac tgactgactg    156060
     accgaccgac cgaccaactg accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca    156120
     actaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca accaaccaac caaccaacca    156180
     accaactaac caactaacta actaactaac taactaacta actaactaac taactaacta    156240
     actaactaac taactaacta actaactaac taacaaacag ggtttctgct ggtttcacca    156300
     agttaagacc attatgaata aaataactta tacttaatca tttaatgata aacttatact    156360
     caatataatt tttgttttca aatatttcat ttagaaaaga ttttatcaaa aaattataaa    156420
     aagttattca cttaaaaatg caacaataat aataattgta ttatttttac aattattttt    156480
     taaatatatc caatcacaaa ccatataacc cctaccaaga atagaacaaa gtaattaaat    156540
     actattttta aataaaatgt taaaagtttt attgagatgg attgttgatg attgtttggg    156600
     tgttaatttc cagattgggt agctttacat aaacaaagaa aaattaagac ctgttaaaaa    156660
     tatttaagac ctacaacaca atatttctgt agatttggaa ctttttaagt tctaaaattt    156720
     tacttttaag atttaagaca ttttgacact ttttaagacc ctgcggatac cctgaactag    156780
     ttaagaaaat taaataataa aataatcaaa atcaattaaa taaaattaaa tgtgattttt    156840
     aagaataaat gccacagtta ttcttccata ttttaatttt agttaaaatt taaaatgttt    156900
     aaaatttaag aaaaaagtaa tcctaattta tgaaagccat ggtaaaaatc atttttgatc    156960
     atgtgtctga attacaatat aaaacaggaa attggaatat gttttacaaa cgttttggaa    157020
     aaatcatacg aatatttata tagcctaata tacagtgcat tcggaaagta tttatagtgc    157080
     ttcacttttt ccacattttt ttgttagagc cttattccaa aatggatgaa attcatttat    157140
     ttcctcaaaa atctaaatac tccatgatga caatgtgaaa aaaagatttc acaaaataaa    157200
     aacaaaacaa aagaaaagaa aagagatcac aaaatcacaa tgtatgtaat gtaatgtatg    157260
     taatgtaagt attcacagcc tttgctcaat actttgttga cgcatctttg gcagcaatta    157320
     cagcctcaag tctttttgaa tatgatgcca caagcttagc acacttgtct ttgggaatgt    157380
     ttgcccattc ctctttgcag tacctctcaa gctctatcag gttggatggg agcgacaggg    157440
     tacagccatt ttcagatcac tgcagagatg ttcagcagga tttaggtctg ggctctggct    157500
     gggccactca agaacattcc ctgagttgtt atgaagcaac tccattgata ttttggcgat    157560
     gtgctttggg tcattgtcct gcttgaagat gaaccgttac cccagtctga gatcaagagc    157620
     actctaatgc aggtttttat tcaggatgtc tctgtatatt gctgcattca tctctccctc    157680
     tttcctggct actcgaccag tttctgctgc tgaaaaacat tgccacagta tgatgctgcc    157740
     accaccacgt ctcagtgtag ggaaagtatt agcctggtga tgagcggtgc ctggttttct    157800
     ccaaacgtaa cgcctggcat tcactccaaa gagcttaatt ttagttatgt tagtcatccg    157860
     accagagaat gttgtttctt attgtccatt tagatgcctt ttggcaaatt ccaggtggga    157920
     agtgggttcc atctggccac tctaccatac aggcctgatt ggtggattgc tgcacagatg    157980
     gttgtcattc tgtaaggttc tcctctctcc acagaaaaac gctggagctc agacagagtg    158040
     accattgagt tattgattac ctccctgact atggcccttc tccctggatc actcagctta    158100
     gacggccggc cagctcctgg aagagtcctg gtgtttccat acatcttcct cttatgaata    158160
     atggaagcca ctgtgctcat gggaactttc agagcagcag attttttctt taaccttccc    158220
     cagccttgtg cctggagaca atcctgtctc ggaggtctac agacaattcc tttgtcttca    158280
     tgcttggttt gtgctttgac ctgcactgtt aactatggga ccttatatag acagatgtat    158340
     gccttttcaa atcatatcca atcaactgaa tttaccacag gtaaatttac cttcaattaa    158400
     gctgctgaaa catctcaaga atgatcagtg gaaacaaaat gtacctgagc tcaatttaga    158460
     gcttcacggc aaaggctatt aatacttttg tacatgtgat ttatcagctt tttaattttt    158520
     ttataaattt gcaacaactt taaaaaatct ttctccacat tgtcattatg gggtattgtg    158580
     tgtagaattt tgaggaaata aatgtattta atcaattttg gaataatgct gtaccaaaaa    158640
     aaatgtggaa aaagtgaagc gctatgaata ctttccggat gcactgtata tttctgatat    158700
     gcttatattt tattcattcg accatacacc tgcattttta tatataattt cctaatgttt    158760
     aactgcatgt ttagaattga acattttaag cagctaaaaa acccaaaagg tgtaaattaa    158820
     ataatgcatt aattaccatt tgtacactta tttcactttt cgaataaaga tggaaattta    158880
     tgaaaaggac gcataaaaac tcctacgacc atgtagtttg acgctttaag ttctggacta    158940
     tgttgacttt ggctctacta catgcctgtc agtagccata tatcacaatt cctggaaaac    159000
     agattgattt gcggtgctac tgtaagaaaa gctctggaat aaaaatggca tgttcattaa    159060
     aatctacctg tgagagctgg cggtataagc acggtttagt cttgttaagt ttatgtttaa    159120
     tgaaataagt tccagacaat gtccagcaga gaagtgtctc attacctccc tcagtcgttt    159180
     ttttggaagt ctctgaagcc acacccaggc tggtcattgg ctcagggctc cattgaggac    159240
     atttaaagtg tttgaaggca gagagctgga ggactcggga cattgctggt caggagggcc    159300
     ctgaatgccc agtctgagct tgtaaacagg tgcttgcagt aatagacgtc aggcagtgag    159360
     caggaaagtt actgtggcag ggaatattct ggggtaaggc atctgcagat tcattatagc    159420
     ctgtgcatga gcctctttac tttttttgca gcattaaaga tgttgtttaa ttcagtttaa    159480
     gtcacattac aatgtttgta aaggtaaagt aaaaactttt atttcatgaa tgattcctta    159540
     gtgtgttgct tttcttttta tttgccaact cttgctaatt atacatttta atttgctatg    159600
     aaaggcaatt tcaaacactt tttgttaatg aggtatattt attatagaag tgaaaataat    159660
     tgtttaatgt ttaatttaaa gtcatttatt gttaaaagtc agattaggta aatattgtgc    159720
     accaatttgt tgcaaatcaa agtttattca tgctcgaaac tattttaaaa gtaaaaaagc    159780
     attgagagtg atttagatat gttatttggt gcagtctctg atttcacaat caactttagg    159840
     gtaattaata ttgttcagtg aatatattaa aatgacttga tttatacatc ttgcacacca    159900
     atgggtgtcc caagcttgac aatatcctat gcctgcctgt tgtaccaaat ggttgaccat    159960
     gttttactgt tttaaataat gagaaagcac ttatccactt gattttggtt ttattgtaaa    160020
     aaaaaaaaaa aacaagaaac atgataaatg aaaatctaga atatttcatg gcatacttca    160080
     aaaaataaac attactaagt attcaaaaat gttttgatta tgtttttaca taaattggtc    160140
     ttacacttca tatttttttg atttttcata gaatatttat taattccggt acttttacca    160200
     taagctgaca tgtcaaccat ttggtagagg ttgatatttt agaaattata tggatatgag    160260
     tgacattagg agttaagaaa tgcaatgcaa ttttcatttt ctttgtgggg cagttaaagg    160320
     gatataacat ggataatgca ttattgtggg cagcatgatt tataaattat aaagcctttt    160380
     ttgtttatgg gggtttacaa atgttaaaat aaataaaaaa tataataaaa taaaagtaaa    160440
     taaataaata tataaaaact atattgtata ttaatgaaca aaataattat tttatattac    160500
     tgtatgtatg cttatgaatg ttttatagca aattagcata ttaagataat attatatata    160560
     cagacacagt atacattgct cagctatata agtacacccc tcacaaatct atcttgtgaa    160620
     ttcgtatttt taatagaaag ctatacaata ttatatttgt gcatatacat tagattagtc    160680
     agtactgaag ccaaatctgg aacttatcta acaaaataac ttacaaaatc ggtccataaa    160740
     ctagtacagc aaaatgcata tgttatagaa aaatattaaa tataaatttt taaaagagga    160800
     aaaattgaga gaagaaaata aaagaaggaa aatttaattg aaattttgtt ggttgtaatt    160860
     tcttttgcaa tattttactt gaatttaatt gcataatttt caatttttaa atatgtttgg    160920
     tgactaaaat attattttaa taattatatc tgtttaataa atctgtatat tcactgagaa    160980
     attgataaaa attttcattt tcaaaatggg gtgtactcag ttatgctgag aactgtttat    161040
     tgatttggac gattataaaa aaaacacaat aaatctgctg taaaatctgt aatatgagtg    161100
     gaaaataagc ttgtcatgtc tctgtctctc tttatttctt actcattcct tctccatgct    161160
     ttttttttcc ccaagcaata tgcatactac ttaacctgct cggaccccgc tttcatataa    161220
     gatctaagct tcatcctcgt cgcctgtcag attagcagca aaggctactg ttttggcgtg    161280
     aggtactatc ataagcccag atcagatgaa cagcagatgt tgcattcagc ccactggagg    161340
     tttactatgc tgcctgcaca ttgcacatta ctaacagagt tgattttcgg cagctgaaag    161400
     atcctctaag gctgctgtgg tttctttccc cagtggtaca tattgtgaag aggaaatgag    161460
     tctctaccta gacttaagct taattgcttt cagctctcat cagctgaaga gcggagggga    161520
     aaatcactag tcctgcatgt ttgcggctca cagaatgcac tcctcacctc tcttcctctt    161580
     ctctacgtgc atcggtaaac cccgaatctc cttcctaatg gtgcagccag ggctccgctt    161640
     cagatgcaga ggaacagact gtctttgtct tctttttaat gtgtctcagg agaggtgaag    161700
     gcacagacta gctttctgtt ttcaacctca ctcaatttat tcccctctca gaatgtgatt    161760
     tatactgttc acagtctgtt tgtaagcctt attgcttgta ggtctttgcc cttgtagttc    161820
     ctaaaagcca tgaatgagtc ccagtcacag tgctgaaagc ttgtattttg agatccaaaa    161880
     aagcaaacaa aaaaaagtta gccacttagc cgcctgcatc ttgtctgtct catacccttt    161940
     ctatcctttg tagtacttca tgctgcaggg atttcaatag gcacagcttg ctgaaatcaa    162000
     atgctaactg ggtgtggagg agaatattca aacatcacta tgtctaaatt gcagtcatct    162060
     tgtaaaacta aggtatactt agatgatcta ccataccaaa aaaataaata aaataaataa    162120
     ataaataaat aaatacataa gataaaacta catcaaaata aataatgatt aaataaaaaa    162180
     atatagttta aaaattgcta aaatattgta atgttgaaaa atacagcttt aaattgagat    162240
     aaaaataatt ttttaaaatt ataataaata tttaatatat tcttaaaatt ataaaaatgt    162300
     aatccatcca tccatctatc tatccacact gtaaaaccaa aaaagttaag ctaatttaaa    162360
     ccatttgaag aaaccgattg caaataaaca tttaggttaa aaaactaata gtaaagagta    162420
     cagtgaactt aatccatttg agtaaacaga gcaatttaag cacagtaaaa cccaaaaaat    162480
     gaagagaact caaaccaact gagtgctgta aaaatcaata agttaaggca actcaaaccg    162540
     tttgaggaaa ccgattatta caaaccattt gagttaaaaa caaatctata tgagtactgt    162600
     gaacttactc catttaagtt gaaataatga ggtatttaac ttactcctta acttcaacac    162660
     tgagttcaaa accccattta aaataagtag aattaacttt cagtaaattt taaattaact    162720
     acactcattt catttgataa agtggactgt tgggtttgta ctagacccaa ctagatttgt    162780
     ctgtactaga gctgtgcaat ctaattattt gaatttttaa aaatctttta tgttaacttt    162840
     tttttttttt gcacttttat gagtgctaaa tgtttgatag tcataactac atttatataa    162900
     tttagctatg taaacaaact tatagtgatt cagatgtcat tttagacaac aacaatctct    162960
     gatctatttt atataaatat tttgatttga ataatttata tgaggatatt tttcagagaa    163020
     taataattat aatattattc agaaaagtga ataagtacag tgctttttat taggggtgca    163080
     ccgatatgga tttttgggcc gatattgata aacgataact ctttagattt ggaggctgat    163140
     aaccgatata ttagccaata aatatacagt taaagtcaga attattagac cctctttaat    163200
     ttttttttct ttttaaaata tttcccaaat gatgtttaac agagcaagga aattttatag    163260
     tatgtctgaa ttttttttct tcttctggat aaaatctaat ttgttttagt tcatctacaa    163320
     taaaaacagt ttttaatttt tcaaaaacca ttgtcaaaat aattagccct tttaagcaaa    163380
     attttttttg attctctaca gaacaaacta ttgttatact ataacatgca taattacact    163440
     aacctgccta gttaacctaa cctagttaag cctttaaatg tcactttaag ctgtatagaa    163500
     gtgtcatgaa aactatcaag tcaaatgtta tgtgctgcca tcaaggtaaa gataaaataa    163560
     atcagttatt agagatgatt tattaaaact attatgttta gaaatgagtt aaaaaaatat    163620
     tttctacggt aaacagaaat tggggaaaaa ataaacaaga ggataataat tcagggggtt    163680
     taataattct tttttaactg tatatattta aagaaaaaaa aattttttga acagtgaaca    163740
     actgacttta ttttaaaaac taaaaatgaa ctaatgcaag gtggttatat agacctatat    163800
     tcacgatttt tacaaaaatc agcagcaagc ataaattatt tccttttcct cacatagcaa    163860
     attaacaagt aacttgaagt tgcaaaaaaa taatatgtta ataacaaaac ggggtttaat    163920
     taacaaacaa gttaaatata ttttaaataa aatgaaaacg aaaatgaaag aactaagagc    163980
     tcaaaccagc tcaaatgctc tcgaataaaa agtgttataa acaattgtta gtcatttgac    164040
     acttttattt ctgcactccc acaaaatgcc tcatgcttac aaggcaggca gttctgtaca    164100
     attttgaaat ttatcagctt aaagatatcg gcctaatttt gatatcaggc cgatattgat    164160
     aacattaaaa aatagaattt tttggccaat atcggtatgg ccgctgatat atggtgcatc    164220
     tctacttttt atatatatat atatatatat ttttttatat atattttaca tttatgaagt    164280
     ttttttcaat gttttccatt tggcgagaat tatgaaatta aaacaagata atttaagttg    164340
     taatatcttt catgagcaat tctgttatta atgtcatgca tttgacaagt acatgccaaa    164400
     tgtggttaag ccatactttg tggattttaa aatgtacatt tttttctact attcaattgc    164460
     tataatcgaa acagagtatc tgctttgttg catgtacaat atatttgtcc attcagtttt    164520
     aaacaacacc ttagtagtgg tagaaaaaga aagttggcag gtttttccag cgccttctcc    164580
     aagataaata aaagagcaaa aaggaacggt gaacatgaaa taaaaccttc tgacagaaag    164640
     caataaacga gaccctcaaa gggcctagca gcttcagcat gtgtgtggtg tctgggtctg    164700
     tgatgtgggc tacagcagga cggttagtgg acctcaccac tcaatgcctc aatactacac    164760
     catccagtct aattagcatc agggagcctg tgaggtcata tagagaaatg ttcttgattg    164820
     ttctgaaggc acccctggta ttaacacttg tatgttttaa tgtacgctag atatgcttta    164880
     aacatgttat gaagatatat ttttctgata tatgtagtat ccataaaaaa acataaaaaa    164940
     cattaatttt gatctatggg gggtgccatt attttaattg cacagtgcaa gacgtcaata    165000
     gttttactct gtgatctact ggtgctgact atttctgatt ttcaccgcaa taaaactcag    165060
     gaaagcaaaa attcttatat aatgccacat tgtctggctt tcggttgtca ttttccagac    165120
     tctcttgaaa tacgagcctc agcctatatt tttgctaaat gtataatacg ttgcaccctg    165180
     gtacatttgt ttgcaagttt cagatgacaa atccgctaga gggcgctgtc tgcagttctg    165240
     caaatctgaa atacagctat gttttgtttt agatacacac ccttgagtag gcagggcttg    165300
     ttaattagat cacctagaca aaccactgac ctaaactcat ccataaaccc aagcagaagt    165360
     gtttttaaaa gcaaatgtaa gagaaaagtg tatgcaatca catagtttta cgttggtttt    165420
     acattgcttt tatctttttt gtggaaccgt gctgcacctg actcaaagcc aattgcatca    165480
     caagaacaac actataagcc ctatcatgca cctggtgcaa taaggcacaa gacgtgtttg    165540
     gcgtggtttg ttgctttttt tagaccagcg caaccctaat tttcacgctt tgcgccacgt    165600
     tgtttaaata gcaatcagtt taatcaattt gcgacacttt gtggtctcgt gtattcctct    165660
     ctgaaaagta ggtgtttaaa ggtgcattgt tgcgtgttgc tgtgttgagg aactgaaata    165720
     gactgcgcca ctaaccaact gaaagctggt ccaaagtcca gcgcagagca ccttagttat    165780
     gtgcctatgc agattcaatt gcctagacaa tgcttaatac aaaaaattat tattttcgac    165840
     ataaatataa caattactac ctccatgctt tctttatgcc gagggctttt ttcagtatat    165900
     tgatgacaat ttgcacttgt ataatgttat tattattagt agtagtatta tttattatat    165960
     tcattcattt tcaccgtctc catcatcata tgcggcataa gaataggccg tgtgtttgga    166020
     tataaccact gttcattatg ttttttgacc acactttgtt attcttgttc atttatttgt    166080
     ttgctagaaa ttaaaacaga attttgaaat agttttgaaa caaatatttg cacttaaact    166140
     aaattaaata tataggctga tgaatgtctt cagtagagtg agtttccacc gttttctctt    166200
     agtaaagaga aagtaaagac gcacaatgga ggaggcttgt tatttatccc tgccaagatt    166260
     gtctgtttaa ctattttctc gctagtgaag cgttcagttt ttctttttat aaagtcctcc    166320
     atgtaaatag caaatgtgcc atggcgtgac acaactgact cttaaaagga atgggagatg    166380
     agattggttt aatgcaggtt atgctcaaaa aacacccata acccattaaa aaaataagca    166440
     caaccctgtt aaaccatgcg ttggggcgca gaacgtatgt ttccatccta aaaatagcag    166500
     aagtggattt agaaatgcct gcttattgcc atgctcttta aactttgcgt ctaaatcgtt    166560
     aacatataga cctctatatt tgagtcttga ttacaatttg aaattgtatt tttgttgttt    166620
     tataagctta taatatctgg caaagggatt accaataaaa actagctttt gggctaattt    166680
     gggtatacat ttacatgctt gaggattgtt gattaatata aactgtccag tcattgtgaa    166740
     aataaataaa ttatacacat tatacaaatc aaatagcagt aagggaagca tttaactgta    166800
     agttttcact attcgtctat gcaaataagg ttttttggcg agttgtaaat tctttgaggt    166860
     attcatccat gttcctattt gtcagtgctc ttcttagaat taagaaacag tgaagaacat    166920
     cattcacttt ttttgccatt cagctaaaaa atacaatcag tttattccac ataatttaaa    166980
     tcatatcagt attttatttt ctgatttgca ttagcagtag ctaccatctg atgccatgca    167040
     ctgtgcacct aaaataatgg taccaatttt gtattggctc aatgcttaag tgtttaaatg    167100
     taacccccca tgtgagttta atatcctcat tttgatgcat caattcaaat agaaaatggg    167160
     agatattcgg atccagtacg cagccactat tgaatcacag atgtgaattg ctttaaatta    167220
     gcatgctaga ccagtacttt tgtccaaaat aatcacaaat tgcttaaata aactattcca    167280
     tatgaactct gctgctgatt tgttatgcgg ttactgttac tgttttactc cgtgtagtca    167340
     ttctgcttgt tatattgatg tgatttttga agtggttctt tctttaagta gggaggctaa    167400
     gtatatttaa aaatttagca gtataaatct gggcttcatt ggcaagaacg cattgactgg    167460
     atgttttgga tttagcaaat gattcatctt gctttaatag ttattatttg gcaactcagg    167520
     agcacagaat ggccgttagt cagtctcaga tttagtctac tcagactaat gcgaaggaat    167580
     ggatctcttc acatctgcaa aagagaatct ctcaaaaaca acagcctcca gcaatgtttt    167640
     ctgctcggtt ggttgatccg tgtggcatgg gctccagatt tttctctgct tctgttcaca    167700
     tttctatctt gctcctgagg gagtcctctg tcttctcatt tcagcatttc tgccattcca    167760
     catctgcttc tgaactttga tgtgtgttgt tctgtgttta tatttaagcg ccacatttac    167820
     aaagatttcc ttaatgtttc gaaacaaaaa gagtggaatg aataaatggc ttgaatgaat    167880
     aaatgataca ataatgtgtt aaatgtgtaa gccattggtt tattatcaga gcctgtgact    167940
     gataaaagaa aaacagaaat aaatcatatc aaacctataa aggaaaagtg acttgcagac    168000
     gtttgtctgt tattttctta agttatgcaa tgtctgtgga accttttggt ggtaaaagta    168060
     aaagtaaatg actgtcattt taggtccttt aggctcacag gggccctcgg ctttgcgtta    168120
     tgtaataaga tatatgagtg ttttacattc tgggggttca ttttagttga tgtatttatt    168180
     aggatttatt catttgtctt tttaaacatt taaaatatga tactaattat gaacttttag    168240
     actaatgtct ccccattgac atttaattta acattagaca ctttatatgt atttatcata    168300
     gtttttacgt aaaaaatcaa cattgtaaat ttaattagaa ctttgattaa ttgaaaatat    168360
     aatattatta aatattatgt agcataggcg cagtgggtgg catgatcgcc taacagcaag    168420
     aaggtcactg gttcgagccc tggctgggtc agttggcatt tctatgtgga gtaaaatgac    168480
     cattttcaaa cacttctaca tttatgttca caaatttcac attgaaggca ataaaaatac    168540
     attattattt gacataaaaa ggaaattact caacttatac atagtagcca gagaaaaatg    168600
     ctaattttag gaggaaaatt cagatggcat ttagagtttt tttgcatctg aactctccac    168660
     atatatttat tatcttataa caaaaacgta ttttcgccac atacagatta ccagtatagg    168720
     gctgcgcgat tgtaaaaatc ggatatcgcg atattttctt tttttgtgaa tacagaaaaa    168780
     tgttcttttt gtatgaatac agttttacaa tattgtaaat taatattgtc aaatagctct    168840
     ttttcatgtg tttctgagga gtctaacagt ataggtaaag taattgaata gtcacaatgc    168900
     aaaaaatgct tccatcactt tgttttgtct agtttctagt ccaaatctaa aaaaaatctt    168960
     agagcaagta aaaaatagtg ttttgttttc accgtcagaa gaaataagtg aaaagaagag    169020
     tttttcctta aaacaagcaa cattatctga aagtagggta agtgaaataa tcttgatttc    169080
     tctttgaaat gtagaaattt ggactagaaa caagacaaaa attccaagtg ggaaaaacaa    169140
     aaaaataaat catataaaaa tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcaac cggaaggaaa    169200
     cccatgcgaa tgcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga aacgccaact gagccgaggc    169260
     tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg ctattaggcg acagcactac ctactgcgcc actgcttcgc    169320
     cataaatgga tttattaaat acagttttgt gattgtgtgt gtgacgtgac tattacagat    169380
     gcaaacattg caatatcaat gctaaaacta tatattgcgc agccctaatt tgcatgccaa    169440
     gatcagaaaa ttattgttaa tgaattgcat tcagttaggt gtgctctggc cacattttat    169500
     tttattttta aagcaaacac atcccaggtg gctctctcca aatgttcatt ttctctttta    169560
     tagaacatac tgctttttat gtattaaaag ctctgaatga cataattgtc acggagatta    169620
     catcatttag ttagaaggat tttctgctcc cagaagccct tgtggttgag catgtgcaat    169680
     taatggtttg gatggaatgt gcttggcaaa catatggttt gcccaggtcc tgctgtagga    169740
     tcagacatct ctaactctgg ccttgtaaaa cagatttcgc tccattaaac ataatgcgat    169800
     gtcttgcgca ttgatttttc gtgtgggcag catgcaaatc aagctactta ctggaaggtg    169860
     aaaccgcaga ccataaggaa agtttgatat tttgagaaag aaacgcttgt aaattcaacc    169920
     acacgatcat cgtaagattc tccaagggtt catgtctttc tgctttcttt cagaaaccat    169980
     ggccgttaga ttaaaccggc tgaaaagagg cctttttcta ctggggacgc tctttatggt    170040
     gtcccatatt gtgctctcag aggaggcggt gaatgcagag aaagaagtca ctttcagcca    170100
     cgtctacagg attgactcca gttgtaagca gggttctcaa gtaggtcaac tttcccagga    170160
     ccaggcctca gaaggacagt tagtcacagt gaatggagag aatgacattg tcttcaagca    170220
     cagcatacgc ctccagccgg ccggttgtgg atgtgcagat tcggaggatt tcaaagctct    170280
     gctgtaccgt gtaaatggcc tggaggagga agtcaactac ttaaagagcc agtgcgctca    170340
     gggctgctgc aaaggagggg caggtagtag tccaaacatg aagatcgcac cttgtctttg    170400
     agaaactaag aaatggggca tatactgtat acccaaatac gccccaaatt tagtagagtc    170460
     gagtcaggtt ttagtctaaa tctataactg gcatcgtaac catctgcttg accttttgtc    170520
     cataggttat tattaaaaca aaagaaatat ctaacaattt gcttcggtta ttaatagtta    170580
     ttaaggttat taatagtttt acctttttga tttagttttt attttgacac tatttgtaca    170640
     ttttctgtac atttctgttt agttttagtt catttcatta atggttttgt tagatttagt    170700
     ttgcttttta ttttgtcaac tcaaagattc agatggcagc agtacttatt caaataaacc    170760
     acacaaacaa agcttctgca ccacgattca tttaacagaa acaaaactcc ttagaggcga    170820
     cgcagcggcg cagtaggtag tgctgttgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcgctg gtttgagcct    170880
     cagcttggtc agttgcagtt tctgtgtaca ggtcaccatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta    170940
     gtctaaatgg tccatagtgt atgtatttgt gcgaatgagt gtgtatgtgt ttcccagtga    171000
     tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc attaactgtg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggtta    171060
     attccgctgt ggcgacccca gattaaaaaa gggactaagc tgaaaagaaa atgaaagaat    171120
     gaatgaaaac ttccaagagt gaatattgag tacttgctag acagactaaa ttgaagttgt    171180
     acaactggcc caaaatttta ataagacatg tttaactaca tacattcatt aattcatttt    171240
     ctttcagctt agtccctttt ttagtgtcac caccatggaa taaaccacca actattccgg    171300
     catttgtttt tgatgcagcg gatgcccttc cagccgcaac ccagcactgg gaaacaccca    171360
     cacactcatt cacacacaca cttaaaaact acaaccaatt ttgtttaccc aattcaccta    171420
     cagcgcttgt ctttggcctg tgggggaaac cagagcacct ggaggaaacc catgcaaaca    171480
     cggggagaac atgcaaactc gctgcttgtt gacagtgcta accactgaac caccacgctg    171540
     tctaactata tacatgatct ttaatatgaa gaagtttgtc tgaattcttc ataatgttta    171600
     cttttgtttg actaagttgc attagtggtt ttttttagtc tgttcaatct attatgattc    171660
     tttccttact aagaggttta cacaagattt aataattttt tttttttact ttgctgtggt    171720
     taaacagtag aatgacttaa accaaagagg aaatgaaata tataagtaaa atgttattta    171780
     tatatttagt tttagtaatt ctaagcttag agtggtgtca agagcacact tttaccaata    171840
     gaaataggtc ccagttttct tcttagagta gaagtgaaag gattacttaa acattaaatt    171900
     tttacgaata tatattttca tgcaccagtt aaaaaaaaaa aaaacgattt cagtcttttt    171960
     tttgcagtta gacttctctt cctgtcaaca ctggacaaag tggaccactt caatgtaaat    172020
     cccaactctg tttagaaaac tctccactct ctgcagaagc gttggttgtg tggtttattt    172080
     gaataagtaa tgctgccata tgaacccttg attgcaccaa tcaatggtgt ggctcaactg    172140
     aattatgaac acaacattgg ccaaagacgt ctaaactaac caaaaagagt catgatgcca    172200
     catgatgtga ttatatacaa taaagaatgc tcaagttctg atgttgttgc caattttaga    172260
     tcaatggaag tcctggcgct gttttgacaa atttgaaaag ttcaaacttt tcagtaattt    172320
     ttccacctat cttatagtct tagttccaac agtgtaaatc acatgcctac acaccatttt    172380
     ccgatgttaa tgcgctgcat ttttagacat gtgtataatt tctagacatt ttagtgtact    172440
     tcaacctcca aaatccgtat ttaagccttc tatgtgctat cttcaagtac actaggctaa    172500
     gactgttctc ttctgccagg tgtggacact agctgcagtg ggcatggcac ctatcaacag    172560
     gactcctgca gttgtaaatg taacccaggt tgggagggtc cagactgctc catctcatcc    172620
     tgccctgatg aatgcaatga caacggccgc tgtgttgacg gacgctgcgt atgctatgaa    172680
     ggctacactg gtcatgactg cagccagctc acctgcccca acgactgcaa agataaaggc    172740
     cactgtgtgg atgggaaatg cgtgtgcttc agtggattct caggagaaga ctgcagtatt    172800
     gccacctgtc ccaatgactg cataggaaat ggacgctgcg tggatgggca gtgcatctgc    172860
     gatgagggct tctttggaat cgactgctcc atgggtaaga atgacttctg tgtgaaaatg    172920
     ttaatttgtt ctagcaagaa gttctgaaag aaaaatatga tagtggtgca atatttatag    172980
     tctaaaataa tattaaaatt gtcctttaaa ttttgtgtga cattattatg ttaagtttta    173040
     taaactaatt tcaagaggag cacctgctat gattgattgt ggctggtctc tcatctacaa    173100
     tcactgataa accaatcaga tgagcccaag cctacaataa agaggccatt tcaccttact    173160
     tcccttatct tcattttttt taaagaatac ccccgtccac ccaatctccc ccttttcctc    173220
     cttcaccagg ggatctctca agacctacct gatctcggac ccccttttat gctaaatgac    173280
     aaggtgggag ccctagactc aactatcttc gagctcaggg ttctctcctg ggacagcatg    173340
     tcaaacctgc aattaatatc aagcaatatc taagtgtaaa ctcttgaaat cactctattg    173400
     aaacaaaaac aggtcttgag agtttgtagc attcagaaca aagcctttca gattgcagat    173460
     agaatgacct attatttata taaattataa gagctgcaat cccagtactg gaaaacagta    173520
     tagcgcttct atagcgcttt tacaatgtag aatgtgtcaa atcagcttaa catagaagtt    173580
     ctagtaaatt gaaactgttt cagtccagtt ttcagagttg aggtttggtt tagttcagtt    173640
     cagtgtggtt tacatttcac tgctgaaaat ccaagcattg acgagcaaat ctattgatgg    173700
     gcagcttcac aagttccaac caaacaagcc agtggcaaca acggcaaaaa acaaacttca    173760
     ccaattgctc taactgaagg gaaaaaaaag tttcacaaaa tttgaatagc tttctgagga    173820
     gtctaacagt attaaggtac agacattaaa taattacaat gcaaaaaatg cttttcttac    173880
     tttgctttgt ctcatttgta gtcctaattt tttttagagc aagtcaaatt taaacgtcaa    173940
     aattaagagg tttttccttt aaacaatcaa aattatctgc caactgagtg agttatctta    174000
     tgtttagatt aaagggcaga tatttatacc agaaatgaca acaatttaaa gtaagataaa    174060
     cttttttcca taaatcgtat aaaattctgt ataattaatc aaattaatcc gtcacacctc    174120
     caaacatcct cattttttga gcccaaatac tttaaactct cttgaaatgc tcaatcatag    174180
     gccttaaaaa cacatgtcga tgatacattt atactcaatt atgtttaaac tcagcagtga    174240
     ctccagaaat cacatgtgtt ctgtagctcc agatcaacta taattcccac ccaacattgc    174300
     atatcttgcg atgtgactat tgggatgcac acattgcgat attaatactg aaactatata    174360
     ttgcacagcc ctattacata ttatacaaaa tattgtttaa ttattgttat caaaagtatt    174420
     caaaatacta taaaatgtgt tcattcccat attataagtc atttttctgg tttgtatcac    174480
     acaagcattt gttctgtaat cagactacac tggctgtgtt tgtgtttgat tcacttaatc    174540
     gaaaaacatt tcttagtctc tctgtgtgct taattaaaaa aattattata aaagacatta    174600
     atctgttaat aatagtaatc tgaaactcat gtgtacaact gtaaaactct tttcaagtca    174660
     ctcagaattg tatgcatact ttttaaagaa ggcaagataa caaagaagca acttttcaag    174720
     ctcaagcttc aacataaaaa gttactatca tttacaattt actgaaactg actgctctac    174780
     ttttccaatt agcacttata taagcactaa acagacacac tgaagtagtt catttgctta    174840
     tattagcttt tattttgcgg tctcctgctg gaagaaaaca gtaaaagata ggcctcatta    174900
     gcacaaggga attttttttt catcaatcct attcagttcc atgcgtttcg ctctcagagc    174960
     ttcagaagac gtggagtgcc tcagagctgg aatgcatgga tagatgagct gagtttcaaa    175020
     aactattagc catggccaga gccttagggt gtgacatatc atctgtgtta acacttctga    175080
     aaggcttctt aggggagttt gggcaccgtg taatttactt caagaatgat aatagcagtg    175140
     aggtagacac aagcactgca aactagtcaa acagatcaat ttagccatta caatctcatg    175200
     atcttgacac taattggttt tgctatatta cttgaggctt tcaactgtcc ataacttgtt    175260
     tgaaggattt tccatatcta acgctatagg gagctgccaa tgttattaaa ccacactcgt    175320
     tcctgcatat atggggattt ctgacttgta aattcttaca aggattttag aaagccatgc    175380
     catgaacacc agaggctata aaaatataag gattatcaca gtgtatatat tagggtttat    175440
     gctgtatgct ccattacttt taaaaactta aacaacgtct aacatatttt atgtgtctat    175500
     tttgcttatt tcatgcattt ggaagaaatt aaaataaaat ttattataat aattattttt    175560
     tttaaattat atattttcag aagctaatac tccagtctac actcccaggt taaagaattg    175620
     cactaaatac atttttaaat ccacttagtg ctcttttata atgtacttaa agtgctctat    175680
     tttcggctac taattttgta cttaatatac taatagttaa tctatctagt actatttaac    175740
     gtaaacttaa gatgaactag gtgcaattaa cagcttattt gacacaccat taagttgaat    175800
     taaaatatac aacttttaat ataacaataa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    175860
     tatatatata tatatatata tattatccta cttttaatac actaaacatc ttttattgca    175920
     cttttaaata tgctatctgt acaaatataa tacactttag tatataatta taattatata    175980
     taaagttgaa gtcagaatta ttagcccctt gtttattttt tccccaattt ctgtttaaca    176040
     gagagaagat tttttccaac acatctctaa acataatagt tttaataact catttctaat    176100
     aactgattta tttttatctt tgctatgatg acagtaatct acagcttaaa gtgacattta    176160
     aagactaggt tagttaacta gtctaggcag gttagggtaa ttaggcaagt tattgtataa    176220
     tgatggtttg ttctgtagac tatcgaaaaa aaaaattagc taaaaagggc taataatttt    176280
     gactctaaaa tgtttttatt tttatttata atttttttaa actgctttta ttctagctga    176340
     aaaaaaaaca ataataagaa tttctccaga agaaaaaata ttattagaca tactgtaaaa    176400
     cttttcttgt tctattcatt ttattctccg ccgacaagcg ggcgctgcca tttgaatctt    176460
     tttggcatga gacttccagt ctcattccct tgcattcatt ttttttaaaa aactgcttgt    176520
     tacgctgctt gatgttgtaa tttgatattt tcttattata ttattctact tggtctgtat    176580
     agtcatgcaa acattttttt gttgagcaag tagtttgact gttttctgtc gtttattatt    176640
     cctagtcatt tctcccatag gcgactaaat caaaagttct aagacaatcg cgaaaacagg    176700
     cgcacttctg cgttttagaa taaggtcaat aaaatatcat ttggaaaata tataaaaaag    176760
     aaaaaaaatc aaaagggggg ctaataattc tgactttaac tctatattta aaatataaca    176820
     ataagctctc gcacaatctt tcaaaaatat tttgaatagt attttagaat gtcatatttc    176880
     atatcaatgt taaaaataat gtgcttaata tttccccgaa aaactgtttg ctagataaat    176940
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacctgt aaattcaaat cagatcaaat tttccttgga tccttgtaac    177000
     ttattttaaa catttttaaa agtatgtatt ttttggatta ataaaaaaaa gtaaaaggat    177060
     attattcaaa atagataagt aaatgtcact gctgtcacct tcaatctatt tagacaaaat    177120
     aatttacaat atagccaaaa cagtagcata taaataaaga aatttgctct gcaagcctag    177180
     acccacggga ttatgtggaa gcgattacaa acccacacag attagatctg aatgaaaact    177240
     gggaaaacac catgaaacga ttctacgtta attgtgaatg cggtcaaaca tcaaaagatc    177300
     agcatggcaa ctttgttcta ctcacaatga gagagtgaag ttttggttaa tgtcttaatg    177360
     gctgataaac acaatacaga tgctgacaat taaatttact ttaaaaacaa ctgctgttgt    177420
     gatatattta aaccttgcat aaaagtcaga agttttgttc aataaagaga caatggctgt    177480
     gtcggacttg ccaggtgtcc tcagtagaac aaactcggga gactgcgaga acagaatgcg    177540
     tcctgtgaga aataagacgc tgcgttcttc ctgatggtca ttaatacaac gatttattgt    177600
     ttttcccctt ttcaaaatgt atactatgca tttaaccata ataaatataa gctgcattat    177660
     ttaaataaaa caggttttaa tatgaatttc agcaaataaa cacccttaat gtgtttatgc    177720
     atttattagg atggtaatgt ttactttcag cgtttcattt agggaaactc ctgagataaa    177780
     taagttatat ttctaaaatt taataataaa cctatataag ctgcgtttcc cacttccagt    177840
     cgcaatgact tctgggactt ctagagcgag ttcggtgctc aagtctgcat ggatgcgtcc    177900
     tctatatcaa caacacatca gggaagtttc acgcatcttc tgttcttgca gtcttgagta    177960
     ttagaactga actttggcag ctaatgatga tgttacacag gacacaagac tgctgaagaa    178020
     cgcattttga gaaacagcca atgtaaccct ggaccacaaa acctgcattt aaggaataaa    178080
     aggcaaaaat atactgtatg ggctaaaatt gtaaatttta ctttgatagg acaaatcatg    178140
     aatattaagt aaagatcatg ttccatgaat atacatgtac agtcagttga agtcagaatt    178200
     attggccccc tgtttatttt ttccccaatt tctgtttaat ggagagaaga tttttttcaa    178260
     cacatttcta aacaatagtt ttaataaatc ctctctaata actgatttat tttatttttg    178320
     ccatgatgac aataaataat atttgagaca ttttttcaag acacttcaat acagcctaaa    178380
     gtgacattta aaggcttaac taggtttatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag gggaattagg    178440
     caagttattg tataatgatg gtttgttctg tagactatcg aaaaaatata gcttaaaggg    178500
     gctaatcatt tttaccttaa aatggtttta aaagttacaa actgcttata ttttaactga    178560
     aataatacaa ataagacttt ctccagatga aaaaatatta tcacaaatac tgtgaaaatg    178620
     tccttgctct gttaaacatc atttgggaaa tatttaaaaa agaaaaaata ttcaaaggag    178680
     ggctaataat tctgacttca attgtataaa tatattttaa aatgtcttac tatacatata    178740
     taaccacttc atttatgttt agtaatatgc attgttaaga acttgtaata tgatttcctc    178800
     cgtatttaga ttacttttaa ccttcagata atagattttc acatagttac ttgtaaccca    178860
     gaaaaaaata tcgccctaat ataccacaca ttaatggaga gcttatttat tcccctttca    178920
     catggtttaa atcccaattt ctataaattg acacttgtaa cctgtcattt tgtggtgtag    178980
     agtcaaaaat ggtatgataa aaatgtgaat ttataacaga ccttatgaaa tgtaaataaa    179040
     agagcatgtg tagttattta aaatgcttta ggtatcacac tgatgtttat cagatttaaa    179100
     gatagacaat tgcgagttct aaacagagct gtacaattgt gattcaactg taaatcatgc    179160
     tgggaaacac aattccttca tgttgtccca acacacatcg attaagttaa cttaattgtt    179220
     tttaaaaaac aagtgtatta aacataaaac atttaagttg tcccaaaaaa cacccaagaa    179280
     ctgtgttgat tcagctcatt ttaaacaagt catttgaaca agcagcaaaa atcgtgtttt    179340
     gagtgttgat catctctcat aatcaatcag tggaaacaca cttatgcttt cagtctagtc    179400
     ggctaatgat aattcattag ttctgctggc tattttaagt attatttacg ggtgaaaatg    179460
     ttagcaaagc ctggaggagg aattgtggta tgaattgcca ctggatggaa aggttcctgc    179520
     aggactaaag gaaaacgctt gacttcctgc cctctcgcca tgtggagcaa tgtccaaacc    179580
     tgctgttcat tctttcctga gtaacgcggt ctccgcagca cacttttctc ccccttatgg    179640
     atttccctct ttttttccct ctcttgtggt gtttccttaa atccaccatc aactttacat    179700
     ttttctttgt aagccagtgg atgatgtgtt catggaaact tcactgaccg tctgggaata    179760
     accgtcctgg tttggaggcc tccctatttt ttcttattcc acagatgtgc cgtttttgta    179820
     atgatccata cttattaatg aagcctcaaa accacaaaga aatcagagtg aaaatgtatc    179880
     tggctaaaat ggccagctca gatgttcagc gaacctcaag atcaccttgt atttggcaaa    179940
     ataagttgca taacaagctt tataaacgaa aaaagaacta ttaaagtgac gccatcttgc    180000
     atactaatat tattctgtgc aaaacttgga catgtaactc atccatcact gattgtttca    180060
     aagatcatca caacatttca attattaaag aggggtgtgc aatgattttc gtaagagatt    180120
     atttctgcag atatttctgt atgatgttcg cacatgggtg aaaaagccac ggcaaacatt    180180
     tagattttct tcaaaagaaa aatatacact gtatatttag ttcagtgtgt tgtggttctt    180240
     tctatttgcg aaaaacagta gtcaacattt aaagttatca aagttgccct aaaataagaa    180300
     caggtagtgt ttaataatca atttgatttt aggaccactt tgacaaacaa ttctaaatgt    180360
     tcactgtcct ataaccaaat tgattattaa acactaaagt gtacatatac cattaaaaaa    180420
     agaagataaa cttacttgat aaaaaagaaa caatataaac aattttagat aaaaagctgt    180480
     ttttaaaaac ataataaata atataattat ttacacaata agcagcaata taagtaaggg    180540
     ataatatgta tttatgcata tgcaattagt aatatgtatt aagaacttta aatgtgattt    180600
     ccttagtatt aagattttta tttagatttt atttaaccca tagattataa attttcatat    180660
     agctgtatat tttttttatt tattttccaa aaaaatgaca cataaaatgt gtttttaatt    180720
     ttattaattt ctccagctta taacacggct actcgccacc aaacataaaa atttgacaaa    180780
     acattttttt ctgagctgta atagcttatt aatttcttta ttaaatgcaa agcagtcaga    180840
     aataaaagcg gctaatggtc agcaagtaca ctaacctgcg ctcactttat taagtaggtt    180900
     gtgcatgaaa atcccagtag atcagcagtt tctgaaaaaa aatcaaacca gcccatctgg    180960
     gtccaacaac cattcaatgt taaaaatcac ttaaatcacc tttttcccca ttctgattct    181020
     cggtttgaac tgcagaagat catcttggcc atgtctataa gcctaaatgc attgagttgc    181080
     tgccatgtga ttggctgatt agaaatttac gttaacaagc agttggacag gtgtacctaa    181140
     aaagtggcca gtgaatgtat gtattattca gacaaaacat ggggccaaac agtcaaaaat    181200
     agcgacatga aagacaagca tatgaatatg gatgtaaacg tattcgctga cgaagaaccc    181260
     ggatgttatt actattcagt ggttgttatt tggtaataac atacctctga acaaatcaga    181320
     atcaagtttt ccaggcagct gtgtaacaat aatgaataat aaacaattaa taatagtatt    181380
     attaattgta gtgataacaa ttctcattca tatgtcttat tattgatgtt atatttacgc    181440
     attttcgttt ttcctgttta aattttcaca tttaatatgt ttgcattttt gtagcctttg    181500
     cattttgttt tccaaactaa caatttccta ataaatataa taacaaatta ttcctatttt    181560
     tggttaaaat aacatttgca taaacaggac cttaatgcat agacaataac tgtgtcatct    181620
     gaaaataact taaaaatgca ctgacaatat tgcttcatct ttcagttcta ggaccaaaag    181680
     gcctccgtct gatcaaagtc acagatgtgt ctctgttggt ggagtgggag tctgtgagag    181740
     gagccgagta ctacatcctg tcctaccatc caaagggaaa caagggagcc attaaagagg    181800
     tccaggtgga aaacacgaaa aactcctacc taatcacagg cctcaaacct ggagtcacgt    181860
     acatagtgca ggtgtacgct gtcatcaggg gcattaatag tgaatctgac caaataacgg    181920
     ccacaaccgg taagaaaaat gacttcaaat actacatgta tacttgtaat atagtattaa    181980
     aggctgtttg taaatgataa attgatggtt tgtgtccagt gctttgtaaa caaagaaatc    182040
     ggtttagtct ttaaatggct tagtcatagc agcaaacaag cagtgggatt tatgtagtgt    182100
     taaccataat gccagatgta actaagctgg tagagttcaa tgaaaagcca agctctcttt    182160
     ttcacggaaa tgaatgtcgt tgtgcaacaa tgggatgagc attatacttt gatgtggtta    182220
     gttgtacatt ccccactgca cattagactc ccatgagaaa gggctgatct tctggatgtg    182280
     atgaggaaga tgaacagtca gcatgggaca ctgtcagtca ccggcaagca aagagtttaa    182340
     atgtctaaaa gcatttccgt ttccaagatg aaaagggcta gctcagtcag aagtggtaaa    182400
     atacttggct gtaactcatt tgtgtcatcc ggtggctgaa tgtcaaggat ggatgcttgt    182460
     aagaggagta ccagagacac ccagtcaaga tttgcatcca tttgcattgt ttaaaaccta    182520
     aaggctgctc ttaagaattc ttttggggag tttttcatct ccgttgttga attaatggca    182580
     gttaatgaat cccttgactt tcattccttt tatttattta tttttttata taagcacatg    182640
     actatttgat aagaattttt ttaatggatg aataagaaac taataccata tattgaatgc    182700
     ataatgcaat taaatatgtg gggtaaaaaa atatagattt ccattttaaa agggtgctgt    182760
     tgttctgaac tttatattta tcaatgcatc ccaaaaaaaa actgcatcaa aaaaaaaaat    182820
     tgtaataaaa agtgtgtgac ctaactgcca tcacagcaat acattaattt aatgcattat    182880
     tttaattaaa atgcatttaa aatgcttgta gtatttcaga gtatttttgt gcatatctga    182940
     tatattgcac actatttaat tcattctgtt tcaataaatg aatcatgtat gccaagtata    183000
     ttaaataata ggtagtttaa agatatggtt taatcaacaa aataaagact tacgcagtat    183060
     ttactcaagt ggttttaact gtttatgaac ttctctcttt tgttgaacac aaattaaaga    183120
     gcccctattt ttgctttata aaaggtcata tgttggtgtt gggggtctcc aacaacactt    183180
     gatatgtacg caaggtcaaa aaacactttc atgttggcgc caatagttta gtgcaggggt    183240
     cactaatctc ggtcctggag ggccgggttc cctgcagggt ttagctccaa cttgcctcta    183300
     cacacctgcc tggatgtttc aagtatacct agcaagacac tggtaagctt gttcaggtgt    183360
     gtttgattgg ggttggagct aaaatctgca ggacaccggc cctccaggga caagtttggt    183420
     gatccctggt ctagtggttt agtgtgctga catttagcaa catggtgcac ttttagattc    183480
     ccctttctct gctcccaata ctttccagtc tgtaacctcc actgtctttt ccaattaaag    183540
     gtgaaaactt ctaaaaataa ttattaaaaa aaacacttta tttattttta cctaattatc    183600
     ccaacaactc ccatatgatt tgttcagtat ttaaatctgt aaaggaaaaa gcatgtgtcg    183660
     cactttaaat gtggtgttag acgcaatatg tgaatagccc ataaagattt aacctaagag    183720
     atagtgtaaa gtacaagcac tgatctataa aagtgattac aagacgtgca gagttattac    183780
     aagttacacc acacaattaa atacatgttt tgcaaactac acaaaaagag gcaacaattt    183840
     taattacact tacatcaggg gtgtccaaac tcagtcctgg agggccggtg tcctgcatat    183900
     tttaattcca accccaatta aacacacctg aaccagctaa tcaagctctt tctaggtgta    183960
     ctagaaactt ccaggcaggt gtgttggaag aagttggagc taaactattc agggcactgg    184020
     ctttccagga ctgagtttgg acaaccctga cttgcatgtt atgataaaaa atcataaaaa    184080
     tgacaggaat taacacagca catccttggc tatactgtag tactgatgtg aaaatgaact    184140
     ttattcccca cagccgaatc cttatctgtc agtgatcaac atcatttgtg tcatgatctg    184200
     tcccgtgatc ccctgcgcac cgctagtgtg tgaaaagaaa ggcgtgttca tgtttttgcc    184260
     ggatccggca cttcgaattc tatgatgtac tgtgtcgacg tagatgcgat caaacaaaag    184320
     atccgaaccc atctcgattc atttattcga ctctgagtca gctattttgt taaagaatca    184380
     atagttttaa acatggtgga ctttcagatt tgaacctcag ctggatgttt ttcttcactt    184440
     agagctgtgt tacacactgc ataagctaat tttttttaaa aacccataat agggaaacta    184500
     gcaaccattg acagtgggaa aaacaaatac taattaactt aatggttaca aattttcaac    184560
     atttttgaaa atatcatcat ttgtgttcag aattttccat tttgggtgaa ctagctcttc    184620
     aacaatgcaa ctagtaattg ctttaacatg ataccgaaaa gtttaagacc atagttctat    184680
     tccacagaaa caaaaaaaca actttgttcc acattaagtt gtttacggtg cataacagat    184740
     atggccctga actgatctgc ttttctcttc agaggtctct ggtattgaag gaatcaaggt    184800
     gctgagccag acagaagact ccatccaggt ggactggaag aatcctggaa ttattgtgga    184860
     ctactttaaa ctgacccatg caagtcatga tggccaggga ggacatgaga acgtggtgat    184920
     gagccaggag gccagaacca agcacaccat cgtaggtcag tctgctgtaa agcatccttc    184980
     tgcatgctat atttcagagt atgtttattt cagtggctga caacaacaca aatgtgtgtt    185040
     gtctgcaggt ctcaaccctg gaacagaata tcagatagga gtgcaagcga tcaaaggtga    185100
     aaatgaaggc aaggcatcgt ttgctacagg ggtcacaggt cagtatgcct tggtaacaat    185160
     ctataacatg gaaaatacac tcaccggcca tttattaggt accgggttgg ccccattttg    185220
     acttcagaac tgccttaatc ttttttggca tagattcaac aaagtactgg aaaatttcaa    185280
     attattcgta aatctggaaa ggttttggtc catattgaca taatagcatc acgcagtagt    185340
     agcagatttg ttggctgcac atccatgatg tgaatctccc gttccatcac atcctaaagg    185400
     tgctctattg gattgagttc tagtgactgt ggaggccatt taagtacagt gaactccttg    185460
     tcacgcccaa aaatctgtca gagatgattc acccttgatc gtttatttta ttttatttta    185520
     tttttaatca tttgtcctgc tggaagtagc catcagaaga tggatacact gtggtcatat    185580
     atattgacac aatgttttag ctgacaggag tagcaccttc gctgctttag cccatccact    185640
     tcaaggttag acgtgttgta cgttcagaga tgctctgctt tatacctcgt tgtaacgagt    185700
     ggttatttga gttactgttg cctttctatc atcccgcctg acaccaacaa acatgccaca    185760
     tccaaagtca cttaaatcat ctttcttccc cattctgatg cttggtttga actacagcag    185820
     aatgtcttga ccatgtctac atgcctaaat ccattgagtt gcagccacgt gattggctga    185880
     ttagaaatgt gtgtgttaac gagcagttgg actggtgtac ctaataaagt ggccggtgag    185940
     tgttaaagtg gccggtgagt gtaaatgact gtactgtttt gttttgtttt gtttgtcatg    186000
     gggactttcc attgacttcc atggtgtttt tttatactga gccattaaat ccaagacaga    186060
     aaacttagct tcttaagatt ttctttaacg atttgggtca taatatattt tttttactat    186120
     atgacattaa tatttattgt gtttattgag cagtattcag caggcgaatc acattttgtt    186180
     atacttatgg ggacattttg tgcccaaagt gttggtgaag cccaacctac agcacatctg    186240
     ctaacatcaa aatacactga tgaaattaaa ggaattatgg aaaaataaaa gagaccaata    186300
     gatgcacaaa atcagagtat tgttctggtg ttgttgcaag agataaaaat cattagcaaa    186360
     acaatcttcc aaaggaggaa atcctttcaa gagttcatac tttagtctca gaaaatattt    186420
     tcttctgaaa gggtccagtg tccaatggta gttaaaatct ttacagccct atgcgtaaga    186480
     cagatatttt ccttgtcacc ataaatcaat taaattgctt ccttgactga aaaaacaaca    186540
     aatctctttt attattttac ccagggctat tgaaatgtgg cagttctaac ttttcttgcc    186600
     ctgaaaaaat acacatgtcc aaaactaaca aatatccaat gaagaaccct agaggcatcg    186660
     ctttctgtat tattataggt atcttagtgg ttggagctgc agatatttaa aaggtagggc    186720
     tcgagcatgc ttttaagcta atagtctgcc aacggtggga tctttatact atctaaacct    186780
     gtcaagtaat gtggaaacaa attagcaggg gtctgtaaat ctcagacaga cgtgcacaat    186840
     gatgccttat gtaaagaagc cctttaaaaa tttgatttgt gcgtgcttct gacttttgga    186900
     aatgtcgccg aataatactg atggttaagt catttaataa ccccccatta aaatgtcaat    186960
     tagatatagc tcttgaatca tttaaaggca tttgtcaagt ttgtgctcta aatctcacag    187020
     tctgaatgct tggattcaat ttatggctgg ttaactgcta taacactcat tttttaatat    187080
     ttatgcatga gtgcattttg cccaataata agatcataca tttggaatta tgactgaaga    187140
     tgcaaaatta tggttataaa gacaacgtat catacccaac cgcagctcct aaggtggctt    187200
     ttatgtatca aatgtgtgga agtaaatgct agatttctgg ctctttgaat ttgctgtgag    187260
     cagaaatata ttttacgttg tcaagatatt tacttatggc aattcagctc atctccaaag    187320
     gtgctcgaga ccgataaatt agctgcactc tgtctctctg acgattgcag tttgccaagt    187380
     ttcatagtca gctgatcagt tcaaaggatg tgtgtgtggt ttctctgtct gagtaggaaa    187440
     gagtggtgat gtctcagaga aagaaaatat tggatgatgc aaaactaaac aaaagcaaac    187500
     agcagtcaat aggctttctg tggtgatcag tgttagtggt gttacataga gtttagctaa    187560
     atgactgttt ggctcacatg cagacatgga aaacaattgc acctggtgtt tatattgggg    187620
     tcttttgcca actttcgagt ctctaatctc aaatctaata ttgcaaaaga agctttccca    187680
     attttcaaat gaatttgaaa ggtgacgatt caaatcaata tgagagcata ttgaatatag    187740
     catataacag agcagtgttt ctcaaccatg ttccttgaga accatcatct ctgcacattt    187800
     ttcatgtctc ctttaccaaa tgcacctggt tcagattatc agctcattag cagagactga    187860
     aagacttgta attgggtgtg acagacaaag gagactgtca aaacatgcat tgttggtggt    187920
     cctccaagaa agtggttgaa aaatactgac atagagcatt taatatgtct catctctctc    187980
     tttttaatta tataatgttt ttattatatt attttcagac atatatgcgt gggcttctct    188040
     tcataataga cagatataga catttcttct gatatgaaaa tgataatgat ataacactgc    188100
     acattagtag agttgctctt cagtctttgg gctttcagca gtaacatttg cattacactg    188160
     aactaaactg aacttcaact gtaagaactg aactgaagcg gtttcaattt actagaactt    188220
     catctatgtt aagctgcttt gacactatct atgttgtaaa aagcgccata gaaataaaga    188280
     tgaactcaat tgatagttga caacaaccaa aaagaacaac gaatcttata ctatactaat    188340
     gctgatactg ataatctctt gggcttctga atattattca tgttgtcaga taataaaaca    188400
     aaaggaagaa gtgatttgca tgtagcacat catggtgaca ctattgggtc ctctcttttt    188460
     gcatgttggc tcttaaggcc cctacacact tttcttttgc gtttatcgtc agcgttttac    188520
     gagacgtttt tcagtattca aaccaaagcg cttttcactg gcgtcaagct taagagtatg    188580
     caaaaatcac tcttttgacg ttagatggca ctacacaaat ttaagcttct gacacccgct    188640
     tgtaacacag aagaagagga ggagaggaag tctgttgtta aagttactgg cgaacaagca    188700
     ttgatagttc aagcagcagc ttcagctcta gcgatgaaga aatgattgtt caccagtgca    188760
     ataagcagct ccacgttcat atggcctcag ggcatcttct tcaatgcacg tgagcaaaag    188820
     tgtccatctg attgatggag aagattttga cgcagcacgt ctaaacaaaa aaacgagcat    188880
     gaggcgtttt tttcaaaatg acgcttttgc gcctgccgct ttgcgcgttg gtgtgcacga    188940
     tcacattaac gtccgttatt tagtcgcgag gcgttaaaca tcgactgaaa atgcgaacaa    189000
     aaaacatctc ggtgtgcacg ggcctttagt ttcaaatatg ccacacgttt attgataaaa    189060
     acatcgatag aggttaaaag tggacaagcg caaaatgttt aaagctgtgg tcaaactgca    189120
     ctttttaccc catagacttc cactcatatg caagcgaatg cagcagaccg gaaacacagg    189180
     cttgtgtgac aagttttgca tttcactgcg ttcaaatgtt ccagtggcgt agcggacggg    189240
     cccgtaggga gccccgcgtc gtcgcgattt tcaataattg aaaatccggc aaccgcaata    189300
     atcaaactca tgggaacaac tgtggtcgga accaaagttc acaggtctgt gttctctgaa    189360
     cacctctcaa gcggtggact acttcattct gattgcttgc cgcaaatgtt gccaacttaa    189420
     cgattttttc actagattta gcgacttttc agacccccct atcgacaaat ctagcgactt    189480
     ttttgtgtgt tattggagat ttttttttta gactgtcatt tgtccatact gtaccgtccc    189540
     tactcttctc aatgagctgc gtgtgatgcc gccggcccct cccccgcctc acagaactga    189600
     caggcggccc agtcagtcct ctacagcagc ctctcccacc tgcagcccga gagcagatca    189660
     cccctctgtg taccgacgac aaatgattta gcacaggcag tgtgaaggta tttcccttgt    189720
     acagtctaac cgatctgctt ctcctttatt ttaacaattt aatttgaccg tttattcttt    189780
     tcttgttcac aatcacagat actttagtga cagtttctga acttgtctga gtttattaca    189840
     tatgagagat tactgcacat tcactacaca tctataatga catactgtat tcaaacagca    189900
     atgaatttag ttgaataaac atgcttatat aaagtgtagt gcaaatcata aatacccctt    189960
     tagtaaccat aggctgttaa acaaacagaa acggtagaac gtgatgatgt cagtgatatg    190020
     caaattgacg tatgacgtat cccccccccc cccacacact tcatcagggg gccccgtcag    190080
     cgatcccggc aggggggcct ccgcattttg cgctacgcca ctgaagcttg gtgaactctg    190140
     atctatgaat tcgcatcatg tgattgagtg agaccaatag aagattaaaa catgacgtga    190200
     ctgtacagaa atttaaaata acatatcaaa tcatcaatcg cttgctttca tcaaagtcta    190260
     atcctattat ctcgcccatt tttacagtgc cttaaaacag aattatacaa gcaaactcta    190320
     gtgtgaccca ggactctgtc aaagtccctt taagacaagt catttcactt gacagccgtc    190380
     tatgaaacac ctctcggcca gtatgctcgg gaattctgtt tgaatgggaa aacctcaaat    190440
     tctccaaaac tgcttgccaa gcttatgatt gaatttcata ttaggaatca tcaataaaaa    190500
     ggggtggcgc ggagacaaag aaggtagctg attcgagcct cggctgggtc aattggcatt    190560
     tttgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccccgtg ttggcgtggg tttccttcag gtgctctggt    190620
     ttcacccaca gtccaaaggc atgcggtata ggtgaattgg gtaacctaaa ttgtccatag    190680
     tgtatgagtg tgaatgagtg tgcatgggtg tttcccagtg atgggttgga gctggaagag    190740
     catccgctgc gtaaaaaatg tgctggcggt tcattccgct gtggtgaccc cagattaata    190800
     aaggcacaaa gctgaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaatcacc aataaaatta aaacaacaac    190860
     tatctcttta gttttatttc taaacctcta aaaactgcaa aaagtcatgt ctggtcagag    190920
     cctctcccgg agtatcatca gtctatagtg accaatgatt ggctcctgta ctagaaggca    190980
     ggctttattt gcaatatagt gatcgatgat aggcccccgt actagaaggc gggccttatt    191040
     tgtcatattg gccgtttatt atttaaacta taactgttta ttattcaaaa tatttattaa    191100
     attatacgag tatcatacac gacgaaaagc aattgttgtt tgctagattc agctcaacaa    191160
     aagtgtcatt ttgcagcacg ctgtttaaat agcaaatgca tttgtgctca tatgtgcgcc    191220
     cataggtgtt ttggtctaaa aaagcaggcg tgttaaggtg catagctggc acgttgctat    191280
     tttgaggtac taaaatagcc tgcacaatag accagctgag aagaggccta aagtccagct    191340
     gagaacgcgc tagttgtgcg ccttgcttaa acattgctta acacacacag cgtgtagagc    191400
     aatatgtaaa tagctttaca aatgaataag gattaaagta ttacaaaaat gattgttttc    191460
     tacataaaaa ctagtacatc catgccttct tcatctcagg gggccttttc agtttattca    191520
     tgacagtttg tttttgtata atgtgattat tagtagtagt agtgtttatt atatgcacat    191580
     ttatatttgt tttattaaaa acaagcttag atttgcccac cagtcaggtt ttggaccatg    191640
     tggggcactg catgtgtatt tggatataac tccacacatt tttttaacac acttcgttat    191700
     tattgtttat ttatttgttt gttggacatt agaactgaat ttagaaatag ttttgaaaca    191760
     aatctttgcg cttaacaaac gaaattaatt atttataggt aaacggatgt ctgtgcgtac    191820
     aacgtttccc tatccatgag agcgaaagtg aaagtaatga atgaggaggc tcatctgcag    191880
     atggtctgct taactgtttt ctcgctagag aagcactcat attttccact taaaaagtct    191940
     gccatgtaaa tagcaaatgc gctatggcgc aacgcaactg actcttaaag gaagatgaaa    192000
     ctttaattgg tttattctca aaacacacct ataactcatt aagaaaataa gctcaaccct    192060
     gttagaccat gctccgcggt gcaaagtgga tttttccgac gttaaaatag caaaagtgga    192120
     ttctgacacg ccttaatgct gttgtgccct gtgctttgga ctttgcgcct ggatcttcaa    192180
     aatagagccc tttgactatt tcacacctgt gtattacatc attcaaatct tattgcactg    192240
     acaacagtga aaattctagt caggtgcaac ttttttttcc tctggaaaat gcggcagttt    192300
     tttggggggt ttaaacattt gtgtgaataa tcaaccagaa acacactgct tctttattta    192360
     atccttgtca cacacctgac tttatattag ccccgaaaca ctaattcctt ccaagaaaag    192420
     agatttttac tcaaagctgt tgaggagttg ccagaacagt attttactga acacttacag    192480
     taaatgcagt gttggatctg ttgagtattg gcactaaatg attatatact tgtcttaaag    192540
     tacttctaga agaaatagaa ctatctgatt tctgtagctg cacatacctg tgagccacag    192600
     cgatattctc catttcacca aagtgcttgg gttagtgtga atttaatact caactgtgcc    192660
     tttaaattta agacagtgct acatcctttg agtctgttcc tgacagctac agcagccatt    192720
     agcggggtct ccagtagaca gtattttccc tctgctcagc aacttatgaa ttacaccagc    192780
     agttactcct acacttaagt ctcaccaaac cgtaggaaca ggaaatggtt tttcaatgtt    192840
     tcctcatgga catggcgtat actatgcatg tgcatcacag accgagtgtt gttcttcttg    192900
     ttatccagtg cagtgtagga agaccgtaca gtttattgta caattcctta tgttttacga    192960
     ctgaataact gaagcattca gtctgacctg aagataaaca gagcaattta tagatctgat    193020
     cgtgcacaga ccccaatctg gtttatttta gcattaatga cccgaacagc agtgttgagt    193080
     ttttcagctt cctaggaata ctgattgttt aaacactaaa ctttaaatta aataaaagac    193140
     aaactctata aaaaggaaca gaatggctca ataagggatg tttttttttt cccttcttcc    193200
     tacaaatgaa gacattcaat ctgtagcgca gactttgatt ctcttgttct accctgaaat    193260
     cagcgtgtcc ctcctcacct cctccataac aatcaggtat cgctctgcca caccaaagga    193320
     gtttaatgca tcgtttgttc agtggaaagc atcattgaat tagactgctt caaagaactt    193380
     aatgtcctag aagtgggtaa gcaagacctc ccatcttcat cagcactact ttacagcttt    193440
     actctccaag gaaggctctc aaaaacatta aatcaaatgg ttcacgtgtt tgtttttctc    193500
     ctgagaaagg ccagatttaa cttttttaaa gtttctctac taaaaggcga ttctggatta    193560
     caaatcaatt tgcacagtgc aactacagag tacacactcc aaaaaccgta gtaaatttta    193620
     aaaaagcggt aacataatta ctatagtaca tcaaagtagc attctaaccc taatcatatt    193680
     ctatagtcat agttcattca ttcattgtct tttcgcctta tgtctcttta ttaatcaggg    193740
     gtcgccacag cagaatgaac tgccaactta tccagtatat gtgtacgcag catatgccct    193800
     tctagcagca acccattact gtgggtgaaa ccagaacacc cggaggaaac ccacgcgaac    193860
     actgggaaaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa gtgacaactg accataaagc tattaaattc    193920
     atatgtttca taggaagtta tacaataata tatttgtgta tacattagat tagtcattac    193980
     tagagcctat ataacaaaat aacatacgat aatggtccaa acgctagtac agccaaattt    194040
     atgttacaga aaaatattaa atacaatttt ttttccaaaa agagggaaaa aaaaaaatca    194100
     agaaaagcaa aaaaatatta ttttttatta tttaattgaa attttgtagg ctgtattttt    194160
     ttttcaatat ttagcttgaa tttaattgta ttatctatca atttctaaat atgtttggtg    194220
     acaaaaatat tatatgaata aatatatcta tttaataaat ctgttttgtt taaatccgtt    194280
     ttgacataaa actcatcaat ggcacggaaa aagcaaaacc atttatcagt ttgacgcaca    194340
     tcataatagg ctaccagtca tagaagtaaa gcaaaaataa cgtcccttaa ttcggtcacg    194400
     tccagcggcc gtcatcctta aaccaatctc catcattgta agctacttga ttttctttgt    194460
     tccattgctc agtttgtttg atgtttgctc ccactttcct tcgcatacct tcgcatttcc    194520
     tttgctaatc gcatctttgc attgtcttca catgtcaatc actcacactt cgtccgtgtc    194580
     tgcttactgc acaggcagca aaacaatttt ccctcacttt tatgtaatgt taggattgtg    194640
     agggagcagg tgggacgtaa ttttttgaga gacacttaaa tacatcacgt gagctgcgta    194700
     tgtaacatct atgatgtaac aattaattgc aaacagaaat aaaagtaatt tgattatatc    194760
     ctttggaact ggatgtttta tgagattatt tactttttct ggcaattatt ttgtgtttaa    194820
     attaagattt tttttttatt ttgcgttgga tttagtgatc gcaaaattca attttcagtt    194880
     caattcaatt cacctttatt tgtgctttta caatgtaggt tgtgtcaaag cagcttcaca    194940
     tagaagctgc tttgcgaaaa actagggggt atgatgcata taacaggggt gtcaaagttc    195000
     ctggagggct acagttctaa ctctacttta acacacttac cagcaggttt aaacaggccg    195060
     gaaagactta gtttgatcag gtgtgtttaa ttagggttaa agttaaactg tgcagagctg    195120
     tgggactcca gggactgagt ttaacacctg tgttttacac catatgattt tacaccaaag    195180
     caacttatct gtttttatta tttcaaagca caatattttt ttctgagaaa ctatttaaca    195240
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    195300
     tatatatata tataatttaa ttaataagta tagtatttac taaagttgaa tattgtttac    195360
     tttataacat tacatgcaca taactgtaaa atgaaccatt aaggaacata caaatttatt    195420
     caagcatttc ctactttatg ttttattaag agcttcattt agcattttca cctcaacatc    195480
     cacagtgcac atctcatgaa acagtccata gcataattcc ctcctaattt tattttaatg    195540
     ttgtattagc agtcttctgc attggaaaag cacatccagc ttatttgttc attcttggcc    195600
     taaaaccaag gaaatttgag ggaaatattt tctaatctca ccatacttca gtgatgaaag    195660
     acaggaataa agacacattt ggaagtctga cacagtctgt ctgcccccat gctgtttgat    195720
     agagcacaca ttatgtgtaa cgaaataaca gaaaagagca gctcggcaca tattgtgtca    195780
     tcatgatatg gttgtttgta tgatgaaata ttgactaggc aattgcaaaa cctggaattt    195840
     tcaatgtccc agcatttgtg ttgtttgctg tccagtatga gctgttgttt tgtattctgg    195900
     tccatgactc aaacccagcc gtgtcaaaaa tgataagccc accttggcaa tcagaaagca    195960
     taaaatgtga gctgtggatt ccagcaatct tggaaggcat tgggaatcag tttccatgac    196020
     gcggatagaa tcgtgacatt ctgctaacct tgctagagtc acaggacggt ataggctaaa    196080
     tgatgattgc ttttcctggt cttttcacat cctcctttgc attgcttggg tactctcaaa    196140
     aatacatatt gcactctctg cgtgaccccg cacacatcct ccgctcttca gctcttgata    196200
     attgcaaatc cataagcctg atgaaatata aaaaactcag cagcatcttg ttcctgctgt    196260
     ttcacttgtt tacaaactac tgcaagtttg ccatccatta atgagagaaa aggatataat    196320
     caacaaatct ttgtaaaatg tttttttttt gttgttgttg ggaaaaaacg ctgcaaaaag    196380
     atgctgaatt ttaagaactg tatttaaata tattgcagta aagtaacaac atttattttg    196440
     taattttaag caacatgcaa actgtattta aatgtaatgc agtaaagtaa cactttgtgt    196500
     agttacaaat taattttgcg aggagcacga gatgcgatcg actttagctg atccttatcg    196560
     ctaatcatta gctagccaga tgatcagatc attctaaaac tactataaat atcctgtcaa    196620
     aacttcattc cctatcttta tctttaatcc aactcccccc tcctcttaaa ttctatgatc    196680
     gggtgacacg gcagctcagt ggctggcgtg ctgcctcaca tcgggagggc caaaggttta    196740
     agttctaatt gagccagtaa gcactccacg cggagtttca atgttctcac tgtgttgcgt    196800
     gggttttccc cgggtgctcc agtttcctcc cacagtctaa aaacgtgtac gaattgtaat    196860
     aacaatcaca agcaatttat gcatacatac tgaatcaatc agaaccacca tattagccaa    196920
     agtataaagc agggagctct cgagaaatac cagatcgtat ccttcctaat gctcaatgac    196980
     catgcgggaa ccttgggctc atctatctct aagctcaggg ttctctcccg tgacagcatg    197040
     ccaaacctgc tattataggg attaaattaa aaagaaaatg aatgaataaa tgaatatttc    197100
     aaaagtttca taataaaagt atattcatac atacatcaat taagacaagt atatacagta    197160
     tattttctcc gaaatatttt catttatttt aagaattatt gtaatattta tttacttttt    197220
     acaaattaac ttacattttt tatttacgaa tattaatttt tctatttcaa gaggttgtta    197280
     cacaatgaca attaatgaat tgacatgaac cttctttagt taagggttgc tttagcctta    197340
     gtatcattca tgtggcatga tttttatcct ttttcagttc ttcctttcct tcagaatcaa    197400
     acccacatcg ttggtgttcc cagtgcctgg ctctattatt tacaggaagc catttattat    197460
     gcaaatatgc acaattacct attattacaa tactctaact acatacaaca taaagtttta    197520
     cctgtattta cttaaatagg gtaaatattt tgcacttaca ctgtacttac ctaaacaagc    197580
     accggtaata taagttaact acatagttat cattataatt ataagaagaa aatggtattt    197640
     acatgtggaa ctggactgtt aaataaaact acaattttcc tgatttagaa ttagatgttt    197700
     ttatttaggt tttttttttt tttttacatt tgtgcaaaat accagtgtcg ttatcttgat    197760
     cccaacacct taaatgatct catccaacag acatcgatgc cccaacaaat ctagcaacca    197820
     gggaggtgac ggaaaactct gcgactgtga catgggacgg tgtccgcgct gaaatcgatg    197880
     gctacatgct gacttacagc tcggcagagg gcaccagccg agaaattaaa gtggcagcgg    197940
     gtgccacatc ttaccagctg acctctctga agccaggagt cctgtacaca gttttcctct    198000
     gggcctataa gggctctcgt tccagcagga agagcatgac tgaggctgag acgggtaagc    198060
     tgttcacctt ctgggtgagg atgtgaggct ttactttcct ttttatttcc tcatctcaag    198120
     cgtttcctca agggatttcg ccactatgct ttgatctttt cagcttctca ctggatggaa    198180
     gagtggctgt tctcattctc agatgttctt gtgcatcaaa gcagtcattt ccttgatcat    198240
     tttattgctt ttaactgaga ttttgtctct ccagtaaagc ttctgcaggc agtccttgca    198300
     gaaatattta catctgcgca tttggcagac gtacagagca tattattacg cgtgttatct    198360
     gccagtcaga ctgtgacctt ggtgttgcaa ccagtgtatt gtggagctat aatgttccgg    198420
     tattttccat tttccataaa acaaagcgtc attaacagct cttttaaatg aaagccaaca    198480
     ctgtaataat aagactcctc catacagtag caactgaaat tcaaaagagt gaacaagagc    198540
     actatttctc cagtgggtgc tgttgtagat ggtaaaccag atggtctaaa tgcattacca    198600
     gctgactgtc agagacagga aacacaaccc aaacagaagc acttggattt ataacaaatg    198660
     tacccatgcg tatcctctgt tgggtttcca tgagcattta tcactgtccc acattacagc    198720
     gtccaagagc attagaagaa atctgtgcaa tgttgtgtga atttctgttt acagtgttta    198780
     gaaaaacaag ggactggttc agcatttcag attatattgg tttaatcttt atttactcac    198840
     cctggtgatt gttcatcgct gtatgaccat taggcatggg ctggtataag attctgacag    198900
     tataataacc ttggataaaa atacatggtt tcacggtatt gtgattactg ctctaaaata    198960
     agttattttt aaatgtctgg gtaataaaaa acttttcccc caattgagca caatatattt    199020
     tattttaaga aacatttcaa atattttgga ccagtaacct ttgatttaga gtttcctttt    199080
     ctgctggaga tactgttgcc ctcaaaatct aaataaagta aagttgtata aaacgtaaaa    199140
     aaaacattaa aaaaaacata aaccttaaga atgatatatg ggaaaatgtt ggtattttca    199200
     aaaccttgac ttttccatac cgcggtaaac cttaaaactg gttatcgtct catgcctaat    199260
     gcccatcttt tattttttaa taccccaaat ggaaaaaaaa aaatacttgt tgttccttat    199320
     ggtggaagtg aatagctcgc acccatcatt aaacggttca cagaataatc ccatacccaa    199380
     tattattatt tttaacatat tttttagtat ttacgtaata tgaaatatta ttttaaaata    199440
     ttatttatta tatattttaa tattacaact tgtttaaaca acgtatttaa aatgagctga    199500
     aacaacacaa ttttttagat tttttttagg aaaacttaat tgttttatgt ttaatccatt    199560
     taaattgtta ggttaactta atcatttgtg ttgggacaac aggaatgagc agtgcatgtg    199620
     acacatattc tggtgtttaa gcaaaaaaaa aaagaaataa ttaattaatg taaatcccga    199680
     taatttgtct tgaaattcca atagtttaca tcaatcctgg aaaaatatta agattgtgtg    199740
     aaattaacat taattgaaac atggtccaaa ataaaatcca tgcatttttt tctctgaagt    199800
     ttatatacat gctgttttta tcaaaacagc aaaagatcac attcatctat caatccagac    199860
     gttcatctga cacctgagtt acaatccaga tttactgttg actgccatta cgtgatcaag    199920
     cttgagctgg acattgtttt ttttttttaa atatgccatg agggcatatg gcagtaggaa    199980
     atcaccagtc tgagtacaaa attaattttc atagttggct gaattggaat caagaaactt    200040
     aaatcaagaa aactaaatat ttggtataat atttgctatc tcaatatttg ctactgtagt    200100
     tgacttaatt agcttcagat gttaatatgc aatgttgtaa tgcagatttt ttccctcaaa    200160
     attagtttgc tgcattatat gtgcaactgt taatccacac tagggctgca caatattgga    200220
     aaaatctgaa attgtaacat ttatagcaga aaaataaaat atcccaatat gaatacagtt    200280
     acacaagatt tgaatagctc tatttgacag ttttctgggg agtctaacag cattcaagta    200340
     caaaaaattg cataatcaca acataaaata tgcttttctt actttgcttt atttcgtttt    200400
     caacctaaat ttgaaaacga tccttagatc aaaagagttt ttccttaaaa caagcaaaat    200460
     tatcatctgc caatagggta aggtaaagta atcttgtttt tactttgaaa tgtggttatt    200520
     tagaatcaca agatataaat tataaattct ttagtatacc ttcaaacatc atacattttt    200580
     gtgtacaaat attttaaact ctcttgaaat gcgaagtccc agggcttaaa atgtccctct    200640
     attattgtta aacttagcag tgactctatc aatcacattt tctgaggctc ctggtcaact    200700
     ataattcaga ctcaacattg catgtcttgt gatgtgacta ttgaggatgt gcacattgcg    200760
     atatcgatgc caaaattgat atattgtgca gctctaaata ttagtaaaaa atgtattatt    200820
     attattaaaa ctattttaga gtatgttgca tttaaaagga gctttgtctt cacttttagt    200880
     gcttaaatct ttaatttaaa tgcaaatcaa atatctggta aactctcagt atatgactgt    200940
     agttgtcatt gctttgttgc tacttattca agtgcaaaag acagcataca tattatgaat    201000
     attttgtatt cacacagcat gcacagtgct ctcacatatg acagaaagca tgattccacc    201060
     tggccacatt tgtgttgatt tagttcaatc ggcattaaca aattcttatt tgcttttata    201120
     catccctttt taaatattta cacgcattta tttttaaaaa cgtgtaaagg attcttttat    201180
     atagcgtgca gtgcagtgtt gtcctcggtc tctgtgctgt agtgatgaat tgtggtgttc    201240
     taacaaaacc tgctggctcc attaatcaag cctaacgcta atttgagaaa attgaacttt    201300
     tcataagtac cgagtgtttt cagatttaca taattaaact cgttaatttc cactcaactt    201360
     tttttagaag cacccaacat cagataagat aaaaatcttt actgatccaa gagggaaatt    201420
     aaatcaaact gtgaagggaa ataatagtgt ttgctatctg catcttggat ttatagctca    201480
     ttaaatcagc atgaaaagga taaattgtct atcttcatgg ttcaatgatg cattgcctca    201540
     catggtcatg catcgtctcc agtacagctt tgtgtatatc tgcatgcaac gctgtgcatt    201600
     aacactgttg tgcaactggc tttttagaca tagatgctcc tactaacctc atgaccaggg    201660
     aagtgacaga ggactcagct tcggtgacgt ggaacaaggt gcaggctgac attgatggct    201720
     acatgctgaa atacagctct ctagacggct ccggccagga ggttcgagta ggagctgaca    201780
     gcacctccta caggttcacg ggtctcaagc ctggtgttct ctacacagtc tatgtgtggg    201840
     ccatcaaagg cgctcgctct agcaaaaaga gttcaacaga agcggaaaca ggtttttgat    201900
     tagtatcttc ccagtcagct catgcaaact taaacagttc tatgttttga acagtttatc    201960
     tctgtttaca gaaataaggc ttttactata ctgtatatag acttgaattg tttataaatt    202020
     aaggtccaga ggcatgttgc ataaaacatg ttgaacaaac tcaacactca atgtaaagtg    202080
     tttaacctag agtttgtagt taactctgga gggcatgcac atgaaagtgt gacacatgca    202140
     gcaaacagcc aatcacacga cacatgagag agtcagtttg atttagatct cccaagagag    202200
     tcaacaattc acttctctgt agaaaattaa gatatgtcat taacagtaat ataatgaatt    202260
     taaacacata cacaaggtaa aaatatacac tgttgatgca gtgaaagaat atattatcat    202320
     atcaatacaa gttaattatt tcatttgttt aaaaaatata agtgtttgtt gaaatatata    202380
     agatcacaaa caacttaaaa gtcagacatt ttaagacctt tccattttaa agcaaatgca    202440
     tatgttaaaa tttgaaatgc gaatgttaat ttaaaggcat taacaataag aaaagacaat    202500
     tcgaatgtat ttgaatatgt aatatattaa gtataagtaa tttaatataa acatattatt    202560
     attagcaata acaaaaaata atttggacta aaaatgattt tagtgataga caatagtgaa    202620
     aaagacgtac aagaactaag agtagcttta ttgacatata caatatatgt tattgctatg    202680
     gagacgttca taactctggt taaccgtgta gcacaagttt tgctggctac gaaacctaat    202740
     caaaactaac caactttctt gagcctgaaa acatacattt cgtcaaatta aatgcaaact    202800
     tatgcttttc aggctgaatg attttagccc ttattttgac tagccgacag gttttgagaa    202860
     atcgcagaaa aatgcctgaa atcatacgta aatcggtgct cgttcatgag agtaacaatc    202920
     acacaatgta aacttttaaa gatgcgatat gacagaattg ctgatgagtc gctgacaccc    202980
     ataagatatt tggcatgcta aatatctgga cctcgcgaat caatattatg ttgtgagaaa    203040
     tgttttctgg ttgaaaataa catctgcgag tacctacagt aaatgagaga gcagcatcca    203100
     ctagtgtggg tatctgcagg tcagcgggag gatggggaaa agttaaaagg gttcttaata    203160
     atctatttga acccaaaaaa tggaggaaaa actagtgtaa atttggcagg agcaccgtgt    203220
     ctgtttgacg tatgtcatct gagcaaaaac acaaccggtt taagagaaat atgtaattcc    203280
     cttcaatagt catgtgagca aaataagtac attttttacc ctactaaagg cttcatcctc    203340
     attatgtagt taataacaaa agatatatta cgtgaccacc atgtcacttc ttgcgtgtgt    203400
     ttggatgtga gatgtaattt gcggaccgag acagaaaatt gtctgtgatt cttcctattc    203460
     taaagtcatg cagtgtgaaa ccccatctcc gatccatctt gcggtgtaaa caaagcagca    203520
     aacgctaccc tcgatagtca tgcagtgtga aaacatgtgt gacaggacta ctagaaaatc    203580
     gtgcagtctg aacttggcaa tacctgggta aaaactcaaa ctggctttgt gcaacaagcc    203640
     ttactatttt gattcactaa actggacaaa ttggcaagaa cacaatttca aagcagcaca    203700
     gatgcatgtg gaaatttctg caaatgattt acagacaatg cagaaattaa ggaagaaaga    203760
     cgcaacattt cgaccatttt aaccaatcca ataagcgatg cgaaaatcac tgtagcctaa    203820
     aagctgggtg tgtttagtaa atataaactg tactgtatta acgccaaaaa gacatttttc    203880
     actagtgcaa gctgttagta aacctggcct caagtggcct gttaatgatc tgatgtgctg    203940
     aatttgactc ttcttaaact gctctctcta aatttcatag attattctgt gctcatacat    204000
     aaagccttat aaactgtcag actgtccaga taaactgtcc aattgtgcat ggcttttatg    204060
     tcaaaatgtg cattaaaagt gatgcatgtc cttttttctc atatccactt cagaattgaa    204120
     tttgttatta ttattgaata ataacaaatt attattatca tgttcttatt atcgaatatg    204180
     tacatattac gtttaatttg taactattaa ggcgatgtaa tggcgctgta ggtagtgctg    204240
     tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt tgctggttcg agcctcggct ggctcagttg gcgtttctgt    204300
     gtggagtttg catgttctcc cagtgttcac gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ctggatttcc    204360
     ccacagtcca aagacatgct gtacaggtga attgggtaag ctaaattgta gtgtatgagt    204420
     gtgaatacgt gtgtatggat gtttcccaga gatgggctgc agctggaagg gcatccgctg    204480
     cgtaaaacat atgatggaaa agttggcggt tcattccgct gtggtgaccc cagattaata    204540
     aagggattaa gcttaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaatgtaa ctattaattt gaattaagtt    204600
     aacaaaaagt atacagaata aggtagatgg atttaaagat tccaggactg tgaatttgaa    204660
     agtatttcgg gaaaacatct gcttgaaaac atttaatatg aagaaatgac atgctacacc    204720
     tttaatacaa tttgtcaact gttaattgac aaattcatat gtctactaaa cctcttgacc    204780
     caagaagtga gagacatcag tggttacagg caaagctatt ttactgttgg tggcccttta    204840
     gtgaacatat gcaaagaaat caacagcacc acctacaggt tcatttgctt acagggttag    204900
     ttcatcacca aaaaaagaaa gacatttctg atatcattta ttccccctca tgtcgttcca    204960
     aacccaaaag aaatgcattc atcttcagga caaatttgaa tgcacccaaa acatattaat    205020
     aaagagatca gatataaatc tatatgaact ggacagattg agttttctaa aatagacatg    205080
     gtttatttat aatataaaca aatttaacgc aggcgtttat tcacataaat cagccaaaaa    205140
     tcttaataca ctttaaaaca tttagggtgg ttgtagccca gtggttctca attctggtcc    205200
     ttcacttgca catcgtgtat gtcttcctta cttaacacac ctgagatcat caacttgata    205260
     acaggagatc catgaactga tccttgtgtg tcaattaaga cagacgtaca atctctgtag    205320
     gataggaggg ccagaggacc ggaattgaga atcactattg taacccaaca tgggtgggtt    205380
     gagacaaata tggcaaaccc aaccaactgg cttgcaaaat gttattgaaa ttgaattgaa    205440
     aaaaaaaaaa attggtctat atttaatcca acattaagtt aagacaacac agattttttt    205500
     agagtgtagc attcacgtga tcataaagct caatcatgct ttcttgacac atgaggacca    205560
     atagccgctt tttcactgtc aggccaatgt gatccagggc ttttattggg ccgggccgtt    205620
     ccaatagccc aggagcatga acattgaggc cgaaaccatg ttgcgtttct acttttgggt    205680
     tagtagcttg cagctcgtca tgcaaaccct acccctagaa cgccccacga atcaaacctc    205740
     acacaactca tccagctcag tgagaatcag gcaggcaaat aaagcacact atcgcatcct    205800
     cacaaactat taaaataaag acaaccgaaa caaacaaatg acacgttact gcacagcagt    205860
     acattatatg tctacacgca caggcctatg tatttccatt tattatatgc gtttactcac    205920
     tgacccactt ttagcatcgt gcatcaggtg gtctcgcaac taacagaggg atgacccagt    205980
     gcaccatcca taatataaaa ccacagaaat gttccggtaa taactcggta taaaatgtat    206040
     tttataacat cctcattttg atagatgcca tcaaacattc agcacaaatg ttccggagtg    206100
     acctaaaaca tattaatatt tccctaggct atatgacatt cacaagataa ttccccttta    206160
     tttaagaggc ccaatcccaa ttctatattt gtacccctac cccttcccct tggtccttac    206220
     agtcgatgat taaggggaag ggcttcaaaa tttaccccta agaattggga caccactaga    206280
     cctgcacacg tcatcatgtc atcgtgagct cttgcttcat atgagatcag gcgatggtga    206340
     ctgcagtagt tattccagtt gtgtagtgtt ctatgtatct atgtaaacgc accaaaaaca    206400
     acattaatat tatagcagac accatgaaaa gctcattctc agccattaga cattactgac    206460
     aaggtatttg agtgtcatcg agtgtcagaa tgttgtggga aatgctgccg ctgtggctgg    206520
     tgcattctgg ggaattttct tacccgttgg tttcgagtgt ggtcctgaaa aatctttgtt    206580
     catagggcta ttcacccctt ccccttagct ccaagccttt tagctaaaga gaattgggac    206640
     acccctaccc cttggcatgc acgcataaaa cgaggggtag gggtaagggg aagggctaag    206700
     gggtagaatt gagatagggc ctaagtaaaa gaaaattgtt aagtgtttca ggacacaaga    206760
     ccaagcaata aaatgtagcc tgtagcagca gctatacact agtaaagctc tacatttaca    206820
     atttcatttt taaattttac cacgtcattt aaaatgcata aacatttatt tgagtaattt    206880
     gtaaagtttt atgtctttct gttgtattca tatttttatc ttcaaaataa ataaattaag    206940
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaac ccagccgctc atggcatcaa    207000
     cagagttgtc aagtgagcgc tccttcgcct ggtctctaac acacatgcat ttaactgcgc    207060
     acttttcacg cacaaacacc ttttaaactt gacaaaaact ctggacaact gaaagctact    207120
     ggtggctgtg tctttaatat ggtttaaaga ttattatgcg ttatggagac atcaaagagg    207180
     atgcatcaaa gaaatatcac ttataaataa aaactacttt attattttat gcaacagcct    207240
     tacatttaaa agggaaacat aagggcggtc ataagcaaaa agacccctag cctataaggt    207300
     attttatgga atagccatct taaactgacc agctatatgt tttctttccc ttatttatat    207360
     attttttggt gcatgtactc gtgtgcgatc ggaaaactag tgtaatggtg acacaccatc    207420
     ccaatcagac tcgggcaaac tccatctctc ctttcactcc aaccccgaag ccccagctgg    207480
     ccctcctttg cccaaggaat ttggcagact gaagaaggcc ggccgctgtc tccgtggaag    207540
     cccagctttt gcccgatcag gccccagaag tgacagtgga aacgcgacta gccctggctc    207600
     aatcgcttta gacgcgatag tgaaaacgcg gctaatgagg ttcacattgg aacatttgag    207660
     ggttacacta gaaccggtgg cttcatttta tatccaaact atcccattct gcattgacta    207720
     ttacattctg caaccattga cagagtttaa aacatgtcta taaactgctg atgtctttta    207780
     atgcttttac cacttcactg gtccattatt aatcttaaga tgaacatgaa gcagaccaac    207840
     aggaacaacc gcttaaagca ttaacactgt tgtacaactg gctttttaga tatagacgct    207900
     cctactaacc tcttaacgca agaggtgaca gaggactcag cttcggtgac gtggaacaag    207960
     gtgcaggctg acattgatgg ctacatgctg aaatacagct ctctagacgg ctccggccag    208020
     gaggttcgag taggagctga cagcatctcc tacaggttca cgggtctcaa gcctggcgtt    208080
     ctctatacag tctccgtctg ggctgtgaag ggctcgcgtt cgagcagaaa agccaccaca    208140
     gaggctgaaa caggttatct gattacagca ggctgtgtgg ctctgtgccc gtgctttctt    208200
     cttctgcctg aaaatgtcaa atgaagcatg atgaaggtct ttgcttaggt cttgtctcag    208260
     caataatgtt actgaattaa tattgcacag aggaagaagc agtcattttt tgacaagaat    208320
     gctaactctc atttttattg tataaaggga gaatcatata atctattact agctcattaa    208380
     gattgtgttg ggttctaagg atcatttcca gatagtcctc tacagtgcga ctttgaccta    208440
     ctgtaaattt aaccgcatcg ctttttgtca atctgcagag attgatgccc ccaagaatct    208500
     caaagccact gatgttcaga ctcaaacctc cactctaaca tggaaagcac ctcaggctaa    208560
     tattgaaggc tacatcttga cctacagggc tgaagacggc agcatgcagg tttgatctac    208620
     acacacacac tgcttttgaa acatctttga atcagttcag tttgtttaat acaaacactt    208680
     ttcaaggtgt tcaaatttaa ggtaggatga tgaaacagct aatatgaact ttttacaact    208740
     tttgaattta gctatgaata aatgtaaaga actatttcag ttattcacct taacaaagga    208800
     atccttgctg taaagttatt tcagactttt aatgtttatt taacatttaa tctgttaaga    208860
     ttatgaagat ttaattattt aaataattgc attttaacaa ttgtatttta atttatttcc    208920
     ttttcagcat gattacttca gtatttggtg taacatgatc cttcagaaat cattttatta    208980
     tgctgattta gtgctcgaaa tgttttttgg taactttata atcattgctg ttattttaat    209040
     caatataatt caccttggca gaataaaagc attaatttct ttattaacct tattgaacct    209100
     tattgaatgc attttacttg caaaaaaaat aaaaatatgc tacattgact tgtgaccaaa    209160
     atacattgta ttaatctatt tattatgcca aaaatcatta caatatgaac tatcactttc    209220
     catgaagaaa ttttatacat ttcttactct aaatacatca aacctatttt ttgattagta    209280
     ataggactag ctaagtggtt cgtttggaca gctttaaata taattttggc aatagatttt    209340
     ttaaccctca gattacagat tgttcatata gttttatttc aaacaaataa tgtacaatcc    209400
     taacaaacca gacattgttt attattatta ttattattat tattattaat attattatta    209460
     tttacatgta atgcgtaaat cttatttttc aaaaaatggg cacttggttt tgtggtcctg    209520
     ggtcatttga tagatatcca tgagtaaatg atttattatg agctaataaa gtgttcactt    209580
     tttattaatt tacgtcattt taagtttcat tttagccaaa atgagttctt tatacgactg    209640
     attttttctg ctttgttttt tagactgtgg aaaaaacgtt gactgcacga gagaacagat    209700
     ttgctctctc aggccttgaa atgggaaaga agtacattgt cacccttatt gcctacagag    209760
     gctcaaagag gagtaaaata gtggagacaa cattcagtac aggtagagtt gaacaatata    209820
     tcaattgagc attgatatcg caacatgtga acgtgcaata ggattagatt aaaaaataaa    209880
     gacattatta aatattattt tgtaattatt tatacaatga tgaacatgtt attttacatt    209940
     tgattgttca atttctgtac ttcagtactg ttataaaacc attaatcact ctttatttat    210000
     ttatacatcc gtgtattata aatgtaattg attataatta taataaatat aatttatgca    210060
     cagcatagaa aaagacttgg tcatctaagt tcatgtatat taatgaaata ttttcaaata    210120
     aagctattca aatcatctgg tgaaattata tttatatcac aacatatatt gcagcaaaac    210180
     aacacatcac aatgtcagat ttttccaata tcatgcagcc ctaaatacag gtaacatgcc    210240
     atgtcccttt attcacacga ttacaacact catagtgtat caacatacct tatccaagtc    210300
     ttatttttaa gattaagtga ttaaccaata atgtactcat cctccacttg atccaaacct    210360
     tctttatgtt aaacacaaaa taatatattt tgaagaatgt ttgaagctgt tagccattga    210420
     ctttcatagt atttttattt cctactatgg ttttcaatag ctgcccttgt ccagaattgt    210480
     ccgaaatatc ctctgttgta ttcaacataa aaagaaagta aaacagttgt ggaacaagtg    210540
     gagggtgact aaatggtgag agaattagat tttttttgag tgaattacct cttaaataga    210600
     acgtccatat agacgttgga gccatcttta aaaaaatatt attattatta ttagattata    210660
     tattaatatt tagcaaacaa gcagtacaca agaatacaaa ccgatgacag caagaaacat    210720
     agtacacaca aaataagtat gttgatgaga gcatactgcc tgaaataaag aatgtgattg    210780
     acatatatca gtttgtgcag ttataattct gcagtactat tttgtttggt tcagtagttg    210840
     cgattagatg tagtttatgc tgtgtgttca aggacagctt tttgacccac acataactga    210900
     catgaagaaa caacacagtc acaggctagc tatcaggtct gtcacagcct taaaaagcat    210960
     catacatttt tatgttgtta tttctagttg gtctggccta tcagttcccg atggactgta    211020
     ctcagatcat gaggaatggg aacatggaga gtggcgtgta cacaatctac gtcaataaca    211080
     accgcagcag aaccatgcag gtgtactgtg acatgaaaac tgatggcggc ggttggattg    211140
     taagtggatc tctatttttt tcctctctat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    211200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatataa cacacacaca    211260
     cacacacaca tacacacagt ttagtaagaa ttattagccc cccctttaaa ttattattat    211320
     tttttttttt caaatattac ttaaatgata acagagcaag gacattttca cagtatgtct    211380
     gatatttctt cttctggaga atgtcttatt tgttttattt cagctagaat aaaagctgtt    211440
     tttcattaaa aaaaattaag ttcaaaatta ttagactctt taagctatat attttttcaa    211500
     tagtctacag aacaaaccat acttatacaa taacttgcct aaatagccca acctgcctag    211560
     ttaacctaat taacctagtt aagcttttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt    211620
     gaaaaatgtc tagtcaaata ttttgtactg tcatcatgac aaagataaaa taaatcagtt    211680
     attagaaatg agttattaaa actgttatgt ttagatatgt ggtaaacata tcttctctcc    211740
     gttaaacaga aattagggga aaaaataaac aggagggcta ataattctga cttcaattat    211800
     acatacatcc gtgatatgaa ttgtctcatg atcccacacc tgcctatcta ctcctttttt    211860
     ctcagactga acgagcaggc aaactcatga aatggctttt tcaagtcaag tcgtagactt    211920
     tcatttggct tttcatgctc tccagatatt ctttagcatt cataatatct tatgcacatt    211980
     tgggaaaaaa aataactcaa aggaatagtt cacccatact gaaaattcca taaatcgttt    212040
     actcaccctt cactgatcgc aaacctttca tctcactgtt gaacaaataa gatgatattt    212100
     ataagaattc tggaaactga cagccattga cttccatagt atttgttact ttctcttact    212160
     catggatgtc atcggtttcg gttttgaaca tttttggaaa tatctcttgt ttatctcttg    212220
     ttcttgttta ttaaaaaatg aacttgagtg tgagtttata gtgagtaaat ttcaattttt    212280
     gggtgaacta tccctttaat gtaaaaaaaa aaatctattt gcttacataa gtgcacacat    212340
     gctccatttg ccagtgtgta aatctgaaat ggcgcaattg acacattaga aaactgtcat    212400
     taactgtgat ggaaagagta ctgaaaaatc ttagtcaagt aaaagtacca ttacgtaccc    212460
     aaaaaaggta gtgcacgtac aagagtaact atctgttatg aataatactt aaagtatgag    212520
     taaaaagtag cccttttaaa agtactcaag agtagtgagt agtattacgc tgtgaaaggt    212580
     caatgcttca atttctgaat gtgtttgtag gaaaacgtaa cattctgtag tacatttagt    212640
     cactgtttaa ggtcatttgg tgatttcagt catcatacaa cagacatccg ccatctcatc    212700
     agtgacatgc agtctaaaca gtctctcagt cattgcatgt tacgattttg tcatgaggtt    212760
     gttaagtatg taattttctt tgtatgattt gactggatgg ctatcataga actgatattt    212820
     ctaccagggt ttctgtagga tagttcaaaa tcaaatttaa gaaaaaaaaa attaagttat    212880
     agctaaactt agataaacac taaggatttt tctaatggcc aggtaacttc tataaatagc    212940
     atttgtatca atgggagatc atgtaaaggg atgcatttct gtagttttct ttaatttcaa    213000
     aaagcaaaat tgctgtaaaa atgtctaaca tctgttgtga attgtatctc tttgcaaaga    213060
     aacaattaac tatttacaca gtatttatat ttaaaagagt tttgagatgg attattggtc    213120
     attgggtgtc agatcgattg ggtagtttca tttggacata gggaaattaa gacctgttta    213180
     aaatgattga agacataggg aaattaagac ctgtttaaaa tgattgaaga catacaagac    213240
     aacatttcag taaatttaag acattttaag cctttttaag acccagcaaa taccctttct    213300
     acttctactc ctacttcttc tctactagcc gatcatcata gttttgagaa caataatgaa    213360
     gtagtgcctt caggtagtgg aaagtagtgg agtaaaggta caggtacagc actaaaaaac    213420
     tactcaagtg aaagtaaaaa tgcacatttt taaaactact tagtaaacta caatttagaa    213480
     tagtagaaaa actactcaat tacagtaatt tgagtatttg tatttttgtg tcttcacacc    213540
     actggtcatt aaacgcttct atttaatgat cctttacaca accctgtctt tcacttataa    213600
     tataacatgt atgctccttc ctttgggtga gaatgctttt gtgaatgcca tttgctcacc    213660
     ttatcatcat gccattgaca atatgccact gaggtagaca catcttgcat tattaagttt    213720
     aacattgatt gtttaattga tcgttaattt agacagagat agatgtagaa attgacaacc    213780
     ctaaagtaac ccatctaaca aattattcat tgtttcaccc aaaggtcttc cagagaagaa    213840
     acacaggcaa agtagatttc atgaagaaat ggagagacta catgaaaggc tttggggaac    213900
     tgacagaaga attctggctt ggtataggcc tatatccaac aaagttcata cactaatgaa    213960
     aactatcact tagccacatc atttacttgg ttcaatctga tatagatttg gcctgttttt    214020
     ctgttgttgt tgaacaggct tggacaagat ccacgaactg accaacactc caacacagta    214080
     tgaggcgcgt tttgatctgg gctcaggatc agatcggaaa tatgctgtct atgataactt    214140
     caaagtagct ccatccaaac agaagttcaa acttaccatt ggcagctaca agggaaatgc    214200
     tggtgagctg gagtttgtgt aatccggttt accacgtcgt atgaagccaa gtcttgttat    214260
     tattaataac acgttccgtg caggtgacgc catgacctac caccaggggg cgcctttctc    214320
     cacggtcgat tcagacaatg acattgctct tgggaactgt gctttaaccc accaaggtgc    214380
     gtggtggtac aaaaactgcc atctggccaa tctcaacggc agatttgggg acaacagaca    214440
     cagcatggtg agtgctgagg aatttgttat gaagccggtt gtgaaaattg tgagtttgtg    214500
     tgtagtgaga tgtagtgacc agcagaggga gctctcaatt tacaacactg aggggaggat    214560
     ataaagccaa agcacttaca agcaattgcc caataattca gaaaaaaagc agtgtcctga    214620
     atctatcagc tctcatatgt tcacaaataa gacaatactt tcaagttgtt tggagattta    214680
     tgttcccatt agaggcctta tttccgtgag gctaactggt atagtgaatg tttttctttg    214740
     aggagggaaa aaaacatttt aggccactaa gagcaggaaa tgatgtttct ttttctttca    214800
     aaaagtcaaa ttaagttttc ggtttactat ttgtgtcttg cttttcagta caaacgtcta    214860
     aatatgctaa atattgcttt aatttaatca caaaattatt taggtcttat ttgctttaaa    214920
     agacaattaa agaatcagag gagtttgtgc tttaaacaag aaaagtaaat ctcccaatat    214980
     ggtaaaaaaa aaatcttaat tcaaatgggt aacaagtttt ttgtcttaag cacaaatccg    215040
     ctttatttga tgatttattt aattatgatc aagaaatgat caggcagtgc tgtcgcctca    215100
     ctgcaagaag gtcgctggtt caagcctcgg ctgggtcagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt    215160
     tgtgggaagc atctcccggt gttcatgtgg gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttctcccac    215220
     aagtccaaag acgtgttata aattgtgacg tgacaaagtt accttagaga gaaagagagt    215280
     gggagtgaga cagagggagg aagagagaga taaagaccag agagtaggcc acaaagagag    215340
     tctgatagca gtaaagtcag agaagtccag agcaggagag gagacaagca ggccaagcaa    215400
     agtttaccac ctactttgta tctttcttga ccatgtgacc aaagcccaaa aaatacaact    215460
     gacaatataa tttgcagtct tacgcttata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    215520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattta    215580
     aacattaccc acagtgttat tttcgtccat atttgaccca acgccggatt aggacaactt    215640
     cagcttatca taaacatctt ctttcaatct tttaaactct gattattatg gacgcatttc    215700
     tgaaatactg ccagggatta acccaaacaa ccgccacatt ttacaaaacc taaatgacgg    215760
     taaaatgaca gtaaaataaa gtttttggac ctgttatgtg ttttggagaa tattccttca    215820
     ctggagatat acaaatttta atttggggtt tagacgatta acaaatatgc tgtgggtttg    215880
     gaaggacaca agagtaagaa agtataacag aaaaaaaaaa tttggtctga accatcatac    215940
     tgttgtttgt gtctttccca taactggttg caagagtagt tggtagttca ttccattgtg    216000
     acagcccgtg aaaaatcagg gactaagcct aaagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgaattaatg    216060
     aatgttgttt gtgtcctcca gggtgtaaac tgggagccat ggaaggggca tctccagtct    216120
     ctggactttg cagagattaa gatccggcca gtgggagcag caggcagaca gaagagatca    216180
     ctcaagagaa gagtagcagc atattaacaa tcacttggca gaaacaacaa gatgttttac    216240
     tgaaatccac aacgtccata cggggatcaa accagattgg aatcggttct ttatatcagg    216300
     aaagcctctc tatgctgtag attataagct gtattttgta tcgtgttaaa caggcagatt    216360
     ttaaatagaa tatgctttac ttttttattt acaatataca cacacagaca cacgcacaca    216420
     ctgtaaatga aagaaatcca aacacaagcc aaaatttgta gcatgactca tttgtcattt    216480
     ctgacccaga cagtattttc atacattttt tcataagtat actgtatcac aagcttcaca    216540
     aaacctattt tatttcattt taagtgtttt gaaccaaagg actgtatact gtatatttcc    216600
     tgaacttttg aaatggattt taatattttt gcccatcata atagatactg attttgaata    216660
     attgtcatgc ataaaaaaag aagctttgat aaaagttgtt aagctataat gtcctccatc    216720
     tggatgtgta ctgtagttgt actataattc ctgacacaga caccaaatga agtgtcacat    216780
     actttttcag aaataatgtt tgttgaaata aaaagcattt ggaatctttt acaaacattc    216840
     aagactctga gcctcattta taaaatgttg catcgaaatc atcctgtatt tgacagattg    216900
     tttttccaaa tgtgatgaag aaactacaac aacctttaca aacccctccc aattaaaact    216960
     tgtgcatcct tataggtatt tttctattaa agtgaagatt ttggcaaatt tagctaccct    217020
     tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttaacaag tttttggcat tacgacattt catgatcaat    217080
     aattgcatat accctcggta tactcaattg ttttgctgtt taaactcccc taattttttt    217140
     ccagtgctgg gttgcagctg gaagggcatt ggctgtgtaa aacatatgtt ggataagttg    217200
     gtggttcatt ccattgtggc gaccccagat taaaaaggga ctaaacagaa atgaaaataa    217260
     ataaatgaat gaacttaatt tatgtgtatt tgtgtcccct ttaacagtat accaaatgtg    217320
     tttatttttt ttacttgctt aatttgttgc aatttttgca tttggaaaaa aagtacttga    217380
     gtataggcta tttaggtttt taaagaagta tgctttgctt ttgttttcct gatttttaaa    217440
     aatagatata tgtatacatt ttaaattaaa cattgacctc catagtattt gtttttcctt    217500
     ctgtgtaagt caatagttac aggtaactta tgttaaataa atatatattg ctaatgaatc    217560
     aatgaaacat tgattttcgt tgtttcgttg cctattttta aatttgtgtt gggtgggtaa    217620
     tagtacacca cctttttttt agtactacac cactgctcag gacctttaga ataaaaatgt    217680
     ccccactgaa acaaaagaaa gcaatatttt cccagtatca tttcagcaaa aaatcacact    217740
     tacttggcta acaggttttc atttatagtt agctaggctg aaacatttaa actattttaa    217800
     cgtgttaaat aaatgttaaa taatgcattt atgaattttt ttatgtattg cgagtggaaa    217860
     ttgttcattt gtaaacaaaa taaaattcaa tggttaaaat tcttaaacaa aatgttcagt    217920
     agttctcatc aggactgatg ataaataaat ctatcagtca aaatgacaga agagatattt    217980
     ttgttttctt tgacacattt ctgatctatg ctacctgacg aaagtcttgt cacctatcca    218040
     agttttagaa acaacaaata ataacttgac ttctagtgga tcatttaata tcagaagtag    218100
     cttatatgaa aggaaaaggc ctctagatta ctcttatttt actaaaataa aacatgatca    218160
     tgcaaactat gatttttttt caccaaactt gacagatttc tgtgagaatc ttaggtccat    218220
     gtgggttcca ataggtttgt gatgattggg aggcagttca acagatgatt catcagaaat    218280
     atataccttc tgcaactttt ctatatgatc aactagaatt attatttgtt gctcttacaa    218340
     ctgggattga tgacaagact tttgtaagat agtgtaggtt taaaatttat tttaaatcga    218400
     tgcacaattg ttaatcactt taccataaag atgagcatca gtcagtgacc acatctttta    218460
     cttacatata gtgagctcag atttccaaat actccacaac aacaaaacct gtatgcctgc    218520
     tttataatgt ttaacacttt tccacattca aatattgttt ttataattct gaaaattggc    218580
     tctgattttc acacgcaaac actgagatca aatctctgca ctgacgtttt ataaatgagg    218640
     cctaatattt gaccagctct gcagtctaaa atgatggaaa gttagcacag ttacactaca    218700
     tattgcacat ttgagcatca ttgtctctat agcagaccct cagagtaacc agaaatacag    218760
     tataagagca taccatgaaa ataactgttc ttctagagga tctgacacca ggaggaggca    218820
     tatcagcccc agcaggagct cagcatcagc tcttcatcgg gtctccaggc atcagaaagt    218880
     ttctaacaag caaaacacag cctaaagaaa tgtgcaaaag caccaaaaat atatagagaa    218940
     tctttgagcc tttcacttgc ctttgcaaaa gtggcatgtg ttgagcctgc agcttagcga    219000
     gcttcatttt cccctcatca gtccatggct gaaacactgt tttgaatggg gtttgttctg    219060
     tttcttctgc tgcattactg tgagctgaag catgagacaa aacaagctct gtctgggtgg    219120
     agggtcagag tttccttttc agcctccgga tcccaccact gtactgggat ggaaaaactg    219180
     cagcaataga gtgggtaaaa tgtttccccc ctcataaacg tacagattca cacttggctt    219240
     atattgtatt atgggactgt aggttcttcc tttcatgttt tacaatgtaa aaaaagtctt    219300
     gctgtccaaa tattttaagt tgaatcaaat gaacctttct ggtcatctca acctactcca    219360
     gtcaaactaa aaatatatta cattcatcct gactaacctt ttcaaataac ttaaaatagc    219420
     atgaaacatt tgttgtcatg acttttttca aatcatatta caatgtaaaa acacactttg    219480
     aatcaaataa atcagcctga tctcaaggaa atgtgcctat tttacatgta tttgtacaaa    219540
     tatgatttca tttgtattaa attgtgcaat tttacactcg aaagacaaca tgccacccac    219600
     ctcacccctc attgagggat gagataatca taaaaatgaa tatggattaa ccactaaatc    219660
     agagatgccc aaactaggcc cgccggtcaa agttggccca tgatatcctt tgatttaacc    219720
     tgtcattcca tctgagaata gaacgagaat gatggggatg gtttagagat tgtaaattca    219780
     aatttaatat aatgttttat ttgtttgttt tattgttaag ctacaaaaag tctaagtgaa    219840
     attaaatgtt tcaattaaat ttctgtgatt tagtttaaaa tgtatatact gtcactgatg    219900
     gatagaggaa aatgcagaga ctttggtgag ggaatcaagg caatggcaga ttcggcttga    219960
     ctagtgtatg ctgcattaaa ctccactgtg ttataaatgt gattatgttt taattgcaac    220020
     aagttatcat ttaaaaagtt atagtgtgtt agttaatatg attaaaagta atgttttcta    220080
     tttattttta aatattatga aataatattg ctctcgatga tatttggttt ttgacccttc    220140
     atacgaaaaa ggtttggcca ccactgcact aaatgaaaaa gttactaatt gctgtgagat    220200
     ggtgttgaaa ttaaccaact ttcaatgcat ttcaaaccct ctttctatga aaattgttag    220260
     atattatgtt aaatatttgg tcctatttga aagatccctg ttcatattgt attgcactgc    220320
     atgtgtgggt taaggtggaa aggaagggtc aacagtgtat ttatgaaaat catttacaaa    220380
     tggaattaca tgcagatcat acggtggccg agagagctta acagactgca atttaagaaa    220440
     acgtgcaatt acaaaaaatg gcagcaaatt gagaaaagat cagtttgaca gcacaagtgt    220500
     tgaaaaatct ccacaacatg aacacatctt taaaaaacgt gctgtatttt ctcacaatgc    220560
     aaacaattaa taaaacgcac tgcattttct cacaatgcaa acattttaca aaaacacgtt    220620
     gcattttctt acaacacaac ggaaatgttt caagaggacc ctaaaacgtg acaggtttgg    220680
     atatttaagt tatggttatt aaggctaaag actaaattaa ttattaaggc tggatattaa    220740
     aataaacaaa ccaaaaaaaa ttgcctttca aagatcattg acaacttcac tgagcgatag    220800
     caaagagcat agaatcacca agagacgacg ctctagtgcg atttgggaaa cagccactag    220860
     atggcacggc ggtcattttg taaagataat tttaatacaa caaaagcata ttatgggaaa    220920
     taaactatta aaagggccgg tgattgtgat aataagtgtt gtattgtcgt ctttaaggtt    220980
     gtatctcagc tttaatgcac ttttaaaata cgtaaataaa aaacaaagca gcagcttgcc    221040
     atcgcaagag caataagatc cagtggacgg ccgatcgctt tcactccaaa atggcggaat    221100
     tcagggctgt ttctgggctc tgctattgca atggaatgtt ctattgactg ttgctttttg    221160
     gtaattctaa gctctttggc aatagtcatg gcacaacggc gtccatcaca tattcacaag    221220
     ttccgttgtg ttccgttctt tttgtgttgt gagatattaa atgtttgcgt tgtgtgaaaa    221280
     cgcagcatgt ttgcgttgtg atgatttgca gcatgtgtgc tgtcaaactg atgaagatct    221340
     tttctcagtt tgctggtgtt tgcacgtgtt ttcttaaatt gtagcatgct aagctctctt    221400
     ggccactgta agataattta aaaaatataa gcacaatgca aaaacacgca taagtggatt    221460
     gtaccaaatg tttcatttaa atgtaagaac acagcaatta aggccctttg atatatctag    221520
     tgagacctat cattacaagt gttgtaaact actgttgaaa agtgtagtaa gtgtggtaaa    221580
     aacctgtaat aaaactacag ttaaacaatg atacatgttt agcaattttg tttaacttaa    221640
     taaagtaaaa taaagcatta agaaaaaaca agaaaaagaa acaatctcca aaaaaatatt    221700
     cggacatttc aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aaacaacaac aacgaaaatg attaagataa    221760
     caaacctgac tgtcgtattg acaatagtaa tgattaaagt aaataatcta aatgtatata    221820
     tatatatata tatatttaat ctgggtatgg cattagatta aaacaatgtc atctaattta    221880
     aaattgtcgg gccatatttt tgaaaaaaca agaaaaagaa acaatctcca aaaaaatatt    221940
     cggacatttc aacaacaaca acaacaacaa aaacaacaac aacgaaaatg attaagataa    222000
     caaacctaac tgtcgtattg acaatagtaa tgattaaagt aaataatcta tatatatata    222060
     tatatatata tatatgtata tatatataat ctgggtatgg cattagatta aaacaatgtc    222120
     atctaattta aaattgtcgg gccatatttt tgataagtat gtaatgtaga tttgtaatgc    222180
     agatccacct tttgggtgac agagacagtc accgcagtaa aaacaaaact gaatcaatat    222240
     tggagttact tttgcacgct ggaggaagga tgacaccatg gctgaagtat ttcttttaga    222300
     caggtaatgt tatgttttaa aagcatttta gtcacgcaaa gctgatgtag attgtgtttt    222360
     acgaatgggt tatatggaca aaagtgttgt tcagccactg aaatcttccg ccaaaagact    222420
     gatgtgacta ttttcgattt cataaaaacc ttttacagca tcgataatgt agatttttta    222480
     tttagtttaa caggaaaaca tcagtaaata ccgctattcc gcccagcctg ctttacagag    222540
     gtaaagttgc ttttatcttc acatcacatt ggttcatgtt tgaacaatga caacctgtga    222600
     cacactagtg ggtctctgtc atctttgttg tgcgcatttg tgtgattgtt taggaggtgt    222660
     ggctttggac ggcaggggag ggactgtatt tgaaagatat tatgctaatc ggttagcacc    222720
     tactgcaaat ttaggttgaa aaaaacaagc ctttttttcc aataaaatga caaaatcact    222780
     aagcaaaatt aattaaacat taaaaaagaa agaatataaa acacaaatat taattaaaag    222840
     tacataaacc tatatatact tatactaacg caatctcaca gcaatttgtt actttttgat    222900
     ttagtggcta attcgtatga atttgtagga tctaattcgt acaatttagt acgatttgct    222960
     catcatctaa tgacagttgg ggttaggagt ggagctgcgt ggcatgcctc cttttttaaa    223020
     ttgtacattt tgtatgactg aactcgaaca aatttgtaca aattagccac taaactgaca    223080
     aattgtgaaa tacttacgtt tcctcatgag atcaggctgg gaatacacac acacatgcac    223140
     ctatttgtct tgcaataata taaaaaataa aaaatctgta taaacgtata tgtttaatta    223200
     acatattaac ttgacaggtc aaaaatactt aatacaagac aataaatata aaaaataatt    223260
     ttattaaatt tggcatttaa aaaaagacag ctgaaaataa aatattcatg catcaatctg    223320
     catagcaaca gactttgagt aggaaaatgc ttcttcagca tattcgcaca aactgacagt    223380
     cattttcatg cagaacaggg ctgatcaaag ctttgctgtc acttctgttg aacaaaagca    223440
     gacgaaacag aactcgacag cttcattgtt caaacaaatg aaaaatgttc tcctttgatc    223500
     ctgctgtaac agaaacccga atcaatgaag ggcaagtgtg atccaacctc actgattacg    223560
     caatgaataa ttcagcgctt tgctttacca gaaatatgga aatgcattgc agtcaaacac    223620
     aacagtttaa gagagaaaaa aagagcaaga cgagagttaa tgcacgactt tctgacatgc    223680
     ataatcagaa agtgttgaag tacccacata aacatctaat tacggcacag caaacatatc    223740
     ataagtgcat aagtgcaaaa aaagatcaaa gtttgtttat cagctagccc aattacacac    223800
     aaccctgatc ataatggtgt gtttgagctc agtataatca ttctcaatgc attggaggag    223860
     attataagac aagtgtcact gagttgttgc actactctct agtaaaccca tccttatcag    223920
     cctcaaatcc aacacagtct ccctgtaaat aatgcttatg tcagtcagat catggcagga    223980
     agaagagcat acatttaaag agaaactttt gaaggaaaat ttctccagcc atttaaagca    224040
     actcatttta aatgcattgg agtgaaggac aagtggctgt gacccactga gtgcatcagt    224100
     ttgacgtttg tataacacag cgtgcttttt tttcttttct atttaattta agaggagctt    224160
     ttacaagcat ctttacaaat ctgacacgtt tttgacatct gagcggatta gaaatgtaaa    224220
     tcgagcatca cacatttgtt tcaaatattg caggtacatg tttgcagctc ttataaacag    224280
     gattttaata tggaagaagt tcaacttaca tgtctaaatt cagaggctgc aaactgcatc    224340
     gtcttcgaag tctacaaagt aaaaactgaa cattgttaaa taggatggtc aagcctgtga    224400
     cagctgccat tgacaaacaa cagtaatgtt tatactggac tttgctttga gatatggttt    224460
     gggtgtgcat tgcttttgaa taattcaact acttggagtc aattattctg cttatggtga    224520
     tggggtcatc ttctctagaa gcagacagct gtggtcattt cccagcacag gctgtcaaca    224580
     taacatcaga ttgatgttgt accccgatgt cgtggggatg ttgcattttg tttggaaata    224640
     aaaatcgggt cgaagtcaga atccaacgtc aggctgacgt cctaaagtca accaaatatc    224700
     aacatctgat gttacacctt gacattgtgt aggtgttacc actatgacag ttatttttga    224760
     aaaaaaatct gttatttttt ccggcagctg aggtgctgga aaaaacgtaa aataacgacc    224820
     ggcaaattac aaacatttac tgtaaaataa cagatggtaa attacagaaa tttgccgtaa    224880
     acttaaattt aaggcaattt ctgtaattta acgtctggta ttttacgttt tgtaaaatgg    224940
     aaagtaacag atttctttta cagtgtgccc ttggtttaaa atgttggctt gacgttcgat    225000
     tttggttact ttacttacta aatcccttta ttcatcaggg gtcaccacag cagaatgaac    225060
     caccaactta tccagcatat gatttacaca gcggatgccc ttccagctac aacccagtac    225120
     tgggaaacat ccatacgctc tcacaatcac acacatacac ttctgcccat ttagtttatt    225180
     taattcacct atagtgcatg tctttaagct gtgggagaaa ccagagcacc cggaggaaaa    225240
     ccacgccaac acgggagaac atacaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactgg cctagtcagg    225300
     actcgaacca gtgaccttct tactgtgagg caacagtgct aaccattcag ccatgatgtc    225360
     accctgattg tgtaatgcaa atgtgaaaag ttaatcatag aaaggtttca cttctgaatg    225420
     aatttgaaaa atcttgaata aatcattgaa gactcatcta taaatactca tgaagccata    225480
     tcttgcaatc tacaaagctt tcagtgtaac ctgccaaatg agtcactaaa accactaaca    225540
     cctagactgg ctggaacaca caaatgtgga cagtaatgcc agcttcagac ttcatttcag    225600
     attatgctgt tgaacaataa attctagttc ataatgtgtc ttctcaagct ggcattaaaa    225660
     atccttgtac tggaagactg tttaccatat aaacatgcaa tggtttagtg ctaatattgc    225720
     aagacacagg tcagtggaat gaataaaaat atgaggaaat gctatttaaa agtcattttg    225780
     aaaatttgat gtttttataa aaaagagagg catattgact tcaaattttg aaataaaaaa    225840
     agcattttgt gtaaatgtcc tcttaaatca aagtttttgc catggctata taggccagtg    225900
     gttctcaatt cctcaggccc ccccgagcgg cacattttgt atgtcttcct tacttaaaac    225960
     acctgattca gatcacgagc ttgttaatag agagattcat gaactgatcc ttgtgtgtca    226020
     aataagaaaa acatacaaaa tgtgcaggcc aggggggccc aaggaccaga actgagaacc    226080
     acaggtaaag gctcatgcac acattaattt ttgctcgtgc acattgtcaa ctcagatgtt    226140
     tatcactagg gatgaacaaa gtgaaagtac aaaatgactc cctgatatta gatgatgctt    226200
     aataaaaata aagaatactc ctttacacaa gtggcgctgt gcaactttaa acttctgaca    226260
     cttgcttgtt acacagaaga aagaggctgt gtttatgtgc tggttaaatc tactcacatg    226320
     gtatttgttt actggcaagt aaatcattaa tagttcactt tagcaccagc aatgaagaac    226380
     tgtctgcatt tttataatca ctgtcacgtt tatcatacag ctctttgtgt gaacaagcag    226440
     ctccacaatc atctgctgca tcccaattca catactatcc ttcctaaata gtatttgtaa    226500
     ataaaatagc atgtcccaaa tcgtagtatg ttgaaaggtg tacgttaaat gttgctggat    226560
     tgttgactat ttccagaaaa agtttaagtg tagaaccgtt catactctaa ccgctgatat    226620
     tgcccacagt acattgcacg ttggacttga attcgattag aactacaaca tgtgaaaagt    226680
     gtaaataaac tgcaaacatg gcggacacgc aagaccaagt agagatgctt tggtaaagtt    226740
     gtttgtatga ctgttaatta ttatctagcc cactggaaaa tattgtgttt tctgtgttat    226800
     atttcatctg caacaacaat actgagctta tacaaagaca tgtttggatt ttaatgtctg    226860
     aatgcataat tatacaaaca cctgaggaga tttctcagca tgaaagactg gtgaattgca    226920
     gattatcctg ctgctgcttt tccaataagg tagcaaatga aatatgacag ctaggggtca    226980
     taactaagca acacgatgat ctgttaatga gaaagcagtg tgtcccaaag tgttcatact    227040
     ctattgttac acactcaaaa gtatatattt tccctttaca aaaaagtaac atttttaggg    227100
     cttatatgtg aagttataca agtgaagttt ttcaaactaa gtttgagagg agcatgtgac    227160
     atgattgact ggagctggtc acccatctac agccaatcag attaatccaa actcacttta    227220
     agtagtctag ctagaaatac tccctaacct tcgttttcag aagaaacccc ccatccaccc    227280
     attctcctcc tttccttctt taccacgggg agctttcgag aaccacctga tctcgtactt    227340
     cccttacatg ctctactgac caggcgggag ccctgtgctc aactatctcc gagcttaagg    227400
     ttctctccca ggatagcatg ccaaacctgc taacatttgt caatcaatat caaaaagtgt    227460
     gaactcttaa agtatgcgaa ttgagatgca gcaatcttgg ctcagtgaat cttcttgctc    227520
     attaataata tgtgctcagc tagagagttt tttgctttag caccaccaag tcatgtttac    227580
     tgtagcttca acagccctac acactaaaaa tatctgtaaa ttagcagttt ttcatattta    227640
     gtagtcgatg attttataaa ttttattttt ccctgcttgt ttatgctttt gaattgcaat    227700
     atggaacatt gatctttcct ccaatgactt ttaaccttga aaagttccaa aaagagactt    227760
     ttattaacat tttaatagtt taaatttata tattgtctgg gttggtgttg tatattacgc    227820
     tacaaaacct gtgtaataaa ctgccagtac gttattttac agacttattt gtctatacat    227880
     tatttcttat actttatatt tcagactact aaaatgttga taaaaccctg caggcacagg    227940
     acatcaccat gacttcatag tgacattgta ccccattgtc atagggatgt tggattttgt    228000
     ttggaaatga aaatatggtt gacatcagaa ccaaggtcca aggtccaacc taaaatcaac    228060
     caaatatcaa cgtctaatca tgttacacgg tgacgttgtg tagacgttac cactatgacg    228120
     tctatcagat gttggatttt ggtcactttc caacacattg taaaataaac caaatatcaa    228180
     ggtagtttga ctctattttt ggacgtcaaa ataacattgt acttagatgc tggctagaca    228240
     ttgaattttg gtcacctcac atcatgacct gaatcgaacc taatattaac gtcttatgat    228300
     gttgtgtgcc tgctgggaaa gtccctttgt taaactgtag agttgaattt tcaacatcaa    228360
     aagttgacat agcagagata aaggtcccat catgcaattc acaaccataa ataaatggaa    228420
     aactgttaat gaacagatgt ggtcacatga acaaaagggc caatttcatt gtcaaatagg    228480
     gctggacgat taatcgaaaa gtaattgaaa acgacataca caacttataa tcaatcaaat    228540
     ttttaaagga caatttttaa aattattatc cctaccatgt gtggcaattc tgcgcgtacc    228600
     cctcacgtga ctgacgccgc gtttaactac atgtcacgac aacgtatagc gcaagctctt    228660
     cgtttggtca gcttggtagc attgacgagt gtaggtcatg cggagagggc gaaaaaaaaa    228720
     atttatagcc aaaaataatt gctcattaat tgtaatcgag ttaaacatgt tcaattaatc    228780
     aagattttga tttaaggcca aatcgccaag ccctattgtc aaccagtcaa accgaaacca    228840
     taagtctaag gcatggtttt tacatgatca aactggccac ctttgtttag tcatgatgtg    228900
     ttaaacgcca gcaataaagg ccttatgtat tgcacatact gtatatgtat ttctttttac    228960
     caaacatgga ctgtgaaaac ctttcattga ccaaacacac atcatacagc atattcccac    229020
     gcattcattc acttcagaac ttcgtctctc tacagttatt acattcaggc acatttcagt    229080
     aaacccacat ttgtaccttt acttgtacca caaggataaa taaatagaaa actgctcaac    229140
     acgttacacc atagtgagtg ccagtctgtc actactcatg ggatctgctt tgacagagat    229200
     ccacaagtcc tcgctgttct ggccgccgtt tttctttttc ttcttctttt cagatttcac    229260
     atttgtgacc gaggtctcac ccttctgtcc acagcagcgg catcctccag cattacgaca    229320
     gcaacaacag tgacagcaga ccagcacgga tgtgaagagc acaaccagcg gcagagtcag    229380
     aagaacaaca agacaaaccg tgttgtagac accctgctca tgcttgaccg aagccacgct    229440
     ccatacatca ttcagaaact gcaggatcgc ctccttcatg gttgagcggg agttcttccc    229500
     agatcaaatc caatgcgttc taagatgtaa agccaccgta gatctgatta aagcagtaat    229560
     tagcatagat tattatctga ggatcaagaa agtgtccggt ttaagtgtaa ttcaggcctg    229620
     ttgaatgttt cctgacatca cagaaggtcc catcttgaag aaatatcaca caagttggtt    229680
     gtagtatgat ggatcctcat gtacgcacgg ttattgcttt aatcccaaac tacagtgttc    229740
     atctcatgaa acgccttgcc tttgggctct gacaacaaag catcgctcgt aaaccgtttc    229800
     tcttggactt ctgacgattg atatctggtg aggattgagg atggtgggtc gtgtttatgc    229860
     tgggtggatt cctctcagct tcagaccctc tggagaatcc aactctattt tagtctctgc    229920
     tgcgctgact ctcgcagatg tgatggaatg agggcatttc tggagagaga gagagagaga    229980
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaaa gagagaaaga gcagaagtta    230040
     agtcagctat agattctcca gtgacttcat gtctcttgtg tatttagact cacatcaatg    230100
     ttgcaggaca tgctggaatc atgaatgcac agataaacca gtcaaagcag gtctaaaatc    230160
     aatcttcaaa tgaatggtca agatatatat taagttttat gtatgtaaac tcgatttaaa    230220
     aatcattttg tgttgaatat ttacatatta attccaggcc cgtagccagg gggggttggg    230280
     gtggttcgaa agacccaccc tctactgaca aaggtccagt atttgtcttt gcatgagctc    230340
     attcatgcta ttttgactgc tttgccatta taaatgttga aaataggtta tcgaagaagg    230400
     ttttaagact tctgatgtga gtgaagttct ctttcactac tgacctactg tattgttttt    230460
     aaatggagac ttttattcta aatcttggac ctctgtcttt gaagaaaaaa tgaaaaggtg    230520
     taaagcacca aagtaaaatg taaagcattt tacatataaa gcaaaggtta ttttaatact    230580
     aattaggctt ttgttgttat tcatgaattt tcaaatgtac ttttttacaa aaaaggctag    230640
     aaaatttggg aagctctaca acattattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat    230700
     tattattatg tttaatgttt ttattattca attggccaaa ttctgactga ggaaagttga    230760
     atgtgctggc cagtttgtta tttaatttat aaatgacaat aggttactta gccttaaaaa    230820
     gcagattcct taatagattc attttttcct aacgatatat gataaaaata aagtgttgaa    230880
     ataatacttg tcatatacct ttattctaaa tttttctgaa atgttttggt agccttcatt    230940
     aaaaagtgtg gttatgataa ctacccgaca aactaatcca gaaataaata gttcttaaaa    231000
     tgtcactaaa atgcagtagc tatttaaact ataaatactg gacttcatag ttaaatagaa    231060
     aatgaggcga atgactgtaa aaaggttaca tttttggaga aaaaagaacc acctctttaa    231120
     ccaggtgggc ctgaatacct tttttgcgct ctataaaagt ccaataaaat aaagcatatt    231180
     atatattttt ttcagtcttt ttcagcattg ttatacatta ttaatctatt ctagagaatc    231240
     ctttatttat gttttatgga tgtcattctt ttgtgtacca ttaaagatat tgttaaggac    231300
     aatatatagt tactattctg taaatacatc tgcactaaat tttgtctaca aagattatgt    231360
     ttgaaatcaa gtctatattg aatcaaatta ataatttatt tctaaagcta ctttttgtaa    231420
     atgatgcttt ttgcatttaa catgacccct agggtaattt cttatgcaaa tttagcttgc    231480
     aattatttta atttataaat aattttctat taattagaag tcaccacaat gtaattaaaa    231540
     aacaaaaaca actatcagcc ctaaattatc accattatta tctgttcatt tgtcctgtcg    231600
     ttatcaatat aataaagatt aaaagatgaa tatacattat aaaacaagag aaaatacatc    231660
     attttaatga acagaggaac tggtatagtc atctagaaac acacagatgt caaaacacat    231720
     accgcaatga taaaaagata cactgtgaca gattccagat aacagctgac aaacaacaga    231780
     agtgtaatgt tgtgaatgca ataaagttca tttttgttct ttaagtttta aattcagtca    231840
     gattaaactc attaaatgcc aataaatata aagatgctgt aaaaatgttg ctcttttatt    231900
     aaaatgcaag ctttttttgt gctattaaac aatgctttgc caactaagcc agttaggatc    231960
     aattaattat gtaataaaat tccttgaatt aagaacatct gtaaaacttt aaacattaga    232020
     aactgctctg aaactaatgt taaatgtgat ataacaaaaa aaagcttttg gttgttaatt    232080
     gtatgacttt gtgagtttta ttacaagctc ttaatcatct ttcgaaacaa attcatgaca    232140
     gtttcaaagc ttaataatga agtttggatt tctttaggtt taaaactata gaaattatgt    232200
     tttaatataa gtattttgtt ttaatacacc aatgactctt attctgaata catacagttg    232260
     aagtcataat tattatcccc ctaaattatt agcctccctg tttatttttt tccccaattt    232320
     cagtttaaca gagaaaagat gttttcagca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaatatctc    232380
     atctctaatt actgatttat tttatctttg ccatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag    232440
     atatttttta agacacttct aaaaaaaatt tgaagggggg cttataattc tgacttcaac    232500
     tgtacactaa aaaaaattat tcattggatt tactaaagtt tagggtaagt gattgcaaac    232560
     aatttatatg ggcttgattt aaaacaaaca aattgaattt actaatgtgc aactaaatct    232620
     gtttaaaagc cagtccatat aaattgtttg ctatcactca ctgtaccttt aaatttagta    232680
     agtccaatga atcattttta tcagtgtatg caatatcatg ctgcatacat agtcttgtta    232740
     atacatacac gttaaatgta gttagagaga ggtttttgaa tatctctttt taacactctg    232800
     cattgcaaaa tcacaataaa taaataaaat gaaataaatt gatatacagt gaagccggaa    232860
     ttatgatttt gattatatga atattatata ttggataata taatatgaat aatttcgggc    232920
     ttaagtgcag ctctgattta caaagaaagc actgtgtcag aatacaataa aaccgtaaag    232980
     tctggtgtga gtgtgagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    233040
     gtgtaaatgc tgctgaaatg gaaatctgtg gctcagtgca catgaaaaaa agcaatttga    233100
     gaaaacagcc ttgaaaatag atgcattata tgtagactga aagtgaaaga taacatgtaa    233160
     tatgtgacac ttaaatgtat taagtctgaa taaacgcatg aagcaacata tcacaaaata    233220
     tcatatctaa ctaacaattt aaaatggaga tgtaatcttt taattcacaa attaaccaag    233280
     acactgatca aaccaaataa actgtttcct tattgttgtt gaacagactt tctgaagcct    233340
     cagcatgttg ttttgtctgc atgattcata tgtgtgatgt gtttggcctg cttcctgcat    233400
     acactttcac aacaggaaat ctgttggtgc agcagaattt cttaaatacg agaaacacct    233460
     ctgtacaaag aggcagctct cttctcaaaa gcagacgatt tcaaaaaaat ctcacagtcg    233520
     ctttgtgctg aaaggcttca tatcgtgttt cctattttga agttttagct gcaagcttgc    233580
     gtaagattta aagagtgctc ggctctacgt tttcactctt atccttcacc tcctcagcac    233640
     gagccttctg aagaagaaca atcactttaa gtaattctca gatccacaga ggaatgttaa    233700
     acaggaagac tcgctctgct acacacaaag ccaggatgga gctcccgata tcactgacaa    233760
     catcggttac atgcaaagac atgctgctgt acacatcgaa tcaaattcct cccaatgttt    233820
     tcaagaggct gttagattga accacactca tttaaatctg attccacgga caacatttaa    233880
     cttttccatt ggacaaaagc ttcatcatgc ttcgtagatc attcatgttc tttgaaacaa    233940
     aaaaaataaa tgaaatcttt tatgaaatgt ttattgggcg acatggtgac tcagtggtta    234000
     gcactgtcac ctcacagtaa gaaggtcgct ggtccaagta ctggctgtgt cagttggcat    234060
     ttctgtttgc aagttctccc cgttcacatg gtccacagtc tcgtccccag tccaaaggca    234120
     tatgctatcg gtgaattaaa taaactaaac tgtctgtagt gcatatgtgt gaatatgaat    234180
     gtttatgggg tttctcggta ctaggttgca gctggaaggg aatccactgt gtaaaacata    234240
     ttctgaataa gttagcggtt cattccactg tggagacccc tgatgaataa agagactaag    234300
     cagaaggaaa atgaatgaat gaatgaatga ataaatgagt gaacaaaatg ttcattgaaa    234360
     gactctttgg ggaacccaaa atggttcttc tatggcatcg ctgcagaaat gctcttagag    234420
     ctgaacaatt aatcattaga ggatcttaaa ctcttgacaa gccactgatc tgaggagaga    234480
     agatgtcaag tagagttatg aaacagcttc ggccttttca accacaatga taattatttc    234540
     tgtctttctt ttctgacaca gaattactct actgtttcta tggtaggaat taaactagtg    234600
     cttttgaagt aatgtcaggt tcaaactgca aaatattctt agtcaccgtg tcagattatg    234660
     ttattttggc cctcatttta tttatttctt ttttatgttt catgattaaa atatgcttcc    234720
     tgatcaattc tcaatcgcca tttacagtga tgcatgtgta aggtagaact agtgactgac    234780
     atgctagcaa acatcctgtt tctgtcagga tgttgtgaat catctcagac agggagtcat    234840
     ttgtccccca tttaaataca ttataccaga taaagcaact gattcttgct ttctgacagc    234900
     tgtcattttc aaatcacctt gacaccatat ggcatctagt atgaatatgg tataacttgc    234960
     agcttcaaat gtagaaaatt tacattgtta cggtagtagg tgttgattag catgttataa    235020
     aaaatgtata gacaggaaca attcattcaa aaatgatgat tcagtaaaag gcagtggtta    235080
     acactgtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcacc taatcgagtc ccagctgggc cagttggcat    235140
     ttctgcgtgg agattgcatg tttgcatggg tttccttcag gtttcaccac agtccaaaga    235200
     cacagtccaa actactggtc aaatgtttgg gacagtctga attttaaatg ttttaaaata    235260
     agctcctcct gctcacccag gctgcattta tttaatcaaa atttagtaca aattgtaaaa    235320
     ttgtgaaatg ttatggcact ataaaataac tgttcaaaac tagtttatta tttaaattaa    235380
     taatttattc cagtgaattt tcattgcttc tgtcttcaga gtcagaaatc cctctaatat    235440
     taattattac tgttattgtt aatatgattg ttaatattat tattatttat tgtcataaaa    235500
     gcaagaatga ctggagaatt tcatttgaaa ctacatacaa tccgaaatta ataaatattt    235560
     aataaataag aattaaacta aattaattta ttttttacaa ttaataaatg ccatgttgat    235620
     gaacagaata attttattaa tattaataaa aaaaataaaa taataataca aaaaaaaaaa    235680
     aaaccctgac cctaaacttt tgctaaactt ttgaccggta gtgtattagc actttttggg    235740
     gttgcctgac actttcattg tggtctgcac tttttgtggt gcgtttcttg tgagaatgtg    235800
     catgtgtgtg tgtgttgtca atttgttagt gtttttcttt ttgcatgtgt tttctaaact    235860
     tgcagctgtc tcaagcgttt aatagcacac tcttaacccg attaagctta attagcaaaa    235920
     aatttaatta aatgggttaa tccatattcc tttgtcaaaa gtgtgggcat tgtttaatga    235980
     attatttaat attaaaaaca tgataaatga cataacaaat aaaacagtac accaattact    236040
     acatcttgat atcagcagtt ttttaaacat ggtctaataa ggtatatgca gatcgactta    236100
     gaatttttca ctaacctggg tcaaacgcaa ctgtatgcca ttacaaaatc agcaagttta    236160
     aggtctgttt tctttaaaat cagcaatctt cactgtctga taaatatacg gtagaaagtg    236220
     ggtctcagaa tgtacaagaa gcactgcatt aaattacata ctcccctgtc atgtctttaa    236280
     aatatgaaca tttattttac tctaatattc aatggagttt ctgtgctagc ctaataatgc    236340
     tgatgggaac gtgcgtttaa atggcttttc atcttgtttt atgattgaac taaacaaatg    236400
     cagaagttta tttaactgat tatattttaa ctacattata acattgatag tgtaaaaaaa    236460
     ataaataaat aaaattggaa aaagtcacat taaccgttca gcaaaagttt atcagtatgg    236520
     caagaaacac ttctgtgcat attagcaaaa aaactgacta tggaagtcaa tggcttcagt    236580
     tcttcagtat atatagtgtg ttcaacaaac tcaaacaggt ttgaaacaca tggtgacaga    236640
     atttttattt ttggaaaaac tatcccttta atcaacttaa attgcattat ttttataata    236700
     tttttatttt caaccaaagc tcctgaatca caaaacccca atctgttagg agcttagctc    236760
     gtcattttgt ttcagaggct cacaaccaaa ttgaacacat ttagcaaaga caaacaccgg    236820
     gacatgatta acctcacaca agagaggaca ctgtctaaat acagcacagg cccacagggc    236880
     acaaaaatgt gtctgcgaga aagaggacga gcacgagaaa gctgtggatt tattatgctc    236940
     agtttcatgt tggaagctcg gtgctaaaca aaacttaaag catctgtctt aagctcaaac    237000
     acttgcctta tacgcctgac ccattatgga aatatttaca aaagcggagg acttttaaag    237060
     cgaccatata agcctccacc tgcccttcat ttacgctgcc cggtttatat tcatgaatga    237120
     tttgtatctc ctgccttccc actttgccaa tatatttttc cgacttcaaa ttctaagcgg    237180
     ccatctaaac aaaatgagct ctgccacatc tttgccagga ccaatctgca aaaggtcaac    237240
     agcaatatca gtcagatctg ggaacgcagt tgagcaagtc ccagcgcaga atgcacatgt    237300
     gctgtagatc agaatcagaa aaagacatat ttctcagcat gtccacaggc ttctccatta    237360
     cgcagagcat cagtcaggat gccggaggag ctcagaagtt acaggggcat atggcctgaa    237420
     ttgagttagc tcttctcagc catgccacat gtgacaaaca gatgctcatc aggccagcaa    237480
     tccatcattt ctcagcccag aagcattaaa ccttaccggc tctgatcagg gtcagtccag    237540
     acgtctctgc gggcatcaca taaccctggt ttcagccacg caatctgctg ttcagcatgg    237600
     atgtcacgca ggacacactc actgctgtac ctggagcctg tgtgtgtgta agagagagtg    237660
     agagggagag gaggagtcga gtcgctctgt ttctgagtct ttttcctggg ctaaactcta    237720
     taagaaagag cctctgtctg ctcgcagctc tttcgcctga cacactgcat tcttgtggtt    237780
     agtttataaa ctctgcgtct ctgtgatgtc attgagcgga gggaggggat aatgtgtcac    237840
     tgtgtttaca tagtgcccac tacaagctt                                      237869