EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX537102; SV 13; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 239944 BP.
AC   BX537102;
DT   04-JUN-2003 (Rel. 76, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-276L17 in linkage group 14 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to human KAT protein, the gene for a
DE   novel protein (zgc:153146), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate sorbin and SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2), the pdlim3b gene
DE   for PDZ and LIM domain 3b, the 3' end of the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to vertebrate odz, odd Oz/ten-m homolog 2 (Drosophila) (ODZ2) and a
DE   novel gene.
KW   HTG; ODZ2; pdlim3b; SORBS2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-239944
RA   Sycamore N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 80b05d08c83cff6b7b62f322c9f37828.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000014248; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000061603; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000005568; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000141034; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-276L17. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-276L17 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-276L17 is at 239944 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-276L17 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..239944
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="14"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-276L17"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..239944
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-276L17"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5985..6337,11117..11245,12083..12225,
FT                   12559..12688))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH557175.1 Em:EH578223.1
FT                   Em:EH578269.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5985..6337,11117..11245,12083..12225,
FT                   15754..15874,15996..16088,21432..21748))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK865132.1 Em:EG569491.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(6091..6337,11117..11245,12083..12225,
FT                   12559..12561))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030974"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022194"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12837.1"
FT                   QKVCLYTRFF"
FT   CDS             complement(join(6091..6337,11117..11245,12083..12225,
FT                   15754..15874,15996..16088,21432..21637))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030972"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022194"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12838.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(15635..15874,15996..16088,21432..21733))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EV555534.1 Em:EX158899.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(15736..15874,15996..16088,21432..21637))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.4-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030973"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12839.1"
FT   mRNA            join(29498..29644,52024..52152,75206..75259,82823..82849,
FT                   84200..84324,88728..89024,91075..91219,96436..96578,
FT                   98540..98606,100484..100555,101031..101232,102957..103071,
FT                   111510..111559,112112..112290,112714..114186,
FT                   115420..115505,115632..115678,115839..115953,
FT                   116030..116158,117307..117498,127445..127494,
FT                   127735..127841,129447..129865)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL927147.1 Em:AW421489.1
FT                   Em:CD591573.1 Em:CD593804.1 Em:CD595789.1 Em:CD596408.1
FT                   Em:CD603838.1 Em:CK000044.1 Em:EB771952.1 Em:EB888228.1
FT                   Em:EE212634.1"
FT   misc_feature    41595
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(75010..75130,75206..75259,82823..82849,84200..84324,
FT                   91075..91219,96436..96578,98540..98606,100484..100555,
FT                   101031..>101200)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD599707.1 Em:CN175783.1"
FT   mRNA            join(75194..75259,79469..79564,82823..82849,84200..84324,
FT                   88728..>88893)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EB773458.1"
FT   CDS             join(75250..75259,79469..79564,82823..82849,84200..84324,
FT                   88728..>88893)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030967"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A438"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028516"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A438"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12840.1"
FT   CDS             join(75250..75259,82823..82849,84200..84324,91075..91219,
FT                   96436..96578,98540..98606,100484..100555,101031..>101200)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030966"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A5F5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003127"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028516"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12841.1"
FT   CDS             join(75250..75259,82823..82849,84200..84324,88728..89024,
FT                   91075..91219,96436..96578,98540..98606,100484..100555,
FT                   101031..101232,102957..103071,111510..111559,
FT                   112112..112290,112714..114186,115420..115505,
FT                   115632..115678,115839..115953,116030..116158,
FT                   117307..117498,127445..127494,127735..127841,
FT                   129447..129508)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030965"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A5F6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003127"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011511"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028516"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12842.1"
FT                   YVKRL"
FT   misc_feature    105684
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(<112146..112290,115420..115505,115632..115678,
FT                   115839..>115906)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL920059.1"
FT   CDS             join(<112146..112290,115420..115505,115632..115678,
FT                   115839..>115906)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.3-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030968"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate sorbin and
FT                   SH3 domain containing 2 (SORBS2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A5F7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001452"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028516"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12843.1"
FT                   ISRQIDNNWYE"
FT   mRNA            join(138280..138379,148184..148335,148739..148823,
FT                   151101..151288,153609..153736,154058..154169,
FT                   154320..154647)
FT                   /gene="pdlim3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.2-001"
FT                   /product="PDZ and LIM domain 3b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:DQ679228.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI878375.1 Em:AL925439.1
FT                   Em:EB884044.1 Em:EB894523.1"
FT   CDS             join(138287..138379,148184..148335,148739..148823,
FT                   151101..151288,153609..153736,154058..154169,
FT                   154320..154509)
FT                   /gene="pdlim3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030969"
FT                   /product="PDZ and LIM domain 3b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O70209.1 Sw:Q3SYZ8.1
FT                   Sw:Q9PU47.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q0PWB8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001478"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001781"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006643"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q0PWB8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12844.1"
FT   mRNA            join(138296..138379,148184..148335,148739..148823,
FT                   151637..151704,151902..152022)
FT                   /gene="pdlim3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.2-002"
FT                   /product="PDZ and LIM domain 3b"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL917110.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(143108)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(143108..143594,156788..156858,
FT                   157022..157194,157280..157459,157616..157691,
FT                   157769..157906,160120..160339,160883..161005,
FT                   161103..161181))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-276L17.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:153146)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC122158.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO806731.1 Em:CO928532.1
FT                   Em:DV585307.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(143133..143138)
FT   mRNA            join(152019..152072,153609..153736,154058..154169,
FT                   154320..154429)
FT                   /gene="pdlim3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.2-003"
FT                   /product="PDZ and LIM domain 3b"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI353940.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(156807..156858,157022..157194,
FT                   157280..157459,157616..157691,157769..157906,
FT                   160120..160339,160883..160979))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-276L17.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030959"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:153146)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q0P4C5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029358"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5F9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12845.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(162394..162950,163035..163197,
FT                   165666..165788,166975..167108))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human KAT protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK027691.1 Em:CN840997.1
FT                   Em:EH444724.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(162896..162950,163035..163197,
FT                   165666..165788,166975..166987))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030971"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human KAT protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001763"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5G0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12846.1"
FT                   AGAYKEWSEKEGK"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(165513..165788,166975..167053))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.5-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human KAT protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EB864559.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(170388..171125,171254..171384,
FT                   173308..174925,176444..176740,176853..177061,
FT                   178039..178214,181691..182580,184870..185024,
FT                   189548..189777,192207..192456,193440..193583,
FT                   198367..198634,199009..199270,200848..201030,
FT                   201355..201565,202569..202715,215981..216166,
FT                   216270..216470,221383..221577,226258..226359,
FT                   229031..229226,229484..229689,239712..>239835))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate odz, odd
FT                   Oz/ten-m homolog 2 (Drosophila) (ODZ2)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(170388..171125,171254..171384,
FT                   173308..174925,176444..176740,176853..177061,
FT                   178039..178214,181691..182580,184870..185024,
FT                   189548..189777,192207..192456,193440..193583,
FT                   198367..198634,199009..199270,200848..201030,
FT                   201355..201565,202569..202715,215981..216166,
FT                   216270..216470,221383..221577,226258..226359,
FT                   229031..229226,229484..229689,239712..>239835))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-276L17.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000030970"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate odz, odd
FT                   Oz/ten-m homolog 2 (Drosophila) (ODZ2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9R1K2.2 Sw:Q9WTS5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A5G1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000742"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006530"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008969"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011042"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013032"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022385"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027690"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028916"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A5G1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX12847.1"
FT   misc_feature    183730..183747
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    225761..225813
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone"
FT   misc_feature    239944
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-276L17"
SQ   Sequence 239944 BP; 77261 A; 43509 C; 42125 G; 77049 T; 0 other;
     aagctttagt ttgtgttttt atcttttatc tttattagtt atggttgatt agatttggtt        60
     gtcagtacac cttattgtac atattcctgt tctgtacaca agtacataca gttgaagtca       120
     aaattattag ccctcttgtg attttctttt tcaattattt ccaaatgatg tttaacagag       180
     caaagatttt ttcacagtat ttactataat atttattctt ctagagaaaa tttatggatt       240
     tggatttctg tcttccaatc cgtctcaaca agtagcaacg tttatcctct tctgattatg       300
     ctttttctaa tggcttcatt aatatgatta tttgaaccag tatttaatct tgaaatgatt       360
     ttgactaata aataaagtta acacattgct taatataaga atgctcaatg catatgcctg       420
     tctctttgta actctatttt caggagccac caaaccagat cagagatcat ggagacctcg       480
     agtggaactg aaggttttga tgattgaaaa caactgtttt cctatttgta ttgttatgtg       540
     ttaatactgt ctaaagtgat tttgatatta ttattattat tattattatt atgttatttc       600
     tattatgttt aaagtgattt tcctttttat tcaagacaga ctttgcgcaa taaggataaa       660
     accaatcatg ttaaaatacc tatgtatgac acagttaatg acattatgtg agcgtataat       720
     tgatgctgat ttatgattgt aagcagagcg gcctaggaac tcattgcgag ttttgaagct       780
     ggcttctgct gatgaaactg caaactatct tcagtaaact gactccggct cttcttcatc       840
     tgacagacta ctcactcttt gggtctaaac tgtaaatcat cccaaccaag tcttatttgt       900
     tttaatttag tgagaataaa agcagttttt ggtttagata tttgtagtgt ttttcagttt       960
     ttcaaatgaa aaagaacagc aatgcaaacc ccttatccaa gttttcaaca gcgggatagc      1020
     actcacatta gcctaaaatt aacaaatata caattgtaca tgtaggttca aatacaaaat      1080
     caaagaaaca ataataataa taataataat aacaataaaa acataacaca cacacacaca      1140
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      1200
     tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgtg ttatttttta      1260
     ttgttattat tattattatt attgttgttt ctttgatttt gtatttgaac ctttgtatat      1320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat aggtttttta tatatatata tatataatgt      1380
     ttaaaaaaag tccaaacatt taaccataca taccatatgt acagcaaaat ctaattattt      1440
     tccatataat ccaaggttgc cacaccttaa aaaatttccc cacctaccct cttaatgaaa      1500
     actagatttt ttccaaataa agacaagaaa tagtttctct aatctactgc acatgagtgg      1560
     aaggatgaga attcttccat tttagcaaaa aagccctacg tcccaataaa gtcgaaagag      1620
     caatgatttt acactttgaa gaagtcaact gtttttcctc cgaagtaacc ccaaacagtg      1680
     ccccctgtgg atctggctct agcttgtaaa agcagttttt aattttttaa aaacatttta      1740
     aggtcaatat tatagggaaa gcaatatata tatatttttg attaactttc tgattggcta      1800
     cagaacaatt tactgttgcc tagtaaccat aactggccta gttaacctaa ttaacccagt      1860
     taagccttaa aatgtcactt taagctgaat gcttgcacct taaaatatta tgtactgtta      1920
     tcatggaaaa gataaaagaa atcagttatt agaaatcagt tattaaaact attatgttta      1980
     caaatgtgtt gaaaaaaatt atctctccct taaacagaaa ttggggaaaa aatagaaaag      2040
     aattcaaatt taaaaggagg tctaataatt ctgacctgaa ctgtacataa tgtacacaca      2100
     ttttgggcaa tttatgggaa taataatagc attctacaac caaattaact cctaaaaatg      2160
     tatagtgaca acaacatttt aaaaagtttg atgcacatgt atggacaata caaaaaaata      2220
     aaaacatgca tttatcacta gaaaagtggt acaaatggaa aaatgctttt acccattagt      2280
     gttgccaaat cttgattgag aaaaaaatgc acaaatccac agtacttaaa tgccaataat      2340
     aaaaggttga aaaagcacaa atattctagc ttgggttaaa ttatgatggc atattatatt      2400
     tattatatta gattagatcc agtctccaaa catatacttt aaataattaa atgaatgctt      2460
     tttagctttt gtaatcatta tggctgtgtt aatgcattca tcaattttag gaacaaaaaa      2520
     tactttttct tgagcctgca ggacaaaaac tcctgtgtat taaaatgaat aaaatctcca      2580
     ataattaatt ccagtgctat ttaagcaaaa tgtcaaacat tcttattaaa aggcttccat      2640
     tatacttaaa tacttattgt gttgccacat atcatctttg tctgctttat ttgggccaaa      2700
     taaattagaa ttataattag gtgcctggta tggtatttga gactttaaaa atcaaaaata      2760
     ataaatgaaa atgtcattaa aaaacaacaa cagtggtatt atgcatattt aattggttag      2820
     accccttaaa aagtaataaa atatatttct gagtagttac caagcagtac cgatggcagt      2880
     aaataaatgt atgtaaatat gtttaataaa acttatttta atggtgtttt actttaatac      2940
     caagagacaa acatatatat atatacactc tagactttta aatggaagta tacatgtctc      3000
     gacttaaatc cacaaagcac tttgtgttct tgaataacct attatctatc agtcacacac      3060
     atatactgtc agctaattgt gctggtctaa ataacaggga cacataccgg gcagttgttt      3120
     ttcccagtac ttgtgtacga gctcttccag cagacccagc acttccctcc acacgtcatc      3180
     aaacagctcg tctgccactg cgtcacgaat gcaggcatga ggagacactg gaggaactcc      3240
     actcctcagg gccacggatg aggacttcct ctgatccccc tcctcttctt ccctacaatc      3300
     gatagaatta cgtaagaatt agcacttagt tttccattct gatgccataa aacaactgca      3360
     cactattaac aattcatggt catatttaat aaattttttg tgtgtgcaag ttgtcatatt      3420
     tgttttaaat ctcatgaagt gttttttaag gatatatttt ataatatatt ggaaaaaatt      3480
     catagtttga tatttttaca tgcaattatt ttatgtgcaa ttatttcaga ccctccttaa      3540
     tataaacatt ataagatttt aaatgtgcca tattagagat ccggtcactt tattaggtac      3600
     accttactag taccaggttg gaccctcttt tgccttaatt ctttatggca ttcaacaagg      3660
     tactggaaat attccttaga aattttgttg ctgcagattt gtcggctgca catcgatgat      3720
     gtgtatcttc tgttccacca catcccaaag gtgctctaat agactgagat ctggtgactg      3780
     tggaggccat ttgagtacag tgaactcatt gtcaagaaac cagtctgaga tgatttgccc      3840
     tttatgacaa ggtgcgttat cctgctggaa gtacccagaa gatgtgtaca ctgtggtcat      3900
     acagggatgg acatagtcag caacaatact caggctgtgg cagtgacatg atgctcagat      3960
     ggtactaatg gacccaaatt gtgccaagaa aatatccccc acaccatttc accacaacca      4020
     ccaccagcct gaaccgttga tacaagtcag gatgggtcca tgctttcaag ttgttgatgc      4080
     aaaattctga ccctaccatc ccaatatcgc agcataaatt gagatctatc agaccaggca      4140
     acgtttttcc aattttctat tgtccaattt tggtgagctt gtgcgatttg tagccttagt      4200
     ttcctgttct tagctgaaaa gagtggcacc tgtgtggtct tctgctgttg tagcccatca      4260
     gggatgctct tctgctagag ctgcacgatt ctggctaaaa tgtgaatgac attttttttg      4320
     gcttaaaatc aagatcacga ttttctcacg attctgtaga tgtaaaataa aggttaatat      4380
     tggtaggcta ttattattgt taattctcaa gcatatggta aaatgataat aataataata      4440
     ataataataa taataataat aataataggc ctatgtgtag gtctactgtt ggttaaaatg      4500
     ttaaaagttt tgtatagtca ttatggtgga cttgaacaga ctttcaatac atcctgtttg      4560
     ttaatttaca gttaaattat gacatcagaa tataactatt caaaattctg atgttgaatt      4620
     attaaatatt tgcgacatgc ttgtcatctg tcattgacag cattattaga ctattagttt      4680
     tcactagtaa aataagattt tgtgattcct tcttgcatta tattcaacat tatataggct      4740
     agttttactg atacagtaaa catttatttt catgcacaac actttgtgtt agctatgaaa      4800
     aaaaaaaaca tatcaaatgc ttgtcgtaat gcatttgtcg taactgcaaa atgcattatg      4860
     atcatataaa tgatgtgcgc gccggtgcct gtggaagcga gttccagcca aacagtgcag      4920
     aacagtgccc actagggtca cagaatacga tcatcacaga attttgtgta acaccagatt      4980
     ctcttttact tcttagtgcg gctcatggct gccgtcactc tgagaaaaaa aaaaacacac      5040
     atgcaaatca ttctttcagc atggctcgca aacgaatgct ccgtgcaaca aactgaatgt      5100
     tattttcaac ttgattactt gttattcaca gcctatacag gttctgttca ctaaagtagt      5160
     cgtgaatgat gtgcacgcac acgttctcgg tagtcaaaca gctcacattc acctcatgtg      5220
     atttcgcagc cgcaaatgca tcattgcatg aagactgaaa tgacatttgt gggagaaata      5280
     tcccttataa atacattgtg acacttttaa taccatttga acgtgtctat gttgctgtga      5340
     aggcttgtgc gtccgccttt actcttctct tctgaccttg gaaatataat tggctgaata      5400
     aaaaaaaaaa aaactggaca aattatcttt ttcggatcat tctagagtcg gttgtgtgaa      5460
     aaaatcccag tagatcagca atttctgaaa tactcagatc agctcgtctg acaccaacaa      5520
     ccatgccatg tttaaagtca cttaaatcac ctttcttccc aattctgatg ctcagtttga      5580
     actgcagcag atcggcttgc attgagttga tgtcatgtga ttggctgata agatatttgc      5640
     attaacgagc agttggacag gtgtacttaa taaaagtccc agtaagtgta tgttgtaaag      5700
     gtaaagaaca agaaattaat ttatattaaa ctgaataact gtggtaaaag tatttaaaaa      5760
     tattattatt tctagttata aacatttgtc agatactttt tcagtttaac atgtcttcgc      5820
     taaatcgaat aaattctttt aatcatagta aactttttaa aagttttgaa tgcttctttg      5880
     ttcttaattt tatttttaac ttttcctttt tctttcagca cagttaaaac acctcctaat      5940
     taaaagaaaa tctaattaaa aaaaacctcc atatcaatta tattttataa ttttcttgtt      6000
     attttacttt ttaccaaatg caatgcttct aaaagcaggt tccattgtga acttaacact      6060
     ggacaaattg aaacatactt gtaatagtgt ctaaaaaaat ctagtataca agcaaacctt      6120
     ttgcatatat atagaaaaga gatgaagaaa aaggcaacaa atgatgtaca tttcttttcg      6180
     atcataagcc agaaactcct caatgctgcc ctctgcttca tacacctcct cttcctcagt      6240
     aaaagagagt aaatgctcag atggcggaga gctggagctc cggaccgacg gctcacacca      6300
     aaggcccaaa gccaaacttc gacctgcgac atacagcctg caggcagaaa gaaagagaga      6360
     aatgaggaag gacgcaaagt cttactatgg ccagaccaga ctgataaatg catcgcctgc      6420
     ggacacgttc agtgcagtgt cttcataaca tattgcatat ttttaatcag gtgagaggcc      6480
     tcatccctta gggttgattt tatgtggtat atcagatgta taatgtatga taggcttcag      6540
     tgcatacttc aaaacaatag ataagtgcag tcaagctaag cccagaaacc aatcaataga      6600
     gtgaacccat taattaagat aaagagccca caaacatttt ttcgtagttg ttgttagata      6660
     agaccgacct taaaaagttc agtgataaag aaaacactgt gatgaattat ataaaatgac      6720
     aaacaattat catcaacatt ggtttaaatt gtactggcat cacttgctaa caaggctgtc      6780
     agttttaact tgttagtgta taagattatt aaagtcgcca tgaaattatc ttcttatttt      6840
     tatatttaaa taatagtgca tgttataaat gatgtgtctg tgccgttcat catttcgtac      6900
     aaattaattt gcccttttat caaatatcat aaccttgcct cctcaaaatg actttacttc      6960
     acttctggtc acatggaatg tctttagggt gtcaatgtgt ctcattttct tctctgcctt      7020
     cattcattca tcaaaatttc ttcctatttt taagcaatct ttcaacaata caatgagttg      7080
     aaacaatcta gcgccattta actcattaaa gaacaaaaaa ttacagaagc acaccaaatt      7140
     gcatcaacaa catattttac tgtgtcacat ctgggttatt ttaagataga aggtgagtat      7200
     caacaaaggt gcaaactcat gtagtcaacc cagggctcat taaaagtatg tgcctcggcc      7260
     tacgttttta agaacctgaa atatgttgct gctgctgcca catttttgag atgacaattc      7320
     cactagaggg cactgtctca atttttgcaa actggaaata tgttactcag ggtatgtttt      7380
     gttgtacagg gcttgtcaga tgacctagac caaaaggtta gttttcctaa actcaacgaa      7440
     tagtgcaaac ataagattaa agtacactgt gatcatggtt ttgtgagaaa tggtgttata      7500
     caggactaaa ctcaattgct ctacatcata agtatggtaa tgtataaagt aagatactga      7560
     gcaaactgac gacaccagaa aagttgtcat tattaaagtg ttctgtggtc tttgtttggt      7620
     gttgtgcaaa gaaatgcatg gaaataatta tttgttcatt gataatatgt ctgagtaaat      7680
     ataatttgtt aaaaaaatga ataaaagttg tagggctatg ctgcccctta gcattcattt      7740
     taacaagaaa ctgcagtcaa atgctgttta aagtgcattt ttgtggtcat gattgaattt      7800
     tcaaaaaacc tgtgtggctt ataaccctag attgattttt attttttttt atttaatctc      7860
     cttaattaat aactgcataa tacaaatttt atttgagggg cacctatatg acgaaaatca      7920
     tttgtaagct gtttggacag acatctttgt aagtacacta tagtgtgccc actgtcatgc      7980
     tggagtcata taaacccaag tctctctttt tttttaattt cctgacgtta aaatacagta      8040
     ggacccaaat cccagtgatt ttgaggccca gcgcaacgtg aaataggatt gtggttttcc      8100
     ctgctcaccg aattgatagg cagttgccat gaagcagaca tgcacatgtg actagtgggc      8160
     ggggagaagc agctcatttg gatttagagc cacatgctac taaaacacct aaagacaaca      8220
     aaatgggcag attctgaaga ctatgataaa tttatatgat gggcattttg agctaaactt      8280
     taactgacac atttttggag acaacgaagg cttatcttac atctagtcaa agtggtaaaa      8340
     taggtttaaa ttattttcct aactgctttg tttgtaaagt aatttaatta ctcaattact      8400
     tgactcaata ctacttcaaa cccctttaaa tgtcagttca ttggcaattt aaattaaaag      8460
     tttaattgtt taaattagaa attaaacagg gaaaagtaat aagaaaaggt aaacttcata      8520
     tgcatcaaaa caggaaacgt ttcaaaacaa taacaacata tttcatgcat agcatatatt      8580
     gccattaaat ttttttattc acttcattgt ttcttggcag tagcatgttt aattatccta      8640
     acaaatataa tcttctatag ttgaaaatca gaaatcttct aaatataaaa atacaattac      8700
     actgcttctc tgaatagttt tatacagaat tgttgaattt atttacagta tttaaggtga      8760
     gtactttaca agtaaccata actgaattac ttacaatgaa aagtaatccc ttacactttt      8820
     caatgtgtaa ataatttaat tacagtaatt agtgttgggt gtaattagtt actttgtaac      8880
     taattacata caacattgca cgcaaactgt tttcagtcaa ttatttattc cagagagtgt      8940
     tttactttaa acataagctc tgccatattc tgtgattatt tctgataagt gtgagccctc      9000
     tgtatgaaat acaaactgaa cagaacatca gaacttccca gctcggcatg gccagatgat      9060
     acacaatcta cgttacgctt cactgctgga taaaacaaac cagcatcttg ctaattaagt      9120
     attaatggat gtggatagta atcgaggtaa agacactgca cgacttcaag aaaactgaga      9180
     tggcagaaag tgcatattgt gagcaatatt ttgttattgt aggtatacac aaatatgtaa      9240
     actatataca gtaacaaatg atgtttaact cttatttgta tgactaaaag taatgaatga      9300
     atattttgca caaaatccaa tccatcattt gagttatttt gaaaaatgct tatatggttg      9360
     atggcaccca ctgagttcca cagtacattg atgaatgcca gcaaccagca ttattcaaaa      9420
     tatctttttt ggggtttaac agaagaaaga atctcataaa ggtagaaaaa atattcatgt      9480
     tctgttgcta acttgacatc ccagcacacc tcacactgta caattctgtc caagatttgg      9540
     ttttctgaga caaatttatt aattcaattt tttcagatta ttaacataag tggtctttaa      9600
     tcattagttt gaaatgttca ctgacagccc aattaatgtc agttgttata aaaaattcca      9660
     tcacgatgaa gttttagcat tgtcagaaga gttcagacat ttttcttcag tgtgactaag      9720
     gcaaatgtca aaacaagaac caatagaagc actgaacctg atgacgcaac cagcgcgcct      9780
     tgaggaaatg tagaaacagc tttttttctg gttttatgat caaggcttgt tatgagtaaa      9840
     attaactcta caaagtgttt atatttgctg tgaggtatga tttcagaacg ctggttaata      9900
     aacgtgtcac agattgatga cttctgtcta cagatgagta ccgagtgtgt atgtatttgt      9960
     gttttgatgc attttgaatg caattcaatc tgatattatg acaactgagt tcatacagtg     10020
     tgacatgggg atcatgtttg catagtctga agagatgcaa ttttatagca ttattaaaaa     10080
     ttcacatagt ctgagccagg ctttaggtaa agttcttatg atgataaatt caaaaatgaa     10140
     tatgaagact ttaacattat ttatcttatg gggtttttta tacaaaaaat tgtattagta     10200
     taagcctatt acaaaaaatc aattgcaaaa caacagtgtg taagatcctc aatataatct     10260
     agtcaaaatg aaggaaggcc atcagacttt tcccatcatc catcattaat gtccatgtgt     10320
     ttaatttact aaatgtatgt gacttatggc tcaaacaaaa tatgcaagtg tttgaggaaa     10380
     aaatgctgtt tgtttctgtt cttacttaac aagttttaca gggagacaga ctaacctcca     10440
     tcactgctca atgcaatccc tgctgaaaaa cccagcttaa accagcctag gctggttggc     10500
     tggttttagc tggttgacca acctggtttt aaaggggttt ccagccattt tccagccaat     10560
     ttcaagcctg ctcttagctg gtcaggctgg aaaattgcca gccaaatcca gctaaaacca     10620
     gcttgaccag cctggtttaa gctggatata gctggttttg gctggactcc cagcttggct     10680
     aggctggtca agctggtttt agctggtcat ctcccagcct gaccagctaa gaccaggctg     10740
     gaaatggctg gaaaccagcc tggaaatggc caaaacccct ttaaaaccag cctggtcgac     10800
     cagctaaaac cagccaacaa gcctaggctg gtttaagctg gatataaact aactcaatta     10860
     gtttgatcag gtgtgtttaa ttaggagtag aagtaaactg tgcagacctg tggccctcta     10920
     ggaattgagt ttaacatctg tggtttaaac cataacaatt tctttgttga caactcaaat     10980
     ccttaaaacc aatgcaattc agaagctaat ctggttaagt ctgagtaaac agtaaatcta     11040
     acctattgtg ttgttttttg ttttgttttt tctttttaag cttcttttta aactaatata     11100
     ttattaaagg gcttacttgc tatggtcttc tctcttgtcc aggcaggtgg atgtggtgaa     11160
     ggaggaggtt ctggcactgg actctcgtct acagatgtac tgaacaccct cttgtttggg     11220
     agcctccatc tgattcccta aaattctgtg gtcaatgggg aaacatgggg aacatagcaa     11280
     atgtatatat taattttgat tacacaatat tgatgtttta actttagaag agctaaaata     11340
     aaacagtatt ttgtggaatt ttacctgaat tttcttcaca acaaataaaa acatttttta     11400
     ttttgacaat atttgtgaaa taaaatgttc taaacgagtg ttttttcaac caccttccta     11460
     gaggaccacc aacactgcat gttttggatg tctccattgt ctgtcacacc attacaggtt     11520
     tttcagactc tgcttataag ctgatggtcg gaatcaggca tgtttggtta aggagacatg     11580
     aaaaaggtgc agggctggtg gttctccagg aatgtgtttg agaaacactg ctctaactga     11640
     tcatattttt atctcaaatt taaaagaaac attttcagac cttcttagaa aaacaaatat     11700
     tattttaccc aaacccatgg ctatacaacc ctgtacattt gtccatatct aaaatgtatg     11760
     tattttagaa tatcgccagc atcattccag aatgaataag tgtttttgac tgaatcatct     11820
     gaataatgat tttgtaagac aataaaaata agtcactgta gccacccttc ctaatgtaaa     11880
     aacaaaacaa aaattatttt ttttaagaaa tcatgatact ttgtcagggt aatttgctaa     11940
     atgtaacttt tttctacaaa aaaagcttgg tttaatttag tgatgtttta aattgaaaat     12000
     ttggctaacc ctttttcaaa agttagagag cagtcaggtt tctccattca caaaccatcc     12060
     atcacttaaa agagctgtat acctgagatg tggagtgtgt ccattccact cctcacactc     12120
     ctcctgcaga gactctgagc ggctgctgac tctcccctca tacagaagct catccacaga     12180
     gttaaagagc tgccgcacat gctgtgtatt tgcccgttca aactcctgca caccaaccaa     12240
     acccgacact acagtttaaa tttcacagct ggaacacaac agttagacaa agacactgaa     12300
     aacagaaaaa tgggagtttt aaaaaagaat gataaagaga taaaatttct gttatagatg     12360
     atgtctctca tgtgtttatg tggtgcaagt ataatacata gcatgttgtg ttctactcag     12420
     caaattcatt ttgcattcta gttcatttcc aagatatttt caaaactaat ggtgcaaata     12480
     gaatttgata ttgtaattaa aatttaaatt taagtcaaat taaaatgaaa ttaacactgt     12540
     tattttacat tttaatacca ttatttgctc cagccttcag tgtaacatga tcgtacagta     12600
     tagaagtcac tggtttgtag cttaagaatc atttatgatg attaaaaatg tctaaaacag     12660
     ttacaatcat caaatcctgt gttcagtttg ttttcaacat gtgaccttcc atatgtgctt     12720
     ctttgttccg gttcccgcca tttgttaatg ttgattattt tcacctgtgt ctcatctcct     12780
     gtgtctcagt ttaatcatct cctgtgtatt taagtctctg tgttcagtta gttccttgtc     12840
     cggcattctc agttgtgtct tgtcttcttt tgtctcctgt attatcaatg tcctttcaag     12900
     tgagtgtttg taaataaatc tacgtgtttt gataaatcct gcaatctttt tagcctttct     12960
     gagtgagtca aggcgttaca taatacagga cccaaaaaaa cagaaaagtc tggcatgttt     13020
     tcccttctta tttttataat cttttttttt ttttacccca agtattttct tttcctttcc     13080
     cttgcttatc cgtggattct atctacaccc cagaattcct gatcctcacg atgaagcagg     13140
     gggaaagcag ccactaggac catacagacc agcccaacta ccatccggga tggagaacac     13200
     ccgtggtatg tgagccatca agagcgacag gaacatcatt gagcaagagg agctcaaaca     13260
     atcatctgac caggtgtgtg agctggcaac aacgttgaaa gtaaagcagg tcgcacacca     13320
     gaagcgccgc tcggcgccgc gacacggcgc gtacatgaca gtttaaagta tcgcacacca     13380
     aacgcgcaca ttcgaatgat atttaacatg aaactaatca gatggcgctc tgtggcgcgg     13440
     ctgaaaaatg aactgcgtcc tgagccgtcg ccgggcgccg ccgacagccg ccgacttgcg     13500
     gcgccggtgt gtgtatcctg atagaaacct atgtttagaa ttctaaaata catggcactg     13560
     cgtggcgctg cgcggcgtgc cgccgagcgg cgcttctggt gtgcgacctg cttaagagtc     13620
     ctggtggaca tcgaggggtc gagcaagagt cccgcccacc tacccacagc agagggtgag     13680
     ctgtcactgg accaaaccct actgctcatc aactactgga gagaaatcat atcccttccg     13740
     ctgttaccag acagcaaatg tttgattctg agttccaaga agctgttcac agacagactt     13800
     tcagccaagt tgatcaccaa agatgatagc tccagggtca tgagcagcat cccaccctct     13860
     tcacctccgc cgatgtcgtc acccatagcc atttagccaa ctccagcact atgacagtca     13920
     gccagtccct cagctcatcc tccagcttca agcgtggagg tcacacagag ggtctgccta     13980
     tctacttcga caaccagagg ctgtccccca acgtcatctc ctctgccctt ctagctacgg     14040
     actccgcctc ggccttccga cccaacggct ccatgttggc tctctcctca ctcatctcct     14100
     ccatggacca tcagctccac caggctccct tgtccctaga ctctgccttg gtcagtcgtt     14160
     gccctgcctc caccttttac caactatgcc tcgtacctcc atcctgtcag ctccgttgag     14220
     cccctccttc tctccagcta ttcctcggtc cactgccgct ctggctatgc catgggcttt     14280
     cggacctgtg tcgtcgcttc ggtcaggtga gccatcggct ccaccgtagc cctccaggac     14340
     ctcgacatca cctttgccct acggctctcc ttcgccttct tgggctccac ccctagctgc     14400
     agcgtctccc acggttggcc cgttggagtt ggcaatcact cctcctccat ggctccaacc     14460
     tccgttgact ccaccctggg tcctacacct cctgctacac ctcccttcca gcctcccccc     14520
     ttatgtgact cctccctggc cacctcctct tttccatcct gtgttccgtt tgttctcacc     14580
     atgtgaccct ccccatgtgt gttctcagtt gtgacttgtc gttcctgtgt cttctgtatt     14640
     attgatgtcc ggttaagtga gtgtttgtaa ataaatctat gtgttttgat aaatcctgcg     14700
     aaccattttg ccttcccgag tgagttcagg cttttaaaca agtttaattg aaccaaatct     14760
     tttttttttt tttcagattt ttctgataaa caaagaactg catttagctt ttgtaagatt     14820
     acatctttac tgtcatcctt actgttttga tcaattttat taatccttgc ttggtaaaag     14880
     tattacgttc tgaaagtttt tttttaaagt taacatattg aacaaacctt taattataaa     14940
     tgctttacac attgtttatc tttacaacat tctaattatc aaataaaaaa atatgaatta     15000
     ataattataa tataattaaa tttatataca gttaaaatcc gaaattatat aacccccttt     15060
     gaattttttt ttctttttta catatttccc aaatcatgtt taacaaagca aggaaattta     15120
     cacagtatgt ctgataatat cttttcttct ggagaaagtg ttttttttcg actagaataa     15180
     aagcagtttt taatttttta aacaccataa ggtcaaaatt attagcccct ttaagcaata     15240
     ttttttcgat agtctacaga aaaaaaaaaa cattgttata caataacttg cctaattgcc     15300
     ctatcctgcc tagttaacct aactaaccta gtctcatcta gttaagcctt taaatgtcac     15360
     tttaagctgt atagaagtgt ctagaaaaat atctagtaaa ataatattta atgtcatcat     15420
     gcaaagataa aataaatcag tcaaaaaaac tattatgttt agaaatgtgt tgaaaacatc     15480
     ttcactctgt taaaccgaaa ttggggaaaa aaataaaagg gggggtaata attctgattt     15540
     caactgtaat atagaatcat ttttataaaa tattatacac aatattttta agtgtatcag     15600
     ataattgaaa ttgaatacac tcataactcc aattcatatt tcagtatttt caattcagtt     15660
     aaaaccctgt cattctaatt caaattcatg aactaaacag gagctgaact ttgctgaact     15720
     acaaagcatc tggaatcagc agaaaagcat tacatcatat ctccatgagc agatggagct     15780
     gtgctctgtg gagagcccag gaccagtgca tggacttcct gagcgggacg ggaggtgact     15840
     cacaggagta gatgactgac cacatgatga gacactaaag aaattaagca aaaatattaa     15900
     tactttcaga ggtcaataat gcttgtgtac attacagaca taaaacctca caataaggtg     15960
     tgaatattct gaaacaaata taatagtcac attacctgag gccacttttt agtaccctgc     16020
     tgacactcct ggtgaacggg gcaggcactg aattgatgct tttgtcgggt tcattgagca     16080
     gctttttcct aatgcatgat aagggaataa gaatgaaaat cgatcattca gttaatgaaa     16140
     agctccattt atgctgcagt gatgccttca gagacctgct gaattaaatg cacaataaac     16200
     agcattctat gtgtggccag aattctattt aaacctattt aaaatgcatt ctgccatttc     16260
     attttattta caattattaa cactgtgaaa atcaaggtgt tactttgctt aaaaaagaga     16320
     gtaaacctgt ggtaacttgg ttgagttgac ttaattttta taattatgca catagtttat     16380
     ttaattaaaa ttgccaggtt ccatgcaatt tcttcatgtt gtctcgacac aaattgatta     16440
     agtaaactta attgttttta caaatttaat tgggtggaac acaaaacaat taagttgtct     16500
     ccaaaaacag ccctaagaat tgttttgttt taacttattt taaataagta gtttaaacca     16560
     gtgttgttga gtgtttaaga caatggtttc actattttta agtaaagtca actaatcaaa     16620
     agcatcaggt ttactcactt ttcaaaataa ataagtcaac taattgcttt ttacagtgta     16680
     tgcatagctt ttataacctt ataatatttg tgcatggtaa gaccattgag accgaaacta     16740
     atcaaggtcg aagagtgaaa agggcttttg ttatgaaaag cgtatccacc atcaggtact     16800
     gtgcaaggtc acatgatgct gtcgcctcca agctttcact ctttgtctca aactgctgct     16860
     aatctatctg acaattatgt catgaatatt ttaaacagta caacatcaaa gaacaataca     16920
     tgcaatcatt tgggagtgtt acatttatca ctatgacaac aagaaacgtt atgggtaaag     16980
     ggtatagaga aacgaaacat tggtaaaagt tcgagttcat tttggtaaaa gtaatacatt     17040
     gttttgtgta attgaaagat tttattgtgt gtcttagaat tcactagctt tagtttcata     17100
     atatatgaag acctttgaga attaaattgt tgttagtaat aattgtaacc cacaaaaata     17160
     aagttttact aaatatttaa aaaaatttaa aaatattaat gatgattgct atggaattac     17220
     tgaatttcta acatgcatac attatacaaa cattactaag tttaaaaaga catttaaaat     17280
     ttacataaga atacataatg tttatttgat tcattcttca aaacttgtca gtgcatattt     17340
     tacactgttc aatacaacat aaagacttga gtgtgtttaa atccattatt atagtttcat     17400
     aattcatcca gacctctgag aataaaatag gtcatgatca taaccataac ccctccaccc     17460
     acaaaaaagt tgctttacag gatatttcaa catttaaatt caaatgacag taacctgtga     17520
     ggctttttac agaatcattg aagctctagc aagcatatga gtaacattgc tgatgtaaca     17580
     aagacatttt caaacttcca atcaagcata atgttaacac ttcccgttat ttttccttca     17640
     aaaaaccctg caaaaataac ttacccaact acaatgagtt cagcatatct gccaagacac     17700
     gctgccccgt agctgttctt gtagttagtg aatacagaag gtaatgtagc caaagatgag     17760
     ggccaaccaa accctagtgc accttgcatg tgtaaattgt tcctatcagt ggtggttatc     17820
     aagccaatta gcaacatgtg gtctttgttg tcctctgcag gtcagtatgt ccttgtcttc     17880
     ctcctggatc tgttccttca gctccatcaa gagagtgttt ggacacacta cagtagcaca     17940
     gtacaggtgc ctgatattcc ccaccctccc ctggatgatt cacaggtgca aaaaccttat     18000
     catccatccg catctgaact ttgtgaatat taaacgataa tgaaaattca gaataagctc     18060
     ctcccaggaa aggaagactc tcttggtctg cagcttattt aaagtttaaa taagccaaaa     18120
     tatgttcact caaactgtaa aaaatgctgt gttccacact attcaagtgg attgaacata     18180
     aaacaattaa gttgtcctga aaaactaaag aattgtgttt attcagataa ttttaaatac     18240
     atagtttaaa caagcagcat ttttgagtgt gagctacagc ttatattaca ttagcactgt     18300
     cacctcacaa caaaaaggta gcttgttcga gccctagctt gcatttctgt gcagagtttt     18360
     ccaccgtgtg ctcttgtttc cccccacagt ccaaagacat tgcagctgga agggcatccg     18420
     ctgtaaacat atgctggcag ttcattccgc tgtggcaacc cctgataaat aaagggacta     18480
     agctgaagga aaatgaatga atgaacattt ccaagattgt gaaatgcaat taatttttat     18540
     gtgaaagcat ctccctattt actcacagcg acggggagtc atgtttcagc gcatggacat     18600
     gcattctaac ttgcacagag ccagttcaga gagaaattaa ggggacaggg aaatgcaaat     18660
     acatatattt ttaattttaa atgcaaaacc aaaaaaagca atatctatac gtgtattaaa     18720
     ccatggaggt catatcaaat ggttcaatat tatattgagt attggggcaa tcctataacc     18780
     tacatccatg tttttattga tcacgaacca cttgtttggt tcacaccaag gattagcagt     18840
     gatcacattt attcaaaaaa ctattcaaat caaaccaaac atgatgccat gagtgaacac     18900
     accattagat tgtgcacagt gtcatcgcag gacatgaccg ctttaaaaaa aagtatttta     18960
     tgtcaagtca acaagaaaac aaagcctctc catgtgcacg ggaccacaaa ctgacaccac     19020
     ggctacagaa gaagtagcac agagaaagga gaaaactaat tagcagcggg tgagggcttt     19080
     cacggctgcc aggggtcact gaggaagccc agcatcagta ggagctcagg tttctctcac     19140
     agagcaagca gcaaataatt tcagcaggtc gtccgccaga gcccaatgaa acatgtatga     19200
     ccagcatggc agcagaaagc ctcggctgac tgacatggat tctttctctt gtctgccttt     19260
     tagcaccaag cacgaccaga cagtgatttc attcaggaca accatgtcaa gttttacacc     19320
     attccaggac ttgaataaca ttcaacatcc cttgtcattt ttgcatagga caataaaaat     19380
     aagtgctgca tattaattaa cagttgctca taatttactt ggcatgaaat aatccttcat     19440
     taattttcat tcagcttagt tcgtttattc atcaggggtc gccacggtgg aatgaactgc     19500
     caacttaact agcatatgtt ttacacagcg gatgcccttc cagctgcaac tcagtcctgg     19560
     gaaacaccca tacacacata cgctatggtg attttggttt attaagttca agtataccac     19620
     atgtctttgg actgtgggta aaatcagagc acgcagagga aacccacaga aacatgggga     19680
     gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa ctgacccaac tggacctcga accagtgacc     19740
     ttcttgctgt gaggagccac tgtgcctcct tgtgagtata ttcattatga tatgaatatt     19800
     tagaaactat ttaaaaaaat aaatgaatta gaaaaggcga tgcggtggtg caatgggtag     19860
     cacattcacc taaaagcaag aaggtcgcgg gttcaagcct tggctgggtc agttgccgtt     19920
     tctatgtgga gtcctccggg tgcatgtggt acaggtgaat tgtttatgct aaaattgacc     19980
     aaagtgtatg agtgtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg gatgtttccc actgatgggt tacggctgga     20040
     agagcatctg ctgcgtaaaa acataggtgg ataagttggc ggttcagttc gatgtggcga     20100
     ccccagatta ttaaaaggac taagccgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaatgaata tattagaaaa     20160
     atgtgcttct ttgttattta tatacaaaat gtaggcttat aaccactgac ccactgagcc     20220
     accagaaaaa atattgtttt aatctataaa atgtcaacaa aagtcacttt tatttaaact     20280
     cttcaacatc aaaagttgcc taagctgaga ccaaggtccc ataatttaat ttaaaaatgt     20340
     caataaataa atcacacaaa tgaacattta caaacacttc ggccaattta gtttattcaa     20400
     ttcacccata acgcatgttt ttagactgtg gtggaaaccg gagcatgtgg aggaaaccca     20460
     cacaaacatg gggagaacat gcaaaatcca cacagaaata ccaactggcc ccgccgggac     20520
     tcgaaccagt gaccttcttg ttgcaaggag ccactgtgcc accccctgag tatattcatt     20580
     atgacataac actttagaaa ttatttaaaa atataaatgt attagaaaaa atgcttcttt     20640
     gttatttata tacaaaatgt aggttaacag taatttcata tttttaatgg tatccgtttg     20700
     tgtggacttg cagcagtcac ttgttgcata tttgttgcat aatttgtact caaaatgttt     20760
     gtaaataaaa ataataataa aatattgtat atatcagtca gttattaaaa tgtggaatga     20820
     ggaaatcttt ataatggtta gtgcggtaca atattactca ttatttaatt gtgtaagtgc     20880
     tatttagtca gaacaaactt actctaagcc taataatgct cagcaaagaa acaatctcca     20940
     aggccttatt taaatttttt tttttttttt ttttgagtaa atgagaagtc tttgaaatgg     21000
     cacttatttt caataggata tagtctagag taaaacaaaa tctacacctc cgtacttttt     21060
     caaagatcag ctctagcgag agacttcagt cgcaactaaa tgctggtgta gattgagcca     21120
     ttagatctgc tcgtgccaga ggaaagacta caccctgatt ccctgacatt agtcttgtat     21180
     taattagtta tcaagtagtg agcacaattc aattaaatat taaaggtctt gccatgaaag     21240
     agcacagttt ttgactattg cttcatttta acatcacaac aataggccta tgttgtcttc     21300
     tgttgtcaag tgtatgaaac agacaaaact tttttttttc ttaaacaggc cgaaaacaca     21360
     aagactcaac aggtcaatgc tctaaaacga caattgatgt tagacatgaa ggcgaaagac     21420
     aaaccgctta ctttaaactg tcatccctcc tctctcgaac cggactcatg ctgtcctgag     21480
     ctgctcttgt cttcttccat tgaagtattc gctccgagtc tagccgagac ttctcgaact     21540
     ctaaaccaca acgaaaactt cggtccggaa aagcgtgcag gtagttcggg ccggcagagc     21600
     cgccgctcgg ctcgatgcgc tcgacggtca cctgcattaa taaacgtgac cgacagcctg     21660
     accgcgctga caacgagaca ctagacggac aaagcaggta acaagctgtc actcacaaaa     21720
     cggaactccg tcactgtctt caattagcat accttaccgg gcactaccac agtgaaaaat     21780
     gcccaattgt cataagtttg caccgctcaa cggtagtcta acaattgatg aagacagctc     21840
     tcaaaataac atgatgtatg cagcgaattg caaagcaata attacttaat aattaaattg     21900
     attgtccaat gaaaaggtac agtaagggat cagttcattt tgccacttta tttacaagta     21960
     aacaacttaa gttataatgt gcatgctgta aatttatata acagtcctgt agatttagca     22020
     tatactgtaa ttcagataag cagttagatt atacgattgc acatgattca gaaacaatga     22080
     gttatgtgag aaattagttc atgacaatat attacatgaa aacagagaag cagaatattt     22140
     ttgttgatct tttagtttgc acattcctaa tttgtaacat attatattaa ctaaccaact     22200
     aaccattaca tatgtcacta atggtttgtt gctaatgtgc tatattactc atcatcctaa     22260
     atataatata aaagcctgct gatccaaaac acattttgac aaacagcaaa tgttagacca     22320
     catcattgca atttacacaa tggacactag atggagcaat agaacaacaa ataataacaa     22380
     tcaaacgctc atatttgctc tcaccactac aagtagccta ttatgacgtt tgtttaaaat     22440
     tttacatttt cccatatttt catatactga ttgtgttata catttagtca aatctggccc     22500
     aaaggttttt tagattcttt tatttgtgac aacacacatt ttgttgacca aattcttctc     22560
     agtagtcaaa caataatcgc ttggtaatta atctcagatc tctttacctg cttgcaaagt     22620
     tttttttaaa taatatatgt ggttacatag tttaggatca gttttggctt cttagaagaa     22680
     aaaaatatat ttttatctag taaagttgtt gaagtctcaa tcaaaatcat aattgctatc     22740
     caataaataa caaactagct aaatttaata aaacttttac ccctaaatgc ttattttgta     22800
     cttaatatga tgaatcacta aatcatttat tttgggagtg cagcctgctc taaagttttt     22860
     ttggggggtt gacttttcca attttattaa agaattctta tttacaaact tttgtatagc     22920
     ccaaaaaaaa tttattcttt tggctactca ctgaatgtag atgatactca ttgtaaatta     22980
     ttaatgtatc gctttttttt tttttttttg gctaaattta tattacacca tatatgtata     23040
     ttttcaaaaa aacactctta ctttttattt tcagaaagga tttatatgtg aactctttaa     23100
     tagactctaa aaattatatt gcatgtaaaa ctctttcttg gtctaaatcc tttaaactag     23160
     tttgatttgc tgaaatgtta tttctgtaac ccttttttgt ctctttattc atactgtatc     23220
     tttgtaatgt tctttcttgt gtaaaaaatg aaataaaata aaatacagat tcatatacga     23280
     acctgataaa tgacatcatc aacattaatc aatgaagcca aacaataggg tgtctgtaag     23340
     agatgtatgt tatgcctcag aaccatcctg ggatttgctt cattacctcc tgagtaaatt     23400
     ggttttgaga aaaggggaca tatgaagacc tatttcttga gatgctgcac tctacgtaaa     23460
     tcacatatct gccaatgtcg tgtaagagaa tcagcgatgg tctacatttt ctacttcagt     23520
     aattgaaaga gggacaagaa caatccattt acagtgccct ccactataac tgacactcct     23580
     gaagaaacat atgtaaagaa ggctatagaa agaaatgtcc ttgttgttta accttgttaa     23640
     tctttagctc aagttattta aaaaattaga cacttggata aaagaagagt tttttttttt     23700
     ttaattcttc caagactgca ttaacttctg cagaattatt tggtcacttg aactgtcata     23760
     tgaacagtgc attggggaag acacatacct tcaggcatga tccataacta tttgactggg     23820
     acttcagaac tattgcccta ataatggaaa tgagtgtttt cagagttttt gcccccatca     23880
     tgaaaagctt aacaacattt tgccacaaac cacagcttta ttctttggtt ttaaccatga     23940
     tgaatgaata gactgctgtt tcataatatt tacatccctg ttaaacagga ggtcattaaa     24000
     cactttcctg tgcctataac tttaataata ttttcacgta tgaattaata agggtaagca     24060
     gtgaataatt gataacatcc catagaatca ttagcaaaaa taatacaact gtattacaag     24120
     cagcacggtg acagtgggta gcgctgtcac ctcaggtcac tgtttcgagc cctgggggta     24180
     agtaatgagg agcagaatct tcagtctctg ttgaattatt gttcaataat gcacacctga     24240
     ggtaaaaatg ccactgtgct ttgtataacc accttggctg tgtgttattt tctaagaatt     24300
     caatggttca gagtaaatta attcacttaa attactaaaa agacattgtt cacatttaac     24360
     aagaaatatt tttacttttt ttatcctcaa acagatcctg cacaaaacta attcttactc     24420
     ctctcaccta aactattttg tttatatttt ttaagatgtg aaattactta aacaattaaa     24480
     ggagttctta aaaaaattat caaactaatt actatttaaa ttactcaaat actaatcact     24540
     accaacagca aagagatatg gaactgtaat gtggtcaaag cctgcctgga attactttac     24600
     ctgcgtggtt tgctgaaaat aacaggataa catgaaagaa ataagttaac ttattagttt     24660
     ttacaaattt aagtggattg aacgtgtaaa aataaagttg tcccaaaagt taactcacaa     24720
     attgtggtgt ttagtctcat tttaaataag tagtttgaac aaacagcaag tgatttacaa     24780
     ttccattttg ttgtcccaac aaaaaattga ttaagttaac gtaactattt ttacacattt     24840
     aagtggattg aacattaaac aattaggttt tcaaaaaact caagaattgt gttgattcag     24900
     cgaattttta ataagtagtt tgagtgtatg tttgctattg tatgttctca atgaaagcag     24960
     agtttgtttt acttatattt tgagcaaaag attaataata aagccttttt ttttacagct     25020
     gcctttgctc atactgtttt taccaatggt accaatatta tcggaatgaa ttaaatgaaa     25080
     ctgttgagga acaatcacta attccccgac ctgttggatc aattcctttg agggcaaaca     25140
     ctgagcttat gtgctcatgc tgctttagtg gcaagtttat ttatgaaaag tgtgtattaa     25200
     tagtgcaagc ggatactgtg tggtcagggt catcaggtca ggggctgtga atcctaggag     25260
     gtggagagat gaatagctgg catcgtcttg ggagggccag tgatgagagg tactgaaagg     25320
     tcatgttgaa agtgatatag ccataactca agccctctgg tcaccctcca ttcacactgt     25380
     cccctttctt aaggtgccgc cagtcccagc tttacatctt tgttaagact tttcagtagc     25440
     caaaggggga atgtctagag agaccactaa gacttgatga atttactttc cttttttaaa     25500
     cgttttggta ccagtgacac atatagatag atttgcttag gaaagatgtg gttttaaatg     25560
     caccaaattt actacagcat gttcaaaagt aattttaagt tgtattctat gttaataaac     25620
     acaatgtagg aattgttact gtatgtgcca tcaatccgtc tcttcttgtc ttgtttctct     25680
     ttttgaatta gcaggatttg aaggcaagta acaagacagt ccagtgatgt tgtttcgaaa     25740
     atgtttaata acaacttaac tgaactatat tacacgttca aaaaaatgtc ttgcttccat     25800
     tttcatgaca caacttcttc cttcccgaaa gtgacatcag cttatactct gtattaaaaa     25860
     ttaaattact tttagtaaaa tattttcaag ttttgccgtt cacaatatta ttaatttaac     25920
     ataaataaaa caatgaactt atggctctta gtaacatata gtacagtgta taaaacagaa     25980
     catgattact atataacatt agtgtcccat tttcacttgt gccattcaag aaatggcact     26040
     tgttgcttat gatatgttat gtatatgtgt atttatcaaa gacaaaaact cattaattac     26100
     tttcatttta gtggaatgta aattgtaatc tactccctat atagtgcagt tcaggttagt     26160
     tgagtagtat gacatcatgc aaatgaaatt attaaattga cagcaaggat aaataaatat     26220
     agcttattta taataatatt cactacataa tgataataat aataatctgt ctacatttac     26280
     ctaattgtct taatatcttt cgaattgata attttaataa tatttccatt tgtttgttta     26340
     aatatatatc cataaagtaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacacttaa caggcccata gccagcctca     26400
     aaaagtggac ctttttgcat ttatttggtt gaaatactgc attttagtga gattttaaac     26460
     acaattttta tgctggatca gcttgtcgga tggtgattat aataaccaca ttgtttgatg     26520
     caacaaaagt atttcctaca tttttgtcaa tgtgcttaca atactatttt atttaaactg     26580
     taggttatta aaattttaaa taaaaaatta tgaaaatatt ctgcttttaa aatacaaatt     26640
     tattatcatc atataatatt gtcatattag cataataaaa aaaacagcaa caaaataatg     26700
     aggaatctgt taaaatttgt tttaaattaa aaacagtagc ctatgacaaa caaactggcc     26760
     agctcatttc ctcagtcaga atctgtccat ttgggtaaaa attacatttg ttttaaagct     26820
     gccttttatt tataatggca tactgtcaaa aatgggacaa aaagagcttg tgtgtgtgtg     26880
     tgtgtacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca taaatccaga ttccttctca tcaaatattt     26940
     attacattgc atatttatta tacatttaca tattatacat gcatttaaac atgtattatt     27000
     atatacgtta gctcccttat atctcttaac ggtttaaact aagcattcgc tatgataaag     27060
     gtacatttcg cacaaatgta aacagccttt gctaaaccat gctcatgcta acgtatggat     27120
     cgtcacccac cttcgtaaat aaaaacgcaa aaaacgtata acttttatta aatttagagt     27180
     gtggagcgat agaatgtcgg tccacaagat agtaaacatc cgctgtaaat ggttactgtt     27240
     ggcaaagttt tcaaagaggt agtgaaaact atatcgtatc tgactccatt tctcaggcca     27300
     gaggtatgaa tacgcaacta tcgctctacc cgatgtgcgt tcgaccgtta agtcacatga     27360
     cattgttttt ctttcgcgtg atttctgaca gactggcgtt tattgtgatt agctgctgaa     27420
     tgaaaatgta aacgtcaata aaaacaaagg atcaaatcat gtcagataca cataaaaacc     27480
     tccagtaagt tatgacgaca tattcacaac tattttttaa aatcaaatta cttttttgta     27540
     aatcaatcaa acgtaaatga caacactgca acagtggatc atgcaatatt gcaatgggtt     27600
     agctactgtt gctagcaagg tcagctgtta acttttaagt tgtaacaata acaacatgaa     27660
     tgctagtaat ataatgttga ttagttgtat gttagagaca tttgaattat gaataaaatt     27720
     tagttttaat gccaatacta tttttgaata gatatgaata cagggaacag tttattagcg     27780
     agcactagca tgttctatgg tacgttatgt gaaagaagag gacagaactg gttcttcctg     27840
     cagatcaaag tgagaatgag atgggtttta ttgaccatga gaatgttgca gactggacat     27900
     ttaataagag cagtgatgca gacagttcaa gtaagttagc tctgaggcag atgtgaaagg     27960
     cgtattaaag tatatagtat aatatataaa tattgttagc tggtagctac atcattctga     28020
     tgcatctgga tatactagac ttttttactg gagaaaatat tggtatttac tgtatgttgt     28080
     aatcaagata aaactatatg tatatttttt tcaataatat tcagcaaaaa agaatggaat     28140
     aaatgaaagc tgttggaata tcagttgttg taaactatgt aagttctgtg ttaaatctta     28200
     taatgctgca acaccaattc aatcatttta aacaacaaaa ttattgattc taaggaaaat     28260
     tataaattaa atataaattt aaaaagaatg gagagtgtta catccaccgt ttgatgttgt     28320
     tgctatatgg caacatatca taaagtacct taaaaaaaat aatgtatata tttttttatc     28380
     agcacttcaa gttaaggcat tttattaaag gaaaaacagt cacaaaattt tttatatatc     28440
     tatcataatg tgtgccgtaa ttgcttcttt atatattgag ttaacaggct tcaatgtagt     28500
     taaagaggct tgtaatgcaa tatgacaagt gagagaacat cattgtgtgc atgtataatt     28560
     tatgttaaac atcttcagtt tagccttggc ttaaccttct cctttttaac atgacaatca     28620
     tattttaaat taatgtctag agttatgcca agatacttaa attcattcac ttcttcaata     28680
     acttcatttt taatcagcac ctcaaattac aagctttgtt tactatccta acacatttag     28740
     ctttctgtta ttctaattag atcgtaaaat actgctacag caacataatc tctttaagaa     28800
     caattcacag ctgttgcttg tttccttcct gccttatact tcaagaatat ccctttctca     28860
     ctccacatct agtgcggtaa atcaccccta aataacattt ccaggtcatt acaagcttta     28920
     acctcagtta aactacccca cattgtgtga atcacctcat ccaggtcttc aaaccaaaaa     28980
     tacacaacac cagaaataac tctccaggat agccgagccg atagttatat acaaaagtgt     29040
     ccaaagcaaa gggcgagtaa aatggattac agcctcctgc agccactgag cagctcaaca     29100
     ccggctctaa taacctgtcc acatatatat attcagtcat tcccatctgc tttgacttaa     29160
     tgcctattat ccagcctcct ccacagcctc tgagctctga ttggtccgtt tacctgctaa     29220
     gccaaggcag attatagtat ttgtaaaacg tgaggcacaa agagcacttg ttccattgct     29280
     agaaagccat gcatgagtgt gtgtgttttc tctgactgaa gatgtaactc gggtctatgt     29340
     aaatctatac ctctgagagc aggttgatca tcacagaggg tctccatcct gtcaagcaca     29400
     acagcagggg gagagtggaa gaaaaaaaga acacgagcag aggatttgga gtggatagcg     29460
     agcactggag tctggaggga aacaagaact gactgacata catgttttgg ataacagctg     29520
     aggatgatat gatctctcat gtggaggacg cagaggtcgg caagcttatc aatgagctcc     29580
     tgtctgtgaa agtagcaaga aacttctcca gtgccaagca aagccgaaat gccttcattt     29640
     aaaggtaaca agtctgtatt ttttgtgagc aacattgttt tatgtttata ttaaatgggg     29700
     tgaagataga ggaattaatg ttattgtaat atttggcatc ttgttaaagt ttttactttg     29760
     aatttgtatg ccaataccta caatgttatg gtgctttaac tattattaag taaatagttt     29820
     cacagatatt tgcaatgctt aatcagtttc tttttgaaaa aacaacaaca acattattta     29880
     ttcatttttg gcccacattt attttccaac ttaaaaatga ttattagatt gactggcagt     29940
     tttctgcaaa tacctcatca acattataac catttagaca ttttgactat atatatatat     30000
     atatatatat atatatataa aggatatata tatatatatc ctttaaaagg catttaaata     30060
     ttagtatgtc ttcttatata agttcaagca aaaatattag ttcagcttag atattttttg     30120
     ctcttccaga attttattaa ttgtcaattt tagtgtggct caaaaatgac aatgggttgt     30180
     caagcatcaa aataaaagtg taacaatgct taaattgtta cattagaatc tgcactatat     30240
     tttttcataa ataaaatcca cgggatgcat aagacaccca cttattaaaa tgaaatttag     30300
     tgtaaaaaaa aagtttatat tcatatttag atcaagaatc atttgatgac aaaaactgcg     30360
     cagtgcagca ccaaaatttg ttttaaagct ttatacattt tcactttcct tcctacagat     30420
     tggttttaca catttaccag taagacgttt gtataaattt aaaacataaa ttttaaaact     30480
     gcttttatgt ttttatttta aacataaaac tgctatcctt tatcgatttt aatttcatgt     30540
     caaaataagt actgtaggtt gttttatttt ttcataacgt atttgcacac agaacgacaa     30600
     tgaagcctta ttttgctcat ttcaggcccg tagccagcct ggtgtaaagg cttttttctc     30660
     agaaagttga cttttttgca gttattcata tcattttgta tgtaataatg aggtctaaat     30720
     actctactta gtaacatctt agtaatgttt ttggtgcttt gcacctttct attgatcttt     30780
     tttttctttc aagaataaag tccaagattt aggtaaagtt acttgtaaaa tgttttcttt     30840
     atttaacaac aacacagtag gtcaacagtg aaagttgact tcacttgcat cagattttgc     30900
     atggtcttaa agcctttaat gggttatttt cacaattgat gatggcatag cagtcaaaat     30960
     aggacaaatg agctcatgta tgggacaaat tctagacctt tatcagtggg agggggtggg     31020
     tctttcgaat tttgtaagtt catgctggca tcaaaatgac atctttaatc aatgcacaaa     31080
     cgtgaaataa agttactgat tctttattat aataatattt ataatagagt tgcatttatc     31140
     ccatttttaa tgagcaaaaa aatgtaaaga tgattccatg tcttagggta agacaaactt     31200
     tgacaaaata aaatacacaa tttatgcttt ttgatattca tttgaccaat aattgatatt     31260
     cattcatttt cttttcggct tagtccattt attagtccga ggtttccaca gcagaatgaa     31320
     ccgccaactt acccagaata tgtttagcgt agcggatgcc atttctgcaa cctatctctg     31380
     ggaaacaccc ttgcatgggc tcgaaccagt gaccttgctg tgatgcgttt gtgctaccca     31440
     ctgtgccacc atgctgcccc aataattaat atgtaaaatg atatgctgac actttatttt     31500
     gatgctcccc aacatttttc ttaattttgt tgccctgcaa ataaattaac ttattccttg     31560
     aacaatctgt taatactcta attaaaggag tttgttttct tgatgttatt tagtcaacag     31620
     aaaatctaaa gtggaccttc aaaataaagt gtaattgttt ctttccatcc cttccagttc     31680
     taagattaca gtgtttgctt taaaatgcaa agtctatgat gtttgctgtg tcttataata     31740
     gaggctctgt gcggcatttg gtttcacagt actgtatgtt acttaggcca ataagacaaa     31800
     tctttgttaa aatgtccatg aggtgacaaa atcagacaac cttcacaggg tatatttcta     31860
     ggcctctgac cctcagctga tccggatttt agcccctaag accaggccac acgtttggtg     31920
     ccaggacctg ctgctaacaa agtcaagcgg aggttactgt catttaggac agcattactc     31980
     tgtaactgta tcttgaacac tgatgcagta gtttagaggc tcaaaatgtt gtaatcggca     32040
     ttaagtaatc tgtgtcacat tttatttata tgttgaatag ttttatgcct atttagtttt     32100
     ctttttgtgt gtgttagttt cagttaaaca tgttgaacta aatgaaaatg agaaagattg     32160
     actggcaata acttgaaaga ataagtttat aagaataagt ttgttgtatt atattatatt     32220
     atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt atattatatt     32280
     atattatatt aagggtaagc gttttatttt attatatata tatatatata tatatatata     32340
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataat tttattattg tcaatttttt     32400
     tttttttgaa gtgatccttt taaggttgtc attttagtca attattactg ttatagctct     32460
     attatactca ggtagatttg acttcacagt gtgacatgat gagactgagg agcaatccaa     32520
     taacctgata aacctgctgt gctgattaac tcttacacaa cagcattgag acagtagggt     32580
     ccaaaagttt gagaccatag tgaaaatgtc acactaatca tgttttgtcc agacagtcag     32640
     aatgatttgc ttccattgaa gctcacacta aaaaatacat tcttctgaaa tttttacttc     32700
     taactaaaaa gaaataactc aatgaattag atgtgaaatc ttgaagtaaa aatatatttt     32760
     tttaacataa catatactgt tattaacaga tattttgctg gagaaaatga tttatccctc     32820
     taaaaaatgc tgtttcagtc caaattttgt gtaaaatatg aataaactta aaagtttgcc     32880
     gcaacaaaat acaaacaaaa attcataatt catgttcaat tttaagtgaa catttcactc     32940
     aaattgtgct ggttattttg tagagaaaaa aaaaactgtt ggttctttca acaaattttt     33000
     gggttaaata tgaacttaaa aaaacttgaa actggttact attaaaacta gtatttttaa     33060
     cccaactgat gggcttgtcc acatatggcc caagtgccta actgtacaat cacgccgaaa     33120
     gcagcgagag catcaaagta ctaactggaa gtcattcttt tttaatggga gccggcagtg     33180
     ataagcggca aggagcagtg cagcacgtct tctctagtgt gggcgagagt tgaaatcaag     33240
     tgaactttat agtaatgaag tccagagaac acagtcactg taaactttgg ttccgaccac     33300
     agttgttccc aaaggtttga ttattgcggt cgctggacaa tgttggcata taggattata     33360
     cattaaaaat gttactggcg agttactaat gtgtattaat gttatatagt ctatactttt     33420
     ttctttaaaa aagaggaatt cccatgcaac aatacaaaac agtattgctg cttggataat     33480
     taaataattg gataattaga tagaccaaag ccacaccaca tgcaacttaa tctttcattg     33540
     tatttgataa aaagtgtgca acattttcat gctagaaacc atgttttatg tggaaatgta     33600
     actgatttgc tgatatgcgg caacgactct ttaaatatga gatcagtgta gtgaattctg     33660
     acgctctcgc tgccggagct gtaggcagac atcgttccca ccaggtcacc cagagcaacc     33720
     tttgacgctc tcactgcctt cggtgtgaac acacagtagt gaacgtaagt gaattcagtg     33780
     taaaaataaa ctaaaataaa taacaactat tatgaagtaa aaatgcaaaa ctgaagcatt     33840
     tttacttggg cttcaaataa ataaataaac aaaaattaca caacacatat cattcatggc     33900
     atacagtaag taatagattg cattgttttg taattactgt gttttttcct gtgcttgaat     33960
     actattttct tttctctttg ttctgacata atgacactga tccctcaaaa acaatcctat     34020
     ttccaggatt agtattttaa atctgttaaa tcacctcgtc cccttcttct ccttgaatag     34080
     ccctgttgtt gtcgttgtta gcgctcactt acagaattac catcgcttca catagacgcc     34140
     attattttac tccaatctgc aattcaacac ttcttaaaat gaacgcacct caaaacaaac     34200
     atttctgtgg aaatacatcc caaagagcgc tacaattcag aggtatgcgc ggcagcagca     34260
     tcgtgtcagt gaaacctgag aaagcgcaca gtgttctgtt acaatagatt tcactggttt     34320
     gtgtttcctg tgaactccgg gccttggtgg agtttgcagg cattgtgtac aggtgtgtag     34380
     gcaggtatga cctgcttttc ccagcctgtg gctccagact agtccttcac ctctttaaaa     34440
     tcattgtgtg gagccagatt cccattacag tctaaatggg tgtgtaagca gggcaacaaa     34500
     aggagagcga cgtggaagcc tttggaaagt ggacagaaga cgctctgtcc aaaggtaaat     34560
     ctatcctttg ggggctccct ttgcaatcac aggatgaaca aggctctgtt gcagggggga     34620
     agggggtaat ttcttacacc ctgatgaggg aactttgctc tctatagcat ctggagaaca     34680
     atggaagaag ggctgttaaa tatgtctgcc gataagcctt tgacagtagc ttataaagat     34740
     gtttttcctc cgttgcttta ttttgctcaa attcatgacg gttattctcg tgaggaagat     34800
     tcacaaagaa atgcaagatc aatatgaaat tcctgaagtg tcttcaggga atttgaccaa     34860
     aaggctcact gctggaaagt gctagagtgc tagaagctat caagtcaaaa ctctatttta     34920
     ccattggttc acttgagatt tggctatggg agttttataa aagaagttat agtaaaaaga     34980
     gagttgacaa tgtttggagg tttggctcca atgtgaatga cacacacacc tactttaaaa     35040
     atttaaactt gtaagcaact atgctagtta gcaagccagc taagttgcta gcttagaatg     35100
     tttaggatgt ggttccaatt tactcatgat agacttcttt taaaggtgca gtatgtatgt     35160
     ttgacactca gtggttgaac taggtattgc acttctggat caaaacaaat gcaagcacag     35220
     gttgccagat tgaggaccaa caggaatttt tgttctaacc aactcttcga attgatatat     35280
     tagaaacggc ttttatatct tgcagaaaac tttgacaatg atcaccccag gtacacctca     35340
     tgtgctttat tcagtgttac ttgctaataa tgtgtttgat tggcatttta aaatgacatt     35400
     tattgctata ctactgaaag cagcagcaga taatttacct cttgaaaata aaattaacag     35460
     tttgaaatta aactttatac tcaaaaccaa cacatatcag tgattcaacc tgctcaccta     35520
     atgtttatgt tcgtaatatt tatattattt gctaattgat aaccacctca tatggaactg     35580
     aatctgcatc tcattttaga gactgctact gtacacagga ggtcgcattt aggtcacggg     35640
     cgcatgcttt gagagccttt ctgaatgaat gaatgaaata tgtggaatat gtggacgttc     35700
     ctgcacataa cagacatttt caaagcagaa tatctgacct cagcattgtt tcttaaatat     35760
     ctgcaaacat attatggtat ttttatgctt tagaagagtc aaaaaattac atacatcacc     35820
     tcttttttaa gttatttgtt tagttgtgaa aacattctgg agtaggttag aaaagcaatg     35880
     ttaatgtcat tgaatgtcca acgtgctgtt ggttatcctg attaaaaaaa gaagacatca     35940
     caaaagattg cacatcattc tcaaataggt gcttataaat cttttgacct aaaaagctct     36000
     atcactttga tagcctttta agtaaataca tttaatatat ttggagcttt tgtgttgcca     36060
     cttttaattt tttattttat tttttttgta tttccttcca tttatgaaat aaatacatga     36120
     caatgatgaa agcatcagtt aggaaaactt ctgatattag tgatgaaatt tgctgtaatg     36180
     aatccattca agcttgtaga aattacagtt tgaatgtaca agtacttttt atcacaatag     36240
     tatctgagca aatataagtt tattaaaatt gtgcaaaatt agatttgatt agattaaact     36300
     ttattggcat ttcacatgta caagtacaag gcaacgaaat gcaggtcatg tataaaggaa     36360
     tcagatattt gcaaatagat taactatttg aacatactgt acaggttgct attaataatc     36420
     agggatatgc aaatagaaat gaacataaaa tgcatttttt tttttgcttt tttaattatt     36480
     tatgatatat tctatttata atatttaata tttactgttc tacctgtatt tacagtatgc     36540
     ctttgctgtt ttatagcatc tgggtttcat tttctactca aatacaaaat atataataaa     36600
     ggctagcatt ttctccccca ttatgctatt gcagacttac tggagtaata ttagcaaatt     36660
     gcatgttcct gttattgtca aattgatttt taatcaccag cctacataat gaacaatgca     36720
     agcacataac agcgctttta taggcgtgag gttattagat tcagcacagg cctaaaacag     36780
     aggataaaaa cagaatttcc ccagggtcag cttagtcctt cagtgaaaga acaacctcaa     36840
     agtactataa aaatgtacag tcagcaaagc attacagtac aataaccact taaggaccct     36900
     tataaaaagc agaaggagtt tatagtgtaa aaacaaccta ctgagtggtt attcatttta     36960
     aataattaaa cattctccca ttttatttgg ttatttatgc accatctcta tatttaatag     37020
     ttatttgatt aaaacaaaca aacaaacaaa caaacaaata aataaacaaa caaacagaca     37080
     aacaaatatt tgcaaagaga caatagtttg ttgatctatc tactgagttt caccataggc     37140
     ctatctgttt tatatgaaga accagtaggg ggcaatgcga gttcctttaa aatcccagtt     37200
     gtgtgtttct ggcctaaggg agtaaatgaa atagatggga tgtccattta tctctgctct     37260
     cagttcctct ctgaaatagc tattagtgta tcacattaaa caaagctaat tttgtcataa     37320
     attagctctg tgtgcaacca aaattcgatc cttgcgggga catattgccg ttgttgtacc     37380
     tctgagctaa tacatatgca tttataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     37440
     aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     37500
     aataaaaaaa tatatatatt tcccttttac taaacgcttt aaaaaatcta ttttttttca     37560
     tgtgaaaaag attaacaaaa gaggaatgcc tgcaatcctt aaatcttaat aaagccacag     37620
     agccagttcc tgtgctttaa aatgattata aaatggcaca tatggcgtta gaagtccaaa     37680
     ttttaggata gattggtaag cagtatatta aaagaaacca ttaagattaa ctacagtgta     37740
     tacaagtctg ttattaaaag ctttaaagtc taacatagca aacagtgtgt tatctgaaat     37800
     gcagcattat caatcttgct cttgattttt ctatctaggc ctgtctggtc tcttgaaggt     37860
     gacaaagtgc aaagcgtagt ggtagttgac agtttggcgg ttaaatttag atgtgtgagc     37920
     gaatgtctga caggctcaag caaccctagc agggacaagg aaactcccaa aatggtactt     37980
     gatgaaatat gtggcatgtc tgcagtgtga cctgcttaat gcatttagag taacagaaag     38040
     caatggagga atcattttat ctcatgtttt aggccattca caacatttac acgcgcacat     38100
     acacacgttg gtatttgagg actcgccata atatatttta ttcagtaaaa aatacttatt     38160
     atatgtctct gcctgctaaa cccaaccctc ataagaaaac gtggcaatat ttaaatgtca     38220
     aaagaccctg ttaaatgtga ttttttagtc ttgaattaca aggacatata aggtatcttc     38280
     tcaaaaacct catcaatttt gtaaaaccta gactttgagt tttacaagaa gagaaatttg     38340
     tgatgtgaca ttggtagtca ttataaaaat gtatgtccta gtaaatcacc aaaagacaac     38400
     aaaagaacag tagtagcagt gtcatttaac acataaaaca acagccaaac agaatcatgc     38460
     gttacagagc ttgcacagtg caggtggcaa aaaagcagca tttgctgtaa aaatgtattc     38520
     gttgtttgca tatttttgtg attcataggt gttttctttt tatttatgct ttcgatttgc     38580
     tttttaagac cttgattcct catctgacat ctttggatgc taaaaatgta actacggttt     38640
     cacaaagaga ctcattgcag tggtgtaaag taggaaatta caaatactta aattactgta     38700
     attgaggagt tttcttcagg aatttaactt tactaagtag ttttaataat gtatactttt     38760
     aatttcattt ttagggctga atctgtactt ttactccact attttctttc aacctgcagt     38820
     cactattttt ttctactttt gtatgtatat ttgattggcg tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat     38880
     gttctccctg cgttcacgtg ggtttcctcc gggtgctctg gtttccccca cagtccaaac     38940
     acatgcggta caggtgaatt gggtaggcta aattgtccgt agtgtatgag tgtgtgtgtg     39000
     attgcagctg gaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aaaattgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc     39060
     cgctgtggca accccggatt aataaaggga ctaagccgac aagaaaatga acgaatatat     39120
     ttgattggct aagaataatc atgtgattct cttccaatca aattgcacat ctaaaacatt     39180
     gcatcataca gaacaacctc aagacacggg cacttccaaa atgcagttaa catgaagact     39240
     gtgaaacatt aaaagtgttc aaaaaggcac aaagatcata ggacgcattg tgtgagagac     39300
     tgctttgatg ataatgaaga tgtcgactgt atgaggactg aaaaaatcaa atggccttaa     39360
     aaaaggggtg tcaaactcag ttcctggagg gccatagccc agcatagttt agttttaacc     39420
     ctgcttcaac acacttacct atatgtttca aaaaagccta aaggactcaa ctagtttgat     39480
     caggagtgtt taattagggt tggtgcaaaa ctgagctgtg gccctccggg aactgcgttt     39540
     gacactagaa tgttgttttc actcacacat gtagcatgta aacgcatcaa taattcacat     39600
     tgtaatatgc acaacacact cactactctt gagtactttt aaaagggcta ctgtttactt     39660
     atactttaag taaagtttac aacaaatact tttacccaac ttgcactaca tttttgggaa     39720
     agtaagggta cttttatttg agtaagattt ttcagtcctc tttccaccac tgtctcattg     39780
     acattttcag tagtatgtga atatatgtta aatatgtgaa ataacttaaa cattactggc     39840
     agataattac ctgattttat accttaattt acatgactaa cccagataat ataatgctta     39900
     aatatactaa ataaaataaa ttttgttaag ctttcaaact taacattttg acaaagcaga     39960
     aatcatttga aagacacaga aaaacatcca tgaatccttc ataaatgttc aatgataaat     40020
     atttattgca gtgtggattt acataatggt attgtcactg gcgtgggtta tctgattggt     40080
     ttaattatac aaatatgatg ttttttgatg aggcatatct atctatctgc gtaagacaga     40140
     gagtcatgag attatttcat tttttggatg aactaactaa caatgcttga agttgggtga     40200
     agaatacaga taatacctag atacttgtcc ctatgttgta gtctattata ctggctgacc     40260
     aagcatacaa ttattacttc cattcatttc agtttgaatg catgaaacca gattttaatt     40320
     tgcattcacc cttttcagta ttgattaggc cttatttata ttactctgtt tttgaatatt     40380
     atgtgtgaga ctgttaatca actatgcata tcttatttcc taagggatga ataaagttac     40440
     ccagtaacta agaaataaat aaagtaatta agtaactaac atatttatta tgacctccta     40500
     actattaaat agatcctagt actcatacga aatggttatt agaatagtcc ctatttaaaa     40560
     gatacacact tttattagat actatacttg tttttatttt actagtacaa tttttaatgg     40620
     cactcaattg tggccattct agtcacatta aataaaagag ttttaactag ttagatgaac     40680
     tttcactagt tttaattaca aagtatactg ttaagtaatg cacatagtca tgttgtattt     40740
     atggtataca atatttactt aaattatgta ctagcaccat tggaaagagt actgaaacat     40800
     catactcaag taaaccatta cttacacaaa aatgtagtgt agtagtaaaa gtatgttgta     40860
     aatattactc aaagtatgag taaaaaggta ggcattttaa aaatactcaa gattagtgag     40920
     tagtgagtat taagccataa aaagtccttt tgcatttaca tgcattttgt gctgtagtgc     40980
     atttagtaat gttcctatat tcatttgttc cttccaactt tcttccattg tttgtttgtt     41040
     ctgtccttcc ttcattcttt aatttgttcg ttccttcata cggtccttcc ttcgttcctc     41100
     ccttcatttg ttcgctcatt cacatttttg ttcctctctt cattaggtcc tttgttcatt     41160
     cgttcgttcc tttcttagtt tgttcagttc ttccttgaat ccttacttca tttatttggt     41220
     cttttgttcg ttcgttagtt tttattcttg ttcctttctt cattaggcct cttgttcttt     41280
     ccttccttta ttcatttgtt cattccttca ttcaatcctt tggtccttcc ttcattcctc     41340
     ccttcatttg tttgctcatt cattcgttct tttattcata attttgttcc ttccctcatt     41400
     aggtcctttg tttattcctt ccttccttcc ttagtttgtt cagtccttcc ttgaatcctt     41460
     ccttcattca tttggtcctt ctttccattt ttcattcgtt ccatgtagtg attgtttaag     41520
     gaggcttttt agtgatttca gtcatcatac agtcaacata atatatatat atatatatat     41580
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatattt acagtcaaca     41640
     tctattttct catcagtgac atccagtcta ttaaaagact gtgtgtcaat gtgtgtaagt     41700
     attttgaaca tcttcttgga cattttaata cttataaaag gtttgctgga tttataaagt     41760
     gcccatgtgt tgatgttgtt cagtatcatg tgatttactt tctatgtgcg atttgattag     41820
     acaggaatca caggactgat tttctacttt agccaatcat caaagacaag aaagaaataa     41880
     agtagtgact gcaggttgaa gaaaagtagt ggagtaaaag taccaatact gcactaaaaa     41940
     tgtactcaaa gaagtaaaag tacacattta taaaactgct tagtaaatta caatttctga     42000
     gaaaaactca atttcagtaa tttgagtatt tgtaattagt tactttacac cactgactag     42060
     tactcattag atagaagcta tttaagtact agtgcaaaat ttaagtaaat aaactgatac     42120
     tacaatgtaa atctatagat ttaatagctt aataaaacca cttgccgtaa tcagcagcac     42180
     ttttgtttct tttcagcatt agcctacctc cccaaggaca aactgatttt atacatttac     42240
     tgcagtgaaa tgtacaaatc cacacactga caaagacaaa tccactcgta catggagact     42300
     aataatatat ttaagttgtg atttagcttg ttttgctaag aaataacagc aattttcttc     42360
     cacaatagcc aatagccaca ccgccattta aagacaatgt gatacaatta caagtggcat     42420
     tgtcacttta atgaaagctc cattgtcgtt tccacagtga gtttccttta aacatcatca     42480
     tcacctccag gaaaacattc ctcagtaaat atccagcacg agtgagggag gggggactgc     42540
     gctattcatt accagcccat gataaagcat gctctctgtt gcctgttact atgaccacca     42600
     ggatcttctc caaaccaatg agagcccttc atctctgtgt cgacccaaaa caagtgcatt     42660
     gagaaggggg tcggcatgct tcatcactga tccgcgtttt ccatctcctg agtcaagaaa     42720
     gcgcgtctgc gatctgaata ttgtgtccgg gcagccatag tgcttgttga ggaggatcat     42780
     aataatcgag tgctcgcttg ttgtcgctga gaatccacgc tagagatcgg gcttcatgtt     42840
     ttagatgcaa acacacgtgt gcgctttctc tcaacgggat aatcatttat gagggaattt     42900
     aaaccgcgtt tgttcggtct gctggattgg aggtaggtgc agaacgaaaa agtagtactg     42960
     cagcaacaat ttgcatttgt taaattttat atcattttgt tgactgcatt taacgtatgc     43020
     attacatagt tgcacgttgc attaaacact aaatgcgctt cagcttgtgc acggatccat     43080
     acaaattctg aaatgtcatt tttttgtatt aaataaatgc agcatttgct tactgcattt     43140
     aacgtatagt tgcattaaat atatacattt caacatttaa ttctgcatga atcagtgcta     43200
     aaatacatta caaatactaa aatatatatt tttgtattaa taaatattca tcactgcatt     43260
     ctaaacatgc attattttgg tttagcatta aacatgcatt ctaaaaataa tattttaata     43320
     tttgtatgca cccttgctgt caaatcatgc attatttaca ttgtgcatta aacatatgca     43380
     tttaaaaatg ccattcttta attaaacagc atgcatagtc ccacaattgc atacacattc     43440
     acaaatttgt gtataacaat atgctgactg aaaatacact tgggttatgt atgacatgct     43500
     gttgtatttc ctcactctta tgaaacctca gactcgtgag agcctagaga gagtctagta     43560
     gcatgcatgg agtaggtctc ataatcataa agctagatat ccagacagct acgtcagcac     43620
     aaagtggttt gcacacagat gtgctttctg tctgttgcaa ggtctttcaa tttaatgatt     43680
     gaagtaggct gggccttgct cgtacctcca ctggagcttt aaatgagcct cagtcaatgg     43740
     ttgctgtgca actgtcatta atgtgtcact gactctgatg tgcttgagca gtcgcaaggt     43800
     caaggaggtc attacagatg tgcactacgt cattgactag atgagctaca taatgataga     43860
     ctctgtgttt catagggaaa acagcatggg attatgtgtg gggtttttgc agaatgacac     43920
     atcactttcc cgctcacaat aaattgcaag ttctattatt ttaatattta ttgtatattt     43980
     taacatactc tatttctatc atttttttat cacttactgt ataaaatgct ttgcttggat     44040
     tgagtaggcc tgctgctact gtgagtgtca aaggtcaaaa caaagaactt aattttttag     44100
     ataatttatt gtgttgtccc aagttatcct tgtttaatag aagtacacaa cttactatta     44160
     caaaaataat atactttata atatgcaaac taaatgttgt tttgggtggt ggcttagtgg     44220
     ttagcactgt tgcctcacag caagaaggtc actagttcga ttcactgctg ggccagttgg     44280
     aaattctgag tttgcatgtt ctttgtgttt gtgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccgacttt     44340
     ccccatagac atgcgctata agtaaattgg ataaactcaa ttggccgtag tgtatgagtg     44400
     tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtatg ggtgtttccc agtactggat tgtagctgga aaggcatccg     44460
     ctacgcaaaa catatgctag aatagttggt ggttcatagt tgggacctct aaaaagagaa     44520
     taggtcggag gaaaatgaat gaatgttgat ttcagactat aaaattcatg ttatttgcaa     44580
     ttcagttaaa ttgtattatt gatcaaatgt atatattaaa tatagttata tattaaataa     44640
     ttataattag ttgcagttag ttgaactgaa gagtgattga gacatactta aagtccacgt     44700
     gaaccagaag ttgctgcaaa cttttatttc ggtatgaaac tgcattttca tataaaatgg     44760
     aatattaagt attgggtggg gttttgtttt tgcactcctc ctctcatctt tcacttgcaa     44820
     aaaactaaag ggtttgaggg gcatggctaa gcatcttttg cgcaagccat caaactaatg     44880
     tcatcagagt aggactgctg cttcagagta caagcaaatg gtcagacttt aattgaagat     44940
     tatcaaaaca aacattacaa atgtaaaatt catgtagact tcaagtactt tgaaatataa     45000
     ttatgttgca ataatctttg aaatctggtc acagtgtatt gctcaatgca tagatgcgca     45060
     cttatcataa aaaaaaatta tttatacaca aaaatgcttg ccatatatct aaatgtattt     45120
     ataagttgta gttacatgtt tgttttatac caaaaatgga atattttagt acaattaaat     45180
     ttagatttaa atgtatacgt ttgcttgaag tgaaatgatt ctcacattct cctgtacaca     45240
     atttaacata caaaaaacag gcgactaatt aaaatcttaa agactgtaaa agtaggtata     45300
     taggtaaaac acttaatatt gtagtatctg caagtacagt ttttaaggtc ttaagtagag     45360
     tataatacaa gaacacattc agaagcacac ttcgctttca caaatgtaat gctgagccct     45420
     agatcattat gttaaagata tcaatacaat caatagatct gcaagacact tgcagataca     45480
     atggtttttc tgactgtctg tgatcatcac tcagagcacc tttgcttaat gaacagtagg     45540
     tcgaacacag ctagattcat caatcactgg tgtaagcaaa tcagttaatc catacaagca     45600
     aataactagt gatttgtgtt gaggtgaaaa aaaaaagact ccacagaaag cctctacaga     45660
     aggccctttt ttctggtgat atattttaaa ttatgtattt ttgcatgaat aaaaatggag     45720
     attaaaacag gaagtacata tgcttcatat cactgtactg agaaattaga atgtaggtgt     45780
     acttattaag cagcataatg tgtttttgat ccatatattt gcaaacaata tagcatactg     45840
     tacaaccatt tgagcaataa gtaggaagct ggttatagta gtttatgctt ctgtgaaagt     45900
     gatgctatag aagttgctat gcgttcagca taattgttta ccagtttgca agaacatttt     45960
     tgaatttgaa ctgttttgaa atcaagttca atggatgcaa tgcttagatc tggcaacaca     46020
     cccctacaag ctgtcactca gcctgtgtct gaccaatttc atctcaagcc atttcataac     46080
     tttttgattt agtcgctaat ttgtttgcat ttgtacaatc ttattcatac attttagtac     46140
     gatttgctca tccccaatga gggtttggtt taggagcgag gtttacctcc ttttaaatac     46200
     tctacatttt catacgaata aaatcatatg aatttgtgaa atttagccac ttttctgaca     46260
     ataagtcaaa tgattcttca tgagattggg ttgctctgac agctgctgtg agaaagagac     46320
     atgaatttat tcagcaaatt atttttctta attaaatttt tcttaatata acattttttg     46380
     ttaagcctgg gtctcgatga actcagacag gcctgtctgg aggtattcaa aagtggacaa     46440
     actcaaaatt gttaagatcc caattatacc tgtatgtcag cagacttaag ccctggttac     46500
     actaattcgt ttttctttta aaatgcataa gttttgctac agttacgcca tccgtccaca     46560
     ccgaaagtgc cgaaaacagt gcattttgga aatgctgaag aggccgtttt cattttaaaa     46620
     cactgctgct ctgtgttagt gtggatgggg gaaaacggag acatctgaaa agtgaggcgg     46680
     ggtttgcaga catttgccta tctaattggg tctttttcct caatattaag tagcctacac     46740
     agttcagtct tgcatcctct ctttgtaaat tcagacttcg catgtttgat aattttcaaa     46800
     gggtaaagtg tacgatgttt cactttctta acaataaaat gaaagcatga tttaagtaac     46860
     tgcctgtttt tattttgata ttagcaactt aacagacagc agaaatattg aggcgttgtg     46920
     tagctacata tttacagttg aagtcagaat tattagctcc ctttgatttt ttttttttaa     46980
     gtatttccca aaccatgttt aacagagcaa ggtcattttt acagtatgtc tgataatatt     47040
     tttttcttct ggagaaagtc ttatttgttt tatttcggct agaataaaag cagtttttaa     47100
     tcttttaaac gccattttaa agacaaacta ttagcccctt taagctaatt tctttttcga     47160
     tagtttacag aacaaaccat taatatacaa taacttgcct aattacccta acctgtctag     47220
     ttaatctaat tagtctagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt aagctgtata gaagtgtctt     47280
     gaaaaatatc tagtaaaata ttatttttgt gtcatcatgg caaagataaa ataaatcagt     47340
     tattagaaat gagttattaa aactattatg tttagaaatg tgttgaaaaa aaatcttttg     47400
     tccgttaaat agaaattggg gacaaaaata cacatgcagg ggggctgata attctgactt     47460
     tttaactgta tatgactgtt atcttcatgc aaatttataa caaaacgtag cctataagat     47520
     tactgcctcc ttccattttc attgaaaata caaaacatac cctgtctctt tcactgaaca     47580
     tcagttttaa taatcaaaaa ttgccattat aaaactataa agtacaacaa gtttatacaa     47640
     tataggaaat aaagcaagca ttcagtcaat atgcagaatc agtgtacgcg gttacatgaa     47700
     tatatctatg tgcccagcca aaagacctgt gaacaagtaa tagattcaaa agaccaaagt     47760
     ctgggaatat gtcgttagat atagacaaca agatgaatta tatatcatgt ttaactaatt     47820
     tagtgagatt aaatccaacg gtagaacctt gatgaacagt ccgacgtgca cagctctagg     47880
     tagatgctca aagcacgctg cattgcatgc cagtgtgtat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     47940
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgttcatgt gatgtgcgtt tccagcggtg taatgtagac ggagagttgt     48000
     tcagaaaggc tggctgaaac gccagtgtag acgcaaattg ttttcattct aaaacactgt     48060
     tttaaattta aaacgtattt gtgtaagcgg ggccttatcc aataagcgag gtaagcagct     48120
     tcttagggcc ctgggaatta tggggttccg accaatgcta aaaagcctat attaatcata     48180
     tagcttgtct ttaaattttt tatgttgaaa aatctgtcta taaccattaa aaatttaaag     48240
     ttatttcttt gcccccaaga atagtgtaat gttccttcca tactgcacat gcaaatatta     48300
     aaatccaatc acatatatgg ctaattaact gtacatactc tgtgatttgc tttttatttg     48360
     tgaatttact ctatttaatt ttacataaga agatgaaggt tccacttaaa atatattttt     48420
     aatgtcaggc ttagtcaaca gcagacacca tctgattcaa ttcaaggtca tacatcgtct     48480
     acactacact aaatccaagc tacatacaat ctttccttct gacttaccaa tgtgcaccaa     48540
     tgtgactttc caatcacgcc ttttggctct gttccttact gaatagattc tggacaaaca     48600
     taattgactg gtactccaag gcttatagca gaccttttct accaaatgct gaacatgcca     48660
     tctttggctt ctcacaaaat gcgtcttctc tccctcaaac aatgcaaaaa tctttaatgc     48720
     aaggcatggt tgtggcctaa agactagtac ttagcaattg gaaatcacct ttaccccctt     48780
     cattcctgaa ctggatttct gacatgatat ctgtaattca gatggagaga ctctgaaaat     48840
     gtttggttac ttggggtcaa tttcttgatt gatttgacaa atctgtataa caagagcaat     48900
     ccagtctccc tcagaggatt aagttatata agttatatag ttttgattga atgttttgtg     48960
     actatgatgc agttttttgt tgtatctttt ttgttttcct ttatattatc ctttgtctgt     49020
     ctttttatgt ctacagtacg acagttttta tgtctacagt acgatctgat gtttgttctg     49080
     gttttatata tatatacata catacataca tacatacata catacatata tatatatata     49140
     tatatatata aatatatgta tatatatata tcggacctct tttttccccc aacttgggaa     49200
     aaatgaaggg aagattgttt caacacattt ctaagcataa tagtttaaaa tttatttcta     49260
     ataactgatt tattttatct atttaaatat cttatctatt taaatatatc ttatttattg     49320
     ctatgatgac agtaaataat attttacttg atatttttca agacacttct atacagctta     49380
     aagtgacatt taaaggctta actaggttaa taaggtgaac taggcaggtt agggtaatta     49440
     gggaagttat tctataatga tggtttattc tgtagactat cgaaaaaaat agcttaaagg     49500
     ttatttaaca acacacttta catgccaatt tgtacataac agctgcacat ataacgttgt     49560
     atatagtaat tacattcaat tatcaatttg tatatttgaa ttcactactt acttctattt     49620
     ttaaaataca tttattatct gtttttagtc ctgtctctgt aattctgttg caccgtagaa     49680
     gctctgtcac gaaaacacat tcctcgtatg tgtgatcata cctggcaata aagctctttc     49740
     tgattctgat tctgattagg gcccccaaat cacaaaggac gcccctgtgt atatttatta     49800
     tcatccgttt atgattggat taacaaaaat gcattttaat aatagatgta aacatggtct     49860
     gttccttgtt tttgtatggc tttgagctgt tttattgagc tatttcgaaa caaacaaatc     49920
     atgtgctaaa agtgttttga agttataaca tacaggtggt agcctgggtt tgcctcttcg     49980
     caagttcttt cttaaacttg aatttaaagt acacactagg ggcttagtaa ctagatatat     50040
     gcatatcgca ctgaataacg taatatccaa tataaagcat ttcaatcatt aaactgcttt     50100
     acaattctgc aactaatgca tctatatata attgtcctat gaaaatgaaa tgacaaatac     50160
     attagtcagt cgctgtaaca gaagacacat gtgcagctgg tccctgtgct gtacaaaaac     50220
     tgtgcaaaag tgaatcttgt taaaatctgc ccccaaaaat ctgtgaaaaa aagtgaaaat     50280
     ctgcccctaa atcaatattt gcttgaaatg taaaaacgaa tttcagctga agtgcattgc     50340
     acaggtggat ttttgcaaat gtagtaacaa tctgattttt attcagttct gggaaacgtt     50400
     tctggatcat gacctgatgc tttcagctag actttaaagg cttgggttga tgtaatagcc     50460
     aagtcatctc aggcacgagc atatgagtga tgttagcttt acagggtggt tttctttggc     50520
     tcaggtttgc gctgacacct tcattcacgg agctcctggg tgacggcatc gctctctctc     50580
     tcgcggcagg atgggggtgt cgctcctacg ctcttactgt tcgaaataaa agtcagtctc     50640
     agaatgaaaa gtctttgaag gtgcagccga gtgtgaaatt taacctgatg tgggccataa     50700
     tgtttgagaa aaaaacagca aggaagaaaa ttccaatctt ctctttaaag taaaattcta     50760
     ttggtgtcgt cttgagagat ttacggagtt catttgtcaa gtgttatact gagtggcgag     50820
     ttaatttgtc ttttgagtgt agcagcatga ctgcaggaca actttcttta gtttagacat     50880
     gccgattaat gagtctgtcg tcagtacaga gacaggatca aggatttgta aagtacaata     50940
     tgcatgctca attatgctta aaaatgacaa tgctgcattt gctgatctat acacataaaa     51000
     ataaagcaaa ttggtgaaag cgatattttt ttttctgctt ctcagaatca cttggattag     51060
     gtttggattg gtttaattca ttttcaaatg tttaaataaa atggtattta acataaataa     51120
     aataaatata tatatttcac attgacataa atggcaaaat gtttatatat attttcaatg     51180
     catttaaact tattttacct aattaaattc taagaaagga caactaaact aaactaaact     51240
     aaaaagtaaa actgatcatt ttaaataatt ttaatatgaa aaactatata tactttagac     51300
     acctttcaca ttttatagta tggttagaat tttaaaaaca agatgtttta acaaaaaata     51360
     aatatagggt agttgaaata tattttgtaa tatattggtt gatattcaaa ttttttatta     51420
     aattaaataa aaaacatata atagtaataa taacaacaac aataaatact aataataata     51480
     ataagtattt ttattattag tataataaca ataataataa ttctaattat gataatatgt     51540
     tattagtatg aataataata taataatcat actactacta ctactactac tactactact     51600
     actactaata ataataataa taataataat aaagttacgt gttaataaaa ttattaataa     51660
     taataataat ttatttaatt atttaatcat ttatttattt tattgaatgt tgatgttaca     51720
     aaacaatttg accatatatt tcaaagatac aaaacattta aaatataaat ataaaaccaa     51780
     atattaccat atgggttgat ggtaatcttt accttcccat attggagcat gttaagttgt     51840
     acacctggca tagccaagat gcttgacagc ccttcataag cgccgatctg tatatgttgt     51900
     cacttttccc cagaggcgtg gagtaagttt caagcctgca gacgtgcatg tctccatctg     51960
     aaaatagctc caactcagag agggggcttg cctctcactt tcttcttcat cttttacctc     52020
     cagaaaccag ctgcagtctg ggactttaac cctaatacgc agtggatcct ctgggctaac     52080
     aggagaagtg tggacgcgga gcctgctgtc tgtcagctca gacctgctgc ctactttcag     52140
     tcctaatgcc tggtaaggat ttgacttttg tttctttggc attgtgtaat ttcttagtta     52200
     atttatgtat gaggaaattg ggtaggcttt tgtcctgtaa aatttataaa tgcataaaaa     52260
     tttgttacaa tcacagcaac agacaaacta ctaaatattt tagaaagctt gaaaagaatt     52320
     atggcaatat ttagcgtcaa gcatttataa aaaaaaataa ctgtcattat ctgagagtta     52380
     agtagaagaa aagtgcactt caaaacattt ttgatttcat tttttttggt taataatctt     52440
     taccttcaga atcaatgcat ctgaccaaaa tattaattaa gttaaacttt gcatacatga     52500
     tttaaaaaaa aaaaaacctg attacttatt aaaataagtc tgagtaacat gaaattagtt     52560
     gttgtcatca ttttttttgt taagtgtagt gaattaattg atagaattcg tattgtgcaa     52620
     tactagttat cttaaccagc acatgataaa ttgggtaaca tcttgggtaa cattattgaa     52680
     tggttgagtt gacagaatgc tgtgaatgtt atttttctgt gcaaagagtt tattgcacaa     52740
     agctgtggaa agtgacagac ttttataata gctatataaa aaataaaaaa agattaagat     52800
     tgagaaacaa agttcagttt aaaacctgta ccaatgttag cacctatgat aaaaatcatc     52860
     ttttgttagc tgtttggact gaactgtgtg tagacatagt gtgcccacag tcattttgga     52920
     gcgatagaaa cacaataagt ctcttctttt tatttcctga cattaaaata aggtccaaat     52980
     ctctttcatt ttgaggccca ccgcaacgtg acatgcggct ttcccacaga attgataaac     53040
     agctgcatat tgacaagtct ctgtagtaac gcatataatc atatcaacaa gacaggacgt     53100
     gcgcaaagca accagactta aaagatctgt tcagctcgct gtgatcatca atcatcatca     53160
     aatgtaatca ggaatgagtt ttacaagttt aaaatgtttt taaaattgta catgtttgta     53220
     atgaattacg tacagcgatt ttaccatctt tactttgtca tcacagccac atgtcagtac     53280
     aattctaaaa ggagatgctt cagttctgtt tgtgaaaaag gggtaaaata ggtgcccgtt     53340
     aaatattgtt tttgttatgt atatttagtt attaatattt tacctcaata cattaaataa     53400
     aaaggtaaac taattctgtt tgctcttgtc aggtgttcta tgttgtcaag aaggtcaaga     53460
     tctcagaggt caaccaaacc aaaacatttt agttttattt gttaaaatgt tttacacaaa     53520
     tgttttgctg gttagataat agtttattta acataaaaat ggcaataaat gaatgaataa     53580
     ataaattaac aaataaataa aaaataaata aataaatatt ggagaaaata aacaaaacac     53640
     agtttgcaag aaagagttag aataaaagaa aaaaaaggat aaaaagaaaa atataaaata     53700
     gagaaagaat aaaaaatgct tgccagaaaa tgtaaaagtt aaagtgatat ttagcaaaat     53760
     tcctttcagt agcagcagtt tttcatgcat gtgcactatt ttagaaaccc ttttctgatt     53820
     caacccaaac agatactgca cacatgtttt gtaataagcc cgacttgtca tagttaaaaa     53880
     agagcctttg ttgcagtctg ccatctctct gacaacattt attaatatcg gctaaattgc     53940
     atttcactct gtaatgcaag gcatccattg attaactgtc catcataaca ctgcaatcct     54000
     ttcaacgtga ccttatgttc attttccctt ttagtctaat aaaaaatgca catacacggc     54060
     acctctgtga cttttgctgg agtttaaaag aagctgtttg aatagcaggt tttgagaggt     54120
     cgaacatgac atatacagta cagtaaggca catttggtgc agtatgatta caggaacatg     54180
     aaagctgtca tgcagatgtg ttacaggagg cctggcagac tctcgacctg ctcctgtttt     54240
     tgttatgggg gagggatctt tcatgactct ttcgtgtggt atttttaact ttgtataata     54300
     aaggagtgcc cagtccctgt ttcctgaaac tgaagcctgt tagagtttta actcagtaga     54360
     taagacagta aagttcatac gaaatgtata catataataa aattcaatat actttatatt     54420
     tcctcagtat tttagcattt gctctgaatt cgttatttta aaaagcatgg tagtttgtac     54480
     acactgccgt ttaacaaaat tacacaacac attagacaga agaatattaa ataggttagt     54540
     tcatgtcttt tcaaccccct gagagctttg ttcatcttca taaattgaga tattttcttc     54600
     ttagatattt tcttcttagc ttcttagatt tcaaagttca gtaaaggaac caaaagcttt     54660
     gtcaaaacat tccatgtgac ttgtgtgaat catctgtaat caacactttt ggcggcaaaa     54720
     aaactaaaaa gcgtctttgt tcggcaatgt cttccaccgg gttagggtat gtgtttacta     54780
     cagccaatgc gacacttgtg tgttgcactg ctaattcaaa tggcaaaact tagtactacc     54840
     cgtagtaaat gcacaccttt acaacttggc gaagaagaga tgtcattagc gagcaaagtc     54900
     gtttttacag tttctatgat tacagtcgta ccactaaagc cacatggact gttttgacaa     54960
     tattttgttt ccttttttgt tttttaaaag ttattttcta tggatgagaa agctttcgga     55020
     tttcatctaa aatatctcag tttgtgttct gaagatgaag aaaggtctca ggggattgga     55080
     acaacataag ggtgagtaat tattgacaga attgtcattt ttgcgtattt tggttaatta     55140
     tttaatttat ttagagcaat aaaagtaact agtgaaaggt atacatgaat atctttgcat     55200
     taatgatggt ttaacaataa caaagtgctt cattttacac taacctgcca ctttgtttgg     55260
     tacacatcgg taatactggg ttgaacactg tttcttgcat agactctaca tggtgctctt     55320
     ttggattgaa gtcagttgag tgttgaagcc atttaggata gtagaatcta tcatgttcag     55380
     ggaactagct ttgtgatatt gtgttattct ggaatgagcc ttcacaggat ggatacagtg     55440
     tgattataaa gtgatggcct atatagaaat ctgatatatg gaaatatatg caaaacacaa     55500
     attaaacttt taagttcata tttagatttc acagatataa aaaaaattct catacatata     55560
     atggtatccg ctacattcat tcttccatgg tggggcgcca caccaaaatt catcccgcca     55620
     tggcgacatt aatcatttat cattcaaaac attcagtcat tgttttattt aatagtgggt     55680
     tataatcaca ccaaaatgta ttaaaaggta agtgaattat attggtgcta attttactgt     55740
     aatcgtagta gtactgtgcg ttatggcccc tttcatatat gtaaatgtat ataaaaagcc     55800
     ttttcatata tattttgtgt aatttttgtc tggccgagca tccagttgag attgatgtgc     55860
     atgcttttgc aaaatatccc tttcatatat gtaacatata ttatcctggt cacaatatgg     55920
     ttctgttagt taatatattt actgacataa actaataatg aacaatgctt ttgcaacttt     55980
     tattaatcat agtttaacat ttactgatgc attattaaaa ttcaaattca ggctggttaa     56040
     tgttagttta tgcacggtga tttaacatga actaccaatg aacaacttta ttttcaccca     56100
     cttactttaa ctaacataaa taaatactgt aacaaatgta atattcattg tatgttcatg     56160
     ttagtaaata cattaacatt aactaaatca accttattgt aaattgtaat cattttccca     56220
     aatatacata tactgtacag catatgacat acacagtata tctgtagaat gcatgttcat     56280
     gtatggcaaa aggatgttta tccttgtatt tataaaaata catattatat gtaaatatat     56340
     actctcccat tcacacactg tggccaatgt ttatcaaggt aacctactat attgcatgtt     56400
     ttggggaaaa aaaacagagc attctgagga aacaaacaca gcaagaacgt gcaaactcca     56460
     tgaattaaat gttcattgcc attacacagt agaactaaga tcatacttac cacaaaatgt     56520
     acctaatagt aaagaaacaa gtgacactca agtggcagtt cagtcctgag gattttgttt     56580
     tgtttgtttt gaagctcttc cactttgaaa tttaaggctt taccatcact aaaaacatta     56640
     tgctttttgg gttaagttaa atattcttgc tttcggtttt attatttttc ttgttttgag     56700
     aaaaggcaca cttaatattt gtatcttaca tgcctataaa atcattatat tgacgagtaa     56760
     atattgttct cctcatgttt gtactttagc caaattatat ctcaagcaac caccaaatta     56820
     caaatatgtg ctgtttatat taactattaa aactacaaat atgacaatat atgtttacac     56880
     acactaacta tttaagtatt taaaatagga gtatgtacat atatggtcac atatattaac     56940
     tcattcattc attttccttc gactttatac ctttttatca ggggtcgtca cagaggactg     57000
     aacagcctaa ctgctaaact attagaacaa aaaaaaatat atatatgcat atatgttcac     57060
     atatgctaat tatcatttat atgtccatat attaccatat atcagatttc cgaacagatg     57120
     gttaacaata atgctcaggc tgactgtggt gtttaaaact accatccaaa ctaagactca     57180
     taagaccagg caaccccaaa cgtctaatag tccaattttg ctgagcatgt gtgaactatg     57240
     tgtgtgttgt aacctcggtt tttctgttcc ccctgttcta aaccttggtt gtatcaattg     57300
     tttatttgtc ttatagtagt gtttcctttc tatcaactca aaaataaaga tgtttgtgaa     57360
     tgaaaatccc agtaggtcta caatttctga agaacttaaa ctagcattca tggcaccaac     57420
     aaacatgcga catttgtcac ttaaatcatc tttcttcatc attctaatgc ttgttcgaac     57480
     ttcagtttat tggtttgacc acataaacat gcctaaattg ctgctatggg atggaattat     57540
     tagatgtgta tgttaatgag cagctaaaga ggtaatagag cagccagtag tacctaataa     57600
     agcatccaga agttgtttat catcaccaaa ttatattaaa atattgaaat tatataaaaa     57660
     tatagtcaac tccagcactc taaataacac atcaaaacct gttgaatagg gtagcttgac     57720
     tctttaatcc ctccagatct tctcagaaat gttttgtgag ccaattaatt gtgtgctaaa     57780
     tcgttttggg tcgtttgaag agtttcgaaa tcataccgaa gattttcttg cagaatgaaa     57840
     aaagctgcca aggcacaccg aacctctctt tgatatcagt tggctgttta aatgggattg     57900
     ttttgaatga tgtctttggg atttgctagc gtacacatgc cgctatcatg tcagaggact     57960
     agtggactta gcagtctgtc actttgggtg ccctccagag gttaaacacc caattaccag     58020
     atggatcttc cagcccaggg gagtgcttct gtcaagagga atgggtccag ctggtttcgt     58080
     aaatgtcagc ccatttagat atttgtcaga ttgcgtctag tagaaggtgc tggcatgctg     58140
     agtgcaggct gcttatcttg gctctcaggt tgtgtccctg tttcattcgc tgtccatttt     58200
     gtatacattg tttgactctc taaaagcttt tgcctcttca gacacaacac agtgcttctt     58260
     aaaagttaat ttttagtttc agaagttttc agctgctgtt ttgaaattat ttcaccagga     58320
     tatgtctaat cttgtgcgtg ctttgtcaga ctaaacattc agatcaagtt gaagactcca     58380
     tagatggcaa ctctaccaaa aaaggaaaga tgccagtgtt taggatgttt tctgggaggt     58440
     ctgacaaaac gcatgtactc taaggaggag gttattcttg tctatatcat tcattatgtg     58500
     cctggataat atcttcagca cattgttggt gatttttgtg gttaaaagaa tggatactag     58560
     gactctggta atgaatgtaa tttgttatgt atataaatta aaattgtaat gctgattggc     58620
     acaaaatgta aagaagttct acaactattg agttactatt ttattatata taattatata     58680
     tacaaataag cattagctat atatacattg taattaaaca tgtatcatat ttaattttat     58740
     tgtatatttt taggtttaga aattcttata tattacttat atatgatatg tttacagtta     58800
     acttattcat tattagagaa tttattgggt ttataaatga taaaaaccca ctatccagtg     58860
     tttcaatttc cccaaaatta ttttagcctt gcacacaaga gcaaaacgga atagaaaaga     58920
     gaaagagaga aagagagaaa ttgtatattt ataattaatt aatatagcag tcatcctttc     58980
     tataatcata tgttttaata ctaaattcaa cggatgatca atgttttggc attggcaaag     59040
     tttgcaagtt ctctctgtgt tagtgtgggt ttactccagg tgctcctgtt tcccctatag     59100
     ttcaaagaca tgtgctatag gtgaattgaa gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     59160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgaat gagtctgaat gggtgtttcc cagcactggg ttgtgactgg     59220
     aaatgcatcc gctgtgtgaa acatgctgga atagttggcg gttcattctg ctgtggcaac     59280
     ctctgaaata aagactaagc tgaaggaaaa tgaatggatg aataatcaat gtttaatcaa     59340
     agtttagctt ttccaatgtt tgacaacaga tatttagctt atattacatt aatataaatc     59400
     taatttacac aatgtgatgg agcgtttgat tttattcaat aaacaaatca atgtttactc     59460
     aaagtttagt ttttcaatat tggagaacag atttttagct tatattacag taaaataaat     59520
     acaatgtaca caatgtggtg caacatccga ttaaaaatct tcctagcaaa taagacatta     59580
     gtatttcagt gtcaataaac atgcaatttt tctgtaactc ccaccagaat tactgtatag     59640
     gagtgcagta taataaatag agttgtgtca gcattatatt attgcattgt acacaaatca     59700
     gtgggatgat tagactcatt ttctatttta tgttaaatgt attctgtgca aaatcttatc     59760
     ttcatttagt aattttgaag tatttataat gtttaagctc ctgtaaaggc tgtgtgatga     59820
     tcaagaatgg aataatgtgg acagaatcct gacatagaaa tagaattagc tgcataacat     59880
     gaagtgtcaa gaatttagcc aattttagat tattagtaga actgtaaagt taatcagatc     59940
     ataatatgga atattgtctg tgagcattta aacataacaa agactgttct gtttttctat     60000
     gtgaataaaa ttcatgatta tgtttgctac aaacttatca gcatgatatt tgcagggttt     60060
     gcagttgtaa ggatatgaac ttataaactt catttccaga tatactcagt cactttttta     60120
     ccatttaatt ttagaaaaaa acaatagcaa actcattcac acacagaaac gcacagcgac     60180
     tttaggatcc agaaaaaaaa tcaaaaatat ttcataaaaa gaagaaaatg ccactaaatt     60240
     tgctgtgtaa atgtattaaa ataatataca gtatgatgca attattacat tttgacatga     60300
     aaatttaata ccatcatgtt tttaaagcca aaatatgatt tacacaggtt tacagcaaaa     60360
     atatgaatgt attttttttt agctcttttt aatttacata atacattttt atctccccat     60420
     gcaaatgctt ttggtcgagt ttacgatttg cattgcatct ggaatttatc cttttagaaa     60480
     gtcttttgtc cccaaactgt tttatctggg attttttacc atcagcctaa gcttatcttc     60540
     tagacatgct tcaaattcca tgaagtagaa aagtgactac tgtagctaaa tatgaatctc     60600
     ttaaactctg aaccctcagt gtgtctgctc aagattgttt tgctgtggct ttcgatctcc     60660
     agctgttcga atgttaagtg tctgactatc cagtgtgtcg agcgcacgat tctccacgac     60720
     acctgctgat tccaccagct ggatcacagc agagacactc cacttttggc agatgtcccg     60780
     atatctcatt gacttgtgta actgaggaca atatctaacc tcttaaactc acattaatgc     60840
     cactgaacca tattttggcc caaacatact aattcacaag gggctttttt aattcaatcc     60900
     tttctcttgt gggaagatca tgtgctatgc actttgcaca gtcatttaac cccagtggga     60960
     aacatgtaga cttgcagtcc ccgtccagga atggcctgtg ccatatttgg attgtgaccc     61020
     actcaaagtt gcatgaacca agcagcataa ggctcgaaaa tagcagttgg ttaagtatgt     61080
     tgtgctccac tctggtccat tactctaaac taaatttgga gcagttatca agatggttag     61140
     aggttttgat gtacagcact gacttgcttt gtatgtgtgt tcattcccct tatatatcaa     61200
     tgcagttgac tgtattctaa acttttgagt ttagtgtata tttgtcagat taaatttatt     61260
     ttttaagaca atttctgtat ttggattcac tggattacag aaacaattga atatttaata     61320
     tttcccagga aaatgataag gtttgttgaa caccatataa attgatcaaa agtagcagta     61380
     aattcttttg atttactgtt aaaatgcaga taatagatat ttacacagtt tgcacaaata     61440
     ttatacacag tatattccaa cccagactca ttctgaaaat gtattcccgg ccaatcgacc     61500
     gacccaccct ccaccttccc taaacccaac caatttttac caattgaccc gcccgcccgc     61560
     ttacttccct aaatccaccc aacagtttac aaaagccatc cagaaaaaga aaagccctcg     61620
     tctgattttt accacgtttt cggatttcac cacattctca ccctgttatt cactcgttcg     61680
     ttttattttt tgcattctat ttttgtctta cctgatttct ggaaccgctc ttccccggac     61740
     tcttactcgg tcatcgtcat catcgtcttg gtcaagtcct ctctgcgtct caaatccgcc     61800
     atcatacacc acaagctaac tggacaaact ggttgcggca ggatagccct ccacatgtag     61860
     gtaagcggtc atccagtaag cgcataaagg aacggtgtag taccgccccc tagcatttgc     61920
     ttaaaaaatt aaatgcagta gtatgtatct ccggctacat aatttgctag cttcagacac     61980
     gtccgcagga ctaggttttc agaatgagcc tgttttggca taatcagtgc ttaatttgta     62040
     aatatataat ttcctgaaca aaaccaggaa atacaactta tcgtcaccga cgtccttctc     62100
     acaatttcag ttttcccaga acatggcgtt actaagcggt tagagcagga aaaaagtatt     62160
     aaattcctga ataatcttta attattttgt gtaacgtttt atgtcaacca tgggtaaaac     62220
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac aagcacaagt ttgttattag     62280
     cttagattta cattagacaa acacaatctc cttatctgct ttgcatgctt ttttaaaaaa     62340
     atcatatatc gtatctatgg agcccctaaa gagacattga aaaaaagaaa actttcttgt     62400
     gcgcaccaca acatcaaatt atgttttatt ttcacaagta tagactatta gatagacttt     62460
     tccaaataca acatttttga taattggtct atgtagtgca tagatttgtg caaagcataa     62520
     tttgttgagg tatgaatgca aataattatg atttaattga caacaatgga tggtgttaaa     62580
     gttgttaaaa actgggagat ctactgtaac atattataca aacattgtag cagcagttga     62640
     ctggtttctt ttatatttct cataaaatgt gcagccatga tctaaacagc tatgtttttt     62700
     tttttttgag atatgctaag gtactgtata agtggtacat tggctaaagg tgtatgccag     62760
     ttttccagta gctggattaa tagttgcaaa gctactgcca tttccatggt cttgttgtcc     62820
     ttttattaca ccgtcaaata gccaaagttc taatttccaa acctttccaa tgtatactca     62880
     tatagagctt atttgtgtac agagtttggt gatgccccaa tgaaaacgtg attaaaaatg     62940
     taaataatta agtatgtatt cagactccag agaattaatc tattctagtt tggttgtgaa     63000
     tggtgaaaaa tcttagacta gttcccaata taatattgtc ttagatttta atgttataac     63060
     acgtttatat atgttaaata tactaaatca gaaacttttt tttatttttc taatatttca     63120
     ctgcttttat tgtgctgttt attactgtca ataagtgaag cttcaaacat aatgtataca     63180
     tatatacagt tgaagaatta tcagcccccc tttgaatttt ttttcatttt gtaaatattt     63240
     cctaaatgat gtttagcaga gcaaggacat tttcacagtg ataatatttc ttcttctgaa     63300
     gaaagtttta tttgttttat ttcagctaaa taaaagcagt ttttaatttt ttataaaccg     63360
     ttttatggtc aaaatgatta gcccctttaa gctatttttt tctattgtct acagaacaaa     63420
     ccattgctat acaataactt gcctaattac cctaacttga aaatatctag taaaatatta     63480
     tttactgtca tcatggcaaa gataaaataa atcagttatt agtaatgagt aattaaaact     63540
     attatgttta gaaatgtgtt gaaaaaaatc ttctcttcct taaacaaaaa taataataat     63600
     aataatgaac agaggggcta ataattctga cttcaactgt tataactata tataactgat     63660
     atatatattc aagtacttcg cagccatgtt gtattagagg ctagatttgg caatgaaatt     63720
     atatggctaa aacacatgga agcaatttaa accaattatt tgaggcttta gaaaatatgt     63780
     gttggacttg atacatcaaa cagaaacgca gcagcaaaca tgtacagttc ccaacttaat     63840
     gtaatcgtga ttcagaagtt accatttagg aaaacacaga gtttgttgtg ccctgactca     63900
     tataaatagc ctgtttggaa gtccctgatg aagagcaagc aattcttcct attttggcaa     63960
     atgtaagtcg ctcatccagc acatattagc gtcttacttt ggggatttga gagagctcat     64020
     tactcggatg ttatgttttt atggtcagga aaggcaggag ctgcattgta atcattaaat     64080
     tgttcttctg aggacatcta ttttgaagac atgcataata gaacctccag aaggtaggat     64140
     actatgcatc agcacaatct atatagcttt caaatggaac tcaattactg ttatcgcatt     64200
     attcgcactc aagtgtctag aacagaaaat gtgtgcgttc tgctgaataa tctatttaga     64260
     aatttactta taactttctg tatatttaaa acttaaagta caatcactaa aaaaagacca     64320
     acttaatttt ttaaagaact gatttttgtt ttcttaaaaa aaataccacg catctagttt     64380
     taatgcacca catcatgctt attttaatgc accacacacc tgttttaaag caccactcag     64440
     cttaggcata catacatgtg catatagtaa accatgaata ctgtttttga tttatccatc     64500
     tatgttattc tacagacaaa actgttagtt ttcaaaagat ttaaggaaac aattttccaa     64560
     aagaattgaa aactgtcatt atttacatct ctctaaatga caaaccatat gaaatcattc     64620
     aaataactga ttacttttct ctttaaaaat accatgcatc ttgtttttaa tgcaccacat     64680
     gcgccatctc agcttacatg catacatgta catatagtaa accatgaata ggaagaggac     64740
     ggaagggaat taataaatga ataatttaat ttattaaact gcatgtgttg ggtatatcat     64800
     tattataatc actgtcatta tctcatttag tttttttttg cttcagattt ttttctttat     64860
     taagtgtata ggacagtatt tcagacagga agcaaagttg gagagagtga gaatagggat     64920
     ggaaatgtca ttgagtcgtt attcgaactc gggacaccct ggagtgctac tgcaccatat     64980
     gtcagcgctc taaccactag gctattgtgc tgactctctc gattagggaa gcagacaaca     65040
     gaggtgtgga tttaaatgca ggaattatta ggggaatggt cgggcaagct agggttcaca     65100
     caggggcaaa cagatgaata cagccaatcc agagtcgtgg ttattaaaca ggcgaatggt     65160
     cagtacaggc agcaagcacc gtaaacaaat aaaacttaaa gagttcacat ttagctgatg     65220
     attgaatata aagtgtgttt ggcatgctgt cctgggagag aggcctgagc tcataagatc     65280
     ctcgagcccg gggctccctc ccgtttgcaa ggcgagaggg gagtttgagc tcaggtagat     65340
     ttcgagaact cccctgctgt agtagctaat gaacagatag tgattgctct taggagataa     65400
     ctatttacta ggtgcatgtc tgggcgacgc agtagcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca     65460
     tagcaagaag gtcgctggtt cgagcctcgg ctgggtcatt tggcatttgt gtggggtcgc     65520
     atgttttccc tgcgttcgtg tgggtttcct ccgggtgctc tagtttccct tacagtctaa     65580
     agataattgg gtaggctaaa ttgtccatag tgtttgagta tgaattactg tttcccagag     65640
     atgggttgca actggaaggg catccattgc gtaaaacgtg taagttggct gttcattccg     65700
     ttgtggcgac cccagattaa taaaaggact aaactccaca cagaaacttc agttggctta     65760
     gtaaggacta gaaccagtga cgttcttgct gtgagacaac agtgctaacc actgggccac     65820
     catgtcatcc gtctaggaaa ggaggaggag ttggggtgga aggggggatt cttgaaaaca     65880
     aagatggcta ttatatggaa cttaggactt ttatagtggc tgattggtct gttcataaat     65940
     tgatgaatca gtgaatcata cattggataa tgcaggacca gccacaagca atcatgagca     66000
     cgggatcctc tcgaaattcg tttataaata aacttcacaa agcgagggta aacacggcaa     66060
     ggcaatgtaa aggaaatgcg tcacaatgtt cacagtaaag ataaacaaag acttgtaacc     66120
     agtccgtaac aatcctctgg ctgtgtgcgt gatctatgaa aacttgaaca ggtgcgtgta     66180
     agcggtgcat gatggcatat gtagtccaaa ttatggctaa tttcgagttt accaacaatc     66240
     tgcagcctct agattgctgg tgattttaac aataatatga gtgagaagta ttttaataaa     66300
     accagtatta ttatgatttt cgttgctctt ataacacaat tactttcctt tttttcttaa     66360
     tttttattct attgatgttt atttgttcag cgtttgccat atgttgtatg ttttatgttg     66420
     tgttcaccat agattgtatg tttttgcatt gctataaaaa aaaaacttcc tctgtacatt     66480
     tccatatgat tgcagcatgt caaatgtatg tgcctaagta tatgtgtaaa tctaaataat     66540
     ttttgtatag tgcatatcag tgtgcataaa actgctttga agacagctta ttactgttta     66600
     taaaagcttc tactcttctg gctttcgaat gttgaattat tcattttaaa taaacagact     66660
     aataaacatt aagactgaat ccattagctc atgcccacta actaaaactg ccagtgctgt     66720
     ttttattttt ctccatcttg gcacttgtag ttgattgata tggtttcatc tctaaccttc     66780
     ctggtaaaag gctgaagtga aaatggccag cgcccagtcc ttaggcagaa atctgactat     66840
     aaatacgcta ccaaaacaga acagcatgat caccaagaca gcatgcacag acaaacagta     66900
     ccagtgtgtg tttattcatt tagaaagctt gttttgaaaa acagcatgaa aacaaaactg     66960
     actacattta atgtctatgc tgttactgtc tatgattctt ccatctattt tattattcca     67020
     aaagctttaa gaaaataaat aatttcttac tgtcatttaa ttaatatagt ttcttctaat     67080
     ggtttttaac ccagttcatg taaaagaatg ctaacttctt tccccctgaa cacaaatgtt     67140
     gatcatttaa tcaatgtcat gtttgaagag gtaaacaagg cagtagtaca ttgtgacttg     67200
     gaaacagaat attaagtagg gggaggggct ttctgtttga gcatcatttc atcctagcaa     67260
     actaacgata agaggggaat tattaggaat attgcatctg aagatgtcaa actcacttag     67320
     aaatggtcag actttgattt tgcttggcaa cttttttttt tcagggtttc ctctgggtct     67380
     taaaatgtct taaatttcaa agcctaaatt ttaggccttg aaaagtttta aagtcactga     67440
     catattgtgc tgtaggtctt aaatcgtttt aagcaggtct taattttgct ttgtccaagt     67500
     aaggctcaat ttgggccgat tatcattcaa tgagcacaac aatacatctc aataaagcct     67560
     tatttttctt atttaagttt ttatttttgc aatgagatac agttcacaac agctgtttag     67620
     attaaattcc ataatcccta accattaaaa taacatccta accctgcaaa agtctaaaag     67680
     ttcattctta atggtcttaa aaggctttta aaaagttata aatttgactt gatgaaacct     67740
     gcagaaaccc tggattaact tatacggatt aattgttcac ctgaaaaaaa acaaataaca     67800
     aaattaacag taatgcttaa tgaagtgaac cagttgtgtg acaatagaaa gttcattcac     67860
     ttgactgatc attttttgaa tactgtcaat tgtcaactgt gaatattgtc attggttttg     67920
     gtgaagaatg acttgatatt tcagcaactt tacagttgtg gcagctgcca ttcatttcct     67980
     gtggcgcatc acattttagt agatggcatg tatttatgtg tttatttaga tgccctttta     68040
     ttcactacca ctattgaatc ttaattttaa tcagtcaatc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatt     68100
     aaaataaaac aacagaaaca attaccaaaa ccaataaagg aaaccatttt aatgaataga     68160
     caccaatacc acaaccaaac aaagacaaat tcacattaaa ccatagttat agaaacaaaa     68220
     ctataaaaca tataatttga aatgtgttca aaacattaaa agtagagtgt tctccatcta     68280
     cattactgta cattcacaaa atatgcaatt atacaatttt gtgtggataa tcagtttaca     68340
     aatattttct caaataatga ttcagccgaa tattcatagt aatatttatt cttttttttt     68400
     tcaattaaga aacagaattt atatgaaagt aaaccaactt atcatgactg aagtttaata     68460
     ataaatgtta cattttaggt atattttata tattttaatg atttttataa attaaatgat     68520
     tatatattta tattataatt gattttataa aagttgttat agcagatatt gtgttatatt     68580
     tctcatttca ctttttatta cgccaaaata aggtttgtaa agctatacaa ttagaggtat     68640
     ctgtattttt tgtcctcact gatttgagaa aggcatattt ggcactactt aaggatctga     68700
     gttttatgca aatatatgtt gtgcaatcat taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacataa     68760
     cattagaaca tgcttaagta aaaattgacc aaacctgatt tcaccaaaac cctcactagc     68820
     caactgtggt ggcaaatttc atcatgatca acatatttca aagaattagt gtttcctgat     68880
     tccaaagttc tatagtgagt ggtgtagata ttactttttt gtagtttcta ttcaccactt     68940
     tagaagtttt caccattatg atggctactg cttctaattc aaactcagaa atgtgaaaag     69000
     tcaccatatg actttttaaa aatattttta tggggttttc ttttatttgg ataagatagt     69060
     ggagaacaga caggaaagca ttggaagcag agagagggga aggatgtgta ttcgacctta     69120
     agtgggaaat tgaactcagg tcatccggag caccatggtg ctatatgttg gcttacttaa     69180
     ccactaggct attggagctg accaccatga catttccatg cccttaaaca tgacactgag     69240
     taaaaactgt gattggttac tctacatatc aatcaaacag tctctggtca gtcattgatc     69300
     aataaaactt caagaactac aagaaaaaac ccaaactaga ctcaaacaca aactagaagt     69360
     cacacaatct tgatcacaaa atcacatcta tcatacaaca gttcccaaag agtttactgt     69420
     cttcataaat cagaggtcag atctcccttt aaattcctct taaactccct ttaaatgtag     69480
     gatgctacaa tactatagtt acaataataa taaaataact taagattaca atcccaaaaa     69540
     ttgtgcactc aactaatatg tcaggaaaaa aatatttaat tataaaaaag caataaaggt     69600
     aaatagtcaa taggggtgta acaatatatc gtggtacaat ttattgcaat acaaaaatgt     69660
     cacaatatgc attgtggcgt tatgacaaat gttttgcgat atgacatccg ttttctctta     69720
     ttggttgagc tacattccac ctgctgtcac atgcattcag attgcttgaa ctagcagcag     69780
     tagcaggcca atatgaatgc agctgaaata aaggatgtct cgtcctctta taagttcagc     69840
     atctgacaac attttgtttt tccagttact gaagatgacg gtaacaagaa aacagacaat     69900
     aacaaactgc gtgtaaacac tgtaaaaaaa taatgctgcc atacaaagct gtgaacacta     69960
     cgaataggat gtgccattta agccatcacc acagcaccaa aatgcaatcg agtgtctgcc     70020
     aaaactaaag aaataacaag atgcaaagga ggatttatgg caagagacat gataccattt     70080
     ggattttgca aattgaatat aaataaaata tcatgatgca tattgtattg tgaacatcaa     70140
     atcgtgatac acatcatatt gtgagctgag tgtattgtta cacccctaat agtcaagaga     70200
     aacattacaa attagattac aatattttgt ggaacattta aagtattatc tttctattcc     70260
     taatgatgtt tgatgaccaa acgcttattt taataaatat aactgtttaa taaaacaaac     70320
     aaacaaaaaa agatcatcta ttcaccttat tctccgccgt cgagcgagcg ctgccatctg     70380
     aatctttttg gctcgagact tccggtctca ttcacttcca ttcatttttt gacgtttaaa     70440
     actgctcgtt acgctgcttg atgttgcaat tggatatttt cttcttatat tattctactt     70500
     ggtctgtata gtcaggcaaa catttgtttg tagagcaaat agtttgacca ttttctgccg     70560
     tttattattc ctagtcattt ctcccatagg caactgaatc ggaagttcta agacaatcgc     70620
     gaaaacaggc gcacttccgc attttagaat aaggtcaata gcaggcctgt ccaatttcgg     70680
     tcctggaggg ctggtgtcct gcaaagtttg gttccaaccc caaccagaca cacctggttg     70740
     tggttggaac caaactttgc tggacaccag ccctccaggt caatctccta ctaggctttc     70800
     tagaaacatt cttgcaggtg tgttgaggca agttggagct aaaatatgct ggacactggc     70860
     cctcctggac cgagtttgga cacccctgat ctactgtata ttcactgaga aatggataaa     70920
     aatattcatt tccaaaagag gctgtgcact gtatgtcaca ttatgaaagt tttaaaataa     70980
     tctgaaaagt aaaagatgct gaacattgtg tgacaaatta gcatttaaat atccctatgt     71040
     taattattct gatatgcata tttaatctac ttttgaatta attttcagcc taagccggtg     71100
     ttaagtagct ttcatgtcta cttcttgtcc tcttggagcg atttcacggt ggaactattt     71160
     atttgacgag cacattgaaa tattgatggc tatggatgga aatgaacagg gcccgttggc     71220
     cggccatggc atttccccag acagagcgct tgctaatgtc ccgaaagata aataaatgac     71280
     cagtgtgagt cccgttcatg aatataaatg cagagctatg tctatttctc aggcgagtgt     71340
     ccagctccct tcccctccag ctgttctgtc gccacaagtc tgtacccttg aaatccaata     71400
     tcataatctt ttcctcattt actgctgaca ggtcattaca acctgtgatt tacccaagtc     71460
     cagtggtgtc gcaggcaaaa gtgtccccct ccccaggttt tgaaccagat ttattggctt     71520
     gtggtgtatg aagatttatt ttgaggatga cctgcgggtc tgtttttaat gagacactgc     71580
     gtggggcaat cctgtttggc tcaatgtttt attaagggct gaaggtgaat atttattatt     71640
     gtgctttaca ttttattttg tataataact tgtattatgc aatgcttgca atgctatttt     71700
     tcatcaatat ttagaactaa caaataggca tgggatggta taagactctg agggtatgat     71760
     aaccttggaa aaaaatatta tggtatcaca gtattgtgat tattgctcta aaatatgctc     71820
     tttttaaatg tcttggatta aatttctatt gaacacaaac tattttattt taagaaacat     71880
     ttaaagtatt ttggagcagt aaacatgtcg gactaaataa ttaagattag tgtttgatgt     71940
     cataaacaca gattttacat cttgcaaagg tatctttgga tctctttctt atctttggat     72000
     ctaaagtaaa accactgctc tgttcagttc tacagcatgc tggatgttgg tttagaagtg     72060
     attagtttct caaatgtttg ttgaatcatg agctaatcag ttacttctga tgtacagggt     72120
     ccttttctaa tggagatact gttgcccgaa acaactaaat aaaatactcc taaaaaaaaa     72180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaacaactt acatacacct taaaacggta tgacaaaaaa ttttggaaaa     72240
     ttaactgtcc aaatcacgat aaaccataaa aactggatat agtctcatgc ctacttacaa     72300
     atgtcatttt tagaactgtt atatatatat attattatat tgttatatat atatatattt     72360
     tttttttttt ttcagtggaa taatacaatg taggtagaat gttgacatta ctcttattta     72420
     tatttttgaa aaaataaagc aatgtatcaa cataaaaatg acaagacttg taaatcttct     72480
     gaagtcatgc agcagcatta tgaggttgtt ataagtattg ttgtagtagt ttttgttaaa     72540
     atagatttgt tgaagctgca gtaaaataaa tgaaaatgaa aaagaaaata gtttaaagct     72600
     caatagaaaa gtataaaaca atcatccaaa tcataatcat aagttatgtt ttagcttact     72660
     aaggttgtta tgagataaac tagttttgtt tattgaaata aatctgcaat aaaatagata     72720
     ttaaatttaa acttaacatg aaaacaattc ctttgcagcc aatttacaaa tgcacaaaat     72780
     ttctaaatta aaaccaacat ttacatagaa actataatca agaaactaaa aaaatatata     72840
     tatttttcaa caatacattt tgttacaagg atatttttct ttgtttgaag tacctttgaa     72900
     gttttcctaa gacagataac acctaattac actgcaaaat aaaatcttgc tgccttactg     72960
     atttaagtag aatcacatga actattctat ttgtctcaac ttacatgtat caaactgact     73020
     aaaatttttg gctctatttt aacagtctag gtgcaaagtc taatgcgagt ggtgcaaaag     73080
     catcaagtgc gtgtctgaat ccacttttgc tattttaagg acagaaaact gctgtttgtg     73140
     ctgcggtcca tgctctaata gggttgtgct tatcctctta atgagtaatg ggtgtgtgtt     73200
     gtaagcataa catgcattta accaatcaga gtctcacctc acattcgtag ttgcgtcaca     73260
     ccatggcgta tttgctattt acatggcaga ctttgtaagt ggaaaaacgg aatcgaaaaa     73320
     acgaatgctt cactagtgag aaaactgtta aacagatcat ctgtgcgagg agaaagaatg     73380
     agccattcca ttcggcctct ttactttctc tttactttta ctcttcgcct ctttactttc     73440
     atggagtaag aaaacagtgt tgtacacact ccactgaaga ttacactttt aatttagttt     73500
     atttagcgca aagatttgtt tcaaaactat ttctaaattc agttcttatt tccagcaaat     73560
     taaatgaaga gtaataatga agtgtggaca aaagactaga gttatatcca aacaaatgtc     73620
     ccattcttat gttccatacg gtaatgcata cgtctccaaa accctagagg tggacaaatc     73680
     taaacttgtt tttattaaag caaatataaa tacacatata ataaataata ctacttataa     73740
     taccatgata attaaattgc aaattgtcat gaataaactg aaaaaagcat gaagaacaca     73800
     tgaaggtatt cttttttata tttatgtaga aaatgatatt tttgtaatat tctaatcctt     73860
     tttttttata taaaaatatt tctttactgc tgtacatccg gtgtgtattg agtgtttgaa     73920
     cctgcaaaga cacataacta acacactctg ctctggactt tagaccagct tttacttggt     73980
     caatagtgtg gtctatttta gtttatcaat atagcaatgc accaacaatg cgccttaaca     74040
     cacctccttt atagaccaga acacccatga gtccacaaag tggcgcaaat gtatttgcta     74100
     tttaaacatg gcgcgaaaca tgaaaattag ggttgcactg gcctgaaaat agccacaaat     74160
     cacgccaaac acgtcctgtg ccttattgcg ccgagtgtat gatagggccc attaagttga     74220
     agatttgatc atttaaatat tttatttgaa acctgattaa tgtatactaa cttgtatgtt     74280
     aaataactta tatcgttcta gtcataagtt tttgtcatgt cgtttttttg cagtgataca     74340
     aacccacttt ataaccagaa tgaaacaaag aaaactttgg aaggacataa agctcagtca     74400
     acgatgacag aaattccact tatccctttt aaaatgtaac caaacacaaa ggtttagaat     74460
     agcaaatttg tacgtctccc gcatgtcgtg acccccgaac gcattgcata ccaccatcaa     74520
     aggctggtct caggtgaagt tcattttgcg gtctgagcga cgggtggtct gtgtgtgtgt     74580
     gtgtatgtga caagtggcac acggcctgcc aaaagctcaa catgcgtcct gcacatgagc     74640
     acacacatat ttacctcctc ccaatgatga gtgaagtcat ccaataatgt gattaaatga     74700
     cacagttcct atcatagacc ataccctaaa atattcagcc cgtgctaaaa taagtcagat     74760
     attttcagag tgcggtcaca cgggctgtta atccatcact gagaaagaaa aaaaaaagtg     74820
     tagtaatcta ggtcaaactc aacaggggtt taattagtta caatgctaag tgctcaaaga     74880
     gtttgttaag cgctaacaca ccaaaagtgg tcatgcgtaa gatgggcgaa tgcgtgtgga     74940
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtatg gtgtgtattt tgataccgtg ctgcgtgttt     75000
     ctgagctgaa acgccatggc ttggatcacc tttcacttca gggcctcata tcctaagagg     75060
     gatgttaact agccgcatta gactcttgct agcgctgcta aaccaggcta tacctgcact     75120
     catgcatgct gtgtgtaagg ataaatcaat gttttacttg cgcatgaatg cggcttgctg     75180
     actgattttt actgatgtcg tttaggactg tgtgatatca agacactgca agaaggagag     75240
     atcttcaata tgaacacagg taagagctaa tccttttctt tttttctgga ctgtatggtt     75300
     gaaatcttgg aataataaaa tgttagttgt actttggcta aaaaataagg tgatttttag     75360
     atttttttga tagttttttt tttttttttt tttttagtca ttgtgttgtt gtaacatgat     75420
     gtatgccaat cattacctac aataatatac tgttcacaac tttctgaaaa agaggtaaaa     75480
     tctactgcac ttgtttttca caagtttttg cattcagatt ttgttaaatg taaacttgtt     75540
     atatggattt aagtaaaatt tgcttaacta agttacctaa aagtactttg tatcaagtat     75600
     attactctct cttttttgct ttactaacaa tgagaaaaaa aaaacattta agaatttaag     75660
     tgcatttact cattgttact ctttataaga caacatattt accacacatt agagaaattt     75720
     aacataattg gccattttga gtagaaaatg aactccagat ttagttactg cacttgacaa     75780
     ctgtagcgat gataaaacat tttaattaca acttaacaac agcaaaaatg ccacagcgca     75840
     ttgtggggac atcattatta gaacgtttaa aaggacttta tacattttat tactctcaaa     75900
     ggatcatagt aaatcattgt ttgcatttat ttgatcaaaa ataacaaaat attattattg     75960
     tattatataa aaatacattg tccttcagaa atcatttaaa taaaatccca attgcatgca     76020
     tttgtgttac atatttattt attatattat atattattta tttattttac tttaattttg     76080
     ttattattat aatttttttt gataaataga atattcaaaa gaacttttat ttgaaataga     76140
     aatgcttagc atgtacaagt caacttggtc acacttaatt ttgatggtct gtttgttgaa     76200
     acgttgcatc cacatgccaa ctaattctca ttaaattata agtagactgt ttgtttggga     76260
     atagggttgg ggttagggtt agtgtaagtt gacatgtact tgcaaaggtt cttatagtca     76320
     gttatatgtc tgttgaagga gcagtatcaa cagatattaa gcagacagtc tactaatact     76380
     caaatggacc atcaaaataa agtgttacca tcaattaaaa gcattcttgc tgatacaaaa     76440
     catttcatag atagctaata ttgaatactg atgttttata taccgtacac aagctcaatg     76500
     gggccaactt tattagtatt tttgacttgc ttttgtgttc tcgacaacaa cagacaaaaa     76560
     agacctttag ataactcaga tcgctattac ttttatggaa tatttggatt aaatgaaact     76620
     cacaattttt gtgtctgctt aaaataattt acaaaattta ttttacataa ataaaaagca     76680
     tatttaatta aatgtaaact ttaatgcata aaataacact ggagaaaatg tcaacatatc     76740
     ggtaagaaaa tactgttttt ctatgcataa ttccacaaag cagatacgca gtgaaacatt     76800
     aaacctgcac tttttgtttc cttttttatt ggaaaagtgt aattaaaaga atatgattta     76860
     tattaatttt catatttatt aagaatatga tttaagtttt taagtagtta ttttactagt     76920
     atttgctcaa ttatttaatg ccccactccg ttaaacactc catttgacat gccttatgag     76980
     attggaagaa gtttaaaaac atcttgcttg caaatgggta aaacctagtg gttcaaaatg     77040
     acatttcagc ttctataaat cattataaaa agtcattata tgctagtcat ttttattgct     77100
     caaccctttt gggatctgcc ctatttacat aataaatgca cattcagtaa tgtaatttaa     77160
     ttatatattt gaattattaa actgactaat tgtctactgt ctgaaagata aagaagtgca     77220
     tttggctcag caagaacaca aacaagatgg aattcactgg ccgccagcca taacaatgtc     77280
     tacaaccaag taaacaattt acacaatatt gactctaatc aaatgttatg aggcagaaag     77340
     gagtgaaatg tgcctctcct tctggagttg tttatgtcgg gctgggcatg tgattttgta     77400
     ttcatctcag ggattctgag aaatgctgtg cagggggtgt tatttcttgg ctgactttct     77460
     ttaagaactc tgtcttttta gattctaaca aagactctgg cgctcaaact acatttttga     77520
     catccagagg taaagcaggc aggaaagagg aaacctgtca ggctactgta catccggcat     77580
     tgccaacaca cacacacccc ctgccaattt aaaccatgta gtctgtggtt atgaacacag     77640
     ttttgggttc tgctccaatg ttgaatgtca ggatttctta gaaaagacct tgaggttaat     77700
     acacagtcta atagaaggtg tatatgtgta tgacaatata ttttatttct attctgagca     77760
     gagttgataa tttgcgataa actatatggt actgttttaa aactatattt agaagtaatc     77820
     ttattttcat taaaatcagc tatactgtat tttttgtttt ctattattat ttttattatt     77880
     attattatgc actacctgac aatagtcttg ccgtcaatcc cagttgtaag agcaacaaat     77940
     aataacttga catctagttg atcatttgga aaagtggcag aaggtagatc tttccactga     78000
     atcatcaatt gaatttggca tagggcatgt gagagatctg ctgagtggat ggcaacgtca     78060
     acagcctgag gtatcaagac atttgtgctg cccattacat tacaaaccac aggagaggac     78120
     aaattcttca gcaggatagc actccttctc atacttcagc cttcatatca aagttcctga     78180
     aatcaaagaa gatcaatgtg ctccaggatt ggccagccca gtcaccagat atgaacatta     78240
     ttgagtaaag tagagtcgtt gaagataaat ctaattaatt ttgatgaata ttaggagtcc     78300
     tgcaaaaatg atgaagttgt ttgagtcatt gcagagatga atggaggccc tggtttaagt     78360
     cctagggagt catacacaat atatatatat tttttatatt ctatactgta cattatttct     78420
     gttaagtgac aagacttttg tcttagcaaa gtcagatctt actgtcctaa ttaaataatt     78480
     acaaatcaag acatgatcat attttattaa gtgtttagtc aatatagagg ccattgcttt     78540
     ttacaagcta cttctgatac caaatgatca attagaagtc gagttattat ttgttgttcc     78600
     taaaacttgg ataggcaaca agacttttgt caggtagtgt atatccctct tcaaattcaa     78660
     agtaattact atagttcttt aaagtcacat tttctgaatt caaatccaga gctcaaaaca     78720
     tagtataagt gttgtaaaaa tagcttgctt taatttaata catccttgca aattaatcaa     78780
     ttaatcaaca aatcaatcaa taaactaatc aatcaataca aaagtaaaca aacaacaaat     78840
     aaatataaat aaatacatat gctgactaca cagtactgta gggaatctat gatttatttt     78900
     attttatttt tgttttgtca aagtgttaaa gactaaaaga atagtcataa gatatgctgt     78960
     aatttagtgg tggagatttt tatttatcct cagtcttaaa tatttcatct gccagcggtt     79020
     tttatttgtt agtgaagtct atagtgagag cacaaatgat tggaaaacta aatggaaaag     79080
     gagtcatgga aaaataaaat aaattcacca taggtcaaaa ggtgtgggaa gccgaagcac     79140
     cagagatcca cccatttggc atatctaagc atgtacatca cacacacaca cacacacgca     79200
     cacgcacgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     79260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagc cacaaaaaac     79320
     tattttggca catggaatgt ttctgtatat tgtttctaaa gacatatttt gcattgccca     79380
     gcttgcatgt gagttacagt tttcttgcca tgcagcagtg ctgatgcatg tgcatttgtg     79440
     tttgcatgtg ctactgcgct tttcacagac agtggaggac aaatccgcaa atgtgccacg     79500
     ctttcactca ctttaacccc catgaagaga atccagagct cgccaaacct atactcactc     79560
     acaggtatca gacacactca gagagagtca gagaccagac tgcattaaag tgccctatta     79620
     tgctttttca tgtagtgtgt aatgcagccg ttttgagaat gtaaagtgta tgcaaagttt     79680
     ctaagattaa ggtggacaat caatggcgta actgtgtgct aagataaaaa gaaccgatcc     79740
     tgaactgcct gaaacaagtc gttaacttca tttgctgcta tttactgtac atactgttat     79800
     accggtctat ggtcttttca ttggctgctg aaaaaacact gtacagtggt tgtaactgag     79860
     acctgaaata gtttgttttg agaacacagc aaaaacacag caaattgtat tttttatttg     79920
     attttgaaat tgaattgtta aatttaatac atagatacta gcatgagaaa tgtgtttgaa     79980
     ttacctatta aaatcaatag gtattataaa aaagttgaat caagttatca aatctcatta     80040
     atcttttctt cactgtataa cttaaacatt ctgattaaag agcaacgaat gaatctctca     80100
     tttagatttt tgatttgatt acattaaata acagaggtgt cactttagaa atgcatattt     80160
     gtaatgaact aatttgattg ttttcctaac attttatgct catttaagac aaaatttgtt     80220
     gtatttaaaa gaaaacccac caagatagac attttttgat gtttttatta ttatgtgtat     80280
     atgtctgttc aaacacacag ccaaaaccca gagttttctc ctttgctccg cttcaaatcg     80340
     ggtgtacaaa atctttttag aaaacagcgt ctgtctgttt tgaggattgc agaggggaaa     80400
     tttcacatgc aaaggaaagg aagggaattc tgcaattttt atatatattt caaagtgttt     80460
     tcatgtgtaa ttaaaattaa aatacagaac agattcacat ttaagagcaa ggagcatctc     80520
     ctggtggttc gacgatatgg gttgcatata gggaggatcg gctgtttaat gtctattgct     80580
     acccttcata gaaagattga aaaatacagg agaaatatgg gaaataggtg tgtgtgtgtg     80640
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta ttaactctaa tgctagaagc aacaacaaac catttgagta     80700
     gctatatgca gtagttgttt ggacttaaat cgtttgatta actgaactca taccgattta     80760
     ataactgaac ttaaaatgtt tagttataaa tactcctaat gttttcaatg atatgatatt     80820
     aacacaaata atatatgtgt atatgactca ttatatatta tatattttat agatgtatgt     80880
     ttacagcact caaatcattt tgtttcataa ccttaatggt ttcgccccaa acaatttcct     80940
     caaacagttt gaattaactt aactttttgg gttttacagt gtaggtgcca tctgaaaatt     81000
     ttaagatgag catttttctc agattcttat gtttatgttt gattatttca ctttaaaggc     81060
     aatacgagta aattattttt tgccataaaa gttaaattac agaacctaca cacaggagcc     81120
     tgagggaaat gatcacttag aagaaaacta gatggcactt agaggttatt gcatctgaag     81180
     tcttcatttg ttttcctcct atggaatact ataaagatta taagtcttaa gtcttaaaat     81240
     tgcttttaac attgatttaa gaaagttata ttaaaagaca aaatattttg tttcgtgctt     81300
     gacatattct gtacatttta ttactaataa actgtacaat atattaaatt tggtcctaca     81360
     aatcttaatt cataaatttt tttacagaaa gaaaaccaag atattttgca aaaaaagtcc     81420
     cctctcccaa tgtgatttcc agggggattg gtaaatccag ataaattatt atggtttcag     81480
     tcactggttg accataataa ataaggacaa ggcactctaa aaggaggggg tttgggcaaa     81540
     caaatcaatg aaactttaaa tgacactgct aagatagagt tgatgtcgca atacatatta     81600
     taaataaaaa acatcaaaat gtttgtagat cttgtatgga tgtaaaccta cagtacagtg     81660
     tagttaggag actttacatc aaattaagga acttttaaat agcataaagg ggcactttag     81720
     cagaataatg catgcatctt ttcaaacaag tggttcctat tcatgtttgt ttgtctgtat     81780
     gtcagtggag cattattcac tctgatctga agacactgct gcggctatta aatgtgacgg     81840
     tgtgtttact cagacaccgc aagcaagaat ttgtctttac tgcactcaac gtcactcatt     81900
     ccacatctgt gtttagtcct gctgcatcta aacctctttt ttcctctctt gtgctcacca     81960
     tcccatactt gttcttgcag ctccttaagg aatgtttgag aacggcagct cttttttcct     82020
     ttgcttaaag ggaaaaagca gctcacagtg gccagattgt tgccatagtt gtgcacttcc     82080
     atggtaacaa ttgtatactt gaggcttttt ttcccttcgt ctcctccggc acagtttcct     82140
     ctgagggcga ccctttttgt ttgggcagcc taatggacaa tgacctcaca cacacatatt     82200
     ctccattgtt tcattagact gcagccggca gaatgagcta actgaacaaa cacatcccat     82260
     tcacaatgcg gttggtcatt tagcactgtg cttaatgaga aagggctgtt atgttaaatt     82320
     atagctaaaa taaataaaca tagatttggt tttttgtcaa gtgtttatat aggtgtgttg     82380
     aaaaaaaaaa agtcttcaat tggattttag aagtggtgat tgactgccag atagtattcc     82440
     cccgaccccc ccccccccac cccccccaaa aaaagagatt ttgctctcat ccaagatgta     82500
     gatgtctgat tacatgaaaa accctgaaat cactttgaaa attttacact attaaacttt     82560
     ttccacttca cctatcaatc ttttttcatg tgttcacata tttttctctc tcttcccttc     82620
     atctgttgct taaaagactg aagcagtggt gtggaataaa ttaagaagga aatctttgca     82680
     ctacagagac tcatactctg ctaaaacatg aataactaat gaatgaatat atcaagcctc     82740
     atttgcatta agtcttgtat gaagagatcc cttgctagtg tttaacaaag ttctcttttc     82800
     tcattttcac ctgcacgacc agactctgaa tcacaatcca gagattcagg taagcaattt     82860
     aattttacaa atgtatacat acattatgct atggggaaaa aaaaactgtt atcaagtgca     82920
     agagttcagt tgtgggggtt aagacatttc catttggagc tagataaata gaaatagaac     82980
     agatcaatga tgatttaaat atggaccctc tattggctgt aagggttgag atgccattaa     83040
     gatgcaactt aagatgccat tttttcattc agagttaggt ctatctgcat tctctaagta     83100
     tgctccaaat gaatggaatg agattcaaga tatattacgt atggaatctt taccatctat     83160
     cgctatattt acaaaaatgt aaagtcttat ctttttagaa caggacaaat gttttaataa     83220
     ttgattatgg tttataatat ttttgtgtgt gtctgtgttg tgatgtattt ttctctaact     83280
     ttgctctgcc tatcttgacc aggactccct ggtaaatgag atattgtatc ttaatgggac     83340
     ttttctggtt aagtaaataa atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat aaataaatga     83400
     aacaaacaaa aaataaaaca atacataaac aaataaatag ataaataaat aaataataaa     83460
     taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aatacataaa     83520
     taaataaata aataaataaa acaaataaaa aataaaacaa tacatacata aataaatgga     83580
     taaataaaaa ataattaatc gattaatgaa ttaaaagatg aataacaaaa aataaacaaa     83640
     taaataaatg aaataaaaat aaaacaataa ataaataaat agaatgttta tatcctttaa     83700
     ttgatcccac taaccattct ttttgcatta atgtaacatt tttaaaacaa tcatctttac     83760
     aatttgaaat ccaaaaaaat acaaataaaa tgactactca ttatgctgta tgaaaatttg     83820
     aagcaaataa acttgaaata attttttttt atagttacaa ccatgttttg ctgaatagtt     83880
     ttatatttta ttatgttaat ttgtgtcatt cacagtgcct cgtgggattt tgatgtcttg     83940
     tatctttatc tgcctcttgg ccttgaataa tttttcaaaa tattgttttg aaaattttat     84000
     tgtcactgaa tttaaagctg ctttcggtca cgaatgtaaa aggctttaac aaagaatggt     84060
     aaaaatcact atagagaaat caacgtgaaa aagtctattg cacattatta aacaacaaat     84120
     tattattatt ttcttattaa tcaattgtgt acatctatgg tcgtatattt gaatacaaag     84180
     ttttttgttt gtctattaga tttgtggagg cccagtagta gcactgatgg tctaagaaac     84240
     ggtgacgtct gctcttcctc tctggcagct aaaggttaca gaagtgtcag gcccatcttt     84300
     caggaaaaaa agtctcccac accggtatgt tctactgtgt ttccttcact cgttttgttt     84360
     ctcttatcat ttctgtcact ggagtttttc cttccacagg aaacgtctat ggaagtgcat     84420
     ttgacaggtt ttattaatgc catttttaac tgtacaggtt acaccctttt ctagcgtata     84480
     gtatactgtc ctgtttggaa actgagcaca aatcaaacct ctttgatatt actgaatgac     84540
     tctttgtttt attataactg tgttagtaca gtactttcca gtagtggact acacatttgt     84600
     gtttcgtaat gtgttttttg cattagaaac atagaaataa aacatttaat tatatatata     84660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaaatta aggaaataaa     84720
     tatacatcta taattataca tccagtgcct ccaccaaact taagcttata tgtaaaccct     84780
     gtgactaaag tatagaaata aaaatagagt gttaaaaaga ttaaagggca actttgatga     84840
     actgagtgtt ggtacaatgt gtccactgtc ataatggagt gatataaact caagtctctt     84900
     ttttaaaatt tcttgatgta aaataggacc taaatcccag tgattttgag gcccatcaca     84960
     acgtgacata agagtgtggt tttccctgcc caccgaattg attgacaggc accatgtttc     85020
     tataataaca tgtaaagata acataagctg tacatgagct gtatttcagc ttcatccaag     85080
     tctgtctgtc actgtgctgt ttatctgaca taacgtggga acgatgggcg gggaaaagga     85140
     gaagcgactc atttggattt aaagccacag gatacaaaaa catctacaac agtttcagac     85200
     accaaaatgg tcagattcta aaggctataa taaataatct gatgtgtatt ttaagatgaa     85260
     aatttacaga cacattctgg agacaccaaa ggcccatctt acatcttgca aaaggggtca     85320
     aataggagtc agattttctg ataaatagtt tgattgtttg tttatttatt gtttgtaact     85380
     aaatgtagaa ttaatgttga tttatactga tcatttacat ggacaaaaaa caaaataaat     85440
     taatttaaat aaatttaagc aggaattcaa caattgcaaa attcataaaa cctcaaatat     85500
     caaatatttc ccaagtgctg tgtaaggaaa gaaaggcaaa tttttcatga gagtatgtaa     85560
     taatttatta cttaatttca agcattctta tttctagtat tcgggcttaa agtgaaaggt     85620
     ggtgagcaag tcattagact acagtagcat aaacagtata tacagtatat acacacacac     85680
     acacacacag tttatcatac agtatattta ttaagggggc taacaatatt gaccttagca     85740
     gtttaaaatg ttttaaaata tatattttta ttccaactat tgtagaagaa ataaaataga     85800
     acaggaaata ctgtgaaaaa aatgtccttg ctctgttaaa cagcacttgg gaaatatttg     85860
     aaaaatacat ttttacaggc gagttaataa tattatcttt tgtatttcat atatacagta     85920
     catatacaac tgttttgttt tggagtaaaa cctaccaact acaactgcat tgtcactaaa     85980
     aacttcaatt tccttccagt tccagtgaag tactaaagga gcttctttcc tatgcatttg     86040
     taccagatct gtcttgtcaa tgtcacataa gcaattgaaa gacacttttc agcagaattt     86100
     gtccccctta aaacattttt ctatcagagt ttattattca agccagccac atcctccaca     86160
     ctttcttatt tagtgacgga agcagcacca tctaatacac caatgcccgc tctcttcaat     86220
     caggcacaag agcaaaatgt ccatatcctc agtctgatgc ccacactgga ccaaatttca     86280
     ggcttttcac agcagtcaca cttgcaacct ccgtcaaggg agctggagag acacgtagct     86340
     tccctctcca tccacattca cccgaggcct cagatatcgg gaccccgcac acaggcaatg     86400
     tctttgagac ctcccacccc tcctaaaagg atggaccggc aggatcgtgg ttcacaccaa     86460
     tgccgtccac tgccatctgc agccccgcca gtggtacatg tcatagatta catatgcatt     86520
     tactctataa ctccctcctc tagacaatac tgtgttctag caaacatgac taatctcgtt     86580
     tccccatttt gctgatgttc attcaggttt atattagggc taggcaaata ttaattgcat     86640
     ccaaaataaa ggatggtttt aacataaagt atgtttgtat tatatatata tttattatgt     86700
     atatgtgata cacacacata catgaaaaca gaacgttaca aaatggtttt gttacataga     86760
     taattacatt tatttataaa ttgtatcata tacatatatt tcatatctat atatacactc     86820
     accggccact ttataaggta caccttacta gtaccgggtt ggacccactt ttgccttcag     86880
     aactgcctta gtccttcatg gcaaagattt aacaaggtac tggaaatttt gggtccaaac     86940
     tgacttgacc gcatcacgca gttgctgtag attagtcggc tgcacatcca tgatgcgaat     87000
     ctcccgttcc accacatcac aaaggtgctc tattggatta aggtctggtg actgtggagg     87060
     ccatttgagt acagtgaact cattgtcata tccaagaatc tgagatgatt catggtttat     87120
     gacatggcgc gttatcctgc tggaagaagc catcagaaga tgggtgcact gtggtcataa     87180
     agggatggac atggtcagca acaatactca ggcaggctgt ggggttgaac tgatgctcaa     87240
     ttggtactaa tgggcccaga gtgtaccagg aaaatattcc ccacaccatt acaccaccag     87300
     cctaaaccgt tgatacaagg caggatggat ccatgctttc atgttgttga tgtcaaattc     87360
     tgaccctacc atctgaatgt cgcagcagaa atcgagactc atcagaccag ggaacgtttt     87420
     tcccatattt tattttggta agcctgtacg aattgtagcc tcagttttct gtcattagct     87480
     gacaggcgtg gcacccactg tggtcttctg ctgctgtagc ccatccgcct cagggttcaa     87540
     catgttgtta attcagagat gctcttctgc atacctcggt tgtaacaagt ggttatttga     87600
     gttactggtg ccctttttat cagctccaac ctgtttggtc attcttctct aacctctggc     87660
     atcaacaagg catttgcacc cacagaactg ccgctcattg gatattttct ctttttcgga     87720
     taattctctg tgaaccctag atatgtttgt gcatgaaaat cccagtagat cagcaatttc     87780
     tgaaatactt gggctgtcta agcaaccatg ccatgttcaa agtcacttaa atcacctttc     87840
     ttccccgttc tgttgctcgg tttaaactgc agcagatcgt cttgaccatg tctacatgcc     87900
     taaatgcatt gagttgctgc catgtgattg gctgattaga aatttgagtt aacgagcagt     87960
     tggacagatg tacctaataa agtggccggt gggtgtaaaa aaatttctta aatgtatgca     88020
     tgcatttgtg catttgtata tgcattatac atatacatac acacatatat tgtgtcaaaa     88080
     caaactttta ttttgaatgt aattaatcac gataaatctt ttttcagcat tatatcactc     88140
     tcatgcatta tatcaaatct cattttaaaa gcaactgatt ctgttcacat atttgtaagt     88200
     taagtttttt tgttaacact ttagtttagt taacaattca cagtattaac aaaccattaa     88260
     ctaacactgc tagctttcta ataaatttga taaaagaata ataaaattag ctgcttatta     88320
     atagttagta aagtaaaagt tgggttgaga ttttgggtag gattaggaat gcagaataag     88380
     atcatacttt ataattacta atgaacagtt attatcttaa taatagacag ttaataaacc     88440
     agtagtttat agcataattg tgatctaaac aaaagtgtca cctttttctt tttaaatttc     88500
     tacaagacaa aggtgaatat aaaaattaaa gtgtcaccat tatgattgtc atgcaggtct     88560
     gagtgttctt ttttaggatt atgtgcatta acattttgtt ctcatacatt taacaccttc     88620
     atcctttcta atgcacagcc gccagcttca tcacaacact gcgtctctcc accatgctgt     88680
     gccaactgct aaatctcatc tgtgccactc tgctctttgt cattcagcct gaggtgccag     88740
     tcctcctcaa acagagctat cctggaacag cacagtccca taaccggctt agactctccc     88800
     tcgatttcat cagacctgag accttttctc cagcaggccc tcactccccc gaccgctgct     88860
     catcctgtac tcagagcgaa gcatccactg cagtgctgga ggagttgagg gcgtttggac     88920
     tgggccccga gggcggctct cgtacccctt caccaacact cagccagatg agtgttgtca     88980
     cagacagcat ggggttacac tcccctgcag ctagcaacat taatgtaact attcaacgac     89040
     tactggacgc tcttttctgt cttacagctt ctagtttttt caagaattcc tctttttcaa     89100
     ttttaaaggg gccatattca acatttgatt tttaaattat gatgatattt tgttgttata     89160
     tgatatatgg tttttattat gcaattcagc ttcacaatca attgttagat aattttaatc     89220
     aaatctcaaa cacgtatgca tacctctcaa acatgcatac tctccctttt tttgtcaaga     89280
     ttctcccgta ttttaccatt ccatcctgtt aacatcctgt ttcactgtcc cgtgttttta     89340
     atatttttat gaaaagttaa atagattggg gtggtggtgg ggggttgggt tggtggacta     89400
     gggggcactt ttcatttttg tttttacagg gcactttttt ccaagaggaa aaagggcacg     89460
     tgcactgcac aggttgaacc caatctgtgc atgtgcctga tggctgcatt cacttcagtt     89520
     aaattaaagc tgagactgca tatctcagta gctatgttcc catccaaaaa tgcgaataaa     89580
     ctttatgcgc aaaactggat aattgcataa aagaagtgcg aataaaagca gtgcttccat     89640
     caaagtgaac aaaaccatca cttcctgact aactggcgcc aaaaatcaac agtaaaaaca     89700
     taatttgctg tggtatgaga agctgcgtca atcttttctt tgtttagtaa atgacttgca     89760
     cctcagaagg caatactgac atgcagtgaa tgcgcggtgg cgtttgaagg tgtcagagcc     89820
     attctttatt tgtaatacat ttatttacat tacattacat tacatatata caattaaaac     89880
     actctttgca gtcattttga aagttcttct gggtagattt aaggtttttt ttttattatt     89940
     aatttttttt atatatatat ttgattcctg atctggatgt aatgttcgat tccaatcgag     90000
     tctgaaactg cgtgattggg cccgatttcc aatcacgtgc tcgaatctgg acatccctac     90060
     aaaaaataca gaatagattg ctttcaaaca acagctaata aggacactga agactagagg     90120
     atctaggtag tccacttgac gccaggagag tgaggtttgc ttgcacagtt ccccctaatg     90180
     tagtccaata cactcattca agcaatttta tttacagaac taatgtaacc ggtctggttc     90240
     tactcatccc actccaatag aaaactgata tccccagcgc tgggtgcaca tattgtatgt     90300
     aaaacaaaat atcactgcaa tgtgaaattg tgcagctctg gaatgcatct caaaaaacca     90360
     ttttctccaa aaatatttta aaaatacatt tttatcgatc ccaatctttt aaatgacgtt     90420
     tttgtatttg tattgaacat gcaccagaac ttttttctta gctatttggt cattttcata     90480
     atatgtcccc tttaattgta caaatgcttt caaattaaaa attctccttt cgtttttcct     90540
     gtctcattct tatttctttc taaatgtatt gtttcatttc gatggtttca ttacacttaa     90600
     ttttagtagc tggttgaaca gatgccagaa tcacttgtcc agtgttcaca tttaacagct     90660
     tctgcctttc ttttcactgt aacatcttgg gttatagcga tactaatcac ctttacattt     90720
     ataaactgtt cataggggtc ttgagggtct tcactaacac ctttggcatt cagatcgtcg     90780
     tgttgttgtg ctgccttttt ttcagtatga caccatcttt agaagcagga gaacatggtt     90840
     tagttgagat ttctttttat actgctcaat ttatggctct ctttgtatac taacacttgt     90900
     ctatgtaggt gggcactttt tgtgcactac gagattgttg gggttttgtt tttattgttt     90960
     gttgttctgt tctttatcca aagtcatctg agacataata gtgcaatctt aatgctgttt     91020
     atttatccta aagatggttc ttcagttaat agggttctat gttgtgttat gcagggccag     91080
     atgactgtaa acggtggtct gagtgtgcca gcaagtcctc gtagtcacat ccagagaccc     91140
     ttctctccct caacataccc tcctcctcct tcactgagtc ccagtattac agcaatgcag     91200
     cagcaggcta gaaccactgg tgagtgctga agctgaatgc acactttctt gtgcacgtgt     91260
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgatg ttcagaattt cattattgat ttcatcattt gtagaagcta     91320
     aactttgaat taggtagttg catataattt tgtagctagt ataaccacag ccacaggttg     91380
     tataacctta taaaatgtct ataatatgaa acatattcct aaataatgaa tcaaaaccat     91440
     atagtgtgac tacattagtc aacacttgaa gtggatcaaa taaaggtttt ccaaattgtc     91500
     caaagtttga ctcatgaaca actgagtcta ttaagattgt ccttatgaat gaatcataac     91560
     tacaatgtga tctgtgtagt ctgatttatg aacaaatgac tctcaaagac tcttaaagtc     91620
     agtccttttg agtgaatcac ttcactcaaa gcacttgagt actttactgt attgttttac     91680
     tttacaccta ttttttgttg tcagtgcact tttattatgt gttttctaat tcctgttgtt     91740
     actaacactc gcaaaacacg ggaggtacgc tgcaggcgta atcctcacaa ccttcgttca     91800
     atacatgtat ctactatttc acaactctct ctctccgtgg gcctctggaa ctgtcaatca     91860
     gctgttaaca aggctgattt tattacctcc atagctacat attctgacta taatctcatg     91920
     gcgctaactg agacctggtt gaggccggag gacactgcta cacatgctac tctttctgct     91980
     aatttctctt tttcccacac tcctcgtcag acagggagag ggggtgggac tggactacta     92040
     atttccaaag aatggaaatt tactctgata ccgtccctgc caacaatcag ctcctttgaa     92100
     ttccatgcag tcaccattat ccaccccttc tacataaatg tggttgtcat ctaccgccca     92160
     ccaggtaaat taggtcactt cctagatgaa ctggatgttc ttctctcatc tttttctaat     92220
     tttgccactc ccttattggt gctaggtgac ttcaacattt acgttgacaa accgcaagct     92280
     gcagactttc agactttgct tgcctctttt gacctaaaaa gagcacctac ttctgctacc     92340
     cacaaatcag gtaatcagct agaccttatt tacacacgac actgcttcac tgatcaaaca     92400
     atagtaactc cactacaaat atctgatcat ttccttctgt ctctcaacat ccacattact     92460
     cctgagccgc cacacactcc aacactggtt acctttcgca gaaacctacg atctctctca     92520
     cccaatagac tatccaccat tgtttcagac tctcttcctc catctcgcaa actcgctgca     92580
     cttgattcga acagtgccac taatacactc tgctccacac tagcatcatg tctagaccga     92640
     ttatgtcctc ttgcatccag gccagcccgt gccagtcctc ctgcaccctg gctctcggat     92700
     gctctccgtg agcatcgctc aaaacttcgg gctgcagaga gaatttggcg gaaaactaaa     92760
     aatcctgcac atctcttaac ataccaaact cttctgtcct ctttctcagc tgaggttact     92820
     tctgcaaagc agacgtatta ccgtctgaaa atcaacaatg ccactaatcc tcgcctactt     92880
     tttaaaacat tttcctccct cctctatcct cctcctccac ccgcatcctc cacacttact     92940
     actgatgact ttgctacatt cttctgcacc aaaactgcaa aaatcagtgc tcaatttgct     93000
     gcacctacaa caaacacgca agatacaaca ccaacaccac acacactcac ctctttttct     93060
     cagctctctg agtctgaggt gtccaaactt gtgctatcta gccatgcaac cacctgtcca     93120
     ctcgatccca ttccctctca tctcttgcaa gccatctctc ctgcagtcat accaacactg     93180
     actcacataa ttaacacatc tcttgactct ggtttattcc ccactacatt taagcaggct     93240
     agggtaaccc cactgctaaa gaaacccacc ctggaccata cgctacttga aaactacaga     93300
     ccagtatccc tgcttccatt catggccaag attctggaga aagtagtgtt caatcaagtc     93360
     ctggactttc ttactcaaaa caatctcatg gacaacaagc aatccggctt taagaaaggc     93420
     cactcaactg agactgccct gctctcggtc gtggaggatc tcagactggc taaagcagac     93480
     tctaaatcat cagtcctcat tttgctggac ttgtcagctg cttttgacac tgtcaaccac     93540
     cagatcctgc tatctacgct tgagtcactg ggcgttgcgg gcactgttat acaatggttc     93600
     agatcttacc tctctgacag gtcattcagg gtgtcttgga ggggagaggt gtccaaccta     93660
     cagcatctaa acactggggt acctcaaggc tctgttcttg ggccacttct cttctccatc     93720
     tacacatcat ctctaggacc agtcatccag agacatggat tctcctacca ctgctatgct     93780
     gatgacaccc agctatacct ctcttttttt aatcctgatg atccctcggt tccagctcgt     93840
     atctcagcct gcctgttgga tatttcacac tggatgaaag atcatcatct tcagctgaac     93900
     ctcgcaaaaa cggaaatgct tgtagtttct gccaacccga ctctacacca taacttttca     93960
     atccagatgg atggggcaac cattactgca tccaaaatgg tgaaaagcct tggagtaacg     94020
     attgatgacc aactaaactt ctctgaccac atttctagaa ctgctcgatc gtgcagattt     94080
     gcactctata acatcagaaa gatccgaccc ttcttatctg aacatgcagc tcaactcctt     94140
     gttcaagctc ttgttctctc caaactggat tactgcaact ctctactagc tgggcttcca     94200
     gctaactcta tcaagcctct tcaactgctc cagaatgcag cagcatgagt tgtcttcaat     94260
     gaacctaaac gagcacatgt cactccgctg ctagtccgtt tgcactggct gccagttgct     94320
     gctcacatca aattcaaaac tctgatgttt gcctacaaag tgacttctgg cctagcacct     94380
     tcttatctgc actcacttct gcagatctat gtgccctcca gaaacttgcg ttctgtgaat     94440
     gaacgtcgcc tcgtggttcc atcccaaaga gggaaaaaat cactttcgcg aacgctcacg     94500
     ctcaatctgc ccagttggtg gaatgaactc cctaactgca tcagaacagc agagtcactc     94560
     gctattttca agaaacgact aaaaactcaa ctatttagtc tccacttcac ttcctaatct     94620
     gcaattgcct ctttgaatat cacactaatt gtacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     94680
     aaaaactact aacacttccc ttcttagact ttacagacct gaaacttgcc tttagtactt     94740
     attcattgtt gctcttagtt gtgtaaattg cttccttgtc ctcatttgta agtcgctttg     94800
     gataaaagcg tctgctaaat gactaaatgt aaatgtaatg taatgtaaaa tgtgaatcaa     94860
     aaacacatac ttgattcaca aacaaattac tcccgaaagt acattcaaaa tatgaacagc     94920
     aaagtattat gctaaaaagc agatcttttc ttgttaattt aaaacataca gcttgccaaa     94980
     tgattcatta acaaattgat tttacaaact aaaatttttt agtgagtcaa aaacatacaa     95040
     tgagttcagt ctgatgactc ttgcaagact tatttgactg atctgtcctt tttattaagt     95100
     gttaacaagg gtgtctgatt cattgacaaa tgtccaaaat tactcagtcc ttaatcaagt     95160
     tttttttagt cgatcaaaaa tgatcagtgc agtctgattc ccaaattaaa taaggatagt     95220
     ctttttttac acatacaaaa acatttaatg tgatcgaagc agtctgatct gtgaatgaaa     95280
     tactcttaca aacctgtcct tttgaatgat tcagatgcat cagatgaatc attcaaatct     95340
     gatttgaatg atttgaatga ttcattcaaa tatactatac tgtatagtcc agggtcacta     95400
     aagacctgaa catgtaaaaa taattctcga aatattcatg catttatgta aatattaaat     95460
     gaagaatggc catatttttg cattatttta taattattaa acagacttgt ttaaattatt     95520
     ccgcttatga ttgccacacc taaagaaatt gttcattgct ataggaaagc tgtatttctg     95580
     gacattaata aaaaaagagc catacattac aattagcata attagacttt ctttaagata     95640
     atttttaata aaataaattt cttttaagat tattttagtt ttagcagaaa ttagtgaatg     95700
     tttagaaatg tgttgaaaaa aatcttcttt ctttaaacag aaattgggga aaaatattca     95760
     gggatgctaa taattctgac ttcagctgta aatggccatt gctgatgtaa aagtaaatct     95820
     caacatccac ctgttcattt gtaaatataa gcacaaccta aatagatgtc ataagtgttg     95880
     cagtaaagct gtgaaaatgc tctccctgga ctgtgagaag tcaccagtga gatgtgccag     95940
     gttctaatga agcactaatg agtatgaaag cgtgacctga ctgcagtgct gcttaccggc     96000
     cgtgtgacac taagcgtatc ccaacctgct ccgctctgaa tgcgcgcccg cgatctctct     96060
     aatcccaagt ggcaaatgcc agggattaaa gctccagtct gaacggggct gagggaggag     96120
     ctgagacact gggattaaag tgtctgtgtg cgtgaggctg gcctttgtct ccgaatcaga     96180
     gctcgttttg ctagatttct ccccaaaagg gtttcagtct ggatggccgt agaccggagt     96240
     gtggagtgtg gattactatt ctatgtcaga atgctggagt caacatatta atggattttt     96300
     ttctcctgaa ttggaataac agttcctgac ctggctgtat ttcacagtta cagacatggg     96360
     aatgttgctt agctcaaagg gaattactag aaactcgcac acccccaaaa gctgaccctg     96420
     ctttcctccc atcagcctcc agcactccaa tctacgccaa cgtggatcct cctgcccgag     96480
     cgccgcatac tgacaggaga gaaacagcag ggaaagctcc gcactatact ggcatcggtc     96540
     ctgtggatga gtctgggatt cccatagcaa tacggacggt gagcgactgt cattcaggag     96600
     tctttttctt ttgttttata ttgatgctgt gttgtttaga atagatagaa ttatttgcta     96660
     ctatattata tattattgtt aagcacacaa gtagcaaaat acaaaattaa ggtgttttat     96720
     aaaaaaaatt tataaagtat tttattattt tgatgttttt tatttttaat ttgttgactt     96780
     tcactgtaaa aatgaagaat tccacacaat taatttgttt tgggactatg tgaaggaatt     96840
     aagtaaactt attagttttt acagatgttt gtggaagaaa caaaacaagt tgtcctcaaa     96900
     aaactaaagt atttcagctc attttaaata agtttaactt aaataagtaa atttgcaaat     96960
     agcaacatca tttttttgag tgtgtgattt ttttatcttg acatttctat ttcaatttta     97020
     tgctcacaac ttgtactata cgtataaacg tattttacag cattctggtt atggaaatag     97080
     catgaaatga aataatttgc cagtttaatt atcatataga atgcctaatt tgacaaaaca     97140
     gcagcttatt tgcactgtgc aatagttata atttactcat atagattgat agaaacagca     97200
     aaaaatgctt ctcttacata gagctcttgt tttttttgtt tgtttttttt gtcccaatat     97260
     ctgcatatat atccctatag accaatcaat tcaatgtggt tatgtgaatg gaccatgaac     97320
     gtttcctgct tgttatcaaa ctatttcata actgtaacaa aagacaattt aatcataact     97380
     tattattaac acagctatca taacattatt tatcaatatg tgggtctttt tggatttttg     97440
     gaagctgtag aaattaaaaa tgtaaaacag gaaatgcttt gggaccactg tttttgttta     97500
     catgcattaa aagggtctgt atattctaat tccaaagcga aaatgagaat tgcagtgttt     97560
     aacgtacccc attggcagat tattttgctt tgtttaagag aaaactcact taattttgag     97620
     atattattcc tgaaaacaag atcttttact tgtctataaa aaagttcttg attttagaat     97680
     ttgtgggtat tttcattaga aacaagacaa aaactaaaac aataaaaata agaaatgtaa     97740
     tttttgctct gaataattat taagtaattt tataagtacc aaacataaac aatgaacaca     97800
     tggtaaaatg ccaaactgtc acattggtaa tttattttaa tggaccatta attatttaat     97860
     taaccattat ttaattataa aaaatggtta gttatttact aacatgaaca aactatatat     97920
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacta atggaccatt cttctaaagt     97980
     taccatcacg ttttattata attgaacctt atacaaatac ctaacgctaa agaagacttt     98040
     gtactgtaac taccactcat ttaacatgca agcaaaagta tgacaaacat tataaactat     98100
     aaaattcatt ttgagaaatg ttcgcctcct aacactttat tggcagtgga cacattgtcg     98160
     gaagtgcata cctataaatg ttcattccag aattaatctt caatcggtct ctggtcacac     98220
     gggacatgct gttttgattt gtgcgctaaa ttgcattttc ccacacagag ctttatttag     98280
     ccttggggaa acaggcagct gcgctcagca tcattgatgg accagcagac agtgatgagt     98340
     ctctctcagc ttcacacaga caagccaatt gcatcagcat ttttttatag cagcttttag     98400
     atccagactt ttggactcaa ggtcatggag ctcattcggg ttgctgtttg tttcctaaac     98460
     tatgtttctg gactctggaa tcttaatctg tgagggaagg cctgaaagct aaaaaatgct     98520
     tgtttgtgtg ttgttttaga ctgttgacag gccaaaagat tggtacaaga ccatgttcaa     98580
     acagattcat gtggtgccta aaacaggtaa gactgaatct tttgtattta tttgtctttt     98640
     gtgttgccta taaatgcatg tgtgcatgtt tatagacatc tatttagccc ttttttcagt     98700
     ttggctaaag ttttattgag catttaatgt ttcatctttg tttattttta tacatcgaat     98760
     aatatagttc ctctcgggac cttcaggacc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc agattattta     98820
     tatctcactg ccatttaaac aaaggttcat acgttatatg ttaacagcct tccatttggt     98880
     ttgaaacact ttcaaaataa ttatgtaatt ttttttatgt ttactgcagc ttaaatgaat     98940
     caaaatgctg tgtttattat tatgcattca ttgtgaattt tagagtttga tttgtatgta     99000
     cagtatataa cgacatattt gtataagtat gaatggagca gtttttgttt ggcacttggc     99060
     aaaaaataac aacgccttaa aatgaactgt ttctggtcac tgacttacat aatcattgac     99120
     tgtaataata ctacaaaact cttcttagcc attaatacac tgaaacaaat tgatttcact     99180
     cgtttttatt caaaacaaca gaggcattat gtaaacatga caatctaaag gattaaaatg     99240
     tttaaaatga atgcatcttt ggtcatttca ttagtactga tgctggtaaa gaaataaatg     99300
     ttaactgaag tgatatatat tactatatta aaatactttt ggtataactt attaaggtac     99360
     aggagctgtc accagggcag taccttttca aaaggtacac atttgtacct gaagggtcta     99420
     taattatacc ttaaaggtat ttttaggtac atttgggcac taatctgcac ctttgaggta     99480
     ccactgtgga ctctttgtgt acaaatatgt atcttttgaa aaggcacaac cccagccaca     99540
     gctcctattc ctttatttct gtgtacacta tgaaccattt attaatgcat tagcaaatag     99600
     ttgatccctt atttgttaag cataaactct acaataataa atgttagtaa gcagtttata     99660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     99720
     tatatatata tagttggtgt agaatagttg gtgttttttt taagtaattt taagttcatt     99780
     taagtaaatg gttacactat tcaaattaag attcatatat cttattattc cagcatataa     99840
     taatagttgc attgtatgtt tataaatgct ttattaactt aacttcatcc agttttgtga     99900
     cctaatcaga aaagcagaac aagtctattt cgcttacaat tttcttgtca tagctcactg     99960
     acaaaccaac atattattcc cttatttaga cttctttaaa gcattttatt tgctactgca    100020
     catagcaata aaaagacaga cacatgatca tgtaaaaata attaactgtt ttgtgatttg    100080
     atggaaatac agtgtgctgt tgttgtttaa attaaatatg acaagttaaa gagctatatt    100140
     ttcggtgcga ctgtgaacag tctgctaaga gggtagtttt tttttttgca gggaagggca    100200
     atttaaggcc acctaaaagg agcgacaata aaagagcttt actcagcagg ctgtgaatta    100260
     gaagtgcgtt cattactggc tgtcagtggg tttgcctggg agattacagg ggtcactaga    100320
     tcagcacctt catttcacat cttatgtcgt tttagttgtc ttcattccac atcctgcata    100380
     taaataaatg tgtttgtttt aagtttaaag gactctgtgt ggagcttgtt tgtgttacag    100440
     tatgtgtgta atccatgtta atcgtgttta tttgttttca cagagatcga gtggtccggg    100500
     tcccgaactg ccacagatcc tgttacaagt ccagctacaa ctatttccaa acaaggtttc    100560
     ctattgtttt acattaaaat agattgttga tgccagaaaa ttaaacaaac aagtaaatgt    100620
     aggacaaaac aacagtgtga ttaaggaata gtacaaatat tacatcacta ttattattat    100680
     tattatttaa aaagaatgat acatataata aataataatt aattttatta caatatatat    100740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatataagc aatatctcac tagtagtagt gcgatgtggc    100800
     tgtatatcgg cactggtgag agacgtgtgt tggcagaagg gtgcagacca tataatctta    100860
     aaatgttagc actttagata ttaataaaga gaatcattta aatactagct ctaaagtgat    100920
     gttggtgaat tagtaacggc ttctgctaat ctaagtaatt taaaaaaaat aatcttttct    100980
     ataaaaatgt tctcatttat attactttcc attgttgata ttctttttag ataagcaagc    101040
     tgcccctaat gctgtccagg ctcatcctgc accaaaaacc agcacctacc ggcccataag    101100
     caagagtgtt tccgacaatg gcatatatgc tttcaggctg cccgtcgcct ctcccctgcc    101160
     cacatcaacc tccacacagc agagacccat tgaaagagag gctccacaga gaggcagaag    101220
     cacaccagac atgtgagaat tactaatgca aaaatatact gcaacaatat tcctcagttt    101280
     cggaactgtc actggctacc ataatattgt cttcaaaagg caatcatgac aagtcttact    101340
     gtaagtcata cattttaaag cttaaaaatt ttgctcataa aactgtcagg ctattacttt    101400
     gctacagcca ttcatatgta aaatcataca ttttaactgc aagatttaat cacaacatcc    101460
     ataacatatt ttctgaagga aaatgtctga aaaaaaaaaa aagtttgcta tgattgtttg    101520
     ttagatgctg aattcaaata aaatacctat agattgtcta tactgctttt gaatatgagg    101580
     tgtactccat aaattttgtg agaaatataa acaataaaaa aactaaatct catacaagca    101640
     aatcttttag aagtcagcct caaatttgta atgtagcttg ttctcattta tggctttaat    101700
     tttctagtag ttttagaaaa aatataaaat tatgaaataa atatatataa aaaaagcagt    101760
     gaacacttta ttttgatggt ccatttgagt gttagtagac tgtctgctta atatctgttg    101820
     atactgctcc ttcaacagac atttaactga ctattagaaa ctttacgtac atttcaactt    101880
     acactaaccc tatcccttac ccttacccca acctaacagt ctacttacaa tctaatgaaa    101940
     attagttggc atgtagatgc aatgtaactt aaattcaaca aagagaccat caaaataaaa    102000
     tgtgaccaaa atgtacactc aatgtattgg caaaagattt ggaaaacccc tccaaatcat    102060
     ggattttttc cccggtgtaa cgaggagatt gacacggagg gatccattat gcagtattta    102120
     ttaatcacaa cttcactcaa acacacaata tgcaccggag tgcacacaca catccacagt    102180
     agtagtaagg gtatcaagaa tgatgatgaa cagacacaga gtgagttacc aggcatgagt    102240
     ggtgggtaat gagcgagaat cagagtccgt gtatcaggct tgggtcgagg gcaggcagca    102300
     agtatcagag tccgtatatc aggcgtgggt cgtgggcagg cagaaggcga agcaaagtaa    102360
     gagacaggct ggagtcgtac acaagagatc aggctgggaa taacgctcag taatgttggc    102420
     tggggctgaa caagactttg cactgtctga gtgtttgagt gctgcttata agaggtacgt    102480
     gggtcattag ccagattcaa atcaggtgta tgcgcaatca gtgtagatgg atgatgtaat    102540
     gctaaaagtc cggagatggt ggcctctgct ggccagcgag gggagtgact gggaccgagt    102600
     cggtgacacc cggtgatgta gacttacatt cacttacatt ttttttttca ccttataaac    102660
     atcagttcaa ttcaaagcat tgaagatttt caagaattaa aaaaacacat tgaactgaac    102720
     taaactgaac ttcaaatctt aaaacgggac tgacacagtt tacatttact agaacttata    102780
     ttttaagctg ctcggacaca atctacattg tagaagcgct atagaaataa acatgaattt    102840
     aattgaatta aattaagttg gacattttat tctcaggtct atagctaaaa agtgcaatca    102900
     aaagtaaagg gtttaaatag atggctggat ttaaagcaat atttgttgtc ctgcaggaat    102960
     gaatgggggc ctcctgatag aaaagtggac acacggaaat acagagcaga gccaaggagc    103020
     atctttgact atgagcctgg aaaatcatct gttttagaac aggagagagc ggtaagtaat    103080
     ctttagtgta ttcacattaa taaacagctt ttatttcaca cttctgctta tgcgttgaat    103140
     acttctgatt tatgagattt taggactaat tcattatact actagaacta gaatacaact    103200
     aattaaattg atactagtat ttttattgga tgctagtgca tattcaatat gttaccaaca    103260
     tttgttttaa ttaatattaa aatcttaaat tgaactgcac tttaaaagat aagtaaaaaa    103320
     aaaacaatta tttacagtag gatgatcact gttactagtt agtttatgat agtcaaataa    103380
     ttaggtattt aaatctgttt aatatatact agtactaaag gtttaagtct tagtacctat    103440
     taaacaagaa aagaaactct aaatatacta ctagtatctg tttaatactt atgagtaaat    103500
     aatagtacta tcaaataagt actactgtct acttaatttt tagatgtcaa cttcaaatta    103560
     aaatgtagct tgatcagatt tatggccttg atttttatgt cttttttgct ttttgctttc    103620
     tgtctgtata taaaattatg aacgttacat cagtcaaaaa gtatttgttt aatatgtcct    103680
     agtaccaaat taataggttt tagcttctat gaaatatttt tttatgatat tactactaat    103740
     atctaattaa tggttacgag tatctagtat tactatcgaa taagtactat cctactctgt    103800
     ttcattggta tcagtatata tggggcgaaa aaacactaaa tgacagacac taacagctcc    103860
     taaatactac aagtactagt actactttca tttttgtgtg aagacccaga tgaaattaaa    103920
     tgagttatac actgtcagca taattttaaa cattataatt gtttacactt cattttaagg    103980
     tgcacttgtt actgtgtaac tatttaaata ctaatagtat taattaatta aaagtacata    104040
     ctttgtactt tgtactctgg ttagggttta aatttgggtt aggatcgggt agttatataa    104100
     tagataaaac tatataaatc attttataaa ttatataaat catttaattt taactattta    104160
     ttttattgtt attatttgtg gtttgtttga atttagcttc ataaagtttt tgaggcacag    104220
     agtttagcat ttgaagggac aagcatattg atcttacacc ccttggctgt atgggtatag    104280
     accgatcgta aaacagatgc tagaaatgaa atgctatcaa ttggcgagtc catggtgtca    104340
     gcagcgccgc aggcatgaca cattatatgc tgattgacta aacagagtaa ctcttgtata    104400
     ttaatagaat tgtattgaca acgtgcatgt caacggtgct agttagatga taagtgttct    104460
     atatatgtta aaataatcac ctcaaacatt cgccatgaac aagctgaagt acttcagcaa    104520
     acctgtcact tgctgaaacg gataaaccgt gagtccatta gagcgtaatg tggtcaaggt    104580
     cactaataaa gttaggaaaa ccaatttgct cctgctggaa ccgtttgtcc ttgtgcactg    104640
     agcatgtgtt atacgctgct gccctctgct ggatattagg gttaaagaaa aagagaggaa    104700
     aaaaaactac ggcaagctgg tttaacaatc aaaaataaat attctagtat ctacattcat    104760
     gctactagta cttattttta actactagtt tattttccaa taattactta tacttattga    104820
     taagataatt atactttatt ggtacatata caaatcaagc tagtacctag catatgctac    104880
     tagcagttaa atagatacta gtaattattt cagtggcgat cataactgtt ctactataac    104940
     tagtaacaca tttcagtttt gctattgaat tttgtgaatc taataaccta tgtcagacac    105000
     tagcacataa tcattattaa acagatactg cttttttatt tagtgtttat tagttagata    105060
     ctagttgtga tttattactt actagcacta aatcataact aggacgtatt gattgtttac    105120
     tgacacttaa cttatttctt tgttatagtt ctcaataatt gtctaccaat cattagtttg    105180
     tgacaattct gtctagttgt aatataaaaa taccagtata taataaatac gttttcaata    105240
     aatattaatg tgcaatgaat aatttctagt gtctatttat taagtagttg tatttgatga    105300
     agaagtaata tcaaataata atactaatgg gtgatagtat ctgctaaaat aagtaattta    105360
     tgcctcgttt ccactgaggg gtatagtttg gtacgggtca tcttgatcag gctaccaatg    105420
     gtaggctacc cctttagtgg gtgtggtgtt cgacagaaag ttgcagttga catctttctc    105480
     gcttgaagct cacacgagaa gcacatctta ctaaacaaat gctttactgt atatacgtga    105540
     atacttacat ataaataaat gttcattact aatgtttcta tgaacaggat ctgactatag    105600
     ctgcagatca ttgataatgt gaaatagact actgtaacgt ctgcaattat actgtgtata    105660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    105720
     tatatataca tacatacata catataatac atacatattt atatatttta tatataaata    105780
     aataaaacaa tttttgaaca cacagagact cacagtctct gaaatgttac cattgacatg    105840
     taaaaaaatg cccaaaactc acatttaggc cttattttgg tttataaatg atacaaaaca    105900
     tatacagtca gtacaaacct ctcatcgtta ttcttgttct catttcaaga ataagacgaa    105960
     gtttgttcat cttttaggtt gctgaaagaa tcatttgctc cttttttccg gcttctcctt    106020
     tgttctgtcg cggttcactc tcgcctctgt ccatttctga attataacca tcagctcaag    106080
     aagtttgtca tttcaaattt ggacatgctg cgagctctct ggacaaaatg aaaccactcc    106140
     cgctttagac tgcctcgtaa aaacaacaag acacagggca gattctgctc ttctttttgg    106200
     ctttgtggtt gttctttaag acgacaacaa ggtttgtttg agctcggatt gaccctggct    106260
     tgcaattata tattataatg gtgtaatgtt tcggctgtgt atttaaaaat ggtgcttcta    106320
     ttgttttcat tctcctggct tctgcacaca cttgtgacat ttctctgtaa accaatagcg    106380
     ttcagctgcg caactggctc cacctgttgg tacccttttg ttgtgctagg taccctttgg    106440
     taccttttga cagtggaaac gagcataaaa gcatacctac ccataccgta ctctagcact    106500
     cagtagaaat ggaccattag tagcctaact attcatttaa tttagtagat ggtgtcttct    106560
     gaatgggtag tagtatgata tctatctact atattttaaa caggtacttg tagttgtacc    106620
     taaagtataa tcattggtca ttgcaaatga gtactaatac ttcatggata agtatctaaa    106680
     attatgttaa aataataagc actagtaaaa gagcactatg aaacaagatg ctattatgtt    106740
     ttatagaata aacgttaaaa ctgcctgcca tagcctttct tttgttgttg ttttcaactt    106800
     aatatatata ccacatatag cataatactt tttgtgtgct ctgttgaact ttacaaagtg    106860
     aaaacattga tttgttactt gtctaaagac attcttcatt ttgcatctca ctgtcacatt    106920
     cctaagtttc aaccctccct ttcatcttct tctcctgctt gacttctcaa ctccagaaaa    106980
     gtaacttaag tccagaggac atagatttag agaatgagcc atggtataag ttctttgctg    107040
     aactggagtt tgggcggccg gtaagtgtgg ctttggtttg gtgctgttag catgcggctt    107100
     gtgattggtg tgagggtgta aaggtcacat acgtgctgca catgctgtcg gtccaacatg    107160
     atcatgtctg aaatggctgg ttggacactg taacacatac cttacgtttg agtttgatga    107220
     ataactaata tcaggttctg tttagaccag acttgctttc tcctaccagc atttcagtct    107280
     ttcagtacac agtaaactac tttttcattc aactaatgta catttttgtt caactactat    107340
     acactgcatg attttgcaag tagattatgc cgctcactgc acaaggtgtg tgtagttttg    107400
     taggcttggc gtgacatagt tttgtgaaag ggatagttaa tccaaaaact gcaaatttgt    107460
     cattgtttac tcacctttca cttgttttaa ctatttgagt ttttattttc atgttgaaca    107520
     caaaagacaa tattttgaag aattttgaaa accagtagcc attgacttcc aaaataaagt    107580
     tgatgccagt ggcttctggt taccaacatt tttcaaaata tgttatttga tgttcattaa    107640
     aaaccattaa acattaaaaa tcgagtaatg atcttttaag ggtgagtaaa tggtgagtac    107700
     attttgtttt ctgggtgaac tgttcctaaa agctgaagta ttgcagtgtg tagtgttttg    107760
     ttgcagatat attcagtgtt agttgtttat agtcatactt tctcccttgt tacatcactg    107820
     tttctgtgtt cctcccctct tccattcctt tgggtgaagc ctccaaaaaa acttctggat    107880
     tacaatccag agagcgctcc tcgatttcca gtggaggtaa agagtgaatg aatgaaggaa    107940
     taagtgagtg aatgactaac tgctctactt acttgttgca ctctcagact ggaagagaga    108000
     gagaaagcta ttaatagaag tatgcacatt gcaaccctta catgtttgac attcatttaa    108060
     cagtttcact tataacacaa agctcactgt ttaaattgaa gtaatacact acttaatacc    108120
     tgagatgtgg aacatattaa aataagaaaa aaacttacag tatgtgaaga ggatttactt    108180
     tttgatgcaa tttccctgtc tcacataatc agtgttttcc cctgccaaaa ctcgatcaga    108240
     tacttaaata catttttttt ttgatatgat acaatgttat aactcaaatt ccttatgctt    108300
     tttagtcact tctgaattgt caatgagtac atttacagga caccaataat ctgattttga    108360
     tatgattaag acaatattcc tattaagagt ttaccatgta aacagcaatt tttgattaat    108420
     ttaatcctat taaagtcata atcaaactaa acataaatct aattaagacg tggagtattt    108480
     agtaagatta ttgaagtgta gtacagacat gtaaacactg caaacaaact attaccgttg    108540
     tgtaggattt caccgcattt tgcaaacgtc tgacactatt ctctgcacct accaggtcag    108600
     tgaaggacca caaacacctg cattgtgaaa tgcagggttt ttttctccat ttggcatgcg    108660
     gagtcaaatg ccattaaaaa aaactctttc agcagttcat actcgcatcc aatacctcag    108720
     tttgtcacag ggtgtcatgc atgaaatgtt tctgaatgaa agtgaaaatg ccaaactgca    108780
     gttaaagtcg acaaattaaa aatgaaacat ccgaaattac atgaaactct ggaggaaacg    108840
     tggatagcgg atagtgacaa tatgacgttg atccaattat gtgctataac atgtaaaatg    108900
     agatgatgta agaaactttc aaaaagcaac tggtgtaaac acttactgta tttatattaa    108960
     tgtcttattc agattaaggc aaaggcaaat aacttgatta ctgatgtcca tgtaaactaa    109020
     gtcattgtct gtaaaaaaaa tcggaaatat tatattgtca atgttatata aatgatatat    109080
     atattataat ttatatatat aaactagagc ctctgacata aaaatgaaac acatatatgt    109140
     atgtatattt acgtttaact tatataactc ttatatggtt tcccagtact gggttgtggc    109200
     tggaagggca tctgctgcat taaatatatg ccagactggc tggcggttca ttccactgtg    109260
     gtaacccctg atacagtaaa tcagggacta aactgaagga aaatgaatga atgaactact    109320
     atatgacatc tacagggtat ccacagggtt ttaaaaagtc ttaaatttca aaaacaaaac    109380
     tttaggcctt aaaaagtctt aaattcactg aaatattgtc ttgtaagtct taattttaaa    109440
     cagatcttaa ttttcatttg tttaagtgaa gctacccaat tgatccaaca cacatccaac    109500
     tatacatctc aaaactgttt ataactaatt ttataacagt ctgttgtgca tacatttagc    109560
     ttttaaagag ttttaaaaaa agttatgttg gaaaaacatg tatgtctaca actactttat    109620
     aaggtctgct tgttttgaca ttatttcaaa tatgtggcta ggaaataact aattaatcat    109680
     tttttttcgt tctactgggc cattaaaaaa attcttagtg tttagccctt tataagcatt    109740
     aaagcattat aagcattaaa cataagcgtt tcattcttca tggtcataaa aagatcttaa    109800
     agagtattta atttgactaa atttggcaga aaccctgatc tatatgatat caaagcttgt    109860
     caaaatttat actgtaagca tgataacata aatgtatata tttattggag ctaaatttat    109920
     agtatattaa attgttgcag atttgttttt acttcaaact atgaactatt ttatataaga    109980
     ttgttacata tgttttttta tatctaaatc tataacattg attaaacatt tgagttttgt    110040
     gtaatgagag tactcaagcg aacatttctt attataacag tggtaatacc gctatttaca    110100
     aatgtacagt acacattaaa gtacagttac agttgttcca tgtctaagaa tcaatgccct    110160
     gcatgtacat ccacatggtc tttatgaaag taaagttcag tctattatta cattgtgtat    110220
     ttatgataag acaggagaat ttcctgctgg ctgtcatccg tccattctgt ccaagtgttt    110280
     atagtacatg aaggatgtat ggtcatgccc tctgagtgtt catattacac atccttcttc    110340
     accgagtggc ttttttatgt ctttttaaaa atagttcact ggctgtcaag gagaaaaact    110400
     aatcaagaat gcattaatgt tgttttttgc atgtgattac caccccattc aacattgcag    110460
     acttgaatat tgtgaatttg gcacgtctat aatgagcttc atttacaaag aaaggaggtg    110520
     tgattgaaac agcactaaca cttaacacta tgcgttggct agttaaacaa gacactttat    110580
     ttggcataga tcttaccaat taagcaagtt tgttccaaaa tcacccattt tatgaattac    110640
     tatgtaaatg aaaggataat tctcaccatt tactctcggt caagtgtgtc cataccttta    110700
     atcctttttc tgttaaacac aatataagat attttcaaaa atgttagaaa tcgttgacat    110760
     ccatagcagg aaaaacaaat actatggaag tcaattgtta cgtttttttt caacattttt    110820
     ttaaactaac ttctgttgta ttaaatgcaa aaaagaaacc caaataggct tgtgacaatt    110880
     gaaagctgag gtaattgaca aaatgtcagt tttgggtgaa ttacctcttt aaagatagat    110940
     tataactcag aggctggtag tagtgacagt tatggtttga ggaatgttgt aaatccaaac    111000
     aaagtattgc taaaaattgt catggagagt ttgccagcca attttgagct tgctagttgg    111060
     gtgtctgtca ctcagagctg tatttatgtt gactagatgc aaatgtgtca cactgaagag    111120
     acattcttgg tactgcgtgc ttgggctact tttaaagagg gttaaaaaaa cgcaaggggc    111180
     gtctgcagct ggtttgaaga gctgttcctg ataacaccac tcagagcttc agcaaacagg    111240
     aagatgatta tctactccag ccatgtgtat aaggaatttc ctgctttgtt cgacatagaa    111300
     accctcgtaa gtggtcgaat gctgccatgg gaatagacag ctgcccatgc caccacatcc    111360
     aggcataagg aatatcacca cctttttgtt tttttaccat tgttggattt atgaaagagg    111420
     ctgctggcta ttaaggcacc tactttatag tatgtgtggg cattaagtga ggaattcacc    111480
     ctttttcttg tgttcttcat ctgtttcaga cctctcttta tcagccatcc actgacagga    111540
     gccttgaaag gccatcaagg taagtttact gtatattcac tagacattca catttatcca    111600
     ttttattaca ttgatttttt ttaaatatag aagaaaaata tcaaatcagg tgacatctaa    111660
     aacagacttt tctcaaaaca tttttaacgc agcaaagatc cactaagaat gaccttggaa    111720
     ctggacgaaa gtcatgattt tacaaaatag acaaatatga ttaacatgta gaaagtgttc    111780
     aaatactttg tctaatttgt aacatttttg tctcaatact aattatttta taatataatt    111840
     aaaatataaa atacatgtat aacaataatt attaacttaa gatctattgt tttcattgtc    111900
     cagtaaataa agaaaagttt acaaaatgtt ttctttcttt aagtgccact ttgtttaaat    111960
     ttcctaatgc atgttttagc atgaggtctg tacccacatt tggggtcatt gtgtactata    112020
     ggtgacaggt cacgatatta gtttcaaaag gagacttaat ttcattgcaa actattaaaa    112080
     taaacaaaga ctattatcat ttatactata gctctgcaag tgataacaag aagaggcgaa    112140
     aatccgaacc tgctaccact cagccaagag ctcacagcag tgtgggcaca acacaaacat    112200
     ctgtcagacc accagagctg cccaggggca gcagcaccca gaggaatccc ctaaccagcc    112260
     caagctcccc cgccaccact agaactaaag gtaaacgtca aacgagaagt cgaaattgtg    112320
     cacattattg aaagcataag caactgggaa aggttcacag acaattttta ttttgctcca    112380
     gcgcagcaca agctgaattt taaactattt tccctttgca tgaataaagg tcaatgaatt    112440
     atttagtgtt tacaatcttg ccacagtgta gagtagcata tcaactgcct ctatattcag    112500
     ggggggcttg ttgatcaaga tgtctgattt ctttccagtt ttcttccagg ccgttgtata    112560
     cacgtccttt ttctcctgtg gggaaattac cttttaatgt cttctcatgt ctctttttta    112620
     ccatgctgct tgtggtggat gtctaaggtg gggatgtgag caatatgcac acagcacatt    112680
     caaactgtct aagtccaaac cattctacct cagaacctgt gtatcaaaac tatggtgaaa    112740
     atgaagacag ttttatggct gtcccagctg tctcaaaagg cttctccagc ctcccagaag    112800
     gctggaaacc agcccaagag aattcagaag actggatgat cgcagaggag acctcaccta    112860
     agctcaaatc ttggagttgt gatgacctcc tgtctgaggg aaggggaaga gaagtgcaga    112920
     cccgttgtga aagcactggc tccttgttgc acaatgggga actagagaca tcacaatact    112980
     gtgatgtcca agagcctgag gatcttaggg agaggacccg ccaccgctct gcccacgatg    113040
     caccaggctt tcttaaactc tacaagaaga tgcatcacat taacaggcaa gagttgatca    113100
     actctactgt gatctgctct gtcaaatcca ggatccgtaa gtatgagagc gaacagcgaa    113160
     aggataggcg gactggcaat aagggctgca acgaagaggt gcctagagac atggtgcaca    113220
     acaggatttc tgaatttgag agtctgattc agaagtctaa atccatgcca aaccttgggg    113280
     aggagtgcct aatcagaggt tcttccagga ggatcaacag ccctaagcgt agcctctcta    113340
     ttgagtcgtt gctagatgaa gaaccaccag ccaggaatcc ccctgaagga cgaccccaat    113400
     accccaagat aaacaaccat gtgccaattc acatccatgt caccagtgac caattacaaa    113460
     actctgccat gcagaatgat tattcggaca gtgagcatga tgctgtagtg tccgatctta    113520
     gtgacttcat ccagattgag gggtcatctt tttgcagtga gagggagttt gacttgtgtt    113580
     catttgcctc ctccgaaagt ttctgtggat ctggacacca ccatcatttt cacaggcaac    113640
     ttgtgagctc ctgcaagggc cgctgcccag cttcctatac acgcttcacc accatgatca    113700
     agcacgagag ggccaagcag gatcggaggc aacatttgcg agtagaagat tctgagtttg    113760
     gtctcagtaa gcttgcattc ctggtcagcc cagtgccttt ccgtcggaag aacctgtcac    113820
     ctttgagttt ttcccgaatg tcaaactcca agagctatgt gtacgagact ctagattcag    113880
     ctctaaaaga catctatgat cacatccgca ctgagaaacg caggagtagc ctgtcagaaa    113940
     acagcatcct tcataggttg ttggtggagt tgcttccgga cattcctgag aggaattcct    114000
     ccctgcatgc actggggaga aacagtccta caattcaacc tcgctcttac cacccacaac    114060
     ctgatggcat gtccagtcag gacattcacc aatccgagta ctgtcacctg tcccatagtg    114120
     cctctcacaa ccatatagac agcaacaaca accagaggaa ccacaacttt aaatactgct    114180
     atcaaggtgg actcatctaa tcaatctgtt ttttttctga aatcctttca tcccttgtgt    114240
     ttggtttctg ctccatcatt gctatgttcc atttgtgttt gtgaatgtgc ttgcttagag    114300
     gtggtgtacc taagctttct cccggagggc caatatcttg cagtttagct ccaacgtgct    114360
     gtctcaaata agactgaata cctaaataag ccagtccaat tgtggttgga tcttagacta    114420
     ctggatagtg gccctctagg agcaggattg gacatagtga aaggaattat gttgcgagga    114480
     acatcagcaa gcatgactca ttcccacatc ctccgctctg cattagtttt gtttttgttt    114540
     tgttggtgtg gggaaggtgt tggtgcctgt gtctttcatt ttctcatatt acattgtctt    114600
     tgctactgtc taataatgtt ctactatata cggtatataa tacattcctg tatttggtag    114660
     acaccttcat gcattcaaag tatgcatttt atcaagttca gatattatct gggaatcagg    114720
     acactagaaa aaaaaactac tttgtgtttg ggcttaccac aaaagaaatg taactttgtg    114780
     aagtttcagt ctatataaat agctttggac agatgacttg agcagctgaa gcatgcaatc    114840
     taaaaacaga tttgagattt tattggcttg ggaagaaaca tgttagctta ctttttacgt    114900
     ttactctctt aaacctgaca tataagacct aatcagcctt agtaaagaat tagctatttg    114960
     ttttggagaa ggccagtgtt ttaattatgt ttttaaaatg aaagatatgc aacacatagt    115020
     ccgcaatgtt tataaatgag gaggcttcag agcaaggggg tttgcccaca gttggcacag    115080
     atgccagcta accattagca gttctagtat aaatacacat ctatactggg aatttgagtc    115140
     tggacgaagg gcacaacata tcttctgaga tgattcatgg aaatcattat tatggacaac    115200
     aaaatatgta tacagcattt ctttatttac atattttttt cattggacaa taaaatgtgt    115260
     aaatttgtat ttacttttta ttttctccca ctttatgtgc atttttctca tcagatccca    115320
     aattattatt tcctttgcca ttgcttgttc ccatgcatgt cagtgttaaa tttctatgag    115380
     acttgtcttt aaatcggttt tctttgcttt ttattctaga ccaggacaca tccagaaatt    115440
     acacttaccc tgatgtgggt cggcaaacac cacagagcag gagacaaacc cctgatgtca    115500
     aagaggtact gtagaggaat atgcatcaat gtaatatttt agtaaaaaca ctacgatttt    115560
     acctaagctt tgctcgaatt gtaaccacat gcaataaaga tatattgtgt tctgcttcat    115620
     ttgcttgaca gaaactgcca gccagagcaa tatatgactt caaagcacag acggccaagt    115680
     aagaacaact tgcaaaccat gtcaccatgt tctgttttat tctgcgttag atgtgctaca    115740
     atcagtcagt caatttgaat gcattattta tgtatgtcct tagcataatc gtgttatttc    115800
     ccctgtggaa tctagttgtc ttgatgtttt ccttccagag agctgacgtt caaaaaagga    115860
     gacacagtat acatcagtcg gcagatagat aataactggt atgaaggaga ataccatgga    115920
     catgtaggga tattccccat ctcatatgtg gaggtgtgta gaaagctctc tgtctttgtg    115980
     tacattcagt ataaagatac ttcaacctct aatttctctc ttttctcaga aaatccctcc    116040
     atcggagcga catctgccag caagaccacc tcctccagcc cagagcaaag aaattggaga    116100
     agcagttgcc cgttacaact ttaatgctga tactaatgtg gaactttcat taagaaaagt    116160
     aaaagtttta ttagtcttga tgtcataatt agcttttggt tttcagctct ggctcattat    116220
     tccactactt aatgtttttt tttacacttt gaaaaaaaga cctttacaag tctaacttgt    116280
     tgctgaattc ttatattcta tgctatttta ttatcatgtt tcaacacaaa ggaaaattaa    116340
     aaagttcaca attgggcttg gggtgagtgg gggtgggggt aatacagtaa tatctaaaat    116400
     accacaggat ctaaaaatag caactgtatc agtttcagta ccgttatacc gtcatgaaaa    116460
     gaacaatgca cttatattgg agacaaggat taaatattaa atagaatttc tttaatgcct    116520
     aaaaataagt atgcatggtt gtcattacga gaccgtgtgg aagagataga gagaagtggg    116580
     gaaagatggt gagtcgagca cttaatgccc cgtttacact gtcaggtctt gatgcccaat    116640
     tttgatttgt tgcctatata tgattttttt gactgtccat ttacacattg ttttaattgt    116700
     gaccttcatc cgattcatgt gtttatactt gccctataat tcatgatgtc tgtgtcacac    116760
     tagctacgat ggaagaaact cccttgcttt tagctctgcg aaatatgcaa agttcaccca    116820
     attttaaaat gattttgagg cagaggagga aggaaaaggc catcattgca gcttgtgcct    116880
     atggtttata tatggtgtcc tccaccattc agaggaatgt gtgggtacga gagagatctc    116940
     aggtctggtg ggagcaaatt gtggcgactg accactttcc tcctccatgt atcctctgtt    117000
     gttgtttacc gcgtcagcgt ctccacacac gctcttaaat atggacgagt taatttgcaa    117060
     attgtgcaac attaggtgaa caagagagat ggaaatctgc actgtaatat cgtataccaa    117120
     ggtaaaaaaa attttgacgg tattgaaatt tggatactgc ccaagcctag tcacaaccag    117180
     cggtttttcc atattacagg ttaaacatta aatacttttt taaaaggtta tactcgtatc    117240
     atttttgcac ttgtttcatt tgttccactg ttataccact taatatatca tgttgatgtc    117300
     ttccagggag agcgtgttgt attggtgcgg caggtggaca aaaactggtt tgagggaaag    117360
     atcccaggta caaacaaaca aggaatattt ccagtgtcgt atgtggatgt cattaagaag    117420
     acttcagtac aaaatactgg acaaccgcct gggcctagta tacctaccag cttctccagt    117480
     gacagactga acagtagggt acgttttcaa ttgtattttt gcttaaagag gcttaacggt    117540
     cttaaacata tttcatatta caatgtcatg aggtttcaat catggtgatg agagacatgt    117600
     gaattcgggt tacttatatc cacggaatat acactctgat ccacttaagt aagtgcataa    117660
     tcttatctgg ataaatacta acttatactt taaatacatg atccgtgccg acaaagggtg    117720
     gcgtcagagg cagcaaaacc tttcattcag atcatgttac tctttgccat aggtcatgta    117780
     cagcgctgtc agagtcaaca aggtggcaag tgcaaaatta atcctttttc agatggcaac    117840
     tgtcccagtc ctaaaataga tcacctctgt catctttaga ttacctttgg cttgttgtgt    117900
     aagataagcc tgagttcaga ttaaatgccc ttgagttgta attccatcta aagaacaaag    117960
     aagtaaaggc ttattacttc gctctcgtga gaccaagcca gcaggattag atcagattaa    118020
     tcacacgtcc tgccagtatc cagtataggc taattagatt gtgggcatga cctgctgcga    118080
     tatacatgtg ctgctcagtt cttgctgttt tactaagcag gaagtgtctg gacggggtat    118140
     ttttgtcaaa tatttggaca cttcagctat actcaaaaag ataaacatca ttttagtgaa    118200
     taaatgtcgt taaactaatc tcatgcttta aaaaaaaaac atgttttaag gttttaaatg    118260
     gcaaatcata cactgtcagt tcacaaattc acatacagtt gcacacctaa ctctcatttg    118320
     tgcagtagat tttgtccaaa gcactgggca ctacactctt aaaaatgaag gttccaaata    118380
     agagttttta aagtgatgcc ataaaataac atttttggat tcattttaat taataaataa    118440
     atacatttat actctaaaac aggggtctca aactcacggc gggttggcca tttatggcct    118500
     ccctcatcct ccatccaacc cgcaactgac gtcaaaaata tgagattctg ccctacaaaa    118560
     catggctgca tccgaaacag cctactactc agtaggcact gaatttgaat ttaaatgtaa    118620
     tactcggctg ttagaaaagt acgcttatac agtatgaata cgagcagtat gaatgaaatt    118680
     cggacatccg ctattttgta atgatcgagt tgttccgttt tactcccatt catgaattct    118740
     cttgtagggc atcatggtat agcgcagcgt gcatgggatg cacacttcag aatcttgccg    118800
     gatatactaa gtcatccgcg tacttctcgc atactgattt tcgaattcta tgaatttgta    118860
     catactacat ggctcgcata ctaaattaga ttattatata gtatagaaat atacagtttt    118920
     cggatgcagc ccatatgttt atgaatcaca atcattgttg tgtatatagc cacttgttat    118980
     tttgaccccc cccccccccc caatcccatc tattgggcat ttaaagtact gcactgtata    119040
     tatttgagtt ttacctctgt tttttctcag gttgagaata ttgcacctgc ttattatttc    119100
     tgtggctgat ttaaacgttg aaatatgtcc ctaggtgctc tattttttac taaagctcaa    119160
     tttttgtaaa tatttaagga tcatttgatt attatcactt tgataccacc tgtgttgtgt    119220
     tgaacaaacc ctttttcatg gcttacacgt tatgctggtg gtgtaaaaaa tatgcaaatt    119280
     ttgctaatat tcgattcaaa tggtctaata gatttacctc atatgcgtat tgagatttgt    119340
     atggaaacta tgtacatttt actgctggtt gaattgaaag taaatgtgaa tatatactta    119400
     cttttctcct ctttgtggta gttttacaaa aaagaaaaat actaagaaga acaattgcca    119460
     gtaaagtcat taaagttacc caaactgctt tctgctgttc ttgtactgtc tgttaaactt    119520
     ttggtaaagc aacaattggt tgggacagaa taaaaactat gattattatc attattatca    119580
     ctacttaaat gtcaaaatgc taatttaaac agccacagat atatttcagc agttttatga    119640
     agcaaaaaac gtgctgatct gcattatcaa tgatgagagg taatgcttaa attatgaaca    119700
     tcaagtctgt tgtcctaaga tgcatctctt atgtcacttt tttcttctgc tttaatgtta    119760
     aatcgactat cctatgtatt gtcagtcact gaaatgcccc cccccccacc aatttgagtt    119820
     taacacccct gctctaaaaa gacccttttg tgtaatgtaa aagttctatg gaggtttgag    119880
     attttgcact gaaacttgtt tggtgtttga aggcttgtat tgtaaagatt gtgactcagt    119940
     gattgtgttg ttgtttccac tttacaaatc agtacagaca gttattgtgg actaaaaaat    120000
     attaattgca catattgttc cttgtagctc atgcctttag tcttaggtct gtttcccaca    120060
     tattgcatct gtggagcctt tttaatacct gaaatgactg caaaaagctt ttacaaagac    120120
     agcatttctg ctacgctgta ttaatcctta cgaaatggta tgcaaaccca aactttagct    120180
     atgaaacgtc ctaaatcatc tagaatcaat cagatttact gaacagaaag tgctgttttc    120240
     gtgctgtgat tttctaggtg gtattttctc ataaactacc acattcatct atcctcttgt    120300
     cactttcatt atcttttcta tcagttctca tattttccca gtgtatcatt actatcactt    120360
     tctgtttttc cctctctcct tctttccctt aagccgtcat ctacacgtaa cctccacaac    120420
     tctccatccc caactatccg tccactctcc tcatcttctc ccagtccaca gagagctgca    120480
     caccttcaag ccatcaccag cgagtggttg gctctcactc tgggtctgtc cccttcagga    120540
     acccctgccc ccacacctcc tcccttccct tccaatttcc agccatacta tgaagcgttt    120600
     gactctggca tctcgccatc tcccgcctcc tccacactgg gccgctctcc aacactcact    120660
     ccccgcgtct ccacacctgc actcaaagag ggccacttca ttcccatctc ctccccaaag    120720
     tcctacatgt cccctgatcc cagcccgtca cctcaaccct acctcacctc cgcctccttc    120780
     actccttcgc ccacttcacc cacatttgac tccaggtctg gcagtgtcat agaaattctg    120840
     tccagtcaca aagcagattt gcctgtgaag gaactgcagt tgttctcaga tcccaaagac    120900
     agatacaagc caggcgagac agactcccct aaattgggca gccctattga cttagttgtt    120960
     tttgaaggtc aaaaatctcc attggatatt ctgccaccaa aagacctaga ggatgatctg    121020
     tgtgaggagc tagtgtcgat tataaaggcc agccaatcaa agggtgcatt cttagaagag    121080
     gaggatttgt atcaccaaga accagatact gtggaaaagc tacccagact cttcattgag    121140
     gaggagcaga atgaagacaa cagcttctta aataaaaccc tgccatcaaa tacattcact    121200
     ccactccaac ttgcccatag tgagggttca gatattgagg tagagcttgc tgtttggtaa    121260
     tgcccctaaa ctgaaaagtg aaagtaaatt tccttacagg agaagtgtgt cacttttgtc    121320
     tttttttgtt ttaaacccca tgagttaaag ggttagttca ctcaaaaatg aaatgcgtta    121380
     ttaccctcat gtttttccaa ttctctatga ccttcattta tcttcagaac acaaattaag    121440
     atattttaga tgaaaaccaa gagctctctc ctcctctata tgcaaaaatg gtccatagat    121500
     gtctaaaatc cagaagatac agtaacaaaa cctttcaaaa ggtaaacctt tgtactttac    121560
     agctgcacat tagtacctaa aaggtaaact tttgtacttt taaaggctga tttatacttc    121620
     tgcgtcaagc acacgcgtat gctacggcgc agcctacgtg ttgacgctta gtcctacgcc    121680
     gtaattgtcg tggctgtgca cctctcaaaa attgtaacta cacgtcacag cgaagcatag    121740
     cgcaagctca gtgattggtc agcttggtag agctgacgag tctgggcggc accaagagct    121800
     gcgtgagccc gatagagcgg ttggagtccc gtgaaggagc tccgaatgga aagttttgtt    121860
     ctgtgtttac ctcatgatta aagttgttgc acgttcgcct gttcctgcct caaaatgagc    121920
     gagtttgagc cacttgtaca ttcaggaagc gttcagtaaa aacaaaacag aagcgaagaa    121980
     acttgacaca gaggaacatt tacacctcac tacccactag cattttggaa gtgttaatgc    122040
     agaccaacag agatagcgag cagaagtata aatgcgcagc tacgcgcgtt gcatgcgctg    122100
     tgcgttacgc cgatcacttg acgcagaagt ataaccaggc ttaagacagt ggttccaaag    122160
     tgaggtttga gacccctcgg ggggtcgatg aataatgagc ggtgatcact tggtgatatc    122220
     caaaaatcta attaattggc tgaaaagttt gggaacctct gctttaaggt actataagat    122280
     aaagacttgt atttttttta aatacaaaaa aaaaaagttg tttttataaa tttaattgca    122340
     cataaaatgt tcctggaact ttgaatgatt acagttctgg aatgatttga aagtgttttt    122400
     gatttttctg gaatttaaat atctcaggac tgttgttgtc catggaggag agggatcttg    122460
     gatttattct aaaacattgt gtgttctgaa aatgaataaa ggtctcaggg tattagaacg    122520
     acattagggt gagttttgaa cagaatttcc ttttttggat gaaccaaccc tttaatggga    122580
     ctgtttacac acaaaaaaat cctcaggcct tccaagatgt aggtgacttt ttaagaccag    122640
     attttatgtg cagttaattt tataaaaata actttttttt ttacctatgc cttccaagtc    122700
     tggttagggt gctatgcata cactgttatt tgacaagaca cttattattc aagtaaaaaa    122760
     gtattcattt tgttttgccc acatatgctt ttttgactaa aagtggcagt agccattata    122820
     tcgtatttta tgaatcacca tgaccactgg cccagctaaa aataatcttt atcatctaaa    122880
     gaaaacaaca acaacaacaa catattgaat ggcctgagaa tgagtaaatt gaagcaaaat    122940
     ctcaattttt cagttcaatt tgggtgaact gttcctttaa aataaatgtt ttgtgcaaac    123000
     gctaacacgg aatgcttatt attgtttcca gtggccatta agtttgcatt tttgtttgtt    123060
     aaactgcacc aaaaaaataa aataatcaca cacttcgcct gtagatcctg aagcatctgt    123120
     agagcatgat gaacgtgcct ttagcatgta taactgtttt catctccaca tcagcagggt    123180
     gaagtttccc agaatgcctc tcctcgtctc tcctctctgt cctcacagat gtcattgcca    123240
     ttcacatctg ctaaatactc ccccacttcc ccatgctcca ccccaccatt gcctggggtt    123300
     tcacagtcac cccctcactt ggcaaaactg ttccctcggc aggacctccg ctccccaaag    123360
     gtcaaggtaa agacaaggtg cttgttagtg actgtactag tgctcaccat cctccccttc    123420
     cccttaatcc taccactcca taatacatac actaacattc tctattaaag cgacctatat    123480
     aacgtaaata cattattgtt acggcatgca tttccatgaa agatttattg caccatagtg    123540
     tgcttgctac atacatgaaa aactgtagtt cacactgtat gtctgactta cggtaaatta    123600
     ttactattat atatggggag gtagaatcat taattattag taagtcatag acatatttaa    123660
     atcaccccta aacactactc acaatcccag gatactttaa attagctttg taggcttttg    123720
     cttgttagct ctgtccactg gcatggaaaa aaacaactct cataacagat gattggacaa    123780
     cttggtaaat acattaagac ttaaaagaag ctaataattt gctccaatca aggaatattc    123840
     acttactcat gttaaatatc ccccctcccc cccaatgtat acactacctc agaagtactc    123900
     aaaagatgtg gttggtatta tttaaataat gttgtaaaaa gacgtctctt atgatcccga    123960
     tagctgcatg tattttgaag taaaaactgt aatattgtta gatgtgtaaa atatgcagat    124020
     agcttattag aagatttttc taaatgttat gtactccagt aatggcaaag ctgaatttcc    124080
     agcaaccgtt actgcatgat tttttgtgtc aaataaggat ttagaaaata ttctaatatg    124140
     ctaatttgat gcttaaaagc acgtataaat gcaaactcca actacattct gtcctctctt    124200
     caccctgtga gtacttaata atgttttgta tacacacaca cacacacaca cacacactga    124260
     gcagagagtt ggtgacaaat gcattcatat tcatccctga aaatgcaaac acattttttt    124320
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtgttcata cacaaacaca aggcttgtgt tcatagttaa agtcagaatt    124380
     attagaataa tttatttgaa tttgttttct ttttttaaat atttttcaaa tgatgtttaa    124440
     cagagcaagg aaattttcag agtttgtctg gtaatatgtt ttcttctgga gaaagtttta    124500
     tttgttttac ttcagctgga ataaaagcag ttttaatttt taaacaccat tttaaggtca    124560
     agattattag accttttaag ctatattttt taaatagtct acagaacaaa ccatcattat    124620
     acaataactt gcctaattac cctaacctgc ctagttgccc taattaacct agttaagcct    124680
     ttaaatgtca ctttaagctg tatagaagtg tcttgaaaaa tatctcgtca aatattattt    124740
     actgtcatca tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga aatgagttaa taaaactatt    124800
     atgtttagaa atgtgttgaa taaaatcttc tcttaaacag aaactaggaa aaaataaaca    124860
     atgggctaat aattcagggg ggctaataat tctgacttta actgtatata ataataataa    124920
     taataataat aattctacaa aatatgtatg actagtcgtt aatgacatgt atgtaaatgt    124980
     gtatatgcat gatgcaatat acacaattac aggtaacaag gtatctttaa gtaagactaa    125040
     aatgtcacaa gccacatctg ctgcctttaa aaactcaatt cagtgttgct atgagccagc    125100
     ttcaaaaaca taaaaaaaaa caagtggact tagatgccac acatttcaag cataagttaa    125160
     aggtgctgta ttgaagttat tgacttttat aaagcataaa aatgctatat gtttgcagat    125220
     atttaggaaa catgctaagt gaacattctt gttcatctga aaaacaatgc tgaagtcaga    125280
     tattctgctt taaaaatgtc tgttatgcgc cagaacggct gtctttgttt tggttctttt    125340
     aacccgccga atgctacttt agctaattat atttcagcac cccgggttgc cttgctggaa    125400
     aactgcatat ttaattcatt cattcagaag gctcttaaag cataggtctg ttacagaaat    125460
     aaatttcaat aaaattaatt agcaaaaaat ataaatatta tgagcataaa tgttaggtga    125520
     gcagaataca ttgtaatcct gtgtcctaat agcatgctgt gtgacaaaag acgtagtgat    125580
     aagtaatttg actgcaccag aggaaacaca acagctgtat tcagttgctt ttatatagaa    125640
     catgatttaa atcggccttt aggctctata gtcagaatcg ctccttttgg ttctcaatct    125700
     ggcaacctgc gcttgcgttt gttttgatcc aggaatgcaa tacctagttc aaccactggg    125760
     tgtcaaactt acatgctgca cctttaaaca tgacgtgaca atcatggcga tcactgtatt    125820
     gttaatttgg tcaaaaaaga gcagatacat gggtaacatt gtttcagtta tcacaattca    125880
     agagtgagtc catacacacc cacaaaataa tttaaaatat gatcattttc atgtaattta    125940
     ggggattatg ggaaaaaaat actgttttgc ttaatgtttt ttgcagcaca gagaaagtct    126000
     ttactgttca ttttaatcga ttttatgcat tgttgctaat taaaatctgt ctgaccccaa    126060
     acttctaaac aacagtgtgt atttttgcaa attgtttttt ttaatgacta ctcatgtcag    126120
     cttctcctgg ttctttcagc ctgtgttaag gcgtgatgtt gtggttgttg gtaaaccccc    126180
     tcgtagccct gtgatgtcta ggaggtcctg cggatcacct gttagaggtc aaaacttttc    126240
     gccatctaat agggtaggga gtatgtgcaa cctgtgtggc aatggcacat ctgaccaaag    126300
     ggaaactcag ttttctctcc tttttcaatg cataatgaca ttgattgatt taatttgctg    126360
     ctgtacctaa atgtaatgat gttcggaatg atacagtaat cttttttttt tttctcagtg    126420
     tatggtcaca tgatgcgcag tatcattcta tcaatacaat gttaattcat gaacgaggga    126480
     tactcttaaa gggatagttt acccaaaaat aaaacttttg tcattattta tgcacccatc    126540
     ccttttcaac aaactttctt tcgtatactg aacacaaatt ttgaaaaaaa gtgcagaccg    126600
     ttatagtcat tgactatatt tgtttgtttc tatggtgtca atggttctgg tttacaacat    126660
     ttttcaaaat agcttatttt gtgttcaaca gaagaaaaaa agctcaaaca ggtttggcac    126720
     cacttgactg tgaaaaaata agcagtaaaa gatttatttt tgggtgaact atgactttaa    126780
     caccaaggtc ttgtctatct gagcgtttgt gcattaagtg gtgaagaaat taacatttaa    126840
     ttcttaatat gtctgtagat tgataacatt ttgcatgctg aaagtggttt ttctgcatgt    126900
     ctacggtgtg ttttgtggct caagattggc gtgtttttag caatgcattg agagtgtttg    126960
     ggttgtctgg atttttttcc tgggaatgtc ccaatgatct gtcctgtgta cgcagcttaa    127020
     acaaggtgta ctccccaggg ccaggcaagc ggccttttcc ccacattttc ttccgagcaa    127080
     ggggagtaca gtcctcggtt tcagtactta aggcattttt taactctttc taagtccaga    127140
     gatcaaacat atttcagaaa atatgttgtt tgatggctta gaaagcaaga ttttgagccc    127200
     ccggtagtcc tggatctcac gcgtgtttga ataaagtgca gttccttttt gttttaatct    127260
     gtgtttaatc tacgtttaga caggtttggt cattaacata gttcagatac acacagctga    127320
     tccaggtctg gcctcaggct tcgcattaat gagcacagtg gaagtctggc tgttctcact    127380
     atcagataca gcagaacgag agacggaaac atttaaatgt cctttcctct tttctctttt    127440
     tcagtcccaa agacaagcat atgcttgtga tccacttcaa ggtggagggg aaccgtgagt    127500
     atctcaagtc ttcttctaca gtagtcaaca tttaaagtgg gtcaaaactt tttaacatga    127560
     ttctcctaaa atgctccaaa aaaaaactat tctcatatta agaacatttt ttttttaaac    127620
     gttttgatca acttcaaatg ttgactactg tatatgcaca ttaacaacct ataaagttca    127680
     tgtagaaaat ttggtcagct ttaaaagccc caattctatc gcttcatctt gcagatttca    127740
     agcactgtat aactacatgc cacggaatga agatgagctg gagctgaagg aaggtgatgt    127800
     tgttgatgtc atggaaaagt gtgatgatgg atggtttgtg ggtaagtctg tgaattctat    127860
     tttcatcccg ttgcttgcta gtattaaagg agcatttcag tgatgttctt taatttgcca    127920
     ctaagtggcg ctgctgttca actaaaaatg atctttaaaa ctggttttaa ggttcaaggg    127980
     gcaaattttc aagggccaat gacaaaagta tggaataatt acattagatt tttccgttaa    128040
     tgagtattaa aaaaacaaaa aacgcattta ttcaataaaa aagcttttaa agtagtttaa    128100
     aatattatta cagtttacaa tacttgtttg gtttaatata tttgacaatg taatttaatc    128160
     cagtgatttt cagggaccat tactcaaata ttcagtcaca ctcatggcca ctttattagg    128220
     tacaccttac tagtaccggg ttggaccccc ttttgccttc agaaatgact taatccttcg    128280
     tggtatagat tcaacaaggt tatggaaaat tacttagaga ttttggtccg tattgacatg    128340
     atagcatctc agctgctgca gtcggctgca cattcatgat gcaaattacc cgtttcacca    128400
     catcacaagg tgctctattg gattgaggtc tggtgactgt ggaggccatt tgagtacagc    128460
     aaactcattg tcatgttcaa gaaacaagtc tgaaatattt ttacatttta tgacatggca    128520
     cattatccag tctggccatt ctccactgat ctctggcatc aacaaggcat ttgcatcctc    128580
     agaactgcca ctcactgaat attttttctt ttcggatcat tctctgtgaa ccatagagat    128640
     ggttgtgcgt gtaaatccct gtagatcagc tgtttctgaa atactcagac cagcccttct    128700
     aacaccatgc catgttcaaa gtcacttaaa tcccttttct tccccattct gatgctcggt    128760
     ttgaacagca gatcgtcttg accatgtcta tatgcctaaa tgcattgagt tgctgccatg    128820
     tgattggcta attacagatt tgtgttaacg agcagttgta caggtgtacc taaaaataaa    128880
     aaagtggcgg gtgagtgtag attagtcata taattcttta tttaattgcc tttgtatttt    128940
     actgattgat actttcaatt ttaatagtga ttatttcaaa actgaaaata gaaaattacc    129000
     ttgaacaaaa actgaacatt ttattttaat gtttgttcat atttttctat gattgtttta    129060
     atatcagact tttaatcatt tcttttttat tgatttaacc taagatctct atatgattag    129120
     aaatcaaaaa caaaagttac tgttttatag atgtttattc tgtggttgaa ttaaaaatga    129180
     catatacatt tcagcaagtt taatctgtat ctttcctcat accttctgat gttcatttat    129240
     gtttatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    129300
     atatatatat atatatatat tgctatatta tgtagtttaa agcagttagt catgcatgat    129360
     tcatctgatg tggctacagt aatccatttc tccatattaa atgcattttg aaagtatagc    129420
     acagcttttc caattttata ttttaggaac gtcaaggaga accaagtttt ttggaacctt    129480
     tcctgggaac tatgtgaaga ggctataaat ggacttaaaa cgcacgtctc tgatggtcat    129540
     atacatctac tgaagagaga tggacagttt cgccttcagc aggacaagct ccggtcatct    129600
     tgctggactg atggaaactg aagccaaacg gcgtcggagg ggttattgca ccttgtatct    129660
     aatttggttc ataaatattt tcataattaa atcctaaaac cactacgctt attaggaatt    129720
     tcggtaaatg ctttaaaaca tttggttgcc tacatttttt tttctcatag ttgaaaaatc    129780
     agcttgcctt ctagttaggc agaaggattt caacatgagt aattaagtgc cctgtttata    129840
     tgttatttat tgagaggcac gctttttttg tctttggaag ggtgattata cagtaggtga    129900
     tgaaggatct actggtgccc ctctgtacac tgatctgatt tagatcatat agattgagca    129960
     gtattgcagt gtcatgtttg tgtcagggag tggatattac agaagaccat tcctgcatgc    130020
     caacatgtat cttttcagta tgtaaaccgg tttcaggttg agaagaatga cctccggttt    130080
     tctagggctc tattttattt ttcctccaga cattcctttg agcatttaaa ggattttaca    130140
     gataagagaa aaatattttt tatatttttc aatctaaaaa gatattgttt tttttgttga    130200
     gaatgcagta tatccctgac aagaggctaa agtgtgcatg ctaacactag taaactgact    130260
     attaatactg cctatattaa atacttatgt tttgggtgac cttgcacatc gcttttttgg    130320
     tttacacact gtaacctatt tatggccaat aagaggagca catgatgctg aattattact    130380
     gaactgcaat tggcagccat gtattttgta tatctcgcct tcctgattct tcaaattggt    130440
     tcaatttgag tgaggaaatg tacgtttaaa actattttgt ttatttgaac attcaacgtt    130500
     cttttttttt tcattatgac atacttaata tattgtaaat tgttcacttt ctatgtcttt    130560
     aatctgttcg gcccagtgat tacactttca tattcaattt aagatatgca gcctttcaat    130620
     cttcctgtga gactgtatga ctaacagttt tattcctgtc ggtaaagcaa gaaatgtaaa    130680
     tgtgtcactc aatagaaaca ggaaccagta atatatgtaa tctaggcaat ataatacctc    130740
     atggagggaa ttatgcagtc tctgtgttgt caatgtgctt aatgtactgt accagtaaca    130800
     tcctgcgcat gttgtttcat ataaaaaact gctgatctct gcaaacttat tattgtacca    130860
     gtgtgagaat tgttttaatg ccatgctgct ctggtttaat atatgtgaat ggtggtacag    130920
     agcaatattt gtcaccgccg tctgatctgt agctacatag ggactagcag agatcttcat    130980
     tgtgctttag ttaagaactg gcactcagtc ttccattctg attgagctga aattattgtt    131040
     cctggtgcag aactttacca catgtggata tttgtcacat ttacaaatgc acgattcagt    131100
     ttttaaatgt ttataaagta caaaacactg tgatatgttt ggtcaattaa acctagtatg    131160
     attctgacac aacattttgg tgctagtgtg ggtgatggat tcttattgga tgagaattga    131220
     ctattgcttt agtatcattg gttaagaaca gacaagctgg tgcataactg attacagcgc    131280
     tcagcaaatc tcttttaaat tcatattttt aataggaagt tttacaatat tatatttgta    131340
     cataaacatt agattagtca gtactgaagc caaatctgga gctaatctag caaaataact    131400
     tacgataatg gtccaaaaac tagtacaaaa cgaatttata tgttatagaa aaatagtaaa    131460
     tacaaattta aaaaagagaa aaaactgaga agcaattttt tttttttaat gtaattgatt    131520
     ttttttaggt ttttaggatt tttttgcaat aatttgcctg aatttaattg tatttattgc    131580
     atctttcaat ttcttaatat gtttggtgac taaaatatta ttttaataaa catgtttaat    131640
     aaatctgtta tgtttaaatg catcaaaaca ctgcttatat tcactgagaa agagatacaa    131700
     atattcattt tcaaaatgag gtgtgcaatt atgctgagca ctgtaaataa aaataggaga    131760
     ggttatagca acatgtcaac ctattcatta ataaatattt aattagactc caaaaaaatt    131820
     aaacaattaa caatttagtc tttcttctgc tgtttgtttc tttgtggaat agtgcataaa    131880
     taaagtcata tattttcatc caggactatc gtttgcatct gaatgtattt tcagttagat    131940
     tcctaactac agtatagtag tatatagcct caaactgttt agcaaaatat gaatctcgca    132000
     gtcggcgaca cagtggtgca gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc aaagcaagaa tgttgctggg    132060
     tcagctggca tttctgtgtg gagttctccc tgcgtttgcg tgggtttcct ctgagtgctc    132120
     cggtttcccc cacagtccaa agatatatgg tacaggtgaa ttgggtaggc taaattgtct    132180
     agtggatgaa tgtgaatggg agtgtgttga tgtttcccag ggatgggttg tggctggatg    132240
     ggcatccgct gcgtaaaaac gtgctggata agttgtcggt tcattctact gtggcgaccc    132300
     cagattaata aagagactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaatta ataaatctca cagtgctctc    132360
     gtgcattact cagcactgac caatcaggtt aaagtaggca gggtttatta cggtttacag    132420
     ccgcaaagca tgcattctaa tgtgaagctt cagtttattt ttgaaagata gtgagaaaag    132480
     tttgaagtat tcaactgttt aaatcacaga actgttcaat tatattcaga atttagaatc    132540
     tataatgtac aggaagtgca aatgattttt tcccatcaga tttcacagtt ttatttttat    132600
     tatattattc atacatatgc taagcaaatt ttaaacattt taacaccttg gccaaatata    132660
     aaaagattga atgtgtgcaa tattaaaata ttatacaccc ctgcttccct gcatgctgtc    132720
     ttactgggtt ttattatggg ggatttcatt taaatatgtg ataaagataa tactttaatt    132780
     ctttgttcat aaaaataaac cacacaaact cgcagccaaa acttacttat ttgatgttta    132840
     gatttaaaat tatgttaggt ttttcagttc ttgtactgta tgtgtaactg tcaacaaaac    132900
     tgtcacctgt gcaaatcaaa cttgcttaag gtgggataaa ctaacctaac ctaatattaa    132960
     actgactatt aatactgcct aaatacttgt gttttgggtg accttgcaca tcatttttga    133020
     ttcacacacg gtaatctgac aaataagagg agcacaagat aaatattatt tgcaaataca    133080
     accctggttc ccttgaggtt ttacaatagg agatttcaat taaaaatctg tgttaaacat    133140
     aatactttaa ttctttgctc ctaaaaaaca aaaacaaaaa aacaacagac ttgcagcaaa    133200
     aacgtagcaa cttatcagac acatttgttg tataaaatat ccatgtatcc atatcgtatt    133260
     tttgatatgg gtgtataatt tatgttctag agcaaaacct tacaagttat gttaactact    133320
     aataaaaaca tctacaacat tgtaaaaccc ataggaaatg tacttctggg atcttacatc    133380
     cctcctgcac cactcttgcc tttcactgag aaatatttgc ctttaatatt gatatgatgg    133440
     acatcagtat tccatgatct attaataaag tggttacccc actctgacac catttgggtg    133500
     acatgggttg gctttattca tctatgttta tttctataat gcttttacaa ttgtggtgga    133560
     atgggagatt ctcatcatgg atgtgcagct gataaatctg cagcaactgc atgatgctat    133620
     caagtcaata tggagcaaaa tctctgagga atatttctag taccctgttg aataaatgcc    133680
     acaaaggttt aaggcagttt tataggcaaa aatgggccca aagtggtact agtaaggtgt    133740
     acctaataaa gtggccagtg aaaatacact ccaatgtaat aataaatgca tttaaacctt    133800
     tgctatgact ttgataatct ggttacttat gtttttatgt tttggcttgc agcagatttg    133860
     catggccagt acttttgtag ccaaaagtaa aaaaatatat ttatgttcct agaccagaat    133920
     tatatctaac atttgattgg caatactgtt tgatgattca agacatggtt aaggctttga    133980
     attcagttat agtaatcgtg ccatcctgaa cgtcatcttt ctgcaagcaa tccagtccct    134040
     gcagaccgtc cagtctataa acagccacat cgtgtcctgg agttgtccct cctgctacca    134100
     tgggaacaca gtaaacagag ggtcagtgga gagccgcttt aagtttctgt cccagagaaa    134160
     caatcagagc catccagctc acttgcagga ggctgggatt ttgtctagac tctgctttcc    134220
     ccccagttgt ttttaatgga gcatattctc acgtgctctc ttaaacaaac tgataaatat    134280
     atctgggaat acagctcaaa ccctagttaa agagataggt caatcaaaaa atgaaaatgt    134340
     actcaccccc aagagcttaa aaaaatgttt tgttgaacac gacgagaaat ttggaagaat    134400
     tctggaaatt ataatccatt gacttttata ctaggaaaaa agtactatgg aagcaaatgg    134460
     ttacaggatt gcaacattct tctaaatatc ttcttttatg ttccttcaac agaaagaaac    134520
     tcaaactggt ttggaacaac taaagtttaa gtttgagtaa acgatgacag aattttcatt    134580
     tttgggcaaa ctgccccttt taagacttac aatatgataa tccatttctc acaccaagca    134640
     ccttcatttt tgaaagagca tatggctgag taaatgaccg aatttactag tgggctacat    134700
     aatgtgacag cttgggatag agaaggattt tctggtttta aggtttgcta gggttgatgc    134760
     atctcaggct gtgacaaacc gctcttccct ggcaccacca aacaaggagc tgttcaagcc    134820
     aacaatacaa gtgctctcaa gctagaatgt ttggccttca aataaagagc acactccagt    134880
     gccatgtaca acacaaaacg agccatgctg tgtggttacc gagactctac tttagaaaaa    134940
     agcctcatgt gcatcttact agctctttcc attgactgta ttttacgtat tcgcgggatg    135000
     gcagccaggg aatcattttg accagacgta atcaaacact gaaactgttt tgaacgtcca    135060
     ctgacatctg aaagctgttg tgatcagatg ttcaaacatt gtacctgttt taaatcttca    135120
     taatgttaaa tctgggttat ggcttcataa cattctctgt aggtcactct gagctttaaa    135180
     ctggagagct tattaaaata agaagaaatg acagtgttca gcaatgattt aatacagcta    135240
     aaatagttat gagtgaaaga catggtaaag ttataaatgg ccacatctgc ttttatgtgt    135300
     atggatgatg gataaaaagt gttttgtttc atacagatcc cagccaaagc atgttaaaca    135360
     aaagattaga aaaaaaaaat cgtgcaaaca tgacactgaa aatgacctta ttacaaagtt    135420
     taaagggtca ttcagtcaaa aaatgtttaa taaaaatgac aaaaacacat acatgagaca    135480
     tgcatgacaa ttgcaggtac atcactcgct cattttttag agcccctatt tttcattata    135540
     aaaggtcata ttttggtttt gggggtctcc aacaacaggt tgatatgcat gaaaggtcaa    135600
     aaaacacttg tttaagtcat tttcttataa tatgcattaa tttttaccat tatcccaacg    135660
     actcccatat gatttgtttg gtcttaaacc cataatgtgt agggattgtt ccaataaacc    135720
     attctgttgt gattggtcaa ctggtttcag tgtgagacag agagaaacgt gtgtgaagta    135780
     gcacacactg taacagttat tgacaaagtc cctgtcaaag tctgacaaag tcccacacat    135840
     attagtctct gctgctcttt cctttaatag caaatggccg atgaatctcg tgttgcagcg    135900
     tagtttatta tatcaaaaat ctgaaaaatg acaggaacaa actcagcact aggttggcta    135960
     tactgtggta tttttgtgaa ataaacgttt tattccctgc agctgaatct acatctctca    136020
     atgatcatca tcttcatgtc atgatcaatc ccatgatccc ctgtgctctg ctagtgtcta    136080
     aagggaaagc cgccttcacg ttttaccgga accggcactt catatttggt gatgtattgt    136140
     atcgacaatg cgttcaagca aatgatccga acccaacata attcctttat tcaactctga    136200
     gtggactatt ttgttagaga atcaatagtt taaaacacag tgcatttcag atttaaactt    136260
     cagctggatg ttttcattca tctagagatg tgttacacac tgcatggaaa ctcattttta    136320
     aaaacccata ataggggcac tttaaaattt gaaataaagc agaaaagcat ctcagaaagt    136380
     attttataaa gctgacagtg ctttaattca gtgcacatga ggcataagga actgcacttt    136440
     atcctgtatt ttacatggaa aaaaacaaaa aaaaaacatt gttctgagcc acaattattt    136500
     attaaatctt taaagtaaag ctgacagaaa taaaaacggc tgaatggagc atacactcaa    136560
     atgtacagta ttattcagtc attagatggc accaaacagt caaaaacagc gtcttgacaa    136620
     cgtattcctg tgttattcag cggttgttat ctcagaataa catatcttgg aatgttgtga    136680
     ctgactcaat tccagacagc tgtgtaatta tagcctataa aaccaacaac gtgaacaagc    136740
     ctgttcatta cacacttact gtataactta ataaagttct ctgccagtca cacaaacatc    136800
     cacataacat ttgctgccgg tcactcagag ctcatatcca ttttgtttgt atatatagtc    136860
     agatataaga agatgccctt ccagccgtaa cccagtactg ggactctcat acactagaca    136920
     attttgttta ccaaactgac ttattctgca agtcttcgaa ctgtggggga aacctgagca    136980
     cctggaggaa acccacacaa agacggggag aacatgcaga ctccacacag aaatgccaac    137040
     tggcccagcc gggacttgaa ccagggcctg ggccactata atattattat agatgcaaaa    137100
     acgattcaaa ctaaactcac ctacagttga agaatggatt aatacagtgc acactatttg    137160
     tgttatgaaa aaatgtcatt ttcattaaaa acacagactg aatagttttt tggagtaaat    137220
     ggattgaata tatttcacca atttgcccct atttttttaa tttacatata ttttcttctt    137280
     caaaggaaat gtaaaggatt tgtagctccc tgtgttttat tgtttatagt tgttgttgtt    137340
     aaagggaaaa aaatacaaag catacgcaaa atctgtaggt ctctttctgt ataagaatat    137400
     gtaaattata aatgcttttt tcttttggaa actcaagaaa aaaaaaaagg atattgacac    137460
     agtttatctg ggattaaatt tgttttacat tttttttgat aaaacaaaaa tgtttgatgg    137520
     gttagtaatg acagaaatat catttttgtt aaactatccc catattttaa tgataacact    137580
     gtagctctcc atgtcatcta gacactatta attagatgaa ttcattattt tcttcatgtt    137640
     agcagcttaa gaattatgac tagtactgaa atccacagtt ctttttgttt cccttatgcg    137700
     gctgtgctac tagaactgtt tacattccag aaaggagatg tttaaaagag caacacatgc    137760
     cgtgttgata tgacaatttg acatgataag cgtttgttat tgtgctctgt gaacagttcc    137820
     caatctgctg atcagaagtg aagactctga ctcaattctc cttaatttca tgacagagtt    137880
     ctcctttcag ccaagcacag gtgtctggcc aggggttagg aaaagaaacg tctagacagc    137940
     agacggggtg atgacagagt gaagggagat ttcagttttt gaggattaat cataaagggt    138000
     gcaaagtttg gatctgaagg gggtggggag agagattgaa ccctgagttt ctcagtctac    138060
     cctatgacct catgagagga gtggcatccc ggcatcatct ttctttcatt cactctccta    138120
     accccatgcg catgcttaaa agggattcag agacaggcac tggcttccaa tctctgttgg    138180
     gtgagccttt cgtccagagc aggagctgat tattctgttc tctctggccg acaagaggaa    138240
     actccaagct cttttcgaga aataagataa aagaaactag acagaaatgc cacagaacgt    138300
     ggtgctggat ggaccggccc cttggggatt tcggctttca ggaggcaaag atttcaacca    138360
     gccgctgacc ataactcggg taagtgaaag cctttggctg ctgagtttgt gccgctccac    138420
     acattccact cagagataat gatgcttttg atgtgctggg caacactgcc gtgggcatga    138480
     gaaaccagtg ggtggatcat aaaaaaaaca ttcccaggac ctcactttag gatacagtga    138540
     gaaaaagtat ttttagagac acaagttcaa actggcattc atttttggaa acatctgtgg    138600
     ttgtatgggg aatcatttcc caatagagac tttcaatgtt tggtaaatta cactttttat    138660
     ttatgtcttt atgttgtgtg gttttacgga aaaaaaatgc atgggataca ttaccggtca    138720
     aatttagggt ccgcttttta tgtttttaaa aaaaaaatat tatgttcatc aaggcgccat    138780
     ttattaaatg taaaaaaaaa aaaagttgtt aaatacttat taatatttta aacaaatggt    138840
     ttcttatcat atgcagtttc aaatgaaatg attactccag acagtattgc ttttattact    138900
     attgccatta ataataataa tattaataat aataattaat attagagtga tttccgaagg    138960
     atcatgtgac tgaaagctgg agtaataaag ctgaaaatta acctttaaaa tcactggatt    139020
     aaatgattca attaaatgat aagctacttt taaacagtta ttttatagtg caaaaacatt    139080
     tcacaattgt acaatttgaa tcgtatttct gattaaataa atgcagcctt ggtgagcagg    139140
     agaagctcat tttaaaacat ttaaaattcc tactgaccct aaacttttga cgagtagtgc    139200
     acatacatta aataatgcat taaaaaagat ggatgtaatg ctgttcttgt gaactttcta    139260
     tttgttaaag aaggcaaaca tgaaccacaa aaatattaag cagcacaact gttttcaaca    139320
     tggatgataa tctgtgaaaa aaaaaatgtt tcttgagagc ctattcagca tattaagaac    139380
     atttcatcat gtgacacaaa aactaaagtt atgaatactg aaaatccagc attgccatca    139440
     aagaagtaaa taaacccttt ttaacataga ctaaataaaa aaatgtcttg tacagtacac    139500
     atattattat taaactattg ggatgtgaga tgtgctgtaa aatctataca aagcatctaa    139560
     tttaaaaaca gattttatta ctttgataac tcctgcagta atagtaaaac taataacatt    139620
     acatatttta taataacagt ggtgtttccc agtgatgggt tgcagctgga agggcaaagt    139680
     tggcagttct tcccgctttg gtgacccctg attaataaag ggactaagct gaagagaaaa    139740
     tgaatgaatg aataataaca gtagcacatt accctctatt gcaccatgct gttgatgaat    139800
     gtgaagataa agactattta cctgatatct cactcacaat gttctatctt aaggcaattt    139860
     ataatctttg attttaagta taattcgtat tcatgtgtat aatcattgtc caataagtgg    139920
     ttaaggttga ggtttcgggg gatgtctccg tttttaaaat tgtatgtttt catacaaata    139980
     aattcgtttt aattcttgtt agccacttaa ttagccactt ttttgacaat acataaaata    140040
     gttacatttc ctattgggtt atctgttcct gaagtataaa ctaaattaac tgctagattt    140100
     tattttcttc cagttactaa catgcacaca aaaatgtcag acacacacac acacatacac    140160
     tagtctagag tctggctccg gaggggatct ctacacctgt cgtctgaatg aatcacaaag    140220
     ctcttagtcc aacaatattt caaacagcct ctgaagtcag aacatttgca gtaacagaag    140280
     aggtctaagg ttaactgagc actcactgat atatgagaga tgaactgggc aatctctttc    140340
     atttaagcaa tcaatgcagt acaaccacag gcctcatatg cactcatatg attcctaaat    140400
     agtcggtgga tgattgcgaa agtctcccat tcttatagat gtagttttaa acttaacaag    140460
     aagcaggtac aatggcatgc tactgtagat ttgtgttcag caacagccga gtttataaat    140520
     gctgaggctc taagtgtaaa tctataaatt tccctgacac aaacactgcg aactgcatgc    140580
     tttatttaac ttgttctgta agtctgtctc ctcttaggaa acctgttggg aggttgactg    140640
     gggaaatgct gtgtattgta gaaaccgaac atattgactt tgtctcatcc aggactgggt    140700
     ctaaacagct ctattgctca taggaacaca tctttccaaa gagtggtttg tagaagtaag    140760
     attagtagct cagcagctct ttgatcatga aattcaagta taatcttggt ggaaagccat    140820
     ttttgacatt caccataaat tgtgcaaatc tgcggcgcag aacggacagg tcgtcgtaaa    140880
     aatgtcttca gactctctga ttaaaagcag aacagtgggt cttacgaaat atgaaatacc    140940
     ctaaaaagaa aggcaaaacg tggttgtacc atagtacaca gagatactag tgtcagatga    141000
     tatgttattg gaatcattat cttcttggaa gttttcgaaa actacaatat aaccattaac    141060
     attttaaaaa gtatgtattt ttactggtgt agcaatgctt tttggtcaca taagtgaaac    141120
     tgccaggtga actactgtag atgtgaaatc tcagctgaaa caaatgacat cattcttaaa    141180
     ataaaccaat caggtttatt taacattcct agctaattac gtccccgcag cgtccaagtg    141240
     aaaatgacac aaggtttgat ttcaaacaaa aaacactcaa acctaattta aatggattac    141300
     aatgagcaca gttctgactt tggtgtacgc cagaacttga aagctaaatt tatcatatat    141360
     ttaagcaaat aaaataaaaa aaattctgtt gactaatcca gaatgtgtgt ggtttctttg    141420
     aatgactgcc gtctgtaatc atacaatcat tgatgccagc aaggtggttc ttttgtcata    141480
     ctatgagccc tgatgttctt actagagtaa cattagcctc catcaatgtg ggcatgccag    141540
     aacagatggg gctttttatt agaagccaaa tcagacagtc taaatgatac tgctgaatta    141600
     aaaatgcaaa cgaatgttat atatttatat ccagttgttg agcagactcc ttgaatgaaa    141660
     gtggcacagt acacttatta cagccacatt cccccggaac aattgagctt tagtgttttg    141720
     cttgagggca tcatggctga gcatcaaact tttttctact tcacccacac acacacaaaa    141780
     aaagaaaatt ctgtaatgac ttactgagcc taattatcat gtccactcat ttatatgatg    141840
     gcagtttaaa ttaaagcaat agtacaccta agagtttaca agtattttta ttttttacat    141900
     ttatgaatgt agcctactat atagagagat tagatacaaa aatctttaaa tgtcgtctga    141960
     aattttcttc tgaaatgaac atttttatca ggctcctgtg tgtatgttta gtaattttat    142020
     ttttacggca aagtataagt catttttatg gtctttaaag tgaaataaca caacataaac    142080
     aaaggaggct gaagaaaatg ttcattctcg atgggaattt gaatagcaca gaggttactc    142140
     ttcatatttc acttgggtaa agtttttttt agtttttctt ttttatatat ttgtatttat    142200
     aaaaacgtat ttattgtatt tatgtaaaca gaaaataaaa tctccatttc gatctgttgt    142260
     aaaaaaatat tttaagggat ctaagtagat aaaatatcta aaaaatacat gcatgaaaat    142320
     atgactacta cttttttaag gtcaacatga cactacttaa agttaaaagt acatttaagt    142380
     ttacagttat aaacaactta ataatattac attcattttt aaaaacctaa tggcagaata    142440
     atagcagtaa taattgatta ataataggca aatctctgta atatgttgtg tatatttcca    142500
     ttttttgcca aactttgcct agttttgtct catttccatg aagtaaaaca tgaaataaat    142560
     aaacaaacaa acaaacaaac ccataataaa catacattta cacacactca tacactatgg    142620
     tcaattttag catacccaat tcacctgtac cacatgtctt tgaacatgtg gtataaaacg    142680
     gcagcagagg aaatccacgc aaacattcag agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcta    142740
     actgacccag ccgaggatcg aaccagtgat cttcttgctg ttaggcgaac atgctaacca    142800
     ctccgccacc acatctccta aaacaagtaa aataacctaa aataaaacaa atattgctgt    142860
     caaaaaagac tgaacaccac caggtttaaa aaactactta ttttagtaca taaaaaaaca    142920
     tattttttgt acaatagtat atgaagtgta tatttaagtg tctacatgga aaaacatacc    142980
     aataaagcac ctttattaca aacagtcaaa ttgctggttt tgttctcagt ttgttgtatc    143040
     aattctatat attttggaaa tagatttata tagtgcagtt aaaaatacag acaaaaccac    143100
     taaaatgttt tttagaatgt tcttggtttc tatttattca tttaatagtt ctgcgaaaaa    143160
     attaaagaaa agctaaataa atatatgttt ttaggtcatc tatctcttta atttattatg    143220
     cctgatctag ctccatacat aatgcctaat gttcagcatg cctttacatg cttccctagt    143280
     gggtttatgt gtcaccttgg gaattttctg cacaggtgct gcatagctta caaaacccaa    143340
     atagttatat tcgtgtttct gtttatactg gagctcggct accagtcact caatggtttc    143400
     atcttagctc atagctccct ttgtttccat gtattaaaca gagcgtcttt gttgttgagc    143460
     caaagacatc acccatttgc ttgagtagtg tcagaagaac aatctcaatt tcattgtgtc    143520
     cactctgagt catctgggtg cctatttctt tacagtcact cttgattttc tgaagacaac    143580
     tcgataatgg atatctacag ggaaaataca gattattgaa atttgtcccc ataagaggga    143640
     taatgtagat caccaaaaga tgaaaattct gttatcattt tctcaaaatc tgcttttttg    143700
     aagtctgatt gagctttttt tctctattga acacaaaata agttatttta aaaaacgttg    143760
     gaaaccagta gccattagct atgtttctat ccataggtgc gaattagatt tatgtcaaaa    143820
     actggaatat cacataaata aataaaacat ttgggaataa aacacagtct ccatccaatg    143880
     agtcaaagag aacacaatca ccacttccac agaatttgct gcgatagaaa aagcgaataa    143940
     aagaacccct ttttcttaca aaataaatca gtttcacatc agaagacaag acagaatgca    144000
     atgaatgcat ggtagctttt gttgccttga gactgctctt tgggagcaca gccgctcaag    144060
     acaaatgtgg gaggtaatat tattgagcca ccttgaagat ggactttggc taaggaattt    144120
     tagagtgacc aaaacaacat ttcagatgtt ttacgatgtg gtctgtccac tggtttgtcc    144180
     ataaatgcca tctcacttgt ctatatttgc tatcacatga tcggtaaaaa caaaatcata    144240
     tgatgttttt atgtgcactg tcggaattta ttcggtaaat gtgtttctat tgtagtttat    144300
     gcacaatttt actttatcgg atgaaacgtt tatcctatac tcagttgtgc acttacactc    144360
     acgcaaattt gttatcagcc aatcacatgg cagcacctca atgcatttga gcatgtagac    144420
     ggactgctgc agttcaaacc gagcatcaga atagggagga aaggtgattt aagtgacttt    144480
     gaacatggca tggctgttct actgggattt tcacgtacct agggtctagg gttcacagag    144540
     aatggtcact gagtggtagt tctgtaggca caaatgcctt gttgatccca gaggtcagag    144600
     gaaaatggcc agattggttc gagctgataa aaaggcaaca gtaactcaaa taaacactcg    144660
     ttacaaccga ggtatgcaga agagcatctc tgaatgcaca acacggcaaa ccttgaggca    144720
     gttgggctac agcagcaaaa gaccacacca tgtttcacaa gaaagtgagg ctacaatttg    144780
     cacaggctca ccaaaatttg aaaataaaac atttgcctgg tctgatgagt ctcaattgtc    144840
     gcggcgtccc cgacaacacc ctcatcacct gcgccctcag ttatatctgc gcctagggcg    144900
     gcataataga gaggacggaa tccacgacag ctccctcacc acccgccccc gggtttcact    144960
     ttcggattga gggtggtgtg actgtctttt gcttagagcg gcagttcagc ttgctccagc    145020
     cctgtgtcca tccctttatg accacaattc acccatcttc tgatcgttac ttccagcagg    145080
     gttacacacc atgtcataaa gcgcaaatca tttcagactg gtttcttgaa catggcaatg    145140
     ctttcactgt actcaaatgg cctccacaga caccagatca caatccaaca gagcaccgct    145200
     gggaagtggt gtaacgagag attcgcatca tgaatgtaca gctgacaaat ctgcagcaac    145260
     tgcgtgatgc tgtcatgtta atatgaacca aaatctctga ggaatatttc cagtactttg    145320
     ttgaattttt gccacaaaat tttaacgcag ttctacaggc aaaagtgggt ccaacccagt    145380
     acaaggtgta cctaataaag cggctggtga gtgtaggttt tgttatccag actttcaaag    145440
     ttcataagca tgtttgctat ttcattaagc atttttatgt gatattacaa aatgtacata    145500
     aaaataggtg aattgaaaca gtattgactt ctatggcttt tattatattt ttggcctaat    145560
     ttggctgtaa atgagtataa gcaatgttga tggttggtgg ttaattccac tgtggcccct    145620
     gattaataaa agaattaagc cgaaaatgaa tgaattacta tatacctgaa taatgtttga    145680
     atactcagaa aacaataaaa aaaagaaact gtttatttca gttgtatcat tttccttatt    145740
     gtattaacgt gagcttgtgg attgtttatt aaatttaatg cccaacagaa tcctcccatt    145800
     ccatctaata ttataaattc tttccaaata gagattcaag tcatctgatg aaattggatt    145860
     cttattcaaa tacatatcgc agaataacaa aatatggcaa tgttaaactt ttccaatatc    145920
     aagcagccct gtttaacatc atctaaatgt attttaagat gaaggcacat gtggacaaat    145980
     gtgacagttt tgttgtgtac tcaaatatga cagtaaatga gatattacac catgactgta    146040
     tttaataaga aacaggctga atcactgcta gcttcatcag tcaataaatt atgcatttca    146100
     attatgcata aaacatcaca aatcttcatg acattaaaac actcatgacg gaaaactaaa    146160
     accccctggt cttaaacaac tgtcatgact tgacctggta taaatcttat ttccctcttg    146220
     agaggcaaga cttaactaga agaaggtcag cggatctaac agagcagctg actcaggaga    146280
     cgggtagagc ggagagagac gaggcgatga gataaatgac tagggggatg aggagaatac    146340
     ctcagaaaat gagcccggca gcgatgagag gaataaggta tgatgtcaga ctccattaat    146400
     gaaagagagg atgattgaag gaacaccggg cagcagggta aatgccagaa cagtcagatc    146460
     atcagctgcc aataggcttg actgtgttcc ccaggaggac gacaccagga cttgactgac    146520
     acatccacga ggtgctattt ttagcccact tgtaaaccag cgtgggtcaa cagattgttt    146580
     ctatcccagt cacttgctgt ttttgtctaa actgttccat ggtttgctgc tgttaagtag    146640
     tggctctgaa agaatttcac atctgattat attcattttt tagaaaatgt atccaaagca    146700
     atgtatataa aatttagatt ttttttacat actcagaccc gtagccaggg ggggttcaag    146760
     tggttagaaa gacccaccct cactgacaag ggtccagaat ttgttcaata tataagttca    146820
     tttgtcctat tttgactgct atgccattat aaatagtgaa tataatctat caaaaaccca    146880
     tcaaatgaaa atttatttac atgcatttgt tatctctgaa ttttcaaatg tacttttttt    146940
     tacgagaggc tagaaaaatt gtgaaactct aaattattgt tattattatt atttaaattg    147000
     ccaaattctg actgaggaaa gttaaatgtg ctaaccagtt tgttatttat aatttgccca    147060
     acaaatgaca ataggctagt ttttaattga aacctttttt taatggtata tgatgtaata    147120
     aatttgtgtt ttaatttaaa tgtttttcat attttttttt tattctgaat ttaggaaata    147180
     tttttggtaa atcaaaaaat gtggttatga tgacactccg acaagctaat ccagcaaaaa    147240
     aaagtgcata aaattcattt aaatctcata ataaaataaa aaagtaaggt gtataattgg    147300
     aataaggtcc acttaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaaccat ccctttcacc aagctggctc    147360
     aggtctgata ttgaaccaca taatgtttct ttacacatcc ccaactattg aactggcatt    147420
     catggtgttc aaagtaagtc gctttgataa aagcgtctgc taaatgacta aatgtaaatg    147480
     ttttgcaagc agtgatggag aaattactta gaaactgtag tctgattaca agttacagag    147540
     taaagaaact agcaataagt aatttacaag taatccaaga gtagtcagaa aacattacct    147600
     caaataacaa acaagcaaca attaaaatgt atttctcact gaataattaa agagattctt    147660
     aaaattatat actgtatcta atttatccag taacgaagcc cagtttatat attgtatcat    147720
     ttttttattg gcatttttgg aatgagagga atgatgggct cggcaaaggt ctacaaactt    147780
     gaaccatgct atttgacaga acactgccca caatatgtca taaaagcttt tataatatgg    147840
     taaattcttt taaaaaatgt tattgtctat tcagaattat acagctctat tgtgattatc    147900
     taggctaaac tatatgacac tttgtgaaaa gttggaacac ataaaataag caatatgcag    147960
     aataaattaa ttacaaattt tgaatctgac tatataatcc agattaccgg taacagttac    148020
     tacccagcag cgtttgcagg tacttcaact tattctacaa accccaacta aacagtctac    148080
     taaagggctg actatccatt ctcaagcagt tgtggagtta gcaacagtca acagaatatc    148140
     taaacaggcc caacaaaata aactctaatc cttgtttcct caggtgactc cgggcagtaa    148200
     agcatctcgg gtcaacctgt gtcctggaga catcattctg tccatccagg gagtgtctac    148260
     agacggcatg actcacgctg aagcccagaa caacatcaaa gactcaacca atcagctttt    148320
     cctcaagata gagaggtacc atgagctttt ctcattaaag gatagcgtta ccaacagcac    148380
     caagcagctt tcaacaactt tatatcatgt tctctcacct ccttttaaag ttacagccag    148440
     agggaggact gttactgtag gtggtgtccc aaaagaattt gtctttaccc cttgtctatt    148500
     acccgttgcc cacagagcct tatttatgac gacagtgaac gtatctttct tagtgattaa    148560
     taccctccca taaaccatct ggcttgtaca tgccaggcag ttgacgctac tttactatct    148620
     agaagtcatg gctctgttgc acagtaatga cccccctcag tgcctttaga tctttttttt    148680
     atgatttcgc agggggtaaa agcggagcgt ctaactgtgt gcaataaatg tgttgcaggc    148740
     ctgaaacaaa aatctggtca cctcaggtta ttgaagaggg gaaggtgaac ccattcaaaa    148800
     tcaatttgga ggcagagaag caagtgagtg taacaaatgt acagctcttt atttttatct    148860
     gcttataggc agcaagaaat ggataataga agattttttt ctagaaacat taaagtgcat    148920
     gaggcatgtt aaagggatac tccatcaaaa atatttgata ctctgatcat ttatgtaccc    148980
     tcgggctgcc tcataagtac aatacttatt ttctttttta aagtgcacag attttaaaga    149040
     caaatagtaa atttgaatct acaaaaaaag ggtgaatgga acccttaaag cgaaagcttc    149100
     aaaaatcatg aatcagtagg ttatgaacaa aataatgtac cccagagtac actacctgac    149160
     aaaagtctcg tccactactc aagttttagg aacaacaaat aataacttct agttgatcat    149220
     tttgtatcaa aagtggctta tatgaaagac aaaggcctct tgattagact tattttacca    149280
     caataaaata atatcatgcc ttgattttta attatttaaa taggacagta aggtctgact    149340
     ttgcttagac aaaatcttgt cacataaaga aataatgtac agtatagaat ataaagtcat    149400
     ggtgcagtgg aaaaagaatt aattttgtgt atgactctca cgagcttggg ccactgcatc    149460
     cttacatctc tgcaatgtct aagcaggact cccagagttc atcaagattc tttggattca    149520
     tcttcagtgt ctgctccttc atcttacccc agacatgctc aatatggtca agtctggtga    149580
     ctgggctggc caatcctaaa gcaccttgac cttatttgtt ttcagtaaac gttgacgtgg    149640
     aggctaaagt atgagaagga gtgctatcct gctgaagaat ttgccctgtc atgtggttta    149700
     taatgtaatc ggcagcacaa atgtcttgat acctcaggct gttgatgttg ccatccactc    149760
     tgcatatatt ttgcaccccc tcatactgaa tttaacccca aaccatgatt ttccctccat    149820
     ctaacttgac tgatgtctat gagaatcttg ggtccttgca ggttccacta ggtcttctgc    149880
     agtatttgtg atgattggga tgcagtttaa cagatgattc ctcagaaaac cttctgccac    149940
     ttttccaaat gatcacctag aagtcaagtt attatttgtt gttcttagaa ctgggatcga    150000
     cgacacgact tttgtcaggt agtgtagact ttgcttgacg tgatctggga aataatggtt    150060
     taaaattaag gcttaaaaag tagctaaacg ctgtttaaaa gaaaaatata cagtacaacg    150120
     cagattttct tcctaattcc acctatcata ttgcttcaga agatattaat ttattaactg    150180
     ggaacttgta ggattaaatt atatcaatcg cctgtggttt ctgatgcatt ctgcagtata    150240
     tacacctaat atggacttaa caaatataga ctattgttca aaaaatattt aaaaaaaatc    150300
     tagaaaatgc taacttttga aggttcccaa tttacttttt ttttgttttg tttttaaata    150360
     ccattatgag tatggtgtaa actacttgaa gctacaccat ttgctcaatc taatgaggaa    150420
     aacatgactg cagaacaaaa tatcaatctg cacaggtgca tagtgtttct ctaaaaagta    150480
     accttaccaa atgctggtct attatgtcta ttattataac agcttttagt tattttcact    150540
     gatctgacag cattgttata aatattactt aattaaaaaa aaaaaaaaat aaataaataa    150600
     ataatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataaatgtt aatataattt aacatacttt    150660
     tttagtatat tgttgatgtg taaacaatgg gagaatttgc atgattatat ggagtgtctc    150720
     tttaaaaatt gtgcaaagct acccattttt gtttgcctga agtagattcg tccttgttca    150780
     acatgatatt actaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacattcttt taaaaagtac    150840
     tacaatcttt tgtaaataag gtcatcactg gtttacagta tgtgcagtgt gcacacattg    150900
     aaaaaaagta gatgtccctt ttttaccata agatatattc cacaattgac caaaaatagc    150960
     gtaacagttt taaaaacttt tgtaattgtg cgtgtgcagt agtcttaacg aaaggacata    151020
     tctggataat gtggtatgga aatgcagtgt ttgtgtgggg ctttaagtat gtagtgtgtc    151080
     catctgtcct acacatgcag gagtataaac ctattggcac aggtcataac agaagagcac    151140
     agccctttgt ggctgccgcc agtctggatg acaaaacaca ggtggtgagc tccacctaca    151200
     acactcccat aggcctctac tctcaagata acatccagga cgccctgcaa ggacagatcc    151260
     ggggtctggt gcatgaaaag cctgaggggt gagtgccaac ttggatcacc ccgaccatat    151320
     ggaataagat agttccctct gcttgctgta gaccggcttc cctctaacca ctaaccctca    151380
     cactggccat ccagaaatcc tcacaagtct tcctgccgcc ccaatgaaag catattggat    151440
     ttaatatgat gagaaaatat gttaattgct ttctgttagc gataagaaag gccaagctct    151500
     tgtttaatag ctaagcacta cagcattagc agagcaaata tgcattgggc ctgcagtgtt    151560
     ggatcttgga ggatttctgc tcctctacct ttcacctcta actgtcagtt aacatcttca    151620
     ttcttatgtc ttacaggaca ttgattactt cgaacacaag tttaatgtca gaccaaagcc    151680
     cttcacatct gcaagccaaa ggaggtcatt agataaaagc attcacagta ttacactttt    151740
     caaaagcaga agattagcat ggaatgaagc tacatgtaca tctctaacaa ctttgtccat    151800
     tcttttctgt cttgtctgtc cttttctgtg gtctttctga tttgattgct tcctggtttg    151860
     gtacctgctg gctattatac attgacctta ctcaactcca gtgacagtac atctcagacg    151920
     ctgatgggaa atgtagctca gatggctggc accccatcga cagctcattc tgtacagtat    151980
     aactccccca ttgcattata ctcggcagac aatgtatcaa atacattgca gcaggctcag    152040
     atgtccactg tagtcaggca ggcatcgccc aggtaaccag agctttgttt ccattacact    152100
     tgctttacct cctagcttgt cctgatacag caaatataca tgaattagca ctgatagatt    152160
     gaagaagtgg tttaacagca ttgtgacaaa ctgacacttc ccttactgta aaaagctatt    152220
     agtttgcttt acttaaaaag tgagtagatt cacaggtttt aaagcaatta gttgaatgta    152280
     cttaaaaaag taagtaaact gttatcttaa aattattaag taaattaatt gcatgcataa    152340
     ttataaaaat gaaattccct caactcaacc atcccaagtt ttaatggatt tactcacttt    152400
     ttaaatcaat ggtctcaaac tcaattccta gagggccaca gctctgcata gtttagctct    152460
     agccacctcc aaatcacacc tgcttaatag tctctactag tcttcaacac cttgattagt    152520
     tggatcagct gtgtttgatt agggttggag caaagctgtg caaagatatc ttcctgcccc    152580
     atttggaaac atcagttatt acttaaagtg aaatgaaaag tactcataaa attatagggc    152640
     cctatgaaaa ctattttatt cattttcttt tagtcccttt aataacccaa ggttgccaca    152700
     gtggaatgaa ccgccaacat attcagtaca tgtttcacgc agctgatgcc cttccagccg    152760
     caacctatct ctgggaaaca tccatacata cccatttaca cttatacagt acggacaatt    152820
     tagcctaccc aattcacctg taccggatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaat cggagcaccc    152880
     ggaggaaacc caaatgaacg cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacagagaaa cgccaactga    152940
     cccagccgac tgcgccactg tgtaaccctg aaatccattt tattttttca caaattctgt    153000
     tgtatttatt tcccattttc tttttcttga ctttataaaa ggtggtcaag agagcttaaa    153060
     cgcacttaag aaaacaaata aatacaggaa aacactaaca aattaagaaa agtgtcaatt    153120
     tgacaacata cacgttcaaa ttctcacaac acatgcaaat acagaaacat actgcaagta    153180
     gcacaaacca caacgagtat gtgttgatgg atcccaaaaa cagctgcttc ctgttccttt    153240
     cattacaaaa atctgtattt tgcagaaaat atttgtgcac aatggaggaa ttccttgtgc    153300
     ttttttgact tatttataat attattaaca ctttttagtg ctcagctttt acacttatca    153360
     gattagcaca ttttttttcg ttgttctgtt gcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagctatt    153420
     tatttttcct gtatgtttaa tttctgtctt aaaaatgaca gcatgaacca agagaaccaa    153480
     atcccaaatc tgaacatacc ccaatatcca taacatgacc tcctgaacac tattagactg    153540
     ttaaaggttt aggatgtata tagctagaac attgattttt caccttatgg cctgttatct    153600
     gttttcagct ctaaaccgct gacgtctatt gaagactccc atgtgtaccg tatgctccaa    153660
     gatgccaacg agcagccaca tgaaccacgt cagtctggat catttaaggc cctgcaagac    153720
     tatgtggaga gtgatggtga gccgctttta tcaatcacac cagcctttac aagggagcaa    153780
     ggttggcttc atgagacaga ggttacagat agaagcatga tgaagtcatc acagttgaaa    153840
     tgtcagcttt tttgttgtga attaccagta attgatgagt aatcattttt acaggctcat    153900
     ttttacaggc ttaatttgag caatcctcag caatcctgct aatgacatca gtcaacctgc    153960
     cattctctta atcgtctgca ttcagattag tttatatgag ggtgcatttc aaattcccaa    154020
     agtgaatctg agggtttttc ctttattttc ctgacaggca caaggcccat ggtgactaga    154080
     agtgtaaaag ctccagtgac aaagccccaa gccgccactt cttcactgca gaagctgcct    154140
     ctctgtgata aatgtggcac aggcattgtg tgagtacagc attcagcatg agtccgcaca    154200
     gatggtgtct tcattgagaa tatatcacca gttttcatga aacacactga attgtgttca    154260
     cgcattttga caacttcatt aaattaaacc ttttttttta tcctccaatg ggctcgcaga    154320
     ggaacggtgg tgaaagctcg ggacaagtac cgccatccag cctgttttgt gtgctcagac    154380
     tgcggcatga acttgaagca gaagggctac ttctttgtgg atggacagat gtactgtgaa    154440
     gcccatgctc gaatgaggat gaccccacca gagggacatg atctagttac agtgtatcct    154500
     actgcttaga ctaatgccaa aactcagacc tcacgcaaat gacagctgaa atcagagagt    154560
     tggtaattca ttgctacttc ttgaagtttt gttaaaatca caactctggt tagtaagtgg    154620
     gcatttgtac acaagaacaa tgcactaaat gataaatggt ttttaaaagg ttgtatatac    154680
     aaacccaaat aaaataaagt tgggacagta tagaaaacgt aaaataataa aaggaaagta    154740
     gtagggatgt tccaatcaga tttaacaatc aagtaataaa tatcataaat tcttcacctc    154800
     ttgcaattcc aagttttcat atatcacagt ttgctatggc aatgttgtca tcatcaactt    154860
     tataatacct ccagaccaca gacatactcg cgctttccgc ttcaagatgc tttcgtgttc    154920
     tactttgccg gcattgaatc aatagcgtct ctgcaacaaa gtgatgtcaa gctgcacacg    154980
     ttgctgtttc tgtgtgaagt caggaatgag gtctaactct gtgccaccgc atacctatag    155040
     acgtgttaaa aaataataag aatatatatg tatacatata tattcaagtc ctgattggga    155100
     ggtaacgtct gagtctgaaa ttgcgtgatc aaagcagatg tcggttcttg tggtcatatc    155160
     tggacatccc aagaaatagg tatttctcaa tttactttga cttgtatttt aatgtaaaac    155220
     cactatctgc acacattaca aagtccgggc tgcagaaaaa gaggatactg gcccgcctgc    155280
     agccctgacc tgtctctaat agagaatgtg tggcacattt tgcgatgtga aaaaatgcgc    155340
     caacgaagac ctcttaagtt tgtctaccta aagacttgtt tataggatga aagggacaaa    155400
     tttacacctg aagcacttcc tcacttggtg tcttcagtcc ctaaacgtct tttaagtgtt    155460
     gtgaaaagaa atggcaaaaa aaaaaaaaga aattacaaag tgctaaatgc tttaccgttc    155520
     caactttttt tgaaattcat tgcaagaacc aaaattggaa tactggttta ttttgaaaaa    155580
     aataaataaa ataaataaat aagcaaataa ataaatatca cacagaacac attaaataat    155640
     gtttgttgta ttgtctacaa tgaaatacaa gtcaaagtaa atttagaaga tcactacttt    155700
     atttttttca tctgttttcc aaactgtccc aattttttat ttttttttgt caaaacgctc    155760
     cttgttcaca tgaatctaca aaaacaatta aaaatattaa attctgcata ctaggccagc    155820
     atctggctga acagaaacac tacaggtaca cgcctgaaca cgtatggttc tgttatttgc    155880
     catcattatt ttggttgcca agttctcata ctccaaattt atgtagttta ctatacatgt    155940
     tgttataatt atattgttat aatttaaaaa aggcaattta agacatgttt aaaactgttt    156000
     tagtctctaa aggtgcacaa gaatggctaa agcaactaaa aagtttttta tttttacttg    156060
     aaaatgataa gtactgcaaa tacaccccct aaatctgaat tcaaaacaaa aggtgttgta    156120
     agggcaatga aagctactta attgatatcc tacacacctt acattactgg tataaacatg    156180
     tttgaaactt atgatcactt gtcttcagat ttcattgcga cccttcccaa ctgcaaacat    156240
     gaaaataata ttaataaaaa cgagtgggca aaaagcaaat gaaatttagg agggaaactg    156300
     atgtttacct taatttttat tttggtgcaa ttcagagaag aataacctga aagcatttgg    156360
     tacgctttct cataatttat tccagaacaa tcacaaatga aaagagtgtg cagcaaataa    156420
     ctgctctgct ctgctctgct ctgctatttt aaataatttt aaaggattta gcactgatca    156480
     gtgctgatcc aatgacaaaa atatatattt gtacctagtt gttgttgaga agccattaca    156540
     ctcatatttc ttacatatta ggaatatatg cagatacaat ttcaacaaac actgttgctg    156600
     taattttcaa gaattctgtc catatatgca cagatggtaa tattgctttc aatacagttt    156660
     cgcacatgcc ttcatttgct attcatcctg ggagaatttc cagaatagtc tttctttaaa    156720
     aagtaaaccc ctttcagtta aaatagcttt ttgtaatgta aaaacaatat ataacacatt    156780
     cattcacctg aagacatgac aggatctcaa aaggacatca cagacgggat tcgattgtag    156840
     tttgtggagt tcacagccct gtaaaataaa gtgatataac agtgagactg aagtatcttt    156900
     catggtggaa tttcatcagc tgatactagt gattattatt atactattat tattatggaa    156960
     agcaataagc ttcagagtgc aatacgggtg tcttggtgcc ggttctttga cccctgctta    157020
     cttgttaaca ttaaggctga tgatactctt tataggtgtg ctttttggac caggagatgg    157080
     gtgaaatatc tttacttcat tattcgccac aactgattta gtttttttgg tgccgtaggg    157140
     ttctgcagag tatgtggggt acgaatcaaa tgctcctgct ttcatccctc cagcctgcag    157200
     aaaacaagaa taaaaccaca ttctaccata tgaataaatc acattaaaat atttatctcc    157260
     atgtaagaat attatgtacc tttttactgg gtgaactcgg cttaaagggc acagcaaagt    157320
     gctttttctc ctcaatcttc tttggagggg gtagaggctt gtcaaatttg taaggattgc    157380
     cgtcaaagta ttcatttgga tgaaggttca aacgaaatgc tccacctttc agcatggatt    157440
     tgtgcgctgt gatctcacgc tggtaaacaa attatctctc tcattagata aagagaacac    157500
     agtcatctgc ttgcatagaa ttatactgtc aggtactcag aggaggcctt atcttaatta    157560
     aaacaaggac ccaggagtgt gattaaaaat ctcatttagg tagacctaaa aataccttta    157620
     gcatttcctt ggctcgatcg taggggtctg aggaatagga caccatcttg gagagggtaa    157680
     tgtcaggata gctattagag agcaaagaca aatcaatatg tatcatgaca aaaccacaga    157740
     aacgtaaaca attaagtcat ttgcttaccc ataaccactt cctttcttgg gtggattggt    157800
     gtagaagttt ttaccggcag atttgttttg ttttcttggg atctgtaggg cactcattgc    157860
     ttgaatggga cctccaaatg tcccataata ggtgcccatt ccacatctac aaaacaaaga    157920
     atgctactag ccaactgtaa ggaaaattct agcaatgtta actagaaaaa aatgtgtatg    157980
     ctgtgtaaca ttttcattta ttttattcgg cttagtccct tattaattag gggtaaccta    158040
     atttattagg gaatgaacca acaactattc tgacaaatgt tttaagcact gaatgccctt    158100
     ccagctgcat cccagtatta gagaaacact acactttcac attcacacac gcactcattc    158160
     actctggcca atttagttta ttcaattcac caataccaca tgtctttgga ctgttttgga    158220
     aaacggagca tccggaggaa acccatgtga acatggagaa catgcaaact ccatacagaa    158280
     ctgccaactg acccatctgg gactcgaacc agcaactttt tttttgccat gatgtgacag    158340
     tgctaaccac tgagccaccg tgccacccct gtgtggcatt ttttctgata taaatatagg    158400
     aagggggtaa aaaactaaac aaaatgcaga catctcactc cttctatgac ttgcagctta    158460
     aatggctgtt gttctttaca ttttaggtat attttctttc tccagtctct tagatgcaca    158520
     tgaaaaacag agtgcttgca tttgatgctt tgaactattg caatatgctg aaatccaggt    158580
     ttcattcatt tttaaaaatt aagaactata tcttgatttc aggtcaacaa acggtattga    158640
     aaaacaaaaa agtgtgcttc tttctcaaca gaatctgggt tgtgggctgt tttttttatg    158700
     tctgtgttat ctcacgctaa tgaaatagcc ttaaaccaaa tacatctcag gtgcaacttt    158760
     gaactccctg gtaagcagct cctgcagggc cagagtccaa cagagttcac tccaatggct    158820
     tgctccaaca cacatgcctg tagttttcaa ataagcctga aggacctgat tatctggatc    158880
     aggtgtattt aataagggtt aaagctaaaa tttacatgac tctagccttc ctgttttgca    158940
     acccatgtta ctactaggtt cagtgaagct attaaacatt aaaaggataa ttcatgcata    159000
     aaatcattca ttttcttcca gtttaaacct caatcatttt tttttctgtc aaacaaaaac    159060
     atagagaaat tgtctctgtg tttttagtcc acaaaattga gtcaccagac ctgtttggta    159120
     atattatatt atttaattac ttttgactat tttagtcagg aagtcagctt tggagcaaaa    159180
     ttagtttgag taaaaaagct ataattttag tgtttagtag acatcattga tctacacctt    159240
     agttccctta caaaaaatga accatggttt tactagaaat taaataacaa aacaaaacat    159300
     ggtgaccata aatcaattac tttgctacaa taaaaatagt ttaggaagat gtttgcagtg    159360
     aaatgtggtt atacagtgta ttctggaaat taatggtctc aaactcaatt cctgagggcc    159420
     gccattctgc atagtttagc tccaaccacc ttcaacttat gctgtggtca cactagagtt    159480
     tgtgtatgtg aaattctgtt gtatggcgct gtgaaaaggg gcgggaataa acaagatgat    159540
     tagacattaa aagaagtgag tgattggatc atgttttaaa tttctgtcca gggaggtcat    159600
     gttttcatct tcaattggtc tcatgcaatc atgtgacgcg atttcgcagg tcagagttga    159660
     ccaagcttta acttttcaat gcagcgaact gtgaaacttg tcgcacgatc ttgtttttct    159720
     agtctggcgt atttgcaagc atatgaatgg aagtctataa ggagaaaagt gtctctagaa    159780
     gtttttgatt atttggatca gcagtgtttg attagggtag gagcaaaact gtgcagagct    159840
     gcgattctcc aggaatccag tttgagacct atgctgtaaa tggtcaccca catgacaaaa    159900
     aaaacaaaac aatatttact actgcatact tttactacag tgagaccttg attcattttt    159960
     ataaggtcta cctcattatg atcttgtagt ctattgcctc aacaacaata ataataagac    160020
     cactttttta tttatatact cttgcaattg attataactt aaaacttaaa aacagcaaaa    160080
     ttcttaaaca gttgtgtcac cacaaaaaaa aggactcacg ttgttttctc cccattgcta    160140
     ggaagaaagg ctttcccaat gttctttttg gcctgcagta tcctgtattg tctgtctatt    160200
     ctgacaggat ctgtgaacgc ctctctctcg aagatccttt taaactgtgt gtcgaagtat    160260
     cctgtttgga gtccgcactt tgatttagtt cctcctaata gcatctgttt gttcttgtac    160320
     gcagagtcat taaaagggcc tttcaaagac aaaaaagtgc ataatgtttt gtacagtatg    160380
     ttgactgcag acataatagt ttttgcaatg gctggtagag aaacaactca aaaaaatctt    160440
     tatttgcatt ttttattttg ggaatgttat actgtattaa ttgttatttt tgtttaccaa    160500
     aacactttcc ctaaatattg caaggagttt ttatttttag tttatttgta ttaaagtgaa    160560
     aaaaaaaaca tattaagtaa actaaaagag gagtgtaaca aagcaagtgc taaattgttt    160620
     cacgaaaaga aattctataa attctatgag tgacgtaaga aagcctattt tgagtacttt    160680
     aaaagaacag ataacttaga tcgaacgttc tattaatgta attggaagaa tatggtgaaa    160740
     catgtcagat gtccggagaa tgttattagg cctaacgtta gttattttac tgcagcaata    160800
     acgttaattg tttacgcgtt ctacgtcaca ctggcagcca ctgtaatgct atcaaaatga    160860
     acatgatgtt agttgaactt acggtaaata aaagacgtgt atttgtcccc aattgagatg    160920
     tagcccatct ctttaaagac gccaatccgc tccatgtcag atttcccatc tggaggcatt    160980
     ttctaaagtt tgactgtaaa aagatctgaa tgtggaatga agttatgcac agctactgca    161040
     gataatcgag aattgtatac gcattgtaca gtattaatta cgggtccatc ttttctacat    161100
     acctgaattg tgtataatgc ttttacctgt caaacagtca aattactcca ctgctggggt    161160
     gtccgtgtgt aggttgttta cgttgtcatg gtgtccagct aatcaggtaa tgtttgactg    161220
     ccgagttgtt catcagtgtt atgaacacag tataacttca cacattaaaa aaattaagct    161280
     aaaaccaatc gtttaatatt aaaaagaaca attattttgt gaaccttttg acatgtaagc    161340
     tacgcatcac agtgacgcaa gaagcatgag ttctgggaat tgtagtgaca agctgtagtg    161400
     gcaaaaaaac gtggttaggc tcatagactg taaaaattag gctatgaaac atttgaaagg    161460
     cgttacaaaa tgttagctat caaaacacat ttattgatat cgcataaagt aatttacaac    161520
     gtaaaaattg ttatgaaaat aattttgttt ttaaacaata aattaggcct atttaaatag    161580
     actgcaactg caatccatcc cagacgaaga gagcatttat tttagtcagg acatcttttt    161640
     aagtcatcca aagtgatggc gaaaacctgc aacaaatatg aaccaggtgt tattcacgct    161700
     acgagtaaaa tatagcacaa cttcagtaac tatcttacgt ttttgtgaca agggtcttta    161760
     tagtcgcaga tgtcttctgg aaatgctgtt cgaatcatct ctttgagttc agctggatac    161820
     acatatgtga ttttatcacc tgagctgcag ccgatcctgt tgttcagcta tcaacattta    161880
     cgttaaacat taacaaaatc cagcaaaatt aataatgata aaatatataa aacgaaatgc    161940
     aaatgtgacg cttactaact gaagctggat taaacggtaa actttttttc gttttaaccg    162000
     gtctgtcttc ttcagccggg aggccgcgtg gagcaacggc cccacccaga ggggcacact    162060
     agataagaac aaccaatttc acagtaaata taaaaacaac agtgtgcata ttacagtata    162120
     gcctagttat ctggtggtac taattgtcat gcaagggtct attacaacaa cagcaaattt    162180
     ctatgccagg tttacacatt agcttaactt taaatacaca agacttctcc gcacatattc    162240
     aaacattgat aaagaccaac acctattcac aatttaaaac aattatgtta tattacccaa    162300
     atgccttgca gaggttatag taataatcca ttaattagta gcatatcaac atttgcctgg    162360
     tggcgcgaag gctagagcgc atgtgcaaag aaaagagaga gcgcgcgcgc gagagagagt    162420
     ataagagatg catcggcaac aatgtaactc ataatcaatt gctaaacaga ttctcaatga    162480
     attggtaaca gtttaattat tagtttaaat acattttaaa gaccaaaaac aaggacaact    162540
     tttattgaat tatcagactt tattaaaata cattacgttt tgattagcat taaggggcag    162600
     ttcacacaaa aatgaaaatg tacacactat ttaataaagg taaaaacctg taaccactga    162660
     cttccacagt ggggaaaatc aaataatatg gaagtcagat ttccagcttt cttaaaaaaa    162720
     atcattttgt gttcaacaga aagaaacgac aggtttgaaa caagtgaaaa gtaagtaaat    162780
     gacaaaaaac ttttcggttt tgggtgaact atccctttaa ttgtgtaaca gtaaggtccc    162840
     tgatgtttgt tctttttaag ctgcattcat tgagttccaa gagatttgag gtttctcatt    162900
     tgccttcttt ttctgaccat tccttgtagg ctccagcata attacgagcg ctgaagagag    162960
     atagaaagaa ttgttgttac attttcaaca gaattgtgtg ataatttaag cattcatgat    163020
     gccaggtttc ttacttcttg aatcccaggc ttttggcttt ctctgtggca gcagctccgc    163080
     gtctgcccaa ctgacagaag aaaaccagtt ctgtgcagtc caggggtggt ttacctacac    163140
     caaacttaga ctggaattca gctgcgtcca gagataagtc ttgcccaatg tttcccacta    163200
     aatgaaattc agcccagaaa ataaataaat aaaataagta cacatgactc acacacttaa    163260
     tgtacaacag attaattatg cacattatat atatatatat tagaatatct aatatttact    163320
     accgtaggta ttttaaatgt ttaaaaataa gcttatcctg ctcatcaagg ctgcatttag    163380
     tcaaaaatac agaacaaatt gtaaaattgt gaaatgtcat tgcactataa aatacctgtt    163440
     caacagtagt ttatcatttt atttattaat tttttcaagt ggttgcgacg cagtggcgca    163500
     gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc aaagcaagaa ggtcgctggg tcgctggttc gagcctcgtc    163560
     tgagttgccg tttctgtaag gagtttgcat gtactccctg cgtttgtgtg ggtttcctcc    163620
     gggtgctccg gtttttcccc acagtccaaa ggcatgcggt acaggtgaat tgggtaggct    163680
     aaattgtcca aagtgtatga gtgtgtgtgt ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgcggctgg    163740
     aagggcatcc gctgcgtaaa aacttgctgg ataagttggc gattcattcc gctgtggcga    163800
     ccccgtatta ataaacggac taagctgaca agaaaatgaa tgaatttatt caagtgattt    163860
     taaagacaaa ttttcagctt cattgctcca gtcttcagtt acatgatcct tcagaaatca    163920
     ccccaatatt aattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    163980
     ttattaatgg taatagtaat aaaagcaata atgactgggg taataattta attcgaaact    164040
     ccacacaata aaaaagcagt tatttaaaat tgtaaaaaaa tatctaataa ttattttttt    164100
     ttacatttaa taaacgccac catgatgaac agaataactt tttttaaaac aaaaaaaacg    164160
     taaaaatgat aatattctaa ttagaaatgt tgaatatcta tcattaataa gtcaaattgc    164220
     cagcaggggt cactcatgct tcattgcatt aattataaac agtaaattta gttacagttt    164280
     ttctcagtca ctttggtcca tttctaagat cagaatagat cagaattgaa attctcaaaa    164340
     ctacctgttc aatccacaca tcatggtgtc acttgtgcac atgcttttgt acatgcatgt    164400
     aaatgattat gtgcagttct ctgctgtttc caacattatc aattgcttaa gtcatgttga    164460
     tcaaaatgta ttattttggt ctctgttgaa tagtctcatc cccacaacat ttaatcattt    164520
     gctcatggca taaatattta catgcaaaat ggctgaacaa gttgccataa tattttgtca    164580
     tatttttcta taatatattc aacatttttc tatacatttc cggtagactt tttttcttac    164640
     atctgtctat aattggtcaa tttctcccaa atgattctca actttaaaaa aaaggcgaat    164700
     ctcaaaagag tctgcaatgt ttacatttct acttttgttt tgttttttct ttgtgctatg    164760
     cagtgctgtc ttttcctttc agtatcaaaa tgacatgatc tgtcaacaaa ttatagtaca    164820
     aacagcaaaa aaatctaatt tagccattta cttcagaaga cccctccaga gtacactgtt    164880
     atattgacaa catgactaaa taatttgact gtcaagaggc tgccttatgc aggttatcta    164940
     tggtgttttg ctatttgtat gctttgtttt aagaaattca cttactgttt tgcaaatttc    165000
     aattctggtc tgagtaatgt accaaagcaa ctgagaaaac ctgtcaaact tgtatacatt    165060
     taatattgta tcaaccatca ttcatgcatt atattaccag gagtgattgc tgaagccaag    165120
     cgtacagtat actgggtatt tatacattca ttctgttact gtttgtgaac tcataatggt    165180
     aattttatca tcagtaacat ggtagttcca caaaccagag gagcaaccta taatttaaaa    165240
     caaggtagat tgtgtacttt tgagtcgctt acccagagct gtgtgtgaga ccgagtgaaa    165300
     catggaaaag acttgtaaaa aacttgaatt aattgttaac acgctgtttt tataataaaa    165360
     aaaaaaacat tttccatgcc cagtcctatc actaaactta accctcatag gaaactgtat    165420
     tttgattttt aaaaagtaac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    165480
     acacacacat acacacacac tgtatgattt acaagatttt tggaaaaaat aagagaacat    165540
     gggcaccttc ttgtcatact cttgtcattt tataagtttg tttccagcta tgtcactcac    165600
     tcacttacac ttacactgag ttacacacac acagttgcat cagttgatcg tcatttctgt    165660
     ctcacctggg atatgaatgg agcctggaat agtccctctg gcgacctctt cgtttgtgcg    165720
     cacatcaaca agaaccgctg aacctttcgc caagatactt tttagatcac tgtatgagat    165780
     gtcattatct acagcagaga ggaatttcaa acaggtattc ttacttatct gtcatgcaat    165840
     aaagactgtt gttgaataca gtggggagat tctaccagaa gtgtacgttt tcacttgtga    165900
     aatagtattt atttgtagaa tgtatttata atttcatgtt tttaatcaca tgatatgaaa    165960
     gttaacaact taaacttgct attgctgaaa ataaagctgc aggttcaatt gggctgagga    166020
     caaggacatt aacaggcttt gtaaatttga ctttttacta atgacttatt cctttacaga    166080
     gcaactgaca gatatcaacc atcagtccat ttttaaaaac taaaaagtac atgcattttc    166140
     atgcattcta tgggaaataa tgcattatta accataatat attagttaca ccaataattg    166200
     ctccaaatag ctcaacaatt cctccagact ccatatttaa gtttttaaat ttgttttata    166260
     aaaacaaaag tttatgtgca gaaaaaaata tctgtttatt ctataatttt attagatcct    166320
     aacatttttt gcaaattaat tattcattga agagtaacac acgataaatg caaataaaaa    166380
     aaaagataaa tgcaaataaa ctcttcaaat gtgtctatat attattgaca gtaacaatac    166440
     acaagtgagg ttaaaaataa ttgtattaat atgattcact ggaacgatta aacagcagtt    166500
     ttctttttta ttattttata tacagttgca tttatttgtc taaaaacatt gttgtgcttg    166560
     ctcttgttta cacctacaca atctttattt aatttatttt cttttttaca cctacacaat    166620
     cgttacagtt tctgcaagtc atcattacgt cacaataagc tgtcttttaa ctgcaagaaa    166680
     aaataggaaa ttatttggac ttcagtcatg cattataacg gaaaaatcaa ctgcaccaaa    166740
     ggaatattta caaaggtgca aaatgtacag cgttcttgta attaataata agcgacggaa    166800
     gtgtttatga caggtactgc acacacctgt acagcagagt caccatgacc acagcagaga    166860
     acaaaaacaa catccaacgt gtttactaaa attcagtgaa gaaatctaga gttttctcac    166920
     tacttttacc actctctgga aacgtttctt atttttcagt gaaaacaaac ttaccgctgc    166980
     ttgccatgtc gaagttatta agtcaccggg tggcagtcga acctttactt ccttgtgatt    167040
     caagttttta aaagccattt cctacagcgc tgtagtgtac tgtaaccgcg tgggcggagt    167100
     caagctactg taaaggcgcc gcctagtacg caaataactt cataataaaa gaccagcact    167160
     ttcaaaataa aactctcaaa aatatatagc ctacatttta gtgcattctt aagaaaagta    167220
     attttaaacg taaatcatta caattctcaa gtttagtaac ttactgtaaa tgctttggta    167280
     tattaatgta agttctctaa agggactttt aaagactttt taaaccatgt ttagcaataa    167340
     tttagttttt ttgcaatatt tctgtaggag aaaaaaatac agatattgtt ctcgattatt    167400
     gtattaactg ctgaagagta gtagtaaatt gagaaataca gaaaataggg ctaaaaaact    167460
     atctgtgttc agttcctgcc cttaatagat tgtgttttat tttattatta ttattattat    167520
     tatttattta tttatttttt atttttttgc taagcattag taaatgtttt tatttttagc    167580
     aaatgttgct tttgagtcaa tcaattgtct ttgtgtgaaa agatgtcaca atcacacagt    167640
     cactgttgga aatacacagg agatggagct gaagggtttt tctgaagaac actaggtggt    167700
     ttaactgacc aagacaaacg agggactcat tgccaatgat cattaaatgt atttttaaaa    167760
     aagtatatca ttcaagtaac aatataagga ttcaatggta gactctgtac atttttaatt    167820
     atccggatca tttaaaaaat attattactg ttttgtcttg ataagtatat gtatacatct    167880
     gatactgtat gtaaaataca gtatcttatg cagaaaagta ctaaataata aataaataaa    167940
     caaataaatc ttaattttag gatccctctt attttgctaa aattattaca atttaaaata    168000
     ttctgcaaag gttatgtcaa aaacataact gtataccagg atgcttttgc aattcgagaa    168060
     aacaaagcct gaactgtgac atataaacat ttaattgcaa aattggttaa aatttcataa    168120
     atacttttct gacagaaata atcaatcaag ttctgtctgg tttcttgaat ctgactggct    168180
     gatagccgtg agatattctc ataataacag cactcataca gatgaacaaa ttcaaaacag    168240
     tttgacaaat attgcagctg ttggacaaca taatgtactt ttgaggctat ttaggcgaga    168300
     atgtagtcat ttaggttgca tctgcatttt atatataagg caagtgccta tttgaaacat    168360
     tcataatttc agagaaacag cgcgtcggca tccattaccc tttcataatg agttggttga    168420
     cattgtccat tcacaatggt ggcagagacc aaataataag cgcttagatg agaaaaactc    168480
     agtgtaattt caaattacag ctgatcaaat ccttactaaa ctggtaagtc attttctaag    168540
     ttgatctctc tcttttgtat gctgtagtgc tgtatttata ccatataatt gtagtgtact    168600
     aagtgtgaga tgaaactccc atatcctgta tatcctatat gtttatgaaa aataattgta    168660
     tagttattat gtcagacaga aaacatttaa gaagtaaaat atgatcccag tattaaggta    168720
     catttcataa atgtaatttt gataacaaac tgcagtaaga aatgattttt attaccaatg    168780
     gtgaactctg taagggaaga gcacagtctt catcttaaaa tgaggaatgt atgacataat    168840
     agctgtagtg acattttaac aaatacatga gactagccgg actcacatga attaaactat    168900
     ttattggtaa ggtctcagaa gagtctcact tgagtaagaa tcatccctca atactgattt    168960
     ggtacatcat gacatccata atgagtctct tcacagtgga aagaatccat ttctatggtt    169020
     tgggttctag tacagcaact tttctgcata aaaacaaaac taaacaaaca gaacatctaa    169080
     acgggggtat caatattatt tatctgtgat atccgagtgt cacacacatt ctagtgtttt    169140
     aataccagct gttgatttgc acatgacaag ccaccttctg ttagaaatat aaaagttgat    169200
     attatgaaca atattctact gtgctgcata aaggtaaatc tatacactgt acatatacag    169260
     atatattctg aaaaacaagt ttcacagttt taaactttat ttaaagtata aaccattttt    169320
     aaaacacttt acataagtta tttctgtgta tgactataat ttgctttgga acaaaaacaa    169380
     aatcaaaatg gatacaaaaa ttaaaaatga ttacatattg tacaaagaaa aataaacgca    169440
     accatcaatg ttcatctttg tagctaaaag cggtgactcc tttatgattg tcatagagta    169500
     ctatgaatgc taaaaaaaca aatcaaaaca acctaagcaa aaataaatag tttctgacac    169560
     tagtaacctt tcaatctgca gactgtgagt gtttattttt ttctgatatc tctatacaga    169620
     agtgccctgg tgaaggtctc gttactctaa tgcgactggg acgtacaaaa ctatcgcatc    169680
     taaagcacac tcagaacttc acttttatct gatacaatgc aagtacttct ctatcagtga    169740
     tgaaacaaac tatgtccgac ttggattttc ctcatcacct tgatccattg tatttgtctt    169800
     gaaggaacag tctgtagacg atgggacttg ctgcggtggc gattgacagt ttggatgtga    169860
     agaatgtgag gcctgagact gacatttctc ttcatggatg ttgctcctca gttcctacat    169920
     tgagactagg ctttctccgg cggcatgtga gactcgcagc acctctccaa tacagatcgc    169980
     accatcgcaa gggtaccatc tgacatcctc tcggtaaccc aaaaaatatg ggtaaaaata    170040
     tctattcttt tttaaaaagg ggatttttca tatttcagca acagtagctc tgttttgttt    170100
     ctcagtttat cagtgctttc tgacgtccat tgttgaaaaa ccaaaacaac ggctttcaaa    170160
     ttgttatttt ttgcccgagg cagtattaac aaaagtttta gagtgttctt cttttaaaag    170220
     tccctgcagc gttcagtgag tttccccctt tagttcaatt attctccatg agaattatcc    170280
     aggagattaa aagagaaaaa caaagagcaa gagagagaga aaaagaaccg aaaacggtaa    170340
     aggtataagc ggagagaaag ccaaatataa caaaagcttt tggactgtta cctctttccc    170400
     atctcattct gtctcaggaa ctgaatgttg aaactgctgt ccgctagttc gggatactgt    170460
     tccacgggta aaatgtaata cccgtcatat ccctgcactt tccctgttga aagaagttgc    170520
     tgtctttctc cttcagtcca caagcgactc ccctctttat tatcccgcgc tcgctcctgc    170580
     tctcgtagcc aagcacctgt aagtgccctt tgtcgtgcta gctccagcag ccgggctcgc    170640
     tcctcatcca gcacatctgt cgccaagcca taccgcacgc tcagagacag agccgggacc    170700
     cggaactcaa cagtgacccc tctcctcgag cgcccgctta ctgtgacgtt gatcccgctt    170760
     tccagtgcct tacgtccgtt agtgagtccc aaagccagca ggtcactatc aggtgaaccg    170820
     atcttcacga agaaatgaca gtcgcggccg tcctgtgtgt agtgcgtccc gtctaaatat    170880
     actgcgccat ttaacaccag aaccaccttc ctgctgtcat cgctggccat gctggagact    170940
     ccagtgacca cacggccttc cttcaccgcc aacatcactc cacgtccaat aatcggggta    171000
     cttgtgccaa accagtggcc tagtttctta tttttggtct tgcgctcttt gtcaagaagc    171060
     cgtccctcca gagccataaa ggcttggttg tgccgctcgg cttcctgttg aactccggtt    171120
     atcagctgca gaaagaaaat taaaaggctt ggtaaatgca ggcaggatca cctagtccag    171180
     ctgatctgca accaactgaa atgctaaagt aattccggag aggatttaca atggcaataa    171240
     tgtggtggct cacctgcccg ttttcacttt cttgactggc aaggagctcg tatggtggat    171300
     ccacgaaata gagagtgtgt ctgggaaagc ctggaatgat gttgcttagc tggaagccaa    171360
     acatcactag ccaactcttc acatctgcaa tgaaatatac aaagaaataa agattaaaga    171420
     ggtcatgaac tgaagaatct aatttctctt gatcttttca cagatttgtc actgaattat    171480
     aaaaacttcc ggtaagtttc agaactctaa accttctcat tactactaaa tatcgtggtt    171540
     aaacttgatt tgcactgtag aagtaaacaa caattgaggc atacaaaggt ttatgaagaa    171600
     accagtagta aaatggctca acaacaaaaa acaaaacaag aaactgtgca atgtcaagct    171660
     gtggaaaaat gcagtttttc attgggttga ccccaacatt cccaccgatc cctttattgt    171720
     ttttaatgaa gtaccagacc gcatctgcaa aaacttgttc ctttgtttat ttaacccctt    171780
     tggaccctgc taggcatggg acgataacca ttttcaaggt ataccgcaat tttggaaaag    171840
     tcaaggtttt aaaatctttt gttatacggt tcctatggta tatgtttttt tttttaaaga    171900
     tgccacttta aaagaaatct gtgtttttga aaaaaattaa gacagaagtt aatgatacat    171960
     ttcaatcatt tagcctgaca tgtttacttt tccaaaatac tttaaatgtt tctcaaaata    172020
     aaattttctt gtgttcagta atcagtgttc agcaaggagt aatcacaata cagtgaaacc    172080
     gtgaaatttt tatccaaggt tatcatacca tcccaatctt ataccggccc atgactacac    172140
     ccttcatcca ttacaatcat cacatgtcag gttatgttat tttatgttta tttttttgca    172200
     tttggggagt ttctccaaat ttaaaccctg ctgtccataa aattggacat ctgtcattaa    172260
     atcaaaggca gtaagtctct gcctgtttta ataaaactaa aaaatatcta ttatgctgaa    172320
     gagaagcaag gcagcacttt gtttgaaaga caaaagcaat gtcttattcc gatttattga    172380
     tatgtttgcc aatatttcag aaaatgtaaa gaaaaagcta gattgagttt aataaagtaa    172440
     aaattgattg tacaattgca agctttaaat cagccagtct atattttttc attacagttg    172500
     gttcataata cgaagtttat aaaaactttt aagattaaag atgcctgtaa tttaagattc    172560
     aattttcagc ctgcgaccct taaagaaaca atgccagtga ctagcggacc ccaaattcct    172620
     gaggtggtta taaataatca aacgttgagc aaacaaaaat aggcctatat gaacacgggc    172680
     atattcagaa cacaaaaaag tgcaacagtc taacaaccat gtttatagtc atttgctcat    172740
     ttgttaaatt taatattgac ctcagctaga gaaactggtg gacaccatgt ttttttagca    172800
     caagtctatt cttggtttca ttttggggac cgccactcag agatcatcct caatgttcag    172860
     ttgtggccta tatttatttt taatgcattt gattgccata aaggtgccag aaattttaat    172920
     ctggtgctac tgtataaaat caatgctaca gttgatgcta ttgctgtgtt caaactaacg    172980
     taaacataac aatcctaagg aggaaaaaaa taaaggctga tgaatttgca tgtagttgtt    173040
     ttttactatt aaaaactact atttttttat cttctgttgg ttatggttaa agtgtggtaa    173100
     aactattgat aataacagtt ttgctcactc agtaatgcaa tgctttaata aaatgttttt    173160
     atacattcta gccattttta ttatgtatta tgtcctcact gtaaaaatct tcataaactg    173220
     aaatcttcaa atgaaacaga gttctaaata actaatgagc tcatgacaat gacaaagctg    173280
     caaagacagc taatggtaaa ctcttacctg tgacataatt cttcacgtcc agcatgtcac    173340
     tgagagggtt gttattcttg aacatgtaca ggttaaaagg tgccagatct ttgctgatct    173400
     tctgccacat ggtgtagtca ggtgacgtcc atctggcggc caagacatca tagtctctct    173460
     gcgtgaaatg caccagtttg gtaagtgagt cataaagccc accatggaag ccgacgacga    173520
     gctggaactc agggttggag tcgtggtaca cctccccgta agccgtgtac tgcacctgtt    173580
     tgatcatttg gccgttgctg ctgaagacag ccagtggcgt gccggtgttg tcagaggcga    173640
     tgtagtactc ctccccacta ctcacctcca tagcaaacag atggccctgc aggtcatagt    173700
     acaaagagct gatttctgaa ctggagtggt tgaacacatg cgtgacccga gtcgggttgt    173760
     ttaggtcagc ataaaagaac tggaggtgct ggcccagact gttcttagta gacaccctac    173820
     gcccaagtcc atcgtagcgg tactggacac tccaacctcc agctactcga ctgtaggcac    173880
     ggaccagttg tcctttagag ttgtagtcaa acacatcgct gcctctttga ctaaggtagc    173940
     catcttcatc tagacgatac tggacatcac caaggcgtgt aatgcggtcc cgtaggtcat    174000
     agcggagggg catgagtcgg gcactgttgc ctgggttaag caggtgtaag ttgccgttta    174060
     agtcatagct gtagcgccaa gtagaccagt cattgacctt gacaccactg agttgtccat    174120
     caccatcgta ctcatagcgg tattgtgtgg tgtttgcata cgggccgatt ttgagctccc    174180
     gcttgatgac cctgcccatg ttgtcatact gcactgtcat ccagtacata agagagcgga    174240
     agatctcata ctgaacttct ttgattcgtc catgagcatc aaaatgcttg ctgagggtca    174300
     tcacagcggt ggtgattatc tgattgatgt cataatagat gactccaaac ttcccaaagt    174360
     gctccacttt gccggagatc tcatcgtatc ggtagagatc cacaggaagt ggcgtttcgc    174420
     ttatgacagg cttcatgctt gcaatccgga aactattgtc atggtaggtg taatcgaagc    174480
     gtgcgttaac catgccttcc tctgagaaac ggtagatctg tttgtcaatc aggggaccca    174540
     ttttacgata gcgaatcgtg caagaaaagc caccgctctg caagttgacc atttttagca    174600
     cgccggctgt ctcgtcatag ccaaaagtga tggctgtgct gtcatataag atctcggaga    174660
     gcttagccag cttgccatat ttgtagagga ctcggcggcc agtgcctagg aagtaggtgg    174720
     cctggggacg tccatcctcg ctgaagtcgt agatgatgga tgcattgctt tctggcgggt    174780
     tgtaggtgtt gcggatgtag ccgatggaga catgagtgaa catggtatga cgggcgacgc    174840
     tgggcattgt gacagctgtg atgcggtttg atgcgtcaaa ctcgaagatg tattgtctct    174900
     gactctgcag gagaagcacc atggactgtg gagacaaatt tgacaaattt gcagaacatt    174960
     attatcacat tcatattaat tagcgaaaca tcttttacaa gctgccataa ttcaaaggga    175020
     tctttcaaac aatctattta tctattgatc agtaactatg gttaccatcc acctatcttt    175080
     atgcttattt tggagatgcg cataaaaaag gtttaaaaaa aaaaaggcaa gatgcgcatc    175140
     aatattgaaa atgtgcacaa aaaatgtatg cgcacaacgt agtagaataa acttttttat    175200
     ttgatttgat aagatgtgct taaactatga tggaaacaca ttttctgaac aaatttcagt    175260
     ctgcgcataa aagtcatgtg attttgttgt aagagatcat gtgatgataa aaatgtgtgt    175320
     gaatggacaa accagctggc tgaacacatt gtaaagcatc tgaaatgttg ttttgtttac    175380
     tttaaaatgc cgtaaccatt tcagtattag ttttattata ttattaatta cctccagaac    175440
     cgtcaaaagc atttatgcta cgcacgtgac gtcttcaaat gccaccacat gttcattgca    175500
     tgttggcata ctgccttctg aggcacattt aatttataaa ataaggagac aattcatgta    175560
     gcttctctta cctctataaa ttccattttt acttttgata tttggcgcca gttaaacaag    175620
     aagtgacggt tttgttctct ttgactcatt ggatgaaaac ggtgctttat ttgcatgtct    175680
     tttatgcaca taaatttcat atacatcttt ggatggaaac atagctacta tttactattt    175740
     tacagttttt acagtaaatg ttttaattag cattaaaaaa ctaaacagct tttttgtgct    175800
     tttgtcattt tatactttta agtttttgta aatgcaaatt ccatttaacc atgacttttt    175860
     atatatgtat tttttataat ctttagcact ttatattatt ttgttgtagc tatttaattc    175920
     cagcttgtta ttaccacaat attcagcatt ttattacagc tttgtttctc taaagaaaat    175980
     attttagctg cttaacaata tattaagatt ttaccccaat gttttaataa attaaacagg    176040
     ttaaaatgta aaagctgatt taaaacaaca tataaagtac aataaaaaca aataaaatat    176100
     tatactcatc caaaatcaaa caaaaagtgc tcaggggtaa cttaataatg tgtcagtgca    176160
     ctttaggtaa gggattcatt agaataaaca gcaaaaataa gtccaaagca ctcgaaaaat    176220
     gtggaacaaa tattaaaaag cctatattaa catgaataat ccttaaaaaa cctacacatt    176280
     tcggcagtta ccccgatgaa ggcacttctt tgctgaaatg tataggtttt ttaggattcg    176340
     ccataaaaat attatactcc aatactccaa ttatactcca atgtcagtga ctagtacaac    176400
     ttgaataaat tattccaaac aatcttattt aaaccaatct caccttgtct agataactgt    176460
     agctccacac ttttccatca acaaaagatc gtgagaggat tcgaccctgt gcatcaaact    176520
     ctgttctttc actcatactc ccacgatgca gaccaaccag ctggcctgtg cttgagtatg    176580
     acacattcac caccgcaagg ctactgctgg gctgccatat cgccggcctg ccttgggcat    176640
     catacgtgat cctcagagtg aacttcctgt ggtcatcata gatcttttct gttcgtgtgt    176700
     tccggtcaaa gtctattgac aggagattgc gtccatgtgc ctgcaaaggt gagatgattt    176760
     agttattgca atgagaccat aacgtgtaag agtagagata tcattatcct aaaaggagtg    176820
     cccacccgaa gtttcctccc gaacacagtg accttgccct tggacagctc tttccgcaat    176880
     ctccactcaa tggagttcaa gccgttgtca gtgggtaggg tgatgttcct gcggccgatg    176940
     gtgggactca ctgatcctgc caggatatgg ggttcagtgt gatagctgat gcccatccca    177000
     ttggcataca tcactctcag ggtgccattg ttacacagtt ggtagctgtt ccgcacttga    177060
     tctgcagggg gcaatagagc gacgcaaatt caacatcata ttaagaccaa aataaaatgc    177120
     tttatgacaa attttcaaca tgacgagagt acaaaacggc aacagcaaac aaggcttgat    177180
     ttattttgaa ctcatgaaag ggctttgggg catttatcag ctcaaaaaca gtctggctgt    177240
     cttttcttcg gattataaaa gataacaaga gcagcgcttt gtttaaaaca aatgatgtga    177300
     agccttaaat ccctttgttt cacagcgcca caaacattta atatgcttca gaacatccac    177360
     tataaataaa ttacaaccca tgaaactaat ttatgagcag aaggtacgct cttaatttga    177420
     gataatatag ttgataattt ataaggcagc cttttaaagt cgtttaagca atttattatt    177480
     cgcctcatga gcgtgtcaag gttagattca aaagcttgat ctgagggacg ttctccttgg    177540
     attaaatccc ctgtaattca ttcaaaaggt tttcctcccc cttcttgtgt tatgtctgcc    177600
     tgtattgaag tttgactttt ttgtttagtc tgccatggga aggaggttaa acattttcta    177660
     tctctttccc tgcctttctg tcctttcatc ttaacagatg aaataagctt tgggatagtg    177720
     gggattggag ccgaggcagg tagaagacag tgaatattta cttgggataa tataatgaat    177780
     ttgtctgaga tcatatgcat cgcagcaaaa caacttgcaa actagatttg agagacaaaa    177840
     caaatgctgc gattttctgt gatgaattat acaatactac ttgtctccca catggatgtt    177900
     ggagtacctg tattttgttg agtaaatttg taggcagtga tatgaaacaa tcaagatatt    177960
     aatgaaacaa aatattaaat caaccaaact gagcacagaa ttattcatgt ggctactgcc    178020
     tccactgaac agacatacct tgcacaacag tataggaggc ttcaactgac gaaagattgg    178080
     tgataacagt gacatcatca tctctgttgg agctctcaat gtcaatattg atggattttt    178140
     cgatctctct atgaagactt gtaaccattc ccgtggggta tgtcacattg gtgagtctcc    178200
     cttcactgtc atacctgaaa gaaacaatga atatggacag tttaaagttt atattattta    178260
     cactcatcct ttaatctgca tgcattatga taaaaagaaa gttagtcaac attttatttc    178320
     acatccttta caattgtttt gtcatttagt cattttactt tgaaaataaa catgtataat    178380
     acgatggata atacaaacta tagactacaa gagcctatca tagctttaca gtttttaatt    178440
     tctgaatgat cgcatgtagg ctatgtatat tccaagaaca agtatgacca aagttttgat    178500
     atactccaat gcttcaatga atacttgata tggctcaatg aatactcagt ttgtaactca    178560
     atttatagta gttaaattaa gagtttgctg cttttagcag ggtataggag ccagctagac    178620
     cagttataaa caagcatagt caagctgaaa gtccaaaaat aacaaaacca aaaaaagcta    178680
     aaaaaaaata catcactgag atgctggcta attaatgtga agccatagtt gaccgtaatg    178740
     gtataatatg tttggaaaat gtttttttta ttattatttt tttttaagag attataaaag    178800
     tagaaaatct gaactgaaag tctggcaaat aatttgtgaa tatggcaaat gcacaaaaca    178860
     gccatgaatg tgcataagtc ccttcccatg caagttgtga tttacactac ctcacaatgg    178920
     tcttggtgct tatccgagtt ttaggaacaa ccaaaatcaa cttcacttct agttgataat    178980
     ttggtatcag aagtggctta tatgacaggc aaatacttct ggattacact tatttacgca    179040
     aataaaatat gatcatgcct tgatttttaa atgtttcatt aggagagtga ggtctgactt    179100
     tgcttagaca aaagtcttct cacttaacag ataaaagaat tttgtgtatg actctcacga    179160
     gcttgggcga ctgcatccat acatctctgc aatgactcaa gtaacttatt aataaagtca    179220
     tctgaaatgg caaagaaagc gtctaagcag gactcccaga gttcatcaag attctttgga    179280
     ttcatcttca gtgcctcctc tttcatctta ccccagacaa actcaataat gttcatgttt    179340
     ggtgactggg ctggccaatc ctgaagcacc ttgacctcat ttgcttttag gaactttgat    179400
     gtggaggcta aatgagaagg agtgctatcc tactgaagaa tttgccattg cctgtggttg    179460
     taatgggtaa cacaaatgtc ttgatacctc aggctgttac agttgccatc cactttgcag    179520
     atctcttgaa tggccaatac agaatgtaac cccaaaacat agtttttcct ttaccaaact    179580
     tgactaattt ctgtagtaat cttgggtcca tgcaggttcc aatagttctt ctgcagtatt    179640
     tgtgatgatt tggatgcagt ttaacagatg attcattggt aaaatctact ctctgccact    179700
     tttccaaatg ttcaactaga agtcaagtta ttaaatatat ataataatta tgtaataatt    179760
     gtatgtgtgt aataattatg acttcaactt tacacaaaca tggcaggaga atgtgcccag    179820
     ctataagtag attttaagca aaaatattta acttaaatat tgacttaatt gaatcacttt    179880
     aaatcatcat atgagtcatt atacctaata attaataaat taatattttt tgaatttgcg    179940
     cctgcgttga tttacatagg ttcagctttc tacccccctc tctctctgtc ttgctctctc    180000
     tttctctcag ttacgttaca ttagggagca gatctggatg gtgccacaga tctgtcagcg    180060
     tctggctgat gtctgtgcca gtgcagtgga gtgtggggaa ttctacattc tcaggagcat    180120
     ggctgcttcg tcctgctccc agagattttc tttcctgcgg agtgttccaa ctctaatcaa    180180
     acacacctga aaaagttaat caagatcttc aggttccctt ggaaattaca agcaggtgtg    180240
     ttgcagggtt ggaattgaac tctgcaggaa ggagaagtat caatccagca ctcttttcaa    180300
     agtcaaataa tggatattcc tattaaactt ttctatactt taaatacgtt tttttcaagt    180360
     ttgttgtctg tagatattta ttatttaatc caaaaagatt aagtctctta tgctcagaaa    180420
     agctgcattt tgttgattaa aatacagtaa aacaggacta atgtgaaata ttgttataat    180480
     aattttcact ttaatacagt aagctggact ttcatcaccc attaatatgc agaatttcta    180540
     ttcaagaatc aaaattcttt tatataaaca tttatatgaa tggttttatt gattttgata    180600
     attcttattt atttatttat ttttgctcgg agtagctgca tttagttgat ctattaaaag    180660
     taaaacatta atatgaaata tgtaaaatat taaaaaaaag tataaaatat tttctaattt    180720
     gatacatgtt aattgcaata atagtaatat attcttgtaa tgatgaagca taatttccaa    180780
     catgcagtgc tatcatgctg aaaaacatat gcttaaaaac ataattgcca actttgaaaa    180840
     ctgttttaaa aaatataact gggtattttt gtagaaacca tggtaccttt attgatactt    180900
     ttataatata tttgaataat ttaaaaaggc aaagcttgta acattactgt cactttcaat    180960
     gtatttaata cattcccgct gaatgaaagt atttatttat ttacagaaaa tataaagtca    181020
     acaaggcggt tcatttcgct gtggcgaccc cagattaata aaaggacaaa gccaaaaaga    181080
     aaatgaatga atgaataaag tcaacaattt ttttaattgt gcagcggcct aaagaatcaa    181140
     tagtgcaatt gtagcatttt taaagtgttt gctttttgca agagaagatc atttaattgt    181200
     ttacatacct gtctcttaca aaactgctaa actgtttaac tgctaaaaaa aaactacaaa    181260
     cttacctcaa tattctcatt tacaccccta aaaataaagg ttctttgttg caattccagt    181320
     ttgaatctta ttttatttga acttcttttc tattttaata tgttcatgtt aatcactgcg    181380
     caaacatttt tctgaacctt tatttttaag attgaaatgc ataaatgtgt tgaaataact    181440
     tggtataatt cactgggtgt ttccatattt atgtaagtac actttttttt tttcttttta    181500
     tctttctttc attgttttta aattggacta agaatggaat tctgctgtgc tcttcccaaa    181560
     taaggaaatt caaaccctcc aagcaaaatt gaaagcacag aaattgttaa atatacatgt    181620
     cgaatgtgtc atgcatagga ttaatatcaa cacacagcac tacataaaca acaggcacac    181680
     tacaacttac tcataaaaag ttgtccagcc tgtctcatca gccttggtag ccaaaaggcc    181740
     agtgtttcca ttgtatccca gtagaacaat ctcctggttg agagccgaga tggagcgcag    181800
     gcttcctgca ggatccagtc ccagcgtcac cacctgattc tcaggctgca ggacaagcct    181860
     gagcagccct gctccaccct gtcctgcgcc atcccttctc accttcaccg tattattgca    181920
     gttatccacc acagtggcta gctctccatc aggcccataa ctgaagttat acaggggcag    181980
     acctgtcaca agactgatag tttgtaagtg gagaccctcc tcattaaaca catacagctc    182040
     ctgttcctga ggggacgcga cctcatatcg tcccagagct gaaggccctg gtcggttagt    182100
     gcgtacagct cgaatacgaa tgttattgag atctgcaatg taaagcgtgc cgtccggtga    182160
     gacggccaga gacatagggg agttgaggct ggcatctgtg gcgtatccat catctcctgc    182220
     gaaacagttg cagttgacgt cattcttaca gtcgcattct gatgtagcgc cagctaaaag    182280
     cgacatctct ccattggtgc tgacttgccg cacacggttg atcttcttct catccgtctc    182340
     tgcgatgtaa agtactcctg tatgggagat gccgatagca gtggcacttt ccagggcaga    182400
     gtggatggcc agtttgctaa gggaatagtc gatgccaggc acttggcaat gcataggccg    182460
     tcccgcaatg atgctcactt ggtggttttc agtgatgcgt aggataacat tattctccag    182520
     cacatacaga gagttatcca tgggattcac tgccaagtcg gtaggccact ctaagcgaac    182580
     ctggatttaa aaaaataaat aaatagttgg tattgaaacg aatgttttac atttttttag    182640
     tatcattttc taggcttttg accaaacagg tatgctaggt gtggtgtaaa gtaataaagc    182700
     aaacttacag taattgagta gattttttgc aggaattata cttaaatacc ttatttgtac    182760
     ttgtactttt acttgagtac attttatttc tgaacaggtt cttttactat gcttctttcc    182820
     ttcgatctgc agtcactact gtgtttttga tatctaagta gaatagagta tagaccattt    182880
     tgaggtatgt aaacaataac aaaatgtcct gacgtgtttt acattaaaat ttccatagct    182940
     tctgagggtc caaaaagttc cacatattga taaataattt tacgatagat gttataacat    183000
     caagttatga ttgaatcacc tcttgttcac taatatgaaa ttgtttgaca agcaggggcc    183060
     aatgacatca ccacattgaa atggtatatg cacagccata tttttgattt aggggctcat    183120
     tcatataaat ttaaaacaat gtattatgac ttgcttatcc tctaatgact gttagattta    183180
     ctgcatatct gcaaacattt gtacatgaaa actgttgaga acagagtaag aaacggtact    183240
     gtggtgctaa taactgcatt atggagcgag tttcgagtgg ccactgtgat cagatactat    183300
     agcaaagttg gcgacccagg ggtgttacag actgtaccaa aaagctgagg actaggccag    183360
     agggttgggt ggtgaaatta tgaaagattt ctaggttaaa aaataacaaa aggggaggat    183420
     ggtgagggat ggttctgaaa tacgggagac tcccgggaaa aacagtagtg atggcaggta    183480
     tggtttaggg gtgaggtggg gttgggtgct acatctcctt tttaaaatca tacattttca    183540
     ttcgactgaa cttgtacaaa ttcgtacgaa taagtcacta gaccaggggt gggcaaactc    183600
     ggtcctggag ggccggtgtt ttgcacagtt tagctccaac cctaattaaa cacacctgaa    183660
     tatgctaatc agtgtcttca agatcacaag aaatccttaa gcaggtgtgt ttgattagcg    183720
     ttggagctaa actgtgttgg acaccggccc tccaggactg agtttgcccg tccctgcact    183780
     agactgacaa aacgtaaaac agttatgttc cctcttgaga tcaggctggc acagctagtg    183840
     ttatttcccc caccgataat cttccagtga aaggttaata tgacttttta aaaaatgtta    183900
     tacggttcct tttacagcat tgatgttgta atgtaattat aaaaatacaa tcagttaaat    183960
     aaacttaagc attcatttag ttgctcaagt gtaaaatgag atcaaaagtt gtttacacac    184020
     acaccatcag gatcagcagg ctagcgcaga ccctccattg aaaatactgg agtaaaatac    184080
     attttcgtat tttaaagaca tggtgcggaa aaaaagaatt caatgcggtg cttcttgtat    184140
     tttctgggaa attctttata ttgtactata tatcaatcaa gcattgaaca tcattgattt    184200
     tcaaagaaaa tgaatcttaa acgcattgat tttgtaaaga cacacagttc actggaaagc    184260
     tttaacattg taattaataa ttgaaagtcc atctgcataa actactctat aatcagagct    184320
     gtggtttcta tccaatgaag ctgtgcacag aaaaatctgt aacgatttac aacatggttg    184380
     tattagttaa tgaatttact aacatgaaca aacaatgaat aattcattta tcacagtatt    184440
     ggtccatgtt agtaaacgtt agttaatgaa aacagtgttg ttcattattg ttttggtaac    184500
     tcacagtaca ttaactaatg ttaacaagca tgaatttaga tgtaattaat gcattagtaa    184560
     atgatgaact atgattgata aatgcggtac aagtactgtt cataattagt tcatgttagt    184620
     aaatacatta gctaaccaaa ccttattgta aagagtgacc ttaatgtaat atcagacaga    184680
     ttgtattttt acttgagtgt gatgttcagt actcttttta ccactgcctg ctagagatga    184740
     ttgatacttg cgtgtctgct aatttttcag aagattcaaa gattttatga tcaaataaac    184800
     aatcaaactt cttttttttt gtttctctcc ctgtgtataa tttataatgt gtgctttcat    184860
     taggctgacc tggctgacat ccatgctgga atcgcagctc agcgggcgca cagctgtaag    184920
     gtcattggca cccagcagag tagagatgat gccgttttga tccaccttcc taatcatggt    184980
     ggcatctaca aagtacatca gcccgttttt atctacagca atgcctgaaa agagaaaaca    185040
     aacaggtaaa ggagtcagcc ggaaagttca ggggttacgc agactctcaa acccttcgcc    185100
     tgtcaggctc gttttatttt tgtcttctgc agcgcttaat gatctgagca agagcatctt    185160
     tgatctggtt tcaacctgtt ctaagtttat cttcaggctc tgctcaattc gtctttccct    185220
     cccgattgcc tgtcctatat aagctagcaa ataatacacg tccatcaagc gtcactccag    185280
     tgtcaaccca tcagttctcc ttatcagaca ctgaaggcag agcagacgag aatatctcca    185340
     agtgctgaca agaagatgct cacagaatgg acctgtgtag gtgtatgatg cagaggggtt    185400
     tgaacaaaaa gatggggaga caaatagcat gaggggagag actgagtgca cttgactgag    185460
     ccttttcact gtgaagtcat ctgggaatca gtaatgaggc ctgtgtagtc tgtcacctct    185520
     ctactcttcc tctttctctc tccctctctc tctccagaag ctcaaattca acgtcacata    185580
     tagaaaatgt gacaatgtga catccttgac agtttggtgt cagactggct atttttttcc    185640
     atacaccaaa cctggatatt actttcaaaa cctgctcaaa cttgttgtag cacctttatc    185700
     ttttcccttt cttatcacta tgtgtttgct taggattcga atgttgtact taattctagt    185760
     ttacacgaat gttgaacttt gaatttgtga ctcatatcat tcttactgaa gttttgataa    185820
     gtttttgacc caatatttta agatgtttct tcaaaagtaa agatgtcttg tttttcagac    185880
     atgtttaggt tcatttttag acagcactat accaatgttt tgacgtcaaa acaatgaaac    185940
     aagggatatt tgacagatta tttggaacat ttgatcattt tctgtggggg aattctttaa    186000
     atgacaattt ttctatttga aacttggaat aaatgttatc aaaatttatt gaataaaaca    186060
     aatattaaca tttcactcaa acacatctcg caaatccagt acatccagag aaacagagaa    186120
     tttttaaaaa tacattattg gaaatctcca tcatctttca ttaaagtgtc aatgtctcat    186180
     ttatgattat gcatctgatt cgaacgctat cactcgattg aatggatgtt atcagtggtt    186240
     atcagctgat agatatgggc cagtatgggc cttctgtacc tattagtaga ctcagaaggc    186300
     tgttatcaac catccacatg gataatcagc tatactaata gagaagactc cagatctgtt    186360
     tttacattat tgtgaagttg gctgttgggt tggggtagaa attaataaaa tacaataatg    186420
     ggaaatttat taaataatat aaataattat catggttaat cagttatact aatagagaag    186480
     actctgtttt acattaccgt gatggttggg ttgaatgaat gtgctccatg caggtgagct    186540
     tgcttgacaa ccacctggag gacacactcc tccttaatac accagacagt gtgttagaaa    186600
     ctctcatatg ctttacatgc ttgttcctat gtttgtttat ataagtgcta atttcataac    186660
     actccatttt gcatcttttt aaaatacact atgaacagca gctgtgctaa ttattttatt    186720
     tattctctat ttccacctgg ggctactcat ccaagagact atgcaatgcc attgatgcaa    186780
     tccaagatct gagaagagat gatcccaagg tatccataat cctggaacag accgtatccc    186840
     gagctgatgc tgtggtcatc atggaggatc ggggtgcatg agactgattc ctgaaagacc    186900
     actgtgacaa cgagtccctg cattgatcct ttgggccagc ctgaccttcc actggtgccc    186960
     tactcaaccc tgcagcttct ccacaatcga cttccagctt ctccagcacc tagacgacag    187020
     ctccacacaa gaattttggc cagaagaata atagtcatgc ccaacagagc cttttttccc    187080
     tgagtttttt tgacttcgtc aggtggtaaa ttttttttct ctcaccactg tcaccactgg    187140
     cttgcttgga ttgggactta tggagctgcg catcgatgga tttgcttcac agtggctgtg    187200
     gatggatgat aacagccttc tgagcctact agaaggcgca gagggcccta ctgacccata    187260
     tttttcagtt gaatactgat aaggactatt taatcgagct ataacattcg aattagctgt    187320
     aagatgttac tctgagaaaa actagacata aactgacaag cagtaatata atattgataa    187380
     tatagagcag taaaatgaaa acagaagtat agatttaata gaaagctttt gatatagagt    187440
     ttggttaaca atttatctcc ccacatattt tagtttttag acttataatt gttcatttta    187500
     atataataac tcaattgtgt gatgaaattg tcttctctca tctaggacaa acaactgaga    187560
     tttcaaatta gcttattgtg atttttcttt caaagtgatc tgtaagatgt tgaatactac    187620
     agaaatgtgc ccgcttaagg ctctgaactg taacatctga aagttaaaac agtcgccacg    187680
     ttaagtaaca ttatctctga gagacagaca gagagagaga gaataccaag agactccaat    187740
     aatcgaaacc agagacttgc actccccata gcacattcag aaattaatta atagcttaag    187800
     gttgaacatt cgctgtgatt gtggaagcag ctggaggata agactctttt tatccatgtt    187860
     aggtgtcacc gctacaaagg aaacagatgt aaagacagcc ctaagaaaca tttcttcacc    187920
     tcagacagac atatgcgaag atgctagtgg gaggtctgat ggaaaggggg ttatctaaac    187980
     attaacccat tgaatccaaa gttttccttt tattaagctg tacaactggt gttttagttc    188040
     attttctgtg aataaaaaaa aaaacataat taaataaaag tgtttaaaaa atatgtgcag    188100
     tgtcacatgg ttagtgaaag tagtcatatg gcatcaaatc tccaaaagca aaagttagta    188160
     aagtatgtta acgaagaaat gtattttagt acatttgatc cttaaggtgg ctattattaa    188220
     tatatgtatt gttgagtgtg gtcaaagaat gatctgaggg aaacctgtga gataccagtg    188280
     agataaacag tgcctttagg tatgcactta tgtacacaaa aagtttgggt aacattttag    188340
     tttaggtcac aattcattca aaagtgtata tttcactcat gatgtatgtg ggactttcat    188400
     ttgaaaactt gacccccaaa aagtttactg tgcattactg agacacattt caaacttgcc    188460
     tcaggacaca aaatgtaaga tttacagatt acacatttat tcatctccac tccaaacagg    188520
     catatggtat gtttagttac atattttgtt aatttatcat gtttattgtg aaattaattg    188580
     catatttttt aacaaacact tttagactgc tgaatcgtct caaaataagt taacaatact    188640
     ctgattgggt ttatatttgc tcaagtttag agtacatcat agtctgtata tgtgtgtgtt    188700
     tgtaagagtg gcaagtcaga gtggaactca ttgatataca cgccacgaac catatatggt    188760
     caattatgaa ccttctgatt ctataggtat tttatggagt aataaatgag cttataaaac    188820
     catttctgga aattctttga acttctttga agccataaac ttactatgta gatatcagag    188880
     aacaatttaa cttattaaac caatgcagta tatggcacgc tacctgttca ttagtagtta    188940
     taaagtatgt tctttttagg gatccctaat cctatgtaac atctaaaccc accttctagc    189000
     ttattaacta ttaataaaca gctaataagt agtttattaa gctactagtg ttaagggttt    189060
     gttagtaccg tgaattgtga cctaaaatgt tactagagtt tgtactcaac tgttgctaag    189120
     acaaagttac agtaaatatt gggtttaaaa cctaaaatgt aatatattac taataagtta    189180
     caatgctgat actgtactgt acactggtta cactaatatt acaatgttat cagaaatgta    189240
     gaagttttag atttttatat tgtatcttag tattcatatt agtgttgttt atgggttttg    189300
     tatatgacag taaccctaga atgtgattaa aaagagttta aattgtgtta atattttagt    189360
     tgttgacttg aaaccttaat caatttttaa cacacattaa cattaaataa catattgatt    189420
     attttaaggg gttactattg acccaccatg aatattttca tgtctgggag aagaaaaaag    189480
     gggattgaat ggattaagct gctttaagac tgatttagct tctgtgtttt tggtatttcc    189540
     agctcacctt tggggctcat gagagtggct tctacagctt ttccgccatc cccacatctt    189600
     tcgtcaaagg gcaagcactg ctctcctgtc cctgccacta cttcagcatt gtctgcgagc    189660
     agtcttcctc cagtgagcga tcgcaccttg tagattcgcc gggagtttgt gtcagagatg    189720
     aacagagctc cagagactgg gtccaccgcc aggaaatact tatgagtcgg gttgttacta    189780
     tgaaaaacaa ggtcattaca gagttagtgc tgcaattaca taatgtgctg gtctgtttgt    189840
     atattaattg aagtataacc tcacatgaaa agtactataa taatgtattg taaatactat    189900
     ggtggttttg aaccatacta tagtaaagtg taatcaactg tatacagtat atgtagtatt    189960
     tgccacactt tgttaatgca tgatactgca tagcaactac tgataaacag taatacatat    190020
     tgtagtatac tgcagaaaat tgtggggtat tgtagtatga tagactacag tatatataga    190080
     aaaactcagt gtagtattgg taattttgtg taaatcagtg tttcccaacc ctgttccaag    190140
     aggcacatca acagtacata ttttggatgt cttgcttgat ccaagactgt cccattcatt    190200
     tcaagttttg gagtctcttc taatattgct cagttatttc agatgtgttt gattaggaag    190260
     aggttgaaaa tgtgtactgt tgttgcacct ttaggaacag ggttaataaa cactggttta    190320
     aatgatgtag ttgtttaaat tatgtagtat ttctgtcaaa atcacctgcg atttatttca    190380
     tacagattgc tacaatcccg tcaccatatg gactacaaat cctgtcatac cccactcaca    190440
     tacacctgtt ctagttctcc tttgattacc cacagggagc tgctcaaaaa ctgattacac    190500
     aaactatata tacagcacac ttacacacag actttgctga gtcttgttga tattaaccct    190560
     ttaacttaat gaagcgcttt caggtcaagt ctctgcgtgt attatctttg ccttgttcta    190620
     ttgtttacgc tttctgtcgt ctgcatcgat catctgcctg tgtcttgact acacttccag    190680
     actacttgtt tgcacatgta aatgactatt gtctctctga acgctcttat taataaagaa    190740
     ctgcacgtgg gtcctcaacc cagttgttta gcgtccatca gttaaaacta ctatagcaag    190800
     tataaaatga ctttacaaga gtttggttta aaaacacttt agtatttatc aaaattatta    190860
     tagtatattt tttttcatgt agtcaaaaaa aagttaacaa ggctcaccta tgtcgaaaat    190920
     ccttgtttct gtaaacagag atataacaat cacaattttg gtggtcacac aaacatacac    190980
     acacatataa tatttcattg gatttttttt atatagctaa aaaataaaat ttgtgaatat    191040
     tcaaatttgt attaaaaaat gttgtcaaaa ataataatac attatgaaca ctgcattttc    191100
     tgaaatatat aatatacact cactgaccac tttattaggt acacctctcc aactgctcat    191160
     taatgcaaaa ttcttatcag ccaatcacat ggtagcaact tggtgcattt aggcacatag    191220
     acatggtcaa gacaatcagc taagaacagg aaactgaggc tacaattcac acaagctcac    191280
     caaaattgaa caatagaaga ttggaaaaaa ttgcctgatc tgatgagtct cgatttctgc    191340
     tgtgacattg ggatgatagg gtcagaattt ggcatcaaca acatgaaagc atggatccat    191400
     cctgccttga atcaatggtt taggctgatg gtggtgatgt aatggtgtgg gggatatttt    191460
     cttggcacac ttagggacca tcagcgccaa ttgagcatcg tgtcaccgcc acaacctact    191520
     tgagtattgt tgctgaccat gtccatcact ttatgaccac agtgtactct tcttctgttc    191580
     tgatatctac tttcatcagg ataacgcacc atgtcataaa gcaaaaatca tctcaggctg    191640
     gtttcttgaa catgaaaatg agttcactgt actcgaatgg cctccacagt caccagtact    191700
     caatccacta gagcaccttt gagatgtggt ggaacaggag attcgcatca tggatgtgca    191760
     gccgacaaat ctgcagcaac tgtgtgatgc tatcatgtcg atatgaacca aaatctctga    191820
     ggaatatttt cagtaccttg ttgaatctat gccacaaagg attaagacaa aatggggtcc    191880
     aacccggtac tagtaaggtg tacctaataa agtggcctgc gagtgcattt ttccattcat    191940
     atataattaa atgcaattaa cataattcaa ccaatacaat gaagtatgaa cacatatgca    192000
     tcatgctatt acatgagagc tatttaacct aaacatatat ttacaaggtt tatgaatatt    192060
     taaagattta taaatattta atttaggctt ttcagtatga tttgtgaaat gaaatgatat    192120
     aatacatctt atatgccaat gcgactcatc tgtactcagg tgtaagttat ttctcccaaa    192180
     aaatatggta aaaaaacatc caatacctga gctccagtat gcgtgtggtg ttgaggttgg    192240
     gataaactcg gcgtacaaaa ttcaagtctc cgacatagag gctgccatca atgcctgctg    192300
     ccagggctac aggtgccaac agcttatttc catcagccag gccattacag ctcgggcacg    192360
     agatacttcg ccgacgtcca ttacccatga tgcttgtaat gatgggtggc tgctgggaca    192420
     caaagacgtt ctcaccgctg cccttatgaa ggatgcctgg tgtcagatga ataaagaaac    192480
     aataaccatt taaatggact gaaaaaaaaa gaaaagtgcc attttcaaaa gaccattttg    192540
     ggggaaaagc tgtttacctg agccatctat gaacattaca accccatttt cgaggcgtca    192600
     caataaatta ttgatcaaaa caacatgctc ttttactaaa agcagtcagg cgtcacatca    192660
     catcagactt cctgtgtgtc agagtaactc caaatctcga atggtctgaa taatacttat    192720
     tttactgtgg caatcagtct cattttaagt gtgaacaatt actttctgta gacaacatag    192780
     tgtagttatt taaattaatg gtcttcatca aagctaattc aataatggtt aaataataat    192840
     ttattttgag gtcctgttat agttatataa taatacaaaa aaatattata ttatattata    192900
     ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattata ttatattaag    192960
     taagattaag aaagcttttg taacacattg cctgtacagt agagctgcat gatactggaa    193020
     aaatcggcca ttgcaatatt ttgttttgct gctgtctgga aaggtttcat taatttgtat    193080
     agactgggat gattaagatg tttttatgca gtgcatctcc ataaattata ataaattaca    193140
     tagaaaaata taaaattaca aaactgatga ctttagtaga acaggaaaaa atacattaaa    193200
     ataaacatta aaatatgatt atttcaggtt gtaaagcata tttaaatagt attttaaacc    193260
     atatcttcat ggttggtggt tgaaataata attgagttat tacacaatgt tcattcatgc    193320
     taatttaata ctataactgt aaagatgttt caaaacaatt aataaaaaca agacatgcta    193380
     caacatagga ggaattatta ttattatttt tagtacatat gtgaactgaa gactcatacc    193440
     gctgcgtagg ttgagtatat ggtgtttgtc cagtgaccag ccccccagac tagaaggctc    193500
     cagttcataa ccctgcagca tagccgtcct cttctcccac aacaccagac taggacatga    193560
     ttcatattca taccccacag aaactggggg agagagggag agaagagaga gagagagaga    193620
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga    193680
     gagagagaga gtacacaaaa tgtatcaaaa cagcatttaa ttaactacat gacaggccaa    193740
     tattagagat gattaattta catacaatgc aagcagattg gatgaggagt ctagctgcga    193800
     aacagtgagg gagaatataa atatttattt gaaaaccaca tgctaaatta aaacccagag    193860
     catttagaga aacattacca attcagcact ttgagacatg cacaagcacc accaaacata    193920
     tttttagata tagtattggt aatattttga tgagtatatg ttctttaaat atatgtttgg    193980
     ccatctatgg tttattttta aagatactta ctttaagtaa tattttttta atgtatttaa    194040
     agatagattt gctaaatcat tatttagtgt gaaaatacat tcattagccc ctttcacaca    194100
     tacagtaaaa acctcagcgg aaaattaccg tcaattttcc ggaaagggaa cacgtgtgaa    194160
     catgcccttt ttaaaaatgt cggtaaatta attctggcaa ttttccagaa agacaagctg    194220
     taacattacg agtaatttgt cggaatgcgg cactgtgtga acgcagaaag aaaattgcca    194280
     aaaagagtgc gttcacgatt agagcaggct gatgtaaaac gtctactcca gttaatcaga    194340
     acattcagac gcatttacat ccgcgccgtt tatggtttag gtgaccttta ttttgtattt    194400
     tctataggat tcaaatcagg tgattggctg ggccattcta caactttatt ttcttactct    194460
     gaaaccattt gagagtttcc ttggctgtgt tttggatcat tgtctttctg aaatgtccac    194520
     cctggtttca ttttcatcat cctgctaatg tagatgttgg tctgaaacag ctaatattaa    194580
     tttacagtga caaatctatc tgcctgcctg cctgcctgtc tgtctttctg tctctctata    194640
     tagttttttg tttatataca gcatgagagg caagcttttt ttacaagtga ccctgtaaca    194700
     atcaccacaa catttctctt tccagctttt gcagactgct gggcagaagt aggacatatc    194760
     cggatctggg caagccttca caaatcaccg cagcttgggt gctttcacaa ccacaaagca    194820
     cctcagtaaa gtgtgaacgt gatttgttca gacgccccat ggctggacac gacttcagct    194880
     ttcacttttc aaacaggact gtgtgatctg tgctgctgcc acagggtcac tgcgagatcc    194940
     atgttttcac acacaaaaaa actttccttc cagttcatga aaagtggagc acaactcaga    195000
     gagtccatta gcataaatac atatggagat ataccagcga ggcaggtgag aatttatagc    195060
     tgtgtagacg caatagggac tgtgggtata agaaccccaa aatataaatg aacaagacta    195120
     agatgtagag agctggaagg gagactggga aagcagggga aagacaaaaa gagattagtg    195180
     gctgttataa aagaggtcac gctagacaga ctgctgttct cagcatttcc ctcggctcac    195240
     tggcgctgct ctctgaacct gtgtgctttc ctgacaggga cggtcaggct gaatgatcct    195300
     tgggacctgc gttcacacgg atgagcgcaa atcctgtttg atgtgttaac tctcaacagt    195360
     gttcagtcag cagagtgacc gattaaccat gcctgtttaa ctgctgtgtg tgttctggat    195420
     gccgaacggc cagtacagat ggcaaaatga acacctgtca agtgccaaac gtgggtaaat    195480
     gtaatgtttg gcaggtgaat tccgcggagt catgagccaa tctgcagggt gacaattctg    195540
     taatgggttg gttggatttg tgttgtgatg tggagaatgt ttgtcaataa tgtcatttgt    195600
     ggtggtgaaa tacagtacgt gtttatatga tggcatgtat ttgaaaaatg gtgcagtaga    195660
     aaaaacgcag aactcaagtt gatcaaacca cgagagcact ttacatcatt tcaaaagagg    195720
     ctcgtaagag tagagtttaa tgtgggctag ataccacgtc aagtgctgac agagctcttg    195780
     tgctgtttaa tgcacttgag agattaatgc gtttaattca tttctcagtg cagtttttac    195840
     agttatattc cctttctgtg aatgccactg catgtactgg aagtcatgtc tacttttgta    195900
     ttccagcaaa cagtagagct gcaacaaagt acatttctct taacacattt cctcaccaat    195960
     tttatttaag aatctgcact caagaaatga gttgcatata gatatttaaa ttgtgactaa    196020
     atagcaagct atggaccctg aatggctttc ttaaagaggt ggtccagtgt gtaattttaa    196080
     ggttaggttg tgtttattgg tcgtaaagca atgtgtgcta atgcttcatt tgtaaaaagt    196140
     aacattattt ttcatatatt ttaattaaat tataaactgg tactgctact cagctaacat    196200
     gaaaacgaga gtcatatttc ctagttgctc tgattggtca gctaacataa tgtgctgtga    196260
     ttcgtgaatc agctccacat caccaatacg tgccacacct ctactagcac acacatggca    196320
     ttgtgtaaat acatcatcag tcggtgtaac tgttagccat attactttga gcctaaatca    196380
     tacagaaaat gacagaggac aaagctgaac ctcatgttta agtaatatga aatgttcaca    196440
     tatatttcgt gagctttgag atgtagagct cacgaaaagc agtcgcatag gcagttcatg    196500
     ccctgatgaa gattgtgggt gtttgcaggg gtttgatgaa taaatatgaa ttagtatact    196560
     taatttggta atgctgcgaa acagcctttc ctgttgttca cattctttgt tttacgtctt    196620
     tgctacaaca taccattaaa gctagaaact gtgcacaact tacaggttgt ggctcacagc    196680
     ttcttttact atggttggag ctgctccttc tttgcggagt ttttagccaa atctagcact    196740
     gaactgggag agattctgca tgctttcttt tgtcaaatgc tagctatata tatcttatta    196800
     ttctctgaaa cataattaaa attaaattgt aagcacattt ctctttgtgt catgttcttt    196860
     ggaggcccaa atacagaaac ataacaagct ctgtgaaaat aacagcgctg ggacgccatg    196920
     ttagctttct ctgcctgaca ttacagcaca tctggccatg ccactttgct gtgcaaggtg    196980
     tatgcaggta acctgaacct tatgatcgca ttaatctaaa tgtatttttt tttgtagtac    197040
     acaaacttcg ttcattgtag attttgctaa gctgactctg tgaaagtcaa tgtctccctt    197100
     tgcattcaac tttgagtgta ttacatggag agatattgtt tatattcaca caggtacatt    197160
     acatatcaac tgaactttaa aatatgatat cgtagaggac caacctttta aggtaaatgt    197220
     aatgttaaat gatattgttc ataaactatt tattgctacc ttttcactgt taacatgtta    197280
     aatgagccac aatataacat ggtgcttgtt caaatgtttg ttcatgctca aatagtaaat    197340
     attttattca atatcatgta gcatgaaaac agtatttaat atatatttat accataacta    197400
     aaaagcacaa acgcttagga tggtgacatg ctataaaaaa aaaaaaaaca ttgtgaaatt    197460
     ttgactaaaa tatcagttaa ttatactgca attgattgaa aatgaggaat caataaagtc    197520
     aacccagttt tacctgttga gtgcagaaaa cctaagccaa atgcctcatc ggaagtgcta    197580
     atttaacatc aacattttag acaattattt tggccatcta aaattttggg ccgaaatcac    197640
     tttcagaaca tgaatagctt ctttttttgc caaaatattt gtatatcaca agctaacaga    197700
     taacagatta cactgccagt taaatgtgac tcaattatga ttttttgctc atacagtatg    197760
     tgacattaac tggatctgtt caatgactgt gtaagcatga aaaaaacctg catgcattcg    197820
     gatattcaga gatcgatttc aggcctcctg cgtatgtgaa aacaaatcag atataaatta    197880
     gatatgtgac aatgcgatta tcatgtaaac tagcagatcg cattttgttt tgtacatcat    197940
     taaacttgta acaatgtcat actactccgt ggtttattga cgtacaagga agagcatgtg    198000
     tgtgttcatc ctaaaatttc agacccaacg ctcctcatta aagcccatca caatttactc    198060
     ccaccagacc tgagatctct catacccaca caatcctctg aatggtggaa gacactatat    198120
     ataaaccata ggcgcaagct gtgatgatgg ccctgttcct catcctctgc ctcaaaatca    198180
     ttctaaagtt gggcgaacat tacatatttt gcagagctta aggacaattt ctttcttcat    198240
     ggcttcatgg catccttcat gtggcgcaga tgctagaacc cacctttatg catgcgcaac    198300
     attgcaaatt ttatagcaaa tgtaaacaca taaatgtttc aggtctaaat tatttcatgt    198360
     gcttacccac tgcatcagag aggccgtaga catgctgacc ataagcatca gtcttgtccc    198420
     agatgaaggt gtaggcgagg ttgggtgaag cgtggaacca cttctggaag agatggccct    198480
     ctacagcaac cataagatgg actttgacca agctgagagg aaccacagct tgagtcatgg    198540
     tgatcttgag caatgagcgg taacctgatg ttcgtgaact cagatgacag agcttcagat    198600
     tggtgccagg aatttccagc tgctcatgca gaacctggtg gacaaatgaa ggacttttac    198660
     atcacaggaa aagaacattt tcagaaaaaa aaggatgatt aggaagcaag gtgagagggt    198720
     agaacaaaga ttgagacaga tgagaagaat aggaagtgaa aagaggagca taattacact    198780
     gaaaatagtt gacctgtgag cttttcaggt taataacctg ttaaccaatg taatgaccaa    198840
     agagagtgct aagagaagat gaatagtgga aaattagcaa tatttggcac agtgaagtga    198900
     gtaaaattga agtgtaaggt ctaactggag aatcatctca gtgcaaaatt aattaatttg    198960
     ttaattacag caatgaaaga atcaagtaac tgaaggatct catcacacct gggtctctgg    199020
     aatgatggat ctctctccag gtttggaact gaagaaagag gaaagtgggg aagccaccac    199080
     cacaggatca ggcctcacaa agccactgag atcacagctt gggatggtgt tctcctccgt    199140
     cttcaacatc agagtgtcca tggcatagaa aatgttccac gggagccaca ctgtgcgctc    199200
     ttgactcaaa aatggagccc gttcaaagcg tagagtgaga gaggctccac cattggcaat    199260
     gaggtcaaat ctaatgacac aaagggagag aaagaagcag agtggaaaaa aaaatgtact    199320
     tgcgttattc tgttattgat ggcgtcatta aatccagaat gtttttacca ttaaaaatgc    199380
     cattttgctg ggaggaataa ttcattgttt tgatagattg gagtcatttc gatggaaaga    199440
     ctgagcttac ttggctctaa atgaatctaa taaagatttg ttcagttgta gctctctaaa    199500
     tcactagaac gttatgtaaa caagtaagtc ataacataag gcttggtggc aaaaataatt    199560
     aaagtgtttc aatggggggg gggggggctg tttgttgcct ggatgtttca gctactaggt    199620
     ttttagaaaa catgtaaaga gtgggctccc ttttagctca gttgaattta ggtagttgac    199680
     ttagtttatc catctatcta ttcatccata attccactta tccaatatct agcactctat    199740
     ccataaatcc atcaactatc atcatattca tccacttatt cattattttt gcactttaat    199800
     catcttttca tatcatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccaacattcc accaatccat    199860
     ccattcatcc atctatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat    199920
     cagtccatcc atccatccat cataacatta tattcgtaaa tccatctttt acctattatt    199980
     ccatccatct atccatccgt ccgtctgtcc gtccatccat ccatccatcc atctatccaa    200040
     tcattcttca atttattctt tcattaaaac tagctctcca taaatcaatc cttcccctat    200100
     cattcatcca tcaaaacttt atatccataa aacctttaaa tcctatacct atttttccat    200160
     ccatccatcc atcctttcaa ccatccatcc atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    200220
     caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat    200280
     caatccatcc atccatccat ccatcataag attctgtcta taaattcatc cttcacacat    200340
     tattctatcc atccattcat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatctatcc atccatccat    200400
     ccatccatca taagattata tcaataaatt catccttcac acattattct atccatccat    200460
     ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccattcat cataacactt tatccataaa    200520
     tccatcgttc acctagcaat ccatcatcca tctgtccatc catctgttca tccatctgtc    200580
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc aatccatcca tccatccatc    200640
     catccatcca tccgtccgtc cgtccgtccg tccgtccgtc cgtccatcca tccatccatc    200700
     catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tcataacatt    200760
     atattgatca atccctctat catctctcta taaatcaatt tagctatgaa tggtgcaaaa    200820
     ttggtacaca tatcatgggg aacttacgtt ccatcctgac gtgtgagagt gtatccatac    200880
     tgtgggtact tgacaaagga cacattaact ccaaccagag gggttccatc tgtagtcacc    200940
     acctgacctc tgatcagtga tgccagactt gaaaaagcag agcaaacaag cataaccaat    201000
     aaatccacag caataccttc aatccgacaa ctgttgtcaa aaaaaataaa aaaaatgtcc    201060
     atcagttcct cattagtcaa ctcatctgtc agtccttcag agaaactcag cacaaagaga    201120
     caggaaaatg ttgtaacacc actgacaaca atcaataagg atcctcagaa atagctcagg    201180
     gttacaaaat aacaccgaac tgacaataac aatctcagca ctcggtgttt tctcaaaaga    201240
     tatggcataa attgtctgta cttcagtaga tatttcattt tttcccaaac aaaaaatgca    201300
     tgagaaatga catttaccta tttaccaacc aagcatgcag caagaatgag ttaccttgcg    201360
     ttaaagggat tgtctgcagg gattatatgt gtgctgtccc gccccactag catcttgact    201420
     cggtcataga aggaacggac tttctgctca ggatgctgac cctgctggat gacctgtaag    201480
     ggatcccttg atcctctaca aagtggacta ttctggcagg gactttgtat gcagcaatct    201540
     ggatccatac agtcagtcag accatctaaa gatgcgaaac agcggtgtga tgagtaatgt    201600
     taaattacaa tagtgtacaa tcaatcacaa ctgcctaagg ctgcaagaga tttctctctt    201660
     catccccttc actgttaaaa agaaaaagaa acattcttca tcggttgaac aagaggccat    201720
     ttcatcaaag tgtcctcgta cgttttttga acacaaaaat gttggatttg aattttgtct    201780
     ctgttccagt attcattcac caaagagttc gaaaagcgct ttcttctttc cctcaccttt    201840
     aggctttgaa ttaaattact tattgcagaa tatctaacat gctttttgta attcaggatt    201900
     tcagatgaaa ggcaacagtc cagctctatt tatattttga gaatagtcgt agaaattcag    201960
     aggtaagctt attcctatga aatttaagag ttgtgaacaa aggtataaag tacatacaga    202020
     gaaagacaga tagctgccct gtctagttag aattgtgtat ttgtctccaa atcctcaaac    202080
     tgaatgtact gaatagttac tctcatccat tcaaagcatg aaatgaagta caataaagct    202140
     aaagagagca atttatttga tcgtttttct ttttaaattt cttcttaatt tgccaaaaca    202200
     actctaaatt aaacctttca gaggctgaca tgaccaaaaa ttaatagcac tttttttaac    202260
     atattttaca gttttacttg tttgatttag taccttcttg gaaaaatagc aatgtgaggt    202320
     tagattgaga ttttgtaaga gcaatgacaa aatgttacat gcctgcaaaa taaattctgt    202380
     cattcttttt acagtttaat tatgtttaga atggggtaaa atgcacaaat aaattgcaca    202440
     cagcagccat tcctgatgtt accgaaatta cacacagcat ctgttcctgt gcacatgttg    202500
     cagttccaat caggaaaaat ctttgccata aagttcccac agagtaaaca aaaaatctgg    202560
     tacagtacct ccttcattgt ctttgttgtc tgcacatgaa gtctccattg cgacactgca    202620
     gccggtgcct ctccatccag ttttgcactc acagtgccag ctgttttgac ccagaagaca    202680
     ctgtccattt ccattacatc tgttcggaca gccatctgca acagccagag agagaaagat    202740
     ggattgagag aggctgaaat ccatcatgcc agtcaccaga gcactgatat gtcaatggct    202800
     gtgaccaaaa gtttgaaaac aagctagaaa aagtttccag gcttcaaagt tgaagtgaac    202860
     taaataaaat ttaactgaaa aaaactaaac tgaaataaaa ctatttgaat atgaacattt    202920
     aattacaata tattttataa cacgtgtgtt ccaaaaaaat tacaatatca aaggatagtt    202980
     cattaattaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    203040
     tatatatatt aaaaagagaa ttgtgtgtgt tgtattagtt tcactacaca caaagtgaaa    203100
     tgtttcaagc cttcatttgt ttcgatttaa atgattatgc attaaagatg aaaataactc    203160
     aaatccagta tttcataaaa ttagaatatc atgacaaagt tcaacattgt cggttccctg    203220
     tgtctcaatc tagtccacta attaatgcaa gccttaaaaa ttgtctcagt ctggcatagt    203280
     agggttcaga atcatgggga agactgctga cttgacactt gtgcagaaga ccatcattgg    203340
     ccccgtccat aaggaggaaa ggtctcaaaa gctaattgca aaagaaacgg gatgctttaa    203400
     aagtgcagta tctaagcata ttaatagatt gttaggaaga agggaaaagg tggctggaaa    203460
     tggtgcacaa gtataaccgt aaccttgaga ggaacctgcg actgaggctg gtgtcagagc    203520
     aagaaccacc acattcatac atctgcatga caagaaccac cacattcata catctgcatg    203580
     acatattcta cagctgtaga attccatgtg tcaagccact cttgaaccaa aaacaacact    203640
     agaagcgtct gtacagggtt aaagagagaa aaggtattgg tctgttgcac agtagtccca    203700
     agtcctcttg tcagatgaat gcaaatttta tatttcagag agtcacaaaa gtcaagcttc    203760
     tcaatgtcca gtgtgaaatt tccacattca gtaatggttt ggagagccat gtcatttgct    203820
     ggtgtgggtc cattgtcttt tttcaagtcc acagtcaaca cagctctata ccaggacctt    203880
     ttagagtgtt gggaaatact tttgtgaaat actggatttt tttaatcttt aacccataat    203940
     cattgaaatt gaaacaaatg atggcttgaa atatttaact ttgtgtgtag tgaactaata    204000
     taacacacaa gtttcacttt ttaaaacatt ttttttttaa ataaatggac tttccctcga    204060
     tattcaaatt tttggcacat accagtatat tatattaata ataaagtata ctgtatgtgt    204120
     gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    204180
     gtcttggcat ggtttattgt tagggggttt gttcactctc tttatatttt tgcacatttt    204240
     cagaaactga ttttgacaac caacattttg cttttctaac tttttacatc tatatggaaa    204300
     taaaattagc agaaaggaaa aatacatcct caccattctg gcactgtttg tacctggctt    204360
     aatataattt tttattcaaa ctgcactgag acagcacaca aagcatatta agatttaaaa    204420
     aaaaaaactg cagacataaa ccagtcattc aaaacactgt aaaacccaac agtcaacttt    204480
     atcaaatgaa atgagtggag ttaactgaaa attgactgaa agttaattct actaatttga    204540
     aaagagtttt gaactcagtg ttgaaggtaa tgagttattt aaatacgtaa ttactttaac    204600
     ttaaatggag taagttgaca gtactcatat ggttagtttt ttttttttaa accaaatggt    204660
     tttcataaat agttttcaaa ttagtttcct caaacgtttt gagttgcctt aacttattgg    204720
     gttttacagt tctcagttgg tttgagttct cttcatttat cgggttttac tgcgttaaat    204780
     tgcttcattt actcaaatgg attaagttca cagaactcat tatgattagt ttttgaactt    204840
     aaatgatttg ttgcaatcag tttcctcaaa tggtttgagt taccttaacc ttttgagttt    204900
     tacagggaaa tgaactgcca caaatgaact taaaatgcaa atcataaata tatgtcatgt    204960
     tactctgttt tcaaactctt ggccatgaca ctgtaggcac gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac    205020
     gcactcacac acacacacat atatatatat atatctgcct caattgagct caatgcctgt    205080
     ctgaagggat gaagtatatg aaaagcatta ctattcacac ctcaaatcag ttcaaactcc    205140
     gagagcaatt aaattatctt cgggagtctc caccgatagc cgctgctggt agcaaatgaa    205200
     tttatcagaa ctcatccatt caggagggga tattgtatga gcacatacac tctccgactg    205260
     ttcatttaca gtagctgatt tgatttgtct ggaaagagag caatgctttc atgtaagaat    205320
     gtggttagga cagaccgaca gagtctccag atcagattat gatggctctt taggtcgagg    205380
     ttcgtgtctg cgagtgtgta tgcgcatgtg aaagagagag acaaagtgag ggataaaaaa    205440
     agacttttga gatagagcca gaagtgctct ttgataaata tatgacaggt ttctggagtg    205500
     aagtgtggca tgtgtgggtg tttaatgtat gcagttaggg gataaacagt cttcctgaaa    205560
     gacaaaaggc ggaaaacaat cttgtcacaa cagttttgag cagaatgtgg attgatggga    205620
     atgctttaag gaagctctct ctgggagggg aagagactga gaagaacaaa cacgaagaga    205680
     aatgaaaagg ctaagcacta ttctacttta gccgcacaag tccataattg agcaccctgg    205740
     agacgtgacc tgacatttcc gagtcatcag gagttttgtg taaataaaac atgctgtcta    205800
     aaatcctcag caccgccacg ggcatcgtct cttaccttgc tgcaaaacga aaaccatgct    205860
     gcgatctcac actgtgtcat cagaaaccag tgctgtggcc cccaagttga atctccaaca    205920
     gttctgtcaa ggctaccaaa attcagctag tttctttcat cactcgtcta tatagtatta    205980
     ttggcggctg attcagccca ggtgacattt tagatgattt gtgatgaagg aaaatgaaat    206040
     agcttcaatc agaagactgt gaatatccag catacatggg ggagccttca gccattgtga    206100
     cttaaatcaa acgttttttt aattaacgta attttcaatg tctggggtcc ttgagatgcc    206160
     acattaacgg cctgccatgc atcgattgtc acgcaatatt gagttgagag aaaagtcact    206220
     tagcaatgat tgccttttaa atggagctgc cattttaagc agccaaatac ttatgaaaca    206280
     ccaggacagc gaaatctatg gtgaccattg atcttcctca ttgggcagca ctgagcaggg    206340
     cccctctttc atgccaaagg ccagtcgatt ctcagcacac taactagaat aaagtgggat    206400
     ttcacaaact attaagccac ctggctaaag taatgtgggt tgactctatt gtaatttact    206460
     taaaaaggag ctgagattgc cttgagttat gggtcagcgc acatggtatg agagagatac    206520
     gcaaaggtgg gataggggaa aaaaaagcac actgcatagc aacagtcagc tattgatgga    206580
     tggagaaatg gatagaaaga gacagatgga ttggtggaaa ggcggaaaaa tgaaaggaaa    206640
     aaagtagaaa ccgaaagaaa ggtagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagata    206700
     gataaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaaaaga aagaagtata    206760
     gatagacaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    206820
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata    206880
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagaacaa tggatggagg gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa    206940
     gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagagaaaga    207000
     agtatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    207060
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagatgat agatagatag atagatagat    207120
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    207180
     agatagataa aacaatggat ggagggaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    207240
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaaaagaa agaagtatag atagatagat agatagatag    207300
     atagatagat agatagatag atgatagatg atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat    207360
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagaa    207420
     caatggatgg agggaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa    207480
     agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa aaatggaagc aaggaacaaa ggaaagaacc gaggtaaggt    207540
     gaaataaatg tcttaaatgt cttaaaggat gggatattag tggggaaaaa aattgtggaa    207600
     gacaaatcca gttctccacc taactctcat gtccactggc ctgcagccct cgcgccttta    207660
     aaggtcataa aataaaggtt agattcataa atcctctaaa ttcgccttag gaaaagacag    207720
     ataaagtccc acagggaatg agcacctact gcataaaacg ccctctgtcc gggttttccc    207780
     tcgtctgtat ttttccaata ctactacaaa gtcaaataac atccgaaact ttagcacagg    207840
     aaaagtgaga gctgaacact ttcacctaaa tggtttctga agttgaaaat tgtgtgtgca    207900
     ctcaaccaat actttaaagc ataacgtatt tgggaaacct gtttgaaaac attaagtttt    207960
     tggttgctgc agtttttgtt tggtatgaat aatgagttag tttatgttgg tgttcttgtt    208020
     gcaattaatt tctgaagctt ttgtcacagt atacagcatt tttcatgata ttgacctaag    208080
     ctgcgaaaaa ggttatttta aagctataat aacaaaaaaa cgaattgatt tattggattt    208140
     acatgttcag agtaaataca tattttcagt aaattaaatt gcaaatgaat aataaagtac    208200
     agtataggta atgattcaaa aacaaaagtc tcattagtaa atacagttta cagttactat    208260
     ggtgatgtta gaacttaaaa cttaagaata aaactttaat tattttgtag ttttcattgg    208320
     aatttttttt tcattgaatg atgtttaatg gaaccttatt gtacaaaatt aacaaacaaa    208380
     atatggtcat tgaattttca atgccgtcga ccagattaac atgtgaaaat gttcatgttt    208440
     taaaaaaata aataggtatt aagtcttata gtagcgaatt gggcagggct aagagctgtg    208500
     agagctaaac gagggggtgg taacgactgt cacctgtgga accacctgtt tcgagtttca    208560
     cagaggagct ctggaaaatt aaaagcagtt tggcggtact caccgtaaac aactgctgca    208620
     gcctgtttgt tttatttact taattattaa aacatttaaa ctgtcgattt tgcctccttc    208680
     ttcccaatgt ccattattaa actcaatttc atctatttca aatactttca tctgcgctga    208740
     tctacaacaa tctgaatgtt cctaagacac actctaaagg tttaaatata aaaataattt    208800
     attacattat tttgaagtac acaatatcaa tattcattcc ttttcttttc ggcttagtcc    208860
     ttttaataat ctggggttgc tacaatggaa tgaaccgtca acttatccag catatgtttt    208920
     gcgcagcggt tgccctttca gctgcaaccc atcacccatc actgaaacca gagcagcctg    208980
     aggaaaccca caagaacatg gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ccaactgact    209040
     gagctgaggc tcgaaccagc gacattcgag gtgactgagc caccgtaatg ccccaatatc    209100
     attatcacaa tatattaaac tattgaatat tgtcacattt cgactaatga cacacaatgt    209160
     acactgcagc tttaaccatt agcatgtcat agaaggacat ccaccaaagt gtgtgtacct    209220
     aaagctggaa tgcatttacc ctgcatgttt cttgcagagt agatgtgatt tccccctaag    209280
     agccaatcat gtgctagacc aagtgcaact tgcatccact ctggattccc tagcaaacaa    209340
     atatcagcgc ctccatcagc cagtcatctg cagtcatttc agccaattac agatgcactg    209400
     ttgaatcaag taactattgc tgcttgttct tgtaccagat tctctcctgt ccactgatgc    209460
     atgagcgttc aggtgatcac tatgggccct gcagttaaac ttctcattat cctgctctcc    209520
     ctgcaaacac acagcactcc ccttcacagc aaagcacaca cactcctgcc cctccattag    209580
     tattcatcct ataagttgaa tctcatgcag gagctgagac aaagtcatta ccatgcctcc    209640
     tgtggtcccg cgccctatgt gccgaaatat gcgctggaaa aaaaacattg ctcactgctc    209700
     ccgacccact ctgcaccaac ggctcatgaa atttcacatt tatcttagga tccactcccc    209760
     ctcgatcctt ttactcgctg taatgatctg aatccctcag gtagagcaaa ttctgtgtga    209820
     tctttgtctc ggctctgcag tgtcctctgt aatttcggtt cttttgtctg aggtaggctt    209880
     gatggaagca gagagtagga cgacttgcct actgcgcctc tgttttgtgc aaacataaag    209940
     gcacactcaa acagattgct aagagtctgt gtctcctgtt gagagcttcc actacctcct    210000
     gttgaaactg cagtctactt aaatgcatgc attcctatta tgcgtagaga catatagttg    210060
     gcccagtgtc taactatgag agttctataa gagttggggg ggatgggggt ggttgtttca    210120
     gctcaaacat attaacttga agtttgttgg tttcagtcgc ctcaagaagc cttcacagtc    210180
     atactcttga gcaaggtatt taacctcaca ttgctccact gagactaatc catcaaaaag    210240
     tatatgatgc catttcttca aagatgcaag aaaatattct acctattaac aaatgagaga    210300
     cttttatgct aatggaagac ttaatgctat cctcatataa tcaaatgcag ttgcttggtc    210360
     aatgatatca caaaagtgtt gtcatgtttt gcataattaa ggttcttgga ttactgtggt    210420
     ggttacaaag cgaagaactc agatagagct aacatgaaat gtctataaat tgaatgtatt    210480
     atcttcaatt aggtacttgg aagcagtgga ggttattttg aaacagcatg tcagtaaaga    210540
     caagtgagac atgaaggact atcttagctc aagaatctat agttgtgttt atatcaacat    210600
     actttcagtg cttcccacac aatatacttg tggtgatagg tgaattgaaa cataccattt    210660
     acccatatta caaaaatagt taaaggggtg gtccactacg atatcatatt ttaaacttta    210720
     gttgatgtgt aatatatgtg tgaacataaa caactcttaa tgtcatacac tcaaatgtta    210780
     atgcaaaagg agtcattggt ttttacagag ttagcttagc aaagcctaca gcgaacgaat    210840
     atgggacaaa aaaaatgaaa taaaaaatac aatcggacta gagagatcac aagggcttcc    210900
     ggttacgtgc attcaccttg tgcacacacc ctgcgcagtg aagctaaaat gccatccaga    210960
     tgctgctatt tccacagagc ttattctgtt tttgtatttg gggttagaaa tgagaagaaa    211020
     caaagagaga agtgcttaca atttagtttt aattatgttc cagagaataa tattaaaaag    211080
     atagcgctag catttgacaa aagaggactt caagaatccc tctcagttca gtgttggatt    211140
     tggttaaaac tcctccaaca gacaaagctg ttaattgtga gccacaacct ataactattg    211200
     ttatttgtta aacttgatca actacaggca cagtttctag cgttaatgat atgttgtagt    211260
     gaggatgtaa acaagtatct aagcagcagt aatgttgctt ggcactgctg acaatttagt    211320
     tacaaattca tatttatcag ttaaactgct ctaaacagaa acaatcttca gcagtgcatg    211380
     cagtgtctct ctatgcgtgt ctctctatgt ggctgctttc cgtgcgttct acacctcaaa    211440
     taacaaattt gcaaaagata tgagaatgtt taaagttcct tgcacaagct tattcctatt    211500
     atacgagaaa agcacttgtt agatttgttt tttagagagc aggcatgagg ttcagctgtg    211560
     tgctcttcaa ttctgtctga ttcaggcagc taaagctgct ctgaacctct gactggactg    211620
     tttatacagt gcaaaagcac atgcttgtag gggagtgacg ggagtgacgt ggagccaatc    211680
     cgcgaatcat agcacattat gttaggaccg tgattttcta caagtgaagc atgagcacac    211740
     attgctttac attttataaa cacaacctag ccttaaaaat acactgtgga ccaccctttt    211800
     gattatatgc aaaaaacaaa aaaatatttt aatttttaac aataattaaa tttattatac    211860
     aatcggttaa agcaggggtg tccaaacttt gtcctggagg gccggtgtcc tgcagatttt    211920
     agctccaatt tgcctcaaca aacttgcaag gatgtttcta gaaagcctag taagagcttg    211980
     attagcaagc ccaagtgtgt ctgattgggg ttgaaactaa actttgcagg acaccgaccc    212040
     tccaagactg agtttggaca ccacaaggtt aaagtaaaaa caaaaaagac atccacaatt    212100
     tctcttactt ttatgctatt caggagccat gtgcacccac tgacaggtta aatctgcttc    212160
     tctctctctc tttgaagtta catgcaagct tgaatgccaa agcattttag atttgcatat    212220
     aaaatagcac atgtcattta ttaacatcat ctaattaata aaataatcag caaattagag    212280
     ataaatgaca gaaaactaat aaaaacagta aaaatgtaaa aaaagtgatg caaaaatgca    212340
     tacgaaagca aaatttgaat cttagacatt taataagatt taaaacccgg gcaggaagaa    212400
     tcagggtgaa gtcttaaaaa ggtgcacctc tgtgggtctg cagagcatgt gagagtctgt    212460
     gggagtatag gaaacggata aacgagagaa gattttccac tacctaattg attgtggatg    212520
     gctattggga ggatacaaaa aatgtaaagg atgttaataa cagtacaaaa aaatgtgtta    212580
     ctaaatatac ttgagtggct gttaatatgc ctgggtggcc cgcccaagta aagtctatgt    212640
     gttggaagca ctgacttgaa tgatcattca atgaccgaat tatcatttat gagccaaacc    212700
     ttttccatag cagagattgt acagtataca caaagtctcc aggatcacta tggtgatttg    212760
     gtgtatataa gatgagcgag taggagctat gcatgtaaac cttcatccct tgcccacaag    212820
     acaagctagt atttttggca tagccacctc ccaatgccag ctagctgtgt gagtcccttc    212880
     tagaccaagt ggaaccagtt gcattgacat tcacacataa taaattatga attgcacttt    212940
     gactcaagca acaacatgaa catgacacca aacattaggt tacaccatca ggactgtctc    213000
     aaaaatgact gtactgtacg ttttggttaa aatttaagat gaccaaagaa acttgtgtta    213060
     ctttgacagt ctagtgtaca ggagtactgt acctcaaagt ctgaaggact aagtggatca    213120
     gacaaatcaa actctttcat ggcccagtta atgctgtggg agggggacat ttcaaaagca    213180
     acatggtgca aaacagatga ttacaactat gctatcatca tctgacaaca agaatataaa    213240
     cacacatgct gaagaacaca gattagcact atgaacctac tcgacacaac attctactcc    213300
     accacggcta ctctacaaac agaagcacac agttgctatg cagccaagct atcgaaggcg    213360
     ggggggttgc tcacaaccag actaaagtgc aactagcact agtcacagta cgacgaggta    213420
     caataccttc aatactccca tcccaaaagt ctgcatcaga gaggacattc agagagaaca    213480
     aaaaacgtgt cataacaaga agacaaatga atacatgctg cattggaatc agttaaaaac    213540
     agaagaagta taaaaatgga agctgaagat tgaagccttt cacaaagtgt ttttatccta    213600
     cagatagagt ttgatgacga taaacagaca gacttcctgt tgcggcgttc aatagggaaa    213660
     aggattaaag gcagagcact ttcagtcttt gtcactcatg tcatcattgg agtgacagac    213720
     aaacatccac acgcacacat ccacagatga tgagagaaag gaaaactggc ttttgagtct    213780
     atttttgaga gagaagtcaa aacaaaaaga ggtgtgactt atcaaggtga agacgcctct    213840
     acccttcatc agttgctgct actccgcaag gactgttcat tacccagcag cccacacgta    213900
     tgcctctgct gtgtgaggag tgatcaaaca caactaagtc tattctcagt ccaacaccag    213960
     acagaggaag agtgtaattc ttctcaataa ccccccacca gcacagcctt cattcatttc    214020
     ttctgcactt ttcgccttaa tctgtgtttt gccctgttta caacccattt aagctaatgg    214080
     gaatgtggta acagagtatt aaagcaaagc gttcagtttg ctaatctcca cctttaaatg    214140
     agagatcact gacttcaaca agtgactaca tttgagctta aaatcatgca tgtgaatgtc    214200
     attccgaaaa gatggtaaag caaaagttca gatcagtcct gctcctgagg agcaggctta    214260
     cttggtttta gctacaatac acaagtacgg aagtttattg agatagttag gttatgattc    214320
     ttgtttagct gtatcaagtg tgttttatta ttcatgcaat agaactactg tgaactctgt    214380
     gttgtaaaca agtacttgct tttgtggtaa caatcatcca gaatttccct taacaaagtg    214440
     tgggcagcaa atgttttgag cagcaatagc cacgtttcca ctatcgcgcc tgaagcgaac    214500
     atgccagggt gagccagggc tagtcgagtt tccacagtca tttcgtggct tgatccagcc    214560
     aaagcagggc ttctttgagg ccagcgactg gtctttttca gcccgcggaa taccttgggc    214620
     cagatcgggc caaccggggc tttgaggcaa agatggagtt ttcctgtgtc aggttaagag    214680
     gtggcaagat gcccatttca cttaaattag ttttgaaaac gcactcctta caataaaggg    214740
     aaaaaaatgg aggacagaca gttctggaca gttgaagaca cctgggctct tctgaacttt    214800
     tgggaggatg ttcaatggca gattgacggc atttgaagaa atgtggatat gatcaaatac    214860
     ataattgctg agcttggaaa cgtacagatt cagcgtacaa cagtacaagt ctgcgtaaag    214920
     taaaaaaaaa aaaaaacagc aggcacattt caaagtcggt cagaaagcgg tgctatgacc    214980
     atttgtgata tgatgacaac taaccttaca gtcagtaagt aaacacaact aataatggaa    215040
     aagatttgtg tatatataca gatatatcat ttactgctgt atattaacat gatttgtttg    215100
     ctttgcaatt tcttaatttt tttttctgtt aaggtgtaca gtaattatgt caaaataaat    215160
     gtgtttctat gtgcttgtga ttctaatttg agttttttct tcccgctgaa ctgggagggt    215220
     tgtgcgacat tggatatgga gggcgttgtt agggcgggga ttttgtgatg cacagcgagc    215280
     tatttgttga cagtggaaac atgacgtgat tttggcctca ctcttcaagc tcccagacta    215340
     ccggcccagc ccaatgaaag ccctggttcg cactgatcca acagtggaaa tgtggctatt    215400
     gggtacatgc ccttaaaatt aatggtttta gagttatgta ctgaatatcc catcctgttg    215460
     gataagtaaa gaaaaaatcc ctagaatcat ccatgtaaac tcatgagctt tatagaagta    215520
     ggttatactt ctaatttagc atcctttgat ggtcctggac aagtcatcac ccaagcaata    215580
     atctaggcca ggggtcacca atctcgtacc taaaggttgg gcgtgcagag tttagcttca    215640
     acttgcctca tcacacctgc ctagatgttt caagtatacc cagtaagacc ttgtttagct    215700
     tgttcaggtg tttttgatta ggattgacga ttaactctgc aggacaccgg cactacagga    215760
     acaagtttgg tgatctctgg accctagatt attctaacca cttccctaaa atctgactag    215820
     tggataagaa tttagcacca ggaccaaaag tatgatttaa aaacctgcct cactcattta    215880
     aacagtaaac acagaaaaaa ggaggcgtct gttgggatgg tgtatctagg gagcaagaaa    215940
     gagtcagtgt ctggttcagc agtggacata ttatgcctac caatggtgca gtgttctcca    216000
     ttccagccct gttcacactc gcacttccca tctttacagg ttccatgctt cacacagagt    216060
     gggttacaca cacgctggtc acaagctgcg cctgtccagc cttcctcaca gcggcaagaa    216120
     ccgcccatgc atacgccgtg tgtaccgcag tcaaccgagc aaacctctga tgaaagaagg    216180
     taagagcaca atttgcatta attaaaatca ggtctactga aatgaaacgc taaaacattt    216240
     gcagatccaa tcaaaacatg tagactgacc gacagaacaa tcagggccca tccaattggg    216300
     gtcacagcta cagacccctg tgtctggaat aaaagcacca tggccgtggc actgatctgg    216360
     gcactgagct ctgggtagtt cacagctggg tccgccccat cccggtttac agtggcactc    216420
     tccgttcaca cagatgccat tattcgagca ggttggatcc aggcagtcaa ctgcaaacaa    216480
     caggtgagag ttataagtga ggttttacct gtcattaaaa tgaaaaaaga aatcttatga    216540
     taaaagagtt cttgttttga caatgtctgt gaaaagatga gtcataaagg cttttaatgt    216600
     cacagcgatg atcaatttgt catctaaatg agctattttt agacaaaagt gatagaatat    216660
     ttattttaca aagcatttga ctgtacaaga ttggtcacaa tagaagataa gactacacat    216720
     ctgtatggtt aaaattcaat tttgagttta ggagtgaact agaatgctat cgtgaaacta    216780
     tgtgaagtaa tttattatac catttaccaa ttactagacc cacatgactc actgtgcatt    216840
     tttagatact gcaaacataa ataaaggggg aaaatatgca tattctctgt tacgtttgac    216900
     cgggaagata ggaggcaaaa agtgtgaaag aagccactga tgaaagtgaa gttagtggtt    216960
     tttttttgac acaaagtaaa ataaataaat aaattagcaa aaaggtgaaa gtgacaaaac    217020
     aacaataaaa aaataataaa ctatataata tttactaagt atttacaggc ttgttcagct    217080
     aaatcaaagc aatgacctga acaaaatctg taagcgacac aatctctcac acaatacaac    217140
     ctactcctac aactacccag agagtgatgg tttggggcca ttttatatca ttggccccac    217200
     ccatgggtta taccattcta caggttgtag ggtaacatat agacaaaaat acataaaaac    217260
     acaatgaaca aaagtataaa ttattgcaag taaataaata caaaactcaa aatacaacac    217320
     aacaaacaac caacacacat ataaacaata gaacagatgc cattttggat tacatcatga    217380
     taaaaactga taaaaaactg accaaagggt tgtgaccctg atgatgtaat ttaaaatggc    217440
     ggctctgaat tgaggtggga aaaccaacta tgtgaatact gggagttaaa gtaaacaatt    217500
     tgagtgaaca ttgtggagtc agagaaacca tagatcatgt tatatttgat tgcaggaaat    217560
     atatacagga gaaaagggaa ttaatagcat atttaaataa taatggacat aaagataaaa    217620
     acttaaaata tatttattat tgctaaaaat attaataggg atagtttagg gtatagggta    217680
     tttatacaat atctatataa tacaggactg agcaaaataa tataataaat tcattcattc    217740
     attttctttt cggcttaatc cctttattaa tctggggaag ccacagctga atgaaccgcc    217800
     aacttatcca gcatatgttt ttacgcagcg gatgcctttc cagccgcatt gcattacttg    217860
     gaaacattca tacacactca ttcacacata cactcataca ctacagttcg ttttagcata    217920
     ctcaattcac cagtaccaca tgtctttgga ctgtggagga aaccagagca cccggaagaa    217980
     acccacccaa attgaaatgt tacataaaca caatgttaac tttaggcaat acaacaaact    218040
     tttcacatta cacatacaca cacacgcacg cacaatccac tgataacact acaatgtccc    218100
     atgtatacat tgtttgccgg caataggact atgtttaaaa gtgtatgtat tttatgtatg    218160
     agtgtaatga gtatgtaatg tgtatgtcac agtcacagtc acagtgtctt ttcttagttt    218220
     aaacctgtga cattcccata tgactggact ggtgatgtac atttttttaa gaaagcatgc    218280
     acaagcacat actatgtctt tcatctaaac atgaaaaatc aatatcccac acctacagtg    218340
     tgagaatggc agcttcctgt ctagagcctt tcacactcac ctctcaaacc ctccatctca    218400
     ctttctcagc atctttgtct atctaccttc ctctctcttt tttgactttg accctgtctc    218460
     tcacatgttc catccggggt gcctcaaaaa attgatatcg tctgctgagc gaaagcagag    218520
     atctggccat gaaaagtgcg agaaagccat ttgacaaatt acccggacct gtggtgccct    218580
     gtgtgacacc cctgtctcag cagcccccct cggctgatag aagcgcagct cctttcccct    218640
     cacgcacata aagccattca agccaattgt ttatgctgca gaaacagcac atcacggata    218700
     tcgatttcta tgtcaccggc acttcaggta aattgtttga gtgactctgc tgtgatgaat    218760
     atctgatttg aaaaatctta gaacggcagg ggaaaaatga aaggagcaaa agtgctgacc    218820
     ttgtgatctg aaacacctca agttcctcgt gccacaataa aacactccgt ctttttacac    218880
     actcacattt gtttttctgc catggtgggc acttttcatt gacttctgct ctctctcttt    218940
     tttcccctta ctgattaaat aatccattat gccttaaaca taaccctgat acagcctttt    219000
     ttgtatggtt tgattttcat ttagacattg atatgcttat taagtgctct tctgtagctc    219060
     aaatagcaga gcatgattgt agcaatccca aggttgtagg attgattccc agacaatgtg    219120
     agcctttaat acaatgtgag tcattttgga taaaagtgtc aaagtaccaa atgcgtgcat    219180
     gtgaattaat gtattttctc atcggagctg ctcccacctt tgggggaata tttgaacccc    219240
     aaaacacaat gactaacatg cacgtttaaa ggaatttata ccaaaaatgt aaactttatc    219300
     attatttgcg gtaaatattt gaagcctaac agtcccttgt ggatgatatg ctgcatagct    219360
     attacaaagt gcagtacaaa gagagatttt ttttaccaag tttggatcaa cataatgcct    219420
     cgttcacact agcagcgact ttgtagctgc ctgttgctct gggtgccgac ctgcatagag    219480
     aatacaaccg cctctgagcg agctgagaga tgatcacatg agcactactg gtgctcttat    219540
     tggctgtctc tcaagaaagt cgttctttat ttggatgaag ttaaaggatt ctcaactttg    219600
     tcacatcgct caacacaccc acctggttac caacgcaatc tgtagctcac ataggcatac    219660
     agatataaac actagatatc gcatatggac cctgagcatg catcaatagc gccgccacat    219720
     ttgtacagtg ctccgaggac aaatgtcatt caactgcact agtcaagact aaagccattg    219780
     ggaatatgct ggactatagc gacgggtgta gtaacgggtg tagtaacgag caaacaaaga    219840
     aaacaaaaca caaaggcaga acattttata gaaagattta gattttttgt tactttttgt    219900
     gttgcaaact tttgtgctaa acaagcattg atgataagga agtcttactg cactgaccat    219960
     agggcaaagt agcaccaact cgcactaaat actgggctta ttctagttta gtcaaataaa    220020
     atcagcaaac aatgtaaatg aaatatgact acaagattct gcgatgctag aaaaaaactt    220080
     gtaaaattgt tggcttagta aacgagatgt tcgtaacgag attcgtccac aaacaaattg    220140
     ccccctccat tagaatgaga agtaaaagcg ggagaaaggg tggtttagga cacagattag    220200
     atcaaatttg acaaggaggg aggataatac atttccctgc acaaaaaaac acatgctctt    220260
     tgtcggtaat gcccatgcgg tcacttacag tatacattga tatatagaac ggatgtaaaa    220320
     ttataattct cgtaattaaa aaaaaggatt tacgtactga gcaccgggaa cactcccgat    220380
     cacagatatt acagatctct gggtctagag ggccagtcct ccactgcacc ttggtcccac    220440
     attcatttca aaggagcgct accctgtact aaaatggggc tctattgaca cgtttcttcc    220500
     aataaccaag cgtaggagac atctaatgta aatatctatt gcgtaaacga aggtctctgg    220560
     aagttattca ctttccattg aaatgaacgg tcacttgtcg cttgcctttg cgagtcgctc    220620
     atagtctgaa taagacttaa gagtgagtaa ataatgacat gattaaaatt tctatgtgaa    220680
     ctacttgcag ttgaactata tttaatccaa atcaaatcaa aatcttaagt agccagagta    220740
     ttgctaatga atttactgaa tgagattaaa aaaaaatata tatatataga ggcaagggtt    220800
     ttgttgttct gtttgtttgc ttagctgcca tcactcacta tctctgtaat aagcagcact    220860
     ttctgaaacg ctgttctcca tcaacctatt tctgtgtttg ttagctgttt tcatcccagc    220920
     ttctcctact gtcctcttat acctcatttt ttttcttctg tctgttcctt tttctttctc    220980
     ttccctttcc atttttagac tcctgggaat cttctagttt tctctcttct cttattgcca    221040
     gtcactgtct tacccaagag ccactaaact tcactgaaca caaaaaaatg aatcaagacc    221100
     aaagctattg ttctcagcac ctagatcgat acacttccaa gcctttactt atatctgtga    221160
     agtgtttttg tcggagccca ttaaatacaa ccaaagaatc tagggaaaca gccaaagatg    221220
     actgcatgaa tatgggagaa tgtgtgtttt tcttttttaa gtagtgaaat ggacaaaata    221280
     cagctattat aggcactgat ggtattctta agccgctgac gatgaaaaaa catctatata    221340
     tggctatcaa acacacacac acacacacgc acacacactt accctcagca caattttctc    221400
     ctttgtagcc cagagaacaa acacatgtgc cctcagtgca tgtgccatga ccgccacact    221460
     gggggtcgat gcactggctg atgggaacat cgcattccgg gcctttccat ccactatagc    221520
     agatacatga tcccttgtcg tactgaccat ttccactgca gaggacagga catgccgctt    221580
     taaaagaaac agaaatataa caaggagaga gaataaggat ttgatgcaag tgacatcgga    221640
     tctttcatgt gaattttttt tgcaatgatt tatatcaaaa gagcataaca gacaaatggc    221700
     ataagagaca aatgagacaa cataggggaa gatattttag gtttgtttac taagactctg    221760
     tgtatgtttt tgaagagatt gagaaacagg caagcagttg tggtgatgga tgtgtttctg    221820
     aatgacatga tataagcatt aggaactggg gtcagataac aattatgtgc attgtaaagt    221880
     atcattttga tgtcaggggt ggcacggcgg atcagtaatt acactgtcac ctcacagcaa    221940
     gaaggtcgct gtttcaagtc cctcctggac cggttgtcat atctatgggg agttagcatg    222000
     ttccccctgt gttcaatttg gttttctcct gttgctccag ttttccccac agtccaaaca    222060
     tttgcactat agatgaattg aacaaactaa ataggtatga ttgtataagt gtggaaaagt    222120
     gtgtatagtt gtttcccagt gctgtgctgg aagggcatct gctaaataaa aacatatgct    222180
     ggaatagttg acaatttatt ctactgtggc gacctctgaa atgaactaag ctgaaggaaa    222240
     ataaatgaat gaatgaatga attaatgaat taatgaatga attttgatgt catatgatgt    222300
     aaaataatct atcaaacctc aatctttagg caagctttag tctatttcaa ctacacccag    222360
     tcttttgtaa tattctctat tagaaaacta aaaacaaggt tgcaaaaagc acccatgaag    222420
     gcgtgctttg ttcgtttagc agacacttaa acaacttaca cattagggaa aaaaagccaa    222480
     caaaaatatt attgtggtac cacagtggta tttttgcata tttacatggc ataaaaataa    222540
     tattatcatt atatatgtac agaacatggt aataccattt gataaaacat aaaaatgcta    222600
     tagcatgcca ctataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaaa aaaatactgt    222660
     ggccctaata acatgccaat actccaaagt ttccaaagtg ggggtcggga ccccctgggg    222720
     ggcacgggat atgacaggga gtcacttggt gatttacaaa agtcaaatac atttgaataa    222780
     actattagaa ttaccatatt ttatccataa ctcacagaag atatgcatgc aatgcatgca    222840
     aataaaaacc attagccttt cattttttta taggattgtg tgtttagatt agtttaacaa    222900
     catagcaata gcgtcagctg caccaggttc aactttctga cacctttata gcaatcaaat    222960
     tccattaaat atgaatacag gtcaaaactg aataatgagg atgatctctg attggcggtc    223020
     tccaaaatga aaccaacaat agacttgtgc tgaaaacatt ttgcccaacg ggactcatta    223080
     ggtgaggtta atattgaatt aaacaaatta ataaatgaaa atataaatta tagcctatgg    223140
     ttgttagaat gttgcacttt tttgtgttgt caatatgctc atgtttatat acgcctattg    223200
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgcaacattt    223260
     gtatatttac atccacctct gaggaatgtg ggggtcgcga gtcactggca ttgatatttt    223320
     tggtggtcgc aggctgaaaa gtttgggaag cactgctcta catgtcctaa aaccttataa    223380
     aactataaca gatttatctt aataaaataa aaaagacact atggtaccca tataaatatg    223440
     gtaataccat gggcttgtca taaaagcata ccgataccat ttaataatga tgccagaata    223500
     tgttccattt caatagtaaa ttttcaaaat atggtaatga catggtacag catgtcttga    223560
     aactatatta ccatgaatgt ctaaatgtcc taaaagcata atagtaccac agttcacatt    223620
     taaaagcatg gtaaaaccat ggttcttcaa tccgtacctg agtagtctca aactaaaatt    223680
     cttaatgtac gtaatttaag actacagtat attacccatg agcactctcc ctaagccctg    223740
     ataaaagatg tccagttagc ggcagtctaa aaaagacttc ctgagttgaa tacagagagt    223800
     cttgagggta tatgctttgt aaaaaaattc atgcacacac acacacatat ttatagacag    223860
     agggtcagca ctagtggtgt gagtggagag ctttgatagg ttggaaaaaa actataatga    223920
     aagaaaatgt aatttaacgt tgcggtaaca aaactattaa tcataagctt cccaggtgaa    223980
     caatgggaga tattgggccg tatgaaccgc cattcatcat ccttatgctt cagaaagaaa    224040
     gagacaagga cagagagaga gagacctcca ctaacacaca gatttcagtt tctccatgac    224100
     tcataggacc aaagcacttt cgtaatagca aactatacaa atatatgaat acaaatagta    224160
     ctttatgtgt atgcaaatga ctggctatct aaactagaac ttcccattgc cattcttatt    224220
     taattataat tacttttacc tctgaatttt ttggcagatt tagaatttag tccatttatg    224280
     aaccagtctt cctactcatg atggtccata aattaagctg ggaattattt catcaaattg    224340
     gtccccaacc atatagctag gtcagaagca cacatgcacg cacacacaca cgcacacaga    224400
     aggtgtctgg actctcaggc tgtacccaat gcttctgagt gtctagagcc attgggactg    224460
     ctgagattaa tacacatctt tgatgtgttc agctctttga atcccacgtt actgccatac    224520
     tggcaacaaa tcagtgctgt tacccctcat gttttatgtc tgatggacat taccctgcat    224580
     gcttttttaa atgctaaaac tactggagtt gtactagtac tagaatggcc catgtcattt    224640
     ttcagaccat tcatgtcatt ttcccctccc gtgtcattta tattcaaggt ttctattgga    224700
     gttttagaat gaagctttaa atatctgcag ctttttttta aacttttttt caccccaaag    224760
     ccatcctact gaataggtgc atcccaaatt gcatacttat gcactattct accccatttt    224820
     gtagtttaat cagtttaagt agtggattca cactgaaaat tctaaaaaaa taaaataaaa    224880
     ttagtgcact ttaattacct ggatcattac cttggattcg ggtggtcatg ttggattact    224940
     ttatttattt tgaattgtga aagcaaaatt ctcctacaaa agtgattata ggcctcccaa    225000
     tggcgaatgc aattatactc atgacagata ttatttggta ctttggtcat ttaaattggc    225060
     aaccgtcaca cgacatcagg gaaacggttt gaatttctgc ttagtaaaaa gaacattagt    225120
     gtgccatttg gaatgacact acacacatat actatgctgt tgagtgtgta ggtgcataag    225180
     tacatagtgc atgagtgcat agtgtatagt gtgccattta ggacgcagct tatgtcaccc    225240
     aattcgaatg ttatcactcg attgaatggg cattatcagt gaatatcagc tgatggatat    225300
     gggccagtag gggcctaata gtattctcag aagtgaattg tgaattcttg ttaacttccg    225360
     gctgcagtcg tatgtgatct atatttgatt aaccatgtgg atcgatgata gcaaccctct    225420
     gagcctacta gctgataacc actgttaaca cccattaaat caagtgattg agcattagaa    225480
     ttggcagcct aagtagccac cacgggaatc aatatgcaag aataaagaga tgttatttta    225540
     aaatgtgatg tgtgatgatg aacaacaaat ttgaataatg aaacaaaaat tcaaattaat    225600
     ataaaaatgt tcactgtcaa ctaaaaaaac cttctgttaa aactatttta aatatttttt    225660
     tcaaattcat tgcaatataa acctacatct acagtatata ctatatagta gaccaggggt    225720
     tctcaaactt ggtcctggag gtctggtgtc ctgcagattt tagaccccaa ctcgcctcaa    225780
     aacacctgca aggatgtttc tagaaagtct aataagagct tgattagcta gccaggtgtg    225840
     tctgataggg gtttgagctc aaatctgcag gacaccagac ctccaggacc gagattgaga    225900
     acccctgtac taaactatat actataaata taaaacgaat cttaggatat aaaatatcat    225960
     caatatatca taaatatatt aactcatctt tgagcttttg aagaatacac tttttagtac    226020
     atacccagtc atacttttta aggcctgagg ctgtcaaatc tctaaaatga acacaataaa    226080
     atcagacttt ttccaaagaa aaaagttata tagtttggta ctattcagat cactctttat    226140
     ttcaccaaaa tgagtgacat gggatgtaaa agttgttctc acttctctct ctttcggtca    226200
     catttcattt ctcttgctgt acaacagagt tcggggtgta attggagtgt ctcttacctt    226260
     tcgaacagtc catgccatgg aagcctggaa agcaatgaca cactcctgac acacactctc    226320
     cgttcccatg acagttgcgg ggacactctt gcacagagtc tgcgaaaaga atgaaacctt    226380
     tctaaaaaag gccactttga tggtaatgac agctgtaacc accacatccg actctcatct    226440
     tgtcttttcc accaccatat ccccctcccc atgtctttct ctctcccgtt ttctgtccct    226500
     ctttcaccgc aattcggagt ctccggtcat tattgataca attcattcaa acaccatcac    226560
     acatcatttc attagccatg agtaatatca cagcaatgaa agtaggccat atcacagtag    226620
     attagcgcaa ggttaattgg tgagacacca cttattcgct gaattcacga atgtgaatat    226680
     tcatagaaca gagccacaag gtgcttatct cgtttaaagt ggataatgat atatattaaa    226740
     ttgtataaca ttaatagatt ggcggctttt cattattttt ccttttgctg gaccgcaagg    226800
     actcaattat ctgtaattct atacagactc gaacagataa atccacatat gcaaaatcat    226860
     tccctttaat atttactagt ctctcattag acctcattta tgaaaccaca gttgaatgaa    226920
     tgcctgtgta aatcatctgt aaatgtataa tttgatacaa caatgtaaga gactgataat    226980
     acataccaca ccatttcttc tcctaatatg gtttttaatt ctcagaatta attattctag    227040
     tctctcatgc tttttaaggc tgcgtttgtt ttaatcaaaa ctagggtaaa aacagtaata    227100
     ctttaaactg ttgttacaat ttataaaata acagttttaa tatatttggt gatttttcaa    227160
     agatgtttag tttttaatga tcagaaatta tcttcacatg caattttgtt taggaaaata    227220
     ttaagaagac ttatgctgca ttctggcttt gattaattga aattttagca ggatttattt    227280
     gaaacacact ttgtttattt ttttttaaag acattggaaa gctgtcgagc aatttaaagt    227340
     ggtagttcac acaaaaattt aactttactc actattttct caccctttcc aaaaactgtg    227400
     agtttattta ttctattgaa acaaagaaca atatggtgaa gaattttaga aacctgtaac    227460
     cactgacttc aaataccatg aaagtcagtg gttaatttga tcctgttcag gaaaatgtca    227520
     gacattcatg ttttgcgttc tggaatttat tttaatggat ttaacggcat taacttgtga    227580
     gtgatgaata cctacgtggg tagtcatcat gcgcaagtta aggcaaaaga cacatttaac    227640
     tattggccca caacaatatt tacagcaaat cggctatttt gtgtttacaa tcactctcat    227700
     tggttggtta tggttttatg tgcaatgagc agcaaaaata aataatggca tagtggccta    227760
     cctaaataat attagtattt tcaaaatggc aaagagacaa tcaagcacat tttcattttt    227820
     ttaaaaccac gaataaatct gataatgcct gaccaaaata gatttcaaaa aggtgaaact    227880
     gtgtcagtgg atcagggtag cagtagactg aagcaaaacg atcttaagtc agacagaaaa    227940
     gattacagaa gaggtaactg tgggctcttc ttgaagattg gactgagtga tttttttttt    228000
     ccacttgcca cataatagtg aagtgaactg aatagtgatt gtttatacaa tttatgtttg    228060
     tagctacagg tacatgtttt tattaaccat gactgacctt taacctctta aacatttttt    228120
     acatgcattt tttcctcttt gctatttttg cttattggaa cctaattaga ataaaaccta    228180
     agtatcatct attgatacag tatgatgtac ttttagagaa aattatttcc atatatgtgg    228240
     acttgtggtc ctaatttaca taagacacaa acaaaactga ctgtttttta atgcatacat    228300
     agcatataat tttctttaac ttgctttgac tatcacagtg taaaaactca aattttctcc    228360
     attttgaaca gtaaaaaaca gtgtttggga cacttcatat tctgcaaaaa agttgcagga    228420
     tgacactgta tgtctgtgac aaaatataaa acattcaatg tattttaaat agccacttaa    228480
     gagctaaaat gtactgtcca cgtaggaggt taacatttta ggcacaaaat aataaaagaa    228540
     agttgctgaa aaagaaagtg atgatttttt ttgcgctaac accgtttaat gacgtcatgt    228600
     tttgggaaaa ctgaaattgt ttggtggacg acagtcaagg taacatttac ttctgatttt    228660
     gttccaggga ttattcattt acaaattaag cactgatgga agtcaattgt tacaggttgt    228720
     tggctttctt taaaatatct ttctttttgt tcaacggatg aaaaaaactc tagcaggttt    228780
     ctatcaagtg aagggagagt aaatcatcac agaaatattt ttttcccttt aagtgaatct    228840
     gtatgcacta aagtctgtta taaaacactt ttaaaataaa ataaaaatgg ttgcaagctt    228900
     gcaatcactc cttgttgtgt atcaaaatgc atttcatcct ctcttttcac attaaagtgg    228960
     cacggtttgg taaagaaagc tgagtgtttg tggaagcaaa tgcattttta gagtttaacc    229020
     atcaactgac ccagaacagc agtgctaaag gagacagatt ccttctcctt gccgtcattg    229080
     tagaaagcca gatgccatgt gccgggatcc agatactgca caaacacagc ctcgttcaaa    229140
     actaccgtct gaatactgcg tctctcgcgg ggcgactcca ccacgctcca tttctccttc    229200
     ccatccaaac gctccatata gtcgtactgc agagaaaaaa acgcacaagg agaggggacg    229260
     tttttagctt ccgtgatctc aagtggtttg acagcattca tacatatcaa acggtgaaac    229320
     actttgaagt tgagcactag gaatgatttt atctaacacc tgctgacttc taaaatgtat    229380
     ctgcaatgaa tgattgatcc gccgttgcga tgaaagatgt ttttttttac tctgaaagga    229440
     cttcacagag tggtctttct gtaaatagaa agcttgtgcg cacctgtgca tgggacggcg    229500
     gcagcccttt gcgaatgtaa accccaaaca gtgcatcctt gcccaaggag atgttgaact    229560
     tgaggaactg aggctggtta aggtgcatga gggatctcca gaacactcca ggcggcacct    229620
     cctgggtcac gcgcctgccc acctccaggc tgccagtatc tatgctgctg tttcgagcgg    229680
     cccacggtcc tgataaagag aggaaaggga caaaacaaaa aatcaatctc tcacctcaac    229740
     tgtgcagcaa ctgccccttg tttatggatt ccgaagcagt tgccttgaaa gcagaaaaca    229800
     atgcgaaaac agcccaaatg cactttctct ccgggagaga cttatctgat ggaagttgaa    229860
     aaacacaaat gctgtttcct gaagtctttt ttttttttgt ccgtaacctc acagcattca    229920
     ctcagcgcga agaaagctga atgtgtataa tagtaaacag aggacagcct gagagacgga    229980
     ataggggctt ctttgttgaa tatctgacat tttcttttca aaatgctcct ttcagaaaac    230040
     atgatgaata gcttatatgg atgaaaaagt tcaacttttt tattttattt tctggtgaac    230100
     catccattaa atgcacgcaa ggtccctgca gttttgactg actggttatg aggttcggtt    230160
     ttcagaagaa acgcactcta aacatttttt tttttgtcaa caggaaacag catttataaa    230220
     gcatttttct ttcacaatgc tatatatttc aggtgaaata gtatatccaa tagatttttt    230280
     ttcagtattt tataagacag tggtaaggga aagtctggag tgctcaacca ccatacaagg    230340
     tgcatggaca aaatgaaaat attgtaaaaa aaaaaaatag ggaactccag caacacttgt    230400
     aataaaagga gaaattttaa atgaaataaa ttaatttgaa cacaatatgc actatactat    230460
     aagtttattt gtctatatat caatatattt gtttgtgctt tcattttgta tagatcaatg    230520
     ttgtattatt tgagaaatat gtcgtttccc tttctaaatg ctgaaacaat gatgattgat    230580
     gagttgaact tgtgttcaaa atattatttt agtattgttt agtcatttat cttagtattg    230640
     tgtgtgataa acattgttga tttgttctat caaaacagta aaaacagcaa acactataaa    230700
     ttattactat aatgtaatag agtatagtgt tgtcataata cagcaaaaaa aaaatgtatt    230760
     ccatgtcaaa gctgaatttt cttgtcttca ttgacacata atccttcaga tgctaatata    230820
     atatgacatt tttttgaggc ttaagtaaat ttgaagtgtt tgtttttctc ttaataattg    230880
     tgagaatgta aaaaagctat agtgtaaggg ccaaaaagta tatgttttat acaaaaaata    230940
     ttctcaaaaa acatttagct gcttgtttaa actacttatt taaaatgagc ttaaacagca    231000
     ccgttcttgt tttagggtca aattaattgc tttaggttca atccacttaa ttttgtaaaa    231060
     acatatactg tataaagtta acaatcaatt tgtgttggga caacatgaag gaatagtgtg    231120
     aaacccagta tttttacagt gtttacactg aagaattgtg ttgtttcaac tcattttaaa    231180
     taggtacttt gaacaagcag ccaaagtcat tttgtgcgca taaaaatcct tatgtctata    231240
     ataaaacatg gaaaatattt ggtgaaattt ccattactgc agtgtttccc aaccctgttt    231300
     ctgtaggcac atctacagta cacattttca acctattcct aatcaaacac acttggatca    231360
     actcatcaga acattagaag agactccaaa accttaagtt attgggtcag ataagggaga    231420
     catttgacat atgtactgtt ggtgtccctc caggaacagg gttgggaaac actgaacaac    231480
     tgtacataaa cattcatgca gcgtcagtga gttcttaggt tatgttctca gtctgctcag    231540
     ggcactttaa gaatcttctt tctttcactt aactatagaa cacctgatga ttttctctta    231600
     tcccctgtag ttctacactt cctcttctct ctctgtgtct tctgttagct gactttcaaa    231660
     cgaacggaaa gatctcttct acagtgagag tttgtgtgtt cttcaccctc aggctttggc    231720
     tcataccaca tgacaacacc actatcctgt ttaccaacat aatcacacaa gctgttatcc    231780
     acttttcatt taatggaaaa tccatggttg cctcctctct ttttctctct ctgtctttct    231840
     ctctctctat ctatcgtttt attctctcta tctcttgctc gtagctgccg gcaatggccg    231900
     agtgtaaatg gaggttgcgt gcaacagatt ccctctgtcc ctatagttgt gatgttcctt    231960
     tacacacaca cacacacacg gaaaacagct cccctgtaat caggtcagat ctacactgga    232020
     gactgcagcc ctgacagaga aaacctgtga aaaatggtga ggaaataaag aacaatgaaa    232080
     acacaatcag gacggagcag ccgcaacagg agatgaaata gcccccctca ttaatacaga    232140
     acagcacgga cagaggagaa atggaactaa agaaggaaaa aaaaaaatag agagcaagag    232200
     aggagggccg gacgagaatt tccttgggga agaaacgatc tgtctgtgac cacggctgaa    232260
     gcaatagtcc agttttattt cacaacagaa cacaatagat ctgttccaaa acacagtgaa    232320
     tcacctcact gactacagta cacaggcata agtaaactcc tgacttgaac agaaccccat    232380
     aattggattt tttgtttgtt ttggaatgaa ctacactggc agcatcaaaa taaaaacaaa    232440
     aactaattaa atgataaata tatatggcca tataaataga catttgtttt taagtatttt    232500
     attataatac ccagggtttt ataaaatata aattgattat acacttataa taatattaca    232560
     gtgcagcctg ggactgattt tctatttgtg aaaaaaattg ctaagaagtg cagggtttat    232620
     attttctaaa acacaaaata atacataagg caattatgtc caatggagtt tttatactgc    232680
     tattatactt ataatgcttt ttgtaagtga gtgttgggta aattatggac aaacccaacc    232740
     actgggttaa aaaatgtaat ttatattgaa tttaagaaaa tattcccaat aatataaacc    232800
     caatcatgca tgggtttgtc caaatttgac tgaacattgg gccaatttgt atatttttta    232860
     atcaacagct tagtgctact aagattatta taattatttt tcttataaac aataacatag    232920
     gaactattta aaacaatcta aacatgtaat attgtttaaa ataatttggg taaataatgg    232980
     acaattccaa ttattaggat atcattttaa atgtaattgt ttttaagtca acagctggct    233040
     ttgtatatat tttaaacaat tttgtgtaga aataaacatt taaatgaatg ttcctaaaaa    233100
     cgtgtacttt aaataaacag ttaattgaat atatcatgta ttcaacaaaa atattaagtt    233160
     ttataatggt tttaaatttt gacaataatt ttagtaccca ctgctgggat aaatatgaac    233220
     aaaccaaacc attgggttaa agtttaaagt aatttatatt gaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    233280
     aaaaaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattacca ataatataaa    233340
     actcaagcag gtaactctaa aacctggaga aatgtctata tataatgtaa taaaaaagaa    233400
     aacagcgttt ttataatatt gaactatggc acaacaattc agttttactc ttattactgt    233460
     tgcagacact tatcaacaaa tggctactct ggccatttgt atatacgctg taaaaatacc    233520
     ttttaatttg tgaatttggc tttttcattt atttacggtt gtgaattgca ttatggaagc    233580
     ttgatctctg ctcagtcgac ttttattgtt gagaactcaa ctcaagagtt taacaaattg    233640
     acttttattg acattttagt ggtttaaaat aacataatac ataataaata atatataaag    233700
     aaaattatta atatacatta acaataatat acaacaccaa cctagatctc tttaaactat    233760
     taaaatgtta ataaacatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tttacttttc    233820
     aaggttaaaa gttgttggaa gaaaaataat tcaatacaaa agcataaatt aatggggaaa    233880
     aataaaaata tgaatcacaa aatatacaaa actgctaatt tatggacatt ttttacagtg    233940
     catgtcagag gtactgaggt agtgcagtaa aattctataa taacaaaaca aaaaaactga    234000
     aaacaaaaga aaaagctaga attattacat aaacgtgatt taaacagagc acaatgagaa    234060
     ctgaaataat taaaatacaa tagagtacaa aaaaaacaaa acaaaaaaac aaccaaaaaa    234120
     aacaaaacag caccattcag aggcaggtct cgaatcacag cgagcacgca gataaaggac    234180
     atctgaatct gactgtctaa gcacagcatc aagtaccgta acaggatcca gccgagtgca    234240
     gagaggccaa tcataagcta atgtagccag caggcagaag cacacacaaa tcatttcaca    234300
     gatcagacca gagcatcaaa tcatcccgca caagcccaga taagagcatc tcaacacaat    234360
     atgccagaca ataaggtagg ataacagcta tacacaaaga tgcagcagag gatgacagaa    234420
     aaaagacaac aaccaccagc agacactgca tgacaaaata atacaaccct actgttaaca    234480
     aagcaaccag caacagcctc attgcagcac tgtctgcgta tgattaatga aatctcactg    234540
     ttatgtggaa aacattgtgt ttgcatgtgt gagaaagaga gcgatgagga gagagcgagg    234600
     gagagaagtc atatttgtat ggatggaatt gacaccgaca tgctgagggg ttgagatgaa    234660
     gcacttgagg tgaagagctg tttcaaaatg cacaaacgtg tgcttacaat ctcactctat    234720
     taaccacact cacacaaaaa cagcaaacta cagtgttatg ctacataatc tacagtattt    234780
     aatcacagag ttagatatgt ttacatagta tcgaagggaa aatgagaatc attctctatt    234840
     ccctgcatga tgaagtaatc tgtggtcgtc acagcataat gaaccactaa cttatccagc    234900
     atatctttta cgcaacagat tccagctgca acccatcacc tagaaacatc catacacact    234960
     cattcacaca caaactatgg acagtttagc caatcaaatt cacctacacc acatgtcttt    235020
     agacttgtgg gggaaatcag agtatccgga ggaaatcaac gcaaacccgg ggagaacatg    235080
     caaactccac actgaaacgc caactgaccc agccgaggca cgaaccagcg accttcttgc    235140
     tgtgaggtga acctgctact gcaccactgt gcaaccctgg agagacctga ctttatgatt    235200
     tcacagcatg atgctagtaa gttagcaagc taacacgagt gtattttgaa caaatatttt    235260
     atttttattt taaaaactaa tttctgatgt gttttcattc tagtttttaa tttttttatt    235320
     ttaacaattt atgttttttt tttatattaa caactttatt ttaacaacac ttttttgggg    235380
     tgtttttatt attatttttt atttatttat ttcattttag ctttttggtg taattttatt    235440
     ttattttatt tattttattg cattttattt ttttagagtg attttatttt attttatttt    235500
     aacaaattga attttttaaa aatatttttt aactaaataa tctgtaaaat taaaacaaaa    235560
     taaaaataca atatatatat atacatattg tctcattttc accttctctg caatcttaac    235620
     tctttagtgc gaattaagta tattagaagg taaccatcat ggatttagtg tttagagtga    235680
     attaagtgta ttagaaggta acctaattag gtagcttacc tttgggagca tgttacgatg    235740
     atttataaca ctgcctttat tgctgctccc tagattttgt aacttgcact tgtgagactt    235800
     gaagagctca ctctattacc cacatactca cacaaaacac agcaagcgat tacaccacat    235860
     aatctactgt actacagtat atatgaaatc acagagttag gtatgcttgc atagtgctga    235920
     ggagtgagaa aggaaaatga cacggcctgc atatgtatta aaattccaat gagtttccaa    235980
     tatactgtat agccagtttt ctttaaagac agcatccaaa ccttctaagc tcactaagaa    236040
     tatgatgtag gcagcaactc tgtaaaatgt gctttacatg gtgaaatcta atttaattga    236100
     tttcaataga gcaatatgtt agcaatctaa cagcccaggc tcaatggaat tacacgcctc    236160
     agccaacatt tttgtaaaat gtaaaatctg ttgctccagg tacattttgt tgtacattta    236220
     agatgacaaa tccactagag ggagatgcct acattttttg caaatctgaa atgtgtctat    236280
     tgttacattt tttagattac taaacacaac ctatagtgtt ttcaaaggta atataagaga    236340
     aaaatgcact gcaaccacaa gaaattccaa tgagtttcca aaatatagcc agtttttttt    236400
     tttttttttt tcaagacagc atccaaacct tctaaggtca ccaattccca tgatacgatg    236460
     tataataaaa agaacagtcc aggctcaatg gaattccatg cctcagccaa aatttttgtg    236520
     aaatgcaaaa tctgttaata caggtacatt tgagatcgta caaatgagat catatgaatt    236580
     catacgagtt agcccctaaa ttaagagatt gtgctggttt ttgcagtttc aaaaaaaaaa    236640
     aaaaagtatt ctgaagcatg tatttccaat gagcctgtgt tgcaaaagaa tgacactgaa    236700
     ggtgcttcag ataaaatatc tagtttctaa ttacatacag tgttttgagt gatacttctc    236760
     agcattaaat gaatatttaa tttctctcac cttgttcgcc atttttcaat attatgtgtc    236820
     actgagcttc tttcattaca ttctggaatc accttgtttg tgaacatttc aagtgtttat    236880
     ttaattagcc tacatataag agactttgtt ttagaacttt aaatgcaaaa ctctaagaaa    236940
     tgaaggtgca aacgctgtca ggcagatgga tacggatgca catttgtatc taaaagtaca    237000
     tcaaaagtac aaacgtgcac ctttccaaaa ggacactgac cagcgacagc tttatttctg    237060
     agaatatagg ttttgtaaca tgtctgtata tgtgtttaaa gatgactagg cactctctgc    237120
     agggttgctg tcctgtcctt catacagagg tgatgtgttt tcttgagtgt gagcatctga    237180
     gacagggaca gacagagaga tctggggaaa aaacatgggt gtacgtgttg tgtaagtctg    237240
     taagcgtatg agtgtgtctg cttggggtga taatcagctt taattgaaag tttgattgct    237300
     gggaaaatca gagttatcag taggttatga ggagatgcta attatcaggg attatgcagg    237360
     ctgtaataat tagagaagta tagaatacta atctacatac taaaatgtgt gcagtttgct    237420
     gtatacgtgt actacgaatg atatgcaaaa aagttatata tgttatacct ggatggtcta    237480
     atacagtgtt tctcaatcat gtttctggaa gaccaccaac actgcatgtt tggaatgtct    237540
     cctttgtctg tgacattcat aatggttttt cagtctctgc agtcatcatg agctgatgat    237600
     cagaatcagc tgtgtttggt taaggagaca tggacaatga gcagaggtgg tggtcctcca    237660
     ggattgtggt tgagaaacac tggtctaata catctggcag catttgcaca gaacgaaata    237720
     ttgcacaaaa cagcttgatc tgctcttccc aaaatatttt ggtctacttt aaagggatta    237780
     acaaaaaaaa taaaataaaa aaaataaata aataaataat aaataaataa ataaataaat    237840
     aaataaaatc accaaaaaaa attttgtaat tactttacac tcatttctat tgtgcttttt    237900
     tatcttcttc tgttgaacaa aacataaggc attttgaata ttgttgttaa tcgattgcca    237960
     ttggattcca cagtagaaaa ataaaattaa taaataacat gcaagtcaaa ggctaccagt    238020
     ttccaacatc aaacttgaaa atatttacta ttaatttgtg ttcaacagaa acacatttgg    238080
     aacaagtaca agtgagaaaa caattacaga agattcattc attcattaat ttattttatt    238140
     ttcgccttag tccctttatt catcaggggt cgccacagcg gaaagaagcg tcaactcatg    238200
     cagcatatgt tttacgcagc agatgcccct ccagccgcag cccaacactg ggaaacacgc    238260
     tcttgcattc acactcatac actacagcca atttagctca ttcaattcac ctgtaccgca    238320
     tgtctttgga ctgaggtaca tgcgaacgag gggagaacat gcaaactcct cacagaaatg    238380
     caaactggcc cagctggggc tcaaccagcg accttcttgc tgtgatgcaa tcgtgccacc    238440
     cactgtgcca ccatgatacc tactgaatat tctactagta tctagatgca gcctttatga    238500
     tgcaagctga gattgcatct cccagagtaa gagactctca gtgaggcgag cccattaaaa    238560
     agcaaagcag gcagctcaga ctgaactaca ccaagtctgc agacagaccc ctctccaata    238620
     ttgagctctg gttaaactat acattcagtg cttttgtctt acttatattt ggatttttca    238680
     caaaattgga tgtgaacagc aaaactgttc tcatgtctaa aattagaaat gtgaaatgat    238740
     aatgagagca tacaactact gaggtctttt cacacgtaca aacagataga tagactgtga    238800
     cctttaaaac ccaaagtgat cataacctgg gaaaacaata gcaatatata caaacatcaa    238860
     tataatgatg ttccatactg tatattacgg atttagggcc tttttttctt tgtaaatgct    238920
     ctcatactgc tcatttttag actttcctga ctacaaaagt aagagcaaat gttaccattc    238980
     cacatttttg ctctctgtga atgcagatca ctgcatgcag tgtttctata gctgtgaata    239040
     taaagatctt gattggctgt cgtttgtaaa gcatacagcc atgccattat aacaacacat    239100
     cgtttcacac tgtacaaatt tcctatgcaa aagcaggatt catccagtaa ctcgactttg    239160
     tttaaagtgt gcaacgttcc ttatacccag ggttagaagc agggtttaga atgacaataa    239220
     caaggagttg agtgcagtgt gaaaagcaat tttgacatgt ttcttgttgc gtaacacata    239280
     cagtttcaca gactattttt gaaaatgtaa tcaccctccc agcaccgctg gcccacaatg    239340
     ccttgctcct ctacctaatc acatggttac ttggtttctt acgacttgtc acacggctac    239400
     agaaatgaag ctcagagaat aatgtctctt gtcgatcgtg gaagcaggca ggaaagtgtg    239460
     tgtgggcata aatgtgctgt catgatggga cctcggagtg cgacagagaa gcaaattact    239520
     aaacacaaat caaaatgact tcaagctgga aacaaattga tatacagggc agtggaggtt    239580
     tcagcccaac tgatttcttt ttgtatctag tttatagggt tttttccccc tcctcgttgt    239640
     gctattctgt cacaatcttg gcattcttct tatggtaaaa agcgtgcagg actgcaggct    239700
     gtgctgctca cctctgcctc cagagggcga tgttgctacg tcactgttgc tgggcagccc    239760
     ggctcccaag ccgttgttca gcatgggacc aaccacaggt ttcagctgcc agttcagccc    239820
     caacagattc atggctgaga gagaaagaga gcaatagaga gagacagaga aagaaaaagg    239880
     aaagaaagaa tgtaaacggt gcaagtatat gggaaaagaa agatagccag aaaaagaaaa    239940
     gctt                                                                 239944