ID   BX511164; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 214001 BP.
AC   BX511164;
DT   22-MAY-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-63J1 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   the slc39a7 gene for solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter), member 7,
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to verebrate palmitoyl-protein
DE   thioesterase 2 (PPT2), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   chemokine-like factor super family 8 (CKLFSF8), the gene for a novel
DE   protein similar to vertebrate carnitine acetyltransferase (CRAT), the 3'
DE   end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
DE   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2), three novel genes
DE   and four CpG islands.
KW   HTG; slc39a7.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-214001
RA   Barker G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 678f0299e844b34c1cd9f741e932b983.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993955.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000098317; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000098782; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000104451; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000104542; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000158192; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000166562; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000167951; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000172412; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00251; mir-219.
DR   RFAM; RF00334; SNORA3.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-63J1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-63J1 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-63J1 is at 214001 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-63J1 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..214001
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-63J1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..214001
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(6030..6253,6489..6704,7598..7716,7937..7990,
FT                   8217..8382,10280..10454,10635..10725,10821..10908,
FT                   13696..13796,14108..14227,16940..17062,17156..17291,
FT                   17373..17435,17572..17709,19194..19903)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carnitine
FT                   acetyltransferase (CRAT)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI667321.1 Em:AL725768.1
FT                   Em:AL922077.1 Em:AW422598.1 Em:BF158036.1 Em:BG303928.1
FT                   Em:BI534013.1 Em:BM036934.1 Em:BM037241.1 Em:BM571068.1
FT                   Em:BM571678.1 Em:BQ450251.1 Em:CF549666.1 Em:CK127095.1
FT                   Em:CK142446.1"
FT   CDS             join(6203..6253,6489..6704,7598..7716,7937..7990,
FT                   8217..8382,10280..10454,10635..10725,10821..10908,
FT                   13696..13796,14108..14227,16940..17062,17156..17291,
FT                   17373..17435,17572..17709,19194..19397)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014432"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carnitine
FT                   acetyltransferase (CRAT)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P43155 Sw:P47934 Sw:P52826
FT                   Tr:Q6P4L1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPZ2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000542"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPZ2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040912-162"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(13830..14227,16940..17062,17156..17291,17373..17435,
FT                   17572..>17607)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carnitine
FT                   acetyltransferase (CRAT)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF999955.1"
FT   CDS             join(14073..14227,16940..17062,17156..17291,17373..17435,
FT                   17572..>17607)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014433"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate carnitine
FT                   acetyltransferase (CRAT)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPZ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000542"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPZ5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040912-162"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56701.1"
FT                   QGIDRHLL"
FT   regulatory      19874..19879
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      19903
FT   mRNA            complement(join(25323..25768,25920..25989,28049..28116,
FT                   34792..34848,35296..35452))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD759537.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(41007..41247,45337..45391,45519..45603,
FT                   45725..45808,47045..47152,47314..47409,47901..48054,
FT                   48444..48755))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to verebrate
FT                   palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 2 (PPT2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI545830.1 Em:AW153884.1
FT                   Em:AW173920.1 Em:BI864126.1 Em:BM035865.1 Em:CB352890.1
FT                   Em:CB354038.1 Em:CF999936.1 Em:CK026811.1 Em:CK361898.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(41104..41247,45337..45391,45519..45603,
FT                   45725..45808,47045..47152,47314..47409,47901..48054,
FT                   48444..48581))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014440"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to verebrate
FT                   palmitoyl-protein thioesterase 2 (PPT2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35448 Sw:O70489 Sw:Q6PCJ9
FT                   Sw:Q9UMR5 Tr:Q6PD98 Tr:Q7ZVU5 Tr:Q803W4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPZ6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002472"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030295"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPZ6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-010430-4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56702.1"
FT                   IEKWLT"
FT   mobile_element  complement(<84783..>85944)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.9-001"
FT   misc_feature    92055
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(96788..96924,97984..98369,100031..100199,
FT                   105392..105475,105608..105736,105987..106106,
FT                   107179..107375,108423..109097)
FT                   /gene="slc39a7"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.4-001"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter),
FT                   member 7"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF196345.1 Em:AY314993.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI416347.1 Em:AI437101.1
FT                   Em:AI721488.1 Em:AI722990.1 Em:BG985639.1 Em:BI886108.1
FT                   Em:BI979712.1 Em:BI980324.1 Em:BI984358.1 Em:BI984965.1
FT                   Em:BM095389.1 Em:BM775136.1 Em:BM776127.1 Em:BM777475.1
FT                   Em:BM777787.1 Em:BQ075798.1 Em:BQ480733.1 Em:BQ783998.1
FT                   Em:CK362128.1"
FT   CDS             join(97989..98369,100031..100199,105392..105475,
FT                   105608..105736,105987..106106,107179..107375,
FT                   108423..108677)
FT                   /gene="slc39a7"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014439"
FT                   /product="solute carrier family 39 (zinc transporter),
FT                   member 7"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q92504 Sw:Q9PUB8 Tr:Q7T1M5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003689"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPZ7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-991110-20"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56703.1"
FT   regulatory      109092..109097
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      109117
FT   misc_feature    137592
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 260bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mobile_element  153457..169156
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.10-001"
FT   mobile_element  join(156925..157276,160308..160412,161038..161097,
FT                   161265..161354,161442..161671,163490..163699)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.5-001"
FT   mobile_element  join(167354..167705,171792..171896,172520..172579,
FT                   172747..172836,172924..173153,174983..175535)
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.6-001"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA495278.1 Em:AW280638.1
FT                   Em:AW281381.1 Em:AW281659.1 Em:BF937281.1 Em:BG884252.1
FT                   Em:BI427811.1 Em:BQ092435.1 Em:BQ133460.1 Em:BQ449676.1
FT                   Em:CD284921.1 Em:CD604892.1 Em:CD606170.1 Em:CF347097.1
FT                   Em:CF348801.1 Em:CK399057.1"
FT   regulatory      175516..175521
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      175535
FT   mRNA            join(<183860..184027,184205..184324,184513..>184578)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   chemokine-like factor super family 8 (CKLFSF8)"
FT   CDS             join(<183860..184027,184205..184324,184513..>184578)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014441"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   chemokine-like factor super family 8 (CKLFSF8)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P47987 Sw:Q8IZV2 Sw:Q9CZR4
FT                   Sw:Q9DCU2 Sw:Q9Y342 Tr:Q71B06"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPZ8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008253"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013295"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPZ8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56704.1"
FT                   SYAGSAFFSYKSWK"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(187558..188843,201476..201607,
FT                   203376..203496,203990..204034,207008..207067,
FT                   207152..207263,209714..209849,210161..210254,
FT                   213597..213757,BX927411.8:5367..5597,BX927411.8:8612..8728,
FT                   BX927411.8:10873..10946,BX927411.8:11173..11299))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
FT                   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI942564.1 Em:AL915848.1
FT                   Em:BM102837.1 Em:CA475974.1 Em:CA476664.1 Em:CA496193.1
FT                   Em:CA496732.1 Em:CA975418.1 Em:CB360850.1 Em:CD754549.1
FT                   Em:CD757916.1 Em:CR927756.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(187558..188843,201476..201607,
FT                   203406..203496,203990..204034,207008..207067,
FT                   207152..207263,209714..209849,210161..210254,
FT                   213597..213757,BX927411.8:5367..5597,BX927411.8:8612..8728,
FT                   BX927411.8:10873..10946,BX927411.8:11173..>11270))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.8-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
FT                   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF937067.1 Em:BM182531.1
FT                   Em:CA477154.1 Em:CD279143.1 Em:CD751968.1 Em:CD756744.1
FT                   Em:CK140152.1 Em:CK147995.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(188725..188843,201476..201607,
FT                   203376..203496,203990..204034,207008..207067,
FT                   207152..207263,209714..209849,210161..210254,
FT                   213597..213757,BX927411.8:5367..5597,BX927411.8:8612..8728,
FT                   BX927411.8:10873..10946,BX927411.8:11173..11276))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014442"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
FT                   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8R1Q8 Sw:Q90828 Sw:Q9QXU8
FT                   Sw:Q9Y6G9 Tr:Q7ZXE7 Tr:Q9DDL0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUM9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008467"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022780"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUM9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-4108"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56699.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(188725..188843,201476..201607,
FT                   203406..203496,203990..204034,207008..207067,
FT                   207152..207263,209714..209849,210161..210254,
FT                   213597..213757,BX927411.8:5367..5597,BX927411.8:8612..8728,
FT                   BX927411.8:10873..10946,BX927411.8:11173..>11270))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-63J1.8-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000014443"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate dynein,
FT                   cytoplasmic, light intermediate polypeptide 2 (DNCLI2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LUN0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008467"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022780"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LUN0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-4108"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56700.1"
FT   misc_feature    194600
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    212001
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-63J1"
SQ   Sequence 214001 BP; 66513 A; 39676 C; 40386 G; 67426 T; 0 other;
     aagcttagat ttgcccacct gtcaggtttt agaccatatg gggcatagct tgtgtatttg        60
     gaaaaaaaac tcaatttttg aacacacttc tttattattg ttcatttact aatttgctgg       120
     aaattagaac tgaatttaga aatagttttg aaacaaatct ttgtgctcaa caaacgaaat       180
     taattattta taggttaatg gatgtcatac aagtttgcct atccacgaga gtgaaagtga       240
     aaagtaaaga ataaggaggc tcatctctca ttcttgaagc gctccgtatt tccacttaca       300
     aagtctgtca tgtaaatagc aaatgcgcta tggcacgacg caactgactc ttaaagggaa       360
     tgggagatga gactgattgg tttattctca aaacatacct aaaactcatt aagagaataa       420
     gcaaaccctg ttagacaacg ccccacgacg caaggcagat ttttccatcc tcaaaatagc       480
     aaaagtggat tctgacacac cctaaatgcg attgcgccct gcgctttgga ctttgctcat       540
     ggatcgtcaa aatagaaatg aaatgaacaa aataaatgaa cacagggtaa aagttttact       600
     gcaagaaaca cctgtgacaa gtattattat taagcactgc atgcttcagc cattgcagga       660
     agcagatttg cttttagcag ctgatgatgt gatgtactga atactctaat gacagcggtg       720
     tgatagtacg ctccagggaa cagccaatgc ttgtggtcgt acgggtcaaa gggttaaaag       780
     ttctgttcta aggcattccg gagagcagta aataatatgg ttgcttgatg tagtatcttc       840
     tatccttctg aatgtgcttt gaatgcacaa aagtgtaaat gctaatgtta gtaagtaatt       900
     tgataagtta aaattgttcg catcagttgt cttctggcag gtactttaaa aaagacatga       960
     aagaagtttt ctttttttca aaactgatta taaacgatga atggttatat gaagctacat      1020
     actgtatgtt acatttactt accattctct gttttaggcc tttcagcgtt tgacagacta      1080
     caccttgctg cccacagcct gcagtgaggc ctccaaactc ggaggagcgc tgtcctcctt      1140
     ttgtctactc atcaacaaga aacataccta ttgacaatca ttgcataatc atcttagatt      1200
     tttttttgtt cacagtacct ttacttaaac agtcattact ttgtgtggtt atgggaacat      1260
     aaatgtggca ggccagttaa aactggtttg atatagtttg taaatgtcca gttgttttta      1320
     tgcagtatgc tctactcttg catccatcct aaactcttta gagtaggtgc acacgatgat      1380
     agtgctataa taaatagctt tgaaataaat aactgttatc tcacaatgta aataaagact      1440
     taaataatag gtttactcta actgctcaat ctcatgttgt tttgaatgta tgttttttgg      1500
     gtcgcacttg acaataaggt ttcattagtt aatgttacta acataaagtg tgaatggtac      1560
     ttgtacagca tttattaatc atagttcaac atttaataat gccttattaa aatccaaatt      1620
     tatgcttaat aacattagtt aatgcaccaa gacttaacat gtttcctcca ggtgtccggt      1680
     ttaccccact gcccagagac atgtggtaag gtaaattggt aaaaaggtaa aaagagaatt      1740
     tggtaaacta aattggccat agtaaatgaa gctttgtgta aatgagggag tgtatgtttc      1800
     cctgtgctgt attgtggctg gaactgcatc cggctcattg cgctgtggcg aattcagaga      1860
     ctaagccaaa ggatggtgtg tgtaaagtgt tagttttttt ttttgttcta actgatgcat      1920
     tctttcactc tgacttttaa gcttaacaca gatttaaaat attttctttt atatttttta      1980
     tattttgata gtctttagaa tttgtccctc agggactcct gttttcccca tttctaattg      2040
     tagcacaggt gaactgtgca tacaaaaatg gtaatgtgta tatagccttc tttgtatgtc      2100
     ttctgctgac gtcctgttgc cacacttttc tcccttggct tgtttttttt tttttttttt      2160
     ttttttgctt gtccagtaat cctcataggc ctacatcatg tctaatgtgt tatttttaaa      2220
     atgtatttta ggggtcattc ctggcaaata ataatatttc agtcccccaa atttttaaag      2280
     tgttttttga aaaattacat tttaaaaaca tttttcattg atttactttg tacattataa      2340
     tgaatcaaca agatttctac attaaaataa tttttagaat aaaaaatata atatttctgt      2400
     cacaaaccaa gctatttgtc atgtccctga ggcactttga aattgcatgt agaaaaaaat      2460
     taataaaatg cacagtctaa attttttctg tattacaact gtttatctgt gttcttttgt      2520
     gataaataaa tttaaataca aaaataagat tttttttaat ataaaaaaaa caggctacaa      2580
     aattatgtcc ctcaatataa actcaacccc atcacgccag caattctcta cctatagcag      2640
     tttagacccc actcttatat aacatcacag acagaaagtg acattattca gctctcttta      2700
     acagcatggt gcaaaagaag gctttaattg ctgccatgtg gcccttctct tttaaaccac      2760
     acgaagagca gaggtaattt tgtttcaaaa attcaacccc atcacactca accccattat      2820
     gtcaatgttt tggggttgta aactagtaac aggattgaga tattgaccta atttatcaag      2880
     aattttaaat aaaaaaaaac atttcagtaa ataaatactt actgtaactt tttgtcactg      2940
     atagaatatt tgaagcagtg ttttcactta aactttgaca caattttatg tcagacatgg      3000
     cacccgtacc agcagcagat tttatattga ttgtgtcaca agtttcatca tgaattaatg      3060
     aaaagctatt aaaatcagaa catgtaaagt aaaaaaaaaa ttgtttatct ctatgtcatg      3120
     tgacaattac ccaactttag agaaggggtg attaagggca taattcaata tagataaaga      3180
     gggttaagct acagtatcaa aaggtttagg aatcactggt tgaatcccct ggtcttctgc      3240
     tgctctagcc catccgcctc agggttggac atgttgtgtg ttcagagatg ctcttctgca      3300
     gaactctatt gtaacgagtg cttatttgag ttactgttgc ctttctatca gctaaaacca      3360
     gtctggccat tctcctctga catcaacaag gcatttgcgc ccacagaact gctgctcact      3420
     atataatttt ctacgctaga gattgttgtg catgaaaatc ccagtagatc agcagtttct      3480
     gaaatattca taccacccca tctggttata taattttatt ttattattat tattattaag      3540
     aattttcatt aacaatttca ttaagaagaa ctctgctgca gaactttctg ctgcagtttt      3600
     tatttatgtt cctagaaata atgtttatcg tgtcaaataa tgacaattta tctgttgctc      3660
     ctgtttactg taggttctgt tcagcaatat atttggtaac ataggccttt attagaattt      3720
     ttaaaggtta tattaacggt ccagttactt gcagcagttt acttttttga attttgactg      3780
     tatttggttt aatgaagttt aatttcatct cagtgtgatt aatgcctttg ctaaatgttt      3840
     tacttagata aataagtgtt ttggttaagt cttagatata atttcaaatt aattaaaaca      3900
     aatttaaatt aaagtgtccc ctcaacccta ttacagtctt caaccccgtc attgtattct      3960
     caaacctgtg aaattatttt ttttggaaaa taataaaagg aaaacaatta aatatagaaa      4020
     aaattattgg tgagtaccaa ccaccatgtt aaggcctaac attaaaaata tgtggtttgg      4080
     gttagacatc taaatttaaa ctaaatttaa atttaaaaga gtccacagaa tgcgtaaatt      4140
     gtataattgt aacttaaatc gcatataaat ctaaaactta tcaaaaatgt tatattttag      4200
     ccattaacaa ctcagttttg tccgttacag ggttgagaat aatgggtgac aaataagaat      4260
     aaaatagaaa ataatataag gctttaatgc ctgaggtgga aaaatatgat tttttgaaag      4320
     tttaaattgt acctaattat gtaggctatt taaaaatata ataaatacac ttttaaaaat      4380
     tagtttgctc aagctgaata ataccgaaca ccaggaatga cccttataag tattattcct      4440
     tttccgatga ccttaactat taatgtacag ggtattctta ggcaactgtc aaatttccag      4500
     acctttccct gactataaag ctaaatatcc atgtaaacct atccatataa atatcggagc      4560
     ctgaacatta ttttgcttga atgtaatagt cattatgaga gcaaaaatat aatttattat      4620
     aattatcctc agatttggaa aacaaagaaa gaaaagcaat ctaacaacca ggctttgaag      4680
     tggtcatcag tggtgccccc agaaaatatt tttaggggtg gccagaagac gccacaccaa      4740
     atcttggggt ggcacaccaa aaataatgaa ttcagtgtaa tgttatattt ttgtttctgg      4800
     taaataatgt ggttttagtt catttaatta attgctattg aaataatgca atttattcct      4860
     taaaataatt caggaagtac tcatgcaaac caaataaaaa acagtattta gttttaaaaa      4920
     cactttacat gtatataaag agcttttcag ttattttttt catactttta ttgtacacta      4980
     tgcattatat gccatgtcta aaattaataa agattaacaa caaacaaatt aacaaactga      5040
     acaaaagaca atacaacatg cacacgcact tactatacag accctaataa tataatttat      5100
     ccatattcct ttttttaata ttattaaaac agcttcttat attgatatct taaggtaaat      5160
     attaaattgc cattcatctg ggaggagcag taaatcagtt atgtcagtgg caccaatcaa      5220
     tccacaaaaa cttagtggct gctatttatt tatttattga aattgaaata ttgtaaattt      5280
     ctgcaagtag atttaaattt ataatatcaa cagcaaaatc ctatttgagt ggccagaatt      5340
     tacataaggg tggcctggtg gtcattttag ccaaagctct tgaaattaat atttcactgg      5400
     ctcgtttgcc ttaaaatggt gcttaaaata gtctaacagg caaaagatga aaaaaatcga      5460
     caaaccatat gatagcctac atatgaaaac tgctatttct gacaaccacg atttggacaa      5520
     aatataaata tacaattcct gactttcaat atctggaata gaccatttta aatttcatca      5580
     tttttcagaa attgcatgac ccattgtgag gccctggcat tagttttaaa ttaaatgtac      5640
     tgtaaatttt ttgagaaaat gaaaagtaaa tcacccccca aacaaaatgt aacaaaactg      5700
     taatcaagtg gcttgattat gctacttttc tctaaaacgg taagttaaaa aaatccaaat      5760
     gtttttctat atatgtctgt ctgtttgtgc acagtaataa cttagggtac tgtgaatggc      5820
     aatcaacaga aaagttttag gcaaagccta atatcaattt tgaccgctcc cagcatccgt      5880
     accgtaaaca tacgactaga cgtgcaagca aacaaaatac cgctggcctc tgcatatttt      5940
     caactggaat gaacgtactc ttttcctcaa tgcgaatata tacgaaaaac acggctgtaa      6000
     acactaaaca tgtgttgcat cgtacacacc cgagctttga cgacttttaa ctgaccaaaa      6060
     tgcttcaact gttagaagtt tttgttgttt tcttttttgc ctaagaagtc gtcagggttc      6120
     tataatacca aaaactggac ctcgtgcaca atcgtatatt ctagttttat atttcgtcgt      6180
     aagttataaa cagcatagaa aaatgctttt aaagagaata cctgcaaggc tctgctcttc      6240
     attcatgatg agggtaagta acgttattgt gtgtaggcat ataacgttat tgtatgattt      6300
     tattggcaca tggacgtttt gacgaaattg attatttgaa aaactaagta aaatcaatga      6360
     tttatgcacg taattacaga cgcaaactac ttttagagta aagacaagta taagggaagt      6420
     gacttagtaa gtataagtta tttaaatgaa aactaatatc tcacctttag tcactttgtg      6480
     ttcgccaggc cgtgctgagg caggcccact cctcggtccc gtaccagccg gttcctcctc      6540
     tcggccagac attgcagcgc tacttggcgg ctctggagcc acttttgccg gaagatgagc      6600
     tcgaacacac tcgcaggatc gtgcaggagt ttggatgcgc tggaggcctt ggggaaagcc      6660
     tgcagagaga gctgattaaa cgagcaaaac attctcacaa ctgggtgaga acagcactga      6720
     ataagccgtg actcaaatgt attattaaac aaaattaggc caacgttacc ttggtaacta      6780
     catatcctca tctaatacag taagtttgaa gcttatttgg atatccagca ttaacgtaca      6840
     tacataattg ctggattata ttacacatta aatgttatta ttgtttcact aaggaccttt      6900
     actataaatc cagttatttt ttagggacga ttatgtgtac gttattgtta catccgtgaa      6960
     aattgcctat aattctatca tgatttactc acctttcact tgttccaaac ccgtgtttat      7020
     tctctgttga acacaaaaga agatagtttc aggaatgttg aaactatagc cattgatttc      7080
     cataaaagtt aatatatatt catgcatgaa tgcgtgcata ttgttctgat tggatagcta      7140
     ttcaactgtg aattggtcag aagtatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7200
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataatgtg tgtgtgtgtt cacccataag      7260
     ttaactttga atattaaagt aatattaaat gacagcattg acaacagcta catatcatgc      7320
     actgcaactg tgatgcctct gagtggggag ggaacaatct acaagggaac aatcttttgt      7380
     tttcgtgaga gttggttaca ccagtgaatg taaaccattt actgttttaa acaatgtctt      7440
     gtacgtatca gtatgacaga aatagattta tttagcccaa tgacattatt cgtggagcca      7500
     gccttgtgag cttgtgaaga tgttttgctg aaacacaaat gaagtacaaa gactatcata      7560
     tattttgctt gttttttttt tgttttatct tttccagatc tcagattggt gggtgcagtg      7620
     ggcatacctg gaatgcaggc aacctttggc agtgcattca aatccagcca tttctttgcc      7680
     gaaacgtgac ttcacagact ggagaggtca attagtgtat gtaacggttt agattcctca      7740
     cacttaaaca aacgtccgta tagaattact aataggaaag tcctcatact ttttactttc      7800
     cattcaaatg gtgctaaaat aatatattgc acattttaaa tgtgtttttc agtatctgaa      7860
     gcattaagga cagtataatt atttcaatct ataaggtatg tttcacgtca atatacctaa      7920
     attgtgtctt gtgcaggttc gcatcaaagt taatagctgg tgtgctcaac ttcaaagctg      7980
     aagtggacag gtttgttact tgaatttatg tctgaaatct atttacaaca ttagcttaca      8040
     atggtagatc aacacattta tttcagagca cttgtgctaa tttaatcgct aacatttaac      8100
     taacatgtgt ttgcatgttt cagtcaagca gggccaaaac taatagcatg cggttatttc      8160
     ttaatatatc atactgtgcc tgtctgaacc ttaatatgat ttattctctc gtccagtggc      8220
     aggctggcca tagagtacat gcgtggaaac ccattatgta tggaattatt tccaaagttg      8280
     ttctcctcct gtcgaatccc aggacccaaa catgatcttg ttgttcatta tggacgccca      8340
     cgtcgtggcc cagctcacat tactgtggtc aggaactacc aggtaaccct gtttatgtaa      8400
     aattatatta tcaaacacta caactctgca acagtatcct tctgtatgtc tttgtttttg      8460
     tccctatctg acttaagcag gacttgggga tttggtcccc ctgggattag cagtagtgta      8520
     aaaatgacgt cagctaaagc aacaaggttt tcttgaaata gtggtgttta catgtgaaat      8580
     atgagcaggt catcgttcat taatgcctgt gtatacagag aaggaatccc ggtatcacat      8640
     gcaaggagac tgccggggat ggttcaaggc cttttatcac agcagctgga ataacagtgg      8700
     actgtaaaag agaacaagat ctaagttact ttcttctttt tttttttatc ttttttttta      8760
     ttttttgagt aaaaagcaca aattccttat atgataatca agtaaagtct gcttgttgtt      8820
     ggtaaaatat aaaatgttgt tgagtatttg actaattgta tatttttaca taatattcct      8880
     aaagtaacgc tagtttttaa ataatatatt tatgtaatga ttatagtaaa ataaacattt      8940
     aatataacat tttcttatct aatcaaatat aattcagcaa tttaatttag ctttagctta      9000
     tataacaagt gtcaaatcca gttcctggca agctgcagct ctgcacagtt tagttccaac      9060
     cctaattaaa cacacacaat caaactaatt aagtccttca gttttgtttg aaaccgacag      9120
     gtaagtgtgt tagcaggatt ggaactggat ttgacagctg tggcgtatat gaaaatactg      9180
     gctggaatta aaataatcct ctacatgaca gatgagtttt tgacctttat tagcattttt      9240
     tttttctcat aaaaaatgac gataagagcg gagcaatatg acataatgca taaatatgta      9300
     ttaatggtgt taaataaaat gtagtctgta tgttttgcat tttatgttat gatagctgtg      9360
     aagagatggc tggctgagaa ccgctcctta ataaattatt tttttaaaga taccatatga      9420
     taaaaatctg gagaaaccta tgcatagcta aataataaga gttcagtaca tggaaatggc      9480
     acactgtgag ctttaaacac aattgtaccc tcattctaat atgaatcttg tgattgtaaa      9540
     atatatatca ggccaattag gacaaaacac agactgttat attgtagaca aaactattag      9600
     ttagcatgcc ctcaacattt gtatactctt taggtcagtt ctttgtgagc cagaccagca      9660
     ttacaagttg gacagccaaa acacagactg ttaccttatt tttaagttta tctaagctta      9720
     tattaaactt gtgtattcat gtgggactct tataattaaa aatgagaaat tttcaaggga      9780
     caacaataaa gccaaagact ataggctaaa gccagtcttt acagattgtt ttctatgcat      9840
     ttctaagtaa tggggacaga cgtcgaatgc attcgtgtca tataactcag ctcttccttt      9900
     gatttttctg gagtgaaaaa ccagcaatct actttattaa aatcctcttt tttttcctgg      9960
     ctatgtttct atacatggga tttacaagag aaagagaaaa caatggtgat tgaggctcac     10020
     agtttctttt tccatgaaat gaacttctat tattcagcta tgtttaggta tatccagatt     10080
     ttcattattt tgtacctgta ataacaaatg ttgatgatta aatgattaca tttatttcac     10140
     ttttgtttaa tcataaggac agtgttgcat cataactggt tataattata tgttaagaat     10200
     attaaacgtg tttataatgt gtcttacaaa atacaaacct tattgtttac aaaaccttta     10260
     gtagtagttt gtgttttagt ttttccagct tgatgtttac aacagtgatg gaacgccact     10320
     gacagaaagt cagatacatg cacagctgtt acggatccgc tctcagtctt ggaagactga     10380
     taaggagcca atgggaattt tgaccagcga gcatcgacac acctggggac aggcttacac     10440
     tcgcttgctc agaggtattt ctgacctgca ctctaaacaa ctatttacca cagctttaga     10500
     aagtgttcta atgagccgtt aataagcggg atgcacaata gggttgtgag tacagactta     10560
     ataagacaaa aaagtgcctt cacttgctaa aataaagtgt caaaaatgtc atgcttgatt     10620
     aacctttttt tcagataaaa taaataaaga atctgttagg ctgattgaga aatcactctt     10680
     tacattgtgt ttggactcac cagttatgag gatttctgat gagaagtaag gattgtttat     10740
     agattgtgat tttcacattg actgtgccaa gcagtctgta ttttatttta attggtaact     10800
     aactgttcgc tgatttgcag ctattcaagt cgaatggcag cacagatttt gcatgggggt     10860
     ggaacttatt caaacagtgg caatcgctgg tttgacaaga cattacaggt aagttgtatg     10920
     cttgtttttt tagtgtgtca gattaaaggt gccatatggt taggcgtttc aataagttaa     10980
     attgttctct gttataaata ataagtatgt ggcttaagta aaaaataaat cattagaaat     11040
     gttttttttt tatgtttatt aaaacaggat ttacccctag aattaaaagg tccatgtttg     11100
     aaacggaata aatgtttcat tcatattcat aaatgataat gagctcctgc atctcagtgc     11160
     ctgctttctt actcacaagt gcacactctc acagcctgac atgggcaaaa taatcatact     11220
     tcatttgtca aaataatttt gaactaattc agtagatgcc ttaaatctgc tcaactaaac     11280
     taatagagag gtttattttt gcctggagtg ggcgacattt gtgacacttt aaaaaaaggg     11340
     ggcagagttg taataattag agttgtaatt ttaattaatg tcaacctctg cataaccaga     11400
     tgtgttttat gaaatgtatt aatgtctttt tactttagaa aaaatgacag tatgagctga     11460
     gttatatgac actatgcata agcatgcctt aaacacttat agtccaagga acttaggtgt     11520
     gtttgttgcc ccattacaac attgctctcc ctgcatctcc cattttcaaa aaagagctcc     11580
     acatacatag tacgttaaat ttaagctcag ataaaaacac aaataagata acagtctgtg     11640
     ttttggctgc caaacctttg atgactgaca tagaatgtgg cataatgtac atgcaaaagt     11700
     taaaagcaga ggttggatta agtcacatgt gcaagttaca agtaaaggtc ttggcacact     11760
     gaaatccaga atttaagtat gtgttttttc gtatttatat ccgaaaaatt gctcaggttc     11820
     gaaaaacctt gcacattccg attgcatgcg atgcgtatta attaattaat tctaaaaaaa     11880
     tgctaaacat ttcggaagta attcaagcag tatactgtca taattagttt ttcttttttt     11940
     ttttccaatg tagaaaaaaa agaggaatag gctacatatt atgttctttc aatactgtat     12000
     cgagaggaag aagagttctc tatatcagag agctttgctg gtttatcccc aaatgcaaag     12060
     tttatttcag gaaatcagcg gagttttaat acatgacagt attaaacaga ctgacagtac     12120
     ctatagacat tataatagat ggcggctgga aaacatccat acacactcat tcacacacac     12180
     acacacacac gtacactacg gacaatttag cctacccaat tcacctatac cacatggctc     12240
     tggacttgtg agggaaactg gagcacccgg aggaaaccca cacgaacacg ggaagaacat     12300
     gcaaactcca cacagaaacg ccaactgacc cagtcaaggc tcaaaccagc gaccttcttg     12360
     ctgtgaagcg aacgtgctac ccactggtgc attcctagat ttttgtgtca attataaatc     12420
     agtctttagc caacaaatag cctaaataaa catcatttac ggagttactt ttctgtttac     12480
     tcagccactg atctgcagac acaaatgtat catatcagtg tctttcttat ataaataggc     12540
     aaacctatag aggaccagaa gggctagttt gaaataaaac tattaaataa aaaaaaatta     12600
     tataaataaa tcacaattta aataaacaaa tagtgaacaa ataaatatac attttacatg     12660
     tatttttaaa aagaaataaa acaataaata aacttattga aacaaattaa tagactgttt     12720
     tataactgta tatttaatta atgttttaaa atgctgatta atcaaatgta ttttaataaa     12780
     taattattaa atgcacattt tagctgttaa tagcttttta taacggcatt tgaaaaatgc     12840
     ttttctttct ctatttgcca ctggcttttc ttttgccgca tgcttttctc aaaaataagt     12900
     taaatgcgat ttgggcagtc cacacctggg agcaaccaat caactttaat ctcaagttga     12960
     actatatcct ctctcgcttg agtatgcttg aaaactctaa aactatagct catagcaggg     13020
     tttaaagatc agtgaagcgc cttaaatgtc aagccactct gaaggtgttt ggagagggat     13080
     tgtggatgat ttattcgctt ttactgaatt ttgtgaaata aatttgcatc tggactatca     13140
     cttttatgta tagaaaagct ttacagttga ggggtgatga tactgcagtc atgccagcca     13200
     agtcaaaaaa caaggtaaat ttagctgccc atttttggtt gctcattaac tacattttta     13260
     cagtacgttg tcaaataact gatttgaaca caaagaccat tgctgtcaac ttccaacacg     13320
     tttgtcatga tacatcatcg tttttcactg tttggtgatt atatgaaata ataacggaaa     13380
     aaattattga aagcaacaaa ataacaggat ttttttcggg tctggtttat gcataattac     13440
     taaattaaaa cccttcaaat tctatagaat gcacaagctg cccttgtatt caaaatgtat     13500
     acaaattaaa ctgatagatt tcatgggtca gaaacagtaa cacagtggca aggtcagctg     13560
     aggtgattct ggcccgtgaa attaatcaat ttaattttat tgcatttgaa atacaaggac     13620
     acagcatgta tgaatattac acacttgagt gtaacgccac ttgctttttg tcctgtcttt     13680
     tctctgtatg tttagtttgt tgtgggtgag gatgggtctt ggggtctctt gtacgaacat     13740
     gcaacagcag agggtccacc tatagccaca ttgctggatc atgtattgga atactggtat     13800
     ttacaaaatc ttgcatgctt taaactttct tcagaactac actcccattc tggcgataga     13860
     atagtctaga aactctgctg ctgtactatg cctgcaccag gcagaacaat attacttagt     13920
     gcttgagaat gggctgtttt cagagggact tgtaaaattt gcctttttta agaaaggttg     13980
     atgtgtcgct ggcatatgca aagagtttcc tgacagaata tgtaaatgag gttgaaaatg     14040
     taattgtagt aagatcttta atagtcattt gtatggtaat ggaaaatgac atgtgtttct     14100
     ttgtcagtaa aatgacagac agtgtgcgag ctccattaat tcctctgccc atgcccaaga     14160
     aactctactt ctacatcaat tctgaaatca aatgggatct agagatggcc aagcagaatc     14220
     tggatatgtg agtttaagtt ttcattgttc atatgtgcgg caacctgaca aaataaaaga     14280
     gaatgcaaac ctctaatatg ttaggtaaat tatattcttt gcaactgatt tatttgttat     14340
     tggttgtaaa cagtgcgatt taaaggatgt tggtctacac tcatgtatca tcttcatttt     14400
     cactggagca agtcagtttg acagaatgca gacaatttaa ttaatattta gaagtctggc     14460
     agatttttat ttgcagtatt ttttaattat tattatttct gagctataac gtgccaagca     14520
     tcactcactc gctttccttc aacttatttc ataagttata aggggttgca tcagcaactg     14580
     ccagcatttc taaattcatc aaaaaaatgt agtttggaaa tatttaattc attgatattt     14640
     tgttaaaact tttatatttt gctttcaaga gatagtggtt atttgatagt ggttattata     14700
     caccacaata atcggattac catgtaaaca gaatgacatc aatctgaata aagtcataat     14760
     tgtgtttaac atacagtaaa tggaattaag aaatgcagta ttcctgtttt agtcgcatta     14820
     ttgaagtgca gtacagactg gtaaagacct taatcgaact taccatttgc aacaggatat     14880
     ttcattcaca caactgattg acattattct cattactgta attatttaca gtggacagct     14940
     gattcacaaa cgcgttcaca ttctactgct cagttctctg ccattttttt tctatagggt     15000
     attttatcta tgaacacaaa ctgtttaggt ctatttaata tttaaactaa attaaataga     15060
     ataacaatat tgtatgtgac tcttgctaat ccaacaaaga tgtatctgtc tagtgcagag     15120
     atggatcctg acatgttata agtgaatata atgcatctac cctgtattta caattgcaaa     15180
     aataacacta agactgcatt tttatttagt attagattat aaaattattt gtaaattatt     15240
     attagttaaa aggtggtgca ggcaggacac tgtcttaatt catttaaatg aacaaaaaga     15300
     aaaaacattt aatatgtctg taaataattc atgatgaaat tgattggatt tatagatgac     15360
     aaacctacca ggtaacatga gaagatttaa aaaagaattt tactcatgat aaaacattta     15420
     aatataatag aaaatgtata ttcatagcag catcaaagta aacttttttt gaaaattgtc     15480
     ttctgcacat ctgtttaaga acagccaata ttggccaaag caatgataaa taccagggga     15540
     tttcaagctc gcaattacat cgaaatcact ataggaagcg gcatgcatca ggttttccat     15600
     gtggttttag actatgtgaa tagccccata aagagttaac cagagagata cagtgcatgc     15660
     catgcaaagg gatcaagtta caacacacaa ttaaatactt gttttgcaag ccagagaaaa     15720
     catggaggca accattttaa tcacacttac aggttgtaat ccagggtccc acacataaat     15780
     agtctctggt gctgatcctt cctttaagaa caaacatttc ataatcaatc ataaagaatg     15840
     tttaaaagga agggctggtt ccccgaatcc gccaccacat atatggttat gtttcgtatc     15900
     attgccacat gaaacggcca aacatttgaa cccatttaag aataattcgt tttaaacact     15960
     gtgtcctttc agattcaaac aacagctaga tgttttaatt tactaagagc taactatgag     16020
     tgttacacat tgcatggaag gtaatgttta aaaagctttt aataggggct tattcattga     16080
     aagtggcatt taaaaaagac atttaatagt tgagtatatt tacagtacaa ataataacat     16140
     aatgaataac aagaggaaaa aataagtaaa taaataatta cattgaaaaa aaaatcgagg     16200
     taaagtgtta aatcaatttg aattttaggt catattgttg tctttttcta aatggtctgt     16260
     gatgtattct tcttttgaga gtgcatgggt attatgctgg gccaagattg tattggccac     16320
     atccattcaa aattctattg tggatagtcc tccagcacac tgctcgttca ttcttgggtt     16380
     accttgaaag cttgattctg gttttggctc ctcagcatat ctaattaata gaatgttaga     16440
     catttcaaaa tgcttgttcg ggtatcatat tatgtgtcag caaaaacatt ctctcttaca     16500
     ttattaatgt gtaacgagtc ttaatgtgtt taaaatcacg acatttatta ttgtgctgct     16560
     taatgggaga tttaaaatat gacagagtga taagagtgat ttaaaatctc attaagagct     16620
     tttatcactt attgattcct tcagttattt atcacaatta aatgtgaaaa taactgaagg     16680
     aaatttctat ttgacaaatg aaacaaggca acatcagata aaatactcag tatttatttt     16740
     taaaaagcaa aacaaacaaa taaataaata cagaacttaa aagtatccgt actcaaattg     16800
     gcaggtacca taaatgcagg tttaaaaagt aactttaatc tttgattaaa agtacctgat     16860
     attttgtttt gatttagatt aagcactgca taacagtaac aagctaattt tcatttttac     16920
     aaccaaattc tccccatagt ctcatcaacg atttggacat caaatgtttt aacttccagt     16980
     gttttggaaa gaagtttgtc aaacaactca agctgagccc aaactctttc gtgcagttgg     17040
     ctattcagct tgcctactac aggtgagaca tttgagacat ttctctacca tcattcatta     17100
     tcaacaagta atacatttca tgaatgcatt gtgtttgctt tcgcttctct gttagagttc     17160
     acaatgaagt gtgtgctgca tgtgacattg cttctctgag gatgttcagg ggaggacgaa     17220
     cagactacat tcgctctcca accaatcaga tgctgagctt catacaggcc tttgatgatg     17280
     ttgccgtttc tgtgagtgat tagaagacca aataagatgt tgttattgag caacactgat     17340
     caagtgtgta tgtctgtttg catctatatt agagggaagc caaaatacag ctgctcagag     17400
     aggctgtcaa tgcatatagc ctcctcacag agcaggtgag taacttaaca ggtttacttg     17460
     tgaaaatatt ctgtgcagat cctaatatgt aatgatgact acataatgtg attttatttt     17520
     aatttttttt ttttttttca agttgcatat ttacttttat ttgtttttaa gtcgctgatg     17580
     ggccagggca tagaccggca cctgttgggt cttaaacttc aagccattga gaatggactg     17640
     agtgtaccga gaatcttcat ggacacagcc tatggacttg ccactcactg gaaacttcga     17700
     acaggacagg taactgatga ttttagttac attcaaacta ccttaattca tgaagttgga     17760
     atcatctttg agacattgtt taaaatttat tgcttattgc tgcagtctca tgagcaacag     17820
     cctgtaccac actttttgct agtagaaaaa aaatccacag aaaacaattt aaaacaagcc     17880
     cggcaatact ctacttaata aaattaattg cctattttat tttagtgatg ttacttaagc     17940
     ctagttcaca ctacagatcc ctgtggtgtt ctgactacat gacttggttg tgtgtttaag     18000
     tcattgcggt gtacacgatc tgcaatgcaa tacacaacaa acatttttta atgtgttcct     18060
     catgattttt attgtcgttg ttgttgttga tgttttttct ttaaaataaa cacttaattc     18120
     aattctagtt cttgcaacac atttcaaaaa agttgggaca agagcagttt aagactagta     18180
     atcaagtaaa ttagttaaat aatgatgtga ttttaaacag gtgatgtcaa cagatgattg     18240
     ttaatatgat ttgcttcaaa atgcgatggt atgatacaag caaaacaaaa caaaacaaaa     18300
     aaacacttgc attgtgctgg tgctgcactg tgccagatgt atgatggtgt ttatcagttc     18360
     cggtttttaa tctccagcga tttgcatatt ttttagcttg attcctgtat cacttcacat     18420
     atttttttcc taatttgact gttagtcaga ccctcgtttt ttagttttgt gatcgctgat     18480
     tccaaagcaa aatcacctgt cactattttt gtgatcctgc taaattctta gtttaactgc     18540
     aaaaattgta ataatctcat aaaatatcaa attctaaacc acataatcaa atcatatttc     18600
     agttaattta ataaatacat attaattgtt gaacattaat attaataaat attaattgtt     18660
     ttacagacgt tgcacgtgat gtatttgagt gtctttcgaa gcatggcgtc tctcctgcgc     18720
     actcacaatc caaacatttt atgagtgggg gaaattgttt tgcagtctga gcactaagca     18780
     gatgtgaagg aagcatcaag catgagtgat ttacatgtga agttaatgca attatgcgat     18840
     tagacatcct gcaaactaag caaatgacac agtgcaaatt atgcgtttga tgcacagact     18900
     acaaaagaaa gtaggagcaa acatctaaca agcggggcaa tggagcagac agaaaagtga     18960
     acagcttaca ttaatggaaa tagtcttctt ttttattatt atttttttaa taatgtctag     19020
     aataagtttt cagtctgttg tgttgtgaat tgttgtgaaa gacactgtct tctagttcgc     19080
     tgcctttttc aaagtgtttc acacccattt aaattaatct atttcacaag caggagaaaa     19140
     tcataataga aacaaagttg aaacttcagt gtaatttttc ttggtcacta caggtgccca     19200
     caaatacaga cagtgtgatg tgttttggac cgctggttcc agatggatat gcagtgtgtt     19260
     acaatccaca acaagatcat ctccacttct ctgtaactgc ctttaactgt tgtgaggaca     19320
     ctaacgcaga aaagctggct ctcacactgg aacgatcgct ccgtgatgtc caggagttat     19380
     ttcagcctac tgtttagtgg actgcatcta gacctccgga gactaggagt tggtttgtaa     19440
     cccagcaatg aggcagcttc aggaatacag actttattat gtggtggact gaatgtgcca     19500
     ggctgtgttc cttttgcaag tgcaagtagt cttcatagac atttacatca agagcaggac     19560
     acatggatgc cactggtggt atttaaagag caggcataaa agtaatcagc tactaatgta     19620
     gtgataccaa acttaaaggc atttgaaatg gtctcttgca tttggattcc tctgcagctt     19680
     ttttcagaaa tcatgttgat ttcatgcgac attctatata ccagcagttt aaattgaatg     19740
     aaaattactt gctaagcatt ttctctgtca gcaaatgacc aaatatttaa taaactgttt     19800
     gtttgtgtag aatcagatta gattgttttc ttttttttaa gcaaaagaaa tctctgttgc     19860
     ttgccaagtc ctaaataaag catgtttgat atcagttaat aaattgaggt cactaaacaa     19920
     atgattattc ttttagaaac ttgtgccagt tatccaagtt gtccggtgat atctatatat     19980
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tttcatgtta agtattttgg     20040
     ttgtgggtgg tagactctgc taaacctaaa aatttgtagt tgatagtcta ttataagtct     20100
     gttactttta catttgtctc atttaaataa ctacaaactc ctaaaaattt atccgaggtc     20160
     aggtaaaaaa aaaaattata aatgaagaaa cttgtatggt gattagctgg acgaggatct     20220
     cagttaactc tcatgatggt ttatatgcat ttacagatac cgtacagtat tatacaaaca     20280
     gtaaatctgt catgtagaac ttttaagatg aagaagatga tgtacacatt aagcctgcct     20340
     cctgctaatg attttcctag tgtagtacta attgttcaat aatgtatttt aaattcacct     20400
     gaatacaaat ttttcagtta aggcatacgg tataatatat ttacccaagt atatgcagga     20460
     ggaagtcaga gctaagaaat aattttattt gtacaaaaaa actgcgcata ttcagacaaa     20520
     ccatctaagg ctggacaagc atcccaagat cccatataga taaaaattat atttcctaaa     20580
     ataaaatgta ttttgttcaa tggggaaaaa cttttttttt ttacccagac attttaaaaa     20640
     gaacttcttt acagcagtaa tcacaatact gtgaaacgtg atatttttat ccaaggtcaa     20700
     caaaccgtca gaaatgcacc agctcatgcc taatattcac aagcatagca ttctcgcttg     20760
     gaatttttgc acggaaaaga tgcatctatt gctatgctgt aaaaaactca cttaaaatgt     20820
     ccactgtgta tgtatgtatg tgtatgtatc tatatacagg ggttggacaa tggaactgaa     20880
     acactggcca atttagtgtc taggggttta tggctaaatt caacaaacct gatggccaat     20940
     cttcattgat tactaagtaa accttcacac tctgttctta ttgttgagat gtgcagagta     21000
     atagcagttt tacttaaaat attgcaatgc acaaaacatt agtgacatat cagaatttca     21060
     aagaggtcaa attaataatt cacatctcac tggcacatat tgtcatcttg gaataataag     21120
     gttctgtctg cgttccgaat gtttttgaaa tattgagctt taaagttttt gcattcatta     21180
     gcaaactgtg tgtaaaattt gttttttttt taaataaaaa gtcttaaaac ataaacaact     21240
     tataaaaaca tcccataata taagttgtca tttaataaga tctcaatttt gacaaaaatg     21300
     tcatgaacct tataattcta agttgatgtt atgtgaccaa cacagcaagt gatgtatcaa     21360
     aagatacagt acccagagta atgtcagcat aaaacaagga caaaccacat ccaacaggag     21420
     taactgtgaa tgcaagagga agatgtcaaa gggatgttgt gtatcaagat gaaattaaac     21480
     tgatgaacat aaaagtgaag ttcaacatag atcatagaag gccacctctt atggcctgca     21540
     tagtcaccaa atctaaattt tattgggcca ctttggggtt tttgtcagga aacatccttc     21600
     accagcgtca tgtagtgacc tagccactat tttcccaaaa gaatatttca aaagccctct     21660
     gcctactgtg caggacttgt atttgttatt cccaagatga tttgattctg tatttgctgc     21720
     aaaagtaggc cctatgccat actaaagaat taatgtggtc taaaaccagg aatttcagtt     21780
     tcgttgtcca acccatgtgt gcgttaattt tatcatttgt ttgtgttttc taaatgagtg     21840
     tggttaaacc tatgcgaaaa agtttgtgtg tgtgtgcgca cacctggaac tcctccttgg     21900
     gtaggcttgc aggaagcatc caaaacagat gcctgaacca ccccagctga ctttattcga     21960
     tgtggaggag cagcggctct actccaagct cctcctgggt gattgagctt ctcaccctat     22020
     ccataaggat gcgccctgct actctgcgag ggaaactcat ttcagctgct tatatccgag     22080
     atcttgtcct ttcggttatg acccaatact catgaccata ggtaagagta ggaacgtaga     22140
     taaaccggta aatagagctt tgactttcgg cttaactcct ttcccacaat ggaccagtac     22200
     atcaaccgcc ttactactgc tgctgcacca atctgcctgt caatctcacg tttcatcttt     22260
     ccctcactcg tgaacaaaac acaagccgcg tcacactcga caacaaacca ccccagtgca     22320
     tgctgcataa tgctttggag aattaggcga tctgaatcag tagtgcgtaa tagcaattaa     22380
     gaaaaaaagt caatttaaag atgtctcaat tctacataag agattaatgt ggacacagta     22440
     aacgcataag atacattttt agacaatttt tctagaaccc taatttattt cactgattat     22500
     caaataatta ttggtgtagg cttcaaaatt catgtccagc cagagttgga tgcttttcca     22560
     tcaaccctat tgtagcaaca ccatcgtcaa ttgctcttca tagatttaaa aggttaaatg     22620
     ttggttgatc cctccttggt caaatacact actattgaca ttctgcctga tttcggataa     22680
     gttatcagtc cttttgtatc attactattc atgccaaatt atgtcaacta aaatgaccgc     22740
     actttaatat tgaactatct agcacaggtg tgtccaaact cggtcctggg gggggccagt     22800
     gtcctgcaag ttttagttac aaccccaatt aaacacactt gaaccagcta atcaagctct     22860
     ttctaggtat actaaacttc cgggcaggtg tgttgaagca agttgaagct aaactatgca     22920
     ggacaccggc cctccaggac cgagtttgga cacccctgat ctagcatcag ataatatgtg     22980
     ctggcagtga caacattgac agtgtccata caacaagtgg ctgttctaga tttggaatta     23040
     agcttttaaa tatcatacaa ctgctgaagt atttctctac tagaggattt gttattgctc     23100
     catttcttta gcattgtgtc tggatataaa gtaaattaga ataaagcata tttaatggca     23160
     ccatactata aataaaatag acatttattc aacagttatg gcaaccaaaa tccaacatct     23220
     aatagatgtc atagtggtaa cgtccacaca acactaatct gtaacatcat ttaatgttga     23280
     tatttggttg gttttaggtt ggacattgga cgctgaggtt ggcctgacgt tgagttctga     23340
     catcaacccg attttaattt ccaaacaaaa tgccaagtcc ccgtgatgtt agggtacaac     23400
     atcatgttga agtctcgtgc tggttgttta aggccatttc agtcatcata cagtaaacat     23460
     ctgtcatttt ttcatcagtg aaatgcatct aaacagtctc tgggtcatta cgtgttaaga     23520
     ttttaaacat tttcttgaac acttttattg cttccaaaga gtttgctgaa attataaatc     23580
     accaatgtct tgaggtagtt caattatgat gcaatttacc ttctatgtgc gatttgattg     23640
     gacaggaatc acaagaatga cttttctaat ccccatagac aggaaaaaat aaagtagtga     23700
     ctgcaggttg aaggaaagta gtggagtaaa agtaccgata ctgcattaaa aatgtactca     23760
     aggaaaagta aaagtacacg tttttaaaac tgcttagtaa aatacaatta gttaaataca     23820
     aaagagaaaa aaaaaacact caattacagt gttttgagta tttgtagtta gttacattac     23880
     atcactataa ttaactaaga taaatttatt tcccttgctc cctttgtctt cctccctatt     23940
     aattcacgca tcctaaagtc cattgttcag tgtaccatgc aaaattgcat aatggtcttc     24000
     ctctccttaa tttgtggctt tactatttta cttttcaaat tatgcgtgtc tggctggact     24060
     tttgaatttg atttgagttt tccctcatag acttcaagat ctgactttta caagcgtagg     24120
     atcaagatgt ttgcattaaa aattcaaaac attatttaaa ctactttgaa aagctttgtt     24180
     tagtgcaaaa caaattacag gtcattttgg gggaaaattc acatcagtct tctctctgcc     24240
     tttcctctcg taaccaacct tctacttcct aagtattttt agaggcgtat taaatagtag     24300
     tggattgcac acatctcagg acactcaaac acatagggct ctattttgac gatccatgag     24360
     caaagcgcag ggtgcaaacg cattaagggc atgtcagaat ccacttttgc taatataagg     24420
     acagaaaaat ccgctttgcc ccttggcgca tggtctaaaa gggttgagct tattttccta     24480
     atgagttata ggtgtgtttt gagaataaac cagagtctca tctcccattc tctttaagag     24540
     tctgttgcat cgtgccatag tgcattggct atttacatga cggactttgt gagtggaaaa     24600
     actgagcatt tcactagcaa gaaaacagtt aaacagagca tctacagcgt gagaatgaga     24660
     taagccttct atagatatat cttcaatgag cctgggttaa ataaaacaca ttgactttgc     24720
     attctcaaca caaggaagga tgaataaatt ccctttccat tttgtttttg ccatcacctt     24780
     tagacttgtc agctgtttga tagtgccatt ttctctcatc aaccatctta aatgttaaca     24840
     tcatgacata tacacaatgt agagtgatgg catatctcca gcatgtacca ttttgaaaaa     24900
     atgcaattca atatgtgaga ataccaatga ataattctct gtataagtag gcttggtcta     24960
     caataaataa ttacaaacaa ggttgctgca gattttacca aattatattt aagacattaa     25020
     gactaagacc gtgaagaaaa aaaaaattag acttcttaag ggttaaatgc taaaggaatt     25080
     acgttcaatt acttgcccag cagaaagaaa ctcatttgtt ggacattttt taaatgcgac     25140
     aaaacaagca gaccttagtt ttacactttt ccccctccag aacattaaaa ttaaaaataa     25200
     taataaaaat taaaaataca cagactgtta ttagtaatta ataatttggt caaaggtttt     25260
     tttgggtgat tagacgtgtt ggattgattg ggtagcttta cataaatcat tttaaacgag     25320
     tcttatattt cctttaagac ctacaagact taagttaaga caaggcctaa agttgagctt     25380
     ctgaccccgc agataaactg tacaaaatgt tagcctccat tcacagaaag tgagaaagtg     25440
     ttcaccaaaa caattcctca agccattatt gagctttatc aatcttttat ttaggttatt     25500
     ttcatccatt ctaaatcctc ctacatgtct gtttttgaaa tgtatctgtt cattgacttg     25560
     caaaccaaag tgcaatgcat atcaattcat ttattcattt atgcagaaga acaccaaagc     25620
     caatcttcca cttgacaact tcagctccga ctcttcattt attaagccaa aggagaactc     25680
     gtcccaagtt tcttctcaat ttctgtcaat tggtggagtt ttggtgcctt tccagtcacc     25740
     tttagcttgc ttagttgatg ggacagccct acaatgaatc aaagtagcag gcaatgaata     25800
     agcagtgatt ttctcctaga actacagcac ataaagtgaa gagcaacatg aaaaatttga     25860
     aacatcatgc acaacgtata gtagaatata aacattcctc agcctgtcaa tgcgctcacc     25920
     tttcttgtaa tgagctgctt ttatcagggt tgtacagaga ttgtcatgcg tccctaaata     25980
     ggatagagcc ttacagaaac gacagggggg aaaaacttaa agtcagtttc atggattaaa     26040
     atgaaaaatt tataattcag gtaacattct ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     26100
     aaaaaaaatt taatgagatg gttttaaacc acataaccag ttaatagcca gcattttaat     26160
     agccattttt aaataagtat attaacaaac cagtttaata tatctgcaaa aaagtggtat     26220
     ttttatgcat tagtcgattc aaaagcttac acagaacacc attaacagaa gatgcacacc     26280
     gtcatacacc gatatgtcca attttaatta ttgaacatga tgaatcgttc ctaaattaac     26340
     aaatatagta ttatagacgt ttagacgttc atgtaatcga aaataaatga aattactttt     26400
     acaagggaat ggacagagcg agtttgtccc atgagcggga atggaaaaac cagaaatgac     26460
     actaaattct tggtagaaaa aacaatgtgc ttttgctcca cttcaggctt tgatcacatc     26520
     ccaaaaagca ggcggacaac aaaacacatc cttatttcaa aatctgatca agctaaaata     26580
     aattacttac aaggacaggc aggaacccag caattaacgg aaatcagtta caattagatt     26640
     aaatggcaac agttaattga cttgctgcaa ttaacataaa tccatcgtgg caacagagaa     26700
     ccttaatcca tgcagtttta aagccatttt atttcctatt aactaatcaa atatatacac     26760
     tttttttgta tgcattgatt tgatatttaa aaatgtttta cttagtatgc gacttgggta     26820
     agtgcaaaca ttttcaagtg gtgctcgctg cagagccatt tgggcgagct gagctccagc     26880
     gaggggggag cttgagctcc accttttttg cacttcttct acgagtgatg tcactggggg     26940
     tagggttaag ggtggggttg gtgtacgcat taaaacagct tacaggaggc agagcgagag     27000
     ctcatgctcc ccctcgctgg agctcagctc tgcagcgagc accctctcaa cattttagag     27060
     aaatgtttta tatgctaatt tttttgcatt acagtaaaat aaaacctagt gcacttattg     27120
     tattaaaata aatgaaattg ctttgctttt aaaagtgcag cttgtgtccc tttatttgga     27180
     aaaaacacta tttaatacat attcactgca cctttaaaat gcccaactgc taaaaaagca     27240
     agtatctgga ataggtgata gcattcagaa acattttgtt gtgctgattg aaaaagtctt     27300
     catcacattg caaaagtact gtctaacata aaattatcca aattaaattc atttaaaaaa     27360
     aatttaaaaa ataatttaaa ataggcagtc caaacaatac acgtcaattt atacatctgc     27420
     aaattatgtg cacagatgga tacatcaaca cgttcacatg cagcatgcca atctgctgct     27480
     gacagacagt aacaatgtca cgcaaagatc aacctggcct tcttctaaga ggcaacggtg     27540
     gacttgtcac ccaaagatat tttggatggt ttcacagaat gtctgacaat atatttgagg     27600
     ttgtttttga atggagtgca gacactacta gaccttaaaa tttgattatt ttataatgac     27660
     ctcaaccatt ttgattgcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagtatt aaaatagtca gtttttttat     27720
     tgcagaaaat taaaatttct gaagaatcat gtgacaggtc taaacatgca aaaaagtcaa     27780
     atatgaataa aaacaaaact ttaactcaaa actttatggc ggttcaacca actgcatcaa     27840
     atctgaaaag gtttgtacat gaagggttac ataaatctag catgtttcag agctggtgat     27900
     tggctgggca atggaaagca gcagccaatg aataagcaga gaggttattc tgcgagtact     27960
     atagcacacc aagacaacga gcaacgtcag gatgtgactc tagtctcgct tcttatgtaa     28020
     agtgcaacaa aaaaaaagaa atatttacct caatctcttt acggtgtgtg taaacactac     28080
     gttcagactc ctctactgga aagattcatt ctgcatctgt atggagcagc aacattacat     28140
     tagacctaaa taactagcaa acctcgtatg caaaagtaaa ggccccagtg tacttcaaac     28200
     aaaaatttag aacaaactga aatatcttaa tttcacagaa aatctggcaa aaaaacaatt     28260
     ctttgagttt cagcggttca aaatggctca aaaaagcaaa cttttgggga agttttattt     28320
     ggcttaacac ctttgagcta tcattggttc atgaccatca cacagttggt gggtgcgttc     28380
     tggaacaaca ccatccacac agtgggactt gtttcccttg attagtttct tattcaagaa     28440
     ggtcagacaa gagagcgcca ttcaaaccac cactagtcat gtatctgcag cacatgtatt     28500
     gtggctcaca tagaaatttt aaaaactcag gaggagagtg gggggtggaa ggccaactca     28560
     atgtgctttg gggagtacat acatcgtctg agccattcag tgtctgtcca tggtaaatag     28620
     tgcacaatag ccaaatttcc actatagggc cagtgcgagc cagggctttt atcgggccag     28680
     gccgggccaa tcgcccggga ggttgagcag agagcccgaa aacatgtggc gtttccactg     28740
     tcgggctagt agctcgcagt gcgtcacgca aacccagacc ccagaacatc ccccgaatca     28800
     aacgtcactc aatccaccca cttcagcggg aatcaggcag ataaaacaca ccacatcatc     28860
     ccgaaattat taaaattagg acagccaaaa caaacaaatg acaccttaat gtacagcagt     28920
     acaatgtatg tctatacgca cagacctgtg tgttctcatt catcatattt atttactcgc     28980
     cgacagactg ttggcatcaa aatccagcgg tctcgccact aacggaggga cccagcgcat     29040
     gaagcgcaca catccataat ataaaaccac atatataaaa ttctgttaat aactcgatat     29100
     aaaatgtatt ttataacatc ctcagttaga caaacgctgt ccaacattca tcccaaatgc     29160
     tccggaggga actgaaacaa acttttccct ataggctttg acacttaata ggtgattccc     29220
     tttatttaaa gatgttgctt attatagctt aagtaaagga aagtgttcag tgtttcagac     29280
     cataagagca gcacataata aaatatagac tatatttcgt tgcgctcagc agctatgcac     29340
     taataaagct ctttatgcat ttaaaatttc ctttttaatt ttaccacgtc atataaaaac     29400
     atacacactt gtttggggac acagaaaaca ttttgaactt gcagttttcc ttgatgcgtc     29460
     aaaaaaagtg ctgcccagct gcagacagat aaaataaaaa acaaaacaaa aaaaaaaaca     29520
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaagtcgc caatttttac tttaactcac cccgaaaatg ctgtttgcat     29580
     gatgattaat atcatcgtat ccaaatactt tataaataat atttaaaaca ttttccggtg     29640
     tttgttttta gaaaatatct aaaatctttt tttttttttc cagagagagg cttttgaaaa     29700
     attatttaat atggcttttt aatattaagt ttaaaatggc agtttgttat agaacctaat     29760
     tgttatagct agcttttgtt agttttatat tggtttattt atttatatga ttttattata     29820
     tctgatattt gtaatttttt taattatttc aatatagcta ggccatttta tctagatatg     29880
     atactattat tactatttat ctagatatga tactattgtt ttgagtctgg acacgaaatt     29940
     tgtaaagttt gtctgttgta ttcatattgt gtattatctc caaaataaat aaaaacaata     30000
     aaaaaaataa aagaaaaaag ccgctcgcgg catcaacaga gctatgaagg gagcgctctt     30060
     ttcctctgtc tcacatacac atacaggcat ctaaacgcgc acaaacacac ctgttaaact     30120
     tgacaaaaac tctcgaaaac ctttactggc tgctgtgtct ttaatatggt gtaaagatta     30180
     ttatgcgtta ttgaaacagg aggttgcagc aaagtcactt ataaattaaa actactttat     30240
     gattttatgc aacagccttg aatttaaaag ataaacatta gggcgttcat acacaaaaag     30300
     accccagcgt ataatttgtt ccagatgttt tcttttcctt atttatttgc ttatgtgttt     30360
     ggcgcatgta ctcatgtgcg attggaaaac tgcccgcctc tcctttcact ccgcccgaag     30420
     ccccggctgg ccctctttgg cccaaggtat tcggcgggcc gaaaaaggcc ggccgctggc     30480
     cccaagaaag ccctgatttg gccctggaag tgacagtgga aacgtgactg gccttggctc     30540
     gctagcttta ggcacgatag tgaaaacgca gctattgtaa acatggcagt gctgttcgtg     30600
     aaggctgttt gccagtatat caagcaattt gctgtggcct ctgacctggc ttagattgca     30660
     tgcgagttgg ctttgattca aactagtgat gggttgttca tgaacgattc gttcattttg     30720
     aacgaatctt caatatgact agggaactac aagtcctctc agggagtgat tcgttcatcc     30780
     gcgcgtgcgc acatttgtgc aggttgtatc attaatttta agtcttcatc acattggcgg     30840
     aagccaatca tatgcgttta gagccggaaa aagaattgat ccgctcgtct cgagtcctct     30900
     atcgggtctg agtcattgtc acatatgtga ctgtcagtgt aacgtgaatg aacccctgac     30960
     atttaaagat ataaagaggt gaactgagca aagagacaac atgccttcat agacaaaaga     31020
     gcagataaac attgaattat tattttctcc ttcttatagt attctagtta tgacatattt     31080
     gtagtgcagt caaccttttg ggttagttgt agatgtgctt ggaagcaatt cataatattt     31140
     taataatatt ttggcaaatt gaaccaaatg aatgaaatga ctcgaaaaaa agaattgttc     31200
     atcttgatga acgagactca tagatcagag tcagtaaaat gatccgaact tcccatcact     31260
     aattcaaacg cacttcattc cactcatatt tatacgatct tgtttattct attaataatt     31320
     gagcagcaaa aaaagtgcat cagaattaag atacaaatta tatcaaacaa aactaaaatt     31380
     ttccaacaaa aatgtaattt atttgtaact taaattgcta gtaaatttca caattgacga     31440
     ccactaaaag ccagccattt tttgagtggg taaaaaggca aaactagaac aagctgctgc     31500
     tagaaaacct ttacattaga aatctgaaaa agcttgtaca aggaaagagt acacattatg     31560
     tggcatgtct ctgagctggt gattggctgg gcaatggaaa gcagcagcca atgaataagt     31620
     acagagatta ttctgcgagt actatagcac acaaagacaa caagcaacat cagaatgtga     31680
     ctctagtctc gcttctcaca cacaagtgta atgaaaagga aatatttacc tatatctctt     31740
     tagcttttgt ttgacaccat gttcagactc ctcaactgaa atgattcatt ctgcatctgc     31800
     agggagtcaa gcagcaacaa tacataagac acaaataacc agtaaactag tatgcaactg     31860
     gtgtacttca aacaaaaatt aactgaaata tcctaatttc aaagaaaatt tggcagaaac     31920
     caatcctttg agttcatttc agcagtttaa agggtcacga aacaccaaaa cacatttttt     31980
     gagctattga cagtcgtata tgtgtcccac actgctaaaa acactattag gacacctata     32040
     tttcactaaa aagtgtaaat tggttgtttt tgcgttattt caagcaaatt cgtacttcct     32100
     gtttgaaacg aatttttgaa gctgcgtcac ggtcatgaca taatagtgtg tattccagcg     32160
     tgcagactgg gcgtctgtgc cagagtgtgc cttattacgt cttacagtgt gatgcattaa     32220
     tgcatgagta agccttggtt caaaccaatc agcgcgctct attgtgcaac ttcattaata     32280
     ttcattagtg tcaccgtctt tacaccacag agacgccacg ttgtgttggc aaaacaagct     32340
     tgaagtgttg cttttcaatt ttgctgcagt taagtttcgt tttcattttc tctctgtgag     32400
     agctcagact cacgtgtgga ttaacagtgt acgcgacgcg cgacaacaat aacttacgtg     32460
     tctaaggggg attattgttt acctgagagc tgttctcatc tgcaaacgct gagatccgga     32520
     ttccggatgt agtcttctct tcagacgcgg ctctagttgc tggtgattgt tctgtctcta     32580
     cagatttggt aagtgagcga ccagtgctct ttgtttattc agtttgttcg tttcgaatta     32640
     agttaactat tgcactgagg gctaacatgt tagcaccgca ttttgtgacc ggaataacac     32700
     acgcggcttt ctgacgttac ctgccgtgtg cgtctaagtt tccgggaaat gcggagtttt     32760
     tttctgtcat tcgccgtgcg gtatcaaaca ttgcatgaaa aatacacgct tagagcagat     32820
     cctcgaatca aatatcgcgt ttgtcgcgag ggacatgaat gaattccctg aatgaaagag     32880
     ccaaactgca gttaaagtcc accagttaat aatttggcaa ataattccac tacagatgtc     32940
     catgtaggtt aaacaccatc tctttctcct gtgtgtgtat tttgactgaa actcgcgcgt     33000
     gcccaaatag acactcccac accctcccac tttagttcct ccgacactcc cccctaaaca     33060
     gagctggaca cccccacttt tctgactttt tccaaagtgg aggtgtgaaa acaccctgct     33120
     gaaacgaggg ggtttcatgg ccctttaagg gtgctttcac acctgtgaat cgattcagtt     33180
     gttccgaaac agagattaca attgttacat tgttgctctt tgctcttgga gcagttcgct     33240
     ttcacactgc taagtttcta atcggaccaa aagagctaaa acaagtcaca tgcgagtaaa     33300
     ctctcctcac attggtcaga gtgtcagggt ttattttgca gcatcccgct cagctgtcag     33360
     gagaggtggt ggtttggtgg tgattgacgg tgcgcgcgcg acgtgtctga ggagagatgc     33420
     ggtggggagg tgtgagaaag gtgcgtgacg atgcctattt gaggaccggg agggagacgc     33480
     gagattaccg ggagatcatc actcgtttgc gggcatccgg agactcgtga aacttcctgc     33540
     cctactcata attctctctt catatagccg taagcctatt acttatccat aaaacactgt     33600
     gatacaactg cgctcggatc agatcgcctt ctcactgcaa tcgaaacgct ccagggtttg     33660
     tttcaatcga gccgagacca cctcattcaa gcgatctcag agcgattact ttggtgcgga     33720
     acagagcgcg attgccctgt tcacatatgc caaacaaacc gcactaattg ggcaaacgag     33780
     atacattccg aaacaaaagt gtaggtgtga aagcaccctt aaaccagctc acataagcta     33840
     atatttaggg aggtcattta ggttcttaaa cacttttgag ctacctttgg gctgtgacta     33900
     cggaatcaga ttctcattta agggagtcag acaggagaac atcactagcc atttgaatac     33960
     actagagtag aacagcctag ctggtacaga tgtatctgcc cctgtattat tactttgagt     34020
     cattttaaaa acccagaggg ggtcacatat tgggcgagaa gccatggtca atgtgctaca     34080
     ccatttctat gagtgcacat acactggcag caccattcag cgtctgtcca tggctaatag     34140
     tacacaatgt aaatatgtgg cggtgcttct cttaaagact gtttgcaagt atatgaatcc     34200
     atttgctgtg gccttcgacc tgcctgtgaa cccattttag taggctttgt gtcaaacact     34260
     gcattccact cacatttatt gttatttatc gtttagtctc taaacatttg acaaacaaaa     34320
     aaaaatggca tcaaaatgaa aattattaga cataactagt ttaaaaaaaa aaataaaaaa     34380
     tttccaacac aaatgtaatt tagccataat tgtcattttt ataattacta aattgctagt     34440
     aaactttaca aaggaagacc atttaaagcc agtcattttt gtaataatgt caacacactg     34500
     gtgccccaaa acttttctat ttgaaatctg gaaaagtttg tacagagcaa gtacacgtta     34560
     tctgggatgt ttctgagctg gtgattggcc tagcaatgga aagcagcagc caatgaataa     34620
     gcagagatat cattctgtga gaactatagc acaccaaaat gatgagcaac atcaggatgt     34680
     gactctagtc tcactcttag tttcaaattt atgtaaacgt gagaaacatt catggaacat     34740
     gtaatcatca taacacaaaa tcaaattaac ttaggctgtc aatgtaccca cctttcctga     34800
     agggagctca cagccatcag gtggctatat cagggtcgca cagtttgtct taaataagag     34860
     aaagtgaaca atttgtagaa cagtcagttc aaaagagcta gaagtaatct tttaaaacaa     34920
     aagatctttt aaaacacggt gaaactctta actaggcaca tgacaaatga taatggaaag     34980
     tacaaacatc cattatatat atatatataa gcctgtttat ttacaatctc agaaactaag     35040
     cataaaaaag tacaaaataa atggcatgtt tctgagctgg tgactggctg ggcaatggaa     35100
     agcagcagcc aacgaataag cacagaattt attctgtgag tactatagca caccaagaca     35160
     acaagtaaca tcaggatgtg actctagtct cacacttctt taaaacccaa ccagggaaga     35220
     agagaaaaaa aaaaaagcac tgatgtacta tgtaaacaat acaaaatgaa tattcttcag     35280
     cctgtcaata ctcaccactc ccacaagctc aaatcgtcct cagctgccag agttgtgcaa     35340
     cagagtttgt catgtcccca caatggtata gcgagcattc cagaaacatt tgacactaca     35400
     gtgacgatca aaatggggat gatagcagcc atactggaac aggggtgcaa tcctaaacaa     35460
     ggagcaggag agtgttatcc atgtgaaaac caatcagtac caaaacaaaa atcttgaaat     35520
     tttctaataa gaaaagaaac tggagaaaca acacttaacc aggtacaaaa tgttgaatga     35580
     ccaaaaaaaa tctaatattt aatattataa attattaaaa taaaatacta atcagtttta     35640
     gtatttcgaa tcttattgct agccataagt aatcgcgaaa tctactagca atttaaggga     35700
     aatttaattc aaaaccagta ttttaattag tgaaaagtct aaacccaaac tagaaacctt     35760
     attttattgg agtaggggtg ccaaataggc ttgggacaat aaccggtttc aaggtatacc     35820
     tcggtttgga aatgtcaagg ttttaaaaca gtcaactttc tgaaataccg ttactaaggt     35880
     gtgtacattt tttcgcttta ttttttgttt tttattagga caacaatatc ttcagcaaaa     35940
     aagatgccgt ttcaaactgt aaaaacaaac gtttttgaaa caaatgaaga cagcagaagt     36000
     caataattca tttagactgt caagtttact gctccaaaat gttgtaaatg tctctcaaaa     36060
     taaaatgtgt gaaaaaggga aaaaggacat ttttacccag acatttaaaa tgaaaatatt     36120
     ttagatcagt ttattgtatt acaataccat aatactttta tccaaggtta taataccgtc     36180
     agaatcttat cagcccatgc ctagtggctc tcctggagag ccagtgtcct gcatattgta     36240
     gctccaaacc agctaatctt actcttatta agcttactag aaacttccag acaggtgtgt     36300
     tgaagctagt tggagctaaa ctcaatcaca gcagtgtaca cacttgacaa aactcagaat     36360
     cgttgatttt atcttcaatt ggctatatgc acacttttaa aagtgtgaaa agtggcatcc     36420
     tatttgtcat gcagaaactc aagtttgcac gctttttttc ttttctggtt gtaaagataa     36480
     tcaaaccacg atgtaacatt tgcagtattt tattaaatag tggtttagtc aatgtggcga     36540
     caatttgcag cagatgaacc gatcactaaa aattaagata aatgttgaaa cttgctatta     36600
     agcctacact gctatttgtt caggaaatgg tattttaaca tgaaaaaatt atatacattt     36660
     acagaataaa cttctgtaaa ctcatggctc taaaaataaa ctaacctaaa aaaagttatt     36720
     aaatgacttt aataacaaac tgtattttgt tattacaact gccaaactca aaacaattca     36780
     cacaaaaaaa acttgagcct aaagccaact ttttttcttt aaaattacaa taaatcaagt     36840
     tgcatgttat ccatgccaac agattaaatt tcttaaaatc ttataaaaaa aaaaatgtaa     36900
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagacac tgtgactctt catgatatgc tagttccgca tacttttaga     36960
     ctcgatgcag attcagtggt catataaata accgcgccgt gactcaaaac agcaattaat     37020
     aacaaaataa tctgaaacaa ataaaccacg atgacaactg caactggttt gctgcggtac     37080
     tgcatagtga tataaatagc aaataaggtc ataataataa taataatgca cttaaatttg     37140
     ccatttcatt actgggccat tcatagattt caactagaag tacaaaaatt tcgatggcac     37200
     aagaaagagg gaagcactca ctattataaa aaaaaaaaaa agatgtttag tagtcacgag     37260
     gcttcttgtt tttgaagttt gccaactgta acgttgcgta atgtataaaa agctctaacc     37320
     aacagattaa acatacagct atggtaaatt aatgtgtgca atacatttaa aatgtaaaat     37380
     aaatgacttt ttcagcaaat gttagctatt actacgctca gctacctcga cttaccgcgt     37440
     gctcctctga accaagtcga aaagaccatt cggtttccgc gcatgctcct ttcttcgtat     37500
     acaccggaaa atacgtcaga gccgaggttt tcttctttgc tattttttta ttattattga     37560
     agcaaataac tgacaagcat acaggattat ttgatagcat atgtaaatat catacaaaac     37620
     ttagtgatgc tctttggtga tgcaggaaat acatccctta caaaaatagc ctacaggaat     37680
     cctgcaggat tttcatgttt ttttctccag gaacctgcag gtatccttta gaaatgatta     37740
     tatactgctg gacaaattta caatatgtgc aggcaattcc tacaggttgt agaatcatgc     37800
     agtagttttt acagtaatcc taaatgattt ttttcccctg caggatagct gctgtcttgc     37860
     aggaatgata aaatcctgtg ggacacatta acaatatgtg cagaaatttc ttccaggttt     37920
     tacaatggaa ttaagcaagt ggtaaatcct gcaggatttt ataatgcctg caggacttga     37980
     acgagttatt tgctataaat ggaatgaaag aaagaaattc tatcacttgc tgttgatacc     38040
     aatacaatat gtgttctaac agataaacaa tacaacaaac aaacaataaa taaataaata     38100
     aataaaaata tacaaataga ttattggcaa ttataaaact caaccattac tctaaaccag     38160
     gggtgtcaaa ctcatttcct ggagggccga agccctgcac agtttagttc caaccctgct     38220
     ccaacacact tacctgtagg tttcaaacaa gcctgaagga ctcaattagt ttgatcaggt     38280
     gtgtttaatt agggttggaa ctaatctgtg cagagctgca gccattttgg aactgagttt     38340
     gacacctgtg ctctaaacca ttcaaattat gcattcatgc aaacaaacaa gctgtacact     38400
     tttacgtttt tttttattat tattattatt taaatgtcaa tccagctatc tattgtattt     38460
     caactcccat ctgtttggtt ggaagcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctgcaagact     38520
     ggtccttgag gttaaacatt aaacgtatgt ctgtgcattt tatgagttca atggcgtcta     38580
     tccctctttc ttttcaaacg tttgttgctg ttatccctaa tctctgtctt tttgacttga     38640
     gcaacctatt ttattctgtg tctattacct ttttgtggca gctggaactg gtgcctcttc     38700
     gtttaagtac actttatatt ccatttttat cttttaaaaa agcaggatag ggttattgtt     38760
     agtttgattg gtaaacataa tgtgttttct gcaatgttag agtaaattta attagtaaat     38820
     tattctaaac atttaataaa cattttaaat aaaataagat ataaatgcaa aattgaaatt     38880
     agataataca ttgctgccaa taaagtacca aaaaacaatt aacatatata tgaggggatt     38940
     catcatattt aattattaga ttgtacagat atttttcgag gtttttatag ctttcttgtt     39000
     tcttgtgatt gaggtcaaac aattataaaa aaaattttgt ctttacagta aaaatcaaag     39060
     gaggaagtaa tatacattac ttttgccttg tgtatgtgaa acttcccgag aatattaaca     39120
     acttcaaagc attatcgagt gtaccatagc cagttttaca atttaaaaaa agaataatgt     39180
     attggacaaa attaattatt ttgtaaatta gtacctgtgt aatattttga aatgaatttc     39240
     ttttacctta tttgggagta aaaacttatg ttgaccaaat ataaaaggta aagaaaaata     39300
     ttctctctat ttcaaaatgg ctttcgagaa acaactacta ttttgaacta cacattttct     39360
     gatatggaag ctattacatt ttttatctaa gatactaata ccaccaagta cagtttttgg     39420
     aatttgcttt tagaccgagt tctaagtatg aagaattttc attaaataaa gcagtttatt     39480
     agagatgttt ttcacaatca cattataatc attatgttat tgtttttttt tttttttttt     39540
     gttactgttg ttttattaaa ggcggttggc aacattggtg cattaccgcc accgactgga     39600
     attgagtatg gaactggatg tatcagaaaa aatgcttttg ttttcacagt atgtttttac     39660
     agttcttgag aacaatttaa aatgataaaa cttcaacaac ctttaagtat aacgttatat     39720
     atttttgtcc atatcaatgg acatgttcaa tgaacagttg ttcccaaaca ttataccaac     39780
     atgaaataca aaaaatcatg attgcttgta taatcttgaa atttattttc aatatccaca     39840
     aacattgaca ttttaacatt gttgctttaa ttattataat atatatatta tatatatatt     39900
     atatatataa tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca tatatatata tatatataca     39960
     tatatataca tacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     40020
     tatatatatt cattgaagct ctcactaccc tctgaaacat ggttttattt gaaaaaatat     40080
     tttattaaag atttgcatta ccaacattga aaaaatagca ttcttcacat tgaaatcaaa     40140
     atgttattct gaaagctaac taaaaacaat aattatgcat gcagcttaag tcattgacaa     40200
     catttccaac tgacaatgtt taatgagtat aatgttccaa acaaagtaag ttttagctga     40260
     atgtactgac atatttaata cttccaacac agtatttaca agaaactatt cgttaacact     40320
     attagtgttt tgatgaaaca gttaaaacaa ataagtgtac aatatcaaga accaaggaag     40380
     aatgggtttt gtgcagcacg cattagcctt agaagttata tagatttacc ataatctaaa     40440
     ttcatttaaa ttatattgtg cttaaaatat caaactctta tagcagaaat gtaaaaaact     40500
     atgtgaataa cttgttagac aaagctttgc tttaaacaaa gtaacaaaac gtaaaggttt     40560
     aactgttcaa agacaaatcc ctttatggta cacaaacaat gttgggccta aggttgagag     40620
     gtaatataca acaaatgcaa cacatttaga atctaatcct tttgcccatt gtaatctccc     40680
     ttctttctca ttgcactgtc tctacgttca gtctaacaca gtacttggat ttaagacaga     40740
     acaaaacatg tccctttgaa tgaaaggcat aaatattact gcagtgcaca atccacataa     40800
     aacattatag aaataaaaac atcaaaagca aagtaaaaca gcagctaaga tccagttcct     40860
     tttgtaaaat gaagaatgtt tccctcaggc actgatggct gttcattatg tttagtttac     40920
     ttttataaat gtaaacatgt aatcacaata catgttgcat ctctactatg ggttttccat     40980
     ggatgcagaa tcactgtaac agaaatgtct gttctgatgc aatgcgctaa aatactgtta     41040
     aaaaagtgca aacatttgta tgaatgagtt aaaaaattaa aaagacatgt actgtgtcag     41100
     aatctatgta agccattttt caatgcaggt tttatacacc gtttcattgg agtgccagaa     41160
     gatatgcgca acgccttcca ctgaacacag agccagatcc cctcgagcag acaacgtctt     41220
     cagtccaaac aagtccatca gaaacacctg gacaacatgc cataagcatg aggttgataa     41280
     ataccatatt cacaaaatgt ttttattatt agtatttcac ttcaatatgt accccaaact     41340
     aacatcaaaa agacaaaaaa actgaaccga aaaattttgt atcaaatccc ggttaatagg     41400
     taatatattt cccaggatca ttttgaataa aattgattga gcatggtttg gtaagcaagc     41460
     atctgtccat ataaaggtta caatggcata ttatatactg aaatcaaatg atgcagacta     41520
     taaaccctag actggattta aattaagatc tgggaaacaa tacaaaaagc atttgataaa     41580
     ttgcaagttt ccctaaaagc ctcaataatt cttacatggt agaagttaaa aagaaccaac     41640
     accctttcta aacatgattg tctcaccaaa cttacaaatt catcaatccc taatgcaatt     41700
     aatttgtcca cagttttctc taatcaaagt ttgttacttt tgtcaggtga acaatacaat     41760
     ttcaaagcca tgaggatgtc agggtcacat tccatttact tttcttaaag tacatcctga     41820
     gatttctttt tttttaacca gcaaagcagg gggacctaag tttaatgtct catccaaaaa     41880
     acagtgtttt tgacagtttt tactcgctgt aaattctgta aatggacagt tttctttatt     41940
     ttgtgctttg tttttccttc atgtatttgt acttttgaat tgcattatgg gacaaactac     42000
     taaattgtaa attaaaagtc actttgttaa actgaatcat taaatattca aggtcaaaag     42060
     ttggcagacc agtgattata gacctataat ataatttata agtgtaaaca aaaaaggaaa     42120
     atacatgtaa atcatgaaat ataaaacttg ttaatcaaaa gattttgtaa cagtgtaggc     42180
     cataattagc tttcagtggg caaagagatc agtgtgatag ttgccagcac aataaaacag     42240
     tactttcctc tgtagagatg cctatggctg aatcaaacat tataataaac tttacaatta     42300
     atgaactgaa tcaacacatc caacagatga acagtgaata atgtcattat tgatacagtt     42360
     gcattatatc aaaatatgga ttagtgtaga aaattgtctg gacgaaagaa aatgcagtga     42420
     tatctttaat gtataagaaa gtgaatatca ggacaaatat tgccattata tgatatgaaa     42480
     tgtaaaacta tgtacaaatc ttttaaaagc attttataat aatcccgcag tataacaaag     42540
     gatgggttac tttgataaca gagtgaggtg tttcactatg ggactgcctt tgggactagg     42600
     ctttgcctca cctatataac tcaggtcgac tcattacaat gtcattacaa cgtattttcc     42660
     tcacattccc atccaaggaa ggaagtgttg gtgaaatgcc aaacataatt tcacgacctg     42720
     aaattatgtt aagtaaccca tcattctggt gaagcagtgt agcaataggt agtgctgccg     42780
     cctcacaaca agaaggtcgc tggttcaagc ctcggctcag ttggtgtttc tgtgtgaagt     42840
     ttgcatgttc tccttgcgtt cgcgtgggtt tcctccgggt gctccggttt tccccacagt     42900
     ccaaagacat gcggtacaga ttaattgggt aggctaaatt gtccgtagtg tacgagtgtg     42960
     tgtgtgtgaa tgtttcccag ggatgggttg tggctggaag ggcatcagct gcgtaaaaac     43020
     gtgattcttt tcttttggga ggtgttaatc aattccgggt tacaccatgt tccagtctgc     43080
     ataatcaatt taacattaat attctgtcta tgggtggtta agacacattc agtctataaa     43140
     aattgaatta atttaagggt attaattttg aattaatacc cttaatgacg ccatgctcct     43200
     tgtggagtgg tttcttaaac ctccaggtga ttgaaaacct ctacatttat acgctagagc     43260
     tattgtctct aaaatccaga gacagttgct gacaagacaa tggtttccct tagtggagag     43320
     tagacctaga tgctgttgca gtgcctatac tgaacataat gaatgagtcc atgagacagt     43380
     cccagttctt ggatggccaa cacggggcaa tcagtatcag taatgagccc atttccctca     43440
     ctctgattgg agtggaagaa ataaagctca gaagagggaa tgcataaaaa agaatggcca     43500
     tgggttggct agagcatccg cactcaactt cttttagaga aaaatatctg agcactaaat     43560
     cttcctgcaa ggagaagaga tctgaggcag cctggccata ccgctgccat acttgcctca     43620
     ccagttaggg atgcattttc tatttctcat acatggggtt ttccctagac attaaatttg     43680
     accccctgtt caacagccct ggaaaacaag tcgcactgat gaaaaacagc ctagtgtctc     43740
     atcataattt tagctgcttt gtcaactgat gcaaatgaag ggaccatggg tccgttcttc     43800
     gtacctcgct taaatgatcc aagattattt ggcagatcct ggatctttta atcttgataa     43860
     cttatctctc gctaatttgg ttcttcaaac aagtacacga atcagattag aatgtctgga     43920
     taaactgatc tgagatcgct gcatgtgttg catgatcagc aatgcaacga ttggctgacg     43980
     gcacagcagc gtaatgacat catctgatta atattcaatt atctatgtga gcaaaattac     44040
     atcaaattag cagtaaacgg cttgttaaat atgacacgca ataactttcc acatttgttg     44100
     agagctgcag gctttacact ttcatgtgtc aagagtattc atcatgtatt tcaatccaaa     44160
     tcaatgtatt tagttctaca attagaaaag attttcttta tcatagtagg cgttttttaa     44220
     tcggtgtaaa gaataactgg ttgtttacaa aagcattttc atattggtaa aggcgtctgc     44280
     aacttttgtg aagcatcaaa tcactggcat attaactatc aaaacatgtt tatgactgca     44340
     taaatgtatt attgctttaa aaaaaaatag tcacatattg tgcatttcta ttatacacaa     44400
     tttgtacaaa agtgatctaa aagttcatat caataagttt tctctttgca ccaccaggag     44460
     gcagtctttg tactttcaat tcgagggtgc agattgcata cgttttatta atatctataa     44520
     ctttatttat tttattaatg actataactt tatatatata gttaaaaaat atgtaccatt     44580
     ttcccaagtg tatataacta ctactgtaag aaaatatcag aattcggaac ctactttctg     44640
     tattatcttt gcttgaactt agccgatcta atcccattaa tatgaattga acctgctcct     44700
     gatcaggttt gacctagcag aactcttgct atgacaacaa ctctcggatc agctttgaag     44760
     aacgaaacaa tcccggatcg tgtcaaatcg tcaatatcaa aatccagcta actgagtaat     44820
     ccacgtacga agaacggacc ccaggtgtct ccttgtttgt tgatgcaagc aaccactaat     44880
     atagcttaca gtcatgtgga cactattcag ttcaataatc tatttctata gtgcttttac     44940
     aatgtagatt gtgtcaaagc aaatcttcac atagaagatt atagtaaatg tagtctaaac     45000
     ggagtctaat tgtagtttgc tcaaaaaaca gctcagtaaa aagcagcagt aatactggat     45060
     gtgctgagag agcttgttat ggtcccttat ggaaagaaag catgaatgat actgtaaagg     45120
     agcgacctga gtaatatagg caaggtggag aatagtttaa ggtcgacctg tctatcaaaa     45180
     acagacaagc tgtcattgaa acatctgtag atggtcatgc ttaatgcgat tcccatagtg     45240
     aaacagagca aagttagaag aactgcattg tgtatttttc acaagtgttg gcatcactct     45300
     ggaattataa aaaatgctaa ttggaattat gcttactttc tggtttttca tctcaacgac     45360
     agtctcatta tcatcataga aaccaaactg actgaaaatc aagaatatta aacattagaa     45420
     caatcttttg caagaaaaaa aagaaattga ccatcatgct tcaagcattt gagaatatga     45480
     tttaaagata aataagctaa cagatgattt tacccgacct tgactgccat ggtgtgatta     45540
     ccccatcatc agggccgcca atcagtacta gcttcttaat acgcagaaag ttttgtttcc     45600
     aagctgttca agtaaaacaa aaacatcaca aaccagaaat gttattaaaa atgaatccct     45660
     gaaaaattaa gaaacatctg gatcccaaaa ccacagatat ttcaagaagt tttaaaaact     45720
     ttaccagtag agttgggatt tggtctttca ttgtttagta aggccagata gtcactgctg     45780
     ttgatgtaca tgtctctgtg atgagggtct aaagaaaaaa acataaaaac atcatgtatc     45840
     ttctgacaga gtggtttgct aaacatgaaa gtgaggttaa atatctctta tgacctgcac     45900
     agtcaccaga tctaaatatt attgaaccac tttgtggtat tttggaggag cgagtgaaga     45960
     aatgttttct tccaccagca acacatagtg acctggaaac tattaaaatg ttaaattatt     46020
     tgagatttag attttaggct aaatcgccca gctctaattt acagttcaat atgcaccact     46080
     gaaatgacca gagcagttga attaaatata ccagaaatgt gcacatagaa tgcaaatgca     46140
     caaagctgta catggataga aaataagtaa tgaaaagaaa tttagttagt ttagttttga     46200
     catttcagaa ttcatgtagc caaccgctct gtggctaaag cttttatgct tagcagatca     46260
     ttgtattcaa gtcagcttta tttttaaagt agtttcaaac aaccgcaatg agtaccaaag     46320
     tgctatccat aaaaacaaaa atatacataa aaacagtgta aatacatata gaattagaat     46380
     cagactagac cattagcatc ttgctcaaaa acaaactaga atttccaata attttcttac     46440
     ttaaacttga cacttctgta attacattgt gtactaagac caacggaaaa tgaaatatgc     46500
     tatattttct aggcagataa ggttagtaag tatacaaagt ataggtgtca tacaagtagt     46560
     agagtaataa tcaaggaact tgagacgcaa tgatattatg caatgcctaa aaatagtcca     46620
     cagcaccaag acccatatat gcaccaccag ttaaaatctt gtgatattat tgtactaatt     46680
     tagccattgt atgacagcaa agttcaatat tgaaacatcc aatagaaact gctactaatt     46740
     aggcacatta acacaaaaag gtatatctgg tcagaaacac aagcagcaag aaaatgttga     46800
     caattgctga caaaaagcac aatgtgctgc ataattaata tacatattac taataattca     46860
     agcaatttat tagccttttt tattgttttg ttcaaagcac caagtataac caatgcaagt     46920
     gaaattccat ttacataaac tcattagaat ttgaaaaata acagacaaag catttgcaaa     46980
     ttgtagtaat atctctctct ctctcttact ttaaatatga catgcatgat caatccatac     47040
     tcaccattcc agtagttaca gattgatatt ttctggccca ctgcagtata gcatacatga     47100
     aacaagttgg atttgacaaa ctgagggaac aggtacttca aatagtctgt gtctgcaaac     47160
     agacaaaatt aatttaaaaa aaaagaaact taagcagaac tgtaaaagta aatatttcca     47220
     aatattcaca taacacaaaa acattcaatt ctacggttaa ctaggtcagc atgttttaaa     47280
     tgtgttcctc agcagaacta aaaagtgggt tacctccata ctgtcctgcc tgtggagcag     47340
     acagagatat aaaagagtgt acattatggt ctgggagagt ggacagaatt cctcgacata     47400
     ccaagccacc tgcgacacaa ttagacatgg ccttgcatta gtgttatata taataacgaa     47460
     cacctctgac tcaaatcaca aagaaaaaaa tatttagttc aaactaaatt aatctttgtt     47520
     ttgtgcattt tattcaatta ttcatctgac aattaagaac aacccaaact gcacttgtta     47580
     acaaatttct cataaagctt ttacaaatca tgatgccatc tgcatttcaa ttagactgct     47640
     ttaaatgtaa aatgtataaa agtaatgtca atatatcgga aaattaaata aataaaaaaa     47700
     taaaaacaat gacaactggg gttctattca attgtccagt tttatcatat accttgttgc     47760
     gtctttttca atggcagaga aaccatagta aattctaatg ttgcaaaaca gcatgtggtg     47820
     cttgcttttt gtgcctaaca acacactgca agcaagccta ttaatttttc attacacaga     47880
     ccattttgtt gggtacaaac cttgtgagta gcagatcaag tggacaccat cagctgcatt     47940
     ctgcatgatg ggatatatgg cttctgtgaa gccctccacc tgcttccaga ggggctgcag     48000
     gctggcactg cggtcaaata ggtccaggac agtgacatta gtgcccgggt gagactgtca     48060
     ccataacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacagt tattatacat gacaacagac     48120
     aatctgtcct ctgcaagaaa gaagtgtgtg tctgtatcgc acatgtattt tcagtcacag     48180
     taaacaacaa caaaacgcca tttatagcaa taaattactc gataatatgc cattttatta     48240
     attctgggtt ccaataatgg tatgtctgat atggcaacaa ttctaagcga gcaacaatgg     48300
     taactcaaca aatcgtttca ttaaagagtt attgtgtgtg tatattgacc ctgtgcaaac     48360
     atacacattt gatactcttc agtagccaat aataggtaaa acagagtaaa cgatgggtaa     48420
     cacacatcag attaatggtt taccaggttg atgaatcggt gtaggtggac gaagtcagct     48480
     gagctatcga agagcccgtg aacgacgatc accggtttat acgcaacaca cacacaaaac     48540
     acacaaacag acaccagcgt ccacacacac gcacccttca tactaacaat aacacaaaga     48600
     taaaatacaa agtattatat aggtaagaaa cgtctaaaac gctacaataa aaatcaaaat     48660
     aataaatgtc ttaagcaaat ccatgtgaag gttaaacttt cagtttctgc acaattcgtt     48720
     tgactacgtc tatcaaatat gtgtctatat gcatctgctt gcgcagcatc cggccagtgc     48780
     atcgccaaga gtgtcacacc cacgtcacat ccgcaagtcg tttgcaatca cgtgattctt     48840
     gtggcgcgcg aaattcaaat ggagagcatg aagtaaaaaa aaattggaag aaagaaacaa     48900
     aaatcaataa ataagataac tatttcttga gaatctaacc tctactccac acagtatatt     48960
     cttttgggag aaccttttta taatcttaac tatgagaaaa tctggttgct ataaattttt     49020
     tttctcacaa ataaggtaaa agaggtttct tttaaactga ttcatagatt ttatcctgtc     49080
     aagaaattta tacaaaagtt tacactgacc tgaactgttc tttttgtggg aatgctgatg     49140
     aaacatttgt tttggtcatg tcattacatt caggagtttt ttaataatat aaatttattt     49200
     gttaaagtga agattctacc aaagttttct atacaaatga caattatttt ttgggttatt     49260
     tttaatcaat ttaaatatct taagtaaatt ttacattcac aaatgcaaat tcacaagtaa     49320
     acctgccttt gtggtcttca ttaaggatat ggagaattca atagttaatt ttctgcatca     49380
     tttaataaga aagctttaaa aacggtcaaa ctatactctg cgtttgggat ctttatataa     49440
     gtaccttaaa ttaacctttg tatttgcaaa aaatcattaa taatttttgt tctctttctc     49500
     tcttctcttt ctctcttgcc atttttttca ttgtttcata ctatactttt tgccaaggtc     49560
     atttgttgat tgatactgta atttttgttt tatgtatgta tgtatacgta tgtttgtatg     49620
     tatgtatgta tgttcttagt ttcagcaaca aaaaaataaa taaataaata aattaagtaa     49680
     aaaaaatcac agaggatatt ccacatagtt gcactttgga ccatatttca aaatatatat     49740
     taacagaaaa taaccactgc tgaataataa tgcaacctgt ggaagtataa aaaataaata     49800
     aaattttgtc acagtgcccg acataaaacc cccctgtact gattaagcac attttttctt     49860
     cctctttagg ttagtcatgt ttgtgaaagt gcagattaag actgagctga agaaatttat     49920
     aaagttgatt acggtaagtg tgttttttta tatcatttaa atgtaataaa atattaaatg     49980
     taataaaaat attttagatg acattaacca gcattttttg tgaatctttc caccccttaa     50040
     ccattaaatt ttgtattaat cagtattgat agtttaatgt gtattttaaa gttattaata     50100
     ttgctgatgt ggctgctttt tttgtgagaa gcagagttga ggataaatga tgagtgagat     50160
     gtgccaaaag atgatagagt tggcgcaatg aaggaacaaa catcaacaaa ggaggtggca     50220
     taagtttttt gtacattact gtttaacata ttgatggaaa aacagatact tacagttact     50280
     tacacttaaa tcaatctttc aacattgaag tcatcaggtt ttagtttagt tttttttaat     50340
     agcctgactc tatgagttct gtgctgatgt gatgtgctgg tcatataatt agaatatctt     50400
     caaaaagttg gcttgtttca ctaattcctt tcagaaagta aaaccacaga tgcggatata     50460
     tcaagtgttt atttctttta attttgatga ttttgatgac aaccaggggc gttgctaggg     50520
     tcgaaaggga taaggggctt agccccaaac agccagcctc ttttgcaatg accatttcat     50580
     gtcttgccct cctttttgta aattgtcaat ggtcatcttt tggccaactg tcaaatcagc     50640
     catcttgccc atgattgtga agcctacaga acttgactga gagatcattt aaaggccttt     50700
     gcaggtgttt tgtgttaatc agcttagtaa agtgtggcac caggtgtctt caatactgaa     50760
     ctttattgca ataatattac tttcttagat actgaatttt ggggttttcc ttgtcatcaa     50820
     aatcatctaa ataaaaaaat aaacaattga aatatatcaa tctgtgtgga attaatgtat     50880
     acattataca agtttcacgt gaatgaaatt agtgaaataa ttaaactttt tagagataat     50940
     ctaattatat gagctgcacc tgtataaaca cgtgttcaat gcgttgaatt ttttgtggca     51000
     ctatgaaata ttttttttga tccacttcaa atgttgacta ctatacataa atatatgcag     51060
     attcatgtta taataaatta gctcatgaat catatttatt atttatttct ggaacgatat     51120
     gtagcattaa taatcattgt tgtctcacta aagaatgaca tctggataaa ctgttatttg     51180
     gtttttactt agatgacaga ttacttaaaa ataaaaatct taaggtgaag aaaccattta     51240
     agagtacagg gacactgata ttttgttaaa agagttgtta agactacttg ttaactggtg     51300
     gcatacatga cagagaggca tgggtaaaga actatttagc atttaagatt ttaagttttc     51360
     acaggggttt taagttttta ggcatgggcc ataaccattt tcagtgttta ccgcggtttg     51420
     gaaaagtcaa ggttttaaaa ccaaatattc tgtcatacat tttctaaggt atatgtatca     51480
     atgatgctgt tccaaaatat tttaaatgtt gcttaaaata acatgaaaaa gttgttgttt     51540
     tctacccaga catttaaaca acatttttta gagcagtaat tattacaatt ctgtgatacc     51600
     atgaatccat gatattttta actctttgtt cttatcattg aaatacccgc attacaagaa     51660
     agaatatgta aaacattttt cataagatta ttgtatgctt catgtaaatg taaaattatt     51720
     caatgcttca tgtggaattt gcatcgataa aatccacatg accttatatg tctgttattt     51780
     tacctactat agatttaaat gtatgaatgt aaaatggttg tttgtttgtt tttttttctc     51840
     atattttgca ggaagacttt tgtgaggcaa caagtggaaa tcgtcatcat atccacttag     51900
     ggagaagttg ttgaggagga tttggttttt gctcatacag gatcatccat ttaaaaaaaa     51960
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacatgaga ccaacattta actatcacat gaacttcaca atgcagatac     52020
     agcaacaaat catttaaaaa tctttttcaa ggttttaggc accaaaagat tggtaagtaa     52080
     aattaaatat gattaaatcc tgctttaagt gcatagttga gcatccaatg ttgataaata     52140
     ttttctaggt aaactatgat tatgtttctc tgttctgttt ggacacatcc tccaagctct     52200
     tgtggtcaag ctcaggttac aagtaggatg gacatagacc ttttagccag aaaatattaa     52260
     aaggcatgaa acttgactaa gacctctcct gtgcaacatc tgatgtcagc agagaaagcc     52320
     tcaggtttac gtaagcaaat attgtcgaaa aaacaaatta tagttatgct tttttctgat     52380
     ttcactctat aatgttgctg tttttatgtt gcacagacta ggagagtgat ttttattgca     52440
     ctgtttttac tggtttaaat tcttccacca aaatgcaaaa taagtgtctc tgcggtgtct     52500
     ccgaaaacat gttttataag gtatggtgtt actattttat atatatatat atatatatat     52560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgg     52620
     ctcagtggtt tgcactgtcg cctcacagca agacggttgc ttattcgagc attgaagttg     52680
     gcatttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ccatgttcac gtgcgtttcc tacataagtc     52740
     aaagacatgt gctacaggta tattgggtaa gctaaattgt ccatagtgta tgtgtgtgaa     52800
     tgggagtgta tgggtgtttt ccagtgatgg gctgcaggtg gaagggcatc cgctatgtaa     52860
     aacatatgct gaataagttg gtggtacatt ctgctgtggc aaccccagat tgataaagag     52920
     actaagccga aagaaaatga atagtgaata aatgctttta tactgcacat cacttatact     52980
     tgttaagttg gtaatgatgt ttctcttata ctttttaaaa tcataactgt tggtgtgtag     53040
     cctaccaatg agacggcaga gccagtttaa agtaaataat gtgtaaaaac aacaaagaaa     53100
     gaaaaacaaa agatagatta gactgaagaa aactaagttt attgaaaaaa aaattatgga     53160
     agcataatga caagtctatt tccacaatat atttacatta gtacaagtta tacaaaattc     53220
     caaaaatgac aagtttattc atgcatgaaa tgttagccag cctttgacac actgaaaata     53280
     aaataacatt agaacgtgag aattccatgt actaaatgta ctatatattt tttaatcaag     53340
     acaagagaaa agtattgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ggctgggtgg gtgggtgaaa gtgggtaatg     53400
     tgtgctgtgt ccatgcaaat gtgcaagcat gcctgatgtg tgcacacaca tgcttcttaa     53460
     tgtgagtgag gattagtgtg tgtgcgtgta tgggggagtg agtggggggg gggattaacc     53520
     tcagtgtgtg tccagcagtg attagtctgg tcagtagaac tgttgtgtat tgactcaggc     53580
     aattagcata ttaatgcaca tctctcttga tctctctccc ttattctttc tttctgctgt     53640
     tctccgtgtt gctttttttc atttccatct gcacagatag attgtcacac tatacctttg     53700
     atttgagtct tttttattct tttgaatttt agattttcac cctgttgttt tgatacaatg     53760
     ttgttgtttt ttttaatgta aaagttcaag ctcttaagag ccactgcttt atattcttat     53820
     ttgctttatc tttaaatctc tgtcttcagt ttatatccat ttcgattttt ttgtcttaaa     53880
     gtattttgta ttaagtatta aaaaagaaaa atcaatttct atattattta gaatgtttat     53940
     tggagttagt tatggatcct atttctctat ttcatcctta ttctaaaaca tataaaagac     54000
     acaagacgca atgtctgcaa ttaaaattaa atagtattaa tttagattag gtcatattca     54060
     tttgtattgt ctgtgcttgt tctcccgtga aactctctct ctatatatgt tataactata     54120
     aatctcttta tttcacaaca tttgcatgtt cacaggtcac ctgcccaatg gacacatggt     54180
     cacaatttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     54240
     ctttttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttcttttt cgttaattag ttagttcttt     54300
     tgaatggctc cccatttaag ataacctgcc ttaaatcaat aatctgtaga taaaatttat     54360
     tttaaaaagt agttaatcat aacagaaata aaagttagtg agtgaattta aataacattt     54420
     aatttgtaga tgttttagca atatcataag ccataatatt tccaatattt gtcttgttct     54480
     aagtagctat gtcaccttgg tagtctttag gaagttgagt gtgtcatcga cccctggtta     54540
     aggaccattg atctaaatac acatctaaac agaaaaaaag tgataaatta catgttttta     54600
     accaagtttt tattactcca attgcgtctg agaagcaaag tgtgcaaaaa tgaaataatt     54660
     gtgtaatctg attatatgtt tttttaatac atgaataatc taaagactga agagaagacg     54720
     gaaccaaatc accaaaagct gaattagtgt cttattttaa aaacagtcaa ctgtggtttg     54780
     aaggaccaca agtccttttt aaatctttac ttggcccatc ctgtagatgt gaggaccaga     54840
     caggagcgtg atgtccatcc acaactcctg tttcacacaa gcacaagaat tgcgtttgga     54900
     caatcagcac ctgaccgtca gtatcaaacc agacagatga acttaaaaga gaagagaggg     54960
     gaaggagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag agaagagaag tggtctctcc     55020
     ctgctgtgtt agggtcttaa taagtgattg accagacaca atagtcagcg atgtgagggt     55080
     cagcactccg ggcagctgtg cagtcacaat aggatcctca tggcctaagc gatcaaagca     55140
     cagagcttca gataatagca cagctcaact gcagggtctt aacccataac tcaaatactt     55200
     acacaaaaga tctaaaataa atcaaaccat tcagtttctc caactttgac aggctgtaaa     55260
     tatgcttcgg tttccatggc gtcttactaa atgctgctta aaaattggcc caaaaggttt     55320
     tttccctctc cttttgtgcc cagtggtttt aactgtatta atattttaag agagatatac     55380
     aattaagagc tgttttcttg agcaactaac aatggaactt tatcagagct taaaatggca     55440
     aagatgagaa ttatgtattt taatccgtcc gtcagtcatc agattgcctg atttccaaaa     55500
     aatatttgct tgacatttgt ggaatcaatg gaaagagttg tcaggtccac atgtgtgtgt     55560
     gcacaactct gtataaaatt acaacacatc ccttattgct tgcacatcta cttccacctt     55620
     tcagaggatt tctccaaatc tggacagaaa atgtctgcaa atctagattc cacctgctat     55680
     tagcaaactc agtaatgcta aattccaaaa caaagaactc tttaccctca gcaatagaaa     55740
     aaatgcattt tcaatccatc tttaagcatg atcgtaataa aataataatt tactttttaa     55800
     atagtattta aaaaaaaact aacttttcaa atgttgccca ctgataaaaa ggtttcagtg     55860
     atcttctcta ggactttaga agagatctca acagcattca aaatcagcat gtatctcaaa     55920
     atgaaccaac tatttgtcat ttaattctca caatacagag tgttcacatt gtatagaatc     55980
     cacaaatcca cattttatag ctcagtactc ttgttgtatt ctaccaattg tttacgcact     56040
     tgtttcaaaa aaaatttaga gaaatattat tatacttaat caaaccactt cttaaaattc     56100
     cattacgtct tctgagctaa aaagaactct ggagctatga aagattcctt gggtaaggcc     56160
     tgtttagaaa aagagtagtt acgagttatc gggtttagat ccttgggcca gaatgacaga     56220
     tgttcttacg tcctccttta catgatgctg ttggtagtct cctctctgat ccactcctct     56280
     gaacctcctc aacatcttct gttcgatcct cacactgtcc ctcaaattta gtgtcccctc     56340
     tctagatttt cccctcctct tttccccctt cctccctcct aacctccttt tcttcagtcc     56400
     ccctcatttt atgcaggact ggggtttcct aagagactca agctcaatgg agaaaatctc     56460
     caaggacaca atgaaccagg caagagagaa agagagaagg cggaggcaga gcgagggaga     56520
     gatggagata cagatgcagg ttggagagtt agaaatgtag aactgaacaa gtccgaatgt     56580
     ggggtttcag ctcaacagtt agggtttgga ccattttgga aaatctaaac ttagtctttg     56640
     ttagtcattt gttttagtat ttcagaaata gacccaaggt cttgtttgtt gttatcttgt     56700
     ttgttgtctt gtttactcaa taaaagggtc aaagggcaac agagttctct gtaaaaggtt     56760
     aaagactcca caagcttttc cgacacacca ccacgaagac tataaagcaa aaaaaaaaaa     56820
     aaaagcactt aatactgaag ataattttca tgttctttta gacttgctct gctctttgta     56880
     tttgaaaata taatcatata taaaggccac aattacataa agtatgcact ttttttaaca     56940
     agcaccaaat taacagatac tagcacaaac tactcacaac aaactttcct ctttgtggtc     57000
     acttactgta atgtcagatt gaagtgaatc tttttgagcc acttcatata ttcactaaga     57060
     tgttattctg cagtcagata agtttcagta atcttgtgaa agcagtaagt aaatcagcat     57120
     actatcatat caaaaacatt gcaaggatta aaagacttag agaaacttgt tgatgctttt     57180
     atcaccagca gagtggataa ctgtaatgga ttcctcagtg gccttcccaa aaagacagtc     57240
     agacagttgc agcttgtcta gaatgctgct gccagcattc tgaccagaaa attagaacac     57300
     gttacatctg ccctcaggtt ttcactggct ctcagttaaa ttcagaatat attttaaagt     57360
     attactactt gtctataatc actaaatggt ctaggacctc aatacattaa agatatgctc     57420
     actgaataca aacctaacag atatacagat catataaaca agaaattcca agagtttatt     57480
     caaagcaggg tgaatatgct ttcagctact gctgtgattc ctgtccaatc aaaaagcaca     57540
     tagaaggtaa atcacatcat aatgaacaac cacaagacat gggcaattta taatagcaaa     57600
     taattccaaa gttttaggaa gcattaaaag tgtccaagaa atgttctaaa tctttacacg     57660
     cattgaccca gagactgttg agatgcatgt cactgattag aagatggtgg atgtctactg     57720
     tatgatgacc aaaatggcct taaacaccca acaggcccaa gacatcaata tgatgtcaga     57780
     ttgatgttgt accccaacgc cgtggggacg tttccttttg tttggaaatg aaaatcgggt     57840
     tgacatcaga acccaacgtc ttgctgacct ccatgtccaa cctaaaatca accaaatatc     57900
     aacatctaat gatgttacag ctttatggtg tgtaaacaat accactatga tttctgtcag     57960
     atgttggatt ttggttgcca tacttgatga ataaatgtca gtatttgatg tcaatgtgac     58020
     ggtttaagat gttgtattga tgttggattt tggtcacttt ctaacaaaac ctaaaatcaa     58080
     caaaatatca acgccattag acagcgttat tggacatcaa aattacattg tccttagatg     58140
     ctggctagac attaaatttt ggtcacctga catcacaacc taaatctaac ctaatattaa     58200
     tgtcttatga cgttgtgtgc ctattgggca ataactaaat gcagcataga atgttacatt     58260
     tacacacatc cacaaataac atgtaaacgc atcagctttt tacaacttaa tactcactac     58320
     tcgctactct tgagtacttt tgaaaggtct actttttact catactttga gtaatattta     58380
     aaacagatac ttttactcgc actacatttt tagacaagta atggtacttt aacttaagtc     58440
     tggattatca gtactctttc caccactgtg taaagctctt tgaattgcca ctgtgtataa     58500
     aatgtgctat ataaataaaa ttgctttgcc ttgctctaaa actgtggaca tgtttactga     58560
     cagaattaga atcaataatc atttaccact gtttttaatg actaaaaagt ttaattaata     58620
     tgtcatcttt ttttgagata gggctgcata tcacatattg caaatcataa atcactgttg     58680
     taaatgtaaa ttgatgtaga tgtaaacaaa ttgatgtaga tgtcagcctt cttccatatg     58740
     tgattcagat aaagtcaagt gttgtcttat aacaaatgct gattttcaaa gagtctgatg     58800
     tgtgtgtaaa atgttttaat tgtaaactgc gttaaaaatc atggagctca gaaatgctgt     58860
     gtgatggtta ttaaggagca tttcaggcag tgtgtccacc tctctgctga ataaagttat     58920
     tttcactgtt ctatccatct gttaccgtgg cagccattgc cacagtgaga tccgtacaaa     58980
     aaggtgtgcc gtgggaacga atccaagggt caggagtgag ggtcaaaagg tcaggggtta     59040
     cagccagctg gacagcacaa gaggagatga gggtgtgaaa agctggaggg tgggacctgc     59100
     tggacgttaa cattgaactg aggggccaca gggaaaacgc gtgaatgaaa ggggcccgct     59160
     gaccacctat gggtggatac agcatttgac aggctgtagt aaaaatctga gaaaatgtgt     59220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aataattgac agtcatatga ggcacaaatt gttaaacaac     59280
     aacaaaaaat gcttggtata gcgacaccaa gttctaataa gctgtgattg ccctgcagct     59340
     ggcatcagca catttgcatt tctctgtcac acatggctga tttgaacttc taaagggcat     59400
     tgagacaaat ataatataaa gcttcttata tttgattaaa taattacacc tattgtttgt     59460
     gaagtaaaac taaaggctaa agcattttgc gtttatattt caggttgttt tttcagcaac     59520
     ctgttgcaca gatctcacaa ataagtaaaa accaaacatt ccaaaaagtc atttttataa     59580
     ttcttcatta taaatcacac caatgttaag tgcagttcat tagaactgtg cccctcaaaa     59640
     agcagcagat atatgtatac tttaagcttt atgttagatt gtcaaagaca ccgtgcatga     59700
     tgctctttta gaatttttga actgctgcat gtgtagattg tgctttagca ttttataatg     59760
     aattaaatga acaataaaat taatgtagat atattagtct gggcgagaat acaaacttgg     59820
     attaatataa agtcgttata tgttttctat ttttatgtag agattctagt ataaagacct     59880
     acagagaggg atccattgca atatgggtgg cagtaatagg attaaaggaa gccatggtcc     59940
     ccttactcac aggctcaatg tgacaccttt tgtgcatctt cagcaacaca atttagagct     60000
     gaacctcaag gacaaaagat ctccaagcat catggataat ctacaaatat agctggtcta     60060
     atctgtgatg cctcaatcat cgctcttctg atttatgggc agtcatttag tccttcaaac     60120
     ttaaatctgg gatttctgca gtggacattg gcattaacat tgaaaggtct aaacttatta     60180
     caaccgaagt cagaataatt agccctcctc tgatttttaa aaaattactt ttcaaatata     60240
     tcttaagcaa tgtttagcag acattttttc ttgaatattt tgtcttctag ggaaaatctt     60300
     atatctttta tttggttgga ataaaagcag tttttatatt taaatatata agttaattta     60360
     aaaatttaag atcattttac tgtatttagt cagcacggtg atgcagtggg tagcacgatc     60420
     gcctcacagt aagaagatcg ctggttcaaa tgccagctgg gtcagttggc atttctgtgt     60480
     ggagtttgca tgttctccct gtgttggcat aagttttctc tgggtgctcc ggtttcccca     60540
     gatatgctgt acaggtgaat tgattaagtt aaattggtcg tagtgtatgt gtgtgaatga     60600
     gagtgtatgg gtgcttcctg gtgttgggtt gcagttggaa gggcatccgc tgcataactg     60660
     gataaattgg cggttcatcc tgctgtggcg acccctgatt aataaaggaa ctaaggcaat     60720
     aagaaaatga atgaatgaat gtactgtatt atgtactgtc atcataccaa aaacaaaagt     60780
     tatttatagt tagttaagga attagtattc acagtgatgg gttgcagctg gaagggcata     60840
     cgctgcataa aacatactgt atgctggata agttggaggt tcattctgct gtggcgaccc     60900
     caggttaatg tgattaatcc gaaaagaaaa ttaatgaaga aatttgtaat taaatctatt     60960
     atacattctc agaataaaat ggtacaatgt tgtaccaaag aaagtacaaa ccctatcact     61020
     ggtgcagtac ctttttatga aacagcattg tacttcagac aaagaaacta atttgtacca     61080
     ttgcagtttg tgcctttaag gacatgattt gtaccaggga aaccaaaatg tatctctgtt     61140
     ttttaaaact tgcataaaca atattgcaac ttcatcaaag gctcaaatgt gatccataaa     61200
     ggtaccacta cagtgacaag acactttgta cctgaacagt gtcaaatgtg ttcctttaag     61260
     aactatttaa aggcattttg ttatattcaa aatgcgtcaa tttattttca gtaaatacaa     61320
     aacatcaaat agatttttaa acaacatatt ttttaaagtt tctttttttg taaatgcacc     61380
     atttccattt acaatgaaga acaaaaaatg attaaacata aatcaaaaga tctatctctt     61440
     gcaaaaatgt tacacaaatg cattctctca tacaagataa acatttttca cacaaaacat     61500
     ttgtaatcac ttataagtta attcaattta cttcatttta aaatagaaat agaattatgc     61560
     aaactattgt aacaagatat gcacaatttt tattaggttt acaatgttaa aatatctgca     61620
     tgaacacttt acaaatgcaa tacttttgcc agctcatgtg cgtagtggaa agcaaacagc     61680
     aaaacgtgca gatatctaca atgaaactgt atttatcaga aaatgcttac caaatgttta     61740
     ttaaaatgcc ttaaatgatt agtttacaat acctgtagat tggtttaacc agttgttttg     61800
     ttttatagaa gttaataatt aatgtttcta cacttagttg ataattgatt ataaagcttg     61860
     tttggcatga tgtcccggga gagagccctg agctcaatag atccttgcgc ccggggctcc     61920
     ctcccgtttg caaggcaaat agggagttag agctcaggta gatctcgaga acctccctgc     61980
     tatagaacag tggtgccgat ttggattagt cagttaactt aagttgcatg tttttggatg     62040
     gtggaaggaa accggggaac caggggagtt tgtctgattg gtgaatcata aattgaataa     62100
     tgcgggacca gccgcaagca atcataagca tatgatcctc tcgaaattag tttataaata     62160
     aacttcactt atgagtttct ttaaaaatgt gcttttaaat ggtgattctt gttttaaaat     62220
     ggaaattatt tataaaatcc cattgccttt cattaattca ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc     62280
     ctttattaat ccggggtcgc cccagcagaa tgaaccacca acttatcctg caagttttta     62340
     cgcagcggat gcccttccag cagcaaccca tctctggcaa acatccacac acacattcac     62400
     acacacacta cggacaattt ggcttaccca attcacctgt accgcatgtc tttggactgt     62460
     gggggaaacc agagcacccg gaggaaaccc acacgaaggc agggagaaca tgcaaactcc     62520
     acacagaaac gccaaccgag ccgaggttcg aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcaaca     62580
     ggactaccta ctgcgctact gcctcgcccc tttgcctttc cagtaatatt tatttgcaca     62640
     gatattgtaa taaaggagtt gtccaacaat tttgtacctt tttatgacaa caattgtgta     62700
     ccctcatttc agttgtgcca taaaaagtac agaacagtat cataagatgt cttttctgta     62760
     ccatataagg tacaactttt acaaaggtac aaaactgttg cttaaagaac attatttgta     62820
     ccactgtgta catttttttc tgagagtgta gtaaataaat cttttcttta ttaaacaaca     62880
     cctgggtttt atgcagcgga tgctcttcca gctgcagccc agaaatgggg aacagtgaca     62940
     catacacact cattcacaga cactacggac aattttagtt tattcaattc atctacagtg     63000
     catgtctttg gactgtaggg gaaaccggag cacctggagg aaacccacgc caacacgggg     63060
     agaacatgca aactccacac aaaaatgcca actggcttgg gtggtacttg aaccaatgac     63120
     attcttgctg tcaggtgaca gtgctaacca ctgagccacc aaatgtaact ctgcagggat     63180
     tttttaaaga gttcataaaa taaatcaaaa tgttattgat ttttgctcat gcaaaacaat     63240
     tactctatga taaaatgaag gactcaaaac taaattccaa tgtaggacat caagtgtgtt     63300
     caggtcaatt tggtcaagag aaagatagca atataccgtt tgaagttcac catgatttat     63360
     ttaactattc attgaaaaaa ggaccaaaaa aatcaacaaa aaagaaaaag aaagttttgt     63420
     tatagaataa ctatagtaca tgtttttgtt gtttgcttgt ttgttggcaa atgcttatta     63480
     acaattgcaa aatatatata ttttttgtaa ttttcagaaa taatttttta cattattatg     63540
     agtattgaaa agtacaatag caaaaacata atggtgatta aatggtgatg atgacaaaac     63600
     tgtcgttatc tattgccttt cagaatctta atttcaagta atgttggaac gacataatgg     63660
     gaaatctcca gatgacaaat cactttgaag aaaaaaggcc aatgaatgaa gaaaacaact     63720
     gacaactgct tctgagctca taaacgcctg agccccctca gctgattccc acatcgacag     63780
     cgagtagccc agggaaattg gtggagaaca gtgtaggcta tctgcccagt agttcctcat     63840
     ggacctccca ctcctacaaa gcactaccgt tcaggatttg gatggttatg ctggttcatc     63900
     ctccagaatg gctgtgctct catctaatga ctccagttca cagatgttta tcgtggtatc     63960
     tgaggttgaa ttataatgct tcaagcagac ctaggtcagg tatgctggtc aggatggaca     64020
     ttatagtggt ggtggcattc ggtggtgtat caaccatatg gacgacttac actctcaatg     64080
     catgtgacag ctcactcgcc atctactcct ctaaagtcac gtgcagttaa aatagctgtg     64140
     tgccattctt gtccccatca agcttaatca tgcagccaat ggctctcatg gcagctcttg     64200
     tttagagccc aggcccaagt catcctgttg cttcccacca atccacccat tgccagttgt     64260
     tatatttcca gattgagccc ctccttggct taaatgcact ggctcacagc tggcctctgc     64320
     aaatatttgc ttcctcaaaa gagccttctc gtgcagaccc tgtgcaaggt cagggatgac     64380
     aaggaccagg tcttgcttgt tatgccactt tggcccaacc gaatctgggt tacggaactc     64440
     acagtcctca aaatgacccc tccctggtaa gtcctcagag gaaggacctc ctttctcaga     64500
     gacggggctc tttatctgca cccagatctc tggaacctca atgtggggtc cataggaagg     64560
     gtgcagaaga ctttggtgat ctaccaacca tggtagtaaa caccatcact caggctagag     64620
     ctccttctac aaggcttttt ccccctaaaa gtggagtctg ttcattagtg gtgctcttct     64680
     ccctagaaga cccctaaaca taccagatca gtgctgtgta attcttgttt cagtaaaagc     64740
     tggagcagag gctgtcacca tccacactta accttcctct cacaatatct tgagacccaa     64800
     gttcagcaat gtgcccaagg tcctaccact ccctttaaac gccagatagt aaacccacaa     64860
     gtgctgcccg ttgaagaggc agatccaacc ccttcattgc tctgtctctt tttgcatatg     64920
     gtgtttctgt tatggtggtc agcaaattga agtcagtgca gtgcagtatt aaagcacagt     64980
     ttggctcact ggtttatgaa taacatcgtc ttcacatacc atgtcagggc aagttgtttc     65040
     ccccggcagt gagagagcac tcaaaaagga gtgttgcctc ctcgtgggca ttagcatgca     65100
     atgcctctct aacaggcatc tgttggggtg ggtgtgggtg acacattccc aatattctac     65160
     aatcttcaag tggagcaaat tctacaacct tcaagtttcc tcccaactgc aggttaactc     65220
     cggttaaaag agaaaaaact aagcttggtg aaaaaaatgc ttgctctgca tttgctggcc     65280
     cccaacacca gacttgacag aggagtcagg tgctcggccc attatgattt ctggtaagtc     65340
     tgcttggtca acccacactt ggtgccagct atgcgtgatc cccacttagt gatcccagat     65400
     gatgtcgccc agtatggcac agccgggacc ccaccctgga gccaggcctg ggattggggc     65460
     tcatatacaa gcaccatgtg gctgggtttt atcccatgga gcctggccga cctcagcctg     65520
     aaggagcgat gtgggaccat tcaggtggta ggcctgcagg ggaagccgtg aggggctggt     65580
     gcattgtgga ataggcggtg gtcaaaggtt aggaccacaa caaccagatc atcgggcaca     65640
     gaaactggct cttgggacat agaactatga gggatggagc ctgagcatgt gcggaagatg     65700
     aaacattacc gactagagat agttgggctt accttcacgc acagctgggg ctctggaact     65760
     caacttttta agaaggtctg gacattcttc tactctggag ttgcccacgg tgaaaggtgg     65820
     tgggctggtg tgggcttgtt tatagctccc caacttaacc accatgtgtt gaagtgttcc     65880
     ttggtgaatg agagggttat ctctgcgcct ccatgtccgg gataggtatc ttactgaggt     65940
     ttgtgcctaa aggccaaaca ccagtgcaga gtacctggcc ttgggagtcc ttgggagggg     66000
     tgctggaagg tgttcagacc gaggacttag ttgttcaact ggggtacttc aatgctcacg     66060
     tgggtaaaga cagtgtaacc tggagaggca tgattgggat aaatggcttc cctgatctga     66120
     atcagagtgg tgttctgttt ttggacttct gtgctaataa cagtttgtct ataacaaact     66180
     ccgtattcaa gcataagggt gtccatcagt gcacatggca ccaggacacc ccagggcaga     66240
     agtcagatct cgagggaggc tagagacatt gagacagagt ggtccatgtt ctctgattcc     66300
     attgttaacg cggccgtgag gaactgtggc cataaggtct ttggtgccag tcaaagtagc     66360
     aatccctgaa cctggtggtg gacaacctgg cttgcagaac tcctgaggca gctgatgggt     66420
     acagacaggc caagcatact gcagcctggg cagtcaagaa ggcaaaaaat taagcctggg     66480
     aagagtttgg tgggaccata gaggaagact tcaggtcagc cccaaagaaa ttctggcaaa     66540
     ctgtccggcg cctcaaaggg gaaagcagtt gcacaccaac cccatttaca gcagaaaagg     66600
     ggagctgttg acctcgtcta aggaatttgt tggatggtgg aaggaatact ttgaggatct     66660
     ctttaacccc actgacatgt ctttcattga ggtagcagag actagggatg ctgaagtaaa     66720
     ctcacccatc acccaagctg aagtcactga ggcagtttgc aagctctaca gcggcaaagc     66780
     agcaggagtg gatgagattt accctgtata ttttatgtct ctggatattg tggggctgtc     66840
     ttggctgaca cgtctctaca gtatagcatg aaagtcggag aaagacctct ggactgggca     66900
     actggggtgg tggttcccat ttttaagaag ggggactaga gggtgtgctc caactatatg     66960
     gagatcccac tcctcagcct ctctgggaaa gtatatgcca gggtactgga gaagaagatc     67020
     cggccgatgg ttgacggtcc ggggatgaca ggatctcaca tctgttattc gcagaaaatt     67080
     ttgtattgtt ggcttcattg aacacagaac tttgggatgc actggggcag tttgctgcag     67140
     agtgtgaggc agctgggata agaatcagga ccaccaagtc caaggccatg gtgctccacc     67200
     ggaaaaaggt gatttgacat ctccaggttg gaggaaggtt cttactccag gtagatgagt     67260
     ttaagtatct taggtttttg tttgagtaag ggaaggatgg aacgtgggat tgacaggtga     67320
     attagtgcag tgacagcagt aatccggtcg atggaccagt ctgttgtgat aaagagggag     67380
     ctgagcagaa aggcaaagct cttgatttac tggttaatct aagttcctct cacctattgt     67440
     catgagcttt ggggcatgac cgaaatgtga aaatctcaga ttaaaagcgg ccaaaattag     67500
     tttccttcac agagtggcag ggcacaccct tatagataga gtgaggagcg ctgtcacctg     67560
     ggaggagctt gaagtggagc cgctgcttct ccacctcgag agtagtcagc tgaggtggct     67620
     cgagcatctg ttttagatgt ctcctggaca cctacctagg gaggtgttcc cggcatgtcc     67680
     caccgagagg aggccttggg gaatacccag gtgtttaaac atttgaaaaa aaagataaga     67740
     aaggtatcat tttaatatgg gttcatcttt tgtgaaaaga aatctgttaa ctaactgaat     67800
     attgtgttta aacaacaaga attgtgataa cggtacagtt acaacagact aatgtagtgc     67860
     ttattgcaaa ataacatttt gtaaatatga ctacagattg gacaaaagta ggttagcaat     67920
     tgactactac tgtaataaag aaaggaaaat agatcaatag atttaaatgc aactcagtgg     67980
     ctgtgctcat ttgagtcaca tacttttttt tgatcctcta tctttcaact gttgagactg     68040
     tatttgtttc acgaacctct aaatataaaa aaaactccca aaccctctca aaggtaacaa     68100
     tctaattgat gttcatcaaa taaaaaatat aactgattaa aagataaaat ttggattatt     68160
     aaacattagc taacactcct ctaaaactct ttttgttaag gatctgataa ctgatctaaa     68220
     gccagatgca ctttgtataa cagaaacctg gctaaaacca gatgattaca tgcccctaaa     68280
     cgagtcttca aatgaaggat atcattataa aaggacagca agccccgctg gcaacgggac     68340
     ttgctgctca ttccactcct ccagcttaca agatggctgc ctctggtcat ccagctaaca     68400
     agatggctga caccagttcc ccatgtcaca agatggctgc ctccagtctg ccagttcaca     68460
     aaatggtcgc caacagtcca gctcacaaaa tggcagactc cagctcacaa gatggccgcc     68520
     tccagtcctc cagcttacaa gatggctgct cctccagctc acaaaatggc cacctccagt     68580
     cttccagctc agaaaatggc cacctccagt cctccagctc acaagatggc cttgatgggc     68640
     tggacaagat ggactggaca agcctccagt cctccagctc ataagatggc ttcctgtcct     68700
     gagtctgttc ctgttcctga aatgccatca ccagagctgc cagagtcgac accaccgccg     68760
     ccagagctgc cagagtcgaa acaaccgctg ccagagtcga caccactgcc gccagagctg     68820
     ccagagtcga cgccgccgcc agagctgcca gagtcaacgc caccgccagt gctgccagag     68880
     tcgaagccac tgccagagca gccagagtct acgccagggc tgccactgct gcctgagttt     68940
     ctcaaagggt ccaaacccat gaccaacccc caagggtcaa cctgcatcca aagacggagg     69000
     ctgaagagaa aggcctctac agcgagggtt tctccagccc cagaacaccc tccagtgcta     69060
     gtcctagcct cagagcgccc tccagtctcg gctccagtcc cagagcgcag ctcagtgctg     69120
     ttcccagccc acctccttgc cctgccggca ccacccagat ggctcgccct gccggcaccc     69180
     cccagacggc tcaccctgct ggcaccaccc agacggctcg ccctgccagc tcaccacaag     69240
     tctccagccc tgccggctcc ccgcagtact ccaggccctc tgcagcctca tgatcccggg     69300
     ccactgcagc tccatgttcc agacccactg cagtctcatg atccagagcc actgcagctc     69360
     catgctccag gccctccaca gcctcatgat cccgggccac tgcagctcca tgctccaggc     69420
     ccttcgcagt tccactctcc aggccttccg ctgctctatg ctccaggcaa tccgcagttc     69480
     cactctccag gccttccgca gatccatgct ccaggccctc cgcagttcca ctcttcaggc     69540
     cttctgctgc tccatgctcc agaccctccg cagttccacg ctcagctcca tgctccaggc     69600
     cctccgcagc tccacgctcc gggccctctg cagctccact ttcctggccc tcagcagctc     69660
     catgctccag gtacgccccc gctgcatggt cctggccctc catccctccc cctgttccgc     69720
     ctccgctcaa cctcccgcct gaacaatatt aggagtgtct ggaatccacc tactacataa     69780
     acagcacaga aacatttact gttgctgagt cttgtttaca gatagtgaca ttacaacgtg     69840
     tttacctttg tctgcctttg ccgtgttttt gatccttagc ctagcttatc cttttgtcct     69900
     tgtttgccgc ctgccttctg acctccttac ctgttattcg actacgattc tgtattgtct     69960
     gcatatatct atttgcacct gaattgacct ttgcttgcct gatgattcta ataaacctgc     70020
     acgtggatct gaactttagt tgtttgtgtc actccctgcg ttacatatac agtaatattt     70080
     tttgtgttat tcagtgacct gactttaaat ataattaatt tgaagcaata gtgttgtata     70140
     tttcagtatg caatttaaac aacacatttc aatctaaatt tatattgcca actgtataaa     70200
     ggtctctagg gcaccatacc gactttacaa aagattttgc tgatttctta tctgaaatgg     70260
     tttcacagat aaaataaaat attttggcga ttttaagtca tatagatatt gaaaaagatg     70320
     ttttaagtct ggccttttta gacatactag cctttgtttt agcatgtctc agagcctact     70380
     cattgacaat cataccttag aacgaatatt atcacatggt attgatatta ataatgtttt     70440
     agttgtgaag cagagtgatg acattttaga tcactgttta attcaggggt gtccaaactc     70500
     ggtcttggag gaccggtgtt ctgcagttca gctccaacct gcttcaacac acctgccagg     70560
     aattttgtag tgtatctaat aagagcgtga ttagctggtt cagttgtgtt tgattagggt     70620
     tagagataaa ctctccagga caccagccct ccaggaccga gtttggacac ccctggttca     70680
     atctcttgtt tattgtgcat tgttaggtct acaaaatcat cttctattta taaatatggt     70740
     agagcgatca acgctagcac taaagatcac tttgtcagta atctacatga tctttctaat     70800
     ttccatagca ttccaggcag ctcagaagag cttgacactg gaactgaaac tattgattct     70860
     gtcctttcta gcacgttaga catagttgct ccgttacgtt tgaaaaagat ttgggaaaaa     70920
     aatcttacaa catggcacaa tgagcacaca gcagcccgga aaacggaaca tatatggaag     70980
     aaatcaaaac tagaagtttt tcatctggcc tggaaagaaa gtacacttaa aggtgcagta     71040
     ggtgatctgc gaaaatgcta accgcttagc atattatctt tggacagcga ggagggacta     71100
     tgatttaaag ccgagcctcc tgaaatcgcg aacgtgcgca ctacacagca gaccctctag     71160
     ttcatgtcat ttgccagtta gttagtgttt ggccggcgtg tacagaaatt acatttatta     71220
     ctaagccaca ctgctatttc agagctaata atcagagtag catggtaaac agtatagaaa     71280
     gtttatcatt gttcaaaaat gaaccaatgt aaatataaaa gcaacttcag ctcaatgaag     71340
     gaggttaggc ggcatagcgc tgtttattgc tgttttgttg ttaaactaaa taaaatcaaa     71400
     ggtcccttat aaagctgaaa atagtcactg aaatctcccg gccaaagatt gatgtgacta     71460
     ttttcagttt tttggacctt tgacagcatt gataatgtag atttttaaca catctgtgca     71520
     tataagcaat tcataacaac acaaactaac ataagcgtag cctgactaaa atagttggta     71580
     acgctttctt ttacaacccg caaagtaccg cgtaagtaca gtgaaattac agtgtacttt     71640
     tctgtacgta ctgtgtaagt ataatgaacg tatgtgtagg tatgagggaa caaatcgtaa     71700
     tgcttgggta aaaagggggt aacaaccaga tgttcatcac gaaaatgacc gcgtaagtac     71760
     agtgaaataa cggtgtactt ttctgtacct atagtgtaag tataaataac gtttacgtaa     71820
     gtataaggga acaaactgta atgctcgggt aataaggggg tagcatccag atattcagca     71880
     tgaaaggtac cgcgtaagta cagtgaaata acgttgtact tttctttaaa ttgcaaaaga     71940
     acaaaccata atgtttgcgt aaaaggggag taacaataag atatccatca cgcaaagaag     72000
     tatattaagt ttacgatgta catttcttca agtattgtat acatataaag aattatgcaa     72060
     ggatggtgac aacctattgc tatctgcaaa tgtactgtat atgcacctgc gtgagtacat     72120
     tagtactctt attcagtgct tgggttttat atagggtgtt taatgaataa aaggtttaca     72180
     acctgtgaaa ttatgaaccc ttattgtata ctgtatgtat tttaaatctg caattcaata     72240
     taacatatat ttccatacac tacttacctt atgtttactc gtcgatctca ccaaagccat     72300
     caatgtctcc ataactcact atcaacaaat aactttgcat gacataggcc taccgtcagg     72360
     gttcaatgca gattaaaaca ggctcgcatc tttactgctg ttgcacaggg gggctaactg     72420
     ttgcatttca gtaaatgtat agctgatgct ttatagaaaa atctagtaat ttggtcttca     72480
     aacaataaaa actgctgctg tagtttactc tgttcttagt gttcaagtat acactagtat     72540
     gttaaagttc agcttcttcc ctctttgttc cctgtagtta aagggtaaat acagtatttg     72600
     ttccctcctt gttccctgta cttacagggt aaataccaca tttgagggtt gtaaattaaa     72660
     gtgaagcttt gttcctccct tgttccctgt acttacaggg taaataccac atttgagggt     72720
     tgtaaattaa agtgaagctt tgttcctctc ttgttacctc cttgttacct gtacttacag     72780
     ggtaaatacc acatttgagg gttgtaaatt aaagtgaagc tttgttcctc tcttgttacc     72840
     tccttgttcc ctgtacttac agggtaaata ccacatttga gggttgtaaa ttaaagtgaa     72900
     gctttgttcc tcccttgtta cctgtactta cagggtaaat accacatttg agggttgtaa     72960
     attaaagtga agctttgttc ctctcttgtt acctccttgt tacctgtact tacagggtaa     73020
     ataccacatt tgagggttgt aaattaaagt gaagctttat tcctctcttg ttacctcctt     73080
     gttacctgta cttacagggt aaataccaca tttgagggtt gtaaattaaa gtgaagcttt     73140
     gttcctctct tgttacctcc ttgttacctg tacttacagg gtaaatacca catttgaggg     73200
     ttgtaaatta aagtgaagct ttgttcctcc cttgttaccc ccttgttccc tgtacttaca     73260
     gggtaaatac cacatttgag ggttgtaaat taaagtgaag ctttgttcct ctcttgttac     73320
     ctgtagttaa agggtaaata caacatttgt tccccccttg ttccctttag tttacaatgt     73380
     aaaatcttga aggcagtgaa ataaatatac aaacacacaa tatatttctt ctttactttg     73440
     taacctttat tttaataaat aagcatttta aaagacttca tattaatcaa acattgtctt     73500
     gtctatcatt gcctatactc attcattttc tcttcggctt tgtccttttg ttaatctggg     73560
     gtcgccacag tggaataaac caccatctta tccagcatgt gttttacgca gtggatgccc     73620
     ttccagctgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccatacacac tcactcacac gcattcacta     73680
     cggacaattt agtctaccca attcacctgt accgcatgtc tttggactgt gagggaaacc     73740
     ggagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaacgc agggagaact ccatgcagaa accttcttga     73800
     tgtgaggaaa cagcactacc tactgtgcca ccgtgttgcc acccagctgc aacccatcac     73860
     tgggaaacat ccatacatac tcattcacac acatacacta cggacaattt taccttaccc     73920
     aatgtcacca catatttttg gacttgtggg agcacccgga ggaaacccac gctaacatgg     73980
     ggagaacatg caaactccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc agccgaggct cgaaccagcg     74040
     accttcttgc tgtgaggcga ttgtgctacc cactgcacct gcctatactc aaacagcaaa     74100
     ataacacatt atttccttcc cccttttttt ctggcatctc ttgcttggct tcctcttctg     74160
     ctcttctcag cttccactga ggactctgat ggtgagtggc tgatgaaatc ccatgggtct     74220
     tgctgctctg catttatata aaatatatga acagacagaa aggcttttag taagctatag     74280
     acatgtttat tttgatgttt aatgtgtgtg tagtggttgt ccaacaattt cacatactaa     74340
     acatttacag ataccataca gacactatac attattatca aacaaaagta ctatcatcag     74400
     atcatatggg agattgtgat catttatagt gataataatt aaagtgcaga ggggaaaagg     74460
     cttaaatata tgtgcaggca gtatagactt tgaagtaaag attatttgca gttcagtgta     74520
     catatttgaa ttctgtgtca ctcattaaat ggtaagtaaa tgtaacgttt gggttaacta     74580
     cccctaaggt tagtttttga ttaaagtaca tgtcttaacc catcattagt cctaaataaa     74640
     gtgaaagata acataatatg gttgatgtac tgttatggac cctttttaca tttcagcgca     74700
     gtgaatggga aagtacaaca catttttttt acaatcttct ttgctcaaat aaaatgaaaa     74760
     ctttacgatg gtgttgtctc gacaattaga aaaataaaaa tatagtgtga aactgataac     74820
     gccagcaaga agagagaata acttctaatt tactcatgac catagacact gtttgaaaca     74880
     cctcgcacat gtaatcatat tatataatgc atacgtagat acaaataaat gttattttat     74940
     aaaaaaatca aataaaaaac tcaaggattt tagatcctga tgatcgttaa acgcgtcata     75000
     acagtgttgt gaaaagggtg taattgttaa aaataggtac aaacattaga tataaacaaa     75060
     aacctaaaca aacacttcta tgtacataac gtcataaaaa tacttgtttt atttacctcg     75120
     cgctgccgtc cttgtactgc cgtgaacagg aaattctggg aatggaggac ggagagttga     75180
     atcgattcgt cttcaacaaa ccgatcagtg tgacatcaaa acatcgcgag aacaacagac     75240
     agctccgtgt gcatttgaat ccatctcgcg atattgtatc acttcaggta cgcgcctact     75300
     gattcgttga ttcaaacgag ttgtgaatca agaagcctct aaagatccga atcaaactgc     75360
     agcagcacgc cactaggttt tgctcagact tttgggacgt ttggaattgc tccgtcttgt     75420
     caccatgtaa cacatgtgag taaatcgttg tcagtaaata aggctattgt tacgattaga     75480
     aattgtgcat taaccagatt atatttattt tgtttcattt gtttttagcg taacattaac     75540
     gttagttcat ggccgaatct aaacggccag cagcgaatat ttaccaatgt ttactgtcgt     75600
     ttactttgca catcttagaa atgttgccaa agttcctatg gatttagttt cttcatgtca     75660
     ttccagaaag actggatgat gagcaggtca gatctctgtg gctgttgtca tactgactgt     75720
     gcagacgatt ttctcccttt atacgttaat tacagcaaag ttaatgacaa aattaatgtt     75780
     tggaaatgta aattgatatt ttctgtagca tgccagtttg atatatcaat agccccccac     75840
     ccaattacta gtaacgtttg cctaggactt tagcacagta gcctactatt taagcctttt     75900
     cccctctgcg ctttaattat tatcactata aatgatcaca atctcccata tgatctgatg     75960
     atagtacttt tgtttgataa taatgtatag tgtctgtatg gtatctgtaa atgtttagta     76020
     tgtgaaattg ttggacaacc actacacaca cattaaacat caaaataatc atgtctatag     76080
     cttactaaaa gcctttctgt ctgttcatat attttatata aatgcagagc agcaagaccc     76140
     atgggatttc atcagccact caccatcaga gtcctcagtg gaagctgaga agagcagaag     76200
     aggaagccaa gcaagagatg ccagaaaaaa agggggaagg aaataatgtg ttattttgct     76260
     gtttgagtat aggcaggtgc agtgggtagc acaatcgcct cacagcaaga aggtcgctgg     76320
     ttcgagcctc ggctgggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccccatgt     76380
     tagcgtgggt ttcctccggg tgctcccaca agtccaaaaa tatgtggtga cattgggtaa     76440
     ggtaaaattg tccgtagtgt atgtgtgtga atgagtatgt atggatgttt cccagtgatg     76500
     ggttgcagct gggtggcaac acggtggcac agtaggtagt gctgtttcct cacatcaaga     76560
     aggtttctgc atggagttct ccctgcgttc gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccggtttc     76620
     cctcacagtc caaagacatg cggtacaggt gaattgggta gactaaattg tccgtagtga     76680
     atgcatgtga gtgagtgtgt atggatgttt cccagagatg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat     76740
     ccactgcgta aaacatatgc tggataagat ggtggtttat tccactgtgg cgaccccaga     76800
     ttaacaaaag gacaaagccg aagagaaaat gaatgagtat aggcaatgat agacaagaca     76860
     atgtttgatt aatatgaagt cttttaaaat gcttatttat taaaataaag gttacaaagt     76920
     aaagaagaaa tatattgtgt gtttgtatat ttatttcact gccttcaaga ttttacattg     76980
     taaactaaag ggaacaaggg gggaacaaat gttgtattta ccctttaact acaggtaaca     77040
     agaggggaac aaagcttcac tttaatttac aaccctcaaa tgtggtattt accctgtaag     77100
     tacaggtaac aaggaggtaa caagagatga ataaagcttc actttaattt acaaccctca     77160
     aatgtggtat ttaccctgta agtacaggta acaaggaggt aacaagagag gaacaaagct     77220
     tcactttaat ttacaaccct caaatgtggt atttaccctg taagtacagg taacaaggga     77280
     ggaacaaagc ttcactttaa tttacaaccc tcaaatgtgg tatttaccct gtaagtacag     77340
     ggaacaagga ggtaacaagt gaggaacaaa gcttcacttt aatttacaac cctcaaatgt     77400
     ggtatttacc ctgtaagtac aggtaacaag ggaggaacaa agcttcactt taatttacaa     77460
     ccctcaaatg tggtatttac cctgtaagta cagggaacaa ggaggtaaca agtgaggaac     77520
     aaagcttcac tttaatttac aaccctcaaa tgtggtattt accctgtaag tacaggtaac     77580
     aaggaggtaa caagagagga acaaagcttc actttaattt acaaccctca aatgtggtat     77640
     ttaccctgta agtacaggga acaagggagg aacaaagctt cactttaatt tacaaccctc     77700
     aaatgtggta tttaccctgt aagtacaggg aacaaggagg gaacaaatac tgtatttacc     77760
     ctttaactac agggaacaaa gagggaagaa gctgaacttt aacatactag tgtatacttg     77820
     aacactaaga acagagtaaa ctacagcagc agtttttatt gtttgaagac caaattacta     77880
     gatttttcta taaagcatca gctatacatt tactgaaatg caacagttag cccccctgtg     77940
     caacagcagt aaagatgcga gcctgtttta atctgcattg aaccctgacg gtaggcctat     78000
     atcatgcaaa gttatttgtt gatagtgagt gagttatgga gacattgatg gctttggtga     78060
     gatcgacgag taaacataag gtaagtagtg tatggaaata tatgttatat tgaattgcag     78120
     atttaaaata catacagtat acaataaggg ttcataattt cacaggttgt aaacctttta     78180
     ttcattaaac accctatata aaacccaagc actgaataag agtactaatg tactcacgca     78240
     ggtgcatata cagtacattt gcagatagca ataggttgtc accatccttg cataattctt     78300
     tatatgtata caatacttga agaaatgtac atcgtaaact taatatactt ctttgtgtga     78360
     tggatatctt attgttactc ccgttttacg caaacattat ggtttgttct tttgcaattt     78420
     aaagaaaagt acaacgttat ttcactgtac ttacgcggta ccttttatgc taaatatctg     78480
     gttgttatcc ccttattacc cgagcattac agtttgttcc cttatactta cgtaaacgtt     78540
     atttatactt acactatagg tacagaaaag tacaccgtta tttcactgta cttacgcggt     78600
     cattttcgtg atgaacatct ggttgttacc ccctttttac ccaagcatta cggtttgttc     78660
     cctcatacct acacatacgt tcattatact tacacagtac gtacagaaaa gtacactgta     78720
     atttcactgt acttacgcgg tactttgcgg gttgtaaaag aaagcgttac caaatagttt     78780
     tagaacagag cattacctgt ctaacagtaa ctttggctat ggtttcgtca ttcctctaac     78840
     gtgcaaaagt aacttcaata ttgattcagg attttcaaaa gtttagattc agcatttgat     78900
     ttcaccacgt ttgtgattgt ctcataaacg cgcggcgctc atgcaggtta gggcgcgcag     78960
     atggcggatc tgcgtgaaca gatgcgcaga agtccgaatc tacatttgct gaaagacagt     79020
     ttgagctact tatcggaatt atgggagatg tcagcctgac aatatttaat tggatgaaca     79080
     tttttttgtt ttttgtctta tcctgaatat aaaatacatt tagatcactt actttaatca     79140
     tagctattgg actgtgaaga aaaaatgttt ctgaagacaa tcacctactg cacctttaac     79200
     tttagaaaag ctttaaagtc tcccagatct gcttattttt caactttaat agaagaaaaa     79260
     aaacacaacc ctagggtcct gtttaacaca gtataactaa agcatcaaca tgcatttctc     79320
     aacatagcag taatcacttt atgaactttt ttttacatgc aagattgatg atatcagaga     79380
     taaaattagc accatcaatc tgcttcttac agcctcatct cagttagagc actgtagacc     79440
     gttaatggat aaacttcaaa atttttctaa actgacaaat tcgtccaaat caacaacgtc     79500
     tatgctaaag tagatcttat actgaccaaa ttattaaaac aattgttttc agaagtttct     79560
     ctgttctcaa agggtcacga aacaccaaaa cacatttttt gagctgttga cagtcgtata     79620
     tgtgtcccac acttctaaaa acactattag gacacctata tttcactaaa aagtgtaaat     79680
     tggttgcttt tgtgttattt caagcaaatt cgtacttcct gtttgaaaca aatttttgaa     79740
     gctgcgtcac ggtcatgaca taatagcgtt gtattccagc gtgcagactg ggcgtctgtg     79800
     ccagagtgag tcttattacg tcttacagtg tgttgcatta atgcatgagt aaggcttggt     79860
     tcaaaccaat cagcgcgctc tattgtgcaa cttcattaat attcattagt gtcaccgtgt     79920
     ttacaccaca gagacgccac gttgttttgg caaaacaagc gtgaagtgtt gcttttatag     79980
     tttgctgcta ttaagtttcg ttttcatttt ctctctgtga gagctcatct ggatcacgtg     80040
     ttgattaaca atgcacgcga cgctcgacaa caataactta cgtgtctaag gaggaacatt     80100
     gtttacctga gagctgttct catctgcaaa cgctgaaatc cggattcgct tgtagtcttc     80160
     tcttcataaa gacgcggctc tagttgctgg tgattgtcct gtttctacag atttggtaag     80220
     tgagcgacca gtgctctttg tttattcagt ttattcgtat caaattaagt taactattgc     80280
     actgagtgca aacatgttag caccccattt tgtgaccgaa ataacacacg cggctttctg     80340
     acgctacctg ccgtgtgcat ctaagtttcc gggaaatgca gaggtttttt ttctttcatt     80400
     cgccatgcgg tatcaaacat tgcatgaaaa atacacgctt agagcagatc ctcgaatcaa     80460
     atgtctcgat tgtcgcaagg ggcatgaatg aattccctga atgaaagagc caaactgcag     80520
     ttaaagtcca acatttaata atttggcaaa taattcgact aaagatgtcc atgtaggtta     80580
     aacaccatca ctttctcctg tgtgtatttt gactgaaact cgcgcgtgcc caaatagaca     80640
     ctcccacacc ctcccacttt agttcctccg acactccccc ctaaacagag ctggacacgc     80700
     ccacttttcg gactttttcc aaagtagagg tgtgaaaaca ccctgctgaa acaagggggt     80760
     ttcatggccc tttaacgttt tgaattcacc cctactttta ggatacattc ctaaaacctt     80820
     taaactagct gtcattaagc ctcttattaa aaaaaacaac agcttgatcc caaagaacta     80880
     gtaaatatag acccatttcg aacctgcctt tttaatcaaa gacactagaa aaagttgtat     80940
     ctgctcaact atgttccttt ctacatagaa acaatagatt gtacaaatag gacagaaaca     81000
     gcactcctaa gagttacaaa tgacctcctc ctgtcgtctg attgtggttg catttctgtt     81060
     ttagtgtttt tggacctcag tgctgcatct gatacactca atcataacat tctcattgat     81120
     aggcttgaaa attatgttga tattagagca actgcattgg cctggttcag gtctgaaagt     81180
     tattagtttg aatcagttaa taaagaggca tcatactgta acgcagggag tgacacaaac     81240
     aactgaggtt tggatccaaa tgcaggttta atcagtggtc aggcaagcaa tggtcaatac     81300
     aggtgcaaac agatatatga agacactcca gaatcgtagt cgaagtaaca ggcaagaagt     81360
     cagaaggcag gcggctaaac aggagaactg gataaacaag gctaagatcg gtatttggga     81420
     aaacagggct aggaaaatgc tttgtaatgt cactgtggca gataacaaga ctcagtcatg     81480
     agggtttcaa agtgagctgt atatatgtgt gtgtaattag tacacactgg ttactggtta     81540
     tgtagtccat ttataagcag atttgtagtt cctgtggatg tgagtgttta ccagcaacat     81600
     ctggtggtta gatctcgctg gtgatcatga cagagccccc ctctaaggag cggattccag     81660
     acgctcctaa catagttcag gcgggaggtg gagcggaggc agaaaagggg gagggatgga     81720
     gggccaggac catgcagcgg aggtgtacct gggggtggag ttgtggaggg cctggagcgt     81780
     ggagctgcgg tgggccttga gcatagcgct gcggagggcc ttaagcatgg agctgtggag     81840
     ggtctggacc gtggagctgc ggagggcctg gagcgtggag ctgcggaggg cctggagcgt     81900
     ggagctgcgg agggcctgga gcatggagct gcagtgggtt tggaacctgg agctctggta     81960
     tatctggggg cttgggttca gcaggcgaag aagggttaaa cacccacagt gggtcgggag     82020
     gctttggttc agagagcact ggcatctctt tcaacctcag tgggtcagga ggcttgggca     82080
     caggaggcac tggcagttct tcaaacccca gtgggtcgga aggtttgggc acaggaggca     82140
     ctggcagttc tttaaacccc agtgggtcag gatgctcagg gaggtcacat ggctctggga     82200
     aatcatatgg ttctggcgcc tctgagatgt cacacagctc tggcagccat ttgtggaact     82260
     gaggctgctg ctattcagga agctcaggcg gcgacggccc ttcaggaagc tcaggcggtg     82320
     gcggcccttc agaaagctca ggcggtggcg gcccttcagg aagctcaggc ggcggccatt     82380
     caggaagctt aggcggcggc cattcaggaa gctcaggcgg cggccattca ggaagctcag     82440
     gcggcggcca ttcaggaagc tcaggtggcg gccattcagg aagctcaggt ggcggccatt     82500
     caggaagctt aggaggcggc cattttggaa gctcagatgg cagcggccat tcaggaagct     82560
     aaggcggcag ccattcagga agctcaggat taggcggcgg ccattcagga agctcaggcg     82620
     gcagcggcca ttcaggaagc tcaggcggca gtggccattc aggaagctca gatggcagct     82680
     ctggcaattc tggcagtaat ggcgacagtg gctctggcag cagctctggc agctctagca     82740
     gtggtagtgg cagcggttct ggcagtactg gcagcagtgg ctgctctgtc agtactggcg     82800
     gcagtggctc tagcagcagc tctggcagcg gatctggcag ctctggagga tgtggcagct     82860
     ctggcagtga ctgaggatct ggcagctctg gcagtgattg aggagctggc agctctggag     82920
     gtgacggtgg cagctctggc agtaacagct ctggtggtaa tagcagctct ggcaactcag     82980
     gtggtggtgg ccattctggg ggctcaagtg atggcatttc aggaactgaa acagtaacta     83040
     tgacaggaac agactcggaa caagaagcca tcttgtgagc tggtggcaga ttggcgctta     83100
     ccacattgtg agctggaggg ctggttgtga ccacattgtg agctgaagga ctagaggcgg     83160
     ccattttgtg aactgtcaga caggaggcag ccatcttgtg agctggagga ctagaggcgg     83220
     ccattttgtg agctggactg ttggtggcca ttttgtgaac tggcaaactg gaggtagcca     83280
     tcttgtgaca tggggaactg gtgtcagcca tcttgttagc tggaggatcg gaggcagcca     83340
     tcttgtaagc tggactgttg gcagccattt tgtgaactgg cagactggag gcagccatct     83400
     tttgacatgg agaactggtg gcagccatct tgtgaaatgg gaaactggta gtggccattt     83460
     tgttagctgc agcactggag gcagccatct tgaaagctgg aggacttggc atataccaac     83520
     gggggcgtta gagtagaaca ccagtaagtc cagcgttgta gtagtgtcct ctgccagccc     83580
     cgctgaccgc cggtcttgct gtctattgta taagtctaag tctaagtaaa accttattgt     83640
     ccagtgggcc tcatgtagtg gcatacatga ataaaggggg ccagaaattc ctccatgaaa     83700
     gaaagtcacc aaacacaact cactcatgga tgttaggtgt gccagttcga tgattccctc     83760
     tacgtactcc tcaatggacc gtgcttcctg acgcagacac atgattgcaa tacccgctgg     83820
     atccatgttg tggctgagtc ttctgtaacg cagggagtga cacaaacaac agaggtgtgg     83880
     atccacgtgc aggttttttc agtggtcggg caagcaatgg tcaacacagg tgcaaacaga     83940
     cctatgaagg caaaccagag tcgaagtcaa attaacaggc agatggtcag aggcaggcag     84000
     caaacagaat aaaataaata agcaaggcaa agatcaaaac acggcaaagg cagacaaagg     84060
     aaacgcgtaa tgtcactgtg gcagacaaca agactcagct atgaggattt caaagtgagc     84120
     tgtatatatg tgtgtgtaat cagtacatga gtagcatcag ctgtgtctat gcaattagtc     84180
     aggatctgga accggtttag agacgctgaa ttcgaaccga gttcatgctc gaacatgtca     84240
     aaacataatg acatgcgttt tactagctgc gccactcaga ctgttaagag tattatatca     84300
     ttttgcacct atacatctca ctatctcttt tttaaatcca aacagtgcga tgttcagacc     84360
     caactgtttt aaccgcatca gctaaactct ccccactctt tttttttctt ttgttgttaa     84420
     ttccggagga caaacttgca aataacacag tttttctacc tccaaaagga gcacctccaa     84480
     tacacattct gttaaaagtt tctgtttttg cttgcttttg ccattgcttt ttcgtttggt     84540
     tttgccaaag tagagtcatt agcatattca tacggggagg aggcagggag gggttttgtg     84600
     ctcgtgcatg ttgcgcttag tttcacgttc attcggatgt acaaagaata tgcgtgggat     84660
     tcggcgtacg cagtgtttca tacaactgaa ttttttctgc gtacgcacat ttacatcttt     84720
     gtgtgtacgc aatgttttgg tatgattttc acgcaagtct tcgtacatga ggcccctgat     84780
     ccctcacctc cacttgccca attgcacact tccccatgtt ggccgtgagc ccggcctgcc     84840
     tcagagctga taatactgcc cacagatgct gcatatgcca ctgccagtca ttactaaaga     84900
     caatgatatc ctttaagtaa gcagcggcat atactgagtt acgggcaagt cttttatcca     84960
     ttaggcgctg aaacgtggct agagccccga acagcccgaa cggaagcgtt acgaactgtt     85020
     gtaatccaaa cagcgttgtg aaggcagtta tctctctgga tataggagta aaggggatct     85080
     gccaatatcc cttcgttaaa tccaatgtcg agtaatagtg aacagtgcct aaccggtcaa     85140
     gcaactcgcc acactggata cgcatcaaat ttgatacaac attttatttg cgataatcaa     85200
     cacagaaccg gaccgtgtca cctgtctcag gaacaaagac gaatcgggcc actcactgtg     85260
     tgattcttct actacactta tttccagcat ttttttcaaa ttctcatgaa tcactttttt     85320
     gtgtttaggc aagtggtatg ggcgggtcct aataaccatg cctggttttg tctcgatatg     85380
     gtgctgaatc atattagtat gaccgggcag gtgtgagaac atgtctgtaa attcatattg     85440
     taggaaccgg acattagcga gctgggcggg cgagagatga taacctcctg tgactagagc     85500
     gctcgaccga ttctggccgt cgctctccag tcccaggtta tccttgcatg taatccctca     85560
     ccacctcata atcgagattg ttcccttgcc gtgtgacctc aaacggccct tgccacttgg     85620
     cgagtaattt agagctggaa gaaggcagca gtacaagtac tttatctcct ggtgaaaatt     85680
     tccgtagctt aaagcccttg tcatggtgct ggctttgttc actctgaatc ctcccaagcc     85740
     tctctgacaa catccaacac ccctcagggc tatctgccgt agagaagctc gaatggggaa     85800
     accccagtgg aggcttactg gaacctccaa cacagtgaaa agcaaagact tcaaccactt     85860
     tttcacgtct tcgtgaacgc aatttagtgt ggccacttga cctaaatgtc cggccatagg     85920
     gttagcatga gccacctgga aaagcatttc ccgatggctt ttagggacca ataattgggt     85980
     agtatcttct tttgattgag tgtcttggat cacttgatac accctgtctt tcatgataac     86040
     aaaatacgga tagctgagcg gtcgctcagg ctggaggata tacctattaa ttgctttcgc     86100
     ttgcttgatg gcatgactta gctaatcgtc acgtgactgc tctagaggaa agtctttaca     86160
     ccgggagatt cccggccctc cctctgagtc agcgcttgac aacatcgcca gggattcccc     86220
     caacggagca gtccgcccca agccatcaat ccttattcgc aagaagcacc cgctgtcaaa     86280
     atccctaata gtttttttta aatcagacca attggtttcc aaaatcagcg ggtgcttgag     86340
     gtgcgggtta actgctacct ccatgcaatt tttttttttc ccagtaattg gatttccaaa     86400
     gccgttagca ggtagtgaat tacatccccg tgcacatacc tcaccctaac cgtgcagctt     86460
     ttatccaatg ccttgtcttg caccagacat tgggggatag aggtttggtt acaccttgaa     86520
     tccaccaagg cctgatattt ataccccttt atactcgcag atatctcata tagcccattg     86580
     cgaccagggg tgacagccgc cgtgttgagc acgtagatca aagtccccac ctccatcgca     86640
     gagcaactct caggggtatg atccacacac tcgcaccgcc aacacgtcag cccagacctc     86700
     accactgcac cccagtggcc agtcagacca accaattgag ccggagagaa gcctgttgtg     86760
     gttggagaag ccacttagtt gcctgcttct gcgccctggt cattgtatcc accccaccga     86820
     ggcatagagc gagggtgatc agtcccagag ccccgcttcc ttggtgctgg caggggaggt     86880
     ccagttgttc ttctcggttg tggcgggccc gctgagtgat gactcacttc aggtgagcac     86940
     agtactggag tttctgggct tgtagctgct gcgctgtgat ctgggtttcc ccgatagtag     87000
     caggatgact cttaccggcc attcgtcccg cagccagcca cacgcctcat ccatcttttc     87060
     aaataggtcc agaaacactt gcggatcgtc ctgaggcccc atcttcaatt caattcaatt     87120
     cagctttatt tgtatagcgc ttttacaatg tagattgtct caaagcagct tcacataaat     87180
     tatcatagta actggaacag tgtagttcag tttttggtgt ttaaattcag ttcagtttag     87240
     cttagttcag tgtgatttga aaccattact gagagtccaa acactgaagt gcaaattcat     87300
     cgatgcgtag ctctaccaat cctgaaccat gcgagccagt ggcgacagcg gagagggaaa     87360
     aaaacttcac ctgataggat tgaagaaaaa aaaccttgag agaaccagac tcagttgtgc     87420
     acgaccattt taatttctcc gctggccaaa agtcttgtac agagcttcag tcaccgtggt     87480
     ggaggctccc atcttctgga gagagatggg agggtgggtg gcaggtgtca actagggccg     87540
     gatctcctgg tctagcagtc tccggacgag cttgtggtcc tctcgctggg cttccaccag     87600
     aacttggaac cgttggtctt ggtccattcg gatctccact agcgcctcat gttgctcctg     87660
     gtgcaggacc gcgattgcct ggatcacttc tgcaaatgga ctgctcgacg aagcggtcat     87720
     tttggcagtg aagtctcttc ttcttactgg gttttggcaa cactgtagtt aacgtgtgtt     87780
     ttgtgggaaa aagaagacag ggttgctgat atcaagtaag cacaattatt tattaatttt     87840
     ctgtgctagc acttgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt gcgtgtcgag tctctgttgt ctggctcttc     87900
     tctctctcgg ctgttccttc ttctcccctt ataaaggtgt ctctccggat aaatagctag     87960
     aaaatacaga agttactgat tatttttgat tgaaccactg atcagccaac ggtgtttctg     88020
     tttgctctcc cctctttttg ggtgttcgaa cattccttcc ccaccacata ttcatttatc     88080
     aataatggtg gagcttttgc tatactgtgt aaatattcta atatatgctg caaattgaaa     88140
     aatgtttttg aatcaattta tttggttaaa gtgcgttctt ggaaccattc tgagcatcaa     88200
     attttcttta tttttaaaac gcttttcaca cttaaaattt agcttagggc atcataaacc     88260
     cctgaaaatg gaatgctggg ttacccaata atgattgttc atactaaacc atggtaacaa     88320
     aaaatcctgg ctattcttta acagacaatt gtacatttct ataccccagg ttagcatttc     88380
     ttatttgcat actgtgtctg ttgctgactg aaggaatgcc acctgcatct ttaaagtcat     88440
     aaaaaagtat gcaaagcagg tccttagctg tttgatgccc cattcacaca aagcttcagc     88500
     gcaatcgtca tagcagcgtc agcccaagaa attagtctgt aatcggctac tgtctaagct     88560
     ggtgtatttg catacagcga tcttgttggc tgacacttcc gtcggcgctt gaaaagttga     88620
     gaaagtccca acttctgcag caagcaatgc ctctgaagat ctgatccaca atgcagtttt     88680
     gcaacgcctg acgtcaccca ttcaaagtga ataggaagcg ttgaagatga cgccccgtgt     88740
     gaatgaggct cacgagatat gcaaaggcaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac gaaaacaaag     88800
     gaatgtacat aaaccaaata caaataaatg taaataagta gcaaagtata aaacaccaaa     88860
     aatgtgatgc taaccctgct tcggaactga gtttcagaac cccaggttaa cactataaca     88920
     tcacattcaa attaaggatg tgaaatgatg atatcatagg ggataagcac agtgtggaaa     88980
     gccttataga ttatctatgc ataaaagtta tacaggctgt tacattgcct gtataaagag     89040
     cattcattca ttcattagcc gcgtttccac tatcgcgcct aaagcgagcg agccagatgc     89100
     gtttccacgg tcaattccgg ggcctaatcg ggctaaagcg ggactttctc tgggccagcg     89160
     accggccttt tacgtctgtt agaagatggc actagttaca ctagttttcc gatcgcacaa     89220
     gagtacatgc gccaataaat aaataaataa ataagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacatatagc     89280
     tgctcagttt aagataggct attccataaa acaccttaaa ggataggggt ctttttgctt     89340
     atgtttccct tttaaatgtc aggctgttgc ataaaataac aaagttttaa tttgacattt     89400
     ccttgctgtg tcctccttga tgtttcaata gcgcataata atctttacac catgctaaag     89460
     acacagtagt cagtaaaggt tgttgagagt ttttgtcaag tttaaaaggt gtgtttgtgc     89520
     atgatatgtg caagttagat ccctgtatgt gtgtgagaaa ccaggcaaaa gagcgctcgt     89580
     ttcacagctc tgtttattta tttattttgg agataataca aaatatgaat acaacagaaa     89640
     gacataaaac tttacaaatt acgtgtccac ttttgtaggc tcaatatcat atctggataa     89700
     aatagcctaa gctatattga cataatttaa agaattacaa atatcagata taataaaatc     89760
     acattaaata aataaagcag tataaaacaa acaaaagcta gcttaacaat gtaggtacat     89820
     acaatatata aattaaaccg tttttaagcc atatataact ttcattttac aaaggcctct     89880
     cttttttaga tattttctaa aaccaataaa caccagagga ggtttaaaat attatttata     89940
     aagtattcgg atacgatgat attaatcaaa acgtgcaaac agagcatttt tgggtaagtg     90000
     aaagccgaat ctaccttttt tttttcacag cggaatgaat cgccaactaa tccagcacgt     90060
     ttttacaaag tggatcatcc gcaacccatc tctgggaaac atccacacat acactcaaac     90120
     actcatacac tacgaacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct gtactgaatg tctttggact     90180
     gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cagaggaaac ccacatgaac gcagggagaa catgcaaact     90240
     ccacacagaa acgccaactg agccaaggtt tgaaccagcg acccagcaac cttcttgctg     90300
     tgaggcaaaa gctctaccta ctgcgccact gcattgtcaa gtaaacaaat ataataaatt     90360
     gaaatacata ggcctgtgcg aatagacata taatgtactc ctgtacagta atgtgtcatt     90420
     tatttgtttc agttgtcttc attttaatgc tctcgtgatg atgggatgat tgctttattt     90480
     gcctgattcc cgctgaagtg ggcaggttgt gtgacttttg agtcggggga cattctgggg     90540
     gcatggtttg tgacgcgctg cgagctgcta gcatgacagt ggaaacacaa catgatttca     90600
     gcctgaatac tcaacctacc gcgcgattgg cccgacctgg cccgataaaa acccttcgca     90660
     ggtattttct tttttcggct taatcccttt attaattagg ggtccccaca gcggaattaa     90720
     ccgccaacat attctgcaaa tgttttatgc agtggatgcc ctttcagctg caacccatca     90780
     ctgggaaacg cccacagtgt ttcctctagg aatttttcca gctgtggcgg caggccttag     90840
     tgtgtttatg taacgagtat gtcttcagca tttattagat ttgctaggaa tatttatgaa     90900
     tgtctccaac agaccttcag agtagcatta atgcgtcctg aagtaaagtg aaacagctat     90960
     atgtcgtgtt tgctggcctc acgcacctgt cagccagtca gtcagctgca cgtcacccta     91020
     aagggtaaaa aatgacacaa aaaagcatgc gctattatga ttcacttacc ctttaatacg     91080
     ttttggtgcg attattaccc gctattaaga aactgcactg taaaaaaaat tccattgttt     91140
     ttacaaaaaa aatttggcag ctgtggttgc cagaataatt ttgtaaaaaa tacaataaaa     91200
     atgtaaaccg gtttacaatt taaaactgta tgtgtacgga ataattatgt aaaaaacaat     91260
     ttaaaaattt gtaaaattta cagaaatttt gtgtaagaat aaattacatt tttagtattt     91320
     aaacaaaaaa atcttgttat ttttacaaaa aatatttggc agctgtggtt gccagaataa     91380
     ttttgtaaaa attacaataa aaatgtaaac ctgtttacaa tttaaaactg tatatgtaca     91440
     aaataattat gtaaaaaaca aattaatatt atgtaaaatt tacaaacatt ttgtgtaaga     91500
     aatacttaaa tttttagtat ttaaacaaaa aatcttgttg tttttacaaa aatattttgg     91560
     cagctgtggt tgccagaata attttgtaaa aattacaata aaaatgtaaa cctgtttaca     91620
     atttaaaact gttgaacata aagaacaatt acgtgaaaaa acaaaacaat atatttacta     91680
     attaatacta tttattaaaa ttaataatta cattaatatc taaaaaaaat ctggcagctg     91740
     tggatgccac aataattatg taacgaaaat acattttaca atgtaaacaa cttaacagca     91800
     taagatcatc actttagtca attgtgttta tttataatat tttaagaaga ccaatgttgt     91860
     ttcgtataat gaacatagtt taatttcagt agcaactgta aatcatttgc tttacccttg     91920
     accatgcatg aaaacgataa cttgtatgtt acacagtatg acccagccga ggctcaaacc     91980
     attaactgga ttggtttgca ggtttaacat aggtggccag gctggaaaga taatctgtga     92040
     gaactgaaat agagagatgc atgtgattat aagcacacac agaccgggaa aattaccttg     92100
     aactttggta ctatatctcg atggtagttt gaagggggga atgggtgaac aggtcgaggg     92160
     cagctgtagg gtcattgggg gctgtgcaca aggtctgggg gagaagagga cggctggcca     92220
     catttaaggg gcagatgttc aatatgcaga tggccgtaat cgaatcgagt gattttcagt     92280
     tgatgttctg attatcatga aaacaatagt gtctgctgtc tatggttcta gggtcaaagg     92340
     agagaaggcc aatgtggagg tctgaacttg aaaaaaaaaa aaaactttaa aaaaaaagac     92400
     agccagacag gacaccatga tgattgattg gacattaggt ttactgacat ttctattgcg     92460
     tattgctaaa gcgtagagta gcagttgact atgggaggaa tacatgctct aactcactgc     92520
     ctctgttcac aattctgctg agatcaccct catatatcta aaatgagttt gcagcattct     92580
     gatcaaactc ttgatgttag aagtcactct tttataggaa taacatttat tattatggct     92640
     tttatatgga ccttactgaa acggtagcat cctaatgact aatgcaggct tagttgtaac     92700
     acacccattt aaatatttca tacatgctac caagacaaaa ccttttgaag ttttcagtga     92760
     atttaattat ttaaaaagta catttcttcc tgaagtaaag ttcagtattc aaatctcagt     92820
     atttgggttt atttgaaata atgtaattcc cccctttttt agatttagat ataaagatat     92880
     ttaaaaggat tgactgacta ctacatttca caggcactgt ggttatatat atatatatat     92940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatct atcgtcactt gagaattaca aggttctatc     93000
     tgacattttt ataaaaattt agttatttgc atattcctat taaatgacaa cttatttaca     93060
     tcatgtgatg tttgtttata agttgtttac attttaagat ttttttattt aaaaaacaaa     93120
     aaaggtttta tctacaaagt caaactctag tttggctcta taaggttctt tctgtgagcc     93180
     aatcagcatt tttaatgcac acacgaggac caatcaggat cagctttctt tgtcattttc     93240
     gccggactgc tccattgtca gcgggaaaca ccagaaagac aaattcacac aaaatcagag     93300
     tcagctaaat aataccgcac cacacagaat tgagatgtgt gtcaatgtga tgatttagaa     93360
     gtatttcttg ccgtttcttg ccgtttcatt catttattca tgttcttttc ggcttagtcc     93420
     ctttattaat ctggggtcac cacagcagaa tgaaccacca acttatccag catacaggta     93480
     tgtttcacgc agcggatgac cttccagctg caacccatct ctgggaaaca cccatacaca     93540
     ctcaattaca cacatacact atggccaatt ttagcatacc aaattcacct gtaccgcatg     93600
     tatttggact tatttttgta ttgtattttt ttgaaaagca atgctttgat aaatttctgg     93660
     cagatagaac cttataattc caatcggaaa atgacttttc agaataagaa gcttctatct     93720
     gcatttacca tggtttttta ctccaaattg caaatgtaag aaaactttga taatttacat     93780
     ttagagagcc cttagggttt ctgtcatgtt aatgtatgaa agagaactgt tacacacaca     93840
     ctgtttgcta aatggactgc aaaaactttg aagctcaata tctcaaaatc attcagatag     93900
     aaccttataa ttaatatata taatatatta tttaatatat ataaataaat atatatatat     93960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     94020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     94080
     atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtac agtgattgga caatgaaact aaaacactgg     94140
     ccaatgcaat gttggaggtt tcatggctaa atttgacccg cctggaggcc aatcttcatt     94200
     gaatgcaaat ttcaccagta agagcagagt gcaaaggttt aagcgaagta atagcactat     94260
     tttgtttaaa atttttggaa tgcacacaac attatgggtg acatatcaga gatcaaaaga     94320
     gaaccaattg ttgatgtacg cctggcgcat caagagccat gacatccagg gtattgtcag     94380
     caaaccacca agaaggatga accgcatcca gcaggtggac acaaaaggaa gctgtgttaa     94440
     aaagatgtcc gcatgggacc caaattgtat gcaaaataca taaaaccata gctgcccaac     94500
     tcacttcaga atttaatctg caccttaact gtcctgtttt caccaaaact gttaattggg     94560
     agcttaacag ggtaaatatt aatgggtggg ctgctttagc taaacctttg gtttctcatg     94620
     ccaaagatgc cagcagcaga aatcttgggc tgtggacaat gtgaaacata cattgttctc     94680
     tgatgagaca caagagcgtg catggccaga gcacaaccga gaccacgctc attacaaaaa     94740
     caaagacatg gaaaaagaca ggaaatataa acttaaacag agcacgtcat ttatgacaag     94800
     acacgactag tgtctggaat ctgccactaa aacaaaaata aacaagatcg aagtgacaga     94860
     gtcccctaac gggatggatc agtgatgatt tgggctgcaa tatcatggca ttgccctggg     94920
     cccaatacta caatgctaga tgggcacatc actaccaagg acaactgaac cattctggag     94980
     gaccatgtgc actcaatgat taagcatggt atgctaaagg cagcgcaatg tatcaggatg     95040
     gtaatgcacc aatacacaca gcaagactgg ttaataccta tcaggatgca gacttggatt     95100
     tgcatactga gactacatat ttcagaaatg caatattaaa cacaatgcac ttaatggagc     95160
     tagtggagtc actgtgaggg gtggggttaa gtatgagcat taataacact gtatgcagct     95220
     caccttgtaa gtgcaccaag tctgcatcca gacccctctc agactggtga cagagtggtt     95280
     tgatgaacat gaaagtgaag tttaagagct tccatgtccc tcccagtcac cggctttaaa     95340
     tatcattgag ccactttggg gcgttttaat tattattttt ttaatcagtt aacattttaa     95400
     tctgtcaaat gacatgctac agcatgcctc taccagtggg gcatgttgtc acatttcact     95460
     tccattcttt tagcgtaaat aaggaaataa ttagggtaaa aggtattctg taaatatgaa     95520
     acaaaactag acaagagtaa aatgaattag gacgagaaag atttaattct gatcccatat     95580
     gtatataaac tgagcaagtc aaaaggtttt cagctttgtt ctgctctttc ttacttgctt     95640
     cccagatcct acatttttgc attaataaat atagacacaa atgagactag gttttcagaa     95700
     aagagtagtc agaatatgtg gacttctgtt tactgtcatg cagttatctc ttattgcgaa     95760
     ttataaaaat gtatttcaaa aaccactatt attataaatt ctttctttgt ttaaatgttt     95820
     atcacataat ttaatatttt taaaagatat gatagtagaa gacataaaaa catagagagc     95880
     agagaaggga atagaacagg actaaaaggg gtccttcagt ttcccagtac tgggttgcgg     95940
     cttaaagggc atccgctgcg ttaaacatta gctagaatag ttggtggttc attccgctgt     96000
     ggcaacccct gataaataag ggacttagtt aaaggaaaat aaatgaatga acggttatac     96060
     atcttatgtc aaatgcaatg tcttgtgctg aatgtgactt cacacaattg aggccaatgt     96120
     gacataaagt ggcacaatta tgagaaagct aagagaccat ttaaattaaa ctaaacaaaa     96180
     aggcaattac aaaaaagttc cagttgtggg gtatagagtc ataatgacaa gatttaaggt     96240
     cattgtttca tgactttttt taattacaac tcatgtttta ataactctca gataaaatac     96300
     agaacgaaag caagtacaat caagacagta attacatgac agtaagtaat gaataagtaa     96360
     ttgtgaaaaa tttttcattg aaaatttctc taaatgttaa gctagtgtcg tgcaagtccc     96420
     cttgcgccct ctgcaggaat actatgatta aagaggaaaa gtgcatgcaa acatttgtct     96480
     ctggtggatg aattgctgtt agtatcagca tattcagatt attacattag acttacccgt     96540
     ctactcatgc agcctacaac aatgagtgat acgtgtaaaa caatacggat aataaatagt     96600
     ttttttttaa atggttcaga ttatgtgtga ggtacacttt tcgcatccgg cttgacgtga     96660
     ctggaatctc gcgttatttc gttgttttgt atcttttcga acacacctcc aaagtatcgc     96720
     gggaatcaaa tgtgttgact gaatgccacg tcggtttgag tgtgagcagc atcttaactg     96780
     ctttcactct ttaccagaat aagctaattt atattagttt tcgcagctta taccgttgct     96840
     agacgtggat gcggttagca gattgctaac ttattcagtg cacggtactg gcgcgtgctt     96900
     tggttttttc ggcatcacta gcaggtattt gcacgatgag cattgagctt tgtgagactg     96960
     atcgtttgtt tactgtaacc ttactgtcgc tggtctgttc acttcaggta gttctaacag     97020
     ttatttgtta aggctgcaga ttactgttaa ttctttgcga gagcacagat tcaccgtgat     97080
     gaggtctgga tcacagttca tctttaacgt ttgaatgaag tcgatgcatc atcaacagat     97140
     gcttttgtta tctttaacat tatctttgac ttgattactg tatatctagt ggtttaagat     97200
     aggctctgca aatttaataa aattcgtcga tactccaaat atacgttgtt ttggaaaagc     97260
     tgagaatatc agaatataag ttaaatcaat ttgacatcct taatacgtca tgactatctt     97320
     cgttgtgatc tgctatttta aaacatttat ctaaatggga accgctttta aacgcttaac     97380
     cgaaagtata ggcttcttgc attaattaaa atcccttccc ttgtgggatc ccttcctact     97440
     gttagcattc tgttacaaag cggagctaac tgtaggaagt gactcgtgtg atttcaggat     97500
     actgtctgca attttactag ctcaatgtac gagttgtggt gtagagtttt ctgcagtatg     97560
     tcagctgcgg tatttttatc ttacactagc gttcatgcag tttacattta acttgtattt     97620
     tttatcatag ttattcaatt gaagttagtt ttgtgtgtat gatgcttttg accatataca     97680
     tcacatttac ctctagatcg tttcaaaaat tatccaaaac tgctctaaca tggagacatg     97740
     tagaactagt caaggctaag aaatgcttaa tcatacttca acattaaaag caatgatttc     97800
     cagttctggc tcgttaaaat agtttacttg cattctttca tacctgtcag ttgtaaccta     97860
     aagactgtca agtaactacc cagaacaaat aactacttgc aataaaaagt gaattaattg     97920
     taatgcaact gaatattcgg tgtggcttgt gtgagttcaa aaacattgtt tttttctgtt     97980
     taggaacaat gagggtcttt agcaaatcgc tattgctgat tgctgttggc attttaatgt     98040
     cccagcagac actggctcac tcccaccatc atcatggaca tggtgatggt ggatgccatg     98100
     gtcactcaca tggtggagcg aagatgcatc acggggcaag caaatggagt gctgaagcta     98160
     atctgcctca tgctgaagag gagcatcacg tacacgatca cgggcacaca cataatcatg     98220
     cacacgatca cgggcatgca cacagtcatg gagacattca tgatcatgga catgcacaca     98280
     agcatggaca cgcacacgat catggagctg agaaatcgaa gaaagttgtg gaagcaggca     98340
     aacggaacat ggtggagctc tggatgcagg tgaaacatgc tgatgaataa gtgcagatta     98400
     atagattccc acttgggtta ttgtgaaaca tttgatactg tatgtcaata gtgaagtgtt     98460
     tttttatatt tagtacctat tcaaaattaa ttcaaagttt atgaatcatt ttctttacac     98520
     caatattact tttaataggg tatatggaca ggttgtattt gtatacgcac atattgcaaa     98580
     aaatatatct tattccggcc aaaacattat aataacaatt tatattaatt gtagagtaat     98640
     aaggtacttc tgacctacca tcattttata aataattcat agtttattaa ttgtgtttta     98700
     cattaatgta tactgttaaa agtacttttt attagctcat atgcaaagac tcttctttta     98760
     tgaaatatct ttttattttg tttgtgtatt ataattataa gtctaatcaa tcttaacaca     98820
     tttttaatac acatatagtt ccacataaac atggaaacaa tacaaatact caattcatag     98880
     tattagtcga tttatttatt ttttttaatt attagcaaga tgattttatt tatttttatt     98940
     taaaaccggt gacttgttta cttaaaaaca atgtgtttgc tagtattgta agttaacaaa     99000
     ttattcttta attggttcat aattaaacag ttaaacaatg tgttatcttt tattaataac     99060
     tcaataatca tacaacatgg tatagtggta taaactgatt aaccacaaca gaatagtcca     99120
     gggcagatac ttggagcaaa gaaaaaaaca ggtttacaaa ttatttacat tttaatgttt     99180
     tttttttttt ttcttaacaa attcttatat gcctgggtaa ttttaaattt aattgtgtga     99240
     tcttttggat ggtattttat atggctcatg caagattata aactagggct gggtgattaa     99300
     tcgaaatagt cattcagaac ctataattga tcacattttt ctaggtcaat tttttttcat     99360
     tttcttttcc taccctgtgt ggagtcacgc tgttaaggct taattctact ttttatatca     99420
     tgatttataa ttttttatgt tataattatt atttttctgt caagggcacg tgtacagtcc     99480
     agagcagcct tcacataccc gttcacctct caaaaaaaaa agtacttgca tgtcataacg     99540
     acgtttaacg caagctttgt ggttggttgg tttggtagcg gtaatgaagg tgggtggcac     99600
     agagaaccgc attttagggt atgtgcattt taattttagt tgtttagcat tgaagtgcta     99660
     taaataatac aaataaaata aaacttgtca gtgaactatg agggcaaaaa cataaaataa     99720
     aaaataaaat aattattcat tattcgaata aaaatttaga ttttaggcca aatttcccat     99780
     ccatattata aagtgttgga tgatttaaaa ttgaagaaaa taatctgctg attaaaatgt     99840
     cagtcaaagt ttagattgct ataacattga ccaaaacatg ttccaaaagt cattttattg     99900
     aaataagatg ctgttgaaaa ttatgagtgc catgtttaat tggtctaaag aaacactgtg     99960
     gatgactaga tctcaaccat ggctttaaga aactaagctt ttttttttct ttctttcttt    100020
     gtttttatag gccattggag ccaccctgct cattagtgct gcaccatttc tgatactctt    100080
     cctcattcca gtacagtcaa acactgacca gcaccagaac ctgcttaaag tgctcttgag    100140
     ttttgcatct ggtggtttgc ttggagatgc attccttcat ctcattcctc atgcactggg    100200
     taagtgactg gacagaggtc aatccatagt aacatattgt ctcacataac ctggcccaat    100260
     cccaattcta ccccttagcc cttttcctta cccgtacccc tcgttttgtg tgttcatgtg    100320
     aaagggtaag ggtgtctcaa ttctctttaa ggctcattta tactttcacc tggtgccgtg    100380
     ttgcagacct ccgctgactg cgcggtcacc tcacgaaatg gacgagactt ttattctttt    100440
     tattaagcaa tcgctcttgt gatgttctgt aaggtcagcc gcataaacag agtaggaagt    100500
     ttccgaaact gcttcatatc atcaatatcg ttcagttata attatttttt tattcattta    100560
     ctaatttatt tgaatgatta taaagatttt ttttaacaat ttaacgattt gttaagtcaa    100620
     actttgatgc atcacttgct ttagttaata tatctcagag ttctacctat taaagtgaat    100680
     attaatgaca acagaacatg ggtacagtta tattttttat tgtggtaaga ataaaagcaa    100740
     taataagtac acttactaaa aaatactgat gtttttattt agcccactca acaattcaca    100800
     cattactgtc tggctagttt gtcctctact tataagttaa aaaggaaata atggtccaac    100860
     attcctgacc attatcacca ataaagccta aaaacagggc atcaataaag gtatattgta    100920
     aatcaaatat ttattttcag ttatcaaaaa actccttcat tttagtttgt aactattaaa    100980
     tagtgttaaa ttcaaaatta taatatatac atcagagtta aacccatgaa tggtggaaaa    101040
     acattctgta atattaaaac cacatgggtc ttaaattttg ccatggcctc ttttttttgg    101100
     ttttaacaaa cttatccctc agatttttcc aaacttttac aaaaacttct tcttttccac    101160
     ggctgttgca atttatagcc aagagttatt ggccatctgg ttatccctat gatcacccat    101220
     tgttggatca taaagatgtg tgtacaggcg tacctgtttc agacataatc tctttaaagt    101280
     gattcatatt caactccaat aaaataaaat aaaatatgat gctacgcaaa ctgttcgctt    101340
     gagtcttaaa acattttgtg tgctccgcca gctgaaatca tgttgcacgc acctaaagtt    101400
     aacctctgca aatacagcga tgacatcaca ttcaccatgt caactagccg acgtgtcgat    101460
     tataaaccag gatttagcgt gacggtgtag ggctaagggg aagggctaga gtgctgatga    101520
     aacttgagat tttttttcag gaccacactt gaaactaggc ttgccatgat agatggtgtt    101580
     gacggtgtta ccggttttta tacacaacac cagtgacatc acttttcctc tgtgacacag    101640
     tccccacatt tattttttta ttaaatattt atttgaatca gatggaaaat attattctaa    101700
     ataatttaca taagacgaga gcatgcacta taattataat ctgaacatag ctacaatgcg    101760
     tcatatttca tttatcacat gaggagaacg ggcggagtcg aatttacaga aagagaatgg    101820
     cagatgattt agtgtcaaat cgcaatgcaa aagcgcctgt ttggcaatat tttgggttca    101880
     accctaatgc aaaaagagaa cctgaaaaca ttaatgaggc agtccgcaaa ctttgcctga    101940
     caaaggcggc atcatctgga ggaaatacaa ctaacttaat ttatacaggc accttcaaca    102000
     caccgacttg atgtttaact atgggagggt cgcgggtaga taagatcaat agccataaat    102060
     aggcaacgca tactcatttt aaaaatcatg cgaccattat ctcacaatgt ttaatgataa    102120
     ataatactgt ttttttttta ttaaaatgag tgatttaaca atgccgtgtc attaataagc    102180
     caactgcaga gaaacaaagc aaccctcacg gcaaccgcag ttatgacttt tttttctaag    102240
     ttcagctgtt cttttttaca cttgattatt atgcatttaa tgttaaaaaa aaaaatctat    102300
     tatgaatagg ctgacaagag tgtattctgt gtgtttttgc ttataatcaa atgtaaagtt    102360
     aatttagatg agccattatt taaaaaatgc attttaaaat actgatttat tttaacatgc    102420
     tagcatatta ataacagaac ataacagcat ctgcacgcac ctgcagtttc caacagcata    102480
     gaaaaccaga ataaactgaa gaaaattaat aaaataaata ggcctgctgt tttttttttt    102540
     tttaatcaaa tgtttttttc caaatatgtc tgtaggcaca tgtggttaca cgttaccgtc    102600
     tcgcgagttc acaaatatgt gttgcagttg aacaaagggc cgatcacagc aaacatgctt    102660
     ttccattcca aaaacacctt ttatgttgac aaggaaaaaa gaagaccgcc gatttcaaaa    102720
     cctcttgcac acccctcaaa tataggttat gcaggtcaag cgcagatctt cttgtgctct    102780
     caaataaacg ctgcgattta ttgcgtttat gtagtgagta tgtctccaac atttattaga    102840
     ttttctagga atatttttgg atgtctccaa tagacttaga gcggcatcaa tgcgtcctga    102900
     agtaaagtga aacggctata aactccagca agataaagtc attatataca gagccacaga    102960
     ccttttatct ataaataagt tcaaattatg gaaactgtgt tcatcctaac tgaaagctac    103020
     gtcgtgtttg ctggcttcac gcatcacgca cctgtcagtc tgtcagcaca taacctaaaa    103080
     acggttcact acgaatcact gctacagtta cagaaaagtc agcgctgtta taattcactt    103140
     accttttaat acgttttggt gcaattataa cccgcaatta aaacaacaac aacaatgaca    103200
     atgttttaaa tgaaaagttg taatgtagcc gtggagggat gcattttggt gtggcgcctg    103260
     gccatggaaa aataaatgta gcgaaaacca tgctctttaa aagttctcta tagttgtctt    103320
     gacaacacac acactgcagc tctgggatga gccacatgta aaacatatgc ggctttgagt    103380
     aaaccattaa aaagatgccc cttttaacac aaaatgcgct ttcgatcggc cccttatgca    103440
     tcaaacaaaa aatatataaa ataatatttt aaacgtttaa ctgataccat taatctgtta    103500
     caaacgcacc ctttggatta atggttaatc aattattttg ggcatcccaa gtttttatat    103560
     taataaaagt atgcttagcc tattgatgct taacggctat atatgctgcc aataggcaag    103620
     ccattcaaaa aatattattt tactgtttac tgggttataa tgaatatttt acagtaaaag    103680
     tgtagaatgt ctcgctgtct tttaaaacat gcaattcata acacaccaga gctgtagtct    103740
     atgcagtgtg taaacttaca gggaggtgtt ggtcaatagt catactgcgc accattattg    103800
     acctccaata tctctgaggg agaataggtt accagatagc caatattaac ttgagagatt    103860
     tactaataaa agggatttta aaaaggaaca acatgcaaat gacaaaacaa ataaaactga    103920
     tcctgcagca tttgttatct tggcagtgta tgctgtgtag tgtgtttatc gcccttatgc    103980
     atcgtgtatt gtcaattctc gcaaaactga aagtattata cacacgcatt tataaggtat    104040
     ttaaggcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagaggaaa cccccacccc tgcggtgata atggtattac    104100
     cggtgttgtc acatgtcgat taaccgctgg agaaatttcc tcatcgtcac aaccctactt    104160
     gaaaccaaag gggtatgaaa attaccccga atacaccagc tacaacggca gcatggttgc    104220
     acacagaagt aaaaagatgc acaaattgtt tttttttttt gtccttatta tgaattctta    104280
     caagcaagca agcatatgtt ttaatacatt cataaaggtg ttcgtgtttt acaatctgct    104340
     ttgaaaaaaa aaacggcaaa attttgttat tcgttatcta taataataat tcctgtatag    104400
     tcctacaaca tactttcaca tctaatgata cttgaatacc atgtcagaaa agtctagtga    104460
     ctggtaatga gcttttttta cagtgcttgg tagaatgtta atgttgtttt tgtgtgttta    104520
     gatgaatatg tccactgtgt aaatgcacag tgcagttacc agcttattgc cacatttatc    104580
     tttgtgataa catgatattg ttgccttcag tgttttcctg aagataaata caaaaaatga    104640
     ttgcaacttg aataactacc gtagtcgcca tcgtcaatct catgagaagt acgagctcgc    104700
     aatgacatgt gcaggtgttg tagtgctgtc ccatttcttc acactctatt tcaagagcca    104760
     aggggtaggg ataaaattgg gattgggcca atctgaggca gaaaacataa agggatagtt    104820
     tattaaaaaa aatcaaatgt taacacacta ttacgagttt ctttttttgt tgaacacaag    104880
     aaatatgttg ttgaaaaagg gtggatctgg taatcattga tgtccatagt aggaaaaaca    104940
     aatgctatgt aggtcaatag taacagtttc caagaatgtt tttttttttg tgtccaaaag    105000
     aaagaaagag agaaagaaac tcaaacaggt ttgtgaacag cagggaaata aagactgaat    105060
     ttttactttc ccatttaaat gtatttcata ttgcagagaa tttgctttat tttattatga    105120
     cagtaccctt tgacttgagc gttttttttg tttttgtttt ttcctagcca tctgtactgg    105180
     actacataga tatattatca tactggaaaa ataattgatt tgtgagatgt taaattattc    105240
     tcttattcct gtgtaggttt gatcccaaat agttagacag atgcttttga atgagtgttt    105300
     ttgaagccag atggcggagt cataaaataa acaacccata taattggtcc atgctaacca    105360
     gccatatttt attttctttt tcccaacaca gaacctcatt ctcatcacag tcagccacac    105420
     agcgaggagt cccatggcca gtcgcatggt gaggagtcac atggtcactc tcatggtagg    105480
     tcattggtct atcttatttt ttctacagtt gttataatga ggccaaatgc gatgaggaat    105540
     agaatttatt ggtagatagt ctttactttt ttgttcattg tacatttttt tttaaattct    105600
     gtcacaggag ctgcccatgg tcacatgatg tcagttggtc tgtgggtgct aggtggcatt    105660
     gttgcatttc tagtggttga gaaatttgtt cgtcttttga agggaggaca ttcacactcg    105720
     cattcccact ctccctgtaa gtgcttcaga ttaattgtat tgtatttact ttttaggagc    105780
     ttttaggaat tgaaattgtt cctaaagcaa cttctttcta aaattgttat aatctttata    105840
     atcttttttt tttttgaatt tttgccatct tcagtgtttt taaactggca gagactaaaa    105900
     aagttccttg ataaaataaa cacttttttg ttgttatgaa gtctctaaaa tgaacgcaga    105960
     aatatatttt cttgtcatgt tttcagctgc tccaaagtca aaggatagtg atgaagaaga    106020
     tgacaagaaa ggacaaaaga agggagagaa agacaaagtt gtctctcaac agaaacctac    106080
     aaagaaaaca gtagagacaa gttctggtac gaaaaccaaa gtatttgagt gtcagtattg    106140
     ttgttttgtg tcttgtttcc attgagtggt atggttcagt atgcagtaca gtatgtgtca    106200
     ccttcatcaa gtctatcctt ccacttccaa tggtaccctt ttggtaggcg tggtgtacaa    106260
     cagagtttca gtagatgcca ttttcactta aagaatagta gtgatgagca ctaagaaaaa    106320
     agatgcttca tatacatata tacttgtgta ttaatgttaa ttaatccttc tatgagcagg    106380
     atttcatgtt ttacgctaat gcaaattact gaacgtttat aattgtattt ttaaaaatcg    106440
     aaataaataa aaaaacacat taatgtttcg aatgtttcac attaatagat aattttttaa    106500
     taaacttaca gtattaaaca attaaaaaaa attctgtcat tctgagtgca taatagtctt    106560
     aaaggtgatg atgttaaaaa ttaaaaatcg cttaggttgc taatagattc attagttctt    106620
     ttgcgcttta ctctcaattt tgcttctttc aaaacagatg tgagaagcac ttgaacctaa    106680
     tcacatgtaa gttaaaatca tgagttcaag ttcattattt caaatatata gatgcatgta    106740
     aagcagatgc aaatatggaa agagagagag agcgcagaac ccctcaatgc ttttagacca    106800
     cacattttta gatgcttggg taaacaataa tatagcagat tctgttatcg cttttttgac    106860
     atttggcagt ttgtcccata aagacaacaa ggtttatatg gtcgaccatg gcttatatgt    106920
     attactgatg tatctcagtt gtgtttttca aaatggcgct tcctgtgttg ttctcctggc    106980
     ttgttgcaca ctctggtgac tattttctgt aaaccaaaag cacccctttg gtactattca    107040
     aactagatac gttttggaaa gggtggtatg gcacagtaca gtatgctttt tttggtacct    107100
     ttgacagtgg aaacgtactc taccaaacca tactgctcag ttgaaatggt cattggtgac    107160
     ttctgtttgt atttacagat attaaagtgt ctggttatct gaacctggct gctgatttca    107220
     ctcacaattt cacggatggt cttgcaattg gagcatcttt cctggttggt ccagctgttg    107280
     gtgctgttac caccatcacc atcctcttac atgaagtacc acatgaaatt ggagactttg    107340
     caattcttgt ccaatcaggc tgcaccaaga ggaaggtacg gagcaaattt aaggactcgc    107400
     acattcaatt aaattcttct ttatttttgt agctcttttt actttgtaga ttgtcaaagc    107460
     agctttacat agatagtgaa agccataata tttttggaga ttgtggaaaa tttcagcaat    107520
     ttaggctggc tggaatgtag aatcctgatg tagttgtagt taaattgaaa ctgcttcagt    107580
     tcagtttagt ttaaatgttt agatcagtgg aacttaaacg tcactgctga aggccggtcc    107640
     actggtgcgc agctccactg atcccaacct agcaagccaa atatgactgt ggcaaggaac    107700
     ttcactgtac cattaaaaga aagtgatgaa aacaaaacct tgaccgaaac caggctcaga    107760
     tttctggcca aacgtctgca tgtcggaggt ttgaaaaaga tgatcttcca tcatggagaa    107820
     ggtgcaagtc tgagtaggtc acagggcaga aacttgagtc ttttagggaa tcaatcttat    107880
     gctcttgact tattaatgat aagtatatca atactaataa ttctgaagta ttagccccct    107940
     agaattatta ttcgcccctc ctttaatttt ttccccaatt tctgtttaac gaagaacatt    108000
     tttttcaaca catttctagg cataatagtt ttaatatttc atttctaatg actgatttat    108060
     ttaatctttt ccatgatgac agtaaataat attttacttg atcttttgtg taatatttaa    108120
     aggcttaact aggttaacta ggcaggttag ggtaaatagg caagttattg tataatgatg    108180
     gtttgttctg tagaacatcg aaagaaaaaa tagcttaaag gggctaataa ttttttccct    108240
     aaaatatata aataatttat aatagtctta aaaagtctta aatttgactt gatgaaaact    108300
     gcagaaaccc tgatctacat gtttcaaaga ttgaagctaa agtagaattg gttgcaaaaa    108360
     tctttcctga tgaccgttat tttatttttc atttatttct cttttctttc tcttttaatc    108420
     aggctatgtg tcttcagctt ctcactgctg ttggtgcatt agctggaact gcctgctcct    108480
     tattggctga aggagtgggt gacgcggcca cagcgtggat cctccccttt actgccggag    108540
     gctttgttta cattgcgact gtcacagttc tcccagagct gctggctgga cactctagtt    108600
     tctggcagtc actcctggag atcctggctc ttctgtttgg agtgggaatg atggtgctga    108660
     ttgcagagta tgagtgagcg aggaagccat gtttaaaaga agaacttgga atatgaggcg    108720
     cagtgaccaa tgtatggtca ccggaagcgc agagaaactt tgaaatgtat gttagcattg    108780
     accacaggag gaaaacctgc gtaagaaata aaaaaagtgc ttttatgaga aaactactca    108840
     tttatgcaaa gacctgcatg aatggatcac ataaaacaac ctcaccaggg accaaaattt    108900
     agatctaata catgcataca aatcataggt atacactaaa gagactgata gaatcagaat    108960
     gtgcggacca ttacgttcca aagttactat gtctccagtc actaaaacat gttttgctaa    109020
     tcaatttatt tgcttatcaa gaaattgcag taatgttttg atttgaaaaa tcatttgact    109080
     gcacttcacg caataaagaa gtatgtgatt ctttctacag cagtgcgttt gctttttaat    109140
     gggatttctt tacatttata tttacagttg aaaccattag tttacataca caattaaaaa    109200
     aggcacatta cgtttttttt tttttttaaa tgtctgctgc taaatcatac taaacgtttt    109260
     tagagatttt tcttgattgt ttaaaaaaaa tatattaatt tttaaacagt caaaagatta    109320
     catacaattc cttagtattt tcaacttttc ctttaatctg tataacttgg gtcaaacatt    109380
     ttgagtatcc ttccacaaac ttctcacaat agtttgctgg attttggccc atttcttctg    109440
     accgaactgg tgtaacagag tcagatttgt tgtttcttgc tcatgctttt tcagctctgc    109500
     ccacacattt tctataggat taagatcagg gctccgtgat ggtccctcca aaacattcac    109560
     tctattgtcc ttaaagcaca ttttaacaaa ttttgcagta tgcttagggt cattgtccat    109620
     ttggaagacc catttgtggc caagtttaat ttactggctg atgtctcgag attcaatatt    109680
     tttacataat gttctttcct caggatgcca tgtattctgt gaagtggacc cgtccctcct    109740
     gcagctaaac agccccacaa tatgatgctg ccacctccat acttcacagt tgggatggtg    109800
     ttcctaggct tgtaagcttt cccccttgtc ctccaaacgt gacactggtc attatggcca    109860
     aacagttcaa ttttaattcc atcaaaccac agaacatgcc tccaaaaatt aaagcctttt    109920
     tccctgtgtg cttttgcaaa ttgtaatatg gctagtaatg gtagtaatag taacttttca    109980
     gccgatgttg gtacaggagt cgtttcactg tggataatga aactctcagc agattcagcc    110040
     atcgtcttca ctgcgtcttt tgcttttgtt ctgtggttag cacacagttc gcactatagc    110100
     acatgcatct ctgggaaaca gaatccttct tcctgagcga tatgataact ggacattatc    110160
     ctgttgttta tacttgcata taattgtttg aaccgatgaa cgtgctacct tcagtcatct    110220
     agaaattata ccaaaagaag aaccggactt gtggaggtat acaattttct tcctgatgtt    110280
     ttggctgatt cttttgattt tcccatgttg tcacacaagg aagccatgtg aggtttgcct    110340
     taaatactaa tctacagttg tgctactcaa atattgtcaa ttagccaatc ataaacttcc    110400
     aaaaccttga caccatcatc tgggcttttt ttccgatgca tggtaatctc agtgtattta    110460
     aacttttgac ttttacgaaa agttataaaa aacatattta tttatctctc attattctgc    110520
     tcttaagcaa atgtaaacaa tgttggtaat cctaacttac ctaaaagaga aaaagagaag    110580
     ccacattcaa cataagacat ttatatgtaa taaagtatat gtaaacttct ggtttcaact    110640
     gtacatgcag tggtgatggt tcatcattag atgcaaacag tatattgaag tagaattttt    110700
     ttctagtttt attgtttgtg tttcccatat tatttattca aatgccactc attacaatgt    110760
     aaacccttta caattccctt tcggtttcaa tgaaataaat gtgatacaac ttaaactgat    110820
     aaaagaagag gccctaatgc ttgattctga agcactttta caaatcataa agctaacatt    110880
     tattttgtgc tccggtttcc cccacagtct aaagacatgc ggtacaagtg aattgggtaa    110940
     gctaaattgt ccatagtgta tgagtgtgtg tgaatgtttc ccagagatgg gttgtggctg    111000
     gaagggcatc tgctgcgtag aaaagtgctg gataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggcg    111060
     accccagatt aataaaggga ctaagctgac aagaaaataa tgaatgaatt attattcatt    111120
     cgttcattca ttttcttttt ggcttagtcc ctttattaat ctgaggtcgc ggcgtcgcca    111180
     caccgaaatg atccgccaac ttatccagcc tatgttttac gctgcagatg cccttccagc    111240
     tgcaatcgat cactgggaaa cacccataca aactcactta tttacacaca caatggacaa    111300
     tttagcacac ccaattcccc tataccgcat gtctttggac tgcagggaaa acattttttg    111360
     ttgaggaaaa aacaacatgg gtttagacta atttatacag cctaaactaa tcctataaat    111420
     cagaaagtta gctgacatgt agcttattct tagccagtcg tttaaagcag tgcttttcaa    111480
     ccactgacct ggaggacaac catcactgca tgttttggac tcctttgtct gtcacaccca    111540
     ttacatgttt ttcagtctcg gctactgaga aaataatctg aatcagttgt gtttagttaa    111600
     ggagagatat aaaatgtgca gagctgtggt acaccgggag cttggttgag aaacactgat    111660
     tttaagaact agtgggaagt ttctactatg aagtcatgct aagagattat gttactgaaa    111720
     gtaagcaacc aagaaagatc atatgaaatg tgacctagta ttaacttctt gttttaatgc    111780
     aaaagcagtt tcacacttgc atctgttatg ctggcctgaa tgtcaacagg tgaccaaata    111840
     ctggattact aagtacacaa gtaaaagtgc ttcttgtgtg ctccttatta tgatgcaaaa    111900
     gaaaattatt atactcaaaa tgaacatcaa aataataaag cttgtaaaca tctaatggat    111960
     gtttgagttt ttgccactca aaacttttat gtctaaaata ctagaaaaag ttgtttctac    112020
     ccaattacgc tcttttctgc agaccaacaa tatttttgaa gtgtttcagt caggttttag    112080
     ggctcatcac agaacagaaa ccgcattagt gaaaataacc aatgatttac tcttagctgc    112140
     tgaccaaggg tgcatctcgc tattaattct actcgatctt agtgcggcat ttgacaccat    112200
     tgaccacaat atcctcataa atcacttaaa gtctacatgg ttccagggac aggctctaca    112260
     atggtttaag tcatacttaa ctgaccatta ccagtttgtt aatattaatg gacagccatc    112320
     acaagtcagc ccagtaaagt atggggtgcc tcaaggatca gttttaggcc ctttgctgtt    112380
     tacaatttac atgctaccac tgggagacat tattagaaga catgggatca gcttttacta    112440
     ctatgcagct gatactcaat tatatgttta aactaaacct gatgagatgt atgaactgtg    112500
     taagctaact gagtgtatta gagatgttag agactggatg actaacaatt ttcttctctt    112560
     aaactcagac aaaacagaat tattacttat tatgcacagc agatctcaca acgcaatcta    112620
     caattagggg gatacaaagt tagcgttagc tctactataa aagatctggg tgtcatatta    112680
     gacagcaatt taacttttga aaatcatata tcccatgtca caaaaaccgc ctactttcat    112740
     gtaagaaata ttgctaaatt acaaagtatg ctatcaatct ctgatgcaga aaagctagtc    112800
     catgctttta tgacttctag actggattac tgtaatgctc tatttgctgg ctgcccagct    112860
     ttctctatta acaaacttta attagtagtt cttaccaggt ctagaaaata tgatcatatc    112920
     accccaattt tatcctcctt acactggctg cctgttaagt ttcttattga atttaaaata    112980
     ttactcctca cctataaagc tctaatcaat ctagctcctg tttatctaac caaccttctg    113040
     cctcgctaca atccaactcg ctctttaaga tctcaaaact cagggcttct ggtagtacct    113100
     agaatagcaa agtcgagtaa aggaggtcga gccttctcct ttatggctcc tacactttag    113160
     aatagccttc ctgataacat ccgaggctca gacacactct cttagttcaa aactagatta    113220
     aagacctatc tgtttagtaa agcatacact tagcgggttt ccacacaagt ttctgcatct    113280
     tgtttatatg cactatgatc agcaactatg tatttattga tttacttgtt tcttatatcg    113340
     gtgaactttt tttttccctc tccactttcg ccactggctt gcatggttca ggatcggtag    113400
     agctacgcat cgataaattt gctcttcagt gtttgtactc tcagtaatga ttttaaacca    113460
     cactgaactg agctaaactg atctgaactt aaacacaaaa aatttaacta ccctgatcca    113520
     gttactatga ccatttatgt gaagctgctt tgacacaatc aacattataa aagcactata    113580
     caaataaagc tgaattgaat tgaattggaa aaaaaaactg tattggaaca cacatcatga    113640
     tgccaaaagg tagggaaaag gggaacagaa atagaaaaga ccataatcat ttctgcattt    113700
     tatttcatca ctgatgtgtt gaaacaatca gctgaaaagc gtaatcctca cacagctggt    113760
     atttctcaat tttaaaatct tataaagtgt gattcacaag tgtaatgtgt gtgaaggcat    113820
     tgttctgagg gccagctgat taaattgaat ctaattctgt gtaattgtat tgcacaataa    113880
     tcattttagc atttagcagg taaaagttga aagagcgagt gtttaaaata ataccacacc    113940
     ttcctcctct atcatctaag ctattattca cattcattaa ttctaaacat cagatttact    114000
     gtttgtgttg taaactacag ctttagtatt tacaaaatga tggcaaaaag tacattgttt    114060
     actttgttac tgacctaatg catttgtggg aagttccctt tcagatgaat aattcattca    114120
     ttcattttct tttcggctta gtccctttat taatccaggg tcgccacagt ggaattatcc    114180
     gcaaacttat acagaacgtt tttacgtgat ggatgccctt ttagccagac cccatctcta    114240
     ggaaaagatt tataaatggt tggaggaaaa tatttctttg aatctggcaa catgactgac    114300
     agaggtttgt ggtaatcagt taattgggtt ttccaccatt atttaatgcc ccagaaacat    114360
     gtcttatagc attatgcatg tgtgccctgc agggttcatg ctgacttttg ctgggagtat    114420
     gtgctatggc aagcccacac aaaatataaa caggcccagt gcgggcacgc ccaggtttag    114480
     cccacagcta ggagagaacc cacagcaagt gagtgcctag taagggcttt ctgggggcta    114540
     ggttaagtct gcactaggcc cacacggaat ctgagcacac agaatattgc atattttcgc    114600
     agatttttag cccatcattg agtctatgta tttaattgtg tatgtgtgag taaatctata    114660
     tctattaaat ttctttatta atttcactaa tattattgtg atataatatg aatatgaaat    114720
     tgttcttatg atttatttac aatacagttt ataaagtaat attttctgtc ttttagtata    114780
     tatattatgt gagagacttg ttttgtttac caaataagtg gatctaattg aatttgattt    114840
     gtaaaaatta aataaaaatc aaaagtgttt tatttttatt tcatatatta accttttttt    114900
     ccccccagtg atgggttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgc ataaagcata tgctgcagct    114960
     ggataagttg gggtttcatt ccactgtggc aaccctagat aattaaaggg actaccgaaa    115020
     agaaaatgaa tgaatgagta ttaagctttt agttatggta ctcctaaaat cacactgcat    115080
     aaatctgcag atattttaca aaattctcag cagaaatagc aaaacatgtc tatagattct    115140
     gtctggccct accaatgggc taacatttag ccactaatca aactctcatt ggcgctgcat    115200
     gggctgccct cactaagccc acaggaagcc ctaaccctgg atggcccatg tgtggatctt    115260
     cattgaagat ttgaaatggt cccaccccta atttgtgtga cactgaaaca tgagatagat    115320
     gttttaccac tctgtcattc cattttatct cttacaacat tagtgtgtgt gtgtttttaa    115380
     gaacagaatt aaggaagacc agtcacctga ttggaagcag gtaacaatat acagagacca    115440
     gcatggccaa tacaagatgg ctgctaacag ctgccaaagt tttctggact ggagtttcct    115500
     ttgtctgcaa aatacctttc tagaattatc ttgcaagctt gtgtattatc agcctgatct    115560
     cacgagaaaa cgtaagtatt tgactttttg gcagtttagt ggctaattca gttcagttgt    115620
     aagaaactgt tcgattttaa aaaggaggcg tggcacctaa ccccacccct aaacccaacc    115680
     gtcattgggg ggatgagcaa atcgtacaaa aatgtactaa ttagatcgta cgaattccta    115740
     cgaattagcc actaaatgaa aaagttacaa actgctgtga gattgtgttg gtattatcat    115800
     tgttgtggtt tgtacattag tggaatatga tttaggtact tttggtccac cttggttttt    115860
     ggcaaaggtg catttacctg tatgcttttg tagctcaatt tatgaatatt aattattaac    115920
     aataacaaat tactatttat gaatattcag atttaatgta ttgttaattt aacaaaacaa    115980
     atataataat gacttcaccc ggttgtctga gccacctccg taattattta attatttaga    116040
     aagggaatta tagctacttc tagtgaagta aataaaaagt ttagaagttt ttggaaactt    116100
     aataaactct ggtagcaagg atcttttacc tttaaagtga ccctttcttt gaggtgaagc    116160
     aatgacaatc cagcatggtt aaagcatgat ttattatcta gtctatcata taatgaacaa    116220
     acgtacacaa cataacaaca gaaacataaa aaagataaaa gaagagttta gataaaagaa    116280
     gggcaaatct aactcagtct catacaacta ttcagaatca tcaattatgt aaacacctta    116340
     aaaaggcaca gcgtaaacgc ataactaata cctgtttgtc tgggtctttc tctctcttcc    116400
     tgggttcatt ctctgatgct tagaagatga tgtcttttta ttagatgtcc ttctgtcgtt    116460
     tgcgtggagt ttgctgcgca gattggggat atgcacagcc aaacgttaaa ctaatttata    116520
     attgccggaa aataagaaat gtgacacttt caagttcatc aaactactcg gtttctctgt    116580
     gtgctatgtg tgttggtgca ttatcatcct gatacatggc actgtctttg ggatacatgg    116640
     ttagaaccac tgggtgcaca tggtcttcca gaatggttcg gtagtccttg gcagtgatgc    116700
     acccatttag cacaagggcc taaggaaatg ccatgatatt gcaggccaaa ccattacgga    116760
     ttcaccccat cattcacttt gggcatgcaa cagttcgggt ggtaagcttc tttggggctt    116820
     ctccacatcg taactttctg ggatgtaaga tagacagtga agttggactc atcagagaac    116880
     aatacatatt gtccacagcc caagatatct gctgttggca gcattgaaac agacgtttgg    116940
     tattggcatg attgaccaag gatttggcta taggagcctg gccatgtaca ttgcctctgt    117000
     ggtgctccca acgaaagaaa acaggggagg tgagttgcac atttaattct gcagtgagtt    117060
     gggctactgt ggttttatgt ttttttggat acaatccagg atagcaccca gacatccctt    117120
     taagacagct tcctcctgca tcgacaggat gtcgtggctc ttgatacatc acaaagactt    117180
     gctgtctttg taacatatgc accagcaaga tgcacaccca cattttgtcc tcttctgaat    117240
     ttgatgtcac ctgtaatgct gtatgcattg caatatttta agcaaaactg ctaatttaat    117300
     cactttgctg ttactagtgg aatatgcaat caatgaagat tggccacgag gctggtcaga    117360
     tttagcaata aaacctccaa cattaacttg gccagtgttt cacttcaatt gtcaaatccc    117420
     tgtatttgaa acaatcagat aatttagcta taattataat tatgacatct actaaaaaaa    117480
     aatatctact aaaaatttta tttatgacaa ttattacttc tggtgttgtt tataaattcc    117540
     agttttgatg ataccataaa aattacctgt ggtattttat gtggtaaacc atcaaatgta    117600
     caacacaaaa attatgtggt aattgtgtag tactttgttg ttttttggta cgttgaacca    117660
     caggattctg tgttgtacag tatgtaatac tccagtagta ttcttgtggt agtgtgtggt    117720
     atcactttca tatgtctgta gtatttacca cagaattctg ttgtcattat ggccaaacag    117780
     atcaatttta attccatcaa accacagaac atgcctccaa aaattaaagc ctttttccct    117840
     gtgtgctttt gcaaattgta atatggctag taatggtagt aatagtaact tttcagccga    117900
     tgttggtaca ggagtcgttt cactgtggat aatgaaactc tctcagcaga ttcagccatc    117960
     gtcttcactg cgtcttttgc ttttgttctg tggttagcac acagttcgca ctatagcaca    118020
     tgcatctctg ggacacagaa tccttcttcc tgagcgatat gataactgga cattatcctg    118080
     ttgtttatac ttgcatataa ttgtttgaac cgatgaacgt gctaccttca gtcatctaga    118140
     aattatacca aaagaagaac cggacttgtg gaggtataca attttcttcc tgatgttttg    118200
     gctgattctt ttgattttcc catgttgtca cacaaggaag ccatgtgagg tttgccttaa    118260
     atactaatct acagttgtgc tactcaaata ttgtcaatta gccaatcata aacttccaaa    118320
     accttgacac catcatctgg gctttttttc cgatgcatgg taatctcagt gtatttaaac    118380
     ttttgacttt tacgaaaagt tataaaaaac atatttattt atctctcatt attctgctct    118440
     taagcaaatg taaacaatgt tggtaatcct aacttaccta aaagagaaaa agagaagcca    118500
     cattcaacat aagacattta tatgtaataa agtatatgta aacttctggt ttcaactgta    118560
     catgcagtgg tgatggttca tcattagatg caaacagtat attgaagtag aatttttttc    118620
     tagttttatt gtttgtgttt cccatattat ttattcaaat gccactcatt acaatgtaaa    118680
     ccctttacaa ttccctttcg gtttcaatga aataaatgtg atacaactta aactgataaa    118740
     agaagaggcc ctaatgcttg attctgaagc acttttacaa atcataaagc taacatttat    118800
     tttgtgctcc ggtttccccc acagtctaaa gacatgcggt acaagtgaat tgggtaagct    118860
     aaattgtcca tagtgtatga gtgtgtgtga atgtttccca gagatgggtt gtggctggaa    118920
     gggcatctgc tgcgtagaaa agtgctggat aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc    118980
     ccagattaat aaagggacta agctgacaag aaaataatga atgaattatt attcattcgt    119040
     tcattcattt tctttttggc ttagtccctt tattaatctg aggtcgcggc gtcgccacac    119100
     cgaaatgatc cgccaactta tccagcctat gttttacgct gcagatgccc ttccagctgc    119160
     aatcgatcac tgggaaacac ccatacaaac tcacttattt acacatacaa tggacaattt    119220
     agcacaccca attcccctat accgcatgtc tttggactgc agggaaaaca ttttttgttg    119280
     aggaaaaaac aacatgggtt tagactaatt tatacagcct aaactaatcc tataaatcag    119340
     aaagttagct gacatgtagc ttattcttag ccagtcgttt aaagcagtgc ttttcaacca    119400
     ctgacctgga ggacaaccat cactgcacgt tttggactcc tttgtctgtc acacccatta    119460
     catgtttttc agtctcggct actgagaaaa taatctgaat cagttgtgtt tagttgagga    119520
     gagatataaa atgtgcagag ctgtggtaca ccgggagctt ggtagagaaa cactgatttt    119580
     aagaactagt gggaagtttc tactatgaag tcatgctaag agattatgtt actgaaagta    119640
     agcaaccaag aaagatcata tgaaatgtga cctagtatta acttcttgtt ttaatgcaaa    119700
     agcagtttca cacttgcatc tgttatgctg gtctgaatgt caacaggtga ccaaatactg    119760
     gattactaag tacacaagta aaagtgcttc ttgtgtgctc cttattatga tgcaaaagaa    119820
     aattattata ctcaaaatga acatcaaaat aataaagctt gtaaacatct aatggatgtt    119880
     tgagtttttg ccactcaaaa cttttatgtc taaaatacta gaaaaagttg tttctaccca    119940
     attacgctct tttctgcaga ccaacaatat ttttgaagtg tttcagtcag gttttagggc    120000
     tcatcacaga acagaaaccg cattagtgaa aataaccaat gatttactct tagctgctga    120060
     ccaagggtgc atctcgctat taattctact cgatcttagt gcggcatttg acaccattga    120120
     ccacaatatc ctcataaatc acttaaagtc tacatggttc cagggacagg ctctacaatg    120180
     gttcaagtca tacttaactg accattacca gtttgttaat attaatggac agccatcaca    120240
     agtcagccca gtaaagtatg gggtgcctca aggatcagtt ttaggccctt tgctgtttac    120300
     aatttacatg ctaccactgg gagacattat tagaagacat gggatcagct tttactacta    120360
     tgcagctgat actcaattat atgtttaaac taaacctgat gagatgtatg aactgtgtaa    120420
     gctaactgag tgtattagag atgttagaga ctggatgact aacaattttc ttctcttaaa    120480
     ctcagacaaa acagaattat tacttattag gcacagcaga tctcacaacg caatctacaa    120540
     ttagggggat acaaagttag cgttagctct actataaaag atctgggtgt catattagac    120600
     agcaatttaa cttttgaaaa tcatatatcc catgtcacaa aaaccgccta ctttcatgta    120660
     agaaatattg ctaaattaca aagtatgcta tcaatctctg atgcagaaaa gctagtccat    120720
     gcttttatga cttctagact ggattactgt aatgctctat ttgctggctg cccagctttc    120780
     tctattaaca aacttccatt agtagttccc cttcggttgg ggaacttcag tgccatgaat    120840
     gggaggattc ggatcagaag ccgcttatct ggagagtatt gaacgggcca atgaatgaaa    120900
     ttaattggca gcgtaagctt gcgcaggtgt gcgacatctg caattatctc agcatataag    120960
     cacacctgaa gccagcagac gccatccttt tcgcttcaga tcctttctga gtgagtcgat    121020
     gagggttcct cttgctgatc agcacttcag agcgaacgag tgtgtctccc ggtccagagt    121080
     gggtcttcgc ggtggcagac ggtcgagctg ggttactccc ttgcctgcgg ttctttgggt    121140
     ccggtcctcc agagcggtgc gtatagttgc aactttccta aaagagcaac acagtcgtgc    121200
     agcacgtcct tttcaggatg gcgctccgac tgtgcgtttc tggatgcggg ggtttcctgt    121260
     ctccggatga tggacacgat cactgcattg catgtttggg ggtccagcat gttaatgcgg    121320
     tgctcgcggg cggttcatgt cgtcattgcg atgccatgac cgttgcacag ctaagatcgc    121380
     ggctaacttt cgcaagagag cgagccaccc cagttgcctc ctgctctaaa aaagcagcgg    121440
     gcgctcgggc agatctgagg gtttcagcgg gagctaatcc gccgcccacg ggctcgcgga    121500
     cctctcgctc ctcacggcgc tccatccaag cttcgggtgg tgagagtgat ccgtctaacc    121560
     agatggtagc tctcacactc gctgacaccg gagatcagat gtcctccgcg gcatcggagg    121620
     gtgggctttc actgtccgac gaagatccgg acccgctcgc cccctccggg caggtgagcg    121680
     ctgtcaaatc ggatcctgaa gcaaacatgt tagccgtgct ttcccgggct gcttcggccg    121740
     tggggttgga gatggtttat cccccagctc cgcggccgga ccgactagat gggtgctacg    121800
     tagaggacca gaaggcgaag ccttcgaagc ctctcgtccc cttcttcccg gaagtgcaca    121860
     gtaggctcac gcagtcctgg agggcacctt tctctgcccg tgctgcgagt gcctccgccc    121920
     tcaccgccct tgacggcgga gctgccaggg ggtatgaggc gatcccgtca gtggagcgcg    121980
     ctatcgcggt caatctttgt ccgcgcggcg cctctacgtg gcggggtttg ccccgcctcc    122040
     cgtccaaagc ctgtaggttg tctgcctccc tcggagccag agcttataag gctgcgggcc    122100
     aggctgcttc tgctttgcac gcgatggcca cctaccagcg ctaccaagcg caagcgctgg    122160
     ccgagctgca cgagggcggg tccaacccaa gcttattaca tgagctgcgc accgcgaccg    122220
     actatgctct tcggactgct aagtccgccg cgtgtgcgct ggggaggacg atgtccacac    122280
     ttgtggttca ggaacgccac ctctggctaa acctggccga tatgtgcgac gttgacaaag    122340
     ttcgctttct tgactcgccc atatcccagg ctggcctgtt cggcgacacc gtcggtgaat    122400
     tcacccagga attcaaggcg gtgaaagagc agtcggatgc gatgggcaat gtcatctatc    122460
     ggcgtggccg taagcccgct ccgcccgccg agccatccac ctccgctgtt cctcgccgag    122520
     ggtgcccgcc aacgagtgct gccccgcccc cgcctgcgcc tccggccaag cgggcgcggc    122580
     gttcacctcg aaagcaggca gcccctcctg cccagggcgc cgttaagtcc ggtaaacgga    122640
     ccgcgaagcg tccctgagac aggccatccg gagaagagga aacttgctct ttccccgctg    122700
     gagggcgggg ccccgataac aacggtactt ttcagtgcca ccaaaacatc agtaaaagag    122760
     cacttattcc cttccccgga tgtgactgca cgagttctgc cagtccggga cgcgctgcct    122820
     tccggctcac agactctacg tgcttcgcca gaggctcacg agcgctgggg ggacggtctc    122880
     ccttccctca gccctccagc cccctctccg gagtcagggt gcggagccag agcgaatcgc    122940
     tctcctccag ctcttccgcg ggaccctcgt gcttcccgga tcagcacacc cactccgcgc    123000
     tgccccaccg ctggtacgtc agcgattgta gcgatgactc cattagcgag ggctctgcct    123060
     gcctggttag cgcgggccag cccctcgcgg tggctcatac gcacaatcag actcggttac    123120
     gcgattcagt tcgcgaaacg gccccccaag tttacgggcg tgtatttctc cagggtcaac    123180
     cccctgtccg cccctgtctt gcgagaggag attgctgccc tcctggcgaa gggtgcaatc    123240
     gagtcggttc ctccagccga gatggagagt gggttttaca gcccatactt catcgtaccc    123300
     aaaaagagcg gtgggtcacg gccaatccta gatctgcgcg ttttgaaccg ctgtctgcac    123360
     aagctgccgt tcagaatgct cacgcagagg cgcattctcc aatgcgttcg tcctcgggat    123420
     tggtttgcag ccatagacct gaaggacgcg tatttccatg tctccattct tccacgccac    123480
     cgccaatttc tgcggtttgc gttcgagggt cgagcgtagc agtacaaggt cctccccttc    123540
     gggctctctc tgtctccgcg ggtcttcacc aaactcgcgg agggtgccct agcgcccctt    123600
     cggctcgcgg gcattcgcat actcaattat ctcgacgact ggctgatttt agcccactcg    123660
     cgggagcaat tgattatgca cagggacaag gtgcttcggc atctccgcct actggggctt    123720
     caggtcaacc gagaaaagag caaactcgcc cccgtgcaga ggatttcttt tctcgggatg    123780
     gagctggact cgatcaccat ggtagcgcac ctctccgagg aacgcgctcg cctgttgctg    123840
     aactgtctga gggagctcga cagcaaacta gtggtcccac tgaagttctt tcagaggctc    123900
     ctggggcata tggcatccgc agccgccgtc acgccgctcg ggttgctcca tatgagacca    123960
     cttcagcact ggcttcacga tcgggtcccc agacgcgcat ggcacgcggg cacacaccgg    124020
     gtctcggtta ctgcgctgtg tcgccgcgcc ctcagccctt ggaacgaccc ctcgttccta    124080
     caggccggtg tgcctctagg acaggcgtcc agccatgttg ttggttcaac agacgcttcc    124140
     aacatgggtt ggggggccgt gtgtcgcggg catgcggctg cgggcctctg gaagggtgcc    124200
     cagctgcatt ggcatatcaa tcgcctagag ctgttggcag tgttcctcgc tctccaccgc    124260
     tttttaccgg tgctggagcg gcaacacgtg ctggtcagga cggacagtat ggcggcggcg    124320
     gcgtatatca accgcatggg gggtatgcgc tctcgccgca tgtctcagct cgcccgccgt    124380
     ctgctcctct ggagtcaccc gcggctgaaa tcgctgcgcg ccattcacgt cccaggcacg    124440
     ctcaatcgtg cagccgatgc gctctcacga cagctgttac gccctggaga atggagactc    124500
     caccccgagt ctgttcagct gatatgggcg cgattcgggg aggcccagat cgatctgttt    124560
     gcttcccccg agaacgctca ctgccagttg tttttttccc tgaccgaggg ctctctcggc    124620
     acggatgcac tggcccacag ctggcctcgg ggcatgcgca agtatgcgtt tcccccagtg    124680
     agcctgctcg cgcagtttct gtgcaaggtc agggaggacg aggaacaggt tctgctagtt    124740
     gcgccccttt ggcccaaccg gacctggata tcagagctct cactcctcgc gacggccctc    124800
     ccctggcgga tccctttgag agaggaccta ctctctcagg gacagggcac catctggcac    124860
     cctcgccccg atctttggaa cctccacgtg tggtccctag acgcgaggaa gacttaggta    124920
     acctaccgac tgcggtggtt aataccatca ctcaggctag agccccctcc acgaggcgcg    124980
     cctacgccct gaagtggagt ctattcactg aatggtgcgt ctctcgcaga gaagaccccc    125040
     gaaattgcca gattagtgtt gtgctctctt tccttcaaga gaagttggac agcaggctgt    125100
     cgccctccac tctcaaggtt tacgtggccg ccatctccgc ttatcatagc gcggtagctg    125160
     gcggcaccgt gggaaagcat aacctggtca tccagttcct taggggtgct aggcgaatta    125220
     atccatctcg cccccccctc atgccctctt gggatctcgc cctcgttctc acgagtctgc    125280
     gatccgatcc ctttgagcca ctcaaatcag tatctctaag atttctgtcc ctgaagacag    125340
     ctctgctggt tgcgttggcc tccatcaaga gggtcgggga cctggaggca ttttcggtca    125400
     gtgactcgtg cctggaattc gggccggatt actctcacgt catcctgaga ccccgccccg    125460
     gttatgtgcc caaggttcct accaccccct ttagagatca ggtagtgaac ctgcaagcgc    125520
     tgcccccgga ggaggcagac ccagcccttt ctttaatttg tccagttcgc gctctgcgca    125580
     tttatgtgga ccgtactcag aattttagat catctgagca gctctttgtc tgttatggcg    125640
     gtcggcagca gggaagtgcc gtatcaaaac aaagattatc ccactggatt gtggatgcca    125700
     tttaaaatcg ggagttcgtg cacactccac tcggagcgtt gcatcctctt gggcgcgtgc    125760
     acgcggcgcc tctctaacag acatctgtag agctgcgggc tgggcgacac ccaacacatt    125820
     tgcaaggttt tacaatctgc gagtggagcc ggtttcctca agggtattag gtaacccttt    125880
     ggtgattgag gagacaactc ggtagggtgt tgaaacacgc ttgcggcgcc attctcccta    125940
     acacggaggt acgtgcgcct tttttatctg tcagtaaagt tccccgtcag gtgagccctg    126000
     cagattcctc cgtggccccc agcactgact cagcggagga gtcacttgct ggcccactac    126060
     gttgtaggtc tgcccgctgg tcagcccgcg ttttgggtat aggtgcctgc tatgcgtgat    126120
     ccccactagg cgatcccata tgcttattcc gccacggtta agtccccccc ctgggcggac    126180
     ccgtgtcttc cctctccgct aaccactctt ttgctatgcg tactccccct ttttagggct    126240
     agtccatagg taaattctgc catctatccc ccccttgggt aacggatggc ctccgcagcg    126300
     tcctccctat cgggattgca cgcttcccaa cgtactgtcg tatttcctag aattatctag    126360
     atgctcacga cttcccaaaa aatatatcta aatccgtaaa acttctgttg aagtaggata    126420
     aattagggcc agggacacgt tggaggaccg cgccccccat gatgtgggtg cgtcacgctt    126480
     gcttgactat ctcctcatcg ggggtgttgg taaggtgcag tcattatggc gctttccata    126540
     ttctcccatt catggcactg aagttcccca accgaagggg aacgttcgag gttacagaag    126600
     taacccttcg ttccccgagg aggggaacgg aagtgccata ttccgtcgcc ataatgactg    126660
     tcccttagct gtttgaaagt ctcttcagct taaaaggatg gcgtctgctg gcttcaggtg    126720
     tgcttatatg ctgagataat tgcagatgtc gcacacctgc gcaagcttac gctgccaatt    126780
     aatttcattc attggcccgt tcaatactct ccagataagc ggcttctgat ccgaatcctc    126840
     ccattcatgg cacttccgtt cccctcctcg gggaacgaag ggttacttct gtaacctcga    126900
     acgttcttac caggtctaga aaatatgatc atatcacccc aattttatcc tccttacact    126960
     ggctgcctgt taagtttctt attgaattta aaatattact cctcacctat aaagctctaa    127020
     tcaatctagc tcctgtttat ctaaccaacc ttctgcctcg ctacaatcca acctgctctt    127080
     taagatctca aaactcaggg cttctggtag tacctagaat agcaaagtcg agtaaaggag    127140
     gtcgagcctt ctcctttatg gctcctacac tttagaatag ccttcctgat aacatccgag    127200
     gctcagacac actctcttag ttcaaaacta gattaaagac ctatctgttt agtaaagcat    127260
     acacttagcg ggtttccaca caagtttctg catcttgttt atatacacta tgatcagcag    127320
     ctatgtattt attgatttac ttgaccacag ccttttattc actattttac tgcagctcta    127380
     ctcttttttt atcttttttc tcgcagctca gtgagcaaga tgcagcctgc cggttaagga    127440
     taatataact tagatgagtc actacacaat gaactgtagt ggttcagtgg ttaaaacgtt    127500
     agtttatgct gctgcagacc cgggtttgat cctccgctga gtgacttatt tttttcattt    127560
     ttattgttaa gacatataat attgttaggg ttgttgaaca tttgaagttc caaagcagct    127620
     attttctcaa aaaaagacgt gatagtgtca ttagaaactg atttggaaat gaccttattt    127680
     taatatagtc agtcgtaaac tgggtgggct ggtcaggctt gaaactccag ggctgaaaag    127740
     gagtcccact ccggccctgg ttgtgccgaa ctgagtctgg tttcttcttc actctcctat    127800
     cggtgaacct tttttttccc tctccacttt cgccactggc ttgcatggtt caggatcagt    127860
     agagctacgc atcgatgaat ttgctcttca gtgtttgtac tctcagtaat gattttaaac    127920
     cacactgaac tgagctaaac tgatctgaac ttaaacacaa aaaatttaac taccctgatc    127980
     cagttactat gactatttat ctgaagctgc tttgacacaa tcaacattat aaaagcacta    128040
     tacaaataaa gctgaattga attgaattgg ggaaaaaaac tgtattagaa cacacatcat    128100
     ggcaaaaggt agggaaaagg ggaacagaaa tagaaaagac cataatcatt tctgcatttt    128160
     atttcatcac tgatgtgttg aaacaatcag ctgaaaagcg taatcctcac acagctggta    128220
     ttactcaatt ttgaaatctt ataaagtgtg attcacaagt gtaatgtgtg tgaaggcatt    128280
     gttctgaggg ccagctgatt aaattgaatc taattctgtg gaattgtatt gcacaataat    128340
     cattttagca tttagcaggt aaaagttgaa agagcgagtg tttaaaataa taccacacct    128400
     tcctcctcta tcatctaagc tattattcac attcattaat tctaaacatc agatttactg    128460
     tttgtgttgt aaactacagc tttagtattt acaaaatgat ggcaaaaagt acattgttta    128520
     ctttgttact gaccttatgc atttgtggga agttcccttt cagatgaata attcattcat    128580
     tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt aatccagggt cgccacagtg gaattatccg    128640
     caaacttata cagaacgttt ttacgcgatg gatgcccttt tagccagacc ccatctctag    128700
     gaaaagattt ataaatggtt ggaggaaaat atttctttga atctggcaac atgactgaca    128760
     gaggtttgtg gtaatcagtt aattgggttt tccaccatta tttaatgccc cagaaacatg    128820
     tcttatagca ttttgcatgt gtgcccagca gggttcatgc tgacttttgc tgggagtatg    128880
     tgctatggca agcccacaca aaatataaac aggcccagtg cgggcacgcc caggtttggc    128940
     ccacagctag gagagaaccc acagcaagtg agtgcctagt aagggctttc tgggggctag    129000
     gtgaagtctg cactaggccc acacggaatc tgagcacaca gaatatcgca tatttccgca    129060
     gatttttagc ccatcattga gtctatgtat ttaattgtgt atgtgtgagt aaatctatat    129120
     ctattaaatt tctttattaa tttcactaat attattgtga tataatatga atatgaaatt    129180
     gttcttatga tttatttaca atacagtttg taaagtaata ttttctgtct tttagtatat    129240
     atattatgtg agagacttgt tttgtttacc aaataagtgg atctaattga atttgatttg    129300
     taaaaattaa ataaaaatca aaagtgtttt atttttattt catatattaa cctttttttt    129360
     cccccagtga tgggttgcag ctggaagggc atccgctgca taaagcatat gctgcagctg    129420
     gataagttgg ggtttcattc cactgtggca accctagatt attaaaggga ctaccgaaaa    129480
     gaaaatgaat gaatgagtat taagctttta gttatggtac tcctaaaatc acactgcata    129540
     aatctgcaga tattttacaa aattctcagc agaaatagca aaacatgtct atagattctg    129600
     tctggcccta ccaatgggct aacatttagc cactaatcaa actctcattg gcgctgcatg    129660
     ggctgccctt actaagccca cagaaagccc taagcctgga tggcccatgg gatcttcatt    129720
     gaagatttga aatggtccca cccctaattt gtgtgacact gaaacatgag atagatgttt    129780
     taccactctg tcattccatt ttatctctta caacattagt gtgtgtgtgt ttttaagaac    129840
     agaattaagg aagaccagtc acctgatagg aagcaggtaa caatatacag agaccagcat    129900
     ggccaataca agatggctgc taacagctgc caaagttttc tggactggag tttcctttgt    129960
     ctgcaaaata cctttctaga attatcttgc aagcttgtgt attatcagcc tgatctcacg    130020
     agaaaacgta agtatttgac gttttggcag tttagtggct aattcagttc agttgtaaga    130080
     aactgtacga ttttaaaaag gaggcgtggc acctaacccc acccctaaac ccaaccgtca    130140
     ttggggggat gagcaaatcg tacaaaaatg tactaattag atcgtacgaa ttcgtacgaa    130200
     ttagccacta aatgaaaaag ttacaaactg ctgtgagatt gtgttggtat tatcattgtt    130260
     gtggtttgta cattagtgga atatgattta ggtacttttg gtccaccttg gtttttggca    130320
     aaggtacatt tacctgtatg cttttgtagc tcaatttatg aatattaatt attagcaata    130380
     aaaaaaatta tatttatgaa tattcagatt ttacgtaatg ttaatttaac aaaacaaata    130440
     taataatgac ttcacccggt tgtctgagcc acctccaaaa ttatttaatt atttagaaag    130500
     ggaattatag ctacttctag tgaagtaaat aaaaagttta gaagtttttg gaaacttaat    130560
     aaactctggt agcaaagatc ttttaccttt aaagtgaccc tttctttgag gcgaaacaat    130620
     gacaatccaa catggttaaa gcatgattta ttatctagtc taacatataa tgaacaaacg    130680
     tacacaacat aacaacagaa acataaaaaa gataaaagaa gagtttagat aaaagaaggg    130740
     caaatctaac tcagtctcat acaactattc agaatcatca attatgtaaa caccttaaaa    130800
     aggcacagcg taaacgcata actaatacct gtttgtctgg gtctttctct ctcttcctgg    130860
     gttcattctc tgatgcttag aagatgatgt ctttttatta gatgtccttc tgtcgtttgc    130920
     gtggagtttg ctgcgcagat tggggatatg cacagccaaa ctttaaacta atttataatt    130980
     gccggaaaat aagaaatgtg acactttcaa gttcatcaaa ctactcggtt tctctgtgtg    131040
     ctatgcgtgt tggtgcatta tcatcctgat acatggcact gtctttggga tacatggtta    131100
     gaaccactgg gtgcacatgg tcttccagaa tggttcggta gtccttggca gtgatgcacc    131160
     catttagcac aagggcctaa ggaaatgcca tgatattgca ggccaaacca ttaccgattc    131220
     accccatcat tcactctggg gatgcaacag ttcgggtggt aagcttcttt ggggcttctc    131280
     cacatcgtaa ctttctggga tgtaagatag acagtgaagt tggactcatc agagaacaat    131340
     acatattgtc cacagcccaa gatatctgct gttggcagca ttgaaacaga cgtttggtat    131400
     tggcatgatt gaccaaggat ttggctatag gagcctggcc atgtacattg cctctgtggt    131460
     gctcccaacg aaagaaaaca ggggaggtga gttgcacatt taattctgca gtgagttggg    131520
     ctactgtggt tttatgtttt tttggataca atccaggata gcacccagac atccctttaa    131580
     gacagcttcc tcctgcatcg acaggatgtc gtggctcttg atacatcaca aagacttgct    131640
     gtctttgtaa catatgcacc agcaagatgc acacccacat tttgtcctct tctgaatttg    131700
     atgtcacccg taatgctgta tgcattgcaa tattttaagc aaaactgcta atttaatcac    131760
     tttgctgtta ctagtggaat atgcaatcaa tgaagattgg ccacgaggct ggtcagattt    131820
     agcaataaaa cctccaacat taacttggcc agtgtttcac ttaaattgtc aaatccctgt    131880
     atttgaaaca atcagataat ttagctataa ttataattat gacatctact aaaaaaaata    131940
     tctactaaaa atttaattta tgacaattat tatttctgct gttgtttata aattccagtt    132000
     ttgatgatac cataaaaatt acctgtggta ttttatgtgg taaaccatca aatgtacaac    132060
     acaaaaatta tgtggtaatt gtgtagtact ttgttgtttt ttggtacgtt gaaccacagg    132120
     attctgtgtt gtacagtatg taatactcca gtagtattct tgtggtagtg tgtggtatca    132180
     ctttcatatg tctgtagtat ttactacaga attctgttgt acattatgta atattccttt    132240
     agtattcttg aggtagtgtg tagtattact ttcatatttt ggtagtattt accacaggat    132300
     tttattatac agtatgcaat actcctgtaa tattcttcag gcagagtgtg tggtattact    132360
     gtcatattcc tgtattattt ttgtggtagt gtgtggtatt tcatgtggta aaccatcaaa    132420
     tgtacaacac aaaaattatg tggtaattgt gtagtacttt gttgtttttt gggacatttt    132480
     accacagaat tctgtgttgt acagtatgta atactcctgt agtattcttg tggtagtgtg    132540
     tggtatcact ttaacatttc tgtagtattt gccacaggaa tcttgttcag tatgtaatac    132600
     tcctgtagaa ttcttgtggt aatatgtgat attattttaa catttctgta gtattaacca    132660
     caagattctg ttctaaataa taggttattt tagaatgtga caaaccataa actcttgtgg    132720
     tgttggtttt acattttatt taaaaaggat cagcgtttac taatttcttt tttcttatta    132780
     gaaagtccca gggctgctta gcttgttgca agctgcttcc tttaaagact gcgtttccac    132840
     atctgggaaa gcccatttca tatttcctga aagggaaaat tcgaaacttt agttgtatag    132900
     agaaagttgt gaggctgatc agctggattg cctcgtgatc aagagtgggc tgtttgatgt    132960
     ttatttatat gcacttatgc atttgaaatg gcaactttat cagttaggta atattgtggt    133020
     cacatcagtc caacctttaa caaaatgctg tcacaactgg actcaatttg gttgttttaa    133080
     atgtgtgtta aaaaaaaaat gttgtttagg gtcaaactga ccaaactgaa aaattaatga    133140
     gaaaagtgga aaataaaatt aagataaatt tgtccaaaat gaattttaaa ccaattataa    133200
     attaggaaag ttttacattt ctgcaaaggc ctgggtctag agcacaaata aagtaaaaaa    133260
     ctttctgaat attacatttt taaaaatatt tttcttttgc atgtcacaca acatgagagt    133320
     aaataattat aaatattcct ttaagaaata agtaacaagt ttagcttgct gcactttaaa    133380
     ttcaactaaa agcaaatgct gagatgtgtg acagtcagtt aatgatatac aaaaaaaaaa    133440
     aaaaaaaaag aaaagatgca gtaacctgtg cctgtgttgc tattcagtta tgtagatcga    133500
     ctgttagact gtttacacaa ttatgttgtc cagtcattgt cctaaagttc caaactctat    133560
     ggcaggggtt attctgtcac tcctgaaacc acatgggcac ttttttaggt actgtttgct    133620
     aatattagca ttaccagcgc taagatgcta acagactttt ttgaagacta atcatctcta    133680
     aacatgtcaa ttaccaataa taaaagtgtt aggaaccgct gaatgtgatt cttgctttct    133740
     tttagggact aaacttacct gaaaaccgtg taagcatgca gcgtgagaga agttccgttg    133800
     tgatgtctta ctcaaaacaa cctcacggac aacaagcaat ctagctttaa aaaaggccac    133860
     ttagctgaga ctgccctgct ctcggtcgtg gaggatctca gactggctaa agcagactct    133920
     ctctcatctt gctggatttg tcagctgctt ttgacactgt aaaccaccag atcctgctat    133980
     ctacgcttga gtcactgggc gttgcaggca ctgttattca gtggttcaga tcttacctct    134040
     ctgacaggtc atttagggtg ttttggaggg cagaggtgtc caacctatag catctaaaca    134100
     ctgggatacc tcagggctct gttcttgggc cacttctctt ctccatctac atgacatctt    134160
     taggaccagt catccagaaa catggatttt cctaccactg ctacgctgat gatacccagc    134220
     tatacctctc ttttcaccct gatgattcct cagttccagc tcgcatctca gcctgcctgt    134280
     cagacatttc acactggatg aaagatcaac atcttcagct taacttcgcg aaaacggaaa    134340
     tgcttgaagt ttctgccaac ccgactttac accataactt ttcaatccag atggatgggg    134400
     caaccattac tgcatccaaa atggtaaaaa gccttggagt atcgattgat gactaactaa    134460
     acttctctga ccacacttct agaactgctc gatctttcag attcgcacta taacatcaga    134520
     aaggttcgac ccttcctatc tgaacatgcc gctcaactcc ttgttcaagc tctcgttctc    134580
     tccagactgg actattgcaa ctctctacta gccgggcttc cagctaactc tatcaaacct    134640
     cttcagctgc ttcagaacgc agcagcacga gtggtcttta atgaatctaa gagcacatgt    134700
     cactccgcta ctcatccgtt tgcactggct gccaattgct gctcgcatca aattcaaagc    134760
     tcagatgttt gcttacaaag aaacttctgg ctttgctcct tatctgctct cacttctgca    134820
     gatttatgtg ccctccagaa acttgcgttc tgtgaatgaa catcgcccct tggttccatc    134880
     ccaaggaggg aagaaatcac tttccacttt ctcgcattca atctgcccag ttggtggaat    134940
     gaactcccca acagaacgac agagtcactc gctgtcttca agaaacgact aaaaactcaa    135000
     ctatttagtc tccactttcc ttcctaatct gcaattgcct ctctggctcc accgttaact    135060
     gtactcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttttattat taatgttttg tttcttacac tttacacacc    135120
     tgaaacttgt tgccctttta gttgtgtaaa ttgcttcatt gtcctcattt gtaagtcgct    135180
     ttggataaaa gcatctgcta aatgactaaa tgtaaatgtc tttcaggtgg tgtgtcgttt    135240
     gtcgtttcca taacttactc tcccgctcca acatttgaat gagacacaca acgcacatga    135300
     aagccacaca gcatttacat aaataaactc tttataaata cttattaaat aatttaaata    135360
     ggaacttcac aataaatctt gaagttaata ttttttttgt ttgttttaaa tacaaaccta    135420
     ttatatttaa aacgttatct gatatttcta gaatactaca ggagtattac atactgaaca    135480
     accgaatcct gtggtaaata ctaccaaaat atgaaagtaa tactacacac tacctcaaga    135540
     aaactacagg aatattacat aaagtacaac agaattctgt agtaaatgat aaagtgatac    135600
     cacacactac tacaataata ctattacata ctgtacaaca cagaatcctg tggtaaaacg    135660
     tctcaaaaaa acaacaaagt actacacaat taccacataa tttctgtgtt gtacatttga    135720
     tgatttacca cataaaatac cacagctaat gtttgttagg gagggtgtca gtcatcatgc    135780
     tgtttcaatt gcaaaattat tccagtccac tgaaacgttt gcacactgaa aggtatttac    135840
     aataaatata catttataaa gatgtcactt tgtaagcata aggtgtttct ttattaaaca    135900
     actaaatgca gaacatactt tgattttatc taccactaag aaaaacaaat gttttagaaa    135960
     atgccagaat aaaaagctaa ttcttttgat agttcacagc agaaagtgct gtagtaaccc    136020
     tgtcatattt agctgtgttg gtattaccac acaaaaaaaa acaacaacag aaaaacctca    136080
     taatttatct aatggtaaat tcttgtgata ttgtacagca gaaagtgctg tagtaatctt    136140
     gtcatattta gctttgttgg tattaccaca cacacacaca cacacaaaac aacaacaaaa    136200
     aaacattctt tttctaatgg taatttcttg tcatatttta cagcagaaag tgctgtagta    136260
     atcctgtcat atttagttgc taaaaccaca cccccaacaa caacaaaaat cacatacttc    136320
     atctagtggt taattcttgt gatattgtac tgcagaaagt gctgtagtaa tcctgtcata    136380
     tttagctttg cttatttttt gtgtggtaaa tttatgttat actgctgaaa taccacagga    136440
     ttaccacagg acagtgccca aagttgtgca cacatcatac tgataaaaaa ccttaggagc    136500
     tagggtgtag ccacacagat acataaaaaa acacaaaaaa gacttagagc atgcacataa    136560
     acaaacaggc atttaatctg tcattgcttg tcactagtaa atgatgtagt ggtatctgac    136620
     tagctttgaa aagttatagt tcaccccaaa ttaggattta atcatcctat atttgagttg    136680
     ctttcttcta gtgttggaaa tgttggaaac tggtaaacat tgacttcctt agtatgtttg    136740
     tcatactatg gaggtcaatg gttacagggt tccaacgtcc tttaaaatct ttgtgttcaa    136800
     cagattaaga aaattcatag gttcataacc acctgagggt gagtaaacag taagtacttt    136860
     taaattttag ggtgaactat ccctgtaagc tctgctgcac atttaaatgt tttcttttct    136920
     tttgttttta caaaatacta taaaacagtt tcactgttgt tcaagttaat ataatctgga    136980
     ttaatctgaa catggtcttt gttaagagtt ctttgttttg gtttactgtc aatacagtat    137040
     aaagttttca ctgcagctgc cgtagcaaag agaaacatca gagctgccaa tccaacaccg    137100
     ccaaacatca acacttgctc catcacatca gcatggtcag cacctaaagt tgataaacaa    137160
     tacaaatgta ttatcacacc acaagatgta ttccaaccat gaggattctg tataatttta    137220
     ttgaaatttt tcaatgtgct tttaaaatac agcatttcat tgtcaaaaat tggtttacaa    137280
     ccaaataggc tagcactggc atatcatttc agttgataaa ctattctgaa tctaatgagg    137340
     ccaattttat ggtggctgag agaacttaac acactacaat ttatcaaaac acaaacagtt    137400
     acaaaaaaca tcagcaaatt aagaaacaat cttcgtcagt tgacagcaca agtgttgcaa    137460
     attctcacaa cacaaacaac tgaagaaacg cactgcattt tgtcacaata caaacaagaa    137520
     acttactgca ttttgtcaca atgcaaataa gcggaagaaa catgcttccg ttacgtggat    137580
     atttgcaagt gttgtgacca attgcagtgt ggttctttag ttctttgcat tgtgacaaag    137640
     tgcagcacat ttcttctgtt gtgacaaaat gcaacatgtt tcttcagttg tttgtgctgt    137700
     gacaaaatgc agcgcgtttc ctcagatatt tgcgttataa caaaatgctg tgcgtatctt    137760
     cacttgtttg cttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc ctttcttcag ttgttggcgt tgtgacaaat    137820
     tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaattg cagcgtttct tgagttgttg    137880
     gtgttgtgac aaaatgctgt gcatttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgctgtgc    137940
     atttcttcag ttgttgccat tgtgacaaat tgcagtgcgt ttcttaagtt gtttgcgttg    138000
     tgacaaaatg caacgtgttt cttcagttgt tggttttgtg acaaaatgca gtgcgtttct    138060
     tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgctgt gcgtttcttc agttgttgcc gttgtgacaa    138120
     attgcagtgc gtttcttaag ttgttgcgtt gtgacaaaat gcagtgtgct tcttcagttg    138180
     ttggctttgt gacaaaatgc agtgcgtttc ttagttgttg gcttgtgaca aaatgcagcg    138240
     cgtttcttca gttgttggct ttgtgacaaa atgcagcgcg tttcttcagt tctatgtgtt    138300
     gtgacaaaat gcagcgcgtt tcttcagttg ttggctttgt gacaaaatgc agcgcgtttc    138360
     ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga caaaatgcag cgcgtttctt cagttgttgg ctttgtgaca    138420
     aaatgcagcg cgtttcttca gttgttggct ttgtgacaaa atgcagtgcg tttcttcagt    138480
     tgttggcttt gtgacaaaat gcagcgcctt tcttcagttg ttggcgttgt gacaaattgc    138540
     agcgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga caaattgcag cgtttcttga gttgttggtg    138600
     ttgtgacaaa atgctgtgca tttcttcagt ttgttgccat tgtgacaaat tgcagtgcgt    138660
     ttcttaagtt gtttgcgttg tgacaaaatg cagtgtgctt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg    138720
     acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagt gcgtttcttc    138780
     agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc gtttcttgag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa    138840
     tgcagtgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaaatg cagtgcgttt cttcagttgt    138900
     tggctttgtg acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgctgt    138960
     gcgtttcttc cgttgttgcc gttgtgacaa attgcagtgc gtttcttaag ttgtttgcgt    139020
     tgtgacaaaa tgcagtgtgc ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaattg cagtgcgttt    139080
     cttcagttgt ttgcgttgtg acaaaatgca gtgtgcttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac    139140
     aaaatgcagt gcgtttctta gttgttggct tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt    139200
     gttggctttg tgacaaaatg cagcgcgttt cttcagttct atgtgttgtg acaaaatgca    139260
     gcgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagc gcgtttcttc agttgttggc    139320
     tttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc gtttcttcag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt    139380
     ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaaatg cagcgcattt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg    139440
     acaaaatgca gtgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagc gcctttcttc    139500
     agttgttggc gttgtgacaa attgcagcgc gtttcttcag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaat    139560
     tgcagcgttt cttgagttgt tggtgttgtg acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct tcagttgttg    139620
     gctttgtgac aaaatgcagt gcgtttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc    139680
     gtttcttgag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagtgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg    139740
     tgacaaaatg cagtgcgttt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct    139800
     tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgctgt gcgtttcttc cgttgttgcc gttgtgacaa    139860
     attgcagtgc gtttcttaag ttgtttgcgt tgtgacaaaa tgcagtgtgc ttcttcagtt    139920
     gttggctttg tgacaaattg cagtgcgttt cttcagttgt ttgcgttgtg acaaaatgca    139980
     gtgtgcttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagt gcaattctta gttgttggct    140040
     tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaaatg cagcgcgttt    140100
     cttcagttct atgtgttgtg acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac    140160
     aaaatgcagc gcgtttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc gtttcttcag    140220
     ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaaatg    140280
     cagcgcattt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgca gtaagtttct tcagttgttg    140340
     gctttgtgac aaaatgcagc gcctttcttc agttgttggc gttgtgacaa attgcagcgc    140400
     gtttcttcag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaat tgcagcgttt cttgagttgt tggtgttgtg    140460
     acaaaatgct gtgcatttct tcagttgttg ccattgtgac aaaatgcaac gtgtttctta    140520
     agttgtttgc gttgtgacaa aatgcagtgc gtttcttcag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa    140580
     tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttgccgttg tgacaaattg cagtgcgttt cttaagttgt    140640
     ttgcgttgtg acaaaatgca gtgtgcttct ttagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagc    140700
     gcatttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgcagcgc gtttcttcag ttgttggctt    140760
     tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgaaaaaatg cagtgcgttt    140820
     cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgca gtgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac    140880
     aaaatgcagc gcgtttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aattcagcgc gtttcttcag    140940
     ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg tgacaaaatg    141000
     cagcgcgttt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgct gtgcgtttct tccgttgttg    141060
     ccgttgtgac aaattgcagt gcgtttctta agttgtttgc gttgtgacaa aatgcagtgt    141120
     gcttcttcag ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagcgcgt ttcttcagtt gttggctttg    141180
     tgacaaaatg cagcgcgttt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgca gcgcgtttct    141240
     tgagttgttg gctttgtgac aaaatgcagt gcgtttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa    141300
     aatgcagtgc gtttcttcag ttgttggctt gtgacaaaat gcagcgcgtt tcttcagttg    141360
     ttggctttgt gacaaaatgc agcgcgtttc ttcagttcta tgtgttgtga caaaatgcag    141420
     cgcgtttctt cagttgttgg ctttgtgaca aaatgcagcg cgtttcttca gttgttggct    141480
     ttgtgacaaa atgcagcgcg tttcttcagt tgttggcttt gtgacaaaat gcagcgcgtt    141540
     tcttcagttg ttggctttgt gacaaaatgc agtgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga    141600
     caaaatgcag cacctttctt cagttgttgg cgttgtgaca aattgcagcg cgtttcttca    141660
     gttgttggct ttgtgacaaa ttgcagcgtt tcttgagttg ttggtgttgt gacaaaatgc    141720
     tgtgcatttc ttcagttgtt gccattgtga caaattgcag tgcgtttctt aagttgtttg    141780
     cgttgtgaca aaatgcaacg tgtttcttca gttgttggtt ttgtgacaaa atgcagcgcg    141840
     tttcttccgt tgttgccgtt gtgacaaatt gcagtgcgtt tcttaagttg tttgcgttgt    141900
     gacaaaatgc agcgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga caaaatgcag cgcgtttctt    141960
     cagttgctgg ctttgtgaca aaatgcagcg tgtttcttca gttgttggct ttgtgacaaa    142020
     atgcagcgcg tttcttcagt tgttggcttt gtgacaaaat gcagcgcgtt tcttcagttg    142080
     ttggctttgt gacaaaatgc agtgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga caaaatgcag    142140
     cgcgtttctt cagttctatg tgttgtgaca aaatgcagtg cgtttcttca gttgttggct    142200
     ttgtgacaaa atgcagcgcg tttcttcagt tgttggcttt gtgacaaaat gcagcgcgtt    142260
     tcttcagttc tatgtgttgt gacaaaatgc agtgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga    142320
     caaaatgcag cgcgtttctt cagttctatg tgttgtgaca aatgctgtgc gtttcttcag    142380
     ttgttggctt tgtgacaaag tgcagtgcgt ttcttcagtt gtttgcgtgt aataaaatgc    142440
     agcgcgtttc ttcaattgta tatgttgtga caaattgcag cgcgtttctt cagttgttgg    142500
     tgttgtgaca aattgcagcg tttcttcagt tgtttgtgtt gtgacaaaat gcagtgcgtt    142560
     tcttagttgt ttgcgttgtg acaaaatgca gtgcgtttct tcagttgttg gctttgtgac    142620
     aaaatgcagc gcgtttcttc agttgttggc tttgtgacaa aatgctgtgc gtttcttcag    142680
     ttgttggctt tgtgacaaaa tgcagtgctt ttcttcagat atttgtgtgt gacaaaatgc    142740
     agtgcgtttc ttcagttgtt ggctttgtga caaaatgcag cgcgtttctt cagttgttgg    142800
     ctttgtgaca aaatgcagtg cgtttcttct gttgtttgtg ctgtgacaaa atgcagtgcg    142860
     tttcctcaga tatttgcgtt ttaacaaaat gcagcgcgta tcttcagttg ttggcgttgt    142920
     gacaaaatgc agtgcgtttc ttcagttgtt gccgttgtga caaattgcgt ttcttcagtt    142980
     gtttgtgttg tgacaaaatg cagtgcattt cttcagttgt tggctttgtg acaaaatgca    143040
     gcgcgtttct tccgttgtat ttgttgtgac aaaatgcagt gcgtttctta agttgtttgc    143100
     gtagtgacaa aatgcagcat gttttttccg ttgtttacat tgtgacaaaa tgctgcatgt    143160
     gcgttatttc agttgttgcc gttgtgacaa gttgcagcgt gtttgcattg acaaatgcag    143220
     caggtttttt cagttgtcat atttggtcaa cgagtttaaa agttctttct ttatatctac    143280
     tgaccattag gtgaactatg caagccacct catcatgaca cagaccagag ctttatccaa    143340
     aacttccccc tttaccctca ttcattatct ctacactcgc cactaatata gtccacttga    143400
     tagagtgagt gaatttgagc aatgaatgta ctgaaaagaa tgttgctgtt ttgtttgtgc    143460
     tttactggtt aataaatctc tcaagttgga atagatttgt gatcgatgtt taaaacatat    143520
     ctaattgtct actagtaatt tctgtcatgt atacaaatgt tacttttatt aaaagttatt    143580
     tatttagaaa cttacaccaa taggattcca cagtggaggc tttatcttct ggttagattc    143640
     atttggtccg caaactcaca atgcattttt cattcatttt cctttggcta ctgcaagtct    143700
     attatagagg ttgccacagt gaaataaacc accaacaatt ccagcatgtg ttttacacag    143760
     cagatgctca tctagccgca acccagtact gggaaaacat ggtattttta aatgttaggt    143820
     gaaatggctt tatggctctg tcatggaggt tcaggccaaa ctaaaaaatt tggggctaat    143880
     atttgtcaaa aatataactt tatactccta tgtgctgacc actgtagact tcatttttca    143940
     tcacaaaaac atttcaagaa tccgccccat gctgttcttt tctgtgacag attaactgat    144000
     taatattttc aattttccca cctagactac tgcaatgcct tattagcagg cgttagcatg    144060
     gtttgtcttc acactatctg tctgaacttt taacacggta ctccccttca catcacctcc    144120
     gttcttctga ctcgtctgtg ttctatgggt gaccgggctt tctcttccct ggctctgagg    144180
     ctctggaact ctctccgcta tgacattaga cacacacagg gtacatagac acaatctttt    144240
     agattgttca tgaggtgtgc attcttgatt tgttttatgt ttcaagatat ttgtatgttt    144300
     tatcaatgtt gaatgcttta ttttaaacaa ttaaatttta ctgttacact aaactgtttt    144360
     tatttctgtc acttttttgt aaagcacttt gagaattatg atttaaaagt gctataaaaa    144420
     ataaattatt cttattatta agagtatata ggttgtgcac ttgtttttgc atagcatttt    144480
     ggaattgatt gcttgcagga tgaccactat ggttttcggt taccactaca aatcgctgct    144540
     tccacacatt actgcactat gccctattta agggtataga gggcaatttc ggatacagca    144600
     catggttagt gggaaaagga aagttatagc atcacttctg tagcacatga gaccgattag    144660
     acacaaacgt ctcctattca gcaaaagcaa taaccagtgt gtaatttctg accccaagag    144720
     gaatgtgcct atttcattca tttccaaaaa tgattgagaa ttaatctacg ggctgccata    144780
     aacatacaga gtggaggaac aagaataata ttgaatacaa gaggtcacca tgtagctgtt    144840
     tagcctttaa aaaagcagca tttaaatcta aagagttaat cagagaaata tcacttttac    144900
     tgacctttga gacatttagt cagatcctca atgttccgtc catcagctgt gtaaatcata    144960
     aaaacaaaag tattaaatct aaataaagtt gttttcatca gttcttaatc actgaaaata    145020
     aaagcatttt aaactttgtc ttttgcataa gggctctaaa attctcaaat tctgattcac    145080
     tgtacaagaa aaggactgat ttgcatttgc aatgcaacat tcctcaattt aaagtgtatc    145140
     cagaatgtat tcacagcact tcacctttta cacattgtgt tttttattca gtattttcct    145200
     ccaaataccc tacaatgacc acaagttcat gtttgggttt gtgctctttg cacatttatt    145260
     tagaaaaagg tggctcaggt gcatcttgtt gatcatactt gagatgtttt tataacttga    145320
     acaagtccat caattataaa tacagtcgag tggccagaaa tcgaaacatt ggctgcgtgc    145380
     ctgggatggg tggaggcatg taagtttctt ctgttcaaat gatgtacact ttgatgaggc    145440
     attaaatgtc ttatccgatt aaaatgttgg gtctgccacg gtatggctac cagccaaatc    145500
     actcaagcat agatagggca acaataaata aaaagcaaga ggaccatggc gcattgtctt    145560
     acaaatcagt tttaaatgta atcctcacat ctccttgcat gctcacaatt tagcacagaa    145620
     cttccaatgg gtagcagcat gggacctcaa tgtacttgca cacttgtgcc cttaaaaaaa    145680
     aatggaacat agatcgaaga aaacaaaact aaaggttctt aacttcagaa ttaagcttat    145740
     cgttaaaaaa cacttgatac taaagaatta agcaattata gacccatttc aaactggctt    145800
     ttacagagaa tttccaattc agatttagag catttcatag cactgcaaaa gatttacaaa    145860
     tcacctgctt ttatcatcta atatgtattt ctccattcgt gtttttggac ctcttgctgc    145920
     ttttgatact attgactact gaacattata aaactgtttc agtttataaa gaaacatcat    145980
     actatttcaa aatacactgt accacaaggc ttagttcttg gtcccctact ttttacaata    146040
     ggtactgcat attactgtta cgatataaac aaattataaa cagtaaaaaa aaaagttagt    146100
     ttccactgtt atgccgataa tacacaacct aaaaaatttg ttgggattca caaaacaaca    146160
     gattgtgtaa ctggtattca agatttcata cttagctgat gattgattac aatgcatgtt    146220
     tggcattctg tcctggaaga gagtcctgag ctcagaagat cctcgagcct gagcctccct    146280
     cccgtttgaa gggcgagagt gaagtttgag ctcaagtaag tctcgagaac ttccatggct    146340
     tagttatagc tataacagat tatagggatt gctatagaaa gatatactgc tgatagagct    146400
     catggtgcca atttggttta gtcaattaac ttatgttgca tgttgttgga ctgtgggagg    146460
     gaaacgggga acttggggga aaccaactca agcaaaggaa gaactcagca cagaaacatt    146520
     gactggccta gttaggacat gaacaagtgg catttttgct gtgaggcatc aatgctaatt    146580
     actgggatgc tgtgtcacct tatctaggaa aaggaggaag agggaggaag ggggaattct    146640
     tcaagacaaa gacatctaag gtaagaactt atttatggtg gtttatggtg tcatctgatt    146700
     ggtgaatcat cggtgaagct gatgcaggac cagctgtggt caatcctaag caggtgatct    146760
     tcttgaaatt tgtttataca taaacttctc ctaaatattg caatcactta aattcatctt    146820
     tatttctata gtatctttta tttccaatat agattgtcaa aatagacgaa gtactaaatt    146880
     aaaacactga tgcacagctc caaaagtccc aaaccagtgt caaaaaaaac ttcccctgta    146940
     gatgaaagta aaaataacta aataaataaa aaaaactgaa gaaaaaccag gcgtagctgg    147000
     gcaccagttc tcttctggcc aaatgtcttg tacagagctg cagtcttggc actggaggct    147060
     tgagaacagt gagcatcata atctgcaggt ctgacacacc agcgggtgtt taggctagcc    147120
     tatattatca atgcagtgct atgacaaata actttttatt actaaattca gataaaactg    147180
     aggtcttact tactggaacc aacttttgtg caaaactaga atactgccca acccttgata    147240
     gtttttcagt taagttctct tcatcattca aagatttggg ggtgatagtt gatagcagcc    147300
     tatcatttga aggccacttt tcaagcaact aaaactgcat ttattcacct caaaaagttg    147360
     ccaaatttat atgctatcaa tttctaatgt ggaaaagctt attcatgctt ttatgacctc    147420
     tcggttagac tattgtaatg catgaacctc aactggttca aaatgcagct gctagagtgc    147480
     tttcttgaat taagaaaaaa gataatatta gtccggatat gtcagcatta cattggatcc    147540
     ctattaaaca tcagatacat ttgttatatc ttattgacta cttacaaagc cctaaatggc    147600
     ttagctcccc agtatttgag taagctcctg ctgcaataca acccctcagg tcaactacta    147660
     ctcaactaaa attgattttt actataatat ctaaatcagc tgtaggcagt aaatccctct    147720
     catatctggc acctaaaatc tagaacagcc ttcctagcac agttcaggag gcagacactc    147780
     tgtcagttca aatacagaca tcactttgcg tagcatgcac ataaaatacc aactcatagc    147840
     tctgaaatcc aaatcctcta aaggattgtg tggctgcatt aattggggta cccggagctg    147900
     agaacacttc ccaaaaatat attcagcatt cctgtttagt tagagcactg attaggtcac    147960
     cagcaatttt aagtgctgcc tcaatggcag aattcttcta aatgcactga aatattcgcc    148020
     ctacgaaaaa gttagattaa tgcaatgtga aaaactgagt gcaatgatat gcactatgca    148080
     ctattaacga agatttagaa gggcaaaata tgaatcacgt gacccaagtc atcaaatgca    148140
     atgacaaatg aagtttttct aaaaagaatc cattattcat ttttaaccaa caaacatagc    148200
     tagataggtt aaggaaaatc tagctactat gcttaattct ttaatggttg aaatgttgct    148260
     ggtaagtgaa gcaatgtaat tatttagcta atgtaaatat gtaaaaatgt tgtaaaatga    148320
     acagaaaaat cattatttct gctgttcatt tatgatatac aatgaggacg ttctcgtgtc    148380
     acactcagtg tcccaatgtg tattgaacaa agcttatcac cacccaaatt cgtgcaaacg    148440
     accgactgat gaatgacccc gtaaactagg gtgctgattg aaatgcagca tgagcaaaga    148500
     gtagtacatc ctcgaaggcc ttgaaactac atcaaccagt aacgcatgcc cagaaaaggg    148560
     attcaatgct tgtgaacacg tgtgttgtca atgagtggca aaccaaagac gaacaagcaa    148620
     attacagctg cacagaacta cagagcaaaa aattttatga aaaaaccttt tctcactatt    148680
     atctggaggg agatggcttt cttgtaattt ttgaaatact ctgacaagcc tttaacaatc    148740
     actcatactg atgctgtttg aactttgcca gattgtcttg tatttagacg ttgtcaggca    148800
     atgcgtttgc gttaacaatt gaaataaagc gattaatgat taataagtac agtgctctgc    148860
     atatataagt acacctctca ccaatttatc ttttaaattc atatttttaa taggaagcta    148920
     tacaatatta tatttgtgca tatacattag attaatcagt attgaagcca gtactagagc    148980
     ttatctaaca aaataagtca cgacaacggt ccaaaaacta gtacacccaa atttatgtaa    149040
     tagaaaaata tttaatacaa gttttttaaa aaagagggaa gaattaagag aagcaaaaaa    149100
     aaagggaaaa aaattaagct gaaatttagt tggttgtcat ttttttgcaa tattttgctt    149160
     gaatttaatt gtattatctt tcaatttcta aatatgtttg gtgactaaaa tattatttta    149220
     ataaatatat ctgtttaata aatctgtttt gtttaaatgc accaaacaca ttgcctatat    149280
     tctctgagaa atggataaaa tattaatttt caaaatgggg tgtactcaat tatgctgagc    149340
     actctatatg aaatataata tacaaaatgt attttcatcc tattatgcag agttcttgtt    149400
     tcttacctgg tttcactgtc agacatgcca cagatgtccc attgcaataa tacaaccctt    149460
     catcccaaga tgagacaaac cagataatca gagacaggtc tggtaatgaa ctgtaattgt    149520
     tattatgcat gtgtctgatt atctttccgt catctgtgct gagaatagac acttgatgtc    149580
     ctttcacatc cctgctccaa gtcacttttc caaccttcaa gtcaccacat ggaagaatgg    149640
     ccatgccatt gggtcggacc cgctggtgct ggacagctaa agcaaattaa aatgcagctt    149700
     tacatatcac aggttgaaaa caagagcagt atgattataa gtaaaaacaa acataccaaa    149760
     tgatgtcagc ataaatccat acaatgaaag acagagtaaa acagtgaaag tcatagtctc    149820
     atagatgtgg tctggttgtt gtaatgttcc tctatttctc tgttcctcta ttactttctt    149880
     acttcatgaa acatttatat ggtgctctag gtcatgtggt tgctctaaac agacatcaat    149940
     tttgttggta tgataaaggg ataaaaaagt gtgcaaatgc ataatcaaca tactgtgctt    150000
     tcagaaagta cagtatttat agtgcttcac cttttgcaca ttttttcatg ttacagcctt    150060
     attccaaaat agattaaatt catttatttc ctcaaaattc tacacacaat accccataat    150120
     gacaatgtga aaaaaaaaag attttttgaa attgttgcaa atttgttaaa aataaaaaac    150180
     ctgaaaaatc acatgtacat aagtattcac agcctttgcc gtgaagctct aaattgagct    150240
     caggtccatt ctgtttccac tgatcaatct ttagatgttt cagcagctta attgaagttc    150300
     acctgtggta aattcagttg attggacatg atttgaaaag cccaaaccaa gcatgaagac    150360
     aaaggaattg tctgtagaca agaatgtctc gaggcacaag gctggggaag gttacagaaa    150420
     aatttctgct gctttgaaag ttccaatgag cacagtggcc tccatcattc ataagtggaa    150480
     gatgtttgga accaccagga ctcttcctag aactggccgg ccatctaagc tgagtgatcg    150540
     gatggagaag ggccttagtc tggaaggtga tcaataacct gatggtcact ctgtctgagc    150600
     tccagcattc ttctgtggag agaggagaaa cttatagaag gacaaccatc tgtgcagcaa    150660
     ttcaacaatc aggcctgtac ggtagagtgg ccagatggaa gccactcccc acctggaatt    150720
     tgccaaaagg tatctaaagg actttcagac cataacaaac aatcttatct ctagtctgat    150780
     gagactaaaa tttaactctc tgttgtaaat gccaggcgtt acatttggag aacaccaggc    150840
     accaggctaa taccatccct acagtgaagc atggtagtgg cagcatcatg ctgtgaggat    150900
     gtttttcagc agcaggaagt ggaagactag tcaggataga gggaaagatt aatgcagcaa    150960
     tgtacagaga catcttaaat gaaaacctgc ttcagagtgc tcttgacctc agactgaggc    151020
     gacagttcac catccagcag gacaatgacc caaagcacac caccaaaata tcaatggagt    151080
     ggcttcacaa caactccgtg aatgtccttg agtggcccag ccagagccca catctaaatc    151140
     ttattgaaca tctctggaga gatctgaaaa aggctgtaca ccgtcacttc ccatccatat    151200
     gaaagagctt gagaggtaca gcaaagagga acgagcaaaa attcccaaag acaggtgtgc    151260
     caagcttgtg gcattatatt caaaaagact tgaggctgta attgctgcta aaggagcatc    151320
     aacaaagtat tgagcaaagg ctctgaatac ttatgtacat gtgattttca gttttttttt    151380
     ttttttttta acaaatttgg aacaatttcc aaaaatcttt attttttcac attgtcatta    151440
     tggggtattg tgtgtagaat cttaaggaaa taaattaatt tagtcatttt gaaataaggc    151500
     tgtaacataa aaaagtgaaa agtgaagcgc tatgaatagt tctatcccct tacagtgcat    151560
     gcaggaaggt tgctggttca agtgccagct gggcaagttg tcatttctgt gtggagtttg    151620
     gatgtctcgc agtccaatgt gtacaggtga gttggatgaa ctaaactgaa tgtgagattg    151680
     tatgggtgtt tccctatact gggctgtggc tggaaggtaa aacatataca taacataaaa    151740
     catatgccag agtagttggc agttcatcac aacaaattgt ttttcagata gactgaactg    151800
     tttgtacagt gctttgtaaa aatcatttat attaatcagt gttctctgat attctaaaat    151860
     cacatacatt tttagcatgt ctatcagtgt ttttacatta aaagttcata aaagcataac    151920
     atattatttg tcattctgtg taattagaaa tgaacccctt tcaaaagttt tctcttttaa    151980
     tgtatgctga tgccttctct ctaacaatta ctgtgatttt accaaatagg acatgtttct    152040
     ggatgtacat ctatagtacg ttgattctag aacaaccaat tccaatcagc caatcagaat    152100
     taaaggatat gtttatttat gtttcctcca ggtgctccgg tttcccccac aagtccaaaa    152160
     acatgtggtg taggtgaatt gggtaagcta aattgtctgt tatgtatgtg tttgactaag    152220
     tgtaaatgtt tcttagtgat gggtaaaaca tacgctggat aagttggcgg ttcattccac    152280
     tgtggcgacc gcagattaat aaagagacta aactggaaaa aaaatacatg aatgaatgat    152340
     gttccaggac caacataagt tattacagga tcacatatgt tattacagga tcgaactgtg    152400
     tatggcaaaa ccataccatc ctttttctct cttacacaca tacatgaatc acatgtctgg    152460
     atatgataat aagtgtattt ttctgtacac acaaacataa tcttaacagc tgctgttaaa    152520
     tttatatgtg ctttttgatt ttgataaaca taataattag ttttacagta gactgtttct    152580
     ttaatttatc atagattttt tttacccttg catagtcttt gtatttaaaa aagaaaatgt    152640
     tgtttcaatc acaaatgtac cattattaaa gacgtcttga gtgtgcaagt gtagaaagtg    152700
     aatcatttag ggctgcttaa ggattcatta gcgcctactc atgccaaaat attaccttac    152760
     ttctgtgatc agtaacaaag caataataag acaagcgttc attctttatt tagttttaaa    152820
     tgcaactcta catcagttgt gtttgcactt tatgtatgat atatttaaat atatacagta    152880
     gagtattttt acatttgttt cttccctgga ctctctctgc actgtgtata tgacagaaaa    152940
     aatgtctctg aaagagagaa tgccaacctc attcatatcc ccacttaatc agtgatcgtt    153000
     gaaaccgcag acatgcacag agaaacgagt gcgtaacact ttacaataac agtacatgaa    153060
     taatgatgta ttaaaatgta aacattattt tattataaat aatgatgagg ttaggcccac    153120
     agtaattatt aactaacttt agctacaaca tgagtcacat gagggtccgt gtatcatccg    153180
     ttcatttgat tattcctttt attacggaaa acgaaacatc agaaaaacga aatattcatc    153240
     gtttttctgt ttattctgta ggcagaaaaa aacggaaact cgtatgttat tctgcttatt    153300
     aacttaaaac gaaatattaa aacaaacaca aaaccaaaac gaaataatga gtcaaaaaat    153360
     ggtccctgtg cggtccgtgt acgttttgtt catttgtttt ccattttcaa acggaataaa    153420
     gcaaatggag aaaacggccg tttttccgtt tttcttttgc tcacgagaaa acgaaaaaac    153480
     gagattttgg ctggattttc gttttttggt ttagggtagg aaaacggata aacgacttta    153540
     aaattcattt tacacatgta ggcggtgctg aaacgcccac tttcctctaa ttggtcaacc    153600
     aaatctgcgc tcgtgacgtc accctcaaaa taaaagcctt acacgcaggc ttttaattgt    153660
     tattatttaa ttatatatta actaagttta catattctat catttgaacc acacacagtt    153720
     agcaggctta cattcactgc gtatgtataa attaaataaa aacgtaaagc agtattctta    153780
     gacatttgtc attaaataag gtcatagttc actgccaagc tttttgctgc tatacacctg    153840
     atgcagagca aagaaagcca tttccgagga gcacctggtt tacatgattg tttcagagca    153900
     agggctttat aataataata ataattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta    153960
     ttaatattaa tatcagttac tagtgttttt attgtttggt gtgttttttt ttctttttaa    154020
     taattgttag cagaaccaga ataagaacac tttgggccct gctataaaaa caaagggtac    154080
     catttgtttt catttatttc ttcctatttt aattatatat tgtaattatt tatattataa    154140
     ttaatactat tttattgcaa cgccaaagta gacctgtctt attatttttt tattattaaa    154200
     tttgctgtta ttgtaggcta gatggcaggc tttaaatatt ttaaataaaa tttactcata    154260
     accttactaa ttcgagagcc gaacctaaaa aagtttaagt gcaataagcc tgtacaataa    154320
     agggagccgc aatgcatatt tctagcgcat tctttcactc aacaattatt gctcttcttg    154380
     agaaagtgct acagcgggcc ctgctatttc acatataagg ttagtgatac gtattttaaa    154440
     ttagtattga acattattca ttcattttct tgtcggctta gtccctttat taacctgggg    154500
     tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ttagcaagtt tttacgcagc ggatgccctt    154560
     cagccacaac ccaggatggt ggtgttaaac ccgtactctt tttcgaaaga tattctggga    154620
     ttttagggta aatgctgaag catgctaata ggacatttaa tttgtcagta acctgggtta    154680
     agcgcttcca gctaactgcc aaagggaaaa tcagcatgtt taaggtctgt tttctttaaa    154740
     aatcagcgat ctccactggc tgagtgatat ccgatataaa gtgggtctca gattgtacaa    154800
     gaagcactgc attaaattac atttcccccg ccatgtcttt ataatatgag catttatttt    154860
     tacctcattg tattcaaggg agcgtctgcg ctagtctgcc gattctgacg ggcgagtgcg    154920
     agtaaagggt cttttgtctc gttttacgct tgaaaaacta aatgaatgcc aaagtttatt    154980
     taactgaatg tattttaatt gcatcacaac atcaatgctg taaaaggaac cgtataaaat    155040
     ggaaaaaaac tcacaacaac cggtcaccgg aagtttataa gtatgggaac aacactagct    155100
     cggcatatat ccaattatat tcatctgtct cgatattcta ctgcatgtca gaatattaca    155160
     gagcaccaaa aatgtaaaaa tatatattta ttatatttaa gatatttttg tcaacagcag    155220
     acggcaacta gccgtgacgc aaattcccga ttctctgtgc tccaatcagg tgagccctcc    155280
     tcagcgctcg ccatgacaac gagacaacag tgacgtgcct tgtaaaaatt tgcatatgca    155340
     ttcctataaa gctcgtgtgc tctcagtcag cgttgtcagt tcgcccggtg tagctgtttg    155400
     tacttgacca aggtgagttc aataccgacg gtacgagtgg agctaagcca aactcacgaa    155460
     gtccgcttcg tgatgcttca cccgggcccg tctgtgctgt agttccttgc ggtttgcgta    155520
     cataaacgca atatcgcgaa gaatattacg tgtttgttgc tcgaaatgtg ccgccgagca    155580
     acatccagtg aatactggca cggcctggcg cccggtcttt tccgtgcact ccctggggcg    155640
     aggcggcctt tgagccctag gcagggaaca aacaaccccc gaggaccctc agggaaacac    155700
     ggggggccgg tagtgggacc tcgctgcgag ggttatggtg ggtgggagta gcgaggccca    155760
     ctcatcttct attttaaact atagtttcaa actttagttt actatagttt gaaatagaaa    155820
     ccatgataac tgttatgatt taactttatg caaagagcct aggatgacca agagcaacag    155880
     attcggccat tttgaagtga aagcgatcgc tcgtgcattg gatatcattg ctgtcgcaat    155940
     ggcaaacagc ggctttgttt ttatttaatg tattcaaaaa gcgcgttatt gtttcccaaa    156000
     ttgcactaga gtatcgcctc ttggtgatac tatgctctct gctctttgtc tgaatgttgt    156060
     aatgttttgc tctgtttttc agatgagttg ttgagcaaag aaggactatt gaagacaaca    156120
     gttgaagacg accgcgggtc atctccacga gcgcgcgcat cataatgttt tcggtctgtt    156180
     ttctgagagt tagtcttgtt tagataagtt tgcaggtcaa acaaaataaa ctatactttt    156240
     cctaaacacc tgtctcgtgt tttatttgtc ttctacagca atacactgtc atttaagtct    156300
     gttgaatgca tttgtatgca acatggtttg ataatacagt agtctacaaa taaatagttg    156360
     ttataaatgt accttcaata gtcaacattt agtgtaggta atcaaaagtt aatcatattt    156420
     gtcctaagac ataagagtaa tgttatggtt gttacatacc tgtatttatt attatgctgt    156480
     atgtttaaaa ccagcagatt tactatttat gtaacatgtc atgaacttac tgttattcaa    156540
     aaaattgctt aaaatatctt aagacaagaa tgggtgttgt cattggtttt atgtcaacct    156600
     actgtaggtt ttagggtgaa tacagcagat ataggcaacc tatatcataa tattggtagt    156660
     atgagttatt taatgaccca aatcaagtaa aacgtctctt cctcaagcat gcaaaagtca    156720
     aatatagata tatatataaa acacagtttc caacaataaa attttgtctt gtgaaaaaga    156780
     ccagtggggt tggtaagaaa aaaagttaat gtcaagttac atgtatttat aaaataagtt    156840
     cataatagtc attagattat gtgaccgcta gatggcgctc gtttaaaaga agcgttaatt    156900
     ttaaaggagc gttaccctgt actaaaatgg cggatctgtt gacgcattcc gtccaaaaca    156960
     caacattagg gtaggcgaca tttaacgtat atatctatgg acgctaacta gtattcacgt    157020
     cgtatcatgc tcaactctta atactctttt acacactttg agagtgtttg cgttatttca    157080
     gagagatatt taagcacata tgaagtaaca gtgccgtctg tgtactatag ttacacaatg    157140
     cagcatttag ctcgctcgta aacatcgctg ctgtcctcag atcattgtct gagcagaagt    157200
     ttcatcataa gccatgactg tcagatgctc ttcatctcag gagctgtatt tttatatgct    157260
     tgataacaga tataaggtga gttatggctg gagtggacgc tgccagacgg gcttatatta    157320
     attttggcat gacaggagag aacaggatac ttatgagtga cagatagagt ccacaaaaac    157380
     tgctctccgg ttgcatttca ttttatgaat attatctttt agagcttcaa gttttgcctc    157440
     aggtttttcc ctcaggtgat tctcgtcaga tttgtcgtct tagaaaggtg acaaatgttg    157500
     aagtttaaga catatactta aattaatata agtactgaaa tagcctatag tacctttgta    157560
     taagatttca ggtaaatcgt aaacccatac tatgaaatca tgatcgactt attgattgac    157620
     ttatttaaat atataataaa taaacataat tcaatttcaa tattaaacat aaattgcaag    157680
     aaaacctagc aagattacta atacctgcag taaactacaa ttaaaataaa aagtgaacat    157740
     tgaatattag atgaaaggct taacttgaat aagcaatcag ttttaaaatg ataaagatcg    157800
     ccatagaaat attgttgtgt tgcatttaat aaatattaca agaatattaa aagcccataa    157860
     ataatgcaga tttttattat ttgatcccaa agtctgaact ggctgatgag gctctggatg    157920
     caaagttcat gtttgccttt aatctttgac ctttaaattc ccatccagca gtacagtatg    157980
     ttgtgtcagt ataaatctgg ctataaagcc tcattgaaca atttcccaaa agccagtgca    158040
     aggtgtaaag acaactgaga attgactgtg tttgttgtgg ggctgtttcg gttgctgttg    158100
     ataagctaat gtgtgtgtgt ggtgcattta tttgcatcta aactctctgt atgtgttgta    158160
     ttttggacct ctgtatttaa atgtgctctc tctccataga ctgtaaaagt ctctcttgca    158220
     gcatgtttcc atcagccgtt tcgcttgaat acgaattgct ttgtttaatg gtttcacaca    158280
     cacacacaca cacacatata tatatatata tatatatata tttggctaga agaaaaacag    158340
     tttttaattt ttttcaaacc attttaaggt caatgttatt agccctctta agcaatattt    158400
     tttggatagt ctacagaaca aaccactgtt atacaatgac ttgcctaatt accctaactt    158460
     gcctgaataa cctagttaac cctttaaatc tcactttaag ctgaatattg agaaatgtct    158520
     tgtcaaataa tatggactgt cttcatggcg tgtcattatt ataaatgagt tattaaaact    158580
     attatgttca gaaatgtgtt cagaaaatct gctctccatt aaacagaaat tggggaaaaa    158640
     catacagtgg ggctaataag tcaggggtga ataattcaga cttcaactgt acatcaaaac    158700
     gaatatttgc tgaatgtgaa ttgaatgtct tgatgtagtt accctctaga tcagtttgga    158760
     aatgtaaaca gtttgctggt gtgacaggca ggattgcaga gtcgtgctgt gcagcgatcc    158820
     ttcattcact ccggacggtc tcattgacac tgattacatt acagcgatcc agagttcaag    158880
     ccaattgaag gacagaatca agtttcaatt ggccaaattt tctcgttcat ttaactcttc    158940
     catgttggct ttcgggtcac tttgtttttt tgtttttttt aacagccgga aaaaaaataa    159000
     acaatatttt ttcgtcttgt ttacactcac cggccacttt attaggtaca ccttatttaa    159060
     atgcctttag aactgcctta atccttcatg gcatggattc aacaaggtac tggaaatatt    159120
     cctcagagat tttgctccat attgacatga tagcatcaca cagctgctgc agatttgtcg    159180
     gctgcacatc catgatgcga atctcccgtt tcaccacatc ccaaaggtgc tctattggat    159240
     tgagatctga tgactgtgaa ggccatttga gtacagtgaa ctcattgtca tgttcaagaa    159300
     acaagtctga gttgattcac actttatgac atggtgtgtt atcgctgttg ttaacaatgt    159360
     tgttataaag gaatggacca ccacaaccag cctgaaccgt tgatacaagg caggatggat    159420
     ccctgcttcg tgttgttgtc gccaaattct gacccggcca tccgaatgtc acagcagaaa    159480
     taaagactta ttagaccagc gaacgttttt ccaatcttga taacgttcac tccgttaacg    159540
     agcagttgaa caggtgtacc taataaagtg gccagtgagg gtatgtgtgt gtgtattgac    159600
     tttactagtt ttctctgcga cactcattgc tccagaaact tgccatgggc cctatagtag    159660
     atgattattt ttgtgttagc agctgccagc agtcttaata acagccggag aagaatgtgt    159720
     gtctataatc tctaagcttt tactatgatg atcatattgg aagccattgt caagagatag    159780
     tccacccaaa actacaagtt ctgtcaacct ttactcagac ttcactttct tctgctggaa    159840
     cgcaaaagaa gatcatttga aggctgttat catccatcca catggttaat cagctataga    159900
     tcgcatacgg ctgcagccgg aagttaacta gaattattaa tattatttat taaatttccc    159960
     attaattata actcattaat gcctacccct accttaaccg tcacagtaat gtaaaacaga    160020
     tctggactct tctctattag tatagctgat taacaatgtg aatggacgat aacagccttc    160080
     tgagtgacat ttactgcgcg gaaggcccct actggcccat atctatcaac tgataaccac    160140
     tgataaagct gattaaagca gctgactgga catggtgaaa cgacattatt ggaccacact    160200
     aaccagccaa atgtggggtc ccatatgtga catggcacta gactcttagg tattttagag    160260
     aagtgtaata aatgaatgta tgatgtggtt ttatgtgtct ttggcagcga gaagaggctg    160320
     aatccaaagc ccgagaagaa gcagagaaac agaggatcga acgagagaaa cacttccaga    160380
     aggaggagct ggaacgcttg taaagaaaga aggtaaaata aaagtccacc aatcaagcta    160440
     aacacagcat cacgctctct cattcacaca cacacatagg cgtgctcgct cgctcgggag    160500
     tgatattgtt agaccgcccg ctcccgttca aattacacca gttaccgacc gctcccatgc    160560
     tttatccgga aattaatccc acgttgcaat aaatctggtc gggccccgca gacctctaat    160620
     ctggcattac ggtggctcag tggttagcac tgtcgcctca aagaaagaag gtcactggtt    160680
     cgagtcccgg ctgggtcatt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt tgaatgttct tagtgtgtgt    160740
     gaatgagtgt ctatggatgt tacccagtac tgctttgcag ctggaagagc atccgctgtg    160800
     taaaacatat gctgaataag ttggcggttc attctgttgt tgtgacctct gataaataaa    160860
     gggactaaac tgaaggaaaa tgaatgaatg aatttttttc aaaattgtta aatatagcac    160920
     ttgggaaata tttttaaacg atttaaattt cacaggaggg ctcaaaattt tgtcttcaat    160980
     tatatttgag attttagttc agtactgttg gtttaacgtt tgtgtttaca tttttagcgt    161040
     ctggaagaaa tcatgaagag gactcgtaag agtgacgcag gagcacaggt gagatgtgtg    161100
     tgtgtttcat taagtctaat cttaaacaca cacaatgaaa gaaaattaac ctggtttatt    161160
     catttctttg aatatgacag cggtaaaaat ctttttatag tactgagaat atataaaaat    161220
     cactctttta ttaatatcat gtaagtaggg ttaaaataaa aaagtacaat gttgttttcc    161280
     tctcgtcttg cagtaataca gaaaaatccg tcagaagctc ttcatactgg tgcgacaaac    161340
     caatcaccaa tgaggtaatc gagacgctgc atgaattgaa attgaaatga agctgcatga    161400
     attatgtttt gcttattttc ccgcttgtgt gtcttcctca gctctgtgtc ctgggacaca    161460
     gcaccggtca ttaacggagc tccgcccact aagcatcaga atggactgtc ctccaatgga    161520
     gacgctgcag actttaagga gataatcaag ctgtccaatc acagtgggaa cagtgggcag    161580
     agtcaaccgg ctgacgaccc aatcatggcc ttcgagggag gagaaccgtt catgatgaag    161640
     gcaaggccta tgaaacctca acatgtggca ggtagaatca gattttgttc cgattacgta    161700
     cagttgaaac cagacgttta catacacttt ataaagaggc acatcatttt tttatgagac    161760
     taaacttatt tttttaggta agttaggatg atcaaatttg tttctgttct tcttaatagc    161820
     aaaataatga gagagatatt tttgagaaat tgttataacc tttcttgaaa gtcaagttta    161880
     catacaataa gattattctg cctctgaaaa agctcagatg atgatgtcaa gcttttggaa    161940
     gtttctgatt ggctaattga caacatttga gttaattgga ggcacaactg tagaatagta    162000
     tttaaggaaa acctcaaaca cacactgctt ccttgtgtga caacatggga aaatcaacaa    162060
     gccagaatca acaaaaaagc cagattacaa tttgctgaat tacactggga aaaagaataa    162120
     tttttggaga catgtcctgt gctctgatgg agctaagatt gaactgtttg gctataatga    162180
     ccagtgttac atttggagga caaaggggaa agcttacatg cttatgaaca ctatcctaac    162240
     tgtgaagtat gggggcggca gcatcatgtt gtggggctgt tttgctgcag gagggactgg    162300
     tccacttcac agcatagatg gcatcatgaa gaaagaacat catgtagaaa tactgaagca    162360
     acatctcaag acatcagcca ggaaatgaaa acttggccac aaatgggtct tccaaacaga    162420
     ccatgaccct aagcatactg ccaaattagt tcaaatgtgc tttaaggaca acagagtgaa    162480
     tgttttgaag tggccatcac aaagccctga tctcaatcct atagaacatt tgtgggcata    162540
     gttgaaaaag cttgtgcgag caagacagtc gacacatctg attcagttac accaattctg    162600
     tcaggaggaa tgggccaaaa ttcctgcaaa ccattgtgag gagcttgtgg aagaataccc    162660
     aaaacatttg accaaagtta aacagtttaa aagcaaagat ttaaaaaaat accaaggaaa    162720
     tgtgtgtaaa cttttgactg tctagaacac aggtgtcaaa ctcagttcca aaagggctgc    162780
     agctctgcac agtttagttc caaccctaat taaacacacc tgatcaaact aatagcatcc    162840
     ttcaggcttg tttgaaacct acaggttagt gtgttggagc agggttgtaa ctaaactgtg    162900
     cagggcttcg gccctccagg aattgagttt gacacccctg gtctagaaat taatagaaaa    162960
     ttctcaaata aaaatctctc attattctgg catttagcaa atgtaaatca tttaggttat    163020
     cctaacggac cttaaatagt aaacgtttag tatcatttac cttcagacat ttttttaaat    163080
     ggttgtgttt ctttttttag agtgtatgta aacttctggt ttcagctgta tgtaagatca    163140
     tatatggatc aaatctgggc accagtggag ttgcttttca gtgtttcgtc tttcagcagt    163200
     gacatttaca ttatactgaa ctgaactaaa ctgaacccaa aataaaatct tgaaaataat    163260
     gtataaagga tgattaagag agtctctaag ctattttcca tgcatgaaac tgattatttc    163320
     tgcagtttgt tgactttagg acagtgtgaa tgactgaaaa aagcagcctt ggcattctgc    163380
     aaagcgtctc tattttcagc ttcataatac cagtcataga tgttgttggc aagcttttaa    163440
     tagttcaata aatcatcttc tcacatgtgt ttctgctgtt ttcctgcaga ggtgctgtga    163500
     gagatgagat atcagagtct tctggatatg aagagaagaa gagaagcctt actctaccac    163560
     cgcttccacc ctgatgtgtg ccaaaccaac aaaaacagac tgctttaact ttagaaacac    163620
     agccgagccg gacgcgctca ggagaaagtg ccagaagacg accttaaaga gacacttata    163680
     tacgtataca acgtttgcaa aaagtctctg tctatttcag tgtgtgtgtc atggtgcaac    163740
     atttgttgag tttctttaac aagtcacctg ccgatcatgt ggtgcacctt aaaagagtcg    163800
     ctatatattg aattttagaa aagacaactt ggcttatctt tatgatataa attattgttg    163860
     ttgttgttgc tcttgttatg atgtattgtt atcgttattt taagtagaga aaaaaagcaa    163920
     atatgtgtct tgaactattg cgttatttaa cgtgtggcgc atcagaagag gccgatattc    163980
     tgtatgttaa tgtatatttg cctgattatg acagacctgt ggaataaatc tttatgaaag    164040
     cggctgtttg tcagtgagtg gagtgtttgc tgtagtttaa gctaatcgta ataatgtgat    164100
     ttttatttta gtctggctat atcatgatgg tagaacagtg ctttataata aaaataataa    164160
     ttccttacat ttatatagcg cttttcttgg cattcaaagc gctttacaca tagggggaat    164220
     ctcctcatct actttttttt tttttttaat gcaagaaaga acattacaaa gatataatat    164280
     gaacaaagag acaaataggg ttacataaat agaattccag caaattaatc aagtttaaat    164340
     gatttaaacc aagaaagcgt tttacatgca gtgtaattat gactgtttat gactgttcca    164400
     gttactatga ccatttatgt gaagctgctt tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagcgctata    164460
     caaataaagc tgaattgaat tgaattgaat tataattgtt agagtctttt aaagagttca    164520
     cataaatttc aaagtccttt ctgaaaataa aaaagtaagg gtatttcttt gaaaattaac    164580
     atttatggaa gtaaaacttt gctataaaaa aacaataaat caataataaa tttacaatga    164640
     gaaggatcta cattcagaga gtaaccaaag aatacaattt tggggaaata cagaagtttg    164700
     gaaataagaa tttttttaat gaaattggaa tagtcaaccc aaaacacttt acagtaagta    164760
     cactctcaaa ataaatgctt tagtgtttca tcatattgag tacaaaatga gcatttagag    164820
     gaaatattat taaatttagc tagtttggta tttattgggt agcaatctcc tcatctacca    164880
     ccattgtagc atccacctgg atgaagcgac agcagccgtt ttccgccagc ccgcacacca    164940
     cagagaaaga ggacagagta ttaaagccat gatggacaga ggccagtggg taaattttgc    165000
     caggatgatg gtgttaaacc cgtactcttt ttcgaaagat attctgggat tttagggtat    165060
     atgctgaagc atgctaatag gacatttaat ttgtcagtaa cctgggttaa gcgcttccag    165120
     caaactgcca aagggaaaat cagcatgttt aaggtctgtt ttctttaaaa atcagcgatc    165180
     tccactggct gagtgatatc cgatataaag tgggtctcag attgtacaag aagcactgca    165240
     ttaaattaca tttcccccgc catgtcttta taatatgagc atttattttt acctcattgt    165300
     attcaaggga gcgtctgcgc tagtctgccg attctgacgg gcgagtgcga gtaaagggtc    165360
     ttttgtctcg ttttacgctt gaaaaactaa atgaatgcca aagtttattt aactgaatgt    165420
     attttaattg catcacaaca tcaatgctgt aaaaggaacc gtataaaatg gaaaaaaact    165480
     cacaacaacc ggtcaccgga agtttataag tatgggaaca acactagctc ggcatatatc    165540
     caattatatt catctgtctc gatattctac tgcatgtcag aatattacag agcaccaaaa    165600
     atgtaaaaat atatatttat tatatttaag atatttttgt caacagcaga cggcaactag    165660
     ccgtgacgca aattcccgat tctctgtgct ccaatcaggt gagccctcct cagcgctcgc    165720
     catgacaacg agacaacagt gacgtgcctt gtaaaaattt gcatatgcat tcctataaag    165780
     ctcgtgtgct ctcagtcagc gttgtcagtt cgcccggtgt agctgtttgt acttgaccaa    165840
     ggtgagttca ataccgacgg tacgagtgga gctacgccaa actcacgaag tccgcttcgt    165900
     gatgcttcac ccgggcccgt ctgtgctgta gttccttgcg gtttgcgtac ataaacgcaa    165960
     tatcgcgaag aatattacgt gtttgttgct cgaaatgtgc cgccgagcaa catccagtga    166020
     atactggcac ggcctggcgc ccggtctttt ccgtgcactc cctggggcga ggcggccttt    166080
     gagccctagg cagggaacaa acaacccccg aggaccctca gggaaacacg gggggccggt    166140
     agtgggacct cgctgcgagg gttatggtgg gtgggagtag cgaggcccac tcatcttcta    166200
     ttttaaacta tagtttcaaa ctttagttta ctatagtttg aaagagaaac catgataact    166260
     gttatgattt aactttatgc aaagagccta ggatgaccaa gagcaacaga ttcggccatt    166320
     ttgaagtgaa agcgatcgct cgtgcattgg atatcattgc tgtcgcaatg gcaaacagcg    166380
     gctttgtttt tatttaatgt attcaaaaag cgcgttattg tttcccaaat tgcactagag    166440
     tatcgcctct tggtgatact atgctctctg ctctttgtct gaatgttgta atgttttgct    166500
     ctgtttttca gatgagttgt tgagcaaaga aggactattg aagacaacag ttgaagacga    166560
     ccgcgggtca tctccacgag cgcgcgcatc ataatgtttt cggtctgttt tctgagagtt    166620
     agtcttgttt agataagttt gcaggtcaaa caaaataaac tatacttttc ctaaacacct    166680
     gtctcgtgtt ttatttgtct tctacagcaa tacactgtca tttaagtctg ttgaatgcat    166740
     ttgtatgcaa catggtttga taatacagta gtctacaaat aaatagttgt tataaatgta    166800
     ccttcaatag tcaacattta gtgtaggtaa tcaaaagtta atcatatttg tcctaagaca    166860
     taagagtaat gttatggttg ttacatacct gtatttatta ttatgctgta tgtttaaaac    166920
     cagcagattt actatttatg taacatgtca tgaacttact gttattcaaa aaattgctta    166980
     aaatatctta agacaagaat gggtgttgtc attggtttta tgtcaaccta ctgtaggttt    167040
     tagggtgaat acagcagata taggcaacct atatcataat attggtagta tgagttattt    167100
     aatgacccaa atcaagtaaa acgtctcttc ctcaagcatg caaaagtcaa atatagatat    167160
     atatataaaa cacagtttcc aacaataaaa ttttgtcttg tgaaaaagac cagtggggtt    167220
     ggtaagaaaa aaagttaatg tcaagttaca tgtatttata aaataagttc ataatagtca    167280
     ttagattatg tgaccgctag atggcgctcg tttaaaagaa gcgttaattt taaaggagcg    167340
     ttaccctgta ctaaaatggc ggatctgttg acgcattccg tccaaaacac aacattaggg    167400
     taggcgacat ttaacgtata tatctatgga cgctaactag tattcacgtc gtatcatgct    167460
     caactcttaa tactctttta cacactttga gagtgtttgc gttatttcag agagatattt    167520
     aagcacatat gaagtaacag tgccgtctgt gtactatagt tacacaatgc agcatttagc    167580
     tcgctcgtaa acatcgctgc tgtcctcaga tcattgtctg agcagaagtt tcatcataag    167640
     ccatgactgt cagatgctct tcatctcagg agctgtattt ttatatgctt gataacagat    167700
     ataaggtgag ttatggctgg agtggacgct gccagacggg cttatattaa ttttggcatg    167760
     acaggagaga acaggatact tatgagtgac agatagagtc cacaaaaact gctctccggt    167820
     tgcatttcat tttatgaata ttatctttta gagcttcaag ttttgcctca ggtttttccc    167880
     tcaggtgatt ctcgtcagat ttgtcgtctt agaaaggtga caaatgttta agtttaagac    167940
     atacttaaat taatataagt actgaaatag cctatagtac ctttgtataa gatttcaggt    168000
     aaatcgtaaa cccatactat gaaatcatga tcgacttatt gattgactta tttaaatata    168060
     taataaataa acataattca atttcaatat taaacataaa ttgcaagaaa acctagcaag    168120
     attactaata cctgcagtaa actacaatta aaataaaaag tgaacattga atattagatg    168180
     aaaggcttaa cttgaataag caatcagttt taaaatgata aagatcgcca tagaaatatt    168240
     gttgtgttgc atttaataaa tattacaaga atattaaaag cccataaata atgcagattt    168300
     ttattatttg atcccaaagt ctgaactggc tgatgaggct ctggatgcaa agttcatgtt    168360
     tgcctttaat ctttgacctt taaattccca tccagcagta cagtatgttg tgtcagtata    168420
     aatctggcta taaagcctca ttgaacaatt tcccaaaagc cagtgcaagg tgtaaagaca    168480
     actgagaatt gactgtgttt gttgtggggc tgtttcggtt gctgttgata agctaatgtg    168540
     tgtgtgtggt gcatttattt gcatctaaac tctctgtatg tgttgtattt tggacctctg    168600
     tatttaaatg tgctctctct ccatagactg taaaagtctc tcttgcagca tgtttccatc    168660
     agccgtttcg cttgaatacg aattgctttg tttaatggtt tcacacacac acacacacac    168720
     acacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    168780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatttggct agaagaaaaa cagtttttaa tttttttcaa    168840
     accattttaa ggtcaatgtt attagccctc ttaagcaata ttttttggat agtctacaga    168900
     acaaaccact gttatacaat gacttgccta attaccctaa cttgcctgaa taaccaagtt    168960
     aaccctttaa acctcacttt aagctgaata ttgagaaatg tcttgtcaaa taatatggac    169020
     tgtcttcatg gcgtgtcatt attataaatg agttattaaa actattatgt tcagaaatgt    169080
     gttcagaaaa tctgctctcc gttaaacaga aattggggaa aaacatacag tggggctaat    169140
     aagtcagggg tgaataattc agacttcaac tgtacattgt agggatagtt tacagtttaa    169200
     cccaaagaat gaccagtctg gttgatgaag aagagccgga gtcagagatt ttaaaaaaat    169260
     aaattaagtt tactgaagat agtttgcagt ttcattcgca gaagccagct tcaacactct    169320
     caatgagttc ctaggccgct ctgcttacag tttcaacaat cgaacaatta tactctttac    169380
     acaagtccag aaagggtggg atccaggtaa acagttctca ttggttacaa cagaaataga    169440
     caattccaaa tacatgcgtc aaagaaacat agtatctact tccagatatg gatggcctta    169500
     gtgtgtgcgt caaagaaagc cttgtatttg tatccagata tggatggcga cctgatgcct    169560
     agaggcgagg tcgccctaag ttattaggag ctgatctcca acctgtgaaa agctaaacca    169620
     gaaacacaat agacacaaaa gaccatctgt gtagactcaa ggatgtttct tgtacgttca    169680
     gctgtgttat caggctggtt caagactgtt tccatcaaca gtctgctgca atatcttggc    169740
     tacacacagt cacagtctgt ctccacacaa aaagaaatta cattactatt aattatactc    169800
     aaaaacagat caatcaaaca gctataaaat tataggcaat atatcaggac aataaaacag    169860
     gtgtcttctt ctcctctgta ttggacctct agacatagga acagatagat agagagagag    169920
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag gtctccatga cctatgacct ggtctgtgtg    169980
     tctcctgaaa acaaagttaa aatagacagg caaaaagaga aacaaggaca cagaacattc    170040
     ttacagtaag cagttttaac ttattcatta gttaaaatca attcacagtt aaatactgag    170100
     aaacaggatg atgaaaagga taaacggtgg tccatgatga gacgaattgg aaagcagaaa    170160
     tccgaatcct tcaacatcaa aacgaatatt tgctgaatgt gaattgaatg tcttgatgta    170220
     gttaccctct agatcagttt ggaaatgtaa acagtttgct ggtgtgacag gcaggattgc    170280
     agagtcgtgc tgtgcagcga tccttcattc actccggacg gtctcattga cactgattac    170340
     attacagcga tccagagttc aagccaattg aaggacagaa tcaagtttca attggccaaa    170400
     ttttctcgtt catttaactc ttccatgttg gctttcgggt cactttgttt ttttgttttt    170460
     ttttaacagc cggaaaaaaa ataaacaata ttttttcgtc ttgtttacac tcaccggcca    170520
     ctttattagg tacaccttat ttaaatgcct ttagaactgc cttaatcctt catggcatgg    170580
     attcaacaag gtactggaaa tattcctcag agattttgct ccatattgac atgatagcat    170640
     cacacagctg ctgcagattt gtcggctgca catccatgat gcgaatctcc cgtttcacca    170700
     catcccaaag gtgctctatt ggattgagat ctgatgactg tgaaggccat ttgagtacag    170760
     tgaactcatt gtcatgttca agaaaccagt ctgagatgat tcacgcttta tgacatggtg    170820
     tgttatcgct gttgttaaca ctgttgttat aaaggaatgg accaccacaa ccagcctgaa    170880
     ccgttgatac aaggcaggat ggatccctgc ttcgtgttgt tgtcgccaaa ttctgacccg    170940
     gccatccgaa tgtcgcagca gaaataaaga cttattagac cagcgaacgt ttttccaatc    171000
     ttgataacgt tcactccgtt aacgagcagt tgaacaggtg tacctaataa agtggccagt    171060
     gagggtatgt gtgtgtgtat tgactttact agttttctct gcgacactca ttgctccaga    171120
     aacttgccat gggccctata gtagatgatt atttttgtgt tagcagctgc cagcagtctt    171180
     aataacagcc ggagaagaat gtgtgtctat aatctctaag cttttactat gatgatcata    171240
     ttggaagcca ttgtcaagag atagtccacc caaaactaca agttctgtca acctttactc    171300
     agacttcact ttcttctgct ggaacgcaaa agaagatcat ttgaaggctg ttatcatcca    171360
     tccacatggt taatcagcta tagatcgcat acggctgcag ccggaagtta actagaatta    171420
     ttaatattat ttattaaatt tcccattaat tataactcat taatgcctac ccctacctta    171480
     accgtcacag taatgtaaaa cagatctgga ctcttctcta ttagtatagc tgattaacaa    171540
     tgtgaatgga cgataacagc cttctgagtg acatttactg cgcggaaggc ccctactggc    171600
     ccatatctat caactgataa ccactgataa agctgattaa agcagctgac tggacatggt    171660
     gaaacgacat tattggacca cactaaccag ccaaatgtgg ggtcccatat gtgacatggc    171720
     actagacttt taggtatttt agagatgtgt aataaatgaa tgtatgatgt ggttttatgt    171780
     gtctttggca gcgagaagag gctgaatcca aagcccgaga agaagcagag aaacagagga    171840
     tcgaacgaga gaaacacttc cagaaggagg agctggaacg cttggaaaga aagaaggtaa    171900
     aataaaagtc caccaatcaa gctaaacaca gcatcacgct ctctcattca cacacacaca    171960
     taggcgtgct cgctcgctcg ggagtgatat tgttagaccg cccgctccca ttcaaattac    172020
     accagttacc gaccgctccc atgctttatc cggaaattaa tcccacgttg caataaatct    172080
     ggtcgggccc cgcagacctc taatctggca ttacggtggc tcagtggtta gcactgtcgc    172140
     ttcaaagaaa gaaggtcact ggttcgagtc ccggctgggt catttggcat ttctgtgtgg    172200
     agtttgaatg ttcttagtgt gtgtgaatga gtgtctatgg atgtttccca gtactgcttt    172260
     gcagctggaa gggcatccgc tgtgtaaaac atatgctgaa taagttggcg gttcattctg    172320
     ttgttgtgac ctcagataaa taaagggact aaactgaagg aaaatgaatg aatgaatttt    172380
     taaaaattgt taaatatagc acttgggaaa tatttttaaa cgatttaaat ttcacaggag    172440
     ggctcaaaat tttgtcttca attatatttg agattttagt tcagtagtgt tggtttaacg    172500
     tttgtgttta catttttagc gtctggaaga aatcatgaag aggactcgta agagtgacgc    172560
     aggagcacag gtgagatgtg tgtgtgtttc attaagtcta atcttaaaca cacacaatga    172620
     aagaaaatta acctggttta ttcatttctt tgaatatgac agcggtaaaa atctatttat    172680
     agtactgaga atatataaaa atcactcttt tattaatatc atgtaagtag ggttaaaata    172740
     aaaaagtaca atgttgtttt cctctcgtct tgcagtaata cagaaaaatc cgtcagaagc    172800
     tcttcatact ggtgcgacaa accaatcacc aatgaggtaa tcgagatgct gcatgaattg    172860
     aaattgaaat gaagctgcat gaattatgtt ttgcttattt tcccgcttgt gtgtcttcct    172920
     cagctctgtg tcctgggacg cagcaccggt cattaacgga gctccgccca ctaagcatca    172980
     gaatggactg tcctccaatg gagacgctgc agactttgag gagataatca agctgtccaa    173040
     tcacagtggg aacagtgggc agagtcaacc ggctgacgac ccaatcatgg ccttcgaggg    173100
     aggagaaccg ttcatgatga aggcgaggcc tatgaaacct caacatgtgg caggtagagt    173160
     cagattttgt tccgattacg tacagttgaa accagacgtt tacatacact ttataaagag    173220
     gcacataatt tttttttttt tttttaatga gactaaactt atttttttag gtaagttagg    173280
     atgatcaaat ttgtttctgt tctgcttaat agcaaaataa tgagagagat atttttgaga    173340
     aattgttata acctttcttg aaagtcaagt ttacatacag taagattatt ctgcctctga    173400
     aaaagctcag atgatgatgt caagcttttg gaagtttctg attggctaat tgacaacatt    173460
     tgagttaatt ggaggcacaa ctgtagaata gtatttaagg aaaacctcaa acacacactg    173520
     cttccttgtg tgacaacatg ggaaaatcaa caagccagaa tcaacaaaaa agccagatta    173580
     caatttgctg aattacactg ggaaaaagaa taatttttgg agacatgtcc tgtgctctga    173640
     tggagctaag attgaactgt ttggctataa tgaccagtgt tacatttgga ggacaaaggg    173700
     gaaagcttac atgcttatga acactatcct aactgtgaag tatgggggcg gcagcatcat    173760
     gttgtggggc tgttttgctg caggagggac tggtccactt cacagcatag atggcatcat    173820
     gaagaaagaa catcatgtag aaatactgaa gcaacatctc aagacatcag ccaggaaatg    173880
     aaaacttggc cacaaatggg tcttccaaac agaccatgac cctaagcata ctgccaaatt    173940
     agttcaaatg tgctttaagg acaacagagt gaatgttttg aagcggccat cacaaagccc    174000
     tgatctcaat cctatagaac atttgtgggc atagttgaaa aagcttgtgc gagcaagaca    174060
     gtcgacacat ctgattcagt tacaccaatt ctgtcaggag gaatgggcca aaattcctgc    174120
     aaactattgt gaggagcttg tggaagaata cccaaaacat ttgaccaaag ttaaacagtt    174180
     taaaagcaaa gatttaaaaa aataccaagg aaatgtgtgt aaacttttga ctgtctagaa    174240
     cacaggtgtc aaactcagtt ccaaaagggc cgcagctctg cacagtttag ttccaaccct    174300
     aattaaacac acctgatcaa actaatagca tccttcaggc ttgtttgaaa cctacaggta    174360
     agtgtgttgg agcagggttg gaactaaact gtgcagggct tcggccctcc aggaattgag    174420
     tttgacaccc ctggtctaga aattaataga aaattctcaa ataaaaatct ctcattattt    174480
     tggcatttag caaatgtaaa tcatttaggt tatcctaacg gacctaaaat agtaaacgtt    174540
     tagtatcatt taccatcaga cattttttta aatggttgtg tttctttttt tagagtgtat    174600
     gtaaacttct ggtttcagct gtatgtaaga tcatatatgg atcaaatctg ggcaccagtg    174660
     gagttgcttt tcagtgtttc gtctttcagc agtgacattt acattatact gaactgaact    174720
     aaactgaacc caaaataaaa tcttgaaaat aatgtataaa ggatgattaa gagagtctct    174780
     aagctatttt ccatgcatga aactgatgat ttctgcagtt tgttgacttt aggacagtgt    174840
     gaatgactga aaaaagcagc cttggcattc tgcaaagcgt ctctattttc agcttcataa    174900
     taacagtcat agatgttgtt ggcaagcttt taatagttca ataaatcatc ttctcacatg    174960
     tgtttctgct gttttcctgc agaggtgctg tgagagatga gatatcagag tcttctggat    175020
     atgaagagaa gaagagaagc cttactctac caccgcttcc accctgatgt gtgccaaacc    175080
     aacaaaaata gactgcttta actttagaaa cacagccgag ccggacgcgc tcaggagaaa    175140
     gtgccagaag acgaccttaa agagacactt atatacgtat acaacgtttg caaaaagtct    175200
     ctgtctattt cagtgtgtgt gtcatggtgc aacatttgtt gagtttcttt aacaagtcac    175260
     ctgccgatca tgtggtgcac cttaaaagag tcgctatata ttgaatttta gaaaagacaa    175320
     cttggcttat ctttatgata tgaattattg ttgttgttgt tgctcttgtt atgatgtatt    175380
     gttatcgttc ttttaagtag agaaaaaaag caaacgtgtg tcttgaacta atgcgttatt    175440
     taacgtgtgg cgcatcagaa gaggccgata ttctgtatgt taatgtatat ttgcctgatt    175500
     atgacagact tgtggaataa atctttatga aaggggctgt ttgtcagtga gtggagtgtt    175560
     tgctgtagtt taagctaatc gtaataatgt gatttttatt ttagtctggc tatatcatga    175620
     tggtagaaca gtgctttata ataaaaataa taattcctta catttatata gcgcttttct    175680
     tggcactcaa agcgctttac acataggggg aatctcctca tctacttttt tttttttaat    175740
     gcaagaaaga acattacaaa gatataatat gaacaaagag acaaagaggg ttacataaat    175800
     agaattccag caaattaatc aagtttaaat gatttaaacc aagaaagcgt tttacatgca    175860
     gtgtaattat gactgtttat gactgttcca gttactatga ccatttatgt gaagctgctt    175920
     tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagcgctata caaataaagc tgaattgaat tgaattgaat    175980
     tataattgtt agagtctttt aaagagttca cataaatttc aaagtccttt ctgaaaataa    176040
     aaaagtaagg gtatttcttt gaaaattaac atttatggaa gtaaaacttt gctataaaaa    176100
     aacaataaat caataataaa tttacaatga gaaggatcta cactcagaga gtaaccaaag    176160
     aatacaattt tggggaaata cagaagtttg gaaataagaa ttttttaatg aaattggaaa    176220
     agtcaaccca aaacacttta cagtaagtac actctcaaaa taaatgcttt agtgtttcat    176280
     catattgagt acaaaatgag catttagggg aaatattatt aaatttagct agtttggtat    176340
     ttattgggta gcaatctcct catctaccac cattgtagca tccacctgga tgaagcgaca    176400
     gcagccgttt tccaccagac cgcacaccac agagagagaa gacagagtat taaagccatg    176460
     atggacagag gccagtgggt aaatttggcc aggatggtgg tgttaaaccc gtactctttt    176520
     tcgaaagata ttctgggatt ttagggtata tgctgaagca tgctaatagg acatttaatt    176580
     tgtcagtaac ctgggttaag cgcttccagc aaactgccaa agggaaaatc agcatgttta    176640
     aggtctgttt tctttaaaaa tcagcgatct ccactggctg agtgatatcc gatataaagt    176700
     gggtctcaga ttgtacaaga agcactgcat taaattacat ttcccccgcc atgtctttat    176760
     aatatgagca tttattttac ctcattgtat tcaagggagc gtctgcgcta gtctgccgat    176820
     tctgacgggc gagtgcgagt aaagggtctt ttgtctcgtt ttacgcttga aaaactaaat    176880
     gaatgccaaa gtttatttaa ctgaatgtat tttaattgca tcacaacatc aatgctgtaa    176940
     aaggaaccgt ataaaatgga aaaaaactca aaacaaccgg tcaccggaag tttataagta    177000
     tgggaacaac actagctcgg catatatcca attatattca tctgtctcga tattctactg    177060
     catgtcagaa tattacagag caccaaaaat gtaaaaatat atatttatta tatttaagat    177120
     atttttgtca acagcagacg gcaactagcc gtgacgcaaa ttcccgattc tctgtgctcc    177180
     aatcaggtga gccctcctca gcgctcgcca tgacaacgag acaacagtga cgtgccttgt    177240
     agaaatttgc atatgcattc ctataaagct cgtgtgctct cagtcagcgt tgtcagttcg    177300
     cccggtgtag ctgtttgtac ttgaccaagg tgagttcaat accgacggta cgagtggagc    177360
     tacgccaaac tcacgaagtc cgcttcgtga tgcttcaccc gggcccgtct gtgctgtagt    177420
     tccttgcggt ttgcgtacat aaacgcaata tcgcgaagaa tattacgtgt ttgttgctcg    177480
     aaatgtgccg ccgagcaaca tccagtgaat actggcacgg cctggcgccc ggtcttttcc    177540
     gtgcactccc tggggcgagg cggcctttga gccctaggca gggaacaaac aacccccgag    177600
     gaccctcagg gaaacacggg gggccggtag tgggacctcg ctgcgagggt tatggtgggt    177660
     gggagtagcg aggcccactc atcttctatt ttaaactata gtttcaaact ttagtttact    177720
     atagtttgaa atagaaacca tgataactgt tatgatttaa ctttatgcaa agagcctagg    177780
     atgaccaaga gcaacagatt cggccatttt gaagtgaaag cgatcgctcg tgcattggat    177840
     atcattgctg tcgcaatggc aaacagcggc tttgttttta tttaatgtat tcaaaaagcg    177900
     cgttattgtt tcccaaattg cactagagta tcgcctcttg gtgatactat gctctctgct    177960
     ctttgtctga atgttgtaat gttttgcttt gtttttttca gatgagttgt tgagcaaaga    178020
     aggactattg aagacaacag ttgaagacga ccgcgggtca tctccacgag cgcgcgcatc    178080
     ataatgtttt cggtctgttt tctgagagtt agtcttgttt agataagttt gcaggtcaaa    178140
     caaaataaac tatactcttc ctaaacacct gtctcgtgtt ttatttgtct tctacagcaa    178200
     tacactgtca tttaagtctg ttgaatgcat ttgtatgcaa catggtttga taatacagta    178260
     gtctacaaat aaatagttgt tataaatgta ccttcaatag tcaacattta gtgtaggtag    178320
     taaaatatta atcaaagatg tcctaagata taagagtaat gttatagttg ttacataact    178380
     atatttatta ttattataat tttgtttaag accatatata tatatatata tatatatata    178440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tataacatgg    178500
     cataaactta ctgttattaa agaaattctt ttataaaaag tcctaagata ggaatgagtg    178560
     ttgttttggt tttatatcaa cctttagggt gaatacagca gatataggct acctctttca    178620
     taatataatc ggatttttaa tgactcaaat caagtaaaac gtctcttcct caagtacttt    178680
     tagcatgcaa aagttaaatt taagtatata aaatagtttc aggtccgtgt acgttgcgtt    178740
     cattcgattt ttgatcttaa acgaaattta aaaaacgagg aaacggccgt ttttcgtttt    178800
     tttatttggc tacaaaaaaa tgaaataact gattttggct cgattttctt tttttttggt    178860
     ttagggtagg aaaacaggtc cgtgtacgtt gcgttcattc gatttttgat cttaaacgaa    178920
     atttaaaaaa cgaggaaacg gccgtttttc gattttttat ttggctacaa aaaaattaaa    178980
     taaatgattt tggctcgatt ttcttttttt ggtttagggt aggaaaacgg ataaatgact    179040
     ttaaaattca ttatccacat gtaggcggtt ctaaaacgcc catttcctct gattggtcaa    179100
     tcaaatctgg gctcctgacg tcgccttcaa aataacagtc ctgtagtctt cgtcctctgc    179160
     ggatcagcac acaggcattt aatatattat atttaatata taatatatta gcagtattat    179220
     tagacattta tcattactgt tatagttcgc cgccaaattt gctgctatgc acctgatact    179280
     gagcaaaaga tttgagagca gcacttggtt tgcacgattg tttccaagct aggcctatat    179340
     aatagtaata ataataatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta tatagttttt    179400
     attgtttagt ttttattttt atagttgtta gcagggccag aataagagtt cattggaaca    179460
     cacacacatt ttctctcacg cagcaagcca attcctttcg agacttttgc tggattaatg    179520
     tcgagtacat atctgtaaat taacagtttt cagtattttg tgattttttt attttttttt    179580
     atttatgtat taatttatat tgtctgggct ggtgttgtat attatgctac aaaaactttg    179640
     taataaactg tcagtgcatt ttctgttatt ttatcaattt atctttagcc tataagctgg    179700
     acatcttact acagatatga gggaggcaca gctaggcgcc gcgtttcact ttggcagcag    179760
     ctgcaggtga tgagaatgat gcaagtagaa tcaaactgtc aaagagaacg ataatcttaa    179820
     tttttttttt gtttaaataa ctgtttaaca taatacacta aatttacata tcatttgaac    179880
     cacatactag aacataggcc tatgcctgat tcatccattg cttaagcata aattatacaa    179940
     aaacatataa ttataattat taatttttta tttaccaaat ctgagctcct gacctcgccc    180000
     tcaaaataat agtcttgtag tcctctgtgg atcagcaccc aggcatttaa ttattattat    180060
     tttacacatg atgaactcat gatttgttaa tgcaaaatta tgttgtgact ttacttagag    180120
     gggcacatca tcattgaccc attcttaact acgtatgaac tccttatgca cgtccaactt    180180
     gagtatacac tgaataacac cagataagtg ttctgtcaac atcatcatga acaggagttc    180240
     atgagtagtt aaggatgagt tatagtgatg tgtccctcca agtaaagtca tggcatgact    180300
     atacattaac agctcacaag ttcatgttgg ttacatttag cttaaactta aaagttaatt    180360
     aatacattaa ctaacagcat gtactaacaa gtaattaagg tagccgttat tcacacatga    180420
     actcttgtga ctcatgttgt agttaaaggt aattcatgat tagtgcatac cttaactcat    180480
     tatcaattca taataaacta atttttagtt tacatattaa tacatcatta ttcatgtact    180540
     gttattataa agtgttacca acgagtgttt aaattgagct gtcaatagca cggtaccttt    180600
     tcaaaaggca cacatttgta cctacaggat ctatatcgac acataaaaaa tacgtaacag    180660
     cctaaaacac atgcgtttgt agcctagctt tatttctgag agtgtggctc catctagtgg    180720
     acgactttta agagttttca ggtgtctagg catctgcatg tcactctcaa acgtaaatgg    180780
     acattaaaat ctattagaca tacacatttg taccaagtgg gttaaaattg atacatattt    180840
     attagaacct aaacagttta cctttttaaa aaaattaggt aggcatacaa tttaagatgc    180900
     ctggtactgc cccacatctt ctgacatctc tgcactattt gttttgtcac gtttattaaa    180960
     atactggaca gtatatttta aaacgatgac atactctgcc ctgctatttt ggtggcttgc    181020
     aagcgctatt atttctatct tgaaatacaa catccagcgt catcaatcag tgtggtcggt    181080
     gggcggagtt tttttttttt tttttttttg caagctcagt atgcaaatat ccttttttct    181140
     tttttggtgt attgttctat ttatgcaaag aaagcaagga acgaactgct gttcgctgtt    181200
     tctattagag gcaacaaaat cagataaatt ctttggtcga aacacgacct gtacgccgag    181260
     aaacaaactt ggaccattaa gattttgggt tgcttttatg gcggagaata cagactctag    181320
     acctgtgata accaccgcga gcagccctta tctagaattc gggaattcaa gcactggtac    181380
     cttatggtcc attctgagcg ttgcaaactg cctcgtgtgt gctgaaattg tgagtaaacc    181440
     atctgtctta aaacgtatag tctatcaaat ataatacaca taaaaacttt ttttttgtca    181500
     gtagtgaact ttttgttgtg tgtttgttca gttatatgtt gctcctttca ttggaatttg    181560
     cacgagcaac gctttaagag ctctggacaa atgtagggta ttctcctaaa cggaatgtat    181620
     gcagcagagt taacatcaaa gggtgaccta aagtaaacag accgtgcata ctttacatat    181680
     tatatgacaa attactgaaa tctaatttta tggttttaaa gatacataca gtttgatgca    181740
     aaatacctgg ataattttca gaattacaag ccatagtctg ctggcctttc aaatcagcat    181800
     tttaatttga atctgtttta tacccaatgg aaaaagagca acatttcatt tctgacataa    181860
     caacttattt aatcaacaga tggaatgcta ttttaacaaa acagaattta atcaaattaa    181920
     acaaaacaga caggtgcaaa aatttgggca ccccaacaga atgacatcag tattctgtag    181980
     tcaccttttg ctaaaataac agcctgtata tgcttcttgt agccagggat aagcccctga    182040
     atttttgctg aatgcatttt ggaccatttt ctttgcaaaa tgtctccaga tcagtcacgt    182100
     ttgatgggtg ctaagcacaa acagcctttt tcaaatcaat tcatagattt tcaatgatgt    182160
     tcaagtctgg ggactgggat ggccattaaa aaaaaaaaat tttagtgtct accaaacatg    182220
     aattgcttgg tagatatgga actgtgcttt ggataactgt cctgctgata tatccaaccc    182280
     tgccattact ttagcttctt gactgatttc tgaactttgt tcttaagaat ctgctgattc    182340
     tggtggaatc caactccgac aaggtttcca gttcctgtgc atgacataca tctctccacc    182400
     atattttaca gtagcgagca tgttcttgtc ctggaatgct gtgttatttt tccaccctgc    182460
     aaaacgccca tggttgtggc ttatgttcac agtatatttt tccaaaatga ttgtccagtt    182520
     gagcctttta tgagcatacc tcaagcaacc ctgcttgttg gcagaatgca gaaaaggcct    182580
     tttctatacc acccttatat tgagctgttc ttagttaaga tggactgtag aatgatgaac    182640
     aatgtcgtta aacgcagcaa gccatttctg gagatcttta aaggtggtct gtggtttgtt    182700
     tgtgaccatt ttttgccttt gtctttcaga taattttctt ggcctaccac atctttcctt    182760
     caccagaact gtccctgtgg ccttacattg tcttacaata tttttgactg tggagttaga    182820
     gactataaaa ctttgtgata actttttgca tccttctcct aattcatctg ggtgaattat    182880
     aatttcctag gtcattaggg agctctttta aagttcccat gttcctactc tttggtttac    182940
     aaaaatgaaa agcacaactt gcaaacagct atcctaaata tcctttttca tgatgggttg    183000
     cacccgtgtt aggattgttg aggttcactg agtcaatcaa atcaattttg tattgtaatc    183060
     aatcagcatt aagtgattaa aagttttgaa atttacacaa aagagagggt gcccaaacgt    183120
     ttgcatagcc tattttttca gtttcaattt aatctcacac atctgaatac tgcttcacta    183180
     taggtttctg tctgaaaaac atgacatcat ttagcttttt ctagaaactg aatggcatat    183240
     aactgtgatc ttttgcatgg cagaaattgc aaggaacatt gcagtggaac tatttgtatg    183300
     tgattgcaaa tcatgttcct ctttctgtct ttatgaagga aataaggcca acatgttgca    183360
     gaggaagtcc aactgtaata gagatattta aatggaaatt taagtgaatg aataagtcaa    183420
     tgacccataa aactatttcc cctatttaga agaagctttc tattctatac ttattatagg    183480
     ttggccacag cccatcgaaa tgtctggcaa gcgcacattt tgttacacat tagtgaatga    183540
     tcttacaagt tggcaacttt aaaatggtac tggaagaatc agtcacatct aacggccttc    183600
     agggtgactt caattaattt caaataagac aaaaaaaaga cctatgaaaa taagcaaaaa    183660
     caaataaaga gcagtttttg tagtagaaat ttttttcctg atgtttaaag tctctacttt    183720
     taaccttagt tgttatccag taagtcacac gctactggaa agtcatggat aatggttaag    183780
     aagcactgtg ctaaaacatt ttcctgcagg tttcccagaa aatcatatat ttcaattcag    183840
     aaattcttgt gctccttaga ttttaggtct gctggtatgg ccactgattg caagcacaga    183900
     atatttcagg ttttcaccat ttggatgggt gatgtttgtg actgtcttct actggcttct    183960
     cacacttttc ctactcatca tcaatgtggc caatagacat cgcaagcaca tgcagtggac    184020
     tacagtggta ggtgcagatt attatttcta cagatctgtg taagaataaa aaaggaaatt    184080
     aattttgata aagacagttt catgggggaa caattttgga tcaattatct ctttaatagt    184140
     tttgaaggaa cgtattgctg taggtaaaaa ttactcgctt gtaattctgt ccctgacctt    184200
     ttaggttctc attttcaatt gcactgcagc tttattctac acatcggctg ctattgttga    184260
     ggcaacattg ttgaatcagg tggtcaaagg tcatcatact ttcaactgct gggcagcatc    184320
     aacggtaatc aatttgaagt agataattgt gtgcaagggt aaccaccatt aacttgggga    184380
     atatattaat gatcaggtat cctggttaca ttcttgatcg tgcaaaatat aattgctgtg    184440
     attttcattt actttgaata caataatgat tattactttt aatgcatacc tttctttttc    184500
     tctctactct agttttttgc attcctagta tctctgagct atgctggtag tgcattcttc    184560
     agttacaaat cctggaaaag agatgaataa atctgctgga taaattgtag tttttaatca    184620
     tttatttaaa gatggactta acttgaaaaa tagtttaaac ttatttttaa atggaaagaa    184680
     atgtcgtcaa gtttgctctg tacgcatttg cagtcattcc aaaaataggc agattgtcta    184740
     atgcataaat tgatgttttg atatttatta ttttttttat acatttcatt tagaaattga    184800
     gttttatttt aaggcattgt gactaattgt aaaagattgt tttacatgtg tactttaaat    184860
     gaacctttta atgttggtct atatttactt gatcttctga acatcctttg tgaaggcctc    184920
     atagtaattc aagaagcaca taaagtgcat ggaaacttta tcttttacat gccaagcgtg    184980
     tcattacaga tttgtccttt ttgagtagtg atcttactta attttataat attattatta    185040
     tttttaaata tcacattgtg tctcagaaag cagtagacta tttgacaaac aagtaaagga    185100
     atttcacaaa attcacaccc tttttttaat tcacattttt tgttacaatg taaatgtcct    185160
     ggtttcaata ttttgtctag ttttgattgt taaaacattc agcacataaa taagtcaata    185220
     aataaatccg cacataaaaa tctgttttca gttgtgcttt ataacattaa cctattacca    185280
     gtggtggaaa gagtactgaa aaatcatact ctggtaaagg taccattact tgcttaaaaa    185340
     taaagtgaaa gtagatttaa agtatctgtt gtaaatatta ctcaaaatat gagtaaaatt    185400
     gtaagtttca aaattactca cgagcagtga gtattacgtc cctgctgaaa aatccagctt    185460
     aaaccagcct aggctggttg gctggtttta gctggtcgac caggctggtt ttagaggggt    185520
     tttggccatt tccaggctgg tttccagcca tttccagcct ggtcttagct ggtcaggctg    185580
     ggaaatgacc agctaaaacc agcttgacca gcctagccaa gctgggagtc cagccaaaac    185640
     cagctatatc cagcttaaac caggctggtc aagctagttt tagctggatt tggctggtaa    185700
     ttttccagcc tgaccagcta agaccaggct ggaaatggct ggaaaccagc ctggaaatga    185760
     ccaaaacccc tctaaaacca gcctggtcaa ccagctaaaa ccagccaact agcctaggct    185820
     ggtttaagct ggatttttca gcaggggttg caaaaagctg atgcatttac atgtaatttg    185880
     tgtatgtgtg taaatgtaac attctgtagt agacttagtt attgcccagc aggcatacaa    185940
     catcataaga tgttaatatt aggttcgatt taggttgtga tgtcatgtga ataaaattta    186000
     atgtctaacc tacgaccaat aaagacatca aatgacgttg atttttaggt tgtgttagaa    186060
     agtgatcaaa attcaatgct gagctaacat cttcacctaa cgtcatactg acatttatta    186120
     gtcatgtatg gcaaccaaaa tccaacgtct gatagacatt gttgaaacgt caacacaacg    186180
     ttaagctgta acatcattag acattgatat ttggttggtt ttaggttgga cgttggcctg    186240
     acgttgactt ctgacgtcaa cattattttc atattcaaac aatatacaat gtcaccatga    186300
     cgttacggta caatgtcaat ttgacgtcat gctgacatct tgtgcttgct ggctgtcatt    186360
     atacagtaaa catccgtcat cttctcatta gtgacatgca tctaaacagt ttctggttaa    186420
     atgggtgtat agacttttga caaagtctat cgaatataat gtgttccagt gaattgaact    186480
     taatgcttta ggatttaagt ggtagcctac aattaagcaa tgcaaattaa ttttcagatg    186540
     catttatata tatttattta tacatacaca tatacacaca cacacacaca tacatacgtg    186600
     tgtgtataaa cccagctcaa ccgccgctga aacgtcttct ccaacactgg tgaaggaaat    186660
     gctttcttca acgttggaag tcagctcagc agaagggttc gtcagtctca gatcaggtct    186720
     gaagcaacaa ttctgatgag ctaactcaca cagccgactg atatagccct aattggctca    186780
     tcggtttcag ctgtggagct aagctcaatt ggcatttcat tggcccgttt ttatattttc    186840
     agaaatgatt ggtcgtctaa agcactccca aagtctgttt atacagacac atgtaaaagt    186900
     tcccatatga aggggaacag actgttatcg aacgctaaca ccgaaagcgg ccagagcgtt    186960
     aaagtagccg aaagtcattc attttcaacg atagctggtg gcgataagcg gcaaggagca    187020
     gtgcagtgca tcttcgccgg tgtgggcgtc gaggagagtt gaaatatcca acacattact    187080
     cttgtttaag ctgagatcag actgccttta atgtcctttc ttaaccctct atgtacatgt    187140
     gagagaaaaa tgagagaaca gccattccca ataaatacaa ctttaataga atgattacag    187200
     acctgatcca gagaaacatt actacatctt gtgaaattac aggaccatat tagcgtatgt    187260
     ttatttcccc tccctctggt aagaagtttg gttgatgact gtacatgcag gtgagggtga    187320
     tttgagatct cacctgccct gccacctctg ccttctccct cccttccctt cccattacta    187380
     atttctagtc gtttaagtct ctaaacagac aaatgttctg ctgaatttct cgtttagcta    187440
     aaactctcac acgcacacac gcacgcacgc acacgcacgc acgcacgcac gcgcgcgcac    187500
     gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc acgcacgcac acacacacac acacacacac    187560
     acacacacac acacacacac actcatacat acataacaat gtaaagacag taatactgat    187620
     ctcgattgca tgatctctag tgcatccatt attaaacggt gccataactg gctgtagctg    187680
     agatgagaac acacacatac acagaagtat caaacttcaa gctcttatga acataaaaaa    187740
     caaacaaaca aacaaataat ttttacaatg gacatagttg tcagtcccat caatagtctt    187800
     gctcagcagt tacacagatg acttcataaa ccatgtctat gctaaaaact ctcttttgtt    187860
     aagtgtacta ttccctgcta caatcggcat tgtgaaagat tattttcagt gtaattgcct    187920
     actattgagt aatagtgcaa tttttaaata cttctaaaca gatcgcatta atcttacttg    187980
     aatctgtttc tcagcagcaa aaacggggtt atgaatatta taaagcattg aaatcgtgtc    188040
     agtatatttg tcctggtcct gtgatcaaga caccaaagaa tatggcagga tataaagagg    188100
     gctatttaat gaagacacca tcgcaaggtg accctatcca attaatcgtc tgatcaaatt    188160
     cctctcgggc tgaaatgtga tgatttttta aaagaattgt ttaaatgagc cttaaagaga    188220
     cgttaggtaa gtaaaatgtg cgcttgttta ttagaagcca ggtaactttc actcatacag    188280
     cgttcctcga atgagaattc actaccaaaa gccaataaaa aagtcgaact ctcttacaga    188340
     cacatttaaa ttctctaatc acttttaagc ccaaattgga cttcatcaac atctcaattt    188400
     tcttttgtct tttagtgtcc aacactcgtc tagtgtccat tatttctaag acaaccttgc    188460
     cccttgtttt ttacagaccc gcctgctgta tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgga gacagacata    188520
     gcaaatgcaa tttgcccaac atgcagcttc aagtcactgg ccttacaagg aataaacagg    188580
     aacaacaccc cccttctgaa gaagataaag agaaatagtg aggatgagga agggaggaga    188640
     ggtggcacaa ggaaggcagg ttcaggggct ggagaacagt gtaaaggggg aggggcttgc    188700
     cggtgaatta tccctgcctc ttgttcagga tttgtcgttt tcagcagggg gcgtggtggc    188760
     gttaggggct gaggagtcca ggtccgattt gttggagatc cggtccagct cagcctggac    188820
     atcagtcaac cccaacttag agcctgagaa taaacaagat cagcttaaaa tagtatcata    188880
     atgctgagca cttttgataa aagcagcatt aaccaaagct ttaaagggat attctgagtt    188940
     caatacaagt taaactcaaa ggcatttatg gaataaaaat aaaaatgtat taaaattttc    189000
     ttgtttgggg ccaatttttt aaaactttaa agacattgaa gttttattat tctacttaca    189060
     aatgtattat ttgagctaag ctttacattt cacattttct ttgcttattt atgttacgtt    189120
     aaagcacagt tgcaaaatta tataaaaatt cttgatttct tagaggtttc attttaacac    189180
     tgtttgattt gtcacaaagc tactgaaact atgtattaat tctctaatta aactatgttg    189240
     acagctgaga gtaccagcaa ctgaatttaa catctattga acccaggaaa ctgtgtctgt    189300
     gacaaaggat ggcaaaaagc tttgtaacct tggcgcgaca gtgtttgtga gtctgtgagt    189360
     gagcgattta gaaaaagagc aagtgggaaa cctatgtaac atcgagcttt atgcctttga    189420
     ttaatgttaa gcataaacat ccgaaataat gatggtttaa aatgcttttt ttcagcttaa    189480
     aaggagaaaa gaaatacagg aagatggaat gaatggagat ggaagacaat aacattaggt    189540
     aatgattaag gtcaatgaac attcacacag actcacacac acatttaggc taaaagttgc    189600
     agataaaatt cagccatgca ttaaacatgc agtaactgat ttgtttgcaa taaaaacgat    189660
     aaatgaacga acaaatgacc agagaagggt ctccaaattt cagtaggtag aatattgacg    189720
     ctacgattct caaatttgag ctttgcaatc agaaataatg tgcacctagc tgagagtgga    189780
     gctgggcctc atcaactcac tgttctctct tacctaatag gctgatcata ggccagcacc    189840
     caaattatga ctataaaggt gagggtttct tgctgaaaca ttgaaagctc aaccttggaa    189900
     taggtgcaca ttatctgcct tttaatcatg taatccttat tactcatatt tattttgaat    189960
     tataagcctt ttcatgcagt tttgttatat tttgattaat gatgttcatg agtatgattc    190020
     atgattactg actattattg tgataactaa tatcagctat gtttaacagc aataagcagt    190080
     tgtattgctt gattagtatg gtgtatggat cgttattggt gccttctttt gttgattagc    190140
     accacacttg tctcacttga ataaacacaa accatataaa acatttttgt tatgctgaaa    190200
     catttaacat acaaaaattc tgggcatact aatacaccac cacattacta ttcaatattt    190260
     tacagcgcaa ctgttttctt tattgatatt gatgacgatg ttaataatat taataataat    190320
     aataataaga agaagaagaa gcagtccttg tgatgagtaa ctaaacaaaa tcatgccaaa    190380
     tatgattata aattaaggat caaatgaaga gtcaatcagt gaatatcagg cagccctaaa    190440
     tttgcgtgca gaatcagata gatggggtta atcgcaatga accaagatgg aggcttgaaa    190500
     taagaaaggc agcaatgtag ctaacaacag gcccaaataa aacatgcaag tgctaaaaga    190560
     aatgtacact ggttataaaa atcaagatga agcactggtt aaactaaaag gatgcaagtg    190620
     agggaaagtc ccctacacac acaccttagc gtggccaaca tcccctggct accacacatg    190680
     atgaaagaca gtttaaaggc attacatagg atggatgatg aaagaccaca caaatttcac    190740
     tcattcatac atttgaaaga acaaaaaaca atgcacacat gatagtttgg ttttagacaa    190800
     aagataaggg tacaggatta tgactgggag agttcgaagt ggccattaag gaactttacc    190860
     tttaatacac tcccataaaa tcaagctgca ttatagtttt aaaaacaaat gaagatgcaa    190920
     aagcataata tgaaagaaca agagaatggg ccataaaacc accatgttgt tatgttagct    190980
     ttaaagtgta ttagctgaat gatacatttc aaacagtgta gtatcaatat tagcatatgc    191040
     agtccctatc agagattcac tttgtttttt atccatttac aatccctact ctaaaatgaa    191100
     gttgtgacca ttttgtaaaa tgcaatgaaa tcaagaacct gtgatttcat tgtctttttc    191160
     aaatttttac ttgacaaagg ttaagaaaag attcactgag aaacttaaat gtattttggg    191220
     attaaattta gattgtatta agactgcaac acactcaaac gacagggcaa ccaggtccag    191280
     gatcaaaatg aaagtgaaaa ggttatcctg cttagtccac aatcacagat gaactgaaaa    191340
     tatgtgaggg tttcatgttt gggtacaaac ggaacaactc agtctttgca agcaaagctg    191400
     gatcatggat cttaattttg attacggctc atcattttat tagagaatcg tcaaacgatt    191460
     gaaaaattgc cggtggataa ctgcaaagag caaagaaatc tgttgacttt gcacagcttt    191520
     tgagctctga gatggtatca accattaaaa aacatcatta tatggtgttc aggggcggac    191580
     tggccatctg gcagaccgcg cactttcccg gtgggccgat gtactttttg ggccaggctg    191640
     atcatcgtct tatgatctga tcagcccatt aaaggcttag cagcatatcg cttttttctg    191700
     ccttattaat tgacgctgct gtgatctgtg actctctgaa agtagatgct tttttcctga    191760
     acagacagac cgggccggcc catgtgacac tctgcagccc attgactctt tacggtattg    191820
     acattgggct ggcccaatca caaactccta ttttgggctc tgtatgagcg tgtgtcgtct    191880
     gtgtgtattt gtcaaaatag tcgagagtca gagagaagaa acgcaaggga ggcgcagaga    191940
     aatcgcggga aatacaccag cgtttcattt agcggttctg aaaagttcgc cgttcattct    192000
     aatacacggc taaaagcgca aatcacgtga ccacacacat gcacactctc tgccaagagc    192060
     tgcagtcagt ggttcagcgg gtaagcataa accccaggtg agagtaaagt gcatgtcaga    192120
     cagttcatct gctggatgat ctcatctcac tatagttgtt aaacgtgata ttgaattcat    192180
     cttgttgtct ctatctaaca attcttatgt cttttgaatc acttgttctc agttaactgt    192240
     tttggctgag tgcaaagata agctaatata ttaatttatg taaccacata cactgatttt    192300
     gcacattgac tgattgctta cctttatcgt ttaaatttaa tgtacgttat actgttaatg    192360
     accattattg attattaaaa ctgatgttct gcaaaagaga cagggtaaag ttcattcttt    192420
     tcaatggaaa tgaaaggaga cagttatatt taagccctgt tttgttataa atatgcagag    192480
     tgaagacgat gcccatataa atatgcagct acacgaggct gtttagtgtc tgttaatcat    192540
     aatatcaaaa tgaaacaaat ttaacttata ttatgttttc attgtttaga tagtgaaaca    192600
     gcaagcagga tgaggtgaat gaggttataa agtacactgt tccctttgaa gatttaccca    192660
     tgcattagca ggcagttttt gttatgttta ttgatgtatt aaaaattgta ttgatgaaat    192720
     taaaaattgg atgtgccaaa actttcttca gttaaacaaa gagaaaactg aagtcattgt    192780
     gtttgggaac agagatgagg ttctcaaggt gaatgcgtac ctaggctcta aaggtcaaac    192840
     gacaaaaaat aaggtcaaga atcttggtgt gacgctggag tcagatctga gtttcaacag    192900
     tcatgtcaaa gcagtcagta aatcagcata ctatcatctc aaaaacatag caagaatcag    192960
     atgctttgtt tctagtgaag atttagagaa acttgttcat gcttttatca gtagcagggt    193020
     ggattactgt aatggactcc tcactggcct tcccaaaaag acagtcagac acttgcagct    193080
     catccagaat gctgcagcca gaattctgac cagaagcagg aaatcagagc acatcacacc    193140
     tgtcctcagg tctctacact ggctgccagt tacattcaga atagatttta aagtattatt    193200
     acttgtctat aaatcactaa atggccaagg acctcaatac attacagata tgctcactga    193260
     atacaaacct aacagatcac tcagatcttt aggatcatat aaactagaag ttccaagagt    193320
     tcagtctaag cagggtgaat ctgccttcag ccactacgcc ccttgctgct ggaatcagct    193380
     tccagaaatg atcagatgtg ctccaacatt aggcacattc aaatcaagac tgaaaacaca    193440
     tctgtttagc tgtgccttta ctgaatgagc actgtgctgc gtccgacaga tcgcactatt    193500
     atgtttttcg atttcttttt cattctttta taacctattt taactcattt taatttgttt    193560
     ttatctgttt ttaataattt ttattgtctg cattttattt tcctaaactt gtctttttta    193620
     ttcctgttta tgtaaagcac tttgaattgc cactgtgtat gaaatgtgct atataaataa    193680
     acttgccttg ccttgccttg cctttattat tgaatatagg ctgagtgaat agtgtattga    193740
     ataagataaa ttggctgtag tgtatgagtg tgtgtgaatg agtgtgtttc tagaactcaa    193800
     caaatatctt tatggaccgt atatagaaat taaattgaga ttaaagtttg tatttattta    193860
     tttcatatat atggcttttg tgttttatag aatatgagtt gataaaaata ttggacgtgc    193920
     atagatagat agcattttga ttaaatttag tgggccgctc tggcccaaaa tgccagggct    193980
     gattttttgc cccagtccag ccctgatggt gttaaatagt catatgggct cagaagcaaa    194040
     aataaaacag gcaattaaca gtgtgctgct gcatcaagaa atgcaatacg aatctttaat    194100
     cttcatggtt aaatctataa gatactgtat ttaaaatact gtattttgta cttcaaaaat    194160
     actttttaaa aggagcatgc aattttcttt gcaaacctta catctacagg catatttgat    194220
     caattccttt accattaaac tgacttagtg aagtaaactt ttctttgcca cttcctttac    194280
     ctagcaacca attgtttgtt gacttgctcc taaatatacc ctgaatatag cataatgtcc    194340
     atccataatc caagcattga tcaccttctt taaaataata acattttctg ttctgatctc    194400
     aagctttggc acataactgc gaaagaccaa ttagagacct cgtttttatg atgtcatcat    194460
     tcttacatta tttcgaaact acaaaaatgc aagacaccaa agtatattga tacaaaatat    194520
     taagccattt tcataaaccc tatcaaatac aaattacaaa atactatttt gtatttgaaa    194580
     tacatgtatt ataaatactg cccatccctg attacaactt gttactgtta cttgttactg    194640
     gggagttcta cagttcattc tgtagtattg gacctatctg ttgtgttcca tggatcagtt    194700
     tgaatacaac agaatatgtg tagagatcag gttccgctac attgatgcac ctataatgtg    194760
     ggttgcttgg attcagggaa aaatatttga ctaatgacgt gtacagctca atttcttgac    194820
     ctcaacccaa atgagagttt ccagagtaac attaaaaatg tagtttctta caagaatagt    194880
     gggttatagt ttattcctct ttagctgaaa tactcgttta tgggtgacaa aatttagttt    194940
     aaaaaatata aataaaataa aataaaaaaa aataaattca gtaatttgaa caaaagtgta    195000
     aagacatttt attataaagg gaaaagatta aaactaattg aatatagttt tcactgtatt    195060
     tgaaatatgg aaaaatatat acatttaaaa atatttgcat tttttacttt tttaaggtac    195120
     ttttaaaact ttttttaaac acaaatgtat caacaacatc agatgatgtt gtaaagtatg    195180
     atgtaaagta tgttgcagcc atcacaaata caacgttttt acacaatata attttttagt    195240
     cagtgtaaaa atttctttcc tttgtacttt tgtcaattaa gttaaaatta caaataattg    195300
     tactatgaag ttcttgatcg atttgaaatt tatattacaa acctaaaatg tctttgagca    195360
     caaataaagg aaaatactaa agagtgtctg tatctctttc agacaattaa taggatccaa    195420
     aacaacaatg aacaatgcgg ttcttccctg aataaacaga aaaaaagaca ttttaaagta    195480
     tatttttgtg tttccattaa gaaagtcagt catacaggtt taaaacaaca ttagtgggag    195540
     taagtgatgt caattttcat ctgttcaaga aggcgcataa gccattcact gttaaatttt    195600
     gtgttattgg gttattactc gctgtgaata gtgttgccaa aacatgtcaa cttgaatgat    195660
     tagctgagtt tttagctgca catgcataag agttttaatc aaatatattt attttaccgt    195720
     tgttgatgtc aaagatctgg gatggaaggg taaaagagga ggttgatgag aacaatataa    195780
     gaataaacaa acaaaaagtt gaaagagagg gcaaacttaa gagacctcac acacacatac    195840
     atacatacat acatcaacat gacaaaatct gaagtgttat gaagataata atctcgcaaa    195900
     tctgcccagc attaaacttc agacatgtac tgacagaaca aaaggacttt tttatattat    195960
     gtgcgtttta tagagatatc attcatttca aaaaaataaa atgttaaaag accaagacaa    196020
     aaatgtttga tcacactttt taaaataaaa ttaatgctgt aaaatggtga agtcttaaaa    196080
     tacagaatgg tgtcagtgga cattttacat aacatgagat caacttttga gcttcattag    196140
     ggatgaaatg cagtcattac aatgaaatat taaatctgga attttgcaaa tgatcaaatt    196200
     gcaggggtct caatctcaaa ttggcagggg tcatatcagt gactaacaat tcattggagg    196260
     gccgctttaa aattcaagca caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaact gatgtaattg atgcactcag    196320
     acattcttcc ctagagtata tgtattaaaa gctccttcct tttgtttctt atagtacata    196380
     tcgaaggggt agtttaaatc gttatgaaaa tcctacaact taataatagg cataataata    196440
     ataactaata ttctgtccca atcaattgat gcttaaccaa aagtttaact gatagtgcaa    196500
     gaaaagcaaa aagcaaattc gctaacttta gtgactttac tggcaattgt tcttctcaat    196560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    196620
     ataaaaaaaa aaacagaatg gtgtcagtgg atatatatat gtgtgtttgt gtatacatgt    196680
     gcatacatac atgtgcatac atacataaat acatacatac atacatacat acatacatat    196740
     atatatatat atatattaag aagaagaaca attgccagta aagtcactaa agttagcgaa    196800
     cacacatatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    196860
     tctatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatgtgtgtg    196920
     tatgtatgta tgcatgtatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgta    196980
     tgtatgtatg tatgtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    197040
     tatatatata cacatatatg tatatatatt aggggtgtaa cgatttatcg ttgtacgatt    197100
     tattgcgatg caaaaatgtc acaatatgca tcgtggcgtt atgacgattt gattacgata    197160
     tgacgtccgt tttctcttat tagttgagct gtttgcacgt gagctacgtt ccacctgctg    197220
     tcgcacgtga gttcagattg cagcagcagt aatgttagca gaccaagatg agtggagctg    197280
     aaatagagta tggcccatcc tctcaaaatc agacgtctgg caacatttcg gttgtacagt    197340
     cattgcttta gactcgtccg ctttttgaca cgcatactgg gtcaaacatc ctaagtttta    197400
     aagtcttcac actttgcaca gcgacaggga tacctcctaa tggtgttgaa agagtcacat    197460
     actatattta taaggtacaa ttcaccctaa aatatcattc tgtcttcata taatgttccc    197520
     gccgcaaaat cacacatgac gtgagctgtt actacagagg gcggactttg atagacgcgc    197580
     acgtatggca agccgtttta gcatttaaac ctttgttctg actatccata aatatattta    197640
     gatatctcta attatatttt gactagtcat aattataatt cgactagtca gaatgacaat    197700
     aagagatatc tgcaattaca attttactag tacgaaatca gattggagat atctgcaaat    197760
     atattatcac taatcatatt cttccattga cttccattga aaaatatttg cagatatctc    197820
     taaatgagtt ttgactagtc acaattgtaa ttagagatat ctctaaataa attaaattaa    197880
     atatgaatta aatacctgga aatgtggatt tttttttttg cacacacaaa aaacgcaagt    197940
     gaccaagcaa agccttaagc tcttactgtt aaattcaatt gaatagaaag cgtatttttt    198000
     tgcaccttta cttaaattgt tccttaattt tgtctttgtc atttcaataa tatttttaag    198060
     aagtttttaa atttttttat tttccagaga caggcctgtt taatttattt tcttaaagaa    198120
     ggttcagttt aacaagttga aacaaaagaa atgcataaaa aaatcattta cttggtaaaa    198180
     tttgcatttc agtttaattt tcaattttta ttccaaatat cgtgatacat atcgaatcgt    198240
     gaacattata tcgtgataca catcgtattg tgagctgagt gtatcgttac acccctaata    198300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg    198360
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg    198420
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtgta tgtatgtgtg tatgtatgca tgtatgtgtg tatatatata    198480
     tgtatgtatg tatgtctatg tatgtgtgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg    198540
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgtg tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtgtgtatg    198600
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatatatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg    198660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatgtata tatatatata tgtatatata tatacatatg    198720
     tatatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtgtgtgta tgtatgtgtg    198780
     tgtatgtatg tgtgtgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg    198840
     tatgtatgta tgtatgtatg tatgtatgca catgtataca cacacacata catatatata    198900
     tatatatatg tatgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata tatatatata tatatatata    198960
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttgagaagaa caattgccag    199020
     caaagtcact aaagttagcg tttttttttt tttttttttt ttacaaatgc acaattttta    199080
     tacaaatctt aatatgcata tgaggaaaat ctgagatgag acaatctgaa ttaaatatta    199140
     gcaaaatgat catatttaca ccaccatcag aacttgtaag caatagagat gtgtttgtac    199200
     aacgcaatac aagtggtata aaattaatta taatcaaatg actaggcata tgccgttata    199260
     catttctgaa gggtaaggta accttggata aaaatatcac tgtttcacgg tattgtgatt    199320
     actgctctaa aataagttct ttttaatgtc tgtaacagta aacatgtcag caattgctga    199380
     tttctgctct ctttattagt ttcaaaaaca caaatttatt tacatctgga cgagctgtac    199440
     ttcatatgtt gcttctctac tcataataat tgttttttct cacaaatgtt tggaaatgtg    199500
     aaaacaacct cattaatgaa acaaaaacat ttttggttgt caatgataat gattgcctga    199560
     gggacaccat aaggagaaat aaaaatatta ttaaataata aaaataattt gacattctgg    199620
     aagagtaaat caattgtgcc atttggccac agaaaaaaat actctaatta acaaatatgg    199680
     tatgacaaaa tatttactat gcacagaagg acttactggt ttatttaaaa gaactatgtc    199740
     aaataaagtt ttttcttgta aacaatttca agtgcttaaa taacaagtgc taaataacaa    199800
     ctgctaaact gaaaattaga aatgaaatca aggccattaa cacattaata tttttctggg    199860
     ttgtaagcaa agtccagcaa actttctttt taagacattt ggaccagaag atggggctgg    199920
     tacagtgtag gaggctgagg gtctgctgtt tgtccaatca tgtttttttc ttccatcaaa    199980
     taaaatatca ggctacctca aatctatcgc tcatttaatt aatgatctgc tgtttttatt    200040
     atttcacaaa acctctgtca aaatttgaat aaaagtcatt agattaaaga ttatgtctta    200100
     tgattatgat tatttcctct ttctcactcg cggttcatgt gtactcacgc tgtgtgtgat    200160
     gaaagaaaac aacaatgaac ctcaaggctc atatgttgac cttttaccta acaattttgt    200220
     ggtttacata tgatgttgca ttaatttgta tacatttttt gtaagctgta aaatgaaaac    200280
     ctcagtttgg tgcggagtta tcattttgca aaaatcaaga aaatctttgg atatgtttga    200340
     tttgtagatt atgtaggcca ttttaaaaac taatattata taagaactat taataactgt    200400
     aattttccaa atggaaaaag ccagaaatat ccttctttca ttttgcttct taggcaaaat    200460
     acgtctgtag acacgtgtgt ttgcacgtta ctgtcccgcg agttaacaaa tatttgttgc    200520
     acatttaggg actaataaga tcacgccttt ctgttccaaa aacccgaggc gcaccccact    200580
     gccttttatg ttgacatgaa aaaaagaagc agggtgctct ttttatgtca ctaggaaacg    200640
     actgaatcag ctgacccgta ttgtgcgcga gtcgtgttgc tgtagatgtt ataattaaat    200700
     tttcattaat attatgatac taaagatttg taaagtcata cagctctgga tgacttttaa    200760
     aagcttgact tgaaagtctc tccccatcat taaaagttcg ccgtagtcgc cttgacaaca    200820
     caaaccctac tttcatctca aaggaaactc tgcctttgct ttcatttgat tgaagaatga    200880
     aaaaagacgc gactgacgta acgcgctttt tccaaaaatg tgaggcaccc agggtgcata    200940
     agcagcgcgt aaaacactca cggctgttag taaaccattc aacagatgcc cctcttaacg    201000
     cacgtttgtt gtgatcggcc ccttatgcag gcaaacttta aaaatatata aaataatgtt    201060
     ttttaatcgt ttaactgata ccattaattg gttacaaacg caccctttcg gttaaaggtt    201120
     aatcgattat tacacaccgg agatctggca cggtgctgga atactttaac tcacatctgc    201180
     ttaatagtct cagggtttag agagagttag agctaaacta tggagagctg cagccctcca    201240
     ggaattaagt ttgttataaa ctgttatttt tgttatgcaa catgcaatct tacatcccct    201300
     ctgactgttc actgatgttg tgaaacacaa aacacttcta taaatgggac tatgaatgac    201360
     aacaagtact caatgaccat ataccatgta aaactggtca aaacgacact tcaaatacag    201420
     gacgatagta gacacagaca tgaagtagtg acaagtgtca ctgaggatcg ctcacctgac    201480
     ttgcgtactg ttcctggtgt gttgctccct cctcctgcag gttggccacc tggaccagga    201540
     gagcctgctt tctttgtcaa gagactgttg aagaagttag ccaggacacc ctcactggtc    201600
     tgacctcctg ccaccagaaa tgacaaaaat tagcacaaca acatgagctg aaactccagc    201660
     agacattaac ctgaactatt tgctgatcag tgtagcatcc accagaattt aaagaaatag    201720
     ttcacctaaa actgaaattt ccgaatcatt tgctcatctg taaccacttg acttccatag    201780
     ttattgttta gtaattgttt tttccccact atagaagtaa atgatattca ggtttctcat    201840
     acagatgtaa gcttttatgc agcaaaaaaa aaaatgtaaa aatgaattga ccattgctgt    201900
     atacggaagg gtcagagaaa actaggattt cacctaaaat acttagggtg ctttcacact    201960
     atcctttttg gtccacaccc aggttagttt tacgtcaaag tacagtacgt ttagctagtg    202020
     tgaacatgtc ttctgaactc gggtgcgcac ccatgaacgg aaaccgagtt ttcctaaaag    202080
     aggtggtctg gggtacggtt cgtgcacact ctggtatcgt acccaataat ggaagtgaac    202140
     cggcaactat agaacaaact taatattatt aatattgagt tttgaggtga actaaccctt    202200
     taaatgcccc aatatactta aagtaaaagt gaaaaattaa ccagtataat tttattttta    202260
     acaaaatcat ctacacataa caaggccaat gtggatttgg aaaggtttaa accagctagt    202320
     gaacacatta aagctctcat tgctacacag tgatactcta atatgtagct gtctttgttt    202380
     tttctgttgt gaaaataagt aaaatattgt tgtgaaaaag tgtctgttta gttcatagag    202440
     atgaatctga aataaaagca tgcacactgg agaactactt tattaaggaa agcagcaaag    202500
     acataatttt ttatgtttaa tgctgtaaag caattcactg tatgaagaga tatatgaatg    202560
     aatttgacat ggaatcctgc aaacagatcg acattgctat gatcagacgc agatctgctg    202620
     tcctcctact gtggtccttt ttttgttgta gtgtattact gaaagaaaag cttttgcact    202680
     ctataatttc aggatgtagc accaggtcaa aaaaattgaa ctgaacctaa gaactttttc    202740
     taatttcacc atctcattag ttgtaccacc ttcataattt atattaaaga aaataaagta    202800
     ttcatctaaa agctgttctc agaaggttgc ctgtgtcagg atattcgcta cagcaaagta    202860
     ctgcacaggt attaataact tacttttagt caaaggcaaa gaacgaaaag aactatgttt    202920
     caagtatatc agggacttaa gctggaatta aaaatgagtg taaacgaagc aaagtcgaaa    202980
     tgaaagtctc tgagaaattc gccaaggaat caagctttaa tcctaacaag ctctcttaat    203040
     cctctctgaa catggcagca attttcctat gatctaaacc cgtgagagta aagtccactt    203100
     catctgcata caggaagata tcctgaaaca gtttatgcag atgctgaatg tgcattttta    203160
     caaatctagg ccatgtgtca aatggcaaat gttacatttg tctcaaaatg agaaaaccag    203220
     acccagagac tgaaagaaag aaagaaaccc cctggtgtga ctccaaatgt tgttgcaagc    203280
     caagaggaaa aatagaggat gggtcaaagt aggaaagaga caaagaagag aagagatgga    203340
     gacatgcatc ctacacacgc tgcattctta cacacctttc atgttgggat caatcttctt    203400
     ggtacctgat tgcatgggca tgacgttagc cacgttagct gctgctgaac gattggtcgt    203460
     ccttggtgag cctgtgggag ctctgtttgt tgggtcctgt ttgacacata cataaatgtt    203520
     tctgaattaa aataataaaa aatatttgtg tcacacttta ttttgatggt ccatttattg    203580
     aatttaagtt acaattcctc tacatgccaa ctaattctcg taagattata agtagaccat    203640
     taggtttggg gtaagggtta gtgccagttg acatgtactt gcaaagtttc ttatagtcag    203700
     ttaaatgtct gttgaaggag cagtatcaat agttattaag cagaacattt actaaaactc    203760
     aaatggacca tcaaaataca gtgttaccaa tatttgcatg ctgggacaac taataaaagg    203820
     acaatgatga attcacataa aaaaatgaaa aagtttggtt taagtctgct gaacgaatac    203880
     atgcaaattt aaaggtctag caacagaaaa cttctttaac taaaatacga ctcaactttg    203940
     agtaatgctg tggactgata tgtaaatcaa gagcatgtaa aacactcacc actggtctgc    204000
     ctgcagtaac tggaggctgt ttagataaca gagactaaga gaagaacaaa gagagaaaaa    204060
     tgcattaagc atttatacat ttctttattc taaaaatgat ttgatatgat ctgtatgatg    204120
     aagatgattt atagatgcta ataaaacatc gcaggttact agtattaaaa agagagtggc    204180
     aatctcacaa tctgtttgat cttttaaaat ctgctgaacg agtttctcta tttgagaatt    204240
     gtaaaggaaa tgcattgaca aataggcagc aaaactattg tttttagtaa taaataattt    204300
     gacttacata gtttaaagtc tgatgtttga gaaaatataa ggggtcacta gctgtatcaa    204360
     ttatttcagt ttttttaggg attttagatt agattagatt agattcaact ttattgtcat    204420
     tacacatgta caagtacaat gcaacgaaat gcagtttagg tctaaccagc agtgcaagtg    204480
     caggatacag gaataagtta taaagtgcag ttatagaaaa ctatggtgat atttacagat    204540
     ggatgtacta tgaacattat atacaggttg gataagctat gaacagattt acaatatatg    204600
     aatatatatg caggttgcta ttaataatca gtagagtgca gatagataaa catgattaca    204660
     agtgtatatg ttacaatata tgaatatatg tacagggata gataaacatg atgacaagtg    204720
     tatatgttac aatatatgaa tatatgtaca ggttgctata aataatcagt agtatgcaga    204780
     taaataagca tgattacaag tgtatatgta tagtgggtgt gtacataatt acaaatgccc    204840
     atatgcagtg ggtatgtaca gttcaataag taaacagttc aatgtggtgc agtgaatgtg    204900
     caaattttaa acgtgtaaat gttaaacaag tcagtgttgg aaacgtatct ttatttagag    204960
     caatttattt tattttaatc attaaattca gttttctcta tgatttatca gactttttgg    205020
     acattttcca gaaacagggt gtgacaccaa aggacaacaa aacttaatat gtgaaacata    205080
     ttcagaaaca tagaaggtga tgtcatgggc ctcacagggt gcttaagtca catggtgatg    205140
     aatgaggtgc ttttaacttg ctcatttaaa atgaccatat agcgtcacac cagaaaatat    205200
     gacctatcgt ataatgagtg acaacgaaaa tgcaacgtca agtcaaaaac ccattattgg    205260
     tacatctcaa tttctgtagg catgcatcac tttgacaatt attttactgc cagaaacaaa    205320
     cttatatttc aatttacaac cccacacaca ccaaaaaata cactgctaaa aaacttgata    205380
     aaaatgtaca tgataaaaat gtaatcattt atttaaattt atttatattt aaatttattt    205440
     ttattacatt taaatatatt atttttttat ctactgtcat atgctggtgt gttagtttgt    205500
     gtttaacacc atgccagctt tttttcttca tggtgagaaa aagtatatta gagaaataga    205560
     ttgtattaaa gttttacaat ttattttaga taaaaaaatc taaaattgta tttggattgg    205620
     tcatttgctg gtaataaaca aatcagtctg aattagctgg agcacacagg gactttaaaa    205680
     attacaggca cctagtgttt catcatagaa cagcaaaata tacaatacta cttatcactt    205740
     tcaacagtgt tatgccatta taaaggtact gttttttgct attgttattt attaacaaat    205800
     ttattgaata aatttgttat ttgcctaatg aatggcataa ggctatattt ttaatttaaa    205860
     acttttaaaa atgtaataaa tgtaatacat ttttattttt aaaataagta ttagttcata    205920
     ttattctatt attattattc taaataatta ttctaaatct taaagattta ttttagtaca    205980
     acaaatagtg tggttaataa ccccaagcaa gcgaatccag ttaatggttg tgcttaaaat    206040
     gtcactaaaa tgcagttttt aaatctcata tttaaataga aaataaggtg aacaactaaa    206100
     aaaaaaaagt ccactttttg attaaatttt tttttttaat taattaatta aaaaaaagtt    206160
     ttagcaggct ggctaagagc ctgcattgta cattactcct acacatatgg gtatgggaag    206220
     cctttcagtt taaattcttg actgaaacta aaaagctatt ttcaaataac taaatatatt    206280
     cagtttttgt taagtataaa ttttaaatat atacagacta tatgcagaaa gaatgttttt    206340
     ttaaataaat tttaacaatg cccaagaaca tgatataatt atttaaacgt gtttccagaa    206400
     caacaacaaa aaaaattatg atgaatatca tttataaaat gtgtaaaata tttaagcatt    206460
     taaaaaaaaa aaaatgaatc agcaatcaat acctttcgcc tccagataac ataagtcaca    206520
     atttctatag accattttaa ggggtgtaaa caacgacaat ggtcctaatg catttcctgt    206580
     tttacatttt tcaattctaa agcttccaag aatcctgaaa agtccacata tttcaaataa    206640
     tgttacgaca gctgttttta cattgagata tgattaaatt gttaaagtta ttaaaatagt    206700
     atgacatcta ggaaatgtcc atgggccaat ggcatgacca cattaaaatg gtctataaaa    206760
     atgctgaagg ttgatgcgac actataaact ggatattcag atctgactga taatcagatt    206820
     tatcctcatc agaaaaatta tactttaacg aaggtaaaca aaactgttac attgttgatt    206880
     ttaattgtaa taattaacct atgtgtaaag tatacatttt tcctacacat gacatatatt    206940
     tgcaatctgt aaaataaatt gggatttaga tttttaatga taatgctaga tagcaataag    207000
     taactacctg caactttact agaaatactt ggtcatcttc agcttgaact tccttctcat    207060
     gtacaaactg gaaaaacaaa taaaagagag ctatcgttaa ctacagatac ataactgcaa    207120
     caacaacaaa aactaaagag aacgccttta cctttctaac tggaggtttc actattacat    207180
     cttcaaagct gtcttctgct tttaccatct ggaaattttc atgcaggatg gcaatctttt    207240
     tttcattgtc ccaccctgat ggactgaaag caggacaaag acataaaata agaacataaa    207300
     tacattcaga gtttaaagac tttattgaat actgaatatt ttagtaataa accaatttgt    207360
     ttcccctaat aagatgtaat ttagagtgat ttctaatatt caaaatagta aatcttaatt    207420
     agggtgagac gtgtgtatta ttcactgcta attactttga ctgtaaaaaa attaaaaata    207480
     aattaattaa tctaaagaaa cattcaaggt ttccactcta agccaaatgt aaaattctct    207540
     gactaacaag attaatttct atgacccata atgaataaaa aagacaactg ttgtgttgag    207600
     cagtccctct ggaattttgt gattctgtgt ttcataaaat caagcaaatg gtgttttttt    207660
     tattgcctca gatttcctgt attttgattt ggctgctgtg caaatgtttg tacatgtgtt    207720
     caaattttat ctgtgccatc tgcattgctt aatataaaat aacattatat tcatgcatag    207780
     aaagtgctct tcaggtgtgc gatactttaa gttgtcatag atatagcact gagctgtggt    207840
     tctccttagg tgtgtgacca cctttagatg caccatggga cattatcaca gtgcacattc    207900
     aaaaaaagcc tttgaacaag gctgcgttca atgtatagat taaagagtaa gcaagtaagt    207960
     aatgtgtatt tgtatagcac atttatcatg tatagccata caccaaaagc gcttcacaat    208020
     catgagaggg gggtctctcc actccaccac cagtgtacag catccacttg gatgatgcga    208080
     cagcagccac aggacaacag tgtttgtgcg ctaaccacac accagctata ggtgtagtgg    208140
     ggagacagtg atagagtcaa ttaggtggat ggggatgatt gggaggcaaa tataggtaaa    208200
     agccgataaa tgcaatttgg ccaggacatc ggggttacac ccctactctt tatgagaagt    208260
     gccatgggag tcaggacctc ggtttgaggt ctcacttgaa agacagcgct cactgactgt    208320
     atagtgtccc cttcacttta ctggggcata aggactcaca cagactcact aacaccactt    208380
     ccaacagcaa cctagttttc ccatgtggtc tcccatccag gtactgatca ggctcagccc    208440
     tgcttagctt cagtgagtaa tcggtcctgg gctgcagggt gattggctgt ggtaaagatg    208500
     tgtactttct ttcagtattc gcttcatgta tattatatag aagcaaagaa taaataaata    208560
     tactgaaaaa aattgctgaa atttaaagcc acaagaatta caatttttcc caaaaattaa    208620
     gaagggactg gttgagccca acctgttgac tgcatttgat tgcaagtggg aaataaataa    208680
     aatagctgtg aaaaaagcct aaccatggaa aaaaattttt ttttgataaa gataaataaa    208740
     aataaaaatg acaaacaaaa attcctgaca ttcctaaacc ttttaaaatt tcacgatgtt    208800
     gctgaaattc catgacctgt ggaaaccctg aacattgtag atggttgctt ctgacctcat    208860
     gttaaggccc aatcccaatt ttacccctta gcccttccct tgtcccaatt ctctttagct    208920
     tgaaggcata gggcaaaggg aaagagctag ataaccttta aatggagatt tttcaggacc    208980
     acaattgaaa ccaagggatg agaaaatttc tcagaataca ccagctacaa aaacaaaatg    209040
     gctgcacaag gaagtcagga gatgcacata ttagtccttt ttgtcattat tacgaacttt    209100
     tacaacaaac tgcatatgtt ttgatacatt catagccgag caagtgtttt actgtcaaca    209160
     acttgctaaa ataaaaaacg ctaaatttca ataaaagtaa taataataat aataatatta    209220
     ttattatatg gaataataat attccataaa aataactcct atatagaagt cccacaacat    209280
     tctttcactc gatgacacta gagtaccctg tccgaaaatg cagtggcttg gaattaggtt    209340
     tttacaatgt ctggcaaaat gttaatgttg tttttgtgtg tttacattga ttaatcatgc    209400
     caaagtgtaa atgcaaagta cagttacgat cttaatacca cattatatca ttgtaataac    209460
     atgatatatg cctttaacga tttcctgaag ataaataccc aaaagtaacc taacaagact    209520
     gttgatctaa tatgaagcca gtgattgcga tgacatttga tgacgtgtgc aggtgttgta    209580
     ttggtgtccc atttctcagg ggtgaatttt gaagcccctc cacttcacac tttgtttcaa    209640
     gggccaaggg gaaggggtag gggactaaaa atagaaattg tattgggtct aactccatcc    209700
     tccaaacact tacataaaca cagagtcttt ctccaccacc tgagctgggc tgttgaacgg    209760
     aaagccatat aacctgtgaa cgaggtattt atataacaag tctagattct tgttctcctt    209820
     catggatgtg tagagtagtg ctgctccatc tgaaaggtca cttgtaaagg agaacatcaa    209880
     ggtaatgtta catttaagct ttgaagactc tccctactta cagctttttg aaaagcagca    209940
     ttcagtcagg tcagcggatc aagttcaagt attaaataaa acattcaatg caaaaacatg    210000
     cattgttact gcattcagac aaaaaaagtt acactactaa tatttaaaga taaagcgaac    210060
     atgtatataa cctgatcccc agatgactaa gatgtgcagg gtaatttgta atcaacatta    210120
     ttattattaa agctttgatt tcgatgtgct gcaaggatac actgcaagca gaagcgtcga    210180
     atgtgagact ggatgaagtc taagtgctcg tccttataat cgtgctcctt ctccaaagtg    210240
     ctgattgcat cacactacag agagaggtat gaaagaaaaa cttcgttatt agtccatgca    210300
     tgctttgatt tgatcagggt ttctgcaggt tttacaaagt taaatgtaag acttaagaca    210360
     tttttaagac cattatgaat aaaatttttc actcatacag ggctaattgc taaggagttt    210420
     ttcgaatggt ccggatggaa agtattttta tttgcccatt taaaaaacat tataatttat    210480
     tacatttaat taaacaatat taattcaatt ataataaaaa tatatatttt agatatttct    210540
     taaatattgt gtcaaaacaa gcaagctcta gttataagca agcatacact ttttttcaac    210600
     aataaaaaag ggacaaacgt tttaaaagtt ttaaccttta ataaaataaa tgtttgcaca    210660
     acagtctgtc caggtcagtg tcctcagcag taaatacata aggaattttg aaacaaccat    210720
     tatcctaaga aaaataatta catttttaaa taaaatttaa aagttttatt gagatgaatt    210780
     gttggtgatt ggatgggtat cggccagggg tgcatttcca aaaaccattg ttaaccaact    210840
     aaggtctcaa gttctgtctt tacaaacata attcgttgat ttggcgtttc ccaaatccgt    210900
     tgttccaatg aacattccaa aactgcgtcc cacaattgca tgcttgcaac tacacctctg    210960
     gagctgtagt tagaaacata gtttctggcc gtgttctatt cccagttttc tccctatgcc    211020
     ctattcattt agaacatttc taacatttaa aattggaatg aataaagaac actataaaag    211080
     tcatcactct taggtgtaat ttgctttcaa agaattttta cagttcagtt tcagcgatca    211140
     tcatgtttac aattgcgctc ccttcacagt gcactttgaa aacattgatg tcattttgaa    211200
     cacagctgtt actcatgaca aaagctgtag gtgacctatt actcaaaaat gtatgttacg    211260
     tctccaaatc ttgtgaaaac aagaaacata gcatacgtta aaagttttaa tttatagtag    211320
     attatttatt tattatctgt actgtatatg acatgtgcct gttggttaga agatttctgc    211380
     agtggtttgc acgtgtcaaa ttgtaaaagt agacttttaa aaaaaaataa ataaataaac    211440
     aatatcctac ttaattatca tcatcatcat catcatcatc atcatcagta ttattaaaat    211500
     agattttttt catttcctaa taaatagtaa atattaaatt taatttctta ataaatagca    211560
     tcattattta tttatatatt tatttttatg tttatttatt atttatttat ttatatatga    211620
     tagaatatgt gttagctttg caagtggttt tatgttttag aatgtttgta aaggaaacat    211680
     tatgtgccat ttacatatat ttgaattaat atggaaagag agtgcatgtt tttacgaaaa    211740
     ctaatattga attttttttt taaatgcatg tgcgtgtaaa ccaatataat ttgcacaaag    211800
     aaattatgga attattctct caagaagtag ttagcacccc atttagagca tcattgtggg    211860
     caatttacgt tataactaac gtggttcaaa cgatggatct gggacagaga aactacaggt    211920
     tttgggaaac tcatttgttc ttttcccaat cgatgcatcg tactatgata aaaaacgcaa    211980
     gttccataca gttccaaact tgcattttcc ctttttgctg tctgtttcac tacattggta    212040
     tagcatcaca tcaccttccc gcatttgtcg caaatacatg acattatccg gatggaggag    212100
     cttggccgga cgtgccctag cccaaatcaa tcgcatggat cgagcatgcc attgttatta    212160
     taaagaggaa aataaatata atgatgcttt tttagagtta aacacttaag acaacacttg    212220
     aacaaaatgc aagacatcgt aaaaagctac agtataagga ctttttaata ccttttaagg    212280
     gccttaattt tctcataatt gatttatcaa cttttaatac tttttaagac cccagggaca    212340
     ccctgattac acccgccaac cagccaaatg aggggtagat ttcagctgtg gcaggttaga    212400
     cagacacccc cattaaccac tttggctggt tgaaaataat ttttaaattg ccagaactgc    212460
     ctcgtcccta aagatttgaa ttttagttta agactgtatg tcaatatgct cttagattcg    212520
     aaaagcagca tgactgataa ctgttcacga gagcaaaagg aagtaggtga atactgaatg    212580
     agaggatgat caggtgcaca agaagacacg gcgatccttg ctcttttaag cgagtgctta    212640
     aaagctctag tttccttgca gcaaacaacc atggaaatgc aactggtgcg attgtttctc    212700
     tttaaaaaaa acatttaaaa aagcagtact tccgcaccca cagtcctgct gctttcaaga    212760
     gatccccaga ttttttgccg ctttcgcttt taccattttt gaacagatta ttactgggcc    212820
     taacgtgatc atcctttcac tattacacac aatgtttttc acctgatttc ttttgcttgc    212880
     agttattttt gttaatatgg tttaattttc atcctttaca ataacattgc tttaatagta    212940
     gataactcta ctaatatcta tggttaaatg atgatctggt acctttagtc tgaactactg    213000
     tgtatagttt ttttttttta ttctaaaata atttttttta aatgtcaatt gtttttttca    213060
     agaacatttt tgttaaataa aaaaagtgta tgtatatagc tctgtttagc ttgttttgat    213120
     acattattta aaatgtgtgg caaggaaata attagtttgg tgcggccaga gaaaaaaata    213180
     gtatttctta agtgctgagc cctaaaaagc tatgtaaaat aaaaaaataa aagttacatt    213240
     aatgaggcat gtgaacataa cttcaaattt taaaaggagt catttttaac atgcctaagt    213300
     caaatttatg catataaaat atattttccc aaaaacaaaa ttgtggctta tgaaaatggt    213360
     gttgaaaaac tactagccac agtggctggt aatcaaaaaa gttaatgtca agcccacatt    213420
     ataaatatat actaacatta tataaatata tagacaagta tatatatttt taaaacagtt    213480
     agtttatttc aagcccttta tacagtaaca gctttttctg atcaaatcag ttgtatttga    213540
     tcttttagat acattttatg tcatcacaac ataataacaa tttgaggctg ttgtaccttg    213600
     gtgcagacca ccactatagg caggcctagg ttgtgtgtga gtgtgttttc tcccagcggc    213660
     aacaggacac tctcttcatc tgactcagga ttcctcctct ggggcacagc gtccaagtca    213720
     cttcctggtt ccacatattc ctggaactgc tttgtcactg cagacacaac cagtcataaa    213780
     tcaccagtca aatcaacttc atttcagttc ttcattaatt ttccttttga ctgagtccct    213840
     gtattaatct gtggtggcca cagcgaaatg aacccaaatg catttataac agtttattta    213900
     aattgtcatt taatgtcact ttaactcatt tatttgaatt tatcagcttc tcaggctatg    213960
     ttgcagcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac agatcaagct t                        214001