EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX510994; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 186973 BP.
AC   BX510994;
DT   16-MAY-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-51F10 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   the fabgl gene for FabG (beta-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase, E.
DE   coli) like, the brd2 gene for bromodomain-containing 2, the gene for a
DE   novel protein similar to tapasin (tpsn), the col11a2 gene for collagen type
DE   XI alpha-2, the mhc1uba gene for major histocompatibility complex class I
DE   UBA gene, the abcb3 gene for ATP-binding cassette sub-family B (MDR/TAP)
DE   member 3, the psmb10 gene for proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
DE   type 10, the psmb11 gene for proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
DE   type 11, the psmb8 gene for proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit beta
DE   type 8, the psmb9a gene for proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit beta
DE   type 9a and a novel gene.
KW   abcb3; brd2; col11a2; fabgl; HTG; mhc1uba; psmb10; psmb11; psmb8; psmb9a.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-186973
RA   Howden P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 122b179c4b1ba4dd8078b3feef6e1643.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993947.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000000656; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001169; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001303; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000001656; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000012422; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000022280; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000031885; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000036787; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000045011; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000075963; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000000698; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000001331; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000001359; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000001930; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000009689; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000031380; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000035967; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000104799; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000104838; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000104848; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-51F10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-51F10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-51F10 is at 186973 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-51F10 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..186973
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-51F10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..186973
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<5978..6076,6675..6998,7919..8278,
FT                   8852..9100,9413..9607,9693..>9775))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to tapasin (tpsn)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF137537.1 Em:AF137538.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<5978..6076,6675..6998,7919..8278,
FT                   8852..9100,9413..9607,9693..>9775))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009899"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to tapasin (tpsn)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8UUL4 Tr:Q9W7A9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWY4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-136"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04953.1"
FT   mRNA            join(12046..12173,13152..13412,36454..36729,38040..38333,
FT                   38555..38653,38779..38802,39037..39087,39463..40236)
FT                   /gene="mhc1uba"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.2-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UBA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:Z46777.1"
FT   CDS             join(12119..12173,13152..13412,36454..36729,38040..38333,
FT                   38555..38653,38779..38802,39037..39074)
FT                   /gene="mhc1uba"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009902"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex class I UBA
FT                   gene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q31365"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6GMG0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001039"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027648"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6GMG0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-145"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04954.1"
FT                   GSDNSSRT"
FT   regulatory      40215..40220
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      40219..40224
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      40236
FT   polyA_site      complement(44974)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(44974..45149,45388..45592,45984..46113,
FT                   48493..48604,48752..48893,49247..49686))
FT                   /gene="psmb8"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.3-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW232845.1 Em:CF996353.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF032390.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(44991..44996)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(45061..45149,45388..45592,45984..46113,
FT                   48493..48604,48752..48893,49247..49384))
FT                   /gene="psmb8"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009901"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O57330"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:O57330"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:O57330"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-141"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04955.1"
FT   misc_feature    45673
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 80bp by restriction digest data"
FT   polyA_site      complement(50871)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(50871..51152,51308..51459,51701..51759,
FT                   51903..52018,53358..53498,53608..53705,53823..53916,
FT                   54176..54240))
FT                   /gene="psmb10"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.4-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 10"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155577.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(50889..50894)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(51032..51152,51308..51459,51701..51759,
FT                   51903..52018,53358..53498,53608..53705,53823..53916,
FT                   54176..54240))
FT                   /gene="psmb10"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009897"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 10"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWY1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR024689"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWY1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001208-2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04956.1"
FT                   "
FT   mRNA            join(54314..54447,56391..56461,56550..56681,56774..56903,
FT                   58041..58185,58287..58541)
FT                   /gene="psmb11"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.5-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 11"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF997966.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155576.1"
FT   CDS             join(54400..54447,56391..56461,56550..56681,56774..56903,
FT                   58041..58185,58287..58414)
FT                   /gene="psmb11"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009898"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 11"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9PUS6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-001208-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04957.1"
FT   regulatory      58517..58522
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      58541
FT   mRNA            join(59525..59834,60042..60109,60376..60507,60633..60762,
FT                   60871..61012,61148..61465)
FT                   /gene="psmb9a"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.6-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9a"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA658739.1 Em:CF996687.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF155579.1"
FT   CDS             join(59778..59834,60042..60109,60376..60507,60633..60762,
FT                   60871..61012,61148..61275)
FT                   /gene="psmb9a"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009900"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9a"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q9PUS3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-140"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04958.1"
FT   polyA_site      61410
FT   mRNA            join(63491..63986,64062..64176,64253..64383,64492..64697,
FT                   64825..65022,65115..65243,65369..65557,67109..67282,
FT                   67494..67653,69266..69402,70137..70379)
FT                   /gene="abcb3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.7-001"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP),
FT                   member 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AF032394.1"
FT   CDS             join(63491..63986,64062..64176,64253..64383,64492..64697,
FT                   64825..65022,65115..65243,65369..65557,67109..67282,
FT                   67494..67653,69266..69402,70137..70379)
FT                   /gene="abcb3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009896"
FT                   /product="ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MDR/TAP),
FT                   member 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q801W2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWX8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR030254"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWX8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-245"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04959.1"
FT   mRNA            join(93432..93572,95904..96198,97034..97171,97353..97497,
FT                   97974..98176,99794..100282,100363..100491,102382..102603,
FT                   102720..102982,105064..105386,107862..107990,
FT                   108092..108630)
FT                   /gene="brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.8-001"
FT                   /product="bromodomain-containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC045866.1"
FT   CDS             join(93541..93572,95904..96198,97034..97171,97353..97497,
FT                   97974..98176,99794..100282,100363..100491,102382..102603,
FT                   102720..102982,105064..105386,107862..107990,
FT                   108092..108222)
FT                   /gene="brd2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009911"
FT                   /product="bromodomain-containing 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8AWX9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001487"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018359"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027353"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWX7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-990415-248"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04960.1"
FT   polyA_site      108629
FT   CDS             join(112817..112862,113271..113473,113562..113678,
FT                   115553..115648,115775..115860,116278..116362,
FT                   116833..116875,118272..118346,118469..118488)
FT                   /gene="fabgl"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009910"
FT                   /product="FabG (beta-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein]
FT                   reductase, E. coli) like"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8AW16"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWX6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002198"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002347"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016040"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020904"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWX6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-010110-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04961.1"
FT   mRNA            join(112817..112862,113271..113473,113562..113678,
FT                   115553..115648,115775..115860,116278..116362,
FT                   116833..116875,118272..118346,118469..118617)
FT                   /gene="fabgl"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.9-001"
FT                   /product="FabG (beta-ketoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein]
FT                   reductase, E. coli) like"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF938934.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF137536.1"
FT   regulatory      118596..118601
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      118617
FT   polyA_site      complement(118670)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(118670..120413,122022..122258,
FT                   123584..123652,124038..124150,124242..124521,
FT                   124927..124980,125081..125116,125246..125299,
FT                   125658..125819,125974..126027,126112..126219,
FT                   126310..126363,126560..126613,126692..126745,
FT                   126900..126953,127037..127144,127275..127328,
FT                   127427..127480,127587..127640,127761..127814,
FT                   127999..128106,128235..128288,128408..128461,
FT                   128552..128659,128743..128850,128960..129013,
FT                   129185..129382,130186..130239,130318..130371,
FT                   130460..130513,130605..130649,130751..130804,
FT                   130968..131012,131127..131180,131267..131320,
FT                   132234..132341,132433..132486,132614..132658,
FT                   133255..133308,133486..133530,133726..133779,
FT                   133877..133921,134004..134057,134763..134807,
FT                   135287..135340,135527..135571,135695..135748,
FT                   135886..135939,136108..136161,136282..136335,
FT                   136499..136552,136701..136757,137457..137543,
FT                   137720..137794,137908..137970,138258..138299,
FT                   138490..138543,144627..145316,150661..150783,
FT                   152476..152638,153307..153517,155477..155638,
FT                   163547..163660,163772..163967))
FT                   /gene="col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.10-001"
FT                   /product="collagen type XI alpha-2"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AM287214.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM025808.1 Em:CF996782.1
FT                   Em:CO958254.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(118683..118688)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(120267..120413,122022..122258,
FT                   123584..123652,124038..124150,124242..124521,
FT                   124927..124980,125081..125116,125246..125299,
FT                   125658..125819,125974..126027,126112..126219,
FT                   126310..126363,126560..126613,126692..126745,
FT                   126900..126953,127037..127144,127275..127328,
FT                   127427..127480,127587..127640,127761..127814,
FT                   127999..128106,128235..128288,128408..128461,
FT                   128552..128659,128743..128850,128960..129013,
FT                   129185..129382,130186..130239,130318..130371,
FT                   130460..130513,130605..130649,130751..130804,
FT                   130968..131012,131127..131180,131267..131320,
FT                   132234..132341,132433..132486,132614..132658,
FT                   133255..133308,133486..133530,133726..133779,
FT                   133877..133921,134004..134057,134763..134807,
FT                   135287..135340,135527..135571,135695..135748,
FT                   135886..135939,136108..136161,136282..136335,
FT                   136499..136552,136701..136757,137457..137543,
FT                   137720..137794,137908..137970,138258..138299,
FT                   138490..138543,144627..145316,150661..150783,
FT                   152476..152638,153307..153517,155477..155638,
FT                   163547..163628))
FT                   /gene="col11a2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.10-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009912"
FT                   /product="collagen type XI alpha-2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:A0ZXN1.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LWX5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000885"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001791"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008160"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LWX5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-000208-23"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04962.2"
FT                   FLG"
FT   mRNA            join(180943..180990,181081..181187,181484..181744)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-51F10.11-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI842849.1"
FT   misc_feature    184973
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-51F10"
SQ   Sequence 186973 BP; 61643 A; 33077 C; 32912 G; 59341 T; 0 other;
     gaattcgcct gaaaacgatt ccgttttgta taatattgta agacgcaaac atataattca        60
     ttaatatttc atcatattgc ttggttcgtg tactgcttgt acacgaattg cttgttgatc       120
     acttcgagct catgaacacg tctgataaaa tatctgaatc tgattcaatg tcacacgagt       180
     cctgaaccga agcagtgcaa gagtaatata ttgattgaaa tataaagtta attattttct       240
     tagccattca aaatattaca tatctctgac tttaacaata agaataaagt tcgtttggag       300
     tgtattgaga attattattt tttcctccca ggattcattt cgcaccaagc tgcatcaagc       360
     tgtaatggtg gatgagaagg cacataatat tataaatatt gcttgtaata tgtaatgaaa       420
     taaagtttta acactttttc atgcgagaat gtagttcttc aaaactcaaa tctgtgactg       480
     ttagtaaaga ttgtgtgtaa ttttaagtgt gttttgccgg tagcggagat ctatgacctc       540
     caggcggtaa cggcgctctt tactcatgta tccgccgaga ggcgcctgtc ttcaggctag       600
     acattgggac aattgccccg tcttcgatgg ctctatatgc gtccgaaaat gaagttttaa       660
     ctgtttttca tgctagaatg tagttgttta aaactctaat ctgtggttta tttatataga       720
     taaaaaaata ataatttata tatatatatt taattctgag attagtgacc tccaggcgat       780
     gtcaggtgcc caatactcat gaaaccgtct aaagcagaca tttaccctga cattgaaata       840
     attgttggct gtttaacagt ctttggtttc attaattaat tactttttat tccagtttat       900
     tatgttttgc ctaagcacac agttatgttc attaaatatt atttcctatt ctatgttaac       960
     tgtataaaat taaataaagg tgcagtacaa tcaaaaagat gttggtaacc aaatcgtttt      1020
     tggggctata acattctgtt attatctgtt aaaagttcat ttgtattaat ttctacgttg      1080
     agtttaaaaa aggtttgaat ttctataact aacgtgcaaa agatatagcc cttttcacag      1140
     taatttgctg taatcatgct acctgccgta atttcacaat aaaattatga atacaacata      1200
     ttactgtgaa tttttcagtt aaatactgtg aagggatact aatgtaattt actgtgaaaa      1260
     attacagtaa cttgttgtga aaacctggaa attttttaca gtgtgtgaat gtttctttac      1320
     caaaaaacaa tgtaaaagct attggttgac tgacatgatt caaacacatt taacaataat      1380
     tctagaccct atacatgcta tttgcttgta tgcaggtcgg ttaaaataaa ttaataaata      1440
     atctaataat aaataaataa atctcataaa taaaataaaa taatctaaaa acacaaacaa      1500
     accaaaccag ataaaaaaca atcattgata tttgttttta tcatttcatg acgatcatat      1560
     cacatgaaat catgttttat tcaacatttt tgtaggtgaa tgaaacattt gcagctgtac      1620
     atgttcaata ctgtttactt ttatatctgc ttcaggccct gctattgaaa atcacttcaa      1680
     taacactttg tcaaggtttt atgagtatca gaagaaacaa cacacagagt tctctttaca      1740
     ctgtcagttt caacgttttc atgtttacag agcacatcac agaattaata tttcaatggc      1800
     cttaaaacaa agaagtgcca aatgatataa aaagtagata caacatcaat atattaaatt      1860
     ttataccaat tataatttta caatataatt ttaataccaa atgtgaacac ccaaacacag      1920
     aagcaggtca taaacacaca aacaaacaat ttattcagtt ttattttaaa cttttttgca      1980
     atatagaaaa aaagcatgtt aattgttgtc ataccatgca tggtaactat agtttatgtg      2040
     tattattttt agcaaaacta tgtttatgca aatcaatact taattaatac ataactatat      2100
     tttactataa taacactctt tttattattc tctgctactt tttattattt tcacccacca      2160
     caacaagaca ataaagtcat ttgtgaaggc ttctatcaag aaggggaaca ttgtctgcca      2220
     ttatgaatgg tcaactgctt gtctttctct ataaattatt taaacagaaa aaaaaaaaca      2280
     ttataaagac aagtcaatca gtgctcccac attatataat tttgtataag gcacaaaagt      2340
     tcatcaacaa acagcagtcc ctctttggaa gctattggct gtactagtag cctacgttaa      2400
     aaacaatatg cgaaccaaaa aaatcatact tttctaacac tcgtcaagta aatttaaatt      2460
     tcaatatagt atctactcga gtagtaggtg aactcagcca ttgtcctgtt gtagaataat      2520
     taaatcaaga tttatataca ttcttgcttt aaatattatt gcacagttat ttaagacttt      2580
     ttttggcttc acttattcat gtatagtttt tgccatctca cctatttact tgctaaattt      2640
     gaaataaaat agttttgctt ttaaaaaaat aaaagattaa atattaagct tgttgtttct      2700
     ttctttcttt cttttttttt taaattagaa tatgcaaaaa ggtacacaaa ttgggatcat      2760
     atatacaatt acataaaaaa atcaagcaac aaaaaacaac aaaaatatag tcaggtactg      2820
     gcaggtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaaaggt aacttggtgg acaggtcaga atacatacat      2880
     aaaggacaat aaaagatagt aaatgaaaca agcatcatag atataaataa aacatataac      2940
     aataaaccag tcagtggtaa ggagtgacaa caatgcttat aatgtatgat agtaataatg      3000
     acagtaaaaa gaaagaaagg acaacagctt gtttttgaca cccatgtaat actatcgcct      3060
     acaggacacc ctacacacaa acattcttca cccagctgct tactttgtga gtttagactg      3120
     cactcttgtg ggaaaacaga ggtatacagt tgaagtcact attattagct ctcctgaatt      3180
     attagccccg tttttttttc aaccaatttc tgtttaacga agagaagatt tcttcaacac      3240
     atttctaaac ataagtttta ttaaatcatt tctaataact gatttattta gtttttgtcc      3300
     tgatgacagt acataatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata cagcttaaag      3360
     tgacatttaa aggttaaact aggttaacta ggcagaatag ggtaattaga caagttaacg      3420
     atggtttgtt ctgtagacta tcaaaaaata tatagcttaa aggagcaata atttgacctt      3480
     aaaatggctt taaaaaaatt aaaactgctt ttattccaac caaaataaaa caaataggac      3540
     tttttccaga agaaaaaata ttattagaca tacggtgaaa atttccttgc tcttttaaac      3600
     ataatttggt aaatatttaa aaaaagaaaa aaaaaaattc taaggggggc taataattct      3660
     gacttcaact gtatgtttag ggttaatgga caattttcag aatttatata tatatatata      3720
     tatatatata tatatatata cgtgtattca tgtatccaat gaagggcaat tctatgagta      3780
     aacatttttt ttgctgatgc cagaggtttg aaagtatgta attctttttt taaataatga      3840
     tgttcatact ttttacattt taaagtagcc taatgggctg gtgaggaaaa taaactgtcc      3900
     atattagaca acaaatatgc caataaaata aacgctacat atctcaattt tttgtaaatg      3960
     ttagcgagct agcttaagag gatgcggaaa gtactccaaa atctgagatc acagcctttc      4020
     acttttccca cattttgtta tattacagct ctattccaaa ataaataaaa tgtatgattt      4080
     tttttcttta gaattcaaaa caatacccta taaagacagt gtgaaaagtt gtttgaaatc      4140
     tttgcatatt tatatttaac aagagaaact aagaagcaat tagcaccaat tacagactaa      4200
     agtccaagta tgataataca aatttgacaa acctacattc tggtcagttt ctctcattct      4260
     tttttgtaaa accaatcaag gtccatcaga ctgaaacaaa agtgttgttg catagctatt      4320
     ttcaaatctc tccagagatg ctcaatcggg ttcgggtctg agctcaggct ggaccactca      4380
     gggaaatcca tacagtcgac ccattgccgc atgtttgtta tcttggcttt gctaagggtt      4440
     gttgtcttgt taaaatgtga actgtcaccc cagtctgagg tccagagagc aatggagcag      4500
     gttttcatta ttgatcattc attgttaaat tcatctttcc cttgatccaa tgtgtcctaa      4560
     tatgtatttt tactgttgga tcttatatta tatccaatta actgaattta catgcattaa      4620
     acatctcaag gatgataggt ggaaacaaat gacaattttt ttttcttgtt taacaattat      4680
     gcaagcttct ttcacattgt ttgtaatata ttgtggagaa aacataattt tcaaaagatg      4740
     ttcttccaaa actattgatt ttgttataga aataaaaaaa attatgaata cttttttcca      4800
     aaaacattta tttctgctac agaaattaaa agacagaata tgttcttaca aaaaatatag      4860
     attgacacag aaaaaatata tataaatatt cattttttga atatgttctt ccagaaatat      4920
     taattttgct acaggtataa aagtctgagt atgttcttga aaaatacaga ttttcttaca      4980
     gtaaaaatac ttctgtaata tgtattttag cacagaaaag tatttagcta aaattgtatt      5040
     tatttttagc acaaaatcta aaatgggcaa tgtttctcta aggactgaga gtcactatag      5100
     tcaggtaaag atcatagaga ttcagaacag tgaaaatatt taaagcttaa aacaaattat      5160
     tactgtaaac aactgaattt cagcacaatt tttattagtt tggttcattt catgtagcaa      5220
     aaaatctcag acagttttgt cctaaaagta aacagtggca gtaggagtgt agtatttttt      5280
     aaataacatg actgtatgtt taaatatttt tattttctaa ttctgtacat ccagcatcaa      5340
     catatgtcca tataaaacac tcacaaacac tccccaaaaa aaaaaaaaag atttctgctg      5400
     cttgttcaaa ctccttattt aaaattagtt gaaacaacac aattcttgag attcttttga      5460
     gacaactcaa ttgttttatc tttaatccac ttaaaagtgt taagttaatg aatgcaacat      5520
     gaatgactgt ggaaccctgc atttttacag tgaagagtaa tcatgccaaa cacaaataca      5580
     gcagtctaaa attcttaaag tcaagctaaa actattattt acaaacattt ttactgcata      5640
     ttgtttagcc cctcaagaat gattaaaaac agcttcacaa tgagacgaga tgtaaaaccc      5700
     cagatccagg attatttctc tttctagaga tcaaacagaa acacacacaa taaacagaca      5760
     gacagttgaa actaaaatct ttgtcaatga aacagtgaaa gtgcctttta gagcttgcga      5820
     gaatatatac tgaccttatc gtttaattca gcatctgcat gaaagagaaa tgaattaata      5880
     actgcattca aattgatgcg tttgtatgtt taataaagtc atttttttaa tcacacaccg      5940
     catctagtgt gagtttactg acttccttaa aactcaccag agctgaatgt ccaggagaaa      6000
     aacttgatca tgccataaag aagaagagca acagcgacca tcgccatcga gtcctcaata      6060
     gatggagctc ccacacctta aaccaacaac aacaacaaaa aaaacataag taaaataaac      6120
     acataactat aatagaatat ataaaataaa tgcaaaaaga aaaagaaata atctaaaata      6180
     aatacttaca caagcatatg aacattctcc attattagtg ttggggtaaa attatttgcg      6240
     attaatcaca tccacaataa aagtctgttc tggctgttgt taattaaagt gtgtgtactt      6300
     tgtacatgta ttatgttaaa agattaaata gtcaatattt ttatgttgct taaaattatt      6360
     tgaataagtt aatcaggttt caactacata ttttgtagtt atacaaagtt taacttgata      6420
     tttttagtca gtttgattga ttaaagttaa gatgactaga aaaatttatt tgattcaact      6480
     aaaaacttta aggaagcaag acattttttt aaccgtgtaa acgcaagcat atatttgaga      6540
     agatgtttat ttacatttag atattaaaaa tatatctata tgataaataa gaatttctgt      6600
     gtgacaaaat tgagttaaat ttagaataca aattacacat gatggctgat aattttaact      6660
     gtagagtatc tcaccgatga cattgagtgc agcagaggct cgtcgtgttc ctccgtcatg      6720
     tttggccaca cagctgatct ctccgccccg agcgagtctc agtttagtgg agtccagctc      6780
     cagacggctg ctctgactga aggtgccatc agacgccctt ctgtgaccca ctacactgcc      6840
     ctgacccaga gagagggcct tcccatcagc cccgatgaac tcccagccca gatccagagt      6900
     gtgaggagca aaaccagacg cctcacactg aaccgacagc acctgtcccg ggaccagcag      6960
     aggaagagga gaggggagga tggagagaga tggaggctct ggagcgagag gagagagaaa      7020
     gaggttatta ctgtagatat gactgtagat taatataata aatacagaag agaagcgtgg      7080
     atggagtgag attgaggctc tggagaaagg agaaagacag aagttattac tgtagattaa      7140
     aacgaagatt aatataataa atacagataa aaacagcaga ggaaaagtag aaaatgttta      7200
     aatctggaag ttcctagtaa aagtgcttga taatctggtt caggtgtgtc tcattggggt      7260
     tagaactaaa ctctgctgga gagtttagac cctccaggac caagttcggg cacctctgat      7320
     atagagcaat ttcccaatcc tgttccagga ggcacaccaa cagtacatat ttttggaagt      7380
     ctcccttatc tgacccatta acctcaggtt ttagagtctc tctaatgttc tgatgaggtg      7440
     attcagatgc gtttgataag ggagaggttg aaaatgtgta ctgctggtgt gccttcagga      7500
     acagggttgg gtaacactgg tttaaaagac atttaacagg tgtccaaaca tagacgtctt      7560
     ggctaaatct gactgaaaat attatagata tttaacaata gcccaaaatt agactagtca      7620
     ttaactcttc tgcattgttc aaatttacta ccattttgtt atgttggtgg ctgtttttgc      7680
     cccattgact tccattataa ttacataagt tgtttgcaaa gtcatgacag tatataatca      7740
     tgcattcttg attgttggtg gtttccctga tgggaatttg tcatttgtac tatgaataat      7800
     atgatgtctg aataatattt ggcttgaata tagtttaata tacaaaatgc attatgatgg      7860
     ctaaactata tgattctgcc accaaatgta taataactga agcactcgct tctctcacca      7920
     acgatctcca ggtccacagc aacctgtgcc agcaaatgag gaaggtaaac tgtgcagatg      7980
     taagttcccg agtgtctgac ttgagattcc tccaggatca gagaagcgtt gcctgtttga      8040
     tagaggcctg tgatgtccat ttcagctccg ctctctgacg tctctgcaaa gcgatcgttc      8100
     ttgccatcgt aagcgagcac cagccgtcct tcacccctga actgataacg ccactcgatg      8160
     gagaatccag agccgtgaag aggagaagac ggatcaatcc agaagccaca atccagcaga      8220
     accggctctc ccagtctaca gcgaaccact ggagttttgc tggacacact gaggatcact      8280
     ttgaggtaga gagagaaaaa cagaagtgag cacagtgtta ctatttactg ttttagtaat      8340
     gcagtatatt attgacatgt aacattatgc aaatacatat attactctgt atctgtatta      8400
     tacagatata taccatccac cgccggtcaa aagtttgggt caataggata ttttaatgtt      8460
     ttaacaaaag gccaaatctg ctcacaacga tgacaaatta ttgtttataa attattaaaa      8520
     attactttta ctttttaatg ttgataacat tatttcctgc ttcatacatt acattttttg      8580
     gatttttagg tgaaaagaaa gtttgaatga aaacaattta taatacattt ctatatgttt      8640
     aaattataaa tgtatttact tttcgttttg aaaagattta ctgtggtact ttaaatggtg      8700
     ttgtataaca ctctccacaa aaatatgaag cccaacacag aaaaaaaaat caattaaaac      8760
     cagtaatata tatatatata tatatatatt ccaaaacttt tgaccattgg tgttcataat      8820
     tagtatttat ataagaaact gaactgttca cctttgggtt ctttagaagc tgaaggcgct      8880
     ctcataatat tggacagtgt cagctgctca tcaaggcctt gtgccgccac tgaaaaccaa      8940
     tcagcttgca ggtagactgg actttgggcg gagtcagtga gagcagaagc ccatctgacc      9000
     atggaggcgt gaggcatgaa ggggttaatc tcacatttgg gtttatttac tgagccttta      9060
     ggaggattca gagcagcact gcagaatgtg cctgctggat ctggaggagg acagagcaat      9120
     aaagtttagt tattatctaa aatagtattt gttgtttcac attttagcaa gttgtcatta      9180
     ctctttgtca tttgtgactg tagttttgga tccggttggt gcagaaaatg gacacaaaca      9240
     cattttaaaa attgcgagat agctgaaact atacaagttg tacaatcatt agagtaaacc      9300
     taaaagtatt tatttaattt aagtacacat tacccaaatc ttcatttact taaggattta      9360
     cttggtctga acaagtcaac acacacgtct tcgaatggtg atgatcactg accagtcaca      9420
     tagtaaactc tggatgagct gatgtctgca ggaggatgca gttcagtctt tatttcttca      9480
     ctgtaggctt cagttctgat gaacatgaga gatttctctt gactcattgg tgttgataaa      9540
     cctcctccat gaccaggctt ctcctgtaca aaccagcact ctagaaccgg acatgcagaa      9600
     ccacaaactg caagagaaac aaatagggtc cgtgatcata caaatgactg aagttctaaa      9660
     acagtatagt gacaaagcgc cgcaaaactt accaccaaaa cacagtgtaa atgcgaagac      9720
     cgatatcttg tatatggtcg atatttcaga catcgttgct gtgtaggtta aaatgaaatg      9780
     atacctgtgt atgaactctc gaatgccctg tttggcgtga aaaagaacca tttgggggtt      9840
     ttcccacaac agtggctttt cactaaggtt tcactttcac aacactcgct atgcgtcttg      9900
     cgcatgcgca ttaactactg atactaggag ggttttagtg ttgatatata tatatatata      9960
     tatacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacata tatatatata     10020
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca cacatacata catatatata tatagcattt     10080
     tgattgaaac agctctcgtg tgaattcttt cagatgtaac atcatttaaa aatctagtaa     10140
     caactagaat agctaggctt ctaaatgcaa tttctccaac acatggtgga gtagggggcc     10200
     tatttaattt tttcgggtgg tggtttccac tgggtggcgc tctgaaccaa caatagttta     10260
     aatgcgaatg aatatcaagc aggaggcttt ttgtcataat atcacgtgat taaagtgcag     10320
     ttcaggacac agggaaatac catctctctt attgtttctc ccgtgggtaa cagtgcccaa     10380
     gcctgtatag tcagtgatgt tttatttaat tatttgaata tcgttatttt ttaggtggtg     10440
     tgaaaacctt aattggtagt gtaaactaaa ttagtgaaaa aagaaacata gataggtttt     10500
     ctcaataaat aaatccagaa ttttacctga ttcgcatcat ttgcaataaa atgcatcatt     10560
     tgcatctgca ccatttccat ttgtaaaatg catcattgat ctgcatcatt tgcagataaa     10620
     atgtctgttt atttatctgt gttttacaag agcgctgaga atgaaaaaac tgggattatt     10680
     ttgtgcagta actttgtcat ttattcattc atttattttc ttgttagctt agtcccttta     10740
     ttaatccggg gtcgccacag cgcaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcacat gttttacgca     10800
     gcggatgccc tttcagctgc aacccatcac tgggaaacat ccatacacac ttattcacac     10860
     tcatacacta ctgacaattt accatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccag ggtgcccgga     10920
     ggaaacccac gcaaacgcag tgagaacatg caaactccac acagaaacac caactgacta     10980
     agccgaggca caaaccagcg accttcatgc tgtgaggcga cagtactgcg caaccgtgtc     11040
     gctactttgt catttaatgt tattaaattc atttatttta ttatcctctg tactctacag     11100
     accaaaacta agaaaataaa actaattcat ttcattttaa tttaaagggg ttgttcaacc     11160
     aaaaataaaa tataatctct gtttactcac cctcaagtgt ttccaatcct ttatgagttt     11220
     cctttttttc tgttcaacac ccaagaagat attttaaaga aagctgaaaa cctaactaat     11280
     ggaaaaaaca gatactaaga aaatggctac tagtttccat atatatatat atatcttctt     11340
     gggtgttcaa cagaagaaat aagtattttt agataaatca cttgtattaa gaaattcatt     11400
     gtttgtgtat tacagacaac atagataaat ttgccatcga aggaacaaat ttaatagttt     11460
     ttcttagatt ttacagttgt ccatgtaggg gtgaaaaaca aataagcaat tgataggcta     11520
     cagcatgtaa ataatatatt atactaatat gcacgagatg ctgatttaca gtataggtct     11580
     atagacgatg aaatgctgct tttttgtcag ttgtctactg tgaagtttga ataggtatta     11640
     ctgggctggt ggtgtaaatg aaacgtagag tttacataag aaaaagctga caataactga     11700
     aatgcacata cagtggtttt ggagtaaaat aaagtaaaag ctgatttgat ggtgatttgc     11760
     gttttatatt ataaccaaca ctgttaacca attgaaattc aatccaatta aagatgttaa     11820
     aatcaaagga ctgaataaaa aggcaaaaca aagactaaaa acaattctaa aacagacagc     11880
     gtatttaggt aacaattctt tcactttcgt agtcaaactg ggtttagacg attaccctgg     11940
     taatttctga cgttgcatca gctctggatt tttactggcc agtatttact tgtccgccgg     12000
     attgaaggcg gggttggcgg ttcatatttc tctgtctgat ctggaaagag gacaatcgca     12060
     cttggggatt tgtaaagcag agaagtagtt cttctgaatc tcgtaaaaaa cagaaaaaat     12120
     gcagtcgcta ataggtctgc tgctagtcgt ctgtctacag tatgctagtg gtggtgagtc     12180
     tggctgtctc tttttaatgt ggatgtttga aattgagaat ttataaagta tgtaagaaaa     12240
     tcgcaaaagt cagtaaatat gggcgttaat atacatatgc gaaattaatt atgcctacca     12300
     atgaaagtgt aaactttaat gttgatttta attaattggg aaccataggc tagtcgttct     12360
     tttggttgct aaaaagcatt gacggcattg aaatttaaca acaatgttgg ataaataaac     12420
     aacaacaata aaaaggttaa caaggttact ggcagactgg ttttgcagaa cttaacaggt     12480
     tgactattaa aaaaatattt attttagaag gggaacaaag ggtacttatg tgctgttctg     12540
     tattgtacta ctgtgtgcat tcggttacat gtcagtttat cagaaacgat gttatgcaat     12600
     tcatgttata cccattagat ggcagtaaaa caaaggctaa ccgtaatttt tactattcat     12660
     tgacatttat ttttttctca tttcaaataa gttatatatt ttcatatatt tatcataaat     12720
     gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattact     12780
     atcagactac tgattatgac tgaattatta tctatataat ttatatcact acagtgtata     12840
     accgactaat attctgactg taggactaca ttatttcaca aaccagttac ataaaatgtg     12900
     tatggataaa taatataatt tgtagcctgt atgattttta acatttatct ataattagaa     12960
     tatacttggt gcactaagta tttggctttc ttataaaaat atgaccaagt caaaatatgt     13020
     tgactgcttt aacagaagca tatatatttc aacatataaa tatttgctaa aactgttttt     13080
     tagtgtattt tgttatttgt atgttataag gttcaccatg ataagcttaa aaaaattcct     13140
     tattgtttca gcaacccaca gctggaaagc ctattacact ggaacaactg ggttgactga     13200
     gtttccagag tttgtggcac tgaatctcat agatgatcag ttgatggggt acttcgacag     13260
     caagaccaac cgctttaaga gccaattcca gtggatggaa gataatctcg ggaaagaata     13320
     tgatgagcaa caaactaaca ttctactggg ctatcctgaa gtattcaaga acaacattaa     13380
     agttgtgatg gagcgcttca accaaacaca aggtaaaaaa ttaataggta acaaataata     13440
     gtaaaacacc agtaaataac atttaaaaat attgtgtgct acatgttaaa aaaatagtca     13500
     gatctttttt tttctatcaa gcacatttaa aaaatagaca ttttaaacaa ataagataaa     13560
     agtcacatgc taaagttagg ctaaagacat aaataaccaa gatgtccccc actagccaag     13620
     gaataaagat agcattaaaa tgtgatcaca gttgtaaaag acccattaca ctattaactc     13680
     aagtctattg taacaagaat acatgacctg aacgagactg aaacaaagat tgagaaagag     13740
     atgtttcctc aagatcttta gttttcactt ttaatggaag ttgctgatct aatatgttat     13800
     tgatggtctt tagtcccctt tcattctcca gacgcccttt cagtcttaat tagatcaagt     13860
     agatgtcacg atttttattt gtcattttgt cagccagtgt gaatttctct gtccagtcgt     13920
     gcccattgta gacatgggtt aaaaaaaaac tgctatagac agaagataat taaacactga     13980
     atggaattat tgtacatccg agcagcagat tccacttctc atctgattaa ccgttcacta     14040
     taataataac atatagatta atataataat ctaatatatt tttatgatta aaaatgaatt     14100
     acaaatacaa gtgatctgga gaaacgatta aagtcctaca agcatcataa gaagatgaag     14160
     aaatgaaggc agtctgaaga ttacagtgca aatgtcttat tcaagcgcag agcagagaaa     14220
     tttgatatat gactatatat gaacatattt gtaaaactgt agccaatata tttgaacgta     14280
     gtatatacag ttgaagtcag aattattagc ccatctggat attctttttc aaaaattctg     14340
     tttaacggaa agaaaacatt ttcaacattt ataaacacaa tggttttaat aacttattcc     14400
     taatatatta tagataattt tcaagatact actattcagt taaaagtgca atttaaaggc     14460
     ttaactaggc taattaagca acaattcatt gtataacggt gttttgttct atagacaatc     14520
     gaaacaaata ttgcttaaga gggttaataa aatcgacctt aaaagagttt aaaaaaataa     14580
     taataaaata aaaacaaata agactttctc cagaagaaaa aatattacag gaaataatgt     14640
     gaaaaattac tgaatttgtt aaaacatcat ttgggaaata tttgaaaaag aaaaaaaaat     14700
     tcacaggagg gctaaccact tagacttcaa ccattttaac ttcaactgta tgtagcctat     14760
     ttgttattcc aatagttgta aaaagtacgt aagcggtcat ttttgtgata tacgctgcat     14820
     atatgactta tatatgtatt ttaaatatgt gaaatctaaa catgaacttg tgtcatttct     14880
     gtcatttgca tttattccat atctcatatt tctatatgga ctgtgattat aatgaaagtg     14940
     cttcattata agcacttctg tgctttattg tacgctctaa tactcattta cttgatgaat     15000
     ttatatataa aataatacaa aagggcagaa aacaaaggaa cagaaaaata aaaatacaca     15060
     tctaagttaa acaacaaaga aatgaatcaa aaatcatttg aataaagtta aatatgcttg     15120
     aaaggctggg aaaaaattgc ggaaaattct acaaatgtat aaataaataa aacaatctgt     15180
     caaagactta cacagacatg cagaaaagcc gtccgtgcat tcagctcttc ttatttacaa     15240
     cctgttcttt atatttaagg gtttttccag ctgttttgtg tctcagtctg cagagtcagc     15300
     tgcttatata aaccttttat ttttaaagat taacccacaa agttttggaa aagtcatgga     15360
     aatcagttta acaaaaatct gtttacttaa atatggttca gttgtcttta cttcttttct     15420
     gtccatggcc aaacacaaac tctcacatta ttagtgctgt ctgaccatta tctaaacata     15480
     gatataaaga ttcatttaaa ctatgtatat agtcgcatgt tttatgatat gctgaagatg     15540
     aaggtgcatt gtttttctta tgatttacta ggtatacata gacattacat gaaacattag     15600
     gtcatttaca tttacttgaa agtcctgaaa aacttctgga aaagatattt agtattaaaa     15660
     atgtgtatga accctgctca tagatatata gacctttttc ataaaacgca aaattacctg     15720
     ttatgctttg tgttcaggtg taaggaggat gccttgaact tccggtcggc agctttatat     15780
     gtataaatag tcacgtttgg acagctttga aatgatagtt taatctgttt cacgagcttt     15840
     taacgttttg aactaacact gctgttgatc agcgccacct cctggactga ttatttaaaa     15900
     atgacttctg atggaaataa aaaacaaacg ctgtgtcatg tagccttaca caatcctgtg     15960
     ccatttaaat ggagcatcgt catcgctaaa gtgatcattc tttttgaata tataactaac     16020
     ccaaacaaac gttaattgcc caatatgttt gacatattga cctatcgtgc aatacttaga     16080
     gatgaactta ataacttgta gtgttgcagt atttatttac aaattcacaa ataatgttaa     16140
     agccctttac aatgacattt gtctgtgtca aagtttataa ttggggattt acctaatagg     16200
     acatttaaaa gtatatatat aataggacat ttatattttt aacatcaaat gatagaatct     16260
     aaataacctt gagaatggtg tgtgttttaa agtgtttatg gctatcagca ttatttttct     16320
     gttatataat ctttatatag tcagtgtcaa caaatcatct cagaatgaca acaaaatatc     16380
     gctgatcaca acaagatctg tgacaatata tcacacaaca aaattcctta tcatgactag     16440
     gcatgggccg gtataagatt ctgatggtat tataaccttg gataaaaata tcacggtttc     16500
     acggtatcat ggtattgtga ttaccagata ttgatgctca aacgataaat tgtgcagccc     16560
     taatcaagag caccaggagt tttctcggtg gtgcagatat ttgtttcaat tacgaaaatc     16620
     ataattttca cggccattgc cgacaaaaag tgtgtattta tgtgcaggcg aatatattat     16680
     ccttgaattt atcagtcctg aaacagccca actttcactc ctaattgagg gaggtcgttt     16740
     gtgtcgattc gtttgtgact gaatctctgt tatgaacgat tcatgtgagc catcgataaa     16800
     cctacatctt gatgtgcata ctatccacct ttctgttctc aatagtatat acatttatta     16860
     tattcaatca tttagggcgg aaagtatgca cattgagaag caagcactgt tatgtcatta     16920
     gccatgctta ttaagttact tcaaaaatga acgttcactt agtcgacaat aattataatt     16980
     aattctggca ccagcgtctt gttgtcgtat ttcatttact atttagctgg ttttcttcaa     17040
     caaaactagc ttcaagttaa catgaaatga aaccgtgttg ctatagttag ctcacattgc     17100
     tagttttagt ggtgaacagt tcatctgtgc atgtcgttat gaaaaatagt tcacggttgt     17160
     aatctaaaat tgaaatctga aaatgcactt cctgtttgtt ttcagttaaa ttctcacaga     17220
     agtattgggc gtggctaact tacttaacca cgcctctgca gcgatcagct ttgacaacaa     17280
     acagaaattg tgtggaggaa acatctgtta ggttgtaata actccaccca aacccttttc     17340
     tcagtctttt gtaatgaaat gtctgcttta ctacatccaa tcagctcgca gtagaaacaa     17400
     caagccacgc ccactgtttt ctcatttaat atttagtttc tctaggagct gcatcacaat     17460
     acgaataaat aaaaacagtc gcagtttccg cttcatgcag atttaagctt agtatttact     17520
     gcaagttgat gccactttac cttatgctaa agcagtaaat gactgtaata agatcaataa     17580
     ggttacttgt tgataacata attttgtaac ataaattcat aaaaaaaata tatttgacct     17640
     atgaacgtta tgcctttagt gtatatatct atgaggaaaa ctgcacaaac tgggactcga     17700
     actcgggact cctgaatctc attggcttaa taatatctgc actgaccaat agactatcag     17760
     cacagactgt acagactctg actctcttca ttatccacac tgtaatcccg aataagttga     17820
     caaaactcta aaaatttgag gtaatcagtt acgtcaaatt ttttaagtta tgtaattatc     17880
     tattttaagt aaacagaaac attaagtttt gagtttgttg tactcatgca agacacttca     17940
     cctaacttaa aatacccaag ttactcagct tatacgtttt aattgcagtt aacttaattg     18000
     ttttaatttt tccaaacttt aaatacttag tcacccagct catacatttt aataccaatt     18060
     aggcttgggc ggtatccaaa ttttgatacc gtcaaaccgc ctccatattt taccccggta     18120
     tccggtatta ccggcgtaat aaaaaaaaaa ttatgacgta aggctcagac agcgtcacca     18180
     aactgttggc ttaagcctaa accattcaga aactgaatac attctatgcg accttaggct     18240
     cgcggtcaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gcgcaaagcg acgcacagca cctctctctc     18300
     tctctccctt ttacacatac acatacacac acacacacac acacacacct ctcccgcgat     18360
     ttattcagaa atttactccc acaccgtaag aaatctggcc ggctcccgcg gtactgcagc     18420
     gggaatgcag agcagtaatc gggcaataaa aattataccc gataggtccc gagtccgaca     18480
     ggtacagttt gattgacagc tttatactgc ccaaacccgt tcacagccta cattaaaatg     18540
     tgctcatgca cacagctcta atgcattttt ttcaagaatg agtcatttat atgttttaac     18600
     atcatttatt cgtaacaagc gtagactata ggccacttga aagttgaaac aaagaaataa     18660
     aataagtcct acagctgtaa catcgtaaca tcgcagcact ctataggtct agttacatgc     18720
     acttagcctt taaattagcc tacacaccaa tgaaaagtaa tcttgcttaa caaatcaaat     18780
     taaaataaac tctaaatgat gacgggtatt ttggcgataa cgaaattaag ataaaggctc     18840
     tgcaagatgt gtttctccac ttctcttcac aatctggcat taaggcggcg gtgaagctga     18900
     ataataaaag aataatgcca ccattagtct gtatactctg tctacattat gattatatgg     18960
     tttcattaat atttatttat aattgaaaaa ccctttactc accaagatta ggctacgtgt     19020
     gtttgtggag gaacattatt aaatccactg gctttagcgc agttttgcgc tcacggggtc     19080
     cagcagctga acaccgtttc actgctactg ctacaggccg agatgcagag ttctgatccg     19140
     gctgattttt tgttcatctt ctaccagtca ggaacatgca tttaattttc catgacaaca     19200
     gtttcacttt agcgaatggc ctctactttt tacctgtcag cttgcggttt agggctctac     19260
     cgtaatacgc agtgtatgag cgaccgcgac atacctgcgg ctggaataac cgttccttat     19320
     gagctagtga ctgacttgac cgccgtcaaa attctctttt tttactacta cgtcatcatt     19380
     tgttttacct ttgcagggat ggattttaat gcagggattt ggattttttc gggtctcgcc     19440
     gggttcgggc aaagatcttt agctctaatg caggcctctc gttcatatta accacgtctc     19500
     ccttctgttc agtcgaaact gccaaactgc aggacacttt gaagcgcgac tagtcacgtc     19560
     tcctctcccc ctccctctcc cccttctctc cctccctctc ccccttcttt ctctctctcc     19620
     tccacactgt cccgtgatga caaccacaca taggtttttg taggcattaa ataaaggata     19680
     tttcatattt tatgatggta taacggtatt gaaactgaca ccgttgctat ttttagatcc     19740
     cgcggtatac cataataccg taataccgcc caagcctaat accaattaac ttaattgctt     19800
     taatttcttt caactttaaa tacttaaatc acccagctca tacattttaa tagcaattaa     19860
     cttattttta attatttatc tcacctttac atacttagtc acccagctca tacattttga     19920
     tagcattttt taaaattaac ttctccatcg tcagtttcac aaataaaatt agccattatt     19980
     ttaatcttta aaccccataa atctgtgaaa ataaatctgt aatttgaaac acacagaaaa     20040
     taccatttta gacatttatt tttaaagaaa aaatgtccaa cagtacttac aaatttgtct     20100
     cctatgcaat tacaaatgtc ttaaaatgat aaaaactatt agacataaag agattgaaaa     20160
     tgaacactat tctgaaataa taaaaattac ccacaatgta aatatgatat cagacataag     20220
     agcctcaaga aaaaacaact ataagtttga taaaatttaa taatacatta ataagtgtaa     20280
     aacttagtct taaggcattc gttaaaaaaa taataagtgc acattctgtg aagtgactcg     20340
     tttagtgtaa actacacaga aactgtacat atcgttgaag tcagaatcat tcgcccccct     20400
     ttattttttc ccccaatttc tgtttaacgg agagcagttt atatatatat atatatatat     20460
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atattcagtc     20520
     ttggttgaac tatgattctg tcatttactt attccaaacc tgtttgagtt tctttcttct     20580
     gttgaacact taaaaggtta tttttgacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt caaattatat     20640
     tttaatgtat actttaacac gtgaccccaa acatacctgc tcatcataaa cctttaaaag     20700
     attagccagg gtatctgctg tcttgccagt tttggatgct gtttgcctta aaattgtcat     20760
     caaatgaaat aggtggtggt ccagttgtgc aaagaatttg tggggaaaat tctcatttgt     20820
     aacatgttgg tactctgcaa acagcaaaaa gaaacaagag agaatttcat aaaacaaacc     20880
     cacaccacaa aatataaaat ttttagaaaa atgtattaat attattatta tgtttcatta     20940
     acttatttat tttttacctc agatgaaaat caggtgttga tcagatgttg aaagcaggat     21000
     cttcatgttg taaactaaac tcaaggtcta gttgaagttt cactttcctt gctgcaaaaa     21060
     tatcattgat aaatacactg taatatttat tttatctgga tatgccaggc atagtagtac     21120
     aaaataaata ttttacccac ctttcacatg cctccattta agaacctatc tgtagtcagc     21180
     aacacctgac cttcaattct gtatgtacac aaagtcacag tgtcatttag ctgagtgtgg     21240
     aagtagtaca attgcatgat gtctaacgtt aacctcaaaa acggttagca atagagctga     21300
     ttatcatgtt agttgctttg attcgataaa cacagattta atttaaacag tattgaaatt     21360
     tctaaaactg aataggacga caaagaaatt taaggcctga ttttaaaagc tagaaataac     21420
     aaaacttacc ttattgtcta atgatgtaaa aatatataga ctaaaatatt tatattttta     21480
     agatataaat atattttacg ctacaaaatt tgcacatcag aaaactatgt gttgtttacc     21540
     aagtcttgaa tattttgttt tgttattatt ttatttaata acataatttt gtatgaatgt     21600
     gttatagata tgcatacttt gttttttagg ctgtttatat tctctccaga gtaaacattt     21660
     taaaaaatag attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ttttatcata cctttaaaat atatttgacc     21720
     taaatgacat ttaaactcat ttaactgatc gcattaatca ggtaatcatt gatatgcaga     21780
     gatgtcgtct taagcgcgag gaaatattaa gtgttgatca gtgctggtga ttgaggtaaa     21840
     gttagtgtta tatttacaca ttcagacttt ctccttaata atataatttc agaaaggtaa     21900
     tttttgcata ttcttaatgg tgaaatcata ttagcagcca atgactttca aagtacaaca     21960
     ttgttcagtc aaaaaaaatt agtgcattta gtgtaatatt gttttcatgt catacttgca     22020
     tgtgatttca gaacgaatag acaaagtacc atggtaaaca atttatggag cgagtcctca     22080
     tacatggatc agcaagcaac aagctgcgtg tgacagagtt aagttttgag actacgtttt     22140
     tgcgcgtcat cagaaaatac agtttagtgt ttaggcggag atcatttgag ttatgattaa     22200
     cgttacgttt cttgcgcctt tcgtttccga agtgcctaca gatcgcgaag ataataccac     22260
     attcacatac tggatggagt tcagcgcagc gccatgacat gcggttgtga gagcgcgcgt     22320
     ctccatgaca acttcagcac aggctgagaa aaggcatact cgcgccaaga tttaaatttt     22380
     tttgaaaaat gtaatctgcc gatttcaaat atttttgtct ttatcacact ctgttaaaac     22440
     tcagagttaa cacattacaa ctaacgctaa cgttgcactg attctaactt tttaaacagt     22500
     aatgttaacg ttagttagca acaagtgagg ctaaacatgt tttctgtaat gtacgacatg     22560
     taaacgcacc ctgattaact ctacattaca ttgaactgtt actgtgatta tattaattaa     22620
     aacatacatt taatatttct tggatttgta aatattttac ttactgtagt gtgaagcgag     22680
     gccgatccgc catcttgaaa aaaacgaatg aagcatgagc acgtacgtga acctggatga     22740
     cgtcagacgc aaaatcactg ggctgacaga ttttgagtta atgaaacttt aaagagacat     22800
     tttgtataaa ttaaacccag cagaattgtt caccttactt gaaagattac attttttcaa     22860
     actcaaaaat aagaaaaagt tctaaatact catcaaggtt aattaagata aacaaatttt     22920
     aatgatttaa gttaatagaa ctcaattcaa ttaattagtt acagcattag ggtttacagt     22980
     gcacaaataa tgtcaatctg tctttattct caacacagaa ctaatcacac tcaacatcct     23040
     cacacacttc acataaaaac acaagcagga acacaaacac attcaacata acacaaatca     23100
     cattaaaaaa caacacaatt cactctttac tcaaatccca gcttttcata tcagcacaaa     23160
     tcacattgaa cacacattta tcctgactcc aggtttcctg aaacgtcttt taaatgtgag     23220
     aaacaaaaat gttttattta cgggaattag ggctgcacaa tatatcgttt cagcatagat     23280
     attgcaatgt tgtcatttgc aatagtcaca tcgcgagcat acgcaatgtt gagtctggat     23340
     tataactgat cattttgcaa gtgtttcttg aggcctgtga ctgtgtgagg attttaaaag     23400
     caaagaaatg taaccgtttg taacttgtta ccttttgtaa caaattaacg gttcattttt     23460
     ttgaattgtt tataaaataa agactatgca gtattaattt gcacttgatt attcaattac     23520
     tgtatacctg aatacagttc gactcctcag gaaaacagta taacactgtt tatttaattt     23580
     gtaccttttt gtttattgta tttatctatg cttgtagatt gtttattaca tgttatagac     23640
     tcccctacag aatcatccaa accaatctaa aattaggatt atttccaagt agttattcaa     23700
     ctcctcttgt attcatatct caatatacat cgcagaataa aaatatattg caatgttaga     23760
     tttttttcaa tatcgtgcag ccctaatgcg aacaaatctt caattatgat ttgattttgt     23820
     ttatttatta tctattaaat ctcatttaat tctctttgtg gttttcctgc ttttaaaaca     23880
     cacaaaactc ctaactaaat tcctataaat catctctaaa atacattgac ttgaaacatc     23940
     ctaataagaa ataatctctg ctttggtttt tattgaatat attctacatt tgcagcaaat     24000
     cccaatttat catcaataaa atattgaaat cttccaacat cctctatttg atgtatatca     24060
     caagcttcaa actgtttaac acagaaataa taaaaacact gaacatgatc tttaaaaata     24120
     taaaattatt actgaaataa taaaaacact gaatatgatc tttaaaaata taaatttatt     24180
     actgaaataa taaatactct gaatatgatc tttaaaaatg taaaataatt actgaaataa     24240
     taaaaactct gaatataatc tttaaaaatg ttaatttatt actgaaataa taaaaactct     24300
     gaatatgatc ttaaaaatat taatttatta ctgaaataat aaaaacacta aatataatct     24360
     ttaaaaatat taatttatta ctgaaataat aaaaactctg aatatgatct taaaatgtta     24420
     atttattgct gaaataataa aaacactgaa tataatcttt aaaaatataa aattattact     24480
     gacataataa aaacactaaa tataatcttt aaaaatatta attgattact gaaataataa     24540
     aaactctgaa tatgatctta aaaatattaa tttattactg aaataataaa aactctgaat     24600
     atgatcttaa aatgttaatt tattactgaa ataataaaaa cactgaatat aatctttaaa     24660
     aatataaaat tttactgaca taataaaaac actaaatata atctttaaaa atattaattt     24720
     attacagaaa taataaaaac tctgaatatg atctttaaaa atttcactta aatataaaat     24780
     gtcctgtgtc caaacatcca aaaatatgtg tttaactatt aaaattacga atatgaatgt     24840
     aagttcaaat atatattagc tacaatctta catatgtgct catatatgtc cgtgtttatg     24900
     tgaatatata attatatctc atatatttga acatatgtac gtatttgtag ttccaatagt     24960
     taaaaaacgt gtaaatatgt tttatttatt taaatgaact aattattaaa atgtaaaaaa     25020
     ggtatgtgtg ttttctgctt tagacgtttt agagatcaaa ctcatccttt ctttcaaatg     25080
     ttgcatgatc atttatttta aataatagtt atatactttt aagtcctcta aaacatattt     25140
     ttcaaacgta tatttaaaaa taaatccaac aaaagctgca aaacatgtgt ttttgtagca     25200
     ggtatattta tgtaattata ttttaaacat atatatttta acaaatattt aaagtgatca     25260
     ttttataata aaaagcatgc atatatttac tgtatgacta tatactaaac aacaacacta     25320
     taaaacatgt tttgcttgat atgaaagcac accgcactgc aacatctcta tctgaatcaa     25380
     agtacaacta attataacag aacgatcatc ataatgtgtg tcgtttaaaa ccagccaaac     25440
     acatccctga tttaaacaca caagcctcaa atacacacga cacactaaca gttcacagat     25500
     cagttataat gcactgtaat cccgaataag ttgacaaaac tcaaaaaatt tgaggtaatc     25560
     agttacgtca aattttttaa gttatgtaat tatctatttt aagtaaacag aaacattaag     25620
     ttttgagttt gttgtactca tgcaagacac ttcacctaac ttaaaatacc caagttactc     25680
     agcttatacg ttttaattgc aattaactta attgttttaa tttttccaaa ctttaaatac     25740
     ttaagtcacc cagctcatac attttaatac caattaactt aattgtttta atttttccaa     25800
     actttaaata cttaagtcac ccagctcata cattttaata ccaattaact taattgtttt     25860
     aatttttcca aactttaaat acttagtcac ccagctcata cattttaata ccaattaact     25920
     taattgcttt aatttctttc aactttaaat acttaaatca accagctcat acattttgat     25980
     agcatttttt aaaattaact tctccatcgt cagtttcaca aataaaataa ggcattcgtt     26040
     aaaaaaataa taagtgcaca ttctgtgaag tgactcgttt agtgtaaact acacagaaac     26100
     tgtatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     26160
     tcgttgaagt cagaattatt cgcccccatt tattttttcc cccaatttct gtttgacgga     26220
     gagcatatat atatatatat atattcagtc ttggttgaac tatgattctg tcatttactt     26280
     attccaaacc tgtttaagtt tctttcttct gttgaacact taaaaggtta tttttgacca     26340
     aaaaagctga gacctgtaac caccgatttc cacagtattt gttttcctat tagaaagtca     26400
     gtggttacag gttgtcagct ttacttaact tttgtgttca acagaagcaa gaaattcaag     26460
     caggtttggg acaagtgaag agttagtaaa tgacagaatt ttacatttgg acaaactatc     26520
     cctatatata ataaaatgca cccttacgaa ttaaaggtaa ataaatgttt tgaagttact     26580
     accccagaga cagtctttat taagtaaaaa aaaaaaacaa tcaactcatt ctttaaggtt     26640
     tccatgctac gagacttttt attttccatc atccatgcca agcaaaactt tttgcacaag     26700
     ttcaaagtcc tttactatat attatgtgaa gaacatacat taatccatac aagacaagaa     26760
     aggtctggaa gtgtgctgtg ggtggtgtcc aattcattct tcaggacaac agagaccctc     26820
     agtgaatgca gggccaataa agcatcttca gtcagcagga ttatcaatct aaaaatataa     26880
     ttcaaggata ttaatgtaag gacagtatca aaatgactga gccaatatta tatgattcat     26940
     caactatccg tgattacaaa tatgttaagt aaaagttttc aaaactttca tctttttatt     27000
     aaacatgcct aattgtgaaa agaatgaatg aagtcttacc agggtgttcc taaagaatct     27060
     taagtcacgc tcacgcagca agaccaaaag acctctgata agagtagtcc gtcatgaact     27120
     tacatcatgc agttcctgga aatcaagtat aataaatgat gaataaatga ttttaaatca     27180
     attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattcaaatt atattttaat gtatacttta acacgtgacc     27240
     ccaaacatac ctgctcatca taagccttta aaagattagc cagggtatct gctgtcttgc     27300
     cagttttgga tgctgtttgc cttgaaattg tcatcaaatg aaataggtgg tggtccagtt     27360
     gtgcaaagaa tttgtgggga aaattctcat ttgtaacatg ttggtactct gcaaacagca     27420
     aaaagaaaca agagagaatt tcataaaaca aacccacacc acaaaatata caattctaga     27480
     aaaaaattta ttaatattat tattatgttt catttactta tctatttttt acctcagata     27540
     aaaaatcagg tgttgatcag atgttgaaag caggatcttc atgttgtaaa ctgaactcaa     27600
     ggtctagctg aagtttcact ttccttgtag ttcctatctg tagtcagcaa cacccgacct     27660
     tcaattctgt aagtacacaa agtcacagtg tcatttagct gagagtggaa gtagtacaat     27720
     tgcatgatat ctaacgttaa cctccaaaac ggttagcaat agagctgatt atcatgttag     27780
     ttgctttgat ttgatgaaca cagatttaat ttaaacagta ttgaaatttc taaaactgaa     27840
     taggacgaca aagaaattta aggcctgatt ttaaaagcta gaaataacaa aacttacctt     27900
     attgtctaat gatgtaaaaa tatatagact aaaatattta tatttttaag atataaatat     27960
     attttaagct acaaaatttg cacatcagaa aactatgtct tgtttaccac gtcttgaata     28020
     ttttgttttg ttgttatttt atttaataac ataattttgt attaatgtgt tatagatatg     28080
     catactttgt tttttaggct gtttatattc tctccagagt aaacatttta aaaaatagat     28140
     taaaaaaaaa aacttttatc atacctttaa aatacatttg acctaaatga catttaaact     28200
     catttaactg atcgcattaa tcaggtaatc attgatatgc agagatgtcg tcttaagcgc     28260
     gaggaaatat taagtgttga tcagtgctgg tgattgaggt aaagttagtt ttatatttac     28320
     acattcagac tttctcctta ataatataat ttcagaaagg taatttttgc atattcttaa     28380
     tggtgaaatc atattagcag ccaatgactt tcaaagtaca acattgttca gtcaaaaaaa     28440
     atagtgcatt tagtgtaata ttgttttcat gtcatacttg catgtgattt cagaacgaat     28500
     agacaaagta ccatggtaaa caatttatgg agcgagtcac aagttgttac taaatgaatg     28560
     tatgaatata aaaccaactt tacctcaatg tggtagtgta aattgaagct ctgctctgta     28620
     cctgcttagg tgaggagcgc agcttaaatg ttctccgtca ggctatcctc atacatggat     28680
     cagcaagcaa caagctgcgt gtgacagagt taagttttga gactacgttt ttgcgcgtca     28740
     tcagaaaata ccgttaagtg tttaggcgga gatcatttga gttatgatta acgttatgtt     28800
     tcttgcgcct ttcgtttccg aagtgcctac agatcgcgaa gataatacca cattcacaca     28860
     ctggatggag ttcagcgcag cgccatgaca tgcggttgtg agagcgcacg tctccatgac     28920
     aacttcagca caggctgaga aatggcattc tcgcgccaag atttaaattt ttttgaaaaa     28980
     tgtaatctgc cgatttcaaa tatttttgtc tttatcacac tctgttaaaa ttcagagtta     29040
     acacgtaaca actaacgcta acgttgcact gattctaact ttttaaacag caatgttaac     29100
     gttagttagc aacaagtgag gctaaacatg ttttctgtaa tgtacgacat gtaaacgcac     29160
     ccggattaac tctacattac attgaactgt tactgtgatt atattaatta aaacatacat     29220
     ttaatatttc ttggatttgt aaatatttta cttactgtag tgtgaagcga ggccgatccg     29280
     ccatcttgaa aaaaacgaat gaagcatgag cacgtacgtg aacctggatg acgtcagacg     29340
     caaaatcact gggctgacag attttgagtt aatgaaactt taaagagaca ttttgtataa     29400
     attaaaccca gcagaattgt tcaccttact tgaaagatta cattttttca aactcaaaaa     29460
     taagaaaaag ttctaaatac tcatcaaggt taattaagat aaacgaattt taatgattta     29520
     agttaatagt actcaattca attaattagt tacagcatta gggtttacag tgtggagacg     29580
     atgaaaatca cgacatccag cgtaaaaaac caacaacagc tctgactgat tcagccagcg     29640
     agtgattcag tcaaacccct gattcagagt gattcaaaag agtcgtttac accgatcgat     29700
     cgctcagcac tgcgtttccc aaaagcatca taagccaaag tagatgctca aaatgatctt     29760
     aatgttagcg tctgttcccc aaaaatacac taactgaagt agcgctcaaa catcatcaca     29820
     tctacgagcg ctccggagga atcattaaag ccctacgagc atcatgagaa gatgaagata     29880
     tgaggacgat cagcagaagt gcagtcccat acagaaatat gatatatata tggccactta     29940
     tgaacatatt tataaaactg tagctaatat atttgaacat attgaaatga ttgctgtatg     30000
     tgggcaactg gagctgatat aacctagcta aactgttaaa ttaatctaaa acggttagca     30060
     gggtactagc attcatggtg cgctttacat tctctagtgt gtcagcaaga agaacactga     30120
     tgtcccatac accgcacgac tctgagcgtc tctgttgtca gcaatctagc aggaaacagc     30180
     tctgtcagtt agcctttttc attctgagct caatacatga acatccctta acaggaccgt     30240
     acccctgggg tgcttccttt acacaccatt ctcattgatg atgatggcca atatttatta     30300
     aaccaaggac acattgggct taaaacacag aagccaactc aaacataaac acacataacg     30360
     tttataacaa gacaacccat gtgtttaact aacataacac ataaaataac tcttaaccat     30420
     ttcccatgat gcacctggct atagtgctgt gagccaggtc attacaataa acacacacat     30480
     cctgtatttg taattccaac agtttagaaa gaaagcatgt aaacggacgg tttttagatc     30540
     agttataatg gagacgatga aaatcacgac atccagtgta aaaaaccaac aacagctccg     30600
     accgattcag tcagcgagtg attcagtcaa actcatgatt cagagtgatt caaaagagtc     30660
     gtttatcagt gagtcagatt acaccgttcg ctcagcgctg cgtttcccaa aagcatcata     30720
     agccaaagta gatgctcaaa atgatcttaa tgttagcgtc tgttccccaa aaatacagga     30780
     actgaagtag cgctcaaaca tcatcacatc tacgagcgct ccggaggaat cattaaagcc     30840
     ctacgagcat catgagaaga tgaagatatg acgacgatca gcagaagtgc agtcccatac     30900
     agaaatatga tatatatatg gccacttatg aacatattta taaaactgta gctaatatat     30960
     taacacacac acacacacac acatggcctg gatttgtaat tccaatggtt gaaaaagaaa     31020
     gtatgtaaac ggccgttatt tttacatgaa cttgaaatat atgttgagtg tatgacttat     31080
     atttataaat gtgaaattta attgtgtctc atttgcatat attgccgtat agcagatgtc     31140
     tgtatcgggt gtgattataa tgaaagcttc tgtgctttat tggagacttc atgacttatt     31200
     atgggaatga atttataaat gaagtgatca taaaaatggg agaaaacaaa atagaaaaac     31260
     acatctgagt taaatgactg aacaaaaaga ataaataaaa gaagttaaat aaattgagat     31320
     ctgcttgaaa gactgaggaa aaaaatagga aaatgggata aattctaaaa atgaataaat     31380
     acatacataa aacaatctgt tggagactta cacagacgtg caggaaaagc atccgcgtat     31440
     tcagcttctc ttatgttctg tatagtctgt tctttaatga taatgtacga atgaaatcaa     31500
     agctaagcat attgattttt ttagctcaca ttgttagttt tgtgaacgat tcatctgtgc     31560
     aggtcattgg gaacaaaaat tacagtttgc ccttgtaatc tttaattgaa atctgaacat     31620
     gcacttcctg tttgttttca gttcaattct cagattatgt gggtctgagg tattgggcgt     31680
     ggctaacata cttaaccacg cccctccagc tgtcagtttt aaaggcgcta tgatgacaac     31740
     aaacttaaat ggcaaggagg agaaggagtg tgttaggatg taataactct cccttctgaa     31800
     tgaaatgcct actttactac atccaatcag gtctcagtag aagaaacaag ccacacccac     31860
     tgttgtctcc ttttattttt cgtttctcta tgaactgtgt cataatatga aaaaaataaa     31920
     tgaatacgtt cgcagcttct ggttcatgca gacttaaagg tattttccag ctgttttgtg     31980
     tctcattctg catgcagctg ctttatattg aattgttttt tgtttaaatt ttgtttgccc     32040
     tttattgaca ggacagtagc tagacaggaa gtgatattag agagagagag agagaggata     32100
     tacaggatca ggaacactcc acgatccggg actcgaacta ggcacgcctg aatctcgttg     32160
     gcttaataat atctgcactg accaatagac tatcagcaca gactgtacag actctgactc     32220
     tctttattat ccacaaataa tgtcaatctg tctgtatttt cagcacagaa ttaatcacac     32280
     tcaacatcct cacacacgtc acataaaaac acaagcagta acacaaacac attcaacatc     32340
     acacaaatca cattaaaaac aacacaattc agcctttact cacactcaaa ccccagtgtt     32400
     ggaagagaaa cacacattta tcctgactcc aggtttcctt aaacaacttt ttgatggcag     32460
     aagctgaaat gttttattta atggcacaat cttcaataat aattgatttc tgtttaattc     32520
     tcatttgata aatctcattc aattctcttc gtggttcatc tacaattaca ttgctgattg     32580
     tagtgctgga cactaataaa aacactgaat atgatctcca aaaatgttga ttttattaca     32640
     gttttacaaa ttgtgatgct caattaagta tttttgattt catttctacc ttctagtacc     32700
     aaactgtatt tataaaatgt atttgaggct taaggatcta aaatattcat ttttaaaagc     32760
     aaaatattca aaagaacatt ctagataaac agaaatatat cttataaata aatgtacaaa     32820
     ttatgaagtt ataaaggtta tagctgtgat gtctttctgt aaatcgtgta aatcatcaac     32880
     cgctatatgg taaataaagc ccctcctact agtacaggag ccattcatcg atcgctatat     32940
     ggctaatata gccaaatatc aacatatata taaaactgta gctaatttac tatttgaaca     33000
     cacatgtaga ctttatttgt gcttccaatg gctgaatgat aaatgtatat aaaggctatt     33060
     ttacatacca tatacgttta acaacgtttt tttctttttg tttaacaact aactccttag     33120
     tagcggtatc gccacctact actgaaatcc acaaatttgg cgatcgagac catctatgct     33180
     acgattgcca ttcattagac tccgaacagt ttaagggttc ccatttcagt cattgtttca     33240
     ttattatatc gtaacaatca ttttttaaca tctatgcagt tttggtactc aaattatgta     33300
     aagaaatata attagctaaa acacttattc aattagttag tttgtttgta ttactatatt     33360
     tattgcaact accacaaatt accagtactt tatggtttaa aaaatatata ttactataaa     33420
     ttactataat atttaatgtg ggaaaacaat aataaaaaaa gttccccatt cgcctgtctc     33480
     catcgccata tttgtgaaat aggaatacac ttttgtcatt tgtgtacact agggttggtc     33540
     cgatagacga tgccatcgtc catcaccgat gaccaaaaga caacacgatg ctgagctggc     33600
     attgccgatc ctctgcccca accccgtcac aaacccactc gcgaaaaata cacacttagg     33660
     ccctgtttac actaatatgt cttagtgtta aaatggcatt ttagaacaaa aattatccac     33720
     actatgtttt acctagcatt tctgaacagc tctccatctg ctgaaaaccc acatcacgtg     33780
     accaaacaca caaacagaca cagcgacaca cacacaacgc cacacactac catgtgctgc     33840
     tctgagctcg tctgagatat tcctctggat cgtgtctcac tatagttgtt aaacgtgata     33900
     tttagacatc taaagtctcc tggaagttcc acaattgttt attcatattt ttccgaactt     33960
     gaaaatgaaa aggactcaca taactgtaga cctaagcgca atattaaact agggtgtata     34020
     aactcagaga ttagaaaaag ctaagaatac aaacaagaac cacagaaaat acttaatagg     34080
     agtgttagat taattgtatt acactacttt ggcattgcaa gacatgaaat tattgtccat     34140
     tttcgccttc agtactccca gttgtgttgg ggttgtgtct agcagacacg cttcgttgag     34200
     ggggaactgg aataccagaa gggaacagaa atgactgctt caccgggact cgaacttggg     34260
     acgcttgaat ctcattggct caataatctc tgcactgacc aatagactat cagcacagac     34320
     tatacagact ctgactctat tatccacaaa taatgtcaat ctgtctttac tttcaccact     34380
     gaattaatta tgctcaacat cctcacaata catataaaaa cacaagcagc aaaacaaaca     34440
     cattcaacat cacacaaatc acatgtgtga acaaatatta aatgaccaat ggtaatggta     34500
     gttttcagaa atactcagga ggggataatg ccaaaacaac aaacaaaaga tctaactgat     34560
     tgaggaagca actttctaaa ctctcaaaat aaataaaata aaaataaaaa tgaatcttac     34620
     cttgcttcct ctctatcaga aacaggagaa aaataaatgt atcaaacaaa aagtggcatc     34680
     catctccgta ctgcttcaaa aagttaaaaa caaaaccaaa aatataaagt agaaataaca     34740
     aagggaattt aaagtaaaat tttcactgta ttgttctcta acaataagat tttttacatt     34800
     acaacaagtt tcataatatt atttagcaca aaagctagtc tggggcagga gaaccaagtg     34860
     agagctgcct taaccaacta gtgtttggca cggtctctct ttgttctctt ctgctacatg     34920
     gcccagctct tttaattacc aataggtgag acaagataga aagagagagt gcgagagaga     34980
     gagaattttt tcattaatac ctgggtatag tcaataataa taataataca ctaataataa     35040
     taataataat aataatattt aatgttaaaa cgcacatctc acttaaccaa actcaaaaga     35100
     cagcaaaaga attaaagcat ctctaaaata cagacttaca agaaagtgtt gaaacttctt     35160
     aatatgaaat aatcttgact ttgcttttta ttaaatatat gttttacatt taaagcagtt     35220
     ttttcaattt attatcaatg atatactaaa atcttccagc atcctcttgt ttgatgtcca     35280
     tcaagtgctt caaagccttc aaaaaagttt agtttaattc attattcatt atattcatct     35340
     ccttagtttt actcaaatta ttctttataa actaatttta cagcagtttt gaagcacatt     35400
     tatgaaacta taatacagga tcttttcttc tgttacagtt ttatccaact ggctaatcag     35460
     agtcgtttca tttgcatatt taaatcagtt aaacatgatt gccagatgct tgcctggtgt     35520
     taattggtaa tttgaatgag atgatgacta ttgggtggag cgttcaggca tgtgacggca     35580
     tatatggccg catttcagca ctctggaaaa aacagcgact ttcacacttg cacacttaca     35640
     gaatgctgtt atgagtcgag atattttatt aagcccgacc gtgtttgttt gcatgtgtta     35700
     ctgttcagtt catccatcaa agacgtcgca gaagaaatcc tgtttttttg tgtttttgag     35760
     taatttcata ataaattctt ctcataaact catagctgag ctgaaaatca tttatttgac     35820
     ttaaagttca gcacagtttc tgtttcatca aaacacaaca aactgaactc aatagcagaa     35880
     agcattcaga gctttttctg ctgaaaatca ttttttgttt gaaacagaga ttcagatgag     35940
     ctaaaaacat gttacggggc atcctgttag atgacattga gtttctttat tatcatcaaa     36000
     gatgaaacat atattgattt taaaaaaaag aaatcactga atcactgaaa atgatcgtca     36060
     aaatattgat ttattacaga aatagaactt ttgaacttta atgatgttta tatgttattt     36120
     taatactaca aggacacaag atttacattt atttatttag cagacacatt tatccaaaga     36180
     aacgcataca taacaacata aagcaagtca aacaccgaga acagcacaca ctgtctgtta     36240
     aatgtgaaat ttaagtaaga aagaaaattt agatttaaga aatttttaat ttagatgaga     36300
     ctcaaacacc tgaacaaaga aacatgattt aggatcaata attttggata tcaatattta     36360
     tttttgaaaa tataatacag taagaattta tattaaaaga aatttgaaat cgagagtgtg     36420
     gtatattatg tcttgttgtt tgtctttgct caggtgttca caccttccag ttcatgtacg     36480
     gctgtgagat ggatgatgat ggcaacaaac aagtacattg gcagattggc tatgatggag     36540
     aggacttcat cagtttggat aaaaaaacgc tcacctggac tgctgctaat tctcaagcta     36600
     tgactaccaa ggttaaatgg gattccactg gagcagaggc aaattactgg aaaggatatc     36660
     tggagaatga atgcattgag tgggtgcaga agtatgtggg ctatgggaag gacactttgg     36720
     agagaaaagg tatgaatatt attcgctttt attgaccact agatagtaag cactcatcat     36780
     aacattatct accttttaag ctggaaacta aaaagtttct ttaaggtttt gaaaatatgc     36840
     atctttaatt tcttcctgca gtattaattt tcttgttaat gatattaata tgaaaacact     36900
     atgtagtctt ttacccaaaa aaaattttta tatgttataa aacaacttat ttctgttcat     36960
     gctattttct atacagtaca tcatctgatc taagtctaca tcaaaaaaac agctactagt     37020
     tagaactaaa gtgaaaattc ctctgcagta tatattacca cacaataaca cagcagatta     37080
     gcaaattgaa tgatcttcct atcactatat tagaatagtc taaaagaaag agactgtact     37140
     gtatatgaaa catgaaatca agggataaga ttcataatta catgtttttg attgtgtgat     37200
     aagtctactg atgtgtactg tacttgaaac tacaatagat agtcagaaga aatatttagc     37260
     aattatttaa tttgagtttg aaggctctaa ttttgcctgt ctcagttcat taccttagtc     37320
     atctctcttt aatatttgct ttattggcat gaaaaatttt acaaatgtat tggcaaagca     37380
     gttataaagt ttacataaaa ataaaagaac atacatatac aataaaaaca cagtaaacag     37440
     tagtagtagt agttgtaaaa atataaaaaa gatatctaca tgtaataatt aaataaaaaa     37500
     tataaataat atatcattat tcaatatatc atattataat tcaatatatt atatcattca     37560
     tatcatatta tttatttata acaataaagg taataataga tcagaataaa ctgtacattt     37620
     aacaatcaac attttaggat gacagtaata aaaacaataa taatctgtat atttacaatt     37680
     atttaattag aattatctag gtgtgtgtgt gtttgtgtgt gtttgcaagc acatcactga     37740
     tgtttttatt ggtctgcttt ctctttttgt gacaggcatt aatgtatttg gccgctagaa     37800
     ggacagagtc tgttttttct cctagtaaat actgaagctg tgttttattg tctaactcag     37860
     tgaattgtgg gtaaatgctc tgtagtttgg ggtagattgt ttctctcatg tgctgatata     37920
     atgtgcagca ggtgaggaag tgttcctcca tcttcacctc tgcttgggca cagcgtgggc     37980
     agatgcggct ctctctgggt tgccagttct gtctgtatca gcctgtctct ctctctcagt     38040
     ctctcctcag gtgtctctgc tgcagaaatc ttcttcttct ccagtcgtgt gtcatgttac     38100
     aggcttttac cccagtggtt taaagatctc ctggcagaga aacggacaag atcatgatga     38160
     ggatgtggag cttggtgaac ttatcccaaa tgaggacgga acctaccaga gaacgagcac     38220
     tctgaatgtt aaacctgaag agtggaagaa ggacaagttc agctgtgtgg tggagcatca     38280
     gagcaaaact atcaacagta ttctcactga agacgaaatc agaactaaca atcgtaagtg     38340
     tgactgtcta gacaaattta acaacaaaaa attacaaaca ctaatgaaaa tatttttttt     38400
     gttcaggctt gtattagata ttagatgatg tcagaaaact ttagagtata ctgatcacat     38460
     catgatcaca gattacattt ttgccattag ctcccaattc tagttttgca ttatatcaag     38520
     ctctttaata atctgctgtt ttcttttgat tcagctactg ccccccttgg catcataatt     38580
     ggcattgtag tcgcagctgt tctgctggta gccattgctg ttgctgggtt tgtggtctat     38640
     cgaagacaca aaggtgagac attattttta gattttacca tcatcacatt actgactgga     38700
     ttgcattttt gtcatatttg tgtgctgcac tgagtgaaat caccaaacta aatgttcatc     38760
     tctctcattg attttcagga tttaagcctg ttccccaaaa cagtaagttc ctcacaaatc     38820
     tgtatgatag tgtctgctaa aatatatttt gcaactttca taaagtagtg ttttaaaaaa     38880
     atctattagc ttgaaaccga ttatttgtcc tataatatgt ctctttagga agctaaaact     38940
     aatactaata attctgcata agtagtcatc tgtgttaatt taaacagttc tcagagaagt     39000
     ctgtgctgtt gttgtaatgc taattttctg tttcagcatc tgatggggga tcagacaact     39060
     catctcgtac ataaagatat aagtgtggta atattaatgt tacgtctaca ccctgtctgt     39120
     gtatctattt ctatttagtt ttgtgttttc cttgattgtt ggatgtttcc acccccttgt     39180
     caaactgttt agctaattgt tgcttatgta tttatactct ctttctttac tcttgttgtc     39240
     agcagttgtt tgttaccctt gagatgtcat aggtgctttg cttttgttct cttgttttta     39300
     gcttgtttta tgtttagtcc aaagtatttt ttaaactgac tgtttaagga tacttacctt     39360
     ctaatttttt tcaccgttac acagtacaga cttaacaaat ttttactcat gagtgtaatt     39420
     atcagttatg tacaatacat tttttttgtt ctggcttttt aggaccagat gaatgcaaga     39480
     gatgaagctg aagaaaaaaa gtgacatcca tccttctcct gctgtccatc ttgcattgga     39540
     agctgcataa acatgtagaa catgtagaca aatttatcac ggattaatct tttgggattc     39600
     actttctaaa aagttaattt tcttcacact ttctgttcat ctttagtttt gagaaacatg     39660
     gcaatgatta ccaaaccaaa attacagata tatattttta ttttgagact atgaagaatg     39720
     caagattgca aattattgat ttggatgatt tgtaaaaacc tttttcatgt gttttaaaga     39780
     gattttcttg gggtaaaagg gggaaaagct gcttacatgt aattgaaaat gctgtattgt     39840
     gcttacctgc ttcaacattt aaataatttt aaaatgatat attgatcaca tttagtagac     39900
     cttttccatc agttacatca gatgacatga tgtatttgct tttttatttc ttgtagaggt     39960
     taataggttt attcttcttg ctgtttgttt ccttcatttt tgtttcaaat gttttgaggt     40020
     gaaatgctgt actgcataat aatagattat ttttaaacaa ttgtaaatat tgaactaaac     40080
     ttaaatgtgt gaacagtata acacaaaata gaattgtttc ttgtggtttg aggtatctac     40140
     gtttaaatta agtcaggctt acataaatat ttgtttataa gggttaactt gtcatgtgct     40200
     tttgattctt ttaaaataaa taaacctcac aaaagagcat gttgtgaatg tctttcactc     40260
     ttctaacaaa aaaaattcag attttacaat aaattttaaa ttaatttctg ctccaaatgg     40320
     agaatattct agaaatacag aactatgatg tttgacatta cgactctttc acaaagttat     40380
     gtaaaaaata ttatatctga atctaaatta ctttattcac cattgcttta tagatcagca     40440
     gtgaaatgga gggatgtgct gacatttatc accaggaaga aagagttatt tttagttatg     40500
     ttgtatgata aaatatgaaa tttaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     40560
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataacataag tgctttaaaa aactttgtca     40620
     ttcttcatgt catgattaat tgaaatatac taataacatt tggtcccctg ttaaagatag     40680
     ttattgagtt tactaataaa gtgaacaaaa tacaaaaata agaaaaaata ttattttata     40740
     aaacacaaaa ttgttgattt gtttatgaaa atgtaaaaaa tgtagaaggt cttctccagg     40800
     ggttacatat taggagcaga cttaaaatta gagagtagaa aaatttgtta gactagaaca     40860
     tggcaagtcc tcacaaatgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtttctgg tattcatgat gttgtaggga     40920
     ccaaatgtgt ccaaaatata ataataccag tcatttttga ggggccaaaa ttttggggac     40980
     atggttcttt ggtttccgtt aagaaaattg cttattagta gtcatccata taacagtgtt     41040
     ctgaaaatgt aaaaacacag aaggttttct gagagatttt atgggttagg aaaagaggac     41100
     agaatataca gtgtgtttag tgagtcaagt atattgaata atacataagg aactgatgtt     41160
     ttcatgcatt aaatgtagca ttataactta taatttttgt catttatatt aaaaaatata     41220
     cttcataaca aatagatttt caagacaaaa tgtaaaaaat acgtggcacg ggtttatata     41280
     aattttcatt cattaatttt ctttctgctt agtctcttta ttcatcaggg gtcgccacag     41340
     cagaatgaac cgccaacttt tccagcgtat gtttaacagc gcatgccctt ccagctgaga     41400
     cccagtactg ggaaacatcc atacacattc agtcacacat actcttatac atcacggaaa     41460
     attttgttta ttcaattcac ctatagtgca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aagcagagca     41520
     tccagaagaa acccacgcca acacagaaaa aacatacaaa ctccacacag aaacgccaac     41580
     tgacccaact ggttctcaaa ccagtgacct tgatgtgagg tgacagtgct aaccactgag     41640
     caaccatgtc ggcctttata aattttgcca agcactaaaa caaatggcaa ttctttggca     41700
     attcactgct aaaaatattt agaagttatt aatatttatg gtgggtggct cagtggttag     41760
     aactggcatt cctttgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccccata ttgccgtggg tttcctccgg     41820
     gtgctccggt ttcccccaca atcccaaaga catgcgctat agggtaattg gattagctaa     41880
     attggccgta atgtatgagt gtgtgtgtag tgcaagagca tatagatgct tcccagtact     41940
     gttgcggctg gaagggtatc tgctgcataa aatacatgcc agaatagttg acagtttatt     42000
     ctgctgtggc aacccctgat aaataagggt ctaagccgaa ggaaaatgaa tggatgattg     42060
     aaagaatgaa taatatttat aaagttatct aaagttattt ttacagcaag atgaaaagag     42120
     ctctccacaa aagaagactg ctaaactaac cggctttatt ggctaattga caacatttga     42180
     gttaattgga ggcacaactg tagaacagta tttaaagaaa acctcaaaca cactgcttcc     42240
     ttttgtgaca acatggtaaa atcaacaagc cagaatcaac aaaaaaaaaa agccagatta     42300
     caatttgcta aattacaata ttaatttttg gagacatgtc ctgtggtctg atggaactaa     42360
     gattgaactg tttggccata atgacaagcc taggaacacc atcccaactg tgaagtatgg     42420
     gggcggcagc agcatgttgt ggggcggttt tgctgcagga gggactggtc cacttcacaa     42480
     cacagatggc atcatgaaga aagaacatta tgtagaaata ctgaagcaac atcttaagac     42540
     atcatccagg aaattaaaac ttggccacaa acgggtcttc caaacagacc atgaccctaa     42600
     gcaaactgcc aaattagtta aaatgtgctt taaggacaac agagtgaatg ttttggagtg     42660
     gccatcacaa agccttgaac tcaattctat agaaaatttg tgggcagagt tgaaaaagct     42720
     tgtgcgagca agacagctaa cttcctgtca ggaggaatgg gccaaaattc cttcaaacta     42780
     ttgtgagaat cttgtggaag gatagccaaa acatttgacc aaagttctac aatttaaaag     42840
     caaagctaaa aaactaccaa ggaaatgtat gtcaacattt gactgtctag aaattactaa     42900
     aaaaattcta caaaaacaaa ttctctcatt attctggcat ttagcaaatc atttaggtaa     42960
     tcctaacgga cataaaatag taaacgttta gtatgattta ccatcagaca ttttttaaaa     43020
     aatggttttg ttccttttgt ttagagtgta tgcaaacttc tggtttcaac tgtacatatt     43080
     tggttcttac agattgtttc tcttattata gtctggagta aaatttctta aaataaaatt     43140
     tactctgctg agggcgaggc agtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgtgtca cagcaagaag     43200
     gttgctggtt cgaacctcgg ctcagttggc atttctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctccct     43260
     gccttcgcgt gggtttcctc cgggtgctcc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa gacatgctgc     43320
     aagtgaattg ggtttgctaa attgtctgtt gtgtacgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     43380
     gtgtgtttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttatgtttcc tagagaaggg ttgcggctga     43440
     aagggcatcc gctgcgtaaa aacttgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc gatgtggcga     43500
     ccccggatta ataaagggac taagctgaca agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatt tactatgctt     43560
     taaagcaaaa agttctttgc tagcaatttt attattttga tataattcta gaaaatttta     43620
     tctaaaacaa aggctgttaa cttaaatcct aacatacaaa tagcccaaat taatactact     43680
     caccattaga aatactattt atttgttcat tttcctttgg cttagtccct ttattcatca     43740
     ggggtcgcca cagcggaata aaccaccaac ttatccagca tatggtttcc agctgcaact     43800
     cagtactggg aaacacccat acacacacac acacacactc acacatacat tacggccaat     43860
     atagtttatt caattcatgt ataactcatg tgtttggact gtgagggaaa ctcgagcacc     43920
     tggaggaaac ccacgccaac atgcaacatg caatctccac acagaaatgc caactgaccc     43980
     agccgggact caaaccagca accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagtgctaat cattgagcca     44040
     ccgtgttgct ctaacactat ttatataaga aatatatttt catcatttga aaagacataa     44100
     tataattgtt tcaattaaag ggcgtaggtg tcacagtggg tagcacaatc gcaccacaga     44160
     aaggtcactg gttcaagtct tggttgggtc agatggcatt tttgtgtgga gtttgcatgt     44220
     tcttcctgtg ttcgcgtggg ctttctccag gtttccacca caagtccaaa gacatgtggt     44280
     acaggtaaat tggttaggct aaattgttca tagtgtaaat gagtgtgtat gaatgtttct     44340
     cagtgatggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc gctgtgtaaa acatatgctg tataggttgg     44400
     tggttcattc cgctgtggtt accccagatt aataaaggga ctaagccgaa aagaaaatga     44460
     atgaatgaaa cttgatttta tgaattcaat ttctttaaat tcatgtttga tccatgttat     44520
     tgaggttcta tctttatgta ttgtaatttt gactagttga ccactacatt catgtaaaaa     44580
     ctattctata agctatactt taattatcta aatctcctag ctctcttttg tactgtaaaa     44640
     tataatggta aagaaatttt attgtattaa tgccggaaaa tctgttttta aaatcaattc     44700
     ctcagaatct aacattcaaa attatacagc atattctatg ttttcttaaa atgtacaatt     44760
     aggttacaac tatgctgcat aagtataagt atgcatgctg cataagtaaa caataaatta     44820
     aaagtaatta aaaaacaata aaatcatata taattttgaa ataaaataca atttaaacat     44880
     tcaaaggtga ttcaaattct aaaattatta tttcaatctg gtataaacat tacataaaat     44940
     aatattcaaa cattttaaag aatgcaccag aaattttgat ttgagaacag tttaattttg     45000
     tactgtgcca gatttaatat taaaacagtg agatttgcat gaacatgaga tccgatatgt     45060
     tcagaacatc cccttcttgt agcggtggat cagctctgac acgtcctcct tacacacctt     45120
     gatccagccg tcctcctgca tgtggtacac tagaagaaga agacacttct gagtcattaa     45180
     caatttagac tatatagact gataataaat gagaattaag accttgaata caaagtcaaa     45240
     aattaaaaca atactgaggt cgaatgaagt gaacatacaa taattatcac ccatcaacaa     45300
     acagatatca ctaaacatca ctagcattta tgtattatta cagaacgttt ctatctcaga     45360
     tttattggca gtttgtatta gacttacagt tgacgacacc accagaatag gcgtctctat     45420
     gtgtggcgtg agcgatgcca cgacggccca gttcatacgc ctcctccaca gtcatatcct     45480
     cacgataacc actgtccacc acaccatacg cataactgtt cccacagccg gtggaaaaca     45540
     tccgaccaga cagacgagtg ccattgtcgt ccacatagta caggcctgga ccctgtgtga     45600
     ggaaagagat gtgaacatgc cagagaccat aaatactgct gggttgtgag ttggttaaaa     45660
     aaataatgac atttcaaaag gaaaatcaat caaatttttt caattgcgtt gacataactg     45720
     ttaagtcgta acaagttcaa gtaaattgtg gatgcaacag ttcacttgta gtgtacattt     45780
     ttaaaccatg ggctgtgcta ctgaagaaag tatgaagaaa gtatgcattt aattttgaat     45840
     attttattac cattctgaaa taattgaact tgcagcttgc aatttaatta acataaataa     45900
     cagaattgtg tgtcaggtag ttctttgtct ctagatcgtg tataagtctt gtcatgatca     45960
     taaaacataa aaacacatat tacctgtttg tcccatccgc agatcatgct ccccatagac     46020
     aggcccatgc ctctgtatcc cagcatcatg ttggagagca gtttggaggc tgcagacact     46080
     gagatcctct gcttgttgcg tagtttataa agtctgtttt taaaacacaa aaatattaat     46140
     atataataaa catataggag tcaagataat gatcttcctc ccttgtgtaa atgcataatt     46200
     gctggggcac tgtgatcaat aattactttg tcccaagagt atctacaatt ggaagtgaca     46260
     gagattccca tcaaagttcc cgtcatctca ttcaaactca aacaaaatga tcatctttta     46320
     taatgaacaa agtgaaattt aagtgtttat tcaattaata gttcatatca aaacactggt     46380
     caacatattg acagaacact atacagatag aatgacatga tcctcaaaca ttgtgtctgg     46440
     tcacattata tgcagaaacc aatgaggatt tgatgtcagc tgacatttgt agtttacgtt     46500
     gccatgtatg ctgtagtcag tgtacacatg ctgatcaatg tatagattta tccttacata     46560
     aacaagcata cactttaatt tgttcatcat aatgaataac cagtgctttc accaccctca     46620
     aagacactac taaagtgaga cccttcaccc acaattgatt accaggcaac aaagaaatat     46680
     ggctgcccat tgctccaggt gtgtgtaaat gtgtgtctgt gagcgcactt ggatgattta     46740
     atgcagagca ccagtttctg aaagtgggac actataaatg ttatttttat attccaatgt     46800
     tatttgtaaa ccgatggact ttcattatta atcaataaaa acaattgatg aaaatgtatt     46860
     taaaacttcc cattaagcct tgaccaggaa agccagggtg ggtttggcac ccatcctact     46920
     gtcctaatca ggactaagtg agaaataaaa cagctgaaag acaaaccaat accaaataaa     46980
     aataaagaga tctgtatact taaagaaatc tgtatactta tgcacactgt acatttattt     47040
     taagatagag aaaactataa gaatatgttt caaagggttg gaaaataatt catgggtaat     47100
     agtacactat aagattcaga tacactacta accagtaatt tgaccaaata attgaaaacc     47160
     agacagggca gcagacacag aatcagacaa ttataaataa tatatattaa gattatatta     47220
     tagaaggtcg ctggtttgag ccttggctgg gtcaagtgga taagttggtg gttcattcca     47280
     ctgtggcgac ccctaattaa taaagggact aagacaagag aaaaaaaaaa aaatatatat     47340
     atatatatat atacacatga cgatgcagtg gcgcagtagg tagtgctgtc gcctcacagc     47400
     aagaaggtcg atggtttgaa ccacggctca gttggcattt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt     47460
     ctctctgcat tcgcgttaga ttcctctggg tgctccggtt tcccctacag tccaaagaca     47520
     tacggtacag gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtctgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtctgt     47580
     gtggatgttc cccagagata atgggactaa gccgacaaga aaatgaaata aaatatattc     47640
     acgccaccca tagactttca cattcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaccac     47700
     ggccaattta gcttacccaa ttcacctata gagcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaacca     47760
     aagcaccggg aggaaatcca agtgaacacg gtgagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatg     47820
     ccaacagacc cagccgggat tcgaaccagc aacctttttg ctgtaagtgc tgaccactga     47880
     gccaccatac cacttatata gtatatatta ttaattaatt ttcttttcag ataagtcact     47940
     ttattaatct ggggtcgcca cagtggaatg aaccgacaac ttttccagca cattttttac     48000
     acagcggatg cttattcagc tgcaacccag tactgggaaa catccataca cactcattca     48060
     cacatacacc atggacaatt ttatcttacc caatttacct atactgcaag tctttggcct     48120
     tgtgggggaa accggaccac caagaggaaa cccacgccaa cacggggaga acatgcaaac     48180
     tccacacaga aatgtcaact gacccagccg gggctcgaac cagcaacctt gctgtgaggc     48240
     atgcaacact gcgccatcat gcatccatag tatatatcat ataattaaaa atgttttata     48300
     cctaaagatg tttgcattac cagaactgga tcaaagtgat tagtagaaat ttctttaact     48360
     ctttaaagtt ttgttaagct tcagccacat tagactgaat acattttcta gcactattga     48420
     acacaaacac aaactggtaa tttcatcctg tgagcagatg ctcatcccct tctgaagcat     48480
     gctgagacag acctgcactc tttagccagg agtctctccc agtactgaca gtctgcagcg     48540
     ctgcccgaca tggtgcccag caggtaaggg ttgatctcaa tcactttatt ggcctccttt     48600
     gatgctgaaa cacatcatga taaagcatag acacatgatt taatgaagtt taccaatact     48660
     gctttaatat gaaatgtcat ggctgagctg taaaacaacc ctgttttata acatatgaat     48720
     gtgtttgtag ttttgataac tgattgctta ccaatatatt ttccagctga agctctggag     48780
     tctacagcca caatgactcc atgacggaat ttgaatgcca gtgttgtggt gccatgattc     48840
     agatctatgc aaacgccatc ttcacaacta cacgatttga gaaacttgga gggctgatgg     48900
     aaacacagaa taataatgtt taattaagga aaacttgctt atttataagt ttaaattata     48960
     tttaggctac tgttgagact ctgcccccta tatttcaata agcagaatta tctgggagat     49020
     acatagcaaa ccatgacttt taaaaatgca ttttgattaa cacttacctg ttttacacct     49080
     tcttaaacaa tactaaaatt gagtttgtgt atcaaatatt gatttttatg agtaattgtt     49140
     gtttaatctt gtttcttcaa acacgacata tttcatcttt atcacttcgg tcttgctaat     49200
     atttgctagg attaagtatt agatttttta tcataaaaac acttacgtca actccaacag     49260
     gtaccgcgaa ttcctgacat ttggtcccaa aactgtagtg attcgagcgg tcgagaagcg     49320
     tttgtttaaa gccaaactgt gaggcggaat tatatttata tccacttacg tccaaaagag     49380
     ccatcctgta tgttacgcac agctaatggc agtaattaaa acactaaaag cgaagtaacc     49440
     aaagtgtatt aggctatttt acatgaagga aatacgatcc atgcacggaa gacaacgatt     49500
     tcgaaaccga aagattcaga gaagcttaat ttggtttcga taacgaccag aaagtatctt     49560
     taaaaacaaa ctaaaagcat aatctatatc tttgaataac aggtgtacat aaatgttgtc     49620
     ttttaggtta ttaaatgttg tttaagagta tctacaaaca acatgataac ttagtgattg     49680
     tctgagggaa aactctgcag atgggttgac caatgggagt gagggagtct ctctcgtcgt     49740
     cttcagtctc tatgtagatt taactgatgt aggttaaacc aggtgaaaaa gatgcggaag     49800
     cataacattt ttcacaagat atgcgtgtaa acaagcctaa attaacttaa aatactggct     49860
     atcagacttt gttattacta gatgtcttaa aggcactgac tggccttttt ctttgctaga     49920
     taaaagtaca aaaatgtact tttacaaagg cctagattta ggatatcact tgcctaatgt     49980
     gtaccatata ggaattaatc tatttaataa gcctgaatct atgtaagcag tcatgtgaaa     50040
     gtataggaca atctcttgaa attcatggtt ttccatatga ggaaataaat aaacgagtga     50100
     aaaagaaata ttattatttt attataacat aatcaattat tttcccagtg ttgggttgca     50160
     actggaaggg catccgctgt gtaaaacata tgctggataa gttggcggtt cattctgctg     50220
     aggagacccc agattaataa agggactaag cggaaaaaaa attaatgagt aatcgtatat     50280
     taatgtgtta ttacttgtgt aataaaatat ttttttaaag agtaaacaca tttattttta     50340
     acagcaagtt aatcccaaga ccaaacggtg taaagcacac tgaactgcca gacaaaactt     50400
     ccccacaaac tctaaagacc tcagttaaca tttaaattat catgctcaag atcagtacat     50460
     ttagaaaaga tgggaaaact atggtatgtt taaaaaggtt gtgaaaagaa atttcttttc     50520
     tataaaaaat aaaaacatgg cagcagtttc agtttgcaaa gtgtcatttg aacaaaccat     50580
     aagattatag aacaatattt ttacagatga gaccacagtg gagatatttg gccataatct     50640
     tgtgttgtta aatttatgaa aactgcatta taaaatacct acacatattt acacaactca     50700
     gttttgcata atacatttta cagatgtatt tttacttttt cattactgtt ctgaaataat     50760
     attaggcttt attcaattat ttaggaatgt caaataagca ttagcatcaa caatgcagac     50820
     catgttcctg gagtgttttt ttaagcaata aaaaggcttt gcagtgtata tactgtaaaa     50880
     tgtaatggtt tattgataat tatctgcaca ggtctaccag tgatggaatt aagaacacaa     50940
     acaacaaaca taatggcatc atctgtttgt cagcagttga gttgaaagga tccctcttcc     51000
     tcattccaga catcatggtg tatgactcgg atcaacttga tgcagatgtt tccatcatct     51060
     gaacagtctc ctgcaccaag tccagctcga gcttattcac ggttttagtt aaaattggtg     51120
     ttgtacctga tttatattta tacttggctt gtctgtaaca caatgataga aaggaatcaa     51180
     taaattacca acgtcaaaca tcaaactaaa tatcatcaac ttttaaatat atgcagttaa     51240
     tgcatgtgag ttgtatagta caatgtgtga ccagaaaaat aaataaaaag atgacaaggt     51300
     tttctacctc ttgtagttat aaggggactc tttgtgaggt ctgatatagt ccaccccctc     51360
     ttttgtaatg acacacaggt caatgttgtt tccagatccc aggtcacaca tgatgccagc     51420
     ttggatggca tcacttacca gagccttcgc ctgctccagc taaagacaag aatgacattt     51480
     agtgcacatc catgaaataa aaagggtaat atttcaaggt tcttaagtaa aaaatgatat     51540
     aaaattaaag taggaagagt aatgcaagca taatttgatt ggcaaatttg aattgccaat     51600
     aacaccagga aagtgacaaa cgcaacctca ctcatttgtc atggcccaga gcctaatggg     51660
     attatattag aaatcttaca agtagataaa tccaacttac atccatgttt actttaaatc     51720
     tgtcctccag tatgcccatg gcagccagat caccagatcc taaaaacagg agaaacacag     51780
     atgcatgagt tcccttgagc agttgtttgt aaaatcaatc taaacaagtt ttcatattca     51840
     agatatagct agtgttgagt gtttaataag ggtttatcag acaacagttg catcttgcgt     51900
     acccatggcc agatatggca ccttgtccat gctcccataa ggaccaactg tgtacaagtg     51960
     actgccagtg caatcaacgc ctcctaaaat tagattagct ccaatcatac catgatacct     52020
     gagaaaggag tacaaaaaat gtacagtatt gttttatatg attaatgatg tcaccaatga     52080
     gaaacttaga tgtattttat agtacagaaa taaaaaaaca cacttatata cacaacatgg     52140
     ctcttttcat ttggactagt taacctctgg tcatcctaaa ctccagataa atgaaacttt     52200
     ggctacctcc cttcacattt cacattgctc atgactagtg ccatacagaa tctgctgaca     52260
     tttttttgct atttctgccc ataattttgt acacaatctg caaatttatg tgaaatgatg     52320
     ttgagagtat agtaactaaa tcttataaca tgacataaaa aatatttaac tttttaattt     52380
     ttaaggctta caatgcaaat ctaattagaa ccacttgttt ggtaaacaaa gtaagtttaa     52440
     tttaaaatat ccgctaaaag acagaaactt actttacaaa ctgtattgca cataaatcat     52500
     ataaacattt gcatattatt caatattatt actgaaatta atataaaact taataaatat     52560
     gtatttaaac acctacatat gtaaaaaaaa aataaaaaaa aaactaaaca tgaattaaat     52620
     gatgtgctca gaacctgtgg aaatctgcag atttccgtct gtacagattc cttgtgggcc     52680
     tactcacaac ataaacggag cagtttatct tggattttac actggttttc acattgtgtg     52740
     ttcaacaatg ctataagaac agcctttttg cataattaat atgtcagtgt gatggattgg     52800
     atgaaagcag tattcaacct gctaacattt tacatgtaat ttattttttt ttaaatagag     52860
     cggtttcttc ttcgattcag cagacatgtt ctcaatcgtg attcagtgtt ttccactaaa     52920
     atttatattt taattcataa agataaggat atccatattt atttaatcaa aatcataagc     52980
     cacagtcttc acaattcaca agaaatctaa actgatatta tttatttttt agtaaaccta     53040
     ataaaaaaat gtgtttgtct ttaatcaaac tctgaaagtg tgcttccact ctggtatggc     53100
     ttttacttcc ctgacagtgt caatttgaca gcaaagataa ataataaact tatctattca     53160
     atatatagtt taaaatgcat atgttgcaaa attgaagtca agtcactgta atgtgcgatt     53220
     aacaggttcc aggttctcat aaccttaggt acgaaaacag tgctaaccct gcttctataa     53280
     gtggtgttaa ggacaatatc ttgagattaa acacagtgtg aataagtctg tgcacgtggt     53340
     tacaggtgaa cacacacctg aagagcatgt cttgtattat gtttactgcc ataacgactc     53400
     ttgggttcct gccgctgttc atcgagaaaa tggtgaggtt tgatgacagc atatctgttg     53460
     tcttctccgt gtccgcagct gttcccgctc cacaacaact aagaacagaa tttttattat     53520
     tatttattca ataagttatc tacaaacatt taaaattcaa cttgttatac tcttttataa     53580
     ctactgtaat tgatctttaa tccttactat atgttaggtg caatgtagtg aatcttggca     53640
     cacattttat cagcaactac ttcatcagag gtggctcttg tgtctgctcc cagaacgaca     53700
     ccatcctaaa gacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     53760
     cagttactgc ttgtaatatt tgtttattaa tacaacttat tatgtgtttg gtttttagtt     53820
     accttaaata ccactccagc aatggttgtg cctgttttta aggcttttgg tggcttgatt     53880
     ttcccctctt ctgcaccatt ttccagtaca atatttctaa gaggaggaga tataagaggt     53940
     tgaataaagc aggagataat gtaaaaactt ttaaataaca taacgtagcc ataaagacga     54000
     atactgcata aaacacgcag tacgttttgt gaggaaaaat atttgaaagt cagaaaatgg     54060
     tttcgctttt gttccggcta ccaacattaa atcaccaaca atactgggtg cgtttactac     54120
     attttataca caaaattatc atgacataac agcatcaagc ctacttatgt cttaccttgt     54180
     ggcgttttcg aagttaaagc cacataaaga gggctcgagg acgtgagacg taagtgccat     54240
     gtccagaatc tgatcgggaa atgttaaatg ttgttgaaat gtaatgcgcc ttgcgaccac     54300
     acggtttgct gtttcagact gaagagcgtg gctttccagt cgagcgacgc gtacgggaag     54360
     cctttatcca caattttgta tgtcgaattt gcaataataa tggacagaca tcatccatac     54420
     tctcaagtta atggggtcag cactggtgta agtatgctat ttatgactaa aatcctctgc     54480
     agcgtgttgt ttgggaacct gacgcaaaaa agaaaaatac gcgtcggtga ccagacaggt     54540
     gatgtttgtc ttatcaaacg aaacattatg attagataca tgtttaaatt attttacagt     54600
     gtgtttttgg ggattggttt aggtgtttaa cgtagctaaa agttactttc actttcatag     54660
     ttaaaggcta aatatggtac cattcattag gatttgaaat aactttaagg agggatcaat     54720
     agttatttac tcttgcataa attctgagat tattatgcac aaataaagta atagtaaagc     54780
     tgtaggtaaa aaaaagtcag cctcttcact ttaattcgtt ttcctttgac aatagatgtc     54840
     tctaaatctc atctaagcac attcattgaa atagtttctt aatcctgtct taaaataagc     54900
     atttattaat cctgaacatt tttattagtc attgtataca cttactggcc actttattag     54960
     atacacttgt ccaacttctt attaaacgca aacttcttat gagccaataa catggcagca     55020
     actcaatgac tttaggcata tagacttggt caagatgaac ttctgcagtt caaaccaagc     55080
     atcagaaaga ggtagaaaga tgattaaagt gactttgaag gtggcatggt tgtttgtgcc     55140
     aaatgggctg gtctgagtat ttcagaaact gctgatctac tgggtttttt acacacaacc     55200
     atctctaggg tttacagaga atggtcaaaa aaagagaaaa tctccagtga gcggcagttc     55260
     tgtgggcgca aatgccttgt tgatgccaga ggtcagagga gaatggccag actggttcca     55320
     gcaaatagaa aggcaggagt aactcaaata atcactcgtt acaactgagg tatgcagaag     55380
     agcatctttg aacacacaac acgtccaacc ttgaggcgga tgggctacag cagcagaaga     55440
     ccacattggg tgccagtcct gtcagctaag aacaggaaac tgaggctaca attcacacag     55500
     gctcaccaaa actggacaac agaagattgg aaaaaccttg ccaggtctga tgagtctcaa     55560
     tttctgctga aacattcgga tggttgggtc agaatttggc gtcaacaaca tgaaagcatg     55620
     gatttatcca gccttgtatc aatggttcag gctggtggtg gtgtaatggt gtgggggatt     55680
     ttttcttggc acactttggg cccattatta ccaattgagc attgtgtcaa cgccacagcc     55740
     taccaaagta ttgttgctga ccatgtccat ccctttatga ccacagtttc catcttctga     55800
     tgtctacttc cagctagata acgcgccatg tcataaagcg tgaataatct cagactggtt     55860
     tcttgaacat gacaatgagt tcgctgtgct caaatggcct tcacagtcac caaatctcaa     55920
     tccaatagag caccttcggt atgtggtgaa atgggagatt tgcatcatgg atgttcagcc     55980
     ggcaaatctg cagcaactgt gtgatgctat catgtcaata ttgaccaaaa tctcagagga     56040
     atatttccag aaacttgctg tatctatgcc atggaggatt aaggcatttc taaaggcaat     56100
     agtgggtcca acccggtact agtaaggtgt acctaatgaa gtggccagtg agtgtaattg     56160
     caatgctaag tttttatagc atgaagtaca gtaagagcta gggatttatg tgaacaatta     56220
     tttatttaga tgtgttcata ttgaataata aatctgttca tttttataat aattattttt     56280
     tattattgta gcatataaac cacagtataa taaatattct gtatacaatt ataaaagtac     56340
     taagtgtatc tgttaattaa ctctttttaa attaactatt tacttgttag accaccattc     56400
     ttgcagtcaa gttcaatggc ggagtcatca ttgggtctga ctccagagct tccatgggag     56460
     agtaagtatt attcaaataa tagttcacca ccctcatagt aacccacaca attagaataa     56520
     aaaaacctaa acataacctt tacctatagg tcttatgtgt catccaaaac catcaacaag     56580
     ctcattcagg tgcacgatcg aatattctgc tgcatagctg gatcactggc tgatgcacaa     56640
     gctgtgacca aaatggccaa attccagctg tcttttcaca ggtaatttaa tttttttact     56700
     ttatatccta aagtatttta ataacaagta aaaataggag ccatctgcaa ttgtaaattc     56760
     tctctttctt tagtattcag atggaatctc ctcctttggt taaagctgca gcatccatta     56820
     tgcgggaact ttgctatagc aataaggaag agctgcgggc aggcttcatc acagcaggct     56880
     gggacagaaa aaaaggacca caggtgatgc tttacaaaaa tacacaatca cgataaaggt     56940
     gttgttagca attttggatc cattgaaaga atatgagggt aggcccacca ccattctaca     57000
     tccaacatac aagccaacct aaccattaaa aatctttgac tgcggtttat taattctgac     57060
     ctgttacttt tacatttgac cactttagta tttagtcaga ggctgtagtg agcctgaaaa     57120
     atacagtaca gtaatcactg tggctgcatc cgaaactgcc tactactcag taggtactac     57180
     atttgaattt aaacttacta ctcgaccgtt agaaaagtat gttctataca gtatgaatgt     57240
     gaaaagtatg aagtactaca tcccccatta tgacatagtc acgtgacgta cctgcggaat     57300
     ttgcgtcact ttactcacat tcatgaattc gctcgcgggg catcatggga tagcgcagca     57360
     tgcatgggat gcgcactcca gaatctcgcc ggaagtagta agtcatccgg gtacttctcg     57420
     catactgttt ttagaattct aggaattcgg acatgctact cggctcacat actgatttta     57480
     gcgtactata tagaatagaa gtatgcggtt tcgtacgcag caagagtcta ttttgcaatc     57540
     taatatttca tgtaatctac ttaatctgtg ataacacaaa cccgttaata ctctgctttc     57600
     tacttttccc tgactgtaag cagcaaattt cactgattga tcaatagcac ttccaggtcc     57660
     aacacaccta atgactctac gcaggacagg acgcaactat gaagtgaata gatagggata     57720
     attttgacag aaatttagtt ttatttataa ctctttgtta taactcattt acactttata     57780
     ttgcattact actaacactg ttactaacta atgaaaccaa tttcgatgta ggaccctaga     57840
     atcatcttga cttctaatga agaatataat tacagacatt gcattttagc tttaaaatgt     57900
     gttggctgga atggaaaaac tgtggtgcgt aatacaatga gaacataaac caaaacaaag     57960
     cctattgttg ttcatcataa ctaaattgtt ctatttttat gcagatgatt aacattctct     58020
     tttgttaata ttttgcacag atatacgtag tgtctttggg aggaatgctt ctcagtcagc     58080
     ctttcaccat cggtggatct ggcagcacgt acatctatgg ttatgtggat gccaaattca     58140
     aacctgacat gactttagaa gaggctacac agttttccac aaatggtgca taaaatttct     58200
     atatacatgg ttgacattta tatgttctct aaatatgcgt ttactaaata tgcaactgct     58260
     aatggtttat gcttgtatct tcgcagcttt ggctctggct atgggtcggg acaatgtcag     58320
     tggtggtgtt gttcatctgg ttgtgatcac tgaagctgga gtcaagcata tagttgttcc     58380
     aggggatgaa ctgccaaagt tccatgatga ataatagagc agaacaaatt ggacactttt     58440
     acaaatatca ctactttgtg attagctgtg tgcagatttt tgcctgggtt tattttcccc     58500
     acactttgtc attcataata aatacattta agtcgtatgt tgttcagtgt gatttccctt     58560
     cttacattaa atgcatagga tgtttatctt cattaatttt cttttcggct taatcccttt     58620
     attaatcagg ggtcgccaca gcagaatgaa ccgccaacct atccagcata tgttttgtgg     58680
     aaaacactca taaacttttg cattcacaca catacactat ggccaattca cctatagcat     58740
     gggggaaact ggagcaccag gagggaaccc acgccaacat ggggagaaca tgcaaactac     58800
     acacagaaat gccaactgac ccagccgggg ctcgaatcag cgaccttctt gctgtaatgc     58860
     gatcgtgtca ccactgcacc accgtgacat cttagaatat ttaatgtagt tacagaaaga     58920
     attgcataaa ctgaactaca tcatgtcttt cagtcttaca tcaactatga atctaaaaac     58980
     tgattttgta tacagcttaa cagatttttt tccaatcaag tactgtgcgt tacatgtggt     59040
     cttttctata tttatattca atttgtgtag ttattaaact cctaaattgt atgtgatatt     59100
     tacaatgatt ccagttctga aaacaaataa tgtctaaata aattttaagg gtgtaaaata     59160
     aaacaaaagt ttatattttg acaaacctct tcccagcatg aataatattg catacttcat     59220
     catgtgtttt ttccactaat tattttttca attgtacaaa agtgtgcatt tgtattgata     59280
     cattttccat tgatttactt ttttttatat atgtttatta aattactgtg cagccaatac     59340
     aatatgaaca agaaatgtga aaaaagtaca tagggtccag gggaattaat caattatagg     59400
     ctaaattata ttatatagac caacagtgaa cgcatataaa aatacatcaa ttaaactggc     59460
     attgaagttt tccaagtgtt ttgacgttgg ctagccgcta ggctaattta acataggcag     59520
     aattcagtgt gttagctgcg actgatagga agtaacttct ttcactttct gttattgaca     59580
     taaaatggag gaataatgta ggcaaaagct taaggagatc aaaacaaagt ctcgtttggc     59640
     agtttgattc attttcattc gctgtttgga gcttcgtttg aggtgtgcag agctattgag     59700
     tttcgcgtct cttctggtgt taagactcag agcaggcagg tttgcacaga caggtagctg     59760
     ctttccatcc gctcaaaatg tcggaggaat tatttccaga accgggatgg ttgtctgaag     59820
     aagtcaaaac cggggtgagt ttcagcctcg tgctcgttta tttccagcta tatgaacata     59880
     aactctaatt taagccgact gagtgccaaa tataagtaag ttaacgttgt ttgagaaatg     59940
     attgtaagat gcatctgaaa gctataatct aataacatta agcgccaagt aaggttgttt     60000
     ttgacgtgaa tgcgattctg tgattttcat cttcatttta gacgaccatc atcgctgtaa     60060
     cctttgacgg tggtgttgtt atcggctcgg attcacgtgt gtcggcgggg taagagaacc     60120
     ttgtgcgata gttaatgtga aggtttagca cattacattt tattcttaaa taatcaggcc     60180
     atgcaaatcc ttccaatgca agtctaaaac gccagaataa cagaggcttt agggtttttt     60240
     taaatttaaa attgcattga tattacatta ctttattcac tttattttca gtcatatagt     60300
     cattaattca gtgaatgttt gaaataggat ttaccaatta tattaaaata ctgtttctct     60360
     ggatattgtt cttagggagt cagtggtgaa tcgtgtgatg aacaagctct cccccctcca     60420
     tgacaagatc tactgtgctc tctctggatc agcagcggac gctcaaacta ttgctgagat     60480
     agttaactac caactggatg tgcacaggta tttatcacta gtaatttctt tctgtcagta     60540
     aaattaggcc ttgtactcaa taatcgacac aatgacaaca gcaatattgt catagacatc     60600
     ttataaatgt gccaaataat gtgtcttgac agtattgagg tggaagatga ccccctcgta     60660
     tgctctgctg ctactctggt gaagaatatt tcatacaaat ataaagagga gctgtcagca     60720
     catctcattg ttgcaggctg ggacaagaaa ggaggtggac aggttagatc agttttggtt     60780
     ttatggtctg agatatcaga tcatatgtac tgaattatat tataaataat atatttgaat     60840
     atgtggtaat tgcttcttca tttcgaacag gtctacgcaa cattgagtgg tttgctcacc     60900
     aagcagcctt ttgctattgg tggctctggg agtttttaca ttaatgggtt tgttgatgca     60960
     gagtataaaa agaacatgac aaagagggaa tgccaggagt ttgtagtgaa tggtaagttt     61020
     gtctatataa tacaaaccag tgatttgtta tttagaaaag agatgtatgt attcagaaca     61080
     atccaaggtg tctagtgtga aaattgtgat gcttttacat gtgaactgta atctcttctt     61140
     tcaccagctc tcactctggc gatgggccgg gatggctcca gtggaggtgt tgcgtatgtt     61200
     gttactattg acaaagatgg aacagaagag aagtgcgttt taggaaatga attgcccaaa     61260
     ttttttgatg aatgaaaaaa gtgaatttga tttaaaatga agaacaatgt acaaatacca     61320
     acatttctat caggatattg tactgcatga cattgcagtt aaagtagttt ttctgctatt     61380
     acaacataaa gacacacatt cttatgtgaa gagctgtgtt cactttgtct taaagtttga     61440
     taataaacta ttatagaaaa ttacatggtt taagttgttt cattgtgaaa aatatttttg     61500
     acaaacatta tactgtagca ataatgcatt atactcatgg acctgtcaaa atatagaaga     61560
     cctctgtgta gctattcatt gtattttatt aaattcaagt ttaactgtat agcgcttctc     61620
     acaataattg ttccaaaagc agctttacaa aatcttatta tattacaatc aaaatcaggt     61680
     aaagttcaga tgtgaaaagg gtggactgta gctgtagcat atatgcaatc aatctacaca     61740
     cttgtaaaat gtactttttc aaaaaggtga tatctatata cgtctagtgg tcactttatt     61800
     aggtacactt atccaactgc tcgttaatgc aaatttctaa tcagccaatc acatggcagc     61860
     aactcaattt acttaggcat gtagacttgg tctggacgat ctgctgcagt tcaaactgag     61920
     caccagaatg gggaggaaag atgaattaag tgactttgaa cgtatcatgg ttggcgccag     61980
     acaggctggt ctgactattt cagaaactgc tgatctactg gggttttcac gcacaaccat     62040
     ctataggatt tacagagaag ggtctgaaaa agagaaaaca tccagtgagt ggcagttctt     62100
     tgggcgcaaa tgtcttgatg cctgaggtca gagaagaata gccagactgg ttccaggtga     62160
     tagaaaggca acagtaactc aaataaccac tcggtacaac ttagatatgc agaagagcat     62220
     ctctgaatgc acaaaacatc caaccttgat gtggataggc tacaatagca gaagactaca     62280
     ccgggcgcct ctcctgtcag ctaggaacag gaaaaaggct gctattcgca caggctcacc     62340
     aaaatttgac aatagaagat tggaaaaaca ttgcctggtg agtcttgatt tctgctgcga     62400
     ctcgcatcat ggatgtgcaa ccgacaaatt tgtagcaact gtatgatgct atcatatcaa     62460
     tatggaccaa aatctctact atgttgaatc tatgccatga agtattgagg cagttctgaa     62520
     gaaaaatagg gtccaacctg gtactagtaa ggtgtaccta atgaagtggc cagtgagtgt     62580
     acattactca tcagttgcta ggcagaaatt aacaaggcat gtttcttgtt atgggtgctc     62640
     tgaaaaggga aacattcgat gcctgtacac ttacaataac atacagtcac ttaaataatc     62700
     attgtttttc agtgcagaaa gtcaatctca ttcctataaa taaaaatgat gttatagaaa     62760
     cgaagaaata tttccaacag aagtcgatgt tactcttttt gtgtgtcaaa gtaatgatca     62820
     atctacaggt tatttggtgt tataacatgt ccctaagttt gcattacttg agtttttact     62880
     ccgtttaaaa gtaaatcggg tataaatggc aagagctcct gctgagacaa cgtaacggtt     62940
     gtttttgtcc ctgctgacag ggtagcctac catttgtgtt taaagtgcaa tttgtagact     63000
     acaacacacc acctagtatt aataaaccac tctcacgagt tagtaacgac agcaacaaca     63060
     tttaaagcat tatcttttaa aatgtttttt ttttttttgg aaaaacgata ctttcccggt     63120
     cttccttatt tatatccatt tgctcagttt gaacgtaatt tcacatgtat aaaatgctat     63180
     ggcattaatt tgatttagaa aattggtcaa cataacaaag ctctccatcg aaatccaaac     63240
     gcaaagcgct gctgtgtgtg ctgtagccta taaagcagga aaatccctta ccctgagaaa     63300
     ctgaaagtga aagtaaggtc atttcagtgt cctgaaatgc cctggcgctg cgtaacgaaa     63360
     acacacacca gcaatctgta ggacggggca aaacgaagaa aataataacc gaagaaggtc     63420
     gtttatttgg agatatattt tttccaatag cgtttcggtg ttaccacggc aaccagttta     63480
     cgcacgcacc atgcggaagg ttttggtgtt cgcgtgtatg ttatgttttg acatcttaat     63540
     agttttgata ctggacctcg cagaaacttt gctcaagtct ccaacaagca gtttggacta     63600
     taatctgttt cgccaatggg ctgaatctgg attgcgatgc acgctgctgt acgcggggtc     63660
     tactttatct aaagatgcgg cagatccttt gataagaaga tggattactg tccactgttt     63720
     tatcggttcg gtatacgaaa ccggacgctt agcgatgttt aacaactacc gtcttgataa     63780
     attcactgtg tggcttgtcg gtacagttgc tgcggcttta gcgtgtctct tttgggagat     63840
     aacactgcct gacacaaatg aagggagtaa cggtaaagag cgcaaacaga aggctcgagt     63900
     cctcttcatc cgggtcatcc gtttatacag gccagattat atattattat ttggagcttt     63960
     tgtgtttctg gccctagctg tgctatgtga gtattagctt tatgttcaac actaaaacta     64020
     tcatataaac ctgcttttaa agctcttgtt atgttttcca ggtgaaatgt tcatcccact     64080
     ttacacagga gaggtgattg acatcttggg ttcccattac cagtgggata actttagatc     64140
     agctatcatt ttcatgggat tattctcatt aggaaggttg gtattaaaaa atatatgtat     64200
     tacaaaaacc ctatataata tctaaagtaa tgctgttttt tgttactctc agctctttca     64260
     gtgcaggttg tcgcggaggc ctgttcatgt gtgcaatcaa tagcttcact tgcagagtca     64320
     aggtgcaact gtttggatct ctgatcaggc aggacattgg cttctttgag accatcaaga     64380
     caggtaaata tacaccaact gcacgtgcat atatacacca gttctcttgt tgcacacttc     64440
     aataagaagc attgtaattt tcattttatt tctacttaat ctgtctttca ggtgatatca     64500
     catctagact gtctacagac actactctga tgggccgggc tgtagccctg aatgtcaacg     64560
     ttcttctgcg gacacttgta aagacattag gaatgctgta tctgatggtg agcctctcct     64620
     ggaagcttac actactgatg ctgatggaga cgccactgac aggcttactg cagaacatat     64680
     atgacacaca ctatcaggta acgtgcagat aaaaacgtga aggatgatgg aaaattattt     64740
     atgcacatat gagtataccc tatatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta     64800
     tttatttatt tatgcattct ttagaagctc tcaaaagaag ttcaggactc catggcacaa     64860
     gctaatgatg ctgctgggga ggcagtttca gggatcagga cagtaaagag tttcaagaca     64920
     gaacttggtg aagcccatcg ctatgatggc cgtttgatgg aaactcacaa tctaaagacc     64980
     cgacgggaca cagtcagggc gatttacctg ctaattagga gggtcagtat ttgtttattt     65040
     tctctgaagg aaacttttga tattatattg ctttgatatt gattatatct tcttgatatt     65100
     tgggatgttt gcagatgaca gaattgggaa tgaaggtggc catgctttac tatgggagac     65160
     tgttcatcca gtatggacag atgagcactg ggaatctggt ttctttcatt ctgtatcagc     65220
     aagaccttgg agacaacatt agagtaagtc tggttacttt aaaaaaaggt tgcttaataa     65280
     aagggtcaag taaagttgaa tgaccctatt cacagcatta acaaaaccat tttcagcatg     65340
     ataaaaatgt gtccatctct attcccagac tttgatctac atctttggag acatgctgaa     65400
     ttcagtaggg gctgctggta aggtgtttga gtaccaggac cgaaagtctg aagtcagtat     65460
     tgatggaaat ctgatgccaa aagatctgaa aggacacgtc aagtttcaga atctcacctt     65520
     ctcgtatccc agaagacccg accacaatgt gttaaaggta gtgtttactg acgaatcaca     65580
     ttacttgatg catgtcaaat attaaaatgc aattcacatt aaaaggggca gttcacccaa     65640
     aaatgaaaat actgtcatca atttctcacc cttaacttgt ttaaaacctg tttgagtttc     65700
     tttcttctgt tgaacacaaa aaaatgatgt atgcaaaatt ctggttgctg ggaattttcc     65760
     ataataatag cttttttgtg tttaacagaa gaaagaaacg cataaatgtt taaaactgta     65820
     tgagggcgag tgaatagtaa ttatgtttaa aaatatattc tttttttaag agtatggcag     65880
     tttaagttta agttttttta agagcccagt ggcattttga ttgcacattc cattagtaag     65940
     aggagagtgt aacggtttaa ttagcagagt gacggcacag ttttgcttaa ttttgcaatt     66000
     cacacaacaa attgttggtg catgtcttgc tggctcatca ttgaccaaga cagcaagtct     66060
     ttgtgatgta tcaagatcta cggtatccag actaatatta gcaaactacc aagaaggacg     66120
     aaccacatcc aacaggagta actctggatg caagaggatt gtataaaaaa aaaaaaacta     66180
     cagctgccca attcattgca gaattaaatg tgcaccgcaa ctctcttgtt tccaccaaaa     66240
     tgttgggtca atttacatgg ccgagctgct atagtcaaac ctttgttcac tcatgctaat     66300
     gccaaacata ggtttcaaag gtgccagcag cgaaaatatt gggctatgga caatataaaa     66360
     catgtattgt tctctgatga gtccaccttt gcttactttc ccccatctgg gagagttaca     66420
     gtgtggagaa gccccaaaaa gcgtatgacc cagactgtta catgcccaaa gggaaggagg     66480
     tggatcagtg acggttaggg ttgcaatatc attgcattcc cttggcccaa tttttgtgct     66540
     agatgggcgc gtcacagcca aagactaccg aaccattctg gaggaccatg taaacccaat     66600
     ggttcaaaca ttgtatccta aatgttgtgt atcgggataa tcatgcacca atacacacaa     66660
     caagactgat gacagagtgg tcaaatgaac ataaaagtga agctgaaaat ctcccatggc     66720
     ctgcacagtc accagatcca tataaaattg agccactttg aggtgcttta taggagtgag     66780
     tcaaaaaaag ttttcctcca ccagcatcac atcgtgacct ggccactatt ctgcatgaaa     66840
     aatggttgaa aatccctctg cccacagtgc aggacttgga tctgtcattg ccaagacaat     66900
     gatgctgtat tggccatagg tcaatccaca ccatacggat caattattgt ggtctaaaac     66960
     caggcgtttc agtttcattg tccaacccct atatatattt atatatatat atatatatat     67020
     atatcatgaa ctatacataa tctgtttaat atataacgtt ttaagataat aattttgaat     67080
     aacttaccat aaccattcac atttccagga cttctctctg gagttgaagc cgggtcagat     67140
     gacggctctg gtgggaatgt ccggtggagg gaagagcacc tgtgtgagtc tgctggagag     67200
     attctaccag ccgcagcagg gaaccattct gttagatgga aaaccactgc aggactacca     67260
     acacaaatat ctgcacagca aggtgactaa tatgaaaata tgccactact gtaatgtaat     67320
     gtaaatgtaa tgtgtgtatt tatatagtgc ttttattgtg tatggccata cacccaaaac     67380
     tacacccaaa agactactgc actgtaaatc attcactatc tataagtcta ctttaaaaat     67440
     acatatatat atataccaat caattaatgg atctgcaaat aaatctctct caggtagcga     67500
     tggtgggtca ggagcctgtc cttttctctg gtacagtacg agacaacatt ggctatggtc     67560
     tccaaggctg ctcaatggaa agagtgaagg aggctgcaag caaagccaat gcccatgcct     67620
     tcatctccaa actggaaaag ggatatgaca caggtaattt aaattaatgc attattcatt     67680
     gaaaaatttt gtcttcactc atcaagaatc ttgtttttta aaaatccaga gtatagtttc     67740
     tcataagagt ggcgcagtag ttcagtttac agtgttagca ctgtcatcac acaacaagaa     67800
     ggtcactggt tcgagccccg gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc     67860
     tccctgtgtt cgcatgagtt tcctccgggc gcaccttata ggtgaaatgg gtaaaacaaa     67920
     aattggctgt agtggatgag tgtgtgtgtg aaagggagag tgtatggggg tttccctgta     67980
     ctgggttgca gctggaaggg catccattag gtaaaaacat atggaatagt tggtagttca     68040
     ttccactgtg gtgacccccg ataaataagg gactaaggaa atggaaagga aatttcccca     68100
     aataaatccc ctcatcatat cctacacaat gcagtttatt acagcatcag gtttagtcct     68160
     aaaatgcgca gttccttttg cagttgggtc tgtttaggtt cagatctttt tttcacgaca     68220
     aaccaaccac tccagtgttt gtttaaaaaa agtactcaga ccacctcttc aaacaggtgt     68280
     gctagtttgg tctacttttg atgcatacat cagtatacct gcccaaacaa actaaaagaa     68340
     aactctatag tgcgaaataa gcaaattaaa cggcgaaggt gtgaacgcaa cttaaagtca     68400
     ttttacaggg ttcccactct ttcatggaca ccaaagtctt ttaacgactt ttaaaatcac     68460
     taatcatttt aaatcaagca ccttaattca cacccccagc acatatatag cgccatgaaa     68520
     gtcctccctg tacttaacat ttcacttaca cttaatattt acattaaaat gtcatattaa     68580
     ggatgatgtt ttgaatgtgt cattttgaaa aatgttataa agattcagaa atattgataa     68640
     aatgcattat ctgtcatagt tcatgtacaa gacttaaatg taagattttt aaattaggaa     68700
     tttctcagtt tatttgttta gttttaggaa gcacagtaca atttttgaaa tgggaagttt     68760
     atttattaac taatttctag aggatcacat gctcatgatt gttcttagct gctcccacat     68820
     ccgctcatga ttctccaatc agaaaattcc taacacacta taaattaaca gagttttctt     68880
     atctcaatat ctttgtctta aagaactccc ctctcgccct gcaaacgaga gggagcccaa     68940
     ggctcaagga tctcataagc tcatggctct ctccagggac agcatatcaa acaagcttta     69000
     ttatcaatca tcagctaagt ctgaactctt gaaaagacca taaacattaa attcaaggac     69060
     tttcaaggac ctatgtttgt ttttaagtac ttcacaggcc ttaaatttaa gtacttttaa     69120
     gaagcatggg aacactgatt ctagaattcc tgatatggtt tctggatggt tttctactct     69180
     gtttttgtag tcactcattt attatttgtc aaaaaatttt ttgatttttc ctctacagta     69240
     ctaaaatctg gttttgtttt gtcagatgtt ggagagcgtg gtaatctact ctcaggaggt     69300
     gaaaagcagc gcatcgcaat tgccagagct ctgatcagag aacctcaggt gctcatactg     69360
     gatgaagtga ccagctcttt ggacactgaa agtgaacaaa tggtaaacta cagcttttca     69420
     gtataatcac attgacatat gcctttacat agaccttgag ctgggaatca aactcaggtc     69480
     gccgtaagca cctcagtgcc atccctagta gcaaagaatt ctggcccaga attggcataa     69540
     agttggcaca gcaggcattc atccggcact ggcatacagc atgtgggcca aacatggccc     69600
     gggtttggca gaggtggcac cgtctttaag gcggcacaca agatttgggc cagatgaaaa     69660
     acgtagtatt tggcccagat ttaaaaattt gataagtggg ccatgtgagt ttggccagtc     69720
     ttgacccaca tttaaaatac actaaaatca tttttgagta aagaaaaaaa attctaccaa     69780
     tcaggtcact ttgagaaaaa gcgtgcccat agtgtgccta aagcgcatca ctccatgggt     69840
     ttatcaattt cattgcaatc gtgacacacc aacctatctg gcccagttca ggcccagtta     69900
     tgagttatta acttggctga gacttggccc agatatggtc catgtttggc ccttgtctgg     69960
     aagccagatt tggtccagtc atgtaccgta attcactgcg gcatgtgggc caagcaaaac     70020
     ctgattgtgt ggaccagagc tggtccagag aaattttgct atgtgggatg ttacaacaca     70080
     ctaaccacta ggctattggc actgactgat atttttattt atttattatt tcacaggttc     70140
     aacaggcctt gtcctgctgc cccacgcaga cactgctagt gattgctcat aggctgaaaa     70200
     ccattgagag ggcggatcag attgttgtga ttgacagtgg ggagctggtg gagaagggca     70260
     cacatgagga actgatggaa aagaagggaa gctactataa gctgagagag aggctcttta     70320
     gtgatgataa aacaacaaaa caagagaaag agaaatctga taccgtaaaa acgcagtagg     70380
     ccatgctgaa atgctgtaaa tagcaacata caagagggca gtggaggttg aagtataaca     70440
     aaatgccact tcagtaaaat tgtaaagtag ttattttctg tttgaattga gtgaaaggac     70500
     aaaagtactt gtttattatt gttgtattta ggagtaagca atgtttattt tacaagaaaa     70560
     tgttttatac aatataaaac agttttcaga gagcaaaacg ttatatatat atatatgctg     70620
     tgtgcttcag tgacgaggaa gtttaaatgc aactgaatta gaaaaaaaat attaatttat     70680
     gaaataaatt atttcattat ccagatatca actctgtgct atatcatata gctaacttga     70740
     cacccttttg gcatacatac agtagttgga gaaggcaatg gatatttaaa aaaaaaacat     70800
     ttataagtat gggaaatgta tgcagttgta cattcagtgt aggtaaatgt ttcccctaga     70860
     taaaatactc taataaagta ttttcacttg aagaatgtag ttacatttcc cagagatggg     70920
     ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc actttataaa aatgtgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc     70980
     gctgtggcga cccggattaa taaagggtct aagcagacaa gaaaatgaat gttttagtta     71040
     cattagtgaa ataaaagtac ttcattactg tccactactg caaatgggga ttgtgatact     71100
     cttaatattt aattattttt cacttttcag ttctctgtat tgtttttttt tacaacaaaa     71160
     catcaaaaaa gtaccacttt aaacccgttt gaggttgtaa tttgagaata ttgtgaaaca     71220
     ttaataaata ttggattgct acaaatctgt ttgtgactga ttttaataat taactattat     71280
     catgttttag attgaagttt catcattact ttgtcatgaa tgtctgttct gtcagaattt     71340
     ggcccttatg tgagctaatt tgtcaaattc ttgatagcat gccctcataa attgtgaaaa     71400
     taactgattg aagaagacat taagacaatt ttaatttttt acttttcaaa tgtacaaatt     71460
     ctgattaagg aaatgagctg gccagtttgt tattgaccta caggcgacta atatgttttt     71520
     agttggtctt taataagttt taacggatta cttggttttc ttcaatgatc catgataatc     71580
     aatttgcatt ttaaaaagaa gtgttttttc atttttcctt attcaaaact tttgatctca     71640
     taacattatt tataaaacta aaaacctata gtttaaatcc acatttctaa acaaatactt     71700
     cggggaaaaa agtatagtaa tttttttgtt gcatcaaaaa gttctgttat ggtcaccatc     71760
     cgacaagcta atgcagcaaa gattagtgct taaaatgtca ctgaaatgca agatttgaac     71820
     cttataattt aatagaaatt gaggagaaca attgcaaaaa gctccacttt ttgagaaaaa     71880
     acaacatcat gttcaaaaac tactactaca caggctacag gcctgtatgg aactgttttg     71940
     aatcagttaa aaagggaata ctattcagag gcagtaaaaa tgaaatgctt gcagaacaaa     72000
     tgtggtggtg cacagttggt ttatgaaatc acgtgatttc tttgaaacgc caaagctgcc     72060
     agtctggttt gctggctctc tgcctggcag caaatgcttt cttttctttt tttactaatc     72120
     tgctttgaat acattctgtt gatgcaaatc acacaccaca catacacaca aaaatatagg     72180
     taaatgttag ttattaaaac atgtttgtca aaaaacatct ttataatgtt aaaataattt     72240
     taaataacat gatatatgaa tgttttgtgc atcattttaa cttaaagtaa ctctaaagat     72300
     cctttacttt tagaaagact tcttaaaaaa aatatttatt gccatcacta aacctaacta     72360
     tgcccataaa actatcatga cctttactta aaaatcacaa atatatgcac attggtataa     72420
     atctaaatgc taaaatctag atgcaaacaa aatgttagat ttcgatgagg acaaactgtt     72480
     tttatacaag ctgcttttta gctttgacac attttatttt ggtctgtgga gccaccaaac     72540
     aagttgaccc agtttcaccg taaaagtttc tgttgtggtt ttacttatac aacattatgt     72600
     ttggcttggt gtgtggctgt tcctttatca tgctgtttgt cccagccaac aagacaagcg     72660
     agaatctgac atccatgtaa taacactacc agtggttttc tctttctgat atctttctgt     72720
     atcggttttt atacacttat gaaaacatgc tccttgctgt aatggaaagt gatttacttt     72780
     aaattagctt tgagttagca tgtccagttt tcaccagctt tattgtgaaa ggtcattgga     72840
     aagagattgg ctatgaatga gttaaatgtt tgcagaatca tagatgccag tgaaggtgca     72900
     caattggtaa ccatgtgact ttcaggaaat gcccaggttg tcagcagggt ttatctagcc     72960
     gagcgcttat tggcagcgcc attttgtgat tgacggacat tttgtgatct ggaatgatga     73020
     attgaggcga ttatgaaagg atcccagtgg aaaacgatag taaaaaaaga ttagttcgga     73080
     gagtgatagt gtggataata tgcacttatt cgttcctttc ttgggctgag atttctgcta     73140
     gtgattctaa acccaaattc taaatctaaa tctatagtac ttttaagaaa ttatttacaa     73200
     ttaaaatata ggaggatttt ttcctttagc cccttgtttg ttgccttgat cttattttgc     73260
     tctagatatt atctattatc tagatatgat cttattgtgc tgcgatattt atagatcatc     73320
     tttgggttga gacattgtct tgctggaaag tccctattgt tcttgtttgc tgctagtgat     73380
     cagttcatct taatgtcagg ttatgccatg attgcaaagt tttatcaccc cctatcggaa     73440
     aatatacagc cggaaagaga tggtacggtg atattatagc caccattaca tgataatgcc     73500
     taaacgaaac tgccattgga ttacacagtg aataactgtt tcagatatac atgcatatta     73560
     catatctctc taatgcagca gctattcatc tttatttctc ttcctcagaa agtatttttt     73620
     tactttgaac agttttgaaa ttgttgtaaa gtaacctaac atctggattg aatttataaa     73680
     tgaaagctga cttaagtgaa ctgtaaccga aatttcaaaa cataaaatgg acgattggag     73740
     agttataaaa tcttataaaa ttcctggcag gttttaggta ctttcttagt ttgaccacaa     73800
     acatcctaca tgaaaaaaac attatatact tttagatcaa gccatgtaaa gaaataaatt     73860
     atttagtttc tcttttacaa gggagttgtt caaagagttt tgttccagtg ccttttgata     73920
     gagtgtaagc ctttgactaa caggaaatgc attgctttgg caaagatttt aataatgtat     73980
     gcccaaaaca ggaaataaac attgctactc tcagaaaaat aatacgatcc atatagaaat     74040
     ctgtcatatg gaaatgcttt caaatgacta atatgatgta aaggttcata ttttaatgtc     74100
     atttatgcaa cacatataac taaatattac aaacattgac gtttacatat ttatatatat     74160
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     74220
     atatatatat atatatatat accaggttgt ggtaaatacg caccaggatg agcctccttt     74280
     tgccttcaga actgccctaa tcattcatgg catagattca acaaggtact ggaaatattc     74340
     ctcagagatt ttactccatt ttgacatgat agcatcatag agtttctgca gatttgtcgg     74400
     ctgaacatct ataatgcaaa tctctcgttc caccacatcc caaaggtgct ctattacatt     74460
     gagttctggt gactgtggaa gccatttgag cacagtgaac tcattgtcat gtttaaaaaa     74520
     ccagtctgag atgattcgtg ctttatgaca tggagcgtta tgttgctgga agtagccatc     74580
     agaagatggg tacactgtgg tcataaaggg atggacatgg tcaggaataa tatttaggta     74640
     ggctatggca ttaacacgat gctcaattgg tactaatggg ccccaagtgt gacaagaaaa     74700
     tatcccccac accattacac cacaaccacc agcctgaacc atttgtcgca tttccactat     74760
     ctcgcctaaa gcgagcgagc tgggcgggcc aaggccagtc acgtttccac tgtcactttc     74820
     gggacatgat cgggccaaag cggggctttc tcgctgagaa aaagccctga tcgggcctgc     74880
     ctttttggcc cgccaaatac cttgtgccaa agagggccag ctggggcttc ggagcagagt     74940
     aaaaggagag gcggactttg cacgagtctg gtaaagatgg caggctatat ttttacttga     75000
     tcttatgtac tgaaacactt aacactttcc tttacttaag ttcaccgaat aatatgcaac     75060
     agtcctcaaa taaagaggaa ttgcctatta agtgtcatat atcctattgg aaaaaaataa     75120
     tatgttttcg gtctctccgg agcatttggg ctgaatggtt gatgacgtct atcaaaattc     75180
     tcttactgga gaatttctgt ggttttatat tatggatggg tgcactcact gcgctgggtc     75240
     atccctttgt tagtggcgag tccactcgat gcacgatgcc aacagttggt tagtgagtga     75300
     acaaatataa tgaatggaaa cacataggcc tgtgcatata gacataatgt actgctgtac     75360
     agtaatgtgt catttgtttg tttctgttgt cttcatttca ttcgtttcgt gatgatgtga     75420
     tggtgtgctt tatctgcctg cttcctgctg aagtttggca ggttgtgtga cgtttgattc     75480
     gtgggacgtt ctgggggcgg ggtttgcgtg atgcgctgcg agctactagc ccgacagtgg     75540
     aaacgtgaca tgatttcagc ttcactactt tggtgaagta gtgaagtagt gaagtagtac     75600
     ttacttcact acttcactac ttattaggcc cggcccggcc taataaaagc cctggctcgc     75660
     actggcccga cagtggaaat gcggctattg atacaagaca ggttggatcc atgctttcat     75720
     gttgttgttg ccaaattctg accctaccat cagaatgtcg cagcagaaat agaggatcat     75780
     cagacctggc aaggtttttc caatattcaa ttgtccaatt ttggtgagcc tgtgtgaatt     75840
     gtagcctcag tttcctgttc ttaggtgaca ggtgtggcac ccggtatggt cttctgctga     75900
     tgtagcccat ctgcctcaag gttcaatgtg ttgtgcatgt agaggtgctc ttctgcatac     75960
     ctcggttgta acgagcggtt atttgagtta ctcctgcctt tctataagct ggaaccagtc     76020
     tggcaattct catctgatct ctggcatcaa caaggcattt gtgccaacag aactgccgct     76080
     cactgaaaat tttttatttt tctgaaatac tcagaccagc ccgtctggca ccaacaacca     76140
     taccacgttc aaagtcactt aaatcacctt tcttccccaa tctgatgctc ggtttgaact     76200
     gcagcagatg caccctgtgt aaaaaggtgt ttgaaacgtc tttgtgtgat gttgtaccta     76260
     tgatgtgtac caaaatatcc tgaaggagaa tgcctggcca tctgttaatg actgcaaact     76320
     gagtaagcaa acagctgcat gaccacatct gaatggttga agaaaaacaa aataaagact     76380
     ttggattggc ttagtcaaaa tccagaactg aatccaattg agatgctgtg ggatgacctc     76440
     aaaatgcggc tcatgctcaa aaccctctaa tgtggctgaa ttacaaaaat tctgcaaagt     76500
     ctgtaaaact cctccacagg gcagtaacag actcattaca agttatcgaa aatgtttgat     76560
     tgcagttgtt gctactaagg gtggcccaat cagttattag atttaggggt caaacacttt     76620
     ttcacacaga gctatgtagt tttgtgtttt gttttctcct aataataaaa acgtgatttc     76680
     aaaattgcat ggtgtattta tgtgttattt tgtgactaat gttttaaata aattgatgat     76740
     cagaaacatt aaagtgtgaa aaacatgcaa aaaaaattaa aaataaatca gttgcaacat     76800
     tgcatatatg acatatattt tatatatatg tgaaattcaa atatattatg tgtcacatgt     76860
     aactgcattg ccaaacatca gatttctgta tgtaaagata taaataattc attttctttt     76920
     tggcttagtc cctttattaa tcaggggtcg ccacagcaga atgaaccacc aacttatcca     76980
     gcacttgttt tacgcagcag atgcccttcc aggcacaatc caaaactagg aaacacccat     77040
     ccacacatac ttcggccaat ttagctaata caattcccct atacatgttt ttggactgtg     77100
     gggaaactgg aacacctgga acccacatga acacaaagag aacatgcaaa ctccactcag     77160
     aaatgccaac tgacccgaga tatatccagc tgcaggcccg cagaaccaca cacatttgag     77220
     gcacacacaa tctaggacac acaatctagg caaaccatat atggtaacta actctttagt     77280
     tatattagtt atatatattt agtaacattt aattatgtaa ataaaaataa ttggttaaag     77340
     acacttatga ctttattcat gtgtccatac acacaaagaa aacataatag accgtctaat     77400
     tgttggatta agtgtaataa actaattcaa gttcttaata ttatcatact tggttaaaat     77460
     cactttgttg taaagtaaaa agcaaacaat aatatgtcac tttaaaataa attagcctac     77520
     tatagttaac catttaaaca atatatttat aaactgatta tcttaactga ttataattat     77580
     aactttatat ataaactact atattttact aaactgtcac tgttaaagct gtatatatat     77640
     atatatgtat atatatatat atatatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtgtatatat     77700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     77760
     atatatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt atgtatgtat gtatgtatgt     77820
     atgtgtgtat gtatgtgtgt atatacactt atgatttttt attaatagtt aaattgttcc     77880
     tatttgtttc ctattactgt agtattaaat tactacagta ttaaatgtgg gaaatcatta     77940
     attaaaaggt tattagaaaa ttaagctaat aaacactatt aaatcacttg agtaaaatat     78000
     taatatagtg ttataaattt gttacatgta aaaagatttt tattacatat aatgtattat     78060
     tgcctatata acttgttatt atttccttca tcataaatta atccattata taaatcaaac     78120
     ctgtccaaat gagatcattc agcaaggcca gcaaacgagt atctgccata ttattgtcag     78180
     ataataatga ctgatcagct ataatgactg attaaaaact gttcagtcta ttatattgaa     78240
     tgacgatcgg aaacactgct ccccattcgg ccgtctcaat cgcaatattt gtgaaataaa     78300
     gtaaagtaaa cactattgtt tattgtgcac aatatttatt aatcatatat atcaaaatat     78360
     atcggtgacg atgtccaaaa agacgttata actttaacat ctgccacaac catatatagt     78420
     ttgcctagat tgtgtgtcct agattgtgtg tgcctaaaac gtgtgtggtt ctgcgggcct     78480
     gcagctggat attattgact gacccagctg gcgcttaaac cagcaacctt tcttgctatg     78540
     aggcaatcgt gctacccact gtgcctccct gacgtcccag atataaatga tgtccctaaa     78600
     aaggttttaa ggattggttt tagctaactt tcttgtttta tctgtaaaaa taaacagatt     78660
     tctctgacct ctttaaaact gaccttgttt catatcactt aatcaaagcc aacactgctc     78720
     aataaaatga aagtttcatt gttttatgac tcttgtatag agattcaaaa cagaaacaga     78780
     ttgtaaatag attcaaattg ctatcagtca gtatgtatat atgagaatgt ttaataaatt     78840
     aattactttc attcattcat tttccttcgg cttagttccg tatttatcag ggggtcatca     78900
     cagtgcaatg aaccaccaac tattccagca tatgttttac acaggggatg cccctccagc     78960
     agtacttgaa aaaaatatat atttttgcac aggcaacttt actctcaaaa agtttcaaaa     79020
     ggaacagttt caaaacatca gaaaagttct aataagcatt ttagaaatat taatacacac     79080
     tcttcatgaa aaaataaggt aaaagatttt ccttttcttt ctgacctaca tccgaatttt     79140
     attttaggca gtttggcgat tagctaagca atgaaataat ataaaacacc ataaaattac     79200
     acacagttag catgtttgat ttgctcttcg aatagatttt agatttattg tgaaatatgt     79260
     tttttttttt tcatttattg gtaatagtta cacttgaaat gaaacctgta tcatattttg     79320
     caagcaaatg tgaagatgtt aacacttcac aaaacaattt actataacta aaggcagaaa     79380
     gtctgtcttt tttccaccta gcaaaggaat actgtaaaat aaatgaaggg caaatacaaa     79440
     aacccacagt acgaaaaaaa gagcatgact ggatattaag gaattaagag ttaaaggaat     79500
     tttgcatgcc agtgaaggtg cagaattgtt tttttaaaac catgtgactt acataaaata     79560
     cccaggttac cagagccctc attggcagca ccattttgtg actgccggac attttgtgat     79620
     gggatataat agtgtgccag ttcaggtgac ggtgagacga tcaccgtgaa aataacttct     79680
     ctgcaaggag agagtgtgga catacacatc cggatgttca gcactttttc aatgcttgcc     79740
     gttttaaaac catgctatta tttaaaagct gcctataata caaactagta ttcatttttt     79800
     cttttagggg ggatttttgt gttgcaacct aaattaattt cccctaaaag ttaagagtgc     79860
     tgctgtattt tatagatcat ctttgggttg agacattgtc ttcctggaaa gtccctattg     79920
     ttcttgtttt ggtagtgcag gtctgtttag tttatactgt ctggttaagc cacaactttg     79980
     atgttatgtt ttatcacccc ctattggaaa atatacagct ggcaagaaat ggtgcagtga     80040
     tatcatggcc accattacac ggtactgcta taaataaatg attaaatatc acagtgaata     80100
     actgtctcgg acttaaatgc atatcacata tttctcaagt gcattattgg ttgcctcatt     80160
     tatttattta ttttttctca cttgaaaaga aaatgcatta tgttgaacat ttctgagtgt     80220
     agtaaaacat aaattcataa atcaaaagga aacttatttt cttaaaaata tattttggct     80280
     ttcaattaaa tattttaaat tgtagctgaa cgttcaggac tcaagatgca tggtggaaga     80340
     gtgatgagat attgtaaaat acctgcaggt ttttaggtgc ttttttaggt ttgccacaag     80400
     catgctacag aaaaaaaaag aaaatactac aaccgaaaca aatgatacaa aagctcactc     80460
     taagtgtgtc tgacatcctt ttttttgcct ccacgagtcc tgacaaagca ctcgtttctc     80520
     gtgttttctg ttggtttgat tgtataacca cgccaccact ggttgaatat cacatgccaa     80580
     gcctgatgac aacattctgg aaagtaccga gccaaaaccc tttcgctttc ttttctgtta     80640
     tggcgatgcc acgccagggc caagcttaca gtgcagagac tgtgggggag ggaaaactga     80700
     ctgaccaaaa atagatgaac tgctccagtg caaaacctat ggactttaaa cactagagtt     80760
     attttgaatc caatcaatga taattaactt ttactgccac tgaaacagtc catatcatga     80820
     aattttaaca tgatattaaa gcagaccggg aaacttgggg aaattctcct catttttagc     80880
     atgcctgttt aaaagaggtg tgttcatcat acaaaagctt ctccaatgag tcattataaa     80940
     taacaacatg attcatttcc aaaaattata tgtgataatg aaaccaagta aaacagtggg     81000
     ctgggtttta gcaacagtac tgactgttaa tacaacagag aatttacata atctaaccta     81060
     cattacaagc aaaacaaaat caacctatca tgctaacaat acactctcag aaataaaggt     81120
     acaaaatctg tcactggggt ggtacctttt ccaataggta aatatttgtt cctaacaatt     81180
     ctttaaaagg tacatattaa tacataaaaa ttacaaatgt gtatcttaca gtaacttaaa     81240
     ggtacaaaag tcaaccctaa atatacaaaa gtgaacctta aaggtataaa agtgtaccct     81300
     aaaaatacta ttgtccacca gtatggtata aaagtgtacc ctaaaagtac taatgtccat     81360
     cagtacggta caaaagtcta gcctaaaggt aaagagtgta cctttggaaa aggtaccacc     81420
     ccagtgacag attttgtacc tttatttctg acagtgtcta ataaataatt ataatgaaaa     81480
     tatatatcca catgaaaatt acttgttatt tattaatttt cttttcggct tagtcccttt     81540
     tttaatccgg ggtcgccaca gtggaatgag ccgtcaactt atccagcaca tgttttacgc     81600
     agctgcaacc catctctggg aaacataaac actcatacac tacagacaat tcagcctacc     81660
     caattcacat gtactgcatg aatacagtat aatacagttt actatagaag ttcaaagcta     81720
     caactaaaca ttgtagtatt tagaataaat tactagtgtt tattttttgt ggttttctac     81780
     agaaccctca gggtgattta cctcgacata cagaattatt agcccccttg aattattaga     81840
     cctgtttatt gttcccccta atttctgttt aacggataga agattttttt caatacatta     81900
     cttaacataa tagctttaat aactcatttc taatcactga tttattttat ctttgccatg     81960
     atgacagtaa ataatatttt actagatatt tttcaagaca cttttataca gcgtagtgac     82020
     ccacatagca aaatttatct ggcccagctc tggcccacac aatcaggttt tgcttggccc     82080
     acatgccaca gtgaattacg gtacatgact ggaccaaatc tggcttccag acaagggccc     82140
     aacaaagacc atatctgggc caagtctcag ccaagttaat aactcataac tgggcctgaa     82200
     ctgggccaga taggttggtg tggcacaatt gcaatgaaat tgataaaccc atggagtgat     82260
     gcgctttagg cacactatgg gcacgctttt tctcaaagtg acctgattgg tagatttttt     82320
     tttctttact caaaaattat tttagtgtat attaaatgtg ggtcaagact ggccaaactc     82380
     acatggccca cttatcaaat ttttaaatct gggccaaata ctacgtttta catctggccc     82440
     aaatcttgtg tgccacctta aaaacggtgc cacctctgcc aaacccgggc catgtttggc     82500
     ccacatgctg tatgccagtg ccggatgaat gcctgctgtg ccagcttttt ggcaaatctc     82560
     ggccagaatt ctttgctact agaggacatt taaaaggctt aactacgtta attagactgg     82620
     ttagggtatt taggcaagtt attgtattat gatggtttgt tctgtagact atcaaaaaaa     82680
     tatagcttaa agggacaagt aattttgacc ttaaaatgat tcctaaaaaa ttaaaaactg     82740
     cttttattct agccgaaata taacaaataa gatttctcca gaagaaaaaa tattatcaga     82800
     catactgtga aaatttcctt gctctgttaa acatcatttg ggaaataatt aaaaaagaaa     82860
     aaataattca aaaggggcaa ataattctga ctttaactgt acatcaaaat ctattatgct     82920
     caataaacaa aacaattata tacaatagca aattataaac aaggcaataa tatttactga     82980
     aaatgctaaa attcctcata ataaatagca ataaatgcaa aaaaatgtta agcagtgagt     83040
     agcctatgct tgagcaggtc acataaggcc ttgtgccaaa ttggttgggt taatagacag     83100
     ataatccccc aaagtttcca aaggggaaat taaggggtgt gtagcttcat ggttacatta     83160
     acataaatat ggtaaacatc ggcatttgct atgggaagtc ccttattcag taacagctct     83220
     tcagtctttg gctgataaag agctccctca taagactaac gttagattac tcctgaccta     83280
     ctaacagagt ttacttttga caacgagaca gattatatag attatattat acatatatgg     83340
     tttagattca cttttctttt atattcattt cacataatta tgtacagtct ttatactgtg     83400
     ctagaagaca gtcattcaaa aatgtccttt atacagttgc ctacctgtat tgtttttgtg     83460
     ttgtcgttat acattaagac ttttccaaac atgatccttc ctcgttctca tggcaacttc     83520
     ttacgaatga cgcgcccaat caaaaataat ttaacaaatt taaggcgcca aatttgccat     83580
     gtcacctgaa agctaatact gcacagacag tagcgccatc ttgtgaacac ttataaacaa     83640
     tgtctttaca aaaggcacga gatatcaaag ccaaatgaaa ggtcagtttg tgtaagttat     83700
     attaacagtt atatgtatct tgtaaataaa cagatgtatt attattattg ttaatatttt     83760
     attgtagtct aaatgtcttt tttaaaggtt tgtctgtgaa tcttgctgca aatatggttt     83820
     gaggtgtttg ttttgtgggt tgtgtgaaaa aaagaaacaa atacctcagt tgtggttttg     83880
     ttgaacttac ctggtgtaac tcttggttgg aggtcacaac gtgcgtggct ttatgtttgt     83940
     ttttcaagaa tttaatcctg ggtgattctt tatctaactt gcactcttaa cataccataa     84000
     tatacattac aagtttataa atatgtaggc aaataccaca gggagggggt tccataaaat     84060
     tacactaaat gataatatcc ttttttttta tttatttttt tacttttact atttatttca     84120
     ctaagaattt tggggtgaca cctgactcat ttgtagtcaa acgaaatcaa aataaggcta     84180
     tttttgtttt cctgaagtaa aaaaatctcc atactgtaat atatttttgt tcaatgatat     84240
     tttagaataa tacaataggg tttcagcact acgtgaaggc ttgaaccctt aactgcaaca     84300
     tttatgaccc atatagcagt aatttttaaa gaaaatgtca tcatagtgcc atctgcaggc     84360
     attaaaaatg tgtgcaatgt catgtagcta cactataaaa aaaattactg ctgcttgttc     84420
     aaactgcctg tttaaaatga gctgaaacaa cacatttttt gttatttctt tggctagttc     84480
     atttgtttta tgtttagtca acttaaattt gtaaaccatt aagttaacgt aagcattttg     84540
     tgttgggaca acatgaagga attgtgttgg tccaactacc ttattagagg atttgtcatt     84600
     ttcagcatgc tttgcatggg attaaattaa gagagggaaa tgttgacaat aaagataatc     84660
     gtaggtgttt aaagttaata gaaagacttg ttaaagttta atcttcactt tagtttgaag     84720
     atttaaaaga gtttcgtgta atgctttgag ttttaaagtt accacctcgc agaagcatct     84780
     ggttgttggc agcttaatta gcaaaactgc agtttgttgc tttgctcatt gagcaatagc     84840
     tgtcctaaat taattcggag atcagtctca gtcaactgta tatgtaactc atgaaatatg     84900
     cttaaaatgg ctcttttagt tcatttagga caactttaaa taaaactaag aaatgtacga     84960
     cacacaatag gcacatatga tattaccaga cctttgagtt taagttaaac taaaatactt     85020
     aaacttttat ttcaaaaaat catgttggac caattgcatt taattgtgtc attttttttt     85080
     tttttttttg gtgcttcgca aattggttga ttggaaatcc tgtactcaat taaattgagt     85140
     ttatccaatt atatttcagt gtacgtgtat agctctctat ataaacagcc ttgagataga     85200
     ttttgttttt acctagacat taaaaaaaac tttgttcaat taggatcagg ttttgtattt     85260
     tcattacaac catacattac aattctgtta aacaatgaac acatgacaag catttaactc     85320
     agtattttgt aatttaaaaa aatcaaacaa atgaaggaat atccattata aatactacaa     85380
     aacactgtaa acgaacatca ccaagagaca tgccaatgaa tttacatatt cagatcacct     85440
     gcttttcttg tgttgaaaag ctctgtagtg gatgagtgct gaggcagcat aatatatcat     85500
     ttcagcatcg acatcgcagt atgtgcatcc aaaatagtca cattgcagga tctgcaatgt     85560
     ttaaccagtt tggtagataa ccaaaagtca catttgaaaa cactcatgat ttgtggagtc     85620
     attgtgtgtt ttgcggcctg tgaccctgtg agcatttcaa gtcaatttaa agtattcaga     85680
     cataacacat ctctaacttt aggaaagatt atttgtttgt gtgtatatat gatgaaaact     85740
     ataaagtgtt actttacatt tgattattaa atttgtgtat ctgaatattg caagacttcc     85800
     agaaaatcac taatcacatt gcattttatt taaacagtat tgctgctttc ctatatatat     85860
     atatatatat atatatatat ttgtatgttt gtgattggtt ttatgtattt tatgtagatg     85920
     cactccctta tgaatttatt ctcccttaaa aaatatgagt ccttttcaaa cagatctatt     85980
     catttcatct ggtgatatta tactcaaaat ggtaatatat atggtaaaaa atttaaatat     86040
     cgcaatgaca gctttttcca atattgtgta gccctaataa gcactctcct tctgcaaact     86100
     ggaaatgtgc catagaccta ctgtctgtca ccaacttacc tacaggaaag atcaacccct     86160
     tgtccatccc gaaaaaaaac tgtggatgag tatatgcctg acgctgtcca ccaagatttc     86220
     ctccagccac caacatcacc tgctgcttga atcttcctct ttgtggggaa aaggcttgtg     86280
     gtctgagacc ctgtattgat tactgcacag gttctaattt tccaaactct caagttcctt     86340
     tactctcttc caatgatccc tgtgacactc aagaaagttt gtgtagctca cttcttcgtc     86400
     atgttggatc tgtgaaatgt gtgcagcctt tctccaatat gtggaattgg ttaatggagg     86460
     atggcattta tcagccctgt cagccattac aaatcctagg ttataatgta tgggctggcc     86520
     aactcaaact tcatcttcca tgaacaagtt gttctggggt tcctccacaa acttgacatt     86580
     gtttaaaaac acaacatttt tataccctgt taagcatgtg ccagctatca aaattcatgt     86640
     ggcacaaatc cagcccacat accacatgga atgatggcat ttggccggtc cgctcctgtt     86700
     tgccagatct gggccccgat taagccatag caatatcaca tatcagccag aattcaacca     86760
     aatgaaccaa aactgaccct attctgtgcc acagcttgct tttattctgg cccagatccg     86820
     gcccacacca gacacttaca tctggaccac atactgaatg gaatgatggc tctagggtgg     86880
     tccactcctg tttgtcagat ctgggccaca aatgagccaa agcaataata ccacatatta     86940
     gccacaattc aaccaaatga accagaactg accctatttt gggccataat ttccttttat     87000
     tctggcccag atctggccta cacctgacac cttaccttgg gtgtgacaat atccaaaaat     87060
     cccagcatgc attgcagtat tactacatta tatagtctac tgatgctgca gttttcatta     87120
     tttgctgttg attctgctgt gtatgtggac gttattgatt ttgtcacttt tagtatgtag     87180
     tatgtatagt actttttgtg atgttaatga gttcattttg ttaattgtca ccgttgttga     87240
     cgttcatact tcatactcat cttctctggg ccactgtagg ctaacggtta tgtaaaccag     87300
     agtttactgt gccgaatgtt tggcagaaat ggcccacata tgttttaaga taactgggcc     87360
     acatttgcca taatttcttt gggccgcttt aggctcacag tcacattacc cagagctaac     87420
     tgtgtcatgt agttgccaaa agttgcccac atttgtttta ggataactgg gccacatttg     87480
     ccatatcttc tgtgggccac tataggctca aattcacaat agccatagct tactgtgctg     87540
     aaactttacc aaaagtggcc cacatatatt ttaagataac tgggccacat ttgccatatc     87600
     ttctctgggc cactataggc taacgactgc attagccaga gtttactgtg ccgagtattt     87660
     gccaaacgtg gctcacgtat gttttcaaat aactgggctt cattaggctc acagccgcaa     87720
     tagccagagc ttactgtacc aaatatttgc caaaagtggc acacatatgt cttaagataa     87780
     ttgggccaca tttgcactta cacgtgtggc aactttagtt tatacccaga ttacccttaa     87840
     atgaccatgc tacatttttg ccaactgtgg cccacatttg tcctccataa tttgggccaa     87900
     tttatgattt tccacatggg ccaaattaga gaacatgcaa actccacaca gaaatgccaa     87960
     ctgaccaagc cgagtcttgc agatataaat aatttttaat ataagtcata taaagtgcac     88020
     ttcattaaat cttaaaatat gctaatatca tactgttata gttaaaaaat atatagtctg     88080
     tgctaacaac atggtgccaa atgcaatgtt atagcccatt gtgaacattt tgaactcctg     88140
     aaagaaagga gttagaggta gatgcagtct ggagaaatgg catactagaa agaaacagag     88200
     aaaaagaaac gatttcttta ccttttctcc ataatgtaca ctagatgtcg ctgctgtaca     88260
     aatagaaagt catcagggtt tttttttcta gctcagttga attttattta tttatttgtt     88320
     catcctgata aaagacaagt ataagtaaaa actattaata gcaacaagaa ttacttagta     88380
     agaataataa cttgctaaaa cagatgacct cttttcattc cctccatttt atgcaagatt     88440
     ttataacgaa agaacgattt tataatgcct tatagattgt ttagataaaa gatgcttcct     88500
     tttctgatgt tgtctgatgg tttaacgaat tattcatgta aatgaacaat atttcagtta     88560
     aataatcttt aataaaagca aaaataaaaa gaggctttta tgtttcaatc agaaaatgat     88620
     ttgcttcttg gtttttatta tttttttaag agattattta aaatgtgtag ctggattttt     88680
     tattgtactg tgatgataat actgtgataa tgcaacaatg cctctgaaat ctgcatacca     88740
     acacttcaca cctgtgctaa gcgaagtcgc agggttcatt gtgtctgggt tcagaataga     88800
     agtgcaaata gctgtgagaa tcactgttaa tagctctaca attatagcat gatcttcaca     88860
     gatacgccta tagaggagct caaaagattg cagcagttgc agcagaatgg cgttaagaca     88920
     caccttcttt aaaagactga aactgaatct gcagaaagga atatttattg aattaacaat     88980
     ttaatttatt gaatttcatg cttcaattga tcaacaggaa aacctgttca attcaagaca     89040
     ttgaagatat agaaaaagcc aaaaacaaac cctactaaat atttaaaagg ggtattttaa     89100
     tttaagggaa tatagttcac ataaataata taaattccat aaacttgagt ttatgttgaa     89160
     tgcaaaagaa gacataaagg atcaatcatt tctcaacagg ccggaaatcc gaaccattag     89220
     aaacacttat tcttcctctg attcagcttc actatcactg tggagctgct gctatatcga     89280
     acacaaaaga agatttaaag gagattgttg gaaaccagct gactaccata atatttattc     89340
     tcctatggat gtcaattgct accagtttcc atcattcttc aaaatattta gatttgtgtt     89400
     tgacagaaac aacaaacttt agcattaaca taaatgagta tattttactt ctgggtaaac     89460
     tatcccttta aatatagatt atcaacatga aacattaacc cagtagtcaa ggtaagagta     89520
     catttatatt tttattagca ttctgagatg aatgtttgct ggactagtaa cttgaaatta     89580
     ctttaaaaca ccaagcatgt aaatatcata cacaatatat ttaatgtttt ttgagagata     89640
     taaggttaca ccaggtatct ataattattt tatgcattta atagtttgtt aaattatagc     89700
     aaattataat gaaattaagt gactcagttt aggcctcaaa tacaactagt cctttgtact     89760
     attatgtggt ctttaaaggc atacaaaaca caaatgcagt aacaaagttt tttaacaagt     89820
     tcttttatat tttatgttac aataatgtta gatttcaaag tgttaatgag tattatttta     89880
     aatgctaaag ccttcaaatt atacacaaac atgttcaagc attgccatct aaagtaaaga     89940
     tgataaaata ccaaaaataa aactacccaa atagcaacaa aaaagtagat caaccatcat     90000
     gcagctttgt aaaaaaaatg tccccttcag cacagcgtct aatgccaaga aaagcttgct     90060
     tttaggaaaa agaaagagag tgtgagcgaa gcctccatag caacggtttc ccctgctggc     90120
     caagttgcct tgtgacgctg agtcagactg ggttaacgtt gcctgtttgg ttgtgcaggt     90180
     catgaatgac agcacaggct tgtgttttgc tttctgttgt gctgctgatg ttgttttagt     90240
     acaccatagt caagttacta cctgaccact accttatatt tttttaggta tattatctat     90300
     tttgcatttt taaactataa actaacctct tgaggcctaa gctgtttttt atttctcttt     90360
     gctatgtggg cttattggaa cctaatgaga ataaaaccta aatatcagct tttgatatga     90420
     tgtgctttta gagaaaatgt atgtccatat atgtggactt ttggtctaaa ttttccataa     90480
     aacacaatat agtcctttga gtaatagaat aaaaaactct ttatttctgc cttgaacaca     90540
     gcagtttttt tcctgactgt ttttaatgca ttaataacac atacatatat tttgaaaatg     90600
     tttgactatc agtaaaaaca acatttttgt ccatttcgga cagttaaacg tgtttgggac     90660
     attccatatg ctgctaaaca gttgcaggat gacactgtat gtatgtatgc aacaaaatat     90720
     aaaccataag acataagtgt gaaaatgtct tgtacacatt tgtggccact aagcccaagg     90780
     atgttgaggt tgagatccat aatatgaaga tttctttgga aaaaatgttt aaatgtgtag     90840
     atactccctt tatctacgta tgtaaacatt attttgtcta aaaaaaatct tcatattatg     90900
     gatctcaacc ttaatttatc tcactctaac cctaaaaata ctgatgtagc tgttcaaata     90960
     gaataatgta aaaatattag ttgtttttat tgcaaaataa tggcagcaat aataaataat     91020
     aggtaacata cattaccaat ttgctatttt aagaatacct aataatattt gactatcaaa     91080
     caacatcata gttgggtaac acttctttta taagtaattt attacaatcc taaataattt     91140
     tttattaagt aaatgtgtaa gttaaatttt aagttttatt ttttttaaag attggtatat     91200
     tctttatctt aatatattac ttttttaccc aacactgaac atcataatga tgtattaaat     91260
     atgttcccag acttatacta ggctattagt gtagctatat tttgcaataa gtaaaaataa     91320
     ttattcccaa gaacaaattt ctccttttag ctcacatttg tcaattgtgt gaagtttcga     91380
     gggggaaggg agctgaagaa actgcacatg cgcaaaggat tacattctgg gcagatgaaa     91440
     gctattgatt acatggattt ctggtgctcc taataaactt tacgtcgcgc tttttgctga     91500
     actgaatttt aatattcaga gcatttggaa gggagtcata tggaatcgga ttacactgtc     91560
     caagaagata atctaggcga agaaataatc aggtttattt tttgcgatgg cgcgatggtt     91620
     tgcgagacac gtgatcggca ctgtccaatc atggcgcggc agcgatagcc atgttttctt     91680
     tgttctggat ttatgaacat tgctgattaa ttacgctttt acatgttatg gatttcactg     91740
     aatcaagtct ttaatcacta tggggatgct cttgctatac aacgtatttc aaaaagaaga     91800
     cgtgttttct ggaattcccg ccttaaaacc ggttttaagc cacgcgagta gttgtgtggg     91860
     ttaatcacat gactctccct ccccccactt cgatccaatg acgggggaag aagaagtcgg     91920
     acatgtttga gggaaatgtg ttgaataaag aaacgtggct gaagacaaga agaaattcag     91980
     gattttttcc caacaatgag gagttcgaca tgttttgttt ttcttttttc ttttcatttc     92040
     acttaatctg gatagaggta tatgttaagt gatacagatt tattttattt agcaaaattc     92100
     gttttttgat aaaatagtag tatttaatgg taagcgttta atttgaatta atttattaat     92160
     tacagacgat ttggtaatgt attttcttct acattgtatg acattgtttc aaatctgtaa     92220
     ccttggaagt gggggatggg cggctgtata ttcttctaaa aatgtgctgt tttacaccgt     92280
     ttaaagttaa agctcgttta atttatacgt tatttaactt catcttttac atttaagcgt     92340
     ctaacatcgt taatatatct aaataaatta atttgatatg cgcagcacat tgctctctaa     92400
     aaacacggct gtaaaaactc gttaagttta agttgttttc ttcgtttagc tagaaatatg     92460
     gcaaaatcaa gcatatttta atttttgtac atttattttg ggagtggttt aaagttccac     92520
     gttggcttta atacactctt ccttatttcg cgttgaagtc tgtatattat taacctaatt     92580
     cgataactta aatgatttct ggtcacttta ttgtcttttg tacacatttg tctcttttat     92640
     cgtgttttta ccaatgtgag tcgtcgttcg aggaaccaaa gttgctgcgt catttcatgg     92700
     cggacactcc ttgtaggcca tgttgaatcg acatagaagg acatcgcctt ttcgctttgt     92760
     ccttttcact tcgtgttgtt ggttttctgt atgttgtcag tatagtcagt ttatatgtga     92820
     tttaaaaaaa aaactacgtt tttttaggta tcgggctgtt ttttgttcgg gagaaatgtt     92880
     gtatgtactt atatcacgac gttgccttta gtcgttaaga gtttttgtct gtttttttaa     92940
     agtgattttt cagacagtcc atgagggaca tgcttagcga gctgatctgt acgtgtgtgt     93000
     gccgcatttg tctgttgcgc gtgactaatc gggtgagcca atggcgtgtt tccaacctgc     93060
     actggatgat cgcgccttag ttttagggaa ccaatcagcg aagccttctg acgtaacaca     93120
     gaactcttga gaaacgctgc atttcttgca gtgttatcgc atccttaggt gttcaaaact     93180
     tttcacgaaa ttgttttctt aaatattggg ttcataactg aagcagtttt gttgcataga     93240
     caagcggttt ttgcttgata atctagctta aatccgaaaa atcatgctca gggaagtgca     93300
     tgggcgtggc ctgtttgact gacagctaga ttggcctgta gaatacgcgt aggcgtgtac     93360
     gtatggcgtt acagcagcca atggagccgt cgatgggttt ataaaaagtc gggcggagcc     93420
     tcagcgtcgc catttcattg tagctctgag ctggaggata gaggaagtca gaaaaacaag     93480
     gccgcgaaac tcggatattc gagcgaaacc ggtttataaa cagaatccgg atccatcccg     93540
     atggaaacgg ctcttagccc gccctttgac aggtaccagt tggactaaat gacattacac     93600
     ttgttctgtg aaggaaaaat gttgttggag tattgtccta attcggcatc ttttggaatt     93660
     attttaaatt aatcacttgt gacctgtcgc aatagcatca gatgaaatgc cggaatatta     93720
     cacctccatt gacttttatt ttcaggtgtc tgtgttcttg aggggactaa atgtaaacag     93780
     cgtcggtttg ggatagtctt gaagttttaa agtgtgattt ttaacgagca gctgccgcct     93840
     gccggtgttt actgcgcagg cgcgttttcg ctcactgaca cggctagtgg ataaaatgac     93900
     ggctattttg ttgatgttca aactgacaag ttagacaaat acaaagccag ttatatctct     93960
     cagatagttc gaactgtagt aacgtcttgt ctgtcgtaaa acacgccggg atagtgtgcg     94020
     aaagagaaat tagcatgctt tgctaaagct atcagcgacc agtctcttat acagtctcag     94080
     cagttgctgg gtctttatta aatacgagtt gatttaatat ttgtacaatt ttcgttatcc     94140
     gagtgaaggt tatgatacaa tgcctccaat atttcttcct cgactgtttt agttactgta     94200
     ttgatgtgaa gttggaactt ggaatgtaaa ataggttacc gttaccttta acgttagtca     94260
     ttctgaaacc catgttgagt tgagcttccg cctcatacca cgtggacttt tgtcaacatt     94320
     taacgcgcgg aaggccgcag cttcgtgctc gagcctgtag atcgcatctc gactgctttt     94380
     gttttcgact gtcaatgatt tgtgaaatct aatggcacaa cgctgaataa taattcgtgt     94440
     aattgtttcg cttttggttg cttagcaacg cgagtcgtta aacgagccgc atgaagcctg     94500
     ccatctgccc cctcccaacc atcataaact agagacagag taaattagac gtgttcaatg     94560
     tttcatttat tcaaagattg tttgtaaacc aacatttttc ttgactgaaa ataaaacgtt     94620
     ttctatgtga actgattgtg attttgtatc atttagtaac tttttaattt aaaagaaatt     94680
     gcatgtttta actttattaa aaatgtgtga tggatatgtg caactacaaa agtgcaacag     94740
     cctgtctgca ttcagtattc ttcagtttgt tctgtgttca tcagtcctta ctggggcagg     94800
     tatgcaactg tctggaaggc atgagagcag taatatatgc agcaagagtg aacatctacc     94860
     tcaagtgttg tagttaattt ttacatttct aaacgttatg tttgcaatac atttacaatt     94920
     attgcatcag tattgctatc agagcagtcc cagtgaacac tgaatcccaa aaggatgcac     94980
     atgaaagatt gtgatgtgat atgaagttaa acagttaggc ttcagaaggt aagtttacag     95040
     aggaaagaag attctgaacg ctgggatgtt gggaaaaaag ccaatacact atgcttttgt     95100
     tactaaaagg tattgtcatt ttacattaac agtaaaatgt agaaagggca ttttaacttc     95160
     ctttttgatg cattactgaa tatgtgaact aacttaattg caatagctaa tttcctctgg     95220
     ttttaaaact aaaggtcatc attttaattt taaatctata tgcttatacg agatgtttaa     95280
     tgcaaaatca aaagtttggg tagatgtaag acgagggtat ttactgtctt taaaggaaca     95340
     aagtaatgtt atatatatat atatatatat atatctatat caatatcata aaataaaact     95400
     cttgttttgg tggaattgtt agtgaaacta aggcttcagg gaattgattt gtcattcata     95460
     ctgtttgttt taaaagccca cagtcattgg ataatgcctc agataaacat acaaacacaa     95520
     cccgatctgg gtaattaggt ctattgaagg tcacgccccc agtttccagc tgaactgtgg     95580
     cgtattgatc tggaatgttt ctcagcagaa ctcatccatg cctggacaga taaaccgctg     95640
     tagggccagc tcactcttca tggttgttgc ttgttataag acaaacatga ttagtcataa     95700
     cctttgagat ctataaagag ctgccgatca gagatgactc accaagtttc acatcattaa     95760
     atcatacagc tgctctattt attgttcata agttctatat ttatgggtat acttggtgtc     95820
     ggtatgaaac aatattccaa tatgaattat atactcttgg gttttctccg cgtgcctcat     95880
     ctccatgtgc ccgttctcca cagctccctg ggcgggtgcg acggcatgca ggggctcacc     95940
     atgatggagc agaccatctc tggacccggc aaacgcatcc gcaagccgtc gctgctgtac     96000
     gaagggtttg agggacccgc tctgccacac atagctcaat ctggaccccc tcagcccgct     96060
     gtgcgggacc cctcaaggca gggccgaatg accaatcagc tgcagttcct ccagaaggct     96120
     ttagtgaaga cgctgtggag gcatcacttc gcctggcctt tccacgagcc tgtagatgct     96180
     gccaaactta accttcctgt aagttggttg ttccagaaaa atggactgtt caggggtagt     96240
     ttgtttgaat gattttaaat atttaacaag atgatgcgag ttatacctca agtgtctgtg     96300
     tgtggtggag ctcatttcaa agttttaacc ataatagtga aagtttatca tttgcatgtg     96360
     tttttaaagg gacagttcac ttaaaaaatg aaaattgtca tttacttaac ctccaaattc     96420
     caaactattt gttcttctgt tgaaagcaaa agaagatatt ttgaaaaata ttggaaacct     96480
     gtaactattg acatccacag aagaaaaact taaaccatgg aagtgaatgg ttacaggttt     96540
     ccaacattct ttaaatattt ttttttgtgt gtgttaaaca gaataaaact aattgtcaaa     96600
     ctggtttgta gtaagtgaac tgagatgaaa ttttatttat atatatatat atatatatat     96660
     atatttatta atttacttga aagtaagaca caagaatata acaatactgt ttttaatcat     96720
     tttatgatga agactgtctt tacattttgt ttattcaact caactctcca gaaaaccata     96780
     aagcacagtt tatttcttta aaacactctt taattttagt ttttaattta taaatatgcg     96840
     ctcatctaca atatcaaaca tttaaaatca ttctagaaca gttaactaaa cagagctgtt     96900
     caagaatctg gtgaaatctg gtgtgttcct ataatttaga aaaccaacat atcacaatgt     96960
     cagtttccgc tacactctgc agctcctgtg tgtggttttt ctgccatatt aaagcctctt     97020
     ttatgtcacg caggattatt ataacatcat taagcagcct atggacatgg ggaccatcaa     97080
     gaagcgactg gagaacaatt attaccgcag tgccagcgag tgcatgcagg atttcaacac     97140
     catgtttacc aactgctaca tctacaacaa ggtcagtcgg ttaatttctg tttggataaa     97200
     aagttctcag acttgttttg gtgcagccct tggatttgtt ccattttaag tcgctcaggt     97260
     cttctactcg gcctgttctg gtgcgagtta catgcatcag tggtattgtc tagagactgt     97320
     catgtgatct aaaagtcatc tgtttattaa agcccacaga tgatatcgtc ctgatggctc     97380
     agtctctaga gaaggctttc ctgcagaagg ttgcacagat gcctgaagtg gaggaagaga     97440
     ttcctgcacc tgtccccaga ggaaaacaaa gcaaaccaaa aaaaggccaa aaattatgta     97500
     aggatgtggt gaaattacca gattatattc tttctttaca ttcagttata ttcgatatta     97560
     atttaaggtt tctataaatt ttcctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     97620
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatatctatc tatctatcta     97680
     tctatctgta gttctatctg tagttctatc tgtagttcta tctatatcta tattgcctaa     97740
     ttctatttat gttgttctat ctatatctat cttgcctaat tctatctatc tgtctatcta     97800
     tatagcctat ttctatctat ctgtctctat ctgtctgtct atctatcttt ttaatagtgt     97860
     taaacattca ttgtgtgttt ttaagaagat tcatatgaaa ttgggtcaaa tggtgctgtt     97920
     tgtttatgga tgtttgcttt tatttttatt ttcatgtttt gtctctgttt tagtctcagg     97980
     tgggatcacg acagctcatc aggttcctgc catatcttct ctctctcagc tggcttactc     98040
     tcctccaact ccagacaccc cagactcagt gctttctacg ccaccacaga cgcttataac     98100
     caagaacttt cctcctcctc cgttacacag cacgcctgcg cttttgggcc tcccgcctac     98160
     acaacccact gctaaggtaa ggttaacagt ttccttttga atgcaatata acgccaacat     98220
     gttacagggt ttctgctagg tctcaaagtg tacaatttca aaatcagaca ttttatgcct     98280
     taaaatccct tacgcaagct gaatgattga gttctaggtc attttaagga tagttcaccc     98340
     caaaatgatc tcctgccatc tggttttaaa cctctagtgt agaacagaaa agattgagtg     98400
     ttgaacatga aggcagatat tttgaagagt actggctgct gacaccaacc aacttttata     98460
     ttggaaagta agttactatg gatgtaattt ttgggtgtaa tattacttta tttctgtata     98520
     ttcatatttc tattgatatt attgctgaac aaaagttact cacgtccaga ataaaagttt     98580
     ttaacatgat ttaaatgtgt atatatgtat atggaatata tgatacaaat tatatataaa     98640
     tttaaatatc taacaaaatt ggtttgttta tatttttaat cacatgagtg tctgtggggt     98700
     cttaaagtat tgtaagttga taaatcaatg taaaaaaaaa ggcccttata agtcttaaat     98760
     attattttgc aaggtgttat atcatttttg atcatgcaat atgtggttgt atgtcaaagt     98820
     ttgccggaaa gaaatctgtg aatatcagga tgctgtgtag tttatgaatc aatgaaatcc     98880
     tgctagattt gacctcatgc tgatttattt gctacagtaa tcaaggcaac accattattt     98940
     ctgcagatct ataggcgcca acctgctgaa taagctagat ttaatagata tgtattcagt     99000
     atatgaataa ccttttagtt ttggattagt ttctaacatt aatattcagt aaatatactg     99060
     taagttaaaa ttgagtgttg aaaagtagtt ttaaggtctc aatgtattga aagagtttta     99120
     aaaagggtct taaaggtatt aaatttcact ctctgattcc tgtgcaaact ctgcacatgt     99180
     acataatata tatatatata tatataagca ctactatata ccaatttatc tagtagtcat     99240
     gaaattctcc aacagcatgc tcaaatgatt tataagaaca gtaaaccaca aaaagccata     99300
     ttatgacaaa attaaacaaa gcacctaaaa ttatataatg gcattaaaac attattcttc     99360
     cgctaaacaa agtagttcct cagaaacggt ggttgtggtt gcaacaaaat ggttaagcca     99420
     tgcaggcact gcagtatgct ctggtgcagc aatgctgatg taattaggtc acaggtgtgt     99480
     gtttgtagaa tattttacaa cagctcagtc tgcagctcag ccaatcacga tctagcactg     99540
     gagctgtctg ttttataatc aattttaatg ttttgattct gtgatgtttt cagttctttc     99600
     actatttaaa gtatagtttg ctttattaac tctacaaata agaaaaacaa tgtgaagcat     99660
     gtctgcagtt tcatttataa atgatactgt tttaaatttg acttataaat aaaaaaaaaa     99720
     taaataaata aataaatatt tagaaatcat gtattagatg agttgagcta atctttctcc     99780
     atcttttcaa tagaaaaaag gcgttaaacg caaggcagac acgaccaccc ccaccaccac     99840
     agtcatgccc ctcactttgg gtgtaggagg catggggatg ggtatgggca tgggaatgag     99900
     tatgggaatg ggcatgggga tgggtctggg tggagactcc ccactcaccc tctccaatat     99960
     gggcatggat tccaaacaga gcctgtccct cagcctgggc atgtctctgg aggacaaagt    100020
     tccagccagg cgaggtggca gtggccggcc catcaaacca cctcggaaag acttgcccga    100080
     ctcgcagaac caacatcagc cagtgcggcg aggaaagctg agccagcagc tccgatactg    100140
     cagcaccatc ctcaaagagc tgctgtccaa gaagcatacg gcctacgcct ggcctttcta    100200
     caagccagtg gacgtgtctt cactgggact ccacgattat tacgatatca tcatgtatcc    100260
     catggatctg agcacaatta aggtgtgtgt gtaaagaagt ctgagtgtgt tgtgatgttg    100320
     taaaatgaat gagatgttca tgtttgtttg tcaatcttgc agaggaagat ggatcatcgg    100380
     gagtacagag atgcactgca gtttgctgct gacgtcaggc tcatgttctc caactgttac    100440
     aagtacaatc ctccagatca cgatgtggtg gccatggccc ggagactgca ggtagggaga    100500
     tttgcattta cagctgcatg attgagtttt aagtctacta cactcaagat agtttatcat    100560
     agttacactc atttgagaaa ggcatttcaa ttttttcatt gttagcacaa attaagaagg    100620
     ctggaattat tcatatgata catttctctt aaggttcaat aactatataa cgtgataaaa    100680
     aagaaataaa ttctgtaaat aatgtctgta cagatataaa cataatgata atgataggct    100740
     gtagacattt ttattcaata tggatcattc tagcaacaca agcatgccaa cagccagtta    100800
     gttcatcttg gtaataagct ttcagtacaa cccttctaaa taaaaacaaa tgatttaact    100860
     taaagttctg caacaaatat atattataat gtacctgttt aaataagaaa aaaaaaagta    100920
     tttttcagca agatgattca ttatccattt tttaacaaat gtatgcagtt ctttgagtca    100980
     tttatctaat aaaaatttgt aatagcattt ttatttcatt acattttaaa agattggtta    101040
     aattgtttta aagctttatt catcgtttca tttgatacag ttctgctgat aaagttttaa    101100
     taagaaacca gaaaaactga attggaaaac acgaataaat ggatttgatg ggaccctaaa    101160
     ttgaaaggta tgcatgtaga aaccatttcc tcacgcatta attctaaaat tattattgga    101220
     ataaatataa atactggggc gaagcagtgg agcagtaggt agtgctgtcg cctcacagca    101280
     agaaggtcgc tggttcgagc cttggctcag ttggcgtttc tgtgtggagt ttgtatgttc    101340
     tccctgcttt cgcgtctgtt tcttccgggt gctccggttt cccccacagt ccaaagactt    101400
     gcggtacagg tgaattgggt tggctaaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtggat    101460
     gtttcccgga gatgggttgc agctggaagg gcatccactg cgtaaaaact tgctggataa    101520
     gttgatggtt cattccacca ctaagccgac aagaaaatga atgaatataa atactggatc    101580
     atatgaggaa aatgtatgat catattttaa ctaactttga ccagatctac aatcatattt    101640
     aaaaaaaaaa atcctttaaa tcttaaaatt gtaaacatat tttaaatgtt aaaacactga    101700
     tattgattcc acaatttgtt aacacttttt attatataaa aaaggcagat ttagtagcat    101760
     ttgcttcatt aaaacagaat atcaaatgca ggtcactatg gaaaactatg ttgtgcattg    101820
     caaaaatagt gctcatttgc ttcgttgcca gattgaaaag attaataaaa cacactgtgt    101880
     aaaaaataca ctttaaatgg acgaacagct tttactgtaa atgcagaact tataaatgct    101940
     tcaaaatata ttagaataaa ttcagtaaac tagcaatggg ggctaccata cttaattgac    102000
     aaggcaagtt tacctctgta gcacatggta attcaaagtg ctttacataa acaggaatag    102060
     acaaaacata aaatacaaat ataagaacat aaaaaaagaa taaaaattat ttaaaactga    102120
     tttaaatgtg taaaaacgtt ttaagggcat gaaaaagaaa agaaagacat aatggtgcga    102180
     tctgtgggac atagcacagt gctcatccag taaaggcaca gccaaacaga tgtcctgaca    102240
     aagaaagctt gaaaaagttg caactaaaat ctgattattc aggcagctgt aactgcactt    102300
     ctatttacac acatttcaaa ctgcttgcaa aaaaaatcta tgcagaccga acattaaaaa    102360
     tgtcttccct ctgtaattca ggacgtgttc gagttccgct tcgccaagat gcctgacgag    102420
     cccctggagt ctctcccacc tgcatccctg ggcggcggtc taggcggtga ctcctcctct    102480
     tcctcctcct cttcctcctc gtcctcagag agtgacgtga gcagcgagag tgagagcgag    102540
     agcagcccga gctctgacag tgaggaggag agagcgcatc gcctggccca gcttcaggaa    102600
     caggtgtgta cacaggtagc ggctgagctt tcttccagca cacatggctt aatctgagcg    102660
     gtgtggtggc cgcgggtata caaacgctca ctgactcgat cactcgcttg tgtgtgcagt    102720
     tgagggccgt tcatgagcag ctggcggcgc tgtcctccac gcccatcatc aaacccaaga    102780
     agaagaagga gaagaaagac aagaagaaga aaaagaagcc ggagaagcat aagcgaagca    102840
     ggagcgtgat tgaggatgag gtggtcatgc ggccggccaa gatccccaaa ctccccaaga    102900
     caccaaagag caggagcaac agcaaagcgg cgacgtcaac gcagagcaag aagagctcaa    102960
     acaagaagag caacaagagc aagtacgtct ccgttcaccc tatttaccag ggttttacaa    103020
     gtccgattca agagtaaaaa tttaggcctt cattttcact gaagtattgt gtataggcag    103080
     tggtggaaag ggtactgaaa aagcatactc aagtaaaagt accgttactt gcctaaaaat    103140
     gtaaagcgag taaaagtatc tattgtaaat attactgagt aaaaagtaga gctgtctaaa    103200
     gaactcgagt agtgagtatt acactgtaaa aagctgatgc gtttacgtaa tttgtggatg    103260
     tgtaaacgta acattctata gtgcatttag tgtgtgcttg ctgggcaata aatgtcataa    103320
     gacattaata ttaggttaga tttaggtcat ggcgtcagat gaacgaaatt catcgtctat    103380
     ccaatgtcta tagacaacat tattttgatg tccaataatt aaatcaaatg atgttgatat    103440
     ttgtttgatt ttaggttgtt agaaagttac taaaatccaa cattgagcca acatcttaaa    103500
     ccaacgtcgt attgatggca aatactgaca tttacttatc agatacgaca accaaaatcc    103560
     aacatctaat agagggcata gtggtaacat ccacacaatg tcaagctgta acattagtcg    103620
     ttgatatttg gttgatttta ggtcggacat tgacgtcggc atgaagttgg gttttgaggt    103680
     caactgtatt ttcatttcca aacaaaatgc aacgtctcta ctatgttggg gtacaatgtc    103740
     aatctaatga tgtgtgtctg ctgggtgttt taggccattt tgatcatcat gcagtaaaca    103800
     ctcgtcatct tctcatcagt gatatgcttc caaacagttt ctaggtgaat gtgtgcaaat    103860
     cttcatggac acctttaatt ctttcaaaca gtttgctgca attattaatc gcacatttct    103920
     tgaggtagtt cattaagatg cgatttacct tccatgtgct tattacagta aaactcgatg    103980
     gtatagctga gcacagagga attgtatatc aaatggaatt taatgggtta cattttatgg    104040
     aaaaaaaaat aacgttttga tttatttcag gggtacatct tgcattgttt actgatattt    104100
     tgaccaatta aatttaacag aaggcctttc aggctcattt tatagcaata aagaataagg    104160
     tcactgacca gtggtgctgc aaacccacca atgactgttt gttgcaggga catacaaaag    104220
     tctaacttaa gagagacgtt cttttgtaaa tgtaattgaa taatttaggc cacattttta    104280
     tgcaaccaag caaaccacat gcttattata ttaatcaagg ccataatgtt tgccaataag    104340
     tgcaaagata atccagatgc cccgaatatg aatcaggcgt aatactcaat tctccaattc    104400
     tcaaattaaa acctgcagaa agccagacgt gctgaaattt gagtttagac attttaatca    104460
     taaaaatgta ttcaagccag aacgagagta tagtgccttg acatatcagc ctaaaaaaca    104520
     gcaaaacttt taattgtctg tctgtcatgg tacacaatgt aactacagaa gaatcagatt    104580
     taaatattta ataaatataa tttttaaaaa aatattgaaa ctcagacatt tttgagtgag    104640
     atgctaacgg tctaatctga ttcaatgatc tatgataagc taagctaata gttcccccgc    104700
     cagatcctga gatcagctga atgggaaaaa aatggtaaaa ctctgttgtt taactggggg    104760
     gctgtaaaat gagccaattt tcagaaaatc aggtttaaga ctcccttaaa tgccccaaca    104820
     gttctttaaa atattcattg tctgaatatg tgttgtatat attgagatgt agtttgttta    104880
     ttagtccaaa tatacattat tacaactaca aacgagacta aaaatgtaat tctcaatctc    104940
     aaatactatt cataaataaa taaagtttta aaatggactt ggtcaagcct gcagaaaccc    105000
     agacttgctg aaataagtca gtttagaaat cttaatcact aaaacttatt tctttttcct    105060
     caggtcatca aagaaagctc agcccacgtt tttcccaccg ccactgagcc acagtggcct    105120
     cacacctcac tacgactccg aggaagagga ggaaaccagt cccatgagct acgacgagaa    105180
     gcggcagctc agtctggaca tcaaccgtct gccgggggaa aaactgggcc gcgtggttca    105240
     catcatccag tccagagagc cctcgctgag agacaccaac cctgaggaga tcgagatcga    105300
     cttcgagacc ctcaaaccat ccacactgag agagctggag cgctacgtaa tgatgtgctt    105360
     acgaaagaaa ccacgcaaac ccttcggtaa gagtcaaatc cttcttgtga gaggaaatac    105420
     agcaagcaga aacacacttt gggctttttg gcctttcata acaatagaat gacatccatt    105480
     agaggcaaaa atctcagagc tttttttttt tttttttcca aactaaaaca tccatttttg    105540
     tgccgcttga tcaatttgtg attgtagatt tattttacaa tatatatttt tagagattgt    105600
     ttattttcct cattcattaa actttaaacc tccacttcag ctgcaccaac ataaaccaaa    105660
     cttattaatg tctaatattc tgaaggtttt acaaaagggt ttgatcctac agaattcacc    105720
     agattatata cagctcttat actgtctgtt ttgaagtatt ttctttgttt tcatttattt    105780
     ctttgtgata agtagattaa agaaaaactg atgtaaaaaa aattaacaaa ctttatccaa    105840
     tgttcagatt tttgtgctta atctatgcac acaatacatt ctaattaaat gtttcatctg    105900
     catatttaaa caaacctaat gttagaaaac taatgtaatc catcggctgg gaaagtatgt    105960
     ggataaatat tagttgtttt ttttactctc ttctcctgcc gtgtcttgcc tttactgtat    106020
     gcttgatttg cttaaaaggc ttgtttgaga gttcttaaga cgctaacagt aatctaaaac    106080
     tagactttaa cccataatgc actgtgctgc cgcgccttat gctattcagc acacttcaca    106140
     cttagatcat ctgctcttta ctcttcctgt gaacaaacac aatactcttc tttcattcct    106200
     tcactgtgtg actcacacat caacattgac tagaggttaa ttatatgaca acaggagaca    106260
     atatgatggc tttcataagc ctgcacttac taatcagaag tataataaaa ctgacagatt    106320
     ttaaaatgct gataagaatt attatttttt ttgtgtcaca tgatcctcct tggtgcttaa    106380
     ttttttaatt ttatcttatt gtgaaaaatt gcttattttt tggaatagaa agagagcaac    106440
     atttatttaa actagacacc ttatattagt gtaagaataa ctactgtctg ttttgctcat    106500
     ctctgctgaa tttaagcgtt cattatttgt attgttttac ttttcatttt gtgaaacttc    106560
     attgaacctc tatattaaac atttattatt tgggtagaat tctgatgcta tttacatgat    106620
     ttagatttat gacctatttg ttgttgtcat tactctttaa tgtccacgtg aaaacaaaat    106680
     ttacaatgtt tattttgctg gcgcacttca tttgtctcaa gtttcagttc aacagtttag    106740
     gtgaaatatg cttagccacg cccctcttta gtttgcagca agtgaaagct aggaggagga    106800
     gcacaaaagt aaaactccgc cccctactca atattctgat tcagttggaa atacatcatc    106860
     aacatactaa aattagactc aggttgatgc gcactttcat gtttgagaga aaaaaatctt    106920
     tactctgatt tactgcaaat aaaatgtatt aattgaaaaa aaattacaac agaatatgtt    106980
     ttactaataa atatccactt gggtggtata atttttttta gttgtagtag ttgtaagtaa    107040
     aggtttattt ataaagcacc tttcccagac attgactcac aaagtgcttt acaataaaag    107100
     aaaacaagta aaagaacaca tcaataaaag aaaatgtgtt aaaacatatt aaaacaagtt    107160
     aaaatccaaa tacagaaaca cttatactgg taattaaaag cttgaccaaa aagatgcatt    107220
     ttaaaatgtt gaatgtctca gtgttatatt attattatta ttattattat tatttattta    107280
     tcttttaatg ttttgggact ctcttgattg gttcactgga tcacaaaata tgacggcaag    107340
     atgtgtttgt gctaacaact gtacctgggt gccaatttta aaatctaatt acatttatta    107400
     atcctttttt tgtttgttat ttttttgtac attttggtac atttattgat atagatttat    107460
     tttgttgtta cttttattga atttttttat tttgggatta tttattctgt tggctaatgg    107520
     tgacataaca tacagcaaat aagtgggtct atttagtttt gtaaacatta attaaaagct    107580
     aaaacatatt ttatatatga agtttttagt tgcaatactc ctaaaatcat tccgcataaa    107640
     tccgcagatt tttcttttac aaaattctgc aaagtaaatg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatt    107700
     ggcatattcg gtctggctct atttatggat gtctgtattg tgaagattga ctaaatggtg    107760
     acatacagca cttccaacaa tataaataaa aaatcgacac taaaccctag acacagcatg    107820
     gtagatttga ctgaatgtgt ctgtgaatgt gtttcctcta gtggccataa aaggctctgc    107880
     aggtaaatct cgtgaggagc tggctctgga gaagaagaga gagctggagc ggagactgca    107940
     ggacgtcagc ggacagctca actccgtcaa gaaaccacag aaaaccaaag gtagagcccc    108000
     agaagatgaa cacacaatca ctcacacaca cactcatgat catgtttaaa gcagaaccgt    108060
     gaatgacctc ttctgtcttt ctgtatttca gcggagaagc cgtcagcggt ggagcctcac    108120
     gcagtggcgt cacgtctcag cgccagcagc tccagctcag actcttcatc atcctcctcc    108180
     tcttcctcat cctctgacac aagtgaatca gactcagact gagcagatga tgatgatgat    108240
     gatgatgata gaaaaaaaaa catgcactcc atcccagatc acgacatgca gagagagaca    108300
     aataaagaac aggctttctc tttacagaga attctgggaa aaataaaggg tggaggagga    108360
     gctgatgggg gaaatcagag cagggtgttg tctgattgga gactggtttc cattagttca    108420
     tcctcctccg ctctgtgtat atacctgtat aaagatatat aaatatctat ttttctttta    108480
     taaagaagaa ttttaagcaa ttccctggta gggaagacaa tgattttctt tttgtgaatc    108540
     ttttatgttg ctttctttct ctcctcctct ttttttcgtg taaactatga attatttgtc    108600
     ctaaagaaaa caaaaggctt ggagtggaaa ctgctgtcac ttgtgtttgc atgagcgaga    108660
     gagagggtgg gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtga gaatgtgaca ttgacaccag tgcttttcct    108720
     ggtggattta cacacactgc acatacatgg atgtgttgtg catttgaata aataaaaaca    108780
     gaagctccac ctattcaaat gaaatcatct gtagtaatgg agaacagggc attaggtgac    108840
     ctgtctcttt taccgggtga tctgttggct tcagtggcgt tttaaaactt gaatctgatc    108900
     tccatcatcc agcctgcttt attctgagtt tcaaaatctt cattgtttct tacacaaact    108960
     tgccgagtct ggctctgtga atccgccggg ccacatgagc gtctgttttt ctgcatacat    109020
     aaattattgg aacggtcgtg tggtttcggt gctggattgc ggagcagatg cgagtgttag    109080
     atgcactatc ggacacacag ctgagtcacg agctgtggag atcaatactg ttctgtacat    109140
     cttgcttttt gacttaggat ctgcgttttg ttttagtgtt tataattatt tgctctgaga    109200
     attcatgcac agattgagtt ttttttaccc tcataagtca gaatttcaat acttggaaat    109260
     gtaggttcag tgtcataaga catgctgtta caacaacaaa gatttctcgg tctcttttct    109320
     ctctggagat gttgtacata tgcaccagtt tgatgagctg atctgtgttt cctgcattag    109380
     tttgtcttgt ttacatcggc cttcagctct tctcttcagt cttgtggctg gtttttccac    109440
     agctcgttat ggtttaagac gattacaaaa aacaaaaaca aaaaaaacag aacgaagtga    109500
     aacctcatgc tgtaagcatc gtctcaacag atgcttcatg caaccataat tctcatctga    109560
     aatacgtcac gttaataaag ggggtgagaa gtcctaaaac aactttctgg ctctgtgttt    109620
     tctctacagg atgcttcatc agcactttat tttacagcac agttccacgt tcaaatgatg    109680
     gactttttaa ataaatgtta taaatataca atatgccttg tcctacccac agccccaata    109740
     tatgtacata cggtaaaata agactcaacc catattttta tatgaactag ctctacaaat    109800
     tgagaaattg tggtcaacta aatttaaaaa tattaaaatc tagattagtt atttttccac    109860
     aagtaatcct caagaccaca tatcttatat ttcatataca ggcacgtgca cacatagggc    109920
     tcaagctgtg cacatgccct ttttagtgtt gaatagaaag tgcccttcca aagtgatctg    109980
     atctgaatga cctagtattt atatattagt atttaaaata taaaaataac taaatataaa    110040
     atatattact aataaaacta aataatgaaa agtattcatt aaattaaaat aaaaaatatt    110100
     gaattaaata taattgaaaa taaattcact taattttcat gaaaattttc tatttgtttt    110160
     tatttctatt aaattaaaga ttattcaaaa tatacaggtg aaatagaagg tttaaaaagt    110220
     cttatttgtt atattgcagc tagaataaaa gcactttgaa atttttaaaa aaccatttta    110280
     aggtgaaaat tattaatccc tttaagcttt tttttcgata gtctacagaa caaaccatcg    110340
     ttatacaata gcttgcctag ttaccctagt taagccttta aatataactt tataagctgt    110400
     atagaagtgt cttgaaaaat atctagtaaa atattattta cagtcatcat ggcaaaaata    110460
     aaataaatca gttattagaa ataagttatt aaaactatta tgtttagaaa tgtgttgaaa    110520
     aaataaatct ctccgttaaa cagaaactgg tgaaataata aacaggggtg aataattctg    110580
     acttcaactg tgtgtataat gaaaaccaat ataaatggaa aaactaaaaa cagcattagc    110640
     taaaaaactg actgaacatt aataaaacaa actaaaatac taaacaaaca gtataaataa    110700
     tattaaaatg tgactaacat tgcatttgaa caacgaccca acaaattagt aaaaataaaa    110760
     acaaaacaat taaaagccaa ttaaaatgtg aagagataac aggcttacat tcttataatg    110820
     tctttctgct gcatacatct attgcaaaaa agcacagaag taaacatcaa ccattaatca    110880
     tcctataata atgaaaccgt aatcatccag gataaatcta aaaagatgtt tttcttttct    110940
     tcctgcaaga ttaatttatc agaaggactt tatgaagtga aatataaagc cttaatgtac    111000
     tctgcttttg catgtgtgga tatttatttc cccctggtgt tgttcatcac tgctgatctt    111060
     aataaagact taaacacaca acttacctat gatgatcacc tcagactcat tacacatcaa    111120
     agaccagact ctaaacaaag acaaagatca tcaaaatgca aacttacaac acaatatcaa    111180
     agagaaattg atgaaatgtg tataaacatg caaatctact gggatttact gacaaatgca    111240
     tttgaattaa acagtgttga atgatgtcgg tgctgtagaa aagatgcaga ataaagcact    111300
     gaggctgtgt ttcctgaaag agccaccaga gaccgtgatg aactgctctc ttcatccccc    111360
     aggcgcagca gcagcgctgg gtttagattt cacagcacag gtgctctgcg gagatcatct    111420
     cagactctga taaactcact ctattatcag tcctctctta caaaccgctt ttgtgtgaaa    111480
     gcttttctat caagagtttc attagagctc gtctgatttg atctgctgca gttttagaaa    111540
     taaagcacaa gctgtcactg gagtggtacc acatttatac ctaaagggtt tctaatgatt    111600
     ccttaaagac atagttcacc caaaaaatgt aatatactca ctatttactt tttacaagtg    111660
     gttccaaacc tttatcagtt tgtttattgt gttggtcact gaagaaaata ttttgaagaa    111720
     agctgaaagc ctgatgtggg ggagattttt ttttgccaca cttctattta aatgtaaatg    111780
     ccacaagggc aggcttttgg agttttgttg ctgaagatgc cgcatccagc agaataaaag    111840
     tcaaatctca caaaactggt ttcttgaaca tgacagtgag tacactaaac ttgtctagta    111900
     tgactcaaaa ggcctacaat tctgccctct tgtggtcatt tacgatattg acattaattc    111960
     ctgaccagac cttgtgtgtt aataatgctt cgtaaaagct gtttaattaa ataatttgct    112020
     acctacctac ttagataaat aattatcaat ctttcccttt taacttccag tctaaaaata    112080
     agaaataaaa agctagtttg gtcaaatttt gttcctctct aagatatttt aatgacaaca    112140
     tttggatatg tggctattta ataaaccagg ttgctgaaag agcagagctt caatgttgtt    112200
     caaatgactt cagactaaac aatgtaatgc agttctcaat cattttaaac aatttactta    112260
     cgtttaactc tcttaaattt gttttaaaaa tgacgctttt gctcaaattg gcaacatata    112320
     aatgtcacgt gtcatcatat acagaccagt aattcgtctg tacgaaatac tgtcaagtag    112380
     ggctacagct gtgtgttgag tgttttgaga aaattaataa ctttagtcta tcagaactag    112440
     ctatgtgtga gtgttaagtg ttttgacaca attaataact ttagttttat taatttatca    112500
     taggcctact ctgattacca gcgtgaccag acctccgttt aacaggagct gctgctggac    112560
     acatttattc ttaggaagca acagcaatgg actctctgaa cgacaaatat gcaagcaaaa    112620
     ccagtttgat gtaacatttt ttaccaactc tttaggaaaa cgcaaaacgt gcaaaatact    112680
     ttttcccttt tgtaacgttc aatgttagca aagtcagaag gtcgcgacca tccagtgaag    112740
     taatatataa agtatcagcg gtctttcatt gacctctagc ggacacattg ggtactacac    112800
     tacactacag cccatcatgg cggcgtccac tcgactcata tccaggttga cgttagtcac    112860
     gggtaagatt tattacgttt cattcgtctt gatggccttg cacatgtctg ttaattttaa    112920
     aaacatttta tactttggtt ctttttatta tccaaccata ctgctggcgt ccatgtcagg    112980
     tgctcgtata tttgtttata taatgcaata ctaaaggtta cagatatgca atattgtttt    113040
     acattattta tacatcaaat aaatacatca gttagcttta gccttctttt aactattaaa    113100
     gtacacgact ggatgtatat acatgtaatt ttaaagcata taacttttct tggaagtaac    113160
     attaaatgca gtggaaagtg ctggagtttt tgtacacatc agacatttgt tgttcagatg    113220
     ggtaaatcat gaatctgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgttcag gaggtggcag    113280
     tggtattggc agggcagtct gtcagagatt cgccactgaa ggtgcttctg tagtagttgc    113340
     tgaccgcaat gaggaatcag ccaatcagac gctggaactg ctgtcacgtg agcacagagg    113400
     tcaagagcac atggcccttg gggtggacgt gtcttcaaag gacagtgtgg agaagctggt    113460
     gaccagcata caggtgtgaa ggacacgctc actggctact ctagagattt atagttgaat    113520
     attaaaaata aaaagctcat gtttgtcttg ttttcctgca gcgccgctac ttccagcctc    113580
     catcagtgtg tgtgaatgct gccggcatca ctcaggatga attcatcctc aagatggagg    113640
     aagacgactt tgacaaagtc attaaagtca atcttaaggt accacagtac agagttaaac    113700
     ttaaagggtt agttcactca aaaatgaaga tttacactct gtttactctt cctcaagtgg    113760
     ttgtaaaacc tgtaactgtt gactcccata gtagcaacaa ataatatgga agtcagtagt    113820
     tgcaggttta cagcattctt caaaatatct tcttttgagt tcaacagatt taggaaagta    113880
     aaacgggttt gacacaagtg aagggcgagt aaatgatgac agaatattca gatttggctg    113940
     aactgcctct ttaaattatg accatgttat taaattataa tggagataca tagagaggat    114000
     caaaggaatc atccaaaaga ctgtaacact cctgtttttt gttttgattt tgattgaaat    114060
     ctctttttct gcattggcta atgttgtgtg atatttacaa ataaaatcac agtttaaatt    114120
     tattatctta tatttgatta tatttcacat cgggtgaatt tatcagcatc attactccag    114180
     tctacagcag agatgcccaa actaggtccc gcagttcaaa gttggcccat ggtaaccttt    114240
     gatttgtctc gccatcccat ctgagaagag agggagaata atgggaatcc ttttgagatc    114300
     gttaattcaa atataatgca accttttgtt tgttttattg ttaaaagctg actgtaatta    114360
     aacgttccag ttaaatggtg taaatcaatc agattgtgtt taaatgttca tcctgacacc    114420
     tgacaatgct gagactttgg tgagcaaatc aagtcaaagg cagattctgc ttgactagtg    114480
     tattcagcat tgaactccac tgtgttataa atgtgattgt ttatgtttta attgcaataa    114540
     gtttttgttt taaaagtgat tctgcattag ttcatacaat gtaaagtcat ttttattaag    114600
     ttttaagtaa tattaaataa atcattaaat gacccatggc aactttaatc aaatatagtt    114660
     tggtatattt agcttcagtc cacggctctc aatgatattt tgtttttggc ttttcatgca    114720
     aaataagttt gggcaccgct ggtctgcagc acgggtgacc gaccctgttc ctggagatct    114780
     accttcctga agatttcagc ttcagcccag atcaaacaca cctgcctgta attatcaagg    114840
     gctgttcagg tcttaatgaa ttagtgcagg tctgtttgat cagggttgga gcagaaattt    114900
     gcaggaaggt agatctccag gaacaggctt cacaaggtca catgaccctt cagaaatcat    114960
     tctgataggc tgatctggtg ctccagaaac tctttttgtc attataattg tttaaaaagt    115020
     gaatatgaag agttcagatg caaaaaccta catgccgtct gaaatttcca ttgaaaatga    115080
     aatcttttct tagcctcctt tgtttgtgtt gagatatttc actttaaata acaggaaaag    115140
     gacttattct ttgccataaa agtgaaatta ctgaacatac atacaggaga ctgataaaat    115200
     tactaattgt agaggacaat ttcagatggc atttagaggt tttttgcatc taaactcttc    115260
     atatattggt tgaaagaagc gatgcatgta tttcattctt gtttgagaga tagaaacact    115320
     taaagataaa acaatataaa gatctttact ctcacttact atcaatctaa tgttagttag    115380
     tcagatcagt ctaaccagta gattccccct gacatctgta aagtgctttg aggactcaga    115440
     aaaaggcctg tataaactag aggagttatt attaatgtgt tcttgctgga taatactttt    115500
     atttgatctt tctttaatga cctctgtaat gtgtgtatct gctctctttc agggcacatt    115560
     tctggtgact caggcagtct cgaaggcttt agtctctgca gggtcagtga agggctccat    115620
     aattacagtg ggcagtatcg tgggcaaggt caagcattta taacatcgtc acaatgagca    115680
     tttcacactt tatacatcat ggagtattaa taaagcatca gtgcgtgcac acatttgcac    115740
     agggtctctt cagaatctct ttctctggct gtaggttggg aatattggcc aggtgaatta    115800
     cgcctcttct aaagcaggag tacagggact cactcgcacc gccgccaaag agctgagcaa    115860
     gtaagagagc acttaacatc atgaaaatat ttaaagatgg gtggctcagt ggttagcact    115920
     gtcatctcac agcaagaagg tcgctggttc gagtactagt ttttgggcca gttggcattt    115980
     ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctcctcctgt tcccgagggt ttcctctggg tgctccggtt    116040
     tcccccaacg gtgagccgtg ataaatcaca gactggtcga aggggaaaat gaatgaataa    116100
     aacttttaaa tccctgccgt tttttttaac actctggtca ttttctattt tgctgtagtt    116160
     tttttggttc tgcttgtgtc ttatttgctg taaacatgat gctaatcaca atgaaaggtt    116220
     gtgtttttgt cattattttt attgtaatat attaatatta ggtgttgtgc ccgtcaggtt    116280
     tggtattcgc tgtaactgtg tgctgccggg gttcatcact acacccatga ctgataaagt    116340
     cccagagaaa gtcatcgata aagtaagcaa cagtgttttt tttctttgaa attgtttaat    116400
     tgatttaatt ttattattta ttacttcgta tatgacctat tattgatttt gtcattttta    116460
     tcagatgatt tgaatttaaa tgttattgtc tgattttaac attgtcaggt gacttggcaa    116520
     aataaagggg aagttcactc aaaaatgcaa atacagtcat tttttactca accttcactt    116580
     gttcctaacc tttttgagtt tctttcttct gttgaacatg aaagaagata ttttgaagaa    116640
     tgctgaatct gctaaccatt gatttccata gtttgttttc attgtattct tcaaaatatc    116700
     ttcttttgtg ttcaacagaa taaacagggt tgtaaggatg agtaaatgaa gacagaattt    116760
     acattgttgg gtgaactgtg tctttaaaga cagacctata ataacagcac taatctattt    116820
     tattgtgttt agatcacatc tattattcca ctgggaagaa tgggagagcc tgctggtatg    116880
     tacattttca ctatacaaaa tatgttgatg aaaatgtttt aataactatc atcaccttgg    116940
     aattataagg ttccgtctgc gtcctgaatg attttaagat tatgaggttt aaagtttttg    117000
     cgttccatag caaacagtat gtgtgtaaca gtatgtgttt ttcaaataaa aagtcctaaa    117060
     atgtaaacaa ctaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaacg tctcataatg taaatatggt gtaatttaac    117120
     aagaatatgt caataactca attttgacaa aaatgtcaga tagaacctta taattgtaag    117180
     ctgacgatat atggatgatc actacataca ggtctgtgtt gatatatcgg ctttttacac    117240
     ttaaagggat agtttaagtg taaaaagaac tgaacattgc catcttttat tcactcttta    117300
     cttgttacaa acctgtttga tgttctttct tctgttctac acaaaagaag atattttgaa    117360
     gaatgttgaa aacatttaac tattgacctc cattgtatga aaaacaaata ctatggaagt    117420
     cagttacagg ttttcaacat tcttcaaaat atcatctatt ttgttcaaca gaaactcatg    117480
     aaggattaat acacagtgtc attctgaagc gggatgaagg gagtcctgtc taatctttta    117540
     tcacgtttat tgtggttaat aattaaccct gggttactct gtacattcct gaacctcagg    117600
     ttatgaatct gctgtgtctc tccatgattg gaaaaatgca gcatgtgacc ccagtgcccg    117660
     ctcagttaca gcagcaagtt ttttcagtca tagccatttt atatatatca ctttaaaagt    117720
     cttttgtgca aaaaagcgat ttgagcaaaa aatttatccg aagtaaaaca caaagataaa    117780
     agtctgtaca cctggcatct ttaatgaagg aaagaactac aatcccatga ttcccaaatg    117840
     aacaagttag tatgaaaatg ataatatact acacaatata gtatattaaa taattatcac    117900
     aaaatatcca catatatcta tgcactttta gactgaagtg agatgtgctt tgtttgctcc    117960
     tgctctctaa ttggtgaata tttctaaaca gcattatggg taatctagtt ctgtagcaca    118020
     acatttgact acataaagta ggttaaacaa aaccacatac tattgataga cagtttcaga    118080
     gcccataaca gctctgtcta taaaggtaaa taatttcttt ctttaaagta ttttattgtt    118140
     ttaccacggt gctaatctta gtgtgaaacc tttctctgtt cacaattaaa atcagagtta    118200
     aaaacgataa taaaactggt gttaagccaa tttttaaagc cttttctctc tttttttatt    118260
     tgtctatgca gaagtagctg acgcctgtgc gtttctggct tctgatgaca gccgatatat    118320
     caccggagtc agcattgaag ttgctggtaa gaagcttgat ctctttataa accactattt    118380
     cagcagaaac gtgtgtgtta tttcatgtag aaacgagctg ctgtcagttt gttgtactga    118440
     tctacactgt cctctttaat ccatacaggc ggactcttca ttggctgaaa acagactgtt    118500
     gaatgtgact caatcgtgcc tttacctcag tcagagtgtg taaattgtat tttaattgct    118560
     gtaaaaactg cgtacacaat ataacaaatg aaaaaaataa actctatatt tatacaactg    118620
     aagagagtga atattcaata cagaattaac cgcacacagg gaggaaatgt gttgatgtgt    118680
     ggtttaatgg gaactttaga ccaaaacaac aagaattaaa acagataaca gctgcaaacc    118740
     cacacttata aaactggagg acaaataaaa tattgatatc tgaagagtta atttgatgga    118800
     cagacgtatg acggcttcat ggagacatga tatgtgctgt ttagatgatg atctcagttt    118860
     agcagatcaa atattagcat gtgacgacag taaacaacca aaagaacaac aaaggagtcc    118920
     aacagctctt taaatagatt atatattaca caaacagact ttgaagtact tacattaaaa    118980
     acgttttagc accataaaga cagatgttcg tctttcaaaa acaacccttg cagtatcgtc    119040
     cttgtgagaa aaccacacaa acaacttttc attcacaaat catttttata gcttttcatt    119100
     cccctcaatt ccttgtttta aaaaacgaaa acaaaaagga aatatacatt aaaaacaaca    119160
     aaccaccatc agactcttcc tctggctgtc ccttctccac tgctgtctga cgctccagac    119220
     tctcagcacc taaaacacac tctcctgaac ctctggatta atgcagcatc atcaccaaag    119280
     catcgctcaa aggcaaatat acgtatatat atcatacaga gaaggcggat ttgcttcttg    119340
     gggtttaatt tacatattta atagcgtgat ggaaactaca tgaaataatt acagatgaat    119400
     accacattgt ttagtacagc gagtgttggt tgttttcttg tgagcacctg tttgtttcac    119460
     aattacataa taaatagatt caaatatttc tgtacaaatg gatttctaat gcaccgttcc    119520
     agcatcgtgg atgagtgaat gaatgaatgc tgtgggtcag atcaaacgca aacattataa    119580
     ttggtttaaa aaggtagtgt gtgaaacaaa aaccagctta ataattcata aatactggac    119640
     tggtaagttg gcatgtcttt aaaaaaaaat caagaattca tacagatttg agtcactcta    119700
     taataaatgt acaacattat caaagtcaac atctttacac tagtataaat ggctttggtt    119760
     tgatttgata aatgtggctg gtgtcattca ggattagaaa cgttcctcag tttaattgta    119820
     gcacctgtgg actggaggac tttagatgat ggaggtagga gtagcgggac gtcccggaag    119880
     acagacagtg gggacgggag ctgtaggagc gaagcggagg gtcagcagta tctgctccaa    119940
     cacacttctg ttactggaca caatctcttc tctcctgaga gaacggctct ctctctcctc    120000
     tttctcttct tgtgttgtcc attcaatgct gggagtgttt ttccctgggt gtgtagttcg    120060
     tgtgcaactt ttattcacaa tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg agtctatgtg    120120
     tgtcacttaa tgtcttgtgt tggcacatct gtgtgtggtt gtatttgtcg tatatttaag    120180
     tgcatgattg agtgtgtgtg ttgtttgttt tggtgattgt attccccttg ccctcagcat    120240
     gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat cccaggaaac agacaggtcc tacttcaaaa    120300
     ccaaatttct gattgtcctc cccaaagtct gagatcctga tgtccagcag agggagctgc    120360
     tccacctgag gtgtgttcac ctccagcacc gtcctgtcca gacccttacg atactgcagg    120420
     acagaggaga aacgatgaag aggcacagaa gaaaatgaaa atatacaaga cctaataaca    120480
     acatttgcaa ttgcagttgt tgctgtacaa taatagttaa gtggtactaa aagattctat    120540
     aacatcacac tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    120600
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatacaca tttatttatt tatttatata tttctatatt    120660
     tatttatagt gtgatgttat agaatctttt agtacaactt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    120720
     gtgtgtatgt atgtatgtat atataaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    120780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataacctgtt taatcaagat acaaaaagaa    120840
     atcaagaaaa caatgttaaa ttcttaaaaa ataagtaata aaaattaaaa ataaaattta    120900
     aatatttaca aatgtttgga gcaataatta tcatgaaaag cactacacaa atacatttga    120960
     actgaattaa attaaaatga tcagcagaat caatatatat cagaactcta tgtgtgttca    121020
     tataaagcat atacattaca cacacacatc attgtaaact gaagactagt gaatgataca    121080
     gaaatttgat ctgccaacac agtaataaat tacattttaa aatatatatt taaataggaa    121140
     acatttattt taaattgtaa taatatttca caatatttct gtttcttgtt gctttttaaa    121200
     atgcatttgt tggacccaaa tatttgacat tctatataaa agtatttaat gaatctaatt    121260
     taatatgcat tttacattcc aaaaagacct caacatgctt atgcagtgca aatgtgcaaa    121320
     catgtataac acaaaatcat cctagctgtc tgattcttat agttgaatca actagtcatc    121380
     ttaacttaca tcggtcaaac agacaataat attaaattta gctttgtata agcaatacaa    121440
     ataagttgaa acctgatgaa cttattaaaa atctagaata atataacatt tgtacaaaat    121500
     actacttttt acagtgtata tgcattgaag tcagaattat tagcccccct ctatattttt    121560
     tccccaattt ctgtttaaag acattttcaa cacattttta aacttaataa tttattataa    121620
     taacatttct tttacctttg ccatgatgac agtacataat attttacaat tttattttac    121680
     tagataagga aagttagatt aattaggcaa atcattgcat aatgatggtc tgttttgaag    121740
     acaatcaaca aaaaaataaa gcttaaaggg gccagcaata ttgaccctaa aataggttta    121800
     aaaaaatgaa aactgctttt attccagccg aaataaaaca aataagactt tctcctgaag    121860
     gaataacatt atagtaatgt tatactgtga aaatgtcctt actctgtaaa catcatttag    121920
     caaatataaa aaaaaaatca ataaatcaca ggagagctaa taatgctgac tttaactgta    121980
     tatgtaaaaa tatatgtaag aataaacatg tcaattctta cggagcagcc gtcgatgagg    122040
     gctttgatat atgggctagt ctcatagctg atctcctcat cattggcccc ctgcagacgc    122100
     agcgcccgct tgtatccgcc gtcggtggtt tggtcagtcc aggccaccga gcgttggcag    122160
     tggtaggtga ggttctgtct ggcctggaca ctgagcagcc gcaagaagcc cagctgaaca    122220
     acacccacag cctctccaac cgagtctaca tatgaaaact agacaacaaa gacaacatca    122280
     gtgcatgatt cacagtgtat tgaacttcac actgtaaaaa aacagcattc acattgtgtc    122340
     tggatgtgtt gtcactacaa atctctttca gtgtaaatgc tctattgaca ttgttcttca    122400
     catatgagcg gatgcagtca tttgaatctt tttggctcga gatttccagt ctcactgact    122460
     tttattaatt ttgagacgtt aaaaatagct tgttatactg caaactgata ttttcttatt    122520
     ctattattct actttttatg ataaatcatg aacacacttg tttgtagcat aagtagtttg    122580
     actgcccttt attctgggcc atttctccca taggaaactc aatcggaaac atgagaacac    122640
     ttctgcattg tagaataagg ttaataaagt cacattgaat ttgagttaca actgttcttt    122700
     tttacttatt atgattatat aaccctacag aaatacttcc tgagaaagag taaatgttcg    122760
     gtgagacttg attagtggat caatttaaat tgtatgattt ggtttggttg attatgagag    122820
     cacatgaatg aaacatgatg tgcataggtg aataatgtac aataaatact gtcacagtca    122880
     ataaaatctt ggtaaaataa tcatctgttg actgaactaa gtatttctga gcagttttaa    122940
     aagcaacagc agcattattt tagaatcagt gagattttat ggaccatttt tcacatttcc    123000
     aggtttatca ttagcggaag tcatcatagt ttcgtacact tagagtgcag tgaatcagag    123060
     agtacaagag tacagagttt cacaatccta tttgctgaaa taatcaaaga aaaactccac    123120
     gatgatgtta taaagatttt tacaaaaggg aaaaacaaca acgtcaaatg aactctcctg    123180
     ccccatagac actgcattac aaacaccttg aataagctgt aattattatt tttgtaattt    123240
     aatgcaattg taatttaatg atacatacat aaagacatac atgttcaaat aaaaaaaatc    123300
     taaatatgaa acatttcaaa aacttgagat gctgatgaca accataaatg cttaatggtc    123360
     ttgtaaaaac agtccattat agtgtttatt aataattttg aaattttaaa aatatatttt    123420
     ctcttcagtt taactaaaat attttagtat ttttttctgt tttaaattta ttaaaaaaat    123480
     atctgtttta aattttagct tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttaagc    123540
     ttggcttcag ttttaatgaa ctataataac tcaatatact caccttgttg ccctttgcaa    123600
     actgactgaa caaggaccca ggcttctcct ttatccaaga gttcatcttt acctattata    123660
     gaacaaataa ataacattca tgtcaacaca gtgttattct gccgttcaga ctatgcaata    123720
     ttttgttatg atgctcagat tacatcatgg gaaataagca tgtcagacta cacacactgt    123780
     agacttcttg accaaatcat cgtctatcac tgcatgtgat gtcattaagt gggcggaact    123840
     gtaaactgac taccggaaac aagaataaca tctaaacatc atctgacatg gaggacttgc    123900
     ataaccaatc actacaatac atgatgccaa acagatcatc ctagaaacat taaacaggtt    123960
     agatactgta tagtctgaac ttaatgatgt tgcaggtaag caataatgac aaatatgaat    124020
     aaagtagaag ttcttacatt ctccactgct ttgctgggat acaggcaggt ctctccgccg    124080
     gcagtgaagt tacagtaaac cttgaaagag tcgcgagcac agccttgatt tggatcaatc    124140
     caatactcgc ctaaaataga gagataaaag tataagagtg caaactgctt ccctattggt    124200
     catgcaatgt gtcaatcatg taataaccat gacaaccgta ccgtctttca gatctggttg    124260
     gctgagatgg agatcctggc aggtgcggcc ggggctctcc tttgtgccca atgggaagcg    124320
     catgctctcg atctcctggc gcagggaatt aagtgagccg aagatctcct ccattccttc    124380
     attaccagtc aggaactcag agccagtggt gtcggcagcc tcagcgtcag cctcagacag    124440
     aatcttactg gcgtcgatgg agcgcttgga cttcttgggg atctgaatgg gcagcggctg    124500
     gatgacatca ccagggggac cctaaaacaa aagcagaatt cagatgcatt taaaagatgc    124560
     aggaactctg tttcaaagtg ttaattatag tgtttgtttt taatgttcat ctcaaaaata    124620
     tttcaatagt gtgagattat gtcatggaaa ataagcaagt cagactacaa atagcttctt    124680
     gactaaatca tcccttctag tctttaacaa catatgcaat gtcattgagt gacggaacta    124740
     aaaactgact ttcagaaaca aacaaataat caaacctcga gtaaacaact aaacatcatc    124800
     ttacatgaag cactataata aaataaatca ataatttgtt attttaactg aaatactata    124860
     aagcatgaat tattatgttt aatactaatt tataacataa tgttgtggtg ttcattttca    124920
     actcacaggt ggtcctggtg gtccttgtac acccttttct cctttaggac cagccccacc    124980
     ctgtaccaca gagataagat aaagagaatt tgagtcattt tagtgtaaag tgtaatgaaa    125040
     ggaagaaaag tcaccaatgc acaatgcttt ttttacttac actggcacct ttagctcctt    125100
     tgacacccct cgggccctgt gagaaataat acatccattc agctaagtca agtttcagtt    125160
     aagaagaatc agtgcatgtt cttcaaaaaa tgagcatttg gtaatttgag aaaaacactg    125220
     agacaatggt aatgtgttca ctcacaggca taccagcagg acctgcagga ccaagtggac    125280
     cagttcctcc agatataccc taaaattaaa taaataagac agaaataggg cattaataca    125340
     aaatatggca tttgataaca tggttgtgca tgtgcaatac tgagcaaaag tttgagatca    125400
     gtaaaaatgg tagtctttta tgctctccaa agctgtacaa ttaacaataa taaacatata    125460
     atattttaca atttaaaaca actaatttct gtttaaatat attaataaaa tgtcatttga    125520
     ttctgtgaag gtaaggctaa attttcagat gatccttcaa aaacatacta cgctgacttt    125580
     tttgttatgt ttacctattt tgagaacacg ataatttgta ttgtcaaacc atgattctaa    125640
     tgtgtgttgg acttcaccgt ttctcccttg ggtcctgttg atccctgtgg tcctggcatg    125700
     cctctgtctc ccttctctcc ttgttctcca gcaggcccga tcagtccgag catacctgga    125760
     tgtcccttct cacctttagc accgggatca ccgcgaagac cagccagacc tggaggaccc    125820
     tgttacagga ggggggaact atttaccctt caatataaac tcagttccat gatgttacag    125880
     cagttcacta cacctgaagt gtttcaggta tcagtaaatg aatgttgaat attcagttca    125940
     ttactttata tttaatcatt cacaaggtct taccagaggt ccaggaggtc ctttagggcc    126000
     tgcagcacct ggagaacctt gctcaccctg aatgaagtta tcagatcatt attttgataa    126060
     ataatatttt agtttttgtt taattacaga aatcacagaa aaatgtcata ccactgttcc    126120
     aggcaaccct cttagaccct cagttcctgg ttttccgggt tgtccctgtg gccccacagg    126180
     gccagttttt ccgggaggac caagagcacc tgaatcaccc taaaagaaaa acagatagca    126240
     tatgaggaag actactatgg aaagcctgtt tgttaaatat tgttgagctc tctggttata    126300
     tagtcttgcc ttgcttcctt tctctccttg acggccctcc ggtccccttg tgcctgcagg    126360
     accctgaaat acaaacatta ttatatcaag tatgccagtg taatgtcaca aattttcttg    126420
     ctttagtaga ccagaggaaa accatcatgt gaccttaata ctaaaataca gattgtgtct    126480
     ttcaaaatgt acattaaaca atgaatatac aacatatggg gtgataatgt taagatgtgg    126540
     tacatcaaag tgatcttact ctctttcctg gaggtccagg tggtccgttc tctccagtag    126600
     gtccaggtga gccctaaatc catgcgcaga cagcattaag taacacaggt aatgttgaaa    126660
     aacacatttg tgtagggaaa tgataactca cggcttctcc ttgttctcca tcctctcctc    126720
     tgtcaccctt tgcaccatct tgaccctata aagagggtca gaaagaaaga tttttcttgc    126780
     actgatgtat catgttaaac accaagcgta tgtaataata atacattaaa agtctaattt    126840
     aatttaatgt ggccttcaag tgtcatgtat tgtacataaa tgacattagc tctactcact    126900
     cgtggtccaa cttcaccagg gggtccagga tcaccaggga atccaacagg acccttaaaa    126960
     atacaaatat cagctgctga agagtcacag tcacatctat gttttatttc aaatacatgt    127020
     cattattaac acatacaggg tttcctttgg gtccgtcatc tccagtgggt ccctttcctc    127080
     caggaggacc aggggtgcca ggctgcccgg actctccctt ctcaccacgc tctcctcttg    127140
     ggccctggca ttagacaagc aaaacaatga agttagctga gacatgatgc tgcagtttct    127200
     aaattaattt tctgtgtgag cctgtttgtc acaagttcaa agaatgaata cataattaat    127260
     aaaaacattc tcaccaattt tcctggctct ccaccaacac caggtggtcc agattcacca    127320
     ggctcaccct ggaaacacaa aattaacaat cagtcaatca gaactgtaaa tattatcaaa    127380
     gaaatagaca tcatgcatga aacaaaccga gctcatctac acttgccttc tctcctatgg    127440
     gacctggatt acccaaacct cctggaggac cttggggacc ctgaaaaaca acgatcacag    127500
     aatgatccat ttttccagtg attacaaaat aatgaagtga aataatgcat tttgtaaata    127560
     atattaatgc aaattacgtt acttacatca gcaccattag gaccagcagg accacgcggc    127620
     cctggaggac caggaggacc ctacagaaca gtcaccatac ccattacaat acaacataca    127680
     acatccaatg tcatacaccg tattatgcaa gcaatgtgtg attcacttta taaccgtcag    127740
     agcaaaggat tgagactcac caagggtcca acatctcctg tctctccctt ttctccacct    127800
     gggcctggca aaccctaatg aacagaatta aagaataagt actgattaaa ccatcttata    127860
     tggagactta cttggtaaag gccctgatat atattgtctg tgatggatgt tggtttgcct    127920
     ggttttgttc ataacaccag tacgctcttg gatttttctt tacatcttca catttattac    127980
     aaatgctgaa tacagtacct gcaatcctat ggggccaggg ggaccaggga aacctcttgt    128040
     gccttcatct cccttggcac caaactgtcc ctgttgacct cttggacccg tctcaccatc    128100
     agcaccctaa ccacatatat gaaatggaaa ttaagcactt ctgatttgtt tctatcaaat    128160
     atttaagtaa agaactgtat aacattaaat atgtgaatat gcatattcat cagtgagatt    128220
     gctttcacac ttaccgctgc accaggctgt ccaacaggac ccatcggccc aggtggacca    128280
     ggaggaccct gtaaatatgc aagtaattga cttattatag ataacaaaac aaaaaaaaat    128340
     ctaagcatag aagacgttca catattaagg ctctatgtaa tgtattgaca ttttgaagcg    128400
     tactcacatg ttctcctttg gaccctttag ctcccttttg tcctggctct ccaacctcac    128460
     cctacacaat aaacaaagca gagttaatat ttgacaagag cctccatctg aatatcatga    128520
     ctgtagatca agatataaga aggtcactga ccttgtctcc atcttctcca gaaatacctg    128580
     gaggtccggc agggcctggg agaccaactg ggccttggat gccatcacga ccagctggac    128640
     caaccggacc tttctcgccc tgtaaaagaa gatggcttta gacgatgggc ttctatgcaa    128700
     tctgtattag agacatgatg caaacgaaga gtaaacactt actggtactc ccttttcacc    128760
     tgaagttcca gggggtccct gaggtccagg tcgtccaggt gggccgacag ggcctgcagt    128820
     gccagcacca cctctctccc cagatgaacc ctagaaatta agttcaactt agcatatact    128880
     tatgagacca tatgtaatca tctaactgaa gtctacattc tactcttaat attttgaaga    128940
     cttgtgtttt atatcatacc gcaggaccag gtggtccagc agggccttca tttcctttca    129000
     gtcctccaga accctaagaa aacagagtca gattatagtt atggggtata aaaaacattt    129060
     aggcatagtt ataaattggt gtaaatcagg tataaatcag taaaacagtt ataaatttta    129120
     gtttaacaat tgttaaagtt taacattata tcattcacag agcagaatca gcaggtctta    129180
     ttactggagt tcctggtagt cctctctctc ctgggaatcc tctaagtcca gggggtccat    129240
     ctttaccggg gccaccagga ggaccgggat ctcctttggt tccttcttta ccagaggagc    129300
     cagaaaggcc ttgctcacca ggtggtcctg gaggtccagg gtggccacgc tcacccatct    129360
     gaccagtctc accagaggga ccctaaacaa aaacttgact tgagtaacgc tcgcattgct    129420
     cactgatttg atagatttat tgatctgagg aattttataa catttgtaga aaatataatt    129480
     cttcttttta ttttattttc tcagagttat tcttgattct ctattagtat ggtgtgtatg    129540
     ctttgcctaa atagatgtta aatcatttac cttaccgtca ttctttactc tatattttta    129600
     tatattctat actatatttt gtatgttctg tgaaattata tgctaaccta aactggcctt    129660
     tgaggagatg tattttgcat actaatgagg catttcgcag aaggagctat cttggacaag    129720
     aaatatgcag cagaaacaat aaaaataaca tgtgtctctc gcctctgatt tcctgtgaaa    129780
     agtattggag cctatgtagg tctctaagca tgtgcattta actggtcttc ttcttctgtg    129840
     cagaaaagag gaactagaga tggggccgaa aagctgacag agacaacccg ccttctcttc    129900
     cttttgtgta taaaactggg tttctaggta ccgggcggtg cagagtacct gacgttagtc    129960
     ccggttagca ttgtataacg gttagactat tttggtgtat gcccagagct ctgaacatcg    130020
     aattattcat ttgtattcaa taaattacta atcttttaag caataaacta tttctcctga    130080
     gtttgaattg aacacgcatg gaatagagga aaatattcca acacatttta ttaaataaga    130140
     aatccatata ggttgtatct ttaatgataa atgctaaaaa ctcacgtgtg ggccaacaac    130200
     tccaggtggg ccaggtggtc caactttgcc ttggaaaccc tttgaatgca aaaaggttaa    130260
     tgttgctgcg catttaatca tgttcacaga taatactgta gtttagaggg tacatacgac    130320
     ttcgcctctc tgtccagggt gtccaggaag tccatctttc cctggaggtc ccttcacaat    130380
     acatttgaga catcagtaag caatagagac aaactggacc aaattaataa ttaaactaac    130440
     taaactaata attccttacg ggaggtccct ttggcccagg gaatccatta gcaccctgag    130500
     gtccagttag cccctaaaac aaaaacagaa ccataaaaaa tacattaaag atgaagaaaa    130560
     gattagaagt tattaattga ttgcttattg taaaatgaac atactctctc tcctggtggt    130620
     ccaggaggcc cgtcacttcc tgatccaccc taaaacatca caaataaatt ggctatatgt    130680
     aaataatatt taatcattgg tattgaccaa tatgttattg agattaatta accctaaatg    130740
     atgttcatac cttagcacct gatttcccag ttgccccacg tggtcctctc tgccctctag    130800
     gaccctaaat acataaaaac acttgactca gaaaatcatt gaacatcgtt ttacaaatca    130860
     gcaaagtggg tttgttctca aatccaatta aaactactgc tgtgtgggac agagataaga    130920
     cattataggg tatgacatga gatgattgat ttataactgg tccttactgt cggccctctt    130980
     tgtcctcttg gtccaggttt tccaatcaaa ccctagaaag agaaaacaca attcaacttt    131040
     tacttaaaat gtgacagttt tattcctgtt gagttttacc ctgtttgtaa gcactattgt    131100
     aaaaggaaaa tatctgaaag attcaccctt gtgcccttct cgccatttgt accagggaat    131160
     cctgggaaac caagggaccc ctaaaaaaca agaattacac tcattatatg tgtcttcagt    131220
     ttgacaaaaa tattattgca cattacatga gtatattttt gtttaccttt attccttgac    131280
     gtccaggata tccaggaagt ccaggaacac caagtttacc ctagaaggac attatttagt    131340
     aaatatttct tacatcttct agacgaaaaa acacatttta cacatttatc attacagtta    131400
     atgaatatta tataaatagt atttacataa atacttgttt acatcatata ttgactttca    131460
     ctgactgaaa agctgagttt ccatgatcta tgagcactga gcagataaaa ggacaatata    131520
     tctttaattg caggttatcc agtcatctgt ttaggacagt gctaaagccc aaagcaaagc    131580
     tggactggaa gttagactga gttgccctac ttaatttgag gggcttgtta atctttttga    131640
     atagatttta acatcaacac aacattgatt aatgcattaa ataacgattc ttttacacca    131700
     atcaaaaatt ataaatgcag tcaaacttaa caataattag gttgtaagct tatatgttca    131760
     ttttggtgag tgataattta tgccacctaa tataagttac acttaaaaaa taattataac    131820
     acaaaataaa tgtaacaata aaaattaaat gatacattat gttcaattta aaattaatag    131880
     caaaaacaca tacgatatgg aaataaatac acatgctgat tcataatatg caaataaatg    131940
     attattgatt gatattgatt aataaagcaa gagaaactaa atctaagcat ataaaatttt    132000
     caaattgaag gctcactgaa atggcactta tatgttgaca tattttgata tataaacatt    132060
     gtgaagggtt tgtttaggag atggacagaa aatataaaaa atttcctgat gttcaatgtc    132120
     tggattactc cttttaaaat tacacgatat accagaaatg acccatagaa accctgaaaa    132180
     ccaaacacag ctaaaataat ataatacaac tatacaattt acaccaaact aaccttctct    132240
     cccaacaggc cgaggggacc aatttcacca gggggtccga cgcgaccctt tggcccctca    132300
     ggaccatctt ctcctcttgg gccgggcacg cccacctctc cctgttaatg cagttgaaat    132360
     gggtcaatgc agccaatgct aaatcacatg catatcgaaa attctctatc cactggtgtt    132420
     gtatgtgcgt accctctctc ccttcacacc aaagtctcct ttaattcctg ggaatccatc    132480
     ctctccctaa aaaaaaacaa aaaaacagtt tatttaacac ttactgttgc acttgcactt    132540
     attacaaaaa ttcattaaga tttcaataat gataatctga ctaaagcaaa tgtatttaac    132600
     caaatactct caccttctct cctttatgac ctttcagtcc acggatacct tgagctccct    132660
     gtgaatgtag caaaatattc agtctgttat ctgtctgagt aaatatgaac tattaacaat    132720
     tattattaca attttattac atacagatgt tcttaacaaa cggatcattt agacaaatat    132780
     atcaataaca tttccattta tctaaatttc cacactgata aaatggataa aaactattaa    132840
     aaatggatat tatggctgca aaatatattg caaacctatt gttattgcaa taatagcata    132900
     tgcaataagt gtattgcagc catgtgtgat aaagcacatt tattttaagc attgcttgtg    132960
     ttttaatact aaatgtttgc aatgttgttt aaattagaat taattatatc tgaaaaatat    133020
     cctttaaaat atgttcattt tattatcatt acataaataa tttatctaaa aacataaata    133080
     ataaaaaatg tgcccatatt tgtagggaaa tgccttgccg ttagaaatat tgttattgca    133140
     atactcaaaa acaacaatgc atattgcata tttacccaat gttgtgcagt cctaatagat    133200
     atccattatt ctttcatttt aaatatatca gaacaattta tatatatatt gtaccttcaa    133260
     tccccgaggg ccaggatagc caatagagcc ctgaggacca ttaggaccct aaatatggag    133320
     agaaagttaa ataaacagca aaaatattaa cacactacaa attgaaagtt atttgtgatt    133380
     gctgataaca ctaaataaaa agtatgtaaa tagttgtgtc agatattaca tttaacctat    133440
     gaagctacac agagaaatct acttagtata atgagacgtt ctcacttgat ttcctttggt    133500
     tccaccagga ccttccttcc cgggatgacc ctgtgggacg aacacagtta aaacattcat    133560
     tacaacagct aacaatagat acatgtttgt tttgccatac acttatgact gttcagtttt    133620
     tcattcacaa tcacatgaac tgaaagtcag cacaaaaaca tttcagtact ttggatataa    133680
     aaaaacaaac aagaatcact acaaaacatc atatccagta cttacgggag gaccatcagc    133740
     tcctggcatt cctggtagac ctggctttcc tgtgggtccc ttttagaaaa cagagaaaat    133800
     gccattaagc acattcaaat aattaaatat tagttacaac tgattttttg tgctgttgaa    133860
     tctttgcaac acttactttc tctcctggtg gtccagtggc accctgtgga cctggcattc    133920
     cctgttacac agaaaaaaca tgaatatttt ttataatttt gtacatgtgt cattaaattc    133980
     ctcatttaat tgtaactgtt tacctgtgtt cctggagccc cctgctggcc tggaggaccg    134040
     ggctctcctt gtggtccctt aaaggagcaa cgacaaggta aatgaaaaaa ttttattttt    134100
     tacattttta tttattacat ggtgttcata tgctatcatt tttttctttt taattttaat    134160
     attgcaataa ttatgtctag tctattagtc caggggttca taaacttttc agcacgcgac    134220
     ccctaaaata acaataccag tgactcgcga cccccaatat cccctgaggt gattataaat    134280
     acagaaaact tgcatgcaat ggcacacaca cacaccaata gaccaaagtc tattctttgt    134340
     ttaatttttt aaatgtattt cagtgctgta aatgggccag aaagtttaac ctggtgttat    134400
     aaaatcaatc tgctgcatct gacgctattg ctgtgtcttt aatataatgt atttacccca    134460
     tgggtcgcaa tccaatagaa caagtaaata agctactata gtaactataa acgactgttt    134520
     ttttctcttc agttggttat ggataaaata tggtaattct tatggtctaa taataataag    134580
     tagatttttg gaaatcacca ggcgaccccc cttcattgtt ctgcgacccc tcaaggggtc    134640
     ccgaccccca ctttgagaac cactgtatta gtcgatagtc tatattcaaa taatgtttta    134700
     taatttcaaa tggtttgaga atttgcagca gaattattgc cagaaaactg agatatactt    134760
     actaagtttc cttttggacc atgtggacca tcatttccac gaacaccctg gcaaaacaaa    134820
     atggagaaat gaaataggga ataatctaga tgctaaaggc atagttcacc caaaaatgtc    134880
     cctaaaatgc acattttaat atcttgatgt gttgaagatg gtagttgtgt ggctgcgcaa    134940
     ccacagcaaa tgaaaaaata cgtatatttg aagatctgat taaaagtgtc ctagttatac    135000
     taatttaaag atggctagct ttgtcttgga ggtctttgtt ttccatgctt ctgaagtcca    135060
     aggtacaaat aattttcaga aactatatta tttcctaata aatcagttca caaagagctt    135120
     tttgaaaaat tattaaaaga cttgttactt ttcccgagcc caccttgctc ataatttaat    135180
     tttacctcca gaaatgttta aaaatatttg aaaaagcata acagagatac tttaacactt    135240
     tactatgtgg tttatgtagc tgatggagct tttagtaaat actcacagga ggtccaggaa    135300
     gtccagaagg ccctttaggc cccaacaaac cacggggtcc ctacaaaaat gagaaaaagg    135360
     ctcatcaaaa tacatacaat aaaattcaag caaaacatag agctttacag atttataaca    135420
     aaagggcaaa tcaaggttgc atatgtctat aatatcacag tcaggttcta gagccttgct    135480
     taattctgac cagattgtga aatacacact caacaaaaac actcacaggt tcgccaggaa    135540
     gacctctggg tccaacatct ccatcatctc cctgattaat gtcaagaggg aaaaggacaa    135600
     ttaaaatgca aggtttttta tgcattgcaa aaatgatgat aggtgaacga tcaagagtat    135660
     atttagacaa aatgtaaaaa cccctgaaat gtaccctctc tccgtcctct ccatgtggtc    135720
     ctgggggtcc cattcctcca ggttgaccct gcagaaaatg ttaatattat tatacatctt    135780
     caagttatgc ttcatatttc agatagtaaa tcccttcctg tctgatttgt aaataatttt    135840
     ttttagtttt aacatgaata atgacgtaaa aatttgtgtc cttacccgat aacccttgtc    135900
     accaggcaaa ccaggaaggc catcaaaacc acggtcaccc taaaacagaa ataaacacat    135960
     acacaaactg attgataaaa cacttggtta aattcaacat gactgcaatg aggtaaaggt    136020
     ttagaaatgg aagatacaca taacttaaaa acaaaaaaca caatgaatca cacacaaatc    136080
     acaactttaa caaatcaaat atctgacctt aattccagac tctcctggca tccctctggc    136140
     tccatcagca ccagcgcgac cctgcaggaa acatcatgta tcaacaatta gtttattaca    136200
     ctacttgaga aaagcatatg tagatgtttc gaggatgtaa cagtgttttt ggtaatctct    136260
     gtactttatt actgtactca ccctccgacc agctttgcca ggaggaccag acacaccctg    136320
     aggacctcta ggaccctaaa acaaaatagg ggtgcatgat aaatgtcaga tttaagcaga    136380
     tggtcttttt acagtataaa taagatatat gtataggtaa atgtcacagc attacaggat    136440
     gacgcagtgt gtggctaatg tcacgaaaag ttacaaaaag atcaacacag ggcagtacct    136500
     gagcaccagg gtcccccctt tctcccttaa agccaggact tccaggtgtt ccctatttag    136560
     gaaccaaata agaaaaagaa acaatatcac aaaaatatca caatgataac aacataaaaa    136620
     taaaagcaca tgacagggaa caaatataac acattttttt ggatgaacaa tttaagtatt    136680
     tgtgtttaat ttttttttac caaaggtcca ggacggccag tgaaacccat tggcccggat    136740
     ggtcctttca gggcaagcta tgcagaacaa attgattaag ttaattaaag atgtaaatta    136800
     ggatgtgtaa agttagtgcc cgatcacaca aagcacaaaa accataaata taatgataaa    136860
     catatatgtg tccacactga tgaacagtaa caatctgttt atttttaggt actgtttttt    136920
     cgcattactc ccttgcaacc agtagatgtc ctcagtgtgc ttctagcaca tttgaccagt    136980
     gaatccagct tgtgtaactt aatcaaacag tgaatttagc aatcatagtt cttgtagtgg    137040
     aacaaaaact acataaatta tttccacctc attattttca aaggacaaaa acacaaagat    137100
     tctgatgtta gcactgaata cctgagctac tttaattttt atgctttagt ttgctaacct    137160
     ggcttgcatc tatttttagc attattttcc atggtacaac caattgtttc tgagacggct    137220
     gttgctttaa acatatttca ttggattctg actggttgtt ttatcattta tctttatcat    137280
     tgtagctgtg gtctgaactg ctctgaaact gttgtttaca ttcagaatga tttttagaac    137340
     aatgtctata gttatcatta tagttattgt gcttggtgtt aacaggcctt cagacctgaa    137400
     tgtgaaaagt aataaatcaa tgttaagctg atttttattt catagtttgg actaacccga    137460
     gcttgagaca gaatggcttg agcttgggct tcctgtgcag aggcaacagg tcctttctct    137520
     ccagcgctct gtccaaagcg gaactgcaaa aacagaaaag gagtgtgcaa attagttctt    137580
     tgaagcactt tagatgtggg agctcagagg aagctgtttg gaataaataa aagcaacagt    137640
     tttaactgcg ataatatatt atggtggcat ctagtgttaa aatgactttc ttaacattgg    137700
     cataaagaag aagactcaca ggaagcatga cagaggttcc tggaggtcct ggaacaccat    137760
     ctgctccagg tagaccagcc ttaccagtag gaccctacaa agacaaccag catgatgctt    137820
     ttatttatga atatggaaaa acttaatgaa acagcaggaa atacgatgca tatttcaaac    137880
     tagcatacta cataaatgtc tacgcaccct ctcaccagga tcaccaacag aaccaggttg    137940
     tccttggggg ccagaggggc cagggagacc ctaatgaaga gacacattta gagtgtataa    138000
     tctacataaa ccacaatcat gaaacttaac ttttgctata acgttgtagc tagcatagta    138060
     aatatcaaaa tatgaggaga atcactgtat cagtaaacat gtcattgtta gatgaattca    138120
     tttgccattt gcaaagctca gtatggatgt tgtaggaaag gaagttttgc tttacagtca    138180
     aaaaagtata atttgatcaa ggactgggag cataaattaa taataaattc acacaaaaag    138240
     taacaaaatg aacatactgc tggtccttct ggtcctggtg gtccttcaat cagcatgccc    138300
     tgagtgcaaa aatgatgcat ttaaaaaata cttacattac actgacattt aatcaataaa    138360
     atatactttt tagttatttg gtagcacccc ctggtggtct ggatgaacta cagttgcatt    138420
     ttaggattta caattgtcaa ccaatgtcat aatattcaac taataatatt aaggaagtat    138480
     gaagcttaca ggttcaagga cagcaggctc tcccttctct cccttaatgg ctcgcactga    138540
     ggcctgagga aaacagatat gtaacccaaa acagagcaca gtcaatataa aaaagaagaa    138600
     agcttcagtc cacaagaaca agagtcagat gctggctgag caatctacac tctcctacat    138660
     tacaaccctt tttcgtcact tcctatgaac tgaatatcat tatatgcctt gattaacaat    138720
     ttatcattaa aatagtaaat acttggctga tgaagaaggc ttaaaagtca cttatctgct    138780
     gctgtgaggt catccatcta aatgctgcac attagactta cgtaaacctt aatgattatt    138840
     tttcacaggt ctgctgcaca ataatacata ctgaagagct ttgatgttga agtcaagaaa    138900
     ctctggggat gcccctccaa gaagatactg cagttctatg ctgatcatga ttaaggctgg    138960
     tctcagatca gcatgagagc ggctgagtct accaatactg atgctgctat actgagctag    139020
     gcactctaaa agacttgcag aggaatcttt tgcagatgga tcagtgttaa aatactttga    139080
     gaaacaaggt ttgcctacag gggaaccatt tcctgttgat gtcataaact tgctagccca    139140
     ttactctaag taaacttgac ttggttttag gtaaacatag actagaaatg agctgaaagt    139200
     ctgtttgaaa gtgaagttct catccaaaac ctagtgagcc ttgctgcctt ccaccaaaca    139260
     gtaatgaatt tataataaaa taacaatata ttacacttaa aaaaattaga gcagtcagta    139320
     aatttaatat aagtactaac atgacaagaa atagaaatta atacaaatgg caaaatcatt    139380
     aagattttta attaataaat acaaaataaa tattatttac tacacaaata attaataaat    139440
     tgatatatga taactaatga actcaattga aacaaatgat acggagttta aagtagatta    139500
     aagtagattt aaatatgact aattcaatat tcagatttat tattaaaata taaatgtgat    139560
     tattcacaac atattttcca ttattttatt aaatgtttat atatttataa taaattgttt    139620
     ttaatatatt ttggctcact tgtcatcttt aagacatgcc tttcaaatat ggatgaaaca    139680
     aggtctctta aaaggcagca taattttagt taaaatcaaa gtttaaaaaa acttaaatat    139740
     gcgaaaatca aaaactccaa aaaatttcaa acaaaaaggt tttcatcagt aaaatttgct    139800
     gctgctatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    139860
     atatatatat atatataatt attattattt atattattat tatttttttt taagttgaat    139920
     caaatttaac tttacaagac acttcaatca atttaacaga ctaaaataaa gttgaaacct    139980
     aatgacttta aataaaataa cttaaaacgt aatttatata atcaaatgcc cttgtggttt    140040
     ggcatattta tctgtaaaac aaagtgttgt ctaaaattgt gtattgccaa taacagaaat    140100
     aaaatacatt tgaataacga aagaaacctg attgcggttc actttattgc tattaaacac    140160
     agtttatcaa ctctgtatta tctaagtatt gaatgaataa aagcatgggg tggtaatatt    140220
     aatgaaatct tattgcagag gaaagctatt tacatttaca cattcaatac tctttctcta    140280
     aaaggttaca tttggaagat ctttaaaaag ttaacatttt aatgtgtttt tttgttgttg    140340
     ttgttgtctt tgtcgcatcc atttcctcaa gggagacagg tctcgtcgac ctgaaccata    140400
     ccatcgggag cagatgtaga ggggattgtt tagagggggg tatatcgtgt gaaggggcag    140460
     cagtggataa agaattggtt aattgagagg gaaaactgaa aaaataatat tgaattaatg    140520
     aagattttta catgtacaca tttaatactc caaaagattc aatttggaat ttgattttta    140580
     tgatttctga gtttttgttt ttactgtata taccaatttt tcatacctta tgggttgatt    140640
     ggataattag tttaatgaat ttaattaaac gtctgtacta gtaggcagac aactagattt    140700
     ttgaaagcag cttaagtcag aaaacctcac ttagctggtc ttaacatcct cctgcttgat    140760
     gcctctgcaa gattcaaagc tgaagcgaat tcaatttaag cctttttcaa agctttaaaa    140820
     tgaattagct ggaaagcaca agataactta cacccccctc ctctgtcaca gcggacaggg    140880
     cagggcctag agtgtcctcc gtcttgctct caatgatggg ctcattgtag tccttgtagg    140940
     aatagtcata ctccttcatc ccaaagtcgc ttgtaatgta ctcctcagtg aagggctctt    141000
     ctggcgtttg agacgccacc tcaccacctg tcttggtagc atccatttcc tcaacgggga    141060
     cagtctcgtc gacctggacc gtaccatcag gagcagatgt aggggtggag gggattgttt    141120
     ggagggttat atggtgtgaa ggggcagcag gggattggat aatagagggg ggaagtggaa    141180
     atgagagggc aaagagacag aataatcaga ataatagatc ttacctgttg caaaacagat    141240
     catgagagaa gaccatatat gaaaagacat gggcacaggt ttacagacac acacacattc    141300
     atacaacaca ggtgaactca ccaaaacttg tcctctcttt taaaacttca ttgtcattta    141360
     aaagcctgtt cacacaagaa tatatataga aaactctact aacgtccaca ctaacatatg    141420
     attacattct gttagctcag actactcaag ctctttatag cagtgtttct caataacatt    141480
     actggaggac aaccaacact gcatgttttg gacgtctcct ttgtctgtca cagccattac    141540
     gggtgggtct ttcattctct gttaacgagc tgatgatctg aatcaagtgt gtttggttaa    141600
     ggagacatgg aaaatgtgca gagctggtgg tcctccagga acgtggttga gaaacactgc    141660
     tgttaagtct ggtaaattct gattggctgg tgaatgctgc aattattcat cagctagaat    141720
     aaaatgtttt tccttgaact ggttccagag ttactgctcc tacagtaggt gacactttaa    141780
     tatgagcatt aacgccgcac cttgttggcc ttcgcactaa aggagtaaga atgtgttttt    141840
     ttaggtatga ctgcagattg cgtctatgcc accagggggc acaaagggac gggatgcgaa    141900
     cagacagaaa tagcctattc attggctgta aatactgtgc tacttgtaaa taaagataaa    141960
     caatgtacgg ttaaagtcaa aattattaga ccctctttga atttttttct cttttttaaa    142020
     tatttcccaa attatgttaa acagagcaag gaaattttca cagtatgtct gataatattt    142080
     ttcttttctg gagaaagtct tatttgtttt atttcgacta aaataaaagc agtttcaaaa    142140
     tttttaaaca ccattttaag gacaatatta taagcccctt taggcatttt ttttttcgat    142200
     agtctacaga acaaaccatc attatacaat aattaacctg cctagttaac ctagttaagc    142260
     ctttaaatgt tactttaagc tgtattgaag tgtcttgaaa aatatctagt caaatattat    142320
     gtactgtcat catggcaaag ataaaataaa taggttaata gagataagtt actaaaactt    142380
     ttatgattag aaatgtgttg aaaaaaatct gctctctgtt caacagaaaa tggggggaaa    142440
     ataaacagag gtgctaataa ttctgacttc aactgtatgt gttgtttgct agtcttaaaa    142500
     attggaacaa atattaaaac tttatatagt tatcatcctt gatgtgaaag agcttttctt    142560
     ctccatcatc aagacgaata ggcaaaatgt atgaccataa ttatgaggat tgtggctcaa    142620
     gatgaatgtg agtccatgtt tttttatgag tatagtttcc aatattgttg taaataaata    142680
     atctagtcca aaaacaagac cacagaatca ctcaagtcta caaaatataa agcaaactct    142740
     aaagcaccac aacctaacat tctcttacca ttgtattgtt gactctttca ttttactttt    142800
     tggccatcat gtagattgtc catttccaaa ctattactgt acataatgct tggtttctta    142860
     catacaaacc tgatccaaac gtctttccat aatctatctc acctatttac agctcactaa    142920
     cagtaaatgt atatgaaata aatcagactc ccgaacatat cttactctca aaataaactg    142980
     tccagcaatg aatgcatggt attcattcca tatttgcacc atttcttttg cgatctttgc    143040
     tcctcaagat ttcggttctt atgtcaagat ggagttttga tataggaaca tgaagaaaaa    143100
     tcttgaggca agcggaaata aaagaatcac aaaagaattt ctgataaaat ggatgcaatg    143160
     cattcatttt tgcagataag cacggcactt atcacgatat agcactgtta attgtcaatg    143220
     taaaatatac acaggctggt ctcacctcca ttgtgattgt ttagagtaat tgagagctcg    143280
     tctcagctat acatgggtgt gggttacctg gttaatgctt tcgtcatatc cagtcagatc    143340
     actctctggc tgtggagccg cctcttcttc tactgtgtaa taataatcgg tctctgtggg    143400
     ggtgtggtca gcctctgagt aagcaggatc tacgtcctga ttggagtagg ccgagaggtg    143460
     ggtggggtca ggggtggagg taagcagatt tgaaggagag agattgatta gtatgaaacg    143520
     agctcggttc tgatgaactt gtgacatgca gaaagaagag accaatgtgc tttgctgata    143580
     gaagacgtcc tctggcaaaa caccattgct ctcgtgtcac agtaaaatca gaactgaatc    143640
     agatcaatta atcttggaat aagcctttac gttgtgaaag gcttattttg ttcatcaaga    143700
     tttgctgttc ctgacagatt tgtaatttga acctgatttg gattaattag ccaagtaaat    143760
     aacaggtcag gatgggtcaa aagttgactt tgcggatgtt gacatcagtc tcaatggtct    143820
     tcaaaccatt taaacacagt tgtcaacaat gataaacaac ttttagacac acgtccatga    143880
     tttcacagga cagatcttca acaaagacag aagtgagtgc agcatcacac tattgtgaag    143940
     ctgcttctct catgtttcat tcacatataa ttgacaggac agcatttcac aaacaacact    144000
     taaaagaaag agagagagag gctgaaacca gaatgtgaga cggagagaga gactcgttgt    144060
     gtcatgtgta acattgagct ctatgattta attgagggat cttttgtttc tgaactcatc    144120
     gcatgctcta cctggtaatc gactttctac agattgaaag gtttggagtg aaaggaaata    144180
     aaacagaaga cagacagtct agaccgctta tcatatcctt tcaatgatca atcggatcat    144240
     tttgtatatg aaagggtgga ggagatccag tgagtctgta tgtctccaac ctcacacctg    144300
     gtcaatgttt ccttcatggt tttaaacaca gtgttttatt taaacattga tgtattttaa    144360
     atataactta gactgaaatg ttaggagtat gcatgaaaaa cctgaaaggt aagctgtacg    144420
     tacacatagg agatccgtgt acgagttgta tctgtgaaca tcttcaatga agatgaatcc    144480
     cagaccaact ttcactcttg tgaatacagc actgaaccag aatgctgagg ttggaactac    144540
     agctctagga cagccatggc gggctcttga ttttgtacct gttggtaacc attggtcggt    144600
     ttcttcttga tggtggtggc actcacaaca gccttgtcga agggtgggaa atttctggac    144660
     attgatttga cgttattgac atcgaggatg gtttttgaag gtcgaggcaa aggcacgggg    144720
     gtgggtttga aaacagcagg tttttgagtg acggaggctg ctttggcttt ggtgtctttt    144780
     ggttttgcgg gggacgcatt ggctttcgtt ttgtctgtct tgcttttggt tggttgtgct    144840
     ttgacctgcg ctttaggttt tcctgttaca gttttcgtag cgggtgtttc tgacttcttg    144900
     gctgatgcta ctttggtcac agtctttact gttttcgggc cattgccatt aattttagca    144960
     tctccgtttg ttttttttcc attgccgttg ccgttgttat tgggtttacc attgctgcca    145020
     gccttagcct tcccattagt gtctttacca tttccattgc tcttgccatt accatttcca    145080
     tttactttag tttgaccatt attgaccttt ccattgtcgt tggtcttctt tttgtcattc    145140
     tttggtgctg gagttgcttt tggtttagct gctagtttag aagcaggagt aggttttatc    145200
     tttgaaatca ataattgtgc tgctgtaggt ttgctctttg ctgttttggg tgctggtgtt    145260
     ggcttggatt tagctggttt agctggagca ggctttgcag ctggagcagt tttttgctta    145320
     gtgactttgc cattgtttgc cttgcccgcc tatttgattt ttatttatat tgtaaagtgt    145380
     aagtgtcgag tcagcattta tgaaaggatt gaatgagaga tgggaggata agggatgggt    145440
     gggattgaaa gtagtgggga tggacagaaa aagagggaga gagagagaga caaaacaatg    145500
     aatttaagat cgctggcact taaattgcta actgagatct cactggcatt actggataca    145560
     gtataatgtt gtttaattta attcttgatg agtttaattt tagtaaactt catttatacc    145620
     taaataaata caaaatgata ctgttttctc caataatgcc aatctccaca ttaaaaaagc    145680
     agcatgttgt gcgcatgggg atgtaacgtt gtgaggcact ggggattaag aatgctcaaa    145740
     gagcatctgc tgataaaact gatgcatggc tggtatactg tgctgcccaa cagcacagat    145800
     agagagaaat taaagtagag gaaatgaggt agtcatatca catcattcat aatcccctta    145860
     aaacatatca aattacttgg ttgaagtgga atattactaa ttatattaat caatttgaaa    145920
     ggaatgaatg gtgtgggcta cccagaagca aaagcacaaa ctgtacagaa tctactctag    145980
     atgttgacac ataataggct aaattatagt aactaagtga tctattctca cagtgaagga    146040
     caacattcaa gtttaggttt aaacattgca ataagcactc aagatacaga catgactgtc    146100
     cacagtggaa gagaaacagc acacaaagtg agaatgagta agaatacaat actggacaaa    146160
     gtgaaagtaa acgttggaga gtgtagagat ggatttaaat acacacatag acacagatgc    146220
     tcactgtaca tattaacagt tcacggtgac acaagacaca agagctttta caggtgaaac    146280
     acagtatgaa cacatgcaaa ttcacagaag tataaaacaa agttaaagga atggaaacgc    146340
     catgcaatta agaagaatta aaagtggctt ccttaaaaac ctgagctatt gtggtagcct    146400
     cagaccatta agttacaata accttgttta tttacacttg acaattcgtc tggtcaacaa    146460
     ttaatctgaa taaattacta tgcagaatta ctaaattgta gtaaataacc agaatctgta    146520
     tgttacttgt aaaacgattc aaattaaaaa tttgtaatat atactaatat attacaaaaa    146580
     atactactaa taatatataa ttcatacatg atcaataaat aagcttgctc ttatttagtt    146640
     aacaattatt tctatatcca gcctgatctc ttgaggaaac gtaactattt tacgttttgt    146700
     cagtttagtg ggtattcgta taaaaatgta aatattttaa atgattcacc gcctctaaac    146760
     ccaaccgtca ttgaggtgat gagcaagtcg taacaaattg tatgaatgag attgtacgaa    146820
     ttagccacta aatcaaaaaa ttatgagctg ctgtgagata gcattgctat ctctcttggt    146880
     ttgacacagt atggccatga tctgtgaatg acgtgtgtgt aagtgtatgt gtgtgtgtga    146940
     gttgatcttc cagtgcctct ttaaagtcca catacacaca agcatgtact gtccaacaaa    147000
     tacattctaa cgctattcag gaacaaatat atgacaaaag acaacgtgta aatgacacaa    147060
     gacacattaa tacagtgtta tgcagtgtgt gagggatgag gtgaaacaaa gtggcgtacg    147120
     aaaagaggac ggacttcaca tgatgacgca aaacaggagt caacagaaaa gagaggatga    147180
     gtcaatttaa agagacgggt aagttatcat tgcatctgtg aactttcatt atggctctca    147240
     tttaacaata aaactataca tatatatata tatatatata tatttatata tatatatata    147300
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    147360
     tatattttag tatacactac ctgaaaaagg tcttgtcgcc tatcaaactt ttaggaacaa    147420
     caactaataa cttgacttct agctgatcat ttggtatcag aagtggctta tatgaaaggc    147480
     gaaggcatct agattatgct tattttacta aaataaaata tgatcatgcc ttgattttta    147540
     attgtttaat tagaacagta aggtctgact ttgcttagac aaaagtcttg tcacttaaca    147600
     aaaataatgt acattataaa gtataaagtc atgctgcagt ggacatctct gcaatgactc    147660
     taacaacttt tgaataaagt catctggaat agcaaagaaa gtgttcttgc aggactccca    147720
     gagttcttca agattctttg gattcatctt caatgactcc tcctacactc ttagacttgc    147780
     tcattaatgt ttagatctgg tgactgggct tgccaatcct ggagcacctt gaacctttca    147840
     gcgattcaac agaataatcg gaataatcta ccttctgcca cttttacaaa tgatcaacta    147900
     taagtaaagt tattatttgt tgctctacga caagactatt gtcaggtaat gtatatacta    147960
     atcctaaaaa tatgataata tttggtattg tcacaaataa tatttaaaaa tgtaaacagc    148020
     aacatcgatt ttattgtaac atttgcacac taacttttta aaaatatttc agatttctta    148080
     actctaattt ttttaaaaac tcctaaacta aaataaactt tttcttctaa attatgttca    148140
     aatacctaaa catctataaa ataaacaaat atttaatatt ttgaggcttt gtaaggtttt    148200
     ataagtgtat atttagctta tcagtttatc ttgttaaaag aataagcatt ttaaacacaa    148260
     taatagggat gttcaggtgt ttttattgca aaatgagaaa aataaagttg aaaattaccc    148320
     tgaatatgtt acttttaact cctgttattt ccttgagaaa acacaaatct gttttttttt    148380
     tttcttaact catgccgtct ctttcttttc ctctcttttc tgattccctc catagtcgct    148440
     ctccctcttt acctgttcag tgagtgtctc ggctgggacg gagggaggtt tggatgggga    148500
     gggagggaca ctggtagttc cttcataata ataggggtat tcataatcat cctgctcttc    148560
     atcaaagtgc tgagagacat gtgggggaga gagaggagga gtgaagccag aggaatgcag    148620
     aggaagggca cgtgagtgac agcgagggaa tgaagcaaaa gagatgagtg aaaaaaggag    148680
     actttggaaa gagacagtga tagaggagag agacatgatg gatgagtaaa gtgagatgta    148740
     gaaactggag gtgaagttca cagcaaaagt caggatgaaa gcatgatggg tttatcattt    148800
     gctcatcaga ctcatgggtt tgagtaacac ttggatatta ctgcaaatca cattgagaat    148860
     gaacaacaaa acaaatgcat tcatctgaaa gctaacacaa gcgtatagtt taggcagtaa    148920
     aaaaataaag ctcttatatg cagttcagcc tgtagagata taaaactaac acagtaatgg    148980
     ccaaatgtat ttccggctaa taaaggttaa tttatgtacc ctttatttaa catattgatg    149040
     cagattttca agtgtgttgt gtagttttga ttaaagtgtt tacatttttt ggtcggatta    149100
     aggtttgatt ctcactgtta acaatttact ttagcctcaa taaactttag cctcaataaa    149160
     ctcctaattt gctgcttgct aatagttatt cattttaggt attgggtagg atttggatgt    149220
     agaataagat catgaagaat atgtattatc agtatatact aataaacagc caatatctta    149280
     ataagaggca ggtgataaga cactagttaa taatgagaat tgttccttga attaaagtgt    149340
     gaccaaatgt tacatgtgct cagcttttaa attgtgcaat ttgtgatact gcaaggaaat    149400
     atgttcatta tggaatgcac agcagagcgg ctgccaaaca aaagtgactg tatttattta    149460
     tttatttttt tggctaataa ttttattaca atgcattaat aaagttaggt ggtttccgca    149520
     ttcaaatatt gtacaatcaa atattgtgga gagatcttgg ccattactgt acttctggac    149580
     ctacattcag actgaaatac ctttgcttaa gatacctgga aaagtaaaaa ttgtccaaaa    149640
     tagctgtgtt gatttataca gtattctata aatcttaggc agtatatata tatatatata    149700
     tatatatata tatatatata tatttttttt ttttttttaa acaccatttt aaggtcaaaa    149760
     ttattagccc cataaagcta tatttttttt ccgatagcca acagaacaaa ccatcgttat    149820
     acaataactt gcctaaataa cctcattaac ctagttaagc ctttaaatgt cactttaagc    149880
     tgtataaaag tgtattgaaa tataattagt aaaatattgt ttatttttat catggcaaag    149940
     ataaaataaa tcagttatta gaaatgagtt attaaaacta ttatgattag aaatgtgttg    150000
     aaaaaatctt ctctctatca aacagaaatt aggggaaaaa ataatagggg ggctaataat    150060
     tcagacttta actgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata    150120
     tatatatata tatataaata taggcaacat gcactattga gaatctgaga ctgcattcag    150180
     ataaagcacc tttgatgatg tggaagagct tgtgggtgta tgacaatgga ttttagggag    150240
     atgatatata tactgggctc caaatattgt acatcaaatc taatactaat gtgttttaaa    150300
     acataaaaaa tgtgcatgac tttaagaggt atgtaatatg taaatatccc tggcattctg    150360
     gtgtgagatg catttgtgag taacatttac aatgttttaa ttggttcata tatatccaag    150420
     caaatacaga cacagctttt taaagacgtg attaatgatg agattttact gcaaatatta    150480
     gacaaaatca aaaatattta acatacatca gtgacttata atatattgag agaagaattg    150540
     cttgaataat atgagctgag taatgttcac tgataaatta gacagtttcc actagtggat    150600
     ctctacatat ctcacaccag gatgccgtgg ctcactttaa aaatgtgttg tggtactcac    150660
     ataggtgttt gggtcctggg actggacttt gggcagagga gagtcgcagt cagggctgta    150720
     atgctcacag aagtcatatg cggcctgagg gttggatgcg atcagcagct gctggatctc    150780
     accctgaaga aaaccaaagg aaaaggaaga gatgtcaaat gattctccct gaaaattgtg    150840
     gtcagaatca ggccacctga gatactatag cagttattat gtgcaaattg aaattaaagt    150900
     aaatattatt aaatgaattg ccttttcact tgtgattcac tcagtatgtc ttatcaaagt    150960
     tatgctgtct ttatttatat aatgatttat actgtatgga ttgttgtaaa gcaacttcac    151020
     agtgataaac agaaaatata acatagtcag tgatgcaagt ataaatgaga ggcaaactca    151080
     aattcagaag tcattattca gctcaagact gtaaagtgtt gattacctgt tttattatgt    151140
     ggtcactatt gctttgtctg ctattacagg tcactttata ctgaatgtac tcattattta    151200
     tggcttatta aggatgtttg ctttaataaa tatatgcttt gtataaacag caatatacgt    151260
     gtattgaata aaaatattta aacatggaaa ctttcagtaa atcatatcag tgtgtgttta    151320
     cttactggtt gacaatccac tacacctgat taaactgtgt tctgattaca ggataaaact    151380
     gaatgtagct aataaattct aaattatgat ttaatgataa tgtacaaatc ttgatatcat    151440
     tatacctcac agaacagtac aagatattgt taaaaatgta ttaaggaaat tattagagtt    151500
     tgtaaaatcc acataattac tgttgcacta tataaagaaa ctaaataaaa ttgccattct    151560
     tgtaacttca gtttcttatt aatagttttc agcaatgtga ccggttcgga gacctggcga    151620
     gcaaaaaata atgtgtggta ctgtcagcta cactggaatc tacctagaaa cgcagcacag    151680
     accggtcata tgtccacctg tttcaagcta tgaatacttg gatcacatat caaaatgaac    151740
     aaaatcaaac tgaacaaaat agagatgtga gtaaaaactg tacattgggg gaacttgcaa    151800
     tccatatact gcatccgcaa ccattaattt aaaaccatca tatccctttc agagcattgt    151860
     tatgggtcaa tgatgctacc attcggcaca aatccataaa gttctccttt ctggctgttc    151920
     gttctttgaa ggaattctgt agaaggacag ctcaggtttg tctccacgtc ggttggttac    151980
     cttaaatcta ttgcacaaca attatctggc tttttagcaa aaaagagaga aattattcca    152040
     acagtatttg gatgcagcct ttatgatgca agctgagact gcattgctta gagatgcaat    152100
     gtcacacaca atgcactcaa tggagctagt gacatcactg tgatgggtgg ggttagaggc    152160
     ggggttaggt gagaacatta aaaagcattg gatgcagctg agattgcatc tgcaccgagt    152220
     ctgcagccag acccctctca attattcagc ccgtgacttg gcggtcattg ggaatagtga    152280
     ggttttgccc accagtgggg cgtttcccta atggtgagac aatatgtgaa aactattaat    152340
     ggaatcacta taaattgtag ttattttctg cacacgaaaa ttaaatacat ttatcatcac    152400
     tttaattgtg atcaatcaaa cacaaaatgt gcaccacaca atttctaact cattgcactc    152460
     gttgctaaag cagacctgga aaacctcctc atccaggaga cgggctccaa aaacagtgat    152520
     gcccttggtg tccaacactg ggttgttgct ccttggcaga gttttggtga tgcgattctt    152580
     gcagtccagg atcagagtga tgttcttctt ctgcacagaa atggcaatgc ggtgccacct    152640
     ataggacacg aagaggtatt gaatgtttca atgagaatca agttccttta catagtttgt    152700
     gggtttgcta aaagactgta aggaaccttt cataatgcag aaagtgaagt ttactgttca    152760
     ccagcggtta cacttcacat tgcttgaaaa ctaacaatat catggctccg taattcaaac    152820
     aatattaata tatgtgaccc tggactgtaa aacataggtt taagtatagt ttggcattag    152880
     tttttattta tttatacatc actaaaatct aaataaataa gttttccatt gatgtatgat    152940
     tcgttgggtg aagacaatat tgtgcattaa ctatttaaac atctggaatc tgagcaatcc    153000
     aaaataaaaa aattaaatat tgagaaaatc acaactaagc ttgtctacat aaggtgctaa    153060
     gcaatgcaca ttactagtcc caaattgagt tttcatacat ttacagtagt aaatatgcag    153120
     agtatcttaa gggaacatga ttttaactta atattacatt gatttttgag aaaaatgaaa    153180
     aatctataat tttgctattg cccaaaatat acttgtgcaa tataagacat gagacttgag    153240
     gtccagggtc acatatataa agcttttcta gacacagatg ggtctcagca ggggttggtt    153300
     actgacttgc cgtcagccag gttgacgcct ttgaacagtg ggtagtcctc tggggcaggt    153360
     ttgcgatgct ggtcctcata caggaagatg ggtgagcgtc ccagctccag cccaagctgc    153420
     tgcacaccct gctcattata gatggacaac aggaaggctt gaagaccagc cttggccttt    153480
     accagagtca tgatggagaa gttctccggg aaacgtccta taggcaggaa aaaaacgtaa    153540
     aagattataa atatgaagat ttgagacaac aaagtaaatt atttttggca cagatgcatt    153600
     ggcagtctgg gataaacctg tgattcatga ctcaacttgc agaaattgtg ctcattttac    153660
     agacactagg attcagattt agtgttaact atgcaagcat ctcattagct actgaagagc    153720
     tctcatcctg ctttagagga gtaattgcat gttagcatcc caaatgattt tcagccagac    153780
     ccaataatct ttctaagcat tataatacag tctgaagcat taaaaaaaca cagtcttttc    153840
     ttttttgaat tccttcataa ttcatatgcg tcatttaaaa attgcaggtg tattgcaggt    153900
     atattttgtg tccccaagat aaactttcta catttcaaaa acattcaatt catttaaaca    153960
     gttattattt tgaataataa catacattat ataaagtatt tctaaaaata atgcttgtgt    154020
     gtgtagttag ggacattctg tcttgatata tattgacttg actatgacta aacccatatt    154080
     tgcctcctga atcatacatt cagctttaat tatcatgaaa ttttaaatct aagtttcatc    154140
     ctattgtgtg tttactctac tacattaact aaatctttgc atgaaacatc cattttctgt    154200
     tttatctgtc attcagttat aaaaaataca ttttgtgtct gttcacaata cataaataca    154260
     ttactgtgct ccaagtaatg tcacttactc tagcaggaac cgctagaagg cattgaggcc    154320
     tgtcattatt cttctctcat tcatttttgc taaattattt aggatacacc aatggtaaat    154380
     taattatatt tcaactctgt tactgtaata tttcagtgaa attctcatta gtttttacaa    154440
     acaataatat gataaaaatg aaaaaaaaaa tctgttttag acataccatg tgctatctgg    154500
     tttgaggtta gcatcttcag ctaaagcaca aaatatttga acatgtcaac tctgttatgg    154560
     cttaaaaagt taacaataag ttatacaaca ataactaaca gaatccaacg ttcttgatca    154620
     catttaatca ttttgcttta ttttacaata ttaattctgt ttatgaatgg aaaatgctct    154680
     aaataagtgt atccgcttcc cagagatgtg ttgcagctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc    154740
     gctgtggcga ccccggatta ataaagggac taagctgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaatgataa    154800
     atttatccgc aattctgtaa tgagccaaat actgtcatga tataaacact tcagacacac    154860
     gtcactgtaa gatccatttg ctgttttttt tttaatgaac aatacataaa tgtgtatatt    154920
     taaacacaac agaagtcatc aggtttggtt tatatgatta atttttatta caaaattatt    154980
     attattatgc ccctttttac aagatgcaaa gcatctctgt tgtacctaaa gtgcgtatgt    155040
     gaagtttcag ctcaaaatac cccacagata atatttgtaa ctctttaggc tttgatccta    155100
     attgtgccat ttaggtaact gttgctttaa attcaaattc aaaagaggga ggagctacaa    155160
     acgcctgtgt gtcaacatag tggcagattc caagacagga ctaatatcct atgctaatga    155220
     gggagaaatc atcacttatg ggctgggctt tgcccctctg atggcatgta ctaagggagc    155280
     atgtcaatca aagtgtttct gcagactatt ttaatgcagt gtgattataa aaaataaacg    155340
     taataaattt ctattattaa aagctgttta tattcacaga ctgactgtcg ccacacaact    155400
     gtgtttacac cccttaaaat aattattttt gcattatagg tctcctttaa agcaagcgga    155460
     tattgaaaga acctacctga gaatagctgt ttggtggggg cagagatctg ggctttttta    155520
     gtgatgcggt aggcatgatc aggagtccca gacaatcggg aggtacagaa acccggaacc    155580
     ttctgcacac cttcaggaag ggaaggcaac tgcagcaccc gcaaaacatc tactggatct    155640
     gtaggagtgc aagagattgg tcacattttt catatcatta acatggccta catttttatt    155700
     acatgatttg caaaataatg cgtgattttt agactaaatc aatttcagtg aacacaaaat    155760
     aatattagcc ataatgattt ggaaaatgga gttcaaaata gatgctgaat cctccagcaa    155820
     caggccccac acacagccag gtttgaacat ttcatgtctt gtttccatct tcctattgct    155880
     tttggcagct ctgatgctct ttatgggatt tctgcgaatc ccgaagccat ctgctcaacc    155940
     cacaatgtgt actacattat taactgtcta aaactatgct aaactctcta acgagcctta    156000
     atgtattggc agtacacatt tgaggttgag catgtttggc tcttgcattt tttctagcgc    156060
     ctgacaaatc ttttatttcc tttattttag tgctgctagt tttctctgaa gctctgccag    156120
     tgtttttggc tcctataacc acactgaccc aaatatggtc tatgtactta ccacaatcag    156180
     cagttaggtc attttgtatt tagcaactag aagattcata ttgcagagca gaaatagagg    156240
     attcttcaaa agtaaactaa ttagaatgca tgcacacggt tagtcgagtg aagaaatata    156300
     aagacagggc aacagcatat aaagaagtag tgtactacat actgtgagga gcctggaagt    156360
     ggttcaagag ggcaggaaaa ccttaaaatg gagcttctag ctaaaaagca atgcttcctt    156420
     gattctctta aggtgaagct attcaaatgc tgggagaaag agatgaacaa taaagagaaa    156480
     gtctctggac actggatcgg tttccagaag agacaacatg cacaatgtat agactgtttg    156540
     agtccactat atgtacattt ctggttaaat gaatgaaact aagagggaga agcctaaaaa    156600
     gtcccaaaaa gtaacatgta caggtaaaaa ctaggctggg agcaattaag aaacattcaa    156660
     ccattcagat ttatatgaat acaattacat attgtaaaaa aaaaataact gaatgatcac    156720
     ttatcttaaa caagcttaca aaagattcac tattgtacat tatctattga gtggatatta    156780
     aaactgcaaa tgacactcga ccacaaaacc ccttagagga aatgttgttc ttttgaaatt    156840
     gagattaata cattacatga aattttaata tcgtttagtt ttatagtttt agtttgttag    156900
     caaaggaaaa cagtagtaga caatagataa tagaggaaat tattttactt aaaaaacttt    156960
     atgaacatct ggaatctgag gatgcaaaaa atgaataaat gtaggtgact cggtggtgca    157020
     gtgggtagca tgatcgcctc acagcaagaa tgctgctggt tcaagccccg gctgggtcag    157080
     ttggcatttc tgtgtggagg ttgcatgttc tcaccgtgtt cgcgtgggct tcctccgggt    157140
     gctccggttt cccccacaat tccaaagaca tgtgctatag gtgaattggg ttatctaaat    157200
     tgtccatagt gtgtgtatgt gtgaatgagt gtgtatggat gtttcccagt gatgggttgc    157260
     agctggaagg gcatctgctg cgtaaaactg ccggttcttt ccgctgtggc gagtccccag    157320
     ataaataaag ggactaagcc aaaagaaaat gaatgaataa ataaatgaat tcataaaata    157380
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattttgt aaaaagttgt    157440
     actaaactat atttattact aacaacatta ttacttcaat taaaccaacc aaagttcaag    157500
     acacacatca gatatgtttc catcctaaaa tgcaaacttt atttgtaaaa ctgaaatatc    157560
     gcataaaaga cgtgcaaata cagtggcgct tccattcaac gagtcaaaga gagcaaaatc    157620
     gtcacttcct gattaactgg tgccaaatat caaaattaaa cacgaaattt gctgcgttag    157680
     gagaagctgt gtgaatcttt tcctcattta ataattgact tgcgccttag aagacaaatg    157740
     ttgacacaat gaatgcgtgg tggcgtttca aggcatgaga tgagaagcac agatgctctt    157800
     gacagttctg gaggtaatta attttatact gaaatggtga aggcatttta gaatgataaa    157860
     aacaacaatt tagatgtttt acaatgtgct cagcctgctg tttttttcca ttcacacaca    157920
     ttttaccatc acacgatctc ttataacaaa atcacatgac ctttttaaag gtgtttttag    157980
     tgtttccatc atagtttacg cgcatctttt cttatcgaat aaaaagtttt tcctactcat    158040
     ttatgtgcat acgttttttt aatgcacatc ttggtgtttc catcaatcgt ttttttatgt    158100
     gcataaccaa aatgcgcata aaaataggtg aatggaaacg tagctattga ggacagaaaa    158160
     tctaaaagca tgttttgtac atcgtaaaca catctttaaa tgtttgaaac caagatagat    158220
     gctttttaca atgcgttcac acaaacaaac actgtgtgtt cacacaaact gcaaacacag    158280
     cagcacacaa agaccctcaa agaacgaagc agcaaacatt ccaataccat ccaggtcaat    158340
     gacaatcaag gtgaccccaa catctcaaac caacttccac cacagctccg tcatgaccgt    158400
     gcagagtaaa tgagagaaca ttccagaaga tccaacaatg tgatgttctc tctttgaccc    158460
     ttgctgctcc actgttttct gttttctgtg ctaaatacca gcaagacgta ccatctgaca    158520
     ccttgacctt tcaactctca cctttactgt ctcacaatga ctcccttgtt ttgagtaaga    158580
     cgtaaacact tgtggatgta tcaaacaact gctacgacat aaccgcagat tcagcttcaa    158640
     aaagatgcta aagacatgaa gataaatcca tcaagccgtc tggatctgtc tggtcttccc    158700
     gccaaccgca acagttaggc gtgcatgtac aggcctgcct ggaggatata atttagatca    158760
     tagctcccta tatttatgat ttatttataa tatgcagaca gctatgccat cataccaact    158820
     cgtggcataa tgtggggttg cggagacgtg cataacaaac gagtgtttaa tgttcacaga    158880
     ttgccaagtg tgttagtgtg gttgattgtg tcttggtctt gatgaaaggt tagacaaatc    158940
     ttaaggttta cacaagtgta taagtctgac tactgatgat ttcttttaag gatgtgaaat    159000
     taagactatt ttgaacgaac tttaatgaaa ctttcaaata aataacgttg tgacatatgg    159060
     ggttagttta ctcaaactaa agggttagct ttaaagggtt agttcattca aaatattggc    159120
     cagcatttac ccaattttga cttgttttaa accattttga gctttttttg ttctgttgaa    159180
     cccaaaagaa gatactttga agaatgttct tcaatattat ttgcttttat tttactatgg    159240
     agatcaaggg ttaaagattt ccaacatttt gtgtgaacta tccctttaag acaaaacaca    159300
     acatgaatgc atctataagc aaaaggctaa tttatattgt tgtaataact tataatcaat    159360
     tctgaagcag aaaagtttct aatcttgact aattttaaat attctcctac cctagagatg    159420
     aaatccttca aagattgatg tgaacagcat taaaaacaca cattgcttaa aaaatatcac    159480
     aaactgaata tacattatga tactataata tcatatctta tatataaata tatatgtctc    159540
     cagtggcatt gtgttgtgag tctgtgtggt tcagtatgag tcagtgtggg tgcagagagt    159600
     gcctctgctt ggcactgcca ggatggacaa actgaccaca cgcccactat attaaacatc    159660
     atgtacgcta aaaaagattg agcgtttata cagactcccc acagctactg tatacaccct    159720
     ccactgcaaa ccaaagcatg cagcactcag ggtaaagttt atattttgtg gaaatacctt    159780
     aatacaaaga caaatgaaaa gcaatctaaa attaaggctc atgttttgca aatattctga    159840
     aatttgaaca gtgaaaataa agcacaaaat tgttaaaact ttaacctcga ctttcatcaa    159900
     ctaaagaaga tgcagctatt aaatcatctg acacacaaca ttccctttaa taataataaa    159960
     aaagtcagac taaaggatga aggtgcttat tatgctctga gtgaatcttt cagatgtggt    160020
     gctcttcagt ttgagcagtg ttttgggccc tcttgtggcc agttgcttga atcccacaaa    160080
     gcctatttta aacctgcact gaaaaacaga tcttttgtga gatataaaaa ctgctgaaac    160140
     aattttattg cacgtttgta tttttaaaga tgtttccata atccataata taagaaacat    160200
     gtcaggaaga gtgatcaagt atattctaca agctaagcta aaaaagaaaa gagggaaaag    160260
     attgtgtgga ctgaaccttg aggacatgat gaatatctat ctctcccaaa cataccgcaa    160320
     agcagcgctt ctccaccaag aggaactgta ttgttgtcaa cagagtcatt taaggcttct    160380
     ggaggccctg ttgtggtgta agtgtggaaa agttcctaca gctgggaaca ctgggactgg    160440
     atgcaaacta atagcacagc tcaccacaac aattcaatta agcagcattc atgctaacta    160500
     caaagctata cagcaagggt gtccaaactc tgtcctggag ggccggtgtc ctgctgaatt    160560
     tagctccacc ttgctagtat atctaataaa agcttgatta gctagttcag gtgtgtttga    160620
     ttagggttgg agttaaactc tccaggtttg gactataggc atgggccggc ataagattct    160680
     gacggtatga taacctggat aaaaatatca cggtttcaca gtattgtgat cactgctcta    160740
     aaatatctac tttttaaatg tctggattaa aatcttaact ttttttccat tttgaacaca    160800
     aaatatttta attttgagaa acatttaaaa tattttggag cagtaaacat gtcaggctga    160860
     ataattataa taaatgatgg acttctgctg tcttcattaa ttttaaaaac acagatttct    160920
     ttagaaattt aaaatatctt tggatatctt ttctactgtt gtcctaaaaa acaacacaaa    160980
     aagtaaataa aaaatcttac ctaaggaacg atttaataga aaattttgac tgtttaaaaa    161040
     ccttgacttt tccaaacctg cgctatacct tgaacacggt tatcatccca tgcctagttt    161100
     ggacacccca gccatacagg atacaactag ctacaatagc actatttact tgtttaatat    161160
     taaatatgca aagcagtaag agcaatatta gtctatatat atatatatat atatatatat    161220
     atatatatat atatgtacac gattcatgca caactttaac atctgaagag cacccattca    161280
     acttttttcg tcatattaag ttcactcata aaataaaatg tattactact tttttttttc    161340
     tccctcatgt gacataaaga ctgtggtgaa gaagctggtt gagcttctac cagcagtacc    161400
     tccacagcag gtaaaaacaa attacaatgg ttgtcaatgt gaaccagcat ttttcaaaat    161460
     atcttcaatt gagttcaaca gagacatgaa gggtgaacta catttttggg tgaactatcc    161520
     ctttacatgt tgctagttga caatgttgag ttagtaagag ctaaaaagat tatgaatgaa    161580
     agtaacacac aatgacatgc tgctttaatg aaactgtcag caatgatgga cacacccgtg    161640
     aggacagtct tttctcatat gctgcgaata tacatgtgaa tattccgggc atttccttca    161700
     cacacagtgg ctccattcac tcctcagcac tgcgtttggt tgagggtgtt ttggttagca    161760
     gaagtcagac agactgttct ttgagagctc gctgcctttg aaatgagctc gaaggaacat    161820
     ccatgttaaa taaatattcc ccacctaaaa tcactgcact ttcataagtc agattcaaca    161880
     atgtggagca acaatgactg gttttaaagc agctagctgg aatgaatcaa catagataat    161940
     aaagggtaaa cagacagtgg cttggtttct attttgaacc atttaaacta gcttcttact    162000
     aatatacacc atacaaaata gatagagaaa tgctcacagt gcaacattca ctgagcctgc    162060
     atactgtgga aaatccacta agtgtaatag acgtttacac aaatatcact gagctcacac    162120
     gtacacggag acactaactc attcactaca tctctctgaa ccacagggca gaataataac    162180
     ctactcatac gaggtacaaa tattcagact tcctctaaat acacaaggga gggaatgggg    162240
     agaaaaaaag gagagcgatc aaatcagtaa tctggaatta catccatgcc ttagggactt    162300
     taggtgcaca taaaaaaaaa atgcatggtt actgactgaa ctattcattt ggaagggcaa    162360
     taaatctgaa tttaaattat ttaataatac attctctatt tattgcagat gaatgacttt    162420
     gtaaagcagc tgaatctcga gcgccactga ataatagtgg tgaacatagg aagtgcagga    162480
     gcgcggacca catttctacg cgaaaaaaaa aaaacattta aagaatcata taggctccgt    162540
     catatgacaa tataaacaat acaaaatata tatttaaacc attaaatcaa atgcagtgac    162600
     aattttatat ttaattctaa aataaatcac agtgcagatg gttttcaggc tacattaaaa    162660
     tgaatagcct aacatcagac aataattatg gaaaacaaac aggaaagacg catcaggaga    162720
     tcctcaaaaa ttttagatca ccctgaaggt aagttattta gttgttgtca catatcaaat    162780
     taccaatgat tatttattta aagggataac gaaaataata gcctacgagc atatattata    162840
     tatcattaga tgagccgtca tttataaagt gttataagac aactattcag aaatagccca    162900
     ggatattcga tactggaatg ccaatatctg accaataaga atcaataatt ttagaaagct    162960
     gtgtgataaa taaaattgct actaataata ctttttttga aatagataaa aacaaaatta    163020
     aaaatcgttt aaacgtgtag ataataaacc gattatatga tttatgaggt aataacaaca    163080
     tacaacaatc ccttactgct gcatgctgaa ttaaagttgg aaccaacacc tgaaatcctg    163140
     tcagtgaaag caccgtcttg tcctatgccc ccgccgggga tgccacatta tgcgtgccaa    163200
     cgcggcctca agcgcacggg cctattcacg cctcatcaat taaaaaccct gacaaggcaa    163260
     attaacgatg acgactgaag agacacaatt aagatactga agataacaca attgtgagct    163320
     taacaaaagt taacccgcta ataaacgcgt ccaaaatgac gaggaacgtg tggaaaacac    163380
     tcaagcatct tcttggacag actcttctac atgttattta gtgcaatgac acatactctt    163440
     atctgctctt ctacatggac tgcacgaaaa cgcatcaaaa ctgacacttt cattggggta    163500
     tagcgagcat aaataatgtc aaacacccaa aaagcaaaat gctcacctgc ttgtgccata    163560
     gaaaggcaca ggaggagcac aaacgaggtc tccatgcacc acggcctccg cttcttccga    163620
     atatccatag ttcccaagtt ttttgacggg tttggtttga ctacaaggcg ggacagtttc    163680
     agaaattagc cttttggttc ttttctctca caaaaactca gtggactcgg ctttaagaga    163740
     gcctttagag acgtcgtaaa cgcacaccca ccttgttctt caataagtta tctgtgctat    163800
     gtacaaaact taaatagaaa gaagggttcg ggtaataaat atgtagtttt acagcttgaa    163860
     atcccttttg ctagagcccc attgagtctg agagaacaga aaagcggaga gagcagagag    163920
     aggcttcaaa tcactctctc tcaatctctc tctttctctc tccctcttct tactttctcc    163980
     cacgaaatgc aggggagcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgtgt gtgcgtggag    164040
     agagagagag tgaatgagag ggtagagagt aaaaaagagg gagggaaact catgcacacg    164100
     gatgcgagcg catttctata ctctcgtcga cagactttac taaattacaa aatgatctat    164160
     atgaccctaa atatcagcat tcatcaactg ggatgtttga tgttgacgtg ccagtaattg    164220
     gcatgtagtt cagtccgttt atttctttct atttatgtct attttacagc tgaaccatgt    164280
     aggaccgatg ggtccgtaga caagaagaga acttcggcag ccaatcagat cattatccgt    164340
     tcgtgacgtc acatggctgc ttctaatccc tccccttttc atagtttggt cctacagggt    164400
     caattaaaat gaccacgaca gcaggtacgt aacgaaatga ccgtttagcc ctgtcagcaa    164460
     aacttcattt tagatcacac gcctttgagg aaactcagct tttactgagt attcagagtt    164520
     cccaattctg cttggattat aaggcaggac aacttaaaag tggcctttct cgctcgttct    164580
     cgactcggct ttagggataa atttaaaata ggggagagcg gggacgaaag tgacattttt    164640
     catacaaaca atttttaaag ataatgtttt agatgtttta ggagatgttt tagcagaaat    164700
     aaatatttgc tgtggttaat aactcagaac gagtgcaaaa tcagctgttg ttttatatca    164760
     acgtggaaca actccaacag cctgtaactt cacctgaaac tgaagttgta cattgttact    164820
     tttgacccca tcagctggca tgaaagttac acacgaatgg gtcaaagtaa cataaaaata    164880
     tttgctagat ttactggctt aattttgttt attttaaata tacctgacta tgaccttgtt    164940
     aatgttcact gctaacatat tttgtccttt atttttgcaa aaaaatatta aacagcattt    165000
     tcattttaaa tttcagctcc atcaaatgtt ttaaaagcaa gccaacaatg caaaatgtta    165060
     aaatttatga caatttttaa aatctttttt attattattg gcaatatgca tatattataa    165120
     atataaaacc atcaaaacac tggaaactct aatgtggaag taaaaataag gtttatatta    165180
     gcagtgggat ataaataaca ctttcgtccc cacaggaact cttgccattt aaacctgatt    165240
     tacttttata ctgaaacact cagagatttc aaactcaagc atgtgtcatt gcactaaata    165300
     acctgtagat tgatcatcac tgtgacacat aaaaagagaa acacaacatg taataaggaa    165360
     aaatgaacca ctaaaataat ttactttttg cacttaaaaa ctgaaatttg gagctaaccg    165420
     cgggacacgt tcccaaaatc agctgatatt tggcagctcc atcaagggtt gcatgctgaa    165480
     tgtgctgtta taacctgaaa agcaaatgtt gtcaaggctt tgagaaaatt gcaaaattat    165540
     tttcgtccca cgttactttc gtcccccctc tcccctaagc tacgaataga aatgcacgct    165600
     cactttgttc ttcagagagt tcgaaattga ccacgccaac agttaagaaa caaaatgtat    165660
     gtctagcatt gtcagcaaag ctataattta gtgagtcaca ccgttattaa tgaacttttc    165720
     actgcatatg caaattaatt aagctcctta ttttctgtta gtcatttttg gcatacaatt    165780
     tgctaaggtt ggtcatttta ccaagacatt gagcattcat catcgaaaac aagcacaatt    165840
     tttggcgatt taacgtatca tatatactct taggcctatt attacaagtt ttatcgacct    165900
     atgtcaactg atggaaccct catccagctt actgttgcta tagtagctaa ccgagtcaca    165960
     tggcgagcat atgttttagt ggattattct gatgttgcac tggattttca tacatgttta    166020
     tcaacaaaat acagtcccta atatttttga ggtatggaga aagatagaag tctaaagata    166080
     ggatatttta gtaatgaact tcatagataa attctctcaa agtattcaca tctgataagg    166140
     aaaagtataa atggtttaat gaattaatta tttgggtatt aaagcatatt tattatgctt    166200
     aatttcagct tttagaaaaa aaagtttcct ccaggccaga acgaactgga gcgcgttatg    166260
     aggtttagtt gttcataaaa gtcatcataa ctctatacac tcaaataacc cttaggtttt    166320
     ttacttaagt gagtcagaaa gcaatgatta aatgtaatca tctgctctct catttacttt    166380
     ttgatctctg atacaccaca agaagccagt ccatttttga tgtttctcca ttttgtctgt    166440
     cactgcctcc tatagacgct gcagttcttc aaagtaagga ataaaaaaag gaaaccaagt    166500
     catttattta aggttacgcc tgtgttctgt ccaagaactg ttataagtgc ctgtgctttt    166560
     gaagaaataa cctaagagta ctgtacattc ctgaaatgag tactatattt tcattttgtt    166620
     tttatctctt ttaaaaaaga tccataaatg tataaaactt ttatattcta atgaaatgcc    166680
     aaactgtcat cagccgctaa ccaccaaata acctgcaccg aaatgacctg cacttatgaa    166740
     tatacaatat ctccaaatta aggagctgat gagagctttt gccctgcagg gaaattgtaa    166800
     cttgcaggat gaaaagtgat tcagaccagt gcttcttttt atggtctaaa ggagacaatc    166860
     cataacaatc atggtgtgtg tttttgtgag gcatctggct ggtgcactct agcgtttcta    166920
     taataaaaca ggataatcat acgctttaaa tctgtggtgt tcccatcgac acacagaggt    166980
     cagaggagaa tgtcagaaag aatcaaggta tttttacaaa tctgagaaaa gatgatggaa    167040
     aatgagggat gtgggagtca ggtgaactac atactgctga atataaatga tggcatattt    167100
     gaactgctct tgtgccacct aaaagaataa aagtatattt aaaagcctaa tataaaacta    167160
     aatgttacaa gtaaatatat aatgaagaaa caaatggact acatacatag acatacatac    167220
     agtctgcgca tgtttataac agattgtgtg ggtttgaaat tttctaatga ttgtgttttt    167280
     ttctaattag cactgaagct aaaagtaact gctatgctga gttggataaa agagctgtga    167340
     gctgttcata attacaatct tatcctgaac agcattaaaa aaaaggatgt gaaatcttaa    167400
     agctcacatt aagcagctaa acacattcaa attccactca tttgctttgt ctgagaccct    167460
     aaaatagaac aggaacaagt ggtgtggttg cattcagact gatgactcgt tacccaatca    167520
     aatgacacaa atacatgtag ttactcagat gaaagtatgt aatgtttgta atgtactatc    167580
     tacctgaccc ataaagcctt gcataaataa tgaaactaat ttcttttaaa ctgtacacaa    167640
     tcattgaagc cactgaatat taaatgcaaa cttttttata ttaacaaata actcttagca    167700
     gaccacggat aaccctaaaa acctgaaaca agcctttcca tcgcaatatt atcaacatgt    167760
     taaacattat tgtactttat ggcatacaga aaaaggagaa aacactgaaa gattccactg    167820
     gattccacac aatttatcca tattgtccaa acataaatca gttaagttaa cagatttaac    167880
     aaatttaatt gaattaaaca tataaaagtt aagttgtccc aactgaagaa ttttgttgtt    167940
     tcagctcatt ttatgtaagt ttgaacaagc aacttgtaaa taatctatag gaacacagat    168000
     taaaataaaa actagagtat aagacagata aaatcatgac agataaaagt aaagcacaaa    168060
     ggaaaacaca aattatttag atttcacaaa tttgcagcaa acttactata taaattaata    168120
     aatatgtgtc agcagtattt tgattggaag ttatccaaac cacaagtaaa accaataatt    168180
     aaaaaaaaat gttaagattt atgcatcagt tttaagtagc ttgtttgtat aaaaatgctt    168240
     taaataaata tacgtgttct taaagtttat ttatgtttgg tgaagctaca actgataatc    168300
     taatagatga gacattataa aagaaaaaga ctttctgtta ggcatgggta tgatacacaa    168360
     tatattatat attaaaggtc ccaggaagtg ctttgaaata tgcattttat tcaatgttta    168420
     cgtaatctca accaaaacac aaagagaggg taggacataa taaaaaatag cgttttgttt    168480
     ttacccccgc tctgccagtg atgcgcttca gtgtatccaa aaaaaaaaag cgtcttgaag    168540
     ggggtggagt ttgtcagata ctagagatca tttgattggt tatgatttga tgagaaactg    168600
     tagtttgagg tgatgtaaaa agtgacaaac tacaagcttc acatgttgat atcagtttta    168660
     ttatcagtca tcagtttaat tcttgtaatt gtgatttttt gtcactgttt tggagcacac    168720
     tagcttatag atatattaaa aaactataac aatacagata ctaacatcta aaaactttat    168780
     tttaatttca tgggactttt aaagtaagtt ttaaataatc agtagtttta aataatcagt    168840
     aataatacta ctgattatta atagcaacct gtcgctcatc acgttttata ttagtttata    168900
     ttggttatgt ggcggacatt gcgcgctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    168960
     tctctctctc gttaacatgc ttacatatat tcatatattg taacatatac acttgttatc    169020
     atgtttatct atctgcacac tactgattat taatagcaac ctgttcgtat attcatatat    169080
     tgtaacatat acacttgtaa tcatgttcat ctatccctgt acatatattc atatattgta    169140
     acatatacac ttgttatcat gtttatctat ctgcacacta ctgattatta atagcaaact    169200
     gttcatatat tcatatattg taacatatac acttgtaatc atgttcatct atccctgtac    169260
     atatattcat atattgtaac atatacactt gttatcatgt tcatctatcc ctgtacatat    169320
     attcatatat tgtaacatat acacttgtta tcatgttcat ctatccctgt acatatattc    169380
     atatattgta acatatacac ttgttatcat gttcatctat ccctgtacat atattcatat    169440
     attgtaacat atacacttgt tatcatgttc atctatccct gtacatatat tcatatattg    169500
     taacatatac acttgttatc atgtttatct atcggaacac tactgtttat taatagcaac    169560
     ctgcacatat attcatatat tgtaaatctg ttcatagctt atccaacctg tatataatgt    169620
     tcatagtaca tccatctgta aatatcacaa tagttttcta taacagcact ttataactta    169680
     ttcctgtatc ctgcacttgc tgctattgca ctgctggtta gacctaaact gcatttcgtt    169740
     gcattgtact tgtacatgtg taatgacaat aaagttgaat ctaatctaat ctaatctaaa    169800
     gtcacatttt cagtttatat ttagaaataa ttatcttctg aaaaatgatg atgccacttt    169860
     aaattgctat catgtgaaga ggctttcaag tagaatgaca aatttttaat gaagattaaa    169920
     aatcactgat tgcaccttta gttttttcta atcatgtttg tattatcagc tcatgttatt    169980
     ttgatgcttt gctaaaacaa catcaacaat attttaattt ttatctcttg aatccatttg    170040
     gcatccattt gtactcataa tataggtaac acttcatttt aagtcacaat tcatttttag    170100
     cctaataaat tactatttag ctgctttttg ttagtagtag aatttgggtt taggttttgg    170160
     gtaggtttag ggatgtagaa taagatcata ctttaaaact gctaatgaac agttaataac    170220
     ttaataatag gcataaaata agccagtagt taacttgaat tgtaacctaa accaaagtat    170280
     taacataata ccttgtactt tagagagtaa acactgagat ccaccatatt tcaccatatg    170340
     tccacttact ctcaaatgtc tgacacgaga acacagacat cagaaaatgt ccacaacgaa    170400
     gcagaatttg acctccaggt gaacacagac cttgagagga aataaaaaac agctggactt    170460
     gaaatggcct gcgaccagtt tacatctaca cctcaaacac tgcgaagtac cttgagaaca    170520
     ttgacataaa tagccgactg acataatgtc ctggcacgtg tacaagccat caacaaggta    170580
     aaaccgaaag caaaaaaagg taaaaagcca ctcagtcttt gaaaagcgaa atcctcatga    170640
     cagacgtttc ccacctacag ctgttgggat taatacagcc tactcatttg tccctcagta    170700
     atttcagggt ttgacgatag gccgttagcc atgtggttgt gtaggttttg gttggccacc    170760
     catgctaaca ggttttatga caacatctga gggagccaat tcaaatcgct gtgagaaaat    170820
     aaattatctg ccgatatacg gctacgtgct gggcatggag ccgtacaatg ggggggcaca    170880
     cgaaagcgag ctcaagtttt ccttggagac agacacggca agtgcttgcg gacagcctgg    170940
     ttatttccaa aatggggacc ttgtaattac aataaagcga ccagattata ttgcagactt    171000
     ccttaaaaaa gtctgtattt tactgggcag ggctgcaaac cgcgcacaca caccctagcc    171060
     cactacaacg caccaaaata gatcggagaa gaggggaggg aaggaaatag attggcatgt    171120
     gtgcggaaat ggactgggtt ggtacagggt tacagcagga gcattgagga aaaaaatgta    171180
     tgtagctctg ttctatgcta cacagagctc ccagtaagag attcagatta tagagagaat    171240
     ggctcagtga ttttggagac cggcctcata tatacgccca gatcagactg ggaaaaaggg    171300
     aggaagaagg ttcataaagc ttaaatgtgc cagatcgcac atggtataaa accatcaaga    171360
     gttttgagcg gatcaaataa atgtttgttt gttagttgtg aggattattt tggtatgtgc    171420
     gagtgtgtga acactatata aattctctgt ctgatttatt ttttctacat gtggccgctg    171480
     aatacgcctc agatcattta acacaattat gcaccattaa gttaaattaa cggctacttc    171540
     tagggaatgt aggaaaatac attgagagtt catttaatgg agatttgaga agtgatatag    171600
     gatcatttct cctagaaggc aatgagatta aatggaagta aaaagagact ttgtgttggt    171660
     tcgttcatgt ctcctttaag ctcagcacag atcttaacat tagctcagat ttgctaaaat    171720
     aaataaataa ataaacaaac tgaaaccaaa agactcattt ttaactattc tttttcaccc    171780
     aagactgatc acggtgtcta aattctttca gtagcataaa ctatttgttt tttaacgcaa    171840
     gtatactaaa cttttatttc tctaatttta gatcagttaa gataaaaaaa atcagttgaa    171900
     acatcaatga aatataattg aatctaatgg aacataagta aagttttaca aactaattta    171960
     aagaggagcg tgtgatatga ttgattgtgt ctcgttcctc atctgtaatt agtaataatc    172020
     cagtcagatt gatccaagtc tacaataaac tgactgattt caccctatag ctttatcttc    172080
     attttagaag aatcccccct tccaccccat ctccttcttt accaggggga gttctcaaga    172140
     cctacctgac cttgaacccc cttacatgct aattgaccag gtgggaaacc tgggctcaat    172200
     catatctaag cttagggttc tctccctgga cagcgtgcca aacctgctaa tagcattaag    172260
     caatatctta ttgtgaaatc taaaaataat agatacattc tcatggcttg aaaataacct    172320
     tttgccttgg tagcactggt gctccaattt cataaattga ggagcaccag ccaaaattta    172380
     aggacatcac ctaaaattaa gagcaccact actatcaatt ttatataaac agatttaata    172440
     tatttgaaac aacactaatc aatactaact aaacaacaac aacaatctgc atgcacatac    172500
     tgggactgcc tgacgtataa acaaatgctc ccaaatatat ttggacgttg catatactgt    172560
     aaaaaatgca gggtcccaca ctattccttc atgttgttta aacaaattgt cagaaaaatt    172620
     taagtggatt gaaaataaaa caatcccagc agaaacacaa catcataaag cgttaatatt    172680
     agcttagatt taggtcgcca gcatcttaag acaatgttat tttgacgtcc aataacaatg    172740
     tgaaatgatg ttgatatttc ggttgtgttg ggaagtgacc aaaatccaat gctgagcaca    172800
     catcttaaac caacgtcata ttgatgtcca atttgttcgt caagtatggc gaccaaaatc    172860
     caacatctga tagacgtcat agtggtcaag tgcacacaac gtcaagctgt aacatcatta    172920
     gacattgata ttataggtta atttaggttg gatgttgggt tctgacgtca acccaatttt    172980
     atttccaaac aaaatgcaac ttccaacgct gttggtgtac aacatcaatc tgacgtcatg    173040
     ttgacgttct gtgcctgctg ggattaagtt gtccttaaaa aaactagatt cagctaaaat    173100
     aactagtttg tacaagcagc aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tttttggaat gtagattaaa    173160
     tttcgcgcac atatgcgacc aaaacagttg caattttgaa aagaaaatta actagcatgt    173220
     aacatataac attacttata ttgaacattg agatagtatt atcttgcaaa acatactcag    173280
     ataagatctg ttttaatgtt cattactatt caatgttgaa aaaatatgtt cacaatcatg    173340
     gtcagaatgt ttaaatataa catttgcgat tgtttcttac taaactattg tacttgcaat    173400
     tagctttaca tttctcctat tgtagtgcaa acaaatccag ggcagcatta gaacaacaac    173460
     agggcatgta gtaaataagg accccccttt ttaacccctt ttaaccctat aatgataatt    173520
     gtgacagagc tatctacatt tatgcaaaac agattaaaca aacaaatata ggagaatgat    173580
     ggagactaaa tgactatatg gaaagagata atgtgaaagc aagagaacag gtactgaact    173640
     atttgagaag tcaaggaaaa cttcacggag ggagaaaaaa atcactggaa tgaataggga    173700
     tgtgaggggg tccaatggca tgcagcagga gagagggaat gaatgaggtc tattgatgga    173760
     gggagagaga gagggatcaa acagtattta cagagagaga gaaagagaga gagagaggtg    173820
     aaatgggagg gaatggtgag ctgaagagag gaggtggatt catgacccac tgactgaagt    173880
     ggaaatttgg ggacatactg atgagtcaag agaggggacg gtgatggaga ggacagagag    173940
     aaagcaagag agagagggag aggatgtcat agaaaattcc tggatgtatt acaacatctc    174000
     atttgacaca tggaataaaa aaggatcagc cagttttgta gttgtagtgt gtaatgttgt    174060
     tgttgttgaa taaactcaga caagaataac aagactcaag cactctgaaa gagtttcatt    174120
     cgcaataata attaatataa actcattatt gaaagcagat ataattcaat tgacagaaga    174180
     aacaatggca gactagcaca tgttgcaaat gtaagattat attgtatatg cttgttatct    174240
     tataaataat ttaaatgtga tgtgatcgtt caggcaggag gatgaacatt gcaacaatgc    174300
     aataaagtag tgattcaatt atttgattac tttgattaca ttcttaatac aatcaaccaa    174360
     cttaatacaa gatattcagc attaacattg tcaatcagca tcggtactga tgagtgttat    174420
     tgcaaaacca tacctcaaaa gtgttgtgac agaccaatcg gaagtattcc gttaagctgt    174480
     gataaaaaaa aatcattcgt tttagcagtt aattaagatc attattaata atatgcattt    174540
     ttaaaaataa tgcaaaacac aacaggcagt aaaagtccaa ttatatgtat atatatatat    174600
     cacatgacta aaattaatgt aaaaaatgac ataattttaa acaatattaa gaaaatatca    174660
     tttaatggaa aagaggtttg gctatagcct gcataagcca ttataatttt aacttggtga    174720
     atattcaata tcactggtgg cattcagatg aaaaaagaca ctggaataat aataataaaa    174780
     aatgttaaaa taaatgtcaa acaggatggc tggttattta agggaaaagg cactgtgggt    174840
     aaacttgcca tcaaatctga atccacccat ggaggctaaa cctaaagact ttcctcacaa    174900
     ttcatgcagg aggaaaaagt aaactaaagg caaagtcaca ttaaatataa catgatcatt    174960
     ttgaatgaaa cggtgcagag tttggcaaag aagccggcag gatttcagaa cagagcttat    175020
     gttatttagg aaaatgtttt acaaaaacaa gcattttaga aaactctaat tgcaggaaaa    175080
     ccgctcccaa tcaacctata gggctgcata cgtcactcca gcactgatga atgaccaaaa    175140
     cacagatgac catcagctaa acctgaagga atgtggggga gtgagtgagg attgttttgt    175200
     attgacattg ctttcaaaat tcaatcagaa taacctactg ggatcagaag tgaagaagaa    175260
     tatggattca gacgtacttt aatgccttcc tgtctgccat atatacaacc atggaacagc    175320
     atcccttcag aggcagcttt ttaacattgt tgaatgcaat ctatgtttca ctcaaacaca    175380
     taatgaactg aaaatagatt aaaactgaga attttcatgt ggttcaatag ttttatatat    175440
     tacaaaaaaa ttaattcaca taaccacatt acatggggac agatttgtat gcgtaatata    175500
     gtgttttaaa taagctgtta aagatttaat aggagatcta atggagaaaa agatcaatag    175560
     gagaaaatgc taacgttagc ctgatagcac tggaagccta cgtccaaccc tacaaatcac    175620
     catccaaagc ctcctgaaca catgaacaca cattagacaa cttacaagag agaaaactac    175680
     ataacacaat tagtttttac aataccaaac cttaaaaaag gtgcgttctt gacgtttatc    175740
     taccattttc cgctgaatta catccatgaa tgtgcttaat gaaatccttt ctgcataagc    175800
     atgatccaaa gaggtgtgca atcatttatt ttaacgggcg agtagaacag cctatcataa    175860
     tgttcagacg gaacgttttg attggtctat tttacacctt tatactgaat attaaacaca    175920
     taaatgcatt tggaccactt tattgattgc catcaggatg tgaagagact ttcaactagc    175980
     agaacaaaaa tagtttctga agacaatcac ctttgaaatt tgcatctttt tatttgatgt    176040
     ttgacgtaat ctcaaccgaa acatgaagag agggtgggac atattgtagc ccctcctctt    176100
     tttaaaaaaa cagccaatag cgtattgttt tatcaccact ctgccagtga gagtggttta    176160
     gtccaagcgc atcaaatgag aagtgtctta aaggggaata aagggaatca aaccggtgat    176220
     ctatttaggc agaagtgaca aactacaagc tctacatgtt tatattagtt ttatatgttc    176280
     taaacgccaa ctttgtcact ttttggtgag cactagctta tagatatcct aaaagtgaac    176340
     aatactgata ctaataacta taaaagctta tttttaatgt catgggacct ttaacaagtg    176400
     caaagttatt acaacttcga ttgtaaacat gaaaacgatc aatcccaaac tttccaacat    176460
     tagtacttgg acagcattag tcaatctcag tgctttctgt cgtgtcgaga cagacaaagg    176520
     tcttagcgtt acgctgttgt ctgttcagtg tgtgtgaagc agcaggtcag tttgtgcttc    176580
     acacgtcagc ttgaggcgtc tgaggcacag actctactgt aatactgcag ctttgagatg    176640
     gactgaagct aaaggtgaag agctccacaa tgagggaagc ttgaggagga aagggaatgt    176700
     accacttggg tgttgaggaa gggtgtgggg cgccggggtg aagcgcgcgg agaacagagg    176760
     gggcttttgt gaggcaggaa cgcagagaca cgcagcgagc gggaggtaca gtacaggact    176820
     gaagagacct ggaggaagac cagcagagat ggagacgtct aagacagcca gcgtgactcc    176880
     taacaagagt tttatacagt taacacattt atttgtgtct ttaaaaattc tgtaaaatct    176940
     atagtagaat tttaccataa aaaatactcc agtacactac aatatttctt ttatttatac    177000
     tcttatacac caatgttttg aaggactaac atctacacat catgtcactg tttacacaga    177060
     caaaaacaca accgtacaca tctggggatg agaaagtcat gatgaaccaa tgctcattac    177120
     aaacagctta accctccagc agagaaacct actaatacag cagttctcaa attattttca    177180
     ttaagtacca cctcagaaaa aaagtgtctc tccaagtacc accataatga ccagtattta    177240
     gtttctgttt aaatgaattg agtgtttagg ttttagttat tgtttaaatg aaatgtttta    177300
     tgaattaaag cagatgttga gtcaaaacaa tgaatgttat aaatgtaact gaatacacaa    177360
     taaagacatt gcagaatctg atggaatatc tctaaatttc attcatataa tactgttttt    177420
     aaaaagtata taaactaaag tcagaaaagg aacgtgtttt tgttttacat caaattttaa    177480
     aaatcaaaag aataaataaa gattcaatac cttaacaaaa ctctaatagc actttaatga    177540
     tattaaaaaa atatgcatat tttggtgggc taggcagtgg cgcagtaggt agtgctgtcg    177600
     cctcacagca agaagatcgc tgggtcgctg gtttgaacct tggctcagtt ggtgtttctg    177660
     tgtggagttt gcatgttctc cctgcatccg cgtgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccagtttcc    177720
     cccaaagtcc aaaaacatgc ggtacaggtg aattgggtag gctaaattgt ataagttgca    177780
     tttcatacaa ctaaagtata ttaaatatac aataatatat cacaatagta cataaaataa    177840
     aatattcatt catcttcttt tcggcttagt tcgtttatta atctggggtc gccacagcgg    177900
     aatgaaccgc caacttttgc agcacgtttt tacgcagcag atgcccttcc agctgcagcc    177960
     tatctctggg aaacatccac acacactcat tctcactcat acactacggt caatttagcc    178020
     tacccaattc accgcatatc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcacccg aaggaaaccc    178080
     atgcgaacag agggagaaca tgcaaactac acacagaaac gccaactgac ccagctggga    178140
     ctcgaaccag caaccatctt gttgtaaggc aacagtactg aaataaaata ttgctaaata    178200
     ttatttttat tttatctcaa aagtcttcta ttttaacatt tttctaaaca taattgattt    178260
     ttgttgggaa agctttcact atccccattc cagtcctcag tgtcacatga tgatgatgat    178320
     gaagatgtca caaaattact ttaaaataga gatttaatat tataagttca gacccattta    178380
     ttcagaattg gtgtttgttc gcattgtaac agctgaaagc taaagttcaa tcatatttaa    178440
     caaaacatta tttttttgca caagataact aaaagcgaac aatacaatct aaaagcaaac    178500
     tctatattct gcattaaatt agcatttttg ggggtgagta gcttgttgaa ataccaaatt    178560
     acagtgttta atgtatccca atgtttactt gtttttgctc tccggtgctt ttatacaaga    178620
     gaaaacttta catttccaaa aaacgtgctt taaatagcag catgttatgt gagaaaacaa    178680
     aagcctggtc atccacactg ccacacaatg tcccagaagc acacacaaca acgtttatat    178740
     attttagtca aaagcaaaca cgcattcctt tgcttctcca ctgcaacacc aagtagaaat    178800
     aaaactattg taaacgtcaa caactataaa aacatatttc atgcacagat ctgcatagag    178860
     aaaaatatca ataagtataa tcaataaaaa aaaacatttc tcatcactca ttttcttttc    178920
     atcattagtc aggaaatgaa taatagggaa ggaaatctaa attaaagtcc ttgtattgga    178980
     ctcttgtttt ctttgaaata agacttgaag tgtctgtggc aaatacactg cagtttgggc    179040
     agccatttag cccctgagaa actttgttag tttgcctcac gtcaggtttt aaactcacaa    179100
     accaaagtgc taatttgcaa acctcttatg gctgatacat actgctaatt tgcaagaacc    179160
     ctcatttctg cagctctaat ttaccagatg cacattagct agcctccatt acagtataca    179220
     ctgatctcag catttctgtc cacttcacag ttttcacagc ttaaacattc cctggcaaac    179280
     aattttagtt tagtagactt agatcaggca ggtcaaatta ttattgcaat tgctaaattt    179340
     aacaatattt acaatgtgaa caaaaacata agaattaaag agatatttaa agagaattta    179400
     ctcaccctga gctggttgca atcctttatg tgtttcattt ttttttgttg aaaagtaaat    179460
     acataaaaaa aatgttagaa acgtttaacc attaaaaagc agatacagat ttttattttt    179520
     acaaaataac tttgtgttca taagaagaaa aaaaaactga attgttagtt ttgggtgaac    179580
     tatttcttta tcaaataata gtttgatagt tgttttacca cgactactac tacaattaat    179640
     acatctacaa taaaggccaa ttatattgga atgcacagtg ctcagcataa ttgagttcac    179700
     cctgaaaatt aatattttta tgcatttctc ggtgaaaata ggcaatgtat tttggtgcat    179760
     ttaaacaaaa caaatttaat aaacagatat atttatcaaa atacttcact aaacatattt    179820
     agaaattgaa agatgataca attaaattca tgctaaatat cacaaaaata aactacaagc    179880
     tacaaaattt caacaggcaa cgctgtgacg cagtaggtag tgctgtcgtc tcacagcaag    179940
     aagtcgctgg ttcgagcctc agctcagttg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc    180000
     ctgcgttcat gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccggtttccc ccacagtcca aagacatgcg    180060
     gcacaggtga attgggtagg ctaaattgtc cctagtgtat gagtgtgtgt gtgaatgtgt    180120
     gtgtggatgt ttcccagagt tgggttgtgg cgggaagggc atccgctgcg taaaaacatg    180180
     ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccactgtg gcaaccccag aataataaag agaataagcc    180240
     gagaagaaaa tgaatgaata aatgaatgaa aatttcaaca aatttgtttt tattttttat    180300
     ttatttattt tgcttctctt gatttttcct ccttgttaaa tgtgtattta atatttttcc    180360
     tagaacataa atttgggtgt aatagttttt ggaccattat cattagtttt atgttagatt    180420
     agctccagat ttggcttcac tactgactga tctaatgtac acacgcaact ttaatattgt    180480
     atagcttcct attaaaaata tgaattcaaa agagagattt gtgaggggtg tacttgtata    180540
     tgctgagcac agtatatctg tgacctgaca tgaggtttac tttgctgtga aattccatgt    180600
     taaggaacag taatagtcat tgaaagagta ttttctgtcc ttcattcacc tcacagcagc    180660
     tgataggtgg agctgcctta taactccacc gataaccgag tccacagtta ctaaacctgg    180720
     cgtttttaag gtttataaca actgtaaacg cgttgtccag ttctactaat gtcaacacag    180780
     cctcagggaa cctatacttt aaaatactgc ccaaaatagg tcagtaagtc tatataatct    180840
     gctgaatcag tcatgggaat aaataaacct ctcgacattt gaatgactgg ataaaaggtg    180900
     gagttaagag taaaagggtt tgtcttgcct tttctgttgt cgtgagatgt gacagaaacg    180960
     ggtaatgttg caaacaaaat ttacaaatgg gtaaggatta ggttttggcg tcagtttcag    181020
     gactcagaat gtttaccgcg caaacataac cgcgaaaata tgctgccctc atcattccag    181080
     cacagaggag tcattgtagg agctctacct gccggcgaag agaggaactg caggcgcacc    181140
     ttacacagtg aaacgggctt tgatggagaa aatgcacgac gtcgcatgta agaagcattt    181200
     tagctgtcaa aataaataca ttacaggttt taagtcaaat taattatttg gttattaact    181260
     aaataagctc cacactatca taaaccgcac ccaagccaag ataaggaagt atttgttagc    181320
     tagatccaga tttctcgtca gaacattata tattatatat atatatatat atatatatat    181380
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atattaatca gttaaaccag    181440
     gagaattaga cagcttgctg accattttgc ttgtgtcttc tagaatttag aaagctgcaa    181500
     gcaataagaa tggaggagga gtcagagttg agtcagaaaa taccattggt tcgttggagg    181560
     agtgacgtac aaggagcgct ccctctcgcg gccacggcgc gtcactgaaa ccccagcatc    181620
     ggctcagggc ccgggggtcc tgctggactg aagaccaaac cagctcacct aagagcccga    181680
     gggaccccaa aactaaaaag actcacccaa ctcacaaacg aagagcttat tttagaaaac    181740
     acaggtgaga gagcaattta aaatgtaaac tatggcgtaa aagaatggta tttaccagtc    181800
     tgataacttt tacttcagga cattaaaggg gcagttcacc caaaaatgac aattctgtca    181860
     tcatttactc agcctttacc tgtctaaaac tgtttctttc ttctgttgga cacaaaagaa    181920
     gatattttga agaaataact atttgacttg cacagtaaag taaataagat caaaaccact    181980
     taagggtgag taaataatga gtaaattttc atttttggtt gaacaacccc tttaagcttg    182040
     gttcatctca attaatattg ttaaaacaac ctaaaattgt aaataacctg gaaaatcaat    182100
     gaggtaatgc aaactgttat attttgttta attgaatctg ttgagtttac atgtcatttg    182160
     aatttaaatg ttatttttgt cattattaac ataagtgacc acactctcaa tatctaaaat    182220
     atataaaaat aaaaaatagt tgtgtaaaaa gcaacaatta ttgcttttca aatttaatta    182280
     attttcaaag gaggtgaact tatgttggac actggatgtc tgtcgcatta gtatactgcg    182340
     tgaaatataa tatcaagtgt ttacatcagg gctgcacagt atagtttcag tatcgatatc    182400
     gcaatatgat catttcgcaa gtgtttttaa ggcctgtgac tgtgggagat taaattaaat    182460
     ttgattaaat tgtttattaa atgaagacta tgcagtatta ttttacattt gattattcag    182520
     ttactgtata cctgaataca ggttgactcc ttggaaaaca ataaaaagct gtttatttat    182580
     ttgtacaatt ttctttattt aatttatcta tgcttgaaga ttgtttttgt tttatgcact    182640
     tgcctacaaa atcatccaaa tccatatttc caaacggata ttcaaatcat ctattaaaat    182700
     tttattcata ttgtaatata ttaggcatgg atcgataatc gtgttcaagg tataccgcag    182760
     gtgggaaaga tcaaggtttt aaaactgtca acattttctg ctataccatt tctaaggtat    182820
     gaataagatt ttttggtcac actacaataa ggttcattag ttaatgttaa ttaatgcatt    182880
     tactaacatg catttactaa cataaaaaca atgaacaatg catttactac tgtatttgtt    182940
     catgttagtt aacgttagtt aatgaaaata cagttcattg ttagttcgtt aactcatggt    183000
     gcataaacta atgttaacaa gcatggactt ggatgttaat aatgcattag taagtgttca    183060
     attatgatta ataaatgctg tacatgtgtt gttcatgatt acttcatgtt agtaaatgca    183120
     ttaactaata aagcttattg taaagtgtta cagatttttt atttacattt tatttaggac    183180
     aagagcatct ctagcagaaa taatatccaa aaatgccatt ttttaaattg taatgaaatc    183240
     agcgtttttg tgaagacagc agaagtcaaa tgatttattt gaattattta gcctgacatg    183300
     ttaattataa ttgaaatata ttgtgtacaa aggggaaaag ggttttgttt tttacccaga    183360
     catttaaaaa caatatattt tagagcagta atctcaacac agtgatattt atatctaagg    183420
     ttatcatacc gccagaatct tataccggcc cagcctacaa tatatacagt aatcgcagaa    183480
     taaataaata tcacaatgtt agatttttta attatcgtgc agccctaatt tacatttcta    183540
     tttttttttt taatgccaag tattttctgt attattctca catattttat tttatataaa    183600
     ggtctggcag ctgaactgca tgcgtacatt tcttagagca tataataagc tgacaacagt    183660
     actgtattaa aacctttact tgcacatggt acatccaaca aaacagattc agaattaatg    183720
     acaataaagc aaaaagaaag tttttttttc tctttctcca cactccgtac agtcaatcct    183780
     ttccaccact gctggagaca gatttaaaaa ctagacaaga aaaatgaaga gggaaggttg    183840
     aggatagggg gaaaagaccc caaataacat aacagtttac actaatacat caggatacac    183900
     aaagatgtaa agcataagaa aagagcagtc agaaaacata ctgagaagca atatttttgt    183960
     gtgttttttt ttcttttggt gggagtaaat taagaaagct ctttcaagtc cgtaatctct    184020
     taaagactcc caaaaacaat caccattttc atcagcccac ccacttgaaa gtacaaaatc    184080
     atctattatg tagccctcct tcagctgtac atctatccaa cacattccta tataaaggaa    184140
     atcgcacaaa aacatgtcca tgtcacattt caccacaaaa ccaacaacaa caaaatattt    184200
     ttgacataag ttcacttcag taatgcactc ccacatttaa ttattcattc caattaatct    184260
     gaatagtaat ttccattact gtagctcagc gatttcaatt tgaatcagga taaataaaaa    184320
     cactttgcat aaaaagtgaa aatgtgcacc taatgagatt ttactttgca gtgaagtatg    184380
     acttggacac attcttaagg tgtttacatg acagccctga gataaaaaaa aggaaatctt    184440
     tttcattcca cccattttca aaatgtttca ctccagaaat acaacccttc acgttgatca    184500
     atagctggtg atgtctcttt aagaagaaac aatacacacc tgtcgagttc tctagtccgc    184560
     cactgttgtt ttaattgtac atgctacatg acatcactgt tttattttac acagaggcga    184620
     cgaaaatggc atcatgtgca aaaatgtgcg ctttgaaaac agtttcacac tctcaaatga    184680
     gggtttgatt aaagcagtgg tgtccaaact cagtcctgga gggccggtgt ccagcatatt    184740
     ttagttccaa ccctaattaa acacacctga accagctaat caagctcttt ctaggtatac    184800
     cagagttcca agcaggtgtg ttgaagctaa gctattcaag acaccagccc tccaggatcg    184860
     agtttggaca cccctggatt aaagggatag ttcacctaaa aattaaaatt gccattattc    184920
     atccttcacg tttcacctgc taaacacaaa ctaagacagt gaagaatgtt ggaaacttgt    184980
     agccattgaa ctccacagtt tttgatttta ttactatgaa gatcaactgt gtttaaaaaa    185040
     aaaaaaactc aaatgtttag aaccacctaa atgagagtaa acgttcattt ttgggtggac    185100
     tatcccttta aattacaggt gcccaaggag tttggctcca acttgcttca acataactgc    185160
     caggaagttt ctagtacacc cggtaaaacc gtgattagct tcaagtgtgt ctaattgtgt    185220
     tgaagctaaa ctctgcatga caccggccct ccaggactga cggctttaaa tgaattgaaa    185280
     aaaaaaatcg ttttcatttt tagccaacag cggtgtcatg taaacacacg ttttgtgtaa    185340
     ttcacctgtg tgaaccctcc tgaccttcgc aaacgcttcc ctcatatcta acgcagatct    185400
     gtctttacat attcgctgaa aaaccacaaa cgaagatcaa agtcaatcag ctctcagact    185460
     gtaacgtgca taataaccac ttcattctca ggcggagatt cattcagttt gcactgtgca    185520
     tatttcagag cgccacttgg cttcaaatac acacccggga gggcttttcc ccaacatgtg    185580
     tgacaaattg cagcaacaag gccttaagaa aaaaatgcac caacagaacc ctctggatct    185640
     ctctgtctct cagctgggta taaatagttg cattaggggt tctgtttagt gatcatcaca    185700
     gtacacagtc gaccagtagg ggttagttag gggtctcccg tcgcacctgt ttggcagtgc    185760
     tgaatcagtt caggtgcatt acggataact gaagcgttac tgtctgctgt aacaaaactg    185820
     aaaatggtac aaaaaaacct gcgcaaggct tatatatata tattgttcat ttcaatgaat    185880
     gctttgcaac cctaaactaa ttgagaactg ttaaaatgtg agattatgaa agagttgaga    185940
     gggtgggggg ataaaacctg gaccccaaaa gagcttacag cgtatgtttt tagtaatatg    186000
     tagtcaagcg aaagtcgatt atggcaaaaa gcaatcaagt aataggagat tggggccatt    186060
     gcactccatt tcaaggaaat acagtgaagc gtttcaccac ttttgtatgc atctttcaca    186120
     tagacaggac gcacatacac acacataccc aaatacacct acccccgtag gctgactgac    186180
     aactctgcca acactcgagt cacctacgtg aaagcacaag catacagtgc acaatcaaat    186240
     gaccttcccg ctgttccggt actgagcaga ccatcatcgc caactgaatt agcctcaatt    186300
     cctggattta tgaaaactgg gtggacaagc atgcaagaac tctttgagga ggctaaacta    186360
     ctgggaagcc aaatttactg gaccagaggt cagttgttaa tcacattaaa aagaccagtg    186420
     gcccaaccga aaacacatga ggaacaagtc acaaagagga agtctggatt cagtcaaatg    186480
     tcaatggcta gcattacgga aaacagtaaa acccatcaat cctgtgaacc atcttacatg    186540
     atgtactgca tgattatact ggaaaattaa gcaccttaca gatgtaaaaa aacacttcag    186600
     atagcaatat ctgcatatag ctggatacta caattgatcg tcatgtagaa gatggtgtat    186660
     taaacaagaa attggcatat caaattcaag cttattgaag aaattgcata ttttcaccac    186720
     agctgtgcgt gtctattttg gtgtcaacat ttgtgtccaa gcgttgtcat ttttagcacc    186780
     aaaacaggtg aaaccactca atccattctt ctctataaaa cctttaaata ctagagtaat    186840
     tgagagtatt tgatctcaag tctctgccta aaagtacttt gttttatatg cccattggtt    186900
     tctgtggctt aaaccaatgt tcccaccatc aacactggtg catttgctgg atcttgttca    186960
     atggcctgaa ttc                                                       186973