ID   BX323868; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 163299 BP.
AC   BX323868;
DT   14-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 13)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-276H18 in linkage group 4 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein (zgc:92635), the gene for a novel protein
DE   similar to human and mouse transmembrane protein 70 (TMEM70), two novel
DE   genes, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate junctophilin 1
DE   (JPH1, zgc:136916), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   peptidase inhibitor 15 (PI15), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   vertebrate cysteine-rich secretory protein LCCL domain containing 1
DE   (CRISPLD1), the socs6l gene for suppressor of cytokine signaling 6 like,
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate cerebellin precursor
DE   family, the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   neuropilin (NRP) and tolloid (TLL)-like 1 (NETO1) and four CpG islands.
KW   HTG; socs6l.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-163299
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 0a3f058757854da2d309900339313671.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00074; mir-29.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-276H18. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-276H18 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-276H18 is at 163299 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-276H18 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..163299
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-276H18"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..163299
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    12054..12152
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    14143..14156
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    29801
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 10bp by restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            join(77031..77133,77344..77410,85015..85077,92941..93216,
FT                   93708..93770,93946..94042,94127..94203,94289..94546,
FT                   94642..94812,95406..95592,95686..97393)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276H18.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 (NET1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD281859.1"
FT   CDS             join(77087..77133,77344..77410,85015..85077,92941..93216,
FT                   93708..93770,93946..94042,94127..94203,94289..94546,
FT                   94642..94812,95406..95592,95686..96122)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276H18.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007474"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 (NET1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7Z628 Sw:Q7Z628 Sw:Q9Z206
FT                   Tr:Q8AVF7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXH8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001331"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015721"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXH8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041121-18"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04879.1"
FT                   ETMV"
FT   mRNA            join(90260..90550,92941..93216,93708..93770,93946..94042,
FT                   94127..94203,94289..94546,94642..94812,95406..95592,
FT                   95686..97393)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276H18.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 (NET1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL925255.1 Em:CD604823.1
FT                   Em:CD754333.1 Em:CK026953.1 Em:CK127389.1 Em:CK147648.1"
FT   CDS             join(90461..90550,92941..93216,93708..93770,93946..94042,
FT                   94127..94203,94289..94546,94642..94812,95406..95592,
FT                   95686..96122)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-276H18.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007473"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   neuroepithelial cell transforming gene 1 (NET1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7Z628 Sw:Q7Z628 Sw:Q9Z206
FT                   Sw:Q9Z206"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RKM4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001331"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015721"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RKM4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041121-18"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04880.1"
FT   regulatory      97364..97369
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      97393
FT   misc_feature    135862..135904
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only"
FT   misc_feature    161299
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-276H18"
SQ   Sequence 163299 BP; 52367 A; 29437 C; 30100 G; 51395 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttt cttactatgg aagtcaattg gttccagcaa ccagcattct tcagaagatc        60
     ttttgtgcgt gagtgtgtgt gtgttaaaca gaaagagtat aaatacaaaa atacaataaa       120
     tttgtatttt gatacaaaat atcgagccat tttcgtcaac cctatcaaac acaaattaaa       180
     aaaaataata ttttgtattt aaattgcatc tttgaaatac atgtatcata aatactgtcc       240
     atctatggcg atcaacatga taaaaatgag aaatgttgct attaatgcat aaaatttgaa       300
     ttctgattct gaatttttaa tacctaataa aaatggataa ataaacagat aaaataattt       360
     tataatttgt cactctcttt taaacatagg ttttaaaaat tgttagtagt atttagtcat       420
     ttaaatctga taaaaatgaa tataataatt tatttttaca tcgattttaa taaggcgcta       480
     gattttcctc cgggtgcttc cgtttccccc acagtccaaa gacatacagg taaattgaat       540
     aaactaaatt ggccgtagtg tatgtgtgcg catgtgagag tgtatactgt gggtgtttcc       600
     cagtactggg ttgcaactgg tagggcatcc gctgcgtaaa acatatgctg gataagttga       660
     cagttcattc cgctgtggtg actcctgatg aataaataga ctaagctgaa taataaaata       720
     ataataataa taataattcc tcccctactc tttttttttt ttgaaggata tcctgggatt       780
     tttaatgacc acagagagtc aggacctcgg tttaaagtct aatccaaaag attgcgctca       840
     tcgagcagta tagagtcctc atcaatatac tggggcatta ggacccacac agagcgcagg       900
     ttgagctccg cctgctggcc tcactaacac cacaaataaa aagataaaat gcttttatac       960
     tttgtcactc ccttttaaac gtaggtgtta acatttgcat ttaatcattt aaatataata      1020
     aaaatttgta tcataattta ttctattaat aagtacaggt caaagtgtgt ttttaaatgt      1080
     ttaaataaaa atatcttacg ctgaatcatc atccaaacac ctaaagcgat tcagtataca      1140
     ttatattctc agctgttcta ttctgttatt acaggaagaa aggtggacca aaaatacggt      1200
     aaacaatgct cggtgagaca ctgtagatat gctttaacat attcaactgt tactcatcat      1260
     cattcagcat cagttttcaa ccattttata tttatgttaa ggattttcat ccaggaaaca      1320
     gtattcaatt gtattcatta ccaataaaca agcatgtggg tgtgtaagga actcaatatt      1380
     gtttcatgtt gctgcaataa tcattctcaa cctctctgcc ctggcaaggt gctggtatac      1440
     acaatcgtgt ctttatcaca atgactcagt tgaatttcct gccaataaaa tgcttaaatg      1500
     taccgcatac actatcctga taatcagtct gatgtcagat accctcattt atttccaatt      1560
     tccttgacaa agctggcttg ttccactggg ttactgatgt aaaataacta tgtcactgtg      1620
     aaagtcctta gtcatggtga ctaatgcaaa ttgcttggta ctctttcata tttcatcaga      1680
     ctgacaagag tgtgtcttca ggcttggatt tgaatgccgt tttgtgattt gccaagcttg      1740
     ttgtcgccga ttttctatca agattatatt tgcgtggctc cgctctgatc atctttgctt      1800
     caagagctgt gattggctga aatcgagcga ttggctgacg ggggagcgat ggggtcattc      1860
     gagtttgtct ccatagtgta gcatctccat agcaatctcg aggtcagtgt ctgagaaggc      1920
     atgcatgtgt ctttttaaat agacctcttg tattgtactg tatattcttg cagtcactaa      1980
     gcaatcataa ttggttagtt atataaatgg ggaggaggat gaaaggaagc agatgacaag      2040
     aacaaaaaaa aaaaaatata tatatatata tattttagta tgtgtactta cagtattggg      2100
     ctttgagcat tggcaggaaa gcatcctttc agacttacag aagagggaat agggatgcag      2160
     atatgtctga acactgaaga aggtgcttcg agtgcatcat gtcagaacgt gtatcatagt      2220
     ttctggtacg tggattcatt tggcattagt attgctatag gaacaaatct tttctgaatc      2280
     caaggacata aatagatcag aatacaacac tgtgttacgc tcgcttaaag gatgcttatg      2340
     atctaaagca gttaaagtac attactgcat gtgaaaatac ttaaaaaaag tagctacctg      2400
     ttcattttat ctactctctt aaaatgttgg gttgttttaa cctatagttg agtaaaatat      2460
     tgacaacccc atcagttggt ttatttttta aattatacaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaatccat      2520
     gatctttggg tttgtccaaa ttttactgaa ctttgggttg atgaaacatt tcatttttgg      2580
     tacttaagta tacatttatg gcacttaaga aggcattata attatcttat tgataattat      2640
     aatataatct cttataacat ctctcatata atatctcata acataattga gctaactgtg      2700
     agcagacaca gacagaaaaa gtattacagt attttacaga atttatatta cagtatatta      2760
     cagaattttt ttatgacact gtataacaat aactaatatt tttacagtac tgtgacagtt      2820
     ggttttagtg ttattgttgg ggtaggcttt taaaaaatac tatttattgg gtaatttaat      2880
     agattgcata aataatactc ggtacaacta ctgtttttac attactgtga cggttgggta      2940
     taaggttgag gtggggcaag acattaataa aatacaataa atgggaaatt taataaatta      3000
     tataaattat tctttaaatt ataaccatat ctgatcttaa caacccccct ggactgcaca      3060
     ttttgcatgt ctcctttgtc tcacacaatc attccaggtc ctggagtgct aacgagctaa      3120
     tgagttgaat caggtgtgtt tgactaagga gacttgcaca atgtgcagtg ttcagggact      3180
     ccagacttga gaaccactgc agtaaggtaa tacatattgc gtaatacatt tacagtgttt      3240
     atatgcttta agatccataa tatatccact gtctattttt tttccagatg tttttacaat      3300
     tagttttaaa gagatatcca atttaaaaag ttgcatgctg tggtgatatt agactcttgt      3360
     tctgtatgta tggtcaagct atagtattat taatatatag taatatagta tagtattagt      3420
     aaatattaaa tgtaaatagt gcatactttt tgtagagtta tccttgtcaa tgtcagtcaa      3480
     ttgttaaata tacatataag tttatataag ttttatacat atatatatat atatatatat      3540
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattata gcttaaaggg      3600
     gctaatgatt ttgtccttaa aatggtgttt aaaaaataat aactgttttt gttctagccg      3660
     aactaaaaca aaaaagactg tccagaagaa aaaatatcat cagacatgct gtaaaaattt      3720
     ccttgtactc tgttatacat tatttgggaa atatttaaaa aagaaaaaaa atttaaaagg      3780
     gggctaataa ttctgacttc aactgtaaat ataatttgtc aagcagatca aaatcaagcc      3840
     tttcatcagc gttgtccttt aatcaaaaaa caaccgattc ctgtcttaga acagctttga      3900
     tcaacttttt tgatccacat caaatgttga ctactgtaaa tattcacaaa attcaatata      3960
     tagtatataa atatttctaa actaccactg cactaaatac atctaaagtg ctaaacatct      4020
     caaaaactat tgtaaattct taattgccta tataaaagaa agtaaatgac atgctgggag      4080
     ctttgtggta aaacaaactg atctgcttga tctaaacaaa tcaaaccact gggatatctc      4140
     gccacgttaa gtaagaagcc acatttgatc acttcctctg ctagtacgac tttgtacaat      4200
     gcaaagtccc cccccccaaa aaaacgtatt tctggaaaaa gatgcaaata ttgtatatag      4260
     ctgagcttta cacaactgaa aaaacatgta tgttggtttt ctgtaaagct agaccacaga      4320
     tgagctggct tttccacaga gatcagaatg tgttttgttt catgtataat gcacaaatat      4380
     ctgcaatgac acgtctgtta gctggtttcg caatggctac tataatttgt tcagctgttt      4440
     ttcatcacaa tgccttacgg attctgaatc gagtgatgcg tctgtttctc cagagactgc      4500
     tgagcattag ctgcgtatga aaatgagtcg tgacagcgga tgtgggaact gaccgaataa      4560
     tgtgactcac aagcggtcaa cacccatttt ccacagtatt tttgcagtac agctaatctt      4620
     ccactattct cgaaataatt gtatatggaa taactgtcct tcttggaata aaaacttgat      4680
     tgtttaaagt gaaacgctgc aggcaaaagc aatgtttttt atgcacctgt caaatttaat      4740
     tgattttgga attttgggga tttttttcag tttgaaaaaa aaaaaaccga aatatacttc      4800
     acacttgaga atttatgtct acaatttatt tccagttttt tggaaatatg ctcattttat      4860
     cataatcaag gaactttgct gctgtaccat ggtaccatga tattatgcag cactttattc      4920
     atagttaaca agctgcagac tattttctgg cactgcataa catcgttgca tccattgcag      4980
     caatggtact gcagcaaagt tccttgatta ttacactgga ataagactat agttcctgta      5040
     atagaaaata aacctagaat aagcctatat tagcctaaaa aatagcaact tttcattttc      5100
     tgtctctctt agcacatgtg gcaaataaag aagacacaaa acaagcaagt aaaaatagtt      5160
     ttaaatgggg gttttatctg actgctgttt aataaaaaaa aaaaaacagc gatcgaaggg      5220
     agcacagcga aataagctcc ttgaaaacaa attgtctcaa aaatagagta aaaaatattt      5280
     tctttatcct acactgaaat acggcagtgc tactgtacaa aaaaaaaaaa agaaataaaa      5340
     gcatgttaac acagccaatt caacctaata tcacacaatt tgaacatttt tgatgaaatt      5400
     tacatacaca catgtatcac cacacaagat accttatttt atagaactaa caataatact      5460
     ctatcaaatt ccaagaaaca gtagataaac ttagtatata aaatgaaatg ataaacttaa      5520
     attagaaatc ctgatactat tcaacatgaa gtccactaga ttgtacacaa gccaagtcat      5580
     ctacaaagat gtgcaaaatc aatgtccatt aaatgtcatc tttgggttta gcaattgtat      5640
     aataaagttt ttaagaaagt atttacccca aaacaacgtt tttccatgac gatcacagct      5700
     cgtcacacac agctcaccac gatgcaaaca tggcttctct gctcagtcac gcaggcgcgt      5760
     gcacgcaacc tgcccgccaa cacacacatc gcgagacaag aacggacatc ttttaaaggg      5820
     gccgtggtca attttcagca taacatataa gaactggatt tatgcctctg gccacataca      5880
     caatataact acagaagtgt cgaggtttaa atttaaaaat tatcaaaact ctttcttgga      5940
     ttttttaagc aagatgctac cagtgtaatc tgaatcaatg attcatgtca agataaaagt      6000
     gctccttccg gacccagaga tcagctgaat taatttcaaa atggttcacc tcaacttttt      6060
     aacttgaggt gactatgaaa ataaaatgag cctatttccc aaaaactgaa gtgttccttt      6120
     gaaggcattt ttctccttca ctgagccata aatctcagca gcacttactg tacatagaca      6180
     aaactttaca tgtatattca catctacaga aatgctggag gcttttaacc ccgccattag      6240
     gtatgcacaa gggtaatggt ggaaattggg caactgctga ctaaaggaaa agtaaagagg      6300
     ggagacatct acagaggcag catggaatgg agaagggtat gagaatggag gttaaggggg      6360
     gcactttaaa tactggaact acaaacaaaa ccattactac atttcatgca ggagaagaaa      6420
     cctgaagggg attgaagact gattgtgtag ctaagcagca tctgatggtg gtctgtagga      6480
     ttacttcgga gaaggagagg agagtaagga ctgaacaaaa agatagtggg aactgaagga      6540
     tgaaggctgt gtttgagatt cagtggaaga ggttagatgt ggtctaggtc agtggtgtcc      6600
     tgcagatttt agctccaact tgcctcaaca cacctgcaag gatgtttcta gaaagcctag      6660
     taagagcttg attagctagc ccaggtgtgt ctgattgcgg tgggaactaa actttgcagg      6720
     acaccggccc tccaggaccg agtttggaca tgtctggtct cggtggtggt gaagatgtgc      6780
     tgtatatttg ggcaactact gcaaaagtaa taaggaagac agctaggaag gaacttggtg      6840
     agatatctgg aaaaagaaag gaaaacagag agatggaatg aggaagtgca gggaagaata      6900
     aagagaaaga atttgttgaa agagtattgg gacaggcaga gagaggatga agtaggcaga      6960
     aatagaagga gatgcagcaa caggagaaga gatgtggcaa aagcaaagaa aaaggcatat      7020
     gtggcattta agatttgtac caattggtta ggtagaaaga ccaagctggg aactatgtgc      7080
     cccaagttat ggcaataaag gtcgcagatg gaaatgtgtt gcctcgtgag gagagaaggt      7140
     ttatagaaag gcagatggac agcaatggag aagtactgta ggggtactgg ttaccacata      7200
     aacacaaagt caaaacagtt cttgattgat ctgacaaagc gtggttgtga atagaaatgt      7260
     gatctatttc tattcagtat gcagtttcac tagttgttga ttcatctggt ccgtgagaaa      7320
     tgtttagggt ttttacaaag acagtcatat ctcaagtgta aaaaataatg tttgattttt      7380
     gcagacctgc agcaaaggag tacaaaagtt gatcggccaa gtcgtaggcc aaggaacaac      7440
     actatgggtg caatacttgc ttttagaatg ctgatggaga agtgtagaga aggggttgca      7500
     ttgtgtgttg gtagaacaga tggtcatcaa cactgttcct ggagacttaa ctgacttaat      7560
     gcagttttct gccttaaccc tgatcaaact cacttgtcta taattaacaa gtgctgcttc      7620
     gggtcctaat taattggttt agttgtgttt gatcagagtt ggagctgaaa taaagtgaca      7680
     agagctgtga actggggcag tacattccaa aaggtacaca tttgtaccta aagcatcaat      7740
     ggccaaccct gttgctggag atctgccttc ctgcagattt cagttgcaac ccatatcaaa      7800
     cacacctgcc tgtaattatt aagtgctgtt caggtccaaa ttgattggtt caggtgtgtt      7860
     tgttcaaggt tggagctgaa atctgaagga aggttgatct ccaggaacag ggttgagcct      7920
     ccctgcccta aacaatccat attggaaact caatgataca tattagtacc taaaaagtac      7980
     aaaagtgtac ctcttgaaat ttcaaagtaa taaaatgttc tattatggta ccaatatagg      8040
     tattttagat acaaatgtgt acctttagaa aagaattccc ccagtggcag ctcttgtacc      8100
     tttatttctg agagtgcagg atcagggttg aggatctcta atctaaagga agcatacagc      8160
     agggtgccaa aagaggaagt caggggtagt agaaatgtaa gggtgctgtg gtacgtgtat      8220
     gtggacagta tgaaagcaat gaagtgtgct gtagggatga cacactggtt gaaggtagac      8280
     ataggattgc atcaaggatt gtatctcatt cctgtttgca gttgcgatgg acaggtttac      8340
     agaggtcaca cagaagtctc catggattat tatgtttgca ggtgatattg tgattagtga      8400
     gaggatgagc ttggagaagt agaaaagata gatgcttgtg taaaggggaa tgaaagtttg      8460
     taggagtaag acaaactaca tgtacatgaa gaagagggag agcattggtg catttacaag      8520
     gagtagaact ggcaaaggtg gatgaattca agtacctgta gtcaacagtg cagagtaatg      8580
     gactgtgttt tagagaagtt aaaaaagaga gcaggtaggg tggagtgggt ggagaagagt      8640
     gacagaagtg atttttaatc aaagggtatc ttcaagagtt gaaagggaaa tattataagg      8700
     cctgccatgc tgtatggttt agagaaggaa cttggtcctg gagggctgtt gtcctgctga      8760
     gattagctcc aaccctaatc aaacacacct acagatttct agtgatcttg aagacactaa      8820
     ttagcatgtt caggtgtgtt tgattagtgt tggtgctaat tcacctccag gacagagttt      8880
     gcccattact ggttttgaaa cagttacatt ggcaaaaata ggcagagctg gaggtgacgg      8940
     agctggattt gctcagaatt ccattgggag aggtgaagat ggacaggatt aaatatgggt      9000
     ttattagaaa gacagtgcat gtaaaggcag gaacacacca agccaagtta gtgtctggct      9060
     agttggtttg gtgtgttaca cgtttccaat cgttgtgtta acattggagc tcgttagctc      9120
     gattcagcat gtagtatgtt tagtttttca gcaatgagta agagtgcgag atcaaaaact      9180
     gaagtgatgt cgctagtaaa ctactaatgg aggaacacac aaagactgca tctaaaacat      9240
     ctactacaca ctgcatttga atttactaca cgaccattag aaaagtacat tctatacagt      9300
     acatactaca tccgccattt tgtcatcttc acgtgaccta cccgcgagtt acgttgcttc      9360
     actcccattc atgaattctc taacggggca tcatttgata gcgcatcgtg tatcgaatgc      9420
     gcactttaga atctcgccaa aagaagtcat ccaggcatac tgtttttagc gtatagtata      9480
     tagtatggaa gtatgcgatt ttgtgatatt gattattaga tcatcagata tatttgcata      9540
     agtgattcaa aaacaaggaa ggacatgagg tacatactgt aggtagaaga atagaggcca      9600
     ccaggcagga ggaatagagg aagggtgagg aggaggtttg tgaatgtggt gagagaagat      9660
     atgcatagtg gtttgataga gagaggctga tgtagagagc agggtggtgt tgagacggat      9720
     gatctgctgt gaagaccccc taataggagc agccaaaaga tgtgctgaag ggttttactg      9780
     agggatttct acatgcataa tatgcctgaa tattctataa actatatttt attctacaaa      9840
     aaatgacaat attttttttt tctggatgtt tacactattt tatgagttac tgagttataa      9900
     caagatttcc aaaatcccct ctaaagtgtc taaaaaataa aaaatgtaaa aatacataag      9960
     acttcatcca ctcttcagat ttcttttaac aaatgtaagc aaatgagtgc acatttaaaa     10020
     aaaactgtgg tcttatttgc ctatttaagc aactagaact acaaaaaaag ttagcaattc     10080
     ttaaatcaaa tgaggaagta tggtgatttt ttatcaggct gggggatttc ctaccgctag     10140
     attcgattac aatcattaac ccagtctcta aacatactct agaacaaacc tcattaattt     10200
     tgagtcatag attatcgctg cacttataaa gaaagggttt ttttagcttt cagttttttt     10260
     ttctgaagct gtaaatgttt ctagtttgat cgaggaggtc tgttcttatt ttccatgatc     10320
     taaatagata cttcttttcg ttcttctgtt agctatctcg gagacgtgta aagatctgtc     10380
     ggtataattt attaatcaga gcccattgtc gctgtctata tgggatttgc cgctgtaaga     10440
     caaatcctgc tctcatttca agcaaacact gacatgatcg aatagatgta gattgccgtt     10500
     aactgacaaa ccgtttaaga tttaattagg ttgcaaaacg actcaatcag aaactgtcca     10560
     gtcatcagat ttaaaccaag acaagcgtta aacaaatgtg gctttgtgac gactttcggt     10620
     tgtattataa tgtgtccttt tagggtgtga ctgcggatag gtttagttgg gtttctatgg     10680
     ctcatattta gagattggtt accctaagca cataaatgac acctcaaatc attaattcat     10740
     taatcagtac atttcataat gctttaaggt ccattttaaa ctgccgaatt ttaagtaaga     10800
     gaattttgac aaatggttta agacttttat ttgtacttat tatttattaa attgtaagag     10860
     atataaatat ttttacattt ttaagaagtt acatattttg tggttgggtc attttgatct     10920
     gtacatgtgt ggtatttgat taataacaaa aatattatta gtgaaataga tttccccact     10980
     catttctcat gttttgggat agaattttgg agaaaatgtc aaaaataatg tatatgaaat     11040
     aaaaagtggc ctgttttcag acacatttat atttatttat acaccaaacc attgttttat     11100
     cctcaagata tcaacatttt tcatgtccaa atagacttat acagatggat tgctaagtaa     11160
     gcagatctat acgattccct ggcaaaagac gaaaaaggtg aaaaagttcc acaggattat     11220
     tttgacaata tctataacca aaataatgta taatcttgtg ttttctgaac caaaaaccac     11280
     caacttaaat aaccaccttg caatgtcctc acaaaccact caacaactgc aaaacaccac     11340
     cacagaatca gttttgaccg ccttagaaac cacaaggcaa ctgccctggc attggctaac     11400
     acaatatgca gttatgattt agaaactatg gtagattgaa aagaattaaa taaatacata     11460
     ttcaaaggtg cacaaaaaaa gaccttgcgt ggttgtgaaa agaaatgtcc ccaattcata     11520
     attattatgc agtttaactg gtcaatgctg attaatctgg gctgtgatga atgttcaggg     11580
     tttttataaa gccagtcata gctcaagtaa tatgaaaagt ggtagttcat atttgaattg     11640
     taaaaaataa aggtgacagt atggagttgt ataaaagttt cagacacaaa aaactttcag     11700
     tgaaaagaac catttctagc atgaagaaca tttgaataat ctaaaaaact tttgtgtaaa     11760
     ggaggccaca tgatggctca gtggttagca ctgttgcctc acagcaagaa agtcgctggt     11820
     ttgattccct gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccccgtgtt     11880
     ggtgtagatt tcccttatag tccaaagaca tgtgctatag ggtaattgaa tacactaaat     11940
     tggctgtagt gtgagtgact gagtgtgttt ggatgtttcc cagtactggg ttgcagctgg     12000
     aggggcattt ggtgtgtaaa acatatgctg gataatttgg cggttcattg cgctgtggca     12060
     acccctgatg aataaagaga ctaagccgac attatttatt acttcagact gttttaactc     12120
     actgttttac tgaggtgaca ctgctcaaaa atagtatcaa ttggtaaact tttgctttaa     12180
     ggctcttaca ggattttccc catttgaaaa tatcttggta ccttaaaggc aaaattaaat     12240
     tataaattct aagtatagtt ttaatacaag tttatttgtc tatctttaat atttgttgaa     12300
     taccagttaa atttcatgca tcacgcagaa acgagtaaac tttcatgttg gaaatatagt     12360
     atgtgatttt attagccaag tattattagc aaataaactt tcaaaaatga acttttatca     12420
     tttgcagtgc tttgctcaat cgacatccac tgccagtgca ttactgtcta catggtgttt     12480
     gcttgtttta tgattgagga atgaaagtga gccttaacag agcttaacat gcttaagttt     12540
     gttctcttgt tttggaaaaa ataaatcaaa gaagtgatcc tttccttgtc aggctgaatc     12600
     tagccattaa aacaaatctt ttattaaggg tgtgtaatta atgtcagaat taacattttt     12660
     gggtgaatta tctctttaac ctgtaagatc tacattcatc tttaatacac aaataaatat     12720
     atttctgatg aaatcctaaa gctcatgaaa aaattcagag atgttcaaag cccataaatt     12780
     tatcaagaag ataaaacaat ccacatttta tcaatggttc agctgtaatt tgggtatttt     12840
     gtgttgtttt atttgcacat taaaaacatt ttagtgcctt tataaaatga tgcgtaacac     12900
     ttcattttga tgaaccattt gagtattagt agactgtctg cttaatatct gttgatactt     12960
     cttctttaac agacatttaa ctgactataa gaaactttgc aagtacatgt caacttatac     13020
     taaccctaac cccaacctaa cagtctacct ataatctaat gagaattagt tggcatgtag     13080
     atgcaatgta aattcaacaa acagaccatc aaaataaagt gtgaccaaat tagaatttga     13140
     accactggca cacttttatt tatttgctta tcatatatct ctgggtgaat tttatgaccc     13200
     ttgctgtgtc tcaaagagtc agagaactct tagatctcat taaaaatatg tttttaaaga     13260
     cattataatt attgtctgaa gatgaatgaa aaccttcgaa tgtcatgagt aactaatgac     13320
     agaattttca ttttttttag ggagtgagct atccctttaa gtctcaattc aatgtcctgc     13380
     ccttcttaaa tgttgttttt ccactgcggc tgctgctgtt gttgttgttg ttgttgttgc     13440
     ttaaacattg gccaatttga gttaggctga tgcaattcaa tgtcatgaat gagaatcaaa     13500
     ttactttcta aacacctctt gtgtcatcac atctgattct ctcaagggac gcacatacaa     13560
     atctcaaaat atagactaga tcaagcaggt tgctcctgtt cttataatcc attcagatct     13620
     atgttttaag cctgaacaga tacatagccc cccggtttca cagacaaggc ttaagcctag     13680
     tcctagacta aaatgtaagt ctgagctgtt tcaactgaaa taaaattgca ctgattgatt     13740
     tttaaatata tcagtgcctt tattttgttt caagatacac accaataatg ttttttttct     13800
     aagcatgttt ggaaaaatta cttaaatgta ctaaatgaac tatggcctaa tcctggctag     13860
     tctaagccct gtctgtgaaa ccgggccagc atgtaattta gctcagctta agtgctgtaa     13920
     tgcaaaaata catatctttc tcatatcttg tgtaagtgtt tttttgaaat ataactattt     13980
     gaaacattac atggggcgtg tttaggtcaa ttggagttgt acataatgta cacagtgtca     14040
     aagaagatgt tatgccagat aaaaaaaaaa acaaacatta catttgcaaa aatatattta     14100
     gtcttttctc ttcatcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     14160
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     14220
     acacacactt taagcactgt attttgttca taaacatgta tgtgtgttta aaacctgtaa     14280
     gtgccatctg aaaatttctt agcatttttc tcagcctctt atgtcttgat tcagtaattt     14340
     cacttctatg gcaaagaata ggttgttttc atctatttaa acatgaaatg accatacctg     14400
     ccaacatttg tctatgaaaa tccggaatac ttcgggggag tggtggggat gtctaggtgt     14460
     tgggggtgag gtgtctgaat gacacagcta agtaactgta ctatgcactg ggttttaggc     14520
     aaccgatgcg tttggatact atacgaaagt cggcgatccg ggggtgttat agattgtacc     14580
     aaaaagctga ggaccgggag gtggttaggg tgaaattacg cgagttttcc gggagaaata     14640
     acaaaacggg agggtgtcgg gagatgagtc tgaaatacac gggactcctg agaaaaacag     14700
     tgttggctga acataaacat aagaggcaga gaaaaaatgc acattgtaga agaaaatgca     14760
     tttaaattct tcatgcacat ttaggcctgt cacgataagg gattattgtt gtgcgatata     14820
     ttgtcactga aattgttgcg aaaagtgata atattgtcat tttgagatca ttttgatatt     14880
     ataatgatta cataagagca taataatgca aatagccact aatagattct ataacttgat     14940
     gttaaaaaga taaatgtcct attatatata ctattatata tactaaatgt cggtccaatt     15000
     ttaaaatttg acactggtga gaatgtaaat gtcgttgtaa tatggcttaa ttgttatttg     15060
     tgaatttgta aatatattgc aatggcaaaa atgattgaag tcatcttcaa atattgcacg     15120
     ataagtcgat atattgatca ttgtgagagg catatgtaca tctattgaca gctttcgtag     15180
     cttttgtttg gcaacatctc agagttgttt tattattttt ttttttttaa agtatgtata     15240
     tttcaaagat tctgcctgtc tgtttatctt accacaactt ttacagcttt aaatgtttaa     15300
     acattaatgg gaagttgctg atcagataaa tgcagtcgta gttgagaaac atttgactta     15360
     agtagccagc aagcattttt ggtttctaaa agatgtctaa tagatgtgta acagacatct     15420
     aaacatagtc gtcttggcta aaacaaggct aaatttgggc tgtgaaagat ctaatagcct     15480
     aaactagact actcatcaaa taaacagaaa tgaatgacta cacatataca gtctgtctaa     15540
     tctgtctatt tgatgactac tctagttttg ggctattctt agacgtctat tagattatct     15600
     ctgacagcct aagtttagcc ttgttttagc caagctgtct acatttagat gtctattaaa     15660
     tgtctattta acacacagtt gtttgctggg taaggctgtt tactaaagtt attctttgag     15720
     gccgaatgga tctgaaatgc aaacacattt tgaatattga gggttaagtt tgccagtttt     15780
     ctacctgctt taaccgtgta ggagttttgc cgacctattg tcagacttac cattgtatgt     15840
     ttatatccag atgtgtgctg cagtgcgctt tgcctggttg tgcaaccagc atgaatcatt     15900
     gggcaatagg tcataaaaat agttattcaa aggagaacta cacaagacac tggactttgg     15960
     agaccacagg agaaattgca cagctgtacc tgtggcggtg tgtgtgcgca agtgtgtctt     16020
     aacagtttca ttaccagaag aatagttgca acgcaactga aacagagaat gagaagacgc     16080
     agagagtgat gcgagagctc attcgaaaag gggaaacagc aatgaacact tgtctgttct     16140
     gttctctctc tttctagcac ttcatgttca gcatgactgg attgattgag gaagacagag     16200
     tggagaaaga cagaggtgag tgaacaacat ccacacacat ttcagtctgt ttttttttct     16260
     tcactattgg ctggagtgtt tacgactctt ggactgacat gggctgatgc tcctgatttc     16320
     ccttaggtct tttttatatt gacacaatca tagtttgttg atgagagttg tggtgctttg     16380
     tatatacaaa ctggctaagt gattgtggtg aaaaccttgt gacagttttg ataacacttt     16440
     tgtataattt aaaatgcgat tatattatac tcagtcaagc ttttcagctg agaaatgaca     16500
     gcatgctcaa tgcgttcatg gttacagtat gtcatatgtc aacttatgtc atgttcacct     16560
     ttttaaagag cacacgaaag ctcctaaaat attagatgag ctatctttga aatgtcaaac     16620
     acttcctctg tttgttccaa gcctgtttga gttccttatt tcaatttaat ctaaaagaaa     16680
     atatttagaa aaatgttggg gaaacatttt tttttaatgg atgtcaatgg ctactggttt     16740
     ccaaaatata tgtgtcattt aaaagaataa aaaaatcatg gtttcaatgg tttggaacca     16800
     cttggggtga gcaaatagtg tcgcaaaatg gagaaaattg tatataacat aaatgatata     16860
     agctgcttta tgcattgatg caatgctttt gtagcacgaa tgcatcattt atgtatttgg     16920
     agaaacgtct gaggcaattt cattcaatct aagtagctga atagactctc aaactgtaag     16980
     agagaacaaa aaagttgtgt ggagtcaata agttcatgtg tgtgagtgtg tgtttgtggt     17040
     tagagtgaca tgcacagtct gaacggaaga gaaagggctt tgatgaacac taccgaaacg     17100
     catgattggc taaatgacgt gtctatcaac tcatgttttg tttgtggttg gttggtgtgt     17160
     ccctggccgc gtgccagacc tcctgcgggg attttgccgc tttcttagga atcaatgtgc     17220
     tgtcgtctgg ggtttccggg ggacgaggcc tctcaatctt ttgaatctct tttcttgttt     17280
     atgacatatc tgcaatgaca agttgagtca gagaggtggt tttgtcactc gactgaaggt     17340
     ttggaaggtt aatgagaagt actgcacaag ctgattcagt agagaagctg ttcagataca     17400
     tgtatatgca aattaggtga tgacagactg aagtgggagg ggtttttagt ttaggggaat     17460
     gtggtttgtg caaatgtaaa ttgtgttagg gacagaagtt ctgtagtgga caggagtata     17520
     taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata     17580
     taatataata taatataatt aaaaataata ttataaaata aaataaaata tgatcaaata     17640
     taatacaata caatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataata     17700
     taatataata taatataata taatataatt aaaaataata ttataaaata taataaaata     17760
     tgatcaaata taatacaata caatataata taatataata taatataata taatacaata     17820
     taatataata taatataata taatataata taatataatt aaaaataata ttataaaata     17880
     taataaaata tgataaaata taatataata taatacaatt taatatatta tcatataaaa     17940
     atataatata attaaaaata atattataaa ataaaataaa atatgataaa atataatata     18000
     atataataca atttaatata atatcatata aaaatataat ataattaaaa ataatataat     18060
     ataatataat acaatataac ttaatataat ataatataat attacatgat ataatatatg     18120
     atataatata ataaaaaata atacaattac attttatata aaataaaata caacattcta     18180
     aaataaaata aacataaaat aaataaatac aataaaaata aaatatggta taaaataata     18240
     taacataata tattaccatt aatttttatt tacatcactt tacattacct gtataaacac     18300
     actgttaaca attccctata gaagcagttt accagtaact tactgtaaat caattacagc     18360
     aaaaatactg tatttacatt aacagcatct tgattatcgt gatgtatatg tatttaatgt     18420
     attgtatatc ttcactgtaa agtattttac tctttacagt atttaatatt taatatgaac     18480
     tttatatgta atatgaactg tattttactg ttatgctgta tgtatatgta tttacagtat     18540
     tgtatatctt tactctaaaa atacagtaat tgtcacaatg caactttaaa atacaataac     18600
     atacttcata acagtaaaat accgttcata ttacatataa agttcatatt aaatactgtg     18660
     taattcaaca aaaatcctta acagcgtata tatagacaga cagacatctt tagacttctt     18720
     tttatcggtg tgctgtcact ttaagagcat gtaaaaagct catgtataca aagggaagaa     18780
     acggtaatgg gaaaagtgac aaggataaat tatgagaaag tatggaaaat cagagaaacc     18840
     tggagtcctg tcgaggcagg ggtgaaggtg acgccaaaaa agaacattct ttggccggct     18900
     gatggttgtt gtaaaaagac actcaagaac acaatgttca gctctctgtt tgccaagagg     18960
     gaccgcaatg ataaacacca atcacgtgtg tccagaaaat gtcactgaga tcccctaaaa     19020
     aagtgaacaa gaagtctgtt taagctttca aaaaatctat tcagagtttt gtgacagatc     19080
     cattctgttt ttttctttct gctttttgtg tatttataag ataagcatac tgctttcttg     19140
     actgaccagc acacgctttt ccctcaagat acagcattgg ttatcattgg cagctctaaa     19200
     ctgagagctt aaatatagtg tggtcagact tttttcataa tactaatata aaggatttca     19260
     acaaacacct aatcctatgc attatgagtg tgtagcatcc atcgttgtta cagataatga     19320
     ttgttgtggt actgcttttc tatatggcac atcaaaacta taatacgagc ttatatatag     19380
     gttcatggac atgttcatct ttaattctat agcgccttta cagtgtagat tgtataaaag     19440
     cagcttcaca tagaagattg tagtaaattg aaacagtgtc agtccagttt tcaagagttg     19500
     aagtacagtt cagtaaacac tgaagagcaa atcaatcaat gcgtagctcc acaggtcccg     19560
     aactatgcaa gccaatagcc acagcagcga gaaaaaaact ttaccaattg gcaaaagtga     19620
     agggaaaaaa accttgagag aaaccaggcc cagttgggca caaccatttc tcctatggcc     19680
     tcctatacac aagtgtaact gaatagaaca ggtgtcaaat ccagttcctg aatggttgca     19740
     gctctgcacc atttagttcc aaccctgctt caactcactt acctgcaggt ttcaaacaag     19800
     tctgaaggac ttaattggtt tgatcaggtg tgtttaatta ggattggaac taaactgtgc     19860
     agaactgtgg ccctccagga actgagtttg acacctgtgc actgtgtgaa aggtgtcaac     19920
     caaggtgaaa ccaaattaat tacttttatt cctgacaata cattaagctc ttattacatt     19980
     ttttgatcga agtgtctatt taatgcatca gagtctgcat accttagcaa cattcatgtt     20040
     agcaacttgt cagcaacagc ctatgacatg gagcatcatg aaggtgggat tagcatatgg     20100
     aagtaccggt cagtttcttc agaaaatgta aactaatttg atcagccttg cagttgtttt     20160
     actgaccaca agatggcaac acttaaccag tcttgttttc ctaaaactta cagggatggt     20220
     tcacccaaaa atggaaatgt aatcatttac tcagccatca ccacacacaa aagaagatat     20280
     tttgaaatat tttgaaaaca agaacccatt gacttctgta gtatttatga tttcaatggt     20340
     ttccatcatt tgtttcagca aaatgtcttt tataatcaac aggaaccact ttagggtgag     20400
     taaatggtaa gtgtttacct tggatatata cctaatatgg cacagctcac cacaaaatga     20460
     aagttcagtc gtcattcact ctacacaaaa caagatatca tgaacaatgt tggtcttcct     20520
     tcccaagata atatcatctt ttatgttcct cattaaaaaa gtcagtccta catgattgga     20580
     accacattta gatgtttcca tgagctgtcc atttaaagct gtgaattcca attctgaaga     20640
     gtccccagcc acggctattg atttagcctc catgggctgc tctaaccatc ctaatcttgt     20700
     tagcatgcaa tctccacaac agaaacttaa gacattttct gagcttaaat gccaatgaga     20760
     ttgtgaaaat gctattatga tgaaaacatg acggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgat ccagtgccgc     20820
     agtgtcatta cccagagctg agggaccgct cagcagtgac aggcctttta atgagcctat     20880
     taagagaaca gcaaagacca gctaatacca gccgtcatta gtgacacagc ggacacagca     20940
     caccctgggg agaggctact tttggcaggc acactgggat ggcaaggata ggttggtttg     21000
     gtgttaactg gcatctccct ggcattcaga aacaggatgg gcgttctctc atgactgctg     21060
     tggtaattgc tcggtacgcc agaaatgttg ttttacaacc atcaggcaca gaccagagcg     21120
     ttctgttata accgcctatg tgggctgccc gtcacacagc atatctgcat tcgcttaatg     21180
     tgggtttggc cttgctgggt tttattggct taacaggagt ataaactcgg caaggttgat     21240
     gctgtatagt tctcttctct cacagctctg aatagaggtt tttactgtac tgctctttac     21300
     aagaaactcc tcattccttg aaagccatct accgcctaca ttgacgtgta cggacttcaa     21360
     ctggatttat ttgacttcct aactagtgca gttttattag aagcatttga aaggggtgct     21420
     gattatgtgt ataatatatc tatataatgt gttctgactt tatagtctta gcatgaatga     21480
     atgcttgatg aaaaaacatg cagctcctaa tagttataga gttggagttg tgatcataag     21540
     gtgtgtgttc atggtgtgtg tgtgtggtca ctgctgtgtg tgtgcacttg gatggttaaa     21600
     atgcagagaa caaattccga atatgggtca ccatacttgg ccacgctaca actttcactt     21660
     taaaaggcag actacaggag atatatccag ctgcagacct gcagatccac acacgtttca     21720
     gcacacacaa tctaggtagg ggcaaaccac atgtgggtaa tgatggatca gtcttctatt     21780
     tttttcttgt ttgacagcga ctaactcctc aggagcttta tcgccaccta ctgaatttca     21840
     caaatatggc aatcgagacc atccatgctg ccattcatta gattagatag tatacggttt     21900
     agggtttcct atttcagtca ttatttcatt tttatatcgt aatgattttt tgaaaatctg     21960
     tgcagttttg gtactcattt tatgttaata aaaataattc tagagctcag acttggatga     22020
     gcttggtgtt tatagcgggt ttggcatgct gtcctgggag agaagcctaa gctcggagtt     22080
     aattggtcaa taagcaaata aagggagtcc gagatcaggt aggtcttgag agctctcctt     22140
     agaaaaggga ggaaaaggag gagatggggt ggaagggggg attctttcta aacgaaatag     22200
     agcagtaggg aaacatcggt ctatttattg taagtttgga tcagtctgat tgtattgtta     22260
     ctgattacag atgagaatcc agccatgctc aatcatatca cgtgctcctc tcgaaattag     22320
     tttataaaac catgtaacca catacacaaa gaaaacataa tagaatgtct atgtaggatt     22380
     aagaaagcaa aactaattca ggatcttaat gttataatac attgttaaaa tctttttgta     22440
     gtaaaaaaaa atatacagta tataaatata aataaatata tataaataaa taaataaata     22500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     22560
     tatatatata atgtcacatt aaattgaatt actatagtta ataaataatt ttatgtatta     22620
     aaattaaaat agttataaac tgataaacga ctttatcttt ttctaatctg tagcaactgt     22680
     tcgataaaac attgataaaa aaaagttatt tgaaaattaa gcaaataaat actattgaat     22740
     catgggagta aaatattgat atagtgttaa acatttatta aacggtgtta tacatctatt     22800
     aaaaaagtat ttttatccgt cttgatcgta aaaaagaact cccttgctgt agtagctaat     22860
     gaacagatag tgatggctct taagagataa ctacttagta ggagcatatc tatgattccg     22920
     atttggatta gtcaattgac ttaagttgca tgtttttgga ctgtggtagg aaaccgggga     22980
     acctgaggga aacccatgtg accacggagg gaacatgtaa actctgcata gaaatgttgg     23040
     ctggcttagt aaggactaga accagtgacg ttcttgctgt gagaccctaa ccattgggcc     23100
     tctgtgccac aaatctagga aagggggaga agtagggatg ggaggagggg atttttcaaa     23160
     acaaagatgg ctgttatatg gaacttaggg tatttatagt ggcttattaa tcatctgatt     23220
     gcggaattat aaactaaata atgcgggaat tgtgaatttt tgcagctgga tattattgga     23280
     ctacaggact gtttgtgctg ccatctactt tttttatatg tgcaaaacta aaaaaagaaa     23340
     gaaaagaaaa agctttttta ttttttggta tattgttgtc ttgtaaacct taccacaagc     23400
     atgataaaga acatgtacgt gcaggcttgc tcactcataa tgaatcggca ttccccttta     23460
     taaagctcgt aaatttcagc taatgcattt aactcattaa tactgcgaca ttgttatgag     23520
     tctattagag tctcacattt acagagatga acacagtacg ctcgggtcga tccatattta     23580
     gtcatatctg ctggtctaat attgacttgg tgtcatcaaa aagtaatgtc ttgactgaac     23640
     ttctgagcaa gcgatactaa aaaggatgag cttgtggaca gggagccgtg tgcggtggga     23700
     tggccattat gttaacgtct tttaaacggt gacagatcac agtggtgatg agaaactgac     23760
     tcatcagttt tatgagactc cgagcgctat ggaaagactt gacctcatag gaggagagca     23820
     cttcagatta tgtcaagtgc acaaatgcac ccctgcaaat tgtgtgtgtg tgttcatgct     23880
     agaggactgt aaggtgtgaa agtaagaccg acattttaat attctcactg attatacagc     23940
     atggatgctt ctaaacatca gtggagcggt aaaattacac accttagata gtggcggctt     24000
     tcttgtaacc ctgaaaatag ggggttattt acgtgtttgt atgttgttgc acaaaatgca     24060
     attgcagcgg ttcttgctga gacaagcaca gctattactg tttttcacac ttaggcttat     24120
     aggtttgaaa gcctacatgg aaacttgtga gtattaaatg ctaagtagct gagaattttc     24180
     tcatgacaaa caataaaaca caatcccatg gatttacgct taaaaaacgt aaatatgata     24240
     ttgagtaggg agtggggctt tctttttgca aatcacttta caccaaatgt ggaagtgtaa     24300
     taattcaaac tcaaacaaaa agtgctcagg tgtcgcttaa agaacgtgtc ggtgctcttt     24360
     ggatacgaga ttcatcagaa taagcagcaa aaatcagtcc aaggcactca aaaaatgtgg     24420
     aaaaaatatt aaaaagcctt tattcacatg gctaatcctt aaaaaaacct acgtgtttcg     24480
     gctaagaact gtcttcatca aagtaacaat gatcatgact cattagaata tctaaaccag     24540
     gggtcaccaa acttgttcct ggaggtccgg tgtcctgcag attttagctc cagccctaat     24600
     caaacacacc tgaacaagct aataatcaag gtcgtactag gtataattgt ataatactgt     24660
     catttttaac ctagccgtcc tatcacgatg gagtagaggc ggggcaaata caactctgat     24720
     tattggtgac atacatgcgg tcatatttga cagttagaaa caaactttct gcataattag     24780
     atactagtag tccttaccaa cgggtattca ttccaaccta aagccaaagt ttgctaacaa     24840
     aattaaggtg catttccatc tagttgttac aaagtccttt taaggcaagt cagttcactc     24900
     ggcagatatg tcagagttta ttcggcaaat gcatttacat atcccttatt cgcattaacc     24960
     attgttcaaa tttggtattt tcagcagtcc tttctcatgc gatacattaa atgtgcacta     25020
     acacaaagca atggaaatcc agctaacgtt tgtgaagaca atatcgtgag caataaagta     25080
     tttggtggtt gtttaaacag gtattgctgg ttccttttaa tcactaataa ttaaacactg     25140
     tctgttcaag ctcctgtttc ttttctgact ttcaaacaat ggcctgagat aagtgttgac     25200
     gccttgtgca aaaacaagtg catgtgcgga ttacacagat tcgtagtaag tgtaaattca     25260
     aaagcattgt ttgggcttaa gggttgcacg gtggctcagg ggttagcaat gtcgccttac     25320
     atcaagaagg tcactggttc aagcctcggc tgggatttct gcgtggagtt tgcatgatct     25380
     cctcgtgttg gtgtgggttt cctccgagtg cttcggtttc ccccacaaat ccaaagacat     25440
     gcgctataag tgaattggat gaactaaatt ggccgaagtg tatcagtgcg aggggggatg     25500
     agtgtttccc agtaatgggt tgcggctaga aggccatccg ctgtgtaaaa catgctgaaa     25560
     tagttggcgg ttcattcagc cgtcgcaacc cctgataaat aagggactaa gtcaaagaaa     25620
     aatgaataaa tgtaaacaaa ttaacagtaa attcacattt tagagggtta agttgaatta     25680
     caggggggtt agaaggggtt tgacccccct aatttacact tgatcctgcc taaacaacgc     25740
     caaaataaga tgtatgtgtg ggtcagcgct ttaaatagtg agaaattgtt tgctttgtat     25800
     cacgctatac atgaagagaa taaactaaat tggttgtagt gtttgagtgt gtataggtat     25860
     tttccagtat tgggttgtgg ccggaaaagc atccgcagtg ttaaacatat gctggaatag     25920
     ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggtgacctct gaaatagaga ctaagccgaa agaaaatgaa     25980
     tgaatgtttg ggtttaagat tcacacaggc agcttcttta attgcaaaca aagactctca     26040
     gctgaaaaga aaatcctgct ctgcattttt gaaagagtgc atggcgcatt cagcttgttt     26100
     aaaacatttt agtgggcaat caacaaccat caacatcata aaaggacagc gattgatcca     26160
     cttaaccaca taaacttcat atgcaagcac atgttaaaat caacaagcga aatgcacttc     26220
     aaacctcgaa gaacacaaac gaactttttg agcttgtcta cgctgctgaa gcttaaatat     26280
     tgcgcaaaca catctcatcc ttgtgtcatt tcacagtatg tataattgaa tgcatttatc     26340
     tctatggtta cggatgaata aaccttgggg cctcaattat tcaacaaatg aagagttaga     26400
     aggtctgtta tctgacgaag ttacataatt tgctggataa tggatgttct tgatctttaa     26460
     cacagggaaa tatataaata ttgactttca gacgacagtt tctgcactga aaagtagcca     26520
     ttagcggagc ttcgtgtttc tgtaagaaag tgtgtatatg actggtcaag gttagttgga     26580
     taagaagagc atgtttgggt ggttgccagg acactgctgt atgttgtagt gatattagtc     26640
     ctagcaaacc tcctcatgcg aacagtgcgt catagcagat cccagtggtt tcaggggaca     26700
     ctgtgaagtt caccagtgtg gctgatccat ggacttgcca aaagaggtga taaataccct     26760
     cattacttgt gtgtgcgtgt gtgcgcaatg actcctttgt ttacctggcc tgaggaacgt     26820
     caggaatgcc ttgtggttgt gtaggcgagt gttgcatgat ggtacgcgtc gtgaaacagg     26880
     gtcattatgg cattctggcc ctttcccata ccacaccttt acttcagatg agcagcactg     26940
     ccgacagaaa ggtttcatcc actgttttga caggcaccag tgagaaagta aagagctgga     27000
     ctgatctcaa aacatagctt atggttgcta atgccaagac aagtagttca aactacaaca     27060
     cgttaacctc gcccccactc aaagctgatt tcggggaaaa gaactacagt gggcgttcaa     27120
     acttctctga caatataatt ttactttaaa caaataaaaa tttaaaatca gttcatttaa     27180
     atgcgattgt gagatttgac ccaatcaact gtaaatacaa ttaaataaaa aaacgtatac     27240
     gtacactacc tgacaaaagt cttcttgtag attctagttg taagagcaaa taataacttg     27300
     acttctattt gatcatttgg aaaagtggca gaaagtcaat tttcccatga atcgtctgtt     27360
     gaacggcatc ctaatcatca agaccttttg gaattatcat agacccgaga ttctcacaga     27420
     aatcagtcaa gtttggtgaa ggaaaaatca tggtttgggg ttacatccag tatgagggca     27480
     tgcgagagat ctgcagagtg gatatcaaca ttaacagcct gaggtatcaa gacatttgtg     27540
     ctgcccatta cattacaaac cacatgagag ggcagattgt tcagcaggat agcgctcctt     27600
     gtcatacttc agcctccaca tcaaagttcc tgaaagcaaa gagggtcaag gagttctagg     27660
     attggccagc ccaatcacca gaacattaaa gggtcacgaa acaccaaaac acattttttg     27720
     agctgttgac agtcgtatat gtgtcccaca ctgctaaaaa cactattagg acacctatat     27780
     ttcactaaaa attgtaaatt ggttgttttt gcgttatttc aagcaaattc gtacttcctg     27840
     tttgaaacga atttttgaag ctgcgtcacg gtcatgacat aatagcgtgt attccagcgt     27900
     gcagactggg cgtctgtgcc agagtgagtc ttattacgac ttacagtgtg atgcattaat     27960
     gcatgagtaa ggcttggttc aaaccaatca gcgcgctcta ttgtgcaact tcattaatat     28020
     tcattagtgt caccgtcttt ccaccacaga gacgccacgt tgtgttggca aaacaagcgt     28080
     gaagtgttgc ttttacagtt tgctgccatt aagtttcgtt ttcattttct ctctgtgaga     28140
     gctcatctgg atcacgtgtg gattaacagt gtacgcgacg ctcgacaaca ataacttacg     28200
     tgtctaaggg ggattattgt ttacctgaga gctgttctca tctgcaaacg ctgaaatccg     28260
     gattccggat gtagtcttct cttcataaag acgcggctct agttgctggt gattgtcctg     28320
     tctctacaga tttggtaagt gagcgaccag tgctctttgt atattcagtt tgttcgtatc     28380
     aaataagtta actattgcat tgagtgcaaa catgttagca ccgcattttg tgaccggaat     28440
     aacacacgcg gctttcggac gctacctgcc gtgtgcatct aagtttccgg gaaatgctga     28500
     gtttttttct ctcattcgcc gtgcggtatc aaacattgca tgaaaaatac acgcttagag     28560
     cagatcttcg aatcaaatat ctcatttgtc gcgaggggca tgaatgaatt ccctgaatga     28620
     aagagccaaa ctgcagttaa agtccaacat ttaataattt ggcaaataat ttgactacag     28680
     atgttcatgt aggttaaaca ccatcccttt ctcctgtgta ttttgactga aactcgcgcg     28740
     tgcccaaata gacactccca caccctccca ctttagtttc tccgacactc ccccctaaac     28800
     agagctggac acccccactt ttctgacttt ttccaaagaa gaggtgtgaa aacaccctgc     28860
     tgaaacgagg gggtttcatg gccctttaat gagcatgtct gtgtcacgac accagagaga     28920
     gaggatcaaa ttgcaaatca atttattaaa gaacagaaat aatgtatcaa aggatacgaa     28980
     aaggctagag aacatgagaa aagcagagtc caaaacaaag agtgccaact ggccaaacga     29040
     agtcatcatc caacgaacag aacgcagaga atcctgagta acaaacaaga caagcacaag     29100
     aacaaacaac ggactgataa ccagcagtaa ccacagactg aatatatagc tagtgaaacc     29160
     gggatcagct ggaggatgct gattaagtca gctgacttga tagcatgctg tcaacacaaa     29220
     aaggtaaaca aacacacaca cactagcaca ccacaacaca catattatgc gtcatgcctt     29280
     acagtccagt caggggtaaa atgaaggagg aggcattgaa gatgagtcca aagaatccta     29340
     atgaattctg ggagacctgc aagaatactt tctttgctgg agcaattcca caaggagcag     29400
     gaactggaag actagtcagg atagagggaa agatgaatgc aacaatgtac agagacatcc     29460
     tgaatggaaa cctgcttcag agtgctcatg acctcagact ggggcgacgg ttcatcttcc     29520
     agcaggacaa tgacccaaag cacaccgcca aaacatcaat ggagtggctt cataacaact     29580
     cggtgaactc ggtgagtggc ccagccagag cccaaaccta aatctaattg aatatctcta     29640
     gagagatctg aaaatggctg tacacagtcg cttcccatcc aacctgatag agcttgagag     29700
     atactgcaaa gaggaatggg caaaaattcc caaagaccgg tgtgccaagc tcgtggcatt     29760
     atattcaaaa agacttgagg ctgtgattgc tgccaaaggt gcatcaacag gaaaattttt     29820
     gagacttcat ctttgactca aattaaatta ttaattaatg gcaccactat attgctgata     29880
     atgaatagta gaaacacttt tctacaagct cttttttttg cacaacatta tctttcaggc     29940
     taattacatt tacaatatat acccctttgt ttttatattc atattatttt ccagtaaaaa     30000
     tgttcttatt tgtcctgtta tcggtgacaa ttacagctaa actgatggtg gattcccgtg     30060
     tgatgtcttg ttgtgatgtt ggaggctctg ggataaccaa gtgtcaaagg atgagggttg     30120
     attaaacagc aggagcacaa ggaggaagtg tccaattctg tcagattcct acagagcgag     30180
     tagctagatg gttgtgggta gtgacggaca aatgaggctt cagtaaatgc gaaggatcaa     30240
     gtgactcact cgcttgtgaa ggaggatggg atgcaggact gggtgaaggg tcatccaaac     30300
     acacgcacat acacacacac actcagtttt atcccttgca ttcctgtgag ttgagggaaa     30360
     ttactgtagt atgagtcgag tgtcctagcc tgtgatcccg tcccattgcg gcgccactgt     30420
     tgactgcgcc tgcccttgtg tgaggtctgc cactggattc ctgtcccgtg agtggaaacg     30480
     gcacctgcaa cactgaccgc tttgcttttc ttgttaatgg atccattctg ttgcggcgat     30540
     gagcaagtgc acttgtggaa ttcccctccc tgagtaacaa aagactcaga aaaagagtga     30600
     aatggccttt acagatatta aactttcatt ttcgttctca gaattagctc tgccgggaca     30660
     tttcagtcat ttggctttca cttttagttg acttattaag catattttag gttgcgattc     30720
     tctgcatact tgtggtctag atagatgaca cataaaccag gacttgtgta agaaagacag     30780
     ccgcaagtgc aagcatcgat gagcaacagg atgttttaac gattgattgg ggtctaatta     30840
     tattgccccg cccactttaa attggcattg gttcagattt cactcctctt aacgtgaaag     30900
     ttctccctaa aaagaaaacg tgctgttaat ttactcttta ttactcacag agctatcatt     30960
     atgtgacagg aaacttcaga atgttgtgaa tgcacatgtg aatatggatt aaaggtaatc     31020
     atgctgtaaa acactttcgg tttcttgcac agactgatcg gttcacttcc gaagaacttg     31080
     atggatcgcc tgaagccatt ctcaaagtac cacttacttg cagttttatt aatcactaaa     31140
     agccatagtt cagattctct cactgacttg attttggatt gctttaagga taactaaggg     31200
     tgggatggtg gctcagtggt tagcattgtc gcctcacagt tagagggtca ctggtttgag     31260
     tcccgactgg gccagttagc agttcagtgt ggagtttgca tgttctccca gtgtttgtat     31320
     gggtttcctc cacagtctaa agacatgtgc tatgagtaat ttactaaatt gaataaacta     31380
     aattggctgt atgagtgtga gagtgtatgg gtgttttcca gtaatgattg ttgctggaaa     31440
     ggcatcctct atgttaaaca tatggtgaaa tagttagcag ttcattctgc tgtggcgacc     31500
     cctgataaat aagtgaataa gccgaaggaa aatgaataaa tgtgaacaga aattttcaga     31560
     gcaagccaaa catttagaat gttctggttc agggtgtgaa ttacaggggg ttttggaggg     31620
     gtttgacccc cctaattaac gcttgatcct ccctgaagga catccaaaca agatatgtgt     31680
     gactcagtct tttaattagt gagaaatatt ttgatctgta tattaatata ttaaatagta     31740
     atattagtaa tttaaaaaat ttaaatagta gattatatat atatatatat atatatatat     31800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     31860
     atatatatat atatatacat acacaacaca cacacacaca cacctgatca cccctataat     31920
     ggttcatacc ataatcaaga cagttcttgc tgcagcccac agcctgataa tgtactgaac     31980
     cagtggtaca ttttcgaaaa ctattgttag ccaactaagg acgcaagttt cgttgttata     32040
     aacatagttc gttgatttgg cgtttcccaa cgcaaactgt ttccacttct ggagctgtag     32100
     ttagaaacat agttcctgtc tgtgttctat tcccagttat cccctctatg ccatgttggg     32160
     ggttggtgcg gtggatggtg gaggggtgtc gcggatgaaa gtgagcaggg agggggtgtc     32220
     gcggtcgaaa gtgaagagag ttgggaagtc gtggaaaaaa gtgaaagtga acagcggacg     32280
     gggtaggagg gcagttgagg agggggatcg gtaaaatgag gtgctggatc cggatccggt     32340
     gtgttccggc acaaattaag ccctgctgct agtacatgaa agttaaacag tagtgcaatc     32400
     tttaatggta cgccatttat tggtgcaaga atgcaaactt gtcaccattt gtttgaatca     32460
     ggggtgtcca aactcagtcc tagagggcca gtgttctgag ttcagcttca acttgtttca     32520
     acacgcctgc caggaaagtt ttgtagtata tctagtagga gcttgattag ctggttcagg     32580
     tgtgtttgat taaggttaga gctaaactca ggacacctgc ccttcaagac tgagtttgga     32640
     tatccctggt ttaaatcata ggtctcagac tcaattcctg gagggccgca gctctgacca     32700
     gccctaatca aacacagctg atgcaactaa tcaaggggtt caagactacc agagactatt     32760
     aagcaagtgt gagttgaagg tggttggagc gaaactatgc agagccgctg ccctttagga     32820
     tttgagtttg agaccattgg tttaaattaa aaataacgta tctttgacaa tcatacatct     32880
     actgaaatag ctaatcatag gttactgtag actacagaat acagtccttc aaaacactga     32940
     aaacttataa ataaatatga tgttattgga ttaaatatgc aaattctgtt cactgaagta     33000
     tgtattaccg aaaccgaaca ttagcaaaaa tgttgacaaa gtttttcact tttagtgtgg     33060
     acagattgct tatctaggtt aggctggtgt tatgactgtt aggtttgatg tgtaatttgg     33120
     gttacgagca ttcctttgct gccactaaat ggataccgta gctgcaccat acaaactgca     33180
     tctcattagc ttttactgaa gtagcggtgt tactctttaa ctagtttggg caaaactttc     33240
     cctcaagctt tccagatgat tacaagctgt gagcgtaatg aaaaaaagag agacattttt     33300
     cttcaaaaca tctgttgtag tgacaacttg tttttgattg agctcatcca tttccatcag     33360
     ccctcccttt ccctttcagc aaactcaaat gtgacgtgtc ctcaacctca aaacaacgct     33420
     gcagaagcaa ggaaacagca cgccccagtg gccgcattag tattgcggct atgaatgaat     33480
     tagtgcttga tagatgacac atggagcatt tactaaaaga ggccgagaga gagaagggga     33540
     gggaggaggg agggagagaa agtgagattg gcttgcctgc ggactcattt ggcaggaatc     33600
     gctttactgg atgtgtcgta tatgactgtg caaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac     33660
     acagacgcag tgagtgaaag taacagaaga ggctgcttgg gatcactttg ctgaggaaag     33720
     tagagcagga aaggttcctt catgggaact tcttggattc tctctcagga gtagtgggat     33780
     ggggaacgaa gtcagaagat gtctgcgtga cagtgagtgc tatttttcag atctgtaaat     33840
     cattaatggc tgatgtttga agattttatt gagagatgtt gtgtgcttgt atcttcccgg     33900
     ctgccagtgt gtttattgga ccagaaagct tcagggtaca ggtgtactgg catccgagta     33960
     agtagctagc tgctgtttag ttgatttagt agattgagtg tgcattatca gattccttaa     34020
     gtagatgcta atatacaaga gtgacccaca aaaggtttac ctttaccggt atgagtgttt     34080
     ctctgtcggt atgagtgtat gagggaaata ccaactcatg atcttagcat cagtcaagct     34140
     acaagaacag aaactgaaac tcaaaatata tagatgtttg tgagaatgtg agctctctaa     34200
     tcgttttact tttttaatgc taatagtctc tttggggaat tcagaacact ttaaaccaag     34260
     tctactattt taagaaatgc aaatgcgcag tttgaaacag tgtgcagtat ttaaatacaa     34320
     cttcctgaca gcgatgattg ttgaaagact gctaaattac agtttccttt tttcatttgg     34380
     tcatggacat aattgtgtat tattcgttgt atgagctcgt cttgtagcat ctgcccacgc     34440
     tttgacttgt ggaattgctg ctgtaggtgt ggccaggacg caccttgacc tattatgtcc     34500
     acctgcccac ctgtaaatct ttatcggctt tattaccacc tttatcacca cccacgcaga     34560
     cactatactt gtttttttac actacaatct ttttttattt tactgtttct tcagtttcta     34620
     aaaaactgtt aattgtaact gtgactaaca acattagtat attatattta gcttttttaa     34680
     acttagtaag gtgcactgtg gggtaatttt taaatagcat taaaggaatt tgtgtataaa     34740
     tattcatgtg tgtctacaaa ataaaaatac tcaaccctaa taattgaata ggaacagtaa     34800
     taaaggcata ctacatcaat caatcaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca gtcaatcaat     34860
     gaaacagtat gatttttagt cgcactttat tttgatggtc catttgttga atttaaactt     34920
     cacttaaact taaatttaag tttcacaaac taatttcgag aggagcacgt gatatgattg     34980
     actgcagctg gccactcatc tacactcatt ggctagccaa tgacccaaga tccaaactca     35040
     ctataaataa cctagctaag atctactccc ttatcttcgt ttcccggaga aaccccccat     35100
     ccaccccttc tcctcttttc ctcttttgcc gaggagagct ctcgagaaca cctgacctcg     35160
     tactcccctc acatgcttta tggacctggc aggagccttg ggctcaacta tctccgagct     35220
     cagggttctc tcccgggaca gcatgccaaa cctgctaact tgctaacaag ttgtcaaaca     35280
     gtatctaagt gtgaactctt gaaattatat tgcatctaca tgccaactaa ttctgattat     35340
     attataagta gactgatagg ttggggttag gataaacgta atttgacatg tacaaagttt     35400
     cttatagtca gttaaatgtc tgctaaagga gcactatcaa cagatattat gtagacagtc     35460
     tactactact caaatggacc atcaaaataa agtgttacct gattttctga ataatatggc     35520
     tagcaaaatg taataaataa aatatatttc gaataacatt tgtgtccatc caatggaagt     35580
     ctatagtgca ggggtgccca aactttttct tataaagggc caaaaaccaa acttgaacgt     35640
     gggtcgaagt taaatataac aaactgtatt acattaaatt tgccatgcgt aatttcctaa     35700
     tttacttgca tattatctaa aaataactag aaaaaattgc tttataacat atattaacat     35760
     tttattttaa cattttataa tggaaaaaac ataaacaacc ccgtttataa caatggagtt     35820
     gattgctgaa taaactagtc gagctgctcc tgcctttgcc ttgatttgct tgccgatgta     35880
     ttgtattgct tgccgtccgt caagtgccag tatttacatt taaaagtctg attcatttac     35940
     aacatttaaa caaagaaaca aaaggttaca ttaaattaaa aaaggacgat ctttgtcaaa     36000
     ggcattctcc cctctctttt cagatgggat ggctggccaa accaaaggtt accacaggcc     36060
     aactttggcc cacaggccct agttttgggc gcctctgcta tagagtcttt ggatttcatt     36120
     aacatctact gtatttttgg gcgaaatgtt gtttaccctc tgggtgaaat gtaataactt     36180
     gtttgtacct ggtattaaga tgcttggggc atcactctgg cacagagggt agcacaatcg     36240
     cctcacatca agaaggtcgc tggtttgagc ctcggctggg tcagttggca tttctatgtg     36300
     gagtgtgcat gttctccccg tgttcgcgta ggtttcctcc aggtgctcca gttttcccca     36360
     caagtccaaa gacatgtgct ataggtgaat tgggaaggct aaattggcgg tagtgtatgt     36420
     gtgtgaatga gtgggcatgg atgtttccca gtgatgggtt gcataaaaca tgctggataa     36480
     gttgaaggtt cattctgctc tggccacccc agattaataa agggattaag ccgaaaaaga     36540
     aaatgaatga atgaatgaag atgctttatg gtaagttgga tcacaaaagt agatagaacg     36600
     acacaatcct gacttgttag tccacttcga acacgttact tattgttttg agggtcggtg     36660
     aactggtgat tgaagtttct atatgaattt gaacttgaaa agcgataagg gaaaactagc     36720
     caaagttttt gtttctgctc tgatagctcc aatctatcct gaatgctgtt gtcagagaaa     36780
     aaggcaacct ttacattttg ccgccttcaa accaaactta atttccgaga ggaaacttta     36840
     aaacttgtct tgctatcctg cttcaataac acattcagtc atttttaaga tgtgtgtcaa     36900
     tctggtaaga ttggtttaga gtattactgg aagttgttaa agtaaccttg tttactactg     36960
     tattcattgt catcccccca ctccaatgat tgggtgttta gatgcatttt tgtcattcca     37020
     gagtaaacaa gtcataactt tacaggaagc aaattaagtg cgatcaaact ctcaactagt     37080
     aggatgtctt aagtttgtgt acagagtagg tttacacctc agctaaacac acatgacaag     37140
     acgtgccgtt cttttgtttg tacagggtac atatgacact gtacttacaa aagcatgttt     37200
     gcatatttgc atacacaagc tttgtgtgcg tttgcatcca ccaaggccca attctgtcca     37260
     ttgggctgat ccattgtagg aggttttgaa aagttcatgc tcattagcag catgttaact     37320
     catatttcag cactgctagg tgccttaatc accgccagct aatgagactt gtgctgacgc     37380
     agacaggtga tgtcactgcc cctgaaatat tctaggtcag gcctgagttt aatcaatgat     37440
     cgttttaaca tcgcaagatc tgaaggaagt gttgcgggtc agtggttttt ccattctgtg     37500
     atatgtttga gtgtttaaaa cgagtcggac aaatgtgtca aaagattcgg gagggaagca     37560
     gactccctct ctcctccttg gtctctacgg taacaagccc gggtgccact attacagtta     37620
     ctcagtgttt gagtgtcagt ggagtgtgtg accgggtcga catttaaaca ctgccatgat     37680
     tcttagcact cggtgcagaa taagaataag taaaggggat ggatatttgt aagtgtatgt     37740
     gtgtgtttgg gaaatccagt ggacaatttt actgttcagg aacctggaag tgagtattgt     37800
     ttaaggtcat tgtgttcctt aacttactta agagggggaa aaaaatggat tgtttcctgg     37860
     acattatgat tacaacccag attcgatctg gtaaaataaa agcacagtcc gagacatcta     37920
     caagaacttt agaagaataa tttgtggcta ttcatacatt ttcctttggc ttactacctt     37980
     atttatcaga gtatgccaca gtggaaggaa ccgccaacta atccagcata tgttttacac     38040
     actgtacact cctgcattca caaaaacact catacactac ggccaattta gcttattcat     38100
     tcacctatac agcatgtctt tagagtgtgg gggatactgg agcacctggt ggaaacccac     38160
     gtgaacatgg ggagaacatg caaaatccac ataaaaatga atactggccc agctgggact     38220
     caaaccttaa accttaaata aatttcttcc atataaaaaa agttactggg ttctttaact     38280
     tacatacatt ttgtgttcca caaaagaaac ttatataggt ttgtgtcaaa aatgggtgta     38340
     gaagaattta tttttacgtg gactataccg gaaataaaag tttccattta ctcagtatct     38400
     caatgccatc tagaggacat cattaattgt gtcattgact taaccttgtg ttattttgca     38460
     acccaagact tcttgggaaa acaaagaaat atatgtttgt gtacttgcaa gtctagatat     38520
     tagcagaaga aaatgaaaaa aggttagcag gtgaaaaaca agtctgattt atagaaacag     38580
     ttcacccaaa attaaactga ttttagttat tatagtatta tacaataaaa gtcattaaag     38640
     gccatctatg atgaaaatca tcttttataa gctgttcgga cagaactgtg tatgtatagt     38700
     gtgtccacag tcatattgaa gtgatttaaa catactaagt ctcttttttt aattttctga     38760
     cgttaaaata ggatccaaat ccttcccatt ttgaggccca ccgcttcaat cccggtttgt     38820
     agacgttaaa tcaggtttat tttgtacatt aacataacgg atatccatac agcagtggat     38880
     attaatgtgt accctgtcac atttgccgtg caaaaactgt gtgcatgaac tttgtaacaa     38940
     catttggtta gactcgtcat tgcagaaagg cttgaattga ctccacaaca aatacatcaa     39000
     ataatcattg gggaagttct tactgtagta tttctcacaa acgttacgtg agatctgctt     39060
     tcttcatgtc tgtcactgtg ctgtttatct gatgcagctg gactgattga ggcacactct     39120
     tacaggcacg taggaatggt ggacgaggag aactagcatt aaaggcacag gacaaaaaaa     39180
     acaaaaaaca gctacattgt gttcagagca acaaaattcc aatattctga aaagtataat     39240
     aaatactctg atgttttgag ctaaaacttt ataaacacat aagcttcaca tgtaatctac     39300
     aaattttgat tatcaataaa ggttagactt ttcattcctt taggcaacct gaactatggg     39360
     tcaacctaaa atatgagttc tgtcttggtt aatgtgacca ctgtgaaact tggcttcatg     39420
     tctcatagta acgctgacac catgaactct gggattttac acgcttgtgt gcgcttaagg     39480
     gggtttgtgt tatgaagaaa ccagcaccgg tgccagcaag aggatgagag ctagagtttc     39540
     tttcccttta taggagcgcc aggtttctga ttttctttct aaagggagta tgcttccttc     39600
     ttcagttctt atttttttta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgattggg agggtttacc     39660
     aagacacacc ctctgttata ggaagatttc catgtgattt ctctttccct tttttacagt     39720
     acatctgtat tggtgttccc agggcaggtg gatgggggcg atggaaggat gcctgtttgt     39780
     tgttaattgc tgtgaatgag gcccatggga tgaaccaggt aaggtgtaat cctaaaatga     39840
     caggtattgc tgtttgaaac tgtgacgttt gtttgtcgat gtacaaaccg ttgtgtttat     39900
     gttagcgtgg gagaatttca agcaaagtcc agagtttagc tctgtcccaa aatgtggtca     39960
     tgtgaatata atttcataaa tagctgattg gaattgttta cacgggcatc aacttgattc     40020
     ttcgcatgaa gaaagaaagg tgaaacttta tttgaggtta gcatgttgct aagctaatga     40080
     tacaaatagt aaaatacgat aaaatacaat acaaattaac caaaatcggt taattctaag     40140
     ttcagtatag aatgaactgt attccattca tcatgtacta gattttttgg gagtcaatga     40200
     gcttgttagt gcattgtggg attggtgtat ttgcaaagga tacttgagat gcattaaatg     40260
     ctgttttgct ggacagatta gtaggctgtg catctatttt gtgtcattcg caaaatgcgt     40320
     tttcgcatgt gtgtgagaga gaaagatgga cagaaactga gagctgaaag tacgtcaaaa     40380
     ggaaggtaac tcaatctggg cagctgtgag ccattccgct gctgtgccac gtctcagtgc     40440
     attgacgtag agagaatacc tgctccagtt gtatgctttt gtgtgtgaca gcggaacggt     40500
     ggaggtttaa cagctagcca ggcctaacat aaaggtgaat aaagctgtca aataaaatgt     40560
     cagtggagga taaagctgta agtctgacgt atgtgccaat gtttctcgcc tcctcttcaa     40620
     catgctcctg ggccaacagt ggtgaatgtg tgtgcgcaga caaatcatgc ccctgggaag     40680
     atttgagaaa acatgtttgg cgacgcggag ttgagtaact ttgaaggaac ttaatttgcc     40740
     tttcctattg agctgtgaga aagtgacaag gcaggattac atcactgcta tagtggccaa     40800
     tggtggggct gagcaaacac atgagagtgt gcgtgtggtt ttatgaaacg tttctggcat     40860
     tggcgtgcct ccagggtttg gctttgtatg tcaggtaagc ctcctgaaaa agctgaatta     40920
     catgcatgat tccttttgtt tatcattttt attagtagtt ttgttttagc cagtcacagc     40980
     aagtcatttg tttacaccta aagtgaaaat actggtaatg caacactttt acagccattg     41040
     ggagcatgta cctcttttcc gctagcatga accaggtctg atgtcactgc attacatctc     41100
     atctttctca gcaagacaac gtgaaaaggc caaaaacaag cacatcatca acaatacact     41160
     gctattaatg ttaataactt tacaaattta tattggaatc catggtgttc atgcaaccct     41220
     tcataatttg aatctagact cattctgata acgtacccct atatacattt ccagagagag     41280
     caaaatacgt cccaggagct acattttttg cagtttttgt tttcgtaaaa tatgccagaa     41340
     gccgatgtgt acgctttttc agatctcaaa tttctcttgt gagtgcaatt cgcgcctgct     41400
     gttctcacat aaatccacca gaggccgctg ttgagtaact gactgactaa ctaactgacc     41460
     aacctaccaa tacctccacc cacctcaaca gacaaccaac cacttcaaca gacatttaac     41520
     tgactataag aaactttgca agtacatgtc aacttacacc atgcaactta aattcaacaa     41580
     acggaccatc aaaataaagt gtgactgaaa tgtgtaggac ttaaaactgg aacttcttac     41640
     aatgagtttc aaggattgtt tcggtaatgc tttagtttaa ctaaaaattc acaccattta     41700
     ctacaggctt attacatgcc tattattaag ataataactg tttattagca cttatgacgc     41760
     atgatcttat tttatatccc taatcctacc cattacctaa atccaacttc taccttacca     41820
     actatcaata agtagcaaat tagtagttta ttgagctaaa agtcttagtt aatggtttgt     41880
     taatagcatg aattgtacaa taaaacaaaa catgaccttg ttttttgtat ctatgagatt     41940
     gaattgtgac cggagttacg tagaatgact cccaaaatga ataagtttag tttttaccac     42000
     ttgtttaaat tgttgagtct ggttacagta cactgtccgc gcggtgttca ttgaatcatt     42060
     tgtgaggtgt tgaggtcagt ggcagactca agcaagattt gtgaatggtc atataaaagc     42120
     atgacatcat attagactct ttcagagcta caaataatat cccaattgaa tctcgaaggc     42180
     agccaaaaca tttttctgtt taatttgtat gcaacaaaaa ttcagtctgt aaatgtgttt     42240
     acggttttac tcatattaca tgtccacaat gaaggacttt gccctttcaa attataacct     42300
     aaaggaaatg ttgatttaac ttgtacatta tgtgccagtg gacaatgaag tacactgcag     42360
     tccatggttg gcgtgatgcc cgggctttct tatgaaagct agattaatat ttccgccttg     42420
     acatcctctc tctctctctt tggcttcaga ctgttaggat tttattgaat gaattaaatg     42480
     tttttttcat ctcataacta gagcacaacc catcaatacc ctgcatttac aatcataagc     42540
     aaactataat taatcattta tcagtggtgc agatattgaa aaactgacct gtttttgtgg     42600
     tgttattgat tgatgtccga tctgtgaagt cattgaagca agacgtcatt tagggacttg     42660
     gcactgaaag aaatcattca atgagagaga gatgagtctg aggggaggac tatttgaaaa     42720
     cacagaggag tcatcagtct aatggttaaa agacaggtta caattatccc caaagaaata     42780
     acagtgtagg cggttgtttt gttttatagt gcatgtctct gatagagcgt atccttggca     42840
     gatttggttt catccttgca tgggacgtta tcaggcggtc ataatgtaac atgaggtagg     42900
     tggtaaccca attcacaaaa atacccagcc gcataatcgt gtcagagctg ttttagggtt     42960
     tcgagagctc agtgacgagt ttacagctgg tggtggatta tgggattcac ttctcgctat     43020
     taattggccc taatgcacac aaagatgatt tggaacttga atttacttaa ttgcgattga     43080
     aataaattta gcaggcaatg tgatctggga aattgaaagt gcttcaccac tggttccaaa     43140
     gttaaatagt tcaatctaat cttattttat ctctctttct atctaatcat ctatacatca     43200
     atctgtcttt ctgtccgtct ggacatccat ccataatata tatttatcca tccatctatc     43260
     cattcatagt atctccttat ccatacatca tacctatttt tgcccttttg tccatcagtt     43320
     catacatcaa accatcattt ccatttatct gttcatctat tcatccgtcc ttcggtccat     43380
     ctaactcatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccacata tttgtctttc aaatccaact     43440
     gtccactcat ccatctgtcc agccatccat tcactcaatt gtctatccat ctttccatcc     43500
     atccactcat ttgttcttaa aatctgacca ttaactattg ttcttccatc catccagcca     43560
     tccaaccact tatctgtcct tcaaatccca ccatacactc atccatccgt ctgttcatcc     43620
     aaccaaccat ccatccatcc atttgtcctt catatccaac tatttactca tcattccatc     43680
     catcagtcta tcaatccatc tatccactaa tttgtccttc atatccaagc atcaactcat     43740
     gttctttcat ccatccagcc atccattcac tcatttgtcc ctcaaatgca gtcatccact     43800
     catccgtccg tctgttcatc catccatcca tccatccttc aaattcaacc atccactcat     43860
     ctgcccattc atccaacaac tcatctttcc atccatccaa caactcatcc gttcgttcgt     43920
     ccgtcaatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atcctctaaa tccaaaaatc cactcatctg     43980
     tttctccatc catctactca tttgtccttc aaatccaacc atccatccat ccttttatgt     44040
     gtccatctac tgtatctatt tatttctcac catccgtcta tcgattcatc agccttcaaa     44100
     ctttgtttca tttaaaacaa agctttctta aaccattaat aaaagtttgt ttcaattttt     44160
     tgatccattc atttgtttat aacctttctg gaaatccagg cccattataa gatccaaccc     44220
     catttcaaag gacaaggaca ctgtgtgaaa aaagaactat taagacaact ataactaaga     44280
     gttattagcc attaaataca taagcagtta ttgatttgct tggtaaagac acacacacac     44340
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa tgattagctt     44400
     gtctgtgttt tcatttttct cacttcacac agtgcaattc ccaatagatg gtttctgttg     44460
     tgtgcggtgg actgtaacgt cacccgggcc ccactctggg tttctgggaa tgcgagtcac     44520
     gtttactgta atttttattt ttttctctcc agcacttcag ttttgggaag tagccttggc     44580
     tcagagccct ctttttagag atctccgctt tatgactcgc tgctgtggtt agctggaagt     44640
     ctgaccctgt gcctctgaca agccatcaaa gcaaagagtg tgtgaagaac acacaggcga     44700
     ctgtggcggt gttattttcc cttttgctgt taatcgctgc cgagatggac tccctgacag     44760
     atgatctgat ttagggcctg tttgcggcgt gagtcagagg aagtgcgctt caatgcaagt     44820
     gcactgaaat gaagaacaaa tgtgttacac tgtaaaccca gggagagggg ggaaacagac     44880
     atccctaagg atcgcgaagg gagcggggag atacgtgagc tgtagccgtc ggctagacgt     44940
     gagtcagtta agactcatgg ttcttattta attatgcata ctgtacagtt atattagggc     45000
     ctaggagact tccaagaagc tattccctca cagacaggaa tgtgtcattt ctcggaaatc     45060
     ggtgttagtt caaatataaa tgggatggtc attacacatc gtgttgagtt ctggggtgga     45120
     gaggtttaaa ctcacaactg gtaagtggaa ggtcactggt tcaattgcag gaaagtctca     45180
     gacatcatgc ttctgcccct gagcatgctg tttagatggt tagtttttac aaaaaaggaa     45240
     atctgtcatc atttaatcat attattgcaa acatcaaaca cacagagatg gtgagatttt     45300
     ttgtgtgtaa tcaaaataat gtggatggaa gcttatcttg tatttatttt ctttgaattg     45360
     tgagattgtg actgcaaact tatgagataa actggcttac gtagagttgg aaacagcatt     45420
     gtttacatcc ttttaactcc atataggtta agcactatac tggctatttt taaagacccc     45480
     aggcatgttc acttgaaaaa ctggagagga ggataaggaa taatggatcc aatgtaggcc     45540
     tgcgcgatat ggcaaaaatg cagtctcgat aatcatattc catattgaac gatggcgata     45600
     tatttcgata caagttgtta atgcttccag atttaagagt cccccaacaa tgactaaagc     45660
     cacaaaaatt agagaatcca tttaatggca taacattttc ggtggccaaa aaaatcggtt     45720
     gatctttgat atcaacatgc ttctagattt ccattgtttc acatttctgc tgtgtgattg     45780
     gcatttggat caatatagag taaaaaagtc cagagcgtat catcgatata gatataaact     45840
     gtatcgcgat tcgctataat atcgtttatc agaccaaccc tgttccaatg tatcaatttc     45900
     tgtgatcagt tagaaacttc tttggtttta actttttaaa cttctaaaga ctttgcattt     45960
     atttttccct cctcatttta ctctatagct ttacgctata gctttcatta gcatttagca     46020
     ctacactggc tactttcaag gttagcgtga tttgttaaat tgtgaattct ccaatgattt     46080
     ttacatattt acatgtacta gaaatgagac aagtaatgca ataagttatg aggttactgt     46140
     gttttttact tattttttta cgtttaacaa ttcttaatga actgctcgtt aacccttccc     46200
     tagagagaac aaaaaaagat taaatcagaa ttgactgatt taataaacag gtttaatgtt     46260
     ataatctaat aataacacag ttttggggca taaataatca tgcaaataca agtaaattgg     46320
     cagtaaacct tgtaacatga gctatttaaa acacccctca tataaacttt gcatccagca     46380
     gctgaaattc atgttaaata taataagatc atccacaaaa ataactgcga cttttcattt     46440
     ttttccctac gtatctcctc actgacaaat aattgtttct actggcctaa gctggtaaat     46500
     ctggtccctg attaaataaa tatgcaaatc tgtgccagtc tgagtctaca attatataca     46560
     atagagtggt ttgacttata aaaccttgtt aatacaggta tacgtcagta aaaagatcat     46620
     atcagttcat gagcccttta cagggatagt acacccaaaa ttctgtcatc ttttactcac     46680
     cctttatgtg ttataaacct gtttgagttt ctttctgttg gaaatcgcta gccattaact     46740
     tccaaagtat tttctttttc tactatgaaa gtcaatgaat actggtttcc aacatttttc     46800
     aaaacatctt ttgtgttcaa cagaaaaaag gaacttaagc atatttgaag caataaaggt     46860
     tgaggaaacg atgacaggat taaatatttg tgtgaactat ccctttaagc tctgcatcag     46920
     ggagtttgtg tatgtgaaag caggtaatgc tggtgaggag gttatcagtg agagcggaca     46980
     tgcgtaataa gcagcacact gcggtgaaga aatgtaaaat tactgatctg cgcagtggtg     47040
     tttctgttgg caaggccatt ccagatgagt gcaggctggg tttcccagga gcgcttctca     47100
     gaacagctca tttagttcaa gacatgctgg gaatttgtag ttgcaggtca ttgcaatctt     47160
     cttcatcctt tgttaaaagc actcggtaaa aacacatatt tgtgaggtgg tgctatgcat     47220
     attaaagtgg cacactaaac tatctaagca gtgttgtgac gaataacaaa acaggcagtg     47280
     tttagcatga ctcaggttaa cattgctttc tttaatgcta aagctaaagt cgtgtttatg     47340
     atatcatgag cagataaact tgtccttttg gtaaaaacac atatttgtga ggtggtgcta     47400
     tgttaaagtg gcataaaact atgcaaacac agtgttgtga tgtataataa acaggctgtg     47460
     ttttgcatga ctcaggtcag catcactgcc ttcaatgcta aagctaaagc taaagtcgtt     47520
     tttgtttatg ataacatgag caggtaaact tgtcctttct gtaaaaacac atttgtcagg     47580
     tggtgctatt ttaaagtggc ataaaactat ccatgcatag tgttgtgagg gataataaac     47640
     aggctgtgtt tagtattaca tatgtaagca tcacttcctt caatgctaaa gctaaagtcg     47700
     tgcttaaaag agatagcatg aagggataaa cttgtccttt cggtaaaaac acatatttgt     47760
     gaggtggtgc aatacatatt aaagtggcat aaaattaccc aagcacagtg ttgtgaggga     47820
     tagtaaacag gttgtgttta gcatgactca ggttaccgta acttccttca atgctaaagc     47880
     taaagtagtg tttgtttata aaagatcaca tgagcagata aacttgtcct tttggtaaaa     47940
     acacatattt gtgaggtggt tctagtataa aactatccaa gcacagtggt gtaaggtata     48000
     ataagcagtc agtgtttagc ataggttagc atcacttcct tcaatgctaa agctaaatcc     48060
     gtgtttgttt atgataacat gagcggataa acttgtcctt tcggtaaaag cacatatttg     48120
     tcaggtgatg ctatacatat taaagtgcca taaaactatc caagcacagt gttgtgaggg     48180
     ataataaaca ggctgtgttt agcattatat aggttagcat cacttcctac aatgctaaag     48240
     ctaaagtcat gtttgtaaga gatcgcagga gcagataaac ttgtcctttc gggaaaaaca     48300
     catatttgtg aggtggtgct atacatatta aagtggcata aaacagtgtt gtgacgtata     48360
     ataagcaggc tgtgtatagc atgactcagg ttagcatgac ttcctacaaa gctaaagtgg     48420
     tgtttgttta taagagattg catgagcaga taaacttgtc ctttctagca cagttcctgg     48480
     aaactctcaa ttatcttttc tctccctgcc ttatttttct gtcatttggt cgtgtttttg     48540
     tagggtattt acttaggctc taaatttggc ccacccgtct gatagggttg ttaagggttg     48600
     tttatctgtt tttgcccaga aaggaacatt ctcctgcggc tgtgtcacac agcgcgtgta     48660
     caagtgggcc aaagttcagc ctcttcctgt aaatagatca aaaggaacag ccagatgtct     48720
     gaaattcccc atcaaatgtc caagaattcc tgaggactcg caccgagagc atgctttggg     48780
     ccgatgtgct gccagaacgg ctgtggatgg tgccaggaga cagagagagg gaaaacattt     48840
     cggtgtgtta tgaaagaaac gtgttgcgtt atgtacagct gtgtgtgggc gccgtttgct     48900
     tatgtgttta tgtacaaata ctgcatctat aaaaatatat tcacgggggg tctgaaagca     48960
     cattcaaatc tgtaattcaa agcaactttt aaagtttaag aattattaaa tggtttaagt     49020
     ctgtgtaact ggaaattgct gagatttatg ttagtacgtt aatgtacttc caactgaagc     49080
     tgattattga atagggggcg gggctttctt tttgtgcatc attcacttgt ggcaaactaa     49140
     tggtaagaag gatgggttag actattgttg ctgaagctgc caaactgatg tccacacaga     49200
     agtacagcca atgcaaaggt ggaaacaaat ggtcagattt taattgaaga ttatcaataa     49260
     tttttctttc aatgataaat agtaataagc aattaaaata ataatgataa cctattaata     49320
     aaaggtcaac caggtggtta tgatgcctgt taaagggtta agttggcctg aataattgtt     49380
     cacctaaaga ctagcaatga gcgctgacaa aatggccata gcaaattttg atttcacatg     49440
     gaatttgagc accaaacatt gtctcaatct gttattcttc tttatgtact taaaaaaaat     49500
     cattgcaaaa aggactcatt tgctcttgat tttctatgac caaaccaata ataataataa     49560
     taataataat aataattata ataataataa tatgaataat aatatgaata ataataataa     49620
     caaggtttta gtaattgtgt tttttgacag ttttataaaa aaaatcatcc attttattac     49680
     aaaaaatttt aataaattaa atataattaa aaaaacaatt aattgccaac tagtttaaat     49740
     aatttttgta ttaagtaaat tataattttt ttattaaatt caacttgaaa aataataata     49800
     tttgttaatg ttgtagaaat tgttgcattt gtgtcattgt attcatttct aaatgtctat     49860
     tttagtttaa ttcatttttg ttatattttt aaatataaaa attttatgta tgctgtttta     49920
     tatctttata aatatgtttt atatattgct gttgaatttt tttgttctac taatcttgca     49980
     ttaattgcat taagttaaaa acttttcttt tatttaacat ttaataaaat tcttcttagc     50040
     tttatgtttt ttttttcttt taattctgca ctggattttt ttcccaattt attaatatta     50100
     tttttttaaa tgtcaatgta tgtgtgtatg tgtgtgtctg gttttaatca aactcacaca     50160
     gtagcagtag cacctttcag ccttgattta taaatagttg acagtctcct ttagagcagc     50220
     ttctcattaa agaaaggaag agcgagagaa tgagtgcacg acctgctgcc tttatagcca     50280
     ttactctcca cggcccttgt ctgaactcag gagagcaggc caaaccatat taacaccaca     50340
     ctcaacctat tgacggatct gcattctccc tgctaaaacc atctgtcctc acagcgctga     50400
     ctttacatcc ccgagtcaca ccagagagcg tttcatgttg agaaatagtc aggttgttgg     50460
     caattaatgt cttaccctgc tcatataatc catcaaatgt gtacatacat gttggtgaag     50520
     atttaagtgc atttaaaggg tcatgattga ttcactcttt acttaaacct tcttctcttg     50580
     aacaaggttg ctgggagaca aatactcaat tttgatatgt acccctgtat acatttctgg     50640
     agaatgcaaa ataagtccta ggaggtactt ttatttttgc tgtttttgtt ttcgtgaatt     50700
     ctccagaggt cgctgtgtgc gcttttttta gatctcatct ctcttgcgag tgccattcgc     50760
     acgtgctgtt ctgcagtaaa tccaccagag gctgctgtcg actgactgac tgatgacccc     50820
     acccacccct tctctaaatc caactgatag tgttttcaaa agcatcaatt gacctaccca     50880
     ccacctttcc caaacccaat cgacagtgtt ttcaaaagca atccagaaaa agaaagcctg     50940
     aatttaccac cttttcagat cttaccacgt tctcaccctg ttatttactt gtttttgcct     51000
     tttttttttt ttagttttac ctgctttctg aaggagttct tcatctgact caaaccccgt     51060
     cgtcgcagtc aactccgtct caaatccgcc accatacgca gcgagctact gggcaaactg     51120
     gtaacagcag aagtcatcca aatggaagta agcagccagc tggtagcgcg aaaagaaaca     51180
     aaagcccccc catagcattc atttttaaga caaaatgcag ccatacaaag ctctggctac     51240
     ataatgtgcg ctctccagaa atgtacacag ggatatgttt aaacaatgag cctgtgttga     51300
     acaaataggt gacggtagtt gttggagatt tattttccac tatgatttct atacatttca     51360
     aactgctgat gtttatttaa attattattt tttaattaat tccaaacatg tttaaatatt     51420
     tatttttaaa caacacaaaa ccaaagtttt aaaatgcaaa gttgagatga cttggcagtg     51480
     taatttctaa tcacatgtac aaaaccttaa agcatgcact gtttatttaa catttatctt     51540
     tgctttgttg cattcaccca tgcctgtagt ttgtttatca cgttatgcat cattcactcc     51600
     cctacagaat catctcagtc aatcaaaatc aatacattta ataacactgc aggcaccact     51660
     tcacattgtt aacttgctta ttagcatgca tgtaattgag atattggctg cttaataggt     51720
     cttataaagc acatgttctg cattatctta ttctacatcc ctaatctaat ccaatacctt     51780
     aataactatt aataaggagc aaattaggag tttaatgaat caaacctaga gcgagaacga     51840
     acacttaaaa taaagtgtga ccaaattttt tttccaagta taacaaagta tataacaaag     51900
     tatacaatat tgtgctgccc tacttcagag ttaagaaatc aatattcagt ttaaataacc     51960
     ttggttttca aagaaaagaa aagaaaacat ttattaattc caccaattgt cattttttat     52020
     ttgaaattag gattaaaaca ttaaacaaat atcattttaa atttaaacac atagctaata     52080
     aacacagata aaaatggcct ttttattttt ttctattcac agacacatat acttttccag     52140
     acaatctatc gatatgctca tgtacaggga aatgaaacaa tatttcgcaa atgttaaaac     52200
     atatttaata cacagattag attcagctca ttgttcatgt tagctgctgt tcctggaact     52260
     gtcctgttta attattgacc ctcgaggacc catttacagg aatacagcgc tgctctggga     52320
     tcagttaaag gttatgttca cttgaatgtg agtcataact acgcttgtgt acatttgtca     52380
     tagtttgaca ggattaaaat aaaacacacc tgcctgctgt gattcacatc tgactcacac     52440
     tttatctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctcta tctctctctc tctcatgtat     52500
     ataactacaa catcatcacc agcacagatt cctagtaaat gggccaaact gctgatccga     52560
     ataaaggaac gatctgctta aatcaagaca ctgcaggtta agaaagtaaa cagaaatatc     52620
     taatagttat ccccatgttt cctcaatgat ttgttaaatt actgtatttc acattttttg     52680
     aaatgttgtt taaatattta aatgaggcaa taaatatcaa acattttcaa cacaggccat     52740
     tctgtaaacg tagcactata tacatttctg gagatcatga tttatgaagc cagaagaacg     52800
     tatggctgcg tttcgtcttt aaaataaacg ctccggggtg gtatgatgcc attccttttc     52860
     gcgcttacaa ctgaccgctt acctccattt agacggctta ccagtttgtc cagttagctt     52920
     gccatatacg tcggtggact tgaattgcag agaggagttg atcacgacga cggtgtttga     52980
     gtctggtgaa gaacggttcc agaaagcaga taagacaata acaaaagaca aaaaataaaa     53040
     taaacaagtt aataacaggg tgagaatgtg gtaaaacgcg taaaaaatcc ggcgagggtt     53100
     tttctttttc tgaactgctt tttaaatttg tcgatgggtt tagggaagtg gctgggtggg     53160
     tcaatcgttg ctctttaaag tattattggt tgggtttagt gaaagcggga ggcggatcag     53220
     tcaatcagtc ggtcagtcag tcattcggtc agtcaaaaag tcagtagaca gcggcctctg     53280
     gtggatttac aatagaacag caggtgcgaa tggcactctg attagactgg cactcacagc     53340
     ggcctctggt ggatttacaa tagaacagca ggtgcgaatg gcactctgat tagaatggca     53400
     ctcacagcgg cctctggtgg attcgtgaaa actgcaaaaa aaaattacct cctgagacat     53460
     atttggcagt ctccgaaaat gtatatagag gtccgttttc agaatgagcc tggcttaaca     53520
     attttacact catttatagc acaaaaatct gaacattgac taaaagaatc acttttcatc     53580
     cctcaataat tcagaagaaa actttttgta gaatacagtg tttacaatca gatttatgga     53640
     tcagttatgg ataaattaaa tttgagaaaa tggcctttaa atatatgtat tgtaatcaaa     53700
     atctacagtc atacattgat tgtgttataa aataagcact tgattgtgca tttatgggat     53760
     ggttttattt cattattagg aaaaaaacac tttatgaaac gccaaaaaag ctcaaaagca     53820
     gcaatttgat ttagcagcta atttgtatga tttgcatgat ctctttcgta caatttagta     53880
     tgattttcca atctcctatt aacggttggg tttaggtgtg gggattggtg gcacgcccgc     53940
     ttttcaaaat cgtacaattt catatgacta aatgcacaaa acgtaaaata gttacagcat     54000
     aagctcattc tgtaaacgtt gccctatata catttctgga gatcacaaat tatgtagaca     54060
     gaagtacgta tggctgcatt gcgtctttat ggtacgaggc agtacgaggc agtatggcac     54120
     cgttcatttt cacgcttact agctgaccaa ttgcctccat atggttggtt ttcctgctgt     54180
     taccagttgg tccaatcagc tcgccattta tgtcagcgga ctagagatgc agagtggagt     54240
     tgatcaagat gatggggttt gactctggca aagaatcgtt ccagaaagtg ggcaagacat     54300
     aaacagaaac caaaaatatc aaaataagta aataacaggg caggtcaatc ggtgcttttg     54360
     aaaacactat tgattgggtt taaggaagga gaagggtgag tcaattgaca gcagcctctg     54420
     gtggatttac gcgagaacag caggtggaga tctcaaaaag cgtacacatc aggatgtatt     54480
     tgccgctctt cagaaatgta tatggcgttt tatttatata tatatatata tatatatata     54540
     tatatatata tatatatatg ttttcagaat gtagttgggt tgaatagtga cgttttcttg     54600
     tgagatcagg ctgaaaaatc tcaaaactga ggtgtgcatg aaaagtggtt tggtctgtag     54660
     agtcacacct tagagtttgt gacaactaag gatgaatatg agtatcgggc tgtgttactg     54720
     tgttttctgt agcacttatt cacagtgcaa gagtgtgtat ttgggactaa ttggggtgat     54780
     ggagcttctg agctgtaaat gtgatgagtc actttcctat aggcactgca cacactgctg     54840
     gcttttaaac atttgatgga gacaaactgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtactg tatacattta     54900
     gagatgaaaa atgggtctta ttcagtggtg ggcagatttt cgtgatgctc ttttcaagct     54960
     gctttgatac acattttgaa gtgcttgctt tttctgactg ttttatcctc atcagcattt     55020
     agttctctaa ctggaggttc tctaatggac agcacatttt aataatgtca acctggaaaa     55080
     aatgtttttt aggatgaacc ggctttattc aagtcattat gcaatagctt ggagccgcag     55140
     acgtcattta aaaagtcatt gtttaatgaa tatgtcaggg aaatgggatg ttcagcaaga     55200
     aaactaatag aacagggctt gagtttttcc ttcaggaaca tttttcaaat ctttttgaat     55260
     taaatatcta aagaaacatt taaacaacgg attatgcaca taaaagagtg tgtattattt     55320
     gtatatatta tttagctgaa aatattgtgc agaaatatgc tgaaaatcat agacatgctt     55380
     tctcagtgcc acattgagaa ataaagttga attgcgctga atcagatgtt tcattcattt     55440
     taaacaggta aaatatgctt acactataca tagttagggt cgccaatgac cttttacact     55500
     ttaaaaaaaa tgatagaaaa cgataattct atgatgattg tctatttcat tatgtatgca     55560
     gaatgaattt aaaaaaaaat tagatttttg gatttttggc aaataacccc ccatggattc     55620
     ctaaccctga tatattaatt aactcatgct tcttgggaaa cactttagaa tcatggtcca     55680
     ttaattgtat ttactaacac aaactaagta tgaataatct tgcaaagcat ttattaatca     55740
     tagtttaaga tttactaatt aaaacccaaa gtgcttgtta gttaatgcac agtgagttaa     55800
     catgaactag cattatttgc ctaaaaaaca ttaaataaag tttaataaat actgttctaa     55860
     ttggtttact aattgtttgt ttgtgttaac aagattagtt tagtctattt aaaaatggac     55920
     aggacagggt tttgcagcac aattccctga aatgtgtcaa acccacactc gaatcaatat     55980
     tcattcattc attttctttc cggcttagtt cctttattaa tctggggtcg ccacagtgga     56040
     atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gcacatgttt tacgcagcgg atgctcttcc aggtgcaacc     56100
     catctctggg aaacatccat aaacactcat tcatactcat acactacgga caatttagcc     56160
     tacccaattc gcctgtaccg catgtctttg gacttgtggg ggaaactgga gcatgcggag     56220
     gaaacccacg ggaacgcggg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgcc aactgaccca     56280
     gaggctcgaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctaat gcgccaccgt     56340
     gacgccctca aaaataatga aaaaacacca aacactataa ataaaagagt tcatgatgtt     56400
     tttgtaatta caaatgtaat aaatacagtg aatacattac ataacatgaa ctaatagacc     56460
     attattttaa agtgttatcc ctttttgtcc ttaaatgata tctaccccac actacatgtg     56520
     attgcttcgt taaggcttct gaatggctct ttcctgaact gcgatcttac ttcagtgaca     56580
     ttttcattat tgcatgggcc ttaaaatcca aaaaaatcta gatgaaatga aaatgattaa     56640
     atgagcttta atagtccgag caggtcaagc catctttctt tgcctgcaca ttttgcaaga     56700
     ctgatcatta taaagcagca tcacagatcc agcagtgaga aaaacactca cgtggctgaa     56760
     gagactaatc agtgctgggc cacgtcatta cagagctcac actccagcca aagaggagag     56820
     aggtgtttct tgcacccacc ctctttaaca aaccgaaaca tttaatggtc tattttggtg     56880
     gctggtaaaa aaataaatca atagcagaga gagagatgag ctctcaaagt gctcaaaaca     56940
     gacggttata taaatagcag ctcttggctt tttaaattac ggacggcgag ggagggaggg     57000
     agggagtgat gtcatcagtg gtagctgcag gcaatcatgc ggcccattca tttctgtggt     57060
     tttgtgtgtt tgtgtgtgta cacgcgagct ggttttctgg cttgtgcgtg tcacttcctg     57120
     ggattgaata gagcaggaag tggagtggca gggtgtaaga acaacacctc tgtggtgggc     57180
     ttcacacaca cactagctgg actcgcatgt gtgtttgtgt attgactgaa ctggcaggag     57240
     tcccttcagc tctgccctgt tttggctgct tgtttgtgtg taaataggat gtactgaaac     57300
     actgccctct tctgtttgct ttcagaaatg caggccactg agcagaactg cacttggacc     57360
     tggtaagtcg cacctgtcag taattacaat ttgttggatg ggtttatgag caggtttaca     57420
     tttaagttca gctctgttat ttgaactgga agtatttaaa tataaacgag tctgattcct     57480
     gtttttaagc acttttcaaa ggaaatattt cctctttgat gatgttatta aaattgttat     57540
     tcacaaacat tagcagcact ttaaaaaaat attttttttt tttcaaatgt tgtatgcaaa     57600
     ccacattata acttcgaaag ttatacactt atacagcacc attacaaagt tactagggct     57660
     ggtctgataa acgatattat attaaatcgc aaatcgataa caacgataag ctctgggctt     57720
     tttgctctat attgatctaa gagccaatca cacagcagaa atgtgcaaca atgggaatct     57780
     aaaagtgtgt taacattaca aatgtaccga atttttgaca aaaattatcg gccaccaaaa     57840
     atgttaatat atgccattta atggactctc taatttccgt ggcttcagtc tttgttggga     57900
     tactctttta aatctggaag cattaacaac tcatatcgaa acatatatca ttatcgttca     57960
     ggatggaaaa gaattatcga gattgcattt ttgccatatc gcccagccct actagttaat     58020
     gtaattagat tatttccaca caaagaatta ctgttcattt tcagtttatt taattacagt     58080
     gactttatat aatgtccttg tacacaaatt cgacaattct ggatcagtta attaaatgaa     58140
     gcaaaggaat taatttatca agtagattga acatgtttga gaaacaatga atgaaatgta     58200
     tgtcaatatg cacaaaatat agtgacattg ctttgaaata atttgtgttt tgatgcatat     58260
     aatgcttatc atttttaaag tttttcattt ttaataaaaa taaaatgtcc tgtttggctc     58320
     tgatttcagc aacatgagct cattctaaaa tgtagcccta tatacatttc tggagattgc     58380
     gaattatgta gcctggagta cgtatggctg gatttcgtct ttaaaacaaa agctacgggg     58440
     tggtatgacg ctgttccttt tcatgttacc agctgaccgc ttacctctgt atggacggct     58500
     tttctgttgt tatcagtttt ccggtaggtc aacatgtaca agttgaccat ggcaatgggg     58560
     tttgagtcca gtgatgaact gttctagaaa gcaggtaaga caaaaacaaa agctaaaaaa     58620
     taaaataaag taaataacag ggtgagaatg aggcaaaatc tgaaaatgtg gggaaaaaaa     58680
     ttcagggggc ttttcttttt ctggacactt ttttgttttt caaaacactt tcagttgggt     58740
     ttagggaagt gggtgagcgg gtcaattggt gctgtttaac aaaaacaatt ggttgggttt     58800
     aggcaaggaa aagggtggtg ggatcggtcg tttggtcagt cagtaaatca gaaagtcaac     58860
     agcggcctct ggtggattaa cgtgagaaaa gcaggggcaa atggcactcg tgagagaaat     58920
     ttgagatctg aaaaagcata tacagcggca tctggtggat ttacaaaaac tgcaaaaaaa     58980
     aaaaaaaaaa aaacttagct cctggaatgt attttgctct ctctagaact gtatataggg     59040
     gtaggggtac aaaaccagaa tgagcctggt ttggtttagg tagacgctga atttaagttc     59100
     tagtgtctat ttaaacactg atttttttgt gttgagttaa gtaattaact taatgagtta     59160
     agctaattta agctagttga gctactttca aacatcgtaa ttacaaatgt catttaagta     59220
     catttttaat aatgtaatta ttacatgatt actttttgaa gtaacttacc caacacttct     59280
     cttgtattac tttttcatta ttttgattat tttaattagt ttttgctaag agactgccca     59340
     ttttagagtg tcttttttta catgttccat gtacttatta tagtaattac aattcattaa     59400
     gcatgattga acacttaact aaccctaaaa ctaacccaca ttctaactct aacaatatag     59460
     taagtacgtg taatttcatt ttccttcagc ttagttcttt tcttcgccag gggtcgccac     59520
     tgcggaatga aacaacaact ttatccagca tttgttttac acagcagatg cccttttagc     59580
     tggaacccgg tactgggaaa cattcaagcg acattgctaa ccaccgagcc aacgtttatt     59640
     cttccttcta aactcttcct tcaaaatcag cacagaaatg tggaaaaagg ctatttcatc     59700
     ctgacttaaa gattaaattt tattctcctg tttctttcaa agccatttct gcacctctag     59760
     aggcaatacc cgcgattcca gaggtaacag ttgtatccaa acaagcttct gacatgcttt     59820
     ctccatctgc cattattaaa aaaataccct taccactagt tttgccttct cagactggct     59880
     aataaccaca gcggtacaca gtcacactgt tattatttgc cattcacagg gcctagttct     59940
     gctatagaga caggtgtgat ttctcaagac agccagttca gtaatatgta gctgtaaaaa     60000
     aaacaaacaa aaacacctga attcctagca ggacctttaa taggcgttgc aggctgctag     60060
     agttgtgctt ttctgaatag tgtgtagcat acgagatatt ttctctccaa ttaaactgac     60120
     atatcagagc attaaagcta gcaccggtta acagaaaacg gttaactgtc actccatgta     60180
     aaaatcaagc ctgccgtgtg acttaggcca ttaaatcaga cgcctcctgt gtcttccaga     60240
     gtgcgagaaa ctgataataa ggtgtgtaat aataaacacg gtgagccaaa tctgtgtggg     60300
     cttctcagca ttcagtgata tgagaaggtg tgcaaggatg atgagaaata taaggaaaca     60360
     aatgcctcag ctgtgtcaaa cacatgttgt ttttaagcat gaatagacaa ttttaaaggg     60420
     acagtacata tatgaattaa taatctggga tttacactac ctgacagaag tcttgtcgtt     60480
     aatcccagtt gtaagagcaa caaataataa cttgactcct agttgatcat ttgaggtatg     60540
     ttgttcccat gaattatctg ttgataggca tcccaatcat cataaatact gcagaagacc     60600
     tattggaagc cacatggacc caagattctc acagaagttt ggtcaagttg atttttggtg     60660
     aagaaaaaaa tcatggtttg gggttacatt tagtacaggg gcatgcaaga tatcaataga     60720
     gtggatatca acatcaacag cctgaggttt caagacattt gtgctgccca ttacactaca     60780
     aacaacagga gagggcaaat tcttcagcag gatagcgctc cttgccatac ttcagcctct     60840
     tcatcaaatg ttctgaaagc aaagaaggtc aaggtgctcc aggattggcc agcccagtca     60900
     ccagacctaa acattattga gcatgtgggt aagatgaagc aggaggcatt gaagataaat     60960
     ccaaaaaatc ttgatgaaca ttgggagtcc tgcaagaaca ctttctttgc cattccagat     61020
     gactttatta ataggttatt gcagcatgat catatttatt ttggtaaaat aagcgtaatc     61080
     tagaggcctt tgcctttcat ataagccact tctgatacca aatgatcaac tagaaattaa     61140
     gttattattt atttcctaaa acttggataa gcgacaagac ttttgtcagg tagtgtttct     61200
     cttttttgac aatggtaaaa gtaattgggg accaattaaa tgattttagg tgagctgtct     61260
     atttcaagat ctgtgaagca atatttttgt attatttaga atttatgttg gtctaatttt     61320
     ttattttaat gttttatttt aaaattttta tttatgtcat tttatttatg gtaggtttgt     61380
     tttagcaaga tctggcaaca tgactgaatc aaggacactt ttcttgtgat ttctttctct     61440
     tctcagttaa ttatattgct tgcataaaga acaaagatat taaagtacat caataacttg     61500
     ttctttttgg ctctgtacac aatgtaaact gtatttttta caaatacctt tagttttcag     61560
     gagtaaaaaa agggaaagtt catccaaaaa tgaaaactac ctcatcatta attctccctc     61620
     atgtaatttt aaacctataa gagtttattt tttctgttaa acacgaaaga agatattttg     61680
     aagaatgctg gcgaagcatt cttcaaaata tcttcttttg tgttcaacag aaaatagaaa     61740
     ctcaaatagg ttttaaacca gtggaggatg agtaaaagat atattgttta aattttaggt     61800
     aaactatctc tttaatttga ttattgaatg caatcgtctc tctcgtaaaa gtctgaactg     61860
     actgtagaga acaggattaa acacaaaaag gtgaagcgac aaccaaattg agctgtactg     61920
     tgtacacagc catagaaagg tgcggctaat tttcacgtct cacagcattt aaggcaccgt     61980
     gccacgaaca aaacgcaatt ataatgacgt acatcagtgt tgtgttggcg gaggtaagta     62040
     cacaagttat cttgaaggac cttcagtggc ccgagtgcag gtgagtgacc aatcctgttc     62100
     gtgtttgacg tctactttga atgatgacat tgtttcgaga tcttccaatg actcatattt     62160
     tccgtctccc acagttctcc tttgaaaaaa aaaaaaagag ttgacgtcat cctcccacag     62220
     acaaaaccaa ttcagggatt ctttctgggc aatcagacct ctatttatac acaaacacgc     62280
     cataataaat cagaacacat catgggttat gcaataagat gcggtcactt cttaactgat     62340
     caacaactgg agtttcactg ggatcactag aggaggaaag aaaagtggac gtctctattc     62400
     aaagccacgt ccatgaccgt gacatttgtt ttgacagagt cacttcctga taaatcatgc     62460
     ccactgctgg ttcaaccttt tgcctttcct gttatgttaa tcatcagctc tagcagcgat     62520
     atagaggcac tcctgatagg atcgtcgact cttttggact cttcctccag atgctggttt     62580
     cacatggtgg tttagatgtg ttctaccaaa gtctagcacc atttgaaatc agtgttcttg     62640
     gggagggatt tgcactggat tgtgtttcaa tatcataaaa tatttgagaa taacaacaaa     62700
     aagcacattg ctgtaggcca aatgtaacag ttatgagaaa ttgaaggaaa taatgcctgc     62760
     agaagagtca acaacatgtt tgttagccta aatataagct tttaaaagga tagttcctct     62820
     acaaatgaat aatcgcattg gctttcattg tggaaatcaa aagaaattaa tatgtgacaa     62880
     atcataaagg attaaaatga caaaggcttg attttaaaag tgaactgtcc ctttaaggat     62940
     ctttccatgt gtagcgatat gtgaaataag taatcttggg gagggattta ctcctggatc     63000
     acatttcgat tacaggagaa gttggacaat aactaaaaag acatgtaaaa aatgacagca     63060
     acatggcaat atgtaactat tattagaaat ctaaggagat tatgtctgta gcagtgtcaa     63120
     catcatgttt gttagcctaa actaactttt aacgggacag tacagctaaa cattaatcat     63180
     tttttatgaa ctatccgttt aagtgttttg tcatgtgtag tgatatgtga aataagtgct     63240
     cttgaggagg gatttgctgc tggatcacat ttcgatttca agcaaagttg gagaatatca     63300
     aacaaaggag atttaaaaac agtaacaaag aagtgacagt aacacacaca cttatacact     63360
     acagacagtt tagcctaccc aattcacctg taccgcatgt ctttgtactg tgggggaata     63420
     tcacccggag gaaacccacg cgaacgcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacgcc     63480
     aactgagccg aggctcgaaa cagtgaccca gcgaccttct tgctgtgagg ctacagcgcc     63540
     actgcttcgc ccccaacttt tcattttgat tttctataat ttcagtttct ttaagtctat     63600
     aattttttct actgtctggt ttttgtacaa atgtatttac tttttactct ttttttttca     63660
     aataaatgtt taatgtttta tcctttatta taattaatgc tattatgata catttagatg     63720
     ttttattcta caattatgga ttttggaagt ataaccccct tggcggtcat cagaaaaacc     63780
     ctccaaaaca accaatagga actttaaatc ttccaaatac atcacccctc acaaaataga     63840
     ccacatttta tgagtgcatc ctaaaactgc tgaatttgat tcttgcctgc ctgtctttat     63900
     atgagcttta gtgtgtttgt gtgtttaatt cctttgtttg acctgttgaa gagggccagt     63960
     gaagaccctc atctctctct ctctctcccc accaaacgat gactgatttc ctttggtgct     64020
     tagagtccca tctgtcatct agcaccattt gaaatcggtt ataatgactg gggatcaatt     64080
     cttcagcttc tctcagagag ccatcgctgc cttttttcca atattgcatg tgtgctcaga     64140
     acttttaaga gcttattgct aatttgtttg aaaataaatc tcactttttt ttcagctgaa     64200
     tatgagtgtt atttattgag gttccacgta ttcatcacta aataaatcaa aaggctgtaa     64260
     tcaagactaa ttgtctaaat ctgttttggg ttttagctga tctctagttc agttctgccc     64320
     tctgttggtt agaaagcgac acttcaagtt tagtagtttg agaattaggt tattatgaag     64380
     ccggatatat ttttatttag gtgataatag attcaattaa gtcagtctta cacttttcag     64440
     aacacacatc atatcaaagc ctcctaaaag aaaattattg tgttatcatg taattactta     64500
     aagggatagt tcatccaaac tcaccattta ctcagtttca aaacattgag tttattctgt     64560
     tgaacacaaa agacgctatt ttgaaaaaca ttgaaacctg taaccgttga cttccataac     64620
     aaatactatg tcaatcatta gtatcttttg tgttcaacag aaaacaaaaa ctcaaacaag     64680
     tgaatgcatc agtaaattga catttttttc catttgtggt gataattcaa taggttcata     64740
     ttgtattgaa ctcaataatt cataattcat aaaattattt attaaatagt tttaaaaaat     64800
     taaggttaaa tgcaactaca aataattgaa catgtatatg gtctataaat gttttatctg     64860
     tcattttagt tgattttaga agcaaataaa tgcttgtaag aacatttctg aatattttta     64920
     caagggaatt tgtaatttag tatgaaataa acaaccacaa acgtttgctt aaagtggaag     64980
     tgaagcactg agtcaaattt ataacaaaca tgattaaatg taaccatttt aaagaaatga     65040
     gagtgtttga tcttacgttt tagtgcaaaa tgtatgataa acaccctctt ttcttcaaaa     65100
     ttggtaattg tagtcatgct tgttatatat ttgtttcatt acaggtcaaa acatttcttc     65160
     caggtattta tttgtttcta aaattaatta acattacaga aaaaataaat atagaatata     65220
     tgcatgttca attatgtgta gttgcattta acctttaact tttaagctat ttaatggata     65280
     attaattatg aacctattga actgtgaccc cactctgtat gggttaaatg agaccataag     65340
     gtatagttag gataaaagga tagtttactc aaaactgaaa atgttgtcat cttttactca     65400
     tccttcactt gtcacaaact gtttgaggtg gaattttagt tcattttaga agcaaacaaa     65460
     tgcttgtaag aacgatttta aagttgggaa tatgtcattt agtatgaaat aaacaactgc     65520
     aaacctttgc ttaaaagcct ttaacaataa gctcctgtga ctgaaacatg aattcattat     65580
     cagtgtctct ctgtaataaa gatgtgtaca cttggggaat tattaaccac tgttttacga     65640
     ccaaatatgc attttttaaa cggtaatcat gaagtatcct tcctgatatt gtgtccaagt     65700
     ccaggcagga aattttatta taaatatact ctctgggttt gccatcaatg ttcatattta     65760
     gaattttcat atctttgaat attttcatta gagcaggagt gtcaaactca gctcctgaag     65820
     ggcagcagct ctgcacagtt cagcctaaac cctaattaaa cacacctgat ccaactaatt     65880
     gagtgttgaa tctaaactgc agagatgagt ttcacatcac tccattagct gcaaaatagc     65940
     aataggtcaa caaaacacac tttgaaaaaa tggaaatgag gagtttagat gcaaaaacct     66000
     ctaaatgcag tcctctaaaa tgagcatttt tatcaggctt ctgtgcgtat gttcagtaac     66060
     atcactttaa tggcaaggaa taagtccttt tcctggtctt taacgtgtaa tacctcaaca     66120
     taaacaaagg aggctgagaa aaatgttcat tttcgatgga aatatcagac gacacttaga     66180
     agtttttttt ttatctgaac tcttcaaatg taattttctg caaataaatc ccctacatta     66240
     taatatattt gattttttgt gccagacatg ctgtgagtac ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     66300
     aaaaaaaaac attttcctca aaacatagcc atataatcct ggcaaattat tacattggac     66360
     aggctatata caaaatcata tcattactat tctattaggc tatatttata ttaaaaagct     66420
     gcaaatcaca taaaatgata ttgatataat gataatgcaa tatatacaat atattttttc     66480
     atataaataa acaagcacta tattattatg ttataaagta ttaattgcag tactattaat     66540
     aatttactaa ataatacact gataaattta ttttctgttc gggatgagtt ggcattaaaa     66600
     gaggaagggg aaaaaaagca aaaacaaaca ataaagcgtt tactggtttt actgactcac     66660
     aaaaagtgta ttcgctgtga acagtcaggc ttttctttgt ggccaacatt gctcaaagtg     66720
     atttttaatg agtaaccata agcctcatta atctgaaata agcaaaacca acgttcttag     66780
     cactaatgag gatattgtaa ggggtaactc ttcatccaat tcaactgtca tcctattgag     66840
     aatagatcca gaagccaaaa tgtttctgtt atttgaaaaa tgtccattgc aaacatctac     66900
     atgttatcag tactattcag tttatcttga aatgcagtcg agtaaagaaa aaggctaaat     66960
     gcttcagtgc attgtcgcta tatgtttacc aatattagta atattgaact tttttttttt     67020
     tttttttttt tacattatat tatattttct aataacatac aaaaacacta aggggtttct     67080
     aaaacaaaag ttgaaaatac atcaaataaa aatcatttaa ccattaagag attagtttgt     67140
     ttcaagttcc tacctaaagt caagtctaaa tatgttttga tgttgatgaa gtgtgttact     67200
     cttacaatgc ctttatctac tcttgattag agacaacaac aacaagtata taattctaac     67260
     atgagatcca aaataatata taaaaaaatt gagttaacag tttacatttc agatataaaa     67320
     caaaagacta gttcgtttta gaatagatgt ctccataact tcagtacatc aggcattata     67380
     aattatgtag acatcaagat cattcttcaa ttaatttgaa ttgtttggct attataattg     67440
     tatattgaca tttcttacta ttaatacact aaagcgagtc cacatataaa ctgtaaaaac     67500
     ccttaaaaaa caggtttaga attaattttt ccacatttat gaatatgaga tttaccaaac     67560
     agatccttta tgtaggctac aaggcagagc agaagcagag gtgtttcgtc accttaaatc     67620
     cctcccccat tactcttaac cgctcctgat tggtcatgat tttagatttc cgccatattc     67680
     aaaatccgtc ctatccattg aatagctagc ttcccctttc tattcatccc ccctaaaata     67740
     acccgttttt aactgtatta cgtattatac aaacagttta cagtaacgca atccaagtcc     67800
     acgtctttca aatggaagaa accgacggat ctccagcgcc aatggcagag ccagtcaacg     67860
     aaagaccgaa gaggagcaag agaaagtcgt caatggtgga ggcggacggg tccccagagc     67920
     gcactttcaa acggtcagga agataatatc agacgcattg ttattgttgt tatacatcat     67980
     tattattact acgttacagc ttgcactatt atagtctgcg aattcctttg cagattatcc     68040
     catattctgc aaatgtgcaa actgcagcga atcgggaaat gaggaagtgt aacgttatta     68100
     actcatttat aacatttaaa cgacatctta cgacaaataa ccatgtttct tatatagtaa     68160
     aagtgtaata atagcagaaa tgtattgctt acaaatattg taatcacgtt tttaaataaa     68220
     aaaaactatg gaaggtgtgg ggaaaactac aatttaacga tgattaattt gtggttaaat     68280
     tactaacacg tttcttagcc tttatttgtg gtaaacccgt ggttaatatt cctcaatggc     68340
     tatatatgta gatcatataa cttctctaag gagttatgga ctggcgagta cagatctctg     68400
     tttgttttgc tctcaaagtg agaaaaactt ccgcaatacg tcgtcacatt aaaacaaagc     68460
     atgacggcag gagggcaacc ttgtatggct gcaatgtttt accaaaccac acgatggcgc     68520
     tgacgtctca caaaataaca atggagttca aggcaagcca caccataaac atacactcag     68580
     cagcctcttt attagataca ccaggaatgg acaacttcgg tcctggaggg cctttgtcca     68640
     gcagggtttt gctccaacac taatcaaaca cagctgaaca tgctaatcag taatcagaaa     68700
     cacatgctta tttgaattac ttgtattctc tgttatctgg caaccctgag atggcgtaat     68760
     gtaatgaaaa tcccagcctt tttgccaccc aaaaacatgc caagtcactt aaatataaat     68820
     ttttacctat tctgatgctt ggtttgaact tcagcagatc atgttcttga ccagtgttca     68880
     tcaaacactc cctcatcaaa cacacctgat tcagatcaga ctcattagca gagactgaaa     68940
     gacctgtaat gggtgtgaca gacaaaggag acatccaaaa catgcagtgt tggtggtcct     69000
     ccaggaacgt gattaaaaaa cgttgttctt gaacatgttt acctgccaaa atgcattcag     69060
     attggctgtt tgcatttgtt tgtgcaacag atgtacctaa taaagtgtcc agcgagtgta     69120
     cacaatagac attgtcttgt gtaatgcagc tgaatttcta acaaacggac aaacaatatt     69180
     acataagtgc tttgagacag tgctgtattt agaaaggacc tacttgaaag tgaagcaaaa     69240
     caaaccaagt gatacataac cgtaatgcat ctgtgaatgc tttcaaaaaa catgtgatct     69300
     tcaaaagtgc ttttattttt gaggaaatgt tagtgacgtt caaatccatg tgcaacttca     69360
     ccgatattat taaaaaaaga agttgaggac atcagattat actccatata aatagatcat     69420
     gcctgaaata tatctctcat aaccctgaga aagaatgcag gcagatggag aacattaaaa     69480
     tgtgccttta tcattggcta aaataacaac agtttatttt ggcagaagat tctgttttct     69540
     ttctgtcatg ccaggcctta tgccttctgc ctgattggaa cccattttgc caactacagt     69600
     tatcagaaaa gcaaacaaaa tggcacggaa gtttaattct ctggaaaatc taagtacaaa     69660
     ttgcgactat gatgctctaa attgttgctg tgtagtcgcc agggtggttg tttggctatc     69720
     gcaatgccaa tgtcagaaga gcgtcctgct acatattaga ttcgggtctg ctgttatggc     69780
     tttcagtaac tataactgct taaacaaatt cctttccaag tgccacacat caaagctcca     69840
     gcgccacaat aaagttacta tgtaaataga caaagtggtc tcttaaagaa tgttctgcag     69900
     gaagtgtttt aaaacagtgc tacattgtat ttagcatcta catcaaggga atagttgata     69960
     aaaggctgag aaaagttaaa gacaatagct taatttacaa agatgcaaat taaatgaatg     70020
     tgcaacactg gaatatcaca tttaaaaact ttgctgatta actctggcgt caaatatcaa     70080
     aagtaaaaac ataatttggt gcggtacact gcaaaaaatg cttttcttac ttagattttt     70140
     tcacttgttt ctagtccaaa tatctaaaaa ttcctaaatc aagaagagtt ttctagacaa     70200
     gcaaaacata ttgtcttgtt ttgagaaata atttccttaa aacaagcaaa ataatctgcc     70260
     aatggggtaa gcaaaataat cttctgtcaa aagaaaaaac aagactattt tgcttacccc     70320
     attggcagat tattttgctt gttttaagga aaaaatcact taatattggc atattatttc     70380
     tcaaaacaag acaatatttt ttgcttgtta agaaaatgct tcttgatata agaaatttta     70440
     gatatttaga ctagaaacaa gacaaaaaat ctaagcaaga aaagcagttt ttgcagtgta     70500
     ggggaagttg cgtgaatctt ttctttattt aataaatgac ttgcgtctca gaagatgatg     70560
     ccgacaagca atgaatgcgt ggtggcattt gaaggcgtga gatgcagatc aaagatgctc     70620
     ttgacagttc tggaggtcat taataataca ataacactaa tactgaaatg gttaaggcat     70680
     tatagaatga ccaaaactaa atttcagatg ttttacagtg tgcttagcct gcaggtttgt     70740
     ctattcacac acatttttat catcacatgg attcttataa caaaatcaca tgactttttt     70800
     aatgcacata ctggaatttt tttccgtaaa agtgttttcg ctgtagttta cgcacattta     70860
     agtttatcct actcagttat gcgcacatgt tttttgtgca tatttaaaat gtgcataaaa     70920
     ataggtggac ggaaacatag ctaatgtcct ccttcagtcg tttaatgcta tgaaacctgt     70980
     agtatcacct gtgaaatcat ctaagaagtc aaatgtcatc gcttagaaat taaacagcat     71040
     aaattgcata ggataacttg cttttttttt gtacagaaat agttttaatt ttcccttcga     71100
     attgaagcac agccactaat ataacattca agtacaattg aattattata taaaaccaca     71160
     tgtaattaaa ttgaaaaaaa tttcaaacag aaaataatat ataaaactat taataaaaca     71220
     atcacaataa agtgatgcaa aatagctaga agtataatag taaacaaaca aacacctgaa     71280
     tagctctatt tattaaggtc agagttttaa tgtttgttta ttgtccaatg aagatttgac     71340
     gataagatta tgcattatat gtggcacaga tataagggag attagaatga tcacattatt     71400
     atataacatc taaacagcca gttgtagtta gggtgtgctg aactgaaaaa ttatctcttt     71460
     taatttgtgt tatgtcacta gagcgaaaca gactttttaa atcttttgtt ttgttcagaa     71520
     aacctcaagg atttagtcga taccaactca ttttctacgc atgaaccagt catagatgag     71580
     ataggtgaac gtcatcgttt tacgcagtgg gatttcgtca gtttttaagg caactgttat     71640
     ccaatttcag tttatccatt ctctgatccg ttttgacact caagcccttt tggtggactt     71700
     ttacagattt gtcatatata acgtctcata tttgacagta gagaccacaa caaagatggc     71760
     ttttgtagcc gctgtggact gatctggatg agtaagtgac acatcattcc tccaaggcct     71820
     ctcctttgtt tgctacctaa agcatgatga aaccaaacct actaacctaa gtccccttaa     71880
     gtattttccc acctcaacgt caatgtagtc taatctacaa aagggaaaaa ccacctgaaa     71940
     ccaatgttga cgtccactta agactaaatg ttggattgta cagtgtagta tggctacttg     72000
     ttcaaaattc agaagaactt acaattgtta tcaaacacgc aacatgacca gcgcagcagt     72060
     gccgtcatct atttcttaga ataggaaggt ttactcctta cagcttccca cacagacatt     72120
     tgctggtagt aatagtagtg atgtaatgtc ctgccggaga gttcctaaaa caggacaagc     72180
     ttcatttttg gtatgtttgc gtagcctatt ttgatgactg tgagagttag actggtgtaa     72240
     tcacagaggg gtgtgtgtgt gtcatttggt ccatatttgt catgccgatg tccagtgttt     72300
     cgggctacac cttgacattc cagacatgtt ttagaagcag tattacacac tctcagggtc     72360
     tatacttctt gaagttctca aatagaacct atttgatgca cctgttcagg actttgagtc     72420
     tctgctgagc agatatgtta aataaggttt atttggatta ggtagagtgt gtggtggtga     72480
     gggcctacag gaactgggtt aggaaacaga acttcaggta gatttacaca atatggcttc     72540
     aggtcaaggg tgtgtttttt tcctgcccca cggtcaatat ggcaatcatt caacaagtga     72600
     cgttttttgg ttgacaacaa tgttttggac attgacaatt ggttgtcttg aggaaatctg     72660
     acattcactc tgctcagcat ttgtttatga actgaataat attcaataaa tatgtatatc     72720
     gtgcttagaa tgattttaca attgtattaa atcactgcat ttaaatggaa ttgacatgat     72780
     taatgcaaaa acatttctta ctttgatttt tttgtcttgt ttcttgtcta aatatctata     72840
     tttcaacaag attacgtttt tcacttaccc cactgacaga tcatttcatt gaaacaagta     72900
     aaaatctctt aatttccact tatttcttct aacagtaaaa catgaacatt ttttcttggt     72960
     ctaagaatat tcattttttt aaacatattt cgtaatagaa acaagacaaa acaaagtaag     73020
     aaggatttat ttgcattgtg gttatttaat ttctccacct gaatatggtt agactcccta     73080
     aaaaaccatc aaatagtgct attctaacta tcttgtgaaa ctgtattcat atcgcaatat     73140
     taattgtgcc tatattgatg cgctgcttta ctggaaaccc gaaagtatgc tctttccagt     73200
     cagcagtact tacttgattt ttatcagtat aatataactt caaacatgtc atcaagccat     73260
     tactgtggtc tcttccccat cagggcagtg aggaatggag gacactccat catattattg     73320
     gcagcgtcat ttgacctaca tatttactcc ccagttgcct tgagcagtcg agaccaccca     73380
     cagtcaagtc tttttctagt ggacactgat ttagattcgg aactgcatta acacatttac     73440
     atgctttgac tgctcagcac acacaggatc gcccaactta gtgtagtggg tgcatttttt     73500
     acatcttcac tcacggtttt attaacaaaa tacagcatag ttaaatgagt gatgtgagaa     73560
     ctacactttc tgtgagaacc aacttctctc acttcccctc ttacattctt tctctggatt     73620
     tattttactt taattacctg ttctctccta cgcgcatgca gcactcgagt tcttctaaat     73680
     tttatatgcg ctcatacccg agtgatggaa agataaacaa ggaactgatg gagagataaa     73740
     aggacagaca gtgagtgccg gaaaccacat tagacagaag aagacctaag ctgacaacca     73800
     gagggcaaac gtgtcttctt atcacaatga atcttcacta aaagcagcgg ggatctaaat     73860
     gaagtttacc cacacttaat tagctttaat ataaaaacct gtttgttatc ttaaatgaac     73920
     tgagtgacaa atcctgactc atccgcatgg aatggaggca attaccacaa aaaagttaat     73980
     atattaaata tattcagatt aatattcagt gctcatttct acttggtgaa tactgacata     74040
     caattttttt gttaaaatat ttcagaaaag ttattgaaac tgtataattg acttgaaggt     74100
     tgattcttgt acagtttcct atttagaata gtgctcattc aatgcaaaaa taaaaaataa     74160
     aaaaatggct tgcaaacact tttgtgaatt gttttgcgct acttattttg tcccacaatt     74220
     tctggagaga aaaaaaaaaa tcaggcatcc ttctaattgg cctgtgttca cacattgtac     74280
     aattgagttt atatggaaaa actttaagtg tactggtaag tattttaggt aaattttaga     74340
     cttcaaaagg acttatgaag gatcttgtca tgtgtaggca tgggacgata accgttttca     74400
     aggtatacaa cggtttggaa aagtcgagat tttaaaactg ccaaaatatt gttatacctt     74460
     tcctaaggta tgtgtaagat tttttttaat ttacactttt ttagaacaac agtatctcca     74520
     gcaaaaaaaa tgatccaaag atgccgtttt taattgtaaa aaaaaatctg tgttttacaa     74580
     actaatgaag accgcagaag tcaatgattc acttgaatta tttagcctgg catgtttact     74640
     gctctgaaat attatacatc ttccaaaaaa taaaatatat tgttttcaaa aggcaaaaaa     74700
     gtttttgttt ttacccagac atttaaaaag aatatatttt agagcagtaa gcacaatacg     74760
     tggtattttt tatccaagga tatcatatcg tcagaatctt ataccggccc atgcctagtc     74820
     atgtgacact aaaaattgat gtcatgcttc tgtaaattca gctttacagt taaatgtgaa     74880
     atgattagcc cacctgttaa attttgattc ttgattctaa agtaatgttt atggagcaag     74940
     gcaattttca cagtgtttcc tatcatcctt tttcttgttt ggagaaaatc tggtttcttt     75000
     tagttttact gtaataaaac aattttaagg tcaatattat tagcccttta agatatttct     75060
     ttcttaaatt gcattctaaa atagttattt taatttattt agttattaat tatgtcattt     75120
     tgatataata aatgcaccat gaacaaggct tacctttttt ttttattttt tttttaccaa     75180
     agttgtaggc caggggtgcc cacaattttt cgtatggaag gccaaaaacc aaatgtcatt     75240
     gagagccggg ggctgaatct aaccaaacta tattacatta aagttgccat ggttaatatc     75300
     ctaatttatt taataatatt tcaaaagaaa tagaaaacat tactttaaat catattaacc     75360
     aatgcagtat acctttaatt ataacttaat gcaataaaaa cataaacaat cagatatata     75420
     agacagtgga gttcaatcct gaatgcacta gtcaagccga atctgccttt gacttgattt     75480
     gcttaccaaa gtctttgcat tgctgggaca gtatgtgcat ttaaacacaa tttgattaat     75540
     gtctggcatt ttattgaaac atttaatttc agttaattct ttaaaaataa aacattgaaa     75600
     catctcttct cagatgggat ggcgggccaa atcaaaggct aacatgagca gattttggcc     75660
     ctcgggccct actttgagca tcactgtttt aggctgtagt taacatattt ggcaagtatg     75720
     ataatgaaag taacattgtt taatgactta gggctatgtt agattcatac aagaaacaga     75780
     ggaagctgtt tatgaacatg tttttctcta gaatggcaca tgtagcagtg ttgcaagtag     75840
     gcttgcacaa tattggaaaa actgacattg caatattttg ttttttcagt gatatattat     75900
     cactgaatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attgtgttat gaacataatt     75960
     aaacaagatg actatttggg caaaaattac aattaataca tgaattctaa tgattttgtt     76020
     ggggagtgct tctgaataaa atatgctaaa ggatacaaaa atacacaaaa taatataatt     76080
     taaagcacag atgaaatcta tagaacaaag ataaaaatga aataagcaac actatggttt     76140
     tcgatggagt ctaacagtat tgagatatag aaattaaata atcaaaggta aaaaaaaatc     76200
     agcccaggct cattctgata acataacccc tgtacatatt tctggagaga gcaaagtaag     76260
     tttttgtgtt cgcgaatcca ccagaggctg ctgtgtacgc cttttcagat ctcaaatttc     76320
     tctcgcgagt gccattcgcg cctgctgttc tcacgtaaac ccgccagagg ccactgtcga     76380
     ctgactgact tgctgactga ccaaccgacc gataccccca ccctccccta aacccaacca     76440
     atagtgtttt aaaaagcaca gatagacagt ttgttttaaa aattaaatgc agccacaagt     76500
     agctcttact atatttatac aatctccaga aatatttata gggctatgtt ttcagaatga     76560
     gcctatgtta aaaataacag catatttatt gtataaatat ataaacataa tctaatctaa     76620
     ttgttaaagc tttaaagctt taaagttaaa actttataat gccttatatt caaatggttt     76680
     aaatttactt aaaatctttt gagatgctcg actaatgccg attcttccaa tgagatatta     76740
     atgctcaaat tatatattgg gcaaccctag ttgtaagcac cctaaaagtg ttatctcaac     76800
     gtttttaatg aaaagatttg gtaataagga tgtcacatta ttggggattg aaaaaagcag     76860
     cagctcttct gaaataagaa cccctgggta tctttgtgaa cacgacctcg ttgagacagt     76920
     tgtcaccagt ccccaaataa gggcccagcc aacaatgagg aggcagtgca ttcgtgagta     76980
     catgatggat aaagactgaa ggagactgag aagactacag aaagcagtgt gtttgttgga     77040
     gagatcaggg ctgagtgacg ctttctctgt atctgttctg cagaccatga tgcagtgtca     77100
     caggagacag agctacacca ggcttggtgt gtggtacgta caggatgtgt ctttaccgta     77160
     atgggctttt cttgtgtggc acatggatgg acatactaat ggatctacat ggtttgactg     77220
     cacggtatag gtcattagtg cacagcctcc gcgtctggtt ggatgctttg tgtttgtatg     77280
     gctgaagtgg gactttttta aaggcctgtg aaacttattt gtcttgtgct tttctctttg     77340
     taggccatct ttgagacgag gaagctcttt tacctttctg acacctggac ctcagtggga     77400
     cttcacactg gtgagtggga taatgacatc ccttatggct caactctttc tcaagtgtac     77460
     caatccctct aatccctcta ttatcagtag tagagtctga cattagtttg ttgctataat     77520
     aacactttgc tttgggctgg gtataattta atcccatttt gcacactgta taacataccc     77580
     tatctagggc tgcgcactgt ttagaggaca acaattggca cgattgaatc aataaaataa     77640
     acaaataaat gaactatata atcaaaggtt aggacagagg tgggcaaact ttttagatta     77700
     gagggccacg gcaagttttg gaaagcaagt gaagggctac atgctaaatc cttcataaga     77760
     taacttattt atagtggcag tatgcatgga acatgtatta tctgacagga acatgcatca     77820
     cattaacaca tatcagattt ttttttgtta ttatttagtc aaatttagaa gacaaatgaa     77880
     tttgcactgc tattgcaatt atcaatcatg aaacgatgaa ataaatcccc tataaaatat     77940
     ctttttacag tggaaaatac atcgtctgat agaaaaaatc tcacattata acaatctaat     78000
     gttcagaaat gacgactggg gttgtaatct ttaaaaccac aatattttat tgccatatta     78060
     gacaggtttc tgaccgatat tggtgagaca gtattttgtt gtctattctt tcttaaacaa     78120
     aaaacattca gagtcaactt ctatttttgc ctcactcatt ttcatctaat tctactgttg     78180
     gtgctaactg taccgcatgc aatgctgtaa tcaaacagcg tttacttgta tttagggtat     78240
     ccacagggtc ttaaaaagtc ttaatatttc ctaaaccatt tattcgtttt cttttcggct     78300
     tagtcttttt attaatctgg gatcgccaca gcagaatgaa ccaccaactt atgtagcata     78360
     tgttttatgc agcggatgtc cttcctgctg caacccatca ctgggaaaca tccatacaca     78420
     ctcattcaca cacatatact acagacaatt agcttaccta attaacctat agcgcatgtc     78480
     tatggactgt gggggaaacc agagcacccg gagaaacccc acacagacac agggacatca     78540
     tgcaaactcc acacagaaac tctaactgac ccagccgagg ctcgaaccag cgactttctt     78600
     gctgtgaggc gattgtgcta cttactgtgc cactaaattt taggccttat aaagtcttaa     78660
     atgtactgaa atattgtgtt gtagatctta ttttcctttg ttcatgtata gctacccaat     78720
     ctggccatta acacccatat aatcaccaat tccaataaaa aaaagacatt taattacttt     78780
     tcttacagta aaatttattt acaatttctc catttattta agatactgac ctggcttaga     78840
     ttttttatta aattattatt agtagtagta atagtagtag tagtagtagt attgtattaa     78900
     taaatgtatt caattataat aatattttaa tatggcaagt gaaaatcttt tacaactggg     78960
     atattcaaat aaaatcctta gcatttagtc ctgtataagt ctaaaatttc atttatcatg     79020
     gtcctaataa tgcctttaaa attcttaaat ttaagttgat gaaacctgct gaaaccctgg     79080
     tattgcatca tcaactaatt ctgaaaccaa accattactc ggaagcagta ttctccctcg     79140
     cgggctggat gcaggtgttc agccagccct agctcgccca catctgggtt agcacaatat     79200
     ttcttcattt caagcctaat tggctgaaac ataattgaag attcaaaaaa gatttttatt     79260
     tttttttatg aacaatttta ttattttaca ttagccaaca gattagcaaa atattttttg     79320
     cagcctaaaa agtgtttgca atgcaacaca cactataaca acactgtccc tgttaaataa     79380
     agggtcacac tttacaggtt ttattattgt atttactaac atgaacatta cttgtacagc     79440
     agttattaat catatttcag catctactaa tgggatatta aaatccaaat tgatgctcgt     79500
     tgacattagt taatacaccg tgagttaaca tgaacatata ctgtactaaa tgaattgttt     79560
     gttcatgtta gtaaatgcat taactaatgc acattgtatt gtactgtaaa tggttaccga     79620
     atatagtaaa gaaatgtaac gcttaaaaaa ggaccaaatg tttattatta aaactctgga     79680
     cttacaacaa aagtctgttg tgttttaaaa tgatgtaaat gctatatccc cattaattac     79740
     gctttgctac ggttcacaag ttttcatgcc tgaataactc tatacccata aggccatttt     79800
     tgttaaacct tttcctttgc gcaagtgtgt tagtgtactt tcccctcgcc ctttaagtaa     79860
     tccttggcag ataatgtttt ccactcaacc atcacattgt cgccagctga tgacatctta     79920
     atcctctcat ggcatcgcgt gcctcgactt caaccgatgc ccaaattgcc actgataaat     79980
     tcccaaatgt ctctctctcc ttccaaattt ccatcaaaat gaacccaaca tagtcctgat     80040
     tcccagcgaa tcagttaagc agtaaatgct taactagttt gcgattgaaa acagaaagca     80100
     gagcccgatt agagcattcc aaagtttatg aaggccaagc gaaagcgcaa tccatctctc     80160
     atctctagga aaacaggggg gctaaaagac gggaaagaag acggactgct tcatccaatg     80220
     ccaaagcgtt cctttgatat gtattttttt tcacaaatac acatacatga gctcatctag     80280
     tgggcacatg ggcctcatta ggcttccagc accattatct caccttcaaa actttgctta     80340
     ggtgaaaggg tatccctccc tccctttatt cctgctcaaa ctgctggaac atgaaagcag     80400
     aaagagtctt tgtctctaat gttgaagcag ttgttctagt taagtccgtc tgcatggccg     80460
     gagggtgaac gtggtggtgc aacagcggat ggaatatgca ggaagtggtt cgtgatcttc     80520
     tggcatacta tcggatttaa ttttgacact gttgtgtaaa cacgcgatca tgatgatgac     80580
     ttgagcatct cggacatgtt cagacgtcta gattttattg tcaaccaata tgaaaagttt     80640
     taatgtaatg tcttgagaaa gtatatattg catcttcaaa tatttaaaat gacaggatat     80700
     tgtatagtca tcataagaat attaaggttg tttctatgaa agagatttgc aagtttggca     80760
     ttcattcaaa gtgcgtgttt gttcttctgt agaatccaga ttagtgttac aacgctcgtc     80820
     atgcatttat tgtaaaagat acaggaagcg tctccagaca gttgggcggt ttgctttcat     80880
     tttttactga aagaaaatag ttgcatcttt ctaaagataa cataactatt tccgttcaac     80940
     tctgagagtc actcatcaat gacagactaa agattgttgg agaacctact aaatagcctg     81000
     gtaaattatt tcacattgac agcaaacatc caaaacttgt cattttagac atacattttt     81060
     attgtctcta tattcatagc cctgccctgc attcaaggct tttttcacat ctgaaacaaa     81120
     tctcctcttc atacttttga aactgcttaa ttgaaagttt aagttgcaat ttggaataat     81180
     gtcccattag aagttaaata agttgtgaac tacttttcaa ttacttttaa atgtcctgtg     81240
     aaattgaaat gaagtttaga tgttagtatc atattattag tattaatgat atcgataagc     81300
     gagtttgcgt caaaacagtg acaattcacc atttcaatgt ggtcatgtca ttcgcccatg     81360
     aacatttcct gcttgttatg aaactacttg ataactgtaa caagaggcat ttaaatcata     81420
     acctaatgtt aaaacagctg ccataacatt atcattatgt gactctttta gtaatctcga     81480
     aagctattaa caatgtaaaa gaggaaatac gttgggacca ttgttttggt ttacatccct     81540
     caaaatggtc tataaaatct tgcagtttgt cgcttctgcc taaatggatc aacacttttt     81600
     tttgtgatca cctcattctc tagtttctca tcaaatcttt tgaccaatca agtcctctat     81660
     agtatctaat atgtcctgtc tcctttaaga cgcttaagct caaccactct cactggcaga     81720
     gcagtgattt aaaccaaatg ctcttggctt taggactttt tccattagca cccagtgtcc     81780
     tctttctaac agttgggcat cgcgcatata gtgatttcgt ttagatctgt caaataatca     81840
     caaaatgata ccacgtgtcc tggcctcatg cacacaaact cttcatacta gatgttactg     81900
     acccctgcaa aacgcagtgt gtcccaaaaa cgtgactttg attgagcttg tttgtaataa     81960
     tcttatgttt cctcctgtgc cagcagctgt ttgctctcat aaattccctg cagtaatatc     82020
     catttatggt ttgtcaacca agaacacgca ggtttgagcc aaacaacaca cggcctgtcg     82080
     atcactttga ctttttctta ttcctctcag ctttccttct ttcttctgaa gctttggtct     82140
     tatactttgg agtcatcctt aggcttttca gtcttaacca ttttttatga atgcattgtc     82200
     atcatgtgtg tccactttta aatttagcca cttatctgtg ttacccatta aattgcacta     82260
     ttagtgtcgt gtgattcact cagtagttcg gcttcttatt ggccagcgtt ctttactcaa     82320
     acacagccct ccaatcaggt ttttgattaa ttctcccctc attgactgtg aatggggatt     82380
     tactaaatga tagctcgtca cttattgtgt tagtgtgttt gcctgcttgt aggccatcaa     82440
     tgggtctgat gttaaattag cctaatctac tcattgcctt aatgaaacct gaggctagct     82500
     ggctgcacgg tggtttggtt ttgatcacat gactttgcat atgctttcac cctttaggaa     82560
     aacaaaaggc tcatcaagtg ttagttctgt cagcggtggc gacatcaaca aaatgggttg     82620
     atactcaatt gatactgggt ctcataaaac cttaattgac ttacaaactg accctgtttg     82680
     ggaaatgaat agagcatatt atgggcacat agggatgggc cggtatgaga ttctgacggt     82740
     atataaccct ggaaaccctg tttcacagta tcaaggtatt gtagttactt ccctaaaatc     82800
     tgttctattt aaatgtctgg ataaaaaaac aacgtttttc cccattaaac acaatatatt     82860
     taatataaga aacataaaaa atattttgga acagtcgctt ttgatctaga gggtgttttt     82920
     ctgctggaga tactgttccc taacaaaata aataaaatag ttaaacctaa aaaagaaaaa     82980
     aaaaaactta gaaacggtat aacagcaaat gttagccatt ttaaaacctt gacttttcca     83040
     aaccacgata aaccttgaaa acggttattg gtacacacct atgggcacat ttggattgag     83100
     actaccactc attttttata tgtagtgtat ttgtgatgaa ttctagcgca ccctgactaa     83160
     tgaaaactca tttacaaaat tgcgaataca tggttgaatg tggaatttta gagaaatcaa     83220
     tcgtaagtat tactatacac ctatttaaat tgtgaaatta actagtatct gtgaagttta     83280
     aactgcaaaa agctaaattt acatataaag tctgcatgtt ttgcctgttt ttgtgaataa     83340
     aagggatagg tttgttctat ttggacacta tgtaagaaca gagattttgt catattaaat     83400
     ttacacaaac tcacagcgtc ttcatgacaa cccctcaaaa aaaaggttta gattaactag     83460
     aaggcattga ggacagaaat attacttttg cacagtagaa tatgcttcta aattgaacca     83520
     taatttaaag gttaatttta agggataaat actattatcc ttatttattt gtcaatttaa     83580
     gaagaattaa gtggaaaaga agaattatat atatacagtt gaaatcagaa ttattagccc     83640
     cctttgtttt tttttttttt tgttgtcccc caccccaaat tgtgtttaac agagcaagaa     83700
     aattttcaca gtatgtctga tgatattttt tactctggag aaagtctttt ttgttttatt     83760
     tcaactagaa aaaaaagcag ttgttaatgt tttaaacacc aatttaagga taaaattatt     83820
     agccccttta agctatattt tttttctata gtctacagaa caaaccattg ttatacaata     83880
     acttgtctaa ttaccccaac ctgcctagtt aacctaatta acctagttaa gcctttaaat     83940
     gtcactttaa gctgtataga agtgtcttga aaaatatcaa gtaaaatatt atgtgctgtc     84000
     atcatggcac agataaaata aatcagttat cagagatgag ttattaaaac tattatgttt     84060
     agaaatgcgt ggaaaaaatc ttatctacgt taaacagaaa ttgaggaaaa aaataaacag     84120
     ggcgctaata attcagaggg ggttataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtataata atgcaatgat     84180
     gatagatttt agtatttcag taatagaatt gctttttgat taataaagtc tatttgaacc     84240
     atttaattga aaatagtcta gagaattgat aaacaaaata gtttaaaaaa aattcaatta     84300
     gtaaaaattc tgctgctgga aaaaaagaaa ttggtggggg aaatgtatat atattaaaaa     84360
     ataaagacat ttgtaaatat aaataaaatg taatttgaga gaaaaaaaag tatcctctgt     84420
     ataatcattc gtatgaactc aactaaacaa tgtgttttca ttatgatatg aaacattata     84480
     aaatgtgcat atccctgtgg gcttgggcat ataatggagc agatgtcttc ttgggaggtt     84540
     gatgctataa ttcatccatc tactaaacag tcttaaaaga cttttcatga gaacatttct     84600
     tttaagaaaa gcccagtaaa gggaacccag gccaataagt gagaccttga gggctctcag     84660
     tggccaccgc agtgttgtac aaaatgttta caaccccttc acaccctgca cacactccac     84720
     aggtagaatt ttcactatcc agatgccctg ccagccccca cacaaacaca cacaggtgct     84780
     aaaaagcctc agggataatg atgtccttcc tgagtctgac ctccttagga gccattgtat     84840
     cccgtaataa tactaacttt tcaggacagc actttgcata ctctatagga aaccaaaggg     84900
     aaattgtaga gaaagattgt gttcattggc tccttttgca cagatttgac tttttttttt     84960
     attttaaata tatatgtttc cccttttaaa aacaattgtt gtttcttttt acagaaacgc     85020
     aagcgcaggg aaaaggatga tgccgatgca gtcagtttgt gcagctttga ctttaaggta     85080
     agaaaaacag ataaacaaaa tgggcagatt tggaacaaca gatatatcaa aatacacaag     85140
     agagcttttt aaatcactcc ctgaagtcag tctgtccaca cagcattcct caaaacaaca     85200
     tttaaggtct cattataaca tcaagactga tcaaaaaagt taaaaatgcc cccactcccg     85260
     ctttctggca tatttgtctg caaaatcaaa gccagcattt tagatgaaat tggttgtgcc     85320
     agaaatcaaa gccttttaac cttaaacatg aggaatttaa tcttaaataa ttatcttacc     85380
     actgataatc gaaaaggtca tttctccaaa cacaaacttt ccatgattgc ttgtcagtaa     85440
     ttattctcaa ttcagcaagc atttaattga gacgcacagc tttgtaaact agcaaattct     85500
     gtaatttgat tccatgcttt ttttgactca tctttggttt atttttggac ttttctcctt     85560
     ctgatggttg acttaatggg gtagttcacc caaatataaa aattctgtca tcatttactc     85620
     aacgttactt gtttcaaacc tttatgaggt tcataattct gctaaacata aaggaaggtg     85680
     ttttgaagag agagctgtaa ccattgtaac cattgacttt aataagattt gtttttccta     85740
     gtatggaagt caatggttat tggttttcag ctttcttttc agaatatctt cctttacgtt     85800
     taacagaaca aagaaagaaa gtggtttgga aacacttgag gttgagtaaa tggtgagtaa     85860
     atgataattt ttgcatgaac tatccctccc tttaaacaca catccatagc aactgaatgt     85920
     ttttacggtt tatcaagagg tcgcgctgag caccgcctat attttctgta ctttgacaga     85980
     cgggagaaca atataactcg aatgactttc atcagtcttg cgcctacgag acgagaaagc     86040
     tctgattcac caaaagcatt tatgccttaa ggaatggaaa aaaacctggt caagattact     86100
     caataataac caaatatatc aaaacaaaac gcccagaatt gacagcagtg aatcctgcat     86160
     gtgtattttt agattttttt taatccaagc aagcaaacac acactgatgg acagagacag     86220
     tttgaaaaac ctttcagtca cttgtccatt ctgacccaga ctattctgag tgaaacttgt     86280
     tttgcttgaa tgtgtagtta acacaagtat ccaactccct tacctaaagc acatcctcac     86340
     atttggggga ggggtgggct tcatacggtc acctgtcctg atggaaacta ttctattgcc     86400
     ccctgcactg ccctcagggc ctttgttctg atgaaattaa atcaacatcc taagatatcc     86460
     tgagtaagct ttagattctg tttaataaag ttgcacaatc aagccgagaa gtgttataat     86520
     gttgtgtatt cgttgactaa ctcttcttgt gtagctagaa gactgaccaa atgtttagat     86580
     cagattgcga tatttctgtt caagtatgag agtatgaaag aaagaggctt gtttgggtgt     86640
     gtgggatgtg ttctgactgt gatgtatgtc tggaaggagt tgtgtgttat tttagttgcc     86700
     tgctctgttt ggtggcaacc gtctctgttg agaaggagtt gactcaatcg gagttaaata     86760
     tgcttgtgaa atgtcaggat gtgtgtgatt agtttattta ttttatttta atcaatgttt     86820
     tctatagttt tggttgtaca aagaaagaaa catttagcaa attatggtgt catacacact     86880
     caaaaagtta attttgccga ttcttcaaac tattttatta aatgagctga ataaacacaa     86940
     ttcttgaggt tgtttcggga cagcttaatt gttttctgtt caatccattt aaatttgtga     87000
     aaacaattag gttaacttaa tcgatttgtg ttgtgttgaa ttaaatctat ttaattttcc     87060
     cactgtagat gtcaaaaaga tttttgataa tgctcactgt gccaaatgtt cttatgtttt     87120
     aatgcacacc aaattctatc gtaacatatt aagataaatg tttgcagatc ctttcattat     87180
     gttctttgct ttcagaggat gtcgcatact attgttttca agaactgaga gggattgttt     87240
     aagatggggg acagttcacc ttaaaatgca aaacctatca cttcctcacc cttgtgttgc     87300
     taaacattga ttttgtcaaa ataggatgtt cttaacgtag gtcataataa tatagtcttc     87360
     attgaacacg caaggaaaag gagtcacttg atacagaata ctttaaagca gatttatttt     87420
     gttaatctag agagtaacag tcaatcattc caacttgcaa taaggcataa tcatcctata     87480
     ggttagcaaa actatcagct ttggtcaatt cagtgttgat ttagtttatt tgattaattt     87540
     aaaatcagct cagtgtcttc aaaatcaatg ttaatattgc atattaagtc taaaagacac     87600
     cctataattt aagcaagtta aaggaaagct catttttggg gtaaaaaaag agatagatgc     87660
     accttaaatg tactctaaaa gtggcttgta tgatttgtgc actatattcc aagacttatt     87720
     aaacttttat ttagctgctt tattcaaaat gtcttatttt tgttccataa aaagaaagat     87780
     ttacaggttt ggggcaatct ttttagagtt gcaagtagga cccagacaga atctgctcac     87840
     atatttctgc acagaatctt gtacaaaatc tacagagtaa tgcagaatga tttcgagagt     87900
     gtatttacta aaaacctaat gaataaaata actttttaac ttctaaagtt tacagtgcaa     87960
     atccaattag aaccacttgt ttggcaaaca aagcaagtct ctcatataat atatctacta     88020
     aaagacagaa aatattacac aaaatgtatc gtacacaaat catttaaaca tttggatatt     88080
     caaaagcatt actaagattc atataaaaac taaaagtaaa taattggact caacgatggg     88140
     ctcaaaaatt ggtagattct gtgtgggcca acttaaaaaa aaaatttcat tataatatta     88200
     ataaggaaat tcatagtttc tctggaatgt tgtgttagat cataatgcca aaggaaaatc     88260
     aggaataatc caaacagaat aaatggataa aggtttggga tgttgatatg tcaaatgatg     88320
     agtgattcca gagaaaaaca gtgttcctgt tgatgtacac ctacactctg acatcacatg     88380
     tctcaagctt acacccaagc atgggcttgt cttgtaacca cagctttgtt atagtggata     88440
     aatacttgcg agtattcagt ttcctccaac atatatggaa gtattctaaa acatagatga     88500
     ttttacaatc cctctcaaac acatcatgaa ttattaagcc gcaaacaaac agcatttata     88560
     atatgaatag ccacctggac agcagtacta tccaccaggg ggcagtgctg tgatctactg     88620
     cactctgttt tgctcaccgc ctcttcaaca gaggtttatc agatcagagc aagttagctc     88680
     agatttcccc ccgtcaggca agctcacaca cggccctcat gaagtgagtc actcgtgtgt     88740
     gtttaacact aaagaggagt gctgtgtttt tgcttcacac ccagatgtcc agctgtcatg     88800
     tgtgtcgggg tgttagcccg cagggggtgc aggctgagct gtgctctcat gcaatatggc     88860
     cgccacacct ctcatcaaaa cacacagaga acagtatgaa agttttctcc ccaaggacga     88920
     gtaatgaagg aaccctacta ttatctagac tgatattcaa atttcaagca catatattct     88980
     tgttgtgtta tacatgatta ttatgttgcg gtcacataac caaatatggc tcataattta     89040
     cgaatgtcta atatacggta attgtggcta agatgggtca cggattagtt atgaaacttg     89100
     agaatatctt ttaaactgat catcacctaa ttggtaatta acactaagca gtggaaggtg     89160
     tcctgatgca aacacacact actgcatgac tgcatgtcct gtttcacact cttgtattga     89220
     cacaggaggg ttagcgtaga gtttgctcat cgttcatctc catttgctta gcatgcactc     89280
     ctgccctttt cacacttttt aacacaaatc tttaaaacac gctgacactt catgatggtc     89340
     catttgcgtt gcaaaagtta ataccgcagc tgacagtgtg ggaaggcagc agtagtcttt     89400
     tgctaataat acccctaggg tttttggtca cccaaatggt tgcacggttt tgtgtatgct     89460
     gagaaaaacg gattgagaaa agtgtctttt gttaagcagg atttgtttat ggtgtggtct     89520
     tgctcagttt ctggttcgga ccactgaaac tttttgtgac acatcagacc tccttacaca     89580
     ccttccaata cacagacaac caccagtgct ctgtgtgcat gtgaccccct ctgccctgat     89640
     tgatattgta attgatcacc cccccccccc tcccctgctg atgagtgact gataacgacc     89700
     cagttcttca ttaggcagat ctcaaagcaa atatgcctgt actttacacc cttcatacaa     89760
     ttcaaaagac agacataaag caatccacat cgcaaacaga agcagacttg ctttcactca     89820
     ccctgaagct ggactttttg ctttctattt tatcttaaaa gcttgcgctg aaaatcttga     89880
     gagttttggc tggtttatgt gttttgaaag ccgccagttc ttaggatttc aatctacaag     89940
     atttaatgac agagttttaa agatgaaaag cattgtcatg ttttttttac aaaaagttta     90000
     caagctttgt tttatgtaca gctctccagc tttgttttga tactatgttt ctgatttatt     90060
     tttatctggt agacaaagtt ttgcttcgtt gataagaggt atcagagata gtgaggtttt     90120
     ctcagacttt gtctgttcag agatttttac atatccctcc tccatcctct tcccattggt     90180
     gagcttacat tctaactcca ccctttcaaa actctatatg agcactccct accgctcaca     90240
     tccctagaac aaagttagag attgttagag cacacacaca cacacacaca gtgtgtttag     90300
     aagttaggaa gctccgctca ggcggacaat cacgagttgg ggggacgttg atgttttcag     90360
     tcccgttatg ttacatcacg cttttattta agaactactt gtggattact gtcaaccctt     90420
     ggaaataaca gaaaccagtc agtggatttt actgaaagaa atggtggctt acgatgaacc     90480
     ttgtgtggta cctatcaaac ggactttaca aaagatagac taccagaacc aggcgtacaa     90540
     agaactagag gtgagatcca aaggctattc atcacaaatt ctggcttgtt tcttttggtt     90600
     ctttgttttc tgcatgtttg agtttttttt ttatttcttg atcaaccaat tccgaacctt     90660
     gtcctttagt tatctcatac acacactgcc ctttaaagga gtaagaacca caggtgtttc     90720
     tcaaaggtgt gaatgtagga gaaactttac caagtctttg agtaaatcag tcaggataaa     90780
     ggttttacct tatgtactca ttgaattact gggttatgtt ttaaccattt tttaaaaatg     90840
     tctcacccat tgtgggggtt aacggcacct atactggaag tgttaaactt gtttgtttgg     90900
     ctataaacct gggcaaaaga tttgaaccta taataatggt gtgaggaact ccttagggct     90960
     tttttgaagg tttgagagca tgcagagatg aaaagcattc caggtgtcta aaaacatagg     91020
     tgtcatggca atagcccagg tgtgccagag cccagttttg agcatttaaa atgcattgaa     91080
     cgaaaaggac aaaggcttta atcttacttc ccttcagtag gttgctattc ctatttgtga     91140
     tttttattct gaatcagaag tgtacacaga aagggtttaa ttgtcggtaa ggctaaagca     91200
     gaagtagcaa tttatgaatg aatcaggaga ttttaaggaa gttgtggctc aaggctgagg     91260
     cacactgctt tagggaaaaa ctgttcattt ggttccctta atttttacat caacttcttg     91320
     ttacacagca atagtctaaa attgagttcc tgtgggggag gcatacccct gctaagttat     91380
     cccaatctga ctctcccagg gggtccctaa gagtcaacaa aactagaaat tgccacaatc     91440
     tatctgtctg tctggcttta tgtttctctt tccactggat aatctatcat atttaaagaa     91500
     agcaaaaatg ggagtgtttg ttattccaga ttttccctaa aaaggcagtg ggcagcagca     91560
     atacagcaat tatttgaatg gagtcactga tggttcacac aggtagtgct tgaatttagt     91620
     tttaggtctg attgcttcct ttgtggtcag tctcctcatc atcttatgtt tgtggccacc     91680
     ggtgaagaag gttcagatgt ggtcttcatg tttacttgca tgacttaaca aagaaggatg     91740
     aggcagacga gtctgggtgg ccaggtccag ctaggcatgg accacagttg cgacttaagc     91800
     catagattag ctcagcaact gtctctgcca gcttatggaa tggttccttg gtttcactat     91860
     gccaagatga gagcaacaca tccctcttta taaaatttca gcagatggaa aaccatccgg     91920
     tgctgaaaaa tctattgaaa tgtgcatttg aagaagtgca agcacatagt gctttttgtt     91980
     ccagctgctt aaatgatgca accagttttt gtcaacaaag cttgcattga tcctgcaatg     92040
     gtagtagttt ttcagtcaga tctctagaga gtgcatgatc aaggtctcag atctgctttg     92100
     ctttgatccc cccctctttc caggtctgtt gaggttggct ggaggcccag tcattatgga     92160
     ttttgggttt gaaaatgctc acctccccct tccaaggggt tcaggtgcgt ctgtatctct     92220
     cacgcgaggc ctacagggcc tgcctcaaca tgaagtcata aacagcactt aatggaagaa     92280
     aggaaagaga agaggaagat aaagggggta gagtgctcat tgtttacaag gcccgatctg     92340
     taactcaccg tggtggtcca tctgaccgac ataaatacac acaagcaatg gctttcaaat     92400
     ttaccattgg gaaggcacat ttttctgtac ggagaacaac agctctgatt aggaggcctg     92460
     tttgctaaag ttaggctgtg atattgagtg tgtgtgggtc atcagtgtgg gacagctgac     92520
     tggagtctcc taaattccag aaatgccttt tgaactctga ttcccccagg gttgtggtca     92580
     gaaagggtct tagtttgtat ttgtatattt gtatacatat atatatatat gtacacacac     92640
     gtgtatatgt ttgtgtgacc ggcttacagc tgttaactcc aaagaatgga gcatccgcct     92700
     agctgtctgt cacccaggaa acaccaattg acctgacctc cagttgaccc cttcacaccc     92760
     gcaccagtgg agagtgtatc ttgtgactca tatgtttgaa agacagcagc ttgtggtgta     92820
     ttgttaacat tagccttctt gtgttggcag ttgtgcagtt ggtaaaacac taagggatcg     92880
     cttgtggtca gaggggggtg atttagtttt aatgtttatc tttatccatg tgtcccatag     92940
     gaaccctgta ctaagcgtgt gcggcctctt ggccgagtga cctcgctggc gaacctcatc     93000
     tctcccgtga agaatggggc cgtccgacgc ttcggccaga ccctccaggc ctcattccgg     93060
     ggtgacgggc ggtctccggg cgtgccccag cagaagccat gcagtaaggc tgcagctccc     93120
     acaccaccga agcgccggaa cagcacgctc tggtcagaga ccctagacgt ccaccagaaa     93180
     ggaacgtttt ccaccaaaga gattaagaga caagaggtga gtacagccgg agcaagagaa     93240
     tccagacagc actgaaaaac ctagactatt aaatccactc tccgtcccct gccagacgct     93300
     actgaatcag gcctgtgtga cttattaaac ccaaagggcc tggggcttgg aaagagccct     93360
     gttcctcctc tctgttttta ttctctctca cactacctct ctcgtctggc cttgtttttt     93420
     tggcgtgtgt tcttggcaca cagttgaatc gagctgaaaa agtgcggctg aattctggca     93480
     tctcagagtc agacatccag tgctaacaca gactggctgg tctgacgcac taagccccta     93540
     cctctcattc ataactacag ctagtaatga gacatttcag caaactgtga gcccctcaaa     93600
     catttcccac caaagagaga aacagactga atctcagagc cttgactaaa aatatccaaa     93660
     cagttttctt ggttatgaat gtaaccattc gttttctgtc tctccaggca atttttgagt     93720
     tgtctcgagg ggaacaggac ctgattgaag acctgaagtt agcccgaaag gtttgtacat     93780
     tctttttttt tttgttagaa cattcaaagc aaacaggctt aagctcttgg ctgcacttta     93840
     ggagttagac tctttggcct tcttccgtcc tccatttata gccaaaagtt tctggctgta     93900
     aaattagaag ctgtgcttat tatttttatc attttgtgtg tccaggcata ccatgaccca     93960
     atgctgaaac tttctattat gtctgaagag gagttaacag ccatctttgg agatttggat     94020
     gcttacattc cccttcatga aggtaaataa cctaccatat ttacatgaca cacctaatta     94080
     ctgcgtgaga taactagtgt taacttactt ttttttaccc tatcagatct tcttgatcaa     94140
     ttggcaaagg ccacaggtac ggatggcaca gtgagacaga tcggcaagat tgttgttgac     94200
     tgggtaagca tcttttcgtt gttcattatt atgaggcaaa ttaattgtgg gtcattcgga     94260
     atgttaaaac tctcactttc caccacagct gccaaggtta aatgcataca gagcatactg     94320
     tagcaaccaa ctagctgcca aagccctgct cgaccagaag aaacaggacc caagagttca     94380
     agacttcctg cagcgctgcc ttgagtcacc tttcagcagg aaactagact tatggagctt     94440
     cctggacatc cctcgctcac gtttggtcaa ataccctctt cttctgaaag agattttaag     94500
     acacacacca ccagatcacc cagacaaagg aagtcttgag caagcggtaa gagcaagcac     94560
     cgatctaaca actgcaggcc ttcagataca cttgttttgg ggacatttgg ttttaatatt     94620
     gcctgcgttc tttgtctcca gataagtgtc attcaagcag tgctggctga cataaacatg     94680
     aagaaagggg agtcagaatg tcaatactat atcgataagc tggaatattt ggaagacaag     94740
     cagaaagacc cacgcattga gcagtgcaag agcttgcttt gccatgggga acttcgcaac     94800
     aaaagtggca cggtgagttt aacatccatc acagtctaaa tcgctggagg caaacagcct     94860
     tttattcttg ggaattaaaa acataaagcc actatattcc aaataaggct atcagatgga     94920
     ttcaattggc ttcctttgtc tgtcaagcac atgacacaat aacagtggaa tctttgaaag     94980
     tgccaggaga gaaaactgtt ggtcccactt tatattaagt gtccttaact actatgtact     95040
     tacataaaaa ataagtacaa tgtacttact gtgtttataa tgtatttgag aacacggggt     95100
     gcttttgaat tgggatagag gttgggttat ggagaggttt ggtggcatgg gtgggttaag     95160
     gtgtaaggga tggtcaacag tgtatttaca aatgtatcta caaaagttaa ttacatgtat     95220
     ttaatcaagc ataagtacac agtaaataaa tgtatttaca caataagtac attgtaacaa     95280
     actattaatt cctgtgtaag tacatattag ttaaggccac ttaatataaa gtgggaccaa     95340
     actgtttaat cagtctaatg ttcaaataac atgttaataa ccagtgttct cttctccctc     95400
     tttagaaact gcacgtattt ctgtttaccg aggttctgat tctgactcga cctgtgacgc     95460
     ggaatgaccg ccattgcttc caggtgtacc gtcagccaat cccagtccag gatcttgtat     95520
     tggaagacct gcaggatgga gacgtccgca tgggaggctc attcagagga gcctttagta     95580
     acgctgataa aggtaagttg acacctctta gtattgtgtg aatcacactc tttccttttt     95640
     tgttgtttcc tttggctcaa ctgaatcctt tttttctccc tatagccaaa aacattttcc     95700
     gggtgcgctt ccaggacgca tctcagggac agtcgcacac actgcaggtc aacgacgtct     95760
     tccacaagca acagtggctc aactgcctcc gcaatgccat gtccacccag aaggatttga     95820
     cactctctga gaatgagccc ttgaccaccc cagccaccga cgtttgcgcc aaacggcgct     95880
     cttcttctgt ctccactgtc atccaaatgg atgaaatgga tgagaactgt ccacgggctg     95940
     cagcctccgc cccttcctcc cccagctctg aggagcaccc cagtcctaca ccctccgcca     96000
     cctccaccct ctcctcatcc tcatcatcgt cttcaatatc cgcccccatc ccctcccgca     96060
     aatccaaaaa ggacaagcgt tcgctctgcc cgttgggcaa gaggaaggag accatggtgt     96120
     agacggagtg gcaccatgcg gaggacttgt atttatgtgt gtgtgtatgg tttttacagc     96180
     agtgtttctg ttactgtcca caatggcagc tattactacc aaatccctcc ccccagcaaa     96240
     ccctccttgg tccacatggg ccgcaccagt accagaaaga cagtatttgt gaggcgactg     96300
     tgtggatctc aagggattga agattgaaga cgcatcccaa tcactatgaa acactttgat     96360
     ttgtgtgaaa gcgcaagatc acacaacttg tcttgtttac tgttagtttg gtcgttttat     96420
     tttattaata atgatttttc tttttgtaat taaagtttat ctttttttaa acttctcaat     96480
     aagatattta ctgtagctct ttttgttttt taataaaagc actgtgttta gcttttagaa     96540
     gggaatacca cccactgaga ggggaaaaag acctccaaag caatgaaaat gactttgtac     96600
     tgagtctgaa tcaaagctct actggaaggc aagtcttaca agtacattcc cattaaacaa     96660
     tattttatca gctccatttt atatttaaat cagaaggtat agtttttttc caaaacaaat     96720
     gctatgtcag tagcaatatg atttatacat ttccaattgg aaaatttgct cttttgttta     96780
     tacaaaaacc ccaaaatctg agccatattt gttttccacc cccttaaaat gatggatgac     96840
     tttcaatgta gcatcttgca tggagcttta cttgttgagt cctgcctgta ttatcatgag     96900
     ggcccagtgc atgtacatgc ctgtcgaagc agaaagttga tgtaaagtgg actgtcgtgt     96960
     aaaaagttga atgagggcta gagaaatgtt gagttgagat ttagaaggaa gctttggaat     97020
     agagttggaa atgactagat ggacttgatg attgacgcta cttgatatta gcaagcatcc     97080
     atggattttt ggtttgctgt tatttgtcat ttcatagtgt cttcatgaag taggaacgtt     97140
     tgaaacactg gtgtaaagcc agggtgttgt tttgagaagg aagatgaaaa gtatgtttag     97200
     gagaatgaac tgttaaagaa ggttaaagta tgttatgacc acttcaaaaa aaaaaaaagt     97260
     ctgtaaaagt gtgtaaccga aaggaataga tgtaaattat tcagaaggac tgctgtggac     97320
     tgtatgtaca gtatgtggtg taaaaatcaa ctattaaatg aacaataaag gtctgtgtaa     97380
     gatttgcatc tgacaactga gttctttctt ttttttccct gatgtgagtt cctccactgc     97440
     actacaaatc taaacgattt tccgagacct tatgaaacct ataacacatg ccgatgtgat     97500
     tatgagaaag ctatcttgaa attgtttcca taaattccag atagacagac actcaataaa     97560
     catacagaca cagaatcacc cacacgcagg ttaattagtt aaactacttc tgtgtttttc     97620
     tctgttcaca atgaatcact caacagtttt ttaaacaaat ccgccagtgt gggccacatg     97680
     cctaaatcat cttccatttt tagcatttgg atgattttca tactctgaat ctgtgtctta     97740
     tccagctcta ctgccctaac cccccctctc catttgatct agaacttggc agccgcataa     97800
     agaaaataag cctgtattaa acaaatacct tcatttatct ccttgaaccc ccttcactga     97860
     tggtatttgc ctctggtaat ctctttagtg ggaggcccaa aacaaatgtg ctgtcaggag     97920
     tcacttagca cgcatgttga ttcgctttgg agtttgggtt cgagtaaaac acggtcactt     97980
     tgtttgtctg acgatcaatc ctagagtttt gtatgtgaac actgacgatg cttcccaaga     98040
     atgcgatcgg ttctagttta aagctaatct caaccaacga gttcacagca tggattgatt     98100
     ttatgtgcat taagtcattt ggcagttgga taatcaaaat ggcctttcca cgcttggcaa     98160
     gtctgttttt aggaggttca ggttttatgg agatattgcc tcatgtctgc cttttaggga     98220
     taacggaatt tgttcatttt tgcccaggga ggctgtctgc tgttgctgat ttacttaaag     98280
     aagcaaggac aattttggga ataggctcat tttacaactt ccctggagtt aaacagttga     98340
     gttctactat ttttgagttc attcatccaa tctttgggtc aggccggagc acttttagct     98400
     tagcttagca taaatctgga gttatattgt gtaataagac caacaaaaaa atgttaagtt     98460
     gatcattaca cgggaatgag agtgtagttc ctagccatat ccacttagaa aatagctaat     98520
     tatcatttcc ccttggtctc agtacacaat ataactacag aagctttagg ttgttttcac     98580
     atgaagtcat tgaagatatg tctgccattc atttctacct tcatgccctc catctgaatt     98640
     tcgcacatca ccagaaccac gtcattgaaa acaacctcta ggaaattgat ccaaagatgt     98700
     ttttttattt agcaagatgc taatagtcta atccaggggt gcccaaacac ggtccaggag     98760
     ctccagtgtc ctgcagattt tagctccaac ttacctcaac acacatggac ggatgtttct     98820
     agaaagccta gtttgactag ctatgtctgg ttgggtcgaa acttaacttt gcagtacacc     98880
     agccctcaag caccgaattt gggcaccctt ggtctaatcc aattcaatga tttatgctaa     98940
     gctaaaatgg taaaacggtt taactccaag ggggttgtaa agtgagcctg tttccaaaaa     99000
     atgtttaata aactttaata ataggagacg tataacctct ccagggtcag caaatggtcg     99060
     caggcattta caagcatttg ggttatcata aagagtttcc tcttgttgct cttgacattg     99120
     ttcctcatgt tacagcattt attgagtcta ctgggaggaa gtcaaacaaa cagatgatgg     99180
     tcagtttaca actgccaaca gacaaaacat ttaccagtaa ctgagcgcat tcagaagggg     99240
     gttcgggaga tgatggcctt tccatagaac tattccaaat ttaacaacac ttgggtctaa     99300
     ttttgtgcaa aaacaatctg gcaacaaagg ccttgaagag gctacgtgtt gtctaaacag     99360
     ccacttgaac agtcgctgaa ttagcaccta cccccttgag tgtctaaaca agcataagga     99420
     ctcttggctc cagagtaaat cattacggtt acataagcga gtgtgtcttc tctgtgtggc     99480
     tcctacatga ttggggttat gtaacatctg acaaagacta acacagattt aatcttgtaa     99540
     taaaaacctt ataggtaaaa cgttctcatg ttgttataag taatgatgga tcgacacaaa     99600
     ctttgggtgt aatctttggt ttagattagc cttcatccac attgggaatt gcagttgcag     99660
     tggagatgac aaagggtcat ctgatcatgc atgaaaaact gaaaatgagg attattaaag     99720
     gattacttta aaaccaaaat taaaataaat cacattatgt catactgttc caattctgtt     99780
     agactttcat ttgtcattag ctatgtttta cttccaaaca tacgaattag gccctatttg     99840
     cactaatacg ttttagtttt agttttcaaa cggcatttag gatgaaaacg atccacgtcc     99900
     acactgacgt ttcatccagc ttttctgaaa agatctccgt ctacaatata cctctgaaaa     99960
     cgcacatcac atgagcacat acacactctc gtatacactg cagcatatgc gcacgtctga    100020
     gctccaggca gtcagtgggt gctttgagca cacctcctca ggtgagagca gcacacatca    100080
     gactgttcat caaggatcta ccgctggatg acatctcact aaagttatta aacctgatat    100140
     ttaattaacc ttgtgtttat ctaatgactc tttggtcttt taaatctatt gttctcatgt    100200
     aatgtgtttg gctgagctca aagataagtt aatatattaa attatgtaac cacatacact    100260
     gattcctcac atttgactga ctgctatatt gtataaactt attgtacatt atagtcatat    100320
     ataatggcca ttattgatta tttaaaatta tattcagaga aagagacagg gtatgtttca    100380
     tattttcaat gaaaatgaaa ggaggcggta atgttatagc ctctgttttg tcaagaccaa    100440
     cttgtcaatc actttagaaa accagcacga tctgacatag cattattcag aggatattca    100500
     tgtgtagaat ggccataatt aaggttggtg ttgtgatctc tttactttca agagctcatt    100560
     agattgggta acctgaatat tttgtgtgat tttgaatgtt tcgaaactaa acttatgaga    100620
     tggttattgt tttttttttt gtattgctaa ttccaaacat gtaatttaat cgtaagctag    100680
     gctaacagtt ttggagaatt tgatgttttc tcattcagac agaatgcgtg agcatactgc    100740
     ccaagaggtg tttcaaaaat ggccacttga aatgacttgc cttaaaggga ctttaggcat    100800
     ggttcaaaaa actattgtat ttactataaa ttactttact atttcttcaa gtggcatcaa    100860
     taatccttcc atgaacatgc tccatttgga agggttcttg cctatgccct aatacctttg    100920
     aaacagtgac tctgaagcgt aatctaataa taattggagc aaagagatga gaccttccaa    100980
     atgaaatgca ctgtttgtca ctttttgaac tgtaacaatc tctctcttct gctaatacag    101040
     atcaacaatt ttaatgacat cactctgcac ttcactttct catcaaatat tctgtccaat    101100
     ccaaagctgt gtctcttttc aaaggctgca tcctgcgaag gatgcagacg tcaaagatga    101160
     gtcattgaag tccacacaag ccgaaccgag cattttgaaa tgagatgatc tagcccaggg    101220
     atgtccaaac tcgctcctgg agggccggtg tcctgcatag tttagctcca acttcctcca    101280
     acacacctgc ctggaagtct agtataccta gaaagagttt gataagctgg ttcaggtttg    101340
     ttcaattggg gctgaaacta atatatgcag gatactggcc ctccaggact gagtttggac    101400
     accactgatc tagcctacgg aggacagatc ttgtcacacg ggaaccatac aagctgccgt    101460
     taataaatgg taataaatgt tgtaatgact tttttaatga ttttaaaact tactttaagc    101520
     aatctgaagg caaagcaagg tttacagaag ctggaaatat atttcctttg atccagacat    101580
     gtatatataa aaatgtaaac tttatataaa atcactcttt agtaagacat gtgatactct    101640
     ttgtttttta acatgagttt agatatccaa gtaaaataaa ccttatttat acatttaatc    101700
     tggagttttc ttttaaaagc gccctgccgt tatcagcaag caatgaattt tgggaaattc    101760
     gagatcgcaa aggatcgaca gtttgtgttc ttcagcaact aggaagccaa gcaattttga    101820
     ggctgcactt gaataagcct tagaattatt ttgaaatgag acagtcttgg tcgcgccgcg    101880
     atgaagcagc ccccttcgaa tgcatgcttc agagcatgca gcctctaaaa tgaggctcaa    101940
     gtttctctag aaactgaaac gttcctccta ctacactaca gacagacgct agagctgaaa    102000
     tcagctagtt gttcacacaa tgaccacttt caatatgctg actggctctt agagccctac    102060
     acaaggaaac aattcagaca gtgtaaatat gctttccatt gagatgaatg aagtctggct    102120
     tcacattaga gtcacgtgaa ctatttgatg gtcatacaca atctgaaagc cagctgcaca    102180
     catttgcaga cactagcata aacaaaaggt ctccatatgt aggacgaaca gcacaaaagt    102240
     catcttatcg ttgactgcct tgtcttatct gtagtggagt taaagactga ctgacataca    102300
     gtaagttagc gtgcatttac ttggcacact ctgggacact ctgaatgggg tatgtagaaa    102360
     gaacatgact tcatccaccc agaggtgcta cagaaaacaa cacctagata cacaaaacca    102420
     gcagcttccg atctaaagct gggaactggt gtcaacttct cattagtgat atgaatacta    102480
     gccaaagatt aacatcccat ttattctcct tctcatttct tgtaaatgat attgttttca    102540
     aaaggctaca gaaatgaaaa aaccaacaac aatgacccaa tgtggatggc acacgtgttt    102600
     tgtatacacg tgcagatgac tctccagtac tttaccttca caatagttgg ggaagaaatt    102660
     taatcattta aaattaataa attgtaaaca atgttttaaa taatttcaaa gcctttttgc    102720
     caatggtaac atctctgatc tagaaatacc cagtcaatgg tgttaacctt caattgaaat    102780
     ttacttgtat agagcttttc ccaataatag tcattctgaa gcagctccgc taaaggcgca    102840
     catcactaca ttacagtcat ataaatgtaa atacatttaa atacattaaa gtatataaat    102900
     gtgatcagat taaatcagag tttgccattt gttagaaaat catttaacac tgttccgttt    102960
     ttttgaatgc cgattggaca tgctcagtcc agcttgatct cacgagaaaa cgtaagtgtt    103020
     ttacgttttg ccagtttagt ggctaattgt agtcgtatga aattgtacga ttttaaaaaa    103080
     caagcgtggc acctaacccc acccctaaac caaaccatca ttgggtgatg agcaaatcgc    103140
     actaaattgt acgaattaga ttgtaagaat tcatacgaat tagccactaa attaaaaagt    103200
     tacgaattgc cgtgagatta cgttggttca gccaggtgaa aacacaacac aatgatccaa    103260
     caaacttgga cacacttgct tattggggtt tatctgtgtg gtgtaaattt gtctttaggg    103320
     ttagtgaagg atattgaatc tgtacacatc atacacaaaa cttctgtatt tactcctgat    103380
     ttcactcaac gcaaggagag tcagtcagtc agtcagtcag cgaatgggaa aggaaggtaa    103440
     tgttacattt ctgaaaaagt actaatgtgt tactttatta gttacttgat gattaggtaa    103500
     ctcatcacat aggctaggtt gttttccccc aacactgatc tttaaggtgt aacaaatgat    103560
     tcaaatttcc tcaaaaggct tttcatccat gcggagaaat gcatgttagg aaatgataat    103620
     gaggtccatc ttaatggcaa aaatgttgaa actgatggca cgctgtggat agaaacctga    103680
     ctcaaagctc actttagtga tgaaaacaaa ttaaacttat tatgggccaa tgggaaacac    103740
     tatttatgat ggagaagaga ctaaacccaa aatgtgcaga aaatttacta tgtactttta    103800
     ctatatcata ttgtttaaat aataattatt tattttaaat gaacacccca tttttcaatt    103860
     tattttatat tatttttgaa gtacgctcaa tgttcaatga gttaaaaggg ttttattact    103920
     gttgaatcca tttagccagt cttcaggtct ggcgggagca cttttagctt agcttagcat    103980
     agaccattaa atcagattag accattagca tcttgctcat gaaaaatcac aaaaaatgtt    104040
     ttgataattt tcctattttc agtgagactc ttctgaagtt actagtgttg tcatgatgct    104100
     gaattttggt accaataggt aatgaagttt taaaaatgtc tatttcccgc taacattaaa    104160
     tcacttgaaa tgagaaatga ctgcaataag tggtgaaagt cttcgaagtc actgatgttt    104220
     acatgataaa cacagataca gggacactgg actgtttcca agccgcgaag atgagtcaat    104280
     tcatcagcag atcatcagca gttaagtgtt tttaaaattt caagtatttt aatgaccaca    104340
     gagagtcaga acttcagttt aatctcattc gaaagacgat gcttactgac agtatagtgt    104400
     ccagtgtact ggggcattag gacttgcaca gactgcaggt tggcctcact aacaccactt    104460
     ccaacagcaa tctagtttgc ccatgaggtc taccatccag gtactgacca ggctcagccc    104520
     tgcttagctt cagtgagtaa ccactcttgg gctgcagggt gatatggctg tgacatttaa    104580
     atgtgtataa attacaataa tgtttttaaa atgtacaaca ggtctcacac gttagcgaac    104640
     caaatgcacc acaatctgtc aatcactcca ccaacattat ccaagaccaa aagatgatcc    104700
     aaagaagatc ggcgactcca atcaaatcta gattcctatc attcgcatga tattcataca    104760
     tgatctgttc ctgaatttca cttgttgtac aaattgagat ttatttaccg gccacaatta    104820
     aacaacaaat tttacatctt atgcaagcgg atctattcct gacaggagtt acggccaaac    104880
     cgtgagtcag tttgtcacga cagttccagg gaatctccca tttttcactt ctctctcagc    104940
     atgtgtgatt accacatatt acactgtcat caggatagat cgctttcatt tctgtgctaa    105000
     agtcttgtat aaaattgcat ttagcagatt cttcattatg ctgatctgtc aagctttata    105060
     tacacacgaa cacacaagat agatttctct ctaacttact ttcctaagtt taactcttta    105120
     cttgttttga tcctgtgttg tagaaactac ctttctttat gtgatactta ctgttattat    105180
     cattatgcat tgtcgtcatt gtcaggacca cacctactgt actcccatct taagacaatt    105240
     acataacaat gaacagtaca gcccaggctt acagtatatg tgtgtgcata tgctgccaat    105300
     acaccaactt gcataaagac tgaagcacat aatgatggtg ttgttgatac aagattagga    105360
     aaatatatga agatgaaaat cagtttgtcg actttatttt gtaggtgtga tgttttggaa    105420
     ccatttttaa tacactaaaa gtgtaacatt tgccattgaa agtaattcca ttgacagtga    105480
     tagcaacaat atttgtgtat tgattaaatt tgttgttgtg gttgtatgaa atagtaaaat    105540
     aattgaatat ttatctctac ttatagctat acatttacac agcaaataat aatagtttta    105600
     ataattatgg aaaaatatgt gtttaaaata tgaaagatgc attgactact gttatttgaa    105660
     gtaatactca ttatataatg gaatcctata accaataaat aaacagtgca caagaatatg    105720
     atgcacaagt tatgcattta ttgtattatt gataaaagtt gatggcaaca cgatggctca    105780
     gtggttagca ttgtggcctt acagaaaaaa aaggttgctg gttcgagtcc tggctgggtc    105840
     agttgctgtt tctttgtgga gtttgcattt tctcccatgt ttgtgtgggt atcctccggg    105900
     tgctccggtt tcccccacaa gtacaaagac attagctata ggtgaattga acgaactaaa    105960
     ttggatgtag tgtatgtgtc tgaatgagtg tgtatgggta tttcccagta ctgggttgca    106020
     gctggaagga catgtgtaaa atatatactg gataagttgg tggttcattc tgccgtggta    106080
     acccctgatg aataaaggta ctaagccaaa ggaaaatgaa tgaatgatta aagttgagaa    106140
     aacatttacg gtagacatat tcagttgtat tgcttcttaa gttgattcat ccagtggctg    106200
     agagattaac gtgcagcaga aaactcgcgt aattacaaaa aacaccagca aattaagaaa    106260
     agatcttcat cggtttgaca gcatacatgc tacaaatctt cacaacgcag acacataaaa    106320
     aaaacatgct gcattttctc acaatgcaaa caaattaata aaatgtgctg cattttctca    106380
     caacacaaac aagttaggaa aacacactgc atttactcac aatacatgca aaaagaaagg    106440
     tacgtttttt tgtttgttta ttttaatatc ctgattccct tgtccttttt attttattag    106500
     cctaaataac cataacctag ccaggtctgt cacgttttaa aaatgcatat agctctcgtt    106560
     aaactctctt ggccaccgta cattcaatca tatacaataa ttgatcatat acgagtggtt    106620
     aaatacactg tgtgtttatt tttattttgt ttacaataat agtcttacaa gtcttacaga    106680
     ttacactgaa aggaaacatc ccagtggttg ggatttgtat ccattatgga aatgaaagtc    106740
     aagtttcact acaggattga ttgaagctga cagaaataga aacttacaag attttgaaaa    106800
     cagaaacgat actgtcttca ttaaaaaaaa tcttgctgcc ttcatttttt ttagttgaat    106860
     caaataaatt tttttagtca tctcaactta caacaataaa actgacaaaa aaagtgaagt    106920
     tcaactttct ataacaatta gtttcttgaa acttggttaa catattaaaa tgagttaaag    106980
     caacatcaaa ttatttgttg tcttgacttt gtcattacat tttttagtgt ttctcatttt    107040
     ttagtttcat tttcagcaag ttcacttgtt tcgaaaaaag gataatgctt cctataatcc    107100
     gtttcccctt ttcatgccaa aactcggaca caaaacaagc caacattaaa ccttaatctc    107160
     tctgcttaaa taaatgctgt gtcagataac agcaaataaa acaacaatgc tggtgcaatt    107220
     catcatttca gccgttcctt ctctttccat tgcacaaaat cagctcgaaa gtgtgtaaat    107280
     ttagtagcat gacatcactt tgtacatgac taaggactct aatttagtaa taaatccatc    107340
     aacccgcact tttgcatgaa acgcaatgtc ccttggcatc agtcgagaga attatcttta    107400
     ttacaaaagc aacgtgagcc tgctgtactt ttcatttcct tcttgaatac ctgatggctt    107460
     agagaaattt aaagatgcag ctttggtttt gggcttgacc ttcggcccgc gctgtgttct    107520
     catccacagt tagttatagt cctgaggata aaccctaaac ccttgtgtcc gtatgggaat    107580
     gctgaatgtt ccatctggaa aaacaaaaac ctgcacgtag ccctcgtctc atcctcgaag    107640
     ctacctttgt cttatgtaac atattgcata gattttgatt gcgtctgctg gtgattgtgc    107700
     agagtttgcg tctgtttgta tgagcagagc tttatctgtt ggtgggtctg cgtcgagtaa    107760
     taaacaaaaa cacatttatt ggagaaaaac aaggtgttgt tggccttcat ttttaaaatg    107820
     cgggtttaat attaaacttt caactctcca tttgtttaaa ttcagtaggc ttcacagatt    107880
     tataacattt aatacttgat ttaattggct tagaaacact tatggttcat acgatgcttt    107940
     cattggagat agacatcaca aatattgatt tatacgtcag ttgttggttt ttaaactgtc    108000
     tgctgattcc tctcgctcaa taaattggtc tgagacacaa acacaagtga ttatttttgg    108060
     tcatgttcaa ctttaaaatg aactaagaac tatgtttcat gtgtttaagg tcagttcagt    108120
     tacagctaca ggttgttgtg acaaaaaaac aaaactaaaa atgttaagta tatggaatat    108180
     atctaccaaa tatcaataaa tgtctcatgg tgcacattgt atgggtcaaa aagataaaaa    108240
     aatctttaaa aagatcaggt tctatgaata tatttaatac attgcattga acatctacac    108300
     atggacatca tctatatact atacatctgc tggttatcta tgtttatata taataacttg    108360
     aacagttaaa aattaaaact atttgtagct aataaagtta tggtaactaa taccaataac    108420
     ctttcctaat ttgattgtaa tgcagtagtg tgcactttat tcaattcaat tcaatttaca    108480
     gcacctttga aagaataatc attgtgaaaa gcgctctaaa aatacacttg aattgaattg    108540
     tatctttttt ttaaataatt ttcttataat tgatacattt tcaagagttc acactaagct    108600
     aatgcttgat actaattgca ggtttaggcc tgagattgaa atgcttgagc ccagggctcc    108660
     ctcctggtta gttagtatag aagagggtcc aagctctggt gggtctcgag agctcctcta    108720
     gtatagaaag gaaagagaag gagatggggt ggatgggggt attctttaaa aacaaagatg    108780
     agagggccaa agaaaacggg ttatttatgt aagcttgaaa ttgtctggtt gatcatatga    108840
     ttgtttgatg agagaccatc tggtcaatcg tagtgtgtca tcctcttcaa atttctttat    108900
     aaaacttcac aaaatgtaat ttttgattag cttttttttt ttttcgatta atgtttattt    108960
     atattgcact tttacaaagt agattgtgtc aaagcggttt aacagaagtt gtagtaaatt    109020
     gaaactgtgt aagtccagtt ttcagacttg aagttctgct aagagcataa ttagcctaat    109080
     gaagatcaag cattaaatta agcatcattt ttaaacctta caaaacgatt ctctcattaa    109140
     tttattgatt tgattattta attgatttga atcctcagat tccagatgtc caaatattta    109200
     tttcattata gatttattcc acaggtaaag tataaatctc tatttttttt ttaaattggc    109260
     acttatgatt gatcttgtgg tccagtgtca caaataagcc tacagtacat tatattcatt    109320
     taataatata gaggaactgt tctgcattaa gtaaaaacaa ttggaatgag aataaatcag    109380
     aaacatttgt aaacattcat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatccggggt    109440
     tgccacagcg gaatgaccgc caacttatcc agcaagtttt ttatgcagcg gatgcccttc    109500
     cagccgcaac ccatctctgg gaaacatcca cacacacatt cacacactca tacactacgg    109560
     acaatttagc ctactcaatt cacctgtacc gcatgtcttt ggactgtggg ggaaaccgga    109620
     gcacccggag gaaacccacg cgaaggcagg gagaacatgc aaactccaca cagaaacacc    109680
     aactgagccg aggttcgaac cagcgactca gcgaccttct gtgagaggcg tcagcactac    109740
     ctactgcacc tctgccttgc cccatttgta aagatttcat actaaatatt ctatactaat    109800
     attcaatact aatatataaa tgtgttattt cccatcatac ttcagttttc agtaacacta    109860
     ttttaatgta taattcccgc tattagcaag ccattaacta aggctattag ttcaaagtac    109920
     taagtttctg cataatacca taccgatacc aaaacccagc taccttacta gtagagatga    109980
     gagatgtaga ataagatcca atgagatcag aaacatttgt gaacattgca tactaaatat    110040
     tcacatcgat tgcaaccttt catgacacat ttatttcttc ctatgatgag atgatgtaca    110100
     aatctagtac ttcaattttc agtaacacta tgttaatgta aaatacacac ctttaacaaa    110160
     ctattaacca aggttataac ttcaaagtac taatgaactg cataataaaa gtaaggtagt    110220
     agttgggttt tggtatcagg tgtaggatta gaggtgtaga acaagatcaa tggcggccgc    110280
     tggggcgacc cctaataaat cagggactaa gccaaaggaa catgaacaaa caagatcata    110340
     ttttataagt gctaaaaata attagtatat taaaggaagg tagtaagtag ttaacagtgg    110400
     gagttgtgcc aactaaagtg ttatccaatg ttgcatgata ttttatggat atctcattta    110460
     ctcccatcaa taatattgat taaaattgag tatgttgtga tttatttttc tcagctctat    110520
     aaaataagtt aaagttctca catgtatatc tctctgtata gtagtgtcag tgtcatggtt    110580
     atataagagc agaaggaggg ctgatagaat cacctcatga acagacattc tgctcctcct    110640
     aaaaggaaaa aaatccaccc taaaacagac caaaatgatt caactgaaac taccatcatc    110700
     accagaccac ccatttctca aacaccagac accaaaaata gccctcaaca gtgtgttttc    110760
     ctgaaactcc aagataaaaa gtcagattta gactagtagt gattgaggct gtaattgtgt    110820
     gtgaggagca ggactgaggg acgggtggag ccggacagag tcgactgaac acagtccaaa    110880
     tcaaacacac aaatcgctgg gggtctgttt tccctgtgag agagtcatcg gggcttcctg    110940
     tttaaacaga ttttgagctt cagacagtga tgaagacccg gcactattgt tttccactga    111000
     cctcagcgtc caccgactcc aatctgtctc ttctcaagac ccagagggct cacaaaatac    111060
     agaaaaatga agagaaagtc agttttgcac aagtcaggga tttttttttt ccaactacct    111120
     agatatcagc ctctggttaa atgttgcaaa atctcacttg aaaacataag atgagtgatc    111180
     ttttttagaa tacactgcaa aaaatattgg taaattagca gatttacata ttttgtgatt    111240
     tattgtttat attttaatgg ttatttatga tttggaattg cattatatga ccttgatctt    111300
     tcttccaaca acttttaact ttaaaaagct caaaaaacgg acttttatta acatttctaa    111360
     tagttaaaag tgatgttttg tctgcactgg tgttgtatat tactgtacaa aaaccttgta    111420
     ataggctgcc agtacttttt ctgctatttt atagacttat ttctctacat attatttctt    111480
     atacatatta tcatactact aaactactaa aatatcaaca aaagtcactt tgttaaactg    111540
     tacacggtaa acaattttct gtagaagcta cagtaactta caggcagaag tttgctagta    111600
     acttactgta aatcaattac agcagcagta ctgtatttac acttacagca ccatttatct    111660
     tgctgtatat gcatttgcag tattgtgtat ctttcctgta aaatacagcg attttctcaa    111720
     tgtaacttta aaatacagta acatgtcacg tcaatgtcct acagtaaagt tcagttcata    111780
     acacagttaa atactgcata acttacaaaa attgttaaca gtgtaaagtt gaattttaca    111840
     acatcaaatg ttgacagagc agaggaaaag gccccataat gcaattcagg ggcgattcgc    111900
     aacttaaaat aaatggaaag cacaaaaaaa aagagtcaca aaatacagaa actgtttatt    111960
     aacagatgtt tttttttttt ttactgtgta tgctccaaaa ctaaaccaga gcttctccta    112020
     cactacgcat cttaaaggaa atatcaaaca tatcttttct cttttgctta tgcaaacttt    112080
     aggctttatt tttgtacaga tccttttgga tattagttta actcatttgg atcaattatt    112140
     gtctttctcc ttactgatta ttgtcaacat tcatgttgtt ttaagatacg tactgcaaat    112200
     aaagttggac ttgagtctgt tttttcttta aagtcagctg tgaggatcta aaagtgttac    112260
     acaagaggcc ttttccaggc cagcactctc aatctccctc actgaaaaca tcaaagagag    112320
     aaaaatcagt cctgaagctc aaatgatgtg ttcccgaccc gaccacagca caaacacaga    112380
     caagactgaa caaatctctg tcatgtcagc aggtgctcat ctctctctct ctctctcttt    112440
     ctttcaatgg aacatggaca tttccatctt ctctttatct aacatctcat gttttacctc    112500
     caccctaaca acagatgttt ctaaacatgt tgagtatctc cctctagtct tttggattat    112560
     acttaaacta tttaatttaa ataaatctaa attgaaattt agaactttaa cataaaactt    112620
     caggagtcaa attttacaga gcagcactgg cttaaagcga tagttcaccc taaagaaaaa    112680
     atgtataaca tttactcatc ccaaaagcat tatgtttcat tgttctgatg aacaaaaaat    112740
     aagacgatat tctctgaaga atgttgaaaa gcttggccac tcacatcaat agtaagaaaa    112800
     acaagtacta tggaagtcac tggtagttac tcgtttctaa atatgttctt ctctcaatag    112860
     agaaagaaac tcaaagaggt ttgaaacaag tgaagggtaa gtattttcat ttttagatta    112920
     attaattaaa acttgaaact ttaagtttta aaattcagca ctagtttgat caatctgtct    112980
     tattttgcaa tgcggagaaa agctctaatc tgctgtttta gacgtctgat taatttgcag    113040
     atatattaga tacaattata ttgaataaat ggaataattt aaacagccaa acagctccac    113100
     aagccagtgt gtttatgaca agacattaaa ataatgtgat aaaaaaaaaa atcacagttt    113160
     gtaacataag cttttttgta gggctaaaac gaatggaatt gaatgatatc ggaagtcttg    113220
     acatttaaat tacaatggct gtatcctttc tatccttttg tttgaccaat gaaaaatata    113280
     ttagttttaa atgttctcat ttagtgaaaa tatctttggt gttattggtt attggttatt    113340
     ggtgttagtt ttgttgcctt aattctagat gtctaatgac ataattaatc aaaagtagaa    113400
     cttcctacat tatgacacaa ctttctcaat cagaacaagc caaagccaag ccaatctgaa    113460
     aacctcttct agatttaaaa atcaactcta tgcatttata aactaaacaa agagacaaag    113520
     cgggggtctg aatctcttgg aggccactag cccaacagca tttttgtcag ttgtcaggtg    113580
     accagccaca acaaatacaa gtgtttgatt accacaactt ataaacagtg attgttattc    113640
     atgcatctat agttattcat gcacgaataa tccttttcaa atttcaggct ccttttcctc    113700
     attcctagca tactgcatta agtggattaa tgacacctga gattttgttc cttgagaaca    113760
     gcgatttagt taacaagacc tgtgtccaaa cattacttct catcccctat gtagtgcaat    113820
     atgttgaatg ttctctagtg aacgagtgaa ctttcagcat ttgccccatg gggacagcca    113880
     caatgtaaaa agtgattagt acttaaaagt aaaataaacc tgttgcaact tgttgtaaaa    113940
     tttgtatgca ccaagtgtac gtaattttat gggaatgggt caacttattg ctttaaaggg    114000
     gacctatcat gtcccttttt agaagatata aaataagttt gttatcccta gagcttgtat    114060
     gtgaagtatc agtttattac aaataatgtt ctctaagctt atttttaggc tttgatggat    114120
     gctgtgctgt tttggtgact gttgctttaa attcaaatga gattgtgctc ccagccctct    114180
     tttcaaaaga gggtggagct acagatgcct gtgtgtcagc atagttgctg ctagggctgt    114240
     ctatgctaat gaaggaaagc cgcctttcca ctgcacatga catttggaca cgactgtcgg    114300
     aatacattcc attgtggcag tcgcacagaa ttttcagtgt tgtcgtgtac catgggagag    114360
     aagctgattc ttggggtgtc gtccgaaatg aactgcaaaa acagcctttt ttctctgtgc    114420
     attcaccatg gttaaatgaa tgaatgagta actcataaac tgcaaaatat tttggagggg    114480
     atgtggagac atcattaaaa aaataatatt tgtatcactc atttataaat ataaatgttt    114540
     tttttttaat atagactttg tctgattcca aaactaacaa actaaactag tatttctcat    114600
     ctagcgcgca caaacctgtt tggacaacac tgggatacat cacatccggt tggcaggtcg    114660
     catacggtct agtcgcagga gtttcaatga atccgcagct ctaattgaat ctgaattgtt    114720
     ccacatacgg agattatagg aactctatgg agctcccggg ctactctcca ttggaaatga    114780
     atgacttccg gtcatgtgca gtggaaaggc ttgtcatgtg cagtagaaag gcggctttat    114840
     agtcagggtt tttcccctct gatgacatgc acaaagagag aacgtcaatc aaagtgttcc    114900
     tgcagactgt ttttatgaag tgtgaatatt taaaaaaaat atatattaat catttgttcc    114960
     ccattaaagg ctggacaatt tcacagactg tttctccaca actgtttaaa cacataagag    115020
     tgattttttt tcataatagg tccccttaaa aacaacaggc ttactcactt tttaaagtaa    115080
     agtagttatt tgcatcaaaa gcaacatgtt tactcactaa gtaagccaac taatcgcatt    115140
     aaaaagcaac tggttaacac actttttaaa taaattcaac taatcgcatt aaaagcagtg    115200
     ggttcactca ctttttaaaa gctaagtcaa caaatcgcaa caaaagcaac aggtttactc    115260
     acttttcaaa agtaaactca actaatcact tagctgaatc acttagcaga gtgacagcac    115320
     tgttatttcc acaaatcaaa ggtgtagtgt ttaaagtatg ccatctgatt tgttatctac    115380
     ggttctatga tacgaatcca gcacaactcc tgtgagagaa acaggattct gtcagttgtc    115440
     agtgtggtga aagtgagggt tgtgtgtgtt tacggcagtg gtcagtgtgc cgaactgcac    115500
     agtcatctgt tatgagctga ttcggccgac agcacaaaac tcccatagtg ctttgctgag    115560
     aaggcagatt agattcctaa ttctccagtc cctgaatcag tgactacaac agagctgcaa    115620
     gaccggtcaa agagcacaga gacgctcaaa gcaaactgat agagacagaa cttatcaggt    115680
     tatcaagcag gacagacagt ggagcgctga gaggttaaaa gagtacagat cagtaattaa    115740
     atgttcacaa ggattcaaac taagaacgaa aatacgccaa ttaatgctaa tcactcacaa    115800
     cttaattttt ttattgaatt ggccttctct tcaatcatgt tgacaaattg tgtcgacaca    115860
     atttctctgc gacaaaatca gctctagtag ttttattaac ctttgtatac ccaaagttag    115920
     cacttcattt ggtcgctact cttttcagtt ttatgcttgg aataatctac agcagatttt    115980
     aaagctcaac actcttattc cactatcatc ttttaaaaat tcaatccagt taatagtaca    116040
     agatcgctgt gcttgttttt agtttttcct tggatttata tgtttttatc tgcctttttg    116100
     taattgttat tgtattgtgt ccctgctgct ttgtatctgc tttttatgtt gcttcttggc    116160
     caggtcatca ttgtaagggc cttctcacac tatgctatcc aaaccgtgcc caggactgtt    116220
     tcccagattg tttgagaagt gtgagtgctc tgaatcgggc tcaggcacgg ttcacttggc    116280
     cggccctggc ccagttggaa gaggtgttac agtttgtctg gtagctcgac atgtatgtcg    116340
     gcggacttga aacacaacat ggagttaacc gccacaacag gattagagtc tggcaaagaa    116400
     caaaacaaaa gctaaaaaac aaattaaaca agtaaataac ggtggaaatg tgataaaacc    116460
     tgaaagcatg gtaaaaatca ggcttttctt tttctggatt gcgttttaaa acactgtggt    116520
     tgggtttagg gaaggggtgg gtgagtcaat cggtgctttt taaaacacta ttggtggggt    116580
     ttagggaagg gggagggtgg gaggattggt cggttggtca gtcagttaat cagtcagtcg    116640
     acagtggcct caagtggatt cacgtgagaa cagcaggcgc gaatggcact cgcgagagaa    116700
     attaatggca caaaatctac aatagcgaaa gacacctttt attaatgtga aagcttcaat    116760
     tccaaattcc aaatttatac tgatttgcat ccctgcaatt catttaaact accttgatgt    116820
     caaaacgaca acaaactgac atctgatatt gtcgtcaaaa acaatacgtt actttttttg    116880
     atgccactga tagatgtcaa tttcacgtca aaaatgcaaa tcgatctgat ttcaattaat    116940
     taccttgtgg tcaaaatgac atgtttttga caaatttttt gatgtagttt tgacataata    117000
     gcgcccgcta ggaagacatc ttattatcaa aaaatggtct aaaagtacta tgatcaatgc    117060
     gcatatatac tctttaaatt aaataatcta aaatggggtt ttcccagtca ctttttgttg    117120
     agtaaagacc atctcagaaa acctttcttg aaatgcagcg atttcatcaa tgttgaaagt    117180
     tgtaactagt aaagccaaca atggagcttt atatggagtg ttttgcatat agtgctgtga    117240
     tgcagggctt gcgtgtgaaa ggttcccctc tctggagctc tgccattgct ccaagcacaa    117300
     atctgcctta ctcacctgtt gagtcagcca gtcacatata atctccaatt tcacctcaca    117360
     ctgacaccag acaaaagaca aacaaagacc ggcacacaga aaaaagagac acggagagtg    117420
     agcgaatcac cacaaaagac agtgagagct ctgaaaaaca gtgcaaatct ggatatagtt    117480
     agcagattaa tcagagcata actcttgaat gctgttgcgt aacaccttca ccagcttcta    117540
     tttgcacacg tgcccaaacg tacaaactgt ttggctaaac acttgagcat ctgtccgcac    117600
     agtagcatac agcgaagagt aaaacacagc agaagcgcct gttatctaac cgctcctcag    117660
     tgctcctaca aaaacaatgt gctcccgctt taaaacaaca cgacagagac cttctcaaca    117720
     accttcagat gtgaacacag cagccaaaac agtctgcaga gcctctgttt tccatctgtg    117780
     ccgttctggg gaaaaacatg tttgttgacc tttagcacgt aggatcatgt gatgtgactt    117840
     ttgggcttta aaatgattta tataggggat attcataaag agagagatta gttatttaca    117900
     gaattatttt aagtagaaaa aaaaaagatt tacaccagtt tggcttagca tttacactat    117960
     gttcatgtat ttttttgaga cagaacttac ctaacattca aaacaatggt atgtgcatga    118020
     tacatgcgct atttgaaaac taccagaggt tatgaaattt gtaaaggagt caatgaattc    118080
     acacgcaaat aaagatctgt tgcaagagga tgtgtttctg atgcctgtac ccagcaggca    118140
     cacaatgtca agacgttaat attaggttag atttaggtcg tctagccagc gtctaaggac    118200
     aacgttattt tggcatccaa ttgaattagg tatgctaaaa ttgtctgtag tataagtgtg    118260
     tgaacgagtg taaatgggtg tttcccagtg ataggttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgt    118320
     gtaaaacata tgctggataa actagcggtt cattccactg tcgtgacccc agattttgat    118380
     atgtttttat ttgtacaatt tgattgaata catgtcagat taaataggtt gtatgatttt    118440
     ttcaggaaga ctttggtcat ttaaagtcat cttaagtcat ctttatttct atagcgcttt    118500
     tttacaatat agattgtgtc aaaggagctt aagatacatg aagaaaacaa agcaaaaagc    118560
     caataaaatc ctttaagatt ttttgattat gatcagattt tggaacattc cagcatatgt    118620
     atcaggcagc caggaagatt agtggtagaa cgtcactgga atgtcagtgg cacatggtga    118680
     ttattgtttc atggaacaca gaaacaagtt tattgatcca aactccgatt ttgaagttac    118740
     ttcttccccg aaactaatat atcaataaaa actctgatcc aggaaaacaa atctttttgg    118800
     agtgttcaag tgctttattt aaatgatatt atttacattg ttatgactga gttaatcatc    118860
     atatccacct acaaacctgc aatctggcaa acctgaagca atgttgcgta caactacatg    118920
     ttgttgagta caaagaatgt aatgcacttt ctttctttgt attttagcca aatatggtgc    118980
     aaagtgatca aacaatagta actgatgtga taaactactg tcaaacataa tcttggatgt    119040
     cattaaaaat ccagtcagtc agattatatt acgtaaaagg tgttagttac ataatgaaca    119100
     ttgcaattag taacaattta gattacgtaa tctgcaatca tttgtaattt ttgcaattta    119160
     aaagtaatct agccagcact gttggtgaac attcggtcct tttttgttgc atcatgttac    119220
     acagtgtacg tctttaatgc cttttttgtg ttcatatttc agctagtttg gaagtggaca    119280
     gagatccata atttcaatgc tctcgacaca cttgtttaat tcagactgct ggattgaagc    119340
     acttaatcaa ataaaccact ctaagcaatg atactagttc atttcaatca aaccaaacct    119400
     gccaagtgaa ccagtgttaa ttttaacagc acattttgat ttagttttag tcctagtctt    119460
     ttgactaaaa atccatttta attttagtca tattttagtc ttctgaatca ttttggtttt    119520
     agtcatattt tagtcttctg aatcatttta tataagattt tatacgattt tagtagactt    119580
     aaccttaaat tagatttatt tgacttaaat atatttggtt taatttaagt ctaatttaat    119640
     taaaatatta aaacttatcc taaaatatag aatatagctt ttccatggaa gaccaaaaat    119700
     tagatatgca ttgcttactt atatcataag taaattgtaa aattatgcat tggtgatcaa    119760
     tccacacatg taagaacagt agctgtttga aaatgcagga ttgatgcatt aaaatgcatt    119820
     aatttagcaa accatttatt ttaacgtgtt aaactactag tctttttagc cagtttattg    119880
     aacagtttca agccattaaa tctttaaggg gttaaaaaag tttaagtcta cattgcattg    119940
     tcaatctata ccacgcatta tttgttgtag ttggtgttac aagacatggt gctcagcaat    120000
     agcactgatt aaataagtag acacatcccg ggtctactgt ggaccagtta cttttcaata    120060
     tgtgcgtcat acatcacaca ctaagattac ttctgactgg atttttacca aaatacgtcc    120120
     ctcaatcaca ttctcatctc gtttttatta gtcaacgaaa atgtcagtat atttttattt    120180
     tagttgtcgt catcacttta tttcgttttc gtcggtagaa acttgatgac gaaaaatttt    120240
     catcaacgaa attaacactg aagtgaacac aaccctaagc tgcagtcaaa ccgaagtctg    120300
     gacacaaatt tctcttgaaa aaaatttgtc atgttttgta tcaatgatta attatgtacc    120360
     aaagtgttac tttgcatgac tgtattgctc aaaatgaaga attaatagca tgttaaacaa    120420
     tgtaaaaaaa aaacaataat ttttataaac aatgcaaaca tttgtaaaat caatagtttt    120480
     ttccatagtg taaaaaaaaa acatatcaat aatgtaatgc agagatgccc aaggtagggc    120540
     ccgcgggaca aagttggctt attgtaacct tcaatttggc caccatgcta tctaaaaaga    120600
     gactcagaat gatggagagg gttggggttt ttattgctga gctacaaaaa agcaaactga    120660
     aattaaatgt ttcaattaaa tgtgagtttt taaaatgata aataatgtca atcgacaaat    120720
     agaggaccat gcagaaaaca tcagtgagca aataaaggca aaaactagcg tctccattcg    120780
     cttagaaatg tttttgtttt tactgtaata aattcatttt aaaatgtaaa aaaaatatat    120840
     tatagtagtt aatatgtaaa agactgtttt atagttgttt ttaaatagta ttaaataaat    120900
     tagaaaattg ctcatggcag atatatttac cttcggccca ctagcctcaa gagtttggtt    120960
     tttggccctt tataaaaaaa attgggcacc actgatctaa tgaatgctat attttccgcg    121020
     gatgctgcag aggctctaat atgacatcac actctgttgc aatttttttg taaatcataa    121080
     tttaatatat aatttatttt aaaaagtaag aaaaataaaa taaaatcatg gaaaatatgc    121140
     aatctttaca gtaacatttt aaagatatag ttgcctttaa tagagtgtca tttgtagttt    121200
     tgattgtacc tttggtggcc ggtatcagag acaggcctat ttggattgac tccgcccacc    121260
     aaagcccata taggactata taatatacaa tgatacctgt ctattaactc tagtgatgca    121320
     ctagattatc acactaactg tacaaaaaaa ataaaaaata ctaacacttc ccttcttaga    121380
     ctttacagac ctgaaacttg cctttagtac ttattcattg ttgctcttag ttgtgtaaat    121440
     tgcttccttg tcctcatttg taagtcgctt tggataaaag cgtctgctaa atgactaaat    121500
     gtaaatgtaa atgtgatgca ttaagatgca tgataacttt tgacatgata attaaattcc    121560
     accttctgtc aaattttatc ttttgctctt tctcatcaca ccagcacaac agaaaacctt    121620
     tttttttttt ttttaagtgc tcaaaaaagg taaataaatg cataaattaa taagaaagtg    121680
     cttatggtta ggccatacgt actcttattt acactcaaca tggtattatt gcatactgtt    121740
     ttataattta gccttaatac ttttgctgaa agtctgttta aaacaacggc tcgaggaatt    121800
     tctgtctcca agcaataaaa agcaaagata attttttggc tacactgaaa tacggctatt    121860
     atacatttga ttacactata atattaaaac agtcacaaat ttgctgctgg ttttcctcca    121920
     acagtgtaaa cacactctca gctttgagtc ttcagcttat gtaagtttcc gccagctaat    121980
     tgagattctg tctctaatat agttatctag tatacaagag aggtgttttc tgtccatttt    122040
     atgatccata atgcgatgcc agacacaaac tgttattttt caaagtgtca aataggcaga    122100
     tatgaaagcg gcgatggagc cgtttctgtc atgacctcat tttgtagacc tggaaagctt    122160
     gttcgccatt ctggtatcga tttacgagtt taaaaagctt ttggttatta atacttgaag    122220
     agactgtcaa gtttctaaca agatgctata taaggactaa aacggtttta ctagtttaca    122280
     gatataaatg gtcattttct gctaattata ttccatatac ggtcttttta taaggacaaa    122340
     ctatactttt atttttagtc aagaacacaa aatagtagat ataaagttgt tcttgatagt    122400
     taaaaagtat tgtattagat ttgttttata tttatagctt ttttttttta cttaataatt    122460
     gataaaataa tagataacaa tttattatgt taaagctatt tataatttaa ttcaccaaaa    122520
     aaaaaaaatc aagtcccttt ttatattaag tggccttaac taatatgtac ttacacttaa    122580
     attgatcact tgttacagtg tacttatgtg taaatacatg cttttacatt gtacttatga    122640
     ttgattaaat acatgcatgt aattacatct gtaattattt tctgtaaata catctttaat    122700
     tccactgctg accatccctt acaccttctt aaaccaaccc aaacctccaa acctgttaat    122760
     aaccctaccc gtaatcccac cctcaagtcg tgttctgcaa tacaatatga acacagtaag    122820
     tacattgtat tcatttttga tgcaagtaca tacactacct gataaaagtc ttgtcatcga    122880
     taccagctgt aaaagcaaca aataataact tgacttctag ttgatcattt ggaaaagtgg    122940
     aaggtagatt tttcagatga atcatctgtt gaactgcttt ctaatcatta caaatactat    123000
     agaagacata ttggaactcg catgaagatt ctcatagaaa tcagtcaagt ttggtgaagg    123060
     aaaaatcatg gtttggggtt atatttagtg tgggggcata caagaaatct gcagagtgga    123120
     tgtgctgccc attacaatac aaaccacagg agagggcaaa ttcttcaaca gatagagctc    123180
     catctcatac ttcaacctct acatcaaagt cctgaaagta aaaaagatca aggcgctcca    123240
     gaattggcca gcctagtcac cacatatgaa aattattgag catgtctgag ctaagatgaa    123300
     gaaggacgca ttgaagatga atccaaagaa tcttgatgaa ctctgggagt cctgcaagaa    123360
     tgctttctct gccattccag atgactttat taagttattt cagtcactgc agagatgtat    123420
     ggatgcagtc cttcaagctc atgggagtca cacacaatat tcattctttt tccactgcat    123480
     catgacttta tattctatag tgtatattat tcctgttaag tgacaagact tttgtctaag    123540
     caaagtcaga ccttactgtc ctaattaaat aatttaaaat tacggcatga tcatatttaa    123600
     tttggataaa taagcgtaat ctagaggcct ttgcctttca tataagccac ttctgatacc    123660
     aaacaatcaa ctagaagtca agttattatt tgttcttcct aaaacttgga taggtgacaa    123720
     gacttttgtc cagtagtgta gtcgttaagg ccactttaaa taaagtggga ccaaaagatc    123780
     attcgatcgt gaacaagttt gtccttacat gcatgcatct ctcatatatg ggacacggtt    123840
     atataatgtc atcagttaca tcataacaca aatcccctca gacaagacat atacttaaac    123900
     tttcaacaca acggtggctt taatagaaat attcccacct gtaaggttaa ggggatgtaa    123960
     tttcatccga agggattttg gcctgtgtgc aaagagggct tcgctcccta ttccagagaa    124020
     tagagtcggg atgctgtgac ctgatttctc ggctctcagt ttcaaaagca attgctcaac    124080
     ttcaggcctg tttgtgcacc aaagtgaacc tctgtgtctc cacaatacaa catctgcata    124140
     atcgcaaaaa caggtttatt ctgtcaacag ggcatattga taggaatctc atcgcttccc    124200
     tcttgaaagg agccgaacaa aaatcataga tctctttcag agaaatacat catgaagtga    124260
     aaatacataa aggggaaaca tgagcgagtt acaaagaagt cgtagaaaaa gattatcttc    124320
     gcttgtggaa aggaatgaaa acaaataaat ctatgagaga gcagaaggaa gttcctgcga    124380
     acttaaaaac aacccattta tagtgctagc aaaaccaaaa tagcccttac tgtactgatt    124440
     acatctgaac agatatacca ctttacccct gtgtgtgtcc aaattgttgt ttagactaca    124500
     ggcaaatgaa atgctttatt ttacttggct aaaattagac aatacaggaa aaatggctgg    124560
     aggcaggggg gatcatttag tctatgcaaa ctaattagtc ttccagaagt ctgtttagtt    124620
     tattaaaaga ggaaagcagg gggaaagtgc accacagact gatgcatctt tataccaggt    124680
     gtaaacagag ccagtgatag aggttgcagg ttctaattct tgatttcaat tctgacatat    124740
     ttaactacct gggtgctcac tttataaaat aaaccaatct aatgtgttta tcactatgaa    124800
     agtgctttaa aaggacaagc tggaaatatt tcagcatgcg tgtttttaag ggataaagag    124860
     aaagttgacc ccaaaattaa aaactgcctc attatttatt ctccctcatg tggatttaaa    124920
     cctttatggg tgggtatgat tttgccaagc aagatgtgat cctagattta acatctatgt    124980
     tggccctgga acatcattaa tcctgactgt aaataattcc caaactcaaa tgggattatt    125040
     agttggataa caatgagttt aaagcgcata actctaattg taagccttag cttaatataa    125100
     actaaacgta tccctcaaat ctgatctggt taagaatatt gtggctgaag ctgtcaaact    125160
     gacgacaaca aagaaggacc gccactccaa atggaagcaa attgcattga ttctttcatt    125220
     gattgttctg attaattttc taccaaaaga ataacaatgt gcgctagcaa aataaacatt    125280
     ttaaattttg atttcacaaa attttgtctt gttaaacctt gagtaactct aaataaacca    125340
     tgtagatctg ccacagatag cacactccct ttgcttttgc tatgaagtaa acacacagaa    125400
     caatgtctca gtcttgtgct ttatcagagt ttcagactgt caagcttaaa caaatgcatg    125460
     cacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    125580
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacaataa gtctcccact    125640
     gtccttgatg agtccaacac tttgccctgt gctggtggtg tcaaaacaat aacagtgttg    125700
     ccatagagac caaaacaata acactggcct tcatgagtca ttagattttt ctaaacgtcc    125760
     ctgcattgta agacttcact gcaggtactg ataagatgat caacgtacgg caacaagata    125820
     ttcaaagact catccctagg atgccaggaa gcgtaaattc acaaaacatt ttatcttacc    125880
     attaagagtt gtcctaatag cagtaatagt tttaggttac gatttgtctc tattcactaa    125940
     actgctgaga ttaacttttt aattagagaa acatcttgaa ttaagagtaa ggtgcagggc    126000
     tgaccttgtt gctatgggtg atgccagcat gattactaca tacacaaacc attggctgat    126060
     atggaggaga tgagtttctg tcaagtattt attggtacac atttttgcaa tcatatgttg    126120
     tcatatttaa ataaaggttt caaagtaaaa aatgttgcca caatactatt tttcaaaatg    126180
     aaggctaatt gtataattgg aatataaaaa agttttataa tatagttttt attgctttta    126240
     aagttttaga cattaaatat tgtttctcag attcttagat tgattcttct aaagtagcaa    126300
     gtaatgtatt tttctgagaa aataattaag caaaaatata tgtaaatata ttaaactata    126360
     tatatataaa aattgtcaaa tttgtattta catattttca tacatacatt tagattttaa    126420
     tgtccatttt ttgtgtgtgt gtattttgaa ataaatgtaa aacataaatt agtctgtagt    126480
     gtggtcttgg ttctcttcac tactcctaac ttttcacaga tttaggagta aaggattaaa    126540
     accctttgtg aaataacctt gggaatgatc tgtttaagag tactaaattt agaactggct    126600
     tgcccaaatt tttaaaaaga ttttgctaac tacatttggc ctcaagataa tttctgaata    126660
     aagaaattta tttttggatt tcaacagaaa aaacatgtgt tcgcctcaac ttttaaaaac    126720
     agttgcataa taataatgaa aacccctaat aaatggacca acaaaagtag aagtaaagtg    126780
     aattaaattc actcaatcac aagccttaca ttgatttctg atactatttc ctttcccctc    126840
     caaaccctgg accaaattaa atagttaaaa atagttaaat taaaatagag aataaccaaa    126900
     ctcctggctt acatttctaa ttaaatattt tttttaaatg tgtccatact ttatcaaaat    126960
     acaatatttg ttttgagacg atacacagtt tgaatatatt ttgtaaaagg agccttattg    127020
     gaaaataaag gtatatttcc atcaaaatgt cttcacttcc acattacgca aaatttaggc    127080
     cagtttaacc ttaacaggtt ttgttttaac tttacagtta aagtaattca agttaaagtg    127140
     ataaaaaatt agttggtcaa tttctattac tgtttaaaat tggttaataa aaaaggtaat    127200
     aaagttgttt taaatttata atcattgcag taagaaaaac aaccattgag acgaaaataa    127260
     aacccctcaa gccaagtgtt tgtaagaccc atttgatttc taattaggca tttaaatgta    127320
     tatcctccca tattaacttc cacctacaaa cttgcattag cattcattat catttactgg    127380
     aaatctgtcc gaaagtgcaa aaggaaacct ttctactttg tttaccctcc aggaactggt    127440
     tgaacaagag acctgtttct ctagtacaaa gctgggtgtg taaaaacaca aaacattaac    127500
     aaaaacaaac catttttcat cttacaaccg cacaatctac tgcgtaccta acaactaaac    127560
     cgaaaggttt aacaaacaca aacaatcaat cagtgaaata cagataacaa tcatcattac    127620
     agcaaccgaa ggtggaataa ctaaccatag tttaacagat cagtctcaac aatctgccag    127680
     tcagccgcag atcactatca ttactgtcac aatggaggga tgagtaatct agattttaag    127740
     atgtaggcga tacggtgctc tgtgtttccc tttagcctaa gtcactgaca caaactgagg    127800
     tctgtttcca gctgctacag taacagctgg cgagtgtatt acagacacaa caagcctctc    127860
     agagcgaagc gcacaggaag cccttgatta aagcacttcc tgtctctctg cccgcagcat    127920
     gtgagcgtgt gttgtggcat ctgcggtgtt gcattttctt cgagtgtgag agcatagcgc    127980
     tagattgact tcctgatgga gtttattaaa gcaattcgaa accagttgcg caaaacactg    128040
     cagggctgta atatggagaa cagcacaaga gaacactgag agagtcaaat atcggctcca    128100
     atataacagg ctgacgatat tattggtgca tgagaactag gttgtatatt gttttggtgg    128160
     ttgccttgac attcgagtga ttacgagtag tttttttgtg taaggttgtg taaggttaca    128220
     tttagtagaa taaagacacc aatatatgaa gtaaaatcga agaaaattaa aacttatttg    128280
     aaatatgatt ggtccatggt gatgtaatag ctctgaggcc ttcttttcca agtgtgcacc    128340
     ttgatgtcaa aatgacttaa caaaaataaa caaaacacgt caatgcaaat tgatttgatg    128400
     tcaaaacctt gatgtctatt tgacatccac acattgatgc ccttttgtcc aacaaaataa    128460
     tgaagtcttg caatataaga acagttttgt tcatctggaa gcttccaaat gacatattta    128520
     ctgtattgtg tatgcctaga atgcatgtaa actaccggga tgtcaaaatg acatcagaat    128580
     gacataaaaa acatgtcaaa tatcaactat aggactgttt ttaatgtcaa agtcagatgt    128640
     caatctgatg tcatcaagtt tgtcaattga catcaaatca attagcattg ttgatgtcgt    128700
     tttggcatca ctctcagcac agcagtgtct ggatgtttgc taacagctgc ttgcaaacaa    128760
     caactacatg tgtgtatatt gaagctacaa gttggcataa gtaaaatgcc cacttaacat    128820
     gttgttaaca gacattaagg gactgctata attggtatgt agatgtaaaa ttacttgttt    128880
     aataaaatgt ctgatggggc ccattaaaat catcatgttt cgctgtatat ttatttgatc    128940
     caaaatgaag aaaaacaacc ggtacaaaat aaaataggtt aataatgctc agtcacgcta    129000
     acatcatggc aggttaaaag gacatgattg acatagaaaa acacctaaaa tatcaattat    129060
     aggactgttt tttgatgtca atgtctattt aatgtcatca aatgtgccaa ctgacatcag    129120
     atcaattagc attgttgatg tcgttttggc atcactctca gcacagcagt gtctggatgt    129180
     ttgctaacag ctgcttgcaa acaacaacta catgtgtgta tattgaagct acaagttggc    129240
     ataagtaaaa tgcccactta acatgttgtt aacagacatt aagggactgc tataattgat    129300
     atgtagatgt aaaattactt gtttaataaa atgtctgatg gggctcatta aaatcatcat    129360
     gtttcgctat atatttattt gatccaaaat gaagaaaaaa caaccggtac aaaataaaat    129420
     aggttaataa tgctcagtca cgctaacatc atggcaggtt aaaaggacat gattgacata    129480
     gaaaaatact tcaaatatca attataggac tgttttttga tgtcaatgtc tatttaatgt    129540
     aatcaaaact gacatcaaat caattaggat ttttgatgtc attttggcat cactctcagc    129600
     acagcagtgt ctggatgttt gctaacagct gcttggatat ttcacacttg ctgacaacaa    129660
     caacaacttg ctaagaacaa caacagctgt gggcatattg aagccataag ttggcatatg    129720
     taaaatgccc actcaacata ttgttaacag acattcagca ggcattaatt gactactata    129780
     gttacttgtt caggaaaata tctgacgggc accattacaa tcatcatgct tccctattta    129840
     atatttattt gactcataat aaattaaata caaatgaaaa aagtactaaa taaaataggt    129900
     taatcacttt tatagtcatg ctaacattat ggcaggttaa aatgagccgt gccagaaaac    129960
     acatctcaca ggttttatga cgtgagacgt cagtgaagtt actcatactg ataacaaaga    130020
     taaataaaat gtcactgtgc ataatgttac tatgagtgta caagaatagc aagtctgttc    130080
     tttgactact gtgtatttaa tcttaaagaa aaggaaaaaa ttgattaaga tttggtttta    130140
     ttggtttcat ttgggtatat ttaagctttt gttttttttc tggctgtgca caaatacact    130200
     gacttaaaac ctgctttctg tcatgttaac aaccacagct ttttatttca gatttgaaca    130260
     ccagccatgt tatttcctca aacaatatta taatttatta cacttttaac aaattgtcaa    130320
     tcaatcaacc aatcaatcaa tcatacatga aaaatattga agtaaatgaa aaagaaaaaa    130380
     aatgcactgt aaaagttgat ttcggtacac caagtgtact agaataccaa tctaagctct    130440
     aaatgtcaaa ttccctaact ttcacggact aaaaagctac agtacatccc catgacctat    130500
     tcactttatt tctcactatg agtcagtcaa acaatagggc agttttaaga tttggctcaa    130560
     tgtaataaca cagccgattt gataacaaga ggtcatggga aaccatttac ttactcttac    130620
     ttactcccag ggctgtttta tatcgaagtt gatatttaac cgcagcatgt tggtgtttcg    130680
     taacataatt tttacgaggt gggttgttag cctaatgatc aaccccaggg ctcccacctg    130740
     gtcaatgaac atgtgagggg gtacgagatg aagaagttct tgagagctcc cccgataaag    130800
     gaggaaagaa ggagatgggg tggatggggg attcttcaaa aaatgaagat gagggagtaa    130860
     tgttggtcgg gggttgttta tagtgagttt ggaataatcc gattggctta ctaatgatta    130920
     cagatgaaag accagctgcg atcgatcaat cctatcacat gctcctcttg aaattagttt    130980
     gtgaaacttc actttaactt ctgctctcat tcacttccat atacttttag tgtacaaaaa    131040
     aaagcttcct tctacattat agtaaagtga aaaatgaaca gggaggtgtt gggttgagca    131100
     gacacaaaaa cagtgtagta atttaacaaa tataacctgg tgaggacatt tgactttaga    131160
     tcttgactgt tgacaagtgg gaaaggaata aaatggcaca aaaaatagac taactaaaac    131220
     aataggcaat atatttagcc tataaatacc atatagaaca gcctggaact ctggagaagc    131280
     ctactagcac agtttgggag gcagacacac tctatcagtt taaaactaga ataaagacac    131340
     atctctttgc attagcataa atataaaaca caagtgcttt agaaatctaa atgctctaaa    131400
     ggattgttag gctgcattaa ttagggcaac cggagatggg gacacttccc aaaagacatt    131460
     ataacttgag cgacatttac gcttatgtaa gttttacatc atcccaaggt ctctattatc    131520
     ctggaccagg ctgtatcctg agcagaagct gtggtggccg tggaggagag gagagcatga    131580
     gactgattcc tgaaaaacca gagagagttt tttttcattc actttcgtca attggtgaag    131640
     ttcctggcca ctggcttgct tggttttggg acttgtgaag ctgcacatcg atggattttc    131700
     tcttcagtgt ttggactttc aacagcgaaa attaaaccac actgaactga actaagttga    131760
     acttcaactc tgaaaactgg actgacacaa cttttaattt tgctaagcag ctttgacaca    131820
     atccacatag taaaatcgca ataaaaaaag atgtatagaa aatgacattc tgataagtca    131880
     aatatataat ccctgatatc ccatgactta aatattctaa atataaaact ctctgacctt    131940
     caatgtctgg aatagacctt ttaaaatact ctgacatccc aaaagttcca tgactcttgg    132000
     gaaacctgta tgctaaactt aagtttaaca agttttgttt acagtgactg caacctttat    132060
     gcaaaatgtc agtgttggac agagagctgt gtcagtacaa tgtaatacag caaactaaac    132120
     gacgcctgaa agcatttaaa tgtcagattg taatgaggtg ttctgtgttt gaactgcagc    132180
     cagcggcgtc tgtgtcttcc tgactgtaca agcagcagaa cgtctgggga ttctttgtct    132240
     acttttatag ttgtgtctgt tttacattgt gaatcactgt ctgattgaca acagctgttc    132300
     tcggtgcagc ggtgactcga aatctatatc ataacgtctg gcaggcagga aacccctgtc    132360
     atcattttta cactaaaaag aatcgctgat gtgatcaact aaatgactcc tcactgtcat    132420
     tcactttttt tttttttact ttcaccgtct cactacatag tcttactcac ttaaagctta    132480
     caaatgaata aatcattcgc aattgattta cgtagtattg ttttttccta ctatggaagt    132540
     caatggttac aagacttcag cttccttcaa aatattgtct ttattgttta aaagaaaaaa    132600
     gaaacacaac gttttggaat cactaaagag taagtagtga aagaaatttc agttttgggt    132660
     gaactatgcc ttgtgaacaa cataggctca ttctgaaatt gtaccccaat atacatttct    132720
     ggagatcaca attatgtaca gtagctacat atggctgcat ttcatctaac actatgggtt    132780
     gacgcgttcc ttttcacact aaagctgttt gagcgggtaa gtgggtcaat tggtgctttt    132840
     gaaaacacta ttggttgggt ttaaggaagg aggaaggtgg gtcagtcaat cggtcagtta    132900
     gttagccagt caacagaggc ctctggtgga tatacacaag aagagcagag gcgaatggca    132960
     cttgcaagat aaaattgaga tctgaaaaag catactcagc gacctttggt ggatttaaga    133020
     ttaagattaa caacaacaaa aaatgtacct cctgggaaat atttggtgtt ctccaaaaat    133080
     gtatataggg ttatgttttc agaatgagtc tgggttgctt ttgagggtat gtgtttgccc    133140
     gttcatttac aagacaactt tgttttcggc tcctaaacct tcagaaattg ggtataaatg    133200
     tgcaggtatt aaaattgata ctgtttcagt ctgtgtgaac tacaaaataa aagaagtttt    133260
     gtaaaaccag agatgtcatg cacatgtata ttcagctaga tctcaccagg aaatgcaact    133320
     actttaagta ttgtcgataa tatggctaat ttgtacaaaa ttgaatgact taagtcgtac    133380
     taaaataata aacaaacaat caaacaaaaa agtttgacct taaacaatga agtgtgacca    133440
     aatgataaaa aaatgagatt tgcatttcca tcttaatgag gataggttta actatttttt    133500
     catcagttcg tgaaactttt gcatcgtcat tgtcatttaa acataccatt aaaacgaaca    133560
     attccaggtt ttcttgtata atgtttacat actttttcac agaatatcat tgtcaaagtc    133620
     atacttctca tttctaaact ttgggttaat gttttcactt gcatattaat gaggtcagta    133680
     atatagattg tattaatata cgcaattctc catctgctgg acaataaagc tggctgattt    133740
     cagtctgtta aaatgctaaa attccacctc agactctaaa aacaagtcgc aagaggaagt    133800
     ttcaaatctt atgaatattt aatgagcccg tttctgattg gtcacaaaac cctcttttca    133860
     aagcctacag tttcagaaga cccgagttta aggacacttg cgagaacaaa catctaaaga    133920
     caaagtccga tatttcatta ctgacactac taggtcatgt ttattctatt tgagtgaacg    133980
     ctcaagaatt tggaaccagg cattgcatgt tactgtttac aagtatcttt ccagcactca    134040
     aacattgtta aataacaaac tccaaccctg caggaataaa acgcaatgta ctgtatgctt    134100
     catcaataca acacagtgat agaaagagac aaggatattg atgtatcggt attgtcccat    134160
     aatgaatatg aggtcacatt ggtgtattta gacaggcatt acatgatcat gtctggatct    134220
     gcgttagatt tcagcgccgc ggggctaatt ctagccatca attacagctg ttccattaaa    134280
     gcatgtcatg gtaggtgaat cagaaataca ctaagctcta tccaatctca cattaggagt    134340
     gtatataaat catcgctgaa gggttttata tttagattgt ctacgtagca tgtaggtgac    134400
     tgagaggtgt gcgctttatc tgttttgaca gtttcgctgt catgacatca taggttgttc    134460
     tcggccggtc tggtcacccg acaggaagcg ccaatggatt ttccctccaa ctttgtacgc    134520
     ctttctctct atttactatc acttaatctt tctgctgtct ggcaaacaac aatgagctgt    134580
     tttttgtccg tattttagca cataccggtg gggccgacag acctgtggag cgctttgttc    134640
     atggttttag ccctcatcag tgaacgttca aaaagatata gcacacaatg gggctagtca    134700
     gaaaacacag tttaaagttg tttccattgg tgatctaata gacaaaaaag cttgattgct    134760
     agtttgtgtt ttgaagatga aagtcagata tgacatgcat tgaaaaaagt ttgctgtttt    134820
     ccaacctgct ttgcttgttg ggaggagagt aaaacaagat ttacaagact gaagcaggta    134880
     gcaatagtca aagtttgtgg gttttttgtt tttgtttcct ataccgagca gaaacagacc    134940
     catctagaaa aataaaggta gatatggaat ttacattgac gggatagaat aatcatttta    135000
     ggatgtgaac agttcttcat ggaaccatca atgcaaataa aaggccttta tttttagaaa    135060
     agctggctca taggaaaaaa catggatctt gtacgtgtat gtacatttaa aaactccaga    135120
     aacttaccat tgcatattca ctacctgaca aaagtcctgt cgcctatcca agttttagga    135180
     acaacaaata acttgacttt tagttgatca tttggtgtca gaagtggctt atatgaaagc    135240
     caaagccctc tagatgtgtt atattttacc gatataaaat atgattgtgc cttgattttt    135300
     aatgatttaa ttagaagagt aagctctgac ttagcttaga taaaagtcat gtcatttcac    135360
     agaaataatg tacggtatag agtataaaga ataattaata ttgtgtttga cttccatgat    135420
     cttggaggac tgcatccata catctctgca atgactcaaa taacttatta attaagtcat    135480
     ctggaatggc aaagtaagcg ttcttgcagg actcccagag accatcgaga ttctttggat    135540
     tcatcttttc ctccatctta ccccagatat gctcaataat attcatgtgt ggtgactggg    135600
     ctggccaatc ctggagcatc tagaccctag ataattccaa acactaatgg ctggaaacag    135660
     ctactttttc agataaataa tattcaaagg caaaactatc aactaaaaaa atagtattgt    135720
     tccaacaatg ctgatagttt tactttcaaa atgtatgatt cagtggaaat taacagctca    135780
     gagtaatgta atatgttaat gagttatagt gtaaactcag cttaaagaga tggttaacca    135840
     caaaaaatta attctgccat catttattca ctcctgcagc attcatatac atttttacta    135900
     ctaaaattcc atgagtttgc catgattttt ccaagactta agttaatttt catgacctaa    135960
     tgtttcatgc aatgtctaca tatgcatggg aaaagaaaaa caatgcatgt tcaaatttat    136020
     tacagcacat cgtaaaacac gaaacaatct atttagttta aatttatatt tatatctatg    136080
     gaaaattgat ttagataatg cgagagtatg tgattggcca gggacagaaa ataatacagt    136140
     atacagatat ctgttttcca tgacttttcc taaattttgt gggttttcca aaacttttcc    136200
     aggcctgaaa aatgccatgt caaaattcca tgacttttcc aggttttcca tgactgtatg    136260
     aaccatcctc ttaacttttc agttctggtg aacacaaaag aaaacagtca aaaatgttgg    136320
     aaacctgtga ccaatgattt caatagtagg aaaataaagg aagtcaacag ttatagattt    136380
     ccaacattct ccaaaatatc ttattttgtg atatatagaa aataaaatgg tcaaactggt    136440
     ttagaataag tgaatagtga gtaaatgatg acagaatttg tgtcaattaa tgtttccctt    136500
     taacactaca ttatccaata actatacaac tttaaaaaaa acattgcaca caatcactag    136560
     cgtaaataaa gccagaaaca aaggctaatt aaatcaaagc ctcagatttt tcatgcctga    136620
     tttcatgttt tctaacaaaa cagtatagca tgtgagtgta ataaaaggta gcctataaac    136680
     aaacaagagc attagttatg tttaaacaga gtctgccaga catgagcatg agtgattgaa    136740
     tgtgtgtgta tgcgtgtgtg ttagcttagg tttaaaaaaa gaaggacaaa cagaaaaaga    136800
     caaaagcaca ggacatgttc tgatcttcct tcgcatttca tgtttaactt catatgatta    136860
     tgaaggagta gtgattagat attaaagaac agaggaaagg aacagcgttg gccaacagtt    136920
     tgctacatcc tgtacattgg cacatgtgat aaaatcagca ttgagaaata ccaacagcta    136980
     gcctccacac ttcatgttca gaaactacac tgattaaatt acatattact tggtaacact    137040
     ttaagtacca attctcgcta ttaaatagta gcttcctatt aagttattgg ctccttatta    137100
     gtacttataa agcacatatt cttcttgatc ttatagtgta tcccaatact aacatatgcc    137160
     aaacgaaccg cactaactgg gcaaacaaga caggtttaga aacaaaagtc taggtgtgaa    137220
     agcaccctta aataaaaaat aagaaacatc ctggatctgt tttttcgctc ttctttattt    137280
     ttttttcggt atatttaaaa tcaaattact cgaacttaag ggcaaaaaaa ataaatagat    137340
     cctgaaatta ctagtaatta taaataatta atcacaataa atcgaaaacc attcttcctt    137400
     taaagtagta aaacttaaag ttaaaaagct ttttcaagag cttagaaact ctgaagctag    137460
     agtagcttcc cctactaaac tgtggtttac agtaaatgca gacttcatgc tcacattttg    137520
     cagacacaca cagacacaca cacacacaca ctccactgac acataatcac actaaagccc    137580
     cttcagttcc caggcaaggc ggtggggaaa acacacacac acgcactcaa acacacacac    137640
     aaagcagtca tttacacatt tatcaaattt atctcccatg caaacggatt gtattggcgg    137700
     aggaacagct ctcagaacac acgtgtctgt gtgtcacacg tgtcccatgc tcacacacac    137760
     acatacactg cagttacacg gatcaaggct catgtttggc ccggtcacct cagtcatcag    137820
     taacccaaca ccagcactgc tttgccaatg gaaaacacac atgccagtct tctgaacact    137880
     ggcctttcat cttttgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tttgacctgt    137940
     tgttgttcat tcgcttcaca tacaaatgtt tgttattcat gtgacttgtt tgtatgaact    138000
     gcacgttttt aatatgactg aatttgaaat aaatttgcac actatttaca taaatatacc    138060
     gtgtctatag aatcatgtca acaacgttta ctggagcaaa ctttctaaaa ccaatctttg    138120
     gaaagggatc aaatcacaca agtaaaacta atgcccagag tcacacacac aaacacacac    138180
     acacacacac acacaccagt agagtttaat cccgattggc tgcagtcaca cactcacagg    138240
     aatgatgtca ttcacgtgtg gagtgtgtgt ttgctggaac aaaacctctt ttgtgctgct    138300
     gcaaactctc acttacacac atcccatgtg aggaaggacc taaatacaca cattttataa    138360
     atctgaaatg gatttacaat cttctaatga gctgccttag tggctaaagg ctaaatgtgt    138420
     gtgtgtgtat tccacttaaa atactttttt acacttgcct atttgtgggg tttaaatgtg    138480
     tttctgaatt gttttacatg aattttgctt ttgacttttc taaataactg tattttctgt    138540
     tatccttgca tttttttaag tgtaaagcac aatacaaggc acttgttgcc acagccatat    138600
     taccatgcag cccgagtgga tactgaagct aagcagagtt gagtctggtc agtacctgga    138660
     tgggggacac acctggatgc tgcacactgt ggtggtgtag agagaccctc cctcatgact    138720
     gtgaagtgat ttgggtgtat agctatagat gataaatgcg ctatataaag tacatgatac    138780
     gttacactat atataattta tataaactgt tgttattatc atgaaatatt aaattgtatt    138840
     tttaaacaat acaaaagaga gagagattga cttagaatgt cacctacctg ttctgtaatg    138900
     atttttttca gctgtagttt gaaatagttt gctgataaac ttgatgatat ttgatgtgct    138960
     gttttgttat gtaatgttac tgaaagtaaa tgtattttgc aagtaattga ccatgatatt    139020
     gtaacgaaaa ggagaggtcc gaaacttgat gtttgatgtg ctgttttctt gcgagattat    139080
     gttttggaag gaaaaggtat ttttcgagta attgatcatg atatattgta gtgtaaattg    139140
     ttaaaaaata taatgataat tgatatgatg ttttcctatg tagtaatggt ttttgaatgc    139200
     aacttttttt cgtatgtctt gcaaatcctt ttttaatatg caggtaaatg tctcctgtat    139260
     aattggttgt aagagtagag atgaaggtaa gacttgttat tattaatctt tgagtaattg    139320
     ttaaatgtag aaaactttta atgtcaactg ttagaatttt ttgtattgat gtacacctga    139380
     ttagtgatgg tggttgatgc actttatctc tgtggagtga ggtcggaaat gggaagaatg    139440
     tttattgtca ttgctgtgaa gattataagt tattgtgtga ttaattgata atgaaatgag    139500
     agtgacggtt taactaattg cacattgtga ttgactatgg aataaaaggg tggagttgga    139560
     gaatgtgtca cacactgagg aaggctttgt gccgaaacgt ctgtttgtct gttatcaccc    139620
     gtaaaatgta agaaaaagta agaataaaaa cagtatgaag caattgagtg cgaatcatta    139680
     ccttcttttg aataatagta acgatcagat taacgcacca aaccaaagaa gtaactaaaa    139740
     aaaaccgcaa gcgtgcagga caaacttcag taactctgca gctgtagttt gaaacaaaca    139800
     ctgaaaaatg ctgtttttct cccctaagga ctgattatgc agtctctgtc gccatcttgt    139860
     ggcggaacat caaccgtctt tgctctgctc tgtacgacag gctgaatctt gaatttataa    139920
     atatttaaaa taggcactat ccttataaat aaactgcaga gtttcaatca aaacaactac    139980
     attcttgcct aaaaaaagcc tcaaaagttc attatgttgt ccaacagctg caatatttgt    140040
     caaattgtag tcctctgctt gccacttgtg tgggcggagt tatacacaag ggtgaagagg    140100
     ctgtacaggt gctattattt ctttaatatc tcacagctat ccgccaataa gatttaagaa    140160
     ccaacaagaa agagcaatac cagccaaata gtacagtaat tcatttgtat tttttataaa    140220
     tacgccagga cattatcatg attgtattta aagatttaat tgcaccaata ctagaagaaa    140280
     aatccttctt aaaataaaaa ataactaaat ataataattg cttataaata aaccatacgg    140340
     aaatatatcc attaaacaga ctctaactgc taaagtgtaa accaatacat taaaatgcat    140400
     atatttccag aacatcttta ctgtcatata taatcgaaag cttacatatt aacactgtgt    140460
     gctgtttccc tttaagccgc tgttctacaa actcaacctg caacctttga cccacaatag    140520
     tgtcttggtg ctatcagcga gagttagaca cgattattat ggtgaactca gcattacgtg    140580
     ccatcaagca caatgacaga aacaccgtgc ccttgtgttt atgctcacgg tgatgcatta    140640
     cgagttgtgt ttagttttgt tggttcagta catggagaac agacagtcaa tgcacattta    140700
     tcagacaaag accaaccaga gacttgattt gattatgatc taagactcgt gagtggagaa    140760
     attgaattga agtgttcagc gctttagtaa acagatgagc acatgaggtc tgactctgaa    140820
     ttaccttctg taaggagtaa atcatgtcag acttgttgtg gcttcggctg gtcaagacaa    140880
     aggtggcgtc actgtatgag aatgtgtgtg taaaatgaag acgaggggat ccaggctcat    140940
     ttaacttaaa ctacaactca gacatgatcg acaatacaaa caatacaaac atgaaaataa    141000
     aacaaaacaa aaaaatctga acaaagtagt tttgtgtaat accaatggaa tgacagaaga    141060
     agaaagtagg gaattactga aatgtattta ttacttataa aaggttttta tggtagttta    141120
     aagatgcctc tcatatggtg aatgacgtca catgcattgc tcaggtgttt tttacttctc    141180
     ttctgaaaat cttgatggtt ctgtgggttt cgtctatcaa attgtgttta tttgtaatgt    141240
     tctattggat ttaaatcagg ttgactgggc cattctacag cttgattttc tatctctgaa    141300
     accatctgag agttttcttg gctgtgtttt ggatcattgt cttactgaaa tgtccaccct    141360
     ggtttcagtt tcatcaccct ggtaatgtag atgttggact gaagcagcta atattaattt    141420
     acaatcgtga agggcagagg gttgctgatt aactattcca gctgctgtct gagctttcac    141480
     tgcctttcta cacctccctt tcttcatgta ttcaatactt tccagtgtca ttatatttta    141540
     ttacacaacg cttttgtaaa ctaattagac tggttttctt tgcatatgga ttttttttgg    141600
     ctgttatcaa catccagtga aatttttaag tcaacagcac ctttagaaat atgttttgaa    141660
     atatttgtca agtgatgttt aacaaagcaa ggacattttc acagtatttc ctattatatt    141720
     tttaagagta actcttattt cttttagttt gtctggaata aaagcagttt taattgactt    141780
     tttaaattat ttgtaaggtc aaaattatca tacctacaat gtaaaaattg ctgggctcca    141840
     caaattcatt cctatctcaa ttggctacag aactgctgtc aaatgacttg cctatattta    141900
     acctagttag gcttttaaat gagcacttta agctcaatag tatcttgcaa aatatctatt    141960
     aaaatgttat gtgctgacat aattttatat acaaaataaa ttacagtagt tattagaaat    142020
     tagtttttga aatctttaaa aatgcattta aaaatctgca cctgggaaat agttgaaaaa    142080
     aattataaat tgacatgagg gctagtaatt tagccttcaa ctgtatatac caaagcaacc    142140
     tgtataaaac aattaacaca gataaagtgt gcacgtattt gagatgtgga ttgcactgtg    142200
     actggacttt gtttctttga ctggacttta caaatgtaaa ggatttgttg tggtttaaaa    142260
     tcaactgtta tatttgaggg tcaatatctg gctacgaaga caaaacatgt taatccatga    142320
     agtgcagtgc acattatgca aaaacgccat tattatagct gcaaaataac acttgtatta    142380
     taactgcaat gaaaaatagc atgtcttatt aagtcaatta agttattaat tcttattaag    142440
     tatgtcttaa gtaattaact aaagatttgg tttaaaacag tgttcaattg ctttaaaata    142500
     ttacttgcat tgttattcag aagcttgctc tccagattgc catgattttc ccccccattt    142560
     taggttgtta gctgtcattt cagtgaacaa aaataaatca aatgtgggat ttgatgtggt    142620
     acaaggtaaa aaaaacaaaa acaaaatcaa aaataaaaga aaatgcaagt tcaagcagca    142680
     tcatcttcca acaaggaaaa tgaagaattg tcgtcacttg actaaagtac agctgaacat    142740
     ctgtcctctt tccttacaag atgtcgtcat tacaatgtat tttgctctga gatcatatct    142800
     gtttatggac tggtggttca ttaactcaaa gagcgcaaca tattcacacc tcaggactgc    142860
     aagacgacta ctgatcctta gacacacaga tcgaggaaac taaagtcata aatgtcatgc    142920
     aaacactccg atcttgactg gtgtgtcaac agcgcttttc ctgagcgtaa cagtatttgc    142980
     aaataaaaga tttttatagt tgtgtttgtt ttacaagttt acgttttata actttaggtt    143040
     gagcttagaa ggttcagttt atctgtaact gagagggtaa agtttaatag ttcagaaaga    143100
     gagaaacatg gttcattaaa tcaatcaaat ctgcagctaa ataacaaaca aggattttaa    143160
     acaaagatta cttgtggatg gtttactttg acaaattaaa aggcataaac aaaaacagta    143220
     aatagaaata ggcatacaca actaaaaaaa gaatataaaa ataattagta agcataaaca    143280
     atctttcaag gtgtatatag acagtataaa taagaaagaa aatattaaaa agtataaata    143340
     aaggactaat aaaagcaaga aaaacaacca taaataaaag gaataaatgc ataaagctgt    143400
     acatgtaagg catacaaaat aaatataaaa aaggcattaa tgcaatagac tataaataaa    143460
     ctcattgatt aaaaaaaagg aaaccaacaa atgagataaa ataaataaat aaataaataa    143520
     ataaatttaa ataaacaaat taattaattt ataaaataat taaggaaata aaaaaataaa    143580
     tttgaaaaaa agtaaaggaa ataaataaat aaaataataa ataaataaag gaaataaata    143640
     aatgatttaa ttattaagga tataaaaatt ataaataaac aaaataaatt aaggaaataa    143700
     aatcaataaa caaacaaaca aaataaagaa agaaataaaa taaacaaagg aaataattaa    143760
     aacaaaataa ttatttaatt aattagggaa attaatgaaa taaataaatg atttaattat    143820
     taaggatata aaaattataa ataaacaaaa ttaattaagg aaataaaatc aataaacaaa    143880
     caaacaaaat aaagaacgaa ataaaataaa caaaggaaat aattaaaata aaataattat    143940
     ttaattaata ttaacataaa cataaataaa ttattaaata aataaaataa ataaataaat    144000
     aaataataga aataaataag ggaaataaat aattattaaa ggaaataaat aaataattaa    144060
     attaagggaa acaaataaaa aaattgataa acaaattaat taattcattc attaaggaaa    144120
     taaaaaataa caaataaata aataaataaa taaatacagg cacagccatt tcagcagtat    144180
     tggtttaggc tctgcatttt cagtttgaac ttttgtcata tgattggagt tatatgccgt    144240
     ttctaaatga tgtaggatag aaatagcact gtacagccac ccgtgatagt cttaggagct    144300
     ctaaatgcag tggctgcggt gataatacca cacaacgctg gcctgttttt ttctagccca    144360
     acagagctgc gctgttagct atacatggac aggagacaca tttggcttgg agtgagagta    144420
     catgcttact taataccaca ctaatcttga atccgctaca gcaaacagac gacaagaacg    144480
     aattcatcta cacttgaagg ctattatgag agatggatga taaatgcaca aactgtgcaa    144540
     gagacattaa aacatattta aagaagacat gttcattttg tagtattgag gccagtcatc    144600
     ttaaacctag aaaacatact tagtttttgt aggacttttg ctgcaagcat gtgaaaaaga    144660
     gagcagctca atatttgccc cgattgtgaa ataaacagga gatcttatta taaaattaga    144720
     gatctttaat ctgcatgttt gcacccacag cactttgtca tttctgttta cacgctaccg    144780
     cagctagaag tttacaatgt ctgcaccaga aataaataaa aattactgat gttttgtagt    144840
     tggtaattcc accatcagca taattcataa acacacatta aatatgcact gtatagtcag    144900
     ttgacagggt ttttaaatga gataatgtat taatggtgta atatttcttt gaacactgag    144960
     aagtaacatg acattgaatg agtttaatta atgagtttaa ataaatgcat ccactaacct    145020
     ttcagaaacg tcctgcagtc ttgaagttga aatctctcca ttgtctgact gtgaatgtaa    145080
     gtttgcactt tgcaacaggt tatttgacac tttagttgtt gacatcttta gaaaaaggtt    145140
     gtagttgttc ctgcagagtc aggatagcca acaaaatcta atgccaattc ataagtttta    145200
     gatttgatgg ctaattcgca ttaatttcaa tatctcaatt gtatcttttg atttgctcat    145260
     ccccctaatg gcagttgtgt ttatggacag catttgtggg catgtctgcc tttaaaaatg    145320
     atatgataca ttttatagga ctcacaacag actatataag attaaaatgg gaaaaggaag    145380
     taggcattat tctgaatcaa gaacaatggg ttaaaatatg tgctgtccca cacacctcaa    145440
     caagctcaag aatgtggtgt gagttttgtt ggataaactt aattagattt tttattacac    145500
     caaaaattaa atcattacaa tcatagatta ttcatccttg ttggaggaac ttaggggtaa    145560
     aagaggcaca tcatgcgcat gtattctggc agtgctcaag aatgaacagt ttttgggaaa    145620
     tggtgcacac tctgccatca atgatatttt tgatcttcat atatttctag atcattcgaa    145680
     gtactttaac taggagatat gcctattaaa attgaaaaga agaatagata tctcttaaaa    145740
     agatattttt agcaagaagt aaaaaagctt taatgcagaa atggtataaa gaagacccat    145800
     caacaaaaga cgaaaggttg aagtaatcga agtgcatgtg tcatttttcc atttcaatta    145860
     gagatctttg aaaataaatg gagtaaatgg ctggctttct ctacaacgac aataagatta    145920
     tctataactg atcatttaca taattgcaga ggatatgcat cattgtgaga atgtgtttgg    145980
     taacctttta ttatattcta ttgatttatt tattatgacg agattaattt catattttta    146040
     tatatgtaca tatttagata tggatgtatt ggcatatata cgtatgtatg tatgcatgta    146100
     tgtttgtgtg tagatttatg tatatatgta ttattattat tttttgtttt gttttgttcc    146160
     cactggttat ttgttccaaa aaaatctata aaaactgagt aaaaaaaaaa aaacatgatt    146220
     tcatatttta atttaaattg cttgaatttg tatgaatgaa ccattttatt gacaatatgt    146280
     aaaatattta catttctctg ttattgggct gaaatagcat ataaaggctc cgcccttttc    146340
     tgaaaagcag cagctaattt acatttaaag ggacacgcat aaaagtgttt gtttttgctc    146400
     acacccaaat aaaagccaaa ttaacaagct ataataaatg ctctgtgggt tatttaaagt    146460
     tgaagtttac atacacaccc tgtgaacatc agatatttct attacatctc atgaaaggtg    146520
     gtataatatg tcccttttaa gtgtggtatc gtgtttctgt cacttgcccg tttggtgttc    146580
     cccaccgctc ttcattgttg tgtccggtca tgtaaaccca aacgaaacac ctccttccct    146640
     ccttcagaag tctgaactga aagagagaga gagagagaaa actcatgaaa tgtaagcttc    146700
     tgcttgagcc gctgacctga acttaaccgg gacggcctga ctgattttaa acacagccgg    146760
     agctcttctg cagccctcat caagagcaaa gccacccatg aaggatggtt tgttttcatg    146820
     gtgcttttaa acatgaataa tactccagtg gtcacgaaac acaggccagg ccctgtcatg    146880
     acagagttct ccttgtttct taagttctgc ctcagaaaca ggccattcaa cactaagtat    146940
     ggattttagc atgtataagc acaaaatcaa catatgaaga gttcaaatgc aaaaccctct    147000
     aaatacatca gagctctttt cttgtatatg agcatttttt aatcaggctc ctctgattag    147060
     attcagaagt ttcattttat atgtaatagg aaggttatta gctagtaaat aaaatacctt    147120
     ttttttttta aatgtcactt tagacaattc tttggatttt aaccaggtac attttgtttt    147180
     gcgtcaaaac cagctaaatc cactttgctt tttttgcaaa aacctctaaa tccacctatt    147240
     gggacaagac agtgtaatta gttgaaaatc aataagcacg cagttaaaca tgcaatctgt    147300
     taagtaagtg gcggttcatt cccatgtgat aaaccagggg aaaagcaaag gaaattgaat    147360
     aaattaaatc tctcaagtaa gtgcattaat ctaacattaa ttaaatctta atctgttgtc    147420
     atttctgata tttaggattt aaatttaatg taagtggagc aatgtaaaca ttttaaacat    147480
     tagcttagct tggtagattc aaataatgta gtttaaaaac actgtgaaac atcaatatct    147540
     gagcaatgtc cattaatata aaaagacgta taggtattac gaagtaatat aaataatata    147600
     tagttttata cattatattt aagaaaaaat agcttaaatt agcaaacaaa accaacgcaa    147660
     tcccacagca attcgtaact ttttgattta ggggctaatt tgtatggatt tggacgatct    147720
     aattcgtaca atttagtaca atttgctctt cacccaatga cggttggggt taggggtggg    147780
     gttggttgcc acgcctcctt tttaaaatct taatttttca tacgactgaa ctcgtacaaa    147840
     ttagtcacta aactgacaaa acgtaaaatg cttacgtttc ctcgtgagat caggctaaac    147900
     aaaacacaag gtaggcctct cagaaacttt agaagctgtc attcattcat tcattcattc    147960
     tccccatact taaggtcttg gtcgcatttt tatcctcaga tagcatccgg ctgggataaa    148020
     agaacagcat cttaactctg tctttcgtga aatgcaattg ccgtttaatg tatagtaaat    148080
     cagactcatt taaagtagca tcgctgcgca aacattatga atgcatgcta cacttccgac    148140
     tgtacatgtg ctttattttt tctataatac acagagtttt gtggtaaggg acctttacat    148200
     ttgccattca ctgacaggct catgcagttc atcaaactcc gtcttttaaa atcgaaagcg    148260
     gaatgtgtct cctctcctca taaaagccgg ctcatcagcg cgctgctaca ttgaaaacac    148320
     atgattcgat tcgtgctttt gattggttct cgggatatag cggcaagtgg tgtttagcgg    148380
     cttttgccaa caaactgtta tttgtgaatg cgctgacgct gggatttgga ttatcagaag    148440
     caaatctttt tgttgatggt gtactacgtg cctaaagcat tcactcaatg tctttagctc    148500
     gtttttggcg gaagtggcgt cagaccatct ccatacaggt ttgcaggagc tgttagtcag    148560
     tgacctgtgg gctccgatcg ctcagcacag gcttcatctg gagttgcccg agtctttgat    148620
     gggcgttcat gaggagaggt tggtccctct gcagtccatc agtcaagagc actattaaca    148680
     cttcatctcc gtccagtggc ctcgttcttt cactcctcaa ctgagccatt tcctcaggac    148740
     aggagggcga ggaggccttc ccctccttgc tttcttttcc tggcacatgt taatgaggct    148800
     ctatgaggcc caggactctt cttagatttc acccttccag acagaacaac acgggccaga    148860
     ccagtcgctt tcagagacag ggaaacactt ctgaaagact aatatcagtt ctcactcact    148920
     cggcgatgac aataacagac actactgctt atacattaaa tttttcagca gtttttcata    148980
     aatttgatga tagatcagca taaatagatt taaaattatt gcacaatata tcgtttcagc    149040
     atcaatatcg caatgtgatc attcgcaata gtcaggatct gcaatgtcaa gttcagcgtc    149100
     agtttattca tctctcagga gtttatctct cccaattcca agttgttccc cctagttgag    149160
     tttttgttca ttatttctca aatttatttc tctaactttt ttgtgaaact aaatttattc    149220
     ttcaaattgt catgttttat atgcacaatt atgaccttta gatggaaaat aaacttacaa    149280
     atgccattaa attcatttta aagtcaaact tttagacagc atatataagg tattaagtct    149340
     ataattgctg tagctgtttt tattttctgt ttcttcttct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag    149400
     tcacattttc atctgccatt gactggacaa acagatactc ccgccccaat aatcacacca    149460
     ttggtttacc caatgttgca atgctgatct taaacaaagc acgattattt tgtgtgtccc    149520
     tcaaggttgc aaccacataa tacgtcattt gtggagtcaa ggtcgtgaac cttcgagtag    149580
     tcttttcaat gtttgattta tctctgacag cattcagagt aatttgagca ttaaacagag    149640
     caattacaga acgcaaaaga aagaggttcc tcggggatag caggccctac cagacctgta    149700
     aaacgggaaa agagtctgat cataacgtca ttctccgctc tgctaggctt aagtgtaatt    149760
     acctgccatg aaacgccaag ctaggctcaa tctcgcttaa tccctctcta atactcaaac    149820
     atactgcgct agtttttgat ggaaagcctg aagttagctg atttcagatt cagaaaggga    149880
     gcagtttgtg gcttaaaaca tcagtatttc tctgtgctag tgatattgag taacaaaacg    149940
     aggcagcagt gtctacatca gtccgcttct gttatcagat cgatatgtgt tacatgacac    150000
     cctgctctgc atcataacta gcggcttatc tcttgtttat tatcagtctg tcttatgtta    150060
     acaataagct tacaaacttg gcttgagttt cttttgactg ttaggttaac tccgagtcca    150120
     aactgtgcgt caaacagaaa gactttgtgc ccaaggacaa aaagtgtcac ttcacggtca    150180
     ctgctggcca acaaagctat cagcgtaact aaatctatat ctactttaaa tcaatctttt    150240
     cagctgccaa gcgctttcat aaagtataat tggttcattc attttctttt cagctatatt    150300
     tagggttgcc acagtggaat gaaccgctaa cttattcagc atatgtttta cgcagcggat    150360
     gccctttcag atgcaaccca ttacaggcaa acacccatac actctcattt acacacgtac    150420
     actacgtaca atttagctta cccaattcac ctgtactaca taactgtggg ggaaatctga    150480
     gcacccagag gaaacccacg caatcatgga gagaacatgc cacctccaca cagaaatgcc    150540
     aactgaccgt acctgggatt gaaccagcga ccttcttact gtgagactat catgctacac    150600
     actgcaccgc catgccaccc aagtagaatt caaaatagaa tgtccataat gtaaatgtgt    150660
     atcagtatat tggatccgtg cgttagctcc catgtgacaa ttaatcaata actgctctag    150720
     attgaggacg ttttatcagt ttaataagga ttaatttata tgtcttcaca agccttcaac    150780
     tatataattg taacgttgtt cttataaaat gcaaatttct aacaacaaaa ttgcaattca    150840
     ttttgcattt tgtaaaatca ctataattac taaagtcaca gaggctgggg agggttgaaa    150900
     agtcagtaaa gcccagatta acaataaatt aaaagcaaat caaagagaaa aacaatgcta    150960
     agagtatatt gaagcatata attaaattca ttctcttgtg cattctgtgt gcatgagcac    151020
     aatcaataga ccacttcaat gtttctaaat tctacacaca gcctctacaa tccttctttc    151080
     tataatgatt cagccaaaac tgctgaatgc acacccttca aaactactgt tgtgcagcgc    151140
     cgtaagcact ggtccctcat gaaatgcaaa actagtccct tatttttttc agcttttcag    151200
     caatatgtct tcattatgtg tacacactcc agtaaaaagc acagcaaacc acagttggcc    151260
     tgattcctgc tcccctgcag cacagcgagc agcgcttatg gaagaaacaa catatctggc    151320
     gcccatcaac gccgctctgg gttttgctgg acgtgatgct aacagtaggt gaaacgtgtc    151380
     tgtaagcgct cccagctgac tactgtttac tgggcaggaa acaggagata tggggcgaaa    151440
     agaatggaaa aacggtctcc tgctgacatg gccaatggtc attatgatca cgccggcgaa    151500
     gaattcacac tctttactgc acttggactg gacaaagagt ttaacgccta tacagaaacg    151560
     caaacaggag atgattagct ctcaattttg ttttgaaagt gtcttaaatg attatgaaca    151620
     cgcatgctca cgtgcgcact agttaagttg agtggggcag tttggttgga ttggcgcttt    151680
     gcctgaacgc tggtctccgt ttgctgctga tggctgcagt tttcccagca ctctttgttt    151740
     tctttagcac tgtgtcactc gctgtgcaaa caacactaaa acggctcact ttaattactc    151800
     ttcatttcct ctgctgcacc cacaaaaagg atgattatgc caatttatgg gcgcacacac    151860
     acacacatac acatgtgagt acctcaaata aactcactgt ttagcaaaga aaacgcacaa    151920
     tagagctctc agttatattg catacactgc attgaggtca aatctaaaaa tacagcctga    151980
     tatcacgaga aaatgtaagt attttgtaat atctaataca gcctgtcatg tatactcttt    152040
     ttctaaaaaa taaaacatat agcaataaaa gtacatatat atttgtctaa aataaaacaa    152100
     aataaatata taaatgagcc tattctaaag aaaaactgca tgtttaaaca ctaagctgta    152160
     tagcgaagaa aaggcacaat agagctctca gttgtattgc gcacactgca ttgaggtcaa    152220
     atggaagttt ctgcttctca gggttttgtt ttaaaaactc agaagtgcat tatctacaca    152280
     tttgttcatt tcttctaaaa cctaactcat tatcaacttc catttctgag caattttagg    152340
     agaacattgt gaaacaatcc catctgtact ctgagagaca tggaagagca actcttgtgc    152400
     aattaaatgg ggctgtgggt ttggtttctt cttaaattaa gcaaattata cagcaacacc    152460
     catcccataa accagaggtc tctggtcagc agcccgagga ctagatctaa acccatgatt    152520
     ttttttcttc gcaaattatg ttaattacac aacaattttc ttcatacttt tacatattta    152580
     tgaaacaaaa agaggtagta cccacctaaa tatttaaaga aagctgtaaa gtctaattat    152640
     tgttgttgac atgaatttaa attatttaaa acattattat ttgtatactt atccccatac    152700
     agttggtatt tgtgaaactt ttttttaaag atttgccaag tcatgttcaa cagagcaagg    152760
     aagtttttac agcatttcct agtatatttt ttatatctta tttatttttg tgtggctagt    152820
     ataaaatcat ttttacttaa aatccactac ctaacaaaag tcttgtcgcc tattcaggtt    152880
     ttaggaacaa caaataataa cttgacttat agctgattat ttggtataag aagtggcttt    152940
     tatgtgagac aaaggcctct agaaaatgct tattttacta aaataaaaga tgatcatgcc    153000
     ttgattttta attatttaat taggacaata agctctgact ttgcttagac aaaagtcttg    153060
     tcacttaaca gaaataatac agtacagaat atagtcatga tgcagtggaa aaagaattaa    153120
     tatagtttat gactctcatg gtcttggagg actgcatcca tacatctctg caatgactca    153180
     aataacttat taataaagtc atctggaatg gaaaagaaag cgttcttgca ggactctcag    153240
     agatcatcaa gattctttag attcatcttc aatgccttca atgccatcta taaatcaaca    153300
     gatgattcat atgaaaatct accttctgcc tctttttcaa atgatcaact agaagtcaag    153360
     ttgttatttg ttgctcttac aactgagatc gacgacagga cttttgtcag agattgtatt    153420
     tttaaggtca atattttaag cctgtttata ttattagcca atggatacaa aacaaacaac    153480
     tgctgtccaa taacttgcct aatttactta cctaattaac ctagttaagc ttttaaattg    153540
     cactttaagc tgaatattag tatcttccaa aatatctagt taaatattta tggactgcca    153600
     tcaattatta gaaattagtt taaatactgt ttaccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    153660
     cacacacaca cacacacgca cgcacgcacg cacgcacgca cgcacgcacg cacgcacgca    153720
     cgcacgcacg cacgcacgca gctttagatg ctttgttttc agtgaggacc tagagaaact    153780
     tgttcatgct tttatcacca gcagagtgga ttactgtaat ggactcctca ctaaccttgc    153840
     ttgaggtaaa tccttacctt ggctctaggg gtcaaacaac aaaaaataag gtaatgaatc    153900
     gtggtgtgat tctggggtca gatgagtttc aatagtcatg tcaaagcagt aaacaaatca    153960
     gcctaatatc atctcaaaaa cattgcaaga accagatgtt tcgtttcgat tgaggacttg    154020
     ttcttgcttt tatcaccagc aggatggata actggccagt cagactgtcc agaaaactgc    154080
     tgccaggatt ctgaccagaa ctaaaaaaat aagagcataa cacgcctgtc ctcaggtctt    154140
     cacactggct cacagttaca ttcagaatag attttaaagt attactactt gtctatacat    154200
     cactaaatgg cctaggacct caatacatta aagaaatgct ctctcaatac aaactcaaca    154260
     gatccctcag atcattagga ccaagtaaat tagaaattcc aagagttcag taaaccgcct    154320
     tcagctactt cacccctcgc tgctggaatc agcttcctga aatgatcaga tgtgctccaa    154380
     cattaggcac attcaaatta agactgaaaa cacatctgtt tagctgtgcc tttactgaat    154440
     gagccctgtg ctatgtccga cagatcgcac tattatgtct ttctcttttt tttcattctt    154500
     ttataacatg ttttaatctt tttaatactt ataatcattt ttgttttgtt gtttctttta    154560
     tttgtttctg taaagcactt tcaattacca ttgagtatga aatgtgctat ataaataaac    154620
     ttgccttgcc ttgtcttaac acacgtgtac aactgcatgc acatctacat ctcaatgagc    154680
     cagtggcagc actgggtgaa tctggctgca gtctgtaatg tttctagcag acatttttaa    154740
     gttgtcagcg aggccagccg cagatggttt gggcttacgg gcagacatta aaagaacttt    154800
     ttttttttct agggaatgtt cagttttccg tctgctggct gctctggtac aggcacagac    154860
     ttgtaacggg gctctaaacg ctggcacatc acgcatgctg accgactcga tcctaaaaca    154920
     gcagccatat cacactcgct cagcttcagt gcattttcca agaagcggtt aaccccagtg    154980
     tcttggccct gaagcctctc ttcctttggg cagcttggat ggatgcggac cctcgaggcc    155040
     tcacgtgcac ttttctgtgc tctgataatt aacaaaagtg ctttattgct ctaacctttc    155100
     taaaatgtcc atgttttatg ctcacgcagg cgctcggatt accaggtcgt aaaagggcag    155160
     catgtgtttt gcatcacaat caaggatgtt tcatatagaa gatggaacac aaaaaaatac    155220
     atctagcgcc tacaaatctg attgtgaaat agtgataggt tatcgtttag cgacatagga    155280
     agcgatactg acccaaaatt cactctaaat attattaaag gttgatttaa agcaaggacg    155340
     ataactctaa caaaacaaaa agaataaata aattcctcaa gcctcctgta ggtgtcactc    155400
     cgtatgcacc aggcacttta tcaacacatg gggtgagtag attatattta agtcatttta    155460
     agaaaacatt taaactaact taggttccat ccacacgaac tagggtgttt tttgcggttt    155520
     ggccgtttgc tcacatgcaa acacagtaaa tacaacacaa aaaatacatc taccactaaa    155580
     aatctgattg taaaatagtg gtatgtcagt gctaggttaa cgtttttaac gatataggaa    155640
     gcgaataaag aatactgatc tgaaaatcac tttaaaaagg gctaaaggtt gattcaaagc    155700
     agggacgata actataacaa aacagaagga atagataaat tccccgagct tccctttagg    155760
     tgactctctt tcctctccgt atgcaccaga cactttatca acactccatg tttctggaaa    155820
     aaaacattaa gcaattctgc gtgtgctcca cacaggtgag tggagtatag ttaagttatt    155880
     ttaagaaatc atttaaaagt aatttaggct ctatccacat gaacaagggt attttcaata    155940
     ccgcagcttt ttgtactcag tttggttgtt catcatgcaa acacagtctc aggtcactga    156000
     aaccaaaatc ttttgaaaac tacctttaca atgaagattt tcaaaaacgc tggggtttga    156060
     gcagccaatc gggaccgata ataactcttt tgctttaggc ttttgataag tcaacaaagt    156120
     tttacggtta ggagcatatc ggtagctgtt gctttgtatt actattgatg gtgcttagag    156180
     catttttgta tttccatgat gccatttttt taaggaggaa aaactcagtt gcgtatggcc    156240
     ttatagactt gtcatagcat tttctgtata tgctgctact ccttggtgat ttgaagtgct    156300
     tcttttatcc ttatttctaa gtcactttaa ataaaagtaa atgtaaaaca aaagtccttc    156360
     tgattttata agaagcatat tgtttcactt tactattact ttttgcagtt gataaaagat    156420
     aaaaacattg actaatccat ttaaagaact ctaacacaag cacaggcttt tttgttgatg    156480
     ttacactctt aagtaaaagg attgcttatt attgatagtt tcacaaagaa actttaacat    156540
     tccaagaaca tttatattta caaaaaggtt ttttttttaa gaacagatga ctgaaaggtt    156600
     ctttaaggaa tccaaaacgg ttcaatgata ctatttaaca atttcctgta gaacctacag    156660
     taagttactg taaatcaatt gcagcaaaaa cactgcattt atatttacag cgctatttat    156720
     cttgctgttt atgaattttt atatatttac cattcactct cagaaatata ggtacaggag    156780
     ctcttctcaa aaggtgcata tttgtacctg aaggatccat aatggtacct caaaggtaca    156840
     ttttaggtac atttgggtac taatatgcac ctttgaggta ccattgtgaa ctctttgggt    156900
     acaaatatat atcttttgaa aggtactgcc ccagagacag ctcctgtacc tttatttctg    156960
     atagtgtaca ttatatagta tttttcacaa tgcaggtatt taaatacagt aacactgcat    157020
     gacagtccta cagtaaatac agttcatatt acagttaaat actgtgtaat ttacaagaat    157080
     agttttttgg aatctgtata ttttacagtg tattataggt gtaagttaca cagtgacgca    157140
     gagggtagtt ctgtcgcctc acagcaagaa gccccgctgg gtcagtaggc atttctgtgt    157200
     ggacttctta tgttctccct gtgtttgcgt gggtttcccc cacagtctta agacatgcac    157260
     atggtgaatt gggttagcta aattgtccgt agtgtatgtg tttatgtcct ggtcctcaag    157320
     gctggggatt gcgcattggg ctaacaaccc actttataaa aactagatgt tacgaaacac    157380
     caatatggtg cagctaaata tcaacttcga tatgaatgcc ccttggagta agtaaagtaa    157440
     gtattacagg tgtgatcagg gtttccactc ctagaattaa acatctagac atatttacat    157500
     ttcctctgat acctcaaagt tgttctcaca cgcaagacta aagaacaaag tcagactgac    157560
     cctgagaacg ctgtacagca ggcctcaagt cagtgccgat ttctgtttat gggccaaaag    157620
     agcgtctggc agtcagaatt gaaaactgat gtcacagtga aaggcttctt tgtctgaaag    157680
     ttgccgacgt aggaaccggc acacggagtt tggtctgaga gcatgtatgt gtgacgcaac    157740
     agctgaaatt gaatgtctag ccacagcaga tgtcagagta aagcgaaggc aagccggcca    157800
     taaatccagc aaattacagt ctacaagtag atcagagcga gtcagcggca cggcctctgc    157860
     ttcaacaatc acgccagcag ccatgcagat gcatttccaa ttgttaattg gtcttaagct    157920
     tttaatgaat ggatacacct acaaattatt gtgccaacta gcttatgaat gcatactgta    157980
     tgtattgttt ctgccccatt aaagttaggt aacacagctg aacggtaggt aaaatgtaaa    158040
     cgatcatgct cagttaataa atcatgatca gcaagagtga ttggagtaac agactttcct    158100
     cattgcacaa tttcatcgta ttggttgtac aacagccaga tgattaggtc aaactgtgtc    158160
     ctcatatgca tgtaaaagac agggagtcaa aatccacatg ttgttgtatt gcttaaatgc    158220
     acacacacac acatacacac acaagtgtca tcaaatacac ataaatgcat gtgttttaga    158280
     tacatgaaaa ggttcttgga gtaccctcaa aactagttag acgttcggcc ttaatgagaa    158340
     gaatatgaat ggagaagaac atggtggctt actgaaatta tctccagcga tttcgcaatt    158400
     ataaactact taacgacttc tgttaaccag ccagatgaat cccagagcgc cttttagatt    158460
     ctgaaaacat atctagccct tcccattagc cctacgcctt caggctaaaa aaaattagga    158520
     caccccaacc acttcatgtg aacgcgtaaa tcgaggggta agggaaaggg cttatggaat    158580
     tgggcctata actaataaat tcagaaaaaa acgaaaagca gtgttaatgt tatactaata    158640
     tttaaaaaaa aataaatgct ttactcaaat ctatacctaa ttaatcaaga aagaaactaa    158700
     gaaatttcca gcagcctctt aatatttttt ccatatctgc ataattatgc agcagtgcat    158760
     gcagagagct tcaaatcaac cacatgcaac agtgtaaatt ttacagtcag aaaactgtta    158820
     ggcaggtttc aacaacattt gagggcaaat tgcacgctta atggctgtaa ttcaaaaagg    158880
     cctttgttgt aaatatagta tcagagaccg tctggcaggc aacaataaga gcttcagctt    158940
     gcatgacaga taccaatcta attacctgct ttgaattaaa ttatttcaac caaaaccaca    159000
     tttgctccac tcatatgaag tatcaggtga aaatccgcct caacggtaga ctttaatact    159060
     gctatgactg actgacacca ggtatgttaa taacacaaag aaagagaaat gcttagacat    159120
     gttcaattat cacaccgtta tttgggtttg aagtctggaa acaggagggg ttacataaga    159180
     agacgaccaa aagagatgaa gtcaagggga aaacaatgtg gcattcacat cagtggtgaa    159240
     attcgagatc agagcgtcca aaaagagcat cattaccatt aagaaacaga gtgaacgctg    159300
     atgaatggat tcattggctt cacttataca gacttacata caaaatgttg tgctttactg    159360
     atggtggcag attgtaaatg cattaggagg catgcatatg ttaaaagatt gtttcctgga    159420
     ggttagacca tgtctagact ggcactgttt tctgagtgta ctggcacgag atgtgttttt    159480
     aagaccccat gtcaagttaa ggggtttaat tgtcagaaga agatcgagat gcctgtgctc    159540
     tggaaacttt gaatggaaag tacaattcat acattcagac ccttgattgt cttttttaaa    159600
     gcaaaataat catgtaggag aatgttttga atcagtttta gaatagttac aattacatat    159660
     ttactgaaaa ctatttatat gggctgaatt taaacactaa ttcaatttaa tattgttcaa    159720
     ctcaatttgt ttgtctaaat tcaggccata taaattgttt gcaagcactt accttaagaa    159780
     attgaataaa tccaattaat atataatttt tcagtgttta tgtatgtatg aaaggattat    159840
     aggtgggcat atataatttt ttgaaaatct agattaatct cactgtaatc ttgaaattaa    159900
     tcaagattaa tctaaaataa aatggctcat ttgtactctg ccgaaggcat tcagaatatg    159960
     tgtgctaccc aaataatgac taaatatatg tctttgaaaa cgggtttctc aagccaggtg    160020
     gcgcattaga ccaggtgctt atctcctgtt tccaaaatgc atcacaaact gcttgaaaaa    160080
     ctgttctact atgaaaattg atgaaaataa attatgttca ataagatgta cttgtgttta    160140
     ctaaatgttt attccgttaa atgtaaactt taaactgtag aactaaacat aagcttgaaa    160200
     caccgactaa agtcataact gagctaaatg gaactaaatg gaactaagac acctggagta    160260
     ttcatatata tgtggcatta atgaagtaaa caccacaatc aaactattac cgtcatgtag    160320
     aaatttgcgc cctatttttc gacactcaaa tatcaaggtg aaagtcatta tagcttgcat    160380
     agaatagacc cagctcccaa cccaactttg aaaatgatta acagcgataa aagttgttaa    160440
     attttcgtgt gataaaagtc tcgcgttaac gcagcatggc ccaccactag aaaggatgca    160500
     gtttgtttgt gctttgctgg ttgataaatc attcaaatgg attcaatttc tttgatcaaa    160560
     cccagtgata gttattttag cgagctgtct attagtaatg aaacaaagta gtttgatttc    160620
     ggtcatctat tgttcatttt ataatacatt ttcagtgcct atgtgtattt tcacagcagt    160680
     tattttaatt caaattctat aaattcatgt taaacacaaa ctctaaagta aggggtgaga    160740
     tgtgaacatg acaggagggt ttaatgtaac aataacccaa agctttcctc gttttgtctt    160800
     catacaatta tctaaccaaa tatgaagaat tcaagcagaa caaacttaaa tgttgggcct    160860
     gcaggttagc catcatctgg acctaatggt cagaggtcaa tgcagaaagt gtcgtgtttg    160920
     caccttaaaa cctgcagctg aaaaagctgc acacctgatc gcttcattca cattttagcc    160980
     tctgacctct gcttactgtt tctaaaagca taaagactca cacctgcccc tgtttcaagg    161040
     ccattcggcc acacacacat tcaaaacatc tctgtcatca ctatcattgt gtgagcgagg    161100
     gagtaaagct ttaagttgaa accagaacag cactctctga ctgatcacag gaaacatgaa    161160
     aatgtgattc agaaaactga gatttagaca atttagtcat gctaacaacc cagcaggcac    161220
     ataacgttat aagacgttaa taatagttta gctttaggtc atgcagtcag atgtccaaaa    161280
     tttaatattt agccaacgtc taagagcaat ggtgttttga catccaaaaa cgacgtcaaa    161340
     ttacaatgtt gtgttggaaa gtgaccaaat tccaacgtct gattgatgtc atggtggtag    161400
     ggtccacaaa acatcaaggt gtaacatgat gagacattga tatttgagtt tagattgtgc    161460
     tgtaaattga ccaaaatccg acgtctgata gatgtcatag tggtaacgtc cactatcacg    161520
     ttgtaacatg attagacgtt gatatttggt tgattttagg ttgtgctgga aagtgaccaa    161580
     aatccaaggt gtgatagatg tcatagtggt aacgtccaca cagcgtcaag gtttaacgtg    161640
     attagacgtt gatatttggt tatttttagg ttgtgttgga aagtgaccga aatccaacgc    161700
     ctgatagatg tcaaagtggt aacgtccaca ctacgtcaag gtgtaacatg attagacgtt    161760
     gatatttagt tgattttagg ttgtgttgga gagtgaccaa aatccaaggt ctgatagatg    161820
     tcaaagtggt aacgtccaca caacatcaaa gtgtaacatg attagacgtt gatatttggt    161880
     tgagtttagg ttgtgttaga aagtgaccga aatccaacgt ctgttcgatg tcaaagtggt    161940
     aacgtccaca ctacgtcaag gtgtaacatg attagtcgtt gatatttggt tgagtttaag    162000
     ttgtgctgga aattgaccaa aatccaacgt ctgatagatg tcatagtggt aacatccata    162060
     caacgtcaag gtgtaacatc attagatgtt aatatttggt tgatttgagg ttgtgttgga    162120
     aaatgaccga aatacaacat ctgatagatg tcatagtggt agcgtccaca caacatcaag    162180
     gtgtaacatg acgctgatat ttgacttcag gttgatttta ggttggacag tgatgtctct    162240
     aaactgcatt tttgagtcca cacactctca tttaatccaa tatctgctta ctcttggtct    162300
     ggtttgctga caggctcagc tgacacaggc ataacgcccg ctgtggaaaa aggagaatcc    162360
     ttttttttaa taatttcaca cttcagatcc agagaatatg attcctctca ctaatatgac    162420
     atttattttc acagaggcag catatgcaca tttgctccca aaccacaatg cgagcgcccc    162480
     agacgttacg caagtgtgtg ccttgaaacc acaagaagca gtgttgtaaa tcagccaatg    162540
     tgtcagtcag gctgctagtg tgaaacgcat tcagttagca tgaattgata gctttttttg    162600
     agttaattat gtgtttgagt tgtgagggaa ctttgttata tgtctagcat gtgtattgcg    162660
     gtttatattt gctaacatag tacagcataa ccatgcaatt tgactagctt tgtcattctg    162720
     ataactgttt aacaaaaggt ttctcacaca tgcaaaaaag tacattaatt atcattactg    162780
     ctgcactaga gtatttacga cccatgacat agaggttaaa gctgtttaag tcaattctta    162840
     cacctaaatt tttttgtatc ttgaatagct ataaagacat tacacgctta atccttcact    162900
     ttacaatcac tatgatttta ttgggatctt ctaaggagag gctacaactg tttagcgtta    162960
     gctctttgaa gatcatattc cagaggggaa tatgtgttca aagctggaag aaaagcagcg    163020
     gtttgatcgc accatatggc cgcctttacg ggaaggtttt aagcatgaat gctaatgcta    163080
     aaaagctaac acatggggaa agcaggttta caagggtcat gtccccacag tgtgttctgg    163140
     gtgacctctg gggttttgtg tgacttcaga aattgaaaga atgtgaggtg gtgtcccata    163200
     gcatgacggg atggatagtg atggacccag cagctgcgtc aagcaactgt ccctagttta    163260
     cctatataca cacactttac taatgcatgc aaggaattc                           163299