ID   BX323846; SV 2; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 80149 BP.
AC   BX323846;
DT   12-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 3)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone PigI-43B6
KW   BTNL2; butyrophilin; HTG.
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-80149
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: vega@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   clonerequest@sanger.ac.uk
DR   MD5; c9e70012a5025b2c44ca8d82bbbe807b.
DR   ENA-CON; GL880232.
DR   ENA-CON; GL042146.
DR   ENA-CON; JH116039.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001447; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001451; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000020713; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000021211; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000025071; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX323846.2:1-80149; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001602; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001604; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001605; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001606; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001607; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000032966; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000035293; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000035777; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000036077; sus_scrofa.
DR   GOA; F1RQ41.
DR   GOA; F1RQ42.
DR   GOA; F6PX94.
DR   GOA; K7GK73.
DR   GOA; K7GL57.
DR   GOA; K7N7E2.
DR   InterPro; IPR003877; SPRY_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR003879; Butyrophylin_SPRY.
DR   InterPro; IPR006574; PRY.
DR   InterPro; IPR007110; Ig-like_dom.
DR   InterPro; IPR013106; Ig_V-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013162; CD80_C2-set.
DR   InterPro; IPR013320; ConA-like_dom.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F1RQ41; F1RQ41_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F1RQ42; F1RQ42_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; F6PX94; F6PX94_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7GK73; K7GK73_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7GL57; K7GL57_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7GQ69; K7GQ69_PIG.
DR   UniProtKB/TrEMBL; K7N7E2; K7N7E2_PIG.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: vega@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   PigI-43B6 is from a INRA Porcine BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..80149
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="SBAB"
FT                   /clone="PigI-43B6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: XX-BS591C4"
FT   mRNA            join(7263..7341,9285..9632,12370..12651,14189..>14209)
FT                   /gene="BTNL2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.1-001"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like 2 (MHC class II associated)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM446251.1"
FT   CDS             join(7263..7341,9285..9632,12370..12651,14189..>14209)
FT                   /gene="BTNL2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000439"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like 2 (MHC class II associated)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O70355 Sw:Q9UIR0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13304.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<19009..19356,20357..20646)
FT                   /gene="BTNL2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.6-001"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like 2 (MHC class II associated)"
FT   CDS             join(<19009..19356,20357..20646)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="BTNL2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000440"
FT                   /product="butyrophilin-like 2 (MHC class II associated)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O70355 Sw:Q9UIR0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9K0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13305.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<26540..27087,29343..29369,29579..29605,
FT                   30416..>30434))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000343"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O35441 Tr:O70358 Tr:O70359
FT                   Tr:Q8N324"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006574"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9K1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13306.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<26540..27087,29343..29369,29579..29605,
FT                   30416..>30434))
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM446117.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<30951..31080,31492..31773,34100..34447,
FT                   35011..35089))
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000344"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O35441 Tr:O70358 Tr:O70359"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9K2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9K2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13307.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<30951..31080,31492..31773,34100..34447,
FT                   35011..35139,35604..35866))
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BW982026.1 Em:CN794129.1"
FT   mRNA            join(40883..41092,41791..41899,42851..43201,44010..44291,
FT                   45577..45603,45782..45808,48250..>48276)
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF074833.1 Em:Z84146.1"
FT   CDS             join(41818..41899,42851..43201,44010..44291,45577..45603,
FT                   45782..45808,48250..>48276)
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000345"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7TST0 Sw:Q96KV6 Tr:O70358"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9K3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13308.1"
FT   CDS             <49100..>49450
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000346"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O00481 Sw:Q96KV6 Tr:P78409"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9K4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13309.1"
FT                   FTHCNFFGQISPY"
FT   mRNA            <49100..>49450
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-43B6.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to butyrophilin family
FT                   proteins"
FT   misc_feature    72094..72235
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    72284..72736
FT                   /note="Sequence from uni-directional dGTP big dye
FT                   terminator reads only."
FT   misc_feature    80149
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: XX-BS43B6"
SQ   Sequence 80149 BP; 22463 A; 16461 C; 16559 G; 24666 T; 0 other;
     acgtgaaagt tccaggacca gggctggaac tccagccaca gcagtgacca cactggatct        60
     ttaacccagt gagccactgg ggacctccaa ttagtgactg cttttacagc ttaacttttt       120
     cacaaagtaa atttcaaatt taaatttaaa cacttcaaga attttaattt aaatttttta       180
     aaatttaagc acttcagagg aattggtttg tcagatattg ttttggattc taagatagca       240
     ctggagctaa cagtccagct cagactgtag gaccatcaca actagaaagt acctcagcct       300
     ccagcactaa atgtttgggt atttcaagga ccactataca gaagttcctt ttattttttt       360
     tatttttttt tattttttat ttttttttga ctgattgctg gtagacaatc tataagattc       420
     ggagtttttg ttcagaaagc tggatctgaa tgagagtccc tggggccaat cacattatca       480
     cagtgaccct atttttgtgg catgaacttt agaaataacc atactcttca tgtcatcctc       540
     agtctgcagg gtctcccttt gtcaccgatt ctttgccttc cttgggtttt ggccagatgg       600
     caacgctgtg cttctcttca atttgtagaa acactctcat ggctctaagc cccagaagtc       660
     tcgggagggg aagcccaatt ccacgcccat tgtgtcacag tctgctgagg cccatgtgac       720
     atgggacagg ctgtggtgga atgaggaggc agacacgcca aggagccctc agagctattt       780
     cctgagtgtt tattatcaca tcagctccat gtctatggac ctgagatgtc acggaggggc       840
     ctctgatata accacagaca ctggataact tgcttctatc ccttcagaac tcgagttcat       900
     cttcaggttg tttataccgg ggaacacacc cccctgtggg gtgcaacctt cgcagaggtg       960
     gggttgctga cttgctcctg attggtcagc ttcctcttgc acacaaagcc ccctactgac      1020
     cctgtagtgg gcaaaccgaa ctcctcattt ccagctccac tattacctta aagtgaggga      1080
     ctcatcttcc tctctcaaag ccggttatct gttatcccat gtcagaaaaa cacatttgca      1140
     aaaggaacaa tcaaaaaatt attattttaa acaatatttc agagccgtag gcatcttcca      1200
     aacaacagtg agagccaggc ttttcttgcc tgtagttcca gagcatccag ggtgaaggag      1260
     gagggtggaa gacaaggacc agcttaccct tcctgagagg ccagcagcac tggggtcata      1320
     cttttgaaga gaggccacca tccaactctg agcatcactg ctagaggaat ggtgcctatg      1380
     ctccatgaaa taaataatta ttacctttct gatgagacca cctaactctc agatttccac      1440
     cagaccccaa aatagaagct gatagctatc accagaattt ccctgaattc atagctcgac      1500
     tcttgatgtc ctctggcaat aatgtatatt tttatttcca tgtatcttct ttattgtttt      1560
     cgcctccctt ctttccaaga ctctctactc cccctaacga aacctcatac ctaaagaggg      1620
     tttttatgtc atgattatat tatcacaata tatatttagg aatatatata tatcttttat      1680
     ggccgcccct gtggcacatg ggagttccca ggctaagggc tgaattggcg ctgtagctgc      1740
     cggcccacgc cacagccagc acaacgccaa atccagggcg catctgtgac tttcactgga      1800
     gattgccgca aggcctgatc cttaacccat tgagcgaggc caggcaccct cacggagacg      1860
     ttcagtcctt aacccaccaa gccacagcag gaactccttt taggactatt ttaacgtgag      1920
     tggtgcacga tttctcccta ttttaaaact aaggaaatgg aaacctcaga aacgaacaga      1980
     cttatccaaa gaagaagctt gcccaaattt atagcaaaac tacaactata gtctcagata      2040
     ccctaagctt aggactcctt tgtcagctac tagctgagag aaccatgaat gtgtggttca      2100
     agactgcagc gtttggagga ggaaatgtct gtacgtgaat caggtcttca acaaaagccc      2160
     tcgaggggca gaccctgagc atgtctctgc tgccctctgg tggccgtggc gatgcatgac      2220
     tctcctccgt ggtttcctca gtgcttcgaa catttacctt gttttcctgc ccctttctcc      2280
     cacatatcta cacgcccccc acaaaatgaa catccgtaat ccacagcatc aatcaggaca      2340
     ctgttcttat ttcaacactg gtgttccctt ggaaaaaatg tacttaagag cttgcatgcc      2400
     tacacattta ttttagtttt aaatgatttt tattttttct atgacagttg gttgacagtg      2460
     ttctgtcagt ttcctactgt acagcaaggt gacccagtca cacacacacc tatgcattct      2520
     ttttctcaca ttatcctcca tcatgctcca tcataagtga ctagacctag ttcccagtgc      2580
     tatacagcag gatctcattg cttatccatt ccaaaggcaa tcatttgcat ctattaaccc      2640
     caaatttcca gaccatccca ctccccctcc ctcttggtaa ccacaagtct gttctccgca      2700
     tccatgagtt tctcttctgt ggaaaagttc atttgtgcca tatattagac tccagatata      2760
     agtgatatca tatggcatat acatttaaac agagcttctt acagggtcag ttggtgataa      2820
     tgtgactgac cgtaaacaaa atgcaaagac aagtcctaag gtcctgggaa attgaaacat      2880
     caagacgata cagaatatgt gtaatgggta gaatattttc ataccacaaa tttgagtgtg      2940
     aaaaaatttc tatatttttc tattgctgat tctatgtttt tggtcttttt tatttttaat      3000
     tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tattttattt tatttttttt      3060
     agggctgcac gcaaggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gttgaatcaa atcagagctg      3120
     tagctaccgg cctataccac agccacagca atgagggatc cgaaccacat cttcgaccta      3180
     caccacagct cacagcaatg ccagatcctc aacccactga gcgaggccag ggtttgaacc      3240
     tgtgacctca tggatgctaa tcagattcgt ttctgctgag tcaaattggg aactccatac      3300
     tgatcctaat ttttacatca agcactatga tgtcttacag aaaaggggtt aatcatttta      3360
     ggcagcaaat tttcattcca atagttgagt cttccagggc ccgccacttg ccttgggtag      3420
     ctttcccttt gcggctgctc cttggcactt ttgtggaaga gggatgtctg tggcacccct      3480
     gctgtcctag gaaccagagg taaagtgggg cagagagaga atcagggtaa agaaacttct      3540
     ttccccaaaa tgtgacatag agccatgaag tgagcaaatg ccatttggaa aaaatagtgc      3600
     caatggactt gcttgactta aggttccctg aagttaaaaa aaaacaaaaa agcaaaaaac      3660
     aacatagcat ctgggaggca tcttaaaaga agttatgctg aatcggcaga ccccaggggt      3720
     acttgcactc tgattcaaga aaaactgacc tacggggaat ttgaaggaga aaatctaacc      3780
     taaaccaatg cacacacaaa acatgcctat aacctccatc attataattt ttgtgcctaa      3840
     acattttgtt gagaagctta ttaaattttc tggtttaatg tctgaggata attaagtttt      3900
     ttattaccca gtaaaggaag ataaagaacc aaggttgagc aataaaacca gcacggaagg      3960
     gaccttggcc cagcgtcctg atgctggaga agataattcc ttcctctggg ccactgtttt      4020
     cacatgagta aaaagcgggg gcgggggata tatttgatga ttagtcttgc ttccaattct      4080
     gtaccctgca gtgcattgtg ttctggtgga aacctggcat ttgatccttg gcaggtaggg      4140
     agtagaggga agaatggtca agacagaggg caggcagcca gagcctgtga ggaccagggg      4200
     aggtggcctc caggggtcag atggggcctg gtttcctggg gaagaatgag gagtgttaaa      4260
     tgtcctgctt ttgtccgtgg gtccaaagaa ctcataacca aacccagtca aagttcactt      4320
     ggcatctgag tttcactttt caggggatca cagttctagg aggtgagcgt gtgctcctga      4380
     ttggaatctc atcctcagga acgtgactct ccctccagtt gccgaaagtg gcttaaatcc      4440
     tccttccccc aaagcctcgg gggaccacgc tgcctccacg ccatctggtg ggacctcagt      4500
     tctcgcccca gtcagcacct caggctctga ttgtctttgg acgtctgctc tgtggatgaa      4560
     gggtacacct gagagcaggt gatgagacgg cccggcagcc ctggtttcac ccctaaggaa      4620
     agagggagac gtgtgagtgg actggagggt ctctggtggg ggagcgggga gctgtgggga      4680
     acaggacgtg gagacacctg gcaggaagac aaactccatc acttgtccta tcacctcccg      4740
     cctgaatttt atactcaccc cactttacct tttccaaaga gctgtcctag cgtgtttgag      4800
     cctcacagta gggctgcgaa gctggctggg tgaggaaggg gctccagatt aagcctcaag      4860
     ttaaaccagg accacgtcac tcatttgtca tgtccgatgt tgggcttgtg cctctgagcc      4920
     tggcttcccc atctgtcaca gggcgatgat ccagctggaa aagcgttagg aatgattgtc      4980
     tcctccagag aggagaggtt cgaggaaata gggagatttt caagtcacag gggaaaacac      5040
     aaagtcacgg tgtctccgag aactcgttac tttgctttct ctccagaaga atgtgtttct      5100
     atttttttaa gtttgcaaag ataagttagc ttcgaaattt atgaatggac ttaatttatt      5160
     ctcactagtt aattactatg gtaattggca ttcggaaaat taaattttgg aggtttttta      5220
     aactgaaaaa aaatcttcta atggtcctgg acatgtagaa atttgtaatt ttctttgaca      5280
     tgaatcttaa tagtgcatgc atagaccttg aaatttggag ttatttacct aatgcctgga      5340
     cataaaccat cactattgcc acatcttaat atttgcactt tatccagaaa atgaaatgtg      5400
     acatggattt ttgagaactt gatgatacac atgcatatta gaccatatca cttgacaata      5460
     tcaaagttta ccatatttag tatcaatggc aggtcagaag attcatggct tatattttaa      5520
     tggtaaaatg gagatgtcag agcttatgat taaaatgttt tgatttgaag cttacaatgt      5580
     aaggccagct atgtatttac ccccccccaa aaaaaatgtg ccagggattt tcaggacact      5640
     gaaagtacat ggtctatggc aaggcttttc cttggcactc ttgacatttt gggctggatg      5700
     attctttgct gtagggcttt cctgtgcact ggcaacatcc ctggttaata cccattgtgc      5760
     agacttgctg aatgtccccc aagggcacgg ccacttccgt cctggttgaa aatgctgagc      5820
     gaaggcactt attctccctg tttatactct cacaaatctg gttctgagca tcattgaagg      5880
     ttaagatgtg ttttcacaac tttcttcaaa agcttcaatg atttgaacaa cttttatcct      5940
     agactgtatt tgcaggcttc cccagcttcc acgtaaagag cctaaaggaa cacaaacctt      6000
     taacttgtct gtagtcagtg tgggtccttt aagaaggttc acccgaatga gtgatgatgt      6060
     ttgcatgggc tttgtgggtt ttctttgctt tactgggtgg aaaaacatgt ttctgctttt      6120
     cacaggagga gtcaaggcat caagaaggca ggctccttcc atctgaggcg aagtgactga      6180
     cacatttcaa gtggcaaact actacgggtc tgtgctgtct tccaaagctc aggctcattt      6240
     tctgtaaata tttgagtgct ctttcaggta ttgtggtatt gtgaaggggc gtgtctcggt      6300
     gtccctagat tatttgtttc attcatttct atatatcttc aagagggtcc tgaaaggcca      6360
     tttaaggtca tttccttggc catcttcttt gtatgaccat ttctgccatt cttgccttgc      6420
     ctttccaagg catccccttg cctttgaggt cttccgaggc cctagggatg gcttcctgga      6480
     tacatgggaa gatacagagt cttcctgctc ttttctgtac atctaggaga atgtagtgat      6540
     gaaagacttt gcaggaggga ctggaatgag ggcgagaaaa attatttgaa tcctgctctg      6600
     caattcagca tgttcagaat agataagctg aaggagattt aaaaaatttt ttaaaatcta      6660
     aatattgttg ccctttatcc cagaagatat tttcagttct atttcatttc agtcagaaat      6720
     ttttcttctt tcccaagtag cttcaggcac cacatattaa gaggttggaa atgatcccta      6780
     aatgcagtga aagaggagtt cctgtcgtgg tgcagtggtt aacgaatccg actaggaacc      6840
     atgaggttgc gggttcggtc cctgcccttg ctcagtgggt taacgatccg gtgttgccgt      6900
     gagctgtggt gtaggttgca gacgcggctc ggatcccgcg ttgctgtggc tctggcgtag      6960
     gccggtggct acagctccga ttcaacccct agcctgagaa cctctatatg ccgcgagagc      7020
     ggcccaagaa atagcaacaa caacaacaac aaaaagacaa gagaccaaaa ataaataaat      7080
     aaataaataa ataaataaaa taaataaatg cagtgaaaga gagccacatc atttcatcgt      7140
     ttgattgtgg aaggtgttga tgttggttcc ttgttttgtc tacataatca caggaaacca      7200
     gggcaatgct tgcagcttca tttacataca ataatactgt ccctatgttt gctccaggga      7260
     ggatggtgga ttttccagga tacagtctgt ctgctttcgc tgcctccttc ctctttatag      7320
     tgttcagcat gaagcagtca ggtaagaggt ccttcttgta tacttgagtg tttttagagg      7380
     tccatctggg tgcagagttc taaatgcgaa aaggctagta caaatattaa aagtgcgcac      7440
     ccaggggcca aagcacctgt gttccagaaa gggcttctcc ccactccagc tgtgttacct      7500
     tggaaagtta cttgaatagc tcctgccttg gttttctcat ctttaagtta acaataacaa      7560
     ccttacccat gtctcatagt ctaacgaagg ctttacgatt caatgagtct ggccatggaa      7620
     ggcatttaaa tcagtacctg gaacacagta agttatccac tctcctgctt ctatttagga      7680
     cagcactttg ggggcaagaa aggcaactgc ttcttgccat aaatcaaaca gcataaaaat      7740
     gcttggaaat aaaaagttag aaggagactt ccaagaaatg ggcttggaaa tctcaatagc      7800
     tgaattttct tggtcacagt attgtccctt gaaaaaggaa tgtgaaaatt cagtgtcagc      7860
     aggtaatatc agagctccaa ggaaaatgca aggtggccac gtgggaaaaa acactggaca      7920
     agacatcaga agacgcaggg tccagaccga ggctgccaga aactacatga tgtgctgagg      7980
     atgcactttc ctaacctgta aaggaagtca gccaggtggt atggcttcag ttccagcttt      8040
     atattcaggt tccatcaatg cagactgcaa gcagatctcc acctatgtac catagtgacc      8100
     tttcgagcac catctactta acgctgagca gcaattaaac aagatcaagt tccttcttag      8160
     gagaattgga tctgcacaga gaaagtgcaa atggccctgg agcatttagg atggaaacaa      8220
     aataatatac ataatatatg aaattattaa gcatagaaac acacagaatt attaaacacc      8280
     ttttcaattt tcatatagtg aagaggtcaa acgtgactta aaatttgatt ggaaggcttg      8340
     aactcttcat acaaggcact gctcttaatc caccacaaaa tgtccttgca aaaactgcat      8400
     tttgcatagc atgggtaact ggagtctttg tttgctccag acaaaaaaag aaaacaaaca      8460
     aacaaaaaag acccaaacaa caacaacaac cccccacccc cccaaaaaaa ccccagttct      8520
     ttacctagga caagacaaca ccaatctgaa acgctgaaaa atctatcgaa taaatctatt      8580
     atctaaattt tagaaaaagt gattacagtg tcagtcactg aagtgaaatt actcactata      8640
     aaataaatca ctggagttcc tgctgtgaac gggatcagtg gtgtcttggg agacctggga      8700
     cgcaggttcg atccctggct ctgctcagtg agttagggat ccagcgttgc cacggctttg      8760
     gcttaggttg caactgcagc tcagatctga tccttggccc aggaactcca ggtgtcccag      8820
     ggtggccaaa acaacaacaa caaactacaa attataaaat atgaaataaa tcactaatct      8880
     ataaaattcc caattccaaa aaatcaattt acacattaac ttatttgaga attaaaaaca      8940
     acttaaagac tgtggtttta cagtcttaaa gatgatggaa ttgagatgcc aaatcttaaa      9000
     atttcatcaa gaataatgga tttgcccccc aaatcataca gccggtaagt ggcagattca      9060
     gcactcaaga cacgcaatgt tttgaactgc atgctctttt tggtacataa gattgtttct      9120
     gtaaacaacc caacatgcaa atcttaatgc ggagtttctt aaaacattga aaataaagca      9180
     ttccctcctc caggtgcctc cgttttgata ggctgtccat cccaaagtac catattgatc      9240
     ctctaggtgg catttcctgg tttctctctg tcactctttt gtagatgact tcagagtgat      9300
     tggctctgtt tatcctgtcc tggccatggt cggggaagat gccctgctaa cctgccagct      9360
     cctccccaag aggacagcag agcacatggt cgtgaggtgg taccgctcag ggagcagcac      9420
     acctgtgttt gcatcccggg atggatccga ggtgacagag atgcagatgg aggaatacag      9480
     aggccgggtg gagtggattg aggaccacct taccgaggga aaggtggctc tgaagattca      9540
     taacatccga ccatctgatg gtgggcagta ctggtgccag ttccaagagg aaaactatta      9600
     tggagaaaca agcttgttgc tcaaagtagc aggtgaatat ttgggaaaag acatagggtc      9660
     tcggaaggag aagtatatta atttgtggtg aacttcttgc cagtcggaga attcctcttt      9720
     attcatcaag gccattgcta atgtccagtc cttaaacctg gttcatttga agatgagtgt      9780
     tttgaagtct tcgaagtgag ctcacttgtc agtaatttcc ctcaatttaa cttacagttt      9840
     tgactcttct tgaggatgac ttaaacttga tgacgtgtag tcattagcaa ttttgctgag      9900
     gcaagaattc ctgccacata ggttagcatg caagagcaag tttactgctg agcaagatgc      9960
     tgcccagtgg atgtgttctc tgctcagcct caaacgcaac tgagaggtga acacagagtt     10020
     tctttgtctg atgcctccaa ttagaaagct agtggtggag ttcctgtagt gacgcagcag     10080
     ttaacaaatc tgactagcat tcatgaggat gcaggtttga ttcctggcct cgctcagtgt     10140
     gttaaggatc tggcgttgcc atgtgtaggt tgcagatgca gctcagatcc tgcgttgcta     10200
     tggctctggc ataggccggc agctacaact tcgactggat ccctagcctg ggaatctcca     10260
     tatgccttgg atgcggccct gaaaagaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaaa     10320
     acaagctagt ggtgtgactg aagaagataa gaatattgtg tttttaagag ttccctggtg     10380
     gctggaagtt aaggatccag cattgtcact gctggggctt gggtttgatc cctgacccag     10440
     gaacttccac atgctgtggg tgtggccaat gaaacaaaca aacccactgt gcttttatgg     10500
     ggtgtatact agcattcagt gaactggagg cttgggggag cttttggaca taccctctgg     10560
     gaatggcaag gttctgcttg atgattttga gtgagcacag taggaaggag ttgaaagaat     10620
     ggaatgaccg aagaaaggat ctctctgtag gaaaagaaat atctgaaaag gagacgaccg     10680
     catggtgccc tggcaggaat aactcctcca tgtgctacag agaaaaacag gctaacctgt     10740
     gtactttagc agggaaatag ttctctaggg atgttatctc cggctgatac tgcttctttc     10800
     tttgctcccc catgaggctg tttcccaaca tctttattcc taacacttgt tgcagtgatt     10860
     cttgctctta ctatgttcaa gttgattcaa gatggatgaa tgaatccaca tgcttctgag     10920
     atagcaagtg gggaggccac atcctaaggc atttcactac cagggaaatt tgaaaataaa     10980
     ccgtgcattt caatttcttt tctttttttc tttttcctcc ctcccttctt tccttccttt     11040
     cttctttttt ctccctcttt cattcctttt cttttctttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     11100
     ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt     11160
     ctttcttttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt     11220
     tctctcgctc tctctctttc cttccttcct tccttccttc cttccttcct tccttccttc     11280
     cttcctttat cactctctct ctctctctct ttctttcttt tcctatgcct gtggcatgca     11340
     gaagttcctg ggccagggat caaatctgtg ccagtagtga caatgccgaa ttcactaatc     11400
     caccagggga cacccatgca tttcattttt gctaagattc tagggaaagt aagtgagctt     11460
     ctgtccccca gcaagtgata gagacagaat taccatctat ggaaaatata atcccctttt     11520
     tttgggcttg agagttatgt tgaatagaga aagaatttca tgattatata aaactgggat     11580
     gtctcagaaa tattttccta tggaagggat tttttttttc tttttagggc tgcactcaca     11640
     gcatatggag gttcccaggc taggggtcaa atcagagcca tagccacctg cctacaccaa     11700
     agctaatggc aatgccatat ccttaaccca ctgagtgagg ccagagatca aacccgcatc     11760
     ctcatggata ctagttgggt tcttaatcca ctgagccatg agggaactcc tggaatggaa     11820
     ttttagagac agaagctcct catgaagttt ccctttgaca tacaccaggt tacctatttg     11880
     caccccgaga tcataactgc caacaaaaag gaacgggaag aatattctcc caggagatga     11940
     tttctcactt tatattaaat attatgtttg aagtggagtc aaggtatcat ccaacctgtc     12000
     agaatccctg atgcaataat attatgatga aaaaggcaga gtttgtggaa tgagggattt     12060
     tatgaatcac ttataacaca tctctgtttg cagtactaga gacataagct aaacaccatt     12120
     atgtcccttt ctcttatttt cctgcttgga tctgaataaa aatactcctc acatgctaaa     12180
     atttaaagat ccagactggc ataaaaataa agtgtagatg acctccaatt tgaatgggaa     12240
     gaaacctggg gggggggccc ttttgctgcc cagaaccttg aactcctgct ctccctccct     12300
     ctgagcaatg ccactggact cccagcctcg gtgggctcca ggcctcaggt ctgtgtcttt     12360
     gctccacagg tctggggtcc gccccttcca tccacctgat gggatctgtg gaaagtgaac     12420
     tccagcttgt gtgcactgcc aaaggctggt tcccagaacc tcaggtttct tggcaagaca     12480
     tcacaggaga agagttgctg actgcctctg agcatcactt ccaagaggaa gacggcttgt     12540
     tctacgtgga aagcatgctt gtgctccgga atacctctgc agagattgtg tcctgcttca     12600
     tccgcaaccc agagctctct gagaagaagg ggtcaaacat ctccatccca ggtcagtgct     12660
     ctgcctctag gaccagatgc tcagatttaa caggaaaggt tgcagggact gttccatttc     12720
     acataatatt ttttaatcaa gaaaaatatc taacatttag taatatgcat taaaactata     12780
     aaacatgtat ggctataaat atatatgtat atataccata tagctgttgt taatgacatt     12840
     ccagttattt tcaaattctg cctttattaa ttctctttac ttacaagtat gcactacgtt     12900
     gtaaaggaaa tacatttata ttctttcaac ggaaatgttt tcctgtactg ttatttgtgt     12960
     cagttacttc taggaactaa ttatttgaag acaatcagag atggagataa ctatttgcac     13020
     agtagcatct gaattataat ctcttttata aatagtaaca aaaataatgg gcctcaaacc     13080
     caacacagca gtggagttct gagtgcctta tgttactaca cattatagca ttgatgaaaa     13140
     atgatatttt tgaataattt aaaaggttga aaaaatcctc acgatggact actcaatgat     13200
     aaagatcttc catccatcca tctacctacc tacctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     13260
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tttatatctg tctataaata gacatttcca atcatgtaat     13320
     aacttaaaat ggcactaaga cttctgggac accctttata tttagatata agaatataaa     13380
     tatacagagt tcccagcgtg gctcagtgga aacgaatgca actaggaacc atgaagttgc     13440
     aggtttgatc cctggccttg ctcagtgggt taaggatccg gtgttttggt gagctgtggt     13500
     gtaggtcgca gatgtggctt ggatcccgtg ttgctgtggc tgtagctgta gcataggctg     13560
     gcagctgtag ctccaatctg acccctagcc tgggaacctc tgtatgctgt atgtcaaggt     13620
     gcagccctaa aaaggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagcaaaa atagaatata attatatatg     13680
     gttatgcata taaatggata taaggaaaaa tgtttaaata aataagttaa tgttggatcc     13740
     aagtatatat atttgtatat atatgtatat gtgtatatat atgtatatgt atatatacat     13800
     ttatacaatt gcaaaacatg tacatatatt tatctctcag tttgtaatta tgggtaataa     13860
     ttgtctgtat ccaaatattt ttatactttg tatgcattta taaaaagaat attattttta     13920
     taaaataggt aaacattgat atgttaaata taagcagaaa caagcggaat cgtggggtgg     13980
     cagaactggg agcatttttg ttgtgcagga agtggatggg gagaaagaga tggacagggt     14040
     aaaaatcatt atttttctac attttatttc ttatgaatca agcgtttcaa taaaatgtag     14100
     aatttgggtt tttttttttt ttttgaaaat tttccctcct ttcccttaga ccaaattcct     14160
     tgatatatta ttttcattct ttttccagag aaactccaga cagagctggg taagtggctg     14220
     tggcggcttg catgggtcta ggtgaggctc tgcgctggcg gaggaaggtg ctgctccctg     14280
     gacaaagtgc gcaggcagca cctcatgatc tggaagagaa accgaggtgt gaccttcagg     14340
     ttcagttagt accagaggga ccagcaaagc gcagcctcca gcaggcacct ttgcacttca     14400
     taacccacca ctttcagtgc ccatggggat cccatgagcc tcagacggat gcctaaaaag     14460
     agtgcagacc taagctctga cctcctgggc aggaggaaag ggagttggcg ggggcggatc     14520
     agggggttgg ggagggcaca gggcagctgg cccagccctt gaggccccag catgagtttc     14580
     tagtgtaagt gcagtgtcat catgaaatga caccacctgc accacctgca cctgctactg     14640
     tttctgcact tgcttctcag ccccaaaggc cagacctcat cactgtggga gggggctgtt     14700
     actttcctag atgcagcctg ggaccctgtg cttgggggtt atatttcccc ttttattccc     14760
     ccacttaata gttggactgc aggtattatt ttactgtacc taaggtaagt ggtttaaaca     14820
     ataaccaact gatttttgag cctctttcgg tttctcctat gttgctctat tattttcctc     14880
     cctgtcctcc tttctgtgac ctcttctccc agcccacaag gaacatcctg ccccccacct     14940
     gctctttttc ttgtcccatc agtaccctgc tgtccctcaa gtcacttgtt acaggaatac     15000
     gtgcatgtgt gtgtgtgcat acgcatccct aggcacaaat taggtgagtt taaatacact     15060
     tttcagccca ggtaggagac cttgaagaaa attagggtgg caaacacacc ccaatctctg     15120
     ccagagtcta gtgtgacact ttggacccct ttgggccata aagataaagg gaaggacctt     15180
     gagatggtca aaggtaaccc cacaatctga ggacagctgc acacctctga gccttacttc     15240
     ccaagtcaga tcccctccct cctggggtga cccaggacag caacctggac tggcagagct     15300
     ccttagtcac agcccagaaa gcccatccag tgtctgagca ggttgacgcc tgggtctgtc     15360
     tctccggaaa atcttaggtg aagagtcatt tctctgaatt agccgaacca aacagacatg     15420
     cccattggag agccagcaca taaaatacaa tctgatgtcc tattcgttct aagttgtgca     15480
     gaccttgtgg gaccaaagct aaacaagatg aaaagacaga gctcccctag gctgtctgtc     15540
     ggaaggaggc tgtaacctca ggagctttga ggttgcgctg ttcgtggagg agctgaccag     15600
     gagccacaca gccacctctg cattgttaga gcttgtgaat tggagctcag aggctgctgg     15660
     caatcaaagc tttctttttt gtaatttaaa aaaaattttt agtgaaaact tttattttta     15720
     tttttttgta ctttaaaaaa tgttccttat tctagttgat ttataatgtt ctgtcaattt     15780
     ctgctgcaca gaaaaatgac ccagttatgc atatatacat acattctttt cggtgcacct     15840
     gcgacatgtg gaagttccca ggccagtgat caaacctgca ccacagcaat gacaacgctg     15900
     aatgcgcaac tgctaggcca ccagggaact tccggcaagc cgagctttct atagaggtcc     15960
     tgagactgat gtctttgttc ctactaaggc aaataatgtt attggttata aaaataatgg     16020
     ctaattttaa aaaatagtaa ctctatgccc agtaggacgc ttttcaggaa ttttttttct     16080
     cacagtaatt tttaaaggtg aatagattta tcacgatttt atatttggga aataatgtga     16140
     gagacatatg tgatttgctg aatagcacaa agaaatcgtg ataggtgcct tctaattcat     16200
     gtctatctca cttaagagtt ttagttctta atcacttatg tttgatttta gtaaatcttt     16260
     ggtctctatt tttctcactt tgaagtgaac attgttgaat ctaatcgcta gtgtagtgtt     16320
     aggttctgag agtctataaa tgatataaaa taatgaaaca tgatttagca tattcggtga     16380
     atgagatagc ccacttaatg gaatatgctg attgaaggag gattatgtag ggagttctca     16440
     tcatgattca gcagaaatga atctgactag catccatgaa gaggcaggtt tgatccctgg     16500
     ccttgctcag tggcttaaac atccagcatt gccatgagct gtggtgtagg ccacagactc     16560
     ggctctgatc ctactttttg ctgtggctgt gccataggcc agcagtttca gcagctccaa     16620
     ttcaacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg ctatgggtgc agccctgaaa gaaagaaaga     16680
     aagaaagaaa gaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa gaaagaaata ggattagata atatgatgat     16740
     gagattacca ggtttcaagg aattcgtgta caagtctgca acttgacacc ccagaaagga     16800
     tttaattttt cagtggatat tcagaagcta ttttggaaca tacaccccaa taaagcaaca     16860
     caataaatgt aagcacaaat tatgtggaag gctgggtaca aaactatata gaaaaagcaa     16920
     attaggcaga actgttctca aggagttctt attctagtag agcattaatt gacaacacat     16980
     agggctgcat aatttttttt ttgtctttat gccttttttc tagggccgcc cctgtggcat     17040
     atggagattc ccaggctagg ggtctaatcg gagctgtaac cgccagccta caccagagcc     17100
     acagcaatgc aggatccgag ccacatctgc aacctacacc acagctcacg gcaacgccgg     17160
     atcgttaacc tactgagtaa ggccagggat cgaccccgaa acctcatggt tcctagtcgg     17220
     attcgttaac cactgagcca caacaggatc tccctgcatg ttttttaaaa aactttgttt     17280
     ttacttggat tctggaaaaa cagaagtctc atatatttgg taacacggct aatttattaa     17340
     attttcatac tgatattttg ctttctttag tccctattaa aatcagtttt aagtcctaat     17400
     taccagtctc tggcagggta atctagtttg aaacttgata tgcaggtcat ggacaggaga     17460
     aaaaaatatc ctcatatgga taaagagatg aggagacagt ctgctttata cctataagac     17520
     acatggattg agaaatagca gcaaacgaat ccctagttat tttttttttc tgactcctac     17580
     ttttgctttt caattttaac agatccatat gaactagaga taatatgttc caggtaaaat     17640
     tgcagaataa agcaagcgaa atgctggaaa taacttggag tcaaatttta gcaagaatag     17700
     aatggaataa tctgacagaa tgatgctggc aacaagtttc ctgtcttgag aagtacctgg     17760
     cagattttga ctaaatatat aatgagaaca ttttgccttt ggtcattgac tcctatccag     17820
     acaatataca gatttatgcc tgtaattcta ttataaatga tggtaacata tgtgaaaaca     17880
     ttctactatt taatgggaaa ggatgactct caatagagca tagagcaaag tcagcacggc     17940
     caggaactga tgagaactga aaatgcagca tagcttggat tcaggaaagc cctcagagag     18000
     ttctcctttc tccacaatga gggaattaga ctccttttta caaaattcct tcttgttttg     18060
     tgctttgtgt tttgctcatc ttcccaggtc ttgatcttac aacatttctc aaaatcgcct     18120
     gaagacattg actagtgtat gcttagagcc ccacatataa gttattataa tgcaaactgg     18180
     cagaatgttt cttcaaattt cgttacttaa aacccacctg actcactttg attccctccc     18240
     tgttatcaag gtctagagtg taattgattc caatgacctt gagtcttaca atctcatgcc     18300
     tccattcaca ctgcaggtcc tcaagctctt tatatggatt attttgttta actccagtat     18360
     gaccttatga tttttatagt gatataaagt gatatatagt attttgtggt ataagaagct     18420
     gagacaagag ttcccattgt ggctcagcag gttaaggacc caacatagtc tctgtgagga     18480
     tgtgggtttt atccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttaaagat ccagtgttgc ctcaagctgc     18540
     agcataggtt acagatgcag ctcggatttg acccctgccc tgggatcttc tctatgccac     18600
     aggtgtggcc ataaaaagaa aagaaaaaaa aaagtaagct gacaaataca cagattaaaa     18660
     agtagtttag ggtcatgcaa atttgaagtg ataaactgtt aatttgattt taacagcaaa     18720
     attattttct tattggctgt gactgaataa gattataggt agtggctgca ggtgtgggtt     18780
     cagttagtga tgattttcag acagacacat gtcgtgggat ggttctgttt tgaacaggga     18840
     caacctctat cctgattcca ctaaacttcc acttctccaa aggatgactt taaacctcat     18900
     ggctccccag gatgctctta ggctccaaac cttactggag ttcttgctga tgataccatt     18960
     tgctccagtt tgaatatttc attgggtttt gtttgctcta tttaacagct tccttaaaag     19020
     tgattggacc ttcccagccc atccttgtca gagtgggaga agacatagag ttaacctgtt     19080
     acctgtcccc agagactgat gcacagggca tggaggtgag gtgggtccaa tcccaccgtt     19140
     atcctgctgt ttatgtctac atggatgggg accacgtggc tggagagcag atggcagagt     19200
     ataaggggag gactgcactg gtgcgtgatg ccatcaatga agggaggctg accctgaaga     19260
     taagcaatgc caggacttca gatgatgggc agtatcagtg cctttttgaa aaagatggtg     19320
     tctaccagga ggcccatttg gatctgaaga ttgtaggtaa ggattctata cagatgtttt     19380
     gaatgcaaca tctactccta ctgcttaaac ttgctagttc atggaaaatt tctctggcac     19440
     ctgaaatttt cttaatgtcc attcactcat caaatttata ttaaactgtc ccatgtgcag     19500
     gagctgtcat agataaagtc cacaaatgca aaatgaccag atttaatttt gtgtgtagaa     19560
     ttggtatgct ttcctggatc tccataaagt gaaacttgca catctagtga aatgtgagaa     19620
     ttttactcca taactatgga ggactcatta tttcagtatg ttcttaaaat tctgggaact     19680
     gtgtaggtat taaaattatg ataatctgag ggcttaaact agatccataa tataagcaaa     19740
     aatcataaat attgacagta ttggcaggga tggaggagga aagaaaaaac cactccctgc     19800
     ctcatgattt cccactgcct atatttgtgg gtgagaattg attttccaag gtcagcaagt     19860
     gccattgagg acatcgtcta aattgtagct catctacttg tctttcccat tgatggtgta     19920
     ttcagattaa caaatacgtg agaaaacatc cctaggagca cacgctgaaa ggtaagatga     19980
     acccccaagt tttttgccat tggacacata tatttataag cttttgatct ttgagcatat     20040
     tctcttattc tttttttcct ggccgtgtga ctcatgacct ggccaaagtt cctttctttc     20100
     aggtagagaa gaaagaaaaa tggatttgaa atgcatgcct caatctgccc cagaaagatt     20160
     ttaggaatac aaaacataaa gatatgcaaa caaaaggaaa caatgaaggc tccagatagt     20220
     ccccttccta agtgggatat tattccgcat gagcttggct ttcttctcca aggccctgaa     20280
     tccctctctt ccttctcagt ggccatgtaa ctacttgcag agatgctagg ttgtcttcct     20340
     tgatctctct ttccaggtct ggggtcttac ccttccgtct ccttggagga acagaaggat     20400
     ggacaaataa agctgaagtg cacttcggaa gggtggttcc cacagcccca cgtgcaatgg     20460
     agagacaggg aaggaaggcc aagaccgtct ttttcccagg aggtgactca aggcagccat     20520
     gggctgttcc atgtgcaggc gtttttattg gccacagatg cctctgttgt gaatgtgacc     20580
     tgctccatca gcaaccccct tcttggccag gaggagaaaa tgacaacttt ttttctttca     20640
     ggttagtgat tccatgagtt cctctcagct ttgggaaaca catacgaaga ccaaccgaag     20700
     cttactcatt ttatcacgct tctatttttt tgttttttat tttttctttc tgatgaagtc     20760
     ttttactgtc tctggaaagc tggtcttggg aacacctaga aattctactc tttttaagtt     20820
     tctcccttga aatccccaac caaagcccca aggttatatg gttacactgt tatatattaa     20880
     tttccaagaa tggactccat caccacgaca tctacaaact cttttcttct catgaaaaca     20940
     atgacattat ttgccccccc ccgccgcccc cccgccacca tgatgggttt tcttctggat     21000
     tagaaggcgt catggctgtg accttggtaa atttatcttt ttactacctt tgtgtttcaa     21060
     ctgattgtgg tgatattgtt ggaaaagaga aggggggaga aatgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     21120
     tgtgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg cgcgcgcgtg catgtgtgca tttgtgttgc tgaggagagc     21180
     aaacaggaaa gccagcataa acctctagtt tctcctcagc tcctacagag caaggagcag     21240
     ggaggagcag accaacttcc ttcttttatt tatttatttt tggctatacc caggacatgc     21300
     aggagttccc aggccaggga tcagacacat gccacagctg ggaccatgct ggatccttaa     21360
     cccatgagtc accggggaac tccccaactt ccttctggat aggaccaatt ctcatcctcc     21420
     tctccagccc aggaactgct cagatgaaaa ggatgatctt gaaacttccc agttttgtga     21480
     tttaatgtga ttctggggtt tccattttag agtctgggat gacttttcca tggaagatac     21540
     tgcttgtgtt gggattgctt cttgttggaa ctgtgggctt gatctggtgg aacagctata     21600
     gaaaaggtaa gttaggaaaa cagaaacagc agtgtggagt gtggtttgtg gtgggaaatt     21660
     tactgtacac tttccctagc ctctcttttc agaggcattc cttggatatt cagtaattaa     21720
     ggaaacatga gagtccatgg cttacatgca tggaattgag gatcagtgct gaatgagatc     21780
     aggttacagt gatggaagaa ctagcaaaag aattaaatga caataatttc atgccccagt     21840
     gcacattccc aagagatctg gttgagagag aggaagaaaa acagtggcag agccatctct     21900
     gctttgaagg ctgcgagctg agacttaatg gggatcctgt tggcatgaac atttcactca     21960
     gatcattact agtatggtga cttgctcagt gctgtttttg ctctgaagga gggagttctc     22020
     atatattgat tattttgtgt gccctagaaa gttcctctac agtaagtttc taaagtcact     22080
     gtaacttttg ttttattgtt tggatattaa tatcatgaaa ttaatatttt aaaatattcc     22140
     catgttcatt attatcagaa aggattttct ttctctgcag tggacaagac attggatcca     22200
     aatacagctc acccagaccg gatcctttct gagggaaatg gactgccaat catgaagcca     22260
     gccagacgga gaaaagaggg acttctcaaa actcctcaaa gctcaaagct ccagaagggg     22320
     ctcaactcag gagggtggta cacagaggtg gtgtttgggg acaggaaaat atgtgtccag     22380
     aatgttgcca aggacagttc ttcaaagagt cttctctgtg ttacttgagg atggtttggg     22440
     caatgggttg ctatggaaat gagtactggg tcatcaacct gcctcccagc ctcctctctc     22500
     tgaggatgtc tccaggactg gttagactgt cccttgacta tgcccgtaaa tgcctctcct     22560
     tttatcacat gagcaagtgc tctatctaca tcttcccttg agatgttttt ttttctctga     22620
     aattctgtac cccctcttca ttctttggtc ctctaaggta gattctcctg acatctttct     22680
     tgtacccaag gcttccaagg aaaacaataa ccttggattc tgaaaaccag gattatattc     22740
     taagtcccag ctcttttatc ttttcaccag tttcttgaag gggctcacag gatcacccat     22800
     tcccctaatc aagaggcttt aacttcactg tggcatcaaa tctgacctgg aggctgatgc     22860
     attcagtgac ctatcatatc ccagtgtctc tgatatcctg cctactgatt ataatctgat     22920
     atctggtgac aaaagaccct tagaaaatcc aatgacaaat gcaatttagc caagaggagg     22980
     aggaagtgca aggaatgatc aagtacttaa ttggtttctc taggaaagtg gggctgagaa     23040
     aacaagcaaa caaaaaatac agttaaaatg tggacgagaa aatacagctg aatctaagga     23100
     ggaaagtctg gtcactaagc tatatcttga acatcccatg aagtgtgtga tccctgcacc     23160
     agacttttcc agaaagttaa ctgagaatgg ggaatgagga agtttttcag atattctagt     23220
     ccaagaggaa aattagttat gtgttatata tatgaaaatg tccgttttat ttttagagtg     23280
     aaaaaaagca tacaatttaa aatgaaattg cttatgttta attatgaaat aaacataagc     23340
     aataaatgca acagaagtaa taaaatgcag tggaaccaaa aataaaatca caatgaatta     23400
     cacgtagagg aagaaagaat gcgaagaaat aaagattcag aaaaataagt cttcaaatct     23460
     tctgcagtga ggatgaggaa tccctgcaaa tgacattctg ctctttccag gagggcagga     23520
     attagggact tcactgtcct ttgaaggtta ttcatctgta gcattctgga tttttctctt     23580
     tggggtcaga atatttgtct ctatttttaa actcctaagt ttatgcttga aactatgtat     23640
     tgtttttcac aagtggttac acatttactt tatttagttt taaaatttgt caattgtaaa     23700
     atacacataa cataaaagtc atcatttggg ccattttaaa gtgcaccgtt cagtggcatt     23760
     ttgttccttc actatgtgta caaccatcat cagtatccag ttctagcata tttggattat     23820
     cccaaaaaga aacgtcatca ccatttatca gccatactca tttccccctc tctccagccc     23880
     ctaacctact ttctgtcttt ctgaatttgc ctatgttggg tatttcatag aaaaggaatc     23940
     ataaaatata tggatttttg tgtgtctatt ttttttttac ttagcataat gttttcaaag     24000
     ttcctccaca ttgcaacatg tatcagaaat tcattaattt tttgaaatta aaagacttta     24060
     tttttttaag aagtgtttta ggtttacagc aaaatcgagt gtataattca tatgcctccc     24120
     ctctcacccc ctagtttcct ctgttatgaa cagcctgcct tgctggggta catttgtgac     24180
     acggatgaaa tggtattaag acattatttt caattaaagt ccctagttta catcagggtt     24240
     cacttttctc tggggtttga tttaaacatt ttggatacat tgatatgtcc ttatataccc     24300
     tttatatttt gaagacaaat ttattagtaa attacttaca tccttacctt gcagccctat     24360
     tttctacccc tagactataa gacacctttc tctctcactc aagggagggc acaatcgctc     24420
     tctttttttt ttttattgtc tttttgccat ttcttgggcc actctcgcca cagccacagc     24480
     aacttggaat ctgagccgcg tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcactgaaac gccggatcct     24540
     caacccattg agcaaggcca gggatcgaac ctgcaacctc atggttccta gtcggattca     24600
     ttaaccactg cgccacgacc ggaactccgg gagggcacag tcttgagggc actagtctgc     24660
     tgtggcgcct ttgcctgggt gagggcaccc acctcacccg aaattctgtc tctgagtttc     24720
     tgtttggcac cggtgaacag aggctgagtt ttagtaacac ttagatgcac taaaggcaaa     24780
     ggtgaccctc aacagtgaga ggaacttggt tagaaagaaa aaaaaatgcc aatttgtttt     24840
     ttgtttttgt ttgtttgttt gttttttttt tgtttttagg gctaaacttg cagtttatgg     24900
     aggttcccag gctgggggtt gaataggacc tgcagctgcc agtctacacc acagccactg     24960
     caatgccaga tccaagccac gtctgcaacc tacaccactg ctcatggcaa tgcaggatcc     25020
     caactgaaca aggccaggga tcaaacctga gaccccatgg gtactagtcg gattcgttac     25080
     cactgaacca caaggggctc caaaaaaagc caatgttaac aacgactatt tcctcatgaa     25140
     acctatgtga tgattttttt ctctgaaaac ataaactgca acattctttt ttttttttat     25200
     tttcatacaa ttctggactt gctgatcagt gagaactggt tttaaaaaaa tgagcttgca     25260
     ggttggatcc ctggcctctc tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg cattgccgtg agctgtggtg     25320
     taggtcacag acgtggctcg aatctggtat tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg ccagcagctc     25380
     tagctctgat ttgacccctg gcctgggatc ttccgtatgc tatgcatgtg gccctaaaaa     25440
     gaaaaaaaaa aagtttcttc ctttccagaa ggcttggtct cctgctcaaa tggtttatag     25500
     ttatttatca tatttcccca cctcttggca aagtccaagt tttagaattt gatgaacact     25560
     aaagtctgaa gagggaacaa gctgagctac tagcttttaa aagacttgaa caggagttct     25620
     ctggtggcct aaaggttaag gatctgatgt tgtcactgct gtggcatagg tttgatccct     25680
     ggcctaggaa cttcctcatg ctgtaggtgc agccaaaaaa tttttttaaa aaattaaaaa     25740
     ttaaaaaaaa aaaagatgaa ctaggagttc ttgttgtggc tcagcaaaaa caaatccaac     25800
     tggtaaccat gaggttgcag gtttgatccc tggctttgat cagtagctta aggatccggc     25860
     gttgctgtga gctgtggtgt aggtcacata cacggcttgg atcctccatt gctgtggctg     25920
     tggtacaggc tggtggctat agctccgatt taacccctag cttgggaacc tccataggct     25980
     gcaggtgcag ccctgaaaag aaaaagaaaa aagacgaact gatttctgtg catacatctt     26040
     gcagtagcac cgtgtattga gaatttactc aacagggacc cttcccttca aactccactc     26100
     actcctccaa atttgacgac acatgtaaga agagagattt ttctctttag atgtaacttt     26160
     aaacgtattt actttgaaac acactaagta cctgaactga agaaaggtcc atgcgtttac     26220
     aaggagtttt cctgtgacaa atcgtggttg cccacagaga gtatttccgc aaaggtaaca     26280
     cgagaggaaa ttctcacagt cattttccag ctgtcgcatt tctctctctc tcgctgaaag     26340
     ggattgaact tatacctaac gagaaggaca gctttcttgg tggacacacc cataagaagc     26400
     tcctgcagag gcagcagggg tgccgactcg ctgctcaagg aggtaataga gagagagctt     26460
     cttgggggac acttagatca caacgatttg agtgggttac caagggcttt gaagacgaat     26520
     caggacgagt ttcagtgtga tctgaatcta agcagatggt caacgatgtg ccagcacccc     26580
     taaggctaaa ataaggatag agaggctcat ggatggggat tccggtaaaa gaatggatgt     26640
     gggacccgtc aatcatgttg taaaaagaca cttgcttagc atcccagtcc aggaaaacgc     26700
     ctatcctgcg gggcagctgc ctcagtgaca gcgactcttt gtgggaggcg ggaacactga     26760
     cttttccttc tttgtacatc accacccaga atttcttctc tggactttcc acaaaccacc     26820
     cctttctcca tgctgttttg gagcaaacac ccagagccca cttcgttccg gatccatcgt     26880
     ctgtctttgc ctttacttct acctcccagt aatgtctccc tgcagaaggg cattcctggc     26940
     ccagaacatt gaggatgtct tcagacgccc cttggtcttg gagtgctggg gtgtcaccat     27000
     tcggaggaac attctctgtg aaagactttc cgttttcaga taagctgagg tttcgatgag     27060
     ctgtgtttgg atccagagta acagccactg cagggataag gggaaaaaat aaaggtcatt     27120
     ccccaatgga gactggctgg ctttaggaaa gacataaatt actggtaaag gagaatggag     27180
     aaaaacaaag agagaaatga aagattaggt aaaacaatta atctgctttc ctgtgtccat     27240
     tcacaggaga tacatgacgt gtaaatcaga gaaggccagg gttgggcagg cccatgggta     27300
     actgggtgtt ccagacagtc tgagaccatt tagttaagaa ggcttctcct atcctgctga     27360
     atagcattga gaacttgtct agatactcat gttgcaacag aagaaagggt gggggaaaaa     27420
     atgtaattgt aatgtataca tgtaagggta acctgacccc cttgcagtac agtgggaaaa     27480
     taaaaaaaat tattataaaa aaataaaaaa aataaaaaaa taaataaata aattttggaa     27540
     tgataaaagt aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagcct atatactgtc ttcaggtgaa cggttagatt     27600
     ttcctcttaa ttcaatataa gatgttttta tgattcaggt ccttgataag gttgtaattt     27660
     tggcacaaat acccaataga gaatgtatca taacagcttt attctgatga tggagaagat     27720
     tcctttgcag aggatcagat tgggaagcat tctatctagg cttgattatt tgttgttttt     27780
     ttaattttca ttatttccta tgtattcatt aaaacaacat tgtctagaaa aaaaaaagaa     27840
     aaaaaaaaga aaaaaaaaag aaggcttctc ctccaaaaat ccccagggtc atgtgtttca     27900
     agttggggtc ttgccaacct cctgtaaatc ctggctgctt tactgcttgc tcttaaccat     27960
     taagccacat cgcatttccg atcgcaaggc accaactctc atgtaagctt ctttggttcc     28020
     atttttctgc ggacttaggt aagaactaag tcatctactg ctcatgtact cttactgtat     28080
     ttctaatgta tgaaatccca ggctctatgg tcagaaagat ctgtattttg ataaccatcc     28140
     tttctttagt agctgtgaac ttgaagtgac tttgcctctt ttggtctcac tttaatctca     28200
     tgaagatgac acctcagcat aggactgcta cgaggagtaa atgacaatgt actacatttt     28260
     gtccatgatg aacacttggt aaattttagt ttctgatagt tatagtaaca ctactaccag     28320
     tagtagcagt agcaagagtg ctaatactag taacaagcaa tctgcttctt accaaaccaa     28380
     acatcttaag taattacaat ttttctccta aaaatttgta tgtgagaatg tattttaatt     28440
     tttttttttt gcctttttgc cttttctagg gccgctccct tggcatatgg aggttcccag     28500
     gctaggggtc taataggagg tgtagccacc aacctacacc agagccacag ccacttggga     28560
     tctgagctgc gtctgcaacc tacaccacag ctcatggcaa cgctggatcc ttaacccaca     28620
     gagcaaggcc agggattgaa cccgcaaacc tcatggttcc cgcaaacctc atagtcggat     28680
     tggttaacca ctgagccatg acaggaattc cctttatttt aatttttgga gggttaagtt     28740
     aacaaggaaa ggttggcaga tgcagggata ttcagagtga agtagcgtgg agtagaaata     28800
     gatgtttgac tcaaaattct gggaagactg taagatctca ggggctattt tccatttgta     28860
     ctgagatgca acaagctgtt ctctgactca gacttatgta atagacttcc ttctaactga     28920
     actactcttt caatgctctt ctcgggacta cagatactgg atgactgaag ttgcagatga     28980
     attatcaatt cctgaggaga attcctttaa tccatccttt tttttcatca tggcaacctt     29040
     ttattccttc tttattcacc atagtttgta tgtgcacttt cccatgaagt cagagaccag     29100
     gtctgcttta ttgatgtggc actgaataaa acgttgtata attttatgct gagtgaatga     29160
     atgaatgaat gaatggtgtc agaacactaa gaaatatgtt tgcatttctg catgaaattg     29220
     aaacggaaat gaaagccgtg aaatgaataa gcagttaggt attattgaga atttatacag     29280
     ctagagtagt ttctccttcg tatagaagag atgatgagag acaaagtact aaagtcactt     29340
     acttgctttg aactgttcct ttctccagtc taaaaaagaa aaaatgtcat atggaaaata     29400
     tgccacggac atgtcctccg aactattgag atgcttatcc cttcatccct tgtatttttt     29460
     tggactcccc agattcaagc aaaatctcca gaagatggca cttatgtgaa aaatgccctg     29520
     gaaaagcctc atgacatcct aaagcccctg aagccccaag acaatatcag ttactcacca     29580
     gcatatatct ctgcttttct ccagtctgca acaaaacaaa agaattagac tctcccattc     29640
     atagaccttc agagtatgca attgccgtga ccacggaaaa cccgagggtt tatgattgtt     29700
     ctacatttct gtgctcatct caatacattt ctgatacact tgtcctcttt tacgcctcct     29760
     gttttattgc tcacattttc cacattctac atctgaaata aaaaggaggg tctggttttt     29820
     cctggatgga gaaatagaag gtaggcttga attatgagag tgtgtgggaa agcctaaaat     29880
     gttatgggct gccttgccgg ctttgagctc acaggactcc aaacgcctag ttcttttgct     29940
     ctcaccagat gtgccctcca cccagcagga taaactcccc attcagctaa tttccctatg     30000
     ggccaagaca gctgaatccc acctgtcatc aacgtaatga ggtttacctc cctgtcagcc     30060
     tgcaaaatta ttcccacaag ccgattacaa acttctacag aaaacaaggg cacttcttcc     30120
     ttttgttagt acaaagccca cagacctcgc tagttcattc tgctcccaag cgcaacctcc     30180
     atgtggtcct gtacggtgcg tggtgtcctt ctcccccagg gtgcaaatgt atgtgattta     30240
     aaaactgctg ccaatcccat ctgtccagag ttgggtgttg tgttttatac gctttaaggt     30300
     aggggaccca tcccccacca agaaggtaaa ttggaggcag ccaaaatatt ggaggcggcc     30360
     aaaatagagg ggcagacgag acggttcacc caacgctaac atccatagaa ctcaccttgc     30420
     tgatataatt ccttccttct ggctgaaaag gaattaacag cctgtgagat tccaggcatt     30480
     cagcaaagta taagactctt tcctctgtca gatcaaagga aatggaaaac ttaccaagct     30540
     ctttctcaaa ggatactaaa aaggaaagaa aataacaaaa tggacttaat ggcttgtttt     30600
     ctaggctatg ttactaagcc cagatcctac ttccatatgc ccagaaccaa aactacctta     30660
     attgagaatt atgatttaca ccatatacca tactatgtct aaaccagtga tgttcttctc     30720
     tctctaatgg acgctatcat ttttcttttt ttctcatgga ggtcctgggc tccatgtttt     30780
     gttggaggtc ttgggactgt gactcattct tacccgtagc tctgtgttcc ccaaagatgc     30840
     catccataca cacagccacg ttaacaaacc catacattca cagatccaac caagtctgat     30900
     ttacaggctt acctttggca ttcatttcct cctccttttc cttctgggct ttggataatt     30960
     tcttcctttc ctgttgttct ttccaagcca aatacacaac agcacccacg aaaatcccaa     31020
     gaatcaggaa agtcacaagg aatgctacct tccaaggaga ggtcctaggg aagaagggtt     31080
     ctgacacaga gcccccaaaa cctcatcaaa aatatacacc tggagttcct gttgtggctc     31140
     agtggtaaca aacccaacta gcatccatga ggatgcgggt tcgatccctg gccctgctca     31200
     gtgggttaag aatccggcag tgccgtgagc tgcaggatat gttgcagacg cagctcagat     31260
     ttggtgtcgc tgtggctgtg gcttaggctg gcagctacag ctccgattca gtccccagcc     31320
     tgggaacttc catatgccat gggtgtagca ctaaaaaaaa caaacaaaca aacaaacaaa     31380
     aaacaaaaac aaaaacaaaa ccatctgcca agtaagcctt cccattccca ttccaagtcc     31440
     tgaagatccc ctccttattc ctgtcctatc ccctaaatgc ctcaaactga cctggaatga     31500
     aaatggtttc tacttgctct tgtccaaaga aggggttctt catggaacag gacacttctg     31560
     actgtgagct gtctctcaca atgacggaag cctcaatctg aaacaaccca tcatcgtctt     31620
     gtgtctcatc ctcagagaga gatgggatct tctctcctct tgcatctttc cattgtacct     31680
     ccggctgggg aaaccatccc ttgccggtgc acttcagcct tattccttca tcttctggac     31740
     ccaccatgaa agtatgagga ccagaaccca gacctggaga ggaaagtcat tcatctgaga     31800
     cttggatttt ttttttggcc cagaagtccc caatatttca cagtgcgggg ggtggggggt     31860
     ggagatggac aaaacatcat agttctcagt ggaaggaggg ggtttcttta cttttcccat     31920
     gaagtatctg aggttcaaaa attaaaagag cactgaaggt gatcctggga cttccaccaa     31980
     tgcccgtcag agctccttta cacaagcata tctgcaattg gctgtagaag ggtgataggg     32040
     aaggaattga ctgaaatttg ccagtgttaa attcttttgg aaaaaaaaaa ccccgctata     32100
     tctattctat atctgtatca tatgtctatt ccatttattg ccatctcaag aagactattt     32160
     tcctgtgctt aaattgagac ttcttgtggt gttttcctta aacaatgacc ctttgtaatt     32220
     tttccaaatt ttctttcttc cactgaggaa agattatcta aaagacaaag gtaactgggt     32280
     gaggtgagtc catgaaggag tcaaggtgtt tttacttttc cactctgacc ccttcttttc     32340
     cctccaccac ccctgctctt tttcacctct gcacaggggg gctctactag ttatgtaaat     32400
     aaccaccacc catatcaaga tgtaacctgc cagaatgcta gatgaatcca ctatctcttc     32460
     aagaataatg gctattctgg cttctaagac tacatcttat tttgatttaa atttaatatc     32520
     ataaggtaca gatcttctta tgtttgctta gtcttcttac agttcttcag gtgtgggaaa     32580
     tacatcagga aactcagcta catcaccttt ttttttttgg ctaaaaatta tagtacagct     32640
     aataattctt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttag ggctgtacct ggggcctatg     32700
     gaggctccca ggctgggggt tgaataggag ctgtagccac ctgcctacac cagagccata     32760
     gcaacaccaa atccgagcag catctgcaac gtacaccaca gctcaagaca acgctggatc     32820
     cttaacccac tgagcggggc caggggtaga acctgtgtcc tcattggatg ctagtcggat     32880
     ttgtttacac tgagccatga tgtcccccaa tacagctaat aatttttacc accaacccct     32940
     gacctgcctg gagcaataca tttctggaaa acagaaagct gtgtgaaaga taattcacct     33000
     tctcagaatt gcctgaggga gctgccaatt tttttgaaca ggggaaataa atgtaagaaa     33060
     aatctcaaac agaggaaata aatgtaagaa aaatctcaaa cataatggtg aggtggaaaa     33120
     aaacagccca gacatagtcg tgtccaggta tgtcaaaatc aaaaataagc aaaactagga     33180
     gttcccgtcg tggcgcagtg gttaacgaat ccaactagga accatgaggt tgcgggtttg     33240
     atccctgccc ttgctcagtg ggttgacgat ccggcgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt     33300
     gcagatgtgg ctcggatccc gagttgctgt ggctctggca taggccggtg gctgcagttc     33360
     cgctttgacc cctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccgcggg agcggcccaa gaaatagcaa     33420
     aaagaccaaa aaacaaaaaa caaaacaaac aaaaaaaata agcaaaacta accagcctct     33480
     cggtctaccc tgtcaaaccc tcaccgtctc ttcctccaaa cggtacatta aatgctcgac     33540
     cactaaaccc tcccagctaa gcctctgtcc atcacagtag ccaactggca ttatggtctc     33600
     tgagagtaat ggtacatttt ggtaattgtg gtgcctccct tcaaaatgtg tgatgagagc     33660
     agttcccgct gtggtgcagt aggttaagaa cctgagctgc tgcagagttc ccactgtgct     33720
     gcagtggggt taaagatcta gtgtcgccgc agcagaagtg taggtcgaag tcacagctca     33780
     gattcattcc ctggcccaga aaattctata agtcgcaggt gcagccataa aaagaaaaaa     33840
     aaaagtatga taagagacat agagggaaat aaacgatatt cttttttttg atacttatgg     33900
     atagtttaat tttaaagtac aacacatgta taaacagatt aagaggattg ggggctaaat     33960
     ccaatgtctg ggatgttgac catctccaag catacctgac tttttgtttc tatcctgccc     34020
     accatcctgc ttcctcaaat tgaatacgga atgttgacac ttccctctga gtgatgtgtc     34080
     gtctcggaaa attactcacc tatcaccttt agctccaaac tggcttcttc ataataactt     34140
     ccttttttaa aaaaacactt gtacattcca ttgtctgaga ctcggaggtt gtggattctc     34200
     acagccacct tcccctcatt gatgtagtct ttcagcaact ctgctcgccc tttgaaatcg     34260
     accatttgtt ctcctggctg ctccacccca tcacgataca cgtacacagg ttctgagggt     34320
     ttggagcgga accaccagag ctccatggtc tccaggttca tggctgggga cacgctgcag     34380
     ggcagcactg tgtccccacc cagcatggcc acgatgggct cggaggggcc aatcaccaaa     34440
     aatgaatctg ccgggtagaa ccacaagcaa aaccgtatca gaataacctc cttggccatt     34500
     ttagaacatg gcatcgttac tggtccagtc gagcccaaca gacattctcg cattggcagg     34560
     gcagtaattt gcagctcgca ttcaggctaa aggtggcagt gaacaagaca gggaggattt     34620
     ctacccttgg ggagcttcca atcaacagag tgatctgtat gcaacagatg atttttaaat     34680
     tgcaatgggg gtcagttcaa cggaggaggg gagagcactg ggaattcatg aagctagagt     34740
     ttgtcatcag gtcttaggca tcagaaaaag cattcctcca gaagctgaga cctgaatgaa     34800
     tgagacagca tcagtaaagt aattctagtt gtccttccct ctgaaataat catataccaa     34860
     tttatttgcc ctcttctatg ggtaaataca ttattgtgtc aaaataaaag atttggagtt     34920
     aacccaagta tatatgagac atggagtggc ttaatctctc tattcaggga gcaagagaat     34980
     ccaggcattg aaaatataaa atattctcac cggagcccca catggacacc tggagaagca     35040
     ggataaagaa gaggcctctt ggcagagaga agtcccagga acacaccatc tttcccagat     35100
     cagaggatgg tatgacacag agggaggtcc tgaaaacagc tggtgtaaag acaaaaatgg     35160
     gactcacaag gtaaaaaggt tctagctaag gtggttcaca gtgcttccaa gaaatgccct     35220
     cctgaagctc tccaacgact gcgatgtctc tttcagggaa cctcagggaa gcctctgaca     35280
     ttcccgtgag aaaagacctt ctgtttccct cttccaagac cacgttctgc agggacaaat     35340
     ctgaccacag tctctccata aacgcttctc acaaggggaa cattttaacc aatggacgac     35400
     agagagacaa gaaaagccac gagcagcccc cgagacagag cgctttagca cgaacgaacg     35460
     ttactctggc ctcaatgcat tttctctccg cacgttccca gatgaggacg gggcagagag     35520
     aactctgtcc accctcaggg tcctggccca ggtcatctca cttccctccc tcttgctcct     35580
     caccaacaaa atgccccact cacatctgtc aggttcttcc tgcagaggtg aagtcaccct     35640
     ggaacttctc accctcgcga gcaccaggaa taccttccct cggccatgcc tcccgggtac     35700
     cctctcttgg ctgccgacag gtctctcttg tgaaacttgc ttcaagatgc aagggactat     35760
     cagacgttag acaccctggg cccggaagga agccttgggt gtttgtgaaa agggtttcgg     35820
     aaacctggaa gagaggcgct ccctgctcag aaacctctca gcagagtgtt tctcctcggc     35880
     cacaccaacg tattcaaaat tgaaagtaac ataagataag gaaagagaac tctgacctgg     35940
     catgaatagt aagtctatct gataagcaga ggattattat attattataa gcagaggatc     36000
     caaaagagcg atttctttct ttgagaagga taatatccag ggtaataacg taagtattag     36060
     aacttgattc gcctaagtta aaatcctggg caggctattt acaagctcac ggttttgagc     36120
     aagttttgcg agcttgctgt gtctcaatgt cctcatctga caaagggttt aataatagtg     36180
     cctaccctaa gtttttgtga ggattacctg aattaatgtc tgtaaagcac ttagaggacg     36240
     gtcactaact gtgacattct ttgcaggtgt tggaaatttt tattttaatg tcttgttcaa     36300
     ttcactacag tagatctcca ttctgataat aaatgttcat ctactgatta ggcccctctc     36360
     caagagacag gaaatcaaaa agacacgggc ccattcatac tttctcccgg acatagaagt     36420
     ttcttccact gacatctggg ataagatcca tcttgaccag aatgaaagaa gaacagtata     36480
     aaactcccaa acagcactgt aaactatgtc tagtcactat atgatggagc acgataatgt     36540
     gagaaaaaag aatgtttaca tgtatgtgta acggggtcac catgctgtat agtagaaaaa     36600
     aaaataatgt actgggaaat aaaataataa taataataat aataataaaa taaaaaatat     36660
     aaaactccta aaataattct ctgaaaactt tcatcctcct ttcatactgg aaaccttgag     36720
     aagagctgaa gataatattg ctatcctctg tttagataat tcatttttgt tacaaagatc     36780
     tcaaatccta tgactttgag aataattgtc tttcttgctt agaatgacag aaagccattc     36840
     taaattagag cctgaaagaa tgaaaaaagc tctaatttac atttttgaaa ttctggatcc     36900
     aagattgaac atctacatat ggttggaaca aacatagtaa aacaagaaat taaacaaatg     36960
     taattcagac atattctaac aaaatttgag atatgacaat attaatttta aaataaaaat     37020
     aacgttcaga gagaaatagt tcaaaggaac aggactgtct cttcaaagag gacctgttaa     37080
     cgcacgtggc tttcaaggat tgcatgggac taccagcaca gagtagagtt aaagaaaaat     37140
     cagttgggaa ctcaaaacac tttacagtca taattaagca gaaatgaaca gaagcattcc     37200
     agaacatata tataaacggt agaggtttaa gtgatataac agctatgcca catcgaatct     37260
     tttacataat gacttgatga gatccaacaa cttctcttaa tttttgatga ctagaaacca     37320
     cttcagggag tttccatcat ggctcagtgt aaacgaatct gactagcacc catgaggaca     37380
     caggtttgat ccccggcctt gctcagtggg ttacggatcc ggtgttgccg tgagctgtgg     37440
     tgtagtagca gacgaggctc ggatctggtg ttgctgtggc tgtggctgtg gtgtaggctg     37500
     gcagctgcag ctcagattca acccctagcc tgagaacctc catgtgccgt gggtgtggcc     37560
     ctaaaaagat aaaaaaagaa aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa ggaaggaagg     37620
     aaggaaggaa ggaaggaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag aaagaaagaa agaaagaaag     37680
     aaagaaagaa agaaagaaaa tgaaatccat ttaaggcaat taagatggat tagtagaatg     37740
     acctgtgtga tatttatcta acccctctct ccactgcttg gtgaagcaag actttcccag     37800
     gtctgcctct acaattaaca ccaaaaggaa tactccaagt attccttttg aaactgtgct     37860
     taagtcttta atctcattag agatttgggt ttacatttcc taaacaggca gggatttgac     37920
     gtgagtatga atgatgctat catactttgt ggaaactatt aaaagtgtga agtaaattac     37980
     tgccacagga aagccacaca gtcttcttgg aggcagctgc ttggttggga gaagctattg     38040
     aaaaaaagga gattaagtga gctggtgatt cttccattcc taggaactgg tcaacagaca     38100
     acatctgcca aatcacctat cttccgctct attctggttc aacagtggcc ccagggtggg     38160
     tgtaaacaga gcctgggatg tagcccagaa gtacccatac cttcgccctg ctccaagccc     38220
     ctgtgttcaa aatctgcaac ctgcactcgt cctataagag aagttttttg gaggagaaaa     38280
     cttctgcgat gttttcttgc ccagaacttt ctttttcact tcttcccccc cccacactgg     38340
     aggcatatgg aagttccttg gccctaggaa gcaagcctag agatcctagg gatcaaaccc     38400
     gtgccacaac attgacacga gccattgcag tgacaacacc agatccttaa cccactgagc     38460
     caacagggaa ccccagaact ttttctttgg cctttacact tcatgttagt tcagctgctc     38520
     agataattct atttcttaat ttttaaaatt ttatttattt atttatttgg tcttttctag     38580
     ggccactcct gcagcaaatg gagattccca ggtttggggt ccaatcggag ctacagctgc     38640
     tggcctacgc cagagccaca gcaacacggg atccaagcca cacctgcaac ctacaccacc     38700
     gctcagggca acgccggatc cttaacccac tgagcaaggc cagggatcga acatgcaacc     38760
     tcatggttcc tagtcggatt cgttaaccac tgcaccacga caggaactcc gctcagataa     38820
     ttccagtttc cattctggaa agtgatgaga ttaaatttat attttaaggc aggacaagaa     38880
     aaattgaagc ataaaattct ctctctgttt gggtcccctt cctccccttt tcatgtgcag     38940
     ggtgcatctg cattacacag taaccagacc tcaaaggtgg ggatgctggc ttgtctataa     39000
     agatcaattt ttcttctttt ttctgacacc agagaaatct gaaaattaga gagaagcaac     39060
     aataatagaa acacccatat ttgtcccatt cagagatcag tagtctattg tcatttttcc     39120
     gtgactttga tgtctatcct tctcttctca aatgtgttca cgctgtttta aaaactgctt     39180
     ttttttgata tcaataatat cttgccagtt tctttctctc tctccccctc ttcacctttc     39240
     tctcttaaac acacgaacac tggtgtgtac tcagtgtaat tccctccaaa tgtttttcac     39300
     aaattaatta gctttactca aaatagataa gataacatat gtaaaatttt caaacttatt     39360
     tttctagctt tgttggaaat atatactaat ctatttacat tttgagagcg aatacacaca     39420
     aacatacata atacatttca aaataaacaa aagaggcatg tagtctcttc agcctggccc     39480
     tcgtctcctt cagtttttgc ttcccattcc ccctatttca gatctaatcc cttagatgca     39540
     tgtcaggttc caactgagac aggagggctt tacggagaag gtggagggct gcccagtgtg     39600
     gtgtgaaaga gtagtagaag aagaagggga ccctgctgca cagcactggg agctctatct     39660
     agtcactggt gatggagcac gatggaggac agtatgagaa aaagaaggta cgtacatatg     39720
     tatgtgtgac tgggtcactc tgctgcacag gaaaaaattg acagaacact gtaagccaac     39780
     tgtaatggaa aaaataaaaa tcattaaaaa aagaaaagaa gaagaagaag ggcataaggg     39840
     tgaggtggga ggcagccccg aagacaatgg cagaagagga tattgtccta tatgcaaaca     39900
     atgcactatt atgcagcaat aaaaactttt caatgtactg ataaaatgtg gttgaatctc     39960
     aaaaaagcat tttgtttagc caaagaagcc aaacacaaaa gcgttatata ctgtgactcc     40020
     atttgtgttg tctttgaagt ttgaggacag gcaaggttaa gctgtgatga tttacagcag     40080
     aatattgttt gcttttttgg aacagaccga ctgacgtggg catggggaac atttggaaga     40140
     gacggaaatg ctccctattt tgatcgagat ggtagttaca ggcctgtaag cttttgtgaa     40200
     acatcattga gatgcatgtt ttcaaaccgt gctttcatgg tgtgcaaatt atacctcaat     40260
     gcatttgatt tctcaaaaag gtgaatgtac cttactgtct ctggagaata tttatttaag     40320
     attgtggtat tcatttggcc agactgttaa gggcttacat gctaatgttt atggaattgc     40380
     tctttgtgtc cccgattatc cgtaaacctt gtgtgacatg aagaaacatg aattaaacgt     40440
     ggaaagagtg tgaaatggaa agaaactgcc atttgagctt tcagtatcca gcactgagca     40500
     actgtgttgt tacatctgtt ctaatgtggg gggccctgag gtttttggag cacagagccc     40560
     tctatctctg acctcttgtt ttcccttgtg caactctgca cgtggcttct gatggcagtc     40620
     acggtgtggg aggaggaaac acactcctct cgggtttatt ctccaaatca cttaactttg     40680
     taagttgcgc acttggataa ccaactgacc tgaagattac acagcaagat gcttccttcc     40740
     ccctgaataa tgtgatttca gcccttggcc ggtgggagga gggagctctg ctgagcattc     40800
     gccaccaaag tgacttcaga gtctctatcc tcctacagct cagcccagtc caaagtcccc     40860
     ccgggatgac ctccattagt tccactttca aagtagctag aagagctgaa ggtaggctgc     40920
     gactttcttg ttaagcccct tctaggagag gcattgaaat gcgagtccct cttggcagcc     40980
     ccgttcgtcc tcctccctga gaattttttc ccaatccagg gatgggttag gaacctgccg     41040
     tttccagccc cctgcagcca ctcccttgga tcctgaccag gagaacaacc aggtacaaat     41100
     tgtctctgca gctgggcctt gtaggtgcac cgtggggacc aggactttca ggaccccctg     41160
     gccccgtggc tccatctggt tggtgagaga gagaaatgtg tggcgatgtg caggtgtgtc     41220
     tgtggaacat gtgggtccta aaaaaagaag ggcttgagct ctgggtcatg tggtgagaaa     41280
     actcccatct ctttcaggag ttaagccatg agagcatttg tggtcaaaat aaataaatac     41340
     atgtgtgaaa gaactaacaa atgaaggaag gaaggaaagt agactgagag gagtggacaa     41400
     attctgtgtc tgacttcagt tctcaacatt gagttttcaa cttcagcaga gccctgggga     41460
     ggaagtgaat ccgcagataa gcgggaaagc ccacgggaca caagaagacg gtttaacaat     41520
     tttccacacc tgctggggaa acagttggtt ttcaggaaaa aaataaaaaa agggcggggg     41580
     tgggtgggag ttaaaaaaaa aaaaacccac tgggaaggga taggagttgg tggtgtttgt     41640
     tttaaggtct gtgagggcaa acagccaaaa acttgtgtag aaagcatgtc ttggaacaca     41700
     gcagtttttt tctaagaaca gtcagatggc ttcttaccac cttctcgtgc aggcaacctc     41760
     ctcctgagaa tgaatgttct gtgcttccag ctcgttccgc tttcggctcc gaagaagatg     41820
     gcggattttc ccagcttctt tcctactggc tttttctcca ttcttgccct tctccagatg     41880
     tccacgtggt gttctgcggg tcagtgttgt cccttatgct tttttgttgt tgttgttggc     41940
     ttgttttcaa tggctcttct catgtaatga gtccatcagt cagagctcgg caccttctca     42000
     aaggaagtta tattggggcg atctccttcc catgcgcacc ccttactcct tgagcagacc     42060
     ccatgaaact cagagtggaa tatttatcca catcttgatt aagtaggagt gatcttagcc     42120
     tgtttaaagt tgatgtaact gtttgttaaa atatactttg taatgtttac actgccaaga     42180
     aaacccgagt ctgagtccag attctctgga ctcaggatgc ctgaactctg tctggttata     42240
     atcttggaca cacaattcat tctttctggg acatgagttc ttccttcatg aaataaaagg     42300
     tgccctcatg atgaagtttt cagactccag gtttgaagag aaaccagcta tgaggttgca     42360
     ataatatttt ctgttattgt ctctttaatg tgaagtcagg caatgagtat caaaatgttt     42420
     actacctata catgttggct cagcagctct ataataatgt atcccaaaga aagctctccc     42480
     acatttatat gtgtatttgt ataacatgct tattgcagga atgtttgtag taacactgaa     42540
     gtggaggcaa tggaaatatt caccaatata ggaaaagctt aaacagtgac caagacaatc     42600
     agtagagctg actgcatgtc ttacaatggt tccttattgg agaaatttat atgtaatgat     42660
     cccgttttca tgaaacagaa ttatttcttt tcattggttg tagcacttca catgtacata     42720
     gcacatataa cttttttcaa agtaatgcaa aaaagaagga agtatgtttg ggtccctaca     42780
     aaatgcaggt gcgtttgcca tctcattccc cctcactctt tcctccaacg tgtttctgat     42840
     tttcgtgcag tgtccaagtt ttccgtgaag ggaccagctc agcccatcct ggtcctgctg     42900
     ggggcagatg cctctctgcc ctgccagctg ttccctgagc agagtgcagc ccacatgcag     42960
     atccggtggt accgagctca gttctcccca gctgtgcttg tgtaccagaa tgggcaggaa     43020
     caaggcgggg agcaaatgct ggagtaccgt ggcaggacag agctggtgca ggactccatt     43080
     ggcagaggga ccgtgaccct gctgatccaa cagatccgtg cctctgacga tggccagtat     43140
     cggtgtcatt ttaaggaggg ttacatctcc caagaagcca tcgtggagct gcatgttata     43200
     ggtatgttaa catggcatag agtgcatgtg tcacggtgca cagcaaacta ttacgtttag     43260
     aagggacaaa cgacaagacc ctacggtaca cggcacaggg aactatatcc ggtctcctgg     43320
     gatagatcat gatggaaaag aatataaaca agaatgtgtg tgcatgtata actggatcac     43380
     tgtgtaacag attttggcac aatgctggaa gccaactata ctttaataaa aaacttgttt     43440
     ggtttaacaa tttaaaaata cataactttt taaaaagcaa agggaaaggt gacactatct     43500
     ggattcccaa gctggccttt cttgcgatct tccatatgtt gatattctgc tttcccttgc     43560
     agaacgtcaa tttcctaaac tgtacagcga ggataagacc acatgctgtt tgcctttcaa     43620
     tagcaatgtt tctgaagata ttctggtatc caaaaagatc tcaaaaatta attaaccagt     43680
     aataattcac atgggtcctg acaccgtcaa gtatttttta cccaatcagg agagaaaaac     43740
     agcaataatg ttaaactcct tttttttctg tcttgaattg tccctgtttt tttctcttct     43800
     tggaatgacc tcaaagctct ctcagtccac gtaaagcaca aaggcattat gttgacttaa     43860
     aaactgaatc acaggtaagc ctaacactgg ctgtgagtgg ttttgaattc tgagcttcag     43920
     tttgctcctc agcccaacga agagcaggtg gaccttcagc ttcagggact ctggagtccc     43980
     aagggccagc acatgctttc tcttctcagg cttgggcgct gcccctcacg ttcacatgat     44040
     ggggcccgag gatgacggga tccgagttct gtgctcctca ggtggctggt tccccaaacc     44100
     cagggtgcaa tggagcgata tggcaggagc gaagcttcct tccctttctg agtcccagtc     44160
     ccaagatgga gatgggctct tccatgtgga ggcgtctctc gtggtcacgg acagctctct     44220
     gggcaatgtg acctgctcct tccagaaccc cctctctggc caggagaaag tgtcagccct     44280
     tttcctccca ggtcagtaaa gcacaaaccc caaggcagag ctggggtgtg ttaagggcag     44340
     ggaggagtga agaagggctg aagggagcct tggagaaaag cttcctccag atgagcctct     44400
     cactgtgtct ccacatgcct gtgtcagagc ccttcttccc caggacgtcg ccatggaaaa     44460
     aagccttggc tgggacactc cctgtgctgg tgcttctcct catcgggatg agctactttg     44520
     gctggagaga acataaagcc aaagagcgag aagtcatgga aaggaagaaa gaatctcagg     44580
     aaaaagagga gatgagcagc aacaaggaac gagcacttgc agccaaaggt aagtcagggc     44640
     agcaggtcaa atcagaggtt ccagatacag gttgtgcagg gcggatgggg aataaaagct     44700
     tgcccaggaa ctgcaaataa aacacagggt accagagttc ccgtcgtggc gcagtggtta     44760
     acgaatccga ctaggaacca tgaggttgcg ggttcggtcc ctgcccttgc tcagtgggtt     44820
     aacgatccgg cgttgccgtg agctgtggtg taggtcgcag acgcggctcg gatcctgcgt     44880
     tgctgtggct ctggtgtagg ccggtggcta cagctccgat tcaaccccta gcctgggaac     44940
     ctccatatgc cgcaggagcg gccgaagaaa tagcaacaac aacaacaaca acaaaaagac     45000
     aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aacagggtac caagaattcc acagagctgg     45060
     gagatgtgtg gaaaggagaa cactgagtgg gaagtgtgga catctgtgcg ccgtggtcat     45120
     gaagcctcca aattgcagct caatctgcac tccacctttt cgtgcctctg tgctctaacc     45180
     tgtttttctt tggggaaatg tcttccctta tcttctcttc catttttgcc ctcccatgaa     45240
     gtttaagatc acctgggttt ccttcccagg tgatcccatg ttatttccca tgtaactttt     45300
     cttagcactt gtcctttcac atttgacata acatgtttgc taatctttct cacctgcttc     45360
     gctatgggac ccttaaggga aggccagatt gaattcattt agctaccccc caaagtcagg     45420
     agaagctaga ccccaatttg atggatttta tatcttctcc tttcagagaa actcaaggca     45480
     gagctcggta agtcatgcgt cttcttgtgc cctgtgtaaa tctgttccca tttttaccct     45540
     gttctgggtc tctcactgaa tcttttcttt ttccagacca gcgaaaggca ttatacaagg     45600
     aaggtaagag accctgtcat gtcagttgat gtcctgatgt ccaccaattg ctcagttccc     45660
     tatccttaga ggaaaagact aaatgacctg atgattagta gaagagaaat aagggaaagg     45720
     aagagaaata tgagcctcca gatcattgca tcttgtctta cctgtatttg ttctatttta     45780
     gattggaaaa aggccctgct atatcctggt acgtaactct ctggcccctg tcttgtcaag     45840
     cgcctatggt gttctgagca taataagcag agtcataaac actcacaaac acacacactt     45900
     gaaaatttat tgtgtatcac tctgtaatat tttgtatttg gaggctcaaa taatcacttg     45960
     ttttccagag ctaatgataa aggagaaaca actgctaacg ggtcaattct gtaacatatc     46020
     tatggtagga cctgacatga attgtcagcc catccactat ggagaaaaaa aggatggaac     46080
     tcagagtgat tttgatgaaa tgtgggaaga ataaagaatt cttttttttt ttttttttta     46140
     aggtcgtacc cttggcacat agaagttacc aggcttgggg tcgaatcaga gctgtagctg     46200
     ctggcctaca ccacagccac agcaatgaag gatccgagtc acatctgcaa cctacaccac     46260
     agctcacagc aacgccagat ccctaaccca ctgaatgagg ccaggcatgg aaactgtatc     46320
     ctcatggatc ctagtcgggt ttgttaatca ctgacccatg aagggaactc cagaataaag     46380
     aattcttgga gttcccactg tggctcagtg ggttaagaac ccgacacagt ctctgtgagg     46440
     atgcaggttc aatcgctggc cttgctcagt ggcttaagga tcaggcattg ccacaagttt     46500
     gtagatgcag cttggatctg gtgttgccct ggctctggtg taggcctcag ctgcagctct     46560
     aattcaccac tagcctggga atttccatat gctgcaggtg cagatgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa     46620
     aagaattctc tatattatgt cagcatttct agtctacaaa taaagtttca aagagcaaaa     46680
     gagcagtaaa tatattgtat tttatgtttg gagccatata ttaactagga cttttactta     46740
     ttttacctgt ttgaaataaa gaaagtaaaa ttcaatgtac agggacaaat gcttatgttt     46800
     gaaaacgctg aaaaacaatc tttcaaaata ttttaatatc atttgcaaaa ttacgtttat     46860
     ctggtagtag ggggaattct agataccttc taaaatctgt gtctaggaat tctctggtgg     46920
     tgcagccagt taaatatctg gcattgttac tgtagcagct caggtcactg ctgtggcgaa     46980
     ggtttgatcg ctggcccagg aacttctgca tgctctgagt gcagccacac acacacacaa     47040
     tctatgtcta tgtattgtgt ggattgataa catgcacgtg tgtgaatgga tggatggatg     47100
     tgtaatctag agctgggcct caaaaacata ctgtgccatt ctttgaatat atacgtgtgt     47160
     aggttttata tgccagaagt tgttctgacg ttatttctga tcctgtggaa ctaaaagtcc     47220
     attggggagg taagctaaga accaggcaac tacatgtgcc tgataagtgc tttgataaga     47280
     ggaggttgga ggaactcctc ccaaggatta tagttgatta agcaatttct tttatgagtt     47340
     ttcttttatg agatgctgaa aagggtttcc atgtttccaa aggagtgagc aaagtcctga     47400
     ggatcaccta tgactttcag ttctgctcta tcaattacca ctgataagtc gggttatttt     47460
     ctctctcttg acctaagtgt cctcatcact aagaggaaga gtctggaata catgatctca     47520
     gagatcctct gcaactcata ttcatagatt ctgtacctcc aactgtgaca cttcttacag     47580
     gagggcagtt agtgagagac cacagtgctg ctccaatcaa gaattatgga tatgtcttta     47640
     tctgcctatt gtcccaaaac cctctgagaa tgtacaatct ttatataaag tccacaaaat     47700
     cacactggca gtaagagacg tggccaaggc agaagcagat gcagttctat ttcccaagag     47760
     gaatttgtct ctggagaaaa atataagtaa tttgatcata atctgggtca aactaataag     47820
     ggccatagtc gtaatcttaa actctattct gaggaggtca taggctagaa aaactataaa     47880
     tacaatagaa taaaataaag taaatttaaa aatacattat caatgagaag gtccataaag     47940
     ttttgagagc atagtagagc agcatgcaga gcattatagc ctgcttcagg tgttcccaaa     48000
     tctggctcag actggagaat aggcctcagt ttggggctga attatgagac agttctaatc     48060
     tgagacagag cacagaaaac atagtatttg ttttgtagtt tctggacact tccagaattt     48120
     gaggctttta gaggaggaag agaatgttga ggggagaagg tgatgcggat gagtcagaga     48180
     aggaagtgtc tcacctcctt ttcattcgat gagtatgctt ccatctcaat ttgtatttct     48240
     ctttttcaga ctggaggaag gaacttttca aacctggtaa gcaggtcttt atctttttgg     48300
     ctcccttcca gtctgctgag accccatttt tccttcttaa cattatctcc cagttgaaaa     48360
     gacagaggcg ccattgttct ggtaaagaga gggaagaacg tgaacattat taaatattat     48420
     cccgaactga aaattgctgc taggattagc tactctggtc atgcatccac tctcacacac     48480
     tgacacagct ttcttgtctg tggggtccac ttggttctga aacagaaatt aatatacacc     48540
     tcaacgagga gaccccaaac tcagttaaaa aaattcaact gctgttgaat tactcaaaac     48600
     agcaagagta attcagtcgt tctttgtaga gaggtcagct tctatggaga ctgttactaa     48660
     ttgaggaacg taggtctaat ttctagagaa catggaaaga acactcttct ccaataaaca     48720
     cttcgaggcc ccttctcact ctggcactct gccaagacac tgaccatagc ggagataaga     48780
     caagataagc agcatggaac tcaagacaga gtacatcaaa acccccggca ccacctcccc     48840
     cagtacacag gcattcagag gagaggtgtt tttttcacca ttccttacac atttgctcta     48900
     ttttgatgat ttcccctgta caatagttat ctgaaatata caacattggc cctttcatcc     48960
     ccccctcctt ttttttcttc cagctcctat aactctaaat catgaaaact cttctgaggg     49020
     cgattctgac ccagtgagag aagagaactt cggaaaggaa gcacctagtg atacaccaag     49080
     agactgcaac cttatcacac ttgaacagga agcattctct tcagggagac attactggga     49140
     agtggacatt aaggacactg atgaatggac tctaggcatt tatgagatgc ccatgcaggg     49200
     ggaggggaaa tgcaacgatc taccaaagaa gttcagagtc ttagagaaga agggaccgga     49260
     ctacagggct ctcatctgtt ccaaccaaga catttcccaa gaagagcttg tccagattga     49320
     aaaggatcca caaaagattg tgattttctt gggttatgag gacggtgaca tttcattcta     49380
     cagcatgact gatggtgccc acatctactc cttcacccac tgtaactttt ttgggcaaat     49440
     ctctccttat gtcaagctta aatcctatct gcaccaattt aagtgactta gaagaagaac     49500
     ctataaaccg tgaagacagt agcccattct ctgtaaactc tgactccaga cctagagtat     49560
     cttcaggacc actaattagg atgcttcctg gcttaagggt ctgagtctgc atgaccaaag     49620
     tttccaacca cattaagcag tgtttctcaa tctacagaga agaatctttt ttttcctttt     49680
     gtttattgct gtaaatgttt cttgatttat aaattatata tcacagattt atacttttct     49740
     gaaaaattac tggaaacaaa gaagtgaata aaaaacattg tggtaacaag tggtaatttt     49800
     attattagat acaatatacc taaaagtttc tgtccatttg ctctaaagtt ttgtaatcct     49860
     ctatttctgt atttgtttcg taaagaacta gtaggaaaca gtttataatt atgcatgggt     49920
     cacattttag tagcactgtt taaggaataa aaattagata tacctcttca catttctcaa     49980
     cagcaacatg aataaaatgg caaaagagtt ctatttcctc tttctttctt tctttctttc     50040
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttcta tctttctttc     50100
     ccttttaggc tgtacctgag gcatactgga ggatgttccc aagctaggga ttaaatcgaa     50160
     gctgcagctg ccagcctatg ccacagccac agcaacacta tattagcacg gaggatctga     50220
     gccatgtctg tgatttacac cacagctcat ggcagtgttg gatatttaac ccaatgagtg     50280
     aagctaggga tcaaatccgc atcctcatgg ataccagtca ggtttataac cctcagagcc     50340
     ataacaggaa ctcccaaaga gttctatttt caaatatgga aggagaaaat ttaaactata     50400
     atttgataat gagctaagct gtatcttaaa tgcaaggata atctgataaa gcaaaaatat     50460
     atatcaatca caatctgatt gattctaaca aacatactga tctgatgtca acatgataga     50520
     ggtctggaga aatcagaatc aaatgagaga attttaggta ttatcttatt gaatgatgag     50580
     agagaaattt gattgattag tttaagatgt taataaggag aattactact ttgaattctt     50640
     gggaattcta agtatatctc ccagcaaaga taaggaaaga cccttctttt ctctctatta     50700
     ttggagctat ctatcatgtt aaaatgaaat gattagagta aaacagtaac cagggcttca     50760
     gcagggatga gaagaaagtg tgatcctacc agccaggctg gaaaaccttg taaatgcagt     50820
     ggccatggtg tagagtaccc agaaaagtct tgccttagta actgggaata attagcacca     50880
     tactaaaaac tgatccaata ttgatgaggg gatttaaaag caaggttcaa ctcaaccatt     50940
     tttttttttg tctttttagg gccaggccca tggcatatgg agattctcag gctaggggaa     51000
     taatcggagc tgcagctgcc attctacacc ctagccatag caatgctgga tctgagccgc     51060
     atctgcgacc tacaccacag ctcatggcaa tgccagatcc ttaacccact gagtgaggcc     51120
     agggatcaaa tctgcatcct catggatgct agttgggttt gctaactgct aagccacaat     51180
     gggaacttca ccaaattctt ttcaagtatc taaacttcat ctcagagcaa agctcaacaa     51240
     agcaaaattc acattgtctg gcattcaatc aaaaactccc agttcaggaa agaagcagga     51300
     aaatatgaca tacagtgaac caaaaaccaa taaattaaaa ttgacatgga actggtacag     51360
     gtgttcaaat ttatagacaa gaattttttt ggttttattt ttattttttt ttataattca     51420
     acaaatttta ttatatttat agttgtacaa ccatcaccat tcacaaccta attttagaac     51480
     atttcacacc aaaccctcag tatagacaag aatattaaaa cagaagttat aatgtattcc     51540
     aaatgttcaa atagttcatt agagataaac atttaaaaca aaaccccaaa atggacttct     51600
     agcaatgaaa agttcagtgt gtgagatgaa aatttctttg gatatgagta acagtagata     51660
     agtcattgaa gaaataagtg atgagtgacc ttgaagacat agaaattcaa actacctaaa     51720
     gttacagaaa gaaataattt ataaaacgaa gagtatcaga gatttgatgg aaaactttaa     51780
     agggcataaa acaaaggtaa ttgtagacct tgaagagaaa ggtgtgtgga tagaaaaaag     51840
     atttgagaaa aatgagaacc taaaatatat tctaaatttg accattataa gctccagatc     51900
     cgaaaattag ccttagtctg ttcagattgc tgtaaaaaaa cgctaaagac tccgtggctt     51960
     gtaagtagta taaatttatt tctcacagtt ctagaggctg ttcattaagg tgaacaagaa     52020
     ttaaagttgt acaatctcac aaccacatgt tgagacattg tcacatttaa atgtatggaa     52080
     aatatccatg gtcaccaact gagacctcac aaaaactgca gagtctaaat gacatgtgta     52140
     ttaaatataa gaattcttta aattccttaa gttaactttg aacgtgcatt ttgttaagtt     52200
     gaatgtattc agaaatatgt taggtatcac ctgtgcttta tgcactaaga gggactgcag     52260
     agcagctgct gacacacgaa aacacgaagt ctacatcatc tatagcgtca aagcctctta     52320
     tatacagaaa atatatattg tatacacaca cacacactgt tagagataaa acaaattcgg     52380
     caaagttgca agatcgacat gcaaatttca gttgtatttg tacacactat gaacaatcca     52440
     aagataaaat taagaaaaaa gttttattta tagtagatca aaataataaa atacttagga     52500
     atgaatataa tgaagaaagt ataagattat aaatgtaaaa ttacaaaata ttgttggaag     52560
     aaagtatcaa agacatagat aaagacattc catgaacatg gattgaaaaa cttagtattt     52620
     ttaagatggc attactaggc aaaacttaca tttctcaatt tcaaaactta ctacaaatct     52680
     gcactgatca atacagtgtg gttctggcat aagagtaaaa tataggagtt cccatcgtgg     52740
     cacagtggtt aacgaatctg actaggaacc atgaggttga gggttcgatc cctggccttg     52800
     ctcagtgggt tagggatctg gtgttgccgt gagtcatgag atgtggtata ggttgcagac     52860
     gaggcttgga tcccgagttg ctgtggctct ggcgtaggcc ggtggctaca gctcccattc     52920
     gactcctagc ctgggagcct ccatatgcca tgggagtggc ccaagaaatg gcaaaaccca     52980
     atatataaat aaataaataa aaataaaata aaattgtatt taaaaaacag aataaaatat     53040
     aaatcagtag aatttcttga gaatccagaa aataagccca tacttttatg gccaattgat     53100
     ttttgacaag gatcaaaaaa aatcaattta tccatatgat ggtaaaagaa taatcatttc     53160
     aataaatgct gaagggacag taaacatcca catgcaaaag aatgaaatgg acctctattt     53220
     cacatcatat ataaaaagtt aagtaagtaa ttaaagatct taatattaaa gatctaaatg     53280
     taagcacagg tgtaaatctt gctatactat actgtgtttt ttttttcttt agatattaca     53340
     acaaaaacac aaccaaacaa aaataaataa actttgcttt attgaaatta gaagttttgt     53400
     gcacaaaaat acactatcga aaaagtgaag aggcaggagt tcttgctgtg gcaccgtgga     53460
     ttgaggatcc agcattgctg cagctgcgcc taggccacag ctgtggcttg gattttatcc     53520
     ctgggccaga aatttctata tgcaggtgtt gcaaaaaaaa gaatagtgta gaggcaattc     53580
     atagaaaggg aaaaaatctt tataaattat cggataagag tttagtatga agaatatata     53640
     aagacttaat agtaaacaat gaaaagaaaa gcaattcagt tttttttaaa tgaacaaatg     53700
     atgtgaaaag acattcctct gaagaaaata tgcaaatggc caacaagcac atgaaaagat     53760
     gtgaaacaca attagtcatt tgggaaatgt aaatcatagt gtaatatcac atcattctct     53820
     ctaggatcgc tgtcctatgc cctccctata cccccctcac cgccaaaaaa ataaataaat     53880
     ggaaaaataa caagtgttgg aaaggatata gagaaatcag aaactcatgc attgctggtt     53940
     gaatgtaaaa tgacacagtc atttacactc tcacaagtta aatgtagaat taccgtaact     54000
     ctgtaatttc actctaagtt atatacaaaa taaataaagc tataatattc ataaaaacgt     54060
     gtacacgaac gttcatagca gtatttatca taatggccaa agaagtgcaa acaacccaaa     54120
     tgcttatcga tggatgaacg gataaacaaa atttgggtac tgccacacga tggcatattt     54180
     ttccactatg aaaggattgt ggacctaggt aaggattaga aagataccaa gacgactata     54240
     acagaatcta ggtttacctt gtcaggcaga gttcaaaaag tcaccaaatt tgagaagaat     54300
     agaagctagt actaaatttg gatggcagaa gtatagtctt ggagcaagga ctggaatcaa     54360
     caagtaaaga aacccagaat tattgcctac tctgtaacaa tcctggctta agtttaattg     54420
     gttctcacag attgtcaagt gaacataaaa tttcttcttt ctccagcact agacagtctc     54480
     actggggttt atctgcttga agaaaaacaa actaactaac catgcagcaa ctgaactttg     54540
     tatgtaaatg cacattcaag taagaaaatt tatgctcata actaagataa tattgtccca     54600
     tgaggacaaa agtccagagt ctccttccct gcttctgaga taactataat ctacgtggct     54660
     gtagagcttg ggagccagaa ccctggttcc tgtgactgaa gctggctcaa ggatacagcc     54720
     ctgggtggta ctgtgcctcc cttctgtcct ggcataggaa gcacaagggc actttaagct     54780
     ctacaaccca gatcagcata aatcttggaa tttcttgtgg accaagagtg acagacgtga     54840
     aacaaactca cttctcagct ggtaactcaa acaatgagtt ggtttcagag gctatttaca     54900
     aactctggag aaggtaagtt ttatttttgt tactgctata gtttgtgttt atatgtgtag     54960
     gtgtgtttga gtatatttga gccgcagaga gagagcagac cacaaggtac aaagccaggg     55020
     gttggggctg ttacttttag atctgcccaa actgtctatt cattccctag ttagtgatct     55080
     ctaagcagtt tttacctcac gaatctattt ctcattatat gttgattttt ttcttccacc     55140
     tcattcttct atctcacttc tttcagtaca ctttaatttt tggatactat cactcttccc     55200
     gtatttctct tctttggatc tgtgatgctt ttggtaatat gcttcttgca tattctgggt     55260
     ctttttctct ttactccaaa ctcacaattc aaactccttg agtaatctca ctctaatcca     55320
     tttattttta tattctaaaa atattgaaaa atcaccttgt aaaattgaaa accaatactc     55380
     tcatactggg catagtaatg aaataaaatc ttttaaataa tacattgaca aggaattata     55440
     ggtgggtatt aatgtgcatg atcaaaaatc ataatgtgca tttatttgga ggttctgaga     55500
     gtggagtaga aatccagtct ctagtgacta taattctgat tcctatttag tactgagaaa     55560
     tatataaaat gagactttgg acaagtgatg aaccttttct gtcttgaaaa atgatgattt     55620
     gatcaagtgt gtaagtcacc agtgtatgtt cacatacaac tggtgaatga ggaaaagttt     55680
     gccccaataa gaagggggag ggagtgggag ggatcgggag cttgggctta tcagacacaa     55740
     cctagaatag atttacaagg agatcctgct gaatagcatt gagaactatg tctagatact     55800
     catgttgcaa cagaacaaag ggtgggggaa aaactgtaat tgcaatgtat acatgtaagg     55860
     ataacctgac ccccttgctg tacagtggga aaataaaata aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaaaaa     55920
     ctatttcttg ccattagtgg ggtatattca agtcaccctc acgtaagatt tatgtactct     55980
     ttccacctac agagatacgg ttttcactgg gaactgcttg aagcttcctc tgagagtaga     56040
     catgctgtct tcacttgctc tcattcatgt gaactaacac agtcagggtt caccacggaa     56100
     agatccttcc tagacccaca aagtgcttta tcaattgacc caagctctct ccagtatcaa     56160
     ttcagtgttt tcctttctgg agagagatgg ggggttgtct gaactctggc ggaggcccaa     56220
     gcttggctct gtatctagag tgtccttgaa atgaaggaac aaagaagctg cattggttgg     56280
     tcagtgagtc ttaaacatat caagagtgaa tattttccaa tctccgtctt ggaataattt     56340
     atgcaatatc agtcaggcca tatatatttc catcctgata gtaatcatat attatcattt     56400
     catgtgtaag aaaccacatg aagatagtca gagtcatctt gtgagctaaa gggagcatcc     56460
     ccccactcct taaaagagtt tacccttgag ttgagaacag agaagagcac actctgagtt     56520
     tctcagtgca gaagtaatct ccaagcaaga gatgtcagtg tgcttttctg tggtcatgtt     56580
     tcagctagag ttctctgctt agtgctggga tactgaattt gaaaaaaaaa aataagagga     56640
     acatgtcaga ggtataatat acagaattgt gaagggtcta aacacttgga ataagatgga     56700
     attttctaag gacatttaac tttgaatgga gacaattttg gagaaggtaa aggctgtttt     56760
     caaatgttgg aagtccttaa tattcagcaa tcagaataag tattgaaaat tttggagttc     56820
     ccattgtggc acagtggaaa cgaatctgac taggaaccat gaggttgagg gttcgatccc     56880
     tggccttgct cagtgggtta aggacccagg gttgctgtga gctgtggtgt aggtcacaga     56940
     tgtggctcag atcccgcact gctgtggctg tggcataggc cggtggctac agctctgatt     57000
     agacccctag ccaggaacct ccatatgcca tgggtgcggc cctaaaaaaa gacaaaaaga     57060
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aagaagaaaa atttaaaagg ccatctttac ctttccacgg     57120
     aaaagaaact catggacatg gagcatggag aagagacttg gggttgccaa gggggaaggg     57180
     gcaagtggga tggactggga atttggggtt aatagatgca aactattgcc cttggaatgg     57240
     ataagtgatg agatcctgct gtatagcact gggaactaga tctagtcact tatgatggag     57300
     catgattgat gagagaaaaa aaagaatgta aacatgtatg catgactggg tctaccttac     57360
     agtagaaaat taacagaaca gtgtaaacca gctataatgg aaaaaataaa aatcattatt     57420
     aaaaaaatta aaaaaacaaa aggccatctt atttcaaatg gtgaataact ggaaaaaaaa     57480
     agaaccaact ttttgtttca ttgcctttca tcattacttt tctactattt tgttaatctt     57540
     ctttctaatc tttattattt tctttcttct gagagctttt ttttccccat attcatggca     57600
     tgtggaagtt cccaggccag gaaaccaacc tgtgtcttag cagcaaccca agtcacatca     57660
     gggaaaacac tggatcccta acttgctgag tcactgggga actcctaaga gtgtgttgtt     57720
     taatttccac ataattgtga tttttttaag atttcctttt attattgatt tctaacttca     57780
     ttcctttgta atcagaaaag atattttgta ttgcatcaac tttaaaattt attaagactt     57840
     tttctctaca gcccaacaca tggtctattt agagaatgtg ctatgttcat tacataaaaa     57900
     agtacatact ctgctctttt tcagtagaat ttaatgtata ggtctgttaa atctgattgg     57960
     cttaatgctg ttcaaccctc tatttctcca ttgatcttct atttggtcat tctatcaatt     58020
     attaaaaatg gagtactgaa gtctccaacc aatagtgtaa atctgcccat ttctccctct     58080
     gctttgtcag tgtttgcttt gtatattttg ggcatctgtt atttggtgta tacaagctta     58140
     tattttttat atcttcttgg cgatttgccc ttttatgaat atacaatgtc cttctttgat     58200
     tatttttaac aggttttgtc ttacggtcag ttctctgata atgggatagt tctctcttgg     58260
     tttgtatttg aatggaatgt ctttctccat tgtttcactt acaacctgtg tgtatttata     58320
     tcaaaattat ttacttttag agcattattg gattttttta atctatgtgc ccaatctgtg     58380
     tccttagatt gggatctttg acttatttgc tttaaatata attagtgatt gagaaaggct     58440
     gtagcttctt actacttgct ttctgtctta tagcagtttt gtccttcatt tcctgcactg     58500
     ctttcttcct ttgaatcagt tggtcttttt tttttttttt ttaatggcac gttgagatta     58560
     cttatcattt tcttttctgt gtagtccgtg gatattttct ttgtggaaac catggagttg     58620
     tacctaatat cctaaagttt tgacaatcta ttttctcttg acagcaatgt gacttcaaat     58680
     gcatcagaaa tgctctactt ctgtgaagct ctatcccccc ttttgtaatc agtgttacac     58740
     attacatctt tctacattgt gtactcatta acacagactt attattttat gcatttgctt     58800
     ttacatcttg tggaaatatc tttaaaagga gttacaaacc aaaattataa ataatgctag     58860
     atggtatatt ttcccttgta attactttta ttggaaatat ttacatcttc atatggctgt     58920
     gaataagtat ctaggatcct ttcatttaca aatatattca taattctcac ttttgagaaa     58980
     atatccaatc ataatactta taattaatta ttttgtattt tttgatacaa ttatcacatt     59040
     ggcaaactca atccctttta aatatttgta gtggcctata tgtcttaagg gaagtccaaa     59100
     tataacagct cttgattctg aaagttttat atgaggaatg tttataacta tggtcctggg     59160
     atgtttccaa aagaaaaccg aatacgatca taaattttaa cattctcctt ttctaatgat     59220
     atcttcagat catattcttg tttccatcca gaatataatg taagagtatc tactgtcaat     59280
     gtatagtaca ggttttatgt gactactgct acatactcag ctttggacaa aagggtgcct     59340
     ttactgtgtg cttcctcatc actttttgtg tggtaactgt gtcatggatg tgtgcatatt     59400
     tgctctttat tctgaaaaag gccaacgaaa gaggaatgac tgacatcatt taacccagca     59460
     gaattcctgt cagtcttcct ctcatgtttc ccgtcttagc tctttttgca ccaaggagtg     59520
     gagtgatgca aacaaacaaa tgcacccaca cgcgcacgcg cacactcaaa cacacacaca     59580
     cacacacaca caacttctga ttgttggaat gccctttgaa atcttaaggt atcaattctc     59640
     ataaatatgg gtcaatatgt gccatagagt aaactataaa ggggttttaa attttgtcct     59700
     cctccattcc tgacaaaata gattcatttg gaatggatag tttcttcctt cctcctactt     59760
     tttagagggc agtgaccatg agaaaggcaa gtaccgatag cgtattgcac cgaggacctt     59820
     gtcattattt catctgtttc ttgtaccctt gccttcaaca agtgaggatc gcctttctca     59880
     agttacacag acacatattt ttattctgtt ttatgttgtt aatttatctt tccgactggg     59940
     gttacccatc tttgtttgcc attcagtttc ccccattgtt actgctttga tttgtcttct     60000
     agttgcaaca gatcttttct ttcttgtaaa ttttatcaga atacttttga aatttgggca     60060
     tatttaatat ttctgacatg tacgagttct cccagaaaga ttatggtcat ttgatttaga     60120
     acctccttta ctgtcattta atactttttg ccctcccctg ccctctgccc atgtcattta     60180
     ggtgaagata agctttattc aggctaggtt aaaacagaaa ctcagattca ataaaattgc     60240
     atattaattg atagacaaaa acttttgtgc atagaggcac ccagcaacat aactgtgttt     60300
     taggaatcta tagagcagtg attctgttca ctctaacaaa gtgtttgagg tgactttaca     60360
     cagtgtagct accgcagtat aagaattgat tgtatatatt taaccccagc caaagaccaa     60420
     attgaagcta acaaaccaaa taataagtga gctcagattc actgtctgtg tggcttggtt     60480
     tctgtgtgta tgtgagaaca gccttctgca ttctgtgtac attttaaata ctaatttttt     60540
     caatatattt gaatttcaca ccctgtgtct agctcatgag atttacattg atctttgcat     60600
     ttctattttt cagaagaact tcagaaaaaa gttggtaagt tttctaatac ccctttcccc     60660
     aaagtccttt aaaacaactg gtttcagagt tcccatcgtg gcgcagtggt taacgaatct     60720
     gactaggaac catgaggttg cgggttcggt ccctgccctt gctcagtggg ttaacgatcc     60780
     ggtgttgccg tgagctgtgg tgtaggttgc agacgtggct cggatcctgc gttgctgtgg     60840
     ctgtggcgta ggctggtggc tacggctccg attcaacccc tagcctggga acctccatat     60900
     gctgcgggag cggcccaaga aaaggcaaaa ggacaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa     60960
     ctggtttctt gatgtcttta tgattccctg ccttttaaaa aatgtataag ccatctgttg     61020
     gcctccagtg ctcctggatg tctgttattc acatgcagac tttatggtgt tggacttccc     61080
     ctgttttaaa gtccggtcat ttctgttccg atacctccca atccattccc attcttccta     61140
     cttgatttta tgtcatccct tctatataaa cactggcttc ttctatctca tagtggtgct     61200
     cttctagtga caagtctcta catttctttg tttgaaaaat aattcattcc ccctccattg     61260
     gatgcctaat tagctttaga aatctatttt ttcttttttc cttttcagag tttaaagttg     61320
     tgatttgata gtcttctggt ttacttattt actgaaaaag aactgcaaaa aaattgattc     61380
     aaatctattt tgggggatgt tcccttcatg acttagtggt taatgaacct gactaggatc     61440
     catgaagatg cgggttcaat ccctggcctc gccccggtgt agctgtgagc tgtggtgtag     61500
     gttgcaaatg tggcttggat gctgcattgc tgtggctggt taagatgact ttacacaatg     61560
     tagctactgt atatatttaa ccctagccaa agaccaaatt gaagctaaca aaccaaataa     61620
     taagtgagct cagattcact gtctgtgtgg cttggtttct gtgtgtatgt gagagcaacc     61680
     ctctgcattc tgagagtgtg cattttaaat actaattttt ttttttgaac ttcacaccct     61740
     gtgtctagct catgagattt acattgatct ttgcatttct atttttcaga agaacttcag     61800
     aaaaaagttg gtaagttttc taatacccct ttccccaaag ccctttaaaa caactggttt     61860
     cttgatgtct ttatgattcc ctgcctttta aaaaatgtat aagccgtctg ttggcctccg     61920
     gtgctcctgg atgtctatta ttcgcatgta gactttatgg tgttggactt cccctgtttt     61980
     aaggtctggt catttctgtc tctctacttt ccatccattc ctattcctcc tattttcatt     62040
     ttatgtcatc ccttctatat aaacactggc ttcttctata gtgtggtggt gttattctct     62100
     tgaaaaatgc ctctacattt ctttgaacaa ataattcatc ctccctccat tggatacata     62160
     attagcttta gaattctagt tttttctttt ttccttttca gagtttcaag ttgtgacttg     62220
     atagtcttct gacttgcatg tttactgaca aaaaactgca aaaaaaattg actcagatct     62280
     cttttggggg ggggtgttcc ctttgtggct cagtgattaa tgaacccaac taggatccat     62340
     gaagatgcgg gttcaatccc tggcctcacc ccggtgttgc tgtggctgtg gcgtaggcct     62400
     gcagctgtag cttcgattct ccctcagcct gggaacttcc aaatgccgtg gctgcagccc     62460
     taaaaataac aaactatttt tggtgaaatg tcttttcctg ttttccaggt ttttaaaaaa     62520
     atatttatta atgaggaact ctttatgttt acccagcttg gggccagctg tggctttcta     62580
     ttttcaaaaa ttggatgttt ggacaactat ttcttcttta ttttccctgc tcattacact     62640
     gcttctaaaa tctgaaatac atgcatatta actcatttga tgccattttt tctctttgct     62700
     taagtgggtt taatatttta tttttatgtc tccattttta gtaatttttg cttcttcagt     62760
     gtctcatgta ctgtttccat ctagcaaatc agttttgaaa tattgcattt taatcctaga     62820
     gggttctact tgtctctttt ttctgcttgt acttttgtgt ttttttttct catggtggtt     62880
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttgtctttt tgctatttcc tgggccactc ccgcggcaca     62940
     tggacattcc caggctaggg gttgaatcgg agctgtagcc accggcctac gccagagcca     63000
     cagcaacaca ggatccgagc cacgttctgc aacctaaact gcagctcaca gcaatgctgg     63060
     atcgttaacc cactgagcaa gggcagggac tgaacccgca acctcatggt tcctagtcag     63120
     attcattaac cactgcacca cgacgggaac tccactcatg gtgttttttt aaattaatga     63180
     atatattatt aattcagaca aaaatactat tttaaaatca ttattgaagt gtaccatctc     63240
     aaccatttta agtcttttca tttgaatgtt tctctcctac ttgtggatta tgtttttctt     63300
     ctctatctag cttgtaattt tttgttggat gttagctatt tagactatta catctctgac     63360
     tactggattt agtgtatatt tttttttcct tttttgagta ttgactttat tctggcacag     63420
     agttaagtta ttcaaaaatt gattaaatta ttttaagatt tgttttaaac ttctccagag     63480
     caggcataga tagccttcaa catatgattc cttttgtctt accactagat gggcccattt     63540
     tttgatatct gctcagtgca ctatatgttc aatgacaact ctttgatcta acatgagtgc     63600
     ctcctagccc tatatgagcc atgtaaatat tttaccttac agatccttgg ccattacatg     63660
     cctcacttct ttaggccact tcaccctatg cacacatagc ttaatattcg acaagtgcat     63720
     ccaggcagaa ctctaagcag atatttgaag ttatttcttt gcatagctta ctcctcccag     63780
     tgttcagcta tacaaatgcc agctcctttt acccacagaa actgatctta ttgtcttcaa     63840
     ctgaggacta cgaccagatt ttcttggtat ccctcctctt ttgattgaag tcctgattgt     63900
     gccccaaggc aaaaaaccag tatcttataa gactcaacct atttgtctgc ttttgtttag     63960
     gaatcccaaa attctaagac aatatttgag aatgacattt ttccatttct ttaaataatt     64020
     agaaaattat ttctaaagag attcacagag aacttactac aagtgttaat ttctttcctt     64080
     tttccttttt tttttttctg tgaagtgata ttatagttag gaatgcatgg taatccttaa     64140
     gggatttttc aaagttaaaa aggaaggatt gactaatagt ctttgaggaa aatattttat     64200
     atattaaaat ggatttctct tttattgata aactcccagc taaagccatg taagaatctg     64260
     tgaaagagca gtaatgcata aattcaaaga gaagagaggg aagagaaagg cagaaacaaa     64320
     agaaagaagg gaaacaaaat gcagaaatct ggcaggaaat gctacagaga aggtttagtt     64380
     ttaaagctat ctcaatcaaa aatgctgatt gaattacaga aaaaaggaag cagattcatt     64440
     aattcagtgt gtaaatacaa tattctggga gcaacctgca agatctaata gggtgacaac     64500
     ctccctctat aaacaggata gaagagtctg gtagcctctc agagactcta aactctgtgt     64560
     attaggattt ctgtaaaaaa tctaccaacc cctgtatatt ttcctaatgg agctgaagaa     64620
     gaacaactgg aggttatatg ataaaaacat gtgtcagccc agcacacctt ctctcacttt     64680
     tgcctaacct cactggaccc ggcaaaacat cacatgttta tggagttttg atgaaccgga     64740
     acaataagat aaccaggatt tatattcttt tctcaaccac agcaatacca cacttgttat     64800
     ctttatcaaa tatatcactc atctgccaaa tgaaattttg ttagaaaaat taccacttaa     64860
     ataaatcagt taagtagatt ggatatgccc attagatgga ttggcagttt gcatattaac     64920
     aaaatctttg taatttgtag gattctgttt tactgcatat ttcccaactt atctgaaggt     64980
     gtttataaat ttaacgtctt ttatttaatg gagaaatgag tgggtatggc caagatgatg     65040
     gagaaggaaa accctgagct catctcctct catgggcaca ccaaaatgac aaccacttac     65100
     acagacagta ttgagaggaa gacctgaaga ctagcagaag cgaccttcta caactaaaga     65160
     tatgaagaag aaaccacact gagagtgtag gaggagcaga gacgtgggct agtcaggact     65220
     caattacttc gggagagcca gagggctgtt taaaatagac tccactttaa aaattttttt     65280
     ttatatatat tttttaattt tcccactgta cagcaagggg gtcaggttat ccttacatgt     65340
     atacattaca attatatttt ttccaccacc ctttcttctg ttgcaacatg agtatctaga     65400
     catagttctc aatgctattc agcaggatct ccttgtaaat ctattctaag ttgtgtctga     65460
     taagcccaag ctcccgatcc ctcccactcc ctccccctcg catcaggcag ccacaagtct     65520
     cttctccaag tccatgattt tcttttctga ggagatgttc atttgtgctg gatattagat     65580
     tccagttata agtgatatca tatggtattt gtctttgctt ttctggctca tttcactcag     65640
     tatgagattc tctagttcca tccatgttgc tgcaaatggc attatgtcat tcctttttat     65700
     ggctgagtag tattccattg tgtatatata ccacctcttc cgaatccaat cctctgtcga     65760
     tggacatttg ggttgtttcc atgtcctggc tattgtgaat agtgctgcaa tgaacatgtg     65820
     ggtgcacgtg tctcttttag gtagagattt gtccggatag atgcccaaga gtgggattgc     65880
     ggggtcatat ggaagttcta tgtatagatg tctaaggtat ttccaaactg ttctccatag     65940
     tggctgtacc agttgacatt cccaccagca gtgcaggagg gttccctttt ctccgcagcc     66000
     cctccagcac ttgttatttg tggatttatt aatgatggcc attctgactg gtgtgaggtg     66060
     gtatctcatg gtagttttga tttgcatttc tcttataatc agcgatgttg agcatttttt     66120
     catgtgtttg ttggccatct gtatatcttc tttggagaac agtctattca ggtcttttgc     66180
     ccatttttcc attgattgat tggttttttt gctgttgggt tgtataagtt gtttatatat     66240
     tcgagagatt aagcccttgt cggttgcatc atttgaaact attttctccc attctgtaag     66300
     ttgtcttttt gttttctttt gggtttcctt tgctgtgcaa aagcttttca ggttgatgag     66360
     gtcccatggg tttctttttg ctctaatttc tattgctttg ggagactgac ctgagaaaat     66420
     attcatgatg ttgatgtcag agagtgttct gcctatgttt tcttctagga gtttgatggt     66480
     gtcctgtcgt atatttaagt ctttcagcca tttggagttt atttttgtgc atggtgtgag     66540
     ggtgtgttct agtttcattg ctttgcatgc agctgtccag gtttcccagc aatgcttgct     66600
     gaatagactt ttttttttcc cattttatgt tcctgcctcc cttgtcaaag attaattgac     66660
     cataggtgtc cgggtttatt tccggattct ctattctgtt ccattggtct gtctgtctgt     66720
     tttgatacca gtaccacact gttttgatga ctgtggcttt gtagtatttc ttgaagtctg     66780
     ggagagttat gcctcctgct tggtttttgt ttctcaggat tgctttggcg attctgggtc     66840
     ttttgtggtt ccatataaat gtttggatag tttgttctag ttctgtgaac aatgtcatgg     66900
     gtcatttgat agggattgca ttgaatctgt agattgcttt gggtagtatg gccattttta     66960
     caatattgat tttcccaatc caggaacatg gaatatcttt ccatttcttt acatcttctt     67020
     tgatttcttt gattaaagtt ttatagttct cggcatatag gtccttggtc aggtgtattc     67080
     cgaggtattt gattttgtga ggtgcaattt taaaaggtat tgtatttttg tattcctttt     67140
     ctagtatttc attgctggta tacagaaatg caactgactt ctgaatgtta atcttctatc     67200
     ctgctacttt gctgaattta tgaatcagtt caaggagttt tggggttgag tccttagggt     67260
     tttctaggta tagtatcatg tcatctgcat acagtgacag tttgatctct tctcttccta     67320
     tatggatgcc ttttatttct tttgtttgtc taattgctgt ggctaggact tccagaacga     67380
     tgttgaaggg cagtggtgag agtgggcatc cctgtcttgt tccagatttg agggagaagg     67440
     ctttcagttt ttccccattg aggattatat ttgctgtggg tttctcataa atggctttga     67500
     ttatattcag gaatgttccc tctttaccca ctttggcgag ggtcttgatc atgaatggat     67560
     gttggacttt gtcaaatgct ttttctgcgt ctattgagat gatcatatga tttttgactt     67620
     tttgttttgg taatgtggtg tatgatgctg gttgatttgc gtatgttgaa ccatccttgt     67680
     gaacctggga tgaacccaac ctgatcatgg tgtataattt tttttggtat gttgttggat     67740
     tcggttggct aagattttgt tgagaatttt tgcatctata ttcatcaatg atattgggcg     67800
     atagttttct tttttggtgg tatctctgtc tggttttgga atgagggtga tggtggcctc     67860
     atagaatgtc tttgggagta ttccttcttc ttcaaccttt tgaaagaggt taaggaggat     67920
     gggcagtaat tcctctttat atgtttgata gaattcacct gtgaagccat ctggtcctgg     67980
     acttttattt gtagggagtg attttatgac ctcttcaatt tcatttctag tgatcggtct     68040
     gttcagttgg tctgtttctg cttgattcag ttttggcagg ctgtaagatt ctagaaaatt     68100
     gtccatttct tccagattgt caaacttgtt gcggtatagt tgttcatagt attctcttat     68160
     ggttttttgt atttctgttg tatccgttgt gatttctctt ttttcatttc taattttggt     68220
     gatttgggtt ctttctctcc tctttttagt gagtctggcc agggctttgt caattttgtt     68280
     caccttttca aagaaccagc tcttggtttt attaattttc tctattgttt tttgagtctc     68340
     tattttattg atttcttctt tgatctttat aatttccttc cttctgctga ctttaggact     68400
     tttttgttct tctttttcta attcgtttag gtggagggtt aagttgtcaa tttgggatct     68460
     ttcttctttt ttgagaaagg cctgtattgc tataaatttc cctctgagca ctgctttcgc     68520
     agcatcccat agattttgag aggttgtgtc ttcattatca tttgtttcaa ggtagttttt     68580
     aatttccttc ttgatttcct cattgaccca ttggtttttt agtagcatgt tgtttagtct     68640
     ccatggagta ggttttttct ctttcctttt cccgtggttg gtttctaatt tcatggcatt     68700
     gtggtcagag aagatacttg agataatttc tacgctccta aatttattga gattcgcttt     68760
     gtgtcccaat atgtggtcga ttcttgagaa tgttccatga gcatttgaga agaatgtgta     68820
     ttctgctttt tttggatgta gtgtcctgaa gatatcaatg aagtctaact tttctattgt     68880
     ttcctttagg atctctgttg ctttattggt tttctgtcta gaggatctgt gcattgatgt     68940
     gaggggggta tttaggtctc ctactatgat tgtattctca tcaatatctc cctttatgtc     69000
     tgttaatatt tgttgtatgt atctgggtgc tcctgtattt ggggcatata tgttgatgat     69060
     agtaacatcc tctccttgga tggatccctt aatcattaag tagtgtcctt ctttgtcttt     69120
     ctttatgtct tttgttttaa agtctatttt gtctgatatg agcattgcga ctcctgcttt     69180
     tctgtcatgt ctattggcgt gaaatatttt tccccacgct ttcactttca atctatatgt     69240
     atcttttgtc ctaaggtgag tttcttgtag gcagcatatt gaaggttttt gcctttttat     69300
     ccactcagcc actctgtgtc ttttgattgg ggcattcagt ccattgacat ttaaggtgat     69360
     aattgataga tgattattta ttgccatttg aacctcgtgt tccagttgat tctatggttc     69420
     tccattcttc ctttcttttg tttttagttg gatggtctcc tgttattatc tgcttgagtg     69480
     tatttttttt ttcatttttt gcaaatgcaa catttgcttt tggcttgtgg ttgccctgtt     69540
     ttttaagtat gctaacccct tcccataatt gtgtgtttta gcctgatggt cctgtaagtt     69600
     caaacacttc attactatat taaaattaag aagagagaca tacatactaa caaaaactgt     69660
     tatttacctc ctaatatccc ttccccacat tttatggttt tgatgactct tttttatttt     69720
     tttcttttta attttatttt gtttgaagca tgttcatgat taaatctgta tgctggctta     69780
     tttgagtgac tgctctctga ttgcgatttc ctcagtccta gttcttcctc ttcttctttt     69840
     ttttttcttt tcttttttct tccccttcct tcctttcttt ttggtttaga gaagcccttt     69900
     caatatttcc tttaacctgg gttttgtgtt gctgtgttct ttaagttttt gtttgttgga     69960
     aaaaattttt atttcccctt ctattttaaa tgatattctt gctggataga gtattttagg     70020
     ttgcatattt tttcctttta gctctttgaa tatctcttgc cattccctcc tggcctgtag     70080
     tgtttctgta gagaaatcag ctgatattct tatgggggtt cccttgtagg taacattctg     70140
     tttttctctt gctgccttta ggatcctctc tttatcgcta acttttgcca tttttattat     70200
     gatgtgtctt ggtgtgggtc tgtttgggtt cagtttgttt ggggccctct gtgcttgaac     70260
     ccagtatcct ttagatttgg gaagtttcca ttgataattt cttcaaatat attttccatc     70320
     cccttatctt tttctactcc ttctggaatt cctattatgc atagattggc ccgctttata     70380
     ttatcccata ggtctcttat attgctttcc agttttttga ttcggttttc tgtctgttga     70440
     ccagattgag tgatttccat tattctatct tccatatcac tgattcgttc ttttgcatta     70500
     ttcattctgg tttttactgc ccctagttca gtttgcatct ctgcaagtga gtgttctagt     70560
     ttttcttggc tcctccttgt attttctagt tcctttctga gggtatctgc attactgttc     70620
     atatcttctc tttttttttt ttttttgtct ttttgtcttt tgttgttgtt gctatttctt     70680
     gggccgcccc ccggggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gttgaatcgg agctgtagcc     70740
     accagcctac gccagagcca cagcaacgct ggatctgagc cgcgtctgca acctacacca     70800
     cagctcacgg caacgccgga tcgttaaccc actgagcaag ggcagggacc gaaccctcaa     70860
     cctcatggtt cctagtcaga tttgttaacc actgcgccac gacggtaact cccatatctt     70920
     ctcttaattc cttcagtatt ttcactattt ctcttttgaa ctccaggtct gtctgactgc     70980
     agagatctgt tttattgctg actgttttag gtgagttctc ctgttggttt gactgggggt     71040
     gctttctcag cttcttcatc ttgcttgttg ttttctttct cctgagggag ttgtactctc     71100
     cgttatctgg cagtgtttgc cttgtcactg ccgtggaata tttcctgagg gctggcgttg     71160
     ttggttagtc ttttttgagg cagtgtggct tttctggagt gttgctgggg ctaacagtgt     71220
     ttctttgaag caaaggaggg cttcctgagg gcagacagga ctgggaggtc cacaccacga     71280
     tggtagcaga tttcacttgg tcatgcagag cttgctctgg tgtttttagg ctgtggggtt     71340
     cttgcagggg gttggcggtg ttgggcagct gttcctcagg agtgcagcac cccctggggg     71400
     ctggagcagc tatctgggtc actgagaacc taagaggctc ttccctaggg cagcccaact     71460
     cagaaggaca gcctgagaat ataggcggat cttttcacag tctggccaag cttgttgcag     71520
     cttttctggg ctgcgggggc tcttccaggt ggctggtggt gctgagcagc tattccgtgg     71580
     gagtggggca ccccctgggg gcttgggtgg gtagcagggc tgttggaaac ccaagaggct     71640
     cctccccagg gcagcctgac tcagaaagac cgtctgagat cttttcccaa ctcagctaag     71700
     cttgttgcag cttttctggg ctgcaggggg tcctgcctgg agctggcagt cctatgcagc     71760
     tgatccacta gggcacccct tgggtgcttg gtcgggtagc agggctgttg gcagcccttg     71820
     aggctcctcc ccaggcagcc cgactcagaa aaactgtctg agaattaggc agatctcttc     71880
     acggcctggc taagcttgtt ctagcttttc tgggctgcag gccttttctc gggggctggt     71940
     ggtgtttggt gctgctctgc ggaagtgtag cccctccaac gggcaagcaa gcctgtgcag     72000
     ggacccaaga ggcccctgcg gtggtaggct tcaggcaatt gttgaggcca gccctcctgg     72060
     atggcaggca accccaggtt gggcgagagc gtagggggtg gggggggtgg ggggagggga     72120
     tgcactggga agcacagctt tcagctagct agcgggcctg taagcttgct gtggcatggg     72180
     tggtattcta tggggaccca ccccttcttc tctcccctcc ccagcacggg cgcagaccag     72240
     gctcttctcc caggttccct ctgatgcggc tttccacttc ctcgccctag agtattgctc     72300
     ccttcctgtg caacagcttt gttttctagt ctcccaggca gtctctgccc cgtcaaatgg     72360
     tttctagacc tcccaagcag tttctgctca gcaccccccc gccccgccag tccggggact     72420
     aacctctgga gccgaggtct cggtgcccag cccccaccca ggcatccccg gaccctttct     72480
     cggggactaa tcttcggagg cgattctcgg tgcccagccg ccacccaggc gtcccccggc     72540
     cctttcccag ggactaacct ctggagctga ggactcggtg cccagccccc acccaggcgt     72600
     ctcaattttt ggtgaccgtg cccgtagttc agatggtccg tttggttctt gatcggcttt     72660
     tccgtactcc aacttactgc tacactcttc tctacatctg gagattcctc cagttcgttt     72720
     gatctttccc ccgtgtaggt gactttccag ggtgcgggat ccctttctcc tctgcagttc     72780
     cctttcggga gcgcctgtcc ctctcggatt caccttctct cactctcctc ttttctcccg     72840
     ttctgcccag taatgtcacg aacttcttgc cgttattgga gtttaggttc ctctgccagc     72900
     gattggttgc tgttctgtgc gagtcattta ttctgtagat gtgctttttt tgttgtgttt     72960
     gtgggagagg gcgagcgtgt ccccctactc ctctgccatc ttgtcctctc tctccacttt     73020
     ttaaatttaa gtatagttga tttgtactgc tgtgccaatt gctgctgtgc agcaaagtga     73080
     ctcagtcata ggagttctcg tcgtgcctca gcggttaatg aatctgacta gcatccatga     73140
     ggatgcaagt tccaactctg gctttgctca gtgggttaag catctggctt tgccatgaac     73200
     tgtggtgtag gtcgcagata tggcttggat cctgtgttgc tgtggatgtg gcggtggcca     73260
     gcagctacag ctctgattca acccctagcc tgggaaccta catatgccat ggctgaggcc     73320
     ccagaaacca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaagtgactc aatcatacat atgtatatac     73380
     acacacacac acattcttat atatatgtat tgtgtgtata tatatatata catacatata     73440
     tgtatgtgta tatatatata tctatgcatt attttttaaa tattattttc cattatggtc     73500
     tatcccagga gtagagactc cactcttaaa gggcagacac aaaaatctca cacaccccag     73560
     gactcagggc atgagcagta atttaaaaga agcctgggtc agacccacct gctgatcttg     73620
     gaaggcctcc tgggaaggca ggaggcaact ggcgctcact ctagggacac agaccctggt     73680
     ggcagccatt tttgggaatc acctactatg agggcattaa tgctggcaag tgtcattttg     73740
     gaatccagca ccaggacctg gacccaccca ccacttgctg gcaccagtac caggatgcct     73800
     caggccaaac aggaacacag ccaggcagga acacagcccc atccatacat aggaatacta     73860
     ctcatccata aaaagaatga aatctgggca tttgccacaa catggatgga cctacagggc     73920
     gttatgctaa gtgaaataac tcagatatga gaaagtcaaa tactgcatgc tttcacttaa     73980
     atgtggaatc taaaaaacaa aacaaatgaa taaacgcaac agaacagatg gagttataga     74040
     gacagagaac aaaaaggtgg ttgccagagg ggagggagag ggcagaggaa ggaaaaaggt     74100
     gagggagagt aagaggtaca gacttctaga ggcataataa gtgagtcacg gtatgaaatg     74160
     tacagtgtgg agaatatagt caataattat gtaatatctt tgtatggtga cagagtaact     74220
     agacttattg tggtgattgt tttgaaatgt atagaaatat ggaatcacta tgtcgtggaa     74280
     cagtaactaa catagtgtgg taggtcaatt aaacttcaaa aacaaaccta tagaaaaaga     74340
     ggtcaggttt gtggtgacca gaagtggggt gggaggaggg ggaactggat gaaggtattc     74400
     aaaagggaca aacttccagt tagaagataa ataagcccta gggatgaaat gtacaacatg     74460
     ataatataat taacattaat gaatgttata taaaaactgt tgacagtaaa tcctcagtgt     74520
     tctcatgaca aggaaatttt tttttctatt tctttaaact atatgagatg atgttccttg     74580
     aacttactgt gataatcatt ccacgaggta tgtgagtcaa accactatgc tgtacacttt     74640
     gaatttatac agtgctatat gtcgatttta cctcaataac actgggagaa aaaagttaaa     74700
     aagatgaata agttctagaa aaaaaaatta gtagcctctc attcagaggg tgtggctagg     74760
     tcgtgttact ctagaaaatt ccaaatgcca tttagtgtga gaaagtgatg aaaccctttg     74820
     aataatttag aggacagtgt ctgaaatgct tggaaatgag attatgagaa aaatgctaat     74880
     aaaaaggttt ggcagggcat cccttttgag ctgtaaatgt atatcacaga gatgagtgag     74940
     gtagaaaatt aagaagtagt agaagtagaa agttaaaaaa tagactgaga ggcattggtg     75000
     gcacaagcct ttctcagaat tgcacgcaga atattgatac agagtagttc aagtttccac     75060
     ttccaagata atcagcatgg gctgaccgag tcaagcgagc tcctccatgc ctatcactgc     75120
     aagttctttc tatggttcag ttataatgac taatttaaat ttatacattt ttttttaaaa     75180
     caactgtacc tgagcttcaa aataaagaat ctcagcagtt tcaaccatat tatacaactt     75240
     gagtgcaact tgagcgcaac gctgatacaa gtgtaaaatt aagcgttgtt cagaatgatg     75300
     cttttgttat ttaaacaaag agagcgctct taaacccatt acaatagtag tagaaaaaga     75360
     gaagtgcact cctattgtgg gaggggaata ggaatcaaaa ttccatttaa ttttatgagt     75420
     ctatgttttg ctttcatttt cagaggaatc taccctattt tatcatcgtg tactcttttc     75480
     cggtttcaca ataggatcag ctgtacttct atatatgtac ttgaagaatg gtaagtttca     75540
     agataaaatg tatcaaacga ggaggagccc catggtatga gtggtacaag agacagtgaa     75600
     gaaggataat gccacaggtg ggggtgggag gaaggggaac tgaatgaagg tggtcaaaag     75660
     gtgcaaactt ccggacttcc gttatggctt ggcggtaagg aacccgacca gtatccatga     75720
     ggacatgggt ttgatccctg gccttgctca gtgggttcag ctggacccct agcctgggaa     75780
     cctccatatg ccctgagtgt ggtcctaaaa ataaaagata aataagcatt agggataaaa     75840
     tgtacaacat gataaatata attaacagtg gcgtatgtta tatatgaaaa ttgttgtata     75900
     tgttatatat gtaaattgtt aagacagtaa atcctgggta ttctcatgac aaggaaaaaa     75960
     aatttttttt gacatctagc agttctgaat atcagtcgtt catcaagtgt gatcttgagg     76020
     gtcactcttt cactgccctt gaacatatta cccaagggct cccacgtatc taaacatttc     76080
     acataatttt actcattttt agagctatcc aaccttaata actgtaatgt attcatttgc     76140
     atttaactga caaaattaac aaatttgcaa actgcaactt cttttaaatg cttgtagcag     76200
     gattatatgt cttaagggga gtcctaacat aacatagctc tcaattcaga aggttttata     76260
     tgagaaatac aagaatagat tgtgctgaga tgtgttttaa aagccaccta acctaatcat     76320
     taaattttaa tcatcctttt ctaatgccac ttttcagtca cattcttgtt ttcatgggaa     76380
     tggaatttag gaatatacct gttcaatata cagagcaggg ttcctacggc gactgctacg     76440
     tatacagtta cggacagatg cgtgccttta cagtgtgctt cctcatcact ttctaagtag     76500
     tacccgagca taagtgtgtg tgtatgtgtg tgtttgcatt tttattcaga agcaggtgat     76560
     ggctcaatga aagatgagag attgatagtg tttatcctag cggaagtgct gtgcttcctc     76620
     cttgcctggt gtcatttccc atcttagctc cctttgtacc aaggagtctg gagcggggcg     76680
     gggtgttggg ggggtgtgct gaaaaacagc actgcctctg cttggtggca tgtcctttgg     76740
     aactttctat aaggttccag ttaccacaaa tatgagtcaa tttgcaacac agagtaaact     76800
     gtgataaggt ttcaaatttt tgtcctcctc cctcttgaca atgtatcttt atttgatatg     76860
     gatttttctt tctttctttt tttaacattt cagcggacac tgagcagaaa aaaggcaagt     76920
     accagtaagg tatcgcatgg tggacctttt cctcctttca tgtttcatgc acccttgtct     76980
     tcaaatctca atgatcatct tccttaattc taatagacac acacacacac acacacacac     77040
     acacacacac acgcacatat tttttaccac ccacccctcc ttattccaac tgtctgggac     77100
     tcctaacaga cacatattta tatttatttg tttatttgtt tatttattta gatttctaga     77160
     gcctctcctg cggcatatgg aggttcccag gctaggggtc taatcggagc cgtagccacc     77220
     ggcctacacc agagccacag caacgtggga tccgagccgc gtctgcaacc tacaccacag     77280
     ctcgtggcaa cgccggatcg ttaacccact gagcaagggc agggaccgaa cccgcaacct     77340
     catggttcct agtcggattc gttaaccact gcgccacgac gggaactcca gacacatatt     77400
     ttcataggat ttttgcctcg gtattttatc ttctaattaa ggttacacat tttgatttgc     77460
     aattccattt cccccactat tacttctttc ttttatcttt tctttgcaat gaaagaaaca     77520
     gattctttct gtatagtatg ttttatttgt ataatacctt tgatatgtgg gcattttaag     77580
     ggttttgaat tgtaaatttt ctccaagaaa gacctagatc atttaattta gaacctcctt     77640
     cactgccata taatactttg taatttatat atatataaac cccattcatg gggtttagtg     77700
     aggataagtt taagacatga gttaaattca attatggcat tttaattggt tgaccaaaac     77760
     tgcataaaga cacccagaaa gctaattctg tataatctat agagcagtga ttatatttaa     77820
     gatgacttta cacaatgtag ctactgtata tatttaaccc cagccaaaga ccaaattgaa     77880
     gctaacaaac caaataataa gtgagctcag attcactgtc tgtgtggctt ggtttctgtg     77940
     tgtatgtgag agcaaccctc tgcattctga gagtgtgcat tttaaatact aatttttttt     78000
     caatacattt gaatttcaca ccctgtgtct agctcatgag atttacattg atctttgcat     78060
     ttctattttt cagaagaact tcagaaaaaa gttggtaagt tttctaatac ccctttcccc     78120
     aaagcccttt aaaacaactg gtttcttgat gtctttatga ttccctgcct tttaaaaaat     78180
     gtataagccg tctgttggcc tccggtgctc ctggatgtct attattcgca tgtagacttt     78240
     atggtgttgg acttcccctg ttttaaggtc tggtcatttc tgtctctcta ctttccatcc     78300
     attcctattc ctcctatttt cattttatgt catcccttct atataaacac tggcttcttc     78360
     tatagtgtgg tggcgttatt ctagtgaaaa atgtctttat gtttctttga aaaaataatt     78420
     aattcccctt tcatttttga aagattatta ctggctttag aattttattt tttttctttt     78480
     tttccttttc cgagttttga gttgtgactt gatagtcttc tggtttgcat atttaaggac     78540
     aaagtactgt taagaaattc acccttaaat cttttttttt tttttttttt tggtaaaatg     78600
     tctttttctc aaaccatttt ccagattaaa aataaaaagg ttcttagtaa ggaattcttt     78660
     tggttaagtt ggcttagggc cagctatgcc tttccagttt tataaaattt ggaaaaattt     78720
     ggacaactgt ttcttcttca ttcgcactgc taattaccac agattttagg atctgaaata     78780
     catgtatgtt tactcatttg atgccatttt tcctctgtgc ttcagtgtgg ttagtatttc     78840
     atttttatgt cactattttt agtaattttt acttctgtag tgtaacatat agttttatcc     78900
     aataaattaa aattttcaaa aattgtgggt tttttttttg ttttttattt tgtttttctt     78960
     ttttcttttt ggggctgcac tatctgtgta tggaagttct tgggctaggg gtgaaatcag     79020
     agctacagct gccagcctac accacagcca caccaacatc agatctgagc cgcatctgtg     79080
     acgtacattg cagctcatgg caacatcaga tccttaaccc actgacagaa cccaaatcct     79140
     catggatacc agtcgggttc ttaacctgct gagccatgac aggagctcct tgacagtcgt     79200
     gtttttaatt cttaagagtt ctacttgtct ccttttgtac tttgtatttt taatggtgtt     79260
     tttataaatt aatgaatgta ttgataataa aaaacactgt tttaaaatca ttattgaatt     79320
     ccaccatctc tgccacttta ggtcgtttct tttgaatgtt tctctcctag ttatggatta     79380
     tatttttctc ctctatctag ctagtaattt ttttgttgga tgttggatat ttagagtgtt     79440
     atacctttgg agttcccgtc gtagtgcagt ggaaacgaat ccaactggga accatgaggt     79500
     tgcaggttcg atcccttgcc tcactcagta ggttaaggat ctggcattgc cataagctct     79560
     ggggtacgtt gcagacgtgg cttggatctg gtgttgctgt ggctctggcg tagaccggtg     79620
     gctacaactc cggttcgacc tctagcctgg gaacctccat atgccacagg tgcggcccta     79680
     gacaaggcaa aaagacaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaatgttata ccttcgactt     79740
     atggagttag tggatttttt tccccttttt tgagtattga ctttgttctg gtacaggaag     79800
     ttactcgaaa attgacttga ttattttaag gtttgtttta aacttcgtca gcacaggcat     79860
     agagtagccc ttagcatgtg attccttttg tcttaccact agatgggccc attttttggc     79920
     atctgctcag tgccctatat gttcagtgaa aactctttgc tctagctggt ataaacttga     79980
     atgcttgcca gccctatgta agccctgtaa atattttatc ttacagatcc ttggccatta     80040
     tattcctcgc ttccttagtt tcatcctata catgcatagc ttaatgtttg acaagaaaat     80100
     caaggtagaa ctctaagcag atatttggag ttattttttt gcaaagctt                 80149