EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX323833; SV 4; linear; genomic DNA; STD; MAM; 121483 BP.
AC   BX323833;
DT   12-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   17-MAY-2007 (Rel. 91, Last updated, Version 6)
DE   Pig DNA sequence from clone PigI-554F3
KW   CpG island; HTG; major histocompatibility class II; proteasome; PSMB8;
OS   Sus scrofa (pig)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Laurasiatheria; Cetartiodactyla; Suina; Suidae; Sus.
RN   [1]
RP   1-121483
RA   Sehra H.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (17-MAY-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; b7db10217959511e85b52a75cb1361f7.
DR   ENA-CON; GL880233.
DR   ENA-CON; GL042147.
DR   ENA-CON; JH116040.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001463; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001465; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000001468; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000020893; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000025173; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000025618; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000026951; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSSSCG00000028872; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX323833.4:1-121483; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001622; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001623; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001624; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001625; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001628; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001629; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001630; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000001632; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000032605; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000033629; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000036366; sus_scrofa.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSSSCT00000036508; sus_scrofa.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC4100205; 24955792.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   PigI-554F3 is from a INRA Porcine BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..121483
FT                   /organism="Sus scrofa"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="SBAB"
FT                   /clone="PigI-554F3"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9823"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: XX-BS554F3"
FT   misc_feature    19333
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: XX-BS1044B7"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(20357..20758,21276..21417,21668..21797,
FT                   22454..22585,23536..23603,25422..25506))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW431626.1 Em:BI403514.1
FT                   Em:BI775538.1 Em:BM734696.1 Em:BM978071.1 Em:CA305964.1
FT                   Em:CB432534.1 Em:CB475197.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:S75169.1 Em:U01025.1 Em:X62741.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(20582)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(20582..20758,21276..21417,21668..21797,
FT                   23536..23603,25422..25484))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-003"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI907873.1 Em:BM811432.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(20594..20599)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(20631..20758,21276..21417,21668..21797,
FT                   23536..23603,25422..25481))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000464"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13313.1"
FT                   ILGNELPKFYDE"
FT   CDS             complement(join(20631..20758,21276..21417,21668..21797,
FT                   22454..22585,23536..23603,25422..25481))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000462"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35521 Sw:O35522 Sw:O35523
FT                   Sw:O35524 Sw:P28065 Sw:P28076 Sw:P28077"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q2PYM7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q2PYM7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13314.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<21689..21797,22454..22585,23536..23594))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000463"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13312.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<21689..21797,22454..22585,23536..23603,
FT                   26428..26550))
FT                   /gene="PSMB9"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.3-002"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 9 (large multifunctional protease 2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF775755.1"
FT   mRNA            join(25745..26681,27147..27261,27396..27526,29060..29265,
FT                   29691..29888,30951..31079,31251..31439,32271..32444,
FT                   32679..32841,33618..33754,34483..35112)
FT                   /gene="TAP1"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.5-003"
FT                   /product="transporter 1, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE032855.1 Em:BE845420.1
FT                   Em:BF708910.1 Em:BI337133.1 Em:BI961010.1 Em:BM781317.1
FT                   Em:BQ673549.1 Em:CA426890.1 Em:CA434390.1 Em:CB287494.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC014081.1 Em:L21205.1 Em:L76468.1
FT                   Em:X57522.1"
FT   CDS             join(26096..26681,27147..27261,27396..27526,29060..29265,
FT                   29691..29888,30951..31079,31251..31439,32271..32444,
FT                   32679..32841,33618..33754,34483..34695)
FT                   /gene="TAP1"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.5-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000370"
FT                   /product="transporter 1, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q03518 Sw:Q28433 Tr:Q62429"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013305"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013306"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13315.1"
FT   mRNA            join(27227..27261,27396..27526,29691..29888,30951..31079,
FT                   31251..31427)
FT                   /gene="TAP1"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.5-002"
FT                   /product="transporter 1, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL048462.2"
FT   mRNA            join(31035..31439,32271..32395)
FT                   /gene="TAP1"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.5-001"
FT                   /product="transporter 1, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM362685.1 Em:BM364286.1"
FT   regulatory      35088..35093
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      35112
FT   mRNA            join(35615..36059,37273..37420,37591..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39420)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-001"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE274450.1 Em:BG282108.1
FT                   Em:BI327053.1 Em:BI333897.1 Em:BM547457.1 Em:BU935203.1
FT                   Em:CB469134.1 Em:CB469976.1 Em:CB478277.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:X62598.1"
FT   mRNA            join(36005..36059,37273..37420,37611..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39420)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-004"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BU179961.1 Em:BU196748.1"
FT   mRNA            join(36292..36490,37273..37420,37591..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39420)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-002"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW358894.1 Em:BG485076.1
FT                   Em:BI774890.1 Em:CB286509.1 Em:CB469134.1 Em:CB469649.1
FT                   Em:CB469976.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF059493.1 Em:U17496.1 Em:U17497.1"
FT   mRNA            join(36322..36490,37273..37420,37591..38216)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-006"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ958797.1"
FT   mRNA            join(36329..36490,37273..37420,37663..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39420)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-003"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BQ685477.1 Em:BQ686592.1"
FT   CDS             join(36344..36490,37273..37420,37591..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39173)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000457"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P28062 Sw:P28063 Sw:P28063
FT                   Sw:P28063 Sw:P28063 Sw:P28063 Tr:Q9TV82"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13316.1"
FT   CDS             join(36344..36490,37273..37420,37663..37702,38136..38265,
FT                   38635..38839,39085..39173)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000458"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13317.1"
FT   CDS             join(37330..37420,37591..37702,38136..38265,38635..38839,
FT                   39085..39173)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000456"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016050"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR023333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029055"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13318.1"
FT   mRNA            join(37517..37702,38136..38265,38635..38783)
FT                   /gene="PSMB8"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.2-005"
FT                   /product="proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, beta
FT                   type, 8 (large multifunctional protease 7)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM798305.1"
FT   regulatory      39398..39403
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      39420
FT   mRNA            join(41014..41160,41577..42077,42165..42279,44949..45079,
FT                   45343..45548,48164..48361,48507..48635,49650..49838,
FT                   50398..50571,50756..50915,51290..51426,51793..52322)
FT                   /gene="TAP2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.1-001"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA653370.1 Em:AW436215.1
FT                   Em:BE301346.1 Em:BE750221.1 Em:BE750235.1 Em:BF602078.1
FT                   Em:BG246650.1 Em:BG384178.1 Em:BI181709.1 Em:BI186149.1
FT                   Em:BI345622.1 Em:BI346505.1 Em:BI834592.1 Em:BM254007.1
FT                   Em:BM735167.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF318024.1 Em:BC002751.1
FT                   Em:M74447.1"
FT   CDS             join(41585..42077,42165..42279,44949..45079,45343..45548,
FT                   48164..48361,48507..48635,49650..49838,50398..50571,
FT                   50756..50915,51290..51426,51793..52041)
FT                   /gene="TAP2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000371"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36371 Tr:Q28437 Tr:Q28438
FT                   Tr:Q61231 Tr:Q61232 Tr:Q8SQ31 Tr:Q96PT8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J7"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003593"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005293"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011527"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013305"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017871"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J7"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13319.1"
FT   mRNA            join(45541..45548,48164..48361,48507..48635,49650..49875)
FT                   /gene="TAP2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.1-002"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF075782.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50680..50915,51290..51426)
FT                   /gene="TAP2"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.1-003"
FT                   /product="transporter 2, ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B
FT                   (MDR/TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW656706.1"
FT   regulatory      52301..52306
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      52322
FT   mRNA            join(59985..60179,64504..64773,65221..65502,66525..66635,
FT                   66905..66936,67132..67577)
FT                   /gene="SLA-DOB"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.4-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO
FT                   beta"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA909398.1 Em:AI299772.1
FT                   Em:AI440472.1 Em:BF776845.1 Em:BI187027.1 Em:BI360119.1
FT                   Em:BM152694.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC006097.1 Em:M24358.1 Em:X03066.1"
FT   CDS             join(60050..60179,64504..64773,65221..65502,66525..66635,
FT                   66905..66936,67132..67140)
FT                   /gene="SLA-DOB"
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTSUSP00000000352"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class II, DO
FT                   beta"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13765 Sw:P13765 Sw:P13765
FT                   Sw:P18467 Tr:Q30827"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A5D9J8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000353"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003006"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003597"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014745"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A5D9J8"
FT                   /protein_id="CAN13320.1"
FT   regulatory      67555..67560
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      67577
FT   CDS             join(71149..71430,72475..72585)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.6-001"
FT                   /product="pseudogene similar to part of major
FT                   histocompatibility complex, class II, DY beta proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P05538 Tr:O46871 Tr:Q29826
FT                   Tr:Q8MGQ0 Tr:Q8MHF6"
FT   CDS             complement(join(97541..97554,98137..98247,98993..99274,
FT                   100465..100734,105568..105667))
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.7-001"
FT                   /product="major histocompatibility complex, class II, DR
FT                   beta 1 pesudogene"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P18470 Tr:O19201 Tr:O77499
FT                   Tr:Q31072 Tr:Q8HX71 Tr:Q8MGQ2 Tr:Q8MHH2 Tr:Q8SPA2"
FT   mRNA            join(108041..108122,109152..109279,111221..111595)
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.8-001"
FT                   /product="putative novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI346708.1"
FT   CDS             join(108905..109003,109152..109273)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.9-001"
FT                   /product="pseudogene similar to part of transporter 2,
FT                   ATP-binding cassette, sub-family B (MRD/TAP) (TAP)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P36371 Tr:Q61228 Tr:Q61230
FT                   Tr:Q61231 Tr:Q792S7 Tr:Q8SQ31"
FT   CDS             join(111220..111484,112064..112174)
FT                   /pseudo
FT                   /locus_tag="SBAB-554F3.10-001"
FT                   /product="pseudogene similar to part of major
FT                   histocompatibility complex, class II, DO beta proteins"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P13765 Sw:P13765 Sw:P13765
FT                   Sw:P18467 Tr:O88189 Tr:Q31143"
FT   misc_feature    119484
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: XX-BS591C4"
SQ   Sequence 121483 BP; 31013 A; 27822 C; 27889 G; 34759 T; 0 other;
     aagcttgtca cctatttttt tttttttttt ttgtcttttt tgccttttct taagccgctc        60
     ctgcggccaa tagaggttcc caggctaggg gtctaatcgg agctgtagcc accagccttc       120
     cccagagcca cagcaagtcc aagccacgtc tgcgacccac accacagttc accccaacgc       180
     cagatcttta accccctgag caaggtcagg gatggaacct gcaacctcat ggtttttagt       240
     cggattcgtt aaccactgca caacaaccgg aactccgttt gtcatctatt ttatccactc       300
     taataacagg agcaacaagg aagagcaggc caacaattat tccacgataa ttacaaggag       360
     gtaggaagat agctttgaag aaggggagag gaagtgggtt atgattctcc cttggctgga       420
     accctggtcc tgcttaaggc actgaagatg gttcctgagt tccctggtct gatagaccat       480
     tcccttcccc acatattcct ccgtacccca ccccaggctg aaagacacgg atatgaggcc       540
     cagggggtga tgtctgagag agaaaatgtc tgtcgcacaa actaagacga cctcgagtta       600
     cagatccaaa caaatgtagt gacaactgaa gggctgaatg taccactcaa gtattcgggg       660
     accctccgca aggagatggt ttcctttaaa gacccggttt cctttaaaga ccccgccagg       720
     atgggattac ttagggtaca cctcccacaa ataaagggtt taaaggtctg ggcagacctc       780
     gtccctccct cgtcgtccat cccttgttag ggacgagacc caatctcatt gcccttccca       840
     acctcactcc agggttccaa ggagggagcg agagaggaac ctagacggct gcatcccttc       900
     ctcactatcc caggttgagt gatccctggg gaacaaaatc gccgtcccaa atcttacctc       960
     gcaagggcgt ctcctgcgcg ttcttcaggt atttgcggag ctacctgatc ccctctccct      1020
     ccaggcaggc gctccggact ttgcaatagg catctccctt gaagcctggt gggggagggg      1080
     tttcgagccg cagtgtcgct tctgttcagt ctctaggccc gggtgcaagc attttcacca      1140
     gagctgctgc ggggggtggg ggtgggcgga gaagctaggc tcatcaagtg accctctgcg      1200
     aaccgccgca ctggaaaaaa tgccccctgg gcatccgcct ccagggtcgc agcgggagcc      1260
     ctctggcccc acccacctca gggccagaag ctatgattgg ctcgctggaa cgccaatcag      1320
     agctcggcgc tctggggccg gagaaacgcg gcaccaccct ccggctataa cagctgctgg      1380
     gttcttctct gagctccgcc agggtagcgg gttcctaaaa gtccctctga gggttccgcg      1440
     gtgacctgat gtccagccct cagtcgccgc ccccaggatt ctcccagctt gtctgcgctg      1500
     attccggggc tccgcttccc ttccgccagg ttcagcccgc gagctcggcc ctcccacctg      1560
     tgaggtgcct ggtgcccagg cggggatgag ggcggcggac cgaaacccgg accgagagtc      1620
     cccgagcctc gccacctgac cgcacctctc caggactctg ggcccggctt cttgtaaact      1680
     acccgctcct catagaccct gaacggctgc cagccggaga gttattcaac tgcagggagg      1740
     aaaggtgagc aaggtgggcg aaggagagag aggaacaaaa gaaggcagaa cgaaggcagg      1800
     gttggaagag ggcgggggca gaaggttgct gaggaaggag agtgttaact gcatggcctt      1860
     ttcctattca agggtagtag ttccacgtcc tttggcttct cacctcagtt ctccgttcac      1920
     ctgctcgcct ctgcggcagg gcccctgaaa ggagtggcag ggggatttct agtagcgtta      1980
     tcgggttccc agatgccaca gcgtgaaaga ggaacttaga atggacctgg acttgtgctt      2040
     tttgggagtt tttttttttt ttaattacat aatcaacttc attattagtc attgatctat      2100
     tcagattttc tgtttcctca ggattcagtc ttggaagatt gtatgtttct aagaatttat      2160
     cagtttcttc tgttgtctaa tttattggca tataattgtt catagtgttt ccgtgcgtac      2220
     ttttatattt ctgttgtggt gtcagttgta atttctccac ttttcttatt tatttggccc      2280
     ccctcttttt tttttttttt gagtctggct agatatttgt cagttttgtt tatgttttca      2340
     aagaaccaat ttgtagtttt ataagtcttt ctttattggc catgcccatg gcatatggaa      2400
     gttcctgggc cagggattga acctgcacca ccgcagtgtc aatgcaggat ccttaaccca      2460
     ctgtgccaca agcgagctcc ttgtcttgtt ttgtctttct attctttctc tctctctctc      2520
     tctttttttt tttttttttt ttttttccct ttttagggac tcactggcgg catatagaag      2580
     ttcccaggct aggggtcaaa tgggagcaat agctgccagc ctgcgccaca gccacagcaa      2640
     catggatctg ggctgcatct acaacacacc acagctcatg gcaacactgg caaggcctag      2700
     gatcaaaccg gtatcttcat gggtactagt caggtttgtt accccctggg acacaactgg      2760
     gaactactaa tcttttctat ttttaagtct atttcaatta tttctgttct gatctttatt      2820
     atttcctttc ttttgctaac tttgggtttt attctttttc tacttccttt aggcttaaga      2880
     gtagattgct tatttgagct ttttcttgtt tcttgagatt gctataaact ttccccttag      2940
     aactgccttt ttctgtgtcc atagattttt tttctttctt tttttttttt tttctttttt      3000
     tgtcttctta gggccacacc cgtggcatat ggaggtgccc aggctagagg ttgaattgga      3060
     gctgtaaccg atggcctaca ccactgtcac agcagtgtag gagccaagca gcatccatga      3120
     cctacactgc agctcacagc aatgctggat ccttaaccca ctgagtgggg tcagagattt      3180
     aacctgcatc ctcatggata ctatttgggt ttgttaacta ctgaaccatg ataggaactc      3240
     cttgtcccgt agattttgga cagttgtttt tctgtgttca tttgcctcaa gatatttttt      3300
     tggggagttc ccgtcgtggc gcagtggtta acgaatccga ctaggaacca tgaggttgcg      3360
     ggttcggtcc ctgcccttgc tcagtgggtt aacgatccgg cgttgccgtg agctgtggtg      3420
     taggttgcag acgcggctcg gatcctgcgt tgctgtggct ctggcgtaag ctggtggctg      3480
     cagctccgat tcaaccccta gcctgggaac ctccatatgc cgcgggagcg gcccaagaaa      3540
     tagcaaaaag accaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaattt aaataaaaaa aaaaataaaa      3600
     aaaaaagata tttttttgat ttcttcttgg atttccttag tgacccaata gttggttagt      3660
     agatgttgtt tagtgtctac gtatttgtgg ggttttttgc agttttttct cgtttttgat      3720
     ttcttgtttt tgattactgt ggtccaaaaa gatacttgat atgatttcag cctttctaaa      3780
     tttgttaaga cttgttttgt gtcctaatat ctgatctatt ctagagaatg tcccatgggt      3840
     acttgaaaaa aatgtgtatt ctactgcttt tggatggaac gggcaaagca attgagtaga      3900
     gacatagggg gtcattgatg cagatggatc aagcatattg gagattagat aaggatgctg      3960
     cagcctattt gtggttgcta ctccttcaga atatgcatcc tcttatccag ggtaacttaa      4020
     ggagagggat gtgtgcagat ccagtgtata tactgcaatt tcacttcacc taagggagaa      4080
     gagtgtatat ctttatatta gcaatgtgtc tcttctcagg gttccatcat accaaccata      4140
     acgcaccccc actgttcaat ttcagtagta aatagtatat ctcaggccag ttttcagaaa      4200
     agcaggttat aagagaacaa agccagaaaa tcattgctca aaagagcata cacctatcat      4260
     cttatgttca tgaagcaact gaaccttaga ctgatttttt tttttttttt aggctgataa      4320
     atatgtgtaa ctacaaatgg gctacagcat ttgattctca gcttaatgag tatttccctt      4380
     tgcccatggg ggtggaggga tggttcaggc taatattgat tgtgattctc tactaccacc      4440
     tagtggagat tcattcacta aaagccctat tccttattta aaatttccac agtaaatgtc      4500
     ttgttataaa aggttcaaac catatagaag agtgtagcgt aaaaggtctc tgtcactccc      4560
     tcctttctca ttccactctg tttcccagag gctgtgtatt gtggcacgta tcccgctagg      4620
     acatttcacg tgcttttact taggtgtatg atgggagaac ttctaacaca tgaactgaag      4680
     gttgttttgt ctttctggta cagagataga taaggcattt tcccttcatg ccttgggtga      4740
     ctatagcaaa acaatgatga tcaaaaggtt aaactttttt tttttttttt tttgtctttt      4800
     tgccatttct tgggccgctc ccgcggcata tggaggttcc caggctaggg gtccaatcga      4860
     agctgtagcc ccagcctacg ccagagccac agcaacgcag gatccaagcc gcgtctgcaa      4920
     cctacaccac agctcacggc aacgtcggat ccttaaccac tgagcaaggg cagggattga      4980
     acccgcagcc tcactggttc ctagtcggat ttgttaaccg ctcactgcgc cacgacggga      5040
     actccaagtt taagctcttg aatttaaaat ttacttttga agaccatggt agaagcaaga      5100
     tgaacaaaag gcattggatg aacatttgta aatatccgaa gtcggtgctt attctgtaaa      5160
     tagtagatgt gggaaggact cttgatgaag ttagagcttg ttttcttgct cgctctaact      5220
     tcaagttgac agaatccctg ggctgaggag aaagtgtcag gaactggtct gggagccttg      5280
     taccctgtaa tccttctaaa ctgtgtctcg gatgtttttg tttaaataat ttgaatttga      5340
     aaaaaactga tctgggagtt ccccttgtgg cgcagtggaa aggaaccacg aggttgcagg      5400
     ttcaatccct ggcctcctta agtgtgttaa ggatctggca ttgccgtgag ctgtggtgta      5460
     ggttgcagac tcggcccaga tatggcgtgg ctgtggctgt ggtgtaggcc agcatctgta      5520
     gctccgatta gacccctagc ctgggaactt ccatactcca tgggtgcagt cctaaaaaga      5580
     caaaagacaa aaagaaaaga aaagaaaaaa ctgatctact aaattagggg gcaaaaaagg      5640
     aaacagtata tttatacttt acaatttttt taaattaagg tatagttgat ttacaatgtt      5700
     ctgtcaattt ctgctgtaca gcaaagtgac ccagtcattc atatacatat atgaatatat      5760
     atatattctt ttcctcatat tatcttacat cagtgattgg atacagttcc ctgtgctata      5820
     cagcaggacc ccattgctta tccattctat ggaatagttt gcatctgcta actccaaatt      5880
     cccagtcccc gccactccct tggcagccgc aagtctattc tctgcgtctg tgagtctgga      5940
     tagcacattt gattgtgcta tccttgacat atgacctatt tggttttctg ttgctaaagc      6000
     ttacaaactg cacagctgaa acattcgatc tttttatggt tttcaatcaa ctttattgag      6060
     gtgtacttta aatcatacaa attgaagcgt tttaaagtat cagcttgatg agttttgagg      6120
     gatgcataca cagtgtaacc accaccccaa ttgatacata gaacattttt cctgtctcag      6180
     aaagttccct cttgcctttt tgcaatcagt cctcccgact ccagacacta atttgatttc      6240
     tatcacctta acttgatttt tggggaagaa agggatttgt tccccatctt cagattcact      6300
     ttgctgtctc aatttctggg aagcaaacct aaatttgaac atatgcattt aatctaatta      6360
     acacaggaca tacatttgta tttttaaaaa ctatttgctc ttgtgaactt tagacaatgc      6420
     tgcaaatcat ttgacttgat tattccactt actctcttgg taaaaattta aaatttcacc      6480
     tctgaaaaag tctaagatcg atagtgatta cgttcatctc tgtcgtctca acctgaatga      6540
     ttttataact ttggaccaat ttaaattgag ttaataaata acttttgatt acctgcaaaa      6600
     ttctcagaag gaatagtaat tcatagagac caagaaagaa atactgaatc atcagctatt      6660
     atgtataaac ttgtccatct ttactttctg ccaaaactca aattaagatg gtaaactctg      6720
     gagttcccgt cgtggcgcag gggaaatgaa tctgactagg agccatgagg ttgtgggttc      6780
     gatgcctggc cttgctcact gggttaagga tccggcattg ctgtgagctg tggtataggt      6840
     cacagacgtg gctcggatgt cacgttgctg tggctgtggt gtaggctggc agctgtagct      6900
     ccgattcaac cgctagcctg ggaacctcca tgtgcagtgg gtgtgcccta aaaagaccaa      6960
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaaagaaaa agattgtaaa ttcaatgtgg tacacacatt      7020
     tgtatgttat agtaaaatta gttttacttt actttattct attttttcaa tggccataac      7080
     catagcatac agaagtttcc tggccaggga ttaaatttga tccacagcag ccacaatgcc      7140
     agatctttta acccactgca ccagcagaaa tcgaaactgt ctcagcggca gtgatccaag      7200
     ccgctgaagt caaattctta aaccatggca ggaactccta attatatttt aaattagcac      7260
     aacattgtaa atcaactatg atacaaaaat aaaaaagatt aatcatattt taaagctgaa      7320
     gtttaaagat ttaaataata ttgtcattta actatgtaca tatttctgta gatttaaaac      7380
     atacatgatg aattaaaatt attaagcaaa aaaaaaaaga ggacttttta aaatttggtc      7440
     ttggaatatt cagtgggctc ttaaaatgag gtataaaaag tgatttcccc ccctcagtgt      7500
     tatcagctca gctagcagcg aattcttatc agaatactct ctctcaatat cctgatatat      7560
     ttgactgctt tgtgctgata tctttgtgtt ctaaaataat ttttaaaaca aatagtaaaa      7620
     cccctttgat ttatgagaga cctaacactt cttataatta tgttactttg cttactttta      7680
     ttttaaaatg ttttattgtc actttgatta ttgggatagc aaacgatata acaattgcag      7740
     actctcaggt ctttaggatt ctttggaaag ttatttttgt tgttgccttc ctgaaaccta      7800
     gccctgaatt gaaaatacta aaactgtcgg agttcccgtc atggctcagt gattcacgaa      7860
     tctgactagg aaccatgagg ttgcgggttc gatccttggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga      7920
     tctggcgttg ccgtgaactg tggtgtaggt tgcagacgcg gctcagatcc cgagttgctg      7980
     tggctgtggt gtaggccggt ggctacagct ccgattggac ccctatcctg ggaaccttca      8040
     tgtgccgtgg gagcagccca agaaatggcg aaaagacaaa taaataaata aaactgtcaa      8100
     gctatcgttt acactaaaaa aaaccccatt ttcccactag gtagccacta tccatttgac      8160
     cactaggtag caccaaaggc ttaatctttc accatataaa atgaaggaag ctggccataa      8220
     ttaggtgcat ttggcatgct ttatacactt taattctgta ttatcaaagg agctaccctg      8280
     tgtatcaacc ccacaatgtg gaaaaagctg acaccgcccc ccaactcagt ctttctttga      8340
     ttaattttgt ccaggtaaaa atattatcaa tgtgtgtttt aacaatcatt tttttttgtt      8400
     tcaggaaggg taaaagcata ctcatattca tattcccagt ctttcatggt gattttaata      8460
     cactaattta attaattaat tcataaatac actaatttta tttatttatt tatttatttt      8520
     tgtctttttt ccctttttta gggccgctcc cgtggcatat ggaggtttcc aggctagggg      8580
     tggaatcgga gctgtagcca ctggcctaca ccagagccac agcaacgtgg gatccgagcc      8640
     gtgtctgcga tctacaccac agcccacggc aacgccggat ccttaaccca tggatcgagg      8700
     ttagggatcg aacgcacaac ctcatggttc ctagtcggat tcgttaacca ctgtgccacg      8760
     acgggaactc tgacactagt tttaaagaag attttgtctc taggtttaaa atacctttgt      8820
     gaattggtag gaatcctaac cgcactttac aggctgggtt agaagactgt ggaaagttgc      8880
     tattgcccct catcccatcc agattgtgta cttacttacc tttgcagtca tgactagtaa      8940
     gtctttgcaa aatcatgaga tttctaggtt cttctcctct attctaatac tgttggttac      9000
     tgtgatacat taaacagagc catcctgtcc tgttaccaac agatgtttcc tgctgttctc      9060
     tcatacttgc cccaagccct ctgctattag ctatcatcaa aaactgagtc ttctgagaga      9120
     cacaacagaa aaggacaacc tctgaagctc agtggcaatg atcaccagcc tgatattgca      9180
     aaaaagagaa ttatgagaac aaccttacca gtttgagctg acattgccaa actatgctgg      9240
     gggacttgaa gactggcatt tataggactg ttttaataca gaagcagatg aagtcattaa      9300
     tgtactctgc tagctcaaga tcagtggaac aagaaataag actggaggag ttctcgtcgt      9360
     gggtcagtgg ttaacgaatc cgactgggaa ccatgaggtt gcgggttcga tccctggcct      9420
     cgctcagtgg gttggggatc aaacattgcc atgagctgtg gtgtaggtcg cagatgcggc      9480
     ttggatccct cgttgctgtg gctctggcgt aggctggtgg ctatagctcc aattcgacct      9540
     ctagccttgg aacttccata tgctgcgaga gcggccctag aaaaggcaaa aagaaaaaaa      9600
     aaaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaga aataagactg gataaaactg ttaaccaata tttaattatg      9660
     gtatttgttt tagaatattg ttttacatgt tccattttct gatgagcaca tgagcaaacc      9720
     attttatttt ctttttatct agctttctaa tcctcacctt tagcctatct tgtggaaact      9780
     aaaaccaaat attctttgaa tgggtcttat tccaatggaa cctcaaaatt caggaaaaaa      9840
     aatagtccta tagtaaattt aaaaatagat ggtagactat aaagtttaaa gactcaagga      9900
     gtttcctggt ggctcagtgg tgggttaagg agccagcatt gtcactgctg tgggtttggt      9960
     caatgccatg gtgcaggttt gacccttggc ccaaaaactt ccacatgcta tgggtgtggc     10020
     aaaaaatatt ttttttaata ctcaagaaaa atgaaatata atgatgatcc aattaattgg     10080
     aattttgaaa aatgctttta caatttttaa gcttagaaaa atcgaagcca aattgagtca     10140
     aattttgctt tttattacta ccacacctct acaatcaaaa ctttttgtag acatcaatgg     10200
     tagaatatat gataatcctg tagaaaatct gatatgtaat tcttctcttc aaataccatg     10260
     caagtgcgtt catggcttgc tttaggtttt tatgtcagta tagagatatg cagtggttca     10320
     catctccaaa gctggaataa tgagcatgcc ataaatatca catttaaagg aaaatctcat     10380
     ttaactgggt ataagtcact aataagagaa aggactggag tttgtatttg gaaacaagag     10440
     ctacaaaatc ctctcagtac tctggttcct ggtttattaa gggcccacct gacaggtaga     10500
     aaaggatatt atttcttaca agccaggatc actgatagac tttgggcatc tcagagaaaa     10560
     tgggactcca ttcacagtta aaggcactac aagcaaagct ctgagaaact gaattggggg     10620
     acggttcttg gaattaggga gctgataagt ggcagtaaaa ttatttctgg ttatcacagg     10680
     agtaattgaa actatgatgt taagagctaa agttttccgg gtagatgttg acactctagt     10740
     cgtaatatca taagagcttt gttttgttaa ctacacaaca aggagatcgt cacatattaa     10800
     tcctaaaaca ggccaaataa aagagcctgt caaattagga gttcccatcg tggctcagcg     10860
     gttagcgaac ccaaatagca ttcatgaaga cacgggttgc atccctggcc tcgcttcgtg     10920
     ggttagggat ccaccgttgc catgagctgt ggtgtaggtc gcagatgtgg ctcagatctg     10980
     gcattgctgt ggttctgtcg aaggcaggca ggctacagtt ccgattagat ccctagcctg     11040
     ggaacctcca tatgccacga gtgtggccct aaaagacaaa aagactaaga aaaaaaaaaa     11100
     aaaggagcct atcgaattaa tgataatgaa ttagaatgtt tctggaaaat cttctttggt     11160
     cagttctgta ccttgcaggt aggaattgtg taggacaaat gtctcaagta ttgggaaaaa     11220
     ggcaaaaatt tgctttcttg attaattaat atcatacttg aacattttct tataatcctg     11280
     cctgatcaaa atccaagtgt tttagggatt gtaacttgac taaaaaggat ctggttggcc     11340
     ctgtactatt agaggttaat ctgcagaaag ttgataagct atgatggctt tacttttacc     11400
     ctgctaaaga agataagtcc aaggctatga ttttattgct ctgtagtaca ttaactattt     11460
     ttaatctcta tcacagcaac tgttcccgac tatataatct ttgttttaca aacactcaga     11520
     atccttagtg agtttgatga agttttgaag agtctaacaa atacatttct catagaatta     11580
     ggagtgaaaa tgttgaaaca atatgggagg ctcattataa acagaaaagc atcacttctc     11640
     tgttctgcaa gaacaagcct caaaccgaag cattgctgct tctaagagca gcattttgct     11700
     ctgtcattag gagctggatt ttactgcaac caccactgaa gatacttcta agccacttct     11760
     gttgcaggaa cttcaccttt tttttttttt ttttaaacca cttcttcccc caaagccagt     11820
     tgctttttct gtcatctctg ccagtgaaaa gatccccatt tcctcctgtt gctcagtttt     11880
     taattgaagt ctcaggtgta tgaacttgac tggtgagact taggtctgga actggtgccc     11940
     tagcttcaaa gagagctggg ggaagtgggt tttctgaatt acattatgag aagcaggact     12000
     catagaggag aattgtacag tattctaacg gtgtttaaat ctgatgggac acactcacca     12060
     gtgtcctgac atgaaatgtg aggtgccctg tggggtggct cctgtaaatc agtgcttcgg     12120
     ttcatgggct acatcagtgg ttcttaaagt ccagttaacc cacagactca aaagaaacaa     12180
     cgaaatgatt gtatttgttt taagccacaa aatttagcag tggtttgctc tatagcaata     12240
     gataactgaa atgtatattg tgtttggttt cttcaggcaa tattatttct atgacattta     12300
     tccatgttgt tgcattgttg gtagttcact aaaatgcatt gcttatatag tattctgttg     12360
     gatcaacata ctacatttta tttatccact tactgttgag gatctatttt gttaagccat     12420
     ttgaaacaat ttgtggacat tatgacattt taccatgaaa aagtttggtg tgtgtttttt     12480
     aaggataaag acattttggt gttctccctg tggcacagtg ggttaaagat ctggtgttgc     12540
     ctgtggcata ggttgcagct gctgcttaga tttgatccct ggcctaggaa cttctatatg     12600
     tgccacacag acacacagac agacacacag acacagacac acacagacac acagacacac     12660
     agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acgagaataa ggacatttct cctacaaaac     12720
     ccgaataaca tcatcacctc aaaaatactt aacattggga gttcccgtcg tggtgcagtg     12780
     gttaacgaat ctgactagga accatgaggt tgcgggttcg gtccctgccc ttgctcagtg     12840
     ggttaacgat ccggtgttgc cgtgagctgt ggtgtaggtt gcagacgcgg ctcggatccc     12900
     gcgttgctgt ggctctggcg taggccggtg gctacagctc cgattagacc cctagcctgg     12960
     gaacctccat atgctgcggg agtggcccaa gaaatagcaa aaagacgaaa caaacaaaca     13020
     aacaaacaaa aaacccttaa cattgataca atattatcaa acatacagtc catgttcaaa     13080
     tttcctctat agtcccaata atgcccaata gtaacagttc tttattctaa gatgctaaat     13140
     tttggcgtca ttgttatgca gccgtaggta actaacgcag agggcatgac actacaggca     13200
     gaaagtgaat tcagtgggtc tgcttcttcc agttaagctg ttcagggtga tgtggtgatt     13260
     cctacttctc ggacttctcc atgtctgttc acgtgtcccc atttaatatc tcagggttca     13320
     gatccatccc aagcagtggt cttaccctta gtggaataga ccccacgggc ttatggaatt     13380
     aatagttcta tagcctcaca acctgttaca taagacacta ggtttggctc ttatctctat     13440
     ctgtgttgcg ttgtagaaga gaaggtaccc tttaaaactg ctctagtggt tttttaaagt     13500
     ttgcaatcat gtcttgagct tggatggaaa gctgttgatt atcctttgtt tctttgtatg     13560
     ccctataggg cagcctgaat cagccagctt atgaaggtgg tgacaaaaac cttaactgaa     13620
     tcacccagca tttgtctgat cctggtccta atctaaaacc ttgtttcctg ttacctcaga     13680
     tgtgaggtcc ctctgacact tcggtgatgg ttcagctgtt ctgattggct agtactaagt     13740
     ccgtttcccc ccgccacccc cttaacaccc ctgccccatg tttcttaaag tttcactttg     13800
     agtcgtgaga tggctagttt tgtgtcaccc ggctatggta cccaggtcca gtctagacat     13860
     tactgcgaag gtattttttt cagataagat taacatttaa acatttagat ttagttaagt     13920
     aaagcagatt accctccata atgtgagtgg actttctaag cagctgaaag ccttaagaga     13980
     aaaagaatga agttgtctaa gaggaaactg cttccacact gtctttggac ttgagctacc     14040
     acatcagctc ttcctagatc tctggccttc cctagagatt ttgaacttgc cagctctcac     14100
     atgagtcagt tacttaaagt agatctccct tgatagatag atagatatag atatagatat     14160
     gtctcctgtt ggctctgatt ctgtagaaaa ccctgacaaa tatatttcct agagaaggct     14220
     gtttcccaga taaatccact tttttttcca tgtcaatgca gttttagaaa attgattctc     14280
     cacactctgt cactgagttt ttgagtgtac aagctctgta ttacacatac atagactaca     14340
     tacaacgctg tcctaaacat ttttggttga ctattgctga accagtttcc aatgcttctg     14400
     aataagccca gtggagtgaa aatatttttc ttcttaccat atatgttcat catcagagag     14460
     ttaagaattt ggtaaggagg actgaagata atccatatat cttagcttat tatataaaat     14520
     agaacatgtt tattagattc taaaaaatta ttataaaaat aatatgtatg cattggaaag     14580
     agatgctgca aatgtaggaa gaaatctaag tattcttaat ccctactctc ccgttttaaa     14640
     tcctgacctc ccatctgaat acttttatta tattctctgt ttaactggat ggaaaaaaaa     14700
     gggggaatta tttaatattt gtcatggaag tacataggaa attgttctcg gaacaatata     14760
     tatatgtcat atgtgtgtat ttgttgcttt ccttttttct ttctttcttt tttagggctg     14820
     catgtggaag ttactgggtg aggggttgag tcggagctgc acctgcggct tacaccacag     14880
     ccacagccgc agccacaaca acatgagatc tgccccagct tgtggcaaca ccggatcctt     14940
     aacccactga gaggggccag ggattgaacc tgggtcctca tggataccag tcaggttcgt     15000
     taccactgag ccacaagagg aacttctaaa atgatgtttt ttaaatgaaa cttctgaatc     15060
     ttgtgcctga tttcatttct ttctttgttt tcgctacccc atagctcaga gccatttttt     15120
     ttttttttta actcatctac agctggctga taaacaagtc ctgttacact ggctctctgg     15180
     gggggaaaaa aaaaaccaaa aaagttctgg catgtagcat tgttggtttc tgtagtataa     15240
     atatttccat catggtcaat gtcaagctac caatagttaa caactgcctt tcaaaattcc     15300
     cgaatgtgga gttctcgtct tggtgcagtg gaaatgaatc caaccaggaa ccatccctgg     15360
     cctcgctcag tgggttaagg atctggtgtt gccttgagca gctcagatcc tgtattgctg     15420
     tggctgtggc atagaccagc agctattgct ctgactggac ccttagtctt agaacttcca     15480
     tatgccatgg gtgtgggcct aaaaagcaaa taaataaata aataaaaatt tcctgaatgt     15540
     cttacaaatt gctcttgtta ggcggcacag gacagctcca gcatatcact tttttttttt     15600
     tttaaatgat attcataccc cttggcttca ttatttctta tttttatttt ctctttgttc     15660
     caatttcttt ttcttctttt taaattgtgc ctgcccctat aagctgcatt aagtcctttt     15720
     tggaatgagg agcacaagaa cgcaattctt tggctaataa agaaaacgat ggccatctaa     15780
     tttcttttct tttccttttt tttttttttt tttttttagc caccttgttg catatggagt     15840
     tcctcagcca gagatcagat cccagctgta gttgcaacct atgccacagc tatggcagtg     15900
     ctccatactt aatccaccgt gctggggcca gggaatcgaa cctgcatcct ggcactgcag     15960
     agacaccaaa gatcctgttg catcacatca ggaactctgc catctaattt gctggagttc     16020
     cctctgtggc ccagccgaaa tgaatctgac tagcatccat gaggatgggg ttcaattcct     16080
     ggcctcgctc agtgggctaa ggatctggta ttgctgtggc tgtggctatg gtgtaggctg     16140
     gcagttgcag ctctgattca acccctagcc tggggacttc catgtgccat ggtgtggccc     16200
     taaaaagcaa aaaataaaac aataggagtt cccatcgtgg cacagtggtt aacgaatccg     16260
     actaggaact atgaggttgt gggttcgatc cctggccttg ctcagtggct taaggatctg     16320
     gcgttgccat gagctgtggt gtaggtagca gatgcggctc ggatcccgcg ttgctgtggc     16380
     tctggtgtag gctggtggct acagctccaa ttggacccct agcctgggaa cctccatatg     16440
     ctgagggagc agccctagaa aaggcaaaaa gaccaaaata aataaataaa taagtaaacc     16500
     aataaaaata aagtaaaata aaatgtctaa atcttgggag ttctccagtg gcctaggagt     16560
     taagaatgta ggttgtcacc acggtggctt gggtttgatc cctggcctgg gaatttctgc     16620
     atgctgtggg cacagacaga aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aggtttaaat     16680
     tttacttctg ttctcaaagt ctctgctgtg ctgttacgga ttcgaggaac acgcatgtgc     16740
     agctcagggg gcaccccggt cgtcacaagg gttcacacct agaatcaggg aatccccttc     16800
     tccagctctc acttgggaga tacccctcca cactcctgcc cacaggggcc ccttttctta     16860
     gttcctctgg ccatagcaat ggtctttttc tctgagagtc aactcagcag ggctgctcca     16920
     caattgatat ttgacttcag gacagagccg tgagaggaaa gaagaaaaaa ctgaacactc     16980
     cattccccgc aattccagct ttgcccctcc aagttttgac cctctccaca atccacctgc     17040
     ttttgctgat tttttggagt tgtttagtac ttgcttttgt ctattcccca gagtttcgtt     17100
     gtgatcagtg agagatatag gctcttaagt tatgttaaac ttcaagataa tttaaatatc     17160
     atgactagaa agaactcaag gctctcgtaa tgttaaatta tttttctgca aaccaaatac     17220
     acactctcaa ggacataaga gtgttttagg gtattttgaa tgtgtatgtt tagcctggga     17280
     tgttagaaaa gcaaacagaa gcttcctggg tagcctacta gaatttctgt taaatacatt     17340
     tcccaagcgc tcacttacga gcaaaacggc attgaatgtc aaagctgtaa acccccttag     17400
     aagtcactca acgccttcat ttgacagaag agaaaatgag ggctccgaga agggaactca     17460
     tttgtcctgt cgctcaggaa gaccatgcca aagacaggac cagaactcag cttgttcaat     17520
     acagttactc aagtatctag taacagcttc ctaagtgtca aatcatagtc tgaattaact     17580
     agtgcagatt tcaaggagga gaggagggag ctcgtgttgt agcatagcag gttaagaacc     17640
     cgactggtat ctgtgaggat gcaggttcaa tccctggcct cactcagtga gataagaatc     17700
     ctgcattgct tcaagctgca gcgtaggtca cagatgtggc ttggatctgg cattgctgtg     17760
     gctgtggttg tggctggcac ctgtagctcc gatttgatcc ctagccaggg aatgtccata     17820
     tgctacagag gcagctgatt aaaaaaaaaa aaatacacag agacacatat taatcaaact     17880
     aaccaaaatt aaagacaaag agaaaatctt gaaagcagct agggaaaaga aacaagtaac     17940
     atacaaggga accccaataa ggttatcggc agatttttca gcagaaactc tgcaggccag     18000
     aagggagtgg catgatatac ttaacgtgat gaaaagaaaa cacctccaac caagattatt     18060
     ttacccagca aggctctcat tcagatttga aggggaaatc aaaaccttca cagataagca     18120
     aaagttgaga gaattcagca acactaaacc agccttacaa caaatactaa aggaacttct     18180
     ctaggcagaa aagaaaagac agcaacagga aacaaaaatt ccacaaatga caaggctcac     18240
     cagtaaaggt atatatatat acagtaaaga tacgaaatca tccatgcaca attataccac     18300
     caaaatcaga aaccatgaga agaggtgggt acaaatgcag gacactggag atgaacttgc     18360
     aattaagaga acaacaactt aaaacaatct catatacata tagactctta tcaaaacttc     18420
     aaaataactg caaaccaaaa atctacaact gatacaccaa caaggaatct ctgaagaata     18480
     aatatatctc atagtaaata agtgcataat tcaccatgaa gggggttatt tgacatcatt     18540
     cttggagtgc tgaggtcttc ttagaactga ttctgacttc ctctccatca aagaatttat     18600
     gataattata attaaataat gcaactgtac aattaaataa tacagttcta caattgtatt     18660
     attaataacc atttcttgcc atggtacaat gtaaagtcta taatgtcttg tttatcacat     18720
     cacctagaat ggtgtaatgc ctttattgaa gaatcaataa gatgtaacaa attgtgagga     18780
     catatttata tagttatact tttttttttt gtctttttgc catttattgg gccactctcg     18840
     aggcatatgg agttcctagg ctaggggtct aattggagct gtagccactg gcctacacca     18900
     gagccatagc aacacgggac ccgagctgag tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcacggcaat     18960
     gccagatctt taaccgactg agcaaggcca gggatcgaac ccgcaacctc atggttccta     19020
     gttggattcg ttaaccactg tgccatgatg ggaactccta gttatactgt tttttaacca     19080
     atttatgcat tttatatttt acttattttc agagggtgta ttatttttgt tattcttagc     19140
     agttattctt tatattatgc tatataaaat atttaatgtt atataaggct ttcctcttta     19200
     tacattttag atgcataata tacacaattt taatataatg ctaattttta aagaaaaatt     19260
     gaaatgtaat agataatact aaatagtaaa gatgaaagcc attaaaagaa aaaggataca     19320
     atatatgaag cttgagaaag tagaaagttg tatgtagtgg taaagaaagg acatatgcca     19380
     aactaaatcc cacatctcag tttttgcact tgccaggaac tattctaggc tctcctctat     19440
     cctacgtaga agtagctata gtatctatag aatgtatttt tgtttgggtt ctaagagata     19500
     aagtttattt atttatttat ttgtttattt atttattttt tggtcttttt gctatttctt     19560
     gggccactcc cgcggcatat ggagtttccc aggctaggag tctaatcgga gctgtagcca     19620
     ccagcctacg ccagagccac agcaactcgg gatccaagcc gcatctgcaa ccaacctaca     19680
     ccacagctta cggcaacacc ggatcgttaa cccactgagt gaggccaggg atcaaacccg     19740
     caacctcatg gttcctagtc ggattcgtta accactgcac cacgacagga actccagaga     19800
     taaagtttat aagcctttag ctaatgcctg cttcattcag taaatgtagt tttggggtta     19860
     ctgctattat ctgaaagtca caagtgtccc cacccccaat atatgtaagt atttatcata     19920
     ttttgaccta gagatgaatg catgcattat gaaagaattt ttttttttgt tttttgtttt     19980
     gtcctttgtc tttttgaggg ttgcacctgt ggcatatgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtct     20040
     aatcggagct gtaactgcca gcctatgcca cagccatagc aacaccagat ctgtgaccta     20100
     cgccacagct cacagcaacg ccggatcctt aacccactga gcaaggccag ggatcgaacc     20160
     tgcaacgtca tggctcctag tcggattcgt ttccactgcg ccacgatggg aacaccctat     20220
     gaaaggaatt cttttacatg tgagtttgca ggtgcttttc actaattctc acatgtgtgt     20280
     cttagttacc tatcggtctt agcctgaagg aaggaatgcc agctcaattg cactttcatc     20340
     ctctgagcgt cagaatgaga ctttatatca tttttaatat ttcaaaatca ctcaaaacat     20400
     gatggcctgt cacgtatagg gttcttccta gttccagcat cctcccgatg cactttcctc     20460
     tgggaaagat gtttgcaagc tgggcacaaa agaataaaaa ggataagcta ccatctgtga     20520
     gggaagaagc tcccttccca agcttcatct cgccgagcac ccactgacca taccaggttc     20580
     cgggcccaga acgtttatta caaaatacag cagggaggtc tgaggaagag tcactcgtca     20640
     tagaattttg gcagctcatt gcccaagatt actcgatggt ccacaccagc agctgtaatg     20700
     gtgaccagat agatgacacc cccgctagag ccatcccggt tcatggccag agcaatagct     20760
     gcagagggtt tcaagttgga gagagaagag agaatggctt agctttaaaa atcttttcct     20820
     ttccttgctg tctatatgcc tactaccact ttcagacttc aaaatcccgt ctcctagaga     20880
     tgcatatttc atggtgtact ggtgaaccca cttaaaaatc ttcatctctg gcatctcctg     20940
     atgtccatgg tctcaacact cttgccacga gtgatttcaa gtgtaaatag ataaacaagt     21000
     agctcacaaa ttcttgcata tttagcaatc gcctcttaag agctggcgca ctggttcttg     21060
     tagtcaccat ataacttaac ttggtgtgct cacaacagtc ctagtttatg ccgtttgtcc     21120
     tgaaatccca tctagttcac caccggccct gccccctttc actctcaaag cgtcccagtg     21180
     tggctattta attaaatggt cacccgcata ttcctcttcc tgttccttgt actctgcttc     21240
     cttcccatat ttaactcctg ccccgggtta gttaccattt gtggtgaagc gcctgcactc     21300
     ctcaggggac atgcctggct tatatgccgc gtccacataa ccgtagatgt aggtgctgcc     21360
     agagccaccg atggcaaagg gctgtcgaat cagcattcct cccatggttc catatacctg     21420
     ggggcggggg gcatcctaca ggtcagactg tgaaagcatc aatcctctac ttaccaccaa     21480
     gacaagcagg tgggctcccc actctgcaat gaagccccag catcctccac ccttatcctt     21540
     tgcgtctata ccatgctttt agaggcagca tctttgaaac tcattgctag aatgacatag     21600
     gacctccatc tccctctctg ggggagagag gaacccccag ggaaggagta cattgggagg     21660
     gactcacctg gcccccttca cgttggtccc agccggctac catgagatgt gcagataggt     21720
     cctcccgata tttatagctg atgttcctca ccacgtttgc agcagccaga acaagtggag     21780
     gttcttccag ttccattcta aaggaagtgt taggcgtagg cgtcaagata atttccggga     21840
     gttccatcct cccaggtcat taccatcctc ccgggtcatt accatcctcc ctgccaagtg     21900
     acacctgaaa cttacagctg caaagatcct aactccagtt cccctcccac gtgtacaggc     21960
     gaaccagtct cacatcacca atgggtaaga tttcatttat ttccttcctt taccctgtcc     22020
     cacccccact ccctagtgac ataactctct tggctgcaag aacgctgccc atgtggggaa     22080
     aagcagataa gctttacttc tgccccaaat gaccttggtt tctcgcaggt cactgcctga     22140
     tattatggtg ggccatggtg tcattacctt cctcattatt tatatgaggg tactggtttg     22200
     cagttttcaa acccctttcc tgctcatcac ttgatctagt gaggtagggt aggtactatt     22260
     aatatctcta ctctacaggt gcagaaacca gcttcaagag atttaagtgc cagttcaagg     22320
     ctaataaaag cgggagccaa aacaagaatt tttcattttc cactgcagtg ttcctggacc     22380
     aggacactgt ataggggttc actggttggg gaagctctag ctggggtgga ctgaggaccc     22440
     caaagcttca tacccatgga gctccagctg gtaggcggcc atgtccgcta tggcctgagc     22500
     atcagcggct gagccagaga gcgcacagta gattcgatga tgcagggggg acagcttgtc     22560
     aaacactcgg tttaccaccg cctctctgtc aagaagaagg cagaagtcag caatgtcaga     22620
     agtgcccaaa ttcttgatgt taatctctca gtgtttctca aatttactcc ataagagaac     22680
     accttcagaa tacattacat ttaatgcatg aatgaaagcc aaaagcaaag aatcatctca     22740
     aataaatgaa acgctgcagg cgatggtcaa aattagactt attttcagtc ttagactttt     22800
     acgataaaac aaaaaaaaaa attaagaata atgtttccct gcagttcctg tcgtggctca     22860
     gtggttgacg aatccgacta agaaccatgg ggttgcgggt tcgatccctg gcctcgctca     22920
     gtgggttggg atccggcgtt gccgtgggct gtggtgtggg ttgcagatgc agcctggatc     22980
     ctgtgttgct gtggctttgg tgtaggcctg gcggctacag ctccaattag acccctagcc     23040
     tgggaacctc catatgccgt gggctcggcc ctagaaaaat acgaaaagac aaaaaaaaag     23100
     aataatgttc cccttattaa tttttctttg ctattaacca tctggaggaa gttatgtgtt     23160
     ctatgggaac attaaatagt attgaccaaa tcctatatat atatattttg tatgtgagga     23220
     aactagccag aagggaggaa gatgaaatta gttcaacaca cagtggatga gaaaacacaa     23280
     tatctgcctg gcagaagcat ttttttctat ctctaaacac aggtggcaag aaggtctctg     23340
     aaatctctac cccccaaacc ctttagagtc ccgaaaaaat acccacccaa tatcttatta     23400
     tagtggcctt tctgaaaggt taaatcagtg tctccaaagc accagttcat cagtctcttc     23460
     atgaatggtt aagaaaaacg tgtgtttggg accattagct tccttccaaa agtatacacc     23520
     atcacttgta cttaccctgc agacacccgg gaatcagatc ccaccacgac gcccccatca     23580
     aactccaccg ccatgatggt tgtctgcaga gacacagagg agggactatc agagcaggaa     23640
     gagccttgat cccttcatgt ggagggatcc cttccttctt gaggaaacag cctcaagaga     23700
     ggggagatgt ctggctcaag gtcacacggt cattgaggcc agaggggact tccagtattg     23760
     gatttttttt tccctccatc tttccatttt ctctcttgtc tctcctggct gcaagggaag     23820
     gtcagagcct ggccatggta tcacacagaa ggaagggcat ccctgagccc caaccttcct     23880
     aagtggagtt ctttgcatcg taaagagaga gacagggtga ggtgcctaga ggcagaagga     23940
     ctccttttga ttaaagggtg ggggagggca cttccaagca cccagaggca gctgtgcaag     24000
     tgaattacct ccacatctgc ttgctgtgtg tacagctgtg ctaccgaccc cccccccccc     24060
     cagcaagtta ccgtgatcat cttgggaaac aaggtaacaa gctctagttt tttttttttt     24120
     tggcccggaa tcatccatcc cacacctttc atcagaagtg agctttcagt ttattgaaca     24180
     atggaaaaca cctcagaggt cagtggttag catggccagt gaaaaggaag gaggaaagag     24240
     caagaagcac atgagacaaa ggtttcattc aaggatttct gatcaagacg caaatagata     24300
     tctcagtaga caggggaagg gatttgtacc aagggagcat ttgattgggg agtttgagct     24360
     gacttttcca ggtcaagaaa ggaaattaag gagaagaaga aagaatgaag gagaataaag     24420
     gtacaatttt aactcccgtt gagttggaaa gaacctttag aagaaactga gtcactgaga     24480
     aggtgagtga ctcgtccaaa gcacacaact aaaacccagg tctagttctc atgctttgtt     24540
     ctgacttctt actctccact gctcatctgg ctgtgagggg agattatctg atttataaat     24600
     ggttttatgg ctctccttct caccactcca taagttacct tggcccccag ggatattagc     24660
     ctgagtgttc attttgacct actgattggt catgaatagc ccaccaggga acaggggcaa     24720
     ccccatccta gagggtgttg ctttacaaca aagctgctct gacgctgagt ggtggcagta     24780
     gtttgagagc agaagccagc cagtcttggg ctgccatctg ccccccgggg gcccaacctg     24840
     ggcaaaagtc ccccggcagg tgtgtgcaag accttggaaa gggagcatgg cagcgcctgg     24900
     gccaagcagg agccttcctg ggcccagctg gagaagggca ctaccagctc acatagaacc     24960
     cccatgatca gactatgagt tacccaaggg ctggcttatc aaacggttgt gtcccttctc     25020
     cattagtacc catactccca tctctcaagc gctgtcctac ttcacccagg gcacaatttc     25080
     ctcatctctg tgcatcctct ccaaccccct cccttgattt aaccatcccc cccctccagt     25140
     ccagagtgaa agcgaaagcg ctttggaaca gcttcccctt aacgcttcca cctaagggcc     25200
     aatgcacccc ctttctacca gcctcgcgtg cccagtccct tcgcggaccc ctagacgacc     25260
     ccctccagaa cagagacgcc tgtattcatt tcagggtgca agcagctggc tgctacaagc     25320
     tatctcctca cgcttgttag tcttcaaatt tactccttgg cgcttccagg gtccccttgt     25380
     cgctccaccc ctctgctggc cctcaagccc agactcatta ccccagtgtg gacttctccg     25440
     gcccggggta agtccccagt aggtcctcca gcccgcagca tcccggtgcc acgctcctcg     25500
     ctgccttggg cactggtttc cgacctggga cagcacgggg tgagctgcct tacagccccg     25560
     ccccttcacc acgcccgcca gggggcgccc gggtccgctc cttgcggctt cgcacccctg     25620
     cgccaacctg tgtggtgcag gtctgcccgg agacagatga cgtaagatcc ctaccaaagg     25680
     gctggggtga aaaagtccag accattggat cccgcaagag gaggcaagga aagaaggagg     25740
     gtctggcgtt ggtgatagtg aaggtggagc gccagggctc ctcccccaaa cctcagatct     25800
     gatgccaacg ccctcctcca aaatagtccg ggctggccgc cttggggaag tgggcgggtc     25860
     tagtgagccg gcggccgctt tcgttttccc tttcccataa accgcttgct tccagctcgc     25920
     tgaggcggtc caggtcggtt cccgggactt tccgagatcc ccgccccggc ccgcccctgg     25980
     accctccccg ctgcgggtcc gggcctgctc gggcacccac tccgacagca tccagagaat     26040
     ccagcccagc agggatagcg agagccccag gccgggggtc gacctcgtac ggccaatggc     26100
     cagctcgggg tcctccgctc cctgcgggtg tctctgcgtc tcccgagctt ccctcccttg     26160
     gctgggggca gcgctgctgc ttctcgccga ctgggtgctg ctccggccgg cgctgccccg     26220
     gatatcctcc ctgctgctgc ccccagcgct gccgctgctc cgggtctggg tggtgggcct     26280
     gagccgttgg gctgtgctgt ggttgggggc ccgcagcgtc ctcagggcga cggttggctt     26340
     ccgggagaaa agcacaggac ttcggggatg gctggcagct ttggagccgc tggcggcggc     26400
     tctgggcttg gctctgccgg gacttgcctt gttccgagag ttgggctcgg gagcggctga     26460
     cagcacgcgg ctactgcact gggggagtcg cctcgatgcc ttcgccctca gctatgcggc     26520
     ggcattgccc gcggccgccc tgtggcataa gcttagcagc ctttgggtgc aaggaagtca     26580
     cagaggctct ggagtgacag tgagccggct tctcggctgc ctgggctcag agatccgcca     26640
     cctctggctc cttctgaccc tggtggtcct ctccagcctt ggtaaggggg atgcgggggg     26700
     agggagaggg aggctagagg gctgggtagg aatcaagcct aacggtcagt gagatagaca     26760
     ggtgtgagtt ctcggaaatg tggataagag caagcccacc ccgctcaggt ccacttggtg     26820
     gagaggaaag agccctggac tgggtgggag tcaggagtcc tggactccag tgctgctcag     26880
     gtgttgcttc actggccacc ttgggcgagc tctttcctcc taccatccta ggcttcttaa     26940
     ttaaccctct aaaggtctgg tgaggccaca ggattacgag ttccccgggg gcccattcca     27000
     gtgccgagag tgtgcgctgt ttctgcagga taatgggcaa gggtgaaggg aggatgggcg     27060
     ggaggtgcag cctggttaga gctgagctgc ttaggctgct tagacttgct ctttctgacc     27120
     cgcccatctc tcctctccct ccccagggga gatggccatt ccgttcttca caggccggct     27180
     cactgactgg attctacgag atggggcagg tgctgccttc acgcagaacc taactctcat     27240
     gtccatcctc atcatagcca ggtctgactg ctgagcttgg aaggctgggg acgggggacc     27300
     ctgaaaaggg cgcagttgga agttggggcc gccctccaaa gtgcacttct acggggtccc     27360
     tgaccgaccg gccctccttc tttgtctccc tctagctcgg tgctggagtt cgtgtgcgac     27420
     gggatctata acagcaccat gggccgcgtg cacagccacc tgcagggaga ggtgtttcgg     27480
     tctgtcctgc gccaagaaac agagtttttt cagaagaatc aaacaggtgt cttatgaacc     27540
     tctttcatta tccgtctgtt ttctatttgt atccccacac ttcatctttt acttataatc     27600
     ttgatctttc tctcacacac acacaaatgg tgtccctttt tattcttgat gtacttcaag     27660
     agcaagatat gctctttacc tttagaaaag cctactgttg gagttcgccg gtggctcagc     27720
     gggttaagga tctggtgttg ccactgctgt agttctgtgg ctgctgtggc tcagatcgct     27780
     gctgtgactc agtttgcttc tatggcgagg ttccatctgg ccagggaaat tctgcatgct     27840
     gtgggaaggg caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag acaaaaccaa aaacacaata     27900
     aaacaaaaaa aaaaatgatt aacctactgt ttccacccaa gatttttcca taaactatcc     27960
     ctataagtgt atttaggtag aatttcaaac ctggaaattt tgagattaga gagtctagct     28020
     gactcatttt acagagaagt gaaatgaggt ctagacctaa atgccaacat ttgcatggat     28080
     gcacatggat gaagacaaac ttgagagcag aacccatgtc ttgattccca atccagtgct     28140
     tgctgtggtt tcctggactg ctctctagta gtctctccat ttttctccag ctcttgtatg     28200
     accagcttaa gttcttccta cctatgagca tggtatatac aagttcttta aggaacagac     28260
     acctgtcaga gaaacagaag ttcacatggg catccatttc tttaaaaatt tttttttctt     28320
     ttatgactgc acctgtggca tatggaagtt cctgggccag gggttgaatc agagctacag     28380
     gtgaggcctg tgccagtcat ggcaacacct gatccagcat ctgtgaccta cgccacagct     28440
     tgtggcaaca gctggtcctt aacccactga gcgaagccag ggttccagcc tgcaacctca     28500
     cagagacggc gtcaggtcct taaccgctga gccacagtgg gaactctggg catcaatttc     28560
     tttatagtta aaacgaaggt ctttggccag gcttttccac tctaacacat ttttcttgca     28620
     ttatgtttca gtcctccccc aaccacagac cttgttttcc tgaccttctt tgtctttttt     28680
     tttttttttt tccccgctat ttcttgggcc gctcccgcgg catatggagg ttcccaggct     28740
     aggggtcgaa ttggagctgt agccaccggc ctacgccaga gccacagcaa cgcggatccg     28800
     agccaagtct gcaacctaca tcacagctca cagcaacgcc ggatcgttaa cccactgagc     28860
     aagggcaggg atcgaacccg caacctcatg gttcctagtc ggattcgtta accactgcgc     28920
     cgcgacggga actccttttc ctgaccttct tagaacactg tgttgatgcc cttcgctgtg     28980
     gcacctggct cattgctcgt cgctcccatc actctgagcc tcctgttcac tccactctct     29040
     tctcttgaac ccttggcagg tgccatcaca tctcgggtaa cagaggacac atccactgtg     29100
     agtgtgtctc tgagttcgga gctgagcctc ttgctgtggt acctcgcacg gggactgtgt     29160
     ctcttagggc tcatgctctg ggggtcacct cccctcacca tggtcaccct ggccgccttg     29220
     ccactgcttt tccttctgcc tgagaagctg gggaaatggc accaggtatg tctagggagt     29280
     tgcctcaacc tacactgacc ctcatcccag acttggtggg ctcagatccc tttcctggca     29340
     ccttcactgg ttctcctctt tgtgggactc cttgtccctg tcgtccatgt tcccagattg     29400
     ctcagtgttg atcttcacat cccttgtgtc ttctcttcta atgcctgccc acaatctgtc     29460
     tttaagaaca tgatcaccca tctcaagaat atgctcccct acgacgcttc taagtcattt     29520
     tcctcttctc tgtatccttt agtatctggg ggcctggctg tgtccctttg tccccttgcc     29580
     ttccctctgc cacgtctcac ctttaaactc taatcggata actcaggtac tagtgtcccc     29640
     tatggtttgt caacaatcat gtgtggcatc tctggtccac gtctccacag gtgctggcag     29700
     cacaggtgca ggaatctctg gcaaagtcaa gccaggtggc cattgaggtt ctgtcagcta     29760
     tgcctactgt ccggagcttt gccaatgaag agggtgaggc ccagaagttc aagcaaaagc     29820
     tgcaggacat gaagacactc aaccagaagg aggccctggc ctatgcggtc gacctctgga     29880
     ccaccagtgt gagcacctgc agatgactgc ctagtccctt gtccccaaga tgcctcaatg     29940
     ccattccctt tcccatgacc ctgctccaca ctcttcctcc actgcccagt ggttggttca     30000
     gtggccatat tctaacaacc ggaggctcag tcaccctact cactgttcct aaccccctcc     30060
     ccccttttta ggcgtgctag atggcttcct ttcactacgg tacacaaaaa tccacccaac     30120
     cctctcttta gggaagtgtt ttccaaggcc ttcttttgcc tcaagggggt gctcagagga     30180
     ctataaattc tggcaccctg tcccgtttca tgctgacact acatggatgc tagtgagagt     30240
     cctgggagta gcagaagcaa ggatgagggg cacctgtgat gtaaccgaaa gcgaacacga     30300
     ccagccatca agttcctatc acgatgctgc cattttccgg ctctgtgacc aggggctggt     30360
     gacttcactt ctctgagact gttttctcag ttttaaaaat ggcagtgacc taaccttgtt     30420
     tatggggctt ttgatgcgac tattagatga cattacattc atgaaagcct tttgtgcaga     30480
     gtaaatgctt cccagacaag gtgataatgg tgatggtaat aacgattggc ttcttttctg     30540
     tataactgag tgagactccg tggcattgct atggttcatt cctttttttt gtttatttgt     30600
     ttgtttttgc tttttagggc tgtacctgag gcatttggag tttccctggc aaggggtcca     30660
     gtcggagcta cggctgccag cctaccctag agctacagcc acagcaacac tagatccgag     30720
     ccacatcttt gacctacacc acagctcatg gcaacacccg atccttaacc cactgagcga     30780
     ggccagagat cgaacccgca acctcctggt tcctagttgg attcgttaac cactgagcca     30840
     cgacgggaac tccaagaact tcttatctcc ttaatgctaa tgattctgct tctctgcagc     30900
     ccctctagat ttttctacaa aagtcccttt tctgtgtggt ctctccacag atctcaggga     30960
     tgttgctgaa ggtgggaatc ctgtatgttg gcgggaagct ggtggcaggt ggggctataa     31020
     gcagcggaaa cctcgtcaca tttgttctct accagatcca gttcaccgaa gctgttcagg     31080
     tgaggtcctt ccattctcac atcccagggc ttttccctcc cctgtcccat caccatctga     31140
     gtcaccttcc ttccatgctt tgcccttctc acatcacata atcctggcag gcagattagg     31200
     tccctccccc actacctcct cccatctcac tattcatacc tcccctccag gtactgctgt     31260
     ccacctaccc cagggtacag aaggctgtgg gctcctcaaa ggaaatattt gagtatctgg     31320
     accgaatccc tcgctgcccg gccagtggat cgttgacttc cttaaagtca gaggggcttg     31380
     tcaagttcca gaatgtctcc tttgcctacc cgaaccgacc agaggtccca gtgctgcagg     31440
     tacaacccac caacccctgc actccaccaa tcttcctctc agctcgatct gaatcgtctt     31500
     cctgccttca gtctgcttaa catcaggtgt agctagatcc ttctttaccc ttcagaggca     31560
     aagatgagca tcatctgttc cataaaattg ccccaaactc aagacctagt ttggatttcc     31620
     agggaggaca ggaaaggagg ctttcaggga gaaggctgtc atatcctaag gaactgctgc     31680
     aaaatctgtg tatccatctg gtcttccatc tttccttttt cttgcctttt ttcttccttt     31740
     ttttaatggt cacactgggc caggagctga agtgaagctg cagctgccgg cctgcatcac     31800
     agccacagca acaccggctc tgagccactt ctgtgactga acggggcagc tgcagccaca     31860
     ccagatcctt aacccactgg gcgaagccaa ggattgaacc tgtatcctca cggacactat     31920
     gtcagggtct taacctcctg agccacaaca ggaactcctc ctttttcttt ccatttgtga     31980
     tttcaaatgt gatttttttt ttcttttttt ctcctggtct ctgagattga gtgtgcggca     32040
     tggtctttgc cctggtcttt gtctcttctt ccatctctag tccacgggga ggtggcatcg     32100
     ctgaggagca gaagtctgtg catgtgggag ggtaggagtt gctgtgtttc tccactttcc     32160
     tcttttcttc tctggggtga gacactgaca aaacaatggg ccaagtccat gacgctctta     32220
     aggttagggg ccttgatctg cctcttagtg tgtgattctc tggcctccag ggcctcacgt     32280
     tcactctacg tcctggtgag gtgaccgccc tcgtggggcc caatgggtct gggaagagca     32340
     ccgtggctgc cctgctgcag aacctgtacc agcccacgga ggggcaggtg ctgctgggtg     32400
     agaagcccct tcctgaatat gagcaccgct acctgcacag acaggtgagc aagaaggtgg     32460
     cacaggggag ggcagggagc tgcgagtaag aagaccatgc tcactgggca ctctgaaagg     32520
     agtgctggga atgacaggag atcctggggg ggcggggggt gtgttcagga gagaggctgt     32580
     gtgatttcat gatttgttca caataaagat tttcagtctt cagtctccag atcatcatac     32640
     tcctgtgttc ctcgttctct catcatgctt tgtcccaggt ggctgcggtg gggcaagagc     32700
     cacagctctt tggaagaagt tttcaagaaa acattgccta tggcctgagc cagaagccag     32760
     caatggagga agtcatagct gccgccgtgg agtccggagc ccatagcttc atctccaagc     32820
     tcccgcaagg ctacgacaca ggtgctctct cctctcatat caccacccag gcatcttttt     32880
     tgggggggct agttttttat ggccacaccc atagtctgaa tccaagcctc ggatgcaacc     32940
     tatgcagcag ctgcagcaac gccagatcct ttaacccact gcaccaggcc agggattgaa     33000
     ctgcacctcc aaggcgacct gagccacagc attcgggttt tgttttgttt tgtttttttt     33060
     tgcttttttt tggagctgca ccacagcata tggacattcc caggctaggg gtcgaatcgg     33120
     agctacagct gctgacctac accacagctc atggcaatgc tggatcctta acccactgag     33180
     caaggccagg gatctaaccc gagtccacgt ggatactagt tgggttcata aaccactgag     33240
     tcatgtcagg aactcctgca gttgcatcct taacccactg tgccacagca ggaactcttt     33300
     ttttttttaa attttatttt atggctcaga catctttacc tttgttgaaa tccaatagtc     33360
     ttgcctttat tcatcagtat gaagttgtaa gagcttgttt ctatggctct ttcatcctca     33420
     tatcctcaga actccttcac cttcccagaa ccttccctat ccagctgtat ctgttagtcc     33480
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gcacgcgcgt gcgtgcgtgc acatgtgcac     33540
     acacgctcgc gcgtgcatgc aagcacatgg atgcacatgt gtttatccag ctcttacctg     33600
     ggcacttgtc tctgcagagg taggtgaggc tgggagccag ctatcagggg gtcagcggca     33660
     ggcagtggcc ttggctcgag ccttgatccg gaaaccacgg gtactcatcc tggatgatgc     33720
     taccagtgcc ctggatgcaa acagtcaagc acgggtgaga gagtcatctt cttaatgcct     33780
     gtaacccacc cagtcctcct tccttcactc atcctttgtt attgtactaa catcataatc     33840
     atccaaacca gtctttgcaa ttctcagttc cccttcgctt ctccccaaca tgcctagagt     33900
     cagttaaaag agacgatcct cagactctga atctgtgaag ccaaacaaaa gaaaagatcc     33960
     catcatacca atattagttg aaatcttacc atgtgccaga aatgttaaca ggccctttcc     34020
     atgtactctc tcatttaatt attcatcgtg aatgcttgtg agctggctgt tgttatcttc     34080
     atcgaacaga tgctaaaatg caggctaaga gaggctgaac aacgcactcg atagcattca     34140
     gctcaatgtt gaatagcaga gcctggaccc aaattcgagt ctgcctgact cgaatattca     34200
     ttctctttac tactcactta tgtctccttg aaagagaata taaaaattag agaggagagg     34260
     ctactcaata cccttcatac ttatgagttt caccatagga cacgctcttg ccccctcatg     34320
     taaaccgtcc ttaacagatc aaaagtttga cagagaagca ctcagaatga gaagctttga     34380
     ttttggggtt cctggcagaa gtggcagtga tcctggcgag gtctgtccca gctcttccgg     34440
     gagtggcccc cagctctgac agagtctgtg tttttttctc aggtggagtc gctcctgtat     34500
     gaaagccctg agcggtactc ccggtctgtg cttctcatca cccagcgtct tagttccgtg     34560
     gagcaggcca atcacatcct ctttctggaa ggaggcacca ttgttgagga gggaacccac     34620
     cagcagctca tggctaataa ggggcgctat tggaccatgt tgcaggctcc tggtgggtca     34680
     gatgctcctg agtgaagctc ttctcagacc tgcacactcc atctccctcc ctttttctct     34740
     cctctgtata gtggagaatt tgagaacaag ggtcttaact agaggtgcag ctgcttctgg     34800
     ggggaaaggg ggagtcacat tctaaaatgt aaccccctag gtaatgcctg agattttggc     34860
     atgagtgtca cccactgtcc aagctcctct tgataatgca gatttcctgg aagaaaaccg     34920
     ggctcataac tctgtagtgt aactctttgg agccaggttg gtgtggctag aaccctgaaa     34980
     atgaagtgaa gtatttaaaa tacgcagaaa gggaaggtca gctcctttcg ggtctcacca     35040
     gaagcatgtg ctggcccata aataccctgt ggattcttgg tatttataat aaaattggtg     35100
     tttcgtactg tggtctctgg agttttcagt gcaccgaatg gctcaacatg tgtagtgcat     35160
     ttttcaggag cgggtctctc ccaccttcag catcctcaat gtttcacagc cctaagtgtg     35220
     ccatcttccc ccttaagttt tctatttcct atgcttaccc cctccccttc tccatcctcc     35280
     tatgcctgcc cctaagaacg agccagatag ggatacagcg tggtcgtctg aggcaccaac     35340
     tgcagtgcct cacggccgcg gggtggaaga ttgaggccga gcgcagctag aggaagtgca     35400
     agcggcaagc actggagcgg agaagctcac gcttcaccac ctcgcctgcc cagatccttt     35460
     cccaccgggc tcacccggct cagcaatgcc acctgccggg gtagtcttag tgcagtgggt     35520
     ggggtggacc aataaatctc ttgcattcgg gtagggccat ggtagcgtga cgtcaacagt     35580
     tgctgggcag gttaggccag cacaggttgc aaggagaggc ggggtttaga gaagttaaac     35640
     tcggcagcgc tcagtcaagc gagaattact tgaggagatg cgtgccgaaa gggcaggtcc     35700
     tgtgggcggc ttcgggttag gaagaccgtt gaactgggag aggtcgtaag agggactagg     35760
     tcgaaagact gagaggctgc gccctcgcct cggtgctccc ttcccccaca tgctgcaggt     35820
     gtatgttgtt gcaggacgcc ccagaacctg tcctcaagac tcagtgccct cacctattca     35880
     ttcctacctc ttccctactt gtataaaatg atgcttctct gaacatccct tccccatttc     35940
     cgagttgaaa ctattcgcaa tttcttgctg actccagctt tccggttgag gttacgcctt     36000
     ttgatgatac gacccctact tggtccataa ctgttcccgg aggatgcccc aacctggaag     36060
     tgtctctcac tgtaatctaa tcgccaaggg ggctttcgaa gccatttgct ctctttcctt     36120
     cttttgacag tctatcacct gttgcttccc taatttccat gagggcggag cagaaaagcc     36180
     tgtccccgac acaacattcc tggtccccag acactcacag gacacttctc agaaaaggca     36240
     gggggatgcg gaaaaaattc tggttccctc cccttaaggc ttagggcttt cgctttcact     36300
     tcctcctgcg agagagcgga cgcatctccg gtgctaggcg atcatggcgc tgctggatgt     36360
     ttgcggagcc ccccgagcgc agcaggaaga ctgggctttc ccagccgcgg aaagccggca     36420
     gcgctcggac cctggtcact acagtttctc tatgcgatct ccggaactcg ccctcccccg     36480
     gggaatgcag gtcagggctg taagaaaatc ctctgggagg tgggcaggag ggcgcagagt     36540
     aatggagggt ctgccttgag attgtctaaa aggcggggaa atgcggaccg gaccaccctt     36600
     tagcccggtg agagacacat cctgggtcca ggacctgagc caggacagag gccacgtggg     36660
     acttggggac tggcagcctg agggttagga agtgcagagt agggcagaga gttagaggtg     36720
     agatgggggc tcccatccgg agacaagaaa gctttttcac cacacacaaa tcacgcagcc     36780
     tttctcttgg gactatctta ggatacaagg gctgtgtatt gtcttagaaa cctatgcgtt     36840
     tcagcggtca gcctcgcctc agccactcac tgtggtgtgc cttggatcaa gtccctgtct     36900
     aagtcttggg cttctcttcc ataaaatcag gatactatta ataaaatgtg ttccctgagg     36960
     gttaaaggac ctataatgaa aaaaaacaaa acaaaacaaa aaaccattat agtggcccaa     37020
     agtttttagc ctacagtaac attttctttc tttttgactg tgctggaaaa tgaaaaaggt     37080
     tggtgtcatg gcctcttctt ttccttctct caaaccattt ccttgttgag atggattgat     37140
     tcttagccgt ttcacttatt gattgttgat tctgtgtatc tctgcactcc cacagtctct     37200
     gaaatccttt cctggcgctt ccagcttcgg aagtttccag tgcccctttc tctgcctttt     37260
     ctgtctcact agcccactga attcctccgg tccctgggtg gggatggaga aaggaacgta     37320
     cagattgaga tggctcatgg cactaccacg ctggccttca agttccagca cggagtgatt     37380
     gtggcggtgg attctcgggc ctcggccggg agttacattg gtgagtgtgt gttccagctg     37440
     gcagcgtctg gacatccggg ccctcctctg agcccgagtt cgacatcagc accaaagtgg     37500
     aagaagatgc tgatttagga catacaggga gagctgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gaggtcattg     37560
     ctcctttctc aaaactccat cttcttccag ccacattaag agtgaacaag gtgattgaga     37620
     ttaaccctta cctgcttggc accatgtctg gctctgcggc agactgtcag tattgggagc     37680
     gtctgctggc caaggagtgc aggtaggtga ggcctctgac ctctcttcca agcctaggtt     37740
     tcaatctcgg attctgggtc ttccagattg ctgctcctca ttcacttccc ctgtgctaac     37800
     gtagcatttt agcgctaacg aagtagttca aaaaacagcc ttttggtgat tgaaaatcct     37860
     ctcccaaatc tcagcctgtg ctcctgccca taagccagac aatttgtcag tcatttagca     37920
     ctgacaccat cggtgctggg tgggatctta tggttcactg ggatctctcg atgtggctta     37980
     gatactttac attccaaatc tttccctgat ccttagagcc cacaaaaccc ttcctttcaa     38040
     atacttagct cttcagtcat tgtctgcacc cccagctagc cttctcctgc cacttcgaag     38100
     tcccctccca aaccgaaccg ccctgtcctc cccaggttgt actatctgcg gaatggggac     38160
     cgtatctcag tgtccgcagc ctccaaactg ctctccaata tgatgtacca gtaccggggc     38220
     atgggcctct ccatgggcag tatgatctgt ggctgggaca agaaggtgag tctcccactg     38280
     tggatgagag atcagtttcc ccatcgtaca ctttcactcc ctcccctccg aggtatgtgg     38340
     cacgtggact ccttggttac agaactgttc cagcacgtcc actggcaatt tctgggtctg     38400
     gctgaggacc cactgtttca taaacttgtt ccttttgaca aaatagctga ttccaagttt     38460
     gtcccccccc ccaaagttct atgattgtta ccaaagtgct atgttaccca aagttcaaat     38520
     gtttctgtgg tcacccttat tctttcgtcc acttgtcctg gctcacactt gaatctgtcc     38580
     gttaccaaga gcttcctctc cagtccccac ctggaacctt cttacatcct atagggtcct     38640
     ggactctact atgtggatga aaatgggact cggctctcgg gaaatatgtt ctccactggt     38700
     agcgggaaca cctacgctta tggggtcatg gacagtggcc atcggtacga tcttagcatt     38760
     gaagaggcct atgacctggg ccggagggct attgttcatg ccactcatcg agacagctat     38820
     tctggaggcg ttgtcaatag taagagacta aggccccccg cccccatcct ggcgggtggg     38880
     gggagggggt ttgagattgg gagacgtgga ggaggcagag gggcagggag caggtgttca     38940
     gagccagaac aggggcaccg gaagtcccag catgaaaggc tttgacattg cgtgttgctg     39000
     ttgcccccgt caacagaaca tcacgtataa taggaactca ccgaagggga aagtcacgcc     39060
     ctgttctttc tgccttgctt gcagtgtacc acatgaagga agatgggtgg gtgaaggtgg     39120
     agagtacgga cgtcagtgac ctgatgcacc agtaccggga ggccagtctg taagggtggc     39180
     ggcggcagct gggccggcct ctcctgagga agccgggcct actcagggac ctggaccagt     39240
     tcaggcccca gaagaaagag gggcctaacg tgacccagag ggaatgaacc agtggtccct     39300
     gggaggcagg gcggagttta tccttttgtg tagtctctgc ttcaatggag cctccccccc     39360
     tccccaaccc caaccttctg ggcatctcac taagcacaat aaaagaaaac ggttacacac     39420
     atgcctctgt gttgtggctg agtgggcgtt gggtggggat tgttgggagg agggggcagg     39480
     aaatccactc agacttttcc tgagaagaga tatgcaaccc ccccccaaga agtggggcct     39540
     caccaaatat ttctcctggg ttttccttcc atattcatct ctccagacct cgggaaggct     39600
     cattgtctgt gcacatttac cagcaattta atttggttta gggtcctttc tatgggagct     39660
     ccgcctggag acgtcttggg aggtcggtgg tgaatggttt gggcatctgg gagaaggaca     39720
     cttagaacaa ccgtttctgg tgctgtagag taggatgaga aagcttccac ctaacgtgtg     39780
     ggccataata attgccaccg tggtcccact gacctcgaac acggtggaga gactggatag     39840
     gaagtggaac gatggacatt cggggttcag tttcatgctg tgtcacactc aattgctaga     39900
     tgacaagacc gtgattgaaa tggaagagga gataagaagg actcgctgag gtggggaaca     39960
     tgaggaaaaa gtaactagct gggaaagatg agacatacga gagcctctgc gtcactctgg     40020
     agctgcagga gggagcagga caatgtcatg gctccaagga gagttgttca aaggaagagc     40080
     ttgtaggaag cagctgagcg tggagctttt ccattagaga gatccttaaa atccccacat     40140
     ggacagggtt ggagaagttt tagtaattcc ctaacttcaa tctccccctc cccactttaa     40200
     atttgaagtg actcactcct cctcacgcca atgacctttc aaaaagatgg actggaatcc     40260
     actggactcc aagtgatcct cccttggggg ttattttgag tctgggaggt agtttcaacc     40320
     tgaattgtta tttctggaat aaagcaagct tcacagtcca tagacaggcc ctggatcagg     40380
     caggacccat ggaaatcgga ttcctgtgct actcagtgtt aaaatagacc aagaaacaaa     40440
     gtccccttcc ttcatgtacc gacagtgctc ccagcttaat ttggagcatc aatttagagg     40500
     tgtctgacac attctctgct caggagctgt tgacaaagat agaagacgac acggggtgag     40560
     gccttctcag ctcaaaatct gtaagttgaa acccatggta ggtcctggta ggagcagttg     40620
     cggcttctat ttaggagaaa ttctgtgtgt ttcttgctcg ggatctggct ctgttttttc     40680
     tatctcaaga gcctacaact ggagctttga taagaaaaga gagcagttct caaaacaggt     40740
     tcagggctgg ggcaaagaga acttgaggta agaaaatcca gcggttctcc aactatttcg     40800
     tggcaatttt cttagtggca atttaagaaa tgcaaccgtt tcctatgata gagtaactgc     40860
     tgctgagagt gggcgattta agcccgggcc tggcaagtgg agcgggactt gggcgtgtcc     40920
     ctgggtctgc ggtgtcgcgc gccccctgct ggccgccggg cacagaacaa ggcacgcgct     40980
     ggggaagcga aagcgaaagg cgcggggagc cgggacgccc cggcccggag agcattgccc     41040
     gcagatcgag gggagacaac gttgagacag tgcgaggggg ttccgagctc agccctccga     41100
     gctcagccct ccgcacttaa aggaaagatc cctggagctg catcgcagaa gccgccgctg     41160
     gtgagtgggg cgggtggaag tctagagcgc taaggggacg cagcccacct accgcctccc     41220
     ccgctcggtg tacggtgatt cctgtcccta aggtccgggg gaagagaggg agcgaggcag     41280
     ggaccgcccg gccgcccgct ggaacacggc ggcggctggc agaggagtgg ggcgggggtt     41340
     ggggggaggg taatgggact tttttttttt aagatgaggc tgcaggtggt caggcttccc     41400
     agcgccttcg gtcaggccga atgccttgtg tcctaggagg gagcacaggg tactcggtag     41460
     ggttgggtaa atcgagtggg aagcccatgg gcgcgttggg aggagtggga atgggggcgg     41520
     gggtagcgcc gaggactggg actccacccc tggcacttct ccccttctcc ccacagacct     41580
     cgccatgcgg ctccctgacc tgagaccctg ggccgccctg ctgctggcgg actcggcctt     41640
     actctggctg ctccagggac ctctggaggc tctgcttcct cgagggcttc caggcctgtg     41700
     gctggagggc atcttgcgac ttggagggct ttggtggctg ctgaggctgg gagggctgct     41760
     gggatatgtg cggacactgc tgtgccccct ctgcctggtg atccccttct ttctctcctt     41820
     gagggccctg gtcccaggag ccttgagtgc tcccccagcc agagtggctt cagccccttg     41880
     gagctggctg ctgctggggt ccggggctgc ggggctcagc tgggcagtgt gggcagtgct     41940
     gagccctcca ggagcccagg agaagaagga ggaccaggag aacaacagag ctttgatgtg     42000
     gaggttgctg aagctctcct ggccggactg gcctttcctg gctgctgcct tcttctttct     42060
     tgtccttgcc gtgttgggtg agtcaggaga gggcgcagtg aattggaggt gggaaaaggc     42120
     ccttggcagc agcctattca ctgtggtcct catgtctctt gcaggtgaga cactaatccc     42180
     ttactattct ggcctcgtga ttgacatcct ggggggtgat tttgaccctg atgcctttgt     42240
     cagcgccatc ttgttcatga gtcttttctc cgttgggagg taggtgatgg gtgatttgct     42300
     ggctccaggt gttgacaggg gccctcactt tcctaactct gttttcagac cattttgtgc     42360
     acaaggcaca aaatacttaa actaaaatct ccatgtgttt actcattcgc cagtctgttt     42420
     catacatcca ttcatttatt ccttcattca ccaagtagcg ccaacatctt caaagtttat     42480
     attatatcat tgctacagat atgagtgatc tagaacaaaa tgtgtctgta tgtcaaacag     42540
     aatgtccctc ggttgcctct caacaaattt ttaaaattta aaaaatttta tttatttatt     42600
     tatttatttg ctttttaggg ccgcacccgt ggcatgtgga ggttcccagg ctaggggtcc     42660
     agtcggagct acagctgccg gtgtacatac accacagcca cagcaacacc atctgagcct     42720
     cctctgtgac ctatactaca gctcatggca atgagggatc cttaacccac tgagcaaggc     42780
     cagggatcga acccgcaacc tcatgattcc tagtcggatt catttccact gtgccatgac     42840
     gggaacgcca gcttctcaac atttttatct gcgcaaactt ccatttctct tttctgtctc     42900
     ccacctctca ccctgtattt tttttcccca cagttatcct gttgtcagaa tgaacatgtt     42960
     tcttcctctt gacccttctt ccctaattcg tcttgtcagt tctggaagat cttattctga     43020
     ggcttgtcac cttccttttc agcgtcttta ctcttttcca ctttattgct ttcccctctc     43080
     tttttagacc tacccagggg tctgctgtct acagactaac tcactcacta acaagtgact     43140
     tgataggggc tggtactagg atggggtgag tgagacacct ggggtgagaa atctaaagaa     43200
     agcttattct cagggttgtg caagtgcttc actagcatta ccctaatatc agctgggggc     43260
     ttgattctct cctttgttat ggtcctactt catttagaat ccttcaaaac ccaatcatta     43320
     ttccatactt gctactcttt gctgaaactg atttctcaaa agtgaatttc ttcctgggag     43380
     ttcccgttgt ggctcagcgg taatgaatcc gactggcatc catgaggttg tgggttcgat     43440
     ccctggcctc aatcagtggg ttaaggatcg ggcgttgctg ggaactgtgg tgtcggtcac     43500
     agacacggct cggatcctgc ttgcttgtgg catcagaaca atctcttatg agtgagctct     43560
     tacttcaggt agcttttgaa cttcctctat ttcccagtcc ctctacctcc cctggagagc     43620
     cattctccac tgaaccctta attacggact tttctcatga ctcggtttgc tgatctttaa     43680
     gaccgttttt gctcttgagc ttactcagct cccctctgca ggtgagtccc agatgcgcat     43740
     ctccttgccc agctccagtc ttgtaatcca gtggccccct tcacgttccc attggacggc     43800
     tcactgtcat ctcggactcc acacacccag ggttccagat ccatcccatt ccccccggtc     43860
     tccttgaaag tgctccctct tcttattccc attcacgagc ccatccatat cctaggctcc     43920
     aagcactgca ccgacaaggc ctttctcatg ttcaaacagt agccctggtg ttttccacac     43980
     tccacatgtg ctcctctggc tcctttctct ccattctcac tgtcatcgcc aaagtccaaa     44040
     cctcatcatt ttatgtctga tttgtattag aagccctgtt ttgtaaaatt cctgcctctg     44100
     tgcatttacc ttttttcctt tatgttttac tgcaaacatg tgtgtggtct aagaggaatt     44160
     cctcaccccc aaggacaatg ggggcggcag ggagggaggg ggaacagcat gatcccaggg     44220
     ctctggagag tgggagggcc aggagttcat tgctgcaggt cccacaaaaa agtctgtggg     44280
     aggagtttcc attgtggctc aggggttaag aacctggcta gtatccatga ggatactagc     44340
     cttgctcagt gggttaacga tccgttattg ccgtgagctg tggtgttggt ggcagatggg     44400
     gcttagatcc cgagttgcta tgactgtggc gtaggccagc agctgaagct ctgatttgac     44460
     ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tatgctgcag gtgcggcccc acacaataaa taaataaata     44520
     ggaaaggtgt acagaaatag gaagaagagt attgggggca gggaggaaag ggagcaagac     44580
     ccaggggagg gcagagggat ggccctgagg gaggccaggt cagaagcatc ttcacagcat     44640
     ctttccaccc catcatactg ttcgcttgtg tctagcgcag agtgagcccc atcaatactg     44700
     gttataatta gaattttgtt ctcacagctg gctcaccgtg tcctcttttt tcttcctctg     44760
     tttattcctg ccccgcctgt ctccctctct cttacctgtt cctcttctgc ctctggtggt     44820
     atgcatcccc tccacccccc aactttctat ttcttttcat tctctgcttt tctcctctgc     44880
     ttctctccct ccctccctcc cccctgcatc tctgtccgct tggtcctccg ccccctccct     44940
     ccctgtagct cactgtccgc tggctgccgg ggaagcgcct tcaccctcgt catgtccagg     45000
     atcaacctgc gtgtccggga gcagcttttc tcctccctcc tgcaccagga cctggctttc     45060
     ttccaggaga ctaagacagg tggggcctgg ggtccagggc tggggatccc ctgcacctgc     45120
     cctgcccctc ggctcccctg tcctgcctgc atccctggca ccagggcctg gagctacttt     45180
     tctctcattt gggacaatgt agcgaggcag ccgcccccac ctgtctctct gcaagggaga     45240
     agggggctgc gggaggtcgg gaggtcggga ggtcgggagg tcaggagtga gcagggtttg     45300
     cattgcaaca cgcagcttcc acacctgctc tttccctccc aggggagctg aattcacggc     45360
     tgagctcgga caccaaactg atgagtctct ggcttcctct gaatgccaac gtgctcttgc     45420
     gcagcctggt caaggtgctg ggactcttcg gcttcatgct cagcttgtcg cctcgactca     45480
     ccctcctctc tctgctccag atgcctctca cgatagcggc tgagaaggtg tacaatgccc     45540
     gccatctggt aagtgtggat gctggcgaac cccccagggg aataaaggca gcagttatgg     45600
     caggcttcag aaggcccacg acccctgacg gggagaggga gggggagagg gggaggggag     45660
     ggggaggagg aggggggaga gagagaagga gaccacattt tatggggaga gaataatctt     45720
     ctcatcagat ttgcaaagct gtctataccc atcttcccca gaaaagatta aagatgccat     45780
     cttaggagtt cccactatgg ctcagtggta atgaacccaa ctagtatccc tgaggacgtg     45840
     ggtttgatct ctggcctctc tcagtgggtc aagcatccgg tgttgccctg agctgtggtg     45900
     taggtcgcag atgtggctcg gatcccatgt ggctgtggct gtggctgtgg ctgtggctgg     45960
     cagctgcagc tctgattcga ttcttagcct gggaacttcc atgtgcctgg gtgctggcct     46020
     aagaagccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagccat tccagagggt ttaaaataga gtttttcctt     46080
     tacttcagca gaaggacttt gaggggagca tagagaatat tccctgccag cagttaagtc     46140
     ctgagtctga atgtcagctc tacctcctct ctctagtttt aaaaaattgt gataaagtat     46200
     acataacata aaattgacag tttttaaaac cacttttacg tgtgccattt tagtggcatt     46260
     aaatatcctg ttttgcacct gtcaccattc tccatctcca gaacttttct cgtatcatcc     46320
     ctgactgaag catggtaccc actaaacatg ggcaaggtcc ccatttcccc ctccccccag     46380
     cccctggcca ccaccttctg atttctgtct ctctgagttt aattacttta ggtccatgtt     46440
     agccgggctt tttctgactg gcttctttca cttagcataa tggcttccat ggtgtagccc     46500
     gtgtcgggat ctccttcctt tgtaaagctg aatcgtatta cattatatgt gtatatcact     46560
     tttttgcttg tctgcttgtc tgttgatgga tgctggggct ctgtccacct tttgactctt     46620
     atgcataatg ctgctgtgca catgggtgta cagatatttc ttcaagcctc aatttcagtt     46680
     ccttcaagtg taaacccaga agtagaagta ctgtatcgtt tgttaattct atttttaatt     46740
     ttttgaagag ctgtcacatt gttttccgca gtagctgcag cattttacat tcctgccagc     46800
     ggtacacaag ggtttctctc accttctcat caacacatag cttctgttgt ttaaaaattc     46860
     tacttattat ttttagtatc tccctagtcc ttattgatct tataactgga agtttgtacc     46920
     ttttgaccac cttctccgat tcccccaccc ccttccctcc cctctggtaa tgatgttcta     46980
     caagtttgat tttttttttt tgctttgtct tctttttttc gatttccaca tataaatgaa     47040
     tcatacagtt tttgtctttc tctgtctgac ttatttcact tagaagaatg ctctcaaggt     47100
     ccatccgtgt ggttgaaaat ggcaagactt ccttcttttt atggctgaat aacattccat     47160
     ggtatattta tactactttt ttttagtttt tatgttttct attataggtg atatacattg     47220
     ttctgtcaat ttctgtgata cagcaaagtg acccagtcac tcactcacac gcacacacac     47280
     acacacacac acacacaaca ttctttttct cacattatcc tccatcatgt tataccactt     47340
     ttaaaaataa agctgtccta agggttgtga ggtatttcat taaggctttg attaactttt     47400
     ccccaatgat cagtgacatg gagcgtcttt tcatatgttt attgaccatt ttaatatagt     47460
     ttttggagaa atatctactc aagttctttg ctcattttaa aattggttgt ttttaaatta     47520
     ctggcttgta ggaattcttt atgttaatct aggtatcaac cttttatctc atatatgatc     47580
     tgcaaatgtt tccttctatt ctctggtttt ccttttcact ctatggataa acaaagtcct     47640
     ttgatgcaca actattttta attttgatga agttcagtgt acctattttt gggggggggg     47700
     tgctttggtg tcacattcaa gaaatcaatg ccagtctagt ctcgtgaatc tttcccccca     47760
     tgttttcttc tcagagtgtt atggttttag cacttacatt taggtctttg gtccattttg     47820
     agttggagct ccaccttctg ttaatcagct gtggctcctt gggaaaacta ccccttcatt     47880
     cttcattcag atcctggggt tggtgtgaat cacctcaaat gaaggttaaa aaaaagtcgg     47940
     tctgtatcct ccactcccta gtactgagag ctcagtaatg tctcgttccc tccttccttc     48000
     actgtcatga tcttttctgg aaagaaatgt aaggaaacag gaaagaagag ggtttagtat     48060
     ttccaggtag attgagggag catcctaagg cctggaatga gacatggggg tcttttctct     48120
     cctgccaaag tcaccccttc catcctctgc cccgttttcc caggcagtgc ttcgagagat     48180
     ccaggatgca gtggcgagag cagggcaggt ggtgcgggag gctgtgggag acctgcagac     48240
     tgtgcgcagt tttggggccg aggaggaaga agtctgtcgc tataaggagg ccctggaacg     48300
     atgccggcag ctgtggtggc gaagagacct ggaacaggcc ctctacctgc tcttaaggag     48360
     ggtgaggaag ctcggggaag ggcccaggga ggggcaaggg aaagtagggg tcctggtcct     48420
     ccagctgctc ctggggtcct tgccgcttac tggcagggag ggcagggaat ggaaggttct     48480
     caggctcccc tttcttctcc ctccagatgc tgaacttggc aatgaaggtg ctgttgctga     48540
     gctgtgggct gcagcagatc ctggctgggg acctcaccca gggtgggctg ctctcctttc     48600
     tgctctacca ggaaaacatg ggctcctatg tgcacgtgag ttgggatctg tgcaggctgt     48660
     ctttttccct ttaaaaaaac gctgaaataa ccccaactta ttggttattg agaatttcaa     48720
     acataggcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag ctataatgaa cccccatgta cttagcatct     48780
     gttttaacaa ttatcaactg atggccaatc ttaatccatc ttaaacctat ccacttcccc     48840
     tcacccatgt tattttgaag caaatccaag aaatggtttc atttataaat atgtatccct     48900
     aaatgcaaac attaaaatat ataaccacaa agccatgatc acaccagaaa agttaacagt     48960
     agcgtcatca gtcagtggtc aaatttccgc gtgtctcata gaggtagtag aagtgtatac     49020
     actgagtcga tctctctctc tctcatctgt gggggcctcg ccattccctc cttcattagc     49080
     gggggttcat ctctcaaggg agacgtctcc tcatctactg tgtggttccc aggggtgcag     49140
     tttgatgaag aaaggcagaa tgagcattca gctccttgcc tgtaattacc aggttccaaa     49200
     aataattagt tcctgcatct tgggctttat tcgataattt tcatggacat ttgttaaaca     49260
     tggttatgtt ggagagctgc aggggaggaa ctcggggggc tacaaagatg aggtgggcac     49320
     aacgcctgcc tttaaggagt cccctgtctc atcaggcaga actgtgtagg ggtcacaggg     49380
     accagtccct agacaggtgt ggggtgggag gaacactgtg tgggaggagt gtggatgtct     49440
     ccttccttta tgttgcaaat tggagtaatg ggggattggg gctgatgtta aattccatct     49500
     gcattgcaca tttaaaggtg gggaatcttt tcagatgagg gagaggcacg gcaggggcgg     49560
     cgtgggggag ggagtgcatg aggaggtgag aggtaggttt tctggggaga tgcctctgat     49620
     tggctgaccc ctgcgttcct gttttccaga ccctggtata cgtgtttggg gatatgctga     49680
     gcaacgtggg ggctgcagag aaggttttct actacctgga cagacagcca gatctgcctc     49740
     cacctgggac attggcccct tccactctga agggggtggt gaaattccaa ggcgtctcct     49800
     ttgcatatcc taactgccct gaccagcctg tgctcaaggt gctcgccatg ggccacaggg     49860
     aggggacctg ggcccctggc tccctgtgtg accaggcatc atggactgtg atgatttacc     49920
     tctgagaagc tgatcttact ctgatagaaa aggggaggtg gggagttcct gtggtggctc     49980
     agtggttaat gaatccgact ggtatccttg aggacacagg ttcaatgctt ggtcttattc     50040
     agtggtttaa ggatcctgcg ttgctgtgag ctctggccat cggctacagc tctgatttga     50100
     cccctagtct gggaactcca aactctgcag tatggcacta aaaagcccgc ccccccaaaa     50160
     aaaaagaaag aaaagaaaaa agaaaagggg aggggggagt ttcctggtgg ctcagcaggt     50220
     taaagattcg ttacgcctgc tctggttcgg tccctgctgt ggtggcggtt ctgtccttgg     50280
     cccaggaacc tctgcaggca gtgggcgtgg ccaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ggagaacaaa     50340
     aggggaaggg tcttaaggga gaggaggcag gcccctaact ccttctgact tttctagggt     50400
     ctcacattca ccctacatcc tggtcagatg accgctctgg tggggcccaa tgggtctggg     50460
     aagagcaccg tggctgccct gctgcagaac ctgtaccagc ccaccgaggg gcaggtgctg     50520
     ctggacgagg agcccgtctc cgcctatgag catcactacc tgcaccaaca ggtgggcggg     50580
     gaggaaggag gggaccggag atgggagaga agaaggccgg tcgcagagag cctgagagga     50640
     agcagcggga agcagcacag ggagtccatt cggaggcagg caggcaggcg aggtgccagg     50700
     gagggtcctt gccctgcggg tttccccatg gtctgtgttc ccaccgcctc ggcaggtggt     50760
     tttggtcggg caggagcctg tgctgttctc ggggtctgtg agggacaaca ttgcttatgg     50820
     gctgaagagc tgcagcgatg agaaggtgat ggccgctgcc cgggctgcca gggcagagga     50880
     gttcataaac gaaatggagc acggactcta cacaggtacc tgcagccaaa ggagaacctg     50940
     gagcttattc ggccgagcgg ggtgcggggc gggggtgggg gtgggggtgc ggggagggtc     51000
     ttgtccctgt aactcgctgt tcgcggtttc ctttccttac ctcccatctc ccctcctcgc     51060
     ccaccatcag gaaggagttc tttagcctac tgtccgctca ggtgcctttg ttccccgaga     51120
     gcaggcggga agtggtgctt cctccctctc cgcctgagtc tccctcctca cctccctccc     51180
     ggaaccgggc cctcatcttc cggacccgag cctgtggaca taccacttgt gcccttgttc     51240
     ctgtcgtgat cacttgtgtc tgaggataga tgtttctcgg tttccataga tgtgggggag     51300
     aaagggaacc agctggctgt gggacagaag cagcgtctgg ccattgcccg ggccctcgtg     51360
     cgggacccac gagtcctcat cctggacgag gccaccagtg ccctggacgc ggagagcgag     51420
     caggcggtgg gtaccgcgca gggcggggca ggggacgcgg ccccgcgggg tcagccggtg     51480
     cagaatgggg cagtgggagg acgaatgggc ctctagtgga acgaacacct gcgccttctc     51540
     ggagtggggc aggattggag gatagagtgg tgtgcggaca tcccggcttc ctcccggctc     51600
     cctcctcctc ctcctccggc tgccgtggcc ccgctgtggg agaagcgcag tgcacaccct     51660
     ccctcgggct ctgggccacc ttctcgtgtt tcatgccttt ttcgccctaa gtcacaagag     51720
     atggtgccca gttgggctgt ggtgtccatc ccattcctag ctttctgagg catggcggtc     51780
     ctcccccttt agctgcagga ctggaaatcc cacgggaacc ggacggtgct ggtgatcgcg     51840
     cacaggctgc atacggttca gaacgcggac cagatcctgg tgctcaagca gggagagctg     51900
     caggagcatg cgcagctcat ggagggggag gacctctact cgtacctggt gcggcagaac     51960
     cagaggccgg aggggggcac cccagagaca ctgccctctt cccagggcca tctcagtgac     52020
     ccagaggagc tcctgctttg actttccccg ggagctgctt ttggagctgg aggcacgatg     52080
     gaggtttaga cggaggatac ttttgttagc gcacggggag tgggggtggg gaggttgctg     52140
     tctctatcca agaaacttat ttacttgatg aacagaactt tggtgctgag aagtgtattg     52200
     tggcataaca aatatagttt aaaatatttt ttgcttatta tataaatagc acacattcat     52260
     atggaaaatt tagacagtat agacaagttg gaagaagaaa agtaaaacta gccgctattt     52320
     cacatcccag aggtaaagat ggttaccatt ttgctggctg tcttcctgtc ttcattgttc     52380
     tttgagatac atattaacta gtatgactta aatattcatg agattgcctt tctgtatcct     52440
     ttcccattcc catcagggtc tgaggtttgg gggggagtta gggtatggag ggctggagcg     52500
     cagttcccta attaacagta ttagtagaac atagataata gctggtttat agagttttaa     52560
     tatgagtagg aactatgcta agcagtttgt catatattat catttttaat ccttatcctc     52620
     atcatatatt tgaggttagt tgtcatcccc attttatgga tgagaaaact gaacctctaa     52680
     gagattaaat cactttccaa aggttataca gtggtggaat ttgaatttga atccaagctt     52740
     gaccccagag tcttcactct caaccaataa attacaaccc atcttgtgtc ataatctgct     52800
     ttataatgag atcaagtcag acccttttac ttctagctct gaatctcatc tcttccctct     52860
     agccctgtta acaactttca gtcatagtgt tagatgctct catctccaag gaggttcccc     52920
     tacattggtt cccctcttcc agccattctt cactcttcag gaagtcattt ttctttctag     52980
     aagacaccta gggcaatgtc actcctgtaa aatccttcta gtgtcttcgc cgctttcaga     53040
     tcttcctcag agacacaggt tcttctagcc cgtttggatc accctctctt gttggattca     53100
     cctccatcca tgacaaactt cctgccctcc tgatgcctct gtgcctcggc atggggtgtg     53160
     gcctgccatt ttccccagtt ctttaagatt caactcaggg gtgaggtctt ccaggaaacc     53220
     ttcccttccc tcctcagtct ggagaaggtg cccctcgcat gtgctcccat tgctcttctc     53280
     ctggggctta tctctttcac agtccctctt ggactctcca ccccccccca accccccgta     53340
     gacctctgtc cttccacttg accatgagct cctgcagagg aggctgtatg tcatattaag     53400
     ctttatatct gctacctgac acagggctct gttcataatg gatgatacat aaatgtttgc     53460
     tggataaatg aataaatctc cctcctctgt cctcattcca atccttcctt cacatgcaaa     53520
     ccactgaaaa tccaaagctg tacacattac tcattcctgg aaggttcttg cctttgaaga     53580
     tgcctatttt aagaagctga aaccgtcacc tacccagaag tagcaggtac tttccaggct     53640
     agcgatgatc tagccagaac ttttgtggtc ttggattttt ttttttcttc ctggaaactg     53700
     ttgggagcag ggtcaggcca gagtagggag tttcttaggc agataaacct ttgcttcatc     53760
     ctgctgctgc cttgctgttc cacatctgcg tatctctcaa atgtcactaa gggtgaaata     53820
     agcatttaga gagagagaag actggcctga ttccttctcc tcccctacca aatgtccttc     53880
     ctgtatttgt aaaataggaa tagtattttg tgtatctccc aaccctaagg gaactattgt     53940
     cttcatggaa gaagatgatc tattataatt ctttggaatc ctcagtgcaa ttatacccat     54000
     agactcataa tactttaaac atggaagaca ttttaaaaat agtatagctg tcaaatctta     54060
     ctttacagta gggaaagggg cctgaaatca cacagctact cagagacgga gctgggaggg     54120
     aactcgggca tcctgacatg tagtacaggg ggatgcagtg gatcttaggc tctgaagagg     54180
     tcatgaaaat gttttatttc agggaaactc ccagctaagc cttattttag cgacacagaa     54240
     aaatgttccc tgacagagta ttcagtgcac cccccacaag tgtggtttgc ctcacgactg     54300
     cagatattag taacctggtt ttgtccagag ttctagttct tttcctcctc cccgaccact     54360
     gtccaccatc atttgacttc cactcttttt tttttttttt tttttttgtc tttttagggc     54420
     cagcggtaga gcatatggag gttcccaggc taggggtcta atcggagctg aagctgctgg     54480
     cctacaccac agtcactgca ataccagatc cgagccatgt ctgcaaccta caccacagca     54540
     acgctggatc cttaacccac tgaggaggcc agggatcgaa cccacaacct cgtggttcct     54600
     agttagattc atttctgcag tgccacaatg ggaactccaa cttccactct ttaatctccg     54660
     tttttctttt cttttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc     54720
     tttctttctt tctttctttc tttctttctt tctttctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc     54780
     ttcttttctt ttcttttttt gtctttttgc cttttctagg gccgcacttg tggcatatgg     54840
     aggtcccagg ctaggggtcc aatcggggct gtagctgccg gcctatgcca gagccacagc     54900
     aacgcgggat ccgagcagtg tctgcaacct acaccacagc tctcggcaac accagatcct     54960
     taacccactg agggaggtca gggattgaac ccgaaacctc atggttctta gttggatttg     55020
     taaaccactg aaccacaaca ggaactccta atctccactt cttcttgtca cataccctca     55080
     gtgtctttcc tgcttagttg ggacctactc ttcccaaagg aaggtgtgaa tggagaggag     55140
     gaacctcggc aaaggctcat agatgacctt ggagccccaa acaacttcct accttgtctg     55200
     ccctgcccaa ggtgggaaca gcattgaact tcaagtcctt taccccccca gccaaagggg     55260
     gtggccacat gcaatcccca tggcagttgg gactcaggag gaggaagtgc ggggtggtca     55320
     gattttgtgg gggaaggacc agggaataag gaaaacaaag accttccctg ttttgggtgc     55380
     tgagtgaatg gagcatccat ttacttgaat ctgatgccat ctgctggtcc aaggcaatcc     55440
     tgagttttca acccagagtt ttttatgaat tgtaataatt cagcatcaat aagaatcatt     55500
     catggagtgc tttctgtgag ctactgctgt gctgggtgcc tgccatatat ctccttgctt     55560
     tatctttaag ataatcctgt gtagcaggtt ccaattctaa tgagaaaatg gagacacgaa     55620
     cagttactaa cttgcctggg tcacagagct aggaaaaggt gggcttcgcc caacttgaca     55680
     acaaaactcc cccaaagagc tccttgcact ccttgtatcc acttgccctc atgctcttct     55740
     cctttgtaga gacgcagttc atgtgactag gcgatcatta gtgtggttta aactttgaaa     55800
     ttcaaaatgg taaacagagg aaaacctcac tcccatcctt ccccacggtt tacccttggc     55860
     attggcaatc catagtccca ggtttatctt tatccttcca gagaaactta atgtgtattt     55920
     cagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtagtc ttggtcccta     55980
     tttttacaag tagcagctct ctaaattccc tgttttgaat tttacttttt ttctttgttt     56040
     taaatgcctt cacccttggc atatggaagt tcctaggaca aggattgaat ctgagccgca     56100
     gctgagacct atgccacaga tgtagcaatg ccagatcctt taacccactg cactgggcag     56160
     gggattggac ctgggccttt gcagtgacct gagccttagc agtcaggttc ttaacccact     56220
     gcgccataat ggaaactcta ctttttaaac atatcttaga aatatatggc gataggagct     56280
     cctgttgtag ctcagtgggt taaaaaccca ctgtgaggat ttgagtttga tccctggcct     56340
     cactgagtgg gttaagggtc ttgcattgct gtggctgtgg tgtcggccgg cagctgcagc     56400
     tccaatttga cccctagccc ggaaacttac atatgccgca ggtgtggtca taaaaagaaa     56460
     gaaaaatggc tatagtgtat tctattttat gaaagtactg tatttcattt agcctgtctc     56520
     cctttattga tgggtagtta ggttattgga agtcttttgc tattgtaagc aatgtcttgt     56580
     atagacgttg ttatgtgccc acgtgagaat atgactagga taacatccta aagaggggaa     56640
     agtgccaagt ctaaatgttt atatagtatt attaatgata gttcttggaa gattgccatc     56700
     ctagagattg tattaacgca gagttacatc ggcagtagat gattttatct ttccccacat     56760
     tctcatcaac agagtagtgc aatattttta aattttgtga ttcttatgga taaaaagtgg     56820
     aatcacgttg aagtcgtcat ttgctctatt tctactacac ctaaataaga aggatactga     56880
     gcccagaaag aaaaattggg atgcaataag caaggatgag aaaacacgca cacacaaatc     56940
     ccactaccac taccataacc atcatcagcc aaaacctgtc taaaatattg gttaatcaca     57000
     gagagagaat gtaaatatgt ataattatat ttgcttcaca aatacctgat ttatatatta     57060
     agtgaaactt caagccagga tttatctaac catttgtgat ctctcttcgg ggtcgttaaa     57120
     ttgtggtcag tgatttgtca atgcagtctc ttccactcct ggggcgatca taagctaaaa     57180
     tatatttgta atatgttaga ttatagacat attaggaagc aaaatatatc attcaaaaat     57240
     tatttgcaat gagaaggaaa aaagaaaacc cccagcagat tctaaccttt aaacactatt     57300
     ttgtgtataa tgtattatct atgtgaggat agataatttt cttccctcct ttaaatatat     57360
     ccttgtagtt tccaattttt ggcacaaaat agtttttttt cacttccaaa tggcatttat     57420
     taataaaatc ttttaaacat aataaaataa aatatcagtt aatcagacag aggaatgaag     57480
     aaacgattgt aactacaaag accactagcg gagttcctgt catggctcag cagttaatga     57540
     ctagtatcaa cgaggacgca ggtttgatcc ctggcctcgc tcagtggctt aaggatctgg     57600
     tgttgctgtg agctgtggta taggttgtag gttgcaaatg cagcttggat cccttgttgc     57660
     tgtggctgtg gtgtaggcag ctgaatctct gattcgaccc ctagcctggg aacctccata     57720
     tgctgggggt gtggccctaa aaagactgga aaaacaaaaa gcaaaaaagc cgctagcaat     57780
     aatgaaaatt taagaacaag tggaacaatc acaaataacg agagtggggc agataaagta     57840
     aaagcattct gaagtctttg tcttgtttgg aaggagggta gagataattg accaacttct     57900
     tcttcttttt ttttaagggc ttcatctgca ggatttgtaa gttcctgggc taggggtcaa     57960
     attggagctg cacctgaggc ctacaccaca gccactacag ttggcatccg agccacatct     58020
     gtgacctatg ccacagctcc gggcaacgct gcatccttaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg     58080
     gttgaaccca cattcctcat gcatactaat tgggttctca accttctgag ccatattggg     58140
     aaccccatca atcagcttct gatgttgcta aattagatag tcgtgttgaa aatgtggagg     58200
     taaatcttgg gtctcgtgct tcatggaggc ttttaccata aaactctcca ggaggccccg     58260
     ttgtggctca gcagaaatga acctaactag tatccatgag ttctcaggtt cgatccctgg     58320
     actcactcag tgggttaagg atctggcatt gccagaactg tggtgtaggt tgcagatatg     58380
     gctcatatct ggcattgcgg cagctgtggc ctaggccggc ggctatagct ctgatttgac     58440
     ccctagcctg ggaacctcca tatgccatgg gtgcggccct aaaaagcaaa caaaacaaaa     58500
     caaaacaaaa cccgaaacaa aaacaaattc tccattgggg taccagggat ttaaccagct     58560
     aatcacagag gaagcctttg attttcaatt ggctattata gttatgagca gagctggcct     58620
     gaggtcatcc cagcgtattt ggtaaggcat aactcaggta ttccaggctc tcctcatcaa     58680
     ctacattgta atcctgcatt cttttatgga agtgaagaag aaaaaattct actgtagtct     58740
     cccattcaat gaaatagtgt gtgtgtatac acacacacac atataaatat atgtacacac     58800
     acacataaat atatgtacac acacatataa atatatatac acacacatat atataaatat     58860
     gtacacacac atatattaat atgtacacac acatatacaa atatatacac acacacatat     58920
     ataaatatat acacacacac atataaatat atatacacac acacatataa atatatatac     58980
     acacatatat acacacacac atatataaat atacatatat atttatttat ttattgtggc     59040
     tagtcataat ttttaaggaa ttccagggaa actttctgtt tcaatgtcta tttcttctct     59100
     tttgtccaca tgcattgggg attcagaatt atgacatttc gtgttgaccc cttctatcaa     59160
     atgtcaactt catcagcctc attatgaact ctctctagac tgttagaatg ttctcttctt     59220
     gtgcccaaac atgacaaact tttattcttc ctaacattat agtggattgt agccctgtca     59280
     ctccacccag gttttacatt cttttttggg gttgagtggg gtgcatctgt ggcatgtgga     59340
     agttcccagg ccagggctgg aatctgagct gcagctgtga ctcaaatcac cattgcagca     59400
     acaccaggtc cttaacccac tgggccatag cagaaactcc tacacttttt aaccatcatc     59460
     tcatacaacc tatggtattg gacatggagt gctatgctaa ataaataata tacttacaga     59520
     ccactttggt gaaatggaat ctctctctct ctttttgttt ttttagggcc atacctgcag     59580
     catatggaag ttcccaggct aggggtcgaa ttagagctac ggctgccagc ccacaccaca     59640
     gccagagcaa cgtggtatcc gagctgcatc tgtgacctac accacgttgt agctcatggc     59700
     aacaccggat ccttaaccca ctgagcgagg ccagggatca aacctgtgtc ctcacggata     59760
     ctagtcagat tcgtttcctc tgagccacga caggaactcc tagagtactt ttttctttct     59820
     ctcttagccc agtttccacg tacctaaact gctgtcagtg attctgcagg taaaccattc     59880
     ttccgtgatg agtagtctac ccagcgccta atgacacgaa gctcctctct cttgattggt     59940
     tatctctctg aggagtttcc aatcccgagg aagccagaaa gatgtctctg ctcttaatga     60000
     atatttttgt ctgtgttgtg tgtgggcaag ccccattcgg aagaggctga tgatttatac     60060
     aacctcattt tctttttccc cctccagaat gggttctagc tgggttccct gggtggtggc     60120
     tttgttagtg atggtaatca ggctggactc ctccatgact caaggcagag atcctccagg     60180
     taagaacaca gtgctttttt tcaggtatat ttgcaagaac tggcatgggg ggatggatgc     60240
     ctttcccgaa ccagtctgga ctggaagtga cgtctggctc caaagagcgt gttcttccct     60300
     ttgacaaaaa agtattcctt ccttccttac cacacgcaag ggactgatgg ggaaagggac     60360
     ttcctgtccc aaagccacgg attcaaggag tggggaggca ggaagaaggg aaatccatca     60420
     cttgcttagg gtccttattg tatccgtgtc agtctgagaa gagctgctgt tcttcagcca     60480
     ggagtttgat gatttcgacg gtttcagtat ttatccaatt ggggtatatg tggatccaag     60540
     aacttgtaaa caaagtttgc ttcatttgcc atttttaagc ttcttatcat atggtcagat     60600
     tgtacccagc gatttggaga aatgagagaa gttgtatata ttgtccccat cctcaggttc     60660
     ccaggtatgt gtatttactg ctgttgtttt tctagatgaa gacttaagct atgcaaacag     60720
     gaagcgatgt tatgttatga aaacatatca gaaggagaca ggatataacg tgctaaaaac     60780
     agaacccctt tgaatgtcaa ggtctcatta gacataaaag aggaacaaac ctatgggtag     60840
     gaagaagatc actgttctta ttgaacagaa acctctctga gcttataatg tttattcaac     60900
     aacacacaca aaatcagtaa gacataaaat ctgacacagc ccttcgaaaa aatttttttt     60960
     tttttttttc tgatttagac tgtaagagga cagagagaat tggaggtcag agctgcacgt     61020
     gaagtcagct gttattagag gttagtgtgg ctggtccagg aaggctgcca ttcttccact     61080
     cagctcagta ggtcctctga acttagaaaa gaaagccaat ctaccactca ccatcagtaa     61140
     caactatcct gtaagtctca agttaaatgc cagggagatc cttcctgatc aatctgcgtt     61200
     atcaatccat ttgaatttcc atgtatattt tgttctcaag tgcacagaat ggagttaatc     61260
     cttcccagtg aggtcatggc atctgtgatc attgatcaga acaaagactt ttggagttcc     61320
     catcgtggcg cagtggttaa caaatccgac taggaaccat gaggttgcgg gtttgatccc     61380
     tggaccggct cagtgggtta aggatctggt gttgccaaga gctgtggtgt gggttgcaga     61440
     cgtggctcgg atcctgcatt gctgtggctg tggtgtaggc cggtggctac agcttccatc     61500
     cgacccctag cctgggaact tccatatgcc gggagcggcc caacaaagac actctcttct     61560
     ctgccctcgt ctccattctc cctccctctc ttccaaagat atccattcta atgtgtctgg     61620
     catgtcttga agtatgcggg tggcttttaa aaagatatag cattgttctc ctgtgtatct     61680
     tttaaatttt taatcaatgc caccacacat tgaatcacat tctgtttctc ttcttacttt     61740
     acactatgct tttgagctct ttctcggtgt tgctcatgaa ctcaaactca tcttgaccga     61800
     tggggaagca ggtctgggag gggaagtgtc tgtttctatg taaaactcct ggataaagaa     61860
     ctagaactca ggtcggctga gacctaaccc tttaggctga gaccaaacca tttactggtt     61920
     tctttcttaa atttggcagc gcctctgatc taagactccc accactatcg tagtctgttt     61980
     gggctgctat gacaaatgcc acagactggg tggtgtccaa acaacagaaa tttatttctc     62040
     atggtcctgg aggctggaag ttcacgatca aggctccagc aaggtgaagc ctcctcttgg     62100
     ttcagagttg gtgccgtctg tgtcttcacg tggtggaagg gactggggat ctctctggag     62160
     cctcttttat aagggcactg atctcattca tcagggctcc agtcctgacc caagaacctc     62220
     cccaaatacc accgactgat actgtcactt atgagagttg ggatttcaac atatgaattg     62280
     gggggggggc acaaacatcc agaccacaat acactaaatc ctactgtgtc ttacccatgc     62340
     agactgctta aataactttg gaagattaaa ttgttttgga gaacttgaac tgactagaaa     62400
     tgaggggcgt tgtgtgatag ttaatgcaga gctcaaacta atcactacca ataacaataa     62460
     ggtacttttt tttttttttg tcttttgtct tttttgttgt tgttgttgtt gttgctattt     62520
     cttgggccgc tcccgcggca tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggtcgaatc ggagctgtag     62580
     ccaccggcct acgccagagc cacagcaacg cgggatccga gctgcgtctg ctacctacac     62640
     cacagctcac ggcaacgccg gatcgttaac ccactgagca agggcaggga ccgaacccgc     62700
     aacgtcatgg ttcctagtcg gattcgttaa ccactgtgcc acgacgggaa ctcctcattt     62760
     ttttacagtc attttctttg aatagtaagg cactttgaca gtagaaaatc ataatggaga     62820
     gggatttgga ttttttattt tattttattt atttattttt ttgtcatttc ttaggccgct     62880
     cccgcagcat atggaggttg ccaggccagg ggtcgaatcg gagccacagc aatgtgggat     62940
     ccgagctgcg tctgcaacct acaccacagc tcacggcaaa gccagatcgt taaacccact     63000
     gagcaagggc aggaatcgaa cccgcaacct catggttcct agtcggattc gttaaccact     63060
     gtgccacgac ggggactccc ggatttggat tttttaaatt ccttttcttt tttttttttt     63120
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttgtc ttccgtcttt ttgtcttgtt gttgttgttg     63180
     ttgctatttc ttgggccgct cccgcggcac atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggtcgaatcg     63240
     gagctgtagc caccggccta cgccagagcc acagcaacga gggatccgag ccgcgtctgc     63300
     aacccacacc acagctcacg gcaacgccgg atcgttaacc cactgagcaa gggcagggat     63360
     cgaacccgca acctcatggt tcctagtcgg attcgttaac cactgcgcca cgacgggaac     63420
     tcctaaattc cttttcaatg gaagtggtta atagaagcgc ctccaaagag gagttcctgc     63480
     tgtggccaat caggattgat cgtatttctg gagagcgggg atgcagcttt gatcacaggc     63540
     ccgtacagtg ggttaaggat ccggcattgc cacatctgcg gtataagtca cagtggtggc     63600
     ttggatcgga tccctggtcc aggaactcca tgtgccaagg agaggcaagg aaaaaaaaaa     63660
     aaaaaaaaaa aacgagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag     63720
     agagagaaag aaaagcctcc aaagaaagtt taagttaacc ttgtatttcc catcaccttg     63780
     ttattgcaaa cattactact gtacttctag tgctgctgat gataaaaggc atctttgggc     63840
     catgaattaa agctatttta cccaacgtca atggaagtaa tgaggtcatt accttactag     63900
     agccaccaga ggggatgagg tctctgagta attgtgcaaa ggtccagaag aaaattcttg     63960
     agaaaaccca tagtgagtgg aaagtggagg ggaatttatt tcacgcctgt gatgaaccta     64020
     ccccgcatgt ctttgtccca cctccagcct cttctcattt tactccagaa ggaatagata     64080
     gaatgatcct actactgaaa agaatgttct tgaactattc cgtataggga tggatatttt     64140
     tgacctgggc tcctgagagc ttggcttgga gaaacagcac agtatctggt aaaacacagt     64200
     ctaccaatac ttgtcgaatt agtgaatatt tgttgaatga atgtttatgt ctcttggctc     64260
     atgttggctt gcttcttcag attccatgtc tcccgtttgg ccctcaggct tctttcaaat     64320
     gtggatgtct ctttgctaag ccccatgtga accaggatgg ggctcggggg agaagaggtt     64380
     actttggcca atttactgag gtcagaggcc tcctttcaaa tccatgtggt ctggaataat     64440
     aaacccgctc tggtttccta agggtggggg ctggtccata gccttttttt tttttctccc     64500
     cagaagattt tgtgattcag gcaaaggctg actgttactt caccaatggg acacaaaggg     64560
     tgcagtttgt ggtcagattc atctttaact tggaggagtt cgtacgtttt gacagcgacc     64620
     tggggaagtt tgtggccttg acagagttgg ggcagcctga tgctgagctg tggaacagtc     64680
     gaccagatat cctggagagc agcagagcat ctgtggatgt gctctgcaga cgtaactact     64740
     ggctgggtgc gcccctcacc gtggagagaa aaggtgaggt ctggtggggt tcaggaattg     64800
     ccctcacctg accctgactg tggatcatct tccttgagcc aggtggtttc ctgctgcagg     64860
     atactgggtt aggagcaggg gggtttgggt gtgtgttctg tccccagctg tggctcaatc     64920
     cctatcctca cgggtcgggt ccctgtggac ttggtccaag acccccagtt ctcagggact     64980
     tatggaccag cgtgttctca aatactaggg gacaattgtg ggatgtctga aaaagcctaa     65040
     agcctcctta tggtgggggg gggggcgctc ccacatccag tgtctgagtc ttccccaaat     65100
     ttccagtgtc tgctcgggtc atctgggaaa gagattaggg gcagagagcg tccctaaaga     65160
     aagccccgtg ctggctttgt ggtttccttc acggtgtctc atttttctct cccctcctag     65220
     tgcaaccgga ggtgacagtg catccggaga ggaccccgtc cctgcagctc cgcaacctgc     65280
     tgctttgctc tgtgacaggg ttctacccag gggccatcga gatcaggtgg ttccggaacg     65340
     ggcaggagca gagagagggg gtcctggcca ctggcctcgt caggaatgga gactggacct     65400
     ttcagacagt ggtgatgctg gaaatgactc ctgagcttgg ggacgtctac acctgccttg     65460
     ttgatcatcc cagcctgctg agccccgttt ctgtggagtg gagtgagaat cagcttctct     65520
     tttttttttt tttttttttt tttggtcttt ttgtctttgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgctg     65580
     ctatttcttg ggccgctccc gcggcatatg gaggttccca ggctaggggt tgaatcggag     65640
     ctgtagccac cggcctacgc cagagccaca gcaacgcggg atccgagctg cgtctgcaac     65700
     ctacaccaca gctcacggca acgccggatc gttaacccgc tgagcaaggg cagggaccga     65760
     acctgcaacc tcatggttcc tagtcggatt cgttaaccgc tgcgccacga cgggaactcc     65820
     agaatcagct tcttgtactt tcggggtcca tctgactcaa gacgggtcct gagctacctc     65880
     catgctcatc ctggtcagaa cactagttcg tccgtccttc cctgatctga gggaaccata     65940
     gaaattgggg tcgtgggagg aaacatgcag agatctgtct ttgtatcttc cagacactaa     66000
     ggaggtctaa tcgtcttgtc ccttacttcc aactttggga actagtgttc cctatgcttt     66060
     ggtcttggca ttgagggggc atgctaattg gctatcagaa taattaacag aggagttcct     66120
     gtgatggtgc agcagaaatg aatccaaccc gaatccatga agatgcaagt tctatccctg     66180
     gcctcgctca gtgggttggg gatctggtgt tgccgtgagc tgtggtgtag gttgcagatg     66240
     tggctcagat cctaggttgc tgtggctgta gtgtaggccg gcagctgtag ctctgatttg     66300
     acccttagcc tgggaacccc cgcatgcctc aggtgcagcg cttaaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa     66360
     aaaaaagaat aattaacaga aacttcatgg ctacaaacct tggcttccaa gatgtattcc     66420
     ttctccagat agcactggat ttgtgcccaa cacaggctct gggattttaa gaacttacac     66480
     caagggtggg gagctttttg ctaactttga cttgtttctc ataggagctc agtctgactg     66540
     ttcttggaca aagctgctga ttggagttgc agccttcctg ggggggctaa ccttcctcct     66600
     ggtggggatc atcatccacg tcagggcccg caaaggtaat gagctctgag gggtccctgc     66660
     cctgcgcccc ccagcttctc ccacttccta cttttcctgg cgtcggagat acgagccagg     66720
     aagggctgac tgcgctgccc acggaccaca gggatggtct tttctgaagc cagaaacctt     66780
     ccagggggct actggagatg gagttctggt cccgcaggcc atcccctgct gctcaggaca     66840
     atcacatttg gtcctaatcg gggtgtacta gtttttcctt tttttttttt tttttaaatt     66900
     ccaggacgtg tggagactca gctgtccggt gatgaggtag tgtctccttc cttatctttg     66960
     gggggccagg ttgttcaccc ctcctttggc ggagggaggg ccatgggggt aagctgtcag     67020
     ggtggctctg gctgggtgcg gggtctgctg agtccctgcg ctgggagggt ggggcctcag     67080
     gggaccttat cgctgtccct gcaaatctca agaaccattc ttcccttgca gccacactaa     67140
     ggtcctaggt gaagcgtctc ccctggagcc tgaagtggaa ctgagtggcc tgggccctgg     67200
     acaaagtcaa ggacgttcag gaggtcgatg ttctggatga ttcctttcca tgagcccttg     67260
     gaggcgtcct gaactgattc tagttttgtg ttctgtgatc attcatctct tacccttctg     67320
     cctttcttcc tcctacttgt ctttattagt ccctgtttct aagaacaggg tccctaaatc     67380
     cccctaagac ccagctcctc ccagtcccaa cccctttact tttctctggt gcagccctaa     67440
     cccagaaatc actattttca tcttctctct tgcaacggca gccccacagt cctaagagga     67500
     tgcatattca gtcactgttc ccttttcatt gttttttagg tctttttcct tcaaaataaa     67560
     actgtgatac atataatccc atcaaatgta taattcaata aattatttaa ggcagaaccc     67620
     tgtaattgac actcagttca agcaagaaaa ctttttttgg agttccctgg tggcttagcc     67680
     agttcaggat cctgcattgt cactgctgtg gccctggtta ctgctgtagt gcagattgga     67740
     cccctggcag ggaacttctg cgtgccatgg gtgcagcccc aaaaaaatga aaagaaaaga     67800
     aatagaactt ttcaatcgac tgcaaggact tcctgtgctg cagaccaatc aaaacttccg     67860
     cactcccctc aaaatcagtc atatgctgtt ataccgatca cttttttttt ggtatttctt     67920
     tatagtctat tccctcaagt atgaattatt tgaccctaaa gcttagctgt cttttacgtt     67980
     tattttactt tacaggtttc tcctccctaa ctttttgttc cttatgatta atatgttgac     68040
     attcctgaga catttaagat gtacagttct ccacagtctg gattttgttg actgattttg     68100
     ttgacagatg tctggtgcaa tttgctggtg aaattttaaa aaaaataaat tttgttggag     68160
     tataggtgac ttatcatgtt gtgttaattt caggtgtaca gcaaagtgaa tcagccatac     68220
     atacacatat atatccattt ttttcagatt ctatccccat ataggccgtc acagggtatt     68280
     gaatattttc ttctcagcta tatcatacgt ccttgttact gattgacttt tgtatacagt     68340
     agtgtatatc tgccaattcc agcctcccaa tccatccctt ttctcaatgt ttctgctttg     68400
     gtaaccataa atttagtttc aaaatctctg agtctggagt tcccgtcgtg gcttagtggt     68460
     taacaaatcc gactaggaac cgtgaggttt cgggtttgat ccctggcctc gctcagtggg     68520
     ttaaggatcc ggcattgccg tgagctgtgg tgtaggccgc agatatggcg ctaggattct     68580
     gtgttgctgt ggctgtggtg taggccagcg gctacagctc caattagacc cctagcctgc     68640
     gaacctccat atgctgtggg tgcagcccta gaaaagacaa aaaaaccccc caaaacaaac     68700
     gaactttgag tctgtttctg ttttgtgaat tagttccttt gtatcatttt ttattagatt     68760
     ccacatgtta gtgatctcct ataatatttt tctttctctg acttcattta gtatgataaa     68820
     tgttggtgca aatggcttat ttatttttat tttttgattt tgggggccat acccatggca     68880
     tatggaaatt cccaggcgag gggtctaatc agtcctctgt tgatggacat taggttgctt     68940
     ccatgtcttg gctattgtaa tcagtgctgc aggaacattg gggtgcacgc atcttttcaa     69000
     attatggttt tctctgggta tatgcccagg aatgggattt ctgcatcatt tggtggttct     69060
     ctatttagtt ttttaatgaa cttccataat gttctccata gtggttgcac cgtgctggtg     69120
     caatgtaaca tgtccctttg tcctctgcat gtcctgcaaa ttggcatctg gatagagagg     69180
     agttctatca ttccttcttc aatccatgct tcattgcttc tataaagaga tacttcccag     69240
     agttcgcttc atggctcagt ggtaaatgaa cctgcctagg atccatgcgg atgtgggttt     69300
     gatccctggc cttgctcagt gggttaagga tctagggttg ccatgagctg tggggtaggt     69360
     cgaagacaca gctcagatcc ctaggtgctg tggctgtggt gtaggccaga ggttgtagct     69420
     ccaaagtgac tcctagcctg ggaacttcca taagccatgg gagtggccct agaaagcaaa     69480
     aaatgaataa atacataaat aaatataaaa aaaataaaaa agagatactt cctttcattg     69540
     actagtgggt tgcccagtgg tactggaagg aaatgattag cattgaattg ttgccctgta     69600
     ttctctagtt tcaaaattaa tgtgttttcc cattatccaa agatgagcaa ttaggtttta     69660
     ctttttattt gttgtatata atatactccg ggatttattt atttatttat ttagcctttt     69720
     agggctgcac cccgggcata tggaagtgcc caggctaggg gtcgaattgg agcccctggc     69780
     ctgcgccata gccacagcaa tgccaagtct gagctgtatc tgcaacctac accatggctc     69840
     agcaatgctg gattcttaac ccacttagcc aggccaggga tagaacccgc atcctcatgg     69900
     gtgccagtta ggttccttaa tcgatgaact aaactcaagg atttaaatgg tgacctctca     69960
     ggtttgggct tcagagtgct tgggagggga gggtgaggag ggagaggcag tcacaggtct     70020
     tctgtgggtg gagatttggg ggcaggaaga tctcctctat agcaacaaag gagggatgag     70080
     ctgaaaggac acgagatcgt gtcaaagtgg gggacatcgt tacaatgcta ggttaaccat     70140
     taaatacaat tccagctgga taaagttcgg aaatttaaca atctgaaact tcagcctact     70200
     tttatgcaaa gatgagtctt gctccgagga tgtgatgtgg cacttccacc gccagatgga     70260
     gctcgagacc ggagtttaag ttgatttctc ccttcgtgga gagaatcccg tggaaaactg     70320
     acgttttcta agcggctttc ctcacgtagc tttccgatat tctttctttg tcatattatc     70380
     tcggtctgca aggctctgaa aggagcaatg gtggggtggg ggatatggaa actcagcgaa     70440
     gggagaagag gtggtgaggt tccagcccag ccgcggaagc cccctgcttc cgtttcctca     70500
     atgtctgtct cctctcctca aaccccttcc tccttaggct gctgttctta atggtcgctg     70560
     tcgccgcctt tattagctgt agacataggg acctgggtga aagaaattga actttaatat     70620
     tctataaaat taactatgga tgcaaaacca aatctggtta attaagagtt gacaagagag     70680
     ttccctggtg gctcagtggg ttaaggatcc atgttgtcac tgctgtggcg ccagaaggat     70740
     ccttgacctg gaaacttctg catgccaggg tctcggccaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     70800
     aaaaaggagg ggtgagtggg tgggcagcag acagcaagtg ttagcgacca tgtggagaaa     70860
     aaagggaacc ctcctacact gttgccctaa ataggcaaaa gacaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     70920
     aaaaaaaaaa tcactgtgtt caagaaatca gtgaatacta aataaaggca ttcttttcct     70980
     gaaaagtagg ctaacaaatt agctaattaa acccagagct gggattctaa cagacagctg     71040
     tttaatacct gttatcttcc ccactttatt ttcaaaggag ggacttcagc ccgtggtaag     71100
     aattttgttg ccgcctcact ctctaattgt gtctcttttt ccgcctagtg cagcctacaa     71160
     tgactgtctc cccagccagg acagaggctc taaatcaaac tctgctggtc tgtttggtga     71220
     caaatttctc tcctcgccaa gttagagtca gatggttcca gaatacacag gagacggttc     71280
     gagctgtgtt cacagcactt attcagaacg gggactggac ctcccagact cacatgatgc     71340
     tagaaataac accacagcct ggagagatct atatctgcca cggggagcac cccagcctcc     71400
     agggccccat cacgggagaa tggcataagg gctccttcat ggacgccagg gactccgtag     71460
     aaaaggaaaa gtggagttcc catcgtggcg cagtggttaa ggaatctgac taggaaccat     71520
     gaggttgcgg gttcggtccc tgcccttgct cggtgggtta acgatccggc tttgccgtga     71580
     gctgtggtgt aggttgcaga ctcaggtcgg atcccgcgtt gctgtggctc tggcgtaggc     71640
     cagtggctac agctctgatt cgacccctag cctgggaacc tccatatgcc tcgggagcgg     71700
     cccaagaaat ggcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaggaaaagt gctggagttc ctgtggtggc     71760
     tcagtggatt acacacccaa ctactattca tgaggacgca ggttcgatcc ttggcctcgc     71820
     tcagtgggtt aaggatctgg tgttgccaca agctgtggta taggttgcag aagcggcttg     71880
     gatccgatgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtaga ctggaagctg cagctctgat tccacctggg     71940
     aacgtccatg tgctgcagct gcagcccccc aaaacaaaaa taaaaaacaa aaagtgcagg     72000
     gagggccctg ggtctggtgg gggtggcggc tctcttcttt ccttcccttg ggcataattc     72060
     cttgacatgg tttctggact gggagttatg gactggatcc cactatctca agctgaaagg     72120
     cacaggctga gcaccgatgt ccttttctcc caggataatg gtggtggtcc ctctgccgaa     72180
     ccccgctccc aggctgccct gcaccttctg aggtgctgct gttctgggct ttgacatcaa     72240
     ggctggtgct aggagagggt ccgagggggt tacaggcaga cacacctcgg gaggagctag     72300
     cctcccctcc ccccatctgc gctgccccag tggggtctcc gcaggccgtc cccctcctct     72360
     atttggtttc tgaacacctc tgcctcatac gtgcggaact gcactccctg ttcccgatga     72420
     ggacactgtg gggtgttggg gacagacgct gacacgcagg ctgttactac ccaggggcac     72480
     agtctgaatc tgcccggagc aagacgccga gtggaattgg gggccctgtg ctggggctga     72540
     tctttctggg cgtgggcctc accgtctgct tttggaataa gaaaggtcag gcaccctaga     72600
     gggaggaaag gggaaggctg ggctgcttca ctccgttgcg gttttcatac aagaaaaccc     72660
     cctgttcatt ttactttggt gactgtctca agtgactttc aggtgatctt attttgtgac     72720
     acctgactcc ttagtgttcg tgggtgggaa tggaggaaac gacggtctgg ggctgctccc     72780
     tcatttcctt tttttttttt ttttaaaggg acacacctga gatatataga ggttcccagg     72840
     ctgggggtcc aattggagct gtaactgctg atctacacca cagccacagc aacgtgggat     72900
     ctgaggcatg tctgcgaccc acaccacagc tcatggcaac gccggatcct taactcactg     72960
     agtgaggcca gggatcgaac ctatgtcctc atggatacta gttgggttca ttaaccactg     73020
     agccacaacg ggaactcccc ctcatttcct tttggaggct gagggaaaga gagagaggct     73080
     gttttcccac tgcccaggtt aaccagtttt tcttcccctt tctcttttca tccttgccga     73140
     tgctggaata tcctgaaact ccatccattg gtaatattcc tatcttcttg ccctcagctg     73200
     ggacacacat aagctaggaa aggggttgag tgggttggtc tggacacgct gacacgcttc     73260
     tgtgattctg tcctggcttc acgctacatt agttgaggcg ggggaaacgt ctggaacatt     73320
     ccgtgtagtg actgcaggaa acttcagaga ttgtttcacg gaataagacc caaccctgga     73380
     tctcagccat tctgtggggt ttgaatgatg cccttgattc cagaattata ggaagtgctc     73440
     ctcaacttgc aggtgggcga gcatctcctt tcgctcgtct tccttccacg tgccccttct     73500
     ggctgcaggt gtgtgttcac ctgagcagag taccatctgg actcggctcc aggccaggga     73560
     atgaggagag gatgttttag cctcaggatt agcctcaggg tcctgaggct gcagacgggc     73620
     ccccaggagg gcagggctga gtcttctcca gggactggtc tgacttgaga ctgccttctc     73680
     tctcctccgg ggctgctgcc ctgaccccaa cattcttctc cctgggattt gtcacctctt     73740
     ttcctgctgt tcttgtccgt ggttcccagc ctcccttcgc tcaagcccct gaacaagtcg     73800
     cctctgccag ctgccgcccg tggagatctg gctccgcagt gacccggaaa cagctgcccg     73860
     ctcttccttt tcttttcgtt tttcctgaac ttccgcctgt gactctgcct ccttcctcgc     73920
     actatcgatg tgctgtctgc tggatctgca tgaaccaaat atactctcaa taggcatttc     73980
     tgatcttgtt ctctttctga agactgcgca tgagttaaat gtcaaattct tttatctttc     74040
     cataaaatat ttttcaaagt taaatagatt ttgtgggagt tctgttgtgg ccccgcgtgt     74100
     taagtaccag acatgatcca tgaggatgca ggtttgatcc ctggcctccc tcaatgaatt     74160
     aaggacctgg cattgctgca agctgtggtg taggttgcag atgcagcttg gatctggcgt     74220
     ggctgtggct gtggctgtgg tgtaggctgg cagctgcaag ctcaggttca acccctggcc     74280
     tgggaacttc catatgcaac aggcatagct gtaagaagag aaaagaaaag aaaaaaaata     74340
     gattcgtgag tcacttgtgt tcctaataat agttgaagtc atgaggaaat agtgaccaag     74400
     aaaagatctg attcttgagt tcagttatgt cccaaagaag gtcatgtcca agcaagtaga     74460
     ctagaaaatc gtgggtcccc attcttggaa caattcacgt gccacttgag aggatgaaat     74520
     gaggtgtgaa taaattcagt tttccaccat ccatgactcc tagttatgtt ggatttttgg     74580
     ccatgggcag aaagaatgcc tcttaattat gattaatatt tatgttttga tggatgggct     74640
     tgaagagaaa ttggattctt tcttgttgtt tatgatactt ccctttcttt cctaaattat     74700
     gaattttggg gaaatataat tcagtctgta atggggtgca aatgagcttc gtgtctataa     74760
     gcagtattgt ttatactgtt atcatcgaat acaggccagg tcacattcta ggctagggag     74820
     agagcgtttt tctttcctaa gacaaaaaag ttcctattat tgaagaagag aaatgaaggt     74880
     ctaatgttta tcacatagta atgagtgctc tgtgtgaaaa ataaaacatt taaaaagtaa     74940
     gtgggagtga ttttaaagaa ctgctttaga cagaatgatt aggaacggca gttcttagaa     75000
     aatgctattt gaattgagac tggaataaca ggaaaaagcc agctggccat tcacaatcca     75060
     aagcagggag ttccctggtg gcctagcagt taaggatttg gtgtcactga tgtggctctg     75120
     gtttgatccc tggcctggga acttctgtag gctgaggcca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     75180
     aaaattaact taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat gtaacgtcta atgcaaaata ttccaggcag     75240
     caagagcagt taagtgcaaa tcgccaaggt gggaacccac ctgccatgtt tgaggaacac     75300
     gtagagagct ggtagagctg agttactgag aggcaaagag tgctgctctg tgtggtgggt     75360
     aaagctgcag gtcaggcttc tctggagaag agttaatggg attacaatgt gcttttctgg     75420
     aaactcccca gccaccacag actgaaaggg aaagtgtggt aatgctgact tcttccccat     75480
     gaaaccaacg cgtgcggttt gcaagatgaa gagggaatga tgagaccttt gatgggcaag     75540
     tcatcactca ctaaaaaaac aagccataaa aatatcttaa aatagggcac aggagacaga     75600
     tgcttatttc tcattgagat tcacacaaat tattttgccg tgactttgag gcataagatt     75660
     gactagactt tgttgctgtt agattaagta gaaaaggcct agtaaaccta ttggtttatt     75720
     tttgctttta tttctattgc ctagggagac tgacctagga aaacatttgt atggttgatg     75780
     tcagaaaatg tttttcctag agtctcttct aggagtttga tggtgtcttg tcttatgttt     75840
     aagtctttaa gccatttcaa gtttattttt gtgcattcgt gagggtgtgt tctagtttca     75900
     tttacatgca gctgtccagt tttcccagga ccacttactg aggagactgt ctttttccca     75960
     ttttatattc ttgcctcctt tgtagaagat taattgaagt aagtgtctgg gtttatttct     76020
     gggctctcta ttctgttcca ttggtgtgct tgtctgtttt tatacctgta ccacactgtc     76080
     ttgatgactg tagctttgtg ctattgtctg aagtctggga gagttatgcc tcctgcttgg     76140
     ttttctttct tcagaatcgc tttggcaatt ctgggtattt tatggttcca tataaatttt     76200
     tggattgttt gttctagttc tgtgaactat caaaccaaaa agtgattgat ttgcccatca     76260
     tcattgtata aaaatacctg ctccccattt ccattgcaga gggtttgatc ttatgcttat     76320
     gcatatgctt atgctcatat gatctactta tgctgctagt agaaatgaag gagcattttt     76380
     aaggactccc tctttccatg tgtggtggac tggaagacaa aacaccttga gacctcttct     76440
     cgtgcatttg ccctgtaccg tggacaatgt aaaaccaaaa aatacatttc tggataatct     76500
     cggatgttgt ctagctttgg ctaatcagaa gcattctggt gaagcgtgga catgtgattt     76560
     ttctctcctg aaaagacacc agtgtggatg tgttttgatt ttctggtggc agaattggga     76620
     aacgttttca tgtgtgataa ctcacttcat gatgtaaaga ggtggcttac tgctgtccat     76680
     ttcattggtg cagactatgg cgggtgacct agtggcttac caaatgcaag agctccctca     76740
     atgtgatgct tctgagccag gtggcttcct tggttgcctg attccattcc ttctattgtc     76800
     ctgatgattt tctaagccat attaagcact gtaataaact ccttcttgtg taaaagtatt     76860
     taaagtaaat tttgttctct ggaggtgttc ttttaccaag aggccatgtt taccacttga     76920
     aaagttgggg ggtgggaaat tatccttaat ggcaagccaa caccctcttc tgcaataaat     76980
     aaaaatagtg actgcactcc tactatagct gagccacacg tttaggaata tggatgcaca     77040
     attgtgtgtg tgtcagtgat catttatgac cttaatcaga ggtagccctt ggcatctcct     77100
     ttcaccctca gcattaaatg gaaaccaaat caaaaccaaa ccaaaacaga aattaataaa     77160
     ttcataaaaa tatactttaa gtgacaatag tattcttttt accttctctg caaccttaag     77220
     tgaaaaagtg tattcatata tttttaaaac tcctttttat ttaaagcctt cttgacttta     77280
     gcttccagtg taaaaagcaa aactttgaac agttataaga tttttatttt aaatatgaaa     77340
     aaaagctaag aaaaaaacct tttcctcagt ctgaaatgga gtacagtgtg ttggagaaaa     77400
     ctctcctcat tttcaaattg aatcaaccaa tatcatactg tggtatactg aatttctttt     77460
     ttggccttct gtatatcttc tttggaaaaa tgtctgtttt ttgattggat tgtttgcttt     77520
     ttgatataga gctgcatgag ctgtttgtat attttagaga aggagcttct ttttcattag     77580
     ggtacttata ttgaacactt gaactgatgt gtcttaataa ggcatattag tccaattagc     77640
     tttttctgtt aaaactaata catgaattca gtaaagttat atccttttgt aaagaatgca     77700
     aattgatata caaaaatctg tggtgtttct atacactaat aataaactat cagaaagaaa     77760
     ttaagaaaac aattccactt ataattatat caaaaagaat aaaataccta ggagtaaatt     77820
     taaccaaggc agtgaaagat ctgtacactg aaaattgcaa caccttgatg aaagaaattt     77880
     gaaaagatat aaataaatga aaaactattc catgttcaca agttggaaga attaatattg     77940
     ttaaaatgtc catactaacc ccaagaaatc tacagtttca atgcaatccc tatgaaatgt     78000
     tcaatggcat ttttgacata aatagaatca acaatcctaa aatttgtatg gaaccataaa     78060
     agacccagaa ttgccaaagc aatcttgata aagaacaaaa ctggaggctt catgctccca     78120
     gatttcaaag tatattacaa agcaaccgta atcaaaacgg tatggtgctt ggacaggacc     78180
     agaaaagaga aaccagaagt aaaaccatgt ttatgtgctg aattaatcca caataaagga     78240
     ggcaagaata tgcaatgggg gaaagcctct tcaataaatg gtgttgggaa aactgaacag     78300
     cccatcaaaa caatgaaact gataccatac agtatcttat accacacaca gaaatcaact     78360
     caacatggat taaaggcttg aacataagac ctgaaaccat aaagcttcca gaagagaacc     78420
     ttgacattgc tcttggtggt aattttttgg attcaacacc aaaagcaaaa gcaacagaag     78480
     taaaaataaa catgccagaa tacatcagac caaacatttt cttcccagca aaggaaacta     78540
     ttggcaaagt gaaaaggcaa tctactgagg gggagaaaat atttgcaaat catatatctc     78600
     acaagggctt aacattcaaa gtacataaag agcccataac tcaatggaaa aacccaaaac     78660
     gatccaatta aaaaaaaaaa aacaaacaaa cagtcagagg atctgataga catttttcca     78720
     aagaagactt tttttccaaa ggtgcccaac atcactaatc tttggggaag accgtctgga     78780
     gattcctcaa agaactgaaa atagaattac cgtaatgatc cagaaattcc acttctgagt     78840
     ttttacccaa aggggaaaaa taaaagttaa cttgaaaaga tatatgtacc ctcatgttca     78900
     ctgcagcatt gtttacggca gccaagatgt ggaagtcact taagtgctca gcagtggatg     78960
     aatggataga gaaaatgcgg tatatgtata caatgaacac tattcagctg taaacataag     79020
     gcaatcttgc cctttgtaaa aacagagagg ccattatgct aagtgaaata agtcaagcag     79080
     cgaaagacaa attgccatat gatctcacta atatgtagaa tgtaacctcc ccacccctcc     79140
     ccacagtagg gaaacacata tttattttct tcttcttcct cttttcctct gtcactcttc     79200
     ctgtttcatc ggtcctgttc cccaggccac ctcccaatta aaccttctgt acccaagccc     79260
     ttctcttaga ctttgctttt aggggatctc aattcaagac aaataatttg tgtaatcctt     79320
     gtcaagaatc aggtcatatg tgtatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacacg     79380
     tgtatatatt tctgtgctct tcattttttt ttttttcttt tcagggccgt acctgcggca     79440
     tacggaagtt cccaggctag gggtccagtt ggagctgcag ctgccgggcc tgcaccgcag     79500
     ccacagcaac tcaggatgtg agccacgcct gtgacctaca tcgaagctca cggcaacgcc     79560
     ggatccttaa cccactgagc aaggccaggg gtcgaaccct catcctcatg gatactagtt     79620
     gggttcattg ccactgagcc aggatgggaa ctcctgtgct tttcatgttt caccaagaac     79680
     gtggacctat aacggtgtat ctcctctata cttggtttcc taattagttt cttatctcaa     79740
     aatcagtaac agatttccag taagatttat ttccctataa atttagagag acaaacaaat     79800
     taatctacta gtttttgatt gtggggtact taaaatcatt gctctacatt gcttatccaa     79860
     caacagccat tagttcccta tattgtcaca gaatcctgaa actgagcctg agagtctaag     79920
     agtaactacc aatttgtcta tatgcctccg tcagtgcatg caaatactcc ccttcatgat     79980
     tttacaatac ataagaaagt aatgttttat tttatgtatg tatttattta tttatttttg     80040
     tctttttgcc ttttctaggg ccattccctc ggcatatgga ggttcccagg cgaggggtct     80100
     aattggagct gtagccgcca gcctatgcca cagccacagc aacgccagat ctgagctgcg     80160
     tctgtgacct acaccacagc tcagggcaac accagatcct taacccactg agtgaggcca     80220
     gggatcaaac ctgcaacctc atggttcctg gttggattcg ttaaccactg agccaatgac     80280
     gggaactcca attttttatt tttaaaaatt tttatttatt tatttatttt tgctttttag     80340
     ggctgcaccc atggcatgtg gaggttccca ggctaggggc tgtagctgta gctgctggcc     80400
     tacaccacag ccacggcaat gccagattgg agcagcgtct gcgaacttta acacagatca     80460
     cagcaacgcc agatccttaa cccactaagc aaggccaggg attggaccca caacctcatg     80520
     gttactagtt ggatttgttt ccactgtgcc acaactctaa gaaagtaatt ttttagatgc     80580
     aggtaatttt ccttttttcc cttgcaatat aaaattcaag agaaaacggc tctgattagg     80640
     agttcccttg gtggcgcagt gggttaagga tctagtattg ttactgctgt ggctcgggtt     80700
     cagtccctag ccctagaaca gaaaatagct ctgattaagc tactccaaac tatgcattgc     80760
     tattcaggct tttttctgtg cgtatctgca tgagtgaaat ctgagcccaa acaaggtctt     80820
     ctgaagggca cacgagcctc attgattatt taaagttttc tgttttgcca cttccaggaa     80880
     ctggctgtac caatgatgca ctcgcgtccc ccccccacac ttctttttta ttcttaggat     80940
     tttttacttt tccatgaagt acttatctct ttcctattgt cttgctttgt gacatatgta     81000
     tgaagctacc acttcctgtt tcaggtcttt tttaagcttg gcatctgtca cttgttctaa     81060
     aacatcactg gtattgtcct tcttcttctt tttttaatgg ccacacccat ggcatatgga     81120
     agttcccagg ccagggactg aagctgagct gcagctgcgg caaagctgga tcctttaacc     81180
     cactgcagca cagtgggaac tcctgggatt gttcttttca aggctttgct actagaaggc     81240
     cttttcggag agggagtccc agaatttaat agaagatgct tactattttc tatatcctgt     81300
     caaacaaaat atgcctccca taaccttttt gtcttgaatt gagcctgggg gtcccttaac     81360
     gaggacggat gggcaagaat caccatgatc cttccaacaa ttactttcct cactgatcca     81420
     catccttgga gggcattggg tcttaaattt ctattagttt aaaaggtctg gacttctttt     81480
     aagcacaaac acatcattta ccttgaagta ttccttttcc aaagttaatt gtatttatat     81540
     ttcctgaact ggacttatat ctaggaaagc tatatacatg attctttagc tcacgaccaa     81600
     gaacgaggtt ttcataactg agaatttaat agcatttctt ttagagtgac gtataacttc     81660
     tgtacagagg tctataagtg tgtgcagaat ttaatcaata attaaccaca cagattataa     81720
     agcagaacac agccagtctt ccagaagcac cttctaatta ccatcctccc tgtaagagga     81780
     aaatattact ctgaatttgt gaaaattatt ttcttatttt tctcagattt gcctggcttt     81840
     gaattttata taaatacaaa ataattttat ttattggttt tgtttcttct tcttcttctt     81900
     cttttttttt tttttttttt cgtcttttgt ctttttaggg ccgcacctgt ggcatatgga     81960
     ggttcccagg ctaggggtcg aatcagagct acagctgcca gcctacacca cagccacagc     82020
     aatgcaggat ccgagcaggg tctgtgacct acactacagc agtatcctta acccactgag     82080
     cgaggccagg gatcgaaccc acaacctcat ggtcattagt tggattcgct aaccactgag     82140
     ccatgacggg aactcctgtt tcttctgata aatattttgt tcatgagctt caccattttt     82200
     ttgtgtgtaa ttgtatgctc acccattaag ttgattatta tcaacaactc agaaaatagc     82260
     aagtgttggc ctggctatgg agaaagtgga acccatgcac actgctgata ggaatgtaaa     82320
     atcatgcagc tgatgccaga aagatgttac tagaatccag gttcttgttc atgcagatga     82380
     ataatgaatt tctgaacgca caggcagcaa gcaagcaaag tctttattac aggaaagcaa     82440
     atagctcccc gggctgctgg gagcggggag aatagccctg ctctctattg tccgataggg     82500
     gtttttatcc ctcaaagatg ggggggttac cgtggtgggg tccagaaaga tgtagttttc     82560
     tcccttccac cttgcccagt tacctacact agtccttgtc cagtagaggt tttaggggtg     82620
     gaaatgcccc ataaggttta tggtttcttt gcccttctct tcttttcaac tgagtcacct     82680
     ttcctctcat tccttttata tcagttgagg cgcgggttag agattaaggt ccatgtaggc     82740
     gtaggtacac ttcctatcat aaaaaaggcc tgtggggaat tactctctgg agcccttaaa     82800
     ccacaaatgt taatcagtag ccatatcaaa gaatgcattg aggagttccc gtcatggtgc     82860
     agtggttaac gaatccgact aggaaccatg aggttgctgg ttcgatccct gcctttgctc     82920
     agtgggttaa cgatccggcg ttgccgtgag ttgtggtgta ggttgcagac tcagctcgga     82980
     tcccgcgttg ctgtggctct ggcgtaggcc ggtggctaca gctccgattc aacccctagc     83040
     ctgggaacct ccatatgccg cgggagcagc ccaagaaata gcaacaacaa caacaacaac     83100
     aacaaaaaaa gacaaaagac aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaagaat gcattgaatc     83160
     ccatgctcct acactgacta cctgagttat tattttgctt cacagacgct gtggaaaata     83220
     gtacggtgct tcctcaaaaa gtgaaacaca gaattgccat acaacctagc aactggagat     83280
     atctatgtct atctccaagg aactgaaagc cagggtttga acagcaatgt ccacagaagc     83340
     attcctcaca atagctgatg gtggaaacaa gtcaactgta cactgatgga tgaacgactg     83400
     gataaaccaa atgggttata cacacacaca agagaatatt atcaaccttc caaaggaagg     83460
     gagtaatgat acatgatgta acctgggcga accttaaaga cattatgtta attattttaa     83520
     aataagtcag ctacaagaag actactcttg tatgattaca ccctatggag tatattgaat     83580
     ttatagagat aaggggtcga atggtgatta tcaggggctg gagagaggat gaaaatagag     83640
     agttattgtt caatggatac agagtttcag tttggaatga tacaaaagtt ctggagatgg     83700
     atggtggtga ggggtgcaca acaaagtgaa cctactcaag gtcactgaac tacacacttg     83760
     aagtggttaa aataggaaat tttgcacctt gcctgtttta ccacaaggaa aaaaaaaaga     83820
     aggaaagaaa gagcgaggac aaaaaagaaa gggaagaatg cctaatgcat ggactaaaat     83880
     tgatttccaa agattggaca ttgattgaga tttgagtttt gagtccagga tggtatgaat     83940
     tatactcata ggtaacatgc atttgaggct tattgtttgc caccctttag gttaagtgtt     84000
     ttatcagtat cacctcttgg gtcctttcaa cagctcattc tatggttact gaaggattat     84060
     attgcgtgca gatgtgaaat actatggtat tcatacatta ctgaaatctc agttacttta     84120
     caaagtctca tacaatagaa acaagccaaa ttaaaatatt gtcaaaaacc gtaacttatg     84180
     agcttgagca tggagtgaat ttatgttgta tttatactat tgccaaacgc tggtgcctac     84240
     agaaaagtga agctccagct gcccttgctg tggctacttg tagccaatga cctccttctc     84300
     gcctttctca tcaatatgaa ccccaaagaa tacaaggttt ggggcacttt cttagataca     84360
     gacagcatta tctcattctc ttgttctcac ttctaatttc tgtctcatcc caacctagag     84420
     agtttctacc ttatcaggca ggggacgaaa atggaaaggg aagctctcat atcattcagc     84480
     atccctcaaa aatccaaggt tcatggcaaa attcttctga ctttgtgttc tcaaaatcca     84540
     atttttgtgt ttaaagatgt tatttcagga gttcccattg tggcttaggc ggtgaagaac     84600
     ctgactagca tccatgagga tgcagttgtg tttttttttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     84660
     tttttttttt agggctgcac ttatggctta agaagttccc aggctagggg tccaattggt     84720
     gctacagctg gattcccaac ccaccgagca aggccaggga ttgaacccac atcctcatga     84780
     atactcagat tcgtttccac tgtgccacaa taggaacttc caaggatgca ggtttgattc     84840
     ctggtcttgc ttagcctgtt agagatctgg tgttactgca agctgcaggg taggttgcag     84900
     acttggcttg gatctggtgt tgctgtggct gtggtgtagg cctgcagccg cagctctgat     84960
     tagatcccta gcccgggaac tccaaatgct gcaggtgcgg ccctgaaaaa aaaaaggaaa     85020
     aaaacaaact tcatttcaat ttatgtcttg cacagattta tacctctatt ttaaaattca     85080
     aaatctgatt gttgtcaccc tgcctttttt tttttttttg gatataaaaa cactggggag     85140
     agagtatgtc ccatcttcac tgtcacctac ctgggtaagg agagagtgcg aaaaggacgt     85200
     ccagggagga aaaaacccca tgtttatatg taccagttat cattggccct ttggtattga     85260
     ggtaggaggt agatgggtcc ctgggctgag aacacctggg actgggtagg ccaaggaaac     85320
     tgggctttgt ttctcttgga ctcttcaacg aaaaacttaa ttgcaggagc tgaactctgc     85380
     tggagcaaaa agataagaag accatttcaa tcactcctgg ggtcagggac acgccccaat     85440
     tacacatgcg cagtaagacg cctaggggtc agaaagggag gcgggggtgc caggccatac     85500
     taagtcctga aacgggccgg gcacactttg ctctggaacc catctttgcc aaaagatgcg     85560
     catgcatatt ggggagggtc ctatgtctgg tcaggtgtga gaaacagaag aagataattg     85620
     gctagaggta aacaaagact tagaagaatt gtcctatata atgagttaaa tcacctctct     85680
     ggcgctgctc actcggggga acacctgcac ccgcactcct cttttgggcg tgcctcactt     85740
     ccttgcttct gacttaaatg aactactctg agctctccca caggttgcac cgcaatgaca     85800
     acaataaact ttagacctgt ttccacagac ttagcctgct caaaatattc ttgctttcaa     85860
     caggggcaat tctgcttcta gcctctagct ggtcaggcaa ccaggcctcc tgattttcat     85920
     ccaggctgcc caggttcaat ttctgagcag aaaattaaga tcttgctcca agccgtcact     85980
     cactgcctgc tgtctctctt gagttcagta ttaatgtgat cgagaaacag gttaaatgga     86040
     gctgagattt ctgcaaacat tccaacacaa ggtctctcat tcttatgtat gtgctgaatt     86100
     caccctaaaa agacaaagaa attacacact ctaaatagac ctactccaga aagagactga     86160
     tactggatga gggtgatcaa gaagtaagtg gctggtggaa ccgtccagat ctctctgtga     86220
     aaggtaggtg ctgaaccaga gactcggttg gaggaattca taagggtcgg tgatttttgg     86280
     aggaaaattt atccataaat tccgctccag gagggaggga ggactgtgtg gaaggaggca     86340
     tgtcatagac aaggagcagg tggaaggcac acaccacggc caaggcaggc gacaggagtc     86400
     agaaccattc ctcttttttt cttgtaaaga ccgaatacct gaaacagcaa acagcttgag     86460
     attgataggt cctgggctcc tgtcccaggg tcgacccatc tccaatttgc tcacagctcc     86520
     tcaaacccat tcatggaacc tagatgccag tttcccacca ttgccttcag tgcctatggt     86580
     aacctctttc cagatctgaa gcatctgatt cttaccatcc cgtgtcccag gccacaactc     86640
     atgtggccct gcggcatctg gtggcatcat gggagcgctg ggctccgatg atgaggtccg     86700
     catagaccag ttcatctcca tcagattcat acgtaaactg gccaacgtca ccgtatgtct     86760
     ggtaggcatt tgtgctgtaa gtgcccacgt ggtcagctga tgcgtaacca tttcagagca     86820
     aaaagataag aacaggaagg taggatgtag agggaaggga aagaatttat taaaccagaa     86880
     agcgtaagaa actgtgttcc agatagcgtc ggttcctgtt cggctctgtc tgatatcagt     86940
     cttcatttct gtcttctcca tctcagggtg attgggaggt aagttaaaaa ttatctctca     87000
     aagattgttt tcatgtattt gtctttcctg tgataatttt cacttcacga ggcatcgaga     87060
     tgctctgtct tgttcactct ggacccctga ttgtggagag acagcagtga cggatagctt     87120
     ggtgtgacat cttaattcct tgctcaggaa ttgaatctgg gcagcctaga tgaaaaccag     87180
     gaatcctagc cactagacca gctggaggct ccaagcagga ctgcccggat tcttgccccc     87240
     tgctgaaagc gagaacgttt caaggaggca aagactataa aaataggcat aaagttactg     87300
     ttagacacac agtacaccat gtgggagagc agactgagaa tagtctattt atctaaggca     87360
     gaagcaaaac agtaatgggc acccaaagga tgagtgcagg gcgagcatcc cctgaataag     87420
     gagcatgcca gagaggttat ttatttattt atttattttt cagtgacgca cccacggcat     87480
     atggaggttc ccaggctagg ggctgaatca gagctgtagc tgctggctta agccacagcc     87540
     acgccagatc cgagccctgt ctgggaccta ctccaaagct catggcaaag tcggatcttt     87600
     aacccactga gggaggccag ggattgaacc ctcgttctca tggatactag acagacttgt     87660
     ttccactgag ccatgatggg aattcccaga gaggtaattt aaaccactta taaggggcag     87720
     ttcctccggg tctttgtttt cctttggcca attattgtgt tttatctgtc actcctgggg     87780
     cccttttcta tttgcctgca catcttttgg ccgagatgga ttccaaagca aggcatgatg     87840
     ggagggttat ctaggcttat tatggtctgg catcctctct ctttctgacc cagaggggtc     87900
     tctctgcgca tgtgtagttg gggtctcctg accccaagaa tgggaagtat gtgacctctt     87960
     cgtcctttgc ccaggcaggg cttagctcct ctctgctcct gctattacca ttgtttaact     88020
     tgtccacagg agcaagtaca agttatttgc ctgtgcttgt tgtcattgct atcctgaagt     88080
     atagacaggt ggcttgtcgt aaacatctat cctggagccc acctgtctcc tgcctcaaga     88140
     agtgtagaca agaggctggt tataaatgtc tatcctggag cccacctatt tcctgcctca     88200
     cctccaggac ctagtagggt tcgtgacaca tggtcaaact tcagtaatat tggttaaata     88260
     acaaatagtg aataaataat tcaaatcctt aagattatct ctaatccttc agtctctttt     88320
     catagcattt atctcattct aagtacacta tagaatttag ttacttatga aatctgtttt     88380
     taaaaaatga tctcttatgg taagaacatg agtttcttat ggatgggaac tttttctatg     88440
     ccaagcactg aaaggagtgc ttgatacctc actgaatatt tgttgaccta atgaatcatg     88500
     attgggaaat gttttaaaaa ttccatgtct cttctgtttt ccttggcttg ctttttttgc     88560
     ctcaggtttc aataactgtt gttaatgccc acgacacagg acaaaggtct ggtcaggaga     88620
     ctgaaatgta gtggataaac cattgctcaa ggaggtgggg tgggggggaa ctaaagaatg     88680
     ataatttttt ttttgtcttt tttccattgc ttgggccact cctgcggcat atggaggttc     88740
     ccaggctagg ggtcgaatcg gagctgtagc tgctggccta taccacagcc acagcaacgc     88800
     tggatccagg ccacgtctgt gacctacacc acagctcctg gcaatgctgg atctttaacc     88860
     cactgagcaa ggccagggat caaacccatg tcctcatgga tactagttgg gttcgttaac     88920
     cactgagcca cgatgggaac tccctttgtt atttaaaata cacacctgca tacttattat     88980
     atttgattat gtgttcctca acctgctgag ccacaaggga acttcctcag ctaaatttat     89040
     ttctctagtt gcaatcatct ttaataaaat tcatcctcct catctctaaa gcccaagcct     89100
     agaaaatgta aaataacttg gaaacaaaaa aatgacatgg tactttacat gtggcacaga     89160
     aaatttatgg gcttggttac tctcagaaac tgagtagacg caattagtta tagctttgaa     89220
     aatgagtccg gagtggctta ggagtagtag actcataaat tactgttaac aaaaagcaat     89280
     atatttggag aaatacccct aatgctagaa gttaccagaa attactgcca tcacatttag     89340
     gatgttatga tagagacggt tctgatatta gaaaaagaga aaggcccctg gtgaggactg     89400
     caatgacatg gggacatcac gacgtttaaa tctgtgaact aggtatagat ttggggctgg     89460
     ggtttgggct ggaggttgaa taagcataag aattcagatt tcagggagct ggggtttcct     89520
     agattcctga ctactgactc agcaaactca ttcatggctt ttccaattct aattctttgt     89580
     tttttttttt tctttttagg gctgccctct atatttttcc atcaatctaa gcacgtaccc     89640
     ctccacaata gccatcagtc ttgatcaccg tagctataca aacattttat atttggttag     89700
     ggtgatctct caaggttatt tttcttcatc aagtttgttt tatatattct aattcataga     89760
     attttttcat aagtgtttta gagcaacttc caactagtaa agattttgct gggttaggat     89820
     taaaattgca taaagccaga atgtcagttt gggaaagaat tgatatcttt accatgttct     89880
     gtttttcagt tgataaggat ggtaagtctt tctgattatt tagatctttg atttcatttc     89940
     atcagccttt ctgtttgcaa gttcttcaca tgttctgtta gcgttatact tgtgttgctt     90000
     tcttttttgt tttattgtga gtgatactgt atttttaatt tttgctttat ttcttcattg     90060
     ctctgtgtag aaatacaaat tggtttttaa attgattttg aaatctgcaa ttttgatgaa     90120
     ctcccttatt agctctagga gggatttttt taggggcatt ccttgggatt ttttaatgta     90180
     gatcaccata tcaagtgaag acaggtacaa ctggtgtaat tgtatttctt tttttcccct     90240
     gatctgcgtg tattctgtcc accttccctt catcctgtag acaaaggagg gtctgcgatc     90300
     ctacgtcgtg tgaggagggt gaacatatga cataaatcca gagggacaga tgagatcgaa     90360
     ggcagcttat cacatgttct cacagcctga gggaggacac tgcactctgt gtaggagcac     90420
     acgtgggctg ccctcaggag cagagtgaag cagcaggggc tttgggaggc agccttgtta     90480
     gtaacaagag aatggggttc ccctggattt catgggaggc tgttatttgt ttgtttgaag     90540
     aatttcatta gctggtcggg gtctgcaacc ttaggctgag aatcaggtgg ggtgcagctg     90600
     ttcaggctga tagaggaagt aggtggggag aggaacaaat ctggggaaag caggggactc     90660
     acggttaggt ctttggggcc cattgaggct tgaaaatgtc gtggcagccc tcgatttcgg     90720
     atctcacaat atagcatgcc atttatttcc ttttcttgtt ttattttgct ggctaggact     90780
     tccattactg tgttaactga atgaaggaga aaaggcatat gaccgtgtgg atagaatcat     90840
     aaaatattat ttgacagcat tccacctctg ttcttcttgt tcttcttttt aaaatctatt     90900
     attaaagaac tagtatttaa aaggaatttt ctcggagttc ctgctgtggc tcagtggtaa     90960
     tgaacttgac tagtatccat gaagacatgg gttctatccc tggccttgct cagtgggtta     91020
     aggatctggc attgtcgtga gctgtggtgt aggtcgcata tgtggctcgg atctggcgtg     91080
     gctgtggcta tggctgtggt tgtggtgtca gttggcagct gtagctccga tttgactccc     91140
     tagcctggga acttccatac gccccaggta cgccttaaaa agacaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     91200
     aaaaaaaagg aattttcttt tttttttttt ctttttttgt atgatgagtt tttattttta     91260
     tttttttttc atgctgggga attttatttt attttatttt ttttattttc ccactgtaca     91320
     gcaagggggt caggttatcc ttagatgtat acattgcagt tacagttttt tcccccactc     91380
     tttcttctgt tgcgacatga gtatctagac atagttctca atgctattca gcaggatctc     91440
     cttgtaaatc tattctaggt tgtgtctgat aagcccaagc tcccgatccc tccctctccc     91500
     tccccctccc atcaggcaac cacaagtctc atctctaagt ccatgatttt cttttctgag     91560
     gagatgttca tttgtgctgg atattagatt ccagttataa gtgatatcat atggtacttg     91620
     tctttgtctt tctggctcat ttcactcagt atgagattct ctagttccat ccatgttgct     91680
     gcaaatggca tgatgtcatt ctttttttat ggctgagtag tattccattg tgtacatata     91740
     ccacatcttc cgaatccaat catctgtcga tggacatttg gattgtttcc atgtcctggc     91800
     tattgtgaat agtgctgcaa tgaacatgcg ggtgcatgtg tctcttttaa gtagagcttt     91860
     gtccggatag atgcccaaga gtgggattgc agggtcatat ggaagttcta tgtatagatt     91920
     tctaaggtat ctccaaactg ttctccatag tggctgtacc agtttacatt cccaccagca     91980
     gtgcaggagg gttcccagga attttcttaa tctaagaaaa gataactacc gtgctggaca     92040
     catcagactc aatggggaac tatttaaaat tttcttcttg agatctggaa tattggagat     92100
     agtagacaat gaagaatgga atgaaaaata aaaagaaggc ataaggctgg caacagaggt     92160
     aaaattgtca ttatctactc ttaatttgat catgtacttt gaaaataaaa ataatagaca     92220
     actaatatat ttaataagta agtttaacag tattgctgga taacagacca acatacataa     92280
     aatcagttct attctgctct accagatatg aagaaaaatc aaaattgaga aaacgatacc     92340
     attcatcata gtactccaaa atatcaaata tttagggaca aatctaacaa gatacaacca     92400
     agagttctat actgaaaact acaaaacacc attggaagaa atcaatgagc ctatgtaatt     92460
     ggtgagacta aagattagtg atagtaagag taagaatgtt aagtgtgagt tatctccaaa     92520
     ttaatctata ttcaattaaa ttttcattaa gaatcaaggt aaagattttt atttgcttgc     92580
     tccgtcattt tttgtttctt ctgctttttt tttttgttgt tgtaggagaa gattgtcaaa     92640
     ctaaatttaa aattcatatg taaattctat agtcttagaa tcacctagaa aattttcaaa     92700
     aataagaaca aaactggagg aacacaagta cacgataaca aaagccttat tagtttacat     92760
     ggtatggtat tggctgtatt agttaacata ttgtggtata ttacaacaca gtgtgatatt     92820
     agctcgagtg tagataacag ggcaacagga taaaacagaa attctagaat cagaacccct     92880
     cccacatgaa atgccctggt ctatggtggc actgcagagc aatgagaaag atggcctttt     92940
     taaaataaac actatgaggt tgtttgaatg tccttttgag aaaattcact gtgatactct     93000
     aatcagtaat gaaatcatct ccagatagat tgaaaatatt tggcagaatt taacaatgaa     93060
     gcaaacgggg gcttgaattt cctttgaggg gtgagtttat tatccttaca cattttattt     93120
     aatcagatgt aaggccatac agagtgtcta gttttctgag tcagttgtgg taaatcgtgg     93180
     ggtcgatcaa acaagggtgc atattattcg ccattcagct catggggagg taggtggtat     93240
     ttccccctcc ccttaaatca ggctggtcct gtgctcactt agacctttag aatgtgatgg     93300
     aaatgatgct acggcccctt ctgcggccaa gctcaaagaa gtattgcaga ttttactttc     93360
     gtctcttggg agtcctgagc catcaggtaa gacgttgtct tcattgctga tgggaccaca     93420
     gaggccacga tggaggcact ggaacgtcac gcagaaggag acgagtctca ggtcccagct     93480
     gagcctccgg aggaccccag gcccagctac tgtctgactg cggccacatg agggaccctc     93540
     gtgaaaacac acactgagct caatcaactc ccagaactgt gaaaaatcgt taaatggctg     93600
     caatttcagc cactaagttt gggggtgatt tgttttacag aaatagatca tgaaatgttt     93660
     ttgagagaac ttcttctaaa gagtcaaatc cacctgtaca aattcttcat tacatgttag     93720
     catcttaaat ttttaatgtt tgtagaattt gtaggaatgg catctttttc attttagagg     93780
     ttaataattt gtactttggg tttttcttcc ttattggttt tgcaaatggt ttatcaaaga     93840
     aaaagaaacc tttagtttta ttgattttct ctatatcttt tttttttttt tttttttttt     93900
     aagggcaagc ctgtgacatg gaagtttcgg ggctagaggt tgaattagag ctgcagctgc     93960
     tggcctacgc tgcagccaca gcaacgccag gtctgagcca catctgcaac ctgtgccata     94020
     gcttgcagca acaccagttc cttaattcac tgagcaaggc cagggattga actcacatcc     94080
     tcacggacac tatgtcaggt tcttaacaaa ctgaaccaca gtgggaactc cctctatttt     94140
     caattttatt tatttcctct cttatcttca ttattccctc tctacttttt tttttttttc     94200
     catgtgtttc tccagcttgc acagaaccat ttgttaaaga tactatcctt tccccatggg     94260
     atacttttgg ctcccttgtc aaatattgac gatatataca ggggtttaat tttgggctct     94320
     ccattctgtt ccaatggtct atgtgtttat ttttatgcca gtactataat gtttttattt     94380
     ctatgtcttt ttactatagt ttgaagtcag gagtgtggtg cctctggctt tgttcttctt     94440
     tctcaggggt gctttgggta tttggggtct tttgtagttt atgattcttt tactatccgt     94500
     gttgctagtc ctatattcat ttacttaaac cttgctatat tattcctttg caagtcttac     94560
     tacatttcat ttgttctctc tctgaaaatt aagactgtgt cttttctctc cagttacatt     94620
     tttttatgtg tcatcttggg cacatatatg agaatttatt tagaatgttt atacttggga     94680
     tggaaatctt gggttatcca actacccaaa gtgatagaca cagatattta acatatttta     94740
     tggtttttta atgtgcagaa ttcttataac caagggcaat ttatcagttt ttcttttaca     94800
     atttagaaat gattttatta ttccaaaccc tggtgcagcc acccttcaat cagaggtctc     94860
     tttaggttaa agtagaattg tttctttaag atagatacta ttttcttttt tccttatttt     94920
     gtcttttttt agggccacat ctgtggcata tggaggttcc caggctgggg ttccaatcgg     94980
     agctgtagct gccggcctgc accacagcca cagcaacgtg ggatccaagc cgagtctgtg     95040
     acctgcacca cagttcatgg gcaatgtcgg atccttaacc cactaagcga ggccagggat     95100
     tgaacctgca ttttcatgga tgctagtcgg gttcattaac cgcggagcta tgacgggaac     95160
     tcctacattt ctacttgagc tcacaaattc tctcttccat atgtctcctc tatttccaat     95220
     gctttctcat acataattca tttcgtttat gagttcttca gctccagaat ttctgtttgg     95280
     ttccttttag actttcaata tctttggtaa aatgtttctt ctgttcatta attttattcc     95340
     tgatctcgtt ggaaccgcct ttgtgagttt acctgtacct ctctgagttt ctttaagaca     95400
     gctgttttga attctgtatg agttagatct caatacactc tgactttaca actggtttct     95460
     ggagaattgt catttacttt tgtggtgtag tgttaactgg ttcttcaggg tgcttgatga     95520
     attttctttg gccagtacct ttgaagtagc aaactatttg atactagtga tttgtttaga     95580
     aatcagaagc ttttcttttg ttttccagta ggtggcacca tagcacaagg ttttggtttc     95640
     tcttgcctga gctgccgctt gttaacgttc aagttgtgtc agaggtgttt cgtgtgcttt     95700
     cattatcgct tcttgggact ctggagtcat cgatgtcttg ctgctgccca tgtcactgct     95760
     gttgccacct gggactctga gatggagagc tcttctgcta tgtccggggt cctctgagct     95820
     acaggttctg ctgctctgcg ggttagggga agagttctgg gccactgggt tttgcagaca     95880
     cttctacttt atcgggttag caggctctgc cacttcagca gggggctgaa gtcatgggtg     95940
     cctcaatagc tgtaagaata gggtttcagg ccccattgcc actgctgcca agttacctgt     96000
     cgctgtgggt gccacggtgg ccaggaggcc agtgttacat gcatctgatt ccttgcttct     96060
     gctggatttt ctagggctgc aggctcagct gtgggggcct gagggctggg atggcagtcc     96120
     ctgctctgcc actgccatgg ttttgcctcc tcccttgtgt tccttgaggg gtacagatgg     96180
     gtggaattct ctggcgttct gctgtgttgg gcagaggcac ctttgtcgtg ttgtggatgt     96240
     cttactggtt gtagattaaa ggggacagaa aaagggagtg tttcactttg ctgtgctgtg     96300
     gacatcacag taaatttata gatctgtgca actgtcacca caacccaaca cagacccatg     96360
     gaagatatga gggaaggggc atggggtctc cgtgtctgct tcaggtgcac cattctccca     96420
     gcacctccaa atgttcacca gctggaagct ctccaacccc tgtccttttg ggtttttaca     96480
     gaggcttcct tgcatagtca tgattgatta aatcattggc cattgtttca acctctaagc     96540
     actcactctt tcccagaggt cagggagtgg gtctgaaagt cccaaccctc tgatcacatg     96600
     gctgcttctt ctggcaacaa gccctcatcc ttaaatgtgg tccagatgtc acctcattaa     96660
     tataacaaag agatactttt gttgttctca ttagttataa acttccaagg gttttaggtg     96720
     ctctgtgcca ggaatggaaa caaagaccaa atatagagtt cattttataa atcacagtat     96780
     cacactctgg gaaaaaaata agttatgttt tgtgtaatta aaaattgttg gagttcccta     96840
     gctgttcagc aggttaagga tctggtgttg tcactgctct ggcatgggtc tgggaagttc     96900
     cacatgccat gggcatggcc aaaaaaatta gatctcatgt aaagtattct taccacaata     96960
     aggtggggga acacagggag attttggagg tgatgaatat atttattgcc ttgattccag     97020
     tgatggtaat acaagggtat gcctatgctc aaactcttca aattttatac attaattaag     97080
     tgcagggttt ttttttcata tgtgaattat ataggaataa accagatccc gagaaaacac     97140
     tctctttgtg gaagaattag agctaaggaa gaaacctttt cacgctgcac agaagctggg     97200
     acagaaggtt cttctagagt gtcagcatct ccacttcagc tcaggagtcc tgcaggagac     97260
     agaagagagg gtggttttca gccctaactc ttcgtgcagc ttcttttctt ctctctctca     97320
     gggcctcatg ttaaggcact gccgtaggag ggggataaat aattcttcag tctccctgag     97380
     ccaaagctgc tttagagcac aggcctcttc ataactgatg aaaagcttta ctgccaactg     97440
     cctgatgaga attcaaagtc tttctcattt tgtctctctc ctgccttgtc atctccacta     97500
     ccatttctag gagacccaat ctattgctaa aagaggatta aagtccagag tatcctagga     97560
     aagagaaaga tgatatatac ttaaaagata tggaggtggg gttcccctca tggtgcagca     97620
     gaaacaaatc cgactaggaa ccatgaggtt gtgggttcaa tccctggcct tgctcagtgg     97680
     cttagggatc tggtgttgct gtgagctgtg gtgtaggccg gtgactacag ctccgattcg     97740
     acccttagcc tgggaacctc gggagcagcc cgagaaatgg caaaaagaca aaaaaaaaaa     97800
     aaaaaaagaa agtctgtggg gagtctcagc tgctgacagg ctccttacct ttcttttttt     97860
     tttttttttt tttttttgtc tttttgttgt tatttcttgg gccgctcccg cggcatatgg     97920
     aggtttccag gctaggggtt gaatcagagc tgtagccact ggcctacacc agagccacag     97980
     caacgtggga tccgagccgc atctgcaacc tacaccacgg ctcagggcaa cgccggatcg     98040
     ttaatccact gagcaagggc agggaccgaa cccgcaacct catggttcct agttggattt     98100
     gttaaccact gcgccacgac gggaactcct ccttaccttt ctaatacctg atggagatga     98160
     acagtcccat ccccaggaag agcaggccca gaaccgaggc cccgattcca cacagcatct     98220
     tgccttgtga agagtcatgc tgcgcccctg agaaaaggag ctggttttag tgatttttac     98280
     ccccaagcca acttcattaa ttgagactct gcgattgagg gctttgagat tagggggaag     98340
     gaggctgcct tggaggaact agaataatta gccatttgtg gaaaaagaga ttaaaatgaa     98400
     cactgagtac tagaaggttc aggcatcgaa ctcatttaaa tatcaccgcc ccgacacagg     98460
     tccacgtgac ctcagtatct gatgggtgag gagccttgga ctgaatgagc ttaaaaaatt     98520
     tgtctagggt gacagagcca atcagacaca gagctgggtt ggattctcct catgtcagac     98580
     aggtccccac atggtagagg atgtgcctct tctcagatca cagggaccaa cccagagcaa     98640
     cagtgtcaga agcacgagcc cagtcagaca caggggaccg ctgccagggg ccacagggcg     98700
     accgtgactt gagacacggc tgaaaacagg gacatcctcc atgctgcctg tcaggtagaa     98760
     ttacctcccc agggggcatc ggtgtttgga gacactatca cagggtgtct gtaacccatc     98820
     agaacatttc tagcacaggg cgtcacaggg ctcccccgtc acctcagctg aaggacagga     98880
     gaacaggcag caagtggaca caagctgaga ggagaggaga cacctgacac tcaggggcaa     98940
     gcacgtcccc tccttggtgc ctgagggact agagagtcag aaagcctctc actccattcc     99000
     actgtgacgg ggctcgtcag gctggggtgc tccactcggc agctgtagac ctctccactc     99060
     tgaggaaccg tttcaagcat caccatggtc tggaaggtcc agtctccatt agggatcagg     99120
     cctgtggaga ccacccccgc cgcctcttcc tggccattcc ggaaccacct gacctccacg     99180
     tggcctgggt agaacccggt cacagagcag accaggaggt tgtggtgctg caggggctgg     99240
     gtctttgcag ggtacaccgt cactgtgggc ttgactagga gacaaacaac agacaggagt     99300
     agtgagaagg acagagcacg tctcctgaca gactgcagcc ttgggcaggt caagctgctc     99360
     atgtggctta aacggagtcg atgtcatgag tgttgaattc aatccttaaa gcagggggcc     99420
     atcaggtttg ggagatgttg aggaaaattg tgggtttttt tcccccataa cttgaaacag     99480
     ttatttattg tcaaattgag gtaacaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gataatgctt agagcagcaa     99540
     tacaattggc aaataattat gtgacaaaat agaactttag aaataaaaga aatataagtt     99600
     aaaaagcata agatataaat ttccaactaa gtggcaatat taaacataaa atcttacaat     99660
     gggaaatgtg aggtgaatta tttacaacta tacaaaggga taacataaca actcaagtac     99720
     tactgacatt attaaagtgg taacatcggt atggcaaagt caagtaatga aattatatcc     99780
     aaaagctggc ttcacaatca tttcaaacat gtaaaaatat gcacattgag aaagcaaaaa     99840
     agtagcctca gaagggtcag aggtgcctgg gaggtgcctc tccactgctt tctagaaatt     99900
     agttttcccc acaaatttcc acaatgaagt gctcctgcac agacataggc cacttatttc     99960
     aggatggtca gaatgagggg gcgtggccaa gagcaggcgg tgactcctct cttcacagac    100020
     tctggatcct ctcacattcc tcacctctcc tgcctaagac cttcccgcaa ccacagaagc    100080
     ctggaaacct cctcccccat ctctaacctc cccccacccc cgtcagtgtt tcctccctct    100140
     ccccttcccc tacctcacct cccacaggga cgccaaggat gcccggagcc cccctcctgg    100200
     acgccagccc ccacccctct cctccctcct gcgcctctca gaccccaggc accgccctcc    100260
     gccccctctc ccttcccaca gttacacgct cgcaaaatca tacagtgttc cttgatcaca    100320
     ggctctcact tgtaaccttg taacttgtgc tcatccacaa tcctacgctc tcaactctgg    100380
     ctcagtctgt ctcagtctct ctgtctgact cacacacaca cgcacacgca taccctcccc    100440
     tggttgccca tccaccttgc tcacctcgtc gctgcaccgt gcagctctca aaaaattcat    100500
     agttgcttct gcagaacgtg tccactgcgg ctcgcacccg ctttaggatg tccttctggc    100560
     tgttccagta cttggcagcc ggctgcccca ttggggtcac cgccctgtac tcccccacgt    100620
     cgctgtcgaa gcgcaccaac tcgtcccggt tgtagatgta tctgtccagg aaccgcacct    100680
     gctgcgttcc gttggagaaa tgacactcgg acttaccctg tatcatgaaa actgctggag    100740
     ggacaagaat gatcttgtca cccaggctct tgggaagaga gtggaggcaa cacccaccaa    100800
     tgcaagggtg tcctgcccct ggaggccctt aggatccccc cataggctcc atcagcaccc    100860
     cgacgaccag cactccatgg gttcatcttt catttgccag tagtggaggg aagatatgct    100920
     gggtgaaaga gacctctctg cctctgaacc ttttggggtc cacgtggttt ccacacttgg    100980
     ctgaacatgt ccaagtgcac ccgacatcca ggatatgctc catcaccatc tgctcctaag    101040
     agcctccact ggaaagacac ccaaatgctt catctttgct tcccatagac ctttacccct    101100
     tcctcaaacc aacccacctc cttcattctg taaatattaa gttagggctg acctggtgcc    101160
     aaatccacgc taatcattgg tttaggtgta atagagtgga catgaactca ctcataagaa    101220
     gtatgattta gaggagaggg tttctccata ctacttagat ttagactata ccatctgtgt    101280
     tttagcatta actatgtgac gctgggtaaa ttattaaatt ttttgaattt taggttccat    101340
     atatatgttt ttaattgctc tgcgtgtatt agaagagaca tggtaattac atacggaatt    101400
     ttgtagacct ggtactttgc agctccaaaa tgttttgatt ctccagctca tagagaacag    101460
     tttgatctgt cactctgtcc tcatcaccta gggtaataat cgctgtgttc cagatcacca    101520
     gtaaatattg gctgtatgaa ttaatagttt ttagcatagc taagcaccac tgcactcttg    101580
     ctgataacta aacatctctg gttccttgct gataactaaa catctctggt tctcaagtcc    101640
     tcccagcttg tcttcaggct ctttaattct tatattttag gtttagttga cttcccaatc    101700
     ccaggacata gtctttcctt gaggtcaatg attcaagaaa gccatcataa tccaccctat    101760
     cttctgcagc tcccattctc tcttcaaaag gtccaattca gatcttgttc tatacgttcc    101820
     actgcctgta aggtgaagtc caccaagccc tgtgctcact tctctgtcat gttctcactt    101880
     cacgcacttc ttagtcacac tcaacagagt agccactcct tccttcctcg aagaatctac    101940
     tttctttgac tttcacgcat cacatttctc ttgggctttg tcaacatcac tggggctctt    102000
     gttttgtccc ccttagttat aattggctct tggttctctg ggcttagctc ttgccctctt    102060
     cttgtttttt acatccactc cctttgcttt tctggagttt atcagcgtgc ccgtgaatgt    102120
     tcagggcata tatacttcca gctctggcct caccctgtct tacacattca gggggcctct    102180
     tgatagctcc atccaaatgc aaacaaatca tttaaaactt aacttaagtg aagcctttct    102240
     tcctaaccat ttgcttcaaa ttatttcctt tcacagtctt cactgcctca ataaacagta    102300
     ctacattcta cctaattatt atgcaagaca aaattctgag gcttaagctt gatttcctat    102360
     cctccaactc ccaccatgta atttattaac tagtctcaca aggatctgcc ccaaatttgt    102420
     tcacttcatc tttactattg tggttattct tacactaaat gaagccacag gagcatcttc    102480
     cctggagaat tcactctaaa tggtctccct gactccactt ggaaccactg cagtccaatc    102540
     tccatgtagt agctacaatt attattatta ttatttttta aacatgaatg gactctcttt    102600
     gtagcccctc agtagcatca catgttattg taaataaaag tcaaagttct caccatggcc    102660
     atcagagtct aatgtgtttc ctctccaacc tcatcttatt ccactcccca atttgcttgc    102720
     tctgcttcag cttctctagc cttctttcca ttctttaaat acagcaaaca tcttcccaca    102780
     cgttagcctg tcccctgtcc cttctccctg gggcacttgt cccttagatc cctcacatgt    102840
     ctggcttctc atcatttagg tctcagttga atgtcacctt ctcagggaga gctccccaga    102900
     cacttgcagt gaagttagat gaatacaatt gaatgaatac aattctctcg gtcccataac    102960
     tctgagatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattaca    103020
     tattcccccc ccccagagga cttattgctc ttcgaaatgt tttttcttgt taaatgttta    103080
     ttgggttgtt gtctcccctc tcaccccgcc cccatcatta gataggttcc atggtaatag    103140
     ggagttttct atgtattcaa atagaactct ctaagcctag accagaaccc agtgtataat    103200
     aggtgctcgg gaaagcataa gtagtctaaa caaataaact catggtttgg ggagttgatt    103260
     atgccaggga tcctggaaag caagaaggag ctccagctcc accactttct aaaataatca    103320
     tgacacatta tgtcccttct gcttcccgtg agaacttcag atgaacttcc tctttcccct    103380
     cttactattt gaaagaagta tccacaggca aggaaaaggt gattttaaga gtcagggacc    103440
     atttcgttat gtttcatttc atccaatgga tctgttatag tgctgagggt ctattcaaac    103500
     tttgggggtt tttcaggact ggtgatgcca tagttgggaa agaacaggga aaaaccagaa    103560
     ggagaggtaa cacagatggc taattataga aaacagaggg catgatgaat cagcctatga    103620
     aatttaggcc ccagactcca agaggccagg agctcccttg cttgcttact gactttcagc    103680
     cctacgggat ggaaacctcc ttcacaatct ctgtaccctg ctcagggtgt gtggtttgac    103740
     catgtggaat tgcttatatt tgactatttt tggcttacaa aaatagtatt ccatttaata    103800
     tattctataa atctcttctt gtgggttcag gccagagaaa agggagttat aagagaaact    103860
     aatagtatat aaaatagaat cataatgaac actaacctgt gttaggtttt cagttcttat    103920
     gagttctttt ttgaaaagaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagaatt cctgttgtgg tgcagtggaa    103980
     atgaatctga ctaggaacca tgaagttgca ggcctcactc agtgggttaa ggatctggca    104040
     ttgctgtgag ctgtggtgta ggtcacagat gcggttcgga tctggcattg ctgtggctgt    104100
     ggtgtaggct ggcagctgtg gctccaattg gacccctagc ccaggaacct ccatatgctg    104160
     cgggtgcagc cctaaaaaga caaaagacaa aaaaaattat tttttatttt tattttttct    104220
     ttttctggcc acacctgtgg catagggaag ttcctcagct agggctgaat cagagctgca    104280
     gctgccagcc tacgccacag ccatggcaat ggcagtggtg gatctgcagc ttgcagcagc    104340
     atgggatcct taatgcactg agtgaggtca gggattgaac ccacatcctt agtgacatga    104400
     tgtcggattc ttaacctgct gggccacaac gggaactcca tcttatgagt tctttaagaa    104460
     cagcccttag acgctcttta tctacagcat cattccaagc actaaagatc cctgctttag    104520
     ctccgggatg ctttatccag gagagacaag agagagaatt aaccccaact ttggtcacag    104580
     aacatccagt atagggaccc aggcctttta aacagtgggg tttagagaga aagaaaagga    104640
     cacgatgaga aggacctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttttttgt ctttttaagg    104700
     ccacacatgg catatggaag ttcccaggct aggggtagaa ttggagcagc agctgctggg    104760
     ctacgccacg gccacagcaa tgtgcaatcc gagctgcatc tgcggcctac accatagctc    104820
     acggccacgc tggatgctta aggcactgag ggagaccaag gatcgaactg gtgtcctcat    104880
     ggatactcgt tggattcgtt accactgagc cacaacagga actccccagg agctctttct    104940
     aattcctttg gagtccctgt aattttcaaa gatactttcc cattttctgg catagctcag    105000
     tataataaag ggaaccatcg atgggaatga tttttagatc atttctaaat cacctcaaaa    105060
     ccctgaggga atgggatgca aggctagcga ggttttattc aaggagagtt aagaataaat    105120
     agcttatgca tgtgtatata tatttatatg tatatgtaca tatacacaca tatatacatg    105180
     tgtatgtgca tatatataga ggatatatat atgtgtgtgt gtatatagat atatatgtat    105240
     acatacatct acacacatac atatgcatgg tgtgtattta tatgtagaga gaggatatac    105300
     acacacacac acacacacac acagaggata tatatatata cagagagaga tcgagaaagg    105360
     agagagcaag ggagaggcat cttacacagg tctcacagag aggcaggttt tgtttgtagg    105420
     aggaattgag gatccatatg ataaagctaa gtgctcactg aagaaaatgg ctcgttttta    105480
     agggacctgg cctggatgcc tggagacaaa gcagagttcc ttccgccccc caccccacgg    105540
     cagctcacca ccaaggtatg cacttacgtc gggtgtcccc agcccaagcc aggggagggc    105600
     tcagcaccat cagtatcact gtcagaaata ctgtccagga gcttccaggg gaccaatgac    105660
     gcaccatgca ggagaagagc agaggacagg atgcagggaa gcagaaaatc tcactcaggg    105720
     aggactaggg ccctccccca tgcacatctc aaatattgcc aaccaaggaa ctcatcattt    105780
     cttggttcct ggattgggtg ctcttagttt tggagaacca atcagtatcg tatatgaata    105840
     atatcatcgg ctgctggtca gagattcggt gtgaagttcc tctttcgaaa ctcagctttc    105900
     cttcacttgg aggatttttt tgatgtagtg cttaaaaggt ttaatccagt tgtatttgta    105960
     acatttcaat gggggcccta ttgtgggcca gctctgtgct ggccagtgag ggtcactcaa    106020
     gttttcagga ttgtcatctg gtgctgtcac agagtttagt ggcacttcca gaaaaacaca    106080
     gagaaagggc cttataggag gtgacctata tgggatgaag ggtaccccta gagaccctaa    106140
     ctgtgtgaca gagccaatgt ccaaaccaca ttatacaggg gctggaagat tgacaaggaa    106200
     cgccaattaa gcctttggga tggcaactct gctttggaat aactattttt cgagaaaaga    106260
     tgatctgtct cttactcccg gttcccactt ggatttcctc attttattgg caagacgtcc    106320
     cctcattatg ttcccctcct gctttatcct aaggaaagat acaagaagat gttgctcatg    106380
     aatatatttt acagtgttca ataaatagaa ccctatgaaa aaactatgaa ttatatcctt    106440
     ggatgcaatc acagaattta aacatatatt tctactttta gattattgta ccttgtatta    106500
     atataaatgc agtttcttag attcagagtg gattctctta gttctgtttt aattcacact    106560
     ctacccagtt ctttctttct ttttcttgct ttttagggct gcacccatgg catatggagg    106620
     ttcccaggct aggggtcaaa ttggagctgt agccactggg cctacaccac agccagccac    106680
     agtaacgcag gatctgagct gccatttgca aactacacca cagctcatga caacaccaga    106740
     tccccgaccc actgagcgaa gccggggatc gaatccgcat cctcatggat actagtcaga    106800
     tttgtttctg ctgtgccaca gtgggaacac ttatactttt gtttaatcct cccatcatct    106860
     cattgattga agtacctgca ggtggagaga ataaaatggt gacaatgaac aatttttgca    106920
     aggatgcaag accggtcaag ttatatgtga ctccaaaccc cacaagttca gctgttacat    106980
     cataacaatt tgcattcagt ttctgaagag aactgtgtcc ttatgttaag acaatttttt    107040
     ttttcatttt atttcatgga aatgtgattg tccattttag ggagtgacag tactttctat    107100
     aaattgaggc agcttcagga taacagttct agttcctctg aaaggttccc ctcatcagca    107160
     ttgctaatct cctctggaaa tgacaaaatt tgcattgacc ttatggaatg gcgccagaga    107220
     ttctgtacaa gtctccttat tgaagagaac aggggcctcc aaattcctaa atccaatcta    107280
     ttgctctcat tcattatttc agatttttca acataatgta gtgcaagttt gaatatttca    107340
     gagtggagac aaagatagta tctcatttat tttggaaaaa catatttata ttcatatgaa    107400
     agttcaccat ttcttggaga ggttgaggag aaatcacgtt tgttcctgca gtggagaaga    107460
     atctgtgtct tcaggatgcc agatgtttgc cattgagctg tcccagaaca cctggaactc    107520
     tcagagatgc gtccattaat attgtatgta ggaagagtct tagttttctt tctctttgac    107580
     ctcgaccttg tgttagtcgt gctgtatctt cctctttatc cagtacaaat actagctagg    107640
     ttatttttca caaattccac tttggcttgg aggaagaagc agttctccaa ataggtccag    107700
     agcttgaggt ggtaagaatt tgaggtaaga aaatccagcg gttctccagt tataaagcat    107760
     cccaatcctg gaaacagctt tactttagtt ggtgacgatt gtttaaattg aaatactttc    107820
     ccgttacaga ataacctttg ctgaggctgg gagactgaac tccgtgtctg gcaagtggag    107880
     caggacttgg gcgtctgttc ctgggtctgc ggtgtcgcgc gccccctgct ggccgccggg    107940
     cacagaacaa ggcacgcgct ggggaagaga aagtgaaagt ggagccaaga cgccgtcgct    108000
     tgcaaagcat cgcccgcaga ccgaggggag acaaagttga ggcagcgcga gggggcttcc    108060
     gagctcagcc ctccgcactt aaaggaaaga cccccggagc tgcagcccag aagctgccgc    108120
     tggtgagtgg tgcgggtgga agcctggagc gctaacagga cgcagcccac cctccaccca    108180
     ctctgcaacc ctactccctt tccttctgga cccggggaaa caaagccagg gagcgggggt    108240
     gggggcgggg ggctggtggg gagggtccac gggatttttt tttttttttt ttttttaaga    108300
     tgaagctgct gcaggtggtt aggcttccca gctcatgtca ggccgaatgc cttgggtcct    108360
     aggagggagc acagggtact cagggtaggg ttgggttaat cgagtgagaa gcccaggggg    108420
     cattgggagg agtgggagtg gggagggtag tgacaaggac tgggactcca cccctggcac    108480
     ttctcctctt ctccccacag acctcgccat gcggctctct gacctgagac cctgggccgc    108540
     cctactgctg gcggactcgg ccttactctg gctgctccag ggacctctgg aggctctgct    108600
     tccccgaggg cttccaggcc tgtggctgga gggcaccttg caacttggag ggctttggtg    108660
     gctgctgagg ctgggagggc tgctgggata tgcgcggaca ctgctgcccc cccccgcccc    108720
     cccccccgct ccccgccccg tctggtgatc cctctgtttt cctgagggtt ctggtctcag    108780
     gaaccttgaa tgtgccccca gcagagtggc ttcagtccct tggtgctgct gctgctgggg    108840
     tccggggctg cagggctcag ctgggaagtg tgggctgtgc aaactgtgca gtttgctgga    108900
     ttaggagcaa gatgtctgct tttataagga ggctctcaaa tgatgctggc acctgtggtg    108960
     gccaggagac ctggaacagg ccctctgcct gctcttaagg agggtgagga agctggggga    109020
     agggcggggg cgagggaggg ggagggaaag caggggttct ggtcctccag ctgctcctgg    109080
     ggtccctgcc gattagtggc agggagggca ggaatgaaag attctcaggt ccccttttct    109140
     tctccctcta gatgctgcac ttgacaatga aggtgctgtt gctgagctgt gggctgcagc    109200
     aggtcctggc tgggacgtca cccagggcgg gctgctgtcc tttctgctct accaggagaa    109260
     cctgggctcc tacaagcaag tgagtcggga gctgtgcagg ctctctttcc cacccccctg    109320
     ttttcccctc tggcttctgg gccttgggtt ttatttgttc ctctttaaaa tacaaaaaac    109380
     aaaaccaaac aaaaacaaaa taactctaat ttgtttgcta tggagaattt caaacagatg    109440
     cagaaaaccc caccccatgt aatgaacccc catgtaccca tccgctttaa cagttatcac    109500
     ctgaaggcca gtcttgtttc atctgtttcc ccatcactcc tcccatattc ttttgaagca    109560
     aacccaagat atgctttcat ctgtaaatat ttctgcgtgt atctctaaac ataaaaaaaa    109620
     gttatacaga tataaccaca aagccacaat cacaccagaa aagttaacag tagcatcatc    109680
     ggtcagtggt caaatttccg cgtgtctcat agaggtagta gaagtgtata cactgagtcg    109740
     atctctttct ctctctcatc tgtgggggca ccatccacca gtgctcaggg tccgtcacat    109800
     tactgggggc tgcaaaacag tgatcctcgc cattccctcc ttcattagtg ggggttcatc    109860
     tctcaaggga gacgtctcct catctgctgt gtggttccca ggggtgcagt ttgatgaaga    109920
     aaggcagaat gagcattcag ctccttgcct gtaattacca ggttccaaaa ataattagtt    109980
     cctgcatctt gggctttatt cgataatttt cgtggacatt tgttaaacat ggttatgttg    110040
     gagagctgcg tgggaggcac tctgggggct acaaagatga ggtgggcaca gtgcctgcct    110100
     ttaaggagtc ccctgtctca tcaggcagaa ctgtgtaggg gtcacaggga ccagtccctg    110160
     gacaggtgtg gggtgggagg aacactgtgt gggaagagtg tggatgtctc cttcctttat    110220
     actgcaaatt ggagtaatgg gggattgggg ctgatgttaa attccatcgg catttatttt    110280
     ttttgtcttt ttagggctgc acccgtggca tatggaggtt cccaggctag gggtccaatc    110340
     ggagctgtag ccaccggcct acgccagagc catagcaacg catggctggg gcggcatggg    110400
     gcagggagtg cgtgaggagg tgagaggttg aaagtagaac ttttgatcta tgatccagca    110460
     atttgaagtc tgatattttt ccaacgaaca cagaaacatt acctataaag atagactcaa    110520
     ccctgtattt attgcagcat tatttacagt agcaaagata tggacgcagc ctaagtatct    110580
     gtcagtagaa cagataaaga agataccaca gtggaatgtt actcagccat gaaaaagaat    110640
     gaaattcttc catttactac aacatggatg gactcagtgg gtattatgct aagtgaaata    110700
     agtcagagga agacgaatac tctatgattt cacttgttgg tggaatttaa gaaacaaatg    110760
     aacagaacaa aacagaaact gacccaagat acagaggaca aagaggtagt tgtcagaaaa    110820
     gtggtgggtg ggggccaaaa acatagcccg gcagtttccg gctccaggat aatgagttag    110880
     gagcaggggg gcatctgtgt gtatgttctg cccccagttg atcacgcact ctcttcatgg    110940
     gtcaggtccc tatggtcttg gtcccagacc cccagttctc aaggacttaa ggaccagcat    111000
     gttctcaaat actggaggac aattgtggga tgtctgaaaa agtctaaagc ctccttgggg    111060
     ggaggcgctc ccacatccag tgtctgagtc ttccccaaat ttccagtgtc tgctcgggtc    111120
     atctgggaaa gagattaggg gcagagactg tccctaaaga aagccccgtg ctggcttcga    111180
     ggtttccttc acggtgtctc atttttctct cccctcctag tgcaaccgga ggtgacagtg    111240
     catccggaga ggaccctgtc cctgcagctc tgcaacctgc tgctttgctc tgtgacaggg    111300
     ttctacccag gggccatcga gatcaggtgg ttccggaacg ggcaggagca gagagagggg    111360
     gtcctggcca ctggcctcgt caggaatgga gactggacct ttcagacagt ggtgatgctg    111420
     gaaatgactc ctgagcttgg ggacgtctac accagcctgc tgagccccgt ttctgtggag    111480
     tggagtgaga atcagcttct tgtactttcg gggtccatct gactcaagac gggtcctgag    111540
     ctacctccat gctcatcctg gtcagaacac tagttcgtcc gtccttccct gatctgaggg    111600
     aaccatagaa attggggtcg tgggaggaaa catgcagaga tctgtctttg tatcttccag    111660
     acactaagga ggtctaatcg tcttgtccct tacttccaac tttgggaact agtgttccct    111720
     acactttggt cttggtgttt aagggggatt ctttttttgg ggggggtcat gcctgctgcc    111780
     tggggaagtt cctgggctag ggatcaaacc tgtgccacag cagtgactca agccacagga    111840
     gtgacaaagc tggatcctta accccctgca ctaccaggga actcctcatg gaacattctt    111900
     aagggccatc agaatcaaaa acggaaactc catgggcaca aaccttggct ttgaggatgt    111960
     attacttccc tagataacat tggatttgtg tcctgcacag gatctggggt tttaagaact    112020
     tacatcaaag ccttttgtta actttaagac ctgttactca taggagctca ctctgaacat    112080
     tcttggagaa aggtgctaag tggagttgca gccttcctgg tggggctcat ctttttggtg    112140
     ggaattgtcc ttcatgtcaa aggtctggaa aggtaatgag ctctgagggg cccctgccct    112200
     ctgcacccca gcttctccca cttcctactt tccctgatgt ctaagatgcg agccagggag    112260
     ggctggctgt gctgcttcag gacccctggg ataatcgggg gtggggttct ggaactgcag    112320
     gcgccagcta caccagtgaa gcagaaggga actgtgacac cacgccctgg actgcgtaca    112380
     agaaagtgca gactagaaag tgaagaccca gaaattgaat ggaaagaaaa caaaaagcca    112440
     tgaaatgaga gttaactaaa gtcagaaaag agagtaataa ttaaaaaaag acaaaatcag    112500
     gaagttcccc ggtggcctag aggttaagga ttccgcattg tcactgctgt ggctcagatt    112560
     tgaacattgg cctgggaact tctgcatgcc atgggcgcgg ccaaaaaaaa ccccaaacca    112620
     aaatcatatt agaagtgaag actagattac acctgggtaa tatatttaaa taaaaagata    112680
     aaagaaggca ttgcaaaaag gcataaagag aatcaagaga atgacaatct aataaactag    112740
     gtaaacaggt atcagtgctt ataatggttt cctactacaa aacagatgac cgccacagca    112800
     ggttaaaaca atacacattt gtttttttca tagtttttgt gggtcagagg tccagtcata    112860
     acctaaaaac tgggtcctcg gagttcttgc tatggcacag agggttaaga atctgactcc    112920
     agtggctcgc gttgccgcaa aggttagggt ttgatccctg gcccatggca gtgggttaaa    112980
     gaatccggtg ttgctgcagc tgggcttcag atttaatccc tgcctgggga atttccatat    113040
     gctccaggta cggccgtaac ccccgccccc cgccccaaac tagtctcttc ttcagggtct    113100
     caggctgcag ctgaggcatt gttcagactg ttgtgttcct tactgggggc tctactgtcc    113160
     aaattcatgc aggttgttgg cagaattcac ctgctccaga tgggagctct gaggtccctg    113220
     atttcctgct cagctcctag aggtcacctg cagtttcctg ccccatggca ctctcccagg    113280
     cttagagcca gccaaggaga gtctctccag cacgctaaaa tgaagttttt tgtaagaaac    113340
     gtaatcagga gtgacagccc atcgcctctg acctataata tcttattcac agacgtcccg    113400
     tcacctttga cctataatat cctattcaca gacatcctgt cacctttgcc atattatcct    113460
     ggttagaagc aagtcacagg tcccattaac tttcaaagga agagattatc cgaggacttg    113520
     attcattgga tgtcacttta gaatgtgtct gctctctggc ctttgatgag ccttgtccct    113580
     tccacgtgaa caaatcatcg tcccattcca agtttcctta aagtctcatt ccagtatagc    113640
     atcggatgaa agtccggaat ctcatcatct gaatcaggtg ccagtgagga ggaggctact    113700
     ggaggtacaa ctttgtggag ctgtgaaact aagaggcagg agatctgtct ccagtacagc    113760
     caacttaaag ttgtcaggca ggcgttgggt aactgctata aatatttctg tccaaaaagg    113820
     agttgctggt ccatggcaat tctgaattcc agttgagaaa actccagcca gagtccttgg    113880
     ttaaatttca gagactaggg acaatccagg tctgaagtgg gaaaggccaa tgtttgttcc    113940
     taaaaggtgg caactggcca gctgttattt ctctgactag tcttcagggt atcttggctc    114000
     tctctctgga ttcttggccc tgccctattg gtcaactttt tttttttttt ttgaggtcat    114060
     aggaggtagc ccttgcttac agtgagtagt ttcatcagcc tgcttcctgc cagtggaatc    114120
     tggggagtct gatagcctcc tttcacgttg tgcttcttcc tttaaatcca ggcagcagta    114180
     tgtctttttt tttttgtttt attattttaa aaaattatta aagttgattt acaatgttct    114240
     gtcaatttct gctgcacagc aaagtgaccc agctctacat ccatatacat ttttttttca    114300
     cattaccctc catcatgttc catcgcaagc ggtcagatat agttcccagt gctatacagc    114360
     agaatcgcat tgctttttta aaaattttaa agcattttta ttaaaatttt tttattatag    114420
     ttgatttaca atgttccatc aagttctgtg agaagtttct taaaaccttt ggatatcttc    114480
     tgtggatttt tcgtgatacg ttccatcaga ctgaagccac atctaaaagg acacatctgt    114540
     ccttttagcg acgatcactt ctctgagttg gccctgccgg gatgactgag aggattggcg    114600
     agccgcacgt ttcatctctt gagaaggctc tttgcatgac tgaattctct aactacttgg    114660
     tatataaaag gatatatacg tatatatata tatgacagga aacagacagg aaacggattt    114720
     acctaaaata tcatgagcca gaaaacaccg gtaaatattg ggtgctgcag gaaaggcagt    114780
     gtaagagagg ttttgggtga ggagatgaaa gggaggcaag agacaaatct gagcagaagc    114840
     caggaggagt ggataatggg gaaaggggtt gtacgagggt gttattttaa aacttgccct    114900
     tggataagca atgagaccgt cctgtatata gcacagagaa ctgcatctag tctcttggga    114960
     tagatcgtag tggaagataa taggagaaaa agaatgtgta tatatatata tatatgtatg    115020
     actgggtcac tatgctgtac atacagcaga aattgacgga acactataaa tcagctatac    115080
     tctaattaaa aaataagtga aaaaaacctt gccctatgtg gcatgattca attttctcac    115140
     tgccacatcc ttggagacct aaattacatt aaacatttta gaattgtatt tggtttttct    115200
     tttgatataa aactgctaaa gtacactgat tcactggaag ttcaaggtcc ctctttccgt    115260
     cctaggacat tggcaaccac aagcgtatta attgggccat gtataccagc agatggagac    115320
     attgcacttt agaaattcaa ggcaacctga gctttccctt ctccctttca gatgtggagt    115380
     gtggcatttc ttcctagagg atgggaatcc agctcagcca gctctcattg ccctgactag    115440
     tcctttcaca tttccagaat atgtcgaaat cagagatgtg gttttggatg tttgggaagc    115500
     aaagaagcat aaaatggagc agaaggtaaa gccagctttt gcctgaagat ggagttcagt    115560
     ctttttacat gttgtagcag gtaagagatt gctcctataa aatcgtgtgc tttaaaagaa    115620
     aatcatcacc cccatcactc aagtgcaagc cactatcctt tttcacattg agtttccatt    115680
     attctctgct gttgtccaat gcgttcttga tacttcagta agagtgatat tttactttat    115740
     aatatacgtt tgaaaagtat cactgagggt gtgggatgga aatcctataa aattggattg    115800
     tgattgtcat tgtacaacta taaatataat aaattcattg agtaataaaa aattatcaga    115860
     aggaggagtt cccattgtag ctcagtaggt taaagaccag acgttgtctc tgtgagaatg    115920
     tgggttcaat ccctgacctt gctcagtggg ttaaggatct ggcatagcct gcagatttgg    115980
     cttggatctg gtgttggtgt gtctgtggca taggccccag ttgcagctct gatttgatcc    116040
     ctggccctgg aacttccgta tgctgcaggt gcagtcttaa aaagaaaaaa aaattatcag    116100
     aaggatacat gcatgtagtt caaaataaac agtcgcgata tatttaataa aataggagcc    116160
     cttcatgcct tctctttacg ccaatggaac atacacacaa agaaaatatc catatattcc    116220
     tgttttattg aatgatttta atatgaatgg actcggaatt atgtcaaatg attgttttag    116280
     aggagcagta atctaaggat caatgaattt gtaagaatta gaatcataca aagtttgggc    116340
     actgaccaaa atgaagttaa atttgaaatc aatgtataaa cacataatca gatatctgta    116400
     aactaaaaca cacttctttt gaataaaaca tgggtccagg agttcccatt gtggctcagt    116460
     ggttaacaaa cccaactagt atccatgggt acgtgggttc aactcctggt cttgctcagt    116520
     ggtttgggga tcctgcgttt gccgtgagct gtgatgtagg ctggcagctg taactccagt    116580
     ttgaccctta gcctggaaac ctccatatgc catgggtgcg gccctaaaaa gacaaaagac    116640
     caaaaaaaaa gtccattgac tcttttttat tatatgactt cacagaagtt ttgtaattcc    116700
     tcatgattct acagatttct cgatatgttt attttatgct gtatttcccc ctaattgcag    116760
     ctctgtgctt cttgttggcc ttagggattt gtctgctaga gacaagtgat gctgcctcac    116820
     atctactcct cattggctga agagaaaacc attatatcct taaaaatagc tctacaaaat    116880
     ctctttgccg tcattgtctt tatttgagtg ttagagttga gcgtcagcat taaaagtcag    116940
     agttttgggg aagggaagta gctgtaggaa gccacttagt acgtaagcgt accttccatc    117000
     ttccagggca ccctgctctt gcctcgacac aattgctcta atgtcaaagg gaggtgatag    117060
     gatcagcagt gggaggaggg gacagagtca caattagatc atgaatctta aaccagtggt    117120
     ggctcagcac taacaggtat tcaagaagta attaactata aatgttagca gcttaacgtg    117180
     tttgcctctt gggaaatcca ggggataggt cttgtgtgaa ggggtcaaat aaacatcaga    117240
     gtcaaataaa catcatttgt aacccagctg tggccctggt cctggctcta ttcaatgaaa    117300
     atgattgatg actccagatc cattggtgag tagctgatct tcacagcttc tgggtcaacc    117360
     aaaaggttcc agggtgtatt agcggataag aaggaaataa ggctgagggt ttgggaaatg    117420
     tacccaaatg cctcccaatt gtctgggagc aaagccattt tttaaggtgt ctaagagaga    117480
     ggtacaactc tagtataaaa tgattgcggg tccaatcctt atttctttcc tttatcccat    117540
     ccaatattaa aaaggatact tggcacaggg aactatatct gatcacctgt gatagaacat    117600
     gatagaagag atgatatgag aaaaagaatg tacacatatg tatgactggg tcactttgct    117660
     gtgcagcaga aatcgacaga acattgtaaa tcaactagaa taaaaaatta aaaactattt    117720
     agtttctctg tcctatgttt ttggaactat tgttcttgtt ccaatccatg ggttaccttt    117780
     tcagtcaggc caatgaggag gtgcaggcag attttcaagt agccctccag ccacaataat    117840
     gtattgctgt tatattagtc tgtttttatt actgagcctt ttacatgcca tgtagctttt    117900
     taggcacgtt ctgaataccg gctcatggag tcctcacagc aatcctttga ggaagtactg    117960
     tgaggatgag catccacagt tacggatgag gaaactggca cagaggagtt taagagcttg    118020
     tgtgatggta caaccctgga aaattgtaag accccaattc aatatgggca gaagataact    118080
     gctgccagag ggacctgctt aactactatg cgacactgcc tttcatagcc agggacccac    118140
     ttctgttatt cagatgagat ggttgaatat ggtctgccca gaacttcttt catgttacgt    118200
     catatcaaag accggtactg tcttggaagc tggaaattgg cagtcttttt tttttttttt    118260
     tgccttttag ggccaaactc aaggcatgga agttccccgg ctaggtgttg aattgaatcg    118320
     gagctagagc tgccggccta caccacagcc acagcaacgt gggatacaag cctcatctgt    118380
     gacctacacc ccggctcacg cggcaactcc ggatccccaa cggaggccag gggttgaatc    118440
     ctcaccctct cggctactag tcagattcat ttctgctgtg ccacagtggg aacgcctgaa    118500
     atgtgtactc ttgttgctga ctcagctctt ttccatcagg tcccttgagg ggcaagttct    118560
     gggtggacat ttctatgttc tcagtacttg taatccctgg tatctattaa gtaggtgcct    118620
     aataaattaa aacaaattct ttatagacaa acacacacat ataggcatga atgtgtgatt    118680
     gtattccata cagaacctgc acagatcaga agcctgaaac tatctttatc ttatgtggga    118740
     attgacaccc tttgtggtca ggaaagctgg tcttctcaca ccaaggtcaa gtgtggctgt    118800
     aggaggcgga gcctgcaggt gcagcagcgt gtggagggta cttctgaagc cccccttctc    118860
     ccgaggaaga gagtgtccta tcccagtcgg cgttcccctc ttcccccctg gacaccctca    118920
     gacttttaat ggcttcgagg tttagaccac acgtgcaagt gtgagatatt tctcttctca    118980
     attttttttt tgtggtgtat gataggaagt cattatttta attcttggag atgaatttgt    119040
     ttacagtatt aaattacaca tgagggaaat gagaagggtt gacgacaaag gtcgtgtgaa    119100
     aagattgaga ggtgggttta acagttcaaa ttagattgaa agctgttaat gggtggcctt    119160
     gaaggtcgga gacacctcaa gcctggtgga gagaaacaag gggacagaag agacagaggg    119220
     gctacttcaa gagttccaaa tattattctg actaatagtt caatacaaat tttattttac    119280
     tgctgggttt ataaagccga tcacagatct gtcagaccac attagaagca ggaagaggag    119340
     aaaacaagat cccttttatt gtagtctaga tccttgggtg acattttatt ccttccacct    119400
     tcacaggtat aaatgtagat atagatataa atggaaaaat ggtcagaggc ttgagatcat    119460
     agtaaacagg ccaatttgtc actaagcttt gtttttaatt aattttttcc tatcagtttt    119520
     attgtgttat gattgacata caacattgga gaagtttaag atataaagca tggggagttc    119580
     ccttgtggtg cagtgggtta aggatccagt gttgtcactg aaatggctcg ggtccctaat    119640
     gtggtgcaga ttgaatctct ggcccaggaa cttccactgc atcgggtgca gccaaaaaaa    119700
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaagatat acagcataat gatttaactt gcatacatca    119760
     ttaaatgatt attacaagtt tagtgaacat ctgtcatctc agatagatac aaaattaagg    119820
     aaatagaaaa aaatattttt ttccttgtga tgagaactca ggatttaatt gcttaacaac    119880
     ttttctatat aacatacaat cgtgttaatt atatttatca tgtcgcacat catctcttta    119940
     gtacttattt cttataactg ggagtttgta cctgtggttt gcctcctacc tgctgatggt    120000
     catggattta taaatagatt cttaattaaa ctatcttcaa agtaaccaat ttgagcatgc    120060
     cttctttttc ttgcaaggaa cttgactgat atacatttaa atccagagaa ttttgtgcaa    120120
     agagaaagga ctcgctttat atgtcatgga aaattcacat acctgcttac ttcagtgttc    120180
     agatagagaa cacgtgtgag tagcttcaca aagatttaaa aaaatttcgg gatagtgact    120240
     tgaaaaaatg ttatccaagg aaataatatt ccggggggaa gtattctaat tatattacta    120300
     atcctattaa ggaggtcacg gaacctttca gaatgtacca tgtttttgtt tcctgaattg    120360
     aatgcacaac agggtcctgg atggccttgc tggtgacaag atgactatta tgttcacagt    120420
     tagccccact gaacaagcac agattccagg ggatgctgat ccgggaagaa gatttccccc    120480
     caaatttcca caaggaagta acccctttcc acaactttca tctccctgca gtacagaaca    120540
     gagaatgaac cgtgagagtc tccctgcagg aaacctgacc cgtatcaatg actgttcctt    120600
     ttaaaatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt attttatttt    120660
     ttttgcttta ttttagggct gcacccatgg catgtggaag ttcccaggct agggggtcca    120720
     attggaccta cagctgccgg cctgcaccac agccacagca acgtgggatc caagctgcgt    120780
     ctgccgctta caccatagct catggcaagg ccagattctt aagccactga gcgaggcctg    120840
     ggatcgaacc cacatcctca tggttcctag ttgggttcgt taaccactga gccatgaagg    120900
     gaactccgac tgttcctttt tattaaaaaa tttttaaaaa ttttatttct aaggctgcac    120960
     ctgaagcata tggagttccc aggccagatg acctgagccc cagctgctgc aattgtgtgg    121020
     ggtcagggga tcaacctgtg tcccagcacc acagagaccc catgatccca ttgtgcaaca    121080
     gcaggaatcc aatgactctt tcttgatccc actgtttagc tgcatggaac acacactttc    121140
     tttattctaa gtgccctgcc tttgcagagg cccagtgggg tgattggagt aagtccttgg    121200
     aatcagaatg tttgtctgta ttgccttcct ctcaggccag gccagcagtg agtgccctga    121260
     gtaatacagc agggatgtgg gcagtgcaga gaactctaga aaatgtagag aatgctgcct    121320
     ggctcaggag gaagcagtga gcagaagccc acactggagc tttgcagttg aggttttagc    121380
     caatcagaag aaggatttta agctgacgct ctggttgctg gttgaacagt ccgtgaagag    121440
     gcctgcgtga ctggggggat ccccaggtct gacgcagcct cca                      121483