ID   BX323015; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 149284 BP.
AC   BX323015;
DT   05-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 12)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-231H23 in linkage group 4 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel cadherin protein and a CpG island.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-149284
RA   Barker G.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk Clone requests:
RL   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/D_rerio/faqs.shtml#dataeight
DR   MD5; 6832bf3351377c63c6e01a4a53a3819d.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site: http://www.sanger.ac.uk
CC   Contact: zfish-help@sanger.ac.uk
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Projects/C_elegans/wormpep
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-231H23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-231H23 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-231H23 is at 149284 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-231H23 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..149284
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-231H23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..149284
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-231H23"
FT   mRNA            join(52868..53015,54425..54881,60211..60772,66785..66905,
FT                   68375..68546,68916..69045,69633..69704)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate synaptotagmin
FT                   X (SYT10)"
FT   CDS             join(52868..53015,54425..54881,60211..60772,66785..66905,
FT                   68375..68546,68916..69045,69633..69704)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007542"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate synaptotagmin
FT                   X (SYT10)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O08625 Sw:Q9R0N4 Tr:Q6XYQ8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RI28"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001565"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028677"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RI28"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11835.1"
FT   misc_feature    57357
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<92937..93251,93490..93783,93953..94270,
FT                   94347..94670,94749..95063,95174..95479,95588..95896,
FT                   100028..100090,100498..100716,100807..101121,
FT                   101839..102135,102382..102699,102776..103099,
FT                   103185..103511,103614..103925,104105..104419,
FT                   105039..105335,105615..105929,106100..106399,
FT                   107278..107592,107704..108006,108228..108542,
FT                   114119..114433,114942..115244,115423..115740,
FT                   115817..116140,116219..116539,116665..116979,
FT                   117152..117466,117582..117884,119243..119557,
FT                   120358..120672,120741..121043,121817..122131,
FT                   127722..128036,128365..128667,128763..129080,
FT                   129157..129480,129558..129872,130045..130359,
FT                   130537..130851,130937..131239,131364..131678,
FT                   131775..132083,133151..133465,133549..133851,
FT                   133939..134280,136742..>136959))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing multiple scavenger
FT                   receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domains similar to vertebrate
FT                   deleted in malignant brain tumors 1 (DMBT1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<92937..93251,93490..93783,93953..94270,
FT                   94347..94670,94749..95063,95174..95479,95588..95896,
FT                   100028..100090,100498..100716,100807..101121,
FT                   101839..102135,102382..102699,102776..103099,
FT                   103185..103511,103614..103925,104105..104419,
FT                   105039..105335,105615..105929,106100..106399,
FT                   107278..107592,107704..108006,108228..108542,
FT                   114119..114433,114942..115244,115423..115740,
FT                   115817..116140,116219..116539,116665..116979,
FT                   117152..117466,117582..117884,119243..119557,
FT                   120358..120672,120741..121043,121817..122131,
FT                   127722..128036,128365..128667,128763..129080,
FT                   129157..129480,129558..129872,130045..130359,
FT                   130537..130851,130937..131239,131364..131678,
FT                   131775..132083,133151..133465,133549..133851,
FT                   133939..134280,136742..>136959))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007544"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing multiple scavenger
FT                   receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domains similar to vertebrate
FT                   deleted in malignant brain tumors 1 (DMBT1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q86VB7
FT                   Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q924C6 Sw:Q96JB6 Tr:Q95JE1 Tr:Q95JE3
FT                   Tr:Q967D4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RI27"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001190"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017448"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RI27"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11836.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<140513..140827,141230..141517,
FT                   141613..141930,142007..142330,142410..142724,
FT                   142822..143136,143439..143753,143853..144155,
FT                   145351..145668,145864..146166,146629..146937,
FT                   148856..>149155))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing multiple scavenger
FT                   receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domains similar to vertebrate
FT                   deleted in malignant brain tumors 1 (DMBT1)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<140513..140827,141230..141517,
FT                   141613..141930,142007..142330,142410..142724,
FT                   142822..143136,143439..143753,143853..144155,
FT                   145351..145668,145864..146166,146629..146937,
FT                   148856..>149155))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-231H23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007543"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing multiple scavenger
FT                   receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domains similar to vertebrate
FT                   deleted in malignant brain tumors 1 (DMBT1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q60997 Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q86VB7
FT                   Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q86VB7 Sw:Q86VB7 Tr:Q29110 Tr:Q8BZE1
FT                   Tr:Q8CGY7"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RI26"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001190"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017448"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RI26"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11837.1"
FT                   HTDCSHKEHAGLTCA"
FT   misc_feature    149284
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-231H23"
SQ   Sequence 149284 BP; 49573 A; 28337 C; 25608 G; 45766 T; 0 other;
     gaattctttg caagctattc aagtcatctg gtgaaattgc attcatatcg cagtgaacga        60
     aaatattaca atgtcagttt ttgctaccat cacatatcac ttggtttgat aaagtacttt       120
     aaaggtatgg tatgtatgtt agcagcatcc cttttaaaga ggagcgagct gttggctgat       180
     ggagaccaga gtcatcagcg tttcccaagc atttatatct tctgtacacc cgcagtccat       240
     cagtaaaaac cttgaagggt tagtctagtc cttgcatcat tttaaagcca taaaacatac       300
     aataagaaca cacaaaataa catatacccg agtgatttct gccatgtatg cttcaaacat       360
     ttaataacgg ctttttattc agggcagttg ataatcagaa cacaaaatga gatatttatg       420
     tacctataga agtgatttgt gtctttgatg ctttaaaaat gtaataaagt ggtcagattt       480
     agacttttta tataatagtt tgaacagtgt taatagcatt cagatgtaat catggaacaa       540
     attattggtc aggattaacc aattaataga aaatccttaa gtgttctttc atttcttact       600
     caaatacagg ttttgcataa acactgcaag cagctatagt gaaaaggctt tgattctggc       660
     atgttgttgt agtggatctt acatttgttt caaatgaata caaggaaaca tgtggaggac       720
     aagataggaa acatctgagc cagacttcaa gcgtgtatgg gagcaattta gcggcttata       780
     tgtgaagaat acaaaaaaat tgatgtcata gctaaccttt tccagccctg aaaggccaca       840
     gttcctccct ggaagttaca tagttagttg atctttactg tgtgcgcata tacatcctaa       900
     ctcactcact cactcactca ctcacacaca accaagcgtc acacccacac ccaaaataag       960
     cattgtcaac atattgagta tttatcaaca taaaacactc ctctacaaca cacaagttac      1020
     aaactctacc aacaaaaata tctatataat agtctatctc tagcaattag aactgtactc      1080
     aaatgtgaat aaataaacag tatagtttta aacaaagcac gtattatata gcttatttaa      1140
     atgttgtaaa tatgtaagaa aactatacag attaagtaaa caaaaggaga aaaggcgtac      1200
     ataaatcaag caaatgactc tcaggtgcgt tacagttaaa gtggaagatt attgtttata      1260
     aatatcggag atgacttacc ttttaatgta acaaagagtc ccaaaatata gttgaaatga      1320
     taacttcctt cagcagatga ttgtgtccga aatcaacagc tattccccag cgtccttcat      1380
     attactgtgt acaaatgagt taaacgcgtc tctctccaaa agcagcggtg aaactttcag      1440
     acttctgagt tgagagttgt gcgcggaagt gcgcatgcgc aaatttatcc acacaaacaa      1500
     accgatctaa cacagtttac aaagatttag ccaaaaaaca aaacaaacaa acaaccacaa      1560
     aaaagttcta gccaaatatg ttaaggtttg aatgaaaaaa ataataataa gctgattgtt      1620
     cactatggtt ccatttcatt tagcaattaa tttcagattt gcaattgcta tgaaagttat      1680
     ttaaattaaa gcgtcaatgg gcttcttcat ctctgatgac aagttatcat aaattaattt      1740
     acagatattt taacgatcat atgttttagt atgttccgac aaatgcacta ttccagtgta      1800
     ataaagttcc actgcgaagt gcttaaaaac ttgctgaatg tcgccctctt gtggaagttt      1860
     taagtaatgt atgttttata atgtatatta atatcattgg ccagttgtta ccatttttta      1920
     cggtctgtgg ttgtaacact tccaatttgt acaattagag attagttaga tcagcagatt      1980
     acctgcacac atgctcatat tagtcctcgt tacatatatg aatatataag tccagtggca      2040
     aacagctgat ttttgatggg gggggggaaa tatatatata tatatttgag aatgaaatgt      2100
     taccaccacc cacagcaaat agaactgtat ttatcagttt tattttagtt ttacaagaga      2160
     aaaactcaaa agcagtttgt gttcagtcta ctgtcctcta tgaagtctgc acacacacac      2220
     acacgcacgc acgcacgcac gcacgcacgc acgcacacac acacacacac acacacagtg      2280
     ttcaggtttc tttattatca gagttattat ttgcaaacaa ttcacactag atggcaggca      2340
     aatacaagca tttttagttt agtgaaacgg ccatatcctt ctttaaatcc ttaagttctt      2400
     taactttata ctcatctgac agctactgta gttcatgaaa accatctttt actatgcgat      2460
     tgcattgcat ctgttttgta tttaatatat tcagatggtg tgctgaaagt gactggcacc      2520
     aacgtgttca aacattgttc ttcaaagtca gagccttgat ttaaggatct gaagtaattg      2580
     tatatggtct tggtttagtt tagtgcttag ttttaagcca atgttttatt gttgtaagcc      2640
     attgacaaat ggcacaagtg aagttacttc cactcaactg taatgtctgc tgtgttttct      2700
     ctgccttttg gatccaaagg cacttttgtg tccatggcaa ccagactcat agggaatcat      2760
     ttttagtcct tgctcctcaa tggcacaaac atcccactta tttgcccaca ggaacaagag      2820
     tttataccgc aggtcaagct gtcactcctg caaacggtgg aaaaaatgca ccacaagggc      2880
     aaaaatccaa atctcaatcc ggactatact aatacaggac acacaacttg tgtattcaaa      2940
     gtaatttctc ataaatccga ggtgaatccc agaaattgtg tgttggcgga ggcatttctg      3000
     aatttagcca tagtaaacag aggcatttat acctaccaaa tattattgaa gatcctcaat      3060
     aagaaagcag aagctgttta aatccaactc tgaatgaaac cagtgactca cggagacact      3120
     tattccagca aacaccccac actgaacctg gaacataaag gactttttat gtaatcattt      3180
     ttccatcaag gtgtcagagt catagagatg acctttgttt gtttcatcca ctgtgtataa      3240
     ggacacagca tgttaattaa cgggaagaag accagcgatc tcgtcttctc acctgggcaa      3300
     ctgcatggca cagactcgcc tctatgtata caagaatgtc attcagctac aaatagaaca      3360
     cttgtccaat gcctgtgatt aaaaatatac atactaccaa tcaggcaatt cgagggaaca      3420
     atgaagtgca atgaaaacaa caactcaatt aaatgtgcta atattatttg cagctttttt      3480
     gtttaataat aaatttaatt taattcttca gacctccaca tttaggcagt aggaacgaaa      3540
     aacagccaaa ttatgtgtaa cattaaaata ttaatttata aatacttcat aactaatgaa      3600
     tgtcaattat atagtcagct gtgcttaagc tgtgtgataa atcagtggtt cctaaagtgg      3660
     gggtcgggac aatgatgggg gagtgggggt cgcttggtga caagttcatt ttattaaacc      3720
     attagtatga tcacatttta ttcataacct actcaagaac aaataataat agtattaata      3780
     gcaccactgt tgacatgtta ataagaaaaa taaaaaaaca acaacatgca aacagaaagc      3840
     cataagcctt ttgatttttt tgcgacccct gaggggattt tgttatatta aacatacagc      3900
     aatagcttca gatgcagcac atgaaaggtt aaactttctg acacattaaa agtaaataca      3960
     ttacaataaa acaggccaca actgaacatg gtggcgttct ccaaaattat gaatagactt      4020
     gggcatattg gtatgagtgt gacattgtgt gcaaggttta tattaccatt tcagagagta      4080
     ttgggggtcg caagccactg gcattgtcat ttagggggtc gtgggctgaa aagtttggga      4140
     acccctgtta aaacagtaaa tctgaagcaa caaatcattt atttgttcga tataagctat      4200
     tagtatatct ttttaattta gattaataat atagcataat aaaatgcaga tcttcagctc      4260
     tacacaaaca ttcagtcaca aacagatcag gctcactgga gggatgaaag atggaaacga      4320
     tgaaaattgt gaatagcatt attttgttat ttagttacga tttattattg ttgcttacag      4380
     cgtaaaaaaa tggtttaaag gtttacagtg ttttagaaaa gtcaaggttt taaaaccaca      4440
     aaaatttact gttgctgttc ctatggtgta agtattttta tgtgttgtaa ataaatcagt      4500
     gtattgaaac caatgaagag agcagaagtc aattatttac ttgaattatt tactctgaga      4560
     tgtttactct accaaaatat tataaatgtg tcctaaaata aaataaattg tgttcaaagg      4620
     ggtaaaaaaa aagttgtttt ttttacattt aaaaataact tattttatag cagtgatcac      4680
     aataccgtgg tattttaccc aaggttatca taccgtctga aacttatact ggcccatgcc      4740
     tgttacagag ctgccttaca aaaatatgaa tgaatagtac atttctaacc atttacaaac      4800
     cttttttttt tcaaacctga agatttaaaa tcttgtgttg gagcccatgg tgagaaattt      4860
     cagttttatc ctatgaacta ctgatggcat ttcttctcaa tttgaaataa agattttcag      4920
     catttaaaaa atcatatgaa tatatgcatt ctctgtattt atttatgata aaataataaa      4980
     ttgtttttaa aaaaaattat atgtctatat ttatttacaa gcaacacaac attgtcagtc      5040
     catatttatt atccaatatt tttttatttt gcaaattata taagatttgg aacataaaac      5100
     tatatttcaa gagttcacac ttagccgatg attgataata aagcttgttt ggcatgctgt      5160
     cctgggatag agcccagggc tccctctggt ttgcatggcg agaggggagt ttgagctgag      5220
     gtagatcttg atgaacagga ttattatcga gtgcagcctt tataatgcaa gctgagagtg      5280
     taatgtcata cacaacgcac tcaatggagc tagtgacatc actgtgaggg gtagggttag      5340
     cggttaggtg agcgcattaa aaagcattgg atgcagctca gattgcatct gcacagagtc      5400
     tgcagccaga cccctctctg atgaactccc ccaacttatt tctggctaat gacagatata      5460
     ggaaggctaa gtaaagatgt atggcttgct aagagcttgg ctatggtatc agtttggtat      5520
     gttcagctaa ctttcgaaat taccagagaa ccccggggaa aacccatgca agcactggga      5580
     gaacgagcaa ccccacacag aaacacagaa ttcacaatga attcaaatta tatttcaata      5640
     tctattttta atatgtttga acttttttat ctattatcac aaattaatta tgcataactg      5700
     gctcttacat ccaatataga gagaatccta gaatatccaa gtgtatcttc atttttttct      5760
     caaatagatg tgtaaagtca atgagatcca aatcagcatt tcattatttt tgtcccctca      5820
     cttatttttt ccttagttat gtatggatga aagaaatatc tcacagtatc tttggtttcc      5880
     ttcataggaa agaaagacat gactcgacgt ctaaataact gaatgacaga atgttcattc      5940
     acagctgaac tgtctcttta aaaagaaaaa aagagaggca gaagtctaca aatagcctgt      6000
     ggtagtatgg aaggccctgc aacattcagt aattatctgt ggttgctggg agcctgtata      6060
     acaagaagcc cagatctcag caggggaatc gccataggga aggcactttg tgacacctgg      6120
     taaagaaata gccatgaagc cactcttagt cagatggatg agatggatct tgggttttat      6180
     aagagaaaca cagctcatcg ctcatttaca atgaagcttc ttcatatccc accggcttcc      6240
     cgattcattt tttattcatg gccctgctca cttttgtttt tctcctctaa atactcattg      6300
     taaaagttct cggtaaacaa attattttta gaagagtcta aaataaagtc acgctgaagc      6360
     catgatgtta tttactcacc agcgttgctt gttgattgag tgttctgggg gagaaagtgc      6420
     tgctaatcgt gagtgtgtag tgttgatggt cattgagagt tgttcttagt tgtgttccag      6480
     ctatgaatgg ctccagcagt gactcatgcg tggttttgtt agcggaggac ttcaccatga      6540
     caaaagttaa agcctttttt tttttcactg gcttgaaaaa tatcctgttt acttgatcat      6600
     taattctcca cgcagtcgct agtttgatcc cataaaggct tacttttcaa aaatgacaat      6660
     tgtgtcatca tttactcagc ctcacatcgc tccaaacaca tctttagaac acaaatgaag      6720
     atatttcaat caaatccgag agctttctgt ccctcctctg aaagtctgtt cactcaagga      6780
     tccaaaggag attaaaaaat aaataatgtt gactgatgaa tggtttccat tgaacaaccc      6840
     aggctcattc tgattacgta cccctttata cattactgga gagcgccaaa tacgtccagg      6900
     agctaggttt tttttttttt ttttttttta actaatccat cagaagccac tgtgtacact      6960
     tttttaaatc tctaatttcc ttcaaaccag ctcttctcgc ggaaatccac cagagggtgt      7020
     gttgactgac taactgaccc acgctcctcc ttctttaaac ccaaccaata gtgttttcaa      7080
     aatcacagat tgacctcttg acctcagact ggggcgacgg ttcatcttcc agcaaggaaa      7140
     atgaccgaaa ccacactgca aaaatatcaa tggagtgcct tcacaataac tcagtgaatg      7200
     tccttgagtg gcccagacag agcccagatc taaatcctat tgaacatctc tggagagatc      7260
     tgaaaaaggc tgtacactgt cgcttcccat ccaacctgat agaacttgag aggtactgca      7320
     aaagaggaat gggcaaatat tcccaaagac aggtgtgcca agcttgtggc atcatattca      7380
     aaaagttttc agactgtaat tgctgccaaa ggtgcttcaa cgaagtattg agcaaaagct      7440
     gtgaatacgt atatgcatgt gatttttcag gttttttatt tttaataaac tttaatgaaa      7500
     atccaaaccc caaaaaccag ctaaacatga acgcaaagtt gaggagataa aatggagact      7560
     acattaaaat actgtcctca ggcaatgact caacaatagc aaatagatta tatattgaaa      7620
     tacatcaatg tctctgatca ttttttgttt gtcataaaat agtcataaat tgtcaaatga      7680
     aaccaaacat gacaaagtta tttgaaagaa ggtcatgagc agatgaattg tatatggtga      7740
     aaagcacatg gttactgtaa actaatggcg gagatgtata atggagctgt gatgaactct      7800
     gcaatgccaa gaggactcct aatttgactg gaatgttaca gtagtgtaca aactggttac      7860
     agcgggaggt aagcggtcag ctggtaagcg ggaaaaggaa caatgtgaca ccgccccgta      7920
     gcgtttatct aaagacgaaa tgcagccata catgcttctg gctatataat tcacaatctc      7980
     cagaaatgta tatagagcta tgttttcaga atgagcctgt gtcactactg aagcatcatt      8040
     gttaaaaact tctgcagagg gaattttaaa gaaaccgtac cactgtcaat cattcacata      8100
     gcgtaagaca tttgagtagc ctagcatagg aaaataagac aggaatggca gtataaatta      8160
     tgttcagacc ctctgttttc attttcggga gcctatccaa gctaaaaata gtgatatgca      8220
     ttgcacatcc ctgttctgac aggtcgcttg tgagctgaag gataatggca agcaagctaa      8280
     agatatgcgg ataatgaaat tgaggagcta atctcatcat gctacatata tactgtaccc      8340
     ctttgtctct ctgatgataa caagattgac agaaatgtcc ttgtgcgctt tgtgaaaagc      8400
     catttatttt tagatgcaca cagaacatcc agcaagagtt gtctgcttct aaatacaaca      8460
     ttcagactgc agccacacac aacatgctac ttagcaaagg ttactttggc cttttgttta      8520
     ttcagccaat gggaggttta gtcacagcag aggctttctc aaagagactg tacagtgtgt      8580
     cgagatctga tcctcatctt gttcagcatt gatttccagc tgcagtattg aactgattgc      8640
     ccactgagat tctccacatt atcctgctct cctgcatttg tgtggatgag tgagttgaca      8700
     ttgtaaagat gcaatagtca ttagacagtt ctataaaaca tgttttatag aattatctgt      8760
     tgtgtgttgt cttaaaccca actcatggtc gagaattagg tttattaagt ctgttctccc      8820
     tgacttatca ttcctctttt tagacttgca aaactcacta tgtgctgaca cctacgcata      8880
     aaagtctatt acgccagctt cacaatgcat gagcggagtg tgagcagtgc ggctatattt      8940
     ccggcgtcca tgttcacaaa cgggacttac actgggagca gagcatgtca gcgtcaagca      9000
     ggagaggtgc gtgcatgagg cgcgcgggta tgtttttttt tctgcgcaca tgctcagttt      9060
     gctttttgat taaactacat tgctttcatc agcgttggtt cagttgcaca tatagcatct      9120
     ttattccaag attacactct taataaccac atttgcattt aaagtaatgc gtggggccca      9180
     catgggctgg cccgcgtggg gcccacatgg actacgaaaa tactacgaaa gtgcttgggt      9240
     gtgaggcaac agcgataccc actgcgccac catgtcaccc tgattaggac gattagccag      9300
     cataactata ctgttgtcaa catgaagtta aaacggagca tcagaattgg gacccctgaa      9360
     gcagattatg tacatgatcg acatacttcc ttacaaaata tggaagaatt gttttaattt      9420
     ctgcaaaaat tcagatagag ggtcaacatt tggcagaaac agagtaaact tttgaatttc      9480
     acacttctta tcaactcttc aagctgctgc tgtttattgg tgtaggctgt gagatacttg      9540
     ggtaacactt tacaattgta caaggttgta ttagttcatg taagttaact cacactgtaa      9600
     aaatcctggt tgccttaatt ttttaagctg aatcaaataa atcttatgaa cttatttgaa      9660
     cttattctcc attgaactta tatattctct taaactgact taaaacagct tgtgcaactt      9720
     aaaaaattaa gttagaacat gattaacgta gtttaatacg ctacaatgaa ctaaaacata      9780
     ttctgtcagg actaattgat catatcgttt ttaacatgac aaacaaacaa gaaaatgtac      9840
     atttattaca gtatttattc atccttgtta gtcaatgaaa ataaagctaa ttcatcatgc      9900
     attaacgttt actagtgttg gaatatcaag ccaattccat gcatgttcaa taagaaaagg      9960
     tctggagatt gttttcttca atgccaaaaa tattagtaat ttattagata caaatgaata     10020
     attcgatgac agagctctgg gttacgttac cccaatgcaa tccaagaatt acattcaaga     10080
     ggttcgcaac taacatacat ttcctgactc cagcatatat acacaactga tattaacagg     10140
     tggagttttg gtgtaacgtc atttgtcagt cattgttcag tcctccattg gccacacctt     10200
     agacatactt cctctttttc tatgaattct ccgcacaaca aaaaaagcat acaactttct     10260
     gtgttctgtg ttcagattta acacctctct tcagacagga agtttctgca gagctgaatt     10320
     taatttcgga cccgcatcta tctacttctg caaaaatgct aattagtatg cacagctctc     10380
     acacacaaca gtagaagttc agttaacata tgacccttac atgaccaata caaataattg     10440
     tttgattaaa agaaaaagag acaaaaataa taaaaaatga tccctatttt ccaacactag     10500
     catgaatttg gattttaact ttgattaaga aatgctgttg aagtgttttt cataattagt     10560
     tcatttcatc aattcactct ttgtatcaac ctaaaaactg ctcatcaata tgtgcatgta     10620
     aatgtccctt tcaaaaagta tgctctcttt gttatgataa gatgccgttt ctttagtgtc     10680
     ttttggtgct aattcctttt tgcatttttc ataggctttg ctcataagtc ttcttgactt     10740
     ctttcgctca aaactgcatt atactgctgc gataataatt atttgtcctt tgaaataatt     10800
     gagtttttca gacagtctac tgcctcttct gctccactac actaagtaat tacatcattt     10860
     ctgaaagccg tccacatact tgtgttaaat caagctacgg ggactgctga gattcacagg     10920
     tttgatcctt tattcattat tcgctttaac aacttacaat ctgtttgtct tgaagttaaa     10980
     ttgtaattaa gtattgctaa agaaaaaaat gcataaaata taatctttcc ccggagcttt     11040
     taaacacaat atgctgccaa caagacacat cgcttatccg tctaattgct acactgaaaa     11100
     caaaataaaa ctgaaagaca cacaattata aagcattagc acatcaatta atccaagtca     11160
     ttttcatgtg aatgcaagca atttgatagc tttgtatggt ggcgtttgta tggatgggtc     11220
     gaacaaaatc actcctcttt tccatttagc cagagttatg caaatggcca tatctggaac     11280
     ataaattaaa ttatgctgac aggaggattc gcattagatc acctgttcca atatcatata     11340
     actcattagt tcagatgtcc acctcttcaa caaatgacgc tctgatagaa gctgtaaatc     11400
     actcactgta agtggctgag tggataccac aaactcacac ttgacttcag ctgcatatga     11460
     tatttgtaga gcaaactatg gaaagcagaa aggccaaaat acactatcca attccaattt     11520
     tttttgttct atcttgctta ctaagatgaa tgggttttta aaaccagtta attgaaagca     11580
     tagcggattt ctttgcagat tattagcgtt gtcaaaataa aagttaaagg cccaaaatgt     11640
     taaagactca ttgacaagaa agatgacaac tatactaata ccaatgctat agtttgacat     11700
     cttaactatc aagataaaac caccgagtta caatatttag aataaaataa aatcacaaag     11760
     tcgttttttt tcagatcatt cagtcaaata cagacaatga caagacaatg agaatatatt     11820
     caaactgcag acaacacaat tgcagaacaa acctagatta aacagtatca tgtggtggtg     11880
     ttgtcgctaa taatattatt gtagctacat ttatactcgt tattcttgtg aattggcatt     11940
     acaagtcaga taggtaaact taccgctggt atgatattta aaatggtttg gattctaatc     12000
     tttgaacttg tgcatggaat gtacttcctt gttttggcta cattagtttc tattttttta     12060
     ccccatcatt tctagtttga ttctacaact atgcattgat tatgttcacc tgtgtcttgt     12120
     ttggtgactc tatatcttaa aaaagaggat ggtacttttt aaaaaaagga acacacttgt     12180
     tcctaaagag tccatattag cagctcaaaa gtacacatta ctacctacaa attttaagag     12240
     agacttttgt atttttaggt atgcactgtt aacgagatag ttcacccaaa aatgataaca     12300
     tactctttac tcactctcaa gtgtttccaa atgttcatga gtttcctttt tctgctcact     12360
     gtaaaaaaaa aaaaaaggtt tccacacaat tgatttatca acaatattat tttatagcta     12420
     catgtatagt catccttcat gtgaatgggc attaaaagtc agaaaggcaa aggtattgct     12480
     ggtttgtact ttcttgtatg ggctatatac gtttgttttc cccctacatt tctagtttgt     12540
     ttctccagct ctttgtcgat tatgttcacc tgtaccttgt ttggtgactc tcattcatct     12600
     tcttcttctg ccgcttttcc ggggccgggt cacgggggca gcagtcttag gagagaaccc     12660
     cagacttccc tatccccaga cacttcctcc agctcctccg gggtgatccc gaggtgttcc     12720
     caggccagcc gagagacata gtccctccag tgtgtcctgg gtcttggctc tgtttggtga     12780
     ctctatatct tgaaaaaagc gatggtactt ttttaaaggt atacatttgt tcctaaaggg     12840
     tccatattag tacacttaaa ggtacacatt agtacctaca catttcaaga gatacacttg     12900
     tgtacttttt agctatgtac tgttaattag atagttcacc caaaaatgaa caactcactt     12960
     aatactcaat gtttactcac tctcaagtgt ttccaaatgt ttatgagttt ctttattctg     13020
     ttcactgtaa aaaatgctgg gttccacaca atttatttat caacaatatt atttttatag     13080
     ctacatttat actcatatgc aattatactt attgcttgta tgataattaa atttttttag     13140
     attctaatct ttgaacgtta gtttcttttt tccgcaattt ctagtttgtt tctacaactc     13200
     ttcattgatt atgttcaccc gtgtcttgtt ttggtgactc tttatcttgt gcttatagtt     13260
     tctagtttat gctgttggtg tttaaatttg taaacaattg cacttctcca ctttcttttc     13320
     ttgcctgacc ctgtcatcac aatatagttg actttgctat cagcaattca caaacatcca     13380
     aacaaaatgc cttcgaacat ttgaatgaag tacatttctg tgttgacttt cttcctcaaa     13440
     tgtgctactt tgactggcat ggttcattac tgtagccata aaaacagagc agcttttaat     13500
     tccggtctcc tgggagcatg cgatatgagg gctcagtttg atgagaaata gacttgatag     13560
     tgattttctg cagagagtgt ttgtaaaacc taatcctctt ttgacatccc acatcgtcca     13620
     aaagaaaaca atgtggaaaa aaaagcatct gacatgaggc tcctgtgtaa acatttgatg     13680
     tatttaatga ccgcagccga ttatgtaaca atgctggacg ctgtttggtg cctttgaaaa     13740
     aagataaggt gctggtgggg ggtacagcaa gaagttgatt gactgtcggc attacataat     13800
     tcttttacca agatcattat atccagctta aatgctcatt tgaagttgtc aacacatcaa     13860
     gcactttgaa ggttaacagt tacataacgg tggttctggc tcacctgtaa agaccacaga     13920
     ttcagctcgc tgccaattgc atgtgagcca gaaagtctga actcactgaa ctaattacat     13980
     gtgttctgtc taattgacac gggcacaatg ccaagattaa aaaatccaat aatccttcag     14040
     gagaaatgat taaacacaga ttaagaaaac ctatcatata cagtaggtga agccactgtt     14100
     acggtatata acacagtgat gcaatgcaaa aaaattgcga taaagattgc actgatttta     14160
     cagatattgc tgcaaaagaa aaagaacatt tgaaaaagaa aaaagaaaga aagaaagaaa     14220
     gaaagagtga gggacagatg gatggataaa ttaataaaga gatagacaga cagacagaca     14280
     gacagatcat agatggatgg atggatgaat ggatggatgg atggatgaat ggatgaatgg     14340
     gtggatggat ggatggatgg atggatgcat aaattaatta agtgatagac agactggatg     14400
     aatgaatgga tacattaata aggggataca tggaaagatg gataaatgga tggataaatt     14460
     aataaagata taggcagatg gatggatgga tgaataaatt aattaagata tagatggatg     14520
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg aatggacaga taaattaaca     14580
     aagacggatg gatggatgga tgcataaaaa tatacatgga tggataaatt gacaaaggaa     14640
     tggatggagg gataaattaa taaagggatg gatggatgat agatggataa gtaaattaat     14700
     aattggatgg atggataaat agatgataga tggataaagt aaagtaatgg atggatggat     14760
     ggaaggacgg acggatggac tcactgactg actgactgac tgattgattg attgattgat     14820
     tgattgatta tgtggtgagg tgatagtgca aaccactgag ccacctatcg cccccccata     14880
     ctgactacag catgagtaaa taaatcctaa accttaagac cctgatcctt ggacatattt     14940
     atacattttg tgaaatgtat tgcaccttct cctacgaggg ccatgttcaa ggttacgttt     15000
     ggttattcag gtttaaaagc aatctgtttg ctttcagcat aaatcagcat ttatgctttg     15060
     aaggaaaaaa aaaacaacaa cattcatatt cattcacttt gcaaacaatt tcaagatgaa     15120
     ccagagacta tgttcaatga ccagaacacg taaatcacat gcttaaggct tgttgtgtct     15180
     taggaaaatc aattagagat tggtaaagga cacattacca acatttaata acccataaaa     15240
     taattccctc tactctttgg gagatgttta tctcgaaatg acatatgaat ggccccaaac     15300
     agctgatggt actcaaacaa tgcacttgta ttttctaact caaccttacc actacacaag     15360
     actgttgtct aacaggaaaa ggtcatccgt gtgcacgctc gtctgcgctt atgctaatat     15420
     tgtgccaaat gctttgaggt cttacccaac aagaacacca taaaggtcag gctatgtcta     15480
     gacatgctca gcatttcgcc atttaaccaa atgccagcaa aataaactaa tttttgataa     15540
     tagcatgcac gggattaaga caacatcaaa gcatacaaat aaaaaaaatg ggtaaatgaa     15600
     aagcttattc tttcagcaac cagggtcatt tcagaaatat agcatttaca atttatttat     15660
     atattagatg taaaattata aatataagaa atataagaca gacagactga ctgacagact     15720
     gactgactga ctgactgact gattgattga ttgatcgaca tatagataga cagacatgta     15780
     gacagattat ctgaactggt ttggcaggca ttgccttttc aatgttgcaa aatatgtgtt     15840
     ggtgcacaca ctgaaccgaa gctaatattg aagtatgctt tcaagcataa agtcactctt     15900
     tcccgcagca aatgttcaag gttttaagca cttacatctg catttgcaca caaagtagca     15960
     cacttgagtg aagaggagcg acagaggcca tcaagcgctt ttgttctttt tacaaacact     16020
     aatgacttca actcccagtc tgtttgcctt gaagaacaat ttccaagtct gaaccataaa     16080
     tctgtgatca gagtatgttg atgacgaatg aattcattat atatgtataa aaaaaatcta     16140
     ttgcctaata acaagaaact aatgacaaca ctcggctact ggcagtttct gttgatttag     16200
     agttattctt tctttacaga tttgtttctg aagctaattt ttgttatgcc agtttaatgt     16260
     ttttctcatt taatagtttt agatattgtt taacatttac ttgcttgaca gacaaactgt     16320
     acagccttaa tagtgtttat gcacgcggtc ttttaatttt agtcggctgt gttccggtaa     16380
     attgtcatgc catacaaaat tgttgcgttc ttcactgcct ggccgagata caatataaag     16440
     cgggtcttat accaaagaag atgcacaaca taaaattata tttttacaca ccatctcttt     16500
     aaaatatgga aaataatttt accccagtct tttctatgga atttctgcgc tagccagctg     16560
     ctaatgacgg cacctgagtt taaatggtct ttcgtctctt tttatgcttt aacaactaaa     16620
     tggatgctta taagtctatt tatttgacat cgatgctgga aaaagaacct tatgaaattg     16680
     aaaatagtca cataaagctt tcactggaag tttatcattg gctgaaaaag actagctgtg     16740
     catgtaaccc tttttccaca ttatctctca gaaagtgatc taatatttat atatatatat     16800
     atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaattt     16860
     agtgggttag ggttgttgct tgttgcttaa taataacagc aacgaaagac agcaagagaa     16920
     aaacagaaaa tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     16980
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     17040
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     17100
     gatggatgga tggatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     17160
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tatttttgta gacagaaact atgaaactat     17220
     gaatggtatg tgaggacaga atattcaggg ttctttttct acttagccaa gtagtttttc     17280
     aattagtaat ttcaaaaaaa cattatgttt cagaaatgtg gtaataccgt ggcttttaca     17340
     acttttacat tttgtaagtt caattaataa gtccaataaa ctaattatta accatgtaac     17400
     ttggtagcgc ccactttgtc aacccctgaa aattttctaa ttatacagta aatatggaca     17460
     tatggtggaa taccattttt attttttttt tttttgcaga ggagaacaaa gcacagcttt     17520
     ttgaagtaaa taaaacattt gaaggccatt agaaagattt aatcatctct gaagcgtaag     17580
     agccatcctc cctgtttacc aggagaaaga gcacttagtg actttaccac tcagaaacct     17640
     tttcaatatc ccttcaggcc tgtttgtcct tcattattca ccaaaataca ctcaccagga     17700
     caggtacata cgttagcaca caaattcata cgtctgtgct ctctggtctt tctagtaatg     17760
     atctattttt cctttttttt tgttctttat aatctccagc gcacacactt ttcttttatt     17820
     ctccatcccg gggtgtgttt tattttgttc ttgtttttac acatgctttg atatctgaaa     17880
     ggttgcaaag tacgaatttt ggcaacttag agcagaaagc cctcatttca cactctcaca     17940
     cttttctccc atgtgtgagt gaacagctct aacgaggaag gtaccatgct aagtgcacat     18000
     tcacagagcc gttcatgacc tactgtgcgt ccagcagcag ctacggacaa atcctggcaa     18060
     gacgcctaaa cccgctgagt cttatgcaac ataccctgag ggcaaagctg gatgtccgct     18120
     attggcattc tgaaggcgtt tgatgaacag ccgtggccac aaattctggc actcatgcat     18180
     tttatcaaac aatgcagctg gacagcagaa actggaagaa tatgtccagc aaatcgaaga     18240
     gaataagagc aatatgcgaa ttatgtctgt gccagagcag tccagaacta tcagaagatc     18300
     ttaaacataa cattttaagg catttctgtg ccagaggtgt caccaaacaa ataaactaga     18360
     ttttattgat attaagttat atcagtaata gtgttaataa taataatata aaataataga     18420
     taaaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaaa tgatgcctgt atacaaacaa tataaaaagt     18480
     atataaacag taaatatgta tattgtttga ttatcatttg cattatttat tcgttcattt     18540
     aaaaacaaag tactactaat actaataact aaaatagata ttgtcacgat caccaacgat     18600
     ctaggcttta cagatcgctg gaaaacatgc attatcacct ggactacaaa tctgccatta     18660
     taagaactgc aaatcctaga agtcattgct ccgatcaccc ctgccacagc tgacaataat     18720
     ccggacactg atacacacat acagtataag tatgcagatt gttgtggatg gttgtccttc     18780
     tgtaaggttc tcctctcaca aaagaatgct ggagctcaga cagagtggcc atcgggttat     18840
     taattgcctc cctgactaag gcccttctcc cttgatcact cagcttagat ggccgtctag     18900
     ctctagaaag agtcctggtt gttcctaaca tcttccactt acacatgata gaggccactg     18960
     tgctcactgc tttcagagca gcagaatttt tttagttacc ttccccagcc ttgtgcaatt     19020
     ctgcctggga gttctacaga caattccttt gtcttcatgc ttggtttgtg ctttgacatg     19080
     cactatcaac cctgggacct tatatagaca gagcaatatg ctttgatatc tgaaaggttg     19140
     caaaatacga attttggcaa cttagagcag acattagagc agacaagtga ggaagccttt     19200
     tcaactgaat ttaccacagg tgaactctaa ttatgctgct gaaacatttc aagaatgatc     19260
     agtggaaaca ggatgtacct tagctcaatt tagagcttca tggcaaaggc tgtgaatact     19320
     tatgtacatg tgatttttca gccctatgaa tactttccgg atgcactgtg gaaatccaaa     19380
     tcaataacag catacactaa cagactgtta aatctgaaaa aaacgtgtag atttcacgtg     19440
     aatctgcctc aaacgctcat acaaaggcaa ataaatagga aaaaaagtaa ctaattaaaa     19500
     aaaaaagaag ctcggtttga cccgaccaga tgttttctca agctggataa gtattaaccg     19560
     cttggatcca tctttaaatg tcacttctga gaatccaatc agtaatattg catgatgaaa     19620
     aaaaccctgt ttacccatca tgcctggttg cctcgggaca gcgcacaaac tctttaaaca     19680
     aattgtttag acatcagcaa tatcagcgag aaaacccttg cgtctggaaa ttacagttgt     19740
     cacatctgtg tagttttaac actgaaagaa agagtattac cctgtcaaac gttgcatcat     19800
     cgaacaatac cccatgcgcc tgcctcctgc tttgctcgtg ttgacactgc ggtgtagctt     19860
     tcacttccag taataggatt cacagacaga tccgcatatg aaaactagtc cgcaattaac     19920
     atctgacctc aatcaactct aatagccatg aaggccaatc tacagcaaca gagcagctca     19980
     gtgaccaatt aaaacaaaag taaaacccat attactggag ctacaggggt ctaaagagga     20040
     caatccctgc acaccaaagg ccagaattgg catctcaata gtatgaaagt gaacacaccc     20100
     tatatatcta tcactgaaat cccctcaaat tgaatgcatt gtcctctata cgctgcaaaa     20160
     acaccacaat tgaaggggtg tttgtctagc tatcagaaag cattgaggga gaggcagcca     20220
     atcgcagaag ggctcagtga ggaagcacag gttatccgca agacatctca gcagtgtgaa     20280
     ttgatttaag ggtggactgg aggttaatta aaaaggcgag acaagggcgg aaagaggaga     20340
     gtgaagatgt cggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga ctgacattat gctggcagga ctaccagaca     20400
     agttggaagt gagacgaata aacacacagc acaactaaat agaatctcga cttgagaacc     20460
     aaagatttgt tttattttta attttgtttt acatatttgt ttagagatta cagtagtgaa     20520
     cattttaagt gaccagtgaa gtgttctttg tatttgtttt ctttgcagga ggcagctaat     20580
     cactccttgg cttggtcctg cccctgctcc aattgatgcc acacccttcc ttactttagc     20640
     tgttttgagc ttccttgtgg ttggcagtga tgtgtgtgtt agcgagactt attgaattaa     20700
     agttgctgtt ttacccttct tggatttgtt cgctgaatgt aaatatttgt acatggtaag     20760
     tggggagctt ggcgccattt tcttttgtac cttctttttt attgattgtt ttttgtggac     20820
     aagggactaa caagggtaat aaagtatgtt atcatttgtt tcttttactg gtgaatttga     20880
     atttgagcct ggtcagcttg tgaagttgac agatgaattt tatatacaaa atcattgagt     20940
     aaataaaatc tgtatatatt ttctttagca gcgttatgtg tgcagtcttc ccttttatgt     21000
     tacgcccctt actcatagat ggggaataac aactaacaat aaaaatgttt catcgagatt     21060
     gtcctaaaac tattgaacag cagtcattct tatccgcttg ttaagtgatg acgtgttggt     21120
     gacgtaagta atactgtttc cgggtccaag ccgccgctca tttgagttaa gaaatcattc     21180
     gtttatgatc actttttatt catattacac attaaagtta attttatata aagtcatagt     21240
     gtacacaaca atctctgggc ttgctgcata acaaatatca aaattttaac aatttataaa     21300
     aaatgaatcg ctttctggcc attggaaatt aggcatggac atatatattg caattgtgat     21360
     tttcaaaagt aacaattcgc tttgtaaatg tttattatta ccatttcatg agtctcccat     21420
     tcatttgaat agagcgcttg gacccggaag ccacttcgcg tgacgtcacg cttaacaagc     21480
     ggacaggaca atttttaaat gggtttgttt ttggagtcaa attttgacta ctttatatgt     21540
     agtagcagcc attattaggc ccacatggaa tctgcacgcg cagaattccg cagatttctg     21600
     cagattttta gcccatcatt aattctgttt atttacttga gtaaatgtgt aaatctgaat     21660
     ttcagttttt ttttgtaatt tattactttt tatttcatat attaaggttt tagttatgat     21720
     acttcgctgg atactcccaa aataattccg cagaaatcca cagatttttt accaaaattc     21780
     tctgcagaaa tagcaaaaaa atgtccgtag attccatctg gccctggcca ttattaatgt     21840
     ccaggcaagt aaaatccata ctttatttaa acatatagat tttttaagaa tataaaaggg     21900
     tagttctact ttcacttact taatagtata acatttttgt atgggcttca ttagtttaat     21960
     ttgtgataac aataatataa ttgtggaaac attcatatct gattatacgt tgtatactct     22020
     atctcttgta agtttttgtt ttccatgcat tttctttggg cattgtaaaa gcaaaactac     22080
     taaaactaca gtttggcttt gttgtcaaat tgagcatttt ccttttctca acacaacctg     22140
     ctccaattaa tttatttaaa tttcattcat tcattgtcct tgagcttagt cccttactta     22200
     tcaggggttg tgaaagcgga atgaaccccc acacagaaga tgcccttcca gtcacaaccc     22260
     agtactggga aacacctata cacactctca ttcacacatg cactcatata ccactgccaa     22320
     taaacctaat ctaattcacc tatagtgcat gtctttagac tgtggggaaa ccagaacacg     22380
     tggaggaaac ccaggcaaag acgaggaaaa catgcaaacg cagagacctt cttgctgtga     22440
     agcgactctg ctaaccactg agcctccgtg ggagttaaaa acaaaagcaa atgtaaaatt     22500
     cagacctcac ttttggtcac tgttttgttc cttgtaaaat aaaaataaat atgttaaaat     22560
     ctgtaagaga atgtactgaa agtgtgctga atgtcctcaa aatgtaagga caattagcat     22620
     gaaatgccaa gaggcaagcg gaataaaatt agatatgaaa tgaattttcc taatacccaa     22680
     agcattttga taagtgataa gcaagcactt atttcctact gttttaatga gtttgaacaa     22740
     atgaactgaa aaagatccga ataccataac aatcacaatg tattcttgtt caaaggctgc     22800
     tttttgaaag cattgtacat aacctgtgaa ttttagcttt gtttgaaagg ccgtgtgcct     22860
     agggttataa cagtttagag catgtcatgc gcattgattt cagcagatgg gatcaattga     22920
     atgaagccac tgccactttg tcttggttgc aggaaactca gagggacagc tgtgtttttg     22980
     tgttcctcta cacgaggagc tggctttccc ttttcttgct tgtcagtcaa gctgaatgtc     23040
     aacatctgaa tgtcgatgtc tcgtggttat tgacttaggt atcctgagca caccggagcg     23100
     taacctcaga tttcgatact tattacctgt cagccggtgg ctgctttctt tttctatgct     23160
     tgatttggtt tcattccgcc cctgcggtca gcaactacac ttctatctcc attcctcttt     23220
     gtttgcttct gccactgaac tctctgcagg gtcactggat ttgtaagcta cctcagtact     23280
     gggaatttaa aaatagcatt tataaagcaa tttttactga ttcaattcaa ttcaaaccat     23340
     atgcatgtgt aatttcatac ataaaggagt taatatcagg gtgcgaaata caggggggga     23400
     tctgaccccc ctaattaacg cttgatcccc ctttaaggac atcaaaacaa gatgtatggg     23460
     gggtctgctc tttaatagtt aagaacttat ttgctctgat ctgtatccta aataatatta     23520
     ataattaaaa taatagatat acatttgacc ccccctatta cggttcaaac cattgcgaat     23580
     gcatgtttgc taaaaatatt aattcatcgg atttgaaacc ggcaaatcta gagcacaaac     23640
     agactaaaaa aggcatctgt aggtgtctgt aaaactagat gcatagtttg aattttatta     23700
     tacaccggct cccacatgaa agtttaacag tgaaataaaa tatgtgcagt ctttcttggt     23760
     cctctagtaa tataggagca gaaaagcaaa cctttcactg tttatttaat atcacaaatg     23820
     tcattgagaa ccactcaaaa tccctcaaaa cactaaaaca taataagttg attaattaat     23880
     tagatgtaac taaatcaatg aaatttggtt cactgaggca tattaccgaa cataaccgaa     23940
     aaacttcacc cttcctgatc gtcaatgtat aatgcgcact ctggataatg catacataaa     24000
     cctatttatc aaccaagtca atgacattaa atttatcaat taattcatgt ttatggatac     24060
     aaattgccct ttttgttcct tgtgaacttg tgaagtggtt gtggttgtga acaatttaat     24120
     tgggcttaat ttcaacacaa attaagttaa acattactaa tttaagtttg tctgtttaaa     24180
     ttcaacacgt ataaattgtt tgtgacattc agcatgaaat aaactaattt aatgtacttc     24240
     attagccagt atctttcttg cgtgcatgtt tgagacacta tattgttttc atactttgtt     24300
     atatattttg aaataaatta ttttcttcat atgcaataat agtcaacgtt aaatcaagag     24360
     atttaaaaaa tatatatatt ataggtaact tgccattgtc agatcagatt tcaagacaaa     24420
     ctatagtact ggtaaataaa tatttaaatg taaattgcaa tacattacac tgagagacaa     24480
     aaaatattga aatgaattac actgaaaggt cgtgctgggt aactcggaaa aaaattatat     24540
     ccatgaacag gaatcaatat taatcaatag atctgctttg aggctgggta tagcagacat     24600
     atataaagaa aaagcagttt actgacactg ttctcatctg actgcagttc atccctcatc     24660
     acctaatcca tgtttgtttg gctgaggcgc atgtctaaaa agtctcccat tttatgtggt     24720
     tgtaaaacat tctgcatgtc aataaacact attcttgtca agaaaaaatt agactaaagc     24780
     tacagttgtg agtagagtgg ccaaccctat ctccgccact gtattaatta tttttaaaca     24840
     ctgttgaacc taaaaaaaaa aagcattttg tttctgaatg attcagcatt ttttaaccaa     24900
     ccaagtgagg cactgattta aagatccatt taaaaaggca agcgctaaca tgactgactc     24960
     actcaactga actaatcagt tcagcactat aattttgatg tgattcaaca ctaaggttta     25020
     agaaggaaaa atacagcttt atccaagcag gaataaatgt cttaatagtc agattcaatc     25080
     ttataaaaca caattactca acaacaaaat tgtggccagt gaaaacccct acaccacttc     25140
     aaaccactaa atatggctta tataacatta gcttttcttc agggtttact aaatgttgag     25200
     ccagttcatg cctgacaaat tctcagacac attaggcatg ctgcactacc agggggttgt     25260
     ttactaatcg cagaataaat ctggctgttt ataccattaa gatgtttaaa aagagattga     25320
     ataaaatgtt ttccttaaaa caaaagtgca cgaatatcaa aaaaatccca tgtttgaaaa     25380
     gaaagtgaaa ctggcttgta gcaagcgagg ttaaacaagg ctaactctag ccaccaataa     25440
     aaaaaaacac gaaacaaaac acgacctggt gatgtcaaaa gcatcaaagc atgtcaaaag     25500
     gtatttattt cattactgcc gggatgattt tgtagcccag cgttctgctg tgatgctatg     25560
     cgacagacac aaggtggacg ctgggaagat tttctgccct gccgattccc tggttgcata     25620
     tccagtaacc cgtgctgccg accctgtcgc tgtcaatctc gccggcggag gagctctggc     25680
     atgtctcttc ctgctgcgct tgatcacgat ggcagagcac ttatgtaacc catgatgcac     25740
     ggccacgctg ctgctgttgc tgtcagccag gaaatcaatt tgcttggtgt ttctgctaac     25800
     taccccatca cctctgcatc gctgctttcc ttttgtcttc atttcacaag cttctctcat     25860
     tcgctctttt ctgaaaaaca gtcaaattgt gctttgcttc cagacttgct gctatagatt     25920
     gtcgtgtagg tgttcctgat ttgctaaacc cagacatttt gattcttcag aacggttcgg     25980
     cgcgtatttt gtgaaaaagc gtcaccacat gctttaaagt gtcacctatc gatctaggca     26040
     gatcctgaag ggcaatggca tagatttggc cacctgcttt cagcttgact caaaagcagg     26100
     tgagagatgc acgcagcagg tgcgagatca gacatggaaa tccagtgaat ttaggaacct     26160
     tgttcgtgac atttatttga ccccaggctg agtattactg gtcgtggtga cctttacatt     26220
     gtggcctgaa gcataagatt ttcatctttc attatgtgac agctccttgg tgagatgtag     26280
     acctcgtttg tcagaacaag aacgtgcagt gtctgccctt tacattaatt ctcgattcat     26340
     ataggacgta tatcttgcag cttagataat cagaaattga tgtatttttt tctacttgac     26400
     tatttcatta catctaaaat ctttttaaaa aagatgcaaa aaaacaatta taaatgccta     26460
     cgcacttgag aggaatcctt gagtcatcgc tggccttgga aaccttcagt ttcattcatt     26520
     cctcatttgg tggctgttat tttgagactg catgcccagt tgaacgctga aacaaacaaa     26580
     caaaaaaatt ggtgtaccta taaatcatac aaaatatcac aatgttctcc tacacggacc     26640
     ttttgtagct ccctcttgat aaaagaaatg gcttaaaaag tcaaaagatt atttccaaaa     26700
     ttattgttat ataaacctag aatatgaata aatattgaaa gctaaataaa aacttaaaat     26760
     actaataaaa tgattacaaa tgacttgtta tgatgcatta aacaaatgct taaagcaaag     26820
     aataactgat aaggtggtaa tttattattt tttatcagac ttagaactac ttagcagtga     26880
     gtttatgggt aactaattgc acatgcacct aaaaaaacac tcagaatcaa gcatttaaca     26940
     catttaatag tatgtgaaac actaacttaa cactttattt tattgtgttg tgaatgattt     27000
     caatatatcg cgtgagaatc gatattgcaa tgtgtgcgtc cgcaataatt cccatcacaa     27060
     gatttgcatt gttaaattgg gattatagat gaccaccaca gcttaaaaca caagaaattt     27120
     gtgtagaatt taagcacagt agagtgaaag ttcattatct gcatgtgttt tcaggcctgt     27180
     gacaatatac ctactttaat agagcataaa gaagtttaat aaagatacat tcatttattc     27240
     attttcttgt ctgcttagtc ttttgggaag gtgggtgggt gggggtttat gtttaatcaa     27300
     ctttgtaaac atgacatgaa gggattgtgt gaaacagcat tatttgcagt gaggtaatta     27360
     tttagccttc tacagacctg gatcatatct gcatatttac aagaaacaac tccacaccta     27420
     atgtttgtcg aacaattaac attcaactag tacaatagtg tatacagcaa tgttcattat     27480
     gttaacatac taagggttcc agtttttcta caggttgttt tccccctccc acaagtctga     27540
     tgctggcgca gacgtttgtt taacatgatc tggacacaat acacagatga tctgcacaga     27600
     tgatacacag tcctgttcta ttattcatgt ctgtgttctg gagtgttcgg tgctcacggg     27660
     gagaaatcaa ttaaccttta gggccgatag gagagacacc acccggcttg agaaatggaa     27720
     atgaatccaa aggttagcag agtgaaaccc cctgtaacag tcacagttat gctctttcat     27780
     gctcgcatgt gtttgccatc catctgtgtg acaaaaacta aaatgagtat cgcaaatcat     27840
     accactctct aatttgtaga attattttac atgccacttt ttcgttttca aatatttccc     27900
     aaatgatgtt taacggagga aattttcaca ttatgtctga taatattttt tcttatggag     27960
     aaaatattat atgttatatt tctgctagaa tgaaagcagt tttaattttt taaagcgttt     28020
     caaggttaat attattagcc cccttaagca atattttttt ccgattgtct acagatcaaa     28080
     ccatcattac gcaaggattt gactgaatac cctaactggc ctaattagcc tagttaaatc     28140
     atttaatgtc actttaagtt gaatagtatc tttaaaaaat ctagtaaaat atactgtcat     28200
     tatgcataaa attaatttgg aattagttat taaaactatc atgtttagaa atgtgatgga     28260
     aaatcatatt ccatcgtatt ttctgggcta ataattcagg gggctaataa ttctaatttc     28320
     aggagtaaat tcaaatggat ttgttgttaa tgtgcaaaat gttttcttga tgagcagaag     28380
     tttcatgctt tttttcccct gcactagaca taaggcagct tgtaaagtaa ataacttaca     28440
     gctcaaaaac accttgaaaa cagagcattt tctgctgggg tttaatgaat aacatctagt     28500
     tatgggtcac caacactttt ttttatatta gagggtagcc aaaagcctgg gactgataca     28560
     ctagtgtgaa gaacacagga ggaggagact ggcagatgag caggaaaaac tgctagactt     28620
     gaggccagat ttactaacag cttgtgccag cgcaaactct cttttggctt taaaaacact     28680
     ctgccaggat ttactaaaaa ttgcttttat atactgtagg caggtgtaat gaagccaagt     28740
     gctgtttatt gagtaataca aatctaaaaa caagcaatgt ataaccttca caaacttaac     28800
     ttaatataaa caaaaaaatt aacaatgact attagtctta atgaaagact atagatacaa     28860
     ttgaaggcaa aatgattagc cctcttgtaa agtgtttatt atattcaaat atttgtcaga     28920
     tgaagtttaa cagattaagg atatgttaac agtatttcct tttttttcct ggagaaagtc     28980
     tttcttcttt gagttttgat ggaataaaaa tcatcttttt ttcaatatta ttagccctct     29040
     ttaaattatc atttattgaa ttggctacag aacaaaccac tgctatccaa agacttgtta     29100
     aattagctta attaacccaa ttaagccttt gaagtcactt taagctgaat taaagcatgc     29160
     tgttaatcct cccgtttttt tgtttttgtt ttttttgctt ggattttccc gtattttatc     29220
     attctatctc gctatcatcc catttaagta tttcccccct tatttttaat ctttctatga     29280
     aaagtgaaag cactatcaac acatagagcc catcttaaac atgatataat tgcaaaagct     29340
     gttcaagaga atggtcctga atggtcctga aagagaactc ctgaatcagc gaatgcatgt     29400
     atgagtgctg actgacgtgc gataaactgt tcctagattg gcttctgtac acaaaattta     29460
     aagaagagca aaagtggaca cttttggatt tgggtgtgtg tttaaacaga caaatacact     29520
     ttatataata tgtaaacatg tccgtcctgg catgttttat tttaaacaac taattctgta     29580
     cacacaaatt taagaggagc gaaagtggac acttttggat tagggagtgt gtttaaaaag     29640
     acaaatacac cttatataat atgtaaacat gtttgtcctg gcatgtttac ttttaaacaa     29700
     ctaattctgt acatggaatt tgaagaggag caaaagtgga cacttttgca tttgggaatg     29760
     tgtttaaaaa gacgaataca ctttatataa tatgtagaca tgttcgtcct ggcatgtttt     29820
     attttaaaca cagttaactc tgtacactgg acactttgga tttgggtgcg tgtttacaac     29880
     acaatctcac agcaattcat aactttttga tttagtggct aattcgtaat tcgtacaatc     29940
     taattcgcac aatttagtac gatttgctca tcacccagtg acggttggga ttaggggtgg     30000
     ggttgggtgc cacgcctcct ttttaaaatc atacattttc gtacgactga acttgtacga     30060
     attagccact aaactcacaa aacataaaat acttccattt cctcgtaaga tcaggctagg     30120
     ttaaacagac aaatacactt tatacaatat gtaaacatgt gcgtcctggt gtgttttaat     30180
     taaaacaact aattctgtgc atacaatctc aagaggagca aaagtggata ctattgcatt     30240
     tgagtgtgtg tttaaacaga caaatgcact ttataatata tacacgtcag tccggccgtg     30300
     ttattttaaa cccaactaat tttgtcctaa atgagcacaa acagttatga aagtaatcaa     30360
     atgttttcat tatagatctg tgtattctta aagggacacc tctgtcatca aactaaacag     30420
     tggatcttaa agatttcact aaaaaaagaa gagcaacttt aatcaatatt taaatatagt     30480
     gaataaataa tcctgtatat cctgtatttt tacatcccaa tgttgacagg tacgaattaa     30540
     agcatatatg taggtgtcaa actcaatccc tggaggcccg cagctctgca tagtttagct     30600
     ccaaccacct ccaactcaca ccagcttagt ctctagtagt catgaacacc ttgattagtt     30660
     ggatcagctg tgtttgatta gggctggagc gaaacagaaa acctccagga aaccagtttg     30720
     agacctatgc tttacagtat cttgccacat aatgtgcact gtcatcatga caaaacacat     30780
     tattagaagt tagcacacta tcagataaac agcgctttaa tgtttaaaac tcaataaata     30840
     tatcacagca gggctaatca tgtctaactg tacctaacaa aatggtgttt ttgtttttac     30900
     acgaaacgct aaaacgcttg tgaattgact ctcaggtcag ctctgcaaat gtgcttgcga     30960
     tactgcattt gaataaatgg cacagtttga tcattcatta tccaatacaa tggcattcat     31020
     acatttttaa gcatgctcaa gtgacttgaa attgaagcat tctctaggac gttttgaaag     31080
     catcattact gcatttccat attttacata caataacaca ttttgaacac cagaacagct     31140
     catgagctca atatatcaat tatcctgcta atcccacaca gctttattct gtctttctaa     31200
     gtgtgtgctt agtagctctt tacctgatgt gggatttgag aagataatca cgctctggat     31260
     gaatcagata acttttttgt acttctaaaa taaagatgca ctaaagcact acagtgatcc     31320
     ctcttgatct atttaaatcc gtatcccctc tgaccataat gctgagcact tcagtcgaac     31380
     gagagggccg tggagagggt ttctcttttt cccacattgt tttatgattt tatttctgtt     31440
     ttaatgagag gagatcatgg tgggaacctc acattagtag tggcacactg acagaattac     31500
     aatagatgac attgtaaagt caatgagcat gaaaagcaag ggtctcaaac tctattcctg     31560
     gagggacgca gctctgcaca tttttgcttc taatcaaaca caactgctcc aaaaacaggg     31620
     tctcaaaaga gtctcgaaca ccttgattag ttgcatcagt cgtgtttgat tagggtaaga     31680
     gcaaaaccgt gcagagctgc ggccctccag gaattgagtt agagatacca ttttaaaata     31740
     aaaacctata ggtcataaaa cactctaatt ttcagctata tttgaatatt tgatgatttt     31800
     taaatgaatc gttttactca tatttacttg catcacactt tatgcttcta ctgtaattta     31860
     attaaaagtt tgtaattttg gaccaaactt tagtttatca gcagaatgtt tctatttgtt     31920
     tttgactttt gtttaaaaaa aatattttaa accaaattta cacttttatt taaataaata     31980
     aaagaacatt taaaaaaaaa aaactaatcc cgaaatgtat attttaaatg ttttttttta     32040
     atggtgtaac actcaaaaat gacctttgat gtttgttcaa actagttaat taacttattt     32100
     actacttatc attgagtttt tttgggagga gacaacttaa ttgttttatg ttcttgcatt     32160
     tgtaaaaact aataaaaaca aactaactaa aagtttcttc attttgtcac aacacaaatt     32220
     gattgatgtt aaacccagcg caataattac ctttgctgtt aatcaaatgg catgccatta     32280
     cattgcaatt aatgcctatg taaaacagca aaactttgat ctcttgatct aatcttcata     32340
     acattagggg ctctgtttta acgatctaag tgcaaagtgt aaagcgcatg tcacaaaaag     32400
     catgaagggc atgtctgaat cgacttttgc tattttgaga aaggaaaaat actgtttgcg     32460
     ccctggcaca tggtcttaaa agggtcttgc ttattctctt aatgagttat gggtgtgttt     32520
     tgagcataac acgcattaaa acaaaaagtg tctcatctct tatatttaat tttgtaattt     32580
     cgtttgttaa gcacaaagat ttatttcaaa actatttcta aattcagttc taatttctag     32640
     caaacaaata aatgaacaat aataacgaag tgtggtcgaa catttggagt tatatccaaa     32700
     cgcacgtcct attattatac cctatatgga caaatctaaa cttgctaata ttaaaaccaa     32760
     aataaatatg catataataa ataatactgc tcataataac attatacaaa tgcaaattgt     32820
     cataaataaa ctgaaaaaaa gcctgttgag atgaggaagg catgaaggca tggtttttat     32880
     atttatgtaa aaaagttttt tttgtaacat ttgaatcctt tattttttca tatgtaaaga     32940
     tatctgtgta ttgttgtaca tcctgtgtgt attaagcaat gtgtaagcat ttggacccgc     33000
     ataggcgcat gaataatgtg ctcagcactt gactttagac cagcttttag ttggtcaatg     33060
     gcgcagtgta tttcagattc tcaaaacagc aatgtgccta cagtgcgcct taacacacct     33120
     cctttttaga ccagcacacc cataactcca caaagtggtg caaatggata tgctatttaa     33180
     acaacgtggt gcaaagtgtg aaaattaaag ttgcgctggt ctgaaaatag caacaaatca     33240
     cagcctacat gccttgcgcc tcattgcgcc gggtttatga tagggcctta ttagtctatt     33300
     cagcatcatc tgcacaacac tgatctctct ctctttctct ctcttgtaaa attggatttt     33360
     gtgtcaaccc aggctctata acatgggcgc ataacataaa tattcacatc cccgcagtga     33420
     aaccaggtca gctctcataa acatattctt attataatgc aacagctctg agcagagaac     33480
     aattctctga ctcacaatct ttgccatttt aagcatgttc cacgacccaa atatgattgc     33540
     cgaattaccc attggagcaa ttcataacca acagatcctt ggaggggatg aaaaaagagc     33600
     tcatgaaatt caaagtatat tcatcataat gattcacact gctgatccca agcccagaaa     33660
     accctgcctt ttcatgaaga caaagtggcc tctgaaaaca cagtcctgtc tacaaataaa     33720
     tattgttatg ctttgagtga ttaatttgta cggcagcaag cttttgttgt gggttttaac     33780
     acattacact gcgagtcgag ctctttaagt atcatctaat ccactaaaga gtccaattaa     33840
     accagtgaga ggctcgcagt cgctagagga aagagagcaa acacaccagg ctaaagattt     33900
     ttcggatcag ctatcagggg ccattattga tgtcacgctg gctgcctttt tcatgtttgc     33960
     aatcctcagt cgacacacac ttttgctgcc gctcaaaaag ctcttcttaa agcaaatcct     34020
     cccccatgct ggcagtgaag ttaggactcc caccgtatca gtttctaatc agatctcaca     34080
     gtaggcctct tttcaccggc tccagttcat atcactggca tgcaggaggg ttgcatcaga     34140
     tgctttcaac ttttataaga ggcaatgatg cagtcttacc tgtgcctatt atgatgggca     34200
     gtattttata ttggtatttg cttaattgga ctgtttttcc tttatctctc tttgttttca     34260
     ccagaaacca tttagataac acagcattga tttttctgaa gtctgtaatg tggccgactt     34320
     cgatttagga gattcctgaa gggagtgcag aaaaggcttt aaattggaga tgcccatgaa     34380
     ctggagacaa tgaataaaag cccaagtttc gacttttcat ttgactacca tatatatata     34440
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     34500
     tatatatata tatatatata tggcgtaaga tatttgacca aatgatgatc aaaacattgc     34560
     agattgagcc cttgcctaaa actctagatt aaattaaatc taagaaagtg acagatttta     34620
     atctaatgaa tgttttgttc acatgctaac aaaattattg taaatacagg ttttccaatc     34680
     agaatctaga catggacggc atttgattaa tgccgtactg atagctggaa atctcttaaa     34740
     tggatagttt actgaaaaaa aaaagatatt ctgttatgtt ttatttactt ttacttgttc     34800
     caaacctgtt ctttcttctg tcgaatacaa gagaaagaag atattttgaa gaatgttgga     34860
     agcttgtaac catacaattc cagtagggaa acaaatatta tgggagacaa agtttacagg     34920
     tttccaacat cctttattgt atcttctttt gtgttcaaca gagaagaaaa ggtttggacc     34980
     aagtccagtg agcgtaaatg atgacagatt ttttattttt gagtgaaata tccatttaaa     35040
     caagtgtata gccaatttat ttttgattgg ctgcagtatt attaataatc ccctttccct     35100
     tcatgaacga catgtgaatc aaactaaaca gaattaaaca ctagtagtaa ttactaaata     35160
     ctaataccta aagcatctga agttttttct gtaagttaaa tgtgttttat aaactaatta     35220
     gtaaataaat gctactagct agctaaggca acattctgcc tctaaagttt gcaagttggc     35280
     gggcactaaa ctttaaacac acaaaaagac tgatttctat agtgactgtt gtgaattttt     35340
     cccctcacaa actagccttg tcttgtcaat atagtttttc atgtttacaa actatttttt     35400
     gtaaactgga tgttttatat gcacatgcat atgaaaaata ttagtaagtt acgaagcatg     35460
     ctatctatct cggatccaaa aaagcctgtt catgctttta tgacatctag gctagattac     35520
     tgtcatgctc tgcttgctgt ttgcccagca ttctctatga ataaacttca gttagcgcaa     35580
     aatgcagctg ccagagttcc taccaggtaa agaaaatatg atcacatcac tccaactttg     35640
     tcttctttac actggctgcc tgttaagttc catataaaca ataaaatatt gctttttacc     35700
     tataaagcct taaataattt agcgcctgtt tatccaacca tccttcagcc tcaaaactca     35760
     ggggttctgg ttatacccag aatagcaaag tctactaaag gaggtcgagc ctgatcattt     35820
     atggccccaa aactccgaaa tagccttcct gataatgtcc gaggctcaaa cacacaaaac     35880
     tagattaaag acctatctgt atacatacat cccttaacgg tatgatgtat gagtgtgctc     35940
     catgcaggtg agtgggcatg acagaccaca cctgtagggc acactcctcc tgtcttaaag     36000
     catgcttaag gcatgttgtt agaaatactt atatgcttta tatgtttgtt tttataactt     36060
     atattttctt ttagagcact tcattttcac attgacatat ctctttttga aatatattat     36120
     gaacagcagc tatgttaatt attttctctg ctctctattt ccacctgggg atgcccatcc     36180
     cgagacctat agagatgtga tgggatacat tgatgggata caagacctgt gaggagataa     36240
     tgacaaccat caaggacttc caggacatca tagacatcac ctatatgcta tacaattgcg     36300
     ggttaaccat gcctatatac agtaacttaa tttgactaca atgcaatttt gtgcaccttt     36360
     tgtaaagctg ctttgaaact ataattattg caaaaagcgc tatacaaata aacttgaatc     36420
     gaattgaatg tatttgacca gacatcacag ttaaaatatg aagtagtaga gtttgtgaat     36480
     tttgtttgat tgctaaaaaa ttgctttcct acatttgcca tttaacattt atagttttgg     36540
     taatctttat agcctgtagt cgatctactg gacaatatta ttttccttgt gaacatctaa     36600
     agtctctttt tctgctgttt gtaaatgagc acaattttct atcattagca gcagattcac     36660
     aaaaccagca ctgaggagga tgacagagag agagagagag agagatcgtc ctgtcctaga     36720
     cgtgttctga ctgacattgt ctgtaaatta aaagcctggt ccatttatct tctgtcacca     36780
     aaaaccttca gatatgagtt cagagaagga gcaacggctg aaaacacgga atgtggaatc     36840
     aatatcaaat ccagctttta tttcatgtta cattctgtct gagcgaggaa ggagaacttt     36900
     acctgcagct cttggtacac tgtgaaataa ttttattgta ttgattttgt gctgttgtgc     36960
     cgctctgtct gacttggcag tgatgctgtt ttggtgacct cctgccatcc agatgcagac     37020
     atgcttccag caatcgatca gcacgacagc ttcagtggca tttatgctgt gcactactac     37080
     atataacaac aggtttcaat gcacacttca ctgaaacaag tgggcacttt tttttataat     37140
     gcccagattt cctggttaat tttattaaaa aaataaaaaa atatataaat aaataatata     37200
     tatatatata tatatatata aataataaga aacagcacta acatactatg tgtatttata     37260
     ataatacaaa tatttattat tatcattatt attatcatcc ctattttttt aaagaatagc     37320
     taatagatta aataatagat tatatgtttt ttatattaaa aattattatt atttttttat     37380
     taaaaatgtt gtgacagagt tagctataat atttttacta tttttaaaaa tagtacaata     37440
     tacacgtaca gtataatata taaaacacat tatcaaatca gtggatgcat atttgatttt     37500
     cttcatgcca aactttaagc acagttttaa aatgattaaa agtggtactc tctctaatat     37560
     gaactggtat tttatttatc tttttgctgc tccgactgaa aaaaactgat ttctcgagta     37620
     taactgaaca attaccttta atagatgacc tagactgtct tgaattgtcc ttgcagacaa     37680
     tcatacatag tttgagaggt ggtggtgcaa gatcgttaaa tattttatac atcaaacaca     37740
     catcagcaat atatatgctc tcaaaaaatg ttttttcttc ttgctcaagt ttcgaattcg     37800
     aatttcgaga ggatcatgtg cttatgattg accacggctg gtcctgtctt agcaaacaca     37860
     tggttcacaa atcagctgat tcctaactca ccataaataa ccagagtttt tttacctcag     37920
     tatcttcatc ttgaagaacg ccccccttct atgcctactc ccttttccta gatagggcag     37980
     caccagcact gttgcctcac agaaagaatg tcactggttc aagttcttac cttgccagtt     38040
     aacgtttctg tgtttacatg ttctccccgt gctcgcgaca gtccaaagac atgcaacaca     38100
     gtttccataa ttgtacttta tttatagata aagatctgtg gttctgcata caatgacttt     38160
     attttgctgg agtttattgc cgtcacttta ctattcactt tacttcagga tgcattaatg     38220
     ccgcattgta cagtaggtct atttttagac attcgtattc ctaataaatc ttataaatgt     38280
     tggagacata ctcactacac aaacgcgcta aatcaaactt cagcagagtg tatttgagag     38340
     ggtacgagaa gatctgcgct tgagcagcgt atatttgagg gggcgtgcaa gaggttttga     38400
     gcacaagcag aggaactcgg cgcgcaagca cactcgtatt gcacgtaaat gcgatctcga     38460
     cttgtaatac tgcactcacg acatttctcc atttgtcatt gaaataacac cctagatagt     38520
     tggtagattt gtgtaaaagg tctgccgcaa cagctggaaa aaatcctaga agaaacactt     38580
     cttttaacat ttagtaaaaa taacaagtgt acataaaaaa ataaacatta atgcatgatt     38640
     ttattataca catttatttt catagatttg tatgcattaa aacttgttat tacatttatt     38700
     tattagtatt ttttgtaata ttttaataga atcttataaa tgcactcaaa aactgatctt     38760
     gctgcttatt caaaatactt aaaatgagtt aatatgagta aatgtcatta gtaaatgtca     38820
     ataagtcatt ttgtggcctt gtagatttca ttaatattaa tatgtacact ttatttaata     38880
     aaattaattt cctgatttta gggcattttt ttgctttgaa attaattaaa aatgcctgta     38940
     ataaaatcta atcaatttta ttataagaat tatctgttat ttttaaataa tttcaaaaag     39000
     agaaaatatt aattaaatcc aacttgattt tattatgaga atttagctgt tatttttgaa     39060
     taattttaga aagagaaagt attaattaaa tccaacttga ttttattata agaatttagc     39120
     tgttattttt tttgaataat tttagaaaga gaaagtatta attaaatcca acgtgattga     39180
     aatgagcatt ttcaaattag ccaggggcac acaagttagt aatgctgcgt ccaaaatcgc     39240
     atacttatgc actattctac gccattttgt agtataaata gtgtaagtag tgtgttcaca     39300
     ctgaaaactt taaaaataat aagtgcagtt taattacccg gatgatgcac tcattcagcc     39360
     gctaaaatga agtgtgtaac gatggacact tcacgcactc aacgaccgca gtagcttaca     39420
     tagcggaagg ggcggagcta ttgggtgcac atgttgaata actttattta ttttggatag     39480
     tgaaagcaaa attcttctac gagattgatt atagcgcctg gtgaatgcgg caatactctc     39540
     ggcaggtatt atttgataat ttggtcgttt atttcactga tttggcaacc gtcaaacgtc     39600
     atcagggaaa cggtttcaat ttccgcttag taaaaaaaca ttagtgtgcc atttgggacg     39660
     ccactaaata catatactat gctgttgagt gtgtaagtgc acaagtacat agtgcatgag     39720
     tgcatagtgt atagtgtgcc atttgggacg cagctaatga atttatgttg tacactaaac     39780
     aagaaatgag tttttgctca tatctttata aaatggaaat tgtacgctaa ttgcattcaa     39840
     aaaaatatct gttcgagaaa aaaaactcat ttcatgttca atgcattaag atgccagatc     39900
     agcggatgac tatagttaca atcaaatatg cctttaatgc agctggcagt gttgtttcct     39960
     cactctctct ctctctctcc ctttcagata ctgtttgttt ttcaaagaat ctctctcagt     40020
     ggaaatgtgt gtctagatga accagagcgt gcaaacagat aaagttaaac agaaatacca     40080
     caaaagtcta tgccacgata acagcccctg cacacctttg gtctccaaag tgttcaaaag     40140
     catctcgctg tcaggtgtga gacagcagca gaaggaagag atctgataac attgacagcg     40200
     aacccaaaag ggcagcgggc acataaaggg tctgcggtgg aacatgtaca gctgctgcct     40260
     ggagttattc tggtcacaga tcacccgcag agcagcagcg taacacatta cacgcataca     40320
     gagagaaaca gctggataga aaagtgttca ctactgcatc taatcactaa ccaatgcgga     40380
     gggattttta ggcattttgc acacactttt gcaattgcag tacatgttat ggctttgaaa     40440
     tcaatcttca tttacatttt acaattatac ttttcaattc tcagaaaata gttctaaatg     40500
     actgcataaa tgatatatga tgagtcttat ggttctgtgt ttttaatgag tcaatactgc     40560
     gttcaaatct atgatataaa catatgtgat aaaaagatgg ccaattcttc aaatgtaact     40620
     taagatactt aataaacaaa acatttaagt gacaatatag tttaggtaac aattaacact     40680
     attaactagt gacttatgac cagcctgtta ttaaattata agttatataa gacataagat     40740
     atactataaa taataataaa aggcaaaagt catatattaa tgatttattg gtttccattt     40800
     gagaaagata tgagcaaaaa ctcatgccat gttcaatgca ctaaaatgcc agatcacaga     40860
     gggactatgg taataaacaa agataggttt aaatgcaact ggcgtccatt taaatttatt     40920
     tatcataaga catatgatag attataataa aaaagcaaat taggatttta ttgatgcaaa     40980
     agtcatagtt aatggtttat tattagcaat aattgcacat ttaaattaaa tgtgattttt     41040
     ggggggtgaa acttatgttc aagtcactta aatttgttca gttaaattaa ttgatttgtg     41100
     ttgggacaac ataaataaat tgtgtggctg tttttacaga atacacacaa tatggaaaaa     41160
     aatgcagggt taaacacatt tagttaacgt tatagactga acacgaactt tctaaaatgc     41220
     aaattgtatg tacattgcgt gtgtttcctt tgcaattaac atacaatttc catttgaaaa     41280
     agatatgagc aaaaactcat ttcatctcca atgcactaag atggcagatc acagaaggat     41340
     tatagttata ataaattatg tcttgaaaga gtgctactca tgaatgcctt gcatgaatga     41400
     aactggcatt taattagtgg cttattacca gcctgttatt aaaatataag ctatcacgca     41460
     aagtggcttc ccggtccaag cactctatca aactatagga agactcaaca aatggtaatt     41520
     ataaacattt acaaagtgat gtaatacttt cgaaaattac gatcataata tatttacagt     41580
     tgaagtcaga attattagcc ccccattgaa tttttttctc tattttctta aatatttctc     41640
     aaatgatgtt taacagagca aggaaatttt tacagtatgt ctgataatat gttttcttct     41700
     gaagaaaatc ttatttgttt tattttgact agaataaaag cagttaaatt ttttaaacaa     41760
     cattttaagg acaaaattat tagccccttt agactaattt ttgttctgat agaacaaacc     41820
     atcgttatac aataagttgg ctaattaccc taacctgcca agttaaccta attaacctag     41880
     ttaagccttt aaatttcact ttaagctgta tagaagtgtc ttgaaaaatc tagtcaaata     41940
     ttatttactg tcatcatgga aaagataaaa taaatatcag ttattagaaa tgagattatt     42000
     aaaaatatta tgtttagaaa tgtgttgaaa aaaaaaacgg ggaaaaaaat aaacaagggg     42060
     gctaataatt cagaggggtc taataattct gacttcaact gtatatatat caatgcctta     42120
     tatcagatgg ccagaaagtg attaatcttt tataagttgc tcaaatattt gtaatgcagc     42180
     aagtcctgag actgttgtgt acatcatgat ttaatataaa attaaactta attgagtaat     42240
     atgactaaaa aggggtcata aataaatatt ttttcaatta aaatgagcag tggtgttacg     42300
     caccgttgtg taatgcaaag gagaaaatcg aagtgcagtt ccaaatgctg catttaacaa     42360
     atatttaatg aaagactata acaaaacaaa actaaaacaa ggcaaaactc accaagaaac     42420
     acacgggcat catgagagca acaacaacaa caccaaaaac aacaaagcag gcaacgaaag     42480
     gggaacgtaa tctaatatag atagtcctgt aattagtagg aataaaccac agctgtgagt     42540
     atgtgagtgt gtgtgtccaa atgaccatca gctgtggcag gagagattag tgcaaagcat     42600
     ccaggtagtg gtagtttata tagtgtgtgt gcagttttcc agcaatcagt gcaggttaga     42660
     tcgctggtga tggtgacaat cggtttgggc ccagaaagag tattcctcat gtcatgacaa     42720
     agagatatga gatataaaat agattataaa taataataaa aagcaaagtt ggtattacac     42780
     tgagacaaaa gtctaagtta gtgttaataa tgttaataaa gtcatagtta atagcaatat     42840
     ttgtacctta aaattaaatg tgacaaaaat atatttcaat atttttttac atttagaaat     42900
     tataattttt atttaaaatt atacataaga ttattattat tcagtttttt taataatact     42960
     gtgcatgcag aaacaaatgt tgctttccat tattttgaaa ttaattgtaa ttttatttgg     43020
     aaaactacaa ttttctattt aaattaaata gtattattgt tattttaaaa tacgaatact     43080
     tgtcgtaacc actgttctaa ccatctagca gataaagctc ctttataaac gtagatccgt     43140
     gttttcagca gactctccag caatggaaac gtctctaata ctgatcatga attatcagcc     43200
     gatcattcac agagctacag tatcattcac tcctgcccat tgatcttata taagactctt     43260
     ttatataacc cagtgtactt gattacataa ggtgtgaaga tcacctttaa cagtctcaga     43320
     accaccataa ataacacact tttgtcacat tcctctattg aagagaaatg tctgggttgc     43380
     tttacatcca tgaatagaca cttttagagg ctgtgggctg atatgaatga aaatatcttt     43440
     caatatttca acccctgtga gccaacgcta agtgaaggtt ttatgcggca tggatttgtt     43500
     agttatgact tgcgctctaa aagccaatac ggccttctga tatgcggcca cgcttggcca     43560
     aatgtctcac tggtgaatgt ttcagatgaa cgctttcgtg agatatcttt ctcagggagc     43620
     ttaattcaca gaatataaaa actacacggc catttattca acacatttga gaatgcattg     43680
     gtgttattgc tttatataac aaagaaagca caattcattt tataggaaga cactacaaga     43740
     aaaatagttt aaggtgcaga aatatgtctg gttttactca gtaaaaataa aagatgtagg     43800
     tgtaaaatga ttggatattt tctggttaac agatactggt ggaacataca gtgggggaaa     43860
     taagtattca tcatgtattg aataagtatt catcataact tttcaatcca gatggaaggg     43920
     gcaacaatta ctgcatccaa aatggtaaaa agctttggag taacgattga tgaccaacta     43980
     aacttctctg accacatttc tagaactgct caatcttgca gattcgcact ctataacatc     44040
     agaaaggtcc gacccttcct atctgaacat gcagcccaac tccttgttca agctcttgtt     44100
     ctctccagac tggattattg caactctcta ctagccgggc ttccagctaa ctctatcaaa     44160
     cctcttcagc tgctccagaa cgcagcagca cgagtggtct ttaatgaacc taaaagagca     44220
     catgtcactc cgctactcac ccttttgtac tggctgccag ttgctgctcg catcaaattc     44280
     aaagctctga tgtttgctta taaagtgacc tctggctttg ctccttatct gctctcactt     44340
     ctgcagattt atgagccctc cagaaacttg cgttcagtga atgaacatcg ccttgtggtt     44400
     ccatccctaa gagggaagaa atcactttcc cgaactctct cattcaatct gcccagttgg     44460
     tggaatgaat tccctcactg catcagaacg gcagagtctg tcttcaagaa acgactaaaa     44520
     actcaactaa ttagtctcca ctttccttcc taatctgcaa ttgtctctct ggctataaca     44580
     ctaactgtac tcaaaaaaat aaaaaataaa ataaaaattc ttacattacc aatgctttcc     44640
     ttcttagact ttacacacct gaaacttgcc tacagcactt attcattgtt gctcttatag     44700
     ttgtgtaaat tgcttccttg tcctcattta taagtcgctt tggataaaag cgtctgctaa     44760
     atgactaaat gtaaatgtaa atcatgtaat gttttttttt cagataataa tatttctaaa     44820
     ggagctgttg acaacaaatt gaattagttt ttggtaaaac cctaacctaa cagagttagg     44880
     catgtagatg caatctaact taaattcaac aaaccatcaa tataaagtgt gaccgataac     44940
     gtaaaggtaa ggtaaaaaat accttaatta gtccaaacct ttgactgcta gttattctgc     45000
     agtctacata aacatacaaa gcttactact gtttcttcca caagagttat atgaggacac     45060
     tttacagtga atcatgcgag actgcagaga aacaatcaaa tctacaagct gtttctccta     45120
     cataataaac acactgatgt ttgcctttaa gtcaaagttc tagacggcaa gctgtaacaa     45180
     tcagggttta atctcttgct gactgaaggc gacgagtaaa tcaccagaga gttactgctc     45240
     aacatcttcc ttccatcatg ttgtcttaag gtccaagcta agtcactcca ctctcacctc     45300
     tcaacattta agaccaattt ccccaaataa ccttccgcaa atgtttgtta acctattaga     45360
     tgcgttgcag ggtgactgtt ggtagcttaa catgtcatgc agggctcatc gtcatccatt     45420
     aaacacagat gtggctgtag acccatgctg agacgctcct ttccatccct gcccaccgtc     45480
     ttgtacaaaa aagccgatgg cggagattag cggtggacgc tcgttctaat tggagtttaa     45540
     ttatagccta gctaggcggt agggaagacc tgcaccggca gtccccaaca agtattgact     45600
     ggcgacgggg ttgccttggc aacggggcaa tcaaagagca aggctgatga atggtgaacg     45660
     tctgtttcag agtaaagctg tggtccagag catttttgca ctggaaagaa gacacatgca     45720
     tgcatatgtt aagcctcgga ggtatctgat atcgacagta ttactgttta atgtatgttg     45780
     gggtcaaata accaacatta atgcatgttt attggtgcac aacagatgtt tcgatttaac     45840
     cgctctgtga ttacaagctt ttgttattat aaacacaaat tacaagaact ttctatatac     45900
     actatacaat cagatatggg actgcgcaga gatttcagtt tgctcttttg acattttaat     45960
     gccatttgtt gccatggtga tcctagaaat gatagcagta acaggaatgc agtaattgat     46020
     tttcattcat caagctccct ccttctgatt tatttccttc tagacaatta ggaaagaata     46080
     aacatttaac gtaatgataa ttaaatgctt gattgttttc atttaataat tgacaattag     46140
     aacaattgat tgataaggcc taatccaaat tctatttttg tacccctacc cattcccctt     46200
     ggcccttgaa acagagtctg aaggggaagg gcttcaaatg taccactaag aaaagggaca     46260
     gcattacaac acctgcacac gccatcatgt catcgtgatc tcttgcttta tacgagatta     46320
     acgatggcga ctgctgtagt tattccagtt gcattatttt ttgttattta tctttaggaa     46380
     atcactgagg gcaacgataa aatgttatca tgacaataaa atttggcaat aagatagtaa     46440
     ctatactggc cataatcatc aatgtaaaca catgaaaaca acattaacat tataccagac     46500
     actgtaaaaa gcccatacaa agacttttct gacaggttat cccagtgtca tcgagtgtca     46560
     gaaggatgtg ggaatgctat aaatgagtta ttattataga ttagatagca acatttagcg     46620
     gtttttattg tagcgttttt ttagctcaac agtaaaacac aaaggaggtt atgaatgtat     46680
     taaaatatat acttggttgt tgtaaaaatt cataattatg atcaaaaaaa tacaaatttg     46740
     tgcatctctt tacttctgtg tgcagccatg ctgctgttgt agctggtgta ttcttggaca     46800
     ttttcttacc ccttggttcg gagtgtgctt ctgaaaaatc tttgtttcga gggctattca     46860
     gccattcccc ttagccctac actttgaagc taaggagaat tgggaaaacc ctatcccttc     46920
     acgtgaacgc gcaaaacaag ggataagggc agggactaat ttaatatcaa caataattta     46980
     ataagggcac ctcattttac caatccccct cctcacacgc atctcgcccc gctcttcact     47040
     ttcttctgcg actccccaac cctctttact tatgtccatg acatttatgc caaatgcgtt     47100
     acccctatat gttccgggac ctcgcaattt acaaatgaag cataagggta tggggctttt     47160
     ggcttgtgta atggctgtgc tgtcacaaca gcgtaatact atctgcctgg caggaagggc     47220
     ttttaaatca accataaaca agtatttttg aaaacatttt ttaaaattaa ttgtgactta     47280
     gttgccagca atttctgagg gaatacgttt cttaaccatt ttggtttttc agtggatgat     47340
     acacgtttat tgcagtatta ctttaacagt attaatttat taatagatgc agttcaacag     47400
     atgattcatt ctgtcacttt tccaaatgac caacttgaag tcaagttatt acaactggtt     47460
     attactttaa tagtattaca ttaacgaaca tacataatgc aacaaaaatg aatactacta     47520
     ccactactaa taacaataac acaattatta ttattattat tggttgttta ttcattcatt     47580
     tccttattaa gatgcaaaac taaagcaatt ccttctaata gatttagcac catatgtcta     47640
     aggattgtac atttttgtta gtctctgatt aaaacaatat acagggtgcg aattacaggg     47700
     ggtttgaggg taagggtggg ttattaaaaa atattttaat actgagaaaa aagttgctct     47760
     gctttctatt ttaaatatta atgttcataa ttaaaattaa tatttaaaaa tctaattaat     47820
     attataagta tacatttgac cacccctata acggtacata ccagtatgta tgcgtaatca     47880
     cgccaatcag tctgcgagaa aaaaagtcat taacagtctg ataccggcag atttagagca     47940
     ccaatagaca acataactgt cacaagacat gtagttttca taaaatagct gtatgcagta     48000
     accttagaag tacctaatca gatactgtag gtcagaatac acaaaatatt ccacaaaaca     48060
     ctaaaaactt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     48120
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatttta ttaaatattt agatatttta     48180
     aataaataaa tacatttgat tcactaaagc atgtattaca aaaactaaca ttgctgaaaa     48240
     agttgacccc tccgatcgtc aatgtataat tcgcaccctg actatataca gtatttttca     48300
     tattatttct ctgttttatt ttggtctgag catcacaaga ccataaatga taaaaaagga     48360
     actgaaaact actaggaaaa atatgtaatt tagtcactct aatagcttgc aagcttgcga     48420
     ccaaacaatc aagcatttca atctcaactc tgcctgatag acatgcacta agcaatgtgt     48480
     tacagttctg tgagaatgac tcttttatga ataatgactt cacagggggt gtccagaggg     48540
     ttagccatcc agaggtaatc actcagaaca gcccagtgtg aggctctcac tggcctccac     48600
     tcatctttag atgtctgtgt gcgcccatga atatgtgatt gtgtgtggaa aaaagtaatg     48660
     atcagaaatt ttagagcacg cttgtgtgcg tttctccagg atatgcatta atagacaaac     48720
     tctagttatt ctgagaggac agcataaagg ttttgctgat gtattgcgta aatatatcat     48780
     ataaaacaaa atgacatatc acaaagtcac atatcacaca aaataagata cagcatgagc     48840
     attaaatcac ataaaacata cactaactga caaaagtcgt cacctgtcca agttttaaga     48900
     gcaacaaata ataacttgac ttctagttga tcatttggta tcagaagtgg cttatattaa     48960
     agacaaaggc ctctagataa cgcttatttt aactaaataa attatgataa tacgttgatt     49020
     tttaattatt taattaagac agtaaggtct gactttgcat taaacaaaag tcttgtcact     49080
     gaactgaaat atataaagtc atggtgcagt ggaaaaataa tgaagattgt gtatgacttt     49140
     cgtgaacttg aaagactgca tccatacatc tctgcaatga ctcaattaac ttattaataa     49200
     agtcatctgg aatggcaaag aaagcgttct tgcaggactc ccagaggtca tcaggattct     49260
     ttggattcat cttcaatgcc tcctccttca ttttacccca gagaagctca ataatgttca     49320
     tatctagtga ctgggctggc ctatcctgca gcaccttgac cttctttgct ttcaggaact     49380
     ttgatttgga ggatgaagta tgagaaggag cgctatcctg ctgaagaatt tgctctctcc     49440
     tgtggtttgt aaagtaatgg gcagcgcaaa tgtcttgata cctcaggctg ttaatgttgc     49500
     catccactct gcaattctct cgcatactga atgtaactcc aaaccatgat tttcccttta     49560
     ccaaacttga ctgatttctg tgagaatctt gggttcatgt tggttccagt aggtcttctg     49620
     cagtatttgt gatgattgag atgcagttca acagatgatt cattctgtca cttttccaaa     49680
     tgaccaactt gaagtcaagt tattacaact ggtatcaatt acaagacttt tgtcaggtag     49740
     tgtataagcc ataagatgta tcctttccag ttttgaatgg aaaattggta cctgttagtt     49800
     agtgagctag tgatctacat aaaaaaaaga aaaaagtctg aaagatcaac gtaagtgaac     49860
     caaccttact tttaacaagg ctcaatttcc caatcccaca atggtattct ggggcagtga     49920
     accatcgcac agatgaagaa ttcatttaac ctttaaagga atgagaagtg atggagcaaa     49980
     ttatacacgt ggccttagga tcctgtctgt taagcatgtg attaaagaaa aacaacagct     50040
     tctaattact ggtccatcag cggcaggaga aacaagtagc tgcatttgac ttggttaaag     50100
     gtcagcgtgc tgttttctta tccaactaca tctaaaaatg acttaaagtc gaatgttttt     50160
     ctacctcttg aactgtatgt caaatgtaaa cacgaaatac atttgctgta tattttgcta     50220
     gctgctcact gctacatgat cactagcctg tgacagagca tcattgtatt ttaactacca     50280
     aaacaaattg gctggaagca gagctggtga gataaataac gcattgagaa atctgctcga     50340
     tttaattata ctcatgcctg aaatgtgcaa acatttaaga gaagtccttg tgcgctgttt     50400
     agactgcttt gcctgccaaa tagctccacg tgtcacgaaa acaaacctaa gtgatacttc     50460
     ctccatgatg agagtgtgat attttctctg taaataaaga gccatttgaa agagcaattt     50520
     gggcttctgc aaggagagtt cctgctgctc taatggaggc tggtgaagat gcgagccatg     50580
     ggagtgtctg tacttaatgg cgtactatag aaaccatgcc acagaaaagc ccataggcaa     50640
     cacctcattt tatttaaatc aagcaattgg cacatgctat ttaatgctgg tgttttgatc     50700
     gacctattgc accagtcaaa agggtcgaag atgtggaaaa atacatttta tgatcagcaa     50760
     gttaccatca gttctcataa tttgtcaata tccattgcct accattgacc accatgttat     50820
     agtgagacaa cagcatttat ctacacttat ctgagcaaaa taatagtaag tgctgcgttt     50880
     attgcatctg cttgtgcaca ttaacattca tttgaacttt atccagagca agagtggctc     50940
     tcagctttaa gtacaggctg ttataattac atttcagcac catggacagc cccaattgct     51000
     agcacattga ggagacttca cattgaataa caggtcactt atgcccagag actgtataat     51060
     tgtaatgcct tttttttttt ttttttaaat tgtcattcct ggaaagagaa attcacagcc     51120
     tatggcacac acacacattc acacacctct aagaaaacag gtaatgcatt tcctagcata     51180
     cactgttatc gtgatcggca aacgcattag gaaagagcat gattgcatcc aactggaaca     51240
     aacgcaagac tcgagcatgc atatgttgca aaatgtggta ttaaataatt gttaaacatt     51300
     gaatagataa ttagaaactg aaataataaa aataataata ttgtaataaa taataagttt     51360
     atctcttgta attgtctcag aatttacact ttttttcttg ttattcattt tttcgatctt     51420
     ataattttct gacttttatt ttttagaatt ccaagtttgc atcctgcaat ttttaatctt     51480
     gtaatatcta acatttcaga gcaaaagaat tctaatatat atatatatat atatatgctt     51540
     agaaaaaaac taagtatttc tggaaataat tctgtattgt gaaaaataaa gtgagcaaga     51600
     tataaataaa ctgagatata ttttatttaa aaagctagga actcatattt tgagttagaa     51660
     actctttata attcttactt ttttgttaga attggtattt ttgctagatc tgagtttctc     51720
     aatactctca caattatata tttctaaatt gcatgtgtgt taagatttac tgattttaaa     51780
     ttagtcattt tttaaaatat ttttaatgca tggttataaa tatctatcta gcagttatta     51840
     atatttaaca gcttacatgg tggtttattc aaagttgaag tgtaccctga aactttagta     51900
     aaactgtata accactcagg aaaaaccatg cgcatctgat tagcatgaga taagaacatt     51960
     ctctgaaacc agtggtttaa cagggcacac acacacacac atacaggtct gcatgaggat     52020
     gatgcctcaa ctgctcccca gtttgtgttt ggttgtcaag gagattgtca gactctatga     52080
     acagcgctga gccaagtaca tagtgttctc tcattcatca gacatgcatt ccccgtgctc     52140
     ttttgttcta ttaaacacga tgtctgctct catttgactt tttttctaca gtctgacaac     52200
     acaaatatgc atttgtggac tcctttttac tgacaacaaa atgcacaaac tattagacaa     52260
     actttagcag agagccttta aaagtgcgta cagctattta actcaatgct tatgcaacac     52320
     aaagctttgt tttatacatg caaatattta catataactg aaaaatgaaa ctgtttaagc     52380
     catacacagg tacatacaca cagcatgtgt ttaatttaat gtagtaataa aataagaaca     52440
     atgataataa aatattgtgt tgaataccta taataaacat ataataaaca ttcaaagtag     52500
     tatgtgtgtt aaatgtaata gagtaatatg ataagagcag tgattataag aacttaattc     52560
     tatataatac agaacattca aagtcattta aaattagtat tttttcatat agcctgtata     52620
     tatatatata cacttatgat cctccctcta tgcaacgcgt gtctcctatt gggcagtgtg     52680
     gaaatgcccc agaatgatcc accgcgccaa agaaactggt gcgcctttgc gcgtaggata     52740
     tggacttgga cgcatcggtc tctctccatt cccgtacgca tcagctgcac tcagcagctc     52800
     acatggtgcc ccaatgaact ctcgccctca cgcatcgtcc aacatacaat ggattaacag     52860
     gaaagacatg aatgtccgca cagaggacgg catcagcctg tgccaaaggg ctctccaaat     52920
     agtgacagag ctgtgcctcg ccgggcacgt cgaccgggag aaatgcgcgg atatatttcc     52980
     actggagagc aacataccag gtaaaggaag ttcaggtaaa tttaacgtaa gcaatgttga     53040
     ttattctttc acaaacacat gatctcctgg atcgttggct agacaatacg cgagactttt     53100
     tttctgagca tgagcgcgaa gaggaggaaa gtttgaaaag ttcgctcgcg cgcttagaaa     53160
     tatttttaac atccataaca ttacgtgaaa tcagtgatca tactggtaaa tgctaaactt     53220
     gtagcttatc agcgcgcaac gcagttcaaa tagcttaaca tatggatgtg aaaccgatgt     53280
     aggatttacg cacatactat atgactggaa atttcagtat atgtattcca gtgttatatc     53340
     ccgtattcaa agttatccat ctgtatataa ctgcacacca cacacaattt tgtgcatgta     53400
     atttgtttta tacttgtaat gcaggacaaa ttcaaatgaa acaatgaaga aaacaatgca     53460
     aaaagcagat taataactct aaaaatatca aacaacatag cacatgttaa taaattcata     53520
     ataaaagaga cagatcgacc aaaaatgaac attatgtcat catttactcg cccttatatt     53580
     gttccaaact cgcgtgaatg tctttttttt tcgtactgag cacaaaagaa gatactttga     53640
     agaatgtggg caaccgaaga gtttctagtc aaaagagact cacatattct taaaaaaaac     53700
     atctactttt gtgtttagaa gaaataaatt aatacaagtt gatgaaaatt atgacagaat     53760
     ttttatttag aggtgaactg tctctttaag tattgccaca agcacatcag cagccagaaa     53820
     tcgaattaat tagcaacaaa ccgaatgcat gtattgttta aagtaggttt agctacctcc     53880
     ggaaggattt agacatgtct gaggttaatt ccttgcctgg tgctcatttg taagtggtta     53940
     gtagcaccat tagcagtgtg ctgttaaaac tccctccatg attcagcaat catcagctat     54000
     aattacgtgt tgcactgtgt atccagcagc tgaaactcct gcacctgttg agcacatatg     54060
     aaggggttaa cagggccact cttaaatcga tgcttgcaaa ccgattgttt gattgtatat     54120
     caactctgat tgcatggacc agcaaaatga tctctgcttt actaaagcga gcgcatttca     54180
     gtcttctttt ttcttacacc ttgccctctc tttcttttct ttttctctct ccctctttct     54240
     cctgtttgtc tgtcatgcat catttattgc cgctggtgct ctctgtctgg ccgtctggtg     54300
     ttcatttatc tccttcctgt cctcatctcc ttttccctca ccttctgttc tttaccaact     54360
     cctcaccact ttctccctgt cttccttttt ccaatctact ctctgttcct cttgttgcct     54420
     gtagacatct ctgtaagtct tctagctgtg gtcgtaggtt tctgtgggct cgcccttttg     54480
     gtagtctctc tctttgtctt ttggaagctg tgctggccca tttggagaag caaggcgttc     54540
     acgtccaatg ctgacagctg tccgccgggg gtgctgctcg aggccccccc tgcaccacct     54600
     ccggtgtctc gttctgtttc tccttatgct gaggcaaaag ccgttggagt tgcaggacga     54660
     cagccattgc aaatccagca tgaggatgag gaggacaaga agtggaaggt accagaggtg     54720
     aaagtgaacg gccgcagttc ggttaagatc ctagaggcgg ccatgaagat cagccagacg     54780
     tcaccagata tccctgctga ggtgcagcag gcactgcggg accgtctgag caagcaggcc     54840
     aaaattcagc ggcagaccac tgaacctacc tcgtcctcca ggtgatttac acacatctgc     54900
     atacctatta gctttcatga tgaattacat ttgatgctcg ggtgcacttt aaatgacact     54960
     gcagaagagg gttaatcact tcattattac cgcttgagtg aagaactcat ccagctaaaa     55020
     ctatatactt gctgaaattg agaagatatg cttatgaagg gctgccttta gtgaatgata     55080
     aacacgtatt gaggagtttg tgattctgcg cgtgtctttg atatagaaaa aaaaaacaga     55140
     gcagctgttt ttttcattta gagatatcca tatttacagt atgcttgcca tggctgccat     55200
     ccagctagaa aaaaatggaa agcacagcag gatactagcc aattcacagc tactaagtag     55260
     attcaataat agaaaaatac atttatattc agcgctcagc atatacgagt acacccctca     55320
     caaatccctc ttttaaattc atatttttaa taggaagcca tacaatagta tatttgtgca     55380
     tatactttat attagatcag tcagtactga agtcaaatct ggagctcatc tgacaaaata     55440
     tacaataaca gcccaaaaac tagtaaagca aaatgtttat gttgtagaaa aatattaaat     55500
     acaaatttta aaaagaggga aaatcaatag aagcaaaaaa agtaaaaaaa aaattgttta     55560
     aattttgtag gttgtaattt agtttttcaa tattttgctt gaatttaatt gtattatctt     55620
     tcaatttcta aatatgtttg gtgactaaaa tattatttta ataaatatat cagtttaatt     55680
     aatctatttt atctaaatgc accaaaatac attgcctata ttcactgaga aatggataaa     55740
     aatattaatt tttaaaatgg ggtgtactca gttatgctga gcactgtaca gctctgtttc     55800
     taaggattag gcaaccaaca gcactggtgt tttacaaaat atttttttta attaaagatc     55860
     atcaatattt accacaaggt ataattaata cctaaaccaa aagcaaaaaa caaaaagctt     55920
     tttaataaat tgactgataa aaaccaaaaa ataataataa ttctggcaaa agtgtcctcc     55980
     attggcacta agcaaactct tgaaaacagg tagagcattc agaacttact caagcttgac     56040
     tttagatttt tgttcattca ttccatactg ccactataat attcaggtca ggacttggtg     56100
     aaggccagtt tatgacactt agtgttgtat tgctttttgt tcaattcaaa tacagcttca     56160
     ctgttcaagg gaagaatgag aaacatttat ttatacattc attttccttc ggcttagtat     56220
     aataataatc ctgataatca gtatcagggg tcgccacagt ggaatgaacc cgtaactatt     56280
     ccggcatata ttttacatag cagatgccct tctagccgca atccagtact gggaaacatt     56340
     catacactcc cacattcaca ctcactaagg ccaatttagt ttacccaatt cacctatagt     56400
     gcatgttttt gggctgtggg ggaaaccgga ggaaacccac acgaacacgt ggagaacatg     56460
     caaactccac acagaaatgc ctacatgcca gactaagaaa caattatatt atatatggtc     56520
     attatagcat tgttaatcaa ctagtctact aatgatgata cactaattaa ctctatcaat     56580
     gcctgaaagc aggttgtcgc tcctttgaca tgagcagctc atgatcattt tcagttcgct     56640
     gtaaatgatc tactcgatct ccatctctat aagtgctgta aactccagtt gctcataaaa     56700
     accatttgaa aacggtttat aaatagcttg tcaacggaaa aaaacaagca actcaaaaca     56760
     gattccagaa catctgttag catacaagaa ataagtggtc aaaagtatct agatttccat     56820
     cacatgtttt cacatgttca ttatgttgaa agattggtgt tacttctgtt tgctgcgtac     56880
     gtccaataat cactacagct caccaatcag agctctagag tcacactgcc atggaaacag     56940
     cattttgcaa ccccaacaat taaacaatca gctcttcttc cctttgtttc acatggcaca     57000
     gtgtttaaag aaagcaggga tgtaattagt gttgccacgc aatagcgttg acatgctgcg     57060
     actgtttgtc cgactgggga agtgaggaac agctgtgttc aaatcctcct agaatccatt     57120
     actgacaaac tgtcattaaa ggtcccgtga agattaaaat aatgtttatt agatgttcgt     57180
     ttcagtctgt tttaaggata tgtattagct agtgtgctcg aaatcagtga caacattcac     57240
     gtttagaaga tataaaaaaa aatataaaca tgtaaagctt gcagtttgtc acttccgcct     57300
     aaatcgatca atgattttta ttcatatcac ctcatatctt ctcattaaat cttaaccaat     57360
     caaattatct gtagcatctg acatgccccg ccccctttag gacgcttgat gtaactgctt     57420
     tcacttgcag agctgtgata aaaagaaact ctattgactg tttttttttt aaaggcaagg     57480
     agctttttta tgtcgcaccc tctttacatt tttcagttga gattacgtca aacatcaaac     57540
     aaaaaatcca cgtttcaaag cacttctcag gacctttaaa acttcaacat ggtgtaactc     57600
     ataacgtgtc ttcgttttaa tagggtgtgc aaaaaggtga tacttaagtg tctctggaaa     57660
     atactgtttg atacatgcct tgtttccttg tttggtattt attacatttt aaattaaaat     57720
     actcaagaat tcaagttcgt ttttaaactc ataatattga acagatatat acaatatatt     57780
     taatatacaa aatacattaa aatgggctaa aatgcaaagc tagattcttt aaatggttat     57840
     ttcatggtat actgctcact aaaaagagct gaacttcttg gtaaagtgga cagtttagct     57900
     tttactaatg agataatgcc ctgctgaagg tttttaaaat cattttggaa ccaaagatgt     57960
     atgaaatgcc attgttatgt aactctgtac ggttttatat agcctcgagt gaaaacttct     58020
     taatgatttg cagtcacaac ccattaagag cagtaaaaat gacttttctt tccacatatc     58080
     gagaaaatat cttcattaaa cgcctttagt acttcagctg gaaatctggt ccattgataa     58140
     agcgctaata ccactgtatg catgagcatg tgttttgtta ttcatccctg cgtatcataa     58200
     atggacttct ttccgcagta atatcaaaaa gacaaggttt atacagcttt gtagcttatg     58260
     ttctgcaaca ggtgtctgtg ctaataagac tagaagtttt cttgtatctt aaatgggaga     58320
     gaaagactcc gatttgtgaa ttctggcact ggctcacagg caaattcatt gcggctggca     58380
     agatatttca gaaacgctgc catcaaaaac tggatttcga aagaagtccg cttcaaaaca     58440
     tgcgaagaca gcggttaatt actgtctgtc tgcagtttat cattacattg tgttgggatg     58500
     tttgtgcaaa ttgcagggca tgatgtttag caaacatgag caggtgacgg acaaattaat     58560
     accgatgatg tatactgaaa aatcgatttt tttaactttg aaattgattt tagtaaatac     58620
     tatgattact actaaataac aggttcaagc tatatattct atgacttttt tgttgcatga     58680
     tatcaatgtc atatgtttgt tgtcattgtc ctaaaggtgg tagttgctag gaaacaccaa     58740
     ggattacaga actatgattt ccacataaga gttaagttga gtgttgacaa tgtgatttct     58800
     agtgaagaat atatagcctt ggctattttg atgaaatata gtgaagtcta caaagtggct     58860
     aaaaatggaa tagaagtgtt tatgaaggaa catgccatac tacagtgctt gggagcaaca     58920
     aataacaata acttgacttc tagttgatga tttggtatca gaagtggtta atatgaaagg     58980
     caaaggcctc tagattatgc ttattttacc aaaataaaac ttgatcatgc cttgatcttt     59040
     aattatttaa ttaggacagt aaggtctgac tttgcttaga caaaagtctt gtcacttaac     59100
     agaaataatg tacagtatag aatctgaagt catggtgcag tggaaaagga atgaatattg     59160
     tgtacgactc ccattcatct tggaggactg cattcataca tctctgcaat gactcaaata     59220
     acttgatgga ttcccagagt tcatcaagat tctttggatt cattttcaat gcctcctcct     59280
     tcatcttacc ctagacatgc tcaataatgt tcatgtctgg tgactgggct ggccaatcct     59340
     ggagcaccgt gatctttttt gctttcagga actttgatat ggaggctgaa gtatgagaag     59400
     gagcgctatc ctgctgaaca atttgcccac tcctgtggtt tataatatgt gcagcacaaa     59460
     tgtcttgata catttggctg ttgatgctgt cattcactct tcagatctct caaagatccc     59520
     atactgaatg taataccaaa ccatgatatt cccttcacca aacttgactg atttctataa     59580
     gaatcttgcg gccatgcggg ttccaatagg tcttcagcaa gttattaatt gttgctctta     59640
     caactgggat tgacaagact tttgtcaggt agtgtagttt gctattggtt gatctcttgt     59700
     gagtgacaat cttgtgccat aaagacttca tcagagaaaa gaaataatgt ttttgcctga     59760
     ggtgggtgtg tgtggggggt gtataaagac aaatacacac ataaatatat ggcagaatat     59820
     atattataat tatatttgtc aattgttagt acattataca ttataatagt gatttaaaaa     59880
     tctattaacc aattcaaaat actgttttat ggttttaaat tacataatta aacctatttt     59940
     aaaatatatg gtcctcatgt tgctacattg ttagtagctt tattgttcaa aagagaagct     60000
     taaatagttc aatctgacaa tttcccaaca caagaacgat caaaaaaatg aaccaatatt     60060
     gtttaaagtg gcatgaagca gaagaaaaag taaagtaaga gaggacttgg attatttcca     60120
     cttgactcta tagctatttg ctatttctgt gtcagtttta atttcacagt aacttaaatt     60180
     catgataagt aagttcttct cccttcatag gcacaattct ttccgccgac acctgccccg     60240
     gcagatgaat gtgaccagtg tggacttcac tatggacact ctacctgtgc gccagtcttc     60300
     tgcagtcagc atcggccgta tcaaacctga actgtacaag cagaagtctg tagactctga     60360
     agagggtacg aaggagccgg tggagacgtg cggaaaactg agctttgctc taagctatga     60420
     ctatgaggaa caagctcttg tggttcgcat tctcaaggcc ctggacctgc ccgcaaaaga     60480
     cttcaccggt acctcagacc cttatgtgaa gatatacctg cttccagagc gcaaaaagaa     60540
     gtttcagacg agagtccacc gtaaaaccct caatcccaca ttcgacgagg atttccgttt     60600
     ccctgtggag tacagcgagc tgtgtaatcg caagctgcac ttcagcgtgt acgactttga     60660
     ccgcttcacg agtcatgata tgattggtga ggtggtggtt gataacctgt ttgagctgtc     60720
     tgatctatca cgcgaagccg tggtttggaa ggacatcctt gcagccacta cagtaagttc     60780
     ataattcaat aataattcat aattcaacaa gaccagatca atggcagggt tgttccccat     60840
     ttagagttga agctcttaga acgagaacgt gtttgaaatt ctaagcgcct catgctgagt     60900
     tcagactgca tgattttcaa agttgtcatg ccacagatgt tttcacactt catgactatc     60960
     tggggtggcg tttcatcgct gctgtgttta cactgcaaga tggattggcg acaggaggtt     61020
     tcacactgca tgactttaca ataggaagca tcgccagcaa ctttgtccaa actacgtttc     61080
     aaaacctaaa gcacgtagta tatgttttgt tattaactac ataatgagaa agaagcaatt     61140
     aaaggggata gaaaaatgta catattttag cgtgccaaat atctcacggg catcagcgac     61200
     tcttcagtga ttctctcaga ttgcgtctat gatagttcac actgtgtgat tgttacctgt     61260
     gtgaacgagc gctgatttgc ttgtgatttc aggcatttgt ctgcgatttc tcaaaacttc     61320
     ggcaagttaa aatcggggct aaagtaatgc agtctgaact tggcattaat gtgaattgag     61380
     tttgagattt caaagatgat gcagaattgc aattcaaaat gtctgctcaa tgcaaagttt     61440
     gattggctga aattaaaata aattcttatt ttggatgaac tgaaattcaa agatttccca     61500
     gtagtgggtt gcaggtggaa gagcatccgc cccataaaac atatgctata aaagactaaa     61560
     ggctgattta tacttctgcg tcatgcgtac acgtatccgg tgcaacctcc gtgcaggcgc     61620
     atagccctcg ccatagctga agccaacgct tacgcttaca cctctcaaaa aatgtaacta     61680
     cacatccgaa cgtcgcctag cacaagctct gtgattggtc ggcttggtag cattgaagag     61740
     cgtggacgat gctgagagcc acgagccaga tggagtgagt gtttactagt gtcctgtgta     61800
     ggagctctag atggactctt ttgttttgta tttaccttat gattaaagtt gttgcacgat     61860
     tgaagtcgtt tgccgattcc ctctactgaa tgagcgactt ttagctactt atagcattca     61920
     gaaaaaacaa aacacccaag aagaaactcg acacagagga acataaaaac ctcactgcca     61980
     gctagtgttt cggatttgta agtgcagagg aacacaaaca gcgcagaagt ataaatgcat     62040
     gactacacgc aacgcaggca ttgtaggtca caccaatcac tcgacgcaga ggcataaatc     62100
     agcattaagc tgaaggaaaa ttaatgaatg aaattcaaag aaagaaattg aatactgcac     62160
     agtaatttac tgtaaactct taatgttggc atgccaaaaa tagtttgaga aagaaagcag     62220
     acatagaaag agatacgata tacaacacga ttatgtttat atttaaatga tcattataag     62280
     tgtgttacat gtcctgcatt ttcttttgta attcataatt aaaaccagta cattccttac     62340
     ccaatcattc caaaacaacc ccctatggag tgctgccaat tcaattttgt gagtgtaata     62400
     aagatgtaaa tattacaatt catgacattc ctgtaggatg tgccaatagc atctaaatta     62460
     cggataaatt aaggatattt gtattgcaaa tgtactaact gatcccataa ttccatttca     62520
     atcacactga gctcaaagca aaatcgtctg catgggaatg aaggcctcat taacagatag     62580
     attgatctgt tatgcaaagc caggtgtgag ggagggctca tcttcaaact gactcagggc     62640
     acccacatac ccctttctaa aatagataca attgccagtt tccagaggca caggaagcat     62700
     gattatcaag ccagagcctt caaaagacag ccatgactaa tccaacaggt gtggaattga     62760
     gtttgtcctg ctgcagagta caacacgaca tgttacaggc agtactgtac atttcaggag     62820
     gaacccaagc tatttctgca caagtattat tttaggttcc tttagtcaga taggccctca     62880
     tgataatgaa gcccactcat tacgcctcag ttaaaatatc agagcttatg taaccagttt     62940
     ataggggact ttaagcatgt aaaagcatct ttcatctgca aaacgcacaa gatattttaa     63000
     ggaatgcttc aattgttcta ctctataatg acagtcaata ggatacagag aaactctaat     63060
     ataaaaatat ctcaaataaa aatgtgcata tctaaaaaga aaatctattt tagagtccat     63120
     tggggctctt ttgaatacaa ttggctttca taacatgaac aaaacccgca gttctgggtg     63180
     aattagccct ttaatattta gtaatataga cgtgtttagc cttactcaat ctaactggaa     63240
     ggcagggaaa agcgatgtgc acttaggtta aatgctatcg gcaactgttc aaagtaaatg     63300
     caacattaaa ccttacagta gtttaagcta taagggattt ctcataggac ttgaagcatt     63360
     aaagcttagt ttaggtggta atttatggca atttgtcatg tattattaca tatatactga     63420
     cttgttcaac tgctaggcga tctttaaaag gtaaaagcat tgtctgtcat tttcacctta     63480
     tttacagtga ctcatataca tttaataatg atgtcccact gccttcctgc tacagagaaa     63540
     ccgtgaatgg tgacagcgtt tcatttggtc tgtgagtcat tcctgtttag gaaacagaat     63600
     ctcctcctcc tgcttgtttg acgcatcagt ccctttcagg ctcattagtc tcctgattgt     63660
     gttgttttca acatatttat cccttttcct gttgcttgct tgtttgggat gcacattaag     63720
     gtgcctgtca attctgtgtt ttttttaaca attggattac caacattcct ccccattctt     63780
     tcccactgaa cacaaaagta ttgatgtgta gtgttggatt tgtagtggag aggtttcgac     63840
     ctgttgtgag agtatcgcaa ctgcccttta gggagaaaaa caatgcagac actccagacc     63900
     agctgctctt agaccccgac tgtggagaga agtagcttgt agttctcaat tcctaaaata     63960
     gtcagagcca tagattgcag ccttgctccg ttacacttcc gactgcatat tgaaaccctc     64020
     tattttatcc taagctgacg tttgaaggtc taattctgtt ctctgttttt tggaacattg     64080
     ctgtggtggt aaaagggcat ccagatctgg aggaggggaa gttgggcagt caaagcagga     64140
     agggtattat tgccccagaa gatttgcaaa atgcttttgg acacaaacgc cgctagaaga     64200
     cgtgactcct gaattagccc atggctttct gtattcagca cttgtactga ggacaagagc     64260
     agttggatgt ggggataggg tatgacaaag agagctctga cgtcagacta cacatttgtt     64320
     ttgatatgga ctcagtgttg aagcacactg acaccaagat aaccaaaaat ataagtaata     64380
     ctaatttctt acatttatat agtgcttttt tctggacgct ttacacattt taggggtcct     64440
     cattcacgac cagtgtgcag cattcacctg gcagccatat tgctggatat acatatgcta     64500
     ggttttttag cgaccacaga gagtcaggac ctcggtttac gtgtcatccg agcagtatag     64560
     actccccatc aatatactgg ggcgttagga cccacacaga ctgcaggatg agcgccccct     64620
     gctggtctca ctaactccac ttacagcagc aacctagctt tcccatgtgg tctcccctat     64680
     gggaaagcta ggttatactt atggcaggca atatttagca ctttggtcat gtatttcact     64740
     aatttggcaa ctgtcaaacg ttatcgggga aacaggttga atttccgctt agtaaaaaaa     64800
     ctgttttcca tttgggatga caccaaatac atatactatg ccaagtgcca cttgggacgc     64860
     agcttatata actatattag catacacaag caagattgtt ctgtttaaaa catacaaatt     64920
     atgtatagtt gttggctgct caataaagat ggattcagat tgactgacag tgtgtttaaa     64980
     tataaatatt aatgcaaata caccagttac gtacatgtga atatgtttgt tattatgctt     65040
     tttttctgta aaaattcttt aatacatgcc aacaaataat tcacaatatt gtataattat     65100
     tagggatgct ccgatcgatt agaaggagac tggaatcggc cgatatacac attttatgac     65160
     tcgatcagta ctcgcttatc tggctgatta catgtaccga tcgtaagtgt tagattatgg     65220
     gtttacaagc agaggaagat gcattttaac ttcttatgca ttaaaaatcc actctaaact     65280
     cttcattgag acatgttgaa ttattcttcc atcattagca atgtttccaa attgcatttt     65340
     tctcaccaaa tatttgatct gtttaatcta ttattttctg taaagctgtt tctgacgttg     65400
     acttgtccgc actaaatggt tataacagac gtgtttaagg gattataagc aacatccttc     65460
     atttattctt ttggaaaagg aggaagctcc acttaagtat cgtgcttaag ggaaaatttg     65520
     ctttatgcaa tgttaaagtt atataaacct tgaagaatca gaatcggtac ccgatatcgg     65580
     ctccaaatat cctgagtgta gcacctttaa taattacaat attgtagact gatgttacat     65640
     taaaattcat ttataaaatg ttttaatatt gtttttattt tgcactgaca actaaattat     65700
     tttttcatat tattttttca ataacctctt ttttatcaac tttagacgtt tattaattgt     65760
     aaaatagaaa atggttattt taaattacat aatatttgta atgtatttca ctgtgattta     65820
     taaatattat aaatattatt gactgataat aaagtaatac attaaatcaa ttaaatgtta     65880
     taaaaatatt taaaaagcat tgtaaaacaa aagagaagcc ataaaaataa ctctacgcaa     65940
     tcaataatac agagaaactg catgtactgt gctgaaaaca tcaaaatggt gcgcctgaaa     66000
     tttaaacaca ggaaaatata gtatgacagc gtttaagcct gtacgtttct ccctgttacg     66060
     caatatgttt ttaatcttta cttggacgga ttaatcacta tctttagctg cctctgaaag     66120
     aataatggct ggcttattcc agtacagaga agctgtaaat aacaaaataa ccactggcct     66180
     tttagaataa tctttaccgc ctctgcaaag ctaataaagg tcagggaagc tagatttgtc     66240
     tcattcaaaa ctgagttatt taatcgcact agaaccagcc acccaaacga tacatctcac     66300
     agtagccaaa acacacagac acagcagtcc tctcagatga agcttgcttc tttaaaagag     66360
     tcgtaattct ctccactatg tagctgtttc cttttcctgg agatgttttt ggttttgctg     66420
     acggttttaa agagaaatat cccctcttta gattaaaaat agactttgtt taaacctgat     66480
     gagataataa ttgtccaatc tggctcaagc tatgtttgag ttgtcatcga caaggaaaat     66540
     aaaagactat ctggagggtc aatcaataag ggttttgttt gcaaggctct ctgaagagac     66600
     tcttaggatg aaaataatcg tacaatacat accgaggatc atgccttcgc tgcagattgt     66660
     ttaatcaata ccttaaaatg ttattttagg acactgatgt gcagatgcta ccttagctat     66720
     cccattgcat cacagttaaa tcaagctgat tttcttttta atatcttttg gtactttctt     66780
     tcaggagagc gtggatctgg gtgaaataat gtactccctt tgctatcttc ccacggctgg     66840
     acgcatgacc ctcacagtca tcaaatgtcg caatctaaaa gccatggaca taactggcta     66900
     ttctggtcag tgctaaccct cacattctgt ctagtttgac tgttattctt tatgtttgag     66960
     gccacttttc aaaaataaca tcttaaattg gataactttt ccattgtaca aacttttttt     67020
     ttacattaat aaatccatga tcaatgaaaa gttcttggag gagctaaaat ggttcttcta     67080
     tggcataaga ataaacactt tttcttaaga gttaatgtgc ctgaccacca attgctaaac     67140
     attttattaa tatttacttt acattatgtt tacttaacat aaaactgaag ttgctagtga     67200
     tgaatatgta tttgtctgat tcatgtcacc ttgcagaatt acaaaaataa agcatacttt     67260
     caataaaact ttgcctaaag ctcatcacat ttaagaaaga aagcattacc agtgaaagat     67320
     tccactaatt ctattaaaaa atcaccaata tttatacttg ttttaccctg atgtatgttt     67380
     ctgtgtatca tggcaagtca catttcaagc atatcttgat ttcttttctc atgtaacaca     67440
     ccagccataa cctcacacct gctaaacacc ctctggctca gccttccttc aacagaagcc     67500
     ctgccccaat ctgtcacaat tgtttgagct tgagaataaa gggcgaatta tgatttgaga     67560
     gtgtctgcat ggatttagat gggtttagat ttagttaatt taatagttag ctaacttagc     67620
     ttaaatactt tttacatttc atttattgtg gttaggttgt gtgcggctac atgacttgag     67680
     taaatggtgt atgttgctct tattattgag caactgttgt atttatgtca gtcctgtgac     67740
     aagtaaagtt gcctattcaa tgtttttact atctactacc tatttcaaac tttcaaagat     67800
     actatagagc tcatattact cactttttat gagtaattag taattttatg caaatgtatt     67860
     gataaatgta aggtcgactt ttcctatttt tttgtggtgt accatagcca tagaattcag     67920
     acagtcttta ctcaacaaat ggaatgaaat accaatattt ccgttattta tcccttatct     67980
     cttaatacac ttatttataa aaactgtata tttttttaat acatcctgtt gatctgatta     68040
     tatattgcaa ttgcctggac atttttaaga atcattaaga ggtggttaaa atttgttcat     68100
     tagtattgct aagctactat ttctgaacca catttcccca gtcatatcat tgtgtattta     68160
     gaaagtgcga aattttgttg agagttaatg tgttttaaaa tttgttcaca atcaggtcac     68220
     atatgagtat ggaaagaaat caagctgaca aatcaatgcc aagtatgtta tttgagatat     68280
     taaaatgcct gcggcattcg tcagatctca agtagacaga acatgagagt tcagaaaaca     68340
     aataagaaat aaatcttgaa acttctttcc acagatccat acgttaaagt agccctcata     68400
     tgtgatggtc ggaggctgaa gaagcggaag acgaccacca aaaagaacac actcaacccg     68460
     gtctataacg aggccatcat tttcgacatc ccacctgaga atgtggagca ggtcagcctg     68520
     tcaatcacgg tgatggacta cgacaggtca gttcctgcta cttaagaaga ataaccatct     68580
     tcaaaacatg ctacagacaa attattctga catcagggat aatgatagta attataccat     68640
     taagtaagct agcatgcagt atttgcagct aacatcttaa tagagatctt tcagtttggt     68700
     ttttataaat cagctgtaca tatttataaa atcagacagc tacgctgtaa ttaagagcag     68760
     attatgccat caaagcatct ctcagccatc aaggagtaaa acacagtata tatgcatatg     68820
     aatagggagc catttatgca ctgatgattt ccacatgcac aacctggcca tgccactcca     68880
     taaagaaaat tatttgtatt gggtttctct ttcagagttg gacacaatga agtgataggg     68940
     gtgtgcaggg cggggccgga tgccgagggt cttggaagag accactggaa cgagatgtta     69000
     gcctatccac gcaagcccat cacccactgg catgcactat gtgaggtgag agacttgaaa     69060
     tggcttattt gagttcatta agaatgtgtt ccattatagt gttgtcttta tggcatgcaa     69120
     cattgaaacg atttggattt tgaggaatta ttgaccactg ttttgaagat tttaatatat     69180
     ttaagtaaca ttctaataat acctaaaagg tttgttgatg ctgtgagatt atttcatagt     69240
     aaataaactg tgacattgga ccacaaaacc ataagggtcc attttttcca gactattaga     69300
     tttataaacc atctaaaagc tgacattatt ataaaagtaa taaataaaaa agttttctat     69360
     tgaagtattg tttgttagga caatactgaa caatactgaa tgatgggctt caaaaactaa     69420
     atgcagagaa aatatatata ttggccccac tagaaaagta tagtattgtg attctattca     69480
     tttcactata aaaaatgatt tctgaaacat atatttttac tggctccaat aaatttaaca     69540
     gtttgtgtat attgagccct gatacaggga aagtaagtct aatatgtctt aaattcctga     69600
     cattttaatt gtatctgtat ctgttcttgc agtggccagg acgggcatcc agctttgaga     69660
     gtcaaggatc atgtccatct ccaaaaccac cacagacccc ttaacatcct ggaatccttt     69720
     tcaatcctaa gtgcaaaaca cactgcgttt gtatcattta tagggtatat ttttcactag     69780
     ctgtaacttg tcaggttgca tttttagtaa ggactaaaca gtactggtat ccctgctaca     69840
     gaaacaatca agtattcaaa tcctcaattt gtcttacatt gtgctctact ggtgctgagt     69900
     ttctgagctc ctaaaacaat atttttcagg tcgctttgta gcagacagtc aaatgatata     69960
     aagcttcttg ctgtttgaca gtataatgac gccatgtaat tttacagaca catgaaatga     70020
     cagtgcttat catctctagg cattgaacgc ttcaaataca tgttcctatt tggtgaaaat     70080
     atttagcata tttgattgag ggttatgaaa aagaagaggc gttcaaagat gcaatcaaga     70140
     tctgttagat atggctaaac atcaatcaca gtatcacatg accaaataga aatcaataga     70200
     aatgtcaaca cgtattccct tattaatcaa ccctcttttc tctctcttta taaaaagagg     70260
     ctttgtgagg ataaagctct gtaaatatta cagtatatat aaataatatc ccttatacta     70320
     ataccatatc tactaatcat tatcttaggc tgattatata ctgtatataa tgattcaaat     70380
     attaaaacta aatgaagatc tatttaactc aatatatgaa tcaatttaaa taatgtgttc     70440
     attaaacttg aacactttta agttaattaa aaaacgacat agatagatag atagatagat     70500
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     70560
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     70620
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagataatt cctttttgat ttgatcctta     70680
     aaaccccttt tacttcatag cccacagata atactactgt atagcacagg gatgggcaaa     70740
     ctgggatggg tgtcctgcac agtttagctc caactctaat caaacacgcc tgcttattga     70800
     tttctagtga tcttgaagac actgattggc atgttcaggt gtttttgatt agagttggag     70860
     ctaaactatg caggacaccg gccctccagg accgagtttg cccacccctg ctacagcaga     70920
     ataagaaact ggtcacactt tacaatacta atactactaa tacaataata tatgaatgat     70980
     acttatacag catttattaa tcatagtcta acatttacta atgcctcatt aaaatccaaa     71040
     tccatgcttg ttaacattag ttaatgcact gtgagttaac taatgagtaa cagtactttc     71100
     attaactaac ataaacaatt gctgtaatgt attgttcgtc gtttgtttat gttagcaaat     71160
     gcattaagca acattaaata atacaacctt aatgtaaagt gtcaccaaga agctttatat     71220
     agacaataaa ataagataaa tgaaggtaaa aatcttatga taatatgcaa attgccccag     71280
     aaattagtta tttttctaac aaataaaaat aggttttatt tttctttgct tgcatgtgct     71340
     aataatagtc aaataggact gcacagtagc caaatgatgt agcctgttag tgttgatttg     71400
     tttgtagtct agatatatta ttcaattatt ttaaagctga agaaaagatt gattcccagt     71460
     attatcaaca cacagggtaa cattcatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     71520
     tatatatacc tgctacagag ctattgatgc attattgaat tgtcagtgct tacggaacat     71580
     gcaaatactt tttcttaatg gttttgaaaa cttaaacagg taaaaagcat aaaataaata     71640
     aataaaacag taatttaaat gttattagag tacattttct gctagaaaag tgcgtgtagt     71700
     ttcataaaga tactataaat acttaaatca ggcgaatatt agcaaaaaca cacgacatgc     71760
     acatccgtct tcagatgaca gtcaaaagga aatcaatgtc aacacattat taatgatata     71820
     ataaaaaaag aggaaaatga tgcgctttct tcaaagcgag tcaagtatga accgcggttc     71880
     aaggtaaaac tgccattcaa taaatcaata acatctaaaa caattactgc catagaaata     71940
     tctcatgaac gacaacaaaa aagaggtgaa cactgccaat cgcacaaact gtaggtgcaa     72000
     ataatgaaac attcccattt aagaaggatg aacaatagag aagccctcat ttgcctttca     72060
     tccgaatgaa atgtgtctgt tgattagtaa ctgtactggt cgtgttttac tgtatgtcag     72120
     agaattatta ttgtggaaat catccagcat gtacttagtt ggtatgctaa taatatggta     72180
     cacaccatgg taattgcaca cctaaatgtt tgaaagctgg actctcttga taaggttttc     72240
     ggagtgcttt tctggtgtgt ccatcgagta ataatgcaat catggcaatt acacaaacgg     72300
     ctgtgtactg ttaactttga tttgcacatg aggacagtgc ttctgcccca gagctcggtg     72360
     ggagtgatag aacaaagatg aagtattctt gtagcatgat gataccagta cattagatat     72420
     ttattagaat tgtagactct attgtttatg aaaggtatta tttttgaatc cgggagtatg     72480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatacttgac     72540
     gagctctttc aattgttata ttgttaaagt gcatttctat ggattgtttg gtgattggtt     72600
     tgtactatgg gcatattcgt gatcttaaac aactttgtac acaatttgca tatattgtgt     72660
     aatggcttct taaaattgtg caactgtttg gattagcact caacctcctg agctgtcaat     72720
     taactgcttc tcagtgattc tttgtcatac ttgcacctga aacgatcgct gtatgttctg     72780
     atgtgtacag attgtgataa tttttgtaag gaaaaaaaat gcagtaaata tttgaaattt     72840
     tactggatgt ttcaaatgta ttttaactaa ataaattctg aatcgtcagt gtattttgca     72900
     gtgtgttata tattagaagt caactaaaag caagtgaaag tacattaaaa tattcactta     72960
     attaggtaca cctgtccaac tgctcgttaa cgcaaatcag ccaatcacat ggcagcaact     73020
     caatgcgttt aggcatgtag acacggtcaa gatgatcagc tgcagttcaa accgagcatc     73080
     agaatggaga agaaaggtga tttaagtgac tttgaacatg gcttgattgc tggtgccaga     73140
     cgggcttttc tgagtattac agaaactgct gatctactag aattttttac aggaggttta     73200
     cagagaatgg tctgaaaagg gggaaattct gttggtgtaa atgcctggtt aatgccagag     73260
     gtcagagaag aatggccgga ctggttcgag ctgatagaaa ggcagcagta actcgttaca     73320
     atagaggtct gcagataagc atctctaaac acaacacatc gaacattgaa gaggatgggc     73380
     tacagcagca gaagaccaca tggggtgtct ctcctgtcag ctaggaacag aaaactgagg     73440
     ctgcaatttg cacaggctca tcaaaattga acgatagaag attgaagaaa cgttgcctgg     73500
     tctgaagagt ttctgctgtg acattcggat tgcagggtca taattttgca tcaacaacat     73560
     gaaaacatgg atccatcctg ccttgtatca acagttcagg gtggtggtct tggtgtaagg     73620
     gtgtggggga tatttgctaa gcacactttg ggccttttag tacggagcat tgtgtctttg     73680
     ccacagctta ccagagtatt gttgctgacc atgtccgttt aggtaccaat tctcattatt     73740
     aattaactag tgacttatta cttgcttttt attaagatat tgtttattaa ggtttgttac     73800
     tactaataaa gcacatattc tgcatcatct ctaaacctac aaaaaactat agaaagacta     73860
     aaacagcatt aactaactag tggcttgtta catgcctata atgacgttat tggctgtact     73920
     tgtaaagcac atattctgca tgatcttatt ccacatctca aatcctacct aaacctaata     73980
     ctacctaaga cctacctaaa cttaatacct aaacaaaacc gctaccttaa taactgttaa     74040
     taagcagcac attttgaggc tcttaataat agtgagagtt gtactttaaa ataaagtgtg     74100
     tccatcattg ctgtatctcc atcttccaaa aatgttttca aatgctgccg gagtacagaa     74160
     attagtttct agactcaatc caaacacctc tgttatgtta atattgcatt ctacagtgtg     74220
     ttgtacatta aagttagtgt caactaaagg aaattaaagt acactaaaac agaattaaat     74280
     tccgctgggt aaatttcaca atcaataaca aggaaatgaa aagtaagaca ttgaattaaa     74340
     taaaacaatg actaaaacag caatccttga gtaacatatt tcaataaaca ttatggtaat     74400
     actttcgttt aagtatcaat tctgattatt attgaactag tggtttatta catgcctatt     74460
     attatgttat tggctgtact tataaagtat tctgcaagat cttactctac atttctgatc     74520
     ctacctaata tctaaaccga acagctaccc taataactat taataagcat caaatttgga     74580
     gtttaaggca attaatagtg aggattttac tttaaaataa agtgcatcta tcattgccat     74640
     atttaattct tccaaaaatg ttttcaaatg ttgctggagt acagaaattt ctttctaggc     74700
     tccatgcaga aatgactatt aatattctaa agacccattt ttgcatttgc aatctctgcg     74760
     atggtaacca agtataagtg aagcagaaaa tgatccatta aggatgatac tgtatcttca     74820
     gagatggcgg acgtctttca gattgtagca atggctctat atgctgcgct ctaccaattt     74880
     tacagacaat ttacttaatg gcgtcacact gttcagatgt aattaggctt tctttgatac     74940
     ttaataatta atgacacaga cagagttgga aagagaagaa gagcacacag aagaaagacc     75000
     tcaagccaaa taaacaaaga aaaggtaaga cgtttgtcca agtatgatca tttttaaatg     75060
     aaaaaatatt ttacacgatg ctaatacagc tttaatgtgt ctgaaatttt tgtatctata     75120
     tacattaata tatatccagc ccacgtcaag gtcgcttaac ataaaaacag agttaaatga     75180
     cgttaaaaga agatagaagc gccagtcata taatgccggc attgaagagt aaaatgtgct     75240
     taacacaaag gtagatgttg ctgaaagagg caaatgcatt caatcttacc tctgagcctc     75300
     ggactgctaa aaggtgcttt atcaaaagcc tggcgctcct tagaaaacct tgatcaggct     75360
     gacaggcaac tggcatttcc ttcatctcgg cgaatatcaa agagttgttt gcttcagcgg     75420
     attgccaacc atttggtctg ctgtgggtaa aaaagaaaag atgtcagaaa acaaatcggt     75480
     cttaacgttg aacgtgttac catgagctat aaactgtaaa gatctaacag tcctgatttc     75540
     aagctcattt aacacattta ggctgttgtt ttgacccaaa ataagagcaa ctggatagag     75600
     tcagaagagt gttattgcaa aataagagtg agcaagagag gttttgtatc atcataacat     75660
     tttaaatgtg tgtgaaaatg ccttactctg ttgttcaaac ttttgaatat gaagaaaaaa     75720
     ctcatataca agttgatctg gtattaaaaa tatatataca gtacataatt gctaccataa     75780
     aattatagta aatctaacca caagtttttt tccatgtcct tttgcattgt attaatgcat     75840
     gataatatat taagaggtgg tttgcatgtt tttgcattat attactgtac actttattta     75900
     tatttaatcc acagaacatc ttgtcatatc ctatagcatc atcatacagt gtttttgtaa     75960
     tgcaaagtaa tgcaaagaaa aaacattctc ctgctcacac actaaaaacc ctaataagtt     76020
     gattgaactc gtctgattga gtaaactagt tgctttaatg tatttgagta atgggaaatt     76080
     gacaactcaa ttaaattagt tgaccaaatg tggtctctcc atttagttaa cgtaatgtgt     76140
     gtttaagtac agaaaactta aaatggctag actaaactac cacatttttc agcttttgta     76200
     tttttttcct ttcatggtga atcgtttaaa gaattattgc ttaaagttaa aatgttaagt     76260
     tcagagaact taaaaaatga attaaaagtt ttttaacgtc aagttatatt aacttaatat     76320
     ctttagtaat gatgacagtt tacagagcac tgttgaataa cataaatgaa atatttaagt     76380
     taaaacacaa tcattatctc agcttaactt aagttaataa acaagacaat tttattactg     76440
     tctaaaaagg ttgactaaaa taatcgcaat gcatcatgat tgaccgcagg agtcaagtaa     76500
     tccaggaaac attttgcact ttagtatagt atagtacagt acagattagg gctacataat     76560
     actgaaaaaa aggacattgc atttcagttt tttctgcaaa acaaattgct aaattgagta     76620
     ttttgttctc tggaataaat aaataagtct atttaaaaaa aaaaacattt ataaaattac     76680
     attaattggg atgattttgc atctgaatac aatatacagt aataaaccaa tcacaagcat     76740
     tgatcaattc aatagagcaa agatacaaat gaaataaaca gtatttcata gttttctggg     76800
     agtttagcag tattcaggcc cgaattgaat aatcaaatgt aaaacaacac tatagtatat     76860
     caatggatat gcagataaat acatttgatc tttattaaag ttaaaaacat agtaacttgt     76920
     gtttaaatta tttaaagtgg cttgaaatgc ttacacaggt cttaaaaaca catgcagatg     76980
     ataaacttta ggaaaaagta ttgatcattt ttgcaaatca tgtatgtttt taactgtggt     77040
     tccattatat taacatcccc acactgcaga tcctgcaatg taattattgc ggatgcacac     77100
     attacgatat tgatgctgaa acgataaatt gtgcaaccca agtttaattc agtatgctaa     77160
     tatcagccta tttgttttca tttactgtaa aactgtatag caatttcggg gtaaatttga     77220
     tttattattt gcacatttta acacacaagt cggattatgc attatttggc tgcaacagta     77280
     tatgcttaat gatgactttg agctcttaat tacacaataa aactcaaata atacaatctc     77340
     ttagctcatc aaaccaaatc catgctactg tacagtatat ctaagttttt attattcttc     77400
     tataaaatac agaacatcat ttttcagcaa gtttggctta tagacctatt gaaaactgtc     77460
     acacatcttc ataacccgct agacctctct aaactgaaaa ttgcatgtca ccggtttgct     77520
     caataaacac gacaatgact aaaaaacaaa gtctccatct gagatcataa acaatatata     77580
     agagcaaggt gtttcagaca gtgtacttag tcattacagt gcactactgg cttctattat     77640
     acagaaacga ttagacatgc tagcgaccga agcatgcatg ctgtttgtat cctgtataaa     77700
     ttctacagtg catttagtct cctaagatac agactgcagg gccagcgtgt gtgaatgtgt     77760
     tcaccttgtc agtttaattg ttgaactgtc agtcacacaa ggcaacaagg gtccatttat     77820
     actccctcgg gctgacatct gacatgttct ccattctagc cacttctgga gactaatgca     77880
     agacgtaatg aaaggctgat gattgtggac aacttgtgcc tggtgtctga gaaactggtt     77940
     tagacgaaat gtgttaatgg aatttctcat cacatgtact taatgtctaa cttttcgatt     78000
     gctaatagtg ttatttgcaa taaattgaat catttactca cacaagagtg tttttacctc     78060
     tgcttataat aaatgtttat tgtaatgtta tttccagatt gtattaatat tttgaactag     78120
     ctttcacatt cagatttatt tcaaaatcaa ataaaatgtg cttaggggta gcttaaataa     78180
     tgtgtcggtg ctctttgggt aagagattca tcagaataaa ctgcaaaaat cagtccaagg     78240
     caatcaaaaa tgtggaaaaa atattataaa gcatttattc acatagctaa aactgttgac     78300
     cttgtttaac atattatttt agtattgttt agattttcta ttgagtcatg agaccatagc     78360
     attgaaaaga aactccagac ctgatctctg ttaccctgat gaaggcagtt ctttgccgaa     78420
     acaaaaaatg tgttttttcc acatttttca agtgccttgg actggttttt gccatttatt     78480
     aagatttatt tgtttgttta gcaattttag gcagcttgtt attttaaaaa aatttatata     78540
     agaaagggtt ataacacagc aaagcaaggt aagagaaact gtgttgtaat gttcacaaaa     78600
     aacagtataa caagactcag ccaagaggtg tgcgctgtat tgaaagtcca tctaatcagt     78660
     ctttgagcag ctcacagctg cgtgagtgta attaatagtg atctggaaca ggtgtatgtg     78720
     tgtggcgcat gactggaact tgtagttcaa ataccagcgg atttgtaggc atttagcgat     78780
     ctgccagggt tagatcgctg gtgtttgtga ccactgataa cattgatatc aatcacacgg     78840
     actttcgttg taaatatttt aatttatata ttgttattta ttacattctt tactttaatt     78900
     aagcttaaat taagagtaac aacacagaaa caaaacagat gaaagagttt atgagacatt     78960
     ctttaaatta tccacttttt aaagtgaact atttataatt cagtatgttc ggcgagtttc     79020
     acaaacagtt gaagtcagaa ttaatagttc ccctttgatt tttttttctt tttttaatat     79080
     ttcccaaatt atgttcaaca gagcaaggac attttcaaag catgtttgat aatatttttt     79140
     ccttcgtaga aaatcttatt tgttttattt ttgcaagaat aaaagcagct tttattattt     79200
     tttttaaaac aacattaagg acaaaattat tagccccctt aagccttgtt gttgtttttt     79260
     tcaatagtct acagaacaaa ccattgttat gcaataactt gcctaattaa cctagttaag     79320
     cctttaaatg tcactttaag gtaaatatta gtgtcttgaa aaatatctac aattatttac     79380
     tgccatcatg ggaaaaataa aataaatcag tgattagaat tgagttatta aaactattat     79440
     cattagaaat gtgttgaaaa aatcttctct actttaaaca gaaactggga acaaaaataa     79500
     tcaggaagat taataatttt gccttcaact gtataaaagc tggattcggt agcgtgacat     79560
     ccaatgctta atgttagcaa accacataag tataatatca ttattcacaa aaggctactt     79620
     catgttttaa ggcctatttc aacaatacag tgcggagcaa aaaaagcaaa ataactttaa     79680
     ataacaacaa aaaataaaag aacaaccttt cagtctgaag gtttgattgg ataaagagtc     79740
     caatttaaca gagttctttt agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaagat gttttctgtg tttaagcagc     79800
     actgaaataa agtaataacc atttgcaatg aacatcaggc cggtgatttg gcttcaggtg     79860
     catttaatag cacatcaggt ggtagcggtc aattgcttag ctatgaagtc ctcagaactg     79920
     aggtcaaaat gaggaaaact ttttaatgtg catgactgaa ccatttgttt gtcaggcagt     79980
     acattttaaa agcaaaaaag aacagcttca gttctaattg ataactgctg agcgggtcac     80040
     aaagaccttg tgaagccaca caaacttcag ttgaagattt gttggctgag gtttttagtg     80100
     cttgtcagat tttttctcca tttttacttt cagatgtggg ggaagtaaac ctcacacaag     80160
     attttagcag gaagcagcct tgctgaaagt ctatccagtg ttgtatatct gtcctgcttc     80220
     attgtatttg attttgcatt agtgatgtcc tgatcgacgt gagccagagg ttattctgtg     80280
     atatatgagt cttggcatgt tgaggataca tagtggacaa ggagctcatc tctcttttat     80340
     gagggtcgtc acagtcaccc tgtaatcctt cacagatact atggttcatg gcttaatcac     80400
     caagctgcta ggcacagatg attttaattc tcagaacgaa tgaaaaaaaa agtaataagc     80460
     gggagaataa gttacaatgc tctactcata acagcccctg tgaacatgtg aacacaatgc     80520
     ctccatatgc atctgactca tacacacagc atgtctcctt ctgtaatcat cagctaagag     80580
     ctgtcatgtc atttgaaggt ttaattatta gagggcatca cacttctgct tcttatactt     80640
     cacacattct ggtggaggag tcactgttga cgtgccccat cagactgcac tgacattatc     80700
     cggaaaaatg aaataaattc ctcaggataa gctgcggttc ttatctataa acctcaatct     80760
     atatgtgcca cataaccatg aaatggctga ataacatgct tgagaaaaca gtgttttctg     80820
     cgctgagaaa gcaaatgcat ttggagtgca cttccaaaca cctactgtaa gactcaaatt     80880
     gatttgccaa aaagtctaca cattctgagg aagctttcgc tgttgcagaa attcagaggt     80940
     agtactgtgt gtttgggttt agatatgcgg taaacatggt agaccaatca caatccatct     81000
     gaacaatcag attaggcttt cagaaaagag gacacagact ggatcattgg acaaaccatt     81060
     tcatacacta gcaatgcttc catccactta ttttaagtgc attttgggat atcacaaaca     81120
     aaatacctaa atggaagcaa aaagacttgc ataaattctg aaaatgcgca ggataactga     81180
     taagcgagta gataaacttt ttaaaaactc tttaaagact accatgaaat cacatttacc     81240
     atataaattc cagcatgcac atcaaagaag gtatgtgatt ttgttttaca gaccatgtgg     81300
     tggcaatatt ggaaagacca gaggactgac cacattgtaa aacaactgaa atgttgtttt     81360
     ggtcattcta aaatgcctta ttcaagttta tcatcaaagt ggttgagtat tattacctct     81420
     caaaactata ttgggcagct gcgctcccaa aacgtggtct cacgcctcca aaagtaattt     81480
     accaaataat tttctgcaga agaaaaaggc ccacaatggc ttctaccgta gcaaattcta     81540
     tttatctttt ttattcgagg atattaatca atataaaaag ttcataaaaa tacattatta     81600
     catgttgata atagagatga ttataaaaac gcaaaaatat atataaatgt tttaataaag     81660
     gaatatgttg atgagaggtg attgtaaaaa ataaaaaaaa tgagaaaggt atgatcaaat     81720
     tttagttaat ggctgtttgc agtatcatct atgttttatg tctatgctgt aaaaaaaaat     81780
     gtacatatgg tgaattaagc atgtaaagat gccaaaagga cggaatatgt ctcatgtaga     81840
     aagaaagata agtcaaaaat aataataatc agttgaatag acgaatgatg tgagtggtaa     81900
     tggggtgggg aaaataataa gcttgcattt catcctgctg aatgtatttt gtttaaagaa     81960
     ttgttttaag tgtatttttg ttaaaataaa ataaactaaa aataaataaa taaataaaca     82020
     aataaacaaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaatagata     82080
     aatacatttg gacgattttg ttctggttga cacatggaat ggagctagat ttgtttacaa     82140
     atgttttatg cgatattcaa gtcttataat ctttggatgg aaatgtggct accactttga     82200
     aaaaggtgag gctttaatgt gtgacattta ttattattat tattattatt attattttta     82260
     ccttagatca ggggtgccca aactttgtcc tggaaagcca gtgtccttca tattttagct     82320
     ccaacttgcc tcaacacaat tgcacggatg tttttagaaa gccaagtaag agcttgatta     82380
     gccagcccag gtgtgtctta ttaaggttgg aaccaaactt tacaggactg agtttgggca     82440
     cccctgtctt ggacagattg ttgaagagca aattagaaag ggagcaaata gaaaatgaag     82500
     taacttaaat ataatattgg tgtaaattat tatattttat atatgaagga taataacata     82560
     ataaatattt tttaaaatta ttgaaaactt tggttcatgt aaacagaaaa aaaaatagat     82620
     tatcaattta taatgcaaca aaaacttcat atagtttttc acttcatgtt ttaccactaa     82680
     tgcctgttac gacttcagag aagctccttc acgcttccct gtgaacattt tgcagctagt     82740
     tgtaaacaac ttcatccatt actgtctatt tctcgaaaca caagagctct cacacataaa     82800
     acgcagcacc tactttccaa gctatgacag aggtgccggc ggtggatgtg tattgatatg     82860
     aagaacccga aatagacatt ttgccccttg gatcagagca cagaaatcat ctttcattag     82920
     agctctcttc gctgatatcc cttgacacac acgcacacat aaactcatga ataaacaaga     82980
     tggctgcatt tgtgtgtctg aacacagttc acacagggga tggagagcaa aaaaaggaca     83040
     tgatcagatc atctagcttt ttaaatatga gacactttca tgcattacct gttggaactt     83100
     gttttgaagc aatctcctgt ttgcatagtt taaactgtga tctctgtgag gtaaattact     83160
     ttgtttttac tgtttaactt ttttactaaa tactataatt tccttagtaa atactgtaaa     83220
     taaaactatt taattacatg aaggctgatt ttgctgtaaa gagtgtaaac atcatggctt     83280
     agtgtttgct tgagcaatct gaaagttttt actattcaca ttttatagga attatagtaa     83340
     agccacaaca tttttcaaga cacatatcct atttatttaa catgtgtcct atccagtctg     83400
     ttcgatgcca tgaaactcgc agggatttag tgaagccgtt cgctgcatgt gttatgacag     83460
     cttttacaga gctgcagctc taattccgta gaattacaca tctgactttg acaatcgctt     83520
     caaatatgtc gcttttggta agtcagcgtg ctcttggatt taagcatggt tgcaccttcc     83580
     tgttacacag tttaatctga gaattctata tcgtaaattg ctaacatgga cacagaaacg     83640
     tgacggtgaa ttttaatgat gacattcatt agagtgatca atgaagacta agccatcatg     83700
     gtagatacag gccaatgtct ttctcctgct gtaaataatc ctgcacacat tgtcctgtgc     83760
     tcagaagcac atcgtgtaat tttttttggt tgtgaattta caacacgaaa tggcttccat     83820
     aatggttttt aaattactta ctattattac tacctatgcc taatagtggg cagatattca     83880
     acacatatat tgattcaaag gaactgtgta accattgatt gattgacaca gatgtacata     83940
     ttactgatgg attgatgagt gaatataatt ggagtgaatt tacacaaatg gacaaattat     84000
     ttaacagata gatggactga aagatgtatt gattaataga caactggaca aattaaattc     84060
     gatggatgga tggatacaga tgaacattta actgatggat tgatgagtgg ataactgaca     84120
     aatgttgaca aatttctttt tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggacaca     84180
     ttactgatgg attgatgggt agatatgatt gaacaaaatt atgattgatg gatttacaca     84240
     actgaacaaa ttaattaaca gatagatggt ttgtatgatg gacgaattgc ttttcggatg     84300
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gacacatatt actgatagat tgatgggcag atatgattga     84360
     acaaatttat gattgatgga tttacacaac tgaacaaatt aattaacaga tagatggttt     84420
     gtatgatgga cggattgctt tttgaatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatagatg     84480
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga cagacacata ttacttatgg attgatgagt     84540
     agatatgatt ggacaaattt atgattgatg gatttacaca actgaacaaa ttaattaaca     84600
     gatagatggt ttgtatgatg gacgaattgc ttttcggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg     84660
     gacggacaca tattactgat agattgatgg gcagatatga ttgaacaaat ttatgattga     84720
     tggatttaca caactgaaca aattaattaa cagatagatg gtttgtacga tggacggatt     84780
     gcttttgggt tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga cggacacata     84840
     ttacttatgg attgatgagt agatatgatt ggacaaattt atgattgctg gatttacaca     84900
     actgaacaaa ttaattaaaa gatagatgga ctgaaatatg gattaattct taatgaatat     84960
     tggatgaata tatggatgga tggatacaga tggacattac agatggattg atgagtggat     85020
     atgattggac aaattaattg atagacacag ctggacaaac taaaattgga tggatggatg     85080
     gatgaatgga tacgaaccga ctaacagata aatgcattga aggatggatg aattgattaa     85140
     ttgaccgaca caactcgtca aactaacatt ggatggatga atggacatat tactgatgaa     85200
     ttgaagagtg gatataatca aacaaattca tgatcgatgt attgacacaa aaagaaaaat     85260
     gaattaacag atagatagat tgaaggatgg atggattgat taattgatag atacaactgg     85320
     acacactaac aatggatgaa tggacataaa ctgactaata gatagataga cagacaaaca     85380
     gacagattta aaaccaaaaa tatcctttat ctgcgtgtga attgcccagt ggcgctcagt     85440
     aactaagctc tatacacagg aaatggtatt tctatgaatg agtgtccagc agacgcccac     85500
     tccacacatc atgagtcatt gactgagact tggtgttctc agagtcagtg ggtgccgcca     85560
     actgtacact gttagatcac tgcattgcga gacataaccc gagttgactc tctcagacac     85620
     gaacacaaaa acacgcacag tcgtactgta atttaaacaa gctaagctat gggtgcagat     85680
     gcatacaaat aaaacagcat ttattcttaa ttaatctttg gaagacctcc aactcctcaa     85740
     gtttagaaaa aaaattgtta aagctcacag aaaatggaaa attaattaat aggagcttca     85800
     attctgattc tattgtataa tgctaagaca tagtgtaaat tctgcccctt ttcatgcaat     85860
     tgcatgtttc tatcttatga tttgtcttgt tttcaagtca agttgacaca gctaattgca     85920
     atttatatat tcacagttct aagaagaaaa gtacacattc taaggacaat aaaaatggca     85980
     aaaaaaaaaa aaagaattct gagtcggaat tgtttttctc ataattgtga gtttctatct     86040
     tgcaattcta agtatatata tctcacaatt atgacttcat atctataaca atcctaattt     86100
     ttttttattt agttgatttt tatgcgattc ctcctctcaa ttgcatgttt gcttctctga     86160
     tagaaaccct aagccactaa aaaattgcaa gaaataaaga tcttttttta atccatgcta     86220
     ttcattttat gcttatgcat gcgacccact gacacaccgc tatagggaac cacctttaat     86280
     actcctaatt ttgtctccag tcttatagta agtataaaac aggtgattct gggctctgaa     86340
     agattagtta gcaaatatct gtaatatccc ctaaagcaag actgctctcc atctggcaca     86400
     tcatcaccag gcttttaaca gcaggcaaag catctgtggt cagagtttga tgtccattac     86460
     gggaagccaa gattctgctg ttggcttgac aggtttgaga tttgagaata aggatcatca     86520
     agggggaggt agattgatgc cctcatggtc aggctaaagc tgtttgatac tgtcggctag     86580
     actcaggtcc catctcaatt tggtgagcag tggagataag cctgccggtg gtgtgcgcta     86640
     aagccatcca tccatcctgg tgccaataga atgataagaa gccttgcgtg aatgtgttag     86700
     ctggagggtt acagacattt ttcgccaaca taatgaattt taacatgcta ctgcaaaaat     86760
     atatatatat atttaaataa aaatactgta ttatatgaca caaaaaacaa gacattaatc     86820
     taattcaacg atctaattca aattaatttg tattaatttt cacactctca ttcttacatt     86880
     ttagtacaat ttgcttatcc atcaatgagg gatattgtta tttatagtat actgtacagt     86940
     atgttcaaag tttgggtttg gggacatgtc ttcaaaatct taaagggcac ttaggttacc     87000
     cctttttcag atttaatatg agtctttcgt gtttccagaa tgtgtctgta aagttttagc     87060
     tcaaaacacc catcagatgt tttattatac cttttacaag tttctctttt ataccttttt     87120
     gcatcaggta gcggttttgt tgtactgcgc ctttaaggct agtcctcccc gcccatcgtt     87180
     tccacgtgcc tttctacatg ccttaatctc ctccatcggc tgcgtcagta aacagacaga     87240
     cttaaagcaa gcagagtaaa agagcatatt tcatgagtta catatattat aaagcacaga     87300
     ataaaaactt aaattagagt cttttaaatc tggcacctgg tagtaaaaac cttgtctgac     87360
     aaaatctatt taattagcag tcaaactttc cagttttcac cgaatttgca agatgttgag     87420
     ctgttgaaga gacagaaagt ctacaacagc aggctgtcca gatgacggtc acaggaaccc     87480
     ttttagccat agcaaaacac gatttctaga atgttgtttt cagaagcaag tgtttggcat     87540
     tttatgaagc tctatagaag agtgaatact aatacttcaa aaactaatac atcaaaagct     87600
     cctccagctt gttctctatg ttcacttagc caccaactgt tatgcatttc tacatatcaa     87660
     tgttgctgtc acacaattaa atgtttaaag aagttccttg aagttgaaaa caatgacata     87720
     atgaaatggc agaaccagag tcctgaccta cacatgactg aatttctcag aaaaatcatt     87780
     gtatgtgcat catgagttat acctaagaaa tccagtcagt aagctgtgga aaagactcca     87840
     agaagagaga accatgatca aatcagaaca gtatataaga cagatgacgt tttgtggcct     87900
     cagatgtgct gaatggattc aaagcaaggg cctatagact tcctagaatt tttaaaggga     87960
     agttcacgca aaaagaaaat attatttatg taatttgaac aattcacttg ccctgaaacc     88020
     gttgaatttc ttcattctgt tgaacacaaa agatgaaatt ttggagaatg ctgaaaatgt     88080
     ggaaccactg acttccatag taagaaaaaa aatactatta aagtcagtgg tttcaaattt     88140
     cttcgacata tcttatttag tgttcaatag aagaaagaaa ctcatgagca tttgaaacaa     88200
     gtaaacggtg agtaaatgat gacagaattt aaaattttgg gtgaactatc cctttacctg     88260
     atgtaatctt cagaaatatt atttgtgatc tttctttggt ctactattac tgttgatctc     88320
     taattttgac cacaaaatgg ttgttgaaga gcctttggcc atccagtaaa acactgttag     88380
     catgatatag ccacaactaa aactcattaa tgggcaaaga ttacattatt tctgaaaaaa     88440
     gaatgcagaa tatttataat gtaatttaat gtacattatt ttaagttgtt cctccaacac     88500
     agatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat     88560
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctcctaaa     88620
     cttcattaca ggctggaaag ttatggaaaa tttcaagccg cagggtgtaa agacagttcg     88680
     gtggggtttg cttactgtgg acttggcctc ctgcggtatc tatggaaacc cccgtctgct     88740
     tcggcagtct ctgtaagaat ttaataggta tacctgcgtt cccagggtga ccagacggca     88800
     gataaagctg gtgtcagtca cagctgttct ttgagaacac gtccattatt gtcggagcgc     88860
     actcatgatt taattgcttg tgagtaacac ttcacattac aacatcatcc agatgaactg     88920
     cggtgtataa tggaccagtg attaatatga gcacaatgtg tatgttgtag agcaaagctg     88980
     tgcattacaa tcgaagcagt gtgacctaat gtgctcctaa atctgacatt tttggcctgt     89040
     tttaagggta gaaatttgga ggaatagtta aaaaagatta aatgaaaata aaattaagga     89100
     ctggatgtta gttttgttta gtttttttgt atttatacag tatggtgaat gattgaaaga     89160
     gacagcaaca tgcacatcac aatcacatag tagattagat ctggttagcc tgtcagaggt     89220
     ttccaccttg tgatcaacaa gtgaactgca gttgaatgtg tgcatgctgt acatatgttc     89280
     tggtacatat tgtgctcgtt caaaaaagta aaataggtta attaatctta agggaatggg     89340
     tacacttgaa ctaaatttgc ttacctataa aacttaaaac atattttaaa cgggtttaat     89400
     gtgtttatgt aacattaata atcgtaaggg aatgggtaca cttgaactaa atttgcttcc     89460
     ccataaattt ttaatgtaaa ataaacacaa ggccttaata gtctgataat aacacttata     89520
     acttgagtaa cgttagagcc taaaacataa caagctttaa caaaccaatt acagtaacgt     89580
     gaaataacaa agtaagaaga tatagaagta aacatgtata gtaggtagtt gtgtgggcaa     89640
     gttaaagtac tctagataca gaaagaaaga agttctctta cctgtaaaca tccataatgt     89700
     gtattcatat ctgcagcgtc ttcctttaga tacactgaaa acaatcggat tatatttaca     89760
     agcctgaaaa cacagacaaa atttagacaa tgtaaaaaca actttctcat ctaagtctaa     89820
     agtagtcatc tattaatgta ctatttaaga atactattgc taatgaaact gttagaacag     89880
     tgatgacatt gagtaaccaa ttcacgccag atataatttg gtcattttga cctaacgtta     89940
     tttataacat gttttgagac aggatttatc tttacaaaca tttacctgga ttaagtacgc     90000
     atgtgtttac gatactttgt tctgtcgacg tttgtttgcg tgtttgtaaa ttaacgccac     90060
     taattactgc acgcgcatat caaatctcaa tgacgtaaca gcaattaaag agaccgcacc     90120
     ctttgtgatc aaaacaacac atttgctaca aataactatt gtgcttttct gaataaagga     90180
     ctctgacaat ttgtcagaat taaatagatg ttatgcctta cctaattcag cctctacgga     90240
     ggtttctcta gtctagggaa aatgtgtgaa attggcttta tttttacatg taaatgaaaa     90300
     tggaacacgt gggcacaaac aaaaatgttt ttaatataaa tttttatatc acatttattt     90360
     cgttttttca catatgcaaa cagcacaatc aatgaacaag acaaaaatat tcaataacaa     90420
     caacaaaata gattataaca taaaataata caaataaaat atatttcgtt ttgcaattaa     90480
     ccaaaagaca acataagata ggtcagaact tattttagaa cctttttttg ctctaagtaa     90540
     cattatggaa gtctcatact aacattatat atattaaaat agcgtcagta ttgcaggaat     90600
     gattaggaca aatccacata aacgtgtgga aaagcccttc agcaccaagg acagggacaa     90660
     caattcagta ccagctttta ctgcatgtgt gatgacagac aggtagaaca aacagatctc     90720
     tttgccgcgc taaatgattt aaaatatgaa atgtgtatga aaataatgtg agataagttt     90780
     ttaacaaaaa aataagacaa gaattcagat ctagcaaaca ataacaagac acccttagca     90840
     ctaaacaata aaaataataa taaattacag gaaaaaatat gttaatatta aaattataca     90900
     atattaataa taataataat aattataatg ataatgatac tactactact actactaata     90960
     ataataataa taataataaa taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat     91020
     aataattgca gctgaaaggg aatccgctgc ataaaacata tgctggataa gttggcagtt     91080
     tagccaaaag aaaatgaatg aatgaatgat aataataata atattatgca aaaaagatac     91140
     agctcaaaca gttattgtag ggagttcact cattattctt cttttcatct ggcttccctt     91200
     cctaaactct gtaataaaca aaattagtct cagtaaattc tgaaatattc tcagaatgtg     91260
     tatacggttg gtgactactt taactaaaag caaatgataa caagtaagta gatgaacaat     91320
     catatgtttt ttattaaatt ggttaccaga agtgaacata atatttcctg actggaacac     91380
     ccccagactc actgatcaca gctccatcat tttgttcaca agagaagaca tcatcataat     91440
     tcttcagtat cacttctaaa gacatacagc agatgcttat tatgtaaata catttcatga     91500
     caaagaaaac aacttaaaaa aagactataa aattaccttc gtgcagggtt gtgacgtcat     91560
     cataactctg attcatgaca tctttgataa aatataaaaa taacatttgt tttttttaat     91620
     ttattaggaa tgcatttaca tttttaaaag cttaggtatg aaaattctca catttgtgta     91680
     caccactgag gcactcctta gaagcatctt ggtccagttt gtctgcataa ataagaaaac     91740
     atacacttga taaaaaataa ataaataaat aaaattaaat aacaacaaca ataataatat     91800
     tattattaat aatattaata ataataaaat aataacaata ataaaataat aacattaata     91860
     aaattatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     91920
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata aatttctata taattttata     91980
     atttggtgtg tttcgtgcat ggttttatgg ttaaattaaa tgtcagttaa tgtcttggca     92040
     gaaaatttcc aaaatattct cattaccagt ttttcgaaca gtgtagaccc aatataacaa     92100
     aaccagcaaa tagtttcaca atgaacctaa cattattaca agagttcaga cacattagat     92160
     attagacaca tagtagatat ttacacttgt tcaaacttcc ctggcacctg tgagctttct     92220
     cgctgacttg agtatgtaaa aacactagta tgcaaacaca gcactgtggt tttcactgct     92280
     gaatactgtg gttaacagca ggaagactaa caggattaac aatttaacca tgtcaaaaac     92340
     agcagtatgc aaaaaaataa aataaaatca cccaatgcta ttttgactac tcaaacctac     92400
     agttacattt tttattataa ataataaaac caatctgttt tcgcatgctc acccccctga     92460
     gtgaagtgtt tgtgctgaat ctcctcataa acagcctcag tggtggtcct gtgtctcctc     92520
     ttagagagag ctgtgagtgt cgacacacaa acctgctgtc agttcacaac acatgactga     92580
     tcacacactg aagaagacac aatatgacag tctctggatc tctcctacct ctcctcatca     92640
     ctctgttctg ctgaatcagt ataagcagcg gcactaagag cagtaagagc acaactccca     92700
     gaacaatcac cagcactggg gggactggga gattttctgg accagtttgt ggaggagaga     92760
     ctgatgttga gctcactgtc tgagaaactg cagcagaaga tgatgctgat gtggaaagag     92820
     tagtggacac tgacaaacct gacaagtcta ttaaaacaga ttcaaaatca tgcaaattac     92880
     taattaaaat aaataaaatt actagaattc aaataatcaa aaaatctgtc agtaacctgc     92940
     acaggtgagt ccagcatgct tttcatggga gcaatcattg tgcttcttca gggagaaagg     93000
     acagtcccac aggtgaagct cattccctct gcaatggact ccgttcagcc acacaacacc     93060
     ttcaccagca ccaaaggttg aattcccatc agcccttagt gctgctccac aacccagctg     93120
     cctgcagacc acctgagcat cgctgatgtc ccagagatca tcacagactg agccccacac     93180
     agcgttatga tacacctcca gcctcccaga gcaccggccg tcccctccac gcagtctgag     93240
     aggaacatgt gctgaaacac acacataatt ggtcagttaa gtactaaatg tttcaaacta     93300
     cattttttgt tcaaatatat aatataacct cctcacctga acactgtttg tggtgaggaa     93360
     atgctgaaca tgtcagatga ctctttggtg actcatcagt ctctttttct gaaatgacga     93420
     tatttgaaac tctgatgttt atcaaaacat atcatttaac ctttaataac ccattatata     93480
     aaatcttacc agagcaagtg attttggcca cctcatctat atagcagtgg ttcttacccc     93540
     agggtaaaga tggacaatga tacaatgttt tgtcatgttt tctgcattta agatgatcca     93600
     accatttagg agcagatctc aggctcactg aatgactggg ttcactgcca gatcttccac     93660
     agttcagctc ctgacagatc agactcgctg tgtctctgtc catctgattt aagcacacat     93720
     ttccccagga tccattgtag aaaacctcca cattcccttc acagccgtca gttaacctga     93780
     tctctgtaaa ttctaaacgg atggcataca attaaattca gtaatgtttt tttttttttt     93840
     tttaaatagt aaattattat ttaacaatac aatacaatat tccaaatatt taaaaaacta     93900
     tttaactata ctgtagtaga agctacagta attatcataa gtaaatcttt accagagcag     93960
     atgactccta catcctcctc gtgtagacag tcatgttttc cccagcctgg agaagagcag     94020
     ctccacaggg acgtctcatt cccctcacac tccacctcat ccagccaaat atgtccagaa     94080
     ccaggaccaa accaggctgg tacctgctgg ttactgaggg ccactccaca ctgcagctgt     94140
     ctgcacacta catgggcatc tttaatatcc caggagtcgt cacacactgt cccccatgag     94200
     ccgttgtgaa aaacctccag cctccctgca cagtctcccc cagaacccac cagcctgatg     94260
     gacccgcggc ctgatattca gagaaagaga aacacattat tgatcaggaa caactccaga     94320
     atctgcccag atgttgttgt tctcaccaag gcaggtgatt gacagctgtt gtgtggagct     94380
     gcagttgaga gtttgtggag agctgcagtt ccccagatga gcttcactcc cagagcactg     94440
     gaagcccatc acacactcat gactgtgttc aggactggat gaagaggagc ccgagaagtt     94500
     gagcacagag ccacagccca gctgtctgca gaccacagag gattcagtga gactccagga     94560
     gtccagcaaa accttcctcc agacctgctg gatcaaaact tccacctgcc cctcacactg     94620
     actctctcca gacaaccgca ccaaaccctc atgaagaggc aaagacgagt ctgaagaaaa     94680
     acatgtggca gtttattaag atattaatac aagtaattta ttaatgtatt ctaataaaat     94740
     gtccgcacta gagcagatga ctccaacatc tcgtctatgc gaacgttcag ttcgactcca     94800
     tgaagagatt gaacattcgg agagttttgt ttcattcccg tcacaatcaa acacatcagc     94860
     ccagatttca ccacttccct ctccaaacca gtctgatccc acaacagaca cagcaatccc     94920
     acaattcagc tgtttacaga ggacactggc agctctcata tcccagcatg catcacatac     94980
     tgtgccccat tttctgagat actgaagctc cactcttcca gaacaagagt ctgaaccatt     95040
     taccagtcgg agatcagtgt aacctgtgtg gaggttattg aaactgttta tggtcacttt     95100
     aggagaatta atcagtttat atgcatctaa ctatatgtat atttatgtaa agagcagtca     95160
     aatgttactt aaccagagca tattactcct acagcatttt caagggtaca gtgtgaagac     95220
     ttgaacgcag gacagaaaac caggtgagac tcatttcctc tgcagtgaat ctcatgtgtc     95280
     cacatctgag attctacttt accaaaagca gcagctctca gcacctgtac aggaacccca     95340
     cagtccagct ctctacacac aacctctgca tcctgctggt caaagccaac atcacacact     95400
     gacatccacg tctttatgtt ttgtatctct aatctcccag cacacagatg aggtccattt     95460
     atgagtctgg gaaggcgacc tgcatgttaa cattttcatg aataaacccc aaaatacaag     95520
     aattttatta ataatgagtt gaatgaatat taaaagtttt cggctttgtt tttaccagcc     95580
     aacttaccca aacagacaac tccagcatct tcatcgtgtt tacagttact tacacccctc     95640
     ctccttgatt tacaatcctt cagtcttgac tctgatcctg tacaattaac tgcacccatc     95700
     cagattggtc ctgatcccca tccaaagcga gcaaggccag cagcacgtaa tgctttatca     95760
     cagcccagtt ctttacaaac cactttagca tcatttaggt cccagccatc atcacagact     95820
     gttccccact gacctttatg atacacctct actcgaccag cacaggggct gttaccacca     95880
     actaatctca cttcccctgt acacaagaaa gggaaagaca ttttttgtat acatttctgg     95940
     aactggatgc tctccagaaa cattttacta tatttcaaac ttttttaaca attgttttta     96000
     ctattttttt tactcaacta gtttggaaat gtgacacatg acgttgctat ttaaatgaaa     96060
     aggacatact ttttttttta tagtgggaaa aaaagtgaca gcaacactga tactatacca     96120
     gctgaagtat catgacacca agtagtattg cgctacttta aatcataact caaattataa     96180
     agaaaatggt cagaattact atattttaca tgttataata ggtctttaat ttaattcata     96240
     attcccttat tattgaaaaa attattatta tcacgtcatt tcacctaaaa ttcattattt     96300
     ttgtttattt tgtagatatc tgaccaacaa aaaatacatt aaaataaaga tacaaactat     96360
     actatttttt tatcgggtaa caatccaaag taattcagaa tttcactttg tgagtcgttc     96420
     tctttaagag attgctgtgg ttgttgtagc tactaaatca tattgagaga aacagaaatg     96480
     aatcgattca gatgtgagtt ttaaacttca gaaaacatca gaaaacttgc aaccttaaag     96540
     ggttccacaa actattccaa taaaatgatc tattgttgca aaaacgtgtg agtttttagt     96600
     gatttttcct ccacgtccaa catttactgt agataaacca ttaatgagga tactaccatt     96660
     tacaaaccac agtagcaccg ccagtatttt gaagccaaag tatcgtgata ctaccatagt     96720
     accagtaaac cgtgcaacga ataatgcatt agtttattaa gataattaat tctaaacatc     96780
     attttagact aacaagattt tgcacactag gcatacattt tatattaaac aactaaacaa     96840
     acaaacaaac aaacaaacaa ataaacaaac aaacaaacaa acaagaaaat ccccctaact     96900
     gaagattacc ttaccttcat tggggagtgt aacaactgta gacatcaaaa ggactgtcag     96960
     acagctcttc atcttcatct cctctacaac ctctcgtgag attctaaaga aagagagtct     97020
     tcttatcact tttgagagtt agcagaggaa atcagcagct tcggcaacaa atcagacaga     97080
     agcattttca gttttttcga tatatatcca gctgcttata aagagaacta ctcccatacc     97140
     tcagaaaaac gcctcactga gtacgctgtg aaaaaataaa gttaaagtgc tgacatctga     97200
     catgagaaga gcgattgtgg taaacacttg agtttagata cagcgtcaaa gtctggcacc     97260
     tgcagtgaaa gatatgggca ctgataacta actgctgata tgaacaagag atatttcaaa     97320
     ggactattcc tcaaaaacaa cacacactat tttgttatat taaacattta cattttgtgc     97380
     acacaaatcc agtgctacaa cagattgggt tgcaacattc cccagtttca agacaataaa     97440
     ataacaccat tcaaattcaa gtttgatttt attcctcatc agaaaacatt cgaagcaatt     97500
     caacacattt aaactggatt aaaatctaaa acagctactt aaaataatac aaacataaag     97560
     tctcaatatt aaaaagtgta tacaaacaat gtctcattgt cagaaacctc ctctcctaaa     97620
     tataaagtga acaataagct cttctgctag tttaaaggag ttattacatt cttatgaaga     97680
     tcccatggta gctgtttatc aagatatttc tcaaagtaca ttcctaggtt aattaaaaaa     97740
     tataaaagtc caccatcaga gggtttaaag tatattcaat gggaatatta tgtttgcaag     97800
     atgaagtatt tgtaaaatga gactggaaca gagaaggata catggtaaat ggataaatgg     97860
     atggcatctg aaatcataat taatgtttat aaaaaaataa acatttaggt ggaaaattaa     97920
     acagatatgt ctgcatgact gaaattaaat tccattataa aacattagaa aaaagaaacc     97980
     taaacattct gaaaaggcca tgagagcaag ttatgaaatt atttcaataa aaaacatcat     98040
     tacaaaaatg acagggaaac aacagcagaa catttgatag tatcttctta aatctgcaga     98100
     aaacttgctt taaaacaagt gaaacactaa gtgagttata catttgcttc ctgtttttct     98160
     ggttcttccc ccacatcatc ataacctggt attagaaaac aagcaaaaac aacagaatca     98220
     atataagctt ttaaaaagta ttattatgaa ctcatcaata gcagcagtta atttaaataa     98280
     gctgtcatta tcaatggaaa tgagaaaata taaaataaaa cggtgtcaat aacgtaccaa     98340
     acatgtcact tgcatactcc ctgacatcta gatcactata atcctcatca ctctctaaaa     98400
     taaatgcttc agttattaat caaaaataat ctggcagaat aattgaaaga aaaaaaagtt     98460
     actgtatgta aacaagtgtc atttgaagca cacacctgct ttatcgttgg agagttgccg     98520
     cacgacaatg acatcatcat agttttctgg taagtcatct ataaaaaaat caaataaaaa     98580
     acaattaacc caaaatacat atataaaaaa aaaaacggtg gaaataagta ttagaaatat     98640
     acttgtagca gaatgtctcg atccaacaac gactacatca tcgtaattct cagacaatac     98700
     ttgttctttt agattagtta agagaaaaga agaaaaaaaa cagcaaatgt taaattttcg     98760
     tttaatcaaa tggctattat ttacctttgt ttatcaagaa acaagtatcc caagccgaaa     98820
     accacatggg aatgagagtt gtttttcggc gtgtgaactg agtgagtcca tggagtcttt     98880
     attgactcaa ctgagagtaa cattaaccat caatacttta ttcactttca ttgaatgctc     98940
     gcacaactgt taagacaaat tcatgtattg tacatcaaac taaataaaag ttcagtatga     99000
     gtctgtagac ccctttgctt ttcagatgtt atttattcat cgattttctt tcagcgtagt     99060
     cctttattta tcaggggtca ccacagtgga caaaaacgct aattaattca gcacatgttt     99120
     tacaaagtgg atgcccttcc agccacaacc cagtactagg aaacacccat aaactaacac     99180
     acacacacac taacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     99240
     acacacacac taacacacac agacacacac acacacacac acacacacac actataggca     99300
     aattatttca tccagtttac ctatacaaca tgtctttggt cggaaaggaa aacccatgcg     99360
     aacataggga gaacatgaaa actgcacaca gaaatgccaa ctggtctaga caggactcga     99420
     accggcaacc ttcttgctgt gaggtgacag tgctaaccac tgagccacca cttatcatgc     99480
     aaatttcaga ttagctactg tttgttgatt ctgtggtaac tgcttgcaac aaagtcgctt     99540
     taatgagtcc aatctaacaa caagttacta tgtgctgaaa atgtaaaaaa caaaaaaaga     99600
     agcataattt gacggcttta agttaaataa gttaaagcca ctgacctcca gggccatcaa     99660
     ttgagatgtc atcataggag tgaggtccag cttcacatac atgaaaaaaa agattcagta     99720
     ttcctttacc taaattacgt ttgtgttaat ataaatagat aaagggatgc ttttaattgc     99780
     tgtcatatac aaattaaaga aacaagttca tctataaatg aaaatagtgt catcatttac     99840
     tcttgcttca cttctattga acacaaaaga agctaactat tgacaaaaca aagaaactca     99900
     taaagggttg aaaccacttg agggtgagta aatagtgagt acattttcat ttttgggtaa     99960
     accaattcat ttaacacagg ctacattcag ttctgtagca ggtgacactg tatttcagtc    100020
     ctctaacctg aaagaaggtc atcagcatct tcatacccag aatgctgttg ttcagaaagc    100080
     acatctttac ctgttatgga ggaatataac caattttttt agatcataca acaggaactg    100140
     taaaatgtca tataaaacat gtaaagttac aaaaatttat tggatatatg tgatttactt    100200
     tacttatccc tctaaataaa ttgattaccc tcttgaacta cataatcaac acagtttgac    100260
     atgcagtgaa gccaacatta ttcatacccc tcaggattta cttacccctt tgagtaaaaa    100320
     aactgtgtct attagtggtt ctgttctgaa tctcctcata aatggcctca gtggtggttc    100380
     tgtgtctcct tttagagaga gctgtgagtg tcgacacaaa cctgctgtca gttcacaaca    100440
     catgactgat cacacactga agaagacaca atatgacagt ctctggatct ctcctacctc    100500
     tcctcatcac tctgttctgc tgaatcagta taagcagcgg cactaagagc agtaagagca    100560
     caactcccag tacaatcagc agcactgggg ggactgggag agtttctgga ccagtttgtg    100620
     gaggagagac tgatgttgag ctcactgtct gagaaactgc agcagaagat gatgttgatg    100680
     tggcaggagt agtggacact gatatatccg gcaagtctat taaaatagat tcaaaatcat    100740
     gcaaatcatt catttgggta aaaaataaat cctagcagta aaatgatttt taaaatgttt    100800
     agtgacctgc acaggtgagt ccagcgtgct ctttgtagga gcagtcagtg tggttgttca    100860
     gggagagagg acagttccac aggtgaagct cattccctct gcactggact ctgttcagcc    100920
     acacaacacc ttcaccagca ccaaaggctg aattcccatc agccctcagt gctgctccac    100980
     aacccagctg cctgcagacc acctgagcat cgctgatgtc ccagagatca tcacagactg    101040
     agccccacac agtgttatga tacacctcca gcctcccaga gcaccggccg tctcctccac    101100
     gcagtctgag aggaacatga gctgaaacac acatcaacat cactgatctg ctgcagtgta    101160
     atgtttactt gcccttcaac ctgaagctat agaaatatct atctatctat ctatctatct    101220
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    101280
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    101340
     atctatctat ctatctatct acccacccac ccacttaccc atccacccat ccatccatcc    101400
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatatat aatatagatt ctttcataat ttattcactg    101460
     tatgatttta ttcactagaa atactactgt atatactgtt tatacacaac tttttttcta    101520
     atcatatatt aaaaaacaat atttacataa tttacatact catatgtatt gtgttaaata    101580
     acttactgga acattgtttt ttgtgagaac atgtcagatg actgtgagga gactcatcac    101640
     ttactttctc tgtgaataaa atgttatagt ttcattcttt gataaacaaa acactataat    101700
     attagtttaa ttaaataatt cagtctaaac cctttatgat tataaaaatg attatgaact    101760
     aacaaagcag tttatgtagt actttataaa aacacataaa catacaatac agaacaaata    101820
     aaagaataaa aaacttacca aagcaagcga ttttggccac ttcattatca cagtcattct    101880
     gtccccaggg ttcagatgga cactgccata aattggagtc atgttgccga catttaaaat    101940
     aatccagcca ataatgagac ttcaacccct ctgaataact gggttcactg ccagatcttc    102000
     cacagttcag ctcttgacag atcagactca ctgtgtctct gtccatcttg ttgtaacaca    102060
     catttcccca agatccatta tagaaaacct ccacattccc ttcacagccc tcagttaacc    102120
     tgatctcctt aaactctaca attaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aatatatata tatatatata    102180
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    102240
     tatatatata taaataataa gattttagtt tttcaaagaa tttggccaaa aggcaaaaac    102300
     aagcaatgtt tttcaaatag taaaggctgc tggcaaattg cttacagtgg ttgcaaactt    102360
     tttgagtgaa aaccagttta ccagagcaga tgactcctac atcctccttg tgtcgacagt    102420
     catgttttcc ccagcctgga gaagagcagc tccacaggga cgtctcattc ccctcacatt    102480
     ccacctcatc cagccatatg ggtccagaac caggaccaaa ccaggctggt acctgctggt    102540
     tactgagggc cactccacac tgcagctgtc tgcacaccac atgggcatct ttaatatccc    102600
     aggagtcgtc acacactgtc ccccatgagc cgctgtgaaa aacctccagc ctccctgcac    102660
     agtctccccc agaacccacc agcctgatgg acccgcggcc tgatattcag agaaagagaa    102720
     acacattatt gatcaggaac aactccagaa tttgtccaga tgttgttgtt ctcaccaagg    102780
     caggtgattg acagctgttg tgtggagctg cagttgagag tttgtggaga gctgcagttc    102840
     cccagatgag cttcactccc agagcactgg aagcccatca cacactcatg actgtgttca    102900
     ggactggatg aagaggagcc ggagaagttg agcacagagc cacagcccag ctgtctgcag    102960
     accacagagg attcagtgag actccaggag tccagcagaa ccttcctcca gacctgctgg    103020
     atcaaaactt ccacctgccc ctcacactga ctctctccag acaaccgcac cagaccctca    103080
     tgaagagcca gagatgagtc tgaagaaaaa catgaggcag tttaataaga tgataataat    103140
     acatgtaact tattgaatta aattttttaa taaaatgtcc tcactagagc agatgactcc    103200
     aacatctcgt ctatgagagc gttcagctcg actccatgaa gagattgaac attcggagag    103260
     ttttgtttca ttcccgtcac aatcaaacac atcagcccag atttcaccac ttccctctcc    103320
     aaaccagtct gatcccacaa cagacacagc aatcccacaa ttcagctgtt tacagaggac    103380
     actggcagct ctcatatccc agcatgcatc acatactgtg ccccattcac tgagatactg    103440
     aagctccact cttccagaac aagagactga accattgacc atacttttta ttagcttggc    103500
     ttttgtgtaa cctaaacaaa gaactgggag ttaacatgat gtacaatgca actgacagag    103560
     aataaatatt gtatcaaaca caaatgaaga gactttcaaa attgataatt tacctgaaca    103620
     gaccagtcca acattgttgt aactagtaca gttgtgtttt tgtggtgatg gtggacagag    103680
     ttgaaagtga gactcatctc ctctgcagtg aatctcttgt gtccacatct gagcctctcc    103740
     cttaccaaaa gcagcagctc tcagcacctg tacaggagcc ccacagtcca gctctctaca    103800
     cacaacctct gcatcctgct ggtcaaaggc agcatcacac actgacatcc acgtctgatc    103860
     atgaagaatc tctaacctcc cagagcacag gttaaatcca ttaacgagtc tggaaggttt    103920
     atgacctgtt tttcatttta caggaatcac accgttcagt tcacagtaca cagaggaaaa    103980
     acaaatgttt tagactattc ttttggggaa ccaggctcac atacattatt taacccaaga    104040
     tattttctaa acaaaccatt cattaagtaa caaagatcct tcagaaacaa gttaaactcc    104100
     tcacccgaac agatgacacc agcatcaaag ctatgagtac agctatgtag accccatcct    104160
     attgacccgc agttcttcag tgtagactct gatccagtac acatgacaaa attcatccag    104220
     atttgtcctg atcctggtcc aaagtgagca tcacccagag catctacagg ttctccacag    104280
     tccagttctc tacacaccac tgcagcatcc accaaatccc aaccaacacc acacactgtt    104340
     ccccactgac ctctatgaag aacctccact cgaccagcac aaggactgtg accaccaacc    104400
     agcttaatac tttttttctc taatgtagag aaaaatagag aaagtgactg tgagcgtgcc    104460
     tacataacac tgtatactgt agattcatat acaagaaaaa atactgttaa ctggtaaatt    104520
     acactggctc agtacaaatc caaaagcagt tttcatgatt ttacagtgac atgactgtgt    104580
     ttatgtaaaa catccccatt gttattaata gacatcttca tgacattttt atgcagtcta    104640
     agtatattgt gagatatagt ctcattgttg gcattttagc cacattttaa ccagattatg    104700
     ctcaccacct acagtatcta gcaatgcttt tattctgaaa cataataaaa taaaataatt    104760
     aaaacagttt gtcttttgaa atcatgatgt catgtcatga aatgctacac tggttcatgc    104820
     aatcttcaga aactctaatg taagcaacag tgagcatgtg gtattaaagg gcatttgctg    104880
     tttttattta ttcgttcttt tttttactca cattttattg cattcaaaag ttgttgtttt    104940
     ttttacagcc cttaaatcag cctgtctatt gaattaggga gtggccagca attcacgctc    105000
     agttaaagat atgatacttt caatatttta actctcacca ccacaaatta gcctctggtc    105060
     atcattatgc gaacagttgt ttttatgaaa agttgttgga cagaggtgaa tctgagactc    105120
     atttcctctg cagtgaatct cttgtgtcca catctgagca tctcgattgt cggcagctgc    105180
     tctcagcacc tgtacaggag ccccacagtc cagctctcta cacacaacct ctgcatcctg    105240
     ctggtcaaag gcagcgtcac acactgacat ccacgtctga ttatgaagaa tctcaacttt    105300
     ccctgaacaa ctggagtttc caacaagtct ggctcctgaa atagaaacca taagaatgaa    105360
     aaaataaatt aacatacatt tcattaatct aatggtgcaa tttcacaaag caccaatttc    105420
     aagtgagaaa aaaagtattc taattaaatt attcagtcat gtcatcataa ctcttgaaaa    105480
     gagggaatta tttagaatta aaaagaaatg aagaaaatca taacaggata ttctttcttt    105540
     ttttttggtg aacaatgtct ttgatgcagc actatcaatt attaaaaaac agaactaagt    105600
     ttgaagcagc ttacctgagc atttgactcc agcatttttg gaataatcac agtcataaga    105660
     accccaaatt agagatccac agttctttag tgttgactct gatccagtac ataccatgat    105720
     atttgtccag actggtactg acccttgtcc aaagtaagca ccatccaaag catctaaagg    105780
     ttctccacag tccagttctc tacacacaac tgcagcatca agcatatccc agaaataatc    105840
     acacactgtt ccccactgac ctctatgaaa aacttccact ctaccagcac agcgactgtg    105900
     accaccaacc aacctcactc tcgaatggtc tataaattga acaaagagga agcaaaaaca    105960
     acaaacagac aaatctaatg atgaggcaaa acgtataaca cagagattaa aactttaatg    106020
     taactaaacg tttatatagt gtaattgtaa attagatttt atttaaagtt tataaaaaaa    106080
     gaaagaaaaa aagactcacc tgtacacacc aagccaacat aattttcatg tgaagagctg    106140
     ttttcaggcg atgatgttgg acagaggtgt acctgagact catttccttt gcagtgaatc    106200
     tcttgtgtcc acatctgagt gtctcctttg tcaaaagcag cagttctcag cacctgtaca    106260
     ggagccccac agtccagctc tctacacaca acctctgcat cctgctggtc aaaggcagca    106320
     tcacacactg acatccatgt ctgatcatga aggatctcta acctcccaga gcagcgagaa    106380
     cctccaacca gacggacttc tgttaaaaaa aatctttaaa aattaaaaag tacaaaatta    106440
     ttattttttt ttataataac agaatgtaaa ctaaatattt aaaattctat taaattgagc    106500
     tacttttctt tttattagat tttgcattta aaattacaaa accgaattgt tcatgtttca    106560
     acaatgatag cttccttggt gacaaactga aaatgtataa aggagaaata aaagtttttg    106620
     tttaagtctg ctttagagaa aatctctaaa atgaactctg aaaaaatgag aggtggtttc    106680
     agattaacta tgaattaaga gaccttaaac cagcacataa gcaagactcc ggtatgatta    106740
     gcatatcatg aaattgaatc attattttat attaaagggt tagctcaacc aaaaaaaaaa    106800
     acataaatta tgtaattaat tacccagttt catgttgttc caacctacta agaccttttg    106860
     tcatttttgg aacagaatta agacagctcc ctcatcctcc acagacaaca agtttacaga    106920
     ttttttaaag tccagaaaaa taccaaatat gctttcagtg gcttaatcgg aatattaaca    106980
     acctatataa atactctggt aagcttaaaa caaaaataat caatttgttc aagagtttct    107040
     attgctcagt gtcagtatat aagttgggac cgttgctgta tatgggggat gaggaagctc    107100
     tcaaatttca cctaaaatat cttattttgt gtgtcagaag tttctcaggg atccctgatg    107160
     acaggaagtt tcagggattt gggaggacac gtggttgagt aattattaac aattttaatt    107220
     tttggatgaa cttatctatt aagaactaga ataatgaata cacaaaatta aacttacctg    107280
     aacaaattac atgagcattc ttatcaagac acacatgaag atcaggtgac tctattaatc    107340
     cacatttctt tagagtggac tcagatccag tacaaccaac atttttcact gataatagtc    107400
     ctgatcctgg ttcgaaacgg gcaacatata gagcatctac aggttctcca cagtccagtt    107460
     ctctacacac cactgcagca tcagccagat cccaggcagc accacacact gttccccact    107520
     gacctctatg aagaacttct actgtgccag cacagcgact agtgccattt accagtctca    107580
     catttattat gtctagaagt gcaaaaaaaa aagtgttact aaaaaaaaat tatatatatt    107640
     tttttataaa atgttacaat aaaatgaaaa aaactgctca gattatattt tctaaaccct    107700
     taccagaaca cagtaaatca atgttgtatt tatgagaaca gttgcttttg actgatgctg    107760
     atgttgggca gaggtgtatc tgagactcat ttcctctgca gtgaatctct tgtgtccaca    107820
     tctgagcgtc tactttgtca aaagcagcag ctctcagcac ctgtacagga gccccacagt    107880
     ccagctctct acacacaacc tctgcatcct gctggtcaaa agcagcgtca cacactgaca    107940
     tccacgtctg attatgacga atctccaacc ttccagagca gcgagaacct ccaactagac    108000
     ggacatctga aacaacacaa aggaaaaaaa agcaatagat atatagaaaa tggctttttt    108060
     tttatttact aagtttttgg caaatatttg cagaattgta cataattcat aatttacaaa    108120
     aaaaagtgtc catcacacaa ccatatgagt tgaacacaca gtagatcaga gttgatgaaa    108180
     cgagaacaac attcagtgat gtactgtaaa aatctggatc aatatacctg aacagatgac    108240
     tccagcctct ttaccatgac tacatctgct tttaccccat cccaatgacc cacagttcct    108300
     cagtgtagac tctgatccac tacacatgac ataacccagc caaattggtc ctgatcctgg    108360
     tccaaagtga gcaccatcca aagcatcaac aggttcccca cagtccagtt ctctacacac    108420
     cactgcagca tcagccatat cccagaaatc accacacact gttccccact gatcatcatg    108480
     ataaacttcc actcgaccag cacagcgact ttgaccacca actaagcgca cgatctttct    108540
     gtctgaaata tgaacagtat taaatgagaa aaagaaagga tgacagtgag aactaataat    108600
     ttttcttaaa aggtaaaata aaggtttaaa taaaaaaggg tttgatggtt attaaaatgt    108660
     atgcaatgag ctgaaaagat tatgtgtcct aagttactaa gcaatttttt ttttcaaaca    108720
     aaaagtttaa caggcatatt gtttatattg tatgactgtc aaatcgactg actgatttcg    108780
     ctaattgtcc atttattttt ttttaacaca gaacacacaa ctaaataaaa aaggttaaaa    108840
     aaaactataa tttatggact gcgagatgta aattcagaaa aaaatcaaag ggcaatgtta    108900
     gattaaaccc cagaatcgaa taatatacgt ttgcctttct gtttactgtt taccgggaaa    108960
     aaaaactgtg ataaaaacac aaatttcttt aatcaaacta aaaattaaat caaaatgaac    109020
     catcttagta cacaaaatca tgcgacaaac taaattttag gtaaattaag taagaggaaa    109080
     taacaaaatg acaccatgcg agacaatcat acgttttctg ttaaggaata cactattaca    109140
     ctgaaaatgt tctgacatac agttacatgt ttatgctaac atgtttacat atgctgacat    109200
     acatgtttat gctgtgattt ttttaacacc aaattaaagt caagcttaat ttaagtacat    109260
     aatagtcaga caacttcaga aaaataaacg attaacttat cttgatatca ttttttgtat    109320
     acttaccagc agtgctgaac attagagtcg aggttagaaa aataagcacc agaattttca    109380
     ttttatccct ttgcatgttt aacatccaga acacctctcc acactgataa tattgaagta    109440
     caggcatcct ctgagccccc ttaatgagag agaaagagga gaaacagcct ccaatcacac    109500
     ccgctattac cttattagac acaacagagg aaatcatcaa acaactgcag tgacaaatca    109560
     gagatcgctt cgctcaattt ctccatatat atcaaaactg tctgtgtcaa tccccaccca    109620
     tcaacacatc acactgaggg gatacaacac acagacacac acacttgact tacaggagac    109680
     aggaaactct ccggtttatt tacagtatta gagcctgcag aacacctgca tagacgagat    109740
     ataaacactg ataagtaact gaaattgccc aaaatactct ttattaacat acaatatgtc    109800
     aatgcaatat ttacacatat tatcatctct gaaaaagcat agtacatgtt aaaatattac    109860
     aaatgttata agaacacagt gctcaagtaa acccataaac tacaaaaatt ataggcagcc    109920
     aatattgatt ctcctcaaaa cacattgtga cacattttat gtgaaatttc cttaaacaaa    109980
     ggccgtttcc ttcagaaggc caacaaaaat gagcatgtag ttcaacgtgt gaccagcaga    110040
     gacagccagt gagctacatt taatttacta tacattgata attcaagagt agtgacaaaa    110100
     caattaaatt ataaattaaa ctgcacagaa ttttgaatga cagaacattt agttttaaaa    110160
     gcatatttat tatattcaaa atctgaataa tgttaaataa agatatataa tttagagtgt    110220
     ctgatcttaa ataataacaa ccaaaaacaa tatataatag tggcacagtg gttagcaatg    110280
     atgcctcaca gcaagaaggt tgctggttta agccccagct gggccagttt gcatttctgt    110340
     gtgaagtttg cacgtgaaag tgtatgtgtg tttcccagag ctggtttgca gctacgtaaa    110400
     acatatgctg gatatgtttg cggttcattc cgcagtggag acccctgatt aataaaggga    110460
     ttaagcagaa gaaaaatata tgaatgaatg aatgaatata ttgtattgta ttgtattgta    110520
     ttgtatgttg cgtttcttta tgttgcgttg tattgtattg ttttgtaaca tgcattaaag    110580
     tgatgacata tgtatgccca aatatgtatt acaagataca tacttgtaag ggctagatat    110640
     gtatattaat atacaaggtt tgaaaagttt tacagattta tagtttccta atatttaact    110700
     atgccatatg attactaaaa atgttttaca aatggtcaag atcagtgttt tccctaccac    110760
     gttcctgggg gaccaccaat aactgcatgt tttggatgtc cccttcattt gtcacaccca    110820
     ttacaggtaa atgtgcaagt ggaaaatgtg cacagtcagt ggtcccccag gaacgtggat    110880
     gagaaacact ggtccagatc atttcccaga gtcaaagtca aagtctgcct aagaccacag    110940
     tgtgctaaag ctacctgaaa tgtccaaaca tcatgcttgc caaaattaca gaagtgattt    111000
     ttttaatgaa atgccttgta acaaatgaga cttcaactgt ctggcagaca gtacagtgat    111060
     cttggtggat aattcagaaa gatagacaaa tacatataca ttaatatatc agagctcatg    111120
     agcctcactg acataccact gatgacagca ttatggcaaa cctcactgga acagcagctg    111180
     tcccttccac acagtctgag ataagcacga gctaaaacac acaaaccaaa ggagactgat    111240
     cagtcacact tcgcatttgg tcacaaacta tatttttatt caaataaaca gactctaatc    111300
     cacttaccta aacactgtct ctggtcagaa gaagctaaac atgtcaaagg tttatggaac    111360
     tgcatcatat atcactgcat tattaaatta tgtttaatta aaacaagtga tattaggcac    111420
     ctcagaacaa ttattttggt ccagggtaaa gatcgacact acaaaaatgt tttgtcacgt    111480
     tttcgacatt taaaatgttc caactaatta agctcaattc ttaggccagt gaataattgt    111540
     tcaatggcaa agtttatatt ttgatgaata agacttggtt taaacacatt tctcaagatc    111600
     cattgcagaa aaccttaaca tcacatttat agccatcagt ttatctgctc actttcaaat    111660
     gaagatcgat tttacaacac gagacaaata aaatcacact tctactgtat gtacacaggt    111720
     agtttgattt atttgctttg tagaatcaat tcaatacaat tcaatccaga gtgtaagtaa    111780
     atgctgagta aatatgagtt gaactaacct tttaaaaagc tattacattt taaagtgcat    111840
     tgcttaaagc tgtttgtaaa cttttttata aagtaaacaa atgcaaaaag ttaattaaat    111900
     tttttttagc agaataataa atgtccacca ttaaggagtc tacattcaaa agaaacatga    111960
     tactgatcat agatggatac atgatggtgc tgtaaatctg tggtggaaat gttaaatggt    112020
     taggattcat ccacaaactg ctataacagg ttaaatacta aaggttgata taaaaaaatg    112080
     tatagataaa ataaatttag atacatttaa atcatctaaa aaatgtcata aaaacacacg    112140
     ttttcctctg tcattggttt aagacatatc aaggtaacac tttacaataa ggttgtattg    112200
     gttaatgcat ttactaacat gaacaaacaa tgaacaatac actacagtat ttgttcatat    112260
     aatttaggtg cattaactaa tattgacaag catgtatttg gatgttaata atgcattagt    112320
     aaatgttgaa ttaggattaa taaatgctgc actgttgcaa tacttgcatt aataactgca    112380
     agtattattc atacatagtt catgttagta aatgcattta ctaatgaact ttaaatgtaa    112440
     agtgtgactg atatcaaaat aaaaatatac agaaatattg gtggcttgca acaaaaatgt    112500
     ctttaggcag tgggtgtggt ttaagttata cagtcaatct ctgtcttatt ggctcctccc    112560
     ccacatcatc atagtctgtt attgggaaaa agcaattatt ataaaattat tattattata    112620
     taataattat tatatactac tatcatttat caatatactt atattgaaag taaaaaaatg    112680
     tttctaatat taattacaaa tatgttatat tccactataa tacagagagg aaagcatgat    112740
     tatatgcact gtataaagat gtaatctgaa caacacacct gctttatcat ccgagaactg    112800
     tcctacgatg atgacatcat catagtcttc tggtaaacca catacaacaa aatattacaa    112860
     ttataagata atatgcaatc atacaattaa atgattatgt ataactaaaa tgcatttttt    112920
     tacttaatcc taaaagaatc ataggaaatt tacctgtacc acaaggtctc agtccaacaa    112980
     tgattacatc gtcataactc tctgttgtga cttgctgctc ttctaaatcg gcaaacacca    113040
     aagaggaaaa acttttttta ttgttgtaga tgtcaagtaa atgatttaat taagtgaaat    113100
     cagttgcagt cactgacctg ttggccctct agaagtggtg attccactgc tattgacagg    113160
     tgcagaagtc actgcacaat tcgcttaaaa acatagatga aagaaaaaat tgaatgaatc    113220
     ccaatgtaaa ttagtacatt ctaatttatt tgtataattg gaatgaaaag ataaatatat    113280
     tacggttatt aattcaacat actttcaatt ctgtacagta tgtaacaggt aagagtgtta    113340
     tactcaagat gtctaaccta aaagatgcgc atcagcatct tcatacccag aattctgttc    113400
     ttcagaatga gcattacctg ttatggagga acaggcccat cagtgataag tttccagttg    113460
     taaattatgc aaaatcctta cttactttta attacaaaac taatcttata ttattattat    113520
     ataacacact ttaattaatc aaacatttac tccacaaact tcagtgaata aacttatgtt    113580
     tgtttcacaa accatacacc atgacattaa ctcaccaatc tgagtgaaga caatgtgtct    113640
     attagtgttt ctgttctgaa gctcttcata aacggcctca gtggtggttc tgtgtctcct    113700
     cttagagaga gctgtgagtg tcgacacaaa cctgctgtca gttcacaaca catgactgat    113760
     cacacactga agaagacaca atatgacagt ctctggatct ctcctacctc tcctcatcac    113820
     tctgttctgc tgaatcagta taagcagcgg cactaagagc agtaagagca caactcccag    113880
     tacaatcacc agcactgggg ggactgggag agtttctgga ccagtttgtg gaggagagac    113940
     tgatgttgag ctcactgtct gagaaactgc agcagaagat gatgctgatg tggcaggagt    114000
     agtggacact gacaaatccg tcaagtctat taaaacggat tcaaaataat gcaaatgact    114060
     gattaaaata caataaaaaa ttctagcact aaaattattt caaaaacttt gcagtgacct    114120
     gcacaggtga gtccagcgtg ctctttgtgg gtgcagtcag tgtggttgtt cagggagaga    114180
     ggacagtccc acaggtgaag ctcattccct ctgcactgga ctctgttcag ccacacaaca    114240
     cctttaccag caccaaaggc tgaattccca tcagccctca gtgctgctcc acaccccagc    114300
     tgtctgcaga ccacctgagc atcgctgatg tcccagagat catcacagac tgagccccac    114360
     acagtgttat gatacacctc aagcctccca gagcaccggc catcccctcc acgcagtctg    114420
     agaggtaggc attctatact tacacattaa aaaaaactga tcagtctcca tcacagtcat    114480
     aacagcaaca ataacaacag tttttgtttt acattacaga tgtaaactaa agctaaattt    114540
     tcctgtaatc ttaaataaac ttgcctgagc cctttctctg gtggggtaat ggcacccatg    114600
     acagatagct tcgaggggac tcttgaactg tctgttctgg aatataaagt tattcatgtt    114660
     attctatata atactaaatc cataactttg atcaaattag aaaatactta taattgctaa    114720
     tgatataaca ctaaaaatgt cataaaaacc agcagttaca ttagatagca ttagtcaata    114780
     cagttattga caataatgaa caacaatcaa tcttttgtga tatatttgta aggtttgaca    114840
     cacctcaggt aatttgatat atcctaatag agacaataca agcatggtgt gtgtttctct    114900
     gatattatat agagcgaatt ttatattgta cagtacctta cctaaacata taattttggc    114960
     cacttcatct ctactgcaat gattctgttc ccagggtaaa gatggacact gccaaatatt    115020
     tgaatcatgt ggtcggcatt tcaccttatc cagccagtta ggggctgatt ccactcttga    115080
     tgtagaatca gacaaaacac cagatcttcc acagttcagc tcttgacaaa tctgactcac    115140
     tgtgtctctg tccatctgat tccagcacac atttccccag gatccattgt agaaaacttc    115200
     cacattccct tcacagccct cagttaacct gatctcttta tactctagat agagaaatag    115260
     gataattttt atctcaaaag tatttttcta tctgtgtttg tgttgtgagg atttgcagca    115320
     ttttttttcc ttcttaagtt gcaaagtgtt aagctatctc ggccaatgta ggtattgtta    115380
     catttacagt atatgaagta tataatgtag tgtactgttc accagagcag atgactccaa    115440
     catcctcctt gtgtcgacag tcatgttttc cccagcctag agaagagcag ctccacaggg    115500
     acgtctcgtt cccctcacac tccacctcat ccagccatat gggtccagaa ccaggaccaa    115560
     accaggctgg tacctgctgg ttactgaggg ccactccaca ctgcagctgt ctgcacacca    115620
     catgggcatc tttaatatcc caggagtcgt cacacactgt cccccatgag ccgctgtgaa    115680
     aaacctccag cctccctgca cagtctcccc cagaacccac cagcctgatg gacccgcggc    115740
     ctgatattca gagaaagaga aacacattat tgatcaggaa caactccaga atctgcccag    115800
     gtgttgttgt tctcaccaag gcaggtgatt gacagctgtt gtgtggagct gcagttgaga    115860
     gtttgtggag agctgcagtt ccccagatga gcttcactcc cagagcactg gaagcccatc    115920
     acacactcat gactgtgttc aggactggat gaagaggagc ccgagaagtt gagcacagag    115980
     ccacagccca gctgtctgca gaccacagag gattcagtga gactccagga gtccagcaga    116040
     accttcctcc agacctgctg gatcaaaact tccacctgcc cctcacactg actctctcca    116100
     gacaaccgca ccagaccctc atgaagagcc agagacgagt ctgaagacaa acatgaggca    116160
     gtttataaag atattaatac aagtaattta ttaatttatt ctaataaaat gtcctcacta    116220
     gagcagatga ctccaacatc tcgtctatga gagcgttcag ctcgactcca tgaagagatt    116280
     gaacattcgg agagttttgt ttcattcccg tcacaatcaa acacatcagc ccagatttca    116340
     ccacttccct ctccaaacca gtctgatccc acaacagaca cagcaatccc acaattcagc    116400
     tgtttacaga ggacactggc agctctcata tcccagcatg catcacacac tgtgccccat    116460
     tcactgagat actgaagctc cactcttcca gaacaagagt ctgaaccatt tacaggtaca    116520
     agtccgaaat cagtgtaacc tgtgagaagg ttattgcaac agaatagtgt taaaacagtt    116580
     aaaacattta aagtttaaac ctacttttct tcataaatga aataaaatat atttatatgt    116640
     aaaacatgtc aaatgttatt taacctgaac atattacttc tattgcattg tcactggaac    116700
     attgtgtatg taaggagatg gatgcaggac agaatccaat ggctgattcg tctcctctgc    116760
     agtgaatctc ttgtgtccac atctgagcgt ctcctttgtc aaaagcagca gctctcagca    116820
     cctgtacagg agccccacag tccagctctc tacacacaac ctctgcatcc tgctggtcaa    116880
     aggcagcgtc acacactgac atccacgtct gattatgaag aatttctaat tttccagagc    116940
     acaggtgcgg cccagcagta agtttggatt gtatatgacc tgtttacatt gaagacatta    117000
     acatctttaa gcaatatata agcaaataat taacgctgta aaatgttact ataattaaat    117060
     gaacattatt aaaagtataa aatataaata tactgtataa tacagaaaga ggttaaaaag    117120
     tctggaatac attgagttcc actattatta cctgagcaga tgatacctgc atctctttta    117180
     tgcgtacaca gagatttatt ccaacctgct gatccacagt tttctaatct agactctctt    117240
     ccagcacata atacaacact catccagatt gttcctgatc ctggtccaaa atgagcatca    117300
     cccagtgcat ctacaggttc tccacagtcc agttctctac acaccactgc agcatcagcc    117360
     atatcccaga aataatcaca cactgttccc cactgacctc tatgaagaac ctccactcga    117420
     ccagcacagg gacttttacc atttaccact ctcacattct ttacacctac agtgagtgat    117480
     tatgtgatat atgtaagtaa cataagaata acaatcaaca tgtgaaaagt gaaaacaaat    117540
     ttagaagaat tttttaactc tcatgaaaat ccaactctta ccagcacaca gcagcccctg    117600
     gtctttatca tgtaaacatg tgcttttatg tgatgatgat gttggacaga ggtgtatctg    117660
     agactcattt cctctgcagt gaatctcttg tgtccacatc tgagcgtcaa ctttgtcaaa    117720
     agcagcagct ctcagcacct gtacaggagc cccacagtcc agctctctac acacaacctc    117780
     tgcatcctgc tggtcaaagg cagcgtcaca cactgacatc cacgtctgat catgaagtac    117840
     ttccactatc ccagaacaac tagagtttct agtaagcctg tggcctaatg aaaaaagaaa    117900
     caaatcaaac aaaaaaaaaa aggattttat atccttttta accctagtgt tatacttttc    117960
     attactgatc aaccaaaaag tgccagttaa aaagaaaata aatttaattg atgcaaacat    118020
     gtactgtatg agtttatata tcattgaata tagaatgggg ctatttaaat atataaatac    118080
     ttggtaacac tttataatca atgtactctc tgaatcattt attaattatt aacaaatagt    118140
     taattaatta tttgcaaagc attaactcca cattaataaa catcagtaag cagtttctaa    118200
     ctacagctac agctactaca gctagacctt aaaatttaat taaacaaaat aattttataa    118260
     aattaaaact gcttttattt tagccaaaac aaaacaaaac aaaacaagac tttgttcaga    118320
     agaaaaaata ttctaggaaa tactgtaaaa aaatgcctta attcgttaca tatctcttga    118380
     gaaaatattt ggaaaataat aaatcttgga caggagaggt aataattttg ccctcaactg    118440
     tatatatgtg tcatgattca ctcataacaa atcatgtcaa ttatttcctt ttttaagttt    118500
     ggaatataac taagccttta attgtcattt ataagagatt taaaaagcac cattagtcct    118560
     ccctttaaat tagacataaa gatgtgttaa taaagcattt attaacacct agagtaatta    118620
     ttactatatg cctgaataat aagaattata aatgtttatt ttaatagttt attaatcatt    118680
     tacttaatta tttcgaatga tctttaaaac aacacaaact accactaaat aaccgctttg    118740
     taaataatgc aatacttaat ttagtaacaa aataagtaaa aaataatcat ttacaaagaa    118800
     taaaaataca atcattaaac acattgtgtg ttacagtata catgtgctaa aataaagctt    118860
     ttgtagctgt agttattaac tgcttactaa tgtctattaa tgtgaatgtg gagttaatgc    118920
     tttacaagag attaattaac tatttgctaa tgcttaataa aacattcata gtattcagtt    118980
     attataaagt gttaccaaac atttctgcac tatttttgta atccatagga gaaagtcagt    119040
     tgaactgtaa aaccacaagg gttattggat atgacctgaa tgtctgaaaa tactgtaact    119100
     ggtttctgtt ttttatgatg tcaatgcaca aagaagatac agaatgacat tcaaagggta    119160
     tcatgatgtt ctaatgatgt cttaaatagt actatattac atttagtgat gtaaaaacag    119220
     gatgaaattt aaagcagctc accagagcag atgactcctg catctttagt atgatcacag    119280
     tgatacatac tccattctat tgatccgcag tttctcagct ttggctctga tccagtacat    119340
     gtcaatcgat tcatccagat tggtcctgaa ccttgtccaa agtgagcatc acccagagca    119400
     tctacaggtt ctccacagtc cagttctcta cacaccactg cagcatcaag catatcccag    119460
     ccagcatcac acaccgttcc ccactgacct ctatgaagaa cctccactgt gccagaacag    119520
     cgactgtcac caccaaccag cctcactctc acactgtcta caatataaat aaggataagg    119580
     gggaaatgcg aacaaagtat aagtaccaca cacacacacg cacgcacgca cgcacgcacg    119640
     cacacacaca cacacacaaa tctcacacct caaccatacc atatttattt tacatgtaaa    119700
     gaacactaag gtaaatatca accaaacctg cacacaatag atgaacactg ctttcgtgag    119760
     aacatttttc ttcatgtgat gatgatgttg tacagaaatg aatctgagac tcatttcctc    119820
     tgcactgaat ctcttgtgtc cacatctgag catgtggtat ctctaagctc ccagaaaaag    119880
     taaaacgtcc aaccagtctg acttctgaaa gaacaattag ggagttgtct agcatagctt    119940
     ttatgaatag tcatttaaat gtgactgcag gtgtttgtgt ggatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    120000
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga taaataagtg    120060
     tacaaaaaga gcaataacat ggttaaatta acaagcctat ctgttgatgt caaagcagat    120120
     ctgcatgcag cattcatcca gctaggcaat cgattccaca aaaagatgtg caagtgagcc    120180
     agacataata caaactgtgt gtgtgctaaa atgtgaatta aaccctctat ttcttttttt    120240
     tttatttttt ttttttatag tttttcacac tataatctca ctggctatct cacagataag    120300
     gaggaaaatg gttacataca agttttttgt acattaaaaa caagattttt ggcttacctg    120360
     aacaaatgac ttgagcattt ctatcaatac atgcatgagg atcatttgac tctatgatgc    120420
     cacaattctt aagtgtaaat tcatatccag aacacatcat atgtttcata gagaatagtc    120480
     ccgatgctgt ttcaaaacgt gtaacatata gagcgtccac aggttctcca cagtccagtt    120540
     ctctgcacac cactgcagca tcagccaaat cccagccttc accacacact ggtccccact    120600
     gacctctatg ataaacctcc actgtgccag cacaacgact ggtaccattc accagtctca    120660
     catttattat gtctaggaat gtgaaaaaaa gggttagaga aaagttttgc ataacaaaac    120720
     tgctctgttg caacacttac cagaacacag caagtcaatg ttgtcctcat gtgaacagtt    120780
     gcttttaact gatagtgatg ttggacagag gtgaatctga gactcatttc ctttgcagtg    120840
     aatctcttgt gtccacatct gagcgtctcc tttgtcaaaa gcagcagttc tcagcacctg    120900
     tacaggagcc ccacagtcca gctctctaca cacaacctct gcatcctgct ggtcaaaggc    120960
     agcgtcacac actgacatcc acgtctgatt atgacaaatc tccaacctcc cagagcagcg    121020
     agaatcacca accagcctga cctctgaaca cagatcaaca aaacttatgg cttacagaaa    121080
     ataagaatat tatattatga ccatatgaag agtcaagatg caaagacctc taaataccat    121140
     ctgaaatctt ctcataaaat gagaattttt ctcagcctcc tatgtttatg ttcagtaatt    121200
     tcactttaat gtcaatgaaa agaacttagt agtcactaca aaagtaaaat tactaagcct    121260
     acacacagga gtcagaggaa aatgctaatt taagaagaaa ataccaaacg cggataagag    121320
     gttttgcatc taaactcttc atatattcat atttttcttt attttagaaa aaaatatata    121380
     gaaaatgtat gaatatatag tcagtaattt tctgactata tttttattat cattattatt    121440
     attattatca ttattattat tctaagactt caacgacaac actaacactt gatacacaaa    121500
     tacacttcat taaacatgta cacatggaca tcaccttcaa tatatgctaa ataacagcag    121560
     gttatctatg ttaatatatc ataacttaaa ctgtaaaagt attagttaca cgttaaagtt    121620
     atcagtaact aataaaatta tggtaactaa taacattaac ctttcggaat ttgattgtaa    121680
     tgcaataatg tgtacctttt gtaaagctgc cttgaaacaa taattattgt aaaaaacact    121740
     atactaataa acttgaattt aatattatta atattactac tattattatt attttaatat    121800
     atgcacaaca gtttacctga gcagatgacc ccagcatctc tgctatgata acatctggtt    121860
     ttaccccatc cttcagaccc acagttcttc agtgtagact ctgatccagt acacataaca    121920
     gcacccagcc agattggtcc tgatcctggt ccaaagtgag caccacccag agcatctaca    121980
     ggttctccac agtccagttc tctacacacc actgcagcat ttaccaaatt ccaatcatca    122040
     tcacacactg ttccccactg acctctgtga tgaacctcca ctctaccaga acaggggctg    122100
     tcaccaccaa ccaacctcac atttacacga tctaaagttt gagaaataac taataaagga    122160
     gtagaaggca tgatacaaca tgtaaaagaa aggggctaat aaaaaaaatt atgaatatac    122220
     aattctaaaa gaattttcag tagttaaaat taagagttaa gttcaatagt taaatgtcaa    122280
     agcatggtat cacctactcc agctctgcac agtttagttc caactctaat taaacacacc    122340
     tgacttgatt gtactaactg agtccttcag gcttgtttga aacctacagc ttaagcttcg    122400
     atcacactgg acttttctcc ccacagactt tcattcatac atacgtgaat gcgtcagaca    122460
     ggaaacgcaa gttcgtgtgt caagtttcgc agttcgctgc attgcaaatt tcaagcttgg    122520
     tgaactctgt cttgcaaaat cgcatcactt gactgtgtga aatcaatcga agatcaaagc    122580
     atgacctctc tgaacaaaaa tttaaaacat ggaccaatgg ctcatttttg ttaatgtcaa    122640
     atcatcttgt ttaatcctgc tcctttttgc agcgcagtac aacagaattt tgtaaactca    122700
     aactctagtg tgaccgcagc ttatgtgtgt tgaagcaggg ttggaactaa actgtgtagg    122760
     gctgcggccc ttcaggaaat taattcaaat acgaattgta catatttatg gtatttcagc    122820
     ttaaaaaaat ttatatattt gtttttttct tatacatttt tgttgtattg tgatcatatg    122880
     aaacttaaat taaaatcaat aaacaaaaca ggattgaata ataatgctgg actccccact    122940
     ttccatgagg gagacaaatg ttgcctttta aagaacacta aaaatactta cgacaaaaat    123000
     ttcaacaaaa atgcaacaat gtcgtcaagt ctaattgtaa gaacgtttca gaaatgaaca    123060
     tattttcatt tcagtttttg tgtacttacc agcagtgctg agcattaaat ccgaggacag    123120
     taaaatgatc atcaggcttc tcgttttctc catcctcatg atcaactcaa caaccagaac    123180
     aatcttctcc acactgatga tacagaagtg aaggcatcct ctcagccccc ttaaagagag    123240
     agaaagagga gaaacagcct ccaatcacac ccgctattac cttattagac acaacagagg    123300
     aaatcatcaa acaactgcag tgacaaatca gagcacgctt cgctcacttt ctccatatat    123360
     atcaaagttg tctctgtctc tctccaccca tcaagatgct caaatacatt cacacaaaca    123420
     catacacaca tatatttgac ttacaggaga caggaaactc tccagtttat ttacagtatc    123480
     agagcctgta gaacacctgc agagacgaga taaaaacact gataagtaac ggtaaatgcc    123540
     tgtaacactt actattaatg tatacacaag catgatatta acacataatc tcctttctct    123600
     gcaatttata taattataaa atagcatgtt aaaaacatct taccattaca ttttgcattt    123660
     ctaaaaatga gtcaatcaca attttccttc agtttttgtc catcgtgtga gagaatagaa    123720
     gtgtcctgag aacttgagtg tcaatttcct gtgtctttta ggttctcatt taactgctac    123780
     aaaaagtcgc ccttcaatgt tctggggagg aacatttttg attaagcaga agacatttcc    123840
     agaatgttct tattattaca ttaacaaata attgggaatc aaacaccaaa ttatttgctg    123900
     gggagccctg aaacactgat atttcatgca attcattttt atccacaaga tggcagtaaa    123960
     acagagcaat aatattactt tgatgccatt gattaaggca ggggtcttaa actcaatttc    124020
     tggaggacca cagctctgca cagtttagct ccaaccacct ccaactcaca cctgcttaat    124080
     agtctctaga attcttgaac atcttgatta gatggatcag ctgtgtttga taagggttgg    124140
     agcaaaactg cagagctgcg gccctccagg aatcgagttt gagatctatg gattagtgga    124200
     ttgaaaataa tgattaattc atcaagggag acaatcctta aactgtgaat cctaaaaaaa    124260
     ggttttaata catttcaatt aatttaagaa aaaaagattc aacagttttc tcaaaacatt    124320
     tcctacatca cagttcctcc gatacaagcc ttcattatta atttctgaga aataaagttg    124380
     gacaaagggg ttagtgaaca ccgacaactg tagagctatt aaatctggta aaccattttc    124440
     agctttctat atcaaaagaa cagacaagtt ttagttttgg agaggaaaaa acaaaagaca    124500
     tacaatgaat tgtttttact aacattctta agaattgtat ttggaaaaga atcagtaatc    124560
     aaatgacaat tagcttcatt caattaatga gaaattttta aaatcatgtt ttagttatta    124620
     gaaaagtcat tatcacaaca tgccatgtaa gtaaaatgta caatttcaac aacacagcta    124680
     gacaccattt tgagggatgt aaacaaaaac aatggtccca acatgttgcc tcttttacat    124740
     ttttaattcc tagagcttcc gagaatacaa aaaaaggaac atactgatga attatgttat    124800
     aatagctgtt ttaacattaa gttatgattg aattgattct tgtcacagtt attacatagt    124860
     ttgataagaa gcaggaaatg ttcataggcc aatgacatga ccacattgaa atggtccata    124920
     gaataatatt catgaaaaca ttgttcttca agtgtgtcat tatatttttt ttttacattc    124980
     attcaacaga agttttagaa aacatacaca tgccagacag tgtaattatc atgtgttgtt    125040
     actagagaac tctgcttcat cttaattatt aaaataataa taacaataac cccaacaaac    125100
     atacgcatgg ctatcacagc aataaacaat gggaatgata atgatagaat gattatttta    125160
     tttataaccg tttcataagt ttgtaaaatg aaataaaatt aaataaaata taaataaaaa    125220
     ataaaataaa tgtaaaaaat ttaatagaat aaaataaaac accgagttat acagcttctt    125280
     tttcagtgtc tgattcttcc accacatcat cataatctgc attataaaga aaaaagcaca    125340
     aaaaaagctg ttcagtgttg tgattgcatt acaattattc attatcttat atagttattc    125400
     aaactttaat cataaacatg ttgcaacaat attgtatttt gagaatttaa atggtaaaat    125460
     taatattaca caactataga ccaaatcact tgggtcattt catatattag taaaaattaa    125520
     aaatgaaaga tattacaata ttttatatta agtgtattaa taatcatgag acaagattta    125580
     cccaacaggt ttctcatatc ttcagagata ctccatgcat catcatactc ccgaccttcc    125640
     tctttacaag aaaaacaaag ggaaacaata ataaacaaat tcctcatgag tgtctgagac    125700
     tagcagatta aacacaataa aactattatg attaatttta ttagtatatg tttaatatct    125760
     taaaaataaa tgtcaattga aattaaaaat gaagtactgc ttgactcacc cgattcacaa    125820
     tgagagcact gttcactaat gatgacatca tcataattct cgggagtgtt cactacacac    125880
     aaacaacatt atgagctttc ggatataaca ttaagatatt aaaataacat tttatccaaa    125940
     ctaaccttaa aaaattatca caaaaaaaaa aatcaccttt atcagcagca cagttctgcc    126000
     caatggtaat gacatcatca tagtcttctg gtttgtcgtc tacaattgca acatttaacc    126060
     aatttgatca agcgtttaaa aaaatttaaa tactgtatag attaacaaac taattgtgga    126120
     acagcagaga cagagagaga gaattataaa cataatagag aactggacaa tgacctgtct    126180
     catctggtat tggtacatta atggcgatgt cctcatagtc tgacgtgcct gcattcatcc    126240
     gatcttcaac ataaaaaata atcatacaat aaatacattt aaagaattgt agaaaaaaac    126300
     gcagatccca aagtgttact gtttgattaa tcgagcaatg aaatcacctg atcaattcat    126360
     aagaccaatt tcctataagg ccgttactgt tctaaacact agatctgttt gtaacacact    126420
     gctcttacct ggtagaagtg catctccatc tccaaaccca gaacgctgtt cttgagaaat    126480
     aagactctct gttaaacaaa agcaaaacag aaacaagagt ttggaaaaat tattcatcat    126540
     caaaaaaaga ttaaatcctc aatcatttta ttctttttat ttttattttt ttgctttccc    126600
     tcggaatcga catccttagc attgcttgtg tcatgttcaa ccttttgagc tacaggaagg    126660
     ctttcaacgt gtcccaaaaa ttaataaatg aagagataga gatttatcta tttacaaatg    126720
     tgatcagaat gatttaaaca tgtgctgtaa caccagtttg aatggtttta tgcatgtact    126780
     ccactatctt aggtgagatt cctattcaaa cagaacgtaa tccatcttat tctttgacat    126840
     aaaaaagaaa ggccgttgga accctattag ctcgagactt ctggtttaat taaattccat    126900
     tgatttttat ccatacaaac atcgttacac tgcttgatgt acacaaagtc ttttaaatgt    126960
     attttcataa acaaattagt aattagtttg agcgtttact gccatttttt attcctagtc    127020
     attcccccat aagcaaatta atcagaggtt ctaaataaat tacagaaaac acaataaggt    127080
     cgacacactt agaataaaaa aacgcaaatg gtggaggggg gatttatctg tctgagtgaa    127140
     tgaaaggcta ggaaaaggaa gtgagacctt ttttattgaa cacaattagg ttcgaatttt    127200
     gattaaaaag gttgtggtgc ataatacact tctagataga agcttttaac ttccttctat    127260
     gatcactcac ctctcaagtc attgtgtctg tggtagattt cctcataaac tgcctccgtt    127320
     ggagccctgt gtagtccagt gtaccagtca gcaagagctg tgagtgtgac aagacaaacc    127380
     tgtggtcagt tcactacaca agacaatgac atttgagatc tctggatctc tcctaccttt    127440
     cctcatgagt ctgttctgct gaatcagtat aagcaatgcc actaagagca gtacgagcac    127500
     aactcccagt acaatcacaa gcactggggg aactgcgagt gtttctggac gtgtgtgtga    127560
     acaagagact gatgttgagc tcactatctg agacattgga ccagaaggtg atgctgatgt    127620
     ggcaggagta gtggacactg acaaatctaa aacaaacaac aaacagattt aaactcctgc    127680
     aaataattca ataaataaca ttccttagtg ttttcagtga cctgcacagg tgagtccagc    127740
     gtgctctttg tgggagcagt cagtgtggtt gttcagggag agaggacagt cccacaggtg    127800
     aagctcattc cctctgcact ggactctgtt cagccacaca acaccttcac cagcaccaaa    127860
     ggctgaattc ccatcagccc acagtgcatc tccacaaccc agctgcctgc agaccacctg    127920
     agcatcgctg aagtcccaga gatcatcaca gactgagccc cacacagcgt tatgatacac    127980
     ctccagcctc ccagagcact ggttgtgccc tccacgcagt ctgagaggaa cgtgagctaa    128040
     aacacacaca tctcacacaa aaagaaagca gagtactgtc acaacagagg cacctactgt    128100
     atataggggt cataacggtt acttgtatga ccttgccctg tatacagctc tcttaatttg    128160
     tgtttctatg aaatacactt accagaacat tgtctttggt gagcagacgt ggaaatagta    128220
     agataacttc tggaggacgc aggattctcc ttttctgtaa tcatcagata cagtaatata    128280
     tgcaatgtgt ctttttatat gtatgctcaa agtattaaag caatatgact gtattgtgta    128340
     gtaaacaata ttcaataatt ttacctgagc aggtaacttt ggccacttca tctgtattac    128400
     agtcattttg tccccaaatt gaagacggac attgcaaaag atgtgaatca tgtgatcgac    128460
     atgttacttt gtccagccag ttaggagctg atttcagtct tgatgtagaa acagacaaaa    128520
     caccagatct tccacagttc agctcttgac aaataatact cactgtgtct atttccatct    128580
     gattccagca cacatttccc caggatccat tgtagaaaac ctccacattc ccttcacagc    128640
     cttcagttaa tctgatctct ttaaacgctg gatggaaaca taagataatt taaaaccaaa    128700
     catttgtttt atacactgga tattacataa actgcatgtg aagtatgtac tgtattgttt    128760
     accagagcag acgactccta catcctcctt gtgttgacag tcatgttttc cccagcctgg    128820
     agaagagcag ctccacaggg acgtctcatt cccctcacaa tccacctcat ccagccatat    128880
     gggtccagaa ccaggaccaa accaggctgg tacctgctgg ttactgaggg ccactccaca    128940
     ctgcagctgt ctgcacacca catgggcatc tttaatatcc caggagtcgt cacacactgt    129000
     cccccatgag ccgctgtgaa aaacctccag cctccctgca cagtctcccc cagaacccac    129060
     cagcctgatg gacccgcggc ctgatattca gagaaagaga aacacattat tgatcaggaa    129120
     caactccaga atctgcccag atgttgttgt tctcaccaag gcaggtgatt gacagctgtt    129180
     gtgtggagct gcagttgaga gtttgtggag agctgcagtt ccccagatga gcttcactcc    129240
     cagagcactg gaagcccatc acacactcat gactgtgttc agaactggat gaagaggagc    129300
     cggagaagtt gagcacagag ccacagccca gctgtctgca gaccacagag gattcagtga    129360
     gactccagga gtccagcaga accttcctcc agacctgctg gatcagaact tccacctgcc    129420
     cctcacactg tctctctcca gacaaccgaa ccagaccctc atgaagagcc agagacgagt    129480
     ctgaagacaa catgaggcag tttgttaaga tattacatgg aaatatattt aatacattat    129540
     taataaaatg tcctcactag agcagatgac tccaacatct cgtctatgag agcgttcagc    129600
     tcgactccat gaagagattg aacattcgga gagttttgtt tcattcccgt cacaatcaaa    129660
     cacatcagcc cagatttcac cacttccctc tccaaaccag tctgatccca caacagacac    129720
     agcaatccca caattcagct gtttacagag gacactggca gctctcatat cccagcatgc    129780
     atcacacact gtgccccatt tactcagata ctgaagctcc actcttccag aacaagagtc    129840
     tgaaccattg accagtcgaa catcagtgta acctgtgcaa atacatgttg gcattgtaag    129900
     gccctttaca aaaatgtcta tcatacaaca tgtagacaga gacatgctta agtaatgaaa    129960
     gaagtgccaa ataatactta acaatgagac aagttttgta cagtaacaca tttaaggacc    130020
     ctgtgcagtt tatcatttct ttacctgaac atattaggct tactcttctg gcatttgtgc    130080
     aattgtcttt gtgtgattgt gacatagaac agaatgaaat gtgagtctcg tctcctctgc    130140
     agtgaatctc ttgtgtccac atctgagtgt ctcctttgtc aaaagcagca gctctcagca    130200
     cctgtacagg agccccacag tccagctctc tacacacaac ctctgcatcc tgctggtcaa    130260
     aggcagcgtc acacactgac atccacgtct gatcatgaag aatctctaac ctcccagagc    130320
     acagatgaga tccgtcaata agtctggact gtttatgatc tgtttgaatt atattaatat    130380
     tgtataacac agacaaaatc attatcaact atatatagag tgaaaatgta tgaatatgtt    130440
     ttattcagca gtcataacaa aagaagtgct ttgcaaaatt gttatttaat taaatttatg    130500
     acatttatca gaaaaaaata tgctattgtc cgtcacctga gcagatgact ccagcatcat    130560
     cattatgacc acaggtgtgt tggccccatc ctgccgctcc acagcttttt aatgtagatt    130620
     ccatcccata acaacttaaa gtactcatcc agactggtcc tgatcctggt ccaaaatgag    130680
     catcacccag agcatctaca ggttctccac agtccagttc tctacacacc actgcagcat    130740
     cagccaaatc ccagtcatcc tcacacactg ttccccactg acctctatgg aaaacctcca    130800
     ctctaccagc acagggactg ttgccatcca ccaacctcac attccttgca tctaaatgaa    130860
     tttaataaaa aaagtatgtc aagtaaaata atataataca tatttctatt atcttctctc    130920
     taactccagc tcttacccgc acaaatcagt ctaacactgt tgttgtgagt acagttgttt    130980
     tcatataatg ttgatgttgg acagaggtga atctgagact catttcctct gcagtgaatc    131040
     tcttgtgtcc acatctgagc gtcaactttg tcaaaagcag cagctctcag cacctgtaca    131100
     ggagccccac agtccagctc tctacacaca acctctgcat cctgctggtc aaaggcagca    131160
     tcacacactg acatccacat ctgatcatga aggatctcta acctcccaga gcagcgagaa    131220
     cctccaacca gcctgacctc taaacaaaat aatttacaaa taatttactc gttttcagct    131280
     tttatttttt cttaaaatac tggtgtaata ttcaaaataa atgtaaaaat aatatcactt    131340
     caggttatgt tttgagcggt tacctgagca gatgattcca gcatcaccac tatgatcaca    131400
     gttatgtttc tcccatcctg atgacccaca ggtcttcagg gtagattctg atccagtgca    131460
     taacacaaca tccatccaga ttggccctgt tccttgtcca aaatgagcac cactcagagc    131520
     atctacaggt tctccacagt ccagttctct acacaccact gcagcatctt taagatccca    131580
     gtcagcatca cacactgttc cccactgacc tctatgaaaa acttccactc gaccagcaca    131640
     gcgacttgta ctatttttaa gtctcacatt tacactttct ggataataaa gaaagaaaat    131700
     ggaagatgag gtgacagcaa gaattaacta gtaagtgatt ccggtttgaa catgaattta    131760
     aaagtagttt caacctgcac acacaagttc tgtgttgtca tgagtacagt tgtttttatg    131820
     cgatgatgat gatgaagtaa atggacaaag gtttgtctga gactcatttc ctgtgcagtg    131880
     aatctcttgt gtccacatct gagcgtctcc tttgtcaaaa gcagcagttc tcagcacctg    131940
     tacaggagcc ccacagtcca gctctctaca cacaacctct gcatcctgct ggtcaaaggc    132000
     agcatcacac actgacatcc acgtctgatc atgaagaatc tctaacatcc cagagcagtg    132060
     agaacctcca aagagtttca cttctaaagt aagatcattt aaatcaatta ttaattgtaa    132120
     cagaaaaatt taaaacaaac tagatacata aaccaacccc acatttgtta gagtgtagcc    132180
     aatgcagtac tgcagcactt ttttggggaa acttgctgtg tgattttaaa ccagagctta    132240
     attggtcaca cagtcatgat tgaatcatgt tatatacacg tactgaatca aaaattacag    132300
     tatattctca tgtttaaatg tgtctgtcac tcctatttta cagcaagtta tatatgcatg    132360
     caatggtgtt ttcgcactta tcttattgtg tgattgtctg aagttaggcc tccatattga    132420
     caatcaaacc ttctagatct ctatataaac aaacactaaa cgttttggac aggaaaccaa    132480
     gtagacggca ccattgcaat attttacaaa atcatataat ctgcttagtt ttgaaaatgt    132540
     tttttaaaaa agatttttaa atgtgtaaat catcttgctc tataaatatg ccaattaata    132600
     acaaaatcaa gcagtagcaa gggattatca caagaagcgt aaccaatcta aactgcataa    132660
     taccaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa ctaaatttgc acaacataca tttttatttt agggtacact    132720
     gctttgaaat agcctgccga ttgaactaaa aaggcaaaca gatttaaaca gatttcaaag    132780
     agagtaaaaa aagtagttta aactaaatca ggtttgtaaa cactgattgt catgcgtttt    132840
     ttattttttt cttgtctttt ttgtatttgt aatgtatttt tatatgtata ttataaagac    132900
     atttgtactg ttttagtgta taaaaagtct aaccagggag taaggctgca agttagtcac    132960
     tggctagaag cctgtatgtg gagcatcggc tgctttaaac tctatcaatg ttatactgta    133020
     aactgtatca atgtccctat taaataatca aaaataataa tgacaaaata atcaaagcag    133080
     cgtattattt ggggatatac agtactgtat tttaatttat ttacattagt acagttttag    133140
     agaaagttac ctgagcagat gactccagct tcaccattac gtttacatgt gcttgtactc    133200
     aatcctgttg atccacagtt cttcaaagta gactctgatc cagtacacac aacataactc    133260
     atccagactg gccctgatcc tggtccaaag tgagcatcac ccagagcatc tacaggttct    133320
     ccacagccca gttctctaca caccactgca gcatcagcca tatcccactc atcttcacac    133380
     actgttcccc actgacctct atgaagaact tccactcgac cagcacagcg actggtacca    133440
     tttacaagtc ttacattcac actttctaga taatagacaa ataaaatgaa ttaaagtgtt    133500
     gaaatgattc aggttttagt tgaatatgaa gtcaaaagca gtttcaacct gcacacataa    133560
     gttcagtata gttgtcatga gaacaattga ttttatataa cggtgacgtt ggacagaggt    133620
     gaatctgaga ctcatttcct gtgcagtgaa tctcttgtgt ccacatctga gcgtctcctt    133680
     tgtcaaaagc agcagctctc agcacctgta caggagcccc acagtccagc tctctacaca    133740
     caacctctgc atcctgctgg tcaaaggcag cgtcacacac tgacatccac gtctgatcat    133800
     gaagaatctc taacctccca gagcagcgag aatcaccaac cagcctgacc tctaaaagaa    133860
     caaagatcat ttaaacttat cgtataagta gatcattatt attattaatt tattatttag    133920
     ggatgaggag aaggttacct gagcatatga ctccagcatc tttactatga tcacagttgt    133980
     ttttagccca tcctgtggag ccacagctct tcagtgttga ctctgatcca gtgcacatgg    134040
     cgtaactcat ccagattggt cctgatcctt gtccaaaatg agcatcaccc agtgcatcta    134100
     caggttctcc acagtccagt tctctacaca ccactgcagc atcagccaaa tcccaccaat    134160
     catcacacac tgttccccac tgacctctat gaagaacttc cactcgaccg gcacagcgac    134220
     tgttcccatt tacaagtctc acattcagat gatcgttttg tgcaacatat aaatgacaaa    134280
     ctgagaaaaa aatgaaaaaa caatgattaa agaacagaac aaaaaaacaa aataaacttc    134340
     taggaagcat attgatcatt ttacataaca ttttggcaca aaaaggttga aatgaaataa    134400
     ttttatgccc caaataaata tataaactta ccagcggtga taatttccaa aagcataagc    134460
     atcaaactct tcatgatctc cttctccatg acacacgcca ccatatcatc agctcaaatg    134520
     cagcacaagt ttcttcttta caagcccctt aaagacaaga gctgtaaatc tttccaatca    134580
     cgttcatcat taccttatta gacacaacag aggaaatcat caaacaacct cagcgacaaa    134640
     tcagagcagg ctttcttgat attcaccaaa tatatcaaaa gaacgtcagc gctgaagatg    134700
     actgctcctc ctcttccata tcaaggcact tccttgaggg ctcacacaca catacacata    134760
     cacacacctg ccagaggcaa aaatagtcat taattatcat ttgaagattt catagagagg    134820
     aagtactcca ggatatttac agcatcagaa ccaaacacct gctgagatat gcactgataa    134880
     gagaacactt catactttaa acttgaaaag tcataaagaa aacataatca aaaaaatgtt    134940
     tgtctttaat ttaaaagaaa taaatattaa aatgtgcttt aatatatagt atatgttaat    135000
     gataactaca aaacataact tataaaagtg tacacatttt aattatttta ctctatcaga    135060
     atattttaag taaatggcct attttaacgc tttatgctat tagaattttt ttaatagcat    135120
     taatcagttt taaactataa ataaaattat ttaatttatt atttaacagt ttagcagcct    135180
     attgctgaat gcgtagaagc ttttgttagc cacaagatgg cagcaaaaca ttacttattc    135240
     taaatatggg gcgccagagc ataggtggat cttccagaag agggcaacaa acactgcaaa    135300
     tgagttgctt aacattttgt taatatgtta aaacattaaa taaataaata aataaataaa    135360
     taaataaata aacattcaat gcagaaatat tttggcttta cttataatga aaactctgaa    135420
     tgatttggtt gaacggacat tttaattaca ttaaattgtc ttgacaaaaa gccagaaatt    135480
     aacccaaata atcatcaaag ctatccaaaa acataatagg cctttatgct agaatcatcg    135540
     atgagtgatg gagagattta aaatctatta acaactatta aaagtgacaa actggccatt    135600
     tattaacaat aaattaagat aagggatatt taatatatgc aatatatata agcaaataga    135660
     tttttaaaag ttcttaatgt aaaacttcag ttgaattatg ggtggcacat caaggctttt    135720
     gctttttttc caaaactttt tgtttgtaaa ctcatccagg tttcgctaga ataaaatcca    135780
     gtttcttatg aacacactgt gcaaacacac ttctttacat tcctaagggt ctttaatgta    135840
     ctccctacct ccagagcagt ttaactagaa tcacaaaaat cagtccataa gagtccaatc    135900
     agaacagaaa tccatgtcta attagatcag atgtccacag cagtgatgag gtcgtctggt    135960
     ttgagctgca gtgaacggag gcagatgctc tcagtttcct tcagctatgg tgcaggatgg    136020
     ccttgagatt catcggagct gccggatgct gagaaacgag aataaacgag aataaacaca    136080
     cattttagaa tatacacaac catttcaaaa ttcatgatta caatataggt gtttctacaa    136140
     tctaaagcaa tgttttagag tagtgtttaa caaaggcatt tttactcatg aattgaaaat    136200
     taagcacaga ctttggggaa ctcgcagcat attattcatt aagttttgat gttatctctg    136260
     catcactata tatgatcttt tctacttaca atatgaactg tatcagaatt ttttttaaga    136320
     attaatggtt tatgcttgtt tgcattgcat tatagctttc tgttaagaga actatataaa    136380
     cagtatgagg tgatggaggt cacaatagcc taccgaaata atagtcatca catcgtcatg    136440
     ctcttccaga gcagcttcta atataaatga caatgattaa tcataataaa catggtggaa    136500
     aactaacaat gtacataaat aaactgttcc cttaaaatgt accgaaaata agatgataat    136560
     tttaaatgaa aagaaagcaa cacctgcttt tttttttttt ttttttttgg agaatattcc    136620
     tataatgaca acatcatcat agctttctga tgtgtcatct gcaatgaaat aatgaacaat    136680
     caaatgcgac aatcacacat aattaagtat aattaaatat gcacattaat taaataaaca    136740
     caaattaaat gaagctcatt ccatctgcac tggactctgt tcagccacac aacacattca    136800
     ccagcaccaa aggctgaatt cccatcagcc ctcagtgctg ctccacaacc cagctgcctg    136860
     cagaccacct gagcatcgct gatgtcccag agatcatcac agactgagcc ccacacagcg    136920
     ttatgataca cctccagcct cccagagcac cgccgtcccc tccacgcagt ctgagaggaa    136980
     catgagctaa aacacacaca taattagtaa caactaaatg ttttaaacta tattttttga    137040
     tcaaatgcat aatacaacct cttaacctga acactgtctc tcgtaatgag atgctgaaca    137100
     tgtcagatga ctcaatgtgg tgactcaatt acaacatttc aaattttgac ggtgatcgaa    137160
     acataatttg accattgctt ctttatgttt tgtatctcta atgtcccata ttataacaca    137220
     ttattttttt agttatcaaa acatttacat tttgtgcaca gaattcaatg tttcaacaaa    137280
     aggggttaca actttcccct atttcaggac aataatgaaa acacaaatca acttgaagtt    137340
     tgattttatt gcttatcaga aaacattcaa atcaattcaa cacaatcaaa ctgaattaaa    137400
     atccaaaaca gctacttaaa ataatacaaa cataaagtct caatataaaa agtgtataca    137460
     tacaatgact gattgccaga aacctcctct gcttaacaca aaatgaacaa taagctctgc    137520
     tagtttaaag gttttattat attcttatga aagtcccaat gttcactgtt tgtcatcata    137580
     tttctcaaag tacattccta ggttattaag caaaatataa aagtccacca ccaatgagtc    137640
     tacagtatat tcaatgggaa taatctatgt ttacaatgtg aagtttttgt aaaataagac    137700
     tgggataatc aaaattacgg tgtataaaac tgattgaatg ttaggtggaa aataaattct    137760
     actaaataga tacagtatgt ctgcatgact gaaatgaaat gacatcctaa aaacttcaga    137820
     aaagagaaaa ttaaatattt tgaaaaggcc ataagagcaa gttatgaaat tattaaaaag    137880
     aaatcaataa aagaagattt tttatagtaa ctattcttat agtatcttac atgtacttat    137940
     acatactgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta    138000
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    138060
     aacaaaacaa aatctgtgtg gctgagttaa ccatttgctt cctgtttttc tggttcttcc    138120
     cccacatcat cataatctgg tattagaaaa aaagcaactg aatcacaata agctttttaa    138180
     aagtattagt atgaactcct caatagcagc agtcaattta aataagctgt tattatcaca    138240
     aaaaatgaga aagtaaaaac gtacccaata tgtcactcac atactccctt tcatctggat    138300
     caccataatc ctcaggactc tctaaaatac atgtttgaac tattaattta aatattatct    138360
     gctagtataa tttaggattt ttttactata tgtacacaag tgtcatttga agcacacacc    138420
     tgctttatca ttggagagtt gtcgcaagac gatcgcatca tcatagtttt ctggtacgtc    138480
     ttctataaaa aataataata ataaaaacaa atcaaataaa actgcataaa aaaactgtgg    138540
     aaataattat tagaaatata cctgcaccag agtgtcccaa tccagcagtg attgcatcat    138600
     cataattctc agacgatgct tgttcttata gatgagttaa gagaaatgaa gaaataaaca    138660
     aaaaatgctt gtattattgg ctattattta taccttgttc atcacatgta atacaagtat    138720
     caggtgaaga gaacaacatg ggaatgagag ttgtgtttcg ggctgtaaat caattctatg    138780
     gagtcattat taagtcaact aagtaaaaca ggaatcacaa cattcaaatt aattatcaag    138840
     acttttattc aaaagtctgt ttaattaatc taatctaaca acaagttatt accattctct    138900
     gaaaatgtaa aactaataat ctgactcctt taagttaaat cagttaaagg cactgacctt    138960
     cagggccttc agttgtaatg tcttcatagg agtgaggtgc agatctcact taaaaacaga    139020
     caagaaaaaa gattcagtat tcccttacct gccttattga attatcgtgt taagatgaac    139080
     tgcaaaagaa aagttataat tgctttcaaa tgcaaattaa agtaataaat tcacccaaaa    139140
     ataaaaaatt ctgtcaacat ttactcatcc tccacttgta ccaaacctgt tggtgtttct    139200
     gtcttctgtt gaacaaaaaa gaagatattt tgaagaaagt tggaaacatg tacagtaacc    139260
     atttgcttcc atagtatttt ttttccaaat atggaaatca gttgttgcag gtttttagct    139320
     ttcatcaaaa tatcttcttt tgtgttcata aaagtattga aaccactcga gggcgagtaa    139380
     atgtgagtaa agtatccctt tcgtagagtt gctgaagttt gccctgcgcg cttgcgtttt    139440
     ttttaggaac ttctttggtt tggtgcgtca atcttgtcaa tgctattatt caagtgtgaa    139500
     gtgtgaagat agttattgtg tggttaatga tggatactat aatgagagtg gcggtctaac    139560
     taattgcaca ttgtgattaa ctatgggata aaagggtgga gtgagagaat tgtgtcacac    139620
     actgagaaag gcattgcgcc gaaacgtctg tgtcttttaa tcacccgtag aatgtaacag    139680
     aaagaaaaaa taaaaacagt acaaagcaat tacttgagtc tgaatcatta ccttttttaa    139740
     actatccctt taacatagac tacatttagc tctgtatgta acaggtgaca ttattatatt    139800
     tcagtcctct aacctaaaag aagatcatct gcatcttcat acccagaatg cagtttttga    139860
     gaaaggacac tacctgttat ggaggagtag aatcaatgaa tgatatatgt gccccatgtg    139920
     atttatttct ctcattctct gaataaattg attaccctgt tgaacaacac acaagaaatt    139980
     tacttacttc tctgagtaaa gacactgtgt ccatttttgg gcctttggtg aagctcttca    140040
     taaacagcct cagtggtgat ggtcttttgt ctcctcttag agagagctgt gagtgtcgac    140100
     acacaaacct gctgtcagtt cacaacacat gactgatcac acactgaaga agacacaata    140160
     tgacagtctc tggatctctc ctacctctcc tcatcactct gttctgctga atcagtataa    140220
     gcagcggcac taagagcagt aagagcacaa ctcccagtac aatcaccacc actgggggga    140280
     ctggatgagt ttctggacca gtttctggat gagtttgtgg aggagagact gatgttgagc    140340
     tcactgtctg agaaactgca gcagaagatg atgctgatgt ggcgggagta gtggacgctg    140400
     atatatctgg taagtctatt aaatcagagt caaaaccaag caaatgactg atttaaataa    140460
     aaaatatata ataattacta gcactaaaat gattaaaaaa tctgtcagtg acctgcacag    140520
     gtgagtccag cgtgctcttt gtgggagcag tcagtgtggt tgttcaggga gagaggacag    140580
     tcccacaggt gaagctcatt ccctctgcac tggactctgt tcagccacac aacaccttca    140640
     ccagcaccaa aggctgaatt cccatcagcc ctcagtgctg ctccacaacc cagctgcctg    140700
     cagaccacct gagcatcgct gatgtcccag agatcatcac agactgagcc ccacacagcg    140760
     ttatgataca cctccagcct tccagagcac cggccgcccc ctccacgcag tctgagagga    140820
     acgtgagctg aaacacacac atcagacatt gatgaactgc tgtagcaagt ttacagcaaa    140880
     acacagactg aaattacaag ttgtaaaatt gtaattaatt taaacattat ttgaatttta    140940
     ttatatcatt gattatgaca ttgaatcatt taagatgtca gtccactgtt taagatgaca    141000
     taaaaatgac atgtactgta ataaacttac ttgaacactg cctctggtga tgagatgaat    141060
     aagtaaaaca gggaagaaga ctcctaggag actcagaact ttcctcctct gagattaaaa    141120
     catgttaaaa tttcaacact taactgaaaa ttggaagttg tttgaagccg taataacact    141180
     ttaaacaaaa atatccacct tatttaaact taactcagaa tgaacttgcc tgtgcaggtg    141240
     atcacagcca cctcattatt actgtcagtc agtctccagg gtgcagatgg acactgccat    141300
     aaagtaaagt catgtggtcg acatttaaaa taatcaagcc aattatgaga cttcagtccc    141360
     tctgaatgac tgggctcatt gctagatctt ccacagttca gctcttgaca gatcagactc    141420
     gctgtgtctc tgtccatctg attccagcac acatttcccc aggatccatt gtagaaaacc    141480
     tccacattcc cttcacagcc ctcagttaac ctgatctctt tatactctgg atggaaaagt    141540
     gataactgta aaccaaacat ttgttttata cactggacat gacataaact gtatgtgaag    141600
     tatattgttc accagagcag acgactccta catcctcctt gtgttgacag tcatgttttc    141660
     cccagcctgg agaagagcag ctccacaggg acgtctcatt cccctcacac tccacctcat    141720
     ccagccatat gggtccagaa ccaggaccaa accaggctgg tacctgctgg ttactgaggg    141780
     ccactccaca ctgcagctgt ctgcacacca catgggcatc tttaatatcc caggagtcgt    141840
     cacacactgt cccccatgag ccgctgtgaa aaacctccag cctccctgca cagtctcccc    141900
     cagaacccac cagcctgatg gacccgcggc ctgatattca gagaaagaga aacacattat    141960
     tgatcaggaa caactccaga atctgcccag atgttgttgt tctcaccaag gcaggtgatt    142020
     gacagctgtt gtgtggagct gcagttgaga gtttgtggag agctgcagtt ccccagatga    142080
     gcttcactcc cagagcactg gaagcccatc acacactcat gactgtgttc aggactggat    142140
     gaagaggagc cggagaagtt gagcacagag ccacagccca gctgtctgca gaccacagag    142200
     gattcagtga gactccagga gtccagcaga accttcctcc atacctgctg gatcaaaact    142260
     tccacctgtc cctcacactg tctctctcca gacaaccgca ccagaccctc atgaagagcc    142320
     agagacgagt ctgaagataa acatgaggca gtttattaag atattaatac aagtaattta    142380
     ttaaatttat tctaataaaa tgtcctcact agagcagatg actccaacat ctcgtctatg    142440
     agaacgttca gctcgactcc atgaagagat tgaacattcg gagagttttg tttcattccc    142500
     gtcacaatta aacacatcag cccagatttc accacttccc tctccaaacc agtctgatcc    142560
     cacaacagac acagcaatcc cacaattcag ctgtttacag aggacactgg cagctctcat    142620
     atcccagcat gcatcacata ctgtgcccca tttactgtag tactgacgtt caactcgacc    142680
     agaacaggag tcaggaccat tgaccagtct gagatcagtg taacctagac aaaaaacaaa    142740
     gggattagaa acaaagtgta atgcagttta cagaaagaga tatactttac gaaaaaaaga    142800
     catggtaaat tgatagttaa ctagaacaga ttaatccgac aatgtttcca ttggtacaac    142860
     tgtctttgag agaagatgat gttggacaga aaaatatata agactcgtct cctgtgcagt    142920
     gaatcgcttg tgtccacatc tgagcgtctc ctttgtcaaa agcagcagct ctcagcacct    142980
     gtacaggagc cccacagtcc agctctctac acacaacctc tgcatcctgc tggtcaaagg    143040
     cagcatcaca cactgacatc caagtgttcc catgagccac ctctaacctc ccagagcaca    143100
     ggtgagatcc attgacgagc ctggaatgtt tatgacctgt tcatataaaa ttaaataaaa    143160
     attaatgttc aaaaacgtta gattctttaa gattttgtta agttatgcca atttgtacaa    143220
     aaaggacaca ttaatcatca tatcaggtta actttccact ctagtggaaa atacatatta    143280
     catgttgata caacatataa gatgttttct ctcttgtaaa taataaggct agataattag    143340
     gcttaattag gctagataat ggatgtgtgt ttttgtaata atcacaaaca acagtctact    143400
     gtgaaaatgt gacatgactg cttagtgaac ttattgacct gaacaaatga ctccagcatc    143460
     ttcattgtga gcacacacag gtttacccca tgcccatgac ccacagttct tcagtgttga    143520
     ctctgatcca atacacatcg gaactgacat caaggttggt ccagatcctg gtccaaaata    143580
     agcatcaccc aaaacatcta caggttctcc acagtccagt tctctacaca caactgcagc    143640
     atcagccaaa tcccagaaca tgtcacacac agttccccac tgacctcgat gaagaacctc    143700
     cactctacca gcacagggac tgttcccatc aaccaatctc acttttaaac tttctgcaca    143760
     ttgaacagag aaaataagat gaaacagatt taacaaaatg acaacattgc attttaataa    143820
     catttgctca acaaaaaaag gttaattcca acctgcacaa agcagttcaa cactattgtc    143880
     atgtgaacag ttgttttcct ctgctggtga cgttggacag aggtgaatct gactctcatt    143940
     tcctgtgcag tgaatctctt gtgtccacat ctgagcgtct cctttgtcaa aagcagcagc    144000
     tctcagcacc tgtacaggag ccccacagtc cagctctcta cacacaacct ctgcatcctg    144060
     ctggtcaaag gcagcgtcac acactgacat ccacgtctga tcatgaagaa tctctaacct    144120
     cccagagcag cgagaacctc caaccagcct gacctctgat aaaaaaagaa aaaataacgc    144180
     tagaaattct gctggatgtt ggtaacaatc aaagaaatca atatatgtaa agaaaacaag    144240
     atgaaatgac acagggaaaa agtattaaac ccatgaagta agggaggctt agtttagatt    144300
     agtagctaaa ctttaaagct ttattaatcc ccctggggcc atttaatctg taaaatcaag    144360
     cagtagaatg tcccagcaat aacttgtatc ctatagaaaa tacaaaataa agctcagatt    144420
     tgacagacaa gactcaaaga accatcaaga ttttttggag tctctgaaaa actcaaacct    144480
     gaacaatgca tgtgactttt gttctccata tgagcggtgt ctttaagctg ccatcaccaa    144540
     aaagtctttt atttaaagta ttaaatacag ttcagtggtt cagcaccctc tccttctgtc    144600
     atttcattgt tattacacaa catttttttt agatttattt tgttttgttt tatttttatg    144660
     cttgtattgt ttgggttttt accaaaatct ggttagtttc catgtcaaca actccttaga    144720
     aatattattc ccaggaaaaa aacatgacgt gtttaatacc tatttacgat acttatttta    144780
     caaacgtgca tatatatagt atatataaat tttacaaaca tgcatatata tatatatagt    144840
     atatataaat ttcaaatata ttttctacat aagtaattac attgggccct atatgtcgag    144900
     atgtacccag ccttgatttg tatgcctaca taagcaaaat gtgtaataaa ccatgcaaat    144960
     aacattaaca acatttaaat ttttaacaaa gatttccatt aaatttttta taaaaggaaa    145020
     atcaaaataa acagtctttt ataccaataa gacaaaatgt ttgagtattt gaggatcatg    145080
     tgacactgaa aattaaagtc aaaatgattg agtcgaaaag attcaaaatg acaagaaaaa    145140
     cactttttaa aatgtattca taaaaaaaag accaaattga tattattctg ttctctgtat    145200
     tattattaaa acaaatgcat ttgaaaatat gaatttcaaa accatctccc ctttttagac    145260
     tgtgtttatt acatatttta ttttttattt atttatttat aaaaattggt tgattaaagg    145320
     caggtcgtaa ataggtttag agcagtttac ctgagcagat gactatagca tctccactat    145380
     ttgcaagctc acagcttgca aaacgccttc ctgttccaca gttcttcagt gtagactctg    145440
     atccagtaca tgtgacaaaa cctatccagg ttggtcctga tccttttcca aagtaagcac    145500
     cacccagagc atctacaggt tctccacagt ccagttctct acacaccact gcagcatcag    145560
     ccaaatccca acaactgtca cacactgttc cccactgacc tctgtgataa aactccactc    145620
     gaccagcaca gcgactgtga ccatttacaa gtctaacatt gacatggtct acatattaaa    145680
     aaaaagaatg aagatattat aaataatatt atgagatgat taagatgttt tattgttata    145740
     aggcaaacac acacacatgc acacacgcac acgcacacac gcacacacgc acacacgcac    145800
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacaaagga aattaaatct    145860
     aacctgcaca caccagccca actgtgctga tatctaaaca gttgtttttc tctgctggtg    145920
     acgttggaca gaggtgaatc tgagactcat ttcctctgca gtgaatctct tgtgtccaca    145980
     tctgagcgtc tcctttgtca aaagcagcag ctctcagcac ctgtacagga gccccacagt    146040
     ccagctctct acaaacaacc tctgcatcct gctggtcaaa ggcagcatca cacactgaca    146100
     tccacgtctg atcatgaagg atctctaacc tcccagagca gtgagaacct ccaaccagcc    146160
     tgacctctga taaaaaagga aaagaaaatt aacatttaat aatactatta atgtattaac    146220
     atcatgcaaa gccacttaat agtaatagct ttatattaaa acatttgttg atactgtata    146280
     taatttttgt tcagaaatgt tcatcataaa gtatgatcaa ttatgcatta aagtacattt    146340
     taaagagttc cagtctttaa accttcacat ttaatttaat gtgttatctg cctttttatg    146400
     ttatttaatt gtgaaattta taaacatttc ctttgtgaaa tctaattaaa attaatatat    146460
     ataaaaatgg agtaaaagta taattcttgt cagttcatga aatctaatgt taacaaatgt    146520
     aacctcataa taggccgttt ttttgtgcta atggcttgtg caaatgcagc atgactgttt    146580
     agtgtattta cttcaaatta tttatattat taaatttatc ttaattacct gaacaaatga    146640
     ctccagcata attaccgtaa gaacagccag atttacgcaa ttctaatgac ccacagttct    146700
     tcagtgttga ctctgatcca gaacacatga cagaactcat ccagactagt cctgatcctg    146760
     gtccaaattg aacatcacgc agagcatcta caggttctcc acagttcagt tctctacaca    146820
     ccactgcagc atcagccaaa tcccaaccat catcacacac tgttccccac tgacctctat    146880
     gaagaacctc cactcgacca gcacagcgac tgtgaccacc aaccagcctg acattttcta    146940
     catttcgaac agaaagaatg aaagttgtac agattttaaa gagaagaaaa aattagtaaa    147000
     tacaaataca aaatattcag ttaatattag caccctttgt aagtaaaaca agcagtgaaa    147060
     aaatgtattc atttaacata ttgtcaaaat tgacttttaa ttaaagcaga cttattcaca    147120
     cagtctttat taaaagtatc aattttaaaa gggtgcaaaa aataatgtca caattattag    147180
     cttttctaag aatactcatg agtagggcca gatggaatct gcaaacgttt tgtgctattt    147240
     ctgcagagaa ttttggtaaa aatctgtaga tttctgcgga attgttttgg gagtatcata    147300
     actaaaaccg taatatatga actaaaaaat aatatatttc taacttttat ttaatgttca    147360
     aaatgcaaat ccaattaaat tcactttatt tggtaaaaaa gaaagtctct catataacat    147420
     atctactaaa agacagaaaa tattactgta caaactgcat tgtacataaa tcagatgacc    147480
     attttcatat taatcaataa tattactaaa attcatttaa aaactgaata aatataaatt    147540
     tacacacatt tactcaagta aataaacaga attaatgatg ggctaaatat ctgtggaaat    147600
     ctgctaaaaa tctgcggaat tctgtgcacg cagattatgt gtgggcctac tcataagtaa    147660
     aaaatctaca tgaataatat tttctttcat agtgcacatt ttaaatgttt tccaagtgtc    147720
     taatttttac tttgtgttag ggaaaaaagt ctgtcttaat tgggactaaa tatgtccaaa    147780
     ttattttgga tatttcatgt taagatccat ctctatcaga gaacagagta attatgtgtt    147840
     aagaagatat cacatttgta aaggaatgat ttctcatggc aattaaataa tcccaaaaga    147900
     ttatttatgc tcaggggcag taagtattat gaacaataat ctacatattc acaacttatt    147960
     gtggacgttc tttacgtaac ctgtctggtt tttccgcatt ctgagtggga tttccactcc    148020
     gtctttccaa actaacagga aggctgaaga ctacaagtga agactactgt ggatgcaaga    148080
     ggaatctgtc tgaaacaaat gtcagggtgc taacctggat tgtatacaag aaacataaaa    148140
     ccacagttgc ccatttcact gtgaagttaa tgatgcacct ccactcgcct gttttcacca    148200
     aaaaatggac cttcacaggg tcaatataca tggcaggcct gttatagcca aacctttcac    148260
     ttatgccaat gacaatgtca ggttcagtgg tgccagctgc aaataatatt gggctgtgga    148320
     aaacgtaaaa catgtattgt tctctcatga gtccaccttc actgactttc ctacattttg    148380
     gggagtattg aaggagcagg ttaggaaatg ttttcctcca ccaacatcac atagtgacct    148440
     ggccactatt ctgcaagaac agctcaaagt ctctctggcc actgtgcagg accaacccaa    148500
     gaccaactaa tggtgaattg gctgcaaaag gaagcactac atcaaactaa tgaattattg    148560
     tggtcgtaaa ccaggcattt cactttcatt gtgcaacccc tctatatcac tgtaaaaatc    148620
     tgttctcata aacctaattt ttgtctaaaa atggtattaa gctatttttt tgtgaaactt    148680
     ttgaggatga aagagaaaag aacatcaaga agaccaagag aaaacagaca tttttccaca    148740
     acctattttg atcatattta ccaaggatac caatattagt gaagaacact gtagaatctt    148800
     aattcattgt cagtctacag atttaaatgt aaataatatg gaaatgattg tcaacctgca    148860
     caaactagtc caacactgta atgagaactg ttattttcct gtgaaggtga tgttggacag    148920
     aggtgaatct gagactcatt tcctgtgcag tgaatctctt gtgtccacat ctgagcatct    148980
     cctttgtcaa aagcagcagc tctcagcacc tgtacaggag ccccacagtc cagctctcta    149040
     cacacaacct ctgcatcctg ctggtcaaag gcagcatcac acactgacat ccacgtctga    149100
     ttatgaagga tctctaacat cccagagcag cgagaacctc caaccagcct gacctctaca    149160
     agaacaaaga tcatttaaaa agtgttaaaa aaaaaagtaa tttatgtgaa gttgttaata    149220
     acaacaggta ctacgggtgt acaagaagaa aaacgttcat caaacatcca cattactgga    149280
     attc                                                                 149284