EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX323007; SV 11; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 130807 BP.
AC   BX323007;
DT   05-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 18)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-262K23 in linkage group 19 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate BET1 homolog (S.
DE   cerevisiae) (BET1), the tfpi2 gene for tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2,
DE   the gene for a novel protein containing an Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase,
DE   N-terminal and C-terminal domain, the gng1 gene for guanine nucleotide
DE   binding protein (G protein), gamma 1 subunit, a novel gene and a CpG
DE   island.
KW   gng1; HTG; tfpi2.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-130807
RA   Heath P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 296d6a179aeee7f79b813891e3e4c80a.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993977.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000027009; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000034885; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000035798; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000061351; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000070215; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000004514; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000051950; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000087421; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000102872; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000126470; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000139083; danio_rerio.
DR   EuropePMC; PMC2754307; 17306630.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-262K23. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-77K19 is at 2000 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-262K23 is at 130807 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-262K23 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..130807
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="19"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-262K23"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..130807
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   CDS             join(<47274..47323,48788..49024)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015777"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXL2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04849.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<47274..47323,48788..49529)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM025978.1 Em:BM026222.1"
FT   polyA_signal    49501..49506
FT   polyA_site      49529
FT   mRNA            complement(join(65329..65719,66245..66412,69788..69967,
FT                   71278..71448,71572..71728))
FT                   /gene="tfpi2-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.2-001"
FT                   /product="tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK141863.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:DQ395301.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(65619..65719,66245..66412,69788..69967,
FT                   71278..71448,71572..71653))
FT                   /gene="tfpi2-2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015785"
FT                   /product="tissue factor pathway inhibitor 2"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O76840 Sw:O76840 Sw:P00978
FT                   Sw:P04366 Sw:Q868Z9 Sw:Q868Z9 Sw:Q868Z9 Tr:O70160 Tr:Q21418
FT                   Tr:Q9N0X3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1WCN6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002223"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020901"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1WCN6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-38"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04850.2"
FT                   KPQPSREKTNK"
FT   mRNA            join(73162..73380,73474..73572,75533..76089)
FT                   /gene="gng1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.3-001"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein),
FT                   gamma 1 subunit"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW826328.1 Em:AW826774.1
FT                   Em:BE015641.1 Em:BF937914.1 Em:BF938346.1 Em:BG308773.1
FT                   Em:BG739248.1 Em:BI670901.1 Em:BI706541.1 Em:BI706840.1
FT                   Em:BI846907.1 Em:CK354307.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059639.1"
FT   mRNA            join(73435..73572,75533..75887)
FT                   /gene="gng1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.3-002"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein),
FT                   gamma 1 subunit"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BG305246.1 Em:BI706100.1"
FT   CDS             join(73468..73572,75533..75658)
FT                   /gene="gng1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.3-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015792"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein),
FT                   gamma 1 subunit"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXL0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001770"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015898"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXL0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7596"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04851.1"
FT   CDS             join(73477..73572,75533..75658)
FT                   /gene="gng1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015791"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein (G protein),
FT                   gamma 1 subunit"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6PBN9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001770"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015898"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6PBN9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7596"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04852.1"
FT   polyA_signal    76061..76066
FT   polyA_site      76089
FT   mRNA            join(78500..78735,102561..102564,106216..106383,
FT                   106459..106632,108820..>108980)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing an Acyl-CoA
FT                   dehydrogenase, N-terminal and C-terminal domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK238170.1"
FT   CDS             join(<78500..78735,88594..88714,101733..101862,
FT                   103987..104093,106216..106383,106459..106632,
FT                   108820..108981,112330..112480,114863..114953)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015789"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing an Acyl-CoA
FT                   dehydrogenase, N-terminal and C-terminal domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6N7W6 Tr:Q7VS16 Tr:Q7WEB8
FT                   Tr:Q89VR3 Tr:Q9HZV8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXK8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006089"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006091"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009075"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009100"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013786"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXK8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2210"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04853.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<78500..78735,88594..88714,101733..101862,
FT                   103987..104093,106216..106383,106459..106632,
FT                   108820..108981,112330..112480,114863..115228)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing an Acyl-CoA
FT                   dehydrogenase, N-terminal and C-terminal domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW184343.1 Em:AW232044.1
FT                   Em:AW510204.1 Em:BF717316.1 Em:BG306327.1 Em:BI886995.1
FT                   Em:BQ615283.1 Em:CD589954.1 Em:CD594403.1 Em:CD599686.1
FT                   Em:CD605573.1 Em:CD759223.1 Em:CF998022.1 Em:CK028099.1
FT                   Em:CK030148.1 Em:CK126194.1 Em:CK360150.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(116672..117005,119740..119796,
FT                   119902..120011,122659..122803))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BET1 homolog
FT                   (S. cerevisiae) (BET1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL914400.1 Em:CB352584.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(116850..117005,119740..119796,
FT                   119902..120011,122659..122677))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-262K23.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000015786"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BET1 homolog
FT                   (S. cerevisiae) (BET1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O15155 Sw:O35623 Sw:Q62896
FT                   Sw:Q62896 Tr:Q53XK0 Tr:Q7Q060 Tr:Q8BNZ1 Tr:Q9DFE2"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q6IQT6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000727"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q6IQT6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040625-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04854.1"
FT                   VLYWVIKLR"
FT   misc_feature    128807
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-262K23"
SQ   Sequence 130807 BP; 42649 A; 23220 C; 22657 G; 42281 T; 0 other;
     ctgtgtgcca gatggctgcg gtcagtagca cagagagaaa tcagccttgc ttaaccgtct        60
     aatcgctgtt tcccagagtc caggaggttg ctcacttatt aaatgcgttg cgtgtctttg       120
     gatggagctc agccaagatt aaaaaaaaaa caatgcggtg gctgagaata gaatccaagg       180
     tttggattta actctatatt agggctgcac aatatatcaa aaagttatca ccatcgcgat       240
     aatagtaaat gcagcatcca tatagcataa aagtgcaata tattcaatta attttaagtg       300
     aagttttaca aactaatttc tagaggagca cacaatataa ttgattgcgg cttgcctcac       360
     atccataatc agcaataatc caatcggata aatcactaat aaatagaccg atctcatcct       420
     actacctcat cttcttccct tccaccacat cttgtccttt tcctaccttt accaggggga       480
     gctctcgagg ctttaatagc atcaagcata tctaagtgtg aactcttgaa ttgatgagcg       540
     tttatgtgtt gcatgtattg actatattcc taaatgtgga cgtgcaatcg tttttgcgat       600
     tgttttacta catataattt agctgcctat gggagaaatg actagaaata atgaataaat       660
     aattcattaa taatagaata catattaaat aaagtcttga gctaaaaaga ttccaatagc       720
     tgtgccagct cgaatgtgga taataaggtc aataggtttt ttatccaaat ctggccaatc       780
     caatggggca tttactatct ttattcctag atagtaaggt taagtttaac ctagagttga       840
     aaataaacac taatgctggg gacaagagag gaaaatgtca acagccagcc tgatttcacg       900
     agaaaacata agtattttaa gttttttcag tttagtggag agttcagtac gaaattgaaa       960
     agatcttaaa aaggaggtgt ggcaccaaac cccaccccta aacccaacca tcattggggg      1020
     atgagcaaat cgtactaaat tatatgaatt agatattgca aattcatacg aattagccac      1080
     tacatcaaaa agttacgaat tgccgtgaga ttatgttgca gcagccaata agaatcagaa      1140
     tactcatcga ggttttaagt tatttactgt ttttttaaat tgaaatgttt ttctaatatt      1200
     attattagtt tattttagta tgatcattac ataaaacaat atttttttat ttgcttatca      1260
     aataatgttt tttttttaag ttagttatat tgtaagaaat agttattgca agactcaaca      1320
     ctatcgatcg ataatttacc cagtagattt tgaaaaatac actttgaaca tcttaaaaat      1380
     attggagttt tttttttctc aattaaaaat gtaactttgg ttcaaaatat aaaattgtat      1440
     ttaatctaaa aattaataca ttcacacaaa atatattcac acaaaatata ttcacacaaa      1500
     gttttaataa aaatattgtt taatatagaa ctctttaatc ttagatgtaa gtataatctt      1560
     gctttggact aaccaaaaaa tctactgtaa tttgctacag ctaaatgtat taattatcct      1620
     caaaatatat tagagttggt tgaaaattaa acattcattc attttccttc agcttaatcc      1680
     cttatttatc aggtctcacc acaggaaaat gaccttcttg gtgtgaagca acagtgctaa      1740
     ccactgagct accgtgccgc tgaaaatgaa acattccgct cttagaaaaa aaaaaagata      1800
     ttggctgcgt ctgaaaccgc atacttcctt actatatagt acactaaaat cagtatgtga      1860
     gccgagtagt atgtccgaat tcatagaatt cgaaaatccg tatacgagaa gtacccggat      1920
     gacttactac ttccgacgag attctggagt gcgcatccca tgcacgctgc gctatcccat      1980
     gatgccccgc gagagaattc atgaatggga gtaaagcgaa gcaactgacg taggtaggtc      2040
     gtgtaggtcc attcatactt ttcccattca ccctgtatag aacatacttt tccaacggct      2100
     gagtagtatg cttaaattca aatgcagtat ttactgatcg gtaggcggtt tcggacgcag      2160
     ctattgactt attggtaaaa tattgttttt atagacaata aattaactga attactttgg      2220
     ttgatacttt ggtttgattt tgacttaaaa tctaaatcca aataaagttg tactttggac      2280
     taaactataa taaatacata taatgttagt ctgtgctatt gctagttatt tgatttttaa      2340
     taattaggta aactacagta tctgccagac ctttcagtat ggatataaat gccaagatag      2400
     tgctcaaact cacattagaa atacataaaa actgaatagc agtaatattt catggttaca      2460
     tgtcatgaag actactggtt taaagtaaaa atattacttt gaaaaaaacg atgtaaatgt      2520
     ttttaagttt tccaaggagg tttgttttta tgcttttagg cgaattcaat aaatcaggtt      2580
     gtaatcatag tttttcacaa gccaatgtat ttggaaagaa agacagtaat gtcatgcagt      2640
     cctactccat atacactaag ttctggtcat tagctgaggt aattaatgtt cctcgttgag      2700
     gatgaattaa agcttttcct cattaaagct catcatgttt gccaaaaggc tggtttttcc      2760
     cgaaggatga accaccagac tgaagtctta aatgttactt gggaagtaag atcgggaatt      2820
     aggaattgaa tgttgaatta gagaccaaaa ccggacataa tttataatga atggtctaag      2880
     atagcacttc tttcttcccc ttaaaaagct gtcagaaata ttaatgatgt ttgttttaaa      2940
     agagcacttt taatccttta gtgactgcaa aactcaaacc ctctgcgaca tctttcttag      3000
     agctccacat aagatggctt agtgaggact gatatgtgat taagcaatta tttttacata      3060
     atctctggaa tacttcattc tgattgaggt tttctgcttg gaaatctttc atatgaggaa      3120
     cattagactt tatttttgac ttgtcctgcc tactacagat tgctggcagt ttccgctttc      3180
     tgcagtgtct ttctttttac agatattaat aataataggt tatgtgagta attaccaaac      3240
     atttttctat atattgataa tcgaaaaaaa tattccttaa gaaaactaaa aacatttgtt      3300
     taaaaatatt taaagtgaaa ttttatagaa attatttaag aaataataaa tcactctttt      3360
     ttttcagctt agtttattaa tcagtggacc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca acttatgcag      3420
     catatgtttt acgcagccga tgcccttcca gctgcaaccc aacactggga aacacccaca      3480
     cacacacaca tactctactg caaatttagt ttatccaatt cacctatagc gcatgtcttt      3540
     ggattgtggg gaaaatctca ctcatggctt gtcctctcaa gtgggggaaa gacaatgcac      3600
     aacgttaccc actgctgtcg acctgtgcca agtcatatct ctgtcccaga aacctcagtc      3660
     ccaaatgaga ggggtttttt tctgttgcag gggacattgt aaatgcccag agataccagc      3720
     ttttaccaga ttatagttat atgataattg tccttaaaac ccatctctat ctaagggagt      3780
     gagttattaa atgtttaatg tgttgagttt tcaacaatac taaattgaaa ctttattttt      3840
     ttacatggtt taataatttt ttgttattaa aattgaagtt cctgtttcaa agcttacaga      3900
     tagatggcta atttgtatgt cattgacact tttttcatta gttttttcat cagtattttc      3960
     attagttttg tttttcctgt aaaggattca ataaataccg taccgtgcca ttcataccga      4020
     ggtattaccg taccgtgaaa ttctgatacc gttacatccc taatatatac caagaataac      4080
     taaagcacac cacttcatct aactcccagt ttcactgtac cgcagttacg gtttctcatc      4140
     ctgaaatatc aaatgacaca atccatccaa tataatgaaa actcccatca gaacaaggta      4200
     tctctgagct tctcactgcc ttcccttggg acagttccta cagaaaatct ccttctccat      4260
     aaacaagatg gatttgtaaa gaagacaagt gtagtccgca tcaatatcct ctcccattta      4320
     caaaaataca gaataagtga attgtaagag ccattacagt caaccaagat ggagcacctc      4380
     agtctcagaa cgtttaatgt tctcctgaaa tcctgtcatg atatcaggga gtccaacggc      4440
     atgcaaaatt caagcctgtt tcgtggatgt gccattagac cagcaatttt tttctcacta      4500
     atatcgagcc agagagcctc aaaatgagac ctttcgcttc atgcatcagg ttgaaaaaac      4560
     tgagaactat aggttcttaa gtacagctga aacgcaagca ggtgataggc actacattcg      4620
     gattcattaa cccgcctaat tctgtcccct tatacagcaa caagccatta gccggcttta      4680
     ataggtgtca tatttatata gagcccaaat ggactgcggt gatatgaaag aagaggacag      4740
     gaaaatgcac tctgaggggt atccataatt cagagagcac ttaaagccat gtacgcgtgc      4800
     tcttcctaga ttcgagcctc agggctgcag tcatcaatgc agtgaggata gaaatcaagt      4860
     ggagacacag gtacgggtat gggctttctg cagtctttaa ttgcatttag ctcagttaca      4920
     tgtcagctca tcagccacta tggttgggac attgcatttt atagttccag atggcgtaaa      4980
     atatgtcaaa tgtaaaatct tatttcatca gcttctttgt attcataact actttaaagt      5040
     cggcatgaaa cagaagttaa gactgtcctt tgttcttata tcatgatgtc taatctaatt      5100
     gaaatggtcc agaaatgaga gaaacgattt agatttcgag ccaacttcaa gtaaaactta      5160
     ctgtactgcg ttatatacag attttggttt aatgtattta ctaacaataa gggtgtactt      5220
     acactaggca cggttgtctt gaactgtgcc caggtgcgat tgtcccctat ccccccagcc      5280
     agcattcaca ttgcattttt tgccttcaga gcccgagcat gcttccgata ttgatgaagt      5340
     gactgttcag tttaacataa gagaagcgct ctcgctccgt acaatggaga ttgcttcagt      5400
     tctattgttt tgtatcattt taagtcatct gggatgtgat gaaagtcaaa tatttcgctg      5460
     aacagatcca ccatggataa atataaatct tcatgcaagt cctcgtgctg cacgtattag      5520
     gaggtttgct gaagatgcag ctgtcgtgca gcgaggggct tgtatctttt ataaacgatg      5580
     agagtttgtg ttcattgaaa agtaagaatg attaataaat ccatatgagt cagtctctta      5640
     aaagtcacgt cgcgtcttca gtttcacgct caggcgtgct ttgcattcac actacaagcg      5700
     tactgcgcct aatcaaggtg ttcatgactc ttttgaacac ctcgattatt tggatcagct      5760
     atgtttgatt aggtttggaa caaaactgtg cagagctgcg gccctccagg aattgaattt      5820
     gagacctatg atttacacag acagtttaaa gaagtttaaa tgttgcatta atgcatttta      5880
     attgcaaaaa aagattaata atatgttgtc agtgcaaaga caaaggtctc ataatgtaaa      5940
     tgaaaagtgt aaatgaactg aaagaataag tgtaacattt attaaataaa tgattgaata      6000
     aattccatag cagctggctt tccatcaccc tctgtttaac tgcattttaa agcatttttt      6060
     aaacagaatt taattcagtc atttttttat tcaaaaaaca agtttttacg ttcacttgag      6120
     gtggttttgg actttggaga ttggagaatc tccaattgga gaaattggtt agtgcaaata      6180
     attggaccaa cacaaccaat cagctctctc cattatgctt accttgatta ctgttgcttc      6240
     ctaagttaac aataccacag tcagccgctc taacaacgtg atggaaatga gtattttcat      6300
     gtgtggtttt acccattctc aaaattggtg cacacacaca cacacacatt atgagtgaca      6360
     caagcccaca ctgtgagcgc agacctggag aagtggcctt ggaagcaatt agggtttaga      6420
     tgtcttgctc attgaagatg gagagagtgt ggttcatttc actccttcca ccaggaatca      6480
     aacctttgga ttacaagtcc aactccaaaa ccattaggcc atgactgccc tattggtaga      6540
     cccacatgga atttgcatgg gtagaaatct gcagattttt tatttgccta aaatgggtct      6600
     tttatagaat tgggtaagct aaattggctg tagtgtatgt gtgtgaatga gtttgaatgg      6660
     gtgtttccca gtgatgggtt gctgttggaa gggcatccgc tgtgtaaaac atatgctgga      6720
     taagttagca tttcaataca ctgttgcaag cccagataaa taaagggaca aagccaaaag      6780
     agaatgattg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg agttttatat ataaccattc aactgtttat      6840
     taggggtgtc atgattttga tttttaatcg aaatcgatcg aaatttatgc tcaatttcga      6900
     ttatcgaatc aataaataga atcgttgatg ctgccatgcc cccatgtcac gtcagcttgg      6960
     cttgccaagc gggaaaaaaa caggcttgtt gaaatgcttg ttaaactgca gaagcaggag      7020
     accagcagaa cttaaaccct ctcctctttc aatgaagtcg ccggtgtgta agcattttgg      7080
     atttccagtg agttatgttg acaacgttcg tgttgtcgac aaaaaaaaac acagttttgc      7140
     aagctctgct atgtacgtat tacgtacagt tcgtccgata gacaacaccg gcatcgcgat      7200
     cctccgccgg cccccgttgc aaatccgctc gcgaaaagta cacactcagg ccctgtttac      7260
     actgtctttg tttttaaatg gcattttaga acgacaacga tttgacatcc acagtggcgt      7320
     gtagcatgtc tgagcagctc tccttcctct ctgcctctga aaatgcacat cacgtgacca      7380
     cacagacatg cgctccagac agcaggtcca ggcagtcaga ggactgcttc aatctttcac      7440
     tcacttgtac ttagtcattt tagcgaacac ctcagatact gttggttgtg cctctttttt      7500
     acagacgcca ttataacgac acagatcact gcctattcac gagtcccaca gaaaaagtga      7560
     ttgacaggtg gtaattatgt gtatatcttg cctttattca tttactgtat aatttgttta      7620
     tgggtaaaac aaagaccatg caggtcaggt agtttaaacg gtaggctaca aataattaat      7680
     tggtcattaa ttaattaatt attcataatc gaaaattgaa tcgaatggtg ccttcagaat      7740
     cgaaaatgta atcgaatcga aaatttggag tatcgtgaca cccttactgt ttatagatat      7800
     aatttattta cagtacagtt tttaaaggaa tattttagtc tttcagtaga tcatatatta      7860
     cataaaagac ttgctttgtt taccaaacac gtggatctta aatacaagtt attagtaata      7920
     atttgcttta tttcacgtgt taagatttta gttcctatac tcttaaaatc cttctgcatg      7980
     agcctgcaga ggttttttaa caaaacactg cacagaaaca ccaaaaatgg aaatgacata      8040
     aatggaatga tgagaatggg attcaaaccc actcatggag agcacaatag atgagcagcc      8100
     catcgccatc accactcagc cacctaattc tttttatttg tttgcgtaag gatgaaaacc      8160
     cagctactgt gtacataaaa gaaaaattcc gttttagtgt gtctttgaaa ccaaaaatag      8220
     taccatcact ctctagcctg cacagttttc cacctgcagt gtttgcaggc aattcacacc      8280
     ctgtcagagc aacacaactc aatggcatgt gaagacacac atcaacatct ttaagaggac      8340
     ctcaagacct tgtccttggc ttcccttcgg gacagaagat ggatctttat attccatatg      8400
     cgtactgcac aaataccctg ttcaactggg acaattgatg tcttcagtgt attctgactt      8460
     tttattttta ttttcctgaa acctccatca tcgcagagac tctgccatgt ctgtgcttcc      8520
     acaccattta acctccaaac agcagctgtg tgatttcact gaaggaaagc atgcacctct      8580
     agattcctgt gtgtgtgtat atatatttat cttctccaaa tcgagccctc tgttgtgacg      8640
     aggtgcatta gcacttaatc catcttggcc ggggagatca gagccagcca aatgccacat      8700
     gcgctccagc tgctcctgac acaaacccag cagcagacga tcaaacaccg gccaggtgcg      8760
     agaagacagt gaagctacag gagaataaag gcaaacatta attcattcat tttccttcag      8820
     cttagtccct tatttatgag ggatcgccac agtgcaatga actgccaact attccagtct      8880
     atgttttaca cagcggatgt gtgagggagc cgtaggtgaa gacatggagg cggaatgaat      8940
     ccaaaagctg gaggtttatt aaacaaacaa cttgaatcaa acaaaggcag aatcgtattc      9000
     atgaaccagg caaagacaag caaacaaaga ggcagtccaa aaaagcaaac aaggcagagt      9060
     ccaaaatcta aaaacagttg tcaaaagggc aggcaaaaag gtcataacgc aatggcagaa      9120
     acaacagtag gaaaccgctt ggtaaagcag tgaaactggc aatacttcgc aaagaacaga      9180
     cataagtagg gatggctgac gtgaaactga tgtttcgaca cagtgtcgag atcccaaagc      9240
     gcaagtgttt cgaaacacct agttacgtga ctaaagcgat ttaaagcatc gatcagctta      9300
     gaagcgtttc gagacctggc gaatcctcat ttggctgcca aggtcaaaac gcaacctctg      9360
     tctcatatgg cctagaggac tgtgtgtatg caaattcatc caatgctttg catgatgttt      9420
     tgggttcgaa tcccgacttg tacaaatact ttgaaatcat ggttttatgt attttaatca      9480
     tgtttctgtt ttgtgtagcc taaataggat acagctgcag ttacgccatc aatttagcat      9540
     catttttgta acactgtaaa acaataataa atatttttac agtatggttg ggtttagggt      9600
     ttgggtagac atcaataaaa tacaataaat gggaaattta atgaataata taaataattc      9660
     ttgataactt caggccaccg tttttgatct agccacaacc ctgttttaag acaaaaacaa      9720
     gatatattta ttcacaaatt gtttattcag atatcagacc aatgttgaaa caaaacgata      9780
     caagagcaaa gcattaccaa ctagtattaa agcatttcaa aacaactgtg acagcctagc      9840
     ttcgatacct actatacccg catggaagtc taacacctta accactgtac tatgttcctt      9900
     gaaggatcaa gcatataaag tggggtttaa tcccttaatt tgttcaactg ttctttgctg      9960
     aagctgtttc agtgcaatac aaaaaaaatg accattagat gtcactgtag agtggggttt     10020
     cgaaacgttt cgaagcttca acacatttgc ttcgactgtt tcagtgtttc acgaagcctc     10080
     gctttgccca ccactagaca taagcagtgt gctcatatat gttggctacc aggaagtacc     10140
     accgaggaag taaccagtca atattcggga aagagctccc tctggtgggc agatgaatgg     10200
     taagctgcca tattcgttac aggatggcct tccagaactg gaagcaccca tacattctca     10260
     tattcccaca cacacacact catacactac ggccaatttt gttgacccaa ttcgcctata     10320
     gtgcatgttt ttagactgta gggaaaaccg gatcacccgg aggaaacaca cacgaacaca     10380
     gggagaacct gcaaactcca cacagaaatg ctaacaggcc cagtcaggac tcgaaccagc     10440
     atccgtctta atgtaaggcg acagtgctaa ccactgcgcc acctagaagc aaacatcagc     10500
     tcttaaatgt ttaatggccc tttttcatag cccgggtgtc ccgttttgct ttatgaggga     10560
     catacagaat gaagcagagc cactatgctg atgatggatc tttaatcttt attgccttag     10620
     aggaacttta aatggagctt ctgtagccgg catctatctg agcagcacga ctttcaatca     10680
     tacacaactg caaattggat ttgtacatta tttttcacgg taaagctgta aagaatgtaa     10740
     tacaggattc aattatgaaa ctccgtcttc agtttttcac ataaaatgtc tgcctgtgag     10800
     aatcgaacgg gttgtaggat caagaaaaat gagaaacata ctcatttaaa tcaataaatg     10860
     acttgcaaac aatgaatcta ctggtataaa taaacattta catttacaca ttttaggtac     10920
     agcttgctag tattgcgttg cacaactgtt tgccttcaaa actgccttta aggaatagtt     10980
     cactcaaaaa atgaacattt actcaccatt tactctcacc aaagactata aaatacacaa     11040
     gacatgtcac ttgtgtagtt ttgaatgggg aaatctgtaa tggtcaatat gacgaatgaa     11100
     acattgcctg ctaatacagg agccaatcat caatcgctat agactagggg tgtccaaact     11160
     cggtccttga gggccggtgt cctgcagatt ttagctccta cttgcctcaa cacacctgca     11220
     agaatgtttc tagaaagcct agtaagagct tgattagcta gcccaggtgt gtctgattgg     11280
     ggttggaact aaactttgca ggacatcggc cctccaggac cgacatgcct gctatagact     11340
     gacgtttctc caagagaaaa gctttgacta gacctgtgct ttcacgacag tttttgtggt     11400
     caacaaacac actggaatct cagcaaatac ttccttcaca gacaaaagaa aaatatacac     11460
     ataaagcttg aaatctctac ttttaaatta acccactact cttaaaaaca aaagtttttt     11520
     ggttttgtaa tgtgtatgaa atgaacgcgc ttacagtcca tcatgtcaaa tgtcatgact     11580
     gtgtatgaac accagatgtc actgtagttc gtctgcaact ccctgcgaac tacagtggcg     11640
     aaagaactac atttccacac attccttcgt gcatacaccc agtctttcat gtacactgat     11700
     tgcaatcaca gctgtctctg tttccccgtt gattacctgg actatatatt caaccattcc     11760
     atctctgttt gttagttcgt cattcgtctt tattggtatg tttgttcctg attccagtct     11820
     gtatcctgtt attcttgtta aagtctagtt cgagatttat ctgtttgagt tcctggtttg     11880
     tttgttactt tgcactttgg atctttgtat ttttgtcact ttttctgcac aatactatat     11940
     taaactgcac ttggattcta ctcccgtttt tgttcctgtt ttgatctcgc taacgtgaca     12000
     gtcaaatgca catcacatga cagcagcaac tactaaaaac acccacaaac ttgtaaacaa     12060
     agagtcactg tcatttctgg aggagattca tcctcaagac caatttgtga agtacttcag     12120
     aagagcagca caatcagacg atcattatcc agaggatgat aatgtgtaga atggccataa     12180
     atgaggttgg tgtcgtgatc ttgttctttg cgcaattgca ttagcttggg catctagaag     12240
     aaaagccgat tcgagcgatt gtttgatttg aacatttaga aatgaaagtt atgagacagt     12300
     tgtagtttaa ttttattggt gactccaaat atgtaatgta atcgtagttt tggaaaattt     12360
     gatgtttccc cattcaaaca gaacgtccaa gcatactgcc tgagaagcaa agattgccgc     12420
     agagtgaaat ggcttgcctt aaagagactt tgctcacact caagtggctg taatcttatg     12480
     aatttctttg aaagatattc tattataaac aagatattct gaagaatgct ggaaaagcag     12540
     acatcaatat caatataaac aaaaaatact ctggaaatca atggctgttt ttagcgcaac     12600
     attcttcagt acatcttcct ctgtgttcaa cagaagaaag aaactcaaac aggtcaaaca     12660
     agtagagaat gatagtggga ttatcaattt tgggtgattt atcatgtaaa ttctttaaca     12720
     atcctgtaaa aaaatgaccc tgggaccatt ggaaaagcag aaaagaaaaa cattcattca     12780
     tttattttat tttcggctta gtccctttat aattctgggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc     12840
     gccaacttat ccagcatatg ttttacgcag cggatgccct ttcagctgca acccatcact     12900
     gggaaacatc ccaacaaact cattcacaca cgtacacaac ggacaattta gcctacttaa     12960
     ttcacctaca gcgcatgtct ttggacaagc acacgtgcct cagtaaaggt ctagcgatgc     13020
     ccctggtgca aaccaacaac atccgtcact cagtggtcta ttaatagtgt ttaagagcta     13080
     attaatgtta atagttaata aatgttaatt agattaaaaa cccttactat ttaattgggt     13140
     gtgcagtggc tggtatttaa atgtttctgt catgtcgcgt caaatttggt gcagacagac     13200
     aaattgcttg tctctggaat cttgttgtct catgttgtgt tactaggaca tgacgtgaac     13260
     ctttatccaa tcttgtattc tcttattttt gtaaccaagt gtgaattgta gctctagttt     13320
     gctgttttta tctgacatga ctataaccag tgtgcttttc ttcttttctg ctgttgtagc     13380
     catgtagaga cgcttttctg cagacctcgg ccgtattaaa tggctgtttg agtttccttt     13440
     ctatcacctc aaagcagtct gccaattctc atctgacctc tagcatcaac aaggcatttt     13500
     cacccacaaa actgccactc tctggttatt tattcttttt ttggcttatt ctctttaaac     13560
     cccagagaag gttgtgtgtg aaaatccctg cagatcagcc tctgaaatac tcagacaaga     13620
     ctgtctgtct gtcaccagca accatgtcac attagaattc actcttcaat cacattctga     13680
     tgctcgattt aaaggtcacc acatcgtctt gaccacattt acattgaaat tcagcagaga     13740
     tgtcagggtt tgggtgctgt acagtttgcc ttcttataga aagtaccata ttatagtaca     13800
     aaaactatga gtacacctac tatacttata ttaaaaattc cataaaaacc atcaggtgaa     13860
     gttttttttc cctctccgct gtcgccactg cctcgcatgg ttcaggattg gtagagctac     13920
     gcatcgatga atcggctctt cagtgtttga agtctcagta atgattaaat cgcactgaac     13980
     tgagctaaac tgaactgaac tgaacttaaa cactaaaacc tgaaccacac tgttccagtt     14040
     actatgacca tttatgtgaa gctgctttga cacaatctac attgtaaaag cgctatacaa     14100
     ataaagctga attgaattga attgaattga acggagttca aagatgacaa aataacaaaa     14160
     caaaaaaaaa atgacaccag ataataggct acatgttatt aatgcatagt gcatcacatg     14220
     tcatttggcc aacagttaca tttatttgta attaaaatat gaaatattaa aatattattt     14280
     catgttactt ttactgcatt tttggttagg taaatgcagc cttggtgaac atatgcgact     14340
     tcttcaaaac aattatgtat attatactat aaaacatctt ctgagatttt gaaaatagct     14400
     aaacatgaag ataattatgg tagttgaagt atatgaacaa tcgcaaacta ttttttattt     14460
     attttttctt cactcccatc aggtgaagtt ttttttccct ctccgctgtc gccactgcct     14520
     cgcatggttc aggattggta gagctacgca tcgatgaatt ggctcttcag tgtttgaact     14580
     ctcagtaatg attaaatcac actgaactga gctaaactga actgaactga acttaaacac     14640
     taaaacctga accacactgt tccagttact gaaccacact gttccagtta ctatgaccat     14700
     ttatgtgaag ctgctttgac acaatctaca ttgtaaaagc gctatacaaa taaagctgaa     14760
     ttgaattgaa taaaatgatt tgtgacctaa tcgaattaaa aaaggaaaac aattacactg     14820
     tgccagaaat aataaatgaa aacaagtgag ttattgcaaa cacaatgatt aattcattac     14880
     taactattct atttcagtaa tacagaacag aaatcgggcc tcgtttaact gaaacacaat     14940
     atgcctcagg taataacaga taatctcgac ctcctcggtg ctctgatatc aaggtaaagt     15000
     caattggctt gaccgaatgg agtgataacc ttgaagtgca gctcttgagt ttggtttgag     15060
     aatgtgagaa ccagtgatcc accagcacac tttatctcca gcagaatgga aaggtggtgc     15120
     atccttctct tcaattcatg ccttatgacc tcattctgag tgctcttgat ttctatctca     15180
     gtcactctga cctctctgtt cccatcagca gaaagcagcg gcagtgagaa cagatacagt     15240
     tatagagccg ttactaggcc gcccaaatgc caggctgtca gggggagaaa ataagagcgg     15300
     gcgttgagca ctttttgcag aggcaggcta aatttcgagg cgtttttatc caagatggca     15360
     tactgtgtgc tcatgcattt tctcctccat tagaaaacat agaagtaggc ttgcctgtgg     15420
     taccttaaag tgccttaaac tctggaagaa cataaagtag aacttaagtt tcttagggca     15480
     ctgtttcctg cagaggcaga cattctcaga tgaacatttc cagcttaaaa aagaagcaaa     15540
     gcgagaagca gtcacagttt aaacaagggc tgttagtcat acttgcgttc gcagtgtgat     15600
     tttcaatgtg ataatttcac atcatcccca cagggctcgt tttgacgcag tttcgctata     15660
     atgcggctct actaaatttc actgtaagtg gaaaacacca tagaggttgc ataaaacttt     15720
     tttcgaagag aaacactgag agggtgaaac cctttattca tttaattttt aaactactca     15780
     ttaaagtgac atattattat tattattatt taaatactat aaaaaagctt attttaaaga     15840
     cgtcctgtct tttgtgagct caaagattgt taatcgattg cttttattga acccatttgt     15900
     tcacactgat tcaacttatt gccccagcag acacaggaca tcaacatgac atcaaattga     15960
     cgttgtaccc caatgtcggt gggacattgc atttcgggtg gaagtgaaaa tcaggttgac     16020
     gtcaaaagcc agcatcagac ggacgtcagt gttcaacgtt aagcagacta aaatcaacca     16080
     aatatcaacg tcttatgtta gagcttgacg ttatgtggat gttaccgcta tgatgtctat     16140
     caaacgctgg gttttggttg ccatacttga cgtataaatg tcagcatttg acgtcaatta     16200
     gacattggta caagatgttg gctcaatgtt gaattttggt cactctacaa cacaacctaa     16260
     aatcaaccaa atatcaacgt catttgacgt cattattgga tatcaaaata acattgtcct     16320
     tagacactgg ctagacattg aattttggtc gcttgatatc acgacctaaa tctaacatct     16380
     aatatcaacg tcttatgatg gtgtgtgccg gctgtgtatt actcaattaa tctttataga     16440
     aaattgcttc acgtaaagta ttcctgtaaa ttcaggaaaa tcaaatcaat cctactagta     16500
     aactaaaatg gagaattttc ctaccagtcc catagattgt attgatacaa tacaggtaca     16560
     tgtatcctta atttttctct ggtatctaca cagaaggtgt gtgttttaag taagtgccaa     16620
     aagtctccag aaatcatttt ataggtcaat ttccatctct aggagttttc cctcaatatg     16680
     atatggttgg ttttgaccat atttggaagg gccataaata ttaatgagct ctgctctaaa     16740
     aattcataca tgcaaagcgt gatgtatttg atgcaaaata atcactcatc agttgtcaaa     16800
     agatatttga acagactgat tagattcctt gttaatggca agtagagatt tattttagct     16860
     agaaagtgtg atctatattt aagccgctag agtaacctag tttgctcctg agttgtgttg     16920
     tgggtgaaat atagactaaa ttataatcaa cctaaaaaag gactgttaga gctgtattta     16980
     gagttgactt gtattgaggg tttaaagtat ctgaagacaa aggcaggaat taatagcaac     17040
     ctctgcaata aacatgagtt ttataaggtt atcagtgtcc tttctctcca tcaacatcac     17100
     agtaagagtg gagagatata acacaatgca taaatgtcca ttaaacactt acattcaaca     17160
     gtctactggc tgttgtctca ttacaaacgt gttgcatcat tacaaacaca cgttaaacta     17220
     gcaaaagata catttaacca ggccttttta gggtagcact gaataaactt ctaatctgta     17280
     tatcctgcat tttgcattct gactagcagt gaactctctg aggtcgtgca cggctgcctg     17340
     cttcgcaatt cttctcatgt aatcttattt aaagcctgtc gcgctttcga aataagagtc     17400
     ccacatacat aataagtata ataaaagcta agataaacgt aaacataaga ggggtttggg     17460
     gattttcatt gttgtaatct cacaaggaaa caatgtagcc aatcaaacgc agatgattta     17520
     catgagaacg aggaaacaat tgtgtttgag tctcactttg tcatttccat gaaatgaact     17580
     ctcactttaa aaccaattca agagttcaca cttagctgat gatttataaa aagcttgttt     17640
     ggcatgctgt cccaggagag agccccgagc tcaagggatc ctcgagcccg gggcttcctc     17700
     ccgttggcag agcaagaggg gagcctgagc tcggtggatc tcagacctcc ccggctgcag     17760
     tagctaaggg aacaaaaggg gttagacaaa tgcttgattg gtatgcatgt tgaatgtctt     17820
     tggatggttg gaggactcgg ggaaaaccca cgcggacacg ggaagaatat acaaactcct     17880
     cacagaaacc cccaccggcc cggtgggacc agggcgagca gtgttcttgc tgtggggctc     17940
     acagtgctaa ccactgggcc gccgtgccgc ccaatcagag gtaaaggagg agaatagggg     18000
     aggaaggggg ggtttcttcc aaacaaagac aaaatggact gaaaactgtg gttatttata     18060
     gtagcttagg gctcatgtga ttggaaggta gtgattagca aatacgagac cggccatgat     18120
     aaatcataag cacgtgatcc tctcgaaatt agtttatgaa taaacttcac atataggtaa     18180
     gcataaataa ccaatgtgta actaaagaaa ttaactagcc aaaagagaca ggaactaaac     18240
     acagaaggaa acataggaac caaagcagtc tacaagcaga ccattattgt taataaaata     18300
     ttaggctgag aaaaattcta aacgatgtct gaatcaggac tcatttatat ctctgacttg     18360
     agttcacatg tgataattgt aatcaagaat atccgattct ttctgtaagt gaggttgacc     18420
     catttgtgtt tttatgcccc atgtagcctc atctcaagac tgtcaaatat taataaaaac     18480
     atttttcaat ctgggttacc ttcagtgcaa acacaggaga attaaactga ttatccaagc     18540
     catgcaatct cacatttctg aaagttttga catttttact gaccttaaag gttcaggaca     18600
     ccctggagaa cttttttttt atattaacag atgtgtgtgt gttgagcatc agttaagaca     18660
     atgtcagcac ctgtcagctt taattgtggg gaaaactgga taattctgag cttttgtcag     18720
     ctaatttcag cttccgggtt taaaatgatt tttggggcag gatcataatc ggcgacgtat     18780
     cgcagtactg caagtgcaat gatgacgcgt cggtttctca ttattattca tagcggagtt     18840
     ttcttatcct atgagaagag ccggctgctt aattattcat gagagcacgt ggtttccgaa     18900
     ggcagacctg ccagtttcaa gcaagctgtg agacacagac ccacggcacg cagtagctgt     18960
     tcatgaaggc tcgtatgtgt ttgtttccat gatccacggg gtttattgca tgttttttcc     19020
     ccgcgatctt gtaagggccg atcatacagc aaagctgtgt gtgtgctgca agcatttttg     19080
     tcgggggagc agcacgagaa ttagagaatg gcggacgctg tcttttatca ggagttcgtt     19140
     cacattcaga cacatcactg tgctgctgtg tttgcctaaa tcctctatat taccagcagg     19200
     gctaatggtt aaaatggaca ggtcaggaga cctgctgcac tgagtctgca ttcaagatct     19260
     ataatttaca cacggggatc gagggagaat cctcatttat aaggtttaca tgaacacact     19320
     tatctttata atgatataaa ttgtggttat gtgtatatga aattacaaat aacaaatgtt     19380
     gcagggcatt aaattactgt ttatttcttt gcattttaac tttgtgaact ataaactcat     19440
     gcgtctcctc acggtttgtg tctcattttg tgagctgtca acaacagtta ttggctcccc     19500
     ttttcccctg ctggccacgc ccacttctgc cctatgctcg cggagctcca cgcccattaa     19560
     tcatgcatct tttgaaaaaa ttctgaagta gaatttaacc gaaagtgggg ggtgtcatgg     19620
     ccctttaaca gggtttacat ctgatacaat gacttctatt tcttaccttt caaacagcag     19680
     gagctactac tgacgccgct taatctggca cgtcatcttt ttctatccct gagtaatcat     19740
     tcagtccttt tcattcagct tccaagaatt gtacatttca gctgtcaaga aaaatgatca     19800
     gtctttttgt tttccagacg tcgactgccg aatagcttaa ttttgagtgg cgcgttgagt     19860
     atttctgaac actttttcct gattttacag cacaattaca acaaaaacac atttggagag     19920
     aagaaaggcg agctaacttt attacagaga aggtcaaact tgttttcttt aacagctttg     19980
     gaaacagcag ggactccatc ttgctccaag tgattaaact gactgcaaga tatatagaaa     20040
     tatggaatat gagtaatacg gatgcgtgcg ctgaccagta atggcgatgt aaattgctta     20100
     gacatggtgg agctttacta acacggttgc gaaagcaaag gatgaataaa gatgatcatt     20160
     gtgcatgcag gtacaaaaaa aaaagccaac gtaatcccga ctctaaatca gtacagaggc     20220
     gttcaaaaag ttaaattggc aatggatacg gtttggttaa tggaacaaac attaactcaa     20280
     taaatcagat aatagggcac aaactgcaga aaggctttct gggagcagac agacaaggca     20340
     catcgcaggc agtcaatgga agctccgggc agagataaat caaacacaaa gtaatgctta     20400
     atgactccaa atttgctctg tttttctact tattttgcaa gcatggaaaa tcattacatg     20460
     aacgataata gcttgcatct agaaatcata ctgcacctcc tgtgggttta aatctatgca     20520
     ctacacaatc accacataca ccaagcagct ctaatcttgt ttgtgactat ggatgcaacg     20580
     attaaccgat ttcactatta actttccaga agcacctact agttaaaaaa agaatgccgc     20640
     gagcacccta cactgagaaa aaaattgcaa aaataccaaa caattttgtt atatagttga     20700
     tcaaacgttt cagcagcctt tgaatacaat atttttaatt ttatttattt attttattta     20760
     tttatttatt tttatttatt taaaaaatta ttttaaatgc atttattaat ttattttaaa     20820
     ttcatttatt aaaattttta tttatatatt ttaatttatt ttttatttat ttacatttaa     20880
     ttaatttatt ttaatttatt aagatttata ttaatttatt taacttttat tcatttattt     20940
     attataattt tttttttatt taaaatcaat taatttttat ttattttaaa ttaatttgtt     21000
     taaattttat ttattgacat ttattttcag tgtaaaatta ttacttatgt ttaaatgcta     21060
     aaaacgtttt tttaatttat tttaatttat ttaagtccaa agagaaacag attattgttt     21120
     gtttttatta ttattttgtg tcatattatt tggttactga gcagcaataa ccaacacttt     21180
     aaaatataac aagtttttat gtgatttttc taaactagca gtgttttgaa attaataaat     21240
     gcattataat cgtgataacc atgattattc ctcaaactat aatcgcacaa ccaaaatcta     21300
     atcgttgcat ccttatttgc ggcttctcat taaatatcat tgaggaaaag tgtacttatt     21360
     gtagatacaa aatgccattt catatgttca ttctttttca gggggtctgt ctagctgata     21420
     tgaatggtga tagggggaaa gagggggctg ttggcaggaa tctataggaa ttgaatgtcc     21480
     attattcgct cctctggctc gtgtaaatca gttcagaaac aaagctttta ttttcaccat     21540
     gcattcaatc agaggagccc atgcaaattg ggatttgtcc gtcatgaggg tattcatgta     21600
     gtcgctctgt tttcacataa tgctaatgca ttttgccatt cagccacata catgaacttt     21660
     actcctgcca catggaagag ccagatggag ggagctacta aaaatgggtt accatatggg     21720
     ccaaaaaaga gagttcaaca taaaatatta gcaaaatcat cactgtagtg accaatactt     21780
     tagtgaatat tagggaatca aagataatcc atcacatttt aatgattgag tgctgtttta     21840
     ctttattact tttaaaagta tgccagatag agatcgcaca tacacatatc tttttgatat     21900
     cttttcgaaa ggtatagatg acctattatt taaaagcaga atttatgtta tgtctccaaa     21960
     gcttgtgaaa accaaaaaac agcatacatt aatgctttta atttatatta ggttatttat     22020
     tactgtatat ggcataggcc tgctggttag aacatttaga gcctgctgtt gtgtgcatgt     22080
     gtcaaattgt aaaagtagac tttaaaaaaa aaatgaataa acaatatcct acttaataat     22140
     aataataatc ataattaata ttattaatat tattattaaa gtaggatttt tttcacttcc     22200
     tatcaaatat tctttcattc attttcttgt cagcttaatc cctttattaa tctggggtcg     22260
     ccacagcgga atgacccgcc aacttatcca gcaagttttt atgcagcgga tgcccttcca     22320
     gctgcaaccc atctctggga aacatccaca cacacacaca ctcatacact acggacaatt     22380
     tagcctaccc atttcacctg taccgcatgt ctttggactg tgggggaaac cggagcaccc     22440
     ggaggaaacc cacatgaagg cagggagaac atgcaaactc tacacagaaa cgctaaatga     22500
     gccgaggttc gaaccagcga ccttcttgct gtgaggcgac agcactacct actgcgctac     22560
     tgcctcgcct cctaataaat aacaaatatt aaatttcatt tcttaataaa tggcctcatt     22620
     atgtatttat ttatatgact gacatatgag attagaatac gtgttagctt ttgattttat     22680
     gtttgagaat ataatatgtc atgttctcaa taacatttgt aaaggaagca caggccctat     22740
     agtgccattt acatatattt cgttaatatg taaagcgagt gcatgttttt accaaaacta     22800
     atattggatt ttatttaaat gcgtgagcgt gtaaaacaat ataatttgca caaagaaatg     22860
     atgtggttct tctctaaaaa agttgttact ccaccctatt tagaccgtca ttatgggcgt     22920
     tttacgttat aactaacgtg gttcaaacaa tggatctgcg gcagagaaac caccggtttt     22980
     gggaaacact cgtcactaca tcgttctttt cccaaacaat gcatcgtact atgatagttc     23040
     acccgtgagt tacgtcgtaa tttgggaaac gcacccctgc ctagttaacc taataaacag     23100
     ccgttaaaag tcactttaag ctgtatagaa gtgtcttgaa aagtatctag agaaatatta     23160
     attactgtca ttttggcaaa gataaaataa atcagttatt agagataagt tattaaaact     23220
     attgtgttta gaaatgtgtt gaaaaatatc ttctctccgt taaacagaaa ttgagggggg     23280
     aaaaaaataa atggggtgct aataattctg acttcaactg tatataagaa ttatatagcc     23340
     acagttcaaa atatacaaca tttgtggagt ttctgcagag tttcaccttg atggagtaaa     23400
     agtttatcat ttgcacaagt ttttaagtgt tatcagagtt ttaatcattc acacacaaac     23460
     aattttacca tttgtagctt taatagaaaa tgattttatt aaactattta aaggtaaagt     23520
     cgtttcaatc ttattttatg tttgattttt tttcaaattc tgcatctgaa tacgatttga     23580
     ctataacctg aaaaccataa agcactgttt atttcacttt tatatttgct ctatcgcatt     23640
     tagctgtgct tgtaatttgt ttattacatt tcatacgtga ttggttcccc ttcaaaatcc     23700
     tgccaatcaa tggaagatta atcaattgtt tccaaataga gctattcaat tcatctggtg     23760
     aaattgtatt tgtattgaaa tatatatcac agaaatacaa aatattgcaa agtcagattt     23820
     ttccaatatc gtgcagccct aacacagaat aatgtgacat gccaacgcaa tctctcagca     23880
     attcgtaact ttttgattta gtggataatt cgtatgaatt cctacaatct atttcgtaca     23940
     atttattaca attttctcat cacccaatga cggttggagt tgggggtggg gttgggtgcc     24000
     acgtctcctt tttaaaatcg aacattttcg tacgactaaa ttagccacta aactgccaaa     24060
     acgtaaaata cttaacgttt cctcattaga tcacgttgga catgcctttg tgcaatattg     24120
     ttttgttctt attaattttt ttttcttttt atctgtgttg ttaaaattgt atattaaact     24180
     aaataaaaaa aatcagagct ataaaaatgt gagccaggtt cagacagatt taattaattg     24240
     catgcagtta cagtacaaga atgcaaatgt ccacaactat tttagagcac cttactctca     24300
     acccatccac ttctcaacaa ataaaacatc taacagacag ataaaagcac ggcacaggga     24360
     tgaactcaca atgcataaac attataaaca agttatgtta ttttccaagc agtggcatag     24420
     tcacaaattc taaacagagt gaaaccatgg tacacctctg tgcctatatt aaacttaagt     24480
     ccatcatttt acatttcgac acattctaca ttaaaaaaat ttaacaacat gagcaattaa     24540
     aatgtgtttt gttgagcatg atgtacaaca gattgtctgc aataccaagc gcatgtaaac     24600
     agtgaagctt ttgggccgcc ttttggttta cagcttcagc agacattagt aaaccacagt     24660
     agataacact gacttagagc agctgctctc gcttcaaaac gagcccaaac acatcataaa     24720
     acgactatga tgatgattgt gttcaaaaaa tgctcaacca actgaaactg tatctcagaa     24780
     gtggtgaata gtgtgtgtag tgggaaagga tgatgagcaa agaaactgcg ggagtgcaaa     24840
     gaaaaataaa gtggcaaaat caagccacac agatattgcc tgtcatttga aaaacgtcac     24900
     tagcattttt tatgtaatgt cgagaaataa aagtaaaagt ttccccaaaa tataaagcac     24960
     agatacctga aaaatgttct tagtatgtgc actgtaaaaa taatagctgt tctcactaat     25020
     aaaattaagt gcagttaaat tattcattca ttttcttgtc ggcttagccc ctttattaat     25080
     caggggtcgc cccgacggaa tgaaccgcta acttatccag caagtttttt acacagcaga     25140
     tgcccttcca gccgcaacca tctctgggaa acatccacac acacactcat acactacaga     25200
     caatttagcc aacccaattc acctgtaccg catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaagccggag     25260
     cacctggagg aaacccatgc aaaggcaagg agaacatgca aactccacac tgaaacgcca     25320
     actgagccga ggttcgaacc agcgatcttc ttgctgcgag gggacagcac tacctactgc     25380
     gccactgcct cgccccagtt aaattattaa cttaatttaa taagttacaa acttaataag     25440
     tttgttcacc ttacaacagg ggttttcaaa gtgtgaggcg cgcctcccct ggggggcgcc     25500
     agagcatgtc aggggaggcg cgggaaaata tataatataa taaaaatata attattaagt     25560
     ttaattatta tatgtttttt ttatatttaa acgttttaat taaacaaagc aaaaaaaaat     25620
     aatacgtcaa atataagaaa accttttttt accgagaagg ccatagctgt gaattcactt     25680
     ctgtttggca agcccgccaa tacaggtata tgcataatat atatgcataa tacataatgt     25740
     atataataat aataaataaa ataaataata aataaaaatg tatatacagt aatagtaaat     25800
     aaataaataa ataatattac ataaataaaa ttcatacata taatatttat ataaaattct     25860
     ataaatatta tttaataata taccttttaa aaatgagatg ttaggatggt gcagctaaat     25920
     atcaacttca atataaatga ccctgggagt aagtaggtat tggtttttat ctttacttaa     25980
     atgttttagt ttagtttagt ttagtttagt ttagtttagt ttagtttagt ttagtttact     26040
     ttagtttact ttagtttact ttagtttagg aaagtggttt cgtaatgttt ttttagtcct     26100
     gtgaatatta ataagaagtt aacacaattg ttttatatca acggtactga agtttacttt     26160
     attaataagt caattacaaa cttaaataca aactggttta agtatgctaa cttaaaatta     26220
     atacactact ttacttagaa atgttaaggc tatcggtttc ctcaatttct ctaaggtcaa     26280
     cttattacgt ttatactgta ggtaaataga tagtaaaaat gcattgttac tgtccaccat     26340
     tggtctgcag agacaaaata aatgtgtcta acacacacac acacacacac acagacgaaa     26400
     gagaaaaata ttttcttgtg cccatcctat aaagcacaac atccctcatt tagcagcagt     26460
     catgcaacat tagccctgtt ttacatcagt tttttcgata tgcgaggaag atgtgttact     26520
     ttttgaaaga actacataca gcacatgtgt tttgcatgta ttttttataa gcttttaaaa     26580
     tgttttaaag gtacacattt aagacagttg tacatgtaaa cattctcttg atggtataac     26640
     ggaatcaaat gtattatctt tgaaaatggt ttaaacgtat aggagtgcaa aaaatttacc     26700
     ctaaaacaaa atgttcttcc ctattcctag tgcagtaata cagcggggaa aataagtatt     26760
     gtcatgtcat gtattttcct gggaataata tttctaaagg agatgttgac atggaattaa     26820
     accagatttt ggtaaaaatc caaacaatac aaacacaaaa ataaaacaaa caaaaaaact     26880
     gaaaaattgt gtgtaataac aatagaaaaa cacaaggaga aagtactgaa ctactgaaac     26940
     gtatttaatg ctttaaataa aacgcttttt tggtgacggc agcttaaaga cgcctctcag     27000
     atggagaatg aagtcacatg cattgctcag gtgtgatttt ttttcacaga cttcaacagt     27060
     ttaaacatct tgatgggtct gtgggttttg tctataaaat ctgatcttta tcttgtattt     27120
     tattttctgt tggattcaag tcaggtgatt gggtgagcca ttctacagct ttattttctt     27180
     tatctgtaag catttgagag tttccttgac tgtgttttgg atcattgtct tggggaaatg     27240
     tccaccctgg ttttatcttc atcatcccgc gaatgtagat gttggactga agtagctgat     27300
     attaatttac catgacaaaa agcagagggc tgctgaagag ctactgagag atttcagctg     27360
     ctgtctgggg tttcactgcc tttccacacc tctctttctt catgtgttca atactttttc     27420
     tcagtgtaat ttaattttat tacacataac ttaatttgta aactaattag ttttgttttt     27480
     attgcatatg tgggtttctt tggttgctgt caactggtga aaatttcaag tcagcaagtc     27540
     acctttagaa atcagttttt tgaggaaaat agtgatgtgt tgactgtatt tattatgatt     27600
     tcttagtcac tattcctgtc ttgtactgtt tagctttctt ctttagaaaa gaaaaaaaga     27660
     tttactcatt ttattttaat ttagttttta ttcattattt gtttattgat ttttttattg     27720
     ttgttgtttg ttttattttg tgagattatc attgcagctg gaagggcatt cgctgcctaa     27780
     acaatatgcc agagtaattg gcggttcatt ccactgtggt aacccctgaa tgataagtgg     27840
     ctaagccgaa tagtgagtaa ataagtgagt gagggattac caataaagca acagttttta     27900
     taataaatta tctcaatcct tgatttattt aaggagatag ttcacccgaa atttccaagc     27960
     ttctttttgc tagaaatttt gaagaatgtt gaaaactggt aactattgac ccatagaagt     28020
     tgtttttcct gcactcaaat aattacttgt tcaaactaac tcttttaaat gagctgaaac     28080
     aacacaatgt gtgttttatt ttggggggaa cagcttaatt gttttatgct caatcaacct     28140
     aaatttctaa aaatgattaa gttaatctct ttgtgttggg acaatataaa ggaattgtgt     28200
     ggaacctagc atttttttta cagttcagat attaatagtt atcaatttac aatattcttt     28260
     aaaatatttt gttttttagc tcagcagaaa aaaaggaaac tcaaagttca attcaattca     28320
     tctttatttc taaagcgctt ttacaacgta gattgtgtca aagcagctta acaaagaaaa     28380
     ttatagtaaa ttgaagctgt gtcagtccag ttttcggagt ttaagttcag tttagttcag     28440
     ttcagtgtgg tttaattttc tctgctgaaa gcccaaacac tgaagagcaa atccatcgat     28500
     gtgcagcttc aataaagatc tgtaaaccac ttaaagtaca tttttacatg tggctgaact     28560
     ttccctttaa cacttccctc caacttcaga gtgcatgttg aatgcaacag accgatatta     28620
     tgcaactgtt atgtctactg cgctcagtca agctaatatg atgaatttca ccacatgaat     28680
     tatctgaatt attttagttt tatcaacagc caactatgag gttaaatata aagcccgcac     28740
     agctgtgtct gcctttgcct gctgagaaaa tgtgctgctt gttctccaga gagtcttaac     28800
     acaactggct gcgaagcaac acaggaagag cgttaaacaa aagactgaat tatgaattgc     28860
     cccactttta agaaattaac acgtgaatgg gagaaaatcc actaactacc ggctctaaag     28920
     taattttcag ctcatccctg tcaatcaaaa cataaagaat agactcattt ctcttttgtc     28980
     ctgtatagtt tcaacttatt aattgtgcat tcatatgttc attttacaat gctgataatg     29040
     ttctgtgcag attatgtaaa gactacaatg cagacgctat aaatatacac tactctgttt     29100
     ttccacactg aggattgaga agccaggaaa agttttgatc accacatgaa aagacttccc     29160
     ctgtcttggg tctgtgtctt ggcatcgaaa atggcgcttg gaaatgtttg attcacagtt     29220
     ttttaaaata cttgtgcatg aggtgaacag cgtctggtgc tgtcagccct gctaaacaca     29280
     atcctggaat gaataaacac tgtaatatat aaatagaatt gtagggaaaa caagtaattc     29340
     agtaatattt gtataatgaa gatcttttac acttaattct acacacatga tctcgttcag     29400
     atgattatgt aacctaacta acttagagta ttgagagtag agtattggtt agagtagagt     29460
     taggattagt atgcaaaata ggttacttct aaagttactt aaccctttga tcaaattgac     29520
     taccctttcg ttatgttagt ggctgttttt ccccctttga cttccattat gatgacatta     29580
     tttaattgtc attatttgta caatgaagat cttttacact tcattttaca cacggtctct     29640
     ttcagatgac tagatgtaac ctaactaact aacttagagt attgagagtg gagtattggt     29700
     tagagtaggg ttagggttag tacgcaaaat aggttacttg caaagttgct taacccttaa     29760
     agatctagag gtattttgtg ggcacctaat gtttctatat tattattttt ttaaagcagt     29820
     tttagtttta tttaagcagt cagcctcaag tgtcatttat tattttaaac aggagaacct     29880
     gaagcttcaa tctgtttcat ttaaaggtcc agtctaaaat attttttggt ccaaaaacat     29940
     atgaacagac agaaaatatt ccagaattgt aagaaaacgg tttttaaaaa aagtgacatt     30000
     tttttagtta ttacaaacaa aacctcatga agtttttttt ctttagaaat acacgctatg     30060
     aagttttata cttccaaaat acattttgtc aacatccacc attccctgag caagttatag     30120
     caatttattt caatgttatt ctaaggcatt tttcagtggg aaaaaactat agtgcattta     30180
     ttttctgaca atgtatttgc ccaaaagttc tgggaataaa ctaaatagaa agattgttac     30240
     aaaataacag aacactgaag caagtttgac tttttccaaa taatatattt tgtatatttt     30300
     tataatttat ataatatatt ttatatcacc acttacaatg aacaaataaa aagtaagaaa     30360
     aaaaattata atgcgtcaaa gtccaaataa acatggtgca aatcctcagt aaaaaaaatt     30420
     gatataaata tttactatac tataaatagt aaaataacta aactagattc aatacagacc     30480
     agccctaggt tttatctgcc agcatggata tggagttgac cctgctgctt ctcaactttt     30540
     gcgctgcaga caaacagccg caccgccatt tgcgtcctat tatcctattg aaaacagcaa     30600
     acccagcact tcgtctttgc tgtgtcactg ttttgtcatg tttttgtgct gttgtgcatg     30660
     caaaagtatt tagtatgaga gttgtttcct gcaaaacttt gttttagcgt tttatttagc     30720
     cgtgcgtaaa tgtacagcat atttctcatt ccgggttgtt caaatggctg attggtgatc     30780
     cacaaagcaa aacctatgct tattggttaa gagagagcga atttgaacca atctgggcat     30840
     ggaggagaga caatgcatca atgcatcatg tctggtttgt ccggagacac aagccacgag     30900
     tgtttctttg tcaaatcagc gttgtcaaaa tgtgagtcct gtgcaaaaaa gtgtctggct     30960
     tttatataga gttctatagg gtataatagc agattttagt gcgtatactg tttactatgt     31020
     tctgagagat gatgtactta tttagatttt ctctggcata tcaaggtaag tgcgcaaaag     31080
     tctctctcac actctcacac actcacacac acataatgct ttatataaag gccagaaaca     31140
     gctttttttg cactgcaact gttaatcaac agtaaaaatg acaaatttta gctcttgcta     31200
     acaggaaaaa ccaccaacaa tcaagagtgc atgattatat gatgttatgg ctttgtaatc     31260
     aaaatatgtc attataaagg aagtcaatga gacagcaata gccccaaaca taatgaaagg     31320
     gtagccattt tatccatagt gcattgttga gttttcaaat tttcaacaca ttttcccaaa     31380
     atatgtcaaa ataagatttt tgtttccatt tgtggccata ttaagactct aaatcacccc     31440
     agagtggatg aaaaaatctc taatagccca caagagttaa tagtttcgaa tttgttagag     31500
     aaaaatgggg gctcgtccgg gatacagaat agacaattca catactacta atcccaaatg     31560
     actgcatgca gttgcaaagc ttttttatag tcatcagaat gccaacagga gaccatcaaa     31620
     ataactatta cctgaaattt acacctgaaa gaggtagcaa tgtataaagc acagctatag     31680
     tcaatttaga cccactgctg acacaaatat atctaccatc agggactaaa acagctcaga     31740
     ttgtggaatt ttataaatgt gtttataact tttgcaatgt gtatttttga atatgtgtaa     31800
     ggatgaaaat gtgagtaaac gctgcttctg taagtgcaat atccagccgt ttatatctat     31860
     acaaatacat ggctatttct ttaaacaatc aaaaaagaaa attgcttctt ataagaactg     31920
     ccaaatactg ctcgtctatt gtcagagaaa acaatttaac aaaaagtaag ccatagatct     31980
     gtgaaggtgc taacatttaa ggcataaact gcagtctaaa acaagtagta aatatgttag     32040
     tgagaggtaa aaatgatata tgtctttgga cagttcagag ttttacaaca cgttcatgtt     32100
     tttgcagcat cacaccggta agtagattca ccttcacaat cactattcta atttagctgt     32160
     gtgatattga caaataatat atatacaatt atatattttt tggatttttt cattacacta     32220
     aagtccctgt tttactgagt gattcaatga aattttcaat taaataaaag acttatatga     32280
     tttattcaaa aacagctttt ttttaaaaaa cacaagtttt tgttttaaat ttttttttta     32340
     acatataact ctcaatgggc agacatgaat atgtacatat atatattttg atttagacat     32400
     aaaatagtga gctggttgtg caatatttac taatttgaga ttttttcatt tatgataatt     32460
     ttgcatttgt tgtttcattg aggttgctaa tcaaacaaaa atgtgtcaac aaaaacaaaa     32520
     ggaaaagttt ttgtttacaa cttttttttt taaaacaaaa agaaatatac aattttatat     32580
     cttaaatgta actgactcaa taataacatt tctggtttgc tgaacttttg tagacaataa     32640
     aaagcacaac cacatttatg tgcttcaaca taaacactaa tgtgcttcaa tctgtaataa     32700
     tacttttatt acttgatgtt ttaaaaagta tataaaacaa aaacccattc agagatgtct     32760
     gatcccactt tatattaagt ggccttaact aatatgtact tacacatgaa taaatagttt     32820
     gttacaaagt acttattgtg taaatgcatg tatttaatgt gtacttatgc ttgattaaat     32880
     acatgtatgt aattacatct gtaattaact tttgtaatta catttgtaaa taaactgttg     32940
     aacatccctt acaccttaac ccacccttaa acctacccat accaccaaac ctatccataa     33000
     cccaacctct atcccaactc aaaagcacca caagttttct caaatacatt atgaacacag     33060
     taagtacatt gtatttattt ttttgatgta agtatatagt agttaaagac acctaatata     33120
     aagtgggacc agatgtcttt tgctttatag attgtagatt cattctaact acattcttat     33180
     aggcttgtgt atgcgaatgt tggacactca agataatcaa acaaaaattc cactcaggat     33240
     ttttctttga ttagtaacat cattaaaaca acaaatacaa tattatcata gatggaagaa     33300
     aatatcaaat aagtaaatat tgcacaacca gctcaccttt ttatctataa accaaaatat     33360
     attagtgtac gttttcattt ctgtccatca gtgagaacta tagatgttca tatgaacaag     33420
     tgttcatttt tccactcatg ctttatttat ttttctgcat taccatgact tttaatcctt     33480
     gcaaatccaa aaaaaaatgc tttaaaaaaa gtgttggagt ccattacaca acgcatatgg     33540
     cagtctgtca gagtctccgc tgagacttca gccagttcag tatgcctgtc ccatattttg     33600
     tcccatctaa gcatgtccat atgagaaagc aagataatta cttcagtcat tcaccaaaat     33660
     tcccagtagt gtttaacatg aataagatta ctgaaagccc tatttaataa atgtatagat     33720
     caaacataaa tgaaaattta atctcacgcc attccaaagc tgtgtggctt tagatatgca     33780
     gaacacacaa caaccatctc tgcccatata atgacagtca gtagggggtt caaaacacag     33840
     ccgtcatttc catttaaagg aaaatatctt cttttctgtt ccacagaatc atgtttggat     33900
     aaagctgaat gcaagatcgt ttttggatga acaatctctt taagaagata ggaccatatc     33960
     caaatgcatc taaattgcta ttgtgtctgt ataataaatg tttataaccc cttttaatgc     34020
     attaaagtca gttttgatct agaaaaggtc cacaaaaaag tgcatatgtt gctttaagta     34080
     aagtaggaaa gcttaagaaa atgttgttag acacttgaaa tgcacatttt tgtttttctc     34140
     aaatattttt tgtgtaacgg aggccagcta gtaagtgctg tgcaggtaaa cctcactcct     34200
     ctgacctcta aaggtgctct agagccttgg tgtctttaga cgcttgaggc catggtcttt     34260
     agcctccttg gtagagcaac taactcccat gcggaaggtc gccggatcga tatcaactcg     34320
     gagcgggttg ggtggcgtag gaccggcggg gttacatttg catttgtatc gaatttttaa     34380
     tgtttcttgt ttggctcact ttggctatgt tttataagtt atatttgtgt ggaagaaaaa     34440
     ggaaaaatat atatttagca ttctcctcgt atgatttatc actatcattt tgaatgtttg     34500
     attttgctgg catttatcac tgtttgatta aaaaatctta agagcgacat ttatggttat     34560
     ttggttcatt caaaaaaaat aactatgtaa ttttcaagat tagatgcaat gtgtttgagt     34620
     tttaattttg acagaattaa attaaattcc attcatgcat atgtgtttca ttctgctaac     34680
     ttaaagataa tattgcaata gctattattt aatttattaa aaatttaatt tattattttc     34740
     aaataatttt tacattatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     34800
     atatatatat atatatataa aacgcacaat tgaagtcaga attattagcc cccctttgat     34860
     ttttttttct ttttttaatg aaaaaaacag agcaaggaaa ttttcacagt atgtttggta     34920
     atattatttc ttctggagaa agtcttagtt gcattatttt ggttagaata aaagcagttt     34980
     tttttaatca ttttaagttc aatattatta gcccctttaa gctatatatt tttgatagtc     35040
     tacaaaacaa accatcatga aacaattact tgcctattta ccttaacctg cctagttaac     35100
     ctaattaacc tagttaagcc tttaaatgtc acttcaagct gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa     35160
     atatcaagta aaatattttt tactgtcatt gtgtgtgtgt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgcgtgc     35220
     gtgcgtgcgt gcgtgtgcat ttagaaagag tttttctaac acatttttaa acataataat     35280
     cctaaaaact aacgtataat agctttatta ttttgtcttt gccatgatga cagtacataa     35340
     tattttacaa gatactagta ttcagctaaa agtgcaatta aaaggcttag ctaaattcat     35400
     tatgttaaac aggcatgcta actaagtcac tggaaacaga gcaaatggtg gtttgctctg     35460
     tagacaatcg aaaaaataat taatattgat cttacttttt ttattttaaa gattcaaaac     35520
     tgcatttatt catttagact acaagaaata agactttcaa caacacaaaa aaatggcctt     35580
     gctctgttaa acatcacttg ggaaatgttt caaatgattt aacatgaggg ctaataattt     35640
     tgctatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     35700
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaagggaa taaatgtggt attaatcagt     35760
     tattctttgg gtccaaatag acttgcaaaa ttaaaatagc acatgtgaac tcactatgaa     35820
     tattaaattt aatacaagaa tttgaaatgt tgtccatgta tgtccaaagc ctcagcaatg     35880
     gagaggcaaa acactctgac aatgaatctt acaattcagt aacaaacaag gcaagctcac     35940
     cttcttgaaa aagcaattaa gatctgtgtt ctgtgtattc aatatattag gcaaagcaat     36000
     cacgaaacac cattgacgca aaggcagtga aatgagcaga cagactcatg caatgccaaa     36060
     cactcccatt acaccgagcg aagagagaga gagagagaca aaccaaccat gcattgcctg     36120
     ctgtcaacct ctgcttgtct gtcaggccac cggtgagcag atccactcac aaaaatagag     36180
     aaaaccaaat aggttgcaaa cgagaacagg ccatgtggac catcagaaag aaaatcaagt     36240
     agaaagaaga tgaagcaaaa gaagattgca ttagcagact tggcacataa cacaacagac     36300
     atggtatata acattggtga aaatgagtga agaaaatgag gcacttaaat gaaagcaaaa     36360
     tgaaaatcca gaatccatgt ggaaatggca gacatacttc agacatacag aaaactctta     36420
     ttgcgaggct taattcagaa gtcatttttg cttcattcat tgtgcacaat tttgatttct     36480
     cttcctgtga tgaatcttta agggtctgtt tctgagatat atacagaaat gttcgtgttg     36540
     aagagacaat aacattcctc attcacgctc aggtgtttat gaaaaagtct gctatactga     36600
     tgtgcttcat taggaagtac cacaaccatc agttcagttt aaacgagcat ggtaattaat     36660
     atctgagtgg aaaaatgcct tcattaaaga aactcaatca tggcaaatag ggcatgagat     36720
     gtgacattac tcacgaatat ttgaaagcta gtatgtactg tgagaaatac aatgctttgc     36780
     tttaaattaa taattcttaa ccattttgga aacaatttac gtaacaatag atattgcatt     36840
     aagtatcaat ctaacaatac atttgttaca gttcctatta atcttaatta acattagtta     36900
     atagtcctac tgtaaaacac ggtatatttt agttgttagt ggtgttgggg taatgtgtta     36960
     caagtaatgc aagttatgta atcagataag taattagtag gcccacacgg aatctgcgcg     37020
     tgcagaattc cgcagatttc tgcagatttt tagcccatca ttaattctgt ttatttgcta     37080
     aagtaaatgt gtaaatctga atttattccg tttttattta gtaatttata actttttatt     37140
     tcatatatta aggtttttgt tatgatactc cgcaggatac tcccaaaata attctgcaga     37200
     aatctgcaga tttttaccaa aattctccgc agaaatagca aaaaacgtcc gcagattccg     37260
     tctggccctg gtaattagtt aagcaatgca ttactttttc aaattacttt tttaaaaaaa     37320
     gtatcaccag atacagtact ttgttttccc attttcccat gtgcccgtgt ttggtttttt     37380
     gacatcacgt ttggtataaa acatttgtga aaattgtttt tttttttttt acattattac     37440
     taaaaaagct aattaaattg taatgtaaaa agatgtaaaa agtaatgcaa aagtaacgat     37500
     atacattaca tttcctaaaa agtaaccaag tacagtaaca tatttaatat agttactttt     37560
     taaaaatgaa agattgtata ttacttttta aagtaacttt cactgattgt tgaaataaaa     37620
     agctacttat tactaccctc taaaaagtga ttagcagact taagtttaaa aactgagtca     37680
     agtgagttat taaaatcaag tcaactttac agtaccaagt aacaatgatt ttattttaaa     37740
     gtaaggcttt gcttttatgg caatgggtta ctcacttttt acagtgtact cctaacctta     37800
     aattgagttt gttggtattt gctggtgtta actaatatat ttaaataata acattttaaa     37860
     tgtcatttta atttcaataa aatcaaataa cttgcagcaa catgtaagct cagttctgtt     37920
     aaataatatt tactcacata ttgctaaatg gcgaccccgg attaataatg ggactaaacc     37980
     gaaaagaaaa cgaatgaatg tatttattgc taaaatcaaa agttgtggta tttgttaatg     38040
     ttttaatgtt atctattttt aaatgcttca gaagtatttt aattcctgtt aactactatt     38100
     aataaatcat gttttagtac aaattcccaa taataacttc ttacactcat gtacaatata     38160
     tttttttgca tgttcaaaat acttaattga aatgagctga aacaacacaa ttcttgagat     38220
     ttcatcggga caacttgatt tttattttta ttttttaatc cacataaatt tgttaaacgt     38280
     attaagttaa ctcaattaat ttgtgttggg acaacatgaa tgaattgtgt gaaaccctgc     38340
     attttttaca gcgtattacc tgcctattaa taagatattg tctgtttatt agcactgata     38400
     aggtatgttc tccttctaaa tccctaatcc aatacctaaa cccagccact atgttactaa     38460
     ctattaccaa tcaaaaaata gtatttgttt tttagctaaa acactggcac aaatagtaca     38520
     ttaaaataaa gtgacccttt tttatatttt gaaatatttc aaaattgcac tattggtgct     38580
     ttttggtggc aaagttgaat tttgggcagt tgctttggtg ctcaggagat atttaatata     38640
     atttgcaatg ttatttaata tttatacaga tataacagga ttcctacagg tttcactaag     38700
     ttatatttaa gactttgtac aaccttttaa aaccatttac cccatcaaat gtaataatta     38760
     ggtattcctt agccacataa tttacataat atgtcaaaca agcaaacaac ccctagttgt     38820
     atacatagtc attttcttca gcactactta taagctctta ataaactaaa tgtctgcaca     38880
     tgcaacagtc catccaggtc agcctcttac accaatttgg tctgtaaata catgtagaac     38940
     tttcaaacat tttttttttt ttattaaatt ggcttagtta ttaaattagc tattataata     39000
     taagttttac atgtaggttg gtttatgttt tattgaaatg gattgttgat gactgattta     39060
     tgtggattga acataaaaca attaagttgt cccaatgaaa tctcaagaat tgtgttgttt     39120
     caactcattt taaatgagta gtttgaacga acaattaaaa tatatatttt ttgagtgtag     39180
     ctttacatgg acatagttag acctggttaa aaatgaccaa ttattgacct acaagtccat     39240
     aattcagtat atttaggact ttttaaaacc taaaattctg ttttttattt atttatgtaa     39300
     tacattttaa gaccccgcgg acaccctaat ataaggatat tgatttatag aaaaatattt     39360
     gcaacattat actctcactt ttgatcagct gaataacatt aataaactaa ataaaagtat     39420
     ttaaaaagta aatgctgtgt tataaatgcc tgtctgaggt ggacttctcc agatccctgc     39480
     acatcattgt actttagctc cacctactga ttgctcacac ctcatgtagc atgaaaaaag     39540
     catgcatgaa aatcacaatc ctgcctgttt tgaaaaatct tccttacaaa ataacattaa     39600
     ggacattatc ctaaagaaat ctagtgtttt aagtgaaata ttcacccaac tgactaacta     39660
     gcaagattat taatctactt tctagagaat cagcacattt aaatgcatgc tttaaataac     39720
     aataatgcag aaaaagagga tgtttttcag aaactttatt acggttaatg ggtccaattt     39780
     tcagtttttt accctcatta agagctggtg ttcttataaa agacgctttg caagtatttt     39840
     cagctgtttc tcttgtacaa atccagacat ctgcttatgc ttatatggtc agtatccaat     39900
     tatacaagta aatcattaca catctacaca acaaaagctc attaggtcca tggcgagtat     39960
     cagttttctg gtagattacc tccacataat atttaaagtg ctgcaaacat gtagacacgg     40020
     cctgaacctc actaatgaat aatgcatgac cattatctga attaggagca gaactcaaca     40080
     agtgaatgtc cacgaccctg tgaactggaa ctagtcctac attaacgtgg ttgtttccac     40140
     tctctatggt gattcacttt tgtgtttggt ttcatggaca aaactgatct caaataaaag     40200
     ggaaatcgaa ctggcatacg aggtccagct caaataatgc attgtgtact attcaattac     40260
     atcagacctt tatttctgca aagaaaaatc aatagtttta agatacatcc ctggtttgtg     40320
     tctttttgtg ctttctgata tttcggttta gcatgcataa tgtaagaaca tatgcatgtc     40380
     cttttttctc cactgtaaaa accacatctg caatggtttg tttaatcatt ttccagattt     40440
     cccagttgca tctcttaatc ctatcagtgg aaaatacggt ggcgactcca ctgtaatcct     40500
     cctgccataa aggaaaccta tccactgcat gctttcttta tagggtttat ataatgagcc     40560
     aacacaaggg atgaaacgat gtggttatta taatcataat aaaaaggact ttaactaaac     40620
     cagtacccaa tatggaactg caaaacaccc agtttatgaa gcatccagtg tgttatctgt     40680
     caccatcaga cttgatgtat actcataaaa cacagatgct gccaagctgt tatgtgaact     40740
     ctttctatta cataattggc aaaccaatta aacagcttaa gtcgtgcttt cagacgcttt     40800
     tgagttcagt tggaaggtgc tttaaatgta ttgacagtag gaaatttcat tgtattggaa     40860
     aacaaacaga tggctgcatg ttgctaagtc gacgcttgac atttatattg tgcaaaactg     40920
     gaggctattt taacattttg aacaagatct ctatatttaa accattattt tattaataat     40980
     catattttaa aaataagata aacattttta aaacacaaca catacgcaga aacaaaaata     41040
     aaatcatgca agacttaaag aacagcgaga ttaaatgtaa tttaaaacat gcaaggccat     41100
     atataggcta aatatagtat ttataaatgt aattaaattt gcatcttacc tttacgcaga     41160
     tgagaatgta aatccgtact tcactttctc acgctgggct cctcaaactg aattccatcg     41220
     tctggctcta aaataagtga tgcattcaca gcatcttgtg ttttatctcc gtcggagata     41280
     tatcctgtca ttaaaaagta gtgtaatcag aatcgtcact gtttaacata tttttttatg     41340
     ggcagagacg tttcagttca gcagccggta atccaagtgc atctaactgg cgctcagctc     41400
     atctgtcggc gagcatgtgg agtgtgtggg ctcctcctcg agtctctgac agcggctcca     41460
     ttgcgctcaa cgcacacatt cgggctgtgt tttaaatcct agtgagctgc cttagtagac     41520
     agcactttga gccccggaga tgcattcgga gcgtcaggct ggacaagttg gctgttttga     41580
     ttagtcgatt gtagtacatt cctgtgagaa atttttgcga ggcgtcgtcc gatgtgtagc     41640
     tacaaaaagt ctatttttgt gtgttttttg atgctacatt atagtgacag cttagcgaat     41700
     tttgactagc ttttgtttgg tttagtgacc aagtccaaaa acaagccggc gcggaactgt     41760
     tgtgtcagag agaaaatata ggctactcca tgtccgttca atatatatgc agctatagtg     41820
     tttcttacca aaatgataaa cttccagtga aaggttaatg tgactttttt attttatttt     41880
     attttataag gttcctttta cagcaccgat gcggtaatga aattaaatat aatcagttaa     41940
     attattttat ttagttgttc aaaaattaaa cgagatgaaa agccgtttat atgcaagcgc     42000
     ccgtcaggat tagcaggtta gcgtagaaac tccattgaaa gtactggggt aaaataaatg     42060
     ttatatttta aagaatttaa tgcagtgctt cttgtacaca ttctgagacc cactttatat     42120
     catatattaa tcaggcagtg gttgattttt aaagaaaaca gaccttaaac atgctgattt     42180
     tgaaatggca cacagtgacc caggttacta aaaaattaaa agtcctaccg catacttctg     42240
     catataccct attgtgacac atttgtgccg caaataacat agaataaaag taacctacag     42300
     ttgtgcagta attacagatt tataaaaaaa aaacattaca ataaacattg tacatttttt     42360
     aagcgcttgt gacatgaagt ttaacatttg aggaaaaaaa gaaaaggcac aagatgtttt     42420
     taaaagcaca accttttttt taaaatgcac tattagtgta ggctacaaga ccttgaaatg     42480
     tgttcaaaat atatattcac attctggaat aattaaattc attcattcat tttccttcag     42540
     cttgtcttat ttatcagggg ttgccacccc caactattat ggcatatgtt ttatgcagcg     42600
     gatgcccttc caacccagta ctgggaatca cccatgcact ctcattcaca taggaccaat     42660
     taagttcaac caattcacct atagcgcatt tctttgtact gtgggggaaa caagagcacc     42720
     cagaggaaac ccatgtcaag atggggagaa aatgggaata ataaataatg catctaaaag     42780
     tttcaaacac taccaaatat gaatatattg tctcattttc aacaaattat acaacagcaa     42840
     atcatcatgc aataataaaa ggttactttg gaagaagctg atgtaaaatt attcattcat     42900
     tcattttcct tcggctttgt cagccacagc ggaatgaact gccaactagt tcagcatatg     42960
     ttttacgcaa cggatgccct tccagccgca acccaatact gggaaactga tgttaaatta     43020
     ccaatttaaa aaaaatttaa atatgcacgt gaactgtaat aataattaag tttgcccaag     43080
     acaaaaactt gtttattttt tagatgataa aaccaatagt ttcagcatct cattctgttg     43140
     aaaccaaagg ctgtctttga aaaggatgtg gtcaaaacgt cctcccaaaa ccatgagcat     43200
     gaggaaaata caaaatgtca gtactggatt aaattgtttt gcttaagtgg ggtgaatgcg     43260
     ttttttgcag ataaagtagt cccatattga ctgtcccact tacaatatgt gaagtgtaca     43320
     tgtactaaca caagcttcaa gtttgattac caaagtttgt ttactaaaag cagaatacag     43380
     agactgattc aaaattgttg ggattttctg aaactgttaa gacttttcat tttatcaaat     43440
     aagtggtatc tgaatatgta tttactttaa aatgcttgta atactttaat ttaagtgaca     43500
     cttttgacta ttaactacac tcaaataatt acgtgtgctg cttgtttaaa ctacttattt     43560
     aaaatgagtt gaaaacacaa ttcgtaaggt tttttgggac aacttaattg ttttatgttc     43620
     aatccattca aatttgtaaa aacagctgag ttaacttgat caatttgtgt taggataacg     43680
     aggagttaag ttaacatact gtattagtgt ttaaaaattt aagtgaagtg aacataaaac     43740
     aattaggtta tcccaaaaaa actctagaat tgtgttgttt catctataat aggtcactga     43800
     aaaaaattat tcaaagatga ttccttggat ttactaaaat tttttacgtt aagtggttgt     43860
     aaacaattta tttgggctga atttaaacaa acaaattaag ttgaacattg ttcaacttaa     43920
     tttgtttgtt taaattcaac acaaataaat tgtttgcaac agttcagcat gcaacacttt     43980
     ttttcagttt gaacaaacag aaagtgtagc ttattacctg cctattaaga tatatataaa     44040
     gtacatattc tgatctaatt ctacatccct accactttaa taactattaa aaagcagcaa     44100
     atttactgag gcaacagtca tagatttata tatagcgaga attacctcaa aataaaataa     44160
     ccaaaaatct tattaaaatt gtacatgaat actgtcacta tcaatatgtg caggtcttac     44220
     cgattccact tttactcttc actgcctttg ctgattacat tatttttcta tctgttttta     44280
     aaagacgttt cattttaagt cctcaaacac tttcctttat tacagctcta aatattgcct     44340
     ctttatgtaa cacatctttc ataaatatgt ttcataatta aaaatgctat gaccataaaa     44400
     caatggccag atgtcctccg atccactgtt ttgttcattg tttttgtcat ctctatgctt     44460
     ggtttagttc gaaagcttaa gattgaattg gtaggaaatc cctttgggga tctatttctc     44520
     gccagcatgt tgctcatgag ctccgatagc atctctcaca gtgggtgaac tgtagaaagt     44580
     ttaaaggttc tgccttagtt caaggagctg gaaaattgat gtcaaacttg aatgtggagt     44640
     gagattcaaa atgatgataa gggaaagaat aagcaggaat ttcgaggcaa gaaatagcag     44700
     tcctgctgtg acagtgatgt ccatacagtt aggtccataa atatttggac atagacacaa     44760
     ttctaacatt tttggctctt taatttgaag gtatttacat ccaaatggtg aatgatgttg     44820
     gaattaaaac agtttgcaca tgtgcctccc acttgttaag ggaccaaagt aattggacaa     44880
     ttggcttcta acctgttcca tggtcaggtg tgtgtgttat tccctcatta taccaattat     44940
     agagcagata aaaggtccag aggtcattta atgcagtgtt tttcattttc agtggttcgt     45000
     gatgtgtggt caaaaaataa aaaaccacaa aagttaaata tttttaaaac ttattttaca     45060
     catatcaggc ttttattttg aaatgcgctt acgacagccg tatcgtttga catgtgaaat     45120
     tttatttaat tatagcaaca aatatgtcga agtgcaagta cgacctcgat aatgtaaagt     45180
     gtggaggctt aaaacctcag tgtgtcatat gcgttgaggt gctctcgcta catatgacat     45240
     cccagttgca aggacaaacc tgtggactat tttcaaagac gagtccaata gatgagggca     45300
     tcgctcacaa aagtgcctaa catcttcatg ttcaagtaca ggcactccac gcatcttact     45360
     gtgcttatcg tgtagcaaag gctaagaaag cctacacaat agcagaagag caaataactg     45420
     gtgatcattt taaaaatggt tatgattatt ttaatcattt tactttaatt tgctggtttg     45480
     ttctgatcaa caggaccagt gtttacattt tattaacagt tcagtttagt taatggtaac     45540
     tgaacttttc cttaccctaa ccactgttta cagtatttga cattttaata ttactataat     45600
     ttgatgcatt ttgttaaatg acagagataa agtattgttt atttgtaatg gtgattttct     45660
     gtcactactt gtgtatgtta ataaataaat aaaaaattaa ttataattcc taaaattata     45720
     ttatagttcc taaaaatttg ggtcgcgcct tgatgaccat gtaaaaatgt gggtcctgta     45780
     gccaaaccag ttgagaaccc ctgattaaaa gtgtgctata gcatttggaa tctgttactg     45840
     ctgacactct gtagttaaag cacatcttgc tcatttcatt tcaaatccat tgtgttggtg     45900
     tatagagcca aaaaaatgtt agaattgtgt caatgtccaa atatttatgg acctaactgt     45960
     atatgatcaa acagatggat tttaacaacc ttttacccct cttgcagggg tgtccaaatt     46020
     tggtcccaga gggccggtgt cctgcaggtt ttagttccaa cttaccttaa cacacctgca     46080
     aggattcttc ttcttcttct ttttcgttta atggcgggtg gcaaaccagc ttgaggtgca     46140
     ttaccgccac ctactgtgtt ggagtgtgag acttcaatga gtggaaggct tactacttat     46200
     tctctataaa ataaaataaa aattaaataa ataaaacaaa aaaaaaaact attttaaacc     46260
     ctttcacctg caaggatgta ctaggatgaa agcctagtaa gagcttgatt agctagccca     46320
     ggtgtgtctg attggggttg gaactaaact ttgcagccct ccaggaccga gtttggacat     46380
     gcttgctcta tacactctca gaaataaagg tatgagagtt gtcacagggg cagtacctat     46440
     tcgaaaggta gatatttgta cttaaagagt ccttagtagt acctcaaagg tacatatacc     46500
     agtacccaaa tgcacctaaa atgtaccttt gagggaccaa tgtggactct tcaggtacaa     46560
     atgagtacct tttaaaaagg tactgcccca gtgacaactc ctgtactttt atttctgaga     46620
     gtgtagcatt gggttaatat tacattcctg tagtgatgat gaattcacaa caatatttta     46680
     aaactcaatg atttttactt tgattttaac actgcatatt tgtcttatgt tgaccggtca     46740
     tgaaagcaca gcaatttttc atatcactaa aacaatgcaa cacaatgact cttacatgaa     46800
     ccaaacgctc tctctctcct tctgatccac ctcctcatcc atctgtgcct cagcgcataa     46860
     attcacacac acacacacac atactcgcac ccagacagga aaagattttt ataagcatga     46920
     agcagcatat ttatgacata ttaaaacttt caaaggatga tatctctatg gctcaagagg     46980
     agggctaaac gtgctctttt cgggagcgtg agattaaatg attgtatgtc tgacagagag     47040
     ctgttaagat ccacatattc ggaattatct ccagactttt aacagctctg aaaatgtgtc     47100
     ttcaggttaa acgtcatcat attattagca aatgtttagt gctggtttgt tttaaatgca     47160
     gggcttttta aaatgtaaac tatgcagatt tatttgttta gtttaataga cgcaatattc     47220
     ccacttggcc cctcctcgtg agcggagcaa tgacaaagcc acgccccctg ttgttaacgt     47280
     gatatcggtt gccagagcac acggaaggat gagtggtgtt gaggtattta tgcaacattg     47340
     cgttaaatat tgcatttatc atgtataaat agtatttttg taatatgaat gaatgaatct     47400
     tcagtccatt cagcactata acgtaagcct attaaacaat aatcacatgc catcataaaa     47460
     acagctgcct agtaacctgt caagtcgaga gcagaaaata agaaacgata acaatattgt     47520
     tttttgagac tgtagagaaa gggttgtgag aaagtcatgc acaaaattga ccctgggtta     47580
     gcctaacatc aactacaaaa tacgttattt gttgacagga atgataatga tgctgtaaac     47640
     aatatttgtt tgagcatcga tatcacaata tgtgtatcca cattatatat acactcattc     47700
     attcattcag ttctttttgg caaggccctt tattaatcag ggatcgcaat agcggaatga     47760
     accgccaact tatccagcat atgttttaca cagcgcatgc ccttccagct gcaacccatc     47820
     actgggaaac atccatatac tctcattcac acacctacac catggacaat ttagcttacc     47880
     caattcgcct atgtctttgg actgtggggg aaacccaaag cacccagagg aaaaccatgc     47940
     aaacatgggg agaacatgca aacttcacac agaaatgcca actgacccag ccaggactca     48000
     aaccagcgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca ttatatataa aatgatgacc gatttatttt     48060
     atgtttgatt gttcaatttt tccccagaaa accataaagc gctgtttatt taacttttat     48120
     ttttgaatcc gttgtattta tatgtttgta atttattaca ttttattgag atgcactgca     48180
     tgaaactaaa aaaataagac ttgatcatca cagttgattc attctttcca aatagagcaa     48240
     ttcaaatgat ctgttgaatg caggcccgta gccaggagga gttcaggtgg ttcggaagaa     48300
     gaacccaccc ctcattgaca aaagtccaga atttgtccca tacttgagct catttggtgg     48360
     cgacgcagtg gtgcaatagg tagtgctgtc gcctcacagc aagaaggtcg ctggttcgag     48420
     caattctttt caatttataa ctcagggttg ttcaccagcc atccagactt atgaaacctg     48480
     caacttttaa ttctgtaaga aaaataaagt taagagaaaa caatttactt ttctggcata     48540
     tgtaatcttg ttctaaacag aaacacacta gatatatttt tcagaaaaca agacttaaca     48600
     ttgtcatttt ttcttctaaa gtacatgtct ctttatttaa gaatgtttag atgtttgaaa     48660
     gcgaaataaa aatactcagg aaggacatca ctgtgagaaa aaaaaaaatg aagtacaggc     48720
     cgacctcagt taaaggtcac actcagcagg aaacctaaag acaagccatc cttattttcc     48780
     ctcacagcgg ctatcagagc agaactccag cccactcatg cctgaaagaa aaagcagaag     48840
     acctgcaaag gccatccatg tctctcacag aggaccaaaa caggccagcg tccctccagt     48900
     tatctcaagg ccaagacata cctgtttagg aagcaacttc ggtatcagtc aatacattta     48960
     cttgaacaaa aatatgttca gatgtcactt gaattgtact cgtaaacaca aatcaatggg     49020
     atagttcact tttcaccatt cacttttttt tcaaacctgt ttgaatttct ttcttccgtt     49080
     gaacacaaag gaacatagtt tgacaaatga tggaaaccgg tagccattga cattgaaaga     49140
     agatcaatgg ctacaggttt tcaacatcgt tcaaaatatc ttcttttgtg tttaacaaaa     49200
     gaaaaaatgt aagctgggtg agaaaactgt gacagaatgg taatttttga gcgaactata     49260
     cttttaagat gtgaaatttt cctatttcac tttttatatt tgtcgaggtg cactacacat     49320
     ctaaactact acggtcatgt tggactttca ctgcactttg caacaggaaa cacaatcact     49380
     tgtggtgaac acttgtggtt tgattgcaga aaaggcaaga cattaagcaa gaaaatgatg     49440
     caccatcatc ttagcttcca cataaaactt ggcaaaaata taactgtact tgaggctttc     49500
     attaaaatgt tgtttttttt tttaaacaac acacctaaat ctgttattaa ttttgtatta     49560
     attttagttt gtataatcac acttgataaa aactgtcagc agaaacactg attaacattc     49620
     tccatttggg catgtcatca gcataagtga cgatctctcc ctcattagca taggatgtta     49680
     gattgctgac acatgggttg ttcttgaacg atcatttatt ttaaattaat ctttttttaa     49740
     atgacttgag aatgagtcct ttgaggcagt tattcattca ttttgcgctt gcacacattt     49800
     gtgcaggtga ggtacaatat tagttccttt ttccaagtct tctatggttg tatggttgtc     49860
     gccagaagtt aatgagattt acatttccca tttattgtat tttattaacg ctgtaacagt     49920
     taattgttac tactattatt ttctgattta ttattattta ttttatttta tttttttgca     49980
     ttgtgtatcg tttggtattt tgacatgtaa tactgcttac gacctccgag gagcactagg     50040
     ttgatttgca cccttttgaa gagccactta ccatagagta aggaggagtg tttggtagag     50100
     tggacaccac atgtatcact ttcgttaccg gccttcacat tcaatcagtt tgagaactgt     50160
     tatcagaagt tatctcttaa ttcaaggatt gtttatatgt tgctatcctt gtgcgtctgt     50220
     tggcttgctg ttctcactgg tagatgcaaa gtttaaccaa cttctcgggg agcaccatag     50280
     tttcactaaa cagagggcaa cttgactgct ttcttacaca aaacaacagt ctaatgctgc     50340
     gtccacacca gacgcggaac aagtgtcaag cgcgagtgat ttacatgtta agtcaaagca     50400
     aacgcgcgaa tagacatctt acggcgcgat aagtgcaaat gtcgctgtgc ggatgacgcg     50460
     aattgtgatg cgaatcgctc gagttcgaaa acctgagctt cgcgttaacc aatcagaagc     50520
     ttgctaaatg acgcgaattg cgcggtgcgt gtggcgcgat acacacaaat ggcgtggtgc     50580
     aaattaagcg tttggcgcgc ttaacgcgcg ttttgtgcaa atcagtcaag ttcgaaaatc     50640
     tgaacttcac aggacattcg cgccgcgtta accaatcaga agcttgctct tgtgggggcg     50700
     tgattgtgac gtagaacctg ttgatggtgt cccgggggaa atcttccagc cgacaccgac     50760
     aacaagtcat caaactgggc ttggttcagt cagaagcacc gctgaaagcc tctgtcatcc     50820
     aggcttagtt tttggagaag atttatccac gcgttctagg tctggtgtga acgcagcatt     50880
     atgctaaagt tcagattttt gaactcgagt gatgcgtgcg aaacgcgcgt taatcgcgtc     50940
     aaacgcacaa aacgctcaat tcacgccgca ccattcatgc gtatcatgcc attcgcactg     51000
     cgttattcgc gccgtgccat tcgtgtgtat cgcactgcag gatgtctatt cgcgtgtttg     51060
     tattgactta acatgtaaat cactcgtgct tgacgtgcgt tccgcgtctg gtgtggacgc     51120
     agcataatgc tgtatgactt ttctatcggc cgaatagtat gtttaaattc aaattcagta     51180
     cctactgagg cggttttgaa tgcagcccag cacacacatt tgtagcttca ccctctttcc     51240
     aaaagagcac aatctcattt gaatttaaag cgacagtcat caatatggca ccattactgt     51300
     gcattcacag cgaaagcggt gagagtgttc aaggtcgcta catttatctc gtatttacag     51360
     gggccggtgc agcatatcag ttatattcct gcataaacca tgctttctag cgtgaaaaaa     51420
     ttgcacactt cttatcaaat tcatttaaca atggaagatc aagctgcatg tgctgtggct     51480
     ttgcttcact taattatcca atgtgtccat atgtctgaaa tatcctgaag cagcaatact     51540
     gttttgtact gtcgcatgag agtcccactt ttttaaagat aatatataac attaatgcac     51600
     atcagtaact tgccagtaac ttatttaatg catgttcctg caagaaaact ttgtaaatga     51660
     ttgaaaatcc ggcgaccgca ataatcaaac ccttaggaac aactgtggtc ggaaccaaag     51720
     ttcacaggtc tgtgttctct gaactcctct caattggtgg acttcttcat tctgattgct     51780
     tgccgccgaa ccgagtcata gctcattacc ataaagttga ttcgatttca actcccttat     51840
     gcccacacca ctacagatac gccacactgc tcctcgtcac ttatcgccgc tgctctaatt     51900
     aaaaatgaat gacttctggc tactttgacg ctcgccgctt tcggtgtgaa cgtacggtta     51960
     gaatcaaagc ctataagggg cagtttcaaa gagttattta taaggcattt tgagctgaac     52020
     cttcacatgt atgctctaga gcagtggtca ccaaatttgt tcctggaggg ccggtgtcct     52080
     gcagatttta gctccaaccc taatcaaaca cacctggaca agctaatcaa ggtctcacta     52140
     ggtatacttg aaacatccag gcaggtgtgt tgaggcaagt tggagctaaa tcctgcaggg     52200
     acaccggccc tccaggaccg agattgatga cccctgctct agaggcatca tagacatgct     52260
     tgttttttct actgcgagct gattagaagt agtaaagtag gcattttatt cagaaatatc     52320
     gggataaggg tttcgggaga gacattacaa cccaggggcg gactggccat ctggcaattc     52380
     tggcaaatgc cagaagggcc ggaccatttt ttaaatgtgg gccggtcagc tattttattt     52440
     tatttctttt tttcatatgt attgttttta aaatgtaggc agcttttatc tcttgcaaaa     52500
     tgtgaatatt atgatgatga tggtgataat agtaagaata atagtaaatg ttaagcattg     52560
     gcccaatcgg caacaaccgg ctggtttcga gatgggccga tccaatctga ggctactcag     52620
     acctaattaa aatctggcaa gaatgtcaaa caaacagtaa gtgcaacaca atctaattat     52680
     cagagatgga ccataaaaag ggaaaggcag tgaagtcaga cattgccaaa tacataaaat     52740
     taactgaaag ggggcagtgc agtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca cagcaagaag     52800
     gtcactggtt cgagcctcat ctgggtcagt tggtgtttct gtgcggagtt tgcatgttcg     52860
     tgtgggtttc ctttacaagt ccaaacacat gctatggttg aactgggtag tccaattgga     52920
     attgggtaac ccagtataat gggttgcagc tttgagggca ccaactgtgt aaaacatatg     52980
     ctggataagt tggcgattcc cagattaaca aagggactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaatga     53040
     caggatcgca tttataaatg ggttgttttt gttccagtca catacattaa atgtttaaat     53100
     atctcttaaa tatggtactg cttatataat tttaccatct gtacaccaat ataagtagtg     53160
     aatgtgcgtg tctttgggtg gggctgtgtc ggtgtggtaa tgtgggctgg tgtgtggcta     53220
     cagtgccagg gctgattttt agtcccagtc cacccctgtt acaacctaac agacacctcc     53280
     tgctcatgta accccgccgg tcctacgccg cccaacccgc tctgagctgg tatcaaacca     53340
     gcgatcttct gcatgggagt cggttgctct accaaggagg ctaaagacca ttgcctctag     53400
     catctgttgc tagagcacct ttagaggtca gaggagtgag gtttacctgc acagcactta     53460
     ctagctagcc tccgttacac tgaccatttc tgtttgtcgt caaaactgac agttgaaggc     53520
     gcatggttaa gtatgttagc catgccctta tacttcagac ggacgtaatc tgaaaattta     53580
     actgaaatta aacaggaagt gcattttcag atattaattt tagattacaa gggcaaacaa     53640
     ttattctttt cttaatgaca tgcacagatg aactgttcac cacaaaacta tcaacacgag     53700
     taaaatcagt agcggttagt tttgatttca tgtgtacttt aaactgcaat atgaccatct     53760
     atttcacaaa ctcatagtga ctagagacgt gacactgatt tgacagcata tttcaaaagc     53820
     tcgcctatga acgtctctga ggtggataat ttgacaactg ttgatgtcta ttatttcatc     53880
     tgattctaat ccacttggat gtgccgtcat tcaccccacc catgatatca ttcctttgtg     53940
     gaggtttaaa attgagaaat cggagcgtcg tctccataac aaaccatttg tgacaattag     54000
     gccgagtgct cgtcaccacg tctcatgcaa cgctcaggca aacttggcac gaaagctgca     54060
     gtttgtcaca atgccacctt cactcccgca ggcactgact gagcaaacga gatacaggct     54120
     gtgttgtgtt tgaaaaagcc cagaaaccca gttattattc ctcttcactc catcaactgc     54180
     atttcatgta tggagaaatt atagatgaag ttgttgcctt ttttgctgtt atcaattgtg     54240
     tgacgttact ggtgttgtct aattaatttt ttagccctcc tgtgtgttta aaatgaaaga     54300
     tgtttagatt ttgctacatt taaaaagaac atttcgattt taaagtaatt tgtaaaatgc     54360
     cataggaaga ggatcttgga gcagatattg aaaactggca atgggaggaa gcacaagaac     54420
     aagttcattc tagttctgtg tgtatcaggg atggtttaat acagtttaag atcctgcaca     54480
     aactccactt gtctaacttg aagctctcct ctctgtagac ccactgtgat agatgcagtc     54540
     aaactcctac atcactctgt catatgtttt ggagttgtcc taaaattgtt aattattggg     54600
     ttttttagtt aatatgagaa gtggtggtga aacaaacaca ccctgggcct attttagcta     54660
     tatttgatgt cagtgatgat gcagagatat ctaaaaaatt tacgtacagt gattagattt     54720
     ataacccttt tggcacattg gattgatttt actgaattgg aaagaaaaag attctccagg     54780
     ttgcttcaca ttgataaaaa tgtcatgtct tgcaacttga gaatcaaaga ctttccctta     54840
     aaaataaaac tagaaatttc tatgtaacat gaagtttatt gagtacttta acaagaaagc     54900
     agtgatgtgg agtcaatcta gggccatata tacttgcaaa ataaaaaaag ttttgcaaac     54960
     aaaaaataaa atattgagca aaaataaata aataaatgct aatctccaaa aatcgcaaag     55020
     agaaaataaa attttaagaa ataaaaatgt cttttgcaaa caaaaataaa gaaatttaaa     55080
     ggaaggtttt gagaaataaa aatgaaattt gcagataaaa aagaactgca aataaaaatc     55140
     aagcagtgca aaagaatgtc aaatcaaagc cacaatgtaa aacgcacaga aacgtgaagt     55200
     gcaaagtgaa aacagcatcg caaactcacg gttgactaaa aacccaatca aatgagcatt     55260
     gcccactctc agaaaaaagg tacgcggtgg tacaaataat gctccttaag gaacagtttt     55320
     gtatcgttgt aaaagttgta ccttatatgg tacagaaaag acctcttatg atactgctct     55380
     gtactgttta tgatacaatt gaaatgaagg tacacacctg ttctctgtaa taactgtact     55440
     aatgttgaag aattttacat tttatcttac tgtaagtttt ctaagtatct aagtatttta     55500
     atgtacgggt ttatgtggca ttgaaaataa atcaaataca tcaaatacat cgcacatagt     55560
     gtcaccttaa taacctatat ttcagcagaa taagaaagcc tttattttaa tgacataaaa     55620
     ttagatctaa gaatctaaaa taatatacag ttgatgtcaa aattattagc cttcctgtga     55680
     attttttttt ttctttttcc aatattttcc aaataatgtt taacagagca aagatttttt     55740
     tcacagcatg tctgataata ttttttcttc tggagaaagt cttaattgtt ttattttggc     55800
     ttgaatgaaa gcagctttaa attcttttaa aactatttga aggttaatat tattagcccc     55860
     cttaagcatt atgttttttt caattgtcta cagaacaaac catcgttagg caataactta     55920
     cctaatgacc ctggtttgtg taattaaccc agttaagcct ttaaatgtca ctttaagcta     55980
     gtatcccgaa aaaatctcta atcaaatata atttactgtc atcatggcaa agataaaaga     56040
     taccagttat tagaaatgag ttattacaac tatattatgt tttaaaataa actatacagg     56100
     ggctaattat tctgacttca actaaatata aaaatgtttc tactttaaat cttcatgttt     56160
     aattaaggcc caatcccaat tctatttttg taccccttac aaaatttacc cctaagaaat     56220
     gggacaccac tacaacacct gcacacgtca tcaaatgtca tcgtgagctc ttgcttcata     56280
     tgagatcgat gataacgact gctgtggtta ttctcattcc cgggcactag acttttctga     56340
     tgggggattc aagtgtcatc gagtgacaga tgtgaaagta tgatgtggga ctactataga     56400
     ggagttatta ttaaggatta tagagttttt tttaaaaagc atgacggtag aacacaaaaa     56460
     ccattatgaa tgttttaaaa tatatacttg tttgttgtaa aaaatcataa ttatgacaaa     56520
     aaatactaat ttgtggatct cctgacttcg gggtgcagct atgcagccgt tgtagctgct     56580
     gtattctggg aaattttcgt accccttggt ttcgagtgtg gtgctgaaaa atctttgttt     56640
     tgagggctat ctagcccttg cccttatcct tcaaactaga gctgcacaat tctggctaaa     56700
     atgagaatcg caattttttt gcctcaaata atgatctcga ctttctcacg agtctgttga     56760
     tgtaaaataa aggttaatat gagtaggcta ttattattgt tattctcaaa tatgcggtaa     56820
     aacagcaata ggctttgtgt agcggtactg ttggttaaaa tgcaaaattt tgtatagagt     56880
     tggaatggtg gacttgaaca gacttgagat ttgtcctggt cattgatgct gatgataatt     56940
     ctgatgttga attattgtgt ttaagacata tgattacaat cagggccggc acgtccatag     57000
     aggcgaccta gactgccgcc tagggcgata gagagggtgg gtccgcgaca cctccctcac     57060
     cacctgcgtc ctcagcagtt atacccgcgc cttggcagga gaatagagag ggcggcatcc     57120
     acgacacctc ccacaccacc cccgtcctca gtcagatccg cgaccacaac ccaacccctg     57180
     gtcgtcaatt tcatctgcga caccctcacc ctgcttacgt cacgtgtgat tttgcggtcg     57240
     caaatacatt acacgaagac agaaatgaca ttttgaatta tatcatataa atacagcatg     57300
     tgactctttc aacaccattt ggaggtgtcc acgttgctga acaacgtatg taaaagactt     57360
     gtgcggccac cattgctttt ctcctgaact tgaaaatatg attgacagaa tcgtagaaat     57420
     gctggattaa gatcgtctag ggcaggggtc actaatctcg gtcctggagg gccggtgtcc     57480
     ctgcagggtt taactccaac ttgcctcaac acacctgcct gaatgttttg agtataccta     57540
     gtaagacctt gattagcttg ttcaggtgtg tttgattagg gttggagcta aaatctgcag     57600
     gacaccggcc ctccaggaac aagtttggtg accactggtc tagggggtcg aatcaagatc     57660
     gcgatctttt tacgattaat tgtgcagctc tactttaaac taaagaggat tggaaagggg     57720
     aagagctaag gtgtagaatt gggattgggc cttagtgtta cttgccattc ctctgtacat     57780
     tttagagtaa aactatttgt aaaaagtgaa aatgaaatcc tacatcaaac ctttcagtgt     57840
     actaagacaa ataataacac ttgaaataga tggtatattt ctgggccttt attaaagaga     57900
     aatctaaata atgacaaacc agtaacttat gaggtgttct gcattaataa ccacgtctgt     57960
     gcaaaaactg acgctttcga tttaaacatg tggttggaaa gaaatgaagg ttccaggctc     58020
     atgatttcca taacgcacac cttttctgat tgactgattt gtatatttat ttgaagggag     58080
     tctcctgcca cccctcagca atcctacata aaatatgact ttattaaact gcaaattcag     58140
     tcgtgctgct gtgcaactcg ctaaacctgc tgagagccaa caaatctctt tttagtataa     58200
     aactattaac ctttgcagac ttgagcgcgg gacatgcaga ctcagaaaga ttgtaatcta     58260
     actcccgaca tgaatgacat gaattgtgag tgcctgcgct tctggaaact gttgttgagg     58320
     aaaagctgta gcatctctgc acgcattcaa aacaacagac cccagtctaa ttatcatagg     58380
     cagtttcttt taaaggagac gatttggtag atatttaaag tacatgtaca tgaatcgtaa     58440
     atgtaataac tttgacttaa attattgaaa cctgtttccg caggtaagaa acaatatcat     58500
     caaaatcatt acaaaatgta tgacttagcg tagtctaatt tatgagataa aagtcaaaat     58560
     tattatatta aaagtcaaat ttatgacttt aaaaagttga aatagtcaag acttagtcaa     58620
     tattacgact tcaaatatca attattgtcc ctcctcccct cctatagctg gtgtgtggtg     58680
     agagcactgg cgccattgtc ctgtggctgc cgtcacatca tgcaagtgga tgctacacac     58740
     tggtggtggt gtggagagac ccccctcatg attgtgaggc actttgggtg tatggacata     58800
     cacaataaat gcactatata aatacacatt acattacaaa aagactcagt caatattacg     58860
     agacaaaagc cgaaattatg acttactaag taaaaaatac gaagtgctta gtcaatatta     58920
     tgacttatta gctcaaaatg ataacttacg aagtaaaaaa tacgaagtgc ttagtcaata     58980
     ttatgactta ttagctcaaa atgataactt acgaagtaaa aaatacgaag tgcttagtca     59040
     atattatgac ttattagctc aaaatgataa cttactaagt aaaaaatacg aagtgcttag     59100
     tcaatattat gacttattag ctcagaatta tgactttcta agtccaaatt atgagataaa     59160
     gaaatctaaa ttatgactta acttaaaatt atgaattact aagtgaaaat tatgacttac     59220
     ttagtcaatt ttacaaagat aaaaagacaa actatgactt acattttgaa ataatgactt     59280
     actgagagaa aattataagt tacgaagtca ccaaacccac taaattttta acagtggttt     59340
     tcttaaaagc agggtttgac tatatggatg acccaatatg cgtgcaaatg aaatctaaga     59400
     atcgaaaaac agctaacaaa aacaagtgcg tttgcgctag cagaagaaaa cagatgaata     59460
     ctgaatgaga ggatgatcac actaacagct gatgtgatgc gcgcgacctt ttaaagcgcg     59520
     tgcgtgcgac tgtttaaagc gcgtgcgcgc tcctgtttcc tcgctttaag caacagtgcc     59580
     tggaacgcaa ctgtgaccgg ttctctttca tatagaccag atgaaaagtt atgctaatgc     59640
     atcaacagtc ttgctgcttt caagagcccc aaatacgtct ttttgtaagc agcaccggtt     59700
     gctttcgctt taaacagatt attaattggc cttaaccgtg tgatcatgct ttcattatca     59760
     cacagtatgt ttttcacctg ctttcttttg cttgtggtta tttttgttta tatagtttaa     59820
     tagttatata ttttttacaa caacattgct ttaatatgag attaactctc catttatgtg     59880
     tagttaactg gtgatctgag agacctttag caaggacaga ttatggtgca tgtttgatac     59940
     atgacactaa taattttcta aaagtcagtt atttttcttc gttttttttt taaagaaatg     60000
     ttttgttaaa taaaaagtac agtatacatc tatatttagc ttgtttttac acatttaaaa     60060
     tctgtggcta agaaataatt attgtttgga gtggtcagag ataaatttgg taaatcctta     60120
     attttgagtt ctgaaaagtc atgtgaaata aaaactaatc gcagtataac actatgaaac     60180
     catgactcat ttgctcataa acgacacaca aaaggtgaaa tgaatgagga ggcatgtgga     60240
     caaaacacaa aatctaaatc aagtagtttt agcatgtcaa agtcatattt atgcatataa     60300
     aatatatttt cccagcaaca aaattctgcc tagtaaaaat gcagagtggc aagaaacttt     60360
     ggaaaactac tagccacaat ggctggtgat caaaaacgtt aaagccctga ttgtcatact     60420
     agtttaatgt acaaatgcaa agcataactt agttttaatg ccagatatgt attatttgta     60480
     gcgcaacact aaatttcagt ttctttgatt agaagttggg gtgacacagt ggctcagagg     60540
     ttagcactgt cgccttacag caagaaggtc acttgttcaa gccccggctg ggtcagttgg     60600
     caattctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc tgtgttcgtg tgagttttct ccgagtgctt     60660
     cggttccccc aacaatccaa agacatgcag tgtaggtgaa ctgaactgac ttgaataaac     60720
     taaattgttc atagtgtatg tgtgtgggtt tgtgagagtg tattccagta ctgggttgca     60780
     gctggaaggg catccactgc ttaaaacctt aaatctgaag taaaatgaat gaatgaatga     60840
     acagaagttc cccagaggcc caaaagatga tttaatcttg attataggta gaagttggat     60900
     aagctctagt cttgttgtct gttgcttcag atgttcacaa ttcagactgg ctgtctatat     60960
     tttaatgctt cattagctaa aagaaataat aaatgagtgt ttttgtttca taatgcacaa     61020
     ccctaatttt ttgcatattg tgtctgtatc ctgttaatgt tttgtctgtt gttttgtttg     61080
     atgcgaggcc aattttaatg taacccacaa ttataaagac caacaataaa gtaggcagca     61140
     cattggctca gtggttcgag tccctgctgg accagttggg atttctgttt ggagtttaca     61200
     tgttctcccc gtgttggcgt gggtttcctc cgggagctcc ggtttcctta acagttcaaa     61260
     cacaaacgcc aaaggtgaat tgaataaact aaattgtccg tagtgtatgt gtgtgaatga     61320
     gaatgtatgg gtatttctca gtacttggtt gggactgtaa gggcatccgc tgctgtgtaa     61380
     aaaaatatgc aggaatagtt taaatgtcat gtatttgttt tttacatgta aaaacatagt     61440
     tgtgtttgct attgtttgta aaaaaatacg aagtgcttag tcaatattat gacttattag     61500
     ctcagaatta tgactttcta agtccaaatt atgagataaa gaaatctaaa ttatgactta     61560
     acttaaaatt atgaattact aagtgaaaat tatgacttac ttagtcaatt ttacaaagat     61620
     aaaaagacaa actatgactt acattttgaa attatgactt actgagagaa aattataagt     61680
     tacgaagtca ctaaacccac taaattttta acagtggttt tctaaaaagc agggtttgac     61740
     tatatggatg acccaatatg ggtgcaaatg ggatctaaga atcgaaaagc agctaacaaa     61800
     aacaattgcg tttcaattga gttctgaaaa gtcatgtgaa ataaaaacta atcgcagtat     61860
     aacactatga aaccatgact catttgctca taaacgacaa acaaaaggtg aaatgaatga     61920
     ggaggcatgt ggacaaaaca caaaatctaa atcaagtcat tttagcatgt caaagtcata     61980
     tttatgcata taaaatatat tttcccagca acaaaattct gcctagtaaa aatgcagcgt     62040
     ggcaagaaac gttggaaaac tactagccac agtggctggt gatcaaaaac gttaaagccc     62100
     tgattgtcat actagtttaa tgtacaaata caaagcataa cttagtttta atgccagata     62160
     tgtttgctat tgtttgttct cgattggatt ttttgtattt agcaaaagat caaaatttta     62220
     aacaaagatc tttaccatag ctttctgtgc tcatactgac accctcgagg gcactcggct     62280
     aattatttta ctttgaacat ttttttttat ctgtaactag gcttatttgt tatcattctt     62340
     gttgaaaagg gccctttact ccatagcaaa acagaacttt cataaaataa taacatgcca     62400
     tctttgtcac attgagcctt gctttctggg aatgtaatct gtgtgatcag caatgtaaat     62460
     aattgctctt ttatgaagtg tcacacacaa cacatgaacg tgttggacag cgcctgtggc     62520
     agatcattat actgtatgaa tacacaactc caccttgtgg ctgtttgggc cgtagactga     62580
     cagggtgtcc gcggcaatag tatcttgggg tcttaaaaaa gtctttaatt tcaaaaataa     62640
     tttcaggcca tatagtctta aattcaacga aatatagtcc agtgggtctt aaatcattta     62700
     aacatccttt tattaatgcc attttctcat taacgctgct gtttttctaa catcttacct     62760
     tatgttttaa agcatcatgt gtcagtaaat gttaacaaca cgagaatcac ttaaatcatt     62820
     ttaaacgggt cttaatttta cttaagaaac aatcgatcca acatccaata accaacaaca     62880
     catcacagta aaaaaatagc aaaactatcc ataactaatt ttatagataa ttttaagggg     62940
     tgtaaacaaa aacaatggtc cctgcatatt tcctgtttga cattttttat ttctataact     63000
     tctgagaatc caaaaagagc cacatattga ttaataggct aatgttatac acctgtttta     63060
     acataaagtt atgattgaat tgcttcttgt taaagttgtg taatagtttg acaacaagca     63120
     gaaaacgccc atggtccaat gacatgaagt cattgaaatg gtcggattgg agtgcataca     63180
     tttaattttt aaagtctttt tttatgttga acaaatatac aactaagttc tgcttgttac     63240
     attatttaaa atatgtataa gaaatagctc atttgatttt ttttttttca attttttttt     63300
     tcctgctggg ctattaaaaa tccttagcgt ttagctctgc aagtctgaaa tttcattctt     63360
     catggtctta aatttgactt ggtgaaacct gcagaaccct ggactgagat ccagcgtggc     63420
     acttgttgct gccaatgata ctactcactt ttgcttttat tgatcttgac ataaaactaa     63480
     attttctgtg tggtcgatgc ctttggtcga ttttgtctag agactatcta tatttatctg     63540
     gcaaacaagt catttatttg atagataaat acacgagggg gcgctaaata gaccatggaa     63600
     gagtagatcg ttttggtttt tctttccaag gtatactttt cagcgcaata acataaaaat     63660
     gtatttcata cagtttatat cttcagttca tgtatatttt agttttggat tttaaaaatt     63720
     aatgtctcga caattaaaaa agggtctttc agaaaaaaaa gctataatat ttctacatct     63780
     ttctactaaa aaataaactc ttcacaattt tttttagcta aaaaaaatgt taacatacat     63840
     tttcaaaaga acaataaatt aattaaacat gaaaagactc ggtttaaaga acacaaaata     63900
     acaaataaat gttattatat atttgccact atccagggtt tacccagtta tcagcaaaat     63960
     tgttataact aacatctaat aaacattagc attgtcactt attataaatt caaatcattt     64020
     aagtcagatt aaatgtgtcg tttgaattta aaatcaatat atctgttgtg ttgaatgaca     64080
     gtggaacatt attgaaacat tttcctcatt actaccactt aaaataattt tgttgaattt     64140
     aatctgatgt atttgaagag ctaattatgt ttatttttct atttccattt atatttacta     64200
     cgcaaaagtc attaaaaaac aactgacaca gatgaaaggc tcatagtgtt tattctgata     64260
     tcaactgtga tactgtgtca ttatgaagga atgaaatgca aatgaaaatg tgtataaatg     64320
     tatatattat atatacatta atatgataaa aatacaaatg taaaaaatcc aaacaattgt     64380
     cacaataata aagaacgctt taagagtttc agttacacat tatactttgc cttttaaaca     64440
     gttcttacac tttacaaaat actgcattaa aaaataaagt taataaaatc ttattttatt     64500
     taaaataaaa aaggcatgaa aaatatatga cattaatatt aaacatcctt cattaaatct     64560
     taattaaaaa caatatataa ctgttatatt tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     64620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     64680
     tacatacagt taaagtcaga attattagcc cccctttgaa ttttttctcc tttttttaaa     64740
     tatttcccaa ataatgttta acagagcaag gaaatttttt cacagtatgt ctgataatat     64800
     tttttcttct ggagaaagtc ttatttgttt tattttggct agaataaaag cggtttttaa     64860
     tttttaaaaa acattttaag gtcataatta ttagcctcta tatagcaata tatagctata     64920
     tacagaacaa accatcatta tacaataact tgccaaatta ccctaacatg cctaattaac     64980
     ctaggtaagc ctttaaatgt cactttaagc tgtatagaag tgccttgaaa aatatctagt     65040
     caaatattat gtactgtcat catggcaaac atgaaatgaa taggttatta gagatgagtt     65100
     attaaaacta ttatgtttag aaatgtgttg aaaaaatctt atttctgtta aacagaaatt     65160
     ggggagaaaa ataaacaggg gggctaaatt attctgactt catctgttta tataaaatca     65220
     tatatagtga atgtacacag tgaactgcca tctttaatag tataagatca gttcaatctt     65280
     ctgttaacga ggcgtttaca taacattgtt ttcaactaaa aatggaaaac actttatgca     65340
     tcttggctgt tgatgaacac tgacgttttt catgcaaatg tgtttcaaag tgcaagtttt     65400
     tgtaaacgat accataaagt tctttgtgaa ctcgattatg tcgccaccta ctggccaact     65460
     ttttagctgc gttcgctgat ctgtgtaaag ggatcatttt gccaacattg tcattggtat     65520
     ccataacttg ttaaaatacc aaaagcaaaa actactacat tactacattg ttgtcatgta     65580
     aatgttccct aaaacagtga aaatgacttc ataaacgatt atttgttcgt cttctccctc     65640
     gatggctgag gtttcactcg tctcaggtac tgcttagaaa ctctcaccga ttttttagtg     65700
     ggactccaac gtttgctccc tgagaagaac aaaccgtgaa attaagataa aactttttta     65760
     gatgttagta agaatattgt tagtattgag gatatgtata agcgaatttg ctccaaaaca     65820
     cagacaaaat tcacacttgg aagacataaa acaggtataa acatccaaag cttggagttt     65880
     gtcagttcgg cctaaatggg tcaactattt tgttttcaca tcagtttctc atcaaatctt     65940
     gaccaatcaa atgctctgta gtatctgaca tgccacacct ccttcaagat gcttctcatt     66000
     tgcttttcat ttgatctcaa ccactctcac ttaataacca aatgctattg gctgtatttt     66060
     aaaaaggagg aggagccact ttatgcccca ccctctcttt gtgtttcagt tgagattatg     66120
     tcaaaccttg tataaataat gcacatttaa aagcacttct tgggactttt aaacccagaa     66180
     cataatgctg ataacttcac atgctattaa aaaaatccaa agtgaacaaa agtagcattt     66240
     ttaccacaaa cgtcgacgca gctttgcttg gagatgaagt tattgttgct tcctccgcat     66300
     ccggtgtaca tgaactcctc gcatgtcttt gtggcagagt tgtaataata ccttggtatg     66360
     gatgctgagc atcttccttt atccaaatta tccaggcaaa tcacagggat cgctgaaata     66420
     taaaagaaaa aaatcacttt taatcttaaa gaaatgttct atgcaaaaaa gggaccatta     66480
     aaggaatagt tcacccaaaa atttaattca gctatcattt acgtgttcaa aacatacact     66540
     caccggccac tttattaggt acacttgtcc cactgctcct taacgcaaac ttctaattag     66600
     ccaatcacat ggcagtgact caatgcattt aggcatgtag acatggtgaa gatgatctgc     66660
     tgtagttcaa accgagcatc agaatgagga agaaaggtga tttaagtggc tttgaacatg     66720
     gcatggttgt tgatgccaga cgggctcgtc tgagtatttc agaatctgct gatttactgg     66780
     gatttcacgc acaaccatct ctagggttta cagagaaata tctggaatta ctggttcgag     66840
     ctgatagaaa ggtagcagta actcaaataa ccactcgtta caaccaaggt ctgcagaaga     66900
     gcatctctaa acgcacaaca cgtccaacct tgaggcagat gggctacagc agcagaagac     66960
     cacaccgggt gccacgcctg tcagctaaga acaggaaact gaggcgacaa ttcacacagg     67020
     ctcacaaaaa ttgaacaatg gaagattgga aaaacgtcgc ctggtctgat gagtctccat     67080
     ttctgctgcg acattcagat ggtagggtca gattttggcg tcaacaaaat gaaagcatgg     67140
     acccatcctg cttgtatcaa tggttcaggc tggtggtggt gtaatggtgt ggaggatatt     67200
     ttcttggcac actttgggcc cattaatacc aattgagcat tgtgtcaaca ccacagccta     67260
     cctgagaatt gttgctgacc atgttcatcc ctttacgacc acagtgtacc catcttctga     67320
     tggctacttg acaatgaaca tgacaatgag ttcactgtac tcaaatggcc tccacagtaa     67380
     ccagatctca atccaataga gcacctttat gatgtggtga tttgcatcat ggatgtgcag     67440
     ctgtcaaatc tgcagcaact gcgtgatgct atcatgtcaa tatggaccaa aatctctgag     67500
     gaatatttcc cgtaccttac tcaatctata ccatgaggca accaggttgg acccacttta     67560
     ctagtaagat gtacccaata aagtggccgg tgagtgtatt tgagttgctt gcttctgtta     67620
     aacacaatga acatttattt tattttttat tttttaatta cgatcaaagt cagtaagtgc     67680
     cagctaccag catttttaaa aatgagttct gatggctggc acccattgac ttccatagta     67740
     tttttgtcct actatgcttt cttcagcctt gttcaaaata tcttcttttg tgttcaacta     67800
     aagaaagaat cccaaaaagg tttaaaacca tgtgaaggag aataaatgat gaggcaattt     67860
     catttttgga aatcaactat tcctttaagt caacaaactg gaaaacattt cagcatgacg     67920
     gccattaaac aagcttattg aaaaacagat gaaaataaaa atatgaagac cattcaaatg     67980
     aagaccatta aggtcacaac aagcacgcag gtgccgtaat gtgctgctct atgttccgct     68040
     catccatttt attaatgcca ttgacatttt ctcaccaaat cattatctgc attctgaact     68100
     ttattgctgc tgtttcacct tgactttaag taaacacatt ttatcgcctc ttcagtctgt     68160
     acaagcttac caaaattaaa gagatagttc acctaaaact gaaaagtcag tcatcattta     68220
     agctcttcat ttgttttaaa cttctttgag ttcctctctt tggtaacact gtattttgat     68280
     ggtctatttg agtatcagtc tgtttaatat ctgttgatac tgctccttca acagacattt     68340
     aactgactat aactttgcaa ctacatgtca acttacacta accccaaccc taacattaac     68400
     cccaacagtc tacttttgat ctaatgagaa ttagttggca tgtagatgca atgtaacttg     68460
     aattcaccaa acgcaccatc aaaatgaagt gttgccctcc ctattgttga gcacaaaagt     68520
     agatattttg aagaatgttg gcaaatttta acaatagttc taaaattgca gagttattta     68580
     tttaaaccaa tggtttaata aaaaatattt ggtgctttgt tgagttattt ttaaccttca     68640
     ttaggttatt tattaataac tcaaccagtt gggttcaaat tttgaatatc aacggtcaaa     68700
     tgatttaact gacacataac agctgtatta atatgcatag caatcttgtt tttaagctct     68760
     aattcaataa tattgttgtt atttttttat caaattacct ctctgtgtca tgatttttaa     68820
     aaccgtttct ccagcactct taattattga taatacaaac ggatattaaa cggataaaat     68880
     gatttctcta cgtcccatgt tcatctctac agtttttttt tttttggagg aaataacatt     68940
     tattcatgtt tattaattca tttattttct ttttgtctta gtccctttat taattggggg     69000
     tcgccatagc gaaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagcatacc tttttacaca gaggatgccc     69060
     ttccagctgc aacccatcac tgggaaacac ccatacactc tcattcacac acataaacac     69120
     tacagacaat ttagctaacc caattcacct atactggatg tttttggact tgtgggggaa     69180
     acaggagcac ccggaggaaa cacacgcaaa catgctaggt aggtaggtag tgctgtcgcc     69240
     tcacagcaag aaggtcactg gttcaagcat cggctggatc tgttggcatt tctgtgcgga     69300
     gtttgcatgt tctccctgtg ggtttcttct gggttctccg gtttcccccc acagtccaaa     69360
     gacatgtgct attggtgaat tgggtaaaaa gctaaagtga ataagagtgt ataagtgttt     69420
     ctcattaatg ggttgtggtt ggataagttg gcggttcatt acgctgtggc aactccagat     69480
     taataaagag actgaataaa tgaatgaatg aaagaatgtt gggtcaaatg tgcaaaaaaa     69540
     gtgtcattta aatctaagaa gtgtttaaaa gtgtcattta aatctaattt aaaaagttag     69600
     cttggatttt tccatctttt gacccaacat tgggttacaa caacccagca ttttttagag     69660
     cgtggcattc ttcaaaacat cttcttttgt tttcaaactc ataaaggttt ggaaccactt     69720
     gaggaaaagc aaatagtgag taaatttaaa tgggtcaact atgtctttaa atgagaaaca     69780
     cacttacttt tcggaggttt gcaatattct atgcattcct ctgggtttcg aaaattgttc     69840
     tcattccctt ggcagccacc ataagtgaat ggttcacact gcatggaggt catattgaag     69900
     aaataacggc tgaagaggcc acggcagggc ccctctttct tttgaaaacg acagatctgg     69960
     gggatttctg gaacaaaaca caagtcagag tgagcatttc agaagattac tcacgagctc     70020
     aagagtaaac agaatgacta tgaccatttt ttttttaccg tgaacttaag aaataaggtt     70080
     taatggtgat atgagatcta cattattttc tatttcgtta aaaacctata aatctttcta     70140
     aaagtaattc aagccaataa aaaggttatt ttaggaactg ataactaaaa ggttctttgg     70200
     agaaccaaca atttgttttg ataaaccaaa tgtgactatg gaccaaaaaa cagtcataac     70260
     ggtgcatttt aatttacagt atttatttaa aaatctgtaa tctcagagta aaaaaaatac     70320
     ataaatattg agaatatcac cttaaaagtt caaattatgt tcaaattaag aaaaaagaaa     70380
     tataactaat atatacattt ttaaaaatca cgtaaactcc aaataagttc ttagctatgc     70440
     ataataccaa tcaaaaaaat actttggatt tattaattta cttactttat ttataaagca     70500
     caatacaaca gtattgtaaa aaaaaattaa tgtaataaaa aacatagaac acataaaacc     70560
     ttgaattgaa ttgaattgaa tttagagaaa aatcaggcgc acaaccttct ttaataaaaa     70620
     agttatacac taaatttata attattagaa ttaatatgca taatttctaa ataactaaaa     70680
     atatatattt attatatacc ttagaattta ataaagcgtt atttattata tctttttaag     70740
     taaagtattg taccttataa tgtcatgaag taattctcaa tatctgtttt tcttgagcac     70800
     atacaactgt cttgataaat aataaatgct ttttcttttg ttaaagcatt gatctgctaa     70860
     ataatcatta ctacttctct aaacggatta cttctaactg gatttacatt taactgctta     70920
     atttatttaa ggcaagcaat caagtaaagt ccaaatgaag ttcttaatac taatcaaaaa     70980
     ttaactttta atatatttgt ttatttacat aacacaatac aacagtattg taaagtaatt     71040
     aatgaaataa aaaaacaaca tacaacacac aaaacattga acatagaggg aaaatttggc     71100
     tcacaactaa gttgttatag gccttatatc taaaatatgg taggaaagtt aaaattctaa     71160
     tgattttggt cataaaattt tgactgtatt tttaactatt cccacaaata tagtcaacat     71220
     ggttgtttac tgcatttttg gtgatttgac agcatttgta cttgaaaatg aacgtacttg     71280
     gtatcctgaa gcatgttttc tgacattcca cgaaagacct gaagttgttt tggtttcctc     71340
     cacagccgct gtagctgaac tcttcacact gctggctgat tgtattgtag taaaaccgct     71400
     gaatgtcgtc attacacgtc ccttcttcaa tttgcaacag acaaacttct gtgagcgaat     71460
     aaaaaaaatc gcattaaaaa tattaaaagc caaatttgcg tatcagcatt gaacagaacc     71520
     gctcgtttcg cccagtttca caactttgga actgctcaat gttatcttta cctttaggtt     71580
     gtaacgtcag tccgacggcg ctttctagca cagaaatgaa aagcaacaga gctccgagta     71640
     aatcacacgc cattgtgatg gacttggggt cgtgagatcg cgtgtaagtc tgatatgtta     71700
     atgttatgtt gctcgcctga tatgacttga cttctcacac aatcatgggc ttataaaagg     71760
     agattctgcc aggggtggaa ttgaaagggc gggctgaact tagtcatttc catcacaatt     71820
     acacccagga ctacagcaaa ctacgtctat tcccattccc aaaggaggaa ataaataatt     71880
     acggcatatt tcagagatat ttcaatggca gattcatatt agtcttttac atattattat     71940
     taaaatatac atagttttta tgtaggctat ttgtgtatac aatacaatat ataaaagtac     72000
     aacaatttaa gttacctctt ttaatatagt attacaattt taattatata gtattattac     72060
     tattattctt ttaatatgtt gatacatttc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     72120
     atatatataa atgtaccaat ataataaaat aataatagta actataataa tactatataa     72180
     ttaaaattat atcatttatt cattttcttt tcggcttagt ccctttttta atctggggtt     72240
     gccacagcag aataaactac taatttatcc agcatatgtt ttacgtagca gatgcccttc     72300
     cagctgtaat ccatcactgg gaaacaccca tagactccta ttcacacaca taaactatta     72360
     tacacactat atataagaca taatatataa ccaaccaaat aaaagtagaa ttatcataat     72420
     cattattatt ttataataat aacgacaaat taaacaatat ataccataaa atactataat     72480
     atgtctaaac ataatataat aaaatataaa tataactaaa tataattatt attgtaatta     72540
     aatatcttct ataaatgtga caacgataat agtagcatat aataaaatta ttattttgtg     72600
     ataaatatat taataatatt aaaataaata aatgatgata cataatattg tagactgatt     72660
     acaatccagt actaaaaata aattaataac aaagccaaaa aaataaaata aaaacaaatt     72720
     taaaaataaa tcattttaag tttaaaattg gtttaaaaat tatttatgta gaaataaacg     72780
     aatacaattt aaattaaaac ttttttaaat aaaagaaacc tttttcaagt tgatgaactt     72840
     aattttatat acattattta acaataaaat aaaatacaga aattaaatga gtaaataata     72900
     aatattttta taatataata taatatgata taatatatgt tttaatgtag cgcataatat     72960
     aacattttgt gaaagaacac atgtcatatc ttgtatgatc atgtattatc taatgtgaca     73020
     ggttaagggt aacatggatt agcatgctca tcacagtagc ctgtaatact ttctatgtcc     73080
     ccttgaccta cattgcaatc catcgctcat tagcagaaaa cctttcatgc caatttgatt     73140
     atctttagga tataattgag ttgtacaagt atgcatttca tttgccgaat gtattttaat     73200
     ccacaataat agttaaccac aaagaaaaaa agaagactat agaaaggtaa aataagagta     73260
     cttgttttaa tgagattaag agattgcaat gtttatgcag attactttat aaaccggatt     73320
     gagagagatg tgcagaatct ctgtccattt tccagagtgg agacctcatc gtaagcagca     73380
     gtaagtttgc ttatttccag tatattgaat atcaaatata atccattcat tcaacacaac     73440
     atgtaaatga tatgattgtt tgatttcatg cagaaaatgc cgatcataga tgtagaaaat     73500
     atgactgacc tggataaggc gaagatggaa gtaacccagc tcaaaactga ggtgaagcta     73560
     gaaagggcga aggtaagcaa ttgtgttatg ggcagggttg gataacttac ttcaaaaaag     73620
     caatccaata ctaattacat cattacaata gtatttagat tacttttcta ataactttgt     73680
     gtgaaaagtt actcaataag taattcaatg aatttatgca ttaataaaac attcacataa     73740
     attttacaat agaaattata tcttaatttg ttcaatttga gtcaaacaga aacttttatt     73800
     tttatttaaa gagaaaaaaa cacttaaaat gtacatatct ataaaaacat tttatattaa     73860
     agacaccata tttcatacat agcattattt gacacatttc ttaagcatat acaactgttg     73920
     gacaaatcta accttcttta attgaaaaaa ctatatatta gatttataat tgaagacttc     73980
     agatgcaaaa acctctaaaa gccatttgat gttttcctat aaatttagta tttttctcag     74040
     actcttgtgt gttggctcag tagttttaca cttatagtga cttttcatag cctttcaagt     74100
     gaaataactg aacttaaaca taggaggttg agataaattc ttatattagg agaacatttc     74160
     agaccgcagt tagaggtttt tgcactcttc aattattaga gttaatatgc ataatatctg     74220
     aataattaaa ttagatgttt ttattatata tctttataat ttaataaatt attatgtaat     74280
     ataatattaa tttaggtttt ataccttatg atgtcatgaa ttaattctca atattttttt     74340
     ttcttaagca cacactgaaa aagcctcatt agaacagctt aaataaatga cttcagcttc     74400
     ttacatctaa aagaatgtag ttatgtagaa taagtttttc caacttattt attactgaaa     74460
     aacataatga attaagtgga aactaattaa ttcatctaga tttaacaaac tgaagtcatt     74520
     tctgaagtag ttttcacttt ttacagtgca tgcaattgtc ttgatctcta cttctctgaa     74580
     tagatttata cagaatggta gagaatggta gaatttaagg caagtatatt atatgtaaat     74640
     gtaattaaat taccttaaaa gtaaaaagta atcacttaaa atattttttt tcagtgggaa     74700
     agtaatttaa ttacagtaac tagttatttt gttaataaat cgaacagaca aaacatatat     74760
     ttatatactt catatacacc aaacaaacac tgatcattca ttaaaaaaaa aaatgctggg     74820
     ttccacacaa taacttcatg ttgtcccaac acaaatcgac aagttaattt cattgttttg     74880
     tttagttttt tttacaaatt taagtggaat gaacataaac aattaagttg ttcggaaaaa     74940
     aaccttaaga attaagttgt ttcaactcat cttaactaag tagtttgagc aagcaagttt     75000
     ttttagtaat ggcaaacagt actgttggaa atgctctatg ttttgccact tcaatgcgat     75060
     ataaacacta gctgtcaaaa ttttgggtga ggttttattt tatgtatttt ttttttaaat     75120
     aaaatttttc tgttaatcaa ggaggcattt gttaattttt taaaataact gatttcttag     75180
     tttcaaatct aattattaat ccagtcattg ttgattttat tacaattacc atgaataata     75240
     ataattaata ttagagtgat ttctgaagga tcatgtgact gaagacaaga gtaatgaaga     75300
     tgaaaattca tctttaaatc actggaataa aggattaaat taaattctaa actacttttg     75360
     aacagttatt ttatagtgca ataacacttc acaattttac aatttgcact gtatttgtga     75420
     tgaaattaat gtagccttgg tgagcaggag aagcttattt taaacatact gaccccaaac     75480
     ctttaaccag cagtatatat aaatctacat ttacattaca tctttcgatc aggtgtccaa     75540
     atgctgtgaa gagattacag agtacattca aggaggagcg gatgaagatc ctctggtcaa     75600
     aggcattcca gaggagaaga acccgttcaa ggagaaaggt ggatgtgtca tttgctaaag     75660
     tggacagaaa atcccccaac attcgcagtt tagtgttcac tgctgcccat ggacacctgt     75720
     taaaaacgta atacttgctg gaattcgctg cccaaaaaag gacattctca aacacggata     75780
     gacgttggtt aactctaaat ggcttttttc ccttcattgt taatgaatat tcagaatttg     75840
     gacctacata tgctgtgtat tcccctttga agtgttgtaa taaatcagac taccgttgtg     75900
     cactgtttac cagagattta cttgatggac tgatttgggt ttcttttatg ggcatccagc     75960
     caaaaggtga catctgtgtg acaaaacaga gtgaaaataa aatattcgag taattaagat     76020
     gataaatcaa ggcttaaatg gtggagtaat ttagctgttc aataaaatca cagttttgtg     76080
     gtaaagggcc attaaagtgt ggagtttttg ttacctcggt ttttgttacc actgtctcta     76140
     tcaaatgtcc agtctgcatc cttcttatgg tcactaaaac ccatctcatc ctcactttta     76200
     tctgcaggaa gagccagttc tgtccttttc ttctttaaat taccatagaa catggtggtg     76260
     ctcgctaata cactgttccc tttattgata tttaatcaaa agtatagtat tgccattaaa     76320
     acttaatttt atccataatg caaatgtcat taacacatga ctaatcaaca ttatattact     76380
     aggattcatg ttgttattgt tacaacttaa gttcacagct gaccttgcta gctagctaac     76440
     acattgcaat attgcatgtt ccactgttgc acagtgttgc catttggtaa cttacatttg     76500
     atcgatttat aaaaaaaata ataattttat tttaaaaaat tgagttttga atgtcttcat     76560
     aacttacagg aggtgatgtt tcagattttt ttgtggatct gacataattt gatcctttgt     76620
     ttttattgac gtttacattt gcatttagca actactcaca ataaacgcca atctgtcaga     76680
     aattgtgtta ccgaagaaca cagcatatta tgtgacttaa ccaaagcaca tcattggcta     76740
     ctctaaggtc ttcactttcc aacaaaaaaa aaataataat aataatatgt tggtcctaaa     76800
     aaaacagtag cagggaaatg aacatgagta tcatgttacc atatggttac gccatgcagt     76860
     agagggttaa tatcataaat aaaatacatt taaagttatt aattactaaa aataaatgta     76920
     caatttcata ttgacaatat tcacaatatt tagacttttt aatgcataaa taaatataaa     76980
     aaataaatat gcacaaatga gtataaagga aacaacaaat aagtgaaata aacttatcca     77040
     ataattatga aataattcaa agttataatt aagaattaaa taaataaatt acccaacatt     77100
     ttattcacat ttttgttagc taaacaaaga aactcattgt tcaaaaaaaa aaaaatttaa     77160
     ataatgtagt aattataata attatgactt aattaataca aaaatatagt attaaaatga     77220
     acaaataaat agaaattaaa tgaatgacaa gggaatccat ggaaatgttg aaaaatattg     77280
     atataaaaat aatttaaaga taaaaattat ttttaaaaaa tcatacaggg ctgcgtttcc     77340
     caaaagcatc gtaagcctaa gaagttcgta gaaatgatcg tacgactgat cttaatatta     77400
     cggtctgttt cccaaaagca tcgtaactta agtagcactt gaaaatcttc gtggatctac     77460
     gagtgctctg gagtaatcgt aaagccttaa gtgcatcgta aggagacaga gttatgaggg     77520
     cacctgctgg acaaccggca aattgcacct acaatttact tctcttcaaa gtcattattc     77580
     attttatttg tacgtatatc tctattcatt tatattttct acacattaca caattcaata     77640
     tacaaataat aataattaat aattaggcta aacttttcaa aaataaatgt aagagcttat     77700
     ttatttattt atttatttac ttatttattt attttgatgt gagataagca atttttgata     77760
     aagaaattga taaataattc tacttaatta aggtttcata taaatatcga aaatgatgct     77820
     gatgtcattt ccggcaagga ctgttagaat tagttttatg cgagattgga gcaagacagt     77880
     gtttttacag tacgacattt ccagttaatt tatgttttta aactggctca aaaatatatt     77940
     tttttatgtt attcgagttg aatatacatt cacacaagta gaagaagaat tatatggatt     78000
     gctataacat gtgcaacaat aacgagccat tctatagcgt gacatttcag cacttaacaa     78060
     acggatagcg actcctaagt tgcacttaaa gctgggctac gtgcaattgt gttaagtgca     78120
     tttttgggaa acgcacgtga aacaataacg aacgttcgca aaatgactcg tagaaaacgc     78180
     tcttaagtgc taagatcaat cgttatcggg aaacgcagcc ctgaatgatt tcggattcat     78240
     cggaattatt cagctttgat ataatcaaac aaaattgtaa ctaataatgt ataaatgcag     78300
     tattataata gtgcaattat ctaaccttaa agaagctaaa tattttataa ataactatac     78360
     atttcacact ctttgtccgt gaaagttttt tttacatttt aggatggggt cttaaaatgg     78420
     gggtcatcat ttttagggga cttgaaaaca gcctagtaaa cagcacattt gactttgagt     78480
     tcagcgcggg gtgtctaatg cgcatgcgca agtcaacact tttgtgtaca gtttgcaaga     78540
     atggctcttc gcgcaaagat cttgaggctc agtttgactg cgaatcgtaa tttactcaaa     78600
     acaagtgttg tctgcaacaa gcggcagttg tcagaaaaag cctcctccaa tccgaaagca     78660
     tcagtttcgg ccgaaaatat cgaccatatt ctctacacag aggaacattt tgcattaaag     78720
     gcgtctttga gaaaggtaga tatgcccgcg tgctgtatgt cagtcaatta acgtgtaact     78780
     atccgtcgac gtgaatgttg tttgtttgct gtgtgaatat aacttacacg aatgcgcagg     78840
     tcgtgtcttt cagcgagtga atgtgggtaa gaggtcattt actgtgtcta cacagctgct     78900
     agcttctgag gtgggttata tggatgattt acttccgatt ttattgtcag tgtcggacat     78960
     atttcaagta ttttatgcag gtgtttgata tgaagactca aaccatacaa actgtaaaaa     79020
     taccgctttg ttttgacgct ttcaggaagt tcagattgtc acgtgacgct taaaccggcc     79080
     tgctgtcagc tttatactat tttcactttt tttttaaatc tgtttggacc tgaataattg     79140
     ctattttatt aaaaaaaagt taataactaa atatttttaa caaaaaccag gttctaatca     79200
     gccagttcgt attaagtcta cactgcagtt atttatttaa ttttagttta cttagttaag     79260
     atggctgcac taaagataat tgtttttttt ttgactagtc tatattggag gtattttttg     79320
     ttgttgttta ctcaggtagt ctgactgtac taaaaatatg atggcaaaat tagtaaagaa     79380
     aaagtttaga tgttcttgtt ataaagtgaa tctattgttc cttagcattg ctgaaaagat     79440
     gacatcaacc ctaaccccac agcaaacaga aaccgaaccg aaccaaaccg tggctccaaa     79500
     accgtgaacc aaaccgaacc gtgcctttgg tgtatcgtta cacccctaac tagtagtgaa     79560
     tgtaaaaatg taaacatttt tgttagtgtg agctgttatt actgcattat gaccatgtta     79620
     ttactgcatg tattcatttt ttattaagta aaacctgtta aagattgaaa attcaaaata     79680
     caaaacaata tattgctcta ttttgatgag aaatcttatg aatatatcaa tctgaaaatc     79740
     atcagaattt acaatttgag atttagcagt gtatggaggc atacgagtag caaaagccat     79800
     ttcgaaatat gcaaaatggc aatgcaataa gttaaatggc aacgtctttc tgtatttcaa     79860
     ttagcatttt ctaagacata tgtgcaatgg ttggtgcaaa atcaaaatga aaattaaaaa     79920
     atatcatttg catttctcat ttcctaacac agttttaata tataaattgt atccacatca     79980
     taatgcttta taagttgtaa aatgaaactg agaatttaat acacaaaatt aatttgatgt     80040
     gtgtaatgta gaagcagaaa ttgtggcaaa attatccttt aaatgttatt tatcctacat     80100
     gcatttacac tcacgtctag gaaacgcagg attacatttt cagcataaca ccaagggatg     80160
     tttgtagcaa aattcaatcg aaatgtaata tgcaaaacaa taatgcaata tgttaaatag     80220
     cagtgtgtat ttcagttagc atcttccaag accatatgtg cacatttttg ctgcagaata     80280
     ccaatgaaaa taaatttatt ttcagttcat acatcgcgac gaatgaaagc caatgttaaa     80340
     ttgaaaatgt attctgagct gaccacgccc acatatgacg gctgaaactg tgcgttcaca     80400
     ctgaagttag cgagagcatc ataaaagcgt caaagtagcc agaagtcatt cattttcaat     80460
     gagagccata gcagtgtaac cccattttaa tcaacgtaat ttaatgttgt tgtttttact     80520
     tttacaactc atgaacactt aaaaacaacc taaattaaag aaacatacat atttattaaa     80580
     gaaaaaataa aattgtcaat attacaagaa aatcagtttt attttaataa ttgtacttgc     80640
     gtaaacattc acattcagat ttttaaaagt caattaaatg atttgttaaa gatgcgaaaa     80700
     agaataaata tattgtgcaa atagtttctt gacattaata ttactatata gataattcag     80760
     cacaaagtat ttgacacatt tatacctaac agatcaaatg taaaaataat aataataatt     80820
     aaatttggta aaaataaata aatggtgtaa atctcatgaa acgcttgtaa aaaccataga     80880
     cacattatta ttaataacac atgtattatt gtaaaaagta atccatgtat tattatatta     80940
     ataagtgtta ttaataataa tgtgtctatt tttggtataa aaaagcatac attgagcata     81000
     aattacgtat taggatctgt tatgagacgt tatttccagt ccagtctcct cctcaaattt     81060
     actaatagct aatctttttt gttagccagt tcaaggtgtt tcttaacaaa gttgacaaaa     81120
     gttgtttccg tcaaatgtct ttagcatctc taaggcatgt gatgaacgct tcatcatatt     81180
     agctttaata agattgaatt gagtgaaagt ctgcataatt atacttctct atctgctgtc     81240
     tagactagga agggttgcag ggcttgggaa ggaagtttct ttctccaatt cccggcggct     81300
     tgaagagaat cggaataggc tggtgtgaga aaggatataa gtggaaaaca gaaaaagcaa     81360
     cggataatga gaacaatgcc gtagcgtaaa gctcagggac agagtttatt aaaagaactc     81420
     accagagaca gagaaacatt gaaaacactt tataaaagtc cttgacttag aagtgtgtaa     81480
     tcttctgata cgctgacagt cagtttaaaa acattaatac aaaagtgtaa gaagtatttt     81540
     ctgttcacca aggaggttta ttagaccagt attaacaaaa gcaataataa acagtaaaat     81600
     tgtggaataa ttttcataat aaattaatac atttgtattt aatataaaat aagtgtaata     81660
     aaacaataaa taaattgaaa tttattttta tgatttttct ttacgccagt ctttccttag     81720
     tcactgagta tgtttacatg gacaccaata atctgatttt aatactatta gaacaatact     81780
     ctgatttaga gttcaccatg taaacagcga tttttgatta atttaatctg ataaaggtca     81840
     taatcgaact aaacaggaat cggattaaga cacgtggagt atgcagattt tagaagaatt     81900
     attgaagtgc agtacacaga cgtaaacaac ttaatcaaac tattacagtc aatcgtgtag     81960
     aatttttgcc gcattttgtg acaggatatt ccataaacac acagctgttt gacactattc     82020
     tctacaccta ctgagtgagt gaaggaccac agacacctgc attgctaaat gtggagtttt     82080
     ttttctccat acggcatgtg gtatcatatt ccattaaaac aacagtcatc cagcagttca     82140
     tactcccatc caatatctgg tttgtcacat gaaatgttcc taaatgaaag tgaaagtgcc     82200
     aaactgcagg taaaaattga caaactaaaa atgaaacact ctgaattaca agaaacatag     82260
     agaaaatgtg aatggcgtgg agacgcaact aaactatgtg ctataacatg taaaacagga     82320
     tcataaaaga aacaaaaaaa aagcaactca tataaacatc ttaatcatat tattgtctta     82380
     attagattaa ggcaaataat ccgattactg atcttcatgt aatcagtcac tgagaaatca     82440
     ttgtagctta atgatttgat gatcaaacac atttctgatt attattaatg ataaaacagt     82500
     tgtgctgctt tacatttttt catattttaa aaacaaaaca aatgtctgtg aattagcagt     82560
     tttacgtgtt catgttttta tatttcccca tttatttatg cttttgaatt gcataacggg     82620
     accttgatct ttctctcaat aacttttaac cttgaaaagt ttgtaaaagt aagttttatt     82680
     aatgttttaa atagtttaaa gcgatgtatt gtctggtttg gtgttgtata tgacgctttt     82740
     aaaaccttgt attaaactgc cagtacattt tcagttgttt tactgacata tttctctata     82800
     tattattttt tttacattac attgtttgaa accactaaaa tgtcaatgaa agtcactttg     82860
     ttaaagagta gagctgaatt ttcacaactt gtaaatcaca aaaaaagaaa actgttaatt     82920
     aacagattta tttacagttt atagtaaact taataatata tgtgacattt taaaataaat     82980
     attacttaac agttatcaaa tcatctttat ttcgatagcg cttttacgat gtagattgcg     83040
     tcacagcagc ttaacataga agttgtagta aattgaaact gtgtcagtcc agttttcaga     83100
     gttaaagttc agtttagttc agttcagtgt ggttttattt tcactgctga aagtccaaac     83160
     actgagcaga ggagcaaatc catcaatgca cagctccaca atcccaaaac caagcaaccc     83220
     agtggcaaca gtatgttaat ggtattatca acaacattaa atataattat tactatttaa     83280
     acaaattaaa taggcacaaa ctgacattaa aaaccattta atgtcacaaa atcatttatt     83340
     tcaaataaat gttgttgttt tcattaacag tcctgaaagg taaattgtac aaaaagatat     83400
     gctactgtaa taacaaccat gattaatgaa tgggaatcaa taataattga acacaattga     83460
     ggaagggggc ccaaactttt tctgatgaag ggccaaatcc aaacttgatt aagaacttta     83520
     aatataccaa actgctttac attaaagttt ccctgagtaa tctccaaatg tatttcctaa     83580
     tatttaaaaa taaatagaga acattacttt aaaccagggg tcaccaatcc tggtcctgga     83640
     gggccggtgt ccctgcagga tttagctcca acttacctca aaacacctgc ctggatgttt     83700
     caagtatacc tagtaagatc ttgattagct tgttcaggtg tgtttgatta gggttggagc     83760
     taaaatctgc aggacaccgg ccctcctgga acaagtttgg tgaccactgc tttaaacagt     83820
     actgactaat gcagtttaat ttaatttaat catgaattta cagtaaaaac atcaacattt     83880
     tcatttataa cacaagggag tttaatgtgg ataacactag tcaaactgaa cctgccttga     83940
     tttgctcgag tgacagtatt ttaaatctga ttatcattca ttcattcatt tttttgtcgg     84000
     cttagtcact ttattaatct ggggtcgcca cagcggaatg aactgccaac ttatccagca     84060
     agtttttacg cagcggatgc ccttcccatc tctgggaaac atccacacac attcatacac     84120
     tacggacaat ttagtctacc caattcacgt catgtcttag gactgtgggg gaaaccggag     84180
     cacccggagg aaacccacgc gaaggcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacgcca     84240
     actgagccga ggttcgaacc agcgaccttc tagctgtgag gcgacagcac tacctactgc     84300
     gccactgtct cgcccttaaa tctgattagt taacaaaatt ttatgaaaca tttaatttca     84360
     tttagctttt tttagtggct cagcaataaa aaaaacaaac aataggtcat gtttaaatct     84420
     ggtgtctgtc agacggcagg tcatcattct ccatctcttc tcagatggga tggtggacca     84480
     aatcaaaggt tactataggc cccagtctgc aatagagcat cagaatagag taaagatgct     84540
     gaaatccagc tttaaattat taagagtaag taatattttt acatgtatta acatgataaa     84600
     tttaactaac tttttctaat gacttttcac aacatcacta ttttaattgt aattttgagc     84660
     tatggtgggg tagagctgaa aagaggaaaa cgcaggcgcg agttcagttt gcacctttgt     84720
     atttaacatt tactcagtgt tgaggcctcc tgaaggtcag tgcatgactc gaggtgaaga     84780
     aattcttcac attattattc ttaagtaaca ctaacatgat gtccagataa gattggatta     84840
     accatagtat gattaaaaca tctaaaatgt tcacaatgaa attggggtta gcacttcccg     84900
     gaaacatcac cctgccgtat tattcacatt aattcaatag tcatgtcttc tgggtgcatg     84960
     aagtgttgac aaaccctatt gctctgattt ctgagcttcg agaattgagg aatgtttcca     85020
     gccttgattt agaattaaaa accttgtact gcaggttcgg atagggcgga gcacccttcc     85080
     tttctgcgcg tattatccag tcacagtctt ctgggggttt tgagtaaagc tatccacact     85140
     gactcttccg gtaaatgttc tctgccagtt tttaaggttt ttcttcatgc tgagattgtt     85200
     atagctcaca ctattgacct cttgcttcct ttcgtttttt ttaagcgatg tttgttttgc     85260
     gcacagattt taagtcggga cgttttgttt ggctagagaa gctgcacgtc tgcgtgtttt     85320
     caagggaaat gtgctgctca tccctctgca gtatttttct aacttttcac agctcatact     85380
     aaaaccgttt ggctcaatct gaatccatta aacgtacaag catgacagag agcagtcgtt     85440
     tccacagatg gagaacttta tcgccttaat tgaattaaaa tgattggctc atcacgcttg     85500
     aatcaactta gttttattgt ccacataatg cattattggg gggagatgag catttagctc     85560
     tttttgtttc tgcttcattt gtgtaagtag attttaatga attgctttgc tttactttga     85620
     ctccctcgtt aaagcaacac agtgttcgtg tgatcagaca ctgaatggca caggcaatga     85680
     gtattacaag gtctgatgac ttttaattgg ctggcttctg ttacatctat ttttaatttt     85740
     aaagttcaac caaacatata aacctttatg ttgtgtgtag cctggatgac caggaatgca     85800
     cactgttaat tttctgtaga gtctgcacta aattactggc agcagtttgc cagtaactta     85860
     ctgtaaatca attacagtaa aaataccgta tttacattta gaacatcatt tatcttgctg     85920
     tatacactct ctggcctctt tattaggtac accttattag ttttgctttc agaactgcct     85980
     taatccttca tggcatagat ttaacaaggt actggaaata ttcctcgtag attcgggttc     86040
     gtattggcaa gaaagcatca gttgctgcag atttgttggc tgcacatcca tgatgcgaat     86100
     ctcctgttcc acctcatccc aaaggtgctc tattggattt agcactggtt actgtgaagg     86160
     ccatttgagt acagtgaaat gttcaggaaa ccagtctggg gtatttgtgc tttatgacag     86220
     gtgcgttatc ctgctggaag tagccatcag aagatgggta cactgtggtc ataaagggat     86280
     ggacatggtc agcaacaata ctcagtgctg ataagcaaag ataaggattt ttcttttgtt     86340
     tgtttatgac ttaacttatt aatgaattat acgctacaat ttaaatattt gggtttggta     86400
     aggtttttga aagtttcatg tacaccaagg ttgtattttt atttgggttt cctcctggtg     86460
     cttcagtttc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc gctataggtg aattagaact aaattggctg     86520
     tagtgaatga gtgaatgcaa gattgtatgg gtgtttccca gtgttgggtt ctgcctggaa     86580
     ggccatccgc tgcgtaaaac gtgctggatt agttggcgtt tcattccgtt gtggcgaccc     86640
     ctgattaata aagggactaa gccaaaaaga aaatgaatga aggaatgagt ttgaacgtga     86700
     gagtgtttgt gtttttttcc cagtactggg tcgcagctga gggcatcctc tacgtaaaac     86760
     ttatgctgga taagttggcg gttcattctg cttttgcgac ccactgataa ataagggact     86820
     aagccggagg aaaatgaatg aatgaataaa atcataatct gatttatcat gccgtctctc     86880
     ttattagctt gttcagtttc tggttaaaaa cgttgactca ctcagctttg tcttcccaac     86940
     taagcttgaa aatgataatg gatgtttagt ttatgcagtc aggagtatat ttcaggctgt     87000
     gtctgtcggg ttcagatgtc ggctggattg cagatgctca ttatatttca caatgatggg     87060
     ttattgcagc atacaggcgt cttgaagtga ctcagaagga agtctagtgg ctcggtccca     87120
     ctttcaagga agcatcctat tatgatggtg ttgtactctt tacggcactt aaagtctttt     87180
     aataattttg ggctttttgc cacttttatg tatatatata tatatagagg gcgggaagtg     87240
     atgagtaaat gactttactg aaaaaaatga ttcattgaat ttactaaata aatcaaggta     87300
     cgtggtttta tacaatttat ataggctgag tttaaacaaa gaaaatgtag taatgttcaa     87360
     cttaatttgt ttctttacat tcaatccata taaattgttt gcaaccactt accttaaaaa     87420
     tcggttaaat caaaggaacc attttttcag ggtctagtat gggtcatgta tgcaaaccgc     87480
     attcaaatca cacagctaat tgcttggata catgtctttc agaaatgtta tgtgatttct     87540
     ttgacttcta cagttagctt tgtgagacat ggtcaaatat atatatatga attttgcttt     87600
     cttttaaaaa aatttcccat atgatgttta acagaacaag gaaatcttca cagtatgtct     87660
     gataatattt ttttcttctg gagaaagtct tatttgtttt attttagcta gaataaaagc     87720
     agttttaatt ttttttaaac cattttaagg acaaaattat tagcgccttt aggcaatttt     87780
     ttttttcaaa agtccataga acaaaccatc tttatacaac aacttgccta attaccctaa     87840
     cctgcctagt taacctaatt aacctagtta agcctttaaa tgtcacttta agctgtatag     87900
     aagtatcttg ataaatatct agtaaaatat tgtttactgt catcatggca aagataaaat     87960
     aaatcattta ttagaaatga gttattaaaa ctttaatgtt tagaaacgtg ttgaaagaat     88020
     ttcctctccg ttaaatagaa attggggaaa aaataaacaa gggggctaat aattctgact     88080
     tcaactgtat gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat     88140
     atatatatat atatattttt tttttttatc ctgtactgca atttattctt ttaaaaaaat     88200
     tttttttaat ttatgtattt atttatcatt taatgataaa tttatcaata tcatttattt     88260
     taaaaaatgc aaataaatta gtgtgatcac attctttaat acattttaaa acacaggcct     88320
     gaataagtat gttgttttat ttttaaataa atgcagtaac actttagaat agtggttaag     88380
     gtatttacca atattaagta tgaataatct tataaagcat taaataatca tagtccaaca     88440
     ttaactaaag cgtacagtaa ttaaaattca aagttgtgct tgttagaatt agttaataaa     88500
     aaatgattta atgatattcc accaagattt attgtcattt tattttcaca gaggctgtaa     88560
     gggtgttctg actacgtttt gaatgtttta cagattatcg atcaagagat caacccccat     88620
     gtagacaaat gggaggaaga aggactgttt cctgctcata agatcttcaa aattctgggc     88680
     agtgcaggat tcctgggagt caacaaacct gtgggtaagt ggatgttcgc tactttagat     88740
     ttaccttaat aaatgacttc aaataggcta catgttagaa acgtaaaata tttaaatgca     88800
     tatttaaata tgcaaattcc tctgaatgac ataataaatg caacaaaaat gatgcatgtc     88860
     actgatatca attcaagtca gcaaatgaag tgattaaata gacaccaata tagtttaatt     88920
     tgattatgaa gtatatttaa aaccatatac tgttgatccg actacgtgag gcttaagttt     88980
     gatttctttt catgacatta tagaacagaa cagcttcata agcattgtaa aaagcattat     89040
     aagcatttgt tttacatgtc aaaaaatgga agagaggttt ttggtttgtg tgcgtacttt     89100
     agattttcac agcaaaattg tctccgattc ttcaaataaa aatcttggtt ccaaacctgt     89160
     atgagtttct ttcttatgtt aaacacaaaa gtagatacct gaagataata aaaacttcca     89220
     tagtaggaaa aacaaatact atggaagtca gtggttagag gtttccaaca ttcttcaaaa     89280
     tatcttcttt tatgttttat gtatatcttc ttaagaaaga aactatcaaa agtttgagac     89340
     aagtcaatgg tgcttaaatg atgatgaaat tgggtgaatt gtcctttaaa ggagtatttc     89400
     aatttcagac tgaggtcacc gttgacttcc agaatatttt ccccttctat tgaagtcaat     89460
     ggtgcccatc aacatttttc aaaatgtctt tgtgttcaac agaaaaactc atacaggttg     89520
     tagatcaagg gcaggttgaa catgatgtgt tctaatcctt tattcattta ttcaatcaat     89580
     tttttttggc ttagtcttta atttatcaaa ggttaacaca gcggaatgaa ccaccaacta     89640
     gtccggcaaa tatgttttac tgagtggatg ccctttcagc cgcaacccag tgctaggaaa     89700
     cacccataca cacccattca catacacaca cacttgtata ctatggccga ttttgttcac     89760
     ctaattcccc tatagtgatt ggggaaacca gagaacccgg aggaaaccca cgcgaacatg     89820
     gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaatc ccagctggcg cagcttggac tcaaaccagc     89880
     gacctttttg ctgttaagtg acagtgctaa ccagtgctaa ctgtgccatc caactactcc     89940
     tttagtacat gaaaattctt acatttgggc cctctaaaac gtcatctctc ttaaaactgc     90000
     gatccttctg aaagttgctg tatgcagagc tgcaggtgct atataggcag tttgagctgt     90060
     catatttttc cgattttaaa tatttttcca gaacaagcag tttatgaacc ttaaaatatg     90120
     ttttcatcta tcacaagatc aagaataagt tgattcatca taatgaatcc accgtgaata     90180
     cgactagctg cataagactt ttgttaaaga aaaagtgctg tttcagagga aaatgtgcag     90240
     ttcaagcaca aacagcaaca ttttgactaa ttctgtactg acagaattgc agttgtaagt     90300
     attgagagaa gcagaggaaa agctcagttg agttgttatg cgagcgcaga tggattcatg     90360
     agaaagagac aacatggctg caagaagcaa ttacaaaaac agtggaaaac accatgtaac     90420
     acgaactaga tttccaccaa tattaatata tcaatgcaca acatgattca aagggcttct     90480
     gttgactctc actgcatgaa aagtggagta ggagaactaa acaaatagtg tgtttgcaaa     90540
     aaaacatgca ttggaaataa atctgtggac actcatatag ctttcttgta tgcatttgtt     90600
     gcactgtgtt gcactggtat attcttgcaa tgaccaaaaa tactttgaag aagtcatatg     90660
     agtttttctt ttatgccaaa atatcactag aatattaagt aaagatctag ttatatgatt     90720
     tttttaatca tgctgtaaat tgtgtactgt acatatatca aaactcatct tttgattagt     90780
     aatgtgcatt gctaaacacg tcatttgaac aaatttaacg gggactttcc tcaatttttc     90840
     tgaaccttcc gattccagat gttcaaatag ttttatgcca cccaaatatt gacaaattaa     90900
     acaaaccata catcaatgga atgcttgttt attcagcttt catatctttt atctatataa     90960
     tatattaaat ctaatataac atataaacaa ggtgttaata ttaaactaca tatatacagt     91020
     tgaagtcaga attattagcc cccttcacat ttttttcttc tttttaaaaa tattttccaa     91080
     atgatgttga acagattcag gaaatgttca cagtatgtct gataatattt ttttcttctg     91140
     gaaaaagtct tatttgtttt atttcagcta caataaaagc agtttttaat tttttaaaca     91200
     ccattttagg gacaaaatta ttagcccctt taagctatat tttttctcga tagtctacag     91260
     aacaaaccat cattatataa ctcgcctatt taccctaacc tgcctagtta acctaattaa     91320
     cctagttaag cctttaaatg tcactttaag atgtatagaa gtgtcttgaa acatatctag     91380
     tcaaatatta tttactgtta tcatggtaaa gagaaaataa atccattatt agagataagt     91440
     tattaaaact ttaatgttta gaaatctgtt gaaaaaatct tctctctgtt aaacagaaat     91500
     tggggaaaaa ataaacaagc ggtctaataa ttcagggggg ctaataattc tgatttcaac     91560
     tgtatatatt aggtggcctt aattactatg tacttaagag cacttactgt gattggtgca     91620
     cttgtggtgg gatgtgtgta tggttttcga catggtggat ggtatgggta gttttaaggg     91680
     tggcttaagg tgtaagggat ggtcaacagt gtaattgcaa gtgcaaataa agaaattaat     91740
     tacagatgta attatataca gcaatttaat taatcacaag tacaatgtaa acgcaggtat     91800
     ttacacaata agtacattgt aacaaatgat taatttcagt gtaagtacat attagttaag     91860
     cccacctaat ttaaataaaa aacaagttaa aattaaaata aaaaaaacct taagactgat     91920
     tttgtggtcc aattatgtaa catcaagact tccaaatcca aatgtaagat ccaaacagta     91980
     gcttgtttaa tgtataaatg acatgcagat aactccctga tcatgttgtg attcatctat     92040
     tatagtaaaa gttttagtaa ttaacttcaa agtattattg ctcgatggct gaaggctctg     92100
     ggggaatctt aaagcgggct ttataaatgt gtgggtcaga ggagagcagc acttgcatta     92160
     agaactgctg acacttgtgc attaggattt acagcatctt cttagagaga agattagtac     92220
     tcggagcgta gcctcacctc atttgatata agcagcacag atacaccagc aaatctctaa     92280
     acaataacgc tgaatctgtt caggtgaatt gtgactcaac tgctgaaggc tttttctatt     92340
     tttcatcgct cctccactcg ctcgctctcg agatttggga ggtttttgca aagctatttt     92400
     tatattcaga atccgacatc attagtgact acaaatttcc catttcacat ttagagaaag     92460
     cggcacattt ttaaggtgaa gggtagtact gtatatagtt tttttaagga tatgaagatg     92520
     tagggtgaat atttcttagg tttattttgg aagttgattt ctgtacagac atatctatta     92580
     ttattctcgc tgcagaaaag gtttttctgt tttttgaatt ttccatggtt actgcacatg     92640
     aaaatattga tgtagattaa taaacaagta gggctcgttt tccaacttgt attattccac     92700
     acattaaaag ctcttagaaa atttagatat attttcattc aaacgtgaca atgcaaagga     92760
     atttaaggtt tattcattta tttgtttaat tgtttttatt ttttgccaat gatacaattt     92820
     ttttctcatt aaataaatat atatattttg agaaaaatgg tgacctcatg cacatatgtt     92880
     ttttatcact ttctgttctt tgctgactgc aatgcagaat gaaaactttt tcaaacttct     92940
     tcagatcact tggttttcac tttaaacttg ttaaacatgt ttaaaacggc atataatatt     93000
     tgtttaaaac agacatagtg atgatttcca tggtttaaag cagtttttac tttctgttct     93060
     ttgatacttt tggcctgaaa aagctgtttt agggcttgaa aagttgtttc ccgctacgca     93120
     gtatgacttc tttttcaaag ttcatcagat acttagtttt tactttaaat gtaaacatgt     93180
     ttaaaactgc ataaaatctt ttttaaaaca gaaggactgc ttattttcat ggtttaaagc     93240
     agttatcact ttgttttttg ctatttttgg cctggaaaaa aaagctgttt tagggcctga     93300
     aaagctgttt cctgcaccac agaataaaaa ctttttgaac ttcttcagat cacttggttt     93360
     tcactgtaaa cttacacaac tttaaaactg tgtttaactt ttttaaaaca gaaagaatga     93420
     tgattttcat ggctcgaagc agcaaatact ttctgttctt tgctactttt ggcccgttta     93480
     aaaagctgtt ttagggcctg aaaagctgtt tcctccaatg cagaatgaca accttttcaa     93540
     actaattctg ttcacttggt tttcacttta aacttgttaa acatgtttaa aactgcatat     93600
     aatctttgtt taaaacagaa agattgatga atttcatggt ttaaagcagt ttttactttc     93660
     tgttctttgc tacttttggc ctgaaaaagc tgtttcaggg cttgaaaagt tgtttcccgc     93720
     tacgcaaaat gacttctttt tcaaagttca tcagatactt agttttcact ttaaacgtaa     93780
     atatgtttaa aactgcatac aatctttttt ttaaaacaga aggactgctt attttcatgg     93840
     tttaaagcag ttatcacttt gttttttgct atttttgtcc tgaaaaaaag ctgctttagg     93900
     gcctgaaaag ctgtttcccg caaagcagaa tgacaatttt ttttgaactt cttcagatca     93960
     cttagttttc actttaaact tgttaaacat gattaaaact gcatataata tatattaaaa     94020
     acagaaatag ggatgatttt cctgatttaa agcagttatc actttctatt atttgctgaa     94080
     aaagctgttt tagggcctgg aaagttgttt cccacaacct tgaatgactt atttttcaag     94140
     tttcatcaga tcacatagtt ttcagtttaa acttgacatc caaaataaga ttaagaattg     94200
     ctgttgtttt ccttccaaag gcaattgctg tttatgaatc accagaacac tgttgaatgg     94260
     attgtaccaa aatcagactg atattgtgag tctgaaacct tctgcttttg aacattcaaa     94320
     accttatagt tgctgagaac ccagatttca tcaaatctag ccccagtctc tctctgatat     94380
     catcataagc cttcaacgct gatatgtgca tacacaccac acaatgttag gtttgcatga     94440
     ttgaatgtat tttgagtcct cacttgaaag ttttgcttgt tcccataaca acgtctctct     94500
     catcgaatct cagctttcac aacgtggctg aaacaaatcc atcttgcaga acactggcgt     94560
     aaatccagat cgtctgtttt tccaaccctg gcaacctctg ataaggcact tacacgccat     94620
     tcttatccga aacgtccagt cttctgacat ttactctagt ctcaaaatat gtgggggtgc     94680
     acggcctcta gtgtcttttg aaacactgct catttcgcat ctatgctgtg attaaatgta     94740
     ctgcgcaagg ttacgacatt aaacagaaga atcccagtaa acagaagtgc tgacggtctt     94800
     cagctttaat cctgtgttat aatatgacat taaactccct ttcttttttg ctccaactta     94860
     atgtcctagt atttcatgct attaaaactc acataagcct attagattgc tttgcgatgt     94920
     ggaaatatgt agagtttatg taagtagact tgattcttga agacttgcac aataagagca     94980
     aaaattgaca caatatcttt ctctgttgtg acagtctgat tatttgactc ctaaattctt     95040
     gatgtgggca agtatgatgt cagactatgc aatgcttcct gattaatcat ggttgacatc     95100
     tttaaatgaa ccagtgactg acttaaaggt ctacgtagca attttttaag aaacgctgaa     95160
     acgtatgatc ttattctgca ttcctaatcc aatacccaaa cccaactact gcctaactaa     95220
     ctattaataa gcagctaatt agtattttat tgagctgaaa gtcatagtta aacccacaat     95280
     tgttaagcag cctgcagatt tttgtttagc aaatcattga atttgtttat ctactatgat     95340
     taatgtgtgt aaataaatgt gcattcagtt tttatttcca tttccatagt attattaaat     95400
     aatatgcaaa tgttaaatat gatttttaat tattgaatta ttttcaatca ttggctgact     95460
     tctttaatgc cattcatcat gtcattatga aagcggaacc agcaactgac ttaaaggtct     95520
     actatgaaac aacttttttt tttttttttt aaacaccagt cgaaccacat tttcaaattt     95580
     cattgtcaat cttagccaat cataagggtt tgttttacat caatttcaaa ttttctacag     95640
     ttttggaacg acctcctcct gaatccttaa aaaatgcttt tgaccccagt gtttaaccca     95700
     gtgatgggca aactcggtcc tggagggccg gtgtcctaca cagtttagct ccatctctta     95760
     tcaaacacac ctgcttatag gtttctagtg atcttgaaga cactgattag cttgttcagg     95820
     tgtgtttgac tagtgttgga acaaaactct gcagggacac cggccctcga ggatcaagtt     95880
     tgcccatccc tggtttaacc aatatccaaa aacttatgcc gagttcagac tgcatgattt     95940
     taaaagtagt cgtgtcacag atgttttcac actgcatgac tatctgggct tgcgtttcgt     96000
     cgctgctttg tttacactgc aagatggttc ggcgacatgg acattcacat tgcatgactt     96060
     aactataggg agaatcgccg acaacttcgt ccaaactacg tctcacagcc aaaaacatgt     96120
     agtatatctt ttgttattaa ctacataatg agaaagaagc ctttaatggg gtagaacatg     96180
     tacatgtttg ctcacctggg cttaaaggga attagccatt tctcctcaac ttaagttgat     96240
     aataaactaa tttctttctg tatgaaacgt caaacagaca cagtagctcc tgagtcctgt     96300
     caaacctcca ctagtttttc ctccatttcg tgggtccaaa taaaccgaaa aagagcgctt     96360
     ttaacttctc ccccagcctc ccgctggcct gcagcaggta aacacgcaca cacacacaag     96420
     tgaaagctgc tctctcattg gctgtaggcg atggctgatg ttattttcag tcaaaactca     96480
     attcacacgg cataatttga atcgccgaca gctccagata tttagcacgc caaatatctc     96540
     acaggcatcg gcgactcatc ggcgattctc tcagatcgcg tctttgatcg ttcatactgt     96600
     gtgattatca ctcacgtgca cgagcagcga tttacctgtg atttcaggca tttgtcggcg     96660
     atttctcaaa acctgtcggc aagccaaaat cggggctaaa atcacgcagt ctgaactagg     96720
     cattacagtc acttacagcc aatcaacact aaggggcatg tctagtaata tgattttaac     96780
     actgaggagc cacaaatgca tatgaaggcc acatttaaag gagctatcta attgggcctg     96840
     ttcacaaatg gtcacttaat gcatagctat ctgtttggtg taaacgtttt attatctgct     96900
     tgttatgtgg tgacgtatca aatactgttc ccgggtccaa gccactacac gtttgaattg     96960
     agaaattatt cttttaggac cactttatag tcatttcaca ttaaagtaaa ttctatgcaa     97020
     aatcatgatg tacacatgac tctctggact ctgcatctca gacaccaata tttgaacaat     97080
     ttctaaaaaa aaaaaaaaca atcactttct ggccatcgaa tattaggcat ggctgtatat     97140
     attgcgatca ctgtgacaaa agtgttacag tgctttgtaa acgtttgtta ttaccagttt     97200
     attatcacgt gacatcacac ttaagaagcg gattatattt gtccacatat atgcttaaca     97260
     gatataaatc tgatcttcaa atcctgcaca ataagcaaat taactaggtt acattgacta     97320
     aagcatcaga tacaccttgt tttatttaac tattatacat tttttttaca gaaatgtaag     97380
     ctacatatat attccgcata caaatgattt catatgtagg acacaggtgg ctttgtactt     97440
     caatagtttt tttagtaaaa catcatcaca atgcagagtc aacatgtata ggttaaaatg     97500
     atacactgtc gcttcacagc ataaaagtcg ctggttcgag tcccgacttg gctagttggc     97560
     atttctgtgc atggtttgca tgttcttccc atgttggcat tggtttcctt cgggtgctcc     97620
     agtttccccc acacacagac ttctgtatag gtgaattggg tcaactaaat tgattaatgt     97680
     aagtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgaat gagaaagtat gggtgtttcc cagtactagg     97740
     ttgcagctga aaggtcatct gctgcataaa atatatgcca gaattgttgg cggttcattc     97800
     tgctgtggcg accccttata aataagggac taagccgaaa gaaaatgatg aatgatgtct     97860
     tgcttgtgta ttcattcatt cattttaatt tatttgtgta caatcaactt taccaaaaac     97920
     aaaacactgt gccattgtaa acgaataaag cgctatattt ttctagtagt tttccctcca     97980
     ttcacatagc tctgtgatct gatattcatt tgatattaat tttacattct aatcatatta     98040
     cttaactgtt aatggtcggt cagacataaa ataataaatg aaacaaacac cctaaactgc     98100
     gatctgtggc attgtcattg cgtaaatgat tgattctcgc atcccaacca ccattgtcct     98160
     taattcatta ccataacaat ctacgtcaaa tggtttgtgc taaaactggt ttgatatcat     98220
     attgacctta ttctgcgatt gttttttgtg attgttgaca cctgtcttat ttagttcggt     98280
     tcattttcct ttttggtgcg gttcatttgg gcaagtgtga aagtacagta gcaatcgcac     98340
     ttgagtgcac accaaaagcg gaccaaaaaa gcagaccaag acctgcttga atagttggtc     98400
     tcagtacgct ttcaaataaa ccatggagcg gttagtttgt ggtgagaaca tgatctgaac     98460
     taaaacagac ccaaccacaa aaagtagtag cccgatgcgc tatcccatct tatgggatgt     98520
     ggaggaaaaa taactgacag cgctttacca accaatttta aacagataga gagagggaaa     98580
     aacatgacct gatgggtcat tggtaatatt tccggaagat gaccaagtcg cagaaattat     98640
     tcacgcctcc tcctgaagtt acttgcaatg cgacttcact gtttgcaatg cattaaagca     98700
     ttgtattcca gccggagcca cgctttattc tcgaaatgta tatatgccta aagtgatgta     98760
     cacaaactat ttagtatact ataaccaggg atacaatcag ccagcgcagt cgttcctcca     98820
     aagtaaaaag gcgacatttt gtgtttgttt acctgcgaga gttccattgg ccttttccca     98880
     cacgttaatt ctaaccaatc gaaaagcagt taaagaaata cgttcaataa catctgacta     98940
     tacataaaaa gtagaataac ttcagaagaa aatgtcagtc aatcagcata acaacctgtt     99000
     tttaccatct taaagtcaga cgtgaaagag accggaagtt gagccaaaaa gattccagtg     99060
     gctcgtaggt gaagaataag gtcaatagcc tgcgttaagc ttgcttgtgt ataacaaagt     99120
     atatcaacaa agcatccatt ctgatgcgat gaaagcgaac aaatcatctg tttggatagt     99180
     gaattgttgg actacacttg ttcctgtgca gctgtatctg tttcctctgc tctctggctc     99240
     tcttttcccc ttattttatt tccacagcga atattgagca caagcattga cagactacag     99300
     cggcctgtac agtactgtgg aaaatgagcc cacaacagcc attaatggac ctgcttttca     99360
     acattattgt tgcctttatt gcttgcacag gataaaataa tttccttaat gtcgtaatat     99420
     ttgtttcctg aaggaaaacg ctaaatgaaa cagaacatga aatgacatga ataaatgcag     99480
     cacaaggaaa gtaacgtggg gaaactgtta tgatttcatt gcgtcacatg caatatctta     99540
     tatgccgttt gctttgcgca agccgttgta gtacgctatg atgatgacta aatgaagcgc     99600
     aggggtgtga aaagggcacg gcaagtttta agattgctgc atggcaaaaa tatgttggca     99660
     aatcttgtta tgcaaggaag ttcagcttag tgtcgtccaa gaacaaggag agctgataga     99720
     aattacttct gaatttattt gaagcactcg agttcttaca tgcttacatg ttcttacatc     99780
     ttacatgcaa aagacttttg gcgtaagacc aaaacatcag gtgatctgac cttaaaagtg     99840
     cagctatttt gcattttgca tcagtggctt attatgtatg taaatttgta tgtttggctg     99900
     acaacctttt ttctaaggtg gctcatgtca aagacaaaag gaaaaccgtt tttttttggt     99960
     aaagttttag tttaagtacc aattcctgct attactacta gcttactacc tgcctattaa    100020
     taagatattg gctgtttatt agtagtcaaa atatgatcat attctacatc cttaatccta    100080
     cacaatatct aaacccaact actacctcac taaaggctga tttatacttc tgcgttaagt    100140
     gattggcgtg acccacggca cctgccttgc gcgtagttgt gcatttattc ttctgtgtgc    100200
     tgtttgtgtt gctctgcact ttcgatacac taactggcag taggtgttta tgttcctctg    100260
     tgtcgagttt cttcatgggt attttgtttt ttctgaatgc tttaagtagc taaaactcag    100320
     gctgcatcgg aaactgcata cttccatact atatagtacg ctaaaatcag tatgtgagct    100380
     gagtggtatg tcctaattcg aaaacaagta tgcgagaagt acccagatga cttactactt    100440
     ccggcgagat tctgaagtgt gcatcccatg cacgctgcgc taacccatgc cgcctcgcaa    100500
     gagaattcat gaatgggaga gaagcgacgc aactgacaca ggtaggtcac gtgaccatga    100560
     caaaatggtg gatgtagtac atctgaatac cattcatact tttcacattc atactctata    100620
     gaacctactt tatttaacat ccgagtggta cgtttaaatt caaatgcagt acctattgag    100680
     tagtaggggg ttttagacgc agtctcactc attcagaggc gggaaccggc ggacgtgcaa    100740
     caactttaat cataaggtaa acacaagaaa agtctccatc tggagctcct ttatgggact    100800
     cgacacttgt aaactatctt accatcgggc tcgtggctct cagcaccgcc gacgcttgtc    100860
     agcactacct agccgaccta tcatatgtgt tgttgcgaca tgtagttaca ttttttgaga    100920
     agtgcgcatc cgggtctgcg tcagccacag cgtgggttat gcgaccgcgc aaaggctgta    100980
     cgtgtgttgc agaagtataa atcagcctta actattaata tatagcagct aattagtatt    101040
     tcattgagat aaaagtcata gtaagactca catggaatct gcacatgcaa aaatccacag    101100
     attttttagc aaatcatctt ttttttattt gtttgttaaa cttttacaga acagagcttt    101160
     acagaaaaaa agaaacaaat tattattttc aacccttccc ccttaaacaa aatgaaacta    101220
     caataacaca aaaaatatat catcaaatct tttttttaac ttaagtaaaa gtgtgtaatg    101280
     tatatatata tttttttcat tcaattttaa tatttatttc agtaatatta actaatatgc    101340
     aaatgtttat atgatttatt tacaataaag tttgtagttt ttagttggta tattgtttga    101400
     gagactttgt ttagcaaaaa tgaggggatc taattggatt tgcattgtaa acctagaata    101460
     aaagttgaca agttattgtt tcatgtttta gttactatac tcacaaaatg tacttttctt    101520
     taaacataat tttgtgcaga aaaggcaaat ctggaaaaac aaatctggat tttgtcgggc    101580
     cctcgtcata gttaatggtt tgttaacagc gagaattgta ccttaaagta aagtggaccc    101640
     aacattcact agggtacaag cagatcttat ataaacattc aaatgacaag ttgggtctga    101700
     gattgtgctt tgattgtttt gattggctgt agagtatgga ggtctggggc tggacttcag    101760
     ctatagtttg gctgttgctg aagaactggg gaacatcaac tgtggaggga ttcccatggc    101820
     catcggcgtc cagagcgaca tggctacacc tgcactggcc aggtaatgtc actttctaga    101880
     ggaatttatt tgtttgtatc tttaaatgta cacttcaccc aaaaatttgc ttcacttgtt    101940
     caaaacttat ttgagtttgt tttttcttct gttgaacaca agggaagata taccaaatat    102000
     tggggggaag aacagccact gacttccata gtattttttg ttccaatgga cgtcatttag    102060
     ggacgtgatt gtaaattcca gatttccctg ttctcttatg tatgtaaaat acactgtgta    102120
     taaaaacaat gattgtgtgt agtcatataa tatgtgtttg tcagggagca gcaactacca    102180
     atactaatat actgataatg ctaataatac taataatgaa ttctgcacac tgcacaagct    102240
     atggcattat cattgagcgg cgttgtttga aacggtccag agccagataa aattggtttt    102300
     tattgtagtt atttaacatc actatgaggc agtttagcaa gtataaacct gtttgattta    102360
     aaattcttca ggtaactagt aaactactta acatttgaat tgataaaaca aaatcatttt    102420
     aattgtgtgg ctaagtataa aatgtttata tcaagtccat agtttttaca tagttaaaaa    102480
     aaaagtttgt atttttttag tgcgtaaaaa tctattgaat tagagctact ctagctttaa    102540
     cattacgtaa ggtgatttag attagtttga ttgtattttt actttgactt tgttataaat    102600
     atacggctgt attattatta ttttgtatta tttacccata gaatttcttt agctgatcct    102660
     aaaaaaagcc tttataaagt cttaaattta ccccataaga cctgcagaaa ccttgttttt    102720
     tccgacattt ttcagaatat attgttttgt gttcgacaga agaaataaat tcataaaaga    102780
     tcagaaccaa ttaagtgtga gtaaattatg agaatttttt tttattttgg actgaacaat    102840
     cactttagtt cagttttgtt cctttataat tgtattagtt tgactaaaat aatgtaaata    102900
     taatttaaca ttttaaaata cttttttttt cacaaaaact attattttaa atacattttc    102960
     cactcaaatt ccattttatt aaataatgaa attaaattat tttaaatagt ttttatttta    103020
     attaataaaa tgtaaagatt ttatcaaata atgcagtaaa atctatagta actctcagag    103080
     cagctctcca catcacagac tgatcaaatc tagttttaaa ggtgacctat atacaagatg    103140
     taaaataagt ctctaatgtc cctagagtgt gcatgtgaac tttcagctca aaatacccca    103200
     aaaataatgt tttataactc tttgaaactg cccactttag gctttgatca cttgaggctt    103260
     ttgaccgttt tggtgactgt tgctttaaac tcaaatgaga tgtgattctc ttttcaaaag    103320
     agggcggagc tacaaatgcc tgtgtccgca aactggcagc ttctaaaaca agactaacat    103380
     tctatgctaa tgagggagag attgtcacta atgggcgggg ctttctccct ctgatgacac    103440
     gtacaaaggg agaatgtcaa gtaaagtgtt tctgcagact gtttttaatc aagtgcgatt    103500
     ataaaacata gaattaatac attttcacca ttagaggctg gctatattca cacacttttg    103560
     ctacaaaact gtttaaacac cttataaaag tgatttttgc ataatagatc ccctttaata    103620
     gaaagcataa taacatctga agccgtttat cctcaccata tgctgataga ctcataacaa    103680
     tgtaaatcat gtgtcatgtc aactaaaaac agtaattatg aggacgactc cttttctttt    103740
     ttagtatctg acagcagcag gtattataat acagcagata tattactgtg cttactctct    103800
     ggatacagcc attctccgcc gcattttcat tttgggctgt ttggattttg attactgtgc    103860
     tttgtgtttc tgccctatgg aagcttttct gaaattgcat ttgctgctag gaaatgtaaa    103920
     tctccgtaat gcatgctgtc ttacaagctt tcagtgactg aggatgtgat ttgtgtgatg    103980
     ttgtaggttt ggatctgcag agctcaagaa agagtttctg cagcccacca taatgggaga    104040
     cgtggtggtc tgcctcgggg tgagcgaaac cggcgccgga tctgatgtag ccagtaagtg    104100
     tttcactgaa ggtcttgtat aacatgcttg tttggttatt ttaaacataa cactacacgc    104160
     aaatctaaaa tgacctttta aaataaaggt agggggggga ttaaaagatg tgtctgtgaa    104220
     aaaccagatg ggtctatgtg cagatctgtt ttccatgatc tcaattttgt ttgtgaagta    104280
     aaaaccgggg ctggtggaaa atattaatga ggttattaaa gaaaactgaa gttgttataa    104340
     ggtcgaaata aaacttagtt gatgtactag aactaaatta ttaaccaagc aataaaaaat    104400
     taaaaccaat gaaaaaaaaa aagtaaaaat aatgacttta ggtttaaaat gagtcataaa    104460
     tacacactaa tatattttag taaaaaaatt atatttatgt actaaaactg aaattaaaac    104520
     attaaaccat atagaatagc tacatagaat taaaaactgt taaaacaaat ctaaaactaa    104580
     aacataaata tttaagattt aagtattaaa actgaaacaa aataaacaaa tcatgtagaa    104640
     ataaacaata aggaagtaaa gtcatatata aatatgatgc aaataaattt tttttaataa    104700
     aaacctaaat taaatgtaat aaaaaaacat aatatataat aaattataat aataaatatt    104760
     tttctttaag tattacaaat tacgaactag aagtgaaata aaaacaaatc agcatcatat    104820
     agaaataagt taggtaacaa acacataact aatacaagaa taaatcctga aaacattaaa    104880
     ataaatatta atttaaaata tttataaata ccattattat ataaatgagc aatatcacat    104940
     gagtagcaat gatgtcttcg tgtcccaccc atgacgatat acagtcatat cacactacta    105000
     caagtgtgat attgcattta tacaacagtt cgacagcatt gtcgtgtata taaaaagaaa    105060
     atcaaacaca aagtttaaaa aacccttttc tgagaggaac agtaagttgt tacttcacaa    105120
     gcatcacttt agagctagtg tttgaataat tctcaagcgt aatgtctagt gttgacaaaa    105180
     cagctgattt tgctcacatt ttaagattca gtctacatac atttccctgt atttctctgt    105240
     tgcaatcagg atttcacaat aattaacgct ataaatgaca gaacaatgca aacactagta    105300
     gattattatg gtataaatac agcactataa catacaaaag agagagatcg acttagagta    105360
     tcacttacct gttttataat gatttgatca gctgtagttt gaaatctaca ctgaaaaaat    105420
     gcagtttttt cctccccagt ggacttattg tgcggtctct gtcgctattt tatggcgcag    105480
     catcaaccat cttttgctct gctgagtatg acaggctgat gaccgccaac attctgaatc    105540
     tcagaaatta ttaatataat tagtaagcac tgtccttcta aataaactgc atagttgcaa    105600
     tctaaacatc tacattctca cctaaaagcc ccaaaagtaa attatgttgt ccaacagctg    105660
     caatatctgt caaactgtag tcctctgctt cccacttgtg tgggcggagt aatacacaag    105720
     ggtgaagagg ctctacaagt gctgatatta ctttaagatc tcactatctc agccaattag    105780
     attgtaggat cagacagaac tattgtataa acaacaataa agcaacattc acaacataaa    105840
     aacagtactc tattcaataa aagcagaact ttttggtgga gcagcggcag ggtggatctt    105900
     aatgataatt tattaacttg atttaaattc atattttatt attggtagta gtatttccca    105960
     cctgaaccac atttatttac tacatacgca ctatttattt atgttcttat gtctctatta    106020
     tttaggcact ggaagctcct ttctctaaga cagattcctt gtgtgtgcag tcacgcttag    106080
     caaaaacagc ttctattatc aaacgaataa attttaagtg atattgtgct gctcctcaaa    106140
     atgtgctttt cttgctgggc cctgcacccc agaccgagaa ccactagttt atgaataaat    106200
     ctccatctct cccaggcatc aagactaaag ctgtccgcaa aggagatgaa tatgtgatta    106260
     acggagggaa gatgtggacc acgaacggca ctcaagcaga ctggatgtgc ctgctggcca    106320
     acaccagcga cggccctcca cacaagaaca aatccctgat ctgcctgccc atgaaactgc    106380
     ccggtaaaac acacacaaat attacaaaaa aaactattaa aaaaaataac aacgtgctaa    106440
     tgctaaacac atccgcaggt gttcacattg ctcgcaagat caataaaatc ggcatgcact    106500
     catcggacac agcagaggtg tttttcgatg atgttcgtgt gccctgctca aacgtgattg    106560
     gtcaggaggg aatgggcttc acctatcaga tgctgcagtt tcaggaagag cgactctggg    106620
     gggtcgcaaa cagtaagtaa acattaccat tactacatgt gttgttgacg tgacattgca    106680
     tttccactgt cacacatgac aaaatttgta gaattcatat tgtcgccatt tgaaatgcag    106740
     taaatcaggg gtgtccatac tcggtcctgg agggccagtg tcctgcagat ttttgatcca    106800
     acttgcatca acacacctgc aagaatgttt ctagaaagcc tagtaagagc ttgattagca    106860
     agcccaggtg tgtctgactg gggttgtaac taaactttgc aggacgccgg ccctccagga    106920
     ccgagtttgg acacccctgc agtaaatggt gaaaggtcct gtgaaattaa aataattttt    106980
     ttagatgtta gaattactat gttggtttta aggatatcca taagctagtg tgtataaact    107040
     ttgcgtttag aagatataaa gctgacataa acttccaaag cttcctaaat gggacaacgt    107100
     tttttttttc tcacatcatc tcatacttca gttttacatc aattttcctg actaaacaaa    107160
     tgctctctag tatctgacat gccccgcccc cttcttgtta gcttttcatt tttttgcact    107220
     tgagcttaac cacagtcagt ggcagagctg taagaaaaca aacatattaa cggtttattt    107280
     aaaaagggga ggggctacat tatgtcctgc ccactcttca tgtttcagtt gtgattacat    107340
     caatcatcaa attaaaaaaa attgcacatt ttaaagcact tcacgggagc tttaaacata    107400
     tctttgtctt ccgtggacct attgttataa aacgactgtt attatatttt tttaggcaaa    107460
     tctcaatctg ctgtcttata gtgtgaccgt ctcaagcata gttcaataaa ttatatccgt    107520
     tataaactat taagattttt tttttatcat taataaatac ctcatcttac aaatggcaat    107580
     catccatata tttctaaaaa cacagtacat tctcagaaaa aaggtacacg gtggtacaaa    107640
     taatgctcct taaggaacag ttttgtacct ttgtaaaagt tgtaccttat atggtacaga    107700
     aaacacctct tatgatactg ttctgtacct tttatggtgc aattgaaatg gaggtaacca    107760
     attgttctca tacaataggt acagaagtgt tggacagctc cttctttatt acaatatctt    107820
     tgaaaataaa tatgactgga aaggtgactg gaagtgattt tcatattcaa acatgaatca    107880
     ttatttcaaa gtgttaaaac atgtatcaat tatttaaaaa aattttaaag aaactcataa    107940
     acattcatta ttaagttcta taatacaaaa caactggtaa aacaaaacta tagcttttgt    108000
     aaactaaaca tttaatgcat ttttaataaa catttggtaa gcatttttag ataattacag    108060
     tttcttgatt gatgtccgca tcttttgccg tttgctttcc actacacatg tgagctgctc    108120
     ctaaatatgc agtgtccacg cagacatttt agtattgtca aactaatcaa acattgtgca    108180
     tatctcgtta caatactttt acataattct atttctattt taaaattaag tcaattaact    108240
     gaaagtgtgc ttttttgtct gattcatgat tcattatgtt agcagtatat aatcaaagtg    108300
     agatagatga aaaaaataac ctgactttct acaagtgaaa catgagcaca cattgctttg    108360
     catcttataa acacaaccaa gccttaaaaa taagttagtg accccttata aactacagaa    108420
     ataaaataat tctttctaca aaaatggttt ctcacactat ttgtcaacta cccacaaatc    108480
     aaacatgacg tcaaacattc cgatgacgtt tgggattggc acaaacatga tgtcagtagt    108540
     gcctgcgtgt gtgtgtaatg aatccagatc actctcgctt aagactgacg agtgtttacc    108600
     gatgagtcag tgcacaggag aacttgtttt atttagtttt aaacaacaag gaagtaaaag    108660
     aactgacatt taagatcatc agcaaacatg tctggctact ttccgtctag cagttgtcct    108720
     cctccatcta cttcatttgt tattggaact tatttgctga catcaatcga aatttttccc    108780
     tgatacagtc atgcttcttg ttttgtgttt tccctcaagt tttgacggtg atggagaaag    108840
     ttgtccagga gactattcag tacaccagac agaggaagat cttcaatcag cccattttac    108900
     acaatcaggt ggttcacttt aggctggctg agctgcagat ggagattgag ctcctgcgct    108960
     ctcttctaca tcgcgccacg ggttagttta caccttttcc caaattattt cagaaggatt    109020
     cataggggag tttcaatatg caatttcatg ggtttgggtc cggcgggtct acagggcaga    109080
     tgacttccaa attaataatg gaaagtaata gtgtgaacgc tgggttgcaa ttcctttttt    109140
     catcccttag gttgtgatgt taaaaactgg agttaaaagc catacattca ctgaccacct    109200
     tattaggtgc accgcttcaa ctgtttgtta acaagcagcc aattacacgg cagatactca    109260
     gtgcatttca atttgtcgat gtggtcaaga cgatctgcca aacttcaaac cgagcatcgc    109320
     aaaggagatt taaagggata gttcacccaa aaacctaaat tcttgcatta tttactcagg    109380
     ctttatgttg tgttttaata aatggaacgt tagtgtggtg atttatttgg acacccatca    109440
     gttcccttgt tccaaaccta tttgagtttt tttgtcctga aaagaagata tattgaagaa    109500
     aactgaaagc ctgtaatgac tgacttcaat agtttgttat tcagtggtac aaagtttcta    109560
     aaatatctta ttttgtgttt aacagaacaa taaaacttca aatgttttgg acagattaaa    109620
     tgatgacaga tttttcattt ttggctgaac tatcccttta agtgacttta cacgtggtgt    109680
     gtttgttttt gcaagaaggg ctgatctagg tatttcagaa attactaatt tataggaatt    109740
     tttacaaaca gttttaatgt ttacagaaaa tagtctgata gagacaaaat atacagtcaa    109800
     aaatgccttg ttgatgtccg gcatcaaagg agaatagata gactgattca gctatggata    109860
     gagttagggg tgtcacgatt tcgattttta gtcgaaatcg atcgaaattt atgctcagct    109920
     tcgattatcg aatcaaaaaa tagaatcgtc gatgctgtca cgcccccttg tcactttagc    109980
     ttggcttgcc aagcaggaaa aaacaggctt gttgaagtgc ttgttaaact gcagacgcag    110040
     gagacccgtc gacagaactt aaaccctctc ctctttcaat gaagtcgccg gtgtggaagc    110100
     aatttggatt tccagtaagt tatgttgaca acgttcgtgt tgtcgacaaa aaaaaacaaa    110160
     cacagtttgc aagctctgct atgtacgtat tacggttggg atgatagacg ataggcgcat    110220
     cgcgatcctc cgccccgcac ccgttgcaaa tccgctcgcg aaaaatacac actcaggccc    110280
     tgtttacact aatatgtctt tgtttttaaa tggcatttta gaacgacaac gatccacatc    110340
     cacactggtg tgtagtattt ctgagcagcc ctccatcctc actaccgctg aaaacacaca    110400
     tcatgtgacc acacacactc attcacacaa ggatacagac gcacacaaat tgtcatgcgt    110460
     ttgagacagc gggtcaaggc agttagcgag tcagtagact gcttccatct tttactttca    110520
     cacaagtact tagcgaacac ctcaggtact gttggctggt tcctgttggt tgtgcacctt    110580
     ttttaccgac gccattataa cgacacagat cactgcctat cccccagtcc cacagaaaaa    110640
     gtgattgaca ggtggtatgt gtgtaactta cctttattca tttactgtat gatttgttta    110700
     tgggtaaaac aaagaccatg caagtcaggt agtttaaacg gtaggctaca aataattaat    110760
     tcgttattaa ttaattattc ataatcgaaa atcgaattga atcgtgactt tagaatcgaa    110820
     aatgtaatcg aatcaaggat ttggaggatc gtgacaccct tagatagagt gcttcacccg    110880
     ttattcggat gagacgttaa ccgaggtcct gactctctgt ttccattaag aatcccatga    110940
     cacatctcgt aacaagtagg ggtgtaaccc cggtgtcctg gccaaagtcc ctcaattggc    111000
     ccttaagatc atggcctttt aatcatcccc accaactgaa ttggctctat cactgtctct    111060
     ttactccacc agtagctggt gtgtggtgag cgcactggcg ccgttgtcct atggctgccg    111120
     tcgcatcatc caagtggatg ctgcacactg gtggagagac ccccctcatg attgtaaagc    111180
     gctttgggtg tatggccata cacaataaat gtgctatata aatacacatt acatcacatt    111240
     cagctcatgt aaggtagtag taactcaagg ccagtaacta ccaaggtctg cataagagca    111300
     tctctgaaca caccacaaat caaaccttaa agcgtagtac aacagaagag cacaacaaaa    111360
     cagagactta gaacagtaca agacaggggt gtccaaactc agtcctggag ggccagtgcc    111420
     ctgcttagtt tagctccaac tttcttcaac acacctaaaa agcctagaaa gaggttgatt    111480
     agctggttca attgtgttta attggggttg gaactaaaat atgcaggaca ccggccctgc    111540
     aggaccgtgt ttaagcacta ctggtctaag atttaaaaat agctgttctg atgagtctca    111600
     atttctgctg tgagattcga atggtaccgt ctagggctgc acaatataca tcacaaaatt    111660
     attaataata ataatcattt atttcatgca tttgtaaccc accagtccta ctgcacccaa    111720
     cccgctctga gctgggatca aaccgccgat tctttccatt ggagttagtt gctctaacaa    111780
     ggaggttaaa gcacatggcg tcttgagtct gtcgctagag caactttaga ggtcagagga    111840
     gtgaaattta cctgcacagc acttggctag ctggcctccg ttacactcaa ccccctaatc    111900
     ttcactccca tcccagacga gcccccacat gtaacccacc aatccttctg cacccaaccc    111960
     gctctgagct ctcaattcca cattggtcat ctaaatttga ccaatcagat gactgaaata    112020
     aattcaagca acccgaatag aaaatacatc acttactaaa tgaaaagcaa tacatgcatt    112080
     gctagacaaa aaacacacat cgatagtctt tccccatgaa aatggcatac aacataatta    112140
     cctggcctgt gagagaatgc aaaaacaatt caaatcggtt ctattttttc tcctgttaag    112200
     agtggattaa gtaatagtgg attaaggtgg attaattttt ggttttccaa ctgaaaacat    112260
     aatagccaca ggacattggg ctagccctga tgctgaacac taacgctgtg tgttctgcac    112320
     tttgaccagc tctgtacatt aagggaaatg atgtgacgaa gttggcatcg atggccaagc    112380
     tgaaggcagg gcgactggca cgtgagctgg ctgacagctg cctgcagtac tggggtggca    112440
     tgggatacac cagtgacgtc cttgtcagca ggttctacag gtcagtttct gagctcaact    112500
     gagctgcgct gacatctagt gacatttcac agcaacaggt ttggattgca tgttttcact    112560
     cttgactata tggtggaaag caggaattca ccaagttgga catgttcctg tataaacatc    112620
     catgttgatc ctggaacaac attccaatca gccaatcaaa tgtaaggaat gacgttacag    112680
     tttatgttaa gtttaggctt atggttagta gggatgcaac aatacagtta gctcaaggtt    112740
     taaaatatac ctcagttttt taacaaggtt ttcggttcgg ttcggctctc acatgtgttt    112800
     atttattcta taggcaatag gaacaataag aggttaagga gaaaattaaa tcgacttatt    112860
     gcaatactca ttttgtttta ctaaaaagcc aagaaaagta cattagttcc tagtgaattg    112920
     tataaaaaat aacactgaaa tctcacagct gctggtagcc catgcacaaa ctggcgaaca    112980
     cataaaatcc cacactttga aaataaacat acgtttgaac tgtggaggtc gtacagaacg    113040
     gttcaatatt atattgtgaa ccgtggcatc actaatggtt agggttatgt gcttctacat    113100
     cacaatggaa aaaataatat gtttttagtt gaatgaaatg aacttttcta gtcatctcaa    113160
     tgaacatcaa tcaaactgac taaaaatata tatgattaaa ctttgtatcc agttattaga    113220
     gctctttgat tttgggaatt atttaggatt aggtttaggg tttggattat atactgaaca    113280
     ggattgatgt tccaggatca acatgaatgt ggttatgtcc aagaaaatat tttgtacagg    113340
     gttccaacac tttttgaaag tacttgaatt tcatattttt ggatttaagg cctggaatgt    113400
     actaaaaaac aaacataagt ccttgaaagt gctcatatta aatttgaaat aaaattagtt    113460
     tgttgttatt ttaacaattg tactgtgctg ctgtcaaaaa cagaataaaa aaagtttatt    113520
     tcttcattta caactcgttc atttaaattc tttgcaagaa catggacaaa taatgcacat    113580
     gatcaaaatt tcagaaagtg catttaaatt attactagta ttaaatttaa caaatgttat    113640
     tagttcttta aacatgactg ttcaaaaagc aaaaatgagt tcgatttcaa ttttttgttt    113700
     tagatgacac gttcaaaaca tcgtcataac tcgcacaatt tacatgtaaa tattgtgtga    113760
     aagtgagcaa attgtgtgag tgaaatgtta agtacagtaa ggactttcat ggtgttacac    113820
     atactggggg tgtaaatgac tacagtacct gattaaaaat tgaaaatcat tcaaactcct    113880
     tgaatttgct gattatgaca gagtgggaac tctgtaatgt ttcccatttc tttcagtgtg    113940
     taattaatca gtctctgcaa gtacacaagt tatatctaat agagaacttg gctaaaactg    114000
     atgccattat ctgctatttg tgtttacaac tgctttagct gccttgaaag ctaaaaccaa    114060
     ctattattat aggaattcca tttaaacatg ctcgaagcgg ttggccaatc aaaatgaaca    114120
     ggtttcactg gtcaaccaga gcattctggg cttttcagga gatttatgga aaccaaaact    114180
     cagttatact aacctgaaat ggaggtgctg cagtaatcag gctttccact cttttatgga    114240
     caccaaaatt aaagcgccat ttatttttat atcaagcaca tttttgttat tcctaacgca    114300
     gcaccattaa agtccttact gtacttaaca tttcactcac acttaatatt tacatgaaaa    114360
     aatgtcagag taattttcac atattttgac cgttttaaac agtcattttc ttttcagaaa    114420
     aaaatgttga attcaaaact ggcaatagtc aaatgtggtt tctgaaatat tgatcaaatg    114480
     aatacattca tttgcattag ttttagattt tgttttattt tgcagcacag cacaattgtt    114540
     gaaataacgc cataaaccaa tttaatttct catttaattc aagcaccttt aaggaccaaa    114600
     gtttgttttt aagtactttc caggcattga atccttgtgt ctgtaattaa agtactttca    114660
     agaagtgagg gaaccctgag caacgtggat tatgtgcaaa tggtgcattt tctaaacatg    114720
     aaaacttcta ttttaatatt tccagtatat caaatgacct tttaattggg catcatacaa    114780
     cctctttaaa agagcaaatg aatggtaaac caaatcctca atagtcaagg cacaagtaca    114840
     tctgctcttt ctgtttaaac agggactcca gattaatgtc cattggtgca ggagctgatg    114900
     aagtgatgct gtcaatcata tgcaagtaca tggacactct acccaggaag tgatgtcaat    114960
     gaaataaatt cagttcaact gaaacaaagt gcacttaaaa gaagaatcca acaccaattg    115020
     taatgatatc tagctgtact gtatgaatta gatatatcag ctgaaaaaaa atgaagatag    115080
     atgaattgca gtaaacaaat tggtgcctta ataaagactg ggatgatgaa aaccttctaa    115140
     ggtacatgta acatatgtaa attctgatta tagttgtaca cagtgtctaa catgcataaa    115200
     aaaataaaga tttcctaatt cttgaaaact gttggaattt tttgagaaca aagaattaag    115260
     actctcaaac ttttgacaac atagaggaaa tgtttatgta ataattctca aaatgatatt    115320
     tatttacaaa acactttctt aaaaactgaa ttaaaccatg catgacgtta accacagagc    115380
     ggaggagaaa taagcaagaa atatttagag ttctgggatt aatccttagt tggttaatat    115440
     acagaagtga attgcacatg atctcacata tctcattatt atttcacagt ttcaggatca    115500
     gccctttaaa gactataata tactgtactg tactgtataa cactaccgga cactagttgc    115560
     cccacaggaa aaaaataaat aaataaaaaa ggtttggtgg caactcttgc aaacaatgtt    115620
     gtaaagagga aaaataaaaa tgaataaggt ttcagttctg ggcatttatc ataacctgaa    115680
     tcatgaaccg cttgaaaatt ctcagtttct ctggaggaac tggattcacc aagtatgcat    115740
     ttgagtaaaa ctttaatatt tgttttattt tatacatgta ttttattata tatgtatttt    115800
     tatatatgta tttttgccca atttatttat tccactaaat attgctttgt taactctgct    115860
     gaaactgaaa cattgatgct ttaatgaata atttgcattg ctctaattta tttgcagatt    115920
     cagaagtgat gacattaaag gtcccatgaa gtgctttata atgtggatgt tttatctgat    115980
     gtttgacgta aatttaaacc gaaacaccaa tagagggtgg ggcagggtaa ctcctcccct    116040
     aaaaacagcc aatagcgttt tgtttaatca ccgctctgtc agctcaagca caaaataggg    116100
     gcgggccggg gcatgtcaga tactagagag cagtaaattg gttatgattt gatgagaaac    116160
     tgcagtatga ggttcatgtg aataaaacag ttgattcgtt tgggtgaagt gacaatctat    116220
     aagcttgaca tgttcatatc agttttatat cttctaaact tgaattctgt cactgttttg    116280
     attctgtggg acctttaata gattacagaa tagaagacaa atgacatttt attcaaacac    116340
     acatgattga ttttcttctg gaaactgcct tgaactggaa acctgtaacc attgacttca    116400
     atagtatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    116460
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata taaatccatt agaatttata aatcatcacc    116520
     cattcatagc aatgaagttc tcttaaaaga ataacacaaa caaatgttta attattactg    116580
     aattaaatat gcatgttttt ccagtataag tagcatttct ccattgaaga gactgtaatt    116640
     ttggggacag atgttttttt tttttctctc atattgcaca ttgtaactca atggttcaat    116700
     ttctaattca ctggccagaa aagcacattt gctcccctta attcctcctc attatcatca    116760
     ttaccatcat cataagtgtg aggattttgc tcttctaccc caaatgagca tggcatgtaa    116820
     taaagtcctg gatctcagga gttgtgtggt cacctgagtt tgatgaccca atacaggacg    116880
     aggaacacaa acagagcaaa cagcagcatg tagcagtaca ccttggtctg gcttcccctg    116940
     gagaggagct tcaatcggcc catggtggct cccagcagac ctccagtcga gtcaaagtct    117000
     gagtccttaa ggagaaaacg agtcagatat taaagctatt cacaatacta ctatcttaaa    117060
     aaagaaattt aattaaaggg gtttaacatg caagtacacg tatgaagtca gaattattat    117120
     cccctgtata cccccccccc caatttctgt gcaacagaga gaatattttc cagcacattt    117180
     ctaaacacat tagttttaat aactcatctc taataactga tttattttat ctttgctatg    117240
     atgacagtac ataatatttt actagatatt tttccagagt attcagctta aagtgacatt    117300
     taaaggcagt aggttaatta gacaagttaa attaggcaag tcgttgtata acagtggttt    117360
     gttctgtaga caatcgagaa aaaaataatg attaaggggc caataacact gaccttaaaa    117420
     tgactttaaa aacaaaaatt aaaaactgct tttattcaag ccaaaataaa acaaataaga    117480
     ctttctacag aagaaaaaac attataggaa atactgtgaa aaactccttg ctgttaaacc    117540
     tcttttaaga aatatttgaa aaagaaaaaa aaaacttcac agaagagcta atagtttaga    117600
     cttcaactgt atatactgta aatttgttta gcatgcttac gtttcaaaag attacagcgt    117660
     tgctttaacc acagcacaat tggaacttta gaatgcctta atgtgaatgc atgaatattt    117720
     attcttaaat cccaatgtca atcttttagt tttttttttt tttacaacag aacacttttt    117780
     aatttagagc tgcacaattt cagcattcaa tgtctgcatg tgaaattgtc acatccctgg    117840
     atctgcaatg ttgagatggg attatactaa atccaacacc accgctcaga agatgagatc    117900
     tgcaaagttt agccataata cattgaaatt agggatgctc atttcagtta attttgccaa    117960
     ctgacaactg ccacttgtta acagaatatt aaccattaac tggtcatatt aatattcaat    118020
     tattatttaa tttaaaaact tgtattttgt gtctgacaca ttaaatattg cattttaaaa    118080
     tacttattct aaaacacaca acaaagcatc ttcatgcaca atcagggaat cttccgtcca    118140
     tttcatattt gttttcaagc aaaaaaagga aaattaagaa aactgacgtt tttcggtttt    118200
     cttttgtttg caatagaaca aacttttttt gttgttgttt ttttttaggg taggaaaatg    118260
     gatagatgat tttaaaatta ataatgcaca tgtaggcagt gctgaacacc catttgtctc    118320
     tgattggtat tcaagatttg taaagtgcta actaagttcg gtgctaactg ataaagcatg    118380
     ttaaatagaa gctataaaat aataagatgc attacctcac tgtgatttaa ccattacaga    118440
     aacagatgtg cctggctata tcatatctag ataaatatgc ctagatatct atatcatatc    118500
     tagagagcta gtacaattta cgtttttctg actaattcgc gtgtatttac attgatatga    118560
     tgcacatttg atcaattagt tattgtattt caccaaaact acacacattt tttactgtga    118620
     aaacaaatta aaaaaagcta tttaaaaaat cagtagttac aactattcag ttttgcgaat    118680
     tgtattatta cctcatcagc tcctcaaaat aatgaatgat gatgatggga tttttttaaa    118740
     accatgtgac aactgtgcca ctcccacctg ccggtagaaa cagatactgc agaatagctg    118800
     acaatttaat tacatgactt aatagctgcg ttaactggag cacagtgatg tatgagctaa    118860
     ttttaaaaac tttgataaca aaataaattt tatacaacct atttttattt aagtgcaaca    118920
     tattccaaca aaagatcagg ggcttttgac aatacatcag gggcttaaga cgccacagtc    118980
     cccctcttga aacacactgt gcatttctgt gtgtgctgta catgtagaaa cacctttcta    119040
     tttgcacctg acacttccaa ggactcaatg ggaaaatctc atacatttgt ggtacaaatc    119100
     ttgtgaaatt atatcaatat cgcaatatat cgcagaaaaa ctaaatactg tcaatttttc    119160
     ccaagattgt gcagccctat ttcagatgca caaataaaag ctttgttttg ttactttaaa    119220
     attcaaacaa taaatgcttt attcttatac ttttcaatac atatttaata tataatgtac    119280
     gtttaaatga atccgttaca aaggaattgg attactaatt ggagtagaaa caatttcata    119340
     attagattta aattattgta aaaacagtct catgtttgca tttagaatta ttttagcatg    119400
     gatttcaata tctaaaaact aattgcaact gaatttaata aaggtccctg ttggaaactg    119460
     tacacttaaa tatagcaatg cttaaataat aaggctccat atatagttta tagttgttcc    119520
     cctcaatagc agttgtacat ttatagtttc tttaccctta atatcaactg tacttttaac    119580
     tgaatttatt taaagacaca gccacaattt gtatagtaaa aacatcaatg ttatgaattt    119640
     ttccacccat taaacagaaa acaccaaact tcaaaacaaa agtcatttta gtgtaccatg    119700
     aaacccctac tagacattga aaaacttcct gacacatacc atttctccca acatcttatt    119760
     gtggatcttg acttcatttc caatgtcaat agacaactgc aaaaggcata attaaaagat    119820
     taaacacata ttttccaaaa ataagaatag ttatgcagag tagttaatca aaatagagca    119880
     tcagatatga aggccactca cgtgtttaag tgcgtgtact ttatctctca gtccctcctg    119940
     tagatgttca ttctcctcct catacacact gtatccgctc gcaacgtaat tgccttgagg    120000
     gccaccttct cctgtacaag aaacattcag gtcaggtcaa atccaacgga atttaaaaaa    120060
     aaaaacattt aaaatcaagt atttagtact aaaaataata aatcttatta cagtaaactg    120120
     aaatgttgcc ttaaagaact ggttcacgac aaaatgaaat ctgtcaatgt ttactcgccc    120180
     tttaaatgtt tcaaactagt agctagtgtt gtcacgatac tggaattcaa taccaatcga    120240
     tactgaagct taaaaaagca tccatctctt gctaagattt aaacactgtt gattacgttc    120300
     ttaaacacag ctgatttgcc attgtgttca catgctcaac aaaaatgact gtgattggca    120360
     gtgaaggtca ttagttcacc aatctcactg ctgttcactg agtgtaaaca cagatacaga    120420
     cactggagca tttaaaagcc gcaattcatc agcagatcgc ttgtatgtga agttatagac    120480
     aaaccagctg attgacgtga ctttaaaatg cttgtgtccc tgtatctgtg tttacactca    120540
     gtaaacagtg ttgagtttgg tgaactaatg accttcacgg ccaatcacag tcatttctgt    120600
     tgagcatgtg aacacaacag caaatcaaca gtgtttaaga atgggctcaa cagcgctcaa    120660
     atgtaagcag gaaatggacg tttgtaaaat ttcagtaccg attggtatcg aattccagta    120720
     ttgtgccaat gctacctgta accattcacc tccatagtag caaaaacaaa tactatggaa    120780
     gtcaatggtt acaggttttt agctctgttt aaaatttctt cttttgtgaa atataaaaat    120840
     tgtttggggt gactatccct ttaagagtaa ttgacaagta tgcactgatt tgattgatca    120900
     aatattctct aaagttggaa gtgaatttga aaaacctaaa caaataagat tgaaatgttc    120960
     atcagaaact atttaaaatc gaaaagtaaa aactctggat aaaatcttga ttgtctacat    121020
     gagacaaaat gttgaaattt gcaaaataat gaatgttttt ttaaattaaa aggtagatta    121080
     tttgcttggt gcctcatttt atcaagttta aaatgggttt tatttgcttt atcaatcata    121140
     ctttactgtt caaattagtg ctgggccgat aaacaatatt atatcgaatc acaataaaat    121200
     ttttgtcaat aacaatgaca atctcttgac ttttctactc tatattgatc taagagcaaa    121260
     tcacacagca gaaatgtgca acaatgggaa tccaaaaggg tgttgatatt agagatgcac    121320
     cgaattttca gccacggaaa tttattggaa aaaaatgttc tgccatctat tgcaggggtt    121380
     cccaaacttt tcagcccgcg acccccaaaa tgacaatgcc agtgactcgc gacccccaat    121440
     atcatctgag gttgttataa atacagaaac cttgcatgca atggtgcaca cacgccaata    121500
     cacccaggtt tattctttgt gtaatttttt aaaatgtatc tcagtgctgt aaatgggcca    121560
     gaaagtttaa gcaggtataa aatcaatctg ctgcatccga tgctattgct gtgtctttaa    121620
     tattatgtaa ttactacagg ggtcacaatc caatagaact agtaactata agttattata    121680
     tagtttatag taactctaaa tgactttttt tctcttcagt aggttacaat atggtaattc    121740
     cggtttaata aaaataaata gatgtttgga aatccccagg cgacccttcc tttcattgtc    121800
     ctgcgacccc tcaaggggtc ccgaccccta atttgagaac tactgatcta atggactctt    121860
     atttttgtgg cttcagtcaa tgttaaagta ctattttaaa tctggaagca ttgccaactt    121920
     gtattgaaat atatgatgtt atgcttcata tggaaaataa ttaacgagtt tgaattcttt    121980
     tttaatatcg cccagcccta cttcgaatag aaggtttttt aatttcagct tagatgtgtc    122040
     atatttatgc tgttacagta tctcgtgttg ttcatacaca gaagttgctt ttctgtatga    122100
     tataaatata tatgtaaaca tgattaataa ataacgccac tgacgtaaag ctggttttaa    122160
     attcacacat tcgaactttc tccttaataa tatgatttca gaaaagtatt atttggaagt    122220
     tctaaatagg gaaattatat tagcagacta ttaaaaacat tgttcacagt aaattatata    122280
     gtgttgtttt gtagtcatac ttacacgtga tttcagtccg aatattcaaa ctagcataaa    122340
     ggtaaacaat acagggagct gtcacagaac aaatgttcga atataaaaac aacttcacct    122400
     caataacaac gatggtgaaa tagagaaata ggagttgcta gttactgcaa gaacgttaat    122460
     aaacgttatt tatccattta acgttaacgt taattctcca cacctggatt taacgttaat    122520
     gtgtgggtga tgatttggtc attcagagat tgcttactgt cataaactgt gaccaataac    122580
     gttaagtttt ctaattgagt tgagatttta gcttagcata agcttcaagc aatacgacac    122640
     ataaaaacgc aaacttaccc aaaccagcgc gcctcattgt caacccagta atctatatga    122700
     cgtggatacg atcactgcag tctgtaaaat aatgtgacaa atattcgcta atgttgatat    122760
     ttagagaatc tgtactttcc ccctccaact tcacaagcgc cacgacacct cttacggaag    122820
     ccgcagagga ttaaacgata cgcgtttaag ttacatgggc ttctgggtac tgaagttttt    122880
     actgcgagta ttgcggttaa ttcttgtctt tatttgtcat aattctaaca ttttcttcag    122940
     caaactgtga cttcatttct caaaagtaag ttgacacgac ttgcagggtt aatttaattg    123000
     aaaaattgca aacagctgta gactttctca cagttcagac tctaagacaa gtcagatttt    123060
     caaaaatctg tgacactatt atttatttta tagaaaatgt atagactttc tctcaattct    123120
     gaatttatct tcattctgag gttctttcaa agaactgttt tactttttat aactgatagt    123180
     acaaagcctt atatgggagc gacatggtgg ctcagtgcct cacagcaaga aggacgctgg    123240
     tttgagtccc ggctgagtca gttagcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcgt    123300
     tggtgtgggt ttcctccggg tgctccagtt tcccccacag tccaaagaca tgcggtacag    123360
     gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgagagt gtttgtgaat gtgtgtttgg    123420
     gtgtttccca gagatgggtt gcggctggaa gggcatccgc tgtgtaaaaa cttgctggat    123480
     aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgact ccggattatt aaagggacta agccgacaag    123540
     aaaatgaatg gaatgaatga gtttgcatgt tcccccattg ttagtgtggg tttcctcaca    123600
     gtttaaaaaa acttacccag actttaaaag aaacagacta tgagcaaatg agtttaataa    123660
     acactgaaaa gtgtttcact gactatatat acacaaatat ttttttacat ttaatatgca    123720
     aatttttgaa tattcatttc tttttcaaca atataaaatt gagcatttca tctcaatgtt    123780
     tgcgacgcgt tggcacagtg ggtagcacga ttgcctcaca tcaagaaggt cgctggttcg    123840
     agtcttggct gggtctgttg gcatttttgt gtggagtttg catgttctcc ccgtgtttgt    123900
     gtgggtttcc tctgggtgct ctgatttccc ccacaagtcc aaagacatgc ggtacaggtg    123960
     aattggataa gcttaaattg gccatagtgt atgtgtgtga ttgagtgtgt ataggtgttt    124020
     cccagtgttg ggttgcagct ggaagggcat tcgctgtgta aaacatatac tggataagtt    124080
     ggcagttcac tccgctgtgg caacccaaga ttaataaagg cactaagtca aaaagaaaat    124140
     taatgaatga atctcagtgt caagaaatgc ttctaaatca ttacatttac acacatttca    124200
     attttgtgtg gtgtggcatt atttagtcga ctctgatttt gtgtgatttt gtctttctgg    124260
     tgtttcctgc tgtcaataga gaagttcggc gaaatgacaa agaaagctaa tcctaattgg    124320
     tcctcgtgca tgcattaaaa atgctgattg gctcacagat agaaccttat agagccaagc    124380
     tagagttcaa ctttgtagat acaccttttt tgttttttta aataaaaagc cttaaagtaa    124440
     acaacatata aaacacatcc cataatgtaa ataagttgcc atttaataag aatatgtgaa    124500
     taactcaatt ttgacaaaaa tgtcagatag aaccttataa ctctaaggtg acgaaatgta    124560
     gtgccaagtt gtagcctacg gagccatatg ataagctaaa aataaataaa tgtggcctgt    124620
     tgcagagaca gtaacacaca aaaaaattgg tcaaagcaac tgaatgcaga tttaatttgg    124680
     caaatgaaga aatcattttg tgatatatat atatatatat atatatatga gcaattccag    124740
     cgttatggat gtgacatttg cagtaaaaac tcaaaacata atttcacaca gaaagtatat    124800
     gttgacatta tatcgaaact tctgtttata ttttccaaaa tagctcacca cagagttatg    124860
     ggagcacaaa aatatcaata tgtaaacatg ttttatattt taaattagga aaataaacat    124920
     gcgttatgga tgtgacaaaa aaagtttgcg aatttacagt cgacaacaga ttatttagaa    124980
     attctgacag ttaaactgca caacccaaaa gacacaatgc tcatcaaaca ggtatgagtc    125040
     ggctcactat agaattaaaa tgattgattt tattttattt gacatttttg catttatgaa    125100
     gaaaaagtgt cgttatggat gtgacacatt tccgttatgg atgtgacagc tgtgaaattg    125160
     ccacttgtgt gattttggca aattaaatat aatagtttga aatactgaca gatacattca    125220
     cgagtatttt tacagtactg taaaatactt gctaacacaa aaaatgtaaa aacggtttgt    125280
     ctattttgct gaaaactaaa taatttttta tggcaaggtt gacatttgcg tggaattgcc    125340
     catatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    125400
     tatatatata tatatattta tgagtctaca tttttaatgt aaactatttt atgttactta    125460
     ctttctccca gacccatata tatcgaagct gatatttagc cacaccatat tgaggtttct    125520
     taacatctag tttatgatgt gtgttgttag cggttgttag cccaacgctc aaccccatcc    125580
     tggaggacca ggacatacac acatacacta cgtacaattt agcttaccca atttatagaa    125640
     taaaatcgct gtcataaata tttcgtgcat aattaaaatt cacgcatctg taattataac    125700
     agcgtaaagg aaaacagaac gtactcgtac atttacaagg gtacaaatac aaaatctgcg    125760
     attagaacag acacagatac aacattttct ttgtctgttt gtatatgact gataaatgta    125820
     cgatgggtgt actttacaaa cacgaaatac agtttcacca cggacgcaaa gacctgatta    125880
     cgagtatgaa tcaaactgtt tcattcgtat cgtaatcagg ttgtcgtgtc tgtggtgaaa    125940
     ctgtatttcg tgttttattc tatacaattc accaacagca catgtctttg gtctttgggg    126000
     aaaaccgtag cacccggaag aaacacacaa caacttgggg agaacatgca aactccacac    126060
     agaaatgcca actaatccag ccaaggctca aaccagcgac attcttgctg tgagccgacg    126120
     ttgccactgt gtcacccatt ttatgtgtta cgtaacattt tttaggttaa tgcatgccat    126180
     ccgctgaagc gccattacag ggtctgtctt gccctgaact cacagcactt cagtgtgcgt    126240
     ctgtccaatg tttctcatgt gcatgaacct gcaatctcaa agagcactca acaaaaaaag    126300
     cttcagacaa aaacctctca aagagcaatc tccgtctttc tgatgatcag ccgctaatcc    126360
     acatccatag tgcagagttc agagttcatg tgttgcgcag ctcctcgtct ggtccattgt    126420
     ccagcaaaat acacctctga ttctgacatc tgtgcacata acacaaataa cacacatatt    126480
     gcttgaaaag aaatgtcaca agttacaaat ttcttgctgc cctacatttt tcttgtcatc    126540
     tcaacttaca tcaaactaac tagaaacgta aagttaacct ttgcataact taaaaaatga    126600
     ggttgaaacc tgacggactt cctaaaataa gtcaaagaag cacacttaaa aataccccaa    126660
     catataaccc aactataggt taatatatca ccttcccaac tatgggttat ttaatttaac    126720
     ccaatgcgtt attttgattc attcattcat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt    126780
     aatccggggt cgccacagcg gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacgcagcg    126840
     gatgcccttc cagctgcaac ccatctctgg gaaacatcca cacacacatt cacacaaaca    126900
     ctcatacact acggacaatt taggctaggc taaactgtcc atagtgtgtg tgtgtttgtg    126960
     tttactatag agatgggttg cagctggcct agcctaaatt gtccgtagtg tatgagtgtt    127020
     tgtgtgaatc tgtgtgtgtg gatgttttcc agagatgggt tgcggctgga agggcatcca    127080
     ctgcgtaaag acgtgctgga taaattggtg gttcattccg ctgtggtgac cctggattaa    127140
     taaagggact aagccgacaa aaaaatgaat gaatgaatga tctcaattca agtgatgaaa    127200
     gatttcgaaa ttccaacagt aaacagagct actgtaaggt cacacctgct tcaggtatat    127260
     atgcttcaaa atgatttagt tcaaaatatc cattaagaaa ttaaaaggaa accaaaaata    127320
     atcagatgta atcttatttt acttttataa agtaattgaa aaggtaaact actaattaca    127380
     ttttaaatag ggtaatttgt aatctgtaat cttacatttg caaagtcacc tccccaacac    127440
     tgattgtaca ctgctgacac tttattttca caaaagttat atgttcatat aaatattaat    127500
     gcaccatttt gctattattt cacatgcttt ctatgcatat acaatcccta gcaactgtcc    127560
     atagacttcc attgtaaaag actgccattg acttaacatt gagtcaacct ttatgagctc    127620
     ataactctac atcagactgt cctacagact agtcaggcct cattcaactc agtctagcca    127680
     gcagccaatc actgatgacc tttagactta ctagccactc tctagcaact gttttataaa    127740
     ttatgactag ctgttctaac acatgctagt agttttaaca tgctactgac atgctaatct    127800
     tgctaggagg aacatgctaa tgacatgcta gtcatgttag cacatgctaa ttcatgccat    127860
     aatcatgcta attcatgcta taatcatgct aattcatgat agaatcatgc taacaacata    127920
     ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gctaaaaaca tgctaattca tgctagtaac atgctaattc    127980
     atgctagaat catgctaaca acatgctaat tcatgctaga ttcatgttag taacatacta    128040
     attcatgcta gaatcatgct aacatgctaa ttcatgctag taacatgcta attcatgcta    128100
     gaatcatgct aattcatgct agaatcatgc taacaacatg ctaattcatg ctagaatcat    128160
     gttagtaaca tgctaatcca tgctagaatc atgctagtaa catgctgatt catgctagaa    128220
     tcatgttact aacaagctaa ttcatgctag taacatgcta attcatgcta gaaacatgct    128280
     aattcatgct agaatcatgc taacaacatg ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gctaacaaca    128340
     tgctaattcg tactagaatc atgctaacaa catgctaatt catgctagaa tcatgatagt    128400
     ggcatgctaa ttcatgctag aatcatgcta gtaacatgct aagtcatact agaatcatgc    128460
     tagtaacatg ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gccaattcat gctagaatca tgctactaac    128520
     atgctaattc atgctagaat catgctagta acatgctaag tcatactaga atcatgctag    128580
     taacatgcta attcatgcta gaatcatgcc aattcatgct agaatcatgc tactaacatg    128640
     ctaattcatg ctagaatcat gctagtaata tgctaattta tgctagaatc gtgctgataa    128700
     catgctaatt catgctagaa tcatgctaac aacatgttaa ttcaagctag aatcatacta    128760
     acatgctact tacactttaa aaagtgttca aactttcaga ctctgctttt caagccacca    128820
     taaagtttgt tctcaaactt taatatctag tttgtaatct ataatctaac atttccaaag    128880
     tcacctcccc aacactgatt gtacacaact gactctttat tttcacaaaa gttatatgtt    128940
     catataaaca ttaatgcacc attttcctat tatttcacac gctttctatg catatacaat    129000
     cctttgttga acatacatta aagcacgcat caaaatatga tgactggaaa ttcccccaaa    129060
     atccatttca tttcctttta ttttcttttt acagccatcc tggtcatcca gaataaaaaa    129120
     aacagtaata catgacactt tgaaaagctc ataattctga tgtgtctctg tggaaaagtg    129180
     tgacagacag aagtgaagcc gaacacatgc actgagccag ggatctgctt aagtcctgac    129240
     aatcatcctg acatgtttcc agatgtatct gtgagccacc actacacaca ctgtcttatt    129300
     agcattcccc atcacaatct ctaatccatt atttcacaat gcttaagtca ggtaaacact    129360
     cacagaacaa tgcacgtctc tacttgagcc attcatgtcg cacagctaaa acactattat    129420
     gtgaggatta tccttttatc cacaggacat attgcttgcc ttatactgac acaaaaagtg    129480
     tcagttgtgg aactgtaaac tattttgtgc cgcatgtatt atgagtgacc atagcagact    129540
     gcaaaaatac aattaaatag tcgtgtttgt gagagaaaat agccttcgtt ttatccctgc    129600
     acagaccatt ttgcttcata atttgagtgt ttatgtatta tttattcatt cattttcctt    129660
     cggcttagtc cctttattct tctggggtcg ccacagtgga gtgaaccgcc agtatttact    129720
     tgtttttaac ctatcatagc aatgcccatt ataaagaatg tataggctgt taaacatacg    129780
     tgttgagttt ataccggtgg atatatatat ggtttatacc gaaatttaaa caatgattaa    129840
     actacacata aaatcaaaac catattgatt ttgttagcac attgctagat ttgtggtgaa    129900
     caattcatct gtgcgggcga cacagtgact cagtggttgg cacagttgcc tcacagcaag    129960
     aaggtggctg gttcgagtcc cggatgggcc atttggcatt tctgtgtgga gtttgcccat    130020
     gtacgcatgg gtttcctcca cagtccacag acatgcgcta ggtaaattaa ataaactaaa    130080
     ttggctgttg tgtgtaagtg tgaatgagtg tgtatggatg tttcccagta ctgggttgca    130140
     tctggaatgg catccgttat gtaaaatgct agataagtcg atggttcatt ccgctgtggc    130200
     gacccctgat gaataaaggg actaagctga aggtaaagaa atgaatgaat gaattcatct    130260
     gtgcatgtca ttaagaaaaa aaagtttgtc cttgtaatct ttaattaaaa tctgtaaatg    130320
     cacttcctgt ttgttttcag ttaaattctc agattacgtc tgtctgagtt attgggcatg    130380
     gctaacatac ttaaccacgc cccttcaact gtcagtgtta tgacaacaaa cagaaatggt    130440
     gaggaggtgt ctgttaggtt gtaataactc tccccttttc ccaatctttc tgaattaaat    130500
     gcctacttta tgacatccaa tcagctcaca gtagaaaaaa acaagccacg cccattgttt    130560
     tctcatttag tctctctaaa gtcacaacac aaaaaaaaaa cagccacagc tttcggttca    130620
     tgtagacttt aaattgttta atagtcaagt tttaacagga aaactacatt acccatgatg    130680
     ctgtgcataa aatccaccaa tcacattgtc atttctttta ataagcagca aattaggagt    130740
     tcatcgatat aaaataaata gtaataaata gcaaataaat agtaaacggc ttgttaaaag    130800
     agaattc                                                              130807