EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX322637; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 178563 BP.
AC   BX322637;
DT   02-APR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-22A1 in linkage group 9 Contains the
DE   5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate transforming
DE   growth factor, beta receptor I (activin A receptor type II-like kinase,
DE   53kDa) (TGFBR1, zgc:123263), the 3' end of the gene for a novel collagen
DE   protein and three CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-178563
RA   Woodmansey R.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 68fed7e3ef62289c0a86d215eceb71a6.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000006383; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000017292; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-22A1. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-22A1 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-194D6 is at 176564 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-22A1 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..178563
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="9"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-22A1"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..176563
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<1..125,1238..1326,2348..2502,3499..3607))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL926877.1 Em:AW133743.1
FT                   Em:AW133821.1 Em:AW134328.1 Em:BF158473.1 Em:BI876482.1
FT                   Em:CD285213.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<1..125,1238..1326,2348..2502,3499..3583))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008595"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q567G6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027951"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q567G6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-5651"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20988.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(5164..5399,6022..6233,7481..7532,
FT                   7632..>7707))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL921875.1 Em:BM571794.1
FT                   Em:BM572031.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(5241..5399,6022..6233,7481..7532,
FT                   7632..>7707))
FT                   /codon_start=2
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008594"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q96KZ8 Tr:Q9D9T9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR026555"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029059"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RI40"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-219"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20989.1"
FT                   HT"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(10030..10201,11313..11417,13217..13306,
FT                   15759..15968,16185..16422,16908..17080,18921..18998,
FT                   19252..19457,19539..19744,21954..22218))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-22A1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:56065)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF158008.1 Em:BG303901.1
FT                   Em:BI876553.1 Em:BI878957.1 Em:CD285318.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC045893.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(10184..10201,11313..11417,13217..13306,
FT                   15759..15968,16185..16422,16908..17080,18921..18998,
FT                   19252..19457,19539..19744,21954..22132))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-22A1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008569"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:56065)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7ZVE6 Sw:Q9JHP7 Tr:Q8C6F3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZVE6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001298"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017868"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q7ZVE6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-878"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20990.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<19320..19457,19539..19744,21954..22124,
FT                   22266..22314))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-22A1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:56065)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM861007.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<19320..19457,19539..19744,21954..22124,
FT                   22266..22267))
FT                   /gene="DKEY-22A1.1"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-22A1.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008589"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:56065)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001298"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014756"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017868"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RI38"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-878"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20991.1"
FT                   FQSVDPDRN"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(27123..27164,27259..27479,30984..31095,
FT                   33097..33250,37341..37704,39751..39981,51557..51739,
FT                   78988..79053,82576..82727,83633..83758,84630..84796,
FT                   87196..87413,89034..89074,92201..92268,92950..93097,
FT                   94421..94493,102444..102601,103199..103274,104178..104301,
FT                   109100..109183,112540..112603,137184..137318,
FT                   157703..157803,164432..164513,AL772198.14:55749..55870,
FT                   AL772198.14:90052..90219))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT   CDS             complement(join(27123..27164,27259..27479,30984..31095,
FT                   33097..33250,37341..37704,39751..39981,51557..51739,
FT                   78988..79053,82576..82727,83633..83758,84630..84796,
FT                   87196..87413,89034..89074,92201..92268,92950..93097,
FT                   94421..94493,102444..102601,103199..103274,104178..104301,
FT                   109100..109183,112540..112603,137184..137318,
FT                   157703..157803,164432..164513,AL772198.14:55749..55870,
FT                   AL772198.14:90052..90219))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-194D6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000008596"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5DQR4 Sw:Q8K400 Sw:Q9WU70
FT                   Sw:Q9Y2K9"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5SQE2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000664"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001388"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013577"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019775"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5SQE2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041210-220"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI20992.1"
FT   misc_feature    113828..114166
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly consistent with
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    176563
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-22A1"
SQ   Sequence 178563 BP; 57808 A; 32518 C; 32427 G; 55810 T; 0 other;
     aagctttggt gcatcgttcc agcgttcggg ctaaaagact ggaggctcca agcagcttga        60
     ggccgagcca ctccaacatg ggctgactgg gaacatcaca ctccccagcc tcggctccgg       120
     cttccctatg tgtgaaaata tgcatgatcc ccatgtcatt ttcacaagca ggaactggaa       180
     taatagccgc atttccactg tcgggccagt gcgaaccaag gcttttatca ggccgggctg       240
     ggccaatcgc ccaggaggtt gagtagtgag gccaaaatca tgtcacgttc ccatcgtcgg       300
     gctagtagct tgtagcgcat cacgcaaacc ccaccccaga atgtccccca aatcaaacgt       360
     cacacaacct gcccatttta gcgggaatca ggcagataaa gcacaccatc gcatcatcac       420
     gaaaccatta aaatgaaaac aaccgaaaca aacaaatgac acatcactgt acagcattac       480
     attatacgca caggcctgtg tatttttatt cattagctgt attttttttt actcgccgac       540
     cgacttggca tcatgcatcg aatggtctcg ccactaacaa agggacagag cgcagtgagc       600
     gcacccatcc ataatataaa accaaagaaa ttccccggta ataacttgat atgaaatgta       660
     ttttataaca ttcttgtttt gatagacgtc atcaaacatt cagcccaaat gctccagaga       720
     gatggaaaac atataaatta ttccctaggc tatgtgacac ttaacagatg attccccttt       780
     atttaaggat gttgcatatt attcgcttat attaagtaat agaaagtgtt aagtgtttct       840
     gcacataaga gcaagtaata aaatatagcc tatatttcaa tttgctcaac agctattcat       900
     taataaagct ctacatttaa aatttcatta tatgttttct ttcccttatt tatttattta       960
     atttgtttgc cgcatgtact cgtgttgagt gccatcgaaa atctagtgta gtgacggcat      1020
     gccatcttta acagactcgg gctaagtccg ccccaaagcc ctagctggtc cactttggcc      1080
     caagttattc ggctgaaaaa ggccagacgc tggcccagag aaagccccgc tttggcctga      1140
     tcaggctccg gaagtgacag tgaaaacgtg actggccttg gctcgcttta ggtgagatag      1200
     tggaaacacg gctattgtgt cattactttg accttacctc tgaaatttgt ttggacacac      1260
     ttccttcaga tcttccaccg ctgcttgtaa cttcatctct tttaaacggt ttacacattg      1320
     ctcaacctgc agatcatgta aatctgataa gtattttatc atgaacaaga aaaaatgatg      1380
     cagtattatt tgtaacatct gtaactatga gtaaaaaggc aagcagggtt gtaagcatca      1440
     caatgtggct acattttttt catacattaa actgcgtctg ggcaaagcag tggcgcagta      1500
     ggtagtgctg tcgcctctca gcaagaaggt cgctggttca agcctcggct cagttggcgt      1560
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgc gttcgcgtag gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg      1620
     tttccgccac agtccaaaga catgcggtac aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccgta      1680
     aagtatgagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttgt gaatgtttcc cagagatggg      1740
     ttgcggctgg aagggcatcc gctgtgtaaa aacttgctgg ataagttggc ggatcattcc      1800
     gctgtggcga ccccggatta ataaagggac taagccgaca agaaaatgat tgaatgaatg      1860
     aattgcgtct gttcatctgt gaaatataaa taactacact attatcatga tatgcagaac      1920
     agatcacctg aaatatttaa tgtaacaata gtataattta ccaaaacatc ttgtcattca      1980
     tgactaaagc aataatcatt gatattaaaa ttaaaatact ttaaggacaa cagtgcagtc      2040
     ccaagataca accttcaaac tttttacaca tttgtcagca aaatgttttt ttaattaatt      2100
     aaacattttt aaagaggtag aggtcaaaat aagaattgtt gaatgtttgc acacaaacac      2160
     aatgaaacat tatttcaccc atattttaat attttaacaa gttattacaa tagacactac      2220
     ttttattttg aatttatttt tctttctata taaaatccaa tctgcaaatg gttaactaga      2280
     ttaggatacc aaaaatgtga aatttagttt ttgacctgtg tgtgtgtatt acaggactgg      2340
     ctctcacctg ctttaatgca cggaatggct tgtgttgtct gaagccattg ttcaaaatgt      2400
     aaagcagttc gtacagcaca cggatttctg tctgaagaac ttcactacat aacagggtca      2460
     acactttctc acagtcagcc agcaggcaat caatcaagag atctagacag aaaagaaaag      2520
     cgtctgactg cacatgtatt atacatgtaa cacatataat aaggcactta aaataagtta      2580
     gaacgagaca cttcaggcaa aaacaaacac atatacacac agcaacagca tttatttcct      2640
     gcacctgtaa atattcttta tttttgtcta acggaaggaa aatatcaaaa acagttcaga      2700
     ttacagatta atgcaaaatg tttgagtatt aaaatgcata aatttatttt ttaagtcaaa      2760
     cagaaagaaa atatacagag cacatattaa tacataacat ctgtgtatta aaatggatac      2820
     aattatttat ttttagttta attactaacc attttgtata atttacatgt tgggtgtatt      2880
     atatatttta ttaaaatgca ttggtaagga cgaaatctgg gcaactttaa aagtcaattt      2940
     cttaatattt agattttttt ttcatagtta aatgtctgac aaatattgtc cgatccaaac      3000
     aaagcactgg gaaactttta gttaattttt ttcaaatgat gagcttcatt aaaaattgac      3060
     ccatattttt ctgatcttgt ggttcagggt cacaaaaaat attagaaaac gtgtaatgac      3120
     aaaaaatatt tgaaatgctt aatgtaaatc aatcaactgc ttgacctttt tttaaccaca      3180
     tgataaacat tataaactgg tgcagatgca ttacagaatg taacattgtt atctatcgta      3240
     ccaagaaatt gtttatataa aacaaaacaa cagcctgaac taacaatagt aaatatatat      3300
     tttgctgatc gaagcaacta tctaaatgtc atgagttaaa tgttttatta aaagtgtttc      3360
     acgtgaatct tgcggatcca cgtgttctcg tcaagcgcta aaacactcta ctctgtgaat      3420
     ttatttgagc gatgtgtgtg tggtttcaat tttataaaaa atgtagtaat accgatattt      3480
     taaaacatcg aaacatacca attgaatccg taaatgggat tcgagtcgaa gaaacagcac      3540
     ttggaaacgg aatgtttatt ttattccagc actcctgcgc catgtttaca gctgactgcc      3600
     ggggagagaa aaccagccaa tcatatgctt gtgtgtgcga atacgtcata gtgcataaag      3660
     gtacaagcac accattcttg tgcgcttacc aaaacaagtc gttagaagcc actgtgaact      3720
     ttcttattct tgctgggaaa ttttactttc acaaacagag gttccttaaa aaaatccaat      3780
     ctttatagac ttcctgtgtg aaatagaaca tttatttaaa tctcttagat taactgaaaa      3840
     taagaaaagt gcttcttact tgagcaaata tgatgtgatc atgctacttg aatatttatc      3900
     tcttttttat tgcgctgtct tttaactttt tacgtttttt attattattt tttatgtaat      3960
     gtgttttggt tttgctcttt atcttgtgta tgtaatgtga ttattgtgtt aaagaactgt      4020
     tatcttttac tgtattctaa attgtattat acagtttctt taagtttata aaaaaaacaa      4080
     caacattatt ttgcgctttt gaaataatag atggcgatat agtttggaaa cagttttggc      4140
     ttcttcgggg gaaaaaaaat atatctaata aagctgtcga agtctcaatc caagtcattc      4200
     ttaattgcta ccatataaat accaaactag ctaaattcaa taagaatatt tcccctaaat      4260
     gctcaatttg ttctcaatac gagtaaactc taaatcacta aatcatttat tttgagagtg      4320
     tatataaagt gttttgagtt gacttttcca atttcattaa aaaatcttgt ttccaaacgt      4380
     ttttatttcc ccaaaaaaat tattctttgt ttactctctg aacttagatc cttcttatag      4440
     caaatttaaa acttttttat tttcagaaag gacttttata tttatatgtt aactccttta      4500
     attattctag caattatatt gcttgtaaaa ctctttcttg gtgtaaatca cttaaacttg      4560
     ttaagtttaa ttaacaataa tttttgtaaa cgttctttct tgcattgaac aaaaaaaata      4620
     ataatctttt gcgcattttg ccctgtccat ttgcttaaaa atgttgaaga agacttttcc      4680
     aaagtgcatt attgcaagct tattatatgt tttttgttta aggtaataag taaatgaaca      4740
     actgttctct aaaacatgca tttatgaaga gttatacatt cttaaatcat ctaaataaac      4800
     aaatccaacg acttattagc tgaagaactc cattctcaaa tcctaaaata tggaaataaa      4860
     atttatattc attcttacat agttaaaaag atgactttga aaataaaagc tttgttcttt      4920
     atttgtaatg ttctcttaac cagttcttat acctaaagac acatttattt gagaataaat      4980
     tgcatacaag tcttaaagtt tctgtattat tatattaaat ttacactata atataataca      5040
     atacaaaaca gtattatact gttttggctt ttatataatt tcccaatgca aataaaatgt      5100
     gtataatgat tataaccaca attaactatg ttagaaaaat taaattaaca aacaaacaat      5160
     atatttgttt aaagcattat aatctttatt attattttaa aaatacatcc agaaatggat      5220
     catctattta taaacacaat tcatgtgtgt tttaataccc attcaataat cagtggattg      5280
     acttcctcca gcacagattc ttctgttctg ccacgaactg taagtccatg gtttgcatcc      5340
     ttgatccagt gaacggcgga ggggcttttc atggtgtcca caatattttg taggattttc      5400
     tgtaaagcaa catggctttt attattacta cattaatgca tttatgacat cccctttcat      5460
     taaacaaaaa aaaaaaatta aaacctgtag aaaaactgca aagtaatgta gttcactata      5520
     gaacagggtt tctacaggtt tcataaagtc aaatttaaaa ctttttaaga ccataatgaa      5580
     cgaaatttca gacatcgaca atgctaaaca ctaaagattt tttttactag ttaagttaaa      5640
     acgttaaaaa acattaaaaa ccagtgttat tgtaaaaaag attattaaac catattaata      5700
     agtaaataga gttaataaat aaatgtttct taaaactttt aaaaatatat ttattggatg      5760
     ggtgttggat tgggtttagc tttacatgga cataggataa ttaagacccg tttaaaaaaa      5820
     cacatttaaa agacctacaa cacaatgttt gagtagattt aatacttttt aatgcctacc      5880
     tttttaagac tttttaagac cccacagata ccctgataaa atttgtcaaa aatattttgt      5940
     taaaaatgta ggaaaaagaa acagtgctgg tgaccactga ggaaaaaaca catggattga      6000
     gaactgctca tttgtgttca cctgttcaca catgttatct gccgtgccgg atataaaaag      6060
     cacaggagtt ccagacagct caagaaggcc tttacttcgc tcaatgtaag tttgtggttt      6120
     tcctggtaga ttgagtggga atgataaaca cagcacaccc tggactgcat ccttctgcac      6180
     ggcacacatc tgattacaca cagccactgc tgtacgagca cccatagagc gccctgcaaa      6240
     caaacatgca gacacattta acccatttta cagttcagtt gctgtcaatt gtttgttaac      6300
     aactgttaaa attgctggtc aaaaacaaaa ttctacctct tgcatctttt gaatgtgcag      6360
     gaagcaggaa gtatgtaaac taatgtggtc atgtgaaatt ggaacaaaat aatctttttt      6420
     tttcacttaa aatattaatt tattgcaaaa aattaataaa aaggcaatca gtagttaact      6480
     tccagaaata ataaagacag ttacaaatgt tatcagattg aatgagttac aaaaataaat      6540
     gaggttttaa aagtgtttaa aaaggagaat gtaataataa taataataat aacaataata      6600
     ataataataa taataataat gtaaaagaac agaaaaatga gagaaagatt taacaataaa      6660
     atttaatact gtacactatg aatattatat gggggagaac gaagaacctt tagatgcaca      6720
     tagatgcact ttagagaact gagacttcta taaattaaaa gcatctgcaa atgtttcaga      6780
     tcctctttca aaaataaaat gctgcttgtt caaataaaca aaagatgaag cctgattcta      6840
     caaaaaaaca aaataagaaa tttaaattgc acacagtttt ctggtgattc tgagttatat      6900
     tattagtgta caggttttat aagtgaaaac aatcatgagc catataagca gaagtggagt      6960
     tatcatctta aagttagaaa atagtcaaaa ttgcaagaca tgctaaattt ctaaaagtca      7020
     ttattttgac aaaaacattg caattgcaag atgtaaactt cgaatgtaca gaaaaagtac      7080
     aatcagggtt tataattcca aatttatatc ttgtactttg tcttttttcc cctcagaatt      7140
     gtacatttat atcttgtaat tctgacttat gttgcttttt atctgagaaa tctgatagcc      7200
     tatataaact tagttttatg ggaaaatgtt gcctatttag aaatataagt cagaatgttg      7260
     agtttataac ttcataaatt taagttcata tcttgcaatt atgattttta aaattatttg      7320
     catcttacga tgctgttttt tttattagaa ctatgtctta caattaaaca atatgtctag      7380
     caaatctgac attgtgctcc tcataatagg ctacaaactg gcaaatttat cacacaagat      7440
     acaaacttgt acttttgatt taaaaaagtc ggagactaac ctcccaggaa aacgctgctt      7500
     ggtgcaaatc tctcatgggc ctttaaataa tcctggatga tacatatata aaaaacacac      7560
     taataatgaa atgcaaatta caacataaac attcgttgtg cttgcttttt gatgcttaga      7620
     atgaagctta ctataacggc gctgtaagct ctgactctgt acacaaagtt tatcgccttg      7680
     caggtgaagc gcaggcacag tacacccgcg caggcgagag cgcgcgcgag gctctccagc      7740
     tgtttaatgc gcatgtctcc accagcgccg tgcgtcaaca ccacagctgg aatgcccgcc      7800
     gtgacgtcat cgggtaccga gaacaagcca tccagctctt tctgctcgaa cgggattctc      7860
     accttctcct gtcaaattca acattattgc tttaatcgcg cctcttacaa ataggagaaa      7920
     tctgacatta aggcacacgc aacattatgc agcaaccatt cccgcttttt ttacgtttag      7980
     agaaaaagtg cacagtactt taagtgttgc atcgtgtttt tgttgagaga atacctctga      8040
     aaactccatt caggtgtaaa tgcttgggtg gttgacgcac ggagatctga aacacccggg      8100
     tggaagttcc tcgcacatgg acacattttt agacgttcat atgaataagg ttaagagcgc      8160
     cacctcacgt aatggagtga aaaaaagaca tttggaaacg gctctgaaag tgtatgaacg      8220
     ccactgcatt aagcaaaata tatgtattat cgtctggttg aaatttttta ataatctttc      8280
     actgatgtta tgtgcatggg acacccatcc taaaataata tacagtgctc agcataattg      8340
     agaacacccc attttgaaaa tgaatatttt tctccatttc gaagcgaata taggcaatgt      8400
     atttagcagc atttaaacaa aacagattta ttagacagat acatttattc aaataatatt      8460
     ttagtcacct aacatattta gaaattgaaa gataaaacac ttcaattcaa gcaaaatatt      8520
     gcaaaaaaaa aaaataaatt ccaacctaca aaatttctac tagtaatttt ctttcttttt      8580
     ttatttattt attttgcttc tcttgatgtt tccctttttt tagatggtta tcgtaagtta      8640
     ttttgttaga taagctccag atttggcttc atactgactg atctaatgta tatgcacaaa      8700
     tataatattg tatagctcgc tattaaaaat acgaatttaa aagatagatt tgagaggggt      8760
     gcacttacat atgctgagca ctgaaatagg aaagtaattt cttgcagaaa taccaagttt      8820
     atactgtgta aaactagttt tataaatgtg tctaaattat ttggaaaatg gtaatttttt      8880
     attaagtaat atgattacat ttgtttactc attatattat ggaagcccat ttccggaact      8940
     gaataaaaac tcagaaattt tactcctcag aattcagaag tttatatttc agttttaata      9000
     aagaaaaaaa aggtaaaaat tgcaagcttc tctcgcaaat ttaaaaaatt tgcaattagg      9060
     tttttacatt tttattcggt caaatggtgt attagttaaa tcttattaaa acctcaaatt      9120
     aaaccttaca agatttaaat ttcaattgct ttattattta tactttttaa attacaatct      9180
     tatctatttt actaaaaata atagtttttt tcccccaagc atttctacag accctagcac      9240
     aatttatata tagtggtctc agcacaaata agcctaaccc tcacagatct cccttttaaa      9300
     ttaatatttt atacagcagt gtttctcaac cacgttcctg gaggaccaca aatgctgcat      9360
     gctttggatg tctcttttgt ctttcacatc cattacaggt ctttcagtgt ctgctaatga      9420
     gctgatgatc tgaatcagct gtgtttggtt atagagacat gggaaatgtg cagagctggg      9480
     ggtcctccag aaacgcggaa gaaacactgc tctataggat tcaatacaac aatatttttg      9540
     tgtatataca ttagataagt ctggaccaaa gccaatccac agctaattta acaaaataac      9600
     ttacgatgat gattcaaaaa acaatacttc aaattaatgt tagggaaaat attaaataaa      9660
     attataataa agagaaacaa atcagagaaa cacggaaaaa aatataaaaa taaaatataa      9720
     atctaaaatt atatatttat tttattttat ttttttgcaa tacctaattt gagtttagaa      9780
     gttttatctc tatattccta atgataatct gtgaccaaac tcttttatat atatatatat      9840
     atatatatat atatatatat atataactgt ttaataaaat aacaaaaaca tattggtgtt      9900
     taaatgcacc acaccttgtc tagatttact gagaaacaca aattttcatt tttaaaaggg      9960
     gtgttcttgt ttatgctgta cgctgtaaat atataatcct acagcttcta taaatcagac     10020
     aagcaagagt ttaaaaatgg agagatttaa tacacacaca cacacacaaa agtattcatt     10080
     gcagtcacaa aaacaaaact tgtctgaagt cttgggaacc tgttatggtg gaaatccatt     10140
     gtcaatgaga tgggcactgt tgcaacagaa ataggttagt ctctcacagc tcatctcgga     10200
     cctaaacaaa aacaaaatct gttaaaattg cctgatggga tccagggcta atgtaccgaa     10260
     gtacttagcc atttacatgt attcatttaa cagatacttt tatgcaaatg aggaataaag     10320
     aattcatata aacattttat cagagttatc tgataaataa tctaagtcaa aactttattg     10380
     ccccctttat tgctttatgt gctttatgaa accacagtaa atccatcaat tacttaatta     10440
     actgtaccag taaaaaaaag tcaaaccaaa atgaatacct gtcgctataa tgatacaccg     10500
     aggagaaatt aagtaatgaa atgaaaactt tcagcaagca ttcctgtaca catttacagc     10560
     attgagtctg tttttcacag ctggatttga ttactgacga tttgacacaa attcagaata     10620
     tttccattct tcaaaattca accagctgtt gttgtcctag caacaagtca tagactcgaa     10680
     catgctcggg agcagctttt taaaactaac aggattagat tgtgtcattt cagccaaagg     10740
     cgatacttaa agtttgaact gttgatgttt tgtgagtcat gagtaatgta ttgaatttgg     10800
     gaaaatatga attattcatc aaatatttaa aaatgtgtaa taaaggtata aatactgtaa     10860
     cagggtgtaa cctttttaag gggttccaag agaccttttt aaactattta gtgactaata     10920
     tgtacacttt aggtataaat acatgttgta aattatgttt agttttttgc acagacattt     10980
     aacttcatac taacaatcta gcatcagggg aattttgggg aactatcctt ttaagaataa     11040
     accttttatt taattctgct gaaaatgtga tgttaaaagg taatcattaa caacacaaat     11100
     tgtttaaaac attgataaat agcaaaccct gtccaaaaaa tacaaaaggt catttgtaaa     11160
     atacaatata tatagcagtg tctcactaga gcgtataatc tttaattaga tcaaatccta     11220
     gaaaaacact tttgcacaac gatgacaaat catggtcact accaccattt ctaatgaata     11280
     aatttagatt agtagcctag tatagccaag accttttttc ttgcgcagta acatgggaaa     11340
     agatcatcct ttggctgttc tactagctcc ataccatctc gaaccttggg cttggtcacc     11400
     tgcagttcag cgtacttcta aaaaacaaaa acacacagaa acatactttt cggttacatt     11460
     tactcaacca tatgcaagtt cagcgatatc atttatgatc agtcaacctt tttcctctgt     11520
     cctgatgaag tcgttttatt agattttttt tttaatcaag tgcaacatca tcaagccaaa     11580
     taagcgtctt tatctgcagt acaaatcaca taaaattcaa gtagccgctg tggtcttgac     11640
     ctcaacactt ccacacctca aacacacaca ggtttattgc tgagaagtac tttgaggcca     11700
     gatcgtgtgt tgaaagatta atgtttgcac caatggttat agaaaaccat aaagtgctgg     11760
     ggttcatgac ctgtggggtg tgtgaactta gtgtctatgg tgagcagcac acaggagtac     11820
     tgagaccatc taaacaaaat aataataaag ataaataatt atagtgtaca attgagattt     11880
     tttctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     11940
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     12000
     tatctatcca tccatccatc catccatcta tccatctatc catccatcca tccatccatc     12060
     catccatatc ttttaagatt aatatgtgta gcataaaatg ttttaagctg tttttcacag     12120
     ctggattcaa ttactgacta tttgacacaa tccaggatat tttcattctt caaaactcat     12180
     ccagctgttg ttgtcctagc agcaagtatg tagactcgaa catgctcggg agcagcttat     12240
     ttcatactaa caggattaga ttgtgtaatt tcagccaaag gcgatactta aagtttgaac     12300
     tgctgatgtt ttctttcagg agaactgtat taaattaggg aaaatattaa ttatttatca     12360
     aatatttaaa atgtgtaata aaggtacaga cactggaaca gtgtataacc tttttatgtg     12420
     tagcaaaaaa tgtttcagtt gtttttccaa gatgtataag atgtatactt tgcaacccaa     12480
     aaacatttat taagatttca tttaaaacaa ttatttctat tactatttca cagcaatgtg     12540
     tcttatgttt tgaggatttt tattgcttaa attaaaggaa acaaaaacaa aactactaca     12600
     tggcatgttg taaaactaac atgttgtggc taattcacaa aaaaattata tatataaata     12660
     aataaataaa taaatatata tatatatgtg acaatggatc tggctatata tatatatata     12720
     tatatatata tatatatata tatagccaga tccattgtca gatccgttta cagttttcta     12780
     atgttaaaaa tacctgtact tttctgtatc atacatgtaa atacccacaa caagcccttc     12840
     agtcctacag aatcacattc acgagtcttt attatctgat aacgaagtgc ttctagtcat     12900
     attaccatct tcttatcgac acagtaaaat gaccactgta tgcatgtgct gtgcaaatag     12960
     ctagacgtgt gctctatgac ctttgacttt tgtccttgag aataacaatt aaaacttgga     13020
     taaagatgga agatcaagat aggataagat atacacactg ataacttcaa acaatcaaag     13080
     aatgcgatat gagaaaatga gaatgatggg aaaaattaac agtattacag tgatctcctg     13140
     ttcactcctg ttgtattcac ggtcacaaca aacaaacctg agcactaaac tgaagaagta     13200
     aaaacaaaaa tattacctga aaaagtttgt ggtagtaaca gaaaacactg tcgcccatca     13260
     ggtgagttcg tgcaaactgc tgaccagcca gtgcgatttt cttcgcctaa aagatgagga     13320
     acacataaag gtggcagtca aattgtctgt aaaaatactg ccaggatgag accctcacca     13380
     ctttattaag acactacttt ttgctttgaa aacagataat ctctaattct aataatctaa     13440
     ggagatgcat gtagtagttt ttgtatttta ttttgaaata aatgtaatat tgtaaaatat     13500
     aacatttgta aaatactcct gccagaattc tgtgatcaca tacaaccaat tgcaaatgca     13560
     agccaaaata agtacatgta gactaggcaa gggcaggaaa aagattctaa cggtataata     13620
     accttggata atacttccat actatatagt acgctaaaaa cagcatgtga gcggagtagt     13680
     atgtcagaat aaaaaaaaaa aaagattaaa aaaaaaacta tgcaaaatgt acctggatga     13740
     cctaatactt ccggtgagag tctgaagtgt gcatctgata gatgctacgc tatcccatga     13800
     tgcaccgtga gagaatttat gaatgggagt gaagcggtga ttatgataaa atgactgatg     13860
     aagtacatcc aaaaatattt tatttagaga aacaattaag ttattttgga acagtaaaca     13920
     tgtcaggctt cattagtgtc aaaaacagat ttctttacat tttaaaactg gcatatctgg     13980
     atatcttttc tgctgaagaa attgttgtcc taaaaaacaa gcaaaaaaaa aagcataaaa     14040
     aacatcttag atataccgta agaacgacac attagaaaat tttggcggtt ttaaaatctt     14100
     gactttgcca aactgtgatt taccttgaaa acggtttgtc gtcccatgct taatgtagac     14160
     ataatgtttg aatgcgaaat acaaatatag tttaagctac tgctacactg aatgacattt     14220
     ttcaaagtat gaaagttatt acattttctt tcattaattt actaatttat tctgttagga     14280
     ctgcgctgtt ttgtgtttct gtgcgtttga tttgattcta gattggggac gtgccttcag     14340
     tgcacctgat gcaggtcagc gcccttattt aaaacccggc agagagttcg tcggggccgc     14400
     tgtccagtca cttggtagtt ggtcagagca gcgctccaat ttaggcatta agcttcgttt     14460
     cgcatccata tactatcact gacaacattt accgcatcct ttcactcgca tttcacgctg     14520
     attgaacata ctgatactga ttttttgatt atattatttc aattgattta aataaatctt     14580
     ctttttgatt atactttgcc gtctcgtctc cctcactatg ttacatccct gagccaggtg     14640
     taacaattca ttttaaaaaa atcaattaat ggatgcattt atatataata ttcattcatt     14700
     tattcattaa ttttccttcg gcttagaccc tttcatcaga gatcaccacg gcaaaatgaa     14760
     ccgccaactt atccagcata agctttacac agcgcatacc tatccagttg caactcagta     14820
     ctgggaaaca tccatacaca ttcacattca cacactaagg ccaatttagt ttattcaatt     14880
     cacctataga tcagagcacc tagaagaaac ccatgcggac acggggagaa catgcaaact     14940
     ctgtaaaaca ttattaacca actatatata aataatataa gagaaaagaa acaatactaa     15000
     ttctgaaaat aagttatttg aatgtgtact aataaaaatt aattaactaa taattaacta     15060
     aatatactgc cagacctgtt taatattagg taataatgaa gaaaacatgc atatacataa     15120
     gtaaaataat atatataaat actgcacaat taaaatataa attcccacag accaaaaact     15180
     ctcagaaatg caaataaaat gtataaataa aaacaaacaa acaaaggtat taacctttta     15240
     tagcaacaat aattagtaag aaccacttct ggctcaatta aatcataaaa aaaacaaatc     15300
     agttagttta ataattgtat attattttgg tatacaatga aataccaaaa ggaaatgact     15360
     cccctgatta taatgtcata gacagtttca gttaaatgat tgctgccagt gatctctgaa     15420
     aaacatttta tacttgatgg ttgtgtgtgt cttatcatat aattagtttt catgaaagca     15480
     gtctgcaact taagccatgc cttaaagtta ctttacaatg atcaagaggg tttggtttaa     15540
     tctctctttt ttttctgtca acaagataaa ataatagcaa tgcctgacct taaatgtctt     15600
     agcagtgtca tataaactta ctacattcat ggcatttagt aataacatat agtaatagtc     15660
     taaataacat cacagctaat aaaaacagct ctgtgctatc aaatgttttg tgttgacatg     15720
     agtagagaag tgcctgtgtg tacatgtgga tgaagtacct cctcatcatg atctttggcc     15780
     cattggatct tctccagcag gtcactgagg tcagatctga aggggatgta gtgcacccac     15840
     ggctggagct cattgtaaaa gtgctcataa tagatggagt cgtgtttaaa caccacactg     15900
     tctcctgcaa gcagataagg cagtctgtac gccgctaccg tcccgtccac attgatctga     15960
     tacttatact gtaaatggaa aaatgtacaa ataaccatca tttaactaac ctttaactaa     16020
     tactctggtg gaaattactt ttaatttctt atatttagtt acttatagca aaaatggacc     16080
     atcaaaatca aaagtgcaaa aaaagaaatg taattaaatg aataaataaa taaatattta     16140
     gtatactgaa acttttgttt tgtgtagttg atcacgctac taaccttgaa gaagtcaaaa     16200
     aaggacacgt gtttgacaag gggtccataa aggctttcat cgtgtttgaa aaagaagaag     16260
     ttggttaagg cggcatcaag catggctgtg tttgcttttg caagtttgac cagctcaaga     16320
     cgctctttcc tgctgtctcg ccctctccaa aaccctttat ttatcttctt ctcccacact     16380
     ggacctgtgt gtccctgaac agacatcatg tccagactta ctctaccaca aaagaaacaa     16440
     atgacaaaat gtatttaaat caattagaag atataaccag tcagaagagg aatataatgt     16500
     tgaatagatt aaagattagt ttaaattgaa tagattgtta tgtgctaaaa gatttttaaa     16560
     aaactttata catttctata caaaccacta tattaactgt aaactttttt tttagcaaag     16620
     atacatgaca atacatatca caatgatgtg aaacgaaaga aatgtattga taatcagggg     16680
     aatgcaattt gtgaaaattc tactgtaaca ctagatatat agttttattt attccttttt     16740
     ttatttcttt tgtttgttga atttttcctt aaaccatttg cttgacattt tgctataata     16800
     aaccttaaat cccagggttc cttaaaaacc ataaaaacgt tttatgctgt tccataaaaa     16860
     gttttatgtt aactgcattt tcaagagtca cacttcagtt gttttacctg cccatggtct     16920
     ccagtacaga ctcagtgagg tcataggtcg gcatcacgat gtctcgtgtg tcattggagc     16980
     cgcaccatga aaacaccggg ctgggattct gagaggccct tctcttctcc aagggccagt     17040
     cgcccaaatt cacaaaaaac tcaatgtctg gaagcttgac ctgctcacac aacaacatta     17100
     tttatggaaa tctttccttt acagatgtag taaaacatac atatttattt ctatatctat     17160
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     17220
     atatatatat atatatatag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagat     17280
     gggtgtatat ataaagatat ggatataata ttattgtttt catttaattc tacatatata     17340
     taaaattaca cacacacgct cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     17400
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca gtagaagtca     17460
     gaattattat cccccctgaa ttattagccc cctgtttact tttttattta tttattttta     17520
     tttatttttt ttacccaatt tctgtttaat ggaatacatt tctaaactta atagttttat     17580
     taactcattt ctaacaactg atttatttta tctttgccat gatgacaata aataatattt     17640
     gactagatat ttttcaagac acttcaatac agctttaagt gacatttaaa ggtttgacta     17700
     ggttaattag gttaactagg caggttaggg taattaggca agttattgta tagcgatggt     17760
     tagatctgta gacactcgaa aaaatatagc ttaaagaggc taataatttt gatcttaaaa     17820
     tggttataaa aaaatgaaaa ctgtttttat tctagccaaa ataaaacaaa ttagactttt     17880
     tctagaagaa aaaatattat cagacatact gtgaaaaatt ccttgctctg ttaaacataa     17940
     tttgggaaat atttaaaaag atttttttta aaaatcaaag tgggtttaat ataaataaaa     18000
     tctttaaata tattttactg tttttttatg gagtttacat ttacatttta aattaaatcc     18060
     ttaaaatgtt ttggtagaac agatttaatg tatatttact agcatgaata aacaatttat     18120
     ttgtctttaa taatattagc taattaaaat gttgttgatt gttcttaact caaactgcat     18180
     taactaatta ataaaacttt gcattttaac aatgctttag taaacattga agtatgttta     18240
     atataaattt gttattagct aaataaataa tgaactaatg gaatcttttt tataaagtgt     18300
     gaccagtgtt ttgagttcct cgttaccccc agtttttttt atattttctt tcaaagattt     18360
     aacattaaat catatgagat ttttgctgct actgttgaat gtagtacaac catacctaga     18420
     aacatttaca ccagcttcaa ctggtagcac aagccttcaa aaatcattct aaattgcagg     18480
     tttggtgctc aaaaattctg cttagttttt ctggggaaat tttgaaattt gaaaaaacca     18540
     gcatcgaatt aaaacagaaa atattttcta taaatatttg gtaacattgc aaatgcattt     18600
     gcgcttcatt tcaataagtg gaatccatcc ttgcttaata aaagtatgaa tttcttcact     18660
     actactttgg gacaatagaa ctaacccatt cctaacctaa aatcagcact gtacatgttt     18720
     gagtcttttt ttttttttct atgccggaag gactccaagt gttctgcaac actgccatct     18780
     agtggttata aaaactaaat gtctaaccaa gtacattaac ttgtttattt attcataaga     18840
     ttattcttac ttcacataac tgatgagctt aaaaacattc aaatgcatgt gcagtacctg     18900
     cacattgggc caatactcac ctttcgagtg agggacagta ggaaggcatc catgaagatc     18960
     ctaaatccaa catgttcccc atgtgttttg atataaacct tcaataagaa aataaattaa     19020
     taaacacttg acatcctgat acatatctgt ctttgttaaa tgttggttta atctggaaat     19080
     cttccttcag ggtttaagaa aatatgacat atcttatgtc ctatcctctt cgatgtcccc     19140
     ttaaatttac atttatatca tcaaatgtat ataaatctaa attattattc acccatttat     19200
     tcatgtattt atttcttgat tgattaattt attcataatg catatgtgca cctggttgtt     19260
     tttgatcgtg tagtggcaca ggctgtgact tttcccaaaa cgctgtatga tctcatgggc     19320
     attacgatct ggatccacac tttgaaatat agataaatcg ctttctatct gagagaaaga     19380
     ggccggacag tgcatgttct tctcccacaa tgcaccatca ggctctggac agtcacatga     19440
     ttcatgatac actgcacctg ggtaatgaga aaaaggaaag cttcaatcta caaacagtat     19500
     gcatgcgtgt atcatgaagt actgttgatt cttctgacct ctgagcacat atggagattt     19560
     ccccaccagc ttgtctttca acagaacctc aacatgcagg tctgtgtaac tggcatacat     19620
     gcggtaccga accagaaagg agccatcgtt cctgtctaaa atctggatcc agattctggc     19680
     atatggctcc gttggagaag taatcttcac ttcaaaggtg ttctctccag gagaagttgt     19740
     gaaactgaaa aggagtaatc aaaacagcaa agacattatt attgtagcca tgataaacat     19800
     aagctgattt ctaaacatga acaaaagaca tgtgaatgta aaggtcacat acgcaaacaa     19860
     gacatttttc agtgccctgg ggaaaattgt tctgggaatc tccctggatt ttgtcattta     19920
     atagtgtaac tgatcacaca gcacaatgga ttctacagtg cagttaggag acaagcataa     19980
     aaccatataa gactagcatg aaatgattta ataatactaa tttgtatttt ggcagattta     20040
     ttcaggcacc ttcaatacac agttgcctca attaaaaggc ttttattgtc attgttcttt     20100
     aaagaaacca ctttaagaat caacagatga acctgttagt atactgtatg tggcacttta     20160
     ggtttaaaac atgtatagca taaaatggat ttaaagtaaa ttcatttttc caaaaaaaaa     20220
     aaaaaatgct ttttaataag ttatttacag ttcataacat gtcaggcaag agtgtttatt     20280
     ttattagact ttatttgtgt gggtagattt caagggtggg tgtgattttg caaagtagga     20340
     tgcgatcctg tgttaacacc tataatgatc ctggaactac attgctgttt taacataaaa     20400
     tcaatgtagg catgggttga taaccagttt taaggtttac cacagtttgg aaaggtcaag     20460
     gttttaaaac cgccacaatt ttctattata ccattcctac ggtatgtgta cagttttttt     20520
     taaacatgtt tttttttttg tgactaattt atttatagta aattgtaaca acagtaacaa     20580
     cagtatctcc agcagaaaag taccctccac attaaaagct acagtttcaa tatattttta     20640
     aagtttctta aaataaaata tattgtgttt aatgaggggg gggggttgtt ttttacttag     20700
     aaatttaaaa ataatatatt ttagagcagt aatcacatta ccgcaaaacc gtgatatttt     20760
     tatcctaggt tatcattcag tcacaatctt ataccagccc atgcctaaat caatgtctaa     20820
     ctcaccctaa ctgtaaatta ttgccaaatt cagaaaggat taagagttga acagcaatga     20880
     tggaaaagca cattactcta accttaacag aaactgtaaa gttatccctc aaatctgatt     20940
     ggctgattgg aatgttgttt caggatcaat atagatgtcc tacttggaga aatcacacta     21000
     accataaaat gataacttca gtaacactca gacaacaaat tccccagtat agcctaacct     21060
     ttgtctattc tgaagaattc catagatgct ttgttcatat acagttgaag tcagaattag     21120
     tagcccccct gtttattttt tttccccaat ttctgtttaa cggagatttc caacacattt     21180
     ctaaacataa tagttttaat aactcatttc taataactga tttattttac ctttaccatg     21240
     atgacagtaa ataatatttc actagatatt tttcaagacg cttctacaca gcttaaagtg     21300
     acatttaaag gcttaactag ggtaattaag ttaactaggc aggttaggca agttattgta     21360
     taatgatggt ttgttctgta gactattgaa aaaatatagc ataaaagggg ctaataattt     21420
     tgactttaaa atgttttttc tttttattat taaaaactgc ttttattcta gccaaaataa     21480
     aacaaatcag actttctcca gaaaaataaa gaataccaga catgctgtga aaatttgtta     21540
     aacataattt gagaaatatt taaaaatgaa aaaaaaaaat cttaggcagc taatactgta     21600
     attctgactt aaactgtatc atccaccaga tgtatatcat atttttaact acatatttgt     21660
     attataatat gataaaagaa gattcttgac tcgttaatat ttatataatg aaagtgtacg     21720
     tgaattatat acactttcat tactttttaa taccatgtct taatgtactg tgattaatga     21780
     atagggaagt atggtggtca gttgtagata ttttcagtac aatctttcct ttaataaaaa     21840
     gaacgtgaaa atgatgtctt aatgtaaggt ttgaagccac agtctttatt ttgcagacag     21900
     atgtttaacc actaagccac aacgccctat tatggtcatc cagcaggact cactttgttc     21960
     cggtggtgtc cacagtctgt atgaagaaga agcgagcagg aaggacagcg tttgtctcca     22020
     gtcctggacc ccacaccaaa gttttgctcg cgctggccgc tgccgctgcc tttgatctcc     22080
     gcgtcaggaa aatgatgcaa gacatcaaga gcagcaaaag tttcctcaac atgtttatgg     22140
     agaagggctt tcagtagtgg acgcgttcat ttgtcatctc ctcctcatca caatggcaac     22200
     actcaaaaga gctctgaata aaacagctta aaacactaat aatacatgtt ttaccacata     22260
     ctcacattct gtggaatatc agcagctcgg tgcaaactaa cccacagaaa cactcgtgtg     22320
     aaaaatctct gtgaacgtga atatgattgg acgttcgaac cttgtgtacg atgatgccac     22380
     aatttactgg aggctgattg gctgtgtaat aggaagagga aagacgcttg caaatgttgc     22440
     ttggagtcgg cgctgtgtgt atttggttga gcgtaacgga tctgtcagtc acaatgtgca     22500
     tattatcagc tacaaacatg acaaaaggta ttgttactaa agtgaagctg tggcgaccgc     22560
     tgtctttcat tgaagagaac ccagcaacaa tgacggtggg gactgcgaat ttaccatgac     22620
     acattcttga aggatggcta gatactgtaa cgttagatgt gttctggcta atttacgtcc     22680
     tggacatgaa cacacattaa ttgtttaatc ttccaggttt taaatagttt gtccaaactt     22740
     agcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac ataaaaatac aaggaatgtc actggttata actagaagta     22800
     aaactgtcat aaaatgttcc atagccatgt aatgtgaata atcagttaac tggtatgtaa     22860
     tacgtaaaaa gtcactttaa atcagttatc agtttatact cagcaagagt ttgtagttta     22920
     tgtagcaata cttatggttt attatccatt ggtcactaac aaacaatttg gaaatcatac     22980
     agaatatgag caaattgcac caagatcaga gaatctaaag tttgtagtga ggttctgtat     23040
     ggaaacactg cccaatctct ttctgggttt tcttgaacct catcaggcat taaaggagat     23100
     ttagagctgt tacttgaggt caaaaaagtt tgaccaacat gtatttgaga agcattacat     23160
     tgttcatagc ctataaaacg gccattatca aatatgcaat cataattttc agatttaatt     23220
     ttacacaaaa tggcaatact cttaaatatt aaagtacaaa aaaagaaaaa gtaaataata     23280
     aatatattaa tagtgattac tctaaaaaaa acaatggggt cctgccacaa tttttgattg     23340
     tctggccccc aggcatccaa gtctagtacc aggactgtta cagtgcatcc ggaaagtatt     23400
     caaagcgctt cactttttcc acatttttta agccacagcc ttatttcaaa atgtattaaa     23460
     ttcattttat ttcctcaaat gtttacacac aataccccat tatgacaatg tgaaaaaaaa     23520
     agagtttttg aaattgttgc aaatttatta aaaagaaaaa agctgaaaaa tcacatgtac     23580
     ataattattc acagcctttg ccatgaaact ctaaattgag ctcaggtaca ttctgtttcc     23640
     attgatagga cgtcttgaga tgtttcagca gcttaattta agttcacctg tggtaaattc     23700
     agttgattgg acatgattta aaaaaggcat acacctgtct atataaggtc ccagggttga     23760
     cagtgcatgt caaagcacaa accaagcatg aagacggatt tgtctgtaga ccttcgagac     23820
     agcattgtca tccgtaagtg gaagattttt gaaaccacca ggactcttcc tagagctggg     23880
     cagccattta agctatctaa taccatccct acagtgaagc ttggtggtgg cagcatcatg     23940
     ctgtggagat gtttttcagc agcaggaact ggatgactag tcaggataga gggaaaggtg     24000
     aatgcagcaa tttacagaga catcctgaat gaaaatctgc ttcagagtgc ttttgacctc     24060
     agactgggct gacaggttat cttccagcag gacaattacc caaagcacac agccaaaata     24120
     tcaatggagt ggcttcacaa caactcgtga atgtccttaa gcccagacct aaatcctttt     24180
     gaacatcttt ggagagatct gaaaatggtt gtaaagcgtc acttcccatg cagcttgata     24240
     gagctggaga ggtactgcaa agaggaatgg gcaaaaattc tcaaagacag ggaaacgctt     24300
     gccaagccaa acatgtggca tcatattcaa aaagacttga ggctacaatt gctgccaaag     24360
     gtgcatcaac aaagtattga gcaaaggctg tgaataccta cgtacatgtg atttttcagg     24420
     gttttttgtt tttaataaat ttgcaactat ttcaaaaaat ctttttctca ttgtcattat     24480
     ggggtattgt gtgtagaatt ttgagaaaat aaatgaattt aaaacatttt agaataaggc     24540
     tggaacataa aaaaatgtag aaaaagtgaa gtgctatcaa tactttctag atgcactata     24600
     tgtagtgatt ggcaccaaat gcctgatatt gcaaaaacaa accagtctca tgatgttgtg     24660
     tacatcaata aatgtttatt tcaatttgat ttgcatcaac atatttttcc attttgtttt     24720
     caataacctc tataacacta ctagaatatc aataagaacg aaaggtggca taatccattt     24780
     aaacaagacc gacgttggct gccttctctg aaggtatcag aggaccaggt gttggggtgg     24840
     agggaactac agacctacag aacttcagtc agaatatcag acacggtacc atctttaaac     24900
     aggtacgaca ttcacagagg aatatccaaa tcacataatt tagtttgatg accatgtcgc     24960
     tctcctccag gttgaactgt acattttcat ataaaaactg agaacataca aacaaaacac     25020
     cctgtctgtg agagtcagtt attacttatt ttgacactga agaggaatca ttggagagtc     25080
     ggttgaacaa atttaatggc aaacatgaac ttaaacccac cggtttcttc agcagagacc     25140
     atctttacat ggttttggca tcttgagtgt cttgttgagt ccacatcttc acatatgcag     25200
     tcttctttcc tttatcatga gctattattt caacataaat gcataagaaa aaaaataata     25260
     ttgcgtaaga gcccaagttt gactaacggt tgatgatgtg tttttctcgt gagccttgag     25320
     tttgtatttc aatgcacaac atttacgtta ctgagtagca gcttgtatat acagagccaa     25380
     atgggcagag gcatggacta cagaagatat gctgagattg ttacagtaaa gcactagaag     25440
     gtcagaggtc atcagaggac aaatcataga aacacaacat aagtctcaaa tacgattctg     25500
     gaagattcag cttacactta acactaattc atgcgcgaac cgcagtgcgg ctcactcacg     25560
     ttgatctttc cagacacata tttaaaaaga acaaaaacat aaatattcat cagtagtgtc     25620
     cactgattgg tctaaacacc atttccactg tcaattgaca accagaagac acaagcgaac     25680
     aatcgtcaga cactaaaggt agaaaacaag attttgaatc gtaatattga gtggaaaaaa     25740
     gaaggaacaa acaaaaatca tccattattc aggaatgtga aggatatctc tccacaatgc     25800
     attcagactt tggcagagaa atcagaggtc gttcactcct tgtcctcaat gaagtacaaa     25860
     acgatgcaca atctttgtta cacgtgccca aaggcaactg aagagactag aaacaaacta     25920
     acaggccagc tgaaattgag ctttgatggt aaaacaaaca tcatgacgaa ttagaaaaca     25980
     aaccgaacgg tatttgtact ttcacagaca cgcatgaaga gccaaccttt tggtttgaac     26040
     ttggctggct tgtcttatct acacagaaaa agagcccaga atatcaacca cagacgagtt     26100
     aattcatcgc tagtttacag ttaaagatac ttcacccatc tagaatatgg cacgttaagt     26160
     attacgtagg agaaacacgc tcgaaaagga cctcacagac atacactcgt cacgtggcgc     26220
     caaatacatt gtactactca cacttctaaa accatgtcac gtcatacgtc tctaggagcg     26280
     ggtgaagtac ctttcggaga cggattaaaa agttggttgt ggtgcttttt tcgagctagc     26340
     agcaaagaaa acggaaaaag tgtgtgtttg tgactgagcg tcgtgggttt ggccaactga     26400
     attgccatcg gcctgatttg cattccagag tggataaatt ggtgtcaaat gtaacaagac     26460
     atgagtggta aatattctga aaatatacat cgctgaaaga aacagtatgg cgtcattaaa     26520
     aaaaaaaaga aaacattttg gccttatagc aatgcaggta tacatttttt gtttatatat     26580
     atatttgttt gctattttaa aaaatataaa gttttttgtc atagtttcta ttattggctt     26640
     aggttattaa ataaaagttt gttaatcttt tatttacctt ttgttttaaa gtaacatgct     26700
     gctttttaat atggcagttt tacgttttta taggtcatcc attttgtttc atgcactctt     26760
     gttgatttcg taactttccc attatctaca cggcgagagt cagtttactt gttgtgagga     26820
     gaccctggtc aacccctgta cataaatgaa gatgtcgtcg gatttatatt gtgggtatag     26880
     aattcctctt actctcaaat actaatggta catctcccga tatcgtgatc tggcctttgc     26940
     ctttttaacc tctttaagtc agtcctgtac acagacagaa gagaatctga acagccctta     27000
     agtccctctt ggtccatcag tcttgctcgc tctgtctctt ctcttttaaa gagtgaaagt     27060
     ccaagtacca gagttgcgcc ctcttgtggc acgacagtga aacacgcctc caagaggacc     27120
     ctctaaaact gataccactt cttgtctttg catttaagca ttagctgtgg aaaaaaaagg     27180
     aaaagcaaaa cgtttaaaca tgtgcattag tgcttttact gtatttcata cttctcattc     27240
     ttttgttttc cttcatacct catgagcgtg tttagagaaa gtttctgcgc tggtcatcat     27300
     cagagcagtc ctttcttcta gctcccctaa cctctgtcct ctctcatcca gggcgatgcg     27360
     agctcgagcc aaatccccaa ccactccgcc tgctgccgcc ttcatgccct ctataccacc     27420
     ttgtcctggg atgtgctgtg ccaggctgcg tgatgcctta cccgccgatg cctcgccaac     27480
     tatttaacaa gagaaagcca aatgcatcag aatcggaaag aaaggtaatt tgattgactt     27540
     tgaaggtgcc atggttgttg gtgccagaca ggctggtata agcatttctg aaactgctga     27600
     tctactggaa tttttgtatt tttgtagtga atgatacgaa atggagatca cgtgagtggg     27660
     tattctttag ctaaaatcct tggttgatgc aggaggtcag agaagtatgg ccagactgga     27720
     taaagctgac ggaaagtcag taatgaacta cactcaccgg ccacttaatt aggtacgcct     27780
     tattagcact ggatcggacc ctctttttgc cttcagaact ttcttaatcc tttgtggcat     27840
     agattcaaca agattctaga aatatatttt ggtctatatt cacatgatag catcacgcag     27900
     ttgctgcaga tttgtcggct gaacatccat gatgcaattc tcccattcca ccacatccca     27960
     aaggtgctct attgcagggg ttcccaaact ttttagcccg ggacccccaa aatgataatg     28020
     ctagtgactc gcgaccccca atatcctctg aggtgtttat aaatacagaa accttgcatg     28080
     caatggcgca cacacacacc aatagaccca agtctattct ttgtttaatt ttttaaatgt     28140
     atgtcagtgc tgtaaagagc cagaaagttt aacctggagt taaaaaaaca atctgctgca     28200
     tctgacgcta ttgctgtgtc tttaatataa tgcaattacc ccaggggtcg caatccaata     28260
     gaactagtaa ctataagcta ctatagtaac tatatagtat atagtaacta taaacaacta     28320
     ttttttctct tcagtaggtt atggataaaa tatggtcatt cttatggttt aataaaaata     28380
     aatagatttt cggaaatcac caggtgaccc ccttcattgt cccacaaccc ctcagagggt     28440
     cccgaccccc acgttgagaa ccactgctct attggattga gttctggtga ctgtgaagaa     28500
     accattctga gatgatttgt gctttatgat atggcttatt atcctgctgg atgtagccat     28560
     cagaagatgg gtacactgtg gtcataaagg gatggacatg gtcagcaaca atactcaggt     28620
     aagctatggt gttgacacaa tgctcaattg gtactaatgg gcccaaagtg tgccaagata     28680
     atatccccca aaccattact ccactaccac cagcttgacc gttgatacaa ggcaggatgg     28740
     atccatcata ttgttgacgt caaatcctga cgctaccatc cgaatgttgc agcagaaatt     28800
     gagactcgtc agaccaggca acctctttct aattaatctt ccaattttgg taagcctgtg     28860
     cattgagttg ctgccatgaa tagaaatttg cgttaacaaa cagttagaca gttgtaccta     28920
     ataaagtggc caatgagtgt atatccactt gttacaacca aagtaaacag tagcagtgat     28980
     ttctgcttta aaagcatctg ctacatggaa attggaaccc tttacagttt tttgtttcaa     29040
     atcaatggtt caatatctgc aaggttacaa gattttaaaa aagggacttt gatgctttat     29100
     aactgtttca aatgatttag aaaattcaat ggttttcttc tggggaggcg atctgtgcaa     29160
     tattataaaa ctcacatgat tcacatcccc aatttcaaat cactgaacag atgtcactgg     29220
     ttttacctga tttcagatga gatttacttt gtttgtagac attttagtga gacatttgta     29280
     aaatgaaagc aataataatt aatagtctat tcttggcctg tttagcagag cctaccaatg     29340
     agcaaacaca ccttgaaatt ttataaaaga agacatttaa ttagaagact tttaatttaa     29400
     aatagttttg actggagttt ctgtgccatt tacatggttc tgaccaccaa gcgtccctag     29460
     cgtagcgttt tgaactcttt gaatgagttc aattgtttta tagctttgaa aagcttggtt     29520
     tctcacatca ttactaaaca aaagatcatt tctcaaagca caactcaaga gtgttgaaac     29580
     agatgggcta cagcagcaaa cgtgcacaca gatgccactt atgtgccact aataacaaga     29640
     aactgaaaca cttcttacca aaactggact acagaaaaat gatagggtct tgatttctat     29700
     tgcaacatct ggtgtacaca gcttaaaggc atggatttat cctgcgttgt attaatggtt     29760
     attatacaaa gaattttttg aggccttcat tgggacacct taatatcagc tgagcattgt     29820
     ttatttgtca cagcctacct gagtattgtt gctgatcaag tttatccatt tattacaata     29880
     gtggatcttt cctgttacag ccaataacgc gccgtgtctc aaagctcaaa tcttaaagtg     29940
     gtttcttgaa catgacaatg ggttcactaa actcaaatgg cctttacagt cacagatcta     30000
     aatcaagtac caatttcaac atgtttgtga tgtggctgaa cagcagaatt tcatcatgga     30060
     tgtgcagctg acaaatctac agcaattggg tgatgctgta tgggaaaaat ctctgaggaa     30120
     tgaggaataa gaccttgttc agtacatgct atgataaatt tttgctagtt ttgaaggtta     30180
     aaagatgtat attacagcaa gatataacta ataaagcacc taattagtct atttgattct     30240
     ctatgtcata catcaatgtc ataataactt caatgagttg tagtcttgtg aacatgtttc     30300
     tcaaattgat acagaaactg atgtcaatta tctgaaagtg ctgataatga taatgggtgt     30360
     tacatttcag acacacactt aaggtgacag ctgaccaatc agaatactca caggttattt     30420
     ttcagaattc aatttgggtt ttcatacaga ctgggaaaag aggtgctgca atacgtcaat     30480
     atgtatggaa tgctgtttcc aggcttccaa gcctcaatag tattctttac aattttaagt     30540
     tggaagcact tatcagacca tcatgagaat acacatatga tgtgctcttt aaaattcagt     30600
     cacaacattc acagtataga gttgaatcat tctctgccca tttcagattt tagtaacaat     30660
     ataaagtcta caatctttat tttttaataa taaaaaatgt agttatatga gagctaatac     30720
     ttcacatctg atagcattta aaccagtaga ttataatgca ttatgtcaga cctaacaaat     30780
     gaatgattta ctgtttaact ttaaatctat tcactttatg tgccaatgcc aatcagacag     30840
     tattatccta tttagcataa tcttcaagtg ctaaactcaa ctcaagtaca agattttagt     30900
     gtggtagtaa aaaatatgca catatgagag agaccgagag aaagaggggg tgaggggggc     30960
     ttgataaata tttgcacact cacataactc ctctctgtcg aaggtttggg cattgccacc     31020
     aaaaaagccc ttaagaaatc cacggttctg agcctcaggg gtctcgatgg gtgtaaaaag     31080
     ctcccctaat gtctcctgca attaatgaac agcatatcaa aaggtttgaa acaaaccatt     31140
     acaaataata gaataaaaaa gatagccagt tcaaaatccc accagcagat gtcagtacag     31200
     ttacatgttt tacaatgaac aatagaaaga tttgactttc tatcttgagt gcttgatggg     31260
     cagttagaaa agaacagagg ctatagtttg aattgaacta ctatggtatg cttacagaat     31320
     actaagcagt ccacagtgaa cagttcaaac aagtgatgta tgccacattg tagtggacac     31380
     taataatagc agcaagcctt tcagtcatct tctgattttc cttttcaatt taggcaaaaa     31440
     cttatatttt tataaataat tagtttcagg cttgatgctt agtatataac tatatatata     31500
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     31560
     tatatatata gttggcgttt tatttcactg tagcgacccc tgattaatga agtgatatat     31620
     acataactgt ataatatgat aatatataat agacagttat gtacatacat acgtacataa     31680
     ctgtataata taataatata taatagggat atataataac tgtatatata cagttgaagc     31740
     caaatccatt tcccaaatga tgtttaacaa agcaagggat atttttcact gtatttccta     31800
     ttatttattt gatattattt ttttaccgtc tggagaaagt cccatttatt ttattttggc     31860
     tataataaaa gcatttttat ttctatttat aaaatatgtt taggtcaata ttatgacttg     31920
     cctaattact ttaacttgcc ctagtaaacc tagtaaagcc aaatactagt atctgttaac     31980
     tagtatctag agtaccgttt aagctaacta ctagcatttt aaaaaatatc aagtaaaata     32040
     atttttactg ttgtaattgc aaagatctaa gcaatcggtt tttagaaatg agtaaaccca     32100
     cacggaatct gtgcacgtag aaatctacag atttccacaa atttttctcc cctcatttaa     32160
     tctatttatt tacttatgta attgtgtgat ttatatataa aatttatatt cattcttttt     32220
     tttattaatt tcagtaataa tattgactaa tatgaaattg ttcttatgat ttatgtacaa     32280
     aacagtttgt aaagtaatca tttatgtttt ttatgtaaat atatggtaga tataatatat     32340
     gagaaacttg ctttgtttac caaataagtg gatctaattc aatttaaaaa cattaaataa     32400
     aagtaaaaat atataatttt ttaattaata tattaagttt ttagttttga tactcccaaa     32460
     ataattctgc gtaaattcgc agatttttta caaaattctc tgctcaaata gcaaaaaatg     32520
     tccacagaat aactttggat tctttataat aataataaga tgacatcaaa aaaataatat     32580
     actgtaagaa cgatcattaa actatcatgt cacagaaaat cagtaatgcc tgctaaaaat     32640
     agtgctttgc catcaccaaa atactttttt gttgttttat ttacaaaaaa gtcaagtaat     32700
     tttaaattgg gctcaatttc acaatgaaat acatgaagcc ttggtgagca caggtgcttc     32760
     aggttggcag tttaatgcat acaaaaaatt tgcatactgt gcacatagca cacactgcaa     32820
     aaatagaaag aatagtatag ccgtattcta tttccatccg aaccaaaaac agaaaagaca     32880
     gaatgacaac ctgtgtggca gaaattacag ctgagatgca gccgggctca gctcagcaga     32940
     gctcaaagca tccatgacaa gcatgacatt tcacttcaat aaccaccttc agcatgcgca     33000
     cacacacaca aacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     33060
     cacacaaaca caaggcacag ccacctgtag gttgacacac atctcctggc tgtaagtgat     33120
     tctctgtatc tcggtggggg agcacagata cagcgcctgc cctccgttgg tgaagcagaa     33180
     tgttctggca atgcgcatgt ctgttaacgg caggtaactc acatctagca gaggccgtaa     33240
     actgggaagg ctgtaaaaca tacacacatg taagataaga ggcttagaaa gtgcattccg     33300
     atatcctttg tatcagaaat ggcagtgaaa aacagaatga agaatgcgat gcttaaaata     33360
     ttatagtgca ctgaaggtag gatttaatgt gagccaacaa aagcacagcg cagcttttct     33420
     ggctagaggt ttggagttta ttgaaggatt gagctgtttt ctgtaatctg gattaagctg     33480
     aaaaaaatca atggaaaaaa agttcctgag ctggtattaa agtaatgttc aggttaaatt     33540
     taagttaagc tgtattgatt gaacctgtca aattttgtcg attattagag gaagacattt     33600
     atactcgtcc cttactttgt aaaaaaaaat gagctaacat tgcgtttaca gtaatgcact     33660
     tataatggta gtccttacag agggtttaag agctcatgtc ttgataatgc atttacatta     33720
     gatattctgt acagaaaaaa atgcagttta aaaaataaac aaatcttatt acagaaaaaa     33780
     agattttaca tttatgacag ttaaaactgg aaataaaagt aatagcaaat atgaaatgta     33840
     tacttttaaa tgtattttct tggtccaaca gacatttata gttacatatt ttgttaatga     33900
     caaaaagaaa agaaaatcac aacaagccaa aagaccacaa cataaatttt ttattgttgt     33960
     tatttctaaa ctatttaaat caatatttaa atatgattgt tgttacttct atactatttt     34020
     aatcaatagt aagtaatgtg tttttatata gcgcatttat tgtgtatggc cataaaccca     34080
     aagcgcttca caatcatgag ggggtctctc tacaccacca gtgtgcagca tccacttgga     34140
     tggtgtgacg gcagccacag gacaatggtg ccagtgcgct caccacacac cagctattgg     34200
     tggagtggag agacagtgat agagccaatt cggtggatgg ggatgattgg gaggtcatga     34260
     tcggtaaggg tcaatggagg gaatttggcc aggacaccag ggatacaccc ctactctttt     34320
     cgagaagtgc catgggattt ttaatgacca cagagagtca ggacctcggt ttaacgtctc     34380
     atccaaaaga ttttattcaa tattaaatat aattgaaata ttatgatttt agcatttact     34440
     tcgaattatt ctgttgatca acaaacacat tttttcaaat cattttgtca atgtaggaac     34500
     ataaatttag attattaaaa atttaattag cattttctgc tatattaaac tagcatttgt     34560
     ttagactaga ataggactgc atgattaatc gaaaaagatc gcgacctcaa ttcagcccta     34620
     caaacgatct tgatcctgct tttttatgat ttaaggcata aaggtggtcg cacaagtctt     34680
     cacattgttt tatgatgtta aaagtgtcac atactgtatc tataagatat aaaaaatgtt     34740
     atttctgtct taacgtaatg atgtattcgc ggctgcaaaa tcacacatga gctgacgcac     34800
     tgtttgttta ctcggtttac cttctttccg atgagacgtt aaaccgaggt cccgattctc     34860
     tgtggtcgtt aaaaatcgag aaagagtagg ggtttaaccc cggcatcctg gccaaatttg     34920
     cccaccttcc tctgtctatc atggcctcct aactatgccc atatcataat tggcttcatc     34980
     ccactgtctc ctctcctcca atcagctggt gtatggtctg ccgcaatatg gctgctacac     35040
     attggtggtg gatgagtaga ttcccccaat gtgtaaaggg gtttgagtgt tcagaaaatt     35100
     gctctataaa atgtaaggta atattattat tattactacc aagaggacac gtgcatgccc     35160
     gccgtttact ttagtgaata aattctgcat aggctgtgaa aaacaggtaa taaagttaaa     35220
     ttaaataaaa taatgttcat tttgttgcac agagcaattg tttgggagct gtgagggaag     35280
     tatgatttgc atgttttttt tttttttctc aaagtgatgg cagccatgtc atgagcgcac     35340
     ttgacagtga aagtgaaatc aaaagtgtgc acattgttta aaggatcata tctcatttta     35400
     gagttatgat tatgacaagc atttgatacg ttttcctcta tagcgaacac aaagtgttgt     35460
     gcatatgaaa ataaatgtgt aacagtgtca gtatatctac tctagcctat ataatgttga     35520
     aaataatgca aaagggaatc tgataatgac aattgtataa ttttaccagt gtaaaaaaat     35580
     ggtctaataa tgttgtcaat gacaaatggc aagaatatga aaatttagga tgcaaaagca     35640
     gctaaacgcc acttccgaca gaaaataagc taatgacatt gagcgaatgc ttttggcaca     35700
     tagtacatgt tcaacaaata tttctgcttc aaatcaatgt ttttaatgta gcagcgcact     35760
     gatacgccga ctttgtgagg aggctgtttt attccgcttc cgattttaaa agaaggagtt     35820
     tgatgaattg catgagcctg tcctactatc tgtgaatggc aaatgaaaac atccctcacc     35880
     tcaaaactct gtggattata agataaagaa aacacactgt acagttggaa gtatagcatg     35940
     cattcataac gttttttgtg cagtgatgct actttgaatt tgagtctggt ttactttaca     36000
     ttaaacagca actcggtttc acaaaagaca aagcatggat gctatgagga taaacaagag     36060
     acaaaaaaga gaccagtacc ttaagtatag tgagaatgag tgaatgacag ttttttaaaa     36120
     gtgtctgaga gacatccctt tttttgcaca gtacgcctac cttgtgtttt gtgttaaaca     36180
     ccacttaaca gatttatgta tttttaattt taggtggttt gtgtaatgtg ttttatgttt     36240
     gataaaatca tttttcattg catctttagt gattcttcaa ctaattacac tgttgtgtaa     36300
     ttgtcttgtc aaataggtag actaataggt ttttgcaaaa aaaaagcaca tgttgattta     36360
     gctggttttg acgcaaaaga aaatctattt agttaaaaat caaagaattg tgacattttt     36420
     gaaaaaaaag ttattttata tactagctag taaccttttc attatcttta aaaataaact     36480
     tctgaaccca atcagaggag cctgatagaa aatgctcatt tacaaaaaaa aagaggtctg     36540
     atggatttag aaggttttgt atctgaactc tttatatgtc tcaaacatat taattcaact     36600
     tcaggattat gaatagttgt aataacttta ctttgaatta acaaccagga catatttaaa     36660
     gtctgttcaa tccaccattc caagtctata caaaatttgt cattttaacc aacagtagac     36720
     ctgcacatac catgatatta ttgatgtttt accatatgtt tgagaataac aataataata     36780
     gcctactcat attaaccttt tttttccacc tacagaattg tgagaaaatc gtgatcttga     36840
     ttttaagcaa taaaaaacat tcacaatcag aattgtgcag ccctagacta gaacccaaag     36900
     cctggttatc agccctttgc tcagcctcat atgccatatc tgtggactct tagctgaacg     36960
     tctgatgcat atgaaacaca taatttaaaa tttgccatct atttggatga gtactacagg     37020
     atttctatga gatgtgtgtc ttttttgctt tctctagcag tccacctgaa aacaaagcca     37080
     tcacaatggc aaaccacaac atatggaaga aaagcatcat gtttagatct gtcataatta     37140
     gcagacgcag agttctccaa tgtttatata gtttacggca tacatccaat acttctacac     37200
     actgacttct caatggttgc tttacatgtc aaataaatga cttgctatgg attccagatc     37260
     ttctgagagc tatgtgagac ctccctaaac tctaccagct acaccagttt tctacattta     37320
     aaaaatcagt taaaactaac ctcaaaatca tgatgtgtcc attagcgcag aagcaggcca     37380
     gacatacgct gtttgaaact gacaccacgt cagctcgcag cacgaaggac gactctgtaa     37440
     tgttgtgtac atatagacag gcctgtgagg gcatgtagaa gaccttggcc tgcctctccg     37500
     aacacaccac cgctaagtga ccatctccac aggcctcttg agaagaagac ggtgagaagt     37560
     tgaccagttt cctcttgcgg ggtcgatctg ggtcatctgg tgcatgctgg tcccgccaca     37620
     cctcataggg actgttgata agagcacccc cacagtccag gaaaccaaac cgcaaaacag     37680
     agcccttcaa cattaacact gtgcctaaga cagagagaga aaacaaaata gtgatagcgt     37740
     acattgcaac ttgtccattt ttttcagcag tgttgattcc aaaagtattt tttctattaa     37800
     tttttaccat tcttctcaga aataaaggga caacagctat cacattgatg gggatgttat     37860
     tttttcaaat agcataattt tgtacttttt agaaactaat attgtaatac cctttgggta     37920
     tattaatgta tacttctaag gtaccaatat agactgtttc tgtacaaaca tgtaccttaa     37980
     agcatccatt aatggctaat aagattgaaa catatatatt ttggaggaga tagcaccagt     38040
     accaccacag tgacagattg tgtacattta tttctgagag tgtaaatcag aataaggtac     38100
     aagagagtgt acttaagcga tagtgcacct ataataaaaa attactcatt attttctcat     38160
     cattcacttg ttccaatcct gtttgagctt ctttctttta ttgagcacaa aggaagatgt     38220
     tttgaagaaa gctgaagtcc tgtaaccatt gatttccata aacaaataca atggttacag     38280
     gtcatcagct ttctttaaag tattgtctat tgtgttcaac agaagaaaaa aaaactcaaa     38340
     caggttctga gcaagtaaag ggacagtaaa taattacaaa actccagttt tgggtgaact     38400
     attgcttaaa gggcacccat tttacctctt ttacaagatg taagataaga ggtgtctcca     38460
     gaatgagtgt aaagtttcag ctcaaaatac ccatcagatt atttattata tactttacaa     38520
     tctgcccatt ttggtgtctg agggctgtgt agctgttttt gcaacctgtg gctttaaatc     38580
     taaaggaact gcttcccctc gcccaccgct ccaaagtacg tgtctgcttg cttcttatgt     38640
     gttacgtcag ataaacagcc gtcagtgata ctgacagaca cagattaatc tgaaataagg     38700
     tcactatagt caaaaatacc aagtacattt atttgatgta tttgtggtgc agtctactca     38760
     agcctttcct aaaagatgag tcacacacaa atgccgtttg cagtacacac acatatgcgc     38820
     atttactgac accatgcggc ggtggtgatt atatcggtta agaattacat tctgaccaca     38880
     gagagttgta acatatgttt taatcgcagt ttctttgcaa aatgttctgt agacatgtgt     38940
     agacatgtta ttatagagac atggcacttg tcaatcaatt ccgtgggcgg ggaaaaccgc     39000
     aatcctacat cactttgcag tgggcctcaa aatcactggg atttgaatcc tattttattg     39060
     tcaataaatt aaaaaaaaga gacatattgt gtttatatca ctatcaatat gacagtggac     39120
     acactatacc cacacacagt tcaatccaaa tagcttacaa aagttgattt tcatcatagg     39180
     tgcccttgaa tgagtttaat taagggaact ataatcacat gatacaatgt aaatgacaaa     39240
     tcaaattaaa aatgttggtg gtaacacaaa actatccatt tacagctgct gatcatagat     39300
     ataaaaacag tttagtttaa gtttattgct aaataccaaa acataggagt aataattttg     39360
     aaaatgaagg tgttctcgga agcaggaaaa gataaataat gctgtaggct ttgcaagtgc     39420
     acttactgta catgcaaaat atgtgaaact tgtgaaacat tttaaatatt gttgtgtaaa     39480
     cacgtggaaa catgatcaca cgagtttcac ttgaaaaatt gtgagtgcat gtaaagctca     39540
     tgtgggtttt ctataaggtt ttctgctgtt ttttttagct agcaagcggc ttcatactat     39600
     caattaacct cttaagggcc cacaacaaga ctggctttaa aaccactaat gactatatat     39660
     tctctaagaa gaaaattaat gtatatttta cctctaaatg ttgaattcag gtgcattcaa     39720
     aatttagaga aggaataaat gaaaagatac cagtaggggc cacagtaaca gggtcttcct     39780
     gacgttcctg ctcgtccgta gggatggaca ttgggatgat gagcaccagg cccagactcg     39840
     tgcccaccca cagacacggt gtaggcaggg agtcagactt gcgcccatat gactctgcaa     39900
     actgcagtgt tgttacagcc tctttagtct ctctgtctat gctggaaacg ctagagctcc     39960
     gggaacggct gaaagagttt tctcgactct ctgagagaag ggaagagaga gaaagagggt     40020
     gggggagatg agaagtgtca ggaaagatgg aagacaaaag acagaaagat gaataggtgg     40080
     tagaggataa acaacagaga gatatataag aacatgaaaa gggaagaatc cttaagctgt     40140
     taaaaagagg atcaagagaa agtggagtca caccatatgt gtttaaatca tccaccagaa     40200
     tcaagattga ccttttcctt aagcaactga tatgaaaata gatcattcat aattcaacaa     40260
     ataatgtacg tagaagacag ggtggcacat ctattgagtg agcacatttt agaaatctcc     40320
     tgttcgaatg atcagacatg tcacagattt cactcacata cacagaggac acacagagca     40380
     cactcactat tttaaaccca tttggcttct ttaccatcct tttgaccttg aattgcttcc     40440
     aggttcacat ccactgcata atcattcagc caggcccaga cataaaaacg ttctggactt     40500
     gcctgattta cacttaattt aattatttaa actgtctttc tctatttcaa actcaaggat     40560
     gacattggaa aaaaactttt atatataatt tatttttgca atatgatgtg tattacggta     40620
     ttataagatt ggctgttgta attgtcacat cctgtgtgac attcagtgtc ttgactgatg     40680
     tgttatgtat tgcgtaacaa taaaagagaa gaatattcta ttagaatttg agtaatgttt     40740
     tccattgggg atcttgttta tcctgcaaaa caaaactgta ttttgttcac ataacgtgaa     40800
     cttattacga ggaaatgctg acagacattt gtcaatgtca gaacaagtga tgtgatggga     40860
     aggaaagtca tttgtgagca tgtttgtaag ctgtattata aacagcaaaa acaatgtggc     40920
     tgctactgat gacgacaaca tttatcatac tgtatatcgc aataggtctc tgtaacacaa     40980
     tattaataaa cctctttccc tctcccattc ccttaaatga caccatttaa tacacatatg     41040
     agtaaatgta tacggaaatg agctcagtaa taatatatga taaaataata tcataaatgt     41100
     gtaatctaaa tagataaatg acttacagta tgttcccctt taatgtgtta tagataaatc     41160
     tactatgtag tgttatgttt tatatccaag accattatta caacttaata ctatggctca     41220
     tctttaatgg tttaaaaact tgttttatag tagtaatagt aaaaatatgc atgctatata     41280
     taaattatgt atgatttggt atacaaaaga tacagaatac tgttttaata gagcatagat     41340
     tctcttacag aattgtatgt cttacagaac tgtatgttct gcatgcatca agggtatgtt     41400
     cacacacggt aggttttgtt tttcctatac tcaggtgtga ttactctgat agtcaattta     41460
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gaaaagaaaa cctgtgaaaa ctattgtatg aacatttgtg     41520
     cataacaaac aattggatag atttctctgc tctgaatcat acatacatat aatacacttt     41580
     gcatgttctc agaaaaaaaa atactatcaa atccacatac atacaaacat attaattcag     41640
     ggagcagaat gtttccagta aattccttca gagaaaatgc atcaaagcat aaaaataaat     41700
     ctttttacct taagtgctaa aaattaccac atgaaagcta agtacaccag gactaaagtc     41760
     ccattcacac aaaggacgct aactacaact atagccataa ccataactat aattgtgact     41820
     atcattgtat gatgcatcat ttgggaaaaa gaatgatgta gtgaccaaaa cctgtagttt     41880
     ttctgttgca gatccatcat ttgaaccacg ttaattataa cgtacaacgc ccataatgat     41940
     ttaaataatt taaataaaat ccaatattag tttggctaaa atcatgcact cgctttctat     42000
     attaattgaa acatatgtaa atggcagata ttgggccgat gtttccttta caaatattat     42060
     tgagaatatt ccatattcta ttctaaaaca tactacttac aaaagccaac acatatttta     42120
     atctcatata taaatcttaa aaaataaata atgaggctgt ttattagaaa atgaaatgta     42180
     atatttatta gaaaagaaaa aaatcctact ttaataataa tattaatgat gatgatgacg     42240
     agtattatta ttattattat tattaaatag gataatgttt atttattttt acattttttg     42300
     aaaagtctac ttttacaatt tgacacactc aaaccacagc agaaatgctc taaccaatag     42360
     gcccatgtca tatacagtac agatacttaa taaataacct actatagatt aaaactatta     42420
     acgtttgctg tttttttttc acaagctttg aagacgtaac ataaattccg cttttaaata     42480
     atagttcacc tatactgtag cttttgccat gagccaaggc tgtgttcaaa atgacatcaa     42540
     tgttttcata tagcacactg tgaagggagc acaattgtaa acatgaagat ctctaaaact     42600
     aaaatgtaaa aaaactttga aggcaaatta cacataagag agatgacttt aatgcttttt     42660
     tatatttaat cattccaagt ttaaatgtta gaatgtttta aacaaatagg gcatagggag     42720
     gataactggg aatagaacac agccaggaac tatgtttcta actatagctc cagaggtgca     42780
     caagtttgcg atgcagattg cgaatgttcg tttgagcgat ggatttggga aatggcaaat     42840
     caacaaacta tgtttgtaac gatggaattg tgaccttagt tggctaatga tggtttttgg     42900
     aaatgcagcc ctgtctagca cacctgacca gtgaatccag ctcatgtaat atatcttatc     42960
     aaacagtgaa ataagcaatc agtcgctacg ttttcatcca cctattttta tgtacatttt     43020
     ggatttgcgc ataaaaaatc gattgatgta aataacaaaa tgcgtataaa ttttaaaaag     43080
     atttttacgt gcataactga cggttttgtc ttctaaggtg caagttattt attaaataag     43140
     gaaaagattc acacagcttc ttttaccgca gtaatttccg tttttgctgt tgatatttgg     43200
     cggcagttaa tcgggaagtg acaattttgt tggatagaaa cgctgcttaa tgcaatattc     43260
     ctgttttgtg gataaattta cagtacttca cattattgtg tggatacatt actacagtca     43320
     gtatagtagg ataaaaacaa cacaaagatt ttttccaagc attttcagag gaggcagcaa     43380
     aaaaaagtca accggtactc ctccgtaatg ttattgtctt ttttatttca atgaattctg     43440
     actggctgtc agtgcttcat ccattattaa atgtgttcat tagaaggtga ttccatctat     43500
     atcatatctc tacagcttta tggttttaga gttggtctga acgtgttaca ttcagaacga     43560
     tttttaaaat tctaaatgtt ttccattatt ttggccttat aaactggcct taaactggtt     43620
     taatttcgac ccaaacaaaa agaaccaaac cataagtgtg aacacaccct aaaatgattt     43680
     cttattttaa attactagca tcacaaaaag tcgtttgctt taagagcgac ctcacaacat     43740
     tcacctctac actgaagaca acataaaaga ctgataatac tcatacatct gcagaataat     43800
     aagacgccct cagacaatca catacagaaa ctgtttccct gatacaggtt aagcctcgcc     43860
     ttggactgaa cagcacggtt tgatgtttgt cgcacggagt ccaggactag atttaatctg     43920
     tgtcttggag atgtcacagt gcgtgggatg gacagaagac tacaaggcga caacattgca     43980
     gatcatttaa cagaggctgg tgtgaaacac aaagcagaca tcattataat gctcagctgc     44040
     taacagctac agtaagttcc aacctgaaga tgaaaagcaa agtggagact cgttgaacag     44100
     gattctgacc aagcaaatga gccacagaac gggacggagc gagacgagac gctacagggt     44160
     gagaggtcct agtgaccctc aaaaagcccc tccttacctc tctcgctcca ggagtagttg     44220
     gtgatgtgat gctcatcgtg agagtacata ctgactccgt gtaactgctg cagcatggcc     44280
     cgtctggacg gataacctag ccatcgaacg cacaaacgca cgacacgcca acggccacaa     44340
     tcacacacag gtaaatacaa cgatacacga cacatcaata gacacacatg taagacagag     44400
     accaaaacac ataaacacga ccagaacatc acagcattca gagagtgaca gagacagaga     44460
     gaaagagata acagataaac caatattcaa gaaagaaaga agacagatcg atttacaatt     44520
     tttcccgaaa acctgcccac aatgcctctg tatatacaaa tgtcagcaca atgaaatcct     44580
     ttcttggctg tggggattga gtcaaggtta ggttacttaa agctgtgtat gtgtgaattt     44640
     gtgaagacag taattaaagg gacagttcac tcaaaatatg aatattatgt cattgtttac     44700
     tcacctccat attgttctaa acctttatga caggattcag aatacttgta ttagtgatgg     44760
     aatgattaga tatttcctgg cctggggttt tgaatgttgt tctgcaaaat tccatccata     44820
     ttaacagagt taaattaaaa ataattcaaa tgttacactt ttaattatcg aattccccca     44880
     cacatgcttg catcaacctt atttttattt ctaaaatcat gctaagtgaa gttttacaaa     44940
     ctaatatcga gtaccgagaa gagcaggtga tatgattgat tgtggcttgt ccctcatcca     45000
     taatcagtaa taatccaatc agattaatcc aagcctataa atagacagat gtcaccctac     45060
     tgctttatac gttttggatg aatccccctt ccacccctat taaatgctaa ttgaccaggc     45120
     gggagccctg ggcttaatta tttgcgagct caaggttctc tccccggaca gcatgtcaaa     45180
     cctgctattt ttagcaaaca atatctaggt atgaactcat gaatacaagc caaatagaga     45240
     ttatgggaac tcataaatgg ttaacaaact gctctacttt gtcttcttgt ctgatttatt     45300
     tattttttat tcttttgtca tgagacatct gtataatcta gtaacttttg ttcagtcatt     45360
     ctccaatgac tgttcctgaa tgttctcaga ctgcagggat gatgggggaa gagagagaaa     45420
     aagataactg ttcacaggat gggggaggca gcagagagag tttcttgctg gatatggagc     45480
     aggagagagg agcttagctg gaagccaggg ggagttaata ggcagtgatt tggccatcac     45540
     tgctgaccca tcaatgttga cggtgttgcg gtttagggtt gaaacaccca atgatcattg     45600
     gataccacct gatgacatca actctttctg gctaaagcaa cattcacaaa agtgaatgaa     45660
     ggagaagcat ctttggatgt aattgtaatt ataaccaaac accattcaga tgaacgggct     45720
     tattagtaag aactcgtgtt aaccgctggc attaacacac tgatattgtt aatccaaaaa     45780
     cagccacaaa aaagtatctt gattgattac tgaccaagtg tgatatgtca tgatagctag     45840
     ccaaacaggt ttatgcatct tgtcctctac atttggttta aaggtaaaag atttcaaaaa     45900
     ttcagttacc catccttata catatgattg gccatagact aacccattac aagaaaaaaa     45960
     gtggtcaaac atggaaaaaa aagggacaga taaaaaaata aaatgattaa aaatagcagt     46020
     gtacctggct taattttatg tgatctgtga ccctcttaat acaagtcgta ctgtaaataa     46080
     ttctaaaatg taactcatcc agtccaacat taactcagct ggcctctgtt ataaagacag     46140
     aagaaagatg cagacttgaa agtttaggga gccacttgat ttcacacttt gggatttgag     46200
     tggatcccat ttcaaacttg cttacaaacc tatcaagtaa agaacaatag agatgctgcg     46260
     catttgtggt cacaaaaaca ataaatgaat cactttctgt agcattatag cataatgttt     46320
     tctaatgctt cagaactgat gtcacatttt gtggtcattt ttaacattcc tcttcactgt     46380
     gtgtgctatt taaaaaaaaa aacatgaaca tgaacattct tcaaagcatt tctgtttatg     46440
     gtccacagaa gctacaaggt cttgggacaa cattgagggt gagcaactga tgacatacaa     46500
     actgtaattg ggtgaacttt ccctttaaca cagactaaga cactggacac accgcattca     46560
     ttacctaaac aatctaacac aacgcagact gaacacaaag ccacacatcc aatcacacaa     46620
     tctcacacag tgcgaatggc tacacacaat atcacatctc ggtttgtggg aagacacacg     46680
     aattgacctt ttctactgac ggcacctgta tctgcgggga ctgtgaacat aattagtcgt     46740
     atccatcctg ttagcctgtt agtgtgaata tttcatgata gaaaagggtg agagaacaga     46800
     tctgctcgct cgttctctct ctctgggact ctttggttga ggtcactgac tgtcaatcac     46860
     cgcgggagag ccgaatgaca cacctgttat tagaaacacc accagcgtcc tctctctgtg     46920
     gaacaggcaa acgtttctgt ggaaattagt atattctgtc tgtcggattc ctctgtgatt     46980
     gtctattctg tcttctgtgg ttttgtttat gtacatatcc agttgaagtc agaattttta     47040
     gcccctctga attattagcc cccctgttta cttttttccc taatttctgt ttaacggaga     47100
     gaagattttt tcaacacatt tctaaacatg atagttttaa taactcattt gtaataaatg     47160
     atttatttta tctttgccac gatgacagac aatgataact aggtttatta cagtaggtta     47220
     acaaggcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attttataac gatagtttgt tctgtagact     47280
     atcgaaaaaa aaattaagct taaaggggct aataattttt accttaaaat agcgtttaaa     47340
     aaaatgtaaa ctgcttttat cctagcagaa ataaaacaaa taagtcctct ccaaaagaaa     47400
     aaataataat aataataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtatatgc tacatatccc taaagacctt     47460
     tgttagagtg ccaggatatt taatttctga cagaagtgcc atgtgttcaa tggtatacca     47520
     agcctgttac tgtggtacac tgcaaaaaat gcttttctta cttagatttt ttgccatgtt     47580
     tcaagtccaa atatctaaaa aaaaaaaagt ttatatcaag aagcattttc taggcaagca     47640
     aaacatattg tcttgttttc agaaataaaa tgccaaaatg aagtgagttt tcccttaaaa     47700
     caagcaaaat aatctgtcaa ttatgcaaaa taatcttgtt ttttgacata aaattaattt     47760
     gcttacccca ttggcagaat atttagcttg tttttaggga aatctcactt aattttggca     47820
     tataatttct taaaactaga ctaaaattct tcttgcttta taagcatttt tagatatttg     47880
     gattagaaat gacaaaacat aaaaaaaatc attttttgca aagttatgcc tttttaaaaa     47940
     gttacctaaa atgaccatat tggcactatt aaggtacata ttggtattgt aagtgtacat     48000
     attagtaact aaaaagtaaa cactgttgtt tatgtataca tatttttagc tgatgaactt     48060
     tcagtagaca aaaactccta cataaatata aaatacagta acatggtgtg acaccatgta     48120
     aaatcgtgtg tgcttagtca gtgtttttgg gacacttttg gaaacagtaa tgaaatggct     48180
     tgcaaacaat gacattatgt gttagttata gactttcttg tatggtttac agcattagct     48240
     gagctatgta tatatttttt cttctttttt tattgtctgt aggtttaagt aaaccagttt     48300
     gggagaaaaa tatatatact atttagtttt cacactaatc ttgacttcag aatcaaggta     48360
     tgtactgcac tttaccttaa ttttttgtac cgttacacca caaacatgta caactacacc     48420
     cagcaaacaa ttttgtgttt aatagaagtc taatagacat ctaaacataa acagcttggc     48480
     taaatcaagg ctaaacttgg gctgtcagtg aaaatcaaat agacatcaaa tagacagatt     48540
     agacagactt tataagtgta gtcactcatt tttgtttatt tgactactaa tctagttctg     48600
     gcctattcta tcttcttttt tcatctatta gattttcatt gacagcctaa atttagcctt     48660
     gttttagcca aggtgtctac gtttaattgt ctattagaca tcttttaaaa acaaacaaaa     48720
     aaatgcttgc tttgtaaaga ctagtctatc cctctattta ttaacaaaaa attgtacaag     48780
     tcataaaaga atcagtgttt ttaacaaatc ttttgagcga actaatcatt cttgtttcaa     48840
     atcaaatcaa gtgtggggct gaatgaccaa atttacacca aaagattctt attcgctcag     48900
     cacttcctct atgattttgt acagaaagag cccttaaaaa tgaatcagcg catgaatctt     48960
     tttggtaaat gagaagtgac tcaataaatt tcgatggcat aatgggttgt caagggctca     49020
     ctggagtcac tcccagtgca ttgaaagtcc catccgctac cacttattca ctgacttgtg     49080
     atacatttct acaactttcc atcttctcca gcaatttgtt tacgtcaagt gtgtgtgtct     49140
     ttccacccta aatggcagtt tatatgaaac tacgtatccc agcttcccgc agctctctct     49200
     tcctgtagca tgtctcatta gcgacggcct ggctctcctc gatgctaatt gacctttaat     49260
     tatcccagcg accccactgc ggcaccgcat gcctgttact gcactgatag ggacgcacgc     49320
     cacgcattga gaccaaagaa gcgctaggca gtcctctaat ggacaataac acttttccaa     49380
     gtggagagga aaaataatgt tacgagtcta caatggcatg aatacatttc aatatcatga     49440
     cattattcag ttaaaaaatc atcaagctgc atctaggaag tttcagagct tgcaaaactg     49500
     tcagaatgtc aaggtagaga accgttttga ctaaatttga acaatttttc tgtaatcaaa     49560
     tacagactgt taggttagaa atgcaatttc agtgcacaac acacaattct gggaaatatc     49620
     cagtccttga gatgacctca tgatccttgt gacactattc atatgctgtt gttcaacttg     49680
     gactggtcgt cctggttggc aaccttcaca aaaacaggat tatggacaca gatgacggca     49740
     caggaggagt ttctgcctat cgctgcgatt ggattagtga ctgacaggaa gttggtgcct     49800
     agcaagcaca tgatctaagt gaagcgtttc actgtacaga tcaagctaat atggacaaga     49860
     catctgctat agggacatat atgactgaca aggacaaata attgacatga catgaaggtt     49920
     tgtctgtgtg taagctcatg ttaccagtta aaaggagggt ccacccaaaa agattgactg     49980
     aacgttcatt tttttttttt tttttggtaa attatccctt ttaaggggtg tttaattagt     50040
     cattcaatgt cctcaacttt ttgtgctgat tatttgtttt gatatgataa atcagggaat     50100
     attattataa cacacacttt cacacacaca cctatttagc cataatagta gtatgttcaa     50160
     agcattaaaa ctccatgtat gtgttttgta gcaacatagt agatttggct gaattgtagc     50220
     attctttttg aaactaagaa aaaaggctga agagaaagaa acccacaacc acgatcgttg     50280
     tgtaaactcg aaccctagct tgcacagaga ctgcctacat taatttttta attcacatct     50340
     ccaacccacc tgtcgaatga ctgtgtgcag aggtggtaat taaaagcatt aaaaacaaaa     50400
     agtataatta ggctcacagc ggtgtctgcc tcagcctcca tgtttgaagc acaaatacgg     50460
     tctcaaacat aaaagggaca gaggatcccc aaagcttaaa aagcggagtc atttttgtga     50520
     gtcacacttt gaaaggtttg tgccttttct tttcttctta ttctttttgt tttacttttt     50580
     aaatgacttt taaaaggctg gttaataaaa taataagccc atttcatcag catttatcct     50640
     attcccattc aatagcaatt tcaatctgga taaatgggat ttacatttaa aatgcaccgc     50700
     acaaaccaat tatgagatca caaaaacatt tcatcaaatt ttcagcaaaa gtgcagaatt     50760
     ttaactgaag cataatatac tttattaccc cttttgcacc aacaagctca acctggtctg     50820
     ctttccaaat aaatagacgt ttcaaacctc tctgaatttc tcctttccct aaaacataac     50880
     aagacatgtt aggtaaaatt accattaact tacattatat gaaaaaaaca ataacccctt     50940
     ttacacagtg ataccggtaa atatctggaa aatttctgga atgactttac cggtaaattc     51000
     aaaaatggcc tgttcacaca tgatcccttt ctggaaaatt gccggtaatt ttccggaaag     51060
     gtctgtatgt gtgaaagggg ctaatgagag tgaatgggca caaagagtca atgattttgc     51120
     ataatatgta caaaaaattt tcccaggaga atcccatatg ggttttgaac atgcgataag     51180
     ggtagcattc ctgaggatac tctgatttct ctttaagact tgtaaataat attttttttt     51240
     tttgcatttt gcagctcttt gatagggctt aggatgttgc taagagaggt ttgcaaatct     51300
     ggttgagcac cagctcagtg gaaaaggggt aagcttcctt taataatcac cagtctttcc     51360
     aacaaagtgg aataaaaact ataaccaggc agtgaaatca gagcgtcaaa aaacacagca     51420
     gtaaaacccc atacccttct ccttgtatcc cttgatgagt gttaagcatg cagtatgggt     51480
     aaggggcagt gaaggaatat gggagtaaag ggtaaatgga ttaaagggat aaaggagctg     51540
     gagaacaagc acacaccttc ggtgagggag gacacaggca aagagacctc catgcatgcg     51600
     gcggactggg ccttgcggaa gggcggtcgg ccgggccctc tgcgggcgag gcgtggccct     51660
     tcagggcccc ccgggactct ggccctccca gacggacagg gctgggaggt ggggctagtg     51720
     caatgtccat tcacatgatc tgtaacaacg ggcatagcat tagcaagaaa ctcaaacgag     51780
     attagaaaaa gaaagagtgt gtgtaagaga atagtaaaga gggcagtggg atgaaaacta     51840
     tgcagccgta gaggagggag agagaatagt gagaggatgc ggtcacagaa aagcagctgt     51900
     aatcagccca aaattatttt gatatgaaaa gaagaaattg aaaagaaaga taaagaaggg     51960
     agggatggtc ggaggaagca gtggaaatgg aaggacgaga aattggaaaa ggaaaagtaa     52020
     agaaaaggag gaaattaatt ctaaaaaaac gagtaaagaa agggtaaacg gaaatagcaa     52080
     aagaaatgga aataatgggg tgaaggtaaa ggaaaagagg gaattattat gtaaaaggaa     52140
     aatgtagtgt acaaaaagtt aagaattaag aaggaaatga aaggaacgga aaataaagga     52200
     aagtaaaaga aatgaaagga gaggaaaaga aaggaaaaga aaggaaagga aagggaaaaa     52260
     atagttgcag gtaatggcag ttgttcaaga aattaagcat tcagagaggc tttctcatcc     52320
     cttctcagat caaacacttg aaaggatgaa ggtggaggtg atttttagag aaaaacagaa     52380
     gcttccatct gcagtctgtt tatgcagaaa gttgagggag gtctgcatga gtatgcagga     52440
     acagacctag atccaaactc cctgcatcga aaacagcaca tttttcagca atacacccag     52500
     atcaatgtct tactagcatc tatacctcat gagatactgt atcctatagc cagaacccct     52560
     cagatggaga catctcttgt ttatttatac cacagtactc gtgagatttt gactgactct     52620
     tgactatttt gacattctag ctgtgtatgt tctcttcctt cctctatttt atatctatca     52680
     atcaatttta tgccaacaca gccatagaaa tctagacttt ttgctgtcat gtcatatcag     52740
     tgggatcttt actcagtcag ttgtatagat actgcactgt agacttggca actataactt     52800
     tgacactgac tcatggtaaa acaaagcact attcaggaca ccatctgtaa gactacactt     52860
     tttttctttt caatagcatt gaattttggg tttgtgagaa aattaaagca gtactaccaa     52920
     ttaaaaatgt atctttcgtt tcagtttatt attatttggt taatttttca agtgatatat     52980
     tttaagttta aaacattgtt aaatacgaat gtttttgatt atgagctaaa ctaagaaata     53040
     tttgttttga caaatgtaaa atttaaaggt tactcacaca tgtcagtgca tgcgtattat     53100
     caatatgctt ttacatttac gggctttaaa cattttttaa acaaattttt atttttcatt     53160
     ggctcaagtg atcaaattta gatgtaaacc cttaccctat ttttttattt gggtaaatga     53220
     acattttatg ggaacttttg ttgtgattga atctatatct tcttgtttag aaaataagag     53280
     aatttaaatt aattgacctt cttcaacaag acaaatatgc tttgtaccag gctataaaaa     53340
     attgctctca tgaagattgt ttgagataaa tgatctattt ttcactgggt caatgctaaa     53400
     agttggatgt gaaccattct attttttacc aactattttt tattgttagc attggggaaa     53460
     gttacttttg aaagtaatgc atcacaatat tgagttactc caaaaaagta actagttgtg     53520
     ttacatagtt actttttatg gaaattgaaa tgttatgtta catttgagtt acttcttagt     53580
     tactttttca tacctgcctg gggcttgttc cctttcagaa cttgcaggtt atttttagat     53640
     agaaaagctc tgtatttaat gatggtatat cctacacctt tatttacctt taaaaataaa     53700
     aacgaattta atttttttag taaggttacc ttctgagaac tttcagacac tatagatgct     53760
     gtatatatag attaatgaaa agttgaaagc aatgagtttt gtatttttgt cttattagtt     53820
     cagtaaagtc actgtccatt gagacaatcc cattttcttt ttgtgtttaa aataatgaga     53880
     atatttccat catagaaatg taatgctctg ccattttagt tttgcttgtt cctgcgagaa     53940
     gcttgttctc ttattgagtg tggttcaatg tgattacaca aattttaatt taacataaac     54000
     aaatttttaa aagcgtatga actaatctaa aaagtaattc aaatattctg acttgtcatg     54060
     atttggactc gatttccttg acgtagggat tcattagtga caaatgggcg ctgtgacaag     54120
     attcaattgt ttcttcttgt gtaatgtggc atagttcatg acaaccaata ccatgcttgt     54180
     gacgcctcac aacgcctcct tgcagctgct gatgtgctaa tgttcatttt ctccatttca     54240
     ctcgcggcaa gttcaggcag aagtagtgtt taataagcaa ccctggcaag aaaatttaaa     54300
     tttagatttc aaagaaaata ttctaatatt aaaaaggaaa cataagtttt atcctatcca     54360
     tgttgtaaca aatgccccta attaatttag ttattagttg tcaacaagca tcagtgttta     54420
     ttgagattga aataagatta aaaatttttt tttaattgag ataaagaata tctctatagc     54480
     aacacttgtg actgctttgg gaaataacct tcatcacaga cgtcccaaga tgactgattg     54540
     tgaaggaacg tgtagtctgg cacatttgtt actcgtgaaa agattttttc aagaaaaaaa     54600
     ataaataaat attgcatagt ctgacagtga ctttcataac cgacaataaa aatcatgtga     54660
     tctgaccatg ggctttactt tactcgttac ttggaaaagt catattatta ttattattat     54720
     tgttattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt acataactcg cgttacttgt     54780
     aatgcgttac ccccaacact ggaaatgatc atgtgaccat ggagtgtaaa ttttagaaag     54840
     tgtattttaa aatgttatag acaaataaat gtattttgca ttgttatagt attctgaaat     54900
     tgaacagttt aactgtattt taatatactg taagcaataa atggtggtct atttcctaag     54960
     ctattttttg tagtaattat ttattacttt ataagcaata tgtcttcaat cttcaaactg     55020
     attttaatgc agaattttga atttgttaaa atagcatcaa tttagatctc aaggaagaat     55080
     caggatgaga aagcctaaaa aaaatggagc ccagtccgca gatatattca catctgtttt     55140
     ccctggcctg cactagggtc ggtttttcta aatgaaaaca tctcaattta aaaaaaagag     55200
     tacaaaaata ttgtgtaggc cccagtgcat tcaaggggag acagttctac agcacaaaac     55260
     tacacaaagt gacccaaacc tacctgtaga tacacataca cacactaact ccatttcagc     55320
     ctcacgcaca cacattacac tcacaaaacc ctccaaaatt ctaataagta ttgattttca     55380
     tgtccttttt aatgcttctt taacctgaac catcaaacta tttttatttt aaaaaatgac     55440
     ctgagactct agtgctttct aattttttcc aagtgcaaat caaaaccttt gaggattaga     55500
     aacaagtata atcattcatg gcccagacgc tctattttcc attttaatgc ggcacagctt     55560
     gacctgttga aggaacactt tcattattga acattaggtc aagtttggca caagaaatgg     55620
     aagaggaaat tgttcagccc tcagcgagag gtgtgttagt cacagcctag cattaaaaaa     55680
     agccagacaa agagaagaaa aatgaaaaga gaacaaggag agatactcag cgaaagagac     55740
     agagacaatt tggaggattt ccgtaaaaaa aggcaaaaga atggtccaag tcacgatgag     55800
     gcaaactcac ttgcaaagaa tgatctcatt acaatagtgc atgtcattca gaggtagagg     55860
     atggtccaat cacaaatgag caggctttca tagagttaaa gaatggtcca gtagggttaa     55920
     agcatgttct gaggtataga atgacccaat tatgatggtg caaggctgtt tagacgtaaa     55980
     gaatgaacca gtcgcaggag agcgagattt caggatgata cctttctcaa cttaggaatg     56040
     agtatgttga acaaaccacc tttgtaaaca cttgcaaaat gtacactgag aagcgtaatt     56100
     gttttgataa ttaaaaaaag gccacacgca gggatgtgag gaaggaaatt ttgcactgtt     56160
     tcatgaattc aaatgagaag aaagtgaaag aataacaaaa atgcattaaa aatgaactgc     56220
     aaaatgcaag gacaaggggc ttcatcatgt cattctcaac aggatggaaa cagagaaagt     56280
     tgatgaatcg aaggcaagat taaagaaaat gaactgctcg ctttcggcct accgtaccaa     56340
     gatcagtctt aagatctgtg ggtagactta actttctgcc tggtcccttg actgaaacaa     56400
     aacaaaatag gacagaaagg agcaattaat ccattaaaaa aaagagagaa aacaaaagaa     56460
     aacaaaaggc aaaagatgca gaggtcaaaa aaaataaaca gatcggctca aatgaatatt     56520
     gaacaaaaga aaaacctttt gtgtaaatca tgcaggtgtg catgccgaca tgtgacgttt     56580
     cattcaacag tcatgcccaa tcgcatactg tcaccagaca aatagatcat ctttacacat     56640
     gcatgcagaa tgcatataca ctataaacac aactcataaa caataaacca ctatcaattt     56700
     ttatttcctt tttccccatg ttgatgaagg aaaaactcta ttcattaatt taaaaatcat     56760
     caaatagggt gtaacagtta atatccataa tgttttattg gatagaaacc acaataaaat     56820
     gcacagaacc caatcacatg tgcatgcaca cacaataaaa acacaaacag aggttcaaat     56880
     taaagtgtag aaataaataa taaaagttca acattttgca agcattttgc actgcaaagg     56940
     aaacagcata tactgagcta aatgtctgag gagtaatata tggtagtatt accgctggaa     57000
     tgaaaaatgt atgagtggat tcaaaatact gtttcatcag cttccattgc tacgcaatta     57060
     aataaaatca tttaataacc aaccatctta tcccaaagaa agtctcacaa agcctctagt     57120
     ttgtcactaa aacacacaaa atacttctca acatgacact ctcctcttaa gcatcatttc     57180
     agtgtgattt tagtcatttt caccacactg ctaatgcttt tccacttata gagaccaggt     57240
     aatggtttta tgaatgcaat ttgctttcct gtgttgacca aggaggccta taatatgtgg     57300
     agaagtctat ccattagcac tcctattcaa cttggcactt ttaagagtcc aatatgtgtt     57360
     aaaaaattca atttcattct gattcaaatt aattcattcg atttgaaaga aagatgactt     57420
     ttagaaaccc atggtgtagt tataccattt tctctaatag tgccatatta ggacgttgac     57480
     atttacaact gctataggga gctggaataa gttatatcca aaattattct tggggatttt     57540
     tcaaactagg aaatttacat gcttatgtct aatatataac ttaatttttg aactaattaa     57600
     aagtagacaa cagaaaacac tggtataaac aggttttaaa atgttttgtg attgtccaca     57660
     ttgaacactt ccatgagtag ttaaaaaccc attcaaaacc gattaaattc attgacaaaa     57720
     gatcatcttc tcagttgaag atcatcatca agtcttcaag tcttgcaagt aattgttgaa     57780
     tcacactttt tagatgggaa tcagaaatca tttgcttgat ccaaacacat tagcattcaa     57840
     gttgctgctc tccttattgt tttccatggt tttatttgga gtgcatatga aaacattgtg     57900
     agcttatttc acaatattat atgataaagt caaaaaaagg accaatttta tactcgctca     57960
     tggagtccta cctcacataa atcaagaaag ttgtcaaaaa ttaacaaaat agctgctaca     58020
     acaccagtgt aaacattcaa acattagtct ccctcgtctg cctgtgacct gataaaccaa     58080
     ataaaattta atggatcttt aaagcactgg attggtttga accttagaca tcagaagcaa     58140
     aaaagacaaa aaaaaaaaac acttaaaaaa ccatttaaaa actcatatta aggtacagct     58200
     gtatccttct ttctcccact ctttttcctc gaaagtgggg acggatgcga tctgaacata     58260
     acacaaatcg gaaattgctc ctggaaatag cagtaattaa aattccggga tcaataaccc     58320
     atgccttaga tgtggagcct ttcccattag cctgtacgct gataagatca gtctgcacac     58380
     acatgtgcag gtgcgcaaac atgagagaga tggagaggaa gagcaggcta catgttgata     58440
     tgaaagatga gcacattaaa gccattttgc aagctatttt ctctgtgaat aaaccaatgc     58500
     ggactaacaa atccatcttg gacatatcta cttattgtta tccagtggta aagctacaat     58560
     gccaaacatc acatctggca ccaactgatt tcaacatcag acctcaagtg gccattctgt     58620
     attattgttt cttttttttt tctttgttct ttccttccat gggcacaatt tcaggagtcg     58680
     tttagctgct cgttagaatg ttcagaacac cgtggcttca atcccaccga ctcctccgtg     58740
     agcctgactg agatgaacag taatttggga ttgttttgga atgatctcaa aaaatgtctt     58800
     cagctattct gctctacaat ttgaataaat tacagaccgc tttgctttca gctcacgtca     58860
     gcatccacta aactgaagaa acggatatat ttccgaagta aagatgtaga caacaggcac     58920
     agttctttct cagaaatttg ctgtattagt ttggctaaaa taagaagccc aagaaaagag     58980
     aaaaccccta gaaaaagagt aggtcatcga ttagcaacac agcttgacga gctgtgaagt     59040
     gacctggtag attttacatc ttcaaaatga gccaacactt aaggccaatc acatgcagca     59100
     cattttaaaa agtgagcaaa agcactatta gcataaatgg aattttcatg ctttcagcca     59160
     tgctgtcaga gaaagctttg cagtcagtgt aaataatgta aattgtatcc aggaagccaa     59220
     ctatattttt gaaaccattg atacagtaag tttccacaaa attaaggtga catgcatgtt     59280
     ttaaattaat ttctcttaat ccaggtcatt gactacttaa cgcaagggtc accaatcttg     59340
     atccaggagg gccagtgtgc ctgcagagtt tagctctaac ttgcctcaac acacctgcct     59400
     gggtgtttca agtataccta gtaagacctt gattagcttg ttcaggggtt tttgattatg     59460
     gtaggagcta aaatctgcag gacaccggcc ctccaggaac aagtttggtg acccctgact     59520
     taacgcaatt tatgaattca tttatgagca cggcccgtca acatgacgcc agattgacca     59580
     tgtaccctaa cgtcttgggg atgttgcatt ttgtttagaa atgaaaattt aggttacgtc     59640
     agaacccaac atcaggtcga cgtcaatgtc taatgtccaa cctaaaatca accaagtatc     59700
     aacatctaat gatgttacag cttgatgttg tgtggatatt accactatga tgtctatcag     59760
     aagttagtgg ttgccatact agaagaacaa atgtcagtat ttgatgtcaa tatgatggtg     59820
     gtttaggatg ttggctctgt gttggatttt ggccactttc caacagaatc taaaatcaac     59880
     atcttttgac atcattattg gaggttaaga taagttgtct tgacgatggc tgaattttgc     59940
     tcatctgaca cgttgtgtgc ctgctgggat tcataagtct aaagggcact atcaaaatat     60000
     ttcaagcagt cctctcaaat ctgtcaattg cattccagct tgaccaatag ttagaggttg     60060
     gggcgtggct actgtaacag gctgagccac agggtgttca gttttttttt gaaagcatga     60120
     ctgatacatt aaatgggaaa agatgttcag gtttgcttat agatttcaag tcaaaatctg     60180
     caaagacaaa caacacggtc cttttcacaa gatggaggaa tttgacaaaa tatttgggtt     60240
     tcatttgaga caccaaactt gtagagtttc tttctagcag gttaactaaa cttttttttt     60300
     gccactagtt agttcttcag catcaagttc catataaata atggtattat gagaataaat     60360
     cttatgaaga gttgtttgaa aagttgtcaa tattatattt ctgccagtag cacagataca     60420
     tcactattaa aacttaaatc tgattacaga tttaacattg actacaagca gagcactagt     60480
     catttgtaag atacgttaat cagtgaatga attcaattca aatgttgcat atcaaatgtt     60540
     tacagaacaa aatgtgttct caatggtaca aaaaaagtac aattataaag gattgtgctc     60600
     ctaaaagcta acagataaac ccttgagggt cttttgtgga ctcactgaat cgaaatgcac     60660
     aatgcatgga ttttacaatc ttttaaaagt attactttta aaactgtaaa ataggagctc     60720
     agtgaggttt agtgtaagtg acaatattat ttctttgcat tagactgtat gtaatatatg     60780
     tgagaccgat agcatgaaca atccatgtaa ctttttgttg tcatttaata actgcagaat     60840
     ataaaaaatg ccattaaaaa aattgagtgt gtgtcaacat tatcaaatga agtgagtgta     60900
     gttaactcaa aatttactga aagttaattc aacttatttg aaaagagttt tgaactcagt     60960
     gttgaaggta atgggttaac aaatacctca ttacttcaaa tggagtaagt tccccttcgg     61020
     ggggaacttc agcactataa gtggatttga tttgtaaaat ccacgcattg ggaggattcg     61080
     gatcagaagc cgcttgtctg gagagtattg aacgggccaa tgaatgaaat taattggcag     61140
     cgtaagcttg cgcaggtgtg cgacatctgc aattatctca gcatataagc acacctgaag     61200
     ccagcagacg ccatcctttt cgcttcagat cctttctgag tgagtcgatg agggttcctc     61260
     ttgctgatca gcacttcaga gcgaacgagt gtgtctcccg gtccagagtg ggtcttcgcg     61320
     gtggcagacg gtcgagctgg gttactccct tgcctgcggt tctttgggtc cggtcctcca     61380
     gagcggtgcg tatagttgca actttcctaa aagagcaaca cagtcgtgca gcacgtcctt     61440
     ttcaggatgg cgctccgact gtgcgtttct ggatgcgggg gtttcctggc tccggatgat     61500
     ggacacgatc actgcattgc atgtttgggg gtccagcatg ttaatgcggt gctcgcgggc     61560
     ggttcatgtc gtcattgcga tgccatgacc gttgcacagc taagatcgcg gctaactttc     61620
     gcaagagagc gagccacccc agttgcctcc tgttctaaaa aagcagcggg cgctcgggca     61680
     gatctgaggg tttcagcggg agataatccg ccgcccacgg gctcgcggac ctctcgctcc     61740
     tcacggcgct ccatccaagc ttcgggtggt gagagtgatc cgtctaacca gatggtagct     61800
     ctcacactcg ctgacaccgg agatcagatg tcctccgcgg catcggaggg tgggctttca     61860
     ctgtccgacg aagatccgga cccgctcgcc ccctccgggc aggtgagcgc tgtcaaatcg     61920
     gatcctgaag cggacatgtt agccgtgctt tcccgggctg cttcggccgt ggggttggag     61980
     atggtttatc ccccagctct gcggccggac cgactagatg ggtgctacgt agaggaccag     62040
     aaggcgaagc cttcgaagcc tctcgtcccc ttcttcccga aagtgcacag taggctcacg     62100
     cagtcttgga gggcaccttt ctctgcccgt gctgcgtgtg cctccgccct caccgccctt     62160
     gacggcggag ctgccagggg gtatgaggcg atcccgtcag tggagcgcgc tatcgcggtc     62220
     aatctttgtc cgcgcggcgc ctctacgtgg cggggtttgc cccgcctccc gtccaaagcc     62280
     tgtaggttgt ctgcctccct cggagccaga gcttataagg ctgcgggcca ggctgcttct     62340
     gctttgcacg cgatggccac ctaccagcgc taccaagcgc aggcgctggc cgagctgcac     62400
     gagggcgggt ccaacccaag cttattacat gagctgcgca ccgcgaccga ctatgctctt     62460
     cggactacta agtccgccgc gtgtgcgctg gggaggacga tgtccacact tgtggttcag     62520
     gaacgccacc tctggctaaa cctggccgat atgcgcgacg ttgacaaagt tcgctttctt     62580
     gactcgccca tatcccaggc tggcctgttc ggcgacaccg tcggtgaatt cacccaggaa     62640
     ttcaaggcgg tgaaagagca gtcggatgcg atgggcaatg tcatctatcg gcgtggccgt     62700
     aagcccgctc cgcccgccga gccatccacc tccgctgttc ctcgccgagg gcgcccgcca     62760
     acgagtgctg ccccgccccc gcctgcgcct ccggccaagc gggcgcggcg ttcacctcga     62820
     aagcaggcag cccctcctgc ccagggcgcc gttaagtccg gtaaatggac cgcgaagcgt     62880
     ccctgagaca ggccatccgg agaagaggaa acttgctctt tccccgctgg agggcggggc     62940
     cccgataaca acggtacttt tcagtgccac caaaacatca gtaaaagagc actttttccc     63000
     ttccccggat gtgactgcac gagttctgcc agtccgggac gcgctgcctt ccggctcgca     63060
     gactctacgt gcttcgccag tggctcacga gcgctggggg gacggtctcc cttccctcag     63120
     ccctccagcc ccctctccgg agttagggtg cggagccaga gcgaatcgct ctcctccagc     63180
     tcttccgcgg gaccctcgtg cttcccggat cagcacaccc actccgcgct gccccaccgc     63240
     tggtacgtca gcgattgtag cgatgactcc attagcgagg gctctgcctg cctggttagc     63300
     gcgggccagc ccctcgcggt ggctcatacg cacaatcaga ctcggttacg cgattcagtt     63360
     cgcgaaacgg ccccccaagt ttacgggcgt gtatttctcc agggtcagcc ccctgtccgc     63420
     ccctgtcttg cgagaggaga ttgctgccct cctggcgaag ggtgcaatcg agccggttcc     63480
     tccagccgag atggagaatg ggttttacag cccatacttc atcgtaccca aaaagagcgg     63540
     tgggtcacgg ccaatcctag atctgcgcgt tttgaaccgc tgtctgcaca ggctgccgtt     63600
     cagaatgctc acgcagaggc gcattctcca atgcgttcgt cctcgggatt ggtttgcagc     63660
     catagacctg aaggacgcgt atttccatgt ctccattctt ccacgccacc gccaatttct     63720
     gcggtttgcg ttcgagggtc gagcgtggca gtacaaggtc ctccccttcg ggctctctct     63780
     gtctccgcgg gtcttcacca aactcgcgga gggtgcccta gcgccccttc ggctcgcggg     63840
     cattcgcata ctcaattatc ttgacgattg gctgatttta gcccactcgc gggagcaatt     63900
     gattatgcac agggacaagg tgcttcggca tctccgccta ctggggcttc aggtcaaccg     63960
     agaaaagagc aaactcgccc ccgtgcagag gatttctttt ctcgggatgg agctggactc     64020
     gatcaccatg gtagcgcacc tctccgagga acgcgctcgc ctgttgctga actgtctgag     64080
     ggagctcgac agcaaactag tggtcccact gaagttcttt cagaggctcc tggggcatat     64140
     ggcatccgca gccgccgtca cgccgctcgg gttgctccat atgagaccac ttcagcactg     64200
     gcttcacgat cgggtcccca gacgcgcatg gcacgcgggc acacaccggg tctcggttac     64260
     tgcgctgtgt cgccgcgccc tcagcccttg gaacgacccc tcgttcctac aggccggtgt     64320
     gcctctagga caggcgtcca gccatgttgt tgtttcaaca gatgcttcca acacgggttg     64380
     gggggccgtg tgtcgcgggc atgcggctgc gggcctctgg aagggtgccc agctgcattg     64440
     gcatatcaat cgcctagagc tgttggcagt gttcctcgct ctccaccgct ttttaccggt     64500
     gctggaacgg caacacgtgc tggtcaggac ggacagtacg gcggcggcgg cgtatatcaa     64560
     ccgcatgggg ggtatgcgct ctcgccgcat gtctcagctc gcccgccgtc tgctcctctg     64620
     gagtcacccg cggctgaaat cgctgcgcgc cattcacgtc ccaggcacgc tcaatcgtgc     64680
     agccgatgcg ctctccaccc cgagtctgtt cagctgatat gggcgcgatt cggggaggcc     64740
     cagatcgatc tgtttgcttc ccccgagaac gctcactgcc agttgttttt ttccctgacc     64800
     gagggctctc tcggcacgga tgcactggcc cacagctggc ctcggggcat gcgcaagtat     64860
     gcgtttcccc cagtgagcct gctcgcgcag tttctgtgca aggtcaggga ggacgaggaa     64920
     caggttctgc tagttgcgcc cctttggccc aaccggacct ggatatcaga gctctcactc     64980
     ctcgcgacgg ccctcccctg gcagatccct ttgagggagg acctactctc tcagggacag     65040
     ggcaccatct ggcaccctcg ccccgatctt tggaacctcc acgtgtggtc cctagacgcg     65100
     aggaagactt aggtaaccta ccgactgcgg tggttaatac catcactcag gctagagccc     65160
     cctccacgag gcgcgcctac gccctgaagt ggagtctatt cactgaatgg tgcgtctctc     65220
     gcagagaaga cccccgaaat tgccagatta gtgttgtgct ctctttcctt caagagaagt     65280
     tggacagcag gctgtcgccc tccactctca aggtttatgt ggccgccatc tccgcttatc     65340
     atagcgcggt agctggcggc accgtgggaa agcataacct ggtcatccag ttccttaggg     65400
     gtgctaggcg aattaatcca tctcgccccc ctctcatgcc ctcttgggat ctcgccctcg     65460
     ttctcacgag tctgcgatcc gatccctttg agccactcga atcagtatct ctaagatttc     65520
     tgtccctgaa gacagctctg ctggttgcgt tggcctccat caagagggtc ggggacctgg     65580
     aggcattttc ggtcagtgac tcgtgcctgg aattcgggcc ggattactct cacgtcatcc     65640
     tgagaccccg ccccggttat gtgcccaagg ttcctaccac cccctttaga gatcaggtag     65700
     tgaacctgca agcgctgccc ccggaggagg cagacccagc cctttcttta ctttgtccag     65760
     ttcgcgctct gcgcatttat gtggaccgta ctcagaattt tagatcatct gagcagctct     65820
     ttgtctgtta tggcggtcgg cagcagggaa gtgccgtatc gaaacaaaga ttatcccact     65880
     ggattgtgga tgccatttca ctcgcttatt cgagtcgagg tcagccgtgt cccccgggag     65940
     ttcgtgcaca ctccactcgg agcgttgcat cctcttgggc gcgtgcacgc ggcgcctctc     66000
     taacagacat ctgtagagct gcgggctggg cgacacccaa cacatttgca aggttttaca     66060
     atctgcgagt ggagccggtt tcctcaaggg tattaggtaa ccctttggtg attgaggaga     66120
     caactcggta gggtgttgaa acacgcttgc tgcgccattc tccctaacac ggaggtacgt     66180
     gcgccttttt tatctgtcag taaagttccc cgtcaggtga gccctgcaga ttcctccgtg     66240
     gcccccagca ctgactcagc ggaggagtca cttgctggcc cactacgttg taggtctgcc     66300
     cgctggtcag cccgcgtttt gggtataggt gcctgctatg cgtgatcccc actaggcgat     66360
     cccatatgct tattctgcca cggttaagtc ccccccctgg gcggacccgt gtcttccctc     66420
     tccgctaacc actcttttgc tatgcgtact cccccttttt agggctagtc catatgtaaa     66480
     ttctgccatc tatccccccc ttgggtaacg gatggcctcc gcagcgtcct ccctatcggg     66540
     attgcacgct tcccaacgta ctgtcgtatt tcctagaatt atctagatgc tcacgacttc     66600
     ccaaaaaata tatctaaatc cgtaaaactt ctgttgaagt aggataaatt agggccaggg     66660
     acacgttgga ggaccgcgcc ccccatgatg tgggtgcgtc acgcttgctt gactatctcc     66720
     tcatcggggg tgttggtaag gtgcagtcat tatggcgctt tcaatgggct cccaatgcgt     66780
     ggattttaca aatcaaatcc acttatagtg ctgaagttcc ccccgaaggg gaacgttcga     66840
     ggttactaaa gtaacccttc gttccccgag gaggggaacg gaagcactat actccgtcgc     66900
     cataatgact gtcccttagc tgtttgaaag tctcttcagc ttaaaaggat ggcgtctgct     66960
     ggcttcaggt gtgcttatat gctgagataa ttgcagatgt cgcacacctg cgcaagctta     67020
     cgctgccaat taatttcatt cattggcccg ttcaatactc tccagacaag cggcttctga     67080
     tccgaatcct cccaatgcgt ggattttaca aatcaaatcc acttatagtg cttccgttcc     67140
     cctcctcggg gaacgaaggg ttactttagt aacctcgaac gttcacagta ctgattagga     67200
     gtagtttttg cacttaaatg gtttgttgca atctatttcc tcaaatggtt tgagttacct     67260
     taaatttttg ggttttacag tgtagtatta aaatacttta aagaacattt cttttcttat     67320
     cgcattctcc ttttccctgt tgtccccttc tctacaaact atatcaatga cctgccaata     67380
     gtgctaatgc taattgcagt gtctggatcg gaaactaaat aaaactgtaa gaaaagagaa     67440
     aattgatgaa gcctaccatt tcctcttaac agcaaactca aactcgctcc cttttaaatt     67500
     aaacttgacc tacagaattt aatgaatttc agtaagatca atattcaagt gtcagccaca     67560
     aaaaaccaac agcaatattt gaactactgt aaaaagatat taaaaaacat aagtgtcgtt     67620
     tgatcccaac ggacctcaaa ctcacaatca gtcacaacat cgcctgtctc atcaacacac     67680
     acaacactac atactaccat gctctaatca cacacatgcc aatgatagcc acatgtgaag     67740
     caaacttaca cacacacaca cacctgcatt gcagcagcac agagcgtgaa caggccacta     67800
     tgagctactt ctacagcagc atgcaactct taacaaacag acacacacgc agactcagag     67860
     gagcaagagc tgcagaccgg tgcgtgtggc tgttttcaat aggctggaca cattcttacc     67920
     attgtccagc aggtaaaaga caggactgta gtggcaggag cggaggttgg acacaggttc     67980
     ccctgtgcct cgagggtcat tatggaggga aggggtgtag ggtgctggaa atcaaagatc     68040
     acatagtcaa tgtcacattc aggctcagtc tcatacaacc aatcagcttg ataaaggtca     68100
     tcgggattta taacaggagg ttgctactaa aggaaaataa aaaaatcaca ctggagaaat     68160
     attaaaatat ctgtctttgt cacagttcaa acactttaga gatcctcagc atgtccaaat     68220
     ttggtctaag caatatttct atgtggtatt caacctttca agaacgttaa tgaaaataat     68280
     gttaataatt tgactaaata atgttttcaa cagtatttag tcaaacaatt attaaattat     68340
     taaattataa aatttttttt aagaaagtca gtccacaatg catttatctt ggtcaaacag     68400
     aaagcacata taaatacagt acaggtatat taaaaaaatg tgtttgctgc ttgttattca     68460
     aactaattaa aaatgagctg aattaacaca attcttgagt tttttgagga caacttaatt     68520
     atcttgttca atatataata ttttaaatat ttatgtttta tgtctactta aatttgtaaa     68580
     aaaacaatta aattaactta atcaatttgt gttgggacaa catgaaggaa ctgtttggaa     68640
     cccagctttt ttgttacagt ttatggggat gtttgtcaat gttcaaataa cattgttcaa     68700
     ctgaggaatg aatactgaca atcaaagttt accaaaaatg tgcagcttat gtatataatt     68760
     tgtttatatg cacaatagta gtcagagtgc agatttgatt cataacaata aaattaattt     68820
     actctttaca actgtttaca tgtacgtttt atttttccta ctacactgaa aaaaatgatt     68880
     tctgcaaatt tttgcaagca atttatatgg ttcaacttaa tttgtttgtt aaaattcagc     68940
     ccaaataaat tgtttgcaac cacttttagc aattttagta aatccaagaa atcatctttg     69000
     aattattttt ttcattgtat ttggtccgaa gtgtaatgta gtgtggttat ttttactgcc     69060
     attcttaata ttgtaaactg gtgtttactg gcaactgttt cactctaaat atatatcaaa     69120
     tatgcaaaac atatttctat tcagtgcaat agctgtaatg cgtttttttt ttattcccct     69180
     atcactggat aaagagttgt ttacaaacct gttctgaata ataatggcac atggtacata     69240
     cttgcaagtg attgattaca attatgagtt taatcgcatt agattgactg aagtattgtg     69300
     tgtacctgaa acaaaggtta attgcaatat cgccaaaatc ctattgtaat cgcattatgg     69360
     aaacattaat attaataaat taaactaata tgaaattaat atacaatact ataaacataa     69420
     aaggtatctt ggtggctgaa tgaataatat aaatataata tataaaaaat aacaaatagt     69480
     ctagtatgca ttatttattt tcatttattt aatgttgtgt attacaaatg atacattaga     69540
     atatgtgtaa aacaaatatg gtttcaaagc attaaagttg ccaaacagac ttgacttcct     69600
     ttacttaaat tccagttaaa tacaaataat tgttttaatt gtaaactgat ttaaaatctg     69660
     ttaagtatgg aagcttgatt ttgcactgga aatcaaacaa atattaataa ttattgaacc     69720
     ctacaaatgt agttgccact ttttgtgtca caattagact tttatcataa ttcatagttc     69780
     atattttgta attctgacag aattgcatgt tggtatctca caatttctaa ttataaactt     69840
     gcagttgtga gtttttacac ctcataattg tgaggacaat tgtaatatgt aaactttaaa     69900
     ttaactcaga tttgaatgac aaattctgaa ttgcaggaaa gtctatgaat gcaaaaaaaa     69960
     taacaataag taacaatgct tatgaagtat aaacccaaag ttataatata taaatccaaa     70020
     attgcttaat aaaacaaatt agttatcttt tttcttggca gaaacagacc tctcttaaag     70080
     taactgatat gattaataaa tcagagcttt taatctctta tttaaggaac ctttgacttg     70140
     tccttgcatc gacctttatt caatctagag gttggaaaat aactagtaga atttatagag     70200
     cagcacatga cacgcttcat tcatcatcag tgcacacgag catcttcatc agctacagaa     70260
     tggtggagat ttcccctgca tttaacctca tcacacatga taaattcata agacccactg     70320
     caggtgtcga cctgatggca taaatcatga ctgctgtgtg aattgaggcc aaactgctga     70380
     gggtaaagtt gagagaacag tgttgtgaga agctgacaga cgtatcgcag gtctcctggt     70440
     tattctgttt ttactgtatt aatagccttc ctcagtcctt ttttaaactg tcaggccaaa     70500
     agcttctcat tgctctcttc taaatactga ctcttgctat ttgatgccaa tataaagcat     70560
     ctacaatgtc gaccatctgt gctgcggcat cagcttacaa tattttactc tcaaatgtga     70620
     attataatga agtcaagcta gcaagttcag tgcgtcactg caacataaaa gcctataata     70680
     gtatatgtat catcaaacct taccatgcat gcattatttt atttatttac tttatgtatt     70740
     tatttattta ttttttaagt atttatttat ttatttattt atttatttat ttatttattt     70800
     atttatttat ttatttattt attttaacct aactggtttg acagagaggt aaaaagctta     70860
     ttttaatcag atgaagataa taaaagacaa atggatgaaa aattgagcac agaaaagaac     70920
     agcaaagcat atgttactca gttacatcaa ccctgtcctg tgctttgcct cttaacatag     70980
     aacaagaaaa tatgaaggca tgttaacgga tgtaaaatgc tggtaaatta aaaatgttgc     71040
     atttattcat ttattttatg gtctaagaat tgcaagcaca aactaaatgc taatttctaa     71100
     ttctctttta ttaagattaa tccaaatttg gattttacat agttaaatta tgcaacatat     71160
     tttgactagt ttcttgaagt tcactgcact taaatggcct ccacagtcac cagttctcaa     71220
     tccaatagag cacctttgcg atgcagtgga atgggagatt cacatcatgg atgtgcagct     71280
     gacaaatctg cagccactgt gtgatgccac tgtatcattg accaaaatct ctgaggaata     71340
     tttccagtac cttgctaaat ctatgccacg aaggcttaag gcatgcagtt ttgatggcaa     71400
     aagagggtcc tagtaggtcc tagggtgtac tagtagtaag gtgtacccaa taaagtggcc     71460
     ggtgagtgta tattgctata agtctgtggg ttagatgggt acaataagct catcagaaat     71520
     aatggaaaac aaattaccgc tttctgtcct ctcacatttg ctttcttttg ttcttatttt     71580
     tatctttcat ttcaaaacat ttttttttgt cttaaaaata aatatctttc caggtcacag     71640
     ttgatggctg acatcttgtc ttattaacca gctggcacta tgccacaatc agcagggtct     71700
     aaaaaaaccc acctcaagcc cgctgacaaa aacaacaccc gcacaaacaa caactagtcg     71760
     actagacaga gagagaaaac acttaagaga acttcaaagt ggagtgtggc ccaattactg     71820
     gacctgatgg agagcagggg agactgaaaa cagaaagttt gctaggaggt cagagatgat     71880
     atgaataagt gcaaataaat aaggcaagaa aaaaatgaga tccgggttag aggagagaaa     71940
     aaaaagttaa aagataatga caagctttta cagataaagt aaatacatca gccaaagcaa     72000
     ttttatgtta agagaggtga tgttggatga cacagaaaga gctcacaatg gtaaagagtt     72060
     tgtgcccatg agcaaacgca aggaaaacag caccagaacc atctgtgcaa ccttgagctt     72120
     attcattatt tatttttttc tggcttattg ctactttcaa aagcacacat ccaaatgcag     72180
     agacaaaagt aatagctaaa aggaaaaaaa ggtcaaataa taccagtcat caaacattta     72240
     tttgacacag ccaatttcca tcaaatcaag gttcaccatc tcccctttaa aatgtagcac     72300
     aacacattga gtgatatgca aattacaatg taacctccac ccaaagaaaa gacacaaagt     72360
     taatagagat gagttaatag agaggctgga tccctgaaac atgtttgttt tcagaattgc     72420
     aattaaatat taggttaaaa ttcacacttc cttcaactaa agtcaaataa acttgtgata     72480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     72540
     tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     72600
     tgtgtgtgtc tggttctcga atctgattgg ctgattagcc ctgagatatt taagtaaaat     72660
     cagcacccgt acagcctctt tactctttgt gtattactcc gcccacatac agccagcaac     72720
     aagcagagag acactacagt ttgacaaata ttactgctgt tagacaacaa aatgtacttt     72780
     tgaggctttt ttagtcgagg atgtagttgt tttgcaacta tgcagtttat ttgtaagaat     72840
     agtgcctatt ttaaaatatt tacaacttca gagagagctc gtcgacagcc atttgcctgc     72900
     cattgtgtac aacaaaaacg attgacgttt tctttctaca agatggcgac agaactgcat     72960
     aataagtcct tacacttaga agcttataac agtctggttt ctaactacag cagatcaaat     73020
     cattattaaa ctggtaagcc ttgacacttt tacctgggat tatttcagac caatctcccg     73080
     caaccatcct gttattagac cctccgtgtt tgattgccat caagctgttg tataaacgca     73140
     atatcacact catagcaatg agatatggtt gtatatcagc actggtggaa cgctaaagca     73200
     ctcggccaca acgcacgcct cccaccagtg ctgatataca gccatatcgc actgctacga     73260
     gtgtgaaact gctcatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     73320
     atatatatat atatatatat ataagaagta tatatgaagt cagaattatt agccatcctt     73380
     tgattttttt attgttttat ttcccaaatt atgtttcgca gagcaaggaa atgttcacag     73440
     tatgtctgcg tttttttttt tcttctggag aaagtcttat ttgttttatt ttggctagaa     73500
     tacaaccagt ttttattttt tttaaaaatg attttaaggt gaaaattatt agccccttta     73560
     agctttattt tttttcgatt gcctaaagaa taaaccattg ttatacaata acttgcctaa     73620
     ttaccctaac ctgcctagtt aacctaatta aactagttta gcctttaaat gtccctttaa     73680
     gtttaataga agtgtcttga gaaatatcta ataaaatatt atcttatctc tgtttgggtg     73740
     gggggggttg ggggggttgg ttaaacaggg gggctaataa ttctgatata tatacacaaa     73800
     tattgttcat catctcttct acattctctc agtacatcat tatttataat ttctccaata     73860
     atccttcaag ctctcttcta atgcatcagt ggctgatgcc cagaatcaca gtccaatttt     73920
     tgccagaaat ccccagccaa tcgtagaagg ccatttccgg agtcctgtca taatagctgc     73980
     ttccacaaaa aaaacaaaaa aaaaacctcc aaattactca gcagcctgaa gccaaagcaa     74040
     caaatcccac agaaagaaac ccataaagga tgcagtgctg acagccagtt cttcaccaaa     74100
     gaacattctt gagaaaatca cagattcatg actgctatgc ttcactaaag gcttcttaaa     74160
     gaaaaaaaac tcatccaaaa ttgacaactc tgtgactgtt gtatgaaagc aaacaacatg     74220
     aatatttttg aaaattcctt tttagagtgt ttattgttcc cagatgtttg atttttaggt     74280
     gagaaattcc ttcaaatact tgatccgcag ccacttttta ctagaagcaa atctcaaatc     74340
     cccttctcga tcccccaaac tactaacatc agtctccagc cctcagctct ccttcccaag     74400
     cgacttccat ctttcagact gcctgctgag ctgagaactg ggaaaatgag cagagcttcg     74460
     actgcaccaa gacatcagag tgaagtgaga gaaaaacaga cagacaattt tgtattcttg     74520
     agacgccgcg caaaatgtgc ctctgatatt tcaaacaaca aaatcttaaa aacagacaca     74580
     atgcaatatt tcccgccccc tgagaaatca aagctttgct gaaatacttc ttctaaatta     74640
     agagctttat ttagatcctc aaggacaagc acggttgttg tcatcgtgtt cgtcccactg     74700
     agacgacaca aacattgagt acagctctgt aaacattatc ataccctcat aaaaattcta     74760
     cacaggttat gatggcttta aagaagaaag gagaagcaaa ggcatctgag taaagagcat     74820
     ggaggaaaga gcctctaggg gctgaagacc tgtgctttag ggaaagaaaa aaggagacag     74880
     aagacaaatg gaaaacggga gaaagctgca ggatggtttg tgagttcttc tattttgata     74940
     ttcaagctga aattttgtga catttgtgaa accatagtga ttaatattag catgtctctt     75000
     aaacactcct tgttattgtt tcctgtggta tgtggatatt agagatgggt gtggttatgt     75060
     ggaatgggtg tggctaatca aaataaggaa taggcttgat tgtcaaatgt aatgttgaga     75120
     attgatgtag gcatggttaa acatgagtta agtgggtgtg gcctaacaag gtttgggcga     75180
     agaattgatt aagtgcattc gacttgaaca tcgaggttag ttaagcgaaa acggaagtgg     75240
     cattgaaaac agaggtggac acttaggtac tctctcatag cttgtagcag tcttggcaga     75300
     tcacatggct tgatcaaagt tttgtttttc tgtttttatg tttttattta tttatttatt     75360
     attatttttt ttacatatat tttgcaataa aaactaaaaa agtatacact gataaaacag     75420
     tgaatagtga attgaagtct tttcaagccg caaagagatg acttcttttt actacacatt     75480
     gaaatgtatt tgcatacact tccagttctt gtttgaagat gccaaaaggg tttatattta     75540
     ctatatttag atttatacac atacaactgt gcattaaccc tggaactacc agaattctat     75600
     aactactaga attactatag cagtcattct gatgtcatat tgtaatgtca tatttacatt     75660
     caaagcttct atagaaatat taaaaatggc tgtgaatgtc tgttataatt tttttttgaa     75720
     tatttaagtc atcaccctaa aagtacaatc tttttggtaa tacagccaat gaatgtatat     75780
     gtaaggtcac attaggatgt ccgtgccttg cttttatttt cactttcgcc aactgaaagt     75840
     aatttttttg ttagcatgaa gttgctaggc aacagatgtg cgcatattta aagtcacaag     75900
     gaaaatgagc tgacagtgaa tggtagcaaa gtgcttagaa tgaccaagag gcgacactca     75960
     atagaatgtt ccattgcaat agcagcaaca gctccggatt ccgccgtttt agagtgaaag     76020
     tgatcggctg ttcattggat attattactg ttgcgatggc aagtagctgc tttgtttttt     76080
     tatttattta tttaaaaagc gcattagagc tgagatacaa cctgaaaaat gccaatacaa     76140
     ctcttactat cgcaatcatc agcactttta ataatttatt ttacagactt ataatatgct     76200
     gctgttctat aggaattttt attccaaaat ggcagccatc tagtggctgt ttctcaaatc     76260
     gcactagagt gttgcctgtt ggtgattcta tgctccttga tggtagttct tggtagaaat     76320
     tatctgattt tttgtgtgtt tgttttgtaa tttgaataaa ataacaatgt taaaaataaa     76380
     tatacccatt tttagtaaaa atcagggaat gcaaaaaatt gcaaaaatta taaactctaa     76440
     aacaaccgcc tcagtagtta tagtattaaa taacatgaga acatgagggt tttttattta     76500
     ctgtataagc cctaaacaat gcaacccagg ctcattatga aaatgtaact ctatatacat     76560
     ttcgggaggc cacgaaatac atccaggggg tatgtttttt tttaaagggt cacgaaacac     76620
     caaaacacat tttttgagct gttgacagtc atatatgtgt cccacactgc taaaagcact     76680
     attaggacac ttatatttca ctaaaaagtg taaattggtt gtttttgcgt tatttcaagc     76740
     aaattcgtac ttcctgtttg aaacgaattt ttgaagctgc gtcacggtca tgacataata     76800
     gcgtgtattc cagcgtgcag actgggcgtc tgtgccagag tgtgtcttat tacatcttac     76860
     agtgtgatac attaatgcat gagtaaggct tggttcaaac caatcagcgt gctctactgt     76920
     gcaacttcat taatattcat ttgtgtcacc gtctttacac cacaaagacg ccacgttgtg     76980
     ttggcaaaac aagcgtgaag tgttgctttt atagtttgct gcagttaagt ttcgttttca     77040
     ttttctctct gtgagagctt atctggatca cgtctggatt aacagtgtac gcgaccctcg     77100
     acaacaataa cttacgtgtc taaggaggat tattgtttac ctgagagctg ttctcatctg     77160
     caaacgctga aatctggatt tgcttgtagt attctctcca taaagacgcg gctctatttg     77220
     ctggtgattg tcctgtctct acagatttgg taagtgagcg accagtgctc tttgtttatt     77280
     cagtttgttc gtatcgaatt aagttaacta ttgcactgag tgcagaaatg ttagcaccgc     77340
     attttgtgac cggaataaca cacgcggctt tctgacgcta cctgccgtgt gcatctaagt     77400
     ttccgggaaa tgcggagttt ttttttctct cattcgccgt gcggtatcaa acattgcatg     77460
     aaaaatacac gcttagagca gatcctcgaa tcaaatatct cgtttgtcgc gaggggcatg     77520
     aatgaattcc ctgaatgaaa gagccaaact gcagttaaag tccaacattt aataatttgg     77580
     caaataattc gactacagat gtccatgtag gttaaacact tctcctgtct gtgtgggtgt     77640
     gtattttgac tctgaaactc gcgcgtgcac aaatagacac tcccacacca tcccacttta     77700
     gttcctctga cactcccccc taaacagagc tggacacgcc cacttttctg actttttcca     77760
     aagtagaggt gtgaaaacac cctgctgaaa cgagggggtt tcatggccct ttaaagtttt     77820
     tgttttcgtg aatccacaag aggccgctgt gtacgccttt tcagatctca aatttctcgt     77880
     gcgactgcca ttcgcacctg ctgttcttgc gtaaatccac cagaggccgc tgttgactga     77940
     ctgtttgact gattgcatga ctgacctact gaccaatcga ctgacccacc ctcctccttc     78000
     cctgaaccca accaatttta ttgattgact cgcccaccca cttccctaaa cccaaccaac     78060
     aattttcaaa agcaattcat aagaagaaaa gccatctgat tcagatttta ccacattctc     78120
     accctgttat ttacttcttt ataatttttt tgtattcttt ttttgtctta cctgccttct     78180
     ggaatcgttc ttcaccaaac tcgaactcca tcatcgtggt caactcctct ctgcgtctca     78240
     agtctgccga cgcacatggc aagctaacgt aacaaactgg ttacagcagg aaagctgtcc     78300
     ttaagcaggt aagcggtcag ctggtaagcg cgaaaaggaa tggcatcata ccgcgccata     78360
     gcgtttgttt aaaaaattaa atgcagccat acgtacttct ggctacataa ctcgcggtct     78420
     ccagaaatgt atatagggct acattttcag aatgagccta tgttgcaaca atgtgtctaa     78480
     aatataaaaa taaaatatct aaatatgttg tgcagcagaa tacagaaaaa aattctgatc     78540
     tgtgcagtag acgaagatga agtgccaatc acggatgtgg atactgttaa gtataaattg     78600
     gtgtttactc tgatgtcaat gtcatgagtg aatgagacta aattaagtag gtgtgaccaa     78660
     ttatggatgt ggttatgaaa gggtgccatt atcagaggtg gtgagtgtgg ccaacaataa     78720
     ttctgttggc ctgaaataca aataggttca tttataaaag catataaggt tgtctgtggt     78780
     aggtgtggtc ataataagta gatttcacca atcaatggtg tgtctaaaag gtagaaggtt     78840
     ttattaaagt cggtgggtgt ggtcaatcgt gcgtgtggct agcggaagag taatatttgc     78900
     atgttcttga atgggtgtgg ctattttaag gcgttcaaat acgtgtgatg atctgaagtg     78960
     ggtgtggtca tggatggttg tgattacctg aagttggtga cttgctcctc tctaggtcca     79020
     aagacacctg attatcagaa agctccgtaa ggcctgccat ggaggaacat ataaggcaca     79080
     gtaagaggaa gcagttcact ataatcactg ggttccactg tcatcaaaca catctgcatg     79140
     catcaaacca ccacaacgaa caatgtggtt tgagacacca tcatgatcct ggagcgatac     79200
     aaggaagata tttatacatc ttcgtataat gatatttaaa tgataagctt atatatgcac     79260
     accatgatgt agttgttcta ctttgatgtg aaccactgac ataagattaa tacctccaga     79320
     atcaaacatg tgcaccaaaa ccaccaacaa tttcatgcat gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgcaa     79380
     gagaaagatg ttactgaagg cacagcgcgg aaaaaacatg gtaaggcctg cactgcagca     79440
     atatcaattt cattaaatag tcaaattttt ttgtatttca aatgcagtga aagcctcatc     79500
     ttcacaaata agacaaaatc cattggcaga gtatgcttta tatactgaat ctttgagcca     79560
     ttcagttcat ttgaaacatg tcagttttaa aagaagtgtt ttgaattctt aagtcactta     79620
     caatgtttca atgtttttat aatatctttt aagcgaatat gacattatta atgtttttaa     79680
     aaataaatat tcttccacag ttctttttta gtgtttttgt cattatgcat gatttattta     79740
     ttaatagtga cttttataca gggtgagaat tggttcatta cacaaacctc tggcacaaat     79800
     caataaaaca cttagcaagg agacaatcaa agattgtgac tgtatgtttg gatgtgtgca     79860
     gtctaaatta ctctggataa taattctatt ttatactgaa tatgtgatgg tatggtaatt     79920
     tcatctttgc taaacttcga caaagcaaat aatattttga tgacatgcca ttgtctttgc     79980
     tttgcctcct tgctgctgtg ctgcccccat tggtgtttca ctggagacgt gacttactct     80040
     ggtaggaagt acggatccgt ttctttgaat ctgaataaaa gttagacagg ccgcgcatgc     80100
     aaaagtctgc aacagcgccc ccatgcccca gcaccgccac ccaccagagg agagatggag     80160
     cgagggagga aaagaggagg agagaagaac aaaacaggct cagagtgaca aatccgcgtg     80220
     tgaccgcaat ccaggcaaga cccagtgtgt tgaagaagaa agtgaaggaa tgaaagtaga     80280
     aaaatgacgc ctaacctctt gtgttttctt atttcttcca gaaaacaaca acaaacaagg     80340
     cagaaaacag agctaaagag aatgaaaata ataacttttg ggggattagg aatcactgtc     80400
     aagagtggca ctgaatgcgt acaaacaaat aaatcaacaa aacaaacaga aatattaaca     80460
     taaatcaatc tggttcctct catttcaaat gtaaattagt aggtgtattt atatgtatga     80520
     gtataaggaa tggattaatt tcggagatga tgccctggct aaattaaata gatctgacag     80580
     cagacagatt ttatgaggtc attggcagtc actacaatta taaggtttag taagacagta     80640
     ttgtatcaag ccagactgac attctgtgac ttattttaag atatattatt attattatta     80700
     ttatcattat tgattcattt taatttcagt gtagtccctt tattaatctg gggtcgccac     80760
     agcagaatca gccagcaact tatccaccat atgttttatg ccgcggatgc ccttcacgcc     80820
     gcaacccatc actgattatt attatgatat ttttaaaaaa ttatgattta tgatgattat     80880
     tattattaat actatttata ttatcattat atatttttaa ttgtatttat tattaatatt     80940
     gttactattc tgtatgtatt ttaaattgta tatattatta ttatggggga cgttggtgcg     81000
     gtaggtagtg ttgtcgcctt acagcaagaa ggtcgctggt tcgagggtag gctgggtcag     81060
     ttgccatttt tgtgtttaca tgttctccct gtgttcccgt gggttttctc tgggtgcctc     81120
     tgttcccccg acaagtccga agacatgtgg tataggtgaa ttgggtaagt aattatacat     81180
     agtgtatgtg tgatgtgaat gagagtgttt gggtgtttcc caatgatggg ctgcagctgg     81240
     aaaggcattc gaggcatgaa acatatgctg gataagtggg tggtttattc cgctgtggcg     81300
     accccagaat aataaaggaa ttaagccgaa aagaaaatta ataaatatta ttattattat     81360
     atactttttc aatttattat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     81420
     atatatatat atatatatat atattatcat cattattata tgtaaacatt tcatattttg     81480
     aatgagtata ttttacaata ataatcaaaa acatttacaa ataataataa aaacatttaa     81540
     aaattttaaa tgactggatg tgcagtactt taaatgtatt tctgaagttt ctctaaattt     81600
     aaatataata tgcaataata aaaaaattat aatacaaaca ttctaacaag tggattaaga     81660
     cttttggatc tctttcggat aaaactaaat agactaaaca acaaataata gaatgaaacc     81720
     taatataagg aaaatcaatt aaggaatgaa atctgagggg gacttttgtc ctttcaggct     81780
     ctcagaagag aacactaaaa gagcgcacaa aacgtctata catacacact ggcctgagtg     81840
     tgtgggtgag cgtcaagacg tcctcttttt tcaagagctt acataagcta cggatcaaaa     81900
     tcactcttcg accgcactga acgacctttc tgcccacctc tgcatctcca tgtcggctca     81960
     aagcctctca gtttctaaag atacggctgc ctgaacaaga gcatggagag cgactgcttt     82020
     gaagtgagga gccagcatgg ccgcctcccc gcagcttcct tttgaaggag cgctatgaaa     82080
     acagatcttc atctccagct ctcacttatg acatctcctt tctgtggatg gcccgtgtta     82140
     gcgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga gagagcagtt ggggtaggag gatagaggag ggcaggtaga     82200
     tctggattag taacagggag tccgtatggc aggttacgct gtgttctctg ttaggtgtcg     82260
     tgctcaggca aagaccaaca gcaacagaga tatgacagac gacatgcaga gaaggcaacc     82320
     atgaatgcag tctgtcccat gcagttagag agggactgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtttaac     82380
     agaaaataga cagaatattt acaggcaagg acagacgttt gacagcttgt gattcacaaa     82440
     gtttgttgct tatagctaaa atgctaagca tgtttgcaga tgcatgccag tgatgtttgt     82500
     gttagctatc ttactgcttc gttacaggga gaacattgca tgtgaacatg tgtgagcttc     82560
     attgtgcgtg tgtacctgat gtggactgcc ggtttttgcg aggagagcgt gttagtctct     82620
     ggaaagggtc ggcagatccg tatagctcaa gggtgctcat acacagcaga atggttttct     82680
     gcaggtagtc cacaactgcc aagccattgc aattacctag agccagcctg tggaaacaaa     82740
     aacacacaca cacacagtga tcacactcat ctatgtttca caaagtgtca gttatacaag     82800
     actttattat agcctatacc tggcaagagc agtcttcaca agaacacaag tatattctct     82860
     gcatttttag aattgagaaa cagcccatat caataaataa aagtcattaa aatttgttca     82920
     cccaaaaatt aaaatttact ctcccttgtg tggttccaaa ctggtttgac tttctttcgt     82980
     taaacacaga ataagatatt tgggaaaaaa gctggaagtc cataaccatt gactttcata     83040
     ctatatgttt tcctactata gaaggactat aggactatag gtttccagct ttcttctaaa     83100
     tatcttcttt gatgttccac aaaacttgag ggtgagtaaa cagtaaaaac attttcattg     83160
     tttgggtgag cctaaatgaa attaagtgtg ctggtacatt taatcaacta gagtgaattt     83220
     gtcttttaat aatgctttag tgattaaagt ttcttgtggt tgtgagagga ttaaaacatg     83280
     atgacagcaa ctaaaagagg attttgagaa attatgattt cacatattta atcaaaactc     83340
     tcaaatacca catgagctga agtattaaca attacacaca agaagtttgg atgatggcaa     83400
     aatcaattac attatacatt gtggggctga tattgtcaaa actctcaatt ttagagacca     83460
     cagaatgctg tttgataacc atactcatat aatattacac ttcagtggta ttgccatgat     83520
     acagttgaat ggtaatacca tagtaattat taacagggac aattagaaga aagaatagct     83580
     ctttctattg gataaaagaa attaatgaca taaaagagga taagccactt acagtccata     83640
     ggcagaattt aaatccaggc aggtgatttg ttgtggtggc tctccgtcaa cccataataa     83700
     ctgaaccacc agctccgcct ggtatccagg aggcattcgg atcatgcgat ctttaaccct     83760
     taaaaagtaa gcattcaaat tcagttttac agtagaattt tattatttta ctttgattta     83820
     ttctactgct gtctccattg tatcatccag tatcatctaa tctaattttg aaggcagcac     83880
     ctttgcagag gtcatatttg taatccatgt ttgtcattaa ggatgccttt tttaaagaaa     83940
     aatatccata acaaaaaaaa ttacagtaat ttctttcgta cattgttgtg taattgttta     84000
     ttttcttaaa tgagacaaac atatgcagct gagaaatgca acctccagag ggcatgactt     84060
     ttgaaataag acaataaatt cctacacagt aacaattttg gtcacacttt attttaaggt     84120
     acaattctcg cttttaataa accattaaca acatttttgt tcaatgaact cactatttgc     84180
     tgctcattag tagttattaa ggtagattta ggcattgaga aggattaggg acgtagaata     84240
     agatcatgca aaatatgtac tttaataaac agtcaatatc ttaataatag gcaggtaatt     84300
     aaccagtagg taatagtgag aattagtccc tgcatgtgat tattttaagg taaaattctt     84360
     gcttttaatg aaccaatacc tacatgtttg ctcaataaac tcacaatttg tactaaagag     84420
     cagattttta tattgttgcg taaatgtgat gtaataacaa aattcaaagt ctgacttgac     84480
     acaacatgca cactttgcaa tcataaaata tgagcattta agtgcgatct tacttgtgat     84540
     atttgtcata caacagttat aaatcagtta tacagtattt cagatacaat atgatctgtt     84600
     tttattttaa taaaaatagt tttactgact tgaggcaagg gatgctgtcc cgtacactgt     84660
     ctggtgtatt gctgcgggga cttggaggct gaggttgagg tgagtgacca ctggggtcgg     84720
     aaaaacatgg agtgttttct gtatctgatg gtgaaatgac gtcctccatc tcacactgca     84780
     gccgcaactc tagagacttt aatagattac aagcacaaat acaacagaaa ggccatcaaa     84840
     ataacagcat gtactaaacc cctgaacagg gtaatatgta taaataatgt caaaatcaga     84900
     gattattatg tcagcagatc aagtgaaaac tgatcagaaa gtgttgtgct ctgtgttggc     84960
     ataaaaggaa agatgtataa tagaataaca taagaagcgt gagctgacgt tactgaatac     85020
     gtatgttgtg tgtattgtgt gtatgcgtag gtatatattt ttaaaatgag atacagttaa     85080
     gtaaatatca caacatgcta ttcccaaatt taagcattta tgtccaatct caattgtgat     85140
     atttgtcctg caaccattac atatcaaaca acaatttaaa attgagtgag ttatatttca     85200
     gataaaatat gatctgtata aaatcaaatg ctgaatttaa actcctgaat caatattgga     85260
     gttacttttg cacgctgtag gtaggatgac accatggctg aagtatttct gttggacagg     85320
     tattgttatg tcttaaaact attttagtct ccgaaagctg atgtagattg tgttgtgcta     85380
     tgaatgggtt atatacatag aagtgttgtt cagccactga aatcttctgg tgaaagattg     85440
     atgtgactat tttcagtttt attagggaac ttttatagca tcaataatgt aggtttttac     85500
     aaacaaaaca tcagtaacaa aggaggtcaa aaacatcaaa cattagtaaa tagcggtatt     85560
     ccacctagcc tgctttactg agctgaagtt ggttttatat tcacattggt tcattttcga     85620
     acaatgacag cctgtgacgt gcttcctata ttgttttccg tgctactctt aatattcgct     85680
     ctgaaatagc atgtaagtgt ggcttagtaa tgagtgttat ttctgcatgc catcggccaa     85740
     ccactaacca ctataacatt tctggcgaat gacatgaacg agtgggttgt ctgctgttat     85800
     gtcgccgtgc gcgcatttgc gaattcagca ggcgtggctt tgaaacgcag tctctccctt     85860
     gctgtccaaa gataatatgc taaccagtta gcattttggg agatcaccta ctacaccttt     85920
     aatttcaaac aaagctgggg gaacatcaca aagtaacact gtggcttttc attcctgact     85980
     gaatctggga tttgcaacta ataaaatgag ccaatgagcc ttatttgttt gggggctcat     86040
     cccagatgaa acgatcctca aaggacacta aaatatctta aattgagctg aaaagttaaa     86100
     actggttgtt tggttatctt tacaattgaa ttggtggaaa acaaaattca ttcattcatt     86160
     tgtatcgcgt cagcatagtt tgagttagta tttcaggatt ggtaatgtag tatttttgct     86220
     tggtggttca ttatggaagc cttcagttta atcaactgtt ttgaatgaat catttgaatt     86280
     attattcaag tcagatttct ttaagacaga gacttactac cacctacggt taagtctaaa     86340
     ctagctaagg tatcagcaca aaaaacaggc ttagttatta tcgtttaaaa aaaataccaa     86400
     aaatacagat atatatagag acgtatggca cattctacca gaaacatgtg acaaatcctg     86460
     acctttaagc ctgttctcct ttaagaaatc atacaaaaac aagcataaaa tcatataatt     86520
     caatgatgat ctgatgagtt atagccttaa atgtagattg cacgcagttt atgtcacatt     86580
     tcagacagaa acatggggac aattgtaaag tagtatttgt ttgtggaatt tatttataat     86640
     aaacgataac aacttaaact actgctattg tatgtctgaa gttttttttt ttttataaca     86700
     gtttttagca taacaaaact attaaagctg taggttcaat tgggctgagg acagagctaa     86760
     tgaaagggtt agtaagtttg taatgctttt taataaagaa caacaatctg agaacctaac     86820
     taatgacata ttactttaca gaacaactca cagaaatcag ccatcagtcc gaattagaat     86880
     agttttttga tgaaatactt tttattcaat gtatttaagt tttcatttca aggacagata     86940
     atgcaccttt ctgatagaat gtcccccatg ttaaaagtga cattctttct aactttttca     87000
     cacaaatgtt tggttgtttc aacttcaaat taaattcagg taaaatatgt aaaaacctaa     87060
     cggttgggtt aatagttgaa ataaatattt tttaaaccca acggttggtg catatcttaa     87120
     ctcaaatttc tgttgaaaac aacctattct ttattttagc taaacaaaaa aaagacactt     87180
     gtttgctccg ctcaccgtaa tgatggtatt ggcgtcatgc ttgctgaagc ggtacaggat     87240
     gacatgtgca ctgatgccga cgacacaaaa gatacggctc tgcgggcacc agctgatcat     87300
     ctgaacggcg tagggatctt cctccacaag atcagcacta cgtcccatat cgccagtctt     87360
     aggcttctca aacacctttg acgtcttcag cttatacagc atctgaagtg tgactgacag     87420
     agatggagat tatcacctca ttacatttta ttagtgaatg tgatgcacag gatgttaaaa     87480
     tggaaacaat gttttaaagg aaacattcaa tgtcaagtgc aaattcatca gcagcattta     87540
     aaggtgacat tgtgatacag taattactac acacattagt gtctccaatt tgtgtcatca     87600
     tttatgatta tctttctgtt gcaaaatgca aaagacattc taaaaatgct tcagttccat     87660
     ttgaatttct ttatatcgta aaaataaaat gggaacagaa atggtttggt accaatggtt     87720
     cttctacatg tttattcctt catttatttt tttacttcgg cttagtcctt aatttatcac     87780
     agcggaagga accacatatt actctggcat atgcccttcc agccacaaca cagtactggg     87840
     agttctacat attctatagc aaaaacaaaa atgtcaaaca gaattaggca acaaaatgag     87900
     agtgctttgt tggttgaatg actgtaggtt caattttctg ctacaaactc aatttcaact     87960
     gatccttcct ttcccaactg gtggattttg gtcatttggt tacatattca acaattacct     88020
     gtaacccaga acaccctttt tttagtggtt tcaggtaaac gtcatatatt ggcaccagaa     88080
     aagagttcaa attatcaagg cgaaatcaaa cgaaccagag tacacacaaa gtgctagagt     88140
     aaaagagctc taaagtctgg gacacaccag cgcaatagtc agccattggg cagcgtacat     88200
     acagtcaggg ccataaatat ttggacatca acacaattcc taaatgtttg gctctataca     88260
     ccaacacaca aacaatatcc aaacattaaa aaatgaaagc ttgatttatg attatcattc     88320
     tgtctcatta cttttggtcc cttaacaagc gggaggcaca tatgcaaagt tatagttcct     88380
     acaacgttaa cctgatttgg atgtaaatac cctcaactta aagctgacaa tctgcagtta     88440
     aagcatgcct agtttgttta atttcaaatc cattgtatag tgtatagagc caaaatgtta     88500
     gaaatatgta gatgtcccaa tatttaatga cctgactgtg tttgtgtttg tgtgtgtgtg     88560
     cgtaaattac accctaaatg cattctgctg cgcttaactt gcactgaacc aggaatattt     88620
     attatttgca gttgttattt gatcattgga tgttcatttt ggtcatttac tttgcattta     88680
     cattaattaa tttagcagac actttaatcc aaagtgactt acaaatgagt aacacagcac     88740
     aatccccata aagaagtaaa taatcacgag aagaaccatt attacaaagc tgcagacgtt     88800
     gtttagaaaa aaaaaaaata catatgaagg agaactttag aaaaacagaa aaagtagaga     88860
     gttttttttt taagcaagac atattttgct ttgaattata caaatgaaaa atcctatggc     88920
     aaagcatcaa tagataatat tcatctgaaa tgaagcagcg atgagaaagt gtgggatgga     88980
     aacagcatga ggctgaaaga gaagcacaag ctcttcaaag ctaagacact tactcgctgt     89040
     ggcatcccaa aactttatcg atccgtctgc atgtctgtgg gggacaacaa aaaagaaaaa     89100
     caaagagtga tcgcatgagc gaatgagttt gtgtgttaaa cctcttacga ggaagcaagc     89160
     agcgaaggct tcggaaacag gagggaaaag aggcagagag aacaacccac agggtcaata     89220
     gcgctattga attaaagtgt agaagtgcaa aagatttgcc actgagagcc aaggagaagg     89280
     gcacatttta gacattattg attttaagtg aaaataaatg caatcaatgt atgcttcaaa     89340
     acaaaaacga aattaatcca cagttttcaa gcaaataaaa atacgataaa tgacctccat     89400
     atgtgggtgg aaactttact ttttgagcca ggggtgtcaa acttttttag gtgagaagca     89460
     tcaccttgtg taggatgatt tatcattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     89520
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt attactatta ttattatatt tgttggttat     89580
     acctgcacaa caactgctga agtctgaaaa aagatcatgt ttttaaagct tagatgaaac     89640
     taatgtgaac acatttttat acaaattaat ttttttaatg cctttagatt aaataaacat     89700
     gaaatcataa caacatcaat ataatactga aatcagtatt ttagccagta aggcaaggca     89760
     aactttattt atagagcaaa attttgtcca accatagttg atccaaagtg ctttacaatg     89820
     agataaaata ttaaggaaaa aaaataatac ttgtattaaa aatgtaagaa aaggaaatat     89880
     atatgtatat atgtgatact aaaatacagt atagaaatta catgtatgag gcactcaaag     89940
     gcaagggagt aaaaatatgt cttcaggtta catttaaaag tatccaagga tggagaaatc     90000
     cttcactgtt ccatagcctt ggggctgcaa cacagaaaga tcacctattg atttgcagcg     90060
     agaccgaggg atcgacaaaa gaaactgatc atgggacctt atggtcatgg gatcatggga     90120
     gtattttaac aaacacccat tatttatata tctaaaaata atttattgga gacacatgac     90180
     tagattttaa cttgattaat gttagttaat gtatttacat taacaaacaa tcggtaatac     90240
     atttattaca gtatttattc atccttgtta atgttaatta atgttattta agttaaataa     90300
     cgttagttca tgttaactca ttgtgcaatt gctaatgtta aaaagaacac actcaaaaat     90360
     aataatgcat tagttaatgt tgaactatga taataaatgc tttacaatat ttttcatact     90420
     taaataaatg aactaacatt aactaataga ccactattgc aaagtgtgac agtttaaaca     90480
     gtatatatgt acatttaagt caaaattatt agcccccctg ttaatttttt ccccaatttc     90540
     tgtttaacgg agagaggatt tttttcaaca catttctaaa cataatagtt ttaatatctt     90600
     atttctaata actgatttat tttatctttg ccatgatgac agtaaataat attttgctag     90660
     atatcattca acacccttct atacagctta aagtgacatt taaatgctta ctgtaactag     90720
     gttaattgaa ttaactagag gggttagggt aattaggcaa gtttttgtat ggtttgttct     90780
     gcagaatatt gaacaaatac agcttaaagg ggctaataat tttgacctta aaatgttttt     90840
     tttttttttt aactgctttt attttagctg aaataaaaca aataagactt tctccagaag     90900
     aaaaaaatgt cctgaatctg ttaaccatca ttttggaaat atttaaaaaa gaaaaaaaag     90960
     aaagtaagac ttcaaatgta tgattatcaa ctcaaaccaa atgactgaat cagtgctgtt     91020
     cgtcattgta gtactcctat gcaattaatc tttgtgattt ttagccagac aaagcaaaaa     91080
     tcttctgaat atttagctgt tatctattta tttttattgt atttatttat acagggacaa     91140
     tctacaacac gccatatgac aagacacaat atacacttac agtacaatat atacaataca     91200
     ataaaataaa aaataaaaaa aatcagtggt tgcatatttg attttcttta agccgaagga     91260
     cagtttaaaa atgattaaaa gtgtctctct ctaatatgca ctggtgtatt attccatctt     91320
     tcagctgctc tgactgaaaa attgattgtc caaaaacagt tctcttcagt ttcactaaac     91380
     aatccccact aaccgatgac ctagtctgtc ttatattgtc cttgcagaca accacacatt     91440
     gtttgagagg tggtggtgca aatattctat acattaaaca cacatcagca taaaataaga     91500
     aattgtcaat tgttagtatg tgttcaaaac agttaccgta atgataactc attggctttt     91560
     tagccaacat ttttacagtt tgtttataaa taataatggt tttaatgttg taatgttcgt     91620
     gtgggaccag cttgtatcat aataagataa atgagagaaa atcattgtat tcataaaaag     91680
     tttagcagca gccataggta actgatgctt gatatttcta taaatcctta ggcttgttct     91740
     agcactttgg aaaccttcgt aatgtgtttt tttaatattt gaattagagt ctataatcat     91800
     acctaaatat tttaaatgat aaacaatatt tacattgagg gtgtgacatg aacgtgtgtt     91860
     tctgacatgt tttgctaaat cagtttgtaa tgcacatact tccaaatgtt ttgagtcagt     91920
     gtgatatttc ataaataaat taatactgat taattcatca ggaactaact tgaagaaaat     91980
     gtcaaatgtt tttatttttg ttttttagat aaattattta gataacttgt attcttttta     92040
     gcctcctatt tataaaatta ttcaacttat aaaatcagct tataggactt tttcacatac     92100
     cacaaacttg aattttaagt gctaaggtgt acacatgctg aaatttagct ttttagccat     92160
     agttaaggat taaaaacaaa gcacacacag attgactcac cctgtgatga taatctctgg     92220
     atatgtctgt gaaccgactg tccatgtgcc accactgact ggccattcct gaacaacatc     92280
     acacaaacaa taataagaaa cacatttttt taacaactcc aaaaataaat aaataaatta     92340
     ataaattaat taattaatta ataagactgc catgccaaag aaaagatgca aaacacacag     92400
     ataatttaca gtgttcagca tatatgagta cacccctcac aaatcattca tttaaatgaa     92460
     tattttctat aggatgcttt acaatattat atttgtgcat atacattagt tttgtcagta     92520
     ctgaagccaa atctggagct aatcgaacaa aattacttac actattggtt caaaaatcag     92580
     tagcccaaat ttatatgtga gggaaaatat taaataacat tttttaaaat agcaaagatc     92640
     aagagaaaca aaaaatacat ccaattttga ttaaatgttg tagtttgtca tttttttttt     92700
     gcaatatttt cattgagttt aaatgtaata tatttccatt tctgaagatg ttctgtgatt     92760
     aaactattat ttgaataaat atatctgttt aataaatttg ttttgtttaa atgcagcaat     92820
     atatattaac catattcact gagaaatgga cacaaatatt tattttcaaa tggggtgtac     92880
     tcatttatgc tgatcactgt aacttcttta acaagtcaat ttgcagatta gcgaacaact     92940
     gtgacaaacc ttgtggctgt agccagtctt tttatgtttg gctcctatag agtaaagcac     93000
     tgggatgatg tcaggaggac agtcggcaaa gtaagccgta cacgtgaccg gagactcatg     93060
     gacgtccata gggtaagggt tctcaaagat aggaaaactg aaacagagaa acactttaac     93120
     taggaaacat ttttaaatca ggagatttct ctctgttatt tacaataact agtgctaaca     93180
     taaccgacct tttacccaaa taattatgcc taataattaa taaacacata ataataataa     93240
     taataataac tattattatt attattatta aaaataatgg tcataatact attattttta     93300
     ataaatagta ttatatttat attatattta tataattatt tatttattta tttatattaa     93360
     ctgcataaat gttggtaagt taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataataat     93420
     aataatgtga ctataattgt tattattatt aatacatgta agttctagtg tgttttatca     93480
     tattgatatt gggctgtaag gaaatcatat gacaaaaaaa tcatgacaac aaatgttttt     93540
     atctcactgt aaggtttaat tgaacatttt tagtacgttg gattgattta aagttgagat     93600
     gactagaaaa tgttatttga tttaactaaa tttaagacag taagattttt ttaataagta     93660
     ataagctcaa gtttgtgttc cagtggtttt accacatttt ccagtgtctc tatgctaaaa     93720
     tcaatgaaaa atacacagta caaccctgag agttttgact acatgacacc ttatttactt     93780
     ataatatgct tttaatggag atgaaccaat gagtcacatc acttttaata aatgcacttt     93840
     aaagttcaag ttttaatgaa acgtctggat gattgtctgc atctgagttt gtcttgtctg     93900
     agtgcagcag tttgtgtgtt cctttactgc gtccttgtaa agaaacagcc ttaaagcaaa     93960
     gaaaaacatt taatgtcaaa ctggcaatgt ctctatggca ggggtgttat ttaaaaagtg     94020
     acaaacggcc agtcggtgcc cgtgtgcaag tgtcaggctg accttggctt ttcttctttg     94080
     ataatgactc acttgatgga tgtttatgag tgacaactcc aatgatattt acccttaacc     94140
     aataaatact cccccacaca cactcagatt taaacccttt tccacagagc atcttcaagt     94200
     aacgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaccacac     94260
     acatccacaa tatttattgg gtgttgagcg atgttgcctc tggtggaagt acaagtgtga     94320
     ggtgttgttg gagtacatca catcgagtta catcattcag acacacacaa ggcagaatgt     94380
     gtgagtgtga tagtggaaag aagaagaaga gattgctcac ttgctctggg tcagatcgac     94440
     cacaacaaaa tctttctcca gcaaaaccac cactgcatac ggctcctgga cctctgtcaa     94500
     cacaaacaca acaaatccaa ataaataaag actacataat actggattct attcacatta     94560
     gttaatttaa aggagacgtg tgtatgtcta acactggaga tttaaacttt cactgtaaag     94620
     gccaacacta tggcggaaat taattttttt ggctaaagta aaaaaaatat atacatatat     94680
     tttaaaatat ataaagagag acattttttt tacatactat tttagtttgt gtgttaagat     94740
     acaattttag gtaaagcatt tgttgactct actgcacaca ttaggataga tctctaaaaa     94800
     atattgaact gtttttcttt tcttcgaatg gtttaactta aagtgctgta aaaaaattgg     94860
     ggaaattttt ttaaggtact taatgatatg ttgccataca gcaacaatgt ccaacagtgg     94920
     atctgacttt gtaaaagtta taagaaattg ttataagaaa gttataagaa attgtaaaag     94980
     ttataggtat taattttgtt gtttgaaatg ttgtttgttt taattgaatt ggtgttgcag     95040
     tattgcaagc tttaacacag aacttataaa tgacacctta ctttccaaca acttttattc     95100
     caacagcttt tatttattcc attctttttg ctgaatatta tggaaaacaa gcataatatt     95160
     attttatcat gcatacaaca cacagtaggt ataaatttaa agctaaaaat gtttatatat     95220
     tatactatat acaatatact atacctgaac tgtcaccatc actgctttta tcaaatgtcc     95280
     aatctgcatc tttctcatgg tcactaaaac ccttcttatc ttcactttca tctgcaggac     95340
     gattcatttc tatccttttc ttctctcact taccatagaa cataatggtc ttcactaata     95400
     caatgttctc tgtatttata tccaatcaaa agtaatgcca ttaaaatttg atttgtttat     95460
     cataattaat ttatggaata aatggaattt accataattc aaattccata agcatataac     95520
     taataaacat tatattacta gcattaatgt tgtttctgtt ataacttaaa agatcacagc     95580
     tgatcttgct agctagctaa cctattgcta tattgcacat tccagtattg cacagggatg     95640
     ccatttttgc caacacatac atttgatcga tttacaaaaa actaatttga taaaaacttt     95700
     ttttttttgg agttggaaaa atatcaccat aacttactga agatgatgtt tcagattttt     95760
     tggtggatat gacatgagtt tatcctgttt tattgacatt ttcatttgca ttcagcaact     95820
     actcataata aacaccatgt ctatcagaaa tcgcaccaca gaaaaaacac tgcacaccat     95880
     gtgacttaac caaagcacat catttattaa accaaggtct tctctttcca acaacaaaaa     95940
     aaaggtttta aagaatcagt gacatggaaa ttaacataaa tatgtggtag acaaggcagt     96000
     aaaacatcct acatcaagag tcacatgttt aatgaaaatg ttcatataat ttccattgaa     96060
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaataaa taaataaata aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     96120
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatattat atatatatat atatatatct tcttcatttt     96180
     ttcatcagaa tttaactgga aaaatatact ggtatttata tttaaaagct ttttaaaagc     96240
     atgcagttca gaccaatatg tctcatattc agtgtgactt attttattag cctttcgata     96300
     tttatttgag cattttgacc tgcataattt tttttccccc tgactttgac aggatttgat     96360
     tgacgtagga tgtcgtggat attcataaat ggctaatggg catcgggatg caagatttaa     96420
     ttgattcttt ttgcgcagtg tgtcatagtg cacgacaacc tattccatat ctgcaacact     96480
     tcgacaacaa cacagaaagt ctagcatgtt tatttttttt ttcctcagca tccatgatgg     96540
     gtttcattat atgagtgaca ttaaccaata ggtggacaga attgtatcca tgcacagctt     96600
     ttaaaatggc aaattgaaag aagactatgc ttctaggtga atatgaaatg gaagaattgt     96660
     tgtgtaacca tggcaacagt atacactttc ctgtatgatt tgctatcact gggctaccat     96720
     gacagaacaa aaaagcaaat gctggcaatc aatacacatg gcacttcatt ggtcagttag     96780
     caaattaact agcaaatccc tcattatgtt ctcactcgta ataaattagt ttgaattttt     96840
     agaaattttt ctttatgggt aaccgactgt ctactgaaag ttgcgttgtc attttaattt     96900
     aaagtgatgt tagcggttgt gagtgcaggg ctactccgtt gctgggaaac catatctgta     96960
     gctccaaaag tgactcttgc tggcacagaa tggatctact tatctactgt tttcattcag     97020
     agaacacaaa cacacacaca tataaaaact gccgtctgtg gaaaacacct aatacaatta     97080
     tagagaggtt tgtaatttat gtgactccct tgttacataa ttctcgacat agacatcacg     97140
     taatgattga atgcaaagca accgacaata aaaataatgt agtctgaaca gggcttgact     97200
     gcttgagatc tgcttcaaca atgataaaca ggttactagc tggtaactaa ccaattgctg     97260
     atgataatct ggattatgta atcagatgaa aacctaaaat tatgtatctg tttttagatc     97320
     atggtcatat tagatcactt ttactgtaat attgattaca tgacgacaca tttgcatcat     97380
     tggtatgtca catgacatac aggttgtcaa aatcaccaga aatccaggct tgtagatcat     97440
     tgggaatcat tcactttcac ttaagactag actgcaaatc tgtcaccata tggactacaa     97500
     atcctgtcat ggaccacaca ctcacacctg ttctggtttt ctgcttattg caaacacaga     97560
     ctgtcaaagc tgtttaaaag ttattacatg ggctttaaaa gcagcacaga cacacacaca     97620
     gttgatgagt attgttatac tatatggtga cagatttgta gtcctgagtg aaagtgaatg     97680
     gtgggcaaaa caaggcttca tgaaacactg aaacattcga agcaaacttg tcaaagcttt     97740
     gaaacaattt tgaaacccaa ctttaaagtg acacctagtg gtcattttat gtattactct     97800
     ggaacagcat caagcaaaga aacagttaag caaattgagg cattgaaccc cacgttgtag     97860
     agttgctgct tcaagtgatg cagagataca gtaatagttt caaatccagg gtgatgcagc     97920
     tatagattag gttttaaatg ctctgttttt tgtaacgtgt tttgttttaa cattgggttt     97980
     acatttgaat gaacactttt tgaataaata tgtcttgttt tggctgttgc aagatccgat     98040
     atggttgcgg ttaatgagac ttcccattta ttgtatttta aaaatgtcta cccccaaccc     98100
     taaacccaat catcacagta ctgtaaacat attaattatt gttatacagt gttacaaaaa     98160
     ttatgctata ttgatggcgt acccacagct gtatcctata tagacttaaa acagtaacat     98220
     tattaaaata cataaaatca taatttctga ttatttgtac aaatcaggat tcgaacccaa     98280
     aagccaattg cagcacaata actttgtgca cacacacggt ccactaagtt atatgagaca     98340
     gagttttatt atgacccttt tagttaattg ctgattcgtc aggtctcgaa acgcttctga     98400
     aatgaccgat gctttgaatc aatttagtca catgaccagg tgttttgaaa cactttagtt     98460
     acgtggcctg tgtgtttcaa attacctcag tcacctgacc tgggtgtttt ggatcatgct     98520
     ttggtgcagt gtttcaaaac acctgcactt cagcatcttg acactgtgtc gaaacgtcag     98580
     tttcatgtca gccatttata ttgcaagcct gaattgctgg tgattgtgac acaggtaaac     98640
     cgtctattta acttttaaga tttaatagtt tgttttcagc agctatgaaa cctttatgta     98700
     aagtctaatg ctctccatgt cgtcgaatga attaaataat atattttctt tctgtttttt     98760
     gagttttccc atcaatgtgg tacaaaacaa gcatactcaa atccacgtga caaacatttt     98820
     aggtcaaaag taatcaaaat gtattcaggt tagactaaaa tgtgttcttt attagactgc     98880
     gtaactaaca actaattact agctaatttt catcatgcaa tttttaatca gtaaacaatt     98940
     tgtacgtaat cagcactgct tgcttgttca ggaaatctgt tttaaatctc attatttttg     99000
     caattctctt tatgctggtg gcgcagaaat tacactcttt agctttcatc tttgtggagg     99060
     aaagcggatg acaaggtgac atcttgaaac ctacgggacg aaggcattaa ttatgtgtgt     99120
     gtttttgtgg agaacaatta agctctggcg acgcagtgga atcctaatga cacattattc     99180
     tcatgtcgcc acgtagggaa gatagagagg aatggaagac caaaatgggt aacacctgaa     99240
     agaacaattc tgctgcatct gcgggatgtt tgcagtctct ttgctgttgt attctgggta     99300
     acaaattcaa tgcctgtgtg tacatgtgct tggcagggtg tttttctgtt tctgcttctc     99360
     cagagggaaa gagaccaata tagcgactct gtctttcacc ttgagcgaac ggagccaaag     99420
     ccgtcactct tcaaaccgtt cagaatcaat ttttatatag cacctcgtct tactgatgtc     99480
     gagatgcgaa aaggagttgc tcctttgaac tggatgtttt caaaggtttg gcttaattca     99540
     caatgcatta ccaaagataa gaactggtaa gaatgtttag attaattttg cactcaacaa     99600
     gctttatgaa atgctacaat ttaaaattaa tctaatgatt tatttattta tttattgtaa     99660
     cccttatgta ctgttgggga tgttttcatc cattcattca ttttcttgtc ggcttagccc     99720
     ctttattaat ccggggtcgg cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag caagttttta     99780
     cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa acatccacac acacattcac     99840
     acactacgga caattgagcc aacctaattc acctgtaacg catgtctttg gactgtgggg     99900
     gaaaccggag cacccagagg aaacccacgc gaagacaggg agaacatgca aactccacac     99960
     agaaatgaca actgagccga ggtttgaacc agcaacccag cgaccttctt gctttgaggt    100020
     gacagcccta cctgccactg cctcacctgt tttcatccac tctggggtaa tttagagtat    100080
     taatttggcc attacttttt ctgtttcagc tagcagaatg acaaatcttg ttttggcaca    100140
     tatttagggg aaatgctttt aaatttttta aagaactcaa cgatacattc cggacaaatt    100200
     tactaccatt ttgttacatt cggaatgaaa acatccactt aattaaactg ctgtaaaaat    100260
     gcatcagatc aatatttttt caccaaataa gctttgtttt ttttttgttt ttttatcaaa    100320
     tcagttacat catttgtaaa cttggcaatt aaaaagttaa aatcttgtat tttttttaaa    100380
     catttagtag acttgatcag gactgaggta gagtaacaga ttcatgcaaa acgtacagcg    100440
     gtttaattca gtggatgttt tcatcccgaa cacaattaaa gggtagtaaa tttgaacagt    100500
     gctaaagggt tagataaaat atttttttca aaagctgact ttacacaagt ctttagtaac    100560
     gcacataatg ctttataaat cacgatttaa tgctcaatat atttttaata gcaaaaaaaa    100620
     acaaaaaaat catttatttt gttcaaccga atgcatcatt attacattat tgaattagtt    100680
     attattaaac catatttatt ggaaagaaaa atatataact gacatttgaa acatgagctc    100740
     ttcaaatata gtctttgtta aaattatttg cttatttatg tgacaaaatg caatcaggat    100800
     ttgaacatat cttatttatt taaaggggac ctattatgcc tcttttagga gatataatgt    100860
     aaggggccaa tcacaccgaa cgcactttta ctttccaaaa tgcgaggcgc acctcattgg    100920
     cttttctgtt gacaagaaaa aaagaagtgt ggtacgcttt tttaatgtcg ctaggcaatg    100980
     actgaatcag ctgtgtaatg tgcgcgagag ttgctgttga tactggtata attttaaaat    101040
     tgattaatac tataatgttt aagatttgtg attgatacag caccaaatat ctcaaaacag    101100
     caactactgt ataagtcttg acaacacaaa cacctccaca gaaaccctgc ctctgctttt    101160
     atttgattga agaatgaaaa agacgcgact gatgtaacaa gctttttccg caaagggcaa    101220
     aaacgctagg cgcagcatgg cgcataagca gcgatcgtgg acataagtaa ctcattcaaa    101280
     aaaggtgcct ctcaacgcaa gaagcatgtt tagagtgatc ggtgcctata agtctctgat    101340
     gtctgtgtgt gaagtttcag tttaaaatac cacaaagata atgttttata agtctttgaa    101400
     gctgtacttt ttgggctttg atcccaactg tgcattttta gtgactgtcg ctttaagttc    101460
     aaatgaaatt gtattctttt caaaagaggg tatttaatgg agctacaaat atatcagcat    101520
     agtggtagac ttaataacaa gactaagttc caatactaat gagggtgaga ttgtcactaa    101580
     tggacggggc cttcctccta tgatgacgta tacaaaggga gaatgtcaat caaagtgttt    101640
     ttgcaggctg tttttatcaa gtgtgattat aaaaaataga atgaattaat tcttactatt    101700
     agaggctggc tatattgaca ctctgacacc actaaattgg gattaaacat catataaaag    101760
     ggaattttgc ataataggtc tcctttacac aataaatatt acatttccaa ataaacagct    101820
     aaatgtttat taggatcaat ttaacaaatt ctcttaaatg aatctcctct ccacacttga    101880
     tatttctaaa accattccct atttacaaca tcagatgttg gccactttgt aactgcgtct    101940
     gacttcactc accctacact cactcactat tttatttata caaccgacta atagttactc    102000
     tttctgtgat acaaaaaaaa aaaatatggt gcttgctatt tatatcggta tctgatttca    102060
     ttcactaact ttcattcact ctttgcagat aggttgctta tttgatatca gtgcaatcat    102120
     tgaattaaag gtctttgatt tgctggcttt cagcctaact ctgcttacta ctattataat    102180
     atgttttgga tactttagtt ttaccatggg catgatttct gtgggagtcc cataggattt    102240
     aatgaagact acaaattggt cactacgtca tcaatctaca cctttgtttg ttgcggaatc    102300
     catgccccct accggcaaaa atgacattat atatctttaa aaccaacact tgtgtttact    102360
     gaatctattt aaatgtacta ccaagcagca caaatgatat gaaggacagc aggagacatg    102420
     cctgatctgc tcagtagact caccgttgag atagggtgtc tcacagagca ccatgaagtc    102480
     cactattgga tagtccatct ctaacactgt gatggcttta ccatgcatga tggttagggt    102540
     tggtctccgt cctgccttat catatgaaag acctccagag aagatgacaa aggcttcact    102600
     actggaagat ggaatataca agagcattaa tggaaaaagt cctgttttca gtctgaactg    102660
     attactttaa cacagcaaga cctgaaaaca ttctagatgg aaagatttta tgctccacaa    102720
     aataattttg atacttcaaa acaatgctag caaggcattg cttcaattta aacccctttc    102780
     acagctctaa tatgctctca atgcaaacag gaagaaagaa aaggaagaca gacaacaata    102840
     taaccaccaa actaatcaaa aatatcatta aaactgaggc ggccacttat gaccacttct    102900
     ttgaaaacag catagaggaa aaaagctaaa aaacaagcaa tcgaagacgg aagtttatta    102960
     aaatgatgtt ttgctgctca tctcccaggg aaagcaggct ttataaaaac aggcagtaga    103020
     ctttaattgt tttgtgacaa gataaaacga cagtaatggt tctcgagtgg gacttggcac    103080
     atctgtctga agcaaataga aggattaaat tagtgtgcaa cactctagac tgcactttcc    103140
     ataattcatc agctgtttat tagtctgtga ggcttgtttt tgtttgtttt tgtcttacct    103200
     gtttcgggag gtcttgtatt ctaccttgag aataggttta cacgactctt ttctaccatc    103260
     tctctgagtt ttgcctaaaa aaagaaaaca gacagacaga aggtctcact tttttcacct    103320
     caacgcttca tacattcatg tccagaactt tttgattaag aaagcacttc ccagcgcgag    103380
     catgttcatc tttatataac cactaagctc aaggccagga ccccaaacat agcggcaaag    103440
     actgagagtg aatcatttat tcctgtcaaa tcaaacttgc acacagacac acacacacac    103500
     aaactgcgaa cccacacact gaatcatcct ccataatgaa cacacctggt gagggggtgt    103560
     gtttgcaggt tacgtcagag tcaggtttca ctaatagata gtgagtcatg gctgaatggg    103620
     gtctgtgtgt gtgggggttt acttagttaa actctggggt caacttttta aaacaggcta    103680
     agattgtcaa agcttcccgt ttgcaacggg aaatggctta taaaagagaa aatggttttg    103740
     gggtgtggat tagagtcagt ttgtagtatg taataggcag cttaaaatgg aaatgtatcc    103800
     ctaaaataca actgaaacct tattggttga tttaataatt acaccattta aaatataaca    103860
     aaatatacta tggtattacg gtgagaatat gtttgagtcc atccctatta atttatccta    103920
     caaaataaaa gtacaatgca catgactagg atataattac atattatagt tgtcaaatgt    103980
     ttatgattaa aatgtcctta tttaaaagtt attttaattt ttttagtaca attagggtag    104040
     aaatactgtg taactgtcct taagtttatt aaagagaaaa tattcattag aaaagattca    104100
     aatattaatt ttaaacaatg tttttcacaa ttactattac tatgcaaaag agtattatgc    104160
     tttatgtgtt tactcaccat gggggaaggt gacttgaaaa ggctttgctg tgtttctcat    104220
     attccacatg ctcagactgc catcagaatg actgcacatg aactgccgcc cttcgtgatg    104280
     ccagcttact gaatgaatgg cctggcagag agagaccaga agaaaagcga tcatgactgc    104340
     accaatgaac atttttaaat gatggccaga tcattgtaca attcatttgt ttcctcctgt    104400
     tcatttatct gtgcctcttt tgtgccatta tacaacaaag gaagtaggga agaaaataaa    104460
     tgatatgtaa tcagaactat tgaaagttgg catgggatcc ataactcaac tgcagctccg    104520
     attagtcaca tttcagcatt gataataata gtaatagttt ttaaaatgtt tcttgaaact    104580
     tcaaatctct attttaaaat gatttctgaa agtaatcgat gagtagtatc agaaagtaat    104640
     tgctgcataa tattctgctt tatttttaca agtaatttac aaattaaact ataataagct    104700
     accctcttta gatttattac tattatgttc cactgcatag taatgtaaac atctaaacag    104760
     ccattcacat ggcagcaatt caacattttt aggtatgtat gcatggtcaa gaagctttgc    104820
     taaagttcaa tcttaaaatc tagattgggg aaaaactgac atttaagtga gttggttggg    104880
     ccagacaggc tggacttatt tttttaatct ttataaaaaa gatggactac aaggattctc    104940
     atggccaaat gtctctgggg tttacatgaa aaaaggaaat attgagtggc agttctagag    105000
     gagctctgaa gaggaaaatg accagacagg ttttggcgga taaataggca acaaataatc    105060
     aaataaacac aggtagagta tatatgaaca cacaacatgt tcaaacttga agcagatgag    105120
     ctacagcaac agaaaaagcc aatgccactc ctgacagtta agaacaacac actgggccct    105180
     atcatacacc tggcgcaatg tagtgcaggg cacggcgcaa tagtcttttg ctagtttcag    105240
     cttggtgcaa gagtcgtttt aaagcgttga gctacactgt ttaaataaca aatgcattag    105300
     cgctaatatg ttcgcccata ggcgttcttg tctaaaaagg aaggcgttct gaggcgcact    105360
     actggcgcgt tgctattttg aaaaactaaa atagattttt aattagacca aaacaaaccc    105420
     ggtctaaact ccgcttacac actgcttaat acgcacaaga gagcaatagg caaatatctt    105480
     tacatatgaa aaaaatttaa atattaagga tatacatagg atataataag aatagatata    105540
     gaatataaat ataaaggatt aaaatattac aaaacattat tttctagcct acataaatat    105600
     gaaaaatcac tacttttatg tcttcttcat ctcgagaggc tttttcagtt cattcataac    105660
     aatttgcttt tgtataatgt tattattatt agcagtatta tttattatat ccatatttat    105720
     atttgtttta ttaaaaacaa gcttagattt gcccacctgt caggtttttg accatatggg    105780
     gcacagcatg tgttttagga tataactcag gtttttgaac acacttcatt atcattgttc    105840
     atttatttgt ttgctggaaa ttagaactga atttagaaat agttttgaaa tgaatatatg    105900
     cgcttaacaa acgcaattaa ttatttatag actgatgtat gtgtgtaaag gtttccctat    105960
     ccaagagcga aagtgaaagt agatccatta tctctcattc tcacgcagta gatgctctgt    106020
     ttaacagttt tctgttaaaa aaaaaaactg tcaactgtta actgtttgct actgaaatat    106080
     tcagtttttc cactaagact tactttacgt tctgtaaata gcgaatgcgc ttatggcgcg    106140
     acgcagctgg ctcttacagg gaatgggaga tgagactcta attggtttat tctcaaaaca    106200
     cacctatatc tgattaagaa aattaactca acacttttag accatgcgcc acggcgcaaa    106260
     gcggattttc ccatccttaa attagcaaaa atgcattctg acacgccctg aaagtgtttg    106320
     cgccctgcgt tttgcgctcc gcgcatgcac cgtcaaaata gagcccactg attttacaat    106380
     tctcaaaggc tcatcaaaac cgatcaataa aaattgggga aaagttgcta aagctgatga    106440
     agtctccatt acttttgtgc aaagtttgaa aagttggctc agaatctgct gtaaattaca    106500
     tgaaagtata gatctatgct gtcttgtatc aatagttcag gctgctggtg gtgtgatggt    106560
     gtgaggatat tttcttggca cactctggtc caacattctg tcaatacctt tatgaacaca    106620
     gtgtacccat attgtgatgg caatattcag caggatattg cactatgtct ccaatttcaa    106680
     atcatcttct tgaacattat agcaatatag ctatggttcc atccacctat ttgtaggtgc    106740
     attttggaat attgcagaaa cactgtttat tggacacacc aagatgagca tacaattaga    106800
     aatagtgcat aaactacaat gggaacacat taactgaata aattggaaaa aaatgcatca    106860
     aaaagtgaat taatggacac accagcagac tgaccagatt cattatcatc tgaaatgttg    106920
     ttttggtcat tttaaaatcc tttagccaaa gtccttcatc aaagaggttt ggtattatta    106980
     ccttccaggc ttcgctccca aagagtagcc cacacataaa aagcccccgt gtttcttaaa    107040
     tattttatgc attatttctg ttttgtgcat aagtctaata tgcatcgttg aaatgaaaca    107100
     tgtctaacat gttgactaaa ctcaaatggc cttcacagcc accagatctc attccaatag    107160
     aacacctttg agatgtggag atttcatcat tgatgtacag ctgaaaacct gaggtaaatg    107220
     tgtgaggaaa gtttctaata acttgtttaa tctgtggcct taaagaactg agcaaggact    107280
     aaagtcaaga aaaataataa tcaaatgagt ctacaactag aaagattgaa atagaagcat    107340
     gtgcatacac aatttggctg cggaaatgaa agaaatcaga gagcaaaaga catgactaat    107400
     agttcctgtt tgtgaaagtc tctgtctctc ttactctctc tctctttctt tctctcagag    107460
     cttcatccat ctgagagtcg ataatccaat atcagtaatt actccaccat caaagcagcc    107520
     tgatctccac tcatctactt gctaatgtca cacagtaaat aacaagtgaa atgatattgg    107580
     tgtcacaatt atttgatgtt tgtaagaaag atctttgcag tgtttgagcc tgatgttcta    107640
     taatattcaa ggacgagccg tgaaatcaac tgaaattcaa tctaaaggcg aataatcaaa    107700
     caagatgcga tggatgtctg ttttgcagaa atgaatgaga aggaaagaga tttttatatc    107760
     agcgcaaatc cattcctata tttctttcaa cagtctcaca caaatccttt tgcatatttc    107820
     gtctcacttt ctcccgtctt ttctttcttc ttcttctttt ttactccctt gttcaaaatc    107880
     ctatgtatta aaagtgtctt tcttacacac acgtgtgaat accaggcggg catctaaagt    107940
     agcaattagc agacccctag acatttccat ttacccactc tgacaaacgc ttgccgagcg    108000
     acggtgtctc agagtccctg cgctcaggcg gcgctgacag atgatcagag ggcgccgtca    108060
     ccgtattgaa acacgcagta aaggtttgga aggagaaaag ggcgagtttc tggaaggttt    108120
     tgtgcgtgct gctgtgagcc aaggggcact gtgattgaaa catgttttgg aaggatgaat    108180
     gcgagcagct ggctgcagga gtcagctccc ctttcagaag aaagataaag ttgtgtgcca    108240
     agcggtgatt atgctaaaca catccacatg gtacaaggag agaaattaaa tcacaacagt    108300
     gactagtgca cagtgttgtt ataaatcagc aaaagtgtgg agggaaaatg agctgaggag    108360
     ccaggtgttt catagcaaat gtgcttggac aatagagtgc aagagagaca taattcattt    108420
     tttttatttg tatagcctag tttttctgtc ctttcttcaa attatttctg tttgtcttgt    108480
     ttttggctga gggctggatt ttaacaagat gataaatggg agcttgaggg gtcacaaatg    108540
     catgcacaaa gagaggttga gaacaacaac aggaaaaaag tatatatata aatataaaaa    108600
     ttaaatgtgt atgcacataa acacataata tagattatat agctaagaaa gcctgacaga    108660
     gaggtggtta aaatattaca gagataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaaat aaaataaagt    108720
     taaataaaat aaaattaatt aaaagaaaag aaaagaaaag taaaagaaag gtgaaataaa    108780
     gccaaataaa actaaataaa ataaaagtaa acaaaagtac actaaaataa aataaaatga    108840
     tataaaatag tgttaaataa aacattttaa aattataaaa aaattaaaat taaaattata    108900
     attttaaaat tataacaaaa ttaaagtaaa gtaaaataaa ttaaataata aaataaaata    108960
     aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata aaataaaata    109020
     aaataaaata aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaattaaatt aaatcaaata    109080
     aaataaaaat gacacttacc tcgtcatagt atatcctaaa gtcagctcgt ttggccctca    109140
     gatcccacat tactatcgtc ccactctcaa aacctatcag caactgaggg aaataaaaga    109200
     gagaggagag aaagaaagaa aaacaggagt ctataaatcc caactgaaca acaataaaca    109260
     gtggaaactg attctagagg tgtgttttac aaatgtcaag agccttttgt atatttgggt    109320
     tcagagcaaa acagacacac cggtgattgg gtgcatttat aatttaactg gacatgatag    109380
     agcaagtgct gatcaaaaca gacccatgtt ctgtctaggg aatcttccct ctttcgcagg    109440
     cacaagaaaa acatgttagg ggaaaaaaag tctgtatttg gctcattttc aatgcatgag    109500
     tatgaatact tcagcgataa aaataaaaaa taacaaaaca tttgctctta atttacttat    109560
     tctcaggtca tccaaatacg tacagtattt gactttttct ctttttaaat caaaccatgg    109620
     tttttactac taatataatg caagtcaatg gtaacctttt ctatgatgct caaaaaaaag    109680
     ctacatttat ggttcacatc taaccttgtt tgagtcatca aagccctcag tataatattc    109740
     tagtgttcta ctgaaggaaa ataataacac accactatct tgactttcct taaaggtgat    109800
     taattcacca aaaaataaaa taaataaata aaataaattg gggggtatgc acttttctat    109860
     ttaatctaaa ttagccacac actacatgaa gttcaatttg aactggaatt attttattgg    109920
     ttgttccatt tattcacatt caataaaaaa aaaaaaagtc cattagtgat cggcagtttt    109980
     tcagcagcgc tgctttaatt gacttttttt ttaaagtgat tttaaagatg tcttaaagat    110040
     agccattaac caaaccaacc agctatgatg taaatcaaaa taataaaaaa ctcattttgg    110100
     aaaaatacaa tgcaagattg acaatttaaa gttaatttaa aaatacagtt taattataaa    110160
     attaagttgt atctttttcg ctttctgtat gaatttcagt agtaaacatg actaaaaaaa    110220
     tctaaattgc tgaaaacaga tgggtttttc aaatacatat acaacaggtc tgattttaaa    110280
     ggattgtcag ttatgattaa aaaaaaatct atttctctat ggagaaaaat aaataaataa    110340
     tcttgtgtgc ttgaaactga aatcctgcac tctataacaa attcaaatca tataaattag    110400
     atatcggact gtctccactt ctcatattgt ctgtgctaca gcatattttg ttctgtctcc    110460
     ttttccaaaa accttatcgg tcccgctagc tcatccgtat caattcccac aatgcatctg    110520
     acctgctgtg actccagcag catgcagcca cagcaatcct gccagattct ttttctggaa    110580
     gatgacctca cggtatctac tccaaaatgc catgcctcct cccggagata ggagataaca    110640
     aagagacgcc ttaaaggtac agctcacccc ccaaaaaatg aacattttat cactctcctc    110700
     cattctgagc acatattata atatttcttc agggaaatcc aaagcgaggt gtcaggtaga    110760
     aaattcaagc tgttcttctt catacaataa acaagtggat ggtaaattat tccgtcaaac    110820
     tccaaacggc ctcttgtatg gctttagaag acttgtttct tataaattgt cttttgtagt    110880
     attaaaaatc aatttgtatt ttaaaaatca ctgtcaaaat cacatcagta aaaatcacta    110940
     agcattttca ttttgaatat gcatttcatg ctcagacttt tttatctttt tattttcaac    111000
     agaaaaataa aattcaaaca atatcaaaac aacatggctg aggcccacac taatacactt    111060
     tagttttaaa acggttttat agaatgtaaa tgatccacat ccacactggc gtttcaccta    111120
     acatttttaa aagtgtctct gtccacatta caccactgaa catgcacatt atgtgatcac    111180
     acacacacaa tgcagcgtat gcggaggtct gggctccagg tagtcaacgg gtgctttaag    111240
     cacacctccc caggtgagag cagctgatat ttaactcatc ttgtctctat tttatgactt    111300
     tttcttttta atcttttact tgttctcagg taacaagttt tggctgagca caaagttgaa    111360
     ttaatatagg gtgatccaaa atgattaata aaactttaaa attcgagaac tctgcaaaga    111420
     agaaaatgag agctagtaaa ctctttctgt cgttgattta aggaagctct gaagtttcat    111480
     ttggttgctc atttggtcgc taggagaagt gctgttgaac tataacctac atttctgttg    111540
     ctaatgcaaa gatggcgact gctccacaaa aagctgtttg tgttttcgag tattgggtta    111600
     atgtcagtcg aatgtctgga gggggtcata ttgaacaact atgaacttgt tttctactga    111660
     ttttttattt atttatttta agtactgtac tcttcacatt gattaattac ccaagtttcc    111720
     ttcatgtttc tcagattaaa tgcagacttt caaagttatg gtattctttt tgaatcaccc    111780
     tgtttattat ttaaccatat acactgattc tgcacatttg attgattgct tgcctttatt    111840
     tcctaaattg tatgaattta ttctacgtta tactttcata attgtcagca ttgattattg    111900
     aaagataaaa gagagggcat gtttcgtatt tttcaatgaa aataaaggga cgcagtaatg    111960
     ttataggctc cattttggtt ttaaatatgc atacatgaag atgacgctca aaaaaatttg    112020
     tagcaacacg agaaacaaaa actaattctt ctgctttcca aaaatgctcc actttcgggg    112080
     ctcgaaaact ccaggatagt gaggacggaa ctcataactg taacaaaaat tttgtatttt    112140
     caaaactaaa atgtattggt gtaaacgggg cccgagtgca tgataaaaaa catatattct    112200
     gagctattcc tttttttaaa aagtgaatgt gtgtgtttgt gagtaagaga gatgcatgca    112260
     tactcaatag aagatgttaa caccagccgt cgaggtgaat atcaggtcac ataacaagta    112320
     tgtgcgtgcg tgtgtttccc ctgatgagtg ttaatgaatc agaacactgc caacgcatgc    112380
     aaagtacctt ttaagaagaa ctccagcatg catacaaaat aaccaatgta ttattttcat    112440
     agtggaaagg ctatcaagca cactagttct tagttttctg aaaagttctg agctcttgat    112500
     tttgaaacaa aagaacaaaa aaaaaaatgt attccttact ttcccttcat cctttggact    112560
     gtcactcagg tgaacaacag gacctggatg cgtctttgtt gatctgagag gaagacagaa    112620
     taaaaaagat aacaggatga aaaaaatgac actttctctg tgcttgtggg cttatagtta    112680
     ctgtctgtca gctctgaggt catctaaatg ctaacatgct cataaaagtt gacaaacttt    112740
     taatagatgt atcctgtcca gtggtgcgtt tgtcagtttt tgtctatatg tcacatacta    112800
     gcaataacac atggcacatt gtgttttagc tatgattttt tatgctaaaa tatactggca    112860
     cacaagtaaa aagaaaaaca aagcaagaca agaaagagat cttctggata tgcccagtaa    112920
     aaccttctgt cttaacagga aatacatcaa gaccaaaaca catctcatcc atcatacaat    112980
     tttatgtggc ctttattgga taataatata aaaagccaat tcaataacaa tcatgtctct    113040
     ggttttgaag tagtctctgc ctcttagcca gataaaaaaa ataataataa taaaataaaa    113100
     ataaataaat aaataaataa aaataaatga ataaataaaa aaataaatca atcaataaat    113160
     aaaataacat aaaataaaaa taaacaaaat aaataaatta ataatttaaa atacagataa    113220
     aaattaagat ttaaatttat aaaaatataa ataaataaat aaataaataa ataaataaat    113280
     aaataaataa ataaataaat aaataaataa aataaaaatt ctgtaaagca aaaattgtaa    113340
     caaaaaaaga aagtaagaaa gacatgagac atgacacatt atatccaaat attgaatact    113400
     ggttgcacta aatataatta aatgtttaaa caaatgtata aacacgcatt ttagctccac    113460
     tcacttatgt ttttgctcta aaagctcctt taaaacgtaa atcagagcac ctttcattag    113520
     atcaacaatg cagtttatgg aataatctgt taaaatacat tagataaaat taagaagact    113580
     gcaaaaaaag atgatttcga aggaagctta gtcagaatac aggttagtgg taaatgtcag    113640
     aaagttttga aagagttttc agcagaattg gacacatcaa ggtcttcttt tcagcagtat    113700
     ttcaaagacg aagagcgaca ggttggaaaa tgtgctctga caacctccac tgaaatgact    113760
     tccctggtat tgtgtgagga tgtgccaagt acaagtgaga tagaaaaata gtaaaagtga    113820
     cggtcagagg gagaagaata caattggatt ttatacacac acagatgcca tgccaattta    113880
     attcaatcct tagaggacga ttgggactaa aaactggcct tggacttcag gcacaaacag    113940
     tccataacac ctgcaaactc cacattactc cacaacccac tgatgcacag tttttagcat    114000
     tacttactaa cataaaaata caatgtagtc agagtcgcat cactactata aacaacaagg    114060
     tcaaatctct tttttttctc ttaataattg atgttttggt gctactcact tgcactcaat    114120
     tacaaattat attgtttatc gttgggaagt tatattcgtg accatattag aaaagaaata    114180
     ttatttcaca tttaaagaat taaaatattg tggcatttta tttattgtac aatcatctgt    114240
     aaattattta atttataatt aaagttaaca acactttgtt ttgtgacatt acactgatta    114300
     aaacaaattt tctgctgtaa aataaaaaaa aaataatatt gcaatctctt tttccagtaa    114360
     tgggttgtgg ctggaagggc attcgatgcg taaaacatat gctggaatag ttggtggttt    114420
     attccgctgt ggtgaccctg ataaaggacc aagccaaagg aaaacaaatg aatgaataat    114480
     acataaataa atttgtttgt ggaaaaaaag cttattagaa aagctattag tatgtgattc    114540
     aaacttgttg aaaataaagc ttgcacttat tttacttgga attgtaagct tcaaataaca    114600
     gcaaataact gctaaagttg attgctttac ttactagtta agctgatttg ataaaaatca    114660
     tagtgcaaac tgtgtaaatt aaaaataaag tgcatctttt cagtgcaggt aacaatgtac    114720
     agtaggtccc ttttgtgcta atctagtcac acattctgga gtataggtct actgaaatgt    114780
     aatctcactc caaaacttaa gaggttcaat gaagttatta ttaaaatgtc aaagctgttt    114840
     atttttttca tagaacatgt tgtaatgagt ggtcgtcaaa ttcaagttgc atttgtgctt    114900
     ggattattaa aaaacaagtt atattaggtt gggatttgaa ctttggaacg atacatgaaa    114960
     actgtaccat gagacttaca tgtcttcctt atatattgaa tttgagatga atagacacaa    115020
     gtgaggctag tatgctatag tgcccccccc cccccacaca cacacacaca aacacacaca    115080
     cacacacaca cacacgcaca cgcacacgca cacgcacacg cacacacagc tatctgtaag    115140
     agggctgatt gttacacttt acagccagta tattctctcc ttcttactca acccttgtct    115200
     gctgtaaatg ttattggact aggaattaca gagatgctag caaaagcaag agtatcccat    115260
     aatgcctcca gccataagtt tgttgccata gcagcaatga aactcattta ttcacttaat    115320
     caattgcagt gcaaaggaaa ataacagagc ataaaaaaac cctgagtatt tgtgtagcat    115380
     agatgatctt tcatttaagg cttgcgcata ttcatgtatt cattttcttc cggcttagtc    115440
     tctttattca tcaggggtcg ccacagcgga atgaaccgcc aactaatcca gcatatgttt    115500
     tacgcagcag atatccttcc agctgcaacc cagtactggg aaacatacac actcatacac    115560
     tatgaccaat ttagtttatt caatttacct gtagtgcatg tctttggact gagcgaaaca    115620
     ggagcatcta gagaaaaccc acaacccaca ccagccacct tattgctgtg atgtgacagt    115680
     actcaccaca tgagtcatca tgtcaccctc tgtttgtata tgcatatatg ttgtgtagtt    115740
     ttaccacact atatgacatc tctttgcatg agaatagttt ttgtttactg tcttttgttc    115800
     aaactacaat aatttacaac acagcccaat attaagagtc attaaaaagt gtaaatcagt    115860
     caacaaaccg tacaaacaaa ggctggaatc tgtctactct tctgtaaaaa tgtagttttg    115920
     catgtttcac tgcagtttca ttgttaaatg aacattagga gaaattattt ttaagacaaa    115980
     atattttata gtgacagatt agcagcgaat atagctttac ttttgtgtag ttctttgcaa    116040
     aataccattg ttgggatgaa gctcgcctca gaacttcccg agggtaaaaa ctataagata    116100
     tacacagaca actacacctg tgcttttcag ataaaaaata aacacattta aaccacactg    116160
     aatatgacca aatatttttt taaaatattt ttattaattc tatattatta tattaatttt    116220
     atgaattctt atccataaaa cataagattg ttgtatgatt attacttatg atagattccg    116280
     ctatggggct aagtgagtga ataaccttac aactgtatcc ttaaatgctc tgtatacctg    116340
     ttcagacaaa gtgagtacaa atacagaaat tctgctcaca actaggccca acgttgcaat    116400
     attacaacac ttccctaaaa acttaccaaa atgtaaaaaa aaaaaattga gaaatctttg    116460
     attccaacat cagaggcttt tgctcatgta tttctatatt tgggtcttac agggttaagc    116520
     tcttaaaaca ctttgacaaa ttgtatttgc tttacatttc tttctccatt tggatgactc    116580
     ttctatagtt tgtgtggtcg cttacaatac aaggcacagc attggatttg ttttgcagag    116640
     agctcctgag agagatagct caaagcagtg taaaacaagt taaaatgcca ttgttgtttt    116700
     aacagaagtg ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gggggggggg gcactatagc atactagcat    116760
     aacatttgct cctgttaaca ttattaataa ggtttagggt ttgaatttat gtatgtgaag    116820
     tatacaaaaa actatagcct cttgttaaaa taaaaatacg catggacatg aggttctggg    116880
     ttttattagg gtgaccacat attccatttt tccatgtaca gtccagtatt ttttgctcta    116940
     tttttagtgc atcagagtca gtgacagcaa aggcagaagt gatcaagtca tatgcaatag    117000
     agatttacaa tagcaatata aaaaccatta atgattatta gaatgtatgt tgaaagaaac    117060
     aacttcctta gacgtctcaa atcacagaat ctgtgtttca gccacagaat gtcaataaaa    117120
     tgtctttaaa attatgtcac agaataggtt ttgcttatct caagaaagta attaaaatgc    117180
     cttacatgtt tatctatcct atattctcta ccagtaatct ggacattcta ggtcagagtt    117240
     ctcaaaggct caattcaaag gtctaaaact gaattgtcat tattgtcaaa ggtctaaaaa    117300
     aattgttaaa acaatactgg tgttttataa acatgaatat actgttcata aatcaacaat    117360
     taaataaata aataaatagg tagttcagta ggtagaccaa atgtaacatg atgcacacta    117420
     cagagcagtt taatgtgaga aacagcacca attctatcag cttattaaac ttttgcttcc    117480
     attccataat tgtatcatta caaatcaaac agaactgggc tgaaactaaa taattgcata    117540
     ctcttatttt ctttgtcaat tccctgcagt gaacagtgtt gcctgattac ggtgattgtc    117600
     atacattttt taaaaagcct ttaatataca cctttattat caccttcagt ttcatttgag    117660
     ggattcgccg aaaagacatt aaaaaactaa acatcattac aagtgtttat caaagtagta    117720
     tatccacact tttattttct catgcacact attagtgatc ctaaaatatg aagtggaggt    117780
     gggttcggac tgaattcttt gcgaagtaaa gcccaaggat ttacagagtc aagtatatcc    117840
     aacgtttcca gaaaaatata aatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    117900
     tatatttaaa atacttaata tgcccttggc acaaactaaa cggtgtattt tcaaagccac    117960
     accacatcac catttatctc tcacgagaaa ttgttcattg atgaaggagg ggtcaattaa    118020
     aaatgaattg caaaatacat ataatatcta tatatttttt ttcttgtatt gcttagttgt    118080
     gttgtggtgt tattgtgcag tgataaacaa aaagtggagt gatgaagcag tcaaagcata    118140
     gcataaataa accatggcta ttgagcagca acagaacttt ccattttatt aaaaaaaaaa    118200
     taaaataaaa aaataataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa tatatatata tatatatata    118260
     tatatatatg ccctttcttt ctcagcttgt ggcactttgt cgcgttggct ggcttcccca    118320
     cgagaggaac agagtcatct catgtcccct gcaggacact gaggaagctt ttgtcaactc    118380
     atctttcttg tatcaatgct gctgaggctg caagatatgc agttgccacg agtagtaaag    118440
     taaggtgaca agaggacaag tgcagacact agtacgtgac ctaaattttg tgccttctcc    118500
     actcaaggag gtctacaaaa ctacaccagc agacagcatt accattcatc tcagtggcag    118560
     gttcaagctg tttacaagca gcgattattc ttggctcttt cgcatttttt ttttcttttt    118620
     tctttttgac taagccttaa atatgctgtg tttattaact ctccagtaaa tttgtaattc    118680
     tttatcaaaa ttttccaagt gctgattaac agggagattt tatcaacaaa taataaacat    118740
     agcagttata ataaatattt tttttaatat acatggtcat ttctacaacc attgtcaccc    118800
     tgaagattgc aatttcatga aggtggagta tcattgaaaa cattcttaaa gccgccctct    118860
     aatgaaaata taaaatacag atatagtata tccttttttt gaatgctata ggaaagtttg    118920
     attaatgtgt tgtggcaatt ttatagttgc tactaaaact ataggaatat aaacaaatta    118980
     ctcaaatgct gtactaagtt ttacaaacca aataagtaaa atatactaca gtaattatta    119040
     cagtttataa gtttgcagta gttaataaat gctcagcatc cattattata ataaagtatt    119100
     ttattacatg acatcacatt atattacatt tacattgttt tttgtaaaac tacagcaaaa    119160
     aggggaacag catgtatata ttcacattta ctttaacatg atgaatttaa ccagcagtaa    119220
     aattttagta acgcacattt cttttacaat tctttatatg catattagga aaatctatta    119280
     atgagaccat tagaattgaa tattagcaaa atgattatat ttacactacc agcataagcc    119340
     atgaagcgat gtttgagcac caaaataaag gtggtataaa actgtttata atcaaatgac    119400
     ccttgaatat ttgcaaaaat atatcattag taaaaatgca attttacgga catttatttt    119460
     aacgtttaaa tacgccccag aaataatctg catgtgctcg aacgcacact aagagaaact    119520
     gaaagtaacc tgaatatata cagtacttta aatgtaccgt aggtaggggg tcaaaaccat    119580
     aagtgtatat gtaattgcac aacaataata gtgattcaaa aatatatgtt ttgtttgggc    119640
     cgaatctcgt tatatttttg acttcagttg tgggccagag ggaggaggag gggaggccgc    119700
     aaatggcccg ggggtcagaa gttttactga tataaagcat tcagtattta ctattattag    119760
     cctaccataa tttcttttgt agcctatccc tgggggtatc cgaggtttgt ccatataaaa    119820
     tgtgatttaa aaccaatgtt ttattgtgaa ttacaatata ttatacttta aataagtaca    119880
     cagtgcatgt aataaaacaa tgcaaacgga acaaaaatgc ttataactgt agaactccag    119940
     caaggctatt ttactcactt tataatatta ataattatag ttttccatta aaataatgaa    120000
     tttttcaatg actcctgctt gattgataat aatgtgtaca gcaacgcaaa cacaacagcc    120060
     taaagtctac catcagggtt tctctgagtt cttctctgca tgtcagatgc tggagtctga    120120
     agtgtttagg ctccttgtca aagagtctgc ctcccatacc gaaactgccg cttcatggct    120180
     ctcttcagtg gatacttgtc aaatcataga gttacttaaa gtaaaatttt agataaatga    120240
     tgtgtcccct taaaaaatcc ctctttaaaa attgtatgtt tattgtcctc ctgtaaaaag    120300
     cagccactat atccactgtg attaatattt ttactcttgg ttatgcaagg ggtgctcatt    120360
     ggcatctacg cctagaaaca gtactgctaa taaactaatt tatttaatct ttttcatgat    120420
     cacagtacat aataagtcac tagttgttta gcaagatact agtattcaac tttgggaaga    120480
     gtgcaactta aaatcttaat tacgaatata caaaattaaa taatagtggc taagcaccca    120540
     atcctaacca gtctaacctc aaaacccaac tgtacattaa atggtaaagc agcattacgc    120600
     ttgtcatctg caatgcaatt tgtctaagct ctgacttgtc taagctcaaa gcaaaacaaa    120660
     gtctagtatg atcttttgaa gtgttgcttt catgttgaaa gcaaaaacgc tgctgtgatt    120720
     cttcattaac tgactgacta aaattttgtt gcagctcttt tagagcgaaa aaaaaaagta    120780
     gatttcgtca acagagattt tccaataaaa ttttagcagt aaagatgaag tatccaggcc    120840
     atgatttccc agagaagttc aacagtgagg tgtaaggtat atacagaaca tctaatctag    120900
     cagacagctt ttctgtgttg gtttatcaca tggctaaaca gccacaacac aaaaccacac    120960
     acctcctcaa acacctaatc cactccagta gtccttcttc ttcagcctga agtccctttg    121020
     tctacagatc gttcctcgca taggctgctt cgatccgcat caattctcat aatcgactga    121080
     ccttcaactc caccagacca agacctgtcc gtcataataa gttcatttct gcaatggctc    121140
     ttttcttgac tctgggatta gggctattct ttattttcct tgtaaggcct tctatcggtt    121200
     ttcttgattt tacagcagta agcaagatac agccattact tcagtctcac atgattcata    121260
     tttcaatatg ctgctttact gcttttttct gatctattat tattcatgtt taataaataa    121320
     taagagttct gttttatcat tttgtgtgga aaaacacttt tttcctttaa tttaattttt    121380
     gagatatatt tatgcaacat aggctcattc tcaaacgtaa ccctacatat atacatttct    121440
     gaagatcctg aattatgtag ccagaggaac gtactgtatg gctgcatttc atctttaaaa    121500
     catatactac gaggcggtat gaaggcgttc attttctcgc ttaccagctg accgattacc    121560
     tctgtataga gggctttttt gctgttacca gtttgtccaa tgcaatctca tggcaattcg    121620
     taacttttta atttagtggc taattcgtat gaattcatac aatctaattt acagcattta    121680
     gtacgatttg ctcatcaccc aatgacagtt ggggttaagt gccacgcctc ctttttggta    121740
     cgactgaact catacaaatt tgtacgaatt agccactaaa ctgtcaaaac gtaaaatact    121800
     tatatgtcct cgtgagatca ggctggtttg tccggtagct caacatattg tataagtcag    121860
     cagacttgag acgcagagtg gagttgacca cgacaaggcg gtttaagtca agtgaagaac    121920
     agttccagac agggcttgac attaacaccc accagcccac caaatgttgg tagatttcag    121980
     ctgtgtcagg gagaacaaac acccacacaa gtcactttgg ttggttgaaa ataattttgc    122040
     tgcctcgacc ctgaagatta gaactttagt ttaagaccgt ttgtcaatat gcatgcaaat    122100
     gtgatgttag aaccgagaag cagctctatt aataactgtt tgcacgagca aaagaaagca    122160
     ggtgaatatt gaatgagtgg atgatcaggc acaaggtgaa acacaggtga tcctcgctca    122220
     ctgacggtgt gagggaggca cagctgatgt gaagcatgcg attgcttaaa aagctcctgt    122280
     ttccttgctt aaaacaacca tgccttaaaa tgcaactggt gggatcgttt ctctttgaaa    122340
     tagactggaa aaatgctgtg ctcgtgcacc cacagtcctg ctgctctcaa gtgatcacca    122400
     gactttttgt atgcagcaga tcttgccgct tttgctttaa ccattctttg aacagatttt    122460
     taacacgtgt acgttaacca tatgcacgtg atcatccttt cattattgca cacagaatgt    122520
     tttttcacct gctttctttt gcttgcagtt atttttttaa tatggtttaa ttatgatcct    122580
     ttaaaataac attgctttag taggagacta aagctgcggt cacactacac ttttctcctc    122640
     atagacttcc attcttacac acgcaaatgc ggaaacgcaa gctagtgcga caagttttgc    122700
     agttcgctgc gttggaaagt tcaagcctgg tgaactctga cctgcgaaat tgcatcacat    122760
     gattgcgtga gaccaatcga agatcaaaac acaacctctc tggacagaaa tgtaaaacgt    122820
     ggaccaatcg atcacttttc taatggctaa tcatcttgtt taatcccgcc tctttcgtag    122880
     cactatacta caaaatttca cacaaactct agtgtgacag aagcattact ctccatttat    122940
     ctatagttac ctaatgatct gagaccttca gccaggacaa agtactgtgt atagatttag    123000
     ataaatgaga ttattttttt taaatttcaa ttgtttttta agaacatttt gttgaataaa    123060
     cgtgtatgta tacagctata tttagcttgt ttagacacat tttttaaaaa atttgtgaag    123120
     aaataattag tttgctgtgg ccagagaaaa aattggtaaa tccttaatgt tgagccctaa    123180
     aaggtcatgt gaaataaaat ttcaaagctt gtctaggcat gtggacataa cacatcattt    123240
     aaatcaagta gtttttagca tgccaaagtc aaatgtatgc ataaaaaatg tatgtttttt    123300
     gatcatcaaa tcagaatatt ataatgattt ctgtaataat gattaactta ttattattag    123360
     cttaacaacc taataaccaa tcaaaccctg atctgttggg aagatgtggc tctctgacct    123420
     aaatcaaatc gttttagtca gtcagacatg gcccagaaag aagaagacga cctttggaaa    123480
     gcattttgag ctcttgcagg ttctaggaat gatgaaaaag agtgattata ttactgcaag    123540
     acagaggaag taaggatata ggacagatat gtcatctcta aacgagtctc tgtcttgctg    123600
     ggcttcaaac ctaatttcag cctgatggaa tgtccagcac ggtgttgatt cttttctcag    123660
     ctgtactttt gtcacattgt gagagtgctt aatgtcttcc tccacttctg ttcatcagtg    123720
     tacagatgac cacacagcag gccatttaac tttcctcttc aatcaattat ctttatttaa    123780
     caaggatttt tatttttggt aagaaaaaga aaattctcag ttgaaaattc tcagttgact    123840
     attagtttga tctccttctc acaatgctaa taaaactatt aaataatatt accaaataat    123900
     taattaatac atttaaactg ttacattatt ttcttattaa ttttgactta ctgtacaaac    123960
     agtgtaaact ataatatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    124020
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg    124080
     tctgtctgtc tgtctgtctg tctgtctgtc tgtctgtcta tctatctatc tgtttttttt    124140
     tttttttttt ttttgtaaaa accaaaaagg aacacagtcg gtttcttgta caatacactg    124200
     acaaaaagac agaaaaaaaa aatgatttta ccacctgttt tcaaaaaaca tctaaacact    124260
     tgcatattta tatatgtata aatatgtttt gcagattctg tgtggccctt gtaacaaata    124320
     agcaacattt aaagtttgat tgtaaatttg aaaatctcaa aagatgtttt taatgtaaat    124380
     atgtgacaaa aaattcaatt cagtacagta tcaagggtca aaatgttaga gttgtgatag    124440
     ttccagtcat aaaacaataa gtgttgttgg tatttaactt tactgacttt actatttatg    124500
     tagtacactc accggccact tcattaggta acaatacaat ttataatctg ccaatcaaac    124560
     tgcattaaga catgtagaca cggtcaagat aatctgctgc aaatcaaact gagcatcaga    124620
     atggggaaga aaggtgattt aagtgacttt gaacgagaca tgattgttgg taccagacgg    124680
     gctggtctaa gtttttcaga aactgctgac ctactgggat atttacagac aaccatgtct    124740
     agagtttaca gagaatgatc tgaaaaagag aaaatatcca gtgaacggca gttctgtggg    124800
     tgcaaatgcc ttgttgatac cagaggtcag aggagaatgg ccaaactggt tccagctaat    124860
     agaaaggcaa cagtaactca aataaccact cgttacagcc gaggtatgca gaagagcatc    124920
     tctgaatgca caacacatcg aatcttaagg cagatgggcc agaccacacc ggctgtcact    124980
     aatgtcaact aagaacagta aactgcacaa tctgcacagg ctcaccaaaa ttggacaata    125040
     gaagattgga aaagttgcct ggtctgataa gtctcgattt ctgctacgac attcaaatgg    125100
     cagggtcaga atttggcatc aacagcatga aagcatggat ccatcctgcc ttgtatcaac    125160
     ggttcaggct ggtggtggtg gtgtaatggt gtgggggata ttatcttggc acactttggg    125220
     cccattagta ccaattgagc attgtgtcaa tgccacagcc tgcctgatta ttgttgctga    125280
     ccatgtccat ccctttatga cctcagtgta cccatcttct gatggctact tccagcggga    125340
     taatgtgcca tgtcataaag cacaaatcat ctcagactgg tttcttgaac atgacaatga    125400
     gttcactgta ctcgaatggc ctccacagtc accagatctc agtccaatag agcacctttg    125460
     ggatggggtg gaatgggaga tttgcatcac ggacctgcag cccctgtgtg atgctatcat    125520
     gtcagtataa accaatatct ctaaggaata tttccagtac cttggttgaa gagagttaaa    125580
     accggtaatt ggtgtacctg ataaagtggc cggtaagtgt atatacagta tgcacaatat    125640
     attcgtttgg acttttgcaa ctttgatatt gaatctgttg tgaaaagaaa aaagcttctc    125700
     tctacttgtc cagctttttg agcaagcaga caacagtttc catctaagac tctttttctc    125760
     tctgtgtgtg tgtgtatata taaaaagtac cccaagcctg acagtaaaag tgcactgtgt    125820
     gtgtgtgcat gtgtgtgtgt ttttacacag gacaatgaca gaaaagtaaa ttgcgaacag    125880
     gaggtctttg cttatcagct gagaaaggaa gacacggttc ttctccctca cccttatctc    125940
     ttcgctacct gtgtgatcgc aaaagcctga ggcaaaaaca cacagactcg catatgcagc    126000
     ggctcactat gcagatctag agcagagcca ccactcacat cctatttggt catcaaattc    126060
     aaaaacactc gtttattgtt aactcatcgt ttgagagcaa acgtgaggcg catgctaaca    126120
     ctagcccgct agctgtctcg gtttgagtcc agcttcaaag gctgcgataa gagtcactga    126180
     agtgctttca gtgcttgtga tggttgccgt agcaatggtg gcagcaatct cattcaggat    126240
     aatagcttgg aatattatgg tgaagaaccg gaaattggtt ggttgcaatt tggcaagtgt    126300
     gatttggaaa gcttaaggct accacagggc attttctgct agatagttgt gtgtttgcac    126360
     aatctttttg tgctataaaa acaatttgcg cttccatcca cacatcttgt ttgatttttt    126420
     ctttcatgat ctgtgaccca tacaagatta ttaaaaagtt taacaatata catattatac    126480
     atatgcgttt tacaaaatgt gctattttat tgtaaatgaa gtcacttata ttatacagtt    126540
     gaaatcagaa ttattacccc ccttacatga caaaattcat catccgtctg ccatccatcc    126600
     gcagtaacat ttttgaccaa tttttaaaac cgcacccgcc cgccatctgc tgatgggctc    126660
     tttatttgaa tggcttattc ctttttttat taaatgaatg tttctttatt gatcattata    126720
     taatagagaa tgacttatgt agacatgcag ttaatccaaa cgtgcaagtc attaattgac    126780
     gacgcttttg aaattctggc aaaataacct tagcctcgga acgtaaaagc gaggccaaca    126840
     tgtctagaat agaataggct aaaccaatat gaacgtaaaa ttatcagctg accgaactca    126900
     aaagtttata ttgaacatat gtgtagccta aataacatag gctaattggt ttaatatgcc    126960
     tgaccttagg tctagtttga ttttttcttg gcacaatgca ggaataaaat agcatctaca    127020
     gtgtcaggat tcagacggga gtgcctgcat agccactata atgcgccctg ctgcactgaa    127080
     ggagcgctcg ctcgcagcac ttgttgctga aatgcataga attctcttgg aaaggtgctg    127140
     tagtcgtggg aatgcctggc cttatttctc ccaaaaggaa agtagatttt cctctgctga    127200
     tccgtctata cggaagtttg tagaggaata cttctgtaca cttcatccag aattagtgta    127260
     tccgattcct cctcccatac tgtgaagtca gtcctaggct ttttcgttgg tgcgccagct    127320
     atgaatataa aaacagtaca accgcccgcc acccgcccga atttaattaa aatataattt    127380
     tttcgtaacg tcatccgccc gatccgcggt ttatccgcgg agtccgcggc tataaccgcc    127440
     aaccgcgcat ctctacccct tatcccccct cccccacccc tcattcatga tgtttaccag    127500
     agcaaggaaa ttttcacagt atgtttgata atattatttc ttctggagaa atggctagaa    127560
     taaaagcagt ttttaattaa aaaaaaaaac attttaaggt caaaattatt agccccttga    127620
     agctactgta ttttttaaaa atagtctaca gaacatcatt ctgtagtcta cagaaccatc    127680
     attatacaat aacttgccta attaccctaa cctgcctagt taacctagtt aagccttcaa    127740
     atgtcacttt aagctgcata aaagtgtctt gaagaatatc ttgtaaaata ttatttactg    127800
     tcatcattgc aaagataaaa gaaatctggt attagagata tattattaaa actattatgt    127860
     tcaaaaatgt gttgaaaaaa tattgtctcc ataaacttag ggggctaata attctaactt    127920
     taactgtaaa cgaatcattc ttaaggttct ttataacata atgtactaaa tgctgtttac    127980
     gtaagttttt ttcagaagga aagggcttac atttaatgtt tatttatgtt tttgttgatt    128040
     ttacaaaaag aacatgaata agaacatgca gtgaaacggg cttgatgtta aaaataatta    128100
     tacacaattt ccttatatat taattatata aaatatagtt attacagttt ttctcagtca    128160
     ctttgatgca tttatcacac cactatttac atttgcacaa cagttaatgc atttctcaaa    128220
     acaattagtc atttgtgcac atcctagtag cagtttctta ttccttccaa caaattgcag    128280
     atgcttttgg acatgcatta attgttttca tacaactctc tgctatttat aacattatca    128340
     tttgcttatg tcatgtcagt caaaattaac taaacttgta aatgctgaat agtcatagca    128400
     tataaaacta atagtctcca tttcattact tgagtcatta catacaaaaa tgttaaacta    128460
     gttgtcaaaa tctgtcgagc aaattttatt aaaaaaatga aatctttatt tttctgaaaa    128520
     tgtctcataa tttataattt acagacctgt gtcgtaggtt cagttccaat atgttctgca    128580
     gtatagctta cagttgtgcc cagctttacc caaaggaagc ttatgtttgt tgtaaataag    128640
     ggtgtattta ttcttttgca cagtgctgtg aataaattag aattacaacg agcatatgga    128700
     gtaaaaatat gaaacataca tattcagtgt cttgtactca gatacctcac taaatgcagt    128760
     gatgtctaac tttactgtag ttttcaaatg gctgtgcaaa tagtatatag ttctatcttg    128820
     agcatgttca ggatgtgtca ccaacatctg acttttttgc attaaaaaaa tgttgagagt    128880
     aaactgtcat aatgaaaaca tgacaaagcc ttctgactat cttgttcata aacaatggtg    128940
     tcaggacttt tcattttgat gatactgaca ctttgattga catgaatact tgcttttgag    129000
     gaatgaacta tccattttga gcgtgtgacg cacttttgca ggttatcagt taggttttgc    129060
     agtttgtacg aattgttttg agaaatgtat taactgtcca gaaataaact ggtgttgtga    129120
     gaaacgcacc aaagcgactg agaaaaactg taatatagta attcaaactt tttattttta    129180
     tagcatttta acattttatt tacttttcat tttacatttt aagtatttgt tttatttagg    129240
     tttaaaccat aatgtaaatt attctttgtc gaaaaagtgt tcttgtaata cacaattata    129300
     cattaaaagg aaattgtatt tgtcttcagc tattctttta tcatttaaaa atgatttaaa    129360
     tccaatctgt gactcaaaat cataatatgt gcattttgag atgtccattc atccatccat    129420
     ctgtctgtcc ttctgtcttt ttctttttaa tatattttta tggaacgttg ttagtgcaaa    129480
     accatgtcag aaatttacat acagtaagaa gataatatcc atcatacgta taatttgaat    129540
     cctgaccccc atatgaaaat tataataaaa attaaaaatt ataaaattga attaaatttc    129600
     aactaaataa acaataaaaa aaaataacat cataaaatac aaaactattt tacaaaaaga    129660
     cagattacat tctgtccttc tatcattaat gacagtttac agtttttctc agtggcattg    129720
     gtgcatatct cacaacacta tttacatttg cacaacagtt aatgcgtttc tcaaaacaat    129780
     tagtacaaac tgcaaagcct agttgatagc ctgcaaaagc gcgtcacctg ctcaaaaggg    129840
     gtagctcatt cctcaaaagc aagtattgat gtccgtgtca taaagatgaa aagtcctgac    129900
     accattgttt gtacaccctg tgaatgtttt ccaatgaaaa aagatcagat tttagtgaca    129960
     catcctgaaa atgctcaaga tagcactata tactatttgc acagccattt gaaaactaca    130020
     gtaaagttag gcattactgt atttagtgag gtatctgagt acaagacact gaatatgtat    130080
     gtttcacagt tttactgcat ttgctctttg catttctaat ttattacaaa agaatacaca    130140
     cacacacaca cacttattta caacaaacat aaactttctt tgggtagagc tgtgcacagc    130200
     tgtaaacaat attgtactac atattggaac tgaacctaca tacacaggtc tgtaaataat    130260
     tcatgaaatt gttcaattta gaatacattt agaagaaaaa aaaattaaaa tgtttataac    130320
     attttcttga cagattttga caactagctc aacatttttg gatgtaatga ctcaagtaat    130380
     gaaagtttag tgaattttga ctgacatgac ataagcaatt gataatgtta tgaacagcag    130440
     agagttgtat gaaagcaatt gatgcatgtc taaaagcatc tgcaataagt tggaaggaat    130500
     gagaaactgc tactatgatg tgcacaaatg actaattgtt ttaagaaatg gattaactgt    130560
     tgtgcaaatg taaatagtgt tgtgagaaat gcaccgaagt gactgagaaa aactgtaaac    130620
     tggcaagaaa atcaataaaa tcatctaaat ttgaaagaaa taacaaaaac agtaaaataa    130680
     tcatattaaa aaaattgaca tgagggttga caaacttagt ttacatcaga aattctggct    130740
     catcaaaccc attacaagtc ctatagaggc ttgaaaagca cttgacatat ttctggaata    130800
     tcctgggaac cattagaaga gaagttatgt aaaaacataa ttccgtatga aaagatttga    130860
     aaatcgtaac agactatcca cattagaaac acacgcaaca agacctagaa catgaaattc    130920
     ttccatggca tttccaaaga tgttgaaagt ctaaaccaga ttacttggag atgtaggcgt    130980
     gacgttagct tactgctgca aggcagatcc gtgcagtact gattatgttt aggatcaggg    131040
     ttcccagcat gctcggcgag cccttcagat atatcttcaa aacaggcaca gaggtttaag    131100
     ataaactgtg agtgaactga gacaagcgta caacacacgc agtgatgttc tttacggtct    131160
     gagcagctgc acatttgaag tgtcaccaaa aaaaaagaaa agacgtgtca gacatcttgc    131220
     tccatgtggt tttgaaaggt tgtggggaaa gcagatctga tggagccagt actgcaggca    131280
     aaaaacagct gatttcggtg tagcgcttca tggaattgtt gaaggttgtg aggttacagg    131340
     atctcagtta atccctcaca ccctgttgaa tttctctccg ggattcatct ccttcattta    131400
     ttcatgtgcg agtcaaaagg aggaaaacaa atctttggct tctcttccat ccttgtactt    131460
     gacttccatc agaggacgcc tgctgccggt gcactggggc cgtgtttata tttattcata    131520
     tttatttatt gaaatgagct gcactttgca tctatgaagg ggaattctct caatagcaca    131580
     agtgtgtgca tgcattcatc ttcacctgtt ttcaaacaca gctgggaaaa gaaggctgat    131640
     ttcttgttgg acaggtttat aaaacacata aacagtgtca aaaaagccat tgcaaaaagt    131700
     actatgtaca gtacaaacag gtgtttgatc aacatgcatt ccgccattca caagttactc    131760
     tgatgatatc agatatactg aaactatttt aatgtgtttt tatatgcata tacatagtgt    131820
     ctgtgtgcat gtatgtttgt gtttacagag ctcagcatga ttgagtacac cccatttcgg    131880
     aaatacattt ttgtatccat ttctcggtga atatcagtca tatattttgg tgaatttgaa    131940
     agcagattta taaaatggat atattttttt aaaatactat tttagtcact gaacatcttt    132000
     agaaatataa aaataatttc cattcatgga aaatattggg ggaaaaatga caaactacaa    132060
     aatttcaata aaataaaaaa atttaaaaat tgccgctctc aaattttgct ttttttcttt    132120
     ctttcttttt tcttttcttt ttttttattt attatttttc cctgacaaaa atttgggtat    132180
     acttatgttg gactgttatc ttaagttatt ttgtttgatt atctccattt ttatgttcag    132240
     tactgattaa tctgatgtat atgcacaaat acaatgctat aaagcttcca ataggaaata    132300
     ttaatttaaa tgagagattt gtgaggggtg tactcatgtg ctgagcactg tatatagtgc    132360
     tcagcataaa tgagtacaca cctcacagat ctctgattta taccaaaatt ttctattgga    132420
     agctatataa tcaaaaaaat gtgcatatac attagattaa tctttataca ttattcattt    132480
     atatatattc atatatatat ttatttattt tgaaatttta tatttattta ccgtttcagg    132540
     aactaatttt atcatatata caatataaat aaatataata taataaatac aatacataat    132600
     attgaataaa taatattgaa tttaaataaa tgatgcacaa aataatcaaa cataggaaca    132660
     tgggaatgaa tataactcga aattctactt ttttcatgac attccttgaa tatctcacaa    132720
     tacagcattt tcttataaaa tatagccaga actgagtgaa tgcttaacct ggaagaacta    132780
     aagctgaaaa aagtgacata taaagttttt tcttgcacat ttctagcatt tattttttta    132840
     acaattttgt ttgcttaatg ctcttgcgtt acaaaacaga tgaagataaa catttttttt    132900
     tccttggtgc gttgatctgt tagattgcta aaaaaggaaa taaagacact gtttcaccac    132960
     tgagtttata ccttaattat tattatttcc ttttaatcta aaggaggcag gggtgtcaaa    133020
     aatgtcagat aaaggtcttt taaaagagct aaacacttct ttttgttaat agtaactact    133080
     tttttataat ttagattttt aacatggtag aaatatgttt tcttgtaata gctgaataat    133140
     gaatacattc atactacata tattttatct gatagttcat atttccatat ttctggccac    133200
     tagcagtcaa ttacaactgc atgtataatg ggttgctgat gtgttatgct tatactggat    133260
     tagtgttggt gagagaaaac accaatgctt taaaaaaaaa gaaagaaaca ctatttgctc    133320
     caggctaaaa cacataacac tgctctttac tatcctttca ctctgcacca ctcacatact    133380
     tcatcacata cagtaaaaat catatgaata taccaaatga ttacaggcat tttaccatac    133440
     caacaaagcc ctttaatcaa atgcaacccc tcgttgctta acccagaatg catactcctt    133500
     ttacgtaacc accatacagc tacatgcact aattcctata attaaaccac ttctgcgcag    133560
     aagtatataa aacatctata aaatgatgca ttttaccatc aagcaccttt aaaaagcccc    133620
     tctgcataat caaacactag aatcaagttc tctcatttaa acaaatatag agatatacta    133680
     gcgcacactc aacgtgccac tgagatcctt gaggaggtga ggagattgtg gggaaagcat    133740
     ctgtagtggg ctgcaagtag gcaatgggga tctacatgtg cttcaaaaat ttatccacat    133800
     ttactgacta ctaatggtaa tgtttattag cagggaagcg agatgagcca cttttgcaga    133860
     aggagacttg attgacactc acaaaatatt tgtttgtcag gttatcactc atgggagaga    133920
     gcttctggtg ttgacttaca cagtaaaaag agccatagat gtacacaaaa ccagtaactg    133980
     tttgtgtgtt tctcagagtg catttgtaaa ctgacagatc aaatggatcc tcaagggttc    134040
     aagaagttta aaatgtgatg acttattcat tcttcagttg aaatgcggtt tacatttgat    134100
     gttagtgttg aatttgtgaa agatctgtga acaccattta tttttgtgga tctgagaatt    134160
     cgtttggtct tgatttcata ttgattgtta aacatattaa taaaaacagt aaaattttat    134220
     aaatttcata atgtggtcat tatttaatat aattaataac aattttaatg tgtatgaaac    134280
     ttgagaaaat gaaaaagaca tcaaacagac attacaaaac cctacatttt aagaagcatg    134340
     taactgcatt tcctaggcta attaacatgt tatgttaata accattcatt tattcattca    134400
     ttcattcatt cattcatttt cttttcagtt tagttccttt attaatcgga ggttgccaca    134460
     gcagaatgaa ccaccaactt atccagcata tgttttacac agcggatgca cttccagcca    134520
     caacccagaa agcacccata tacgcttaca ttctcataca tacactacgg ccaatttatc    134580
     ttattcaatt cacctataga gcatgtcttt ggactatggg gtaactcgga gaacccagag    134640
     aaaacccacg cgaacactgg gagaacatgc aaacgccaca cagaaatgcc aaatgaccca    134700
     gccagggcac aaaccagcaa acctccttgc tgtgaggtga cagtgctacc cactgagcca    134760
     ccgtgtcgcc gttatgtaaa catatttggc ataattttat tatcatcatg attacagaca    134820
     aatacaaaga caccatatct ggatttgtgt ctgtataaat atggatgtgt atttgagtct    134880
     gcatccagaa ttcaataaag taataatagt taaaaatacc aagtttttac tgaacaactt    134940
     tgacttgtat aagtctgaaa gttataatta taaaacattt tttaaatatg taaataaaag    135000
     atgaccttgc aatgtgactt ttcaattgac tatttttcac attatgatca ttctattcca    135060
     gtttgcaaag ttttgctcat tattatatgg ctgagaaata tagccaaaaa ctaatcaata    135120
     acatgcataa tgacagtatc aatgattatc acaacatatg tcaggtcctt ctcatttatt    135180
     aattaattat ttaatagttt gtttgtttgt ttgtttattt gtttgtttgt gcatggattt    135240
     gtgaattacg atgtcctgga acagataggg gtaacagatt cggcatttta ctcaaggatg    135300
     tggtgttgtg cacgaaagtg gagagcaggt tgggggtgga aggggaaggg gacttggtta    135360
     gggaatgcga ggcattgacg aaggggtgaa agtgaagagg gttggggagt cgcggaagaa    135420
     agtgaaagtg aacagcggac gggggcggag ggtggttgag gagggagatt ggtaatatga    135480
     ggtgctggat tagatttcag aggtgctccg gatcaggcat gttccagcac aaattaagcc    135540
     ctgaaagtgg tgcaaatgct aaaaagtgaa taaaagttta tggccagtgc ttaatttgta    135600
     agtgaataat tcccaaaaca aaaccaggaa ataaaagtta cagtgaccga tgtccaccaa    135660
     acaatttcag ttttcctgga acatttgtca ttaaatggtg atgaggcaaa aaatgagcaa    135720
     caaatttctg aacagtcttt aattattaaa catatcaaac aataaactta aattgtatga    135780
     atacactatt cagttcactt cactatcatg tgccaagtga aaaataaaaa ttaattgact    135840
     cactctgtct aatcttcaat cttcaagcta gctaagctac ttgtagacac ctctaatctg    135900
     attaaaagtc tgtaaaagcc atgtttattg tttgtatttt gaggtaaatt tttaaatcag    135960
     acacattgtt tcatacttaa agtctccaat tacattgctt tttatgatta ctaaccgcag    136020
     gtacactaaa actgattttt tataaataaa caaaaatata aataaaacat acgagaaaag    136080
     acagacctta agattaaata attaaaagaa tttaagaatc aatgtaggta ttgaatgaaa    136140
     atgatgaatc aatattggta atccagcagt gtcacatttc tcaatgtcaa tgtttcagac    136200
     ttttgtattg tgctttgttc tccattgtta tgtgttcact tcctgcattt agtcccttgt    136260
     tcctttgcca cagtgactga ttgtctcctt cctgttgtaa gagcatttag tttgttatct    136320
     tatcttgtta gccctattgt attccctctg tgtattaacc ccagcgtttc agttgttcat    136380
     tgtcagtcat tgtatgttgc tgtttgctgt tggttgttca tgttagtcgt tcttgtctca    136440
     gtttttcctt gttttcagcc atgttcctat ataatggtat tcgaaagtaa ctgcttatct    136500
     attcctaatc agatgatgga aaagaaactg cttatctatt cctaatcaga tgatgaaaaa    136560
     aaaaacaaga tggtgaaaat attagagctg atatgacaat cagcccttgt gtgtgtatat    136620
     agtcatattg ttatattctt tttattcaac aactatagag attttctgca gttcttcttc    136680
     atggtatatt tgaagtgtcc atttgagagc gccctctggc cttcagattt actactttgg    136740
     atttacatct gatgctagaa ctatgcttct catgtgcatg aaaatcacag cttttgctaa    136800
     atcacgattt taatttcatt tcaatttatc acccagccct aacatgacgt tgattaaatc    136860
     atgacagagt ttttatgttg ggggtagatt attcccatag gagtataact gtgctaaacc    136920
     tccaatattc ctccctgaaa ctgcagattt attttgataa ttgcatttat aatcgtctca    136980
     tattccagat gacagagtat cacatcatca tcatcaccat ctttaataga tacacatatt    137040
     tttgcaagcg tgggcactca ggctttatat tgattagctc ctattagtca tgttagctaa    137100
     acttttagat agattttttt tccataaagc aaaactttca tgttaggtag atgattatat    137160
     aaaacaaaac agcttgtact cacagttcaa tggccttgtt ccacatgatg acatatccag    137220
     acaaaatgaa ggattcaatg ttcactatgt gtgtattccc acgctccgtc cccacgtaaa    137280
     gccatttact ttgaaatgga agatgacaaa atgtgatcct agaagagaaa aaaaagagga    137340
     atcatatttg agggaatgag agaacacttc acaggatatg tcaacatcat attatagtat    137400
     gtaattatta tctcatgatg aagaacttgc aagccattaa ttatcttttt aattaatatg    137460
     cttcacagtt tttattcatt gcatgtacac cattttttcc ctgaatgctt aagatgtaat    137520
     tacaaaatcc aataaaactg caatgtgcat taatgcatat tcattaccag aatgtgttta    137580
     cacactgaac catgaacaag gaaaagagcc aaattacact gtacagtata ttggtgggtt    137640
     taaagttttg ttcagtctct aacatttttc agcatgtcct tgctcatctt tcaactaaag    137700
     ctgaactgtt aattaaaatc tgaataacaa catggccttg tgagattatt aaactgagaa    137760
     atgtttcaag tgaatgaaat aaatatacgg ttggtatgca tcgtggattt taaagtgaga    137820
     ggcggtgctc tgttttgttc tatcgttcgg ttttcgcaca caagcaagca tgggcctcat    137880
     gatagtgttt ttacactcag tcctttgtcg catagtgttt acaatacatg aatgctgtgt    137940
     gcaaactctt acactgtagg tggtctggtt ttgctttctt ttaaacctgt ggtgtagctt    138000
     gcttgtgatg tgcgtgtgca cagcacttca ggtaaacatt catggaattc aaaacatttt    138060
     ctgctgttgt aagttgcctt tcgaaactaa cagaaattaa ttatgttaac agaacagtca    138120
     atttcatttt aatgattcaa ataaatacac attacacaga tctaaaataa catcaagtaa    138180
     aataattccc tcataacaaa acaaaacaac actagttgtg tctgaaatca cctactattc    138240
     aaaaatgcac catatagtaa atagatgtac tacatccact ttttgacatt atcatgtgac    138300
     ctacccatgt cagttgcaat gctatacttc catttagggc tgcatggtat tggaaaaatt    138360
     ggacattgca atattttgtt cttctgcaat atatattgca atataaatct ttttctagat    138420
     ggctggaata gctctattta aaaaaaaatc cagaatttag attgggttga ttttgtaagt    138480
     gtgtgactca taaaaaatga taaatcaatt gcaagcaaga ataattacaa cacagcaaag    138540
     taaaagaaaa agtgctttgt ggcttcccga aagtcataca agattcaggt acagaaattg    138600
     aatcatgata tgtaaaataa cactgtataa tcaacattat attagtaatt aagtaaaatt    138660
     attcattgtg atattgatgc taaaatgata tattgtgtag ccctacttcc atttatgaat    138720
     gatctcatat ggcattatag gataatgtag tgttcattgg atgcgcactt cagaatctca    138780
     ctggaagtag taattcatct gcatactagc atactgtttt tacatactac ttggctcgca    138840
     tattattttt aatgtactat attgtagata agtatgcaaa tttggatgca ggcactgact    138900
     acacagactt caaaaaaagc cttaagtgaa tgaagtaatt tctcagtcaa caaaaccaaa    138960
     caaaacacca aaaaattggt ggctaccatt tgataaaatt aattgtatta ttaatttact    139020
     atcctgtttt tttatgatgt gataacaacc aattataatt ccaaaatcct tttgattgtt    139080
     tatttgtgta acaaattaga tccttgtctt ttttaaatca aaattaaaat tgtacagcct    139140
     tataattgaa gtcaagagtg ttcagaggca gtgattcata gctcttagtg gttctgtttc    139200
     tttagcagtt ggaagtaaca cttgtcacac aaatttcatg tacagttttc tcaactgttg    139260
     tgctgatcaa ctataatccc aactcaacat tgcatatcct gcgatgtgtc tatgtgcgga    139320
     aatacacatt gcaatattga tgctgaaacg atatattgtg cagccatact ctcattcatg    139380
     aattctctca ttatgggata atgtaacatc catcaggtgc acacttcaga atcttgctgg    139440
     aagtagtagt acatccgggt actagcatac tatttttgaa tacttactat ccggctcaca    139500
     tgttgtttta ctatattgta gggaagttag gatgaaggca ctgactacac aggtttcaaa    139560
     taaagcctta agtgaatgaa gtcatttctc agtcaacaaa accaaacaaa acacctacaa    139620
     atgctgtagc aaaattaact gtagttttaa ttactatcct aattattttt ttaacagcaa    139680
     tctaattatt tctccaaaat ccctctgatt aattatttct gtaacaaatt agattcctgt    139740
     ctttttttaa tggaagttaa aattgaacag ccttattcag agtcattggt gttcacaggc    139800
     agtgattcat agctctcagt ggttctctgt ttctttagca gttggaagta acacttgtca    139860
     cacttgttca tggtgttgcc tggttgggct ctgctctggg gctcatgcca gtcaaacgct    139920
     cctcttgggt acaactgtgt gtattttggg atacagcaac taattggaac acgattacca    139980
     caagaaaaac tgaagttaat gagacatgaa tgagaagaca ggagactctt agatcttcgc    140040
     tctaaaaaaa agtatcatac ttccaatgat gcatccagat cgttgaactt ctgctttctc    140100
     aaatccatca aactacatac agtataggac acgcttcctt atgccggttt gtttattttc    140160
     atatgttgtt tttagaaggt taaaacaaaa gagtaagata ccatttggct gatgctcagt    140220
     atgttaattg caaaataatt actaaattaa gcagactatt agtactctga tttatgtccg    140280
     ctcctgtcac aacagaaact ctccagggaa tgtggttaat aacacgacac acatttatac    140340
     acataaaaaa cagtttagaa ttaaaattga agtatgtgta tattattgtt aatgttaaaa    140400
     ttgcctttta agattcattt attcattcat tcattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt    140460
     aatctggggt tgccacagcg gaatgaaccg tcaagttatc cagcacgttt ttacaaacat    140520
     actcattcac acacacacac acactcatac actacggaca attcagtcta cccaattcac    140580
     ctgtaccgca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccagagca cccggaggaa acccacacaa    140640
     tcacagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaacggctca aaccagcgac ccatcgacct    140700
     tcttgctgtg aggcaatagc actacctact gcgccactgc gtcgccccat aagattcatt    140760
     aatttaatat tttatgttgt tttatggctc tataatatgt aaatattgct ttcagttgaa    140820
     accaggttat gctctcagaa catttttttg gttactaaca aacatttttt caataacgta    140880
     aacagaatgt taacattaaa cttttaatat tcaaagttaa aatgaattta aatctaaata    140940
     aaaagagaac tgattgattg attgattgat tgattgattg attgattgat tgattgattg    141000
     attgattgat tgattattga cattttaata atatttgatg aattattaca atatccaatg    141060
     ctgcattatt atttttgtaa aaatgtaaat taaacatatt taaaactaga caattagaaa    141120
     ataatctgaa ttaaaaataa tgctgttaat acgtaatact attgtagtat atctaatact    141180
     gttttttatt gttttttgtt ttactgtttt attgttcttc aaaaagctgg gatttttccc    141240
     aaaaaaattc agtatggtgt caaaactaaa gacttgacaa cataattgaa gagttcagat    141300
     gcaaactcct ttaaatccat cagacgtatt ttcttgtaaa tgagcatttt ttatcaacat    141360
     aaataaaata gctttttttc agaaatgtca attaggcaat tctttttaat gaggtattaa    141420
     gataaatttc ctaaactttt aatacggtag attttctttt ccatcaaaac cagctaaatc    141480
     cacttgtact ttttctacaa aaacttctaa atctatattg gcacaagaca ttataattac    141540
     ttgaaaaatc actaaagatg caaatagaaa atattttacc aaacataaaa cacatcataa    141600
     catgctatgt gcaaaatgca ttatattaat tatagtaatt aattaaaata tttatgtgtg    141660
     caagtagaac agagcgaaac attgagaaac atcaatatct gtgcaatgtc aacataaata    141720
     aatgtcatcc attcatcatc accataacat ctcttatcca tctgtgctgc ttatatcatg    141780
     tcatagcatc tacgtgggat aaaggtacgg catcatgttt agcttcatct ttcatacatt    141840
     ggatttgctg tttaatgtat agtaaatcgc atttattcaa agtaacgcca ctgcacaaaa    141900
     aaaatagtat gagtgcatgc tacacttaca ctgtatagtg tttacttttt taaagttttg    141960
     aggtaaagga cgttttcatt tgtcatttag tgacagtctc atccagttca ctgaactcta    142020
     aaagcgctaa acactaaaat ctaaatttaa atttgaaaaa aaaaaagctc atcagtgtgc    142080
     cactacactg aaaacatgca tcttttgatt ggttctcgta acatagcagc ttttactgtc    142140
     aaaggcaggt gtctttagag gcttttgcca acaaaccaac aatgggattt agatgattta    142200
     aagcaaaaat attgaataat aataatagta cattttattt ataaatgcac ttttctaaaa    142260
     ctcaaaatgc tatttgttga gcatgtacta cagtgcttag catatttgag tacacccctt    142320
     acaaatctat tttaaattca tagtttttaa aatatttata tatatttatt aaaatttata    142380
     tttaaatctg gagctaatct aacaaaaaac ttacgataac ggtccaaaaa cgagtacacc    142440
     caaatttata cgttaaagaa acatattttt aaaaattaaa aaaaataaaa gaagagaagc    142500
     aaaaaaatta gaaaaaaaat gttgaaattt tgtaggctat aagttttttt ccatattttg    142560
     ctggaattca atctttaaat ttctaaatat gtttggtgac taaaatatta ttttaataaa    142620
     tatttctgtt taataaatct gttttgttta aatgcaccaa aatacaacag aaatcgggcc    142680
     caatatatat atatatatat gtatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    142740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    142800
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ataaatatac tcattaactc atcaatagtt    142860
     atccggtggc tgagttagac ctctttcttg acttctcaca gaaacagcaa catgtgcagc    142920
     atgacatcac cgttgcagag acgctattgg ttaaatgcca gtaaagtaga acacaaaagc    142980
     agcttgaagc ggaaagcgta agtatgtctg cggtctgaag ctattataac attgacgacg    143040
     acaacattgc catagcaaac tgcgagatat gtaaacttgg gattgcctgc cggatatttt    143100
     aggttgaggt gctttttgtt tttatattag attttgttta tatattctgt cgcgctaaag    143160
     tttaaaagtg tagaatttat gatatttatt acttgtacga tcaagctact gtaccacact    143220
     gaagtgctct gtttgttaac agagttgttg aatgttaaaa taaggtgaat tatataaaaa    143280
     ataaggaaca tcctggatct gtttctttgc tctattcttt tttatgtatt atagaagtat    143340
     cagattgggt atcagtagat attcaaaatc aaattactcg aattcggggg caaaaaaaaa    143400
     aaaaactgat cgggacatcc cttataaaaa tattcatttt caaaatgggg tgtacttaat    143460
     tatactgtac atgccttaag cgttcactca atgtcaatat ctcatttttg gcagatctgg    143520
     cgtttagcag cttttgcatc tgaactcttc agttcatttt ttttatccaa aacatgaaga    143580
     aaacatacag tacatgtaaa ctgttgcaaa ttgtatttaa atgtgtatca tccacttttg    143640
     caccacacaa caaatcacag atacttaaaa ccttttgcaa acatgaagca tttggcgagt    143700
     aattgagcaa gtgatcaata aaatgatcac atatgcaggg tctttcagag acttcacgct    143760
     gaaatccatc cagtggcatc atccatcatc cttataagca ggttaactag aaaataaaga    143820
     ccagcacacg gtaattcggt gctgtccaca ctcattacat ctctctgtgt tttcctctcc    143880
     tcacacccct ggggtcttca gacagtcgag gtgattggaa atgaaggttg tgagacgcca    143940
     gacagacagc taaacttgtc agggttagaa tgctaatgga gcacctggcc atgctaatgc    144000
     acactttcct gtttctgact ggaacacatg gaagacccag atgagaaaat gactattatg    144060
     gtgataaggg catttaggaa gcaactgttc caaaatgctc tttggccagt tttgtgagta    144120
     actaattgag cttcttgtag gcctctgagg cggtcaaggt caaaataaca cagcctaaaa    144180
     gacatgtgat tacatttata tctgtgtagt gcaggatgag tgaaggatat tttttgtttt    144240
     gtaaataaat gtatgttgat ggtaatccta atggacattc taatgaataa aaataacaag    144300
     tgcatggcaa gaagtctaca aattccagac tgcacaccac acaccagctg attggtggag    144360
     aggagacaat tatgatgaag ccaattatga tatagggatg gttaggaggc cataataata    144420
     gtaataattt tcatttaaat agtgcctttc cagagcttaa ggtcacttta caaagaatgc    144480
     aacaaaaata gatggtacag gcagataaaa gatatacaaa cataccggaa gtcaaatata    144540
     acaaactgga attacaaaaa caagacctaa gagacaaagg accagagtgc aggtggatca    144600
     gataaagtgg tcagtttggc agatcagaag tgtagtattt gtaaaacaag tcttaaaacg    144660
     agtttaaagt aaggatttga acttagagaa attattatca gagcagagtg agcgtagtag    144720
     agagttctag agtttgggtg caataacact aaatgatctg cctcccattg aagaaaggcg    144780
     gtaccgaggg acagcgaggg atagtttata tatatatctc atatagggat ggttaggagg    144840
     ccatgatgga cagaggccag tgggcaaagc aaatttgtca gagatgccaa gggttaaacc    144900
     cctacacttt ttgaaggaca tcctggaatt tttaactacc atagagagtc aggacatcgt    144960
     tttaacatct catcctaaag acagcaaaat tcatattttt aataggaagg tatacaatat    145020
     tatatttgtg catatactgt acattagata agtcagtact gaggtcatat ctggagctca    145080
     tcaggaaaaa taacttacaa taatatccaa aaactagttc agccaaatgt atatgttata    145140
     gaaaaatatt aaatacaaat ttaataaaga gtcttttttg caatatttag cttgaattta    145200
     attgtattat ctttcaattt ccaagtatgt ttggtgacta aaatatcatt ttcataaata    145260
     tatctggcga cgcagtggag cagtaggcag tgctgtcgcc tcacagcaag aaggatgctg    145320
     ggtcactggt tcaagcctca gctcagttgg catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctccc    145380
     tgcgttcgcg tgggtgctcc ggtttcccca cagtccaaag atatgcggta caggtgaatt    145440
     aggtaggcta aattgtccgt agtgtatgag tgtgtgtgtg aatgtgtgtg tgttgatgtt    145500
     tcccagagat gggttgcggc tggaagggca tccgctgcgt aaaaacgtgc tggataagtt    145560
     ggcagtttat tccgctgtgt cgaccccgga ttaattaagg gactaagtta acaagaaaat    145620
     taatgaataa atatatctgt ttaataaatc tgttttgttt aaatgcacca aaatacatca    145680
     cctatattca ctgagaaatt attaaaaatg tgaaatttga aaattgggtg tactcaatta    145740
     tgctgagcac tgtacatatg catatcaaat agaatctcat ttattaatca aacctatttt    145800
     aaatgttttt atattgattg gaatcaatac agagctattt caacaaataa ctatcaaaga    145860
     tgacctttat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    145920
     atatatatat atatatatag tactgaaatt tgctgaagtt tgcaaccctg caccaataaa    145980
     tggatgattt aaaatttcaa aagatcacac ttatgtttac ttccatgtgg acatagttgt    146040
     ctattaaaat acatgctatt ttgacttcac ttttgggaaa tatatgtaga tacaaacacc    146100
     taatttaaaa taaaaattgt cattttttaa cacttaaagt gtctatcgtg gacgagatgt    146160
     gcatgattaa ttccctgact gaatattttc ccatatctct gaagggcaca atcatgcatt    146220
     ttcaatggta taaaccatta tgtggggaag aagagaaggt caaatttata tttatagtag    146280
     cagttgatta atggtggcgc agtgagtagc acgatcgcct cacagcaaca aagtcgctgg    146340
     ttcgagcctc gactgggtca gttggcattt ctgtgtgaag tttgcatgtt ctccctgtga    146400
     tcgtgagggt ttcctccggg tcctccggtt tcccccacaa gtccaaaaag catgtgtata    146460
     ggtgaattgg gttgctaaat attggcccta gtgtatgtgt gtgaatgaga gtgtatggaa    146520
     atttcccagt gatgggttgc agctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaacat atgctagata    146580
     agttggcgct tcattccact gtggagaccg cagattaata aaacggacta agccaaaaga    146640
     aaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atcattattg gatggcacga tagcttagtg    146700
     gtaagtttac ggtaaccgta agtttccggt tgcagtatag ctaaattaaa ataactaaat    146760
     tgttcatata gtttaagagt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    146820
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtctct caatgagtgt gtatgggtgt ttcccagtaa tgggttgcag    146880
     ctgaaagggc atccgttgca taaaacatat gctagaataa ttggtggttc attccactgt    146940
     tgtgatctct gataaatcaa ctaagccaaa ggaaaatgaa tgaataatat tattactatt    147000
     attaataata tttcagatac agatctgtgc aaattatttt ccagacccct acacatctag    147060
     ttttcaagca ttagccctcc gtgtaattag caccctgctt ccacctacat acatcatgtt    147120
     catgtttgac tgttttcata tttctacgca gccgacagtt tagctgtgca ttcatgttac    147180
     aaattacact ctgagtttac gacacctcct tcacagctga agaaatataa gcgattgggt    147240
     ttcatactgc caatacttat tagttcaact cctccaaaaa tgcaatattt taggcctgtg    147300
     cgattctgag tatgatgaaa gcggcttgta tttttgtgac agacaagcat gctgagcatc    147360
     ttgaatcagt cttatagccc ccctgagtct gtctcttgac cctgctgagc tgcaaatctc    147420
     tgtcatctga cacagccgtg caccaaagca agcacccagc cgcgctcaca cactcagaca    147480
     ggcacctact gaactgaaaa cccatttctc attacaagtg aatttgcata attttaataa    147540
     agcctaatat aaaacacttc agggtcaagg cgcacacata agacagcaga attccctgtc    147600
     attgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg gttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    147660
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    147720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgaaactg tcacggtggg acaaaccgtg actttatttg tttgttccag    147780
     acagtctgat gaggagacga acacaatcat tggttattat ggaggggaac aaagctcatt    147840
     agatgtaccc agaaaacaca gagcgagcaa agacctgtat ctcataccgt ctcaaaacaa    147900
     ctatagccaa gcaattttac tgagatgttt cagttggatg gcacaatatg ctatgtgaca    147960
     ctcgttaatc agagctctct gtgtgatgct aatataatgc ttgtgtccca tgtggtttac    148020
     gactataata atcgatcata aaaactcaaa tatactgtac atatgtggtt cccaaccttt    148080
     tttttttttg cctgagaccc cttttcccct ggaaactatt gtaaggccct cctccacatt    148140
     taatgatatg ttcgctaata taagtttgca gtaaggatga caaaaaaatg ttgttttcag    148200
     acaaactgta tgtttacatc cagaaatgtt tatgcacaaa taatagtcta ctgtaaaatt    148260
     taaaagcaaa acatcagtag gccatttgta actaaaaaca taagcctttg ctctttgcgg    148320
     tcaaatatgc tctgggcttg tcacggtatt ggagtggagt cgcctgcaaa tgtcttatta    148380
     atttggatgg tctcatgcat tcgttatcaa gaactttggc gtagataata cactgtggct    148440
     gggtcaggga ctctttgctt tgagagaatg gaataaaaac atatagttca ggtaactatc    148500
     tcggtatttc ctgcattttg tgtttccagt attgctagcg ctgcgacaca aaatgtttgg    148560
     agcttcatca cctgagtcca gtctgcttac tattagctgt tgaagggaga gggtgctcgc    148620
     tgcagaccca tttgaggaga ggtgagctcc agagaggggg agcatgagct gtcgctcctc    148680
     ctcctgtaag ctgttttaat gcgtacacca accccacccc taaccctacc cccagtgaca    148740
     tcactcatag aagaagtgca aaaaaggtgg agctcaagtt atcgcccact gcttattttt    148800
     ttttaaatat gatgtgaccc cccacagtgc ttgctgaggc ccccttgtgc taggcccccc    148860
     ctgttgggaa ctgctgctgt acactaccat tgggtttgtt gctgtaacaa ttttaatgtt    148920
     tttgaaaaag tgaatgctca tcttatccat ttaatttatt tccataaaaa tgtaggagat    148980
     taaaaaaaat catcatacat attttctgtt gtattacatt ttaaaatggg gtttattttt    149040
     atggaagtca gtccttcaga atggattcta atatgcagga tttgccactc ataattgaat    149100
     acttattctc gctgctttta tttatttagg ataagcattt tatttaggat tctttaaaaa    149160
     taaagtatct tgtttggaat gattcatgac taacaattcc ttgccaaaca ataaacaaat    149220
     aaataaataa aaactcctga caagcctgtc agtacagcca tgcacataaa ctactcataa    149280
     aacatctttt cttccaagtg aatatcacta aaaaaggtgt cctgagaaat cataatggct    149340
     cggatgacag cccaaggctc tataaccacc aaaatattgt caggaaaaaa aaacactctc    149400
     acgacgtgat cttattagca gtactattgc tatttgtaca caaagggtca ttttagaaca    149460
     catattttta tatgtttgga aacaaagaaa aatgcattat tactataact tccaacattt    149520
     ctaatattga caaagactct cagtgtttgg gattgtgaaa tcaaattagc tcaaaaagat    149580
     cttgttcaca tagcatctaa atctcaaata atactcaaat gctcaaattc tgtctatcag    149640
     ctttaatcat cacggcacag attaaagtaa ataacgaaga tatctgcaga gtcttatgac    149700
     attcaggcag caagagctca actgattcat acttcatccc ttaaatctta atctctgttc    149760
     caactggcag gggccctaca gtgtttacct attgcttgag ctcaggatat ctcttgatgt    149820
     tcacttcact tgacaatatg ttcatttgga acaccctgaa acatcatcat agagagatct    149880
     gatgacatta tatacttctt taaataaaaa ataatgcaaa ttcatgtaat acatttgtat    149940
     aatacattac attttataaa agaagatgca ttatcacttt tttaattaac ataaaatcat    150000
     acttaaaagc actcaaatta gtgatatatg tctcctgtga tgttcaatat aaaaatgaac    150060
     catgttctta gattagtttt tttttaatct tatttcactg tgttcatgat atttgattta    150120
     aagacctatt tggagatcaa gtcttgtatc aatgtactgc atacaaatta caaatggcat    150180
     taattcaatt cactaataat gtcgaaacct cagtgtcttt attttatttt aacttctttg    150240
     agtgcttaaa gactgatggc taaatatcca tctccgcttc ctgtaaagta aaatatcgat    150300
     gcaccctaat tctctttgac gttggcagtg ccctttcaac tgaacaagtt ctctcccttc    150360
     agaatggaat ctcacttaag atggcaaaat actctgtgaa gtccacttca aagtccactc    150420
     acgattgaac tgaacagtta attagccaat ggaagctttt ataccacagt aaagagcgtg    150480
     cagactgcaa aactgacagg agccgatttg gcagagaaca gaaatgaaac tttaaaatga    150540
     caaatggctc actgtgtctc tgtaagttat caaaactaaa catgaaaacc cagaacatcc    150600
     gagactgtat aatgtgatag agttgtccac actcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaacttttct    150660
     gcttgtttaa cacattcttg cgtttttttg gggacaactt aattgtttta tgttctgtct    150720
     acttaaattt gtataaaact ataaatttaa cctaaagagc ccctattatg ggttttggaa    150780
     aatgacattc catgtagtgt gtaacaaagc tctaagtgaa gtgaaatatc cagctaaggc    150840
     ttaaacctga aagtgctccg tttaaaactc ttgattctat tataaaggag ttgactcata    150900
     ggaggacaaa acaatgtagc agatcctagt tgaatcaagt cgtgtagacg ctgtgctcag    150960
     ctggatatta ttggaagtgt gaggggaaag tttgtgttat agatgaaaag agatgaaatg    151020
     tcagtggttg aggtttagtt ttgcaaaaat acctcagcat tatagcccca gccttgtgct    151080
     gtgttcccgt catttttctg acacttacaa cgggggattc gtaagttgtt tgttaaagga    151140
     aggatcagaa aacactatag atgtgtggga ctttgtcaga gctcgacaga aactttacat    151200
     tacacagttc atggactggc gaggcagtgg cacagtaggt agtgctgtcg cctcacagca    151260
     agaaggtcgc tgggtcgctc gttcgaacct cggctcagtt ggtgtttctg tgtggagttt    151320
     gcatgttctc cctgcattcg catgggtttc ctccgggtgc tccggtttcc cccatagtca    151380
     aaaagacatg cagtacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg cccgtagtgt gtgtgtgaat    151440
     gtgtgtgtgt ttcccagaga tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc atccgctgcg taaaaacttt    151500
     ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gtgaccccag attaataaag ggactaagca    151560
     gaaaggaaaa ttaatgaata aatgagttca tggacctatt tcttcctcta tttcctaagt    151620
     gtaagtaagt gtgattaaag tagttgcctc cttgttttct ctagcttgca aattatgtat    151680
     ttaactgtgt tttgttattt gtaatcactt gtagtgtatc tagttagctt tttattttct    151740
     catattttat ctaatgccac gttgaaagct ttgtttacag atttaaatgc gtttgtgagc    151800
     tcacattcca cagccatttg tcgtcgttat ggccacagtc agctgttctt gcacacgtgc    151860
     agcggtcaag tttcaaaata cttcagcttt tgccacggtg tgcattaata ctgaatgtat    151920
     gtcactttgt ttacttttgg ttaataataa agcaatatgc tgctgtttaa cagcattgct    151980
     ttaatgcact cctgcattgg gctcacaaaa atacctgcaa acatttgtca ctaaaatccg    152040
     ggagactagg ggggttaagg tttggggatg aggtgtctaa ataacacttt tgagaaccgg    152100
     gtactttgtg ctgtagtgtt agtaactact atgaagcgtg tttcgggcca ctgttctata    152160
     ccaatgttgg caaagaacag gggggttagg gggttgtgat tggggtgtgg tggttgaaat    152220
     tacgggagtt ttccgggata aataacaaca ggagagtgga gggagatggg tctgaaatac    152280
     ggaagtctcc tgggaaaaac aggagtttta gtaagtatgc tcacacatac cctatgcacc    152340
     ctgactaatt taatattttt gataggccgt ggtgggcatt cactctgtct cgtgctgaag    152400
     gcagtcgacc aatcgtaaca cactgtcatc tgtccaatca gcgcagatta gcatcgcgct    152460
     caggaggggt ttggcaacaa atgaatcgct gaacgaatcc aacaggaatt atagtccctg    152520
     ggataatttt tacagtaccg tatggtttca ctcacaaaaa gatttaaaca tatccactga    152580
     caaaaaaaaa catgatgaga gaagtaaatg agcataatga gagtattaaa tgagcaatac    152640
     acattggtaa gtcataaaat acacactgta aaaagtaaca aacaccctaa aatgattatg    152700
     ttttattaac ttaacttgtt acagttttca gtaagaaatt aagatgaaaa caaatgggag    152760
     atttttttta atctgatcca acgttgatgc ttattattat tatacatatt tgtattattt    152820
     gttccaattt aattggaaat aacagatacc tgctcattcc aatctgataa atttacattt    152880
     tattctgatc aaactcattc agattaatga agatgtttac ataaaaggat gaagagccag    152940
     cttgatcact aatgaattat gtaaatttag ctattgtttc tgaaatgtaa acatttaatt    153000
     tatacatgag aaacctaact acattaaaca aagggaaaaa ctaaatacat gtcatacata    153060
     ttttcttctc tcacacacat gtccacatag tcatgttaac tcaatttagt tcttcaagtt    153120
     caagagaata caaaattaga ggacaatatc tctaggaaaa tactacacac tccctcaggc    153180
     atcatagtgt aaacgcattt gtaaactaga aagtagttaa agcaatatac agcacgcagt    153240
     ctgatttaaa acaaacaaaa atcactggag gttatgaaga tgctaatgca tgtgggaatg    153300
     cacaacttta cacaaatgtg cacagtcaat ccaatgagtt tttatttagc atcttctgga    153360
     ctccaagctg caaaatgtca gagagcattt gcgatttagc gggtttgcct caaggttcct    153420
     tgtgccaaat gcagtcataa ttttcttgtc agatgactgt ttttcaccct ctctcagacc    153480
     ctggcaatta aactgacctt tttatgcggc tgtgcctttg agatttccgt gtaaacaccc    153540
     tcatcgcatg tgaaatatta cttctttatt ttgatttcta gcttgcactc tctcacaagc    153600
     tgcaggtttg ctgtcaggtc caatatattg cagcctcatt acattgtgac atgttcacaa    153660
     gcccatgcta aaatgtgaca caaaattttt cagatttgac taaaattatc attctgctgg    153720
     aatacttata taaagttgct tttatttata cagctttagt cttatttata tagctttgtt    153780
     atacaataat aataaattct aaataaaata atcattattt aaattttgaa ttaattgatc    153840
     atctgatact ggaatcattt tgtttgatgg tcagtccatt gtcttttacg gtataacaga    153900
     cctctttttt tcctgttcat tggcaatcaa catatgaata ttaactacac aaattattaa    153960
     taataataat aataataata ataataataa taataattac agtaaagttt atcattattt    154020
     tttagtaacc tttagatttg actcattttg catgttgtca gattcagtag aatcaatcta    154080
     aatttacaaa aatccaatac tatagattat ttcagttctg gtccaacttt aactttgttt    154140
     ttgtttttgt tgtagggggt aggggtgggg gggcttccca aaaaagcttc tgccaacttg    154200
     ttactttaag ttgagttaat ctcacgactc ctcactagaa aaaataaagg ttgcagtatt    154260
     tctaaccata acaacaacga caaaaaatag taacaccaat aataacatta atgtcattat    154320
     tattaacaac aacaaattac tactgcagta atgctaacat aattttaaag ctgcagaaat    154380
     aataatttaa tgtgaatttt tatctcacat ttacctagtt tgctctacaa aaaaagcact    154440
     tagcacttgt ggactgttaa gttgtattta actgttatgt atatactgta tatggaagtg    154500
     tttactaaaa aaatttaaat gaaaattaat aaattgaact ttcaaaaaca actatctaaa    154560
     ttaaaaaaat caaacaatca aataataaat caaaatgaat tctcaaataa gaaatcaaat    154620
     gtatttgata tttaattttc atgaacaact tagtaaaatc ctaaaataat taaatgataa    154680
     atcaaatgct caaactataa ttcaaatgga ggaaccagtt tctggtcctc ctgattacac    154740
     acacacagct ggaagcttat aatggactta ttactaggac tataaagaca catcttaaac    154800
     aaaagctgcg tcacaaatgg cgcactatac actatgcact catgcactat gtacttaagc    154860
     acttacacac tcaacagtat gtcgtcccaa atggagcact aatgtttttt ttactacacg    154920
     gattttcaag cccgtttccc tgatgacgtt tgacggttgc caaatcagtg aaataaatga    154980
     ccaaactatc aaatattacc tgccatgagt ataaccgcat tcaccatcgg gaggcgctaa    155040
     aatcactatc gtaggagaat tttgctttca ccatcaaaaa taaataaagt tatccaacat    155100
     gtgcgctcga tagctccgcc ccttccgcta cgtgtgcaaa gctgcgattg ttgagtgcgt    155160
     gaagtgtcca gtattacaca cttcatttta ccggctgaat gagtgcatta tgcgggtaat    155220
     taaagtgcac ttattatttt tagagttttc agtgtgaaca cactacttaa aatatttata    155280
     ctactaaatg gtgtagaata gtgcataagc atgtgaattg ggatgcagct atagactctt    155340
     tgctgagtct ttttttcaac atttgtctct gttttagtat tttttttttt taattgaact    155400
     atgtttgttt gttttgataa tgtatttctt catactaatt ttcaagagtt tttttgttca    155460
     ctcaatattt aaggccagtg caactgatgt ttttaaaagt tgagtacaca agaaaaaaag    155520
     aaaggaaata agtattatga ggtttttctt tttttcaact tcattttagg tcagtgaatc    155580
     tgatgtttta aaaagttgag taaacgagaa aaaacaaaag gaaataagaa ttttttattt    155640
     atttttttca ctcaatttca ggcattccag ttttgcagac attgttcagt tggcacaact    155700
     taaacagttt tgacctctct agacaactaa taatcttatg ttaacacaac taaatgtttt    155760
     tttttattac tgacaaataa ttttaggtca gtgcaactga cgttctcata agttgagtga    155820
     acaagaacaa gcaaagcgaa ataaggatta tgtttttttg ttgtactggc ttaaaatatt    155880
     tacagagtat ataaaaggaa aacatttgtt attatggtca tctcttttat tctttattag    155940
     aaatatgtat ggtgatttat caattcttgt attgcattgg tgtaacgtga cccagagctt    156000
     tgtttatcga atgattcatt tgtatctaat aaattactaa cattttgcta ttgaagaaaa    156060
     ccctctcctg acctttttat tgaacacaca tggaattggc tgaataatcc aacaataaga    156120
     ttatggtata aatatctctt gctgtagaag aagccagatc catactccat actctaccca    156180
     atagattaaa cccattgtgt tttaagctaa taacaagact taaagcatgt tggatttgtt    156240
     gatattatta cataaatctt gtttttattt gctgcattta cagtacattt aactaacaaa    156300
     tatcaaatca caaaaagttt agttctatta tgttaaaagt atgttatcca aatggatgga    156360
     aattttagat gcaatcagaa taaataaatc ttatttgtta ggcctatatt attttttatt    156420
     tttttattta tttatttatt tttgagtgta ggaagccaca tttagacaag gttctcctct    156480
     cacacagaag accaggtaca aaatatataa aaataaagaa aggtcgttga tgattttctc    156540
     ttcgactctc tcaaggtctc tctgtttgtg aagaatgtgt cggtgttttt gttcaaactt    156600
     tctgaaaggt tgctatactt ctatttgact ccaaaaggcc attacccata aagaaaccac    156660
     cacatttcac atctctgaat gagagcgaca tttaataaag ctgaccctga ctcattcacc    156720
     agaggaagcg gactaacaaa agccatatta gtcataccta gcgggtcagt ttccattgcg    156780
     tgaatagtac acagtttgag aagcacagga atggttgtaa taagaataaa gttaagtgag    156840
     gtcttaaatt aataagttat agtcaatgtt taaaaatatt taacaaaatt accccaccac    156900
     cacccagtgt caagttacgc ccaaataaat tagattagga tatttatatt aaattaataa    156960
     aattaatatt ctgctttgca actacaactg tacaaattat ttttataaaa atttcccttt    157020
     atataattta tatacattaa taataccaat tgtaaaataa atattaaaaa gtacatttaa    157080
     tttataaaat aatgttgcat tacatatcat cgtatataca aaataatact attataaata    157140
     tgaacaatag gaagaataat atgaaacatt ttatttataa atgtatatta cacatgcatg    157200
     acaataaaac ctttgaactc tgtttaggtt ttcatgtggc ctaaatatgt gctagtaaat    157260
     agcacactta ggtaagagta atgcttgatt tattgataca ttttgtagtt ttattaataa    157320
     atactttggc caactgtgtc caatagcatt tttagagaag aaaatcctca caacccagtg    157380
     agaaacagaa gagaagaatg aatactggag ctacaccact ttaaaatatt cagacttgcc    157440
     ttcagtctac agccttcagc tttctgtgtt tactttatca catattcatt ctgaccagcc    157500
     ttgggcagtc agcaacttct cctcgagttg aaatattgag atggattctt gctttcaatg    157560
     taaaattaaa ttaataaaaa tctaattatt aatgaaatcc ttgggaagtt catttttgac    157620
     ttgatagatt gtgattccgc tgtgcatatg cctgataata atatgcggtt tgtgcactgt    157680
     actgtatata aagcatgctc accgctctct gttgaatttg agagagtgta ggatagctgg    157740
     aagtcgctgc cgcaggctcc agagatgcag cgtatcatcc gcacaggctg tgactagcgc    157800
     cccctataga aacaaaagca taacttacat tactcaatta atactacaac attaatactc    157860
     taagacaaag atgctataag cttttttaga cattatggta atgtagtgta caatgtagct    157920
     tttttctgta tttgaaaatt attttctcat tataaatata caaactgcct aacaagcaaa    157980
     tgcgtgtaac aaatctgcat aactccagtc ggtcttgatt ggctgcccta aaaccctgca    158040
     gccgaggcct ggatgtgttt gtggattgtt gacttgccaa gactttcaga acatgtgata    158100
     tgaaagcaaa tccacattgc aatgactttg aaaagatgag gactcggact tggattgaaa    158160
     ctgcaaaact agagccatca ttactgtttg tatcattgtg ctgttaaagg gctgaaaatt    158220
     atttccagca aacactgacc aatctgatca ggctctcaca atggtggggg tttagagagg    158280
     ctggatcctt aaagtaacct tttcaaacaa ttaaaaataa aggcatgcta caatgcaaat    158340
     aatgagtgtt ctgagtgttt attgtatttg gacaaaaata aatctgtttt aggagaccta    158400
     aaacaaaatt aagacgcttt aaaaagggca cattttatcc cactgcggtc cattcacagt    158460
     tttataggat gaccataaaa caaccttaaa atactctata agttttgatt gtactgataa    158520
     catacacaca gattttaaag ggtctatttt tacttgtaca cattcattaa tataacaaaa    158580
     ctatgtaact ttgaaaaatg aataaaacag acagtgagag ctttctggct tctctgtctt    158640
     ttgtcaacat gacaaacaca tcaagaaaaa aagagctgaa ttatctgcaa atatttgcct    158700
     cacagacata agagacatac agttgaagtc agaattctta gccccccttt gaatattttt    158760
     ctttttttaa atatttcctg aaaaggcggc gcagaaggta gtactgtcgc cgcacagcaa    158820
     gaaggtctct ggttcgctgg ttcgagccta ggctggatca gttgctggtt ctgtgtggag    158880
     tttgcacgtt ctccctgcat tcgcgtgggt tacctccggg tgctccggtt tcgcccacag    158940
     tccaaagaca tgtggtacag gtgaattggg tagactaaat tgtccgcagt gtatgagtgt    159000
     gtgtgtgaat gagtgagtgt ggatgttttt cagagatggg ttgcggctgg ataagttggt    159060
     ggttcagtcc actgtggcaa ccctggatta ataaagggac taagccaaaa agaaaatgaa    159120
     tgcatgaatg catttcctaa atgatgttta acagatcacc gaaattttca tagtatgacc    159180
     aattatattt ttttcttctg gagaaagtct tatttgtttt atttcgggta gaataaaagc    159240
     agttttataa ttttttaaaa accattttaa ggtcaaaatt attagcccct ttaagcaatt    159300
     tttttttccg attatctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca ataacttgcc taattaccct    159360
     aacctaccta gttgacctaa ttaacctagt taagccttta catgtcactt tagctgtata    159420
     gaaataggta ggtaggtagg taggttactt tatttatacc cgaaggtaga tttgatttgc    159480
     agtcaagagt cctcatctca caacagtgcc acacaaagca actcacacag taacaataac    159540
     aaatgcacat taagacataa aacgtaaaca taaagaataa ataaaaaatc tctttaagtg    159600
     tccacccccc tcccccaagt aaatattaaa atgatctaaa atatacaggt cactgaaaca    159660
     tctctgctta agtcttattt aaatgtctaa tggctgctgg tatgaaacta tttttgtaac    159720
     gtttcatttt acagcttaat actagaaacc tacgactgga gggaaggagc tgaaactgag    159780
     tgtaggggat gagcagtgtc atttaaaatt gaatttgtaa ttctctttag ctgcctagtg    159840
     tacacagctt ctagattggc tagtgacacc ccggtcagct tactggacca cttaactatt    159900
     tgatttagtg aggttttatt cttgacagaa agattcccaa accatgacac caaagcaaag    159960
     gataaaacag attcaagaaa aacattataa aatagtttat caatatggaa ataatttaac    160020
     tttctcaagc aaaatagttt atatatcttt aaattatcta ataaaatatg atttactgtc    160080
     atcatggcaa atataaaata aatcagttat tagaaatgag ttattaaaac tattatgatt    160140
     agaaatatgt tgaagtaatc tccactccgt taaacagaaa ttggggaaaa taaatctggc    160200
     ttcaactgta tctgcataat gcctgaaaag tatactttta aaacaaatgt tctctggttt    160260
     tgtaataata atacatacaa tgtatgaaat taaaataatg catagtctag cccatgttta    160320
     actcattatc tgcaatgaat tcctgccttc tgcttgcaaa cacaaatcac atgacagtca    160380
     cgcgagcata tggatgccca caaacagtgt attgtatgag ccatcaacaa ctttaattta    160440
     tgaaacttta gactggtatt tcattccagt ttgtcactga aaaagcatat tgcatcagcc    160500
     attgtacctc aaaataatac gtttcatgtc ccactcgtca caatcctcat aataacacac    160560
     tcctcagacc tggaatttaa ttgattttat ctgaagtttt gaatgtgctt cccttttatt    160620
     tcaatgtcct aaaacacttt ctactgttta gaatattatg ctacaaacaa tgcatcatgc    160680
     aggttcaaaa tgaaatacaa atttgctcat atggtttttg ggaaatgata aaccttaatt    160740
     tattttgtca cattgataca tttcagtctg tgtaactctg cttgctgttt tctcatgcat    160800
     ttcatgcata tttcatgaca ttaaagtcct tcttggatag agactgcaat agtctgaggt    160860
     gagagaattg ccacaagtaa cgctgcactg catgtactac aaaactcaga atggtcttca    160920
     cgggcaatga aggatggaac acgagagaga gcaagaaagt gatgaaagtg tctaaaagtg    160980
     tgggtgtgaa aaatcatttt accattgtgc ctgacactgt caggatgaca aaagtctttc    161040
     tgacccgctt tttctgcaag ccctatgtaa ttttgaccta tatgatattc tttttgcctg    161100
     tatctaattt tcttttcaaa tgccaggctc aatgtcaaga aagcaaataa ttcagcttga    161160
     aacctggtaa aatgagtaac gtttcagttc ttaaaggaga acatggcaca tgtttttatc    161220
     acatcactgc ctaatctgag agtgatcatg ggtgaacatt aggtctatga gtaggtctat    161280
     ttttgttttg ttttgtctct gtctttgttt tcttgtctgt gtctctcagt acattgaatc    161340
     cagattcatc agtcaggtga ctgacaacac tgtttccatg gagatggtgt ttaggtaaac    161400
     agattgcacc ggcgcaccag aagacaaaga gaaaaaggaa aacacacatt gagagggaac    161460
     tttagttgtg ccatgttgaa gtcaatgaga atttgcaaca cgttttgctt acacaatgca    161520
     atgattccaa tggaactaaa tattgtttaa gaaactgtat cctaatgaaa acagaccaaa    161580
     tggaaaacac tgcggttatt agcaaaagcg agtcctgaaa tgacaaaata aataaaaaac    161640
     taatatgaaa caaaaataaa aattagttta taatgaaaat agaaatatta cagcttttta    161700
     aaaacaaaaa catcagtact atataaataa tgctaaaaat atcacttgtg agagtttgaa    161760
     acaatggatg gagaatggag atgaaggaaa gttaaataaa ttagtttaaa tgtgctgtat    161820
     tcagggtggt ttccccgcac agtccaaaga tatgcagtat gagtgaaatg caggaaaata    161880
     aatcggccat agtgtgtatg ggtgtttccc agtgctgggt tgcggctgga aggacatatg    161940
     ctgtgtaaaa catatgccgg agtggttagc ggttcattta gctggggcca cccctgataa    162000
     atcagggact aagtcaaagg aaaatgactc aataaattct gtactctact aaatgagata    162060
     atatggcgtg gtgtaaatta tatgaatata actataacta tatctggtta gtgtggtgcc    162120
     ccccattgtg atgcaagaat gccttttaaa ctgataactc tctgttgtta atggaatcaa    162180
     tattaataaa aattaaaacc tgatgtgtaa tatctgaatg atggacctct ggttaaaatc    162240
     gcaagagcat gtgtgtacaa tatttgtcca atatttgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    162300
     gtgtgtgtgc atgtgtgtgt gcgtgtgcgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    162360
     gaaagagaac atttcttcag agcatgttat tcagaggaaa accatgtttg tttgtcattt    162420
     gtaaccaaaa tgccataaca attttccaaa gtaataatta ggaatagcaa atattagggc    162480
     attagactcc tgctgtttta ttttaccaca caattatata aagatcacca tcttagcctt    162540
     cacaccagag gcaatagcat actgtttata ataattctgt ttactatgta gtgtactatt    162600
     tacactctca agcttttaca aagatggggc acattatttg atgatgaatg gtcatagtat    162660
     gatgcattgc tgaacaaact aactagctat ctctgacagt tccccgaact ctttcacaca    162720
     tatcataaaa tccgcttgtt aattaatggg tgacgtatgg aatactgttt ccgggtccaa    162780
     gctgctactc attcgaatag aaaaatattc gtttatgacc actttttagt cttatcacac    162840
     attaaagtga attttatata aaatcaaggt gtacacaaca gtctctgcat cacagacacc    162900
     aatattttaa taatttattc aaattaatcc ctttctggcc attggatatt gggcacggat    162960
     atttatattg caatcgtgat ttttacaaaa gtaatacatc gctttgtaaa tgtttatttt    163020
     taccatttgt tgagcctccc cagtttgata gagtgcttgg acctggaagc cgcttcgtgt    163080
     gacaatacat ttaacaagcg gataacttgc ggtgtcatct ccacaaaaat tttgattaat    163140
     aaaaatgtct ttgcactgat ttaaattaac aaagttattg ctgcgtttag ttttgttgtt    163200
     gttgcagctt attttaatac ctgacagtga aacaaacaat ggtacgattg agtgctgaca    163260
     tctagagaac aaattaagta gtgaaaaagg gtttcagagc gcatgtgaaa gctgcttata    163320
     cgtctaatgt aatgtcgctc actggatatt ttctcttttt aggaacattc tctgtaaact    163380
     ctagagattg ttgtgataga aaatcccagt agatcagcag tttctgaatt actcagacca    163440
     gcccgtctgg caccaacaac catgccacat taaagtcact taaatcactt ttcttcccca    163500
     ttctgattct cggtttaaac tgcagcagat cgtcttgacc atgtctacat gcctaaatgc    163560
     attgagttgc tgccatgtga ttggctgatt agaaatgtgt gttagcgagt agatggacag    163620
     gtgtagctaa taaagtgact ggtgagtgta ggttccagtg ttttcagcaa gatgaagaaa    163680
     aaaaaaacat tctgggatgc taaaaaaaaa gttaacttga cctttagcct ctgagtcccc    163740
     atcattatct tagtattcag aaagaaagga gttcaatcaa acatggcctg attccttggg    163800
     caaaaatttc atcatctcca caattgactg caaactcaca ttcaggtctg gttccacttt    163860
     tcaccaacca ctaaattccc aatggataaa atcctgtcct aaatgctatt cttcatttta    163920
     aaaatcttcc actgcaaaag taaaatggat tgcaaacacc aattcctgtt cacttcatag    163980
     ctgtttaaac agggttgata gcaaacaaaa aggacagaaa ttaaaaatag gagagcattt    164040
     ctgaattgtt gttttccaaa atagccacct tggaaactct cccactttcc tcaaattgtt    164100
     accacactaa cttcttgtta ttcatgagct gataagggtt catgtgtgta agagcaagac    164160
     agagagactg agaaatattc agcacttgac acgtctgata atgactgact gcattaacac    164220
     cacagagccg agagggagag cagctcttga cctaaacgtc ttcctctgca aagctgagca    164280
     tccatttaca cacatgctgt ctatcctgaa ttacagataa acgcacacag atgcactctg    164340
     cactcctacg tgctttctac atatgctgtg tgcatgaaaa tctgctgtag tatatatgtg    164400
     tggctgcata ctgtatgtgg gtgttcagta cctcattgat gagaaactgc atttgaagaa    164460
     ctgccgcacc gctctcatgc tggctgtgac agtccactcc tggccgtccc agactgatga    164520
     catcgcacag ttaaggaaaa gaggtctaga aatcttacaa aagcattgaa aactttacaa    164580
     aaaaaggcat tcgaagcttg gacataattg tgtgtagata taaggtgtcc acagtcatat    164640
     tggagtgata taaacacaat aagtcaaaca caattttttt acattgcctc atgttaaaat    164700
     aggatccaaa tccctcccat tttgaggtcc accacaacgt gatgtaggag tgtggttttc    164760
     cccgtccact gaattgattg acagctgcgt attaacatgt ctccacaata acacatacaa    164820
     tcatatcaac aagacagaac atgcacaaag caacggggat taaaagatct gttgagctct    164880
     ctgtgatcat caatcatcat caaatgtgat caagagtgag ttttacaagt ttaaaacatt    164940
     tttaaaacag tgcatgtttg taataaatta cagcaatttt acagtcttta tcacacttta    165000
     tcacagtctt tatcacatcc gtcacatttg ctgtgcaaaa aaattaagca ctgtttgtgt    165060
     gtctatgtgt gcgtgtgtga actttgtaag aacattatat gtaagtcatt tttgcagaaa    165120
     ggcttgaatt aaccccacaa caaatacatt aaataatcaa tgggaaagtt cctactgtag    165180
     tatttctcac aaacgttacg tgagatctgc ttccttcatg tctgtcactg tgctgtttat    165240
     ctgacactgc cgaggcagag attgaggcac actttgacag gcatgtggga actgtgggca    165300
     gggagaacta gcattaaagg caaagcgaca aaaacagcta cattttgttt aaggcagaaa    165360
     attccaaact tttgaaaagt ataataaata atctgctggg tgttttgagc tgaaacttta    165420
     cagacacatt cttgagacac caaagacgta tctttaatct tgaaaaaggg gtaaaatagc    165480
     tttaaaatct gaattgataa acagaaaatg tatgtataag ttcaaagtca aaattattat    165540
     ccctcctgta aaattgtatt tttgtttgta taaaattgta attgtgtaat tgtgtgttgt    165600
     ttaacagaca atatttttaa cacattttaa aacatctagt tttttttttt ttttttttgg    165660
     tattctatcg tgatttattc cttatacttt tctgtaattg tattgcaaga tacaattctg    165720
     gttaaaatgt gatttaaaga cttaactagg ttaatcaatt taagtaggca agttaggtta    165780
     attaggcgag tcattggtgg tttgttttgt agccaaaaaa taaaaataaa tttctaatgg    165840
     ggctaataaa attgacccta ataatggttt taaaataatt aaaaacagct tttgttcgag    165900
     ccaaacaaaa acaattaaga ttttctctaa aataaaaaat gcattcttat aggaatcaca    165960
     ttgcagattt atttttcttt tgttaatcaa cacttgggaa atatttttaa aagatcaaag    166020
     atttcacaga acggctaatc attttgcctc caacagtata tgcacagtat ataatgaccc    166080
     atgtaaaact gtctgaaggt ttgtaccaag ttcaatgcag atagggtttt attaacaatg    166140
     aaaatgaatg aaaaagctgg acccaactgt tgtattgttt taaaaaaaag gtatacactt    166200
     gtgcatattc tcgatgataa cctgtataaa aaagtaaaaa taaataaata aataaataaa    166260
     aagaagtcag cttaaaacct gcactacttg cagaagtgat gggataaaat aaattatgct    166320
     gtaaatttgt cagaagtcac atgtactgta tcaatttttg aatgatctgt atgtgattat    166380
     ttcactctca aagtgcttgc aattgttgac ttgtgtttta tgaatgacca ctgaccacat    166440
     ttaagctata agaatcttct ttaataactg agtgaagaaa aaaagtaacc taaataattg    166500
     atggcttgag ggtgaggaaa tttacaactg gttctaattt ttgggtgaaa tatccctttg    166560
     agcaatcggt caactgatac tccaaggact gttcttgcag acatgtatta gcaaagttac    166620
     tttgtaatat aatgtctaag agggacaata aaaaaagtga aagaaaaaag tgtcaaatgg    166680
     aatcattttg actttacaca atcgtttaaa catatcttca tgcaggaatg tgcttaaaga    166740
     tttattgaag ccaatacaaa cacacacagt tacaaatcgc aaggtggtgg aaagagaaca    166800
     agaatcatgc catttgtctc ttctcttatc ttaacatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    166860
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg    166920
     tgtgtgtgcg tgtgtgtgcg tgtgcgcgtg tacgtgtgtg tgtgtgcttt agtgcgcagc    166980
     tgtatgactc caaaagattt taaacggcag acaataagaa aagaggaaaa tgcttacaca    167040
     aacgaacaaa ggcaaactca ttcaccatca tcttgaccac aacaacaaat gctttataaa    167100
     ttcatttcgt ctccccgtgc tcacgtgagc ttcccccggg ttccctcagt ttgctcccac    167160
     cgtccaaaaa cacgcaactt aagtgaatcg actaatccaa atcggcacca tagagatgct    167220
     cctagtaagt agttatctct taaaagcaat cattacagca caacatgtgc atgtttagca    167280
     aattaataaa tgtattttta aaaaaactac attatcttgc ttgctttttg agcgttgttg    167340
     agcgagtttt taaatacctg tgattggtca ttgtgttctc atactcaaca ttaactttat    167400
     tcagtcataa tgtaataaac tgcgatgagt aaaaacaatt ataatattac aaattatctc    167460
     tatttctcta ttaaacatta aaatgtcata ttttccacta agaatattag tatctatcta    167520
     ctttcttgag catcaacatc tgcattattt ttgaaggaat atgtgaccaa gaagactgac    167580
     ttaataaaaa tgtataataa attacaatga ataagttaca ttttaaaata ccatataaaa    167640
     gggaaatgta tttcacaaaa tgtcatgtgt gttttcagca aatctgtgaa gacttattga    167700
     catcatacaa aacatgttaa accccaaaaa tggcctattg catctaaact accaacatat    167760
     gtgcacagta gtagcaaaaa agacttagag cccaggcaca ataaggagca agatgtgttt    167820
     gctattattg ttcatttatt cctttctgga aattaaaact aaatttagaa atagttttga    167880
     aacaaatctt tgcacttaac aaacttaatt aaatacgtag gctaatggat gtcttcagtg    167940
     cagtgagtaa aacaccgttt ccttatccac aaaagtaaag gagtaaagta aagattaaaa    168000
     gtaaagtaat aagaaagtaa agaggaggag ttccggttat ggcgcctgag gagtagacgt    168060
     gcgcgtggtc agctcccaaa aaacttttca gttttgtcta ttaacatcag tgattttgtt    168120
     cgtttctggc agtattcgtt tattttctgt tctgcgacat atgttatctt tgaaatgtca    168180
     aaaggaaggg gcagacagat cgataaagaa ggttctcctt cgccgaatgc taacgtcacg    168240
     ttggccgaga ttcgcgcgct acatgatgac cttagagcct cgatcgcaga ggattttaaa    168300
     acatcttttg aaagtttggc aaccaagctt gacaatattc aatccacggt ggctgatcat    168360
     gaccttcgca tcggaaacct cgagtccggt gctacagagt ttagtcagca actcgatcaa    168420
     ctcaacgcta cgtgtttgcg gctccagaag gacaacgagt ggctaaaagc taaagtttcc    168480
     gatctttaaa gtcgcagccg gcgccaaaac attcgaatag tcggcttacc cgaatcagtc    168540
     gaggggccgc gaccgacggc ttttttctct cagcttctgg tcgatgtcct tggctcccag    168600
     gtgttaacct cgccgcccga gctggacaga gctcaccgca gcctcgcgcc taaacctgca    168660
     ccaggccaga gaccgcgacc tgtcatcctg cgatttcatc gctttcaaac gaaggatttg    168720
     gtcgtccgtg aatctcgcaa aaagggtgag ctgctgtatg atggccacaa gattcgtatc    168780
     tttgaggatt attgccctga tgttgtgaaa cttcgcgccg agtacaaaga cgtgatgtca    168840
     tcactctaca aacgaggact caagcctgcg cttctctacc ctgctagact tcgaataaca    168900
     cttgcaaacg gtgagaagaa atggcttgct tcggtttcgg aagccaacag tttcatccag    168960
     agttcgagct agtagcaaac gagttgaatt agactctact atgtacagtc attaatgtct    169020
     ttctggccgc ctccctctcc aaggatgcta taggatgtac gttacctgtg gatttgagat    169080
     attaacctgc tcagtataaa gacttttccg tgcttgaact taaaagctca ttttatttat    169140
     agtaggctga attgtaggct tgcagtttat tttccccttt tttttacatt gcatattatg    169200
     ctgctttgtt ttttttatat cgatctaaat aagggatgac tagtacttgg attttggttt    169260
     agattcacaa tgagctcagt caggcttttt tatactgcaa gcagaattta ctttttgacc    169320
     ttttttttat tacttaaaga acagcctggg aggttggccc agcggttttt atattggaca    169380
     ttgttaaatt tgataaagct atgttgatgt ttcttagtta aaaacttact gcagactatt    169440
     ttatgttatg ttaaaatcca atctacttag atttgtgctt attttgtgag gcatagtgtt    169500
     actgcccttt tgtattttgt gtgcgattgc ttcgcctttc ttttttctct tccaccaatt    169560
     tgttttgcag tctaagtttg ccagtaagca ttgaatgaaa atcgaaattt aatattactg    169620
     atgtaactat tatgtttggg aggactagga gttaggaaac ttgcctgtta tggtaaagtg    169680
     ggttcagctg cagttcttgt tgtcagctgg ggaaagggtg ggtttaagag tgggtttatc    169740
     tttttttccc tttctttctt tttttccctt tgttactgtt gttttgtttt tgttgtgctt    169800
     ttttttttct ttttgtattt ttgtgtgcaa tcacttttac tgcattttgt atcctcataa    169860
     tgcttctagc cacctgctat gttggctgtg catacttggg ggtgggttag actcgatcac    169920
     gcttatagta tttgttatta atgtctctca tgagtaacaa ggtagcaacg cgtggtgtac    169980
     taaaattcac tagttggaat gttaaggggc ttaactcccc ggtgaagcga aataaagttc    170040
     ttagctactt aaaacattta aatactagca ttgcctttat ccaagaaaca caccttatgc    170100
     ctgccgatca tctaaagata agaaagggat gggtaggtca gctttaccat tctagttttc    170160
     agagtaagtc ccgaggtgta gctattctca tccacaaatc gattcccttt tcagtctctg    170220
     aggttatttc ggatcctaat gggcgttttg ttattctcag aggacaaata aacggagttc    170280
     gcttggtttt ggctaacgta tatggaccta attgggacga tgaggcattt ttcaaaaaaa    170340
     ttttgttttc cctccctgat ttacactcaa accaactaat tctaggtggg gattttaact    170400
     gttgtttaga ccctcttcta gaccgctcat cttccagact ctgtgcacag tctaaatcta    170460
     gtaggatcat tcagcttttt atggagcaat atgctgtttc tgatgtttgg cgctttttaa    170520
     atccgaatac aaaaaaattc tcattttttt ctcctgtgca tcactctttt tcccgtatag    170580
     attacttttt ggttgataat aatttgcttc cattgattag ttcatgtgtt tataatgcta    170640
     tagtaatttc agatcatgcc gctgttacat ttgatctggc tcttcctggc ttttcaatgt    170700
     ctaggccacc ctggcgtttt aactccttac tacttaaaga tcctgagttt atagcagtta    170760
     ttaataatcg tattgatcta tttatctcta caaatctctc tccagaagtt tcacctaaga    170820
     ctatttggga ggcatgcaag gcttacttaa ggggagaaat tatctcatat gcagcataca    170880
     agaaaaaaat aatgaacgaa agtagggtca agcttcttaa tttgttgtca gacctccagg    170940
     ctaaatgtgc taactcaaca gaccctgacc ttttcgctcg gtttctcaca acaaagacag    171000
     aatttgattt gcttaccaca gatgaggcaa ttgatgcttt acataaaact cattccaatt    171060
     attatgaatt cggtgataaa tcaagtaaat tgcttgctca tcagttacgt cagtctgcag    171120
     cttcacatca tattactcaa atctccaccc ccactggttt ttcagccaac ccactaacta    171180
     ttaatgacat gtttaaagat ttttatgcct ctttatatac ttcggaaaat atagtcgaag    171240
     acgctcaatt tgacactttt ttcaaatttc taaatttacc ctgtattgat tctgatatct    171300
     cctctaattt ggcagctcca cttgcattgg aagaaattaa gactgctcta aatctcatgc    171360
     agagtggcaa gtgcccaggg cctgatggct ttcctgcaga attctttagg acattttctg    171420
     acaaattgtc tcctctttta cttaacatgt ttaatgagtc ttacagttca ggtatccttc    171480
     ctccttctct ccgacaggct attatttccc ttattcttaa aaaagataaa gatccctccc    171540
     agtgcagtag ctatcgtccc atctctttac tttgttctga tgtcaaatta ttagctaaag    171600
     ttttagcaag acgtttagag actgttctcc cagctataat ctcaccagac caaacaggtt    171660
     ttattaaaaa tagacactct tttcacaata ttagacgcct tttaaatatt ctctactctt    171720
     cttcttcaaa tgcatctcca gaattagtta tttctatgga tgctgaaaag gcatttgata    171780
     gagtcgagtg gaggtatctg ctttacacac tgaagaaatt tgggtttcct gatcaaatta    171840
     taacttggat tagactttta tacacatctc caatggcctg tgtacgaaca aataacaatt    171900
     attctaaata tttctcactt ggtcgcggta ctagacaagg ctgcccactc tcccctttac    171960
     tatttgcaat agccattgag ccgttggcaa ttgctctaag agccagtgca atggctggca    172020
     taaaaagggg ggagttggag cacaaactgt ctttatacgc cgatgatcgt tcgaggttac    172080
     taaagtaacc cttcgttccc cgaggagggg aacggaagca ctataagtgg atttgatttg    172140
     taaaatccac gcattgggag gttcggttca gaagctactc gtctgaaaga gtattgaacg    172200
     ggccaattaa gaatgaattg gcagcgcaag cctgcgcagg tgagcggcat aagcaatcaa    172260
     ctgagtatat aagctcacct ggcgccagca gacgctatcc tttttaagct gaagagactc    172320
     tcaacagcta agggacagtc attatggcga cggagtatag tgcttccgtt cccctcctcg    172380
     gggaacgaag ggttacttta gtaacctcga acgttcccct tcggggggaa cttcagcact    172440
     ataagtggat ttgatttgta aaatccacgc attgggagcc cattgaaagc gccataatga    172500
     ctgcacctta ccaacacccc cgatgaggag atagtcaagc aagcgtgacg cacccgcatc    172560
     atggggggcg cggtcctcca acgtgtccct ggccctaatt tatcctactt caacagaagt    172620
     tttacggatt tagatatatt ttttgggaag tcgtgagcat ctagataatt ctaggaaata    172680
     cgacagtacg ttgggaagcg tgcaatcccg atagggagga cgctgcggag gccatccgtt    172740
     acccgagggg ggatagatgg cagaatttac atatggacta gccctaaaaa gggggagtac    172800
     gcatagcaaa agagtggtta gcggggaggg aagacacggg tccgcccagg ggggggactt    172860
     aaccgtggcg gaataagcat atgggatcgc ctagtgggga tcacgcatag caggcacctt    172920
     tacccaaaac gcgggctgac cagcgggcag acctacaacg tagtgggcca gcaagtgact    172980
     cctccgctga gtcagtgctg ggggccacgg aggaatctgc agggctcacc tgacggggaa    173040
     ctttactgac agataaaaag gcgcacgtat ctccgtgtta gggaaaatgg cgcagcaagc    173100
     gtgtttcaac accctaccga attgtttcct caatcaccaa gggttaccta atacccttga    173160
     ggaaaccggc tccactcgca gattgtaaaa ccttgcaaat gtgttgggtg tcacccagcc    173220
     cgcagctcta cagaagtctg ttagaggggc gccgcgtgcg cgcgctcgag aggatgcgaa    173280
     actccgagtg gagtgcgcac gcgctctcgg gggacgcggc tcatctcggc tctgatagtg    173340
     aaagaaaggc atccacaatc tagtgggaac ttatttcggt acggcacttc cctgctgccg    173400
     accgttataa cagatgaaga gctgctcaga tgatctaaac tctgagtgcg gtccggataa    173460
     tacgcaaaac gcgaactgga caataaagaa gggctgggtc tgcctcctcc gagggcagcg    173520
     cttgcaggct aactacctcg tattaaaacg gagtggtagg aaccttgggc acatatcgcg    173580
     ggcggggtct catacgtgag agaagccagc ccaattacag gcacgagtca ctgaccgaaa    173640
     aatgcctccg ggtccccgac cctctaatcg atatcaacgc gaccagcaga gctgtcttca    173700
     gggacagaaa atactgagtc gaggatcgaa gggatctgac gcggcttgtg tagcgagggc    173760
     gagatcctaa gagggcatga gagggggcgg ggtggattaa ttcgcttaac gcccctgagg    173820
     aaccggatga tgaggttatg cgttcccacg gtgccgccag ccaccgcgtt atgagagcgg    173880
     agatggcagc cacgtaacct tgagtgtgga gggcgacagc ctgctctcca gcttctctcg    173940
     gcgtaaagaa agcacaacgc tgatctggca aattacgggg gtcttctcag cgagagacac    174000
     accattcagt gaatagactc cacgtcaggg cataggcgcg ctcggggagg gggctctagc    174060
     ccgagtgacg gtattagcca ccgcaatcgg aggttaccta agtcttcctc gcgtctacaa    174120
     tctcttcaaa gatcggcgag ggtgccaggt ggtgccctgt ccctgagaga gtaggtgctc    174180
     tctcgaaggg actgccaggg gagggctatc gcgagggaga gctctgacat ccaggtccgg    174240
     ttgagccaga ggggcgcaac cagcaacctg ttcctcgtcc tcttcctgac cttgcacagt    174300
     aactgcgcga gcaggctcac tgggggaaac gcgtatttgc gcgtgcaccg aggccagctg    174360
     taagccagtg catccgtgcc gagagcactc ggtcagggaa agaacaacta gcaatgagcg    174420
     atctcggggg aagcaacaga tcgatctggg cttccccgaa tcgcgcccat atcagctgaa    174480
     cagactcggg gtggagtctc cattctccag gacgcaaggc tgccgtgaga gcgcatcggc    174540
     tgcacggttg agcttgcctt aatatgaatg gtgtgcagcg atttcagccg cggatgactc    174600
     cagaggagca gacggcgggc gagctgagac atgcggcgag agcgcatacc ccctatacgg    174660
     ctgatatacg ccaccgccgc cgtactgtcc gtcctgacca gcacgtgttg ccgctccagc    174720
     accggaaaaa aaacggtgga gagcgaggaa cactgccaac agctccaggc gatatgccaa    174780
     tgcaactggg tacctttcca caggtccgca gccgcatgcc cgcaacgcac agccccccag    174840
     cccgtgttgg aagtgtctgc tgaaacgaca acaagactgg acgcctgttc tagagacacc    174900
     caggtctgta ggaacgaggg gtcgctccaa gggctgaggg cgcggcgaca cagcgcagta    174960
     acagagactc ggtgtgcgcg cgcgtgccat gcgcgtctgg ggactcgatc gtgaagccag    175020
     tgctgaagtg gtctcatata gaataatccg agcggcatga agcggctgcg gatgccatat    175080
     gccccaggag cctctgaaat agtttcagtg ggaccactat tttactgtcg agctctctca    175140
     gacagtacag catcagctga gcgcgctctc cggagaggcg cgctgccatg gtgaccgagt    175200
     ccagctccag cccgagagaa gagatcctct gcacgggggc gagtttgctc ttttctcggt    175260
     tgacctgaaa cccccacagg tggaagtgcc agagcacttt gtctctgtgc ataatcaact    175320
     gctctgagag agggcaaaaa tcagccagtc gtaaagaaat tgagtatgca gatgcccgcg    175380
     agccgaaggg gcgctgaggc accctccgcg ggcttggtga ggacccgcgg agacagagag    175440
     agcccgaagg ggagggcttt gtattgccaa gctcgacctt caaacgcaaa ccgcagaaac    175500
     tgtcggtggc gaggaagagt ggagacatgg aaatacgcgt ccatcaggtc taatgctgca    175560
     gaccaaccca gaggacgaac gcaccggagg atgcgcttct gcgtgagcat tctgaacggc    175620
     agcttgtgca ggcagcggtt caaaacgcgc agatctagga ttggccgtga cccaccgctc    175680
     ttttgggcac gatgaagcgt gggctgtaaa acccgctctc catctcggct ggagggagcg    175740
     gctcgattgc atccttcgcc aggaggacag caatctcctc tcgcaagaca ggggcggaca    175800
     gggggctgac cctggtgaat acacacccgt gacttggggg gccgtttcgc gaactgaatc    175860
     gcatagccga gtctgattgt gcgtatgagc caccgcgaag agctggcccg cgctaaccag    175920
     gcaggcagag ctctcgctaa tggactcatc gctacaatcg ctgacgtacc agcagtgggg    175980
     cagcgcgaag tgggtgtgct gatccgggaa gctcgcgggt cccacggaaa agctggaggt    176040
     gagatatttg ctctcactcc aaacccgagc tccggagggg aggctcgagg ggtgggagaa    176100
     aggagaccgt cctcccagcg ctcgtgagcc actggcgaaa cgcaccgaat ctgcaagcta    176160
     gaaagcatag cgtcccagac tggcagattt cgggctgtca catctgggga agtgaaaagt    176220
     gccctttcat aatgttttca tggcagtaaa aagtgccgtt ggaaatgggg ccccgccctc    176280
     cagcggggaa agagcaagtt ccctcttctc cagatggcct gtcccagggg cgcttcgcgg    176340
     tccgttgccg gacttagcgg cgttctgggc aggggggctg cctgcttccg aggtgcccga    176400
     cgcgctcgct tcgcctgagg cgtgtgcggg ggcggagcag ctcttgtagg cgggcgcctt    176460
     cggcgaggag caggtatgaa tggcacggcg ggcggagcgg gctacggacc gccgataaga    176520
     catcacccac caactgctct ctcaccgcct tgaattcctg ggtgaattca cagacagtgt    176580
     cgccgaacct ggctggggat atggggaagt caagaaagcg gactttgtcg actttgcgca    176640
     tatcagccag gggtggcgct cctggaccac taatgtggac atcgtccttc ccaacgcaca    176700
     cgcagcggac tcagtagtcc gaagagctaa gtcggcggcg gtgcgaagct cgtaagcctg    176760
     ggttggaccc accctcgtgc agctcggcca gcgcctgcgc ttggtagcgc tagtaggtgg    176820
     ctatcgcatg caaggctgaa gcagcctggc ccgcagctat gtaagctcta gctccgaggg    176880
     aggtagataa cttacaggct ttggatggga gacgaggcgg atcccgccaa gaagaggcgc    176940
     cgcgcggatt taccgccatc gcgcactcaa cctgaggaat cgccacatac cccctggctg    177000
     tttcaccgtc aagagtggtt agggtggagg aacacgcagc acgagcagaa aaaagtgctt    177060
     tacaagaccg cgtgagccta ctgtgcacct ccgggaagaa gggaacgccc ctctagtcgg    177120
     tccggccgcg gagctggggg ataaaccatc tccaacccac ggccgaagca gcccgggaaa    177180
     gcacggctaa catgtccgtt tcaggatccg tagtgacagc gctcaccagc ccgaaggggg    177240
     cgagcgggtc tggatcatca tcggacaatg aaagcccacc ctccgatgcc gcggtggaca    177300
     tctggtctcc ggtgtcatcg ggcgtaaggg ctaccatctg ttagacggat cgcttccccc    177360
     gcccgaagct tggatggagc gcttagagga gcgggaggtc cgcgggcccg tgggcgacgg    177420
     attatctctc gctgaaaccc tcagatctgc ccgagtgccc gctgcagagc aggggacaac    177480
     tggggtggtt cacccttttg caaaggctaa ccgcgatctt gtgcaacagt catggcatcg    177540
     caatgacgac atgaactgcc cgtgagcagc gcattaacat gctggacccc cagacatgta    177600
     acgcagtgcc cgcgcccatc atccgaggac aggaaaccac cgcatccaga aacgcacagt    177660
     cggagcgccg tcctgataag gacgtgctgc acgactgtgt tgctctttct gtgaagtttg    177720
     caactttata cgcaccgctc tggaggaccg gacccaaaga acgccaggca agggagaaac    177780
     ccagctcgac cgtctgccac tgcgtgtaca cactctggac cgggagaatg ctctcgttcg    177840
     ctcagaatcg ctggtcacag caggaggaac cctcatcgac tcgatcagaa agtctctgaa    177900
     gcgaaaagga tagcgtctgc tggcgccagg tgagcttata tactcagttg attgcttatg    177960
     ccgctcacct gcgcaggctt gcgctgccaa ttcattctta attggcccgt tcaatactct    178020
     ttcagacgag tagcttctga accgaacctc ccaatgcgtg gattttacaa atcaaatcca    178080
     cttatagtgc tgaagttccc cccgaagggg aactcttgtt atacgtgtct gacccttgta    178140
     cctctattcc tttggtgttg aaattgctag cagacttcgg cctgatctca ggatataaat    178200
     taaatttgag taaaagtgaa ttaatgccta ttaatacagc agccttggat tacccattag    178260
     gttctctacc tttcaaatcc tccttacaaa gtttcaaata tttgggcata aatatcacaa    178320
     aaagcttttc ggacttattt gacctcaact ttgtcccatt agtgaataat cttgcacagg    178380
     attttaatcg atggtctctc ctccccttat ctttgatcgg tagggttaac tgtattaaga    178440
     tgaatgtact tcctagattt ctttacttat ttcaatgtat tcctattttt attccaaaat    178500
     ctttttttgt ttcacttgat tgctctattt ctagttttct ctggaacaga aaaaccccaa    178560
     aga                                                                  178563