EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX321888; SV 21; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 176463 BP.
AC   BX321888;
DT   29-MAR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 26)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEYP-47D4 in linkage group 20 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate jumping translocation
DE   breakpoint (JTB) and a novel gene.
KW   BTBD6; HTG; zgc:63497.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-176463
RA   Dyer L.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; e3543b48dc0d106ba551e19f0c8f1968.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000032369; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000094224; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000039907; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000141591; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEYP-47D4. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEYP-47D4 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEYP-47D4 is at 176463 in this sequence.
CC   DKEYP-47D4 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..176463
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="20"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKeypilot"
FT                   /clone="DKEYP-47D4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..176463
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEYP-47D4"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(50091..50211,51426..51543,51768..52023))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM141340.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(50174..50211,51426..51543,51768..51788))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000005307"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5TZ90"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11389.1"
FT                   HAQSHQKLGDLGV"
FT   polyA_site      complement(63072)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(63072..63800,64158..64341,74354..74491))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63497)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK398929.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(63072..63800,64158..64341,74354..74408,
FT                   101938..102209,105817..105869,106230..106311,
FT                   110044..110108,135587..135871,137903..137998,
FT                   138405..138444,140135..140261,140587..140680,
FT                   145341..145490,156062..156134,160115..160146,
FT                   169342..>169516))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63497)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC060523.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(63090..63095)
FT   CDS             complement(join(63763..63800,64158..64341,74354..74408,
FT                   101938..102209,105817..105869,106230..106311,
FT                   110044..110108,135587..135871,137903..137998,
FT                   138405..138444,140135..140261,140587..140680,
FT                   145341..145490,156062..156134,160115..160146,
FT                   169342..>169516))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004902"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:63497)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P9Z3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXP0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000812"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011665"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013150"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013763"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029529"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXP0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11391.1"
FT   mRNA            join(150067..150162,152073..152367,152455..152545,
FT                   152638..152756,153566..155010)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing 6 (BTBD6)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI350992.1 Em:BI981449.1
FT                   Em:BM182267.1 Em:BM182581.1 Em:CB355923.1"
FT   mRNA            join(151913..152367,152455..152545,152638..>152756)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing 6 (BTBD6)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL714553.1 Em:AL729950.1"
FT   CDS             join(152162..152367,152455..152545,152638..152756,
FT                   153566..154598)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEYP-47D4.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004903"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing 6 (BTBD6)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P58545 Sw:Q8K2J9 Sw:Q9Y2F9
FT                   Tr:Q6P5B8 Tr:Q8CHC1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5TZE1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000210"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011705"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012983"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013069"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK11390.1"
FT   polyA_signal    154942..154947
FT   polyA_site      154965
FT   polyA_site      155010
FT   misc_feature    176463
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEYP-47D4"
SQ   Sequence 176463 BP; 56537 A; 33335 C; 33031 G; 53560 T; 0 other;
     aagcttgctg gttcgagcct cggctgggtc agttggcgtt tctgtgtgga atttgcatgt        60
     ttccccgtgt ttatgtgggt ttcctccggt ttcccacaca gtcaaaagac atgcagtaca       120
     ggtgaattgg ataggctaaa ttgtccatag tgaatgagtg tgtttggatg tttcccaaag       180
     atgggttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgc gtacaacata tgctggataa gttggcaatt       240
     cattccactg tggcgaccac agaataataa agggactaag ccgaaaagaa aatgaatgaa       300
     tgaaatgtgg caaaagaaca atgatacaca attcataaag ccaaacagga catatatata       360
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata       420
     tatatatatt tatattagga gtgtcacgag acgctaactc catgagacaa gacaagacag       480
     gagattggct tcatgagaac gagacaaaat tttttacact atttttaaga aatcttcaat       540
     gatgaaatat ataaatggaa aatagtcttt tattagctat tttattaact atatagttgc       600
     ttttttaaat caccttgtaa tgaatgttat ataacttcca tttaaatgaa ttctacacag       660
     taaaggacat gcaaacactg caaaatattt ttctaatagc ctatgtgaat ggaaaaattt       720
     atttttatat agaatttaaa tattagctaa atatttgcta atataagaat ggaaaatatt       780
     tttttttaac tgaaaaaaaa aatcacaatc tgcaaaacaa tttaggtgct tcctaaaaaa       840
     ttgtaatgaa tggtattttt ttcaatttca ttttatttct attttaatta attctatgca       900
     gtaaaagaca agcaagcact gctaaatatt tagatataaa ctttactgac tgtgctctcc       960
     cctgtacaat ttcacataaa aatcaaactc ctttccacaa attgaactta aaaatttgtg      1020
     taatttttgc catttaattt gacatttttt acggttttac attcagtaag acttcattca      1080
     tgcccgcatc ccagactctg agatctgact tgttttaatg tacattgata ccgcacacag      1140
     acagcacaca gtgttcggtg atgatgaagg cgtgtgtctc gagtctccag aagttcactg      1200
     tgtgtgagcg catgcttaga gacgtgtaac gcatggaaat atttctatat cgcatggata      1260
     tgaagcatgg tttatgtgtg tgactgcagt tgtatccttt gttaaacgcg acagacagct      1320
     gctgaactga aaaagcggtt acgttacaca tgcccaagca aaagagtcac tcccgagccc      1380
     agcctgggtt gccaggtgtg tgcaaagcac ttgctttgca gttcaaatca aatcctgcct      1440
     cccatcttca gtgctaaatc caccctcatg ctccatcata acatcacaac tcataagaca      1500
     acttttcacc tcgacaggaa atctcttcac aatttattct cgagagatct tgtcatacaa      1560
     gatcttgtca cattcctaat gtatgtatat aaatattgtt ttattattat attattttta      1620
     tcgtttatag ttactatgta ctatatagtg actatagtag cttatagtta ctagttctat      1680
     tggattgtga cccctggggt aattacatta tatttaagac aaagcaatag catcagatgc      1740
     agcagattga ttttacagta taacaccggg ttaaattttc tggcacattt acagcactga      1800
     gatacataaa aaaattaaac gaagtataaa cttgggtctg atggtgtgtg tgcgccattg      1860
     catgcaaggt ttctgcattt atatccacct caaaagaaca caaaaggggt cacaaatcac      1920
     tgacattgtt attttcgggg ttgtaggctg aaatgtttgg gaacccctgg cttaaagggg      1980
     ctaatcattt taaccttaaa atggtgttta aaaaatataa aaactgcttt tattctagtc      2040
     gaaataaaac aaagaggact ttctccagaa gaaaaatatc agacatactg tgaaaatttc      2100
     cttgctctgt ttaacataat ttaggaaata tttaaaaaat aataataata aaataaaagg      2160
     gaggctaata attctgactt caactgtatt tatataataa atagacaatg aaatgcataa      2220
     agcctttttt gttttgtttt tttactaccc agactgtggg gtggaagtca tgcctcacag      2280
     tctcatatat gatgtccatc agagcctctg tggtgtgtgt ccatctgttg catctctgtc      2340
     tctcttatcc attcagagct caactctcca cctgcacttc ataaaaacac tccgtctgac      2400
     ctctattgtt aaactcatgt caacacaggg ctgaaggtca aaggtcagca caggtcactg      2460
     acccctgctc tcaggagaat ctgagaggcc tcacatggag ctcgactgat cagaagagat      2520
     tgaagcagac accggctgta tgattataga gtttgggatc tggatctgag gctttgcccc      2580
     gaccgggatc agcagaccaa aagggggcag agtgaagtcg agggcctcag ggggcgtttc      2640
     tgctctgggc ctcttaatct gttaatgaat tcaattacaa caggcccagc atgtggcaca      2700
     aagggctgac ggatgtctaa ccggtccaga gattcaccac agagactgag gcataatcag      2760
     gattcccttt ccctaacaac cattgcaaaa gcaaaccgag aatctgaatc tcatcagctg      2820
     tctgattgag ggttcagaag cagatataaa tataaaatga taatataaaa agaatattga      2880
     aaatatttta tggtaattaa aaaagaaaaa tatacatttc aggtaaaaag aactagatat      2940
     gaataatagg gtatatacag gaatccaaaa ggtaaatacc tatttaagac tttttaaaga      3000
     cattctcaga atattttaag acctcattgc tacttcaata ataaacattt gtagttgtag      3060
     tagtaaccga actcagataa gctcggaaga aacaaagctt aaaagaataa attgcgcggt      3120
     tgttttcagc gacaggcttt agccattgtc tttctccaac caggagtacg caaacataca      3180
     ttttcccatt ttgccatctg tttcgctcta tggtttcgct acatgtagcg agcatcacat      3240
     ccctttcctg catttgtcgc aaataacgtg acatcacccg gacagaggag cttggcagga      3300
     cgcgccctgg ccttaaccaa tcacatgaat tgagcacacc cttgttaaca ttaggaggaa      3360
     aataaatata ttcatgcttt ttatgagtca aacactttgg acaacgcttg aacaaagttt      3420
     aagaccttgc aaaaacgtga ttataacttt attatacctt ttaagagcct tatttttctt      3480
     ataattgatt tatcaacttt taagactttt taagacggca cgcggacacc ctgaaaaatc      3540
     ttaaaagtat agttcaccaa aaatattaat tctattatta tttattgcaa acttgtatat      3600
     atttctttct tcaatgtaaa aagtttaagt tccatcagta tttcgtccat aaattgccag      3660
     tcaattttta cagaaactgt ttagtttttt aaaaatattt ctttgtatat cgacctcatt      3720
     cttcacgtct gagtgggggc agcctttgga atccttttag cttaagactt ccagccttat      3780
     tcactatttt tagacgttta aaacagctcg ctatgctgct tcaagtcgca aactcatatt      3840
     ttcttattat attatgctta cacgcttgtt tgtaaagcaa ctaatgtgaa tgatttctgc      3900
     catttattat tccaaaccat ttctcccata gttaactgaa ttagaagttc tgaaacaatg      3960
     gcagaaacag tcaataagat cttcaaagta tctatgttat accgaagaaa caaagcaata      4020
     cagatttaga accacactga attcacaaaa tgaaacataa actaaaataa aagctaatta      4080
     aacctataaa ttatttttat agggataata ttttcttcct gtttaatttc tagtcccttt      4140
     gtttacattt tttgtttgtt ttcatggtta ctcattgatt atgttcacct gttcatcatg      4200
     ttttccttcg ttcacatctt atatacatac tgccgtgtct ctgtttgctg taatgttgat      4260
     gtttggttgg ttttcttaaa agtgtcttcc tgtgatctcc tgagtatctg tgaattgtaa      4320
     ataaaaactg ttggacagaa tcatatttgc tgtgcttgct tgctgactgg caaaaataac      4380
     agctaataag acacaataaa acactgcaca aaaggtagct cagctgtgat ttaaattcac      4440
     acctgaatag taacaagcaa acattcctca ttttgtctct ttttttcagc gttagagaac      4500
     atcttgttat ctgagaaaac agctgacaga aaacacacaa agggcaattt ctgcaccaaa      4560
     tctgccaacg cagatttcat tctcttggaa attattctca gaccttaagg tggcgttgag      4620
     agaaagggta atttaaagag tgacagtgca aatggatgag agctgatcca gggaaagatg      4680
     gaggcccggg agagccgctg atttatgaga cttgaggggg gggatcaatg cgaaccctag      4740
     ccaaacctcc atactgacaa cacaaccacc ccaggccctc tcgagccctt tctctgaggc      4800
     caaaaagaaa aaatgctgaa aggaacgaga aagtccagcc tgagggaaag cgatggaggt      4860
     gcaagagatg tctttttcac ctgtttctgc tcccacattt ctccatctct gtgtctaaac      4920
     gcccacacac gagctagatt gcatttgcaa catgcacata tgctattaca gtacaagcat      4980
     gcttaatatg cagcgaatat aaagcacacg gtttgattag tgtctacttt gccctttagc      5040
     tttagttctc tgtggaaaga catgcagatg ctggctgtcc ttgtattgtc cattttcttc      5100
     ctgttgattg agaggtgcat tctgaatata ttagtgatat gtaatgtcaa gtgcattaaa      5160
     agatgagtaa aatttgtcat ttcaaagttt taataccata tttacacatt ataacatcaa      5220
     ctttgtaata aatattgcaa taataaggcc ataattcggt ccaaaaatcg gtcacatttt      5280
     cttatttaac gcaaatggat tgtaaaagat ttcatgtaga gaataatgct atttttaaac      5340
     gattccaata gcctatgttc tgtgatttgc tataatccat agtttagtga ttctgaaatt      5400
     tatagctttt taaaaatgtt aataaattac acaatggtga catggtggct cagtggttaa      5460
     attgtctgtt acctcacagc aagaatccag ctagttcgag ccccggctag gccagttggt      5520
     gtttctgtgt ttgcttgtcc tccccttgtc ggcatgagta tccccatcat gtataggtgt      5580
     ttcccagtac tgtgttgcag caggaacggc atttgctgcg taaaacatat gctggatata      5640
     agtatgctgg gataaatcgt ctgataatcg gtgtcagcca acaatcacat ttacgtttaa      5700
     atagtttttt gcaccatata acaccatatc agtacaaata attacatatc attatctttg      5760
     ttttgtcttt tttacaaaag agaatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      5820
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ataaaaaaga gaaatattaa taatgctaat      5880
     aatgccaata ataaaagagg aaaagaaaaa tggaaaaaag actaatatgt gtacagaaaa      5940
     ttacaatcaa atctcacaat caaatgttca gatacattga aaatgttgaa agtaaatatt      6000
     tacaattaaa cagtgtaaga tagtattaga taaaacaaac aaattaaatt actacgaaat      6060
     aaattaaaaa gggaaggaca gtgcatctat taaatggaaa ggaatacctt ccaataacca      6120
     catttaatga ctcaattagt aatcaattca gctgatctct tgaactgatt gcagaggctt      6180
     gtttatgagt ttgcaaacag aggaaggcgc gtgaattacc tgattattta ataatatacc      6240
     ttattgtaat atatttattg caataaacag tagtttatag gcctgttcac ttttagtaaa      6300
     gaagtattac atttataggt gttcatttta acttctaaag catcaaatac gtgctacaaa      6360
     ctttttcttg attgagacat gctgaattct tttttcatca tttgcaatgt ttccaaattg      6420
     cattgtttgt aatatttctt accaattttt atatctgtta tattgttttg tgtggcagtt      6480
     cattctgctg cggagacccc tgataaacaa gggactaagc caaagtgaat gacttatttt      6540
     ctgtaaagct gcttctggcc atgcgcacta aatggttgta agagatgtgt ttaaggtatt      6600
     atatgcagca tccctaattt ttattcttag gtaaggcaag atcttctctt aagacttaag      6660
     agttaaaatg tgcttaatgc attataaagc atgaagcatt agaatcggga ctcagtatcg      6720
     gccaattacc atggcaagga atcagcaaaa attctgatcg gagcatcctt agctggataa      6780
     gttagtgttt cattcccctg tggtgaccac taataaataa agggactaag ccgaaggaaa      6840
     atgtataaat gaatgataac acagttctgt aaactgtaaa taagctttat actttccatt      6900
     ttaacaagtg atctcagtca taaacagaat tactcaaaaa acattattta ctgaataaca      6960
     aaatccatgc tgtagaatca gagctaccat aatcagtact gtaaaatcat gtgaaattaa      7020
     taacagcacc tttatatgtg ctgagtgaat aaagtcactg ataaaatttg tgaatcaaca      7080
     gcacatgata atatcatctg atcataatct ctctggtttt tcttggcaaa acacagccac      7140
     atagttacag cagccagaga gaaacgttcg aggttactaa agtaaccctt cgttccccga      7200
     ggaggggaac ggaagcacta taagtggatt tgattgtaaa atccacgcat tgggaggttc      7260
     ggttcagaag ctacttgtct gaaagagtat tgaacgggcc aattaagaat gaattggcag      7320
     cgcaagcctg cgcaggtgag cggcataagc aatcaactga gtatataagc tcacctggcg      7380
     cagcagacgc tatccttttt aagctgaaga gactttcaac agctaaggga cagtcattat      7440
     ggcgacggag tatagtgctt ccgttcccct cctcggggaa cgaagggtta ctttagtaac      7500
     ctcgaacgtt ccctttcggg gggaacttca gcactataag tggatttgat tgtaaaatcc      7560
     acgcattggg agcccattga aagcgccata atgactgcac cttaccaaca cccccgatga      7620
     ggagatagtc aagcaagcgt gacgcaccca catcatgggg ggcgcggtcc tccaacgtgt      7680
     ccctggccct aatttatcct acttcaacag aagttttacg gatttatata tattttttgg      7740
     gaagtcgtga gcatctagat aattctagga aaatacgaca gtacgttggg aagcgtgcaa      7800
     tcccgatagg gaggacgctg cggaggccat ccgttaccca aggggggata gatggcagaa      7860
     tttacatatg gactagccct aaaaaggggg agtacgcata gcaaaagagt ggttagcggg      7920
     gagggaagac acgggtccgc ccaggggggg ggacttaacc gtggctgaat aagcatatgg      7980
     gatcgcctag tggggaccac gcatagcagg cacctttacc caaaacgcgg gctgaccagc      8040
     gggcagacct acaacgtagt gggccagcaa gtgactcctc cgctgagtca gtgctggggg      8100
     ccacggagga atctgcaggg ctcacctgac ggggaacttt actgacagat aaaaaggcgc      8160
     acgtatctcc gtgttaggga aaatggcgca gcaagcgtgt ttcaacaccc taccgaattg      8220
     tttcctcaat caccaagggt tacctaatac ccttgaggaa accggctcca ctcgcagatt      8280
     gtaaaacctt gcaaatgtgt tgggtgtcac ccagcccgca gctctacaga tgtctgttag      8340
     aggggcgccg cgtgcgcgcg ctcgagagga tgcgaagctc cgagtggagt gcgcacgcgc      8400
     tctcggggga cgcggctcat ctcggctctg atagtgaaag aaaggcatcc acaatctagt      8460
     gggaacttat ttcggtacgg cacttccctg ctgccgaccg ctataacaga cgaagagctg      8520
     ctcagatgat ctaaactctg agtgcggtcc ggataatacg caaaacgcga actggacaat      8580
     aaataagggc tgggtctgcc tcctccgagg gcagcgcttg caggctcact acctcgtatt      8640
     aaaacggagt ggtaggaacc ttgggcacat atcgcgggcg gggtctcata cgtgagagaa      8700
     gccagcccaa ttacaggcac gagtcactga ccgaaaaatg cctccgggtc cccgaccctc      8760
     taatcgatat caacgcgacc agcagagctg tcttcaggga cagaaaatac tgagtcgagg      8820
     atcgaaggga tctgacgcgg cttgtgtagc gagggcgaga tcctaagagg gcatgagagg      8880
     gggcggggtg gattaattcg cttaacgccc ctgaggaacc ggatgatgag gttatgcgtt      8940
     cccacggtgc tgccagccac cgcgttatga gagcggagat ggcagccacg taaccttgag      9000
     tgtggagggc gacagcctgc tctccaactt ctctcggcgt aaagaaagca caacgctgat      9060
     ctggcaaatt acgggggtct tctcagcgag agacacacca ttcagtgaat agacttcacg      9120
     tcagggcata ggcgcgctcg gggagggggc tctagcccga gtgacggtat tagccaccgc      9180
     aatcggaggt tacctaagtc ttccttgcgt ctaaaaatct cttcaaagat cggcgagggt      9240
     gccaggtggt gccctgtccc tgagagagta ggtgctctct cgaagggact gccaggggag      9300
     ggctatcgcg agggagagct ctgacatcca ggtccggttg agccagaggg gcgcaaccag      9360
     caacctgttc ctcgtcctcc ctgaccatgc acagtaactg cgcgagcagg ctcactgggg      9420
     gaaacgcgta ttgcgcgtgc cccgaggcca gctgtaagcc agtgcatccg tgccgagagc      9480
     actcggtcag ggaaagaaca actggcaatg agcgatctcg ggggaagcaa cagatcgatc      9540
     tgggcttccc cgaatcgcgc ccatatcagc tgtaaagact cggggtggag tctccattct      9600
     ccaggacgca aggctgccgt gagagcgcat cggctgcacg gttgagcttg cctgaatatg      9660
     aatggcgtgc agcgatttca gccgcggatg actccagagg agcagacggc gggcgagctg      9720
     agacatgcgg cgagagcgca taccccctat acggctgata tacgccaccg ccgccgtact      9780
     gtccgtcctg accagcacgt gttgccgctc caacaccgga aaaaaacggt ggagagcggg      9840
     gaacactgcc aacagctcca ggcgatatgc caatgcaact gggtaccttt ccacaggtcc      9900
     gcagccgcat gcccgcaacg cacagccccc cagcccgtgt tggaagcgtc tgctgaaacg      9960
     acaacaagac tggacgcctg ttctagagac acccaggcct gtaggaacga ggggtcgctc     10020
     caagggctga gggcgcggcg acacagcgca gtaacagaga ctcggtgtgc gcgcgcgtgc     10080
     catgcgcgtc tggggactcg atcgtgaagc cagtgctgaa gtggtctcat atagaataat     10140
     ccgagcggca tgaagcggct gcggatgcca tatgccccag gagcctctga aatagtttca     10200
     gtgggaccac tattttactg tcgagctctc tcagacagta cagcatcagc tgagcgcgct     10260
     ctccggagag gcgcgctgcc atggtgaccg agtccagctc cagcccgaga gaagagatcc     10320
     tctgcacggg ggcgagtttg ctcttttctc ggttgacctg aaacccccac aggtggaagt     10380
     gccagagcac tttgtctctg tgcataatca actctgtgca taatcaaaag agagggcaat     10440
     tcagccagtc gtaaagaaat tgagtatgca gatgcccgcg agccgaaggg gcgctgaggc     10500
     accctccgcg ggcttggtga ggacccgcgg agacagagag agcccgaagg ggagggcttt     10560
     gtattgccaa gctcgacctt caaacgcaaa ccgcagaaac tgtcggtggc gaggaagagt     10620
     ggagacatgg aaatacgcgt ccatcaggtc taatgctgca gaccaaccca gaggacgaac     10680
     gcaccggagg atgcgcttct gcgtgagcat tctgaacggc agcttgtgca ggcagcggtt     10740
     caaaacgcgc agatctagga ttggccgtga cccaccgctc tttttgggca cgatgaagcg     10800
     tgggctgtaa aacccgctct ccatctcggc tggagggagc ggctcgattg catccttcgc     10860
     caggaggaca gcaatctcct ctcgcaagac aggggcggac agggggctga ccctggtgaa     10920
     tacacacccg tgacttgggg ggccgtttcg cgaactgaat cgcatagccg agtctgattg     10980
     tgcgtatgag ccaccgcgaa gagctggccc gcgctaacca ggcaggcaga gctctcgcta     11040
     atggactcat cgctacaatc gctgacgtac cagcagtggg gcagcgcgga gtgggtgtgc     11100
     tgatccggga agctcgcggg tcccacggaa aagctggagg tgagatattt gctctcactc     11160
     caaacccgag ctccggaggg gaggctcgag gggtgggaga aaggagaccg tcctcccagc     11220
     gctcgtgagc cactggcgaa acgcaccgaa tctgcaagct agaaagcata gcgtcccaga     11280
     ctggcagatt tcgggctgtc acatctgggg aagtgaaaag tgccctctca taatgttttc     11340
     atggcagtaa aaagtgccgt tggaaatggg gccccgccct ccagcgggga aagagcaagt     11400
     tccctcttct ccagatggcc tgtcccaggg gcgcttcgcg gtccgttgcc ggacttagcg     11460
     gcgttctggg caggggggct gcctgcttcc gaggtgcccg acgcgctcgc ttcgccttag     11520
     gcgtgtgcgg gggcggagca gctctcgtag gcgggcgcct tcggcgagga gcaggtatga     11580
     atggcacggc gggcggagcg ggctacggac cgccgataag acatcaccca ccaactgctc     11640
     tctcaccgcc ttgaattcct gggtgaattc acagacagtg tcgccgaacc tggctgggga     11700
     tatggggaag tcaagaaagc ggactttgtc gactttgcgc atatcagcca ggggtggcgc     11760
     tcctggacca ctaatgtgga catcgtcctc cccaacgcac acgcagcgga ctcagtagtc     11820
     cgaagagcta agtcggcggc ggtgcgaagc tcgtaagcct gggttggacc caccctcgtg     11880
     cagctcggcc agcgcctgcg cttggtagcg ctggtaggtg gctatcgcat gcaaggcgga     11940
     agcagcctgg cccgcagcta tgtaagctct agctccgagg gaggtagata acttacaggc     12000
     tttggatggg agacgaggcg gaccccgtca agaagaggcg ccgcgcggat ttaccgccat     12060
     cgcgcactca acctgaggaa tcgccacata ccccctggct gtttcaccgt caagagtggt     12120
     tagggtggag gaacacgcag cacgagcaga aaaaagtgct ttacaagacc gcgtgagcct     12180
     actgtgcacc tccgggaaga agggaacgcc cctctagtcg gtccggccgc ggagctgggg     12240
     gataaaccat ctccaaccca cggccgaagc agcccgggaa agcacggcta acatgtccgt     12300
     ttcaggatcc gtagtgacag cgctcaccag cccgaagggg gcgagcgggt ctggatcatc     12360
     atcggacaat gaaagcccac cctccgatgc cgcggtggac atctggtctc cggtgtcatc     12420
     gggcgtaagg gctaccatct gttagacgga tcgcttcctc cgcccgaagc ttggatggag     12480
     cgcttagagg agcgggaggt ccgcgggccc gtgggcgacg gattatctct cgctgaaacc     12540
     ctcagatctg cccgagtgcc cgctgcagag caggggacaa ctggggtggt tcgccttttt     12600
     gcaaaggcta accgcgatct tgcgcaacag tcatggcatc gcgatgacga catgaactgc     12660
     ccgcgagcag cgcattaaca tgctggaccc ccagacatgt aacacagtgc ccgcgcccat     12720
     catccgagga caggaaacca ccgcatccag aaacgcacag tcggagcgcc gtcctgataa     12780
     ggacgtgctg cacgactgtg ttgctctttc tgtgaagttt gcaactttat acgcaccgct     12840
     ctggaggacc ggacccaaag aacgccaggc aagggagaaa cccagctcga ccgtctgcca     12900
     ctgcgtgtac acactctgga ccgggagaat gctctcgttc gctcagaatc gctggtcaca     12960
     gcaggaggaa ccctcatcga ctcgatcaga aagtctctga agcgaaaagg atagcgtctg     13020
     ctgcgccagg tgagcttata tactcagttg attgcttatg ccgctcacct gcgcaggctt     13080
     gcgctgccaa ttcattctta attggcccgt tcaatactct ttcagacaag tagcttctga     13140
     accgaacctc ccaatgcgtg gattttacaa tcaaatccac ttatagtgct gaagttcccc     13200
     ccgaagggga acacacatta caaaaatcaa gagtcaaaga gcgcaagtaa agaaaacact     13260
     gatcaccaca atggtgactt caaacaaaac tgatgggatt ttgtaaagct gaaaatgatc     13320
     aaaggaggtg tttttattac accatgtctt tctcactaaa aggccaattc gaattactac     13380
     aggcactgaa gagttgataa taatcagttc ctgtaggcca aaacgtgttt acattgggag     13440
     tcagctagtt gtcacactac tgatacagag ggggaagttc taacctgctg attggtcagt     13500
     ttaatgttgt gaaaatggtc gaggaaaaaa aagactgtaa ctattgctct ctttttttct     13560
     gtctcttgct tctttggact ctttctctct ccccatctct taggtaacaa ttctacattt     13620
     tatcatgtca tttttttttc atacattagt tctgttattg gtataagtga tgaagatggt     13680
     aatatatgaa atgttcagcg cacttataac aatacttcag tcattcgcca atacggcctg     13740
     aaccactata gaaaaaagca atataggctc attctgaaaa catagcccta tatacatttc     13800
     tggagattac gaattacgta gccagaggaa catatggctg catttcgttt tttaaatgaa     13860
     cactgcaagg tggtatgaaa ccattgcttt tcgtactacc agctgatcgc ttacctctat     13920
     atagacggct tttccactat taaaagtttg tccaagtttg gtggacttga gacacagagc     13980
     agagatgaca gcgacaactg ggttcgagtc tggtggaaac ggtttcagaa agcaggtaag     14040
     acacaaacaa aagctaaaaa ataaaataaa caagtacagg gtgagaatgt gttaaaatct     14100
     gaataagtta tcatcttttt ctggattgct tttaaaaaca ctcagttagg tgtatgaaag     14160
     tgggtgggca gatcaatggg tgctttgaaa aacactattg gttgggtttg ggaaaggagg     14220
     tgggtgggtc agtcagttgg tcagttggtt gactgcaacc tctagaggtt ttacaggaga     14280
     agagcaggtg cgaatagcac tcgcgttaga aatctgagac ctcaaaaacc atacagagca     14340
     gcctgtagcg cattcacgaa aacaaaaact gcaaaaaaaa tgtccctcct ggaacatatt     14400
     tagcgctctt cagaaatgtt tatcttcttc ttcttctttg gccttagtcc cgtatggttg     14460
     cggggtcggc tctttggaac aagtcctcca tttagacttg tccatatgac aacgactttt     14520
     tttttttttt ttacacaatc cagccggcct gtcatctggg cctggcacca tcatacacta     14580
     cggacaattt agccttccca attcacctgc agcatgtctt tggactgtga ggaaaaccgg     14640
     agcacccgga gaaaacccac gcgaagacag gaagaacatg caaactcctc acaaaaatgc     14700
     taactgagcc gaagttcgaa ttagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacagc actacctact     14760
     gcgccactgc ttcgccactc ttcagaactg tatatagcgg tacgtaatca gaatgagcct     14820
     gggttgaaaa aaactgcctc ataatttaat gtgatttatt tcagatgaat ttttagagtt     14880
     tggcaatcca attttactat atattgcaac tgtattaaaa aagcagcatt tacattcatc     14940
     aaatcatttc cttttgtgtt ccatagaaga aagtcatata tttttatttc aacattttaa     15000
     tattttggag gtgaatcatg ctttaaccgc attgccgttg attaatttaa ttaacatgct     15060
     gtgcaagagc agcaactgct ttgatataaa actaatttcc gtggaataag gataggtttt     15120
     tattcacact caatgatgca gatgaatgtg gacaagagga gggtaataat tacgcttttt     15180
     tgctcctcat gagtatctgg atagccctac agttcatgca agacaagaat aacccaaatg     15240
     aaaagcagct atttcaaacc tccggcgcat atgcccatta tttgcacaca tcttcaacaa     15300
     accgtgaaaa cggctccagc aatttcctag gatggaatga accataacaa gcgggttatt     15360
     tgtgagcatc acaacatttt gggaacaaca gacagatggc taagttgtaa aaaaatgaag     15420
     cacttttact gcacataaga gatgctcatt taaacacgca aacaaaaaag gccaagggtg     15480
     atttgtttct atttgatcag actctttgag gatttgaagg agagggtcat aaataactgt     15540
     gaggaaaata gcatcaatca tgcttaacca catccacaga taaaagctgc actcttatgg     15600
     ccatcattta catccattta tgcgcacttg ggcctttttt gcaagtgtgt ggcagtgtgg     15660
     gagtgtttac tagtaatact actagtctgt ctgcttttat gtcacgcaga gtctataatt     15720
     agtgtagtaa cattcaaatc ggcataatga tagtgtgcat ttacatgcat agactagtct     15780
     cacacaaaga tctggtgttg gaagattgtc atttttcaag aaatataacc cgagcagcta     15840
     gtaatggtgt aaatgtcaac acaatgtcag caggctttct catacaacaa ctgcaagctg     15900
     tcagtgtgca actggaattt cacctctgca catgtttgta atggcatccg atgttgctga     15960
     acccaagaaa tgtgcaagaa tataagtgac agatggattt tgtgtgtatg aaactgttca     16020
     ctgttttact atttactaca aaaaagaagc atgagaaata aaaacatggc tttgcattga     16080
     gcttttaaat gttgaatctg gacagttttc agtgtatgtg actgtgtgtg catgtgcatt     16140
     tacacctttg tgcctgaagg gtgacaaagt gtcctgactg aagtgacaaa tcaccctaaa     16200
     attgagcctg attctgatta tcacacagca ccttcatgca gctgagctct attagttcta     16260
     ttaatgatgt gctggatggt ggttttgtgt ctaaggctta gggctgggcg aaaaaagatc     16320
     acgataatgt ttttcatatc agtccatatt gataattatc acgattaata tcaaatcttt     16380
     atatctatta attttaaagg ctttcagcat tccaatctct ttgtgcagct gatttaacac     16440
     attttgtgaa atgttttagc tgtctgacaa catagataat aaaataataa acaaaagaac     16500
     aatcttaatt cagcatttac tgttcaaatt tttaacaacc aatgagaagg taagttaata     16560
     gtcacagaat tttcagtttt gtataaactc tcgttttaat ggcgagtaag gtgaatttag     16620
     ggtgaaatat actataatat attttattta gggatgctaa cgattacttg ataatcaatt     16680
     gattgtcagt aaccctttaa ttgatagacc ttatcgatga caaattaagc atagaaattt     16740
     aaaggtttag ttatgctttg cgctgtgaga cgcgtccaag tcaagtgtgt gcagtttacc     16800
     ttacttatga aaccaccctc ttgacatcgc ttattgtggg atgcttaaaa ccctgttatg     16860
     tgcagatctc tgttatatct gcaggtgttt taaccattga ctgtaaaaaa tatggacgac     16920
     gcgacagccc cttttcccat tgaacgcctt gagggcaaaa cgcctgattg acgggcacaa     16980
     actgtcgcaa aatactgctg aaattggagc cttgacatgc gcagaaggac tctctgatgg     17040
     agccagagga ggagccgcga aaatgagcgg agtcgagctt ccaaccaaac gctttatgta     17100
     aaatcaacca cgccccccga acttctcagc atgcgtttgc tgtcatatca acacaaatgg     17160
     atgtaataac gttaacaaat atgagggttt tatatattca atcgcgccag ctccgggccg     17220
     cagcgcataa cctactcgcg gcgtcgcggg ctgattccgg ctcgcatgcg gcagcgccgg     17280
     ctcactcggc cgccgcatct ggctcgattg actcgggctg gaatcgggca gtgagtccag     17340
     gcatccggag taggtccagc agaggtagtc agtctgagct ctgaggggta agtctccggc     17400
     aggcgagaat ctagcgggaa ctggcccgag cagaggtgtg gactcgagtc atgtgacttg     17460
     gactcgagtc agactcgagt catgaatttg atgactttag actcgacttg acaaaatata     17520
     aaaagacttg caactcgact tggacttgaa cataaatgac ttggactttg actaggactt     17580
     gcctctattg acttgtaaat acttgctgct tcccatgaaa agcccaacga taaaaaagta     17640
     tgttgacatg gaccgctctc tctctctccc cgtttttgtg tgcgtgtgtg acagcatgcg     17700
     cgtgtgtgtg agcatgcgcg ctttcggcat gacgtccaat cgaagcacgg tagattgttt     17760
     tgattcgaca gtatccaacg tgactactat gaggcgccgg agtggacaaa agttaagcga     17820
     acgcagagag aatttgaatt tgaacttgag atcgagccaa tactcgcgtg ccaatactcg     17880
     ctcgctctct ctctctctct ctctctcttt cacatacaac atacacctct ctctctctct     17940
     ctcacataca acatacacct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctctctctct ctcgtgcatt     18000
     cagtctcttt gcgttcgctt gacttttgtt taggatggcg tctcatacct ttagtgcttt     18060
     tgctctcacg ggatcctcct gttaaactga cccttcgcta agccacgccc aaaaaccgcc     18120
     acccaccaat cgcggcttac caatcgtagc tacgggcaga ggctctgtca agctttcgag     18180
     cgagggaaac aagccaaatc gttgcgcaat tggattgtga aaatctgaca cccgctatcc     18240
     taaaagtttg gactgggtgg tgggattttt tcccttttca aaaccaaagc ccaagaggag     18300
     aaatgccagc gtggatcaag ctgtgtgagg ggcggtaaag gagttaagct aagttggttt     18360
     tgttttcgat attcacattc aatgataggt ggcaataact cacactcctc ttatccttaa     18420
     cagatctaaa ctgtgtttct tttaaaaaaa taaataaaaa aaaacaaagc agtttatgct     18480
     tcccagcggt ctttttccac tcgatattat gagccagggc tcgacaataa ggactgcccg     18540
     atggcctggg gccagcgtgc gagacactcg ggccagtgta caaaatgtta ctggctcgat     18600
     cgggccagct gctgcctttt tgcctgccag atcgagccag agctgcgtgc tgcgactgtc     18660
     tgtcaattgt gtgcaaatac aatcttacgg tgctttcaca catagacgtt tgtttcggaa     18720
     tctgtctcgt ttcacccgtt agcgcgtttt tttagcatat atccagcagt tgcgctcgct     18780
     tctgcgccaa atcaatcagt ccaatatcgc ctgaatgaga cgcgatctct gtcctattga     18840
     gcgtatcgat tgtagcgaga aaacaaaaca atgcaacgaa ctaacgaccc aggctatatc     18900
     acagtgtatc atgatcgtgt aatagccata tatacggcta aatgaagagg gaatgatgag     18960
     cagggcgaga tgtcattctt accggtaaaa gcgaaagtga aagcatgctg aaatattacc     19020
     gagagctgtt tgtccagcct gatctcggtt tatccgtcag gaaaattgac cgaaattact     19080
     atctgttaat ttttccatat tttaatcgta taatatgttg tattaggcct gttgttttgt     19140
     tcatttccgc actgacagct cgaaagaaag atttacattg atctgatgca gtctcagttc     19200
     atctgctaag tctctctata atttaagcct aaaatacaga attatagtca acgtttcttt     19260
     aatagattga ttaattcaat agatcgattt ctacaaaacc tgacaattga aatgaggctc     19320
     tgtatatatg agaaagtctg acctcgattt gtatttggtg acgatgtctg tgggttgtta     19380
     aaattaaagt gcacattttc acttataaaa tattctatac acaatacaca aaagtttggg     19440
     gtcagtgtga ttaaatatgt taaaacaagc ttcttctgct caccagggct gcaattattt     19500
     catcataaat acaaattgtg aaatgttgca ctataaaata actgttcaaa agtagtttat     19560
     catttaattt attcatttat tccagtgatt ttaaagatga gatttcagct tcattactcc     19620
     agtcacatga tccttcagaa atcactaata ttaattatta ttatatttat taatggtaat     19680
     gataatgtta attaatgata atgtctggag taattatttt atttgaaact aaatacaata     19740
     acaaagcagt tatttaaaat tttaataaat atttaacaat tacacctttt ttacatttat     19800
     aaatatagcc ttgatgaact gaatagtttt ccttaaacat tttaaaaatt accttaaata     19860
     tatatacaga tttattagcc cccttttgtt ttttgttttt tctttttaaa atatttccta     19920
     aatgatgttt aacaaagcaa agaaatgttg atattttgtc tgataatatt ttttcctctg     19980
     aacaaaatct tatttgtttt attttggcta gaataaaaac attttttaac cattttaagg     20040
     taaaatttat tagcctctta agctaattgt ttttcagact gtctacagaa caaaccataa     20100
     ttatacaata actagcctaa ttaccctaac ctgcctagtt aacctaatta ccctagttaa     20160
     gcctttaaat gtcactttaa gctgtataga agtgtcttga agaatatcta gtaaaatatt     20220
     atttacagtc atcatgacaa agataaaata aatcagttat tagagatgag ttattaaaac     20280
     tattatgttt agaaatgtgc tgagaaaatc tgttctctgt taaatagaaa ttggggaaaa     20340
     aaataaacag gggtgctaat aatttagggg gactaataat tctgaaatca actgtgtgtg     20400
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cgcacattca     20460
     aatagcgatt aacttctttt ttttttttgg tggggccagt gaaaatttgg gctgggcaag     20520
     taaaaatcag aaccactagc ccgatcgggc cagtagaaaa aatccttagc gttgaaccct     20580
     gtgagcactg cttagtttaa accctcgcta ttgtaacgca tataaataca tacactaata     20640
     tttgctggta ggaaaaatct atttgttcac ttctgttatt tatactttaa tgtgcatttc     20700
     aatttttttc ttccaattaa ctgcaaattt gaataaaaac tggataaaga gcacacaaac     20760
     atgctgacag taataggtac tgtacactgt tatgggtcaa tgatgctaat attcggcaca     20820
     aatccatcag tttcctaggt tattagatta ttttataatt tcacctctcc tgctgtgcat     20880
     gaactatgct gttgaatgtt cagcgtatga ggtggctagg ctaaccttgc ttcaattttg     20940
     ataaaattat tttctaatca gttgctatta tgttgtgaat atacccctgt aatgtatact     21000
     gcagtcctct tttgtctggc tttctcagat atctcacctg tttgccaaaa atgactaatt     21060
     aaatccttgg gaatgtctga caccagcgca tacacactgt aatagatgta ccaggcatga     21120
     aagcttgaca ggcatagcaa cagtaactaa ggagggcgag gcttagcgaa gggttattcc     21180
     aagaatgttg atatggtttc tttcttgctt tactatttat taacaataca caaaaaacta     21240
     aaaggttaag gtaaattctt taataaattc tagtgttttt gagtattata cttgttgtat     21300
     acttgtatta tacttatgtt ttaggctagt attatttacg acttgttaat taatgcttca     21360
     taatacagta gtattaccaa tagtgaacag ataaaataat acaaagtgta gttttaacta     21420
     cagtaaagtg tagtgatttg tagtataaaa taccctatat tgtaaaataa tacagcactg     21480
     ggtaatttgt ttatattaca cttgtgttac catagcaact atagtattac cacaactgat     21540
     caattgaagt tctttactgt agtaggctac tgttcaaaac acagtacatg ccaatatacg     21600
     tgttcagggg ccctgtggca cagctttcct caaaatgaag aggatgacat ggaaaatgtc     21660
     ctccacaatc tcatcagtaa agtggaagcc agcagacact agtttacttt attttagctg     21720
     ccatgataaa atgagattga aagtgagatt tatttgaaga gtgaatagta cagtaggcta     21780
     taatacctta tcaagtgttt ccttattttt atcacagtta catttctgct tgcattagtt     21840
     tttgtttaaa tgcttttaaa ataaaatgta ttctttacat ccaacatcta ttccagaggt     21900
     gccttatagt ggtgtaaacc cctttacaag gggtgttacc cctgtgtaaa ctctagccac     21960
     ccctgtggcc aacccgatat gattttgctg ttgacattat ttatttaaat ctacttacat     22020
     aaatgcaata caatgcaata tttcaataaa taaatagcag ccactaaatt attgtggatt     22080
     gattggtgcc actgatgtag ctggcctctt ctggccaccc ctaagctaat tttcaggggg     22140
     gcaccactgg tctattctct gtctttaagt gtttgaaact gaaaatatct catcatataa     22200
     aacaaccaaa aatgttatgg tttattagat taaacattta atatataagt ctattttagt     22260
     attttggtta ttgttaataa acagtgcagc aatatgaatc atatcaaaaa gcatgaaagg     22320
     aagagggaac acgacacaaa ttgtgagttt gcatataatc tctgagagcg ctcaagaaaa     22380
     tttgtgtgtg agcagtgcat atttgagagc gagagaaaat ttgagaactc gcaatcagtt     22440
     ttgtccacaa acagaggaaa tccgtgcacg agcatcacac aaggtagaga gcaaagctct     22500
     caacgttatg tgaagaaaac aacgttattg tttgtatgaa gtagcctact tcattaacaa     22560
     tatgtgctac cattttacat tgctgctaga cagatttgca actccatctc tttagcacac     22620
     acgagattca attgacaaaa ttccaatttc actcaattta actttgcagc atatacagga     22680
     gttggtctac tgctaccaca ttgaggttat gtaattttgg ttaatcacaa gttgatcacc     22740
     gaagacataa catagcacaa ctaaacttaa tgaattagac agcagtagac ctgcaatttc     22800
     tgtgtgatgt gaggcaaaat ggagtctttt tttggtggaa ctcgttcttg tgcattatgc     22860
     tgtgaagacg agaagcagca ctgttcagta ctttttcaga aaattgcatt tgtattttta     22920
     tatatctaag caatgttctt taataaaaaa agatttgttt aattaataca gatcttacaa     22980
     ccatacctaa tctgtatata ttttattttt ctgttaaaaa gactcgaaaa gactcgaaaa     23040
     tcaaactgca ggactttgga cttgacttga gacttgttgc ctttgactcg ggacttgact     23100
     cgggacttgc ctgtcttgac tcgggacttg agggcaatta attgagactt acttgtgact     23160
     tgccaaacaa tgacttggtc ccacctctgg gcccgagtgt attttgctat ctgggtggtt     23220
     aggcgtgtat cagcaaacta ataaagccag aaaaaagccc tgaccttagc gaataaacag     23280
     tgttccacca gatcatgtat gtcagaaact gtagtttact gctgaactca tgttgtcatg     23340
     gtaatataac acagaaatcg attaataaca cttcagtctc ctgccgaagc tcagacggtc     23400
     tgctttgaga aactgtcaat cacaactgtc aatcacgatg acacacgccc agcattaaat     23460
     tactgctaaa aaaagactgt ttacaaaaat gaagatctgc acctatttca gcacaataac     23520
     cagtgccata atcgaccaga accatctttc gggatattta attgcaggtg taataaattt     23580
     ttttatttgg gctcaagtct ccttcattaa cacggaggag gcgggcttta tgacttgtac     23640
     tgcagccagc ccccaggggg cgatctaacg accgagacct tcactcaaac gcaggcttgc     23700
     ggcacacttg gttttaacca attttatctc acagactggc acgaatagtc ctatgcagac     23760
     tcttatttta aaaatcacga caagacatcc tctccattct gaactcagag tttctgagtt     23820
     ctctcatcct tcagaccgag tttattcttc cgaggtaacg ttaatctagg attactttca     23880
     gtgttgcgaa tagtttgtaa agactgtcca gctcatgctg ttcgatccgc ttgattaatc     23940
     gaactaaact aaaaccgcga aaactcaaaa tttctcgtaa ggcaccgctt ttgaaaatga     24000
     taacatgaga ctttgctggg tagtgtatga gtgtgtgtgt gaatgtttcc cagagatggg     24060
     ttgcggctgg aagggcattc gctgcgtaaa aaaacttgct ggataagttg gcggttcatt     24120
     cggctgtggc gacctagaat taaaagggac taagccgaca cgaaaatgaa tgaatgtttt     24180
     atttatctat gcttgtcatt tatttgtgat ttaatttatt attattatga ttgactcctc     24240
     tacaaaatcc cctcaatcaa tccaaataaa cctgttaaat catctggtga tgttgtattc     24300
     acatcgcaat atatcataga aatacaaaat atggtaatgt cagatttttc caatatcgtg     24360
     cagccctaat tcaagtacac aaatatttgt taaactaatg acttttcaaa agttttgtgg     24420
     gtttttctgc ttttacaaaa cttttctagg cctggaaaat accatgtcaa aattctatga     24480
     cttttccagg ttttccatga cagtatgaac cctgcacttc atatagtata cacattgtgt     24540
     acaaaattag acattttgtg ctgtgtgaag ttgtatgttc acactggaaa tctgatattg     24600
     gccacattta taacaacagt gtgaacagct atgcaaaaca atcagatctt taaaaaatca     24660
     gatttgagaa ctaagcttca ggccctgttt acactaatgc atttttttgc tacagttaca     24720
     ccatccgtcc acactacgcc agagttttca agcgctgcaa actgagcttt ttggaaatgc     24780
     tggagcattt taaaacgctg ctgctctgtc tcagtgtgga tgggggaaag cggagacatc     24840
     tgaaaatgga ggcggggctg cagacattcg cctctctgat tgggcctttt tcttgatatt     24900
     aagtagccta cacacagttt agtcctgcat cttttccttg taagttcaga cttcacaagt     24960
     ttgatattga aaaccatcaa attcccgagg acatgtcagg taaatcttca aagggaacag     25020
     tgtactttat aacttcattc acatcaccct ggctacgttg tttcactttc ttaacgataa     25080
     aaagaaaaca tgatataaag aactgctatt ttcattttga taataacaga ccgcagaaat     25140
     gttgagccgt cgtgctgcat atatgagcgt cgtcttcact gtatgcctat tcataacaaa     25200
     ataaagccta taacattact gcctcctttc attttcattg aaaatacgaa aaataccctc     25260
     ttttgctgaa tatcagtttt aataatcaat aatggccatt ataaaagtat aacatacagt     25320
     aagtttattc attataggaa ataaaggcaa gcaatcagtc aatatgcaga atgtacgtgt     25380
     ttacattaat tattaacttt gcgctcagcc aaaacacgtt acctaagaac aagtaataga     25440
     ttcaaaagac caaagtcggg gaatatgtca ttagatatag acaacaacat taattaaata     25500
     tcacgtctag caaatacagt gagattagat ccagcggtag atccttgatg aacactccga     25560
     cgagcacagc tcttatctgg ctaaataggc tgcagcgctg ccagagtgtg tgtggtcacg     25620
     tgatgtgtgt tttcagtgtt ttggtgtaga cggagagttg ttcagaaatg ctggggaaaa     25680
     cgattgtgtg aaagcagatt tttttcattt taaaacaccg ttttataact aaaatgtact     25740
     agtgtaaacg gggcctcagt gtgaacatag ccttattcac actgacaaaa tcagaaccct     25800
     ttggaagata gggatttgct aattatgaga gttgtacaaa tttagtattg agttgcactt     25860
     tggaggaata ttaaaaatga atgctgatct ttaagaggaa ttttatgcag agttcaattc     25920
     tgaaaggaat caaaatttta agtaatacat tttagaaatg ttcccagtga tgggttgtgg     25980
     ctggaagggc atccgctgtg taaaacatat gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt     26040
     ggcgacccca gattaataaa gggactaagc tgaaaagaaa atgaatgaat gaattttaga     26100
     aatgataaat ttttaattac aaagggttca ttaaagtggg catttttgag cacttcactt     26160
     tgaaatgagc cctctgtatg gtctagttta tagctggatt tattcaattc aagtatattt     26220
     ttattgccct tttcacaata attattgttt gcatttcatt acaatctata taaaaaagta     26280
     aagctatgag cagggtggaa caaagtctat gcttactgtt cctgcagttt atctacatga     26340
     caaaaatagt gatagtttgt tttgcaaact attgaatgtt ttccaactta tttttagcat     26400
     aagagcaagc gctgccattt ttaacttaat tgggtttttc ctgcttcctg ttatttcagc     26460
     tgtacttaat ggtgaaaact tgtatttgtt atattgctga atactgcact ttttttctgt     26520
     gttgttttcc tattgtggtt aatccaaagt aaaatcttaa ttttgggcac atttagaaaa     26580
     tatctgtgtt atgccatata gaaatatatg caaaaagcat aaatgaaaat caagttcata     26640
     tttggacttt acatatatga aatatgtcat gtatgcaaaa aatatatttt aaaatattaa     26700
     aatattacat aactacttac attttttcca accattggaa ttacaaatat gtacttatat     26760
     gatcaaatat aagcattaaa catataacat tcattcattc aataaatttt cttcagctta     26820
     gtctctattt cagaggttgc cacagtggaa tgaaccacca actattccag caaattttat     26880
     aaacattcac tcatttttct tcggtttagc ctctatttca gagtttggca catcagaagg     26940
     aaccagcata tgtttttccg cagcaaagga tcttccagct gcaacacagc attggaaaac     27000
     acccatacac atttatacac tatggacaat ttagtttatt caattcacct ataccccatg     27060
     tttttagact gtgggggaaa ccggagcact cggaagaaac ccacacgaac actaggagaa     27120
     catgcaaact ccacaaagaa aggccttctt gctgtgaggt gacagtgctg accacttggc     27180
     caccaaacat accatatata tttgaacaag taactatttt taattccaag tagggctgca     27240
     agatatatcg acagccatat caatatcaga cgaaaaatgc tatttttaat gttatcatta     27300
     ttggcccaat atcaaaatta gtccgatatc tttatgttaa taaactacat aattgtacag     27360
     aactgtctgt cttgtaagca cgagacaatc ttgtgggagt gctgtaataa aagtgtcaaa     27420
     tgacttacaa ttgtacatta ctgtaacact ttttatacaa gaacatttga gctggcttca     27480
     gctcttagtt cttaattttt tattttcatt ttctttaaaa tatttatgta tgtttgttaa     27540
     ttaaatccaa tttttaacct attttttatg caacagtcaa gttgcatatt aatttaaaaa     27600
     ggaaataatt tatttctggc atcctgattg ctctgaaatt gtgaataggt ctatataaat     27660
     cacctttttt attattattg cttttttttt gctatgagta ggctattcta agatcagttc     27720
     aaacttttaa gatgtttttt tttttttata aaatcagttg ttcactgtac caaaatatta     27780
     cattttttta tattttaatt tatcagctaa tatattggtt atctgcctcc aaatctaaag     27840
     atttatcggt tatagatatc ggcccaaaaa atccgtatcg gtacaaccct aattctaaag     27900
     gttgaaaagt ttttttttgc aatattccta aatatatgtt acatactgta tatgatatat     27960
     tttgatatat atgaaagtca aatatgaatg tgtatgtcat atacagttgc agtcagaatt     28020
     attagccccc ctttgaattt tgttttcttt ttaaacattt cctatatgat gttcaacaga     28080
     gcaaggaaat tttcacagta tgtctgataa tattttttct tctgaataaa gtcttatttg     28140
     ttttattttg gcaagaataa gagcagtttt taactttttt aaaacccatt ttagggacaa     28200
     aattattagc ccttttaatt ttttttcaat tgtctacaga acaaaccatc attatacaat     28260
     aacttgccta attaccataa cctgtctagt taacttagtt aagcctttaa atgtcacttt     28320
     aagctgtata gtagtgtctt gaaaaatttc tagtaaaata ttatttactg tcatcatggc     28380
     aaagataaaa tagatcagtt attagaaatg agttattaaa actattatga atagaaatgg     28440
     gttaaagtaa tcttctctcc ggttaactga aattggggaa caattaaaca ggggggcgaa     28500
     taattaaaag gggggcaaat aaatcagggg gactaataat tctgacttaa aactgtaaat     28560
     tcaatttgta tatattgcca tatatcatat ttccaagtga gatccatgct gaacaatgct     28620
     aagaggtgga tcaagaaatc agccaaagtc tctaattcaa caaaggaaac tgcttcactg     28680
     ctgtttgact tgccgaggct tataacacat gtctgttgtc agatgtattc atgttcattt     28740
     atttcaatat aacattgtga gtcaacaata cacttgagta ccttaatgag cgcaaagcat     28800
     ggctgaatgt gtgagtgggt gagacaatta agtctgattg gaagtttgct gaacatctta     28860
     tcccatttga aagtcaggtt aaatgaagtg tgctgcactc aggattgaac agccagactg     28920
     aaaggcatga cttcctaagc actctgagct acacaaatgt gtctggatct gtgcaagttt     28980
     actctggtta tcagccaaac atttcataat tttatcagcc tcctctatgc ttctgatttg     29040
     gtttggtaac tcaaaaaatc tctgttcaac actgaatgac atttgtaaaa tccagtcact     29100
     tccacaggat tccacgcaat tgggagtttc aggagatttt aagattccgc aagtagttga     29160
     aacgagtttg ctgtgctgat caacaaaaag ctgcttggtt tgaaatttct tagacaaaaa     29220
     agatccaata acacacagtg ctgtataaat cacagctcac aaagaggtca aaccaaccag     29280
     atttctgttg gtttttgtga agaattgaag cacccaactt gaaatttttt ttttgccctc     29340
     acacataact tctgattgca tggattcaaa tgtcttggtt tcagaaaaca atttggtttc     29400
     agcactaaac ccagcacaaa ctccagcata cctttaagca ctcaagacat acaaaactat     29460
     cagaacctct taccaattgg cagagtttct ttacttgata tttgcataaa cttgtacttg     29520
     tgcacatgga ggctaaactt tatgctgaac tttgtgcatt gacagcagat gaagtaccaa     29580
     aaatggctag gagcatcaaa aatgttggga aatgcttgac ttttaatggc agataaacgc     29640
     tgtaatgtgg aggtcttaaa atttagcaac attttctgct ggaatattat tcacatgttt     29700
     tgctactgta tacacactca gctgttgcct ctttccatca ttagtggatg attgaaacgc     29760
     tttttaaatc aggcagattt ctgctgcttt tgaacaagca gagtctgtgt ggaaaacatt     29820
     tttttgccct cacatgaaat tcctgatatt tttacccaac acaggctcat tggaaatgca     29880
     ggcttcagtc tacattttag tgaaactgcg aaaacatagt taaacaagcg tttgattgca     29940
     gtttctaggt aaaatgaatg ctgaagggtg atatgatgcc aacaacttta gataatgagg     30000
     cacagatgaa ttaaggattt ttttcattca gtttttttgc acaacaccaa ataaatacca     30060
     actcaaaaaa gtctgtggtt tgtaatcaaa tatgtttgac tcagccaatc tccaactttt     30120
     ctgacatggt cagtttgctg ggtagctcac tttgtacagt tttgtatttg taattctgat     30180
     gcggtcaggt taaagtctgg tgaggcaagg ttacacaaaa taggtaagag caggggtgtc     30240
     aaacttacag ccggcgggcc ggatcaggcc tgcaaacagg tttaatccgg cccgcgagat     30300
     gtagagtata aaaatgttct gcaatttttc aataaaagaa gctgctgttt caattgtgtc     30360
     cactggacgg cgcaacttca agcggtcatt tcatctgata aagcagggat tctcaaccaa     30420
     tgagcgcatc tgcaactagt aggcaacacg taaatcggtt tattcacaaa ctacgtatgc     30480
     gtgaaagtct ctttttgtgt attattgtgt gaactattca atatatctgc atagttgtcc     30540
     atattaatgt cctgtgagtg atttatgaca gatgcgtgcc cattcaggat ctagcaaagc     30600
     tcaatcagtt ttacagcttt ctcagagaga aataccacat ctatgccctg cataccacac     30660
     tgaggtgttc tcacaaggaa atgtaactat ttcacatttt gttcgttttc tggctaattc     30720
     gtacaagttc agtagtacga aagtgtacga tataaaaaag aggtgtggca cccacacccc     30780
     taaccccaac tatcattggt ggacaagcaa atcttactaa attgtacgaa tgggattgta     30840
     tgaatccata tgaataagca actaaatcaa aaagttaaga atttctgtaa gatcgtgttg     30900
     tcctcacgct ccagctttat gttgatcata ttaagacaaa gaaaacaatc tgaagttgtt     30960
     gttttgaagt tatatatacc atgattttac tgatccggcc tatttgggaa tagattttcc     31020
     tccatgtggc ccctgagcta aaatgagttt gacacccctg gctaagagca atgcaaaatc     31080
     aagatacaac tatgtggtcg ctgtgcactc ttatgagaac ctttgtttgc ttttgatatc     31140
     acaattgttg agttgtgttt aggacagtgt cttgtagacg tgtacaagaa agaaataaaa     31200
     ttttataaaa atacttaccc taagtaatgt atttcatatt cgctaaaatg tagacatcgc     31260
     cctcaagagg atttcttatc tgaaacatta aatgaaacgt atccagagca atctatttta     31320
     cattttgcaa catatttcca atgtttttaa cactaaagac agatatcatt actagggatg     31380
     taacggtatt gtaaataccg tcataccgca atattaattt ttttcgatat taccgaagtc     31440
     gcatgactcg gtaaaactat aggtcttttg agaaaattta cttaggcgaa tgaagcgaac     31500
     gggaggtagc aaaaactaca atacccatca gcccatgctt gaccatcatc ccttgcggtc     31560
     tgttgtcgct acagatccag taatgcggaa atggagtgtg ctgctagaag cggggatgaa     31620
     aagagctgga aaactctaag gccctgttta cactaatgcg ttttagtttg aaaacgcata     31680
     agttttgcta cggttacgcc aaccgtccac actacgccga agttctcgag cgccgaaaac     31740
     ggagcgtttc aaaatgtgtg gataatgtct cagtgtggat aatggaaaac ggagacttct     31800
     gaaaacggag gcggggctgc agacgttcgc ctctctgatt ggggcttttc ctgaatatta     31860
     agtagcctaa cacgcacagt tcagtcctgc atcctctcct tgtaagttcg gacttcgcaa     31920
     gtttgatcaa ggctgcagtc tcttcttctc agtttgatat ggaaaagcag actataccga     31980
     ggacacgggt aaatcttcaa agggaacagt gtactttata acttcattca catcaccctg     32040
     gcttcgtagt ttcactttat caacaataaa atgtaaacat gatttaagga actgcctatt     32100
     ttcattttaa tattagcaac ttagacagca gacatgttga ggcgtcgtgc tgcataagat     32160
     gagcgtcatc ttcactgtgt ggatatttat aacaaaacgg agccgataaa aacactgcct     32220
     cctttcaatt tcagtgaaaa tacgaaacac agcctctctt ttgctgagta tcagttttaa     32280
     taatcgataa tggccatttt aaaagtataa catacaataa gtttatacat tataggaaat     32340
     aaaggcaagc gatcagtcaa tatacagaat gtacgtggtt acattaatca ttaacttatc     32400
     tttgcgctca gccaaaacac gttacctgag aacaagtaat agattccaat gcccaaagtc     32460
     agggaatatg tcgttagata aagacaacaa gataaatgaa atatcccgtt taataaatac     32520
     agtgagatta gatccagcgg gagatgcttg atgagaagtc cgactagcag agctctcatc     32580
     tgtgtagatg ggctgagtgt gattaaatgt tgaatgtgat gagttttcaa caatactaaa     32640
     ttaaaacttt attgttttta catggtttaa taattttttg ttattaaaat tgaagttcct     32700
     gtttcaaagc ttacagatag atggctaatt tgtatgtcat tgacactttt ggcacttttt     32760
     tggagtattt tcataagttt tgttttttcc tgtaaatgat tcaataaaat accgtaccgt     32820
     gacattcata ccgaggtatt accgtaccgt gaaattctga taccgttaca tccctaatca     32880
     ttaccctagc ctcacagaga tttcattgga ctgtttttca tttgatgttt acataaattc     32940
     aaaatatata gcatttgatt tttatgcttg tgttatgaat tagcagcaga gtggggatcg     33000
     cagtgtataa atagacattt ttggtatttt tcagcttttg aacctgtaaa agttggccag     33060
     actaagaata tggatcagat tagaccagct gagaccagca agccaccttg gccttgattc     33120
     aattattatt atttttgcta ttgttatttt gtctggatgg tcaatataat ttggttttct     33180
     ttttttaaag acaatttggc atttttcagt tgttagagct agaaaactca cagaataacc     33240
     aatcaaacag cagcctggcc agactgggag actggctaaa tgaaattaga ccagctaagg     33300
     ccagaatgtc accttcaact ggtaaagatt tttgtttata gtctattctc aatctgattt     33360
     aaaaaaaaaa aaattttgtt gttgttttag agacatttta gtactttagt aaaaaataac     33420
     cagttgaaca gcagcctggc cagactagga gtctatctaa ccagaccaaa aattggattt     33480
     aggaaagcaa aagcagaaag taaacgtgac agcaacttta aacttaaaca aaaaactaat     33540
     aagttaatac tctttaaaga tgttcttagt ttagcacatc aggcatgtag tgccttgtct     33600
     tattgtggtt accttgtctt gtttgtatca tctgaggtta tgatgaatac accactgtat     33660
     catttacaga tagagaggga aaggtctgat ggtgaagaga tttagctgtt aactttgatg     33720
     atcaaaggca tcatgtcatg atattataat aacagatgaa tgggactttc ccaaaatgtt     33780
     tcccacacag atggtgctga cagacaacat ggctgagcat gaagatgaag ccaaagtagc     33840
     caaaatgcct tgttttcata ttggaaaaac agactaaagt ttttttcatt atcttctgaa     33900
     aagtaattat acacattact tcagtctaac agtacaaatt acacacattt cattatcttt     33960
     tttttctgac tgtaaacaac aacaaaaaag gaaaatcaat ccaaataaaa agtatagaat     34020
     gtcaacatca tggtaaaaca aaattaaata acaatgtact agcaaaaata attcatatta     34080
     aaaattattg tacataacat gctcacaatc aggtttcatt agttcatgtt tcattagtgt     34140
     aacatgattt ttttttttag atgagtaatt agcagtacag cgtacgcatt agttaagtaa     34200
     attagtcaga atgaaaatac attaatttat tatcttagaa taacactact ttttatttta     34260
     tagtaatcat agattattac cttacaaaag ttgtatctct attattttac agatctgagc     34320
     tgtttcttaa ttaaatggaa atgtgtattt tattagcata catacactaa ccaaaagtaa     34380
     taaatactgt aataaataaa tatgcattgc ataaggtgca tgtagcatga acttatttca     34440
     aaaaggtaac aaaatattaa tatattaaat gcaaatatta aagaaagcta aagacaatat     34500
     aattatcata cagatgtgta cagagaatca cttaaaaatg taaaaaatga tgtttttttt     34560
     ttttttgttt gtcttaacag gtatgcatgt agtaactttt tatattattt aattatgtat     34620
     ttaatatgtg ggcctcaaac aaaaaaagag taaattaaat cttaaccgaa catgaaggtt     34680
     aaccattgtt gaggagatta attacttgaa tttaccaggg gaaaaaaaca tctcttaata     34740
     tgcacaaact caagaagaaa tcaagcaaga tataatttga tgaaataggt gcaaaaatag     34800
     atgatttaat ttagagtcct gtaatttagg gaccgctgta gcaaattatt agatgctgca     34860
     aattcaattt ttacgagaat taggcaatta tgcactctga tttaaaaaaa agttgcattc     34920
     gtgtgctatt ttaaagtttt taaaggatcc aggtttaggg tttagttttt ggcctctatc     34980
     accaaagctt tacttcaatt cacagtcaaa aacatatcat tttctcataa tatcaagtgc     35040
     agcaaatgat tgattagggc tggacaattt agcctaaaat caaaatctcc attaattgaa     35100
     cattttaact caattacgat taatgaatga ttatttacat tttttatttt atgtttttgc     35160
     cctcatagtt cactgacaag ttttgtacag taaatatgct cacatattac aagtgagaga     35220
     tttctgaatg aagggtgcat tacttgattt taaaataatt gaaggaaaca cccaccatct     35280
     actatctatg attattcatt atacacaggg ccggagcaag ctgaactgcc gctctaggta     35340
     gaggacgatc acgccgccct caaccccaat gtgaaaacga aagtgaccgg ttatgaaaat     35400
     aaagagaggt gtcgcggacc tctattcggc cgccctatgc acggatataa ctgaggacgc     35460
     gcgcgtgctg agggagggag gaaggtgtcg ccgacgctgc cctctctata ctgccgccct     35520
     atgcgcggaa ataactgagg acgcgcaggt gtcgcggacc tttaatctgc caccctacgc     35580
     acggatttaa ctgaggacat gcgggtgatg gagctgtcac tgacgctgcc ctgccctctc     35640
     tattctgttg cctatgcgcg actatctgag gacgcgggtg gtgagggagg tgtcgcggac     35700
     ataactgagg atgcgggtgg taagggcggt gttgcggacg ccgccctctc tatactgctg     35760
     ccctaggcgg ccgcctgggt cgcctctatg gacgcgccgg ccctgattat acatcaacgc     35820
     tgaacaactg aaattaaaac acacattgcc tacaatgaaa gcacattgtt tcttttttct     35880
     tattaaaaaa agtgaaaata aataacttgc acttttggaa acaaaataaa ttattcatca     35940
     gtgtttttca taaaaaaaaa accaaataat aataatatga tgtcaataat aatttgaatg     36000
     tattggaaaa tatgccgtcc caaggcatct cagagcagct ttcaatcatt gtcaatgtag     36060
     tgcaaagtaa ggctcaaaaa tgggtccatc atcctacttg accagagatc agatgttgct     36120
     gcaaagtggc cacagaaata taggttacag gttagggtta gtgtaagttg acatgtattt     36180
     gcaaagtttc ttaaagtcag ttaaatgtct gttggaggag caccttaaca gatattaagc     36240
     agacagtcta ctaatattca aatggaccat caaaataaag tgttaccgaa acataaatcc     36300
     acctcagcct ttaacagagc ggggtcacga tgactccaca cgcggtaggg aaaataattg     36360
     aaaaaattgt cctggaaaat ttaggtcgat tataggttct gaatgtcgat tttgaatact     36420
     tttcgattaa tcgtctagcc cttgttcatt aaaggatccg gtctctctaa acccggcctt     36480
     tccaaaagat tactctgctc taattggtca tatggctcag tctgctgtaa ctggcttata     36540
     gcagttgtca gaaaccaaac atccagtaga ccaacctacg tcacacatga cgtcacatgg     36600
     gttcccggtg gcaaaaaaag aaaggatgca ctagtaaata tgtcgtgttg tgcggtagga     36660
     tgccaaattc tcatcaggta agttcacact atgctaaatc atacacatta ctcgttcttt     36720
     aaataatttt atgcaaaaaa ggttacatat ggttaattaa actgcagaca ctgaatgcga     36780
     aaaatgaaac gtgaaagtgt aagttattag ggtaaacttg gtttaatatt cacacattca     36840
     ttcagtgaca acttgtgaca cactccctaa attgtttacc acggcacttt gaatattcgg     36900
     tctgaaataa cctgcaaatg tgtcttaaaa acaacattaa tactgtttat ttgactgtta     36960
     acaatgttgt actttgatag tcattggctg ctaatatgat ttcgctattt agagtttgca     37020
     aataatactt ttatgaaatt atattattaa ggagaaagtc tgcatgtgta agttcaaata     37080
     ccctgccgta caggtgtagt tcacaatcag aatcaggtcg ttttgcttga tgatgattaa     37140
     ttacccaggc attgtacagt tccgtcttct ttccttgtct ttggctaggc agaacctcgg     37200
     tttttagcac tatatagtgt tgaatctggt aattatggaa cattatttct tgcacatgac     37260
     cagacagaac aacattgttg catccaaaga cttgtaggcc tttaacttct ttctcttaaa     37320
     atcacttaga gcttcaataa gattgtatat ttcgggctgg ttaattttgc caaatcactg     37380
     tgcttaccac tgtgtgacaa gctgttataa tatgctgaaa gcattatata aataacatat     37440
     aatatgtaat caatatactt tatttctaat acaacaataa actctgcatc gcatcggatg     37500
     tcattccgtc gctgtaaatg ctagcgctcc cgttttttta atgccacccc cctgcccact     37560
     gtaacgagga gactgacacg gagggatcca ttatgcagta tttattaatc acaacttcac     37620
     tcaaacacac aacatgcacc agagtgcaca cacacatcca cagtagtagt aagggtatca     37680
     agaatgatga tgaaaagaca cagagtgagt accaggcatg agtggagggt aatgagcgag     37740
     aatcagagtc cgtgtatcag gcttgggtcg agggcaggca gtgagtatca gagtccgtat     37800
     atcaggcgtg ggtcgtgggc aggcagataa atcagagtcc gtatatcagg cgtgagtcgt     37860
     gggcaggcag aaggcaaagc aaagtaagaa acaggctgga gtcgtacata agagatcagg     37920
     ttgggaataa cgctcagtaa tgctggccgg ggctgaacag gactttgcac tgactgagtg     37980
     tttgagtgcg gcttatatga ggtacgtggg tcgttaacat gattcagatc aggtgtctgc     38040
     gcaatcagtg tagatggatg atgtaatgct taaagtccgg agatggcggc ctctgctggc     38100
     cagcgagggg aatgaccggg accgagtcgg tgacacccac gcatcctgaa tgtttacaaa     38160
     ctggtaattg gtctatatct ataagaattt gaattgcaga ggcttcctca gttcatccca     38220
     caaatacaaa aataaacaat ttgtacaata tctacatgta caaatatgtt aattaatatc     38280
     ttatcagttt tgagtcttta tcaaatactg tcagtttgac atggttacaa cacaaaccaa     38340
     tctccaggca tcttctacag caaaagtgtt tgatagtcaa agaactgtag gagctgttct     38400
     ttggcggcca ataaagttta gacactggaa cttacagaca ctgcaaatta cttacatggt     38460
     gtaaaaaata tatatgttaa tcaatagttt ttccgtattt tgtaagtgtt ttccatttat     38520
     ttatagttgt aaattaaatt atgggacctt gatctctgct ttactaactt ttgatgttaa     38580
     aaaaattcac ttctgactca atgtcagact gacattttag tagtttgaca tgacatatgg     38640
     agaaagaaaa gatataagag atagacatat aagtctgtaa aataacagat aatgtaccga     38700
     tagtttacta caaagttttt gtgccataat aaacactgac ccaaacaaca tatcacttta     38760
     aactattaaa aatgttaata aaagtcactt tttagaactt ttcaagctta aaattcattg     38820
     gaaagaagat caaggtccca taatgaaatt caaaagcata aataaataga aaataaaaaa     38880
     aatagaaaca tgaatataaa aacacagaaa actgccaatt ttgattctta aacctctgca     38940
     gatcttttac attcacaaac agctacataa cactttacat gaaaggcagt gttgggcagt     39000
     agtgtcgcta caagtagtta cactacaagc ttaactacat tgctcagtag catagctact     39060
     ttctaaatcc aatagctttt cagtagtgaa gctatttttt agtcaagtag cgcagttgcg     39120
     tccacacaat ctacatttac agatcgcaga taattaagtg tcgacaccga cattcatgga     39180
     gctgtgaaac cggtttctag ctgatgaaag taaacccaaa taatggcgag aatgacgatt     39240
     tctccctctt cctgttttac ggtggtcaac aacaaacttt ttggtctgtt actgccacct     39300
     ctcattctgg tcagtgacgt cgccaaaaca attaggataa catgagaaat tttcttaatg     39360
     gaaagatgac agagagagag gagttattta tgaaaatatt atgtttatta tgttattatg     39420
     tttctttgtg accattaggg gtgtcaaaat taatcgtttc ttcggtgcat cgcgatgcag     39480
     acgcggacaa ttcggtatcg gttcagtaat aatcataacc ggttattact gacgtcattt     39540
     acctcatatg cgctctgtcg cgagggtggc gatcgcgagt atttacaatg ctttaactac     39600
     ttaaaactca taaactgtgc acaatttcac tgtgtgtttg ctggatcagt ctttcactga     39660
     catatacaac aataggccct attttactga gatcgagaga atgaaagtag cctactccat     39720
     ttctctctct ctctctctcg ctttcgctct gtctctctct ctttctctca cacacacaca     39780
     cacccagtgg cccatttgac ctgctggggt ggcttttctt ctcctctcgg ctgttttaca     39840
     gcattacgtt tggatacaga aacgagcgcg tgtctgcaga gttttctcca ccgtgtctat     39900
     catgcatcag ctgtgagatt gccgctgccg cctgctgctt atcagtgtca cttatctgaa     39960
     gagctcagcg cgaaagagcc aatagcaacc gtttttgttg agggtgtgac caatcaaaga     40020
     ggtgtaagag aactagacaa ggatcagaaa ttgagcagga tgtttatatt tgtttatatt     40080
     atttgcttaa tgctcgtttt gtttaaagtt acaatcaaag aggtgtaaga gaactacaca     40140
     aggatcagaa attgagctgg atgtttatat ttgtttatat tatttgctta atgctcgttt     40200
     tgtttaaagt tacaatcaaa gaggtgtaag agaactacac aaggatcaga aattgagctg     40260
     gatgtttata tttgtttata ttatttgctt aatgctcgtt ttgtttaaag ttacagtttg     40320
     tatatctgac tgtttgtatt aaacgacaaa attgtattac aaataatata taaatataaa     40380
     tatattcata cattttaata caagaactgc tgctgtgaag aaaatataaa actgtgtatg     40440
     gaaagcatcg tcaatgcacc gtgatgcacc gaaatatcga attgaaccga atcgatggca     40500
     tgataatcgt aaccgaaccg aaccgtgaga ctagtgtagg ttcacagctc tagtgaccat     40560
     acttcgtgaa gtacatgttg agatgcaata acgttattct gatgctgtgc tcaaaaaata     40620
     gtttactgta gtaaaggcta aagtaaacta tagtcattac tatttgttca tgatagttac     40680
     caatgatatt acctttacta taaattaata tagtatttca aatgcgtttt aaatgcagct     40740
     ggttttcttg gatttttttt tttgttttgt tttggcagtt atatactata atttgtttct     40800
     atttattata gcatgttatt tgcaataaat aattctgcct catttgtttc attgacagtt     40860
     ttattgatca ctaaaatgtg attgacttag atttaagttg ctttggttta aaaatgaaaa     40920
     ttgcaaaaat agcttacatg tagctaagct acttatgcca agtagctttc agcttagctt     40980
     gctacatttc ccagaggata gcttttagtg tagttaagct acaatttaag taaagaagct     41040
     aatagctata gctcactata tttcttaagt agcttgccca acactgataa aaggtaatat     41100
     ctggtaaagt taaaagccta atagaagcac atgagaacta aaaaagacaa acatctctgc     41160
     tgaagaagtg agacagaaga aagcacaagt attgtagcag cagatggttg ggagggggct     41220
     gggccgcatt tcagtggggc cctggccagt ttgcctcttc atggctacgg tgtgttatac     41280
     ctcttaatgt gcatgttacg atctattgta ctcatcattg ggcttttgtg tgtaattaag     41340
     aggcatgtgg gatatggggg tttgagtctg aaggtataga ggatgtaggg tttcttaaac     41400
     tgaacagata cacttcagca agcatggcgt gctgccctgt cacggcgagc acagtaaatt     41460
     tagcagacaa cagcacaagt caactctgca gggaatgaaa gcgcagagga tgttctctac     41520
     gtagtgtgcc gttactagat gctgatcatt tggagacgtg agagcatctc tgcgtgggac     41580
     aacctctgaa cgcttacata attggtgcac tgcaggaaaa gagagatata tctgtggttg     41640
     ggtctgctat ataactcaga gagatgcaga cagacatgaa gcagagggaa acaaggggac     41700
     aaaaggacaa gttctgctgg agaaattcag atactaggag gtcacagttt tgctgttata     41760
     aacagaaaat gtgtcaaaat gctgaataat tataggctct gttctcacag aatgtgctct     41820
     tgcagaagtg tgattataat agttgattga aaaggctgtt gaattgttga acaataatgc     41880
     tcagaggaaa tcgagccagt ccaaaaataa tcaataaact ctaaaaacct gctttggttt     41940
     gtatttctgt atttattttt atttatttat ttattttttt agtgtaattt cttaaacttt     42000
     aaaatttttt ccctataaaa acaaaaagtt tttttttaaa aaactcgttt ttcattttgg     42060
     tcaccattat gacctctgca aaatctttgt gtgtgtgtgg ggaaaaaaat tgtctttacc     42120
     ctaaaatctt actcggaaac tggattttac acatgaattt caagagttca cacttagttg     42180
     atgattgatt ataaagcagg agaaagccct gagttcataa gacccttgag ccaggggctc     42240
     cctcctattt gcaaggcgag agggaacttt gagctcaggt agatcttgag aactcccctg     42300
     cttatttatg gctaatgaca aattagggat ttcaatggag agatatacct ctggctaaga     42360
     actcatctat ggtgccaatt tggtttggtg aattcactta ctgtatgttg catgtctttg     42420
     gatgcaatga aaaaagtgtt gcatgcagaa ctgttgcaaa caatttattt gtgttgaatt     42480
     taaacaaaca aattaagttt aatattgttc aacttaattt gtttgtttaa attcagccca     42540
     aataaattgt ttacaaccac ttaacgtaaa aaaaattgag taaatccaaa gaatcatatt     42600
     tgaatatttt ttttcagtgt ggttagagga aactggggaa cccgggggaa acccatgcga     42660
     gcatggggag tacatgcaaa ctccacagag aaatgtcaat tttcctggta aagacttgaa     42720
     ctattgacat acttgcggtg aggcaacagt gctaacccct tggcagcgta ccgccctatc     42780
     taaaaaaaag gggaaagagt aggggtggaa ggggggattc ttcaagacaa agataactga     42840
     agtaagaaac tctggttatt tttggtgact taggaattat ttaattgata aataatgtgc     42900
     tagctgatgc aggaccagct gcgatcaatc ataagcgtga tcctcaagaa aattttttat     42960
     aaataaactt cactacaaga caaggttaca tttcaatttc aacaatattt tttagtgtac     43020
     gtaaagttaa tatttaaagg tgacattgga tgtcactttt gtagcttttt ttggattgct     43080
     ttaggcttca gctgtatctg tcagctcaga aaggttgcat caactttata aactgaatgc     43140
     attatgtgcc ataggttgaa tttccagcta gtttagacat aacttgttag ttctttacat     43200
     aagcctgcct ccatgcaaac tatggtctcc accctcctct cctccccttt ttgcaaataa     43260
     atagcaaagc catgtgtttt atttggttac tgatagcaaa cgccacatag tgatgcaacg     43320
     attaaccgat tttactatta accacacttt aattagtcat ggttaattaa tcataggggc     43380
     ttctcaacac cgtgcttttg cacaaaacaa aacagctgca actaaaaaaa gttacgccaa     43440
     tcaagcgcta gtgtaaagtt ccgagcttgt acactaaaga ctaaaggctc atacacaccg     43500
     ggttgctttt cgtttgcgtt tatcgtcaac gttttccgag acgttcttcc ggtttcaaac     43560
     gcaaacgatt ttaactggcg ttgagcagaa gagtatgtaa aatcactcct tgacgttaga     43620
     cagggcaaca caaatttaag cttctgacac acgcttgtaa cacagaggaa gacacgcttg     43680
     ttgttaaagt tacaggtcat tcgaacaagc atggatggtt caagtagcag ctccagcgat     43740
     gaagaaatga ttattgttca ccagtgcaat aagcagctcc acgttcatat cgactttagg     43800
     catcttcttc aatgtgcgct tgcattgaca gtgttgtgct tgaccgcatc taagtgatgt     43860
     ttactgtaac ttcagcagct ccgtgcacat gaacaaaagt gcctatctga ttggtggagg     43920
     ttttaacgtg gtgcgtcaaa acaaaaaaca agcatgaggc atttctttaa aaattaggct     43980
     tttccattgg caccctttat ttagtcatga ggcattaaac gtcaacaaaa aatgcatcct     44040
     tgtgtgcacg ggacttaatt tgcttatttc acgcggccgc cattttaaag aaccaaagtg     44100
     aggctgcagt gggaagaaac ccgtaagtat tggaccagca ctacaaacat tgcagtaaca     44160
     tgctgtgaac tacaaacctc cagctgttgc agatttcaaa atgcagaaat ggtgtaaaca     44220
     tcactttaat atcattcagt aagtttaatt taaacaatta atagcaattt agcatcaaac     44280
     aacataacaa tctctttaag aataatatgc tcaagtgtcc tcctaggctt cagttcatgg     44340
     cactagttaa acaccttggg aaagctttcc tgctttagct tatgtaaccc gatgagcgat     44400
     aaaaccctgc ggtcctctgt agacacaccc tcgtgttgtc tgtaatagtg ttgtcccagt     44460
     actgaagttt taaaaacgtc catttcccgc taacattcaa gcgccgctga gcgcgtacat     44520
     aaacatctct gatttaccat agtattcacc agtgctcatc agttaaccac tctacaccca     44580
     gtgcaaacac agatacacag acactggagt gtgaaacagc catgaagatc agtcgaatca     44640
     tcaagcagat cgctcgtctg tgtttgtact tggtaaacag cagagggtga aatgatgacc     44700
     ttctcggcca atcacagtca tttctgttga gcatgtgaac acaatggcaa atcagcgctg     44760
     ttttaagaaa gccatcaaca gtgccttaaa tgttaacagg aaattgacat tttttctttt     44820
     aatttagtat cttgacaagt ctaatatagt gaaagaatca gttcattaac tcgagtttga     44880
     taaatggcat ctaaaacgtg tgtttgggaa agaaaactta ctagtgccat ttccctaacc     44940
     tagctgaaaa tgaggtctca tatccctttt attttcacca ttcattctga acggaccttc     45000
     aggtcactcg gaaggcggtg aaattaaaaa tttgtgtcac tttctcttcg ctgataaggt     45060
     atacagtcag gtacacaaca ttccaatgta actcccaacg atacttccgg gtttcaccgc     45120
     agcctcgatt tcgattttaa acatggcggc cgcgtgaaat cagtctatac cacgcacact     45180
     agattaactg tggatgaggc aataaactaa gggccattta cgtattgtgt cttttgctct     45240
     cacaagttcg ttattgacat tggaggcact tgcctttgcc cgcatattgg gattgacacc     45300
     cacgcggtgc atgagcatgt cacaagacaa gaactggacc gaatagcctt atacttttct     45360
     atgtaataaa cacatttcta ctccaaagag ataaacaaaa ttaaaaatac caaacatttt     45420
     tataatatag ttgatcaaaa gaaagtgttt cttaagcctt tgactacatt tgttcttttt     45480
     aaaagggaaa tacttagcta atgaatagct tagatttaca ctaataataa taataattat     45540
     tattattatt attattatta ttacactaga caaatgtatt tttttattta ttcttatctt     45600
     tgtttattca ttcattgttg tcatctattt tcagtgtaaa attattagtt atgttaaaac     45660
     tttttttttt cacttatttt taagtccaag gagaaatgga ctattttaat gatattttgt     45720
     gctgtattaa tcggttactg agcagcaata actttaaaat ataagaagtt ttcatgtgat     45780
     tttctaaacc agtagtgttt tgcataatta attgtgataa ctgtgaaacc attattattc     45840
     ctcaaactat aatctattat aacctataat catgcatccc taacgccacc tttagttcac     45900
     ttgtgtctag aattagttca tcattctctt gagtgcagag ctgtttgtca gtgtgatgtt     45960
     ggggttttca cactgtctag gacgcactgt gcagctgagc attttttaaa tccagcagtt     46020
     tcactatgtg tagatgtttg tttgactaca attttaattg ataatggcag gctgtattga     46080
     ttaattttaa gcaaattagg atgataatac atggttgagc ttctccccaa cctcagattt     46140
     tgtcattata atgtggaaac acaacaaaaa atgttccagc ttcagaaatt gatctgtact     46200
     tagtataatt tcaaattatg aggaatttaa tatcagtaat tactgatata gtttttttcc     46260
     tatgccacaa tcaagataat attttgatat ctaaatttct tccttcgtct taaaaaaaaa     46320
     aactattcaa tatattaata tatatatatt aaacatgcag tgcccataca aaaaaaaaat     46380
     ccctataatg catatttacc tagaaaagaa tgaacgtgct ttaacacccc aaggtttatt     46440
     ttgaagtgta tatgcttgat ttggcctggc ctgaacgaac acagtgaaga tcaatgaggt     46500
     caagtttgct ctcacctgag cccaatggag tgactgcagt cagcagagac agatgagcga     46560
     tccgccagct cacagcgcac aggagaacag tcacattgga taaatcaccc agcctctcca     46620
     taccctccac ctccaggaca cagctggctc gtggctcaca gcaaaatcct cctgcacgat     46680
     ccacaggcca agagcagctc caaacagcct gagacagaaa gggtgcaaac agcatgagat     46740
     gttgcatttg ctgtgaaacc taaaaggact gtattaatca cttattcatc acaaccatca     46800
     gtgccgtcat tttgtctaat gagtgtcata agacattatc atccattatt ttccacttaa     46860
     tgtctacgag cagcatctgt ggcgtgctgt cagttaccgc agagagtaat ttcagttcat     46920
     ccgtcaagaa aaagccaagc acatgttttt gtttaaatat gtacattcat ttttaaagag     46980
     acagttcagc tcaaaatgaa aactgcctta ctttactcat gcgtttgctg cactcttttc     47040
     ttttgatagt aaaatgaaca gaccaaaaat gatggcggtg agatagcagc aaataagaaa     47100
     gcatcagata ataacaatgt agacatttgt gttacttcaa tttgcacagt ttagctgttt     47160
     aaagttcctt aagatgtatg tattacatca ggggtcattt ttttctattc taatacacta     47220
     ctttatcatt cattcatttt ctttttggct tagtcccttt attaatctgg ggtcgccact     47280
     gcgaaatgag ccgccaactt atccagcata tgttttacgc agcgaatgcc cttctagcgg     47340
     caagccatca actgggaaac attcatacac actcattcac acacacacac tactgacaat     47400
     atagcttacc caattcacct gtagcacggt tttggacttg tggggaaaac cggagcaccc     47460
     ggaggaaacc cacatgaaca taatacacta cttttccaat gattttctat gtctgttaaa     47520
     ctcacgtctt gcatcttttg cgaagctcgc acatgatcac tgcgttttta aaatggcatg     47580
     tgaaaacaaa ataatttaaa cttttacatg cagcatcact cattaatgtc agttccaaag     47640
     cagtggacca atcaaaagaa ctcttaaggt tgggtacgca ttaggatgaa acctggcaga     47700
     agaggtgatt tttgaaaacc cattctgagg ggtgcatctt gtgtttttta gatgcaaaat     47760
     ttaaaatggc aatggtccat tcaatcttca tttcttgaag aatgattagc gctggatgga     47820
     attgctataa atattttctg aaacatgaat tcttgttcaa actgtcatgg aatttcaact     47880
     taaacataaa gacagtagct tacagctaaa ggcatttcat tttaccacaa ctctgccagt     47940
     gagagtggtt gagctcaagc ccatatacac caccaaggga tgtaaataga aacaatggtc     48000
     ccagcatatt tgctgttgta catttttcat ttctacagct ttcgacaatt caaaaagaac     48060
     cacgtactga taaataatgt tatgatagct agttataatt gaattgtctc ttgttatagt     48120
     tacagttatg aaaagctgaa aactttcatg ggataatgag atgaatggtc tatagcaggg     48180
     gtgtccgaac ttggtcctga aggggcggta tcctgcagat tttagttccg accccaatta     48240
     aacacacttg aaccagctaa tcaagctctc tctgggtata ctagaaactt ccagggagac     48300
     gtgttgaagg aagttggagc taaactatgc aggacactgg cccttcagga ctgagttaca     48360
     cccctggtct ataacaatag agtcttgaag gagtgggcca tgtcagatac tagagaaaat     48420
     gtgtttagta gtaagattga aagatgaaaa attgaaatat gaggtgatgt caaatttttt     48480
     tggattcagt taggtagaag cgacaaactg taaccatgga agtttatatc ttcttaatga     48540
     aaattttgtc attgttttgg agcacactat ttactattta ttttactatt tatttattac     48600
     attatatctt ggaaaaaata ccagaaatta ttcaaactac tgacaaatac ttcattcaaa     48660
     tctttctggt aagtaacaga aacggcataa ctcgaaaatg gttttagtct gatcctccaa     48720
     caagggctca atggatagga attgtaaagg agtatggaga tactactgta tggagagact     48780
     gacttttaac ctacagtaag atttgattaa aaaaagtgca acaaatactg gcaaaattgt     48840
     tctgagtatg tcgttgtaaa cgatttgtga taatgtactt caaatgtatt atgactttat     48900
     tttgtaaccc acatgacaac tgctttgttc cttgtttttg tttctatttt tctgtcattt     48960
     tttctcttct aaataaaaag taataacatt taataaaaac ataactaaca tattgataaa     49020
     aacgtctaaa aactttcttt tgattttaca agatctataa aactgcaaaa tatgcttgat     49080
     gttacagtca acgtctttac catcgagaat aaacaagaat ttcccattga gtaaaggcca     49140
     atatttccat tggaaatatt ctgaattatt ggaattattc attattgtga tccaatatta     49200
     ggtttgcact taaggatgaa atgataaaca tttcaggtga aggataatct acttgcatcc     49260
     aaaacaagtg ttattatctt tgtagcatgt gttttatata cacattgctg ccgattggtt     49320
     tgacatttta acacacccac taaaaaagag actaaattat tagtaaatga cttggttttt     49380
     ctgcacaatg aatatctgtg acagtgttac ttgacaatgt tactcatgtt acccactgat     49440
     tgacatgatt tttatcgtct ttaaaataat atatgtataa tttaataaca gactgataaa     49500
     tgttgttaat agtgctacaa tgaatctttg tgtaaaaccc aatgccatgt gaaaggaggc     49560
     tgcagaactt aaattattat taactgaaat atctagaaat atctacgtta ataataattt     49620
     aagacaaaat attaattata atcaaaatat taaaagttta ttaaacctaa atacttaaag     49680
     ataaaatatt ttacatttac atttaatttt gcacactaaa gatatcaatg cagttagttg     49740
     cttttaattt atccagttta gggtgttctt atgtgaacag ttttgtaata cccatcttta     49800
     taatgttgta aattaattta aggatatgag catttgagta caaaaaacat aagtatacat     49860
     acagtaagag tatgcagaca taaagaaaga gagagacact gactgactga agatgacaag     49920
     ctttatttca gtcagcttca aattcacaat cagcttctga ttcatttggt tcattggtga     49980
     ccctcaccaa catctgtgcc ttccggtgac cctcaccgac cctattattt actggtgacc     50040
     ctcaccatcc ctcagtctct cactggctgt ggagacttgc attaaacatc accagccgca     50100
     gagggttctt cactctcttc cactttggca tagcaggagc caaatttttg ccaaaaatgg     50160
     aaaaatcgtc ttctcagacg cccaagtcgc ccagtttttg gtggctttga gctttaaaaa     50220
     gaacaaacac atgacaagca tgaatatggg tgactagcat tccacaatac atcaatataa     50280
     acccatgtgt atacatttat tggggtatat atgaggtatg tgagcagtat cagtctgtag     50340
     tgtgtgtttg tgttcagaat ctgtacctgg tctctgtgag aagcacctgc tggacacact     50400
     tttcaggagt gaagtcccct cccgcctcag acacactgtc cccctcctca aacacacaaa     50460
     gaccattttt tcaatctctc acacataaat caaaataatc atctatcatc gttttcatca     50520
     gtttaacacc attctgattc aattcaaaaa cccgtcacac acacagatgg tctcatttga     50580
     aataaactca ctgctgtgtt tgtggcagat gcttgagggt acatattggg cagtagatgt     50640
     ctgaggttgt ccagcatgta ctccgtgaaa ctgatacaca tctcctcgtc ctcaagcttt     50700
     gtggggcctt gaggaacact acacacacac acacacatag caaaaacatg ttacattaat     50760
     aaatgtacca gacacccatc tgtctattgt gactgacagc tccatttcac acagacttta     50820
     agtgatgtca taatgtacaa acaccatcag ctgaatacag atatacaaac acttactgaa     50880
     agaggatcgg cccaaattct atggacaggt tggtggtggt catgcggttg gcatgactct     50940
     tggcagccac tctggacagg aagaacgtta gaaagcagag gatgttgtaa ttttcctctg     51000
     gaatggtatc cagtattttc ttcactgcct tgtgacgttt gctaagtctg aacactgcaa     51060
     gataaaatat ttccagagtt gaacaatttg ataagtctat tttgatgtgg agcaagccca     51120
     caaaaccttt acttactcct gaacacttcc agcagtttaa ccatgaatgg ttctggaatg     51180
     agaccacctg gaagagtcct gaggaaatgt ttcaagacgt aggctgagga atgaacatcc     51240
     tcgatgttca tctttgggaa gcctccacga tcaaaacatt tcctcagttc atactggcgc     51300
     aatactgtac caccaaccct gaacaggcct ctggtactga ggcctaaaca catatttcac     51360
     aaatacaggc tcagcatacg tgacaaacac ttggaaacac tgtcaaatgc caagccagca     51420
     ctcaccatgc ttctcgagga agcccaccag gtgtgtcaag gccagaggaa gcccctgtct     51480
     catctgtccg gtctttctca gatgtgacaa gggaacaccg aacaccttgc tcggtgcttc     51540
     ctcctgcaca agaaggaggg ttaagattga gaaatgagaa agtgatacac atacagctgt     51600
     ctaatgaatg tgaattatta gtaactatga gtttacattt aaacataaaa ttattaatat     51660
     tattagtatt aattttctcc acacacacac acattaattc ttcactaaca gcaagtattt     51720
     gtgaattact agtaggccta atagtatgtg tgaatgttta tacttacaca cagggataaa     51780
     actcccatta tgggggtttt gccgagcaac caaatccaag gggtgtccaa agccgtcagt     51840
     cgaagtcaga agaaaagggt cgttaccagg aaatccaaaa ccgtatccga gtgtcaaagt     51900
     gaaatcgcaa atccaaagcc gtagtcgaag tccgaaaaaa gtgtcaaaaa ccgtgaatca     51960
     ataatcgtaa atcaatcgag aaatcgcaaa ccgcacaaaa ccactaacaa caaccaacgc     52020
     cagaacaccc aacaaagaat tctaataaag tacgtgcata taaccctgcc gcagctctca     52080
     cgtcattgga atgcgttcta tttagaatcc gaggattagc ctctagttta ctaaaatgtg     52140
     cagcactaaa tcattaatat gtgtacatat caacattgat taactgcaca tacatgtatc     52200
     ataagctgaa gcgtgtttta caacgacgaa acgcgcttca acttaagatc cgttacaatt     52260
     tgttcagcct tgcaaacagt ttaatgcgca ttgtattaaa cccagtttgc aaggctgaac     52320
     aaattataca actaaagata ataattttat ttattttctg ccaataatac tttgtatata     52380
     acaacataat aattaaataa aaaattaaca ccacgttatt acccgttaaa acccgtttag     52440
     cacacattgc agtaaatata atttagtgta ttttacgtaa gtatatttta gaaaatatat     52500
     atttaaaaaa ataataatta taggtatttt aactttattt aaaaagctaa cgttagacag     52560
     cttaaatagg ttaaaattcc caaagtaata aaaataagca tacttttgtt acaattcata     52620
     ttttaaagtt gtaatacatt taagttataa ttattttaat attttgaggg ttaagccact     52680
     ccattaatca gaaagtgaaa tacgttatga cagaaatgct cccgtcatca aaccttaact     52740
     gtcgatttat gtggacatta ggtgaacact atccttaggt gaacattagt tttgtcttta     52800
     attcttattt tatacccata tattttttaa atgttagaac tgtcaaggct aagttgacat     52860
     gagcgcgtta gccttcttag ccaacagcat ttattagcaa gcttataagc acacattgaa     52920
     cattaccgat agagagtgat ccatcagatc ctgtaggtcg ataatgttgc gtgaagaaat     52980
     catgttgcct gagtaaagta acacaataac ataacattac tcaatctata gcttaaatct     53040
     cctcacgaaa ctcccgctca gagttaatca caactgataa taataacgac aatcttaaca     53100
     gcacgccccg tctggctaaa atccaactac agtgcaatgc attctggatc ccattgattt     53160
     ctgtaggatt attgtatcat aaactgactt aagaacaaga aaacggaaat gttttcttgt     53220
     ggtagcttgt tgataccctg tcacttacgg atgagatgat taatttattt catcagctcc     53280
     actttatgcc cagatagcaa aatacactcg ggccagttcc ggctagattg tcgcctgccg     53340
     gagacttacc cctcggccca acttcggctg ccggactcgg gccggatgac tgtggactca     53400
     ctgcccgatt ccggcccgaa tcaagcgggc cagatgcggc ggccgtaagc gagccgacgc     53460
     tgcgcatccg cgccggaatc ggcgcgaggg taatgtgcgc tgcggcccgg agctggcgcg     53520
     actccgtatt tatacacctt ataaaacctt ttggtattac attggtactt gatatatggt     53580
     attacaacca tttgaattta tataacagca aacacaggct ataatgtaaa cacaaagtga     53640
     aagcactgcg tttaaccttt gaataaagtg caaactgcat acacattctg taacgaaaat     53700
     aatcagacaa atgacaaaat aaataaatgt taaacgttta ttgattgcaa gaaagaaata     53760
     gtactaaaat tttataaata atttgtagtg cacaagaata tcaatataaa aacaacaata     53820
     aaacaacaca ataaagacac acagaaagat ttaaacaaaa aatctaaaaa ttacacacaa     53880
     acacagatgt ttttaaaaca accctgtttt cccaatagac ttgaattaaa aatttgtaaa     53940
     aaaacagcta aattttatat aaacctaaat ataaaccaat ttaagatata gcaagaaaca     54000
     tcttaaaaat accaatgaca atccgtaaaa tatccaagtc aaacttgtga aaggtactgc     54060
     agaattctga agaaacatct taaaacattt tttaataaaa cattaaaata ataataaaca     54120
     aacaaaaaaa aaataaaaaa tatatatatt atatataatt gcagaagtat aaagtcaaac     54180
     ttattttgaa ataaacttga acaaaatcaa ttgcacaaac agcaagacat gagtgagatg     54240
     attatacatt tcatatatat acacgtcttg tgcaatttta tatttataat tttatttgta     54300
     ttacgtttat taaaaatgta tcaagatgtt tcttcagaat ttggcgcaca cacatacata     54360
     catacatacc atacatatat acacacacac atatatacac acatatatat atatatacat     54420
     atatatatat atatatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     54480
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaatgcaa     54540
     atgaaagaaa caaattgttc aagtatcagg gaacatccta atacacttaa aatgttgttt     54600
     aaaaaataaa acaaaatagt gatatagaca ttagacacat tagctttctc ttctttcttc     54660
     ctccatccct gtcaggggca agttgtagct accttgtaat gcatttttcc acttctttat     54720
     cagtggcgtg gtatggacat ttgtcctcac tttatctgcg attaaaagat aaacagataa     54780
     ttagtagtga acaagtacta atgtaaaaaa aaagaaaaaa ttaggaaaaa agtaggctac     54840
     ctacgaagca aaaaaaaaaa acaataaaaa aaaacaaata aacttaaaac actttgaaat     54900
     tagcaagagc ttgaacttac cagtttcttc atttgttcgg gctgctcctt tagttgattt     54960
     tcaagctttt ccaaatcaaa ttggccaaag gaaggtcaaa tgtgttcaca tctggaattt     55020
     catcacgtct gttttggttt tgtgagaatc aggcccagct gctgctttat gacgttgcat     55080
     gattttaaaa cttcagtcag tcgtgctaaa aaagaaaaat aacagattag tataaaatca     55140
     acctgtagct tattctcata caacttctgt aaatacaaca gtgggttagt cactgctgat     55200
     attctctagt tgatctttac tttctagctg cattaaacct taacaaattt agtgatgtct     55260
     tcaattctta caaagacatc acgagatgca ataagttctg tcttgatctc aaactgcact     55320
     agaacaaaga ctgtaaatgt tcataggtgt actgcaggag tgtccaaact ttttgggccg     55380
     agggccagat gcaaaaaaac aaacgttatc gcgagccaaa ttttacatac aatacacaga     55440
     cacgtgtgtg tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     55500
     tatatatata taaatacagt tgaagtcaga attgttagcc cccctaaatt attagccacc     55560
     gtttattttt tccccaattt ctgtttaacg gagagttaaa catttttttc cacacatttc     55620
     taaacatatt agttttagta actcatttct aataactgat ttattttatc tttgccatga     55680
     tgacagtaaa taatatttga ctagatattt ttaagacatt tctatacagc ttaaagtgac     55740
     atttaaaggc ttaactaggt taatcaagtt aactagtcaa gttaaggtaa ttaggcaagt     55800
     tattttataa caatggtttg ttctgaagac ttaaggggct aataattttg accttaaaaa     55860
     aattaaaccg ctttttattc tagccgaaat aaaacataag tctttctcca aaagaaaaaa     55920
     tattatcaga catactgtaa aaatgttctt gctctgttaa acatcatttg ggaaatattt     55980
     aaaaaagaag aaataaatca atgaggggct aataattcag acttcaactg tgtgtagata     56040
     gatagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     56100
     gacagacaga cagacagata catagatcat aacaagaact gctgcttaat tgaatgcatg     56160
     taatagcgaa acacggtggt tatttattga attacgttca tttttgtata gcgggccaga     56220
     ttctattgat atttataaaa agcctcgcgg gccgcagatg ccgtagtttg gacacgcctg     56280
     gtgtactgga atgtacagta tctgtgcatc ttgatggtgg tcttaagatt tctgccatag     56340
     tcattgatgg tgatggtact tgtggtgctg cattgatttc tgaaatcttc atacctgcct     56400
     tttatccagc ctctttgttc caagtaattt ttcttcatca cggtatagat gtgtctatac     56460
     tgtcccttaa tcagatacat ttacaaaaca aaacatcact ttagtatagt gccagggcaa     56520
     aactcacagg ttgtaataga tcaatgacaa tgttgacagt atgtgtttaa aataattgca     56580
     aacaaacctg ttctgtcttt agatgtatga caggcgatca tcatcctcct ctgtcctctg     56640
     tcgagcttcc tcatatgcat ctataataaa acatcacatt gttgttaacc tcccgtaaag     56700
     aaaagttcaa atcctgaaat actatcaaag ttaattaatg catataatac ctatagtgta     56760
     aataatcagt acacagaagg ttgcacaaga tttattcgga gattcatgca gagtgacagc     56820
     cttatgaatc tgagacatag atttgtaaga tggtcaagca catgcattat tctgtaccca     56880
     tgaagattaa cctaccattg tgaaaaatgt ttgatgatag ccaataacaa taaaccattt     56940
     cagctgtttg tgaagcaatt agtaatgtaa tatctgaaaa gctcaatcta tgttgaaaat     57000
     gtatcagttt acagcttata atggactttt agcacacaac tataacatgc ctattcacgt     57060
     tcaaaagagt gtgccattga cttctttggt cgtgatgtgc tgcaaaatga tctcactaac     57120
     ctttgttaaa caagaacaat aagacttaac caacaaatat tgttacccat tcatttaaat     57180
     cagaatttat cactgtcaac aacataaaaa aaacatcaaa atctgcttta agacgttcag     57240
     ttttacatta actgaacatt acagcttgaa caaaagatat aattgattca cataggctaa     57300
     aacatatgaa ttaaagtgca cactaatata tttctcttgg ataatttaaa gagaatagta     57360
     aacagtcgag tttcgatcat ttttcgtgac taactgcata aacaagataa acaataatat     57420
     tttattaatc caaaacgatt agtttttatt tacacataat cacagaatta atacttttgg     57480
     ataagtaaac gcctgtacaa tgattttttt caacatccac ggtactttat aatgttaaat     57540
     caggaaaaaa cacgttttgc catgttaatt aatggattcg tctacagaaa ctttctttaa     57600
     cgcaaagtaa gcatacacac aaattcgttt catgtttctt taaaataatt aaaatagttt     57660
     tcagttacta cacacgttac aatctaacat tgtgtaaaag gaaaaggaac tttcagacgt     57720
     gtttgtaact gttagcgtta gcatacatta gctccagtcg tgtttcttaa agcaagttac     57780
     atttcgtatc aaactgtttt aaattactaa acgctgttac aaccaaacac cgtggaaatg     57840
     ttttaagctc taaattcgct aattatacag aacacaagca gtaaaaagct tacctttctg     57900
     accggactcc acgtgagatt ttttaaaaac caaacctttt cttcttgtga tcttcgtgcc     57960
     atggtggttg acaaccagct ttttggagca ttaccgccac cgtctggatt ggagtttgga     58020
     tcaggaattt agtaacgcat gtgtttatta tgaaaccaac ttctgcttaa aaaaaacagt     58080
     cagcacagga gcgtgctatc tcaaaaataa gcgaatttta catagttttt ctctagatga     58140
     catgtataat ctatttataa ataatattgt tttgtttgcg tctaaacatt gcgaccatcc     58200
     acactaaata ttcttttttt tttttttttt ttttttgcta tcgtaccatg aatattttct     58260
     caaattatca ttaaacgtgg agctaacaga ttactagata aaataagaac ttaatcagtt     58320
     gccatcagcc gagtccttgc cagaagcggc caggactcta cagacagact cgggccggat     58380
     atggttgacc ggaatcgggc cagtgcttta cagccgcatc acaaccgcat gtgcgcgagc     58440
     gagctgcggc ccgcactcgg cccggataac actcgccgat gccgagtcgg agccggaggc     58500
     gccggagggc agccgagctc gggccgatta ctgcctgcta tctgggtgtg gatttactag     58560
     aaaccagaaa aaaaggttgc gagagcaaaa cgtttatttc acacacaggc taaaactgca     58620
     ttttatcatt atccacacaa tggagcaaaa cattatattg ggcagtgggt gattcaaaat     58680
     atgaaatgaa aaaaaaaaac attattaatt ttcttttcgg cttagtgcct ttattaatct     58740
     ggggtcgcca cagcgaaatt aaccgccaac ttatccagca cgttttatgc tggatgtcct     58800
     cccagctgca acccatcact gggaaacatc catacacact cattcacact cataaacttc     58860
     agactcaggg gtgtccaaac tcgatcctgg agggccggtg tcctgcagat tttagttcca     58920
     acttgctcca acacatgttt cttgactgcc tagtaagagc tttgctgcgt ccaaaaccgc     58980
     atatgtccga acttcattcg tacttttcac attcatactg tatagaacgt acttttctaa     59040
     cggccgagta gtacgtttaa attcaaatgc agtacctgag tagtaggcgg tttcggacgc     59100
     agcccttgat tagctaggcc agctgtgtcc gattggggtt ggaactaaac tttgcaggac     59160
     actggccctc caggaccgag tctggatccc ttattcaatt tacttacacc acgtttttgt     59220
     ggcaggaaac cggagcaccc agaggaaatc catgcgaaca cagggagaac atgcaaactt     59280
     catacagaaa tatcaattgg cgcagccggg actcgaacca gcgaccttct tactgttaga     59340
     ccgtgtcgct gcgctacgta aaacatattg gcacaaacct aaaatggcat taatagtggc     59400
     taaaaaaaca attaattctc ttccagcagg tggcgcttag ataactgcaa gagtaacagc     59460
     atttccttgg ttacagctct attaggacag aatgtactgt agtatgaagg aatcactgaa     59520
     gaatcaaatg aatgaagaat aaagctaaca tttgttaaaa tgactgcatc acatgctttt     59580
     ccgtgcatat tctgccattt ctgtgtaacc ctgcagtcac ctgtgctcag actgtaaaag     59640
     cctcatagga ttcagcatgt ctctccgtgt gcatctgttc catgacttta gacttctctg     59700
     gtctctgttc acattttttt atagacttca tagtatacaa agcacataca tgtttcttaa     59760
     gctaaatcgc gttttacaac gatgaaacgt gcttcaactt aagatacatg taatttaatc     59820
     agccttgcaa atgtttaatg tgcattgtat taaacccagt ttgcaaggct aaacaaatta     59880
     taaaactaaa cagaagtagt aaaataatta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     59940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataac aacataataa taaaaaaaga atattaacac     60000
     cacattatta cccgttaaaa cccacataaa actgctacaa cacacataaa caaagtagtt     60060
     gtagcagcag tttatatgca aatggaaatt catagagggc taaactgaaa ccccgatcaa     60120
     aaataaaaat tgtacagtta cattattttg ctggtcgatc tgtgcatgcc tagttttcag     60180
     gaagcaggtc attcaaatga tgttcaagca ccattttgag cttgaacatg cccctgacct     60240
     atggcttcga tgaactcaac aaagaaaatg aaccagagaa tattttcaag tgcaagttgg     60300
     tggggcccaa aggcttagca accgggggaa acacactttt agagacagac cagttagaaa     60360
     caggtaatta agaatgtaaa cttttggatt tcatacagct gtcccccaca cttttaaaat     60420
     gtacactacg ccactgggcc tcaaaaaaac cctaaaataa atcttttatt tcatagtcat     60480
     cttccttttg tgtaaacggg cattgacttt cctctttaac aaacttcatg gtggcataac     60540
     taacttcaat ttgagatggc aattatgaaa cagcgtattt gattccttgc ggttaactac     60600
     tggatgttaa aaacacagtg ttgaccttgg cgcgagagga ctgtgtgatt aatacagcag     60660
     cccaaacgaa accagagtag ctctgcagcc agacagagtg agaagcaatt tatacacaat     60720
     gctttgaaga actgaacctg atacagttga agtataaggg caccctgagc ctgcatctgt     60780
     ggacaaatca aatcagatgt gagtgacagg ctgcagaact gcagaagcgg cccattatag     60840
     tgtctggtta cccttcagtc tgatcaccag agcggcttaa atgagctgca gtttctctcc     60900
     aaagcaaaca cgtcttaaac ctccaggtag ccgcatgctg atctgtagac ggctgcactg     60960
     acagagaaga tgatggttat ttaggggtta cttggaggat ttggtcataa tgaggcatct     61020
     gttgacgagc cacaggcata gcccattgca ggcatctaac ctcagactgg taaaatctat     61080
     atcattagcg attacagtgc acacaaatga aaatgggttt tgcgcggttc agcttttgtg     61140
     gttcttagat gctcagatca tagacgcaca aggactgctg tattcttata atgaaattca     61200
     ggaaacgctg atgaatcgaa gtcttaaacc accttgacca tgactcttga acaaatctga     61260
     tttggggcat tagtgattgt atcacagatg tgtagcacgt aggaaggaga tgttatgttg     61320
     tgaaacttgg tttgccgatc atatcaggcc taaaaaaaaa gaaaatacat gaaaaaatat     61380
     actcatcaat cactttaaac actgctttaa aacatgaatt tccttcatga aggcacggtt     61440
     attagctctg ctgtaaaatt tgacttgttt taaatatccc attattattt gatgaaaaaa     61500
     ttcctgtttt ttttttttgg ctggagtaaa tgaattttta tgtgcactga aaagaaatat     61560
     tcaaagttga ttctttgtta ttactgattt tttttattta agtggttgta aacaatttat     61620
     ttggactgaa ttaaaacaaa caaattaagt tgaacaatcc taaatctaac ttgtttaaat     61680
     tcaacactta aattgtttgc aataattttg tagacataat tttttttagt gtgtattcat     61740
     gtgttgaaaa aatattttct ctgttaaaca gcacttagta aataattgat aaagaataaa     61800
     aatctaataa ctttaccttc tattgtacat ttacacccaa aaaggataga tttgatacat     61860
     ttttacactc acaacagaaa atccaaccca aaaatcacag ttttgttttc atgtaatcac     61920
     tctcaggact ttccttcttt cttaaaggcg ctgtatgtaa gtttttgatt cttctaaagc     61980
     ataaaaatac catcacgttt gcagatattt aagaaacatg ccaagtgaac atttttgttt     62040
     atctgagaaa caatgctgaa gttagatatt ctgctttaaa aatgtgttac gtgacggaac     62100
     aactgtcttt gttttgggtt ttttaacccg cccactgcca ctttagccaa ttatatttca     62160
     gcacctcggt tgtctttgta gaaaacagta tatttcattc actaggcaac ctatggtgga     62220
     cagtggcaga ttctgaaatg agacacagat tcagagttcc acatgaggtt aataattagc     62280
     aaataatata aatattatga gtgtaaacat taggtgatta ggttacattg taaccctgtg     62340
     ttccaacaac acgctacgtg acgagatacg cagtgatgag caatttggct gtttgcacca     62400
     aacaaaacac gggagaaatt taaatacagc cattcagaag cacagaatat gcactcagtc     62460
     acggaacggt agagattata atcttattaa tatatattaa acctctttaa cattattaaa     62520
     tgtatatgct gagctgactc acacgtgttg gttttgagtc acagttttaa agttcaattt     62580
     tacacagttt attttatttg caagatctga ggtgaactgc tgctgctttc agtaatatgg     62640
     taatacatgt catgtaatat ggcattcaaa ctcacattgt aagcatttaa cactgaatga     62700
     agcacatgaa gtttacctga ggtaaacatt gtcagttttc tgttgttcag ttgcaagaaa     62760
     tagaagccgt ttctaatatc agttcgagga gtttgttaga acaaaaactt cttctaatat     62820
     ggagaacatt ccttccatcg tgtggtgttg cctttatata gaacacgatt taaatcaacc     62880
     tttaggcttg atcgtcagac tcgctcctgt tagtcctcca atctggtaac ctgcacttgc     62940
     gtttgttttg atccagctat gcaataccta gttcaaccac tgggtgtcaa acttacatac     63000
     tgcaccttta aggaacacaa aagacaattt ctgaatattg tttcgttata tgaaaaaccg     63060
     tcacaagata attaaaaaac aaacatgaat ttatttacat acatagtaat tttctactca     63120
     ctaatatcta aaactactct aaaatctacc actgataata atatacaatt aaaacaaaca     63180
     aaaacacctt aatattaatc ataatccaat acaatgaaac actttttcac ggaattacaa     63240
     aatatagtta aacagctaac aaaatattgt tatatataaa tatatacagg caaacagagc     63300
     atgaaataag taaaaaagta aataaataaa aagtcaaaca ctacagcttc ctactgcata     63360
     tatttacaat gtacaagtgt gaacattcaa caaatcccaa atcactagcc cactgcattt     63420
     aaaatgaata gcaagctaag aacatcaata tcctcacctt tcagaaagta tctacagtac     63480
     agcacgttca aatcctctct gctagagatc tacttcagtg cttcctgtct cttgaatttc     63540
     tagtggaaca atggtaaagt tcgaaaatgg ttttatgcac ttaagtctaa agctgccttc     63600
     accttcttat cacagagaag ctgcagtcct ataaccagcc atatataatg cacaaagagg     63660
     gacagtgacc tttcataaac cttcagaata ttgctggtgt ctcaaatggt gaaaatggtg     63720
     gctcttcttc tcatggtaat ggacagaagg atgagtttca gtctagaaaa cctcctcttc     63780
     ttcagcttca cacccatatt ctgcaaaata caagggatta aatgaattcc acagagtgaa     63840
     aaacactgaa aatgacagat tagattaaag gttagactgc tgctacagtg ggacagttct     63900
     gtgatcagca ggtatttgta gatgtatgac ttgcagagga gacggggata ggagcagttc     63960
     atcaagatga taaacacttc aaatgcagtc tgccacgaat gctagagagt tacagcccac     64020
     ttagcgttac gcaatttgtc aaaatgaaga gtcagacctt ggaactaatc taggaaaccc     64080
     ttgatcattg aagccgcgag ccgtgacttc attatctttg tcagtgacac ggctcaaatc     64140
     tgctgtgaca tactgaccat ttccaccgat cagctccatg gcgctaacac aagactcctc     64200
     cgcctcttcc tcgatctcct cctcttcctc ggctggttca tcataagcca cgggcccgct     64260
     ttccagcaca gggggagggg tgggggccgg aggtggctct ggggccgcag gaggcaacat     64320
     catggtcatg ctgggagtga actgaaatag ttcattaaag aacaagaaag atcagacaac     64380
     cgccagactc aactaactca attaaacagg tttataatct aaaagtgctc cctagattct     64440
     caaacattat ttaaattaca atgttgcaaa tttttgggtg gcaccattgt caaaaatcaa     64500
     cattggtttg tatctggtct gcaacatgtc ctataagcct gtttctgtct aaaatgcagt     64560
     atattcctct aacaaactga atcattacac acatgttggt actgcaagtt tgaatctggc     64620
     ctgtcaaagt atccatccca tttttcaact tcgcccaaga catttccata atactattca     64680
     atactgattg ttaagtcaac tccacagggt ggtggtcagc atttgtgaaa ctgacacatt     64740
     cagttaggat gctcatatat aaaatgcaga tttgaatatg gcctgcaaca aatcccattt     64800
     gtcaatttat tataattacc attataatgt tgggtcggca cagtggctca agtggttagc     64860
     attgttgcct cagcaagaag gttgctggtt cgagtcccgg ctgggccagt tggcatttct     64920
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttcg ccccttgttg aaatccttac tccgggtgct ccggtttccc     64980
     ccactgtcca aagatatgcg atataggtga atttaataaa ctaaactgtc cgtagtgtat     65040
     gagcttgtgt gtgaatgagt atgtactgta tactgggttg cagctggaag ggtattcgct     65100
     gtgtaaaaca tatgctggaa tagcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgacctctg aaatagagac     65160
     taaggaaaat gaatgaatta aagagcccat attatacatg aaatagggtc atatcttggt     65220
     tgtaagggtc tccaacaaca gtctaatatg catgcaaggt caaaaaacac tttcatggtc     65280
     ttataatctg catttatttt tacctaatta tcccagcgac tcccgtatga atcgtccagt     65340
     gattcatttg ttcccaaacc cctccttagc gcgaagctaa tctgcgctga ttggaccgat     65400
     gacagtctgt tgcgattggt cgactgcctt cagtcagaga gtgaaatggc caagagctaa     65460
     tcagcaatat aaaaagtaat cacagttcat acacgctcga tagtgtaggc gtggatttta     65520
     gctgccacac acacacacac aaaaacacac acacacacct ccggacgaca acgctcccgc     65580
     ttccgcccgc acccgccagg ttttagcctg agaacccgct tcgttttctg cccgccgcgc     65640
     ccgatcccgc tagagcgggg gagaacacaa ccaaaaatca cccagctata cagtccagac     65700
     agccaagatg tctgtataaa cacacacaca acaccaagca cacaaagctc gcgctcgctc     65760
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctcatac gcgcgcgtgc gcactaacac acacacacaa     65820
     gcaccaagca gactctctct gtctcattcg catagcaata tccgtgatat tgctagacag     65880
     cctgctcccg tcccaaataa aacccgttac cgaccgctcc cgcgatttat tcggaaattt     65940
     attgccgcgc cgcagaaatc tggcgagggg acagccgcgg gaatgcagaa ctctagcacg     66000
     gagctccata aacaaagcag cacgcgtcgc gtttttaaag tgactttgca tgcgataaga     66060
     gaatatagcc agttaacctg atacagtaca ctcggttaca attaacaaat cacaactaaa     66120
     tacatttgca agctagagtc aacgaggcaa caactttaac cgcacgtact tacacttgag     66180
     aaaggtagga agaaacccat cctgacgtcc atcagtaagt tactctttac tgatccttcc     66240
     tttaacaaac tcagatgaag tattctttgt agcatgtagc ttccagaagt ttccagtagt     66300
     ttccaactgc ttggttataa tgctgatgtt tcatctttgg gtagagactc aatataatat     66360
     ccatctgcag tgtgacttca atcgaccggc atgtttgtgt gcgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt     66420
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtctgggttt ctgcgtcaga agaggggcct     66480
     caggtttgaa atctctcggg tttgcacgtg cacgtgaata acttggtttc gttcgtacgt     66540
     catggcgaaa cacctaatga ctcggtatca aggcgactcg tttgaagcac tatgagtcga     66600
     ctcttttata gatgaatcaa cagttttaaa cactgtattc ttacagattt aagccttagc     66660
     tggatacttc acttcactta gagctgtgtt acacactaca tggaggggaa ttttcaaaaa     66720
     cccataatat gggctcttta aaatgttgat ttttaaatgc tgacttttag tcaagatcac     66780
     agtgtagttt ccagattgtg tgcatatgaa acttaatgct ggtgttaatg tgagtaatgt     66840
     aatatgaatg tagcctgcaa ccagttctga tctcatttcc gttcttctac taaatgtgac     66900
     cctggaccac aagaccattc ttttgttgca tgggtataat tttggcaata gtcaaacaca     66960
     ttgtgtgagt caaaattata gatttttctt taaaccagta tcattggaaa attaagtaac     67020
     aatcatgttc catgaagata cattttaaat ttcccaccgt aaatatatca aaacctaatt     67080
     tttgatcagt aagtgcactg ccaaggactt aatttggaaa cttcaaaggc gatttgtcag     67140
     tatttagatt tttatgaacc ctcaaaaatt gttcaatcct aacaaaccat acactgatag     67200
     aaatcttttt attcagcttt cagattctat aaacccttca acttttaaat attgacattt     67260
     atgactattt taatggtcca ggttagggct gtgcaattaa agagcccata ttatacatga     67320
     aatagggtca tatcttggtt gtaagggtct ccaacaacag tctaatatgc atgcaaagtc     67380
     aaaaaacact ttcatggtct tataatctgc atttattttt acctaattat tccagcgact     67440
     cctgtatgaa tcgtccattg attcatttgt tcctaaaccc ctccttagcg cgaagctaat     67500
     ctgcgctgat tggaccgatg acagtctgtc acgattggtc gactgccttc agtcagagaa     67560
     tgaaatgccc aatagctaat cagcaatata aaagtaatca cagttcatac gcgctccata     67620
     gtgtaggcgt ggattttagc tgccacacac acaaacacac acacacctct ggacgacaac     67680
     gcttccgccc gcacccgcca ggttttagcc tgaacccgac cgctcccgct tatatttaga     67740
     atttcttgtc ccggtgcccg aaccgccccg ttttctaccc gccgcgcccg atcccgctaa     67800
     agagcggggg agaacataac tgaaaatcac ccagcaaaac agtccagaga cagccagaca     67860
     gagctctctc tctctctctc atatgcacgc actaacacat acacacaagc gacaagcaga     67920
     cacacaggca ggcaaagctc tgtctcattc gcatagtaat atccacgata ttgctagaca     67980
     gcccgctccc gtcccaaatt aaacctgtta ccgaccgctc ccgcgattga ttcggaaatt     68040
     tattcccacg ccgcagaaat ctggcgcggg gacagccgcg ggaatgcaga cctctaccac     68100
     ggagctccgt aaacaaacag cacgcgtcgc gtttttaacg tgactttgca cgcgataaga     68160
     gaatatagcc agttaacctg atacagtaca cgcggttaca agtaacaaat tacaactaaa     68220
     tacatttgca agctagagta aacgagccaa caactttaat cgcacgtact tacatttgag     68280
     aaatggagga agaaactcat cctgacgtcc attagtaagt tattctttac tgatccttac     68340
     tttaacaaac gcagatgaag tattctttgt agcctgtagt ttccagaagt ttccaactgc     68400
     ttggttataa tgctgaggtt tcatctctgg gtagagaatc gataatgtcc atctgcagtg     68460
     tgacttcaat cgaccggcat gtttgtgtgc gtgtgtgcgt gtgtgcgtgt gtttgtgggt     68520
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gggtttctgc gtcagagggc ggggcctcag     68580
     gtttgaaatc tcccgggttt gcgcgtgcac gtgaataact tggtttcgtt cgtacgtcat     68640
     ggcgaaacac ctaatgagtc ggtatcaagg cgactcgttc gaagcactat gagtcgactc     68700
     ttttatagat gaatcaaccg ttttaaacac tgtattctta cagttttaag ccttagctgg     68760
     atacttcact tcacttagag ctgtgttaca cactacatgg aggggaattt tcaaaaaccc     68820
     ataatatggg ctctttaagt gaaggttcac aaactaattt caagaggagc acgtgatagg     68880
     attgacaaca gctgatccct atcactaatc actaactagc caattggatc attccaaatt     68940
     gaatataaat atccagtcta aactctattc ctcatgtttg ttttggaaac cctctttatg     69000
     tatcccttct cccacctcct caattctaag ttcgggcgac accgaggctc agtggctagc     69060
     actgttgccc cacagcaagg ggttgttggt taaaacacta gctgagccag ctgacactct     69120
     ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctcccagtgt ttgcgtgggt ttgccccggg tactccggtt     69180
     tcctcccaca ctcaaaaaac atgcaacaaa agttaaagtc acaaacatct actacgtaca     69240
     aactggtgca gttagcagat ctcatatccc tcctatgctt attgattagg tgggagcctt     69300
     gggttcatct atctccacgc taagggttct ctcccaggac agcatgtcaa acctgcttaa     69360
     agtcaagcgt taactaagtg tgaacacttg aattgaaatc aaattgcaat tgcaatttga     69420
     aatgttacaa ttagcttatc gcaagagact gcattatgaa tatatattat tttatttccc     69480
     caccaagagc aaatacatga ctgccatctg tgtgtgacag tcttactagc caattgagtg     69540
     agcacacttt cgttctgccc aatcagagtt gtgcaacaga acagtgcgga aagcccacaa     69600
     taaaacaaaa accaggaaaa catagacaag tgggatgatg gcgtctgccg cttcggaagc     69660
     attaatagac aaattaatat aaaagcaaaa cagcacattg gtaatatgag aatattttgg     69720
     ttttaaagtc acagacaccc aacaaaaaca ggtcatttgt aagagccgtt gcagaattgt     69780
     tgcaagtaca aggaaataca acaatcccta aatcacacag ccctagtcca ggttcacaaa     69840
     tcatttccat attaatgtac aactctgact cctagtaaaa ctgtgtagtg gccagtgtat     69900
     gagcatctgg catgttaaat ggtaatattc atgtagaaaa tacgggttta aatatggctt     69960
     gcaacaacta cagctcccat ttttcctgtt tctctcaaat aaatctgtaa ttcactcatt     70020
     tcaaagtctc agaagcaaac gctgcaatag tttcataact gtataaattg attacagtgg     70080
     tcagaagaga gaaaaagatg tcaaagtggc tgtcgctcat tatggtcatc atattagaaa     70140
     cagttatgca cattaagaag aaactatttc tgtttctaac caccaggatg acagctatag     70200
     ctccaatcac acaagtttgt gatgctgttt gaacaatata ttcaaggatc actaaatctc     70260
     tgaaccatgt tagaaaaaca atgaaatttg ccaccataaa tggttaacaa cgcctttggg     70320
     aaatgcactc ctggtgctca tgtgggtaat gcaggtttga atctggtctg caatgtatga     70380
     cgatttcatg ttctttctcg cttcctaatc tctcttactt gctgtcaatc tctcctatct     70440
     gtcaaaaaac taaactaaac taaactaaaa atagtgattc ttcacatcac atccaagaat     70500
     aaagaagaag aaggaaaaaa agattaaatc gaaaaagaac gagccccagt gaatcagggc     70560
     tacatttccc agcaggcatc tgtgtaagga agtgcagctc aagggtagaa gaggcctaaa     70620
     tcaattatca tgttgtgaaa aacggaggaa gagcatgaaa gtctcagtgg taattatagc     70680
     gcaggcttgc cgctgtagcg tgaggccgct cttcaggcgg tgctggttaa agggaaaaca     70740
     gcagcagcgg ggttcttgta acaggacttg gcaaacgcct aaaagatgcc ctgcagctca     70800
     cctgtgggtt acaccctgag tgagtaaccc gggcggaatc acagagacac gcagaggcct     70860
     gatggctgga gaatctgggc tggggcatta atgagctcat taggaagaag aaaattaagc     70920
     aaacttgaga aaatattgta gcacttttca gtgtaatact ttcattgtaa gttccttacc     70980
     acatctcaag caatgaaaca gggctgttct tgttttgtgg gggggaaaaa aggagaattg     71040
     cgaacatctt taagaataaa tctctttaga gtctctttga aaagtgcata atatatcata     71100
     tcatgctgaa taattttaga atatatcacc agctacctgc aaggatagcc agtagcttta     71160
     taacaagagc aaagtttccc tttgcaatca ttttgtgctt gatttttccc acacaatggc     71220
     tactttgtct gtttgtgcat tcacttcagg ctacattgct gcttactaaa gcctgaccac     71280
     tttgaaaaga gatgctaaga cccagagagc aaagcacaca caggcaatcc atcatgttct     71340
     gtggcttgaa cattatcaca gatattgact ttcaattaaa agtatatgcc atatttaccc     71400
     catattgtga attatgctcg ttcgctattc actgctgtga catttagcta tgaagtattt     71460
     gattatcgtg atggatttac cgctgaagtc aagtagggtt agtcaagcta attgaatttg     71520
     acctggacta aagctgatat tcatgaaata ttgctcatta ggtcaacaag aaaacagacc     71580
     gcaaacagtt ctgcactggg atgccattta gtaatcgcat tagaccttag gttatgaaat     71640
     gaggcgcaca gctcgaaaag agcacacaaa aattcttgtt ttaaataaac atgttttaag     71700
     tttttaatat tcaaggtcta aagaattggg cagcaggaag aatagtaatg atttttattt     71760
     taacgataag ctgaacatac agacataaca ttttaaactt atactgtcca aactatagtt     71820
     cagtcttttg ggtcttggtt tattttttta aaggtcaaaa agtgtgaaat tacaaggatg     71880
     tgtaagtacg agagcttttt ggccacatag tttgtttctg gaagcactta attatcaccc     71940
     atagtaggtc ataagaccca caaagtaata agcctgcaag agaagtggtt cttgtgacat     72000
     ccctagtctt aataataaat aaagcagtaa ggaaagtgtc taatggtaca aatgtttgca     72060
     tgagtcaaat catgtttatt tatagcttag gcttttataa gttacagtac aaatttaata     72120
     actgttacct aaaaatctac ttgaaattga gacccttttt caacacgcac aaacaatgtt     72180
     gcccataaaa ttcgaattaa gcctctggca tcacatagat tattgttatt tattattatt     72240
     attattacta ctattgaatt aattttctga gcattttgtg gtttacaact tttggagtgc     72300
     caatataagg taaaattaag tgtcatgaaa tgagcaacct gcttgctgcg aagctaccca     72360
     ctgtgccact gtgacactcc aagtattagt tttcctcaaa attattattt tttattaatt     72420
     acttatcctc atgccattcc aaaccccaga gatctttgtc tttggaacac aaagatattt     72480
     taggtgaaat ttgagagctc cctcatcctc catagacaga aggacactgc acagtgttcg     72540
     tgaatatgca caatatacgg acactgagga gaagaaactc aaagaaatat aagtcatttt     72600
     ttttagtttt aggtgtaatt tgttttccca cactaataaa tgaaagtctc aggggtttgg     72660
     aatggcatga gggtaagtaa tttataacac agttttcata tttggttgaa ctaaccttta     72720
     agtaaggttt agagaaatgt tcaaagttag tagctagttg ttgccgtttg tcatgattct     72780
     accacttcag tcttgttaat aacactagtc ctgtcttgtc tagtatgttg agcttggctt     72840
     gagttttctc aggtcgagcg ataatacatt atatctcgtc attgtttgtc ctggttattt     72900
     ttaagagcga cgtcttggct gtgctcgggc catgtgcact cctgcttgat gcgggtgcat     72960
     gaggtctggg cgtgctcaga atgcgccctc tcgtcctggt gtgtttgttt tgttcgcggc     73020
     atgttgtttt ccttttcagc actccagtct agtaggtttc gctttcttcg cttttttttt     73080
     gttttccgcg ttctgttggt gttgtgttta gcacgtggtt catgtttaca tacgctgcat     73140
     gcttttgtgt tacatgtaaa cacaccgtta atgagttctt tgattggctg catattctag     73200
     tcccatttta cgtgagcact tgtgttgtgt gctttcctgt ctattgtctc ttcccaccct     73260
     ccttgttaac ctattattag tttattcagt tcacctgttt gtttggtaat tctttctctt     73320
     tatagtctcc tcttgtctgc tgttctgtgc cagtttgtca cacgtggtta ttccagtcga     73380
     gtcttgtctg tcctgttcag tccagcccta atccctgtca gccctgctca gtgaagtttg     73440
     tttgtttagt tgtataataa tgttttcctc ctctgggttg ttttagttgc ccttttgttt     73500
     tattttcata gttattaaac ccattttttg ttttgcacct gagtcctcct ccttcctttt     73560
     cctgaaacgt gacaccagtt attgtaaata tataataata agtttgcagc atctatgtga     73620
     ggaattgcaa tgcaatatag agaaactgac ttttcactat ggggtaacta acactgagga     73680
     cttagaaaaa ctctaaagac atttaatttt gctaatattt agtcctttta ggctaattaa     73740
     cctccacttt aaaaaatgga ccaatttatt tggtaaaatc atgttcctga ggacactctt     73800
     aactaaatgt tgagcatttt gttttaatga tatcctatgg aaaaaaaaac attccattgt     73860
     actagcactt tatattcaat ataaaattaa cttttattca ttcattcatt caatttcttg     73920
     tcggcttagt tcctttatta atccggggtc gccacagccg aatgacccgc aaacttatcc     73980
     agcaagtttt tacgcagcgg atgcccttcc agcgacaatt aatctctgag aaacatccaa     74040
     acacacattc acacacacac tcatacacta cggacaattt agcctaccca attcacctgt     74100
     accgcatgtc tttggactgt gggggaaacc ggagcacctg taggaaaccc acacgaacgc     74160
     agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac cccaactgag ctgaggcttg aaccagcgaa     74220
     cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgtgccact actccgccct aataaacttt     74280
     tataccgaaa ataaaacata ttctattatt attgatatta acagtgattg tacagattta     74340
     acattcaact taccagtgca gctgctgtcc tcttcttctt tggaacggag gaaattaagg     74400
     gccgtagcct acagaaagca aggcagaaag ataaaataat tacagagtga atctttagat     74460
     gcctcgtcct ttttaacatc agctcaaaca ctgaaagaag ggctcagaac tggcctaatt     74520
     ttccttccaa aaatatgtaa atatgagcat agttcctggc tccttcactc cctgcccaca     74580
     gcagattacc gaggcatatc taaagcaata gattcacact gagacctgca ctactggggc     74640
     taaagaagcc ctgtggcgtt gatgaaatgc ttagcttaca cttcccggcg actggattta     74700
     aacatcaaac agcagcacta tttagggcta atattaaaga gaccagtata aaacattaat     74760
     tagttttttg ggggaagggg gagagagaga gaagggaatg ttctgaaacg agaatgacct     74820
     tgatctgact tcacattagt ccagtgtgca tcgtcaagac ggactgttat ttatgtcata     74880
     attatgagga gccagttcag agataaagtg gtgcaacggc agtgactttt ttatccacct     74940
     ctcaaccgtg gggaagaatg tataggtata ctaaatttgt ttagaataaa taaaaaagat     75000
     tgtttattaa tattatgatt taaaaatgtt ttacacaaaa aatgcagctc acaaatttat     75060
     aaacagacac taaaaggtat atacatacat acataaatac tactgtacta ctactactaa     75120
     taataataat aataaaaata gtaataataa taattataat tataataatg ataaggtgtt     75180
     ttttattaat ttcattatgc ttcatattag tattcattta attagcatat ttcaaacaaa     75240
     atgcaactca aactgcaatt atacacataa aaacaacaat aataataatt attattatta     75300
     ttgtcactga agagtctggg acaacagagg tgagtatccg catgcagttt attaaacagt     75360
     ttagtcaggc acgcaacagt caaaacaggg gcaaaaacaa gcatacagta aatcaaagat     75420
     tgtaggcaaa agcgggtaaa tagtcaggtc aggaggcaaa acaacataaa acaataaaca     75480
     aagcaaaggt caaaaacacg agaaggcaag acaaggataa cgcttacgcg atgctctaaa     75540
     cagaaacaag actcagcaat gatgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtt atatttatag tccatgtgat     75600
     tagtcctggc tagcatcagc tgtgtgtgtg taatcaaggg caatctgggg gctaaaccta     75660
     actaaatcta ttgtttaata ttaatattat aacagttctt aatgttatat aatacattta     75720
     atttgtataa cacctttaat ttataaaatt ctgcttagca aattattatt attttatttt     75780
     cctaatgtac taaaacgcta actaaatgtt tgtttaatat taatattata ataattatta     75840
     atgttataca atacatttaa tttgtataac acatttaata aataaaatta tgcaaataat     75900
     aataatatta attattatta ttattattat tattcctaac aacactcaaa agctaactaa     75960
     atttattgtt tattattaat atattaatat tataaaaatt attaatgtta tataatacat     76020
     ttcatttgta taacaccttt aataattgca attctgctca acaaaatatt tgtattatta     76080
     ttactttata ttcttaatat accccccccc cctttgagtt ctccaaactc aaaagttaat     76140
     taaatatatg gtttaatttc agtttttaga acataatgac taaaacatga tctcatcatt     76200
     ttttaagttc catcaatccc aaacactcag caaaaatgct gcaggacctt gtgtgcaaag     76260
     tgtccttgaa tgcctaaaag ctcatctgaa tgtgctagaa tgacagtgca tgaaacagca     76320
     tcatgaagct ggcaagaatt cacgcaatgc tttgcaaaac agagacaaag caagttgcct     76380
     ttaagacttt cacaaaagat ccaagccaaa gattccacac aaatgttacc aaaacagaca     76440
     taaataaaga caaattgttt attctgttgt atccagatgt aatttatggt aagctctaaa     76500
     aaaaaatgcc tggttgtttt aacacaaatt tggctcagat aggtacaaac ccaactgttg     76560
     ggttcagatg aacaattaaa tttttaattc aacaattggg cttgaaaaag aattgttgaa     76620
     aactgcatat gtaaatgcgg tgatatatag agtgttaata ttatctataa gtatacagaa     76680
     caacccacac actcacaaag gcatataaac acaaagtgca gaaaagctgg gtagcgactg     76740
     cgcctccttg gtgaaatctc cccgaggact tggagagagc actttcttgg ccgataaggg     76800
     aaagtgctgc taattaatct gcttaaagaa gagaggagga ggaggataga aggaatgagc     76860
     gagagaaaga aagacagtac atgctgaaga aggggctttt ctttgtcgtt tctcattagg     76920
     agtagtggcc tacattagcc atctgcatcc tgctggtctg acagagtctg ttccggccac     76980
     gatctgctcc gttcaccagt gtcccgaccc tggcaaacat cctcaacaca actccagctt     77040
     tcggattacc caacacatta ctggaaaaca caatcacccc cgagtggcct tgccgagtga     77100
     atagtcttgg gaagaagtgc agatctacca ctcgagtgtg actaatacac ttacaaatct     77160
     tcagccatgg aagtgaaatg gcctccagcc gaatctagag cacatattgt gtattcggat     77220
     gcctctgctt gcagggattg agaaacgcag ataatcttac aatactgaat gcatgagctc     77280
     agctgaagtg agtgaggatg aggctgaaaa tgaggctgga ggaagacctg agtaaaatgt     77340
     gttgtgtgga tgtttttttt ttttcttgat gttcttcaag ggcaagtcaa ggggaaacaa     77400
     tggtaaagca ttttaaaaca agaatttctc gagaaccaaa taatgtacat ttacatttaa     77460
     taatttaatt taaaataacc tacaaatgag gggtaataga agtaatcaaa gctaacaaca     77520
     atacataaac actacaacat ttcccagtta atgtattaca cacagttgaa ggtacattgg     77580
     ctggaataaa agcagttaaa taaattttat taaccgcttt aaaactattg tttttgattg     77640
     gctacagaac aaaccgatga aaactttctt aattaaccaa cacaatctca cggcaattcg     77700
     taagtttttg atttagtggc taattcgtat gaattcgtag gatctaattc gtacaattta     77760
     gtatgatttg ctcatcaccc aatgacagtt gggtttaggg gtggggttag gtgccacgcc     77820
     tccttttaaa aattgtacat tttcgtatga ctgaactcct acaaattcgt aactaaactg     77880
     acaaaacgaa aaataattac gttttctcgt gagatcaggc tgaattaacc caaactgcca     77940
     acttaaccca attagctatg ccttaaatct gtacttttag ttgaatacta ctagtatctt     78000
     gcaaaataca tagaaaaaat gttgtgtact gtcattatgt taaaggcaaa attaaatcgt     78060
     taataaaata attatgtaaa aaaaactgtt aaacttcact tcggaaattt ttttttttta     78120
     attaataaaa gggctaatca ttttgctttt accactatat ggtgccgtgg acttgtatat     78180
     taaaggtcca tgaaaccccc tcttttagtt caagtctacc tcagagtttc tttttcaaaa     78240
     aatggtttat gatggacgcg gagtactgca agccgaggga ggagtgggcg tggccagcag     78300
     agcaggggaa agaaagggga gcaaacaact gtcagttggc tcagaacaca aaccatgaga     78360
     agactttata gtttacaaag ttaacaagtc tacagagtta aaatgcaaag aaataaacag     78420
     taatttaatg tcctgctaca tactgtatgt tattcataat ttcatataca catattaacc     78480
     ctaatttgtt atatcataat aaagataacc atgtaaacac tataaatgag gaggacttct     78540
     ctcctcctga atccccgggt ctgaatgcag acacagtgca gcacgtctct ttccctatct     78600
     atttcaacca ttggccctgc cggtaatctg tatgagttta aacataggcg agcatggata     78660
     ggcgaacaca gcagcacgga tataggcgat gtgtctgaat ggtaacaaac tcaactgata     78720
     aaagtctacc gttcttcaac tgttgtacaa ctctcctgac agagctgaaa aatgcttttt     78780
     acaaacaaac agctttgctg tatctgtagc cctgacagca ccgtggggga aaacatgcaa     78840
     caaaccaagt ggatcatgga aacaaacaca ggtctgcctt gcctttggaa agcacatgca     78900
     gtcatgaata attaagcaga ggggtcttct cataggataa aaaagctcag atatgaataa     78960
     taatgagaaa ccgacacatc agcactgtac aggcacttga tcccgcccta aaaattattt     79020
     taaacccaga agatgactga caaaagctca aaatcatcca gtttttccca caattaaagc     79080
     tgacaggtgc taatgttgtc ttcaacacac acaaatctgt tcatttctca aaataagtac     79140
     tcaagggtgt cttgaacctt taatgtgtca tgcactttac ccaataaact ttgttcaatt     79200
     tatgcttcaa acaaaaacaa gctgtttacc agactggaag aatacattta atggaaaata     79260
     tgttctctgt aaacaagtct ttatcatttt gcagcttttt cctaaaaata ctacagccta     79320
     gtgcatcttc aatacagtga aataattaca gctatttcct ttgtttaaag gtgctaaaag     79380
     ggatgtttgt ggcttcacta aatttcgtca gtggattaga ctacccactt ctgccaaaaa     79440
     tcacatcctc caaacccaat gtcagctaaa accggctgca caaaataagt gacaggtaaa     79500
     gaacgcctca aagtgttctg acaacaatag cggtgatgat caaatgtatt tctgcagttt     79560
     acgggggctg tcgcagagac aggtgcgatt cctcaggacg cctatttcag taatatctgt     79620
     ctggcagttc cattgagttc atgctgcaaa gttacccgct aaagcaagat tcacttttct     79680
     aattgcatcc tacagtacat tccccataat aaacttgaaa acccgttaaa atatggtttt     79740
     caaaagagct gccaagcaga ttcattattt tatacctctt tgacctgaaa tgtccgctct     79800
     gtggtcccct tggataacag catatggtag aatcctcatt gccaaaaaaa atagacaaaa     79860
     atgtactact gtatttctcc aaatatctgt ggctattatg catttctgga aatatttgct     79920
     aagaattggt tattttacca gctgttaata aagataacta gcataaatat ataagataaa     79980
     tgacataatg tgcttaacag aatgatgtac atcaaacttt caggagggct gtgacaattt     80040
     ccaatttttg ctgcacaatt ttgtgaataa ataaattcac atagatattt tgagggggaa     80100
     atggtccagg gttgttatac tcacaaaaaa ataaatatta tatatatata tatatatata     80160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata ttataaataa acaattattt     80220
     atattctata atgcactgta tacattagac atattacata tgagctaatt caaacttttt     80280
     gtttgttcat attgttcagt tacagcaaag catcgcgttg atcacacaag attactcgca     80340
     gaatgttttt cacctcacac agattttctg ctgctggagt tcccaggatt tctcagccga     80400
     aattcacagc tctttgagca ttgagcttcg gctgggtcag ttggcatatc tgtgtggagt     80460
     ttgcatgttc tccaagtgtt tgcgtccgtt tcctcaggtt tcccccacaa gtccaaagac     80520
     atgtggtata ggtgaactgg gtaagctaaa gtagtgtatc tatgtgaata agagtttatg     80580
     ggtgtttccc agtgatgggt tgcagttgga aggacatcca ctgcgtaaaa catatgctgg     80640
     ataactttgt ggatcattct gcagtggcaa taaaggggct aagccaaaag gaaaatgaat     80700
     gaatgaccaa catgacttaa gtttggtatt tgcagaaaaa aagtaaccaa cgtccttatg     80760
     tgcgaagatg gtggcttatg tagtacctat agatgatgat tctctgttaa ccaatcaatg     80820
     ggttgcatta attaagtatg ttttcgtatt tctattgaat ttagcgagtt ctaaatcagc     80880
     aagcatctac atgaaagaag ttagtgattt acatcataca cgcacaagaa cagaaaagca     80940
     cattcagtgt gattgtccac taaagaaact gaacggtgac atttgttact ctcagctctc     81000
     tccttacagc acacgctgca atgtcttcaa gcagaaccaa gtgtgccatg catccaaaca     81060
     caaagtttga cacgatataa aggtgttttt tgaacatcta attgtagatt gtatatatgt     81120
     aatcatataa cattaatcat atttgtgtaa ttggacctct aattatactc tattatacat     81180
     ttttaatgtc tagttacacc catgctgtaa aaacattata tgtagggttc tttaaacatg     81240
     ctcagaaggc cctgagtatg catgggtatt gcgtatgtag tataagtaca gtagttctcc     81300
     tttttttccg tatacataaa aaaaaaattt gatatgaaag ttttgatgaa ctacaattta     81360
     tttgtgtaaa cacacatttc acacacaaat ttgtgcacat gaatatttag tgaatgttgc     81420
     tccattgttc tgcagcttca ctcctaagaa tctggacaac tgtgttaata ccctaatgga     81480
     attgtaccaa aagaagtgga atggtacgta tcactgtttt ggtatcattc acaacttaag     81540
     tcaatgtgaa cagaaataat tgttctgtga caagcaatga gccattacta cctaattact     81600
     acaaaagtgt acattttaaa aaggatacca ccccagtgac aaatcttgca cctttatatc     81660
     tgagagtgca gtatttgagg gcagcagaca gctcatcagg gtttggatca gagccattag     81720
     cacacaatct gattcgcatg tcaggcgctc ttgctcaaac acaaacacac ttccagcggc     81780
     tcctgaatac agtgaacacc gaccctccca cggacgcctc tataaatcac tgatgcaatt     81840
     tatgacaggc cgtctgctcg tctcgaaaca cattacaatc agccagctcg gcacatgggc     81900
     agcactgctg ccccttaacc aggcagaatt aacaggcaaa ctctagtgtc agatggtcaa     81960
     aacactgtaa acacatccaa ttattcttca agagatcttt tatgcttaat agcgggcatc     82020
     tgcgaccccg gagattttag ggaaagagga aaacgagaga tgcagacaga aagcaggacg     82080
     cttctggagg acaagctcta aatgtgagtg ttgaactctg gtctcggttt ccacagcact     82140
     ggcccttcat gccttgcagg ggctgaccgg atcataacac gatcccccct aaagcccctg     82200
     ggtagcacac tcacacatta cacacacaac tgagagtgac actgagctga acgcactttg     82260
     gcatgtgacc tgggccactg ggtgctgtga gggtcccaag tgtgtttgga ggttagatgt     82320
     caacatgagc cctgtataaa cacacagtca gaattgtgtg tgtgtgtact atgaaaaatg     82380
     aagggtgagt gactgatgat gtcagtaagt gtgtgtttgc tctgtgaggt aagtgtgaat     82440
     tacagtggag tgcgaaataa tggcgtttgc tgatgcacct tgctggacaa cagttctgca     82500
     taagataggg gtcaaattaa ggccaggagg aaaatactgt aatcgctacc tattacatat     82560
     ttgggctctt tttattttta catttcttaa aagaagtctc ttatgctcag aaaggctgca     82620
     tttactgtat caaatataaa gtaaaatgaa ttaaaataac cgttaactaa aaaaaaaaaa     82680
     agaacaaata aatcctgtga tgaaaaagct gactgtacag cattattagc cttcagaaat     82740
     gcagcagaat aaaatgcccg cattcactga gaaatgaata aaaatctaaa tatatggaga     82800
     gcacaacaca cacacagaca gacacacacc tatagttttg tatgtaaatg tggatgtcag     82860
     gatgagcaca gactctggag actaaaaatg ccagtcagcg ctgccagtcg tgaccagaat     82920
     ttgagctatt agttgctcac agtctgacat taaaaacaaa agtagatcta gaacagtcta     82980
     aatgcttgct gcaaaaaaat aaaaataaat aaataagatt cattcattca ctggaacttt     83040
     catcatgttt caatttcatt tagttacaaa ataactgaaa tggagagtaa ggcccaatcc     83100
     caattgtact gttttacccc ttcccgctta gcccataaaa cagagtgtga aggggaaggg     83160
     tttaaaaatg agaaagccct acaaagcctg cacacgtcat catatgtcgt cacaagctct     83220
     tactccacat gagatcgatg atggcgactg ctgtagttat tccagctggg aatttatctt     83280
     caggaaatca atgaaggcaa tgatatcatg ttaacagaat ttaatgtggc aataagctca     83340
     taactgtact gtgcatttac accatggcca tattcatcta tgcaaacaca cgaaagcaac     83400
     agtaacatac cagacactaa aaaggtcatt cccagccact agacttttct gacagggtat     83460
     tccagtgtca tcgagtgaca gatgagaaat tatgctgtaa gactgctata caagagttat     83520
     tcttatggat taaagacaat tgggacaccc ctagggccgg attaaccaat gggcattatg     83580
     ggcacaggcc taggggcccg tgcgcacttg gggcccctgt aaagtgcaaa gagtgcaccc     83640
     tgttataata agctagttaa gcgattcacg cccattaccg cttgattgac agagagaact     83700
     gtacctaaag agcgcattat atagcagcgt gagtggtgta gcttgtaaag cgcatggcaa     83760
     catgtcttga cgtgatcgat catgaaccca gttcgaatcc agcatctgat gaacacattt     83820
     ttcttttttt ttccccacta catatcagat tttgcctact cttcatctca aggaagacaa     83880
     gtaggatcaa tgaataagtg tgtgtattat ggaggactca tattcataga actggattgg     83940
     agaggtgtta tatccaaatc atatgcatta taagtttgta gaagttatgc attaaaaata     84000
     cccttaaatg tcatgactgt tagtatccac ctgagggcgc tgtagttcaa cgaactctga     84060
     gagtgaacta cagccccaag aactacaagt ccatacatac cacgcgcatt acacccggtt     84120
     cacgtacact gatttgcaac cacagctgtc tctgttcacc gttgattacc tggactattt     84180
     attcagtcat tcatcctttg ttcatcagtt cgtcgttcgt ccttgtcggt atgtgttccc     84240
     gattaggctt gtatcctgtc aaagttgtta agtctagttc tatttctatc tgtttgactt     84300
     cctggtttgt ttgtttattt tgttattttg ttactttgat tttgtatttt tgttcactgt     84360
     cactgcacaa tagtcattaa aatctgcact tggattctac acccattttt gttcctgttt     84420
     tcaacccgta ccgtgacact taaatattaa tttttattac tgcttcattg aacttgaaca     84480
     agtttaataa aatccattaa ttttcactag ttgtattaga ttttttttaa tcaaagtgtg     84540
     ctttaaatgc tttaaaaata agttaaatct ttatagacta gaaacaaatg tactgtatat     84600
     cggttattta aaaatgtagg caatacatta tagggtaatt taaaatattt tattaatctt     84660
     attttttaat tcaactatag gggtgcagct aggtaggggg ccaacaagac agttgtgccc     84720
     aggggcctct gaattattaa tccgagcctg cccctacccc tttaagtaaa tgtgcaaaac     84780
     gaatcgtagg ggtaaaggga agagctaagg ggtagaattg ggatggggcc taagtcagta     84840
     tttcagttga cagcattttt taccatttac aataaagagt catgatacaa acagcaaatt     84900
     ttcccagacg catttctggg tacatttact tgacacaaca gcaataaact aaaaaactca     84960
     atggtgtttc ctttgcattt tttaaacgct ttgctgactg atccagaaaa attacaaaaa     85020
     aacactgcaa aatgtatacc aggagagtag ttagcaatct cacttgataa agaaacagtc     85080
     catatttctg cacgatagca tttgtttaca aacaaggcat aattcgacac gggatagtca     85140
     gaatgactga aacaaaaaga tgatgctgtt cttacagtat tgttgcatca caaaaatgtg     85200
     agtaactgtt tttattgtgt gggcactatt gctttgtctg ttattttaga tcatttgatg     85260
     cgtatataag agtttttaac ctaaatcaat cacaatctat aaaaggatgg ctgtcatact     85320
     ggttattatg tatatcaaat atttacatta aggtactaaa atctaacctg ttttaaaatc     85380
     atttcatctg taaatgccaa atattaatca cttataagtc aacattaaaa cagtgtgatt     85440
     gaaaatgatg gacattttat gtgcatttca cacacataaa tcctaaaatt cattcatttt     85500
     ccctgggctg agtctttatt tcacaggtcg ccacagagga atgaaccata aactattcca     85560
     gcatatgtat tacacagcgg atgcccttcc agctgtaacc cagtactggg aaacacccat     85620
     acacactcat acgctacagc caatttagtt tattcaattc acctgtacca catgtctttg     85680
     gactgttggg gaaattggag cacctggagg aaaaccacgc caacacaggc agaatatgca     85740
     aactccacac gacctacagt aattgctgtg aggcgacagt gctaaccact gagctaccgt     85800
     gcagcccttt aaatcctaaa attctacttg taaccctact tgtaaaatac ttgtaaaata     85860
     tttttggagt gaatcaaatt taaatacaac tgaaaaacct tgaattgaga aacgtctgtc     85920
     agtttagaaa accatagtat tatctcctca tatactgtaa gcagaaggtt ttcagcacat     85980
     tcacacatct gcgcattgct tccctctcgt gggattttca caggtgcctg gcaccaagcg     86040
     caagtgtgaa gtcaaaaccg gtacatctgc agaacagaac tgtgacatct ttactgcaaa     86100
     taaatcagct gaagcagatg gacgacctgc attattgaac actgtgctac attctgggtg     86160
     tccctctcag gaggaggtaa aaagggggcg ctccacaggt cagacggggt gccctgaggc     86220
     atgagtgggt gaagctggtg aggacggcca gcccttatgc caggcttcgc acacccccat     86280
     cggcagccct gggccagatg gtaaatgagc tggctaatgg agcgaattca tgcaagacaa     86340
     atttgcccac ttaacaatca atcccaacac tgctctgtca tcaataattt cctaggatct     86400
     cccaggacac tttcagaggc agacagactg aatcactgat gtaaacacca tcaggtctgt     86460
     gagaggtaca gcgttgaatc aactggcaag caaacaaagc aaacacatac catggttcac     86520
     tatgcaatcc aaatcattgt tcattgcatg aatgaaacaa gcatgacgca tcatttataa     86580
     tattattaaa tcaaaacaat tatataattt cattataatc attaatataa gatgtaaaca     86640
     atatagtatg tgtgtttccc agaatggtgc tgggttgtgg ctggaagagc atctggtgtg     86700
     taaaacatat tccagattag ttggtgggtt attccgctgt ggcgactcct aataaattgg     86760
     tttttaagcc gaataaggaa attgaatgaa tgtaaacaat gtaaacatta caaaccacag     86820
     aaatacattc agacaaagat ccttaccgtg tgtgtaaata aaaaaaaaac aattgtgtgt     86880
     ttgctggaca atgaatctga atattgctga actgtgtact atgattatta aaagaatcaa     86940
     atattatata cactcactgg ccactttttt attaggtaca acttactagt atagagtttg     87000
     gactcacttt tgctttcaga actgccttaa accctcatgg cataatttca acaaggtact     87060
     ggaaatattc cttaaagatt ttggtccata ttgatatgat agtatcacac agttgctgca     87120
     gatttgtcag ctgcacatct attatgtgaa tatcccgttc caccacatcc caaaggtgtt     87180
     ctattggatt gagatctggt gactgcagag gccgtttggg tacagtgaac tcattgtcat     87240
     gttcaagaaa tcagtctgag atgattcacg ctttatgaca tggtccgtta tcctgctgga     87300
     ggtagccatc agaagatggg aactgtggtc ataaagagat gcacatggtc aggaacaata     87360
     atcaggtagg ctgtggcgtt gacacgatgc tcaataggta ctaatgggcc taaagagtac     87420
     caagaaaata tcccccacac cattacacca ccagcagcag cctgaatcgt tcatacaagg     87480
     caggatgtat gttgttgaca caaaattctg accctaccat ccgaatgttc agcagaaatt     87540
     gagacttatc agaccaggca aagtttctcc agttttccca aagtttttca attttggtga     87600
     gcctgtgcga attgtagcct cagtttcctg ttcttagctg acaggagtgg cacccggtgt     87660
     gatcttctgc tgctgtagcc catccgcctc aaggttggaa gtgtcatgca ttcagagatg     87720
     ctcttctgca tacctcgatt gtaacgagtg gctatttgag tgaatgttgc ctttctatca     87780
     acttgaacca tcaggccatt ctcctctgac ctctggtatc aacaaggcat ttatgcccaa     87840
     agaactgccg ctcactggat atattcactt ttttttttct tattcacttt tgtgtatgaa     87900
     aatcccagta gatcagcact ttctaaaata ctaagaccag ccaatctgtc accaacaacc     87960
     atgccatgtt caaagttact taaatcacct ttcttcccaa ttctgatgct cagtttaaac     88020
     tccagcagat tgtcttaata atgcctaaat gtattgagtc gctgccatgt gactggctga     88080
     ttggaaatgt atgttaacga gcagttggac aggtgtacct aataaagtgg ccggtaagta     88140
     tatatttcct gaaaaatgtc tataaccatg ttacactaat caactagaat cgctgtaatg     88200
     tcttatgttt cactgcttaa ctaacatagt atttctagtt taaaattgac attctaaatt     88260
     tcttattctc catctgcaga ttaaacatat gtaattcgag tcacaaagta agcatgatca     88320
     tttgagtacc aaagctaaca ctcaatccac acatgggtta tatatatata caacccgttg     88380
     aaggctgtag ggcggaaatc aaacacttcc actattactg atgtgttctt atgggctttg     88440
     tagctaggca acacatttaa acggctctta gcgtgatctc attttaaaaa agaaggggaa     88500
     aaaaataaat ctggcctagc ctcagccatt tcagagtgag agagagcact tttgctccgc     88560
     tgggcccata tgccagtctg tcaataatgc atgtcgatga aatctgacag gagggggaag     88620
     taatatttct gttgagccaa tatcacacag cagctggctt tgtgtaaata aatctaagag     88680
     gtgtaatggg tggaggcgct ccaccaggtt tgggtgccac ttcgcagctg taatccccac     88740
     tctccagctg ggctatcagt gttttggatg gtaggggtag acggaaagca gattgagggg     88800
     ctggactaaa acaccaaatg catatattca taaataattc aaaattaatt agctaagtat     88860
     agatttgtca ggattccaaa atgtgtttaa gtggttacaa aggcattaaa aatgaaaaag     88920
     tttaattgaa atttaaattt gccagcattt tgaatacagt gcaagtcctg ttgtccaatt     88980
     ttttccagca aagaaccaaa caagttcgat tgtttgtttc agcagcttag taacgtgcaa     89040
     tataaagcaa cactaaaaca gaagtcatgg tggtactata catttacata accaacaaac     89100
     atctaagctt tttcagtatt aatgtctaaa tgctgtaatg atgttggctt gagaaagcca     89160
     acatactgct atactactct gtcctcgaaa taaaacgtat ctccttctag gccgttcatg     89220
     ctacaagact caaatttggt caaaatctgt cttctgcatt caaggtttat gccatatctc     89280
     ctcatgccaa tcagacttat cgtgtttgaa taacaaaaaa gttaaataat acattttaat     89340
     attccaggca tataaaaaat tatacaagcc ccaaatttag ccaaaagctg tgttctgtat     89400
     tagattttgt tgctctatat tttcaggttt atcaactaat taagttttaa gcattattgt     89460
     tctcaaaata tggcaagcta tttctgaatt aaactccata ttttttactt ataaggcaag     89520
     taatttttac ataaactcta ttttttactg atatggcaag tcaattttgc atttattttt     89580
     ttttgcattt ttgcacatat cacacttatt aagctttata ttttcaataa aatatgccaa     89640
     gccattttta cataatgtcc aggttaagtg tttgactgcc atagagacat cagggttgat     89700
     ttatatcact gatgacaata agctttgatg tatcatcact aagctgacaa ttgtccccaa     89760
     agcaataaaa caggctaacc tagcaaccat tcaaaaccag caaaatctct acatcagaac     89820
     atcgtagaga cctgggtatt ggctcgtttg atttatgcta gcaaatggga cttcctgtgt     89880
     actatccatg gtaacaatga taacccaagt gctaatatcg attagctaca tgctattaat     89940
     gattatctaa gtataataac atatgctaga aatgcctact aagtattagc atttgatcaa     90000
     acatgtacat gagcgttgcc acttagcaac tgcttagaaa ccacctagca atgccataaa     90060
     cattttacca accgctgtac ttcctgccaa ctgccattcc cagtcccagc gcagtcacgt     90120
     tagctttctc aagctaacat caaagttcgt caacaaactt tagattctag tttttaatat     90180
     tgtacatttt gttttctgtt tctctgggct ttatgatgac tttttcaaga cctttttagg     90240
     gccaagtaaa gaatatgtaa cacataattt aaagttaaca caatatagaa gggctgggca     90300
     atattggaaa aatcgaacat tgcaatattt tatttttctg caacatatag cgatatgaat     90360
     gaaatttcac cagatgactt ggattgctct aagtgaaaat attttttttt ttatttagat     90420
     tgattgggat aattatgtag gataacaagt catgcataaa atataataaa caaattacaa     90480
     gctaacatat acagcacgtg aaataaacta cttttctgag gagttggtat taagtactca     90540
     ctgctaagat acacaataac cctaaaatgt tttttatttt tactttatta tttatacaaa     90600
     gttacaaatg atacaattta ttgtgtgttg ctttaaactc tcttgaattg ctcacacagt     90660
     cacgtgcctt aaaaacacaa ttacaaacta tgtcaattat aaactttcac actatggtta     90720
     aactctgcag tgactccaca aatctaatgt gttctgaaaa aaatattgtg cagtcctaca     90780
     acatagtatc ttagaaaaca atgtttagga ccagatttac taaacgtggc aaattagtgt     90840
     gacaacacca caatccatcc tatcatgctt aggacttcta gattaaaggt gacaatgctg     90900
     taaataatgt tcattttctt gcacatgatc gcttaaattt ataaaacctc aatgtatctt     90960
     caggaggcac atgcattaat ttagtgggcc ccttaatgtg cccgtggctg ttcatttgca     91020
     ttttatgact caccaaggac caagatgtca gataaagttt ttataaagtt ctactgaaga     91080
     aaaaagtcat ctacatctcg gatggcctga ggctgagtaa atgatgagct atcccaacat     91140
     taaactaaat gaatatgata agtgaataat agcttatgtg gataagtgaa taagtgaatg     91200
     agtagtaaat ttccttcaat tatctattaa ctgaaccctg ttttcataca acaatattca     91260
     tacaacaaca ttcatacaat tcatacatac aacaattgcg aaatctgcac aaggaccatt     91320
     aattttgtaa tgactgaatt tcattgaaaa tttggccaaa caatatgttt aaccagacct     91380
     taagatttat taaaatatct caaactaaca taaatattaa cttattgtat gaaaatgaaa     91440
     gtaaatagct ggattagtcc atatttaccc aatattgggt tgaaacaact gtgtagagtg     91500
     agtgtagaat tgcatattga gctcaaaatt cactcttgtt tttcaatatg tctgtttaaa     91560
     aataactgta gccataatgt gtacattaga ttagaaggtc ttactgtcat ctggcaagtt     91620
     ctttatttga aaatatgtaa ataaatccaa acacaaaaga aagaagctta acattcagtg     91680
     aaccaaagca aatcagtctt taatttgtga actaagagtt atttggttac taaacgtttc     91740
     atttcaagaa ccaattactt ccttatcttt aaacagctgt ttatatgcat tcatgctcac     91800
     aatcaaaatc ctacaggggg atgtattaga aagggaaaag tgaggtggaa aggtaaaggg     91860
     tagaaagcat ataaataaat ccaaatgatc aggcgatgtg atacaaacca gtgcctaacc     91920
     tactgtacag ccaatctcca atgacccaca aacagccaaa cccattacta cccctttagg     91980
     agtgaacata aacggttgca cagcctgaaa aatatcagta ataaccatca aattctactg     92040
     aactcctata aaacggtagg gaagcttaca cagagtctgt ctgcacccac aaagtgggat     92100
     aacagcagca acacacacca aaaaagcttc ccaaacaaat ccttacagcg cattctcttc     92160
     ctgaaggaca aagccattat gttttcagct ctttctctca gatcgaacat gatgaaggag     92220
     atacagaggg aagacatgca atctgaccct ggaggaggca acaattaggg cccagtggtt     92280
     tccacacctc atggtgacaa ggcatcttat cacacttcct gcaggccagt gaggaagtgc     92340
     cccaggggtc tgacttgggg acaaggcttc cacagaaaga gagatccacg gagaagaaga     92400
     aagcagtgat tatcttcctt atatctcacc ctcgagcagt ctagcacaac agatgggaga     92460
     tgggatttat ccctgatttc actgtcatga gttttatttt aaacactgtt ttatttcaga     92520
     gggttataaa agcttgtgag aaaagtgttt caggtaagaa attctagaat atttacaaaa     92580
     aatctgcact gtaaagaaat gctggcttag atgccatcaa tttgttgtca aacttatttt     92640
     tccattattt tcttttcggc ttagttcctt tattaagttc ggcaacttat ccagcatatg     92700
     ttttacacaa cacatgccct tttagctgca acccattact gggaaacatt catacacact     92760
     tattcacaca catacactat gcacaattta gctaacccaa ttcacctata gtgcatgtct     92820
     tcgggcttgt gagggaaatc agagcaccca gagaaaaccc acgccaacac ggggagaaca     92880
     tgcaaacttt acacagaaat gccaactgac ccagccaagg ctcgaaccag caatcttctt     92940
     gctgttaggc gatcatgtta cccactgagc caccgtgacg tttgtcaaac ttattagttt     93000
     gtataaattt aagtgaattg aacataaaac aattaaggtg ttccaaaaaa agctcaagaa     93060
     ttgtgttgtt tcagctcatt ttacataagt agtttgaaca aacagcaaac ataatttttg     93120
     agtgtacagg tctggaaaaa aattaggaga caactttgaa atgtttagat ttagatgtct     93180
     agattatact tcaaaagcaa tatataatgt caaaaaaggt ttttgagaga aatgaatgta     93240
     tcttttcagc aaggacacat aaaattactg aaaagttaca ctaaatactt ttacactaca     93300
     ctgttttgaa tttgctactc atccaaaaaa tcctgaccaa ttaacaaatt aaaaaatcca     93360
     ccatatttgt aaccagcgtt actattttca aaactagtga aaatccacca aatcaacata     93420
     ttacattcat tatatgattg ccgacaacca aagctttgac aagttatgta cagcatgtat     93480
     tttagaaatc aaaagtatat agccactaca aaatgagtta ttaaaggggt gctccaaagt     93540
     gtattatatt taaggtttgt ttgtgtttat ggggtgcaaa gcaatgtgtg ctcatgcttc     93600
     atttgtagaa aatcacatta tttttttcat atatcttact ttgattatat acagctaccc     93660
     agctaacatg aaaacgactg tcatatttcc tagttcctct aaagacccgc cttcaagagg     93720
     ctctgattgg tcagctaaca taatgcgctg tgattcgcag atcagctcca catcaccagg     93780
     aagcatctct gttataacat tacagtgcct ctggccacac cccttcgctg tgcagggtaa     93840
     atgtatacaa cctgaagggt ttatgacatc attaacccga atgtattttt ttgtagtccc     93900
     caaactttgt ttgctgtagg ctttgctaag ctaactctgt aaaagccaat gtctcccttt     93960
     acattgaact ttgagtgtct tccattcaga gatgctgttt atcttcacac agctacatta     94020
     cacatcaact aaagtttaaa atatgatatc atagtggacc acccatttgt atgtaaaaaa     94080
     actgattctg taattagttt ttttttcaat acatgatttg tttatatata aatatatata     94140
     tataaattca ctttgacctg cttttaaact ctgtagtttt tgttgtcgac cagatgttga     94200
     ggagaaacca tggttgttaa gacagaacat ttattctagc atgactttca caggactaaa     94260
     gtccctggag ctgcaaaatt attttatgaa gaatgaatca gtaagtgcta aattgaagga     94320
     cacttttaac atatctccag catgttcagc attgactaat cttaatgcat ttgattgccc     94380
     attgtttcca caagctcaac aaaaacttct caatgctgaa ttaactaaaa agattctgat     94440
     gtaacatgct cagactgggc tcaactttat atggcaaaat caacaccatt gttaatgtcc     94500
     cacagtgagt acaactgctg agaactgagg aagcttctag agctaaaact cggatgtgct     94560
     acttagaata acgttccaac atgaaatagg aaagctggat atttgaataa ttggttgaga     94620
     ttcattgaga aatgaggtaa tgtagaatat atatacagtg ctcagcataa ctgagtacac     94680
     cctattttga aaatgaatat ttttatcctt ttctcagtga atgtaggtaa tgtattttgg     94740
     tgcatttaaa caaaacagat ttattaaaca gatatattta ttcaaataat attttagtca     94800
     ccaaacgtat ttagaaattg aaacataata caatcaaatt caataaaata ttatctttta     94860
     aaatctgtaa tatgtaaatt atataacata taaattgtgg tgtactagtt tttggaccgt     94920
     tatcgtaagt tattctgtca gataagcttc agatttagtt ttagtactga ctaatctact     94980
     gtatatgcgc aaatataata ttgcttagct tcctaataaa tacatgaatt taaaagataa     95040
     atttgtgtga gcggtgtact tagatatgct gagcaatgta taagaaaatt tattctagaa     95100
     gaaaaaaaaa actttaaaat atctggaata ataactggga cacaaatatg ctcaatatta     95160
     cactggatgt cccttatttt taattttcag gcgttctcct gagggttcta attaggaatg     95220
     cttcacaaat tgaaactaag acacttaaaa ctcgctccaa actaaactat gccatattct     95280
     taaaggatcc gtactaaaaa gaaagtatat ttacataaaa tatatacctt ttccttagcc     95340
     aaacattgct tttggccact atttaatata tagagttcac cagaaaattg cacacacaca     95400
     cacacacaaa caagtgggca acaaatcaaa acaattctcc aaacagtctt aaacaatcat     95460
     attattcaca gtcaccaagc atgccgttgt cgaagccact tcttgatcat tgcctaccac     95520
     caaacaaaac agtgtggggg agtgagaacg ccctgaaccg atcacacacg aagaatttga     95580
     catgccgcga agcctccatg gagcaagtac caattttctt ctcatcaaag ggaccgctgc     95640
     ttagtaacag ctttcgccca aaacccgtag tgctttgtgt acgacaaaag ccatcaaaac     95700
     ctcgcagtgg caaggaaagt acacaggtgg gtctatcacc tgcaatcaca ataacatgtg     95760
     tgcgtgcata tttgcttcgt gccaccagga gagacaagtt tccattaatg acttggaatc     95820
     agtgagggaa gatgagtggg agaagactcc tgctgacaca gcttgagaag tgagtcaacc     95880
     tccctctgtg actctagcgc agatggaaaa gaagggtaag tgagctttca agatggcctc     95940
     tcggcatcac ctgcaaactc tggccttgta acatctgttg aggtgcgtga cgggtggaga     96000
     ggagaggcag tgggatgcct atagagcaca acaggcaagt tttggaagta aaatgtcaat     96060
     catttccgcc atattttaac agtaacgtaa aagcttttta aagcgtgaaa ttggagatta     96120
     ttaagtgata ttatatagtc tacttttcaa cagctcaata tttttgaaag caaaaataag     96180
     gcaattttga agagactagc attagaaata attgcaccca gccaaggcag agtctgcaaa     96240
     gacgagacat gctattgcta aagggtcgaa tgcaatgctt tcagattatc taatgggtca     96300
     tgtcaccttg attcatatca gtgcaattca aaaagaaatg tacacaagct aaatgcaaaa     96360
     ataaatcaga gcctgtaatt gcctgtacaa aggtaaaact ttaactattt catcattttt     96420
     catcagttgc ctccagtgtg taaaagcaac accaatggta attctgtttt tggtcattat     96480
     tgggacaaaa aaattctttc aagcatgttg tattttccat aacaaattac actactacta     96540
     ctgatttgct gacacctata catcacactg gccacttttt taggtacacc tcactagtac     96600
     taggttggac cttttgccat cagaactgcc ttaatcctcc acggcataga ttcaacaagg     96660
     tactggaaat tatcctcagc gatttggcac aatttgacat gatagcatca cgcagttgca     96720
     gcagtttttt tttggctaca catcaatgat gtaaattccc cgttccatca atttccaagg     96780
     gagctctttt ggattgagat atggtgactg ttgaggtcat ttgagttcaa tgaactcatt     96840
     attatgttca agaaatcagt ctgagatgat tcatgttttt tataacatgt tgtgtgtgtt     96900
     gggtgtgtta tcctgctgga agtagtcatc agaagataag tacacagtgg tcataaagtg     96960
     attaacatgg tcaaggtatc aaggtaggct gtggtgttga aacgatgctt aattggtact     97020
     aatgggccca aaatgtgcca ggaaaatatc cctcacaaca ttacatcacc accagcaccc     97080
     taaaccgttg atataaggta ggatggatct atgctttcat gttattgatg ccaaattctg     97140
     accctaccat ccgaatgttg cagcagaaat cgactcatca gaccattcta tttttccatt     97200
     ttggtgagcc tgtgcgaatt gtagcctcag tttcctgttc tttgcagaca ggagtggcac     97260
     ccagtgtggt cttctgctgc tctaacccat ccgcctcaag gttgaacatg ttgtgcattc     97320
     agagatgctc ttctgcatac ctcggttgta acgagtggtt attcgagtta ctgttgcctt     97380
     tgtaccatct tggcctttct cctctgacct ctggtctcaa caaggcattt gagccaacag     97440
     aattgccgct cactggatat attcactttt ttggactatt ctctgtaaac catggagatg     97500
     gttgtgcatg acaatcccag tagatcagca gtttctaaaa taatcaaatc agcccgtctg     97560
     gcaccaacaa ccatgccgcg tttaaagaca cttaaatcac ctttctaccc cattctgatg     97620
     ctcggtttga actgcatcag atcgtcttaa ccatgtctac atgcctaaat gcattgagtt     97680
     gctgccatgt gattggctga ttagaatttt ttgttaacaa gcagttggag agttgtacct     97740
     aataaagtgg ccggggagtg taaataggat gtgcagtata gatattaaca aatctaaatg     97800
     cttcataaaa tacatttaat caaatgttga atgatataaa aatgtggtca tcaaaatggc     97860
     aagacaacta tgagcagaca tttcatatat ttcattcatt tgaggtgtcg tgtttatcaa     97920
     caatcgaatg tgtatttcct tcccttatta tcgtgattac attacaccca ctctaaaatc     97980
     cagagttatt tcaagtgacc tcactagatt aaatgaaaca atccagctgc tttgtcctga     98040
     ccaaacataa ttcccatcag caggatgtgg ctcccttact cccactacca gacatcctcc     98100
     ggactaaccg atctcaactc actgataaat ggcatcctta aacaatagag ccctccatgc     98160
     tgagagaccc agccaaaaac cttttcacct agcttcgagg tcaagaaccg ggcacaagat     98220
     gatcctcaga agtccttctt atcttactta tgcctagcat gagtacgact acaatagatt     98280
     tacttttgag aatgactctg ctgaacagcc agacggttcc acgctggtcg cgggtcaacg     98340
     tgaccatggt tgaaacaaac aaaatgactc atttggttgc tcttgttgct aggaggtggt     98400
     gaagggtttt tttggcgaca aggagctcca ttgagacggg ccgaatgaca ctccacagtc     98460
     ggttgccttg gtttcctgcc ctcagaatgg gttataacag tatggacatt gagggcccgc     98520
     tgtaataata agcgaaaagc catgctgctg gaagtggact aacagtaggg tggaaacaat     98580
     gacattttag tgtgggaaac tgagcgaggt caaacaaaaa aggaggatct gcgaaacaca     98640
     tcagggcacc aagtctcatt ggcttttttc cggatgcgcc tggcaaaaat aaatgagagg     98700
     tgctatgaac tttactcagt acaggcctgg tagaggaacg actttaactc gtaccgtctg     98760
     accttaagct aacatttaca aatcaatctc ctctcacgtt gtcatggagc taaaaaaaaa     98820
     aaacagactg gatctggtgg agagcggaaa tacatataat tttttttcaa tctcaggtcc     98880
     ctggggtcga tgcagctctt caaatcgtta gtcttatttt aaagcggtag ctgttactgt     98940
     aaagtgagga tcagaaacag gatcaggcag caggttgaag ctgggaggtg aagcgttctg     99000
     ttgggttgtc actttttctg agatacgacg cgaagagagg cacagacagg tcatcctcac     99060
     gcgcagagat cagatttaca cttcaaaaag caaatcccgg cagatttaag aacggtaagc     99120
     ttttactaaa agacaagggt agaaaaggaa gggggtttga agaggttgaa aaaaaggagg     99180
     aaggaattaa agaaaagaac tggatggcaa ttatcttctt atctttcagc aggagtgttt     99240
     ctctgaactg ttaagtttgg aggtcgtgta gaagttcagt ctagcagctg gtgtttaaag     99300
     gaggagggaa gctacccaat ctacctggtt aacagagtga ctggaggggg actgagagct     99360
     actgaaagca gcgaagaaga gtaacaatga tctgttagtc tgttcaggcc cataaataca     99420
     tatatacaaa aatatcccaa aataaatgtg ttttgatcag ctggagggtg gatttagtga     99480
     tagaaagcac tgcatgcatt gtaaatcctg aaaacatttt agacatttat ttctgcacac     99540
     tcttctcttc cagaaccagc tcttttaaac catgtatctg ttaaatctca gacagtcgct     99600
     atttgcaagt tgtggcaacc aaactgaaaa tctttgccct cccatgacag ctcattatga     99660
     atgctcccat gtttcaacaa gagtgggaac aagctctctc aactggagcg ggaacttaat     99720
     atcagtttaa gatccaattt gttccacagt gttatcagac tatgatgatt taatattttt     99780
     tacactggcc tctggtgcat cagccaattt ttggggcaaa aaaaaaccag ttcaagctaa     99840
     ataacttaca tcatgtcctg ctatagttag tcatgtttgt tcatattcat gaccaaatgg     99900
     tggcattcta tcagcaaaga aatttagaaa gaagaaaaag gaaagcttta gtactaataa     99960
     atgcattcca gacaacttta aaggtgctgt actgtacgta agtttttgac tattctaaag    100020
     cataaaaata ccattatatg tttgcaaata tttaataaac atgccaagtg aacatttttg    100080
     tttatctaaa aaaaacaatg ctgaaatcag ttattcagct tttaaaatgt gttttctatg    100140
     ccggaacact gtctttgttt tggttcattt aacctgccca ctgccagttc agctagttat    100200
     atttcagcac cctgagttgc cttcatggaa aatatttaat tactttattc attcagaaag    100260
     gctctcaaag catgcgtcag tgactgaaac gggacctcag atggacagta gcagactccg    100320
     aaatgacacg cagattcaga gatccatatg aggtgattaa ttaggtatta cattaggtga    100380
     gcaggttaca tttcatgtcc taacaacatg ctatgaaatg agatttgcag tgataagcaa    100440
     tttgactgtt tgcaccagac aaaatgagaa cgaaatttat atttaaccat taagaagcac    100500
     agaatatgcg ctcactttaa cattattaaa tgtacatgct gaatcactga tacgtaatgg    100560
     ttttgagtca cagttcttaa gttcaatttc aaatggttta ttttattttc aagatctgag    100620
     gtgaactatc tgctgctcct ttcagtatat gtaaataatt gttatgtaaa atagcgttca    100680
     aactcacatt tttagcattt aacactgaat aaagcacatg aggtgtacct gaggtgatca    100740
     gatttctgtt gttcagctgc aagaaataga agctgttttt attatatcaa ttcaagatgt    100800
     tacttaaaac aaaaactcct tttaatatag aaaatattcc ttctatcgcc tgctgttgct    100860
     tttatttagg acacgattta aatcagcctt tttggtcctc agtcaggcaa cctgtgattg    100920
     tgtttggttt tttgaaatga tggaataaca catatggtgc tattaaaaag tttgttttta    100980
     aaatgcagat ttccccctaa aataaaaata agaatgccgt tcttttgaaa tttgaattaa    101040
     atcattgcaa atcatcttta aaagtattgt ttccacatta aaaatattac aaaatttaaa    101100
     cctttgaaaa ctaatgtaac aaaaacaatc tttaaaaatt atattgcaat tccaccagac    101160
     aaaagcatgt gataacacga tccagctatt tttgtataac ttcaaatgta tcatttcaaa    101220
     ggtactaaat gtaatgtgag agaagtatgg tttgtttcaa acacattcgt gcgtataaga    101280
     ttgaaaagaa aggggtcagt aaattggctt ttcgaagctt caggatatga agtctccgac    101340
     agtgttcata tgtctgattc atcatcatct caccattcag tatgaaatta gtaattatca    101400
     ttaacgaaat ggactggagg aaagacatca cacaatgaga aattatcttt caacgccaaa    101460
     gtgtagaagt catgatcttg ggctccgtct gtcgtatatt cattacttct ctcacaggga    101520
     tgtttggagc cctggaggac tattaattgg agaaggggca ggctcccagc atgcactaca    101580
     gggtgccagg tgatggcaga cagacagtcc tggcactgaa ttgatgacaa gctttctcct    101640
     ggtggaaatg actgtgaagg tcagccaaag gagcaaagca aagacgaaat gttggaggcc    101700
     gacaagaaga aaaatgtagt ccttcaaggg caaaggaaca gcctttttga tcctgtcttt    101760
     tgtttgggga acaaaggagt ctccttacca cttggagcgg ctccctttta ctacataaaa    101820
     acagacttag tgggagtgaa aaaggagaaa aagttgcaaa gcgcactgca agccaacatt    101880
     aaccaagtaa gaaaaagcaa aaactaaaca ctctttcact cttcattaaa ttctcacctc    101940
     ttgcccatga ggctagcagg tttggcaagt ccgagattgc tcttgtttgg ctgcttcttg    102000
     cggcgggtca acctcttgcg tccggagcca ctggtgggca catcctcggc ttgttgggtg    102060
     ctgctgctcg cgctgccctt gctgttgagg tcccgcaata catcataatt gatcttactg    102120
     gagatctttt tctgctccag catcttctct atagcctctc ccgcagtgct ggccaggatt    102180
     ggttctcgct tcttggatgg cttctttggc tggacaaatt gggataaaag atgtttgcag    102240
     tgaaaaacaa acattggagt cagtgctttc atggatttta aagccaacag tcctttggct    102300
     tcctaaaaat gcactgcaaa agcgaacagt gaacagtgaa actcatactt taattatatt    102360
     aagctgtata ccatccattt ttttacttaa acaaccaaca gataaagtaa cccagctgat    102420
     ttctagctcc cagcatgctt tgtataagac tgtaaggaaa ataaatgttg aaatttgtta    102480
     tagaaagtca taaattcaga catactcaca ctatgtgata cgaactgtgc ctaggtgcat    102540
     ttcctggttc gtttgacacg tgtgagcact ccaaatcggg ccctggccca gttgaaaaag    102600
     gtgtgccaga gcgcaaatca gttaggcttt agctctttta agggaccgct tcatttggat    102660
     ttatttatca ttcttgcttt tcaataaaca caaactgtca cagtttatta aagatgcaaa    102720
     tccttcgctg cacgtcagct gcaaatctct taatacgtgc agcacgaaga cttttatgaa    102780
     cattaaaaat cgtcaaaagt tgtggatcac gcttcgacac agctcaaggc aacctaatgt    102840
     gagcctaatg tgagcactgc cttagtctat aacgttaatg cgatcaatta gtagggttac    102900
     aattatatat tttgggctga agaaacttta agggctcatt cacactgaat gcatttttgc    102960
     ttctaataac gcaagatgct acattcagga ataggtttaa aaaagagcag tgtagccaag    103020
     gaccctggga tgcaatagta tgaaagtgat gtaataacaa caataatgga cccattagaa    103080
     ataggaaaaa acatgatatg ataagcactt aaacatacat catataactt aggatatctg    103140
     gacatcatgc tgtggggatg tttttcagca gaaggaactg gaagacttgt catgatagag    103200
     ggaaatataa atgcagcaat gtacagagac atcctgaatg acaacctgct tcagagtgct    103260
     cttgacctca tgctggggtg acggttcatc ttccagcaag acaatgaccc aaagcacacc    103320
     gctaaaatat caatggagtg gctttacaac agctcaatga gtgtccttga gtggcccagc    103380
     cagaaaccag acctaaatcc tattgaacat ctctggagag atttgaaaat ggttgtacac    103440
     catcactttc catccaacct gatagagctt gagaggtact gcaaagagca aaaattccca    103500
     aagacaggtg tgccaagctt gtggcatcat attcaaacag acttgaggct gtaattgctg    103560
     taaaaggtgc atcaacaaag tattgaatac ttatgtacct ctgatttttc agcttttaca    103620
     tttttaataa atttgcaaca atttcaaaaa tattttttca cattgtcatt atggggttgt    103680
     aatgaagttt acggcccttt ggccgccggg aagaaggagg cggagaaccg acggagcttt    103740
     aaaatgattt attgataata atgacggcag ctcctcacgg agactgccat ttaaaatcaa    103800
     aacaaacgga cggcagctcc tcgcggagac tgccgtaaaa ctgaaagcaa aagtaaaata    103860
     acatgcccgg gcccggtcct ctctcggctt cctctgccat cggtcctcct tttatggtcc    103920
     agagctcctt ccgtgggatc cgaggcaggt gcgcaccgca cgtgtatcca ctcacgcggt    103980
     ggcctcaccc cgttcccacg gctctcggcc acgccccctc gccacatacc cccatctccc    104040
     atcacaggcc gggggcaccc cgtggctgtg catactccgg gggggggggg tttggcgcca    104100
     cagcacccgc gagacctata tgagacgggc cgagagaaaa ggagatggaa aaaaaaggag    104160
     gaaagacagt gtagaccgag aaaggggaga gaggaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattggggt    104220
     tcggttctcc agacacgctg ccactcggtc ctccaccagc tgagagatgc gacgacgtgc    104280
     tgggagccct gtggaggaat ctatccaccc gtccgtcttc tggcgtccgg cggcggttct    104340
     cctggctggc tggcggcatt tctggtctcc tgctccgctc ccgcttcggt ggacggatgc    104400
     aggctctggc atcatggcgg atcgcggcga ctcccccggg ttctgtggga tggctccctt    104460
     cagctctttc ccttccggtg gtgagccccg cgtcccctgc tcctccccat gctgggagac    104520
     ggcagcaggc agatcctttc ctcgccagcc tcaggccgcc ccggcactct gggcagacga    104580
     acgggtttct cccccactcg ggttaactcc cgaacactcg ccccctctct cagcggcgag    104640
     ggcatctgga caacgcgtcc ctccttctcc cgggtttcgg caccactgta atgaagttta    104700
     cggccctttg gccgccggga agaaggaggc ggagaaccga cggagcttta aaatgattta    104760
     ttgataataa tgacggcagc tcctcacgga gactgccatt taaaatcaaa acaaacggac    104820
     ggcagctcct cgcggagact gccgtaaaac tgaaagcaaa agtaaaataa catgcccggg    104880
     cccggtcctc tctcggcttc ctctgccatc ggtcctcctt ttatggtcca gagctccttc    104940
     cgtgggatcc gaggcaggtg cgcaccgcac gtgtatccac tcacgcggtg gcctcacccc    105000
     gttcccacgg ctctcggcca cgccccctcg ccacaggggt attgtgtgta gaatttagag    105060
     gaaataaatc aatttgatcc atttaggaat taggctgtaa cataaaaaac gtggacaaaa    105120
     tgaagtgcta tgaatacttg ctggatacac tgtaaaagtg acttaatagg agtaaagaat    105180
     gcttttaata cattagtaaa taagacttaa attgcacaaa tacaataagg ttaatattac    105240
     ttcaatgaat taaggaaaca ggtttgctca atttaatttt acctaacaat gtgatagtga    105300
     tggccaaaaa ccattaaatg agcatttcca tttgtttcaa aggggcatct gagtgcattt    105360
     ctcccattgg gcctttgata taacgatatc aggcaaacag ctgtcaacgc caaggtgaca    105420
     gaatcccatt tgtagccaga aaaagcaatc aagcccatct gatctggtca ctgctgacca    105480
     tgttcctaga ctatcattgt ggaacaagtc tcttcacagt tagaaagtga actactgtac    105540
     ctgaaattgc tatcaggctc aaggcagctc attagaggtg cagagcaggg ccggctaatc    105600
     caaccccgac agggaatcat ggtgcagatg tcagagcaga caggttaaag agaggcgaca    105660
     ctgagagcat ggggtgaaac tagaggagca actgaagtta aaatggaaag tatgcggtct    105720
     ccaaggatcg gcagctgctg agtgtctgaa gattccgacg tggaagtaaa gctcctgccg    105780
     aaatggtaag aaaaatccag acacacacac actcaccttc tccttatagg tcccctgttc    105840
     cttctcttta gcaattctct cctctttttc tgtaaaaaaa taaagcaaaa tgggagcaca    105900
     gtggatatat taaatcgaga gctcttaaag caacaaaaat aatggctttt aaaactctac    105960
     agcctttaaa acgttgagca gattaacttc aggaggccaa tcgcttagct atgacaggta    106020
     tttttcatgt gtatgtattt taaaaatcaa gattcatctc aggaagttca gtcatgggat    106080
     ggaattatgt tcactgtgcc agtatttaaa aaaaatgaaa tccctctatt cactgaattt    106140
     ttatctttat gcctgtgacg tcagcccaga ttgagtgcat gagcttgtgt gaataaatgg    106200
     attaagctat tcttctactg ttcgcttacc tttctgttcc ctcaaatact cctcgttctg    106260
     tttcatccac agctctgtct tcgcctcgac ctcgatctca ttcaaaatgt actgtagaga    106320
     agataacagg cctttgctga gaagtaatgc taagaggtga tctttatgaa actggaatgc    106380
     agttttttct aaccttacat gacatgatca gaaatctgga gctccaatat cagagaacaa    106440
     caaactaatg tataatacag caaaacaaat gtactatata catgagtaat tatgtcttaa    106500
     gagatttaat taaagctata gctccaaaag tgaaagtttt ctcatcattt gctcaggttg    106560
     ttctaatctt ttattcaact tctgttaaac acaaaacaat atcttctgat aaatgttggg    106620
     aaaagccgac actgacatct ttagtacaaa tcaaaaatac atctcagtga acattcttta    106680
     gtacatggtc ctgtgtgttc aacagaagaa agaatgtcaa gatgaaggat ggcatgatgg    106740
     cagattttaa tagtactaac atagttatca ttcttgatgt gaacagacat ctaacaatat    106800
     ttagtcagat ttatgtatta ttaccttaaa taattttgct tcccaagtaa aatactgaga    106860
     caagaatatt aaccaggggt cccaaattca aattggcagg gaccatatca gtgactgaca    106920
     gatcatatgg actgttttaa cattcaggca caagaagagc ggacacctga tgtaattgat    106980
     gcactcagac attcctcccc agagtatatg cagtcaatgc tccttctttt tgttgtttgt    107040
     acatatgaag gggtggtttc aattgctatg aaaatactac agtttaataa taggcataat    107100
     gatcgtaatt attattttgt cccattcaat tgttgttaac caaaagttta acagatagcg    107160
     taaggcagca aaaagcagtt ttggtaactt tagtgacttt actagcaatt gttctttctt    107220
     tttttgtaaa actaacacaa agaaggggaa aagtatgtac atattcacaa ttacttcatc    107280
     atgttcaacc cagccagcag taaaacttta agaatgtctt tttttatata aatcttaata    107340
     tgcatatgag gacaatctat taaatgagac acttttaata gaatatttgc caaatgatta    107400
     tatttgcacc accagcataa tttgtaagcc ataatgaagt gtttgtacaa caaaatacag    107460
     gtggtgtaaa actgattaga atcaaatgac ccttgaatat ttaaaaaaaa tagagattta    107520
     gtaaaaatag agcactaacg aacacatatt tttacgttta aatcagcacc agaaatagtc    107580
     tgcatgtaca gtatgttact ctcgactgca cgctgaaaga aacccgaata tatattacaa    107640
     tacttcatat aaatggtggg tggtcaaaaa gcacaagtgg ctatatgcga cagcacaaca    107700
     atagctatgt ttcctcacac ctattttatg tgcattttgg atatgcgcat aaaaaaacag    107760
     ttaaaggaaa taccaagatg cgcataaata atatgctcat cttggtataa tattataata    107820
     aaaacatatg cgcataactg agtagaacat tttattcgat aagaaaggat gcacataaac    107880
     tacgatggag acactcttac caaacaaatt ccagtttgag cattaaaaaa ggtcatgtga    107940
     ttttgttata agagatcatg tgatgatgaa aatgtgtgtg aatggataaa ctagcaggct    108000
     gagcacattg taaaacatct aaaagttgtt ttgatcattc taaaacacct taaccatttc    108060
     agtattagtg gtattatatt attaatgact ttatattatt atattatatt attaatgaat    108120
     ctgtgcttcg cgtctgacgc ctttaaggag gtgttaggat tgccttctga gacgcaagac    108180
     atttattaaa tgaagaaaag atgcacacaa ttttttccaa ccgcagtaaa tttcattttt    108240
     actgttgatt tttgccacca gataatcagg aagtgatgat tttgttctct ttgagtcatt    108300
     ggatggaaaa gctgctttat tcgcacgtct tttatgccat attgtagttt tgtgcatcaa    108360
     gttaattcac atttttagat ggaaacatag ctgatgatac tgattcaaat ctcattaaat    108420
     tttgacgtca gttgcggccg gcaattttag acccctgccc aaaactgaaa attgtgtcat    108480
     tatttattca cccttcaatt gtcacaaacc tgttggagtt tctttttttc agttgaacac    108540
     aaaagaaaaa tgatagaaac attgggtctc attcactaat atttgcatac atttttcgta    108600
     tttatacaca cgtttgagct tctcacaaca tgtctatatg cacattttat gcataaattt    108660
     gtgtgtatgc atggttagtg aaagacaccc attgacttcc atagtaattg tttttcctac    108720
     tgtggaagtt aatggttacc aatttctaac tttcttcaaa agatcttctt tcattcaatc    108780
     gttcatttat tttccttcgg cttagtccct ttattcatca ggaatcgcca cagcgaaata    108840
     aaccgccagc ttatccagca tatgttttac acagcagatg cccttctagc tgcaacctag    108900
     aactgggaaa cacccataaa cactcataca ctcatactac agccaatttt gtttattcaa    108960
     ttcacttata gcgcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaacca gagcacccag aggaaaccca    109020
     cgcgaaaaca gtgagaaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac agatactgct cgctgcagag    109080
     ccacttgagc tccagcgagg gggagcttga gctacaactc ctcctcctat aagctgtttt    109140
     aatgcgtaca cccaccccaa cccccagtga catcacatgt aaaagaagtg caaggaagga    109200
     ggacaaatac tatccagtaa ttactttctt gcaagcaggt ttaattgtga aattgataca    109260
     tgctgaacgt tttgtggctt acatacagaa acatattatc atttgttttg gagttgccca    109320
     tatgtagtta attttgggtt ggatttcagc tcttttatta gaatcaatct tttgcccggt    109380
     tttcaacttt gttttaaaaa tgttttattt ggttttctta cattgaacag atcattacac    109440
     aaaaggtact ttttaatcaa tttatcactt ctgttggcaa aattcagtat acacaaaagc    109500
     aagttcagtg attgctagcc actatttatt attttgaagt cagaattaag gctgtattta    109560
     aaaactatca gtaatctgag aaataagaaa gattttaagt gtgttaattt atgcaaacat    109620
     ttacatgttt gtatttcttt tttttttttc tttttgtctt ctttttcctt gtttgttgtc    109680
     atcccctggg tttttctaat tgttgctaat tttaaattat tcaataaaaa aggagctgga    109740
     gctcaagctc ccccttgctg gagctcagct ctgcccaagt ggctctgcag tgagcaccac    109800
     ttgcacagaa atgccaactg atccagctga gactcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag    109860
     gcaacagtgc taaccactga cgcaccatgt tgccctatcc tcttctgtgt ttaacaaaat    109920
     aattattctt aaaggtttag aaccagttta gaatcggtgg gttaactatc cctttaagaa    109980
     aaaaactttt gtagattaaa atgatgtgaa aattcttaag ctcattaaaa acagactaca    110040
     taccttttca atttcatctt cgtcaatccc atccaaatct agctccccgc tgtctgattt    110100
     ttcttccact acaaaaggaa aaatacaaac aaattaataa actaagaaaa atgtgattaa    110160
     aaacagtctg attaagtgat ttcaagacag caatgacctg gcacatgaca caaggtttac    110220
     cgccaggata ttttgtttcc tatttaggaa tgaaaccgaa gataagcgtc ctgcttgact    110280
     ggagtcggca gctgccagag atggtacact acacaggaag tactttggtg gcgttctctc    110340
     aataatgcac acgctgccag ctctttgttg tttaattgcc attaataggc ttagcagtga    110400
     tatgaaagga ttttgtgcgt tccttaaata ctttcccaaa ttgtcttgaa atccacgatg    110460
     tcacacttat taatccctaa attaaaacct catatggagg caaataccaa tgttacagta    110520
     tgcaaataca aagctttaat caaacctcag attcacataa atgtgtgtta taaacaccac    110580
     ctgaatacaa ttagcatgtg tctgtgagaa tatataaata tacatgaaat cagggcgaga    110640
     cgagagtgtt gtaaatagac atgatgaaag aaacccatca caatataaaa cagcatctct    110700
     tcctgtaaat gggaatccag tgggtgaatt aaaaccacat gcgaacactg gaatgcagta    110760
     atcaagtgtt tactcataac ggatcatgta taaactatct agataacgca aaagaaacgt    110820
     tctggatctg atttccatta gcacgatcta gctaggcttt taaacttata tttaaagacc    110880
     tcaaaacatg caaacaatga cacccagaca aaacatttct ctctttaaag ctgattttca    110940
     tgcaacaaaa atgctttctc caaatatgaa gagctgcaaa atgttggcct gggataagtg    111000
     tgattagatt tgtggagcct cggtggatca ggaccagatg ttcattaatt gaacatagag    111060
     agatctgaat atcatctctg ctgtggccat ccgactctca ttcacacgct ttggcttttt    111120
     caaagtgaga ccggcctggg agagcacatt taaatatctg aagtgagaca aaagaaaatg    111180
     ggtcacaatc tgtccccatc ttgtacgttt acatgtgtga ggttttagac acataacatt    111240
     acacaatcat tcattctttc attttctttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tcaggggtca    111300
     ccacagctga atgaacctcc aacttatcca gcatatgcag ggaatgccct tccagctgca    111360
     actcagcact aggaaacacc catacactct cattcgcaca catacactat ggccaattta    111420
     gcttattcga ttcacctata gcgcatgtct ttggactgtg ggggaaaccg gagcacccag    111480
     aagaaaccca cgccaacacg gggaaaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaaag ccaacagcac    111540
     agccggggct caaaccagcg agatgtaaaa tccagagcta tgataaaata aaaagtagtg    111600
     cggaattttc actctgaaac gaatgttaca tttcacaaac aattacaaag aaaaggcagg    111660
     taacactatt aaaataaaag aggaaatttt gatataggag aaaaaaactg aaatagtgat    111720
     tacttgtaaa acctaatata taatcatttt aaaaaagaga aaaaaagtga cctatttata    111780
     tgaggctgtt cttattacgt gttccatgca cttactatag taattataat ggatgatgaa    111840
     caattacatg caactaacac tagaccaatc ctgcattcaa acatagtaag tacatgtagt    111900
     taattaacat tcctcagtag ttaaataaaa aaaaatagtt acactgcaaa atgacaactt    111960
     aaataaagtg taactaaaaa gaaaaaagaa aaaaatactg tataaagaag acatttaaca    112020
     cattaaacaa atttgattat attcctgttt accttttaaa ggccggagaa gactataagt    112080
     aaacatatac agctgccttt atattttagt agggttaact ttttgcactt tgatatttgc    112140
     atgtcctggg cattaaattc ctactttagc tgctcatatt taaagctggt ttcctaaaaa    112200
     acacacttcg ttcaatgtta aatctacatt tagtcttttt aagggtatgg tagcataagc    112260
     tcacagttga atgtacttcc tttcaatgta tactccattt gatagcaagt gcttccttgt    112320
     ccagtggttg tgatttgtca ttacaaacct tgtctgccct atactgcatc aagtcaaatg    112380
     caaccaatat ctttaaagaa tgatcatttg gcattttcag aaaccaggtg gtctataaac    112440
     gtaataaaaa gctgtttccc taacaatttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc    112500
     tctctctctc tatctctctc tctatgcaaa aacctctaaa cccatcagac ctcttttctt    112560
     gttaatgagc attttctgtc aggctcctct gataaggttc agacgtttca tttcataggt    112620
     aataataagg ttattagcta gtaaataaaa taaagatttg tcactttaga caattctttg    112680
     ttttttaaca agataatttt acttttgcat aaaaaccagc taaatccacg tctgcatttt    112740
     atacaaaacc ctcaaattcc acctattgga acaagacgat accattataa attattttac    112800
     taaatgaata attaatgcca ttaattatta ttttaccaaa cataaaatat ttttttcttc    112860
     tggagaaagt cttagggctc tattttgacg gtccatgcct agagcgaaaa acgcagggga    112920
     gcaaacgctt tcagggtgtg tcagaacgcg tttttgctaa tttaaggacg ggaaaacctg    112980
     ctttgcacca tggagcatgg tctaaatgcg ttgagtttat tttcttaatg agttatagag    113040
     gtgttttcga gaataaacca attagagtct catctcccat tccctttaag agccagctgc    113100
     gtcgcgccaa gagcacattc gctatttaca gggcgcaaag taagtctaag tggaaaaatg    113160
     agcatttcac tagcaaacag ttaacagtta acagtttttt aacagaaaac tgttaaacag    113220
     agcatatact gagtgagaat gagagataat ggaactactt ttacattcgc tcttggatag    113280
     ggaaaccttt atgcacagac atcaattagt ctataaataa ataattttgt ttgttaagcg    113340
     caaatattcg tttcaaaact atttctaaat tcagttataa tttccagcaa acgaataaat    113400
     gaacaataat aacaaaatgt gctcaaaaac ctgagttata tccaaaaaca catgctgtgc    113460
     cccatatggt ctaaaacctg acaggtgggc aaatctaagc ttgtttttat taaaacaaat    113520
     ataaatatag atataataaa caatactgct aataataata acattataca aaagcaaatt    113580
     gttatgaatg aactgaaaaa gcctcccgag atgaagaaga cataaaagca gtgatttttc    113640
     atattaatgt aggctagaaa ataatatgtt ttgtaatatt ttaatccttt atatttatat    113700
     cctatatcta ttcttattat atcctatata tatatatata tccttaatat ttaaattttt    113760
     tcatatgtaa agatatttgc ctattgctct cttgtgcgta ttaagcagtg cataagcgag    113820
     gcataactct gcgccggagt ttagaccggg ttagttttgg tctaatgaaa aatctattat    113880
     agtttctcaa aatagcagcg tgcctgcggt ccgcctcaga acgcctgctt ttttagacca    113940
     gaacacctat gggtgcacaa atgagcgcta atgcatttgc tatgtaaaca gcgtagcgca    114000
     acgcctcaaa acgactcttg cgccatgcaa gtttaaacta tcaaaagact attgcgccgt    114060
     gccttgcgcc acactgcgcc gggtgtatga tagggccctt aatgttttat tttggctaga    114120
     ataaaagctg tttttttata ttattagccc ccttaagcaa tatgtatttt ttccaattgt    114180
     ctataaaata agccatcatt atataatgac ttgcctaatc aaccctttaa aatgcacttt    114240
     aagcagaata ctagtagtat cttgaaaaat atttagtaaa atattttgta ctgtcgcatg    114300
     gcaaaaacaa aaggaatcat ttattagaag ttagttatta aaactattat gtttagaaac    114360
     gtattgaaat cttgaaacag aaattggagg aaaatataca ctgggagcta ataattcaac    114420
     tacagtatat aatataattc tgactttaac tgtatgtcat atggtttata ggagatgtca    114480
     gtttctcaga tgcattgttt cttcttactg ccttttccat gccatctatt atattctcca    114540
     tacctcctgt tgcctgctcc actaacacct ggttttgatg gtagaggtga attttaaatg    114600
     tttagcagga atgtaattgc attcaggtat ctctcctata agagggagat aggatacttg    114660
     ctcaggcatg gaccaacatg ggcacactgg tctatgaggg aattgggctt gtttgtaggc    114720
     agcttgcagt ggctgtcaca tatcaaaccc agtggagcaa atcacagcgt ttccccagag    114780
     cgactgcaca gccggcatgg atagaagggg aaaaaagaaa aaacaacatg gcacgatcag    114840
     gtttctggtc tttagaaggt tgccatgtgg atgattgggg ttggatagat gatggtagca    114900
     ccttacaatg agctctagtt acagaggggg ttgaaaatgt aaaatgaagc cacccaaagg    114960
     tcacatgggt taaggtaagt ttgcaaccag cagagaacta gagactttat taaacttaag    115020
     gtgtggtcaa aatattgtaa agcacaaaga ttgattgtcc attcagtagt agttgtgaat    115080
     atgaaccatt gtgttgttac accccgtcta ggggtaagga ggtaacatga aagggaagac    115140
     tacacacaca atgctgctta agaaaatata taaagatttt atttacacaa tgattttttt    115200
     agattttttt tcaacttcag aagctgacca ggccaaaaca aacaaaacaa tctaaattta    115260
     aatctcctct attttcagca aaaagaaaga aaataaaatg cactttctta ccttactccc    115320
     tagtccacaa aaacaatcaa ttaaagaagg tacaaaagaa aatggcgtca agctccctac    115380
     ttactatgta caaatattta aaatcagcaa acaaatccaa aaaggggcaa aacagtaggg    115440
     atggctgaca tgaaactgac gtttcgacaa agtgttgaga tcccgaagcg caagtgtttt    115500
     gaaacactgc accgaagcat gatccgaaac acctggggtc tgttcttcgt acgtggatta    115560
     ctcagttaac tggatttgga tattgacgat ttgacacgat ccaggatcgt ttcgttcttt    115620
     aaagttgatc cgagagttgt tgtcatagca acagttctgc taggtcaaac ctgatcggga    115680
     gcaggttcaa ttcatataaa caggattaga tcggctcagt tcaggcaaat atatacagaa    115740
     agtatgtacc gaattctgat attttcttac agtagtagtt atatacactt gggaaaatgg    115800
     tacatatttt ttaaactata tatatatata tatatatata agttatagtt attaataaaa    115860
     taaagttata tatattaata aaacttatgc aatctgcact ctcgaaatga aagtacaaag    115920
     aggtggtgca aagagaaaac ttattgatat gaacttttta gatcgcttag tacaaattgt    115980
     gtataataga aatgcacaat atgtgacttt ttaaaagcaa taatacatta atgcagtcat    116040
     aaacatgttt tgacagttaa tagtgatttg atgcttcaca aaagttgcag acacctttac    116100
     caatatcaaa atgcttttgt aaacaaccag ttattcttta caccgattaa aaaaacggct    116160
     attataataa agaaaatatt tttctaaatg tggaactaaa tacactgata tgcactgaaa    116220
     tacatgatga atactcttga cacatgaaag tgtaaagcct gcagctcaca acaaatgtgg    116280
     aaggttattg cgtgtcatat ttaacaaacc gtttctgcta atttaacgta attttgctca    116340
     catggataat tgaatattaa tcagatgatg tcattacgca gctgtgccct cagccaatcg    116400
     ttgcattgct gatcatgatt tcgaggatcg atagatctgt ccttcacaac acacgcagcg    116460
     atctcagatc agtttatcca gacattctaa tctgatacgc gaacttgttt gaagaaccaa    116520
     attagcgaga gatcagttat caagattaaa agatccagga tctgccaaat catcttagat    116580
     catttaagcg aggtacgaag aacggacccc tgatctagat ctagcaacaa ccctgtttta    116640
     tgaccaaaac agtacaaatt tatttacaag gtgtttattc ggatgtcaga gcaatgttga    116700
     aacaaaacga tacaagaaca aagcattacc aactggtatt aaagcatttc aaaatagctg    116760
     tatcagcctg gattcgaacc cactatcccc gcatgatggt tacgaactct aactgcttga    116820
     ccaaaccact tgtaggttct aggctacaaa gtggggtttc atacctcaat ttgctcaact    116880
     gttctttgct gaagctgttt cagtgcaata caaataaaat gaccactagg tgtcaccgta    116940
     gagtggagtt tcgaaacgtt tcgaagcttc gacacagttg cttcgactgt ttcagtgttt    117000
     cacgaagcct tgctttgccc accactacaa aacagcagag tagtcattta acaggcacag    117060
     gtcagatttt caacatcaac aaagcaagaa ctaaagcact aactactttc acagatcttt    117120
     ctgaaaccct tagacaaact ccaattcaaa aaacctaaca aacaaacaca cacttttttt    117180
     ctataaccat aaacacacca ctatcaacca caagtgagct caaacagcta aacaggaagt    117240
     gacagaggaa gaatttatag gcagccagga gtcagctgac aaggcagggt gtggcatcaa    117300
     ttggagcagg ggcaggacaa aacaaaggag caagcagcta cttcctgcag agagacacag    117360
     aacacttccc aaaaataaaa aagagcagaa ttaatatata aagggacata acaattggct    117420
     gaaaaaaaaa aaatattata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    117480
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg aaaatatcat tgtgtgattg gttaaagtgt    117540
     ataggtttct agagagacac cgttagaata tttttcttgc caaaatataa aacccatcac    117600
     tctacttaaa agggcattca tcaagtcact gcagttgaaa ttttcgtata agtttttttc    117660
     gtattcatat gcgaaaagtt tgtcacgtaa acaaaccttg caaaaagagt ccgatgtgta    117720
     ttaatgaatc cattacaaaa aaacgcaaaa catttcagag tcagattaag cagcaacact    117780
     ttgttctcct ctcttctcca aagtagaaac agaaagaaaa ataggctgca tatatggagc    117840
     tcatccaata ctgcatagag atggagagat cagctcatta tccaagagat gtgcaggatt    117900
     atcctgaaat agaaagttta tttcaggaaa taagtggaat tttgatacat tgcttgggat    117960
     atttcacaca ttcacatgcc taatcaaatc ctgaaaagac tggcagtacg tatagacatt    118020
     aaagtagatg ctggccgtgt tgacgtgtcc aagcaacgaa cggaaagtgg accatgcttt    118080
     ctattataat gtttaagggc agtctgtcaa acgtatggac acacacacca agcaacagca    118140
     gggcagatgt gagtcagtca ctgaatccaa catatagtgg ttgttaactg tccaccacat    118200
     tttgtcttta ttttaatgga ctgtgttagt caaaacacct cccaaagtga tttttcggat    118260
     gcaaaaatca gaacaaaatc taacttttta tgaccgacga aagttttaga ggcagcctgt    118320
     caatatgatt acagacgaaa atttcagatt cagtgtgcaa taacctcttt gatgtttgaa    118380
     tttgatgtta cctttttgta gcttaaacct tgagtgccat tcactgccat aacacagcta    118440
     aaaaaaactg gatattattt aaaataactc gaagaggaag aaagtaatat acatctagac    118500
     caggggtgtc caaagtcggc cctggggggc cagtgtcctg cagattttag ctccaacttg    118560
     ccttaaaacc actgtaaaag cctagtaaga gcttgattag ctagcccaga tgtgtctgat    118620
     tgaggttgga actaaatttt gcagggcacc atcactccag gactgagttt gggcactcct    118680
     gatctagaca gacttaagca tgagcgatta aacgaaattg ttttctagat tgttattttt    118740
     tcctattaaa gcaaaaggga caatatataa ataattttac ctactctttt ctaattaaat    118800
     aactttaagt ttgtatacat atatgtttaa atacaactgg tgactctaga ttaaaaaagg    118860
     tgaaaatcat cattaaaata caaaaaaaaa aaaaaagttt taccccaatt taaaacctac    118920
     tttatatgac ttgtcaatgg aattcaaaat atctactgta tggtttgatc aaaccaaaat    118980
     gtattatggt tattatgatt attcatcccg actccaatat ggcatcacag tatttattca    119040
     tgagaagcaa aggagatcca atcatttgat attattgatg ttcaacacaa gcttcagtag    119100
     accagcaatc gaccagaaaa aaactgggtg acggtctttc aaaactttcc tttgaatttt    119160
     ccaaaaaaga tgcagatttc tgagatttta tactgtttat ttctggacaa actgccgctg    119220
     gtctctgata atgtggcatg ttggctatgt aacgatatga cgaaggcaca taacaagatt    119280
     aaatgctcat aatgcaatat gcttcaacat atttcagcga gggaaccgca cgcacttgac    119340
     tgaacataat ccagattaca taatgaatca tatgaatcat tatgcaaata aacagatccg    119400
     cttgatgctc cgctgtgaaa tgccacagaa attaatgaat attgggagca aaactggcat    119460
     tttgggttga aagcgcaaat tacatatatt ttctgattat tatgccagcc attatatttc    119520
     atactacaac tttatttcat caaatctgtt tctagatggt ggccaacatg gtgttatatt    119580
     cttagaatga attatttgat ttctattgat gctaactaca gaaatcttca tgcacctaac    119640
     aagtaaagta gcttatctgt ctgatgctta aaaacaaacc aaaagagctc gcagacggag    119700
     tgtgtttcat gctcatacaa acaaaaaaga ggacaaggtg gaaaaaaaaa ctcttgcaat    119760
     atggcatgat aacctctaag ggccttttcc aacctcacca cctgctccta ctgtctgtgc    119820
     tatgggcaaa caggccaaga agtgaagaat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat tcttgtcttc    119880
     aggtcagcta cagtaggcaa ctacagcatc ttttagatca gtctacatat ctcagcccta    119940
     acacattgac attccccaca tgcagttaac tctaaatgtg gatagactac taaagaggct    120000
     ttttgctctc cgctatccct cagcatgttt tgatcacgtc aagcacatcc gcttgaaagg    120060
     ttaaatgctg tatttgcctg cagaagcagt gctttccccg tgcgtcattc actgaatgtc    120120
     ctcctggagt aactgtcatc tccatctaca ggcaatctcc catctccccc ctcgctcccc    120180
     gagccaccgg cctatcactc tgaatcaagc acatctgtct gactgcatgc agacccggga    120240
     tcgatacttt acacatgcgt gcaggagtgg catgaaggag ggagggtcca tgctcagaaa    120300
     gcaacgaagc atgaggcagc atcaccacag catcatgtta aacgcagtgc agcaatgcag    120360
     tatgggagga gttgcaagca ggtgtaatca atcagtgtgt gctgcaggaa acacatgatg    120420
     acatgcccct atatacatat acaagacata tacatttact tctagattag ctgcttagta    120480
     ttgaaattga tgtttttgca ttcattttag ttaatgaact aacaatagat ggacattcct    120540
     gaggacaatc ataattaaca atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    120600
     atatatatat atactgtata tagatcatat gcaatgttta ttatttttca aatatttctc    120660
     aattgatatt taacagatta aagaaatttt cacagtattt ccaaaaacat ctattatata    120720
     taagccttta tatataagta ttttctcaaa aaaaggtctc atttgtttta ttttggcaag    120780
     aataaaagca gtttttaata ataataataa taacaaacat tttaaagcca atattattag    120840
     ccctctttag ctattttttt tttcagttgg gtgcagaact gcagaacaaa tcattgttat    120900
     acaatggctt gcctaattaa cctagttaag cctttaaatt acatttaaag ctgaatacaa    120960
     gtatcttgat atcaaactag tttccactat ctacagtaaa tatatcaaat aatttagtta    121020
     ttaaaactat tatgtttaga aatgtgttga acaaatattt aaacagttta aatattataa    121080
     aattcatgcc attgactagc tggcagctag ctctctgcaa cgctcacatg gaacatggga    121140
     aaactaggct gctgctggaa gtggtgttag tgttagccag cagggggcgc tcaacctaca    121200
     atctgtctag gtcctaatgc cccagtatag tgaaggagac tgctcagtga ctgctgtctt    121260
     tcggatgaga cgttaaactg aggacttgac tctctgtggt gtaaaaaaga gcaggggttt    121320
     aacaaatcct gatctccaaa ccatttccat ataataattg ctctgtctcc tctccaccaa    121380
     tcagctggta tgtggcctgg cctagagatt cccccaaaaa tgtgtaaaag tgctttgagt    121440
     gttcagaaaa gcgctatata aatgtaagga attattatta ttattataaa ctagccacat    121500
     ttaaaatctt tctttttcaa actcaatgat ttacactgct tgattgagac acagtgtaat    121560
     gtgggtctca cacctcacaa gaatcaaagc tttaatttgc aattggaaga accacgtctt    121620
     tcaaatatga acattattta taccacaata tcgctagtgg ctgctgctcc tgacaacgtt    121680
     tgcatttaaa tgcctttata tctggtttta cacttgagca aaagaataac tgcttaggtc    121740
     tgtttaactg actgattatt taactgattc tgatcatata tacatttgct gttcaaaaaa    121800
     agtcatgtca aacttttaat tatttcagca accttaaaaa ccagctgtac acaaggccca    121860
     ttcaaataaa aactaataaa aaattaatta caaaaaaaaa atgatatgag tgtcagaatc    121920
     agaatagcga acattaaatc aagtgaacta atcagagtac aaatcgacta ttgtgattga    121980
     attagtatag ttttaatgct aaaagaacaa ctgtgcacta gcacaagata tttatttggt    122040
     tcttaatcta atattaaact ttagcatttt ttaaagaaat gaaaaatatc tgtaatatat    122100
     ttaaatttag caaacaataa cacacttcca aaatgtaaaa aatagcaaaa atttacaatt    122160
     aaatctacca atattggcat ggtgaaaaaa acaaaccatt tttccctgat agccactatg    122220
     gtacaaataa tctgtgctcc cctaataaga ctgcatcatg tgtgaactgc atgttataaa    122280
     tctatacagg gcagaggaaa ctcattatta tgctcattac aaactcatta gtgcgccaca    122340
     tgctaattga aattaaatct atagagtcac atgcactgta aattgccttt ttacaaatat    122400
     cttaggccta tttcaactta cacgtcaatg aaaagtaacg agggaaggga ttaggaaacc    122460
     tcaaaaactg catagaaacc gtttgaccca tattgagcat catgggtcaa tgtattataa    122520
     ctgctcgttt ctacaactcc aaaaacagaa acagtggctc atagatgatt cagagtcact    122580
     tggaaaaata gatgaaaaac atgtgtgtcc atgcaaggga aaatgagatt cttttgaagt    122640
     tcagctctaa atcagtgact tcaatattct ggacgcaaaa agctgcttga gcatcaaagt    122700
     gagtgtcttg ggaagctttg taagaacagg ccggtctctc ctaagaggga agctctgctc    122760
     ttctctcaat cgtggacatg ttggctaatg cctggcattt gaaatggcaa agttcagaca    122820
     aggttcataa aactacagca agcccagggg aaaatcgttg ccttattttc atcttttcat    122880
     tttctctctc tctctctctc tcttacacac acagagtcaa tctcaaatgc attagccaag    122940
     atctggtgag aggtcctata ttgggttgga atatattgaa tagcaaaaaa atcaaaaata    123000
     caaattgata atggactccc aaagcccttt atcatcatca gataaaattt atatttcact    123060
     gcactcgcta ctctgcaaaa tatatattga ttaaataagt ggggttcctc agacgcttct    123120
     tgaaggagat ttctgggtta aaactggtgt gcagttggtg tgcaaaaaag gtgggaagtg    123180
     aacctgcgtg aaacagatgc tattgatgga gaggatgttg tggaattggc cagttgctct    123240
     cttcagttgt ttttgtaaag ggtataaaaa tgcaatgtat atttgtatag gtatatgaaa    123300
     cacaatgcaa tggtataaaa taaagtaaag taaaatccca ctttatatta agcgacctca    123360
     actaatatgt acttaaccgt aacccattat aaacacagta agtcctacat tatttattga    123420
     tgcatttaca tagtaaagcc acttaatata aagtaggacc aaataaaata tttttataaa    123480
     ttttacgagt ttatattttt tgaataactg tgaaaaaata cttatcctta aatcgtagca    123540
     accctatgaa aaataaataa ataaatgaaa tgaaacgcaa aatgtactgg aaatctaaga    123600
     caagacaagg caaaacaaac aaaaaaaatg tacatgcttc ttgaaggaaa cttgtaacat    123660
     aacacttttt tttttgtttt actaaaaacg aggatatatt ttgtgcctga ctatggaaaa    123720
     tacttcctca caacgctata aataaaataa aataaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa    123780
     ataaaataaa ataaaataaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaattaaaa taaaataaaa    123840
     taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaaa taaaataaag taataacggt    123900
     taggacctgt acatgcttct tgaagaagtt ttctgggtta aagcaatttt ataaatgtca    123960
     cgagttaaaa ttttatgcat aactgtggag aatacttgtt tttaaatcca agcaacccta    124020
     cgaacaaata aaaataatta ataaaatata taaaatagca ctaactggcc atccaaaaca    124080
     aaataaaaat cataacccaa ctttacaaat ttatgagttt atatttttgc gcctatctgt    124140
     ggaaaatact gttttaaatt ccagcaaccc tatgaacaaa aataaaatat tacaataaaa    124200
     ttcactttcc ttcagcttag tctcttaaaa tggtcaaaaa aaataaataa ataaatataa    124260
     ttcattttcc tttggcttag tctcttaaaa ataaaataaa aaaaaaaata aataaaataa    124320
     aataaaattc attttctttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtcg ccacagtgga    124380
     atgaaccgcc aactcatgcg caggggatgt ccttccagct gcaacccatc actaggaatc    124440
     acaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa    124500
     ttaaattaaa ttaaattaaa gtaaagtaaa gtaaagtaaa ttaaattaaa ttcactttcc    124560
     ctcgacttag tcttaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaattca ctttttttcg    124620
     gattagactt ttaaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaaataaa ataaagagta tcatggtggc    124680
     acggtgggta gcatgatcgc ctcaatgcaa gaaggtcgct ggtttgaacc tcggctggat    124740
     tgccatttct gtgtggagtt cgcatgttct ccctgtgttc gcatgggttt ccttcgggtg    124800
     ctccggttcc ccccacaaat ccaaagacat gtggtatagg tgaattgggt aagctaaatt    124860
     gtttgtggtg tatttgtgtg aacgagagtg tatggatgtt tcccagtgat gggttgcagc    124920
     ttgaagggca tccactgtcg taaaacatat gctgggtaag ttggcggttt attcctctgt    124980
     ggtgacccca gaataataaa ggtactaaac cgaaaagaaa ataaatggat aaaataaaat    125040
     taaataaaag ggcctttcaa aaacactcaa tcttctggaa aatatatgtt ataaaaatat    125100
     attgattaaa taagtgggaa cccttacatg cttcttgaat gaaatttctg ggttaaatct    125160
     aaaagtgacc tgcgtgcagc aaaagctact gatggagagg aggcaatgga attggccctt    125220
     cgctctcttc actgcggtga atgtgagaga gtgaatctct tgcgccccca gagaagtgaa    125280
     gagacagaca gtctgaaaga gtgagacgct ccagaaacga cagcctgtca gagtgagaga    125340
     ggcatctgcc agacctcaca catacaaaca cacacagaca cacacattcc agctcactcg    125400
     ctttctgcct ctctcacttt gtctctgtct gtctcatgtg ttctgtattt agacaacact    125460
     caatttatgc agacctgcac actgcagcac tttaaaaatg caaatgcgct gagtctgtat    125520
     ttcagtccat gctacatcgg aatatgccta ctgatactat atttaaaaaa aacatgaaac    125580
     aaacaaaaca aaacattcta tttcagtgcc tggaaaaatg caaaagagaa ataaataaaa    125640
     aaaattaaaa taaaacattc aattaattta aaaatgacat aatattacag taaaaaaaca    125700
     tacagttttt agataaagca aaatagttta attatactgt tttaacatta tattttatag    125760
     ctgtagaaag tatttgcatt ttctcttttt cattttaatg tacattattt tcttatttat    125820
     ttatttgttt gtttgtttgc tttgttaagt ttgccatgtt caagtagaaa acccaaaaca    125880
     aatatcatgc ataaaaatgt cttttactaa ttgtttactt catctctcag tacacacaaa    125940
     caccttcaca acccagcatt cagagtgacc agcagagcat cttgggtctt catagtccac    126000
     cgtgtttatt gttgtgagaa gtgaaattca tctctaaagc tgtctttatg actgactcta    126060
     agaagctttc actgctgcag aatcatcacc ttctccagca aaagcacaat gatgacgaga    126120
     gaaatatatc agcaaactgc cacaaaatgt ccacagaaag ctggccagac agcagatgac    126180
     agtctgggct gcattaaaat aggcttggct ctgatttcta gcactggctg gaggatcccg    126240
     ttcagtgcaa aaagcatgtt tacaaataat acccaaaaaa tgccaaaaaa acatataaat    126300
     tctacaaata cattttgggc ctttttatat ttttatatta aataataaat ttaaaagaat    126360
     ttaaaatata tgtatatata ttattattaa gaaattacat cacataacac aaaaaataca    126420
     gtgctcatca taaataaaaa cactgcattt tgaaaaccaa tgtttttatt catttctcag    126480
     tgagtatagg tcatatattt tgaacagaac attattaaac agttctatta gttaaaatat    126540
     tagtttggtc aaagaacatc tttagaaata gaaagataat taatttacat tcaaaagaaa    126600
     tattggttaa aaaatacaaa ctacaaaatt tctgcataat attttagttt ctcttgattt    126660
     ttcttccatt tttaaaattt taaataatgt tttcccccac atatacattt aggtatactc    126720
     atttttggac agttatcgta agtttttggt tggattagct ccagatttga attcagtatc    126780
     aactaatcta atgtatttgc acaaattact catttaaaag atagacttgt tagggatgta    126840
     cttagttgaa atcagaatta ttagcccccc tgtttatttt tccccccaat ttctgtttaa    126900
     cggagagggg atttttttcc aacacatttc taagtataat agatttattt tatctttgcc    126960
     atgataacaa taaataatag ttgactttga agacacttct atacagctta aagtgacatt    127020
     taaaggctta actaggttaa ttaggttaac taggcaggtt agggtaatta ggcaagttat    127080
     tgtgtaataa tggtttgttc tgtatcgaaa aaaaatatat agctgaaagg ggctgataat    127140
     tttgaccgca aaatggtgtt taaaaaaaat tcaaaactgc ttttattcta gcaaaaataa    127200
     aacaaataag actttctccg gaagaaaaaa tattatcaga catactgtga aaatttttct    127260
     gctctgttaa acatcatttg ggaaatattt aaaaaagaaa ataaaaatca aaggggggct    127320
     aataattctg acttcaactg tatgctcagc actgtattta tttgatgtct gatacattca    127380
     aagcaatttt tttagaataa aattgttcta aattaatatc aattcttcta aatatctcca    127440
     tatgtgtgtc ttcttgagac taaaataaat ttagaaatct gttgtcaaat tcaaaaagta    127500
     cattttactg agcatcacag ttatgaaata tattaagcat atctttaaaa tgcacttttt    127560
     agctgtgtgg tccaacaagt gctgtgtcca gataaaccac tactgctggt cacttggagc    127620
     tgcagggaac acctaggtca aggagtagtc aggggtcgag gtcagaggtt aaaagggaaa    127680
     ggccgagttc agctagtgag caggtgctgc tgggccgatc tgatgatatt ctgttgcatc    127740
     ctgtgacatt ttattttcag agctgtctgt gatgaatttc tgtgatctaa agctctttgt    127800
     aaataaagta atctgttgca ggcagacgca tcaatcaatg cttcctgacc atgttttcaa    127860
     aaataggcct cgctcagtgt tatcaacgct ttgttgatca ataataccgc ttaactgcat    127920
     gtgctccaat tattgtgcaa ctggtgcaga aaaataaaat aaactaaaat aaaacacaac    127980
     tggccatgtt aatattatct gcaataacta atgttaaaat atatgagata agacttaatg    128040
     aaattagaaa taaataatgt tctttaacaa ttaaaatagc attcacctgg actgatttta    128100
     ctacatttat tgtttcctta tctataaata tcatacacag ggtttctgca ggttttacta    128160
     agttaaattt aagacttttt aagacatttt aaagactatt atgaataaaa aatgtagact    128220
     cataaagggc taaatgctaa ggaatttttc aagatggaaa agattgttat ttgccctatc    128280
     aaaaataaat gtagaattaa aaacaatgta ataatacaat aataaattaa taatgaaaaa    128340
     ctaaaatatt ttacatattt tttagcaaac aatttcaaat attgtgtaaa aaccagcaag    128400
     ctctacttgt atccgttcac ttttttccaa cataaacgtt ctataaaata aagtaaaaaa    128460
     tggacaaatg ttttaaaact ataataaact aaatctgggg acacggtggc gcagtgggta    128520
     gcacgttcgc ttcacagcaa aaaggttgct ggttcgagcc tcgtctgagt caaattctgt    128580
     gtaaagtttg catgttttgc ctatgtttgc atgggtttcc accgggtgct ccggtttccc    128640
     ccacaggtga attgggtaag ctaaaattgt ccataatgta tgagtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg    128700
     agtgtgtttg ggtgtttccc agtgatgggt tgtggcatga aggccatccg ctgcataaaa    128760
     catatgctgg ataagttggc agttcattcc gctttggcga caccagatta ataaaggaac    128820
     taagccaaaa agaaaataaa tgaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgggtgaatg aatgaatgaa    128880
     tgaatgaatg taaggataaa ctaaatgtat gcacaacaat ctgtccaggt cagtgtcctc    128940
     agcatgtaaa tacagagcta ttttaaataa atgttattgt gaggaaaata atgaaaccat    129000
     tatgatagag ttaaaaatga cctttttgtg taaaacgttg tattgagctg gattgttgta    129060
     ttgttattgt atggttgtta atgaccagat tgggcagcta tacatgaaca aaggaaaatt    129120
     aagacctgtt ataaaattat ttaagaccaa aaacacaata tttcagtaga tataaaactt    129180
     tttaaggcct aaaattttga ttttgacatt taatacattt taagaaaaac ggaaatgcgg    129240
     aaaccctgat acgattcctc agtcaagata cacttacttg aaaagtttta tatgagataa    129300
     tataagacaa tatatgagat ataagttctt tttttctgac aaaaataaaa ggcttattta    129360
     atgacaaaac cttccaaatt tgtttagtta ttattctatt acattagttt gtttccagtg    129420
     gggtcagaat tatttttttt acagtaaaca aaacttgaaa atcaaagatt ttcttctcta    129480
     gtaaatgata gtttggatct ttgtagtaca gtagaaaata gaaaaacatt ttaaagtgtt    129540
     ctttcgaaat ttcttttcat caaagaatta taaaagtgaa tatatttacc acaacaacat    129600
     taacagctac tgttttcaac gttgactaaa tgtttcctga aaataaagtc ataataaaag    129660
     acactgaagt aatgatgatg ttggaatatt cagcatttgc cacaacagga ataaattctg    129720
     ttttaaatta cttcaagaca aagcagttct aataatattt caaaacatta ctgcattctg    129780
     atcaaataaa taaaacggta ggttgttaaa ctgaaccttc tcaaatacca aatacagtca    129840
     tctgtgcaag caaagtagca cagcagcatc taataacctc cgagtaaagc cccatacgtt    129900
     tcccgtctct gaaatcatat gctctcgata aactgaaaga agatcagcat aaaaacactc    129960
     taatgagaaa gtacatctgt ggcttttcct ctgcagtaca gtatgaatca gccagattgg    130020
     aggagctctt attaaatgtc ttaaaaggat ttcagaaagc tctaagtgat tatgtctggc    130080
     agaccctcca ccgaaatgct gacattcaca atagcaaagg gttaaagctt tcctaaagat    130140
     taaacatcca ctgcaattcc atacacctta cagtataaca aagcaaacct gcagctttaa    130200
     gaacaatttc tgcttgatgt actgtgcagt aatgtatata tatgaattat tagagcatgt    130260
     gaataatatt atcacaacaa actctattta tttgttaggc atggtggaac aaagggctct    130320
     aattttcttt agatttaagt cagaatgaaa taaaaaaaaa ctgattcttt ttcctcacta    130380
     ttctgagaaa cagcttcatg agcttaaaaa aaaggaaatg tatgctgtgg atttattgat    130440
     gtaaatgttg ccactttctt attgctgtga gcatttcatg taagttagga gttgccaaga    130500
     tgtcaagata aaaagatgga tggtgcattt tcttttcttc tttttgtgaa taaaataaca    130560
     atttatgtat ggataaataa tttataatgt tgaatttggg tgtcacagtg gcgcagtggg    130620
     tagcaagatc acctcacagc aagagggttg ctgattcgag tcccggctgg gtcagttggc    130680
     atttctgtgt ggagattgca tgttctccca tgttcatgtg ggtttcctcc gggttttccg    130740
     gtttccccca cagtttaaag acatgtgcta taggggaatt gaataaacaa aatttgcggt    130800
     agtgtatgtg aatgaatgtg tatgggtgtt tttctgttgt tgggttgcag ctagaagggc    130860
     atccgctatg taaaatatat gctttttaca ctgcactttt ctcccataga cttattccca    130920
     ttcatacgca tgcaaatgtg acagaccgga aatgcaaggt catgcagcaa gttgcccagt    130980
     tcgctgcatt ggaaagttca agcttattaa actctgacct gcaaaatcgc gttacatgat    131040
     tgcatgagac caatcgaggt tcaaaacatg acctctctgg acaatcatta gctttcttta    131100
     atgtataatc gacttgatta actcctactc ttttggcagc accgtatgac agaattacac    131160
     aagctaaaac tctagtgtga ctgcagctta aaccgaaaga aaatgaatga atgaatgaat    131220
     gaaccatggt cagcttccaa taatgataac ggattcccac ttctctgaat tttcatttgc    131280
     acttcgtcca agatttcctg gtattttcag attttagtaa ctgcagtaaa tttttcaggt    131340
     ctagaaatct tacattctca ggtttttcag taaattagaa ctactatttg ctatcatgct    131400
     gacctgtcaa gaacagtcag gtatggttcc agttgtattt cgtgagcctg gcacaattac    131460
     aaactgttct tggcgcagaa ttttatgcga ggttatgcta tcgtgctgaa ctattctgaa    131520
     ctgaaaaagc atgtgtgtgc gtgatgtcat cactctgttg cctggttgcc agtttcttaa    131580
     cagctggcta agcagaaccg cactatttat gtaattattt tttagttatt caatgaagaa    131640
     aatatcagaa aaaataagta ctcacaacag aaatatctga tctttgtcca tttcgctgtt    131700
     tacattaaac ttgcattacc aatgcaatga ctgatgtatt tgtaacacat tccagagagc    131760
     tcctttatca acaccacagt gcaaattgaa accgtatcca agctcactcc gtcatgcatg    131820
     gcacaaaatg aaactgttcg gcccaatagt ggagaagcaa caggacggta ttctctagtt    131880
     aacacttatt tcaagagttc acacttagct gatgattgat aataaagcta gtttggcgtg    131940
     ctgtcccggg agagagccct gagcttataa gatcctcgag ccctgggctc cctcccgttg    132000
     caaggcgaga ggggagtttg agctcaggta gatctcgatg actccccctc ttgcttgttg    132060
     tagctaagtg tcagatatgg aaaaggtgta cttatagttt agctaaagta tttggattaa    132120
     ttgtttagag tgcttgtttt tgaactgtgg gaggaaaccg gaggacctgg ggaaaaccca    132180
     cgcgaccacg gggagaacga gaaaactccg cacagaaatg ccgtctggtt tggaaaggaa    132240
     ttaaaccagg ggcattcttg ctgtgaggca acagcactaa tcgctggcca ccgtgacgcc    132300
     cgtttgaaag gagggaaagt agggttgggt gggggggttt cttcaagacg aagatattga    132360
     gatgagaaaa gtctggttat ttatagtgag ttaaggatcg tctgatagga taatcagtca    132420
     ttagctaaag ttggaacagc tgtgaacaat cataagcacg tgatcctctc gaaatttgtt    132480
     tataaataaa cttcacttaa aacaactgca catattttca tgtgaaatcc ttcattcatt    132540
     ttctttttgg ctttgtccct ttattaatca ggggtcggca tagtggaatg aactgccaac    132600
     ttatcaagaa tatgttttac acagcggatg cctttccagc cgcaacccaa cactgggaaa    132660
     atccccatac aatcacacac tacggccaat ttagcttatt caattcggag cccacggaga    132720
     aaacccacgc caacacgggg agaacatgca cacttcacac agaaatgcca actgacccag    132780
     ctggggctcg aaccagggac ctttttgctt tgaggcgatc gtgttaccca ctgcgccacc    132840
     gggacgccct caaaagagat cccaacagat gagtggattc catctaaagc agtggttgaa    132900
     aggcaacaaa aaaaaagcat ttcaatttag atatattaat gtaatcttac ttaaacttct    132960
     aaatcacact aaaattagag aattatagca ttaaattgat atcttatttt gtgcttttta    133020
     tttgtataat aacagatggt tcttggaaag gatatcatta agagtcatag accttttagg    133080
     ctgaaacttt aaaaaagact gtcagtgtgt agctctgtta acctgcaatc acttgtttga    133140
     gccgaggtgc ctatatagcg cctttatagc ttatgcagct aactttggat tacttgataa    133200
     aaaaactaac cacaacgctt tttgggatta ttagaatgaa gttttattcg tgtctcagct    133260
     gaaagctgtc taatctacaa actctgttcc tagaatgaat caataaaata gagattttgt    133320
     actgttacag taggtccata gatattttaa ctttgacaaa attttgttac accaacacat    133380
     tcgatttgaa atgaaacgat gtgctttgac tctagactgt cagctttaat ttgagggtac    133440
     ttacatccaa atcaggcgaa tgctgtatgc tgtaggaatt acaacagttt gcatgtgcct    133500
     cccacttgtt aagggtccaa aagtaattga acaattggct tctaagctgt tccatggcca    133560
     ggtgtgtgtt attattttca gaacgctata tttctaagtg acgttttata aacaaacttt    133620
     gggaggagca tgcgtagatg ttttgatgag gctaattaat aattgataat cattatccaa    133680
     tcagcataag accaaacccc tacaaataac caacatccat tatctctcga tgtcaacatc    133740
     cctccaccac ttcggctcca cactattaaa ccaatttcct atttaaataa gaggggggtg    133800
     tgtgtcctga gaccgggcta gagactgcgc tcaggccact atctctctgc ctcacgacaa    133860
     atgggataac acaagttaag gtgtctttct gagctcagtt ctctctccac agacagcacg    133920
     gcaaatatgc atctttctta ttcagtcaaa caactcatga aaaatatata aacagattta    133980
     taatcttcaa attaagtctt ggcaaactga aagtaccaaa aactatctgt ccgaatattt    134040
     aatgacttgc ttttgcagaa gtttaacaat tctcttttta ctattgtttt atatttatta    134100
     taaatgactt ttccatgcac atcttttatt ttattaaatt catgtgcccc ataaacttca    134160
     ttaaaataaa ttcccctcct tcttcaataa aatctctttt atgttgatgt gtttattggc    134220
     actagggtgg caaaacctgt gactttatta agatcacagc aacagcgaac gacaacaatc    134280
     caatcaattc ctgatgaaca aaataaagtc cttttgctgg gatatgtcaa accagaggaa    134340
     aagacagcca caacttcagt ttcagcccga ctttaacaca aatttcacca caaataaaag    134400
     cattccagga aaatatttta gattgtttta gtttcaacag cacaagtaca cattttatca    134460
     tataaaacag caaagaaaca tagagtgtgc tataacaaac acctcattca gccaaataga    134520
     acattatgct gagctgagta atggtgcttt tccactgcac ggtatggtat aattattacc    134580
     aatactaaat cctttaggat tctgactggc caaagaaaaa tgtcacaacc tgcgtcccta    134640
     tgtttgtgac ataagagacc aaacccgcac agctggaaat ttccggttaa atcaaggtgc    134700
     taagtggttt gcaacttttt ttttctgctg ctagactgca tttaagccta caataagaac    134760
     caatattaca tttcaaatta aatgaaaaca taggactgga cgtcatggtg ccgcagtggg    134820
     tagcacgatt gccgcacagc aagaatgtca ctgtaggtga attgaataag ctaaattagc    134880
     cgtaatgtac atgtatgtgt gtgaatgaaa gagggtatgg atgtttgcca gtgttaggtt    134940
     gcggcgggaa gggcatccac tgtgtaaaac atatgctggg tatgaagcat ctgaaacatt    135000
     ggactcctag tagggggtag ggtgttgggg ggcggtgaag atattagcag ctgttgaaaa    135060
     tggccctgac gaagaagaca aagtagcaac ttggggtgga aaaaacattt aggatatgat    135120
     gaaagccata atactttata agagaattga tggtgttatt taattacatg aaaggatata    135180
     caagaatgta cagtggaaaa acgtatttct gacactgaaa ataatgttaa gacgtactga    135240
     tacccagagt aagcacattg gaaaatactc agactctttc aaatcttcta atgagccaat    135300
     aaacaatcat tgaatgtgtg caccataaaa tggcagtgtt gtcaacagac taaacaaaat    135360
     tatacttttg gttgtttgtc aatgagcaga tccagcgaga acttaattgg ggcaatgcag    135420
     aataaaaagt acaagaagat gctcagcttg tgtttatgat gacgtcgtgg cagttatggc    135480
     attgtcatgt ctacaatccc accgacttta attcagagct aaactgcatt aaaaaagcaa    135540
     accaagtcat gctgaaattg taaagctcca taagtggcac actcaccatt tgttgtctct    135600
     gtgatgcatt gtctaatgga gtctgttaaa ccaaggctgg cagcactggg cagagggccg    135660
     aggagggcag tcaggggcac atgtttggac tgattaggaa gcgggactgt gttctttctt    135720
     ccatccaaat ccttctttcc tccctggtct cttcgattaa gcacctgact gatgaactct    135780
     tggttgagat gttgagctgc tgcctccatt tcttcatcct ctgcatcttc atctccagcc    135840
     aatccagagg ccaaagacaa agagtcatca tctgaaataa agaaagtaaa actttggaat    135900
     aaggttctat tagttaatgt tcttactgat tggaattaat gatctataca tttaatacag    135960
     aaattatttc ttttttataa taccaccgta cattcacacc gaaagcggca agagtgtcaa    136020
     agtagccgga agtcattaat tttcaatgag agctggcggc gataagcggc gaggagcagc    136080
     gcggtgcgtc ttcgctggtt ggagcgtcga ggagagttga aatcaagtca actttatggt    136140
     aatgagatat gacgtggttc agcggcaagc aatcaaaatg aaggagtcca ccgcttgaga    136200
     gaagttcaga gaacacagac ctgtgaactt tggttctgat aacagttgtt ctcaagggtt    136260
     tgattattgc ggtcctcaga tttccaatta tttacaatgt tttcttacag gaacgaacat    136320
     ttggaaaagt tactgttgag ttactgatgt gcattaatgt tatatatatt tttctttaaa    136380
     aagcggaata tcatacaaca gtacaaaaca gaatggctgc ttcagaatat ttcagacata    136440
     tggacacatc tgataattaa gtggagcaaa gccacaccac atgcaacttg attttccatt    136500
     gttatatgaa tttaataaga agtgtgcaac attttcacgc tataaagcat gttttatgca    136560
     ggaatgtaac tgacatgctg caatggcccc tttaaatacg agatcaatgt atcgaatttt    136620
     gacgctctcg ccgctggagc tgaaggcaga cagcgttgtc gccagggtgg ccagactgat    136680
     cttgcattgt ctcaccactt tcggtgtgaa tgcacagtta gttaatgaaa ataagagttg    136740
     ttcattgtca gctcttgtta acttacagta cataaactaa cgttaaaggg tcacaaaaca    136800
     cattttttga gataatatat atatatatac atgtttcagg tggctaaaaa cactatgagg    136860
     acacatatat ttcactaaaa agagaaaatt tgtggttttt gcgttgtttt aagcaaattt    136920
     cttctttcgg attgaaaaga aattttgaag caatgagatc attgtgtaaa ttccagtgtg    136980
     gagattggct gtctctatct aaagtgacgt cattgagttt tcagcattat ttcgtgagaa    137040
     agatttggtt tgaaccaatc agcgcgctct attgttaacg agatgcaact gtgttgacga    137100
     aactcccctt ttcatgcaaa cccttccctt tttcgctgct ggacactcct accaaagagc    137160
     ttagaatgac caagaggcga cactcaatag aacgttccat tgcaacagca gcgcccggca    137220
     ccagccctgg attctgccat tttgtagtga aagcggtcgg ctgtccaatg ggtcttatgt    137280
     cacgatggca agcagctgct ttgtttttat ttatttgttt aaaaagagca ttaaagctga    137340
     gatacaacct gaaagaagac aatacaacac ttgctattaa aatcatgagc acttttaata    137400
     gtttatttta cagacgtata atatgctgtt gttctattgg aatttctatt ccaaaatggc    137460
     cgtcgcgtca tctagtggct gtttcccaaa tcgaactaga gtgtcgcctc ttggtgattc    137520
     tatgctattt gctcctctaa acaaagctgg actctttctg acttttttca aactagaagt    137580
     gggaaaacaa cctgctgaga aaggcccttt aaaaagaatt aattataata cataagtaaa    137640
     tgttgacatt attattaact atgattaata aatgctgtat aagtattgtt tattcttagt    137700
     tcacgttaga aaatacaata acttacatta acaaatggaa tcttattgta aagtgtgatc    137760
     gttgaatcca aatcagtact ggtgtattga cacttgcatc agcataacaa aatctttatt    137820
     aagaacagat atgatgagcg cattgtgctc agatgagcct gaatgtttta aatacacatg    137880
     cagagcattt gatctgatct accttctttt gcgtagcagg cataaatcct tttcattttg    137940
     gttctgctgc ttcctgccaa ctgtgtctca atctcatcgc ggtatgagtc gatctcacct    138000
     gaagaacata cacacgcacg cacgcacgca cacacataca cacacacaca cacacagaac    138060
     cacacacaat gttgacatct ctgactgaca gttgggtctt tgctattgac agatatttag    138120
     catgcaacat gaactccatg tgttcagtgt aagattaaca ttacatacaa tatgctaatg    138180
     gaccttcaaa taatgacata ttgccctaaa acagggagac aattcacaaa aacagctgtt    138240
     catggtaagg tgaaggctca aaaaaaacaa tttgctattc atgattgttg aaaaaattct    138300
     tgaagtgttt agagtggctg agaaaacaca caacggagag cattaagatg gcttgttgag    138360
     tcaatagaga gaatcgatat cttattccag gaggacagac taaccttgat attcctcaag    138420
     tttcttgacc aactcctgct ccagctgaaa caacgacatt ttaattaaga gaaccactta    138480
     tccagagtat catatggctg tatgccttta tataatttca ttcacgcata caatacagtt    138540
     taatggttag catatttcaa agtgccccta ttatgctttt ttgaaaatta cctttctagt    138600
     agtgtgtaat gtagctgttt ctggatgtaa aacatgcact gtaagaggcc attcacacgg    138660
     aatgtgttct ttgttttatt taggtaaaca tacttgatgg atgttcatga tcattatgct    138720
     ggtgcctcat gtgttttgca gctcctcaca catgagcgcc atgtttttga caccacgtca    138780
     agttaaaagt gattttttca tgcagagctg ctcatcaatg tcagttccaa agcaactgtt    138840
     ttatttgaca gcaacacagc agagaagaca ctttttaaaa accattcctg agcgttgcat    138900
     ctcacatgca aagacccatt ctgtgtgaat ggctaccaaa ggaactgatt ctaatttgaa    138960
     cctacggaaa gaagttgcct gtaatttcag ctaaactttc agcacaatcc taggaaggtt    139020
     tggaaaaatg tgtataatgg tagtctatga tctcactggc aacccgggaa ccaacatttg    139080
     acttgtagtt gaggctgagg ccaggaagag tttggtttaa gctgttgaca aatatatttt    139140
     tacacacatc taaatgatga ggatactcaa aataacatgg taaaatggac accagttact    139200
     gattgctgtg ttttcaagtg taagaaagcc tgtagagctg aaattggatg cttggattgt    139260
     ggcacaagct gaaagtgatc aatagataac aatggactgg accatgatct gaccaatcaa    139320
     aacagagagt cagagaaaag aggggtttaa agaaaccaga tcctaaacaa actatttcag    139380
     acagtatgtc aatctgtcta tccaaatgca tagtattgga aaaacagtag gtggaaagta    139440
     tccagatgat gtaaaacttc acacatgatt ctgaaataag tttgataatt taataaggcc    139500
     atttatgaag atttatgaat agaaatgaag tgaagaaacg gatccaggta ggtcatgtag    139560
     tatagattga ttaatttcat tcatgctatt aataatcata caatatatca taaaggtcct    139620
     ggagagcagg tgtcctgcag attgtagctc caacttgcct caacacacct agacagatgt    139680
     ctctaaaaag cccattaaga gcttaattag ctagcccagg tatgtctgat tggggtggga    139740
     actaaacttt gcaggacact ggccctacag gactgagttt gtgcacccct tgtatagagc    139800
     ttataaataa aatatacatt ctaatggaca caaagaacat tctaatagag tttctattca    139860
     gacaggacag ttgtggatgt actagcattg agaaaaatga aaaactgaga tgtatgatat    139920
     aagaaaatga aagtgttttt aaccatgatg gatacataca tactgtaaat actttggaaa    139980
     aaaatttata aaataagcaa tctttaaaac tgcataatgt ggcactttaa aatgttcagt    140040
     tgattatgtt ttatcaattg aatgtatcct cactcaaaac aagtatttat ttaataaaaa    140100
     acaacacaca cacactagtg tcccatatga gtacctgctg catcttgact tttttctgtc    140160
     ctgcaacaaa agatggagga tcacattctt tttcaaggtc tactcgcatg aactcatcaa    140220
     ttgtcaggga actggtgggt gtctcctcaa actctgtcag tctgagcatc aaagcagagg    140280
     aaacatttgg taacatgtta cagtacagta caatcaaata taacctatca aatgagcttt    140340
     aaatatgcat ggttttaaag ttctatacct gtatgatttt caatactgtc agtacaaata    140400
     cacaacatgg acttatacca tatgagctac tgtttaatag tgatatcatt agtttaattg    140460
     tgaaaaaaca atatgtgagg cattaaaacc ttagctatca aacattagta cagtcacggc    140520
     ttgtttttgg gtgactgcag aatataattt ccctgaaaat ctgcttagat cagctgtgac    140580
     attcaccttt ttctcagtgt agcctcgcac acctttacaa cagatatgac ctccttcacc    140640
     gtgcgccgga attcatgcat gcgagccgcc acgagcagag ctgggggaac atgggagaga    140700
     aaatgaggat aaatgtttcg tccctgaacc gtattgttct caatttgttt gacatttcac    140760
     cactgtgcta ctatacaatg tacgtgccac acaaaagtgt tgaaagtgca tttctaatgt    140820
     aatggagcat ttgtaaaaaa caatctctgc agatactgag gtgtgttgtg caatacagta    140880
     gcccgtttag cagacgttat ataaataatg ctgcagagtt ttgtttaaga aacagcaaaa    140940
     caagccaatc tttcttatat atctttaatc cactgttatc ctaaaggttc atccaatata    141000
     ttaagcagtt tcttgttaga ccatccattt ttttcatact tataaccgat gcatcatttt    141060
     ttataacaga tgtgttgtta ttatagactg aattatttca tgataattga ggctaactgt    141120
     ttgatttcaa aggcagagat ggtcaaaaat aggcaacaat gagagtcttt tagtcaatat    141180
     ttagttaata ttttcaagac aaaatcttta gatacacata caaacattat ttttagagat    141240
     aacttaatta tttgcgttaa tttttaaaaa cgatttcata agtatttttg aaaaataata    141300
     gatggattat cttgaagatg caaaatgaac acatataaaa aaaaattata tttcacatta    141360
     tatatcacac ctgagttcaa attctctatc aacaaccatg cctgattact gccacacctg    141420
     ttcacaatca aaaaaacatg taaataggac ctgccagaaa aagtgaagta gaccaaaaga    141480
     tcctcaaaag ccagacttgc cgagatccaa agaaacccaa aaacaaacga gaaagaaaat    141540
     aattgagatc taccagtctg taaaagggtc tatcaatcta tgaacctatt tctaaagcca    141600
     ttatccataa atggcaaaaa catagaacag aggagaatgt ggaaaatgtc cggccatctg    141660
     tctgtgacct caagcttaag tgaccttctg cagcaggaca gtgatacaaa gcaagtccac    141720
     ttctgaatgg ctgaagaaaa acaaaatgaa gactttggag tggcctagtc aaagacctga    141780
     tctaaatctg attgagataa tgtggcataa ccttataaat gtggttcatg cttgaaaacc    141840
     ctccggtgtg gctgaattcc aaaaattctg caaagatgag tgggcaaaaa ttcttccact    141900
     gcattgtgac agacttattg caagttcgaa aatcgaaaaa tgggttaatt tcattttccc    141960
     ttaataataa aaaccttcac cttcatttca aaactgaatg atgtgttcaa ttgtgttatt    142020
     tgtgactaat gtttcaattt gtttgatggt ctgaaacatt aaagttagac atatttatat    142080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    142140
     atatatatat atatacacac acactaactt gaatcgtaaa ctaaacaaaa atgtagtaca    142200
     aacttactga tggatcatca attttgttta aacgtttgca ggaacaatgc atataccctg    142260
     tgactgacac ccattatttt tcatttttgc ttgtatcttg atccttgttt ttgcaatgtt    142320
     aacactttga aggtgaagtg cagttgttta ctcccctcgt tataaaacaa tcaacctcaa    142380
     tacagaaaac tgacatttaa acttaccata ttcccctgaa cactgtgaat gattaatgat    142440
     gaattattaa ttattcagat attgcagcag cggatgttgg atggggaaag tgagacagtg    142500
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagagagaa    142560
     atgcatgcag gaattcagtc ttctattcct gagtagtgag ggcatcttgc tgacgacaga    142620
     gtgcagagac caacctgctc tgcttaagat cgagggcatc aagaactgtg tgctgctaaa    142680
     gcacttgcag tgatcttgtt tttatccttg ctgtggaact cgctgctcca gttctcatgt    142740
     caaactttta gcacattaag ggatttgctt tatgatctga cagatgcgca gaaacgaaga    142800
     ctgaaaaacg cgtaggctat tttcattttc agctgacaaa gaaggcatct agtgaatctt    142860
     ttgatgcctt agaagttaat cccaaacaaa cgaaaaacga aagtttaaag ggatagttag    142920
     ctgaaaaatg aacacactgc tatgacgttc taaatctgtg tgattttctt tcttctgtga    142980
     aaaacactaa aaggaaattt gaaagatatt tttagaagat agttttgtta atgcaataat    143040
     aagcaaagaa gcctacaggt ctcaatcaag cggcaacctt ccgctctaca gtaactgaaa    143100
     ccgcaattca cagaaatttt gctagtcctg gctccataat agaaaaaagg tgtttacagc    143160
     ctgaatcaaa aaacgatgtt ggtgtatata gctaatatta cccttcatga caaatgtgag    143220
     gggagtgatt ttttttataa ctcatccatt tcctttatat taggttttat taagtcaaca    143280
     taattaaggg cgtggccact tgagtgacag ctaaggctca atgccaattc tatttttgaa    143340
     atttagcagt ttttatttta gctctttttt tttaaagcat gccggtaaaa cacgaatgtg    143400
     gttatgaaag tattaaaaca tgtgcttgtt tgttgtaaaa actcggaata atgacaaaaa    143460
     tacaaattta ttgatctcct gacttccggg tgcagctata ctgctgttgt agctggtgta    143520
     ttctagaaat ttttcatacc ccttagtttg gagtgtggtc ctgataaatc tctgttcgaa    143580
     gggctatcta ccccttcccc ttgggaaggt aaggggaagg gctaaggggt agaattggga    143640
     ttaggcctaa gtctcgctgg ttgacgtcat gtcacctcag ctgattccgg ctgattagtc    143700
     gctgaactca gcatatacat tgttttttgt tttgttttat gtggctttac acagtcaatt    143760
     ggcttttggg attatttcct gcaattatca gataatatgg catgctgtgt gcatttaatt    143820
     gtgctcacaa accattcaag ttgccaacgt ttcccagttg agtaaattta tatacttata    143880
     taccatttct gtaaatgatt ttgttttact taagatcatt tattatttat aattttcatt    143940
     agaacttgaa tgcactgcag aatctgacag attgattagc tgtaggctct agaacagtca    144000
     tctacacata gccatacagt gttatgcctg gatttcataa atagccttgc atttaataac    144060
     aacacagact atatttaaag tttttggaag tcatttgcgt tttcctcttg taaaaaatgg    144120
     caatgtttag tcactccatg tgttacaaca gtgtttttaa aagtctaaac actttattga    144180
     tatagtatac aactaagcaa aagtggtcag aacacaaata agttgcaggt aatgaagtat    144240
     taagcattta tcctaaagaa aagcccatct aagcaaaatg ctagcaggca gctatagctc    144300
     atttaatgac acatttgtaa cggacccttt tcacaagcct gttatgacgc tttagcggtc    144360
     atcagcatct taaatccttt aaagttttta atatttacat tttaaaaaaa aacaaatgaa    144420
     catttaatgt atttatgtat gaagtatatc atctttgctt taaataataa aaaactaatt    144480
     accgcatgtg cgaggggttt ctaatgcagc gtctatgaga cagtaaatct gacgttattc    144540
     tcttctctgg ctttcatcat cattctcacg ttattttgtt cctttttctg aaagtcttta    144600
     taacaccatt gtggagtttt tatttcatta tttcagcaaa taagattgta aaaaaatgat    144660
     ttactgtatt ctcccattca ctgtgcttta ggtttttcca actatgatga cttccgctac    144720
     tgagaaacac ggaaaagtga aaaaggtgtt caattcattc attcattttc ttttcggctt    144780
     agtcctttta ttaatccggg gttgccacag cggaatgaac caccaactta tccagcacat    144840
     gtttaacaca gcggatgcca ttccagctgc aacccatcac tgggaacacc catactaact    144900
     caatcacact catacactat ggacaattta gcttacccaa ttcacctgta ctgcatgtct    144960
     ttggactgtg agggaaactg gagcacccgg agaaaacccc cacaaacgca gggagaacat    145020
     gcaaacagaa actgagccag ctgaggctcg aaccaaaatc cagtgaaaag gatttatatt    145080
     ctctaattag ttctgattaa ccaagatcta aataatttga aaattttata aaaaaatata    145140
     tatacagaga tttatttgtt aaataccaag ttaaaaaacg cttaaaaaaa acatattatt    145200
     tattctttaa aattggtttt aaccatgttt aagctatttt ttatgtttat gatccataaa    145260
     cacactgtat aaagacaaac agctttggaa tgtaaatgat aacttagaat tacatttttt    145320
     ttgtgaatgt taaacactac ctgcaccaca taatcctgat ggtcgccgtc ctgtgtgcat    145380
     ccaatctctt ttcatcctct gcagcagtct gagagcagtc atcgaaacct catgggtctt    145440
     ttcaccaaac tccaacatgt gggcgaatcg tggaatgtac agacatggat ctaaaaatag    145500
     aaaccaacag atctgtaatc agcgtctaga cacaaacctg ggaatataaa gcaaatatgg    145560
     attgaaggtt aagtttatag cttgtgttac aattggaatt aattcacatc ctaagagcac    145620
     ttcgggtgag aacaattgtg gctcagagaa atgcttaaac ctgtccttca aactgatggc    145680
     cttatctttt caaaactcgc aatctagagt gtaaacgtcc ccttctgagg gattatgaaa    145740
     tagggatgag cccttcagaa tgaaacgcag ccttgactct gtcaactcgt ttagcagata    145800
     tcctttcaaa aattaaaaaa aaagcagaat ttctgtggtt ctccttgact ccatgttaaa    145860
     tctagtacac agtggcccta tgggaacctt taaaagtggt ttggcttaga gtcactctgt    145920
     gggagcaaat atccctcact tccacctact tctaagtcct tgggtaaact cattctgctg    145980
     gcccaataaa gcccaaacat gactgctgtc ctaataagaa ggaaatgagc tcagctaaga    146040
     aaggcgatct tatctaagct tacgctatag ggactgcacc tgcacttacg agatctccat    146100
     tgactgtgtc agtcacttgg ctttttgaac atctcaagtc ttttttatta aattatcata    146160
     ttaatgcagt gcagcagagc agttgacaga ctaaatattc agtggcatct gtgaaccagg    146220
     aaatagtgta agtcggttaa gaaaaatgta attttcttat gtagctttct ttggaatgat    146280
     ctatactgct ctgaaaaata aattgatttt tcagacttct atttttcagt catggctata    146340
     aaattatctg atttgtgaga ctgcggctgt cagagtttga ttaagggaaa agtgataaat    146400
     gaatacagag agaaataatc aaatagatct tttaggactg ttggtgatgg ggactggaaa    146460
     cttgccatcg cacaggtctc tgaaataatt ttttgatgag ggttgtgggc agcactgcag    146520
     gtcggatttg taaaatcctc tataagaatg tcatatgcta cctatttcta acaacataca    146580
     cactgtatta cagctaaatt atgaatgatg tccatatttt ggtgccaaaa tgagttctgg    146640
     tctagattga actcaggcct ccttcatatg tggaaataaa gcagatataa atcggatatg    146700
     cgacaatgtg actatcatat aaacagccag atcggattac ctttctgtta tgtacgtcat    146760
     taaacttgcg acattgtggt acttctctgc ggtttaatga cgtgtggaga cgtcaacacg    146820
     gtaaacaaca acaacagagg aaacatggag gaggaaagtg gtcagtcgcc acaatttgct    146880
     cccaccagac ctgagatctc tcttgtaccc acaaattccc ctgagtgggg gaggacacaa    146940
     tatataaacc atagctagct gtgatgacgg ccctttccct cctcctctgc ctcaaaatca    147000
     tttttaagtt gggcgaactt cgcatatttt gcatagctaa aagcaagaca acttcttcca    147060
     ttgtgcgtgg cgcagatgct aaaacccacc tttatgcatt cgaaacgtct aaatagtatg    147120
     gcaaatgtaa acacatgaat ctgatttggc tcacaattta aagaatgtgt aaacagatag    147180
     gtaaaacaat cagatatagg caacaaatcg gaattgggca tcaagacctg acagtgtaaa    147240
     atggggccat agacacccct ttaaaggtat gcacaatatg aatttctgcc actagtgggc    147300
     gcatattcac aacaaacaaa tgtgtatttt gatgatgtca caatgagtgt ggaatcttgg    147360
     gagttgttgt ctttattaca tgctatggaa ctcctggaga aatcatgttc atgggtgagc    147420
     taaagaattc aataattatt atcatagtag tatgaagcac agcaaagcta gtcactagtt    147480
     aaaattgttt atttatatat tattttaaca ttctttgaaa catctgggat aatgtaatta    147540
     attaagtcag caaaataatt acaggtaaca ttgttctagt gttttttgta ttttataatt    147600
     ttaaaaatct tacacgttgt gccattttat tatgcattca tcagatgttt caatctttga    147660
     ccttgtcttg tgtgtctaat gttattaaaa tcatcctttg ctttgggaga agcttgattt    147720
     tgacacagtg ggagtgctaa atcgaaagtg ctaatcaaga ccttttgcaa ttagtgcatg    147780
     gcagaagtgt gaactgtatt ttcaataatc tgtaaaataa aacccacaca gaaccataga    147840
     aactacataa ttaaaaacca aaatagatga acgctaacag tcctgcatta tatatatatt    147900
     ttttgtaatt gttctaacac ctattgtttt aaaaataatt caggaggtgt aaaagaagac    147960
     tcactcttta aataaataga aggtttgaag gtctgtccaa atatactttc ctcaaacaca    148020
     tgtcgaagga aaattgacat taaaatgcta gcaattcccc catatgaaat ccttaggtta    148080
     atttgcaaat atacagtctt gtggatgaag gtctgaaaac tttgaatagt gaaaaaccgt    148140
     tatgtgccga gtcatgtttt cattcatttt cttttcggcc tagtcctttt gttaatcagg    148200
     ggtcaccaca gaagaatgaa ccgccaactt atccagcata tgttttacac agtggatgcc    148260
     cttccagctg caacccatca ctgggaaaca cccatacacc atattcacat agactacgga    148320
     caatttattc attcattcat tttcttgtcg gcgtagtccc attattaatc tggggtcgcc    148380
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttatccagc aagtttttac gcagcggatg cccttccagc    148440
     cgcaacccat ctctgagaaa cattttgaga aaacccatct ctgagaaaaa agcggatgcc    148500
     cttccagccg caacccatct ctgagaaaca tccacacaca cactcatata ctacggacaa    148560
     tttagcccac ccaatttacc tgtcccgcat gtctttggac tgtgggggaa accggagcac    148620
     ccggaggaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac gccaactgag ccaaggttcg aaccagcgac    148680
     ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgacacc actacctact gcgccactgc ctcacccacg    148740
     gacaatttag cttacccaat tcacctatag tgcttgtctt gtggtggaaa ctggagcacc    148800
     tggaggaaac ccacgcgaac atggggagaa catgcaaact ccacataaac tccacacaac    148860
     taacccagcc gtggttcgaa acagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggcgaaagc gatacccagt    148920
     gcgccaccac atcatgtttt ggaatgtgga actgtctgca cattaacagc taggctgaat    148980
     cattcattgt ctttaaaccg acacatcaat aactttaatg aactgtcagc aaaacatcag    149040
     caagaacatc acaaatcagt agagattcat tcattatttt ggtgacacat ttctacataa    149100
     aatgcatgca aacggagatg actgaaagtt ttctgtggtc tataaaccaa attcaaaaag    149160
     atttttttct gttttttaca gtctttctct tacctttatt accaaatgac agaatagtag    149220
     atttttggtt cacatcattt tggcaattgt ataaaattgt aagtataaaa ttgtataaaa    149280
     ttggcaagta taaaagcacc ctaaaggtgt ttgtattgtt ctttgcttta acccatttac    149340
     taatgttttt aaatccttct gtgttcttct aatacttata attctgacag actgatgaac    149400
     attttatttt cagatacata cacagcttaa gtagttcctg gctggttttg gcagccttat    149460
     aattccatat catgacaatt tatttcacag actacaaatg ttacatgtcc attatatttt    149520
     gataattcaa gactcttcat cagttatgca ttccataatt gacatttatt aattgatgga    149580
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga    149640
     tggatggatg gatggatgga ttgattgact gactgactgc actgactcac tgctccttta    149700
     ctatgttttg accagcttgc ttgctagtta tttggatgtt tttagacgtg tgtgttttag    149760
     aaatagaaga gggtgagaaa atgcagacag aattttcatt ttttgggtaa actatccctt    149820
     taaatcatga accagcttcc ccaaccaaaa ctgactttct gaatcagttt aacatttagt    149880
     acatttcact cactgagtgc atgtttcaca gactctggct ggcaaaaaac atcattgtct    149940
     aaattgtttg agatagataa gccgcttatc ctaggcgaag gatccagttt ccagcaccgg    150000
     agccctctgt tggagatccg ggaaagctgt acaagcccaa ccccctctct ctctctcata    150060
     gcacacactg tagataacat ggctcctggt tgccagcgag cctccaaaca tcaaacctga    150120
     atgtattttt cctggcagct gcgcttcgct cggctcaata aggtaaagaa cgactaaaga    150180
     tgtgcaattt aagttcctca gcatttactg ctttattaaa tcgcaaataa tgattcgtag    150240
     tacttcgact aaagagtccg ttttggtgga caagtctatg cggacggacg gtggctctgt    150300
     tctgctgcta ctttacgtct ttaaaaccgg tttgttaagg acgctggagc tataatcatt    150360
     gattgtacat gttaatggtg aacacggggg ataattctag cgagcacatc agagattccc    150420
     tcagtaggtt gagcgcttgg ttgcagatgt ttatccctta tgagacgtta cggctgcatc    150480
     agcaaattga ctgatcctgt gaagttgaaa catcgcattt ggagctcgcg tatggctgta    150540
     aagcgttaca atgttgagtt ttgtgtcacg cgcttttgtg gagaaaagtt tattaaaaat    150600
     ccccttaacg cttcgtgcgg gatttcataa acgctcatca atcttgcttg gcctctgatg    150660
     atgatgatga cattgatgac agtagtataa gatgatatga tacttttaca tgtttttctg    150720
     accatgttgt tggaagtgtt gacgtgaacg tgcattgtca acaacggaaa tgtgaatctt    150780
     gcattaaacg actgcgattc atgtcaacca ttcagcttgc ttaccattaa atattccttt    150840
     aataatcagt tcaattttta gcatgatgtt tcatttatcg cttacaatta ctaaattatg    150900
     acattgtcag atttaactaa ataaggttag gttaaatgga tccactgcgt agacgcgaga    150960
     cattttaatg acttcacatg atttttttag aggcagaacg aataaaatgg gacataaatg    151020
     gtttttaaat aataaaaacg taaaagcacc tcattgcatt tgtgtgaaat actgctgtgt    151080
     atatgttgtc attttaagca actaagttag tcgtaacaca tttcagtctc acgagcattc    151140
     aatgcttcaa tactgaacaa catcagttca tcaaagtatt aaactgcgag acaggttaat    151200
     taagtaacgc tccttgtgat acataaatgt tttgatgtac catagcagac tcataagaat    151260
     cattctctat gtaggctact ataactaacg ttacactcac tagttgtgtt ggttttgctt    151320
     cagtaaaaac caatggacac actggagtcg ataacactct gctcggtgta acgctgaaca    151380
     gctgactgag atttgttatg aaaatcattc ggctggttaa atgttattag gtttttcgct    151440
     tctcaacagt agtaaacaaa gcgtaaaggg ttaactggtg ctcgtgtgag cgggcgagag    151500
     aggcgggcgg tcctgctgtg ggaggcgcaa ctgggctgct gatgtcagat tcacttgtag    151560
     tttgattggt caaaacggag caggacgtcc tctcccgtca cacaaaacct gctttacact    151620
     acagcgtaaa ggcgcggaga ggggatacac cacagatttg taggatgaca aggaccacgt    151680
     agcactttcc atggtcgatt cggggctatt actttattat ttatccgact gcagcagttc    151740
     tattgacttg catgctatta ctttcaatgt tcgcgaggat gcgatgagaa agaagaagaa    151800
     gtcatcgagc tggaatattt ccgctggatg gatccttgcg tttgttctgt aaatgtttcc    151860
     ataaggagga aatgaaaaag ctatggtata tttagcacaa acgagtgatc gaggcttgta    151920
     gtttgtaatt aaattaaagg gaacccttcc ctccgctaca cctgcctatt aattacgcgc    151980
     agactggtgg atagacttgc tgatgccaac aacgccagat tgcctatatg gcaggatcat    152040
     gaagtttttg acgtttttcc ttttgcttcc agaaacctta aaaaggacta gaaagagtgg    152100
     gaaacagctc agcaagctgc cagtatgcta tgaaatcgtg actttgtcct tgaggaagaa    152160
     gatggctgca gaactctatc ctgccagcat aaataccaac cttccaaaca gtaacagcac    152220
     agcagtcaca gctgccagca aaaagaccat cgtccaagtc actcaaacgg tgaccacacc    152280
     gactacaact gccactcagc agaacatcaa caataataac gtcgagactg ccagctggca    152340
     gtccactcac ccgacattgc gagaaaggta tgagcacatt tagctagctt ttcaaatcac    152400
     ctatgctgtt tttgtttcat caatgtgata ttctgttcca tttgttctcg ccaggaatgc    152460
     tttgatgttc aataacgaac tcatggcaga tgttcatttt gttgtgggtc ctcctggcgc    152520
     atcccaaaaa gttccagcac acaaggtgag cgcatccacc catgttaaac cgcatcttga    152580
     gcatttcttt catccaccgt ctgcttaact gctcttgtgt ggcatttgtg ctttcagtat    152640
     gtgctggcag tggggagttc tgtttttggt gccatgtttt atggagatct agcagaagga    152700
     gaatctgaga ttcatattcc tgatgtggaa cctgctgctt ttttaattct tttgaagtaa    152760
     gtcttacatt ttagtgcatc taggtgatac tcattttctt tgtctggacc ttgcagctta    152820
     ttaaataaga aataaataaa aacaatgcat acatacaatt atgtttacac ttgtttgaat    152880
     ttctaaatta aatagtttaa aatggttaaa cgtttttaaa caaatgatta tatttaatac    152940
     atttataaat actgagtaat attttttcta aattattata tttgaaaata tgtttgtcga    153000
     tcagagtcat tttgtgcaac caacattgag aagaaaaact caatatagtc cttcgtgact    153060
     gaatgccaag attaataagt gtcttaaaat ttcaagtgat ttacttctgg taaaatttgt    153120
     tcaggttgag aatgtcattt ggtacatctc ccaaaaaaat tatacattta ttaataattg    153180
     atttttaaat gcagttcata tatacagtga ctaaatatta aatgtattta tatttttagg    153240
     gtcaaaaagc agtcagtttt acttggttgt acttcaaaat tgtttgtaaa ccaaaatcat    153300
     ttggtgcaac caatgtgaaa aaaaactaaa aagcccttca ttactgcatg tccagtttaa    153360
     aagtgttaaa atctctaata tttagatttt gacaagtgta gttcaggtta agaatatatt    153420
     tgtaaaaagt aatgttaata aaatatacct agaaatatgt ataaatgtgt aataacagtt    153480
     gcatactaga ttattatata tattagcatt attatcttat gtggaaaaaa aagaagcatc    153540
     taattatttt cctgttcctt tctaggtaca tgtacagcga tgagattgaa cttgaagcgg    153600
     acacagtgct ggccactctg tacgctgcca aaaaatatat agtgcctgcg ctggctaagg    153660
     cctgtgttac ctttctggag acaagcctgg aggccaaaaa tgcctgtgtg ttgttgtccc    153720
     agagtagact ttttgaggag cctgagctga ccctgcggtg ttgggaggtc attgatgctc    153780
     aggctgaact ggcgcttcac tctgagggct tctgtgagat tgatctccaa acgctggaga    153840
     tcatactaaa gagagagact ctgaataccc gggaggcagt ggtctttcag gcagctcttg    153900
     attgggctgt ggctgaatgc aaaaggcaag gactgggacc gaccgctcgt aataaaaggg    153960
     cagtgctggg caaggctctc tacttggttc gcatcccaac catgaccctg gaggagttcg    154020
     ccaatggagc tgcacagtca gatgtattga ctctggaaga gactcatgat gtcttccttt    154080
     ggtacactgc agccaataaa cccaagctgg aattcccact acaaaaaaga aaaggtttga    154140
     cgccacagcg atgccatcgc ttccagtctt cggcctaccg cagtaaccag tggcgctacc    154200
     gtggacgttg cgatagcatc cagtttgcag tggacaagag gattttcatc gcaggacttg    154260
     gcttgtatgg ttcaagtggt ggaaaggcag agtacagcgt caagatcgaa ctcaagcgcc    154320
     aaggagtgac tctggcccag aacctaacaa aatttatctc agatggatcc agcaacacct    154380
     tctccgtatg gtttgaacac cccgtccaag tggagcagga caccttctac acagtcagtg    154440
     ctgtattgga tgggaatgaa cttagttatt ttggacagga gggtatgaca gaagtgcagt    154500
     gtggaaaagt gaccttccag ttccagtgtt cctcggacag taccaatgga actggagtcc    154560
     aggggggtca gatcccagag ctggtcttct atgcctgaaa ttgtcaggat gtcccattgt    154620
     agtgcattcc gctcactgga attaagatgg attgaataca gggtctcgtg aggctcttgc    154680
     cttcattatg tagcagttgt gaactcaatg gttatggctc ctctgtacca caatggactc    154740
     agatggaagg aatgttcttc agctttattt attgcaaaaa aatatctata tttgatttta    154800
     attattgacg ctgctgcaag cagatctata tataaatata tataaatgag atagttgtac    154860
     tgctctgata gtggacggaa gccactagtg tgtcatgttt tgtacataac gtatttgttt    154920
     tcagcttgat gctgattgac aaataaaatg tcttgtatta gtgaaccgct tcccgaactg    154980
     cagattataa atgtttttgt tcctcgagtc caaagttgtt tccccttctt attcttaaat    155040
     gaatatcaaa tgcaaaggat aatacatctt taacagcaag caagttcatt ttacacaaaa    155100
     aagtgtaaaa taattcattc aaattagatg tgagatttcc atgttatgtt gtgcattcca    155160
     ttcaaactta aatccaaaaa aacgaaccca cactccacaa ctgccatggg tttgtgtaaa    155220
     tgagacagtg attgttaagt gtggatgaaa tattcatctt gaaaggccac ataaagaacc    155280
     cattatcccc agcaggcttc atgaggaact gaatggggag tctgtttgaa ttgagcccat    155340
     agaatctgct gctccactgt ttgcatttta attgagggtt tactaaacat ggagcagatg    155400
     cagcttggta aaacagcaga ttttaaccca aaaaaaaaag aaaaataccc acaaaaacag    155460
     atgaatgtgg aattatgaca catggatagc tgctaatcag actgaatttt gggattatgc    155520
     ccagtacttt aacattggga tgcactcttg tgtatagttg aattgttttc tttctgtttc    155580
     ctctaatctg acaagtctgt ttaaaacaaa tctgcaggcc tggtctgtac acagaaggtg    155640
     aaaaaaaagg aatatgatga accataatgg attttctgac atgacacagt gccccctagt    155700
     tacatcaacc aatattgcaa ctcactatga atataatttc cagatgggtg aaacattttc    155760
     agcctgtgcc tgaaatagct tgaattaaag aatattacag ttcaatacat ctgtgtgaga    155820
     gtgcaacaat ggaaaatctt ctccttttga atcaactagg aatccataga ccaaatcaga    155880
     tgaacagatt gagcatactt gtattgatcc cgctgtggtg tattattgat aaccaattta    155940
     gcaaatgaat tgttttgaga gaagctgccc gctttattaa tgaggctcgt tcgaaagcga    156000
     tgttccggtc agctgaatta cattagagat gtcacagaaa ggtcattaca gggagactta    156060
     ccgacagccg gtgcattgat gcagagctct cttgccaaca ggagaaaggt cttgcccaga    156120
     atgtaaacat taacctacaa caatgagaaa gagcactgaa aaacaaatct tctggatttc    156180
     aatgggttca aaggtatatt accagtcact tgagacaggc ttaaatctat tggacaatta    156240
     cttcaaatgt tttacatttt aacaaaatag tgttaatgtt cgtcaagtta tttattctaa    156300
     aataaaatac agtaaaactg taaaatatta atattgcaaa tgcatagaac tattttaggt    156360
     cacactttat tttaaggtat atttctcact atgaatcaat attacctaca gcatttgcct    156420
     caataaattg ctgcttaata atagtaatta aggaaatagt tatgtttagg agctaggcat    156480
     atagaataag atcttgcaga atatgttgtt ttactaatta aagtactaat aaacagacaa    156540
     tattttaata ataagcaggt aataagcctc gagttaaaag tgagaattgc tacttaaaag    156600
     gatatttcaa ccaaaactga aaattgacat aacttacaca cccttcgctt attccgaacc    156660
     tgtttgaatt tctttcttct gttgaacaca aaagaatata ttttgaagaa agctggaaac    156720
     ccagtatttc gttttcatgc tagaagttaa tggttacagg ttttctgctt tcttcaaaat    156780
     atcttctttt gtgttcaaca gaataaagaa actcataaag gttgaggaag tgtaaatatt    156840
     gagtaaatct tttatttttt ggtgaactat ccttttaaac taaaatgtta aaacattttg    156900
     tgttgatcat taagaaatct ttttctgctc acaaatggtg ttgatagaaa ctgctaaaat    156960
     ttaaatacct gcatatgctg caaataaaaa gttttattta aagagccctt atatgcatta    157020
     aaagggtcat attttggttt tgggggtctc caataacagg ctgatatgca tgcaaggtca    157080
     aaacactttt attgtcttat aatatgcatt tgttttgatg taattatccc aactactccc    157140
     atatgaatcg ttcagtgatt catttattac caaatcctta gtgtgatgtt aatctgctct    157200
     gattggtccg atgacccagc ttttgcgatt gatcgactgc gttcagcgtg agccagagag    157260
     aaatggccac caccgcttat caacaatttt gaagtagtca gagcgcagag tgtatgtgtg    157320
     agcgcattgc aggagtataa aggaaaagat ctgaccaagt actatacatc aatagtcttt    157380
     tctgatcctt tctttaacaa acagcttatg aatcccctat tgtaagcgtg tagattgctg    157440
     aagccctcgt cagaaaaatg acaggaacac agcacaaggc tggggctata ttgctgagat    157500
     atttttgcaa aaataaactt taaccactga cttttcacac tttaggtagg gaaagtaaca    157560
     ctaactttcc ctcacacttc agagcacagc atctccacga cttgattcaa ccaggatctg    157620
     ctacagtgtt tgtcttcttc ttcttttttt cttttttttt tttttttgca agtgtttgtg    157680
     agcggggctg agggtttcac ttttcccggg tctgcgtgtg caacaaatgg gcgggttctg    157740
     tatcgacgtc acaccgacat ggctatagac tggttacccc gacaatttat tttcattcat    157800
     tgtgaatcgt tatgcataat catatatact aaagactaac taacagtgat gagttgttat    157860
     tttttttacc ccagcagcag gtctctagtt agcctggcat ccagtctgaa caaactgggg    157920
     tcttgtcaga ttcgggtgtg gctgcacttg ctaaagattc atgacatatt tgagcctccg    157980
     ccccgagcgt gcggtgtctg ttcaatagca gatacagctc agtggacaac tggaggagta    158040
     aaaataacac tacaccagtg cgtaagcacc aaaacgtctg ccctaaaaat aactactaat    158100
     aaaacaaaat cagcgctgtg tattgtttca caaaccaaac gtagaatcat ttccaataac    158160
     ctcagtgttt tttaataaaa ccaataaagc acataaagct atattgctct catttgttgt    158220
     aaaaatcaat gcaccatggc ctttaaaaaa agagaaataa aggatggtgc tcttcaaaaa    158280
     agcaacttat atttaacatc aacaattttc agcaatatag ttactatttg taacttgccc    158340
     tttgaatact tattttataa tataatttag gtatacaaat tgaattacta tatgaatggg    158400
     acctacctga acatacctta atgtaaaact ttgaatataa ttgataatct gggaaacaaa    158460
     catttgggta acactttata ataactacac actatgaatc atctattaag cattagcaaa    158520
     tagtgaattc ataatttttt aagaattaac tttacattta tggatgttag taagcagtaa    158580
     ctgcagctac acacattgta ttcttaactt tattctttga catttataat gtgcttaatg    158640
     attgtgtttt catactattt tacttattaa ttgttcatta ttaaattcag tattgtatta    158700
     ttttcaaacc atttatattt aagagtagtt ggtggctttt agaataaatt agagtgagtt    158760
     agtaaatgat taataaacta ttcaatcaac atttatatat cttattattc aggaatagta    158820
     atggtaacta tgtatgttaa taaatgctta ctcaacttaa taaactcaaa ctcagcttaa    158880
     tctaaagtga ggtctattta tgctttgtaa atcccttaaa atgacaatta aaggctcagc    158940
     attaaatgaa caataaatct ttgcaatctt atctaaaaaa tatattgtaa actttgaaca    159000
     ttgccgaata actggagtgt caaaatacaa ttagaaacaa atacaattaa ataaaattag    159060
     ataaaacaac aatatattca tttaataatt atgatttttt tcttttactg taccgtaatt    159120
     ttgttttaca taagatttga aaaattaatt tttcacttga tacagtttta tttatgtgtc    159180
     ttcaaatgaa tagaaatgat taaagtcatt tattttcttt tttttcctga gcctttagtt    159240
     gtcatttata gaggatttat aaagcataaa cagacctcac tttaggtcac aaaactggat    159300
     gaagtttagt aaataaagca tttattaaca tacaaattaa ctattattat atgcctagtt    159360
     tactagtcat ttactaacga attctgaatg atctttaaaa accaccaacc attctctcaa    159420
     aactagtttg taaataatca atacttagtt aatgacaaat aatcattaaa aagtgtgaat    159480
     atacaatcct taagcacatt atgaacgtac ttattagtta agaatatagc atttgtttgt    159540
     agctgtattt ataaactatg taactgtatt tataatagac gaacatctat taatgtagaa    159600
     ttatatatat atacttaaca gataatgaat tcactatttg acaatgctta atagatgatt    159660
     catagtgtgt agttattatg aagtgttacc caagtttgct ttgcctttta aagtgtgccc    159720
     ttctgtttca ttagatttta cctttagtat tattacatta taactgcagt gtgtaaagtt    159780
     ttttgaaagt aaaaggttgg atgcatgtaa gccaattgta atggtctaaa acaagattat    159840
     gaaaattgaa atgtgcataa ctgcaaaact aaatagagag aaaccgagat gatccaaagc    159900
     tgatatatat aatagaatat ccattataag agacattatg gctcaaaacc ctgttttgtc    159960
     ttatgcaata cctcaaacag tggagattac aaaagattat ttcaatgtaa aaacattgtg    160020
     taccttaaca tagatgctta ggctccatca cattattatt cagactaagc tatacataaa    160080
     aatataaaag aaactataat aaaaagaaga taacctgtaa aagatcactc aggtccagga    160140
     gcatgtctgc acatcagtta aggaaggaga acacaaaaca aaaagatgat atcatcaaaa    160200
     cagtggaaag cccgataaac atctcaactt tgttcatagc caaaaataag aggtttatcc    160260
     tgcctttagt tgcaggatgt agaattaggt attactaggt ataaggtatg aactattgca    160320
     gtccaaattc caaacattgg agagttgtat ttttatccag ctccatgcaa acgtaggttg    160380
     ccagcaagag tgagtgtacc tgttggtcaa gccttacaat ctaagctgtc cgataatatt    160440
     tatgtttgta atatatatcc agggcatgct gatttttata actcagaatc tgcgtcttat    160500
     ttcggaggct gctactgtca tcgagaggtt gtattttcag ccacatccac atagattaag    160560
     gcagccttca tgactgaact gaaataagct ttgttttcca ccacggcaac ccggagtgcc    160620
     aaaatataat ttggtaagtg gcagtgggcg aagtcacaca aaatcaaaat ggacattcat    160680
     ttcaaaagac aactactggt tttagtattg tttttcagat aaacaagtat gttcacttag    160740
     catgtttctt aaattcctac aaacattatt tttatgcttt agtggggtca aagagcacct    160800
     ttaaaagagc cctggtcagt catgaattga gcactggaca gatttgtaat tgtcactggg    160860
     agagtttaaa tttgtactga tcatctctca tcaatgggct tcgggtagga tcaccttatc    160920
     tctgcaaggg attgaccctg accatctgtt acagctcacc tgagtggtga gcacacatac    160980
     acacctgagg cacatgtctc tatggtgact aatgctccct ttagcaaaga gattagcatc    161040
     actacacgac aagctaatcc cactttatca gaagtctgac ggccttaatt atggtctggc    161100
     atgaaagaca gtgagtattt atacttcttt gactggcatc actgatattg ataaccgtct    161160
     tgcctcttga atgttacaag atcagatata aaccactgac aaatttgtgt tttttaaaaa    161220
     acagggaact gtttgaaaat gctgatacac tgtaaattaa ttaatttttt caccttgctt    161280
     gttattaatg tttaggtaat ttttagatat ggttttgaat tctgagaaca ttatctcatt    161340
     gtttttatta taatatatta ttgtcatcat tttctgaatg accaagaaaa tgtctattct    161400
     ggttatatcg ctgtacttta attattaaca aacgagcgta atgatttatg caaatatcga    161460
     agacaatggt tttgactcta agggtgcttt cacatctaca cttttgtttc ggaacgtatc    161520
     tcgtttgccc agttagcgcg gttcgtttgg catatgtgaa cagggcaatc gcgctctgtt    161580
     ccgcgccaaa gtaagatccg ctccgctccg agatcgctta aatgaagtgg tctcggctca    161640
     attgaaacgg accctggaac ggttcgattg cagtgagaaa gcgatccgat ccgagcgcgg    161700
     ttatatcaca gtgttttatg gatgtgtaat aggcttacgg ctatatgaag agagaattat    161760
     gagtagggca ggaagtttcg cgagtctccg gatgcccgca aacgagtgat gatcttccgg    161820
     taatctcgcg tctccctcct cctcaaatag gcatcatcgc gcacccttct cacccctccc    161880
     caccacgtct ctcctcagac acgtcgcgcg cgcccctgtc aatcaccacc aaaccaccac    161940
     ctctcctgac agcttagcgg gacgctgcaa aataaaccct gacactctta ctcgcactac    162000
     cttgttttag ctcttttggt ccgattagaa actgtgcagt gtgaaagtga accgctccaa    162060
     gagcaaagag caacaatgtt acatttataa tctctgtttc ggaacaactg aatcgattca    162120
     caggtgtgaa agcaccctaa gacactccac tgtctactac aacaatgttc aaatgtccca    162180
     ggaatgatct gtcattcatt actttaaatt gttttacttt tatatgcatt ttcttaaaac    162240
     atccacagat caaataacat tcccttgcga ccccatagga gtctccgaat cccgtatagg    162300
     atactgcagg tgttctagca gcagttgctg tactgtgtga tgagttttct gacttgacag    162360
     agactgatcc ggttatatct gaatgtaatc tgtttgctgt ggcatgcacc ccaaagaaat    162420
     tatgctacaa aaaaaagcat ctttttcttt tcaaagaaaa cagtccaata gatctatgag    162480
     aaaaaagcat ttaaggagct cgttgtcatt gaaattgagt atttatgtaa gaaatgtaaa    162540
     aaaaataaac atacaatctc gaagtgatga gctctgaaat gatgatctgt cagcacaacc    162600
     actggcagat tagttcaatg aagctcaaat aatcaatgtt tccagaacaa cagtcaatct    162660
     tcaccttaaa taacctagtc taaacagatg tgtatttacg cacacacaca cacacaatta    162720
     taaaaccttg gtaaacatct aggacaaaaa catgctgaca ttggataatt ggattgtttt    162780
     aaagaaactt taaagctaat aattttatga tgtatttttg gatagtattt tatcttattt    162840
     tgtttttatt tgtattgtga tcatgtgtgt ttaataaatg tatttaatta taaatcattc    162900
     attcattttc tttttggctt agtcacttta ttaaacaggg gttgccttgg aggagtgaac    162960
     cgccaacttt tccagcatat gttttacgca gcggatgccc ttccagctgc aaccaacaat    163020
     cactgagaaa catccatact gtcactgact cggtcccagt cattcccctc gctggccagc    163080
     agaggtcacg atcaccggac tattgacatt acgtcatcca catacactga ttgcagacac    163140
     acctcaatca catcccataa tcactcacca tacacatata agcagcactc acacacacat    163200
     ctttgcgaag tcttgttctg ccccggctaa cactactgag cggtctcagc cttgccggct    163260
     tacccgttgt gatcctgctt cgtccactga ccctgtcttg cctgccgcct gccttgtact    163320
     ccagcctgat taccgactct gatactagcc gcctgccttt gaactctagc ctgctaaccg    163380
     actctgatat tagccgcctg cttcagaccc atgcctgcat attcatcctg tgtttaccag    163440
     ccgccagccc aacgactaca tactaccgtg tttgatgtga gtttgtgcac gcacaacatc    163500
     tgtgtgctat tgtttattaa actgtgttta ataaaaatac tgcaaatgga tccctctgtg    163560
     tcagccactt cgttacacat acacactcat tcacacacat acactatgga caatttagct    163620
     tgcccaattc acctgtatca catgtctttg gacttgttta ggaaaccgga gcacccagag    163680
     gaaacccacg caaacacgag gacaacatgt aaacttcaca ttgattaaat gccaactgac    163740
     ccagtcgagg cttgaaccag cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc gatcatggta cacactgcat    163800
     cactgtgacc ccccacattg aataacaaga gaacattatt tcacacatca catgaaagct    163860
     gaaataaact ttacacagat atatgtatgt tataagacaa tatttggctg aaataaaatt    163920
     aaatatcggg aatcaaagag ttacaaaaga aagaaaattg ccttcaaagt tgtctgaata    163980
     aagtgcataa ctatgtacat tacttattta aaaatagagt tgtatttatt tatggagttt    164040
     tatttatata atggtttata tatttagata ttttatggag ggaaatttag caaaaaatct    164100
     tcatggaaca tgatctttac ttaatatcca aaagattttt ggtataaaat aaaaagcttt    164160
     cattgtgatc catacaatgc atttttggtc caggtacaaa tatttaaaaa aaaatacttc    164220
     atatttaaaa atattaatta caataaatgt ataaatctac tacagactaa aaagattaca    164280
     tgtctcaata attctgtcat ttgatcttat cacaaacaga caaaagataa atgaatgggt    164340
     ttggcagtct gtaaaatatg acctctttgt atctgctctg tagcgtgaag gactgatttt    164400
     tttgcatgcg gctgaaagcg cccctcccag agacaggtat ctattctcct ctggcaactc    164460
     taaacagcac tgcaggtctc agtcagtcat gatgccatgc acacaaaagc agagtgcaga    164520
     tatgggtgtg actcaagcag accttgccgg agtgagactg tttgtgagac atagagacag    164580
     cagtggtgta actctatctt gtcgttttga aacgcaggtg tggtgagtct caaacgcaca    164640
     tcatttgaga aacaattatg acagcttaga ggaacaacaa tccttcaatt taaaacaggg    164700
     gaatgctact ttctttaaag tggacatatt atgccccttt ttagtaggat gatgtctatt    164760
     tttgacattc ctagaatgta tctgtgaagt ttcagcttaa aatacctcac aaatcattta    164820
     ttattgcttg tcagatttgg caccattttg atgtaagcaa aaacagttat tttttgtgag    164880
     cccctttaaa tgcaaatgag ctactgcatt ttcagaagag ggtggagcct taaaaggcta    164940
     ttctgacatt tcagaaacaa caaaacaaac aaatctcaca cagccaaaat ttcagaaatg    165000
     actagttgtg gaataaatag ttatttgttc aaatcagagt caaaaaagga tggagaggag    165060
     ctggatgcaa cttctagact gaagactcag actgttggcc tttgaaaata aacattactc    165120
     tattagtaag attctcttat ctttacagaa aacctaaaat gtttgtcatc caactataca    165180
     gagcataata aatatgcatt tatgaattat gctgagtgtg accattctgg aatgtggaat    165240
     taatctatgg aaatatcttg gttctctgtg aatacagtca gagaggatgt atttattata    165300
     gtacttaaaa agtcaagatt ttcatgatgt aattcattgg acacataata aatcagtctg    165360
     ccctgaaatc ctactttctt taactgggaa actttttttg atgggcaata ttatatatat    165420
     gtatttcctc ccggtgctcc gttttccccc acagtccaaa gacatgcggt acaggtgaat    165480
     tgggtaggct aaattgtccg tagtgtataa gtgtttgtgt aaatgtgtat gtggatgttt    165540
     cccagagatg ggttgcggct ggaagggcat ccgctgtgta aaaacttgct ggataagttg    165600
     gcggttcatt ccgctatggc gaccccggat caataatctt ggaatatcgg aataagccga    165660
     caagaaaatg aatgaatgat atatatatat atatatatat acatatatat atatatatat    165720
     tctcttattc ttatttataa tggtaggaaa cactaaaatt aacgttttaa ttaattatta    165780
     ttattattat tattattatt attattataa attagcgttt acacagaaaa aagtcaggtt    165840
     ttcatcatgt cacttaatta ttgcttcaaa attttacttc agactataca ttaaactttg    165900
     gaatacattt tatgtccact aagtgttctt taacagcttt tgttcgcaac tataatctgt    165960
     gtaggagtga ctaaaaaagt tacttgctga atggctttcc atgatttact ctgaaacatc    166020
     ctctgggatc cctaaaggtg cagtaaatgc tcttcctctt cctttctatc ctcttttgac    166080
     agcatattgt agcaccattg ttttcacatc ctgacacatc cctgcagaca ctgaactggg    166140
     ctttccctag ggaaaggatg gacttataca gagaccagct tctatgcact ttcagcttgg    166200
     tttcatttaa tgttccattt aatgtaatgg tcctaaaagc agaatataat ggctgttatg    166260
     cagtacattt ttacaacgat ttacagagga cacccactaa aatgtcattc agtgcgacaa    166320
     cagtttatat accaggttat atacaggtat acttagaaca aggatattat actgatatta    166380
     aaagactcta tttaaggatc acagtgcagc caattgactg tcattctaaa tcattattct    166440
     ttgtcgtaat tctatcctaa ccgactggca tttgtgacca attttctatt tattaaaaat    166500
     atacacaatt agtctaatta ctgtcgaagc agtggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcgcctca    166560
     cagcaagaag gttgctgggt cgctgaatcg agcctcggct cagttggcgt ttctgtgtgg    166620
     agtttgcatg ttctccctgc cttagcgtgg gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg tttcccccac    166680
     agtccaaaga catgcagtac aggagaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccgta gtgtgtgaat    166740
     gtgtgtgagg atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcggctggaa gggcatctgc tgcgtaaaaa    166800
     cttgctggat aagttggcag ttcattccac tgtggcgacc ccggattaat aaagggacta    166860
     agccgacaag aaaatgaatg aatgagtcta attacttgtt cttttaaata ttttaatatg    166920
     aatgtgtcag aatgagtttt taataaaaaa aatttttata ttgaataaga aaagaacaat    166980
     atttcaccca ttttatttat tttattttta tttattttat atttagattt tgtttatatt    167040
     tatttattct tgtaagacag tgtgtacact accagaaatt catttgatca tttatttgat    167100
     acttgccacc aattaaagtt gaaaataaat tctcaaaata taaatcgtgc atttaccaaa    167160
     cactttagtt caaagaaatg tatattgtct ttcatactga gatttgagcc caatgaaagt    167220
     gccattttac tgtctactga tgccccttca actgaactat cctgttcttc agtcaagatg    167280
     aatgggtaaa tcatagcatt tttcagcaaa atgtttttaa ttgtttcaaa ataaaaataa    167340
     aaaatactac aaatgaacta caaaatttag tttgaattta gtttaattga cttaactatt    167400
     ttttatttgt gtctctgtaa agctgctttg atgcaataaa aaagatgact tgtctttctg    167460
     tgtctgcatg ggtttattct acagaactgt tactcattct aaattttctg agaggtaaaa    167520
     gattagcact attttcacac tactacaaga ttgctaaata tacaatatta ataagcattt    167580
     ctattatcta ttgtttaata attatctttt aaaattatac cattttgatt ctctctttaa    167640
     gccactacct cagacatgca gtgtaaaagg gaaaattgat ttattaattt taatttagac    167700
     caacttttgg tgatctccgg ctacatgagc gaaagcgacc attggctata gaggatgtgg    167760
     gcatgtcgag caatgtaaca aagttgagaa tccttcaact ttatgcaaat aagtaatgaa    167820
     gcttgtgagc gacaaccaat acgggcatca gcagaactta catgatcctc tctcggctca    167880
     tgcagcagac agttgtacac tccttgctgt agatctacac acaaatactt tttttttttt    167940
     gatgtacctg tgacagattg taaggtaacc ttgagtgttt taaaaggagc ctataaaata    168000
     aaaggtatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta taaatagcca aaacgacaaa    168060
     ccacatgctt tttttagttt ctttaatttt tgtaatgaaa caatgtttaa ttttattgcc    168120
     agtaaaactc ctttgctgtt agtgattatc attaattaac atgaactaag caaggtggga    168180
     atgctcacta gcaacttcag tcaccaccca gagtgaaaag catctacaaa gtcgctgtta    168240
     gtgtgaatga ggctttacac tctatatgca ccacatatat tcttataaac acactaaaac    168300
     tcagtgttac aaagatccaa aatagacatc atctttttga aaaagtatgt atatgctgta    168360
     cactgtaaat gtaatgacaa aaagtcaaga caacaaacat tgttatgttg ctttaactta    168420
     ttttgataag ttaatcaggt tttaagttgg cggttcaggt tttaatctta aattatataa    168480
     tataatttat ttttaattta ctatgtttaa cttaagcttt tattcagttt gaatgatgta    168540
     agttgagatg actattattt ttttcattta ataatttaat atgtttatcg taatattttt    168600
     agtcagtttg attgatgtga gttgagatga ctagaaaagt ttatttaatt caacaataaa    168660
     aaactaagat tattttacag tgtatacaat taactgtata tatgctgtaa acggcaatgc    168720
     ggcggcgcag taggtagtgc tgtcacctca cagcaagaag gttgctggtt tgagcctcgg    168780
     ctggatcagt ttctgtttga agtttgcatg ttctccctgc gttcacgtgt gttcctccgg    168840
     ttgaccggtt tccccctcag tcaaaagaga tgcagtgcag gtgaattggg gaagctaaat    168900
     tgtccgtaga atgtgtgtga atgacagtgt atgggtgttt cccagtgaag ggttgcagct    168960
     ggaagggcat aaattatact ttggtgaccc agattaataa agggactgag cttaaaagaa    169020
     aatgaatgaa tgaatatgct gtaaatatac attatactgt ataactgcag attaactatt    169080
     tctactcttg acagctgaac tatttaccca actcacacct taacctttta tgattttgat    169140
     tgtaataaag tcacatgcac cttttgtaaa gctactttgg aacaatgatt attgtgaaaa    169200
     gagctataca aatgtacttg aatggcttga ataatcctct acaaaatatg agcccaatat    169260
     gcatcctttt ctccttgcat taccattcac aaagagtgtg acttgggttt cacatcctgt    169320
     ggatcattgt gtgaaggata cgtggcgttc cttctgtcct gcacaccagg tagagacagg    169380
     cagcgatcac gtgtgtcatc tttcgccctc gcgtcaagtg tttgctcacc accatcttga    169440
     agaaattgaa ggccgtgtcc aggcagtgct ggttgagctg aagttgactg ccgaggttgt    169500
     ggatctgccg tttccctaga cacacgacac acacaaacac atctgattga gcaaacacac    169560
     acattcgtac agaccgaggc atgacttcac acgcaggtgt ttgcttttcc agtagcactg    169620
     atgtcatgag aacgctgcac agccagacag acttttaatg gagcctggaa gctaaaacag    169680
     ccagaaagac agctgtttca catcccgtgt gaggccacag acccgtttcc tctgctttca    169740
     cagtcgctcg tacattaact tttttacaga caatctcaga aaagctgtgc tgtaattcat    169800
     cggacacaga ataaatcagt ctgctctgaa atctcatttt taatttttgg gggaatattt    169860
     tttatacatc tgtcttattc tatttcaaaa gaaatggttg gtattcctaa tattagaatt    169920
     tatatttttg gacaaatcat tgtttaatca aggtaggaag actggaatgg tttgaatttc    169980
     ttaaaatgac aaataacaaa aaagatttgc actgagtaat atattaaata tacgtcagga    170040
     gataaagaga gaaacgtttc ggctgtgagc catcccatca tcagtgaatg attcattgtc    170100
     tcttggtgct tgcatactca gtcatttcag gtgttcacaa tcagttgtgt cacaaatctc    170160
     atattcagct tattctccga gtaagagcgg gtgcagtcat ttgaatctct ttggctcgag    170220
     acttccggtc tcattcactt ctattcattt ttagatgttt aaacagctcg ttatactgct    170280
     tgatgatgca aactgatatt ttcttattat attattgtgc tttttctgta tagtcatgaa    170340
     cacacttgtt tgtagagcaa gtagtttgac tgttttctgc cgtttattat tcctagtcat    170400
     ttctcctata gacgaattat cggtttgtaa acattcagga tgcgcgtgca gcgaggttgc    170460
     aaaaaaaaaa ctgggagcgc tagcagttac agtgagggaa tgatatgcgg tgcgttgctg    170520
     agtttgaggt cccactttat attaagtgtc cttaactact atgtacttca aaaaataaat    170580
     acatcgtact taatgtgttc ataatgtatt tgagaacact tgtggtgctc ttgagttggg    170640
     ataggggtag ggttatggac aggtttggtg gtatgggtag gtttaagggt gtgttgaggt    170700
     gtaagggatg gtcaacagtg tatttaaaaa tgtaactaca gaagttaatt acagatgtaa    170760
     ttatatgcag gtatttaatc atccataagt acacagtaaa tacatgtatt tacacaatta    170820
     atacattgta actaattatt aatttctgtg taagtacaca ttagttaggg acacctaata    170880
     taaagtggga ccgagtttgt tgttgtatta gagataagta aaattgatta catataattt    170940
     atgtatatat catttacata atgctttcag cgtattataa cagcttatca cccggtgata    171000
     agcacagtta ttcggcaaaa ttaacgttaa agtgagcggc attcgtctga caggtccatt    171060
     tgccatagca ccctcccaaa agatattaga taagacgaaa tggccaagca tccagctcga    171120
     aatatacaat tatatcattg aaacttcaag tgattttaca agagagaagt taaaggccta    171180
     caagtgtttg aatgcctaca atgttgttct gtgtggtcat gtgcaagaaa taatattcca    171240
     tgattaccag attcaaaact atgtagtgct aaaaattgag gttctgccta gctaaagaca    171300
     agagaagaag acggaactgt acaaggcctg ggtaatcatc aacatgcaaa acaactgcat    171360
     tctgacagca gggtatgtga acctacatgt ttacatttca ttcttagcat tcagtgtctg    171420
     cagtttaatc aactatatta aactgtcttt gctgaaatca ttgctgcaat caacaatgag    171480
     tattgtgtat gattcagcat agcgtgaact tacctgatat aaaaaagaac tgcattaaaa    171540
     gttgagaatt tttaattaag tccacactcc attcagctct tctgatggct gttagccaac    171600
     aacctctgcg gtttacagca tggtgtacgt gtaagttttc gatttttgac atttgatttt    171660
     ggcatcctac cgcacaacaa gacatgttta ctattgcaac tggtcttttt tttgcaaccg    171720
     gtatgcgcgg ttaaacccgt gtaaggtcat gtgtgacgtg ggttgttaat aggtaaaaat    171780
     aggcaaaaaa agagcacact tctgcattct agaataagat caatagaggc tgtttaaaag    171840
     aggaggttct tttttctcaa aaagcggacc tttttgcagt tattcacctt attttccatc    171900
     tagtaattac tggattttag tgacatttta agcactatat ttagcgattc gtttgtcgga    171960
     tggtcatcat aaccacactt tttgaggtac caaaaacatt tgctaaatat ttagaaaaaa    172020
     gaaatatgtt tatacttaaa aaatataaat ttattacata atatatcatt aggaaaaggg    172080
     agtctgttaa agttaagtaa aaaaaaaaag cgtacccaat agtcatttat tgggcaaata    172140
     gcaaactggc cagcaattca actttcctta gtcagaattt ggccttcaga attctaaaaa    172200
     tgtaaacatt attataaata atgtagagct tcttgatttt tctaatttct tttgtaaaaa    172260
     aggacatttt taaagtttat tatgggtaac aaaaatagcc taattagtat aaaaaaaata    172320
     actttaatat gagctgcttt aggggcttca aagctttaga cattcattca ttcattttct    172380
     tgtcggctta gtccctttat taatccgggg tcgccacagc ggaatgaacc gccaacttat    172440
     ccagcaagtt tttacaaagc ggatgccctt ccagccgcaa cccatctctg ggaaacatcc    172500
     acacacacat tcacacacac actcatacac tacggacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct    172560
     gtagcgcatg tctttggact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc cggaggaaac ccacacgaag    172620
     gcagggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa acgctaactg agccaaggtt cgaaccagca    172680
     accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagcacaacc tactgcgcca ctgcctcgcc caagcattag    172740
     atagttattt tgttttctag caagaataag gtccaagatt caaaataaaa gtttcttgta    172800
     gtaaaagatg acttgacttg tcatttttgt gtaaatagat ttattcaaat aatgtatttt    172860
     ggtaattata ggtgattttt tctcaacata atagaataat catatctggc ttatacatta    172920
     taattatgtt gtatattgta tcctttttta tattgtattt tttatggtcc tttttttcta    172980
     atgtataacc ctttttaatt gtcaagacta gaactgttta caactagttt acacctggtc    173040
     acaatatgcg tttccgtacg gaacacaaat agaaaaactg aaaactccaa aaaaattaaa    173100
     aataaaataa aaagagcttt ggcctcagat atgactttga taatctacat taaatccatg    173160
     ttttgatcaa tctacaatgc cacattaaaa taccaagtga atcatatatt tttttgatgg    173220
     acagacctct cgctcagttt taaccagaga taagaattat tagtaacaca gtctattaat    173280
     tttgttatgt gaagtgaccc cagattaata aagagactaa gccaaaaaaa tgaatgagga    173340
     atgaatgaat gaatatatga atgaataaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatggatgg    173400
     atggatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga    173460
     atgaatgaat gatttggttc agttttttta aatggaagtt caaactccca tgattttatg    173520
     cacagaagtc agatgtgtgg aaaattgtgg atataataaa atctaaaaat gtatttaatt    173580
     cagtacagtg acatataaat tatttaattg aactctatat gtgtgtaaaa ccacgtccct    173640
     gtttctcctt cttttacatt cgctcataca ttaactcttt tacagacaat ctcaaaacaa    173700
     gctgtgctgt aattcattgg acacattgaa taaatcagtc agccctaaaa tcccactgcg    173760
     ggcttggatg tgttctgcat attaaaatcc acactgaaaa aacacagtcc agtaggctat    173820
     ctggtggatt tgtgtttact taacacatca tttagctaaa gaccttgttc acccagacgg    173880
     tgaaattctc ctcagttgta aacaatggga atgagttact gtaagccgct tcacagtgtc    173940
     aaagacggaa agctgttttg ctggacagat gtgatggagt tgatgagttt gacatgttgc    174000
     aggcattcat tatgcttgaa accgcacatg tttataagaa acaaagactt tcatcagtca    174060
     gtcttctaaa tgtgcagatt tgtgataatg aggccagcag atgcatagac acagcaaact    174120
     ttttttctgc agaaagtttg ttggggaaaa aagagaattt taaatgattt ctggcttttt    174180
     cgatttttta agtagttttg gaaaacagaa gacaaacaat gattgattca atgattttac    174240
     agtttagaaa agtttttaaa atgtgcatat gataaaggtt aaccatgttt cctttcagat    174300
     atataaaaac tttaaaatat ttttaaatga ttaatacaga aatatgtatt attaataagt    174360
     ttgactgatt gactgatttc atacagttga agtcagaatt attagccccc ctttgaagat    174420
     tttttccttt tttaaatatt tcccaaatta tgtttaacag agcaaaggaa attttcacag    174480
     tatgtctgat aatatttttt cttctgaaga aagttttatt tgttataatt cggatagaat    174540
     aaaagcagtt tttaattgtt taaaaaacat tttaaggtca aaactattag tgcctttaag    174600
     ctattttttc cgacagtcta cagaacaaac catcattata caataacttg cctaattact    174660
     ctaacctgcc tagttaacct aattaaccta gttaagcctt taaaagtcac tttaagctgt    174720
     acagaagtgt cttgaaaaat atcaagtaaa atattattta ctgtcatcat ggcaaaatta    174780
     aaataaatca gttattagag ataagttatt aaaactatta tgtttagaaa tgtgttgaaa    174840
     aaaatcttct cttcattaaa cagaaattgg ggaaaaaagt aaacaggggg gctaataatt    174900
     cagctaatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtat atatatatat atatatatat    174960
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattcag tacaacaatg gtatacattt    175020
     acaatttctg cattctattg acaatgtaga aaataaaacc catgtgcata atattacagt    175080
     ttatattatt gtatattatt atatatttat attactacac attgtatgtt gtagctcaca    175140
     tttattttga tcattaatat aatgtgactt tttttttttt aataagaccg cagactgttt    175200
     ataaaaaaag taatgttttt aaacttttat atatgttttc ataactaaat tacctaactc    175260
     aataagtttt tgttactgga cataaacaaa tttgaataaa aatagctaaa tttcctaaat    175320
     gtcaattaaa taattcacat ttttattgag tattatttga tttacaaaag taactaaagg    175380
     acaaaaatag aaaagggtaa aagggttaat cattgtgatc ttctgattgc gacagaaaaa    175440
     tactaggaaa actctgtcga ctgatggcat ttcagcctta taatcttaaa atgtaagtaa    175500
     aatcgcctgt tttgtcatct ctttagacat tacgctagag aatcattcaa atactagctc    175560
     taaaatgacg ttgatgaatt agtaacggct tctgctgttc tgacatcagc tgcagatgtg    175620
     aatgaatggc agaagaaagt agctcctctc acaaaagggt tcttaagact ctccatgttt    175680
     gattttcttt tttataaaca caattttgcc aacaaacttt tgtttaatat tacacttcta    175740
     gcagtgcaat atggttgtat atcgtcactg gtaggacact aagacactca gcctgcggcc    175800
     tcgagccaat gtacgcctcc caccagtcat taattttctt ttcggcttag tccctttatt    175860
     aatctggggt caacacagcg gaatgaaccg caaacttatc cagcatatgt tttatgtagc    175920
     gaataccctt ccagccacaa cccaacactg agaaacaccc acacacactt gcacatatac    175980
     actacagaca atttagctta tccaattcac ctgtacctca ttccagagga aacctacgcg    176040
     aacatgggga gaacaagcaa actccacata gaaatgccaa ctgacccagg ctcgaatcag    176100
     cgaccttctc gctatgaggt gattgtgcta cccacggcgc caccatgctg ccccacatca    176160
     cgtatatatc cgtgtgactg tatctcagaa aataaaaaca caaacacaac aaaatgagtg    176220
     aaactcaaat aaaaaacagc aacaaattaa agctattagt acaacaataa tatcatacaa    176280
     taacactaaa acaaaaccgg tatgaaaagt cttaaattag cctccgctag agttaacacc    176340
     atcatcgagt cacagatgtt agagaggatg ctggattttt tagtcctcca accctggatc    176400
     ccagaagctg cagtgtcaag tgtcgtgttg gcagacagag gccaaaaata actctgaaag    176460
     ctt                                                                  176463