EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX294670; SV 6; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 199070 BP.
AC   BX294670;
DT   20-MAR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-154O6 in linkage group 16 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vetrebrate guanine
DE   nucleotide binding protein-like 1 (GNL1), the gene for a novel zinc finger
DE   protein, the cops7a gene for COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog
DE   subunit 7A, the gene for a novel C-type lectin domain containing protein,
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite motif (TRIM)
DE   family, the gene for a novel immune type receptor protein, two novel genes
DE   and a CpG island.
KW   cops7a; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-199070
RA   Leongamornlert D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 026810f77e117cbd32b6a460f1acb1ec.
DR   ENA-CON; CT993506.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000056379; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000061789; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000078858; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000088513; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-154O6. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-154O6 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-266N13 is at 113740 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-154O6 is at 199070 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-154O6 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..199070
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="16"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-154O6"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..197070
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-154O6"
FT   mRNA            join(36674..36737,36917..37231,37321..>37632)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel immune type receptor protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF717594.1 Em:CA473423.1"
FT   CDS             join(36677..36737,36917..37231,37321..>37632)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009448"
FT                   /product="novel immune type receptor protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q8AXN8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013106"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04174.1"
FT                   SFTVKYS"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(46053..46753,47176..47291,47396..47469,
FT                   47581..47814,49983..50078,50279..51216))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW233225.1 Em:CK016896.1
FT                   Em:CK029816.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(46053..46753,47176..47291,47396..47469,
FT                   47581..47814,49983..50078,61273..61519))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF995951.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(46236..46753,47176..47291,47396..47469,
FT                   47581..47814,49983..50021))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009446"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-670"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04175.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(46236..46753,47176..47291,47396..47469,
FT                   47581..47814,49983..50078,50279..50725))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009445"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8C006 Sw:Q9C037 Tr:Q91885"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXQ6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000315"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008985"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-670"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04176.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(49620..50078,50279..51216))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BE200861.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(49974..50078,50279..50725))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.7-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009447"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate tripartite
FT                   motif (TRIM) family"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000315"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017907"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020457"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-670"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04177.1"
FT   mRNA            join(67218..67582,67710..67811,70188..70340,70455..70606,
FT                   70742..70863,72409..72658)
FT                   /gene="CH211-154O6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a Lectin C-type domain"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC134972.1 Em:BC153393.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF595204.1 Em:CK395073.1
FT                   Em:CK395151.1"
FT   mRNA            join(67221..67582,67710..68289)
FT                   /gene="CH211-154O6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.6-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a Lectin C-type domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH495431.1 Em:EH508044.1"
FT   CDS             join(67486..67582,67710..67811,70188..70340,70455..70606,
FT                   70742..70863,72409..72574)
FT                   /gene="CH211-154O6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009444"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a Lectin C-type domain"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9R0Q8 Sw:Q9ULY5 Tr:A4IG84.1
FT                   Tr:A8E4Z8.1 Tr:Q1LXQ4.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXQ4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001304"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016186"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016187"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-576"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04178.1"
FT   mRNA            join(70170..70340,70455..70606,70742..70863,72409..72653)
FT                   /gene="CH211-154O6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.6-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a Lectin C-type domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH555714.1 Em:EH576817.1"
FT   mRNA            join(70319..70340,70455..70606,70742..71330)
FT                   /gene="CH211-154O6.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.6-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein with a Lectin C-type domain"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH529439.1"
FT   polyA_signal    72591..72596
FT   polyA_site      72611
FT   polyA_signal    72629..72634
FT   polyA_site      72655
FT   CDS             join(<75022..75096,76976..77098,83122..83197,83457..83545,
FT                   88869..89071,89167..89272,94697..94866,101239..101278)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="cops7a"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009443"
FT                   /product="COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog
FT                   subunit 7A"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6PBI3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000717"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-8680"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04179.1"
FT                   LRGSGKIWSKSN"
FT   mRNA            join(<75022..75096,76976..77098,83122..83197,83457..83545,
FT                   88869..89071,89167..89272,94697..94866,101239..101587)
FT                   /gene="cops7a"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.5-001"
FT                   /product="COP9 constitutive photomorphogenic homolog
FT                   subunit 7A"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC059697.1"
FT   polyA_signal    101566..101571
FT   polyA_site      101587
FT   mRNA            complement(join(108150..108276,111641..111719,
FT                   114260..114609,114830..114882,115267..115318))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW077357.1 Em:wz3256.2"
FT   CDS             complement(join(108153..108276,111641..111719,
FT                   114260..114609,114830..114840))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009442"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029198"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-7777"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04180.1"
FT   misc_feature    113740
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-266N13"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(115763..116078,118856..118941,
FT                   126267..126432,126620..126742,129063..129291,
FT                   134249..134337,134506..134595,140241..140327,
FT                   145240..145361,148360..148483,148700..148851,
FT                   149182..149297,153220..153531))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI672897.1 Em:BM265668.1
FT                   Em:BQ450268.1 Em:BQ450454.1 Em:CA469830.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(115987..116078,118856..118941,
FT                   126267..126432,126620..126742,129063..129291,
FT                   134249..134337,134506..134595,140241..140327,
FT                   145240..145361,148360..148483,148700..148851,
FT                   149182..149297,153220..153309))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009441"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXQ1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001680"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015943"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017986"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-1030"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04181.1"
FT                   CVLQ"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(126132..126432,126620..126742,
FT                   129063..129291))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW343957.1"
FT   mRNA            join(156889..156994,160882..160940,161657..161888,
FT                   163417..163500,165547..165686,169728..169801,
FT                   176075..176242,176363..176441,178494..178652,
FT                   178735..179816)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel zinc finger protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI641140.1 Em:CA474190.1"
FT   CDS             join(160887..160940,161657..161888,163417..163500,
FT                   165547..165686,169728..169801,170370..170594,
FT                   176075..176242,176363..176441,178494..178652,
FT                   178735..179055)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009439"
FT                   /product="novel zinc finger protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8TF68 Sw:Q9EQJ4 Tr:Q6P3F1
FT                   Tr:Q7ZZ75 Tr:Q9EQJ1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXP9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXP9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-2855"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04183.1"
FT   CDS             join(160887..160940,161657..161888,163417..163500,
FT                   165547..165686,169728..169801,176075..176242,
FT                   176363..176441,178494..178652,178735..179055)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009440"
FT                   /product="novel zinc finger protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXQ0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013087"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015880"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXQ0"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-2855"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04182.1"
FT   mRNA            join(160887..160940,161657..161888,163417..163500,
FT                   165547..165686,169728..169801,170370..170594,
FT                   176075..176242,176363..176441,178494..178652,
FT                   178735..179816)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel zinc finger protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI353755.1 Em:CD757869.1"
FT   polyA_signal    179789..179794
FT   polyA_site      179816
FT   mRNA            join(186278..186410,188571..188724,188838..188974,
FT                   191108..191259,193223..193294,193564..193756,
FT                   195521..195619,195693..195875,BX323547.4:84..262,
FT                   BX323547.4:358..532,BX323547.4:630..770,
FT                   BX323547.4:3714..4078)
FT                   /gene="gnl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.1-001"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC124792.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL920821.1 Em:BM279871.1"
FT   CDS             join(186338..186410,188571..188724,188838..188974,
FT                   191108..191259,193223..193294,193564..193756,
FT                   195521..195619,195693..195875,BX323547.4:84..262,
FT                   BX323547.4:358..532,BX323547.4:630..770,
FT                   BX323547.4:3714..3964)
FT                   /gene="gnl1"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-154O6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000009364"
FT                   /product="guanine nucleotide binding protein-like 1"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6P458 Tr:Q91Z20 Tr:Q96CT5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXP8"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006073"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXP8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060323-1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04184.2"
SQ   Sequence 199070 BP; 62788 A; 36068 C; 37087 G; 63127 T; 0 other;
     gaattctgta gagggtattg aataatagga accatttttt attatttttt gtctcttttc        60
     ttttaatcaa acaattattt gtattggtca tgtaagggtc atatattaac tgatcttcta       120
     atgttgttgg tgagtgcggt gcatactaat tagcattttt gcagaagtag atagatgcgg       180
     gtccaaaatt aaattcagct ctgcagaaac ttcctgtctg aggagaggtg ttaaaactga       240
     acacagaaca cagaaagtat gtatatgtac cccaatgtat actttgttgt tgggcagaga       300
     attcatagaa aaagaggacg tatgccgaag gggcggccaa tggaggactg aacaatgact       360
     gacaagtgac gttacaccaa aactccacct gttaagatcg gtggtgtata tatgctgaag       420
     tcaggaaatg tatgtttgtt gcgaacctct tgaatgtaat tcttgtattg cattgaggta       480
     atgtaaccca gagctctgtc atcgaattat tcatttgtat ctaataaatt aataatattt       540
     ttggcattga agaaaaacct ctcctgacct tttctcttga acacgcatgg aattagcttg       600
     atattccaac agttgaatgc cttctccaag tccacaaaac acatgaggac tgcttgggca       660
     tactcccaag aaccctcaag caccctgatg agggtataga gcagggatgc aaacctggga       720
     catatgatac gtgtcttata agtcactatt gatcagtata ggaattaaag agttggctta       780
     ccctacagaa cctctctgag ttccaaagat accattattt taaagctgaa aatattccaa       840
     gaactgtgtt gacacctggg aatgcttcaa ccatacctta acattcctga gtctctgagc       900
     ctataaaaaa ttccaagaat cttcccagaa gcattcacat ttggccaaat gctaataaca       960
     ttggctggaa ctgcattacc cataacactc ttgcatctca ccctccctcg cccaaacagt      1020
     gatccagaga acactaggat gtgtttggat ttacttcaag aaggaaaaga ggccactctc      1080
     agagctttac cgaacctatg aggtgctggc caagttttct gatgttatgt agcctactga      1140
     gtcaagctga tggtaatgag atggacaata gtaatccatc atgaatgact tgccccctac      1200
     caacttatgg ccagagagca gaaagattca gatagggagg cacttcagaa aaatgcagtg      1260
     ctacctgcag ctttttcaaa gttaatggac ctgctaagga aggagaagaa caaacccagc      1320
     agattaccag gaataagtcc aagaaaagac taaactggta ataaataaaa gtggctgtgt      1380
     tacagagttc tgttatagaa actggaacag ttgtctctta aaaagtgtaa tggagagatt      1440
     attataatga ttatttaaac cagggatcac caatcttggt cctggagggc cggtgtccct      1500
     gcagagttta gctccaactt gcctcaacac acctgcctgg atgtttcaag tatacctagt      1560
     aagaccttga ttagcttgtt caggtgtgtt cgattgggat tggagctaaa atttgcaaga      1620
     cactgattgt gattgtgacc actggtttaa aaaaatgctg ttttgatctc aagaaaagtt      1680
     ataaagaaaa agatggaggt gcttatatga gtgaaaaaaa agaaaagctt gaagcttgag      1740
     cttggttgta tgtcctttca tcaaacaata tgccccatta tgattacaat gcttctgtgt      1800
     atatataaaa ctactgtatt actgtgaata ttaatgtgtt ttgtttatat gtttaaaatg      1860
     aactcacaga tataatttac agatgcggct gacacaatat cagaaactga agtcagtaag      1920
     actgttggat cattattcag gggtatgaat tctagagcag atatctttat aaaattatgt      1980
     tctaaaatct ttatatcaat gattagggat gtaacggtat cagaatttca cggtatggta      2040
     atacctcggt atgaatgtca cggtacggta tttattgaat cctttacagg aaaaaacaaa      2100
     acttatgaaa atactccaaa aaagtgccaa aagtgtcaat gacatacaaa ttagccatct      2160
     atctgttagc tttgaaacag gaacttcaat tttaataaca aaaaaatatt aaaccatgta      2220
     aaaatattaa gtttcaattt agtattgttg aaaactcatc acattcaaca tttaatcact      2280
     cactcactca cttagataga gatgggttta aaggaaaatt atcatataaa tataatctgg      2340
     taaaagctgg tatctctggg tatttacaat gtcccctgca acagaaaaac ccctctcatt      2400
     tgggactgag atttctggga caagagagat atgacctgac ccaggttgac agcagtgggt      2460
     aacgttgtgc attgtctttc ccccacttga gaggacaagc catgagtgag atagaggtct      2520
     catgtctgca tcaatctgaa cagtgtgctg acaacaccgc tattcagtac gcgcgcgaca      2580
     acacagctga taagaactcg cgcgacaaca ccgctattca gtacgcgcgc gacaacacag      2640
     ctcataagaa ctcgcgcgac aacactgcta ttcagtacgc gctcggcgac aacacccgct      2700
     ttagagtttt ccagctcttt tttatccccg cttctagcag cacactccat ttccgcatta      2760
     ctggatctgt agtgacaaca gaccgcaaga gatgatggtc aagcatgggc tgatgggaat      2820
     tgtagttttc gctacctccc gttcgcttca tttgcctgag caaattttct cagaagacct      2880
     atagttttac cgagtcatgc gactacggta agattgaaaa aaattaatat tgcggtatga      2940
     cggtatttac aatactgtta catccctatc aatgatacta tcattaaatt tgcaaatact      3000
     ataaatgttg actgctcttt aaataactgt taattgtttt aaactttttg tctaatgtct      3060
     ttgtctctct ctcctctgtc attgtttcat gtagtgattg tgattactgt tgagattgca      3120
     gtgtttgctt ctcctactgt gattattcta aagttcatct gtgcaagaag agctggtgag      3180
     ttgaatatga taattcagtc tataaaaaat ttaaatatac taaaacttct ttatgtgttg      3240
     tttttttctt cagagaacaa aggaaggaat ctaaccatcc agatgaatta gctctgttac      3300
     taacaatact ggaatatata ttctctttaa aagtaccaca tgaggaatta aacttgccat      3360
     accatgctca gaatataagt acacccctca caattctctc tttgtgaatt aatattttta      3420
     atagtaagct atacaatatt ctttccgctc cgtcccagct tcttcccgct ccgtcccata      3480
     tctctccttg ctagcacctc ttgtctcgtc ttattctatc tctggggctc tccttgtcct      3540
     gcttttcaaa cgaaaaagga attatggatt tgatcaactg gtctctgaat gcaattgaca      3600
     ccatcttctc aacgagatcg ctgggctccg gggaacccag ctgtcctgca gggacgctcg      3660
     cagctggata cgtgatggac gggtgggaga agtggagagt ccactgtcta gctgctctgt      3720
     ctctggagga tattgaagat atctacatat tcggaacttt gataccaggg tttctgttga      3780
     tgggcttatg cggggccctg ggatattgga aactgataaa tgcagtcagc gcagctcaaa      3840
     accccaccag gctggccggc ttgattgaaa cactgatggg tagggtcgcg aatcagacta      3900
     tggtccttga ccgcaaattg gaaaccattg aggtgaagct tgcgactctg caacaaattt      3960
     aagccagatc gggagacgag tgatggacat taaatatctg tgaaattggc agggctgtga      4020
     cttgcgcctt gaaatgactg ctggaccggt tggctgcccg cactcaacgg actgttttcc      4080
     attacccctg ttcccatccc ctgtgtctat gttgtgtctt accggtgtgc ttatgctaag      4140
     atagggctaa ttttctccct tttctcactt tgtcctaatc aagggcaagc tgagggggtg      4200
     tttttttttt gcctaactgt ccaaatgtat ctttctttgt ttctaaatgc tacctcctat      4260
     gatctgtctc ccctaaaaat tgtgatgttt tgtgtatggt ctggggggtc caattttcgc      4320
     tatacgaaag tgtagtgaca aataaaggct tgattgattg attgattgat tgattgattg      4380
     attgattgat tatatttgtg cacacactct cataaataaa ggtacaccag ctgtcaaagg      4440
     ggtggtacct tttcaaaagg tacatatttg tacctaaaaa gtccatatta atacctcaag      4500
     ggtacatatt agtacctaaa aagtacaaaa atgttcctct taaaatttgt aggtactaat      4560
     atgcttttga agtgccaata tggactcttc aagtacaaat gtgtaccttt tgcaaaggta      4620
     ccaccccagt gacagctcgc ctatacttta tttctgagcg tgtatacatt agattagtca      4680
     gtactgaagc caaatctggg gcttatctaa caaaataact cacaataacg gtccaaaaac      4740
     tagtacaccc aaatttatat gtaagagaaa aatattcaat acaaaattaa caaagaagaa      4800
     aaatcaaaag aagcaaataa ataaataaat ggaaagattt gttaattttt tatttattta      4860
     tttatttatt ttttgcaata ttttgcttga atttaatggt attatctttt aactcctgat      4920
     aagtttggtg actaaaatat tattttaata aattgttttt tttaataaat ctgtttattt      4980
     ttttacatta aattgagaag aacagcgcca ggtgttctgt tcattacaag gttatgaatg      5040
     tacgtcacaa tcccatgtcc atttcccaaa catacacaaa atatgaatgc atgacatttt      5100
     gttctctagc tacttgtgtc gctgtccatt tgtaaagtgc tgaaatatca cctttaatgg      5160
     agttataacg tttaaccata aaccatcatc taatgtggtt tagcaaacaa gacaagtcta      5220
     taaagagcac ctacagaccg acactgacaa aatggctgaa ataaaaaaaa aaaatcattt      5280
     aatttagacg ttaattttat gtttgtttgt tttttgccct ttttaatttt attttatttg      5340
     ttatttttaa acagtaataa aggtgaccct ataatttctg actttgtgtc ttcagatgca      5400
     tgtagtgctt tgacagtaac tctagaacac tcatagagct acagaagttt tctaattgat      5460
     acttaatgta ggagccatac attgtatttt ggctattggc cacaaggtgt cagtaggaga      5520
     ctatataact gtggcttcac tgcatgtgta accggttctg cgttgtgttt tctttgtttt      5580
     attaaggaat aaccagtcgg agatctgcag ttgtgacggc tctttactca ctgggaataa      5640
     atcaaaaagc acagctttta cagtgtgtct tcgcccttta cagcttttct ctcccatgca      5700
     caatcagtcc agaaaggaga gagatggaga gaaagataga acaaaactcc aaacaatatt      5760
     aacaaagtga caaaacatac ctaggaacaa atcaaaaagc acagctttta cagtgtgtct      5820
     tcgcccttta cagcttttct gttaaaggta aagtgcaatg catttagcat tcacatgctt      5880
     cagttaggct aaagtcaatc aaatcctcaa tttaagtgat aacacaaaaa taatgaaata      5940
     tatgtgaaaa ataaaggtag aaatattatt taaacatgaa aactagctat aaaagttatt      6000
     tataaagtaa agatgattaa agattaattg gagcttagca gacacccacc tctcccatgc      6060
     acaatcagtc cagaaaggga agaggcgggg cgcaaaacag gaaattaaac agcgtgagct      6120
     cccttagaaa tttaaaggag aagacacaca ctaacaaaca cctcaggtat acttactaac      6180
     acattagata aaatacatat tttgtgtaat tctatactta aagcgaatta taattttcat      6240
     acctgttaca catggagtaa gacagtgttg gtaggaagca cacagttttt gaccgtattg      6300
     tatcatctcg taattgaagg taacagagaa gtgtgctttt agataaagga aagcgattga      6360
     gtaattctgt tgattggaag ttgattggac aataaatatg tttttatttg catctatttg      6420
     cttacggact ctgactttta cgcgttaaaa acttgctcac tctaccaaca atagcggcat      6480
     tggtaagccg ctacataaaa gtcaaaaact ttgcttcgtg ggacaattga gacgccgctg      6540
     gagtggacag caaggcatgt tgtttctaca gacaaggaca gcaacgttcg tttggatcaa      6600
     ggcttcattt gctgcacgtg aggacagcaa tcttcagcat ctgagtgagt tcgtttggat      6660
     cggctttctt ctggtttcct gcattaaggt gaatctacgc tgcttcatct cttcgtgttt      6720
     gataaacagc acaataggta tgtttgttgc aacaacatca tcatcatttt ggccatatgg      6780
     aaactctgtg tgcacacaat aaggtttaaa gcgtaaatcc aatgcattgg ttgcccatga      6840
     ctgactgaac ttttcttttg tgtgtttatt gggttttaca atttgcaaaa tggaaaatga      6900
     aatcaatttg aatgttgaaa tggtgaatgt gactgatcaa ggtttaactt ctgttgaaaa      6960
     tgagcctgaa agggaaaaaa gaccagctaa attaacagct aaagctttag ttgaaaaact      7020
     agacacttta cagaagttaa gaaaggcaaa gctaaacaaa gcacaaaagc taaaagagtc      7080
     aattaacaaa ctaatgtgtg atgacaatga atacaaacct gaggtacgtt tggtctttga      7140
     ggattttaag aggttgtgtt cagaggcaaa agacactcat gagtcacttt tggttatttt      7200
     accggttgat aagtgtgaaa aacatgatat ctgtttaaag caaaaatgat atcaaacaat      7260
     gagtttttgg aacaaacaaa taaatggtta tcagataaac cagaaggtca caaaatatct      7320
     gaagtggaaa atccagagag tgatgttggt cctggagata gtgtgtcaaa tgtatcacat      7380
     gctacctcaa aacgcagtaa atgcggtgca cgcagcagca gtagttcatc catatcatct      7440
     gcatgtattc aagcagaggc agaaaaggcc gcactcatgg cacgtgctgc tgcattaaag      7500
     gctaaacatg atattgaagt tcaggaggaa gaactaagaa ggaaaaaaga gcagttggac      7560
     ttggatgctc aaatagcagc ttccacagca aggatcaatg tgttgcagaa atttgatcaa      7620
     caaagtaaat gttcaagtag ttcatcttct aagaagagtg aaaaggttgt ggtcactgca      7680
     aattattctt ctcaaacaac atatttaaac cccaatgcaa atgactatgt cccaataaat      7740
     tcaatgccac tggatttgga tggatacact atgtttctgc atctcaagct gcaatacagg      7800
     atcaaaggat tggatggatt gatcaacaaa catcggaaca tgctaatggt aactgttctg      7860
     ctcaaacaca acatgactcc ataattcagc atgctacaaa tatcttaccc gcacagggtg      7920
     atcctttgct tgaaattctg aaaaaacaag aggaattaac agcgcatctt gttcaacagc      7980
     aagcaaatcc tcgtattcta ccaaagaagg aaattccaac atttgatggt gacccattgc      8040
     agtatattcc attcattaga gcatttgagc atggcattga gcaaaaaaca accaatataa      8100
     aggatcagtt gtatttcctt gagcagttca caaaagggca gcctaaagat cttgttcgca      8160
     gttgccaata tatgtcttca gaaaagggct atgcaatggc caagaagttg ttgaaggaac      8220
     attttggtaa tgagtttaag gtatctacag cctatatgga gaaagccctg gggtggccta      8280
     ctttaaaggc tgaagacgtg caaggattgc aggcttatac tttgtttttg cgtagttgtt      8340
     gtaatacaat ggatgaactc tcatatatgc aagaacttaa catgcctagc aacatgaaat      8400
     cagttgttat gaagctgcct tacaaattga gggagcaatg gagagctaaa tcctgtcaga      8460
     taatggagtc tgttcatggc aggccaaagt tctgtgacat tgttgaattt attgaaaaac      8520
     aggttaaaat ggcatctgat cctgtttttg gtgacattca agacaagcat ggtgcaagta      8580
     aacttaaggt tcaaccacac aaacccttta caagaagtag atttgctact gacatttcaa      8640
     cttctattcc agaaaagaag ttcagtgatg ctttaacaca accaaaatct tgtcatgtgt      8700
     ctaagtctaa tggagactgt ttgttttgca aaaatcagca ttcattggaa aggtgctttg      8760
     cattaaagaa aagaacacaa cgtgacaaga ttgaattcct gtaggccaag ggaatttgtt      8820
     ttgtctgttt aaaaactggg catataagta aaagatgcga gaatcgactg aaatgtgaca      8880
     tttgtggaga aacacacgcc acaatcctcc atatttatgg caaagaggta atactgaagc      8940
     aggctgaaga aaagcgcaaa gatacatctg tgcaaacttg tggtcacaca ggggccggga      9000
     ataaaaagaa ctttaatgtc aatcatacca gttcaagtca aggcccttaa aagtaacaag      9060
     gtggtgcaga catatgcttt tttggaccca ggcagttcag ccactttctg ttctgaacac      9120
     ttgcaggagg agctgaagtt gaatggaaag aagattaata ttttgcttcg tactatgggt      9180
     caggaaaagt ctgtgtcttg cagtgttatt gatggtctgg aaatcattgg tattaacact      9240
     aataatttct ttgcacttca tgctgtttac acacaacaga aaatgcctgt gagttctcag      9300
     aacatcataa ctcaagagga gttatccaag tggtcatacc tggataaagt aaagatacct      9360
     tgcattcaag cagaggttga tttactgatt ggaattaatg cagctaatgt gatggaacca      9420
     cacaagttta ttaacagtca aggtaatggg ccttttgcca ttaagactct actggggtgg      9480
     gttattaatg ggactgtgga aggaaacggt gaacatagga atgaagttgg ccattctgat      9540
     gttactgtta accgaatttc tgttgttaga ttggaggagc tgcttaacaa tcagtttaat      9600
     catgatttca atgagaagac tgttgatgaa aaggaaatgt caaggaaaga tcttcggttc      9660
     atgagtataa tgaacagttc agtcaagcat caggatggac attacagctt aagattatca      9720
     tttaagtctg atgtcacatt accaaataat cttggtgttg ctaagcaacg gttgcttggt      9780
     ttaaaaagga aattggaaat aaatcaagaa tttcatgaga agtatactca ctttcttgaa      9840
     ggtgtcatac agaaaggcta tgctgagaag gtacctgatt gccaacttga tcgattggat      9900
     ggtaaagttt ggtacatccc tcatcacggg gtgtttcatc ctaaaaaggg atcattgaga      9960
     gtggtttttg actgtggggc agcatataaa ggaacatcac ttaatgataa cttattgcaa     10020
     ggtcctaatc ttaccagttt tctggttgga gttttactga aatttagaca ggagccagta     10080
     gcctttatgg ctgacataga agcaatgttt catcaagtca gagttgcagc agaagatgta     10140
     gattttcttc gtttcttgtg gtggcctggt ggagaactga ataaggaacc cattacttac     10200
     aggatgacag ttcatctttt tggtgcagtg tcctctccga gttgtgcatc ctttgcctta     10260
     aagcaaacgg caaaggacaa tgaaggtgac tttccattag aggtaactga aacgatcaac     10320
     aataacttct atgtggatga ttgtttgaag agtgtctctt gtgaagagaa ggccatatct     10380
     atggcaaaag atctcacttg tctttgtcag aaaggaggtt ttcgtttgac aaagtggatc     10440
     agtaatagcc gggaggtgtt acaatcgatc tctcaggaaa atcgggccaa ggatatacag     10500
     cagttggatt tggatcgaga caagttgcca gttgaaagag cattaggtct tcagtggagt     10560
     gtggatgctg atacttttca attcaagatt tccttgaaaa ctcaaccttg tacaagacga     10620
     ggcattttgt ctgtggtaag ctcggtgtat gatcctttgg gtttccttgc acctgttatt     10680
     ctgcctgcaa aagtcatctt gcaggagttg tgcagaaaga aattgggctg ggatgatact     10740
     ataccatctg ccttccagaa gcaatggact cattggattg ttgagttgga caaggttgca     10800
     gaatttcagg taaacagatg ttttaaacct gtggattatg gactgcccag tcatgcttgt     10860
     ttacaccact ttgcagatgc atgtgaaact gggtatggca cagtttccta tctgaagatg     10920
     ctgaacggtg cagacaaggt tcatgtgtca tttttgatgg gtaagtccag agtaacacca     10980
     ttgaaacatg tgaccatacc acgattagaa cttacagcag ctgtcttggc tgtgaagatg     11040
     gacatcatgt taaagaagat gttgcaactt ccattggagg attctgtttt ttggagcgac     11100
     agtacaactg ttctcaatta catgaagaac aagaacaaac ggttccatac atttgtcgct     11160
     aacagagtgt catttataag agacgcaaca cagcctcaac aatggaggta tgtaccaact     11220
     aaagacaatc cagcaggcga tgcatcacgt ggcttgaatg tggaatcttt tttgaacaat     11280
     gaacggtggc taaaggggcc tagctttcta tggaagccaa gtgatgtaca gttccataca     11340
     agtgattcga catcaatgga tgatgatgat cctgaagtaa aaagggaatt aaaggtaaat     11400
     gctgtgacac tgcaaagcga acaaaatgcc agaacgtcta aaggttgcag ttgcatggat     11460
     tttgaaactg cagaaacttc tactgcagtt aagtcgtaaa cgaaaggaac tgtctttgga     11520
     gcatagtgat gatgcaacca tgaatgcaaa attgcaacat tttaaatcat ctctagaacg     11580
     acagagtttg actgtggagg atgttcataa ggcagaggtt aacatcattc gtttcagtca     11640
     acaggaacaa tttcaggaag aaattgctgc tcttaaacat ggtaacactg ttaaaagaaa     11700
     cagttctgtc tataaactgg atcccatgtt gcatgatgga gtgctgttag taggaggaag     11760
     acttggtaag taagcaatgc caagcgaaag aaaacatccc atcttgttat ctaaaaatca     11820
     gcacgtatca catctcatac tctcagatat tcacaaacaa ctcggtcatg gtggcagaaa     11880
     tcaaatgctt tctaagcttc gttgtaagta ttggataaca aatgccaatt ctgtttcaag     11940
     aaagataatt tctaagtgtg tcatttgtag acgctttaag gggaagctgg gtgaacaaag     12000
     gatggcagac cttccagtgg aaagaatcac tcttgattta ccacctttta ctaatgtagg     12060
     agtagatttc tttgggccca tagaagtaaa aagaggacgt ggtacagtga aacgctatgg     12120
     agtgctattt acttgtatgg caagtagggc agttcatttg gaaatggcat actcacttga     12180
     tacagactcg tgtatcaatg ctttacgcag atttatctgt cgttgtggac aagtttcttc     12240
     tatgagatct gataatggga ctaatttcat cagtgctgag cgggagttaa aagaggcact     12300
     cagtgcattg aacaaggaga agattcaaca agccctgcta cagaagggag tggactggag     12360
     ttttaaccca ccttcaagcc ctcattttgg aggagtgtgg gaacgtttaa ttagactggt     12420
     gaaacaaagt ctgtgtgttg tccttcgaca acaaacattg gatgatgaag ccctgcagac     12480
     tgtcttgtgt gaagccgagg caattctaaa tgattgaccc atctctaata tctccaacga     12540
     ccctaatgat ttggaagctt taacacctaa ccaccttctg cttttgaaag taaaccctgc     12600
     actgcctact ggtttgtttg aaaggtctga ttcatatgcc aaacgaagat ggagacaagt     12660
     gcaatatatt tcagacctct tctggaaaag atgggtacgc gaatacctac cattgttgca     12720
     gaagcgacaa aaatggaaca aagaacatcg aaatcttact gttggcgaca ttgtgatcat     12780
     tgcagattct acagcaccac gtggatcatg ggttctggga agagtgattg agagttttcc     12840
     agacagtaga ggtttagtta gatctgtaaa agttcaaacc aaatgcaaca tcttggaacg     12900
     ttcaattagt aagctttgcc ttcttcaaga agcaacatag gaaaattatg gtataagcag     12960
     ttaaacaggt gtttaaactg aggttgtata tttgcatgta tgtatatttg ataccatttt     13020
     gagttcatgt gtaaggctcc atattgtata aattagtaat tgttatgcca ttttgtcaaa     13080
     caattaaggg gccggtatgt aggagccata cattgtattt tggctattgg ccacaaggtg     13140
     tcagtaggag actatataac tgtggcttca ctgcatggag taagacagtg ttggtaggaa     13200
     gcacacagtt tttgaccgta ttgtatcatc tcgtaattga aggtaacaga gaagtgtgct     13260
     tttaaataaa ggaaagcgat tgagtaattc tgttgattgg aagttgattg gacaataaat     13320
     atgtttttat ttgcatctat ttgcttacgg actctgactt ttacgcgtta aaaacttgct     13380
     cactctacca acaatagcgg cattggtaag ccgctacact taagttatgc tgcttttgag     13440
     gatacagacc ttaagacgat tctgggttat gaccataagt tcagtgataa aataaatatt     13500
     tttttatgat ctaattacta tgtctttggg aaacagagcc aagaatggtt ggcttcaaaa     13560
     ctcagaaatc ataatcagaa atcataatca aataaatagt aattttacca ttcagattta     13620
     agaccctttt agaagttaaa gcaaccttga aatttactct taattccatt tactgtcaaa     13680
     agcacccttc tgatggacac ttatcctgaa gtctaataaa tttctctata gtgattaatt     13740
     tggaatagaa tttgttttgg ttatagctaa cagcaatatt tagtttcaat catgtgttat     13800
     ttgctacaga gaaaatagat tagattgcaa tgctaatttt tacaactttc tacctatata     13860
     ataaatgcta tatgaaaaca gctgtttttc ttttgacttt tttaattggc atttatttac     13920
     cttttgtttt aaatggtatt tttgtaaagg agatttgaaa taaattgcag tagtatttaa     13980
     ttaaagtact ttttattgta atatgctgca tgtttttagt gactggcatc tgatgttaca     14040
     ttgttctgcc atgggatggt gacagatgct ttcttataat cagtggacaa gtttttgaaa     14100
     tttcttcagt gggcaaattg catacatttt ttcttcatag ttttaattat ttataagctt     14160
     tataaacatt tattttatct ttagctaatc ttggcctata ccttatatcg tagctcccac     14220
     caattgtcat agttagcaaa ggacacaaaa acgagtgaat aaaactatcg ccattactat     14280
     gaatttgtgt gaaactgtaa gaacctaaag gtaatcttat aatattcccc ccgcttgtat     14340
     ttttctgctt ttcttattaa ctttaactgt agatttaacg ttactttcta agacttctgt     14400
     atagttcaat gttaatgcat tcacctccct gttttttaat gccatttctt aaaaaaactt     14460
     cctttataaa agaaaaagca gaagcatgct gaacacattt ctaaactata actacaattg     14520
     acagctagac tttccagaag caaccacatg taatttgcag tgcagttctg atgaagttac     14580
     atataacatt tttccaaaac cttatttatt tatttattta tttatttgtt tgtttgtttg     14640
     tttgtttgtt ttaaccctgg cctgctgaaa aaacaacaca aaacagtaaa cagttccaca     14700
     aaggccctat attgtctatt ttaaactata aaaaactaaa gtttaaaacc atagtttaaa     14760
     atagaagcta aagtgggcca cgctgctccc acccaccata accctagcag caggtcccac     14820
     tcccagcctc cgtgtttccc tgagggtcct cagaacctgt gtggcacgct gcctagtgtg     14880
     cacggatagc cttccccaca gagtgcacga gctaaccggg cgccagtctg tgccagatta     14940
     cctggaatgt tgctcagtgg cacattttga gcaacaaaca tgtaatattc ctcgcgttgt     15000
     agcgtttatg tatgcaaacc ccaatgaact acagcacagc cacagacgag cctgagtgaa     15060
     acttcaccaa gctttcgtga aattgccgtg gctccactcg tacttttggt attgaactca     15120
     ccttggtcaa gtacaaacaa gtacaaacag caacacagag aactgacaaa actgagatca     15180
     accataaaag ctttaaaaaa agctttaaaa gaatgcagat cgaatgttta gaacgcacga     15240
     cgtcactggc tcagaatgtt gtcaagagaa gcgttgaagt ggggaatatg caagatgtca     15300
     acgcgagcat atgtagaaaa tataattctt ctttttattt tattttctca gagttattct     15360
     tgattttcta ttagtatggt atgtatgctt tgcctaaaga gatgttaaat catttacctt     15420
     accgtcattc tttactctat atttttatat attctatact atattttgta tgttctgtga     15480
     aattatatgc taacctaaac tggcctttga ggagatgtat tttgcatact aatgaggcat     15540
     ttcgcagcaa gagctatctt ggacaagaaa tatgcagcag aaataataaa aataacatgt     15600
     gtctctcgcc tctgatttcc tgtgaaaaag tattgtagcc tatgtagatc tctaagcatg     15660
     tgcatttaac tggtcttgtt cttctgtgca gaaaagagga actagagatg gggccgaaaa     15720
     gctgacagag acaacccgcc ttctcttcct tttgtgtata aaactgggtt tctaggtacc     15780
     gggcggtgca gagtacctga cattagtgcc ggttagcatt gtataacggt tagactatct     15840
     tggtgtatgc ccagagctct gaacatcgaa ttattcattt gtattcaata aattactaag     15900
     cattaaacaa tttctcctga gtttgaattg aacacgcatg gaatagagga aaatattccg     15960
     acacataagt ataagcaata gaccattaac aaagttagtt ttaagcaaca taatgatcct     16020
     acttattttc aatctgcatc tcaattagat gttaagtatt atttacaaat ttctacacgg     16080
     tcctctatgt gtgacagtat ttacttttaa aaaaaacagt tacaatattt aattgaaaca     16140
     tttaatttca gttagctttt tttgcagctc aacaataaaa caaataacaa aggttacgtc     16200
     aaattagaaa tgacaatctc tgtgttaaag ccaataacct cgactctctc catcattctc     16260
     actcatctct cagatgggat tgtgggccaa atcaatggga caactttggc cctcaggccc     16320
     cactttggcc gtctctggtt tagatccaaa atagttaaag ttgatgtagc attattctta     16380
     tcagttaact tgaacacttg agcagtcttt gagcttctgc tttgagattt gtttttaagt     16440
     gacttatttt tgttatatta tttcaatttt gttactgtta tttcttcatc tatttcatca     16500
     cttaatgcaa caatttaaaa tggaaggcca tttttttatt tgccaaacgg tgtaaaactg     16560
     attttttttt ttccttcaag agactcacag catatttgag gatgtgcctt tttggaaatc     16620
     ccaatgagga aatgacattt ttttgctccc atgctcctca acgatctgct ggaaacttcc     16680
     ttttgtagac tttgatacta atggacatga catttgtctt attgctcaaa tttagaactt     16740
     taattttgtt gtcataaata tgtatgagta caattcaaag gctgaaaaca atactctttt     16800
     cgataatatt taaaaatgat ttattggtta gctaaatttc ccatatgcac aaatgtaatg     16860
     aattacattg attttacagt ctttaagcgt caatcacatt agcgactcgc atcaacaaag     16920
     taacaagcaa ttttaatgga gagccagcga gagcatccgt tagtgaccag gtggacgtgt     16980
     caaacgactc gtcaaatttg aaaatccttt aactttaagc aaataaagag cgtttttctt     17040
     gagcaacagc caattggagc accagtacag ctcacatgat cctctcttag ctccctgaga     17100
     ggttggtgtg gtgagaaatc gggtccccca tgcaatcgcg tccgcttagg accccaatag     17160
     attgtctgca atgaatgcct gatcaaaaac tattgtactt ctccacatta caatcatatt     17220
     tggtgctttt ttagtctatt atcaatttat tatcaatccc aattagaaaa atacaacaaa     17280
     ctataaaata ctattcatga aaagacttaa atcacaaaca aatccaaatg cccaacacaa     17340
     gcgagctgcg ctccagacca gctcagctca ttgacgtata atgtttctga catcgcctat     17400
     agtcccattt agcaacttga tagcaaccgt ctttttaaag aagcataact gatttaaaag     17460
     ttcaagaatg tgctgtaact gatgtgtttt atgttggaga acaaaacgtg aaagtatctt     17520
     gagtttgtgt tagccacaaa ccttatttaa gcggttttac tgaaagccca ttcaaaaaac     17580
     ccattgactt tggaacgagg gaaccggaac tgctaaaatg ctatactcac ttctgggttt     17640
     ttgcatacaa attgacatga tggttcctcc actctatagt caggggcaac ccaatttctc     17700
     atgacaccgg ttgtatttgt gctgtacaga tttatacaga cctgcatttg atgcaggtca     17760
     ccacccagag taacaggcag ctacaaagtc attgctagtg tcaatgaggc attactctat     17820
     caccaaaaat gttctatgta tttgtggcct gtatactgta cactatgaat gaatgttgag     17880
     tttattctag tgcctccact attcaagagc aatcttgatg gcacaaagct ttatatttcc     17940
     tatgtaatag ttttctccac caagctgagc ttctgaatgc aaacttattt aaaagaaaat     18000
     tttgaatttg ctgcaactga ttcctatggg ttttatcaag ttgcattgaa acagattact     18060
     gcttgctaat tgatcattaa cactcactca cccacagcag aatgaactgt caattacctt     18120
     gacacaaccc agcactgagg gcagactaac ccataaaccc attgtgctgg ggaagaatta     18180
     tacactgtct catgaggtct aatgaggtta ggtgagcaga ttaaaaagca ttggatgcag     18240
     ctcagattgc actgcgccat gtctgcatcc agaccccttc tctcatttga tcttttaagc     18300
     atttgagttt tcattttaat tttgttagga aaaaacttcc acaagacccc ttataatatt     18360
     gataatgtta tgagagctta attttaacat taagttatga ttgaattgcc tctgggtaca     18420
     gttatgaagt ttgattgcaa gcaggaaatg ttcatgggcc aattgtcacc atcctgcagt     18480
     ttgtctccat tcccctagag gtccccatgt ttcccctctg tatttgttct tcctcatgtg     18540
     ttcttgttta cttaatttag atcacctgtg acttgttcca gccagtgtat ttaagttgtc     18600
     actttgtctg tgttcctcac tctgtgtttg agtcatctct ggtgaacttg ccttgcgttt     18660
     cccttgatct cctgagctac atctagtaag agtgttttac tttccttgtt gctgactgca     18720
     ttaattatct gtttgttttc tcccctcgtg gagttttctt tacatgttta ttatactgtt     18780
     agagtttttt ttgtatacct cattctgaga agaacctaag ttgtctgttt tgctacctca     18840
     tttttgagaa gaacctaagt tgatattttt ttttaataaa tccttgtttt ccggattccc     18900
     tcttggagtg ttttcgtttg ggtccaacac aacttcctct gtggcttagt ggtatacaca     18960
     tcggtttcca caccagagac ccgggttcaa gacccggtcg tgacagaaac acagagtcag     19020
     acatggaccc agaggcactc agtaccaaag atctgttggc agtgattggc agtcatgaag     19080
     cttcgttcca gcgtcatgaa gaggttctcc gtcgtcaaga ggaggtgatg acaaaccact     19140
     cagagctcct tgctgatgtc acgtcgtcca ttcggcaact ctttcaaagc cttcctgggg     19200
     tttcttctcc tgctgcacca cccctaagta ccaacagtcc tcccatagct ccagtagctg     19260
     ctgcagagcc cagacttcca ccccccaagc cattctctgg agatcctagt tcctgtcagg     19320
     gatttctcac ccagtgctct ctcacttttg agcttcagcc ctcaagtttt cccactgacc     19380
     gctcaaagat cgcttatatt atcacccttc tgactgacaa ggcattgtct tgggcctctg     19440
     cggcatggga gtcccagcct agttattgcc agtcatacac agcctttgag aaggaattca     19500
     agaaggtgtt caatcaccca gttagtggac aggaggcttc caaacgtctc cttactctcc     19560
     gtcaaggtcc tcgcagcgct gcagacttcg ccattgaatt tcgaactatt gcagcaggta     19620
     gtggatggaa tgacgaggcc ttaagagtct gctttctggg cggattagct gaatccattc     19680
     aagatgagat ggccacccgg gaaccagcca aagacctaga atcccttatt gatatggcca     19740
     ttcgccttga tattcgcttg agagaacgga gaatgactcg aggcagagca tcccattccc     19800
     aaactcctgt tcacaaacct gcatctccag ttcatgcgcc accagtcaga cttctcccag     19860
     tcaatgaaca agctcccgag cctccagaag atatgcagct aggtcgttcc agactctctc     19920
     ccagtgaaag ggacagacgg atgagggagc gacgatgcct ttactgtggt atgtctggtc     19980
     attttcgatc cacttgtcca gaactatcgg gaaacgaggg tccccaccga gttacaggag     20040
     gactgtgatg gggaaaataa gagttcctcc tgccaacacc gttctagctc tcaaagctat     20100
     tttgtcctgg gagagtcatc agttcccagt ccaggcaatg atcgattcag gggccgcagg     20160
     taatttcata gatctctcct tggccaagaa acttaagatt cctacccacc ttctccctca     20220
     tccccagtca gtaactgctt tggatggtag accccttgaa cccggcaaag taactgaggc     20280
     cactcagtcc ctgaagctta ccattgctaa acatcagcag gaggagactt tctaccttat     20340
     tgactctccc gagtatccgg tcattctagg tcatccctgg ttgcacagac ataatcccca     20400
     tatcaactgg tctactggtt ccattctaga ttggagtcct tcatgtcact tcacctgttt     20460
     tacccatagc ctctctgccc ctcatcccga gcctcaagat tctgtagatc tgtctcaagt     20520
     tcccactgtc tatcataagt ttagggcagt attcagtaag tctcgagcca cctctttgcc     20580
     acctcaccgc ccatacgact gtgcaattga ccttctcccc ggttcctctc ctcctagagg     20640
     cagagtcttc tccctatctc cccctgaaca ggctgctatg aatgcttaca tccaagagtc     20700
     cctggcaact ggcatcatcc gagcctccac ttcccctgct ggtgctggct tcttctttgt     20760
     ggggaagaag gatggggggc ttaggccttg tatcgattac cgaggtctta acaagataac     20820
     cattcggaat cgatatcccc tgcctcttat ggctactgcc tttgagctgc tgcagggagc     20880
     ttccattttt accaagctcg accttcgcaa tgcctaccat ctggtgcgga tacggcaagg     20940
     agatgaatgg aagactgctt ttaacacccc cacaggccac tatgaatacc tggtgatgcc     21000
     tttcggcctt accaatgccc ctgccgtgtt ccaggcactt atcaacgacg tcctccgaga     21060
     catgttaaat atatttgtat tcgtttatct ggacgatata cttatatttt ccaagtccat     21120
     ggaggagcac gagggccatg tcagcagggt tctccaaaga ctccttgaaa accatctctt     21180
     tgtcaagcca gaaaaatgtg agtttcatgt ttccctgact aagtttcttg ggtacattgt     21240
     cacccctggt cacctggaga tggaccctag taagattaaa gctgttctca actggcctat     21300
     tccaaccaca gtaaaagagg tgcaacggtt tgtgggcttt gcaaactttt acaggaagtt     21360
     tatcaggaat ttcagctcag ttgtggctcc cttgacagca ctgacaaagg gaggaggagt     21420
     caagattgaa tggggtccta aagcagcggc tgccttccag gatctcaagg atcgattcac     21480
     ctcagctccc atactctcta tccctaatcc agacataccc tttatggtag aggtagatgc     21540
     ctcagatgtg ggtgtaggag ccattttatc acagaggaat gaggatggaa aactacaccc     21600
     ctgtgctttc atgtcacgtc gcctgtctaa tgccgagcgc aactaccacg tgggggaccg     21660
     agagctgctt gctgttaagt tggccttgga agaatggcgc cattggcttg agggcgctcg     21720
     acatcctttc caggtactta cagaccataa gaacctagaa tatctccagc aggccaagca     21780
     actgaaccct cggcaggctc gatggtctct gtttttcaac agatttcagt tcatcctgac     21840
     ttatagaccc ggttccaaga accttaagcc tgatgccttg tcccgagcct actctccaga     21900
     gacacatgaa aaacctgttt cttctattat tcctagttca aggattgttg cccccctcag     21960
     atgggatctg gaacaagtgg tccgtaaggc tcaaaccaaa gaacctgatc cagggaatgg     22020
     accgttgggg gctctatatg tccctcgagc agtgcgagct caggtcttgc agtggggtca     22080
     tgagtctgta ttgacctgcc acccaggtag ttcccgtact ttagaattcc tccgacgtcg     22140
     cttttggtgg ccttccataa aggaagatgt taaaggttat gtggaggcct gccaagtatg     22200
     ttgtcaggga aaatcatcac accagcgacc tcagggactg ctccatccct tacctgttcc     22260
     ccacaggcct tggtcacacc tttccctgga tttcattaca ggacttccac tctcccaggg     22320
     caacacggtc atattggttg tggtggaccg attttccaag gctgcccggt tcattcctct     22380
     gcccaagttg ccatcggcta aagagactgc tgagctcata ataagccatg ttttcagagt     22440
     ttttggcatt ccccaagaca ttgtttctga ccgaggtcca caatttctgt ccagattctg     22500
     gggggctttt tgcagacttt tcggaaccac tgccagccta tcatccgggt tccatcctga     22560
     gtctaatggt cagacagaac gagttaacca agatttggaa accactctac ggtgcatggc     22620
     agccaataac cccaccactt ggtcatctta cataatgtgg gctgaatatg cccacaacac     22680
     cctcaagtcc tcagccaccg gactttcccc ttttgaatgc caatttggtt attcccctcc     22740
     attgtttcct gagaaagagg tccaggtggg agttccctca gcccagcact ttgttcgacg     22800
     ctgtcgacga acctggagga gagctagaag cgctctcctt cgaacctccc tgagatacca     22860
     acatcaggct aatcgccgtc gtcgaaggcc tcctactttc cgggttggcc agagagtctg     22920
     gttggccact aagaaccttc cactccgggt tgagtcgaga aaattgtccc agaggttcat     22980
     cgggccattt agaatagcca ggaaagttaa ccctgtttct tatcgtttgt atcttcctcg     23040
     ttcacttaga attaatccca catttcatgt ctctttatta aaacctgtct tgtcttctcc     23100
     ctttgccccc cctcgcagac cccctccacc tcccaggatc attgacggcc agccagccta     23160
     cacggtccac cggatactgg attccaggag ggtccagaac tcacttcagt atctggttga     23220
     ctgggagggc tacgggccag aggagcgctc ctggattcct gccaaagaca tcttggaccc     23280
     tagtttaatc cgggagtttc atacccagag gccagggtgt tctggtagga acgtcaggag     23340
     ccgttcctaa aggagggggt cctgtcacca tcctgcagtt tgtctccatt cccctagagg     23400
     tccccatgtt tcccctctgt atttgttctt cctcatgtgt tcttgtttac ttaatttaga     23460
     tcacctgtga cttgttccag ccagtgtatt taagttgtca ctttgtctgt gttcctcact     23520
     ctgtgtttga gtcatctctg gtgaacttgc cttgcgtttc ccttgatctc ctgagctaca     23580
     tctagtaaga gtgttttact ttccttgttg ctgactgcat taattatctg tttgttttct     23640
     cccctcgtgg agttttcttt acatgtttat tatactgtta gagttttttt tgtatacctc     23700
     attctgagaa gaacctaagt tgtctgtttt gctacctcat ttttgagaag aacctaagtt     23760
     gatatttttt tttaataaat ccttgttttc cggattccct cttggagtgt tttcgtttgg     23820
     gtccaacaca acttcctctg tggcttagtg gtatacacat cggtttccac accagagacc     23880
     cgggttcaag acccggtcgt gacaccaatg acatgaccac atcaaaatgg tctataccac     23940
     atgtcttcta gactgttgat cagattttca gaccctttca gaccgtgttt agatgcttgt     24000
     taaatgcatc accaaatgtg ctgacatgtt gccaaactgt ctctaagagt aactaagagt     24060
     atctctgcaa tgcttaaaca tactgacacc aaacttgagg tgcgttattg acacctcaca     24120
     ctaaccacac cacatcaatt tagtaacagt ggcacctatt ggtcaaatgt tataaaacaa     24180
     tagataaatc cttcatataa tgagtaatta tgtgatttta ctgatattgt gcgtaaaact     24240
     taaaatgcct tgtcactcat ggatccactt ggtttgatgc tccatgacaa aagttgctgc     24300
     acattctgcc tctgcacttc tgtttattgc attaacacat tgatgtcata atgcctggta     24360
     gcttctgatg ttgtacctct ttaaagcttt aacatattaa taccaaactt tggttgtttt     24420
     gctaaacata atcttctaat atctttattt tgtttgtttt gccagttgcc atagttgctc     24480
     aaatttattg ccatcagaaa aaaagtctat ttccataatt tttaatcaat atataattct     24540
     gtaataagca tgcagttaga gttaggtact gtatgtggtt tatgctaggg agaaactcca     24600
     ttaggatttc catgcagcca taggttgaca gagagggcag agctgtcagt caaaccctca     24660
     agacaaaaca tttaatgcaa gctataccga tggattctgc ctaaaccaac atgctgcttg     24720
     agttctgtta gtgtgccaaa tgttcatata aggtcaaaac tgtggttgaa tgttcattgc     24780
     aactgctgtt gcaacttttt aaaaaacttt attgcttaac atcctgtctt aatgtatttc     24840
     tgtgcttgag tttttttctg actgctcaga cgtgctttat ttaacaaagc tgtaagtgaa     24900
     ctgaactctt aagaaaagag aaagataact gaattcataa atgaatgaat gattttgatt     24960
     gattcaattt gtcattattg agtactttta agagtcaaat aaacattttc attgacaaat     25020
     tatattatta gaatgttttt tttcttacat ttcttgcaat ggattttaac ttcctcctct     25080
     tttgtgcagc atatacaacc acatttattc atggggtttg tttgcatatg aacatggttt     25140
     taaaatcttg tcatacaata aacagaaaca ggcagaaaat tgttaaatag gacattgtaa     25200
     atagcatata taaccttgta acacaaaatg taacatatct gtgatcaact ctgaaacaaa     25260
     tttaaactgg tgggtgggaa tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     25320
     tctctctctc tttgtaaggt gcatcatgcc attgaatggt cactacatct caactgtgag     25380
     aatctggaaa tctaaaaaac tgacagaaac taaaaatggc cgacaagtgt cacatgtttc     25440
     tgctggaaca gttaactctc tgctcaattt ttaccagtaa acacatttcc atatgcttgc     25500
     cacaacactg gcgaacaagt ttaaatatac atatacaaat aaattgtgat acattacttt     25560
     gtttcaggta ccagtggagt agaagagacc aatgtgttct tcagttttgg tgaaaatgtc     25620
     cgtctgccct gtaataatgt tctgactgca caacaactac atggatctat aacagacata     25680
     aagagacagt tgaactggtt actggaggga aactgaacaa catagagagt ttgacactgg     25740
     gctctgactg ctctctgaac atcatgaaag ccgctaaaaa agattatggg ctttacatct     25800
     gcctacaata tctctatgga catctacaag aaactgaaca tgtttttttg cattttcttc     25860
     atggtagttt tgcgatttta aaaagggcag ttattttatt aaacccacac atttgaactc     25920
     gcatgtcttg ttttctgttt cagtttctcc atcactctct cagactgaga tgagagcagg     25980
     tagatctgtg actctcctgt cagctgtatt attattatgg aatctcttgt gattatttgg     26040
     tcagtattga aggacatcag ctgatgtggg tgaatcaggc tggagcgaat ctgatgacag     26100
     actccagata tcagatatta ttcttcttaa atctctgtaa catcagtcta actgagtgat     26160
     gacactcaga tctacctagc cttactgcct aatgactaca gccccattga caccctctgc     26220
     caatgtattg atgaaattaa aaattggatg tgccaaaact ttcttcagtt aaacaaagag     26280
     aaaactgaag tcattgcgtt tgggaacaga gatgaggttc tcaaggtgaa tgcgtaccta     26340
     ggctctaaag gtcaaacgac aaaaaataag gtcaagaatc ttggtgtgac gctggagtca     26400
     gatctgagtt tcaacagtca tgtcaaagca gtcagtaaat cagcatacta tcatctcaaa     26460
     aacatagcaa gaatcagatg ctttgtttct agtgaagatt tagagaaact tgttcatgct     26520
     tttatcagta gcagggtgga ttactgtaat ggactcctca ctggccttcc caaaaagaca     26580
     gtcagacact tgcagctcat ccagaatgct gcagccagaa ttctgaccag aagcaggaaa     26640
     tcagagcaca tcacacctgt cctcaggtct ttacactggc tgccagttac attcagaata     26700
     gattttaaag tattattact ggtctataaa tcactaaatg gccaaggacc tcaatacatt     26760
     acagatatgc tcactgaata caaacctaac agatcactca gatctttagg atcatataaa     26820
     ctagaagttc caagagttca gtctaagcag ggtgaatctg ccttcagcca ctacgcccct     26880
     tgctgctgga atcagcttcc agaaatgatc agatgtgctc caacattagg cacattcaaa     26940
     tcaagactga aaacacatct gtttagctgt gcctttactg aatgagcact gtgctgtgtc     27000
     cgacagatcg cactattatg tttttcgttt tctttttcat tcttttataa cctattttaa     27060
     ctcattttac tttgttttta tctgttttta ataattttta ttgtctgcat tttattttcc     27120
     taaacttgtc ttttttattc ctgtttatgt aaagcactat gaattgccac tgtgtatgaa     27180
     atgtgctata taaataaact tgccttgcct tgccttgcct taactacaac actcctgaat     27240
     gaagatcaca acagagagtg gagatgtcgg cttactcaaa gaaatcaacc gaagacgtca     27300
     gcctcattca ctgtcaagta tttaggtagg aaattgttgt ctgggtttag gtaatcaagt     27360
     gtgttttttt tattcgccca ttacatttta atcgatttgc ctattttttg atgattacaa     27420
     acagacgtaa ggaagaaaaa gatttatgtt ctctacagta tgatgcatgt tgcactttac     27480
     actctgagaa aaaaagtgtc tttagggatt caacagctcg tcacttaagc agtacccttt     27540
     aaaacaatat ccttgttgta ggaactaaca tttatcttga acagcacaag atgatgcaac     27600
     tccagtgatt cctgtcagca ccacaaaatc tgtgactcct tcacgcagaa acacacatca     27660
     acgccctaca aaaggtaatc atcgtctttc ttactttagc ggtgctatta tctagaagag     27720
     acataagacc gagttccata tgggcacatc cctatccgct tgttaagtgg tgacgtgttt     27780
     gtgacgtatg tatactgttt cctggtccaa gccgccactc atttgagtgg agaaatcaat     27840
     cgtttataat cacgttttgt tcctatcaca cattaaagta aattttatat aaaatcgtag     27900
     tgtacacaaa aatctctggg cttgctgcaa aacaaataca aaaattgtaa caatttataa     27960
     aaaatgaatc actttctggc catcggatat taggcatgga catataaact gcgatcgtga     28020
     ttttcgaaag tattaaatcg ctttgtaaac gtttattatt accatttcat gagtctcccc     28080
     attcagttga atagagcgct tggacccgaa agccgcttcg cttgacgtca cacttaacaa     28140
     gcggattcac taattccttt ggagggtccc tctggaggga ttacagcatt ggaattagcc     28200
     ctttgaatcg agtgcaatat gtgacaccaa acagcttccc atgcttaaat gatattttcc     28260
     tgaagtgtta ttttttcgaa attctttatt ccaaagagct cttcaaagtg gccagatttg     28320
     atctctcagt ttgaaatgac acttaattat tgtggccata attctttcac tccgaattac     28380
     ccttctgagc ctgatatatc ctatttgaat tgcaacacat gtccagactg ttctcctctc     28440
     tcattttcac attactacac accactatag tgccactcac aggacagttg gtgacaccac     28500
     aagtggtttg tagttgctct cacatacttt gcttgtcttg tgaaaatagt cattaaaaat     28560
     aactctgatc tctctcttaa aacttataaa gagatcactg aaaaatctga attctttatc     28620
     attgcattga gaaaagcgcc taacacagat ttaaacaaat gtgtgaacaa gaaatttgag     28680
     agagaaatag gtcttttgtc taatttgttt aatttctgtg aaatccaaac ttgtgattta     28740
     caaatattaa aaaatctgaa ttcttttctt ttctattaat aacaagtctt gataaattgt     28800
     taaatatacc attatatatt tgaactaaat taacagacat gctccactga cacaacatca     28860
     gaacctgaag tcagtacgac tatgactttg caatgctgtt cgtttctaac aataaaacag     28920
     tcagtaaatg tcaataattg ttcgttttgc tgtacaattc tttaattgtt tgaaagtgaa     28980
     cccttgaatt tctttgtgtc tcttatctgt ccacacatgt cctgcagtga ttgtgatgat     29040
     tgttaagatt gcagtgtttg cagcttctac tgtgattctt ctacaattca tctgtgcaag     29100
     gatagcaggt gagttttaaa ctgcacaatc tgaagattcg ttctttttgg aagattttca     29160
     atcttatatc ttaaaacatt aaaaacatat atttttatgt ttttttttat ttttatttat     29220
     ttttttaaga aaacagagga aggaccctga ctaccacaca gatacatttt gacatcaaca     29280
     attttagaat aaattactgc ttacaaacaa aaatagacat agcaatgcac tgactatatg     29340
     caatttgctt taaagtccct ttcctattcc catattgacc tcatactcaa cattaaatac     29400
     agcatatttc aaatgtcttc ttcttcatct atccagctac agcctaattt attcgtacct     29460
     tgtagatgta cttgtatata tacttgcagt gtgtaatgta gctgtttgtg aatgtaaaga     29520
     aatgaactgc acaattttgc ttgacgtaga aagttggaaa ggatcagttt tgaacagcta     29580
     taatgaagta cactgtaaaa cttcacagtg aaaatcacta aatgacataa gttagtttaa     29640
     cttatttatt tttaaagtta ctttgacgtt tacagtacat actcaaacca aatggtttca     29700
     aaatttaaat agtttgcccc aatcggttgc attaaccagt ttaacttaac ttatcaggtc     29760
     ttacattgta taagcaattt aaagtttcag acagttcacg gcaaacatct acatagattc     29820
     tgaagaggtt ttccatctcc tctaacatca tgtcaaacta ctacctctgc accacatagc     29880
     ttttcactca ctaggtcact gtatgggcaa cttctcttat tattattatt gctttgccta     29940
     caaaacagca catcatgcca gggaatttgc agtgagagta gggcctaaca cagatttaga     30000
     caaatgtatg aacaatattc aagagaaatt ggtcttttgt ctaatttgtt taatttctgt     30060
     gaaatccaaa catgaacttg tgatttccat gtatttctat gagacataat ttgagcacac     30120
     atcatctcac ttagagaagg aaatgtgaga tcattcacac caatgagttt agggtggaag     30180
     atgatctcag atatttgtac ttgactgtgc gttcacatct gaaaacactg gaactgaaag     30240
     gcaaaacaca aagagggcag gtgtgcatat tagggttgag cagtgttcat tttacacagg     30300
     ggaatttact gagtgaattt taaataacat gataatacct taaatagaaa ggactgacag     30360
     tgaagatgtt tgtggatttt tctgttgaga ctgaatgtta tatatatgtt tcaaaatccc     30420
     attgtcatct cagcagctgt atttcctttt gaatttatta tcatggattt ttgtctgtat     30480
     tgtgtgtctt taataactga cttaactaaa attattttca acttatcaaa ttctacttaa     30540
     attttcgatt caatgttcaa cttcagcata cattagattt ttttaaacta tttattaata     30600
     tagtgcattt acttgataat aaatcttgaa aaatcttgaa aaatatacac ttttcaaaac     30660
     attacttttt tgggttttat actaaaagaa ttttagaatt ggattttttg tgtgtcaaat     30720
     atggcataac aaataccttg gcataataat ttactctgct tttaaaatgt tctaaatgta     30780
     agtttacccc tgcagcacaa gtggtccagt cacaagtatg tgaaagcaaa aacatctcct     30840
     ttttggacgt aacaacaaca ttctgatttg tcatttgtat ttggcataaa ttattaagtt     30900
     gtcataaata atctggtcat aaaaataatt atattctgat aattgagatt tggtaccagt     30960
     aaaaatttag ggtaaagtag aacggtaaag aaaagtaaaa tggttgtggg acattaatct     31020
     gataatgcat gcaattctgg agaagaaaca aaaacagact aattagccag ctctctatga     31080
     attaacccag tgttttcaaa ctgatttctt acagtcttta ttaacatatg aaaagtgagt     31140
     ctgggctctg actgctctct aaacatcaag aaagtgacaa aagaagaaca tggatcatag     31200
     ctgccaacat tatgtgaata cacaacaata aacctgatgc acaagtttat ttgtttttaa     31260
     tggtaagact ttctgtgaat gacaatttat aaaaaaaaaa ctaaaataaa caataataaa     31320
     ataaaaaaat aatataacat taaaatgatg taaaatacct ataaatatta taaatgtata     31380
     tatttctaaa tatgatacag attcagattc tggggataaa agtgccagta taacctaaaa     31440
     gttcatgtgt aagaaattca atgttataat agaatttata tttttagaaa aaaaagagtg     31500
     cctcacacaa taaaattctg aatactgaag cgatactaat gtaatttact gtgaaaaatt     31560
     agagtaatga aagagtctaa gccaaaaagc cgaatgatgc ctcggttcca gctcgcatct     31620
     caccctgcct gttggacatt tcgcactgga tgaatgatca tcatcttcag cttaaccttg     31680
     tgaaaacgga aatgcttgaa gttcctgcca actcgactct acaccataaa tttttaattc     31740
     ggatggatgg ggcaaccatt actgcatcca aaatggtgaa aagccttgga gtaacgattg     31800
     atgaccaact aaacttctct gaccacattt ctagaactgc tcgatcttgc atatttgcac     31860
     tctaatatca gaaaggtccg actcttccta tctgaacatg cagctcaact cattgtttaa     31920
     gctcttgttc tctccagatt ggactattgc atctctctac tagccgggct tccagctaaa     31980
     gcctagttca cactacagga ttttaaacat cagcagatcg ctgtgccgtt cacactacat     32040
     gacctgactt tgtgtctttt aatctctgtg gtgttcacac tacgcaacac tccgtgaacg     32100
     atccacaaga ggggggtcac acactacatg atctgacaac aactcattcc ccatcagctc     32160
     attcaagcta ccaaaccaca gccaatgaaa ttttgaggga ggagtcgtca gaaaaaagct     32220
     gaacactatt ggctgcttgt gtgctgatta catcactgac agcgtttcaa gctttgaaga     32280
     aagcatttaa aaacattgtc aaatcagctg atttatcagg agatcaatca ctcatctgca     32340
     agcttccagt ggatagatac acagagagtt aatttttgta attttataac tctttgaaat     32400
     aaaactaaca tatttataac accctgccgt tttctaacta ttagtgtatt tctttctgac     32460
     atagtttttt tttattacaa aacagtaaag aactgagcat ttctgcctta aattaccata     32520
     ttggttaaaa tgactacatg catgtctaat acttttcact gtgactttaa atatgtgtgc     32580
     attttcttgc ctagcaactt cctgctaaca taaacaaaac tttctgatgg caaaaacatc     32640
     aatttacttc agatatcttt aaaaacagca tattatgtgc tgtgaaatag ctcctgtttg     32700
     aaagtgaaaa tgaaagccaa gacttttaag tgttttagta tcttaactac atatttatag     32760
     gctgtattac aaaaaaagat tatattttta gggtaatggt gtcattaaat atgatgccag     32820
     acattcaaag cttaatttta atatctcaat aatagctttg aatgtaaata tgttgtgaca     32880
     atatggcgtt ttatataaga accatcagaa tgagcagtat ggtaattcta atagttacag     32940
     aattctagtt ccactgttaa tatagcctac tctcatgtct gtgctaacgc agaatgaagt     33000
     gagtgcaccg atgcccattc tgaccaatca cagatgtttc tgctaaactc ctgagcacac     33060
     aggcacgcgg ctcatgctaa tatgctcttt catttgctgc agctcgtcac tacatctgac     33120
     cacacgtggg gttgagtcgg ccgactgctc tggaatattt agcgcatgct gaatgttgga     33180
     tttccgtctg cgaggtgtcg gcgacccgtc agccagcctc gttgatgcgt tgttcagtag     33240
     ttcacacata aagagcggcg agcgccgtgc acccgcagat ttcttcccga tcacagcccg     33300
     atctgtcggc gagctcgtta acttccaaat cgggctcaaa tcaggcttaa aatcctttag     33360
     tgtgaactag gcataactct atcaaacctc ttcagatgct tcagaacgca gcagcacgag     33420
     tggtctttaa tgaacctaaa agggcacatg tcactccgct actcatccgt ttgctgggct     33480
     ggtggaacaa aactgaaaac cacccagcta tacagagtac agacagccta taacacgctg     33540
     tctgtataaa cacacacaca caagcagaag caagtaacac agacacacag acagcatctc     33600
     gcacaaagca caaaaagcac aaagcaacaa acaagctaaa cacagcatca tgctgtctct     33660
     ttcacacaat aacatgcgcg tgctcgcttg ctcgtgggga gccgggagca atatttgttg     33720
     aaccacccgc tcctgtccaa aattacactc gttactgacc cctttctcgc tttattcgga     33780
     aatttattcc cacgccgcag aaatgtggtc gggtctcgca gctcccgcat tacagccgcg     33840
     ggaatgcaga cctctacgct gatgtttgtt tacaaagcga cctctggctt agctcctcct     33900
     tatctgctct cacttctaca gatttatgtg ccctccagaa acttgcattc tgtgaatgaa     33960
     cgtcgccttg tggttccatg ccaaagaggg aagaaatcac tttcccaaac tctcgcattc     34020
     aatctgctca gttggtggaa tgaactccct aactgcatca gaacggcaga gtcacttgct     34080
     gtcttcaaga aacaactaaa aactcaactg tttagtctcc actttccttt ctaatctgca     34140
     attgcctctc tggctccacg gctaactgta ctcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cttacactac     34200
     taatgctttg cttcttaaac tttacagacc tgaaacttgc ctacagcact tattcattgt     34260
     tgctcttata gttgtgtaaa ttgcttcctt gtcctcattt gttagttgct ttggataaaa     34320
     gtgtctgcta aatgactaaa tgtaaatgta aaagtaattg aatgaatgaa attagagtaa     34380
     tgctgtgata ttctggattt tttttacagt gtaaacaata tacaaaatgg atttttattt     34440
     agtcattcat ttttcttcag cttaattcct ttattcatca ggggtaacca caggggaatg     34500
     aactgtcaac ttatccagca tatgtttgac acagcagata cccttccagc tgcaacccag     34560
     cactgggaaa cacccataaa ctctcacatg cttacacata cactatggcc aatttagctt     34620
     atttaattca cttataaagc atgtctttga ttatttatcc tcaatttagc ccacatagaa     34680
     ttcttgtgct tactgtgaga agtgtttggc aaaagtgaca aagtattaag aaatgtgtcc     34740
     tagcgtctgt taaaaactgt aaaataaatg ctattttaaa ggcgaaaagt tatctgcata     34800
     agtgtaaaca gtgttcataa aagataaagc agcagacagt gtatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     34860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt aggttctcta     34920
     gtgtaaaacg tttttagaac tggctgatta aaactgacca gaaggacaac catttaatct     34980
     taaatgtgta cagccttgaa gtaaatataa ttatgctttt ttttttttaa atgttagagt     35040
     tattttatag aaagtcgcca gcttttgttg ctgttaaaat ggtgtccaag tcatttttga     35100
     cacgcaagtc aacagtaagg ttgatggcat gcagaagtgg agaagtgtct caatttacat     35160
     tgttgtttat tttatgttat tcaagagttt acacttagct gatgattaat tgtaaaagct     35220
     tgtttggcat gctgtcccgg gagagagccc tgagctcatg agatcctcga gcccagggct     35280
     ccctcctgtt gcaaggcggg aggggagttt gagctcaggt agatctcgag aactcccctg     35340
     ctgtagcaag tgaatgatct tgaaatcaac tacatactag aagcgcgtct atggtgccaa     35400
     tttggattgt tcaattgact taattgcatg tttttaggca gtgggaggaa accggggaac     35460
     ccgacatgag cacggagaga agtgcaaact ccacacagaa atgtctgata gtttggtaaa     35520
     gccaggaacc agagacattc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc tacgcactgg gccaccgtgt     35580
     cacccgtcta agaaggagga ggaagggggg actcttcaaa atgaagatag cagtggaatg     35640
     aaccccaagg tatttatagt agtttaggag tcatctgatt ggagcatagt gaattggata     35700
     atgcggatcc agccgctagc aatcataagc acgtgatcct ctcgaaattt gtttatacat     35760
     aaacttcact tagtggtcca tgttagtgtt aaggaacagt aattcagggc atttttaaca     35820
     ttttagagtt tataccgctc tagcactgca aaaatgttta tatttcctta aactcaccct     35880
     aggtcctcaa ataacatgag aaaaagcgtg aaaagaaaat tcatgcgtgt ggaataaaca     35940
     caagtgaatc aatttgcaat cagtgtgtga aaaaaaaacg cagtcgacaa tgactcacct     36000
     gggcaactaa caggggtaac ccttacaatt tacataggtg tggcccaaga gaacgcaaca     36060
     gcaaggagta acaggcacac attaaacagg gtccgacaaa tgcaaataca gggcggggac     36120
     tgtaaaacta tagatggtta caggttttca gcttttcttt aacatatttt cctttgtctt     36180
     caacagaata aagaggtttc gaatcgcatg agagaatata aataatgtag taagctactt     36240
     ttcatttttg ggtatcctca aaactgttgt ttaatttgta caacaaaaac aataacatta     36300
     taaaaggaaa ttaccaaaag aaagaagtgg aacaaagtgc taacagttat ggcttgaagc     36360
     agtttggaaa attccattgt tctgttttat taaactgtgt ctaatgctgc tgtggactat     36420
     tacaaagtgt catggtgaat ttaacataat taattatata atgtcatact tttattttgt     36480
     ccatcaggca ccgagagcat gtcagtgaat ttagtttgtt tctcgtgaga tcaggctggc     36540
     tttatcacag tgtcaaagct gaacatttgc ttggtttaga ccagaggaag cacaaccaca     36600
     ggatgagcta ataaagttta aaggaggagc gactgtataa ctatatagag aaatgaaaga     36660
     cagacagaaa cagaaaatgg ctaaagagtg tcatgtgtgt ttactgtggc tgatcattct     36720
     ctgtccactt cccacaggta aaaacaaatc ttttagtgat cttcaagatg ttacattaaa     36780
     ttgctcaaag taacagagtc tgacagaaag cttattattt ctggcaatca tagtgtgttc     36840
     tcatattaag ccccatttct tattttaata gattgatatt caatatgatt actcaaatgt     36900
     tttgtgattc cttcaggtac cagtggagca gaagaaactc atgtgttctt cagttctggt     36960
     gaaaatgtcc gtctgccttg taataatgct ctttctgact gcacatcaac tgtttggaac     37020
     tataacagac attcagagac ggttgaactg gttgctggag ggtcactgaa gacagacata     37080
     atgagacgtg agagactgag tctgggctct gactgctctc tgaacatcaa gaaagtcaaa     37140
     aaagaagatt atggatttta catctgccaa caatatgtga atggagaaca atatggacct     37200
     gctgcacgtg tttatctgca ggctcttcat ggtcagagtt tctgtacagc acataatatc     37260
     ttaaaataac ctataaagag tgaatccatc attgcatttt tgtcttgttt tgtgttttag     37320
     tctcttcatc actctctcag actgggatca gagcaggcag atctgtgact ctctactgtc     37380
     agctggatct ttatgcatcc acttgtggtg atttggtaaa ttatgaagga tatcagctaa     37440
     tgtgggtgaa tcaggctggt gagaatctga tgaaagactc cagatatcag atatcggata     37500
     acttctcaag tcgctgtatg ataactctga caacaaaact cttaaaagaa gatcacaaca     37560
     gagaatggag atgtcagctt actcagagaa atcaactaaa gacctcagcc tcattcactg     37620
     tcaagtactc aggtaaatgg tctttataat atcagttatt tcaagagttc acacttagct     37680
     gataattgat tataaagcat gtttggcatg cagtcccggg agagagccct gagctcataa     37740
     gatcaagagc ccggggctcc ctcccgctta cagggcaaga agcaagcttg agctcaagta     37800
     gatactgaga actcccccca ctgataaggc aaagactgat aatccattga ttaaggactg     37860
     ctatgagggt gtgctgctga ttaaagctta tctatggtgc cgatttgatt tagtcaattt     37920
     acgtatgtcg caagtttttg gactgagggg ggaaactggg gaacacaggg gaaacccaca     37980
     caagcatggg gtgaacatag actccacaca gaaatgtcaa ctggccggtt aagacccaaa     38040
     ccagagacat tcttgctgtg agtgctaacc actgagccac cctatagaag aaaaaagggg     38100
     agagaggggg tgaaaaggag gattcttcta gacaaagatg actaaggtaa gaaactttgg     38160
     ctatttatag tgagttagaa atcatctgat tgatgagaca tgcattagct aatgctggac     38220
     cagtcgtgtc agtcacaggc atgtgatcct ctcgaaatta gtttataaat aaactttgat     38280
     gatgaagtat taaaatatat ttgaatactt catcatcaaa gtgtatttaa ttatattcta     38340
     cagcttgaca tgtctagtca caggtcaaac tgaggcaaag acacaaactc cagtcagcag     38400
     ctcagagacc actgtaaata caccagtaac ttcttcacaa ccaagtacaa gtacataatc     38460
     aactgtatta agacactcta atatgaaggt ttatcattga gaagtttatc tcagatacca     38520
     taatcttatc tccaaatctt ttataacaat attaagtgtt tcccctttga tttttttatc     38580
     tgcttgaatc agtctggtta ttctcctctg acctctgata tgacattttc gtccaacaca     38640
     actgctgttc tcttgactat ttatttacta agacttttct ataaacccta aagattgacc     38700
     agcctctcat ggcccaacaa ccaagccaca ctaaaggtca ctcagaggac agatgattct     38760
     tgaagtgaac ttcagctgat tgtcctaaaa ttagatttaa ggtcaccaca gtttggacaa     38820
     taagctgtca gtagcctaat gatattcata aattaaaatg tgacttttct tttttcttat     38880
     ctttagtagc atcaactaca acaacagcag cactgattcc agttgctaca acaaactctg     38940
     tgatgacaag tagtcaagta ccaagactac cagatgataa aggcatgtat cacatacatt     39000
     tttgcaaact ctccttcaaa taggacattt gttactttcc tgatatatga tctattgtat     39060
     gacccaaaaa gttgtgattt gtgtagatca attggtacat ccattgcttt attgtagcac     39120
     tgcacaatca tggaatcaat ttcatgaaac acacattctt aacagttaaa catttaaaaa     39180
     gtgcaaataa tgttccgtag catttacaaa aatcatgtgg aggtaaggca tcactagaag     39240
     agggcttcaa gattattcaa agcacaatac atttaaaaaa aaatacaaaa taagctgaaa     39300
     tgtcttcaat aaaatataag attaatttga cgtatagtgt aacagaaatt agctcatttt     39360
     atgaatatta ataatcaaca ataacggttt attcttaatt attaatattc cggcttaagc     39420
     ttcagtcaat ttggtcgaac aaacatatga tggtatataa tcctgcccgc tcaacggagc     39480
     ggactctcag attaagaata ttaattatca acaataaaga attattatta atcattaata     39540
     ttctggatca atttattgtt aatttgacca aacaaacaca agcagagccg cagagcggcc     39600
     acggcaatgg tctattcatt tagaaaaagg gaatttaatt gctacttctt gtgaagtaga     39660
     ttaatcattc ataagtttta aacaacttat aatagctagg caggggaatc tgtatttcag     39720
     ggacattttc tcgtgaggca aacaatacaa ttcatttgat tataatggaa tttattgact     39780
     agtcagacga ataacgaaca aacacacaaa cgtacattaa acacagaaca aaggtaaacc     39840
     acgtggagat atcgggtcta tacgggacta taaaacatgt acgaacagag agagatagca     39900
     aagcgcggaa atatggattt cagataaaag agtcgcaaaa tctggtttca gttccacaca     39960
     caccactaag gataaccaag attataaaaa aacacctttt tgataaaagg ggcacagctt     40020
     attcgcataa ctaaaaatac ctgggctttc atgtctggag gtctctctct ttatgcgggt     40080
     ctcttcctga tgaaactcct tttgatgtcc ttcttgatgc atggagtttg taatgcagtt     40140
     cggacgaaca cgatcgcaaa ctttaaactg agtttacttt gccggaaaat aaagaaaagc     40200
     gtggcgggaa aagtccatgc ggcttagaag accctttgag ggccacgttt tgatcaagtg     40260
     tgccgcaagc ctacgtttga gtgaaggttt cggccgttag atcgccacct gggggctggc     40320
     tgcagtacaa gtcataaagc ccgcctcctc cgtgttaatg aaggagactt gagcccaaat     40380
     aaaaaaaaat attacacttg caataaaatg tcccgaaaga tagttctggt cgattaaggc     40440
     actggttatt gtgctgaaat aggtccagat cttcattttt gtaaacagtt tgtttttagc     40500
     agtaatttaa tgctgggcgt gtcatcgtga ttgacagctg tgattgacag tttctcaaag     40560
     cgcagcgtct gagcttcggc aggagactga agtagactga aatgttatta ttcgatttct     40620
     gtgttatttt accatgacaa aatgagttca gcagtaaact atagtttctg acatacatga     40680
     tcctggtgga acactgttta ttcgctaagt tcagggcttt tttcgggctt tattagtttg     40740
     ctgattcacg cctagccacc cagatagcaa aacacagttc cggctagatt ctcgcctgcc     40800
     ggagacttat ctcttagagc tcagactgac taatgttacc tctgctggac ctactccgga     40860
     tgcctggact cactacccaa ttccagcttg agtcaatcga gccagatgag gcggccgagc     40920
     gagcaggcgc tgccgcatgc gagccggaat cagcccgcga cgccgcgagt aagttatgcg     40980
     ctgcggcctg gagctggcgc gattgaatat ataaaaccct catatttgtt aacgttatta     41040
     catccatttg tgttgatatg acagcaaacg catgctgaga agttcggggg gcgtagttga     41100
     ttttacataa agcgtttgat tggaagctcg actccgctca ttttcgcggc tcctcctctg     41160
     gctccatcag acaatccttc tgcgcatgtc tggctccaat ttcagcagtc ttttgcgaca     41220
     gtttgtgccc gtcaagcagg tgttttgccc tcaaggcgtt caatgggaaa aagggctgtc     41280
     gcgtcgtcca tattttttac agtcattggt tttgatgggt tctttgttcg gacgttctct     41340
     ctctggatgt ttggggagaa gtctggttat acctgcgggt cacgtgacaa cccgttcagc     41400
     attctgacca atgatttcag gacaaagtgc gcgtgcgaac cttcctttgt ctcgaggctg     41460
     ctcgtatgca aatttgagtg tccgcccaaa gcatgcggac aggcatttaa tacaggggat     41520
     taaagaataa agcaatgcga gttatgatct tgctctatgc atcatgtgtt gtaaaatgtc     41580
     agcagaaacc catcggtacc aaacatgggg ggtttaaaag tacatcaaca taatttttca     41640
     tatccttaca ttatttatgc tttaaaaagg cctaaaggga acatgcatac aggttataag     41700
     agaggttaca caggtaagaa aagtcagaat gagatacaaa gtttacaaaa cataacactt     41760
     tagttttgtg ctggtccagg atttttttga gttcattttc tttctgtcgg aacagcctcg     41820
     tcggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatttgggca ggaatgtctt tgaagttcca     41880
     ggcttatctc tccagtctcc ctagattact taagctgtca cgaaaatcca gacttcttgg     41940
     agccaggagt cgtaaaaccc atgcgaaata ctccgtgata aaatcaataa gtaattttat     42000
     ctttggactg tacgctacaa tagcttcatt ttgttttttt ggaaaaaaac agagttcact     42060
     ataaggacaa ctaatatcaa aattgtgatt tcttctagac tagctaatgt acattgatta     42120
     ataataaaat tatgggtatt tatggggcga ggcagtggca cagtaggtag tgctgtcgcc     42180
     tcacagcaag aaggttgctg ggttgctgga tcgaacctcg gctcagttga cgtttctgtg     42240
     tggagtttgc atgttctccc tgccttcgcg ttggtttcct ccgggtgctc cggtttccct     42300
     cacagtccaa atacatgcgg tacaggtgaa ttgggtaagc taaattgtcc atagtgtata     42360
     aatgtgtgtg tgtggatgtt tcccagagat gggttgcgac tggaagggca tctgctgcgt     42420
     aaaaacttgc tggataagtt ggcagttcgt tccgcttaat aaagggacta agcagacaag     42480
     aaaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tattgaatat atttctagtt aagctataaa ttaagaaaca     42540
     caattatagc ttatgtacaa cttcgcaaat tacagtggca gtcaaaaata agttttttta     42600
     tattttgact gtaacatcac ttttttttct cattaaaacg attattatat ttggtgataa     42660
     tttttgtttt gtagaaagta gccaatgact gagtatctga aattacactc tgtttcccag     42720
     tggtggactg cagttgcgtg tttttttttt acatcgctaa tgttcttaac taaatgatct     42780
     cctattcata agtatttcta ttttatcata gttgtgtttt ttttaggata cttttacttc     42840
     ccaatattca aaaacaaagt tttatgtaat taaatgtagc tgagtaaaaa aatattttga     42900
     aggggtgaaa tcttcacctg ctcagagaca caactttaat ttcatgaaca aagtgaacaa     42960
     catcatttta caaattgcac taaacaatta atgtataaat tagactgatc caatcaaatc     43020
     tgttcttaaa tcaacagctc agtgatttaa atgatcggtt aagagtcaat ctcaattcat     43080
     tgaatttaca aactgatctg aaaactgaat atacttttaa atcaatgtaa aatatgtcac     43140
     gtttgcccct gtagaatgag gtattaaact tgtttgatta caattagttg gtgtcacatt     43200
     tttaagtaaa atcacctctt tttatatgtg tctgcacaca tttaaacatt ttaactaaac     43260
     atttttgcta cacagagagc agctcacacg cccaaaccac agcatcagca ccaacacaac     43320
     aaggtattat caaaagtttt tatcttccta ttagttccac aaattgacca ttgcaaatgg     43380
     ggtggcggtt ggtgggtgag agggaatggc ctgtgtagtt tggttgtggg ttgtgtggta     43440
     cccagcgaaa ctgaagaggg ggttgtgcta gggtttagga gggggttgtg caggcgaccg     43500
     gcgaaagtgg agggtcgggg ggaggtgggt gtgggttcac ttgctgtcgc aggggcccta     43560
     aattgcccgg ggcctatgca ctctgtcccc cttttcccca ctggcgacac ccctgtgtca     43620
     aaatgcaaat actttacaat tcatttttga catcattgac ctgaactgaa gatattattc     43680
     acagaagcag aaactaaatt ctgtatgact tttggatcat taatcagagg tatgaaatgt     43740
     ctgtttatgc taataatttt atactattgc atgttcgatg ttggtgaatt tgcaattatt     43800
     attggatttc tttgatttca tcaaaaaggt catttaaact ttaccatatt gactttctct     43860
     catctatcca catgtttcct gtagtgattg tgattattgt tgagattgtg gtgtttgctg     43920
     ctcctactgt gattcttctt cagatcatct gtgcaagaag agctggtgag ttttgagcgt     43980
     ctcacataat ctaatgattc atgatgatct ctaacaatct acagtaaaaa tgcatttgtg     44040
     aggtcagtta atttttggtg ttagtcatta ttatttgtat tccatatttt ataggaagga     44100
     agaacttgca tccagaggaa gatagggatg cctgcaatat tagatgtaaa agccaattaa     44160
     agggatagtt caccaaaaaa aaaaatttaa tttactcaga gttaactctc cccatgaggt     44220
     tacaaaccat tatgagtttc tttcaaaata gagcaataag aagatatttt gaaaaatgtt     44280
     agaaactgct gcccattcac atccatagta ggaataacaa agaggttagt gttacaggtt     44340
     tccaacatta ttcaaaataa ctttttgaac attttttact tcaaggaaag aaattctaac     44400
     aggtttgcaa catgtataag ggcgaataaa ggattacaga attatcagaa atatccctaa     44460
     agtttattgt gcaaatttag cataatttca tgtaatttcc cagtgctata ttgtaaatac     44520
     tgctttcaag taagaaatgt ttgtgtgtac tgtactgtgc actataaaaa aatatctgat     44580
     aattattaaa tgtgagtgtt ttatgttgat ttactcttgt ggtttgcagt atgggacctt     44640
     gatttctact ctgttgactt ttgatgttga aaattcagtt ctacacttta acaaaaagac     44700
     tttattgaca ctttagaagt ttgaaataga gaaattagtt tgtaaaatag cggaaaatta     44760
     cagattatta caaggttttt gtaccgtatt atacaacaga caacccaggc attatatcac     44820
     tttaaactat taaaattgtt aataaatgtc actttggtaa acctttcaag gctaaatgtt     44880
     gttgtcccat gaaattcaac agcataaata aacgggaaaa taaaaacgtg agtcacaaaa     44940
     tacagaaaac tgctaattta cagatattta ttatagtgta gtaattgtta ctccccccga     45000
     gataaaacaa aggctcaagt cgttcttgat tttaactgac atttattcgg acacgagtct     45060
     gtattatgtc ttgtacattc tagccttgca ctactttatg tcccaataat ggtgtcagat     45120
     ctacgaaaag aaaacttaaa ttaacccttt aaaggtgatg ttgcacataa tgaacaacat     45180
     acatacaacc aaaagataaa gtgcacattc aacatgtaaa gaaatacact taattggcta     45240
     attatacatt aacatacgga cacataatta tacatgttca catacgttaa cactatacga     45300
     cacatacctc attggcctct ttaactcaag aaggattgca gttgaagggt tgcagtttct     45360
     cttaaacaaa cttctttgta cttctgaatc cttaaaaaat gtgttattag cacagttgtg     45420
     gctgtactgc ttgtagtgca tcggaagaat atcttgattg caacaatgaa ataattccca     45480
     agctaaacat aacaagaaat cggttccccc ctcccttttt atagttttag ttaaataact     45540
     ttaaatgaat taacatgcat taacaacaaa tatacattac ttatctattc taatgattac     45600
     tctgaacatt ttaactatgt attgcatttt taatgcaaag tgtttgttta tagagtgtaa     45660
     tatataagaa ttgcttctga cggcagctac agtaataatt gtattacatg caataaattt     45720
     gtaacctctt ctgaaatgaa gtaaatttta cgtaagttta atactagcca gcatttataa     45780
     gagcagggga ggtataacac atgatactga gtttataatc agtatgaata tgcattttat     45840
     aatgagtaag tcattagaat tatagtccac aaggtgattt tgctaaaaaa aaaaaatata     45900
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     45960
     tatatatata tatatatata taaacaaata gcataaacat tttatgaaat aatcacaaga     46020
     gacaggaatt gtaatatttg gctaaattag aagcaaagaa gcaactttat tttttcatcc     46080
     tggcttcgat cagctgaaga acaagaagaa attaatttga agaattgttc aatgcattta     46140
     aattattctc cttttatatc atcattgcag tgactgactg atacaaatgt gaaataaaga     46200
     tacatattta gtaacagtgt gatgtctata ttaatttaac gtttcccagt gttgaactca     46260
     tatgagcaga cagtgagcgg gtcgctgttt ttaccatcca gatacactcc tggcaccaga     46320
     ctaacacagc aaggctgctt agagctgtag tttttctgca ccagccgagt catgttgtca     46380
     gcattataga acagcacctg ctttctctca cagtccagat acaagccaat tttctgaggt     46440
     ctgtctcgaa tgcttaatgg agagtctttt ccatcacagg aaagaacgta gcctttatgg     46500
     tgtttaagat ggagcaggat gtcactccgc tgtttgtcag tgcccatctt gattcccacg     46560
     gtccagtctg gcttttctcc gacctctacc tcccagtagt gctgaccaga ctgaaagttc     46620
     tccactgaaa ctgtacctgg gttgaagtct ttatacagac cagtcgctct gtcagcttgc     46680
     cggattctgg tgccccctgg agacactttt aaatatgact ctccaggatt tttcagggtt     46740
     aaactctcag gaactacaac ataaaagaaa caataaggtg acagaagtat ttgctattgc     46800
     agttcagata tagtttatac aggttatatg taatgatatt tctcaaacaa caggattatg     46860
     gttcgttcta aacctatatg aacttacaaa tctctaagct actaatgcta ttttaaaggt     46920
     taaagagtga aaatgtctta cttaagtcaa aaatataagc tcttaaaaat aataggaaat     46980
     actgtgaaaa tgcccctact ctgttaagca taaaaaaatg aaaacgaaga aaaaaatcac     47040
     tttgttgatg tttcacagta ttaaattaaa cctggtgtct gatttatatt tatttttatt     47100
     catcaataca taaattgaga aagtttgttt agggatatgt cactaaacat acaagatatt     47160
     tttccaattc ttcacctggt ttgatggatc ccagcatctg cttccacaca aagaactgca     47220
     ggtgagtttc atgaggacca agaaagaggg agtcaggaag aactgtgaga tctttcactc     47280
     ttgacatata cctgaaacac acagtcaaat ctacatcaga aacttcagct ctgcagaaaa     47340
     ctgaacacag actgatttca ctaagggtta aaaaacagca cagcatgaga ctcactgggt     47400
     atttgatggc ttcacaccag ctttttgctt catgttattt gtcatcggaa atcctttttc     47460
     attccaccac tgcagaaaaa cacacacaat aacctttata ccttatttat tatgtatcta     47520
     ttgataatat agataatata tcttgtgagc cttagaaaaa caaatatcaa gtgttgtaac     47580
     ctgtagaaag tgatcgggtt gatcaatctc caaagctgac tgcagaataa tctccttctc     47640
     tttgttctcc atgaaccttt gatttatcac agactgatta gtctgcaagg cttctgtaac     47700
     tttcttctcc tccttctcta acagtttttt cacctcatcc tctatttgtc gtaagatctg     47760
     gtgcagttct tcaaaatgat cagagatttg ggctgataag gttttggatt tatcctaaaa     47820
     aagagaaaaa cattcaggtt gtggctgtgc attactggta tgttaagttt attcctgatc     47880
     tagctgtttt tttcagtaac aaataaaata tgtgattaaa tgtgattttt tttttctttg     47940
     tatgtgtgtg attaagatgc gattaacctc cgggtgcttc ggtttccccc acagtccaaa     48000
     gatgcagtat aggggatttg aataaactaa attggccgta gtgtgagtgt gaatgtgaga     48060
     gtagatggat gtttcccagt actggattgc agctagaagg gcatccgctg tataaaacat     48120
     gtgctggata agttgacggt tcattttgct gtggcgaccc ctgataaata aagactaagc     48180
     cgaagaaaag tgaatgaatg aatatttgtg atgtttattt ttggagtcag attcttgaaa     48240
     aaacttttta aaaattttga agaacagttg catcgccctc atatttttga ctttacgtgc     48300
     ccaaaaccat aatgtcacaa aagatacatg acagacaaac agatttaaaa ccgggacaca     48360
     ctaagcaaac ggttggccat tgggcagcat cgggccatca gttactgtct gtcaggatag     48420
     actgttcggt ctgtttcaca tgtcatctct catctgaggt gacaaaacca agcaaatggc     48480
     acaagtcaag gagaacataa ataagccaga tctcattttc tcaaatttct taaatattag     48540
     caaccaatgt ggattatcag attatcaaac atatttgcac aagcaaatac atctgtggtt     48600
     tgagagcatt gtgaaaatgc tgtaaacgct gtttatggtt ttaatgtgtg cagcaatact     48660
     tgtggaatga caattcagga tactgccacc tgtgggtttg acatgataca tccttttatg     48720
     cagacactgg atagatgttc tactttcagt ttgctgtcct gtcgtcttgt tgtcttcatg     48780
     cacagttttt tttggtccag ataagaccag acgcagccaa catgaggcta caacacaatc     48840
     agtttttatt gctgctagtt ctttgacgtt ggcttagttt gtcccgagct tttcaccctc     48900
     aaaatttaat tttaatcaaa gacaatttga tttcagctat gacaactgtc aaaccaagaa     48960
     ccagaagtgc tgaatccgat gacatgaaga gcatgacaac ttcaaatcac cttggggaaa     49020
     tatttaaacc agcctgatct caggaagaaa cgtaagtatt ctatgttttg tcagtttatt     49080
     tgtcaggcta attcaaacga atttgtatga attcagtcat ccagaaatgt accattttaa     49140
     aaaaggaggc atagcaccca accccgcccc tgcactcgac catcattggg gtataagcaa     49200
     atcactttaa attgtctgaa tgagatacga actcatacaa attagtcact gaatcaaata     49260
     gttatgattt gctgtcagat cgtcttgaac ggggtggggg gggggggggg gggggtatta     49320
     aggcattcta tgggtaaaat taatgctaca tattgtttgt gtttgctggg aggtattgtt     49380
     tcaaaatggg gttacagaat gtgtcacaga tggatggcat ccaactccat atgactcttg     49440
     tacatgttca tgtttgacac atattgattt tcattccaat agtatctgga tgcagccttt     49500
     atgatgcagg cttagattgc atcactcacc gatgcaatgt cagacacaat gcactcaaat     49560
     ggagctagtg acgtcactgt gaggggtagg gttaggggtg gggttaggta agcccattaa     49620
     aaagcattgc acgcagctca gattgcactg caccaggtct gctgtcagtc agtctaatat     49680
     tatatcatct gacatcttac agtgtgacat ggggatcatg ttcatgcagt ctagctacaa     49740
     tcataaacaa tttttaaaaa tcatacggtg tgagccggac tttagtcaaa caagagctga     49800
     gtaaatgaaa caaatgaatt tacaatttag acattgaaaa catgctcatt gaactaaagt     49860
     attcaagtca gtgtatgcat taattgtgtt tttaatgtac ttttaaataa aataatacat     49920
     cggccaagac ttgtgctatc atgaaagtca gtgttttcca acttatttag atgttatgat     49980
     acctcagttt tggtgatctc tgaggtctgt tgttgtatca tgtaatccag ttgtccattt     50040
     tctttggcaa gaaaacccaa agcagtcttt agcttcccct acagataaat aaacacttaa     50100
     tacatggttt taaagatgtt tctatgagcc tgagattaaa aatgatgact gaaatgattt     50160
     aaatagaaac ctaattatgt ctaaataaca tccaacaaac agctttgtaa acaaagaatt     50220
     gaaagcaaga acatactctt attatttagt tactcatacg tcattgataa tgttttacct     50280
     tgtttatctc tgcagcttct ttcactggtt taaagacgtg tcctttatgt ttgtctccat     50340
     ccctgcagat gacacacacc agcttctgat cagtctcaca gaacagtttg agcttctcgt     50400
     cgtgttcaga acacatcagc atcttctcca tatctgcaag cttcaatgtt tgcgttcctt     50460
     cttgaggtgt ggatctgtct gatttctgct ctgcaaggtg cccacgtact gtcgaggtca     50520
     tgtttctcag taaacggctg gctttcaggt ctttttcgtt gtaaggtttt tggcattctg     50580
     gacaggcact tggtcccagg ctggcctgca tatggccagt aatgcattga cgacagaacg     50640
     aatgctcaca agagagagtc accggatccg taaaatcact cagacacacg gagcacttga     50700
     tttccaaaga caaaggggaa tgcattttag ctttccttct ggtcaagacc gtgttttgag     50760
     ctttgaactg aatgttttct ctctttaaaa tcagctcctt tctgtcaaat tctgctttct     50820
     cttccttgtt tttgaacaga atatcaaatg tatttaaatt tgagttgcat aacaaggtgt     50880
     tgttcctccc acaggttgta taacaaggga agtaatcaaa ctggaatgtc aaaccttata     50940
     cctttgttta cagaatacat attgtgtact gtgctggtgc aaatactttt caatcaaagc     51000
     atgtgttgag cagatagaca ggtccattgt taaatctgtc aatagtgctt tccatataac     51060
     ctttaacgga tgaacaaata ctttactttt attttacccc acaaaagaac tgtttaaaga     51120
     gatagttcac ccaaaactga aaatccttta cttacacttc acttgtcatg aacttgtttg     51180
     attttctttc ctctgttgaa cacaaaagaa catagtttga agaaagctgg aaacctgtag     51240
     ccatttgttt gttccattaa tgtcaatggt tacattattg cagcttcaaa atatcttctt     51300
     ttaggttcag cagaaaaaaa ctcttaaaaa tttgagacca tttgagagca aataaagact     51360
     aaataagttt taaattttta gtgatctgta cctttaagac aacattatag ttgtaaatac     51420
     caattaaata caatctcaaa ttacatttgg ccttttaatg cataaataca caaattaaaa     51480
     tcaaaccaaa taccaaaaca atacataagt tattccaaaa atatattttt aatgtgtcta     51540
     aaagttatca ctgtgcctaa ctcagagctt atgtttccaa taaaaatagc ttagtaacaa     51600
     tagtgactta tattaattgt aatagtaaca atagtttgtg tttccatcca aaaatggcaa     51660
     tttaaattta tgcgcaaaac tgaaatttca cataaaacat ttgtgaataa ggcaccgcct     51720
     tggattttgg aggcattagt ttgtgttgaa ccatcccagt tcctatatat ttagttcctg     51780
     tttcattttt acattacatt tactatacac tcaccagcca ctttattagg taaacctatt     51840
     caactgcttg ttaaagcaaa tttctaatca gaaaatcaca tggtagcaac tcaaagcatt     51900
     taggcatgta gacatggtca agacaatctg ctgcagttta aactgagcat cagaatgggg     51960
     aagaaaggtg atttaagtga ctttgaacgt agccagagaa tggtctgaat agtgcaaaga     52020
     agaggaaatt tccagcgagc agcagttcag tgcaaatgac ttgttgatac cagaggtcag     52080
     aggggaatgg ccagactggc acagggtcac caaaattgga caatagaaat atggaaagac     52140
     gttgtctggt ctgatgagtc ttgatttctg ctgcaacatt tggatgatag ggtcagaatt     52200
     actatcaaca atatgaaagt atggatccat cctgccttgt atcaacagtc aggctgctgg     52260
     tggtggtgca atggtgtggg ggatattttc ttgccacact tagggcccat tagtttaaat     52320
     tgaacatcat gtcaatgcca cagcctacct aagtatcgtt gttgaccatg tcgaaggttt     52380
     aaggcagtaa agtgggtcca agccagtact agtaagctgt acctaataaa gtgagtgtat     52440
     atcagcaatg caattacttc aattttcatg acagttagtc gtaccatctt gtaagttgtt     52500
     gtcagtaagt tgttgtcttg taagttttta ttttcagtct agaagtatgt gaagcatctt     52560
     gttccctgat gtgaaagggt gtgatctgac acaaaaaggc ctaaataaac actacacctc     52620
     cattgtttca tcagcaaagt gtatacttaa tagtctgaca tactagtctg actacagcag     52680
     gtgaatcatg gcttcagctc tgtctcttta cctcatgtgt ccggtgtgtc tgagtgactt     52740
     caaagatcca gtaagtttgc cctgtgaaca tgttctctgt cggcagtgtg cttccaggta     52800
     tttagaatcc agcaaaggac ctcataaatg cccagaatgc agacaaaact tcaccaggac     52860
     ggatcttaaa ggtattcgag ttctgagaaa tgttgtggac gccatacaag aacagcgtaa     52920
     gaaaaagcaa ttgattcaac cgaacgcaga ggaaatgctg tgttctgagc acaaggagcc     52980
     gcttaaactt ttctgtgtca atgaccagag attagtttgc ctcatctgca aagagggaat     53040
     gaaacacagc ggacacagtt tcaaacctgt aaaggaagct aaggagatga gtgaggttga     53100
     aacaacatat ttgaatttaa cagctaattt catatgaatt actgtgacat gaatatgtgt     53160
     ggaataacag atatttttgt tgttgttatt ataatttaga aaatggtgaa caaagcattg     53220
     agttttattt tagatgacaa caagcaaatg ggtgacatga tcctgaatca gacgcttgaa     53280
     atcacaaaat ccaaggtggg ttaaaagaca ttttggaaac tttttaaact acagtttaca     53340
     aattaaatac attaataaaa atggttattt aacattagtt tttgaagata tcgttgttca     53400
     ttgttaccta atatgaacaa gcacaacttt agattttaat gttgcattag taaatattaa     53460
     actacaatta ataaatcgtt tttctggtgt cttgagaaag cagagtttga aagtttgagg     53520
     tagtttcaaa gtttaaatca ttgaagcagt tttaaggagt ttagatatag ataactacag     53580
     ataactacag atatgtcagc atgtttctag tatggattag catgtttttt gctaggtagt     53640
     tgatagggtg ttctgagtgg ttgctacagt gttgctaggt ggtggctagg gtgttctgaa     53700
     tggttgcaaa ggcattgcta aggtgttctg agtggtggct taagtgttgc taggcagttg     53760
     ctatggtgtt ctgagtcttt gctaggcagt tgctagggtg tcccaggtag ttgttaagat     53820
     gttttcaggt ggttgccagg gtattctgaa tggttgctag gctgtcgccg ggaggttgtt     53880
     agggtgttct aggtggttgc taaggcattg tttggcagtt gctaaggtgt tctgagtagt     53940
     tgctaggcag ttgtacagtc ctatgtggtt tctaaggcat tgctatgtag ttgctagggt     54000
     gtttaggtgt ttctaaggtg ttttgagttg ttgttaaggt gtggctaggc tgttgttatg     54060
     gtgttcgggg tgaatgctaa ggcattgcta ggtagttttc atggtgttct aagtggttgc     54120
     taaggtgttt ctaggcgttt actggggtgt tatgaggggt tgctatggca ttgctaggca     54180
     gttactaggg tgttccaggt tattgttaaa gtgttgctag gtggttgcta gggtatttta     54240
     aatggttgct aaggcattgc tatgtggttg ccaaggggtt gctacaatgt tctgagtggt     54300
     tgctaatgtg ttgctaggcg gttgctaagg tgttttgagt ggttactagg tggttgctaa     54360
     tgcattgcta ggcagttgct atggtgttct atgtggttgc taaggcattg ctaggtagtt     54420
     gcaaaggtgt tctgagtggt tgctaggtgg ttgctagaca gttgctaagg tgttctgagt     54480
     ggttgctagg cagttgctaa cattaattag catggttcta gtatgaatta gcattatgct     54540
     agcatgtttt agttcaaatt agcatgttgc tagtatgttt ctagtatgga ttagtatact     54600
     gctagtttga tttggtttgt tctcagtgtt tccaatgtaa agtcaatggc agctttttta     54660
     caatagaagt cagttgctag agtgccgtaa gtggttgcta gggtgtggct agtaacttga     54720
     aaggtcatct gtgattggca gattggtagt ctaaatgaaa tgagcagaaa gaataataag     54780
     ttaatgtagt ataacagtat tgtctttctc aagccatcat aatgaaagct tgttgtatat     54840
     tgtgactgaa aaaatgtatt atcgttattt tggctgcttc acttttttgt tctcaaagtc     54900
     aaatgtgaat ctacaggaaa gggccaaaca tcttgagacc cttatgcatg ctcagtttaa     54960
     gaaaatgcat gacttcttgt tgaaaaagga ggaggatgca atgagacaga tccagaaagc     55020
     agcaaacagt gctgaggaat caatgaagca taatgggtcg ttgttgtcaa agttgcaaat     55080
     aaaaggaaac agccaggtgt ccatattgga gtcaggacta aagataaacc agccagagag     55140
     gtttttagag gtaacgttgt tctgtagcac attccagaaa catgtttaga ctcagcatgg     55200
     tggatttcat aacacctcaa atctgtttct attattttca gtggtggagt aaagacgggt     55260
     ttcctttggt taatgaaatc agcgagagca aaaacatcaa gtttgccatt ccaaccaagt     55320
     aagatagaaa atgcttttta gctgatattt tggacacttt tacacagcca tttcttaata     55380
     ttactgcatt acaacacaac aaaactccaa acatgcttaa aaatattttt tatcgacaga     55440
     tttgaaccgt tttaaatgaa attatagtct atcaaataca taagctaatc atgtaatacc     55500
     gttactaata catattaggt gtctgcataa tattattatt ttttaataca ttttaagggt     55560
     ttgttggttg ttccttggtg agctctttca agcaaatgaa aaaaagacgc ttttccactt     55620
     tgcacagctt ggctgacttc agttcttgct ataattctct tgtgacatta ctgttgtaat     55680
     gaaatataaa cacacaatag tccaggagtt tgcaccttat acagaaagca gtggacaagc     55740
     ccccaaaagt aagcaccata tcgtactaaa ccgaaccgta ccatacggtg gaaaagcacc     55800
     ttaagacact attataagat ggccataaga gctcaaacat aaaagcttta tctatttgac     55860
     tacacatgtg catattaaat aaccaataaa acgcagcaac tgactccagc aactgactaa     55920
     acacaaagaa gtcaggttcg tcagtttttg gggtgctccg acacacttcc actgcaatct     55980
     gcactatttg tagcatattt ctgtatttgc atatgttgtg agaatttgca tgtgcgtgtg     56040
     ttttttaatt tgttagtgtt ttcttaacat gcaaggtgtt tgagctctca gccattgtgc     56100
     tattgaaggg attgttcacc caaaaatgaa aactctgtca tcatttactc accctttacc     56160
     tgtttcaaac ctttataggt ttcttctgtt aaacacaaaa gaagatattt agaaaaatgt     56220
     tgataacaga ccactatcat tcattttctt tttggcttag tccctttatc aatctgggtt     56280
     ccccacactg gaataaaacg ccaacttatc cagcacatgt tttacacagt ggatgccctt     56340
     ccagacgcaa cccttctcag gagaatgttt ttcttactat gaaagtaaat tgttaaagat     56400
     tttcagtatt ttttaaaaaa aacttttttg tgttcaacta aagaaagaaa ctcaaagctc     56460
     tagaagcgct taagagagtg agtaaatagt gagttgattt tcatttgtgg gtgaactatc     56520
     cctttaaata acattattcc tgttaactat acaaaggcaa ctaaaaaatt acaaatccat     56580
     cagcaaaaca aacatttgtt cagactcatt aaaatgcata aataagtggt ctcaataatt     56640
     gaggtttaga gtgtgtaatt cgaagaagaa gaaaaagagg tttgtaaaga ttaagaagct     56700
     cattgaagcg gtgctttata aacagccttc actaagatca atggcccagt tcagtgttgc     56760
     catctaggaa aaaaataatt agtgcaaata agaattctaa atttacatgc aaacatattc     56820
     aaaatacgta tggtaataac gtatttaggg gaacacatac attaaatgct tacttttctt     56880
     gtgacaaaat gtatgtcatg cgcgctgtat gcaaacacgt gtataaaact gaagcatgct     56940
     ttgggtttat tgcacatgca ttgtgcatgt tgaactttgc actatttaat atgtccacaa     57000
     ggtgtcaaca ctgagctggc ctgctgttat actgtcaact aaggtacagg agccagaaca     57060
     atttactaaa agtgtctgaa aactttatta aaatgttctt tttattgttg aaaaaaaaaa     57120
     gagagagaaa agactcatgt tccagacact gagcaaatat ctttttatgc tctaatgtta     57180
     attttcatga gaatgttgca agttcatagt gcagtcctag ctcaatttca tgtgtgcaat     57240
     gttgctgtaa acattttaac ggttgttttc tatagattta agtcgaaaca tgatggcgtt     57300
     cgagtgattt gtgaccattt cacccttggg ccttatgaaa ctgaccttcc gctcatggtt     57360
     tggcgagaca tgctgggtcc tgttaaacgg ggtgagttga gccttcatga acatctctca     57420
     taaagaaaca catttttata ctgtgtttct gccaataatc ttattataac cactatattt     57480
     tatcagtggt tataatgttt tactccaagg cccccaaaaa cagtatttaa agataccctt     57540
     atatgtttct ttatatgtat ccttatatgt taaaagcttg tttaatgtca aagctgctat     57600
     atttgtacta tgttatgtta tcatgtatta gcacattaaa atgattaaat tccttaattt     57660
     tcataagtga atagtttcat gttttttatt accaaggaag ttaaattact ttctcagttg     57720
     ttctgtaaat agattagttt tagttttagt atattttgtg gtttggtttg gtttatttat     57780
     ttaaaaatac tttttaaatt gcttatcaaa taaaatattt tagagcttgg tgttatttaa     57840
     aaaatataaa gtacctgtaa ttaaattgat taggattatt gagattttaa gcacaatttc     57900
     attacattat acacaatagt ttttatgatt tctcttttaa aatgtttgca tatatgcaga     57960
     tttttatgca gatataataa accaaaagga cattgcatgc agcttacatc acatgtttta     58020
     gctttagctt aatttaagct tattttaggg cccctcgttg agaacccccc ccactataag     58080
     taggtcacca gattttttct ttatttaagc ttcattggtt tggagaatga ttgttttaat     58140
     attgtattga ttattgcttt aatgactgtc ttactcttca tttgtcttta gacctatcag     58200
     attcatctac aatggacaaa gacctgaaac ttgctttcaa aaaggagaat catcagcagc     58260
     ctcaaggcga agattacttt gccagattcc agaaatttca caacggttac agggagaatt     58320
     atgtggagag cattcagccg ggtcaggtgt actgggaggt cgatatcgaa gctgaaccag     58380
     gatgggaacg aggacttact gttagatatt acccaaaaga gaagaacacg tccctctggc     58440
     agacattatt taacaaaggt tttgagaaca tttctctttc tgtaaaaaat ggtcgactgt     58500
     atgctgtaag aggtgataaa gaaaccctaa tcgctaacca gactaaaccc cgcagagtcg     58560
     gggtttacgt ggacagtgtg aaacaccagg ttgtgttttg caatgcagac agtatttctc     58620
     tcattcacac agtgtggtgt ggagatcaat agttcttcat tataaaacaa ggatatttac     58680
     atctgctttg aattatgagg ggcattcatg aatcatttat agtaaaaaaa aaaaaatata     58740
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tttttttttt tttttttatc     58800
     attctgttaa ttgttgtaca tggtaaatta aatattgtgc tctatatgat ttttttttct     58860
     aatttatcta atcaaatgaa tgaaatgttt taaatgaata agtataattt gaagtagttt     58920
     ctatgttttg aatctttgaa tatttggtaa tcataaagca tatagcatga ttatgaatgg     58980
     gtgttttgtc agctgatttg aatgttaaat ccaattcgaa tgttatcatt caattgaatg     59040
     ggcgttactg gtggttttca gctgaaagat atgggccaga aggggccttc tgcgcctaca     59100
     ctttaaaaaa aagtgattag ttacttaaag gcagtaatca attgcactaa aggcaataag     59160
     ctgacttaac aaaaataatg ttaagaaaaa aataaagtaa agccgttgta acttaaaact     59220
     gttaacctga cttgattttt ataattttgc ttattgtact cacttttttt aaagcaacta     59280
     atcccttatt acagggtccg actttttagg atttctgttt taaaaaaatt actgtaatta     59340
     ttacaatata acatatttag tgctttattg cgtctataaa ttctacactt attgcctgtt     59400
     ttgaatttag aagacacact ggggtctgga aaagctgatg tatttaactg tatgtcattt     59460
     tgcaagatac agaaaagctg aaaaaaaggt gtactggaaa aagtgattag tttacctttt     59520
     atataaaata agtgagtaca attagcataa ttattaaaaa aatggcgagg cagtggcgca     59580
     gtaggtagtg tcgttgcctc atagcaagaa ggttgctgtg tcgctggttc gaacctcggc     59640
     tcggttgctg tttctgtgtg gagtttgcat gttctccctg ccttcgtgtg gatttcctcc     59700
     gggtgctccg atttcctcca cagtccaaag acatgtggta caggtgaatt gggtaggcaa     59760
     aattattcat agtgtgtgaa tgtgtgtgtg gatatttccc agagatgggt tgtggctgga     59820
     atagcatccg ctgcgtaaaa acttgctgga taagttagcg gttcattccg ctgtggcaac     59880
     cccagattaa taaagggact aagctgacaa gaaaatgaat aaatggataa aaaattaagt     59940
     tgatttaaca gtttcaagtt acaatgggtt tactaacatt atttttgtaa agtcaacttg     60000
     ttgcttttaa ggcaattggt ttactcgctt taagtaacta atcacttttt aaagtgtact     60060
     ggtaggctca gaaggctgtt atcatttatc cacatggtta gcctaaacca cgacgaatga     60120
     agttctgcac aagacttttg gccagcggag aaattaaaat ggtcgtgccc aactgagtct     60180
     ggttctctca aggttttttt tcttcactcc catcaggtga agtttttttt ccctctccgc     60240
     tgttgccact gcctcgcatg gttcaggatt ggtagagcta cgcatcgatg aattgtctct     60300
     tcagtgtttg aactctcagt aatgattaaa tcacactgaa ctgagctaaa ctgaactgaa     60360
     ctgaacttaa acactaaaac ctgaaccaca ctgttccagt tactgaacca cactgttcca     60420
     gttactatga ccatttatgt gaagctgctt tgacacaatc tacattgtaa aagcgctata     60480
     caaataaagc tgaattgaat tgaattgaag ttaatcagct attgatcaca tatgactgtg     60540
     accagaagtt aacaagaatt atttatatta ttttgtccaa caaaaaatga aatggtatgt     60600
     gatatttgtt tgtttttaca gtgactgaga gtaaggccca attccaattc tatttttgta     60660
     ccccttcccc ttggccctta aaaccaaggg tggaggggaa gggctttaaa atttacccct     60720
     aaaagttggg acagcactac agcaccagca cacgtcatca tgtcatagca atctcatgct     60780
     tcatatgaga tcagatgatc gcgactgctg tagtgattcc agtcgtgtta ttttttgttt     60840
     tatagaccag gctggtttta gaggggtttt gaccatttcc aggctggttt ccagccattt     60900
     ccagcctggt cttacctggt caggctggga gatgaccagc taaaaccagc tatatccaga     60960
     ttaaaccagg gtggtcaagc tggaaaccag cctgtaaatg gatttttttc agcagggctg     61020
     gaatcactcc agcagtcgtg atcgtctgat ctcatataaa ggtgttaaag gaatagttca     61080
     ctcaaaaatt aaaatcctgt catcatttac ttatcctccc cttgttccaa acccctttgt     61140
     ttgagtttct ttcatttatt tttttacaat tttgtgtgaa ctatcccttt aagggttgaa     61200
     ttgaaaatca agtatgttca tattgcatgc ttttcagaat attaaagagg ttatataaat     61260
     gaactcaatt acctcagcaa ttaaaagctt tttacggaag tctgttggag tctttatctt     61320
     aaaggacgtg ccgaaggatg gacaatggtt tttcttgcca aagacaacag gaaagtgaat     61380
     gacatgatgg aaaacaatag tgactcggga gcacaaatgc agtcataagt gtcaattgtt     61440
     tggaaattga gctatatctg aaggttgaat aaaaatatct taccattgat gtatatggtc     61500
     tgttaggcaa gaacatactt ttgacagaga tgatactatt taaaactgga atctaagagt     61560
     tcaaatcaat cgaaatattg aaaaaatccc caaattatgt tcttaccaat ggatattatt     61620
     aattaaaaat gataactttc aaacaaaaaa ttaaataaac ttttcatgtt ttgttatttt     61680
     ttattttttt gcaattggtt tacatttggg actgcctttc aggaaatccc ggattacaat     61740
     ttaaatgaag cttaccttaa tcttcagatt ctaaagtttt cacccctggc tcttaatggc     61800
     tattgtttcc ttctgcagca tcagtgaggg tttagacctt tatcaatagt catgctcgag     61860
     tccttcggtc atcctcagag agaaaagatg atgctcacaa tcatacacta acttctggaa     61920
     atggttcaaa tctgaaactt ttgaaaaact tttttcctta aaatcagaag cagtttatct     61980
     gttcagagca gacaaaagac tcatgaacaa ctattacaaa ttagaaaaac cacccgatca     62040
     tcaggaaaca caaacagtat taaaaactaa aatttatttt agatatgttt ttttttacta     62100
     tatgtaaaca tctgttatgt aaaatatcct tctcaggaca ctactaaata aaaaatacca     62160
     tccattttgt atgatctctc ttaatttgtc aaaattcatc acattttaac agattctgca     62220
     aggggtgtgc aaacttccaa acaatctatt gtagaacata aaagaaaaaa tcttcatgcc     62280
     tgacttttta cataatggcc taatcatttt tgacataaaa gaaaaatcat ttactttgac     62340
     ccttacagtg tattattggt tatttggaag tctgcttttg tggttcgggg ttagactgag     62400
     gttaattagg ggttaaatgt ttagactaag gtaaaacaca cacttgtaaa cagcaagtct     62460
     aataagtttg agtctaaatg tcatttaagt gctgaatcag taaaacatta tagtacattt     62520
     aaagactaat attattgtag tattatcatc ctaattgttt tattattctt accctcagag     62580
     gagacctcta gtgtgtttgt aggaggcgca gctgtttttg agaaagcagg aataggaagt     62640
     ggaacagctg gagacggtac aggaatgcag ctgaggccat gcagaataac ctaaaccaac     62700
     agctgcaaga gaaaaaaagg aaacctcaga gagaaacaca acctaagcac tttctacatg     62760
     ctaaataaaa atatcacctc ttcttttgtc ttcttggcat atgcggcagg gtaaaatata     62820
     taactggctg tttatttttg agagaaagtt ccagttggat ttttgcagtt gaaggcttat     62880
     tatagcattc attgattaaa cgcaatcatt tctcagaagc ctaagaggaa aatccctaat     62940
     gtttagtttt attagatcat ctgtagtgtt gtaaaaattc aaatatgaaa gatcagtcga     63000
     tttgtttttg cacagaactg gaagaaaatt taatattttg aaacagaagt tatacagttg     63060
     agagaacgaa cagtgatgtg gtttagccaa ttattaacgt atacacacaa gatcacagtg     63120
     gctaatataa aatcaattgt atcagttggc atttgtttgc atgttctgcc tgtgttcata     63180
     tgggtttcct catggtgctc cagttttccc tacagaccaa agactatagg tgatttgaat     63240
     aaactaaatt ggttgtgagt gtgcatgtaa gagtgtatga gtgtttccca gtactgggtt     63300
     gcagctgaaa gggcattcgt tgtgtaaaac aaatgcttat taagttggtg gttcattctg     63360
     ctgtggcgac ctctgattaa taaagggact aagctgaaag aaattgaatg aatgaatgtt     63420
     gcttataagt tatgttgcag aatgcctaca gttatgttgg tattactcta ctgcagtggt     63480
     tctcaaactg tggtacgtgt accactagtg gtacgcctac ttccttctaa tggtacatgg     63540
     aggaatgaaa tatgtcatgt acatgctaca tatatttcaa aatttatcaa aaataatgta     63600
     tataatatgc catatatgac atatagccta tatttctgag gtaatctgcc acgttttttt     63660
     aactgtgcag agttgtagct gctctcaatg ctgctcattt tggtggtact tagagagaca     63720
     attttttttt ttgagatggt acttgatgaa aaaagtttga gaaccactgc tctactgcat     63780
     tcaggaattt accagcagtt gcagagcaaa ctagaagtat ttactaaaca gtacatcaca     63840
     actaaattcg attatatagt tttactgcag tattgtgaaa tgtcaagatt tttggctgag     63900
     aaatgtcaaa atcatcttca gataaatgtt tcctaaggaa agctgtgcat ccttttagca     63960
     actgaggtaa ttttccaaga caataccaat tttggtctct tttaaaacaa atgtctctag     64020
     gacatactga catgacatgg acataagact gtctctgtac aaaactaatt tcatttcata     64080
     taaagacatg catcacattc cacaagaggt gtccaaaatt agatgcagcc aattagattc     64140
     aagaagcaga aactactgat gtgttaatgt aaatcgttca ttcattcatt tattttcatc     64200
     aagttttccg gggctgggtc ggggtggcag tagtcttagc agagaacccc agacttccct     64260
     ctccaagaca cttcctccag ctctaccagg ggaatgcgag gcggtaagcc gagagacata     64320
     gtgcctccag cgttttgtgt gttttcctcg agtccttctc ccggtggaat atgcctggag     64380
     cacctcctag gcgtccagga gcatccgaaa cagatgccca agccacctca gctgacttct     64440
     ctcgatgtgg aggagcagcg gctctactcc gagctcctcc caagtgacag agctactcac     64500
     cctatctata ggggtgtgcc ctgccaccct gttaaggaaa ctcatttcgg ccacttgcag     64560
     gcccggattg gctaatcggg aggaccggga gaattcccgg tgggccggtc cgttttttgg     64620
     ccgcgagggc cggtgtccct agcttcagaa tctgtagctc tcagcagtca cactttttaa     64680
     atggatttat ttatttactt gaccacagtg ttcttattca ttattttacc gcagctttgc     64740
     tctttttatc tattttatcc cagcctcgtg agcaggaggc agcctgcagg ttaatgatga     64800
     tataaatcag atgagtcacc aattaatgta ccgctgttgt ggtcgagtgg atagcacgtt     64860
     aggttatgac gcctccgatt cgggtttgat cctcgtctga ataacttatt tttttcattt     64920
     ttattgttaa gacataaaat actgttaggg ttgttgaaca tttgaagttc taaagcacct     64980
     gttttctcaa aaaaaagacg tgatagtgta attaaaaact gaattggaaa tgaccttatt     65040
     ttaatatagt caatcgtgaa ctgaggtggg ccggtctgag gcttgaaact ccagggctga     65100
     aaaggagtcc cactccggcc ctggccactt gtatccgtga tcttatactt tcatagttga     65160
     gagtattaca gattgactgg taaattcaga gctttgcctt gctttgcagc tcctttttta     65220
     ccacaactga tcgatacatc gaccacatta ctgctgtcgc tgcacagcat ccgcctgtca     65280
     atctcacgtt tcatccttct ctcccttgtg aacaaaaccc caagaaactt gaactccttc     65340
     acctggggta aggactttcc tccaacctgg agatggtaaa ccaccttttt ccaggggagc     65400
     accatggcct caaacttgga ggtgctgatt ctcatcacac tcggcagcaa acggccccag     65460
     tgcatgctga agatccttgt tcgatgaagc caacagaaca acatcgtctg cgaataacag     65520
     acatgaaatc ctgtggtttc cgaactggac gccctccagc ccaaggctgc gcatagaaat     65580
     tctgtccaaa caattatcaa tagaataggt gacaaatcag tcatatttta aagaattgac     65640
     aggagccaga gatactcttg aaaagttaac atgttttgct tgttgataaa atttattctg     65700
     ttttgtttta ttttttctac tcattggagt cctttagggc ttttatcgaa aatgaagtta     65760
     aatattactg tataattgca catccttatt agcaaatcag tcaatatatt ctatcaaaat     65820
     tgttctatgc attatctata tcttttacca gttgttatct atttaagcta tgttcacaag     65880
     ataacggtgt actaaaaaat cagtacattg ttgtggtgtt atcatttaac tttaattttg     65940
     atctccttcc ctcttgtcaa agaaaacctt cccaacgtgg gaaaagctat gtgtgtgcct     66000
     tttttaaaat gtgtggtaat caatttgcaa ttacacttaa ctaaaaagta aaaatactgg     66060
     gttgtttagc ccaaaataaa acatggatta tccaagtctt aagtaacaaa attttttcaa     66120
     taatttctaa atgtatctcg acaacagtgt ttgtccatat aaacaccaaa atcgagttaa     66180
     aacaatccag catcagtctt tcaacatgaa aacagctgag taaaattgat caacaactgg     66240
     attcatgatt ttgtgattgt gctgcgtcat gttttgatct gttttgtttg tttacagttt     66300
     tatgggtagc acaagatgat ttgccaaaat ttttaaataa catatataaa gtgttcagac     66360
     ctcaccacaa agatcgatgt gtacatataa tataattcac acctaataaa ctaggataag     66420
     caatttaccc cgttaaaaat ttataagaca attttgggca gcactttatc acaattacca     66480
     attcccacta ttatctattg gctcattatg atgataatga tgattatcat aattaagata     66540
     tttgctgttt ataagtactt aaatagtata atagtatcat ctacatccta atctcaatac     66600
     ctacactcac tattaatagg tagctaatta gtggtttatt gttttcaaag tagttttttg     66660
     tatcctaaaa taaagtgtga cccagttttg ctttaacttt caaactaaat ggttagcgta     66720
     attttctttt gttacgcttt cttggaactt tttactaaac aattgaaaag gatgggcata     66780
     agtgtcaatt atattcaata actatgtcag attacattta catttacatt tagtcattta     66840
     gacgctttta tccaaagcga cttacaaaga ttaaacttga tttcccagaa aaagtcatta     66900
     aatgtctaat tgctgttgat atctatctgt agttaaacat ttttgcacat ctgaatttca     66960
     caacatgttt ggtaagaagc attttacagg aatagataat aaaaaatact atcatgaaca     67020
     aactgttgtt tttattggct agaatgatgt acaactgact cactgtgtcg atctgtgcct     67080
     ggttaaaatt taaatattgc gtaaccagct tttctcccgt tcttcctgcc agtgtttatt     67140
     ctcttcctgc ccctaaatgc gtacatgatc acacacacac ttggaggagg ggacggaggg     67200
     aaaagaggtt aaaagtcagt ggcaaaaagg agccgcacga acaagtctga gaggaacaac     67260
     tcaggaagaa ctttcgcttc ttattttctc cagacagtct ctctcttttt tttttttttt     67320
     tttgattgct cacttcttta tggacttctt atttctctat tgggaatctg aagggcaaga     67380
     ctataagata aaggcacaat atatgtcaga aggactacat aaaaagatct gttgttaaat     67440
     aaataagaag actgtgaaca gatttactga acttgtgctt ctaagatgga agatattgaa     67500
     aattacacca gtttacaaga gtttactgaa gatatctctc attgtgggaa cagacctata     67560
     ctctcatcac agagcaaaca aggtaatgtt tgtatgcgtg tgtgtctggg aatgtgagga     67620
     tcaagggtca aatgaaaccc tgattgaagc atgtgggaaa agcaagagta aaaatgaaca     67680
     gatctgactg tgattttgtg ttttatcagg tgttcacaaa ggagtgaagt gtttgagagg     67740
     tcaggtttct cttgtcctgc ttattgctct gctgacctcg gtttgtgcaa acataggact     67800
     tggcgttctg cgtgagtaaa cacaccacta tacaaaaaca ttctgcatgt aagcaatgca     67860
     tctgtgtctg acgccagatc cctgctgcag taaaagtgca ttacctgtaa gtgcagtata     67920
     aaataattat actgtgtgtt gaagcatgtc cctaaataga atagaataga atagaataga     67980
     atagaataga atagaataga atatgtaata atatattctg aataatatcg ataagctggt     68040
     tttaaaatgt tgtgacattg tgtatgaata tttttttaaa tgtctaaatc taaaaaaaaa     68100
     aaaaaaaact gatgaattaa aattatataa ataacttata aaaactaaca aaccagtcta     68160
     ataaattatt acaacaacaa caaaaaaaaa aagaatgaca gtcattgacc agtaggtaat     68220
     gtggtattgc tggaacagaa ttaaacagaa tatatactaa gcttgattta atattctata     68280
     gtatttattt aaattacaaa tattattaaa attaaataaa taccccattt tagagatcat     68340
     tttagccatc aaggcattat tgtgtgcaag aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag     68400
     aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaataa tataaggtga tatggttttg     68460
     gttatggctt taaaataatg tgacattttg tataaatatt ttttaaagtc taaatctaaa     68520
     acaaaattaa aaaaaaaact gattaatcaa aaatataaaa ataaatttaa aaaacacaca     68580
     aattattatc ataaattata acaaaaaaaa atttaaatgt acgtgcacaa cattaaccag     68640
     taatgtggta ttgctggaac agaattaaac agaagtttga tttaatattg tacactaatt     68700
     aaaaatgaaa aaaataataa taatactaaa atacccgact ttagagatca aattagacat     68760
     caaagcattg tttggtgtgg taatagaata gaatagaata gaatagaata gaatagaata     68820
     gaatagaata gaatagaata tgtaataata tattctgaat aatatcgata agctggtttt     68880
     aaaatgttgt gacattgtgt atgaataatt ttttaaatgt ctaaatctaa aaaaaaaaaa     68940
     aaaaactgat gaattaaaat tatataaata acttataaaa actaacaaac cagtctaata     69000
     aattattaca acaacaacaa aaaaaaaaga atgacagtca ttgaccagta ggtaatgtgg     69060
     tattgctgga acagaattaa acagaatata tactaagctt gatttaatat tctatagtat     69120
     ttatttaaat tacaaatatt attaaaatta aataaatacc ccattttaga gatcatttta     69180
     gccatcaagg cattattgtg tgcaagaata gaatagaata gaatagaata gaatagaata     69240
     gaatagaata gaatagaata gaatagaata atataaggtg atatggtttt ggttatggct     69300
     ttaaaataat gtgacatttt gtataaatat tttttaaagt ctaaatctaa aacaaaatta     69360
     aaaaaaaact gattaatcaa aaatataaaa ataaatttaa aaaacacaca aattattatc     69420
     ataaattata acaaaaaaaa tttaaatgta cgtgcacaac attaaccagt aatgtggtat     69480
     tgctggaaca gaattaaaca gaagtttgat ttaatattgt acactaatta aaaatgaaaa     69540
     aaataataat aatactaaaa taccccactt tagagatcaa attagacatc aaagcattgt     69600
     ttggtgtggt aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag aatagaatag     69660
     aatagaatag aataggctgt acttttactg tatttcaaaa tgttcaagga caaaatgtta     69720
     attccaaatg tttcgaaggg acagttcacc aaaaaatgaa aattctgtcc tcatttactc     69780
     aacttttact ttttccaaac cttttaaagt ttatttcttc tgttggacat aaaataagat     69840
     gttttgaaga atgatgaaaa cctgtaaaca ttgacttcta gtatttgttt atcccaccat     69900
     ggaagtcaat agttacaggt tttgtgcttt taggctttcg tctagattag aaccacttga     69960
     tggagagtaa atggggagcc aaatgttatt tttgggtgaa atatcccttt gaggcagtga     70020
     caataaaagg gcttatttga gctttatggc ttattaaata tacttcataa atatgaagta     70080
     tatttaatac acaaaacagt cgggtgtttg ctaagtgttt actcaactgc tgtgtcaata     70140
     tatataggcc tattgatcat ataaactttg tttctgtgcc tctgcagtgg taaacagccg     70200
     cagatcgtcc atttctgcag agccagtcaa cagtgagtct gaagctgcta ctctttctct     70260
     caaacttacc gccacgcagg agcgtttttc ccgcctttgc tctgaataca caaatcttgg     70320
     tcaggcttgc tcaaaatctg gtaagaaaaa catctctgat tgccatttga cacttaataa     70380
     cttctgtaaa cttaccatat tatatttttt ctctcctttt atttcatctt ccatctctct     70440
     tgtctcttgt gcagtgatca aatgtagacc ctgtccagaa gactggatgc atttatcaga     70500
     gaagtgttat tattttagtg atgataaact ggactggcag cacagtaaag agagttgtgc     70560
     gtctatgggt ggacatctga cgatactaca cagccacgaa caacacgtaa gtcggtggca     70620
     gagttagctt tgtttgtgaa atcgtgaatg aatggcttgt gttgttttaa taactacttt     70680
     ttgtaccatg tgtttctgca gcatgtcaaa tcttttggtg atattttaat tttccctaca     70740
     gcacaccctt gaggcggtcg cgcgcaatca cggaggaatg gactatcatt tctggatcgg     70800
     tttatcagac actgagactg agggagtgtg gaaatgggtg gacaatacag tggttaataa     70860
     gacgtacgaa cacacacaca tacacacacc cacaactaga taagcagtct aaaaaaacaa     70920
     cagagagagg gtttttagcg tagcctatat tttgatctgt ttaattatta tactccatat     70980
     ttttattttt atttattttt attttaaagg aatctgtgaa agtatgtatg taagtaaaac     71040
     cgcatattgt tgattaccgt cttctagact aaaagataaa actattttga aagatgtgaa     71100
     actgcaagcc agttttaagg aaaacacgac acacagccac acaccgttgg acaccaatta     71160
     aacaaacaaa atatttgttt aatttaatgt aatgtttgga actttttaaa taaaaatgtt     71220
     tttaattgaa aatattttaa tagaaataaa taaatgttat tactaataat gcaaataaat     71280
     gcattgtaaa ataatggata ataatgcaaa taaatccaaa agtgtttatc taatagatag     71340
     tgaaataaac atgctgtgct ctgtagaata aaaaaaatta agtgctgatg aaagacacta     71400
     tttaaagtaa actgaattta aaataattgt gtgaaatctg actttaaaag catgtgttac     71460
     aacaactaac cctctgtctg ttacaacttg ccccgcaggt ggggtaaata gtaacacttt     71520
     tactcctggc acttttggca atactgcaca aaaatcatag gtccggcaat catacaacca     71580
     gtgctcattt gtaggacagg tttgtgtgtt gttggcaaaa taatatggtt tgtctaaccc     71640
     cattactttg ttcattattt ggccaaaacc aaacagtgtt tctttgtgcc cggctctccc     71700
     ctacttcatc tttttagtga aagcttattt tttgaaacat gtttgaaact gaatggtatt     71760
     ttcactgttt cagataaagt ttttgatcta tttatttcat gtcatatttt aaaaagaaaa     71820
     caaataatgt gaagagcacc aggtggatta agtcattgca cttctcaaac aaatatatct     71880
     tgagtacaaa atgtttagaa attgtagtag aaaacaaata ctgggaaagt atgcacattc     71940
     tgaggggttt ataattataa ttattatttt tttttttttg ccttgttgca tagatataaa     72000
     ttgagatgta aaattattcc agcaaaatat tcaaagatta ttttggtctt ggtcttgcag     72060
     taaataagtt ttgttaaatt ttctttttat ttttttaata ttttcttata ttttgagttt     72120
     tttatttatt aatttatgtt gttgttgttg tttttcttta taaagtatac tacgttcgca     72180
     tgataaataa tatatctgga tgcctatcat atttggcggc ctggtcatac attttttaaa     72240
     aagccatcat ctttagatat atcagtgtat agttaaatca gagtagaagg tctatataaa     72300
     acaaatgcgt aacaataaag atatggatgg taatttttta attttttttt tgaaaaagct     72360
     gcttttaaaa ataaaattgc catctgtgct cactgctgtt ctctgtaggt actggaatga     72420
     atgggaaaaa gagcccaata atcaccgttc aggtggagtt catggagaag actgtgcagt     72480
     gctggactcg agatccaaga cctggtttga cgtgccttgt gatttccatt acaaacgcat     72540
     ctgtgagatg gaccccatcg cctttagcgt ctgaacttca ttgaaatgtg aataaatgtt     72600
     gctctatttt tctattgccc atctttttaa taaatggtga cactgaaaaa cccaaattta     72660
     agtttgtgtc tgatttgact tgggatttgg gaaaactcaa aacattgcac aataatgtat     72720
     ttttctctca tcatcactca gcagggagca aagagaacac ttttaagtgt tgtgcaatca     72780
     aactgtggaa acatcccttt ttgcaataac cactctactt acaacaggga aaaactgaac     72840
     ggtaaaagat gtttgattgt tggagcacaa tgttgagtac acaattaggc agtaaggtta     72900
     ggatgtcaca gtcggaatgt ttgttccaga atatttcaat ctattctgtc ttcatacaga     72960
     ttatgtagcc aaaattgagg taagaggggc ggctgctatt gaagtgtttg tcatatagga     73020
     ttctgagcct tttgtgtccc aaacatcatg ttaaaattgc cctgaaatgt tcagaaatat     73080
     caatttaaaa tttaatttat aataataatt acatttgaag tcagaattat tttcccccct     73140
     gaattattag ccaccagttt attttttccc caatttctgt ttaacgaaga gatttttttc     73200
     aacacatttc taaacataat agttttatta actcatttct aataactgat ttgtttttat     73260
     ctttgccatg atgacagaac atattattag actagatact ttttaagact tttatacagc     73320
     ttaaagtgac atttaaagac ttcactaggt aaattagggt aactaggcag gttagggtaa     73380
     ttaggcaagt tattgtataa tgatggtttg ttctgtagac tacttaaaaa tatatagctt     73440
     aaaggagcta atgattttga ccttaaaatg tttttaagaa attaaaaact gcttttattc     73500
     tatttgaaat aaaacaaata tgactttctc cagtaaaaaa tatcattaca cttactgtga     73560
     aaatttcctt gctcagttaa acattatttg ggaaatattt gaaaaagaaa aaaaatctgt     73620
     atatataaat gaagaatcaa tgtagtttca gtaatcctcc ttctcatagt tgctttggca     73680
     taattgctta ttttttggtg ctccttttca ttgcttaaat ttatattact caagatttaa     73740
     cattaacgtc cacaggtttt acatctcaaa tattgtaaac ttatacaaat aagtttttta     73800
     aagttttgca taaatgtata catatattat tattgttatt attattatta ttattattaa     73860
     tgtttcatca tgttataatg tccaatagac attgagaacg aggaattacc ctcattcatt     73920
     tgtaataaat aaaccaaaat atggggaaca tgtcatcatg gcaaaagaaa aggcaaattg     73980
     cagctaatca cataaatata gttttagttt taatttacaa aaaacaacaa caaatgctca     74040
     gaaaaacaaa cctcaaaaca acttctactc aagtaaagca tacatcagca tacatatatg     74100
     gttcaatatt taattgttta acccaattaa aaagggcaaa tactattttg tcataggctg     74160
     gacatcactt ctggcctcta tataagctag tgatcaatca aatgtcgaca cacttaaagt     74220
     gatagttcac accacaaaat gacattttat cattttttcc tcatcctcaa gtggataaat     74280
     gttgggtttc tttcttttgt tgaacacaaa cgaagataat ttgaagaaag ctgaaaatct     74340
     gcaaccaata atttccatgt aaaaaaaaaa acaaatgctg tgaaagtcaa tggtttcagc     74400
     tttcttcttt tgtgttcaac agacgaagga aactcaagcc agtttggagc aagtgatgga     74460
     tggtttaatg atggcacaaa tttggggtga tttttgggtg atgaactaag agaatttaca     74520
     caaagaataa tttaatgttt gttaacgtgt ctcaaacata agttgagctt atctctgatt     74580
     gaacataatg cataattttg agcatctaaa atcattatat tggatttgta aatgttaaaa     74640
     aaaacatcat tataggcata gttcacaaag caaaacaaaa acctgtttaa gtttctttat     74700
     tctgtcgagc acacaaaaaa ggttatttag aaattgattg tatttgtttt ttcaaggggt     74760
     cagtggttac attcttcaaa atggcttcct ttgtggtcaa cagaaaaata aactcacaga     74820
     tgggagtcac ttcagggaga gtaaatgttg agtaagttgg ttgaactatc cacttattta     74880
     tgtagacatt ttgagattta ccaactagtc ttaattctct tgaccacacg atggcgacgt     74940
     gtatccgttc actttcataa tatctctttc tggtcacgcc ctcccgtctg cctctccacc     75000
     aatcagagag cacgttatta tgtcgtagca cgcttgccaa cggaagtagc attggcacga     75060
     cagttgacac aaacatcctc agtctttgta aataaggtaa atatatctgc ttttctgcac     75120
     gtttcagctc gcgaaattaa ttacacgtta gttctgcgca tttcagttta tgttgtaacg     75180
     tgtataacat tgcgtgttta cgtaatacca cagtttaaca acgacaaggc cttggttagc     75240
     ttgttctgtg ttgatgttct ttataccggt gtggtgctga agtgtgagca cgagttcatg     75300
     tttattctct aactgatgtt aatgagcttt aaacaacaca acaaatcatt taaaatcaat     75360
     tcaaataagc aaataaacgg ctaggttgtt gttttacgta ctacagtaac gttaacgtta     75420
     gtggtagctt tagaggtaaa gttggtttta tgtacacatt cggaatttgt ccttaataaa     75480
     ttaatttcag aaaagtatta tgtgctaata ctcaatcata aaataaatta gcagccaatg     75540
     acaacattca gtcaaataaa tagtgcgtaa ataaatagta agtcttgaat acttacatat     75600
     gttttcagac ggaatattca gagtaccatg gtaaacaatt tagggagcat gtttcactag     75660
     gcatgggctg gtataagatt ctgacgacat ggtaactgtt agccttggat aaaaatatca     75720
     cggtttcacg gtattgtgat aactactcta aaatgtattc tttttaaatg tctgggttaa     75780
     aagtgaaaac ttttcccctt tgaacacaat aaattaaatt tttagaaact ttttaaatat     75840
     tttggagcag taaacatttc agataaataa attaaataaa tcattgattt ctgctgtctt     75900
     cattagtttc aaaaacagat ttctttacca tttgaaacgg catcattgga tatcatttct     75960
     gctagaggta ctgttgttct gaaaacaaac aaacataagt aaaacaaaca cacacacaca     76020
     tacactgtag gaatatatag cagaaatttt ttacttttcc aaactgctgt ataccttgaa     76080
     agcgggggtt atcatcctat gcctacatgt cacaagttgt cactaaacaa atgtgcgaat     76140
     ataaaactaa catttattat tagtgaacac aaatcacact tttcctatgt gataaacatt     76200
     gttttctgaa atgttgtatg tgacgtgtga tgtgttatgt accatttgca gtctcataaa     76260
     tattgtcttt ctggtgtatg taattgcttt cctgttttat ctctttaaaa tgttttcttg     76320
     gccgtccctg agctgtgatc agtccaactg gcagccttgt tttaatcata attaaagtgc     76380
     atcatgcata actttaccct gataatgttg ttatttttac cctgagccac ctgtcttatt     76440
     aaatccctgc atcaaagtgt catggaaagc atattgccgt ggatcaacag caatttaaca     76500
     agccctatga aacgggttta ttgtacatga gttattgagg gttgctggta cagatttaac     76560
     aagaacaaat cttgcattta atccctcctc tctgtttatg gaatctgcat ttccttaaac     76620
     tttgcaggtc ctttttttga ggtaaagttg atattatatt tgcacattca ttcagtgaca     76680
     acttgtgaca tgctccctat attattgacc atattacttt aactattccc tctgaaatag     76740
     tattcaagca tgatttaaaa caacattagc actatttaat tgacagaaca acgcactttg     76800
     ggaattattg gctgctaata ggatttccct atttacaatt tgcaaagaat acttttctta     76860
     gtttatgtta ttaggagaaa gtccaaatgt gtaaatatat aaaaccaact tcacctctat     76920
     tatccatttt gggctttaag atgtgggttg tttaaacctt gtttctcttt gtcagatgga     76980
     ggtggatcag ctactgtctc tctcaggttc agctttggct caggctatca gctctatact     77040
     ggaaacacca ggcctctacg tgttctcaga catattagaa ctgcccaacg tccgtgaggt     77100
     gaggaatata tgtgtgcaga cgaatctatt tcagttactc ttgatgactc tatatgaatt     77160
     ctgtcagatg taattatttt aaatggcagc acctgtgtca tcttaaatgt catggctatt     77220
     aggcttctgt ttaagagcta ctttgtttta ttatttattg atgtctctca ccattctgtc     77280
     taaaagcaaa tgtatttttg cactttctat tcagattaga ttaatgtagc atgatcttga     77340
     aaaccacaga aggcatctga tttatttaag ggatcatgaa atggaaaatc caaatgatct     77400
     tgatgttgac aaaaataaga ggttatttta ctgtgaaacc atactgcaag tttctgattg     77460
     gaaaatcgat gtcatgattt ttctttgaca cgccccttaa cattcatctt tgtcatgtgt     77520
     aatgaaggag gcgtgttctg agcaactgtt tgtcaataac agctgtgaaa ctgccttagc     77580
     aataagatgt gaggaaaact gtcaaactgt tggggaagct gctcttgagg aatcaggaaa     77640
     cgtagctaag ttctgaaact atcttaataa gctataaatt gctcatcagt actttggaaa     77700
     tgtagctaag ctactgtcaa acttctaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtatcttgct actaggggtg     77760
     taacggttca caaaaatcat ggttcggttt gatacaacag tggtgtcacg gttcggtatg     77820
     ttttcgatac agcaaaagag aaaaaagcca gaggattttt ctgatttaat ttttttaatt     77880
     tattaaaagc aacatcctaa aagtaggatc ttgtttagtt tttttttctt ttactttaaa     77940
     cagtaataga gttatacttc cagggtttct gctcagcagc aaataaaaca aatccttctt     78000
     tatactcaaa accaaaaagc tgcttataaa aaaaataaat ataattttgt agtagtttaa     78060
     caaataaaga gaaagaacaa tttagttttt atatggagct cagtttcaat caatttaata     78120
     aaaagtatat atttttttaa tttttagaaa gatgtgtgag actttcgatt tccggaagat     78180
     tttcattcgt ttgcgggcat ccaggagtct cccgaaactt ctgggagact tgggatgtct     78240
     aggattacat tatcgttatt agccattttg caagctaatg tagcacgtgc ctgactggag     78300
     tagtgtttgg aggtagtcgg gtgtggtgat atgtgaacag gttattgaga ttggctgttt     78360
     tgtgtcgggg tccagggttg ctggggcaac gtgggcagag ccagcatgag caggctgaca     78420
     cagaaggcag caaaattgct aatgattgca tgctttaatc aagcgatatt cttcaaaagc     78480
     tcaaaagcaa tggtctactg tttaacactg ggatgccatg ctgagcgttg ttgcactgaa     78540
     aacatttaat tttgtactta ttctctatta actttttaga tgttagtctg aatcgaatcg     78600
     ttcggttctt aatgcgtacc gaaccgaaag tctcgtacag tttaatacga ataggctgta     78660
     gcgatacgcg ttactagcta cactacaaga tagtacttcc tgtaagtagc aagctacatt     78720
     gaagctactt ttttcacaaa ggcattaatt atgaaaacgt gaataaacgt caattttaag     78780
     caatgccgag ttcagactgc atgattttag cctcaatttt gacttggcga caggttttta     78840
     aagatcgcag gcaatagaca ataggtcgcc gacacccatg agatatttgg catgctaaat     78900
     atctgtagct gtctgtgatt ctaatcatgc tgtgtgaaat gtgttctgat tgaaaataac     78960
     attgacgatt acctatagct gatgagagag cagcatccac tattatgggt atctgcaagt     79020
     cagcagcagg atgggggaga agttaaaagc attcgttttc agacttgacc caacaaatgg     79080
     agaaaaaact agtggaaaat ttgcaggagc acccatgtct gttcgattgt tcatctagtt     79140
     ttcttcttaa taaatatact tttaacaatg ttaaactttt ttatttataa taaaagaaag     79200
     aaacattgtt tataaattac aactagtttt cctgttttga cgcactaaaa tatgtttgag     79260
     aaataactac atttggtttt ttccaattcc attggaccaa ctaaaccatt acaaaaaatc     79320
     attagtgttt agtctataag tctagagtct cgttcataaa ggtcttaaaa agtctcaagt     79380
     ttgacatgtt gaaacctgca gaaacctcgt acattacaat ggcaatgctg taaaaggaac     79440
     catataaaaa actttaaatc acattaaccg ttcagcgtaa gttaatcggg atgggaagaa     79500
     acactagttg tggatatacc ctattgtagt taagatatta gtggagatac atctataaac     79560
     ttcagtatct aactgctccc caacactaca aactgctccc taacactgca aggcctttct     79620
     aaaaatcagg accagaattt cctgcctgaa gttttttaac aatgtatgtc ttcatttcaa     79680
     actattaaca agcatttcag gacattacat agctgaatta gaaatgcttg cttctgaatt     79740
     tagtatatgg tcatccccat taaggtaaat ataaaacatc agatgacatt taatatattg     79800
     gctgttattt tcatgccact acacatttta catcagactg tatctgtaac cagtaatcat     79860
     gctaccaaaa tagtgcactt gcaagtaatc gagaaacagt gctgttactt tagtaatatg     79920
     agaggaaaat actaggctat acatgtaaaa cttacccagg aaaaacattt accactctgt     79980
     aacgactggt gaagtcattg tggttacttt gctgcacttt gttttgtctt gggattgaaa     80040
     tcaggctcag acgtatggct cagtcctcgc cttttccagt atcactaaag caccagtggt     80100
     gtaatagaag acatggacaa cagggagcgg tttctgtttt agccagagat aactcccatt     80160
     aaagtggagc aggattgggt tattagaaat ataataaaag aaatagaaag tcagtataca     80220
     tgctataaat gaaaattaac aataagaact gttaagtgct cattattata gaaaaaaaaa     80280
     attactttaa aaggcttcac ttacaagttt gctaaaaatt gggatcatct acttaatttt     80340
     tttttttttt ttttttttac aacttttaga tttagttgat ttatatacaa tgcagataat     80400
     gttataagtt gcttcctaat tgtattcaaa gactgtttaa atgagtgaaa atcagtataa     80460
     ttcaagatga atgtgtatgt ttaaaaagtg aaggcaataa ttattgtata aaaagttgca     80520
     tctgtcaaag aggtaatctg aaatttatgt gatagattta attaaaatgt tgtattcact     80580
     gttaaaagct attagttact agttaattag tttaagttat tagtaactaa taaacttatg     80640
     ataactaata accttaacct ttctgacttt gattgtaatg ctataatgtg caccttttgt     80700
     aaagctgctt tgaaacaata attattgtga aaagcgctat acatatatgc ttaaattaga     80760
     ttgaattgtg tatttctgta gtcatgtatg tttaaaatga tgcctctaca ttttgagacc     80820
     tgtttagtgt aatttagttc aatctgtatc attaaaatta gcacatagtg tggttcatca     80880
     gttataggta tataaaggat gggtataata agcaaggctt cagcctacac tttttcagta     80940
     actatggtta tacatttaat ttgtaaagtt gttagtgaga accaattctt aatgctcttt     81000
     tttgcagtgt atatattgac ttcatatttc ctttatatgt atgaccccac acctccactc     81060
     atgagtaatg tatggtacaa gaaatagaaa tgttgctcca cttaaatgga agttatttct     81120
     aaacatcatt caagatccct ctcgcccagg ccaccaactg tttacacttc tcccctcagg     81180
     cagacaccac aggtctttat gctctcaaac atctaggtat aaaaacagtt agtttttttc     81240
     tcaggccata tccaacctaa gcagttagca catcagttgc tacctgttgt cttatggtca     81300
     taaagatact gtatgttttt tttttttttt taaacaatta agccgcttaa ttgtaaatat     81360
     ttttatgtaa acattttttg gaggggtgac acaatggctc agtggttagc agcactgttg     81420
     caccacagca agaatgtgat tcgagtactg gctgaaccag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt     81480
     ttgcatgttc tccctccgtt cgtgttttag tgtttaaaaa acctgcaaat gtcttttttt     81540
     ttttttttga gtctatgtac cctgagctcc tgaaaaaata caaacaatca gacctttttg     81600
     tagtgcaaac ctctaaactg tgcagtttat gggctctatt ttgacaatcc atgcgcaaag     81660
     ccatagcaca tttgctattt acatgacaga ctttgtaagt ggaaaaactg aatgcttcac     81720
     gagcaagaaa acagttaaac agagcatcta cagcacgaga atgttcacat tctttacttt     81780
     agctttcact cttgtggata gggaaacgtg ttgtatgcac agacatcaat taagctataa     81840
     ataattaatt ttgtttgtta agcgcaatga tttgtttcaa aactatttct aaattcagtt     81900
     gtaatttcta gcaaacaaat aaatgaacaa tattaacaaa gtgtggtcaa aaacctgagt     81960
     tatatcctaa aagacatgct gtgccccata tggtctaaaa cctgacaggt gggcaagtct     82020
     aagcttgttt ttaataaaac aaatataaat atgcatataa taaaaagcaa attgttatta     82080
     atcaactgaa aaagcccccc gagatgatga agaaataaaa gcagtgattt ttcatattta     82140
     tgtaggctag aaaataatat gttttgtaat attttaatcc tttattttta tatcctatat     82200
     ctattcttat tatatcctat atatatcctt aatatttaaa ttatttttca tatgtaaagg     82260
     tatttgtgta ttgctctaca tcttgtgtgt attaagcagt ttgtaagtga ggcacacaac     82320
     taacgcgctc tgcactggac tttagaccgg ttttgttctg gtctatagaa aagtctatta     82380
     tagcttctca aaagagcaac acgccagcaa ttcgcctcaa cacgcctcca ttttacacca     82440
     gaacgcctat gggcgcacat atgagcgcaa atgcatttgc tatttaaaca gcgtggtgca     82500
     aatcgtcaaa acgactcttg cgccaagctg aaactagcaa acaacaattg cgttgcgcct     82560
     tgcactgcat tgcgccggtt gtattatagg gcccattaag taaatgtcaa taaaataagt     82620
     tgttattaat ggtattcatg acctctttat tgttgataac atttgttcag cataatatat     82680
     ttgtgcaaac tatggtactt ttttattatt ctttgaagaa cagaaagtaa aactgcattg     82740
     ctttaaatta ttcatcttta atgtattcat cttaattgtc acttttaatc aatgtgatga     82800
     ttcatgcttt ctcagttgca atttctttaa aaccttcaaa ccccacacca ttaaaatggt     82860
     catttgcata tttattcatt ttcatattat tacattgcca tttactaaga gttctataac     82920
     aaaaacggat tgccaagtca tcattattat attccatgca agcttctcgg ccacatattg     82980
     cacagagatc ccagagtacc catgtactgc actgtcattc ctacctagcc gaactaaagt     83040
     acttactgct aaacacaaaa tacttcagag ctttgtcata taaatctctg tctgcacttc     83100
     acaccctctc tctttctcta gttggagacg ggtccccacg ctccagtcta ccagctcctg     83160
     aatctttttg cgtatggaac ctactgcgac tataaaggta accatgacaa caaatgatgt     83220
     gaccagatat tggccccctg gggcggaggt tcgttccccg ctctgattca gaatgagact     83280
     gtacacgctg ccctttgcct tgctaaataa gttaactccg gtgaggagaa tgcgggagtc     83340
     tctggcttgc gttgtgtcgc ctgtttttac cagggcgtta atgtaatcag ctgttttcct     83400
     cccggctgtg tggatggttg taatgtatgt taatttattg tgcgtctgcc atttagagag     83460
     aacggcttca cttcctgaac tcacacccgc ccagaggaac aaacttcgtc atctgtcaat     83520
     catcagcctg gcctctaatc tgaaggtagt cattgctttg ctttgtgtct gtatttttga     83580
     aatagattta tctgtccagg tatgtttggt aggggctttt ttatagggat atgtttttaa     83640
     caatattagt caaagttgtc cattgcttac agcatgctag gtttatgaca tattttaaca     83700
     gatcacagat ttagagtatt atcataatat tgtgataaaa ttatatgtaa tatgttttat     83760
     ttttcacata taggtaacta tttatgtgat gtgggtaaat gctgtcaatg gtttcaatcc     83820
     agctactacc gcaagtatat ttcaaacctg tgcaaagcac tgatagtatt gtatttgtat     83880
     gctaatgttt aacgtttaag tttttgacat gttatggatt aagtttaatc aaaaaagatt     83940
     gcatcaaaac aatctgttaa atggtatatt ccagtttttt tttttactcg catgcatctt     84000
     tttaaaacaa tttatcgggg gaaaaattaa gaattaagaa accatttcag accatggatc     84060
     tcaaaacctg tctgtaacgt gtaaaatggg ctatataaat gatctggaat ctaaaggttc     84120
     gaaattgcct ttagagttca ttcttagcaa ttcatattac taatctaaac actttttatt     84180
     taagttattg aaatgtacaa aatgtcttcg aggaagatga tctttacttt taatacaatt     84240
     atatttttag gtaataaaag aaaaaaaaaa acattttggt tcaatatttt tttccccaaa     84300
     aaatgtacat atgcacttta agattggttt tgtaatttag ggtctcgttt aattaatact     84360
     gtgatattgt aatggctttg aagtaagcac agtcattcac ctgagcaaaa agccatctga     84420
     ttcactagtg atgtaagtgt catttcaaat gacagtttat atactgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     84480
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     84540
     tgtgtgtgtt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     84600
     ttttgtgtgt ttttgtgtgt gtgtagatag tgtatatata tatatatata tataaatata     84660
     gatagataga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     84720
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     84780
     gacagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga taaatagata     84840
     gatagataga cttgaaagtg acttcaaata agcaatgact tgacttgact atgagtctga     84900
     caaaaattga cttgacttgc ttgggactta aatgttatga cttgagactt tcttgtgact     84960
     tgcacatgtg tgacttactc ccacctctgc aatattgtat aaatacgttt ttacattgta     85020
     cttatgctta attaaatacc tgcgtataat tacactgttg accatctctt ataccttaac     85080
     ccacccttaa atctacatat accaccagac ctttccctaa ccttttccca tatttcatcc     85140
     agaagtgtta tgcaatacac catgaactca ttaagtccat ttatttgcat tttgatgtaa     85200
     gtgcatagta gttgaggtaa cttaatatag agtgggaaca aaaatacttg gtgtattgct     85260
     tttattatgt atacatgttc aaagtaaata attacatttc aaaagtatta taaagcacaa     85320
     aaggtaacac tttacaataa agtcttataa tataataata taatataatt taatagtctt     85380
     atagtaaaca ttagttaatg gattaaaatc atcatagaga taaaggccta tttattacag     85440
     ttttgttaat attagtctaa aatacaaatt aattttatta gttatttaag gtgcagtatg     85500
     taagtttgac acccagtggt tgaactaggt attgtattcc tagatcaaaa caaacgcaag     85560
     agcaggttgc ctgattgagg accaacagaa gcaattctcg agtctaaagg cagatttaaa     85620
     tcatgttctg aataaaagca acaacaagca atgaaaaaaa aaatgttttc catagttaaa     85680
     ggaatttttg ttctaaccaa caccttgaat tgatatatta gaaaggcttc tatttctcac     85740
     agttgaacaa cagaaaactg acaaagatca tctcaggtac acctcatgtg cttaagggtg     85800
     ctttcacacc tgccttatgt agttcgattg aatcgcacta gagttcgttt ccccttttgg     85860
     tacggttcgt ttgggcaggt gagaatgcag caatcatact cgagcggacc aaataagcgt     85920
     accgagacct gcttgaagag gtggtctcgg tacgctttca aacgaaccct ggagcggttc     85980
     gtttgtggtg agaaaatgat ccgtactaaa acaggtccaa ccgcaaaaag tactgtgcgt     86040
     tttggactaa tttagctgcc gtaggctgat gcgctgtgca ttatgggata tggaggaaaa     86100
     aaattggttg acagcgcttt accaagagag agagagagag agagaggggg aaaacattac     86160
     ctgatagatt gttggtaata tttccacaag atgactacac actacagatg tgaaagcacc     86220
     cttattcagt gttaaatgct aacaatctac aacagaaaac tgacaatgat catctcaggt     86280
     acacctcatg tgctttattg agtgttaaat gctaacaatc tacaacacaa aactgacaat     86340
     aatcatctcg ggttcacctc atgtgcttta ttcagtgtta aatgctaaca atctgagttt     86400
     gaatgccgtc ttacatgaca tttcttacca aactagtgaa tgcagcagca gagagctcac     86460
     cttagatctt gaaaataaaa aaaaaatgtt tgaaattgaa ctttagacta aaaaccaaca     86520
     catcagtgat tcagcaggta catttaataa tgttaaagag gtttaatatg tattaattag     86580
     attataaccg tactattata tgagtgagtg catattctgt gcttctgaat ggctgtattg     86640
     taaatttctg ttgtgtttcg tcttgtgcaa acagccaaat tgcttatcac tgtgtatctc     86700
     atcacgcagt gtgttaagac acggggttca gtgtttcctc taggattttt tccagctgtg     86760
     gcagcaggcc ttttttacac aaatctacca actacctgtg gcattatttc aatgacaaat     86820
     tatgtgagtg cagtgttacg agtcgagatc gcgttaatgt aatagcctac gagcatgcaa     86880
     atctctttgc ttgcacaccg atttcctctg ttcgtgcact aaacttcttg cacgccccct     86940
     caaatatatg ctgctcaagc gcagatcttc ttgtgcgctc tcaaataaac gctgctgaat     87000
     tgcgatttag tgcgtttatg taacaagtat gtctccaaca tttatttgat ttgctagaaa     87060
     tattaatgaa tgtctccaat agagctacag agcaacatta atgcatcctg aagtgaagtg     87120
     aaacagctat gcgtcgtgtt ggctggcctc acacatcatg cacctgtcag tcagtcagtc     87180
     agcacgtaac cttcaagggt taaacaaata gtgcacagca ctgctacggt tacagaaaag     87240
     tttgcgctgt tatagttcac ttacctttta atacgttttg gtgcgattat cacccactat     87300
     caaaaaaaca acacgactga atgctttaaa tggaaagctg taatgtagct gtggtgggat     87360
     caattttggt gtggcgcccc gccatagaag aataaatgta gcggaaacca tggggttaca     87420
     atataacctg cttacctaat gtttaagctc gtaataatat tatttgctaa ctaataacca     87480
     catgcgcaac tctgaatctg gctctcattt tggagtctgc tactgtccac ctgaggtcgc     87540
     attcagtcaa tggcgcatgg ttttgagagc ctttcggaat taatgaatga aatgcgctgt     87600
     tttccaacaa ggcaacccgg ggtgctgaaa tataattggg taaactggca ttgggtgggt     87660
     taaaatgacc aaaacaaaga cagacgttcc agcatgtaac tcatattttc aaagcagaat     87720
     atctgacttc agcattgttt ttcagataaa caagaatttt cacttggtat ttttcttaaa     87780
     tatctgcaaa caaattatgc tatttttatg ctttaaagtc aaaaacgtac atacagcacc     87840
     tttaactata ttttaataaa gacattacga ctaccaatag catgttatca ggcattaact     87900
     aagctatata tatatatatc acttgatgtt aataaaagct tttgtcattt ttaccatgag     87960
     tgtaaatgga tgtttgaatg gttgttaact attggagcct aatcaatata caatagtcct     88020
     ataaatagtg aatgaaattt tactcaatat ttcagcatgt agtaggccag attacaatgt     88080
     gaaaatgtcc atgtttgaac tattaaggct atatattaag agtacaaaca tttggcagtt     88140
     atgaactaac taaatacaat gttaatattt ttttaaaaag gtaatctata aatgtaaata     88200
     ataaatattt aataatgtta ttttgagtgc ccacaacatt aatattgtgc atgttcatta     88260
     tcatttatca atattatgtc aatatcttgc attttggcat atgtctaatg cataattaaa     88320
     aaaagaaagt ttctcatttt ctcacaaaaa ttttgatatt aatgtgaaat aaacagcaat     88380
     ggtttgaata aatggcagtt tacttaaagt tatagatgtt gctgtcagat cgtatcaacc     88440
     agtgtatatg aatttatttt cacttcaaac ttgcaaatat atattcatta tgcggaatga     88500
     caatatttta cccacagttt gacattacgt tatttgaaac attaaagtag acagtttgca     88560
     tgcataatta cttttgttaa ttaaattaga tgcaaacagc aaattgtcat cttttaccat     88620
     tagatatgac agtagaagag agaaaaaaaa gatgctgtta ctttggtttc atgttgagtt     88680
     ctgttatgat cggcatccag ccgttaacaa tatgacatat tattggtatt aacatgcatg     88740
     attgagaaaa ccaatattct tttatcatgc ctctgtaata ttactagaac aaattatatg     88800
     ttttaaccta ccccagagcg tactatttct aagaaataaa gcaaaataac agctctttct     88860
     ttcaacagtg tctgccatat tcactactgc tccagcagtt agagctgaag aatgtgcgtg     88920
     agctggaaga tctgctgatt gaggccattt acagtgacat tatccatggg aaactggacc     88980
     agaggaacca gcaggtcgag gtagattgca gtataggtcg agatctgggt cccaacgaat     89040
     taccaaacat tgccaacaca ctgcaagagt ggtgagtgtg tgtttatgtt tgtgtcaggc     89100
     tgctgctgtg aattaataaa aatgtcttgc ttgtggcgtt aaaaattctg tctgtctctt     89160
     tgtcaggtgt gcaggctgtg aagcagttct gtgtggcatt gaagaacagg tgtcaagagc     89220
     caaccagtac agagaaagcc agctcaaggt caaagttcaa gtggaaacag aggtttgttt     89280
     gtgaatcttc tttcaattta aggccctgtg tctatcaaag aaatgtaacc aaacgacaat     89340
     gccagaagtt ttctgaaaac tcagacacat tttttcagtt ggactgattc tagcaaacgt     89400
     caattgttca tgaccagcaa tgaagacaca ttatagagta ctatttcatt tttctcaaac     89460
     taagaagcga catcaattaa aaaaaattga tggacacagt taaagtgaca tttaacatgt     89520
     ctaatataaa catttacatt tagcagacac ttttgtccaa agtgacgtac aattgaggag     89580
     gcattcagca actcaataag aagaggcaat acacataaga agtgctaaat atacaaagaa     89640
     tcagagaatt aagtgctaga tttagaaggg gataattttt acagagaaaa gagtgtttct     89700
     acaggtggtt tgttaagccc actcatctgt gtaaagcaca cttcataagt gcacaatagt     89760
     gcatttatga atgcccctta aatatttctc aaatattgtt aaacagagca tggaaatttt     89820
     tacagtatgt ctgataatat tgtttctttt aaagaaagtc ttatttgctt tatttcggct     89880
     aaaataaaag cattttttaa ttgtttaaaa accgtttaag gtcaaaatta ttagcccttt     89940
     taagctatat ttgtttcgta tatttgtttc gtatgttttt gtaacagaac aaactacatt     90000
     atacaataac ttgtctaatt actcatcctg cctaggtaac ctaattaacc tagttaagcc     90060
     tttaaatgtc actttaagct gtatagaagt gtcttgaaaa atatctagta aaaacttatt     90120
     tactgtcatc atggcaaaga taaaattaat cagttattag aaatgagtta ttaaaactat     90180
     tatgtgtaga aatgtgatga aaaaaaatct ctctgttaaa caaattgggg acaaaaataa     90240
     acaggggggc taataatgca gggggctaat aattctgact ttaactatat aaagagagag     90300
     agatatggag tgattgtaag aaagtgtctg gttcaaatgt gcaaaactgg tgcaagtgtc     90360
     agttaaatcg tcggggagat gaaagtgtgt tttctacagg tgatttgtta agactactca     90420
     cctgtatgaa gcacactcag aattgcttaa agagtgtttt atgggtcatt tacaccgaac     90480
     acgatttacg ttaaaaaacg tgaggtgcgc ctcactgcct ttcttgttaa aaacaaaaaa     90540
     aagaagcaca atgcgcattt tacgtcgcta ggcaacaact aattctgctg cgtattgtgc     90600
     gcaagtgttg ccgtggatat tggtatgaac gcaaaatacg cattcagtgt gattggccca     90660
     taacaaaata tgcatttttt ttaatatgct ggtttcatgt gtttgacatt tttatatgat     90720
     tttaacgttc atattaatga ccctaaaatg taacgttatt tacacctagt gtaaacggta     90780
     attatatatt ttctttattc ttattctttt ggtacaggtg aattgggtaa gctaaatcat     90840
     ccatagtgta tgtatgtgtg tgcatgggtt tccctgtgat gggttgcggc tggaagggca     90900
     tccgatgcgt aaaacaaatg ctggataagt tggttaattc cgctctggcg accccagatt     90960
     tataaaggga caaagccaaa aagaaaatga attaatggtc ttaatattta acagactttg     91020
     tattatcagt tcactgatgt tgacttgaca gattattaag ttgcaaacac aagagaattt     91080
     tgtatatagt tttaagtcaa aatcttttgc cttcctgtga aagatgtatt ataagtgata     91140
     tttaatgaaa gcaatgttgc cattactgac tataatattt ttttcttctg gagaaagtct     91200
     tatttttgtt ttatttagta gtttttaatt taataaaaaa taaataagtt ttaaggttta     91260
     caattacact tattagcccc cttatgcaat atattttttg attgtctaca gaaattaacc     91320
     tagtaaggac tttaaactgc attttaagct gaatactggt atcttgaaaa aaccaaatat     91380
     tggtaaaata ttatgcactg tcatcatggc aaagaaaaaa aatagaaatt attagattat     91440
     tgttataata aattattata aattagttat taaaacttaa aatgtacagg ggatctaata     91500
     attcaggaag gctaataatt ctgacttcaa ctgtacatat ctgagaaagt gacagttgat     91560
     ctaaatagta tgaataaata tgttaatact taaaacatag taaatgtttt gtttaaaatt     91620
     gaatataaaa ataagtctga ataacatttt taaaatcatg ccaaaaaagt ccaaatgaca     91680
     tatatgctgt aagcgatgcc cgtagccagg gggggttcgg gtggtttgaa caaaccaccc     91740
     cccacagcca aaaggtccag aatttgtcct tttaactatt ttatgtaatt tattattata     91800
     taatatattt attatttaat taaaataata tatttatatt caatatgtat tgtaataacg     91860
     tataatttta aataactcaa atcccatgaa gccttaaagc cacaataatg taacatgtgt     91920
     cacgtgacat aacccactga gtggtaacat ttgaatcttt gatgcgacat ccatactgag     91980
     taatgatgtg ggtcgaaaag agcaaaagag gcagaaaagg caggcagcag ggtcatcatt     92040
     atcacaaaat attgaacatt agttcaaaaa tactgccaaa cagggtaagg ctaatgttat     92100
     ttacatccta acagatgaaa atctgcccct atccatgagg ttctaagtta actggcccca     92160
     ttagcctgga cgtcctgtgt atttattgac ttgtccagta catgacctcc ctttccctat     92220
     tttttacatt tttgtttttt taataactgt ccgacaagag ctttaatggc aactggagtc     92280
     ctcagccgcc agatgtcact tcacagcaaa aggctctaac cccgtcacgt ctgtgttttt     92340
     gaggctgttt ggtcacttca ttggttttat tttgatcgga tttaaatccg atcgctcaaa     92400
     ccacttcaga aggtgatctg gaatgcattc caaatgaaac tggacaggta tattaatttt     92460
     ttagacaaaa ttaatataaa caaaataaat tttgacctgg agaaattctg acctgcgcct     92520
     gaaacacctt taggtgcgct tttacaacca aaactctatt aaaaacatat ttactattag     92580
     cataaaacgt atttaacttt tcaggcctgt agccaggggg gtttggaact tggaagaccc     92640
     acctctcact gaaaaaagtc cagaatttgt ccaatatgtg agctcatgtc ctatttgact     92700
     gctatgccat cataaataat gaaaataatc catcgaaaaa ggctttaaga ccaaacggaa     92760
     tcctctgtcg gctgttgctt cggtgtaact ataatctgat gtaagagaag ttttctttat     92820
     taaattaatt taaatatatc taggctattg ttgatgtcca ggaattttca aatgtacttt     92880
     ttttaccaaa aaggctagaa aaattctgga aaattcatta ttattattat tattgttatt     92940
     attattatta ttattattat tattattaat atatttcaaa tataattttt tattgaaatg     93000
     gccaaattgt gactgtggac agttgaatgt gctggcaagt ttgttttttg tctaataaat     93060
     gacagtaaat tacagttgtt atttttactt taaaacttta acaggttgct attttttcct     93120
     aatgatatat gatgcaatag ttgtgtattt taaaaatttg tcttgtttta atttttcttt     93180
     attgcaattt tttaggaaat atttttagtg catcaaaaag tgtggttttg atgacatctg     93240
     actagctaat ccagcaaaaa aggtcactaa actgtagtat ttaaatctct agttaaatag     93300
     aaactgaggc gtataactgc aaaaaggtca attttttgat aaaaaaaaga acaaccctct     93360
     ttcaccaggc tgtctaaggg cctgtaagga ataattgaca atggtctgtt gacttattat     93420
     agaatcatgc acacccgagg tgataatatg gccatgatgt gaagcagaca ggccattaca     93480
     cctcaaccgt gcattatttt ataatatgtc tatataacag agtcaattat tccacttata     93540
     ctacgctggg tacacctaaa tttcaagaca cttttctttt ttggggtctt aatttgctcc     93600
     tgtgctagtt tgtaaagcat ctcacctgaa gccttgtggt ttattgtgat ttgagttttg     93660
     aatgttgaaa ctgtgaaata aatgaaatca tttgatgtag tgatatggaa ctgtaaatca     93720
     gtcaagacct gctggaacaa cttaaaatga gtgcacacct tgcacatgtt catcagccaa     93780
     ttagaatcaa gcgttcaatt cagtcttgta gtgtatatat aacaaacgta aactatataa     93840
     atgatgaaaa ttattccaga ctactttgaa aaccatgaaa tgcattcctc tgaggcgttt     93900
     tccccctcca ttatgatttc aagacagttg catcaccctg acattttttt ttttatttga     93960
     atccctccca ttcaaaatga atgtcagttc aggaagttca aagcatgttc atcatctaaa     94020
     aggtgcatta aagtcattat gtgtgttttt aatgaatatt tcattaagct gacccacaca     94080
     aatcacctgt ttaggagtga tcaaactata gtgggtatat atgctattcc tggtgtccaa     94140
     aatgtcatct gtttgtgatt ttacagtttt acacaaaatt agttaaataa aacattgtta     94200
     cagtagtaat agtccacctc agtattgttt aaatcataca atacattaca gtcggcagta     94260
     cagagtatgt tctgtttaga ttaaaggcat agttcacaca aaaatgaata tttccttgct     94320
     atttattcat cctcaagtgg ttccatacct ttatgagttt ctatcttcta ttgaagacaa     94380
     aagaagatat tttgaagaaa gatgaaaaac aggcaaccat tgacttctat cgtaggaaaa     94440
     acagatacag tagttacaca ttttaacctt tcttcaaaat gtctgaaact cctaacggtt     94500
     tgaaacaggt aaagggtgag taaatgatga cagaatttcc ctttttggat aaactatgcc     94560
     ttcaaagtgt taatattgtg tcttgagcac agcttcatct tcctgcatgt ttaaataatt     94620
     tttttatgtc acttcattga caactccaag attcagtgac aagttttttt cttcttcttc     94680
     tcacctcttt aattaggtat caaacctaca aaaaaccctc aaggcaagtt ctgcttctcc     94740
     atcatctggc cccgcccctg ccggagcagc atccaatcaa gatgcagatc agcccgctga     94800
     gccaagagat cctgcttcct ctcaagagcc acggcaacca ggaaaaaaga gttcaaaggt     94860
     caaagggtaa gtccatttat cttgggatta ttgatttaga attgtaccct taaattgatt     94920
     taaattgtta tttgtcagat gtactcagaa ccaatacgtt tatttcatgc ggccgccatt     94980
     ttaaaaaaca aaaataaggc tctagtggga agaaacccga aagtaaagga tcagcactgt     95040
     aaacattgca acaacatgct gtggactaca aacctccagc tgttgccgtg ttttcaaaat     95100
     gcagatttgg tgtaaacatc actttaatat caattaaaag caatttagca tcaaacaaca     95160
     tcacaataac attaagagta atatgcttaa gtgtccttca gttcatggca aaaggtaaac     95220
     actgtggcag gggtgtcaaa ctcaattcct ggagggccga agccctgcac agtttagttc     95280
     caaccctgct ccaacacact tacctgtagg tttcaaacaa gcctgaagga ctcaattagt     95340
     ttgatcaggt gtgtttaatt agggttggaa ctaaactgtg cagagctgcg gccctttagg     95400
     aactgagttt gacacctgtg cactgtgggg tcgctttcct gcttcagcct atgtaactcg     95460
     gtaagcgata aaacaatgca gtcctctgta gcacaccctc gtgttgtcga gtttttttta     95520
     ctgacattta agcgctgatt tgccatggtg tagaccagta ctacagaaat gaccgtgatt     95580
     ggccatgaag gttatcagtt caccgctctt caccaagtgc aaacaaagat acacgtcaca     95640
     gacactggag cggtttaaag ccattaagat tagtcgattc atcagcctat cgttcgtctg     95700
     tgtttgcact cagtaaacat caatgaagtg cggtgaactg atgatcttca cgaccaatca     95760
     cagccgtttc tgttaagcac tggtgaatat tatggcaaat catcgctatt taagaacttg     95820
     ctcaacgtcg tttaaatgtt agcgggaaat ggacagtttt ttttttttaa taccgattgg     95880
     tgccgaaatt cagtatcatg acaagtctaa tatagtgaaa gaatctgttt attaacttga     95940
     gtttggaaaa tgccatcaaa aacgtgtttg ggaaagaaaa cgttagctaa cttttttaat     96000
     ttcccttaat ttaggtgaaa atgaggtctg atatcccttt ttattttcac tttccattca     96060
     gaacagacct tcgggtcact tagaaggcgg ttaaatgata aacttgggtc attttctcgt     96120
     tgctgctaag atatacagcc aggtacacaa cagactgtgt gacttcaggc aatacttcca     96180
     ggtttcttcc tacctcagcc tcaattttac ttttaaaatg gcggccacat gaaatcagtt     96240
     tatacccttg tgggtactgg ttcaagtcca ggctcacaga cctttccaga tgccaccagc     96300
     cacctacttc accttctgtc tacataatat aatgcaaaaa ctccaaaaat acatcttgtt     96360
     aaattgtcag atatagtgga gttgttacag cgcagtatct gtttcagaag agtttatgta     96420
     cgtcttcctg cctgtagtta agtgtgatgt aaaagaaatc agccacaggc ttatagttct     96480
     aattaagccc tgatgagttt aaaattgtct ctgtcctggt ttggaaatct catgtcagga     96540
     tgtgctctgg aaagagaagg ggggcttttg atcaccactg ctttttcttt gtcactgaag     96600
     agtgtcagtt aagaagaggt ataatttatt cagggccgat ctgacacaga ttaatccgag     96660
     tccaaggctt taaagccgtc tcagtagaga cccgtcatta acatttcagt actatttcat     96720
     ggctgtatgg gaagccttgg ctaattttcc gataataatt ttgtgattat taatatatta     96780
     ttagaaacat gcatgaaaga accatccttg atgctgtcag agttcaaatc aggtcctttt     96840
     gtagaataat attaattgct gaaatgaaat catttattta agccttgtat tttatttgaa     96900
     gtttcccaat tatgccattc ttaagactcc agatgtactc gcagaagttt ttctgttagg     96960
     gctatgaagg agttcttaac acctgatcag cggaatactg ttagcttttc atgtttagat     97020
     caatatgtaa atgcactcaa cggctgctat attaggtaca cctgtccaac tgctcgttaa     97080
     cgcaaatttt taatcaacca atcacatggc agtaacccaa tgcatttagg catgtataca     97140
     tggtcaagat gacctgctgc agttcaaacc gagcatcaga atggggaaga aaggtgattt     97200
     aagtgactta caacgtgaca tagttgttgg tgccagatgg gctgatctga gtattttaga     97260
     aactgctgat ccagagagca aatagaagct tctatcgagc tgatagaaag gtatgcaaaa     97320
     gagcatctct gaacggacaa cacatcaacc ttgaggcaga tgggctacag cagcagaaat     97380
     ccacatttgt acaatagaag agtggaaaaa cgttgtctgg tctgatgagt cttgatttct     97440
     gctccgacat ttaaatgata gagtcagaat ttggcattaa caacataaaa gcatggatcc     97500
     atcctgcctt gtatcaacag ttcaggctgc tggtggtgta acggtattgg ggatattttc     97560
     ttgccacact ttgggcccaa tagtaccaat tgagcatcat gtcaacgcca gagccaaagt     97620
     gttgttgctg accatgtcca tgcctttatg acacagtgta tctatcttct gatggatact     97680
     tccagcaaca taatgcttca taaattatgt catgaagcgc gatcatctca gactggtttc     97740
     ttgaacatga caatgagttc actgtactca aatggcctcc acagtcacca aaactcaatc     97800
     caatagagca cctttgggat gtggtggaac gggagattca catcatggtt gtgcagctga     97860
     caaatctgca gcaactgcgt gatgctacca tgtcaatatg gaccaaaatc tcttgttgaa     97920
     tatattccac aaagtattaa ggcagttttg aaggcaaaag gggagtctca cctcgtacta     97980
     gtaaggtgta cctaataaag tggccgatga gtgtatatcc tgcatgtttt tcttccaaca     98040
     aggaaatagt catgcagctg caaatacagc ggcgtgaaag cagcagttaa aaagccattc     98100
     atcaaaagtg atgtggatat atttgagcaa attttaattt aacactctat tcaagtaaag     98160
     ccacgtcgtt ttttttttac agtaggctgc tgtaagcatt gtcagtgttg ctttcgaatt     98220
     acatcagcgt taaaattcaa ttttatactg taaagcatct ctttggtgtt tgtttttact     98280
     cattgatttg aaaatttaac agactgaaat gaaccagaca acattccaaa gtcaaaggca     98340
     gagctagaga gccatgacct ccaattacat cattggttca gaggtgttta gcattgaaag     98400
     caagctttgc agaaaaagct actttgaact tctatttaaa atgacagtta ttctttgatt     98460
     tcaaaaagta tttcaggttc ttgaagattc ttggtctctc taagctctga ttgcctagca     98520
     ttttcaacac aaacatctac actcagaaca ttatgtctgc tgtttgttca atctacttct     98580
     ttaaaatgag ctgcagaaac acaattattg ttgtttttaa tgagggggac aactcaattg     98640
     ttttatgttc aatccactta aatttgtaca gactaataaa ttaacttaat tctttcatgt     98700
     tttgccaaca ctaattgatt gtgtggaacc tagcatattt tatagtgtat tactcatttc     98760
     taaattataa cacttattac ttattctaat aattaacaat ttaatgaatt ttgaaataat     98820
     atcaaaacca aatgtctatt aaacagaccg cctagttttt tgcgattttg cgatcgctga     98880
     atccaaagca aaatcaacaa aaagtcgcaa atttttgtga tcctacaaaa tgttgaattt     98940
     aaatgcaaaa ttaattgcaa aaaaatttaa taatcccata aaacatccat ttgcaaacca     99000
     tataatcaaa cgatatttat ttcagtgtgc aatgaattgt tttacatgac ttacagacat     99060
     tgcagctagt gtagtaagca gacgtggatg aagaataggt gatttacatg tgaagtcaaa     99120
     gcaaagactg gattagacat cctgtggtgt gaattaatca ttttgtgcat ttgacgcact     99180
     ttagtcaata gcccctttca cacatacaga cctttccgga aaattaccgg caattttccg     99240
     gaaaggttgt atgtgtgaac aggtcctttt tgaaaatacc ggtaaattcg ttctggctat     99300
     tttccggaaa gagaagttgt aacattaccg gcaatttgcc ggaatgctgc gctgtgtgaa     99360
     tgcaaaagga atatttccgg aataagcgcg tgcacgtcta gaacgtgctg acgtaagact     99420
     tctgctttag ccaatcacaa cagtcagacg catttacgtc cgcgcggttt gtgagaataa     99480
     aagcctttga atatttttcc agacgcattt agctgctaga agttagtcag ataacgttta     99540
     tatgttctcc ttaatgccaa ctgtgcaaat aatcatcgat aagatgctta tgataagccg     99600
     ttgtttgttt accttcaagc tttgcgtgtg cccatgaaac agcctgtgag cggcagcaca     99660
     cgcacatatt atgaacattt cgacatgcga atatgatcct gtgaaagttg tttataatat     99720
     tgatcatcaa aagagtttgt aatttagtca aatgtttaca aatacaagcg cagccgttta     99780
     aagctcattt gtggtgaatg atgtcagaat ttaccggtat tttggaatgg atgtgtgaat     99840
     gctcttttcc ggaaaatttc cgtaacgtcc tcgcctgtgt gaacagcgct tttttgaaca     99900
     taccggtaaa gtcgttccgt aaattttccg gatattttcc ggtatcactg tgtgaaaggg     99960
     gcttatactt cagtctatat ttcagaaaca tacaaaaaaa gcaagcagct gacaatgatg    100020
     aagattgatt caaagatgac ggccgctgga catgacagaa ttaaaagaca ttatttgtgc    100080
     tttacatgtg tggctggtat tatgacgtta atgaaatata taaataattt ctttgaactt    100140
     ttccggcagt ttatgagatt ccctgccatt gagttttaca gcaatccgta ttttaggtgt    100200
     attacagtag gggaagccct aacacgtcct atatgtgagg tacatgatgt caatgaaatc    100260
     tgagaaagag gaactaagaa cgtgggtaaa aataaagagt tataagcttt atttttatga    100320
     tttatgtcat tgtcattgtg tcagagtaca cacctaacat agtaggctac ctaatatggt    100380
     aaataagatc aaaatatgcc atttttaatc gcatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    100440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    100500
     cgcaaaaaaa atagggggcc tgattaaaca tcatattata ttgtagtact tcaagccctg    100560
     agcaacttgt tttaatctat tgatacattt ggaatctttg aaaaggtttt aaaaaaagaa    100620
     atccaaaatt tgttccaaag attttagaaa aatcaagtga tttttttttt ttttcagttc    100680
     ttcactgtta aagggttaat tcactcaaaa atgaccattc tgcctttaat tagtcacgtt    100740
     attccaattc gaaaacagcc aaaacgttcc atgtgacttc agtggctcat ctgtaatcat    100800
     atgaagaccc aagagcactt ttgtgtgcca aaaaactgta aaaagcaaca ttgcttcatg    100860
     gctagttaaa gtagatgctg tttgcccgca gccaacgaag accataaact gacattatgc    100920
     aaatttgtta cataaagcac atgtaggttt gagctggaag taaggctgaa attatagatg    100980
     actaattcaa ggcggttctg aatctgtgtg ctcttttgag acaataactc catttacagt    101040
     gcactttgat ccttgaagaa ctgaatatct ttaacattca caacacatca caaagcactt    101100
     taaggctttt taaaacgtat gtaaattgga ctagatcatt aacattaaaa tatgcacttt    101160
     ttgttgcaac aaggaaaatc atacaaacaa atgaattcga taatttaaca aacaatgctt    101220
     tgtttttgtg tatttcagcc tccgtgggag cggaaagatt tggtcaaagt ctaactgatc    101280
     ccaaaccctt tagaagtctt cagaaagcca ctcacagaca gacatattgt ggactgcttg    101340
     cttgaaaaac agataagcaa actaacagcc acctctcaga cacaaaccat catcatagta    101400
     acacaacttt tacacgatcc cgggtgtgtg agtgtttata catatatata tatatataca    101460
     cgcgagtgtg ttgtaaatgt catttaattt gactcatgcc cctttttcct ttgcgtgttc    101520
     gtttcgttcg ttattaaatc tggatgtaaa ttgatgaagc caatgaataa atgctatcca    101580
     tctgtcagcc ctgtgtgttc tttggctttc atgtttccct tcctctaatg ttaagtgctg    101640
     ctaaatgttt cgtctcaatg ggggcatgtc tgttaagagg tcatgacatt aattagccac    101700
     actttaatgt cggagccctg aaataacatc ccggtttcct ctcagcacat ccactcttct    101760
     tgccagagcc ttacgccaaa tgccctttat ccagccataa agtccgacta aagcgctgtt    101820
     tctctctctg tcctgcataa tggtccgtaa tggtagcgat taacttgcgg tagccactca    101880
     gaaatgagga gaacaataaa aagcggagag cgatgatcta cttttacatt aacccctgcc    101940
     tccactctct cttttccatt cgctgaaatt tatccacctc aaaatccatg atccttttac    102000
     gcgcacacac acacacacag acaaaccatc ttctctttct ctctataaat agtggtgtta    102060
     atttcaggcg gtgtgactga ggttcactgt ttctcagtct ctcagctccg agcagatggg    102120
     agctgtgaac tcttgtgcgt gtgaagtgtg tttgtgtccc ggtgtttttg ttgctgtgca    102180
     gtgtcccttt ggccggactg cttggcgtat gtgattcgca tgagtcactt ccattaaaaa    102240
     aaaaacacac gtttcaaaac accagagatg gctttttatt gacttcatag tacatcgaac    102300
     cacatatttt aaggcagtgc tacatacatg atgtgaaacc tccaaactat atctcacatg    102360
     gtgtagcttc ttgtgtacga gggaaattaa gagggaattg aatccgccgt gcacataaac    102420
     tgtaatggca cattagtttc ttgtttcctc tctcctcgtt ttattttgtt atatattatt    102480
     tcatgaatta tgtggttgtt tgggagtgga atgattatga tttccttgga aatatacagc    102540
     ttggagcaga atcttttttt ttttctgtgt taaagcgtat gatataaatc aaatctgaac    102600
     atttaataat aatatttgtt catattgtga acaatttatc agtgcatatt aaaacatgat    102660
     gatatctctt agaccacaca ggctaaagag tgcaacagtc aagttacaga ggtaaaataa    102720
     agtacttaat gtcttgtact ttagtctttt attccaattt ttatttgttt ttaattcttt    102780
     ttttcaaatg aaggacagcg attttgtgat ttatgtgagt ttggtggatt catggcttat    102840
     aaattctcca ttgattaata tttttttaat aataactaac gtttgctcct taaaacttat    102900
     gtttgccttc aaccttttaa aaaaaaaaca atatttaata gggatgctcc aatcaggatt    102960
     tttggagctg acaaagagta ccaattcctc gtcatggtga tcggccgata acagagtacc    103020
     gattctgatg cttcaagctt tacataactt taacattgca caaaaaaagc acaatttctc    103080
     tttaagtttg atagttaggt ggagatctct tctttcataa gagaataaat taaggatgtt    103140
     gcatacaatc ccttaaacac gtctcttata accatttagt ttggacatct catgcacatg    103200
     aagcagcttc acagaaaata atagatacat ttcggggaaa aatgactaac aatgcaattt    103260
     ggaaacattg taaatgatgg aagaagaatt taatgtgcct caatgaagaa agtttggagc    103320
     gcatatttga tacataagaa gttaaaatgc accttcctct gcttgtaaac ctgtaaatga    103380
     acacttgcga ccggttcatg caatcgacca gattagcgag taccgttaga gtcgtaaaat    103440
     gtgattatct gccgatgcca atcgatcgaa gcatccctaa tttttaatgg taaaatcctt    103500
     gcagaaaaag tacagagttc taccaattag agacaaacac accaaaacaa tctttagttt    103560
     cgcccactta cataaagcat catgataatg tcagcctgca taagcactca agtgcttaat    103620
     aatactttaa taataaaata atttctgtaa taaacttaat taaaaatata tttttagttg    103680
     tttttaaact acaactaacc aatttgaatg aataatatct ctatcattta attgtgtcat    103740
     ttgcagtaga gttgggtcaa taggcaatgc caacccgctc acgaaaaata cacacttggg    103800
     ccccatttac accaatatat cttggtttca aaatggcatt ttagaacgaa aacaatccac    103860
     actggcattt catctagcaa ttttttctga aaagctctcc atccacacta tactgctgaa    103920
     aatgcacatc atgtgacccc acacactgtc atgctctcgt ctgagctcca aaaccccaga    103980
     gagcagtgca cgtcggacag tttatcaagg atctaccgct ggatcgtgtc tcactatagt    104040
     tgttaaacgt gatatttaat taaacttgtc ccgatctaaa gactcttcgg tcttttaaat    104100
     ctatcaggta acgtgtcaca gtgtcagtac actgcttcaa tcttttgctt tcacgcttgt    104160
     acgccatttt aacgacacac atcactctgc ctattcatgc cagagtccta tgaaaaaggg    104220
     attgacaggt ggtaatttgt gtgtaactta tctttataca tttatgttta ttactgggta    104280
     aaacaaagac catgtgggtc aaatacaaat aataaatttg ttatgaatta ttgagttatt    104340
     cataaataat taatttgccg ctgcttacga cgacgccctc gttcatttcg atgttttaca    104400
     ttagacatca taagatgcca aattggttga catcgcccaa ccctaatttg cagtgctcca    104460
     tgggatccct tttcattccc tcattttatt ttgttgttta tggcttataa cttaatccca    104520
     cgtggaatct gtgcacggag aaattcacag attttcagct catcattgag tctatttatt    104580
     tacttgtgta aatgtgtcaa tttatattta atcagttttt aaatcaattt cagtaatatt    104640
     agtgactaat atgaaaatgt tcatttgatt tacttacaat acggtttgcc ttttagtaga    104700
     tatattatct gagagacttg ctttgttttc caagtaatgg atcaaatagt atttgcattg    104760
     taaacattaa ataaatatgt attctttttt atttaacatt aagtttcacc caaatcattc    104820
     tgcataaatc cgcagatttt ttacaatatt ctgcgcagaa atagcaaaaa catgtccaca    104880
     gattctgtct ggccctacca atgacacttt aacaaagatg ttttttaaaa tgcctacaga    104940
     aaaaaaaaat atttatttaa aaaagaacca acactgccca agaagtaggc agaaaatgtt    105000
     gcactctttt gaatgatgcc aaccattatc caattagata ttcaaagatt attttggcaa    105060
     acattcaggc tattacttcc attgtaggac agaaatacaa tatcctcttt cattctcaaa    105120
     tatggcaaac acgcaagtca aataatcatc gatacacact gacttcaaaa gattatcata    105180
     aaactctacc gcctgaaaaa ccgaaccctc ctgagagttg cgggttcata aatataaata    105240
     agaaacccca agctacctcg ctagccatga gttgttagcc tagcgataca tcaaacaaac    105300
     tcgtgtggca tgtttattta attgcttttc agactaaata tgccatggaa gcgccaagct    105360
     tgtttttcag ttcaccatca ccgtcattga ttgtgcttac cataaactta acacgaaaac    105420
     atcacaaaca ccagccattt tggtgagcgc taactccccg ctaaccaaaa aggctgtttt    105480
     atttctagtc tcaaacaccc ccgagaagag agagagatta tatatggccg tgatttagaa    105540
     gtatagtaat aagcataaca acacgcttgg aatataaata cgcaaacttc acgaacacct    105600
     tcaacagatg ttgagccaga atcacacaaa tgttcgtcag cttaagtaaa ttataagtta    105660
     acaccgccga ggtgtttcag cgaacgtcat cgcagccact gttgccatga gacacggagc    105720
     caatatgaaa caaaacactg taaacagatg atgggagtta tatttaactc ctcgaaataa    105780
     ctgcagtcat tcgttaagcc caaataaatg ctacacaaag tgcgagaaaa ggcagtgcta    105840
     ggcagctgta acctttgtgt ttatgagaca taggctactg cgagcaagtc acgccggata    105900
     ctaaattaat gactacatac atcacagctt attccaagat cagaagctaa tgattgtttt    105960
     catggtagag gacgtagcgt tcctggagcc cttgggctaa tgagtgtaat actgtacaaa    106020
     cagcactgga agaaagatgt agagcctgaa acgaagagcc attggaccac aaaacctcca    106080
     tcagagcgtc caagcaaatg tatgcatcca tatatatata tccacacagg tgtcgtctat    106140
     atatctacat gttatgtaca ttcagatgct tcacaccaac ggccacaccg gagtccgtat    106200
     caagcccgcg ggattcgatt atcacgcttg gaacagtcgg ctcttcaaag attgaccacc    106260
     ggtatcctgc agcgtggcaa agagataaag aaacagacgg caaattaaat taatagaagt    106320
     ctcgctctat tatggagagt gagattaatt ctgaaatgca tagagcggca ggaaggactc    106380
     tgatttcatg gatggcacgc tctctttctt tccctgcatc tctgctgttg aaatattcac    106440
     aaccattgaa gaaaacatcc acaacaacgg ctaactgcct gctttgtatt gcaaggcatt    106500
     accattggtc tagcagcaca tacttattga tgttccttca aaggaatcag ctgtacataa    106560
     catggtgtct gcatttctag ttacaaatga tattagttca ctgaattctg tttattgaac    106620
     atttttcaaa gaatctactt agttttgtaa tgaaataaaa atactttttt tggttattaa    106680
     gtaagcatca catagttgtg ttaatggtta aaatagatat gtttttagat caacatgtat    106740
     gtttttccac atgttgacta tattaattta aatgtaagaa tttaatattt aattagttga    106800
     atgattttaa ggtaggtttt aatttactaa tttcatattt aacaatatag tacatgtgtg    106860
     atctaaaata cagaaaaaaa gtaataaaac atttaggcct gttttttctg atagttttta    106920
     tcttcatggg cacctatttt atgcattttt caagatttaa tatgagtctt ttgtgtcacc    106980
     agaatgtgtg tgtaaaattc tagttcaaaa tatccaactg atcatttatt gtcttaactt    107040
     tcagagtatt gttattttca gctctgtgca tctcgtagct gtttttgttt tgtttgcaca    107100
     gcaaatgtgt aaggacgcgc gttaataccc actgctgtat ggatatccgg tatgttaatg    107160
     tacaaaataa acctgattta acatccacaa accagcattg aagtggcaac ggagacatgt    107220
     aaatacgctg ctgtcaatca attcagtggg cagggaaacc acactcctac atcatgttca    107280
     aacggcctca aaaggggagg gatttgaata ctattttaaa gtcaggaagt taaaaaagaa    107340
     gagactttat atcaccccaa tatgactgta gacacactat acctacacac agttctgtcc    107400
     aaacaccttc taaaagatga ttttcatcat aggtgccctt atatatatat atatatatat    107460
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatga aagattaaaa atacaataca    107520
     aatcaacaaa gtttaaatca ggggtgttca aactctgttc tggggggctg gtgtcctgca    107580
     tattttagtt gtaagcccaa ttaaacacgc ctaaaccagc taatcaagct ttttctaggt    107640
     ttactagaaa aacttccagg caggtgtgtt gaaggaagtt ggagctaaac tatgcaggac    107700
     atcggccctc cagaaccgag tttggacacc cctggtttaa atagtacaaa aagtttttct    107760
     acataccttt tttctcacta ataaagtcca tgaaaagtca tatttaaaat gtatgtcatg    107820
     ttaaatgata taacaacata atcttaatat ttatttttta tgcaagaata tttggctgca    107880
     gtacctttaa aaaaaaagct ttattaattc ttagtcttta tcttgaaaaa accatcagca    107940
     ttcaagacat ctttattaga atccatttac aacctcttta tttatttgtt tatttatttg    108000
     ttaggaacat gagctctttt ttattaacgg agttccctct gagagtacct ggtttactgc    108060
     tctgttatct ctatttacct ctctttctat ctctctctcc ctgacacaca cacacacaca    108120
     ctacagccga gctggcagtg agtctgttag gtttacctct ctctgtcggg gaaggatgga    108180
     gtgctgtgca gagtctgcct gctgtcctcc tgagcgatgg gtcgggggat ggcgagagag    108240
     agcggcgggg gacgctgaga gagactgcgg tcataactgc atgaaagtga aagagagaga    108300
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gattaggaca acatccaggg ggaactaact    108360
     taaaaacata caccgaagaa agtgacacag aggcgtgaaa agagagatta aatgaaaaaa    108420
     gcggcaaacc cttcagtgac attgacaggg agttcattca ctctctgact taatttaata    108480
     gcgccttcag cgaaaacaaa gtagaggcag ggaaattaaa gcgagatgga aacgctggaa    108540
     tattcgctta aaatcatatt tgtccggcaa ccgtgaggaa gacaaagtgt cgcatgcacg    108600
     gcgtgacgtg ccatgtaata ttaatggctc gcagcgatat gcacttatct atagtgactc    108660
     aggcgggagt tgagtccagc tccgctctga cgggatgatg atgacgggcg gaggctgctg    108720
     gaggttgtta aatgagcgcg agcgtgtctg tcaaggctag tgtggggcat acagagatta    108780
     atagcagaga agagcttgtg tatgcaataa aatcgccctc ggctctgctc agatgaacgc    108840
     cggtctgatc ttctaggtga gcggtggctt cacattaaca taaacccgtc gggagttcgt    108900
     gatgtgacag ctttaaacct ctctatcgat cttacaaaca agcccacaaa cattgcctta    108960
     acgtctgatt tgtagtgacc tgtaccattg ctttgccgca gtttaaagaa agtatgtgat    109020
     tggctgaagc aaccacgatt tttcaaggaa aggacagcat gaatttgtac gatgcgactc    109080
     ttacagaaca atacaaaaaa atgaagtaaa aaattctccc ctaaactctt ttcctattaa    109140
     tacacatata cgcacttgat cggctaccta ttacagtggc tgtccattct tcgatttgcg    109200
     cataacacat tttgtcacca aaatagaatg cgcatactag actataatca cattgtctac    109260
     tttttgtgtg ttaacaatgg tgcaaacact caagatgttg tttcagggta ggaaaagaaa    109320
     tgtgaaagtg acaaaacaag aacaacaaca atctactgaa gacagcaaaa ataataaaag    109380
     aatacactga caaaagctag agattaaaat gtgagattag agtgacgggg actctacact    109440
     gcttagtgag tgccgtcttt cagatgagac gttaaaccga ggtccagacc attaaaaatc    109500
     ccaggatgtc cttcaaaaaa gagtaggggt ttaactccgg catcctggcc aaatctgccc    109560
     actggcctca gtccatcatg gcctcctaac cctccccata tcataaatgg ccttatcact    109620
     ctgtctcctc tccaccaatc caagctgggg tgtggtgtgc ggtctgccgc aaaatagctg    109680
     ccatcgtgtc atccaggtgg atgctgcaca ctggtggtgg atgaggagat tccactccta    109740
     tctgtaaagc gctttgagtg cccagaaaag cgctatataa atgtaaggaa ttattattat    109800
     taaaacatgt ctactattct actgtaatcg agtacaaacc cagcaaacac aaaacatcat    109860
     atgacgttaa tattaggtta gatttaggtt aactcaacgc tattttgatg tccaataatg    109920
     acgtgaaatg atgtggatat tttgttgatt ttaggttttt aaaattacca aaatctaacg    109980
     ttgagccaaa atcttaaacc aacgtcatat taatgtcaaa tactgacatt tattcgtcag    110040
     gtatggcaac gaatatcaaa cgtctgatag atgtcatatt gttaactatg gggtacaacg    110100
     tcaatctgag gtcatgttaa catcctgtgc ctgctcggaa gccattctaa tagctaaatg    110160
     aaggaaagcg aagacactgg acaagggcag ttctttcttg cgtaaaactt attgaaccct    110220
     tctactacgt atgctgtaaa atggatcata ctttaaaagg ctggacactc aaaaagagac    110280
     ttttgctcct tggtcaaatt acttatttaa aatgagctga aacagcacaa ttcttgaggg    110340
     tttttgggtc aacttaattg ctttttgttc aatgtactta actgcaaata tttaacttaa    110400
     tcgatttgtg ttgggacaat acataagcta acatatagtt taagtccatg agactataca    110460
     gtaagctgtt ccattcatca ttttagctac cagaaggaaa cttgcaagcg cctcctttgt    110520
     aaccgccctt gatgtgcact tctgccaaga caacactgag gtgaacacca caaaagactt    110580
     ctgttcaaca atcacagctg cagtacttca taaatgggtg accgcaagcg tttggggtga    110640
     catctgagac aaggccattt attgcattgt tcagctctgg catgaggtct caatcgatga    110700
     aggcctaaaa taatgaccag tacaaatggc cgggaatctc aagtgatggg ccctttatag    110760
     ttttgatact tactgcaaag agtgaaacca tcaaccattc atgttaaagt atattccact    110820
     atctgtgatc tttctctcaa gaaatcatga gtgagtactt gagtaaccct aacctaacct    110880
     gtcgatgcta ctcaaacttg tgcaaaatca ttcaagaaga acagcgggcc aagagtgtag    110940
     tgtatataca caaaaaaaca atgcaagtac acataaaatt tgcataacag cacactgaat    111000
     gcatacccta gtaaatgcat agtgtaaaag atgtacaaat gagacacaaa ttagccatcg    111060
     acttgccgaa agcgtaaaat agttacgaac agccatgaga gcgtgttggc gcaagagttt    111120
     gacacgttct gatggaactg aattcagaga agggaacatt ctagcataaa ataaggcagg    111180
     tggtcataaa tcacgctcat aacctgtcac cctgtgttta tagttactct caggatgata    111240
     tgggccgtac ctcggctctc tatatcattt taatgatcat ctatgcgatc gaatgctgcc    111300
     gtccgagtaa ctacaaatgc attcctgtgc ctgatggccc ccaacgctcc gggctacatt    111360
     tctaattaaa ccagcacaat aaaacactgt aaggtgtcca gacttttggt gtctgcagag    111420
     ttagaatatc catagatgac atttttaatg gtcctgcagg gaactcttac tgaacagcag    111480
     aaccctcagc tgaaagtttg tggaaatgtg ttgtgtgaga ctattatgac acactgactg    111540
     ttcagtcagt cacacataca cacacacaca cgggggagca agctgtctcg ggggacgcat    111600
     gacagaacca tgcaggcaga gaagtgttga aacgtctcac cagagtttag ctgagatgac    111660
     gaccgcggac agaatcagca gagatgaaat cgtcaccgtc acataaaact gtgggtccac    111720
     tgaagacaga aatcacagag gaaaagaata atcagtgggg ggtgaaatgg aagaattggc    111780
     tccctttcaa tgtgaatttc actttaattg cacccgtctt aagttgaatt taaaatcttt    111840
     gaagtggaaa gacgagatgt ctttgccagt gttcagactg atagcctaca aatgtgagtt    111900
     ttcaggagca gatttctaaa ggtcgaatca ggaatgtgaa agtttttgtt tgatgtgtgt    111960
     gactttaaaa atgtttcaaa ctacgattat cacttccctc aaatagcaaa acctgtcaac    112020
     aagggtatgg gtttgaatcc caaatggtgc gtaagctaca gttgaggtca gaattattag    112080
     cccccctttg tgtttagttt tcttttttaa atatttccca aatgatgttt aaaaaaagca    112140
     aagaaatttt cacagtatgt ctgataatat tttgtcttat ggagaaaatc ttatttgttt    112200
     tatttcggct agaataaaat cagcttttaa tttttcaaaa aacattttag ggacaatatt    112260
     attagccact ttaagctttt tttttgatag tctacagaac aaaccatcat tatacaataa    112320
     cttgcctaat tactctaacc tgcctagtta attaataaaa taattaataa aataattaac    112380
     ctagttaagc ctttaaatgt cactttaagc tgtatagaaa atatctagtc aaatattatt    112440
     tactgtcatc atgacaaata taaaataaat ccattattat aaatgagtta tcaaaactat    112500
     tatgtttata aatgtgttga aaaaaaatct tctctccatt aaatagaaat tggggaaaaa    112560
     ataaacagaa gggctaataa ttctgacttc aactgtaatt ataacatata tcttgaatac    112620
     aatgtcacaa aaaaagtgaa ctgagatttt gggaaagtca ttgtccctca tcccacttgc    112680
     cacaatggtc actcgccact gtaaaactgc tgtcatggaa aatgaaatgg atgttcttgg    112740
     ctggtggaag atgcacaaac aatcctaccc aaaacttgca aaattagcca gatcagaact    112800
     atgcatcccg gccagtagca gcatcagtaa aagggcgttc agtgctgctc agtgagtgca    112860
     agactgcgct aaagccatct acagtggatt caataatgtt cctccacaaa aacacatagc    112920
     ctaatcttgg taagtaaagg attttgaaat gataactaaa tactaattaa accataaaat    112980
     cataatgtac acagagtata taagctaatc aaaatatact tgtcgggctc gggacgaatt    113040
     ctgtcaggct tgggccctat caggcctaaa ttttatggct cgattacacc tctaataagg    113100
     agttcatgat gtacccatcc aagtaaaatc atgatataat tatacaataa catgacatga    113160
     gtttatgatg attaaattaa gcataaacta ttgtggcaat taatacatta attaacaaac    113220
     aatcatgtac taacaagtaa ttaaggtagc cgttattcac acgactcatt agttattaaa    113280
     ttcattaatg tattaattaa cattaaagtt ttcagctaag tgtaaccaac acagctgtta    113340
     ctgtaaatta cgtcatgact ttacttggag gggcacatcg tccataacac attactaact    113400
     actcatgaat tccttatgcg cgtccggcta gtgggtttac actgaataac aatagaaaag    113460
     cgttctgtca acatcaacat gaacacttat acattaacag cttatgagta gggccagacg    113520
     gtatctgcag acgttttttg ctatttctga ggataatttt ggtaaagatc tgcggatttc    113580
     tgcggaatta ctttaggagt atccagcgga gtatcataac taaaacctta atatattaaa    113640
     ttaaaatgaa taaattactg aataaaaagt aagtaaattc agatttacac atttattcaa    113700
     gtaaataaac agaattaata atgggctaaa aaatctgcgg aattctgcgg aaaatctttg    113760
     gaaaatctgc ggaattccgc acgcgctgat ttcgtgtggg cctactcatg agttcttgtt    113820
     ggtgacattt agcttaaact tcaatgttaa ttaatacatt aatgacttgt gttgtagtga    113880
     aagttagttg aggattagcg caagcatttc ctcatcatta gttcataata aagtgaagat    113940
     acgtttacac atttacacat tattcatgca ctcttattgt aaagcgtaac aaaaacagaa    114000
     atgtacaata gctcaaagaa agcagcttga gtgaaagcaa cagtgagcta caggagagcg    114060
     acagtaaaat gtgggggcga gaaagggtgg gtgtcgtaat caggtaaaat tgtattgatt    114120
     gcattgatgc ctccctcaat gggagggaaa tctaagctct cctcaagcgc agatttgcta    114180
     ctatgaggaa gcagcgtgag cccaaagccc tgttggcaat gcagctctca gataaagaac    114240
     tcatttcacg cataccaacc ttcctctgtg tcctgcttct ctgtctccgt cttctctcca    114300
     gcagtcggac gttgtgtttg attgacaggc gcatttcgac gatgggacca gtcctcggac    114360
     gtggtcgcct tcaaactgtc cgtctccagg ctggacatga gatgatgggt ctcgtcctcc    114420
     aggggctgcg tgggacccca gtccaccgcc cagagctggg tggtgctggc ctgcgccgtg    114480
     actggcatct gcatttcagc caactcctcc cacttcctgt catctgtgtc accggtggca    114540
     gtgcaaaaaa tgacagtgac cagcaggaag ctccaaaggg gaatgaatcc aatgtgggga    114600
     gagatggagc tgggagggaa ggagagacaa gcaacgaaaa agacggaagg agggattgaa    114660
     aaggaaaagc tagagatcgg aaaaagtgag cacataagtg agagaggcgt gaaccttgca    114720
     cagatggaaa gagacttaaa gcaggagctg atgcaaccca acgggctgct gaaattaact    114780
     ggtcagatct gagagcagag tgcaacccaa acagtacgct ctggcttacc atcgctccat    114840
     cgctactgcc tgttcactga ctcctcgccg ctccgatcat ctctgaaatg agaaaaagag    114900
     aaggatgaga agagaaacag agctggaagg gggagggctc agccttgaca ctgactaaaa    114960
     gaccataaac agatggctgt agtggagaaa taccctgctg gctctgagac aacacaaata    115020
     aaggcacacg cacgtttaca cgcgcactca tcgacaacca aaaccacatg ctgaagccta    115080
     ggaactactg tggaacacac ctgtggatgc gttcacggct tcaaacctca tccctcatcc    115140
     atcaaacaca actcaacatc tgtaaccaag ctcacagcgc actccaacaa cacaaaatca    115200
     ccctgacaca tcgcaaaaca tgcagactca cactctcaag gcagaaatac ggactcgcat    115260
     acctacctcg tgccactgaa gaagggagtg ggagaaaggc tgagcgcctg gaagtggggg    115320
     aaagcattgg ttgccgtaga gacagagaca tgcagaaatt gtgtgagtga gaaatagagt    115380
     gcgggagagg gagggagagt gagaacggga gagagagaga gagagagagg aaagaggatt    115440
     ggaggaaaga ttgaaatact aattatgcat cttaactggt tcaaattaaa taggcagcag    115500
     cgagaaggaa agaaatgaat tttgaaggcg aaaatagccg gacggaataa aagaagcggc    115560
     ttattaatat tcccgagacc agttgaagta aataaaaagt actccgaaag gacaaatgaa    115620
     gataggcagc ggcgggggaa tcaatataca ttaatgtagc gttggatggg agccttacat    115680
     gatgaacagc gccatagata tttataggca gaagtgacag agatgataaa tactctcaca    115740
     cacacacaca cacacacaca catacggtcg taacacggtt ggttttattg gatcactgtt    115800
     tacatagaaa aacagtctgt tgtttctgtc ctccttctgt ttctgcgagt cagtcaatct    115860
     gttcaatcca tagtgcgcaa ctcggcgttg tcgcttgacc ttgctttctc ttgctttaca    115920
     gtttgttctt ttttaccctc ctccttcccc cttgtcctcc cgtttttcat tcacccctcc    115980
     tctcgctcac tgaagaacac aacgcagcca tgaggaactt gcgggttcct ctgtttcagg    116040
     tgcatcctgg gtcgtggcat cttcgtcatc agcatcgtct ggagaaagac agttctgatg    116100
     gtgaattctg atatttttga agtccaaaaa atatgtagta gcagttttat ttttaaaggg    116160
     caatttcaca caaacgtcat ttactctctc ttcgattgct tgagtttttt tcttcagttg    116220
     aacactaaag aagatatttt aaagaaagct gaaaaccatt gacttccata acagttgttt    116280
     ttccattaat ggttaaatgt ttttattctt ttattttcct tcagcttaaa gctggtttac    116340
     acttctgcgt caagtgactg gcgtgaccca tggcgcctgc cttgtgtgta gtcatgtatt    116400
     tatagttctg tgtgctgatt gtgttgctct gcagtaacac ttcccaaaca cttgctggca    116460
     gtgaggtttt tattttcctc tgtgtcgagt ttcttcgctg gtgttttgtt ttttctcaat    116520
     gctaccttaa tgtagaagta gctaaaactt gcttattcag acgtgggaac cggtggacgt    116580
     gcaacaactt taatcatacg gtaaacacta ggaatgctcc actcgattgg ccagaaatcg    116640
     gtattggccg attatcactt ttcaatactc gatcggtact tactaatcag gggtgctttt    116700
     ccaaaacaac cacataactc acggctgaac tatcatagta ccatgcatcg ttcgggaaaa    116760
     gaaagagttt ttcccaaacc catagtttct ctgtcgcaga tccaatgttt gaaccacgcc    116820
     cataatgatt ctctaaacgg ggtggtaaca acttctttag agaataaccc cataatttct    116880
     ttgtgcaaat tattttgttt gtataaaatc caatatcagt tttggtaaag acatgcaccc    116940
     gttttccata ttaattgaaa ctgtacacaa ctgtacaaaa gcaaacacat attctaatct    117000
     catatgaaaa tcatataaat aaaaaatgag gctatttatt aagaaattat atttaatatt    117060
     tattacttat taggaaatga aaaaatccta ctttatatat atatatatat atatatatat    117120
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acttatacaa    117180
     cagctctgta tggttctcaa atctgattgg ctggtagccg tgcgatattc tgcaatatca    117240
     gaactcctac agtctcttta ccctttgtgt attactccac ccacatacag ccagcaaaaa    117300
     gcagacacta cagatctaaa gtttaaaaga tgcacgctca gctgtttaac tgtcagctta    117360
     tgatttgaat ccggaagaaa gtagttcctc atacaaaagg gtttttgaga ctctccatgt    117420
     ttgattttgt ttttatatac acaattatgc tgtcaaactg ttgtataaac acaatatcat    117480
     actcgtagca gtgcgatatg gctgtacaac gcacgcctcc caccagcacc aatatacagc    117540
     catatcgcac tgctactcgt gtgatactgc tcatttatat atatatatat atatatatat    117600
     atatatatat atatatattt atataatata aaattaaata ataaatataa taatatggct    117660
     gatttcatga actgatcaca attgtttgtt caagagttta caagcagagg acacataaga    117720
     actgaaatct tttacataac agaactgaat gttctgtgtt ttcaacaata ttgcaagttc    117780
     attaaatcct ggctggaaat gttttttcac ttgaatattt attggcataa cttatggtat    117840
     aacgtgtatt gtaatataca tactgtaata agcagtagtt tatagaccta attcctttaa    117900
     gtaaagtagt aatggattta taggagtgca ttttacttct tatgcattaa atatgccctc    117960
     caaacttcat tgagacatgt tgaattcttc catgatttgc agcgtttcca aatagctttt    118020
     ttcagttgct tctgaccatg acatgtctac attaaatggt taagtatcat atgtatctta    118080
     tctattataa agcttaaagc atcagaatcg gtacttggta tcggtttacc accacaacaa    118140
     ggaattggta cacagtattg actgcaaaaa tcctgatcgg ggcatcccta gtaaacacaa    118200
     aataagtttc catctggagc tccttcacgg ttctcgacac ttaaaaacac tcactccatc    118260
     aggttcgcga ttgtagtttt tcaagacagt gtgcgtcagc gtctgcgtca gccatggcga    118320
     gggctaagag accaagcaaa gcacttgacg gagaaatata aatcagcctt tagtcccttt    118380
     attaatcagg gttcgccaca gtggaatgaa ctggcaaatt atccagcata tgttttacac    118440
     agcagatgcc tttccagctg caaccctgta ccaggaaaca cttatacacc atcacatgca    118500
     cacacattca ttcattaatt cacctgtagt gcatgttttg gactgtgggg gaaaccatat    118560
     cagccaaagg aaaccaacac aaacatgggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatgcca    118620
     actgacccag ccaggactca aaccagcaat cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gtgctaagca    118680
     ctgagccaca gtgtcgccta tgttttcaat tttctttaaa atatcttctt ttgtgttcaa    118740
     gaaaagaaag aaactcaagc aagtgaagga aggagagtca atgacgacag aaattccttt    118800
     caagtttttg cagactgatt tgcaacaggt taaaacatct gtctctctct cttaccctca    118860
     cttctgtcgt cttctgagtc tctgtctgat tccagaatac agtcctccag tcgtctgtct    118920
     cgtctcactg tgacatcgcc cctagaggaa acacagcaga agagcgtcag tgcagggcac    118980
     ttgggtcaca ctgtttacaa ggacagaagg atgtttaact cggcctgaag caaaaagcca    119040
     agcaactctg ctgacaatgg cgcggctgtc aatgggtttg gaatgacttc attatacaaa    119100
     ctgcttttaa agtagcaagt atatcattaa gagttaggca gaggcagtta aacttaaaaa    119160
     tcttcttcat ttctggctta aggtgtcaca ttagtgttat ttcagtgaaa tatgtggagg    119220
     aaaaagtctt gttcacacag aagtctcttt taaaccatac agctctcttc tggttaatgc    119280
     aatgcatttg caagatcagc atgagcaaaa tctacatgtg aaaactttcc atctccgcat    119340
     aatattccaa aatgtgcaca ctgctgttca aatggctaaa taaagtcaca aagtgagatt    119400
     gtaccttttg ttttttagca gtggcttgtt aaggactcaa cttggcacca aaattgctgc    119460
     ttgaacatct gaacaaacct gttttgagta atacctcaca caaacaggac gattctgtca    119520
     ttctttactc accattcact cattccaaac atatttgagc ttttgttgaa cacaaaataa    119580
     gagattgtga agtatgctaa aaaccagtag acattgatct gaacagtatt ttcgaactat    119640
     ggatgttaag atctagtggt gtcaaggtct accaacatta ttcttattca gagatgtgca    119700
     aagtagggcc cgtgggccaa agttggtaac ctttgatttg gcccactatc ccatctaaca    119760
     gcaagaatga tggagagggt ttgggcgaat gcctataaca cagagattgt tatttctaat    119820
     ttgacgtaac ctttgttatt tgtttcattg ctgagctgca aaatatgtaa actgaattta    119880
     aatgtttcaa ttaaatattg taaatgaatc tgatttttaa acatgtaaat agacagatag    119940
     aagactacgc agaagacagc agcgtttata attctgttat aaacaaggtt ttgtttttac    120000
     tgtaataagt tcattataaa atgtttttca aaaactgtat tatttaacat aaagccatgt    120060
     tttctagtca attttaacat tataaaaaat taggaaatta cacgtggcaa ctataattac    120120
     cttcggccaa ctagcctcaa ttaagtttgg tttttggccc tttataggaa aaagtttggg    120180
     cacccttgtt ctaaataatt tggtgtgcaa caacaacaaa aaatctgagt cttgaaatca    120240
     catgagaagt aaaagcattt ttagatgaac tatccctcca aaccagcata aactggtata    120300
     gctagcttaa tctggtcttc tttctgggca caccagtata aactggctgt ggattattta    120360
     atatggtctt caagcatgac caatttagat gtagatgttc ctacaatgaa ttactagatt    120420
     aatcccaaaa ctgttgttaa aaaaacaagc tgggaggtta gttagtttta aatgttttag    120480
     tcgacagtgt gtacaaacat aaaatgtaat attaatattt tcatcaaatg ttggctgcta    120540
     agttgaccag ctttcaagtg gcagattaag tgccaaatat tggatgaaaa ttctgctact    120600
     tttggttttg agttttacat ggaacaagcg gtgaaccagc aaaatacaaa agtgtttact    120660
     gcagtttaac ccttgggcac tgttcaaatg tgctaccctt ttgttgttgt tgttagagaa    120720
     gaaaacgtcc actgaattaa actgctataa aaatgcatca gtttaatagc taatgttttt    120780
     tccataaatc tgttaatcaa cctcagtcaa cttatttgtt tagaaaatta caggatttaa    120840
     actctttaat tgccgagttc acaaatgatg tcactgatgt ggtggaaaac cacacaaaat    120900
     gacgtatttt caaaataaaa tataatagtg gactggattt attttacttt ttatcatagt    120960
     cttggacatg tgaacgatta ttaagaacat tagctttgat gcattgttag attaaatttt    121020
     ttttccgtaa cttactgttg gtggctgttt tttccccatt gacttccatt ataagcacat    121080
     ttgatggtac ataaatacac agcctttgtt tttgtttact ccgtgtagtt ctgagagctc    121140
     ggatgcatat ttagattttc tcagacacat caaggtaagt gcataaaggt cactgtcaca    121200
     cactcagaac aggcatacac acactttagt gtgcagttat acttcatata aaatccagaa    121260
     gttatttttt ttttttttgc atcttaaggg ttaatggtgc caactaatga tcaacagtaa    121320
     aaattgcatt tttttacctc ttctcaacag ggagaacatc aacaatcaaa aatgcatgat    121380
     taaaagattc aaatagaagt caatgaggca aaaccagaca ccaaaagtaa attggggaga    121440
     aaatcaatca aaaacacttc atctaagaca atgttgtttc acatgtccaa gactttgata    121500
     aaaagtaaat tccgctccac aattactttt tatattacac acaagtcata gtgggtgttt    121560
     ttttaccaag tcagtgacaa catttatgaa tgatttcaaa tcctgtaatt ttctaaacaa    121620
     tttagtagtt ttgaccagga ctgtggttga ttaacagatt tatgcaaaaa atgttgaaaa    121680
     aaaaaatgtt aatctaacgc atttttacag cagtttaatt cagtggatgt tttcatcctt    121740
     aacataacaa aagggtagta aatttgccca gtgtatcatt gacttctttt taaaaaattc    121800
     tcaaaatgtg tgtcaaaata agatttgtga ccaaaaatcc ttctgctagc tgaaacagaa    121860
     aatgttacgg ccaatttaag acatacaatc tccccagact ggatgaaaac atccccaaca    121920
     gtgtataagg gttaaaaaaa tgccagtaaa actaatcttc aagccaggcc atattactgt    121980
     taagctggct tatctagata caaagtttgt tctctaaaaa gtgtccaaaa ccacagtaaa    122040
     tccagcaaaa agacttaaac aatgaaacaa tgagaccgga taatattcca aaaccagtgt    122100
     aggtgagttt agaagtttct gtcaacagtg tcaaatgtaa atgaaaatgt ccttgaaatt    122160
     aagcactgat attgatattg ccatgaaatg ctggcatctg tctaatctgg ctatcttcca    122220
     agtgacagat taaccgccaa aatactgaag ccttgatgtc tttgacaaaa acaacaaaag    122280
     atacgggaat cattttctct tccttttaaa aacctaagaa gtaagaacct atttttgctg    122340
     atctaaatgt gcagaattat atggctggtt ggatttgatt atttgcatgt aacatctttt    122400
     tttttttctc tctctaaccc accagttgag acccgcagct ctcccgaaat gtagttaaaa    122460
     aaatcaatat ttattttttt tctccacaat gtgatcactg gctcagcatc cagagctcga    122520
     tgtgagctat ggttcccatt gtcaattaaa ctatgcctga agcgttcctg cagacttctc    122580
     attaataagc atcccaaaga tactatattc cagccagtat ctcattactg atgtacatat    122640
     tgatatactg actaaatgaa acattgagca gagcgtctta tattagtaac tgtgagtcag    122700
     gagatgtcta tgaattgata tacagtaata cattatataa agtagattgc gaagggcttg    122760
     ggcatgggca gaagcgcttg cgaaatacat cagcttgagg aagtcagttt gagatgcacg    122820
     aggcaaacgc aatcctgttt acatctggca ttttaatcca tctcttttct ccaccatcga    122880
     ccactttcct gatttctttg agaggagggt caatgggcgg gtgaacgtat cggctttttc    122940
     tgatctttca atgtaacatt ctggaataag attgcaaaac ttggatatta atgtgcaaga    123000
     gacaactaaa aaaatcaatg cagaaaacag cagaatttgt tttctgctct gattgctgca    123060
     aaaatatggt gaatataaaa atgaagaatg tggcaggact tttaagagaa cactttttag    123120
     gttctcccac tcaaacaaag cttacaattt ctaatggcaa agtttaaatc ccatctgact    123180
     acaatactta acaaccacat tttattcaag tttaactctc atccttccct tctgtcctgg    123240
     tttccaaagt ttctctcctt tagttttttt ctcaaaaatg aaatatcaat atatgtagta    123300
     gtgtgtaagt caggggtctc aaactcaatt tacctggggg ccgcagtagg caaagtctgg    123360
     gtaaggctgg gccgcataag ggatttcaca aaaaaaaagt cctcaaatgt cattatcaac    123420
     agttttaatt atttcttctg aacatgaagt gtcctgaaca ttaatagaac attgagtgaa    123480
     gattatgaac agttcttctg aacatggcat cttttgccta cttcttgctg ccagagactt    123540
     gacagcgctt cttctcacaa atctgaacca catttggctt tagagcggaa gcagttgaga    123600
     ccctcagtat ggcttgaaga tgatcatcat taagtctaga cctgtacttt gacttattga    123660
     agtcctaggg aaaaaagcgg gggaactcac tcaaaacttc cattccctca cctaaaaaaa    123720
     aaggcgtata tatgtataaa taaaacaccc ccaccccact ccactcacat cagtctgtaa    123780
     cagtctgtat ctacctataa tatatataag atgcaggctg tagctaggta ggtggcaggc    123840
     tgcagatagg tagctaagtg gcaggcaggg gcgggaacag cttaccttgg ttctggccgg    123900
     cgcgagttcc ctcctaacac ttcccgcccg tcacagcgtc taacaaaggg gcggggtgcg    123960
     tggtgacgtc accggcatcc ccgccccttt gtttacacgg cgggcgggga atgccagtga    124020
     ccgctgtgta cggatagaat cagcggagcg gggagcgctc tctctcccgg cgcgggccac    124080
     aaaatactga gggccgcaaa tggcccgcgg gccgcgagtt tgagacccct agtgtaagtt    124140
     atatagtata cactccccag tcactttatt aggtacacct tactagtacc ctttttcctt    124200
     cagaactgcc ttaatgcttc gtggcataga ttcaacaagg tactgaaaaa ttcctcagag    124260
     attttggtcc atattgacat gacagcatta tgactttgct gcagatttgt tatctgcaca    124320
     cccatggtgc tcttttggat tgagtactgt ggaggcaatt tgagtacagt gaactcattg    124380
     tcttgtttaa gaaatcagtc tgagatgatt cgagctttat gacatggcac tttatcctgc    124440
     tggaagtagc catcagaaga ttggtacact gtggtataaa gtgtgccccc cggtgtgatg    124500
     tgttgtgcat tcagagatac tcttctgcat acctcggttg taacaagtgg ttatttgagt    124560
     tactgttgcc tttctatcag ctggaaccag tctggctatt ctccactggc atcaacaagg    124620
     catttgcgcc cacagaactg acactcacca aatattttct cttttttgga ccattctcta    124680
     taaaccctag agatggttgt gcatgataat accagtagat cagcagtttc tgaaataatc    124740
     aaaccagacc atgtggcacc aacagccatg ccacgtttaa ggtcacttaa atcaccaatg    124800
     aatttggagt ggcagtcctt gcctgttgat gtcagtttga aaaagttttc ttaaccacgc    124860
     ccttcttacc attagtttgc tatgaggtaa tgatccacaa aaagaaaccc ctcccccaac    124920
     tcaatattcc atttcagttg gaagtacatc agcatactga aataaaagtc tcagcaactt    124980
     tcagttgacg tggactttga ccattgcaga taccacttac acctgtattt agcaacatcc    125040
     aatgtgatta gactagattg acaaaagtgc atcttactac aagatgtaaa cagagcctaa    125100
     aaagttatac atgtccactt ttgacttctt ccagaagtag aggacaatgc atttgatcag    125160
     actttcacaa aaaactacat actcagattt ttctaaaaaa ttacaagtaa attgcagagg    125220
     agagatatta ataataataa aaactcctta catttatata gccctttttt ctggacactc    125280
     aaagctcttc attttttctc atccatcatc agagtgcagc atccaccagg atgacacgac    125340
     agcagccata ttacgccaga ccgcacacca aacaccagct gataggtgga gaggaggcaa    125400
     agtgatgaag ccaattatgg tatggggatg gttaggaggc catgacagac agaggccagt    125460
     ggggaaaatt ggccaggatt aaatccctac tctttttttt ttttttaacg acatcctggg    125520
     atttttaacg gtcacagaga gtcaggactt cggtttaatg tttcatgcga aagacagcac    125580
     tcactgagca gtatagagtc cccatcaata tactggagca ttaggaccca cacagaccgc    125640
     aggttaaatg ctccctgctg gtctcactaa caccactacc ggcagcaacc tagctttccc    125700
     atgtggcctc ccatccagtt actgaccagg cacagccctg cttaacttca gtagtcgacc    125760
     atgtaagatt tgaagagcta gctgctggtg tgaacttttt aaaaatactt taaaacacat    125820
     tccaaaatgt gaaattgcaa cgtaaccagt aaactggcaa aatctagtaa acagtacatt    125880
     tttttatttt attggtaaat tatttttagt aatcttacag aaatttacta ataatactgt    125940
     gtgaaatttg gattggatat tggctaatgc attggttttc tgcttactca ttagctccac    126000
     atcattggtt tggtcattca acagttcttg tgcgtcacac tgagcacttt agctcaagta    126060
     atgtagagcg taaaagaaat aaaaacaaag agtttcaaaa tccaaacaca aaaggacaca    126120
     agagatgcat ttgaacatgt taaaaccagg tggaaacagt aatgcgtctc agctgaccac    126180
     tttagaatga atcactataa acattaacat cagctggaaa caaggccaaa actgatccta    126240
     tacactacat ctaataaaac acacacctct ttttaaaagt tcctggaagc tgctcccaaa    126300
     caatgagatc acggccccct gtgacccaac gatggtctcc gcttgcggtc agccacgcag    126360
     caaagcaaag aatcctggga agatctgaag aagtgagtga aaccaggtac ttgcactggg    126420
     gaagtgagaa cactgagaga gaaagaaaaa gagtgattat attatattat attatattat    126480
     attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat attatattat    126540
     attatattat attatattat ataagattag attatcttga ggttttacac tttgagaggt    126600
     gttaaaagaa atcactcaca gtttattgtg ctctctccat tcgcgagatc aaaacatgag    126660
     gcgatcaaaa gaccggggat ttgattgacg caatctgtga ctccggcagt gctgctgtga    126720
     ttggctagcc tggtcatcac gcctgccaaa tgattggata atgcaaagcc gcatcattag    126780
     aagcatttct ctaacattca ttcactgaaa taagccatga acaaaattaa ttacactccc    126840
     ataatctctg tatttataga ctcttttttt agtctgtcaa tagcttgccc actttgctgt    126900
     gtatactcag tcgttaataa aaatgttttt ttagtctgta agaagcttat tattttgtct    126960
     cgagctcctg cttggagttg tttgatgaac tggcgtcatt atgaatctca gcgctttcga    127020
     ttagagcgtc acatcatgta gtgcgttcct agcagtaact ctgatttatc tgatgtaatt    127080
     gtttacaggt tgttattttc ttgacataat ggccttcggc acaaacatcc tgtgaggaaa    127140
     agggattaaa atgttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgcg    127200
     cgctccccgg ggtaaagagc ccccacttct gcctgtgttc gctgagccat tgggacttta    127260
     gcacagatga tattatcagc tctgagcgaa tacactcagt caagatgtat tccactaata    127320
     aatctgttaa acagccctga gtcaaagaac aaatgaaggt ccagtggggg ttgtaaaaaa    127380
     ttgactgcta gagaatccgg catatccata agaagtgctt cataaaacag gaggttgact    127440
     aaatatcggt attgatggca aatgatcgca tgatgttgac aaaggattat taggctgtcg    127500
     gtttaacatg ataatttggt gtgattgatt taataaaaag aaatgctgct ctattcatct    127560
     gtttttttac acagagtctt taaaatgtct tcattttagg cctgctttga tcaaatattt    127620
     atattgtaat ggtcatgata ttaatacaaa taaaaactca aataattgca atgggtaagt    127680
     attcatagcc tttgctcagt actcagatgg agcgcctttg gcaaaattac agtttaaaac    127740
     atgaaagctt ttcatatttg caattagggt tttttgtgcc atccttttct gtagattctc    127800
     tcaagctctg tcaggttgga tgagactgtt aatttttaat tgtggttaag ttggagctct    127860
     ggctgttttt ttagggacag agcacctacg gtgcgtaggc cctattggaa ttgctccgtt    127920
     tcttgttatt aatcttccgc ttcttctact tctgtagaat gaaacgtgat tttgtgggtc    127980
     caaacacacc cgaaaactca caaaacttag aacacgccct agaagtggca aaattcatgc    128040
     acacgcacaa aaattggcac acaagtcaaa catgccaatt cctaaattcc tacgaaaagt    128100
     ctcttggagt gaaatcttaa acccaacagg aagtcggata ttttttactt actgtgccaa    128160
     aaaaaaagtg ttttttttgc catttccagg cgttgtgttc ttctacggat ttgatccaat    128220
     caacaccaac attggttttt gtcatctaaa ggccttggca atgttaaatt gcgaagatca    128280
     agagttttta tcgaagagcg tccgtgacgg cctcgcaaac tttgacgatt cttcacgaaa    128340
     caggaagatg ttataagtca ggcatgcatt ttttggtctg tctaaaaatg tacacataga    128400
     taaaagtcct gacctaaaca cgtttacatg ccaatatcca gatacagtta tagcggcacc    128460
     tcctggcaac atgaaatgaa gttttagtgt aactcctccc acaaattaaa tcgtatcagc    128520
     accaaatttg ggtagtgtta tctgaaagct ctagcgatga tatattgtga agatctagag    128580
     ttccaaggcg gcctgacaaa ccgcagtgct tcaccatgga gcagaaagta gttataaatc    128640
     gaccacacaa tgtccgatct gcatgaaaat tcacgtttga taagattcct gttctgagga    128700
     catctacatg ccaatattga gccacagtca tagcaccacc tactgacaga aagaagtttg    128760
     gcttataact caaccacaca atgtcagatc tgcctgaaac ttcacatgct ccggtttccc    128820
     cctctgccaa agacatgcga tataggtgaa ttgggttagc taaattgtcc gtagtgtatg    128880
     tgtgtgaatg tgaaagtgta taggtgtttc ccagtgatgg gttgcagctg gaagggctgt    128940
     aataagctgg gtaaatcata tgctggataa gttgctggtt cactccgcag tggcgaaccc    129000
     tgattaataa aggcactaag ctgaaaagaa aatgaacgaa ttgaccggat tcagtatatt    129060
     acctgttctc caattcagga ttcgtatgct ggccttccca cacgagagaa acacacggtc    129120
     cccacggggg ctgagaacca gccttccgtt aagcccgtct tcccctccac accccgtgac    129180
     ctcgggcccc cagaggtgca gcctgcgcag gggctccggc ccttcatcgc acacctccca    129240
     cacacacaca cttccctccg ccgagccgct gaacaccaga ggaccatggg actgtggaga    129300
     gaacggagag taaatgccac tgtgtttcca tgacaactcg tgccaactaa cagtattaaa    129360
     tatggaagga gagtcaccgc tgtttgatgc tacagtattc agatttttct cacagcctca    129420
     caaacacttc tatatgttgg cctccatata ttatattgtc cagcccggat gcatagcaat    129480
     aagtataaga atgcaagtcc agcaagggtt gtgaaatatt tatatgctag agcagtgttt    129540
     cccaaccctg tccctggagg cacaacaaca gtacatagtt tgaatgtcgc ccttatctga    129600
     cccattaact tcaggtttag gagtctcctc ttatgctctg atgagttgat tcaggtgtgt    129660
     ttgattaggg aaaatctgga ctgttggtgt gccttctgga gcaaggttgg gaaacactgt    129720
     gctagagaat caaacatatc catgagaaat gcttcataaa atgcagggtt gacaaaatat    129780
     tgggtttgat gggagatctt atgattatgt tgacaagggt gtgtcagggt gtcaattgaa    129840
     tgtttttttt ggtagaagta attaaatgga aacaagaatt gtgagtcaga tcatgcatgt    129900
     tttaatgtga tgcccttaga tatttttata tgagggctgc ttttattaaa tattggttaa    129960
     gtaagataag attaactacg atttattaga gtccatggtt tccactacat tcattctttc    130020
     atagcggggc gccacgccaa aattcttcct gccacggcta cattacagct tctcattcta    130080
     aaaattattt ttttttaata gcaagtgata atcgcaccaa aacgtattaa agggtaagtg    130140
     aattataaca gcgcgaactt ttcagtaacc gtagtatcgc tctgtaggtt tattagggag    130200
     acattcataa atattcctag caaagccaat aaatgctgga gacatactca ttacataaac    130260
     gcagtaattc acacttcagc agcgtttatt tgagagcgca caagatctgt gcgctcttga    130320
     agcggcttat aattgagggg gtgtgcaaaa agttttggaa atcagcacgc aagcatgctt    130380
     taggctatta caaaaatgcg atctcgactt ctaatactgc gctcacgaca tttgtcatta    130440
     aaataacgcc acaggtagat ctgtgtgaaa aaaaaaggcc tgccatcaca gctggaaaaa    130500
     atcctagagg aaacactgga ctctaataga ttgaacttat aaaatatata taatatgctt    130560
     ataagtgtag tttaaacaaa aatcaaacat aaaaacaagt tgaggttcaa aagcaaatgc    130620
     aatgttgggt taatataaca gttcatcaaa cagctagtta aaggtgcagt aggtaattgt    130680
     cttcagatac attttttgtt gtgctggttg aaaatctatt tacattctaa tagcaatgat    130740
     taaagtaaat aatttaaatc tatttatatg tattttttta ttctgggtaa ggtataaaac    130800
     taaaaaatgt tcatccaatt aaatactgtc gggcgacaat tcccatagtc tgataatgat    130860
     ttgtatatct gtgcatctgt tcacacagat ccaccaatta tatgtgcaca cgcatttacg    130920
     ttctcacgag agagtcacag cagtaaaaac aaatgctgaa tcaaaacatt ttaaatttca    130980
     gaatcaatat tggagttagt tttgcacgct ggaggaatga tgacagcatg gctaaagtat    131040
     ttcttttaga caggtaatga taagttttca aactatttta gtcacgcaaa acctatgtag    131100
     attgtgttgt tactagtggg ttatatgcac catagtgttg ttcagcccct gaaatcttcc    131160
     tgcaagcgac tattttcaag ttcaagatcc cttttacagc ctcagtaatg tgtaaataaa    131220
     atttttattt agtttaacaa caaaacatca ctaaatagcg ctaaattcca cctaaattgg    131280
     cctgctttac tgaggtgaag ttagtttcat attcacatca cattggttca tttttaaaca    131340
     ataccaacct gtgacatgct ccctatattg tttaccatgc tactctgaat atttggtctg    131400
     aaatagcatg taagtgtggc atagtaataa gtgttattcc tgcaagcact aagcatacag    131460
     tagtcactac taagtgcatg agagaatgag accagcgatc cttgcatgca tgatatattg    131520
     tgcattatta ggttttgctt gctactaaac tgaaaacgtg ctaaatataa tacagttttt    131580
     tttgttcaga tttctagtat tataaagtac tataaagttt tccaactggc gaatgacatg    131640
     aactagtggg ttgtctactg tcacctttat ggtgcgcatt cgtgtttcag gaggctttgg    131700
     gaggaactgt ggttagcatt ttggcagatc acctgcacct ttattattga gcgagttaca    131760
     ttttggacac gatattgtct gtttttattt ctgttttgca tataataagt tcacaaaagt    131820
     tcaaactaag ccaccaaaaa acatttgtgc atctttcagc aaaacagaga tgtctccttc    131880
     catcttggat tcatttttaa agacagtcgt ttacttcata tctaaatgaa tcagccattt    131940
     tgaattaatt gttcgaatgg aggatttaat gaattgttca ttgagatggg attgtgccgg    132000
     aagtgccata acatacttat ggttttaggg tcatagtgac ccattactag ggatgtaaag    132060
     atgaacctgg tttaaaaaaa actattaaaa taggtggtaa ttcaaatcag ttgaaatgcc    132120
     atacgaattg cgatgcagtg ggagaaggag tttacattag tgtatttcta aggcggactg    132180
     actgtcttta gaaaatttca aatgatattt tctgttaatt agcctctgag agatacatat    132240
     taaagtagtg tttataaatg atgtactgca attaatttga tttggtaaat ttccatttcg    132300
     ttatatttca ttttcgctag caggtgggta gcactgtcgc tacacagcaa gaaggttgct    132360
     ggttcaagcc tcagctgagt cagttggcat ttctctgtgg agtttgcatg tttttcctgt    132420
     gttcacgtag gtttcctccg ggggttccgg tttcccccac aagtccaaag acatgttgtt    132480
     taggtgaatt gggtaggcta aatcaactgt agtgtatgtt tgtgaatgag agtgttccca    132540
     cacaaaggca tgcactgcgt aaaacatatg ctggagaagt tggcggttca ttctgctgtg    132600
     gcgacccctg aaaaataaag ggactaagcc aaaaaaatgt attaattaat tttcaatagc    132660
     ctaataagta tggagctaat tatatgccaa aacaatgtga atttgaattg tgttaatttg    132720
     tgtttaatat tgacaactgt aatttaataa atctgaattt gtattggcct tttaaaattg    132780
     ttttgaattt gaacttctta acttgaattt gaatttcata acatgactat gcaacatctg    132840
     aaatttaaga cggaattttt tatagacata ttttcaatct tcagatttct tgtgttctga    132900
     attcatagac tgcagatatc cagtttgtaa aaatacagtt tcaaattttc aagatgaaga    132960
     aattcagaac atgaaattca gattcagcag aaaataggtc aggggtgatt aacggggaca    133020
     agtagacgat cacagaaaag tcaaacttag cgtttttggc caatcactga gctgtgtgag    133080
     tttactggtg aatgtgaggc tcaggaagaa acaattcatc tgctaactga ctattgaggg    133140
     tcagctattt tcagtagctt gtgtaaaata tataaataaa aaacttctgc cttaaaaaat    133200
     tcagttgtct taaattatag atgttcaata ttcaagttat ggatttcaaa ttcaaatgaa    133260
     gaaattcaaa tttaaattaa gaaattcaaa ttcaaaatta ttttagtggc atataaaaat    133320
     tcagatttat taaattacag ttagttaata ttttaaatta acacaataca aatttagact    133380
     gttttggaat attattagct ccataaataa aaggacaaca tttttgatat aacgtcaaca    133440
     atctcgtttt attgaaaata ttgtgagaaa atctaattgc aaaatcaaat tgtgaatgga    133500
     ttattacatc cctatccatt acagctagcc aagttacaat cataaaaaca cactcagcaa    133560
     aataataatt actgttgcca gaacaaaata attaaaaata tagaacatca tctgacgcac    133620
     ccctaagtac cacgattaaa tagtttcaaa atttccaaat caaaattcat tcttttcggc    133680
     ttagtccctt tattaatcag aggtcaccac agcagaatgg accgccaact tatccagcat    133740
     atgttttaca cagtggatac ccttccagct gcaactcatc actgagaaac aaaataaaat    133800
     taatttagtt tataattatt attactatta ttattattat tatattatta cttcccttaa    133860
     acaaatattc ctaaaaaaag tatcatagca caaatgattt gaaaatcagt aataaacatt    133920
     agtcaaagca ttaacgagca tgaactagcc tttacatgtc ttctttgtat taattattca    133980
     ctcagtaaaa gcagacacca actgcataag aaagatgctt ggcatttagc agcttgtaca    134040
     tcccactgaa cttttgactg tgtttaaaga tcgcccgaga aggaagaacg tccccgaggg    134100
     atttcctcta caagcaaagc cgcggctctg agcggaggca caatcatttc ttttttccat    134160
     ttatttttta aaacatgtgc tgctctaaag ggcagaccga gaaagttcta gatgccggag    134220
     cagttctgtt gccatggcgc tcgcccacct gtagtgtggt gactgcgtcc aggtgtgcgt    134280
     tcactgacag ccagttctcc agcgagctcc agctccacac ctgcagcttc ccagcatcta    134340
     gagcaagatc aataacactg aggctcacag atgcacctga tatgaggaga ctgacgcaag    134400
     gcatggtcaa ctcgccctca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    134460
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacagata ccaacctgag ccagtcacaa    134520
     tgaagccctc tccttcggga atgaagcaca ggcttgtgac ggcattgaaa gtatagatgg    134580
     atttaacaca ctgtcctgta agaacaacaa aagccacatg atgcaaatcc aaattaacac    134640
     tttgggctct attttaaaca tctaggcaca aagtttaaag tgcatggcgc aaaagcatta    134700
     agggtgtgtc cgtatccact tttgccattt tagggacgga aaattttgat ttgctccctg    134760
     gcgcatggtg taacaaagct gaaaaacagc catctaatta tttattatac ctttgaaaat    134820
     attggaattt tcagctctga gcacactgta gctgtttctg ttgcctgttt ctttaatact    134880
     agttctcctt gcccactgtt ttgcctcaat ctctgccttg gctaagtcag ataaacagct    134940
     gttgtgactt aaactgatat ataacaagag agattaatta atgctccatt tattgtttca    135000
     ttgtcataac gtgaatttat ttaccttggc atttatatat gctgttttgc tttaagaaca    135060
     gttttcctat gatgcttagc gctactgaaa gcttgcctgt aactattggc aactgactga    135120
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttcaaaagt tcgctacagt ttcagtatac agctaacttc    135180
     agtaaacagt tcattttcgt tttaaacaaa gtttccagcc atcattattg ctgctaaaag    135240
     gaaaagacag ataaacagca cagtgacaga catgaaggaa gcaaatctca cgtaacgttt    135300
     gtgagaaata ctacagtaag aactttacca ctgattattt gatgtatttg tggagttaat    135360
     tcaagccttt ctgcaatgat gagtcacaca taatgtcatt acaaagttta caaacacaca    135420
     cacacacaca cacacacaca gcgtgcgcat ttaactttgc accgcttttg cacggcaaat    135480
     gtgacaggtg tcacatacta tccactgctg tatggatatc tgttatgtga aagtacaaaa    135540
     ttaacttgat ttaatgcaca caaaccgggt ttgaagagtc ttcttttgta aaatcgatgt    135600
     aattctttac aaacatgcac tgttttaatc ccagttgctt agcaactatc ctgtcttgtt    135660
     gatatgatta tacacgttac tacggagaca tattaatacg tggctgtcaa tcaattcggt    135720
     gggtggggaa accgcagtcc tacttcatgt tgtggtgcgc ctcaaaatgg gagggatttg    135780
     gatcctattt taactttaaa aaaaaaagag acttactgtg tttttatcac tccagtatga    135840
     ctgtgggcac actagaccta cacacagttc tgtccaaaca gtttacaaaa gatgagtttc    135900
     atcaaaggtg cccttaaaaa actaaattaa ttttgatgtg catggtttaa ttattttaat    135960
     aaatgtttct attgtgattt atggaacttt aaaaagttgc atataagttt caataagttt    136020
     ttaagcacat tttacaaatt tgtgcacatc ttatttcaat taaagtttaa aataaaatga    136080
     aagtaacttt tttttgtatc agtatgtaag gctagtgtgc aacaaaacag agaaaaagtt    136140
     tacatttaga aaacataaat ctccaaagct tgcagtttgc cacttccacc ttaatggttc    136200
     aacaattttt tttgacatca ccttatattt ctgttattca tcaaatcttt taaccaatca    136260
     aatgcttttt aaaatctgac atgctccgcc ccctttaaaa tgcttctcct ttgcttttgt    136320
     tgctcttgag ctcaaccact ctcactggca gagttatgat aaaaaaaaaa actaaacgct    136380
     attggctgtt ttttaaaagg aagaagctac tccatgtcct gccttgtctt tggttgaaat    136440
     tacatcacac attaaacaaa attgcaagaa ttatgcaaaa aagtttaaac tgacataaaa    136500
     ataggtggac caaaacacag cttatgacta ccagttttca gcattctttg aaatatcacc    136560
     tttttgtgct ctacagaaaa aagctgcaat gcttggaacc actttcattt ttgaacaatc    136620
     gctttaattc acccttatcg gcaggggatg aaaagagctg tggtgtccaa aaaagagtga    136680
     gtaccctctc cagttacata atgatctgat tcctgagatt cagctaatgg atgttctgaa    136740
     cacatggcaa ctattacatc agcaaatgta ttgtacaatc agtatcattt attttagcaa    136800
     atcttaaacc aggtttgaca attcatcgtg tactactgaa tgttaacgtc aatcttattc    136860
     ctcatagtca caaaatgtta aattggaaat gatttggaag gagattaagg aaatgtgaat    136920
     caaaaacgtt cagcctggtg aaataacaga gggaattcct ttatttaata atttttgcaa    136980
     caaagcattc ataattacaa cacgtagtgg attaattatg cctgttttat ttgctgatgt    137040
     gcaagatatg cttttcctca actaattagt cgttttacaa taaataacac tctgcattct    137100
     tttaaatagt tttatgaaaa taaaatactc atcttaacat ttgaatatgc tgaatatgtc    137160
     aaatatttag atacgaccac acagtttgta gctatatgta atattaaagg tgtgtaaact    137220
     gtgtgtaggt atagtgtgtc tactgtcatg ttggagtgat ataaaaacaa gtctcttttt    137280
     ttatttcctg acagtaaaac aggatccaaa tcccatcaat tttgaggccc actgcaatgt    137340
     gacgtaggag tggggtttct ccccaccacc aaattgattg acagctgcat attaacatgt    137400
     tttctttggt aatacatata aacatatcca aagaacatga tttgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    137460
     aaaagggtgt taaaagattt gttccaactc tctgtaaaca gctgcacctc aagaatgagt    137520
     tttaaaacac tgcatatttt tgactaatga gctggatttc tgtttcaaac atgtctgtct    137580
     ctgtcactga ctgctgttta tctgacataa tccatgagaa acttgctcat ttgcatttaa    137640
     aggcacaggc tacaacaaca gctactcttt gctctgagcc caaaatgggc aaattctaca    137700
     ttatttaata aataatctga tgggaatttt tagctgaaac gacatcaaag ctcaaagaca    137760
     tcttgtaaaa taggtcaaat tggagccctt aaacattttt catactgaaa aattcatagt    137820
     cactagtcag tgagattgta gttgtagaaa tgtatgtttg agaaaattaa atgttacatg    137880
     tattctgtaa actactgatg acattgcttc tgaattgaaa aaaaaaagga atttagaagg    137940
     tttttgttgg gcaaaataac aaaggcgtca tgctttcaga tatcttttta aaaaatttat    138000
     acaatacaat gcaattgttt taactttgta aaagtaagaa atcagtattg gttgaaataa    138060
     acctgaattc cacaagaaat gaaaacattt actactctaa atgacaatat ttgtattgta    138120
     aatttgaaat aacattcatc cgacctttta taaaataaat aattcaaata aacaatttta    138180
     attaaacaaa tgttttaatt taacataaat caaaactaat aaatgaaaaa acaaaaagta    138240
     atacacacat atatacatat atatgagcaa tatcacacga gtagcagtgc gatgtggctg    138300
     ttaatcgcaa caggaacagg catgctttaa ggcccgtgca caccgaaacg ttttttgctc    138360
     gcgttttccg tcaacgttta acgcctcgtg actaaataaa gggcgtcaat gtgattgtgc    138420
     acaccaacac gcaaaacgct aggcgcaaag catcatttaa aaaaaaaaaa cgcctcatgc    138480
     tcgttttttt gttttgacgt gcggcgtcaa aaccttctcc tccaatcata tcagcacttt    138540
     tgttcatgtg cacggagctg ctgaagttac cgtaaacagc actcggaggc gctcaagcgt    138600
     aaaactgtca atgcgagcgc acattgaaga agatgcccag aggcgatatg aacgtggagc    138660
     tgcttattgc tctgtgaaca ataatcattt cttcatcact agagcaggag ctgctgcttg    138720
     aaccatccat gcttgttcga gtcaccagta aatttagcaa caagtgtgta aacttccgct    138780
     cctccacttc ttctgtgtta taagcgggtg tcagaagctt atagttgtgc agcaccatct    138840
     aacgtcaaaa gagtgatttg gcatactctt ctgcttgacg ccagtgaaat gcgcttgggt    138900
     ttaaacactg aaaaacgtct cgaaaaacgc tgccaataaa cacaaactga aaacgtcccg    138960
     gtgtgtagga gcctatagag tcccgctagt aatgatatac agccacatcg ctactcatgt    139020
     gatattgctc atacattgcg gcataatcgt gtatgtaaaa atgaaaatca aataaagact    139080
     ctttaaatcc ttttgtaagg ggaactactt tcttccacca tcattcattc acatctgaag    139140
     ctgatgtcag aacagcagga atcgttgctc atttacacac gtcactgtag agctagtatt    139200
     tgaaagattc tctagcgtaa tatctaaagt gactacaaaa cagatgattt tgctgacatt    139260
     ttaggattat aaggctgaac ggcatgaaat ggcatcagtt tacagagata tcccagtatt    139320
     tctgttgcaa tcgggaaatc ataataatta accacaaaaa agcaacgtaa tcactaccag    139380
     aatactgttg tgtttgtgat aaggacaaaa acacatgcga gcatttcttc tttctttctg    139440
     tttactgaac tagtcagcag tagcgaaaac aggagacgca ttaaaaaaca gatctccact    139500
     tttaagactt taagatgcgt cccatctcac acaattacta tggtataaat acagcattac    139560
     aaaatacaaa agagagatat taacttagaa agtcactgac ctgctttata atgatttgat    139620
     cagctgtagt ttcgaattac actgtatttt tcctaatcta agggcttatt atgtggtctc    139680
     tgttgtcatc ttgtgtgcct ctttggtctg ctcaatggca ggttaatggc cgccgacgtg    139740
     ctgtctctca gaaattataa atatttaaaa tagaaactat ccttataaat aaactgcata    139800
     gttgcaatct aaacaactac attcccgact aaaagaagta cataaaagta cataatgttg    139860
     ttcaacagct gcaatattta tctaattgta gagtgtcctc tgcttgtcct gtgttgttag    139920
     tttgttaggg cttttatttt atcttatggt acatttattt gctgtagttt ttcctttagt    139980
     tttagttttg tcaaatgaca aaaacgccct tggcaacttc ataaaataca ttttatgaat    140040
     gacacttttt cccagataat taattttatc acagtgacat ggttttacat ttatggttta    140100
     tcacggttat ctttcttgga acataaagta cattctcaac ttaaatctga agcctcataa    140160
     cctccatttc caaaatatga tgacagatca gtgtcattaa aaatagcaca tttgtaatgt    140220
     ttgctgaggg aatcactcac ccgagctcaa agcccaaatt ttcacacagc agtctgtcga    140280
     accacttagg acaaatcttt ccttgtcagc caagtcgaat gcacgtgctg cgtaaaaaaa    140340
     gcagatcaag aaactgtgag agcagacaat gagcagaaaa aaagtgtgac cgcaggacac    140400
     gagcaaaggg agaactaagg acaaaggatg tgaagaacaa atgcactgtc aaaacagcaa    140460
     gacagggagt gatggagagc aaaagggaca gatgggaagg aggacatgag tagctgcaac    140520
     aaaagagatg ggagaaagga gagagagagg gcataaaaga tgaatgaaca attgtgcttg    140580
     atgcatctgt atcaagcggc tggactcatc aacaggatca attattcttc actttcacgc    140640
     tttgagagag tgcgacttaa agctgcatga ttctggatca actgagaatc atgattttca    140700
     tttttttttc tgaaaataga gataacaatt ctctcacaaa ataactagca atgtactaaa    140760
     acaattttcg atatatatgt aatcaaatta gaattaaagg tgcagtatgt aagtctgaca    140820
     cccagtggtc gacttaggta ttgcacttct ggttcaaaac acacgcaagt gcaggttggc    140880
     agattgacaa caccaacatg agtgtgactg gctatcgagc ctaaaggctg atttaaacca    140940
     tgttctaaat aaagcaacac cacagtatag acggaatatt ttccacacta aaaaggggtt    141000
     tttgcctaat taacacatga aatttatatt ttagaaaaca atgacaatga tcacctcagg    141060
     tacacctcat gtgctttatt cagtataaaa tgctaacaat gtgagtttaa atgccatttc    141120
     acatggcatt tattgccata ctattaaaag caacagcaga tcttgaaaat aaaataaatc    141180
     gtttgaaata gaactttaga tctgtgactc aaaaccaaca cttatcagta attcagcatc    141240
     tacatttaat aatgttagag ctttaatatg tgttaattag attgtaaacc ttgccatttc    141300
     attggagtgc attaagtgca catatattct gtgcttctaa atgactatat ttaaatttct    141360
     gttatgtgca aacagccaaa ttgcttatca ctgcaaatct catcacatag cgtgttgtta    141420
     ggacacatgg ttacaatgta atctgctcac caaatgttta tgttcataat atttatttta    141480
     tttgctaatt aataaccacc tcatgtggaa ctctgaatct gtgtctcatt tcggagtctg    141540
     ctactatcca ccgcaggtca cattttattc acgggctcat acttcaagaa cttttctgac    141600
     tgaatgatta aaatatgcta ttatccacaa aggtaacccg ggctgctgaa atataattgg    141660
     ctaaactggc attgggcagg ttaaaataac caaaacaaag gcagtttgtt ccggcatgca    141720
     attcacacat tcaaagcaga atatctgact tcagcattgc ttttcaaaaa acaagaacgt    141780
     tcacttggca cgtttcttaa atatctgcaa acatattatg ctatttttat gcttttagaa    141840
     gagtcaaaaa cttacagagc ctttgggccc tatcatacac cccgcgcaga gtggcgcaag    141900
     gcgcggcaca atagtctttt ggtagtttca gctacgctgt ttaaatagca aatgcattag    141960
     cgctcatttg tgcacccata tgcattctgg tctaaaaagg aaggtgttct gaggcggacc    142020
     gctggcgcgt cgcttttttg agaaactata aaagattttt cattagacca aaactaaccc    142080
     ggtctaaact ccggcgcaga gttgcgcctc gcttacgcac tgcttaatac gcacaagaga    142140
     gcaataggca aatatcttta catatgaaaa aatgtaaata ttaaggatat atatatatat    142200
     aggatataat aagaatagat atagaatata aataaaaaaa taatacaaaa catattattt    142260
     tctagcctac ataaataaga aaaatcactg ctttaatgtc ttcttcatct cgggtgcttt    142320
     ttcagttcat tcataacaat ttgcttttgt ataatgttat tattattatt agcagtatta    142380
     tttattatat ccatatttat atttgtttta tcaaaaacca gcttagattt gcccacctgt    142440
     caggttttag accatatggg gcacagcatg tgttttagga tataactcag gtttttaagc    142500
     acattttgct attattttta atttatttgt ttgctggaaa ttagaactga atttagaaat    142560
     agttttgaag cgaatatttg cgcttaacaa acaaaagtat ttatttttag actaattgat    142620
     gtctgtgcat aaaggtttcc ctatccaaga gcaaatgtga aagtgatcca ttatctctta    142680
     ttctcacgca gtagatgctc tgtttaacag ttttctgtta aaaaactgtt aactgtttgc    142740
     ttgtgaaatg ctcatttttt tcacttagac ttactttgcg tcctgtaaat agcgaatgcg    142800
     ctcttggcgc aacgcagctg acacttaaag ggaatgtgag ataagactct aattggttta    142860
     ttctcaaaac acacctataa ctcattaaga aaataaactc aaccctttca gaccatgcgc    142920
     cgcggcgcaa ggcagatttc ccgtccttaa attagcaaaa acgtgtcctg acacgcactg    142980
     aaagcgtttg cattttgcgc tttgcacatg gaccgtcaaa atacagccct ttaacttaat    143040
     tcaatcttat tttgaattaa accaataaat aattttattc tgaaattttt aacgagcgtg    143100
     ataaactgaa ataaaaagct tattttataa gcatataaat gtgcagtata aacaaacatc    143160
     agaaaaacac aagttcagat tcaaaagcac atgcgatact gtttaaatat agcagttcaa    143220
     caaattaata ttcaaaaaat taagataatg acaatattag aaacttagag agttacatgt    143280
     tggatactgt tatcccacta atgtagtttt ttctgttttg catagaaaaa gttccaaaca    143340
     aagccaccaa ataaaacatt tgtgcatctg agggcaacaa atctgtttat gtatgactca    143400
     tttgagtcaa tgattcaatg atccattcat aaaaacaatc gcttgcttcc tttctaattg    143460
     aatcagctgt tctgaatgaa ttgtttgaat gaaagattta ataaattatt caggaacatg    143520
     cgctttgtgc cacaacatcc ccatggtttt agtgtcctat ttaccaatta caggactgaa    143580
     ctagactagt gatgtgcgga tcaatactaa aatattgata tctgcgatat cagctttgta    143640
     tgttctagaa tcgattatct tatcaaaata tcgatatttc agtaatttgg agcaaatatg    143700
     tagttcaatg gaaataggaa tacagcagaa agtacccaca attaccctag tttatgtgag    143760
     taatgccatc ttagtcggaa ctacttgttc ttccgcctgc caagtcatgt gcgtaatacg    143820
     gcactgtaca actgcagagc acgctagcta gccactcagc ctgctggcct ggcacatgtt    143880
     gttcagacat gctgtcagtg tatatgggtg accgcaagca aagttttgtg tggagctact    143940
     taacttccat aaactcaaat gatgcagttt gtgatgggta acaaaacagt gaggtactgt    144000
     ggtaataata taaacctaat caaacatcta catataaatc acaaaacaga atatgactac    144060
     gtcatgacta ggtggtcaga agagggggaa aggagaggca cagatgctgc tagggggcga    144120
     gacagaagtc actttcaaaa tcattaggtg cagtaggcat gcactatcca ggtacagagg    144180
     gagaaatgtg acaatgtggc tgtattttgg gggcttgggt ttttgtgaca atgataaaaa    144240
     caaaagaaaa acgttaaaat cttcaagagg actggattaa catgtcacta aactaaaagg    144300
     tgtaatgttt attgttttat gttaagatgt tcaggcaggc gttttaagat atacatgctc    144360
     agatgctgtc aataaatatg taagttggct cttgtctgta tgataattct ttatcaataa    144420
     acaataaaca agaataaccc ttaattcagt ataaagtgac acttttttag tacactactt    144480
     gttactttaa tttcccaaac agtcaatttt ggccaaagtt tcggtatcga atcgaccttt    144540
     attttacttg gtatcggatc agataggaaa taagtgttat cgcacatcac taaacaatcc    144600
     aaggtacaat taaaaaactt gtttcagttt tcactgaaac aacaaaacaa tgcgtttaac    144660
     tatccatcac aaatgtgacc aataataatt gtacacgtct tacatctaga tgttcaacca    144720
     ggaagtatgt acaataagct gatgtggtca tgttacataa agcacattca gtctattttt    144780
     tacatttaag agctgaattt cttgcccaaa gccaacaaaa tttagagctt ctaaaaatga    144840
     gaaaaatgac agtcacaaag tgagagcagt gggattaaac tggttaatga ttcagtaact    144900
     cactcataaa gacttcatgt ttcactacta gatgaataag catttttgaa gaatctctta    144960
     gaggaataat tcaataattg catgcatgtg tttgattgga tgtgtgtgta tgcgtgtgaa    145020
     ctgtatgtgt gtctgcgagt gcgtgtgtgc atgcatgtcc gagtccatct ttttgcgcac    145080
     taatgtgttt gagtgagtat gtttgtgtgt atgtgagtgc atatgtgtgt gtgttctgta    145140
     tgtgagtgca tgtgtgtttg tgtctgaatg taagtttata tatgtgtata aatgtgagtt    145200
     tgtacatgta tgtgcttgtg tatgcgtgtg tatctatacc tagtctcctg caggactctg    145260
     gaggtggtgc acacagacag gtgactccac cgctgtgacc tcccaaattg cgctgctctg    145320
     ttgccgtggg aacatgccac actttaaccg ttgtgtctcg acttaaattg gtggaaacag    145380
     taggagaaaa gcaaagcgag aagcagagag tgatgttaac agtttgccag caattaatat    145440
     aacagtaagt taagacccgt ttacatcaag aatgaaaact gtaaaagtaa ctttaagaaa    145500
     acattctgtt tagtcaaaaa gcattctgca gttttgccat ctgctgcctt aaatactttt    145560
     aattaaatac tgttaattct gactgacagt tgatgttttt aatattcatc cgctaaaaat    145620
     aaaaaaaact gaatccgttt ctgtaaatga tttcagattt attgaccttc tgtgttaata    145680
     tgctaatatg gacttcaaaa atttcaaaaa ttcaaacatt tttatgatta acaatgttga    145740
     aaatcaatgt tgtttaaaat ataaatgtgt aaaaatcaat ttacataatt tataagtgtt    145800
     catgatcacc tttgattcag ttgaattgct aaataaaagc tcacatttct accttaaaat    145860
     aaaaaaatgg taacatttta taataactac acacaataaa tcatttatta agtttttgca    145920
     tctagtcaat tcattatttg taaagcatta actctacatt aataaacaat agtaagcagt    145980
     ttataactgc agctacaaat gctctattca tgacttataa catttataat gtgcttaata    146040
     attgtacttt catttttttg tgactggttg atatttcatt actaaattaa gtattgcatt    146100
     gttcacaatc tatttgtatt taagagtagt tggaagtttt taggatcatt cagaatgagt    146160
     tagtaaatga ttaataagct attaaaatca acgtttatat atcttattat tcaggcatat    146220
     agtaatggtt aatatgtaat gaatgtaata aatgaacaat aatctttgca atcttatctt    146280
     aaaagtaaat taactataaa cttgaaactg tactgtactt atacttatac ttaactgtac    146340
     ttatactgtg gtgtcaaaat atgacataaa attggataaa acaacaatat atgaattctt    146400
     tatataataa taacaacata atataattaa atataatagg atgaaactat taaactgcac    146460
     agtaatttta tttaagataa ggttgcaaag atttattttt ttacttgaga cagtttcatt    146520
     tgtgtctctt caaatgaata ggaataaata ttgtcgttta tattcttttt tcctgtttag    146580
     aatataactg agcctttaat tgtcctttat aagggattta taaaacaaac tgtaaacagt    146640
     ccttacttta gattaggtca caaaactgga tgaagttgag ttattaaggc atttaataac    146700
     atacaaatta ctattagtat aggcctgaat aataagaatt ataaatactg caatacttaa    146760
     tttagtaatg aaacataaat cattaacaaa ttatgaaagt acaattatta gccacattat    146820
     aaatgtggtt ttcaagtcaa gaatttgtag ctgcagttat aaactgttta ctaatgttta    146880
     ttaacagata atgaattcac tatttactaa tgcttaatac atgattcata gtgtatagtt    146940
     attataaagt gttaccaaac gttctcaatt ataaagatgc acaaccttat tttgaagtat    147000
     ataactaatt agtatcatat aaaatatgtt ttaatggtgt ggactacagt tcttttaaat    147060
     gcaaaataac cctatcactt tatcaatagt tgttattaca attattaaaa tgattctaat    147120
     atacctatct ggttctcggg aatgaaaatc aattattaaa tacttagaga aaggtggtgc    147180
     tactgtaata cgtttttggc actattttgt gatgagcagg aattcaatat caactaaact    147240
     tcaacaaaat ttgctatgaa atttgaaact cttcactgtt ttatttactt cataaataaa    147300
     ataataatta taaaatattc atgttacccc agttggtagt tcatttaaat tcaaaactaa    147360
     gttaaatata tttataaaaa tattttaaca tttaaaaggc acctatgatg aaaatcatct    147420
     tttggaagct gttaggaccg aactgtgagt gtgcaagtat agagtgacca aaatcctatt    147480
     ttttatttcc tgatgtaaaa ataggatcca aatccctccc atttcgaggc ccaccacaac    147540
     atgacatagg agtgcgattt ccaagcccac cgaattgatt gacagctgca tatcatgtat    147600
     ctgtagtaat gcatataatc atatcaacaa tacagaatgt gcacaaacca gctggtataa    147660
     aaagatctgt tcagctctct gtgatcatca atcatcatta aatgtgatca agaataagtt    147720
     ttgcaagttt aaaatgttcc taaaacagtc catgtttgta ataaagacag taaaacagct    147780
     gtgattcatc accacagcca catagttctc aatacaatta tatctttatg atgacgctgt    147840
     gtgtgactta tcattgcaga aaggcttata ttaactccac accaagtata acaaataacc    147900
     gttgggaaag ttcttacttt agtaagggag atctgcttca ttcttgtctg tcactgtgct    147960
     gtttatctat gtgaagacta cggctgtgac aagcacgtat tggtatgggt attttgagct    148020
     gaaactttac agacagattc tggagacaca aaagacttat cttaaatctt gaaaaaaaaa    148080
     gggtttaata ggtgcccttt aaatcaaaat ataaattgca ttactgattc tgaagataca    148140
     caacccattt tttatgttta tgatgacaga tcagtattat catgctaagt atgcttattg    148200
     tgatgcatgc attttagaac tattgcgttt ctacatgaac gtggaagaat gtttattctt    148260
     tattggtatt tttactttat tttatttatt taatcatcct gctgtgaacg ggcctttcaa    148320
     gtcataaata acaatatttc cctcataagt ctccagtacc ttccggaaat cacaagattg    148380
     tcaacggcaa ctgcacaggt gatgatgtca ctgtggccct ccagagctct gagacgaaac    148440
     ttagcctttt cccaagtttg tttgcgagat ctgaattcag catctgcgac atatataaac    148500
     aaacaaacag tttcacataa actgaggtca tcttttttcc tcctctctct ctcctgcaaa    148560
     tgcagataaa ctaaccatct gttatatcgc tgcacaagac agccataagg cagaacttcc    148620
     tgtgaaagac aagcaggctt ataatcaaca tctgcgcgag gaactgtaat tgtgtgtgtg    148680
     attactgtgc taatttgacc ttcttgttct tcttcagtga ggctgacggg gagattcgtt    148740
     tctcctctgc catctgtctg gtttccatcg cttgcttcat tctcacgtct ttcctctcgt    148800
     gcaatcttta gcgcaggacg gtggccaaca tgttgctctg tgacctcctc gctagcgtga    148860
     aaaataaaca tcaacaagca caaccactgt gaattattct cacgcctgtc cataggtgtt    148920
     aaacaaagca ctgttgtctt gttatacatg tgtagtaaca agtatattaa taaataacaa    148980
     agcgccagac agaaagctcg ggtgtgggag ttcaagggta gacttttctt aaaagaaata    149040
     tgatgaatca atactgccta ggcgccagag agcggacgac tagccaaagg cagagagctg    149100
     gagtttaatc tcacgcacca agtccgtctc gctccctccc tctctccctc cctcattccc    149160
     tgcctagtcg ctcattctta cacttgtctt ttcattttat cctcctcttt tcccacaatc    149220
     ccttgagttt gctgggggcc agaaagctgc agcagaagct cagccaatct ggatcgaagc    149280
     tccgccttct ttgagaccta ccaagagtga aagatcagag atttacaaat ataggacgaa    149340
     atctgaatta tgaaaatata aatacatgaa ttattcctat aaatgtgtat tttcattcag    149400
     taaaagtttc atgaggaatt gggacctgtt ttatatttag tggcctcaaa gtgatagttt    149460
     gcctaaaatg aaaatgtgcg cactatttac tcacactcaa gtggttttaa acctttttta    149520
     gtttctttat tttgctggac acaaaagtag atattatgaa gacagctgaa aacctgtaac    149580
     tgctgacttc ctgcggtaaa aacagaatat gtaagatgtg taacacgggt tacataataa    149640
     tatcactttt ctaagtaaag gctggtttat acttctgtgt cgtgtgatcg ccgtgaccca    149700
     cggtgcctgc cttgcatgtt gccatgcatt tatacttctg cttgctgttt gtgttgctct    149760
     gtaataacac tttccaaaca ctagctggca gcaggttttt atgttccagt agctgcatcc    149820
     caaatcgcat acttatgcac tattctacgc cattttgtag tataaatagt gtaagtaatg    149880
     tgtgacttat cattgcagaa aggcttaaat tacccccaca ccaagtataa caaataaccg    149940
     ttgggaaagt tcttacttta gtaagggaga tctgcttcat tcttgtctgt cactgtgctg    150000
     tttatctacg tgaagactgt ggctcggaca gacacgtggg aaaggtaggc ggggagaact    150060
     agctcattcg cataaaagtc acaggtaaca aaaacagcta aaatgttata actgcccaca    150120
     tttcccagtt ttaaaaagct ataataaata agctgatggt tattttgagc tgaaacttta    150180
     cagacagatt ctggagacac aaaagactta tcttaaatat tgaaaaaata atgcagaatt    150240
     aaaatgtaaa ctgcattact aattctgaaa acaaacaatc catcttttaa gtttatgatg    150300
     acagattagt attatcatgc taagtatgct tcacactttt cacactgaac actctaaaaa    150360
     taataagtgc actttaacta cccggatgat gcactctttt agccggtaaa attaagtgtg    150420
     taaagatgga cacttcacgc actcaacgac cgcaagtttg cttatgtagt ggaaggggcg    150480
     gagctatcgg gcgcacatgt tggataactt tatttatttt ggatggggaa agcaaaattc    150540
     tcctacgagt gtgattatag cgcctcccga tggtgaatgc agttatacta actgcaggta    150600
     ttatttgata attcggtcgt ttatttcact ggtttggcaa ccgtaaaaag tcattgggga    150660
     aacggtttaa atttccgttt agtaaaaaat acattagtgt gcctttggga cgacactaca    150720
     tacatgtact atcctgttaa gtgtataagt gcagaagtgc atagtgcatg agtgcatagt    150780
     gtatagtgtg acatttggga cgcagcttct gtgtcgagtt tcttcgatgg tgttttgttc    150840
     ttctgaatgc ttccttaatg tacaagtagc taaaactcgt tcattcagag gcgggaacag    150900
     gtggacgtgc aacaacttta taatcaaaag gttaaacaca aaacaaaagt ttccatctgg    150960
     agctcctgta tgggattcca cacttcatca gcaccggccg cactcgtcaa tgctacctag    151020
     cagaccaatc gcagagcttg cgctatgcat tgttgcgatg tgtagataca tttcttagag    151080
     gtgcacataa gcgacagcca tggcgagggg tatgcgaccg cgcaaagcat aggcctgacc    151140
     atatgcatgc gcttgacgca gaagtatatc tcagtcttaa cgagtaatgc attactttaa    151200
     aaaaaaattt gtgacaatat ttgagttact attttaaaaa tgtattgcaa gttacttttt    151260
     tagaggcgct ctgttaaaga ctgtttcccg tatgaactga gcaggagttt ggttcgcttt    151320
     gccggcaata gatcatgact tgtttccagt gtatgttgga ctctggcagg actgctcttt    151380
     gtcaacaatt ctgttcataa tttttatgga cagaatttct atgcgcagcc tttgggtgga    151440
     ggaggtccag tttggggacc acaggatttc atcttagtta ttcacagaca atgtggttct    151500
     gttcagcatg aactggcgca gtttgctgcc gagagtgatg cggctagaat gagaatcagc    151560
     accttcaagt ccgaggcaat ggtgctccac tagaaaaagg tggtttggca tatccaggtt    151620
     ggaggaatgt ccttacccca ggtggaggag ttcaagtatc ttggggtttt cttcatgagt    151680
     gagggaagga ttgaatgtga gattgacagg cagattggtg cagcagtaat gcagtcgatg    151740
     tactggtcca ttgtaataaa gaaggcgctg agccaaaggg caaagctccc gatttacagg    151800
     tcaatctagg ctcctactct tacttatgtt catgagcttt aagtcatgac cgaaaggaca    151860
     agatctcgga tacaagcagc caaaatgagt ttccttcgca gggtgatagg gcgcactctt    151920
     atagataggg tgaggagctc ggagtaaagc cgctgctcct ccacatagaa acaagtcagc    151980
     tgaggtgcct cgtgcatctg ttacggatgc ctccttgacg cctacctagg taggtgttcc    152040
     aggcatgtcc cacagggagg aggcctaggg gaagacccag gacacactgg agggactatg    152100
     tctctcagct ggcctgggaa tgtctcggga ttcccctgtg gaggagctgg aggaagtgtc    152160
     tggaaaaata aaagtctagg tttctctcct gaaagtgctg aatgaatgaa tgaatgaatg    152220
     aatgaatgct taacactgaa tgagaaaatg tgttcattat tttgaacacg tggaagaaaa    152280
     ggaaaagggg attgtctcaa tgcagagtga ttttaattaa ttatagaaaa cacagtgctt    152340
     taaactttca ataatctgta tatacgacat gtatagctct ggggtcagaa agttctcaga    152400
     agccaacatt atcctacatt attatttttg tatgcgtttc tgaaaggtaa atgaaggtgt    152460
     aggttataca ttgcattgtc aaatgcagag ctcctctttg aaaaagaaga aatcctgcaa    152520
     aaagatcaaa gcaggtatga aaaagtaacc caaaagtaac tcaaaagtaa cgtaaagcat    152580
     tacttaccat aaaaagtaac taaacaatac tagttacatt ttatgagtgt aacttaatat    152640
     tgtaatgtat tactttcaaa agtaactttc ctcatcactt gatgtctgtg gctagtggct    152700
     atgggtttcc agctttcttc aaaatattaa ctgttgtgtt caacagaata aagaaagtca    152760
     aacaggtttg taacaagtga agtgtgagaa aatgataaca gaatctttcg ttttggttga    152820
     acttacatca aaaataagtg ctatttaatt catgtttcat tgcaaaacac atgaataagt    152880
     gggatatctg taaggttgtg gacagttttt ggtggtatga gtaatcttta tggtgtaagt    152940
     gattggccaa cagtgttaat gcaattagag aaatcaatta catgttaaca tacaagcata    153000
     tttacataaa agtatgtaca cagtaagtga attaacgtta attaaaaagt aagtacatta    153060
     aaattaaggt taatttgtat taagtaggag aaaactagga tatatgaagc tctcatctga    153120
     agtgaatatg tgagattgac catttctgca ctgtattgat tgcagcagga acacaaatat    153180
     ttcatgttag cgaagaggaa tagcatgata aatatgtacc tttatttttt cctctggagt    153240
     gagggagatt tttatctcca agttctcaat ttgccttaac ttcttctgga gtttcctgac    153300
     ctcccccatc tgaatgaagt gtaaacacaa acccagagcc gatgggattc aaactgcagg    153360
     ggttcttcga atagcactgg ctatttgtta aagctgcgat catttatcga tgttttgata    153420
     tgagtttaat ccacggtgga aagtatggat aagggtttgt tgttgtttta ctacagacta    153480
     cactcgcgga tacagtatgc agacgtgtaa cacacacaga cctcatcagc cggaaatcag    153540
     ttgcgactga cggacctcat ctaaaggaaa cacttctgaa tctctctggc gacatcgcgt    153600
     ggatacagcg aattattact tgtcaataat ttatttccta tttatcatta catgctgcta    153660
     atgtggcttg tcgttattta taaaaattac atttattatc tctgacacgt agaacgtaat    153720
     gacacgttct gctttacaaa agtctctaaa tgcatctgaa tgtggtttga ttgggtaatc    153780
     tttttattga acttcagaaa tctaaaaaca cagtcagttc ttacagaaac taactgaaaa    153840
     aagcatacag aaaaacaaca gtactagtca tggcacatgc aataacccca gagtgactta    153900
     attaataaaa aataaacaaa aaatgtcaaa gggaatattg cctttattta tatttgtgtg    153960
     tatatttcaa ttttcttaaa catttttgtt aattgcacac aatcaagctg aatatgttgc    154020
     tgtgaaaata ctaaaaacaa acatatacag tgtctttaaa cttctccaaa gtcttcaaaa    154080
     ttgaaaggaa cttgttttct gtccatagct tggcggcagc ttggtcagct tttttaatta    154140
     acacaaatat gtcattaaca attgtaaagt tattatcttt tcgtggttat tttaaggttg    154200
     taactcttaa aaaattcctt tcaaaaagtc ctttataaag ttactaaata acagatgtac    154260
     ccatgccaaa ggcaaacagc gttgattgaa acattcttct cttttgtgaa accttctcat    154320
     atagtgtgta gagcacaggc gtcaaacgca gctcctggag gaccgcagct ctgcacagtt    154380
     tagttccaac acttattaaa cacacctgat caaattgagt gctttaggct tctttgatac    154440
     ctacagatag gtatgtttga agcagggctg gaactaccac ccctggggcc tgtttcatta    154500
     aggaggttca accaagtcag agtttaaact tgaactctga gttgatttac cgagagatta    154560
     aaaaaagagt tttcggtttc aggatagtga atctgagttg ggtcaatcaa ctttgagtag    154620
     accaaagagt taagtgcaca cactgtgact ataaaatggc attatcaata gattctagat    154680
     attatgagtg atggcaacat cctaaaaaaa gagatcagca tttctttctc cagctgaact    154740
     tgatctgctc atgccaagtt atagcaaata tgaccatata ttttaaaaag caacatcact    154800
     gcatcagtga aacagagaca gttagcgtgg gaaaacagct caagtcaatg tgtaatttta    154860
     catttaaagt ataaaagtat ttaagtataa taaaataggt aatgttatgt gtgacgttta    154920
     taaaatttta cacgcgttcc cacttttata tacgttgatc agttttaata gatgtaaaag    154980
     tgcacttgtg tttctgcctt ttttatttat caagtgatag aggttgacaa gccattcttg    155040
     tacatgactt tgttctttgt gtgacatagt tgtaggcaat agctatattt cctttaaaat    155100
     atattaatta aattaatgtg caaaactaca ataacgcata aaagatgtgc aaataaagca    155160
     gcgtttacat ccaacaagtc aaagagaata aaatcgtcac ttcctgatga actggtgcca    155220
     aatatcaact gtaaaaactg cgatagtaga agctgcagca aaaaaaaaat agaggcattt    155280
     gaagccatga gacggggaga acagacactc ttgacatgct ccagatgctc tggaggtcat    155340
     taataacata ataacactag aaatggttaa ggcattttag aaggaccaaa acagcgtttc    155400
     agatgtgtta cagtgtgctc agcctgctgg tttgtccatt cacacacatt ttcatcatca    155460
     tatgatctct tataacatta ttttttaatg cacatgctgt aatttgttta gtaaaagcgt    155520
     ttccatcgta gtttaggcgc atctttctta tagaataaaa gtttatcctt ctcgtttatc    155580
     cgcatgtttt ttatgcgtat tttcaaaagt tatgtgcatc atggcgtttc catcaggaaa    155640
     cataaggcta aggcgagaaa taccacttcg tctttaaaaa aggtgaggag acaacagaaa    155700
     ctcaagtaat atattacagt aactgactct gagttacctc tcgttcagaa acaggcttga    155760
     cttacccaga gtttttctct ttttaaggtt aaaatactct gagttttcac ttaacctcct    155820
     ttctgaaaca ggcccctggt gtagaccatt tgtttcagga ccctccttta tattgtaaaa    155880
     ttaatgcttt attcaaaata attatgttgg gttctaataa acattatttg ggtattttat    155940
     attggattat tttatattat atttgtcaaa gcagttttgt caaagcgaca tagtgacgca    156000
     gtgagtagta gtggcctcct cacagcaaga aggttgctgg ttcgagccct ggctgggtca    156060
     gcttacttcg gtttccccca cagtccaaag atttgcgcta taggtgatat agtgcatatc    156120
     ttctatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    156180
     atatatatat atatatatac atacatacat acatatattg tataaaataa aatatatagg    156240
     ttgtttactg tccgtagtgt gtgtaaatga gagtgtatgg aatctataca atggatgttt    156300
     cccagtgctg ggttgcggca ggaaggcctt ccactgcata aaacatatgc tggataagtt    156360
     gtcggttcat tccgctgtgg tgacacaatt aataaaggga ctaagccgaa aaaaaaagag    156420
     ttaatgaagt tttgtcaact taattctgct tatttaaaag taaaagaaaa aacagtcatt    156480
     aaatattcaa tactttcacg caagaattga aattgtattt aagcatatat ttacaaccca    156540
     ctgataacat ttgtatcatg cgtaaattct cttttaatat actttattga ttactgtaac    156600
     gcaactttaa acaacaaaat ctaatctgtg ggtattagcc cagcacagct ctatttacca    156660
     ataagcaatt atgcaagtag ggtattaaaa accaaaatct ttgttttcgc aacattatcc    156720
     aaacgcgtcc aaaacaaaaa tgctcttgca ctagtttgac cttactggac ggaaatgacg    156780
     tcaggacgca caagcagcgt tcgtgctgct cgggaggaag tgctgtgtag acagttcggc    156840
     caactccgta agaaaagaaa aaaatagaaa aaaacacaag ggaagaaaaa aaaaactaat    156900
     tgaaattctt caatcgggcg ggttcagaaa gacttcagaa actaccccga tcggaggaaa    156960
     tccccggcgg gcgacgcaaa agtcttgaga gctggtaacc agtctttatt ttccactttg    157020
     aagcttgttt tcggctgttg atgggagccg ctggcgctgc tgtcgcccga tcgtcgacac    157080
     tcatgtgccg gaagtctgcg taaaaccgcc tcggtcccag cgtcgacgtt tttttcccac    157140
     ttgttctgtt tttttctatc gttttttcgc ctttcctttt ttattttacc aggcagtgga    157200
     gtgaatgcac gggtcacgtc attctgtggg ctgtccgtcc gcctctgtta tcgcgcagta    157260
     gattcgcctc agcctgtcaa ttatattcag atatttagat ttaatggctg atttgcaaat    157320
     aaatatattt tgaacatgct ttattatggt gaagcacata atttgatttt aatcgctttc    157380
     aaagaagaac aaagcacagc tcattctctc ctctgcaaca aagtgataaa ttgcagccgg    157440
     agcttctgta taaacccgcc atctgtaatg ttagaacccg ggcacagaga ctcgcgactg    157500
     aagtgatggg gagatatgat gtgttatgaa gggttagagt cacatatgga gtttagaaca    157560
     agctgctaat gcgaattggt ttgtttttgt aacaatgatc ataaatcgtg ttatgataga    157620
     tcagatcttc ctgtataata tttcgccagt cgtgctcttc aattacataa ataaacgtcg    157680
     tattaacatt tctggaatat gcattttcgc tgttttaaag acactgcagg tgaattggat    157740
     ttttaaaaaa aacctaatat taatctaatc accatacgtc cctagttaat tgattacatt    157800
     agcaattgca gatgttttgt attacgttct ccaaaatgtt aattgcatgc atttttctaa    157860
     cgttagtgat tctatcatca ggatttttgc agcctataca gaattgaggt aaagttgttt    157920
     ttttattcgc acattcgttc atttcactat ccttatattg tttgtttacc atgctaatta    157980
     gaatattggg tctgaaattg catttgcata tgacttctaa acgtcattag cacaattaga    158040
     cattggcaat atttaactga ctgtgaacaa tgttgtactt tgatagtcat tggctatcaa    158100
     tacattgcaa ataatacttg tctgaaagga tattattaag caaaaagtcc caatgtgcga    158160
     atataaaacc aactttacct caattgattc agagtactga ttccttgtca tggtgattga    158220
     ccaatacagg gtactaattc tgatgcttca aattttataa tgcataaagc acaatttcct    158280
     tctaagtatg atacttaagt ggagatctct ccttatctaa gaaaataaat gaagaatgtt    158340
     gcatataata tcttaaacac atctctaata accatttagt gtggacatgc catggtcaga    158400
     agcagcttta cagaaaataa tagataaaac agataaaaac attggtggca tacgaaaaat    158460
     gactaagaat gcaatttaga aacattgcaa atgatgaaag aacaactcaa aatgtttcaa    158520
     tgaagaaaaa gtttggagca catatttgat gcataagacg ttaaaataca cacctatgat    158580
     ttagggttgc atagtttact ggtactatgg ttgtatctaa tgctatagct acaaaatact    158640
     gacggtgcca ctgtagtttg taaatggtag tatcgtaatt aagggtctat ctacaataga    158700
     ttaccttgca tgtggaaaat tcactaaaat acttacacat ttgtgcaaca atagactatt    158760
     tcatttttat agtctgtgga gccttttaag gttgcaaaac tgtgtagaat ttgcgccttt    158820
     tagagtagcc tattgcacgt ttactgacgc ttcggtttga atgaacatcg gttcatttct    158880
     gtttctttca atatgattta gtaactataa caaccgtgaa aatctcttaa aaaagaacga    158940
     ctcacaaagt gaaattttga attactttgg attcttacct aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaac    159000
     aatcgatgaa aaactcaaaa tagcaacagg aaacattgaa aactattttt gaccacttca    159060
     tgtagcctaa ttttgttgga caaatgctct ttttgtaacc aatatcattt ggtataattt    159120
     gtatctttgt tttattgtat tttttgttgg tcagttatct acaaaataaa caaaaagaat    159180
     gaatacattt ttggtgaagt gatgtgcaaa taatactttt ttcaatataa agggaattat    159240
     gaatttaata atttaagcag gcctattata acataaaatg tagtatttct cacaatttac    159300
     tttaaaattt gagttatgaa ttacagtatc ctaatactac ttggtaccgt gatacatcag    159360
     ctgttatagt atcataagat ggttaatagt atcgggacaa ccctactata aataaatatt    159420
     tgtttattgc aataagtata tcacaaaaaa ggtatattat taaatattca agtttttaaa    159480
     atattttaac gttttttttt atatcattaa aattttcagc caagttttag tcttgcaata    159540
     ttgtcaaaaa acacagactg catcatgtgt aaaaccgcaa acaaacacct gggatcagtt    159600
     catgagatac gccagattgg cgagtaccga tcgagtcata ataagtgatt atcgaacgat    159660
     accaatcttc ggccaatcca tcgacgtatc cctaattatt tcaataaata tccactaatt    159720
     catacattcg tttttgacac aaaaaaaatc ttagcattgg atgaagtcaa gtttgaaatt    159780
     ctagtttctt ttttttttca tattaaaggc aaacattttt ccctcagaca atgctgcgaa    159840
     tagccaaaaa tgtattcatt tggtagaata acattttgga tttataatat ttaaccaggc    159900
     aaattataaa tcaacatata ttcctttgta aaaaccttct gccgtattgg acatacgaga    159960
     attacacatg gatttttgct ccaaggtgaa aaccccactc agtgtttgtg ctgcaaaact    160020
     cctatcactg taaaacatat tttactggac tgtcctgctt ttactgattc tagaaggact    160080
     ttttatgaaa tgaactcttt taaggacatt tttgacaaag tggaaccaga aaagatttta    160140
     gaatttttat catgtattaa cacaaaaaat cttatttaat ttttgtttta ttttgtttgt    160200
     tgatttttaa attgtatatt tattgttgaa agattcctgc catgaagata gccttggttg    160260
     ctgacatggc actaaataaa aaatacatta cattacattg taaaaacctt caaaatatat    160320
     agatatgaat caaactatga tggtctgtgt atgtaagtgc cattttgtag tgaagatgat    160380
     ctttttgtgc tggaagaaaa actcattttc agtaaaccgc ttttaaggcg tgtattgtaa    160440
     ttgaaatctg cagacaaaat tgattaagta cgacaacacg taaaacacgt aaaagtctat    160500
     ttttggatgt ttacttaata gtttactgca gatgcagttt aactttaatc ccaaaacctc    160560
     ataattgaca ggcgcatgaa aagaggttca gatgcaaaaa cctcaaagtg ccatctaaaa    160620
     agttctttta atgttagcgt tttttcaggc tcctatgtct tgattcagta atttcacttt    160680
     tatggcaaag aataggttat tttcatcact ttcaacatta aataactgta cataaacata    160740
     tgaggctgaa aaaaatgctc actatggaag aaaattacag atggaacttt tataaaaggt    160800
     ttttgcatct gaacggttca catgttatgt tttattttat cgtaatgttt ccttatcaaa    160860
     ttgtttatgt tcctgtgtca ggggtgatgg aggactcgca tttcagctct tcatacttct    160920
     ggtctcctgt gcaggggcag gtaagcaaaa tgataaacac aaaaacattt gccacactta    160980
     ctattggatg gctgcttgca gtttactgaa catgatcttg gtgcatttta aaaatatata    161040
     aatcaaacaa gctataacac tgtcatagct aataacatta tatagtaata tataatttat    161100
     atgatttatt ttattattat ttttagttgt cattttactg aacactggag tagtaattca    161160
     gcctaactat gaacacatga agaggtcatt aaaaaagttt cttaaaaagt ctatttaaaa    161220
     aggtagcact ttcgcttaag tacccattct cactattaac tactggctta ttacctgctt    161280
     gttattaaga tattggctgt ttttttagta cttataaagt ataatcttat aaaattctat    161340
     atccctagtc ctatccaact attaataaac agcttatcga gctgaaagtc ttagtttata    161400
     ataagaattg taccttaaaa aagtgtgatc cactgtgttt atgatagttg tttttttacg    161460
     gtgtttttga taaataaata atataataga tacagataaa tccagcaagt catttaaata    161520
     taaatataac acattagtat attttttagc aaattagcat gttatttagt caaattaaat    161580
     aaataataat tttctatttt tttttttaat aaagcatttt atatgaccat gtttaaatca    161640
     tattggtgtg tttcagatcg agaatgctgt atttctcaat aaagtaaagg agcagcttgg    161700
     tcatgacaaa agccccacct actcacatgg ccctgcccac tatcccccta cagcagtggt    161760
     ggctgtcgct gggggtccca tggaagcacc gacatcaaga acactaaaac aagagcatgt    161820
     gcaaccgtcc cattcctcac acagtataac agtggtgccg gtaccacctt ctggcatcat    161880
     gacggcaggt actgtatgtg tgtgtttatg ataattaact catggtcaca gagttctatc    161940
     tacttaggcc ccgtttacac taaaacgttt tagcttcaaa acgcatacat tttgttatgg    162000
     ttacacctta cgtccacact accctggagt tctcgagccc cgaaaacgga atgttttgaa    162060
     cacactgatg gggccgtttt tgttttaaag agcccatatt atgggttttt gaaaatgccc    162120
     ttccatgtag tgtgtaacac agctctaagt gaagtgaaat atctagctaa ggcttaaatc    162180
     tgtaagtgta cagtgtttaa aactgttgat tcatctataa aagagtcgac tcatagtgct    162240
     tcaaacgagt cgtcttgata acaagtcatt aggtgtttcg ctatgacgtg acaacgaaac    162300
     caagtagttg cgcgcgcaaa cctgggagat ttgaaacctg cggccccgcg ctctaaccca    162360
     gaaaaagcca cacacaaaca cgccggtcaa atgaagtgtc aatgtgcaga tggatattat    162420
     tgagtcgtcc gaggaggagg gtaatgtgtg tgtgtgtacg ctgtgtcctc caaggagaga    162480
     gaaaagagca gagtgtgaca agctaggaga tctacttgcc agttcttcga gtttttgaca    162540
     tcggaaaact gagggttagc tgccgacatt cacactactt tttgtatatt aaaagaaaca    162600
     ttgctttatg tgatgttaag gcgtcgtgta catatttata tgactggcat tttcactgta    162660
     tgcaaattta taactacaca tagcctaatc actgcctcct ttcattttca ttgaagatga    162720
     aacattaggc tcactgtgtg gtttttccaa tatgtgctta atgtcaggct ataagcacac    162780
     ataaaagatt atcagaggta atgcatggta aaatttaaat tagctgtctc ttttgctgaa    162840
     tataataatc agtaagctgt cattttaata atcattagta attgtaaaag tataaagtat    162900
     aaaagtttat acaatatagg aaatagtgta catggttaca taaataggta tatatctttg    162960
     cgctctgcca aaacacattg cctgagaaca agtaggctaa tggattcaaa agactgactc    163020
     gttagattta ggtctactac acaagatgaa ttatacatcg cgtttaacaa ctacagagag    163080
     ataaaatcca gtggcggatt cagaatggac tggccggtgt tcggctgctc tcagctgggc    163140
     aggtgtgctc agagctcccg ctgactgcct ggagctcaga cgtgagaata tgctgaaaca    163200
     gcttgtgtgg tcacatgatg tgtgttttca gcggtgtagt gtggactgag agcttttcag    163260
     aaatgttaga taaaatgcca gcgtggacat ggattgtttt cattctaaaa ctgtgtttta    163320
     aaactaaaac gtatcagtga aaacgggacc ttagttgcac tttttgcact tttttcactt    163380
     ttataactct tctaacactt ccctcatttt ttctagcggg tttggtcacc ctggtgtctc    163440
     cggtgtcttc ggctcagtct cttattcctg gacacccctc aatgataaca gtccagacag    163500
     gtaatgcacc tggttttaca ttaacttaag gtgccttcac acctgtggat caattctctt    163560
     gttccgaaac agggattaaa attgttacaa tgttgctctt tgtttttgat gcggtttcaa    163620
     atgagtcaaa agagcttaaa caagtcacgt gtgagtaaac tcccctcaca ttggtcagaa    163680
     ttttccttat tttaatttat gacaataaat aggccattac aagcgaaaag ctccgatttc    163740
     attttgaata gtgacaccca cagatatcgt cactaaatat aactcaaaga taagactttc    163800
     tcatacatag cagttggctt atgcatcata ggctttacaa tatatagaga aataacagat    163860
     aaaccaagac tgctgttcgg tcaattttcc taacggataa acagctctcc ttaatagtta    163920
     agcaagcttt cactttcata ttttacatga aacacaaatt tactggtggg aatgacatcc    163980
     cgccctactc atcattcaat cttcatatag ccatacatgc ctaatagata tccacaatac    164040
     attgtgatat agcctggctc agattttatt gctttctcac tacaatcgat ccgctccaga    164100
     atttgtttca atcgagttga gaccacctca ttcaagcgat ttcagaccga ttgttttagg    164160
     ccagagtcag gattgctgga ttcacatatt ccaaacaaac cacaccaact ggggaaacac    164220
     gccaggttcc gaaacaaaag tctagatgtg aaagcaccct taaggctgat ttatacttct    164280
     gcgtcaaacg ccggcgtatg ctacggcgct gacgcatagc ccttcgccgt ggccgtcgct    164340
     gtcactgacg tgcacctctc aaaaaaatgt aactacacgt cgcaacgacg cgtagcgtaa    164400
     gctctgtgat tggttggctt ggtagcgctg atgagtctgg gcgggaccga gagccgcgcg    164460
     aatggcgcga gcgattgttt acatgtgtgg agtaccgtga aggagctccg gatggaaagt    164520
     tttgttttgt gtttacctca tagttaaagt tgttgcacgt ctgccggttc ctgcctcaaa    164580
     atgagcgagt ttgagccact tgttcatccc ggaagtgttc aggaaaagca aaaaagcagc    164640
     gaagaaactc gacacagagg aacatttaca cctcactgcc aactagcgtt tcggaagtgt    164700
     taaagcagac cgacagagac agcgcgcaga agtataaatg catagccacg cgcgttgcat    164760
     gcgccgtggg ttacgccggt cacctgacgc agaagtataa atcaggcttt agacatgcac    164820
     atggttgaat tgtttttgct ataagataac acaatgtttt tgttatgtta ggagtatttg    164880
     gaatgagttc aaaagttttt ggtatgggtc tttcagtttg gtacacatat gcagcattgt    164940
     tttaacctct gctgaaccta cactactagt tttagcaaag tttttaacaa attgacttaa    165000
     attcttaaat cccaaaacca attgtattga atgccgtttc aggtgatgcg tgaatggctg    165060
     ttcataagca ttatttatac cactcctccc attcaaaatt tctgacagct ttgtgtttct    165120
     ttcagttttt cctttcagag tcattttgta aattctgtcc aatatttaga cattaaatca    165180
     attttattct ttttgatgtg gcgtgacaac tcgtaaacaa aatgtcacat agtattactt    165240
     atacctccgg caactcattc agtgacaaca gctgtttaat tcactagaga attctagaaa    165300
     ctccagagag agactataga gaggataagt tttctatgta tgttgcgcca tatttgtctt    165360
     tttatccatt gtggggtatt taacctgtta gtaatggctt aggtttttaa tataaatgct    165420
     caaataatct gtcttatgaa acaacaaagt ggagtagaaa cattttatga ttagatttaa    165480
     agactaaaac tgccttttgt ggcacataat taaagcattt ttttattttt ggcttgtctc    165540
     atctagacaa gaaaaatgac tccttgccct gctcaccggt catcattcca ttaccttcca    165600
     aacggggcag aaagaagaaa gaaacactcc cgctagttgg ctctcctact gggacagatc    165660
     ccttgatttt gggtctttca ggacaggtat ggcaaccata caaacagaaa aatatatata    165720
     ttttacattg ttattatatt actttgtctg caaaaaagtg attaactcac agataaatga    165780
     taaacagata aacgagcaca agttgataag acgtcttaag attttttttg aaaaggctgc    165840
     atttatttga tcgcaataca cagctaacca atgtctgtac ttctgatact aatttaatgt    165900
     gtgctccttg ctgaacttat gtattaattt cctacaaaaa taatcatatt ttatggtcta    165960
     cagacagtaa ttttaaagaa gttgtatacc ctgtgtacat atacactacc ggtcaaaagt    166020
     ttgacattta aaatcatatt taatcaacat tcaaaaatct tactgacccc aaacttttga    166080
     ccggaagtgt aaacatatgt tttaatttgg tcacgtttta ttttgatggt ccgtttgtta    166140
     aattaagttg cattgcactt tgtcatgtac ctgcaaagtt tagtcagtta aatgtctgtt    166200
     gaagcagcag tatcaagaga tattacacag tcattctact aatactcaaa tgggccatca    166260
     aaataaagag ttaccgtttt taaaccaggt cccaaacaaa tctgaaatga catccttggc    166320
     ttttcatgtg aagagccaat ctatattttg taatatgatg acatcatcac ttatgtgttg    166380
     accttatggc gacttcagac tgcacgtttt cagagtagtc tcgtcacaat tgttttcaca    166440
     ctgcatgact atctggggta gcattcagtt gctgctgtgt ttatactgaa agatggatcg    166500
     gcaacagggg gttttacact gcatgacttt acaataggaa gcataaccga caactttgtc    166560
     ttttgtccac aaactatgtc tcacaaacaa aaacacgcga gaagtaacat gtaaacaatg    166620
     cgaggtcaag tagtatatct ttagttatta acttcataat gagaaagaag tctttagtgg    166680
     gatataaaat gaacatattt tgctcacctg gctttgaaag gagttagctg attctcttaa    166740
     actttctgtt tcggtattgc tcagatgcca tgtcaaacag ggatgggtgc tcctgccaaa    166800
     tttacacgtt tctttctcca attattgggt ccaaattagt gctgtcaatc aatttttaaa    166860
     aaatatacta attaatcaca ctttttttaa ttaatcgcga ttaatcgcat ttaaaagact    166920
     gaaaattgta attttggctt tttgaatgta aaattaatat aaacgcaaga caaaaactat    166980
     ttaaattcaa aatataattg ttaaatagaa tttttgttta acttgtaaca cagatttgtt    167040
     catgtaaaca acatacccac aataaactat caagatcctg gcttgacagc catatttatt    167100
     acagaaataa aaacacaggc atgttagtgc catttgaatt ttaaaacaat caatgccaat    167160
     aaagaaaaca ttgatttcca tgttggagtc taagtggact gcaaaaaaat gccaaagaac    167220
     aggcattaca aatatggaaa atgaaaaatt ataatgataa taaagtattg aatacaaaca    167280
     attgcactca ttgcagggct ggactgggac aaaaaaatcg gccctggcat tttgggccag    167340
     atcggcccac tatatcaatt aaaatgctcc ccatctgtgc gcgctcttga atatgtttaa    167400
     caactttcat tctataaaag cacaaaagcc atatatagga aataacgaga gttgaaaaat    167460
     taaaaacgta aattttttta atttaatatt ataataaaat tataatcaac actggaagtc    167520
     catcttgtgt gtgcctgtgt gttttgaggg agcctaataa ataatgaaca taacaaaaac    167580
     tggctgctga cgcacacagt taatgttgat taataaaata aagataaata ttactgtcac    167640
     tataagccta gatcatgctg acaatcaaaa acacaatgtc atgatatctc atgcgattgt    167700
     ctcctgaccg actgacaccc ctcatagaga ttgagaagca gacattattt ataatttgta    167760
     aaacaaagac ttgcaggtta aggaaacagc atagaaggaa gttgccgcag accgtggtgc    167820
     agattaaaag taataaaaat aaaaagtata tttatatcag atagatagga cagataggta    167880
     actagataga attgacagaa atatattgat ctgtgctcca ctgtatgctg cagagtgcag    167940
     acgcaaaagc ctgctcgcca cctctgctat cccgcaggtg agaaataggc atgactctcg    168000
     attatttgga caaatacaca cctaagttgc acgcttacac agagcccaac atggaagttt    168060
     ttgattgggt cagcccaatg tcaataaaga aaagaaccaa tggactgcag attatgtcac    168120
     ataggccgct ctttctggaa aagaaacatc ttactttcag ggtgtcacag cttacaggat    168180
     tcgtcaatca cttaggcaga aaaacatgac agtctgctaa gtgttttatg ggccgatcag    168240
     atcataagaa gatgatcagc ccggcccata aagtacgtcg gcccagcggg aaactgcccg    168300
     gtctgccaga tggccagtct gcctttggcc acaacaggaa aaaaaaaact gcatctgcgt    168360
     taattgcgta aatttttttt cgtgttaaat atttcaaatt aatcgcatgc gttaacgcac    168420
     taattttgac agcactagtc caaatagaat gaaaatgagc acttttatct tctccatctt    168480
     cccgctggcc tgcagatacc cacactattg gatgctgctc tctcattggc tgtaggtaat    168540
     cgctgatgtt attttcaata ataacacatt tcacacagca tgattttgaa tcgcggacag    168600
     gaccagatgt ttagcatgcc aaatatctca tgggtgtcgg caactcatca acaattctct    168660
     cgggtaacat ctttgatagt ttacactatg cgattgttac tcaagtgtag catttgtcaa    168720
     acaccatcac atcataacag caacaaaaac caaggcaaac tacatgtgca caaggtttgt    168780
     ccacctgctc gaaagtgtat tctccatttt aaaccctgtg cgcacaggga caatttttag    168840
     ctcattactt ttcaccaaca tttaatacgt tgtgactaaa caaaaacgac gcagtaggta    168900
     gtgctgtcgc ctcacagcaa aagtcgctgg ttcgatcctc ggatcagttg gcttttctgt    168960
     gtggagtttg catgttctcc ctgcattcgc gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccggtttctc    169020
     ccacagtccc aagacatgcg gtacaggtga actgggtagg ctaaattgtc cgtagagtat    169080
     gagtgtgtgt gtgtggatgt ttcccagaga tgagttgcag ctggaagggc tggagatggg    169140
     ttgcggctgg aaacccatcg ctgtggcgac cctgaattaa taaagagact aagccgacag    169200
     gaaaatgaat gactaaacaa agggcgcaga atgtcaggcg taaaagcatc ataaaaaaaa    169260
     attcagattt attttttatt ttattttttt tttatgccca ttgttataaa acttgtcgaa    169320
     caaaaagatt ggcacactat gttgttcact tacctggagc tgctaaagta acacgaaaac    169380
     acgcttcatt gctgaatctt gcttgtgtat aaatgctgaa aaacatctca gacaaacgat    169440
     gactataagt gtaagcaaat gagtctttaa gggtgtcttt gtggctaaaa tacagcacca    169500
     aatactgcta tgtcatgtat cctgcatttt ggactttttt tttttcagtg gttttgttta    169560
     cgtacgctga tattttttga gacaaaactg cgtgtagatt tacatttttg tgtacatttt    169620
     ttagaaagaa aaaaataaaa gatcctacag ggaaagcttt ggctttgtgt ggccatagtc    169680
     ttgcattcat agaagtcttc ctaacagatt tttttgtttc tctgcagcat ctttctacac    169740
     acccttatag cctctcccca gaagaagggc atgctgggaa agaaggcagc aaaacataca    169800
     ggtagggctt tgcagatgaa caacagctcc gcatgcactc agtgtgtgtt tcttacaagc    169860
     tattagaaga ggcaaagaca gaggcaggga ttcctgagcc actcttcatc ttcatactgc    169920
     agccatgcat ggccctcctg gccaacacac acacacacac acaaagcgtc tcctgcttgt    169980
     atgcagtgct ttagtagaaa ctgtgtgtta ttctgctcgg cagcatgtgc agcctcagct    170040
     acacacacac acaaacacac acacacactc ctgtcgccat ctgcacttgc gtttctggcc    170100
     tctcatctta ctttttttaa agccagagtc tacgatttcc cacccgcgtc tctctctctc    170160
     tcaccctcca gcttgtgttg tgtctctttc tcgcccgttt gtcgcgtctc acgtttctcc    170220
     tttcactatt gacggatcag gcttgtaact ttccttttct ctttgtcctg ttttcattcg    170280
     tactttgccc tctcccatgt tttcctcctc tctcatccct ttgtcgtccc ctttggtgtg    170340
     tttgtgtgtg tgtgtttttc tgtctatagg tgccggatgt gtggtttgac gttctgcagt    170400
     aagtcagaca tgcagctgca ctccaagtca cacacggagg tgaaagctca ccagtgtccg    170460
     cactgctcca aatccttcgc taacaccagc tacctggccc agcacatccg catccacagc    170520
     ggtgccaagc cctacacctg ctcctactgc cagaaggctt tcagacagct cagtcactta    170580
     cagcagcaca cacggtactc agcaccgcac ctcagttgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgga    170640
     gtgtctgtgg caaagctggc gggtgatgga gagtgtgtgt gacggctttt taatacctgc    170700
     tagtagacct tgggagtgcc tgtgtttctc agctttatga tacagagcaa atcacatact    170760
     acactacctg acaaaagtct tgtcgttgat cccagttgtt agagcaacaa ataataactt    170820
     gacttctagt tgatcatttg gaaaagtggc agaaggtaga tttttccatc tgttgaactg    170880
     catcccaatc atcacaaata ctgcaggaga cgtattggaa cctgcttgga cccaagattc    170940
     tcagagaaat cattcaagtt tggtgaagga aaaatcatgg tttggggtta catttagtat    171000
     ggggcatgcg agagatctgc agagtgaatg ccagctcagt caccagacat gaacattatt    171060
     gagcatgtct gggttaagat gatggaggag gcattaaaga tgaatcttga tgaacagatg    171120
     actttattaa aaagttattt gagtcattgc agagatgtat ggatgcagtc ctccaagctc    171180
     atgggagtca tacacaatct tcattatttt tccactgtac catgactcta tattctatac    171240
     tgaacattat ttctgttgaa agagaagact tttgtttaag caaagtcaga ccttactgtc    171300
     ctaattaaat aaataaaaat caagacatga tcatatttta tgttagtaaa ataattgaat    171360
     ctagaggcct ttgcctttca tataagccac ttctgatacc aaatgatcaa ctagaagtca    171420
     agttattgtt tgttgtccct aatatttgga taggccataa gacttttgtc agtgtatatt    171480
     gtaccataaa attgcaagag atattgcaaa aatatatgaa atcataattc aaacagcatc    171540
     caacatgcta aagaagagac tctggatgtt ggtaagcgaa tgttttgatt actccgatac    171600
     cacaaaatgt tgcaccaata ttcaaattct ggccaatcat gacagttcgt actctgtgca    171660
     caaccaaaat ataattaaat attgctgtat accaataaat ggttaaaaat atagtactaa    171720
     aattatatta atactcttat aaatataata gctttattaa taacataaac agctttgaaa    171780
     aaaaacttaa gagaccactt ggaaattctc attttctctg tatttagata tatatttttc    171840
     ttttttgtaa actttttttt tttttttgta attttttgta aaatttctaa acaatacaaa    171900
     tgtttacagt ttattcaaac ccattccaaa aaaaaacggc tgcggttatc cttttccata    171960
     gctctttatg tctttatttt gtagttttta cattttcaaa aaaaaattta atgttatgct    172020
     ataaatgtaa tacaaagaga aacattttca caccagtttt ggtttgattg taaaatactg    172080
     tcattttaaa tatcattaga tattatataa agtaaattac atttatttat tacctttatg    172140
     ctcattacca ttcatattta ttatttttgt tattacaaca ccttattacc tgatattctg    172200
     taaggcccct tcacatgggg tgtcagcatc aatgcttcct atttatttta aatgggtgat    172260
     gtcaagcatt gccaaactga attgtaaatc cgtcgatgct gcttttctca acttttgaag    172320
     caccaatgga agcgtcagcc aatcagatcg ctttctgcaa ataccccagc tcagacagca    172380
     gccaattgcg gactaatttc attgactgat gctgcccaac ttcatacatg ccctccgtca    172440
     ggcgttgacg ctgtagctcc atgtgaatcg gcgtaaatgt agtataaaga taaacatttt    172500
     ctgatcaatt ttggcttgat tgtaaagtac tgtcacatta aatattattc taaagtaaac    172560
     atgttaattt atttcataaa caattccagt agctactgcc taggttttat tttaaccctg    172620
     gttaaaaaac caccattttt ttattggttc aattgtagaa aagtgtaaat aaactagact    172680
     aggaccatta taatgtgtaa cgttgttcac cacaagtgag tgcacaattt tttctcaaaa    172740
     gccaaatgct agcaagtcag taactttttt ccatttggaa agcagtggct gacagtattt    172800
     ttagcccagc ttacttcgta gctaactgtc agaatgcctg ggcgtttaaa gtgttttctg    172860
     tgacctctgc attcctcttt ccgttgtgct cctctgtctg tcagtttttg agtgcagaaa    172920
     gtgtcctgag acatccatgg tcacattgga aaggttgaca acagcgcctc atcttactat    172980
     gcttgttgct atagcaacat gctttcatga tggtttgcat atatgcaagt ttatatgtaa    173040
     tggacttcgt aattatatac tgcagtcttt ataatgggta actcagcagt tgctgatgtc    173100
     accacatata gtcgaaagat ttctcattaa agtgtccttt taatgctttt ttttcagtta    173160
     ttatctttca tgtagcatga ttgtagctat gaagtaaaag gactggaggg ttttaaagat    173220
     caaagtgcac gcttattgga gctattgtct tgaaagaaag aattactttt gaggtcaccc    173280
     cattatgatt tagttgttga tattattaat ttaaatatac ttacttaaat tcacaatatt    173340
     taaataaata aatcaattag taaataaata aaatgcagcc tctaaattat tgtggattga    173400
     tcagcgccac tgatgtagct gattcactga gattgcacag tttttattaa gaaattttta    173460
     tttttgaaat gaaaaagttg tgttttatct gattgaaaac cacaaatcta aataaataaa    173520
     taaatgaata gatgcatttt gaaatcagct tttcagaatc gagtttattt agcagctcca    173580
     ttgttttgct ggttgactta aaagggccaa aaatctaagt gattttgtgg ctgtattttg    173640
     caaaaaggta catcaataga atatgtgtta atatattgtg gctcaaaaag gaacatggat    173700
     aaatgatagt attagggtct gtataaaagt aacttacctg aaagatgttt ttaaactagc    173760
     tttttttggt ttttatttgg tttgcacgcg tacttgctga attatttcaa ggaaaaaatg    173820
     ctatactcaa gagtaattaa tggaatttat taaaacttca ttatttcatt taccagaaac    173880
     aaaaatataa ccttactcat tattcacaat atatacacaa ttcatgatca tatcacaaat    173940
     atgaacatgt ctattttttg tgtgtgccac cacaagattt ggtgtggcct tacttgacca    174000
     cccctattca tataatggaa gtcagtgggt gctgagattc agaaaaacac attcaaaaca    174060
     aataataatt actacaagcg gctcctgaag atgcactaaa gtgaaatgat cactctgtgc    174120
     aacaaaataa atatcatatt ccaatgctat cttgtggaaa tgtgtaactt ttcaatttat    174180
     agtctaattt atatgaattt atatgatctt tcatgaattt agttcccaat gacagttggg    174240
     ttagtgggtt tggtgccttt ttttttcatc tgtttttgga cgaattacaa attagccact    174300
     aaactgacta aacataaaat agttatgttt ccttgtgaga tcaggctgca tattcaaacc    174360
     ctgggcaaac tgctctgagc acgtacagtg aagtatgctt atgagtgtct cgtcgcttaa    174420
     tgatgcgggt gccattttgt gggcacaaaa tgcacttggg tttgtttaca aaagcgagag    174480
     agcggacgtt gtaaactcac actgcagtcc tccgcgctga tctgataaat ggttgtggtt    174540
     tgccagtaga gtcattgttt cgtgtaaact tcttgcatac gagacagaat gacaaccctt    174600
     attaattgtt ataaatattt ttattggtgc cagcatgaca tttaataagt tttagagttg    174660
     tttagagttt aaatgcagaa aatgtggcta aaataaatgg tgccactgga atttcagtac    174720
     aattttggtc agactttgag tccttcttaa atctgataag atactgagct atttatttaa    174780
     ctacttattc tcattattat tattggtcaa actttatttt gatagtctgt ttgttgaatt    174840
     taagttacat tgcatctgca tgccaactat ttctcattaa actaagtaga cagttagatt    174900
     ggggttgggg ttagtgtaag ttgacacgta cttgcaaagg ttcttatagt cagttacatg    174960
     tctgtttagc agcaatatca acagatatta agcagacagt ctacttatag tcaaatggac    175020
     catcaaagta aagatcctga gctatttatt tagctatttg ttctcattat tattattttc    175080
     tcttatatgg ttggagtggt cttattgtaa atggtgatac atttataact agagacttgt    175140
     agaaattaat ttcagtcaca ccagcagaaa aaaagaggtt gcaaaatgtg accatataat    175200
     ctttaacact ggtttagaga gaccacatgc ttgaatgaga cgttttattc aatgagaata    175260
     gtggtgatgc cccaaatgta cattttatta aattttttat tgattgattt ttttttttac    175320
     ttattccagg agttctttag aatctttaca attgcatata agggtcaatt taaatgtatt    175380
     attgatagac tcaaggaaaa atcgctaaaa gaaaagttct gttttttttt tttttttttg    175440
     ctaaagaatg aaagaaattt tattttattt tttcttcatt tccctttcat gtctttctct    175500
     atttatataa tttatttctc ctctgaccca ctgttttatt actgcagact acttaaactt    175560
     ttacacactt gtgcacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac tgactttagg    175620
     gttgaactga aattgcagct gtcattgaac agccagttct ctctgactct acattattat    175680
     cccataactg tgcagaagtt ttacgaggtt ttgccccgct ttgaaataga ggtcacctaa    175740
     aggtttcgtc cactcctgat cacacttgga tctgagattg ggctctgcag cccaccgggt    175800
     ccctgtgagg atttagtgca aatgttttct tgagaaatgg atctgcccct tactgtgacc    175860
     tcattcaaac acccaccgcg ccgctttcaa atgtgtctcc aaaatgcacc gtgcactttt    175920
     gacaatcgtt gacagtactg ataggaccca cctaagaaag gtcagcagag cgagtgtaga    175980
     aatcaggaat attgtcaagt ctaatatttg tgtagtgtct gtaaattatt gagtgagccc    176040
     tcgggtaaga atgtttgtct ttccttcttt acagaaacca cacagaatcc aaacctcata    176100
     agtgtcctca ctgcacgaaa tcatttgcca actcaagcta ccttgctcag catgtgcgaa    176160
     tacacactgg agttaaaccg tacacctgta actactgcga gaagaccttc agacagctca    176220
     gtcacttaca gcaacaccac aggtaacgcg ctggacatct tttcatttca tgcgtgctta    176280
     tgtagctgtt atcatcatat atgctcatgt ttgttttact gttcatttct tacctctcga    176340
     cttcaatttt gtgcctgttc aggatccaca caggagacag gccatacaaa tgtacacaca    176400
     tgggctgtga aaagtctttc actcagctct ctaatttgca ggtcagtatt atattccgtt    176460
     tctctgttta aatttaaaat gtagattagg gctgcacaat atatcgtttc agcatcgata    176520
     gtcaatagtt acattgcgag tttacacaat gttgagtctg gtttataaca tataattttc    176580
     ccaggttttt tttaggcctg tgattaataa tgataaagtt ttgttgaatt gtttaaaaag    176640
     aagactactc actattattt tacatttgat cattcaatta ctgtatacct gaatacagtt    176700
     caatgacttg aaaaacaata aaatgctgtt tatataattt gtatattttt ctgtattgaa    176760
     attaaacggg cgaggcagtg gcgcagtagg tagtgttgtc gcctcacagc aagatggttg    176820
     ctggttcgaa cctcggctca gttagcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcct    176880
     ttgcgtgggt ttcctctggg tgctccggtt ttccccacag tccaaataca tgcggtacag    176940
     gtgaattggg taggctaaat tgtccgtagt gtatgagtgt gtgtgtgaat atgtgtgtgg    177000
     atgtttccca gagatgggtt gcagctggaa gggcatccgc tgcgtaaaaa cttgctggac    177060
     aagttggcgg ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc ctggattaat aaagggacta agctgacaag    177120
     aaaatgaatg aatgaatgaa tgaatttaaa cgtgcttgtt tcttatattt tttgcatgca    177180
     ctcccctaca gaatcatccc aatcaatcta aaattttaaa ttttttccaa atattttttc    177240
     aacacatcta ttgaaattgt attcatatca caatatatat cgcagaataa aaaaaatctc    177300
     ataatgttag atttttccaa tatcgtgcag ccctaatgta gattatttac acacttttat    177360
     ttagatgatg gttcagccaa aactgaaaat ttctaacata agtttcgagc atttcttctg    177420
     ttgaacataa aataagatat tttgaagaaa tccacaacca catcaccctg caagacaaaa    177480
     acagttgttc actgaagtta agcagggctg agtctggttt ttttcctgga tgagtgacca    177540
     tttgggaaaa actgttggaa gtagtgttag cgaggccagc agggggggct cctcctgcgg    177600
     tctctgtggg tcctaatacc ccagtataat gaaggggaca cctatatttg tttttttcgc    177660
     acatcagtct cgtgcttgtc cgtttctgac aggattggat gtcagaagca cttcaataat    177720
     cacacgcaca ttattatcat tagctcaagt ttgtcatttc aaatataatt tgagcttggg    177780
     tcgaccaggg cttgttgtta tatgtatata ttattatggt gtaatgtttc gactgtgtat    177840
     ttaaaacatg gcggtttcct ttgtttttat tctgtctttt ccacgagcga gtcacttatc    177900
     tctgtaaccc actagcgttc agttgcaagt ctaactctgc cttttggtac ccaaaaagtg    177960
     gtacggttcg cttttaggta cctttggaca gtggaaagtt cagccataaa agcttaccgt    178020
     accgtaccac tcagtggaaa caggccataa gttcagggct ctctcccagc acagcatgcc    178080
     aaacaagctt tattatcaat catcaactaa gttgtaacat ttaaattact ataaaagtca    178140
     atagttccaa cattttgcta aatatcttct tttgtgagaa actcaaacag attcatgaca    178200
     cgtgaataat gaatgaatga cgtcagaatt ttcagtttta ggtgatctgt ctctttaaat    178260
     ttctgtctgt tctacgttac tgtacacttt cagaacataa aacaatgctg gattgtttta    178320
     tgatgctttt ataaagcttg acaaccccag ctccccatcc agtttcattg cttttgacag    178380
     actctgcttt taacagcttt ggaaaacacc accgcaacag tgcgattaaa tgatgacaaa    178440
     ttattttttg tttttgagta aactctcact ccctttctct caatctttta cagtcccatc    178500
     ggcgtcagca caacaaggac aaaccataca agtgtcacca ctgtaatcga ggatatgtag    178560
     acgcagccgg cctggatatt catctgtcca cgcacacggt taagcatgct aagctgtact    178620
     cctgtggttt atgccaccgc acatatacct cggtacaatc atcagcaccc aatctcacag    178680
     cattcccaac cctttctcaa aatgattctc atgtgtgtat ctctctgcct gcaggagacg    178740
     tatctaatga agcacatgca aaaacacgct ccggatatgc ttccatctcc acctggatca    178800
     aaccagcata gtcacagtcc cggacgcgct ggaggaagcg gttcagaagg agacgggcag    178860
     agcagaattg aaaggagtga tgttttcgtc caaccgatca gtgtgccgtg tgtgtatgac    178920
     atgaaccagt acaaaccagt acctgcagca gacgtgcagt acaaaaccgt cagcgtgtct    178980
     gacatctcgc ctcacaaaga cctctgcatc accgtggagg cttcagccat acaggcgaac    179040
     cacctgaact cctgaggatc aaactgtgga ggttagaaaa actgttgtag atgacgagat    179100
     ccacacagag ctgtggagac agagcgaatt ttcttattca aaggcgcatt gtttgtgtga    179160
     aagagcaaga ggatttgaat gaactcaaat gaaggaggtc tacttttgta ttgttttctt    179220
     ttcctttttt tgttacattt gttgctgcaa tcctgatctt cctcacaaaa agcttccttg    179280
     aaggctgtgg ctgtttcggt gggtgtcaac ttcatatctc cagtctttcc atgacatttt    179340
     tgctagtttc actcgtttat acggtggttt ttgtctgtag gtgttggtac gatcactcca    179400
     gcatcaccat tactattgtt actgtcaaca agaatggtaa tattgtgtct tgcacagtag    179460
     gtttggaaat tgtttctttt ttttccattt taaaagggaa gtttgtttgc agtcaaacaa    179520
     aagcacgtat atatgattat cagatatatt gtgtgtatat gagtaaagga taacagcaaa    179580
     caggacacaa atatattagg agatggattt tatggaaaac aaatgattat gtgtagtgtt    179640
     tctatctgca gacgacatgt aatattctat tattactgtt tttactgttt tactatttaa    179700
     aaaaaacaga gcaattatgc accccagaca tcaacctcta gacattacca aaatcagatt    179760
     actgtgcatt aaccttttaa aacgagatat taaaaaaatt ataattgtgt gccgcatcgt    179820
     gatctttgcc ttacaatcat tgcttaattg ctttttagga tacttaacca atcggtaatg    179880
     ttttttgttg ttgttttatt ttggaacttt tttttggaaa actctctggt ttagaaaatt    179940
     tatttacttt gtgagtggta taatttaagc ttaacagtat tattagcagt ttaagtattt    180000
     aagtattcag ttgaggtcag atttattagc ccccctttga ttattttttt taaatatata    180060
     tttcccacat gaattttaac agagcaggga cattttcaca gtatgtctga taatattttt    180120
     ttcttctgga gaaattcata tttgttttat ttcggctaga ataaaagtag tttttaattt    180180
     ttaaaaacca ttttatggac aaaattatta gcccttttaa gctatatatt tttaagatta    180240
     gtctccagaa caaaccatca ttatactata acttgcctaa ttaccttaac ctgcctaggt    180300
     aacctaatta acctagttaa gtctttaaat gtcactttaa gatgtataga agtgtctcga    180360
     aaaagatcta gtcaaatatt atttactttc atcatggcaa agataaaata aatccgttat    180420
     taaagataag ttattaaaac tattatattt ataatatata attctgaata attcgaataa    180480
     ttctgacttc aactttatat acagttaggt ccataaatat tgggacaaaa tttttggctc    180540
     tttacaccaa cacaatggat ttgaaatgaa acaagatgtg ctttaactgc aaactgtctg    180600
     ctttaatttg agggtattta catccaaatc aggtgaacgt tgtagggatt acaattgttt    180660
     aaatatgtgc ttcccacttg ttaagtgtcc aaaagtaatt ggacaattgg cttctgatct    180720
     gttccacggc caggtgtctg ttattaactc attatcccaa ttaaaatgag cagataaaag    180780
     gtccagagtt cattttaagt gcgctatttg catttggaat ctgttactgt caactcaaga    180840
     gatccaaaga gctgtctcta tcagtcaagc aagccatcat tgggctgaaa aaacaaaaca    180900
     aacccatcag agatcgcaaa aacattaggc ggggccaaaa caactgattg gaacattttt    180960
     aaaacgaaag aatgcaccag tgagctcagc aacacctaaa cacccagaag accacagaaa    181020
     caactgtggt ggacgaccaa cgaattcttt acctggtgaa gaaaacaccc ttcacaacag    181080
     ttggccagat caagaacact ctccaggatg taggtgtatg tgtgtcagag tcattaatca    181140
     aaagaagact tcatcagtga atacagaggg ttcaccacaa gatgtaaacc ataggtgagc    181200
     ctcagaaaca aaggcagatt agagttctaa aaaagccttc acagtgctga aacaacatcg    181260
     tatggacaga tgagaccgag accaacttgt acaacagatc aacagagtga tgggaagaga    181320
     agattatgga caaagaaaca aactgcttat gattttaagc agtaaagcgt gggggtgggg    181380
     gtgggggtgg gggtggtgat catggtgtgg gcatgtatgg ctgtttatag aactggttct    181440
     cttgtattta ttgatgatgt tactgctgac taaaacaacc gggtgaattc tgaagtgttt    181500
     taggcaatat tttctgctca tattcagcca aatgcttcag aactcattgg acggtgcttc    181560
     acagtgcaga tgggacaatg aaccaaagca tactgcaaaa gcaacagaag agtttttgaa    181620
     gggaaataag tggaatgtta tgcaatggcc aagtcaacca cctgacctga gtccatgcat    181680
     ttcatttgct gaagacaaaa ctgaaggaaa aaggcctgga gagcatcact aggaatgaaa    181740
     cccagcatat ggtgaggtct atgcattcca gacttcaggc tgtaattaac ggcaaaggat    181800
     ttgcaaccaa gtattgaaaa gtaaaagttt gaggtatggt tattagtttg tcccattact    181860
     ttggtccttt cacaagtggg aggcacatat gcaaactgtt gtaatttcca ccccgtttac    181920
     ctaacttggt tgtaaatacc ctcatattaa agctgacagt ctgcagttaa agcacatctt    181980
     attcgtttca tttcaaatcc attgtgttgg tgtatagagc caaaaatctt agaattgtgt    182040
     caatgtctca atatttatgg acctaactgt acatttacct ttattaatat acatgtattt    182100
     tagattaaat tatactttat atataaaata tactttattt ataaagtatt aaaaataaat    182160
     ttattaagta aacaaaaata tagtgatcag tgttgggggt aacacattac aagtaatgca    182220
     aattacacaa taatattact tttctgagta atgagtaaag taatgcatta cttttaaaat    182280
     taagaaatta gttttttaat gtaatgtgat ttttttattt gatttgcatt taaaaataaa    182340
     ttgctaaatt aaaatgaatg taatcatgtt gaattctgca cacaatgtga gaattttcgc    182400
     cctgtgggaa cagacagaaa tgaagattgc agaaccttgg gtttacctgg gaggagtgga    182460
     tggaagaggt aaatgaaacg aaatgctcaa actatgagga gatagaagag aagtgccagg    182520
     aagggggctg gaagacccac tgtgagatgg gagggttttg cagagcattc actcgaaaga    182580
     ccaatatata gaagctcaaa tacagcagta cattatgcca catacataat aatttttttc    182640
     tcaactcttt tttttttttt gcatttaaaa tagagctgtc caaggagggt aaaatctaat    182700
     agtgattttt ctgaaattgt gatttgattc catttgtgat tttaatttag taaacagctc    182760
     aaaattatca atggtgtgta acacacttta aaaaaagaca atacaacatg gtttaacagt    182820
     aaatctataa ataaatatta tgtctaaata aatagcctat atacagtgtg tagcttttat    182880
     atgttttatc tgaattatat atatataggt ggcatagtag gtagtgctgt cgcctcacag    182940
     caagaaggtc gctggttcga gcctcggctg ggtcagttgg cgtttctgtg tggagtttgc    183000
     atgttctccc tgcgtttgca tgggtttcct ttgggtgctc cgatttcccc cacagcttaa    183060
     agacatgcag tacaggtgat atgggagatt aaattgtccg tagtgtatga gtatgaataa    183120
     gtgtgtagga gtgtgtatgg atgtttctca tagatggttt gcagctggaa gggcatctgc    183180
     ttcgtaaata atggataaat ggataagttt gcggttcatt ctgctgtatt aataaagatt    183240
     aataattatt tcccagaata ataaagggac ttatccgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaatgaatg    183300
     atatttacac agttgttaac agaataatta aaccccgttt atttttttgc ccaatttcat    183360
     gaaagatttt tttcaacaca tttctaaata taattatttt aataactaat atctaataac    183420
     atttatttta tctttgccat gatgacagta aataatattt tattttattt tttcaagaca    183480
     cttctgtaca gcttaaagtg acatttaaag tcttaactag gttaattagg ttaactaggc    183540
     aggttagggt aattaggcaa gttattgtat aacgatggtt tgttctgtag actatcgaaa    183600
     tatataaagc ttaaaggggc taataatttt gactttaaaa ttgtgtttaa gaaattaaaa    183660
     actgctttta tttcatagta tgtgaaatta aaattttcac aaactgaaaa tttccttgct    183720
     ttgttaagca taatttgaaa aatatttaaa aaacaaaaca aaggggttgc taataattct    183780
     gacttcaact gtatatttac atggatatat ataatgtttt ggggattttt tttaatgctg    183840
     tagaaaaata agataataat agtataagca aaagaaatgt tttgctaaca aataaagttt    183900
     aaaataagca ttttctcttg acattcattc atccgctttt ctggggccgg atcgcggggg    183960
     cagcagtctt agcagagaaa acccagactt ctctctcccc agacacttcc tccagctcct    184020
     tcagggggga tcccgaggcg ttcccaggcc agccaagaga catagtccct ccagcgtgtc    184080
     ctgggtcttc caggagtcct cctcccggtt ggacatgcct ggaacacctc cctagatagg    184140
     cgtccaggag gcatccaaaa cagatgcccg agccacctca gatgacttct ctcaatgtgg    184200
     aggagcagca actctacttt gagctcctca ccctttccat aagagtgcgc cctgccaccc    184260
     ttcgaaggaa actcatttcg gctgcttgca tccgagatct tgtcctttcg gtcatgaccc    184320
     aaagctcatg accatagatg agagtaagaa cgtagattga ccagtaaatc gaaagctttg    184380
     cctttcagca aagctccttc tttaccacaa cagaccagtg cattgaccgc attaaaaaaa    184440
     attcaaaaat ttttcgaagg aggtggtccc caaagtgaaa aaggttgaga atccctgttc    184500
     tataaagtct tcaaccaact agacctagca gtagcagcta agaagagggc cattaaaggg    184560
     ctcatagttt accccttttt tatgattaaa tattagtatt atggttctct tgagtgtgcc    184620
     agtttaggct cagttcaaca cagttcagat ttttttatta tagtgtgttc aaaagtgtca    184680
     tgttgggggc gtttacacag tttgctgtct tagaggcgta ttgcttcata tgaaaattag    184740
     tttcggcttc ccacccaacg taacaagggg gcggagccaa gaactcaccc gctctgtgtt    184800
     ttcaacagac aggcagacac ctagttaaga tcacagggag cttctgtgac ctcgagaaat    184860
     gcaaacggct gaattttaag gtagacgcaa tgaaaagcac acatgtttac aagcctacct    184920
     aaagatacaa ccaataattc cgattacagc aatcatgtgg tgaatgttaa tcttgtgttg    184980
     agcccaatga gccttacatc taaaaataga gcaaggatgt tcctttagtg atatcgcttt    185040
     gactcacact gaaaatggcg gacgtaaatc aacaaactga gcatatggtg acgtccatca    185100
     atgggcctgt aaatcaatat aggtgggcgg ggggaccaca ctcctacgtc aagttgcgat    185160
     cactctgaaa actgatccaa ttggtccacc gtttttatgt tgttaaattg aaaaaaaaaa    185220
     ggactgggtg tgtttatatc accccaacat tatggtctat acactatact tacacatctg    185280
     tctgtccaaa cagcttgaaa agtagatttt ttttaccaca ggttcctttt aagtctgttt    185340
     gagaagctgc agagaaagcc acaagacggc aattgataat gagggctgat ctgtgggtga    185400
     tggctactgg gacgcaagct ggggtctgat caaccttatc tgggtcacct gggtgagtat    185460
     gtcgatagtt gaagaccgaa acacccggtg accccagggc caggatacat tactgacgat    185520
     gcgcgctagt gcatttagat ggtgtatctt ctacactatt ctcattattt tgaacacata    185580
     gaagaaaagg ggattgtctt aatacaaagt gatttttgtt cactaatatg acaaaaagta    185640
     ccaagtagct attctagtta acaaattgct ttaaactttc aaagctccca gaagataatg    185700
     ttttcctaaa ttaggatttt ttatgtgttt attttaaagg taaatgaatt ctatacagtg    185760
     ctttttccta actgtaaagc tcctctgtta aaaataaaat gcaaattcta atagagaata    185820
     agagatcaag tctcaggtaa gaaatgtaac tcaaaagtaa tgtaacatta cttaccatac    185880
     aaggtaacta tgtaacgtaa ccagttactt tctgagaaag taacttaaca ttgtaatgca    185940
     ttactttata aaaaaagctt tcacaaacgc tgactgatac caattccagc attcagtttc    186000
     aaatctttgg tagactgtct gtgccacact actactcaaa aatatagggg tcaaaattac    186060
     tacttggttt gtttactttt gtgaaaaatc gtcgcataaa gtcaacaaag gcacaagaac    186120
     atcataaagc aatgggaaag tcaaagtgag atgtatttgt gacgcctagt gttgaatgtg    186180
     tgaagttcat gatggtagcg tccaccccat cagtgggcgg ggtcacggaa aagtccacgc    186240
     gagtagcgga gaaacttcac gaatgtaaat attgagcgaa caacagagga tacgtcctcg    186300
     cgccttattt cgtccttctt ttttgattaa tgcgaccatg ccgcgcagaa agcctttcag    186360
     taacaaacag aaaaagaagc agctccaggt gaaacgcgag agaaagagag gtgggtaact    186420
     agcttagccg agttagcgcg ctcgcagacc ctctacgcca gccacgtgat tttttgtttt    186480
     atgatttata tttcagtgtg cagtaatgtg accatgtccc tccatgttag atcagtcgcc    186540
     gatcaactac gctgctctaa atactttgct tgctaagttt ttgtggatgc ttgtgaccaa    186600
     acttgacacc atactgctgt caaatttatg tctgactagg aaacgaaaga agacgctgaa    186660
     tttaattaat aaaacagcat aaatccatca cattgcgctt attatggagg tcgtgtacag    186720
     tataaacaac tgctcgtgac aactcgagtg tcacgcgccc caacggttat ttgtcttcat    186780
     ggaccagatt tccgttttta tctgtcaact gcgaaatgac gctgaaaggc ctgatgatga    186840
     tgatgattat tcaccgcatt ttgagcggct tgtgttttgc tgttgttagc gcttgtgtta    186900
     tgcggtatgt aagtgcgcag actcagcgtg aagttacgta acacaataac aaagcgatca    186960
     atacatgcta aagcaggctg aattaactgc ctaagtattc ggctctagta cacagaaaaa    187020
     ctacttaaaa taactgctgc tgatgaagca gtgatgtggc tttaaagtga ttattatgtg    187080
     tcgtcatcaa tctaatttta ttggcataat aattgtaatt catcagagta ttacatgatt    187140
     attacagcag aagcagcgtg ggttattttc cacagaaaga gtattaaggt cttaatacaa    187200
     acaaatgaga gtgatacttt attttcgtgg ttctttttag acattctttt gaattcttta    187260
     tgtcagtaat tttgcaatta cctgtcacag cttactctca ttttattatt cataagctgc    187320
     tagtttaggg attgtagaat aagtacaata acactattta tgtactacac atatttatgt    187380
     attacacata ttcacttatc tatgtaacac acatatttag tttacattgc aatttgcaca    187440
     taatattgct gcacattcaa aattgtcaat agcagagatg cccgaagtag aacccgcggg    187500
     ccaaagttgg cccatggtat cctttgatta tcccaccatc ccatctgaat agagtgggag    187560
     aaagcctttg acagatatca tcattttgac gatccacttg aaataaagtg atacaattaa    187620
     atggtgtaaa taagtcagac gtttaaaatg taaatgctgt cacttgacag atataggtca    187680
     atgcacaagt catctgcgag caaatgaagc tgaaggcagg agcagcttga ctactgtatt    187740
     ctgcattgaa ctccattgtg ttataaatgg gattatgttt ttactgtaat attttcagta    187800
     taaaatttaa aaaatgatac tgcatgtgtt acttaaaatg atttaaagca acattgaatt    187860
     ttcgctcaaa tcgtggtgat tcatataatg taggtcaaca tctatctgca ctttgaaagt    187920
     aaataaaaac aataacagga attacacgat taataccgtt ggctgatgac aatgcaatga    187980
     ggttttatga agtgaaacga ctggtctgtg aatgaagcta cacattattt acaatgtcat    188040
     taacttcaat ccacagcatc agcaagaaat tgtttaacaa tattaagcac aagtttcttg    188100
     taacataatg acaaaaatca gtgttttaaa aattcagtcc tgctgtttaa gattatgcat    188160
     gaaggtttaa ctggtaccat tataatatac aattgagcac tacattccac atgtgaaatt    188220
     gcaccagaac attcaggaca tttattgagt ctgtgattta aacgtaataa taatagtaat    188280
     ttaataataa taatttcatc taaacatctc tttagtgttc tgctgaataa aagaaaagta    188340
     acttgtatat tgactgacct cagttaaaat gaacgacaga ttttcatttt tgggtgaact    188400
     atccgtttgg gtaaactatc cctgctggtt gacgagagct tgcaaatgca attttaatgg    188460
     aactattcca attgaagtat tgtcacaaac aaaaagactg atgctgcttt gctttcaaag    188520
     tcttcaagat aagccctcac tctttaaagt ttttgtttat gtgtgtgcag gagaaaccgg    188580
     gtcaggtcac agcagccgaa atgccagcgt ggagagagga cctggcagag acagacagtc    188640
     ggatacatca gacagcgaga cgacagacat caggcggatc aaccatcagc ctggcaccag    188700
     agacggcaga tatgacccca acaggtgagc cgggacaggt gaaacagtca gtccagcctt    188760
     gtctcattca taaaacataa gctaatttgg cagaggcctg tatcgtcctg ttcatctcat    188820
     attggcttgt tttgcagatt ccggctgcac tttgagaaag aaagcaagga ggatgtcgag    188880
     aagaggaaga aaacagcaag ggagaaaatc cttaagccgg tggtagaaaa ggagcttgag    188940
     atggatataa atcagatcta tcctgaggac aaaggtattc atgattctga gtcatttaaa    189000
     gtaatggttc tcagctggga gtctgagtca aatatcgtta tgatgataag ctttcatttt    189060
     cgaattgctt gctaaaactt gccaaaattg tcctccatgt tacaccatta aatgttgcag    189120
     catctgaaag caaagggcat gttgtgactg tgaaaaatat gagacaatga cctctgtttg    189180
     aatcctttca ctgtaaatgg gaaaaggaga tacctgtgaa tttatattat tattattttt    189240
     ttttaatgat gcatatcttt ttttgtaatg attggaatat cttttagata caataaaagt    189300
     ttatgaagtt taaaaaatgt atccattaaa tccccaaata ttgaattcca ttgtttttca    189360
     tgtaatggct aattaatatt cctgttttgt ttacacaaaa agaaagtcaa tagttaattt    189420
     taaagtattt ccccgccttc gcgtgggttt cccccacagt ccaaagacat gtgctatagg    189480
     tgaattgggt aggctaaatt gtcagtagtg taagagtgta aatgagtgtg tatggatgtt    189540
     tcacagagat gggttgcagc tggaagggca tctgctgcgt aaaacatatg ctggataagt    189600
     tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccag attaataatg ggactaagcc caaaagaaaa    189660
     tgaatgaata aataaattta aaagtaaatt tagacatctc cagaattacc acctaaattt    189720
     ctggtttatc aagcaatttc taaaggtcta ttcatgacaa tgaaagtcag aggagttttt    189780
     tttttacttt tttgtttatt caagtcatga aatgtcaatt tatttaatct aagcactatt    189840
     ttatttcttt cattctcact aactggcagt tacttatgtc aattccagtc ggcagacctg    189900
     ttaactaatg ctgacatttt aggaaaatag aaattttaag agttttagct ttaaaatggc    189960
     ctctttgaag actaaaaagt aaaaaagttt gtaaaactac tattaagcta tcaaatatag    190020
     cagggggagc actttgcacg cagccacgca aacagtaaaa acctcagatc tttttcagaa    190080
     tctgaggtac attatctttt gttctcaaag aggctattca tgttttgcaa tatgatattc    190140
     aagctaaact aagtttgata tgcaaaccac aacagcagct tatttttacg atcattctag    190200
     gtcatggaaa gtcagctatt tagtcactga atcatgtagt gataaccctg aaatctgaat    190260
     ctttaaaaac acataatggt ttaatgctaa aacctcgaaa ttctgttatt acactgtact    190320
     gtatattaca atgctgtgat tcagggtccc acccttaacc atatgtatgc acacaaaaac    190380
     atacacacac acacaaacac atacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac    190440
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacatat    190500
     atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt ttgtgtgtgt gtatatacat atggttaaga    190560
     gtgggaccct gaatcacagc attgtaatat acagtacagt gtaataacag aatttcgagg    190620
     ttttagcatt aaaccattat gtgtttttaa agattcagat ttcagggtta tcaccacatg    190680
     atcagtaaat atatacatcc cattttgtgg tccacattaa atgaaattta atctagagcc    190740
     agaaatgtgc agtgtcacat gatcgtctaa tattgggtgt tcaataattt tgttagtgtt    190800
     gaaaacagtt gctattttcg tggaaaccat tcctatatta tatatattta aaatacaaca    190860
     aaaatagcat ttatttaata acagtaaaca tttttttcac tttcacgtta tatccatata    190920
     atgcatgttt gctgattaaa agttgtaatt tgtccacaga tttttgtacc taaaatgtat    190980
     gtgatgcaaa ttttgtctca aaactcctag aaagaatgta tatattatga tggacgctgt    191040
     tactgtgata ctagtgtttg tcaacgttgt tatctcttca tttcactttc actttgccta    191100
     atcttaggac tgaatttccc acggcggccc tcatggaatt acagcatgca gagagaagag    191160
     ttactgcgga aagaggagaa gtcatttctg gagtatctgg aggctcttca ctctaaaaac    191220
     ccacccggga ccctcagcca cttcgagcac aatctggagg taaagcatgt tctttcagca    191280
     aatacacaac tccagaatac ttggagaaat attttttttt tgcaataacc atttcaatca    191340
     ataaccattt gattgctgct gagtgaatag ctgtaatgaa atggcttttt tattgctctt    191400
     gagcatctgt ttggccagac gacgctggag gcacaaactc tgttaaatgt ttgaattcac    191460
     tagtttatga gctgttgccc ttctctagtc ttgtgatgtt tgaaactgtt ttgttgcaaa    191520
     acaccgctat gaaacactag tttaaatgta gaaaactaaa aactgctgtt tatccccagt    191580
     agcctacgga agcacaacaa tattatttta taatttttac agacaaactg cagggtttct    191640
     gtgggtcttg aaaatgtctt taaaaaaagt tgaagtttta gtttaataaa gttgtggcgt    191700
     ttaatgttgc atgcaaataa taactttctc agtatttttg ttttccagtg taaatatcta    191760
     aatatcctta aatcaaaata caaagaaaat tttctttaga caaagaaaat gttttgtttt    191820
     ttaaaacata atttataagt gagtttagat taacataaat ataaatttgt cattggtgtt    191880
     taaacattaa ttgatatttg ttcattttaa tgatgaattt gcttccattt ctgattgtaa    191940
     cttgatttat tagtctttaa ttatgtagtt tatttataaa gcagatcaat tcaaagttaa    192000
     acacaaagtg ataaacagaa aataaaatgc agaaacaaag aaagcatgtt caggatgact    192060
     cggatatata ggccttttct aaaaagtttc actctgaaga gatgttgtgt agaaattatg    192120
     ctaatagaca gaggtgggct attcagcaac ttggggtcga caatagtaaa atcctgatct    192180
     ctcttgctct ttaaccttga tctgggcacc tgggattatt atttgatgac actaaacctc    192240
     tagtagatat gtcagcacac atttgcacta gacaacacat cagaaaagtc taaagagttg    192300
     aatagctcca tcctagaata tagaaataga ttttaccata ccttctaatc accattcaaa    192360
     aagttatgtt cttaatcaga attttctgat gtgttgttaa aatataacgc tgtttaaagc    192420
     actttgtttc ctgaatgtaa tttgaaactt cagattttat aggaattagt ttgaactaat    192480
     taatatattt tgctaaatct tttagtcttt gctgtttcag ttgttgctta aataaagcta    192540
     ttcttcatta tataattcac acacagcaca cctccagcca aattgtaggt agctactttt    192600
     taaataagaa acaaagtctc aaataaataa acaagtttta aataagacac aaaagtctca    192660
     tcttaataaa tctgtctatt ttatcaggaa atttatacaa taaacgctgt tttaaccctg    192720
     atagttttgt gctgccttaa tttttttact tgctctttaa aagagtctta aattcttaga    192780
     ttgacatatt taaaatacat ttatttattt aaatatattt aaattacatt tgcataaacc    192840
     ttcataaaaa actgcagaaa cccctctgtt tgtttctaac tacttttaaa cttccagcta    192900
     gatgttacaa aagaacagaa ttgaacaatt tctctgtgaa tattacttca cagggaattt    192960
     gttgttttat ccatttccag aaggtttttg attaatgtgg caaattgaga ccataaaacg    193020
     ccagagtcaa aaacctctca tgttgctaaa ttattatacc taaagcaggc caaagaatta    193080
     cagacaggtt ggctaatctg aaagaatgtg aataacagat ttaagggatc attactgagt    193140
     ctgaatagat aataacaact attaataaac tgctttaagt tttcttaact gctctctaac    193200
     tgactctctt tctctatcac agacatggag gcagctgtgg agagtaattg agatgtctga    193260
     tgtcattctg ctcatagtgg atatcagaca cccagtgagt gttgggacgc ttaatgcctg    193320
     ttgaaacttt tagcagtttt caaaagatca tcaaaattgc atagctagta cactaaatgt    193380
     gagattctca aattatgcaa aattgactaa caaagtttcc actaggtggg gccagagatt    193440
     gcattacagt tgatcttgga aaacagcact atattgttgc actatattat tgagcaaaag    193500
     aaagatgata tgaaatctag ttaagtgctg ttcagcagaa ttaagaatgc tcattgtgtg    193560
     taggtgctgc agtttcctcc tgctctgtat cactatatca ccgaggagct gaagaagcac    193620
     attatcctgg tactcaataa agcagacttg tgccctgctc cgctggtttt ggcatggaaa    193680
     gactatctga cgaaacaatt tccccacctg cactgtgtct gtttcacctc acaccccgga    193740
     cagccctaca gcacccgtaa gagagccttt tcactgtcac tgctttatct gtaatgtgac    193800
     ataagtcaaa ttagagagac acctatcttt atttattttt ttttattatg gctgattgac    193860
     catttttttg attgatttaa tatacagtgc tcagcatata taagtacacc cctttcaaaa    193920
     tatatctttt aaattaattt tttttatagg aagctctaca atattatatt tgtgtattta    193980
     cattagatta gtcagtactg aagccaaatc tgcagcttat ttaacaaaat aactttccat    194040
     aacggtccaa aaactagttc acccaaatgc atatgatata gaaaaatatt aaatacaaat    194100
     ttaaaaaaga ggaaaaatca agagaaacga aataattaaa agatttagtt gaaattttgt    194160
     agtttgtaat ttatttttgc aataattagc ttgattttaa ttatattatc tttcaatttc    194220
     taaagatgtt tggtgactaa catattattt taataaatat atctgtttaa taaatctgtt    194280
     ttgtttaaat gcaccaattt acatttgtta tatacatcta tattcacaga gaaatggata    194340
     aaaatattca tttttaaaaa tggggtgtac cacttaaaag ctgtcttttt taaacactta    194400
     aataaaacat ctcaccccta attcagtatt tggaatttct ttcagtattt ctatagcatc    194460
     attgacagat ttttcaaata cagacataat ccacataaat gataaaatca atagatgcat    194520
     aaggataata aataaatcac atatgtgtgt acattagata tagatgttta ttcaggtttt    194580
     agacaaacat tttcaatgac aaaaatttta aatgaacata ttgctcattg ttttactttt    194640
     tgaagcctgt aaatcttatc catacagggt attattaatg ttgaaaacat tgaggaatag    194700
     ggcatgcgct gcataaaaca tgctacagta gttgacgatt cattctgctg tggccacctc    194760
     tgaaaaatca gggtctaaac caaaggaaaa cgaacgaatg gcattaagga attatagacg    194820
     tatgaaatga tcaaaagtac tgatattgta atatttagtt tttctgctat attgcattta    194880
     taattttaca agatgattta aagaactatt tgaaaataat atataatttt acattgattg    194940
     tgaacatttt gtagggggtg cataggtact gtgtttatta tcaaatataa taaacaaatt    195000
     acaagcataa atgaattcgc tagaacaaag atgcaaatga aatggacagt gctgtatggt    195060
     tttctggata ttctaaaagt gttaaggtca aataaaaagt gatgtaatca aatgtaaaat    195120
     aacgctgtct agtcttcgtt gttatattaa tacagttaat cattgctaaa gctacaaatt    195180
     ctttcctagt taattataat ctcaactcga cattgcagat cttgcgaggt gactattgca    195240
     tatttgttca ttgtgatatc gatgctgaaa cgatatgtta tgcagcccta atcaaaggtc    195300
     aatatgttaa attcattatt ttaagttaat gcagaatatc ttgttttctt cgtgagtatc    195360
     tctgttttgg aatcacactt catgctgtaa aatcactgaa gtgcaatttc aaagtgcaag    195420
     tctgcaacag agattagctg aatccaaaca aaaaaatgtc aaactgctgt ttgtggttga    195480
     ttggtgcttc tgtaattaag ttgatgtttc tgtcctgcag ttctccagaa gaagagaatg    195540
     aggaagaaag ccggatggaa tcatgctgga gggccgattc atatcatgag agtgtgtcag    195600
     gagatcacag caggaagagg ttagatgact tcctgattga taactaaatg agcaccggta    195660
     cagagtgata atgatgatga ccgttgtttt agtggatctg agcagctggg agaagaagat    195720
     ccagagggat gcagttgctg tgggaaatga aggggaccgg gctgatgatg gatctgagtc    195780
     tgtgttgatg gagcatcata gtgacattgc catggagatg aacagcccca cgcaagaact    195840
     ttataaagat ggggtgctaa cattgggatg cataggtaac aacctgttgt ttctagatta    195900
     atgttactat ggaatcagag aaaggcaaaa aaaagctttc tgagaaagta acaaatattg    195960
     tatttacagt catttaaaga aaaattttga taactaaaca gacacagata tccacccagg    196020
     ttttacctat tagtcattta gaagggttat ttattatacc aaatgatatt ttaacattat    196080
     gtatgacata agtatgacac tttactttag atttaatata gttttttaca tataaattgt    196140
     tcttcgacta tattgatatg tggttatata aatatatata gttagggtca taaatatttg    196200
     gacagagaca acatttttgt gatttttggc tctatacatt accacaatga attttaaatc    196260
     aaactactct gatgcagttg aggtgcatac ttaaagaaaa cgattggata aaattgtgaa    196320
     gaattaaagc attcatttag cacaatccct ttattttatg agctcaaaag taattggaca    196380
     aattaaatag ctaaaaataa aatgtctaat ataaataaag gaaagggtaa aggtaaattc    196440
     ttattaaatt aaatgttata ttgaaaattg aagttcttat atttggttta aaatcatttg    196500
     ctggcaatga cagccagaag tcttgagctc atgaacgtca ccagatgctg ggtttcctta    196560
     tttttaatgc tctgccttta ctgcagctgc tctcagttgc tgattgttgg agggtttagt    196620
     cttcaacaag tgaaattcat gctcaattgg gttaaggtca ttggattaag atcaggtggc    196680
     tgtatgtttt aggtctttgt tcatccttat tatgaaatgc agcacaatta atttgactgc    196740
     atttagctgg aaatgagcag acagtatttg tctgaacact tcagaaacca ttcggctgat    196800
     tctgtcctgt cacatcaatg tttttataga acgaatgccc tatgttttta tttaaaaata    196860
     ttagtgcccc cttccctcac tacagcattt ttacctcact agtgggacaa atagcaacca    196920
     aacagtcaaa ttcctccaaa atctatttaa tcaaccaaaa tcaattacta ataaaccaaa    196980
     tcaagttctt ccttttcctc atttaaaatg catttcacct ggatatatag aagtatagga    197040
     aaacctttta actgcgtgtc tatgtaacct ttgaaattgg cacagaagtt tcttctaagt    197100
     gtattaattc aattggttaa aattcatatg gagtctttct gctctttctc caggttttcc    197160
     taacgtaggc aaatcctcag tgctgaacag tctggtcggc aggaaggttg taagcgtgtc    197220
     tcgaactcca ggccacacaa aatatttcca aacatactac ctcactccca ctgtcaaact    197280
     gtgtgattgt cccgggcttg tcttcccttc gcgggtggac aagcaactac aggtaaaaac    197340
     acgatactcc atctttaccc cagttaaatc atccagtctg tgtgtttgct tacatgtttg    197400
     tgtgggtgtg attgatcttt aaaacaggtc ctggctggta tatatccagt atctcagctg    197460
     caggaacctt acagttcagt cggacacttg tgtgaacgga ccaactatct gtctatattg    197520
     aagttgaccc atcctgacca cagtcccgaa accccacatg accccagcac acaagactgg    197580
     acggcatggg acgtgtgtga aggtgtggca tctttcagct catatttatt tattaaaccg    197640
     aagggagttc tgttttttgt ggtttgttat ctgtttttta cttgtttcat gtttttcagc    197700
     ctgggctgag aggagagggt ataagacggc taaagcagcc cgtaatgatg tttatcgagc    197760
     agccaacagt cttttgcgtt tggccatcga tgggcggctg tgcttatgtc tgcgaccgcc    197820
     tggatacagt caaagtaaag gtcagaattc aaacccctgt agatttcctc attacgttca    197880
     gcacttagtt attacattat tgtcatttcc atctcttctg aatattgtag cattaacttc    197940
     caatggtctg cccaattttt aacatgtaat aacttttaca gttacaagtt ttgaaaatct    198000
     gtattattat cagttatttt catttacata actatcacaa gtacaattta gggtaatgta    198060
     ttagctctcc tgtgaaattt aaattctttt tcaaatattt cctaagtgat gtttaaagca    198120
     agaacattct cactgtatta gccaccatga gttttttatt tttatatttg attggctaca    198180
     gagcaaacta ctttgtccaa tgatttgcct atttaaccta acttacaaag catgggtgta    198240
     aatctgattt aacagtaggg ggggggacaa taaatataaa atttctttca agcatttttt    198300
     tgaaggggac ataaataata cagccgaatt gtactattaa agatatgtcc ccgcagttaa    198360
     aaatggtttt atcatcatta ttattatagc atggagacta cgtcattatg attattctta    198420
     aagtttttct caggttcaat gacaaagcaa atttttcttc aaaattattt atggcattgt    198480
     ttgttgtgtt gtttgcagtc aacagtctga ctcctgaagc agaataaatg caggaaaaca    198540
     cattttccat actcataata actaacttta aaaacgttaa aatgaccgat catattgtaa    198600
     atcagtgagc ctgtgaaatc ttctaaacag ccacaactcc gaaatcatta aagaaatgtt    198660
     caccccccaa aagaattcag taagaattca gaattcagaa gtcaatatcc cttcaataaa    198720
     gcacaacacc cttacctgac actgtacatc tgactgaccc tgccctgcct gttcctcaat    198780
     catttctttc tcctctgcct gtgattgatt ttgtgaaatt agtattttca taagcactca    198840
     ttctgaaagc caaattgctt aatatgtaaa ctttttgtat ttgacgttta gctgcactga    198900
     aaaataatct tatgtccatt ttctcagtca ttttatccaa tacatgacac tgccaggcaa    198960
     gtttatttat actgtagcac attttatacg caatggcaat tcaaagtgct tttacacaaa    199020
     taaagcaaaa atattaaaaa aataatcaca acaataaaaa caaagaattc               199070