EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX294171; SV 10; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 121187 BP.
AC   BX294171;
DT   17-MAR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-263M10 in linkage group 1 Contains
DE   the agpat3 gene for 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3 and the
DE   3' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate pyridoxal
DE   (pyridoxine, vitamin B6) kinase (PDXK)
KW   agpat3; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-121187
RA   Garnett J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 205ab45c3d4458559d7f9c77677c40b1.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991267.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000036546; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000036549; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000115081; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000135795; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000142560; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000145167; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone DKEY-263M10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true right end of clone DKEY-263M10 is at 121187 in this sequence.
CC   DKEY-263M10 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..121187
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="1"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-263M10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..121187
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(56969..61062,63901..64099,65054..65129,
FT                   65426..65528,70782..70935,73700..73861,76315..76484,
FT                   79278..79520,81200..81258,97527..97743))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-001"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC049474.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI959761.1 Em:AW305968.1
FT                   Em:BI475199.1 Em:BI475471.1 Em:BI533321.1 Em:CA471933.1
FT                   Em:CD602697.1 Em:CK142046.1 Em:CK678298.1 Em:CK682072.1
FT                   Em:CK706517.1 Em:CN506424.1 Em:CT638007.1 Em:CT717338.1
FT                   Em:CT717568.1 Em:CT717569.1 Em:DY549546.1 Em:DY552693.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(56970)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(56995..57000)
FT   polyA_site      complement(59987)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(60008..60013)
FT   CDS             complement(join(60971..61062,63901..64099,65054..65129,
FT                   65426..65528,70782..70935,73700..73861,76315..76484,
FT                   79278..79455))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019832"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZWC9.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q7ZWC9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002123"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q7ZWC9"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX11990.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<70782..70935,73700..73861,76315..76484,
FT                   79278..79455))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019833"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A4Q4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002123"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A4Q4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX11992.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<70782..70935,73700..73861,76315..76484,
FT                   79278..79520,81200..81258,84277..84420))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-002"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL920361.1 Em:CA470433.1
FT                   Em:CD285137.1 Em:CN505608.1 Em:CO932777.2 Em:DT060991.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<76315..76484,79278..79455))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019834"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A4Q5"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A4Q5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2765"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX11993.1"
FT                   GWTICERYGVLG"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<76315..76484,79278..79520,81200..81258,
FT                   81508..81628))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-003"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN509923.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(79296..79520,81200..81275))
FT                   /gene="agpat3"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.1-004"
FT                   /product="1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase 3"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN177658.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(110283..110758,113658..113724,
FT                   113832..113968,116991..117102,118207..118252,
FT                   118429..118514,118605..118639,120631..120714,
FT                   BX470235.7:9121..9225,BX470235.7:21859..21913,
FT                   BX470235.7:27635..27866))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate pyridoxal
FT                   (pyridoxine, vitamin B6) kinase (PDXK)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL920389.1 Em:DT282967.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(110646..110758,113658..113724,
FT                   113832..113968,116991..117102,118207..118252,
FT                   118429..118514,118605..118639,120631..120714,
FT                   BX470235.7:9121..9225,BX470235.7:21859..21913,
FT                   BX470235.7:27635..27715))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000033115"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate pyridoxal
FT                   (pyridoxine, vitamin B6) kinase (PDXK)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O35331.1 Tr:B0S5R8.1
FT                   Tr:Q5U3M7.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B8A4Q2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004625"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011611"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029056"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B8A4Q2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030616-521"
FT                   /protein_id="CAX11989.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(110680..110758,113832..113968,
FT                   118207..118252,118429..118514,118605..118639,
FT                   120631..120714,BX470235.7:9121..9225,
FT                   BX470235.7:21859..21913,BX470235.7:27635..27832))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-263M10.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate pyridoxal
FT                   (pyridoxine, vitamin B6) kinase (PDXK)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EG531718.1"
FT   misc_feature    119187
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-263M10"
SQ   Sequence 121187 BP; 39437 A; 23003 C; 22215 G; 36532 T; 0 other;
     cgcctcaagt agtcaaatct cttccaccat cacaagagga cggcggggag ggagaggata        60
     attctgatat gacgtctgtc aatacaagct gcacggaggt ttgtggtcct ggtcagtggg       120
     gtcgctcatg ttcaaaaatc tgccttgtaa agctgtaccc aaagggtaac aaggacatgg       180
     ccataaaagc ctatgtaatt ctggatgacc agagcaaccg ttcattagcc agaccagaat       240
     tctttgagct gttcaatttg gagagtgagc agttcacata taatcttaga acttgctctg       300
     gaactgtaga aacatctggc aggaaagcag aaggattcca gattgagtct ctggatggca       360
     gagttctcat atctcttcca ccactcattg agtgtcatga aatcatgaac aatcggtttg       420
     aaattccaac tccaaatgca gttcttcacc agcctcatct acgacacatt gccaagtaca       480
     ttccagacct agaaccagaa gcagaaatac ttttgctgct aggaagagat gtgattagag       540
     cacacaaggt caggcagcag gtcaatggac caaacaacgc cccctttgct caacgtctgg       600
     acctgggatg ggtggtaata ggagaggtgt gcctgggtaa tgtacacaag cccacagtta       660
     acacatttaa aaccagtgtc ctggaaactg gtcgtcactc aatttttcaa ccctgtacaa       720
     gctttatgca ggtcaaagag aaacaacaga gcagtgtgtt taaaaaggca actgagatga       780
     cacttggaca gacagtgttt tgcaaaaccg agcatgacaa taaacctgcc ccttctgtgg       840
     aggacacaac cttcttgaaa attatggaca caaatgtctt cagaaatgaa tctaacagct       900
     gggtagctcc tctaccattc aaagaaccac gccaacgctt gccaaacaac aaggagcaag       960
     ctattaatcg attctcaagc ctgcaacgaa ccctcaagag aaaacctgag atgcagcaac      1020
     agtatgtgga attcatggaa aagatcttta ccaacggaca tgctgaggta gcaccacctc      1080
     taaaagaagg ggatgagtgc tggtatcttc ccacatttgg ggtctaccac ccccaaaaac      1140
     ccaatcagat cagagtggtt ttcgattcca gtgcttgtta ctctggcgtc tctctcaatg      1200
     atgtgctcct cactggccct gacctgaata attcccttgt tggtgtcctg ctacgttttc      1260
     ggaaagagag ggttgcaatc ctagctgaca ttcagcaaat gtttcattgt tttttggtgc      1320
     gtgatgacca ccgcaacttt ctccgtttcc tatggtacaa ggacaacgat gtcaacaagg      1380
     aaattattga gtatcgaatg aatgtccacg tcttcggcaa tcgtccatca cctgccgtgg      1440
     caatttatgg actacggaga gccatcagag aaggtgcaaa agatcatggt gaagatacca      1500
     ttaagtttgt ggaaagacat ttctacgtcg atgatggtgt ggtatctgta ccatctgaag      1560
     cagaggctat cgatttgctc caacgaacac aggcttcatt agctgagtca aacctacgtt      1620
     tgcacaagtt tgcttcaaac tctcagattg ttatgaaagc ttttcctcct gaagactgtg      1680
     ctccagtgat taaggactta gatctgagtg gagaaacgtc tcccacacaa cggagtttag      1740
     gtctgttatg ggagatctca actgacacat tcacctactc cacatccacc actaccaaac      1800
     cattcacccg tcgtggagtt ctctccactg tcaacagtgt ttttgaccct ctgggtctac      1860
     tggcacctgt cacgatccag ggaagagccc tccttagaga acttacctct gaaagtgcag      1920
     actgggacac atcccttccg gaggtcaaac taaacaaatg ggtggcctgg agaagttctc      1980
     ttcaagagtt agaaaagctt cacgtctcac gaacatacac taaaacctca ctaactgaag      2040
     cagtgcatac agaattgtgt gtgttctctg atgcatcaac caaggccata ggtgctgtgg      2100
     catacctgaa agtgcttcag aaagatgggc aagttgaagt aggatttgtt atgggcaagg      2160
     cgaaactagc acccctgtcc gaacctacaa ttcccaggct tgagctgtgt gcggctgtct      2220
     tagcagttga gatggcagat ctcattaagg atgagctaga tctggaatta aatgacataa      2280
     ggttctttac agacagcaaa gtggtccttg gctacattta taatgagtca aagcgattct      2340
     atgtgtatgt tcacaataga gtccagcgca tccgacagtc ctcaagacct gagcaatggc      2400
     actatgtacg taccgaggaa aatccagcag atcatgcgtc gcgatcctta cctgcatcat      2460
     gcctggcgca gacttcctgg ttcaccggtc cctccttcct tcgacagcca cctgcagaaa      2520
     aaacaaaatc aagtaaaatg tttgagctaa ttgagcctga gaatgatgca gaaattcgtc      2580
     ctcaaatcca aacatgtgct acttacctgg aggaagctgg acttatatct accagatttc      2640
     aaaggttctc caccttcacc tctttagtaa gaggagtagc gcttctggtt catgtcgcaa      2700
     aatccttcaa acactcaaac caaaacagca actgcaaggg ttggcacaga tgcgacttac      2760
     cacgtactcc agatgagctg gaccaagcaa ggaatgttgt gcttaaagca acacaaaagg      2820
     ctgcatttgc aaaagagctg tcagcactgc tagctgacca acctgtatcc aagaacagcc      2880
     gcttgcgtaa actcagtcca atcatggagg gcaatttcat ttgtgttgga ggaaggttaa      2940
     agcactctga gatatcaact gccgaaaaga acccgataat tctccctaaa gaaagccaca      3000
     catctttgct gctcattcga catcatcatg agcaagtaaa acatcaaggc cgtcatctga      3060
     cagagggagc aatcagggca gcaggactgt ggatcttagg agccaagtcg ctaataaact      3120
     cagtacttca caaatgtata acctgtcgca agctgcgtgg aaagtttgaa gagcagcaca      3180
     tggcggacct gccatctgaa cgtctcaaaa tctgccctcc ctttacatac gtggggcttg      3240
     atgtatttgg accctggtct gtcactacca gacgcaccag aggaggacag gcagagagca      3300
     aaaggtgggc aatcatgttt ggctgtatga gctcgagagc tgtgcacatc gaggtcattg      3360
     aatctatgga tgcatcaagt tgcataaatg ctctcaggcg gttctttgca ttaagaggtc      3420
     ctgcaaaaca gctccgctcc gattgcggta ctaatttcgt tggggcatgc aaggaacttg      3480
     gaatggacaa gatggtacag aggtacctca gcgagcaagg atgcagctgg gagttcaatc      3540
     cacctcacag ctcgcacatg ggaggctcat gggagcgcct gattggcatt gcaagaagaa      3600
     ttttagattc aatgtttctg cagctaaaag ctcgcttaac ccatgaagtt ctttgcacac      3660
     tactagcaga agttactgct attattaatg cacggccact cttacctgtg tctgcagacc      3720
     cgcaacaacc attcatactt tcaccttcag tgctccttac acagaagaca ggagttccgc      3780
     ctccccctgg agatttctct gacaaggacc tgtatacaaa gcaatggaga caagttcagg      3840
     cgcttgcaaa ccaattctgg acacgctgga gccgtgaata cttaccttgc ttgcaacaca      3900
     gaccgaagtg gacagtacct cgcagaaacc ttcaagtggg agatctagtt ctgctcaggg      3960
     ataagcagat agcccgcaac tgttggccca tggccagagt ctctgctgta ttcccaggaa      4020
     aggatggata tgtgagaaag gttgaggttt caacaactga ccaagggaat ataaaaacct      4080
     ttctaagacc aatttcagag gttgttctgc ttctacccaa agactgatct ggaaattagt      4140
     gtatggccca gaagttcata gtgaccttac ataggtcagg cggggagtgt gttgcccttt      4200
     aagaagtttc actttaaaat attttcttta aatatttgat atgcatattt cctttgttaa      4260
     aatgtgaaat tcataattta tttaattaat ctacttcgtg tgtaaaaagg aataccttta      4320
     ttttgcatta tatcatactt cctgtgtagt cacttcctgt tagtgttcct ggctcattgt      4380
     ggaagccatg tcagacatgc gctctctcgg acaatctaag ccatccgctt aaactcatca      4440
     tagaggcaat gccgtaagtt tatgttttgc acattagaca tgttaaagac tttatattag      4500
     tgattatttt gtaaaaaata caacgtttaa taactttgtt tgctagtgta attcctactg      4560
     cagggagaac tgtagtctgt ttatgttatg tatatgtgag tggaaatacc tgtcaaaact      4620
     caatttctga gaattgtttt gttattttgt tgcagttttc accataaatg ctaataagaa      4680
     gagtgacagt aaatgatcaa acttgctacg actctgtctt cattggctat ggtttaactt      4740
     ggtgtttagt cagtcacaac acactgcacg agaacactac aattattatt agcagtatta      4800
     tttattatat ccatatttat atttgtttaa ttaaaaacaa gcttagattt gttcacctgt      4860
     caggttttag accataaggg gcatggcagg tgtatttgga aataactcag tattttgacc      4920
     aaactttgtt attattaatc atttattcat ttgctggaaa ttagaactga atttagaaat      4980
     agttttgaaa caaatctttt cgcttaacaa acgaaattat ttataggcta attgatgtct      5040
     gtgcgtaaag gtttccctat ccaagagcga atgtgaaagt agttccatta tctctcattc      5100
     tcacgcagta gatgctctgt ttaacagttt ttactgctaa ctgtttgctg gtgaaatgct      5160
     catttttttc cacttagact tactttgcgt cctgtaaata gcgaatgcgc tcttggcgcg      5220
     atgcagatag gtcttaaagg gaatgggaga tgagactcta attggtttat tctcaaaaca      5280
     cacctataac tcattaagaa aataaactca acccttttag atcatgcgcc atagcgcaag      5340
     gcagatttcc cgtccttaaa ttagcaaaaa cgcgtcctga cacgccctga aagcgtttgc      5400
     gccctgcaca tggaccgtca aaatagagcc ctaacccatt aagataaaat atcttaatta      5460
     atctatttga ttgttttcat aactaagctt caaatgcatt ttaataaaac ttttctttag      5520
     ggcatttaca cttcctgtgc acgcctcaat ctcattcatt cattcattca ttcattcatt      5580
     tattttcttt tcagcttaat cgttttatta atcaggggtc accacagtgg aatgaactgc      5640
     caaatgatcc agcatatttt ttacgcaccg gatgcacact catacacgat ggccaatttc      5700
     gttttaccca agtcacctat agccaatgtt tttgggtttg ccaacatgtg gacaacatgc      5760
     aaacttcaca cagaaatgcc agccagccag gacttaaccc agcgaccttc ttgctatgag      5820
     gtgacagcgc aaaccactga gccaccattg ttgaaacatt aacttattaa tagttagtta      5880
     atgtggcata catttgctgt cataactttt tgatatgaaa tttttacagc gcagcagcaa      5940
     aacaagagct gcagtccatt tgaaaagttt aaagcaaacc tgacaaaagg ccaggtttta      6000
     tgggaacgct tctgaaaaaa acaaaagttc taagaaaaac aaagtgtgcc aagaagatat      6060
     cccccacacc aatacaccac caccagcctg aacctttgat acaaggcagg tggatctatg      6120
     ctgtcatgtt gttgacgcca aactctggcc ctaccatccg aatgtcgcag cagaaatcga      6180
     gactcatcag accaggcaac gttttccaat cttctgttgt tcaattttgg tgagcctgtg      6240
     tgaattgtag cctcagtttc ctgttcttag ctgacaagag tggcacccgg tgtggtcttc      6300
     tgctgctgtt gcccattcgc cttaagtttg gatgtgttgt gcgttcagag atgctcttct      6360
     gcagacctcg gttgtaacga gtggtcattt gagttactgt tgcctttcta tcagctggaa      6420
     ccagtctggc cattctcccc tgacctctga catcaacaag atatttgctt caacagaaca      6480
     gtcgctcact ggatattttc tctttttttc tgaccattct ctgtaaaccc tagagatggt      6540
     tgtgcatgaa aatcccagta gattaacagt ttctgaaata ctcagaccag cccgtctgcc      6600
     atcatgtcac ttaaatcgcc tttcttccac attctgatgc tcggtttgaa ctgcagcaga      6660
     tcatcttgac catgtctaca agtctgaatg cactgagttg ctgccatgtg attggctgat      6720
     tagaaattta tgtaaacaag cagttgggca ggtgtaccta ataaagtggc cggcgagtgt      6780
     acattgtgat atcaaaaatt aaccaaccaa atattactca tccattcttt tggcttagta      6840
     cctttattaa tcttgggtcg ccacagcgga ataagccgcc aacttatcca gcgtatgttt      6900
     tacgcagcgg atgcccttcc agctgcaacc catcactagg aaaacaccca tacacactca      6960
     ttcacactga cacactacgg acaatttagc ttacccactt tacctatacc acgtctttag      7020
     acttgtgggg gaaaccggag cacccgccag aaacccacgc caacacggag agaacatgca      7080
     aactccacac ataattgcta actgacccag ccgaggcttg aaccagtaac cttctttctg      7140
     aagcgatcgt gatacccact acgctaccat gatgcccaaa gtattactaa tataacaaaa      7200
     tattagactc acttcttcaa cttctgaact tcagtactga tgctacgcca tacaaaagct      7260
     ctgatataaa aatattttcc cttgttaaca tggagtgata agaatgaaag tcagaaagat      7320
     gcaaacagag cactcgggct ggaatactaa gagcctctta tgccccaaaa aaagattcag      7380
     catttctctc tgtgtctgaa caaagggcgt cattcttcgc tatgctaaaa tcttggtgac      7440
     agtgttcccc agcagagctc atcacgtttg caagtggcta tagatggagg cctgagtttg      7500
     acccccgacc tctccattca gggtgaggcc agcgaacctt gtgtcaatca aacacaaagc      7560
     gttttcttgt cactcgctcc cacaatagct cttaaaggga ggcccgtgtc tgtcagatga      7620
     actggattga ttcatttgtc tgctgaacag agcttgactt caacagcttt tagcctcatt      7680
     gatgtagtta atgcatatcg tgtatgtttg acgaaagctt gacactggcc agcttgatcc      7740
     tgagcctgac atggagcagg agagctgctg aaaagcccag caggaatgac gtcactctga      7800
     agagagtgca tatgtgatgg gaacgactta aagggacagt ttacccaaaa attttaatct      7860
     agtcattatt tgctcaaaaa tggtaatgaa tagtgaccat cataatgcct taaacaaaga      7920
     taaaaagtat caaacaatgg tcccaagcaa cacatttggt atattctaat agttttaaag      7980
     gtaaacgata gcgctctgta aacaaaatag gctatatttg ctaaagttag gctaataata      8040
     agctaaattt ggtccccagc accacatttg gtgcatttta atagttttgg atgtaaacaa      8100
     tagcgctctg taaacaaaat aaggtaaatt tgctaaattt aagctgaact agctcaactg      8160
     aattttggct aaatttaagc tattaatagt taaatttcta aataaattgt aaataagcta      8220
     aatttgctaa atttaagcta aattaaaata gcttaattaa aattttagca aaatttaagc      8280
     taataataag taaaaaattt taaataaatt gtaaataaaa taagctaaat ttgctaaata      8340
     taagctaatg ataaactaaa tttggtccca gaaaacacat taggtatatt caaatagttt      8400
     tggtagtaaa caatacaata gggctctgta aataaaataa gttttaaatt tgctaaatat      8460
     aagctaaatt aaattaatta aatttaaatt tagctaaatt taaggtatta atatgctaaa      8520
     tttgtaaata aactgtaaat aaaataagat acatttgtta aatttagtcc caagcaacac      8580
     atttggtaat ctaatagttt cggaggtaca caatagtgct ctataaataa aataagttaa      8640
     gtgtgctaaa tttaggctta taatatgcta aaaatctaac taactgatgg tttaggggtt      8700
     tttaaaatca tacattttca tatgactgaa ttcgtacgaa ttggccacta aactaacaaa      8760
     acataaaata gtttccttgt gacatcaggc tggacaatca catttacaca atgacaccaa      8820
     aacgtccttt cgtcgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaattttgta aatcagattc      8880
     attttatttt gcagttttac acatcagtag cgaacattat aaaaggtgtt ttaacaattc      8940
     acagccaaca aacaagcaaa agctaaaatc tagaatggcg tctgacaatt caattaattt      9000
     agtcttgcag cacaaagcat tttacatcaa gaaaagtgca gaatgtaaag acagattgtg      9060
     gtggatggtt gagaaccact gctgtagcct attgtatgcg gattttaata cggaaatgac      9120
     taaaatacaa aacaacgtat atgtagaacc aaaacctaag aaccaaccca gcaggcacat      9180
     aatgtcataa gacatcgaca taagcttaga tttaggttgt gaccaggtga ccaaaattca      9240
     atgtctagcc agtgcctaag gataactata ttttgatgcc aataatgatg tcaaataacg      9300
     ttgatatttg ggcggtttta gattgtgttg gaaagtgaca aaaatccaac gtcaagccag      9360
     aatttttaac caacgtcatg ttgatgtcaa acattgacat gtatctgtca ggtacggcaa      9420
     ccaaaatcca atgtcttata gacgtcatag tggtaacgtc cacacaacgt caagctgtaa      9480
     catcactagg cattgatatt tggttgattt taggttggac attggatatt gacgttgacc      9540
     tgacttcaac ccaatttttg tttccaaaca aaatgcaacg tccccacgac gcagaggtac      9600
     aatgtcaatt cgacatgctg acgttctgtg aagaactgaa ctacaagtat gaacaaacct      9660
     tacattttga atagggaacc cctaaaaaca atctgaactc gacaatgcat gcacagactt      9720
     tccccctcaa actttgctga atcaaacaaa ctgcagccaa acgtactgtt tttcttttct      9780
     cctacattta gtcagctttg gcagagcagc tcttcttctc tctctcgctc tctctctctc      9840
     tgagcaggag ttaattagag aacagttgtg agttgcgttc acacagccca gcccaacggg      9900
     cgtctggtaa atgacagggc tccgtttgca cactctttca aaacccagcg gtgcggctgc      9960
     aacccccacc tcctccaaaa cttacaccaa ttacaacaac ttctgccact ccctcctccg     10020
     tccactgttt atgctctcaa ctggggacaa ttttacattc gtgtcagctc aggattaatg     10080
     catttaacgg ttacagtatg acacaatgca aacactaaga tctatgtagc ttgaaagaga     10140
     gttgttctgt gagacacgct ttgttgtggt cgaataatga tccagtccta cggctaacct     10200
     taaatttaaa accaggcttt gttaacgaaa cctcttgttt tttaaaaaat agatctgact     10260
     atgaaattca attcaaagac agaaaagtga tctgcgccct ctctccagaa acaccaacta     10320
     cctcctctgt ccttttctcc cgttcacgac agccagtaca cccatctgga gccccaaggg     10380
     tttctgggat ggagcgcgtc caggagaaga gagtgggggt ggagagctgg gcctccaaat     10440
     tagtggtgat tgcaatcgtt agcgttgctt gtttgtttgt gtttgaatcc actatggtta     10500
     acagtggaag aagtgaagtg tggaaaatga gggagcgagc gagaaagaga gagacagaaa     10560
     gaaaagggta ttcaggattg tttttaccta ctgtcgcagt cattgagttt gttgaggttt     10620
     tttttttagg actggaaggg acaatatatg tgactcagtt attcatatgc aatcatgttc     10680
     ctaaataaaa gcacaatttg aatatttttg ctgtgaatac tgtgcattat tatccgtggt     10740
     gtaaagtgac aaactacaaa tactccaatt gctgtgagta gtttgtctca gaaattgtaa     10800
     tttactaagt agttttaaaa tgtgtacttt tactgtccct tgaatacatt tttagagctg     10860
     aatcggtact tttactccac tactttcctt caacctgcag tcactacttt attttttctt     10920
     gtcaatgggg attagaaaaa tcagtcctgt gattcctgtc caatcaaatt gcacatggaa     10980
     gtaaattgca taataataaa cttcctcaag acatggatga ttaataattg cagcaaacta     11040
     aagcgtttaa agtgtccaag aagatgtcca aaatctttac acgcaatgac ccagagactg     11100
     ttcagagacg tcagattgac attgtaactc attgcattta ggcatgcaga catggtcaag     11160
     ataatctgct gcagttcaaa cagagcatga gaatggagaa aaaaggtgat ttaagtgact     11220
     ttaaacgtgg catggttgtt ggtgccagtc gggctggtct gagtatttca taaactgctg     11280
     atcttctggg attatcacac acaaccatct ccagggttct cagaaaaagt gaaaatatcc     11340
     agtgattggc agttctgtgg gcacaaatgc cttgtcgatg ccagaggtca gaggagaatg     11400
     gccagactgg ttccaactga tagaaaggca acagtaactc aaattaccta caaacgaagt     11460
     atgcggtaga gcctctctga acacacaaca cgtccaacct tgaggcggat gggctacagc     11520
     aacagaagac cacactgtgt gctactcctg tcagctaaaa acaggaaact gagactacaa     11580
     ttcgcacagg ctcaccaaaa ttggacaaca gaagattgga gaaacgtgcc tggtctgatg     11640
     agtctcgatt tttgctgcaa cattcggatt gtaaggtcag aatctggtgt caacaacatg     11700
     acagcatgga tcctgccttg tgtcaacagt ttaggctggt ggtagtggtg taatggtgtg     11760
     ggggatattt tcatggcaca ctttgggcct tttagtaaca aatgagcatt atatcaacac     11820
     cacagcccac ctgagtattg ttgctgacca tgtccatccc attatgacca cagtgtctga     11880
     tggttacttc cagcaggata gtgtcccatg tcataaagca cgaatcatct cagactggtt     11940
     tcttgaacat gacaataagt tcactgtcct caaatggcct ccacagtcat cagagctcaa     12000
     tccaataaag catctttgga atgtggtgga aggggagagt cacagcatgg ttgtgcagcc     12060
     gacaaatctg caggaactgc ttgatactat catgtcagta tgaaccaaaa cctctgagga     12120
     aaatttccag taccttgtcc agtaaatcta tgccacggag gattaaggca gttctgaagg     12180
     caaaaggcag tctaacccgg taatattaag gtgtacctat gaagaggtgt cactgtaaaa     12240
     agcaactagt tgagtttact ttaaaagagt gagtaaatat tttgtcttaa aatgaaagta     12300
     aattatttat atgcctaata ataaaaaatt gagtcaactt acaaaggctt cacgcacttt     12360
     tttaatgtaa tgcttatttt aaagcaatgg gtttactcac tttttaaagt gactaatcac     12420
     tttttaatgg caggtgagag tagaacaatt ttgcatcgag catgagataa tagtgaatat     12480
     actatacagt tagtccttac ataaagcttt tatttacaca ctatagtatt cctacttgac     12540
     atcctttata cggtactcta tggtattctg ccaacaaagc agcaaaacta gcttggccgt     12600
     agcatgcagt cacagttcag aaatgcacac aaaaatgctc cggcttgatg aattaccaga     12660
     gtttgccctg cacatcgctg aatccacaaa cgaacaagtc atgttggttc ctccccttac     12720
     agtgggagaa actggatgag tcatggcgag ggattcccta cccctctctc ccaaatatgg     12780
     gcaggaagaa tggagtgttt ttaggaagga atgctgattg gggccctggg cgagggggtg     12840
     tgctaatgca tttgtaacac tactgtctcg tgtttgtggc gcgcttcaca ctgtgcagcc     12900
     aggaaatcat caggacaatt tgacaaagaa tgtctagtat tttcgactaa tcatctgtga     12960
     ggtatttcag ccaatctgaa ccacatggtt gacctctatt acggccgctc ttaaaatgca     13020
     gtcacatttc cagtaaggct tagtcgcttt tttaggtgtc acagcaataa attaacgttc     13080
     atttggagtg gacgcttcca gggaaaagca tttgcttcag tccaaaatga gtatatatat     13140
     aaggacataa acagcgcagt agtcgttggt agtcttttaa ctaaagcgac acagtataca     13200
     gttattaaaa ggagaaacct ggggttttat tgcacaatga tgatagcttg cccctcacag     13260
     agttcaaacc cacaagcagc ctagattttt aaacactacg ccatctttaa gaaaagtatc     13320
     aagcagccta caccattaac taaaacattt cagttcatta gcctttataa aatcttgtgg     13380
     ctccctaaaa gcatccaaaa tactcccata taaacacacc aagatgtggc ggcaatgaga     13440
     atgactgatc tgaggatttt tgcttcgctg acaatatcaa aacctggtgc tttgattcag     13500
     tgaacttttg tacctgggtc aaagactgga caattacact tttgtgtctg cattaaatta     13560
     tattaacaaa agcaacatag gctcattctg aaaatgtacc cctatataca tttctggaga     13620
     tcataaatta tgtagccaga attatgtatg gcttccttct cacgcttacc agtaaaccac     13680
     ttacctccgt atggggggct ttcctgctgt tatcagtttg tccagtcgct tgcagtgtac     13740
     gtcgacggac ttgagacatt gagaggagtt gactgtgatg acagggtttg agtccggtga     13800
     agaacggttc cagaaagcaa gtaagactaa aacaaaagcc aaaaataaaa taagcaatta     13860
     aataacagag agagagaatg tggtaacatc taaaaacatg gtaaaaatca ggggtctttt     13920
     ctttttctgg attgctgttc aaaacattgt tggttgggtt tagagaagtg ggtgggcgct     13980
     ggtcaatcat gctttttaaa acactatctg ttgggtttag ggtagggatg ggcggggtta     14040
     attggtcggt aaagctgcgg tcacactaga gtttgtgtgt gcgaaattct gtcgtacggc     14100
     actgcgaaaa ggggcgggat taaacaagat aagacgttta aaaaagcgag cgattgctcc     14160
     atgttttaca tttctttcca gagaaatgtt ttaatcctta aaaagcgtac atagtggcct     14220
     ctggtggatt tacgcaagaa cagcaggcgc gaatggcact cgcaagagaa atttgagatc     14280
     ttaaaaagcg tacacagtgg cctctggtgg atttgtgaaa actaaaactg caaaaaaaaa     14340
     gtagctccta ggacctattt ggcgatctcc agaaatgtat atagggctac gttatgataa     14400
     taagcctggg ttgaacaaaa gttttcaatt ttacagtatc aataaacatt tgtgcaaata     14460
     aaatgacaaa atttgggtaa aataatgtta tttttttatt cagcatacca gatatgcatg     14520
     taaaaatatc aagaagagac aaatttatat ttgattaatt ctacaataat aaaaactttt     14580
     tgctgacaaa taggtaaaac ttaatcatct gaagtggtta atacaccatt taatgactcc     14640
     tattgtaaat aatacatttt aatacaacta ttttgaaaca gaattaaagt ttaagagggt     14700
     gtttctgtaa atcatggtaa caatgacagg aattacaaga tttctgttaa catactgtca     14760
     atttcagtta atataatgtt atatataatg ctttatgatt aagtaggata tcccactgat     14820
     cttaaagttc tgaacactaa tgctcatcaa tatattatat aaacagattt actctaggaa     14880
     aaaaatgcaa gcaaatatat tgtgaaattg cctattagac tcattgagac tggatattat     14940
     tcacttctga cctgccttgg actcagatgc agattggaga tgagtcacgt cttcacagac     15000
     ttcacagtta gttcctcttc tggacggatc cagcaggtag cagtttccat ctgatgtgtg     15060
     taaaccaaac agagaacaac aacagtttga ggccacaata tccttccacc aaatgcaccg     15120
     gtcttctcca gagtgaaaaa ttaaataata ttgcaatcaa gttaatcaag tctagaccag     15180
     tgctgtcaaa aacagacttc ttatacaata tgggatgcca taagaaatat gggatataaa     15240
     aaccgggcct tgcaaaaatc agtaaaggtt ttagaattag ggaacattct gagaactttg     15300
     ggtaactttg tgtaacaata tttgttcagc gacatctgtt caaaaaatgt gacatcattc     15360
     atgaaatgtt atttgctgaa atgtttttgt tgttttaaat cttaaatgct gtcaattcca     15420
     ggacatttct caaatttgtt aactgacaac cagttggaaa aaacatttag caaaatatta     15480
     ataataatca tttagaatga aacattttta cttaaaggtg tttagcatgg agtcaatcta     15540
     gggccatata tacttgcaaa ataaaaataa attttacaaa caaaaaataa agtattgagc     15600
     taaaataaat aaattaatgc aaatctccaa aagtcacaaa agcgaaaata aatgtttgag     15660
     aaacaaaaat gggggagggg gagggggggg gggggttaag ggaccttggg cgtttacgga     15720
     cctggccctt tttaagtgac atcatcacct agaggtctgg gccagctgta aatgcccaag     15780
     tttccttgta aaatttggtt ttgtaaaggc aatgctatta aaaatgtttt gcaaaaataa     15840
     aaaaataaaa aaatgaatta taatatatat tggatttttt gcactgcttg gtttttattt     15900
     gcagttcttt tttgtttgca aatttcatat ttatttctca aaacttaatt ttccctttgt     15960
     agttctgtac ttttattagc aaaacttatt tttatttctc aaaaattaat tttctctttg     16020
     caatttttgg agatttgcat ttaattattt atttttttgt ttaatatttt actcaataat     16080
     ttaatagctc aataatttaa aagctacata ttttagtttg caaaactttc attattttgc     16140
     aagtatatat gaccctacat tgactctata gtaatgtggg tgattctaca tagtaaaaaa     16200
     aaaaaaaaat gtccataact cagttttctg tattttgtta tttagaattg cattatggga     16260
     tcttgatctt ttgtccaaac acttttgatg ttaaaaagtc ggaaaaagtg acttgtactg     16320
     acatttctaa cagtttgtgt taaaaaaaat aatcgaagta caaaatcgtc gaaaaaaaac     16380
     tagttacaaa aaactgaggt ggctcagtgg ttagcacggt cgctttacag caagaaggtc     16440
     gttggttgga ctcctggctg ggccagttag cattactacg tggagtttgc atgttctccc     16500
     agtgttcgag tgggtttcct caggagctct ggttttctcc acagtccaac tataggtgaa     16560
     ttgggtaaat taaattggct gtagtgtatg agagtgtgtg cgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgaatg     16620
     agtgtatcct agtactgggt tgcggctgga aggacatcca ctgcataaaa catatgccgg     16680
     aatagtaggc ggttcaaccc gctgtggcga cccctgataa aaaagggaca aagctgaagg     16740
     aaaatgaatg aatgattcaa actacaaaaa tgtcaaaaaa agtttagttt ttaacattaa     16800
     aattcgacag aagagataaa gtgtcagtgt ccataatgca actgataact gcaaataaat     16860
     ggaaaaaccg gagaatcaca aaatatggaa actaataatt aactgatatt tttacagtgt     16920
     ttttacatgc tgtcccggga gagaacccag agcttggaga taggctccag cctggttaat     16980
     tagcatataa aggggtcagg attaggtagg tcttgagagc tccccctggt aaaaggagga     17040
     aaaggaggaa atgggatgga aggggggatt cttccaaaat gaagataagg caatagagtg     17100
     aaattgatct atttattgta ggattggatc aatctgattg gattattact gattacagat     17160
     gagagatcag ctgtgatcaa tcatatcaca tgctcctctt gaaattagta agtaaaacat     17220
     tcacctattg acaacatagg atttatttat tttttaggtt ttgttaaaag ctgttcataa     17280
     aaaatgaaca acttatcaaa ttctgacatc tactctttta aaggaaatgc taacaaaaca     17340
     tttgtattta gataaccgaa ctaatgaatc tttcgttcaa aactccactg taaaagttta     17400
     caagtatttt tagggaaagc ttcacttttg gcctacagaa ttagaagcct tatataaaga     17460
     cttactcaag ccttaacttg gttctttttt cttccagttc aaatgtttta ttattctaga     17520
     ctatttcagg cagatacaca tatgccttta catctacagt atgtcataaa gatgttgtcc     17580
     ttgatgactt gaagtctgac tggctctcta ccatctctaa ctctaattac tgtttttcca     17640
     catctctctt gtctactgta gctgcaagtt ttttctttct ctctctcact ctctttcacc     17700
     actgcaatta tgagtgctag caaacagacc caaatgcccc acgggagact cagagaggac     17760
     cacgcatggc aaaaattaga gagcagagag atgctgatgc tgtcattaaa cacagctatc     17820
     aatgcaaatc atttcaagag tgttgtttgt ttcttttaca aaccctggaa atggcgtgtt     17880
     aacagtcttt aaagtcttaa agaccagtcg gatgtgtgga aatagtcctt ctttttccac     17940
     aacaattagt tttgtgttaa aaagagaatt tccttgttcg tatttttagc ttatatgcaa     18000
     caatatataa atatatacag tgagaatatt acaaattatt gcaatttaaa ataagtgttt     18060
     tctatttgac ttgctcactc actatccttt gaaattagtc cctgatttat caggtgttga     18120
     cacagcagaa tgaactgcca attactctgg caaatgtatt atgatgcaaa tgcccttcca     18180
     ggcgcacttt tctgtttgaa tatattttaa aatactgtta gatcttgtaa tggcaatgct     18240
     gaatttttag caccattcct ccagtcttca gtgtcacatg atctttcagg attcattcta     18300
     ccatgcatgt ttgttgttgt attaaaaact gtgatctcta tttctaatta attcttttta     18360
     ataaaaaatt tttttattaa agtattccaa acaatgtttt atcatcttcc actaaactat     18420
     aatgatgtgt tcacaccaga cgtgactgat ttaaaatgaa acaaattcat tttcgtggag     18480
     cgtcaaattc gattaattcg catgtcaaat tcgctatatt cacgtcaaat taacttcctt     18540
     tgcgtatcaa atttgcttca ttcgtgcgtc aaattcgatt aatttgcatg tcaaattcgc     18600
     ttcattcaca tgtcaaatta acttcctttg cgcgtcaaat ttgcttcgtg cgtcaaattt     18660
     gattaattcg catgtcaaat tagcttcatt cacatgtcaa attaacttcc tttgcgcgtc     18720
     aaattcgctt cattcgtgcg tcaaatttga ttaatgcgca tgtcaaatat gctttattcg     18780
     tatggcaaat tcgatttatt cgcatgtcaa attcgcttcc tttgagcgtc aaattcactt     18840
     tatttgtgca tcaaattcgc ttcattcgcg tgccaaattc gcttcattcg cacaccaaat     18900
     tcgcttcatt cacgtcaaat tcgatttatt cgtgtgtcaa attcgattca attcgagcaa     18960
     caaattcgat ttaatcgcat gtcaattttg cttaattcgc acatcaaatt cgcttatttg     19020
     cgcgtcaaat tcgattaatt cgcgcgtcac atttgattaa ttcgcgcgtc acattcgatt     19080
     agttcgcgcg tcaaattcga ttaatttgtg cgtcaaattt gcttcagttg tgcatcaaat     19140
     tcgcatcatt cgtgcttcaa attgtttcat tgctaaatag ctagcatggt ttttatcagg     19200
     agattagtta cgctttaagc gtcttagatt gaagatttga aaaactgtgt agaatcattc     19260
     ggctagatcc actagatcct ttcataagtg catctagctc tgagagttca tcaactcctc     19320
     cagaaactat acctggatga tggaaggttt tagcggtact tccgattgag caaagatagt     19380
     ttgatgagcc attgttggtg tcggcaggag gattcataag gaggatatgt cattatcacg     19440
     cctatacgag agcaggctcc tgatcagtca ctttcaataa actttactac tgatgaaaaa     19500
     gcaaactcta tcccataagt gcatctgcat caacacataa aactgtatga taagatgggc     19560
     cacatctgaa acctgagctt acctgctgct tagcaggatt ctgctgtctt aacagagttt     19620
     agaaagcagc agtcagggat tatggaagtg cagttgtggt ttcccaaaag tggggagtcc     19680
     cccttgcttt cccaagcctg actaagagct tttctccgtg ggctgaggaa caggactcgg     19740
     cccttgtctg cgagaatact ggaagtcaag ttacctcaca gagcccagtc tctgaatcac     19800
     agcggagctg aatggaaacg tgatgaaagt agtttatcgc tcaaatatgc agacatgaaa     19860
     cactcaatac gctactgtta tgtctctctc tgtgaggtcc aagtctccgt ttatgactaa     19920
     ccgtctaaaa actccacaca gggaccacaa acacacctta cgaactcctg tatctcctgt     19980
     ttcctacacg acataaaaca taatttcctt aatgacattc cactgaagtc atcctaaaca     20040
     atgcaactat ccaggcagca ttctctggcg agaccgcgcc agcaaaacta tcccaagtat     20100
     ttccagaccc tcagtggaga cgttcttccc gttagtccta cacacagatt cccagctcac     20160
     cttcgctggg gtggactgat gtcatgacac acatttctga gagggatgtt tcactgacgt     20220
     tacgctttcc agacgcacgt taaataaagc cgtgtgaatg agacgatgac tcaattcaga     20280
     aggaatactc atcagtgaga gctgcgtgga tgtcagcttt atgacttttc caatttcctt     20340
     ctcttactct gtcacacaaa tatatactgt actgtataca aatcaacagt ttggggttac     20400
     gcttttgaaa aatcttagct tgtaaaggct gcatttattt gatgttaaaa attaaaccac     20460
     aaagggcttg tgtccgccga agcgtttttg cattgcagaa atattagctg agcgatactt     20520
     tttctgttgt tgtcactgga aatactacat ttttaaaaag ccagcggtgt agccagacat     20580
     agagcatggg ttttacactc agtactgaat gactggtatt ttttcaacgc tatctcactg     20640
     caattcataa cctttggatt gggtggctag tttcgtacaa tctcatttat acaatttagt     20700
     aggatttgct cattaccaaa tggcggttga gtttcaaggt ggggttgagt accacacctc     20760
     ctttttaaaa tcgtacattt tcatacgaca gaactcaaat tagccactaa actgacaaaa     20820
     cgtaaaataa ttacatttcc tcatgagatc aggctggttt attaaatact ctggcagttg     20880
     gagaagcact cagatgattg tttttagaca tcacttgcgt ttcagtggac ataatattgt     20940
     gaaacataga attataatgt actttaaatt gtaatttgtt ccagtgataa gttgaatttc     21000
     aagcatttca gtactttcta aataaacgtg tccttttatt atcaatattg aataaaactg     21060
     gttaacattt gtgttatgaa tgacccggtg gatgggaagc aaaagtgtta tagaagccgc     21120
     tgatggaaat gaagagcgat ttatttgaca caagtgaaaa aaaaaaaaca gcagtgaaag     21180
     tgaaagtgac aatttgataa taaagaaaaa taaactatac aatatttaca ggtttgttca     21240
     gctaaatcaa ggcaatgacc tgaacaaaat ctattattaa tatgttatct tccacaatac     21300
     aacctactcc tacaactatc cacccagagt gaaggtttgg gaccagttta aacattggcc     21360
     gcgcccatgg gttaaaccat tctacaggta ggaaggtaac atgtacacaa aaaaaaaaaa     21420
     tacaaagaca ttaaaccaaa gtataaataa tgcatgtaaa ttaatatgca tacaaaactc     21480
     aaaatacaac acaacaaaca accaatacaa ctataaacaa cagaacagtg atttgtatca     21540
     ctgaccaggg ggtcgtgacc cagataatgt aatccaaaat ggccaatctg aagtgaaggc     21600
     gggaagactg tataaatctt tgtatgaaat ttcgacaggt ttggtgttga ggaattgaaa     21660
     ttggtaagtg tatgtatctt tctatgtttg gttaataaat gattttaaaa gaacatgttg     21720
     ttcaaaaata atctgtggtt attttagtgt gtatgggaag atgatatggg ctactgtttg     21780
     atagggtttt aagatggaat tgaaatagca atgtttacat aaactcaatg ctaaccttaa     21840
     acaataaaac aacctattca cattacacaa acacacacat gcacaacaca ctgataacac     21900
     aacatagatc cgtgtataca ttttgtttgc cggcaatcag accatgtttg taagtgtgta     21960
     ttttatatct gagtgtaatc ggtgtatgtt agtcacagtg tcttttctca gttcgcactg     22020
     tgatgatttg cttttactgt cgcatttcat aaaaacaaac acacaaatat atgtgtaaca     22080
     atggcacaac acacaagtgt gagtacaaat agttgacgtt tcatcattgt ttcgtctgta     22140
     atagggatgg gaagattcat cgatatgtat cgatacgcgg tcatgcgcgt gcacgatgcg     22200
     agtgcatcgg ttgagcagca gaggatgaat gaaattttgg aagcaaatcg agatgcatcg     22260
     gtttttgcga gatgcatcga tttttccgag atacagctta tatttttaat atagaatgta     22320
     ttttttattt attaacaagt gttgtcaacc tgtttttggc gcatagttta atcaacctac     22380
     ataaagtatg ccttagcaac ggatttgcgg atgtgcacac actacaactc agtgtatcag     22440
     gtgtgcggat gaagctagtg gagcgccctc agaaagcgcg agaagcaaaa caaacatttt     22500
     attcctgact gagttttaaa tctaaagtat ggcaagcaac attatggatt taaggatgga     22560
     cgacatgaca ggacagatgc aatttgcaaa atgcgcatct gtaaaatacg cgagcagtat     22620
     gactaatctg aaatctgaaa tctcacttga agcggcgcca cagtgttgtt gtgaaagcat     22680
     cttccagtgt tcctgcatcc ccggctttcg cactgcttca accagctcca aaagtggtga     22740
     gaaaagcatt gcaagttttt tttccgtgcg caacagtttt gtgtgctcta cgccaataac     22800
     gaatgctatt gcattgttca tctgcaaaga tattcagcct agtgtcacgg agaacgaagg     22860
     ttttaaacac ctcctcctgt taatttttat ttaattataa taataataat aataataata     22920
     ataataataa taataatgat aaaaataatg ggcggcacag tgggtagttt gaccacctca     22980
     cagcaagaag attgctggtt tgttatattt ttattagcct gttgtttaca gtgacagtga     23040
     tgtttcaacg cagcataaca ctgctagttc acgaccttaa gttttgaata atcagtggca     23100
     aaatatcttt gtaaaacttg ttttcatagt tgaaaagtta aatcacaatt cttgttgtgc     23160
     aatggtaaac ctttatgttg aaagagtgca aatatatata tatatatttt taatatatat     23220
     tgcacttata cattctgttt atcttgaaaa tacttaaata atatgtgcta tatgttctaa     23280
     aatggccctc tactgtaaac tgacactctg gctctgagag aagagccagt ttgtaaaaaa     23340
     gtcttggttt tgcttgggta ataaataaac aaactcattc aatgacacag catcctcttt     23400
     tacatcatct cataaactta atctaataag ttagtgctta aacatcgcat cgtatcgtga     23460
     tatgggtgtg aatcgtatcg tgttgcatcg caatatgtca caaatgtatc gctaatatat     23520
     cggatcgtat tctttgtatc gagatgcgta tcggatcggc attatagctt agatgcccaa     23580
     ccctagtctg taaccgatag tgtgacgcaa gtatacataa gttttgaaaa taaaataact     23640
     catactgttc ttaaagcaat atgctatgta tggcgcaaat ttagtcataa ggaagttaaa     23700
     attataaaac agtatactta cttatcaaca tcattcatgt ctggaacaca aacacaacag     23760
     tgatttacac accagatatc agcacaggat taagagttcg gattgtcacc caaaccaaaa     23820
     caagcaaata aataaagtct ctgaattaga tcctagcagt gcttgcttta gtattaacta     23880
     cagtgctttg gccgaaactt gagcttctta cggtaaattc ccatcttctt tgagtctgtc     23940
     tctttcgatt gactccagtg agtagcgatg acgtcaccct ggaacaggcc ccattgtgat     24000
     aaaattgatt gtctcaacgc cttgctccta attcaccgaa tgagccactc agggggattg     24060
     aaaagacacc tctaaatcac tatgattcat atgtgggacc gcctgacaca tctgcggcca     24120
     ccccatagca gactagagta agacagggaa cctctgccca tcccttgcca aaacatgtgc     24180
     atacaatgga gaacagacca cttcatttga atctcttaca acaacctcaa ctaaaagctc     24240
     aatgattttt tcaaactcac aatatcaaca agtttctata taggtttgta ttagatggtt     24300
     aatatgcagt gctcagcata attgagtata tcctggtaaa aatttagatt tttagaaatt     24360
     ttctcagcga atagttttat tatacaacct ttattaaaat atgagtgtgg tcacctaaca     24420
     tcttcaggat aagaacaata ataccgctac aaaatgaggt gttgcaaaaa tctcaccggc     24480
     cactttatta ggtacacctg tccaactgct cgttaaggca aatttctaat aagccaatca     24540
     catggcagca actcaatgca tttaggcatg tagatatagt caagatgatg ctgcagttaa     24600
     aactgtgcat cagaatgggg aagaaagggg atttaagtga ctttgaatgt gacatggttg     24660
     atggtgccag ccgggctggt ctgactattt cagaaactgc tgctctactg gaatttccac     24720
     acaaaaaaaa tctctagggt ttacagagaa tggtctgaaa aagagaaaat atccagtgag     24780
     tggcagttct gtgagcacaa atggcttgtt tatgccagag gtaagaggag aatggccagc     24840
     ctggtttgag ctgatagaaa ggcaacagta actcaaagaa cctcatcttt gtaccccatc     24900
     tctgaaagca caacacatcc gaccttgaat cggatgggct acagcagcag aagaccacac     24960
     cgcgtgccac tgctgtcagc taagaacaga aaactgagac taaaattcac acaggttcac     25020
     caaaattgga caatataaga ttggaaaaac gttgcctggt ctgaggtgtc tcgatttctg     25080
     ctgcgacatt catatggtag ggtcagattt ttacatcaac aacatgaaag catggatcca     25140
     ttctgccctg tatcaacggt tcaggctgat ggtgtaatgg tgtggtgaat attttgttgg     25200
     cacactttgg gcccattagt accaattaag cattatgtca acgccacgat attagtactc     25260
     taatatcctc cacagtcacc agatctcaat ccaatagagc atctttggga tgtggtggaa     25320
     caggggattt gcatcatgga caaatctgca gcaactgcct gatgccatcg tatcaatata     25380
     gacttaaatc tctgaggagt atttctggta ccttgttgaa tctaggccat gaagaattaa     25440
     ggcagttctg aaggcaaaac ggggtccaac ccggtacaag taaagtgtac ctaataaagt     25500
     ggccggtgag tatgtacatg taattacaat tttattttct aatttctctg cccattttaa     25560
     ttttgtgcca tgattatttt gatagattag ttctagtttt atctttgcta ttgtctaatc     25620
     taacgtaaaa ccaataaacc agatttgctt aaatctcttt gtatagcatc ccatagaaat     25680
     tatcaattta aaagggacat gggtgttttt ctgataaatc tgtttgtgtt tctcatttat     25740
     gctggacaat gtaaatgcac atgatggcca aaaaagcctc ttatgtgagg tagtgtttgc     25800
     ctgacattca taccctaatc tgcgggcagt tgtggaacaa aacaaaagca caagagactg     25860
     tcaaagtaac ccccgcaatg ccagccaggg gaggatgatg tcatcatcaa tacacacctc     25920
     tgaacacaaa gacacacggc gcagccagac gcattggtca cacatgaaca aataaaccct     25980
     gcagacgttc aatgctttgt tgaatccaaa cgtactaatc ccagttctgt ttgcgcatgt     26040
     tgtgagtatg tgaacgtttg catgcttgtt gtctcgttgt cttttttggt catactgtag     26100
     actaaacaca cagcgggtcc aactcccaca ggagcagtcg tggcgattcg ggatctgttt     26160
     ctgagacttc agctctgaga ttctcaagta ctgctaagaa aacaaaacac aaacaaacaa     26220
     aaaaaaagaa tgatgaatta aaagcactgc tacttgtgtg atattgctaa tatattaata     26280
     taagttttaa ttatataaag gttgcctttg tttaaaatat cgtaaaaaca gtagcattgt     26340
     taaatataca tttttttaaa attaataaat gataaaaatt tattttctat atatttgtgt     26400
     ttgtgttttt tgttcttaga aaatattcta acatgctgct ggatattact gtaaatgttt     26460
     acttttactc tttttaaaag tgttaccaaa aagtatctct aatattgaaa accctaatta     26520
     atgtttgaaa aattataaat atttactaat gttttttaaa acttactcca aacttttcag     26580
     cgccaataat aataatagct tcttgatcac aaagtgtttc tattaattac atttaactga     26640
     atttaatcat taaaacacaa tgaacagtga atgaagacca gatatcactg tttttcacca     26700
     ttatttttca ccctttgtgt gaaaaagcac agcaggtaca ttttgacaaa catctgctgt     26760
     tgtaaaggaa aggcaagaaa tcatatggtt tttaaaaaaa cacaaagatg tgtcaattca     26820
     tttttttcat ttatgtaaac tatctctcta aataaagcag catctgtttc gtctaagtaa     26880
     agaaatggta aacaaagaaa acctcccagg aataattttc tttttttttt ggtcattatg     26940
     ggattgtcta gtctcaaatg ctcaaccact aatgtgcttt aaacattttg gttagtctaa     27000
     accaggaatt aacttcagtg tctgggaaac aagcacaaca cgtgcaccta tgaaacaatg     27060
     cgacttgatt tggtaagaca gcataaatgt gcattaaata tgcaagagtg tagaaagtaa     27120
     tacgctgggg gagtggtgta atggatctgg gctggtaaca cagagattgt aggttcaaat     27180
     acccatgaag gaaaatccat ggtagtgtcc ttgagtaaga ctgtaccata cacctaaatc     27240
     aaactgtatg atgagggaat agagataatt acaacacagt gcaataatca aaagttgaaa     27300
     aaattattta gaattcaata atatatttta tttttattac ttaaggaagt tcaatattgt     27360
     ttaaccagta tatgcaaaac tttttatctt caatgtattt tttttaagtt tttttttttc     27420
     aatttatggt cacaatttta taaaatcaca atattacaaa tacccataat gatccagtgg     27480
     gaaatcatta aaacagcgtt atgaaaaaga gcttctataa acagagcatc tgcttttgtc     27540
     cactttaact gaattgcatc taatgcttga aatacacata ccggccactt tattaggtac     27600
     acgtgcacaa ctgttggttg ccgcaagcca atcacatggc agcaactcaa tgcatttagg     27660
     catgtagaca tggtcaagat gatctgcttc agttcaaaca gagcatcaga atggggtaac     27720
     aaggtgattt aggtgacttt gaatgtggca cggttgttgg tgccagtcag gctggtctga     27780
     gtatttcaga aactgctgat ctactgggat tttcacacat aaccatctct agggtttaca     27840
     gagaatggtc tgaaaaagag aatatatcca atgagcggca gttcaatggg tgcaaatgcc     27900
     ttgttgatgt caaaggagaa tggccaaact ggttctaagt gatagataga caacagtaac     27960
     tcaaataacc actcattaca accaaggtat gcagaagagc atctctaaat gcacaacatg     28020
     tcaaaccttg aggcagatgg gcaacagcag cagaagacta caccgggtgc cactcctgtc     28080
     agctaagaac aggaaactga ggctatgact cgcacaggcc caccaaaatt ggacaacaga     28140
     agattggaaa aacgttgcct ggtctgatga gtctacattt ctgctgccac attaggatgg     28200
     tagggtcaga atttggcgtc agcaacatga aagcatggat ccatcctgcc ttgtatcaat     28260
     ggttgaggct ggtggtggtg taatggtgtg ggggatgttt tcttgccaca ttttgggccc     28320
     attagtacca attaggcatc gtatcaacac cacagtctac ctgagtattg ttgctgacca     28380
     tgaccatccc tttataacca cagtgtaccc ctctttagat ggctactccg agcaggataa     28440
     cgtgccatgt cataaagcgc gaatcatctc agactgcttt tttgaaaatg acaatgagtt     28500
     ccatgtactc aaatggtctc tacagtcacc agatctcaat ccaatacagc atctttggga     28560
     aggggtggaa caggacattc acatcatgga tgtgcagccg acaaatctgc atcatgtcaa     28620
     tgatgctatc atgtaaactt ggaccaaaat ctctgaggaa atttccagta ccttgttgaa     28680
     tcgatgtcac aaaggataaa agcagttctg aggattaagt gattaagggg tccaacccgg     28740
     aactagtaag gtgtacctaa taaagtggtc agtgagtgaa tgatagaaga acatttttct     28800
     aaattaactt tggggttaaa aaaagtgttt aaataaatca tacctggtat tcccaactac     28860
     catgtataaa agcaactact tctagtttat acacaacact tcaagattta ctttcactac     28920
     tctttacaga tcaatttatc tttccttccg ataaactgca gttatgatat acaagatatg     28980
     tagttacact tatagtggtg tgtatgtgat tgtgtgtgtg ttgttggctg cttaagtcag     29040
     catacattag agcaaaagac tcagaataag cacagtgaca tcactgctag tggcttgagc     29100
     ccaaaaaaca cctcaatggt cttgtgtgtc tggctttcat gatagtttgt gtgtgtgtgt     29160
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     29220
     gtgtgtgtgt gtggctgtgc tttgtgtgta tgtgagaaca aaaaaaagag tgcaagacag     29280
     aaagaaagat aactagtcga taaatcaaat cggtaagcaa aacagtgttg tgatgaaaag     29340
     atacattttt gaatttatta ccttcactag ttcatttgat ttatgccatt tatgctggga     29400
     gtgtttgctg ttgtctgttg atttaagatt gtagcctcta agtccaaata tccttgaaaa     29460
     ctattatgaa agaaagatta aatggacggt ttactcaaaa atgtttactc aaactcatgt     29520
     ggatccaaac ctgtatgact ctcttttttt tttttttttt tgcagaacga aaaaaaaagg     29580
     agaggttaag ccgtctttct actcgagtct tttgaattaa aaagctgatg tgttacttgc     29640
     tgctgttcct ttgaaatcaa ttgtgaactg tgctgtttat gtgcaaaaaa ataatgactt     29700
     gtttttcaga aaatccactc tacaacacaa gctaaatggt aagttgccaa ttcatttaca     29760
     gaattaaagt tatgctaaag tatattgcaa aaaaattatc acaatatccg tttcatataa     29820
     ttcgatatcg ataactattg aatattttaa aaatatatat ttaggaattt taggattttt     29880
     ttatttacca ctttatttta atttaccaac attactaagg aaaacagttt taattgtcaa     29940
     aaactaaaat atttaaatta attatctgat ctctttataa tgaaataagc ttatgcatta     30000
     aagagactta aaattgatat ataaaaatgt tacaaagtgt gtgcaatggt aatgcgtaaa     30060
     tactgaacaa tcaaagcaaa ctttaaggtg tgaatgataa tgaaacgcta gtaaacctca     30120
     aaccctctaa acaaaacaaa ctatgatgat caaatcaacc atcattattc aaatacatat     30180
     tgcaacatta caaattgtga agctgatatt actccttaca cttaaaaaat ctttcagatg     30240
     aggtgctaga ggctgggatg aaaaaagaaa ggtgctagtg gctgggatgg gagaaaagaa     30300
     accaaaaagc cactctggtg acatccttac atcctttttt atttacaatc tcctcactgc     30360
     tgctatacgc cactcatttt agcatgtgtt tttattctga cctgaagtga caatcgcatg     30420
     tgtgtggatt ccttgaccat ttaggaattt gcgttcgcac tcccctggcg ctgctcataa     30480
     ctaggtgacc atcggccatt ttctccgagg agaggatgaa aaaagagcaa atcattgttg     30540
     cagctctgat gcaagttttt ggagaaaaag gaaaaccgct gcagtgtttg ggtgcgctgt     30600
     atttgtctga ggtaattagt ctgccattat ttctgaaatg tgtatactcc ctacaaagtg     30660
     tgaagcagat tggttagttc tacttgcatg aattgtggaa agctcgggac attctgaaaa     30720
     ggtttagatg ttttttaact aggtgcagct gaaaaatgtg cgccgtttac aaaacatgta     30780
     tgcatccctc ccgatgtgtg cgttgtgtaa gttgcgcgcc tccattggaa atgacaaact     30840
     gacattctaa gtttattggc actgctatca aggagtgaaa ctatagcact tcgtactgaa     30900
     agtacacacc aaatcttttt tttttgcgat attgaaaatg gtggtgttgg gtcaataaat     30960
     atcaataccg attttatcgc ccagccctat actaaagttc gccgttattc attttatcct     31020
     ttaaaactta tattttaaag atcaaaatta tataatgtaa aaagtcaatt taaattaatt     31080
     tcttcatgat tttaaataga atagaatctt cacccttatc tgatccagta tccacagatc     31140
     aataaatatg caaatttgtc tccgcctccc caaaatacag gaccactttt agagcaacgt     31200
     tgccgtcaat gggtaaccgg atgagccact gagcaaaaca ttcttcagct aaacaaagag     31260
     aaaactgaag tcattgcatt taggaacaaa gtagaggttt tcaaggtgaa tgcatacctt     31320
     gactctaggg gtcaatcaac aaaaaaaaaa aggtcaagaa tcttggtgtg attctggagt     31380
     ccgatcttca tgtcaaagca gtaactaaat cagaatacta tcaaaaacat cagaataatt     31440
     agatgccttg tttccagtga ggacttagag aaacttgttc attcttttat caccagcagg     31500
     gtggattact gtaatggact cccaaaaaga caatcagaac gttgtagttg atccagaacg     31560
     ctgctgccag gattcttacc aaaaccagac aatcagagta catcgcacct gtcctcagat     31620
     ctttacattg acaagtatta ttacttgtct ataaatcact aaatggtcaa tacataacag     31680
     aaatgctcac tcagtaaaaa ccaaacagat cactcgaata aagtaaatta gaaattcaaa     31740
     gagttcagtc aaagcaccaa ttcgttcaaa gtaaacaaga aacattactt gcagtgtttc     31800
     ctctaggatt ttttccagct gtggctgcag gcctttttta cacagatcta cgaactaata     31860
     gtggcgttat tttaatgaaa aatgtcgtga gcgcagtaat agaagtcgag attgcattta     31920
     tgtaatagcc tacgagcatg cgaatctctt tgcttacgtg ccgatttcct ctgctcttgc     31980
     acaaaacttc ttgcatgccc cctcaaatat aagccgcttc aagagcgcgc agatcttctt     32040
     gtgcgctctc aaataaatgc tgctgaagtg cgatttagtg cgtttatgta atgagtatgt     32100
     ctccaacatt tattagattt gcgctaggaa tatttatgaa tgtctctaat agacctacag     32160
     agtgatatta atgtgtcctg aagtaaagtc aaacagctat ctgtcgcgtt tgctggcctc     32220
     acgcatcctg cacctgtcag tcagccagtc agtctgtcag cacgtaacct taacagggta     32280
     aacaaataat gcacagcacc actatggtta cagagaagtt cgcgctggta taattcactc     32340
     atcttttaat acgttttggt gcaattatta cccgctataa aaaaaattaa atgttttaaa     32400
     tgagaagttg taatgtagcc gtggggggtt aaattttgtc gaggcacccc gccatggaag     32460
     aatgaatgta gcggaaacca tagctattca acattgacgg aaatactact ctaaaagttg     32520
     tcctgtgtag ctctgactac ctgatgaaat aagtgcttat tggcaataat tgaattcagc     32580
     tggtatacat aaatgaaaat tacattattt ctgaaaagat caaatgttca taaactgtcc     32640
     tttaattttg atcccacgtt tgtttgaact agaaactttt ttctacaatg acaacaaact     32700
     tgtcatgtaa ctttgatatt tcaaagtccc agttcacttc aattcaaaat cattcaaata     32760
     cacttcatgc aaatttgacc aatcatcttc attttaatag ccggtaagca ctcaccaaca     32820
     caaacattgc cactctccac ggcctacact acctaaaaca ggttccgtaa agcacccatg     32880
     cctccactac cataatgtaa gtcatcaagt ttgattgaac atgggcttga accgatccat     32940
     cgcgcacttc atctatcact gggcctcact gagaacgcat gtctcgaggg agtgagccag     33000
     ttcatctcgt ggagccatct ctattgacct ccgctgtcgc tgtaaaacaa acagccatct     33060
     gtaaaaagca tcctgacaaa atatttactg tgaatgacaa atgagtgagg tgggggggtg     33120
     tttttggctg gccaaaggaa cgcttgctcg tagttaactg ccattaactg gccttgataa     33180
     aacttaaata gaagctttct ggacgtctgt ggattgagat tgatttataa taagcaaata     33240
     agaggtttgg tggtaaaaaa aaaagagatg atctgatgac tgctataacc ttgaggtcct     33300
     gaccctatgt gaggtcacca ggatcgatta aacatgtttt aggttagatt tagctctata     33360
     tatatattga caaattttat gcagaaatgt atgcgtgttt ttttatgtgc actccaaaat     33420
     tcacttgaag ataaatgcat taaactgtat aagcagggga aactgacaca aatattgatg     33480
     actcatcttg cactgctcta agctttttcc aatgtagtgc atcttctaat ctgatctcca     33540
     atgtaactgc tgattttgca tgaattttca gaatgtgatt tctgttattt gattcttttt     33600
     taaagacttc ttgccatcct gaagtgaaat atgttaaaca cttagggctc tattttaaca     33660
     atctaggtgc aaagtctaaa gctcaaggcg caaaagcatt aaattcgaat ctgcttttgc     33720
     tattttaagg acagaaaaat acgctttgca tcctggcgca tgctaacagg gttggacttt     33780
     ttctcttaat gaattatggg tgtgctttaa gcataacgtg cattcaacca ataagagtct     33840
     catctcccat tccctttaag tgtaagttgc agtttgaaac tgtccgattt ttgggcaaaa     33900
     ttctttaggt gtttttctgc tattttttta tggtcaatag acccaaaccc ctttacagca     33960
     ctgtttggaa tcctgccaga atatgttgaa ttaaatccat tacaggccga tagtgtagcc     34020
     tttgcaacct tacaggctag acgacttatt cttatgaatt ggaaatcagc agatccccct     34080
     tcttatcggc aatcggtttt tgatttctta catgctcaac aaatggaaaa agattcaatt     34140
     cgcaataaaa aaaaaagccc ttttctaaat tttaaggaga cacctatatc ttaattgcat     34200
     tttttccttt cttttctttg tataatttat tgatgttttt ttattattat tctcattttt     34260
     gttctcttat gtttgtatat ctttgtgtat atatgtggta ttttaccttt tatttatata     34320
     cttatttagt gtataattat gttttcctga tcatttcttg cttggtgaat tgtatcagtg     34380
     cgtatatcta tatgtatcaa tattatgtat tttttattgt ctgccctaag acgaacctta     34440
     ttaaaaaata caaataaaaa agtcagttgc attacgccat ggtgcatttg ccatttacat     34500
     gaaaaactga acgcttcact agtgagtaaa cagttaaaaa gaccatctgc agcaaggaca     34560
     aagaatgagc ctcctccatt caacctcttt actttctctt tattttattt tactctttat     34620
     tccttaactt tcctggataa ggaaactgtt ttgtaaaaaa gatttgtgca aagatttgtt     34680
     tcaaaactat ttctaaattc agttctaatt tccagcaaat taataaatta agaataatat     34740
     tgaagtgtgg ttaaaaaaat gagttatatt taaacacacg tcctgttttt atccatatgg     34800
     tgatgcagac atcttcaaaa cccgacagga ccacaaatct aaacatattt ttattaaaac     34860
     aaattttaat atgcatataa taaacaatac tgctaataac aaaaacatta tacaaagcaa     34920
     attgtaatga ataaactaaa aaaagccccc tgagatgagg catggaggca gtggttttta     34980
     tatttatgaa gaaaaaaatt attttcataa cattttaatc ctttaattgt tttcaaatgt     35040
     aaaaatattt gtgtattact gtacatcctg tgtgtattaa gcaatgtgta tgcattttgg     35100
     acctgtaaag acacataact aatgctctgc tttagactag gttttatttg gtcaatggcg     35160
     cgctctattt cagttcttca aaatagcaat acaccaacaa tgtgctttaa cacacctcct     35220
     ttttagactg gaacacccat gagtccacga agtggtgcaa atggatttgc tttttaaaca     35280
     acctagagca taacatgaaa attagggttg cgctagtctg aacaaaagca ataaattgcg     35340
     ccaaacatgt cttgctcctt attgcgcctg gtgtataata aggcccctag aatttttaat     35400
     attttttttt tttaccgaga aagatatatg tagtatgaca ttgttataaa tctatcaata     35460
     caggatacaa atacacaaga tttgctttgg gtgctcaagg caagtaaaga cttgcatatc     35520
     aacttggcat ctatatgcaa attactcacc caacccccaa acctgttgaa aagtgctcta     35580
     tgtgtaaagg ctgaagacag tccatttcca tcccagttta tgagagtaat ttgacaagta     35640
     gccagcaagc ctggccagca aagcgatcga acaatacaaa tattacacag tatggcagca     35700
     tgcagcttcg gtggagccgc tgactgggtg tgatgtgatc tgtatgaggt aatggcggga     35760
     aaaggtagtg aggtagtttt tatgaccctg gctcgtgcct cccctgcctc cagctgacac     35820
     tatcgcagct taatgagaat aaatgtgatt cccgccccga gatgtccagc ctgcaccttc     35880
     ttgcgagcgt ctaccgctgt tcgcttctct gggaggagtg tgtgtttagg gagtggagcg     35940
     cagactgttg atcaaatgac cgctagtaaa tcaaatcatt atgatgtccc tcaagagaaa     36000
     aacacatggc ttccattcct tttttttttt gccatttttc acaacgaaga cgtcaccctt     36060
     tctgaactgt ccccttgaag agacaagtaa tgaagggaaa ggagagtgga ttgggggtta     36120
     acagttgtct gtatggatac agtgaccctg aggctctgtt ataagtgatt tgcactgggc     36180
     agcgagagta aaaattctgc ctgacttcac ccgctgggta atgtgccaaa gtcacccaat     36240
     gatgatgaca tcatcaagga tgatgtaatt caagaattcc agactacccc tcatgcctac     36300
     tttcaggatc agaaaacttt tccaaatgag tagcacgagg gtgaaaaaaa aaaagacttc     36360
     aataagatct gaaaatttta tttagatgcc aaaagcgttt ggcagtgagt aaaccccatt     36420
     cttcacctaa accaaggaat aggttcatgc aattaaaaac tgggctacaa tctggggctt     36480
     agcaaccatt ttagtattat ataacgtttg aataataccg agttatgcac tgctcactgt     36540
     ttatcatttt attcaaatac atctttgaat gcaaaatgta tttgaaattt ggatggctag     36600
     tttacacagt tgcattttat aaatcaccaa gctcaacagg tttcaactta aaataaatac     36660
     tgaatactgt acatactcta cagattgcgt gcaacattac agaacaaata actgagcaac     36720
     tcaccatacc aaattctcaa atgcaaatta tactgacaat attaacacaa cattcgtaag     36780
     tttttaaata tccatgcata ttctttttaa atccatgcaa aacacgtctg gctaaatatg     36840
     gcaaatgtta aataatttac attaatttta aagattttta tacaatactt aaaagggact     36900
     gtacaccata aaataaatat tgggggattt ttgttttacc actgtgctgt tctaaacttc     36960
     agtggagttc agtgtccttt aaacagatag ttcactcaaa aaatgactat ttactcaccc     37020
     gcaaatactt ccaaatcgtt atgagtttcc cttttctgtt gaaaacaata aacgatttta     37080
     ttcaaatgtt aaaaagctgt aaccattggc ttttatagta tttgtttttc ctacaaagga     37140
     aatcaatggt tacatgtttt taacaccagc tcaaacaaat caaacaggtt gtagcaatta     37200
     aaggctaacc gtgacaacat tttcagtttt aaatgaacta ttcctttaag atgggcgacg     37260
     caatggtgca gtaggtagtg ctgtcgcctc acagaaagaa ggcctctggt tcgagcctca     37320
     gctaggccag ttggtatttc tgcatggagt ttgcatgttc tctctgcgtt tgcgtgggtt     37380
     tcctccaggt gctccggttt cccctacagt ccaaagacat gcggtacagg tgaattgggt     37440
     aggctaaatt gtccgtagtg tatgagtgtg aataagttta tagatgtttc ccagaaatgg     37500
     gttgcggcta gaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aaacgtgctg gataagttgg tggttcattc     37560
     cgctgtggcg accctggatt aataagggga ctaagccgaa aagaaaatga atgaatgatt     37620
     cctttaatat aactacttct gtgtgctcta cccgtgtatt cgataacact ttattttgat     37680
     tctattaact gtaaaatacc ttttaactac atgtgatcta gcagtcacag tattagtgga     37740
     ctgctgttta atatctgcaa ttttaatttt tcctatagaa cttcctaccc taacagtata     37800
     ctaatactat agtaatacat caatgagagc tggttgacaa gagatttact tgtatttgaa     37860
     aaatgtctaa agtttcctag caaaataaag tataacaaaa ttttcatttt aagtgaaaca     37920
     tcatctgtac ttttaaatca ctgtcaaata gattactgcc ttgaatgcaa aagtccctaa     37980
     aatttgagac aaagctgatt gttgaagagt aaatgtgggt gtgtttttct gtgggtgtat     38040
     aggaagctct cgctcacctc tgtcctgagg ctaaccctcc cactcaccca cctcagtaag     38100
     catgacccta attcaaacca tgtgcctcca aattgaaaac atggattcaa aatggagtat     38160
     ttgctttttc actgactaat gtctcccagg agacaccttc agccagtcca attgtgtcag     38220
     aaagaggggc aaggggcaat gttgagtgtt cataagcctt cagttaaacg ctcgagcgtg     38280
     agcttaagtg aatacagcac tccacataca tgtgtagtgt gttagaatcc aatccaagtc     38340
     gatttctgac acgaagactt aatttcagag caggcacctg aacgctggtg tgtgtgtgtg     38400
     tgtgtgtgtg caatgtaaac tgtgagataa attatcttca acatttgttg agcctgctgg     38460
     cgtgtgtgtg catgtgtgtg cgcgagggaa agagagagag aaagggccag ggagtgattt     38520
     gagttataac gcccaaaccc taagaaaata atccaaaaag aggattgctg actgtaacct     38580
     gatttgcttt ctttacacag caatggttga gagaggtgga aaaataagtc atggttgtaa     38640
     aagctgaatt ttgaatgaca tatgataaac tttacattta tgggctgttc taaaaagctg     38700
     tgaattgcta aaacttggta aaatggtgtt atagacaaag cagcaatgac aaaaaaactc     38760
     cagctctttc aacaaataca taatcctcca ttcttaaaaa tacatttttt ctggctcctt     38820
     ttgagttgtt aacatccatg cactcttaaa aataaagggt atttattgga attgatggtt     38880
     gtgttttgag attcatgaaa cttttcaaat tgcacaagaa cattttttta ttgcctttgc     38940
     cagtgttggg gtgatacatt acaagtgacg cgagttacat aataatatta ctttttgaag     39000
     taacgagaca agtaacgcat tacttttaaa aattaagaaa taatattaga gttacttttt     39060
     aaaaaaatgt aagatgagtt actatttagt ttaattaatt tgcttttcta aaataaattg     39120
     ctgaattaaa atgaaagaag tcacaatgaa tcacgcagtc aatgaaagaa tgtgttcatt     39180
     atattgaatg tatcggtaaa aagaaaaaga agatttaagt ctcaatggac aatggtttta     39240
     cttaagacaa agtacaaaag tagctatcac attgctttaa tcttcaataa tccgtatata     39300
     tggcatgtat agctttaggg tcaggaagtt ctcagataac atcctaaaaa aattttttat     39360
     gtgttttttt ttttaaggta gatgaaggtt atacactgca ttgtttattg cagagctcct     39420
     ttataaaaaa gaaaaaaaaa caagttctga aaaagatcaa gcctcattca ggtaataaaa     39480
     agtaacgcaa aagtaacata acacattact gaccataaaa agaaaccaac taacgcaact     39540
     agtaactttt tggagaagta actcaatatt gtaatgcatt tttttccata aaatgcaact     39600
     gagtaaagcc tggtttatac ttctgtgtca agtgatcaaa caaaacaaaa ctttccatct     39660
     agagctcctt taagggactc aacacttgct ccatcgggtt tgtgcggctc tcggtcccgc     39720
     ccacactcgt cagcgttacc aagccaacca atcacagagg ttgcgctaag cgtcgttgtg     39780
     aggttttgag aggtgcgcgt cagcaacacc gacggtgagg tctatgcgtc cacgcgtagg     39840
     ccgcaccaca gcttacgcgt gtacttgacg cagaagtata aatcagactt aacgcaatta     39900
     attacttttt tggggagcaa cttaatactg taatgcatta ctttacataa aatgcaacaa     39960
     gttacttttt tgaggagtaa ctcaatgcat tactttcaaa agtaactttt cccaacactg     40020
     ctcttcacgc taaagtaatt atttatgaac agtttactca aaaggttctt ctatattgac     40080
     cttattcttc aatgcggaag tgcacccgtt ttttggattg ttttagaact tccgattgtg     40140
     gtgcctatgg gggaaatatc taggaataat taacgtcaga aaacggtcaa actacttgct     40200
     ttatcaacat gtgtttgcat aattatacag acaaagtaga gtaatatatt aaggaaatgt     40260
     ccgtttgcaa catcaagcag caaaacgagc tggtgttaaa aattaaatgg aagtgaatga     40320
     gaccggaagt ctcgagccaa aattattcaa acggctgcgc ccactcgtac gcaaagaata     40380
     agacaaataa aatccttttt ggcactgtta aattacacaa accttttatt aaaatgggaa     40440
     aaaatggttc cattttttaa aagcattctt cacactatag gaataatagt actattcgtg     40500
     gaaggattcc ttgggtaaac aaaaagagtg ctccaaaaac atagggctga ttaatcttaa     40560
     agtaatcaac attcagaacc tataatgatc taattttttt caggattatt tctttccctg     40620
     tgtgtcatat ttgttttcac tttaaaaaaa ataaataaat ttacttttca tgtcaggcaa     40680
     tgtttgtttg aatttcagtt attcaacgct gatgttaata atcatagtgt gtgtcttctt     40740
     cattcatttt aaaataagtt aaagtttagt tttaaaataa tagatttaga ttttaggcca     40800
     aatcgccaag ccttacacac acacatcctt tcagaagtgt actgcaattc tacaaagaaa     40860
     cccacaagca ctttttttaa ttagatccct ggaaactttt caagccactc acaggtgctg     40920
     agtacaattt tagtctgtgg ttcacaacaa gagtttacag tcacaggctc tggattgtgg     40980
     tcagattagt cagacaatga tacatcatgt gtacagaatg aggtttcttg atgtgaaaga     41040
     ctcaatataa atgtaagaca aatgaacaat aggaagcagg ttgactgact tatgagaaac     41100
     tgactgaaag ctcgattcca taccccaaat ttacattccc aatgtgatgc tatggcaacc     41160
     acaggatgac ctcagcattg cattacatca tattctgaag cagagaaaaa ggttcttccc     41220
     aatgcttgac tcacgcttga taatgaatct caattgtacg actacaaatg tgtgtcattc     41280
     ttttcacatt tgcagtgcaa tgcttttata atgcaaatat gaaaccaatc acacacacac     41340
     actgacaaga aaaattgttg ttaatgcgtg accctcaaca gatggagtca actaaggggc     41400
     aaatgactct caaagccatt tacggctgca ctttagagcc gaatccattc tagtcccttc     41460
     caattgaaaa aaggtcagag ttcagaatat acattgaaaa gggtattaac ctcaaaatta     41520
     gttatcaggc gatcctatca taaaacagat ccaaacattg gttttgttaa aacttttata     41580
     aagaacatta actaaagata cagcattaca caagtgttac agaaaagtta acgtaagaaa     41640
     tgtaagaaat aaagctttta tatactgtac acaccggcca ctttattagg tacatctgtc     41700
     caactgcttg ttatcgcaaa ttattaatta gccaatcaca tggcagcaac gcaatgcact     41760
     taggcatgta gatatggtca agacgatctg ctgcaattca aactgagcat tagaatgggg     41820
     aagaaaggtg atttaagtca gaggttctca aagtgggggt cgggaccccc cgaggggtca     41880
     cgggacaacg aaggggggtc gcctggtgat tttcaaaaat ttattaattt ttattaaacc     41940
     ttaagactta ctgtatttta tcagtaacat actaaagaga aaaaaatagt cgtttatagt     42000
     tactataatc tatatagtta ctatagtagc ttatagttac tagttctatt ggattgcgac     42060
     ttctcgggta gttacattat actaaagaca cagcaatact gtcagatgca gcagattgat     42120
     tttataacac caagttaaac tttctagccc atttacagca ctgacataca taaaaaaaaa     42180
     aacaaagaat agacttgggt ctattggtgt gtgtgtgcgt cattgcatac aaggtttctg     42240
     tatttttaac caccacctca gagaatattg ggggtcacga gtcactggca ttgtcatttt     42300
     gggggtcgcg ggctgagaag tttgggaacc cctgatttaa gtgacattga atgtggcatg     42360
     tttatcggta caagatgggc cggtctgagt atttcagaaa ctgcagatct actgggattt     42420
     tcacgcacaa ccatctctag ggtttacaga aaattgtcta aaaatccagt gagcggcagt     42480
     tctgtgggcg caaatgcctt gttgatgcca gaggtgagag gagattcgca tcatggatct     42540
     gcagccgtca aatctgcagc aactgtgtga tgctatcatg tcaatatgta aaaaaatctc     42600
     tggggaatat ttacagtacc ttgttgaatc tatgccagga aagattaagg cagttttgaa     42660
     agctggagtc caacccgata ctagtaaggt gtacctaata aagtggccag tgagtgtatt     42720
     ccacgtggac agatgtgggt tttaggtttt actcagtttt aattgttccc aacaacaaaa     42780
     atttacagtg gccacaaatt cctcattaaa aggtttaaag aagtgttttg atgacccttc     42840
     ttgagtgcaa gcccaaaagt ggccatcagt ttcctgtttt ctcataaatg agtaacttac     42900
     aaaagagtca gaggccattc tgatgggaaa tgagtctaat gagattgtta ctgtcacaca     42960
     actttcagac atgaaaacat tatttggatt ggaagtaaaa caaaccacag tgcaagaatt     43020
     atattctttc aaacatacaa actaaagcat aggacattat cagaagaatt aagcttaaaa     43080
     aaaaaattta tcatctacag tgtgtataga aaatcattaa acccttgtga aactctatac     43140
     ttttaattac attacaccct gctttcaaaa gaccttcagg ataaagttga agataggcac     43200
     agtttaggag aaggctacaa aaacatatca aaggctggga aagttattta atttgatttc     43260
     aggctgtatg acaaataaat ttgaaagggg aatgatgatt atctatagtc actgtagttt     43320
     taaccatgtt taacttggtg ctttaaagaa catctgacaa gcttataatg taactttaac     43380
     aatcaaagga ctcaaaccag attgccttaa aatcagtcta aatttgtctg gtgaccatct     43440
     cgttctgagg ttactgatga actttccatc tactgaagga aaatgttaat atgattttcc     43500
     ccctcaaaat aacttgggta ataaagaggt aatcaatcac aatatgtata aaaacttaaa     43560
     ctggcactgc tgcaaatagc ctttatgttt atagtacagt gagatgggta tttagtttta     43620
     aggtacagaa agagacgatc agctaatgac atataaatat gacaaatata tatatattca     43680
     tgtgacaaat ggcttaaaaa tattttgagt tgacaaaagg catcaactac tatgctgtgt     43740
     tgtgctgatc aagaacatta aacttccaaa actcaatgtt tggctttcct aaaaactttt     43800
     agtcatttta acattgtgtc ccaacaacat gtagcgcaac aggtatccag caacaagcag     43860
     tttgtctgtc cgcaccaggt atgacagaat attttagaat agtgcactgc actcctaaca     43920
     ttataaacct ctttaattca caaagttcta atgttcattt tcaaactgta tgtttgctag     43980
     ttattatatt tctaagatct gaagtgctag tgctttcagt atggaaataa atgtcacata     44040
     aatgctcaca ttagtagtat ttgacactga ataaagcaca taatcagcac ctgatgggat     44100
     cattgtcata ggaattgatg ctgttgttca agtcgcagca tgacaggttg catgtcggtg     44160
     taatctctcc tgacccttaa gattcgatga agggccttta gcattcaagg aaccagaatc     44220
     atactttgtt gtaaaagtgt tacctattgt atgttataaa ccttttgtaa tttcactagt     44280
     ttgacacatt tgtttgcttc aaacattaat gtactataaa gcaatacata aaaatagata     44340
     ttttgcaact tttgcaaaga cgccagtact gtgataatat catgataaaa gcctcaacaa     44400
     ttatcagaag aaaatcagat accaccatct gccatgacca aaccaccatc aacacatgca     44460
     cacgtttcac gaggatgcaa catgtcacat ttgaataaaa atcatattta tatatataat     44520
     ttacataaag ataataatct tattttcaaa aacttttctc tagtttccta agcttgcaat     44580
     atccctgctt aaaatgtaat tgtcacgtaa atgaaatgaa caaaaaactt ttacatttca     44640
     gttgaaaatg gtgtgaacgt cccctaagat tgtaaaaatc tccaaaccgc caaaagcaca     44700
     caactcacga caactctcgt gacttcattc aagtgaatta gactgaagca acaggccgtg     44760
     atggtgagag gtccctccac acccttcaca gcctattttt aaggctctca gaactaaaaa     44820
     tagctccatt aattctgttt ctttagtgga gggagcatct ggaaggctga gcgtgggcac     44880
     cagggttcga taagatcact catggatgcg tcaccctccc tctgatcgga taatgaatca     44940
     tacattgaga gtgaagtgtg cgggaaagcc ccgcagtgaa acacagtgga ggttctattc     45000
     agcgtgagac tgagccctga agatagtcgt ctaggggccg aagccaccac acacacagtg     45060
     ctggagagca cggggtcatc acccaccacc cactcgcagg gtgagctttc acacacacac     45120
     acatgcacac gtgcacaaac acatgcacac acttccagtc agtcccaccg ctctcacaag     45180
     caccccagag tcttcatctg gcctagcatc agagggaaaa gaaaagacat gaatagaatg     45240
     aaagagtgga gggaacgccg tgaccccaca ggaatacaca catcatgtct gctgtgtgat     45300
     gctgcatgag aaaacggaag aattagtgag gttggaaaga aatgaaaagt gctgataaag     45360
     agcaagagat tatgagatcg agagaccagg tggaagttgt cgcaatggct ttgtatgctg     45420
     gtttcagaat tctatatttt tattttgctt ttcaaaagtt accaatacag aacatcgaaa     45480
     ctaagcaaca aactaactaa attagaacat acacactacg catgggctgg tgtaagtttt     45540
     tgacggtatg ataatcttga ataaaaatat catggtttca ccgtaatgca tttactgctg     45600
     ttaaataatt tctttttaaa attcttagtt aaaacttttt caccatttaa cacaatatat     45660
     tacattttag aaaacatttc taatactttg gagcagtgaa catgtcaggg gcgtagcagt     45720
     ggcgcagtag gtagtgctgt cgcctcacag caagaaggtc gcaggttcaa acctcggctc     45780
     agttggcgtt tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcc ttcgcgtggg tttcctccgg     45840
     gtgctccggt ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaattgg gtaggctaaa     45900
     ttgtccgtag tgtataagtg tgtgtgtgaa tgtgtgtgtg gatgtttccc aaagatgggt     45960
     tgtgactgga agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa acatgttgga taagttggcg gatcattccg     46020
     ctgtgacccc ggattaataa agggactaag cagacaagaa aatgaatgaa taaatgaaca     46080
     tgtcaggcta cttaatcaaa gtaaatcgtt gacttctact atcttcatta gcttcaaaaa     46140
     cacagatttc ctaacaacaa caacaaaaaa cacttaaaaa tctttaaaca taccttagaa     46200
     tcggtaaaac taaatatttt tgtggtttta ataccctgac tctttgaacc ttaaaacgtt     46260
     catgcctaaa caaatcctcc catgccgaaa cacacagtat ataaaaataa ataaataaaa     46320
     taaaaatata taaatgaata aataaataaa atgagaggag atacagtatt aacaatggag     46380
     aaaagctatt ttgtcaaatc aaatcatgcg gtactgtttt aatataatac aaaaaacaga     46440
     ttcccaatct atttaaataa ttcacccttt cctctcaaag aatatgtgat cttcttcaaa     46500
     agtatgaagt tgcaaacatc tgagatcaac agtcctattg gtacataaat gtctggtttc     46560
     cgttgtaaag caattcaatg tttagctatt gctaacttct atagctataa ctttcttagc     46620
     tctgataatt acaagttatg tgcaatttgt gaactccaaa gtaaaactcc agtatcccaa     46680
     gtgagtaaat tagaatttac agttgaagga aaatgtaaac ttaaagggat aggtcttaag     46740
     tatttacaaa ccttttttat tctgttgaat accaaataat atattttgaa gaaagcggaa     46800
     aacctgtaac catccacttc catagcaaga gaaacaaata ctatggaagt caatagctac     46860
     cagtttccaa cattcttcct aaatatctta ttttgtgcag aaaacagaaa aaagaaactc     46920
     aaggtttgga acaagtgatt agtaagtaaa tgactgaatt ttgaattatg agtaaactat     46980
     aaccctttaa aacagagatg ccttttcaaa ttgtcttttc aaattttatg caacattttg     47040
     tttctttgtg ttgcaatttg ttttgatttg taaatcaatc acgtgatttt tttgtaaata     47100
     ctatcattct acggatagaa gacacaagaa atcagcaagc aaatcaagac aaaggcaggt     47160
     gcagcgtttt gggtattgaa cttattaatg gaattgtttg tttttactgt aataagttca     47220
     ttatcatttt tttaaatata ctgtattagg taatataatt taaagcaatg ttttgtagtt     47280
     atttttaaat attaggaaat aaattaggaa agtaatcatg gaagctttaa tgtaaaacag     47340
     tttgatattt ttaaattcgg cccacagtct tcattaaagt ttgctttttg gcctattata     47400
     aaaaaggttt gggcaccctg cttataaatc attgagtcat gtactaatgc tttatttaga     47460
     aacggtatat atttcacaga tgtaaaactt cattgttgtt tttgattcat tgtgacaatt     47520
     tttatatacg ataaaatatt tacaatgaca atattcataa tttatctttt ttatcatcat     47580
     tatacattga aaaaactgta aacacagcaa tattgtgaaa taatatgcat cataaattat     47640
     tataacgact acatattgga gcagtgggta gcactgtcgc ctcacagcaa ggttgctggt     47700
     tcaaatcccg gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tctccgtgtt     47760
     ggcctgggat tcatcagggt gctctggatt cccccacagt taaaagacat gcagtatagg     47820
     tgaactaaat aaactaaatt atccagagtt tatgtgtgtg aatgaatgtg tatggatgtt     47880
     tcccagtact gggttgcagt tagaagggtg tgtaaaatat atgctggata agttggtggt     47940
     tcattctgct gtggtgaccc ctgataataa aagggactaa gctgaaagaa aatgaatgaa     48000
     tgaatgaaaa agttattata acttattaaa taataaataa gtctaatatt aattattaaa     48060
     ctatcattta aatttgtttt gtatttttat gtgtttcaaa atgtacgtta tccctgtact     48120
     gtaaagaaac agcatttgtg tgatttttat attgatgtac aattgccact taaataattt     48180
     aatgcgtttc tgtgtgtgta tttatgaaca aaccctgaga aatattgagt acatcaaaaa     48240
     ctgtaaaaac aagctccagc ataatcacta catgtagaga aagcgtttta tccgttttat     48300
     atatagatca gttatgaagc gcacgtctgt atgatcaatg ataaagagtg ctgggaaaac     48360
     ggatatagaa atcacgacat ggtgaggtaa tttgataaag aaaataaaca ttaatattac     48420
     tgcgttggag cttaaataaa ctttataaag caacaacaac attacgcacg catattaata     48480
     cagctgtttt gtgtcagtta aatctgttga ctgttgaaat tcaaaaattt taacccagct     48540
     agttgagtta gtaaacaaat aacccaataa aggttaaaaa taatccaaca aagcaccaaa     48600
     tatttaaccc aatgattgag tatatcaata aataacctaa taaaggttaa aaataaccca     48660
     acaaacacca aacattttta attcaaccat tgggttaaat aaataacatt ttttagagtg     48720
     catatattat atatttattt acttttaaat tactttttcc ccatatgagg gaaaagtata     48780
     atgaaaaaaa taagcaaaaa gacaattcaa ggcagcaata cacttcaagt cttcattaca     48840
     aatatattga agacttaaga tttaagagtc gccgatatct aaaaacacaa cctgtgcaga     48900
     agtaacaaag acactaacgg acccccgatg gccctggcac tcttctctga tcctcctctc     48960
     acacaacact catcctttta ctcatctgtc tgggtctgct ctcgacatgt cccaggaagt     49020
     gacataatag cccagccatc catcccgcta gacttctgtc tgcagatcca ttggcctgtc     49080
     aggagcccac agtgttttaa gccagacctc ctcgagcctg gggttgccgg gttcaatcag     49140
     tcttgtggat gtggatgcta aaaaacagca aataacagcg tcatgagaga gcagcctcag     49200
     acagtcagga cacaaaatgt caaacacact ccttcagaaa agttggtgat gggcctagag     49260
     cagggatggg caaacttgat ccttgagggc cagtgtccct gcagagttgt gttccaacac     49320
     tagtcaaaca cacctgaaca tgctaatcag tgtctttaag atcacaagaa atctataagc     49380
     aggtgtgttt gattagggtt ggagctaaac tgtgcaggac accggccctc caggactgag     49440
     tttgcccacc cctggcctag aggaagaaac tcatgaaatg tgcagaaaaa agtagttaga     49500
     gaaaattcaa gtttgaaaag ttgcaagttg taattcatca tggagtcacc acagcggaat     49560
     ggaccaactt atccggcata tgtttacaca gctggaaccc agtaatggga aacattcata     49620
     cacactaatt cacacacata taatatggcc aatttagttt attcaattca cctagtgcat     49680
     gtattttgga ctttggcgaa acccacacca agagagcatg taaactccac acagaaatgc     49740
     caaatggccc agctgggact tgaaggatca gccttcttgc cgtgaagcga caatgctaac     49800
     ctgagccacc gtatcgcccc tatcttcaat gggtttttaa aaatgtagga atattacacg     49860
     acaacatgaa acgttcgttg attttaactg accagttttg gttgctttta atgttgaaag     49920
     tcgcgatagt gtttttttac aaaacggtaa aacgtcatgg ttaagatgga tggccacttg     49980
     agataattaa atatttgacg agacaccaat agcctaaaaa acgagttaca cgataatatg     50040
     aaacgtttgt aattttttaa aatacaattt tcagttgttt taactttgga agtcgctata     50100
     tctgtttaca aaacgtacat gaggatgaac agccacttga tgatctttaa cctagtagaa     50160
     gaaaatcacg ttcaataaga tttttaaaag aaaccgagta aaattaaacg tttgttggtt     50220
     ttaaatgacc cgtttcggtt gtttttaatg ttggatttcg agatagtgtt gtttatttac     50280
     aaaacagtta acttaagcgg ctaagatatc ggtcggtcac tataatattt gacctccaaa     50340
     tggttaaaaa aaaagtgtta cacgataaga ttaaatgttt gttggttttt acatgacaaa     50400
     tttctgttgt ttcagctttg gtcgtgatga tattatttgt ttacaaaact tacgtgagga     50460
     tgcaaagcca cgtgaagatc tttggctaac tttgaagaaa accacccaac agttaacgtt     50520
     attggattta aaaaaaaact tagtatacgg taaaataaaa ctaaacgttt gttggtttta     50580
     attgacctgt ttgaactgtt ttaacctcag aataggattg taacgaatac ccgagctacg     50640
     aactcaggaa aaaaagtagc aagggcctgc atgatcatca gcaaggttgg attgtgtcat     50700
     tcgctattgg tggatgatgt gagtgacagc tagtccccat gaaatatagc ctaagtaaca     50760
     cattaaaagt tatatttctg attaatgata gataaacaaa tgaataaaaa tcaattaatc     50820
     aacgacgtgt gcggatcgat aaacttagca tcaaacacta tacgaaaaca aaaagctaca     50880
     cattgtgatt gtatggcgac taatataggc taattgagtt ttatttaaca cttcttcatc     50940
     tgttggatag tctttaaatg aatacattta aaatctttaa attcaaaatt actcacaaat     51000
     aagggaacct tcacatattt tacagtacca tgttaaagag gtggcacatg ctgccatcta     51060
     atgattttgt atcgcttgta ttgtgtgaag tcaatgaaaa taaaatgtgt atagggcgtc     51120
     ctctactgag cacacttggt attgacaatc ccacaactga acgcgctcca tttgccttac     51180
     acagcatttt tttaagtatt taaacattaa catacttcct ttttttaatt tcataagttt     51240
     caagaactgc gtgttagttc atgaaaacag aagagaaaga atttcagaaa gaaattcact     51300
     ttacatttga gtttatttgt caaatttaat gttgagttta cattaatcag ggttggccaa     51360
     aaatttaaat gtattttaaa ataagagacc aaatacttca actttagatg tatcaaaaaa     51420
     ccttcaaaat acagaagcag caaatgtatc aaaataaaaa agtgtttttt tgaaaatact     51480
     acaaaatact ttttacaatt ttgtttctca aaccttcttt cgacaagcct attggatcaa     51540
     ccccttcacc attaaactga tttagtgaaa caaacaaaac atgataacaa aagcttttct     51600
     ctgagcaagt ttaagtcagc ttctctccat ctcattcacc tctactgtgc aagagaaagt     51660
     actcataaaa atgtcactct ctttgatttt agtatagatt ttgtacaaat ttcatacaga     51720
     aagtccagtc ttgaagagga tttctttgat cattgtaaaa accattaaat gcaaataatg     51780
     agttggaata tagtactata cctcttaaaa gttttttata tttatacatg tttatatatt     51840
     atattttata gttttgcaat tgaaatcttt gctcaatgta aaatctccac tttaatcatt     51900
     tccataaatc atgtttttat ttatttattt atttattttg caattgtact cctcaataca     51960
     caatataaac atgatatctc caaaaaaaat ttgctatctg ttttcattgc catgaaaact     52020
     cagttgggag tttttgacca gtctgtagat tgaagtatta ttatgtttgt ctcatactga     52080
     ttaactatgt caaggtttgt atttaactat aaagagcacc tgcagatcag ctactggcat     52140
     ttgaaaaagc caacaatgtt ttgtaggtat cgccactgtg ggacttttat gttgtttgtc     52200
     ttatttgact tgctcccgaa tttacccctg ctatttgtct gatactttct ttatatgtat     52260
     tgcataattt ccatctatac tccaagcatt gatcaacttc ttcaatatta tttttctagt     52320
     ctgatctcaa gccttggcaa gaaagcacca atcaaaggcc acatttttat gatgtcatca     52380
     tcttcttaca aagtatttta cagtatttta aattaaccta agtacaagac actaacatat     52440
     tttgatacaa gatatgaacc cattttctta aaccccatct tatacaaatt agatactatt     52500
     ttgtatttaa aatatgtatt tgaaataaat gtatcataaa tactgccccc acccctgctt     52560
     gtaataataa tattttatca atttaaatac tttcaatcta ttttgatgca tcattggaag     52620
     tttttaaaaa attaatgtca ttttaatgtg caatacataa cattacaatc tatacatctt     52680
     ataatccgag ttcttagtct atcatcatta gtagagtcca aataccttat ctagaaacat     52740
     ttaaattgtt tttaattgct caatttcttt aatgcatttg catccataca ttcgtgttaa     52800
     ttaaaatgaa ttatccaaca ctttttggga atttcctcat tcatttacat cacaccaaaa     52860
     aaagtttgta gtggagcaca agaccattta tattacataa acgctggttt tgtgcaccat     52920
     ctagtgacaa aagttgattc tacacagctt ttacagacag ttcaaatttg aacaaacagc     52980
     aaaaatagta ttgattttgc aatcctcaaa cctggaattc ataatcagat cttcagaact     53040
     gcttgggtgg ttgtaacact gaaaatggtt tttattttta acataattac acagtgatgc     53100
     cataatcaat tcaacattag aacacacaaa ttgcactttt acccaacaca cccctgctcc     53160
     accaaacaca ctccttttgt ttatcaggtg acaacggcag ccacaccaga cccatcctga     53220
     ggtgtgacag ccatcatccc acccgtggag ttaaaagtgg attcagcagc atcagacctg     53280
     ttttacctgt acagtcagcc gaacacaaac tcatgatact ggtatgtgcg aagagaatgt     53340
     tgttctgcca ttcttatgca tgcatgagta ctgactaatg catacgataa acaatacagc     53400
     ttaaagctga gcatatacat gattgctctg caaaacactt tttttgtgag gttccacgcc     53460
     ttcatttgta atctgaaaca tcatgctaat gttacattca ctgatgattc acagatagtt     53520
     catggcttgt ttgtttctta agaaaagtaa atgtctcctt atttttctga ggtagttcct     53580
     tagaaatcac acagtgaaat ctgcagattt tcagatttca gggaaggagt ttgaaagctc     53640
     tcttagtctg tgagtggaca cggtagatga caggttgttt tcatctctca catgtgcaag     53700
     caggctaatg acgataagtc gaagacagtc tcgaagttcc ctcaagtctc tgtccgagcg     53760
     agaaccacct tccgcaacag ccattctcaa gcatatgttc ttcagatcaa cactgtcctg     53820
     aaagagagaa agggggaaat aggtataatt taaaaacagc ctataaatat aatcacaaag     53880
     cgatatttgt cgacacttga ctgaaatgtt attataaact taaaaacatc aagtaaacca     53940
     aaagacatcc aaaagtactc tgcatttctt cgacaaaaac agattgtgtt ggggtctaca     54000
     atgttcctca cgcggttatt atgtgaataa cattgacacc agtttaattc aatttaattc     54060
     attgacatac aaacatacaa aataatctct tttttaatga tcaagcacat gtacgtattt     54120
     gaaagataca ttacttgtaa tctgatagta gcatctagtt acaagtaatt taaaagtaat     54180
     ccagaagtac tcagaataca tttcatggaa ataaatcgaa cagattactc cagtaggcta     54240
     cagatgtatt ttttaaataa taatacagat atattataca tattaatgta tcatatacac     54300
     tcatttatcg attttaattg tcgaattaat ctggtcattg aaagaaaggg ccaacacgca     54360
     cgtggaaact cctactgttt aaaaagcatc cctggatgca cctgcaaagc tccaatatag     54420
     acaaaagagg tcttctttat cttccacgac cttatttgta tcgttgtatt gctttcaatc     54480
     acaataaaat aaagtccttg tcaatccagc atatgtaaca agaggtatcg tttaacaagc     54540
     gagtcgtcat agcacacatt acactaaata ctgcagcaga aagagtcgat aaacaccaaa     54600
     tcgtctcacc ttacgcttga gcaaactctt cccgtaagag ccgtctttaa tgaagtcttc     54660
     ttcgatggat atgagctgtg tcagtatctc gagcagtcgc gaaaggcagt tttcccgtgc     54720
     tctctccgcg atcgtcttca gcctgcgggg ctccttcatc acatcgcccg ggcgagcggc     54780
     cactttaccg gccgccaaag cacccggaca ccggccctct ccctctctat tactgcccgt     54840
     cccgtgatct cgcagttcat ttaggatgtt taaagcatcg atctgatgtg ttagagagca     54900
     gagccccatg tctgttacct ggtcgaggac ggactgacct gcagtcttga gcacaggcgc     54960
     agttctcaga tgataggcag atgcgaggca cagttggtgt aaacaacaac gtgacaaatg     55020
     accgtcttta agtgttttct gcttggacag acggtttgtg taacgacttc cccattgttt     55080
     gtgttcggac tagatgaaca cttgcttgca catgcaaatg tgacttgata gtcctgcctt     55140
     cttcatccaa tgcatacaga gatcggttaa ctgggggtgg ggggagttat aactgcagta     55200
     tatgtgcgtt ataaagtttc atttacctca tagatgtggt tatttaggta caaagtgtat     55260
     attacttccc agtattgggt tacagcagaa agggcatccg ctgtgtaaaa catatgatgg     55320
     ataagctggc ggttcattcc gctgtgttgc gacctctgat aaataaaggc actaagctga     55380
     aggaaaatga atgaatgaaa gtctatatta ttttacttac cttaacccaa tcctcataga     55440
     caactggttc gtgaaaaaaa catcagcacc tgtataccga ttcaaaacgt tacttgtact     55500
     tagtaaatag attaagtaat ctaaaagtaa tccaccatta ttcagaaaac attttctcaa     55560
     aagaaaaatc gaacagttta attacttgta acacatattt tttttatact ttaacatcta     55620
     tagccaatcc tagttctatt ttagaaagat ctatcgacac atttaaaaaa aaaaacaaat     55680
     aagtaatcta actataagta atctaaatgt aatgcaccag aatttgtttc ctgaaaagaa     55740
     aaaaaagaaa aaataaatcg aacaaattaa aataccaaat acacattata ttacataatt     55800
     ttaccttaat ccatactcta actccaattc ctcacagaaa attttacaaa atgttcaatt     55860
     ataaaaatag ctaaaaatta tgacaattgt ataatataaa ctataataaa ttagctcact     55920
     gcaaaaaaat gtttttaggt tattgtaact tatttaaata agtttatcat gttttaactt     55980
     aattttataa gttacgcaag tccgtttacc ataatataag ttcagtgaac tcataaggta     56040
     aattttattc agcttaaaaa tttaaggcaa ccaggatttt ttttacaggt gtatgattta     56100
     aataaaataa aaacagtata attttaaacc gtttgatttg tgatgatata ttaaatgtcc     56160
     tcaaagcacg tcattcacat ttaatactca tgtatcttaa catgtgtcct ttttaactac     56220
     tctatctgga ttatggatta cattatatat cgtattacaa atggattaca atttaaatac     56280
     ttaatttaaa atttaagtta aattggtggt aaaaaaatgt aaccagctta taccttatac     56340
     cttttgcagg ttggtataga ggttttaggt ccttctacat catgagacca aactcattaa     56400
     cagccaaaca acagcattaa atccagcctt gatcagttgg ctgttatttt ttgtaacata     56460
     taaaacaacc aaaagaagaa gaaaaacagc ttagcgtgac agggtgaaac caatttcaca     56520
     atgagatcac actgatattt taaacccagt gctcacgttg caacataaaa tctgatcaaa     56580
     tctgatatat tttagctgaa atgaaagttc caagacagca atgccattgc attaactcgt     56640
     gtcaaaagtg aacacacaat tactactttt agatttgaag agtcatcgaa tttaacacca     56700
     aaaattatta ttctacccag aaatattttt tatcttattt tagtcattca tttataagcc     56760
     taaacagata ataaaacata aaaatggtca accatgtgaa aacatttgaa ttatttgtaa     56820
     atatcttgtg cagcctcata ttcctgttat tataagcgag atgaattgta ttcagtgttt     56880
     tcagtgcgaa tgcagctatg gctacattta tttcataaag atgaataggc tactgggtta     56940
     ttcatgcaat gaaatgaaac aactccagtt ccaatcatac actgaatgct ttaatttatc     57000
     tgaaagaaaa tacaaaacaa attgtgaact taacagacta aatttctagt tctatgcaac     57060
     ctctgctcac atactgcttt ttgaggagga tttaactcaa acgcaagtca gaaacactca     57120
     ctatgacatc tcgcatcttt tcccaaagcc cgctatttag tctgtactct acaatctcaa     57180
     tcctgtcagt catacgcata cagtagcaac atttattaca agaagaggga attctggcct     57240
     cagatcaggt gtcacattca ttattggatt agagttcaag aactgatctt ggctcagagt     57300
     cctaccctgt caacagtggt cttgacaaca gatcagcaag cgactcccaa acaccgccca     57360
     tttattagaa atggatcact catgctgaat tattcagaat aaattaatca ccaggttaaa     57420
     tgaaaaaata aaaactctgt ggcaaggaaa tgaatagatt cagtcttaac tggtgaaaat     57480
     taaagatact aaagttaagg ctgatttata cttttgtgtc gagtgatcgg cgtgacccaa     57540
     atgcggtgca tttatacccc atttacacta cgagcgtctg gcagcagcaa agcgattatt     57600
     catttaaatt ttgagtgagc aacttccagc gacctccatc tacgctagcg acagcaaccg     57660
     ttggctacca ggtggagata tctagtaccg cgacaaagtt gaaaatccag cctcattcaa     57720
     cctgagtgac ttgcagcggc aaagtgtcaa gtaaccgttc agttcaatag aaagtaagca     57780
     ttgaccgttg gtgactaggt aggcgcgtca agctatgcga cacagttgag aatccttcaa     57840
     ctttatgcaa ttatgcaagc aactttcttg agcgacagcc aataggagca ccagtacagc     57900
     tcatgtgatc ttctcttagc tcgctcagag actggttgta ttcgtgctgt atataccctc     57960
     acagatttgt atttgcagca ggtccctacc taaagcgaca ggtagctaca aagtcactac     58020
     cagtgtgaat aaggcatcat tcacattacg agtgactcgc agtggcaaag tgaccgctta     58080
     tttaaattga gggtgagcga cttccgctga cctcccttta tgcgagcaac agcaaccgtt     58140
     ggcgacgagg agggtgtgtc cagtgacgag acaaagttga gaatctttca accctttgca     58200
     aatgaagatt gactttcttg atcgacagcc agtaggagca tttgcagagc tcacatgatc     58260
     tttcagctcg cccagaggcc gcccacctgg tcgccaacgg tcgatgtaga cggaggtcac     58320
     cggaagtcgc tcactccctg ttgaactgaa tggttgcttg ttgctttgat gctgcgagtc     58380
     gcttgtagtg tgaattatgt tacttccaga cactattgtc ttgctctgca ataacgcttc     58440
     tgaaacgctg gttggcagca gatgtttttg ttcctctatg ttgagttact atcggaacgc     58500
     aacaagtaat taaaacttgc tcattcagag gcgggaactg gaggatgtgc aacaacttta     58560
     atcataaaat aaatacagaa caaaagtttt catctggagc tttttcaagg gattcgacaa     58620
     ttcattcact tcatcggctc gcggctttca gcacccgcca cactcgtcac atctaccaag     58680
     caatcacaga aatagtacta cgtggttaca ttttttgaga ggtgtgggtc agccacggcg     58740
     agggctatgc gaccacgtga aggctacgca tacgagtgag cttgacgcag aagtataaat     58800
     tagcctttag tttacccaaa aatgtacatt atgttattaa ttactcatcc tcttgtcatt     58860
     cccatcccct aagatcttcg ttgatcacac tgatatattt taaatgaaat ctgagagctc     58920
     tcttatcctc cgtagacagc aatgttccca atttaaagtc ccccaaaaaa cccaaaacat     58980
     cctcaaaaca cactatggct gcatttacac tgcagatctc gataatcaat tcagattttg     59040
     taactgtacg atttttttga tgactggctt gcatcatgtt ttaaaagtga ttcgtatccg     59100
     attgtctgca tttacacagt acagggcaaa ggtaaaatga ccaaaaaaaa aaaaagagca     59160
     ggcgctgact aacagctgat aataaaagag tgctcttttc tccgttcctg tatttaatct     59220
     gttcacagga tttcattttt taaaattctt tttgacaagt tgttttacta tagttaatga     59280
     cattaaagtt ctcaagttca catcttagga attattttag gaatttttgt gggtattttt     59340
     ctgatattta aagtatagtt ggaacatttg ctaccaacag attgaattta aagtatttta     59400
     ttttgtgttt agatgatgaa ggaaagtttc agggtttcag aatgagggaa agtatttaac     59460
     aacatatttt atttttgggt gaactaacca tttaacctac tattcatcca accaatattt     59520
     taatcaagta aactttggta ttctcccgac cttataaacc agactagttg ccctggtgtc     59580
     ttacagatct tgcaaattcc caaacttaaa tcctcatatg aatattgtgc atctgaaaca     59640
     cacagactgc atctgtaatc tacaccacat gaatgccagt agaagatgac atgaagatca     59700
     gataaaaatt gcacaataca tgagaaaccc aatcactccg gactgcccga ctacatacaa     59760
     gaagctacac tgttctgctc cgttaaggct tgcacgggtc ctttccaatt tcgccattca     59820
     aaaaaagcaa agatgcacat tgaaaacaat gagggaagac atcagaaaga gagaaataac     59880
     tttaaacgaa tgaagcgcat tcatctaatt cgaatgggtt tgggtcaaga agaaacttct     59940
     agagtttatt tacaaaccat tagtgtcagt ggtttacact aaaaggggtt tcacaatctt     60000
     cgtttattga cagaacagat tgttgtcttc ttggtctttc ggctactctc tctttatctc     60060
     acaccctatg tttccagtta cacatggcta gatatgggca gttgaatcat ggtccatggg     60120
     tgtttcattt agctgcaaac taactaaaga gatgctctat gtggacagga gtagaaaaca     60180
     tcgcttattc atctacatgg taatgcaatg gtgacagagt gggataagac accattgtga     60240
     aaaggtctcg aaaatgggag aaaagttaca gaagacatgc ttttcctcag aaactccgct     60300
     cagtccattt ctattgccgt cgcataacag ttttcagctg accaatagac ccattggtga     60360
     tctacagcgg ttgatttgtt aggtaggggg ccgccttttc tctgaccagc tgggctgttt     60420
     gtcttcctca accgcccgtg atgtgaaatt ctgatcttag aaaaatcagt ccaggtgact     60480
     caagtgtggc gatccaaact gtgaaaggga ggatttgata ttgtagatgc aaagaacgaa     60540
     gtgttacaaa gcacttccgg agatgataaa tactaatgaa gaactaagac aagatgtgag     60600
     cttgtttggt taaaagaggg cggggcttat gtcattaaag gggcggggtt aaaaaggagg     60660
     gaaacgtgtc acatcgatcc gcaactgaaa gtgcttcctc tcctctattt cccatttagt     60720
     tttgttcata aaattatttg tacgtttaca gactagcata ttaagttata tctatagtta     60780
     tatccctata tacctcccaa tgctgcattg aagagatgtt aataattcat tcattttttt     60840
     aaattacatt tttgttttgt aaaaagaaag ataactgcac acagggcagc tctgtgcctg     60900
     aggctggact gcagggtgag cattacagca ttacagtggc cacacggtgt cgatagggtg     60960
     aaaatgttga ttagttttcc ttcttggcct ctacgttgcc gtagctggat cccgtcttct     61020
     ttacttcggt tactccgatg agccggcgaa ctgctacaga agctgcagag agaaacacag     61080
     tgacagggat tgagaattat gtagtgcaag cagtttaact taatggacat tttgcaaaaa     61140
     catcagtgta aaggactttc atataaaaat gtatttaggc ccaatcctaa ttctaccact     61200
     gagcccttcc ccttaccact cattttgtgc attcacatga aggggtagaa gtgtctcaat     61260
     tctctttatc ttgaaggcgt acggctaagg ggaagggcta gatagccctt gaaacagaga     61320
     tttttcaaga cgacactcga aaccaatggg tttcccagaa tacaccagct acaccagtag     61380
     catggctgca cacggaagtc aggagatcca caaattagta tttactggca ttattacaaa     61440
     tttttataac aaacaagcac ttgttttaat acatttataa cagcgttgtg tttaccgtca     61500
     tgcttcttaa aaaaaacact aaaattaaaa cagctaaatt ccgcgatcta tattcccgaa     61560
     taataactcc tgtacagcag tcccacacca ttctgacact cgatgacact ggaatatcct     61620
     gtcagaaaag tctagtggct gagaatgagc tttctacagt gtctgctata atgttagtgt     61680
     tgttttggtg ttttacattg atgaatatgg ccactgtgta aatgcagagt acagttatga     61740
     gcttattgcc acgttagatc gatattaaaa cataatatat gccttcagta atttcctgaa     61800
     gataaatacc aaaaaataac acaactggaa tcactacagc agtcaggatc gtctgatctc     61860
     atttcaagca agagatcgtg atgacacatg atgacatgtg caggtgttgt agtgctgtcc     61920
     catttcttag gggtaaattt tgaagccctt ccccttcaca ctctgtttca agggctaagg     61980
     gaaagagtac aaaaatagaa ttgggatttg ggcctaactc ttccattctc ttaattttac     62040
     ttcactgcat aacaaattaa gatttttttt gttgttgctt tttttcattt taattaaatt     62100
     aaacaaatta gtccctttat ttatcagggg tcgccacagc ggaataaact gccaacttat     62160
     ccagcaaatg tttttttaca cagcagatgc ccttccagct gcgacccaat actgggaaac     62220
     atccatacac actcattcac acacatacac tacggccaat tcagtttatt caattcacct     62280
     gtaccgcatg tctttgaact gtgggggaac atgcaaactc caaaccaaaa tgccaactga     62340
     cccaggcggg actcaaaccg gcaacctcct tgctgtgagg caacagtgct aaccactgag     62400
     ccaccatgtc gcccacattt taatttgtta caataaaatg taaaaattct tttgaagggc     62460
     tacaaaccat ttaattagtt aaaaatgatg ctgaagtagc aatgcataaa ttctgtttag     62520
     ctgatatcag attaaaattt caatataaaa tgtacatgca caaacaggca tccagataag     62580
     cacaccagta tcgttgtatg tgacggagaa tcacaaaaat acaacatcta aaatttctaa     62640
     attcttctgg tattttgttg tctgaatagc aataaacatg gcaccttttg gtaattttgc     62700
     tacttttttg ggggttactt cttttaaatt tgcaataatg tcacatgtca tcagtatata     62760
     gaattaaata actacaaatc aaaaatacag agaaaatgag acttttccac agcgatgttt     62820
     acatatacag ctggtaaaat aagtattgaa cacgccattt ttcctgggaa taatatttct     62880
     aaaggagctg ttgacaagga attgaaccag atttaggtaa aaacccaaac aatacaaaca     62940
     taaaaataag acaaacaaaa caaaatgtga aaaatttgtt ttgtaacaac aatggaatga     63000
     cacaaggtga actactgaaa tgtaattatt acttaaacaa aggctttttt ggtcatgatg     63060
     gcttaaagat ggctctaata tggagaatga agtcacatga attgctcagg tgtaagtttt     63120
     tcatagactt caacagagtg gaaaatctgt atttttttat tggattcaag tcaggtgatt     63180
     ggctaagcca ttctacagct tgattttctt tctctgaaag catttgagag tttccttggc     63240
     tgtgttttgg atcattgtct tgctgaaatg tccactctgg tttcatcctc atcatcctgc     63300
     taatgtagat gctgaactga agcagctgat tttcatttac aatgatgaag ggcaagacgt     63360
     tgctgaaaaa ctactgagag atttcagctg ctgtctgggc tttcactgcc tttctacacc     63420
     tccatttctt catgtgttca atactttttc tctgtgtcat ttcatttttt tttacacata     63480
     acttaatttg taaactaatt agatttgttt tctttgcata tatagatttc tttggttgtt     63540
     gccaacatcc ggggaaaatt taaagtcaac tgcaccttta aaaatatgtt ttctgagaca     63600
     aatggtgatg cgttcaatac ttattttccc cgctgtatat ggtatatata atttacatat     63660
     acataatagt gagttcaatt acctaaatac acaaagttaa cactgacaca tatcaaccaa     63720
     tctccaaccg ctttagggca gaaatgattt aaattcagat tatagtgaca tctacatgcc     63780
     tggaagaaca ttcatttgat tgacagaaac tgatgtagag aaaatctccc tgtagtagtt     63840
     cacaggattg atttggagta aataacacaa acttgaaata attctgaaat cacaactgac     63900
     cgacaatgag gaagatcatg aagccgatga tgaggagggg agagccgctg acaaacacat     63960
     cccaggcaaa gttaataagc ggggaaagca ggatagtagc ccagaacaga aagttcagca     64020
     gggtccaaac gcgacgtttg ggtatgattg ttgggccggg ataacagccc tccttctcat     64080
     agtactcttg taatgcatcc tagaaggaca gaattgtggg attaattgta gctcacacca     64140
     atattataaa tcagattcat tgtttattta acacaactgt tctcaagact aagaccacat     64200
     cccaatttgc aaaccatcca tcctagactg gattaaataa aaattgtgtc ccaattcgta     64260
     atgtgtttaa atgagatgag tactccaaag tttcctgcat tctctacatt tttacatatg     64320
     atttgaagtg cagatatgtg cacaatggct aatattaccc acaacatgct gcccattgtt     64380
     caaggatttg attagtacta caaaataatt gttgtcccaa tttgaatatt ttcgaaataa     64440
     tataattagt atcctcaaat aatatgtttc tggtagattt ctggttcaat ttatggtaga     64500
     tgtttaaatt gcagttcata ctagaataag atcatactac taaaactaaa tttttttatt     64560
     acaaactaca aacatggcag cgaggaagac aaacagttaa atggggcagc cttggtacaa     64620
     aaaatgtttc aataattgtt aattaattgg aaaccaatgg aaaatgttta tttcacattt     64680
     taaacgttat attttatctg caacaacatt gtaaacgttt gaaaactgac atgtttggta     64740
     attaactagt cagtgcatca ttatgacaac acctgaggag atttctcttc atgagagacc     64800
     cgggattggc agatttacat gctgtttctt attatgttag gtaattaatt ataaaaaaaa     64860
     tgtagagaat gtgacatgat aaaagtgcac agaactaagc aataacatct tggttaatgg     64920
     cgtcaataat ttttcccaag gatcgacaac tcttctgttc acactacaag tatgtatttt     64980
     ccttcacaaa aacattacac cattttatgt cataactaaa aaatttaatc aagactcagt     65040
     aaaagcttca aaccttctct tggtagagtt tgtgtaacca atcggcgcac tctttttcat     65100
     cgtcaggaat ctcctcaaca gagaagcgcc tgtaaacaga acagtgacgc ttcataagtg     65160
     cagcacaata cactccaata gagggcgcca taactgcatg cagaacagca gggggaaagc     65220
     ttaaccaggt acaaatccta ttagtcacaa ccttaatcca aatatttcag gaaaatctca     65280
     ggtcagcagt aagatgcaca acattcctaa aatgtgacag tttaatgtta actggacagt     65340
     ctaaaatgtg tatgatgatc tatttatttt caaatgatat tgtaatttat tatatacagt     65400
     gatatcagtg aactgggaga ctcacctgac actcaagtct gctttgtact tcttcccatt     65460
     gacaatcccc aacagagtcg ggttttgttt gtctttgaag ttcagcgtga catcatagac     65520
     tgcttttact gttgaaatag aacagacaat tctatcttta gaatgtgata taacggaatt     65580
     agtttattta aaagaataat tcccatatga ataaatatat ataatatgaa attatagtaa     65640
     atgctagtgc ttttaaacca tgctatatca aagtgtatta tactgtatat attactgtta     65700
     ataaatgtca ctgttaatgt tgttagtgtt gataaattct acagcagtgt agtattaaca     65760
     ctaaactgat atactgtaat aaatagtgta gtatatatag tagtttctac tatatacact     65820
     acttgactaa agtcttgtta cccatttagg tttaaggaac aattaataac ttctagttga     65880
     ccatttggta tcagaagtgg cttatatgaa aggcaaaggt ctctagatta tgcttatttt     65940
     accaaaataa aatataatca tgcctgcaat tttcaatgat ttaattagga caatatggtc     66000
     tgactttgct tacacaaaaa tcttgtcatt taacagaaat aatgtacagt atagaatata     66060
     aagtcatgct gcagtagaaa agaatgaatc ccatgagctt tgaggactgc atccacacat     66120
     ctctgcagtg actcaaataa cgtaataata aaaacatctg gatggcaaag aaagtgttct     66180
     tgcaggactc ccagagttca tcaagagtct ttggattcat cttcaatgcc tccaacttca     66240
     acttacccca gacatgctca ataatgtaca tttctggtga ctgggctggc caatcctgga     66300
     gcaccttgac cttctttgct ttcaggaaat ttaatgcgaa ggctgaagta tgagaacaag     66360
     aaccatcctg ctgaagaatt tgccctctcc tgtggtttgt aatgtaatgg gcagcaaaaa     66420
     tgttttgata cctcaggctg tttatgttgc catccactct gcagatctct cgcacgaccc     66480
     caactaaatg taaccccaaa ccatgattta tccttcacca aacttgactg atttctgtga     66540
     gaatcttgag tccatgctgg ttctaatagg tcttctgcag tatttgtgat gcaattcaac     66600
     agatgattca ttagaaaaat ctaccttctg acactttttc aaatgatcaa ccagaagtct     66660
     aattattatt tgttgctctt acaactagga tcgacgacaa gacatttgtc aggtagtgta     66720
     taatataata taccatatag ttttagacaa catagtacag tactagatat tttgtttaga     66780
     tgaacagtta aattacgaca gcaactacag aattaccgca acagaataac tattaattaa     66840
     gttttttttt tttactataa aatggtttaa aaccatgatg tactatagta tattttcata     66900
     caagtttaca cacacacaca attatgaaaa aaaattgata attaaaaaaa aatatttcca     66960
     cattttcatg atgtttgtcc tcatgcatac aaacagcgtc aaagtcacca aacagtaaat     67020
     atttattaat atgtattatt ttgaccagtg gcaattttct agaaaaagat gctttaattt     67080
     gcaggaattg ttatcaaact tttaaagaat aaatcaaata tcaaatatta acattaacaa     67140
     taacatctta aacacacaca ctaaataaac acacataaga ataaacacaa aaaaatctga     67200
     ctgaactatc tccacttttc cttcacaaaa aacaatttaa cttcatgggc ctgtgaatta     67260
     attaaatgca tggacgcttt tttaatagtt tactgtaatt gcatagacaa gtatgaccag     67320
     cgcaaatctc acgttataaa gaacgtgaga aattatctca cgttagaaag aagaacgaaa     67380
     gtaaagccaa cttggaacac ataatagcag gcaaatgacg ataatttgtt tgtggatgaa     67440
     ctctgaaagc aaataatgtt tctagtgtaa ttacagattc agagcagcag atattattca     67500
     agacaggata agaggggccg aagctcagca gagtatgaat tgagggcaat tggtatgaaa     67560
     atcatgatga tgaaaagcag cacagcgtgt ctgcacacat tcacaatgct ccatctgcag     67620
     tcaactcaag tctgcgggtg catctcagtc acctcattag aggaaacaac aatcttgaaa     67680
     caagtcattt gcaagtgacg ccctgcaaaa gtaattactg aagaatagcc tcactgaaca     67740
     gaaacaaaac acttgacatg aatctaatag cttgttaaag agaaaaaatt aataaaatta     67800
     gtttgataaa taaatgcatt ttttgagcaa gtatgaatta aactaaatat tttaaagact     67860
     ttagtgttac aaaagatttt ggtttggaat aaatgttgtt ttaagtatgt ttttatccat     67920
     ccggctatgg tgattttgat gtttatacat tgtttgctta ctttaccaca gttaaattgg     67980
     ataatttgtc aaacagtcat attttttact ttttcctaaa gcaacagaaa cacttttcaa     68040
     tcagaactgt atgcactgct caaaaaaatg gaaccatgag tatgtgactc aatgtagtat     68100
     agggtcccac tttatattaa gtggccttaa ctaatatgta cttacacatg aattaatagt     68160
     ttgttacaat gtacttattt tgtaaataca tgcatttagt gtgtacttat gctttattaa     68220
     atacctgtat gtaattacat ctgttattaa cttctgtaat tacatttgta aatacactgc     68280
     tgaccgttcc ctacacctta acccaccctt aaacctaccc ataccaccaa accggtctct     68340
     aacccctaac tcaagagcac cacaagtgtt ctcaaatact ttatgaacac agtaagtaca     68400
     ttgtatttat tttttgatgt aagtacatag tagttaagga cacttattat aaagtgggac     68460
     cgtaattgta ggcctccgtc ggtcagtgtt gaccatggat gacagatcct aattcttatc     68520
     ttgaggcacg actgattgtc tgagacggct tcataatgct atttaaatat caataaataa     68580
     agtgtacaaa gtaaacataa cacaatgtaa cattatggtt acacgaaaag tgttttgagt     68640
     gttaaaacat acacataaat aaatataaag tgtttatata cacaaaatga aattttctaa     68700
     ccttataaat ttctttcgcc tgctgaaaac aaagcaagat attctgaaga atgttgggga     68760
     aaaaacacca ctgattacat ttttaactac atttaaataa tatgtcacaa aatatttcat     68820
     tcctgctgca ttttttaaaa tcaaataaat acatttcttg attgacatta taagtctaac     68880
     agatctcaaa gctctgaatg gtagggggta tgcctaaaaa taaagcctaa actcagtcta     68940
     tatttaggaa gcaggtgaca gacggaagag tctctcgact cctgaggtgc cgaatgctct     69000
     ggggtttttc ttgtggcaac gattcaagag tattttgggt acatgtgtat tctaataaga     69060
     cattaggtat caccataacc gcaggaccat gctgcaccct gtttagggtc cctgaccttt     69120
     gcacttgaat acatgaacat tattaatgaa cagcaggatt acggacatca acaaaagcat     69180
     ttgaagagcg tttaatagtt ttctactgta aaaagatctt ttatttttag gtttactctg     69240
     ggatgactga ccatttttaa gaagcaacat aaacacttta caatcaaaaa tgtatgcacc     69300
     ataagcacat gaataaacgt caacacaaga caatccgatt taaatatcaa taaataaagt     69360
     gtttgtaaac ataacacaat gtaacgggat agcttaaggt tccacgagtt aaagtctgaa     69420
     gctaaagtac agttcaccca gaaaaggaaa attctgtcat ttactcattt tgtttgagtt     69480
     tctttctgcc gaaaagagac acaaaggaaa ataaactcac tggccacttt attaggtaca     69540
     cctgaccaac tgccaatcac atggcagcaa ctcaatgcat ttaggcatgg agacatggtc     69600
     aagacgatct actggagaat ggttattttg aacgtggcac agttgttggt accagacggg     69660
     ctgttcgaag tatttcagaa actgcgaatc tgctaggatt ttttatgcat aaccatcgcc     69720
     agggtttact gaaaacacat ataaaagaga aaatatccag tgagctgctg ttctatgggc     69780
     gcaaatgcct tgttgatgct agagctcaga ggagaatggc cagactggtt ccagctgata     69840
     gaaaggcaac agtaagtcaa ataaccactc gttagaaccg aggtttgcag aagagcatct     69900
     ctgaacacac aacacgtcca accttgcggc aaatgggtgc cactcctgtc agctaaaaac     69960
     aggaaactga ggctacagtt cgcacaggct cagcaaaatt ggacaataga agactggaaa     70020
     aacattgcct ggtctgatga gtctctattt ctgctgcaac attcagatgg tagggtcaga     70080
     atttggcttc aacaacatga aagcatggat ctatcctgcc ttgtatcaac agttcaggct     70140
     ggtggtggtg taatggtgtg ggggatattt tcttggcaca cgttgggccc attagtacca     70200
     atggagcatc atgtcaatgc cacagtctac ctgagcattg ttgctgacct ttatgaccac     70260
     agtgtaccca tcttctgatg gctacttcca gcaggataaa gtgccatgtg gtaaagtgtg     70320
     aatcatctgt actcaaatgg cctccacagt caccagatct cattccaata aagcaccttt     70380
     gggatgttgt ggaatgggag atttgtatca tgaatgtgca gctgacaaat ctgcagcaac     70440
     tgctattgtg tcaatttaga ccaaaatctt tttggattaa gtcggttttg agggcaaaag     70500
     ggagttcaac ccgatactag caaggtgtac ctaataaagt ggctggtgag tgtatgttgc     70560
     cattgacctc catagtattt tttttgttta tactataaat gccaattgct tttttcccca     70620
     acatttttca gaatatcttg ttttatgtca taaaagagaa gcacttgtgt gtgagtaaat     70680
     gatcggtata ctatctgaaa caaacactac accaaatcaa aatgtcttgg tgtaaactgt     70740
     gtgtgacaat gacggggtgt gtgcacaagt gtttgtctga cctgttccct ttaggcattg     70800
     cagtgtggtg gtgaatcctt tggtgcgggg caggaggtgg tacttcagtt tgggaaggcc     70860
     cttactctca gccacctgca tgctgatctg gtgtttcttt tccgtaaatc tcgttccttc     70920
     acagtacaac aggaactgcc aaacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     70980
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaacacacaa     71040
     acacacaaac acaaacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacaa acacacacac     71100
     aaacacacac acacacaaac acacacacaa acacacacac aaacacacac acacacgaga     71160
     ggattgtaac tctcaggtca gtgttaaaca gagtaatcct atcactttgt aatctctggc     71220
     tcttgttgcc aacggaaact tccaatcgga ccatggtata agtgacctcg caggtggagt     71280
     tacgtggccg tccagtaaca ctgacccaca tccaaataaa ataaaaatag aataaatcat     71340
     tatatataaa ctcactaaac tccattttcc aaacaacatt ttggctgcat ctgaaatagc     71400
     atactttcct agtaggctga gagcagtatg tgaaaagaat agtacatcca tattcatagc     71460
     gagcataaaa aagtaggaaa catgtaccct gacagatgat atgaatatgt atatgaggat     71520
     aacttaatct tactatccca tgagatcaca caaaaatgac aatatgcagt acagagaatg     71580
     tgctcactac actcatacta aacttaatat ttaaagaaat attgtcccct tgtgaacaga     71640
     aaaaggccat aaataattct atcaggagta tacaggttcc actaaggggg tactcacact     71700
     atgtacagtt tccttgaacg gggccgcaac acgctttatc ctcatctcgt ctcccccaac     71760
     ggcccgctct cacattacat tcgggcatgg gcacgcttac gtcatcgatg atgcactgtt     71820
     aagtaagcgc tctcacttag cacagtgaag atttctttat ttatattgtt ttagtcgttt     71880
     gagatgcagt gacatgcagt caaatattac gccaaacaga tcaaccactt ttgacgctca     71940
     aaaacaacca taaagtcctc gtcctgcagg aattaggagg tttgctgaag gtgcaactgt     72000
     catacagtga ggggtttgag tctctaataa tctacgacag tttgtgttca ttgaacggta     72060
     aaaaagatca ataattccat atgaaacaag actgtaaaag tcacaactcg tcttcagttt     72120
     cgggcttagg cgcgctttgc actcacacta taagcgtacc gcaccaaagc ccaagtgaac     72180
     cgcgctctga aacacctctt ccaaccgggc cagagccggc caagtaaacc gtgcctgagc     72240
     ccgattcaga gcgctcacac ttctcaaacg atccgggaac gggcctgggc atggatcggc     72300
     tagcataatg tgagtaggct ctaagcttca taaaacaaac tcatgcattt caagcagtca     72360
     aagcgcaact aaggctgcat ttacactgca tggttcaagt gactcaattc caactttttt     72420
     cttataaatc atgccatgga cattacatta agatgcctac ttaaagaaga tctaaaagaa     72480
     gagagcaaaa tgagatatgt tctgccataa gctaaagtaa accagcttgt caaaaagaat     72540
     aataaaaaaa atgagaccct gcgaacagat taaatacaga aatggagaaa agagcactct     72600
     tttattatca gctgtcagtg agtgcccgct ctttttttcc tggtcaatgc acctttgctg     72660
     tgtgctgtgt aaatacagac aatcggatat gagtcagttt taaaagagga tgtaagagag     72720
     tcagcaaaaa aatccgatac ggtcacaaaa tcggaattga ccatcaagat ctgcagtgta     72780
     aatgcagcca aagaaagcaa aagttttgac taatacatac actctgctca aatatttgtt     72840
     gttggatgat aaatgtgcca tatgtggact tttaaaccta aaagtaagtc tatttttacc     72900
     atagcagtaa gtgtagttgg gtaattaaaa tgattctgtc ataataattt gttttttaaa     72960
     agaggttatt gaaaagaaaa gatttcgttc ttgttaatgg agtagggaga atattcacat     73020
     tcacacgttg aaatttccgg caggttgcgt tgttagcact ctctgtgcct tgtttaaatg     73080
     tgtcaatgca gcttcattgt actgtgtttg cagtttgtgt cactaaagaa cagaacaaaa     73140
     gtaacatcaa gcctcaaata agtataggtc tattaagaat ttcaacttaa aacgactcaa     73200
     aaactatata ataacctaca aactacacat aaactggaat aataataata atgtacaagt     73260
     taaccaaaat ctgcctgatc tgaaccattg aagaaagttt gtgtgagact acagatgtgt     73320
     ggccagtctg aggttaagct cagcccccaa tttgacttct acaattcagc aaatacttta     73380
     attaaaattc tgtcatcatt tccccatcct ccacttgttc cagacctgtt tgagtttctt     73440
     tcttctgtta aaaacaaaga atgatgtact gaagaatatt gggaaaaaac agccactgat     73500
     ttccactgtc gtattttttt gtttctccta tgcaagtcaa tgacttcaac attcatcatc     73560
     tataatcttc agtatatctt attcaacaga agaaagacat tcataaaggt ttagagccac     73620
     tttcaaattt tgggtaaact atccctttaa gtcacagcta catcatctga agataatcct     73680
     agtgggtaag tgtactcacc cacatgtatt ctggataatc tctgagacgg ctgagtccac     73740
     tgaagacagt gtctctatcc tcctcccact tcctcttgca gaagactatt tccaggaaat     73800
     accacgtcca gccaatcaga ggcactttca gcagttcatg ctttgccaga acctttgaac     73860
     tctggataag aagaaaaatc aagataaaac aaaaatagca aatgcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     73920
     caacaacaaa aaagtatttg acgtcagtga ttaagaagaa tttaaatcat cccctcaacc     73980
     aatacaacta aattacaatt gtatcattta aactataaaa tgtgctagtg tgtattttca     74040
     tgcaaccaat gttagttgtt ttagttacta gtatgtattc gcttactagc cattgtaagc     74100
     acttattgtt tgggttctaa tgcttattat ttaagacact ggtacaatat ttgtaaatac     74160
     tagtaaacat tagagacttt attagattta ttagagactt tattagcaaa tatcagagta     74220
     ctcatttatt agacactact tgtttggtag atacaaatac caattaaaaa tacattagta     74280
     tttagatgct agtacttatt agtggtgtaa tggatcacaa atctcaaggt tcgaaacaca     74340
     ttatgttttt ttagacacaa atcggaccaa tttccggatc aatcaaaaag gggaggagac     74400
     aaatgtcact tgaattccat ttactacaaa aacgaattta aaaaatatta aaaatgaaac     74460
     gaaaaaatga taatttgaat aaaattaaat attaaaatat gcagtactgt gaaaaattca     74520
     ctgttactac tgctgctgat aacgctaaat gtataaagat aacattataa tttgtctcat     74580
     ttgatctcat tttcaacaaa tgattcagtt attccctcag aaaacttcat gtttcattgc     74640
     tagatgatca tttttgaaga tttatccagt ggcatatttc taatggctga ttgtcaccgc     74700
     ctattggtta aatactgtaa ttgctgccta caactttcat ttttgagcat tgttaaatgc     74760
     atatgactgt gattttaatc tttaccataa acatcagtgc atggtcttat ctacacgtct     74820
     ttgttatttg actgtttgta actcaaaaga ctaaagacta aatctctttc ttgatttttg     74880
     catttttcaa acacagattt gaatgcagcg tttcaaagga ttaacaaaca tatgcaattc     74940
     cccatcattt ataatttatg ttgcgtgggt gttgagatcc tgatctttta acgattaatc     75000
     aggccgctta cactgaatgc ataaatacag actaaatacg tagtgacaga aaacaccttt     75060
     aattacccaa gaaacccacc acatcctgaa taacctacca caacttcttc cgtcaccatt     75120
     attttacaag aaatgctttc atacatgtgt tttgaatgac gcgagaggcg atctctctgt     75180
     gatcaaattt aggattattc tacaaataaa aaaatccgcg ggccacatgt gttccaaaca     75240
     gcgggttgtg atatgaatta cgaatcaacc gtgatccttt acaccccttg aacttattga     75300
     ataactgcta ctatttattc aacagatcat aaatgcattt attagatact aaaacatatt     75360
     ctaattatat ccagtaagtt tttttaattg atctgtaaaa actaatcata acacgggatt     75420
     actaaagata ctagtttcca ttaaatacta gtacctaata taaaaaaaaa caattgtaag     75480
     ttttacacag ggacatgtaa tacgcacttg tattcattga atagggacac gtgtgtaatt     75540
     aatacataca taatgcatac tagcatctaa tggctaaatg ctagaattat aaatataaat     75600
     acctatttta tagatacaag tatctaaatt tgaatcatta tgaaatatct acaatactaa     75660
     attataaatt atgatctaat acaaaattat gacctaaata ctaaaagaaa cttgtaaata     75720
     cagacatata ctaacaacaa aacagttagt actagtgact aatgacacat ttaataggtg     75780
     cactaatgaa tacttgcaga atctactgaa tatgtgcttt catctaataa caaatattag     75840
     aatataatga atggtcactt gcatctgttt aataggcact gttccttcat gttgtaccaa     75900
     cacaaatcga ttacgttaac gtaattgttt taacaagttt aagtggactg aacataaaac     75960
     aattaggttc tcccaacaga attcaagaac tcaactcatt tcaaataagt catttgaaca     76020
     agcagcaaaa attgtttctt tgagtgtagt ttctaataaa tgtttttaaa agtataactt     76080
     ttagtaaaag tatcatttaa aaagatagta gtacccaagg aataaacacc atgtaagcaa     76140
     atgaaatagg tagtatctat agataaatgt tatgtaataa atgtagttga tcgatggatt     76200
     attattttat tttgttatta ttttttattt tgagacacag gcctacacaa ctttcacacc     76260
     gtccttcaca acttctcact cagtttcatc tcttcactgc tcatcgggac tcacccccag     76320
     cacgccgtat ctctcacaga tggtccagcc acacagaaag tccacctcga agttgtggtt     76380
     gaggatgatg atgacatgct ctttaccaaa tttatccacc gtggcctgat cggtgtacag     76440
     cgtgcactca gtgccagacc accactccaa caacatcact aactctaata taaagataaa     76500
     agagagaaaa cacacacaga aataatgcac gtcaagaagg ttttataata gtaatattat     76560
     gacaagagcc atgacaaatg ttgcctccat tggataaatt gctaaattaa taaacccaaa     76620
     tattcaaata catttgaatt aggtggtgaa ttagatggtc aaaaggatgc attagaaaat     76680
     aattctcttg gatatttaat tttgattgta ctgctaaacg gtcattcgga tgagacgtta     76740
     aaccgagata ctgactctct gtggttattt aaaaaccatg gcatttatcg taaaaagtag     76800
     gggtgtaacc ccgttgtcct ggccaaattg cctccatcgg ccctttccca tcatggcctc     76860
     caaatcatcc ccatccacca aattggctct actacgatct ctcaatttca cctacagctg     76920
     gtgtgtgatg agtgcactgg cgctcttgtc ctgtgcatgc cgtcgcatca tccaagtgga     76980
     tgctgcacac tggtggtggt gtggagagac ccctctcatg attatgaagc gctttgggtg     77040
     tatggcttta cacaataaat tcactatata aatacacaca ttacattaca taaatcagat     77100
     actactaaat aatattccat tttacgatat acatattttt taaattcagt gtataaacat     77160
     tatatcctat taaataaaaa taaatcaaca gaaattttat ttaccaagta ggaaaaaaaa     77220
     aagtcaagaa caaattttct ttttagatta tttttacatt acattatagt tcttctaaaa     77280
     ccacttttca agatattttt ttttattatt gttaaaaagt catttaaata taaagtaaat     77340
     gcttatggag taatttgcaa aaccagacta gaacaaacac cataaagtct cataaaattt     77400
     gcatcatatc aattgtggag ttagcctgtt ctccagtgtc ccactctgtt caattcatga     77460
     ccacatctag ggctgggtga ttaatcgtag gtgatattca ttcacatttc gacagtaaga     77520
     ccagtgctat aaacctccag tgcatgctta cagatggagc aagatttaat acacaaaaca     77580
     gtaattcact agtaactcaa ttcacaagct attggacgat actgacattt agatgacaat     77640
     cgttttgtga taacgaccac tgtttgactc tgtagtttgc tgcaagtgaa attaccccat     77700
     taagtaacat gttttttagt ccaaacttac ttcaagtcga gtgtagaatc attccacgag     77760
     atgattctat agttgtgttc gttagtcaca ctgaaataat gaagggcgac gcagtgggta     77820
     gcacgttcgc ctcacagcaa gaaggtcgct ggatcgatcc ccggctcagt tggcgtttct     77880
     gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccctgcattc gcgtgggttt cctccgggtg ctccggtttc     77940
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg cggtatatcc gtagtgtatg agtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg     78000
     tatatgtgtg tatgtttccc agagatgggt tgcggctgga agggcataga acgctgcgtt     78060
     aaaaaggtgc tggataagtt ggtggttcat tccgctgtgg cgaccacaaa tggcacacta     78120
     atgttttttc tactaagtgg aaattcaaac cgttttcctg atgacgtttg acggttgcca     78180
     aatcagtgaa ataaacgact gaattatcaa ataatacctg ccgtgagtat tgccgcattc     78240
     accatcggga agcactataa tcactctcat tggagaattt agctttcacc atccaaaata     78300
     aataaaatta ttcaacatgt gcgtccgata gctacgcccc ttccgctacg taagcaaacc     78360
     tgcggtcgtt gagtgcgtga agtgtcgatc attacacact tcttttagcg gctaaatgag     78420
     tacatcatcc gggtaattaa agtgcactta tgatttttag agttttcagt gtgaacacac     78480
     tacttacact atttgtacta caaaatggcg tagaatagtg cataagtatg cgatttggga     78540
     cgcagcttat aagaatttcc tgggtttctt catcgttggt gtttggagta tatccagagt     78600
     gccctctggt gatcagacga gatttactac agatcacaca actgtacttc cctgacaaga     78660
     tatgcatgac tatcatgggc gttttcgatt tcatttcgat taaacaccta gccttaacaa     78720
     caacaaataa taataataac aataataata attccttact tttatatagt gccacctaga     78780
     tgacacaacg gtagccatac tgcactagct gattggtgga gagaagacgg agtgatgaag     78840
     ccaattatga tatggggatg gtttagaagc tatgactgac agaggcaagt gtgcaaattt     78900
     ggccaagatg ctggggttct ctactctttt cgaaggacaa cgttattttt aacgaccacc     78960
     tcggtttaac gtctcatcta aaagatggca gtcactaagc agtatagagt ccccttcact     79020
     atgggcatta ggacccacac agaccacagg ttgagctggc cgctggcctt accaacacca     79080
     cttccggtgg caacttacta accaggctca gccctgttag cttcagtggt tgaccatgtg     79140
     agagttgcag agagctagct gccagctaca ttaagcttct ttgcatgaca ttaaacctga     79200
     tctcacaatc aaagtaaaca caaggtaccg gatctgctgg tttgtaataa cataagcaaa     79260
     cacacaaaag aactcacggc tccatagcga gtaggagagt ctggtgttga ttctgcggta     79320
     cagctgtttg tcgaagggcc acagcacgca ggtgcagagc tgggtgaagt tgatgatcag     79380
     gccgctcacc acaaacacaa agccaatcaa gagctgcagg acgaacagac tcttcagcca     79440
     cgccaccaaa cccatgactg agagcccctt ccacacacac actcacactc acacacacac     79500
     acacacacac actcacactg ctggaagaga ggagagatgg cagatttaga catactgaaa     79560
     aaatgattag gcagcaacac acagactctg actcctgcat atttgtatta ttatggatta     79620
     tttacattag tcaaaccttt tcaagacaaa atgaagtgat caaaatataa taagatatat     79680
     tcatgtgtaa atcaggctga ctcacacata tctgtctatc tgtctatctg tctatctatc     79740
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     79800
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcac tttactgttc tatccatcca tccatccatc     79860
     catccgccac tttattgttt tatctatcca tccatccatc catccatcta tccatctatc     79920
     catctatcta tctacctacc tatctatcta tcactttact gttccatcca tctatccgtc     79980
     actttattgt tttatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccattgttc     80040
     tatccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatccatc catccatcca tccatctatc     80100
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     80160
     tatctatcac tttactgttc tatcaatcca tccatccatc catcacttta ttgttctatc     80220
     cactatccat ccatccacat gcatttgttt gcagtatgct ttagtaatta ggctcagaac     80280
     agttcatatc ttatacatag tcagttatca gcttccaaat actaagagtt gtcagtcatc     80340
     agcaaaaaca tccgtactga tgcatgaagt ttaagacatt ctagaagctt ataattcatg     80400
     cacagaaggt gcaaaggtgt gaagaaactt gtaaaaatca cacaggagag aaagcagtca     80460
     gttaactgtt ccatgtggta cagcaaattt tcaaactcaa agtagaacta atacaaagat     80520
     catattaaac acttaaaaat gcaccagact ttttttgcca gatttacatt ttatcgagtg     80580
     atatatttta gtcgtttagg atttgtttaa atcgctcaat ggtttttatc tcattctcgt     80640
     caacccaaca tcataaatca tctaatgtgc aaagtgtcct gtcacacccc aaacactggg     80700
     taaaaaatat ccagagctaa tcactgtcat tgatctatgt tttattgcac actctattga     80760
     ttatttacta ttgattatag tccagcctta cttcaaatcg tgacatatat ggtgatgtag     80820
     ataataagtc aattcatact aattcagatc ttttgatgac ggacttcact tttattgtca     80880
     ttccttttag atagcgttct tgcttttagc attatttcac tggcaaacac agttggtcat     80940
     ttagtactat atttacagtc acactttaaa ataaaattac attaggtaat gtatttactg     81000
     acatgaagta acattaacca attagtaagt aaacatatca acacaacctt atttcatgaa     81060
     tgcaatatca aagttacaaa cattacacca ctacaagagt ttgcatgagt accacagact     81120
     gagaatatat atgcaccagt tgatccacat gcattacaaa agcatagtca agatatctac     81180
     atcaggatat ttaacttacc acagcgggct cttctctaca accctctttt acacggccct     81240
     tcacttagta ccaccgacct gaaagaaaag aagacggagc acgtttagaa aaatcccgaa     81300
     agcttcactc gtgaatgcaa ccgtcaccaa cagcaagtcc cgtttatttt tacttcctca     81360
     tcctgttcca aagatacgaa gcttcactgt gaagtaggcg agagttcatg accacagacc     81420
     ctcaggcacc caaaattcca cattcactag tacagactgc acatgcaaca gcaaatacgc     81480
     acacaaacac aagcgcaacc ctctcaccca gttggaggaa atccagccac cttctccaat     81540
     ttctctctct catactgtgc cactgctgta tctctcagtc tattataaca agggagtctc     81600
     tcgatgtgac ttagcatgta caaatgtcct actctgagct caacgatatc acataaacat     81660
     tctcattgga ttcaaaggtc tccagtttca aatcgattct gaaagcttat cgagctttaa     81720
     tctcccggca cggcttaatc cgataacaag acaacaaccg cgagcgaaag cactggatta     81780
     atatcagata ttccaacaaa atgggcgttt cagcaaatgc atttgccaaa taatctttta     81840
     aagcagcgct taaccaaata gaaagagagg attgcatgaa accctgtctc tattttcctt     81900
     ccaggtttat ctgatgttgc agaatggctt aagctggccg tctgataacc gattaataat     81960
     acagtttcca ctgttaccat gtgcctgctc tgataacaaa attcagttga gtcaactacc     82020
     ctattatgcc aactaacatc atttcaaagt gcaaagctgt tgtgtggaat agattccttt     82080
     ggcccgatgg ttcatgcaag gttcaatgtt attggaaagc ttagtatatt gtctattgtg     82140
     aatatacatt caccagccac tttattaggt acaccttact attaccgagt cggacccgct     82200
     tttgccttca gaactgccta atgctttgtg acatagattc atcaaggtag tggacatatc     82260
     cctttagaga tattaacatg atagatatta acatgagcag atttgtcagc tgcacctcca     82320
     taatgcaaat ctcacgttcc aacccatact aaaggtgctc tattggactg agatctgatg     82380
     actgtggagg ccatttgagt acagtaaatt ccttgtcatg ttcaagaaaa cagtctaaga     82440
     tgcttcgtgc tttggagacc tggagcgtta tcctgcagga agtagccatc agaagatagg     82500
     tacactgtgg tcataaagag atggacatgg tcagtaacaa cactcaggta ggctgtgctt     82560
     aattggtact aatgggccca catgtgccaa gaaaatatcc cccatatcat tacaccccca     82620
     ccacctgcct gaactgttga tacaaagcag gatggatcta tgctttcatg ttgttgacgc     82680
     caaattctgc cccaaccatc tgaatgttgc agcagaaatc gagactcatc agaccagaca     82740
     acatttttcc aattttctat tgtccaattt tggtgagcct gtgtgaattg tagcctcagg     82800
     ggggtgcatg ggggggttgg tgttggacag caggccagat tgaccgtcag gccaccagga     82860
     aatgtccaag tgttccctat ggccagtccg cccctgaatg aaagtcaact ttaaggtaac     82920
     gagctatgac gcagttcggc aacaaccaat cagtttgtaa ctgtcgactg ctggagagga     82980
     tttcagagaa cagatcctgt aatctttggt tttgaccaca gttggtccca ccaagggttt     83040
     gattattgcg gtcattggat ttccaattat ttagtcattt ctttcaggga cataacaaaa     83100
     aaaaagttgc tggtgagtta ctgatgtgca ttaatgttct atattttggg aaaaaagtgg     83160
     gtataggtgg cacagtaggt agtaatgtcg cttcacagca agaaggtagc tggttcgagc     83220
     ctcggttaag tcagttagca tttctgtgtg gagtttgcgc tataggtgaa ttgggtaagc     83280
     taaattgttg ttagtgtatg tgtgtgattg agaatgtatg ggtgtttccc agtgatgggt     83340
     tgcagctgaa agggcaccca ctgtgtaaaa catatgctgg ataagttggc ggttcattcc     83400
     gttgtggcga cccctaaata ataaagggac taagccgaaa agaaaataaa tgaatggaaa     83460
     aaaagctgga atctcatgcc aattataact acagtacaaa acagcatttt tgcttcagaa     83520
     tatttcaaat atatgggcat attgaaaaag tggagcaaag ccacaccaca cactatatct     83580
     tctataatta aacaaatttg gtaaaggcac acaaaatatt tatgctagaa agcatgtgat     83640
     ttgttggcag ggcagcctgt aggcgctctt gcccacggcg tgtaaatgca tatttagggg     83700
     aactaaaata aagaaccttt attttgaaaa gtgtacagtt acacagtttt ctcaccttaa     83760
     acagaaactt aattagctac ataaaagcta gccttttaca tcgacatcac tgtacagcac     83820
     ttgtttgctt taatgaatta gttcactttc ttactaccta aagtaaagat tcagtattga     83880
     taacgaagct ggtattgaag ttggaattga ccaaagacaa aatccaaaaa gaaaatattt     83940
     gtgtcatgga ccaactagcc aaaatagcac tgtcatttgc aaccaccaag atgaccttca     84000
     gcaagttttg cacagacaag taacaacttc tcccgcaatg taaaaattca gctaatttat     84060
     ctgctacata catacgagcg gacagaaagt caatgattgc tgggaattag catatagcat     84120
     atcagtaatt ctgtcaaata tatttactgc cattttaaac aaacacaaaa gaatcacgat     84180
     ttcaacacag ggcagcaagt caatgtttaa acctataaag aacattccta cgccaacata     84240
     ttagccaaga caaacacaat gaaaaacagc accaacctta actgaagatc cacaggcagt     84300
     gtgttaagtt aaataaatct tccttcagta tgaacagaga ctgattaaag aaggaaaaag     84360
     agaaagggtg ggattggaaa gagctgaact ctgtcctcaa agccactact gcatgaactg     84420
     aggtaaactt tggagtctta ccaaagtgtg tgtgtgagtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtataag     84480
     agaaaaagac aatgactcgg aatgccaatg tgctttgaat gccaaccccc cctaaagaca     84540
     gtaagtgggt tgcactaggt gtatatcagg gggaatgtgt gtctgtgcat actaaaggat     84600
     cacctgatca acttgtcaga gctagtctca gccaaagaca tatttgagca atagcaaact     84660
     actactgtac tgcatgatcc acccatccca ccaattatta gcacttcaca catcagacag     84720
     actgaatgtg caacttgggt gaggaaagtt atttccagac aatttatcaa cagctgtttg     84780
     gtgataactt aaagtaaaaa atacagtttt atggcccatt ttcactgagt ggtacagtat     84840
     ggtacgggtg accgtttcta ttgccaaaag ggtaccaacg gcagtttgtt catattttag     84900
     gtttctgaaa gaatcatttg ctcctttggt tttttttttg ggcttctcat ttgtttttgt     84960
     ttttttgtgc ttcactctca tgtttgtctg tttctgaaag gattagatgt cagaagcact     85020
     tcaataatca cgtgcacgtt atatcatcag ctcaagaagt ttgttatttc aaatatagat     85080
     gcacagtgag cgcacacaag ctttctagag aaagtgaaga gaaaggtttg tttgagctca     85140
     ggcttgttat tatatttata tattatcacg atgtaatgtc tcggctgttt atttaaaaat     85200
     gccgcctcct ttgattccat tctccgactt gtgtatgcat gagtgatgct tctctgtaaa     85260
     ccaatagcaa tcagctgcgc gtctagctcc gccttctggt actattttct tgtgcaaggt     85320
     accctttcga aaggatgccc aaaaagtggt acggttcgct ttttggtacc ttttcacagt     85380
     tgaaacggcc ataaaagcac accgaaccac acagcaccat accactcagt ggaaacaggc     85440
     cattagtctt caacaaccag gtcaaagcct attaatttat gcatagttgt tctggtttaa     85500
     ccagggcttt atttttgccg gaacacgcca gatccggatc cggcaccctc ctcaaccgcc     85560
     ctccaccgcc gtccgctgtt ccctttcact ttctttcgcg actccccaac cctcttcact     85620
     ttcgtccgtg acaaatcgcc cgatcttcac tttcgtccac gacacctctc cgccaaccta     85680
     tgccccacca tgtcaaagct cattttatat caaagttgat gtttagctgc attggtgttt     85740
     cgtaacgtct agtttatttt atgaggtggg ttgttagctc aatgctcaac ccccaacctg     85800
     gaggaacagg acatgcacac atgcactacg gacaatttag cttacccaat tcacctacag     85860
     caaatgtctt tggactgtgg gggaaaccaa acaacaacac tcaagacgat tgctgccaca     85920
     tgccaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa acatacatat ttaaagttca tatcttgttc ttcgtttatt     85980
     ttattgctag tgcgaggaat gcatagcaat ataaaaagag atagggtgga ggattataga     86040
     tgtagggatc aaccagctta ggtggaaaca gctgtctggc ctgcatcact agacaggctg     86100
     gggccatagt tttcaaaatg tgcctctaaa aaacgttaaa aaaaagttac attacaagtt     86160
     tgtggagtgc caatgagtac ggagaaactt cgcagagttt taaatgatat ggagaaagaa     86220
     gttaggttcc acttgagatg gtaaccttta gcagtgtgat tttcagatac atctagtcca     86280
     acagtttgac tccctgaaaa gatttacaga gtctccaatc ctgctcccag tgagctacca     86340
     tcctttagat ttaagctcca accccaatct accactccta aacgagttaa tcaaggtgtt     86400
     cagggttaat tgatgttaat aataattggc aagtgtgaag catggtggca cagtgggtag     86460
     tgttcttgcc tcacagcaag aaggtcgccg ttttgagcgc cggctgggtc agttggcatt     86520
     tctctgtgga gtttctcccc gtgtttgcat gggttttctc cgggtgcccg gtttccccca     86580
     caggtccaaa gacatgtgct atggttgaaa tgggtaagct aaaatatcca tagtaggtgt     86640
     gtatgtcctg gtccctcagg tagggggttg agctttgggc taacgaccca cctcgtaaaa     86700
     atgaaatgtt atgaaacacc aagatggtgc ggctaaatat gaacttcaat ataaatcgcc     86760
     ctgtgagtaa gagtaagtaa gaagcctgca ggatgatagt cttccgaggt ttgagcttgc     86820
     ctgttttcca gtgatataaa cagacaaaaa taatgacatt tgagatgtat gagataatat     86880
     ctggcctttg ttctaatgac aattcatcaa caggtggtca tcctagtgcc ctaatcacat     86940
     acaaataaga caaggagtgc aaataactac aaactaaaaa attaaagact taggcaagag     87000
     gtctctcgct tgacctttcc ctgtggccaa tccaataacc ctttatataa gtagcaggtg     87060
     gcctaatcaa tccactgtta atttggatga ctattagcca aactcaccag taggcgtagt     87120
     aggccactgc catgaccact aacgccccac agacccccgt gaagatcatc acagccccct     87180
     gattcagcat cttcgcttct gttgatgggc cttcaaagaa aatcaattat gtgattaact     87240
     ttcgctggtt tgttttgaag aaaaaaaggc agttcagttc ctgacaagct tggagacgaa     87300
     ggagtcaaac agcaaaaagt gctcctaaaa atatttggcc cagaattcct ttaaaaaagt     87360
     tgctagaatc agtctcaccc tggctagagc aacatgctaa tgctaatccc agagaaggag     87420
     agcgccttta ggatgatgca aacaggagca aagctttttc ccgttaaaaa aagatgatgc     87480
     acgctaaatc cacggcaccg aaccacatga aatgtaagat atccacacca atgctgatct     87540
     tcaacaagac attgctatcg attatcctcc cgaaagctca aacttagttg cagatagtga     87600
     atccttaggt agatgcatca gtcttacaac aaagcgtgga catagttaag ccagagagag     87660
     ccgttctcag catcctttgt cccctcctct tctctaatct cctctggatt agattaccaa     87720
     tgattagcac tctggaacag caccctggat aagtcacatt gcatttacat caacctcaag     87780
     caaggctgga atggacagga ttgagctaag tgggacaaga cagtggtaac ttcctttagc     87840
     caccaggagg agccttttag gccatccacc cttgcacacg aggcatgata catttcggta     87900
     tgattctggt gtcttgtggg tgttgtagca tggtcagcaa gcttctacat ggctttgacg     87960
     tagatctctt ggtatccaag gtcgaccgtg ccccaagtct actttagatg aggtggtgat     88020
     gaaacgatta ggcaggtttt gacccaaagc catgactgca caactgcatt actggcagaa     88080
     atgaagaaca caatgcgcca cgggccaaca cgtcacacaa ccgagtactt agagaggatc     88140
     cctttttata tacatcctgc ttttcttgtt caatttatct cattatttcc tctgtctgct     88200
     ttcattttga tgtcagtctg tctttgttta tgctatgctg gtgaaccttg tatacctgca     88260
     ttaaacccag cttcctcaat tcatccaatt tcagaaaggt cagcattaca gcatccaagg     88320
     catttatgtg caatgatggg ggtttctcaa ataaaagaat ctgtcttggt ctcagtaaat     88380
     acctcgacgc tcctcgattc catacactgg gaaaaaagga caaagaataa tcacctttct     88440
     gatgggatga ccacctagga aatttgaaga tagcaagcag gaaaggagtc gaactaaata     88500
     gcgaaagtga acaagataaa tgaagacctt gacattttgg tagacaattg atcaacatct     88560
     gaaactggga ataattatgg tttctattaa atttgtgtgc tgtgagttga tctttggttg     88620
     ctgtactcta atcaatggaa acctggaaga gattagacat aatatttaat gcacaattca     88680
     agtgcatttt ggcatctttt acagactttg cctggtaggg catataccat aaagcacata     88740
     caatagaagc catattaaac caaagcagct tattggagtc caaatgaggt caagatgcct     88800
     aaatctataa tcttatctgt gttttacacc tacaaacaaa caaacacttc taagaatttt     88860
     ttcaacaact ggtgaaaaca catttcactt aaaggacaag tacacccaaa tatgacattt     88920
     caagcacacc catgttgttc ctgatttgtc tgggtttctt ttttataaaa aaaaaaaaaa     88980
     aactttttta actactaaac tgaagtcaat gcttcaaaaa ggggtttcaa tgatctccac     89040
     agccatgaaa tatggcgtta agtctacaaa ggtttcctca acgccaacaa accagtgttt     89100
     acactcttaa gcaagtcatc ctatgagcgg cttagaaagt caaaagacac aaacctgtgt     89160
     acttaatgtc ttaacgttaa tgaatgaact acaaatccca taatgcactg ctaactacag     89220
     aatagtgcaa ggcatgacac taaacccaat aaacacattt attatgtcac atttctttgg     89280
     caaagacaac atttcctgtg ataagtggat aagtctctaa cggatattgg cctaaatcac     89340
     taagaactat tttaaaaact ttctttcatt ttatttttta cacattgatt ttcaccaccg     89400
     gcacctacca aagcatatac aatcagttgt caagctttta taaaaatgaa taacaagtct     89460
     tctgtgctcc agtcatcagg gggttttatt ttaccctgca aacacttgtg tggttggaac     89520
     atactggata atataagggt attttgatca aaatgaattt gacactgctc tttcagtgtt     89580
     gttcattcgc aatataaact cggccaataa gggcattatt ggcttgtttt catggtgcag     89640
     tacgtttcgg tacagtacgg tatgcattca tttccatttc ccttgtcaga agtaatacaa     89700
     tagctaacgg tgtactgtac cactttttac gaaccctttc aaaagggtat ctagcacatc     89760
     agtgatgtac caaaaatatc aagctagatt tgctgctgaa tgctattggt ttatgtagaa     89820
     tcatcagttg tgcattcaac aagccagggg agcttgcctg catttactgc aacatctgaa     89880
     ataataaaca tgggtattca aaagatgcga tatgtgaacg gccgacaaag ttttcttctt     89940
     caagaaagga tgatgtcgct cacaactttg ccatgaacca ggccaactga ataaaagaac     90000
     tgttggcagt ggaatcgcaa gcctggaact gaactgtagc gctctgtgga aacattaatt     90060
     cagcacaagc cgttgatgtt tagaaagttt catctaggtt tgcacgatac tggaattgga     90120
     taccaatcga taattaaatt tcaaaaacgt ccatttcttg caaacatttg agcgctactg     90180
     agcacgttct taaacagtgc tgatttgccg ttgtgttcac gtgctcaaca gaaatgactg     90240
     tgataagctg tgaaggtcat cagttcaccg aactcactgc tgtttactca gtgtaaacaa     90300
     agatacaggg acactgaagt gtcacggctg aagtgaacac ggcagtgttc acggctttaa     90360
     aacactccag tgtccctgta tttgtggtta cactgagtaa acatcgatga gttcggtgaa     90420
     ctgatgacct tcacagccaa tcacagtaat ttctgttgag catgtgaacc taatggcaaa     90480
     tcagcactgt ttaagaacgt gctcaacagc gctaaaatgt tagtgggaaa tggacatttt     90540
     ttaaatttca gtatcgattg gtacagaatt ccagtatcat gacaactcta gttccatagt     90600
     tccacatagc ctaaagaccc aggtaaacta acattcccaa atgaaccact gtaacgtaga     90660
     ctaaccatgt tccgtacact tttcgctatt cagtgcactc aaacggccac tcctccgtca     90720
     ttgaaaggca gataagcatg cttgtgtgtt cattctctgg gggaatacct attgcacaat     90780
     ccaaatcttg attgatgtct tttggaccag tagtttttga gaaaagatgg gaaaagtacc     90840
     gccttcgcat gtgtacggaa gatgataggt attaacggtg ttccgtacac gactaaaata     90900
     gtgttccgta cagggcgcat aactttaatt ttcggcaaaa atgggcattg tttgaagtct     90960
     tattaaaatc ttatgtcaga atataccatt attgtgttta acttgaagtt aatgatatat     91020
     taaataactc ttttatgaaa gttttaaatg aaatagcttc aaaaatcatt tactttttat     91080
     atcatgttta ttttattaca gcatgaccat ttaaaatatt aaaacattaa attcatgcac     91140
     attgaagcta acttgactga ccttttatga atataaacat cattactgca aaaggaggat     91200
     ccaaacagcg tttgcagcct atctctccgg cggagagttg cgacatgctg tatttaccca     91260
     caattgatgt ttaaacatcc aaatttcaag gcatttattc aacaaaagat aagttattta     91320
     acaatttgtg ataacataat attcacttca taagaactgt aataccgtgt gatgcataaa     91380
     ttaaatgcaa aagcatattg tcggggcttt aaatgtctcc cctcccaggc gacacttgca     91440
     ctttaagctt gcccactttc tattttcaag cgcattaggt ggacgtagca aacttactga     91500
     ttttactcgg aaacatattg taggaatgtc tctgttgttg ttggggctga aagagtgaga     91560
     atttaagatt acacagatat atagcttgcc tacgacccat aagtatttat tcagagatta     91620
     acgttaaaag gtcatctgta cggaacatcg ttgtgtacgg aatatggtta gtctacgtta     91680
     tattgattca ggttaagtct gggagttagt tcagtgttag tatcttggta ttactaaatg     91740
     taattaccgt ttcgtaaaag gaggaataaa gtaatgtgat gaaattacaa ctgtggccaa     91800
     tttgggcatc catgtataat cttttattca ttcaagtttc aggttacact agtgactggg     91860
     tctctcatac gaatctctga tgtcaagaaa tagatgaaaa cctcactatt gcacttgaat     91920
     aactggtaga tccaagcact tttagcctga aatgtttaaa ttgtaaagtt actgccgtat     91980
     ccttcccaat tcaaagcact ttagtagctt ttcttaaggc cttttccagc attgtggtct     92040
     acaaaacagc aaatcaacaa catttggatg aaaccccaga tgtattcagt tgggttgctg     92100
     tgatcttgat ttctatgaca acccaactga agtaaacatg gcatttgaca ttcacattat     92160
     tattctcacc actgatctgc ttacagtgtt tgatggcatt tctatcattt gcactacttt     92220
     cacaatctca tcccaaacct cccaagttca accctgacga gcctgaaata gatgagcggc     92280
     caacacaaac aacctagcaa gcattttttg tttttaaaag atgtctaaaa gacgtcttaa     92340
     caagtcatct tggctaaagc aaggctaaat ttgggctgtc agtgaaaatc taatagacgt     92400
     ctaagaatag gcaaaactag actagtcatc aaataaacag aaatgaatga ctacacatat     92460
     aaagtctgtc taatctgtct atttgatgac tagtctagtt ttgggctatt cttacatgtc     92520
     tattaagatt ttcactgaca gcccaagttt agcctcgctt ttagccaagc tgtctacgtt     92580
     tagatgtcta ttagacgtct attaaacacg aaaatttttg ctggaaaact cccgggggtg     92640
     aaacaaacga tttcaaagcc acgtcattca agcccttttc acaaaccaga agatagatat     92700
     gctctgttcg ctgtccaaag gaagcggggg agctgttaag aggataatgt caaggcgtca     92760
     ctgctaaaaa cctctgaccc acattctaat cgagagaaac caagttgccc aacaacaatg     92820
     cgactacatg gccccaatca agacactgga tgaggctgat gttatcttcc tcaggtgtga     92880
     agtaatagtg ttaggtttaa ttaacacaag gtatcggatt aaatgtaagg caagtaaggt     92940
     tgcctctaat atagtaacag agagtcatgg atacatcgaa ggatacatct tatttaaaaa     93000
     tactcccaat gatgaacatt tacacattgt tctagcacaa actaaaatga gtaaaatacc     93060
     tgaaaaagta acatgttgtt aatggatttg tttacatgta ctttctaatt taacacggtc     93120
     aaaatgaact tcattgtgca tatgaatgaa tgcataactg attcaatcac atctcttatt     93180
     ctgatccaat taattattgt tgcacagctt tgaatggagt gatgctttgc tacagctgca     93240
     atattacatg attataagtg gcaaacaata tttacattaa aagaaatgtc acattcttgt     93300
     caaaggatga aaaagagctg gtcgagaatg gagattgaaa aatgttgatc atgcatcggg     93360
     aactgcctag ccggcaagtg atggcaggtc tacaaaacta atgtagaaag taattacaca     93420
     aaataaaaac atgggaacca aattggttct tctgtaatat caaagcaaag caaatacagt     93480
     tactgcggga aacaattatc tcagatttga acagttatgt attgtgtgcg cgcgagttgt     93540
     gcatgacatg aagactcaag gttaagttaa atttttgctt ttcaaagttg tgctttttgt     93600
     ggataaaaac ccatatatgc acatacagac atttattttc agtcagccag ccccagggct     93660
     tccggtgcat tgtcatccca tacaaaatca cagcatttaa gatttgattt ctttaaaaaa     93720
     aaaaaaactg tgatcttcat tgcctggctg agatatgata taaagtgggt ctcagaccaa     93780
     acaagaagca gcactgcatt atatttgtcc atgccatgtc ttttaaatat ggaaaatatt     93840
     tttacctcag tgttttcaat tgaattttat atgtatttta aggttttaat tctgcatttt     93900
     ggacacatca actagtgctt ggtgttagtg gtaaacttgt tagtacaaat aaaaagtaat     93960
     gcattaaacc ctgactgaaa attaaattga agttcacgaa aacgaaccat tacttcatta     94020
     taaataaaac caaaaactat gtaaacaagg ccaaacataa atcaaccaag gttttgctat     94080
     accaacaata ctttatccat ggtattttag tttaaatctg gcaaaaaaaa aaattactac     94140
     atttttagtt aagtcagaaa catggtgaat tgtggtaaga gtcagtatgg taatatgcat     94200
     aaatatatct ggcttcattt taaagttaca ttatgtaatt ctgaccacta gagggcacac     94260
     attaacaaca aacgaaggcg tagtttgaat gagtgtggaa ttttgggagt tgtcatcgtc     94320
     attatatatg ttcatggatt aaaattatta ttacaggtag aaacatcggc tttataatac     94380
     taaatacatt ttactttctg tattacttat tatattacag cataataaca caagtcagca     94440
     gatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tagtgttcta gtgttttttg     94500
     gaaaggctta tgaaaaaaaa catacatatt gtccctttaa atggagttct taagttcaca     94560
     ctaacagata ttttactaaa tagaatatgc atattaggca tactgtcctt tgagctcgga     94620
     aaaagacccc caactttaat tattcccctt gtaaaggctg atttatactt ctgcgtcaaa     94680
     cgccggcgta tgtcggtgtc actgacgtgc acctctcaaa aaatgtaact acacgttgca     94740
     acgacgcgta gcgcaagcac tgtgattggt cggcttggta gcgctgacga gtctgggcgg     94800
     gaccgagagc cgcgtgaatg gtgcgagcga ttgtttacaa gtgtggagct ccggatggaa     94860
     ggttttgttt tgtgtttacc tcatagttaa agttgttcca cgtccgccgg ttcctgtctc     94920
     aaaatgagca agtttgagcc acttgtacat cccggaagtg ttcaggaaaa gcaaaacagc     94980
     agcgaagaaa ctcgacacag aggaacattt acacctcact tccaactagc gtttcggaag     95040
     tgttaatgca gaccaacaga gacagcgcac agaagtataa atgcacagct acgcgcgttg     95100
     catgcgccgg tcacttgacg cagaagtata aaccaggctt caggagagag atagatagat     95160
     aaatataggg gtttgagcac agggcctggg ctctggcctc atattaaaat tgagtttaaa     95220
     ggtgtggaga tggggtggtg gagtgatatt gagataaagt tgttttatgt tcgcacattt     95280
     gttcagtgac acagtcatta tattgttttc cacactctca gaaataaagg tgcacgagct     95340
     gtcaatgggg tggtatcttt tgaaaaggta cacatttcta cttgaagggt ccatattcgt     95400
     acctcaaaag tacacattag caccttaata tgtttagagg gacccttttg tactttttag     95460
     gtactaatat gttaccttga ggtattaata tggacatttt aggtacaaat ttgtaccttt     95520
     tcaaaaggta ccaccccagt gacagcttgt gcacgctact ttgaatattc agtctgaaat     95580
     cacatgcaag tattacttca aaacaacatt agcaccattt aattgactgt gaatgttgtt     95640
     gtactttgac agtaattagc tgctaaaatg ttttccctat ttaaaatttg caagaattgc     95700
     aaccaatact tgtctgaaat tatattatta gaaagctgag aaaaaaaaca gggtaggaca     95760
     tgtgtggtta tctatagggg tttggtctta tgctgtttga ataatagaca ttgagtgtcc     95820
     atcaatgagt tagccatgtc ctcctcctcc tctcgaaact tgtatataac acatcataaa     95880
     atgaaacctg aggtaaagct ggttttatat tcgcacatta gctcattttt gaacagtgac     95940
     aacattgtac tttaaatatt caatctgaaa ttgcatctta atatgacttt aaacaacatt     96000
     agcactattt aattgactgt gaacattatt ctattctgac aattctgtca ttagctgcta     96060
     aaatgatttc ccgctttaca aacaatactt gtctgaaatt ctattattaa gaagataaaa     96120
     gtcgagagaa aacagaggta ggtggttatc tataggggtt tggtcttatg ctaattaaaa     96180
     agtagtgtac acaacgagtt agccatgtcc ttctcctccc aaaatttgtt tataacacat     96240
     tataaaagga aacctgaggt aaaactggtt ttatatttgc acatttgttc ttttttgaac     96300
     agtgacaaca tgtagactat actgtacttt gaatattcgt tctgaaatcg catgcaagga     96360
     tgatttcaaa acaacattag cactatttat ttgacagtga atgtttctgt actttgacag     96420
     tcattggcag ctatgttttc cctattcaga attggcaacc aatacttgtc agaaattata     96480
     ttattaagaa gctgagagaa aacatggtag gacatgtgtg gttatctata ggggtttggt     96540
     cttatactga ctgaataata gactgagtgt ccacaatgag ttagccatgt cctcctcctc     96600
     ctccagaaat ttgtttataa cacatcacaa aatgaaacct gaggtaaagc tggttttata     96660
     ttcgcacatt agttcatttt tgaccagtgt caacttgaga ctatgctgta ctttaaatag     96720
     tctgaaatca catgtaacat gacttcaaaa caacattagc actatttaat taaatttttc     96780
     tgtaaacaat tatgtacttt gatagtcatt ggctgcacat gtgatttctc catttagagt     96840
     ttgtaaataa tacatctgaa aagacattat aaaggagaaa gtcagaatgt gtgaatataa     96900
     caccaacttt acctcaatca tcaacatcag caaataaaaa cacccactag taacaggaac     96960
     gtttaagcct gacacataag acccaaatgc agttggactt acataaatca tgactaatgt     97020
     acacgagtaa aaccccactc agcggctaaa cagaagggaa acagcccagc accgcatctg     97080
     aactctagta accccgataa tcgcacgaca gtgacgcgcg cgccggtcgg gaatgacaca     97140
     gggcaaccga ttcataaaca ccaacaaatc cagagccatt caaatgcaaa tgcctgccga     97200
     gcaagctgag ataaacatca tccaaaaaag aggatgcaca tctgaaacgg gtgttccccg     97260
     ggctgtcaaa cagcgaggct gtgaagtgga ctataacacg ctgctcctat aaaccgacca     97320
     ctgcagcacg gggagctcgt gcacacacac acacacacaa acatctaaca tcaggcacgc     97380
     gcgatgcaca acagatataa ttaaatgaaa cgtcagattg ttcaattcac tcatgcattt     97440
     gcctgtcagc attaataaaa gctttattaa cacggtatta atgtgattta aagagcagtc     97500
     atcgctgcgt gcgcgtgcat tattacctgc ttaaatgtca tcagtggaga tttcctgctt     97560
     ctcggtgtga tggcgatgct gtcggaaggt ggtgtctgag cctctggggt gctgctcaaa     97620
     tgatcgctac tctttgtgtc cgtatgtggt tatccatcca cgcacaacaa aacacacaca     97680
     cacacacccg tatatataca catttacaca cacactgcat ctagccatgg gacttcctgt     97740
     ccgattgcct tcgctcttcg actggaaaca atggcgctgt gtggttccac cgctcctctt     97800
     tccgcctcgt cagactgctg gaagacgccg aactaatcaa tacagtcgat ctggggaatt     97860
     aaatacattt gtgagtgttt tagactttca ataagtcttc tttagaatta aattcatatt     97920
     gggaaaagag gcaaagatgc tggatgtagc aaggatttgc ttgatgcagc acaacaagcg     97980
     atacagttgc cgaagttatg aaattatgaa aattactcgt tattaattat gaatatatac     98040
     catgagataa tattaaatat atatagtgtt tgaaaacatc cgaagcattt cgtttaatat     98100
     gcaaaattta aaaagaatct gaactacaat atcagcctac ggaggtttaa taatcaacag     98160
     tggtgtaaaa taactaatta caaatactca aattacttta attgagtagt ttttcctcag     98220
     gaattataat atatcaagtc gtttttaaaa tatgtgtact tttactgtcc cttgagtaca     98280
     tttttagtgc tgtatcaaca cttttactcc attattttcc ttcaacctgc agtcactact     98340
     acaattctat cttgtctatg gtgattagct aaagtagaaa aatcagtcct gcgattcctg     98400
     tccaatgaaa tcacatatag aaagtaaatc gcatcatact gaactacctc aatacatagg     98460
     cagcaaacct tttggaagca ttaataatgt ccaaaaagat gtctaaaacc aagagactgt     98520
     ttatagactg catgtcatcg atgagaaact gaaggatgtc gactgtatga tgactgaaat     98580
     caccaaacag cctcaaacaa ccactaaatg gaacgaatga agaatggaag gaagggctga     98640
     agaaaggaag gagcgaagta atcaaggaag gaaggatcaa atgaagaagg gaaggattca     98700
     agaaaggact gaacaaacta aggaagtaag gaaggaatga atgaataaat gaacaaagga     98760
     cctaacgaac gaaggaacaa aaatatgaat gaatgaatga acacacgaat gaagggagga     98820
     acgaaggaaa gaccacacga atgaaggaag gaaagattca aggaaggact gaacaaacta     98880
     aagaaagaag gaaggaaaga acaaataaat aaatgaagga atgaatgaat ggtcgaacaa     98940
     atgaaaggag gaacgaagga aggaccaaac gaataaagga aggaaggatt caaggaagga     99000
     ctgaacaaac taaggaaaaa aggaagggag gaacaaatga atgaacaaag gacctaaaga     99060
     aggaaggaac aaatatataa atgaacaaat aaattaattc acgaacgaat gaagggagga     99120
     acaaaagaaa agaaggattc aaggaaggac tgaacaaact tcgtaaggaa ggaaggaacg     99180
     aatgaataaa tgaatgaatg aaaaggacaa aatgaaggaa gaaataaaaa tgtgaatgaa     99240
     agagtgatca aacgaatgaa gggaacgaag gaacgaccaa acaaatgacg gaaggattcg     99300
     aggaaggact aaacaaatta aggaaggaag taaaggaagg aataaaaata ggaacaaacg     99360
     aatgaatgaa gggaggaacg aaggaaggaa ctaacaaaca atggaaggga ggttggaagg     99420
     aatgaacgaa tataggaaaa tcacttaatg cactacagaa tattacgttt acacatccct     99480
     gcacaaactg catgtaaacg catcaacttt tcacagtaac tcactactca caagtacttt     99540
     taaaaggtct ttttactcat acttccggtg atatttacaa cagatacttt tactctattt     99600
     gcactacatt tttagacaag taatgatact tttacttgcg tatgattttt cagtactctt     99660
     tccatcactg ataataaaac tatgaattat aatacaaata taatatgtcc tatatattga     99720
     tatgaattaa ttcaaataag aaacatttaa acagcattaa agctgcaaaa ttattaaact     99780
     ttatatcgaa tttgtaaata tgtacccttt ttttttttaa atgcaccgat aacagttgaa     99840
     gcctacaatg atgattggct gatagccatg cgatgttctg caataacagc actcctacag     99900
     cctcctcacc cctttgtatt actccgccca cacagagtga cagcagatca ataaactcac     99960
     agtttgacaa atattgctgc tgttggacaa catgatgtac ttttgaggct tttttaaatc    100020
     cagaatgtag ttgtttagat tgcaactatg cagtttattt ataaggacag tgcctattta    100080
     aaatatttat aatttcagag attcagcaca ttggcggcca tcagcctgta attgagcaga    100140
     gtaaagacgg ttgacgttcc accacaagat ggaccacatg atgagtgctt aggggagaaa    100200
     aactcagcgc aaatttcaaa ttatagctaa ttaaatcatt ctaaaatatg atctctctct    100260
     cttttgtatg ttgtagtgct gtatttatac tatatcaatc tgctagtgtt tgctttgctt    100320
     tggctatttc ggagttaata tatgtgaaat accaattgca aaagagacat actggaaatc    100380
     tctgtagact gatggcattt catgccgttc aaccttaaat tgagagcaaa atcatctgtt    100440
     ttgtcatatc tttagacatt acgctagaga atcattcaaa tactagctct aaagtgacct    100500
     ttgtgaagaa gcaacagttt ctgctgcaaa agtgtatcaa tggcggaaga aagtatagtt    100560
     ctttttacaa aagggttttt gagactctcc gtgtttgatt ttctttttta ttaacacaat    100620
     tatgccgtca aactttttta aacgcaatat cacatgaatc cagtgcagaa tggctgtata    100680
     tcggcactgg tgggacacaa agtacacagt cttaatgtga agacctcttt cttccctcaa    100740
     aaccccacat aaaaacacaa aacagcattt aatataatac tttgtttttc tttattgcat    100800
     tataacatac atacattata aatgtggatt tgtacactac aatctttatt gttacatatt    100860
     ataaaatatt gagaatatga aaacaaagca ctaaaaactt taccaaacat ttatttttat    100920
     tgtcttttct gaccccattc ataactgaaa ataaaagaaa aaaaatcaat aaaacgaaca    100980
     aataaaaatg ttttctgata ccaaccatgt caacagagag ggctttaaaa tgaacggtga    101040
     agcactgacg cgtcactatt agaacagaca tatttacaga gagaagtttg aacgatgcct    101100
     ccgattgttg atccggcaac atatgccata aactgcacgt tatgatgatg tcactgaaat    101160
     tcatatttgg cgttctgaga gaaagacact cttttcaagt gtattctcgt gtactcttgc    101220
     cgtggactct tctatcagat agtactgttg aggacaagag tacattacag caagcacagt    101280
     gtttttttta aaacactcat tttacagatg aatcgtgatt cacactgaga gaccaagaca    101340
     caatgaatca tttccgtcaa attccatcat ttcctaaaca gcctcggaaa acaccgtctc    101400
     gcacctcagg aagtgaaatt caacaaaaat gacatttaaa aaacctacag atataaaacc    101460
     tacactcact tctcgagtca gagctatgga agtggcggct aactgagcac tagcaggcct    101520
     gaaatgcttt tgtacatgtt ttaaggcatt caatgcctcg taatggaagg cagctaatag    101580
     tacaaaactc agtgaaccac aggaaatgac atgagtgatg agctacaggt ccaactgata    101640
     gaacggctat catatggcct ctgtattaca cttatcagat tcaaaactat aagggatcca    101700
     gttttctaaa gatcactttt tgttcatggg ctaaataata tggcaagccg tttcagcaat    101760
     tcatctataa tcaagtatgg atttgcatgg ctctagctct tattttgaga tgcaacttag    101820
     tattcattgc taatacttaa aggtttccaa cattctttaa aacatcttct tttgtgttca    101880
     acagaagaga ggaaatcaca aatgtttgga actgctggag ggtgagtgaa ttgtgactaa    101940
     ttgactcaat tattgtcata aatgatgaca aaattttcat tttaaggtaa actgtccctt    102000
     taatacgtac tgatggttac tctttgaaaa agagactact ccatatttgt tagatgtctt    102060
     atttattaca taggaataac tatttgtttg atactactat caaattttgt ttcagtactt    102120
     ggtacaagat aactatttta ttaattatat accagtattg aataaataag taatagcacc    102180
     tattgacaaa aaaactatct tttaaatagt taccagtatc taaagaataa gcactagtag    102240
     cttaagaata cgtgtgagaa tagatagtat atacactaaa aaaagcactg taaaatttac    102300
     aataacttac tggcaatttt ggttgccagc aagactaaat tgacaagtgt actgtacata    102360
     aataattaca attgtaatgt aaaaatacag cacaatcaaa gtcttggcta ccaaaattgc    102420
     cagtacgtta ctgtagattt tcagtcattt ctttagagca cacttaatga ttaaatgtta    102480
     aaacagcttg ccatagtagg agcccagcat catttggtca tttctgatcc acagtcttac    102540
     aacagacaac acgtaatttc cacagagcaa tatacaattt acaaacatta tgtgtacaga    102600
     acaaacaaaa atgtagttca tcctaaaagt tctcgaccac acttccctca gggaatgcac    102660
     tagacgtcac tgcgataaca gtcaaaatat ttggctgccc acgagagcgg gacgcatctt    102720
     ccttactttt atttttgctc ctttttaatg agggtttctt gttttaggaa acactcgctc    102780
     ttccattagc agtaaacacg cgtgctctcg ttgttgacat ctttaaaact agttagcatg    102840
     catgagaata aggtcagctg ttcaccaagg catcttcagg caaaagtggc cattttgccc    102900
     taaactaaac cagtgtagta atgctgagag caaatggtag cagtacagtt gacagagacg    102960
     gtttgctaac aggctgttag cattcacaag agggcttttt tacacttgtt atcgtcctaa    103020
     tatagcatgg ttattagtga aactgggtta tcttgcgtta tgtttaacac tggtcataat    103080
     ttacgcaaag ttaataaata aaccgtgatg ctcataaatg gacattttct aaaccctggg    103140
     tttgcatatc tgtggagtaa atgcaattga ttgaatgcta attatttagc tgtttatgtc    103200
     attataaaat tactccgaga atgcagcctt gaatgttttc ttgaaagtcc ctcaaggtaa    103260
     ggagaacatt tcttgaaaac cggattaagg atgcaacact ctgggtaggt tggtttgtat    103320
     gttacaaagt ctccattttt ggtttttaaa aaataaactg ggaaccaacc agaaaccatt    103380
     tgggaacata aggggaatat tatgttttgc taggtagtaa aaaacatttt ttgtcatctt    103440
     acaacttata ataacacatt ttccaagagt taaaagcata gttctcccaa aacaaaatct    103500
     gtcataattt tttttacatt tttttcaaac ctgtttgaaa acaggtgtgt tttgataaac    103560
     acaaaagaag atatgtgtga ccctggacta caaaaccaat cttatgttgc actggagaat    103620
     tttttttgca atagccaaat tcaacttatt cgaatattat tcatacagta agtatatcat    103680
     ttattcattc atgtcggctt agtcccttta ttaatctggg ttcgccatag cggaatgaat    103740
     cgccaactta tccagcacat ttttatgcag cggatgtcct tccagcagca acccatctct    103800
     gggaaacatc cacacacaca ttctcacaca cacacacaca cacactacgg acaatttagc    103860
     ctacccaatt cacctgtacc acatgtcttt ggactgaggg ggaaaccgga gcaggaaacc    103920
     cacgcgaatg cagggagaac atgcaaactc cacacagaaa cgccaactga gtcgaggatc    103980
     gagcctgcga ctcagcgacc ttcttgctgt gaggtgacag cactacctac tgcgccactg    104040
     cgtcacccat aaatatatca aaacttgata tttaattaga aattagcatt gctaagcacc    104100
     ttttaattct taaaaagaaa gcttatttat tcagctttca gatgatgcat ctcaaattaa    104160
     atttcaaata aatgtaaatt gacacttatg actggttttg tagtcctggg tcacatttag    104220
     aagaatcaac tggatgacaa tggtaaccag tttacaacat ttaaaaacaa gtattgactt    104280
     ttgtgttcaa cagatcagta aaactcataa aggtttggaa ccacttgagt acatttacat    104340
     tttgggtgaa ctatccctta aagacttgtc agtttgaatt acttatgcga ttgcagcttc    104400
     ccgcctttac ctcatattac tgtccactgt tatacacgtt ttcctccatt ggcttttcgg    104460
     agtatgaaac tgtatcttct ttattccagt gttttctgtc acaattttac atcgttttct    104520
     tcagacgtta aaaggaccgt tcatttataa cgctcgttac cgcgagaatt tgacgcgcat    104580
     gattgattgg ctgtcggttg ctgtttgccg agtgaaaccc tattgtattc gtgttaaaag    104640
     tagaggtcga cgatgatctt gtgtttgaca cagtgtgaaa agccctaatc ttatttaggt    104700
     tttctcttcc cagtttaacc cgtcacaccc tcatatcaga aacacaaatg ctcgcacagt    104760
     agaaccatcc tttagtcatt cacacacgta caacaacata ctaattagac agaagaagac    104820
     aaactgaagc acagagcctc agagcaatgc tgacccctga tcagtcctgc acatggccgt    104880
     ctttttgatt ttgcctagta aaataagtca aaaatcttga gatgtgatta aagcgtgtga    104940
     tgaagagggg tgaatctcac cctgtcaaga acatggctga gtcatatttt accccagaat    105000
     gaatgagaag tttcacaatt ctgaggggaa aagtttgaac taaagggcgt agaattggca    105060
     agcacagagc ggaccaatat ccaccaaatc ctgaaatgtc cctaccaata atttaatcaa    105120
     cttcaataaa taatgctcca tcacccttaa taacctacac gtgcacaaag tcaagttcgc    105180
     tacaagttta tcgtaatagt attaaccaac acattcgctt tcgatattgg tctccatgat    105240
     tatgaaaaac aataatcaag ataaaacagt tcaattgcgt cacacacctc tctaaatttc    105300
     tctacattca tacctcctca aagctcgagt gcattaaaat cctgtaaatt gacttttgca    105360
     gcatgggacg tgattgttat ttgtattatt aagtgtttat ttagggatac tctagggatg    105420
     tatgtcccca ccaatgtcaa gagctaatct acgcccttgt tagaactgag atatgaacag    105480
     aattgcaaga agtcagaagt gtaagaattg taacatacaa ttctgagaaa tgcaagattt    105540
     ttaacttaag gttcagattt ttttctgtgc cagcatgttt gtgtctaaca attttgagtc    105600
     ccccccccag aactaaaagt ttatctattt caatgatgac attttctctg gattgtgatt    105660
     tttctcttat tattttagaa aaaaacagga acaatgacta gttttattca gtggagaaaa    105720
     cctaaaaaac ctaaaaagtc ctgttagagt ctaaattgaa gaataattgt tagagactaa    105780
     attgaagaat aattttattt ttagtaggca ttaaaagcaa aatcttgtca atttttaaag    105840
     ctcccacata ttttttatat aacggcaaac ttaaaaaaag ttacttgatc aaatacttat    105900
     acatgatggt gtgttttaaa aaaaaatttg caacaatttc tgcttattta aatagccact    105960
     tatgcacggt tcgttgtaat acatcgtttg ctataatatg ctgttattaa taaaaacaaa    106020
     tcatttttct tgcaagaaat taaataaatt cattcatttt ccttcagctt agtcccttca    106080
     tttatcaggg ctcaccatag cggaataaac cgccaactta tcaaacaaca cgggtcagct    106140
     gggactcaaa tcattgacat tattgctgtg aggcaacagt gctaaccact gaaccaccgt    106200
     gtcgcccaaa ttaaataaat attaactcat tactcatatt aataaaatac tcatattaat    106260
     aaaatttatc aaaactaatt attgtaacta taataataaa ataataataa taataatcat    106320
     acaaaaatga tgaatctgta taggcagaca gaaataccaa aatcataaaa caacaacaaa    106380
     gagactaaac cgttaaccaa aactgaatga aaagtggaca gcatatgcat caaatatacc    106440
     actgcatgct taataatcca tttaaaatgc ttcttgagta tgttttcttt atttgtattt    106500
     acctgattgt gcatgtgata tgatatggat atgttttcag gagatccact catgactttt    106560
     gagtgtttaa aagtcaaatg caactcaaaa aatgattaaa gcgtgaagag aaatgtgagg    106620
     attattcatt taaaatgaat ccaacaatga cacccacaaa aacctgcaga ctgtaatgaa    106680
     gaatggctca gacacgaatc caaacatgct gcctgaatgg atctccttgg aaataaataa    106740
     aggaaaacag gtctgaataa atatatatag atagaactca tctgcctttt attattatct    106800
     ttcacagcat tgtaaccaag gaggcatctt aacaagttcc cctcagacct cacacaagtc    106860
     cttttcagat atgaaaatac tatcaaataa aaagtcgaca ctacttttta aagtctcttc    106920
     tgcttgtaca aacaagtaga ttatcgatgc aaatacaatc agttcaaagc aaacgagatg    106980
     atgatgttag tttacactga gcaacaaaca atgaacacaa aagtgaaatg ctaaaagtgg    107040
     ctcgatgcac acgaactcaa cggaaagaga atcaaaccat acacacgacg agcaaggccg    107100
     agaatgatta cagtacatct caccaaaaaa cagcaacaag aggtcacaca atacagcagt    107160
     tcatctcttc cattaaaata ggatgaacaa taaaatacac agattggaga cacaagtgag    107220
     tgctttgggt ctgtcataca catctagcaa acttgctcag tttttcaggt cggccccaac    107280
     aatttgcttt ccagatagca agatctgcgg tgagcaaaag atcaagcttt ctgggtaaac    107340
     ctcgaaactg aaagacattt tgcatgaaga aaatgagctg tatggaaaac aaatctagat    107400
     ttaaaggtcc cgtgaaatta aaataaagtt ttttagatgt tagtatcagt attgttagtt    107460
     tttaagatat ctattagcta atgtgttata aaatgcagag aaaattcacg tttagaaggt    107520
     ataaaattga tataaagctt gtagtttgtc acttccgcct aaatgaatca acgattttag    107580
     tcacgtcagc tcattaaatt ttgaccaatc aaatgctctc tagtatctga catgcctcgc    107640
     ccccttcaag acgattctca tttgcttttc tttcaatgcg cttgagctca agcactctca    107700
     ctgccagagc tgtgataaaa acaaaaaaca attggctgtt tttttttttt tataggggag    107760
     gagctacact atgtcttgcc cactctttgt gttttggttt agattaggga tgtccagatc    107820
     cgatcatgtg gtcggaaatc gggcccgatc acgcggtctc agactcgatc ggaatcggac    107880
     gttatctcca aatcaagact cgaatttgta tgtatctata tacaatatat attctcatta    107940
     tttttgaaca catctatagt tatgtggtgg cacagagtta gacctctaga ccttgttgca    108000
     gagaagcttg attaaacgcc ggcaaagtag aatacggaag aagcttgaag cggaaggcgc    108060
     gaaaatgtct gtggtctgaa agttgatgat gacaacattg ccatagcaaa ctgtgagata    108120
     tgtgaagtta gaattgcctg ctgggtattt taagttgagg tgttatttgt ttttatattc    108180
     gatttttaaa aataattatc gttgcagtag agtccaaaag tgaagaattt gttatttatt    108240
     acttgattca agctacctca cagaagtgct ctgtttgtta acagagatgt tgaatgttaa    108300
     aataagatga attaaataaa taaggaacat cctgaatgtg tttttccctc acctttattc    108360
     tttttttaaa ttatagaagt atcggatctg gtttcaatat tagtagatac taaaaatcaa    108420
     attactctga ctcgagggga aaaaaaacac taataaaata aattgaaaac aaatggataa    108480
     ttcaaagcaa ttcacgggac ctttaagatt aattcaagtt ccatctgaat ttgtcttcta    108540
     aaatgagcgt tttttctctg gttcttgtgt gtttcacttt tagggcaaaa aagagggtat    108600
     tttcactgca tttaaagtga aatatctgaa cataaacgta ggagattgag aaaaatgata    108660
     tggcacttgc atttgaactc ttcatttaat ccctatgtta aacctgtaat ataatatgtg    108720
     taacatttgt atataataat attatatgta tctaataata ttataaacat ttgtatttta    108780
     aaatgttatc agtactttac agaataaaac aaaaagtatg ttttactcaa aaaaaaacaa    108840
     tgaattgaaa aagcagagaa actgagaatt ttcaagtggt ctcttaaaga aatgcactgc    108900
     ctagcacatt ataaccaata taggctcatt cagaaaatgt acccccgtaa acatttctgg    108960
     agagtgcgat ttatgtagcc agaggtacaa atggcagcat ttcatcttta aaacgaacac    109020
     tacagggcag gatgacaacg ttcctttttt gcgctaccag ctgaccgcta acctctgtgt    109080
     ggacggcttt tccgccaata ccagtttgct cagtagctcg ccatatacat caacggattt    109140
     gagacacaga gaggagttta tcatgaaaat ggagttcgtg tttggcaaag aatggttcca    109200
     gaaagcaggt aaaacaaaag gcaaaaaaat ataataaaca agtaaataac agggtgagaa    109260
     cgtggtaaaa tcagaaaacg tggtaaaaaa aaatcaggcg agggctttta tttttctgca    109320
     ttgcttttca taacactgtc aggtgggttt aggaaagtgg gtgggcggat caatctgtgc    109380
     ttttgaaaaa attaatggtt gggcttaaga aaataggagg atggttccgt cagtcgacag    109440
     tggcctctgg tggatttaaa aaagaacagc aggcgcaaat ggcactcatg agagaagtct    109500
     gagatctcaa aaagcgtaca caacaaaaac aaaaaacaaa actgccaaaa aatatacctc    109560
     ctgggatgta tttggtgctc tccagaaatg tatacagggg tacgttttca aaatgagcat    109620
     gggtcaatta aaacacctac tgtttggatt taagcaagta aatacatcta tgattggatg    109680
     tttattgcag ttaccaatat gtttctggca tgttatattt ttggccaaaa aaaaaaaatc    109740
     tttttacgct tgctaataca gtgccaaaca tacaacaaca tgacagaaac atgttaagca    109800
     cagcaataaa ccctatgcat agacccttaa aggtacagtt cacccaaaaa agaaaattct    109860
     ctcatcattt acacaccgtt gagatatttt gaagaattgg aaaccggtaa ccactgacac    109920
     acatagtagg aaaaacaaat actatggaag tcgatggtta caggtttcca acattcttca    109980
     aaatatcttc tttttgtgtt cagcagaaca aaaacactca cactagtttg gagcaagtca    110040
     agggcgagta aatgatgata gaattgactt taagtatttg ctaacatgaa tgcactaagc    110100
     taataatcct aacaacatcc attctctgca ataatcaaac ttctcctttt gattttggat    110160
     tgaaatatga cccaggcatt tcttgacagt ttttgtttga ctctcaactg aacagctctg    110220
     actcgcatat agaaagcatc acaccattgt tttgtttttt ttgtaaattg gtccacacta    110280
     gatcaatggc agtttaggtg cgtaactgac ctgctctgga cctgtcagtg actgggcttt    110340
     acgtgcagga caaaccggac ctcttgagga gcttcgagag aaacagagag agagatagag    110400
     atggtgaaga tgcacaaaag agtgtgaacg agagcgaggc tgatcctcct cttttggccg    110460
     tcgtctcttg gctctcgagc gctcgtttgg accctgctga atctcttgaa gtggaaccct    110520
     tgtgctctgg ctgagattct aaggcaatgt cacattacat atcaaaatgt acaacatcta    110580
     tacattgtgc agttgtgagc ggagggtgag atgtggatga gaggtgcacg cgcgtggggg    110640
     cggctctata gaacggtagc ctccatcact atggctggat cctctatgtc cgctttactc    110700
     tggaccatcc gcaactccag ctgggaagga ctgggtcttc tgccaggacc tgccatctct    110760
     gaatacataa cagaaaaacc aaaacgtttc agtgggatgt gcttgttcat tgaaagcaca    110820
     aatgaaatta aaactaaccg tatgattttg ttagctcaca ttgctagttt tttggtgaac    110880
     aatttactat ttagatggaa aactagatgg caaactttgt aagtggaaaa actgaacact    110940
     tcactagcga gaaagcagct aaacaaacca tctgcagtga gaggataaag aatgagcctc    111000
     cttcattcag cctctttact ttctctttac ttttactcct ttactttcgt ggataaggaa    111060
     acggtgttgt acgcactcca ctgaagacat ctattagcct tcatatttaa ttttgtttgt    111120
     taagtgcaaa gatttgtttc aaaactattt ctaaattcag ttctaatttc cagcaaatga    111180
     ataaataaac aataataatg aagtgtggtt taaaaaattg agttatattt aactccacac    111240
     gtcctgttct tatgccccat atggtgatcc agacatctcc aaaacccgac aggatgacaa    111300
     atctagacta gtttttatta aaacaaatat taatatgcat ataataaaca atactgctaa    111360
     taataacatt atataactgc atattgtaat gaatgaactg aaaaagcccc ccaaagtgat    111420
     ggcagtggtt tttatattaa tgtaaaaaaa tattttcata acattttaat cctttaattg    111480
     ttttcatttg taaagatttt tgagtaatgc tgtacatcct atgtgtatta agcaatgtgt    111540
     ctctgtgctg gactttagac ctgcttttat atggtcaatg gtgcagtctt tttcagttcc    111600
     tcaaaatagt aacacgccca caatgagcct taacacacct ctaggcccat gagtccacaa    111660
     agtggtgcaa atggatttac taaataaaca acgtggcgca aaacaggaaa attagggttg    111720
     tgcttgtctg aaaatagcaa caaatcacgc cgaaacacgt cttgtgcatt attgcaccag    111780
     gtgtatgata ggccccatag tgtaaggcag gggtgtcaaa ctcagttcca aaagggccga    111840
     agccctgcac agtttagttc caaccctgct ccaacacact tacctgtagg ttttaaacaa    111900
     gcctgaatga ctcaattagt ttgatcaggt gtgtttaatt agggttggaa ctaaactgtg    111960
     cagagctgcg gcccttttgg aactgagttt gacacctgtg gtgtaaggag caccaaaatc    112020
     cgcattttgg gataaaaccg aaaatttcga cgaaaacgaa aatgctttca ttcattcatt    112080
     catttatttt ctttttggct tagtcccttt gtaaatccgg ggtcgccaca gtggaatgaa    112140
     ccaccaactt atccagcatg tttttacgca gcagatgcac ttccagccgc aacccatctc    112200
     tgggaaacat ccacacacaa tcgttcacac tcgtacgcta tggagttttt agcccccgaa    112260
     aatgcttttt aataattaat tttgaaagac ttataaaaaa acatatgcca ataaaataac    112320
     cgtgttttgt tgacagtcag tgttgggtgt aattagttac aaagtaacta gttatcgcaa    112380
     ttagattact aatctgaaaa aagtaaagta agggattact tgaaattgtt atgtaattta    112440
     tgtaagtttc ttataattta cttgccttaa atactgtaaa aaatagttct ggattaatca    112500
     attcagaaat gtaattcaaa atataatata caaatatctt ttggagaata attgtatttt    112560
     tcagctaaat aaagtttcat taatcaaagt gtttgaacat gcttaagaaa caatgaatta    112620
     agtcagaatt taatgacact atatggcatg ttataccacg aaatggtggt ataatatacc    112680
     tctataaata ggaatatcgt atgcatttct tggtgaatat attattactg atgcatttaa    112740
     acaattttat taaatgcagt taaattcagt tgtatgcttt aaaataagag attgttcacc    112800
     gaacatatgt aggaatagaa agattacacg tttaattcaa atgagttatt gcaaaaaata    112860
     tatatacatt atatgcttat atttaaaatt taatttggat tagttctgtt tattaagatt    112920
     gtatttaata caattaatgt tttattttac attttaattt attaattaaa tacatttatt    112980
     tttgttagat tagctttagt tttggtaatg actaatctaa tgtatataca caaatataga    113040
     aaataatgga atacaattat atatatatag atctgtgagg ggtttactcg tttatgctgt    113100
     ctatatggta tttatttctt aagtacttga tattttatta cataaaatgc ttgaaataac    113160
     aacattttta ttttagattt aaaatgaatg ttatcagtag tttacagaat aaaacaaaat    113220
     cataacttta cttaaaaaca taactataaa ttataaatct agagcagcgg atctcagact    113280
     tttttcatca agtatcacca cagaaaaaat ttgtctctcc aagtaccacc aaaatgagca    113340
     gtattgaaat acagtagcga agtaagccca gtaaaccagc tataactcta cacagttaca    113400
     aaaaacgtgg cagattacct cagaaatata agctatatgt catatatggc atattatata    113460
     catcattttt ggtaaatttt gaaatgtgtg tagcatgtac atgacatatt tctttcctcc    113520
     gcgtaccact agaaggaagc ctgcgtacca ctactggtac acgtaccaca gtttgagaac    113580
     cactgatcta gtgcattttc aagtgttctc ttaatattat ccatagctgt actgtataca    113640
     taatatgtgt ggattaccgt gagcataaga tatagtcctc tgaatgacgt gatgcataac    113700
     ggagaaggtc ttctcacatg ccgtctgcaa aagaaagaag agcagtaaga aaagcagctg    113760
     atcagcattt tcctccagtg ctgcatgatc actgtgatgc atttgtggcc tgatgccgta    113820
     atgcactgta ccttcaggtc tgttgggtaa tgatgagtcc aggccaacag catagcagca    113880
     aatagatcac cagtgcccac gaaaaccgca tccactttcg gcacctctat ccggatccgc    113940
     tgggtcgtcc tcgtcccgtc cggcatcact gcagaaacag gagtccatgc attcatctct    114000
     gtgttcagtg catcggttta tcatgtatta attagtacac atctctcacc cccaagctac    114060
     acaacaccac acgggtggtt cgaagcaatg aacagaaaac atttgaattc atatgcatta    114120
     aaataagctc tgataccagt gaattctgcc atctgttgaa atctccacac agtgaatcgt    114180
     ctttcactgt tcagctgttt gacacacttt taaattcata acaatgcaat acaatgcaat    114240
     gtattttatt ccatgaaaac ccctttatta tacgacctta ccctaacccc aaccttcaca    114300
     ggaaacctgt ggcaagattt gaaagccaaa acacccgttg actatgattt aaagggtcac    114360
     gaaacaccaa aacacatttt ttgagctgct gacagtcgta tatgtgtctc acactgctaa    114420
     aaacactatt aggacaccta tatttcacta aaaagtgtaa attggttgtt tttgcgttat    114480
     ttcaagcaaa tttgtacttc ctgtttgaaa caaatttttg aagctgcgtc acggtcatga    114540
     cataatagcg ttgtattcta gcgtgcagac tgggcgtctg tgccagagtg agtcttatta    114600
     cgtcttacag tgtgttgcat taatgcatga gtaaggcttg gttcaaccca atcagcgcgc    114660
     tctattgtga aacttcatta atattcatta ctgtcacagt gtttagacga cagagacgcc    114720
     acgttgtgtt ggcaaaacaa gcgtgaagtg ttgcttttat agtttgctgc agttaagttt    114780
     cgttttcatt ttctctctgt gagagctcag agtcacgtgt ggattaacag tgtacgcgac    114840
     gctcgacaac aataacttac gtgtctaagg aggtttattg tttacctgag agctgttctc    114900
     atctgcaaac gctgagatcc agattgtagt ctcctctaaa taaagacgcg gctctagttg    114960
     ctggtgattg tcctgtctct acagatttgg taagtgagcg accagtgctc tttgtttatt    115020
     cagttcgtat tttattcgta tcaaacaaac tattgcaccg agtgcaatag ttagcactaa    115080
     cagttacaac caaactataa cctcgtgttg gattttgtga ccggaataac acacgcggct    115140
     ttctgacact acctgccgtg tgcatctaag tttccaggaa atgctgagtt tttttttctc    115200
     tcattcgccg tgcggtatca aacattgcat gaaaaataca cgcttacagc agcgcctcga    115260
     atcaaatatc acgtttgtcg ggagggacat taatgaattc cctgaatgaa agagccaaac    115320
     tgcagttaaa gtccaccatt taataatttg gcaaataatt cgactacaga tgtccatgta    115380
     aacacagtca cattgtccgc tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttt gactctgaaa ttcagcgcgc    115440
     ccaaatagac actcccatac caagccactt ttcttcctcc gacactcccc cctaaacaga    115500
     gctggaaacg cccacttttc tgactttttc caaagtagag gtgtgaaaac accctgctga    115560
     aacgaggggg tttcatggcc ctttaacaat tctgaattac gagtacacaa gacatgtcct    115620
     cataaaccac cttacaacta ggtacacctt acaactaaag tacaactagg tcatgcctat    115680
     gtcactatat aaattcaaac caggctcatt ctgaaatcat agtcctgtag atgtttctgg    115740
     agaccgcgaa ttatgtagcc tgaggtaggt atggctgcat ttcatttttt aagggaacgc    115800
     tacggggcgg tatgacgccg ttcgttttca cccttaccgg ctgactgctt acctccgtgt    115860
     ggagggcttt cctgctgtaa ccagtttgtc caattggctc gtcgtgtaca tcggcggact    115920
     tgagatgcag agaggagctg accatgatga cagggtttga gtccaggaaa gagcggttcc    115980
     aaaaatcagg taagacaaaa acagaatcca aaaaataaag tgaacgagtt cataacaggg    116040
     tgagaatgtg gtaatatcca aaaacgtagt aaaaatcaga tgagggcttt tctttttctg    116100
     gacagctttt gtaaattgtt ggttgggttc agggaagtaa gcgggcgggc gggtcaatcg    116160
     gtaaaatttg ttgggttcag gtaaggagga gggtgggtca gccgattggc cagttgccca    116220
     gtcaatcatt cagccagtga gacagcagcc tctggtgggt ttatgtgaca acatcggggg    116280
     cgcgaacggc gctttagatt tgagatgtga aaaagcgcac acagcggcct ctagcagaga    116340
     tttacaaacc gggacgtatt tcgcagtctc cagaaacgat catgggacta tgttttcaga    116400
     atgaccctgg gttgtataaa tttgtgtctt tgtaaacccc atcaacaaac acacacacac    116460
     atttgtatat atggtttacg aggactcttc attgatgcaa tgtattctat actgtgaaaa    116520
     acacttatta tatggcctta ccctggtcct aaccttaaac caaccttcag aggaaacctg    116580
     tggcaagatt tgacagccaa acaccacgtt atgtatgatt taagaatttt gaattacgag    116640
     tacacaagac atttcctcat aaaccacctt aattgagtac agcttggtca tacccatgtc    116700
     agtatacaaa tttgtgtcct cacaaacctg taaatcacat aaacaagtgc acgcacacac    116760
     acacacacac acacacacac acaaacatgt ctggtttact atcctggaaa aatctataca    116820
     tagatttttc atacaaactg tatttttcag tgtacctcaa tttaggtccc cacagtcact    116880
     caagttggtg tgaattcagg tttaagtgac cactagtata taaaacacac acacacacac    116940
     actcacacac tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacttac agatgcgctg    117000
     actcccgaga gacaccagga atctgtcccc gagacgaggt ggcaggtcag agctggtaat    117060
     gaccacagtg tctgggccca ttttatgcag tagatccatc acctgaacac aaacattatt    117120
     attcttgtta ataataataa taattgctta atattaatat gcaataaatg gataaaaata    117180
     tatttttttt attattattc atattactac tactactaca acacatacta gatacagtaa    117240
     taataaacaa attcaaaacg tcagtattat tattaacatt attattgcta ttattattaa    117300
     ttaaaagcat gatatactga ataatagtag tgcagaacta ttagaaataa tactgttatg    117360
     ttttatatta caactaatat aataaatgat aataataacc ctcataatca tatcatcatg    117420
     atcaacaagc agttttttat ataaaaaaat attgtattaa ttttatattt tgaaaaagtt    117480
     gtattagttg gcgacatggt ggcgcagtgg gtagcactct cgcctcacag caagaaggtc    117540
     gctggttcga gccttggctg ggtcagttgg catgtctgtg tggagttagc atgttctccc    117600
     catgttcatg agaatttatg gtcgtttccc agtgatgggt tgcaacttgg aagggcatcg    117660
     gctgcataaa acatatgccg gataggttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggcg acccctaata    117720
     attaagggac taagccgaaa agaaaatgaa tgaataaatg aaaactttta tttataacgg    117780
     taacgatagt aatgataaca atagaaattt gtactattag tgatgattca aaataccaat    117840
     tgtttatata tatatatatg ttataaatac atgattgtta aataatacat aataaaaaaa    117900
     aatctaaagt ttgaaaatta attttattat taaaataata ttactacaat caaataacat    117960
     tttatagcat taatatggct atttatattt aatattaatt tcataaaaat agtttgaaaa    118020
     cattattctt aatgttaata acagcaaatg ataaaaaatt atgtaaaaaa taattatata    118080
     acatgatatc caacattaaa atgaaaagga tttgtgtata atttgtattc acaatttctt    118140
     ttctgcttcc gtcctttcta taaaccgact ttcagagtca ttcctcattc atgcattcaa    118200
     tctcacctca acagcatctt tctctgtgct aatattcttc cctgtcagca gcctacaaag    118260
     aacacaaaga gttcagaaaa tgtctagaaa aaatatataa aatgatttgc acgtacaacc    118320
     tcagctgacc accagatggc actccagtac cactcatcta tcagcaaaag ccagcggttt    118380
     gacatttgca gcactgaatc atccaatcac aagagctttt ctactcactc ggcctcaaac    118440
     tggttgggtg tgatgatgtc ggccaccggg accactttat tcttgtacac gggatggaga    118500
     ttctgaggaa catactgcaa gaggacaatg ggtaaagcta tattaaaatc tcattccgaa    118560
     tgctgaagga agaaataaga gggaaaaaat gaaggagagc ttaccattga cccatgatca    118620
     cctaagacag ggtcacaaac tgacaagaag aacagaagaa agctagttac actttaatct    118680
     gcaagtgtta acgtacagtc ctgaactgtt caaactactt cactgtttca gagaaaagtc    118740
     tctttagctc agcagggcta catttattta tgttaggaat aataaagctt taatagtgta    118800
     aaaacgcttg ctattgaaaa taaatataaa attaattcaa attaacaagt aaagctttgt    118860
     tttcggcatc atttttccct tagcatcacc agatctgtca gaaattattc taatgtgctc    118920
     atttggtgtt cattaatatt aatgtcatgc ttgtgctgga taatttatat atacatatat    118980
     attactttta atcaaccagc aaggtttttt ttgactggaa atgacacagg tttttccaaa    119040
     aagacaataa gacgatgtac atgatgcaac attgtgagga aaaaaatgtt tatattttaa    119100
     taaaagtggc ttgtccaaaa ctcttcatat ccttctcaat atagaataga gaagggttta    119160
     tttcctatta cagcaatcaa atgcttgcta taatgtctat aatgtcttgt tttacttgtc    119220
     tacactgtta tttttgctca ttcgtcttta gtgatgagta ggcccagaca gaatctgcga    119280
     gcgcagaatt ccacagattt tccgcagatt tttagcccat cattaattca gtttatttac    119340
     ttgagtaaat gtctttagat atatatttat ttagttttta aattatttac agtcatatta    119400
     ttgactaata tgaaaatgtt catctgattt attagatctt ttagtagatg tatgagagac    119460
     ctgctttgtt taccaaataa agtaaatcta attgggtttg cattttaaac aatgaataaa    119520
     agttacaaat gtattatttt ttatttcaca tattaaggtt ttagttatga tactaccaaa    119580
     ataattccgc agaaatctgc agatttttac tagaattctc tgtagaaata gcaaaaaaca    119640
     tccgcagatt gcgtctggcc ctggcgatga gctccaaccc ttttagatgg aaggtctcct    119700
     tgccgtcacc ctgatcttta gttccctcct cagattctca attggattta tgtcaggact    119760
     ctggctgggc cactcgaaaa tgttaatatt tgatgaagcg ttaatgaatc ttatgttaaa    119820
     gtaactttaa gtcagaattt gccagaggtt tgactgtata tacatataca gtatttaaat    119880
     tgaagatgaa aaactctcat ataattgaaa tgtaacatta tgtatgcatt ataagtggct    119940
     aaggacaaaa gttacccctt acattcattt ttacataaca aagtacaaat gtttcaaggt    120000
     cagaagagtt aagaaatatg tcaaaataaa taaattaaca ttatatatat atatatatat    120060
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attagtcatt    120120
     ttgtggatca atttaatgca tctttgcgga ataaaataat taattgcatt tgtctttttc    120180
     cgaccggatt ttcatcttaa ggtaaggcaa atcttttcaa agtttacaat aatagaaaaa    120240
     aaaacctcaa atgcaaattt ggtgcattta attcaagttg ttagtgcagc tgattgcagt    120300
     attggtaacc tagtaaccag cagtaaacaa ggcaagcata atggagacag ctgattggtc    120360
     attccggtat aatgttcgct atgtcagaga ttattcagca aatatatttc gatctgcaat    120420
     tattcgcata aaaccttttt cgaccaattt cagaaccacc tcaagccaat acttcaaaat    120480
     gcgcattaac acagggtgat taaaactaaa ctacagatgc caaatttggg aaccatttaa    120540
     aaacctgtga aaactacgtg tgtataatgt actttctata tctatgtggc atttctgttc    120600
     actgataacg aaagagagta aaacactcac catatacgag gttaggattg gccctcttca    120660
     gctcttgtac aatatcagca accatctcca ggaatgatgt atctctattg taacctgcag    120720
     caacagagag aaaagagctt ttatcaacac aatttgtttt cctgctggca acttctgatg    120780
     cttgactcca tttgtcccag gtcaaaatgc tcttcctggc ctaagtagaa aaactgacca    120840
     gtcaacacaa gcaagagggt catactcagg ttattctcat tcagcctgag agcatcaaaa    120900
     cgggtacagg tttgtttaag cattcctgaa atagtagttt ttacacaaag tttcagtgct    120960
     aaccattgag ccaccatgcc acccttttat tagtttcaac cttttagtaa aagcctatca    121020
     ttttctttta gtttatactt taaatgaaaa tgagaaatat tagtcaattt gcttaaataa    121080
     aaaacgtttt ttaacaaaac ctttccagtt acatgatttt ggttatccat aacagtgttt    121140
     ctgcaagttt tacgactgta aatacaagat atttctatgt taagctt                  121187