EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX293565; SV 25; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 160930 BP.
AC   BX293565;
DT   12-MAR-2003 (Rel. 75, Created)
DT   06-JUN-2007 (Rel. 92, Last updated, Version 41)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone DKEY-268M13 in linkage group 22
KW   HTG; mbd3b.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160930
RA   Matthews N.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (05-JUN-2007) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; a87cb6fc64601acdf8c57c92112ea855.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000042029; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000042045; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000042091; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000048775; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000061617; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000085913; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00440; SNORD37.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   DKEY-268M13 is from a Zebrafish BAC library
CC   VECTOR: pIndigoBAC-5
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160930
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="22"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DanioKey"
FT                   /clone="DKEY-268M13"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2000
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-195B2"
FT   mRNA            join(BX255931.5:189280..189327,2001..2035,3393..3607,
FT                   5171..5282)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK683017.1"
FT   mRNA            join(BX255931.5:189280..189327,2001..2035,3393..3607,
FT                   5171..5352,5510..5721,5826..5998,6079..6184,6378..6630,
FT                   6743..6938,7137..7503,7577..7930,8206..8388,8488..8620,
FT                   8709..10113)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI427816.1 Em:BQ258623.1
FT                   Em:CD584276.1 Em:CD584298.1 Em:CD599576.1 Em:CK024593.1
FT                   Em:CO918378.1"
FT   CDS             join(2033..2035,3393..3607,5171..5352,5510..5721,
FT                   5826..5998,6079..6184,6378..6630,6743..6938,7137..7503,
FT                   7577..7930,8206..8388,8488..8620,8709..8896)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012313"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P05197 Sw:P58252 Tr:Q6JUB2
FT                   Tr:Q6P3J5 Tr:Q7ZXP8 Tr:Q8C153 Tr:Q9BNX4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXT2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000640"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000795"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005517"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009000"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009022"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014721"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020568"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXT2"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050522-500"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10909.1"
FT   mRNA            join(7972..8388,8488..8620,8709..8930)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK697142.1"
FT   CDS             join(8227..8388,8488..8620,8709..8896)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012314"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXT1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000640"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005517"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009022"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014721"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020568"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXT1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050522-500"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10910.1"
FT   mRNA            join(8402..8620,8709..9287)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK239348.1"
FT   CDS             join(8446..8620,8709..8896)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012315"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXT0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000640"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009022"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXT0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10911.1"
FT                   SKGLDEAIPALHCYLD"
FT   polyA_signal    10086..10091
FT   polyA_site      10113
FT   CDS             join(<12966..13180,16508..16689,16849..17060,17165..17337,
FT                   17418..17523,17643..17895,18007..18202,18296..18653,
FT                   18728..19081,19449..19631,19722..19854,19943..20136)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012316"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P05197 Sw:P13639 Sw:P58252
FT                   Tr:Q6CGD8 Tr:Q6CI99 Tr:Q8C153 Tr:Q8MU83 Tr:Q8T4R9 Tr:Q8T4S0
FT                   Tr:Q9HFZ8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXS9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000640"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000795"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004161"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005225"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR005517"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009000"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009022"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014721"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020568"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10912.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<12966..13180,16508..16689,16849..17060,17165..17337,
FT                   17418..17523,17643..17895,18007..18202,18296..18653,
FT                   18728..19081,19449..19631,19722..19854,19943..20236)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate eukaryotic
FT                   translation elongation factor 2 (EEF2)"
FT   misc_feature    24748
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data."
FT   polyA_site      complement(25266)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(25266..26289,27716..27862,27997..28084,
FT                   28214..28406,30567..30764,30858..30963,31210..31366,
FT                   31919..32038,32246..32898))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI885073.1 Em:BI885452.1
FT                   Em:BM403405.1 Em:BQ260473.1 Em:CD592484.1 Em:CD592559.1
FT                   Em:CN502547.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(25281..25286)
FT   CDS             complement(join(26128..26289,27716..27862,27997..28084,
FT                   28214..28406,30567..30764,30858..30963,31210..31366,
FT                   31919..32038,32246..32862))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012317"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BX70 Sw:Q9H0C5 Tr:Q6GQU7
FT                   Tr:Q6NT96 Tr:Q7TNF6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000210"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011333"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011705"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012983"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013069"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS8"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030829-3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10913.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(30923..30963,31210..31366,31919..32038,
FT                   32230..32447))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate BTB (POZ)
FT                   domain containing family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM775874.1"
FT   mRNA            join(35670..35752,38337..38433,38594..38815,38914..39034,
FT                   41110..41165,41468..41534,41617..41832,42888..43020,
FT                   44182..44741)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel HMG (high mobility group) box domain
FT                   containing protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI943143.1 Em:CB357036.1
FT                   Em:CK706680.1 Em:CN510466.1 Em:CO350054.1"
FT   CDS             join(38356..38433,38594..38815,38914..39034,41110..41165,
FT                   41468..41534,41617..41832,42888..43020,44182..44194)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012318"
FT                   /product="novel HMG (high mobility group) box domain
FT                   containing protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9DC33 Sw:Q9P0W2 Sw:Q9Z104
FT                   Tr:Q6P430 Tr:Q6P854"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009071"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q503Z1"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-4258"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10914.1"
FT   polyA_signal    44716..44721
FT   polyA_site      44741
FT   mRNA            join(61251..61320,61420..61519,63307..63424,63800..63923,
FT                   64009..64079,64294..64348,64820..64849,64996..65191,
FT                   68442..69188,69324..69378,70150..70196,70785..70863,
FT                   74334..74408,74502..74721,77280..77507,77595..77736,
FT                   77822..77991,78512..78627,78730..78893,78972..79125,
FT                   79969..80037,80631..80720,80829..80963,81274..81407,
FT                   81484..81569,83005..83131,84609..84705,86377..86520,
FT                   88315..88398,88624..88701,88806..88894,88977..89129,
FT                   89204..89327,95534..95563,96335..96391,96583..96663,
FT                   100284..100431,105794..105886,107506..107665,
FT                   107757..108045)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate unc-13
FT                   homolog A (C. elegans) (UNC13A)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA377199.1"
FT   CDS             join(61251..61320,61420..61519,63307..63424,63800..63923,
FT                   64009..64079,64294..64348,64820..64849,64996..65191,
FT                   68442..69188,69324..69378,70150..70196,70785..70863,
FT                   74334..74408,74502..74721,77280..77507,77595..77736,
FT                   77822..77991,78512..78627,78730..78893,78972..79125,
FT                   79969..80037,80631..80720,80829..80963,81274..81407,
FT                   81484..81569,83005..83131,84609..84705,86377..86520,
FT                   88315..88398,88624..88701,88806..88894,88977..89129,
FT                   89204..89327,95534..95563,96335..96391,96583..96663,
FT                   100284..100431,105794..105886,107506..107665,
FT                   107757..108045)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012319"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate unc-13
FT                   homolog A (C. elegans) (UNC13A)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q62768 Sw:Q9UPW8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXS6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000008"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002219"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR010439"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014770"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014772"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR019558"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027080"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10915.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(115147..115305,115391..115471,
FT                   115728..115902,117273..117573,119733..>119829))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate myosin 5
FT                   family"
FT   CDS             complement(join(115147..115305,115391..115471,
FT                   115728..115902,117273..117573,119733..>119829))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012310"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate myosin 5
FT                   family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q02440 Sw:Q99104 Sw:Q9QYF3
FT                   Sw:Q9ULV0 Tr:Q811F6 Tr:Q91X59 Tr:Q9H6Y6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR002710"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018444"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10916.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<129801..130040,138952..139108,
FT                   139242..139562,139637..139723,139801..139898,
FT                   140038..140169,140257..140340,140423..140548,
FT                   140629..140769,141556..141637,141710..141978,
FT                   142146..142258,142336..142434,142881..142968,
FT                   143440..143583,143662..143818,145250..145394,
FT                   145634..145802,146674..>146784))
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate myosin 5
FT                   family"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<129801..130040,138952..139108,
FT                   139242..139562,139637..139723,139801..139898,
FT                   140038..140169,140257..140340,140423..140548,
FT                   140629..140769,141556..141637,141710..141978,
FT                   142146..142258,142336..142434,142881..142968,
FT                   143440..143583,143662..143818,145250..145394,
FT                   145634..145802,146674..>146784))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012309"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate myosin 5
FT                   family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P70569 Sw:Q02440 Sw:Q99104
FT                   Sw:Q9NQX4 Sw:Q9QYF3 Sw:Q9ULV0 Tr:Q811F6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXS4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000048"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001609"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10917.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(149429)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(149429..150541,153475..153627,
FT                   156394..156571,160373..160463,160548..>160685))
FT                   /gene="mbd3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.8-001"
FT                   /product="methyl-CpG binding domain protein 3b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AY238338.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(149444..149449)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(150046..150541,153475..153655))
FT                   /gene="mbd3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.8-002"
FT                   /product="methyl-CpG binding domain protein 3b"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI558607.1 Em:BU492992.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(153480..153627,156394..156571,
FT                   160373..160463,160548..>160685))
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="mbd3b"
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-268M13.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000012311"
FT                   /product="methyl-CpG binding domain protein 3b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7ZZR0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LXS3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001739"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR025884"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LXS3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9792"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK10918.1"
FT   misc_feature    160930
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: DKEY-268M13"
SQ   Sequence 160930 BP; 49368 A; 29652 C; 30219 G; 51691 T; 0 other;
     gtgttcacta gaataaagaa acaaacaggt ttgtgatgaa tgaaagggtt agtaaattca        60
     ttcattcatt ttctattcgc cacagcggaa tgaaccacca acttatccag caaatgtttt       120
     atgcagtgga tgtccttcca gctgcaacgc agttctggga aacatccata cactctcatt       180
     cacacacaca catacactga caattttatc ttacctaatt cacctattca atagttctgc       240
     tgttttttgc tgggcaaaaa ccagcagact gaggaacagc tctttcccca gagctgtctc       300
     ccttttgaac tctgcccctc actgtctctt ttgcccccct attacaccca ccactctcct       360
     ctaagttttg ctcttcacaa tcactgcact attcaacatg tgcacattta aaaattgtac       420
     atattcattg cactacattg cactgattca cttatttgaa ctgtacatac ccacagcata       480
     tggacatctg tagttatata cacactgata catttgtaat tatgtttatc tatctgcaca       540
     cttctaatta ttaatagcaa actgtacata tattcattta ttgcaaatct ctgttcatag       600
     ctaatacaac ctatacataa tgatcatagt acaatcatct gtaaacatca ccatagtttt       660
     tctataactg cactttataa cttgtatacc tgtatcctgc gcttgctact attgcactgc       720
     tggttagacc taaactgcaa ttcgttgcct tgtattgtac atgtgtaatg acaataaagt       780
     tgaatctaat ctaatctaat ctatagcgca tgtcttttgg acttgtgggg aaaacacatc       840
     tttaacatct ctctgttaaa cagcacttgg taaacatttt aaaaagaagg ctaataattt       900
     tgccttcatt ggtaagttgt acactaaaga taaacataaa aactgtgcat caaaatattt       960
     atttactcca aaaattatta aaatgcattt taaaagtggg tcaaaatagg ccaaacttat      1020
     ggggcacaca tatcaatttt agcatctggg ccaaatattg gcatctgggc caaatattga      1080
     catctggtcc atgtcttaca gacggtgcca ccacttccaa acctgggcca tgtttgagcc      1140
     acatgctgta tgccagagcc ggatgaatgg ctgctgtgcc agctttatgt caaatctggg      1200
     ccagaattct ttgctacctg ggaatgaatt gccagaccaa cacccagatc attacaaaca      1260
     cacattatct ctctctatat atatatatat tttttttttt ttttaaacaa ataaataaaa      1320
     caaatgatgt tttatggtag ctttaatcca tcttttgtat gctatataac agtttatacg      1380
     aaccatatgt aattgaggaa aaccttaatt aatgcgtaat taccatcgct acaatttaag      1440
     gctaactaca ataaccatga ttttcttctt cagtaaaacc ttgtaaaaag tgacatgtgg      1500
     agtaacttga caacaaaatg gttccagtca gaacacaacg cactacttca atatcctaac      1560
     tgtatgatct tgtaaataca tttccgatta atatcacctc taccgattgc attctgtatc      1620
     tcaactacac ggaaaaatca acaattgaat gatagcgtaa aacctaaaac agtaactgca      1680
     agactttaca acagaaatta taaaggcgtc ctgattttag ggatgaggcg ccacctgctg      1740
     gcggaaaagt aacattttta aaatgcacat attacattgt actttctaga tttcagtgtc      1800
     aacgtgagta cattaataaa agacgacaga cttttctttt agaggttaat taacagtttt      1860
     tcacctttaa acgtgaacaa tgcactgacg tcattacgta cgaaacgtag agcgcgcgct      1920
     tggtatatat attcatgagc gtagacgtca tcggtctctt tgactgtgtc cgccgtggta      1980
     ggcggcatga tagtgaattc actgttaaac gaatccaaaa acatcaggca aaatggtgag      2040
     tcgatttaat aagttattta ttttatacgt tagtaacctt atgcagtttg acgttttgtt      2100
     gcgatttaac cctttagaat ggttaaaata gactaaaatg aaagcgcagt acatgctgtt      2160
     tcggaagtga ctggtttgaa ttaacttttg tctttagaag ttttttttca gacaaataat      2220
     gtttaaaaga gtttagtcat ttgatatttt aatccattat cagtgtaatg ttagcgtgta      2280
     gcagctatca taagagcact tgcgttactt tttgcttcct gttttagtta aagtctagtt      2340
     aactgtattc tcaactcagt gtttttagag cttaattttt catgttcaaa acttttcact      2400
     agttctttgg aactcagaaa aaaaaatcgt attcccatag tttataatat agtaagcagt      2460
     agtaatcaca gtaaatgata atctaaatac atgatttgtt ttattgaaac agacctcatt      2520
     actcttgatt aaaagttgtg attttcacac gttagttgta agaattcaga attcattata      2580
     tttactccga aaatatccta aaagtgtgtg tgtgtgtata tatatatata tatatatata      2640
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa gaaattatct cagtatattt atgaatatat      2700
     aagctgtgac atttattctg tgactgacca taagttattt ctgagcaaac agtcagtcta      2760
     ttcagactgc agaaatgcat actatgcaaa cattagtttt gcttttctat gttcaccata      2820
     aagggacaaa tcaaccatcc ggttgagcac gttttgaacg tgaagtttgt gaagttaggg      2880
     cacttagacg gtaatgtgta ataaaaatac aaaatctgct tgccttgcaa attttagtct      2940
     ccctcagtgc aacattgttt acagccgaat aaatagtgct agtgttgttc agttgatact      3000
     tgcatgttat ttcagaccga atatttaagg tatggtaaac aatacaggga tcatgttaaa      3060
     agttgtcact aaaagtgtgg gaatgtaaaa ccaacttcac attattctta ccctccactt      3120
     gtactttacc cgtttgagtt tttgctatgg atcttaatga acatcagttt caacataaat      3180
     gaataaataa aactacccag ttaaaagctt tctttttttt atatatatat atatatatat      3240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatttat atatatatat atatgagtaa      3300
     taactttaag catagtaaaa ggttaccaag tagtgaattt taaaactaga aatatgcctc      3360
     ctttcatatt tctccttatt ttacttcttt aggagaactt caatgtagac cagatccgtg      3420
     ccaccatgga caagaagtcc aacatccgta acatgtctgt aataggagct tttgatcacg      3480
     gcaaatcaac tttgacagat tggctggtgt caaaagctgg tatcgtcagc tcagcccgtg      3540
     ctggagaaac ccgtttcatg gatacgaggc gtgatgaaca agagcgttgc atcaccatca      3600
     agtcaacgtg agtattaagg tcagactact aaattttttc cctgatttcg gcccaatttg      3660
     ctcggcaaag tgttgtgggg attcgtaaat gtcaaattgt tgctatgatg cgagattcag      3720
     ttatttcttc tcgtgtagtg ttagtgcacg acaactgatg ccatgtctgc gacgcttcac      3780
     gacatcatcc cgtcaagcct tcagcccggt aagtactgga atttgcatct aaactaacaa      3840
     accactcaat gatgcactcg gatggggctg ggcaatatga tattgacgat atacatcact      3900
     atagatttaa tatgttaata taattacata attttaaagt tatttgttag ccacattttt      3960
     cagttgtcaa aacaagccaa gtagtgtttc aaagtggctc accggccact ttattaagta      4020
     caccttacta gtactgggtt ggaccccctt atgactttag aattgcctta atccttcatg      4080
     acatagattc aacaaggtac tgaaaatatt cctctaagat tttggtctat gttgacatga      4140
     tggcatcatg cagttgctgc agatttgtag gctgcacatg aaacaaatga atggacagga      4200
     catggttggc aacaatactc gggtatttga catcagtggc gttgttcgtt gcagaagttg      4260
     ggactttgtc aactttttaa atgcagacgg aagtttccac caatcagatc actgtatgca      4320
     aatacaccag ctcagacagt agccaattgc tgactagttt tattggctga cactaactat      4380
     ttcatcagcc ccaacttcag acacaccctc tatcaagtgt tgatgctgaa gccctgtgtg      4440
     cattgggcat tatgtttcaa tgcacaaatt ttagtgacaa gtccgcactg tttactgtac      4500
     tgagccctaa ttactgtacg atgtattttg cgacaccatg aaatggaaca taatatatga      4560
     aactatattg tggccttgag atacatgtat tttgtcatat cgcacagccc taatttcagt      4620
     gagttttgga atcagcatgt caacttttaa ccactcatta gtttgtcatt ctctttgcga      4680
     attattattc atatgtattt tttttttttt tttttttagt gaacgtatct ttaaaggtaa      4740
     ccaaccagct atctgctaaa agtttccttg tcaggttgaa gtaacatttg catttgtgag      4800
     cgcatcgctg atttaattta taaccatcgc tgggaatctg cttctgcagc tctttctgcc      4860
     acagaatgca tttaatcatc taaagttttt attcataaag cacatctata tattttgtaa      4920
     attgctgtgt gttggaaaca cttgaacgca catcatagac gtcatgcaaa gattgactgt      4980
     gaaccaacgt gtagtctggc atattgagta cccacaacac atcaagataa ctcaaaataa      5040
     ccattcataa ttaaacaaaa ttacatagtc tgaacgggtc taaaggcata ttgtatattg      5100
     caagactgaa atataaacct taaatccaca aacgttttaa taaatggact ttcccaattt      5160
     acccacacag gaccatctcc atattctatg agcttgctga aaaggatttg gctttcatta      5220
     aagagtgcaa agatggctcc ggcttcctcc tcaacctgat tgactcccct gggcatgttg      5280
     acttttcttc agaagttaca gctgcactgc gtatcacaga tggagcattg ctggtggtgg      5340
     attgtgtgtc tggtatgtgc agaaatagtt tttttgtttg tttttcccaa atgaccgttt      5400
     tattaatcaa agacttcctt ggtataattt gatttgcatg ctttactttg attctgtaac      5460
     taaatctata gttttttggg ccgcttataa aaatgtcatt gtttggcagg tgtgtgctta      5520
     cagacagaga ctgtgctcag acaggccatt ggtgagagga ttaaaccagt tttgatgatt      5580
     aacaaaatgg atcgagcttt gctcgagcta cagttggtcc ctgaagagct gtaccagatc      5640
     tttcagcgca ttgttgagaa agtcaacgtg accatctcca cctatgctga ggatgagaaa      5700
     ggccctatgg gcaatgtcat ggtgagtgcc tcaaggctcc gtcatgggtc cattaatgct      5760
     ttctgtttta tctctgggct tatttctaat attcattgtg aatgttttta acatcctgat      5820
     cttagattga tcctgtcatt ggtaatcttg ccttcggatc tggactgcat ggatgggcct      5880
     tcactttgaa gcagtttgct gagctctatg tgaaaaagtt cgctggtaaa gctcagctgg      5940
     gaccggaaga gtacatcaag aaggtggagg acatgataaa gagactttgg ggcgacaggt      6000
     gagaggatgt tccaacacaa ctgaatgaat gtaatcttgc atttctgtac gtgacatttt      6060
     tatggccatt gtttgcagct actttgactc tactactggc aagttcagtg agtctgcgac      6120
     atcgccagat ggcaagaagc ttcccaggac ttttgttcac ttagtcctgg accccatctt      6180
     caaagtgagg aaactagcaa caattctgtt tttaatgcaa gccattgatg atgatttaaa      6240
     cattcttcac tttgacctga atatcttgtg atgagaattt tcaatctgat atggcaataa      6300
     caaagtatat taacttaatg gtcatgtgca aacggatatt acatagagat tacatcttat      6360
     tcttccccac tctaaaggta tttgatgcca tcatgaactt caaaaaggag gaaactgtaa      6420
     agctgattga gaagatgggc atcaagctag atgtggagga caaggagaag gagggaaaaa      6480
     tcctactgaa ggctgtgatg cgttgctggc tcccggctgg agaggctctg cttcagatga      6540
     tcaccatcca cctgccctca ccggttactg ctcagattta ccgctgtgag ctgctgtatg      6600
     aaggacctgg agatgatgag gctgccatgg gtatgttttg ctttttgagt ataaaaactg      6660
     tagcaaggaa atcctcatgt tctgtaactt tatcaagttt gtgcttgtag ttaaagcctg      6720
     aatgttttgt ttgttttctc aggcatcaag aattgtgatc ctaaagcacc tctcatgatg      6780
     tacatttcta aaatgatacc aacatctgac aaaggttgtt tttatgcgtt tggtcgcgtc      6840
     ttctctggct gtgtctccac tggcctgaat gtgcgcatta tggggccaaa cttcacccct      6900
     ggaaaagagg aggatcttta cctgaaaccc atccaaaggt cctttttttt tttttttttc      6960
     tccctatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      7020
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatataaa tttgtctcac tttttaataa aattgttagg      7080
     taatgtgaat aaccatttat ttgtgaattt tttttgcatg tttttgtgtt tttcaggact      7140
     gttctaatga tgggtcgcta cgttgaaccc attgaagatg tgccctgcgg caatattgta      7200
     ggtctgttag gggtggatca gtttttggta aagactggaa ccatcactac tttcacaaaa      7260
     gcctacaata tgcgtgtgat gaagtttagt gtcagtcctg cggtgagagt gtccgtggag      7320
     gtcatggacc ctgctgacct tcctaaactg gtggagggat tgaagcatct ggccaagtca      7380
     gatcccatgt tgcaatgcat cattgaggat actggtgaac atatcattgc tggagctggt      7440
     gagcttcact tggagatttg ccttaaggat cttgaagagg accatgcctg cattcccctc      7500
     aaggtaccaa tggctagtcc aatcggcaac acattatacc aactatgatt gttctctaac      7560
     atgctgttct ttacagaaat cagatccatt tgcttcctac agagagacag tcagtgatgg      7620
     ctccaaacaa ttgtgccttg ccaagacgcc aaacaagcac agtcgtctct tcatgaaggc      7680
     ctgtcctctg gctgatggtc ttgcagaaga tattgataag ggtcgggtca ctgccagcca      7740
     ggagatgaat gcccgtgccc aataccttgc tgaaaactat aagtgggaag tgactgaagc      7800
     tcgtaagatc tggtgctttg gccctgaggg aactggaccc aacatcttgg tagatttgac      7860
     caagagagtg caatacttga atgagattaa agacagtgtg attgctggat ttcagtgggc      7920
     cactagagag gtatgataaa agcacaacat ttattcattg tattataact ctaatgtaag      7980
     acagttttac ctttctttat aatctagagt gtcctttgga ttctctaagg tgaacgccac      8040
     cttgataaat tttgcatctt tacacctttc tgggattttc taaattgcaa agactaattt      8100
     ggttatgttc aattggatta agatgtccct ctataatcaa ctagacacct tttgctttag      8160
     tttgagtcac tgctttgttt tatttaagtg ttttgtgctt tctagggagt cttgtgcgca      8220
     gagaacatgc gtgggattcg ctttgaaatt catgatgcaa ctttgacttc tactgccatt      8280
     caccgtggtc caggtcaaat aattgttgca acccgccgag tgctttacgg atgtcagctc      8340
     acagctgaac caaggcttag tgagccgata tacctggtgg agatgcaggt ataaaagtag      8400
     cattaaaact cctgcttatt gatcttttaa tgccaatggt atttgatgcc aatctctaat      8460
     tgtaccacat ttgttatctg cctacagtgc ccaaagtcag ttattggtaa catttatggt      8520
     gaactggtca ggaggcgtgg agtagtgttt tcagagtccc aggttatggg aactcctgtt      8580
     tatttgctca aggcttactt gcctgtcagc gagtcatttg gtgagtgaag ctggaaaaat      8640
     cttggcttgt cttctccagt tcatgatttg ttacatagtg tgaaaggttt ctcctttttt      8700
     ttctgcaggt tttacagctg accttcgctt ctacacatct ggccaagcct tctcacagtg      8760
     tgtgtttgat cattggcaga tattgcctgg agatccattg gatcctacct ctaaagctgc      8820
     tcatattatg gctgatatac gaaagagcaa gggcctcgat gaagccattc cagctttaca      8880
     ttgctacttg gactaattgt aggtttacat aaggtttaca atgtgcacag actttaaatc      8940
     ttgtatttaa gcacttagac ctttataagt ctgaccaccc tttaacttgc ataggaaaga      9000
     aaatgccact ttttagagaa atgcttcaga tgtgctaaac accttcctga tactggcagg      9060
     ttctctgaat agttaaattc ctcttatgtc aaacctataa ttcaatttgc acatgtatga      9120
     aaaatggcaa gagattaacc tgagcattaa cgaaaggcac tttctgaaat taatttagac      9180
     caggcatgac cacactgtat atacttaatg ctgaatgggt ccctatttta atagattgtg      9240
     aaattttaaa ctccactagg tgaagatttt atactaagag cactttttat tttcatttta      9300
     aatgcatttt caagaagaat taacatcata ttgaactgag aaagtatatt aaataaaacg      9360
     acactaaatt aatgttgatc ttgccattaa atagccagga gttgttgatg tggctgtaaa      9420
     caaacttgaa ggtttactcc tactacataa ctaatgactt gttgtctgcc ttacgaaggc      9480
     acctattatc agggtttccc actctttcat gaacggcaat ttcgaggaat ttttaaagca      9540
     ccattaattt taaatcaaac atcattaaac ttcctcagct tatgtagcac cttaagttct      9600
     tactgtactt taacatttcc cttacactta atatttaaaa gtatcagagt aatgataaac      9660
     agtcttgttc aaacaacttt aatacaattt gtttaattta acactggtaa tattcaacta      9720
     tggtctgtga atttcccagt ttttgttcag tttctgaaag cagaactgta cagttgttga      9780
     aataactcca gaaattcaag cacttttaag agcctacatt tgtttgtaga tgggcttgaa      9840
     ttcatatgta tttaagaagc atggggacct tgtattatgg agcaacaggc taatgatggg      9900
     atttcttaat tcctagtgta agtttgtgat ttgtgctgaa acttaatgta atgaattgga      9960
     gaaggtactg ttggaatatg catgtactga gtatgaattg atattttgta attgttaaat     10020
     gttagaagtc aacctccatg ttaatgcaag gaggctggaa gtcttgtttt ttttaactct     10080
     gcaaaaataa aatgtaaaac ctgtttgatc agcaatgcaa cgtctcttct ttttcataaa     10140
     aatttaaaaa atgtgtaatt taatataggc tgtttaacct gttaaatgta ttgcaggtct     10200
     attcctccca gttatacttt caattgtgcc atgtaaatta tcctgtcgat tgttctattt     10260
     aaagattatt gatattacta cataataata aatgtaaatc agagtcttaa aattacactc     10320
     ttcacactta taagtgtact gtgtgagatt gctgagatag ctttacaaat gatctggcta     10380
     gaacccaaga tttgccgtag ttgatatgat ctaaggcagt ggtgtccaga cttggtcctg     10440
     gagggcctgt catgcatagt ttacctttct taaattcacc tgccttggag tttcaaaaat     10500
     atacctagaa gagcttgatt agctgcctca ggtgtgacta atttagggtt gatttaaggt     10560
     tcaaacaaaa cctatttaga tttattgaaa taaaaaaggt agtttgtaac aaagacaata     10620
     acaaaactaa aggaggttat gtgcactgtc aaatgctttc ttcacaaaat gactctttcc     10680
     atctactttt tttaatctat cgtagatctc aaactcaatt cctggagggc ggcagctctg     10740
     cacagttttg ctctaaatca aacgcagcgg atgcaactaa tttaggtgtt caagacgctt     10800
     ttgaacactt ctattatttg tgtcagatgt gtttgatatg gttggagcaa aactgcagag     10860
     ctgtgcccct ccaggaattc agttttagac ctatgatcta catcagaggt gctcaactgt     10920
     gttcctgcag atttcagttg caatcaaacc atatcaaaca cacctgcctg taattatcaa     10980
     gtgctgttca ggtcctaatt aattggttca ggtgtgttgg atcagggttg gagctaaaat     11040
     ctctaagata gatgccactg atctgcattt ttttcaaatg gatacacaca tttgctaaac     11100
     gtgcagacaa acttgtgtgc acaaatgagt aggatgaact ttttatgtga taaggaaaaa     11160
     tgcaaattaa cttcagcttg tgtgatggac aaatataatt taatcaaaat atgtacattt     11220
     tataataact ggcagcagtg gctgctagga aattacctca aatatgtgtt agcaagatat     11280
     taggttttta tagatagaac atgacgtaaa gctgactaaa attagttttc tacatcttgc     11340
     actaagttga caaccacaag taaatattaa cacgatgcgc aaggtaaata tcaaaggaat     11400
     acaaaacata actgcacagt tccattctgt atcacaacta caagaaaaag gtaaacaagt     11460
     gattgatact gactgtaaaa taacttatag acataacaga aactacagag gcgtcaagat     11520
     tttaaggaag cgaaataaaa aaaataataa atgcatatat tagtgatatt ataatgcatt     11580
     ttctgtagat ttttgtgtca gtgtgaatta attttaaaaa ttactaaacc aaagtgaaga     11640
     atgacccgac gtcattacgt acaaaatgta gaacgcgcga cataatcggc ggttccgccc     11700
     tatattttac agtctttggt tccgccctgg taggcggcgt gaaagtgcat tcactgttga     11760
     gtgaatgcaa aaacattaga caaaatggta agtcgattta tgaaattata tgcaatagtt     11820
     aacctacagt tggcatgtag tttcgtttta agcaccaaca ttgactataa tgagggtgac     11880
     gtacatgcta tcagaagtga ctcgtttgaa ttgctttcgt ctatatacgt ttttttagac     11940
     aaataatgtt taaaagagtt tggtcatttg attatttaat ccagtattag cttattagcg     12000
     tttagcagct atcataagag aactttactg tttcctgttc tgactgtttt attgaaagtc     12060
     tgtcagcttt atttattctc agctcggtgt ttttagtgct ttaatttttc atattcaact     12120
     tttcacaagt tttttttaga attcagaaat atttaaaaat ccatattttc atagttaata     12180
     atatagtaag tatagtaatt acaagtaatc taaacgcatt gtttattaga acagacatca     12240
     ttcttattaa aacgaggtta atgtgaaggt gtttgttata tatggatatt acctattaat     12300
     aaagtcctag aaaatggcaa gatatgaacc tctgattctg aatttagtag tacatccagg     12360
     cttatcgatt ggtagtcgat ggtgttaagt agggtgtatt gccttattat ataggggtaa     12420
     gttaatatat ataatattat ataataattc acacagaaat aaaaattggc gtgatttact     12480
     tgccctcatt gagggaaagt tggttttata ttcacacatt cacacgttat ccctattata     12540
     atttcagaaa agtattcttt gcaaattcta agtgaaatcg tattagcagc cagtgactac     12600
     caaagtacaa cattgttccc agtcaaataa tacaaatcat acttgcatgt tatttcagac     12660
     cgaatattca aggcatcatg gtaaacaata tagggagtgt gttacaaatg gtcactaaag     12720
     gaatttgtga atataaaacc aactttacat caatcttact ctgtcttgtg cttaacctgt     12780
     ttgagttttt gctatggatg tcaatggaca tccgttttca acattaatga atgaacaaag     12840
     ctaccttgtt aaaaattgtc ttttttttag caataaattt aaggatagaa aaaggatact     12900
     aagtagcata ctttaaaact agaaatatgc ctccttttaa atttctccta attttacttc     12960
     tttaggagaa cttcaatgta gaccagatcc gtgccaccat ggacaagaag tccaacatcc     13020
     gtaacatgtc tgtaatagga gcttttgatc acggcaaatc aactttgaca gattggctgg     13080
     tgtcaaaagc tggtatcgtc agctcagcct gtgctggaga aacccgattt atggatacga     13140
     ggcgtgatga acaagagcgt tgcatcacca tcaagtcaac gtgagtatta aggtcagact     13200
     actaaatttt tcacagattt tgcctaattt gcttggcaaa gtgttgtggg gattcgtaaa     13260
     tgacaaactg ccgtcgtgat gtgagattca atcatttctt cttgtgtagt gtgtcatagt     13320
     gtatgacaac caatgccatg tctgcgacat ttcacaacat catcccttca aggcttcagc     13380
     ccggtgagta ctagaattag cacgtaaact aacaaaccac tccatgatgt tcttggatag     13440
     ggctgggcga tatgacatct cctatcacaa gatacaatct acatcactat agattcagtc     13500
     agttaacata atacagaatt gaaaagttat ttgctagcca tatacactta cgggccactt     13560
     tattaggtat actttactag tacagtggtg accacctttt gccttcagaa ctactttaat     13620
     ccttcgtggc atagactcag caaggtactg gaaatattcc tcagagattt tggtctatgt     13680
     tgacatgata gcatcacaca gttgctgcag atttgtcggc tgcacatcca tgatgcgaat     13740
     ctcgcgtttt aactcatgct taaggtgctc tgttggattg agatctggtg actgtgaagg     13800
     ccgtttgagt gcagtgaact cattgtcatg ttcaaaaaaa cagtctgaga tgattcacgc     13860
     tttatgacat ggcttgttat cctgctggaa gtagccatca gatgagtaca ctgtggtcat     13920
     agagggatgg acatggtcag caacaatact caggtaggct gtggcgttga cacaatgctc     13980
     aattggtact aatgggccca aagtgtgcca agataatttg ccctacacca ttacaccacc     14040
     accaccagcc taaactgttg atacaaggca ggatggagcc atgctttcat gttgttgacg     14100
     gaagattctg accctaccat ctgaatcttg cagcagaaat caagacacct caatcaagac     14160
     accttagacc aggcagcatt ttttacaatc ttctattgtc cagttttcgt gagcctgtgt     14220
     aaattgtagc tagtttcctg tgcttggctg acaggagtgg cacctggtgt ggttttctgc     14280
     tgctgtagcc catctgcctc aaggttggac gtgttgtgcg ttcaaagatg ctcttctgca     14340
     gacctctgtt gtaacgagtt gtggcgaata aaatgttctc ccattttctc aaagtgccac     14400
     taggaggcgc tgctctgttc tgccctccct cgagcttcca aaacctttct tccggggtcg     14460
     ggaggaaacg gaagatcagg tacacaatag aagaccataa aagggggtgt tgagggttgc     14520
     tccggggtgt tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg ttgttattgt tgttagagct gctgttggag     14580
     ttgctgtcat ctttgctgtt tttttattcg tgtgttggtg gtgaaatcgt gggggagaaa     14640
     agacgtgaaa caagaaagat acaaaggtga agagctgttg gctttgaaga tggaggtgtg     14700
     acgataaata ctgtggtgtg aaagtgatgg tggacaggct gaccagaaaa ctacacaagc     14760
     gattaagtgc gaaggggtct gcaggatctt atggggatcg aaagcaaagg tggatctgta     14820
     ccgagtcagc gttgtttgcc gggtcagtta tttaggtcat tcacattcat tcatacaccc     14880
     atacaatcca cacccattgc aactcaattt cacaaacttt ctttacattt ctctttctct     14940
     ctggtttctg ttacctcagc cacacgttat tattgtttgt ttgattgatt gtttgtttgt     15000
     ttgatgtttt ctttctttta ttttattgac ttatttaact taagcagtga taattttttt     15060
     gttgttaaaa atcgtcaacc aagattgaac agtggtgaaa aaaactagtt attatttaga     15120
     aaatatatat atttgttgta ctgtgtgtta aaaatacaac agttgatttc atttaaagtg     15180
     tgttgcgttg ttattattta tccttttgtt tttcattgtg tatggtggtt gaatgccagc     15240
     cgtggctaac cagggtatta gtaaatgttt ttctttttgg caaggtaatc ttgtctggcg     15300
     cccaaagttt aattaaacat attgatacct aatatttttt ttgtttgagg tccactggga     15360
     gtgagattaa gggccgtgaa actctgaaac ttcccagtga tcacttggac aagtggttga     15420
     acgatggact gtggtgcagg cggacctgtg ttcgaatccc accaaaattg tttttttgaa     15480
     atttcttttt atttttcttc attcaagtta tatataaacc taattattac taccaaccac     15540
     cattacagag tggttctttg agttactatt gcctttcttt cagctcgaac aagtctggcc     15600
     attctcctct gacctctggc attaacaagt catttgtgcc cacagaactg ccgctcactg     15660
     gatattttct ctctttcgga ccattctctg taaaccctag agatggttgt gcttgaaaat     15720
     cccagtagat cagtcgtttc tgaaatcaat ttgcaaacat tttgaaaaat gggcaagagc     15780
     aaactataaa ctttagtgac aagtcatcac actcaaccat ttactgtact gtactgcacc     15840
     gagccctaat tgccataaac aatgtatttt gcaaaaccat gaaaaacaat acagcgaaaa     15900
     atgaaactgt tttgttttat attatgaaca atatttcatc catacaataa atcgtcatat     15960
     cgcacagccc tgttttctgt tttagaatta gcatgtaaat tttaaccact cattatgttc     16020
     tcattctctt tgcgatctaa ttaattttat atgaacgtat ctttaaaggt aaccagctat     16080
     ctgctaaaaa tttccttgtc agtttgattt gaagtaacat tagcgtttgt gagcatatcg     16140
     ctgatttatt tacagccatc actgggaatc tacttctgca gctctttctg ccacagaatg     16200
     catctactca tctacagttt tgttcagaaa gctatgtatt aggtaaattg ctgtctgtcg     16260
     gaaacacttg aacgcacagt ataaacgtca tgtgatgatt gactgcaaac caacttgtag     16320
     tctggcatgt ttgttaccca cgacacatca agattttatc tagacaagtt tgcttaaact     16380
     gacagtcatg ataaaaatga tgtagtctga atgggtctca aggcatattg tatattgcaa     16440
     gactgaaata taaaccttaa gtctacaaac attttaataa atatactttc accgtttgcc     16500
     cacacagtgc tatctccata ttctatgagc ttgctgataa ggatttggct ttcattaaag     16560
     agtgcaaaga tggctccggc ttcctcctca acctgattga ctcccctggc catgttgact     16620
     tctcttcaga agttacagct gcactgcgta tcacagatgg agcattgctg gtggtggatt     16680
     gtgtgtctgg tatgtgcaga aatagcagtt ttgattttta aatcactgtt ttattaatca     16740
     aagacttcct tggtataatt ttgatagtca tgcctaatat atgaattctg taacttgaac     16800
     ttgagctctc ttggaggctt attaaaatgt caaattgctg tttagcaggt gtgtgcttac     16860
     agacagagac tgtgctcaga caggccattg gtgagaggat taaaccagtt ttgatgatta     16920
     acaaaatgga tcgagctttg ctcgagctac agttgggccc tgaagagctg taccagatct     16980
     ttcagcgcat tgttgagaaa gtcaacgtga ccatctccac ctatgctgag gatgagaaag     17040
     gccctatggg caacgtcatg gtgagtgcct caaggctccg tcatgggtcc attaatgctt     17100
     tctgttttat ctgtgggctt atttctaata ttcattgtga atgtttttaa catcctgatc     17160
     ttagattgat cctctcattg gtaatcttgc ctttggatct ggactgcatg gatgggcctt     17220
     cactttgaag cagtttgctg agctctatgt gaaaaagttc gctggtaaag ctcagctggg     17280
     acctgaagag tacatcaaga aggtggagga catgatgaag aaactttggg gcaacaggtg     17340
     agaggatgtt ccaacacaac tgaatgaatg taatgttgca tttttgtacg tgacatttta     17400
     tgtccatttg tttgcagcta ctttgactct actactggca agttcagtga gtctgcgaca     17460
     tccccaaatg gcaagaagct tcccaggact tttgttcaac tagtcctgga ccccatcttc     17520
     aaagtgagaa aactagcaac aattctgttt ttaatgcaag ccattgatga tgatttaaac     17580
     attcttcact ttgacctgaa tatctatatt acatagagat cttattcttc gccactataa     17640
     aggtatttga tgccatcatg aacttcaaaa aggaagaaac tgcaaagctg attgagaaga     17700
     tgggcatcaa gctagatgca gaggaggaga agatggaggg caaactccta ctgaaggctg     17760
     tgatgcgccg ctggctgcag gctggagagg ctctgcttca gatgatcacc atccacctgc     17820
     cctcaccggt tactgcccag atttaccgct gtgagctcct gtatgaagga cctggagatg     17880
     atgaggctgc catgggtatg ttctgctttt tgagtataaa actgtagcaa ggaaatcctc     17940
     atgttctgta actatatcga gtttgtactt gtagtaaaag cctgaatgtt ttgtttgttt     18000
     actcaggcat caagaattgt gaccctaaag cacctctcat gatgtacatt tctaaaatgg     18060
     taccaacatc tgacaaaggt tgtttttatg cgtttggtcg cgtcttctct ggctgtgtct     18120
     ccactggcct gaatgtgcgc attatggggc ccaacttcac ccctggaaaa aaggatgatc     18180
     tttacctgaa acccatccaa aggtaagtta ttttgttttg tatttccatg aaacttttag     18240
     gtatggtgaa taaccattta tttgtgaatt gcctacatgt ttttgtgttt ttcaggactg     18300
     ttctaatgat gggtcgctac gttgaaccca ttgaagatgt gccctgcggc aatattgtag     18360
     gtctgttagg ggtggatccg tttttggtaa agactggaac catcactact ttcacaaaag     18420
     cctacaatat gcgtgtgatg aagtttagtg tcagtcctgt ggtgagagtg tccgtggagg     18480
     tcatggaccc tgctgacctt cctaaactgg tggagggatt gaagcatctg gccaagtcag     18540
     atcccatgtt gcaatgcatc ttcgaggatt ctggtgagca tatcattgct ggagctggtg     18600
     agcttcactt ggagatttgc cttaaggatc ttgaagaggt ccatggtctc aaggtaccaa     18660
     tagctagtcc aattgtgcac cacattatac caactatgat tgttctctaa catgctgttc     18720
     tttacagaaa tcagatctat ttgctaccta cagagagaca gtcagtgatg gctccaaaaa     18780
     aatgtgcctt gccaagaccc caaaccagca aagtcgtctc ttctttaaag cctgtcctct     18840
     ggctgatggt cttgcagaag atattgataa gggtcgggtc actgccagcc aggagatgaa     18900
     tgcccgtgcc caataccttg ctgaaaacta taagtgggaa gtgactgaag ctcgtaagat     18960
     ctggtgcttt ggccctgagg gaactggacc caacatcttg gtagatttga ccaagagagt     19020
     gcaatacttg aatgagatta aggacagtgt gatcgctgga tttcagtggg tcactagaga     19080
     ggtatgataa aagcataaca tttattaatg tcactactcc tcgtactcaa tccattcagc     19140
     taatttctgg atctggcaga agaaaacctt ggcataaatc aatgaatcaa attaaacctt     19200
     taacactaag ggagttgtaa aataaacttc caaaggtgga gtgttcttta agctagagtg     19260
     tcctctggat tctcttgggt aaaggccacc ttgatagatt tgatagacct ttctggaatt     19320
     ttctaaattg caaagattga tttggcttat gttcaattct gattggatta agatgtccct     19380
     ctattatcaa ctagacacat ttgctttagt ttgagtcaca gctctctaaa gtgttttgtt     19440
     cattccaggg aatcttgtgc gcagagaaca tgcgtggcat tcgcttcgac attcatgatg     19500
     caactttgac ttccactgcc attcaccgtg gtccaggtca agtgattact gcaacccgcc     19560
     gagtgcttta tggctgtcag ctcacagctg aaccaaggct tagtgagccg gtatacctgg     19620
     tggagatgca ggtataaaag tagcattaaa actcctgctt attgatcttt tggtatttga     19680
     tgccaatctc taattgtacc acacttttga tctgcctaca gtgcccagag tcagttattg     19740
     gtattattca tgctgtactg gtcaggaggc gtggagtagt gttttcagag tcccaggtta     19800
     cgggaactcc tatttatttg ctcaaggctt acttgcctgt cagtgagtca tttggtgagt     19860
     gaagctgaaa aaatcttggc ttgtcttctc cggttaatga ttcaagttac atagtgtaaa     19920
     tggtatctcc ttttctttgc aggttttaca gctgaccttt gtgccaacac atctggccaa     19980
     gccttctcac agtgtgtgtt tgatcattgg cagatcatgc ctggagaccc attgaatact     20040
     acctccaaaa ctgctcatat tatggctgac atacgaaagc gcaagggctt gccagaagcc     20100
     aatctagctt tacatcgctt cttggacaaa ttttaggttt actgcacaga ctttaaatct     20160
     tgtattcaag aacttgaacc ttttttaagt cagaccaccc tataattccc acaaaaaaac     20220
     aacacttttt agagaataaa cagttaattt tcaaatggtt cagatgtgtt aaaccagggg     20280
     tggccaatcc tgttcttgga gagctacctt cctgcagatt tcagttgcta cccatatcaa     20340
     acacacctga accaattaat taggatctaa acaccatgtg ataattatag gcaggtgtgt     20400
     ttaatatggg ttgtaactga aatctgcagg aaggtggctc tccaggaaca ggattggaca     20460
     cccctgtgtt aaacggttca acacatcatt cctgataatg aactggtagg ttctctgaaa     20520
     atgaccaagt ttaattcctc tgtctgatct caaacctata attttattgg ctcatgtatg     20580
     aaaaatggca agagatcaac ctgagcatta atgaaaagca ctttccaaat taaattttca     20640
     gaccaggcat gaccaaactg tactttccct gaccaaatct tgtcgcttat ctattttgta     20700
     gaaacacttg caatgaacct gacgtttaat taagcaaatt gtgttagaaa tagctcatat     20760
     gaaaagctaa acccccctaa atgatgttta atgcactgaa atgaattagt tttcatgaag     20820
     tttttttgtt ggctatagag aaattttaca aatttactgc aaatacaaaa acatgtcagc     20880
     aaattagagt agtggtgctg caagacccaa atttaatatc ttgtatgata tccatgtgct     20940
     tgaaggactg gatccatgca gtttggcaag gattcataca atttattgat taagtcttca     21000
     gaaatagcaa agaaagcagt cttgcatgcc tgtgtgtaat tcaacaaaag attcatctga     21060
     aaaaatccac ctcctgccac ttttctagcg tccattcttt ttggcaggct gtgggccttg     21120
     gcaaatacca cagggttttt caattgtgtt ttgtttagtg ttggcttccg ggcactgatt     21180
     tggccatgga ggtcatttcc agacagaatc tgacaaactg ttctggttga cacaggaaca     21240
     ggaatcagct ggccttggat tttcaagcca aaaaaacggt cctctggggg tttccagttg     21300
     catggcaaag gagtaagatg tgtctgattt gagctcccgc ttacctcctg ctatatgata     21360
     taaaatcagc acctgataat aaaacactgt gatttctgct tcttatgcgt ttctaaaata     21420
     agaaaagaga aaatatatga gctaatggtg gacaagcgca aatacaaata cgacgcatca     21480
     cctggttcta ggcctaatgc caccttgtct ttgagttcca ccatcacctg tttgtgagtg     21540
     accttatccc ctccggtcag cccagagaaa atggattcga tggacctgag atcgaagatt     21600
     cttcactcgc tcaaggtctg agctgaaaaa tgctcttgct gatgacttca actcccttaa     21660
     aaatgaaatg caagcagtca aaactaaaat aataaacagc acaacggcga tacactctga     21720
     gaaagaccaa atgaagaata caatcgagga aacggaaggt gggctatcaa cacagtcaga     21780
     caaagtgaca actttgcaaa cagtggtaac agatttaaaa gcagagatga tcatgctgag     21840
     agagaaatgt aaagacatgg agggaagaat ttgaagatgc aacattagga tactaggcgt     21900
     agctgagaca gggatgaagt tctgtaatgt cggtgtcaag gccaagagaa tcactacagc     21960
     tggaaaaaga tgtacttgtg cagcgttcac atagatgtct tgcaccgaga tatttggaca     22020
     gttagttaca ggccatcgtg gctaaacttc attatttcca agattgtgtc gaggtactga     22080
     gacatgcggg gagtcggacc ccgctgagat tcaatcgcca tctttccaga ctacactgca     22140
     agcattgcca gggccgcttt cactgatgtt cagaaactgc tacgtaatcg tcagggtgtc     22200
     tgttttggct tcttcttttc agcccggcta tgcatctcac atgatggtaa agaaaaagaa     22260
     ttcaccaaat gaaagaatat agtttcattt tcttttgcca agtggataag tcacttagtt     22320
     caacaagcgg ttctctcgag cagttgtctt gcggggtctg cctgacttgg gcttgtcaaa     22380
     aacgtctcgt ctcttcgaaa aaatcaaaca tatatttttt ggtcctctct gtacttgacg     22440
     ctgtgacgca ttagcagtgg atctggtcct tagcctcttg ataattaaca ctttagtctc     22500
     agggtgattt ttaggcatct ttgcagtggt ctagttgcag ttgatgtaaa ggtctagtgt     22560
     actagggttt cttttataca cacctgagac ctaattgatc cattattagt cacaggtgaa     22620
     gctcataaga caaggcgaca acacttatgt cttagcaaaa attttatcaa tgggctttac     22680
     cgatctggga atattggaat actttttgac agtttcattt ttaattttta ctgaaacatt     22740
     atttaaaaag ctgttgtggt taaaaatagc catttcttgt aaaaaaaaaa aaatcttgat     22800
     tagaaatata tttgaaaaat atttaagtgg catttatggt caatttgtaa acgagcgaca     22860
     agaattttgt cagggactgt atatactaaa tggcgaattg gtccctattt tgctagattg     22920
     tgataacact actagacaaa gattttacac taagagcact ttttttatat gtttttagaa     22980
     attacttccc aggaagaatt taaagctagt atatcaaact aagaactgaa ttccatgaag     23040
     taaatctcac agcattaagt tataatttta tttacattga tcttgccatg aaatggctga     23100
     gttgctgatg tggcaataaa taaacatgaa ggtttacatt actcatacgg ggagaccaga     23160
     caagaacacg aggagatggt ttgcattaat tcagacatta aacttcatga ctggattgcc     23220
     ctaatgactt gttttatgga gcaacaggct aatagtggga tttctctgtt cctagtgtaa     23280
     tttaaaaatt gtgatttgtg ttaaaacaca ggaatgtaat gaattgatga atgtgttgtt     23340
     taaatatgca tgtacagagt acaaacatat tttttaatta ctgtaattat taaaggcgac     23400
     acagtggcgc agtaggtagt gctgtcgcct aacagcgaga aagtcgctgg ttcgagcctc     23460
     ggctgggtca gttggcgttt ctgtgtggag tttgcatgtt ctccctgcat ttgcgtgggt     23520
     ttcccccaca gtccaaagac atgcacaggt gaattgggta ggctaaattg tccacagttt     23580
     atgagtgtgt gtgaatgagt gtgtgtagat gtttcccagt gatgggttgc agctggaagt     23640
     aaaacgtgct ggataaattg gaggttcatt ccgctgtggc gaccctggat taataaaggg     23700
     actaagccaa aaagaaaatg aatgaattaa tgtaattatt aaatgttaat gcatcactgg     23760
     aatctcattt ttggaacttg atgcaaaaat aaaataccta tttaatcagc aatgcctctg     23820
     cggctctgcc ttttcataat ctctcatgcc agattcaatt tgatgcacaa aaagtattaa     23880
     tttaaatagg cttcttaact tgttaaatgt actgtaggtc tattccttcc tgtttttctt     23940
     ttaattgtac cacctaaaat atgatatcta ttctgactta agttccgttt caagagttca     24000
     cacttagcta ttgcttaata gaatttgggg actcgacatg ctttccagga gggaaccctg     24060
     agctcggaga tacttgagcc cagggctcct gccttgtcat gtagcatgac ggggttcgaa     24120
     atcaggtggg tctcgagagc ttcccctggc ctggtaaatg agtaaagggc tgaatggggg     24180
     gtttcttcaa aaacgaagat aaggaaggta ggaggaacgg gtttatttat tggaggctag     24240
     aatttatctg attgtactag caatgattaa cgatgcaaag caagccgtga tcagtcatat     24300
     cacatgcttc tctcgaaatt agtttttaaa aactttatat aaagttgatt gttcaatata     24360
     actactacat aaatatgaat cgaagtattc aaattaagct ctcctcttca cgcttagaaa     24420
     tatagtataa ttttttagat tgtgaaaatg gtatttggta accagattta ataaatacta     24480
     cagaaactta tgtgcactgg caaattgttt ctttacaaaa taaccaggtt tccatctatg     24540
     tattttagta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     24600
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatgta tgtgtatgta tatatatata     24660
     tatatatata tatatatata cagtatgtat gtgtatgtat atatatatat atgtatgtgt     24720
     atgtatgtat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     24780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacacacac acatacatac atatacatat     24840
     ttatatacat atacatatgc attttgaaaa tgtgtatcta tttttaaaaa aagtgtatat     24900
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgc gtgtgtgtgt gtatatatat atatatatat     24960
     atatatacac acatacacat acatatatat atacacattt ttttttttaa atagatacac     25020
     attttcaaaa tgcatacaaa cttagcgttg tttgggatca tgaactggga tcattttggc     25080
     tatgctgtca tctgcattca aacttttttc ctattagtat tctactaaca aataatccca     25140
     cccttatctc ttttaaaact gctcagtaac ctaattttaa taaacacaaa ttatacagat     25200
     aaaagtctag ttagttttag tgtctatgtt atgtacgcaa cataaattga tgaattgcgg     25260
     gtcaattcag gggtgcagac tttaattaaa catacagaaa caagacaagg acattatatt     25320
     tacagtgctt acaaagtaag cattggtaca ttcatgaagc tgtttttcct gttcgtcttc     25380
     cttatatcaa catctcaaaa aaagaaatat tcataatcgg taacagaaat gtgttcagta     25440
     attcactgca gtcaatactt tggagctttt ttacatagtg gcattgtgaa tgcaagtgct     25500
     cttgtagttt aatcactatc aacaaggagg gcggctaagg taaaaccaca ccttatacac     25560
     gtataccatt cacactgctt tcaaagaaat cgagtttcac ctctaacata gggtgcaggc     25620
     cactccaatg ggtatataac agtctgtttt acaatgaaat tatgtcttac ggtgtagtgt     25680
     actttctcca aactcgctgt tgtgcctagg gccgaagtgc atctatgcca tttgaaggac     25740
     tgatcgtcag caataaacaa tcaagggtca atggtgggac caaatgaatc accagcattc     25800
     cattttcaaa taaacggaca aatggaagag ttaccctcga gttcctgtgc tgtacctgta     25860
     gtagatctct gaaatgagtt cattactgag caatgacatt ggctggttgt gacttcaagg     25920
     ttgtactaca aggtgctact tgggtagaaa caaaatctga ctgtacacta agtacacttt     25980
     gaaagaactg aattctcatg cttaacaatg aaagccttta gaaatgagag atcagtattt     26040
     ggtcaccagt ctacacaccg agactggcga attggccaca aaatgcaatg taagagtcct     26100
     cgattgtttg acgactctgc tcggtcatta tgtgtagaag atgacctctg ggatttgtcc     26160
     atcttctaca gaagtgccgt tgttgttgcc tgcagcatag cagaatgtaa agcaggtctt     26220
     agtaccagtt gcgggggctt catgggtgac tttacgcatc cccttggtgc cataatgaga     26280
     gtctggtccc tgcaaaagca tcaatgcaaa ggttcatttg taagcaacat gaaaaggtcc     26340
     actgtcatta atcacagctc actaaaaagt tcaatccaac caattttctt taggccaaca     26400
     tgacgagtct ttttttccaa cttgatcctt ttccactgtt tggaaatttt ttgaacttgt     26460
     gtgaaattac agatctcgca gattcatatt gaaactactt gatttcacca actaaaaatg     26520
     aatacccaat agccttaaat aaggtgttag cactgtcgcc tcatagcaag aaggttgttg     26580
     gttcgagccc cagctgggtg aggtggcatt tctgtggagt ttgtttttcc tgttctcatg     26640
     caagtttctt ccaggtgcac tagtatcccg gagccatagt gtatgagtgt ttgtgtgagt     26700
     ggggaaggtg tatggctgtt actttgaggg ttcacaaggt agtgtactct cagtgctggg     26760
     ttgtgactgg aagggccatc ccataaatca ggcacttagc caaaggaaag tcagggtata     26820
     tgcaggaatc ctaaaggtaa tttcaatccc tttttaagac tttttaaaga ccttctcaga     26880
     atattttaag acttcattgc cacttcaagt tctaatcagt atcaaacctt taacttaata     26940
     aacagttgta gttatataaa gcaatagagc acaaccatgg aacaaagaat aaatgatgtg     27000
     attgttttta gccactgttt aaacttgtct ttctgcaacc aggagaacgc aaatatacat     27060
     tttcccatct gtttcgctct atggtctcgt tatacatggg gagcgtcaca tcaccttccc     27120
     acataaatta cgtgacatca tccggacgga ggagcttggc cgcacacgcc ccggcccaaa     27180
     ccaatcgcat ggatcgagca tgccgatgtt aatatcaaaa ggaaaattaa tgtatgcttt     27240
     tttggagtca aacactttgg acaacgcttg aacacaattt aagacctcgt aaaaatgcaa     27300
     ttaattaaat ttataacctt ttatgggtct taattttctc aattgattta tcaactttta     27360
     atacttatta agacctgttg acaccctgaa agtaggtgag tgaaagacgc ttcaagtaag     27420
     ctaataaaga tagtcgacca tgaagggcac ctaggaggaa gcacagggag aacatgaaaa     27480
     ctcccacacc gaaaagcctc ctggttcagc cgggatttga accagcgtgg attttgctgt     27540
     gaggcaaccg tgctaaacgc ttagccacgt gtcatccctg actgatggcg aaacactcca     27600
     ttagcacaat tcaagatgca atggaccatg atttgctatt tgccattgct tgtcagtgcc     27660
     agatgacatt tatcatggca agtctgaaag tccaattttg aaacattttg tttaccttca     27720
     gggtggcgca ggcgatgtaa ttgacacttg gaagaatttc cactggctcc ttgaacatca     27780
     ctctgaatgt gctggctgtt ccgtcacaac taaagcctgt atcgttctgt ccgagaactg     27840
     tgttactgtc tgtgtgtatg atctacgtta gagaaaaaca tgtgccatta atactgatgt     27900
     atattttcaa acctctataa aagattgggt ttttgcagac tatcctgttc aagaacaaat     27960
     gttcaataat aactattaaa aggagttgct tgtcacctgg atgttgacct gatagtcagt     28020
     tggaccatgt atagagccat aaagtccaaa tcccaccaca aatattctgc ggttcacaga     28080
     aaacctgaca ggaattcaag cagttggtat ttcaaataaa tttggagaat aaaatgtcta     28140
     gaataaactc cacatgctat cttctactct cagcatttcc ttaatctatg gctttaaaaa     28200
     aaagcacact taccggatgc ggtcactggt tccactgtag ccccagcggc tctccacctg     28260
     actgaaacgc gtgatgctgc actctttccc ccggaggcaa cagcggggcc ggtcaataaa     28320
     ctccacatgt ggtttcggat tgacggtaaa atgcaggaac agactgacca cctcccggtc     28380
     tgtgagtata ccagattgag ccggacctat cgtacacata cataaggttt atattcatgg     28440
     gtagtggcac tcagactgcg tttccatctc ataataaaga taagttttta gtggtcagcc     28500
     cagacgctac actatttctt attattaaag ggatggtttg acggtaaaat gcaagaaaaa     28560
     actgaccacc tcccagtctc taaatatgcc agactgagcc ggacctatgg aagacataca     28620
     taagatttag ctttataggt aatggcactt aaactgcgtt tccacctcat aatggtcatc     28680
     catttttagt ggtcagccca gtggctatac catttcttat tattaaaggg acggttcacc     28740
     ccaaaattta aagtctgtcc acatttgatc gataaatagt gggaaaatat tcattttggg     28800
     gtgaactatc cctaacaaat cctcaaatgc atgtcttgtg accttgtttc gattttttcc     28860
     ttctgaattc accacacatt ataggtcact atgcagtctt ttgtgatttt cagaatgctt     28920
     ttgaccccat gattgtttac actacaaaat cattttaatt aaatacattt ttgactacct     28980
     ctgacattga tcaaaggggg atacgctcaa aacattttag atgctgtaca attgtaatta     29040
     gatcaacaaa actgcatcga taaacatgat tacataactt tctgcctctc ctgatgcctc     29100
     taatttgatt tgccatttta tagacgtttt taatgatcag tttgacccat ctaccttgta     29160
     tttgaaaaat tcctgggaga aagatttagg cattcaaatc accattgagg actggaaaaa     29220
     gtctatcaag gtcataaata catgttctat taacttaaga caccgactaa tccaatataa     29280
     agtagtacat cagggttaag cttaataaat tctacccctc cacctcttct aaatgtaaca     29340
     aatgtggatc tgcggaaggc tccttaggac atcttttttg gtaatgccca aaactttttt     29400
     aatttggcaa aatttttaac ttttactcta acgccccatt cacacaggct agtcacattg     29460
     cggtctaatt tcattggctg acgctgctat gacgactgca tcagcaccaa cttcagacac     29520
     gcctgtcaca cccttgacgt tgaagccctg tgtgaattga gcataaggct tattcttgtg     29580
     acctcgcccc tgatatacag tagcaattgt tgttttggtt tgtctgactc cattgtgggt     29640
     tcagtcatca aattaaaaaa agctgtccaa tacagaatgg tgatagctaa aaaagtattt     29700
     gttgtctatg gaaaaaaaat aaataaataa ataaatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29760
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     29820
     atatatatat atatatatat gagcaatatc acactcgtag cagtgcgata tggctgtata     29880
     tcggcactgg tgggaggcgt gcgttggtgc ccccaccagt gccggtatac agccatatcg     29940
     cactgctacg agtgtgatat tgcgttttca caacagtttg acggcataat tgtgtatata     30000
     aaaacgaaat caaacatgaa gagtctcaaa aacccttttc tacgagtatc tactttcttc     30060
     cgccttggat tcaaatcata tgctgacagt taaacagccg agcaagcatt ttttaaactt     30120
     tagatctgta gtgtctgctt tttcctggtt ttatgtgggc agagtaatac acaaagggta     30180
     aagtggcttt acaggtgctg atattactta aatatatcac ggctaatcag attcaagaac     30240
     cagacagaac tgttgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatatat atgaatatat     30300
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtaacatt gttgactcat     30360
     atataatact ggaggaactg atgtaataac ggttttcaaa tcaattttct gtcttttttt     30420
     tttttgcatt gcttttctgt gtttataatt gttgttgctt tttgtaatgc tctgtgttgc     30480
     tttaaggtca tctaaataca aactgagcca cagtaacttc ttaggatgtc aaagtaaatt     30540
     aacatcaagg atatgaaaga aattacctgc tgcaaactct tcaattgtca tgagtggaaa     30600
     gcgaataagg gcaagtgcct ttcccaacac tcttcgcttg ttctccggtg taggctgtaa     30660
     ttgttgcctt tgggcctcag cttctgccca acgaacagca gctccgaaga gacgcacttc     30720
     ccgtacacca agtgtgtctc tctccaggac tgccacgagg gtatctgcac aggacagaac     30780
     atgaaacagt ctatttcggt ttcatttttt atgtattttg ttgtgatatt ggatcagttg     30840
     gtacttaaga gcaataccaa ggtcaacatc cgtgaagccc tcagcagcga gtgcatcagc     30900
     tgtgttcttg tcgatatttt ctaagcagag acttgccagc tggggctcgt caaaaagccg     30960
     tgcctgaaag caaaaggaac cgttttcttt ttttttctaa atataatcta taatagactg     31020
     tccacaaaag caagcaacaa acacactcaa taagcttgag gctctgttag ctaggatttg     31080
     aaagagatct gtcgaacaca gcaaactcaa gatggctggg gaacgaactt gaaacaaagg     31140
     tgttgttctg tgttcaatat gtcagttccc catgccagca tcaaatctga cccaaccccc     31200
     tgtgattacc tgggtaagca acataaatgc gttgtcagcg cgtaggtttt tcttcaagaa     31260
     ttcaacgcag tgggcctcaa gcgcaggtac tgcatacttt ttggctgtgt ataatgtggt     31320
     cataacggtc tctggtccaa tttgcacttc atctgagtat aaaaatctgt ttgcaaagga     31380
     agggaaaact attttagact gatagattca tagaagacgg ataaataagt tgtcaactag     31440
     acaaacagac aggccatgag acaatttgtc agacagacag tctgccagat gaaatctagc     31500
     ctgactctaa gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     31560
     tagatagaat gtccctttat ttattagagt ttttttctgc caacaatgtc tagaagttgt     31620
     ttgttttccc ctgacaaaca tttaccacgg tcagtgttcc cgccaaaata tcatagttac     31680
     agccgccaca aacactgtct ggtactattg ttgttgagga ctagcagaaa cagaaagtgt     31740
     atgctatgtt ggcgggaagc acgaatatat accgcgataa cggtttgcaa gggtctgcca     31800
     tatggattaa aaatggcaga gggcacctga aggacgttat gacaacaggg gtcaacagac     31860
     agaagagcag cacagagcat taaagcgtgc agcgaagctt tacgcggccc attcttactt     31920
     gagaagggct agaaatgcag ccggttccac atctggcagt tcaatttcgg tcgacgttgt     31980
     tgccatgcca ccgttgaaca tggcatcaaa cacggcactt cccacagcga gagcaaatct     32040
     gcggagagca acgggagcgg actgtaaaca cggccatttg aggaggaaat atggatttat     32100
     cctcgccgag acaaaatgct ttaacgttac ttttataaat caatcgagcg ggggagagtt     32160
     ttgcataagc tttgaaatac agcatcaatt caaaaagaac aaagactcca gtaaaacata     32220
     taaacatacc gctattcatc cctacctgtg cgctggaatg cgctgcactc ccattccctt     32280
     cccaaccaaa aaatggacgt cacttagcac ttcgttgtta aacaaaaatg caaacctttc     32340
     tttcactgta ctttttgtcg cttgccagtt gtagaccggc tctcgataaa ccaaaaccga     32400
     agccgggctg ctgggaagcg aggagacggc ggcggcggcg gacgcatcgg cggaggagga     32460
     tgcggtagac gcggatgagg atgaggagga ggatgatgat gatgaagatg tcgccgtcat     32520
     gtttgacgca gcgcctgaag aggctccgct ctggccgacc gtctgccgag gagggttgtg     32580
     cgcgctcggc gtgcttctca ccgcagactc ggtgcctccg ccgttctccg ggcccgactg     32640
     agggttcgaa ttccccgcgc tccggttgat ccccccggct gcacccccgg ctcccctgtt     32700
     gctcgcgggc gaagaatggg cgctgttgct cggcggtgca ttgccgagcg gccccgaatt     32760
     cgacaagttt agacacgagg atcggctatt gctttcaccc gcagccatct tggatggtga     32820
     acactgcagg ctttgctgaa ataaacatac acaacagcgc ataaccagaa atactggcca     32880
     aatgactgcc ttcccacgag agacctcaac atcaccgagg cgcttttaat tacctgggcc     32940
     ttcgtgccta cgattaattt cgtttcatat tcagaagatg atttttattc tctagttgtt     33000
     gctttttttg cagaggaggc aggtggtcgg ggattttatt cagtatatat aacttactaa     33060
     cgtagaaagt gggaatgttg aactcaaaaa gagaaagcaa gattcccttt atttaagtag     33120
     actatatcag aagttgcttg taagaattac agttttttta ttcaaataat ttcagaaaac     33180
     ttttacattt aacgttaaat ctttttctac aaatagtgtt gtatggggtt tatcatgaaa     33240
     atacttagcc tacaacttga agggaaaatt tgacaaataa ataaaataac tggaaatgtt     33300
     agactttaat acacttacaa taacatgggt aaaaattaca tttcataatt tcattttatc     33360
     tctacacagt cactggctgt aaatatatta aaagttaaaa aatcaatgta gaaaaatgta     33420
     agcgccttag aaagtaaagc cttaaatcaa ggtaataaat gtaaataatt tttttattat     33480
     gcagtgcgtt tttgtatgct aaagtttgtc taaatttaat ctgcaaatat caggatgctg     33540
     tgtagtttat caaatcaaaa atcctactat aggttctata ggtgccaacc tgctgaatta     33600
     gctagattta atagattttt attcagtgtc atgcataatg ttttagtttt ggattagttt     33660
     cttacattaa tatttagtaa atatactgta agttaaaatc tcaccagtgt ttttggttga     33720
     aaagtggtta taagttttaa aaattatgta aagagtctta taaaggcctt aaaaggtatt     33780
     gaatttcacg ctctgatttc tgtataaact ctgaatcgta tatttttcgc acccttcgtt     33840
     atttcatttt ccattttttt tatcccatta ttcattcttt ttactaaaag tttaccacga     33900
     agttaagcag attttatagt ttatgcagtt attataacag aaataaacca cactttctgg     33960
     aaacaacaca ctaacgttta tttacattgc tggagttagt gtcttggaaa aaatatgtaa     34020
     atgtatcaca taaaatgatt tctacattaa aagtggcatc ttgaaaatgc tgcaaattac     34080
     cgaatatcat gtatttaact ttaatatggt tgaaataact ttgatgggaa aacataaatt     34140
     gagcttgaaa gactttaata tagctattga ttcatagtat ttatacatgt ttactgcata     34200
     attgctgacc aattgtaaat aatcctatag tctgcagcaa aaataaacta acaatcattt     34260
     acgttacagg aatttgtatc ttgggaaaaa aatgtaaatg taccacataa aatgatttct     34320
     acattaaaaa tggcatcatg aaaaagctgt aaatgacaga ttatcatgta tttaacttta     34380
     atattgttaa aataactgat gggaaaacat aaattgagct tttaagaatt gttagaagaa     34440
     aagtcagaat tattagcctc cctgaattat tagtcccctg tttatttttt tctctctaat     34500
     ttctgtttaa cagagggaag atttttgata gttaatcatc atagttttaa taacttccaa     34560
     taagtgattt attttatctt tgccataatg acagtaaata atatttgact aaatattttt     34620
     caagactctt atatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct taactatgtt aattaggtta     34680
     actaggcagg ttagggtaat taggcaagtt attctatagt gatggtttgt tctgtagact     34740
     ctcaaaaata tatatagcgt aaaggggcta ataatactga ccctaaaatg gttttaaaag     34800
     aattaaaaac tgcttttatt ctggccgaat taaaacaaat aagactttct ccagttgaaa     34860
     gaatattttt agacatactg tgaacatttc cttagctctg tttaacatca gaaataatta     34920
     aaagggggct aatatttctg acttggaact gtagctattg gtccacagta tttatatata     34980
     tttacttcat aattgctgac caattgtaca taattctata gtctgcgaca aaaatgaaat     35040
     cctcagaaaa cgagtttaac tttaaagcga aaaattgaaa aataagtaaa ataactggaa     35100
     atgttagact ttaatacact tacaataaca tgggttaaaa aaactaacag atgtattttc     35160
     aagcatcaaa gcgatgcttg ttttgatttt taatacaatt ttatattttc cttttatgtc     35220
     tatataatca tatattttcc gcaccctccg ttgtttcatt ttcctttttt ttttttttta     35280
     ctttgaagtt aagcaaactt tatagtttat gtcgttttat aacagaaatg aatcacacca     35340
     actggaaaca acacaataac gttttacatt acatgagttg ttgtcttggg aaaaatttta     35400
     atgtatcact atcagatgtt tctacatcaa attcatgtat ttcattttaa tgatgtattc     35460
     cattttaata tggttgatat aagtttgatg gggaaaaaat aaatagtgct tataaaactt     35520
     taatatagta gctattgatt catagtattt atatatgttt cctgcaatat cctcagaaaa     35580
     actctttagt aacaacccat ttccagtcat gcgcaatgca gatgaagcga gttcccattc     35640
     gctccgccta ccaaacccac aaaccaatca aactcaccaa ggatctgtca atcaaaccaa     35700
     catttgtccc taagctagcg tctgacttaa aacaaaacaa gcaccaattt aggtaagtgt     35760
     acattttgtg tattagaagc acgagctgta tataaatgta aatatataat cgcaaattaa     35820
     tattaataga ctgtcgaaat taagacgcga taaatgcaag tattctgagg ttcaacggag     35880
     gctagttagc caactatgct actttagcta atcataataa ccggggaatg cagagtgaag     35940
     tttttataaa cattaatgca ccaaaagctc cgtgcatgcg tgcgtttaaa ttcgtaattt     36000
     tctacatctt ttatgaggac aaaacccttt aataaacggt cgatttatgt attgtccgtg     36060
     ttttcatatc tagacagcgt tttgcagcgg taacgttaca gccaacatta ttatttgata     36120
     taagttacct gatatttctt ttaaatatta tttgttttta atattttttc tatgcaacat     36180
     tgtagatttg ttatgataat tttagtataa taagttaact ttatttatta aattatcttt     36240
     aaatgtcaat tagttatttt agtatgggtc aaaccaaaag aagagaaatt ttgcatgggc     36300
     aacttgctga aataggattt ttaatattat ttcatttgag ttgacattat tttttggtaa     36360
     ttataatgtt tatatttcat taggtactgc atttatgtat agttttaggc cacatttacc     36420
     gcacagtagt gtgcttacat tttgcaaaat gacagcattc tctgctcaca taaaaaataa     36480
     aaataattaa aaccatgtgt aattcaatat tttactgttg tctttatatc acgtatagtg     36540
     ttgcatgata ccaaaagttt gactttaata cgatatctaa attaaatatc ttgaaaccca     36600
     tactaaattg atactacacc ttattttttt ctctttaaat attatttatt aatgaacaca     36660
     ctgtcagcta aaacagagta gaaccatttt acaaagtaaa acaaatctaa aaataaaaac     36720
     tatttttgcc agtattccag ccgagctgtt ttagcataat taaaatagtt gctgctttgt     36780
     tttcaaaact agacaaaagt gcacataaca tttttggtca ggttttcaga gaacctggag     36840
     atgttggtcc tcattgtaca atgtacatga cgcagtggtc ctgtcatatt catatataat     36900
     tacatattta tatattaatt taggggtgaa tgacgtgaca tgcattttca gctgtccata     36960
     atggcatcta ctaataaaaa tggctattta aaaaataaaa gtttacacac cctgccgata     37020
     caggtgcagt tcgctgtcag aattaggcat tgaggcgata accgttttca aggtatactg     37080
     cattatctcc agctgaaaag acctccaaag atgccatttt aaactgtaca gaaatctgtg     37140
     tttttgaaac taataaagac agcagatgtc aatgattcat ttgagttatt tagcctgaca     37200
     tgtttatgac tccaaaatat tttaaatgtt ttccaaatta aaatatattg tgtacaatgg     37260
     ggaaaaagtt tttgtttttc gacatttaaa attaatatat tttaggggag taatctcaat     37320
     accgtgaaat cgtgatattt ataatcaagg ttatcatacc gtcagaatct tataccggcc     37380
     catgcatagt cagaatgccg ttgttttgct tgttgatgat tacccaggcc ttgtatagct     37440
     ccgtcttcgc ttttagcact acaaagtttt aaatctggta atcatggaac agtatttctt     37500
     gcacatgacc acacagaaca aaattgtagg catccaaaaa cttgtaggcc tttaactttt     37560
     ctcttgtaaa atcacttgga ggttcaatgg gatagttgta tatttcgggc tggatgcttg     37620
     gccatttcgt cttatgcaat atccattggg aaggtgctat tgcaaatgga cctgtcagac     37680
     aaacaccgct cactttagta tgaattttac caaataactg tgcttatcac tgggtgactg     37740
     gctgttataa tatgctgaaa gcagtttgta aataatatgt aattaatata atttctctct     37800
     gatacaacaa cactctgtac cggatcgaat gtcattcctt tgctgtaaat gcttgtggtc     37860
     ctgtattatt gttttttttt ccatgcaacc ttgatgtgcg tgcatcctga atgtttacaa     37920
     accggtaatt cgcctataca aaatctaaaa gagaaaattt gaaaaagtcg ctgcccccac     37980
     actgccccct attgacgagc actcgcaact acagctgtca ctcaaaagta cctttactac     38040
     aaaatgcgta attgtatcgt tttgagagcc agggaatcgc aatacgtttt tagtatcgat     38100
     atattatgca acactaatca tatatcttag ctttgaaacc caatttttgt tttaaatagg     38160
     ctttttaccc tcccataagt gctgttgttg aaatggcatt atgaaaacat aacgttaact     38220
     ataataataa ctgtgttgtc ataatttgta gtttagtatg tacttgtaga tagaaattga     38280
     ttaattgtta gtcttttata tttcatctaa atatattttc ttttttgtct tcccagaatt     38340
     ccgtgaatcc acgttatggg tggtgtaaag caagagcaga ctgatgctcc tgcatctaaa     38400
     gactctcagc agactgattc gccgcaggaa gaggttagat acagactgct ttaacatcat     38460
     caataacact gtctatcaca tatcatgcat aactgaatca tcataaaagg ttttgtggac     38520
     aggcgcactc atattttccc ccatacactc ctcctaaatt gaattcatgt caatttgaat     38580
     tgatttgtta cagaaccaat cgacttcaca gccggtaaag aagcgaggtt ggccaaaagg     38640
     aaagaagaga aagaaggtat tgccgaacgg ccccaaggct ccagttaccg gttatgtccg     38700
     tttcttgaat gagagacggg aacacatccg ggcccttcat ccagatcttc cctttccaga     38760
     aatcaccaag agactcgggg cagaatggag ccgcctggca cctcatgata aacaggtatt     38820
     attatggtta ttaaggaatg actggccagt tgttttattt ttaatatggg aaaacctcat     38880
     tctgattaaa tgcaaccact ttttttaaaa cagcgttacc ttgatgaagc cgaaagggac     38940
     aaaatgcagt atgcacgaga gctcagggag tatcagaaaa gcgaagctta tcagatcacg     39000
     tgtgcaaaag ttcaagacaa gagaatcaaa agaggtgagt ttttttttct ttgacagttt     39060
     tttggtatcg ttattttgcg cttaaatgta tttgtctttt tgtcaagtat gcagtagtga     39120
     tgggataaaa tttttttttt acactttatt acacaattta taaatctttc atttacatta     39180
     actcatatta gtaatggaag aaacaaagct ttaaaccaac tgaaccaatt gcttcgcaaa     39240
     atgatatatt tagatttcgg ggcaccacaa accacacatg ctagggacac ctgctggtca     39300
     aaactgtgca aatgcaacaa aaactcaggc aaaacataca ttagaattga atttttcaaa     39360
     tacattgtaa acttttaatt gaatgtatat cgtataaatg cacgtagctt atcatctaac     39420
     ataattagat attaactgtc tgcataatat gagttaattt gggaaatttt aaaggcttat     39480
     atatcgttcc gtgatgggct ctgctaaaca ggcccacaag agacaattat tattaatatt     39540
     aactataatt ccttttcatt ctacaaatgt ctcaataagg tggttgatga ggagaacccc     39600
     ctccaaaaaa tgtgtaaaga gctttgagtg tccagaaaag cgctatataa atgtaaggaa     39660
     ttattattat tattgttatt atcattatta ttattattaa aatgtgcaaa cgtaaaactg     39720
     attagaggtc aaaaaaccct atgaaacatg tttagtaatt caccactggg ggagtgatct     39780
     gaatgaagcc tcatgattat tgtggttttt aaggtattac acaaattggc ccatgcggag     39840
     attcgttaaa atgttgaaat gttttaaaac agtaatgaaa ccccattaac tgaaatcatg     39900
     tgacgttgga aatgtaatac acgctctgaa ctacttattc gaaaagattc ttaacatctt     39960
     tagaagcttc ataaagcagt aattcaaaag cagtcatctc tagggctgtg cgattaatcg     40020
     aaatcaaatc gcaatttgaa acatagcaat tcagttaatc gcaagcggct gcaatataaa     40080
     atatatatat aaaaaaagga attacatctc aggtgaagtg cttcaaaacc agtccactat     40140
     gcttcagaaa attaaacatg ctagactttc tgcaatagtg ctataaggca tcggcagaca     40200
     tgatatagat tgttgtgaac tataccgttg catgagaaga aaccattgaa tcttgtgtca     40260
     tgtcaaggaa atcgtgccga aatcgtgtga tctgactggg gctttaaaac tagccaattg     40320
     agtaagcaaa ctttaattca gcccaatcag aattgcgcaa ccaaactacg accacaataa     40380
     aaaaaatcaa ataaaaagca aacaaacagt aaagtgctga cagatgggat gatggcatct     40440
     gatacttcgg aagtattaat agactaattc acatcaaaga aaagctgcat ttgtaatatg     40500
     ggattatttt ggtttcaaag tcacagacac cgaatcaact attaaaagca tggaaactcc     40560
     aaatacgcca caaaccaacc cagaaaattc ctatggtgtt gctgaataga cagaagattt     40620
     aactactttt attgatttaa atgtagaatc atcttacaga gtttttgaaa cactcgactg     40680
     aagttatgaa gtgaatgtgg agtaaatata tgtttttata tgggatatgt tcatatgcag     40740
     catttactac acagagccaa acaccacagg caaacagctg tcattatcgc agaatgatta     40800
     tctcgatgtc attattgtct gattaaactc atttcggttt atttaaattg attttcatct     40860
     gtaaactaca attttgtgta aacactgctt tatctgaaag cacatgcaga agatttacaa     40920
     gaacaggctt tactgacaaa atgtgcgtga ctattaccaa atccaaatca ctggtttaaa     40980
     acaaatgatt catgaaagtt ttgaagcttc agactgtttt gaaagcacac gtcattggta     41040
     tgcgatcatt ttcaatggtg caagtgttat ttttagagca aagcattcac ttatctattt     41100
     attttacaga agagttgact tctgtcatta tcaacgccaa cagttcagga tcttcaggtt     41160
     ttaaggtaag catataaaca aaggcagaat tcctacatta tccctaccta tagttcaccc     41220
     taaatgtaaa atgaatcatc ttcaagtggt tgaaaacctt tgagtttctt cttttttatg     41280
     ttgaacacaa gaggagatat tttgaagaat gttggaatca gtacatccat agtaggaaaa     41340
     aatgttataa aactccaaca ttcttttaaa tattttagta aatggaaaca tattttttaa     41400
     acagttggaa acagttgata tataaaagac ttcctgtata ttgactcatg tgatggattt     41460
     ccttcagaac tcagacttca cggccagatt tgatgtccct attttcacag aagaattttt     41520
     ggaccaaaac aaaggtaaat tatacggagt tcttgtgctt aaaactacac aaatgtctat     41580
     agaaaagcta ttttcctaaa atgacctttt ttccagcaag agaagcagag ctccggcgtt     41640
     tgcgcaaggc taatgtggag ttcgaagagc agaatgctgt tctccagaaa cacattgccg     41700
     acatgttcag tgctaaagag cgcctggaag ctgagctagg ccaagatgag cttcgtacgc     41760
     aggccctaca gcgccaccta caggctatca aacagacgct agtcagcagc ttggctactg     41820
     tgcctttacc aggtcagtat gatacagtgc ctataataca aataccgcaa ttgatattta     41880
     acaactttgt gctttgttgt ttatcagtag cgatagcttc gtgatcattg gccaagttgt     41940
     aataagtgtc ttaagttgac agaaaactag aaagcaaaac attgcaatat tgacagattt     42000
     ttcttcaatg tgtatacacc acaaaattaa gatgctgcat ctatgaataa tttagagatg     42060
     tggccttttc agtaacaaac tgctctctgc acatcagcat ttaaagcttg tttgacagct     42120
     gtgcgcttgt tttaaattgt tgcaattcta taaaaaatgt cctggtaata aaaataaatg     42180
     ggtgtgcgag agatctgcag agtagatggc aacatcaaca gcctgaggta tcaagacatt     42240
     tgtcctgcct tttaaattac aaaccacaga agagggcaaa ttcttcagca ggatagcgct     42300
     ccttctcata cttcagcctc cacatcaaag atcctaaagg caaaaaaggt caaggtgctc     42360
     caggatgggc cagcccagtc accagacatg aacattattg agcatgtctg gggtaagatg     42420
     gaggaggcat tgaagatgaa tccaaagact cttgatgaac tctgggagtc ctgcatgaac     42480
     actttctttg ccttccagat gactttattc atcagttatt tgagtcattg cagagatgta     42540
     tgcagtcctc caagctcatg gtagttcttt gtccactgca ccatgacttt gaattctata     42600
     ctgtacatta tttctgttaa atgaccaaat ttttgactaa gcaaagtcag accttactgt     42660
     cctaattaaa tagttaaaaa tcaagacatt ttgttttggt aaaatacgca taatctaagg     42720
     cctttgtctt ttatatcagc cacttctgtt accatatgac aaactagaag ttattgattg     42780
     ttgttcctaa aactgacagg cgacaagatt tttgtcaggt atacacacac acactgtcct     42840
     gtcataatag tgaacacgta ttataattta ctttgtgttt tgtttaggca ctggtgaaac     42900
     gccgtcgatt gggacgctgg actcatacct gagtcgcctg agcagtgctt tagagagcag     42960
     gcctcatgag catcgtgcct tagtccttaa gctacaagag ctcttagctc acctggacag     43020
     gtagataatg tggtactatg tgccataaaa cacaaatatc aaatgagtca ataaaatgta     43080
     tcttatctct gtgacttact gttctgctca ctgaagtctg aaatttttgc atgtttaatt     43140
     tttttctttt tttcataaac ggtggcatag ttttgggttt tgcttgtact gtgcctctga     43200
     tttgtcagaa caccgctttc tatggatgca aagaactgaa aaaaatgaaa ccaaatcaaa     43260
     aaaaattttc atgacattaa agtttctgaa gcattgtgta atttcagttg acacaacatg     43320
     aggtcattat atgtggttga agtcagaatt attagccccc ctttgaattt tctttttctt     43380
     taaatatttc ccaattgatg gttaacagag taaggacatt ttcacagtgt gtctgataat     43440
     attttatctt ttggagaaag tcttatttgt tttttttttc ggctagaagt aaggcagttt     43500
     ttaattttta aaaaccattt taaggtctat attattagcc cctttaagct attttttttt     43560
     tctcgactgt ctacagaaca aaccatcgtt atacaagacc ttgcctaaaa ccccctaacc     43620
     tgcctagtta acctaattaa cctagttaaa cctttaaatg tcactttaag ctgtacagaa     43680
     gtgtcttgaa tcacaaaaaa aaaaatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     43740
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattatt tactgtcatc     43800
     aaggcaaaga tcaaataaat cagttattag aaacgagtta ttaaaaacat ttggtttaaa     43860
     aatgtgttga aaaaaaaaat ctctgttaaa cagaaattag gtaaaaatta aacagggggg     43920
     ttaataattc tgactataac agtacatata ttctaattat gacaaaaata tcagactctg     43980
     tgcaaggaac tttaccttca gcattgctat atatatatat atatatattc tacaagaaaa     44040
     ataaaaattc tccaagtatt tttcaagcat ttgtatctaa tagtcttttt ttctgtcaat     44100
     cactgcttga tatcagacat atcatgctag atgattattt ctgactctgt tagcttatta     44160
     tatggttttc tttcactcca gtgagaagct ttgaatggtg ggatctaaag gttcttcatc     44220
     cggctgacca aaagcattca gaaggcttgg gaccccagtg ctctgcctca aatgccaata     44280
     acaagagcca aacagtttaa ttggatattt tcagaaggct tgctctgcaa taagctcgtt     44340
     tcactggtaa cactggtgct gactgatttt aaacttattg tcattaatct ttataatgct     44400
     gttttgacag ttacagcagc tcatgggaag tccatttaca tccactgaaa gcatggttta     44460
     aggataatga tgtttgctag gataatgtaa tgtaatgcaa agtgcattta ctattctttg     44520
     tcataatatt ttctgaattt aaatgtatgg ttatttttgg tcacgttccc atttgaacag     44580
     ttggcattgc aaagggtgat gaatttagag tcaagagttt acactgcttt gctcgtgtac     44640
     ttgaactgat ttttattatt attattgtat gaattatttt aacatggaaa gagaatatga     44700
     ggtggaaaaa atgataataa aacccagcat gaactagtct actttctttt aaacgatttc     44760
     attattgagc tgtctagctc actgtatcca gcagagggtg acactgacca tatcatgaaa     44820
     gccaatagtc tgaaaaataa gcatccttta tcttttgaaa ttacattgtt agaatatcat     44880
     aactaaattt agctcgacca aaaaaattta attattagtc agaattatta gcttccctga     44940
     aatattagcc tccctgttta tttttttccc caatttcttt ttaacagagc agattttatc     45000
     aacacatttc taaatataat agtgttaact catttctaat aactgtttta ttttatcttg     45060
     tcatgatgac agtaaataat atttgactag ttatttttca agacacttct atacagctta     45120
     aagtgacatt taaaggcttt actatttaaa attgtccttg ctctgttaaa catcacttgg     45180
     aaaatatttg aaaaagaaga aaaaattcaa ggggggctaa aaattttgac tttgactgta     45240
     tgtactaatt actattatca tcaaagagaa atgccatatc ttactgaatg cagctaaaat     45300
     gtgtaaatta aggttaaatg attaataaat cgctagtctt tacttttggg ttagaagcca     45360
     tattgaattt aacatgaatg aaaatgagtc tgtgaaggga aaatttaggc cagttcacaa     45420
     ctttaaaatg atagctataa caacagtgat gattatattg acatccagtt tgaagaccga     45480
     ttctattttg ttcctctgat atacactcaa cggccacttt attaggtaca ccttacaagt     45540
     actaggtagg atgccctttt tccttcaaaa cttccttagt cctttgtgca tagattcaac     45600
     aaggtactgg aaatattcct cagagatttt ggtccatatt gccaagataa catcagcagt     45660
     tgctgcagat ttgccagatg tttattacaa gatgtgaatc tcccattcca ccacatccca     45720
     aaggtgctct attggattga gatctggtga ctgtggaggc cttttgagta cagtgaactc     45780
     aaactgcctc aatttttgac gtgttgtgcg ttcagatgct cttctgcata ccttggttat     45840
     ttgagtaact gctgcctcga accagtctgg ccattctcct ctaacctctg tcatcaacag     45900
     aactgcctct cactggatat tttctctttt tctgatcatt ctctgtagac cctagagatg     45960
     gttgtgcgtg aaaatcccag tagatcagca atttctgaaa tactcagacc agcccgtctg     46020
     acaccaacaa ccattatgcc acgttcaaag tcacttaaat cacctttctt cgccattctg     46080
     atgctcggtt tgctgcagca gatcgtcttg accatgtcta cctgcctaaa tgcattaagt     46140
     tactgccatg tgattggctg attagaaatt tgcattaacg agtagttgga caggcatacc     46200
     taataaagtg gccggtgagt gtaggtgtgg tgtgaagtgg ggttttttat attttgattg     46260
     attttttttt ttttatagct gtatttttat aattatttta tatggtatgg atgagccttt     46320
     gggtttacat tgacttccac tttatttaaa taatcaacag ttgattttgt taaacaacag     46380
     aacactccac tgaattcaat gaactattgt cacatacaac agatacatat acagtcaaaa     46440
     tgaacattat taacacatct tcaacctttc tcacattgct tttgccataa tttagaaaca     46500
     tgatcgaata tgatataaag taggtcagat aaatttgaga gaaaggtaca gtatgttatg     46560
     aattactatg aaccaagaat aattcagaca gcatttacta taatatttac ccaattatca     46620
     atactttgtt gtcaaccttt agtctcaatg acagcccgca gtctctgctg tccaacctta     46680
     tgaatatttt tagggtataa tatgtcagtt tactttatta gctatactta taaatcacct     46740
     gcactgtcct gcacccctta tctaaaaagt ctaattatat gtggtgtttg aataatttaa     46800
     ggtttgtaca taaatcctgt tacactgggc cataataatt cagtgacgga gaatgcataa     46860
     tgggcaacat tgtgagtgcc tttcacaacc acacattaat ccttgacgtc cattgacttt     46920
     ctgtcagagt tgagcagcag tcattcactg ttagcagata ccattaaaat aaatgagaag     46980
     tgccttatgc tgtttcttac ctgtcacaaa attgtctgta acatcactaa taaagcagta     47040
     tttttcccca tcagaactag atcaatttaa aaagtcatgt ttaagggcaa aaacaacaaa     47100
     tattcttaac ataccagcca aacttgtgtt atttgacttg tatttttggc ttaaggttgc     47160
     aggtttgcct ttcatagact gtaagccgtc ttcaatattg caacaattaa agctggtcca     47220
     tgaacacttg aaataaattg accgcaacca acattatatg catatctata tctaaaagat     47280
     gttgatggaa tttttcgtaa ctaacataat acaaataaga caaaggcctc agtcaccatt     47340
     cactttctca gcttcttttt ctaaaataaa atggagaata aagcagatat tctctcatta     47400
     tagagaatgg gaatctgtcg tgatgtgttt tcagacacgt tcaggagtgc acaatgtaaa     47460
     ctgatgcaaa ttatgacaga aaaagctgac cgtttcattt ttaaaacctt ttgaaaacca     47520
     ccttacaaat cctttgaata aaatttaaat gggccaatgt gtaaatacct tcataaacac     47580
     acattgtgaa gttgaaaata tgcattacct taaattctgt ccccagccaa aacattcact     47640
     aacatttgtg ggcctctcaa taagctactg caggggttct caaacttttc aaaagcctga     47700
     ttgatttgtt gttgcatgtt gttattgttt ttaaatgtat cttaaatatt aagttgacca     47760
     tttcaatgtg gtcatgtcat tggcccatga acatttcctg cttgttatca aactattcca     47820
     taactgtaac aagagataat ttaatcataa cctaatgtta aaacagctat cataacatta     47880
     tttatcaata tgtgaagagt tcaaatgcaa aaaactctaa atgccatctg ttttttcctc     47940
     taaaatgagc atttttatta gtatcctgtg tgtaggttca gtaatttcac ttttatgtca     48000
     tagaataagt gcttttcatg gtctttaaag taaaataact caacataaac aaagaagggg     48060
     gagagaaatg ctaatatttt atgctaattt cagatggcac ttaaaaggtt tttccatctg     48120
     aactcttcat gtggctcttc tttgattctc ggaagctata gaaattgaaa atgtaaaaca     48180
     gaaaatataa tgagaccatt gtttttgtta gcatccctca aaatggtcta tatattaaat     48240
     atttttaacg ttaaaaacta tttatcttct gtaggttatg ataaatatgg taattctaat     48300
     aatttaatag catgtatgag atttttggaa cccacctcat tatatcacga cccacacttt     48360
     cagaatcact gagctactgc aagaaaatgt ttccataagt gctttccctc tttatttgta     48420
     gtgtgagcac ttaccgtagt ctattgctga tgaatgtgtg ttataataaa tcaacagaga     48480
     gcaatgggat cctggttcca atgtattccc actgtaatga cacattccca ttctttataa     48540
     tgcagttctg tcattaaaca tctttgacag aagaaacaaa gtaaatgaat cttgagcagc     48600
     atagggatag gtgaataata atatgtgtag tttgatatat gtttgatgaa ctatgccttt     48660
     aaatggggtt ttcaaccgtt acaaaagcca actgaatagc gttacctcaa agctcaccat     48720
     ctaaagctta tcttatgctt attatagaac tcaatttcag caaagtatca aataacatta     48780
     ttttaaatgc tcttaaactt aatttagctg gtttaaataa ccagtgaggg gcgtagagtg     48840
     gtcctcgtgc tctttctcca gctggcacat catcacagct cggaccgtga cgtcactgta     48900
     gtagctctcc tcgcggcggc ggtgctgaac aagatggctg tgcgtcgagt aacgggcggc     48960
     tgaaagaacg gcgctaataa tcgcacaaaa cccgaataac agcgcattat attgcaagag     49020
     ggggattgaa gcatccctgg gttgaattag ctggaagatt cggaatagaa gctgtagtat     49080
     ttttttgtat ttttggggtt gtagctttgg taacaggaaa aggggaggtt tctcaacgca     49140
     taaaatccac taaaaacgtt ttaacagcag tttatttttg taaaataaca gaaaagcgcg     49200
     cggaaaatac aaataaagag atgtcactgc tctgtgttgg aggtaagtgc attatttcat     49260
     gcatggatgc gttacttgct gctggttatt ggtgatatat gttttattca atcctatatt     49320
     aagggttaaa atggcactgt attaggaaaa tagcattatt aacagagcat ctgatgatga     49380
     ttaaatgcat acttgtgtat aagagcatgc attattttct atatgactat atcactgatc     49440
     aacaatcgat caaatatgga tcttattgtt ttatttttaa ttattggatt gcatttatcc     49500
     caacaagaag ctgaacaata gatctgcaat gtggtttctt ttcatgttta agtttattaa     49560
     attatgcatt taaatatata tgtttaattt aaaaaggcca ttttcttcgc agaaatgcag     49620
     tagaaatgtc tttgagatga gtgtgttgaa tccaccgtgt tttaaatgca gtcaggattc     49680
     aggggtgtgt tcccttgata ttccagatgg agctttagtt ttgctcctct gctcagatgg     49740
     gatctgcttt gatgtatgat acggctattt ttaactgtgt ttactgtaca gtggttaaat     49800
     gggtttgcag ttcaaagccc tcttgactgg gagaggttac aggtgtttta ttctttgttg     49860
     taatggccat ctctatttat tctgcttaag tatagtatca tgtgcagatg tgtaggaaaa     49920
     attcagtatg tggtctaaat cgacaaatga ttatacagtt gaagtcagaa ttattagccc     49980
     ccctgattta ttagccccgt ttatttattt cccccaattt ctgtttaacg gagagaatat     50040
     tttttaacac atttgtaaac ataatagttt taataacaca tctctaataa ctgatttttt     50100
     taatctttgt catgatgaca gtaaataata tattactaga tatttttcaa tacacttcca     50160
     tactatacag tttaaagtga catttaaagg cttaactagg ttaattaggt taactaggca     50220
     ggttagggta attaggcact tggcaggtta ttgtataacg atggtttgtt ctgtagacta     50280
     tcgaaaaata tatagcttaa aggtgctaat aatattgacc ttaaaatggt ttttaaaaag     50340
     ttaaaaacag cttttattct agccgaaata aaacaaataa gactttctcc aaaaggaaaa     50400
     atattgtcag acaaactgtg aaaatgtcct tgctctttaa cataattgtg gaaatattaa     50460
     aaaaaggaag aaaaaaaatc gaagggggca aataattctg actttaactt tatataatta     50520
     agtggtctct aaccttttca ggtcaataac tcttttgtag atgtaatgac aacatgcaat     50580
     gtgttgtata atattgaatg atgcatgttg atatcagaat aaaaaaaatt atttacaaaa     50640
     atagattgta gaaatataaa atttcatata tgcctaaata tattattttt ctaagcacat     50700
     ttgaaataat ttagtattaa agttgacatt taatgctaag aatttacagt gagacattaa     50760
     gttgaactga atatttcaag tttgataata aatcacaaga aatcaaagca caattttagt     50820
     tctgttttaa tattgcagtt atttcaatgg ggcatcatgg tagtgcagtg ggtattacga     50880
     tcgcctcaca gaaagaaggt cgctggatcg agcctcggct gggtcatttg gcatttctgt     50940
     gtagagtttg catattcttc cagtatttgc gtggttttcc tcagggtgct cctgtttccc     51000
     atacagtcca aagacatgcg ctttaggtga actggatgaa cgtagtgtga ctgtggaagt     51060
     gcatggatgt ttcctagtgc tgggttgtgg ctggaagggc atctgctgcg taaaacatat     51120
     gctggataag ttggcggttc attccactgt ggtgacccct gattaataaa gggactaagc     51180
     cgaaaacaaa atgaatgaat gagttatttc aatgtaaaat gtttgttaaa atcataaata     51240
     attgtaattt attttgcgca gggaagaact tagctatttt tagcttttca taactcattt     51300
     tggtttactt aaaatttttt aaatgatcat tttaaatgtt taattcatat aatataatgg     51360
     tgtttattta ttattacaat atttattata attatagaaa attgagacat ctacttgaaa     51420
     gttaaataat tattttacca cttaaaaaca tagacagcga tgcgtttggt ttaaaatgag     51480
     tgctttttat ttctttaact ttagttgctg tttaatttat cattaaaata gcctttgctt     51540
     caattaattg ttttttaaaa acagttttca aattggtttt tatctgtaat tggcatattt     51600
     catgtatgta aacacaaatg ctgtaaattg ttcttaatga actacagcat aaagcagtgc     51660
     tataatatac aagattttag atttgttaaa tatcaagagc ctgagagtgt taacagcctc     51720
     tataatgatg caaatccttg gccggatgtc ttttgacatg cacttattgt tagccttttt     51780
     tgggctgcag tttgcatagc ccgtgtgcac ttgccctgct cagttcctga ttgccattta     51840
     atgcatgatg ccatgcaagt aagattggtg gacagttgta gaagattcct caacaatact     51900
     ggaagccacg tttctttaaa cacatcccac acagacattc taatccatgg cacgtctgcc     51960
     accgctctgt aattaaacag gcagcggatt cacaaccagt gtccgaaagt gacagtgggt     52020
     gtgtgggcgg gtgtcacata gactggcatc atgcttggcg cttgcctccg taacctgagc     52080
     agatgtacag taaggcttgc ctaattcccc tcggatgtgt tttgatgatg ttgaaagtct     52140
     tgaaattctc ttacataacc atctttttgg tgaattttaa tggggctttc ttaagcaatg     52200
     cttaaaatgc ctgaattttg ttaaagaaag catgctaggc tattacttaa gcctagaaac     52260
     tatgagttga gcaaaatttc atgagatgat taaaatcagt gtaaaccgaa agttgctagg     52320
     acttttattt cagtatgttg atgtacttct aactacaaca gaatatcaaa taggggcggg     52380
     ttttttttac acgttttttt cttatagtaa gataatatta agaggggcgt ggttaggaat     52440
     atagtagcga tgtcgtcaaa ctgatgtaaa caaagaaaac ttggcactcc aaacgatgat     52500
     gaacaataaa acaaacattt ctttttattt atttgttttt ttgtggatta acttgcacaa     52560
     aaaaatatta tagagtgtaa acctatggaa tgtgagctag caaaataaac atattataat     52620
     ttcgtttcac acagacttca aaatggatct atgtcggaag tcttccggga atgtgtttgt     52680
     gaggattcaa aatgtttgtt tgtaagtcca tactataaag gcgctttcaa tttttcattg     52740
     gaaacaaaaa tgtagttttt gtaggtttct ttaaatgtaa atgagctgct actctccacc     52800
     ccctttccag aaaagggtgg agcttttgca gtctgtacct cacacacttt gccaaaaaca     52860
     aaacctgttt gatttgatca tggtggctca gtggttatta ctgtcgcctt acattaagaa     52920
     ggtcgctggt tcgagcctcg gctgggtcag ttggcatttt tatgtggagt ttgcatgttc     52980
     ttcctgtgtt tgcgtgggtt ttctcctggt gctctggttt cccccacagt ccgaagacat     53040
     gcgctatagg tgaattgaat aaactaaatc ggccgtagtg tactgtatgt gtgtgaataa     53100
     gtatgggtat ttcccagtac taggttgcag ctggaagaac atccgctgtg taaaacatct     53160
     gctggataag ttggcggttc attccgctgt ggcgaccttg atgaataaag ggactaagct     53220
     gaagaaaaat gaatgatttg attacatgag gtttgtgcct ttttcacgtt tttttatgct     53280
     aaaattgtca agtaaacata agattatgtc cagttcacct aaacacagat ttcaccatag     53340
     taggatgagc gtgtacccaa aattcagacc aataaaaaag tgcaaatacc attgtttaag     53400
     ctgttgattt taatgcgtac aaatgaactc ctggacattc ttctaaatat ctatttttgt     53460
     gttccacgga ggaaagaatg tcatacgaaa aattctaaaa tgtaattatt ttgcctttag     53520
     gaatcaggtt catagctcat tttatttgaa ctaaattgaa ctaaaatacc taaatatatg     53580
     acagaatttt agctaacact acacagttac catgtatatt tcattagtca gagatataag     53640
     cagaaaatca tatgtaagaa ttacatagtt taatattttt ttcttacaat atgtctttga     53700
     tatcaaagtc agctttattg tcaattcaac cacatgtaca ggacatacac agaatcaaaa     53760
     ttgtgttact cttagaccct aggtgcataa tagattatat taatacaaaa agttgaataa     53820
     aaaaatacaa ttgcacatat aatctcaaaa tataattaaa aatataaatt ttatacaata     53880
     caattataat taaggacaca tggcaacacc aacagtatat agtgcaaaaa ggttgaaagt     53940
     atgataaagt gacagtgtct taataatata caggtaggag gtaattacca gtccactgta     54000
     acagagtgac cgatgcagat gtgtaagtgt gattgcattt gtgtcagatt ccaaatgtgc     54060
     cacacatgta aactaataca cacttccaca tctgtatcgg tcactttctg taacattgga     54120
     cttctagttg cctcatacta cctccctgta tattatttgc attcaggaga aaataactac     54180
     acaaagtgga ctaatacagc aaactctgaa gtacctcatg gaaatgcaat atttggttgt     54240
     tatactattt gtatttttcc attttattca gtaaaatgtg tattttgttg attgttttaa     54300
     ccctttttat tgttaagtaa atcatttgaa aacgtttttg gttactgcaa taaaaaacag     54360
     acaaaaccaa tgatgtctat gtagatgact ttaaaaaaaa acaggcaaaa agggtcacca     54420
     aagtggatta aactcccaac aaatagtata atgtgatgac taaattactg aaattgtaaa     54480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaattacaaa aataataaag caaattcata ttgttaatat aaagccataa     54540
     aaataacaaa aataaataaa ataatataaa taaaaatgaa ataatttatt taataataaa     54600
     taaattatag caattggcat gtgatagacc cccaatcaaa aaaaaatgtt tcttaacaat     54660
     ccatatctca tctcctcagg aaaaataagc tttattccct gaattccaac atccagataa     54720
     ttagtttgca tcctgcagtt catcactgat ggattgcctt aaacacctgc atggtaaatc     54780
     cgagctctct ttgaagcatg ttttaatatc atccctttat gccaagcttt tagccctcac     54840
     cccgaaatac cccttcactc acattcaccc tgaagtggtt atttttagtg tcaggatgta     54900
     gctttctctg cctgcgcttg gctacacaga gagattaatg gagcgcgaga ggaagcgggg     54960
     aagagataaa gaggcagcac acgtgcatgc cagccacatg gcaggaaatg gtgcgtggga     55020
     gcataagaga ggataccctg gcaggggaag gcggaggcca tggcaaatcg tgagcgggaa     55080
     ctttgagcct attatcaaca atgttttcct aacagtctga agatgcatgt ccactacagg     55140
     ggcagaaatc tgtttagata aagctgttct gctttggact gtagaaatgt ttaaatgcat     55200
     ggccagttta atcgacatct acacatttga caaggtgcat gaatgcttac gagttacgaa     55260
     tgcacaatat aaagattcgt tgtttggtga ttcattcatt cattttcagc ttagtccctt     55320
     tattaatcag gggtcgccac aaaggaatga accaccaact tatccagcat atgttttacg     55380
     cagcggatgc ctctccagct gcaacccatc actgggaaac acccatacac tctcattcac     55440
     acacatgcac gacggacaat ttagctttcc caattcacct atagcgtaac tctttagatt     55500
     tgtgatgaaa cggagcaccc agaggaaacc cacgccaatg tggggagaac atgcaaactc     55560
     cacacagaaa ggctaactga atcagccgag gctcgaacca gctacccact gtgccaccgt     55620
     gtcgcccttg tctggtgttt atcttttcaa ataatgtgaa caataccaat gcctaaactg     55680
     gagttgtagg tatttcttaa ttgccttaca taaatgtgaa aatttgaggt tgttatctct     55740
     agtaggtcta ttaccctctc ccaaatcaca ccttcaggat cttccacact tacatgacat     55800
     gattctgatt tggctgtcgg atggaatctg gtcttatttt gcttaaatgt gggtttggca     55860
     gaaatgtgag agtagtggct ggagagtttg catttgggaa agtaccctta taatagctaa     55920
     aatggcaaat gggacatcct tctggacctg gacttaattt agaattaagg cccaatcgca     55980
     attacatttc ttttctatta taaaaacgac caatcctgat ccgtgtatgc atccattttg     56040
     cttttgtagc tggtgtattt tgggaaattt ttcagacccc ttagtttcta gtgaggtcct     56100
     ggaaaatccg gtcttgctct gcttgtgcac aaaacctctt gcatatcccc tcaaataaac     56160
     gctgctcaag cacagatctt cttgtgcgct ctcaaataaa cgctgctgaa atgcgattta     56220
     gtgcgtttat gtatgagtaa agtactcaag tagttgagta tgtctccaac atttattaga     56280
     ttttctagaa atgtttatgt atgtttccaa aagacttata gagcggcatt tatgcgtcct     56340
     gaagtaaaat gaaacggcta taaactccag caagataaag tcattatatg cagaaccaca     56400
     gacctttatc tataaataaa tttaaaatat tgaaactgtg tttatcataa ctaaaagtca     56460
     tgtcgtgttt gctggcctca cgaatcacgc acctgtcagt cagtcagtca gtcagtcagt     56520
     cagtcagcac gtgacctcaa agggttaaac aaatagcgca cagcactact atggttacag     56580
     aaaagtttgc gctgttataa ttcacttacc ttttaataca tactggtgaa attataatcc     56640
     gttaataaaa aacaacaatg actgaatgtt ttgaatgaga agctggaagt agccgtgtta     56700
     ttttgatgtg gtgccacgtc atggaagaat gaatgtagca gaaaccatgc tctgcgtaaa     56760
     gacttcacaa atatacgttg caccatataa ataaaacaga ttttaatatg aattttagca     56820
     tataaacacc cttaatgtgt ttattcattt attaagattt tcgtggtaat ggttatattc     56880
     accgtttcat ttagggaaac tcttgagatt aataagttat atctctgaac tttaataata     56940
     aacctatata aaatgcagtg cttcccacct ccagttgcaa tgactcctgg gacttctaga     57000
     gcgagttcgg tgctcaagtc tgcatccatg catcctcgat attaagaaca catgcgggaa     57060
     gtttcacgcg tcctctgttc ttgcgatctt gagtattgta actgaacttt ggcggctgat     57120
     gatgacgttg cacgaggacg caagaccgct gaagaacgca tattgagaaa cagtgtttgt     57180
     caattcctgg agggccacag ctcggcacag tcttactcca acccttatca aacacagcag     57240
     attcaaataa tcgagctgct caaaagaatc ttgaacactt tgattagttg tatcagctgt     57300
     gtttgattag ggttgaagcc aaactgtgtc gagctgtggc cctccaggaa ttgacgttga     57360
     tacctatggg agaagggata gaattgggat tggaccttag tgtgccattg gggtaacagt     57420
     gtcgccaact tgtagccaaa ctagtcattg caaaatccaa ggcacatatg tgagctgagc     57480
     atacataatt ataccaaaaa ataggttgta tactatacag aacttttcca cacccattga     57540
     tgtgcatgta aatactgaag gatacttaaa gcaagaccat gccgttttgt tgttgatgta     57600
     cttgatttat tccacttaaa ataatcatag ctgttggtgc ctatagcctt gtgggcagtg     57660
     gaatcagtgg caatcataag gcctgtattt tgtgcacctg tcactgtctg ccattttgtc     57720
     cgacaggcat tgtagtaaaa ttaatttggc aataaacatg aaaaatgatg gaaatgtgct     57780
     tgtatgggac ttgcatcaga ttgaagttag taatattctc tatattcttg gtgagtgcac     57840
     aaaaagattg gatggctgat actcaaaggt tgacggacat agagggtcat tctaaaatga     57900
     gtgaacacaa tatactgtgg ataaactttg tttttcatgc catatagctc acgtactcta     57960
     aaacaatggt ctcaaactta attcctggag ggccgcagct ctgcatagtt tagcttcaac     58020
     cagctcactc acacctactt aatagtctct agtagtgttg aacaccttaa ttagttgcgt     58080
     cagctgtggt tgattagagt tgtagcaaaa tagtgcagag ctttggccct ccaggaatcg     58140
     agtttgagat ctatgctcta aaacgaactg ttcttagatt attagtcctc ctcccatcca     58200
     atttcctgct agattataaa gcaggttatc tttggtcagc ctggtttacc agaaagttct     58260
     tggttgtcta gtggcttcaa ttagttttga ctaagctgat ctgccaggta gattaccacc     58320
     aaacatggac aaacattctc tattctcagc agggaaatga tgttcgatgt cccccaagca     58380
     atcaattgat gacttgcagt gtgctggcaa acaggcaaat tggtttgttt atggttttac     58440
     ctctcaatca tatgcttcag ataccgtaca ttagagctat tttcaggtgt tagaattgcc     58500
     agttagtaag cgttttagag gaagtgagaa attctgcatt gaatttagag aggaatgccg     58560
     actgtgatgg attacagtgg aaggctgtaa attattttaa ggtcccctta actcagggac     58620
     gcttttaccc acactgaata ggggagtatg aattatgaat gggaccgttg acgtcactgg     58680
     gctttaaaaa ggagctcagt tggagaacag tttttttttc cagatttccc ctaagcaaaa     58740
     gtaacagaga ctgtctctct attcctccct gcagtttcat aaccactcaa actgttcata     58800
     atcagtgcag gaaacagaag atttagcttt tttgagctct tgtttttctt atgtagctta     58860
     acattcagga tttaaagcct tttttaggtt ttaatgagta attatttttt catttttact     58920
     ggtaattaca gtgatagtat tggtaatttt tggattcttt gatatcactc tattttttgt     58980
     agttatggaa gaagatcctt atctttatgt actatttaca tcttcttagt actatttgca     59040
     cactcactgg ccactttatt aggtacacct taaaagtacc aggttagaca cccttttgcc     59100
     ttcagaactg ctttaatggc ttcaacaagg tactggaaat atattcatca gagattttga     59160
     tccatattga catgatagca tcacacattt gctgcagatt tgtcggctgc acatccatga     59220
     tgcgaatctc ccgttccacc acatccgaaa agggctctat tggattgaga tcttgtgact     59280
     atggaggcca tttgagtgca gtgaactcac tctaatgttt aagaaaccag tctgatatga     59340
     ttcgggcttt atgacatggc gcgttatcct gctggaagta gccatcagaa gataggtatt     59400
     ctctggtaat aaagagatgg actaggtcag caacattact caggtaggct gtgactttga     59460
     cacggttcag ttggtactaa tgggcccaaa gtgtgccaag aaaatatccc ccccacacca     59520
     ttacaccacc accaccagct tgaacagttg atatgaatac agatgttgaa ggcaggatgg     59580
     atccatgttt tcatgttgta aatgccaaga tttgatcctt caatccaaat gttgcagcag     59640
     aaatcaagac tcattagacc aggcattgtt ttccaatatt ctattgtcca attttggcga     59700
     gcctgtgtga tttgtagcct cagtttcctg ttctaagctg acaggaatgg cactcggtgt     59760
     ggtcttctgc tgcagtagcc catctgcctc aaggttggac atgtttagca ctcagagatg     59820
     ctcttctgca gacctcagtt gtaacgagtg gttatttgag tcaccaatgc tttcctatca     59880
     gctcggacca gtctggccat tctcctctga cctctggaat caagaaggca tttgcaccca     59940
     cagaactgcc gctcactgga tatttcttct ttttcgcacc attctctgta agctctagag     60000
     atggttgtgc atgaaaatcc ctgtagttca gcagtttctg aaatactcag accagcctgt     60060
     ctgggaccaa caaccatgcc acattcaaag tcactcaaat cacctttctt cctcattctg     60120
     atgctcggtt taatttgcag cagatggtcg tgaccatgtt tatatgccta aatgcattga     60180
     gttgctgcca tgtgattggc tgattagaaa tttgcgttaa caagcaattg gacaggtgta     60240
     ccttataaag tggctattga gtatgtaagt gatgggttca tattggtctg ttaaacagtt     60300
     gtgtgaggag agaacattag aatagaacac atttaagtct gtattttccc atgagaaaac     60360
     acactctctg ttagaaaatg accatgagtc ttgccactgt tagaatataa agaaaggaga     60420
     gtttcaccac agatatcacc tgccgggaaa ataagagaga taatggtggc agccgtataa     60480
     gaaccactaa gtagtagttt atgttttgat atagtatcag aaatagtatc agtattataa     60540
     tttgcatcat taaattagat tagaccgact gcagtcaaag aactcattgt aagttttaat     60600
     tgtggagact cttagaagcg gggaaataac tcaagataag aacacaggtg tagatagccc     60660
     ctagaaatat ttaaaaatac tgggtttaga ctgcttgagc cggcatctga ttgtttgtat     60720
     cgtggtgctg ttgcaataat atgcttatct ttattttatt ttgaatagct tcagagaatt     60780
     ataacaattt tccaggacat ggtgacaaca cgtcctaaat taacaataga accttggtac     60840
     attttatcat ggtatccatg gtatcttgtt caggttttac agaacataaa cggtagtact     60900
     tttttctttt aaaaacattt cagtacatag gactgtttta ttagattgct aaaatttgtt     60960
     cagactaaga aataaaaatg agtcttttca gaaatattca taagaaatgt tctttttgga     61020
     acccaatctg gttcttctat gacttcactg ttaaaatcct gttttgaaac ttttattttt     61080
     aaaagtgttt ttccaaaatg tgtcttataa cacttaccct gaaagaaaat aaatagctgc     61140
     aaagtggagt ctagggcctg gagaaattcc tctcgcacaa atgcaaatat gctgacattg     61200
     aatctcaaat gccctgcctg atatgtaaag tgtgattatt tttaatgcgt atgtttatct     61260
     cttatttaca tacacgtctc tctgttacag tgaagaaagc caagctcgat ggaccacaag     61320
     gtaagcctga catctcactg taactgattt tccacacata acataaatat ctattgtgtt     61380
     tattcggaag tctattaaac tccctgattt tccatgcaga gaaattcaac acctacgtgt     61440
     cactgaaggt tcaaaatgtg aaaagcacca ccatagctgt gcgaggcagt cagccatgtt     61500
     gggaacagga cttcatgttg tgagttctct tcctcttttg tggtataaag aagggccaga     61560
     aaaatcttca gagagagagt aagcaggcgt tcttatgtta atgtttgact gatacattgc     61620
     atagacaggc tcctgatgtg catacataat gcttgttccc aagtagtaat gctgagaatg     61680
     cagtgatctt gatctgaatt gtgtttagcc gcattccata atattgtgta aatctaagct     61740
     caagggctag aaacatacat gcatggaatg ttttgcacct taagactcag cagataaaga     61800
     gatttgagaa aggactattt gtgttttctc taatatttgc ccttccttag gtagtggtat     61860
     tcaggtagta cccctaacgc tttcactgtc aatggtccag aagttaccta gcatttgcaa     61920
     ataaatataa gttgaacttg aaacaatgcg tgtttggact agatgtagct aaaaaagttg     61980
     ttcaaaagca aaacaaagca attattgtgc tttaggtatt tactttatta tgacattaga     62040
     atctgctaat ttgattggtt gcaacctttc aataatgccc tagtaaccac ccagaaccat     62100
     atcaaccacc tagtaatcag tcagaataat atagcaacgc attcaccact ttcattgtcc     62160
     tttaaatgta aaaatatcat acagtcaagc ctgaaagtat tcttacctct gggatatgct     62220
     ggactgtata tcaatttaga ggcttttgag acaccgaaag cttgaaaaaa attgacaaca     62280
     aagaatccta tagaatacat ttggtggatg ctgcaaaatt cttgccaacc tcatcttgag     62340
     tcatctataa gcctgatctg cttcagctcc tctttatctc actctgcaat gtctaatatg     62400
     gaaccacctc cgtccaagat taactcccat ggtctgtaag ggggattagt tttgatatta     62460
     aagttaaggc ttttattagg atttgatgaa gctttagaag ctgtattact gtaaagtttc     62520
     gatttcagtg tcactagaga tggccaaggc acaaatggca ttgttgtctg caccctggtt     62580
     tagcttttga tgctttttca attcagttca attcaattca tctttatttc tatagcgatt     62640
     ttgcgatgta gattgtgtgg cagcctaaca tagaagttct agataaattg aaacagtgtc     62700
     agttcagttt tcagagttga agttcaattt agttcagttc tctgtggttt aattttcact     62760
     gctgaaagtc caaacactga agaaaaaaaa ttatcgatgc acagttccac aagtcccaaa     62820
     ccaaccaagc aagtggtgac agtggcgagg aacaaaactt caccaattga taaaagtgaa     62880
     gaaacaaaac ttagagaaaa accaggctct gttgggcaca accatttctc ctttgcccaa     62940
     acttcatgtg cagagctgca gtctaggcac cagaggctag agaacactgg acattcattg     63000
     ttgagaactg caggtgtggt caccggcagg tgatcaggct gccccacggg atcattgcga     63060
     agactcgtct gtcactgagg tctttcagga atcagtctca tgaccaccac aacattagct     63120
     caggatatgg cctggtccaa gattatggat accttggcat cttctgggca atttttcatt     63180
     aatagtttga catttaaaag taatctttgt ttgttttctg ctcgtcttaa cagagtttag     63240
     tcatcatatt aacgtaccaa atatgaatct ctttgtctta atgttaccct tcactctgtc     63300
     tttcagtgag attaacagac tggatctggg cctgacagtg gaggtatgga acaaaggact     63360
     gatctgggac accatggttg gcacattgtg gatccctctg agcagcattc gacagtccaa     63420
     cgaggtacag cccagatggc cggcctggcc cccaacagct tgcagctttt ctcaccctct     63480
     gtagagctat atgtggagat cggtagctaa tgcctggcat tggttctcat tgcaaacatg     63540
     ttgcagaaac tattccctgt tgttactctg actctaattg ctaatatttg ttagaattac     63600
     cattagaaat tatttctgca atgttctgct atgttgccta aaatgcttgt tgtttggaaa     63660
     tagcagtgat accttagtaa ttattttaag aggcatttag aacaggtgta gttttgtacc     63720
     tcgatagttg agccaaacca aaatgcatac tttttctctg atttcagata taccattatt     63780
     tttttctctt gtgttgtagg aaggtccagg tcaatggctg actttagatg cccaggtcat     63840
     tatggctgag aatgaaatat gtggcaccaa agatcctaca ttccatcgag tgctattaga     63900
     tacacgattt gaactcccat taggtatcct tgattttgtt tttcatagct ttctccaata     63960
     ttgtatttgc tccacacttg tctcaagtta tacattttgt acttccagat ataccagagg     64020
     aggaagctcg atactgggcc aagaaattgg agcagctcaa tgccatgagg gaccaagatg     64080
     tgagtcttct tattcagctc tagttttgtt gtgtttacaa tcctccccag agcctaaggg     64140
     cagaacaggt attaatatga gtctatcaag gaaatgcatt ttttttaaat ttgccttctg     64200
     aactactgac ctattaaaat taagtctatc acctatttct tagactcttt agattcctag     64260
     actcattaat ttctttattt gctcattttc cagtacacat tccaggagga gcacgagaga     64320
     ccacttccaa tgccatcaac tcagtgctgt gagctttcat gcgctactca cactctcact     64380
     ataaattgca tgccccctag gtaggctgat gtgtacagaa cctcattaga agaccaattg     64440
     ccccatcagt aggtccaata taagcttaat ctctgagcac tagatcaatt atttatcaag     64500
     atgtaaagag atttcctgga caatgttcag ttatatttga cacaggttta ggatgagtgg     64560
     aacatttgct tgccaacagg tcatttgtta ttgcttcaaa taagagccat taatcattag     64620
     tataaagtat ttctgggcaa ggtctctttc ttgcactacc aacatccaaa tttatgccta     64680
     tgtcacacct ggtaatttta caacacagat ttataacaaa gtgcttgctc atggtcacac     64740
     aggaatgtgt tccacaaaga tttatttcca tcacaacttc ttggccttct tctgattttt     64800
     gtgtttattc ttctcacagg taactggagt ctatgggggg accaacaaag taagcataat     64860
     ttgttccata gaaaatacac aaaaagacta taattgatgc ttattggagg actgaactga     64920
     aacattccta ttaaccaatc agtctattgg gttaatcaac acagtttaca tttaaaatct     64980
     gcccttgctc ctcagatgat gatccagaca gtgctgtgga tgatcgagac agtgattacc     65040
     gcagtgaaac cagcaacagc atcccccctc ctttctacac cacatcccaa cccaacgcat     65100
     ccatgcacca ataccccatc cgacaaatgc aacatggatc ccgctacaac gaaatgcacg     65160
     actacgacta tgataaccag agggcaatta ggtatattat cccaattttt aagtgtggag     65220
     tagtgtctaa tgctagccac tttagcatat ataatctagt aaaagcattt actgtgtttg     65280
     tacaactttc ctctgttctt actcctatgc attgatgact gtatacaagc cttggatgag     65340
     cggacattgt atacacttca tgggtttgga gccaacctgt gtcatatctg aatgcattgt     65400
     tttccctcaa attgttcgtt ttggtcctgt tctcttcaaa acgagcttgt ttctcatgta     65460
     catttagtct tccaaaagta gtattctcaa cattcttgaa ttgcatgcta aagactttgt     65520
     gctctaatct ttggccctgt cccaaatggt ttcttaaggt cggtacacac cgagctgatg     65580
     taaaacaact agcacagatg aaacccaacc atgttgtcac ctcactttgg ctcatgtctt     65640
     tccacaccag cagtgggcag tatatgttac ctcgttcaca acgggaaacc ggaactttcg     65700
     acatgcatgt gtaaagagta aacaaagcag cgttcagtac agttataaca gtaattgtca     65760
     ttcaccacag aaggatttgc tcctaataat ccaataatct ggggggcacg gttgcacagt     65820
     gcgtagttgc ctcacagcaa gaaggttgct ggtttgagcc ccaactggct cagttggcat     65880
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcata ttctccccat gttcatgtgg gttttctcca tttccggttt     65940
     ccccgacaag cccagagaca tgcgctatag atgaattggg taagctaaat tgtccgctaa     66000
     tgacccactg atttgagacg aatttaaaat gttacgaaac accaacatgg ttcggctaaa     66060
     gatcaacttc aagaaaagtg gccctgggac taagagtaag ctaatattcc aaataatttg     66120
     caaatatctg agaaatgtag caaacttaca gccggcctct tgtaagtcac ttgctgaatt     66180
     cgttgctgaa taaacagtca gagcactttt ttttcatgac cgctgacctt aattctacat     66240
     gctaaattta gccaacaatc ttcgtggtta acccaatgaa aagcgacttg aggaacacac     66300
     caaaccaact agatggacca atgaagccca atggctgacc atcggcttgg tgtgtcccga     66360
     ccttgaggct cttgtggacc atctccatgt cagtttacca cacagactat ttggtaatat     66420
     tactccttta tgtgatccct aaggagtctt caaaataact cataagaagc cttcaataag     66480
     tctaaatgtc aaactagggt ttcatggact tgaaagaggc atgtaagaga agaccatgag     66540
     attgcaccac ttgggatagg gcctgttaaa acatttaaac tcattaatgg acaaatcctg     66600
     atcccagctt gattggagtc tcttggttaa acattgcctt taagttggct catcttccgt     66660
     ccaatgtgag ctgttgaggt gagatgaaaa accattaaaa tagacattac tcatgctcct     66720
     cctcttcctg ctcccccatc cccttccctc ccaccagacg ctatgatagt ttagactccg     66780
     ccaccaacgg ccgcagcgat ctcgattcgg cttctggctc aagcaggcgg accagccgcc     66840
     agtactcctt agacagtagg cactcgctct ctgataggtg ggtcttcgta gctcctacac     66900
     ctccaccctc ttccaccacc ttctcctgct cttcttcctg ctccagcctg tgattccgtc     66960
     ccgctgtgat gatgtcgtgg aactggactt gtctggtcct gtggtcctcg ctatgcttgc     67020
     catgcatgcg caccaatcct tcttttacat acatggtcta ttgatatata tttactctat     67080
     ctatacattt ttgtatatat ctatgtcttt atcatgattg ctgtttacct tttaatggtc     67140
     tgtcatgtgg ttttagataa ttgtctcaca aactttttta tgtgtcttct gtactgtgca     67200
     atcagaattg ggtacaatcc tcactagctt gggaaaacag tttttttata aagtgtgtta     67260
     tttgcctgct ttatgcctga cagatttgga gaataatgct gtaatttcca aagcctagtg     67320
     tgcactaatt acatagcctt tagacacact atgctatgtg tgggcagcag gcgtgaccat     67380
     gtcgatggct gtgacagaga ccagggaatg tgcacaccac tgatttaccc tcttggtgtc     67440
     tgatggacca agcatttcca aaagctgtta tgttttgcgt ggaaagccgg aaataaagcc     67500
     ctgtgtgtgt cttgagaatt tatgggtttg tgtgctaggg agtgagaaaa ggtgacaagg     67560
     atatatgact aactggcaga aagacttgac agaagtgtga ttgtttgtgt aattatgtgt     67620
     gtgtcccatg gctctcgtat ttcttccagt ctgaagccca ggcaggtttt ggctcacagc     67680
     ctattacaca caccattgtt atcgcttctg attcttcatg cattactaaa tcttatgtct     67740
     cataatcaat aatgtgtgtg tgtgtggcag cccgtctttt cttactcatt ccaatttttc     67800
     aatctctcta cacctaattg gctcattcat cacagaggat aaatagtctt cctttgttta     67860
     gggtgtcaca ggaaaatgct gcgtcccctt ttctgtcagc tcagtgtctc tctctctttc     67920
     tgtcttttcg tttgtgttgt cctttcttgt ccactttgaa gaatttgtat gctggcaact     67980
     cctagcattg tcattttatc ttagcatttt ttatttggtc tgacatcgtg aaattgtgac     68040
     attgtgagtt ttttccctga aacaagcctc agaacttcct cttgttttct cttactcctt     68100
     accggtactc atacattcaa ggatatgtga aaattatttc agtgattaga atgtaacatt     68160
     tgaaagcact tgtctaggct gatttagctg gtctaccaac tatactgcac tgagatcaag     68220
     gaagtccaga aagccatctt tgtcagttgt caacttcagg ctaatttctg cagatagaga     68280
     gacttctatt agctgacaag tattgttctt ctttgtgctc gatcgttcct gctttctgta     68340
     cctcaaactc tctttttacg gcccataaac ctgtatatca gctgtcgtcc tccttgtttg     68400
     ttccatgact caatataact agcaactctt tgatcccaca gccccaccgg cagtagtcgc     68460
     tatgcctcat ctggtgaact gagccgtggc agctcccaac tcagtgagga gtttggcccg     68520
     gaggatggcg agagctttcg gggttctgga gagttctacg atgagaatga ttcctaccat     68580
     tcctgccatt cctctgttag ctatggcaaa gaatcacccg gctgggaccc agatgagcca     68640
     cagggtgtct acagtgatga tggggagtac aacaaagatg gaggtgaaga aggggcactc     68700
     tatgatgaag agggtgagat ctatgaacag gatgaagggg agtatcccta tgaagaggaa     68760
     gaggaaggaa tggtgtatga agaggacgaa gacctttacc cattggatgg cactcttagc     68820
     gaagagcagg agcctcccta cactcctacc ccgaccagca ctgccccaac attggctcct     68880
     gatgccctca caagccgtcc accactagag aaacaggctt ccatgcacca gcaacagccc     68940
     tcacaatccc aaataccatt ccagcccatg gagcccaagc gagagtcacc acctccacag     69000
     cagacacatg atgtttttgc caaggtacct cgtaccacaa ccccaccaca gatctcagac     69060
     acggagcctg agaaagtccc aacgccacca ggcaatgggc cagcctatgc agaggatctc     69120
     ttgtccacat ctaccactga gatcccaccc aaagcagaac aggaaaagaa agaggctctt     69180
     cctgagaggt aatctacatg tgcagagtcg ttgtaaaatt aaaaaggtga ggctttttat     69240
     gctacattca ggttacagct aacaatttca ccatcttttc ctagcatatc aaagcaggaa     69300
     ccacctgtag accctgcgat aagggccaaa gccaactggc tacgactttt caacagggtt     69360
     cgccttcagc tgcaggaggt acgtgtggtc tgagttcttg atatgtttga tcagcatctt     69420
     ccaagtgcat agcaattaaa ccttttattt acaaagtttg gcagcttgct tatgcctatt     69480
     cagtttgttc tcttggcaaa cactggatct ctagtctttg gttagttctg ccctttgttg     69540
     ttgtcctttt tcttgcctgt cttctccatt tcatgttact tttttgtcac ttacttttaa     69600
     gttttacatt ttactgttac atacgtttaa aaaacaagtt tcgttttggg atttcatacc     69660
     tttgcccctt tatgtgttcc accccatttg tttttgtttt tatgtgtttt tttctttcag     69720
     ttttttgtca ttgccatagc gattatcatg cacttccctg ctttaccgaa gttggacgag     69780
     cagtctaaaa ggtgggtgtg gttatgtgtg agtctgatgt aaacacagct tcctaatggg     69840
     tggctatggg cgggatttct ctgaacatgg aggtgttatg gcagaataat ggagataaag     69900
     atgttcgaca aatctggtct aattatgagg cctgtagctg atttcaatga cttcaatggc     69960
     tgactactgt ctctttttgg gtccagtcaa agcagacagt gctctgcttt ctgtaatagc     70020
     aataatatca ttgacataac atagtaaggt ttgcatggat attgaagtga agttaaattt     70080
     ggtttagtag atggattgaa ttaatatata tggatcactg accccaatgt ccctcccttt     70140
     tgcctacagg ctcgaggcga gactccggga cttgcgtcac tctttttgca agcagggtga     70200
     gtgtcaccat agtacagcag ctcatttgca gaggagaaat gaataaacta ttcagcaaca     70260
     tcagctatat atatatttat atatatacat actatatata tatactgtat gtatatatat     70320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     70380
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atgtatcaac attttagtat     70440
     tgaaatgtac ttgaaacaga accctctttt tgtaaaagat tataaaacat ttttctcttt     70500
     taaaagatca tttgcctaaa ttggttcaat taaaaattac acactatatg cacaatcaat     70560
     tacaaacttg gagctacaaa agagctactt tgtatcaatt agatgcttta tttaaatatc     70620
     gatttagcaa ggtctacttt caaaactgct gtttaagaat taaaaaaaat ttaaagaaac     70680
     acttttacaa cttttttgtt ctagccataa atcatacaat gtgatagtaa aagtataaaa     70740
     tatgcacaga aatttaaata tacttccatc catttgggct gcaggcctgg aggtgctctc     70800
     tacagcatag acagcatgcc tgaccttcgc aagagaaagg ccatccctct tgtccgagac     70860
     ctggtgagtc acacatccct gcttcagtgc ttcaaagagt tgctggacgt aacatcacct     70920
     tcccaactct tcaaaagtac catccatatg tatcagcatg gttattttgg gcagcagcct     70980
     gtcaagggtc tgtagtgcac agaagtctct atggcacatc tgtttgaatc acagctacag     71040
     agttagacag tattagagca ttactcagct caattcaccc tgtagactga tgaatcccca     71100
     tgggtttagg cagccccctg actgcctcaa tttgtccttt acagtcccat taattttgct     71160
     ctctatattg ctttcaaagg tgacttcatt ccctgttaac cttgtttaat tcctgtaacc     71220
     tactttagga aaacttgttg aaatttccaa ccatgtcttt cgcaacgtag cctacattcc     71280
     gactgcatct gtgattgatt tttgcccatt tttcagaatt ttataaggtt ccattaacag     71340
     catcgataat atgatttaaa caaaatatag tccattaaat ggactctaat aggcattcat     71400
     tttaaagtaa agccagatga aaggctgttt agacacaagc accgtcagaa gcagcaggcg     71460
     aacacagaaa atccacttaa aatactgtgg taaaataaaa gttcatattt aaaggaacat     71520
     tggaatttat tctggtgcat gctgaaaccg ctgattttca ttcaaacaaa tcgatgttaa     71580
     ctgtacattc gagttaatgg ataaaatcag tttatcgtgc cctactctga gacaaggtaa     71640
     atttaaattg aatagacaca tttacattct gctagtaatt ctaacttttc atgtattgct     71700
     aatttaaatt gtaaaaacat gcaaggaaat aattttacca cagttttcaa gagctatgtc     71760
     ttgcattggc gcattttatt tcaccacatt aaacaagcta cataatccat ttttgcgatt     71820
     acttgtttct gcaaaaactt cttgttagag tgacaggaga gttatttatt ggttaaacaa     71880
     tataatgaga gccaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaccttcagt agctgacagc tgtcctgtag     71940
     gtctggctgt acttattcag ccaagaacgc tcctggcagc tttcactaga gagctgtcat     72000
     agcaggcaaa ggcaccaggc tgtctttgac gctgcggact ggaagatgag gggaaaatta     72060
     ccatactgca ctaaacagct ctgcagtttg tcgattttaa tccagcttac cgccaatgaa     72120
     actgactctt aagtcaggag ccgaagtgct gacttgagca gaattcaaaa gcgtgtcaaa     72180
     aacaatttaa ccaagagaca acgaacctcc tccctctctt atcttttctc cttttacatt     72240
     tcagttcctc ttgtgcactt tacttgtgta atgaattttt tgaggcttgt taaatacatt     72300
     aatacttttt tgtgtttcag aaaaggtaca atgtgaattt agcacttctt tttaaaatgt     72360
     acagtgggta cggaaaatat tcagacccac ttaaatgttt cactctttgt tatattgcag     72420
     ccattttcta aaatcatcta agttcatttt tgtcctcata aatgtacaca cagcacccca     72480
     tattgacata taaacacaga attgttaaca tttttgcaga tttattaaaa aagaacaact     72540
     gaaatatcac atgatcctta gtattcagac ccttttctgt gatactcata tatttaatgc     72600
     tgtccatttc ttctgatcat ccttaagatg gttctacacc tacatttgag tccagctgtg     72660
     tttaaaaaat actgtttgaa cttgattagg aaagccacac acctgtctat ataagacctt     72720
     acagcttgca atgcatgtca gagcacaaga gaatcataag gtcaaaggaa ctgccaaaag     72780
     agctcagaga aagaattgtg gcaaggtaca gatttggcca aggttggaaa aaaattctgc     72840
     tgcacttaat gtttctaaga gcacagtggc ctccataatc cttaaatgga agatgtttgg     72900
     gacgaccaga gtacttccta gagctggctg tccagccaaa ctgagcgatc ggaggagaaa     72960
     agccttggtg agagagataa agaagaacca aaagatcact gtggctgaga gatgcagtca     73020
     agaggtggga gaaagttgtg aaaactcaac tatcactcca gcccaccaca tgtcgggact     73080
     ttatggcaga gtggcccaac acataaaaac ctgcatggag tttcataaaa attaaaaaaa     73140
     taaaaaaaca gctaaaagac tccaagatgg tgagaaataa gattctcaag taaaaaaaat     73200
     gtttagcctt aattccaagc tgaatgtgtg gagaaaatca gacactgctc atcacttgta     73260
     caatacagtc tcaacagtga agcatgatag tggcagtatc atgctgtcgg agtgtttttc     73320
     agctgcaggg tcaggaagat tggttgcgat caaggggaaa gatgcggcca agtacaggga     73380
     tatcctggat gaaaactcag gacctcagac tgagtcgaag gtttacctac caacaagaca     73440
     atgatcctaa gcacacagtt aaattaatga agtagtggct tcacaaaaac tccatgactg     73500
     ttcttgaatg gcccaaccag agccctggtt taaacccaat tgagcatctc tggagagacc     73560
     taaaatggct gtccaccaac atttaccatc aaacctgaca gaactaaaga ggatctgcaa     73620
     ggaggaatga cagaggatcc ccgaatccag gtgtaaaaac cttgcatctc tcccaaaaag     73680
     actcatggct gtattagatc aaaagggtga ttcaactaaa tactgagcaa agggtctgaa     73740
     tacttatgac catgcgatat ttcagttttt ctttttaata aatctgccaa aatgtcaaca     73800
     attcagtgat tttctgttgg ggatatttgg ggatgtgtgt acattaatga ggaaaaaaac     73860
     aagcttaaat gattttagca aatggctgca ataaagagtg aaaagcttag tcaacctttt     73920
     gggctgttct tattgaggag acttgtaatt agatgtaatt gtaattgtca tcaatcttga     73980
     aaaacttcta atttgttttt atttttgttt tgtttttttg caatgcctca cctcctccag     74040
     gcaatggtaa gtatttaaaa gtaaaattat tcattacact ggatgaagta ctttaataca     74100
     agcatgtttt ggctacagtt attattattg tacaagcatt gttcaaatac tatttgcatt     74160
     cataaaaata ataattaatt taatatttat tatgttttat tttattgtac tttaagtgtg     74220
     acatacaaat atcaaaaaca tatataataa agcaaccaaa tgttcttatt caacaacaca     74280
     ttcacacatt ttctcaaatg tttccctaaa tttctgttgt tgttgttttg tagtctctag     74340
     tacagaactc tcgaaaagcc ggcataactt ccgctatggc ctccagcaca cttaacaatg     74400
     aagaattggt atgtcagcaa gtcatttttc ttcctgcaca ttcacatttt actgctcaga     74460
     gcaatttccc gtttacctgt tgatttatct cggtcttgca gaagagtcac gtctataaga     74520
     aaaccctgca agctttgatt taccccatct cctgcactac gccgcacaac tttgaggtgt     74580
     ggacggccac aacacccacc tactgctatg agtgtgaggg gcttctttgg ggcatcgctc     74640
     gacagggcat gcgctgcaca gaatgtgggg tcaagtgcca cgagaagtgt caagatttac     74700
     tcaatgccga ttgcctgcag agtaagaaac tctatttagt tttctttaat tattttttat     74760
     tttgtcataa agtaccctta ttatctttta tcagatatta cttttcatgc tgtgtgaaat     74820
     tttgttgttt gcaaagttat aaagatcaaa gtgcacaata aaaatagtcc tgcgagttat     74880
     tgtcttccaa aagaaacgtt tgaaccgatt ctgaactacc tggataaaga catcactaac     74940
     ttcagactta cttcctgcac aagatgtaat aaagttcata gctgaaggaa ggtcgaggtg     75000
     ggtttcctga tggccagcaa tggctcctcc tcagtgttcc cttactctgc ctgatccttc     75060
     ccatcatgat ggagggcacc aggccttagc ttcgggccag tggtgtcaac tcgtccgtcc     75120
     cctcatgaat gccaactcca tgctcccaca gagagcagcg agtctgtccc ccacccccag     75180
     caaccttttc cagtaccagc gacaagcatc catggtggca gacttagcat attccttact     75240
     cagcactgca aatctccccc aggagcaagg gctctttgac agtgtgtcct ttattcctaa     75300
     caggctttgt caccaatgta acagaaattt cacattgagc agttaacata atccttaatc     75360
     aaaaaataaa cattgaaatg gaagtaagca gcagccctcg acaacaactg acccacagag     75420
     actttacctt cctgatctcc tccctggcat tcaaggctgg tgtggagcac aggtgccacc     75480
     actttttctt cacctgactt tcacagatct cgtctgtacc ccacttcacc cattagatat     75540
     acccccttac tctggcaagg gatttaactt ctcagtcccc tcacagctgg ctgctgttcc     75600
     ctataagctc ctccagcatc agcattaagt gcccacaaca ccagactcat gaaaatccct     75660
     gctctgcact aggaattttc cccagtttga agaatctctg tgtgtccttc cttttttctg     75720
     tgtttcggca ctaatgtaac aaagtttata gaagaaggaa attgttttac atgaagttta     75780
     tttatataat aaacaataac atggtagtag gctgcagtct gtcatggaca actggtgcac     75840
     aaacataaac aatacactaa catcactgcc ccatacctgg tcctctattg tcctttactt     75900
     tcctacataa aacttggccc cacttcattc attataaata cgtggccgcc cttgcaggcc     75960
     agggggtatc ctctaaactg cagtctaact cacctggcat cattccctta ttctgcctgg     76020
     tcctccccat aatgccggat ggcagaagga tctagctttt ggcaaatgtt gaagattcct     76080
     tcattccctc acagacggca gcttcccctg tatgctccaa cggacaaaca ttcttttttc     76140
     tttaatttct ggagctggaa cttaagactg gtgcatcaca catgtgtttt ttattacccc     76200
     acttacctct ggcaacaaat tatataatct cagatggaag taaagtatag gtctcaatat     76260
     caattcctga agggccacag ctctgcacag ttttgctcta accctaatca aacatagctg     76320
     atccaactaa tctaggtgtt caacactact agaacctatt aagcaggtgt gagttgaaga     76380
     tggttggagt taaaccatgc agagctgcaa cccaacagaa attgagttta agatcattga     76440
     tgcaaagtaa aattgtgagc cattgggagt tcggtgcttt gctcaagggc tcctcgatca     76500
     tggattttaa ggtggaaata agtgcagctc atacactttc ccacctacaa ctcttgctat     76560
     tactgtcaac ctttggattc aagtccaact atctaatctt taagtcacaa ttacaattta     76620
     gaacaatttc taaagtgata tttggttacc tctaagggat tgattacaca acagcttttt     76680
     caacccaaag caggaaactt ttaatgtgtt agtttacgtg ctagttttca cgaccgcaat     76740
     atttttggga ctgaaagcgc aaaaaatctg aaaaccacca tgtaccatcc cactgttgtt     76800
     gtgtccatgt taacccctga aatgtgggtc tttgaaaaca atgacgtcat gcgcgtgctt     76860
     ggtatgggtt tagggaggtg tagattaaaa gcgagcacat aaagtataca caacaatggt     76920
     ggagtatgtg ggattgtttt cgctcaagga tttgctaatg ctacatcagc aaaggttgaa     76980
     tttacttcac attacaatca acagcacatc ctacatcagc atgtcatcac atccttacag     77040
     acactgttta ctagcaaggt gacagcgcca actggcctgg catatcaata cagcattttt     77100
     ggccattttc acaatctgta aatgtagatc attttcaaaa cattgtcatg tgaaactggg     77160
     agaaactttt ctatttattt ggctaccttg ttgtcatgta aatagcctaa aactaaatca     77220
     ggagctttaa aaaaagcata aaaggcacat ttgaaagaga ccttatctgt tttttacagg     77280
     ggcggcagaa aagagctcta aacatggagc tgaagatcgc acacagaaca ttattatggt     77340
     gctaaaagac cgcatgaaga tccgtgaacg gaacaagcct gagatatttg agttgattca     77400
     ggatgtgttt gcagtcatta aggccacaca tgtggcacag atgaagcaga ttaagcaaag     77460
     tgtcctggat ggaacttcta agtggtcggc caagatcagc atcaccggta atgacctact     77520
     tcaactagca caggttcgtt atgtcatgtt atatttagtc ttagtattag tattaaccct     77580
     atttcttttc ttagttttat gtgctcaagg tctgcaggca aaggataaga ccggttccag     77640
     tgacccttat gttacagttc aagtaggcaa aaccaaaaaa cgaacaaaga ccatctacgg     77700
     caacctcaac cctgtatggg atgagagttt taatttgtaa gtggactatt tgtttggatt     77760
     gaaacccaaa tttattatat caaggatcat tgcttattct gatacacaaa cttctcaaca     77820
     gtgagtgtca caactcttct gatcggatca aagtccgtgt ttgggatgag gatgatgata     77880
     ttaagtctag agtaaagcag aagttcaaac gagagtctga tgacttcctc ggtcagacca     77940
     tcatcgaggt gcgaactttg agcggagaaa tggacgtctg gtacaatcta ggtgagtaaa     78000
     aaaaatctga ataataaaat gatttgataa cacaaatgtg ttaagggtca ggttgtaatg     78060
     cagttctaat atatcaaacc atgatcaact ttgaccctat ttgacaatga ccaatgaggt     78120
     gggggtaaag attatagagc ataccgtgat gttttgtgta tcaaatagat tcaacttctt     78180
     tataaaacag acttaatact acttgtataa tagagtccaa tataaaatat actgtatgca     78240
     ctttaactac tttctcctat atttggttat ctgcttattg attctaaaat cagcactact     78300
     tcagttttct tctaaatatc ctcttttaaa tcatttctgt atgattttct ttgctgtata     78360
     gttttcttgt attaagattg ttgtacaatt taacatttaa ttaagacttc atatgatttt     78420
     tgtatgctta tgtttccttc tgtaccattt tttatgtttc tgtcttttgt atgacttgaa     78480
     tgttaaccag cttcatttca cttcctttca gataagcgta ctgacaagtc tgccgtgtca     78540
     ggagccattc gtatgcacat cagtgtggaa atcaaaggag aagaaaccgt agctccgtac     78600
     cacgtccagt acacttgctt acacgaggtc agtctgattc taccatggtc atgtttgtca     78660
     ttcccatttt ccacccttca aattagtccg tagcaaattg gtttacatcc tcccttcatc     78720
     tctccacaga accttttcca ctacttaaca gacattcaaa acaatggtgt ggtgaagata     78780
     ccagatgcca agggcgatga cgcatggaaa gtttactttg aagagacgcc ccaagaaatc     78840
     gtggatgagt ttgccatgcg ttacggagtg gagtctattt atcaagccat gacgtatgat     78900
     tgtccccaac agtcttgcca ttgacctttt acgatctttc ttacgatatt tttgtgcttt     78960
     cttgttttta gacactttgc ctgcttgtct tcgaagtaca tgtgtcctgg agtgcctgcg     79020
     gtcatgagca ccttactagc caacatcaat gcttactacg ctcacacaac ccaagccact     79080
     aacaacgtat ccgcctctga ccgcttcgct gcctccaact ttggggtgag tttcttattc     79140
     actgcaggta aacagggtaa aaaataacta atggttatat ttacccactt tattgtttaa     79200
     aaattgcaaa aaaaggcatt atttaagcct tatgtgctgt tggggatgtt ttggccacaa     79260
     cttcctctgt gttttagcaa atcaaatgtt ttttggtgac aaatcttatt ttaacatata     79320
     tttggggaaa atgctttgaa ttttttttat ttaacaaaac actatggcaa aattgactac     79380
     cctttcgtta tgttcagggc tgtttttgtc ccattgactt ccattataat gacatttttt     79440
     gattgcattg ctatgacatt ggttaatgct ggttttccct gttgggaaga ggtcagattc     79500
     ataatttata ctgtttatca tcaattgaag tgcaaaaaaa gcttagttaa tttttcacaa     79560
     aatattttac agtggttttg taattgtatt ttgtttaaca tcttgtatat aatcaggcaa     79620
     gttatgcatg aacaaatctc tcagttaaaa ccttcagaat acatatatga ataaacctgc     79680
     cgtttggtgt gtgtaaagct gctgaaaact cattttgaga aataacgtct ttaaaaatct     79740
     gtactgtaat agaagtatca ggcagaaaat tataaagtgt gatgaaagaa aaacttatat     79800
     tggtagtttt cttaagagta ggaccggaaa aatcttaaga ccggaaaaat aaaaagccaa     79860
     aaatctcaaa atctcaaact tgtccaggtt tatgaattat ttttgtctgt ggtgtcaaag     79920
     gaagatttct gtactaatat gttttttttt tatgtgtgtt atttgtagaa agaacgattt     79980
     gtgaaacttc tagaccagct ccacaactct ctgaggattg acctctcaat gtacagggta     80040
     ttgtgacttt ttggtgttta aaatgcttac tgtggtgttc cctaatcaga cagttgataa     80100
     taactatatt ataaaagaat aaggtagcat taaaactagc gatgcaccaa gaattttggc     80160
     cgatatcgat aactgataac tcttaagatt tggaggccga tagcgatata ttgtagccga     80220
     taaatataaa tatttcaaaa tgttatattt ttatacagtg aacaactgat tttattttaa     80280
     aaacctccta aaagttttaa ctgatcttaa gaactgaatt gcctactcaa agcaaaaaaa     80340
     agctataatt tcaaaattgc aaggtgatta taaagaccta tattcatgat tttacataaa     80400
     ttagcatgcc aaaagcatgc tcttgcgcga ggctagcagt tctgtacaat tacataatct     80460
     atcggcttaa aaatattggc ctaatttttg acattggacg gataatgata gcattaaaaa     80520
     tagtattttt gagccaataa tgatatggcc gacaatatat tgtgcatccc taattaaaac     80580
     atttattttg agtagaaaaa gagtattgat gacaccattt cttgtctcag aataattttc     80640
     cggctagcag tcctgaaagg ctacaggatc tgaagtctac ggtggaccta ctgaccagta     80700
     tcacattctt caggatgaag gttagttgat gctggtgtta agggtgtaag tgcagtcata     80760
     aactgaggct ttatttggtg ctttgtttca cttataaatg atctagaccg taaatctgtc     80820
     tcctccaggt ccaggagctt cagagtcctc ctcgtgcaag tcaggtggtg aaagactgtg     80880
     tgaaggcctg cctcaactcc acctacgaat atattttcaa caactgccac gagctctaca     80940
     gccgagaata ccaaacagac ccagtgagtc gatgcacccc gatcaatccc aaaaaacgct     81000
     ttgccccaca agtcattttt atcaaagcag ttcatctctg agcttttgtt tgcgctgctt     81060
     tgaagacttt atagacttcc ctcataaata tcaaacactc tctctctctg ttgaattaaa     81120
     catccgactc tgggctactt actatgtttt tctgcacagc tttgaaggat tgttctatat     81180
     cttgttcccc tggagtcaca gtcatatttt gacttgtttg ttgaaagatt acaaaagcac     81240
     attcagtgct tcaaataaat tctttctgtg cagaacaaaa aaggagaggt tcctccagaa     81300
     gagcaaggcc cgagcatcaa gaacctggac ttctggtcca agctgatcac tcttattgtc     81360
     tccattattg aagaagacaa gaactcctac acaccctgcc ttaaccagtg agtccggtat     81420
     cacaaaacgc ccgggtgtaa atcttgttta ggatcttaat ataggctgtt ctgctccact     81480
     caggtttccg caagagctca atgttgggaa gatcagcgca gaggttatgt ggaacctgtt     81540
     tgcccaagat atgaagtatg cgatggaagg tgagtctaag tgacttttct caatattggt     81600
     tttcttatat aacacttttg taaagtagag atgtttcaaa gcattattgg gggggaaatt     81660
     tgaaaatatt ctcaaatatt agatcaattt agattctact gtaaaggtaa gtagtttgtt     81720
     aagttagatt cagcgtttaa acacttctac agaagacatt agggtcatta ttcatcactg     81780
     ttgactaatt tggacataat gcaaatgttc attaagtcaa tttgagattg atgatgtaaa     81840
     atctgataaa aatagctgta tagcaagtag tagtgtggtt attcaacttc agtcagttta     81900
     atggcatctc atctcaggtc agtaacagtg ttgatgttgc aaaatatgaa acaattctaa     81960
     tagagctata aagcaaatat tttctttatt taagtcagta atcgttgatg tcgcacaaat     82020
     gattagttat aaaagaaatt taaagtttct gtcttgcaaa ataataaatt atgaaacaag     82080
     ttgactttat caagtagaaa atttgaattc aataagttct gatgctgcaa catttgtcaa     82140
     taataaaact cattcgttac agagtgtcag ggatgcacaa ttagcctaat ataaaataaa     82200
     cttgattctg ctttaaggca aatgttgatt cagattagtt caataacagt atccatgatg     82260
     caaaatttgt caagtatgaa acaaagttca gtagctgaat actgtataaa cagtagtgtt     82320
     gttattcagc tgaagtcagt ttagtggtac tgtatctcat ttcaggtcag taacgctgtt     82380
     gatgttgcaa aatatgtcaa ttatgaaaca gttctgatag agctataaag caaatattgt     82440
     ctttatttaa gtcagtaatt gtcgatgtcg cacaaattat tagttatgag atagctaaat     82500
     actgtataaa acaataatgc tggtttaata tttgtcaatt atgatacaga ttttattcaa     82560
     caatttaata tatattcaat tatatagtgc aaaaagctat ttataaaaac acaaaacagt     82620
     agtgccattg tttgaaatct attcaacttt tgcccttatc ccacagtacc agtgcaataa     82680
     tattactgaa ctttaagtgc atttttaact tttttttttt tttacttttt cttactccag     82740
     cagctcatga tatttcatta aaagtttcaa ctgtagcctt taatgatcat aacttggcta     82800
     acagatgaga tgtgctccaa tgaaagtgtc tgcagcacaa gccttgcagg gtttctctct     82860
     gacagccact taaatttcac actaggagaa aagtcgactt gcagcgcagc tcttctcatc     82920
     tgctggtgca gtaggggttc tcagctctgc atagatgtaa ctgcttcaca ataagctttt     82980
     ttgtcttcac ctcatgactt tcagagcacg aaaagaaccg cctgtgcaag agcgccgatt     83040
     acatgaacct tcacttcaaa gtaaagtggc tctacaatga gtactgcaaa gacctgcctt     83100
     tcttcaagag ccgagtgcct gaatatccaa cgtgagtaaa gatactgatg ccctaaatct     83160
     cagaatactt gggtgatttt ataattgagg atataataat taagtggttt ccgaacagaa     83220
     attacttccc acatttaaca aaaaacactg tgtaagtatt atttgtctac tatgttaaat     83280
     ctacaagagt tcaaaggtaa cagagttgac atttttcaat ccaacttgct agcgtatgtt     83340
     gaaatttcta gccaattcca tgcatgttca ctaaaaaaag gtcaggagag ggttttcttc     83400
     aatgtgaaaa atattattaa tttattagat acaaatgaat aattcgagga cagaactctg     83460
     ggtaatgcaa tacaagaatt acattcagga ggtttgcaac taactagcat ttccctggct     83520
     ccagcatata tacacaactg atattaacag gtggaatttt gatgtaacgt cacttatcag     83580
     tcattctgca gtctcttggc tgttgcaccc aaacatactt cctctttctg caacccttct     83640
     ctgcatacca aaactgaaca gttaagtgac ctacaatata tttcacaact tctacaagca     83700
     tccagctcct tgtgacatgt ctagacttct tattagacag aggtctggag caaagccccc     83760
     cacactatat ttattcttat tctgctattt tcctttggtc agctgtttct tctaagaagt     83820
     atgcaacaca gtcagaaaga agaagtatgt ttggttaata tatggtatca tacaagagga     83880
     aaaggttgat taatctgttg tttgtctaaa ctttttgtca aataaaaaat aaagacacaa     83940
     aagtaataaa aataaattcc ttttcccccc acacatacat aatgataaga gcaacactaa     84000
     tgaactaatg aaatgatgat aaatactttt agtaagtgtt aacagttttg actttttaca     84060
     agaaaaaaaa actcttaaat ataagaatga attagatgga tagaatattt gatggaagta     84120
     tgggatggca acagaactga catgagattt atggacattt tctaagataa atattacttt     84180
     aaaacaattt aatgtttcag aattgggaaa ttaattgttt ggggcttttt aataaataaa     84240
     atgaatgaaa ttaaatgaat aatgaaatat tatgaaggaa agtaaaatga aattgataga     84300
     tgatgggaaa catatataca ctgactcatt cggacaacag taaattatgt ttagctgtgt     84360
     actgtataac tgctgaaaat attattatgt tttggtcggt aaaatttttg tgattcctgg     84420
     caacgagtga caaggtatta aaataataaa gaatagaaac attgaactaa agcagaaaga     84480
     aataatgact gcacaacgaa cacatctgca gttgttgaat cacaagcata ctaaatgagt     84540
     cagaatgtca ctgtgagcat gcaatgatgg gtaataatgg agctttgggt ggtgatattg     84600
     ctttgcaggt ggtttgagcc gtttgtcatt cagtggttgg atgagaatga ggaggtgtcc     84660
     agagactttt tgcatggagc cctggagcgt gacaagaaag atggggtaag atttatcttt     84720
     ccttttttgt gtgtgtgttt atgtggccta acttcaagtg cagctgtcca gaaatattgt     84780
     aacctattgc caattttttt aactcatgca aagtgaaagc tagctcatca tttattctac     84840
     ctcatgtggt tttaaacaca aaagaatata ttttgaagaa tactagttgt tgaagtccat     84900
     cgacttccat agtaaaacaa aaatttacta tggaagtcaa tggttcccag caaccagcat     84960
     ttttaaaaaa tattttcttt tgtgtttagc agaagaaaga aactctaata tggttttggg     85020
     aaggtgaagt aatttatgac agaatggaaa tttttgcgtg actgtccctt taatgatatt     85080
     caataattat tgcgatattc tcctaatgta attataatat ttattcatat tttacatttt     85140
     attcttcctt gctattatga ctcaatataa gtatgagttt tacaaatctc ttcaaaatat     85200
     agattttttt aatatttatt attacataaa acttttactt ttacttttta ctccaaatat     85260
     aaaattgcta aatggtttat ctccgctatt attaataata atattaatgt tgtttttttg     85320
     tcattgttca tatattaaat gctttttaaa tactgttact aaggtataat attttttaac     85380
     tgcaatttaa cgtaatggaa agtttttaat atttagattt ttttttaaac atattaacat     85440
     ttatatgtat ttctgtatgt attgtgtcat ctttgtgatt gtgacattgt tctcttctct     85500
     gccttctgtc atcagtccca cacaattttt acctttttct aaatgtcttc atcatggagt     85560
     ttttcttttt attattaaag caaataagat tgtaaaaaaa tatttgttgt actctaccat     85620
     tgactgtgct caaagttttc tcaactataa cgacttccgc tactgagaaa ctcggaaatg     85680
     tgaaaacggt ctatttttat taataaaaag tgtattttga tggaaatatt tttcaaagta     85740
     tagaatggca acagaatcga gatgagattt atctacaatt ttataagata gattttattt     85800
     taaatcaatt cagtgtttca aatttgtgaa aatgactatt tagggatttt ataaataaaa     85860
     caaatgaggt taaatgaaaa tgtattttat tttgcattaa taaatgtttt aaatgccact     85920
     gagaaagaag gcttcagcaa tctcctcata tattgaaatg taatttattg cattaacaat     85980
     aaaataaaat aaagtattac ttagaacaaa ggtgatagca caactttaga aaatgtaatg     86040
     gaaatgtact gtaaagttat tcttactatt gagcttacca gctgtgatga gttacagtag     86100
     cagtgggcct ccagcctgca gccagacatg ccaaaatgtg atgaatgagt gccctcagag     86160
     cacctcagca tgttccagaa ccaataatca cactctttac ttcattagtt tcactgagcc     86220
     acctctggga tcctgctaca gtctcacctc aaacccaatt atttccagac gaaagagccc     86280
     acacctgaag tctggtggca aattgcttgt gtggtctctc gctctttcta ttctagtttt     86340
     tctgactcct tgtctccaac cttttctttc ctacagtacc agcaaacctc ggagcacgct     86400
     ctcttctcct gttcggtagt ggatgtcttc tcacagctca accagagctt tgagatcatt     86460
     aagaagctgg agtgtccaga cccacagatc gtcggacatt acatgaagag atttgccaag     86520
     gtccacagct gagaacttca catttgtacc agacccatga taatttcatt tactttcatc     86580
     aaagccttta gggaatctca cagctttagc caagtgcaga ctgtgagatt ttatatatgt     86640
     cttttactaa agtttctagt caaattgtac aatattgaag tcaaactgaa attctggtca     86700
     caatgtttag ttgcaaactt ttattatcga aactgcacaa ctaaatttct caatttacaa     86760
     aatacaaaaa gtttatagca tgggggccag acaagctaga tttatacaca taactcttaa     86820
     tacctccttt acataccctt cctaatcctc tctcccatct gggtcacggc accaatgtaa     86880
     cctttctgat tctacccacc taacaacaag ctggttttga actggcatct tcaccatagg     86940
     agatcaagga agtgaggttt acttatacag attatactag ctggcctcct atacacttag     87000
     catacccacc aaaagtccct cccatctggg tcacggcacc aaatgaaccc atccagttca     87060
     ttacccccca caataagtgg gattcagatt gcagtaccca gcatagattg acacagctcc     87120
     tactagctaa cctccatttc acaactactg cagaagcatc gtacaggttg agaaaaatag     87180
     ccaccgtaca ttatactagt aaggatcaca cactgataaa tgttcggaaa tctacaaact     87240
     cacacttaaa catgctcctc atgcattata aataaaaata atatgttcta acatatttta     87300
     tattttgaat tggatggaat cataagcccc tttcacacat tgataccggt aaatacccgg     87360
     aaatttacca gaatgacttt accggcaaat tcaaaaaagc attgttcaca caggcaagaa     87420
     cgttacagaa ttttttcgga aaagtctatt cacacatcca ttccaaaata ccggtaaaat     87480
     ctgacatcat taatcagaaa taaactctaa atggctaata tatgtgtgtg ctggcgctca     87540
     ccagctgctt cacatgcaca cgtgtcaagc aactgaagca gagcttgaag gtaaacaacc     87600
     agcggtttat caaaagcatt ttatcgatta ttctttccag agttggcatt aagtaggaac     87660
     ttagaaacat tgtctgacta acatctagca gctaaatgtg tctgggaaaa tattcaaaag     87720
     cttttatttt catgaacaac gcagatgtga atgcgtctga atgttcttat tggctgaggg     87780
     gggagcggca gtgtttcgat gtgatccagt tagtttgtgg tactgtgaca gctggtgttg     87840
     gttgctgtat ggctaaaaat atgacagtta aagaaactag gctaaatttc aatttaaata     87900
     attaagtgtt caataaaatg ttaatataat aattaagttt tttatgtgcg ttttggcggg     87960
     ttttggacca cttttgggat ggaaaaagtt tgctatatct ggttatcctg atttcggcaa     88020
     actaccagta atgttatttt ttttccagaa aatttcccaa aagagtttac cggtattttc     88080
     aaaaagggcc tattcacaca tgatcccttt ctgtatgtgt gaaaggggct gttgtctaac     88140
     ctaaaaaaat aggagtttct gtccatcaca cttgtgaaat ctgtcaactc caactgcaaa     88200
     aaacctgaaa attgtgcaga tgttgttttt gtatattcta gcctttagaa acattaatat     88260
     acaaagttgt tttgcatgtt ggattcattt tcataaggtt tctttccccc acagaccatc     88320
     agcaacgttc tgctctccta tgcggatatt atctccagag acttcccgaa ccactgcacc     88380
     aaggagaaag tggtaatagt ctgaaaacca attgaactgg gttcataatg tttaaaaaca     88440
     gattattaaa tttagaattt aacctattct gtatgttacc ttttctttga tcctagaatg     88500
     caaaggacgg tgctgtgaag gtctgcatat ctgacttttt catggaaata attgcaataa     88560
     gtaagttaaa ttggcctttt gttgaggttt atacacttca acattgtttt ttgctttgca     88620
     cagccctgca tcctcatcaa caatattcag cagctcaggg tacagcttga gaagatgttt     88680
     gaggccatgg gaggtaaaga tgtaagtaca ccacaaatca acattttgct tcttgagcaa     88740
     agacctacag ccttttaaga gcccgatcag gttctggtga ttttgaccat taatgtgctt     88800
     tctagttgaa cgttgaagct agcgacatct tgaaagaact tcagttgaag ctcaacaatg     88860
     ttttggacga ccttgcaagg atatttgcca ccaggtgatg taccaaggga tcaggaagaa     88920
     gtagttttgc actgttttca tactaacatc tgttctccat ctctttctcc tgctagtttc     88980
     cagccaaaca ttgaagaaaa tgtcaagcaa atgggagata tacttagcca ggtgaaggga     89040
     acgggaaatg tgccagcaag tgcttgcagc agcgtagcac aggatgctga caacgtcctc     89100
     caacccatca tggactttct tgacagcaag taagatgcag attattagat ttcgatgtat     89160
     tcctggcacc ttccactgta atctgacctt ttttccttgt tagcctcaca ctatttgcca     89220
     agatctgtga gaagacagtc ttgaagcgag tgctgaagga gctttggaag ttggtcatga     89280
     acacaatgga gaagacgatt gttctgccac cgctaactga ccaaacggta atgagctgtt     89340
     cagagattta tgtacacaaa ttttctttag gattgttcac agctttgtat attttgctat     89400
     ggatcatgaa gacgattgca aatgtacctc ctcatgccca acaaaaaaat gtccctttcc     89460
     cacatcaaat tcccttggac aaaaaaaaga cacatctttc cactctaaaa acattgggag     89520
     tgcaccatat cattcaagca cctcttgatg ctgctctctg atcctgtagt cccacagttg     89580
     cacattttgt cttgcaattt tgacctaata cgttttgtta gctgtatttc tacatatttg     89640
     aatgctagct aacttttgag aacatttcta caggaacaga gacaacttac tgctttcaat     89700
     ttgtcttgat ataactgttg ttctttttgt atttttattt gtatttgttt atttttgaca     89760
     aaagagaccc atatcagttc tttcaaaggt tatacattgg gatgggaggc agctccctaa     89820
     tggcatattt agctaattgc taaatacagt tctgctgatc acaaaaggcc aaacaaaaaa     89880
     aaggaataat ttgctcaaaa aagtcaaatc ttttaacgtt cactcaccct tatgttgtaa     89940
     caaattgtaa tgagtttctt tcatccatga aagtttgttt ctgctgctct ttttttctac     90000
     aacaaaggat tccaaaacag atatcgtaca attggcccac ttgacttcta tacttaaaac     90060
     cattttctaa atacttctaa aatcatttaa aagttttgac atttacatgg tcaatccttg     90120
     taaacaactt tgatcataca gaagtaataa ttggcattta catttcatgt atttttattt     90180
     cacatcagtt ggttttagta tacttatata ttcagaaaat gtatataata cttaaataaa     90240
     agatacaagt tgcaaggact gcatttaagt ccattttgta acttgcctgc ttcccatttc     90300
     ctttcaatgt atgggaaaaa acagcttgag aaaacagcat tctccttaga aatccttaga     90360
     aatgcctgat ttttagtgtt ttcagggttt aaatttagtt taaactgcta gaaactgctt     90420
     ccttcctttt ctttacctgc ttactttcat aattgatctt aattattaag taatttccta     90480
     ctaaaactta acaaacaatc tttcaattta aagtataatt taaaatgtaa caatttcaat     90540
     attcgcccat cgaaatattt agcttagtgt agactttcct tatgtatata gtatacagtg     90600
     gtcccttgtt aatcacagga gttacactct aaaaataccc gcaaagttat cagctttatt     90660
     ttttttacaa ttattttaga ccttttaaga ttgtaaaacc tctcactaca ctattttctc     90720
     ttttgttgaa acgctcgcat aacttctacc ttcctttagc atgtccagaa atccaacttt     90780
     ttgtgcgatg gttagcatct tcctctgcct tttgggtgct accgtgggtg cctttgacgg     90840
     tgctgtatgt ttcatccaca atatgggttt tgttagagag aaaacttgca aacatacagt     90900
     acagcacttt agagccactt taatggtctg cagctaatta agggtgcgtt tcccaaacaa     90960
     cgacataact cgtggctgaa ctttcatagt acaatgcatt gtttgggtaa agttacttaa     91020
     taaatagcct actataaatg aaaagcatta acatatgtta tatatttttg ttttcaaaag     91080
     ctatgacgta acgtaaattc tgattttaaa taataggtca cctatagctt tcgtcatgag     91140
     ccatggctgt gttcaaaatg gcataaatga tttcaaattg taacacaatt gtcaacataa     91200
     agatcgctaa aactgtaaaa acactttaaa agcaaatcac acctaagagt gatgactttt     91260
     atggtttttt tttatcattc caagtttaaa tgttggaacg ttctaaatta atagggcata     91320
     ggggggatac ccgggaatgg aacacagcca ggaactcggc ttaactacag ctctagagat     91380
     gtagttgaaa aagaacaagt ttgtgatgca gtttgcaaat gtttgttgga acgatgaatt     91440
     tggaaaatgc taaattgaca aagtatgtat gtaacaatgg aacttgcgac cttagttggt     91500
     ttcggaaatg cagtccagaa tttagaacac aatgcgatgt aaaaaaaaat aatgtaaaat     91560
     tgcacaaaaa aacttgcaaa actgagagac cgcaaaagat gaagcgcttt atggctaggc     91620
     accactgtac tatagaattc tttaacaata acatctaaaa gtatgatgaa gaagtactta     91680
     agtgtatgta aatatgtaat ttactgcagt tataaagtgc tggacgttta aaaatgcacc     91740
     tggaaaaatg cttgaaaagt acttaaatct ggctttcaaa aaaggtgtaa gaaccttgcc     91800
     ttttgtacag tatttcatgg gtgaaggaac acaaattatg aatagaaatt gaggggtgag     91860
     attttttttt ttttcatttt tggttaagtt atgcctgttt tgaaccagac ctcgggacca     91920
     taattttgta cctggcctgt agactgaatg ttaatgcttc ttttgatttg atgtggggct     91980
     ctttgtagct tcactgaccc ttctctctgg ttattacatt ctcgctctcc ccccgctcca     92040
     cctccacaga tgatagtaag taccagagca cttttgtctg tgcgtctgtg tgtcccgcag     92100
     tccgtccacg ccgggtgaac cctctcccac cacctccttc tgctctgtgt ggctgccgag     92160
     tcctttcctt ttgtccaatg catcctcatt cgtctgtcac tctttctcct gctgtctctt     92220
     tcttctcctc ttcgtacatc tcctcacctt tccctggcca cctcagcgct ctgtaatact     92280
     cgaggtggct gcagcatggt gcatttccta attgacttgg accaggccct tattttttct     92340
     gagtcccacc ccaacaaaaa gtccaatcca aagtcccaac ccctttctcc actcattccc     92400
     ctgaaagcga cactcttttg ctcccagttt agtgtccgtg gtgggtcggt tatctgggtg     92460
     acgtgaactg gtttcaggcg gtccaccctc cctgtctctg tcacctgttt gaaacctctc     92520
     tcctctgtgg gttgtttgct tgcgtctgat cttcacctca actcctgagc ctctttatag     92580
     tctctgcaga cattattctg tcaatctgtc ctggtatttg cgtgttgttg tacccaaatt     92640
     ggtctgatcc aacactgagg tttcatactg atgtgtcttc tgtgactact ttttttatgt     92700
     agagaaatgt tttctattct cgggcttgat aatgtttagt ccaggtgttt taataatatt     92760
     tgtttgtaaa atgtttgtaa aaatgtatta ttattttatg gtgcaaatag ttttgttttg     92820
     ctctgcattt ttaattgatg tttcagttca tttacttcta tatgaagata tgattataat     92880
     tttctgttta caaatgatcg aattttacct ttgttttcac ttttacctag tttagttggt     92940
     cccttagatt ataaaaaata ttgcacaaat atcgaatacg atgtacgtca gttttaaata     93000
     ctctgcttta acatgattgt tcaccaaaaa atgaaaacct tgtcataatt tattcaccca     93060
     aatgttgata ctgaaattct gtacatattt gaagttgtgt atatttggaa ttcttgcaca     93120
     ttttacttac cttcatgatg attctaaaat cactctcaag cctcattcac atttacatcc     93180
     agtgctcagc ataattgacc cttcgcttag cccctccctc cttagttact gttggtacgt     93240
     ctgtcaagct ttcatgcctg gcacgtctat cacaatgtat atactttgtg tcagacattg     93300
     ccagggatat aattagtcat ttttggcgaa caggtgagat atctgagaac gccagacaaa     93360
     aatgcactgt agtatgcgtt acaggggtat attcacgaca taataggcaa ccgattagaa     93420
     aataacttca tcaaaaatta agctaggtta gcctagccgc ttcatacact gaccattcag     93480
     cagcttagat catgcacagc aagagagatg aaatttaaaa ataatctaat aataacaaat     93540
     taaaccgtga tttctctttt ttagccaaaa agcctgatag attaattgtt gtgcaatgaa     93600
     atatagtgtt actaaccgac caggaaacac aggaaattca ttcatggaaa gaaaaggcca     93660
     gaaagaggaa attgatggat ttgtgccaaa tattagcatc attgacccat aacaatgtac     93720
     agtacctata acagtcaata tgtttgtgtg ctctttatac agtttctatt ctaatttgca     93780
     gttagtggaa gaaataaata aattaaaatg caaatcaaag tataaatagc agaagcgaat     93840
     aaatcgattt tattcgtagg taattttccc taccagcaaa tattaatccg acaccaataa     93900
     caaaagcaga cactaacccg ctaaaacgtc acaaccattg actaaatctc caaaagacag     93960
     acaaaaacat cagtgaattg ttgctctgac atgggcatga gtgttataaa tgactgaaaa     94020
     atagctgcag gtgaagtata ttaatcacaa gtgctcagtt tgtgatcaca tctcggtttt     94080
     gttactgtcg atatgtaatt tcatatatat aaatttatat atatatatat atatatatat     94140
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaattcat     94200
     aatattgaac aaaaggaaaa aacagctgtg aaacataacc tgctttttat ttttgcagga     94260
     aacagtttag atctgtttaa ggtaactggt gtctgagtta ttgccgtcgg tctatcactg     94320
     aatgtgtcag gaatatcaaa acaaaaccaa cctaactccg ctcctttagc acccctcaca     94380
     cagcttggtc cacgttggca tttctcccct tgggttttag gttttgaaaa ggaaaaaaat     94440
     ttccaccacc ttgtccaaac ttttaggata ccgagtatca gatttgcaca atccatatgc     94500
     acaacgcttt ggcttgttta ccccgctcga aagtttgaca gagcccctgc gcacagcttc     94560
     ggctgctaag ccacgattgg tgggtggcgt tttttgggtg tggcttagcg aagggtcaat     94620
     tgagtactca aggttttgaa aattaatatt tgtatccatt tctcagtgaa tatagacaat     94680
     gtattttggt gtatttgaac aaaacagatt tattaaacag atacatttat taaaattata     94740
     ttttagtcac caaacatatt gagaaattga tagataaaat gaaattcatg caaaatgtta     94800
     aaaaaaaaat cctctttttc aaatttgcat taaatatttt tctataacat ataaactttg     94860
     gtgtacaaat ttttggactg ttatcgtata ttattctggt agataaactc cagatttggc     94920
     ttcagtactg actaacctaa tgtatatgcc caaatatagt attgtatggc ttcctattaa     94980
     aatataaatt taaaaaaaag atttgtgagg ggtgtacttt tatatgctga gcactgtata     95040
     tttaaataag ggacatcaaa attgttgcat caggtttacc ctcacattga taccaaactt     95100
     ctttccatcc agcctccaat ctcattttca tttgcatata tttaaatatg gcacaatacc     95160
     atttgcacat atggtacata agatttgttg tattagtatt attcaccctc aagttaattt     95220
     tctgaagttc ttcccataaa ctctccaatc tcaatctcaa ttgaatctaa attctcaaaa     95280
     aaatctaaat ttgatgttca aaaaaacatt caggtgatta aataatggca atttttattt     95340
     ttgagtgaac tctcacttta acaagaaact accttttatg taaattaagt ttaccttttc     95400
     cgtaaattgc aacctcctga agtgatgtga ttggcccatt aagtctgtca gtttctggat     95460
     aatggccact gtcagcctat taaagagggc cgagaccact tctcaagtta attacactat     95520
     cctctcttca cagggcaggg tgaagcttgc ttgtcacagt gatgtaagaa ctgaatcccc     95580
     atttagctca atgtgtcctg tctctctatc tctcttctct ctcattctca atgtcttctt     95640
     tgtgtgactt gggtcccccc ctccctcccc cctgttgaaa caaaccggtg gaagcagtgt     95700
     tttgtttttt tgaacccctt gttttcaacg cagttatgga tttccccata gacaaccttt     95760
     atagctcccg gacgagcccc ctccctttta ggtcattaca gatgcttggg gtaaataatg     95820
     catgtgtgac cgtcgtttta gactccggtg gctatgctgg tctaaacgac agcgtcagaa     95880
     ctactatact aactatttca ttctcctaga aggactacat tgtacacttt tgtataatgg     95940
     tataataagg tgcacaagcc tcattcactt agtgatatat ccaaagatta gagtatcggc     96000
     cagtcataga tactagatat atcaccagag tgttgttgtc cgggctgtgg acctactggt     96060
     ttagtaaaac ctttcaactc ctgtctctgt cttctgtttg tagctagtgt cttctgttgc     96120
     acaaacagtt gtgtgtcgac gagtggctgt gtgttttggg gttgagcgag tgcgtgtctg     96180
     acgtttgaga ctgtctgttt ttgacctctg tgatgtgata tttctgtcta caaccctgtc     96240
     gaacccagtg atctgactaa tgtcctctgt tctcttctgt atcctctttc tttctgtttc     96300
     tcgcttttcc gttttgcttt ccatcttcct tcagggcact caactcatat tcaacgcagc     96360
     caaggaactc ggtcagcttt ccaagcttaa ggtaagaaag gttggatgca ggctagttaa     96420
     taaaaatgtt gtattctgat ttagtcatca gtttctgtct ttatttattt tcctattaat     96480
     taaacagcaa tgcaaaacac aggtgctatg atgaacttag caaggccttt gcaagattgg     96540
     tgttgtgttt tctgtattta atcaaaaatg ttgtttctgt aggagcacat ggttcgtgag     96600
     gaggccaagg cactgtcgcc taaacagtgt gcagtgattg agttagcgct ggatactata     96660
     aaggtgaggg aagaactcat tgtcaacatt atggctgcgt ccgaaattgc attatttcat     96720
     actatacagt acacttaaaa cagtatggga gctgagtagt atgtccgaat tcaaatcatt     96780
     cgaaacacag tatgtaagaa gtacctgggc gacctacttc ttctggtaag actctgaagt     96840
     acgcatccga tgcatgcaat gctatcccat gatgcagcag agataattca taaatgggca     96900
     ctgggtaggt cacatgatca tgacaaaatg gttgtggtgt gtcggagttc cattcatatt     96960
     aatcgcattt atactgtatt gaacgtactt ttctaatagt caagtagtac atttgaattc     97020
     aaatgcagta cctattgagt agtaagcgat ttcatacgca gcttatgtcg tccactgatt     97080
     tttagtggca aacactgcag aggtagaata tgaatttcct taaggataaa taaaaaagga     97140
     tcaaaataac tttaatcagt cggctacata aatatatgtt tactctccac agcacactaa     97200
     tattctattt tacatccaga gtaaagcttt gacaggctct ttcattgaaa atgagccata     97260
     catatccaag acttcactac tctacataag ttggcttgtt tctttataaa tccaaatggt     97320
     gagcaaacta cgcaaatata aaaacttcac ggagaaaacc actgctaagc aaattaatgc     97380
     taactagggt tttcactagg ggtgtcaaaa ttaattgttt cttcggtgca ccgcgatgca     97440
     gacgcggaca attcggtatc gattcagtaa taaccataac cggttattat gtcgtgacgt     97500
     catttatctc ctatgcgctc tgtcgcgagg gaggtgagct ccgttattta caacactcag     97560
     ccaactctgg gccggtccgt ggcataggca ccataggcaa atgcttaggg cgctgtatat     97620
     ccagtggggc gccagaaacg agcacgcttc agttggtttt gttttctatt ttcctgacac     97680
     acattcagtt atagacggca ataactcaaa aaacgcttac cctaaaaaga tctaaagtgt     97740
     gtttcctaca gaaagacaaa gctggttatg ttttacagct gtctttcttt ttttcgctcg     97800
     acattacgag cactgctccc tttaagccct cgcagtctgc gtttacttta gccggcagag     97860
     ctcgcgctga gaggagctct ctgtaaggga ccgtcggaaa agtgcttatt tttttggggt     97920
     ttttttgttt tgtttttctg ctccgctcag cgcgagctct ccctgttgca agggcttaag     97980
     tgtgtttgtt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgtg tgtgtttgtt tgtttgatgc tgtctatgtt     98040
     tgtgaatgtg tttgaatgag agacagtgtg ttgctgtgtg tctgtgtgtt tatacagaca     98100
     gcatgttata gcctcccccc taaaatataa cactgtatat ggaaagcatc gtcaatgcac     98160
     cgtgatgcac cgagatatcg aattgaaccg aatcaatggc atgataatcg taaccgaacc     98220
     gaaccgtgag accagtatag gttcacacct ctagttgtct cgatactgaa atgttaaaaa     98280
     cctccatttc ccgcgaacat ttttagcgat ccacagaaat gactattact ggccgtgaag     98340
     gtgatcagtt catcgaactc acagttgttt actgagtgta accacagata aattttaaag     98400
     ccgtgattca tcagcagatc gctcgtatgt cagtgtaacg aggagtctga cacagaggga     98460
     tccatttgca gtatatttat ttaacacagt ttaataacaa tcacacagta agcactagtg     98520
     tgcgaactca catcaaacat agcaatactg ggtcgatagg ctggcggctg ggtgtcaagg     98580
     atagtgataa caggcatggg tcagaggcag gcgacgtgga tcaaaggcga tttaccaggc     98640
     agggttcgag gcaggcagcg tggataaaag tcgaggtaca atgcagggtt cagggcaggt     98700
     ggcaggcaag gcaaggttaa ggaacagtcc aggtaataac ggggagatca ggcaagggta     98760
     tgaacgctca gaaatgtcag caagggcaga acaagacttc gcactgaggt gagtctttgg     98820
     gctgcttaaa tgtgtgtgcg tgggtaatca gtgagatgtg ctgcaggtgt attgcaatca     98880
     gtgtttgggg ataatgtaat gttagaagtc cggtgatgat gacctctgct ggccagcgag     98940
     gggaatgact gggaccgagt cggtgacagt cagcttatag acaaaccagc tgtctatttg     99000
     aaacgtctct gtatctgtgg ttaaatgtag taaacagcag tgttttcggt gaactaatta     99060
     ccttcacgac caatcacagt aatttctgtt gagcacatga acacagcggc aaatcagtgc     99120
     tgtttaagaa cgtgctcaac agcgctcaaa tgttagcggg aaatggacgt ttttaatatt     99180
     tcagtatcaa ttggtatcaa attccagtat cgtgacaacc ctaatactaa cacatctagt     99240
     atgaaatcca agtcaaccga acacactgac ttacaaaggt taaagctgag ctaaccacat     99300
     atatctaaac ggaaattaca gctctcattc aaacagaaca gaaaaatgtt ctagtaatca     99360
     aatttgacat tagccccttt cacacagtga taccggtaaa aatctggaaa atttccggaa     99420
     cgactttacc ggtaaattca aaaaagcgct gttcacacag gcgaggacgt tacggtattt     99480
     ttccggaaaa gagcattcac acatccattc caaaataccg gtaaattctg acatcattca     99540
     ccaaaaatga gctttaaacg gctgcgcttg catttgtaaa catttgacta aattgcaaac     99600
     tctgtggatg atcaatattg tgaacaactt tcgctggatc actttcacat gtcgagatgt     99660
     tcataatatg tgcgtgtgct ggcgctcaca ggctgtttca caggcacacg caaggcttga     99720
     aggtaaacaa acaacggctt atcataagca tctcatcgat gattatttac acagttggca     99780
     ttaagaagaa catataaacg tgttctgact aacttctagc agctaaatgt gtctggtaaa     99840
     atattcaaag gcttttattc tcacaaaccg cgcggacgta aatgcgtctg actgttgtga     99900
     ttggctaaag cagacgtctc acgtcagcac gttctagacg tgcacgcgct tattacggca     99960
     atcttccttc tgcattcaca cagcgcagca ttccggcaaa ttgccggtaa tgttacaact    100020
     tctctttccg gaaaatagcc agaacgaatt taccggtatt ttcaaaaagg acctgttcac    100080
     atatacaacc tttccggaaa attgccggca attttccgga aaggtctgta tgtgtgaaag    100140
     gggctattgt caaatccgaa ttacaagctg ttaaatccaa gatggcaagc aatgctatga    100200
     ctcttcgctc agatcttgag gcaattaaaa tgttcatctc tcccagttta ataagcagag    100260
     tgtggtgttt tgtggtttct cagcaatatt tccatgctgg aggtgtgggg ctgaagaaga    100320
     cgttcttgga gaagagtcca gatctccagt ctctacatta cgctctgtct ctctacactc    100380
     aggctaccga caaactcatc aagacctttg ttcagtctca gaatacacag ggtaagactt    100440
     gtgcacactt cgctcactgc atctttaaaa atgatttttt tggttcctcg actttggctg    100500
     tacattagtc tttaataaaa tctaaagata tgcagataag ttctaatgta tttgttttta    100560
     ctaaacacta tgttatgcaa agttacaatt ttttgtttac atatttggtt gtttggtttt    100620
     aagtatttta ctttgcttaa gatatattag tattacaaaa tataatctaa atataataaa    100680
     atataattaa ctataataac ctgctttatc tgatctctat catttttgtc tctcacacac    100740
     ttagggaatc ctgatacact ttaggttatg atgccccagg caaagccatt ttaatagatc    100800
     ttcatgtaaa tgcaattaag gataaatgtc actgcttcat ttaagaatta aaaaaaaata    100860
     tgaaagcaag tgtgtttatc tgtctaaaaa gctacagcag gttgaaaata cactcctatt    100920
     attatttgct tagcttgttg gactgccttt ctttctttct ttctttcttt ctttctttct    100980
     tctgcctctc ccttttcctc tctcaaatcc acatcacaat gtgctctcaa tttctttctg    101040
     tatttttctg cgtcctctcc ttctctttga acagttcatg gagggaaagg ggtaaggttc    101100
     acccaaagcg aagacgtgta ccctgagaag ggtacgttca cgtggggccc agtgcccttc    101160
     atgacaaaag aaccaatcag tgatccaccc caatcagatc atgcacctcc cattccaacg    101220
     ggccagtcgc atgccccaca acctgtggaa agcctattta acatttaatc catatagtgt    101280
     actactgtct atgttcatgc tactagcatc aattttaagc aactattagc tattccatta    101340
     gctactaatg cttattcttt agctgctagt gcagattcta gagcttatta tgcaggtact    101400
     agtgcagatt ctttagttcc cagtgcttgg tcattagtta ctagtgcaaa ttctttaggt    101460
     tcgagtgcag attccttatg tacaacagca gattatttaa gatctagtgc agagtcttta    101520
     ggctctagtg cttattcttt aggcaccagt gcagattctt taggttctag tgcttgttca    101580
     ttagctacta gtgcaaatta tttaggttct agtgcagatt ccttagatac aagggcagat    101640
     tatttaggtt ttagtgcttg ttcattagct actagtgcaa attatttagg ttctagggca    101700
     gattccttag atacaagggc agattattta ggttttagtg cttgttcatt agctactagt    101760
     gcaaattatt taggttctag tgcagattcc ttagatacaa gggcagatta tttaggttct    101820
     agtgcagatt tctaaggtac aacagcagat tttctaatgt ttattcttta ggcaccagtg    101880
     cagattcttt aggtcctagt gcttgttcat tagctactag tgcaaattct ttagggtcta    101940
     ttgcatattc tttagctaca agtgcggatt atttaggttc gagttcataa actctgcagg    102000
     acaatggccc tccatgaccc tcctacagat tctttaagta tcagtgcagc atctttaaat    102060
     accagtgcag attctttaga ttctgttaat cttcagttac tagttcagat tttttaggtt    102120
     ctacttcaga ttctgttggt attagtgcag cttctttagg tacaagtgca gtttctttag    102180
     tttctagtgc ttattcttta gttactagtt ctaatgctta aggttctagt tcatattctg    102240
     taggtattgg tgaagattct tacatttcaa gtgtagattc tttaggtatc agtgcagatt    102300
     tttttagctc cagtgcttat tcttgggatg ggtgaacttg ctcctggaga gctggtgttc    102360
     tgcagagttt tgctccaaca ctttgctagt cagtgttttc aagatcacta gaaaactata    102420
     gaaaggtgtg tttgattatg gttggagctc agctaaactc tgcaggacaa tggcccccca    102480
     gggctgagtt ttaggtttta gttcagattc tttaggtatc agtgcagctt ctttaggtac    102540
     cagtgcagat tctttaggtt ctagtgctta ttctttagtt actagttctg ttgctttagg    102600
     ttctacttca tattctgtac gtattagttc agattctttc atttctagtg tagattcttt    102660
     aggtaccagt gcagatctgt ttggttctag tacttattct taggcatggg taaacttgct    102720
     cctggtgggc tggtgtccta cagagttttg ctccaaaatt aatcaaaaaa ggctagacat    102780
     gctagtcagt gtctttaaga tcactagaaa actatagaga ggtgtgtttg ataagggttg    102840
     gagctcagct aaactctgtt ggacaatggc cctccaggac tgagttcaag gttttagttc    102900
     agattcttta ggtactagtg cagattcttt aggttctagt gcttattctt tatctacaat    102960
     tttttctaaa gttctagttc agattctgtg tgtactagtg cagattcttt aggttctatt    103020
     gcttattctt taggtatcag gtcaaattct ttaggttcta gtgtggattc tttattcctt    103080
     attcacttgt gcagaatctt tttagtacta gtgtagattt tttgatatta ctttagattc    103140
     attagatacc attgcagatt attttgggtt aaaaaaacat ttaaaggttg ttttttaggc    103200
     tctagtgcgg tttttaggta tttatcttaa ggttaattaa ttcttaattc taaggtacta    103260
     gtaacaattt atttttttat tctacaggaa ctattcagtt caagtgctag taagaaaaaa    103320
     agatctagtg tctgatgaat agcttctatt atgtgataaa tgatactaat aatactatta    103380
     tctatttagt aaatattaat atttaaatag tagcatctaa taaatgagta ctagtgtcta    103440
     actaataagt tctggtattg atataaaggt actagtatct aaagaataat cattacctaa    103500
     aaatccaata cttaaagcta atgcataagc accaatagtt gataaaacag atgctagtag    103560
     gtataataaa tactagtagc atgaaaacag atggaagtgc attttatggc ttaaatacta    103620
     aaatggcttg ccatacacga ccacccatat cttccccccc agaaagggcc ttgcatgtac    103680
     gagtacctgg gaagaacgtg ctgtatgttc acatacattg gtctgaaatg tatcttgact    103740
     ctacagcagc aagaaaagcc caggatgaag tgtgttttga atggcagtga atgaggaatg    103800
     cacacacttc tgcagcgtga gaggtgcatg tgtgcactgc ggatgatgag ctgtgagtgt    103860
     cagtgagtaa gtgagtgaga gaccgtgacc aaatgttatt tttccgagca cattgtcgaa    103920
     tgtagacgtg acattaattg cgactgactc agcttgtcca caggcagggt ctgttctgtt    103980
     gctctccgcg atttacgaaa cgcggtttcc tttccctttg gtctcacccc tcaggctcat    104040
     tataacaaga caaccctccc tcagccaatc agagagaacc cctgaggtca ggtgacgtgc    104100
     tttctgtcag tgcacatcac ttccagatgg ccctaaattg gcatttaagg gccctgggaa    104160
     aacttgcaca tggatgtata tgattatatc ttgaaataca gtttgtgctg catcacaatg    104220
     atcattttag atgttgctat gctcgagaaa gacattgtta aagttcattt cttgttgttt    104280
     tctctgtgtt tgtatttatt gttgtgaaaa atgaccttga acgcttatcc agatgttatt    104340
     tgcttaggtg tagtcaaaaa ttgctccatc aacatccgtc agcattactg ttagcgtgct    104400
     gctaacgttt gagctcttcc aaatccctgc ttgctcagac acttctgctc tgaggaaaca    104460
     gcattgtcag cctgtttctc tgacaagcgc acatacataa cagatgccga aagcaaggac    104520
     tccatttttt agttattaca tgattgctgc tgacctgaat tcagcagaaa gatgcgaaag    104580
     tttcagcctt ttaattgaga tttagttgca tggataatga ttcataggat cactcaacag    104640
     aaactgaatc atttaaaagc acaggtgcaa gaattgtttg ccattataag tagtgtagaa    104700
     catgggtgcc caaacttggt cctggagggc cagtatcctg catattttag ttccaacccc    104760
     aatagaacac atctaaacca gctaatcaag cttttccaag ctttactgga aacttccaaa    104820
     caaggaagga agttggagca aaactatgca ggacaccggc cctccaggac cgagtttggg    104880
     cacccttggt gtagcgtata ctaaacccct tggcagtttt ccatgagtgt gaatggagtt    104940
     gaatgcgaat ggaagtggtt ttccgcatgt acctgcctgc actgaaacca agtaaaatac    105000
     agtagcagat gttctccttg tcttttcctt tccataaatg actggaccga taggactgct    105060
     ctccccctcc ccatcctgat tataaaccct tcatgaaact caagtgtgcc cacactgcct    105120
     gtgtgcagat ggtacactca tgatacacgt ctctttgtat ttgaaacact tgtttgccga    105180
     agagtcctgt gaggcattgc tttattttgg ttgtctgtgt attttaagct aatttcatta    105240
     attatttcaa gtcatgaaaa ttgatcgcag acactggaat aaagttcacc catgtttatg    105300
     cttgaccaag cctcacaaat tcagatccag agatgtgttg ccgggatcgc ttgttcaatc    105360
     actttcgggg cttatttaag taataaatgt gtcgcctcaa ttatgttaag tcaaatttgt    105420
     tcagctcagt gcgttcggta tcatacattt tgaactttta aagcactgtg caaataaaag    105480
     gtccactttt gaattcattc aaaacttaaa taagctctga gtttgtattt aacaagtact    105540
     ccaacattga agagttcctt ttcatactat taataatctc tgaatccaag gttcaacact    105600
     cttacactgt ttaaacctct gtgctatcct gtcagctcaa agcatacatt gcctctgtat    105660
     gactctgctg gttactgaat ctattaaggc actgattata agttccattg agccatactg    105720
     atgcaagtat atgatgcaca cttatcttac aaggctggaa atggagtgtt gacctgcgct    105780
     gccttgtctg caggtactgg tgttgatgat gcagttggag aagtatctat ccatgtggag    105840
     atcttcactc atcctaatac tggagagcac aaagttacag taaagggtaa gtagtggctt    105900
     ttgaggttaa agagtaaagc ttgaggtttg attacctctt caaagctggg agtacacagt    105960
     gcgatttttg cagtcttatg aactcatgta gaaatcattg atgctaccac ataccacaac    106020
     aactctgctg gaaggtagat ctccaggaac aggattgggc aagtctgctc tagatcctcg    106080
     gtgcaaaaca cttgacattt gtccgattgc actaaccaac ccaaatttac ctgtacactg    106140
     tagtgatccc aaaaactgtt gttatgttct ttagttgttt gattaaggat gaagattaat    106200
     aattcagcac tgtagacgtt cttgtgtcct tcttagagct tatttatctt ttatttgaga    106260
     tgcgatgacc tagactataa aaaatgaaac agcattttga atctctacac tgctcaaacc    106320
     ctctgaacaa cctccattcc taaaggacca acatccatca aactttggtt tcacttctta    106380
     tccaacatac ctgccagtgg ttttcaagta atcctgaaag caggtgtgtt tcatagctaa    106440
     tgaagctgaa ccatgtgtcc ccttttgtac caatctgagt gacccaaaat tgtctccaaa    106500
     gtagcttaaa tgttgcagta taataggata aatatcttgt gaaagttcta cacatgggtt    106560
     tgtcaacatt gctcttctgg tatattatcc tgcagagttt agctgcaatc cattgtggct    106620
     aatgcacctg cctgtaactc tctagtaatc ctgatgacta tcatgagctt gttcatgtgt    106680
     ttaactgggg ttggagctaa acactacaag acagtggtcc tggaaggaca gagttaggga    106740
     accattgcct tcatgataaa aatggtgtta gtcaccatgg aatccctagc aggaacttcc    106800
     agaaagccat atcaagtagg gttactaaaa gagcttttga cattcgctgg agagttctta    106860
     taagttcctg gtttcctctt gtaagttctt cagtaaacct ttgtcaaact tcaaaatagt    106920
     ttctctttgt gtatgcatct gcaaaacccg aaacggtccc tcaagctgga acagatcctc    106980
     agcaagaagg atcaagcgga gtctacacta ggttttctca tctctgctat tgaggtttct    107040
     agaattagct tgttttgtta ggtacctcaa atgaacaagt agatttataa tatcagtaga    107100
     gtgcctacat tgtaaaaagt taaaggtacc attttaattc ctcgcatcac cacgctgatg    107160
     taaccttttg aaaatcatct agaaaccttt gtcaagtgcc tcaaaacatt tccagcaaag    107220
     ttgggctgct gttaaggtca ctgatattct tgcattgact tactggttcc tcagaggact    107280
     tgcctttttt caaaaaggga aatcaaaatg tacccttaaa aggttcatac ccttacggta    107340
     atactgagaa ccttgtaggg gtacaaagaa gagtactgcc ctagttactt gctgtattgc    107400
     cataaatgta actttctgta caatctgtga ttgattggta cttctggttt ttgattatgt    107460
     aatgagatgc aagttaaata tgtgtaaaaa aacatttttt tatagtggtg gctgcaaatg    107520
     acctacggtg gcagacttct ggaattttcc ggccctttgt ggaagtctac atcattggcc    107580
     ctcatctcag cgataagaag aggaagtacg ccaccaagtc caagaacaac agctgggctc    107640
     caaaatacaa tgagaccttc acattgtaag tgacctatac ttgtttcttg caatttttca    107700
     acattacacg tcctgaataa accataactc ctggtgtcac tgcttctttc acaaagcacg    107760
     ctgagtaacg aagtgggtcc ggaatgctac gagcttcagg tgtgtgtgaa agactactgc    107820
     ttcgcacgag aggaccgcac cgttggcatg gcagtactgc agctgaagga tgtagcacca    107880
     cgaggtagcg tagcatgctg gctaccgcta ggtaaacgta ttcacatgga cgaaaccggc    107940
     ctgacagttc tacgaatcct gtcccagcgc aacaacgatg atgttgcgaa agaatttgtc    108000
     aagctcaaat ctgaccagcg atctgctgag gaggggcgga gctaagacca ggaagtagct    108060
     agcgagacat ggtaattttg gcgtaaacac tgccccctgt tgttcagatg ttgcactaga    108120
     gcatagaaaa aagacatctt tggttcttca ctttaatgac caaccgttta cgtgacaaag    108180
     cagttatata tttgtattca gtgcactgcc attagacctg ccagtaaggg cttgtttaac    108240
     aagcacaatt tggcacatga aacagacaca tgatattgta tctcttaaat acttgatgtt    108300
     tgtgatgacc ttgattttta taatgcatat tccaagaaaa cctgccaaaa gatacttaaa    108360
     tataatacat atttatctat ttattccgca aaaaaaaaaa catattaaat atttgctcac    108420
     acatctcaaa atataaatct aatattattt aaaaataaaa tctatttcaa attataataa    108480
     taaaaaaagt aataataaag aatctatgtt aaaagtatat ttatatttat tatattaaga    108540
     tttttttttg caaatgtgtc tatgaaataa aaccagatta aggcatgtaa acacaacaga    108600
     gtgctacaca gtgccatgat ttgtcaaaca ctattttttc tttcatgtaa tgatgtcgaa    108660
     aacctatttt gtgcggcctt ttgtcgatca ttcctacgcc cagtaaaggg tgtgttaatg    108720
     tcagggtatc gtttctccac tgcatatcaa ccatttcacc cctatccttc ttaataggga    108780
     ccaaaacccc ctatgggtca aacattatgc aattatttaa aagcacaaga aaaaaaattg    108840
     cgaaaaaata gacctacaac caaatagacc tctgaaagca gagtggttgc ttttcctgtt    108900
     gaacgacaat gggaagaggt ttgcaggaaa tcctacaaat gacgcttgtc gtaagactac    108960
     aagatactaa cactttgtaa agatgatctt gattcaatca cagggcctcc tctgtcctgt    109020
     cttttgtgta tgttttccga tctgttcatg ttttgagtgc ctgtgcggtt tatccagtgt    109080
     ttgttggcat gataaggcac tacggtttct acgatgtata tgtgcaagtc tagactgaca    109140
     aacactgctt gtattagaca ccagagctgc ctgtttcagt gaaatctcac tttatagaat    109200
     cacattgaaa tgtcagaccg tgtcatgcaa atggggcctt ttttcccccg tctgcaaatc    109260
     cactaaagca atctctggtt tcacacttca aaagaatcac agttgtgtag atttgccatc    109320
     gccactgttg atgaatcctg ccattttact gccaaatcat ccaccatttt agacaagcac    109380
     aagggaatcg ctttataaag tcggataaat gccctatagt ggtaattcca tgctctattg    109440
     tgctaaatgg caaagactag ccatgttgtc ggtcttcttg taaaaatata aggtgagacg    109500
     attgaattaa tgattattag ttgaatcact gaaggattcg ttcagttttt gttcattgtt    109560
     acctcagttt catgttgaag acttacatct tctgaacact aatgaagcca agtttatgaa    109620
     atatgagtga tttctgtcca tccattgaaa gactacttac tttaatgctt caaaatgttg    109680
     ctgaagcccg ggacacacca aaccgacact cagcctttga gcaaacggca cattccaaga    109740
     agaaacacaa agaagccaac tgttatttcg atggatttct taaatattta taaaataata    109800
     tggactatca gattatcaga catgtatccc tccatgttga gcgatgaaat gtaaattctg    109860
     ctttgtttac atttcctttg tggaatgaca atacagatac tgccacctgc aggtatggag    109920
     aggtacacca taacatgcag gcgcaaaatg tttgttttag tcggctgttg tgctttaggt    109980
     ttgttcacgc gcagcctttt agagcagacg caagcaatgc taggcagttt ccgctagatc    110040
     tttgacattg attttgtcta tcctggggtt agtttaaaga gtgtttaatc ttaaagtgaa    110100
     agcggtttaa ttcaggaatc cactcttaca atcagaataa tctattaaat taggtttctt    110160
     cgtgatttca attgaacatg ctttctgatt attacaaatt attttaactg ttaaaatagc    110220
     gtgtaaacca gaaaatgaaa aaaacataaa gatgcactaa gcaaaatttc cgtaacaatg    110280
     ttcatacttg aaagcaccaa tacaaagatg cccatccgct tgataagttg tgacgtatgc    110340
     aatactgatt ctgggtccaa gccgctactc aactgaattg agaaaatatt cgtttatgac    110400
     caataaagtg aattttatat aaaatcatgg cgtacacaac agtctctgtt ggacttgctg    110460
     catcacagac acatgtagtt taacaattta taaaaactgt atcactttct ggtcatcgga    110520
     tattaggcat ggatatatat tttgtgatcg tgactttcga aagtattaca tcactttgta    110580
     aatgtttatt tttaccattt tttgagtctc ctcttacagt ttgatagagt gcttggaccc    110640
     ggaagccact tcacgtgacg tcacacctaa caagctgatt gcccaataag accacatccc    110700
     tttttatgtc caatgtagtt acaagacacg ccccttactg ctgattggct gcaggtggca    110760
     ttttgggact caattaaaca gatcaattca tatttatatc atttgtgatc tctctgaaca    110820
     ttttgaagcg ttactttgag tgaacaaact gttgatggat tcacggaaat ctccagattt    110880
     cattaaaacg atgactgact tttcattttg acgtcaacta acttttcaac caccttttac    110940
     tacaattttt acccgctttt ctccatattt atttctctac gaatagtcta tgcatctgtt    111000
     ctatgagtca aaatcattat tgtttacatt gtgagtaata gaagctgcaa atgtgtatta    111060
     tttttgtttt cttccgttca ctgctgtaat attgaaccac aggaaataat gttaatgaat    111120
     gttgaattga ctgcggactg gacaatgctg gcatgatgtg ataggatttc aaatataaag    111180
     ctgtgtattg ttgtgtttga gtaataatat tacagcatgt cattcacact gcgcccaata    111240
     ccacaaaaca gccactcgtt gcctgtatat aagaagcagt gcatgttggg aaagattctt    111300
     cttgtgccag catgtatctt tggtgtgata ttcaatcgtc gtctgatttt tctttcagtt    111360
     tattttgata tttgggtatt attttctatt tttggaaggc ttgtgaatat ataaatatgt    111420
     attactgatg tgtagtggta cagactgtac tagcatgaga ggttttttta tacgaagatg    111480
     tttctaattt tcgttttgct aaatatgatc gttcttatcg gggatggagg taaaacacag    111540
     gccagccttg gtttgtttct acttccaata aatggttaaa aaatgaattg tgtaatgaac    111600
     ttttatttca cgtttatgtt tagaatgaaa tatattaggg ttttataatt atttgaaaca    111660
     aaatgtcttt gataacttta taaactcttt ctatattcag aacaaatgaa atgtaatgtt    111720
     catctagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    111780
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga    111840
     tagaaaaaaa tagattgatg gaaaacaaac agatggatgg atgaataaat agaaagaaaa    111900
     cagatagata gacgaatggt tggagagata gaaagaaaac agatggatag atggatggat    111960
     ggatggatgg atggatagat agaaaacaga tgatgggagg atgcatagat agaaataaaa    112020
     tggatggatg gatggaaaac aaattaatgg atagaggatt gaaagaaaac agatggattt    112080
     atggatatat ataaaacaaa tagatagaaa acatattaat atatgaaaaa taataggatg    112140
     gaaggattga tggatattta gaaagaaaac agatggatag aggaatagat agatggatag    112200
     aaagaaaacg aatggatgga tggatggaaa aattggatgg gtggatggat gaaaaacaaa    112260
     taaatggata gaggatagaa agaaaacaga tagatggatg gataaaaaca aatagataat    112320
     ggatgcatag ataaaaaaga aaatggatgg atggatggaa aacaaatgaa tggatagagg    112380
     atagaaagaa aagatggatg gactgacgga tggatgaaaa acaaatagat acaatacaaa    112440
     tggatggatg gatggataga taaacagaaa gaaaacagat agatagacaa atggttggag    112500
     agatagaaag aaaacagatg gatggatgga tggatggatt ggtggacaaa cagaaagaaa    112560
     acagatagat agacgaatgg ttggagagat agaaagaaaa cagacggatg gatggatgga    112620
     aaacagatga tgggaggatg catagatata aagaaaatgg atggatggat ggaaaacaaa    112680
     tgaatggata gaggattgaa agaaaacaga tagatagatg gatgtatgga tacatagtaa    112740
     aaaaacaggt agatggatgg atggaaagat agaaagaaaa cagatggatg gatgaataga    112800
     tagatggata gaaagaaaat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atagaaaaat    112860
     tggatgggtg gatggatgaa aaacaaataa atggatagag gatagaaaga aaacagacgg    112920
     atggatgaaa aacaaataga aaacggatgg atggatggat gcatagataa aaaagaaaat    112980
     ggacagatgg atggaaaaca aattaatgga tagaggatag aaagaaaaga tggatggatg    113040
     gacggatgga tgaaaaacaa atagatacaa tagaaataaa tggatggatg gatggataat    113100
     agaaagaaaa cagatagata gacgaatggt tggagagata gaaagaaaac agatggatgg    113160
     atggatggat agatagaaaa cagatgatgg gaggatgcat agatagaaag aaaatggatt    113220
     gatggatgga aaacaaatga atggatagag gattgaaaga aaacagttag atagatgaat    113280
     gtaaggatag gtagtaaaaa caggtagatg gatggatgga aagatagaaa gaaaacagat    113340
     ggatttatgg atatatataa aacaaataga tagaaaacat atgaatgtat gaaaaataat    113400
     aggatggaag gattgatgga tatttagaaa gaaaacagat ggatggatga atggatagaa    113460
     agaaaacgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tagaaaaatt ggatgggtgg atggatgaaa    113520
     aacaaataaa tggatagagg atagaaagaa aacagatgga tggatgaaaa acaaatagaa    113580
     aacggatgga tggatgcata gataaaaaag aaaatggatg gatggatgga aaacaaatga    113640
     atggatagag gattgaaaga aaacagttag acagatggat gtaaggatag atagtgaaaa    113700
     acaggtagat ggatggatgg aaagatagaa agaaaacaga tggatttatg gatatatata    113760
     aaacaaatag atagaaaaca tgaatgtatg aaaaataata ggatggaagg attgatggat    113820
     atttagaaag aaaacagatg gatggatgaa tagatagata gatggacaga aagaaaacgg    113880
     atggatggat gaatagatag atggatagaa agaaaacaga tggatggaag gatggatgga    113940
     tggatggatg tatggatgga tgaaaaacaa atagaaaaca gatggatgga tggatggatg    114000
     catagataaa aaagaaaatg gacagatgga tggaaaacaa atgaatggat agacgataga    114060
     aagaaaagat ggatggatgg atggatggat gaaaaacaaa tagaaaacag acggatggat    114120
     ggatgaaaaa caaatagaaa acagatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatgaaaaa    114180
     caaatagaaa acagatggat ggatggatgc atagataaaa aagaaaatgg acagatggat    114240
     ggaaaacaaa ttaatggata gaggatagaa agaaaagatg gatggatgga tggatggata    114300
     aaaaacaaat agatacaata caaatggatg gatggatgga tgggcagagt gacagatgga    114360
     tgtatggatg gatggatgga tggatgaatg gatggatgga tggaaagaaa gaaaaagaaa    114420
     acggataatt ggatggatgg aaggatacac acacacacac acacacactt tttctacatt    114480
     gttgtgtatg taacctttta aaatgtgttt gtcatttaag gtgtatagtt aatatttaaa    114540
     actgatataa aaactgaaat gcacaaataa actgaactgt agatgcagaa ctcaattata    114600
     tttcaattgt tactatacat aatatttatt aagaaaatgt acatgcgcaa catgattata    114660
     aaactttaga gatactgatt tattattagt tgaaacattt ctaagagaga ttgatcaaat    114720
     aatcatgact ttgtaatcca actaatatgt gtccccttca taaaaatatc aaagtgcaaa    114780
     tataaaaggc ttaaaaataa ttacatttca tttaaaaaca aattatttat ttattgtttt    114840
     aaaaaatgtt gaaaaaaatt caaacaagtg tagtacaaca agacaaaatt acattttatt    114900
     tctgcccgaa tagcaagtgt aaaatagtta tgctttaaat gtattttact attattatta    114960
     ttattattat tactattatt aataagggag taacacgttg agaatatcaa aaagctaaaa    115020
     ataaatcttc taaaataaga tcccaacaca acataaaaga aatgctggaa taacaagtaa    115080
     aagtgccttt cctgattgat caaagcagaa agacgtgtgt gtgtgtgcgg tgtaggagca    115140
     gtgtgttcag actctgcgca ggaagttgat cttgagggcc tcagggatct gcatctgctc    115200
     tgcggtgacc tgcgctggag gatcatgagg gaaggtgaca ggaaacacac gccggacgtc    115260
     cagcagcagc tgaggaggac cttccgagcg gcccttcagc agagcctgta aaggaggaag    115320
     aagaagagtg ttctccatca gctctgaaca acaactgaac acctttctac agtccgactc    115380
     ttcctctcac ctgaaccaga cggatgaagt tgagcgtcac tcgctcctcc agatcactct    115440
     gaggtgtgta cagactcaag atcttcacca tctgaaacac cgttagtaaa gaaatttggg    115500
     ggggggggga tatacaaagg agctaataat tctgacttca actgtagacg tgggtgtgtt    115560
     aaacagtcat tgtacaatag aaatataata taagtcatga atatgcaaca tgtctataca    115620
     tataacatga ggctcgcaga taacaaaacc tgcagcacac ttaaatcttg actcaaccgc    115680
     aacatgcaat aatctgatgc tgtagtgtag tgtaagcgag tgtccacctg ctggttagtc    115740
     agtgcgctgc aggcttgaac catggcctgt gcgtccgctt cagtcttctt gctcatctgc    115800
     aggagctgtg cggcctgtat cagcggctcc agagtcccca cagcgcctcc tgtctgaaga    115860
     gaacgagccc gcagccactc ctccagcacg ctcacattat acctgcagca tatcagacca    115920
     acaaacactc catttctatc ataatgcacc gtacagcatc agccttttct gaaatggtgt    115980
     ttaaggagtt ttgccttttt aaacttcctg agagtctgat ctgctctgat tggtcagatt    116040
     ttgtgcatgc tgttgtgaag tacactcaaa aaagtacaaa agtatgcttt tttttcacaa    116100
     aacgatgcaa tgtacaccgg ccactttatt aggtacacct tactagtacc ggtttggacc    116160
     cccttttggc ttctgaactg ctttaatcct tcgaggcaca gattcaacaa ggtactggaa    116220
     atattcccca gagattttgg tccatattga catgatagca tcacgctgtt gctgcagatt    116280
     tgtcggctgc acatccatga tgcaaatctc ctgttccacc atgtctcaaa ggtgctctat    116340
     tggattgaga tctggtgact gtagaggcca tttgagtaca gtgaactcat tgtcatgttg    116400
     aaaaaaccag tctgagttga ttcacgcttt atgacatggc acgttatctt gctggaagta    116460
     gccttcagaa gatggtacac tgtggtcata aagggatgtt gttggtacta atgggcccaa    116520
     agtgtgccaa gaaaatatcc cccacaccat tacaccacca ccaacagcct aaaacattga    116580
     tacaaggcag gattggttca tgcttttatg tcattgtggc acctggtgtg gttttctgct    116640
     gctgtagccc atccgcctca aggttacacg tgttgtgcat tcagagatgc tcttctgcag    116700
     accttcggtt gtaacaagtg gtaatttgag ttactgttgc ctttctgtca gctggaacca    116760
     gtttagccat tctcctctga cctctggcat caacaaagca tttgtgccca cagaactgcc    116820
     actcactgga tattttctct ttttcgggcc attgtctatt cctattaatg gattgagatt    116880
     agcagtttct gaaatactca gaccagcctg actgagacca tcagccatgc catgttcaaa    116940
     gtcacttaaa tcacctttct ttaccattct gatgctcggt ttctacagca gatcgtcttg    117000
     accatgtcta catgcctaaa tggattgagt cgctgccatg tgattggctg attagaaatt    117060
     tgcgttaacg agcagttgga caggtgtacc taataaagtg gccagttagt atataagtga    117120
     attgggtagc aatattgtct ctcgaaatta tagtaacgca gcataatgtc catcagccaa    117180
     tcagaataaa gcattaaaga gccctgtagt ataaaaaagg tcagtttgga cactttgaat    117240
     actatgtgaa gagcgcggcg tatagcacaa accggatctg caggcctcgg ctccagcagc    117300
     acatgtcctt gcgcagcagc agactgttga gggtggatgc ggacagcagg tacacgagct    117360
     ggtgaaaggc ctgttcctgc aggacggagg gcaggtgttg acgggacaag gccgtgtgaa    117420
     gggccgaaag ctcccgcagg actgaggaca tactgactcc ttctgaaccg cctggaggac    117480
     gcggatctga accggcccgc ttacgagcag cgctcagctt tactgaggat ccagccagac    117540
     caggaatcat ctcactctcc agcatcgccg ggactgcatg ggtgcacaaa cttacatgta    117600
     agtctttaat atttattctt taggattagg attattattc agaattatat aatatactgt    117660
     gcactcttat atttaaaaaa atatatgtaa atgtgatatt ataatattaa ctagaaaagt    117720
     aaagtgtgta gacaaacttt atgggggctt gagaaagcct cgtctgaaag tttgaagtag    117780
     agataatttg ctaagtatat gttagcatgt ttctagtatg gattggcatg attcttgcta    117840
     gacggtggat attgtattct gagtggttgc taaggtgctg ctacagtgtt ctgagtggtt    117900
     gctaaggctt tgcctggcgg ttgctagaat gccaggtcat tgttaaggtg tcactaggta    117960
     gttgctaggg tgttctgagt ggttactatg cggttgctaa ggcgttgcta tgctgttgct    118020
     agggtgttct gagtggttgc taagcattgt tagggtggtt tatgtggttg ctagggtgtt    118080
     ctgagtggtt gttaggcagt tgctaaggcg ttgttaaggt gttctgagtg attgctaggc    118140
     agtttctaag gcgttgctag gcagttgcta gggtgttcca ggtgattgct tgggtgttgc    118200
     tagggtgttt tgagtggttg ctaaggcact actaagcaat tgctaaggtg ttctgagtgg    118260
     ttgctgaggc gttgcttggc ggttgctagg atgttcctgg tcattgttaa ggtgttgcta    118320
     ggtagttgct atggtgttct gagtggttgc taggtggttg ctaaggcatt gttatacggc    118380
     tgctaggatg ttctgagtgg ttgctaaggc gttgtttgcg tgttttatgt ggttgctaag    118440
     atgttgctag gcggttgcta aggtattctc agtggttgct agacagttga taaggtgttc    118500
     tgagtggaag ctgggtggtt tctaaggcgt tgctaggagg ttgatagtgt gttgctagtg    118560
     gttgctaggt ggttactagg gtggtctaag tggttgctaa gatgttacta ggtgggttag    118620
     cttgggtgtt ctaggtgaat gctaggcaat tgctaggatg ttctgaatgg ttgcttagtt    118680
     gttgctaggc ggttgctagg aggttctgag tggttgctaa ggcattgtta ctgtgtttta    118740
     tgtggttgcg aagatgttgc taggcggttg cttgggtgtt ctgagtggtt gctaggcagt    118800
     tgctaaggtg ttctgagtgg ttgcaaggca gtttctaagg cattgctagt aggttgatag    118860
     ggtgttctaa gtggttgctt ggtggttgct agggtgttct aagtggttgc taaggtgttg    118920
     ttaggtggtt agctatggtg ttctaggtgg ttgctaggtg attgctagga tgttctgaaa    118980
     ggttgctaag gtgttgctag gcggttgcta aaggtgttct gagtggttgc taggcagttg    119040
     ctaagatgtt ctgagtggtt gctaggtggt ttctaaggtg ttgctaggag gttgataggg    119100
     tgttcttagt gtttgttagg tggtttgctt ggatattcta ggtggttgct tggcaatttg    119160
     ctagggtgtt ctgaatggtt gataaggtgt tgctaggtgg ttgctaaggt gttactatgt    119220
     ggtcgctagg ttgttgctag agtgttatag gttgttgtaa aggcgttgct aggcagttgc    119280
     tagggtgttc taggtggtta gtaatgtgct gctaaacagt tgctaaggtg ctgtaaatgg    119340
     ttgcctaagt gatctatttt gtttttgcca tgaggacagt aaataatgat ttacttgata    119400
     tttttcaaga cactagtatt ttgcctaaag tggaatttaa gcctaattag gttaaatagg    119460
     caggttattg tataacaatg gtttgtcctg ttgactatct aaaaacaata tagcttaaga    119520
     gggctaaaaa aattgtttta ttaataactg cttttattca agccgaaata aaacaaataa    119580
     gactttctcc agaagaaaaa aatctaggaa atactgtgaa aatttactgt taaacattat    119640
     ttgggagggc aaaaaaatgt aacttcaagt gtagagtaaa aattgtatgt gtgtgtttat    119700
     atgcatgcgt gcatttgtgt gtgtgtgttt actgatgatg ggctgcaggc ggctctcgga    119760
     gatggacagc agctgctgat aggactgaat gcacagatca ctgagagctc gaacaaactc    119820
     ctgcacatcc gtcactagag gaagcagatc ctctgaaccc ctcgactcct gcaccacaca    119880
     cacaatcagc acgttcactc acattatcac tgaaccacac aaatgaacag actgtgtgtg    119940
     tgtgacctgt cggggagagt gctggagcag caagtctctg agcacatacg agttcttcag    120000
     ccacacagcc gtcatgtcca gatcattgcc atgtttctac aacagcaaaa cacatactgt    120060
     tagtatattt acagacaatt aatgccctga tgggggcgac acaatggctc agtggttagc    120120
     actgttgcct cacagcaaga aggtcactgg ctcaagtgtc agctgggtcg gttggcaatt    120180
     ctttggggga gtttgcacat tatccccgtg ttcgtgtggg tttcctccgg gtgctcacgt    120240
     gttccacaca gtccaaagac atgtggtgtg ggtgaattga ataaactaaa ttagctgtag    120300
     tgtatgtgtg tgtttcccag tactgggctg cagctggaag ggtatccgct gtgtaaaaca    120360
     tttgctggat aagttggcgg ttcattccac tgtggtgact cctgatgaat aaatagacta    120420
     agctgaaaga aatggatgaa tgaaaaatgc cctgacggtg tgggttgaca ctagcgctga    120480
     actttaatgg acagtttagt caaaagtttg tcatcattta ctcacctcaa ctgattccaa    120540
     acttctttcg tttgttgaac aaagatattt tgaagaatgt ttgaaattgg aaggcattga    120600
     ctttttatag aaagaaaacc aacattatat agaaatcagg cttacaacat tcttcaaagt    120660
     atcttctttt gtgttcacca gaagaaagaa gcttataaat taaaatttta gtgtgaatta    120720
     tcattttaat tattgaaatt tatttaaaaa aaacaattat tgatttcacc caatgattaa    120780
     atattttaag atacagatta atgagttttt atttttaatt ataagcttca tttaaccatc    120840
     aaccattcaa aatggttaaa tgtcgcattt catcggtttt gtagtttaat gtaatctgta    120900
     atctacattt tccctttttt atgtttatgt tccctttttt atgtttatgt ttatatatat    120960
     atatatatac acacacacac atacatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    121020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatattatt tgtcttaatt atcaaaaaat    121080
     tgtagtgtgt tttaagcgta taggcctgaa gacctagtta aaggtgtagt cgctgccaat    121140
     tacttgttat ttaattatta gtagactgtc tgcttattat ctgctgattc tgctccttca    121200
     acagacattt agcggactat aagaaactct gcaagtacat gtcaacttac actaacccta    121260
     accccaactc caacctaata gtctacttat aatctaatga gaattagttg gcatgtagat    121320
     gcaatgtaac ttaaaatcaa caagatgcat taaagggctg tagaaaataa agtgataccc    121380
     tgatttttta gctgaaacca ttcttgatta ttcattaaat ttaagtcaaa gtcaacactt    121440
     tgagagtcaa aaacaacata tacaagctag atcaaacgat acaccgacgt cttataaatc    121500
     agactgacca tttttacctt tacttttacc tttgatattt gttatgcaac tggaggtttg    121560
     tgctctagag caggggtgcc cacacttggt cctgaaggtt cgttgtcctg catagtttag    121620
     ctccaacttt cttcaacaca cctgcctgga agtttctagt atacctataa agagtttgat    121680
     tagctggttc aggtgtgttt aattgaggtc ggaactaaac tatgcaggac accggccctc    121740
     caggactgag tttgagcacc cctggcctag accgatcatt tcactttatc atcaggagac    121800
     acatattaat ttgccattgc ctgtatatat tttttctctc aaagtgctgg ttgctgttgg    121860
     cttgcatttt aagaaccacc aacatccaca atttcaacaa aaaaacgaaa taaaaatcat    121920
     cttcactgtt ctactgaata aaaaagccag ataaatattg gacggcctga gagtgagtta    121980
     aaaaaccagc aaatgttcaa ttttgtgtga actctcctta ttctcgtttg cttgaatatg    122040
     gagatgctta aaatataata aacataaatt attctccttc accttcaggg cagttttaat    122100
     gccggtcaca acagcactgc aaagtccctt gacccgtgcc tgatctccgc tgcagtccac    122160
     ctgacgcaca cacagaaaca aaacccgagc cgctagtcca ggagatgaag acaagacgct    122220
     ctctgctcgc acgtctgcca cagaaacaca ttcattcctg tcagtcagcc agaattcata    122280
     aataaatcca gctgttgtga gtgccgttta cctgttatga ggtgtttgat cagtttgctc    122340
     tcatcttttt tcctgcactc cagcagtcca gtgatcgtct ggttccgctg agaagaagga    122400
     gatgttgggt cctgagactc ggccacgact agacctgaga gtgatccaaa acatacagtc    122460
     atggaaaaaa atacagagat cctttggaaa tcagttttgc taaataacat aacataatgt    122520
     ataaataaca gattttaata tacaatatag agtaaaattt ttaatataaa tataaataca    122580
     ccaatatact atcattaatg aaactaaact tttattacaa agtttacaac accattaagg    122640
     tcttttataa atcactttaa gcacggttat ttgtggaata ggctctattt atagctaaaa    122700
     gggttttgtt tatgttaaaa gctgaagaaa cctaatttgc tagtgtttag aatcattttt    122760
     ccaaagtcaa gtttttttac tctccaatga cacagactgc caacaacatt tttaagtgca    122820
     tacattgtaa tcaacaagct caaactcatg aggaaattgt gttggggggg ttggcgccac    122880
     agcacccggg agacctgtat gagacgggct gaaagagaag gagatggaac agccacgtaa    122940
     ctattttaca tctttaagtg tctacaattt aatctacaag ctcaaactca caagaactca    123000
     caaggaaata taactatttt acatattgtc cgaaaagctg ataattttat acatatttaa    123060
     acaaatttat tcatattcaa atttacgatt tttaaaagga gacatgcccc caaaccccac    123120
     ccctaaaccc aaatgtcatt ggggatgagc aaattgtacg aataatcttc caaattaata    123180
     tgaattagat actgaataaa aaaaattgga atttccatgg gatattgttg aatctacaga    123240
     tccaagacca accacagaaa ctttccataa cacaacattt tcaaggttca tgatttttaa    123300
     agtcagcata aactggaatt tgctgagact tttttttatc agtatcttga tgtactttca    123360
     actgaaacat cattcttttg tagcaaacta acaataagag tggttgataa tattgtggct    123420
     gaagccatca aactgatgtc aacagagtag gtccaccact ccaaatggag aagcaaattt    123480
     gattaaagat taccaaacca attttttttt agtgtaaata acttgcatgg attaattgtt    123540
     tacctaaata ataacaatgt gcgctagcaa taaaaacttt gtaaattttg atttcacaca    123600
     gactttaatg ttcctcatgc tacaaaaact atttaagaac actccaaaag agccattctc    123660
     tagcaccact gggaaaacta cttttttaaa taatgtttta gttgtcaaaa tactttttgg    123720
     agctacacag acctgaataa gacagaattc tcctgaggct cacggtatgt ttcagctcct    123780
     taagctcacg ccgcaatcgg acacattcct gctctcgaac catcacctgc tccaatagat    123840
     ccttcagaca cacatacacg aagaaaaaaa aataacaact gaacaaaaaa atccaaagaa    123900
     catcaaacag tagtttccga cagactggct acatttttgt caggatctcc aggcgtgtct    123960
     ctgtcttgta gctgctgaag attcgtcctg agagctgaaa tctcctgctc ccactgcgct    124020
     ctctgagaca acagctgcgt ctctagaaac ctggagaaat aaacattact gctaattact    124080
     gatgacttca taaggtaatg tgccagtata tagaaggaaa ctgacttgtt ggccacacga    124140
     acagcatcgt aggcatgtct gaaatcctcg ctcttcatcc tctcagctgc atcctttgca    124200
     acactcatat cctccatcag catgctctgt cggtatatat tcatttacta gttatgacat    124260
     ttttagttat ggatttatta aacatcattt tagatttata aaaagccgca atatgcttta    124320
     actgaaactg aaaaccaaac tgagatagtt tctaacataa caggcccaaa caaaactcat    124380
     tagagttctc tttagggctt cgaaaaaaat ttgtgaatgc accttttaac taccattggt    124440
     ctgatgatgt aacaggttgg tgtggctatg aagctccacc tctatttctt ctgttgtcat    124500
     ttcataaaaa aggggcttca cactaagtac aggaatctca gttataggaa ctggacacca    124560
     gtctcagagg agcaattccc cctggacaat tttctttgtt gcttgcacac catcagaaga    124620
     aactctgaag ctacataagc aaaacaaaat catcaactgt ggacgctgtg atagatgctg    124680
     tgttttcatt gtgtgttctg ggttttatga taatggagat gaaacatgga cttctgggat    124740
     ttaaagagca aaaaaacgga ctaaatcacc tgtgacagct tgtagaaaag aacacaacac    124800
     tgcagacaaa gacaacaggt aaacgctgct aacgtttctt ttctgaatgt gtcctgcaac    124860
     tttttgaggg aacactccac ttttaaacaa acaggcttgt tttacaactc tttttagagc    124920
     aggcatgtcc aaactcagtc ctggaggtcc tatgtcctgc agattttaac tccaacttac    124980
     ctcaacacac ctgcatggct gtttctagaa agcctagtag aagcttgatt agctagctca    125040
     ggtgtgtctg attggaattg gaactatact ttgcaggaca tcggccctcc aggaccaagt    125100
     ttgggcaccc gtgctttaga gttaaacagt tcagttttac tatttttaaa cccatttagc    125160
     tgatctctgg gtctggcagg agtactttta atttagctta gcataaatga ttgaatcgga    125220
     ttagaccatt agcatcatga tcaaaaaatt ttttttaagt tttaatagat ttccaatgat    125280
     gtacagtgtt atgttcaaat ctgattcaat acattttggc taagctaagt tgaaactgct    125340
     cccaccagac ccagagactg gctgaatata ttaaaaattg gcaaaactcc gtgggagcct    125400
     atatctcaaa aaaattgagt gttcctttaa agtatggtgt tcatttgctc aagcagtgaa    125460
     ttgcctttca tcactttagt tcctattgtg ctcttctagt ccctactctg cattagaagc    125520
     taattttatt ctcacaaatt gtgttcttat atctaacgtt gttctcagtt tctagtatgc    125580
     aaacactgcc aagtgcacgc accttcgcca acggttctag gaactaataa aagttttcat    125640
     gctgctaaaa tctctatgat cagtcatgca ctaatatatg tgcaagtaca tttgacattc    125700
     cagtagaaat tgaagttgca gttgttctaa aaaaaatggt actgacaatg tttttccaat    125760
     gtttacacca ttttaaagga atagttcaca tattcatatt ttttaagaaa gctgaaaacc    125820
     tgtaaccact gcattccatg gtaggaataa acaaatacca tggaatttaa tggttacaga    125880
     tttccaacat cttaatttct gttcaacaga agaaagaaac ttgaataggg tgagtaaatg    125940
     atgacagaat ctttattttt gggtgaacta tcactttaag tgctctgtaa aggaaaaagc    126000
     acagcatata tctacatatt catcttaatg ctagttgggc tgctttgcaa cagtttatct    126060
     ctataaaggt atttctttgc actttttgtt acccctaagg agaaaaaatg aaaaaataaa    126120
     ttttgcagag cctgtctagt ttggatgtga actctgacca gaggatgttc ttggctccag    126180
     cgtcccctgt cggagggtga tgttacgctg atcctcctga cctgttcggg tgaagggaag    126240
     acgggtgagc tggagaacgg tgatgtgacg agtgaaggag gttctaaaga cacggtggaa    126300
     tctgttcgtc gatgtccacg tgcacgctgt gaggaagcac acatatatac gcttgcattt    126360
     aataggaatt atatacaata taatatactt ttaataaaaa tggcaaccaa atattaaaat    126420
     gttttttgta attaaaaact gcttttattc taactaaaaa tgaaacaagt aagactttca    126480
     ccagaataaa aatattatta gacatactgt gaaattttcc ttgctctgtt caacatcatt    126540
     taagaaaaga aaaaaaaatt caaagaggtg ctaataatta tgacttcaac tatatatata    126600
     tatatatata atttacaaaa ttacatataa ttttttacaa ctttatattt tgatcatttc    126660
     atatttataa taacctttat tcaacatgat attatgatta tttacaacat gcattatcat    126720
     cattactatg tactttatta cagctatact ttatacagtt atatttgtat acatatattt    126780
     gcagatttgt ttattataca aatataaatc cataatatta caaatattct attgttaata    126840
     gtactgtaat actactttgt ttcaagagct gattttatta aaagtatcac attttcatat    126900
     tttctttata tacagttgaa gtcagattta ataaaccctc attgattttt ttcttttttt    126960
     ttttatattt cccaaatgat ctttaacaaa gcaaagaaat gttcacagta tgtctgataa    127020
     tagtttttct tctggagaaa ctcttatttg ttttatttcg gcaagaagaa aaacagtttt    127080
     taattttttt aaaaccatgt tagggtcaaa attattagcc cctttaagct atatattttt    127140
     cgccaggcta cagaacaaac catcatttta caaaaacttg cctaattacc ctaacttgcc    127200
     tacttaatct aattaaccta gttaagcctt taagctgtac agaagtgttt tgaaaaatat    127260
     ttagtcaaat attatttact gttatcatgg aaaagctaaa ataaatcagt tattagaaat    127320
     gagttattaa aactattatg tttgcaaatg tgttgagaaa atctctccat aaaacagaaa    127380
     ttgcggggga aaataaacag gggggctaat aattcagggg ctttaataat tcaactgtac    127440
     atattttaca tcatgtttta tcctgaaatt tgcacctatt gatttttttt tattttaaaa    127500
     acaaatgtat aatatcaatt acaattatac tattataata atttaatatg caaaagatta    127560
     cattttacac acacacacac atacatatat atatatatat atatgcatgg tttaaagctc    127620
     tgagtgagat tgtgattgca gatgtacctc atttgtggtg aataagctca tgtctctgag    127680
     gttgtcgtat ctttgctcta gtcttgtaaa ctctctcagt aaactctggt atctccttct    127740
     ctcctcttcc agctctgctc gcactgaagc atctgcctga tctacagact gctgcctacg    127800
     ctctgaaaca cacaaataat cagtctcaat cacttttttc ctttactttt tattgcttta    127860
     ataatccaat ctagacatgc gctgatattc aaaaatacaa tatattttgc aatcatcata    127920
     atgatcgatg ttaatgcatt aactaagtgt aagtgttatc tattgtggtt ttaagtgttt    127980
     ttgcggtttc atttatttga aacatttttt gcatgtgcta taaaacagta aacaaagtta    128040
     tttttgtttt tatacctgtt tccataacct ttttatttgc tgcttttatt cctaaataat    128100
     atgccaaaaa ctatagcaaa aagccattta tattatctgt attttgtaca tcttattaat    128160
     gctacttcta taatatgtat tacatttaaa tacattacat taaaataata cataagctga    128220
     attggtgaag gcacaaattt gaactattta ccctcctgag ctttttcctg atcctgtaaa    128280
     cgaatagcca aactatctct ctctttctgc agagagtctc tgtcaactct cagagcttgg    128340
     atttcctgga ataaagaggt aaagaaacag aactgatgaa tataaacaac actgtgaatt    128400
     atggtggtaa cttctgttaa acaatcatag atcaaagtat tttaaaacta attctcctta    128460
     cagttcattc atccgctatc aaaagactac ttattaacaa attcctttca gcagacctcg    128520
     atatctgcag caatattact gactgttgaa cattactgta ctgctggtaa tacaaaaatc    128580
     aaatactttg tatcaacaaa acacattaag attctgagct tatcgttaac ttcattacag    128640
     ataacattta agcaaattat tttcatgatg gacaaaaaat acagcacaat actaaatgtt    128700
     ttcactatgc gtatgaatta tttatagtcc aacatgattt gtttcagttc ttttgattgt    128760
     cagtatgcca aaacagaaca accataattt tatggttgga tatcgaaatc aaattggcag    128820
     atgtcaatgg agcactccac tttttttgga aacaggctca accactctag agttaaactt    128880
     ggtctggcag gataacgttt agcttagctt agcatagcat aacacctcta cagttgcatt    128940
     gtgtactaag accgacagaa aaggaaatgt tgatattgtc taggctgata tggctgggaa    129000
     ctgtctcatt ctggagaact ttctaagaat aatgttttgc tggcaaacca tctatgaaat    129060
     ttgctgccat accatggctg cagtaggtgg gatgctatgc tactatgcag ccatattgag    129120
     gtagaaaata gctcatttta attttctgtc agtcttagta cattatgtaa ttacagaaga    129180
     gctttaaata gaaaaaaaaa tctcaaagct cctttttgat tttttaaggt gaaatgcaaa    129240
     tgatctaaat ccaattcagt gattttgcta agttaagctc aaaagtgcta ctgccaaacc    129300
     cgaagatcat ctcaatggat taaaaaatgg taaaactcaa ctgtttaact ctgctgtgaa    129360
     ataagtgatt ttttggagtg ttactttaac agtaacctca cctgtgttag ctggagaatc    129420
     tcctgtttgg ccttctcctc agctctcctc cactcctcct cctgtttttg gctgactaaa    129480
     ggagctgtgt ttatgctctc cttcagctgg ttctgcagtt tgagaaggct ggagtgcaga    129540
     ttctccagct ctgaggtgtg agcgtcacgc tcggtctgaa gagtttccct cagggatgcg    129600
     ctttctcttg cctgacagac aaaaacactc acaagtcact tttagtcgcc tcctgtgcca    129660
     ctttatatcc gacggttttg aaacaacacg ataagcttat ttattctgaa aattgtctct    129720
     aaaaaaaatt gtgttccagt gtcacatttt aacaaattaa atgtcatcat tacaactgcc    129780
     tctttctttt accctctcac ctgttggtcg gctcgaagct gcagctgcat gagtttgact    129840
     tccatgcctt tattaagttc tctgtacttc tccacagatc gagcgtcagc acgcaaacgc    129900
     agcagctctc tacgtgctgc tcttctacga acacaacact gcatgagcac cactgcgcct    129960
     ctaatgcgcc tgtagctgct ccgggccagc catcctcgca cccgtgcctg taagatcacc    130020
     actgcccgct ctgtcagcat ctagagagag agagaaaaca ggtttataaa gcacactgca    130080
     cttttaagta tttagtttag ttttattttt cagaaattgt atcaggatgc agcctttatg    130140
     atgcaagctg agattgcatc acttagcatg gcaatatcag acacaatgaa ctcaaatgaa    130200
     ccgagtaacg tcactgttag gggtagggtt aggggtgtgg ttgggtgacc acattaaaaa    130260
     gcattggatg cagctcagat tgcactgcac caggtctaca tccagacccc tctcagaatg    130320
     tagggaagtt aacgtgtaac taaaaaagta aagttcgtag acaaactttt gggtggcttg    130380
     ataaagtcta gtctgaaaag tttgaagtag ttttaaagtt gttctgagtg gttgctaagc    130440
     agttgctaac ataaatttgc atggttctag tataaattag cattatgcta acatgtttct    130500
     agcataaatt agcatgttgt tagcatggtt ctagtatgaa ttatgttgtt agcatgtttc    130560
     ttgaataaac tagcaggtta gcatgaattt aatatgaatt agcataacac tagtatgttt    130620
     atagtatgaa ttagcatgtt tgctagtatg tttttagtat ggtttagtat gtttctagta    130680
     tggattagta aattgctagt atagattggt atgttattac tacagtaggt gagagttcaa    130740
     agtgactatt accgccgcgt catataccgc cgccgtttga aataggagcc gctttgtttt    130800
     tagtgtatga ccgcagtttg tgaatgagcc gccagggggc gcaaagggac gggatgcgaa    130860
     ccgacagaaa tagcccacac agcagcctta aatatgctat tgtgcttgta aatgagatta    130920
     aacaataagt caaagcatta taattccttt attaatcatt taaaatttgt taacacgaat    130980
     tattgttatt ctaaactttt taagtgcaaa gaggattctt tttgaaaaat agaattaaag    131040
     aagttaaaga caactaatat gaaagcacaa acattcagta caaatattct aagtatgcct    131100
     aaattaaaaa attaaagcag tcttttagcc taaatgtaaa gagattttca gtgtttgcta    131160
     ttttggtagg actaacacaa gaccttttca tttatgtttt aatttacctt tttatttaca    131220
     ttttcgttgt tgattatatt ttactattta attttatgtc acaattattg tacataataa    131280
     taaacgaata atgaaaaata gtaaaaatag gccttatgta ctatttaagg acatgtggtg    131340
     aaacactaag aaacggtcag gcgcatggtc taaagagctt aagttgaata ctgcttcata    131400
     aaataatttt gccgcaggac atatctcgca ggtttatttt taatagtttt cagttatttt    131460
     ttttgtttca aaacaacaat gttctcttta aagttctctt taaagtataa ctgttgtttt    131520
     gtttttttac ttaatggccc agtatgtttt gtattttaat ttcaatttca gtcaccttgc    131580
     atatgcattt gaaatataat gcacgcataa ccgcggaaag aaaaaaaaac tgtcaaaggt    131640
     tagagctaat tcatcaaaag gtatcattct actttcactc tccccaaaaa atgctctgtt    131700
     tgaacgattt aattattatc atcgtaacca ctatataatt atttaaactt tctctggtgt    131760
     ttattgtttt tagaaaatat ctaaaatctt ttaaaaaaaa tatcttgtaa aatgaaagtt    131820
     taatttgact ttaacggttt catttatgta ggctacatag acctatacct aaactgttat    131880
     agcttgcttt tgcttgtttt atattggttt atttatttaa tgcggtttta tccgataata    131940
     attctttaaa ttatatttta atatggctca ggcaattttt tcaagatttg acacttgttt    132000
     tgagtctaca aaaggggaca ggtaatttgt aaagatttat gtctttctgt tgtctttaac    132060
     atggtgtata gattattatg cgttattgaa acatcaaggg gacgcaacaa agtcacttat    132120
     aaattaaact tgtattatgc aacagccttt aaaacggaaa cataagggcg attataagca    132180
     aaaagacctc agcctattga ccttattctc aaatgcggaa gtgcgcccgt tttcgcgatt    132240
     gtcttagaac ttccgtttca gtcgcctatg agagaaatga caaggaataa taaacgacaa    132300
     aaaacggtca aactacttgc tctacaaaca aatgtttgca tgactacaca gaacaagtag    132360
     aataatataa caaggaaata tcagtttgca acatcaaaca gcgaaacgag cagtttttga    132420
     tgtctaaaaa tgaatggaag tgaatgagac cggaagtctc gtgccaaaaa gattcaaatg    132480
     gcagcgcccg ctcgtctgcg gagaataagg tcaataaggt tagatgtttt ctttccctta    132540
     tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatt tatttattta tttatttatg tgtttgacgc    132600
     atgtaactcg tgtgcgatcg gtgtaatgac ggcaagccat ctttcccaga ctcggggcaa    132660
     aaaaaaaagt gttataaaaa taaagttgcc gcaggacata aacgaagtcc tgcaagttta    132720
     gttttaataa tttagttcca gttctgttca gtttttttct caaaacgtct gttcttcttt    132780
     aaagtaaaat tttagttttt ttgttgttgt tttttttact tgtaatggct cagtatctca    132840
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat attaataaac ttcacagcca    132900
     caaatataaa taacacaact tgcgggtgca accaacaagg gttgtgcatt ttagtttaac    132960
     tttttgagcg ttataagcag ttcggtgtta gtttttatat caaaccgaaa ctaaacagcg    133020
     cattctctcc gcctcctcgt tcataaccag ctggacacac gctgctgagg caagcaggag    133080
     agatagccta ctccgtcatt cataatctta gctgatgtat ctgagtcgaa agaatatatt    133140
     aaagaggaat gttcttttaa cagtcccgat acgtttaatc tttttttttt tattattact    133200
     ttttttcctg tcatttctct tcatcaaatt attttttaag ctgcttgatt atgttaaaac    133260
     agaaagcaga gcccgtcaat tgagagcgat gcatgtcatg tgttgcataa ttgccttttt    133320
     tcctgtgcgt gcgtgatcaa tttctgatcc ttttttgctc gggctctcac acacaacctt    133380
     tatgtctgct gtgtctttaa tatggtgtgt agattattat gcgttattga aacatcaagg    133440
     gggacgcagc aaagtaactt ataaattaaa attgtattat tttatgcaac agccttacat    133500
     ttaaaacgga aacataaggg cgattataag caaaaagacc tcaaggctag atgttttctt    133560
     tccctttttt atttatttgt ttatgtgttt ggcacatgtg tgcgatagga aaactattgt    133620
     aattacggca agccatcttt cccagactcg gggcaaattc cgcctttcct ttcactccgt    133680
     cccgaagcca tccactgcgt aaaacatatg ctggataagt tgacggttca ttccgctgtg    133740
     gcgatcacag actaataaag ggactaaacc gaaaagaaaa tgaatgaaga atgaatgaat    133800
     aaattaataa taataaaata aaaataaggt aataatcttt aaacacaaat tccgcgtaag    133860
     cgaccttttt atttttagag atggtacatt tgaattgcct cttcccactt cccccacctc    133920
     aaaattgaaa gttgcaaaga gaactatagc tcatttacac ctgatgtctt agcctcaata    133980
     gcaaagagca cagcccattc acacctcaac acagaccaag tttagcggaa gaatgtcaaa    134040
     tcagaatcac gcagatgaag cacaccagct actactttca tgaaactatt aaatgtgtat    134100
     tgtcataaat ttgcttattt gcagcagctt tttttcgcgc aacagaattg cggcgttaag    134160
     aagccggcaa tgaataaaaa cagggtcaat agtgaaatcg gcttttcatt gtatccctat    134220
     tacctatatc aatgcattga aggcctttta tggtgtcatc acgatagaat agcctaagtt    134280
     atattgaaat aatttaaaga acaaagttat aaaaactcac attacataaa taaacaatta    134340
     aaaatatgtt taggttgtct ttatttaatt gccctcgtga tgatggtgtg ctttatcatt    134400
     atgtgcgttt tacttataac gtgattcaaa tgatggatct gcgacagaga aactaggggt    134460
     tttgggaaac atgcatcact atatcctttt tttccccaaa ctgtgcatag ttcagccgca    134520
     agttactgta cgtctttttt ttgggaaagc accccatgtc cgctagtgcc gcgcgcctct    134580
     ttctctgggc aaaaaggagt tgatttttaa aatattaaat atatagatta attaaatatt    134640
     cagcaaaaga gacatttatt tcatatttta ctatgcactt catctgatag gcaaatcttt    134700
     atagcttaat taaacacata ttgtcaaaac ccacacatag gcctattgta tgaaaatgaa    134760
     aagggcattt tttgttatta ttagactact atttatttgt tgcctaggct atttaggggt    134820
     tgggggttgt tgttgcgcga gtactgaaga gcggtgttga cgtggtgttg tcaagagcgg    134880
     tgttgttgcg cgcctactga agggcgggac cgagggtgtg ccgcgtcgcg ggggcacttt    134940
     tgatcatttt ggaagggcac tttctatcca agactaaaaa gggcatgtgc actgcacagg    135000
     ttgagcccta tgtgtgcacg tgcctgtctc ggagtattta gtgcacttga tatgcagctc    135060
     cgtctcaatc agctgctgag ggcacagccg cttccccacc ggcagccatg tccgctgccc    135120
     tcttctaaca tgttagaaaa tactgcaaat caagctgtcg gtatctcccc gtggttgaaa    135180
     ttgttcgtta ttcgaaaaaa aaaagaataa atatcagtgc gcaagctttc tagatttatt    135240
     ttaggcctat attcagctgt tttaatcttg caattctgat aacttttaga gataatgtct    135300
     gtttttatca acttgtctgt catttatttc tcatttgcta cttattttat taatttgttg    135360
     atgttaatat actacatata gtcttgtata tgcatctaaa atcctttggc attcaaattt    135420
     gctttgaact tgaaagagag aaagaatctg attttacccg tcagagcaca ttgcatatgc    135480
     cttttttaaa taacatttat ttaacaaata ttttagcaca tcgaaagtaa ttaaattacc    135540
     tgtcttttga ttaaaacctt tatgcaaaaa catcagaaaa aacatcagaa aacatcagaa    135600
     aaaaaggcaa tatatgcgac atgacatcgc tctcatatgc cacgatttga ggataaattc    135660
     gcttttaggc gctgctttga ataaaataaa actattaaaa agcacattaa agacactcat    135720
     aaaataaaac attaataaag gagtatcttt atatctaaac accaattgac gggctctgct    135780
     ttcggtttta aaagaatcaa gcagctttaa aaatataatt tgctgaagag aaatgacagg    135840
     gaaaaaaaga ttaaacatat cggcactgta aaaagaacat tcctctttga tatattcttt    135900
     cgactccgac acatcagcta agattatgaa cgacggagtg tctctcctgc ttcagtagcg    135960
     tgtcccgctg gttataaagg aggaggcgga gagaatgcgc tgcttagttt cggctcgata    136020
     tatttaatta aaaactaaca ccgagctgct tataacgctc aaaaaagtta aactaaaatg    136080
     cacaaacctt gttggttgca cctgcgggat gcacaatgaa cctaacgcgc cattatttta    136140
     attctatatt cgtgaagaat gagccaaccg catatgctaa gtcagtcctg ttggtcggga    136200
     ctctctgctt tataacttat tagtttatta caataatcac acttagcttt gccatcgttc    136260
     ttcaccacat atagccactc aacacatctt gcggtctatc tttaatgttt agattattga    136320
     acgtgctatt gatgttttga gaaaaaaaaa agttaatagt actgaaacta aattattaaa    136380
     aataaacttg cgggacttcg tttatgtcct gcggcaacat tatttttatt acactttaag    136440
     tgatctgctt gaggtaggtc acgtttatca atggtaagtt ttagcctaag tttacatcaa    136500
     taacataatg tgcattgtcc tttaccatac aaaaaaagta aaaaaaaaaa acatttattt    136560
     atatagcatt tatttttaaa tgcattaaaa aaacaagcgc atatcttagc cttgagtttg    136620
     ttcacactct gcctgtatta acataaatgc tgtattttaa tatagctaat tttgattagc    136680
     tttaactgac agccttttct tctttttccg cggttatgcg gcattatatt tcacacgcat    136740
     atgcaaggtg actgaatatg aaattaaaat acaaaactta ctgagccatt aagtaaaaaa    136800
     acaaaacaaa acagttatac tttaaagcag aacattgacg ttttgaaaca aaaaaacgga    136860
     actgaaacta aattattaaa aataaacctg ccagacttaa tttatgtcct attttcatta    136920
     tttatttatt ttcattattc gtttattatt atgtactata atttaaacat aaaatgagat    136980
     agtaaaatat aatcaacaac gaaaatgtaa ataaaaacgt aaattaaaaa cataaatgaa    137040
     aatatcttgt cttagtccta tcaaaatagc aaactacatc tctctatatt tagactaaaa    137100
     gactgcttta tttatttatt tatttatttt ttttattatt tatttattta agactactta    137160
     tttgtactga atgtttatgc tttcacttaa gttgtctttc atttcttcaa ttctattttc    137220
     caaaacgaat cctctttgca cttaaaaagt ttacaataaa ccaggtaaac aaattttaaa    137280
     tgtaagttga ggtgatcgca agttcacaac tgtgaggtga tgtgctctac cggcagaata    137340
     atctatatta ttttgctgtt ttttatatgc gcacgtttaa gatttgagat aataacattg    137400
     ccatgatagt caaagaaatc aaaacattat tttcacccca acgcaattta atcgggcact    137460
     gaaggctaat aacttaattc ttatatttgc tttttgactt ctcaccatgt atcttttctg    137520
     cagcatagta tagtgtaaga gcatgtctat taccagaaaa aaactaaatt aaaattatat    137580
     tttaattgaa cacatcacat cacatacagt aagctacgcc tacagaacag tctgtttagc    137640
     attgtgaaaa ggcaaagctg aatatctgtg gttaaagtgc cacccagcgg tcaaatgctg    137700
     ctagcgcatc aagtaccgcc gtcgccgcgg catgaatggc ggcacaagga acacattgta    137760
     catctgtaag tccaatgtaa agtcaatgta attttttttt tattaaagtc tatgggacaa    137820
     ttgcaagggt gccgtaagtg gttgctaggg tgtggctagt aagttgaaaa gtcatcagtg    137880
     attggcagat tggtaatctg aggtaaatga gcccaacctt aggtctctag gacagtctga    137940
     cgcaaagtta tgaacttact atgtttgggc caatgttaag tcaatgggac ttttccgaat    138000
     tttccaggtc agttttagga tagccgtaag tcggatcagt tgaaaaagat atagcaaccc    138060
     gagtcagacc agtttggagg tctgtagtaa gtttggtgtt tgtagcttga acagtctagg    138120
     gggagatgca tatagaaatt agtctcagaa gtagaagaaa agaagaagaa gtttatgtgg    138180
     taaaaaagta tgttggcttt ttcaggcaaa cataactatc ctgacacaca ccattaaagt    138240
     caacttgaaa cggaagtggc tgagactttt tattttagta tgttgatgta cttccaactg    138300
     aaatggaata ttgagtagga tgttgggctt ttttttttac tcgtcattcc cttggagcaa    138360
     gctaaaggta aaaggggcat ggttaagaat attgtggctg aagccattaa actgacatca    138420
     acagagaaag accgccactt cgattgcaga agcaaatggt caaaccttga aaactaaaac    138480
     aaattcagtg aattaaccga ttgttaacct aaagtataat aatgtttatc atcattttct    138540
     tgtcggctta gtccctccat aaatccgggg tcgctacagc agaatgaacc accaacttat    138600
     ccagcaagtt tttacgcagc aaatgccttt ccagccgcaa cccatctcca ggaaacatcc    138660
     acacacacat tcacatacac actcatacac tacagacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct    138720
     gtaccgcatg tctttagact gtgggggaaa ccagagcacc cggaggaaac ccacgcgaag    138780
     gcagggagaa catgcaaact ccagacagaa atgccaactg agccaaggtt cgaaccagcg    138840
     accttcttgc tgtgaggtga cagctctacc tactgcgcca ctgcctcgcc caagtataat    138900
     aatgtgtgct agcaaaaaaa acattgtaaa ttttgatttc attatctgta cctgtgaata    138960
     aatgcgacga gccttggttc ctctgatgaa ggcctggatt ttaatggtgg cccctctgat    139020
     ggtcagataa agctgtcgca cagccagcat gcggtatgtt ttctggatga ttaaagcagc    139080
     acgtgtataa cgaagggtcc acgccaacct gatcggataa cattaaagta catacttcca    139140
     attagattaa aaaatataca aaaagatata taagaacaaa gtaaataatt agcatgagac    139200
     caaaaaaact catgttcttc tttaggtcac tctaaactta ccttcgggcc agggttcctc    139260
     tggtgtaccg ctgcaggata gatgtggcct gccggagccg ctgataatgc ctacgctgtt    139320
     gccatcctct cacccagctt tggatcaaaa cccctgctgc atgtagccga tctcctctaa    139380
     gcttctccag aaccgctact tgcccagccc ggaagaaaac cttggtcttg ccaaagcagt    139440
     attgctccgg atcagggata agatcaggaa gggtgctctg acaggaatgg cgcacatcat    139500
     cctgagaaac aaaaccttgt agcagcaccc ggtaacgggc gaagaactcc tcatatgtcc    139560
     acctagaatt tggttgaagt aattgggggt gaaattattg ttattgaatt cgagagactt    139620
     ttacaagtaa acttgcctgg aagggtagcc tgcggcacta atttggatgg tctctaagac    139680
     tccacatgct cgcagctgct gcacagctcg cttgggatca aatctgatat ggtgaaggtt    139740
     aaaaggttac tcaaaactct agaggaatga atgcatagga catcttaatt tttctcttac    139800
     agaaagggct ttttgaggtc attggacttt atgcagcgaa cataatgagg ggtagtgctg    139860
     ttcaaggtgt ccattaaaag ttgcagggat tggcgaaact agatatgcaa agagaatata    139920
     tcagaaaatg ttcaaaccta aaagagttag agaacacatt aaggggcaac tttgagcatt    139980
     gaccacttga aattaatttc cttttatctg acagttgcag ggagagaagc agcttacctg    140040
     aaagcccaca gttaatttgt gctctctgtg agctcttttc cctgaacgta cgcttccatt    140100
     tgcaagagtg gagttaggaa gacatccccc tgctgactct ttctggaaca actctgcaac    140160
     tagttctgac tgagaagagt atggacaggt gtgaataagc aaagtaagta caaaactaca    140220
     ttagttgaac taattactgt actgttcaag taatacctga ctagctctca gtatattgat    140280
     gggctcctca aatacagtgt ctcggttctt gtccaaaaag ccatcacact cgtactgaac    140340
     ctaatggcaa aaaaagccag caataatatt acagatattg aatggtttgg tgagggccat    140400
     ttattaatat tcgttttctg accttatcag caaaatgcac aataatgaat gcagagttgg    140460
     acatgcgtgg tttaagaaaa tgagggctgt ggtttaggtg ctggtcataa agctttcgag    140520
     cccagttgtc atctgaacct tttggcatct agagcagaga aagactctgt tttttaaaca    140580
     ttggtacttg caatagaagg tacaacaatg tgtattttgt ttgtttactc tgcattcttc    140640
     atccagaaga tcaagtaggc ccagctggcc ttcaatgagt gcaatgcatg gctgattatc    140700
     actgaattca atacggttcc agggaagctc ctctcgcagg tactcctcct gctccagctg    140760
     aaacacatgc tgacgaagac aataggtatg cttaaaagtc tgcagaatga aacggttggg    140820
     tcaacaagta agctaatgga aagacgagtt ctaaaaaact cagtggaacc aagaaaaggc    140880
     atgggtgaac tgtacattag tgaggcagaa cctaaccaag tcactcttta aaggttgaaa    140940
     tattgagtgg acagaaagtc aacacccata tccgacattt attgcaattg tgcttttgca    141000
     tcctgagttc aagtctcaga ttggggatct ttcccaatcc aatcctctat ctctcactct    141060
     ctctctctct tcaagtttgt ttcctatata aataatgttt gttcgaataa aggcaacaac    141120
     ccaaagaaaa aaaaacttaa aataataaat aaataatgag ttgactcatc ataggtagca    141180
     ctatagtttc tggggcccct ggagagcttt ttgactctgg cctttttaaa tagtaacttt    141240
     ttgttataga aagggtctat agtgctttcc aggggttaag ttggattagt caatcccttt    141300
     cattggagaa cctgcacgag gccccctctc ggatcagtga ccctggaaca gtccttacca    141360
     tccctgttga agtgtgaaaa agttagcatg attctaaggt cccacactct ttgggggcct    141420
     ccagatatca actttattag cattaaaatt gccaaggtgg catattattt catagggtct    141480
     aaaattacta gaggcaccct tgctgatcat ggacaactat ttgaacctat tgatccccca    141540
     aatcaggaaa cttactctgt tgaattgctg ctgaagtttc tcatttgcat agttgataca    141600
     gaattgctca aaactatttc tgtcgaaagt ctcaaaccta cacacaataa aaaaagattg    141660
     ttaaaagtga tccataatgt tgcaaaacag tacagaacaa ctcacatacc catagatatc    141720
     aaggactcct gtgaaagatt taggcttttc ccggtgtgct cgtaaggatg agttgagcct    141780
     ctgcactgtc catgtgaaca gttgctcgta cacatgctta gccagagcat cccgtgcctc    141840
     atttgcctgt tggccagtca tgggctttac aagcatttcc ccacccactg ctagtctcct    141900
     gtggcatagc cattgggcca tctgagcacc ttccaccctc aaaagcttgg caaagactgc    141960
     caaggaacgg tcatcgccct gccaatacgt tgatgaataa gaaatgatgt ccttattagc    142020
     acattctgca tgttattaga ttagcaagaa cagcactgct cctgatgtta atgtatacag    142080
     acataaaatt gtttctttaa tttggatttt gacatgtaca cagtaatagg aaattgtggt    142140
     tgtacatcaa tgtagctgcg gtccccacca cgaccgctgg cttgtatgtt gacattcccc    142200
     aagtgaagaa tagctgccag gatacgaaat atctccatct gctggtctgt ttgcactcct    142260
     gcagggatga accacactct tttacaaaat gcagcatgtg gcaataatgg agcatattgg    142320
     tgtattttac cttaccaagt atagtaaagg catttcttgt ccgctctagc tcgactacat    142380
     catctgtacc cgaaatgtgc acatcttgtc cttggttggt gtaatggaaa ttctctgcag    142440
     aatctagaga gatgcatgcc caccaagcaa ttttgtcttt acagatgtct aatagacatc    142500
     taaatgcaga catcctgact aaaacaagct aaatttgggc tgtcagtgaa aatcccatag    142560
     ttgtctaaga atagaaactc tgcaggagac tggccctaca ggacagagtt tgcccatccc    142620
     tggattagac agactttaca tttttagtta gaaagtcctg tctatttgat gtttagtcta    142680
     atatttgggt gattcttctt ctgatacgtc tattagatta tcaataataa atgtagcctt    142740
     gatttaacca agacaaaagc tgttagacat ttatttgatt tttttctaca caaaatgctt    142800
     gctgggttgt gatcaaacaa tcatgtccaa cacatgtaaa aaaagaaaaa agtagcatgt    142860
     ttttggatca ccagtttagg ctttaccaag tctaagtgtc ctcagctctg gcaaatctct    142920
     ggaagcacaa agctggtaga agatgtggta atttctctcg tcagctgcct attcataaaa    142980
     caaaatgcat cttaataaaa gagttttgta agagataaaa aaatgaacac actatatcag    143040
     ggattttcaa actgtgtcct ggaggtctgg tgctctgcag attttagctc caacttgcct    143100
     caacacacct gcaaggatgt ttctagaaag cctagtacaa gggtgtccaa acttggtcct    143160
     ggagggctgg tgtcctgctg aatttatctc caacttgcat caacacacct gccaggacgt    143220
     ttctagtata tctagtaaga gcttgattag ctggtccagg tgtgtttggc taagttcttt    143280
     aggacaccgg ccctcgagga ccgagtttgg acacccctgg cctagtaaaa acttaataag    143340
     ctagcccagg tatgtctgac tggggttaga gctaaaatct tcaagacacc ggacttccag    143400
     gaccgagatt gaaaaccctt gcactaaata atcaagcacc tgaaagacga ctcttgattt    143460
     ctccagcaag taggtcctca tgtttgcccc aataatgtcc cctttacatc caaatccgat    143520
     ctcaatatat ttcccaaaac ggctgctgtt gtcattgcga gttgtttttg cattaccaat    143580
     tgcctgcaag tgttacaatg accacatttc aataaacagc atcttcctac accagaaagg    143640
     tcagaagtca agtttcagta cctccatgat gggattggat gccaggactt tctcctccac    143700
     actggtctgt tgggccgcac cacccacaac agcaaagtag cgcatggtga atttagcaga    143760
     tacagtttta cctgagcctg attctccact gattatgatg gactggtttt tctcctccct    143820
     gtatatgaaa atatgaccca cttacgggtt aattgaacat attatacaaa ttcatggtaa    143880
     tcaaaggtaa ttcataatat gaccactctc cggcaaagtt taggtttagt cctaacactc    143940
     ctaatgctgt agctaatcaa gttcaggctc atttaaaatt tgtaagttta ttattgaagc    144000
     caaaatctgc agggcattgg ccctttagga gcaggactag acacactttt caccagcatg    144060
     gaccacgcca cgctttgagc tagactttat tgtagggatg aaaaggatgg taagggaaca    144120
     gtggtttgaa ggggagggaa agtaagagga taaatagtga gcaggtaagt aggttgatta    144180
     ggcatcatat gatgatgccc agagactcag agtgggggta gcgtctctgt aatattttga    144240
     tagagtgatt gtaccccctc gattcaacct aggagggaag agagggttat aggattgtta    144300
     atgggaagca agaaaataaa gggagagggg gaaagtgggt ttagaagcat gaaaagaaca    144360
     ttgctaaagg gctggtctgc cttaaataag atttagaaag tagatgaaat gttcaagagg    144420
     caaagtgagg tgtggtcgcg ctgccgaacc tttgttaaac ctttaatgca ctacatgggt    144480
     ctaaagtgac ctgtctaagt ttattttttc tatatctatt ttataccttg tgcatcaaag    144540
     ggttaacacg ttaactccat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    144600
     atatatatat aaaggaggcc agctagcgaa gtgctatgca ggtaaacctc actcctctga    144660
     cctctagggg tgctctagcg acagatgcta gaggccatag tttttaacca ccttgatagg    144720
     ccaaccaact cccatgcaaa gaatcggtgg ttttatccca gctcagatcc agttaagtgc    144780
     agtaggacca gtgggttata tatatatact aaaaaaatta caaataacaa caaatgtttt    144840
     tatgtcattt taccttattt aaaaaagtta accaagtttc aactaaaaat ttcttaagtc    144900
     atacaaagtt taactaaaca tttttcagtc agcttgattg atgtaaactg ggacgactag    144960
     aaaagttcat ttgatttaac tataaaaagt taaggcagcc agacttttta aagtgaatgt    145020
     gtatgttaat atttgtttat atgcaaacat gtactgaata acattacagc taatatattt    145080
     gaacatatat gtacatattt actttcaaat ggtttcaatt caaatccaga tatgaactta    145140
     tatgttatct atatcatttg caaatattac catatatcag atttctacgt gggagaccaa    145200
     aagcatgata tttttctttg tgaactattc ttatttgaat gttcttgacc tgatcatcgt    145260
     tcggtacgcc tcttcagcca cagaaaaaat gtggggctcc atatcagcca tgtcctgtcc    145320
     gctgtaagcg tcaatcacct cttctccata aatgggcaac ggctcgtatg gatttaatgc    145380
     caccaacacg atccctatta aagtatcagt aagtaaagat tatgtttggg attgaaatct    145440
     agttgaaacc atgtatctct atgcataatt tacatgccaa taaacccatt gcttggttaa    145500
     agttcttgac agtagccaat ataacgatga gtgatctaaa tttctgtgcc ttgaacttta    145560
     ctcccactaa aatgaaggtt attggttcat ggctgtataa acttgccact gttttctgaa    145620
     aacttaaact caccgcagta agtatagata ctactgtagt cgagaaagcg cacacgcaag    145680
     ttgtgaagta cggctggctc gtggagaaaa gtcagggctg tgaggtcatt ttctccctcc    145740
     aaaatatcag ggttaccaag aggtggaaga ccagccggag gcaagactgg atactccatc    145800
     tccttattta aaaaaaataa atatatataa attaagaggc agttagtctt gtaagagtac    145860
     ctctgggaaa ataaatattc aaccattttt ctcagaaaac atatttctaa aggtgctgtt    145920
     gacttgaaac tttcaccaaa ggttgtgagc aaccaaccaa atccatatat acaaagaaaa    145980
     ctaatcaaat tagtttaagt gtcataaaaa gaaatgacac aggggaaaat tactgaacac    146040
     atgaagaaag gcagggaaag cccagacagg gaatgtctgg atttgagagt ttccttggct    146100
     gtgttttgga tcattgtctt gctgaaatgt ttaccctggt ttgatcttta tcatcctgat    146160
     aatgtaaatg tcggactgaa gaagctggta ttcatttgca atgacgaagg gcagaaggtt    146220
     gctgaagaac tcctgagaga tttcagctgc tgtctaggct ttcactgcct ttctacacct    146280
     cccttttttc atgttttcaa aactttttcc ctgcgtcatt tcattttttt aatgcataac    146340
     tttatttcaa aactaattag ttttgttttc tttgcatatt tggatttctt tgatttttac    146400
     caacatttgg tgaaaatttc aagtcaacag cacttttaga aatatgttta ctaagaaaaa    146460
     tggtgacctg ctgtatatat aaaactaaat aaaatgtctt tgcaaattaa aaactaaagt    146520
     aaaactaaca taaacattaa tcacacaagc taaaactaaa ctgaatggta cagacaatga    146580
     aaaatagcat caaaataaaa gttacatttg aaaaagctac attataataa gcttgtctca    146640
     tatcagtatg aaatatgtgt gcatgtgtct tactctgcca tcaggtagct ggattgagat    146700
     ctgctggtct ccaggactgt agtctcgaag cagttgtgca gacacccaca cagcttctgg    146760
     gtctggcacc cacacacatg ccccctgtga cagccaacag aagcatgatg actagattca    146820
     tatcaatcat aaccaacagt aaatgtcacc caaaaagcct tttaaagggc tagttcaccc    146880
     aaaaatgaaa atgtactcac tatttgctta ccctctgagt ttttcttctg ttgaacacct    146940
     aagtagatat tttgaagaaa gctggaaacc tgtaatgact gactcccata gtaagaaaac    147000
     aaatactatg gaagtcaatg gttgcagatt tctagctttc ttcaaaatat ctccttttag    147060
     gttcaactaa agaaactcaa ataagtttta aacaagtgaa gggtgagtaa atgataacag    147120
     aattttcagt tttgagtgaa caatcctttt aattctcttt gctttatacc gtattacatg    147180
     tcttcagaat ataaactctg taaaaaatgc tggcttccac ataattgatt tgtgtaggga    147240
     cagcatgaaa gaagttagtt aatatattag tttatacaaa tttaagtaga tagtacatta    147300
     aacaattaat ttgtcccaaa aaactcaaga attgtgtttc agttcacttt aaaataagta    147360
     gtttgaacaa acagcaaaca taatttttaa gggcagatgc aggagtgttg gagctaaagt    147420
     gccccttcca gaagcatgac tgttgatcag tctataggtt tgattatgtc tgtgtctgaa    147480
     gatatgaata ccgtggaaat tgattcatta tttaaaatgt ttcacaagca gctcatgtgc    147540
     ctgactgact gcctgtccca ccccagtgac tgtttctcct ccatcagcac aaatacaccc    147600
     ggcacaccat taaacattaa caccaaccag actcctgtaa cactagaaaa aaacctgatg    147660
     tacaaaacta tacatatatc tgtctatcta tctgtccgtc cctctatcta tctatctatc    147720
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    147780
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatccatcta tctgtctgtc    147840
     tgcatactgt atctatctta tcatttgttc attcagatct cattgttctc tcagtcatgt    147900
     tttctatgta gaataaaaac attaatgtaa aatgcaaact ttacctttgt gtagagctct    147960
     gtggttgcca tttggtcaga tagtaaatgt tcgtagacag ctcaaagtaa atctcgctat    148020
     aactaaagct gttcttttca gcgtctcaga gcgagtgact gctggccttc tgccctttgg    148080
     tctgttagag atgttggcat actaaccgta atggcgagtt aacagttaat ccactaagta    148140
     aaaagagagg gacatttaaa acggctatgc acctgaacca taacgcaaaa tagtattcag    148200
     tgttgcttca aagtgggatt attttacaca tgtgtgtaat ctatatatat acatgtattt    148260
     atctatctat ataaaaataa ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    148320
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatacgc cccccgtttg    148380
     aatttttttc ttttttacat atttgccaaa tgatgtttaa gagagcaaag acattttcac    148440
     agtatgtctg ataatatttt tttttcttct ggagaaagtc ttatttgttt tattttggct    148500
     agactaaaag cagttttaca ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaacatttt aaggtcacaa    148560
     ttattagccc ctttaggcta ttttttttcg atagtctaca gaacaaacca tcattataca    148620
     ataacttgtc taattcccct aacctgccta gtcaacctaa ttaacctagt taagccgtaa    148680
     aatgtcattt taagctgtat aaaagtgact tgaaaaatct cgagtcaaat attatttact    148740
     gtcatcatgt caaagataaa ataaataaat tattaaaact attatgtttg aaaggtgttg    148800
     aaaaagtctt ctgtctgtca aacagaaaac agggaaaaaa aataaaacaa aggggctaat    148860
     gattcttaaa ctatatactt tttttcttct aatatttaaa cttagtccag cttaatttta    148920
     cttgttttac ctacttttta aggttttatg aaattttatt tatctgtaat ataataatat    148980
     tgtcagcaca gtattgtcag ttgtaagaaa aaataatgat aaaaatcaaa taaggagttt    149040
     tttttttact tgttttaatc aggtttttag ttagtattta ttgagcattt tctttttgta    149100
     atttacatca tatacacaca cgaatgttat gaaaacatta ttgtacttta aagtgtaaaa    149160
     tatcagtttt tctcctcaaa ataaagcatc ttgcttctgt atgtggctgg ggtcacaagc    149220
     agttttgtgg ttgaaatttt agataataaa aacacttatt gtcacatcga tgactccaat    149280
     gagtgtattg ttcattttat aatataaaga aattgtaaat ttaagattag ttcaaatgta    149340
     atatttctga tgtcacagat aacagacatt tctgtagaat gacccagcta atatctttcg    149400
     tattattgca aaaagaagaa atcaagactt aactcatgaa cattttattt tgagaaatgt    149460
     ggagaacaaa catggttgtg attgtgcaga agtgggttat gaacaaaaca gataaaaaca    149520
     tttttcgccc agcaacatgt ttagttaagt tatcgaagca tgaatcacct tgaatgaatc    149580
     acgtgtcaca ttgtatgaat catcattcac atttttgatt tcaggttcag actgtggaaa    149640
     tattattcaa tgtcaagtat gaatagctta taaacaaaaa gaaaagtcag gcagttttaa    149700
     caagcaccag acatgagtcg aaaacaaaac ctgacttaaa aaaaaacata cctgcacact    149760
     ttgtaactat taatgttcac caacacctca agtttcccag ttaaacactg gcattgagaa    149820
     aaacacaaaa ctattctgaa tgtattaata ctgattttca cctttcttga attaaagggt    149880
     aaattatggt gaatttatta cactaatgca gttttttccc aacacaagaa ttttggtaaa    149940
     atataaacta aaacaacttc tgggtaatta tttatttttt tttacaaact ttttttttac    150000
     ccccaaccat aacctaaggg ttgagattgt ccatatttta tctaaattct gtcattttta    150060
     gtgtactaaa agtcaatatt taaaatgaaa cctttaactt tcctttttta aaaaagagtt    150120
     ttaaacattt tagtcacaac agatcagttt aggttggccg tgacaaattt tagcacccac    150180
     gagttctgga ggactgtatt tttgacccga ttgtcaaatt tcctcgataa atgtaaaata    150240
     aaaaacgaac aaacaaaaaa agtcaaaaca ttttatgcag aaggcagttc aactgctgaa    150300
     ctttacaaca atttgttttt tgttttttta gaaaacattc aaaatattaa aaaagaacaa    150360
     taataataaa acaaaaagat tgcctaaaga tggagccaac agtctctatg agatcccaac    150420
     tgatgggagt acatgaatat tctgctaatc tgggagatga aaatgtgttt tgttgatcag    150480
     cagaacatct ggttgtgttg ggggaaactc ttgaacaggt cagtcagaca catctaaata    150540
     cctgtaaaaa aaaaaaagaa aacctacatt ataattcata cactaaaaat cgaaatttgt    150600
     gaatttctct ccagaaataa agtaagtata atcattaaca ttttaatttg ggttgtttac    150660
     gaatcaactg aagacaagaa aaaaaaaact gtgtgtcagt tattttaaga aatcgctaca    150720
     cgatgtaaca ccagtaactg agagaaatct aaaaaacgtt ctctgatttt gatccatgtc    150780
     ttttttaatt atcagtggtg aaatgagtac caccaaaaat ctgtcaatta aaaatcatac    150840
     tcaaaaaaat gcagcgcaag aaatgttaaa gaatctgtac tcaaaatatg agaaaaaaat    150900
     gcccttccaa aattactcat tagcaatgag gattacgctg tgaaaatttg tgaaaatctt    150960
     ataccctgca aatgagaaat gtagtttata tcagtgccat tttcttttca agtgtacgtt    151020
     aaataattag ccattaatga tttatataca ttgaaaatct gagattacaa attttaaccc    151080
     tgactaacaa actgagtgtc cactagttgg cgctgcaatc taaactcctg aagcacatat    151140
     agaacatgtc atttgtgcat ttgtttgaaa acgtaacatt ctgtaatgca tgtagttact    151200
     gtttaatata gtcagatcag tctcaaaaat aatcatacat tcattttcgt ttcggcttaa    151260
     tccctttatt aatctggggt cgccacagtg gaatgaacag ccaacttatt agcatatgtt    151320
     ttacgcagct gatgcccttc cagctgcaac catcactggg atgaccacac acttattcac    151380
     actcatacac tacagacaat ttagctttcc cagttcacct ataccacatg tctttggact    151440
     tgtggggaaa acagtagcac ctagaggaaa cccacacaaa cacagggaga acatgcaaac    151500
     tccacacaga aatgccaact ggcccagctg aggctcgaac cagcgacctt cttgctgtga    151560
     ggcgatcttg ctaccactgc accaccgtgc agccccttaa aaataataca tcgtcaaaat    151620
     aaaatttgta catccacaac actattcaaa acataattta aaaatacaca aatccaattc    151680
     gtaaatttaa aacacgattc aaaaatacac aaatataatt tataaatttt aaacatgatt    151740
     ccaaatcaca caattccaat tccaaacata tttcgtgaat acacaaatct aattcgtaaa    151800
     ttcaaaacca tttaaaactg cccaaatcca attcagaaat ccaaaacaat taaaaattac    151860
     acaaatccaa ttcgtaaatt aaaaaaatta ttcaaaaata cacaaataat taattcattc    151920
     attttctttt tggcttagtc cctttattaa tctggggtca ccacagcaga atgaaccacc    151980
     aacttatcca gctcgtttta cgcagcagat gcccttccag ctgcaaccca tctctgggaa    152040
     aaatacacaa atccaattcg caaattcaaa acatgattca taaatacaca accctattca    152100
     gaaattcaaa acaattaaca aatacacaaa tccaatttgt aaatttaaaa tgagattcaa    152160
     aaatacacaa attcaattca taatttcaaa caatttaaaa atattcaaat ccaattagta    152220
     aatttaaaac acgattcata aatacacaaa cccaatttgt acatttaaaa catctcaaaa    152280
     atacacaaac ccaattcgta aattcaaaaa aattatttga aaatacacaa atccaattcg    152340
     tatattcaaa acacaattcg taaatacacc aacctaattt gtaaatttaa aacacaattc    152400
     aaaaatagat ccaattcatt gggcgaaact atatataatt tttacttgtg tgtttacaaa    152460
     tttactaatt ggattttgta aatgtgaatt gtgctatgca tgtaaaaaaa cacaattcgt    152520
     aaatatacaa atacacaaaa acacgattta aaaatactca aatccagttc gtttattcaa    152580
     aacacgattt gtaaatacac aaacccaatt caaaaataca cagatctaat ttatttgcag    152640
     aaaatatata tgatttttac ttgtgtgttt acaaattgtg cgtttacaaa ttggattttg    152700
     taaatgggaa ttgtgctgtg catgtattaa caatttagta aaggtattat ttcggagact    152760
     gatctggctc catagtttaa ggccgtttgg tgatttcagt catcatacag taggcatctt    152820
     ttatcttctc atcagtgaca aacagtccaa acagtcaaac ttttcatgtt tgctgcactt    152880
     ataaagtatc cgtgtcttgc agtcggtctc tctgattttt ctttgcgcaa tttgattagt    152940
     aggaaatcat gagaccgatt atttcactta taatgttaca tgttatatat gttaagccag    153000
     tgtttctcaa ccacggtcct ggaggatcac cagctctgca cattttccaa gtctctttaa    153060
     ccaaacacat ctggttcaga tcatcagctc attagcagag actgaaagac ctgtaatggg    153120
     tgtgaaagac aaagaagaca tcttaaacat gcaatgttgg tggtcctcca ggaacgtgct    153180
     ttagaaacac tgttttaagc tgtgaaaaat gtatataaaa gtagtgactt caggttttgc    153240
     tcagtaaaag tactaaatgt actaaagtaa aagtacacat ttttaaacta ctcagtaaag    153300
     tagaattcct gagaaaaact attcaatgac gtagtttcag tgattgtaat agttttgtac    153360
     acagcctctt aaaatatact gaatatgtaa ctcaaaatat gctttaaaac ttctttcctt    153420
     tcagaaaagt ctgtaaatgt gtcctttatc tccagctaaa gcatatttgc ttacctgtgc    153480
     tatacttcct gtttctcatc agtgcaattc ccctcctgtt tgagtgcttc tccctcactt    153540
     gccgtttcct ccacgtgagc caacatgtca gccatcaaag cctcctccag ccgcttccga    153600
     acactgtata ccagctcctc ttgctttctg tgaccataaa atcatacagt atcacagtat    153660
     gtattgtgtt aaaaagggtt tacaatatgt agtttcagca tcaacatcac aatgtgccgc    153720
     agtccagaac acacgcgtta tggagtcacc aaaaaataaa aattattgta caaatttctc    153780
     accctcatga cgttccaaat cttttgacct ttgcaaaatt taggacattt tagatcaaga    153840
     gatttccctt atcttccata gacagtattc aatgatcccg acttcctcaa aacagaccat    153900
     atgccttcag ccgttcaatc aaaatattaa tcaagctact tgaatacttt tgtatataaa    153960
     aaataaatgc ctttatcagg atatttacag gcatcagagt aaaatttaat accttttaag    154020
     actctttgta aaaattgatc ataaccggta acattaacga cattttaact tgcagtatgt    154080
     ttactaatta ctgattgcaa gaaagtaaac ttaaactaaa acattattcg cgtgttagca    154140
     gatcactgta atccacacgt gagtccagct gcaatctcat agcggagaaa tgaaaacaaa    154200
     accttcgttg cagcacactt ataaacacaa cactgacgac ccatgtctcc aaacagttct    154260
     tcagctttca cttgttttat ttatggttgg caacacaacg tggcgtttct ctgccgtctg    154320
     aacattggaa caggtaaaaa cagtctttga agctatcatg catattaatg aagttgcgcc    154380
     tcattcacaa tagagcgtgc tgattggttc gaaccaagtc tatttcttga attaatactg    154440
     aaaactcaat gacatcacgt tgtacccgca ggtccagaaa gcaagtgtcc atgctggaat    154500
     tcacacaagg acctaatcgc tttgatgaag cttctaaatt tcttttcaaa ctggaagaac    154560
     gaatttgctc gaaatactga aataacgcaa aaacaaaaaa atttcaagtt tttgtgaaat    154620
     atatgtgtcc taatagtgtt tttagcagtg tgggacatat atatgactgt caacatctca    154680
     aaacatgtgt tttggtgttt gtgacccttt aagactttaa caatttgtaa gggctttaca    154740
     tttctctaaa ttgatttatc aacttttgat agtttttaag accccgtaga catcctgttt    154800
     attcaagttt cttctcatca ctgtcagtat agagtgctcg ttcatgtgtt gtgcttgggc    154860
     gcctgctgat gtataccttt gatgcttctg tgctttgttt taaacaaaaa aaaaaaagct    154920
     gtgtgtgggt ctctctttaa tgtgcacaat atactgacac tgaggagata aaaactattg    154980
     aataaagtca ttatttatct tttatgtgtg tattctcata gcttgatagt attctgtttg    155040
     aaccactaga ggcatatgga ctgttttgag gatgctttta atacttttct gggcccttgc    155100
     ttcctataga ggatgaggga gtctcagatt tcacctaaaa tatcttaatt agtgttctaa    155160
     agacaaaaga aggtctctgg ggtttggaac gacatgacgc cccattcaca ccgggcatca    155220
     gcttcaatgt ttccaattca ctttgaaagg tgggacgtca aacggtgcag aactgcattg    155280
     tggatccgtc ggcgccactt cagaagcatt gctcattgca gaagttggga cttgctcaaa    155340
     tttgaagcgc tgacgaaagc gtcagccaat cagatcacta tatccaaata cacgagctca    155400
     gccagtggcc tattgctgac caatttcatt ggctgacgct actatgacga ttgtgtcagc    155460
     cccaacttca gatgaacgca gtgctatttt acatttaata attcaatttt tatatgcgat    155520
     aacaactacg actccccaga aaaaccacaa agcactgtta tcttattcat ttctttgctc    155580
     cactgtattc agctatgctt gtattttgta ttttataaag atgcactgct ctgcagtata    155640
     atcaaaacaa atcaatcaaa aattacaaac tctttctaaa tagagataat cttgtgtaat    155700
     tggattcaga tcgcaataca taaataaata tgaagcgttc agatgcaaaa gcctttaagt    155760
     gctatatata cagttaaatt ctaaattatt agccctcctg tgattttctt ttttcaaata    155820
     tttcccaaat aatgtttaac agagcaagac attttttcac agtattttct agaacatttt    155880
     ttcttcacga aaattttttt tttgttttat ttcaacaaga ataaaagcag tttttaactt    155940
     ttttaaaatc cattttaagg tcaatattat tagccacctt aagcaatatt tgtgtttctt    156000
     tgtctacaga acaaaccata gttatacaat gacttttcta attaccctaa cttgcctagt    156060
     taacctaatt aacatagtta agcctttaaa tgtcacttta agctgtatag aagtgtctta    156120
     aaaaatatct agtcaaatat tatttattgt catcatggca aagaaattag ttattagaaa    156180
     taaattacta aaactattaa gtttagaaat gtgttgaaaa aaatctgctc tctgttaaac    156240
     agaaattggg gaaaaatata cagcggggct aaaaattaga atatttctga ctttgtatat    156300
     gaaaaaaatg aaaaaggaaa tatcgcaata tcagtgtttt tcaataatat gcagccctaa    156360
     tatacaatat aatgctgtgg ctcaatgaaa tacctgatat cctcatctgt gacgataaag    156420
     gccttacaaa gaggctgagc tgtgttgagc caaacgcctg ggtttttctc cacagcggcg    156480
     gacagttgac cggtgatggg agctgcgctg gtgtgaagcg cactggcaat cgctgacagc    156540
     agggtcttat ctgtgcaccc agggcccact cctttagtga cgtgtaatat taaaaaaaaa    156600
     caattatttt attggcatct ttggacatgc tgaccttgtt catacctgaa atgcagtttt    156660
     gttagtgtgt aaacgttttt cttttttaaa ttaactaatt agtttcaagc ttgtccacta    156720
     aactgaactt caactctgaa aactggactg acacggtttc aatttacgag aacttctatg    156780
     ttcagctgct ttgacacaat ctacactgta tagcactata gatataaaga tgaattgaat    156840
     tgaattaagt agagggaaaa ctttcagccg ggttggatgc attacatcta aataaatagt    156900
     gttcttctta tgaaataaat ttttaaatat tgaacaatct tatttattat gtctgatgta    156960
     ttaaaatatc atgagcacaa atgttttcta tattgataag aaatacttta tgaaagatca    157020
     tgcttatagt attttttggt tgcatatgcg cccaaaattt tatctatgcg acctcaaaat    157080
     atatttggga gcatttttgc gagtgcataa aattgttgtg tgcgaccagt ttttactgca    157140
     aaatgttcac cacatgcgca gattcgggag acattcacgc agaatgcatc tctgcacttg    157200
     aaacgcaaaa cgcagcgctc aggaatggtt taaaacagtt gtcatgtcaa cttgctgcag    157260
     taaacaaagc caagtccgtt atgcttactg cgccttcgcg ctctttttat tggcccactg    157320
     ctttagccct gaaatattag ctgtcaatca ctcagtaaat gccttctggc ttgggatgac    157380
     agagagctac taccgcaaaa aattgtaaag cgctgaagat gagaatgaag ataacactga    157440
     cagattttgt tttagaaaac catggcatct aaagttacaa ataatgacac ttcttactag    157500
     tgatcttgtg ctatatgtta atccaccatc tcttttcgaa gagtggataa aagacttcca    157560
     ttggcttcaa gtccgctatg aaaagtctgt gggaaggaat ttttaggtaa ctgtttgcca    157620
     catctagcac gagagcttct gtttaatcct tcatttaatc gccagatgct gtccgctgtg    157680
     caagtggcag ctatatgtca aatttaccac cacgtacacc atccatagca aacgggcttg    157740
     cactgagtaa actaacatct ctactcataa aaagaccggt attgctatta acaagacgta    157800
     tgcatataat aaggtacagt atatgtcaaa aacatccgtg caatatcaga cagcacccgt    157860
     gagaacagca cagttatatc gttaacagat taattcatgt caagcagtgt gtgtagggcc    157920
     ggtgagcgct ccatgtacct ttggtcactc agtaatgtta taaaaatcta ttttcttgtg    157980
     ataacttgat tttgataact tgaacttgat tcctcacgct tgcatatata tttttttgct    158040
     tgttagtttg attactgttg atttcaaatg caataaatat gtttgtataa aacttgtagt    158100
     aacggtaatt ataattggtg ggtacgacta aatttttggc ttttaaagtt aggagcacca    158160
     gtgtttccaa gcaaaaaggt tcatttcaag ccctgtatta gcgaagagaa aatgacacaa    158220
     atttataatt tcaccggctt ccgagtgacc cgaaggtccg ttctgaatgg atactaaaaa    158280
     aataaaaagg catcagacct catttttagc taagttaaga gaaatggcac tagttaacta    158340
     acgttttctt tcccaaacac acattttaga tgccatttat caaactcaag ttaatgaacc    158400
     gattctttga ctaaatttgc tctattttgc tcttcctatt gctcctttgc tctttttccc    158460
     ctctttcttt tgcttttttt tgctcttcct ttagctcttt tgctatttct tttgctctcc    158520
     tttttctcac tcttcccttg ctttttttgg ctcttctgct cttttttttt gcttttcctt    158580
     ttgcttattt ttggctgttc cttttgctct ttcttcgctc ttccttttgc tctttctttc    158640
     gctcttcctt ttgctctttt gctttctttt gctgttttgt ccctcttttt tgttcttaaa    158700
     ataaaagcat ttttgatatg cttttttttt gctctctttc gcccttcctt ttgctctttt    158760
     ttgctcttcc ttcactcttc cttttgctct cttttgctct tctgttcttt tttggctctt    158820
     ccttttgctc cttagctctg tcgctcttcc ttttgccttt ttgttgctct tccttatgct    158880
     cttctgttct tttgttgctc ttccttttgc tcttctgttc ttttttggct cttcctttag    158940
     caatttttcg ctcttccttt tgctcttttg ttgctcttcc ttttgttctg ttttgtctct    159000
     ttcttatgct catttgctct ttcttcgctc ttccttttgc tcttttgtcg ctcttccttt    159060
     tgctcttttg ttgctcttcc ttttgctctt ttgttctttt ttggctcttt cttatgctca    159120
     tttgcttttt cttcgctctt ccttttgctc ttttgtcgct cttccttttg ctcttttttg    159180
     tctctttctt atgctcattg gctctgtctt cgctcttcct tttgctcttt tgtcgctctt    159240
     ccttttgctc ttttttgtct ctttcttatg ctcatttgct ctgtcttcgc tcttcctttt    159300
     gctcttttgt cactcttcct tttgctcttt ttcgctcttc cttttgctct tttgttgctc    159360
     ttccttttgc tctttcttat gctcatttgc tctgtcttcg ctcttccttt tgctcttttg    159420
     tcgctcttcc ttttgctctt ttttcgctct tcctattgca cttttgcttt tccttttgct    159480
     ctttttttgc tcttcctttt gctcctctgc ttttttcgct gttcctttgg ctcgtttggt    159540
     ctttttttcg ctcttcttct ggatctttag ccctatcttt caatcttcct tttgcacttt    159600
     tgcacaagtg cagagcagtg gagtgatgac cttcacggcc aatcacagtc atttctgttg    159660
     agcactggtg aatactatgg catatcagct gtgtttaaga atgcgctcag tggtgcttaa    159720
     atgttagcga taaatgaagg ttttaaaaat ttcaatattg tgaaaacact tttacacaca    159780
     acactaggat gtgctacagt ggactgcatt gttctatctc ttaccaggtt acataggcag    159840
     ggaagcccca atggtattta cctggtgcca tgtactgaag tctaggagga cactaaagct    159900
     attaatctaa agagattatg atctagtttg aagcctaata tggttttaat tgattaaatt    159960
     aaacttaact gaattatatt aaagtgaagt ttacaccatc tgcattttga aatcatggca    160020
     acagctggag gtttgtagtc cacagcatgt tataactaag ctaaaggtat gtttttaatg    160080
     ctatgctttt attttgatat atccacattg acttttattt tgaaagctaa tcgtctctag    160140
     ttgttttaag gcctggccct gattgtgttc acctgttttg tgttagtgca caaattcctg    160200
     agtataaata ccattcatgt ttgcgtctcg tcttttttct gctgttgttt gtgtgctctg    160260
     gcttgctatt aaataaacct tttttctttt ttccacaaac tcagagaatt ttatttattt    160320
     atggttaaaa taaacgctct ttgattctcg ttgtgatctt gtccagacat accttgtaag    160380
     cctttgggga gatccattgt tttgaccaac tcttctgcta tgtcaaaggc attgaggcca    160440
     ctcaacttct tctcccaaaa gagctgtcga tgaaaatggc gatagcatca cgtcactatg    160500
     acaaaccaat aacagtatgt ttaaacaagc attttgatga gtgttacctg tcggggctgg    160560
     tcaatagcct tttgtgggtc tgttttaact ttattgctgg ggtggtttgt aacttttgta    160620
     acgggttgtt tgaagatgga ggccgtctgt cgtactggga gggatgtatt taagtcgggt    160680
     ttgccctgta aagagacaaa agacacttaa atgcactgat aaaaaactgg tttaagatgg    160740
     gaatcactga tatgttactg actgttgttg caggtaaacc agcttgacca gcagaacttg    160800
     actgaaattg ctttaattgg ttttaagtga agttttacaa actagttttg agaggagcat    160860
     atgatatgat tgatcacggc tggcctctca tccataatca gcaataatcc aattagattg    160920
     attcaagctt                                                           160930