EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX255970; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 158755 BP.
AC   BX255970;
DT   20-FEB-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 20)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-136G2 in linkage group 4 Contains
DE   three novel genes, the 5' end of a gene for a novel collagen protein, the
DE   gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate solute carrier family 12,
DE   (potassium-chloride transporter), the 5' end of the gene for a novel
DE   protein similar to vertebrate potassium voltage-gated channel subfamily H
DE   (eag-related) member 2 (KCNH2) and a CpG island.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-158755
RA   Dunn M.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; ea23dbbf67432e3303089add2ee95c38.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-136G2. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-136G2 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true left end of clone DKEY-201E17 is at 41957 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-136G2 is at 158755 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-136G2 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..158755
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="4"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-136G2"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..158755
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-136G2"
FT   mRNA            join(836..882,4803..4853,7092..7096,11651..11672,
FT                   11766..11823,14755..14871,15177..15254,15358..15471,
FT                   15805..15917,16987..17077,18279..18319,24154..24209)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-002"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF347331.1 Em:CF348408.1
FT                   Em:CK142922.1"
FT   mRNA            join(840..882,4803..4853,7092..7096,11079..11105,
FT                   11651..11672,11766..11823,14755..14871,15177..15254,
FT                   15358..15471,15805..15917,16987..17077,18279..>18312)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-004"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN504044.1"
FT   mRNA            join(848..882,4803..4853,7092..7096,11651..11672,
FT                   11766..11823,14755..14871,15177..15254,15358..15471,
FT                   15805..15917,16987..17077,18517..18554,24154..24411)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CF266249.1 Em:CK029104.1"
FT   mRNA            join(4806..4853,7092..7096,8006..8026,9552..9557,
FT                   9805..9825,9977..9997,10413..10430,10527..10550,
FT                   11079..11105,11651..11672,11766..11823,14755..14871,
FT                   15177..15254,15358..15471,15805..15917,16987..17077,
FT                   18517..18554,24154..24199)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-003"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN508154.1"
FT   CDS             join(4816..4853,7092..7096,11079..11105,11651..11672,
FT                   11766..11823,14755..14871,15177..15254,15358..15471,
FT                   15805..15917,16987..17077,18279..>18312)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007300"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027707"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF6"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11590.1"
FT                   NVLQTRINEQ"
FT   CDS             join(4816..4853,7092..7096,11651..11672,11766..11823,
FT                   14755..14871,15177..15254,15358..15471,15805..15917,
FT                   16987..17077,18517..18554,24154..24199)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007297"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O88346 Sw:Q7TNB2 Tr:Q75ZZ6
FT                   Tr:Q75ZZ6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027707"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11592.1"
FT                   HQSAKGRGKGKVGGRLR"
FT   CDS             join(4816..4853,7092..7096,11651..11672,11766..11823,
FT                   14755..14871,15177..15254,15358..15471,15805..15917,
FT                   16987..17077,18279..18319,24154..24199)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007298"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6ZUX4 Tr:Q7Z554 Tr:Q8CH03
FT                   Tr:Q8CH04 Tr:Q95MC6"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027707"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11593.1"
FT                   QQKFAKGRGKGKVGGRLR"
FT   CDS             join(4816..4853,7092..7096,8006..8026,9552..9557,
FT                   9805..9825,9977..9997,10413..10430,10527..10550,
FT                   11079..11105,11651..11672,11766..11823,14755..14871,
FT                   15177..15254,15358..15471,15805..15917,16987..17077,
FT                   18517..18554,24154..24199)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.1-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007299"
FT                   /product="novel slow skeletal troponin T family protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:O13096"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027707"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11591.1"
FT                   GRLR"
FT   mRNA            join(26061..26191,29447..29545,29700..29950)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK398525.1"
FT   mRNA            join(31521..31816,34657..34755,34931..35208)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(36670..36967,38896..38994,39172..39449)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(40910..41205,44175..44273,44451..44728)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.5-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   misc_feature    41957
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: DKEY-201E17"
FT   mRNA            join(46175..46468,48276..48374,48538..48815)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(50268..50561,53711..53809,53985..54262)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(55718..56015,57933..58031,58207..58484)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(59946..60241,69519..69617,69793..70066)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(72310..72568,72744..72842,75956..76229))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.10-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(80403..80659,80822..80920,82760..83055))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.11-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(84515..84792,84968..85066,86999..87290))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.12-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88755..89032,89208..89306,94423..94718))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.13-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(96180..96457,96633..96731,105047..105338))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.14-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(106799..107076,107252..107350,
FT                   109405..109700))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.15-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(111162..111439,111615..111716,
FT                   114332..114627))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.16-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(116086..116363,116539..116637,
FT                   119238..119533))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.17-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN174698.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(121102..121352,121519..121617))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.18-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK398525.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(124713)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(124713..125108,127105..127209,
FT                   127302..127384,128625..128720,128804..128858,
FT                   128946..129016,129783..129886,131076..131220,
FT                   132380..132491,133566..133636,133729..133752,
FT                   134716..134856,134990..135062,136534..136586,
FT                   136688..136792,136953..137021,138368..138488,
FT                   139901..140031,142932..143107))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.19-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:85809)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK685421.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC068394.1"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(124739..124744)
FT   CDS             complement(join(124988..125108,127105..127209,
FT                   127302..127384,128625..128720,128804..128858,
FT                   128946..129016,129783..129886,131076..131220,
FT                   132380..132491,133566..133636,133729..133752,
FT                   134716..134856,134990..135062,136534..136586,
FT                   136688..136792,136953..137021,138368..138488,
FT                   139901..140031,142932..143087))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.19-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007303"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:85809)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q6NUX4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001930"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012777"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014782"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015211"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016024"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF1"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11594.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<136656..136792,136953..137021,
FT                   138368..138488,139901..140031,142932..143087))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.19-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:85809)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BU744197.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<136656..136792,136953..137021,
FT                   138368..138488,139901..140031,142932..143087))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-136G2.19-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000007304"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:85809)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5RIF2"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001930"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014782"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q5RIF2"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11595.1"
FT   misc_feature    158755
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-136G2"
SQ   Sequence 158755 BP; 50677 A; 28684 C; 29002 G; 50392 T; 0 other;
     gaattctcta aatagcattt taatgtcgtt gacgaatcca caacttatta atgtgcatta        60
     tcagtcaaca ttgcggaagt atcagcataa atgttctttt caatgtattt tgattggctt       120
     gtattgtact tcagttgcta ttggatctag tgtctggaaa aaaacattca atataatata       180
     tacagttgaa gtcataatta tttgccctca tgtgcattta ttttaaaata tttcccaaat       240
     tatttataac agagcaagga attttttaca gtatttccta taatattttt ttttctccag       300
     gagaaagtct tatttgcttt atttcggcta gaataaaagc agtttttaat tttttaaagc       360
     attttaaggt caatactttt aaccctcttg agctatatgt gtttttttat tgtctacaaa       420
     acaaactact atgatacgac ctgcctaatc aaccaaaccc acctaattaa cccagttaca       480
     cctttaaatg tcactttaat actagtatat agaaaaaagt ctagtcaaat ataatgtact       540
     gtcatcatgg caaagataaa agaaatcagt tattaaaact attatgtgtg tttaggaaaa       600
     tcttctctcc attaaacata aattggggtc aaatatacag ggcagctaat aataattcaa       660
     gagggcttat aattctgact ttaaatatgt catatataaa ctacactgtc atgctccact       720
     ccctctaaca ataggctaag ctataacagc caatcaaagc acaccagtgt ggtcacctga       780
     tctggcaggt ctgtattagg tgagctttgg gttagtttga aactgtctgc tgcaccaacc       840
     atcaagataa gatccctctc tttctccttg agcagatctc aggtaagcgg ttttagtttt       900
     tcctattaaa tttcctctgc atgaaactgt gacctgaggc ctgaggatgg ctatatttca       960
     ttcctctgca tggcgtagtc aatgccgtca tcaatgcaat gctggtcctg ttcgccagag      1020
     ggactgctgg tttgcatgct ttgggttttt ctgctaatgc agcttaatgc agactatcaa      1080
     tggcaacatt cctgccactg atattccagc ctttcggatg gagcacgacc agcccttact      1140
     tattaaatgt aaaatgtgcg taattccaaa gtgagacggt taatctgctg caaagacttg      1200
     gtggattttt ttgaagaagc tttcattatc acaagcactg gatgtgaaat aaaccttcat      1260
     ccagcatgat ctctgtcaag agctgttagt ttgacaaacc acagcagcta ttgagtccaa      1320
     atgaaaccca tcatttcaaa tggacaacct tctgctgatt ttgcatgtgt ggtagtactt      1380
     aggagtttaa cactgtaatt gaaataaaag caagttgctg cagaagaact aatttacgtt      1440
     ttttcagctt acaaaacact gtaaagggtg atcaattact tgaagcaagc aaaccaactg      1500
     ccctaaaagc aacactttac ttaaataaag taactaaccc tattttaact tggaaatgtt      1560
     aagctgattg tagccccggc tggttcagtt ggcatttctg tgtggaattt cccctgggtg      1620
     ctccacagtc caaagacatg cgctataggt gaattggata aactaaattg gccgtagtgt      1680
     atgtgtgtga atgagtatgt gctgatgttt tccagtactg ggttgcggct ggaaggtaat      1740
     ccgttgcata aaacacgtgc tagataagtc gaggaatttt gctgcaatgt catatacaag      1800
     attcattatg aaactatttg gaacaaaata aagtttcaca aactagtttc gagaggagca      1860
     tgtgatatca ctgatttctg caatcaataa acctgtcaga tttattccaa attcacaatt      1920
     aatagccgta ataagtctcg ccttactccg ttatctttgt ttttaaagaa tcccccaacc      1980
     agcccttttc ctactttacc agggggagct ctcgagaact atctaatctt ggaccccctt      2040
     acatgctcat ggacctggcg ggagccttgg gctcagttct ctgcgtactc agggtttttt      2100
     ttcctggaca ccatgccaaa actgctatta atattaagca atatgaataa tatgttttac      2160
     cactttattc aacaataatg aagactcatt aggattatgt agactatatg tacatttttg      2220
     taattgaatt ggataaagta taaaaggtac acttgtaaaa atgttaaact tcttgctatc      2280
     cccttggtaa aacattgtgt tttaaaaaaa tattggcaaa gtataaagct ttaaagttgt      2340
     aatccatttt gtgttttgga ggcttaactg tgatcttaac attttttaac attcttaaac      2400
     ttttactaat attaatataa acttattttg taacataatt taggttatta ataaattaga      2460
     cattatttta tagatgcaac attgtaaaac tttttacctt aaattcacag taaaatactg      2520
     gctaactttc acagcaaaat actgtattgt atattcacag taaattacca aaagtaattt      2580
     aaaataaaag gacctttggt tttataaata aattactttt gtttctgttt attttgtttt      2640
     ggctaagcac aatgttacgt ttttttttat tattattatt attattttgt atttccagat      2700
     tattaaaaat tgaaatattg gtgcagtgca cccacaaatg aaaaattact ataacattca      2760
     tgcggtttca gatctaattt ttgaagatgt tggtaaccga attattttgg ggctgcaata      2820
     acattctgta aatatttata aatataaaaa agtgtctata atacactgta aaacacaaaa      2880
     agttaaggta actcaaacca tttgaggaaa ccgattgcaa caacaaacaa tttaagtcca      2940
     aaagctaatc ctaatgagta ctgtgaactt aatctatttc agtaaaggaa gcaatttgag      3000
     cacagtaaac cccgaataaa tgaagagaac tcaatcaaac tgagtactgt aaaactcaat      3060
     aagttaaggc aactcaaacc tatgaggaaa ctgattgcta caaaccattt gagtttaaaa      3120
     aatctatatg agttctgtga acttaatcca cttaagttga agtaatgagg tatttaatga      3180
     actcattacc ttcaacactg agttcaaaac tcttttcaaa tgagtagaaa taactttcag      3240
     tcgattttga gttaaccact gatttcattt gataaagctg actgttgagt tttacagtga      3300
     gtataaaagt tcatgtgtat tcatttctac gttgaataaa aaaaaaagtt tgaattcctt      3360
     tgactaacat gcaaaagata cagccatttt taaagtgctt tgttataatc atgctaccct      3420
     aatttcacaa taaaattctg gacacaacat attactgtga agttttacac ttgaatcctg      3480
     tagagtgata ctaatgtgat ttacagtgaa tatttacagt aacctagtga aattagggga      3540
     tttttaatga acttttggaa tatatgttgg tgtttctgct tttttattta atttatttag      3600
     ctttttttgt attttgtatt gacatatgga tgtaatttct gcaattcaat cttgatattg      3660
     ctttttaaaa agctgctttt acactgattg acatttcagt aaatgtcttc tataaataat      3720
     ggtcaaacac ttattaaaat acaactaaac ggcacacatt tcccagtaaa aagctaaata      3780
     aataaagctg tatcacactt tgttttgatt ctcgaaaaca cattttccat gctccagccc      3840
     tcatacattc tgacacgact gttcataatc ctggcgagct gcattaaact agacaagtct      3900
     ctatagtcag tgtgtgcagc ggaacaatgt cccgcacgaa caatgtgctt caaaaataga      3960
     tgacaaggcc actggcgctg tttatttact ccgagaatga ggaatgaacg gcaggcctgc      4020
     aggagcccag ccaagttcac tgtctggaaa agtgtggagc acctgttcaa atccaacgtt      4080
     tattacaggc taaagttaga cacctccgct cattcatcat gtttatagcg agctgattta      4140
     tttacaggac agctccttaa acactgtagt gaatatgaat ctgtgttacg gtccaacagt      4200
     gatgagtgtt tgtgtctgag atcagagtca cttgttgaag aagttaaaag atgatttgtt      4260
     gaccgatagt acagttgaag tcagaattat tgcatatttt ttccacaaat ttataacata      4320
     ctggtttaat aactggtttc ttttatcttc gccatgatga cagtacataa tattttacta      4380
     gatatttttc aagacacttc tatacagctt aaagtgacat ttaaaggctt aaccgggtta      4440
     attaggctgg ttagggtaat taggcaagcc attgtttgat gatggtttgt tctgtagaca      4500
     atcgcataac ttattgctta aaggggctac taatattgac cttaaaatgg tttaaaaaga      4560
     taaaaactac tttaattcta gccgaaataa aacaaataag actttctaca gaagaaaaaa      4620
     aatgttctag aagtactctg aaacatttct tgctccattt aacctcattt gggaaatatt      4680
     tgaaaaaatg aacaggataa ttttggcttt aactgtacat gctgaaataa gtggataatg      4740
     actgaattgt tcagatgcat gtataaagtc ccgttataac taaactgctt tgtttttatc      4800
     aggagtcaag tagtcatggc tgacacagaa gacgttgtgg aggaggaagt gcagtacgta      4860
     tgattgtttt gattcgttta taatctgaat aaaattctgc aaaatagaca tcttcactca      4920
     acaaattgct aatataattc acttttggct acaaagaaac aagtgttgtt aaggctgaat      4980
     ttgtaatttc ttaaaacagt ggttctcaat tccagtgctt gggccccccc gccctgcaca      5040
     ttttgtatgt ctctcttatt agacacacaa ggatcaattc atggatctct ctatgacttg      5100
     aacaagtttt gaatctattc agtttttttt tttttcttta tctggtagga ttactttaag      5160
     cttagcttag caaaatgaat tgaatcagat tagaccatta gcatttcatt taaaaaaatc      5220
     aaaaaaggtg gagtgttcct ttaagtcaga ggtgtgcaaa ctctgtccca gagggccggt      5280
     gttctggtga gattagctcc aacttgttgg ggggtggagg accactgtct tgaaggaaca      5340
     ctccaccttt tttttttttt ttttggaaaa actcatttta caagtctcct acggttaaac      5400
     agatgttgcg aacagttttt gaatccattc agtttttttt ttttttcttt atctggtagg      5460
     atcactttta gcttagctta gcaaaatgaa ttgaatcaga ttagaccatt agcatttcat      5520
     ttaaaaatca aaaaaggagg agtgttcctt taagtcagag gtgtccaaac tctgtcccag      5580
     agggccggtg tcttggtgag tttagctcca acttgcttca acatgcattg tatatccagt      5640
     aagagcttga ttcgctggtt caggtgtgtt tgattagggt ttgagcgaaa ctctcaagga      5700
     ccaagtgtgg acacccctgc tttaggtata ttacagtaat cttctgaaaa atccttttac      5760
     agttagatat tgtgagcttt ttagaaataa caaaaaaaaa ctgtctgata ttggatagtc      5820
     tgaatgtgga attagattag tgtatttaat ataatagtaa tagtatgtta gaataataat      5880
     aaatatttta gaaattgcag ctgtcaaatt ggcattgcat tgtgagatgc accattcttc      5940
     atgaacatat acttcataaa aagtataact aaaaagaaaa cactggaaaa gtaaaggaat      6000
     agcaagtaat attgaattaa ttactgaagt gtgaactaaa acaattaaaa aatgtaatga      6060
     actaatatta tgtaatatca tgatgttgtt tgattataca taactattag atttgatcaa      6120
     tatataaaat gttgacttat ttgcctagaa aaaatgccac attttcatac ttaaatattc      6180
     actttcagac aaaactttag tcattttcta gaaaattaaa attaaaatgc ttttatttgt      6240
     gattattaga tttgatggct ccagataaaa tgttgacctt tttgtctaga atagaaatat      6300
     gccacatttt atacttaaat attcactttc agacaaaact ttagtcattt tctaaataat      6360
     aaatgcttta aatgacaata tattttttgt aattattaga tgtaatggat ctaattaaaa      6420
     tgttgacttg tgttttttgc aaagaataaa aaaatgcctc catttttatc cttaaaaatt      6480
     cactttcaga caaagcgata gtcattttct agaaaaaaat gctttaaatg ataatatttt      6540
     tattagtaat tattagattt gatggatata gatacgttgt tgactgattg ttttgctcag      6600
     aataaaaaat atgccatgtt ttcatactta aatattcact tttagacaaa actttagtaa      6660
     ttttctagaa aataaaaagg ttttatatga caatgctttt atttgtgatt attaaatttg      6720
     atggctacgg ataaaatatt gtctctttta actagaataa aatatgccat gtttatattc      6780
     ttaaatattc actttcagac aaaacaattg tccttttcta tttaaaaata ctttaatttt      6840
     aatattttta ttagtaaatt ggaagaaatt ttctcagatc tttattaaaa ataaaacaaa      6900
     taatatcaat tcactcaaac ctatgcttga tatatataat gaaacatttt cttgtgaata      6960
     aaaactgtaa actcctctcc tatataataa gtaaagtact tcaataatct gttttattta      7020
     tagcattgaa gaatcggtgc aactaacgtt attttccatt atgtttattc ccctctgttt      7080
     gtgtgtaata gggaaggtaa gccagcctga aatcattacc tattggttac accttaccat      7140
     tagccatatt catacactaa ccattattta cccttcatgg aaatgtaaga tgattcagat      7200
     gaagttgtgc atgacgtctg ctattctaaa accaagctca tttcctatta aaattgctgt      7260
     tgtccatgtc cagtccgatt gagttaatta aataatgaat atacagttga agtcagaatt      7320
     ttgtaaaata tctgtaaaat ttctttttcc aatatttccc aaacgatgtt caacaaagca      7380
     gggatttttt tttcatagaa cttcctacaa tattttttct tctaaagaaa gtcttatttg      7440
     atttattctg gctagaagga aagcagatta tttatttttt aaaaccattt tatggtcaat      7500
     attaatattc ctcttaagca acatatttat taaaatatct aaatatataa tgactaaaat      7560
     atctagtcaa atattatgta ttgccatcat ggcagaaata aaagaaatca gatattagaa      7620
     atgagttatt aaaactatta tgtctaaaaa cgtgttaagg aaattgggga aaacatatat      7680
     aggagggcta aaatttctga tttcaactgc atgtgacatc gtttcatcta tgtttgtcct      7740
     ctccatgtcc gtttcttttt ctccgtcccc aataactgtc cataaatctc aaaatgtgat      7800
     tcaaacgatc acgtagaaat catattcagt tcctttaaca catcattcgg tccattacaa      7860
     atgactacat tacaagctgt tgggtggatc tcaatgttct gacaactgat gatctgtaga      7920
     cttgattgag catcttgatc atgcaaaata ttcctcttat gcttctgaat gtatttgcta      7980
     ctaatgcttg ttatgttcac tgtagtggag gaaaccgaag aggaaggtaa aactctgttc      8040
     agtgtgggtt gtgctgcttt ttaatgcatg catgctgtgc actttagcat taactcacaa      8100
     ttaagattca gttagctttg aatgttatta gatgagctaa gaactattag attagatcag      8160
     tgttgctcaa ccacgttcat agaggaccac caacactgca tgttttgtat gtcttctttg      8220
     tctgttacac ctaatgcagg tctttcagtc tctgctaatg agctgatgat ctgaatcagg      8280
     tgtgttgtgc aaagatgggc agagctggtg gtcttccagg aacgcggtta agaaacactg      8340
     gattaaatta tttaataatg catgaagatt ttttttctga gggtatgttt gcatgacact      8400
     gttttcaagt ataaaaacta aaattcttat gtgttttggg tgatcgttta aatggcaata      8460
     gtgagtttgg aggcctggaa atgccaatca ggttacaaag tgtaggattt tgaacatcta      8520
     tagcgttata ttctctattt gaagtatctc acttctgatt ttgtgcacaa ttttagtcat      8580
     cgtctttaat ctgcgagaca atgttgtcat ctgcatgcac tgtgaagaaa tttaatggca      8640
     aaaagtccta acaacaaatg tttagatgta actttaacct aatttaataa gttagttagg      8700
     tttcacctaa atagttttgt agctatacta agtttaacgt aatatcctcc tgagacccaa      8760
     cccgcccatt gacttgtgtc ctctgtaatg gacattgtgt tttcatgaat tttcttagaa      8820
     ttttttaagc tactctatca agtcctgttg ttgtgttcag aggacatcct gggctttcta      8880
     gtgatatgtc atttgattgg ctggcatgcc aggaaccact tctaacactg catccaaaat      8940
     ggccgacata caaaacaagc acattttatg ggaagcagag aggtatgttc ttttattttt      9000
     tgagttcggc tctctttcag actaaactgt ttcaggaaat tcaatacaaa aggaaaaaaa      9060
     atggcttttg tttagttttt ttcatataaa tactggatta atatcccttt acagccatat      9120
     actgtacagt tttgttgtct gagtttgccg gttgtttcga actaaaatag tcctgcggtc      9180
     cactacagtg gacatgctgt aaaataaaaa ataaaaccaa aatgtaaaaa ctctaaattg      9240
     tagaatgttt taacccaaag gatgcaggaa atcacagatg aaataaagaa aaaaattatt      9300
     tgggtctcag gaggatatat ttactcagat tgactgattg agactattag aaaagtaagc      9360
     aaactaaact agttaaggcg ggaagaattg ttttacaggg acaaatttga aaacaggtaa      9420
     acacgttcat gtaaacatac cctataatta atctataata attaaaacat gcctataaat      9480
     aattcattga tgtttatgtc attggtgtaa ttatttattt cttccttcct tccttactgc      9540
     tcctcctaaa gtggaaggta catttttaaa tatgctttcc aacaatccat tcattcattt      9600
     atatatttca tgttagtttg tttgtgtacc cattatgtga ttgtccattc attatcatag      9660
     tcatatagac taacgcattt tagctgtaaa aagtttgtcc ttttccaata acgtaaaaca      9720
     aaagctaatg cattattgtg gtattaaaaa tgtattcaat tacaattatt aactgtattc      9780
     gtattcataa tttctcttca atagtgccgc ctccaacaga ggaaggtaaa gcattaatct      9840
     gacttttact ttgtgctgat tttcagtcat tgacagtgaa agatgtggtt tttaaataag      9900
     aaattttcaa aactgattac tttaatacac agaaagcata atacacctaa tatttcatgt      9960
     tatatttcta tattagagcc agcccctgaa gtggaaggta atatttctta atataattac     10020
     tgaaaaattt agtaatcttt gtattagcta tctttaaaca tatgcatgag ataaaatacc     10080
     tgatatttaa gtgcttaaca ttttaacctg cattcaggca attgaatttc aattgaattt     10140
     ctagaaattc catgtttttc ttgttttgtt ttatcaaaaa atacactcaa aatgacatcc     10200
     tcaaaaaaaa gagctgaatt aacacaattc cagaggtttt tgagggggga aacttaattt     10260
     ttatgttcaa tttactttaa tttcttaaaa cggcatttgt tacattgcat ttctgtcagt     10320
     cctgaatgct aggttttagc atgttatgct acgttaacaa tttctcaagc tgcaattttg     10380
     acaaacaaac taatgtgctg ttcttatgct agagcctccg gaagtcgaag gtaaataatt     10440
     aatgtttttc tgaatattat ggttacagta tttacacctt acacaagtgt caataaacct     10500
     tcattcttta tctcatatct gaacagagga gccagaacca gaaccacaag gtaaagctcc     10560
     tcagcttaac attcattcat agattattat gagttatcac gatgatcttt tgtccatttt     10620
     ggcttatttt gctgtatgtg gaaggcttgt gttcttcttt atcgtctgtt attaaataat     10680
     agagaagcca aattatgttt acatcaatta taaactttaa atcttaacga ttaagttgta     10740
     caaaagctaa tcattttgat tttgtgacaa gcacaagtga attaaatcaa atgcaatgat     10800
     cctaatcaaa tgtgattgca atgattgtga acgctggagg acagaatctg tgtttatctg     10860
     tgaggttcgt atgtcatgat atatcaaata tcagcgaatg tctatggcat gtgtgatgat     10920
     tgagactgtc agaacattgg gtcatttagc tggacatttc ttttgaaatt aaaaccttta     10980
     tttcgtatta ttcctgaatg atcagcttca tcctaacagc ttagaaatgt gtctgagtga     11040
     ttagtgttaa tgagaattgt tatctgctcg tcaaacagaa gccccggttg cggaggaagt     11100
     cacaggtaac tcgccttaac tcgcattaaa gtgttaagtt cacccaaaaa gtgaaaattg     11160
     tgttattgat tactcactct gaatgccgtt ccaaacctct gagaccttca ttcgtcatca     11220
     gtagacattt taggtcaaat cggagagctc cctcatcctc catagacagc atagtcctga     11280
     ttgtatacat agataaacac aattaatctt tgtttaagtg gcaaacttta tcatgttttg     11340
     tgtttaagtg gtttaaaatc actgttcaat ttgactacag cagattcaca catgcatatt     11400
     ttgtgcagtc caacttcaaa tacgtgaaaa acatcctcaa aacagatctt atgccttcag     11460
     tggttcaatc gaaatagtat caagctatga gaatacttat atatgtgcag ataaaactca     11520
     aataattctt tattcgacag taattaatcg cataattacg tatttttggg tgaactaacc     11580
     ctttaatatg gcttaaatca ttctcattgt ctaattatta tcagctttta tgtatttttt     11640
     ttatcctcag atgagacaaa accaaagcca aagtatgtcc tgcatttata ttattgcttt     11700
     tcaaattaat tgcattattg tttgcatgtt ttcattatga aatctgtcct cgatgattat     11760
     tttagattca tgcccaatat ctcggctcca aagattcctg agggagataa agtggatttt     11820
     gatgtgagta atgtgatgtg agttttgatg tttggtgtta aaacacaccg ctatttgtgt     11880
     tttagttatg gaaggtgatt gaggtcaaaa gaaatgatga aatttgatca tgtcaacaca     11940
     caaatttgac catgtcagaa gaacatataa aaaaaatcaa cattaaattt ttgatttatc     12000
     attcatttac taaaatctac attgagcttt taggaaaaac agactaaaag actacatgaa     12060
     aactgtgttt ctttggattt aaaatttata tttttgttgt ggtgctttaa gtttaagaaa     12120
     agcacatcaa aaataaatta tactcaaaag ccaaacattc taaaaatatc caaatgtttt     12180
     agatatacat gataaatgta aactgtcacc atgtaacctc agtcatatgt ttgtattttg     12240
     tcccaagttg caaaactatt ggattacttt ctttaaaatt gtttctgata atctggaggt     12300
     caagttaggt gtttgctttt taatcgcagg atactgttgt cttggacttc cccacaaccc     12360
     ccctctattt cattgtggct caaagatttg gtatttttaa aacttgagaa aattaaatac     12420
     tatatcagag caaggggaga tcagtttttt ttttttaaag aggaaataat tgattgcatt     12480
     ctttaatgat ttaaaacctt agatgtggat cgaccgaagg tttatatagt ttgttattat     12540
     tatttttttc tgtatttgtg tttagtttat ttacaattat ttattattat ttatttattt     12600
     atttttattt tgagatgttg attgttttat ttggggattg ttttgttgtg gctagatagg     12660
     attgtatatg gtgtgtgggt tgctatgtaa aatgctattt gcaagaatgc aaattccatg     12720
     aaaaaaaaat gtattattaa ttttattgtt attattattt tagcaaagca tatttttgtt     12780
     ttattctgta aactactgat ttctttgatt tcatccaaac ttaaattttg aaacgaagtt     12840
     tgtttatata tatatatata tatatatata ggtcatgtgt gtggtgatag atagacagac     12900
     agacagacag atagagagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     12960
     agacagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     13020
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     13080
     agatagatag aaagacggac ggacggacag acagacaaac agacggacag acagacggat     13140
     aaataacaaa tcaaatgaca cctcatttat gcaaattgga cctactgttc aaaagataca     13200
     gccctttgag tctggaccaa tcagatccaa tattctaatg agggtgaaac ataatgaggg     13260
     tgaaactcgt attaacacac taacctacat gcatagaccc tcaaaccttc attctaaccc     13320
     taaaccctga cccaacctag cccaaaccaa cccctgaccc taaccccaag caaaccctta     13380
     acctaacact aactcatgta cattatcagg aataactgca cagacatgat tcaataaaga     13440
     agactgacaa tttagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     13500
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     13560
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatatataga tggatggatg gatggatgga     13620
     tggatggata gatttagata tacagataga tagatagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     13680
     gttgatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     13740
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     13800
     atagatagat agatatacag cttaaagtga catgtaaatt cttcaccagg ttaattaggt     13860
     taactaggca ggtcagggta attagtcaag ttattgtata acgatggttt gttctggaga     13920
     ccattgaaaa aatatatatt gcttatagga gataattagt gaccttataa ttaattttaa     13980
     aataattatt tatttaaaac tgcttttatt actgcccaaa taaaacaaat aagactttat     14040
     ccagaagaaa aaaacattat cagacatact gtgaacattc atttactctg ttaaaccata     14100
     gataataaca cagagaaaac cgcagtttag cgccccctgt catgtttgaa acggctaacg     14160
     tcattacaca ttttagccag ttcgaacaca gaccattatc accctaggta cactagaggg     14220
     cgcctcttca tctacgtatc tacaggtaaa tggcatcaat ttattccttt taggtgggaa     14280
     ataaaacatt aataatatgt gtaacgacat gattgacatt tatttgttgt ttaggttata     14340
     ggtcaaaggt catgtgtgtg tgatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     14400
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     14460
     agatatcctt aatacacaaa cacaacaaac acactttatt gaactgcagg ttaactatgt     14520
     ttatatataa ctttaactgg taaaggatat tagttactag ataattaggt aaagtttaca     14580
     gtaactaaat aagttatggt aactaataac gttagctttt ccgaatttga tggttatgca     14640
     ataatgtgca ccattttaaa gctggtttgg aacaataatt actgtgaaaa gcgctataca     14700
     aataaacttg aattgaattg aattgaactg atagtatgca tctgtgtgta acaggacatc     14760
     cacagaaagc gtcaggagaa ggatttatct gagcttcagt ctctgatcga ggctcatttc     14820
     atccagagga agaaagatga agaagaactg atcgcgctgg tcaacagaat cgtaagtcca     14880
     gcttaatctg ggaaaacact tacttttcag gaccctttgt gtgaagaacc atgtgtggtt     14940
     acttcactga cattgattgc aatataattt tacaaaagaa taaagtacaa aagaaaaggg     15000
     attttcccaa ttagcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgttc tccctgtgtt ggtgtgggtt     15060
     tcctccgggt gctccggttt cccccacagt ccaaaggcat gtggtatagg tgaatgggat     15120
     gaactaaagt gagtatttct gtcatggatt gtgatgtgtg tctctgtttt gtgcaggaga     15180
     agcggcgcgg cgagagggca gagcagcaga gaatccgtgc agagaaagag aaggagagac     15240
     aggcccgtct ggccgtgagt gacacttcct tcagccaata gcaagcagac attcttgtgg     15300
     gctagaagag aaatgacagg tcaatcaagt aaaacttctt tcatcacttc tccacaggaa     15360
     gaaaaagaga ggcgagagca agaggaacag aggaagaaac acgatgaaga tgccaagaag     15420
     aagaaggccc tcaccaacat gacacaccag tatggaggaa tccagcagaa ggtctgaatt     15480
     aagtagaaaa tcattgatat gcagctgaac tcaaaattat tagagctcct gtgacttact     15540
     ttttttgaaa tatttcccaa atgatgttta acagagcaag ggatttttca cagtatttcc     15600
     aataatgttt ttttcttcta gagaaagtct tctttgtttt atttgggcta gaataaaagc     15660
     agttcttaat tttttaaatc attttaaggt caatattatt agttccctta agcatttttt     15720
     tctcgagtgt ctacagaaca aaccatcatt aatgacttgc cttataaccc taccttgcct     15780
     aattaacttt tttctgtctt gtagggcgac ggccgcaaag gagcaaagaa acagacagag     15840
     agagagaaga agaagaagat cctggcggag agaaagaagc cactgaacat cgatcatctt     15900
     tctgaagata aactgaagta agtctcctca catcagctcc tcctattatt cagtgtgtgt     15960
     gcagttgaag tcagaataat tagcccacat aaatctttcc ccaatttatg tttaacggag     16020
     agcagatttt ttttcaacac atttagttga aaagccgaaa aaaacgatca ttttgtttga     16080
     aaaaacgatt tttaaacata atagttttaa taactaatct ctaataactg atttatatta     16140
     tcttttccat aattcaattc attttcaatt cagctttatt tgtgtagcgc ttttacaatg     16200
     tagattgtgt caaagcagct tcacataaat ggtcatagta actggatcag ggtagttcag     16260
     tattttagtg tttaagttca gttcagttta tctcagttca gtgtggttta ggatcattac     16320
     tgagagtcca aacactgaag gcaaattcat cgatgcgtag ctctaccgat cccaaaccat     16380
     gcaagctaga ggcgacagcg gagagggaaa aaaaacttca ccgataggcg agtgaagaaa     16440
     aaaaaccttg agagaaacca gactcagttg ggcacgacca ttttaatttc tccactggcc     16500
     aaaagtcctg tgcaaagctg cagcctcagc ggtggaggct ggaagctggc ctcagcgaag     16560
     actcgtctgt ccctggagcg tcactggaat aatgacagta cataacattt tactagataa     16620
     ttttttatac ttcatactag tattcagctt taagtgacat ttaaaggctt atctatgtta     16680
     attaggcaag tcgttgtatc aagatggttt gttctgtaga caattgaaaa aaatattcct     16740
     taggggaact aataatgttg accttaaaat ggctttttga aaagtaaaaa ctgcttttat     16800
     tcttgctaaa ataaaacaaa ttattctttc tccagaggaa aaaatattat aggaaatact     16860
     gtgaaaaact ccttgctctg ttaaacatta tttgggaaat attccaaaaa gaaattcacc     16920
     agagggctaa taattttgac ttcaactgtg aaagtgtctg atgaagcatc tgtctggatt     16980
     cgacagggag aaggccagtg aaatgtggca gtggatgatg cagctggagg ccgagaagtt     17040
     tgacctcagc gagaaactca agaggcagaa atatgatgta agtaccgaac gaaaaatcac     17100
     agaataatgt gtatagcgta tcagatctga atcacagtaa ttatctcctt ttttaatttc     17160
     cttttacatt ttttaagata caacaggcat gtgtatctta aatgtggtta ttacactaaa     17220
     agcaaaaggt taaagtaact caaaccattt gaggaaaccg attgcaacaa attatttaag     17280
     tactgtgaac ttgctccatt tgagtcacga agcaatttga gcacagtaaa gcccaataaa     17340
     tgaagagaac tcaaaccaac tgagtattgt aaaacccaat aagataagat aactcaaacc     17400
     atttgaggaa accaatcgct acaaactatt tgagttataa attcaatcta tgtgagtgct     17460
     gtgaacttac ttcatataag ttgaagtaat gagatattta atgaactcat taccttcaac     17520
     actgagttca aaactcttga caaattattt taattagata tttaaaacaa taaactagac     17580
     actttacatg gatttgatat gcgttcaatg cataataaat cacttttgtc aatttgactt     17640
     gacgcaggat gcttcaattc ggcccaaaca tgtgttttcc ttcaaaaaat ctgaataggg     17700
     tatatgtcga agtatgctta taggactttt aatttgtcat aaccttagtt aagagcttct     17760
     ggtgaactga atgccatagc aaaatctgtg catttaaggt ctgtttgctt taaaaatcag     17820
     cgacctccac tggctgagtg atatctgata taaagtgggt ctcagattgt acaagaagca     17880
     ctgctttaaa ttgcatttcc cctcaccatg tctttataat atgagccttt atttaacccc     17940
     agtatattca atggagcttc tacgctagtc tgccgattct gaggggcgcg tgcgagtaaa     18000
     tgctcctttg tctcgtttta tgcttgagca actaaatgaa tgccaaagtc tatttaactg     18060
     attgtatttt aatgacatta caacatccat gctgtaaaag gaatcatata aaatggaaaa     18120
     aactcacaat aacaggtcac tggaagttta ttagtacact agctcgacat accctattaa     18180
     gaaggtaaaa cagtttcata ttgagcccat agaataattc ccactgaaaa caggcctggt     18240
     ccatggcctg cctgtctaaa actgtgactt gcttccagat gaatgttctc cagacccgaa     18300
     tcaatgaaca acagaagttg taagtaactg ttgtgtagcc ttgctgtcag tacctgttgt     18360
     tggtcagatt tgtgtcgggt ctgggctctg gacgcctgca gctgaagcag gagactgtaa     18420
     atcaggcgat ggacgtctgc gcccctcagg tttccccccg tcctgctcat attgatattt     18480
     gtgcttagca aggcttccgt atgtgtccct ttacagatca ctcagcttct ggctcgagtc     18540
     cgagaccacc agaggtaagt accctgagcc acactggtca ctttcccctg ctttcaatca     18600
     ggtctggctt ggagggagga agtagaggga gggttaatgt aaaacagatt aaagtcggca     18660
     tgaaatccaa atgattcatt ggatttacta attattttta aggtaagtgg ttggaaacaa     18720
     ttatttaaac aagtaagtta agtttaacat tacatacatt taatttgttt gtttaaattc     18780
     agctccatat ttaattgttt gcaacaactt acaacttaaa aaaagttaaa ctattttttc     18840
     aatgtagtag tgcttgttat aaaaaaatag ggttgtctca gccagcaccc ttgtgagtgc     18900
     acttattagt cattttaaat gctgtctcaa ttgcaaaatt cttccagtgc actgatcatt     18960
     catgtccaga aaattccaac actgcaccgt taaaatcatg aagcattgat gcgcactatg     19020
     tccacttaat ggacgttctg aagtgtgaat atcataaacc aaatcgtcaa agatgacgac     19080
     aaccgagaga catttaccat catttattta tttttacatc taagaacaat ctagcaaaca     19140
     tttataagtg tttcgttata tgaaactaac taattattta gctatgatgt acttttaaaa     19200
     acttcgtaaa ataatatatg aaaaatatta cttctgctaa tattacacaa ccctttttaa     19260
     tttaatttgc catcatacaa tgtaattaat tatcctaacc tgtcctccct ccctcaaaat     19320
     gacttttctc tacttctggt cacatggaat gtctttagag tggggctatc attcatttag     19380
     ggcagagcta gcagtcatct ggggtagggc tatcagtaat gtagggcagg gatagcagta     19440
     atttggggcg gtgctattag ttatttaggg cgcggatagc agtaatttgg ggcaggactc     19500
     tcaattattt agggcggggc tatcagtaat caaggctctg gctatcagtc atctagggca     19560
     tatatagcag tcatttgggg cgggactctc aattatttag ggcggggcta tcagtaatct     19620
     aggctctggc tatcagtcat ctagggcata gatagcagta atttggggtg ggactctcag     19680
     ttatttagag cagggttatc agtaatctag agcgtggata tcagtcatct gctaatatta     19740
     catgacctat ttaatttaat ttgatttaaa tatttaatca aacatcataa cctgtcctcc     19800
     ctccctcgaa atgaattttc ttcacttcct gtcacatgga atgtctttag gacggagcta     19860
     taattcattt agggcagagc tagcagtcat ttggggcggg gctatcagta atacagggtg     19920
     ggactatcag ttattcagac cagcactatc agtaatctag ggcatagcta tcagtcatct     19980
     aggacaggga tagcagtaat ttggggtggg gctatcaatt atttagggcg gggctatcag     20040
     tcatctagga caggaatagc agtcatttgg ggtggggcta tcagtcatct aagacaggaa     20100
     tagcagtaat ttggggtggg gctattagtt attttggaca gggctatcag tcatctagaa     20160
     cagagatagc agtaatgtag ggcagggcta tcagtaatgt agggcggggc tatcaataat     20220
     ttagagctgg gctatcagta atctagggca tggctattcg tcatctagga taaggatagc     20280
     agtaatttgg ggcggggcta tcagtcatct atgggctggg atagcagtaa tttggggcgg     20340
     ggctatcagt catctatggg ctgggatagc agtaatttgg ggcgggttag tcatcattta     20400
     gggcggggct atttgtgcgt gttgatagca tcttccaatg gttcaatcag ttcccaaaga     20460
     tccaaattat tcattgccct acgttttttc tcatttcata actgtttcaa ttagatgtac     20520
     atcatgatat cagaaaactt gacttcattt catgccaact ttaagatgaa gctgttttgg     20580
     ggtgatctgc tgaacagacc ctgctccttt ctgattctag acctgatgaa agcatataat     20640
     cttgacagga gcgagctagg agcatgtggt cagctcaatc ctcggtcaaa cggggaaacg     20700
     tttaggattt tgacactcga tcctaataga accagtttaa gtggctcctt ctttgctctc     20760
     accaacacaa aatacttgag ttttgttgta aacacaatca tatctgcaga taaatatgaa     20820
     ctgaatttgg ggaggatgtt tttaaagtgc ccctattatg ctgttaagtt tctcgtttag     20880
     tttcagaggt cttttacaac gatttacatt cctccaaaat aaattgtata ttttgtcatt     20940
     gtatatgtta gaatcacggt gataaaatgt ttcattttta ttgatttaat ctctctaaac     21000
     atgtctttct aaaagtctgc tatgctctgc tcggttagat agccccatac tccgctctga     21060
     gtggtcatgt aaaccaattt tgattggttg gttggtcata tggttttgat tggtctttga     21120
     ttgggtttga ttggtcagat gcctctactt tgctcagatt ggttagatgc ctttattatg     21180
     attggtcagt tagccctgct ctgctcccgt tggtcagata ccacttttct gattggtcag     21240
     ttgaccttac tctgctctga ttggtcaggt acctctagac tgattggtca aatggcccta     21300
     ctatgctctg attggtcaca tacctctata ctaattggtc agagggccct actctgctct     21360
     gcatggtcag gtacttctac actgagtggt gagatggccc cactctgctc tgcatggtca     21420
     ggtacctaca ctgattggtc agatgggcct actttgctct gattgatctg gtacctctac     21480
     actgattggt cggatgaccc tactatgctc tggttggtca cttacctcta cactgattgc     21540
     tcagaaggcc ctacaatgct ctgattggtc acgtacctct acactgattg gtcagatggc     21600
     tctactatgc tctgataggt catgtgcctc tacactgatt gctcagaagg ccctacaatg     21660
     ctctgattgg tcacgtacct ctatactgat tggtcagatg gctctactat gctctgatag     21720
     gtcacatgcc tctacactga ttgctcagaa ggccctacaa tgctctgatt ggtcacgtac     21780
     ctctacactg attggtcaga tggctctact atgctctgat aggtcacgta cctctagact     21840
     aattgctcag aaggccctac tttgccgtaa ttggtcaggt acctctacgc tgatggccct     21900
     actttgctct gattggccag gtacgtctac actgattggt cagatggccc tactcagctc     21960
     tgattggtca gatgacccag tatgttatga gtggttgact acttacacta tttgccagaa     22020
     gccaaacact tattagcaca tctgaattgc agtaaacatt agttattccg acagtaacta     22080
     tatcagaaca gtaactatat ctatacttat ttaagtcctc atcatttaga cgtgcatgta     22140
     aattagattt acttctgcaa accaaactct tccagtgtca tctacaacta cagtcattca     22200
     tgatcactta cacattgtgt acatattccc aatgaaatcc acagactgac attatgccca     22260
     tctgattaaa gccagcatag aattttgctg taataagact ggaattacca acaacttaca     22320
     cccggcagtt cttgcagtct tttaatagtt caatctgttg tgaacttgat cttggaaact     22380
     gtgcagagcg tttactttca caaacagcta cttttacaca ctacatgaca atcaatatct     22440
     taaaaagcat aataagggca ctgaaaataa attgattggt cataaatgag agagactccc     22500
     actgaaacgg taagttcata ataaatattt cgctcctgga aatggaatct gtaggctgac     22560
     tgaagagggt aagaaacaca taaggacaaa acaagactgc agcatggatt gtgtgtgaat     22620
     gagtgctgcg tttacgtgca tgcgtctcta acaacagact ttttttattc agcgttctgc     22680
     catttttgta gaatagtcaa aactacacta cacatgtagt ctcaggtttt attacatgtt     22740
     tgttgtcagt gtcgatgaat tttacatttc attctgatgt actgaatttt ggctgaatca     22800
     tttcttgatt taattttgga gttttcatgt tacaattaag ctttagtgca tgaacagatc     22860
     tctcttctca gaataaaaca agtgagcaat aaataaagaa atgcccaatc aacatatctt     22920
     atatttgtga ggggaaacaa ttatattaaa gtaaaaaaag tggaaggtgg aatgtcaaaa     22980
     atgtaagatc gtagattatt tatctgagcg tataacctaa ttattcaatt cttgacagca     23040
     caaaaatctt aagtcttaaa tatattatta aatatgaact atttagctaa tttattttca     23100
     cattgtaaat acacgacttg tatttgaggt gaaacaatcg tattaaaaca agaaatgcaa     23160
     ggtgaatgta ggaaatgtaa ggtaatggat tatttatctg agcatttagc ctaattatac     23220
     aattcttgac agcacaacaa ccccagtgtt atagaaatta ttaaatatga aacatttagc     23280
     taatttactt ccacactgtg aacatatgat aaatatttga ggtgaaacag attaaaattg     23340
     gaaacgtatg gtgaaatgaa agaaatgtaa aatcgtagac tatttatctt agcgtaaagc     23400
     ctaattatta cattttaatg gcacaacaac cccagtatta aatgtatcat taaacatgac     23460
     atttttagct aatttacttt cacattgtga atatttgact aacatttcag atgaaaaatt     23520
     atataaaatt aagaaatgta aagtgaaatg tgagaaatat aaggtaatgg attatttatc     23580
     tgagcattta gcctaattat acaattattg acagcacagc aaccccagtg ttatagaaat     23640
     gattaaatat gagatgttta gctaatttac ttccacactg tgaatatatg ataaatattt     23700
     gaggtgaaac agtcagatta aaattggaaa cttatggtaa aatgtaagaa atgtaagatg     23760
     gtagactatt tatctgagcg tatagcctaa ttatttaatt tttgacagca caacaaccca     23820
     aaaaaaagca attcaaaagc acaaatatat ggagaaaaac aaaaacatga atcactaaat     23880
     ccacaaaacc atgattttct tacagtgcga ggttgttgtt gttgtattgt gaatattaat     23940
     tatgctcaga taaatcgtct gcggtcaggt ctgcaatgga gaatcatcaa tactgatctg     24000
     cattagcatt ctaattagta taattgaaat cattttaata gctcttctca tattccagtc     24060
     atttattaga tctgaacgga tcagttattt tctcaattgt cgtgatgtgc agccaaataa     24120
     aacaacttga taattatttt tctccctccg cagtgccaaa ggtcgtggca agggcaaggt     24180
     tggcggcagg ctgaggtaaa cgcacggcgg atccaggagc tccagagatc cagaagactt     24240
     tatctgcttc atcacataca gttgaagtca gagttattag ccctcctgaa ttatttcctt     24300
     cccccctgta tatttttgat ttgccccaat ttctgtttaa cagagagatt ttatttttaa     24360
     acataatagt tttaataact tatttctgat aactggtttc ttttatctgt gctatgatga     24420
     cggtacataa tatttgacta gatgttttaa aagatactag tattcagctt caagtgacat     24480
     ttaaaggctt aactaggcta attaggcaag tcgttattta atgatggttt gttctgtaga     24540
     tggtcgaaaa caaatattgc ttaaggggct aataatattg accttaaaat ggtttcgaaa     24600
     actgctttta ttcaagccaa aataaggcaa ataagacatt ctccaggaga aaaaatatta     24660
     taggaaatac tatgaaaaat gtcttgctcc attaaacatc atttgggaaa tatttggaaa     24720
     agacaaagca caggtgggcg aataatttcg acttcaactg tatgcagatg tggtcatgac     24780
     agacgcatcg ctctgcttta ctgcactatg gagacagaaa agtcgcatac tctctactga     24840
     tgtcgtgtat ttctgcttgt tatgcacaag tattctgcag tcctctctat attgagcact     24900
     cgttttattc ctgcaacatt aaaagagtca gattgtctac aaagtgtcct ggtttctcaa     24960
     gttacttgtt aagtataaat caaaacaatg tgaatttttt gtcttttaca gtacttttgt     25020
     attaaagtaa tgtttgtatg tcttttatta gctcccaaac agtgctttaa tatatacaac     25080
     attaatgtga aatgcaatta atattgtaat ttacacttta aattaaattg atttgtattt     25140
     ttttttttaa atatgcagca tttaaaacag gaaatattta aataatatga atccacaaag     25200
     tcatatgaca ttattacctg gtattattaa ataatattga ataatttata ctaaacaaaa     25260
     tcatttttat gtatttaaat gcattatcag ccatattttt taataataat aagtaaataa     25320
     atgctaaatc atttttattt atttaaatgc attatcagcc atattttctg aataataata     25380
     agtaaataaa tgcaaaatca tttttgtaat gtatagaata tttaatttat ttacttaatt     25440
     aaatagtcaa tgcattaatt tattaatttt agccagatca cgggcaaagc atgtggaata     25500
     attgaatgtg tagtatagta ttagtataga tataagccaa tcatttaatt atttaggatc     25560
     ataaaccatt tttttattat attaaagtcg ttccttcatt taccttcacc acagcagaat     25620
     gaaccgccaa ctactctggc atatgtttta cacattccct attatagtaa attaatttaa     25680
     aaaataaaaa ataaaaataa gcagtagtgt aattcacaca cttcaccaca tgatggcgat     25740
     cagagaagtt cctctatttc agtcaatgga aaaataaact gcattagtgt aatacacaca     25800
     cttgaccaca tgatggcgat cagaaaagtt tctctgtttc agtcaatgga aaaacaagca     25860
     tcaatagtgt aattcacaca actcaccaca tgatggcgat ctgaaaagat cctccatatc     25920
     agtcaatgga aaaacatcgg cagtgtaatt caaataattc accacaggag ggcagcaaac     25980
     aggctcagtt ttgcctccgc tccactagac gggggaagag ggtttcaatg acaacaacaa     26040
     caacaacaac aacaacaaca acatggggct cgatgacaga cgcaacaaca cgtgcagatt     26100
     gtttttaata cagttcctgc aaatgacagc tatcaaaatc actcataaca tgcagtggat     26160
     gcaaagacaa tgcagctgtc aagcaccacc ggtaagtaac tttaagctta aagagaattt     26220
     ctgttgggtg aaatgagcaa cactggtcag ttcctaacct tataagtttg tttttattcg     26280
     tcgatctgat gatgatcatg ttaatattga ggtagggctg gttttatatt cgcacattca     26340
     ttcagtgaca gcttgtggca tgctccctac actgtttact gcttgttttg cttgatattg     26400
     tttattgttt accatggtac ttttaatagt cggcctgaaa tcatgtaaat atgacttcaa     26460
     aacaacatta gcactattta tctgacctta aacaatgttg tactttgtta atcattggct     26520
     gctaatatga tttcactact tggaaaatga aattatctat attattaggt ggaaagtcag     26580
     aatgtgtgaa tgcattaagc taaagttggt tttatattca cacattcctt cagggacaac     26640
     ttccgacatg ctccatgtat tgtttaccat agaggtaatt ttggttttat attcggatat     26700
     tcagacattc tacttaataa tacaatttca gaaaagtatt ctttgcatat tccaaatagg     26760
     gaaatcatat tagccgcaaa tgaccatcaa agtacagcat tgttcacagt gagttagtgt     26820
     taatgttgtt tgaaagtcat aatcgcatgc taattcctat tgaatattca aagtagcata     26880
     gtaaacaata tagagactgc taaataaatg aatgtgtgaa tataaaacca actttacctc     26940
     aatttgtagt ctgaaatcac atgtaaatat gacttcaaaa caacattagc actatttatt     27000
     tgaccttaaa caatgttgta ctttgatgac cattggctgc taatatgatt tcactatttg     27060
     aaaaatgaaa ttattaatat tgttaatcaa tatataagtt ttaaatatat aacttcactg     27120
     acaacttccg acattctcca aatattgttt accatgatac tgtgaatatt cggtctgaaa     27180
     tcacatgtaa ataggacttc aaaacaacat tggcactatt tatttgacgg taaaacgatg     27240
     ttgtacttta aaattcattg cctgctaata agattttaat atttggaact tgcaaagaat     27300
     gatacatctg gcatgcaaag aggcatatat cagcactaaa ccttcaccac gcattcaatt     27360
     attccatttg cttagccgtt gattatctgg ctaaattaaa taaactaatg aactaattta     27420
     ttaattatta agtaaattaa gtataaatat attctataaa ttttcccaga gatgggttgc     27480
     ggctggaagg ggcatccgct gcgtaaaaac ttgctggata ggttggcggt tcattccgct     27540
     gtggcgaccc cggattaata aagggactaa gccgacaaga aaataaatga atgaatgaat     27600
     gaatgaatga atgaatattc tataaattac aaaaaaaagt taatttaact tagttggttt     27660
     tatattcgca cattccttta gaggcaactt gtgttatgct ccatatactg ttgaccatgg     27720
     taataaatac aaataaatta acaaatgtac taattattaa gtaaattaat tataaatgtc     27780
     ttctataaat tttaaaaaat aaagttaatt taaatgattt tgcatttatt tatgtattat     27840
     tatgtagaaa taattactga tgatgcatat gaataaatac atgattttgt gtggtagaaa     27900
     gtattcaata ttatataata atacaagcca ataatgtcat gttactttat tacattaata     27960
     ttatataaat atttactgtt tttttaaatg ctgcatattc ctaaaaaaat ctatttaacg     28020
     taaagtttaa attaaaattt taattgcatt tcacatgaat gtagtttata ttaaagtacg     28080
     tatagaagta ttaaagttaa aggttactgt agacttggtt tcatttacaa attcatctat     28140
     agttattgtg tattatttat attgatcata aaccgttatc tgaaataaaa ctttgtcata     28200
     ttataaagta caataatacg caagacatat gcttgtgttt ttttactgcc gttgtggtaa     28260
     tcttactgtc gatattataa tctagtagac tgatgtttgt ttaaatttgt tgtcagttct     28320
     gtgaagctct gatttttttt ttatttataa gtgtatgtca ttgtttataa attaattgtt     28380
     atatataact gattctttca atactaattg gggttaaggg tatgtttatt tacagataca     28440
     agcaaagtgg acagtacaac tagacagata cggggtatat cccaaagtat gctaatagga     28500
     cttttaattt gccagtaacc tgagttaagt gcttccagtg aactgaatgt catcgcaaaa     28560
     tctgtgcgtt taaggtctgt tttctttaaa aagtcagcga tctccactgg ctgagtgata     28620
     tctgatataa agtgggtctc aggttgcaca agaggcactg ctttaaatta cattttcccc     28680
     accatgtctt taaaataaga gcatttgttt taccacagta tattcaatgg agcttctgca     28740
     ctagcctgcc gattctgagg ggcgcgtgcg agtaaacagc tttatgtctt gtgttacgct     28800
     tgagcaacta aatgcatgcc aaagtctatt taactgattg tattttaatg acattacaac     28860
     atccatgctg taaaaggagt cgtataaaat ggaaaaaact cacaataaca ggtcgccgga     28920
     agtttatcag cattagaaca ctagctcagc ttttacccta ttggatgtaa tgatagctaa     28980
     ttatctacag gtgaaacttc taacttgttt gtgtgttttg tcatttacca aacatttcgg     29040
     ttaccatcat tgtctttatg gagggtcact tctctatttg tataactgtc tattgttaga     29100
     caaactatgc aatatgtgtc aatagagatt tgcaatggtg taattcacca aaatctccac     29160
     atgagggtga tagtttgaat ttcattattt taaattggca gcggtgcagt tcacaacaat     29220
     caccacagga gggcgaatat taattatatt ttaatttata tagtaattaa atacataagt     29280
     ttttgtataa attaaattca ttatatttgc aaaagtgtag ttcagagaaa cctccacagg     29340
     agggcgcata atttgataca tatgtatatt tgtatatttg tctattgtta gatcagatat     29400
     tcagtgtgtg tgtaataatg tgtttgtttg tgtgtcgact ctacaggatc agtgaagtgt     29460
     tgtggactgt aagtctgttg aacagaagca gagacgagtg gacagacact gactgtactg     29520
     atgatgatca tctgctgctg cacaggtgat gtagatcatg tgttgtctta ccctaattac     29580
     gttggttacc atcagttact ttgtggaggg tcactcctct agaaagcaaa tgatggtaaa     29640
     cgaaacaggt gaggaaggtt caaagatttt cattacatat acattttatt tttttccagc     29700
     agtaatgaag tataacccct gctggacatg gctccggaag ctccaggggg agaccgaact     29760
     gggatcccca cctctccagg cacaactcac tcactgtgca ctcatattgc aaagatccgg     29820
     ctgggatcga tccagcaacc tttaaagtca tagagcagcg atcttaccac agagccactg     29880
     atctcctgtc tggatgcctg ctggaattta tgtcactgct gacctgtttc aataaaacaa     29940
     tatataagtc agaattgaac tcttgtcttt atgagtctct tcctcagaga acttgtgttt     30000
     attcactcat ccacttaatt tcaccttact gttcataagt tgagtgtctg tgttgtatga     30060
     aaacactgta acgtcagcat tgaggttgat agaagtggga tttaaaccca tgactccatc     30120
     tcagcaacac tgtgactttc tactttaaag tctagtgatc atgagctctt ggtgaataaa     30180
     atgaactcag ctgaatatta gtcatagtga ggtttgaacc cgggtctcct tgtttgaggc     30240
     tccacacttt aggacttgag ccactgagtc tagacagtga agtaagtatc tgaatggggc     30300
     tttatcacga atttcaccac gaccaaggtt tggcaaattt ctttgtaatt tggcccacgg     30360
     aaaacccatc aacaaatgtc aaacccagtg gctcagtgga tgagcgttcg actgccatac     30420
     agatgaatga aggatcgtat cccgcatctc tctttatgag tctcttcctc agagaacttg     30480
     tggtttaatc actcatcttt gggttcacat actgctctgt ttgaactgtt cggatgctgt     30540
     tgatgaacat aatgatgtca agatggacac cagccaaagt gaggtttgaa cccgggtctc     30600
     tttgattaaa gatcaacact ttatgaactg agccactgag tccagacaga taacttgtgt     30660
     cagaatgagg ctttatcact gttttcatca tgaccaaagt atgacaaatg tttctttcta     30720
     atttggctca caaaacaacc atcaccagat gtcaagccac atggctcagt ggatgagcct     30780
     tagactgcca tacaggagac atgggttcta acccaactat tgcttacttt actgtcactt     30840
     gctgggattc agtcagacaa agaggcccaa ggagcatgaa agccatgatg ggctagtgga     30900
     tgaacatatg gttgcggagg acaaggttac ggcagaggcc tgggtacgaa acccacctcg     30960
     atgtgtggct cacaccaacg aaagtacaaa tagcaaggaa attacgaggc gggggaacac     31020
     aaacattaca atactttgtt tttttctgat tatctcagca gtaaaaagca gcagcagttc     31080
     ttggatttga acccaggtgt gctgtgacag cttcagatgt catgatgtgt gctctgacca     31140
     ctacaccatc accacacaca taaacccaca tttctttctc caatgggagg ataaccacat     31200
     tctacacatt ttgaaaaaaa aaattaaata aacacaaata attcatatca aatgtaaatt     31260
     attttaaata aatgtaaact gcatcatatg cgaatatatt attatatttc actattcaaa     31320
     atgtggaaaa catgcttatt cttcaattag acacatgaac atgtttcaaa ttatcttaca     31380
     gctgcttgtg gggctttaaa tgtcactaaa cacaattaaa cactggaaaa tatcatcatt     31440
     tacttctaaa gtctcctcat actgtactga tgactctaca ccaaatctgg ccaatcacat     31500
     gctctccaca gaaagtccct cccccaacaa acacgcgaca gagcagcagc acaacaaaca     31560
     cactttctgg actctctact ggaaatatga gctcataaat acctttcctg gagctgtgaa     31620
     tccgcctgga tgtggaggag cgtgtggagg agcgtcagct gttgagcgca gctcaaagat     31680
     ctgcagcaga aacacaacag acacacgtgt gtatcttcac tgctgcagag gagagagaga     31740
     gagagagcaa tgactgaaca caaacactac aacaacatca ctacaaacta aaccaacgaa     31800
     gcaaagtccc ttacaggtga gtcgcgttac tctccatttc tgcacttggt gtggcttttc     31860
     ttcgctgtcg ggctgtaata tctgctgttg actgacatta tgagtctgtc actgagctgt     31920
     catctgctac tggagctcaa cttgacgcca gtaaaacggt gtacctgtgc tgatctggtg     31980
     ttgctgttgt caaaggtgtt caggctaaaa gagcagctcg ctgattccgc ctagtggagc     32040
     gaatgggatc tgcgctttaa agcgcacccc taaccccacc cctcacaatg acgtaactag     32100
     ctccattgag tgcagcgtct gacattgtaa gtctaatata tgcagtctca gtttgcaaat     32160
     ccaagtctgc atgcagatac tattggagaa agactgacca aatctgcctc ttgcagaatt     32220
     cacaagattt tttacatcca ctcattgcgt tttcattcag caacagaaat actcataatt     32280
     taaaacttat tgaacggctt aatacaattt aggattaaaa ataaagcagc cagtcatctt     32340
     tataaggcat ttagtgaagg aaatgtgttc gtatttttgt tggtaaaatt atcatttgtg     32400
     tctgcgtcaa ttaaatctgt aagcaatgaa aacattctgc atccccaata taagagctca     32460
     tcaaacaagt tctgtgtgtc tttattgatg agtggcgcat taattaccta caggctaata     32520
     ttcaggtttc acattacatt cgtattggtt tgatatttcc acattgttaa tcaagcattt     32580
     gtgctgaagt tcaatataaa gtgagcacaa ataatgaccc atgaatgatt agatgattga     32640
     gtatatgctt taataattat tttgacattg ttaggaggga aatgaacagt tgagaccaaa     32700
     acgactgctg tgtcagatca agagaagact ctgagccgca gattcaatga aattaaaata     32760
     atttactgga gatagtttgt cgttctgtgg caggagggct tcacactggc attgagttcg     32820
     ctggtggatc tccctgcctt acagtaagac agaaaatctc tcctgcatac aaaaaaaatt     32880
     actttacaga gaatttaaac ataaaataga aaaactcagg aatcagttgt tttaatccac     32940
     caggaatcca gttcccctcg agagctctcc atgacctctg acctggcttg gtagatgggc     33000
     cattcttcaa ctacgggcac ttttagcctt gtgaagttga gtaaaaaaaa cttgttcaaa     33060
     attaacgtaa catagcctca taagtttaaa cactttgtct agtttgaaga tctgtaagag     33120
     gacaaactca gataagaaga gaaacatttt ctccatcgtg aactgaacaa atgtcaattc     33180
     cagcacatct caatatacag cttatatttc taaatgacat aaatgatggc agtcaaacat     33240
     tgtctaacat catttttgtt tctagtttaa ccaaatattt ccacaatatc gataataatt     33300
     atacatttgt cagtgaaata aattagttgt gtgctgaatt gtacacctgt cacactctaa     33360
     aacttaatat taatttggtt aagagcttat tagaaaataa ataaactgaa tttgtaaatt     33420
     aaatagagcg tgaactcata cattgtgaaa acactttatt gtgtgatgag aaccttttaa     33480
     atgtttttaa taatgtgtgt ggtgatggaa atgacatttc aacagtttat tgtgaaaata     33540
     atgaaaaata gcttcaccga ttagctttga attgatacaa gcctttcata tatacaaaac     33600
     actcttattt accctcattt tgttttggtt ttacattttt aagtaggttt tattgttagt     33660
     ttgacaaaga aagaagaatt tgaacaaaat tatatatatg tttggatatt tgatcaaagg     33720
     acataaaagt gctcgtagtt gaagaattac ccagatcctg aaaatagaga tttgacagac     33780
     acagacgctt cagctgaaca catcactaca ttaggtcatg tttaacttca gtcactgatc     33840
     aaaatcatgt caaagattaa aaactgatta gaataatcat aataataaag tcaacaagaa     33900
     cagattttga tccttcctga aacagatgaa gacagaaaac gactcgcttc aacaggaagc     33960
     agaactgtgc tcacgatgac ctcagtttac tcaagcctct ctgtcatttg aagatctcca     34020
     taaaaactgt gtgatattta gcatttgatg ataagactct atttaataat aattactttt     34080
     tagtttaaac ctcaagactt tctgcttcct tttacacaat aaaatgtttc tggttgtcag     34140
     catcagtgga ggaaaataca cataactaca gctgcgccac aggaaggtga aatctcagtg     34200
     ctttacattt gctgtgctga agttcagaaa aaacatcagc acaatctttc aaatcaactg     34260
     aactgcaaag gtgtaattca gaaatatctc cacaggaggg cgacatgttt aaattcacac     34320
     tattagatat gcactggtgt cattcaccaa aatcaccaca cgagggcgaa cattttaaat     34380
     tcatcaagtt cgcagtggtg taattcagaa atatctccac aggagggaga aacctttatt     34440
     attttagagc ggcagcagtg cagtccacaa aaatccccac aagagggcga atattttaaa     34500
     ttcagtagat tcaagatttg caaaagtgta gttcagagaa atctccacag gagggcgcaa     34560
     tacttgatac atatgtaata tttgtctatt tgtctattgt tagatcagat attcagtgtg     34620
     tgtaataatg tgttgatttg tgtgtcgact ctacaggatc agtgaagtgt tgtggactgt     34680
     aagtctgttg aacagaagca gagacgagtg gacagacact gactgtactg atgatgatca     34740
     tctgctgctg cacaggtgat gtagatcatg tgtgtgattg gttgtgtgtg tgtctgttcc     34800
     acatgtcggt taccatcatt tgctttgtgg agggtcactc ctctacaaag taaatgatgg     34860
     taaccgaaac gggtggggaa gggacgaagg tccagaattt ttatacagtt cattttaaat     34920
     tttttgcagg gctgtaaagt ataacccctg ctggacacgg ctccggaagc tccaggggga     34980
     gaccgaactg gtatcccccc ttcttcaggc gcgcctcaca ctcactcacc attcactcat     35040
     atcgcagagt tctggctggc cttgaaccag caacccctga agccatgggg cagtgctctt     35100
     accacagagc cacagatctc catgtctgaa cacttgctgg aactgatgtt ggactgctga     35160
     cctgtgtgtg agctgattca ataaaacaag atatatgtca gatctgaacc cttgtcttta     35220
     tgagtctctt cctcagagaa cttgtgttta ttcactcatc aaccatcatt agtttcacat     35280
     cagcgtccat catcttggtg aacataatga actcagtggg acattagcca tggtgaggtt     35340
     tgaacccggg tctcctagat ttaagcttat tactttaaga cctgagccac tgagtctgga     35400
     cagtgaagga gaggtcagat tggggcttta tcactattct cagaacgacc agggtttgac     35460
     acatgtttct ttgtaatttg ggccatgaaa aaccttttgc caaatgtcaa accctgtggc     35520
     ttaaaggatg agcgttcgcc tgctatttag aagtgtgaag gatcgaatct catttctgcc     35580
     agatcgagat acaagtcaga tttgaactct tgtctttatg agtctcttcc tcagagagct     35640
     tgtgtttatt cacccatcat gggtttcgtt ccatcatcag gggctcctgg tcagtataat     35700
     gagttcaaga tggacattag ccatagtgag gtttgaaccc gggtctcctt gtttaaagat     35760
     caatagttta tgacttgagc cactgagtct agatggtaaa caatgtgtct gaatgaggct     35820
     ttatcactgt tttcatcata aacaaggttt gacatatgtt tctttgtaat ttggctcaca     35880
     aaacaaccat tgcaaaaagt cgagccccat ggctcagcgg atgtgcatta gactgccata     35940
     caggagacat gggttctaac ccaactattg cttactttac tgtcacttgc tgggattcag     36000
     tcagacaaag aggcccaagg agcatgaaag ccatgatggg ctagtggatg aacatatggt     36060
     tgcggtggac atggttacgg cagaggcctg ggtacgaaac ccacctcgat gtgtggctca     36120
     caccaacgaa agtacaaata gcaaggaaat tacgaggcgg gggaacacaa acataacaat     36180
     actttgttgt ttttctgatt atctcagcag taaaaagctg cagcagttct tggatttgaa     36240
     cccaggtgtg ctgtgacagc ttcagatgtc ctgctgtgtg ctctgaccac tacaccatca     36300
     ccacacacat aaacccacat ttctttctcc aatgggagga taaccacatt ctacacattt     36360
     tgaaaaaaaa aattaaataa acacaaataa ttcatatcaa atgtaaatta ttttaaataa     36420
     atgtaaactg catcatatgc gaatatatta ttatatttca ctattcaaaa tgtggaaaac     36480
     atgcttattc ttcaatcaga cacatgaaca tgtttcaaat tatcttacag ctgcttgtgg     36540
     ggctttaaat gtcactaaac acaattaaac actggaaaat atcatcattt acttctaaag     36600
     tctcctcata ctgtactgat gactctacac caaatctggc caatcacatg ctctccacag     36660
     aaagtccctc ccccaacaaa cacgcgacag agcagcagca caacaaacac actttctgga     36720
     ctctctactg gaaatatgag ctcataaata cctttcctgg agctgtgaat ccgcctggat     36780
     gtggaggagc gtgtggagga gcgtcagctg ttgagcgcag ctcaaagatc tgcagcagaa     36840
     acacaacaga cacacgtgtg tatcttcact gctgcagagg agagagagag agagagagca     36900
     atgactgaac acaaacacta caacaacatc actacaaact aaaccaacga agcaaagtcc     36960
     cttacaggtg agtctcgtta ctctccattt ctgcacttgg tgtggctttt cttcactgtc     37020
     gggctgtaat atctgctgtt gactgacatt atgagtctgt cactgagctg tcatctgctg     37080
     gagctcaact tgacgccagt aaaacggtgt acctgtgctg atctggtgtc gctgttgtca     37140
     aaggtgttca gactaaaaga gcagctcgct gaataaataa atactattta aatcaggatc     37200
     ggcagagagg caggaattaa actcagatca tcgagagcac agttttgcta catgtctgtc     37260
     tgtttaacta atttttaatg tttaaagcat atactcaaac atctaatcat tcataagtga     37320
     ttcattttct cactttattt agagtttcag ggcatatttt tgattgacag tgtagaaata     37380
     tcaaataatt atcattaaaa tacgaaacaa ttttcaaaaa actattgatt tcaggctcaa     37440
     cataaaaaat attgttgaat aaaatgtaaa acataaacaa actgatcagt gaatgtccgc     37500
     ttgaactgag aaaatgtgac tttaaacaga gagcagctga agctgtattg atttgtttta     37560
     ctgtctttac tgcagatgaa gttggtatgt gcttgtcaaa taaacatttc agacgtttct     37620
     atggatgctg cacaattttt atgtcaaatt taagaatttg agtcctgaag aataaataaa     37680
     tcagtggaga tgtccaatag cagagattca ctgtgtttgt ttacagtcta ctgtggacat     37740
     cagctgattc acaaacacat tcatattatc cacattcagt gcactgctga gtcctctgcc     37800
     attttgatct atataagagt attttgtagt ctgctgagta taagtgtgta catactacaa     37860
     aatgcacatt taaaaatagt caatcactcg gctattactg taatctttct gaagtgaaag     37920
     aactgcaaaa cactttatta aacaccaaca gttgaagcag aggttgatat taattctgcc     37980
     tgttttatat cagagcttca aaatacaaca gaataaatct ccgccggtct cttttgttaa     38040
     gtttaattat aatgtagcct aaatttatcc ataacacaat aatgcaggcc gcaagtcaga     38100
     tcacagctta ctcaaattca taaatatggt tgatatgaac cttctgactc tagtcatatt     38160
     ttataggaaa tgaatgagca tattaaactg tttctggagg tttacctaaa caaatcacaa     38220
     acctactaaa tatcagagaa caattgagct tattgaatca atgcagaata tgcagcacct     38280
     cagaatcatt cgatttgcaa aggtgtaatt cagaaatatc tttacacaag cgtgaaacgt     38340
     ttaacttcat tattttataa cagcagcagt gcagtttaca aacatcagca caagagtaat     38400
     atatattata atattttaaa ctcataagat ttgttatggt gtacttctga gaaatctcta     38460
     aacgagggca ataaaatgtt ggttgtcagc aatagaggag gaaaatacac ataacgacag     38520
     ctgcgccaca ggaaggtgaa atctcagtgc tttacatttg ctgtgctaaa attcagaaaa     38580
     aacatcagca caatctttca aatcaataaa tctggaaatg tgtaattcag aaatatctcc     38640
     acaggaggga gaaactttgc atttgagtat tttagaatgg cagcagtgca gttcacaaaa     38700
     atcaccacaa gaaggtgctg ttatagcgaa tattttaaat tcagcagatt caagatttgc     38760
     aaaagtgtag ttcagagaaa tctccacagg agggcgcaat atttgataca tatgtaatat     38820
     ttgtctattt gtctattgtt agatcagata ttcagcgtgt gtaataatgt gttgatttgt     38880
     gtgtcgactc tacaggatca gtgaagtgtt gtggactgta agtctgttga acagaagcag     38940
     agacgagtgg acagacactg actgtactga tgatgatcat ctgctgctgc acaggtgatg     39000
     tagatcatgt gtgtgattgg ttgtgtgtat gtgtctgatc cacatgtcgg ttaccatcat     39060
     ttgctttgtg gagggtcact cctctacaaa gtaaatgatg gtaaccgaag cgggtgggga     39120
     agggacgaag gtccagaatt tttatacagt tcattttaaa ttttttgcca ggctgtaaag     39180
     tataacccct gctggacacg gctccggaag ctccaggggg agaccgaact ggtatccccc     39240
     cttcttcagg cgcgcctcac actcactcac cattcactca tatcgcagag ttctggctgg     39300
     ccttgaacca gcaacccctg aagccgtggg gcagcgctct taccacagag ccacagatct     39360
     ccatgtctga gcacttgctg gaactgatgt tggactgctg acctgtgtgt gagctgattc     39420
     aataaaacaa gatatatgtc agatctgaac tcttgtcttt atgagtctct tcctcagaga     39480
     acttgtgttt attcactcat caaccatcat tagtttcaca tcagcgtcca tcatcttggt     39540
     gaacataatg aactcagtgg gacattagcc atggtgaggt ttgaacccgg gtctcctaga     39600
     ttaaagctta ttactttaag acctgagcca ctgagtctgg acagtgaagg agaggtcaga     39660
     ttggggcttt atcactattc tcatcacgac cagggtttga cacatgtttc tttgtaattt     39720
     gggccacgaa aaaccttctg ccaaatgtga aactctgtgg ctcaaaggat gagcgttcgc     39780
     ctgctattta gaagtgtgaa ggatcgaatc tcatttctgc cagatcgaga tacaagtcag     39840
     aattgaactc ttgtctttat gagtctcttc ctcagagaac ttgtgtttat tcactcatca     39900
     tgggtttcgt tccatcatca ggggctcctg gtcagtataa tgaggacaag atggacatta     39960
     gccatagtga ggtttgaacc cgggtctcct tgattaaaga tcaatagttt atgacttgag     40020
     ccactgagtc tagatggtga gcaatgtttc tgaatgaggc tttatcactg atttcaccgt     40080
     gaccaaggtt tgacaaattt ctttgtaatt tgactcacaa aacaaccatt gtgaaatgtc     40140
     aagcgccatg gctcagtgga tgtgcattag actgccatac aggagacatg ggttctaacc     40200
     caactattgc ttactttact gtcacttgct gggattcagt cagacaaaga ggcccaagga     40260
     gcatgaaagc catgatgggc tagtggatga gcatatggtt gcggtggaca tggttacggc     40320
     agaggcctgg gtacgaaacc cacctcgatg tgtggctcac accaacgaaa gtacaaatag     40380
     caaggaaatt acgaggcggg ggaacacaaa cataacaata ctttgttgtt tttctgatta     40440
     tctcagcagt aaaaagcagc ggcagttctt ggatttgaac ccaggtgtgc tgtgacagct     40500
     tcatatgtca tgatgtgtgc tctgaccact acaccatcac cacacacata aacccacatt     40560
     tctttctcca atgggaggat aaccacattc tacacatttt gaaaaaaaat ttaaataaac     40620
     acaaataatt aatatcaaat gtaaattatt ttaaataaat gtaaactgca tcatatgcaa     40680
     atatatatta ttatatttca ctattcaaaa tgtggaaaac atgcttattc ttcaatcaga     40740
     cacataaaca tgtttcaaat tatcttacag ctgcttgtgg ggctttaaat gtcactaaac     40800
     acaattaaac actggaaaat atcatcattt acttctaaag tctcctcata ctgtactgat     40860
     gactctacac caaatctggc caatcacatg ctctccacag aaagtccctc ccccaacaaa     40920
     cacgcgacag agcagcagca caacaaacac actttctgga ctctctactg gaaatatgag     40980
     ctcataaata cctttcctgg agctgtgaat ccgcctggat gtggaggagc gtgtggagga     41040
     gcgtcagctg ttgagcgcag ctcaaatatc tgcagcagaa acacaacaga cacacgtgtg     41100
     tatcttcact gctgcagagg agagagagag agagagcaat gactgaacac aaacactaca     41160
     acaacatcac tacaaactaa accaacgaag caaagtccct tacaggtgag tcgcgttact     41220
     ctccatttct gcacttggtg tggcttttct tcgctgtcgg gctgtaatat ctgctgttga     41280
     ctgacattat gagtctgtca ctgagctgtc atctgctact ggagctcaac ttgacgccag     41340
     taaaacggtg tacctgtgct gatctggtgt tgctgttgtc aaaggtgttc aggctaaaag     41400
     agcagctcgc tgattccgcc tagtggagcg aatgggatct gcgctttaaa gcgcacccct     41460
     aaccccaccc ctcacaatga cgtaactagc tccattgagt gcagcgtctg acattgtaag     41520
     tctaatatat gcagtctcag tttgcaaatc caagtctgca tgcagatact attggagaaa     41580
     gactgaccaa atatgcctct tgcagaattc acaagatttt ttacatccac tcattgcgtt     41640
     ttcattcagc aacagaaata ctcataattt aaaacttatt gaacggctta atacaattta     41700
     ggattaaaaa taaagcagcc agtcatcttt atatctttat aaggcattta gtgaaggaaa     41760
     tgtgttcgta tttttgttgg taaaattatc atttgtgtct gcgtcaatta aatctgtaag     41820
     caatgaaaac attctgcatc cccaatataa gagctcatca aacaagttct atgtgtcttt     41880
     attgatgagt ggcgcattaa ttacctacag gctaaatgat catctggagt gaagaacatc     41940
     atggtgagaa agtcacaagc ttggaggttc aatattcatg tttagcattt aattgatcaa     42000
     tatttgatgt caagtctgtc atcatcagct tctggaaatt gtttcatatt acattcgtat     42060
     tggtttgata tttccacatt gttcatcaag catttgtgct gaagttcaat ataaagtgag     42120
     cacaaataat gacccatgaa tgattagatg attgagtata tgctttaata attattttga     42180
     cattgttagg agggaaatga acagttgaga ccaaaacgac tgctgtgtca gatcaagaga     42240
     agactctgag ccgcagattc aatgaaatta aaataattta ctggagatag tttgtggttc     42300
     tgcggcagga gagcttcaca ctggcattga gttcgctggc caatctccct gccttacact     42360
     aaaacagaaa atctcgccta catacaaaga aaattacgta acagagaatt tacacataaa     42420
     atagaaaaac tcaggaatca gttgttttaa tccaccagga atccagttcc cctcgagagc     42480
     tctccatgac ctctgacctg gcttggtaga tgggccattc ttcaactacg ggcactttta     42540
     gccttgtgaa gttgagtaaa aaaaacttgt tcaaaattaa cgtaacatag cctcataagt     42600
     ttaaacactt tgtctagttt taagatctgt aagaggacaa actcagataa gaagagaaac     42660
     attttttcca tcgtgaactg aacaaatgtc aattccagca catctcaata tacagcttat     42720
     atttgtaaat gacataaatg atggcagtca aacattgtct aagatcattt ttgtttctag     42780
     tttaaccaaa tatttccaca atatcgataa taattataca tttgtcagtg aaataaatta     42840
     gttgtgtgct gaattgtaca cctgtcacac tctaaaactt aatattaatt tggttaagag     42900
     cttattagaa aataaataaa ctgaatttgt atattaaata gagcatgaac tcatacattg     42960
     tgaatacact ttaatgtgtg atgagaactt tttaaatgtt tttaataatg tgtgtggtga     43020
     tggaaatgac atttcaacag tttattgtga aaataatgaa aaatagcttc accgattaac     43080
     tttgaattga tacaagcctt tcatatatac aaaacactct tatttaccct cattttgttt     43140
     tggttttaca tttttttaag taggttttat tgttagtttg acatagaaag aagaatttga     43200
     acaaaattat atatatgttt ggatatttga tcaaaggaca taaaagtgct cgtagttgaa     43260
     gaattaccca gatcctgaaa atagagattt gacagactca gacgcttcag ctgaacacat     43320
     cactacatta ggtcatgttt aacttcagtc actgatcaaa atcatgtcaa agattaaaaa     43380
     ctgattcaaa taatcataat aataaagtca acaagaacag attttgatct ttcctgaaac     43440
     agatgaagac agaaaacgac tcgcttcaac aggaagcaga actgtgctca cgatgacctc     43500
     agtttaactc aagcctcgct gtcatttgaa gatccccata aaaactgtgt gatatttagc     43560
     atttgatgat aagtctgtat ttaataataa ttacttttta gtttagacct caagactttc     43620
     tgcttccttt tacacaataa aatgtttctg gttgtcagca tcagcggagg aaaatacaca     43680
     gaactacagc tgcgccacag gaaggtgaaa tctcagtgct ttacatttgc tgtgctgaag     43740
     ttcaggaaaa acatcagcac aatctttcaa atcaactgaa ctgcaaaggt gtaattcaga     43800
     aatatctcca caggagggcg acatgtttaa attcatacta ttagatttgc agtggtgtca     43860
     ttcaccaaaa tcaccacacg agggcgaaca ttttaaattc atcaagttcg cagtggtgta     43920
     attcagaaat atctccacag gagggagaaa cctttattat tttaaagcgg cagcagtgca     43980
     gtccacaaaa atccccacaa gagggcgaat attttaaatt cagtagattc aagatttgca     44040
     aaagtgtagt tcagagaaat ctccacagga gggcgcaata tttgatacat atgtaatatt     44100
     tgtctatttg tctattgtta gatcagatat tcagcgtgtg taataatgtg tttgtttgtg     44160
     tgtcgactct acaggatcag tgaagtgttg tggactgtaa gcctgttaaa cagaagtaga     44220
     gacgagtgga cagacactga ctgtactgat gatgatcatc tgctgctgca caggtgatgt     44280
     agatcatgtg tgattggttg tgtgtgtatg tggctattcc acatgtcggt taccatcatt     44340
     tgctttgtgg agggtcactc ctctacaaag taaatgatgg taaccgaaac gggtggggaa     44400
     gggatgcagg tccagaattt ttatacagtt cattttaaat tttttgccag gctgtaaagt     44460
     ataacccctg ctggacacgg ctccggaagc tccaggggga gaccgaactg gtatcccccc     44520
     ttcttcaggc gcacctcaca ctcactcacc attcactcat atcgcagagt tctggctggc     44580
     cttgaaccag caacccctga agccgtgggg cagcgctctt accacagagc cacagatctc     44640
     catgtctgaa cacttgctgg aactgatgtt ggactgctga cctgtgtgtg agctgattca     44700
     ataaaacaag atatatgtca gatctgaacc cttgtcttta tgagtctctt cctcagagaa     44760
     cttattcact catcaaccat cattagtttc acatcagcgt ccatcatctt ggtgaacata     44820
     atgaattgtg tgggacatta gccatggtga ggtttgaacc cgggtctcct agattaaagc     44880
     tcaatacttt aagacctgag ccactgaatc tggacagtga aggagatgtc agattggggc     44940
     tttatcacta ttctcattat gaccagggtt tgacacatgt ttctttgtaa tttgggccac     45000
     gaaaaacctg ttgccaaatg tcaaactctg tggctcaaag gatgagtgtt cgcctgttat     45060
     ttagaagtgt gaaggatcga atctcatttc tgccagatcg agatacaagt cagatttgaa     45120
     ctcttgtctt tatgagtctc ttcctcagag aacttgtgtt tattcaccca tcatgggttt     45180
     cgttccatca tcaggggctc ctggtcagta taatgaggtc aagatggaca ttagccatag     45240
     tgaggtttga acccgggtct ccttgattaa agatcaatag tttatgactt gagccactga     45300
     ttctagatgg tgatcaatgt gtctgaatga ggctttatca ctgttttcat cataaacaag     45360
     gtttgacata tgtttctttg taatttggct cacaaaacaa ctactgcctg atgtcaagcc     45420
     ctgtggttca gtggatgagc ctctgcctga cacacaggag acatgggttc aaatcccact     45480
     gttgcttact ttactttcgg ttgatgggat tcaatcagac agtgtggccc aaacagcagc     45540
     tgacagactg aaagccatga tgggctagtg gatgaacaca agattgcggt ggacaaggta     45600
     acgacagagg cctgggtacg aaacccacct cgatgtctgg ctcacaccaa cgcaaggtaa     45660
     ttagagccgg aacacacata aaattactat gttgtttttc tgattatctc agaagtaaaa     45720
     agtagcgaca gtgcttggat ttgaacccag gtatgctgtg acagcttcag atgttatgct     45780
     gtgtgctctg accactacac catcaccaca cacataaacc cacatttctt tctccaatgg     45840
     gaggataacc acattctaca cattttgaaa aaaaaaatta aataaacaca aataattaat     45900
     atcaaatgta aattattttt aataaatgta aactgcatca tatgtgaata tattattata     45960
     tttcactatt caaaatgtgg aaaacatgct tatttttcaa tcagacacat gaacatgttt     46020
     caaattatct tacagctgct tgtggggctt taaatgtcac taaacataat taaacactgg     46080
     aaaatatcat catttacttc taaagtctcc tcatactgta ctgatgactc tacaccaaat     46140
     ctggccaatc acatgctctc cacagaaagt ccctccccca acaaacacgc gacagagcag     46200
     cagcacaaca aacacacttt ctggactctc tactggaaat atgagctcat aaataccttt     46260
     cctggagctg tgaatccgcc tggatgtgga ggagcgtgtg gaggagcgtc agctgttgag     46320
     cgcagctcaa agatctgcag cagaaacaca acagacacac gtgtgtatct tcactgctgc     46380
     agaggagaga gagagggagc aatgactgaa cacaaacact acaacaacat cactacaaac     46440
     taaaccaacg aagcaaagtc ccttacaggt gagtcgcgtt actctctatt tctgcacttg     46500
     gtgtggcttt tcttcgctgt cgggctgtaa tatctgctgt tgactgacat tatgagtctg     46560
     tcactgagct gtcatctgct ggagctcaac ttgatgccag taaaacgttg tacctgtgct     46620
     gatctgattg acagattgac agtgtagaaa tatcaaataa ttatcattaa aatatgaaac     46680
     aattttcaaa aaactattga tttcaggctc aacataaaaa atattgttga ataaaatgta     46740
     aaacataaac aaactgatca gtgaatgtcc gcttgaactg agaaaatgac tttaaacaaa     46800
     gagcagctga agctgtattg atttgtttta ctgtctttac tgcagatgaa gttggtatgt     46860
     gcttgtcaaa taaacatttc agacgtttct atgtatgctg cacaattttt aagtcaaatt     46920
     taagaatttg agtcctgaag aataaataaa tcagtggaga tgtccaatag cagagattca     46980
     ctgtgtttgt ttacagtcta ctgtggacat cagctgattc acaaacacat tcatattatc     47040
     cacattcagt gcactgctca gtcctctgcc attttgatct atataagagt attttgtagt     47100
     ctgctgagta taagtgtgta catactacaa aatgcacatt taaaaatagt caatcactcg     47160
     gctattactg taatctttct gaagtgaaag aactgcaaaa cactttatta aacaccaaca     47220
     gttgaagcag aggttgatat taattctgcc tgttttatat cagagcttca aaatacaaca     47280
     gaataaatct ctgccggtct cttttgttaa gtttaattat aatgtagcct aaatttatcc     47340
     ataacacaat aatgcaggcc gcaagtcaga tcacagctta ctcaaattca taaatatggt     47400
     tgatatgaac cttctgactc tagtcatatt ttataggaaa tgaatgagca tattaaactg     47460
     tttctggagg tttacctaaa caaatcacaa acctactaaa tatcagagaa caattgagct     47520
     tattgaatca atgcagaata tgcagcacct cagaatcatt cgatttgcaa aggtgtaatt     47580
     cagaaatatc tttacacaag cgtgaaacgt ttaacttcat tattttataa cagcagcagt     47640
     gcagtttaca aacatcagca caagagtaat atatattata atattttaaa ctcataagat     47700
     ttgttatggt gtaattctga gaaatctcta aatgagggca ataaaatgtt ggttgtcagc     47760
     aatagaggag gaaaatacac ataacgacag ctgcgccaca ggaaggtgaa atctcagtgc     47820
     tttacatttg ctgtgctgaa gttcaggaaa aacatcagca caatctttca aatcaactga     47880
     actgcaaagg tgtaattcag aaatatctcc acaggagggc gacatgttta aattcatact     47940
     attagatttg cagtggtgtc attcaccaaa atcaccacac gagggcgaac atttataatt     48000
     catcaagttc gcagtggtgt aattcagaaa tatctccaca ggagggagaa acattcatta     48060
     ttttagagcg gcagcagtgc agtccacaaa aatccccaca agagggcgaa tattttaaat     48120
     tcagtagatt caagatttgc aaaagtgtag ttcagagaaa tctccacagg agggcgcaat     48180
     atttgataca tatataatat ttgtctattt gtctattgtt agatcagata ttcagcgtgt     48240
     gtaataatgt gtttatttgt gtgtcgactc tacaggatca gtgaagtgtt gtggactgta     48300
     agtctgttga acagaagcag agacgagtgg acagacactg actgtactga tgacgatcat     48360
     ctgctgctgc acaggtgatg tagatcatgt gtgtgtgttt gtcttgcaca tgtcggttac     48420
     catcatttgc tttgtggagg gtcactcctc tacaaagtaa atgatggtaa ccgaagcggg     48480
     tggggaaggg acgcaggtcc agaattttta tactgttcat tttaaatttt ttgccaggct     48540
     gtaaagtata acccctgctg gacacggctc cggaagctcc agggggagac cgaactggta     48600
     tccccccttc ttcaggcgcg cctcacactc actcaccatt cactcatatc gcagagttct     48660
     ggctggcctt gaaccagcaa cccctgaagc cgtggggcag cgctcttacc acagagccac     48720
     agatctccat gtctgaacac ttgctggaac tgatgttgga ctgctgacct gtgtgtgagc     48780
     tgattcaata aaacaagata tatgtcagat ctgaaccctt gtctttatga gtctcttcct     48840
     cagagaactt gtgtttattc actcatcaac catcattagt ttcacatcag cgtccatcat     48900
     cttggtgaac ataatgaatt gtgtgggaca ttagccatgg tgaggtttga acccgggtct     48960
     cctagattaa agctcaatac tttaagacct gagccactga atctggacag tgaaggagag     49020
     gtcagattgg ggctttatca ctattctcat tatgaccagg gtttgacaca tgtttctttg     49080
     taatttgggc cacgaaaaac ctgctgccaa atgtcaaact ctgtggctca aaggatgagc     49140
     gttcgcctgt tatttagaag tgtgaaggat cgaatattat ttctgccaga tcgagataca     49200
     agtcagattt gaactcttgt ctttatgagt ctcttcctca gagaacttgt gtttattcac     49260
     tcatcgtggg tttcgttcca tcatcagggg ctcctggtca gtataatgag gtcaagatgg     49320
     acattagcca tagtgaggtt tgaacccggg tctccttgat taaagatcaa tagtttatga     49380
     cttgagccac tgagtctaga tggtgatcaa tgtgtctgaa tgaggcttta tcactgtttt     49440
     catcataaac aaggtttgac atatgtttct ttgtaatttg gctcacaaaa caactactgc     49500
     ctgatgtcaa gccctgtggt tcagtggatg agcctctgcc tgacatacag gagacatggg     49560
     ttcaaatccc actgttgctt actttacttt cggttgatgg gattcaatca gacagtgtgg     49620
     cccaaacagc agctgacaga ctgaaagcca tgatgggcta gtggatgaac acaagattgc     49680
     ggtggacaag gtaacgacag aggcctgggt acgaaaccca cctcgatgtc tggctcacac     49740
     caacgcaagg taattagagc cggaacacac ataaaattac tatgttgttt ttctgattat     49800
     ctcagcagta aaaagtagcg acagtgcttg gatttgaacc caggtatgct gtgacagctt     49860
     cagatgttat gctgtgtgct ctgaccccta caccatcacc acacacataa acccacattt     49920
     ctttctccaa tgggaggata accacattct acacattttg aaaaaaaaaa ttaaataaac     49980
     acaaataatt aatatcaaat gtaaattatt tttaataaat gtaaactgca tcatatgtga     50040
     atatattatt atatttcact attcaaaatg tggaaaacat gcttattttt caatcagaca     50100
     catgaacatg tttcaaatta tcttacagct gcttgtgggg ctttaaatgt cactaaacac     50160
     aattagacac tggaaaatat catcatttac atctaaagtc tcctcatact gtactgatga     50220
     ctctacacca aatctggcca atcacatgct ctccacagaa agtccctccc ccaacaaaca     50280
     cgcgacagag cagcagcaca acaaacacac tttctggact ctctactgga aatatgagct     50340
     cataaatacc tttcctggag ctgtgaatcc gcctggatgt ggaggagcgt gtggaggagc     50400
     gtcagctgtt gagcgcagct caaagatctg cagcagaaac acaacagaca cacgtgtgta     50460
     tcttcactgc tgcagaggag agagagagag agcaatgact gaacacaaac actacaacaa     50520
     catcactaca aactaaacca acgaagcaaa gtcccttaca ggtgagtcgc gttactctcc     50580
     atttctgcac ttggtgtggc ttttcttcac tgtcgggctg taatatctgc tgttgactga     50640
     cattatgagt ctgtcactga gctgtcatct gctactggag ctcaacttga cgccagtaaa     50700
     acggtgtacc tgtgctgatc tggtgtcgct gttgtcaaag gtgttcagac taaaagagca     50760
     gctcgctgaa taaataaata ctatttaaat caggatcggc agagaggcag gaattaaact     50820
     cagatcatcg tgagcacagt tttgctacat gtctgtctgt ttaactaatt tttaatgttt     50880
     aaagcatata ctcaaacatc taatcattca taagtgatta attttctcac tttatttaga     50940
     gtttcagggc atatttttga ttgacagtgt agaaatatca aataattatc attaaaatac     51000
     gaaacaattt tcaaaaaact attgatttca ggctcaacat aaaaaatatt gttgaataaa     51060
     atgtaaaaca taaacaaact gatcagtgaa tgtccgcttg aactgagaaa atgtgacttt     51120
     aaacagagag cagctgaagc tgtattgatt tgttttactg tctttactgc agatgaagtt     51180
     ggtatgtgct tgtcaaataa acatttcaga cgtttctatg gatgctgcac aatttttatg     51240
     tcaaatttaa gaatttgagt cctgaagaat aaataaatca gtggagatgt ccaatagcag     51300
     agtttcactg tgtttgttta cagtctactg tggacatcag ctgattcaca aacacattca     51360
     tattatccac attcagtgca ctggggtccg ttcttcgtac gtggataact caattagctg     51420
     gatttggatg ttgacgattt gacacgatcc aggatcgttt agttcttcaa agctgatccg     51480
     agagttgttg tcatagcaac agttctgcta ggtcaaacct gatcgggagc aggttcaatt     51540
     catataaaca ggattagatc ggctcaggtc aagcaaagat aatacagaaa gtatgttctg     51600
     aattctgata ttatcttaca gtagtagtta tatacacttg ggaaaatggt acatattttt     51660
     taactatata tatatatata tatatatata aagttataat cattaataaa ataaagttat     51720
     acatattaat aaaacgtatg caatctgcac cctcgaaatt aaagtacaaa gactgccacc     51780
     tggtggtgca cagagaaaac ttattgatat gaacgtttta gatcgcttta gtacaaattg     51840
     tgtatgatag aaatgcagaa tatgtgactt ttttttaaag caataataca tttatgcagt     51900
     cataaacatg ttttgatagt taatagtgat ttgatgcttc acaaaagttg cagacgcctt     51960
     taccaatatc aaaatgcttt tgtaaaagac cagttattct ttacaccgat taaaaaacgg     52020
     ctactataat atagacaata ttttctaaat gtagaactaa atacactgat atgcactgaa     52080
     atacatgatg aatacacttg acacatgaaa gtgtaaagcc tgcagctcac aacaaatgtg     52140
     gaaggttatt gcgtgtcata tttgacaaac ggtttactgc taatttgatg taattttgct     52200
     cacatggata attgaatatt aatcagatga tgtcattacg ctgctgtgcc gtcagccaat     52260
     cgttgaattg ctgatcatga tttcgaggat cgatagatct gtacttcaca acacacgcag     52320
     cgatctcaga tcagtttatc cagacattct aatctgattc gcgaacttgt ttgaagaacc     52380
     aaattagcga gagatcagtt atcgagatga aaagatgcag aatctgccaa atcatcttag     52440
     atcatttaag cgaggtacga agaacggacc cctgctcagt cctctgccat tttgatctat     52500
     ataagagtat tttgtagtct gctgagtata agtgtgtaca tactacaaaa tgcacattta     52560
     aaaatagtca atcactcggc tattactgta atctttctga agtgaaagaa ctgcaaaaca     52620
     ctttattaaa caccaacagt tgaagcggag gttgatatta attctgcctg ttttatatca     52680
     gagcttcaaa atacaacaga ataaatctct gccggtctct tttgttaagt ttaattataa     52740
     tgcagcctaa atttatccat aacacaataa tgcaggccgc aagtcagatc acagcttact     52800
     caaattcata aatatggttg atatgaacct tctgactcta gtcatatttt ataggaaatg     52860
     aatgagcata ttaaactgtt tctggaggtt tacctaaaca aatcacaaac ctactaaata     52920
     tcagagaaca attgagctta ttgaatcaat gcagaatatg cagcacctca gaatcattcg     52980
     atttgcaaag gtgtaattca gaaatatctt tacacaagcg tgaaacgttt aacttcatta     53040
     ttttataaca gcagcagtgc agttcacaaa catcagcaca agagtaatat atattataat     53100
     attttaaact cataagattt gttatggtgt acttctgaga aatctctaaa cgagggcaat     53160
     aaaatgttgg ttgtcagcaa tagaggagga aaatacacag aacgacagct gcgccacagg     53220
     aaggtgaaat ctcagtgctt tacatttact gtgctaaaat tcagaaaaaa catcagcaca     53280
     atctttcaaa tcaataaatc tggaaatgtg taattcagaa atgtctccac aggagggcga     53340
     catgtttaca ttcattcaat tacatttaca gtggtgtcat tcaccaaaat caccacacga     53400
     gggcaaatat ttaaaagtca atagattcgc cgtggtgtaa ttcagaaata tctccacagg     53460
     agggagaaac tttgaaattt agtattttag aatggcagca gtgcagttca caaaaatcac     53520
     cacaagaagg tgctgttata gcgaatattt taaattcagc agatttagga tttgcaaagg     53580
     tgtaattcaa aataatctcc acaggagggc gcaatatttg atacatatgt aatatttgtc     53640
     tatttgtcta ttgttagatc agatattcag cgtgtgtaat aatgtgttga tttgtgtgtc     53700
     gactctacag gatctgtgaa gtgttgtgga ctgtaagcct gttgaacaga agcagagaca     53760
     agtggacaga cactgactgt actgatgatg atcatctgct gctgcacagg tgatgtagat     53820
     catgtgtgtg attggttgtg tgtgtgtctg ttccacatgt cggttaccat catttgcttt     53880
     gtggagggtc actcctctac aaagtaaatg atggtaaccg aagcgggtgg ggaagggacg     53940
     aaggtccaga atttttatac agttcatttt aaattttttg ccaggctgta aagtataacc     54000
     cctgctggac acggctccgg aagctccagg gggagaccga actggtatcc ccccttcttc     54060
     aggcgcgcct cacactcact caccattcac tcatatcgca gagttctggc tggccttgaa     54120
     ccagcaaccc ctgaagccgt ggggcagcgc tcttaccaca gagccacaga tctccatgtc     54180
     tgaacacttg ctggaactga tgttggactg ctgacctgtg tgtgagctga ttcaataaaa     54240
     caagatatat gtcagatctg aacccttgtc tttatgagtc tcttcctcag agaacttgtg     54300
     tttattcact catcaaccat cattagtttc acatcagcgt ccatcatctt ggtgaacata     54360
     atgaattgtg tgggacatta gccatggtga ggtttgaacc cgggtctcct agattaaagc     54420
     tcaatacttt aagacctgag ccactgaatc tggacagtga aggagaggtc agattggggc     54480
     tttatcacta ttctcatcat gaccagggtt tgacacatgt ttctttgtaa tttgggccac     54540
     gaaaaacctg ctgccaaatg tcaaactctg tggctcaaag gatgagcgtt cgcctgttat     54600
     ttagaagtgt gaaggatcga atattatttc tgccagatcg agatacaagt cagatttgaa     54660
     ctcttgtctt tatgagtctc ttcctcagag aacttgtgtt tattcactca tcatgggttt     54720
     cgttccatca tcaggggctc ctggtcagta taatgaggtc aagatggaca ttagccatag     54780
     tgaggtttga acccgggtct ccttgattaa agatcaatag tttatgactt gagccactga     54840
     gtctagatgg tgaacaatgt gtctgaatga ggctttatca ctgttttcat cataaacaag     54900
     gtttgacata tgtttctttg taatttggct cacaaaacaa ctactgcctg atgtcaagcc     54960
     ctgtggttca gtggatgagc ctttgcctgc catacaggag aaatgggttc aaatcccact     55020
     attgcttact ttactttcgg ttgctgggat tcaatcagac agtgtggccc aaacagcaac     55080
     tgacagactg aaagccatga tgggctagtg gatgaacaca tggttgcggt agacaaggta     55140
     acgacagagg cctggatacg aaacccacct cgatgtctgg ctcacaccac tacaagtgca     55200
     aggtaattag agcgggaaca cacacataga attactttgt tgtttttctg attatctcag     55260
     cagtaaaaag cagcagtagt gcttggattt gaacccaggt gtgctgtgac agcttcagat     55320
     gtcctgctgt gtgctctgac cactacacca tcaccacaca catagaccca catttctttc     55380
     tccaatggga ggataaccac attctacaca tttaaaaaaa aactaaataa acacaaataa     55440
     ttcatatcaa atgtaaatta ttttaaataa atgtaaactg catcatatgc aaatatattt     55500
     ttatttcact attcaaaatg tggaaaacat gcttattctt caatcagaca catgaacatg     55560
     tttcaaatta tcttacagct gcttgtgggg ctttaaatgt cactaaacac aattaaacac     55620
     tggaaaatat catcatttac ttctaaagtc tcctcatact gtactgatga ctctacacca     55680
     aatctggcca atcacatgct ctccacagaa agtccctccc ccaacaaaca cgcgacagag     55740
     cagcagcaca acaaacacac tttctggact ctctactgga aatatgagct cataaatacc     55800
     tttcctggag ctgtgaatcc gcctggatgt ggaggagcgt gtggaggagc gtcagctgtt     55860
     gagcgcagct caaagatctg cagcagaaac acaacagaca cacgtgtgta tcttcactgc     55920
     tgcagaggag agagagagag agagagcaat gactgaacac aaacactaca acaacatcac     55980
     tacaaactaa accaacgaag caaagtccct tacaggtgag tctcgttact ctccatttct     56040
     gcacttggtg tggcttttct tcgctgtcgg gctgtaatat ctgctgttga ctgacattat     56100
     gagtctgtca ctgagctgtc atctgctgga gctcaacttg acgccagtaa aacggtgtac     56160
     ctgtgctgat ctggtgtcgc tgttgtcaaa ggtgttcagg ctaaaagagc agctcgctga     56220
     ataaataaat actatttaaa tcaggatcgg cagagaggca ggaactaaac tcagatcatc     56280
     gtgagcacag ttttgctaca tgtctgtctg tttaactaat ttttaatgtt taaagcatat     56340
     actcaaacat ctaatcattc ataagtgatt aattttctca ctttatttag agtttcaggg     56400
     catatttttg attgacagtg tagaaatatc aaataattat cattaaaata tgaaacaatt     56460
     tttaaaaaac tattgatttc aggctcaaca taaaaaatat tgttgaataa aatgtaaaac     56520
     ataaacaaac tgatcagtga atgtccgctt gaactgagaa aatgtgactt taaacagaga     56580
     gcagctgaag ctgtattgat ttgttttact gtctttactg cagatgaagt tggtatgtgc     56640
     ttgtcaaata aacatttcag acgtttctat ggatgctgca caatttttat gtcaaattta     56700
     agaatttgag tcctgaagaa taaataaatc agtggagatg tccaatagca gagtttcact     56760
     gtgtttgttt acagtctact gtggacatca gctgattcac aaacacattc atattatcca     56820
     cattcagtgc actgctcagt cctctgccat tttgatctat ataagagtat tttgtagtct     56880
     gctgagtata agtgtgtaca tactacaaaa tgcacattta aaaatagtca attactgtaa     56940
     tctttctgaa gtgaaagaac tgcaaaacac tttattaaac accaacagtt gaagcagagg     57000
     ttgatattaa ttctgcctgt tttatatcag agcttcaaaa tacaacagaa taaatctctg     57060
     ccggtctctt ttgttaagtt taattataat gtagcctaaa tttatccata acacaataat     57120
     gcaggccgca agtcagatca cagcttactc aaattcataa atatggttga tatgaacctt     57180
     ctgactctag tcatatttta taggaaatga atgagcatat taaactgttt ctggaggttt     57240
     acctaaacaa atcacaaacc tactaaatat cagagaacaa ttgaacttat tgaatcaatg     57300
     cagaatatgc agcacctcag aatcattcga tttgcaaagg tgtaattcag aaatatcttt     57360
     acacaagcgt gaaacgttta acttcattat tttataacag cagcagtgca gtttacaaac     57420
     atcagcacaa gagtaatata ttttataata ttttaaactc ataagatttg ttatggtgta     57480
     cttctgagaa atctctaaac gagggcaata aaatgttggt tgtcagcaat agaggaggaa     57540
     aatactcata acgacagctg cgccacagga aggtgaaatc tcagtgcttt acatttactg     57600
     tgctaaaatt cagaaaaaac atcagcacaa tctttcaaat caataaatct ggaaatgtgt     57660
     aattcagaaa tatctccaca ggagggagaa actttgcatt tgagtatttt agaatggcag     57720
     ctgtgcagtt cacaaaaatc accacaagaa ggtgctgtta tagcgaatat tttaaattca     57780
     gcagatttaa gatttgcaaa ggtgtaattc aaaataatct ccacaggagg gcgcaatatt     57840
     tgatacacat gtaatatttg tctatttgtc tattgttaga tcagatattc agcgtgtgta     57900
     ataatgtgtt gatttgtgtg tcgactctac aggatcagtg aagtgttgtg gactgtaagc     57960
     ctgttgaaca aaagcagaga cgagtggaca gacactgact gtactgatga tgatcatctg     58020
     ctgctgcaca ggtgatgtac atcatgtgtg tgattggttg tgtgtgtgtc tgttccacat     58080
     gtcggttacc atcatttgct ttgtggaggg tcactcctct acaaagtaaa tgatggtaac     58140
     cgaaacgggt ggggaaggga cgaaggtcca gaatttttat acagttcatt ttaaattttt     58200
     tgccaggcta taaagtataa cccctgctgg acacggctcc ggaagctcca gggggagacc     58260
     gaactggtat ccccccttct tcaggcgcgc ctcacactca ctcaccattc actcatatcg     58320
     cagagttctg gctggccttg aaccagcaac ccctgaagcc gtggggcagc gctcttacca     58380
     cagagccaca gatctccatg tctgaacact tgctggaact gatgttggac tgctgacctg     58440
     tgtgtgagct gattcaataa aacaagatat atgtcagatc tgaacccttg tctttatgag     58500
     tctcttcctc agagaacttg tgtttattca ctcatcaacc atcattagtt tcacatcagc     58560
     gtccatcatc ttggtgaaca taatgaactc agtgggacat tagtcatggt taggtttgaa     58620
     cccgggtctc ctagattaac gctcgatact ttaagacctg agccactgag tctggacagt     58680
     gaaagaggtg tcagattggg gctttatcac tattctcatc acgaccaagg tatgccacat     58740
     gattctttgt aatttgggcc acgaaaaacc ttttgccaaa tgtcaaaccc tgtggctcaa     58800
     aggatgagcg ttcgccttct atttagaagt gtgaaggatc gtatctcatt tctgccagat     58860
     cgagatacag gtcagatttg aactcttgtc tttatgagtc tcttcctcag agaacttgtg     58920
     tttattcact catcatgggt ttcgttccat catcaggggc tcctggtcag tataatgaga     58980
     tcaagatgga cattagccat agtgaggttt gaacccgggt ctccttgatt aaagatcaat     59040
     agtttatgac ttgagccact gagtctagat ggtgaacaat gtttctgaat gaggctttat     59100
     cactgttttc atcatgacca aagtttgaca aagttctttg caatttggct cacaaaacaa     59160
     ccattgcaaa atgtcaagcc ccatggctca gcggatgagc cttagactgg catacaggag     59220
     acatgggttc gaacccaact attgcttact ttactgtcac ttgctgggat tcagtcaaac     59280
     aaagaagccc aaggagcatg aaagccatga tgggctagtg gatgaacata tggttgcggt     59340
     ggacaaggtt acggcagagg cctgggtacg aaacccacct cgatgtgtgg ctcacaccaa     59400
     cgaaggtaca aatagcaagg taattaggag gtgggggaac acaaacataa caatactttg     59460
     ttttttttct aattatctca gcagtaaaaa gcagcagcag ctcttggatt tgaacccagg     59520
     tatgctgtga cagcttcaga tgtcatgatg tgtgctctga ccactacacc atcaccacac     59580
     acataaaccc acatttcttt ctccaatggg aggataacca cattctacac atttaaaaaa     59640
     aaaaaaaact aaataaacac aaataattca tatcaaatgt aaattatttt aaataaatgt     59700
     aaactgcatc atatgcgaat atattattat atttcactat tcaaaatgtg gaaaacatgc     59760
     ttattcttca atcagacaca tgaacatgtt tcaaattatc ttacagctgc ttgtggggct     59820
     ttaaatgtca ctaaacacaa ttaaacactg gaaaatatca tcatttactt ctaaagtctc     59880
     ctcatactgt actgatgact ctacaccaaa tctggccaat cacatgctct ccacagaaag     59940
     tccctccccc aacaaacacg cgacagagca gcagcacaac aaacacactt tctggactct     60000
     ctactggaaa tatgagctca taaatacctt tcctggagct gtgaatccgc ctggatgtgg     60060
     aggagcgtgt ggaggagcgt cagctgttga gcgcagctca aagatctgca gcagaaacac     60120
     aacagacaca cgtgtgtatc ttcactgctg cagaggagag agagagagag agcaatgact     60180
     gaacacaaac actacaacaa catcactaca aactaaacca acgaagcaaa gtcccttaca     60240
     ggtgagtcgc gttactctcc atttctgcac ttggtgtggc ttttcttcgc tgtcgggctg     60300
     taatatctgc tgttgactga cattatgagt ctgtcactga gctgtcatct gctactggag     60360
     ctcaacttga cgccagtaaa acggtgtacc tgtgctgatc tggtgtcgct gttgtcaaag     60420
     gtgttcaggc taaaagagca gctcgctgat tccacctagt ggagcggatg ggatctgcac     60480
     tttaacgcag aaaaatccaa gtctgcatgc agatactatt ggagaaagac tgaccaaatc     60540
     tgcctcttgc agagtttaca attttttttt catccactca ttgcgttttc attcagcaac     60600
     agaaatactt ataatataaa acttaatgaa cgacttaata caatatagga ttaaaaataa     60660
     agcagccagt catctttata aggcatttag taaaggaaat gtgttcgtat ttttgttggt     60720
     aaaaattatc atttgtgtct gctaaattag ttgtgtgctg aattgtacac ctgtcacact     60780
     ctaaaactta atattaattt ggttaagagc ttattagaaa ataaataaac tgaatttgta     60840
     tattaaatag agcatgaact catacattgt gaatacactt taatgtgtga tgagaacttt     60900
     ttaaatgttt ttaataatgt gtgtggtgat ggaaatgaca tttcaacagt ttattgtgaa     60960
     aaataatgaa aaatagcttc accgattaac tttgaattga tacaagcctt tcatatatac     61020
     aaaacactct tatttaccct cattttgttt tggttttaca tttttaagta ggttttattg     61080
     ttagtttgac aaagaaagag gaatttgaac aaaattatat atatgtttgg atatttgatc     61140
     aaaggacata aaagtgctcg tagttgaaga attacccaga tcctgaaaat agagatttga     61200
     cagacacaga cgcttcagct gaacacatca ctacattagg tcatgtttaa cttcagtcac     61260
     tgatcaaaat catgtcaaag attaaaaact gattcaaata atcataataa taaagtcaac     61320
     aagaacagat tttgatcctt cctgaaacag atgaagacag aaaacgactc gcttcaacag     61380
     gaagcagaac tgtgctcacg atgacctcag tttaactcaa gcctctctgt catttgaaga     61440
     tccccataaa aactgtgata tttagcattt gatgataagt ctctatttaa taataattac     61500
     ttttttagtt tagacctcta gactttctgc ttccttttac acattaaaat gtttctggtt     61560
     gtcagcatca gtggaggaaa atacacagaa ctacagctgc gccacaggaa ggtgaaatct     61620
     cagtgcttta catttgctgt gctgaagttc aggaaaaaca tcagcacaat ctttcaaatc     61680
     aactgaactg caaaggtgta attcagaaat atctccacag gagggcgaca tgtttaaatt     61740
     catactatta gatttgcagt ggtgtcattc accaaaatca ccacaggagg gcgaacattt     61800
     taaattcatc aagttcgcag tggtgtaatt cagaaatatc tccacaggag ggagaaacgt     61860
     tcattatttt agagcggcag cagtgcagtc cacaaaaatc cccacaagag ggcgaatatt     61920
     ttaaattcag ctaactacat caaatttact ttattgtgcc ctcctgtggt aatttttgta     61980
     aactacatca caaattgaca ttaagacgcc attctgtggt ggtttttgta aactacatca     62040
     ctacaaattg attaattggc cctcttgtgg tgatttttgt aaactacgtc actaattgac     62100
     attaatgcgc cctcctgtgg tgatttttgt aaactacatc actacaaatt gacattaaag     62160
     cgccctcctg tggtgatttt tgtaaactac atcactacaa attgacatta aagcgccctc     62220
     ctgtggtgat ttttgtaaac tacatcacta caaattgaca ttaatgcacc ctcctgtggt     62280
     gatttttgta aactacataa caaattgacg ttaatgcgcc ctcctgtggt gatttttgta     62340
     aactacatca caaattgaca ttaatgcacc ctcctgtggt gatttttgta aactacataa     62400
     caaattgacg ttattgcgcc ctcctgtggt gatttttgta aactacatca caaattgacg     62460
     ttaatgcgcc ctcctgtggt gatttttgta aactacatca cagattgacg ttaatgcgcc     62520
     ctcctgtggt gatttttgta aactacatca taaattgacg ttattgcgcc ctcctgtggt     62580
     gatttttcat gaactacatt gttaaaatga acattgtttc accctcctct agtaaatcgt     62640
     gaactacact gactttattg atctttaatt taacgtgatg aattttgtga actacatctc     62700
     aaaaaaaaag atttaatcaa tccttaatgc atcacatcgt cctctggtgc tttttgtaaa     62760
     ctacaccact acaaattgac ttgaactgac tcactatgtc tgtctagtag cgcttctgct     62820
     tgagtaactt gattaaacat gtcagttact caaaaaaagt gacccttagc cagtcattaa     62880
     agatctttat taactcttta catgtcaaac tcaaaatgtt agcacatgca aattaaataa     62940
     cttattcaag caaatacctt tctgatgaga aaacacagag cacagacctg catgggttac     63000
     tgcagtcctg aagacattga ttggcttcag gtgttttcga tcaggttgta gttaaactca     63060
     ggaaagtgga gcaggagcag gattagacac gccccctcat tttgaatctc tttcctcact     63120
     ctgcttttcc atttattgtg tttctacaca tatctgcata tcgttctgtg ggtgagtggg     63180
     tagattattg tgtcttggta caggaaagtg tgagtttgaa tctcacgatt gcttaagttc     63240
     atagtggatt ttgataaatg atttattcag ttcaaagtaa aaacaatcaa tttaatctga     63300
     aagcctaaaa gacgatttaa agcacatatg attcatgtca tggtctgtgg ctaagtggat     63360
     agttgctagt acattggttg tgagctgtct gggttcaaat cccaaattca ccaaagtgtt     63420
     tatttgcttg tttctcacaa tttcagatta gttgtgataa tttatcacac agtaaaaaaa     63480
     aaaacacaca cacatataaa agactcagtg gcgcttgcga taaaagctct ttactgaaaa     63540
     catgacctcc agggttcaaa ccttactatt gcatgtttta aacaatacct ctatgcaatt     63600
     atacacataa aaacccagaa gaccatcaca aaacacagct tctgtggtgc agcgtctaaa     63660
     tacttgacta tcaagtaagt gaagcaaggt tcaaaccctg cacatgtata ctttttccct     63720
     ccattaacac aactctcaaa tataccacaa ccaaaacatt tgttaatcat cacactcagt     63780
     ggctcagcag atacagcact cagctttcat cttggagact ggggttcaaa tcccattctt     63840
     gcttatgttc atttgctgtc cataaaccca acaatacgcg ccaaatgaca gatgtcagca     63900
     tgaaagccat gatggcacta atggctaaac acatgttggt tgcggacaag gttacggtac     63960
     gctctgggtt cgaaacccac taaagacaga aaattggggc cacagcaaat tacctggggc     64020
     ggtaatacaa agaagaggca gaagcaaact ggggcggtaa tacaaagaag aggtggagag     64080
     ctgaagcggt aatacagaac ggttacacaa tagtacaaat cacggaccag agatgatgaa     64140
     agttgggctg agcatgtatc tgaggcagta cggcaggtga aggctgaact gacagatgag     64200
     aaggtggggt caggataaga gaggaggtgg agactgaagg tgggccagaa agagagaagg     64260
     tggagtaaaa ataagaataa taaaaataat ttatttattt tttatttatt tatttatttt     64320
     taattaaata aattctaata aactttaaaa acaattaaga tcctcatttt tcttaagagc     64380
     agtagcatgc attgggttcg aagccagccg ttgtgtgatg cgtttaggtc tcatgctgaa     64440
     tgctctgacc actaggccat ctccactttc agttattttg aagtggacag aattactcat     64500
     atttcacaca aaaaaaaaaa ctaaattaat tgaaaaaaaa tattattaaa ttattagcgt     64560
     atataaaaaa cagacttaaa cgtgcactaa aatatgttta aaatcagaat aaaacattat     64620
     ttttcacttt ataataaaaa atctgaataa aatatttttt aatttacatt ttttaaaaaa     64680
     aaggaaacat tgaaaaacct aaaaaatgca aacagattta gacacaaaca ctgtataata     64740
     tgtatgcttt gcattatgaa cactatgaaa tcctcaattg tatacaataa attaattaaa     64800
     cttcaactga ttcttaaacg taaatataaa caaatagtgt cttaaaatga cattttggct     64860
     ggttttaatt taatgcattt atagactgaa taattagaag ttgatctagg atatgatttc     64920
     tggtcatttt atatattttt taatatttaa tattagtcgc aaagagatta ctctgcagaa     64980
     aacattatga aaaattacct aatcaatgtc aagtgctgtg agtttaggtc aaattaagct     65040
     tttgctaatt ttgagtgaat acatttacac acatttaaaa tgtttttact tgttacaatt     65100
     aaatgcctat tatgatttca gtattaatga attagaatta ttattaatga attagaagta     65160
     ttcttagcaa taataaaata ttaatattag tcacaatgag aaaagcctgc agaacagaaa     65220
     acattatgaa tgcttatcaa gtgctgtgag tttgagtcaa atgtgcattg aaaaaaagca     65280
     acatgcacaa aacatttctc taagtttgtt ataaaagtat aaatctgtcc tcaaaaaaag     65340
     catttaaaaa taaagtaaaa ttaactattt gaaatccaag taaaaataga aaagcaataa     65400
     taaaaatctt tttaaaattc cacaataata ttttgtatta ttataaaata caaattatta     65460
     ttattattat tgttattgtt atcattatta ttatatacaa attattattt taatcagtac     65520
     tttagttatt tttgtaatta atgaaaatga ctatattcaa tagtttatag tagttatatt     65580
     ttatataaaa gtagttatat tgtctattta gatttactaa attgctaaaa ttcgattaaa     65640
     caacaacaac aataataata gcacttagat gtgttattta gatgcgttta gtcaactaaa     65700
     attagatcta actgtaactt tttccatcaa caaataaacg tttaggcccc atttaaccta     65760
     aatgtaaaat attgtgtact tcatacagtt tctgttacat tattttacat ctactattaa     65820
     tataaactat tattcaagca caaaaaaaac aacaacaaaa tgattaagaa atgagtgatg     65880
     actcatcttg cactacacca gttttgtcca atcaaatgct tcctaaacaa acctctcacc     65940
     aaggcaggtc acaagcgaca gagcagcagc acaacaaaca cactttctag actctctact     66000
     ggaaatataa actcataaat acctttcctg gagctgtgaa tccgcctgaa gtgtggagga     66060
     ccgtcagaaa aattaaatat gtgcagcaga aacacacgtg tgtatcttca ctgctgcaga     66120
     ggagagagag agagagagca atgactgaac acaaacacta caacaacatc actacaaact     66180
     aaaccaacga agcaaagtcc cttacaggtg agtcgcgtta ctctccattt ctgcacttgg     66240
     tgtggctttt cttcgctgtc gggttgtaat atctgctgtt gactgacatt atgagtctgt     66300
     cactgagctg tcatctgctg gagctcaact tgacgccagt aaaacggtgt acctgtgttg     66360
     ttctggtgtc gctgttgtca aaggtgttca ggctaaagag cagctcgctg atgccgccta     66420
     gtggagcgga ttgagaactg cgtatagatt acctggagtg ttagatcaca tcacatcagt     66480
     gtacacatgc tgtaacatca tgtagcaaca acaaaataat cgatacttta tgtaatatat     66540
     gtaagttaaa gctgcagttt gtaactgttt ttactaaact aaaatataat aaatgaagtg     66600
     ccaaagtcgc aatattagtg tttggtgaga ctgtttttat ttgtttatta tttcattttt     66660
     tatttcaaca aatacaatat cagtacttaa caagttcaaa atatcaaatt cagcagtcag     66720
     tagtaaggtt cagtcgttac acattactgt ggctaaatag actgcatatt gacattttag     66780
     acagaaagga ggaaaagaaa aacaaaaggg gcattacagc aaaatgtaca atattttatt     66840
     agagacgtag ctctgtttac agttaaaaaa aattaataca ttattaaaaa tcaataaatt     66900
     tgcaaagttg gggtttaggt tactccattt ggattgatga atataatagt aagaatagtg     66960
     tgatttagct tctgcacttc agtacatttc tccacctcta atttattaga gtatttttat     67020
     tcaggtaaaa gttagttcat atttcaaaga attacattta aatgttaact cctatacgtt     67080
     tatgcatttg aaggtgcggt aaagttaaat gttgtaatgt tattttgaga gaagtctgaa     67140
     tgcagacctg gtgcagtgca atctgagctg catcaaaagc tttttaatgc gctcacctaa     67200
     accccacccc tcacagtgac gtcactagct gcattaagtg cattgtgtct gacattgcat     67260
     ctctgaaata tgcagcctca gcttgtatca tcaaggcaga atccagatac tattgattat     67320
     ttttgaactg gaacaaccat cagctgatag acatgataga cgtctttaca tgatagagct     67380
     cggtttatga tcaaactact tcttctcagt taaagtgttg tgcaaatcac actgaacata     67440
     aatcctttga actgaactaa tctgactgca gctcttctgg agtgatctgt atgctggtcg     67500
     agagagctca aacgatttct gcaagttaag aaaacatgtg caaattgagg aaaacatctt     67560
     catctatttg acaaaacaca tattctcaca agacatgcaa tatagactca cacataaagc     67620
     acagacagga atgtgtcagg ggaccccaaa atgtaatgca ccagctcttt cctgtttaaa     67680
     atcagtggca gcatatgatc aagataggaa aattaatatg agctcaaaat gcatgtattt     67740
     accatcaatc tgctttgaaa tgttgttaac agtttagaaa tgagttagtc agcatgcaga     67800
     aaaatgatcc tgaaaatgtt gtttttttgc tgtttgtaga gtataaatga ataaatgttt     67860
     gggaaaaaaa tgtttattgc atgcattttg tgtgaaagca atgaaaaatg attgaccgtt     67920
     tgctccctgt agacttctgt taagctgttt gagtcaacag tttggaaaac gtggcttcag     67980
     atctccacaa tgcctgttag aagttgataa gagctaaaca tttacaatat gtttaattct     68040
     gatgtataac actgttcagc acaaataaaa agccgttaat aactgggaat aactcagtgt     68100
     tattaataat atattaaata aaaatacaga taaatgtggt gctttgtgga gttgaaactg     68160
     ttagaataaa ataatcatct ctaatattca aaaaccttga cgtgcaagca gaatcagtgt     68220
     tgaagtcttc attaaataaa tgacgcttta aagttacact aaaagaagag aggatctcgt     68280
     atattgattt gtttcaaatt cctttatctt cacatttttc ttgcatcctg aggtgaaaag     68340
     gaaggaaaat aaatgaggaa agtaacggag gaagcagaaa taagaattaa gaagcaccaa     68400
     gagtctccag ttaagagaaa atcactgatt tcacaagtct gactgagagt aaagagaaca     68460
     ggacgtcctc ggagtcaaga ttattatcat taagcatttg taatttaggt tttatttcaa     68520
     tactttcaat acaatacttc agtttcagtt cctttcatta atggttttat tagttttagt     68580
     ttagttttta tcttgtgaac acgtctctgt ttagttttta tgtttacttt cagctttact     68640
     tttagtaatt ctagttccag agcaaagttg agtgtttaca cagattatat tttactctta     68700
     gtaacacaaa taaaacaatt atttaacaaa caccgaatcc aaaattattc agacaaattc     68760
     tgcagagttt atacttcaac atctgtatat taaatatcac actgtatatg tagataaaca     68820
     tgcctagttt aaaaaaggca tgtttataat ctttatcttg acaaaacact aaaatcatgt     68880
     tcactactgt cagttgtttg tgaaataagt ttgaggtaaa aggtgaagca tgttgtaagt     68940
     ccagtgtatg aattgctgtc tgtacttgtg agtttgaact gaacttatac agttcattta     69000
     tttcatttca gtctgtcaaa actatagaac ttctcttgat catggtcctg gatgcttcag     69060
     gggaaatgct aattcaccaa aaactccaca agagggcgaa atgtttcagt tcattacttt     69120
     agatttgcaa ttgtgtaatt caccaaaatc tccacaggag ggtaaaactt tgaatttcat     69180
     tattttagaa aggcagcagt gcagttcaca aatatcacca caagagggcg aatattttaa     69240
     tatcatcaag ttcgcagtgg tgtaattcag aaatatctcc acaggaggga gaaaccttca     69300
     ttattttaga gcggcagcag tgcagtccac aaaaatcccc acaagagggc gaatatttta     69360
     aattcagtag attgtagatt tgcaaaggtg aaattcagag aaatctccac aggagggcgc     69420
     aatatttgat acatatgtaa tatttgtcta tttgactatt gttagatcag atattcagtg     69480
     tgtgtaataa tgtgttgatt tgtgtgtcga ctctacagga tcagtgaagt gttgtggact     69540
     gtaagcctgt taaacagaag cagagacgag tggacagaca ctgactgtac tgatgatgat     69600
     catctgctgc tgcacaggtg atgtacatca tgtgtgtgat tggttgtgtg tgtgtctgtt     69660
     ccacatgtcg gttaccatca tttgctttgt ggagggtcac tcctctacaa agtaaatgat     69720
     ggtaaccgaa acgggtgggg aagggacaaa ggtccagaat ttttatacag ttcattttaa     69780
     attttttgcc aggctgtaaa gtataacccc tgctggacac ggctccggaa gctccagggg     69840
     gagaccgaac tggtatcccc ccttcttcag gcgcgcctca cactcactca ccattcactc     69900
     atatcgcaga gttctggctg gccttgaacc agcaacccct gaagccgtgg ggcagcgctc     69960
     ttaccacaga gccacagatc tccatgtctg aacacttgct ggaactgagt tttgactcaa     70020
     tccgagctgc gatattaata ataaactaag taaagtaaca tctaaatgtg cctagaaccc     70080
     atgtctccgt catcatcagg gcacatgttt gtccactgac ccaccatgca attactgtta     70140
     agttgggcat ttaagcaatt ttgttgtatt taatgattat aatttaacat aattgaaagt     70200
     cagatttgat cccattacct cacacgtgta gacatagctc cttattactt gcaccactga     70260
     ggctgcagag atttgacctg tgttggtggt gatttttgtt aactacatcg caacaaattg     70320
     actgccctcc tttggtgaat tttatgaact tgattgctac aaatggactt tattgcaccc     70380
     tcctgtggtg acttttgtaa actacatcag tacaaattga ctttattgcg ccccttgtgg     70440
     tgattttttg ttaagtacat ctctacaaga tgattttatt gctccctcct ctggtgaatt     70500
     ttgtgaacta tcaccacaaa ttcactttat tgcgccctcc tgcaatgatt tgttaactac     70560
     attgacttta ttgatcctta atttaaagtg ccctcctgtg gtgaatttgg tgaactacat     70620
     tgactttatt gattcttaaa gcgccctcct gtggtgactt ttgtgaacta cattgacttt     70680
     attgatcctt aatttaaagc gccctcctgt ggtgactttt gtgaactaca ttgactttat     70740
     tgatccttaa tttaacgcgc cctcctgtgg tgaattttgt gaactacatt gactttatta     70800
     gtccttcatg taacgcgccc tcctgtagtt tttttttttt taactacatc agtaacattt     70860
     tctttattga tccttaattc atcacaccct cctgtggtga tttttgttaa caacaaattg     70920
     acatgaaact gtggtcattt gtatgagaaa acctcactgt ctgtgtctag tagcgcttct     70980
     gcttgagtat cttgattaaa catgtcagtt actcaaaaaa gtgaccctta gccagtcatt     71040
     aaagatcttt attaactctt tacacgtcaa actcaaaatg ttaacatgca aattaaataa     71100
     cttattcaag caaatacctt tctgatgaga aaacacagag cacaagagca cagatctgca     71160
     tggatgttac tgcagtcctg aagacattga ttggcttcag gtgttttcaa tcaggttgta     71220
     gttaaactca ggaaagtgga gcaggattaa acacgcctcc tcattttgaa tctctttaga     71280
     gattaaacat ttaatgtgtc ataagacaca agtggttatg gttgagtgga taggtggttg     71340
     tggcttgaac cgacgaactg ttggtttgaa tctaatgatt gcttacacat gaagtggatt     71400
     ttggtgaact attcaagttc aaagtaaaaa catttaattt gatcctataa gacggtttaa     71460
     tgcagtgagc agttgattca tcgtcagtgg ctcagtggat agttgttagt tccttgttgt     71520
     tggaaagtct gagtttgaat cccacaatca ccacaatgtt tatttactaa gtaattgagg     71580
     accaaagagc ctaaaatgta atttaaaaca ctgtttataa cagattgtat ggtgtgcttg     71640
     ataatcattt gagtttaggt gttgtagagt ctgggtttga atcctgcact tcccaaagtt     71700
     ctttaaatca cgactctaag caattactag gcaacaaaat cactcaaatg cccaacaatg     71760
     ttgtgaaatc cttgataggt gagtggataa atgcatgtac tctgagtgag aggcctttgt     71820
     taagacaaaa gggttcaaat ccctctagac ctgtgtttta ttgacagctt acacacaggt     71880
     caacagtgat atataagttc cagcatgagt ttagacagag catctgtggc tctgtggtaa     71940
     tgacacagag cataatatct ctacccatca aagagaacat gggttcaaat ctcactatgt     72000
     ggagagtttc acttatttat cataaaatca caggtaacat agagtgaaat aaaagttcct     72060
     gcaaactttc aaacacaaga tctatggctc tgtggtaaga gcacttggta tgagatctca     72120
     acccatcaca atagaccaca gatttaattt ttattatcac acacagatac gcagtgaaat     72180
     atgtcttccg ccggtgattg gatgtgagat ttgtagctct gtggttgaag cacttggttt     72240
     gagatctcca tccacaaaac agggcatggg ttccaatccc acttcagcat gaagagagtt     72300
     taccttcttt aactagttta ttgtgagatc acagctcggg tagagtcaaa catcagttcc     72360
     agcaagtgtt cagacatgga gatctgtggc tctgtggtaa gagcgctgcc ccacggcttc     72420
     aggggttgct ggttcaaggc cagccagaac tctgcgatat gagtgaatgg tgagtgagtg     72480
     tgaggcgcgc ctgaagaagg ggggatacca gttcggtctc cccctggagc ttccggagcc     72540
     gtgtccagca ggggttatac tttacagcct ggcaaaaaat ttaaaatgaa ctgtataaaa     72600
     attctggacc tttgtccctt ccccacccgt ttcggttacc atcatttact ttgtagagga     72660
     gtgaccctcc acaaagcaaa tgatggtaac cgacatgtgg aacagacaca cacacaacca     72720
     atcacacaca tgatgtacat cacctgtgca gcagcagatg atcatcatca gtacagtcag     72780
     tgtctgtcca ctcgtctctg cttctgttta acaggcttac agtccacaac acttcactga     72840
     tcctgtagag tcgacacaca aatcaacaca ttattacaca cactgaatat ctgatctaac     72900
     aatagtcaaa tagacaaata ttacatatgt atcaaatatt gcgccctcct gtggagattt     72960
     ctctgaattt cacctttgca aatctacaat ctactgaatt taaaatattc gccctcttgt     73020
     ggggattttt gtggactgca ctgctgccgc tctaaaataa tgaaggtttc tccctcctgt     73080
     ggagatattt ctgaattaca ccactgcgaa cttgatgata ttaaaatatt cgccctcttg     73140
     tggtgatatt tgtgaactgc actgctgcct ttctaaaata atgaaattca aagttttacc     73200
     ctcctgtgga gattttggtg aattacacaa ttgcaaatct aaagtaatga actgaaacat     73260
     ttcgccctct tgtggagttt ttggtgaatt agcatttccc ctgaagcatc caggaccatg     73320
     atcaagagaa gttctatagt tttgacagac tgaaatgaaa taaatgaact gtataagttc     73380
     agttcaaact cacaagtaca gacagcaatt catacactgg acttacaaca tgcttcacct     73440
     tttacctcaa acttatttca caaacaactg acagtagtga acatgatttt agtgttttgt     73500
     caagataaag attataaaca tgcctttttt aaactaggca tgtttatcta catatacagt     73560
     gtgatattta atatacagat gttgaagtat aaactctgca gaatttgtct gaataatttt     73620
     ggattcggtg tttgttaaat aattgtttta tttgtgttac taagagtaaa atataatctg     73680
     tgtaaacact caactttgct ctggaactag aattactaaa agtaaagctg aaagtaaaca     73740
     taaaaactaa acagagacgt gttcacaaga taaaaactaa actaaaacta ataaaaccat     73800
     taatgaaagg aactgaaact gaagtattgt attgaaagta ttgaaataaa acctaaatta     73860
     caaatgctaa atgataataa tcttgactcc gaggacgtcc tgttctcttt actctcagtc     73920
     agacttgtga aatcagtgat tttctcttaa ctggcttcct ccgttacttt cctcatttac     73980
     tttccttcct tttcacctca ggatgcaaga aaaatgtgaa gataaaggaa tttgaaacaa     74040
     atcaatatac gagatcctct cttcttttag tgtaacttta aattgtcatt tatttaatga     74100
     agacttcaac actgattctg cttgcacgtc aaggtttttg aatattagag atgattattt     74160
     tattctaaca gtttcaactc cacaaagcac cacatttatc tgtattttta ttttatatat     74220
     tattaataag actgagttat tcccagttat taacggcttt ttatttgtgc tgaacagtgt     74280
     tatacatcag aattaaacat attataaata attgaacgct tacagctctt ttcaacttct     74340
     aacaggcatt gtggagatct gaagccacat tttccaaact gttgactcaa acagcttaac     74400
     agaagtctac agggagcaaa cggtcaatca tttttcattg ctttcacaca aaatgtatgc     74460
     aatgagcact tttttcaaac atttattcat ttatactcta caaacagcaa aaaaacaaca     74520
     ttttcaggat catttttctg catgctgact aactcatttc taaactgtta acaacatttc     74580
     aaagcagatt gatggtaaat acatgcattt tgagctcata ttaattttcc tatcttgatc     74640
     atatgctgcc actgatttta aacaggaaag agctgatgca ttacattttg gggtcccctg     74700
     acacattcct gtctgtgctt tatgtgtgag tctatattgc atgtcttgtg agaatatgtg     74760
     ttttgtcaaa tagatgaaga tgttttcctc aatttgcaca tgttttctta acttgcagaa     74820
     atcgtttgag ctctcttgac cagcatacag atcactccag aagagctgca gtcagattag     74880
     ttcagttcaa aggatttatg ttgagtgtga tttgcgcaac actttcactg agaagtagtt     74940
     tgataatgaa atgagctttg ttatcatgtg aagacgtcta tcatgtctat cagctgatga     75000
     ttgttccagt tcaaaaatag tcaatagtat ctggattctg ccttgatgat acaagctgag     75060
     gctgcatatt tcagagatgc aatgtcagac acaatgcact taatgcagct agtgacgtct     75120
     ttggaatatg aactaacttt tacctgaata aaaatactct aataaattag aggtggagaa     75180
     atgtactgaa gtgcagaagc taaatcacac tattcttact attatattca tcaatccaaa     75240
     tggagtaacc ttaaccccaa ctttgcatat ttattcattt ttaataatat attaattttt     75300
     tttaactgta aacagagcta cgtctctaat aaaatattgt acattttgct gtaatgcccc     75360
     ttttgttttt cttttcctcc tttctgtcta aaatgtcaat atgcagtcta tttagccaca     75420
     gtaatgtgta atgactgaac catactactg actgctgaat ttgatatttt gaacttgtta     75480
     agtactgata ttgtatttgt taaaataaaa aatgaaataa taaacaaata aaaacagtct     75540
     caccaaacac taatattgcg acttttgcac ttcatttatt atattttagt ttagtaaaaa     75600
     cagttacaaa ctgcagcttt aacttgcata ttttacataa agtatcgatt attttttttt     75660
     aatgctacat gatgttacag aatgtgtaca ctgatgtgat gtgactccag gtaatctata     75720
     cgcagttctc aattcgctcc actaggcagc atcagcgagc tgctctttag cctgaacacc     75780
     tttgacaaca gcgacaccag aacaacacag gtacaccgtt ttactggcgt caagttgagc     75840
     tccagcagat gacagctcag tgacagactc ataatgtcag tcaacagcag atattacagc     75900
     ccgacagcga agaaaagcca caccaagtgc agaaatggag agtaacgcga ctcacctgta     75960
     agggactttg cttcgttggt ttagtttgta gtgatgttgt tgtagtgttt gtgttcagtc     76020
     attgctctct ctctctctct ctctctctcc tctgcagcag tgaagataca cacgtgtgtc     76080
     tgttgtgttt ctgctgcaca tatttaattt ttctgacggt cctccacact tcaggcagat     76140
     ttacagctcc aggaaaggta tttatgagtt tatatttcca gtagagagtc tagaaagtgt     76200
     gtttgttgtg ctgctgctct gtcgcttgtg acctgcgttg gtgagaggtt tgtttaggaa     76260
     gcatttgatt ggacaaaact ggtgtagtgc aagatgagtc atcactcatt tcttaatcat     76320
     tttgtttttt ttgtgcttga ataatagttt atattaatag tagatgtaaa ataatgtaac     76380
     agaaactgta tgaagtacac aatattttac atttaggtta aatggggcct aaacgtttat     76440
     ttgttgatgg aaaaagttac agttagatct aattttagtt gactaaacgc atctaaataa     76500
     cacatctaag tgctattatt attgttgttg ttgtttaatc gaattttagc aatttagtaa     76560
     atctaaatag acaatataac tacttttata taaaatataa ctactataaa ctattgaata     76620
     tagtcatttt cattaattac aaaaataact aaagtactga ttaaaataat aatttgtata     76680
     taataataat gataacaata ataataataa taataatttg tattttataa taatacaaaa     76740
     tattattgtg gaattttaaa aagattttta ttattgcttt tctattttta cttggatttt     76800
     aaatagttaa ttttacttta tttttaaatg cttttttgag gacagattta tacttttaaa     76860
     acaaacttag agaaatgttt tgtgcatgtt gctttttttt aatgcacatt tgactcacaa     76920
     actcacagca cttgataagc attcataatg ttttctgttc tgcaggcttt tctcattgtg     76980
     actaatatta atattttatt attgctaaga atacttctaa ttcattaata ataattctaa     77040
     ttcattaata ctgaaatcat aataggcatt taattgtaac aagtaaaaac attttaaatg     77100
     tgtgtaaatg tattcactta aaattagcaa aagcttaatt tgacctaaac tcacagcact     77160
     tgacattgat aaggtaattt ttcataatgt tttctgcaga gtaatctctt tgcgactaat     77220
     attaaatatt aaaatatata aaatgatgag aaataaaatc ctagatcaac tttaattatt     77280
     cagtctataa atgcattaaa ttaaaaccag ccaaaatgtc attttaagac actatttgtt     77340
     tatatttacg tttaagaatc agttgaagtt taattaattt attgtataca gttgaggatt     77400
     tcatagtgtt cataatgcaa agcatacata ttatacagtg tttgtgtcta aatctgtttg     77460
     cattttttag gtttttcaat gttttttttt ttcaaaatgt aaattaaaaa atattttatt     77520
     cagatttttt gttataaagt gaaaaataat gttttattct gattttaaac atattttagt     77580
     gcacgtttaa gtctgttttt tatatacgct aataatttaa taatattttt tttcaattaa     77640
     tttttttttt tttttttttg tgaaatatga gaaattctgt ccacttcaaa ataactgaaa     77700
     gtgcatgtct gtgtatggct ggagatggcc tagtggtcag agcattcagc atgagaccta     77760
     aacccatcgc acaacagctg gcttcgaacc caatgcatgc tactgctctt aagaaaaatg     77820
     aggatcttaa ttgtttttaa agtttattag aatttattta attaaaaata aataaataaa     77880
     taaataaata aataaaaatt aaataaatta ttttttttat acttattttt actccacctt     77940
     ctctctttct ggcccacctt cagtctccac ctcctctctt atcctgagtc ctcagccttc     78000
     acctgccgta ctgcctcagg tacatgctca gcccaacttt aatcatctct ggtccgtgat     78060
     ttgtactatt gtgtaaccat tctgtgttac cacttgaggt tgcttcagat ctccacctct     78120
     tctttgtatt accgccccag tttgcttctt gtttctacct cttctttgta ttaccgcccc     78180
     aggtaactca ctgtggcccc agttgtctgt ctttggtggg tttcgaaccc agagcgtacc     78240
     ataatcttgt ccgcaaccaa catgtgttta gccattagtg ccatcatggc tttcatgctg     78300
     acatctgtca tttggcgcgt attgttgggt ttatggacag caaatgaaca taagcaagaa     78360
     tgggatttga accccagtct ccaagatgaa agctgaacgc tttatctgct gagccactga     78420
     gtgtgatgat tagcaaatgt tttggttgtg gtatatttga gagctgtgtt aatggaggga     78480
     aaaagtatac atgtgcaggg tttgaacctt gcttcactta catgatagtc aagtatttag     78540
     acgctgcacc acagaggctg tgttatatga tggtcttctg ggtttttatg tgtataattg     78600
     catagaggta ttgtttaaaa catgcaatag taaggtttga accctggagg tcatgatttc     78660
     agtaaagagc ttttatctca agcgccacta agtcttttat atgtgtgtgt gtttgtttgt     78720
     tttttgtgtg tgataaatta tcacaactaa tctgaaattg tgagaaacaa gcaaataaat     78780
     actttggtga ttctgggatt tgaacccaga caactcacaa ccaacatact agcaactatc     78840
     cacttagcca cagaccatga tatgaatcat aagtgcttta aatcatcttt taggctttca     78900
     gattaaattg attgttttta ctttgaactg aataaatcat ttatcaaaat ccactatgaa     78960
     cttaagcaat cgtgagattc aaactcacac tttcctgtac caagacacaa tcatctaccc     79020
     actcacccac agaacgacat gcagatatgt gtagaaacac aataaatgga aaagcagagt     79080
     gaggaaagag attcaaaatg aggaggcgtg tctaatcctg ctcctgctcc actttcctga     79140
     gtttaactac aacctgatca aaaacacctg aagccaatca atgtcttcag gactgcagta     79200
     acccatgcag gtctgtgctc tgtgttttct catcagaaag gtatttgctt gaataagtta     79260
     tttaatttgc atgtgttaac attttgagtt tgacgtgtaa agagttaata aagatcttta     79320
     atgactggct aagggtcact tttttgagta actgacatgt ttaatcaagt tactcaagca     79380
     gaagcgctac tagacagaca tagtgagtca gttcaagtca atttgtagtg gtgtagttaa     79440
     caaaaagcac cagaggacga tgtgatgcat taaggattga ttaaatcttt ttttttgaga     79500
     tgtagttcac aaaattcatc acgttaaatt aaagatcaat aaagtcagtg tagttcacga     79560
     tttactagag gagggtgaaa caaggttcat tttaacaatg tagttcatga aaaatcacca     79620
     caggagggcg caataacgtc aatttgtgat gtagtttaca aaaatcacca caggagggcg     79680
     cattaacgtc aatttgtgat gtagtttaca aaaatcacca caggagggcg cattaacgtc     79740
     aatttgtgat gtagtttaca aaaatcacca caggagggcg caataacgtc aatttgtgat     79800
     gtagtttaca aaaatcacca caggagggcg cattaatgtc aatttgtagt gatgtagttt     79860
     acaaaaatcc ccacaggagg gcgcattaat gtcaatttgt gatgtagttt acaaaaatcc     79920
     ccacaggagg gtgcattaac gtcaatttgt gatgtagttt acaaaaatca ccacaggagg     79980
     gcgcattaat gtcaatttgt gatgtagttt acaaaaatta ccacaggagg gcacaataaa     80040
     gtaaatttga tgtagttagc taaaaccacc acaggagggt gtaacagtcc attcgtaaca     80100
     atgttgttcc cagaggaggg tgcaacacac ttaagtttat tatagagtct attaaactaa     80160
     cacaagtcaa atctctgctg gctcagtggt gcaaggaata atgagctgtg acagtagtca     80220
     tgaggttgtg agttctaatc ccactccaat tatgttaaat tgtaatcatt aaatacgaca     80280
     aaatcgctta aatgccccac ttcactgtga atccatggtg ggtcagtgga ttaacatgtg     80340
     ctctgagaac aagatgatga tggagacatg ggttcatgac acacgaagag gttactctgt     80400
     tgcttagttt attattaaaa tcacagctcg ggtagagtca aacatcagtt ccagcaagtg     80460
     ttcagacagg agatctgtgg ctctgtggta agagcgctgc cccacggctt caggggttgc     80520
     tggttcatgg ccagccagaa ctctgcgata tgagtgaatg gtgagtgagt gtgaggcgcg     80580
     cctgaagaag gggggatacc agttcggtct ccccctggag cttccggagc cgtgtccagc     80640
     aggggttata ctttacagcc tggcaaaaaa tttaaaatga actgtataaa aattctggac     80700
     ctgcgtccct tccccacccg tttcggttac catcatttac tttgtagagg agtgaccctc     80760
     cacaaagcaa atgatggtaa cagacacaca cacaaccaat cacacacatg atgtacatca     80820
     cctgtgcagc agcagatgat catcatcagt acagtcagtg tctgtccact cgtctctgct     80880
     tctgttcaac agacttacag tccacaacac ttcactgatc ctgtagagtc gacacacaaa     80940
     tcaacacatt attacacacg ctgaatatct gatctaacaa tagacaaata gacaaatatt     81000
     acataagtat caaatattgc gccctcctgt ggagatttct ctgaactaca cttttgcaaa     81060
     tcttgaatct actgaattta aaatattcgc cctcttgtgg ggatttttgt ggactgcact     81120
     gctgccgctc taaaataata aaggtttctc cctcctgtgg agatatttct gaattacacc     81180
     actgcgaact tgatgaattt aaaatgttta ccctcctgtg gtgattttgg tgaatgacac     81240
     cactgcatat ctaatagtgt gaatttaaac atgtcgccct cctgtggaga tatttctgaa     81300
     ttacatcttt tgcagatccg ttgatttgaa agattgtgct gatgtttttc ctgaacttca     81360
     gcacagcaaa tgtaaagcac tgagatttca ccttcctgtg gcgcagctgt agttatgtgt     81420
     attttcctcc actgatgctg acaaccagaa acattttaat gtgtaaaagg aagcagaaag     81480
     tcttgaggtc taaactaaaa aagtaattat tattaaatag agacttatca aatgctaaat     81540
     atcacacagt ttttatggag atcttcaaat gacagagagg cttgagttaa actgaggtca     81600
     tcgtgagcac agttctgctt cctgttgaag cgagtcgttt tctgtcttca tctgttcagg     81660
     aaggatcaaa atctgttctt gttgatttta ttattatgat tatttgaatc agtttttaat     81720
     ctttgacatg attttgctca gtgactgaag ttaaacatga cctaatgtag tgatgtgttc     81780
     agctgaagcg tctgtgtctg tcaaatctct attttcagga tctgggtaat tcttcaacta     81840
     tgagcacttt tatgtccttt gatcaaatat ccaaacatat atataatttg gttcaaattc     81900
     ctctttcttt gtcaaactaa caataaaacc tacttaaaaa atgtaaaacc aaaacaaaat     81960
     gaaggtaaat aagagtgttt tgtatatatg aaaggcttgt atcaattcaa atctaatcgg     82020
     tgaagctatt tttcattatt ttcacaataa actgttgaaa tgtcatttcc atcaccacac     82080
     acattattaa aaacatttaa aaagttctca tcacacatta aagtgtattc acaatgaatg     82140
     agttcatgct ctatttaata tacaaattca gtttatttat tttctaataa gctcttaacc     82200
     aaattaatat taagttttag agtgtgacag gtgtacaatc cagcacacaa ctaatttagc     82260
     agacacaaat gataattttt accaacaaaa atacgaacac atttccttta ctaaatgcct     82320
     tataaagatg actggctgct ttatttttaa tcctattttg tattaagtcg ttcattaggt     82380
     tttgtattat aagtatttct gttgctgaat gaaaacgcaa tgagtggatg aaaaaaaaat     82440
     tgtaaactct gcaagaggca gatttggtca gtctttctcc aatagtatct gcatgcagac     82500
     ttggattttt ctgcattaaa gcgcagatcc catccgctcc actaggcggc atcagcgagc     82560
     tgctctttta gcctgaacac ctttgacaac agcgacacca gaacaacaca ggtacaccgt     82620
     tttactggcg tcaagttgag ctccagtagc agatgacagc tcagtgacag actcataatg     82680
     tcagtcaaca gcagatatta cagcccgaca gcgaagaaaa gccacaccaa gtgcagaaat     82740
     ggagagtaac gcgactcacc tgtaagggac tttgcttcgt tggtttagtt tgtagtgatg     82800
     ttgttgtagt gtttgtgttc agtctttgct ctctctctct ctctcctctg cagcagtgaa     82860
     gatacacacg tgtgtctgtt gtgtttctgc tgcagatctt tgagctgcgc tcaacagctg     82920
     acgctcctcc acacgctcct ccacatccag gcggattcac agctccagga aaggtattta     82980
     tgagctcata tttccagtag agagtccaga aagtgtgttt gttgtgctgc tgctctgtcg     83040
     cgtgtttgtt gggggaggga ctttctgtgg agagcatgtg attggccaga tttggtgtag     83100
     agtcatcagt acagtatgag gagactttag aagtaaatga tgatattttc cagtgtttaa     83160
     ttgtgtttag tgacatttaa agccccacaa gcagctgtaa gataatttga aacatgttca     83220
     tgtgtctgat tgaagaataa gcatgttttc cacattttga atagtgaaat ataataatat     83280
     attcgcatat gatgcagttt acatttattt aaaataattt acatttgata tgaattattt     83340
     gtgtttattt agtttttttt tcaaaatgtg tagaatgtgg ttatcctccc attggagaca     83400
     gaaatgtggg tttatgtgtg tggtgatggt gtagtggtca gagcacacag caggacatct     83460
     gaagctgtca cagcatacct gggttcaaat ccaagcactg tcgctacttt ttactgctga     83520
     gataatcaga aaaacaacat agtaatttta tgtgtgtgtt ctcactctaa ttaccttgca     83580
     cttgtgttgg tgtgagccac acatcgaggg gggtttcgtt cccaggactc tgtcgttacc     83640
     ttgtccacca caaccatgtg ttcatccact agcccatcat ggctttcagt ctatcagctg     83700
     ctgtttgggc cacactgtct gattgaatcc catcaaccga aagtaaagta agcaatagtg     83760
     ggatttgaac ccatgtctcc tgtgtgtcag gcagaggctc atccactgaa ccacagggct     83820
     tgacatcagg cagtagttgt tttgtgagcc aaattacaaa gaaacatatg tcaaaccttg     83880
     tttatgatga aaacagtgat aaagcctcat tcagacacat tgttcaccat ctagactcag     83940
     tggctcaagt cataaactat tgatctttaa tcaaggagac ccgggttcaa acctcactat     84000
     ggctaatgtc catcttgacc tcattatact gaccaggagc ccctgatgat ggaatgaaac     84060
     ccatgatgag taaataaaca caagttctct gaggaagaga ctcataaaga caagagttca     84120
     aatctgactt gtatctcgat ctggcagaaa tgagattcga tccttcacac ttctaaatag     84180
     caggcgaacg ctcatccttt gagccaaagg gtttgacatt tggcagcagg tttttcgtgg     84240
     cccaaattac aaagaaacat gtggcaaacc ctggtcgtta tgagaatagt cataaacccc     84300
     caatctgaca cctccttcac tgtccagatt cagtggctca ggtcttaaag tattgagctt     84360
     taatctagga gacccgggtt caaacctcac catggctaat gtcccacaca attcattatg     84420
     ttcaccaaga tgatggacgc tgatgtgaaa ctaatgatgg ttgatgagtg aataaacaca     84480
     agttctctga ggaagagact cataaagaca agggttcaga tctgacatat atcttgtttt     84540
     attgaatcag ctcacacaca ggtcagcagt ccaaaatcag ttccagcaag tgttcagaca     84600
     tggagatctg tggctctgtg gtaagagcgc tgccccatgg cttcaggggt tgctggttca     84660
     aggccagcca gaactctgcg atatgaatga atggtgagtg agtgtgaggc gcgcctgaag     84720
     aaggggggat accagttcgg tctccccctg gagcttccgg agccgtgtcc agcaggggtt     84780
     atactttaca gcctggcaaa aaatttaaaa tgaactgtat aaaaattctg gacctgcgtc     84840
     ccttccccac ccgtttcggt taccatcatt tactttgtag aggagtgacc ctccacaaag     84900
     caaatgatgg taaccgacat gtggaacaga cacacacaca accaatcaca cacatgatgt     84960
     acatcacctg tgcagcagca gatgatcatc atcagtacag tcagtgtctg tccactcgtc     85020
     tctgcttctg ttcaacaggc ttacagtcca caacacttca ctgatcctgt agagtcgaca     85080
     cacaaatcaa cacattatta cacacgctga atatctgatc taacaataga caaatagaca     85140
     aatattacat gtgtatcaaa tattgcgccc tcctgtggag attattttga attacacctt     85200
     tgcaaatctt aaatctgctg aatttaaaat attcgctata acagcacctt cttgtggtga     85260
     tttttgtgaa ctgcactgct gccattctaa aatactcaaa tgcaaagttt ctccctcctg     85320
     tggagatatt tctgaattac acatttccag atttattgat ttgaaagatt gtgctgatgt     85380
     tttttctgaa ttttagcaca gcaaatgtaa agcactgaga tttcaccttc ctgtggcgca     85440
     gctgtagtta tgtgtatttt cctcctctat tgctgacaac caacatttta ttgccctcgt     85500
     ttaaagattt ctcagaagta caccataaca aatcttatga gtttaaaata ttatgatata     85560
     tattactctt gtgctgatgt ttgtaaactg cactgctgct gttataaaat aatgaagtta     85620
     aacgtttcac gcttgtgtaa agatatttct gaattacacc tttgcaaatc gaatgattct     85680
     gaggtgctgc atattctgca ttgattcaat aagctcaatt gttctctgat atttagtagg     85740
     tttgtgattt gtttaggtaa acctccagaa acagtttaat atgctcattc atttcctata     85800
     aaatatgact agagtcagaa ggttcatatc aaccatattt atgaatttga gtaagctgtg     85860
     atctgacttg cggcctgcat tattgtgtta tggataaatt taggctacat tataattaaa     85920
     cttaacaaaa gagaccggcg gagatttatt ctgttgtatt ttgaagctct gatataaaac     85980
     aggcagaatt aatatcaacc tctgcttcaa ctgttggtgt ttaataaagt gttttgcagt     86040
     tctttcactt cagaaagatt acagtaatag ccgagtgatt gactattttt aaatgtgcat     86100
     tttgtagtat gtacacactt atactcagca gactacaaaa tactcttata tagatcaaaa     86160
     tggcagagga ctgagcagtg cactgaatgt ggataatatg aatgtgtttg tgaatcagct     86220
     gatgtccaca gtagactgta aacaaacaca gtgaaactct gctattggac atctccactg     86280
     atttatttat tcttcaggac tcaaattctt aaatttgaca taaaaattgt gcagcatcca     86340
     tagaaacgtc tgaaatgttt atttgataag cacataccaa cttcatctgc agtaaagaca     86400
     gtaaaacaca tcaatacagc ttcagctgct ctctgtttaa agtcacattt tctcagttca     86460
     agcggacatt cactgatcag tttgtttatg ttttacattt tattcaacaa tattttttta     86520
     tgttgagcct gaaatcaata gtttttttta aattgtttcg tattttaatg ataattattt     86580
     gatatttcta cactgtcaat caaaaatatg ccctgaaact ctaaataaag tgagaaaatt     86640
     aatcacttat gaatgattag atgtttgagt atatgcttta aacattaaaa attagttaaa     86700
     cagacagaca tgtagcaaaa ctgtgctcac gatgatctga gtttaattcc tgcctctctg     86760
     ccgatcctga tttaaatagt atttatttat tcagcgagct gctcttttag tctgaacacc     86820
     tttgacaaca gcgacactag atcagcacag gtacaccgtt ttactggcgt caagttgagc     86880
     tccagtagca gatgacagct cagtgacaga ctcataatgt cagtcaacag cagatattac     86940
     agcccgacag tgaagaaaag ccacaccaag tgcagaaatg gagagtaacg cgactcacct     87000
     gtaagggact ttgcttggtt ggtttagttt gtagtgatgt tgttgtagtg tttgtgttca     87060
     gtcattgctc tctctctctc ctctgcagca gtgaagatac acacgtgtgt ctgttgtgtt     87120
     tctgctgcag atctttgagc tgcgctcaac agctgacgct cctccacacg ctcctccaca     87180
     tccaggcgga ttcacagctc caggaaaggt atttatgagc tcatatttcc agtagagagt     87240
     ccagaaagtg tgtttgttgt gctgctgctc tgtcgcgtgt ttgttggggg agggactttc     87300
     tgtggagagc atgtgattgg ccagatttgg tgtagagtca tcagtacagt atgaggagac     87360
     tttagaagta aatgatgata ttttccagtg tttaattgtg tttagtgaca tttaaagccc     87420
     cacaagcagc tgtaagataa tttgaaacat gttcatgtgt ctgattgaag aataagcatg     87480
     ttttccacat tttgaatagt gaaatataat aatatattcg catatgatgc agtttacatt     87540
     tatttaaaat aatttacatt tgatatgaat tatttgtgtt tatttaattt tttttttcaa     87600
     aatgtgtaga atgtggttat cctcccattg gagaaagaaa tgtgggttta tgtgtgtggt     87660
     gatggtgtag tggtcagagc acacagcagg acatctgaag ctgtcacagc acacctgggt     87720
     tcaaatccga gcattactgc tgctttttac tgctgagata atcagaaaaa caacaaagta     87780
     ttttatgtgt gtgttcccgc tctaattacc ttgttgtctg cacttatgtc gttgtgagcc     87840
     acacatcgaa gtgggtttca aacccaggcc tctgctgtaa tgttgtccac cgcaatcttg     87900
     tgttcttcca ctagcccatc atggctttca gtctgtcagc tgctgtttgg accacactgt     87960
     gtgactgaat tccagcaacc gaaagtaaaa taagcaatag tgggatttga acctatgttt     88020
     ccttatggca agcaaacgct tatccactga accacagggc ttgacaccag gcagtagttg     88080
     ttttgtgagc caaattacaa agaaacatat gtcaaaccgt gtttatgatg aaaacagtga     88140
     taaagcctca ttcagaaaca ttgttcacca tctagacttg gtggctcaag tcataaacta     88200
     ttgatcttta atcaaggaga cccgggttcg aacctcacta tggttacagc aatcttgatg     88260
     tcattatact gaccaggagc tcctgatgat ggaacgaaac ccatgatgag tgaataaaca     88320
     caagttctct gaggaagaga ctcataaaga caagagttca aatctgactt gtatctcgat     88380
     ctggcagaaa tgagattcga tccttcacac ttctaaatag caggcgaacg ctcatccttt     88440
     gagccaaagg gtttgacatt tggcagcagg tttttcgtgg cccaaattac aaagaaacat     88500
     gtggcaaacc ctggtcgtta tgagaatagt cataaacccc caatctgaca cctccttcac     88560
     tgtccagact cagtggctca ggtaataaag tgttgagctt taatctagga gacccgggtt     88620
     caaacctcac catggctaat gtcccacaca attcattatg ttcatcaaga tgatggacgc     88680
     tgatgtgaaa ctaattatgg ttgatgagtg aataaacaca agttctctga ggaagagact     88740
     cataaagaca agggttcaga tctgacatat atcttgtttt attgaatcag ctcacacaca     88800
     ggtcagcagt ccaaaatcag ttccagcaag tgttcagaca tggagatctg tggctctgtg     88860
     gtaagagcgc tgccccatgg cttcaggggt tgctggttca aggccagcca gaactctgcg     88920
     atatgagtga atggtgagtg agtgtgaggc gcgcctgaag aaggggggat accagttcgg     88980
     tctccccctg gagcttccgg agccgtgtcc agcaggggtt atactttaca gcctggcaaa     89040
     aaatttaaaa tgaactgtat aaaaattctg gaccttcgtc ccttccccac ccgtttcggt     89100
     taccatcatt tactttgtag aggagtgacc ctccacaaag caaatgatgg taaccgacat     89160
     gtggaacaga cacacacaca accaatcaca cacatgatct acatcacctg tgcagcagca     89220
     gatgatcatc atcattacag tcagtgtctg tccactcgtc tctgcttctg ttcaacaggc     89280
     ttacagtcca caacacttca ctgatcctgt agagtcgaca cacaaataaa cacattatta     89340
     cacacactga atatctgatc taacaataga caaataacat atgttacatt acatatgtat     89400
     caaatattgc gccctcctgt ggagatttct ctgaactaca cttttgcaaa tcttgaatct     89460
     gctgaattta aaaattcgcc ctcttgtggg gatttttgtg gactgcactg ctgccgctct     89520
     aaaataatga acgtttctcc ctcctgtgga gatatttctg aattaacacc actgcgaact     89580
     tctaaatgtt tgctctcgtg tggtgatttt ggtgaatgac accactgcat atctaatagt     89640
     gtgaatttaa acatgtcgcc ctcctgtgga gatatttctg aattacactt ttgcagttca     89700
     gttgatttga aagattgtgc tgatgttttt cctgaacttc agcacagcaa atgtaaagca     89760
     ctgagatttc accttcctgt ggcgcagctg tagttctgtg tattttcctc cactgatgct     89820
     gacaaccaga aacactttaa tgtgtaaaag gaagcagaaa gtcttgaggt ttaaacaaac     89880
     taaaaaagta attattatta aataaagact catcatcaaa tgctaaatat tactagggat     89940
     gtcccgatcc gatattgata tcagaaattc gtccgatatc agtccaaaaa atgatatcgg     90000
     gctgcgttaa aaatctccaa tataagcagt ccgattcgct ctaaactccg ctacagccat     90060
     tctatctagc agcgtccaga gctagcatgc aaatcccacg tgaccacaac acagcttgct     90120
     agcaaagtcc cttcaagatt taacatgctc ttcacgctaa gttatggtga attacgatag     90180
     aaatctattg tgacggtagc acacgctgac gctagcaaca atgacacatc tctactggtt     90240
     tatttacttc acgtcaagcg atctttaagt tacattgttt tgtatacgct gctaagcatt     90300
     gcactaaatg gcgacaaccg cacaccatgc tagcctcatt ttaaacatct acattacaat     90360
     tcggccatgg catatcgtgg tttatccagt gtgatagcca atgcaacacc agcgcttccc     90420
     acacataaga ctttacctca gcggcccggt tctgtgtgcg tgagaaactc cacagactcg     90480
     ggtgctctgc tgcttcagac ttcagagatg cgcaggacat ctgactttaa tagtcgcatt     90540
     gagaagagcg cgaggacagg cgaagaaaag ccttttacta aatagtctga cccagctcat     90600
     tatttaggct gacaatacat cctctttttc ctggacatgt cctctatttg agacttaaaa     90660
     atgcatacag ccaggatttc taaatcgcct aacatgtccc ggattctgct ttcgttttct     90720
     atagctgtca tgtaaaaggt gttaaatgct aaacattttt gttgttttaa ttgtctatta     90780
     aataagaata agaaatcatg ctgttgctga gggccattac agtttaaaag acagaatggt     90840
     attactttct ggcagaagta aaatttaatt agaggcattc ccatgtttaa ctcttcttta     90900
     aaaagcccag aagataaagt gctctgatca acagtgtcag ctttgcacat gattttgcag     90960
     ttctgtctct atttacattg tcatactttt ctcatgtggg ctgtagggtg gaatctgtgc     91020
     aatatattat gcaaataaaa tgaattttga taaataaaat tattttttaa agtcacatta     91080
     ttgcatgtgc tgtggagaaa aggtgtgttt caatccagct actgcaagta aatttatgtt     91140
     aaagataata tgtgcaatat gtattattat taaaattaat aaggttttgt ttgggaacat     91200
     tgataaagcc ataatcttcc tatgatacaa acacagatta aatatctgca catttttatt     91260
     aatttaacaa taacttataa cattaactcc ctatttctgc ttccctgtgt gaaagatatt     91320
     tttcagctcg aaactggatc acaaattcat caagaagctg tgtgtgtaat tgaaactttg     91380
     gacactcaac cattagcagt tgttcaatta acaatgtttt tttctctaat gtttctgctc     91440
     tcagctgttt ctaccatttg ctgataataa aaagtaaata actgaagtga cctttaatta     91500
     gttttttgca ctttaaaaat atagatttgg tttattaaat taagattttt ttcagggtct     91560
     taatatttat taattctttt tatatattct tatgtaaaag gttcacattt atgcaaccaa     91620
     tagtttataa attggtcgtt tatttccata ctaactgttg ctgacttttg ttcttagttt     91680
     gatctagccg ttcatacatt ccactcaaca aaataggtaa aagtaaagta ttcatgattt     91740
     gtgctgatat cggattaata ttggtatcgg ttcgtactga aggctttaat atcggtatcg     91800
     tatcggaagt tagaatgttg tatcgggaca tccctaaata tcacacagtt tttatggaga     91860
     tcttcaaatg acagagaggt ttgagtaaac tgaggtcatc gtgagcacag ttctgcttcc     91920
     tgttgaagcg agtcgttttc tgtcttcatc tgtttcagga aggatcaaaa tctgttcttg     91980
     ttgactttat tattatgatt atttgaatca gtttttaatc tttgacatga ttttgctcag     92040
     tgactgaagt taaacatgac ctaatgtagt gatgtgttca gctgaagcgt ctgtgtctgt     92100
     caaatctcta ttttcaggat ctgggtaatt cttcaactac gagcactttt atgtcctttg     92160
     atcaaatatc caaacatata tataattttg ttcaaattcc tctttctttg tcaaactaat     92220
     actaaaacct actttaaaaa atttactacc tttctattat atatttttca tattattcaa     92280
     ccttctttta ggtgtcaaaa tctttgtcgc acactcagag ttttaaactt caacaatgaa     92340
     aagaacattt taaagtatta tttatctggt atctattaat gtatcttaat gaagcactag     92400
     tgaaataagg taaatgtttt atagttgtca atgtgagact atcatcaata ttatttttta     92460
     tataaaatat agctgtcgca cagtatcagt gtcatttcca ccacaacact gtaatgtctc     92520
     tttaaaaggt ttgtgtgaaa gattatttag gtggtttcta tgaaaatgaa tagtgccatc     92580
     tgagaacatg tataggatgg agggaattta agttttcatc aacaacactt gaagaaaaat     92640
     caagataaat attgcttgat aaggaaatac atttattcta catcatttcc aaagatgctg     92700
     taccttcaaa gatgttttta aaaaccaaaa caaaatgagg gtaaataaga gtgttttgta     92760
     tatatgaaag acttgtacca attcaaagct aatcggtaaa gctatttttc attattttca     92820
     caataaactg ttgaaatgtc atttccatca ccacacacat tattaaaaac atttaaaaag     92880
     ttctcatcac acattaaagt gtattcacaa tgtatgagtt catgctctat ttaatataca     92940
     aattcagttt atttattttc taataagctc ttaaccaaat taatattaag ttttagagtg     93000
     tgacaggtgt acaattcagc acacaactaa tttatttcac tgacaaatgt ataattatta     93060
     tcgatattgt ggaaatattt ggttaaacta gatacaaaaa tgatcttaga caatgtttga     93120
     ctgccatcat ttatgtcatt tacaaatata agctgtatat tgagatgtgc tggaattgac     93180
     atttgttcag ttcacgatgg aaaaaatgtt tctcttctta tctgagtttg tcctcttaca     93240
     gatcttaaaa ctagacaaag tgtttaaact tatgaggcta tgttacgtta attttgaaca     93300
     agtttttttt attcaacttc acaaggctaa aagtgcccgt agttgaagaa tggcccatct     93360
     accaagccag gtcagaggtc atggagagct ctcgagggga actggattcc tggtggatta     93420
     aaacaactga ttcctgagtt tttctatttt atgtgtaaat tctctgtaaa gtaattttct     93480
     ttgtatgcag gagagatttt ctgtcttagt gtaaggcagg gagatcgacc agcgaactca     93540
     atgctagtgt gaagccctcc tgccgcagaa ccacaaacta tctccagtaa attattttaa     93600
     tttcattgaa tctgcggctc agagtcttct cttgatctga cacagcagtc gttttggtct     93660
     caactgttca tttccctcct tacaatgtca atataattat taaagcatat actcaatcat     93720
     ctaatcattc atgggtcatt atttgtgctc actttatatt gaacttcagc acaaatgctt     93780
     gatgaacaat gtggaaatat caaaccaata cgaatgtaat atgaaacaat ttccagaagc     93840
     tgatgatgac agacttgaca tcaaatattg atcaattaaa tgctaaacat gaatattgaa     93900
     cctccaagct tgtgactttc tcaccatgat gttcttcact ccagatgatc atttagcctg     93960
     taggtaatta atgcgccact catcaataaa gacacataga acttgtttaa cgagctctta     94020
     tattggggat gcagaatgtt ttcattgctt acagatttaa ttgacgcaga cacaaatgat     94080
     aattttacca acaaaaatac gaacacattt ccttcactaa atgccttata aagatataaa     94140
     gatgactttc tgcttttgta aaatcctata ttgtattaaa ctgttcatta agttttaaat     94200
     tataagtacg accactagag ggcatcagct cttttagcct gaacaccttt gacaacagcg     94260
     acaccagatc agcacaggta caccgtttta ctggcgtcaa gttgagctcc agcagatgac     94320
     agctcagtga cagactcata atgtcagtca acagcagata ttacagcccg acagtgagga     94380
     aaagccacac caagtgcaga aatggagagt aacgagactc acctgtaagg gactttgctt     94440
     cgttggttta gtttgtagtg atgttgttgt agtgtttgtg tttagtcttt gctctctctc     94500
     tctctctcct ctgcagcagt gaagatacac acgtgtgtct gttgtgtttc tgctgcagat     94560
     ctttgagctg cgctcaacag ctgacgctcc tccacacgct cctccacatc caggcggatt     94620
     cacagctcca ggaaaggtat ttatgagctc atatttccag tagagagtcc agaaagtgtg     94680
     tttgttgtgc tgctgctctg tcgcgtgttt gttgggggag ggactttctg tggagagcat     94740
     gtgattggcc agatttggtg tagagtcatc agtacagtat gaggagactt tagaagtaaa     94800
     tgatgatatt ttccagtgtt taattgtgtt tagtgacatt taaagcccca caagcagctg     94860
     taagataatt tgaaacatgt tcatgtgtct gattgaagaa taagcatgtt ttccacattt     94920
     tgaatagtga aatataataa tatattcgca tatgatgcag tttacattta tttaaaataa     94980
     tttacatttg atatgaatta tttgtgttta tttagttttt ttttttcaaa atgtgtagaa     95040
     tgtggttatc ctcccattgg agacagaaat gtgggtttat gtatgtggtg atggtgtagt     95100
     ggtcagagca cacatcatga catctgaagc tgtcacagaa tacctgggtt caaatctaag     95160
     cactgccgct gctttttact gctgagataa tcagaaaaac aagatagtaa ttttatgtgt     95220
     gtgttcccgc tctaattaac ttgcacttgt gttggtgtga gccacacaat gaggtgggtt     95280
     tcgtacccag gactctgtcg gtaccttgta caccgcgacc atgtgttcat ccactagccc     95340
     atcatggctt tcagtctgtc agctgctgtt tgggccacac cgtttgattg aattccagca     95400
     accgaaagta aaataagcaa tagtgggatt tgaacccatg tctcctgtat gtcaggcaaa     95460
     ggctcatcca ctgaaccaca gggcttgaca tcaggcagta gttgttttgt gagccaaatt     95520
     acaaagaaac atatgtcaaa ccttgtttat gatgaaaaca gtgataaagc ctcattcaga     95580
     cacattgttc accatctaga ctcagtggct caagtcataa actattgatc tttaatcaag     95640
     gagacctggg ttcaaacctc actatggcta atgtccatct tgacctcatt atactgacca     95700
     ggagcccctg atgatggaac gaaacccatg atgggtgaat aaacacaagt tctctgagga     95760
     agagactcat aaagacaaga gttcaaatct gacttgtatc tcgatctggc agaaataaga     95820
     ttcgatcctt cacacttcta aatagcaggc gaacgctcat cctttgagcc acagggtttg     95880
     acatttggca gtgggttttt cgtgggccaa attacaaaga aacatgtgtc aaaccctggt     95940
     cgttatgaga atagtcataa acccccaatc tgacctcact ttcactgtcc agactcagtg     96000
     gctcaggtct taatgtgttg atctttaatc taagagaccc gggttcaaac ctcaccatgg     96060
     ctaatgtccc actgagttca ttatgctcac caagatgatg gacgctgatg tgaaactaat     96120
     gatggttgat gagtgaataa acacaagttc tctaaggaag agactcataa agacaagggt     96180
     tcagatctga catatatctt gttttattga atcagctcac acacaggtca gcagtccaac     96240
     atcagttcca gcaagtgttc agacatggag atctgtggct ctgtggtaag agcgctgccc     96300
     cacggcttca ggggttgctg gttcaaggcc agccagaact ctgcgatatg agtgaatggt     96360
     gagtgagtgt gaggcgcgcc tgaagaaggg gggataccag ttcggtctcc ccctggagct     96420
     tccggagccg tgtccagcag gggttatact ttacagcctg gcaaaaaatt taaaatgaac     96480
     tgtataaaaa ttctgggcct tcgtcccctc cccacccgct tcggttacca tcatttactt     96540
     tgtagaggag tgaccctcca caaagcaaat gatggtaacc gacatgtgga acagacaaac     96600
     acacaaccaa tcacacacat gatctacatc acctgtgcag cagcagatga tcatcatcag     96660
     taaagtcagt gtctgtccac tcgtctctgc ttctgttcaa cagacttaca gtccacaaca     96720
     cttcactgat cctgtagagt cgacacacaa acaaacacat tattacacac gctgaatatc     96780
     tgatctaaca atatacaaat agacaaatat tacatatgta tcaaatattg cgccctcctg     96840
     tggagatttc tctgaactac acttttgcaa atcttgaatc tactgaattt aaaatattcg     96900
     ccatcttgtg gggatttttg tggactgcac tgctgccgct ctaaaataat aaaggtttct     96960
     ccctcctgtg gagatatttc tgaattacac cactgcgaac ttgatgaatt taaaatgttc     97020
     gccctcgtgt ggtgattttg gtgaatgaca ccactgcata tctaatagtg tgaatttaaa     97080
     catgtcgccc tcctgtggag atatttctga attacatctt tttttttttt tttttttttt     97140
     tacatttaca tctacattta catcgttttt ttcttttttt attttttttt atttatttat     97200
     tttattttat ttttttttta ttgggattaa caagacaata catcatagta tacaatacaa     97260
     taaaggaaaa attacagtgt cttattttcc ttattttcct tattttccca ctatcccctt     97320
     aaaataaaat aagttcaaat gtatgaatta taaacaaaca tatcctctaa acaaaataat     97380
     aataaataaa atacaagaat taaaagaaat tgttaaacag tataataata aatgagcaag     97440
     tttacgatac aagcaaaata aataaaaaat aaataaataa aataaataaa attataataa     97500
     taacaattga aaaaaatagt aattaaaagt tcacattaag gagtcaatat tttctctttt     97560
     caattaatta ctgtttatta gatctgatat caactaaaca aggtaagcct ttgatatagt     97620
     ctaaaacagg gttccaggtc ttgtaaaaag atttgagaga tcctgcaagt aaacatctta     97680
     atttttcaag ttttatgtaa ctaaaaattt ctcggatcca catgtcatgt gatggaggaa     97740
     tcacctgttt ccatttgata agaatggctc gtctagctag aagagtagaa aaggcaataa     97800
     cttggcgaga tgcaacagtc aggtcaacta tctctgaaat accaaaaagc gctgtcaagg     97860
     ggttagggtc tagatttatg ttagtagatt tattgagtgt gtcaaaaaca ctggaccaga     97920
     aattttttaa ttgagggcaa ctccagaaca tatgaagatg gttggccgga gactgcttac     97980
     aacgatgaca ggcatcactt ctatcaggga aaaatctggc taatttggca ttggttaaat     98040
     gagctctatg gagtacctta cactgcatta ggccatgtct ggcgcatatg gaagaagagt     98100
     ggaccatctt taaaatatcc tcccattgtt cttccgtaat atcaatgcca aggtcatttt     98160
     cccaagattc tttgagagac actataggat tttcatttag tgtacttatt aaattataaa     98220
     ttgctgatat taaatgtttc tgacccgtat ctaaactgac aaaataatca agatggtgtt     98280
     caggagggcg gttaggaaag tggggaaaca atttcttaac aaagtgtctg acctgaaaga     98340
     agcgaaacaa gtgactgttg gggagattgt atttagtgga taggaatgaa aaagatgtaa     98400
     ataccccgtc ttcatataaa tcctttacct caatgagtcc attagctgcc caaatgcgaa     98460
     aagtgttatc agaacaagat ggtgagaaaa atttattgtt caaaataggt gtatggatag     98520
     atgttttatg taagccgtaa tgttttctga attgaaccca aatttttata gagttagtga     98580
     ctaccaagtt agttgaaatt ccgctgataa ttaatggaag ctgggagctg ataacagagt     98640
     gcagagtgcc ttttgttgac actatctctg agtgaaccca gggggcacaa ttgtcagctg     98700
     gaggaggatt cttccagtag agaatcttat taatattaca agcccagtag tattgttgga     98760
     agttgggaag tgcaagtcct cctttggatt taggaagttg gagaactgat ttcttgaggc     98820
     gtgcaggctt gttgccccag ataaatgaac gtaaaatacc atccaaatta gtaaaaaaag     98880
     atttcttaat gagaattgga acatgttgaa aaagatagag aaatttaggt aaaataacct     98940
     tttttactaa attaatacgg cctacaaggg acaaaggtag tgatgaccat ttagaaaagt     99000
     gtaatttgat tttaacaatc actggttgga aattattaat aaataagtta ttgaatgagt     99060
     tggtaaagaa aattccaagg tatttgaacc cacttatagc tattttaaaa ggaaaatgtg     99120
     agtatgagat cttactcgct tcagagttga caaaaaatag ttcacttttc tgtaaattta     99180
     tttttataac ctgagaggtg actgaattta tctagaatgt ccaaaatcac tggtagggag     99240
     gtggccggat tagaaatgta aagtaagaga ttgtcagcat agaatgagag tttatgtact     99300
     aagccatatc gtgatattcc ctcaaaacca ttatggctac ggagccatat agctagaggc     99360
     tctatagcaa ggttaaaaag taagggggaa aggggacagt cctgtcgtgt tccacgttga     99420
     aggaaaaaaa ggggtgaatt taatccatta gtgtaaactg acgcaactgg tgatgaatag     99480
     agtaacttaa tccaagagat aaagttagca tcaaacccaa acttctctaa aataaaatat     99540
     aaataagccc attccactct gtcaaatgcc ttttcagcat ctaatgacaa aattatttct     99600
     ggtgaatcag aaggaggtga aaaaagaata ttaagaagtc tcctagtatt aaagaatgag     99660
     tgtctcattg gtataaagcc tgtctggtct agacatatta aagatggtag tatagattgg     99720
     agacggcatg acaatacttt agccaaaatt ttaaaatcca cattaagcag tgatactggc     99780
     ctataactgc tacagttggt ggggtcttta tcttttttaa gaagcaatga tattgaagct     99840
     tcgcataaag tgggtgggag gtggccttct ttaaatgaat cgttatataa ccttgctaag     99900
     actggggtta gtgaggaggc aaatgactta taaaactcgg ctgtgaagcc gtccggacct     99960
     ggcgatttac cagattgcat agatttaatt gcctcttgta tctctacctc agtgatagga    100020
     ctgcctaaat taatagaaag agtttcgtca attttcggaa aagttaaggc attgagggaa    100080
     tcccagcttg taaagttcga ggaattttct gacatatata atgttttata gtaatctaaa    100140
     aatacagagt taatcccttt atgatctgat gtcaattcac ctgttggcgc tttgactttt    100200
     gaaatccacc ttgaggcata aatcgtgcgg gcttggtgag ccaaaagctt accggctttg    100260
     tccccatgtt caaagaaacg ttgcttgctt tgtctaagtt gtcttgctat tgtatttgtc    100320
     agtaaaagat tatgttctgc atgtaactgt actcgtttat tataaaggga aggggagggg    100380
     gaagaggcat ataatatatc taatttgtga agatcatctg tgattgaaga caatctggaa    100440
     gtttcagttt tcttcaagtg agatataaaa gaaataatct gcccccgcat ataggcttta    100500
     aaagcttccc aaatagttag actactgata tctggggtct gattaagttc aaaatacaaa    100560
     ttaattttcg aagctacaaa gtttttaaaa ttgtcatctg ataatctgga agagtctaat    100620
     ctccagattg gggatgtaag tctgttaggg actaaaacta catctatgga tacaggggaa    100680
     tggtcggaaa ttactattgc atgataggta catgccttga cgcagtttaa cagtttatta    100740
     tcaagaagaa agaaatcaat ccttgagaat gtatgatgca catgtgagaa aaaaagagta    100800
     gattttatcc tgaggatgtt tgtgtctcca agggtcagag atacccaact gagaactata    100860
     gtctgccact atttttgccg acttggataa aactaattgc ttagaagagg atctatccaa    100920
     cacaatatct tgaaccaggt taaaatcccc cccaataagt atatggtggt cagccacatt    100980
     cggaagaata gaaaaaattt ttacaaaaaa gttgtcgtca tcccaattgg gagcatagac    101040
     tgaggccaaa atgattggga cattgtttag cttgccttgg actattacaa aacgaccatt    101100
     tggatctgaa attatatgcg actcttcaaa cataaccttt ctatgcatta taatagctgc    101160
     cccacgagct ctttgagaaa atttggaatg gtaaaaatta cccatccagg gtctcttaat    101220
     tcgtgtcaaa tcagaagatt ttaaatgtgt ttcttgtaga aacataatgt cagcctttag    101280
     ttgctttaaa tgtaataaaa ccttgccagc cttgacccta ttattaattc ctttgacatt    101340
     ccaggagatt agacgcatct cattgccatt cactgtagtt acactagcca tttcctgaga    101400
     tcctgatttt gacagactcc atgttgaaat aaaacattaa aaagttaaca aagaaaccag    101460
     aaaaaaaagc aagaaagtaa aataaataaa taattgaaat aaatataaaa tattccccat    101520
     agaaaaaacc taattgagca ttcaggctcc acatcataaa ccacttctac ctttctaggt    101580
     taggtactcc cgcttttttt atattaaatt tacgtaagtt agcagctatg ttacagaaca    101640
     aaaataatct gaaaccttac tttcaaatgt caagtgaatg gaaaaaatac aaaaaatgta    101700
     gagaaccatc taaatatctt tagaaacatc taaaaaacaa aataaacaag taacaataga    101760
     atactatgta tcatctattc aatcaattgt tgtaaaatag caaaaaccaa atatcgatag    101820
     atgatcaaat aaggcactta aacagacctc tattatttgc attctcttac aatggtaatc    101880
     aatacagtga acaaaccatg atgcacattg cacataacaa aaataaacaa tgctgtgacc    101940
     gttctgataa gaaaaaagga aactcaaaat gatactattg taataacgga taaaaaaagt    102000
     tcctcatctt gataatgtat tgcaataaat tgtctgctgc aaaaattcag ttcagtttct    102060
     cagttttatc aaaaatgttc gaaaggaagt aaaatataaa ataaacaaat aatgataatg    102120
     tcaataaatg gtcagcataa ctaaacatcg tatgtgcaac acttaacatc tgtattgtac    102180
     ctgatcgtag cgttcttaga aaacagcgcg tttgagagtg cacgcagcca actgtgcgtc    102240
     aggtattttg agctacttca gggaggagag gcagaccgga tagaacgtaa atattcctca    102300
     gtttcagaca ccgatgtaaa cgatcttcga ctcccgtctt tggctgtaat ggacagtctc    102360
     gcagggaaaa gcaaagctgg tttgagcccc aaattgtaca actcccccat cacccgtcgg    102420
     tatttagagc gttgtgccat cacctcaggt gcatagtcct catatatggc aattgggtgg    102480
     ccttgaaaca tcagcttccc tcttttggtt ctcgcttcac ggattatcat ttccttttgc    102540
     tgataacggt gtaaccggat gatgaccgcg cgtggctttt caccggccgc aggtttgttg    102600
     acgagagccc tgtgggctcg gtcaatctcc ggtggagaag aaagaacatc ttttcccaga    102660
     gtatcaaata gaagttgtga gaagaaggta tagggtcgcg gtccctccat cgcttctggt    102720
     aggccgataa tgcggatgtt atttcggcgg ctccgtgatt caagatcggt gactttcgcg    102780
     agcagcttag cgttactgtc ggacagggcg gcgcaggtcg cttccagcgt tagcatgcgc    102840
     tcgtcaacag cgttagcatt agattcaaga gaagcaatct tagaagaatg ttctgttacc    102900
     gcaacttgaa cgcagtcgat ttttgactcg agtgaggata tggtagactt aaattcggct    102960
     gataaggcct ggcggtgttc ctccaacagc ttcgcaatct ccgccatttt gagctcgctg    103020
     gagacgttgt cagcaaagtc cgttttggtg tcttttttag tttgtttact cgattttgag    103080
     gtcatgttga cactaaaatg taaactacgt cgttgtggtc aggtttatag acaatattat    103140
     gtacaaagtg gctgcaaaat cacagcaata gcgggagcta cgcgtagaca cgtctactcc    103200
     atctgctgtc cgacgtcgtc tccctgaatt acatctttgc agttcagttg atttgaaaga    103260
     ttgtgctgat gtttttcctg aacttcagca cagcaaatgt aaagcactga gatttcacct    103320
     tactgtggcg cagctgtagt tctgtgtatt ttcctccact gatgctgaca accagaaaca    103380
     ttttaatgtg taaaaggaag cagaaagtct tgaggtctaa actaaaaaag taattattat    103440
     taaatagaga cttatcatca aatgctaaat atcacacagt ttttatgggg atcttcaaat    103500
     gacagagaga cttgagttaa actgaggtca tcgtgagcac agttctgctt cctgttgaag    103560
     cgagtcgttt tctgtcttca tctgtttcag gaaggatcaa aatctgttct tgttgacttt    103620
     attattatga ttttttgaat cagtttttaa tctttgacat gattttgatc agtgactgaa    103680
     gttaaacatg acctaatgta gtgatgtgtt cagctgaagc gtctgtgtct gtcaaatctc    103740
     tattttcagg atctgggtaa ttcttcaact acgagcactt ttatgtcctt tgatcaaata    103800
     tccaaacata aatataattt tgttcgaagt cctctttctt tgtcaaacta acaataaaac    103860
     cttcttaaaa aaattactac ctttctatta tatatttttc atattattca accttctttt    103920
     aggtgtcaaa atctttgtcg cacactcaga gttttaaact tcaacaatga aaagaacatt    103980
     ttaaagtatt atttatctgg tatctattaa tgtatcttaa tgaagcacta gtgaaataag    104040
     gtaaatgttt tatagttgta aatgtgagac tatcatcaat attatttttt atataaaata    104100
     tagctgtcgc acagtatcag tgtcatttcc accacaacac tgtaatgtct ctttaaaagg    104160
     tttgtgtgaa agattattta ggtggtttct atgaaaatga atagtgccat ctgagaacat    104220
     gtataggatg gagggaattt aagttttcat caacaacact tgaaaaaaat caagataaat    104280
     attgcttgat aaggaaatac atttattcta catcatttcc aaacatgctg tcccttcaaa    104340
     gatgttttta aaaaccaaaa caaaatgaag gtaaataaga gtgttttgta tatatgaaag    104400
     acttcaattc aaagctaatc ggtgaagcta tttttcatta ttttcacaat aaactgttga    104460
     aatgtcattt ccatcaccac acacattatt aaaaacattt aaaaagttct catcacacat    104520
     taaagtgtat tcacaatgta tgagttcatg ctctatttaa tatacaaatt cagtttattt    104580
     atattctaat aagctcttaa ccaaattaat attgagtttt agagtgtgac aggtgtacaa    104640
     ttcagcacac aactaattta gcagacacaa atgataattt taccaacaaa ctacgaatga    104700
     atgaaaacgc aatgagtgga tgaaaaaaaa attgtaaact gcaagaggca gatttggtca    104760
     gtctttctcc aatagtatct gcatgctgac atggattttt ctgcattgaa gtgcagatcc    104820
     catccgctcc actaggtgga atcagcgagc tgctctttta gtctgaacac ctttgacaac    104880
     agcgacacca gatcagcaca ggtacaccgt tttactggcg tcaagctgag ctccagcaga    104940
     tgacagctca gtgacagact cataatgtca gtcaacagca gatattacag cccgacagtg    105000
     aagaaaagcc acaccaagtg cagaaataga gagtaacgcg actcacctgt aagggacttt    105060
     gcttggttgg tttagtttgt agtgatgttg ttgtagtgtt tgtgttcagt cattgctctc    105120
     tctctctcct ctgcagcagt gaagatacac acgtgtgtct gttgtgtttc tgctgcagat    105180
     ctttgagctg cgctcaacag ctgacgctcc tccacacgct cctccacatc caggcggatt    105240
     cacagctcca ggaaaggtat ttatgagctc atatttccag tagagagtcc agaaagtgtg    105300
     tttgttgtgc tgctgctatg tcgcgtgttt gttgggggag ggactttctg tggagagcat    105360
     gtgattggcc agatttggtg tagagtcatc agtacagtat gaggagactt tagaagtaaa    105420
     tgatgatatt ttccagtgtc taattgtgtt tagtgacatt taaagcccca caagcagctg    105480
     taagataatt tgaaacatgt tcatgtgtct gattgaagaa taagcttgtt ttccacattt    105540
     tgaatagtga aatataataa tatattcgca tatgatgcag tttacattta tttaaaataa    105600
     tttacatttg atatgaatta tttgtgttta tttagttttt tttttcaaaa tgtgcagaat    105660
     gtggttatcc tcccattgga gaaagaaatg tgggtttatg tgtgtggtga tggtgtagtg    105720
     gtcagagcac acatcatgac atctgaagct gttacagaat acctgggttc aaatccaagc    105780
     actactgctg ctttttactg ctgagataat cagaaaaaca acatagtaat tttatgtgtg    105840
     tgttctcaca ctaattaccc tgcacttgca gtggtgtgag ccacacatcg aggtgggttt    105900
     cgtacccagg cctctgtcgt taccttttcc aacacaacca tgtgttcatc cactagccca    105960
     tcatggcttt cagtctgtca gctgctgttt gggccacact gtctgattga atcccatcaa    106020
     ccgaaagtaa agtaagcaat agtgggattt gaacccatgt ctcctgtatg tcaggcagag    106080
     gctcatccac tgaaccacag ggcttgacat caggcattag ttgttttgtg agccaaatta    106140
     caaagaaaca tatgtcaaac cttgtttatg atgaaaacag tgataaagcc tcattcagac    106200
     acattgttca ccatctagac tcagtggctc aagtcataaa ctattgatct ttaatcaagg    106260
     agacccgggt tcaaacctca ctatggctaa tgtccatctt gaccttatta tactgaccag    106320
     gagcccctga tgatggaacg aaacccatga tgggtgaata aacacaagtt ctctgaggaa    106380
     gagactcata aagacaagag ttcaaatctg acttgtatct cgatctggca gaaatgagat    106440
     tcgatccttc acacttctaa atagcaggcg aacgctcatc ctttgagcca cagggtttga    106500
     catttggcag caggtttttc gtggcccaaa ttacaaagaa acatgtgtca aaccctggtc    106560
     gttctgagaa tagtcataaa cccccaatct gacctctcct tcactgtcca gactcagtgg    106620
     ctcaggtctt aaagtagtga gttttaatct aggagacccg ggttcaatcc tcaccatggc    106680
     taatgtccca cacatttcat tatgttcacc aagatgatgg acgctgatgt gaaactaatg    106740
     atggttgatg agtgaataaa cacaagttct ctgaggaaga gactcataaa gacaagggtt    106800
     cagatttgac atacatcttg ttttattgaa tcagctcaca cacaggtcag cagtccaaca    106860
     tcagttccag caagtgttca gacatggaga tctgtggctc tgtggtaaga gcgctgcccc    106920
     acggcttcag gggttgctgg ttcaaggcca gccagaactc tgcgatatga gtgaatggtg    106980
     agtgagtgtg aggcgcgcct gaagaagggg ggataccagt tcggtctccc cctggagctt    107040
     ccggagccgt gtccagcagg ggttatactt tacagcctgg caaaaaattt aaaatgaaca    107100
     gtataaaaat tctggacctg cgtcccttcc ccacccgttt cggttaccat catttacttt    107160
     gtagaggagt gaccctccac aaagcaaatg atggtaaccg acatgtggaa cagacaaaca    107220
     cacaaccaat cacacgcatg atgtacatca cctgtgcagc agcagatgat catcatcagt    107280
     acagtcagtg tctgtccact cgtctctgct tctgttcaac aggcttgcag tccacaacac    107340
     ttcactgatc ctgtagagtc gacacacaaa tcaacacatt attacacaca ctgaatatct    107400
     gatctaacaa tagacaaata gacaaatatt acatgtgtat cgaatattgc gccctcctgt    107460
     ggagattatt ttgaattaca cctttgcaaa tcttaaatct gctgaattta aaatattcgc    107520
     tataacagca ccttcttgtg gtgatttttg tgaactgcac tgctgccatt ctaaaatact    107580
     aaatttcaaa gtttctccct cctgtggaga tatttctgaa ttacaccacg gcgaatctat    107640
     tgacttttaa atatttgccc tcgtgtggtg attttggtga atgacaccac tgcaaatgta    107700
     attgaatgaa tgtaaacatg tcgccctcct gtggagatat ttctgaatta cacatttcca    107760
     gatttattga tttgaaagat tgtgctgatg ttttttctga attttagcac agcaaatgta    107820
     aagcactgag atttcacctt cctgtggcgc agctgtcgtt atgtgtattt tcctcctcta    107880
     ttgctgacaa ccaacatttt attgccctca tttagagatt tctcagaatt acaccataac    107940
     aaatcttatg agtttaaata ttataatata tattactctt gtgctgatgt ttgtaaactg    108000
     cactgctgct gtcataaaat aatgaagtta aacgtttcac gcttgtgtaa agatatttct    108060
     gaattacacc tttgcaaatc aaatgattct gaggtgctgc atattctgca ttgattcaat    108120
     aagctcaatt gttctctgat atttagtagg tttgtgattt gtttaggtaa acctccagaa    108180
     acagtttaat atgctcattc atttcctata aaatatgact agagtcagaa ggttcatatc    108240
     aaccatattt atgaatttga gtaagctgtg atctgacttg cggcctgcat tattttgtta    108300
     tggataaatt taggctacat tataattaaa cttaacaaaa gagaccggca gagatttatt    108360
     ctgttgtatt ttgaagctct gatataaaac aggcagaatt aatatcaacc tctgcttcaa    108420
     ctgttggtgt ttaataaagt gttttgcagt tctttcactt cagaaagatt acagtaatag    108480
     ccgagtgatt gactattttt aaatgtgcat tttgtagtat gtacacactt atactcagca    108540
     gactacaaaa tactcttata tagatcaaaa tggcagagga ctgagcagtg gactgaatgt    108600
     ggataatatg aatgtgtttg tgaatcagct gatgtccaca gtagactgta aacaaacaca    108660
     gtgaatctct gctattggac atctccactg atttatttat tcttcaggac tcaaattctt    108720
     aaatttgaca taaaaattgt gcagcatcca tagaaacgtc tgaaatgttt atttgacaag    108780
     cacataccaa cttcatctgc agtaaagaca gtaaaacaaa tcaatacagc ttcagctgct    108840
     ctctgtttaa agtcacattt tctcagttca agcggacatt cactgatcag tttgtttatg    108900
     ttttacattt tattcaacaa tattttttat gttgagcctg aaatcaatag ttttttgaaa    108960
     attgtttcgt attttaatga taattatttg atatttctac actgtcaatc aaaaatatgc    109020
     cctgaaactc taaataaagt gagaaaatta atcacttatg aatgattaga tgtttgagta    109080
     tatgctttaa acattaaaaa ttagttaaac agacagacat gtagcaaaac tgtgctcacg    109140
     atgatctgag tttaattcct gcctctctgc cgatcctgat ttaaatagta tttatttatt    109200
     cagcgagctg ctcttttagt ctgaacacct ttgacaacag cgacaccaga tcagcacagg    109260
     tacaccgttt tactggcgtc aagttgagct ccagcagatg acagctcagt gacagactca    109320
     taatgtcagt caacagcaga tattacagcc cgacagtgaa gaaaagccac accaagtgca    109380
     gaaatggaga gtaacgcgac tcacctgtaa gggactttgc ttcgttggtt tagtttgtag    109440
     tgatgttgtt gtagtgtttg tgttcagtca ttgctctctc tctctctctc ctctgcagca    109500
     gtgaagatac acacgtgtgt ctgttgtgtt tctgctgcag atctttgagc tgcgctcaac    109560
     agctgatgct cctccacacg ctcctccaca tccaggcgga ttcacagctc caggaaaggt    109620
     atttatgagc tcatatttcc agtagagagt ccagaaagtg tgtttgttgt gctgctgctc    109680
     tgtcgcgtgt ttgttggggg agggactttc tgtggagagc atgtgattgg ccagatttgg    109740
     tgtagagtca tcagtacagt atgaggagac tttagaagta aatgatgata ttttccagtg    109800
     tttaattgtg tttagtgaca tttaaagccc cacaagcagc tgtaagataa tttgaaacat    109860
     gttcatgtgt ctgattgaag aataagcatg tttgtcacat tttgaatagt gaaatataat    109920
     aatatattcg tatatgatgc agtttacatt tatttaaaat aatttacatt tgatatgaat    109980
     tatttgtgtt tatttagttt ttttttttca aaatgtgtag aatgtggtta tcctgccatt    110040
     ggagaaagaa atgtgggttt atgtgtgtgg tgatggtgta gtggtcagag cacacagcag    110100
     gacatctgaa gctgtcacag cagacctggg ttcaaatcca agaactgctg ctgcttttta    110160
     ctgctgagat aatcagaaaa acaacaaagt aattttatgt gtgtgttccc gctctaatta    110220
     ccttgcacac acattggtgt gagccacaca tcgaggtggg ttttgtaccc aggcctcggt    110280
     cgttaccttg tccaccacaa tcttgtgttc atccactagc ccatcatggc tttcagtctg    110340
     tcagctgctg tttgggccac actgtttgat tgaattccag caaccgaaag taaagaaagc    110400
     aatagtggga tttgaaccca tgtctcctgt atgtcaggcg aaggttcatc cactgaacca    110460
     cagggctcaa catcaggcag tagttgtttt gtgagccaaa ttacaaagaa acatagggtg    110520
     aaccctggtc atgatgaaaa cagtgataaa gcctcattca gaaacattgt tcaccatcta    110580
     gactcagtgg ctcaagtcat aaactattga tctttaatca aggagacccg ggttcaaacc    110640
     tcactatggc taatgtccat cttgacctca ttatactgac caggagcccc tgatgatgga    110700
     acgaaaccca tgatgggtga ataaacacaa gttctctgag gaagagactc ataaagacaa    110760
     gagttcaaat ctgacttgta tctcgatcta gcagaaatga gattcgatcc ttcacacttc    110820
     taaatagcag gcgaacgctc atcctttgag ccacagggtt tgacatttgg cagtaggttt    110880
     ttcgtggccc aaattacaaa gaaacatgtg gcaaaccctg gtcataatga ggatagtgat    110940
     aaacccccaa tctgacatct ccttcattgt ccagactcag tggctcaggt cttaatgtgt    111000
     tgatctttaa tctaagagac ccgggttcaa tcctcaccat ggctaatgtc ccactgagtt    111060
     cattatgttc atcaagatga tggacgctga tgtgaaacta atgatggttg atgagtgaat    111120
     aaacacaagt tctctgagga agagactcat aaagacaagg gttcagatct gacatatatc    111180
     ttgttttatt gaatcagctc acacacaggt cagcagtcca acatcagttc cagcaagtgt    111240
     tcagacatgg agatctgtgg ctctgtggta agagcgctgc cccacggctt caggggttgc    111300
     tggttcaagg ccagccagaa ctctgcgata tgagtgaatg gtgagtgagt gtgaggcgcg    111360
     cctgaagaag gggggatacc agttcggtct ccccctggag cttccggagc cgtgtccagc    111420
     aggggttata ctttacagcc tggcaaaaaa tttaaaatga actgtataaa aattctggac    111480
     ctgcgtccct tccccacccg tttcggttac catcatttac tttgtagagg agtgaccctc    111540
     cacaaagcaa atgatggtaa ccgacatgtg gaacagacac acacacaacc aatcacacac    111600
     atgatgtaca tcacctgtgc agcagcagat gatcatcatc atcattacag tcagtgtctg    111660
     tccactcgtc tctgcttctg ttcaacaggc ttacagtcca caacacttca ctgatcctgt    111720
     agagtcgaca cacaaacaaa aacattatta cacacactga atatctgatc taacaataga    111780
     caaatagaca aatattacat gtgtatcaaa tattgcgccc tcctgtggag atttctctga    111840
     attacacttt tgcaaatctt gaatctgctg aattaaaaat attcgccctc ttgtggggat    111900
     ttttgtggac tgcactgctg ccgctctaaa ataatgaatg tttctccctc ctgtggagat    111960
     atttctgaat tacaccactg cgaacttgat gaattctaaa tctttgccct cgtgtggtga    112020
     ttttggtgaa tgacaccagt gcatatctaa tagtatgaat ttaaacatgt cgccctcctg    112080
     tggagatatt tctgatttac acctttgcag ttcagttgat ttgaaagatt gtgctgatgt    112140
     ttttcctgaa cttcagcaca gcaaatgtaa agcactgaga tttcactttc ctgtggcgca    112200
     gctgtagttc tgtgtatttt cctccactga tgctgacaac cagaaacact ttaatgtgta    112260
     aaaggaagca gaaagtcttg aggtctaaac taaaaaagta attattatta aatagagact    112320
     tatcatcaaa tgctaaatat cacacagttt ttatggagat cttcaaatga cagcgaggct    112380
     tgagttaaac tgaggtcatc gtgagcacag ttctgcttcc tgttgaagcg agtcgttttc    112440
     tgtcttcatc tgtttcagga aggatcaaaa tctgttcttg ttgactttat tattatgatt    112500
     atttgaatca gtttttaatc tttgacatga ttttgatcag tgactgaagt taaacatgac    112560
     ctaatgtagt gatgtgttca gctgaagcgt ctgtgtctgt caaatctcta ttttcaggat    112620
     ctgggtaatt cttcaactac gagcactttt atgtcctttg atcaaatatc caaacatata    112680
     tataattttg ttcaaattcc tctttctttg tcaaactaac aataaaacct acttaaaaat    112740
     gtaaaaccaa aaaacaaaat gagggtaaat aagagtgttt tgtatatatg aaaggcttgt    112800
     atcaattcaa agttaatcgg tgaagctatt tttcattatt ttcacaataa actgttgaaa    112860
     tgtcatttcc atcaccacac acattattaa aaacatttaa aaagttctca tcacacatta    112920
     aagtgtattc acaatgtatg agttcatgct ctatttaatt tacaaattca gtttatttat    112980
     tttctaataa gctcttaacc aaattaatat taagttttag agtgtgacag gtgtacaatc    113040
     cagcacacaa ctaatttatt tcactgacaa atgtataatt attatcgata ttgtggaaat    113100
     atttggttaa actagataca aaaatgatct tagacaatgt ttgactgcca tcatttatgt    113160
     catttacaaa tataagctgt atattgagat gtgctggaat tgacatttgt tcagttcacg    113220
     atggagaaaa tgtttctttt cttatctgag tttgtcctct tacagatctt caaactagac    113280
     aaagtgttta aacttatgag gctatgttac gttaattttg aacaagtttt ttttactcaa    113340
     cttcacaagg ctaaaagtgc ccgtagttga agaatggccc atctaccaag ccaggtcaga    113400
     ggtcatggag agctctcgag gggaactgga ttcctggtgg attaaaacaa ctgattcctg    113460
     agtttttcta ttttatgtgt aaattctctg taaagtaatt ttctttgtat gcaggagaga    113520
     ttttctgtct tagtgtaagg cagggagatc gaccagcgaa ctcaatgcca gtgtgaagct    113580
     ctcctgccgc agaaccacaa actatctcca gtaaattatc ttaatttcat tgaatctgcg    113640
     gctcagagtc ttctcttgat ctgacacagc agtcgttttg gtctcaactg ttcatttccc    113700
     tcctaacaat gtcaatataa ttattaaagc atatactcaa tcatctaatc attcatgggt    113760
     cattatttgt gctcacttta tattgaactt cagcacaaat gcttgatgaa caatgtggaa    113820
     atatcaaacc aatacgaatg taatgtgaaa cctgaatatt agcctgtagg taattaatgc    113880
     acctctcatc aataaagaca catagaactt gtttgatgag ctcttatatt ggggatgcag    113940
     aatgttttca atgcttacag atttaattga cgcagacaca aatgataatt ttaccaacaa    114000
     aaatacgaac acatttcctt cactaaatgc cttataaaga tataaagatg actttctgct    114060
     tttgtaaaat cctatattgt attaaactga tcattaagtt ttaaattata agtacgacca    114120
     ctagagggca tcagctcttt tagtctgaac acctttgaca acagcgacac cagatcagca    114180
     caggtacacc gttttactgg cgtcaagttg agctccagta gcagatgaca gctcagtgac    114240
     agactcataa tgtcagtcaa cagcagatat tacagcccga cagtgaagaa aagccacacc    114300
     aagtgcagaa atagagagta acgcgactca cctgtaaggg actttgcttc gttggtttag    114360
     tttgtagtga tgttgttgta gtgtttgtgt tcagtcattg ctctctctct ctctctcctc    114420
     tgcagcagtg aagatacaca cgtgtgtctg ttgtgtttct gctgcagatc tttgagctgc    114480
     gctcaacagc tgacgctcct ccacacgctc ctccacatcc aggcggattc acagctccag    114540
     gaaaggtatt tatgagctca tatttccagt agagagtcca gaaagtgtgt ttgttgtgct    114600
     gctgctctgt cgcgtgtttg ttgggggagg gactttctgt ggagagcatg tgattggcca    114660
     gatttggtgt agagtcatca gtacagtatg aggagacttt ggaagtaaat gatgatattt    114720
     tccagtgttt aattgtgttt agtgacattt aaagccccac aagcagctgt aagataattt    114780
     gaaacatgtt catgtgtctg attgaagaat aagcatgttt tccacatttt gaatagtgaa    114840
     atataataat atattcgcat atgatgcagt ttacatttat ttaaaataat ttacatttga    114900
     tatgaattat ttgtgtttat ttaatttttt tttcaaaatg tgcagaatgt ggttatcctc    114960
     ccattggaga cagaaatgtg ggtttatgta tgtggtgatg gtgtagtggt cagagcacac    115020
     agcaggacat ctgaagctgt cacagaatac ctgggttcaa atccaagaac tgcagctgct    115080
     ttttactgct gagataatca gaaaaacaac atagtaattt tatgtgtgtg gtcccgctct    115140
     aattaccttg cacttgtgtt ggtttgagcc acacatcgag gtgggtttcg tacccaggac    115200
     tctgtcggta ccttgtacac cgtgaccatg tgttcatcca ctagcccatc atggctttca    115260
     gtctgtcagc tgctgtttgg gccacactgt ctgattgaat cccatcaacc gaaagtaaag    115320
     taagcaatag tgggatttga acccatgtct cctgtatgtc aggcagaggc tcatccactg    115380
     aaccacaggg cttgacatca ggcattagtt gttttgtgag ccaaattaca aagaaacata    115440
     tgtcaaacct ttttatgatg aaaacagtga taaagcctca ttcagacaca ttgttcacca    115500
     tctagactca gtggctcaag tcataaacta ttgatcttta atcaaggaga cccgggttca    115560
     aacctcacta tggctaatgt ccatcttgac gtcattatac tgaccaggag cccctgatga    115620
     tggaacgaaa cccatgatgg gtgaataaac acaagttctc tgaggaagag actcataaag    115680
     acaagagttc aaatctgact tgtatctcga tctagcagaa atgagattcg atccttcaca    115740
     cttctaaata gcaggcgaac gctcatcctt tgagccaaag ggtttgacat ttggcagcag    115800
     gtttttcgtg gcccaaatta caaagaaaca tgtggcaaac cctggtcgtt atgagaatag    115860
     tcataaaccc ccaatctgac ctctccttca ctgtccagac tcagtggctc aggtcttaaa    115920
     gtattgagct ttaatctagg agacccgagt tcaatcctca ccatggctaa tgtcccacac    115980
     aattcattat gttcaccaag atgatggacg ctgatgtgaa actaatgatg gttgatgagt    116040
     gaataaacac aagttctctg aggaagagac tcataaagac aagggttcag atctgacata    116100
     tatcttgttt tattgaatca gctcacacac aggtcagcag tccaacatca gttccagcaa    116160
     gtgttcagac atggagatct gtggctctgt ggtaagagcg ctgccccacg gcttcagggg    116220
     ttgctggttc aaggccagcc agaactctgc gatatgagtg aatggtgagt gagtgtgagg    116280
     cgcgcctgaa gaagggggga taccagttcg gtctccccct ggagcttccg gagccgtgtc    116340
     cagcaggggt tatactttac agcctggcaa aaaatttaaa atgaacagta taaaaattct    116400
     ggacctgcgt cccttcccca cccgtttcgg ttaccatcat ttactttgta gaggagtgac    116460
     cctccacaaa gcaaatgatg gtaaccgaca tgtggaacag acacacacac aaccaatcac    116520
     acgcatgatg tacatcacct gtgcagcagc agatgatcat catcagtaca gtcagtgtct    116580
     gtccactcgt ctcagcttct gttcaacaga cttacagtcc acaacacttc actgatcctg    116640
     tagagtcgac acacaaatca acacattatt acacacgctg aatatctgat ctaacaatag    116700
     acaaatagac aaatattaca taagtatcaa atattgcgcc ctcctgtgga gatttctctg    116760
     aactacactt ttgcaaatct tgaatctact gaatttaaaa tattcgccct cttgtgggga    116820
     tttttgtgga ctgcactgct gccgctctaa aataataaag gtttctccct cctgtggaga    116880
     tatttctgaa ttacatcttt gcagttcagt tgatttgaaa gattgtgctg atgtttttcc    116940
     tgaacttcag cacagcaaat gtaaagcact gagatttcac cttcctgtgg cgcagctgta    117000
     gttctgtgta ttttcctcca ctgatgctga caaccagaaa catttaatgt gtaaaaggaa    117060
     gcagaaagtc ttgaggtcta aactaaaaaa gtaattatta ttaaatagag acttatcaaa    117120
     tgctaaatat cacacagttt ttatggggat cttcaaatga cagcgaggct tgagtaaact    117180
     gaggtcatcg tgagcacagt tctgcttcct gttgaagcga gtcgttttct gtcttcatct    117240
     gtttcaggaa ggatcaaaat ctgttcttgt tgactttatt attatgatta tttgaatcag    117300
     tttttaatct ttgacatgat tttgatcagt gactgaagtt aaacatgacc taatgtagtg    117360
     atgtgttcag ctgaagcgtc tgagtctgtc aaatctctat tttcaggatc tgggtaattc    117420
     ttcaactacg agcactttta tgtcctttga tcaaatatcc aaacatatat ataattttgt    117480
     tcaaattcct ctttctttgt caaactaaca ataaaaccaa cttaaaaaaa tgtaaaatca    117540
     aaacaaaatg agggtaaata agagtgtttt gtatatatga aaggcttgta tcaattcaaa    117600
     gttaatcggt gaagctattt ttcattattt tcacaataaa ctgttgaaat gtcatttcca    117660
     tcaccacaca cattattaaa aacatttaaa aagttctcat cacacattaa agtgtattca    117720
     caatgtatga gttcatgctc tatttaatat acaaattcag tttatttatt ttctaataag    117780
     ctcttaacca aattaatatt aagttttaga gtgtgacagg tgtacaattc agcacacaac    117840
     taatttattt cactgacaaa tatataatta ttatcgatat tgtggaaaga tttggttaaa    117900
     ctagatacaa aaatgacctt agacaatgtt tgactgccat catttatgtc atttagaaat    117960
     ataagctgta tattgagatg tgctggaatt gacatttgtt cagttcacga tggagaaaat    118020
     gtttctcttc ttatctgagt ttgtcctctt acagatctta aaactagaca aagtgtttaa    118080
     acttatgagg ctatgttacg ttaattttga acaagttttt ttactcaact tcacaaggct    118140
     aaaagtgccc gtagttgaag aatggcccat ctaccaagcc aggtcagagg tcatggagag    118200
     ctctcgaggg gaactggatt cctggtggat taaaacaact gattcctgag tttttctatt    118260
     ttatgtttaa attctctgtt aagtaatttt ctttgtatgc aggagagatt ttctgtctta    118320
     gtgtaaggca gggagaacag ccagcgaact caatgccagt gtgaagccct cctgccgcag    118380
     aaccacaaac tatctccagt aaattatctt aatttcattg aatctgcggc tcagagtctt    118440
     ctcttgatct gacacagcag tcgttttggt ctcaactgtt catttccctc ctaacaatgt    118500
     caaaataatt attaaagcat atactcaatc atctaatcat tcatgggtca ttatttgtgc    118560
     tcactttata ttgaacttca gcacaaatgc ttgattaaca atgtggaaat atcaaactaa    118620
     tacgaatgta atgtgaaaca atttccagaa gctgatgatg acagacttga catcaaatat    118680
     tgatcaatta aatgctaaac atgaatattg aacctccaag cttgtgactt tctcaccatg    118740
     atgttcttca ctccagatga tcatttagcc tgtaggtaat taatgcgcca ctcatcaata    118800
     aagacacata gaacttgttt gatgagctct tatattgggg atgcagaatg ttttcattgc    118860
     ttacatattt aattgatgca gacacaaatg ataattttac caacaaaaat acgaacacat    118920
     ttccttcact aaatgcctta taaagatata aagatgactt tctgcttttg taaaatccta    118980
     tattgtatta aactgttcat tgagttttaa attataagta cgaccactag agggcatcag    119040
     ctcttttagc ctgaacacct ttgacaacag cgacaccaga tcagcacagg tacaccgttt    119100
     tactggcatc aagttgagct ccagtagcag atgacagctc agtgacagac tcataatgtc    119160
     agtcaacagc agatattaca gcccgacagc gaagaaaagc cacaccaagt gcagaaatgg    119220
     agagtaactc gactcacctg taagggactt tgcttcgttg gtttagtttg tagtgatgtt    119280
     gttgtagtgt ttgtgttcag tcattgctct ctctctctct ctcctctgca gcagtgaaga    119340
     tacacacgtg tgtctgttgt gtttctgctg cagatctttg ggctgcgctc aacagctgac    119400
     gctcctccac acgctcctcc acatccaggc ggattcacag ctcaaggaaa ggtatttatg    119460
     agctcatatt tccagtagag agtccagaaa gtgtgtttgt tgtgctgctg ctctgtcgcg    119520
     tgtttgttgg gggagggact ttctgtggag agcatgtgat tggccagatt tggtgtagag    119580
     tcatcagtac agtatgagga gactttagaa gtaaatgatg atattttcca gtgtttaatt    119640
     gtgtttagtg acatttaaag ccccacaagc agctgtaaga tattttgaaa catgttcatg    119700
     tgtctgattg aagaataagc atgttttcca caatttgaat agtgaaatat aataatatat    119760
     tcgcatatga tgcagtttac atttatttaa aataatttac atttgatatg aattatttgt    119820
     gtttatttag tttttttttt caaaatgtgt agaatgtggt tatcctgcca ttggagaaag    119880
     aaatgtgggt tgatgtgtgt ggtgatggtg tagtggtcag agcacacagc aggacatctg    119940
     aagctgtcac agcacacctg ggttcaaatc caagcactgc tgctgctttt tactgctgag    120000
     ataatcagaa aaaaacaaag tattgtaatg tttgtgttcc cccgcctcct aatttccttg    120060
     ctatttgtgc tttcgttggt gtgagccaca catcgaggtg agtttcatac ccaggcctct    120120
     gccgtaacct tgtccaccgc aaccatatgt tcatccacta gcccatcacg gctttcatgc    120180
     ttcttgggcc actttgtctg actgaatccc agcaagtgac agtaaagtaa gcaatagttg    120240
     ggtttgaacc catgtcttct gtatgacagt ctaaggctta tccactgagc catggggctt    120300
     gacatctggt gatggttgtt ttgtgagcca aattagaaag aaatatttgt catactttgg    120360
     tcatgatgaa aacagtgata aagcctcatt ctgatacgag gttatctgtc tggactcagt    120420
     ggctcagttc ataaagtgtt gatctttaat caaagagacc cgggttcaaa cctcactttg    120480
     gctgatgtcc atcttgacat cattatgttc atcaacagca tccgaacagt tcaaacagag    120540
     cagtatgtga acccaaagat gagtgattaa accacaagtt ctctgaggaa gagactcata    120600
     aagagagatg cgggatgcga tccttcatac gtctgtatgg caggcgaaca ctcatccact    120660
     gagccactgg gtttgacatt tggtgacagg ttttccgtag gccaaattac aaagaaattt    120720
     gccaaaccat ggtcgtggtg aaattagtga taaagcccca ttcagatacc tacttcactg    120780
     tctagactca gtggctcaag tcctaaagtg tggagcccta aacaaggaga cccgggttca    120840
     aacctcacta tgactaatgt tcaactgagt tcattttatt cacaaagagc tcatgatcac    120900
     cggactttaa agtagaaagt cacagtgttg ctgagatgga gtcatgggtt taaatcccac    120960
     ttctatcaac ctcgatgctg acgttagtgt tttcatacaa cacagacact caacttatga    121020
     acagtaaggt gaaattaagt ggatgagtga taaacacaag ttctctgagg aagagactca    121080
     taaagacaag agttcaattc tgacttatat attgttttat tgaaacaggt cagcagtgac    121140
     atcaattcca gcaggcatac agacatgaga tcagtggctc tgtggtaaga tcgctgcccc    121200
     atgactttaa tgattgctgg atccatccca gccggatctt tgcaatatga gtggacagta    121260
     agtgagttgt gcctggagag gtggggatac cagttcggtc tccccctgga gcttccggag    121320
     ccatgtccag caggggttat acttcattac tgctggaaaa aaataaaatg tatatgtaat    121380
     gaaaatcttt ggaccttcct cacctgtttc gtttaccatc atttgctttc tagaggagtg    121440
     accctccaca aagtaactga tggtaaccaa cgtaattagg gtaagacaac acacaatcac    121500
     acacatgatc tacatcacct gtgcagcagc agatgatcat catcagtaca gtcagtgtct    121560
     gtccactcgt ctctgcttct gttcaacagg cttacagtcc acaacacttc actgatcctg    121620
     tagagtcgac acacaaatca acacattatt acacacgctg aatatctgat ctaacaatag    121680
     acaaatagac aaatattaca tgtgtatcaa atattgcgcc ctcctgtgga gatatttctg    121740
     aactacactt ttgcaaatct gatgagttta aaatgttcgc cctcgtgtgg tgattttagt    121800
     gaatgacacc tctgcaaatc taattgaatg aattaaaaga ttttgccctt ctgtggaaat    121860
     gtttctgaat tacacctttg caaaaataac gagttaaagt tattcacccc cttgtggcga    121920
     tttttgtgaa ctggtttgtt tccattttga aataatcaat ttaaaacatt cgccctccag    121980
     tggtgatgtt tctgaataac gccttcgcaa atgtattgaa tttaaaacat ttgacctcct    122040
     gaactgcaat tctgcaatgc taaaagtttc tccctcatgt ggagatttta gtgaattaca    122100
     ccaactgcat gtttgtaaaa ttttacaatt acatttagag tttccgggct tcacggaagt    122160
     ctttgcattt ctgactttta gattcaaggc ctagaaagta ctcataaaca aacataggtc    122220
     tttaaacgta cttgaattaa agataaaatt aaattagctt ttggtgttat ttcaacaaat    122280
     gtcatactgc tgtcaaaaca gacttaaaaa agaagaaatt cacaatctta tacaagaact    122340
     atgacaaata gctcacactg tatacattct agtatattac cagattcaaa ttgaacattc    122400
     attttgtttt cggcttagtc cctttattaa tgaggggtca ccacagtgta atgaaccgcc    122460
     aacttatcca gcatatgctt tacacagtga atgtccttcc agcagcaacc catcactggg    122520
     aaacatccac acacactcat taacacaaat acactacggt cattcttagc atgcccaatt    122580
     cacctatacc acatctcttt ggacttgtag gggaaactgg agcacccgga ggaaaccaac    122640
     atgtgcaaac tccacacaga aatgccaact gagccagcca aggttcgaac cagcgacctt    122700
     cttgctgtga ggtgaatgtg ctatccacac cgccccttga atgagagggg tctggatgca    122760
     gacctggtgc agtgcaatct gagctgcatc caatgctttt taatgtgctc acctaacccc    122820
     acccgtcaca gtgacgtcac tcactccatt gagtgcattg tgtataacat tgcatcgccg    122880
     agtgatgcaa tctcagcttg catcatgaag gctgcatcca gatactactg cctcgaattg    122940
     aacaactttt ataaacattc tttgaacacg acttaaagat gcacacgaac attcagatca    123000
     tcattactct gatattttta atgtaaataa tgtgtgcaaa tgtaaatagt gttgtgacaa    123060
     atgcaccaaa gccactgaga aaaactttaa agtactataa aggtaaagtt ggttttatat    123120
     tcgcacattc agactttccc cttaatgtta taatttcata aaagtatttt ttgcaaactc    123180
     taaataaaga aatcatataa ggagccaatg acaatcaaat aaacagtgtt aatgttgttt    123240
     tcaagtcata cttgcatgct aattcggatc gaatattcaa agtagcatgg taaacaatat    123300
     agagacttct aaatgaacga atgtctgaat ataaaaccaa ctttgcctct attaaagtac    123360
     ttacagtagc ccaccagtat ttttagtagg tctattacat aggatttttg atttggagag    123420
     agttacaatg cccatttgtt tagagcaact aaaccacgtt gagtaaaatg tgcatacctc    123480
     tatattatat aatattattt ataaaacatt gagctgagaa gcggcccata tatccttatg    123540
     agaaaactga aataatcgaa aggcgcagtt ctccatccac tccacgaggc ggcatcagcg    123600
     agctgcgctg tcagattgac gtattgacag catttgatta cattcatgct gttttaccgg    123660
     cgtaaagttg agctccagca gatgacagct tagtaacagc ctcataatgt cagtcaacag    123720
     cacatattac aacccgacag cgaacacaag gtgctctaac gtgcagaaac gaagagtaac    123780
     gcgactcacc tgtgactttc tttcggcgtg aagaagcgct ggtgtgtgaa gtcctgagag    123840
     taatgtagta agtttgtagt gatgttgttg cagtgtttgt gttcattcat tgctctctcg    123900
     ctctcctctg cagctgaatg acagtgaggg cggatctgca gcagcgaaga cactcgtgtg    123960
     tctgttgtgt ttcagctgca cagctttcac ctgacacctt tgtccacatc caggcggatt    124020
     caaagcatca ggaaaggtat ttaggagctc atattaccag aagagagtcc agaagatgtg    124080
     tttgttgtgc tgccggtctg tcacatgttg tgttggggga gggtcttgct ctagaaagca    124140
     tttgattgga cagatttggt gtagtgcagg atgagtcatc atcattttta ttctgtgaaa    124200
     taatacacaa ctgtgtgaag aagacaatat ttatttccta atattgcttt cttgcctttg    124260
     caagaaccag taatgatttt tggaaccaga gaaatctgtc aggtttgaaa tgaaatatgt    124320
     tctgaaaatg aatattaata ataataataa taaattatac ttataaataa ataatactta    124380
     tataataaca actaaggttg tatttttcct aataatgtat ttttttcaaa gtgtgtacaa    124440
     agtgaatttc cttaaatgaa agaaacaaac actcatttgt gtgtctgata atggtgtagt    124500
     ggtcaaagca tgaagcctga aatccatcac cgcgtacctg ggttcaaatc caatctcagc    124560
     tattactttt tactgctaat gcaatttcta gggtttttta ttattattta tttcagtttg    124620
     tgcgtgatgc cttccttgat atattaaaat aaataaatta aacactttct tacatgcaaa    124680
     ttaaatatcc atcttcagta tcatgacttt tattgattgg acaaaggagc agaaacagtt    124740
     tattgatgag tttagcacag aacagtactt cagacatgtt atataaacag acaaaagtgg    124800
     aactttcaga ttaagatgcg atggtttttt acagcactaa actacatgat actgaaatgg    124860
     ttttgttcct gagactgaaa cctccatcaa gacattataa aaaggcaagc tttggccagt    124920
     gaagagaaaa gcgttgtgga tgtgtccgag gactgatatg ctggagaata ggaaagaagg    124980
     cagagtttta gccatcgatt ttcagatcct tggccaccag cattgcagtg actggatgca    125040
     gtgatccacg gttctcctta aaagtcttca cagcttcatc actgtacttg gagaagttgt    125100
     acacttccct aaaacaacag agacagagag attagaggag gtcaggatga agacaagagg    125160
     agatttggac atgtaaaaac agaagtgcga ccggtcggag ttaaagaaat gtttgattgc    125220
     ttggtgcagc gaggaaatta cacaaagcat gaaacatcct gttttctttg tttacccata    125280
     aagtgacacc attttgtggt gatttctcag tagggttgtt gcaatacact catggcttgg    125340
     tttagtatgc atttcaattc tgaactcgtt atttgacttg ggctgcattt acactgcaga    125400
     tcttgatgct caaatctgat ttttttgatg acctgcgtac atcatctttt aaagtgactc    125460
     atatacgatt gtctgcattt acacagcaca cggaccagga aaaaaaaaga gctggcacta    125520
     actggcttat aatggggtat atgccgaagc atgctaatag gacttttaat ttgccattaa    125580
     cctgggttaa gcgcttccgg caaattgaat gccaatgcaa aatccggtgc atttaaggtc    125640
     tgttttcttt aaaaaaaatc agcgatctcc actagctgag tgatatccga attaaagtgg    125700
     gtctcagttt gtacaagaag cactgcatta aattacattt cccccgccat gtctttatta    125760
     tatgagcatt tattttaccc cagtatattc aatggagctt ctgcgttagc ctgccgattc    125820
     tgacgggcgc gtgcgagtaa acaactttgt ctcgttttac gcttgagcaa ctaaataaat    125880
     gctaaagttt atttaactga gtgtatttta atgacattac aacatccatg ctgtataagg    125940
     aaccgtataa aatgagaaaa agttcacaat gacaggtcac cggaagtgta tcagcatggg    126000
     aactgcacta gctcggcata tacactataa aagagcgatt ttttctccat tcctgtattt    126060
     aatctgttcg cagtgtttac attttttaaa attcttttcg acaagttgtt ttactaaagt    126120
     taatgacaga tagttctcat tttaccatct tcttttaatg catttagacc agtaggcatc    126180
     ttaatgtaat gtccatggcg tgatttatgc acgtgatgca tgcaatagat ttatattagt    126240
     ttctgacagg atcgggtttc aaaagcacgt caataatcaa gcgcatgcta ttatcatcag    126300
     cttaagaagt ttgttatttc agatatagac gcacggcaag cgcaagcaag aaagcgattt    126360
     gaggctagct tgtaaaaaag taaggggaac agggtaaatc tgctcttctt cctggctttg    126420
     tgggtgttga tcaagatgac gacaaggttt gttagagccc ggatcgacca tggctcatta    126480
     ttatatgcgt atttaattac gctgtaatct gtaatacgct gcaattacgc tgtgtgtgcg    126540
     ttttaaacat ggcaggtctt ttgttttcat tctggtttgt tgcgcaagcg aatgacgcat    126600
     ctctgtaaat aaatagtcgc ttattagaag caaaattctg agggaggcat tatagagaat    126660
     aaattagcct tttaaagttt aaaattaaat ataaagaata gatttattta aaacgaaata    126720
     aacaaataca aaatatttat aatagaacta aatgaccgtt tgttaaaaca tatagtaaat    126780
     taaaatatta tctaaaacat aataattaat atctaatcta gtttttaata ttgaaaaaaa    126840
     tgcataatga taataatagt aatataaaaa actaatttgc atttaaaaag actttttaaa    126900
     tgcatttaaa aagaagagtc atttagtcag taaaattgat tttacattac aaaattaaat    126960
     attaaaataa atataaaata aatataaata attttttata aacacaaaaa attagaacat    127020
     ttattgtagc atatttatat attgcattat tattatgcat gcatcattat tttcctacat    127080
     ctcagatcaa atgaatggac ttacttaaaa agtgggcgag tgaatttcat tctgccctgt    127140
     tcggttgcca ttttaagtgc caaaggaaca gcttcttccc attgagcctt tacacagatg    127200
     cgcaaccacc tgcatgaatg cacaatttaa caattttcat catcatcaga cgctggaata    127260
     tgcaataatc agatagctca aagaaataga tctgcttata cctgaagcga acctctgcat    127320
     ttttaatatt gttcagcttg taaacctccc ccatcttctt cacgtgggac agaggaaggg    127380
     gatcctggtg caaagcaaaa tgcagaggaa acagacagat ccatttaaag acttacttct    127440
     gctttcttat ttcttcagca tcacacagaa agcattgcat taatgttctg aggcattgtc    127500
     ttatagcaaa ttaattcatt atctagagtt ataacaattt atttaaaaag tgcatttagt    127560
     ttttacatta taagatgaat aaaaatgcat taaatatgct tattttaata ataatataaa    127620
     tgtatgcaat taataataca ataataatat aatacaaatt tacatttaca aatatttttc    127680
     ttgagttgtc agtaaattag atttttcatt tacaaattaa atattataat aaatattaat    127740
     caaatataaa tgtagaattt atacatttat aaaattaatg atttatttta aacactaaaa    127800
     atgtgaagag ttcttgtttg tgctatgcag aatgtagatt catatttgta ttctaaatta    127860
     aatatgaaaa taaaagcaat aaaattaatt gcatttagtt tttacttcat aaaatgaatt    127920
     attaaaataa ataaattaaa taattaaata tgttaatagt aataataata ataataataa    127980
     taataataat aataacaatt taagcgttta ttaattcaat aaaaataaat acaaatatac    128040
     atttaaaaag atttgagtaa gtaaatatat attttttaat ttgaatatta gaatacaaat    128100
     ttaatataaa taatttactt ttaaacacaa aaaattggaa aagttcttga gtttgggtta    128160
     tgcagtatgt gaattaatat ttatattata aattaaatgt tagaatacat gttaattaat    128220
     ttaaatgctt tcttttaaac cccaaatgtt ttgtttttgc tatgcagtat gtacattttt    128280
     atttgtattt taaatcaaat ttaacaataa aagcaataca ataaattaaa taaatattaa    128340
     ttagcaaaat tccatttaaa aaggtgttat actgcctgta tctctaagat tttaataaat    128400
     catttaaatg caattttata tattttaaat atggattaaa taacatgaaa agtgtacaag    128460
     taaataggtg tacatataaa ttaaaaaagg aagagttctt gcttgagcta tatatgttgc    128520
     acaatattgt caagatattt ttctaaacga aataaaagcg catacattta ctgtacattc    128580
     aaaatgagaa cagttcttga gctcatgcac aactcattca gtacctcttg gagcagcaaa    128640
     gccataaact caataagctg aggcgagttc aattgcttca catctgcctc agtgaaactt    128700
     gcgaggtcag cttcctttgc ctaaaaatat acagaggagg gagagggtta gttgagcgta    128760
     ttctgtaaaa aaacatttag tgtgatgcag gagaaagtct caccttcacc catttctgac    128820
     acagagaagt gcaggcgtcc gccatagtgg tgtcatacct gcagacaaaa agtccaagtt    128880
     ttaatgaaat cattcaaaac acacacgcac acacacaata tgaaaacaag tgctccagtg    128940
     ctcactgtgg tctgacgggg gccattcctg gagtgtgcat ccatgcattc cagtctactt    129000
     tattcaagat gtccacctga taaagagcaa gcaaaattta acacagtgca cgctttttaa    129060
     aaatatttag cagcaaatgt ataatacaca aataaaaata aaaagtaaat gaacagtttt    129120
     ctgtattttg aaaataatta tgcattatga gattgatctt ttctcggaca actttagatg    129180
     ttgaaaatct tctttttaaa tgacttttat tgacgttttt aatagattaa agtgatatat    129240
     tgtctgggtt ggtgatgcaa attactatac cataacctgg taataaacta ctactacttt    129300
     tttttattat tgtacgcacc taattctcta tatattcagt cttatacatt agattgcttc    129360
     aaactacacg gtgcaaaaag cacggtcaca cacaatttat tcatattgtc ccaatacaaa    129420
     aaaagttaac acatttaagt ggtatgaaca taaaacaatt aagttgtccc aaaaaaaaac    129480
     attagaattg tgctgtttca acctattttg aatgcatatt ttaaacaagc tgcaaaatga    129540
     gtgtaataaa aaaaagaaaa aaataagagt cacttttttt tctaaactgc agtttttaaa    129600
     tgcaattaat aagcgtaaat aaacagggac aaaaacaaac agtcatgaaa atacagagac    129660
     tgtttatcat tagatatgtt ttacagcatg tgcatgcgta ttcctacttc agaaagcatt    129720
     accaggcatc ttagacacaa ataattatgc atgtattata tatttaaagt ataagttctc    129780
     accttgtctt taaagtaagt gaacagatag ttcttccatt cctctgtagt tacactgccg    129840
     taggcaaaca gctgaatgta ggacttcacg aatcccatga aaacctctag aattaaagac    129900
     agggagattt gtatttccga aagttttaag taaacatttg aatgaagcat cctgaagcat    129960
     tgcattcatc tcaagacaaa agaatttctc taaatatatc ttagcctata cattcattat    130020
     actttactta tcctgccagt tgtccgaata aatgtatgct taaataaatg taaacatgaa    130080
     aataaataat ggaagccagt gtgtatttgt ttattaattt tatgatttta acagggtttc    130140
     tgcagggtct taaaaagtct taaatctcaa aatccaaatt ttaggcctta aaaaaaaaaa    130200
     agtcttaaat ttactgaaat attgtgttgt gggtcttaaa tctttttaaa cgggtcttaa    130260
     tttttctttg ttcatgtatt gctaccaaat ctggccaaaa cctatacaat caccagcaat    130320
     catctcaata caacttgaag cttttttatt taaaaaggtc atttttaact gtattttatt    130380
     taattatttt cctcacaata acatttgttt aaaagttttc catgtatttt ctgctgagga    130440
     cattgacctg gacctactgt tgtgcataga tttagtcttt ttaaaacttt taaaacattt    130500
     gttcaatttt taatgttaaa aaaaaagtgt atagatacaa gtaaagcttg cttgttttta    130560
     cacaatattt aaaacattta gctaggaaat aaaatcttaa atatttaaat tgtttattat    130620
     taatgtatta ttgctttatt aaatgtgtta aatttaaaag actttgactg gtcaaataaa    130680
     aatattttcc atctgggcca tttgaaaaat tcctcagcct ttagcgcttt aattagagtc    130740
     taaaatttca ttcataatgg tcttaaattt aactctgtga aacctgcaga aaccatgttt    130800
     taattttcgc aaaattgttc tgatctataa taaagcaaca actgtaactg aattttctac    130860
     agttgagatc tttgatataa atcgtgcatt gtatatttta aaataattac acttaaatga    130920
     taattaattc aaattaaata atacataaat taaaccaagt cctttatttg tgcagcaaaa    130980
     ttacgaacat ttcaaacact gcgcaacaga aatgttttga tacctgcagt gtttacactc    131040
     atttaaaaca gtattcaaaa gtttagtgtt tatacctggg cctcccatca gttcctccag    131100
     atgataaagc agagcaaatc ccttctcata gggcactgag gaaaaggctt catcggtgtc    131160
     cacctcatgc agatttggga ccaggtttgt gaggacatta tttgctccaa actgtttcac    131220
     ctacaaagca atataacaat gacttcgaat ggtataatca gacgtcaaca aatgaagatt    131280
     tttgcattca cacagggcgt cagcgtcaac gctacccatt cactttggat ggatgatgtc    131340
     aggcgttgcc gaactgcatt gtggatcctt cagcgctgct tcagaagttg ggactagctc    131400
     aacttttcaa gcaccgacgg aagcgtcagc caatcagatt gctgtatgca aatacaccag    131460
     ctagacagtg gcctattgct gactgaattt cattggctga cactgctatt atgatcgtgt    131520
     tagccccaac ttcagacacg ccttcagtca agcattgacg ctgaagccca gtgtgaatgg    131580
     ggcgtaaagg ttattgctca ctgtatccaa aattttcatg tcattttgat gcatttaaaa    131640
     ataattaaaa atacaactgt attcacacaa gtacagtata tacccacatg tgcatgcaaa    131700
     caaactagca cacacacaca aaaatgcatg gtcatacatg aatacacaca catgcataca    131760
     cacacacaca cacacacacc cacacacaaa caaacaatca cggtcacaca taaatactgt    131820
     acacacacac atgcaaatac acaaatgcac acacatacac acacacacac acacataagc    131880
     ttgcacattc aaacacacac acgcacacag acacaaaaag taagtactgt cccataacca    131940
     gagtgtggcg tgatggtgca atatttgggt ctgtgtttct aaaagtgttc atgtactccc    132000
     tccgcaatta gaatccatca taaaacaaaa taaataaata gaatcgggtt caatttttat    132060
     ttattttttt gcatccaaaa aggtattttg agaggtgttt tgacaattca gggccgccat    132120
     acaaacaaat tgcaattaat atgcatcaaa cttcaacaaa tgttttgtat ctgaatacga    132180
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaacac atgctaaaat ttcagacttc agtgtgcaaa gacctaatgg    132240
     ttgcataatc caaagtgcat accttcttaa gcaacctatt ttctccatca tgagagtttg    132300
     agtcagcaga tcaaaaagac gctcatgtgg gaaatctgca tatgcatatt cagagaatgc    132360
     atgataatat ttcacttaca gactcatgaa gttctttcca tcctccgatg cctttaaact    132420
     gcctgagctg ctcaccctcc atacacctgg ctatcattct ctcgatatac accgtatgac    132480
     cttcattcag cctgcagaga aagagttcag ccagagcttc atatatcaga gaaaacagaa    132540
     catttctgga ttgtttgaag aatatagagg tgtgtgatat tgatgaagcc tattagaatg    132600
     tagatgcaaa tcaccagtca agtcatgaga gctgagtaaa agtcaaatat tagttcagac    132660
     cagatgatat atatatagta tactatcaga aatgtaatgt tgattttgta aaaaaaaaaa    132720
     aaaaaaaaac atgttcagca aagaggaagt cagtattgcg cgagttatat tttagacaca    132780
     atatttccat tagaattaaa gaccacaaaa aaactgtaaa ctttccctct ctgaatgtgt    132840
     gaaagcatct agtaaaatgc agaagtcttc aaacgcacaa aataatgcat ataacgtatg    132900
     atgacaggaa attagatgaa ccaatacact atatagattt aattaagtaa cttcaagcaa    132960
     aatatgtcag catgttatat tattatataa tattgattat taagtttagc aaacaagaag    133020
     tcaagttgtg gtcacattgc attcttcacc ccattgagtt ccattcatat gcatgtgaat    133080
     gcgacagact ggaaacgcaa gctcgtgcga caagttttgc agtttgcaaa gttcaagctt    133140
     ggtgaactct gacctgctaa atcgcatcac gagattgcat gacattggta gaagatcaaa    133200
     acataacctc tctgtacaga aatgttaaat atggaccaat agcttgcttt atttaatgtc    133260
     taatcatctt gtataaatcg cacccctttt tacatcatac gacaggattt tgcatgccca    133320
     aactctagtg tgactgcggc attaatactg agtaagttac attttaaaca caatatttct    133380
     gttagagttg aaagaccaca aataaatcaa ttaaccaatt aatcaataaa caaacaaatt    133440
     acattttgtc aatattgcac actcctcaac aatgtacaat cattaaaacc aaaagacgcc    133500
     tcctttgcat attctgatat taaataaagt atatattaaa taaaagctta aagagttgga    133560
     ctgaccagaa atgctcccaa gtcctgttgg tcaccaggtt tcctgtccag ctgtgggaaa    133620
     tctcatgtgc aatgacctgc agaaaaacaa aaggaattaa atattcagca gatacatggt    133680
     cctaaacaaa tatgcattaa gttaaaaaaa aaaaaacatg tgacttacac cagcaagaga    133740
     tctgtctcca gcctgtaaat agatacaatg atcatttaaa aaaaaaaatc tatatgctaa    133800
     ttaactaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaacttca cacaaaatgg aaattcacta aataaatatg    133860
     cattgcatta tacagaaata aagcgtgaaa tatataacac ccttcaaaat ttttctgctc    133920
     accaatgctg cactaatttg aaaacaaata ttgcaaaagc agcaatgttc tgatatgtta    133980
     gtacaatttt caaataaata ttttaaatac attttaagat gtagttaagg catttttatt    134040
     gcatcttttt attaacattt aactattaat cacaaaacac ttgaaaacaa accaacagag    134100
     aatgcccttt ttaacaatgc taaaagaaag actaaataaa ttatatatag tcatgtttaa    134160
     atatttatta taaataaatg atagtaataa ttaaaatgta taataataaa aatagtaatt    134220
     aatatctgtg atgcaatgct acattttcag catcccttct ctgcagtgtc acgtgatcct    134280
     tcagaaatgg ctgtattaag ctggcttgat gatcaagaaa tattagttat gaaagcagag    134340
     ttaattttta ataccagact aatatttgtt gctttttaac cttccctgaa ttcagatgat    134400
     tatttgaaaa tgtaaatttc ataacacaaa taaatctact gtcacttctt atttatttaa    134460
     acgcctcttt gctgaataat atattttctt tcaagattaa tgggaaaagg gaaaaaaatg    134520
     aaatgaaaat cacactggca tcaaactttc aaacaatagc gtgtaaacag ttttaacacc    134580
     taaaaacacc cgtgcagtat tggttaatag ctgttacttt cactctttga atgtgtgaat    134640
     gcatctacta aaggaagaag tcttcagaag tacaaatgca cataatatat gatgaaggtg    134700
     aaattatata cgaaccaaca cagttggagt gacaaatgtg aggcaggggt tctccatgcc    134760
     tccatatggg aaggatggag gcagaaccag gacatcatac tggccccaaa catatggccc    134820
     tgccagactc tcagccgtct ttaacatggt ctcagtctga tcaagagaaa gactcgagtt    134880
     atctttcaca caaaatgcaa actgtttagt tagatgtata agaaaataat ttgttgatca    134940
     caatctcttc atgcatcctg gggggaaaaa atcaaactta aaatctcacc tctgcaaact    135000
     catatgcagc ttcatccaca tattccttct cagaccaaac tctagacctt gggccgattt    135060
     ccctgatttt caaaaacagt gattaataat tatgcctgca tagaaatctt ggttctcttt    135120
     atatctgcta tagatgtgtt ttgggcaggc tgacatactg gtggtttttg cacactactg    135180
     gctggtgtga atgtgatgag tttctttttt tttttttttt tcaaaatatt tctcacatta    135240
     tttgattatt atattgaaca tcaacacaat tcataataat attaatgatg atgatgataa    135300
     aaacatttgc atgcgcacca cattgcaaaa cataaaagaa aaaacgtttc caatcatgcg    135360
     aacagtgaat ttttacatct ttaaatttat tttgctgtgc gtttaattgg gtggttttat    135420
     tttaatgttt taattatata tgttttctta agcaaaaaat aaataaataa ataaatagta    135480
     ttttttattt aatttacttt tctcaattaa tcaactaaca tctttactca tttgtttaac    135540
     caaaagtttc tattaatata aattataata aaaatagtat atttcaattg ttttttattt    135600
     aaatacattc ttcctttttt aaaacttaat ttaccttttt attctaacat tttatttata    135660
     ctgtgccatt atccttaaca tttttactct tttttttttc caaccaaatg ttttcagtaa    135720
     tataaatgaa ttttttcacc tgttttcttt tatttaaata aattgtcttt ctttttttta    135780
     aacttaattt aacttttttc atttgaactt tattcatact gtgccttaat tgatgaacta    135840
     acatctttac tcatttgttt aaccaaatgt tttattaatc taaattataa taaaaatttg    135900
     tatatttcac ttgttttttt atttaaatac attcttatgt tttaaaactc aatttaactt    135960
     tttattctat cctatttata ctgtgccatt atccttaact gatcaattaa catctttact    136020
     cgtttttttc aaccaaatat tttcagtcat ttaaatgata ttaaaagttt gtatatacac    136080
     ttgttttctt ttatttaaat taattgtctt tctttttttt ttaacttaat ttaacttttt    136140
     ttatttgaac ttcactgtgc cattatcctt aattgatgaa ctaacatctt ttttttttta    136200
     aaacaaatgt tttcaataat tttaaatttt ataaaatgta gtgcattcac ttgtttttta    136260
     tatacatttt aaagtacaaa attactatgc tgtttcattt ttacataact gttttgttat    136320
     aacaataata aaatgatatt tttattttta ctttccaata aaatatttaa atgtttttta    136380
     taaaatgcac atttgtcaat ttaaatcagt ctggtcgaca aactagaatc ttatatttga    136440
     ccaataaaaa tatttacaaa aaaatctaca atttcaataa tactaaaata acactcattg    136500
     tgacaaataa agaaagcaca acagaaggat cacctgcttt ccaaagcacc aactacaatg    136560
     gcgataaggt aagaaggcat ggggacctgc aagaaagaaa ataacaagtg tctttctgtt    136620
     ttttcagata tggatttttg acagacagat tcgttggaat ccaacagaac gaggacgaaa    136680
     cactgactgg ctgtctgaag cgatagatga ctctgctgct gtcacttgga tctggttcct    136740
     gcccatctcg caatgcactc atcaatgcca ccagctctct cgggacagaa acctgacaca    136800
     aggtaaaaaa caccagagtt accggcagaa caactgtgta gattttaatt agcatgcctt    136860
     tgctttcact ttagattact tatcttggtg agcacttctt tgctgcttca ctgagagtac    136920
     aattagtact ttgagctatt cgtgcatgtt acctgggcat agtaagtgtg cttcactgat    136980
     ggagtgtcct ggcaaggcac catggtcctg caatgagtgg cctgttttaa atagaggagc    137040
     tcagagttaa aggaaaacat caagagaaaa attaaaacaa atgtgcaatg gtttaatgtt    137100
     tgagggcaaa attattagcc ctcctgtgaa atatgcatta attttctcaa ctgatttctg    137160
     atatttaatg aagcaaggaa tttttcccag tatgtctgtt ttgtttctgg agaaagtctt    137220
     tttttttttt ggctaaataa aagcagtttt taatttttta aaaccatttt atggtgaata    137280
     ttattagtcc tgttaagaga tttctaatat cttgaaaaat atcttctcat ggcattatgt    137340
     catcatgaca aatataatag ttttaataac tcatttctaa taactgatta gttttatgtg    137400
     tagaaatgtg ttgaaaaata atctttccat taaacagaaa ttagggaaaa tgtataaaaa    137460
     aattacaatt tcacaggagg gctaatagtt ttcactttag caggttgaga ttatgtatat    137520
     ctggaataga tttgtttaac gtcatgcatg gggtttttgc tggttttata aaaacaaatg    137580
     tcatttttgt ttgctgttta gatgcagtaa aagcaaatat gtatataaat aataataaaa    137640
     acaaacaaac aaacatacaa actttttagt aaaggaacaa aactttgcaa aaaaattaag    137700
     tttctcacaa caaatattta ccctcagatt tctttaaaat taaagtcata accctaacaa    137760
     aacaggacga aactacttaa gttttattat tattattatt attattatta ttataacagc    137820
     tctgggatga gcttttttaa ataaatggtt tgaaatgaat gcttatccga ttcatcgatt    137880
     aaacaacaaa aataacagac agattattcg ataattaaaa taatcattag ttgcagccct    137940
     acaacattta ttgccctggg attagagatc ttttaatgca ttcatttgca gaatgtagta    138000
     aattaatgca atttaatggc acacttattg tttgttcatc aattgaaaac ggctctaaaa    138060
     gtcaggggac taaaaaaaac ccctaaagac gtaatctaac acttaatagt gagaagtctc    138120
     aaatggttta ctttcgctgc tcgtctacca ataacaaagt ccgatgggtt gtgaaacaca    138180
     gcagctcttg atagacagct tcttacagag agtttgtgat aaacttgtga agcagaacaa    138240
     ctgtgcaaca ctgtggtttg tattgcaaga ctgcagaaaa gatgatactt ttagggaaat    138300
     tgcagccgtg ccgcacgtct ctgcatgcgc acgcagttca gttggtggtg gatggtgatg    138360
     aaaatacctg gcattggctg aaaaggtatg gatgtttttt cccagcagtc tgtttgggtg    138420
     ttaaccattg aagagcagtg gcagtaggag acgtctcata ttcgatctcc acaatcacat    138480
     gctgaccgct aaaacacaca aacagatgaa gttgatataa ctttaaacaa atggaaaatt    138540
     aagcactcaa attaaaggga tagttcaccc acaaattata attctctcat catttattat    138600
     ttgattataa taatacgata cgtcagactt gttatatata tatgacttta ataattatat    138660
     gactttaata attagcaaat aaagccctgt ttttggccca agtattaatt tcctactgag    138720
     aaactggtgc aaatcatcta gaaaaatgat tcaggaagtt gcttcatcta gaaaaacaac    138780
     tgtagctctt ttgtcctaca taatacatta ttttaagtga cttcacacaa gacattttaa    138840
     ctaaaaaatg ctgtcaactt attatatatt tagtttaata cgtggtgttt aagtgcacaa    138900
     tagtgtaagt ggattctgtg agatgaacca aaaccctttt gatcaaactt tggctgtttt    138960
     ttccctctct ttttgcacat tagagaattt aatcataaat aattaaatta tttacgcagt    139020
     tcaacgttgt ggtttgtatt acaagattac acaaatgata atatttcaag gaaactgcac    139080
     atttccattg tttatttgca cgtcttcttg tgacatacaa atccatttgc ctcaattagg    139140
     ctcacacgct aagattttat gcacattttt tatttttcca tcttgtgttt tttttcttgt    139200
     gatatcccca aatatgcatt aaattatgta gatttcaaca agccaaatga gaaaatggct    139260
     aattgatcaa ataaataaat aaataaaaat gaataaatac aatttaattc cttaaaagga    139320
     ggaaccaaaa atatatttct tacatttaaa ctaaatacac taaattgcat agtttttttg    139380
     tccatttaag aaacttgtga ctatttaatg gaaagatcac catttcataa taataacaac    139440
     ttcataaatc aatgagagac aatataaaaa acacttctta acattaaaat ctacataaaa    139500
     acatgatttt tttatgtcca tatatgacaa gaaacttcat ggagagaaaa ctaaaagatc    139560
     cttcaaacta ctctcaatat aaaatcctta gtttggtagt ctttacaatt tcacattcaa    139620
     acgaaatatt tttataatga gagaggcttc agctttttat attaaaaagt atttattttt    139680
     gcaacttttt tttttctttt tgagaaactc cttacgttag atttattcag atttagctca    139740
     ctggattgga atttgtgttg ttctgaaagt atttatcagt ctatgttgtg tctcaaggca    139800
     cattcacatt ggcagtgaat taattgcata tcagaaaaaa ctgaaatgct tgagaaagaa    139860
     aacaaacatc tcttcagaaa caataagtct gcatcagtac cgtgagagtt caaaaggcag    139920
     ggtgatttcc aaaggggatc ccttaaattt atgcttggct ccaagttcaa actttgcagc    139980
     ttggccattc gcagacacct tagagatctt caggtcctta gagtccaggg tctagaaaaa    140040
     gagaaactga attttaataa caagctacct gctgtcttaa aattacatga ctttgattta    140100
     tcacatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatta tattatatta    140160
     tattatatta tattattcat tttctttccg gcttagtcct tttattaatc aggggtcaac    140220
     acagcggaat gaaccgccaa cttgtccagc atatgtttta cgcagaggat gcccttccag    140280
     ctgcaaccca tcactgggaa acacccatac acttccattt acacacacac actacggaca    140340
     atttagccta tccaatttac ctatagcgca tgtctttgga cttgtggggg aaactgaagc    140400
     acctggagga aaaccacacc aacacgggga gaaactccac acagaaatgc catctggcca    140460
     agccgaggct cgaaccagca accttcttgc tgtgaggcga gagcgctacc cactgtgcca    140520
     ccatgctgcc tatataatat tatattatct ttattaactg taaaaaatga tgacaaagtc    140580
     atgacattaa aataagttgc agtaacataa aaatattcac gttgaaaagg ttgcaacaat    140640
     ttttttgttg ttataaaagg tttaacttaa catttttaag tttaaacatt ttactttgac    140700
     tgatgatcac tagcaattat atacgagatc actcgacatt ttcacttgat ttaccttaaa    140760
     aatgtaaggc ggtaagattt ttttgtgttg ggtaagttac ttttcacaaa tgatgtcaac    140820
     aaaattgtat ttaaattagt tttctaatta cttccggaaa gattgtttat tattttttaa    140880
     tattatttat taatttttac gtcaatttgt gatatcatat tatttacagg atatacaaga    140940
     gttgttttat ttaagaagag aaataaatct gcttattttc cacttataat atgaagaaca    141000
     ttgaaaatat atatattttc caaagtgcaa gttatccatt tatttacaat atttacatat    141060
     tttacattta cattttttta agaagcttgt gcaggtagtt acaagtaaaa cattcattag    141120
     ttgacaaact ttatattcaa aatttctaaa taataaaaga acacataact actctaaaat    141180
     tataattact ctgcttctct ggatgtatac tgtattggca ttaaatcgtt tcttaattgc    141240
     atgttctgtt ttcatcacaa attattctgc aaaataaatg agttattcca gcgttatgga    141300
     tgtgacattt gcagtaaaaa ctcaaaacat aatttcacat agaaagtatg ttaccgatat    141360
     atttaaacat cagcttatat tttccagaac aactgaccag agttatagga ccagaaaaat    141420
     attaatctgt aaacatgctt tgtactttaa attaggaaaa taaacatgcg ttaaggatgt    141480
     gacaaaaaaa caagtctgcg ggtttacagt atacaacata ctttgaagaa attctgtgaa    141540
     ttaaactgca caatccaaaa gaaacaataa taatcaaaag gataagagtt ggctctctat    141600
     aaaacatcaa tgattgggtt tattttattg aacattttca cttttatgag gaaaaagtgt    141660
     cgttatggat gtgacgtctc tccgtcatgg atgtgacaga tgtgaacttg ccacttgtgt    141720
     gactttggta aatcaaatag aatagtttga aaacattgac agatgcattg ttgagtattt    141780
     cttaagatag aggtaaagtt ggttttatat tcacacatta gtttatttag aagtctctat    141840
     attgtttacc atgttacttt gaatattcaa ttgaaattag catgcaagtg tgacttgaaa    141900
     tcaacattaa cactgtttat ttgactgtga acaatgttgt actttaatag tcattggctg    141960
     ctaatatgat ttcactattc agagtttgca aataatactt ttatgaaatt atattattaa    142020
     agggaaagtc tgaatgtgca aatataaaac caactttacc tctattttct taagtactgt    142080
     aaaatacttg ctaacccaaa aaacccagaa acgacttccg tatttttgtg aaaacttaat    142140
     ttttttatga caaggttgac atttgcacgc aattactcat atactactct gcgtgcctga    142200
     attgatttat atacaactgt ttaatgtata tacagtattt aatgcaagta tatttaggtt    142260
     actccaatta aataatctaa aagtgacatg caatccctta cttttccagc agaaatataa    142320
     ttatagtaat tagttacttg gtaaatactt acacccaaca aattataact aaacaaactt    142380
     tacatttatc tgagagcttc agtcaaatct gttaaactca ggtaaaaagt ccatcaatat    142440
     aatctggcag atgctaaact caaagttcag gtgcagtaaa accacagtac gtgactaata    142500
     aaccccatta atgacgataa agatgcaata taacaatcaa atcactgctc gtgctgttgc    142560
     aaaaagatga tggtcatatt aaagtatcag attcataaac aatacaaaac gaaaaccctc    142620
     caggtcatca tattacactg ctgatattat cattacagta tcacattcgt gtaaataagt    142680
     aacacgatcc tgatcaatct agcattacta gtatgattga ctaggctatt tctaaataat    142740
     caactctagc gatcttaatt tgactattac tcaacttaat tagattctaa caccttatca    142800
     aagtgacaaa tagatcataa aagcatacag tgcattggat cgtactcatt caatatgtgt    142860
     acttgagatg tattgattaa ggcaagcaaa cacgatgaca gcttttgata aatccgatga    142920
     aaaaaaacta ccagagaaga gaatttatcc tccaggacct ccacagtcag ggcgactttc    142980
     cctttgagca catgcctgtc aaagtcgaca tggtaaatga ggtttaagtg cttggtagag    143040
     cacttggaga gcgaggagaa ggagctaggg tctgaaactg gagtcatggt tgagcagaga    143100
     gcactcggct cgcgctgcga atggatttta acctacatgc atgtcacgtg acgccggcag    143160
     ggtgaacggc atcatgggag ttgtagttgt gctttcttct cagtgggaac gatgagttgt    143220
     taccgtcctc tggtggctga gggtgtttgt gcatgtttaa aacctaaaca gcggggctca    143280
     tgtagtatgt tggcattttg agcatcaaaa aaagagtgca ttacagattt ttattcttat    143340
     aaacatttgt tttctattct gagtaaaata ttatcaccta taggtaggcc cacacagaat    143400
     ctgtttagtt tatttaagtt tatttacttg agtaaatgtg tgtaaatcta tatttattta    143460
     gtttttaaat taattacagt aatgctattg gctaatatgc aaatgtcgat ctgatttacg    143520
     tacaatgcag tttgtgaagt aatattttct gtcttttagt tgatatatta tatgagagac    143580
     ttgctttgtt taccaaataa agtggatcta attggatttg cattttaaac attgaataaa    143640
     agttaaaaaa tattttttta tttcatatat taaggtttta gttatgatac atccaaaata    143700
     tttctgcaga aatctgcaga tttgtaccaa aattatccgc agaaatagca aaaaatgtca    143760
     acagatgccg tctcgcccta cctataggct actcataggt ttataggcta cttttttaac    143820
     atgatttaca aaacacacat agtaaaattg cagtttatgt aactaagttg tcaggcatat    143880
     ttagaacaaa actgttttga ttgcattaac atattgtaca aactatcata ttttgatgac    143940
     aaataatcat caaaataatc atcaaaacag aacaacgagt tccatgtgtt gtgtcggctt    144000
     ttttgagcat cgaataaggt ttatttagca aatattcaat atatatatta tattattata    144060
     tgtaatatat aataaataca taatttacat ataattaaat attctatatt tatatataaa    144120
     aagataatat ataatataat ataatatata tgtttttttt aaatattgtt taacttttta    144180
     ccatgattta caaaaacatg tagtaatatt gcatttagtt tagctgttgt aggagtcgtc    144240
     aggtatattt agaattaaag caaacatatt tgatggcctt ttaagagata gtacttcacg    144300
     gtgcagttga caaattacct catattttaa tgaagatcga aatgcaatat atatataaac    144360
     gaattacaat agtttaatag tgttgcaatg aaacattacc aagtcacaat gtcatattgt    144420
     aaaattgtca tattatagaa ttcagttttc attttacaac aattattcat tcattcattt    144480
     tctttttgaa ttaatccttt tattaatttg gggtcaaacc ccaactgacc cagcagaggc    144540
     tcgaaccagc aaccttcttg ctgtgaggcg aaagcactac ctactgcacc accgcatcac    144600
     cctttacaac aattaatctt ctattattat tattattatt attatcatca tcatcatcat    144660
     aatgaacaat atttgcttta acagtttcac ttctattatg atttattttc atattgataa    144720
     atataaatag tatactaaaa ttatcttata ttattaatta aatatatatt ctatacccta    144780
     attcagcttc tgttattatt attttaatct agattgccag atttttttaa ctgtcatttg    144840
     tttttcctcc actagatggc agattatgaa cagacattat aaagaatctc tgagatcata    144900
     attgttttca tatgcctctt aaaaacccag catgtgagca tctcaagtgg atcaattcag    144960
     gactaatcat taagatcagc actctattag agcacattaa aatacaacag aattgtgttg    145020
     aagaggttaa gagagaattc tcatcatctg aatgtgtgtt ttgaaggatc cggcttcctg    145080
     tcagtggatt tccctccagg aaatcggaag atggttccac ccccctgtgg agcctcatgc    145140
     cactcactta ctgacaaaga tttgttttta agtcatgcag atattattgt agacttctgt    145200
     atacctttta ttattttaag acagtggttt ttaaactggt ggtacacggg cttacttcta    145260
     ctggtctgcg gaggatcaat tctgtcataa gtacatgcta catatatttc aaaatttatc    145320
     aaaaatgatt tatatatgaa tgtttttaca tatagcatat atttccgagg tccaggcaat    145380
     attatcaggt gttgatgaat tggccactat atttaaatac atttaagtac agcagtttta    145440
     ttatcattat tattattatt ttttactttt taagaacaga acgctaacat ttttaacttt    145500
     taaaagcaca ttttaacata aatgttgacg ttattagttt gtttgtgtgt ttgttttaca    145560
     tataagcaaa gtacagtgtt aatgttcaga ttatttataa tgttaaaagt ggccgataat    145620
     aataaatatt cttaataata ggaaataatc taccacgttt acgaactgta cagagctgta    145680
     gctgctttac tggaccaatt actttactgt atttcaatac tgctcattat aatggtgctt    145740
     ggagagacat ttgttttctg aggtggttta ttcattttct tgtcagctta gtccctttat    145800
     taatccgggg tcgccacagt ggaatgaacc aacaactcat ccagcatgtt tttacacagc    145860
     gaatgccctt cccacaaccc atctctgaga aacatccaca cacacacaca cacacactca    145920
     tacagtagac aatttagcct acctgtactg catgtctttg gactgtgggg gaaaccggag    145980
     cacccggagg aaacccacgc gaacgcaggg agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacgcca    146040
     actgacccta ggcttgaacc agcgaccttt ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac tacctactgc    146100
     gccactgctt cgtccttttt ctaaggtggt acttgatgat aaaggtttga gaaccacgtc    146160
     tatttatcta tcatccgtct ggttatttaa ctatctatcc atctgtctgt ctgtctatct    146220
     ttctgtccgt ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    146280
     atctatctat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatcc    146340
     atccatccat ccatccatcc atccatccat ccatccatct atctatctat ctatctatct    146400
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctactgtatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    146460
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctactgt atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    146520
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    146580
     ctatctatct atctactgta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta    146640
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctactgt    146700
     atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct    146760
     atctactgta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc    146820
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctgtgtc tgtctgtctg    146880
     tctgtccgtc tgtctatcta tttatcaaaa caaatgtata gtaaatatgc aaagaaaatg    146940
     caaaatatgc acaattgttt aaaaaaaaaa taatatcaaa tataaaatta attaaattaa    147000
     cattgaagtt ccgacaacta acctttttct gttttgaaaa caacatcaaa tgccacagta    147060
     aattaataac aaataaaata cggtcgccta cacggaaaaa gccatgcacc ttcactgaaa    147120
     aaaaaaagat tcattggatt tccttttgtt tttagctaag tggttgcaaa caatttatat    147180
     gggctgaaat taaacaaatt aagttgaaca ttactaaaaa atagtttgtt taaatgcaac    147240
     ccaaatcaac tgtgtgcaac cacttacctt aaaactccaa tggatcatat tttcagtgtt    147300
     cttcatagga tgacctactt attttttttt ccacacagtt ttttccaggg ttaataaagt    147360
     aagggggaca ttttctagca atctgatcac caagctttag aaatcacaca catatacaca    147420
     cacacacaca catacaccgc aaaatgtgtg cgaaggaagg aacacgggct cctcccggcg    147480
     ggtcccgggc aggaagaggg tgacgtcagt gcgctcctct cgctgcagat tcgggttaca    147540
     gtatagccta tgctgagtgt gtgtgtatgt gtgtgtgcgt ccgcatccgc gtgtgtgctc    147600
     gtgttcctga atgtcggatg gtggctagag gaggaaaagc gtgtttacac agacgggccg    147660
     agcgcctggg gaatcgcgca cggcgagagg aagtgagccg gctcgctgtc tgcctgctgc    147720
     aacttcctgc tcacagagag agagagagag agaaagagtg agtgagtgag agagagagag    147780
     aaaacagtcg ggatcccatt acagtccgac tgagagctgc cgagacggcc gacagcatgg    147840
     aaaaacagcg cattatacgg aattcttatt aataaagtga aaagggagcc cgagcattac    147900
     gcagaggtac gtgaataacc cattcgcgct atccgatcgc tttttacgcg ttttaaaaat    147960
     gtactattga ttcacaataa caagtaaaag gaagagcgct ttcaaagtac aggactgaaa    148020
     cttgatatcc agaaaaaaag aatgaagctt cccttatgcg ggagtgttta caagtgatgt    148080
     ttaacacttt ggggtaactg aatggatctg ttttagcgat aacaaacacc tcaagtgtcc    148140
     accgttcccg ttactcacgc gcaatttacg cacggtttac gcacgactgg ggaaagtttg    148200
     aatacctgtt gagctcacga tttggcgatg cgcgtttcta acattttcct ggtcgcacat    148260
     tcggtgctag aaaggctcga atttggctac tgccacttta aacgcactag tagagtttct    148320
     ggtttgtctg gaaacagcag cagactaatt gccatgcgct tccggattga aactggcagc    148380
     agacagcatc ttgaaaatga gtcattgggg caaacaaaga aacttcagtt cagccctaga    148440
     gctgatgtta cccctgcatc tggatataca ggagttaatg cttatgatta gatgagattg    148500
     atgtatttga tagaccttca ttgcaatatg agctcaaaat tgaccaagga tgtgctcaag    148560
     ttcattacgg gtttcatata gaggcagtcg tgttgaacaa ttatgaagta aaacctgaga    148620
     tgttttgctc tgaatgacac taatgccact tcagaggtca tttccttctc ttttggagtt    148680
     ttggtcactg tcacattgtg tgtaaagtct actgtcatgt tcctcctatc gacttcctgt    148740
     acggttagat tggttggata gatttgcagt caggcaggtt ttggtgtctc caattgacat    148800
     tatgtaaaaa caagttcggt ggaaaagaga ataaatgatc tgtggtgatt gtagaactat    148860
     tgtgtttagc atttcagttt agccttaata tttatgtgtt tgttaagggt gttattatta    148920
     ttaaatatat ctctatgtat atacatgtaa ttaaatttta actcaatgca agtctaaggt    148980
     tttggcactt gtcatatgaa tgtacacata aattcttgga cgcgatttga aattaaatga    149040
     tcctgaaaaa tttggtcaca cttgtgtttt caaattatga aaaattaatg gaaaactaat    149100
     ttgatgtagc ggaaacatct gattctgagc ccaaataaat cttactgaaa gctcattttt    149160
     taaaatatca actttctttc cactttttgc acattttttt ccacttcagc attaatctgc    149220
     aaggtatctt ctttaaaaaa aaaaaaacac caaacctaag tctgcgcccc aatgcattca    149280
     cgatttatga cattctttca ttcgacttag tccttgattt gtcaagggtc gccacagcgg    149340
     aatgtaccgc caactattcc agcacatttt acgcagagga tgcccagtgc taaccactga    149400
     gccatcgtgc caccttcaag atttatgaca gtttggaaat atagctttta tgtatacgca    149460
     caaataaaag attaacaagt tgtacatgta ttataacaat gggataacta tacaatcaat    149520
     tctttaaaac tatactataa aaaaatcaca aattaagtat aatacattca tttaaaaaaa    149580
     aagtaaaata aataaatatt atattaatta aatgagcagt atttgtaatg taatgtgtat    149640
     ttatatagcg catttattgt gtatggccgt acacccaaag cgcttcacaa tcatgagagg    149700
     gaactctcca caccaccacc agagtgcagc atggggctag ggtgtagcgg acgaaagtga    149760
     agagttgggg agtcacggaa aaaagtgaaa gtgaacagcg gacgggagag gagggggtaa    149820
     tcggtagtat gaggtgccgg atctggcgtg taccggcaca aattaagccc tgctcaccac    149880
     acaccagcta tagatgaagt ggagagacag taatacagcc aattcggtgg atggggatga    149940
     ttggaaggcc atgatgaata agggcctgat ggagggaatt tggcaaggac acccctactc    150000
     tttacaaaaa gtgccatggg atttttaatg accacagaga gtcaggacct cagtttaatg    150060
     tctcatccga aagaagacac ttactaacag tataatgtcc tcttcactac attggggcat    150120
     taggactcag atcacaggtt gagcaccccc tgcttgcctt actaacacca cttccgacag    150180
     caacttagtt tccccatgtg atctcccatc caggtactga caaggctcag ccctgcttag    150240
     cttcagtgag taaccagtct tggactgcag ggtgatgtgg ctgtggaata gagagagtgt    150300
     tttctataca tgtcaaagta ccgtaataat tattgcaata tttacaactt caaaaaaata    150360
     actttggtca cacttgtaca ttttaatttt actatacact aaactcagta ttaataccat    150420
     aatatttaat taaaaacatt actaaagtac aatacattta gttaaaaaaa aatacaaatt    150480
     taaaacagta ttaattatat taccggagaa tgttttctat acatctataa gtactgtaat    150540
     gattactaca atacttacaa cctcagaaaa caactttggt tacactttta tattttaatg    150600
     tacaatccac accatccgct tgttaagtgt gacgtcatag gaagcggctt ccaggtccaa    150660
     gtgctctatc aaattgcatg ggggactcat caaatggtaa taatacagtt tacaaagcac    150720
     tgcaatactt tcgaaaatca cgatcacaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    150780
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    150840
     tgtttaaatt atatatatat atatatatac acacacacct aatagaaata gaaacagaaa    150900
     gtgatacatt gtttataaat tgttaacatt ttgatatttg taatgcagca agtccagcaa    150960
     ttgttgtgtg cactatgatt ttatataaaa tccactttaa tgtgtgatag aacgtaaaag    151020
     tggccataaa caaatatttt ctcaattcaa ataagtagca gcttggacca gtaaacattg    151080
     catacgtcat cgataagtca tgacttgact taagcggatt aacaatccat ttactaacac    151140
     tttcagctct caaaacctag tattagtagt tgggttttgg attaggcagg atcagtaatg    151200
     taaaataaga tcattataac atttaaccta ttaataatag gaaggtaata ataagccagt    151260
     agttaatagt gtaaattgtt ttataagcta aacacttaac aattttagct aattagacta    151320
     ctaattagct gcctattaat agttagtaag gtagtggttc aagtggtgct cgctgcagag    151380
     ccatttgggc gagctgagct ccagcgaggg ggagcttaag cttgagctcc accttttttg    151440
     cacttcttct acgagtgatg tcactggggg tagggttagg ggtggggttg gtgtacgcat    151500
     taaaacagct tacaggaggc agagcgagag ctcatgctcc ccctcgctgg agctcagctc    151560
     tgctcaaatg gctctgcagc aagcaccctc tccaagtggt tgggttttgt cttaggcagg    151620
     attagtgatg tagattaaaa tcatacttaa taacagttaa tatattaata ataggcagtt    151680
     aataattttc cagtagttca tagtgtgaat tgctacttaa actaaacact taacacattt    151740
     agcttatcaa actactagtt agctgcttat taataattag taaggtggta gttgggtttt    151800
     gtattaggca ggattaggga tgtaaaataa gatcatactt cataacagtt aatattttaa    151860
     taacagtaag ctaatgatta gccagtgtga attgttactt aaactaaaca atttaatctc    151920
     aacagactac taattagctg cttattaata gttagtaagg tagtactttg gtttaggtat    151980
     tgggtaggat tagtgatata caataagatc atacgtgcta ataaacagtt aatatcttaa    152040
     taataagcag gtaataacaa ggcagtagtt aatagtgtga agtgttactt aaactaaagt    152100
     gttaccttaa gtaaaaattc gtaataaaag cctgtttaaa cttatcaagg aacattttcc    152160
     aaacacttta ccatattctg caagtaaatg catggtgttg taagtgtcta cactggtttc    152220
     tggagcccca acacgcacac atgcagacat tctaggatct gtctgcgtaa tttcaagagc    152280
     tgcggctctc tggagagatg tggtcgtgga gagaagtctc ctttctccct ctctcttcag    152340
     caggagctcc ctgaattttc cactggagtc tgtgcgcgca ggaagagtgt gcatttagtc    152400
     atggcgaagt aatgtctgcg cacaccaact aatctcatta cgagtttccg ctggcgctac    152460
     agtggagggg tttgtgagcg cgacggcgag tttggtgttt gaaggctgtc ttggggccat    152520
     tcaaaacact gcgcttaggg ttttacgtcc agactgtctg tgtttatgtg tgtgtgttac    152580
     atgtgtgtgc atcttctcac ctggaagtcc ctcttttttt ttttcctcct ccaaacacac    152640
     tagacaatgt gtgaaactta caaaagttaa gccactgaat gactacgctg ccacggtgtt    152700
     gttcctcctg tctacttcct gtatggttag atgggttgga taagcagttt ttttttcttg    152760
     gtgttttcca ctgactttat ttaagtttcg ggactctttc aagtctgttt tgctgcgatt    152820
     tatattgcga tatgcttaca atttgaccag atagcttgac tagctctatt tggaaagaat    152880
     tcataaatat actgagattg ttctggaaga ttatgggggt tattctggat tattattggg    152940
     attataggag ggaaatatta tacatcacag tattcatgtg cagaaattga ataatctaat    153000
     ttaaaaataa aaccacagtc ttcattgtat aaataattca aaaaatagat cttcattaga    153060
     gttacaaaca gtacaatttc atgcgcttga atacttaaaa aaaaacttgt gcatgaatgc    153120
     ttacacagtc acagggcatt atggttaaat tctttagtta ctgcaaaaat cttctggttc    153180
     tgaacttggg cttctggtta atcatacctg ccaacatttg aaatgttact aatgtaacta    153240
     aaattcggga gagcaggtgg ggtgggtgaa gtgtctgatt aacagtgact acgtttacat    153300
     ggacatcagc agggccagac ggaatctgca gacgtttttt ctgcggagaa ttttggtaaa    153360
     aatctgcgga tttctgcgga attattttgg gagtatccag cggagtatca caactaaaac    153420
     cttaatatat taaataaaaa gtaataaatt actgaataaa aactgaataa attcagattt    153480
     acacatttac tcaagtaaat aaacagaatt aataatgggc taaaaatctg cagaagtgaa    153540
     gtttaatttt gaactaattt cgagaggagc atgtgctcat gattgaccca gctggtccac    153600
     attagctaat tatgatcctc caatcaaagg atctcaaatc actatatata tcctcattgc    153660
     ctttctacaa ctatcttcgt ctggaagaaa ccctcctcct ccccttcttc ctcctttatc    153720
     cagaatgggc ggcacggtgg cccagtgact agcactattg cctcacagca agaataccaa    153780
     tggtgttggg tcctcgctga gccatctggt atttctgtgt ggagtttgca tgttctcccc    153840
     gtgtccgcgt gggtttcccc cgggttcccc ggtttcctca caccatccaa atgtgctcta    153900
     tattatagat aaaacaagcc taaacctttt ttataatgtc ttactctcag gaagtccgcc    153960
     ttggcctcag cagcggggga gtttgagata gacctgagct caatctccac tcgccctgca    154020
     aaaggggtgg aaccctgggc tcgaggatcc cttgagtgtt tttttttgag tgttactttt    154080
     tgagtgttac tttcatgatc ctgttttaca tgttatagca caattcgata accgtcattg    154140
     cgtcatcgtg ccatccgcat ttgcttcgga gttttgtgta attttgcgcg tttcatgttt    154200
     aatttgtcaa ctttagctgc agtttgccac tttcactttc attcacgaac atttcatgca    154260
     tgctctccgt gacaaacgag atattggatg caactatgaa ctactggaag agtgttgttt    154320
     ttttctgatt aaaagacatt aaacctcagc attcacgatg caggtgtctg tggtctgcac    154380
     tgacttggta ggtgcaaaga gtgtcaatca gccgtgcgtg tgtgggtgtg gactatcctg    154440
     tcacaaaatg cggcgaaaag tcctacatga cagtaaaagt tcgattaagg tgtttacatg    154500
     tctttactgc actttaataa tgcgactaaa atcggcataa tcgtcttaat ttaatttctc    154560
     tttagttcaa ttatgacctt aatctaatta aataaatcaa aaattgctgt ttacatggta    154620
     gacccttaat cagaatattg ccttaatcac attaaaatct aattatcggt catccatgta    154680
     aacatagtca ctgttgagaa ccgggttagt aactgtacta tggagtgggt ttcgtgcggt    154740
     cgattcgatc ggatactata cccactgtaa tacagactgt ttacgagagt tttccaggag    154800
     aatctattac cccaaaatat aaacttaaga ttgcacttcc tgcatgtgac tattgcacat    154860
     gtgcacattg tgttttcgat gctgaaacga tatattatgt agccctactt ttaagttatt    154920
     ttgacccaca tgcatgtttc agtgattcga tggcagtggg tcattcgaat ggtcattacc    154980
     atttcttcct ggtattgaca tgtgttttta tcttgcgatc gcctgtgttg tgatttttgt    155040
     cccttttttc ttgtttaata tctaaaaaaa tctgtaaatt tgcagttttc tgtattttgt    155100
     gattcatgtc tttacttttt ataatttatg tatgcttttg aaatgcatta tgggacctta    155160
     atcttttttc agtaacatta aaccttgaaa agttagaaaa agtgactttt attgacattt    155220
     ttaatagttt gacgtgatat attgtctggg ttggtggtgt tgtatattac tctacaaaaa    155280
     ccttgtagta aactgccagt gcattttcta atattttaca cacatatttc tctgtttatt    155340
     tgtttcttat actttaaatt attactaaaa tgtcaataag tcactttgtt aaattgtaga    155400
     gttgaattct caacaccaaa agtcgacaga gcagagatca ttaatgcaat tctcaatcat    155460
     aaataaacag aaaacacttg tgaatcacaa aatacagaaa ctgttattag ctgtgaatta    155520
     cattgacagg agtgataaat ggctgctttt aaatgaacaa actcatgtta tactgtaaaa    155580
     aaaaactaaa tctttacatt tttccttata gaaaaatatc attaaaaaac ggcagctctg    155640
     gttgccagaa ttttacactt aaaatttgat agaaatgtct catttttaaa aataaatgct    155700
     gtaatacatt aatttattgt gttaacacac taaataggtt atatatgaat agatatgtta    155760
     aatatgaagt actaacttta catgttattc cttttttgaa aatgacatat aataaaccaa    155820
     tgcgcattac aaacctttcc aacaagcaga aaagcatgct aatatacaga aaagcatgct    155880
     aatatgcaga aaagcatgct aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgct    155940
     aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgct    156000
     aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg aatatacaga aaagcatgct    156060
     aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg    156120
     aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg aatatacaga aaagcatgct    156180
     aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg    156240
     aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatgcaga aaagcatgcg aatatacaga aaagcatgct    156300
     aatatgcaga aaagcatgct aatatacaga aaagcatgct aatatggaga aaagcatgct    156360
     aataagcaga aatattagct aatactaaac acacactaat acttaacata acaccatcat    156420
     taaaacacat aaaacctaat tcatttaatc taaatgagat gtaataagac tctaatgtgc    156480
     ataactgatg agggaaaaca ctaaaaagaa ccatagtaat gtcaacaaac atgcaggtaa    156540
     cttaattcac agatatatat tgtatatatt aaggacactt gctcacagat gtttactgta    156600
     gtactttttt ttactattaa aataatggcc gttttttttt gcagtgtacg tggttttgag    156660
     tgcaggagag taagcaaatg aaaaggatgc ggatggcaac tatgattatg atcgtaatct    156720
     gtttgttttg gtgtgcttct ttacaacacg tcccatcact atcatgtgtt cagtcacaag    156780
     gtggagagaa gatggtcttt tcggactgtt tgaatgcatc tgactacctc tgaaagtggt    156840
     caaaagggga caaacgtgaa aacattttag atttcttaca tgttatttaa tgtcgttcag    156900
     atgagatggg attgaggaaa atgcatcatg ttaataaaca gggcctttga actttaacaa    156960
     actatctgtg atgtcctaat gtagaaaaat taaatacctc agttgattta ctttaacaag    157020
     ttttacacag tgtttgtagt aaattgattt aaaaaaataa atcttaacct aatttaaaaa    157080
     atcgttaaat aagtcaaaat tcaaaagatt ttaataaaaa gtgtaacaaa agaaaatgta    157140
     actactacaa tgatattaag tcagaaaaaa taattacaaa tatttaagtt gcatgccttt    157200
     ctgatgtagt tacatttaaa ataattcaaa tatgtaacat ttcatttggc tactaaatat    157260
     ttattaaagt ttgggcaaat atatcctgaa attaccatta attactgtgc acaaaatgta    157320
     ataatggcac actacactct aaatatgtta tgttgtcata acccatgatt tagattaaac    157380
     atggacatgt catttaaact taattgcaaa atattgttgg gtttgtccat gttgggttac    157440
     gacaatctag catttgtagc aacctagagt ataacaatca atacacacat attgagcagc    157500
     agacacaaga tcaaaaaaat tgaacacaac agcacagtaa taaaaatgtg taaattaaac    157560
     ttttaaaact gatccgtcaa acaaactcat tacttattag ttcctgagtg catttctact    157620
     ctactaataa tcaatccact ttatattagg tgactttaat tgctatgtac ttgcatcaaa    157680
     aaataaatac aatgtactta ctgtgattcc aatgtattgc agaagacatc tgggggactt    157740
     gaggtgggat atgggaaggg tacaggtttg agggtatgtg taggtataag gttaaggtca    157800
     aaagtaggat caacagtgta tttacatgca ggtatttaat caatcataat acacagtaag    157860
     tattaaatat tttaagtaca tattagttga ggccacctaa tgtgaagtga gtccttaact    157920
     ttatttgaca aatcagtgcc cgaaaggaag agtttatctg atgttcctag tcctatatgg    157980
     catttgtgga ttttacaatg gtccgccaat ggctgtgtgt gtatatataa atgttcatca    158040
     acaaaatcca accccgtaag tgagacatag gtgatttttt aaatgcatct gctcctgttt    158100
     aaaacagaca tggatgcatt atgaggatta ataaatgaag acgattggca aaagatgcac    158160
     agaaaatcca tgtggcttta ctgacacctc atccaaataa ctacaaaagc tgtccatgat    158220
     tatttcctgt cggatttgca tgtgttaaaa cagctttgaa cccagtgacc gtgaagctga    158280
     tgcatggcag acagaacaga gccgctgcag cgcagacact gcgttttgtt tactgcacac    158340
     tgtctgttat ttatttgggt gtcatgaggt ctctcatcat ctcaacatgc ctaaatgcaa    158400
     ttgtgcgtca agctgtcgaa gaaaatcctg gctcactttg cttctgcgct gtttagaaaa    158460
     atacaagaga gccataaact ccagatttgc acatgcaaat cacattcatg caaacccccc    158520
     cccaaaatct aacaatgact tttacagcca cgttccacgc aggcacctct ccaaacagcc    158580
     cagagcttta gaattgtgtt tattcccatt gattagacca ataaatctgg gaatccatga    158640
     gtctgttcat agacgggatc gtgccaacac gaaaggagaa gcggaaacct cccatttgtg    158700
     ccttgcgtcc gtgtggtccc cgcgttcctg tgtttgctcc ccgcagcagg aattc         158755