EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX248397; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 160938 BP.
AC   BX248397;
DT   10-FEB-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 16)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-233H19 in linkage group 18 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate glutamate receptor
DE   metabotropic 3 (GRM3), four novel genes, the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:112101), the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein similar to lectin
DE   galactoside-binding soluble, 3 (galectin 3)-like (lgals3l) and a CpG
DE   island.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-160938
RA   Brown J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 50babfc29d7503a5e604df619699f312.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000031712; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000042214; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000047309; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000142866; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-233H19. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-233H19 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-233H19 is at 160938 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-233H19 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..160938
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="18"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-233H19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    2001..160938
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(11544..12155,21066..21939,44142..45217,48937..49114,
FT                   55361..>55437)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate glutamate
FT                   receptor, metabotropic 3 (GRM3)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BF964012.1 Em:CX251428.1
FT                   Em:DT206423.1 Em:DT250736.1 Em:DV913485.1"
FT   CDS             join(11706..12155,21066..21939,44142..45217,48937..49114,
FT                   55361..55437)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019539"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate glutamate
FT                   receptor, metabotropic 3 (GRM3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P31422.1 Sw:Q14832.2 Sw:Q5RAL3.1
FT                   Sw:Q9QYS2.1 Tr:Q6PAT5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A3KPM6"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000162"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000337"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001234"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001828"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011500"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017978"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017979"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR028082"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPM6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-061009-13"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56446.1"
FT                   NGREIVDSTTSSL"
FT   misc_feature    41004..41012
FT                   /note="Sequence from overlapping clone CH211-82K12
FT                   (BX936376)"
FT   misc_feature    69617..69980
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(72540..72732,78215..78380,78465..78643,
FT                   80563..80689,81615..81716,81872..81971,84498..84678,
FT                   84758..84931,86954..87217,89780..89917,91596..91698,
FT                   91924..92014,94158..94286,94392..94572,94668..94756,
FT                   96270..96422,96510..96615,98429..98518,99813..99960,
FT                   102229..102418,105089..105209,109648..109894))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL919926.1 Em:AW455091.1
FT                   Em:CK236658.1 Em:DT117573.1 Em:DT294353.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(72664..72732,78215..78380,78465..78643,
FT                   80563..80689,81615..81716,81872..81971,84498..84678,
FT                   84758..84931,86954..87217,89780..89917,91596..91698,
FT                   91924..92014,94158..94286,94392..94572,94668..94756,
FT                   96270..96422,96510..96615,98429..98518,99813..99960,
FT                   102229..102418,105089..105209,109648..109779))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019540"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q3UZV7.1 Tr:Q6DDW2.1 Tr:Q8BJT7.1
FT                   Tr:Q8BKX9.1 Tr:Q8BL89.1 Tr:Q8BM91.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009011"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009030"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPM7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-061009-14"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56447.1"
FT   unsure          98177..98178
FT                   /note="number of bases in mononucleotide run unsure"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(111543..112079,112205..112309,
FT                   113750..113800,114511..114815))
FT                   /gene="CH211-233H19.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112101)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC093203.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO930951.1 Em:CO933299.1
FT                   Em:DT867541.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(111544)
FT   regulatory      complement(111573..111578)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   regulatory      complement(111578..111583)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(111957..112079,112205..112309,
FT                   113750..113800,114511..114576))
FT                   /gene="CH211-233H19.3"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019542"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:112101)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q567E7.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR022564"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q567E7"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-050417-264"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56448.1"
FT                   ANLYFHDVGR"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(117581..118322,120323..120420))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.4-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DV599424.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(117904..118322,119942..120073,
FT                   120189..120420,125124..125179))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.4-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO247296.1 Em:DT873700.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<118047..118322,119942..120420,
FT                   125124..>125172))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW595075.1 Em:BI474187.1
FT                   Em:CV103130.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<118047..118322,119942..120420,
FT                   125124..>125172))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019543"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008547"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR029058"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPM9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56449.1"
FT   mobile_element  <133504..>133999
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.6-001"
FT   mobile_element  <136384..>137626
FT                   /mobile_element_type="transposon"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.5-001"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(139651..139978,140876..141012,
FT                   141105..141219,141414..141551,141650..141685,
FT                   142868..142968))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN177454.1"
FT   misc_feature    140280..140283
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(140931..141219,141414..141551,
FT                   141650..141685,142868..142968))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.7-002"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK693081.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<147116..147199,147361..>148763)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AW018899.1 Em:CK027586.1
FT                   Em:CK865801.1 Em:CN169754.1 Em:DN766000.1 Em:DY574666.1"
FT   CDS             join(<147116..147199,147361..>148763)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-233H19.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019546"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q91453.2 Sw:Q98989.2
FT                   Sw:Q98993.2"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A3KPN0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56450.1"
FT   misc_feature    155535..155675
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    155690..155790
FT                   /note="Sequence from clone PCR only"
FT   mRNA            join(<156014..156102,160426..160594,BX957229.8:2126..>2284)
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-205F6.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to lectin,
FT                   galactoside-binding, soluble, 3 (galectin 3)-like
FT                   (lgals3l)"
FT   CDS             join(<156014..156102,160426..160594,BX957229.8:2126..2284)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /locus_tag="DKEY-205F6.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019541"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to lectin,
FT                   galactoside-binding, soluble, 3 (galectin 3)-like
FT                   (lgals3l)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q32PT4.1 Tr:Q567N0.1
FT                   Tr:Q6TGN4.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A2BIQ9"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001079"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BIQ9"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM56451.1"
FT   misc_feature    158938
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-233H19"
SQ   Sequence 160938 BP; 52246 A; 29987 C; 29828 G; 48877 T; 0 other;
     gaattcccgg tgggccggtc tgttttttgg ccgtgagggc cgttgtccct agctgcttgc        60
     actcaacagt cgcacttttt ttcatctatt tatatatttg accatagctt cactcttttt       120
     attcattatt ttgccgcagc gccgctcttc ttatttattt tctcgcagcc ccgtaagcaa       180
     aatgcagcct gcaggttaac taacgttaat aatgatgtaa cgttaactat catcattcga       240
     ccccaaacag cgaattcgaa taattaatat taatgaataa tacacctgct caatgaaaat       300
     cagatgattc actacaataa taaatctgac ataacttgat cagaaatcta aaaaggggag       360
     attaagccat caatagaaag taataccgtg tcttgcaggt cacagtccaa tacttttttt       420
     ttgttcttgc tgcattcgag ctatagtaga ccagtggaaa acacattgcg ttactacact       480
     gtccgacccg tgatcgaatc tcacctggaa aattataaaa aaaaattttt tcatttttat       540
     tgttaagaca tataatacag ttagggcttt tgaacatttg aatttctaaa gcagctgttt       600
     tcttgaaaaa gacgtgatag tgtcactaga aactgaattg gaaaatactt tattttaata       660
     tagacagtcg ggaactgagg tgggccggtc tggcttgaaa ctccagggct gaaaatgagt       720
     cccactccgg ccctgcacta cagccaattt agtttattca attaacctat agcgcatgtc       780
     tttgcaatgt ataaaaaccc acgccaacat ggggagaaca tgcaaactac acaaagaaat       840
     gcaactggtc aagccagaac ttgaaccaat gactttcttg ctgtaaggcg acagtcctaa       900
     ccattgagcc accttgtttt ccaacataca atcttataaa tatgaatata aatcttagaa       960
     aatggttttt tgctgcttgt tcaaactcct catttaaaat gagctgaatc aacacaattg      1020
     ttcagtgttt gggggtacaa tttaattgtt ttatgttcaa tccattttat aaatttgtaa      1080
     aaccatttaa gtttacttta aacatttgtg tttgaaccca gcatttttac agtgtatttc      1140
     aagagttcac acttagctga taattggtac agtaataagc ttgtttgcca tgctgttctg      1200
     agagatccct gattttttaa aatccttgag ccctgggctc cctcctgtta gcagggcaag      1260
     aggggaggtt gacctcaggt agatctcaag gactcctctg acttttttat gggatggcta      1320
     aggagatata cggtttgcta agagcttgac tatgatgatg tcaatttgtt atgtttaatt      1380
     tacctaggtg tgttttttgg actgtgagag gaagcctaag aaccagagaa aaacctggtt      1440
     tagtaaggac tttaaccaga gacattcttg gtgtgaggca acagtgctaa ccactggaaa      1500
     ggagggcaag tttaggggtg ggtgggggta tatactgaga taagaatatc tggttatttg      1560
     tatttgagtt aggaatcatc tgattggtga ataaatcata ggctaatgca agaccaaacg      1620
     tgtacaatca taaacacatg atcctctcga aactagttta tgaataaact tcacttaaat      1680
     ttggattgta tacagtaaaa cgtgtttggt tgatttaact gtaaaaatat gagtacactc      1740
     agttgctttt aaagtgatta gttgactttc ctttaaaaag tgagtaaacc tgtagcttta      1800
     aaatttagtg aatgaatgat gtgcataatt ataaaaatta agtcaaatta attgaagtta      1860
     acagttgcag tgggtttact cacatgtttt aaaggaacat tccactttac aactccctta      1920
     gagcaaaaaa agttggtcaa tctcaaagca cttaaaaaag tatttttgct gcttttaaaa      1980
     gttgaatcaa cacaattctt gaggttttat aagagtcaac ttacaattct tgaggtttta      2040
     taagagtcaa ctaattgttt tatgtttaat ctaattaata ttaatactag gttaatatta      2100
     agttaattta atcgatttgg tgttaggaca tctcactcaa aataatcaac gtctttcgat      2160
     agatttgcta ttttaaagct tgaccctttt gatctgcgta tcattgattg ttatacattg      2220
     tttctccagt tccatgcagt gaaaatattg gtaggccagg cacaaatcat aaaaataatt      2280
     tactagagtt tgtttgagta attagttaga aattaacaat tgcagtaagt tctaaaaaca      2340
     aatgttttac aaacaacttt tgagaaaaac agtggtttac agcagtggtt cccaaccctg      2400
     ttcctgatgg cacaccaaca gtacatattt tcagcatctc cctattcaaa cacacctgaa      2460
     taaaatcatc agaagtaaat caatgatgtg caaaattata aaaaggtagt cagcttaatg      2520
     gttgcaatgg gtttacttat tacttaagaa atacacaccc ctagagtaaa aaaaaaagct      2580
     gagttttacc agtattatcc attaagccaa tctaagagtc tagcgggggc ccttttacct      2640
     tagcttagca tacatcatta agtcagatta gaacgttagc atcacactca aaatgaccaa      2700
     tttgtctcga tagttttcct atttaaagct tgactcttga tctgcataat ttcattctgc      2760
     cttttccagc cataatactg catcaaagac tggaataaga gtctagccgt atcaacctag      2820
     aaaataccaa cttttcattt tctgttatta ttagtaaaca atgtaactac ataagtgtca      2880
     agcttcagtc agtcattcat tcattttcct tcggattagt ctaggattta tcagagcttg      2940
     ccacagtgga atgaaccagc atacaactct gtattgagaa aagtgtccag ctttaaataa      3000
     aaaaattatc caaattattt tttgagtgag atgctaatgg tctagtccga ttcagtgatc      3060
     tatgctacgc taagctaaaa gtgctcttga ggttggctga tggtttgaaa aatggtaaaa      3120
     tggagttgta aatagcatag tgtagtgttc caatagaaaa agtcaacttg ttgcatttaa      3180
     ggaatctgct ctactcactt tcctaagaat ttaatgactt tttttacact gtaataagca      3240
     aaactgtaaa tttaaactca ttatctgact ataattaaaa aaataagata tggaatggac      3300
     tttttttttt acttcacatg ctaacacctg ttctttaaat tacattccag ccttagctca      3360
     gaatgtaaat aattcattag cacaaattat gcacagaggc tccctttgta gatacaatag      3420
     catatagctg gttattaaat ttccacagat taaagatcta catatttata agagcaatac      3480
     ataataatgg cttaccttct atgatctttc tgaaaactat atgataaagt atgcgtgtca      3540
     tgactacaag catcacagag caagatttca aagccgtttt acctgtgcag tcggatacat      3600
     ttctgagaga agcaggacat tcaaagagaa aataatgcag gacttttatc catcgggaat      3660
     tgattgaatc atgaagctgc tttccatatg agaggtggtc tgaggaaagg gactagggaa      3720
     aaaaaacaga gtgacgtcaa ccaaaaagga acgttttttt ctgaggcatg cagacatcat      3780
     tacattttta tgttttactt tgtattaatg tgcatactgt atatgaagca tgcatatgtt      3840
     tttatacctt tgttgcattt gtgtatgttt ttctgtatta tttcttaaat tatgttttct      3900
     ttatttaatt ttaccccctt tacacatgac aatataatga ttgtatgctc cgacattatt      3960
     ttctagtgta ccagaattgt gtgacttaat tgccttttaa attgcaattc ttaactggag      4020
     aaaggtgaaa tggcaatgaa tgtaaactgg ttaaataaac cttaaatgta cacaacaaag      4080
     acaagtttag tcaagttaag atttttaaag ttgacagact gagggttgga taaaacaata      4140
     taaaaattat agaatgacgc atgattggat ggatggatgg atggatgata gaaagagtaa      4200
     tatggataga taaataaata gaataataga gggacagaag aaaaaaacag attaacaatg      4260
     aatggatgaa aagatggatg aagcaacaat aaaataatcc tacattctaa ataaataatt      4320
     aagactggat ggatgaatgg atggattgat gtaaagaacg acaaactgaa tgatatgccg      4380
     gcagctagct ctctgcaact ctcacatggt cgcccactga agctaagcag ggctgcgcct      4440
     ggtcagtacc tggatgggag accacatggg aaagctaggt tgctgccgga agtggtgtta      4500
     gtgaggccag cagggggcgc ccaacctgcg gtctgtgtgg gtcctaatgc cccagtatag      4560
     tgacggggac gctatactgc tcagtgagcg ccgtctttcg gatgagacgt taaactgagg      4620
     tcccgactct ctgtggttgt taaaaattcc aggatgtcct tcgaaaagag taggggttta      4680
     actccggcat cctggccaaa tctgcccact ggccttcatc catcatggcc acctaaacat      4740
     ccccatattc aattggctgc atcactgtct cctctccacc aatcagctgg tgtgtggtgt      4800
     gcggtctggc gcaaaatggc tgccgtcgcg tcatccaggt ggatgctgca cactggtggt      4860
     ggatgaggag atccccccca ctatgtaaag cgctttgagt gcccagaaaa gcgctatata      4920
     aatgtaagga attattatta ttattattat agagatgaga cagtttaaga acaaactaat      4980
     ggattgatgg ttggaatgat aaatggatcc aaggatagaa aaaatgtagt ttgatagatt      5040
     ctatttgatg gatggatgga ttggtggatg gacggatgga cagacggacg gatggatgga      5100
     tggacagatg gaaggatgga tggatggatg gatggacgga cggatggatg gatggatgaa      5160
     aagttggaat gatggaaaga tggatggata gatagattga tggttggaat gataaatgga      5220
     taaaacagat gaatggatag atagattgat ggttggaata ataaatggac agatggagga      5280
     ataaatgatt atagaatgga tggatggaca gttagaacga cagaacaata caaaattgga      5340
     tggatggata atagaatgat agaaagtaat atggatggat aaataaaaga atgatagaat      5400
     aatagataga cagaagcaaa acagattata tagaactgaa tagatgaatg aaaagattga      5460
     tgaacggatg aagcaaaaat aaaataatac tacagtctaa aaaatgctaa gttatttcaa      5520
     tccaggtaaa atatagatat acccaaatat tgggttaagt ttggtcctat aaattaaaac      5580
     tgtttttgaa aaaaattact tggcagttgg ttttgtccat attttacaga aaactgagct      5640
     aaaatagccc agaactttta gagtttgtat ttgcaagaat ggatggatga tagaaagaat      5700
     gttcagatag aaaggattaa ttgaaaacaa tagaatgaca aaatgatgga tggatggatg      5760
     gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgat agcacaattg atagatagaa ggaaagaatg      5820
     atctaacaag tgatagatgg atggatggat aattatataa cagtggacga atggtagatg      5880
     gatggatgac tttaggatgg atggtggttg gaacgaataa taatacaatt ctatataaca      5940
     atagacgaaa agatagattg atgaaagaac ggatagatgg acagacagat tgataaaaca      6000
     atataacatg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat      6060
     ggatggatgg atggatggac ggacagacgg acggatggat ggaccgacgg acgaatgcat      6120
     ggatggaaag attgacagaa taatggatgg atggctggat gcaacagatt aatgtgtgga      6180
     tggatggaaa gaatgaaaaa aatattgctg gacaaatgga taaaaaagat gaatgcacag      6240
     acagacagga tagatcaaaa tcatagcaaa tagagatgga tgtatggatg gtcagacaga      6300
     ttgacagatg catagattcc aaagaaatct tctaatgagt ttggccaatt gaattcaaat      6360
     tcctattcgg ttcttgaaag tacagccctg ttggctcctc gtggcgtttg tcagttttaa      6420
     actggtggat gttgtctgac tgctggccgc tctcactttc tcctcgcatt ctcactcact      6480
     ctgctcagcg tcagggtgtg agggagggaa gcgctcatga atttcctctc agccggtgtg      6540
     gccacagaga ctcagtgtgc taaaacaaca ccggtccact tctgaagagt ccaagagtct      6600
     gtcatcaaag cagaaagcgc tctccctccc ctctccagat ctcccgctga cccctctgga      6660
     gagagaggaa gagtatgagc aagcggcggc agcatagctt ttgcccagcg agagcagcat      6720
     tgtcgctgtt cgactggcag actgactcac ggtggaagaa gataatgaga aaagctgccg      6780
     tcggtgtgat gctgccagag gcctgcgtgt tgtgctttgt gttgcattgc atggtggaga      6840
     tagcatcact gcggttgagt gttatccagc cttggagcca tctccgggcc aggctgtgag      6900
     cctttgtata gctgccagag ccgtggaaac ccagcaagcc atctcgcaca cctcataaat      6960
     ccacccccca ccgccgccgc ctgcactcgc ccacccttct gcaaggaaaa gtggaagagg      7020
     aaatcagatt agggatgttt aggttttttt ttttcccaag ccctaagatc aaaacccagg      7080
     cttagatatc aaggctgcct tttgcacggt ttcaccactt tactgcaaat gaatacacac      7140
     acacacacac acacacacat gccatcaaat tgacaattag ctccattcac tgagcgtgtc      7200
     tgacgagcta tttatcggcc agctaaatta gtagcattat cgaagaagtt gtaggttcag      7260
     gatttaatta gtatttcata cttctgtcat ccaagctcca taaacaaggc tgaaaaatca      7320
     actctaaaat aaacattgaa gcttatttgc ttgactagga aaaacagcat tttaagggat      7380
     ctaacccact ccagccatag tctgctcatg ctcatgccat caggcaggtg gtactaaagt      7440
     ctgaggagca gatcagatca gtttcatgac agtttttatt ctattgtaag acttttaaca      7500
     aactgtgcaa taagtatttg ttcattcctt tttgtgataa attggtttat acactacctg      7560
     actaaagtct tgtcgtagat cccagttgta ggagcaacaa ataataactt gatttatagt      7620
     taatcatttg gaaaagtggc agaaatgtat attaacatgt aaatgtataa taaatgtata      7680
     ataactgcat cccaatcatc acaaatactg caaaagatct attggaacct gcatggacta      7740
     acgattttca cagaaatcag tttggtgaag tctgatgaag gaaaaatcat gatttggggt      7800
     tacattcagt atggaggcgt gcaagatatc tgcattgttg atggaaagat aaacagcttg      7860
     aggtatcaag acatctgtgc tgccctttac attaaaaacc acaggagagg gcaaattcct      7920
     tagcaggata gcgctcctca tacttcgcat gcctccacat caaagttcct gaaagcaaag      7980
     acggtcaagg tgctccagga ttggccagcc cagtcaccat acaataacat tattgagcat      8040
     gtttggggta agatggagga ggtgttgaag atgaatccaa agaatattga tgaactctgg      8100
     gagtcctgca agaatgcttt ctttgccatt ccagatgact ttattaataa gttacttgag      8160
     tcattgcaga gatgtatgga tgcagtcctc caagctcatg ggatacacaa tatttattat      8220
     tttcccaatg caccatgact ttatattcta tactgtacat tatttctgtt aagtgacaag      8280
     acttttttag gactttactg tcctaattaa ataattaaac attaaagcat gatcatattt      8340
     tattttggta aaatcaatgt aatctagagg cttttgcctt tcatataagc cacttctgat      8400
     accaaatgat caactagaag tcaggttatt attgattatt gattattgaa tgttgatcct      8460
     aaaacttgga aaggttggat aaacaagact tttctcaggt agtgtatttc gaaagatcat      8520
     gcacccattg gtgtaaattc tccattagtt aagctagaaa gcaagttact ggctaaaagc      8580
     aagatagcat atgcagaaca tcaaaacact cgactgctct ggttggattt tattaacttt      8640
     gactttttta tcagtttgtg gtctcatttt atgtgtaaca ctgacatcat ctttcttttt      8700
     actacaaaga catcattttc gcatgtaaat aacatagtaa atgtaaaaaa caggtctcca      8760
     gcataaatgg taacataaac aaagaatcaa taattcaaca ctattatgtc aatggactaa      8820
     acatatttga tgagatgatg ttctgaggat tcttagcttt caaaataagc tgtgatgtac      8880
     agcaatgaat gtgttttaac ttattattaa gtatgttctc catatctaag catgttctgt      8940
     acaacttaca caaatttagc aaatacattc tttataagct tcccattgaa aaacaacaag      9000
     tgacaatggc tgcttgaggg gtgtagcttt agaccgatgt atagtttgtc aagatcactg      9060
     gtgttctttt gatgtgatct attcgtaaac attgaaatgt taaaaaacac caccccagtg      9120
     tgtccatgtc ctgatgctgg ttaattaaat aggcttaaac taggctgatt aacatctcat      9180
     gtacatttaa attcagcaat ttagcataaa aagtgttaaa tggtcttgaa ccaaaactat      9240
     gacatctgcc atattgatgc agtttaaagg attgatccaa actgaaatgt aaatctagtt      9300
     tgagaccaca aattaaaaat tcttgctttt tgtttaattt tagttcacaa acgtctgtga      9360
     aattgggtaa accccaaaat gttttactat tatgaatatc tgttccaaag aaaagcctgt      9420
     gtatagtaat tcaaaatatg ctaatgattt tatccaattg ccagctcatt gtgatacatt      9480
     aaggttaaaa aggaagactg attgaaaaaa atataacaat ttcagcagac acaaagtttt      9540
     tttttttttt tcatttcttg tcagctcaac tgttgcatct tctgtctgag cttctgtgct      9600
     gattaattta tgttcctcat gtgttttcca tccttgagaa tctgttttga caaatgcatt      9660
     tgtaagagta cggaaggcgc ggaggagttg gcgttgggtg aatttgttgc tatttgtttt      9720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgacttgt ataactggca ggttggtttt gcagacaatc ttctatcagt      9780
     tctaaacaaa acactgtgat tatagagaat gaaatgaccc tgcaaattgt gcaaaacaca      9840
     ggagagctct gaaatgtgta atgatgaagt ctgagtctct tcactcgact atcacaagtc      9900
     tgtttaattc agcggaggga gaagctgtct cagtaatgcc gccggacaga gattttctat      9960
     gcaggtaact gaagtgttca ggtgttactc caaacgcctg aaagagaaaa ggcatttctg     10020
     acccagaagt tccctacgga tttcctttgg ctctttatag gggctgtttt ggatttctga     10080
     gcaaaataaa gtctgtgata accactgtgc taaagaagat accaggacat tttgttcgat     10140
     ggaaagtgca cacagtgcgc tcaaacaaca cactccttga caagatggac tacttttttg     10200
     tatattttgg gaacacttta ttttttatta tatttttatt acatacaact gactagaagt     10260
     acttcaatac caattatact gtaatataag agtagagtat tgaccttatt cttcacatac     10320
     aagcaggtgc atgcattgga atctttttgg ctcgagactt ccggtcttat tcacatcgat     10380
     tgacttttag acattaaaaa tggctaactg tctttatatc ttaatgtgaa tatcattatc     10440
     attaactcgt tattaacact catgaacttc tgtgtttaaa cgtaatggtc atcaagtaca     10500
     ttaaaaacca atagaagtgt tctgtctaca tcaaaataaa ctgtttaaat aaaggatttc     10560
     atcagtagtt aagaatgagt taataataat gtgttccttc aagtcatgac ataagggtac     10620
     attaacagct catgagttca tgttagttac atttagctta aatgaaagag ttaattaata     10680
     cattaattga caaacatgaa ctgacaatta aggtagccat tattcacaca tgaattaatg     10740
     tgactcatat tgtagtgaaa gttagtcttt gattagtaca tgccttaact caggggctcg     10800
     caaccctttt cactgcgggg cccactttct ccaatatgtc taaaataaaa ttctctaaca     10860
     taaaatgtgt aaaaattgct catttaaacc tttatttatt aacaaattat acattctatt     10920
     atattattac aacaaaaata ttaaacattt gttgtgcctt caattatttt ctattatcag     10980
     cattttataa aaaatataat ttatttaaat gtaattatat ataaaactaa aactataata     11040
     tatataattt tatttatttt ttaaatatac acatagtttg tgaataaaca gacatgcaga     11100
     cagatacctt cataaggctg tttttgcact gagtttgaag taatcaatca gagaacagga     11160
     aaaaagtgaa ttacttcgat aatttcaata tatcaaatat tatgtcgcaa tccaaaaatt     11220
     atagtataat attgagagct aattttaatc tcacggccca cctgcaggat tgctgaggcc     11280
     agctagtggg ctgtggccga ccgattgaga tttcctgcct taactcatta taaagtctta     11340
     atgaagtaat gtttagttgt catataagta ccaattcata cttcaaccct gaaaactgta     11400
     ctgacacagc ttcaatgtac tagaacttct gtgttaagct gccttacaca atctgcattg     11460
     taaaagcgct atagaaataa agatgaattg aattgaatta aatcagcatc ttacgttgcc     11520
     tctttctctc cttctgtttg tctgcagttg aacagctgaa cccactgctg tggatctcca     11580
     tgagtaaccc gacagagctc cctgctgccc cttcatgcct ctctctgttc cttgacacct     11640
     accctctttc accctcgttc tccccgccca accgtaacac gtcctcagtc ttctgtcctt     11700
     aaacgatgtg gtcagctgtc cgtgctctgc tcctgctgtc tgccggactc ctgcagtcca     11760
     gaggagactc tccccgcaag gaaatcaaga tcgacggaga cctggttctg ggaggcctgt     11820
     tccccattca cgagaagggc atgggcatgg acgagtgcgg ccggatcaat gaagaccgag     11880
     gcatccagag gcttgaggca atgctcttcg ctatcgatca gatcaatcag gacgtggcgc     11940
     tgctgccggg tgtggttttg ggagtccata ttttggacac gtgctcgagg gacacctatg     12000
     ctctcgaaca ggcattggag ttcgtcaggg cgtcccttac gaaagtggat gatacggagt     12060
     tcatctgtcc cgacgggtct tacgctcttc aggaggacag tccactggct atagcaggag     12120
     tcattggtgg atcttttagc agtgtctcta tacaggttag aaactgtcgg tttgatcttg     12180
     gatttggttt catgtgagca aacgcacaaa atgattgctt ggtttctatt tgcatatact     12240
     cacatgtcat tttagtatat ttctagataa agcttacaca atttagcaat attcattcat     12300
     ttattttcct tcggcttagt ccctttattc atcaggggtc gccacactgg aatgaaccgc     12360
     aaacttatcc agcataggtt ttacacagca gattgacctt ccagctgcaa cccagtactg     12420
     ggaaacatcc atacacactc attcacacta atacactaca gccaattaag tttattcaat     12480
     tctatatcac atgtgtttag actgtgggag aaaactggag cacccaaaga aaacctacgc     12540
     caacacgtga agaacatgca aactccacac agaaatggca actggtccag cagggactcg     12600
     aaccagcaac cttcttgctg tggggcgaca gagctaacca cttagccaca gcgtcacccc     12660
     gaatttaatc taattttaaa acatctgaaa tgttaagtat atgaataaat gaccaaccga     12720
     ctgaacaaac aaacaaagga aagaaattag ttattaattt ttagccattt atttattttt     12780
     tctgtttgat gtttatttta tttatttatt tattttttta ttaattgtta acaaaacata     12840
     cagactgaaa aaactatata atgaaacata tcaattaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacatg     12900
     ctcctcccct gcggtctctt gaaactgggc tttacaatga atagaagtta agataaaaac     12960
     aaaaacagaa tacagtatca aatatcaatt atacaaacca aggcaatcat tctggatctt     13020
     catcatttct ttgtgcaata aacaaggaga ttttgtcagc agctaaagtc cagatctgta     13080
     atgtactcat ttgtaccaag ttcactcacg ccgtggataa ctccaacatt ataatgtctt     13140
     gaagttgtac caaccacttg tacatgtcca aattatgtgg aggcagccaa tgttgggcta     13200
     gttggccatt tattttataa agtctcaaca tttgaatttg ggtctcaaac tcaaaactac     13260
     tggagactat taagcaggtg agtaggaggt ggttggagct aaattatgaa gaggcgtggc     13320
     actccaggaa ttgagtttga gaccactgat gtcaggtata tagttgtgta atttatgtaa     13380
     taaatccaat tttccaaata tctaaataaa ttaatacata cataatacat acatacatac     13440
     atgcataagt aaacaaagta aacatggtaa agtaatttaa cacagaaatt attagtcaat     13500
     ttttgttgtt gtgcagaaaa ttaaccagtt actataataa ttttagtaat agttactaat     13560
     caattataat taattttgga aaaataaagt ttttgcaact taaaattcac agttaaaata     13620
     ttatttaatg tattatgatc tgtctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc     13680
     tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctaaata gaaacaagca ttaaaaaata tttttaaaaa     13740
     tatatagtaa ataactatct ttggggtcgc ctacaaaact atactgctat ttgaacattt     13800
     atacagatta taaaccttaa aataaatagt tcatgaaata agttatggac caatacaaga     13860
     atgtaatgta aatatagata aataaacaaa caaatagaaa acaaaacaac tcaattggtt     13920
     taaacaaatt tagattttac atatttcaaa tgattgcatg caatacagtc gaaatcagac     13980
     attcaagagc cgagtttaat tagccctatt taatgaacta cacatgaacg aagcagaaaa     14040
     ccccctcttt gtagtgtaac ctcccttgag atcctcgagt acacattttc agcacagtca     14100
     cctaaataaa cctcttttat tagtgtacag tttggatgaa ttcattattt ctcactgaat     14160
     tatttgccgg ttcgtctttg tgaatcacaa atttgttctt caccctccag aaatctactt     14220
     ggcaaaacaa caacacagct cttttttccc taacaaacta tgaaaagccc aatccattat     14280
     ttaaggcaag acactgcagg tgaatatgaa ccaatatata tcaccatact tccccagctg     14340
     atacattaca ttaagaaaca atacaagtgt tctaaaatgt tatgctttaa tatgaaaatg     14400
     agcctttatt taattaaata tgtgctaatt tgcatctatt tctagcacaa caatctgaac     14460
     attggaagaa gtcagcttcc tttttttcag aaatattaag agtcaaaggt ttttcctaaa     14520
     gggattttga gtatttattt ttattcattc attcgttttc ctttcagagg tcgccacagc     14580
     agaatgaact gccaactatt ccgacatatg ttttatgtag cgaatgcctt ccagcagcaa     14640
     cccagtacag ggaaacatcc atacacactc attcacaaac acactcatac actatggcaa     14700
     atttagttta ttccactcac ctataacatg tctttggact gtggggaaaa ccggagcacc     14760
     tggagtaaac ccacacgacc tgctagagaa catgcaaact ccacactgaa atgacaactg     14820
     gcccagccgg gatttgaacc agcaaccttc gttctgtaag gcgacagtgc taactactga     14880
     gccaccatgc cacctgtatc tctttttatc actctgtaaa ttctcgcaca atgtttgaac     14940
     cactgtgcac attgtcctcc agaatggttt gctagtcttt tgcagtgacg tgctcatcta     15000
     gcacaagtat tagacttagg gaataccaat atattgcaga ccaaaccatc actgatccac     15060
     ctccatgctt cactctgagc atgcaacagt atgggtggta cacttctttg gggcttctcc     15120
     acaccataac tctcctgaat gtggggaaga cagtgtagat ggactcatca gaaaacaata     15180
     cgtttcacat tgtccatagc ccaagatttt cattgctggc actattgaaa ccgatgtttg     15240
     gcactggcac aagtaaccaa aggtttggct atagcagcct ggccatgtat attgacactg     15300
     tggaactctg ctaattaaac cttcaacctt catcacgttt gtgatgtgat ttcgcaggtc     15360
     agagttcaac aaagttaaaa tgcagtgaca aaattgtcac ataatcttgc atttctagtc     15420
     tgctgcatct atatgaatgg aagtctatag agcgaaaagt gcagtgtgga agctgcttta     15480
     gttgtggagt ttgcaattag tgaagattgg ctaccaggct tgtcaaattt agccatgaaa     15540
     cctccaacac taaattggtt gtttcagttt tgcagcattg cctaacccct atatattcag     15600
     gaaaattatg tatacatatc cctctttaaa aaccttcaga agatataatc aaaaactttg     15660
     tgtggtgcaa gtgttgctga agtgaatatt ttaagaaaaa aataatttta caaaaagtgt     15720
     attgatcaaa gcagcatggt ggtgcagtgg gtagcgctct cgcctcaaag caagaaggtc     15780
     gcaggttcga gcctcggctg ggttagttgg catttctcag tggagtttgc atgttcttcc     15840
     tgtattcgca tgggttccct ctgggtgctc tggtttccct gacaagtcca aagacatgcg     15900
     ataaaggtga attgggtagg ctaaattttc cgtagtgtat gcgtatgaat aacagtgtat     15960
     gggtgtttcc cagtgatagg ttgcagctgg aagggtattt gctgcgtaaa acatatgctg     16020
     gataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggcg accctagatt aataaaggga ctaagctgaa     16080
     aaagaaaatg aatgaatgta ttaagtgtga caaattaaac atttaatgtc tgtgtgaact     16140
     ggaagttgct gagtctttta ttccagtatg ttgatgccct tctaactgaa atgaaatatg     16200
     agtttttttg caagcctttc cctcgttgca aatgaacaat atgacaggct tagttaaaaa     16260
     tattgtgtga aaacatgcgg aagcaaaata tccgactttg aatagtacca aataaacatt     16320
     tttttccagt gaattaactt tgaaggatta attgttcatc taaagcaggg gtgcccaaac     16380
     ttttatctaa agcaaacttg attgaggact gttggccaaa taaataccaa accgtatata     16440
     ttacatttgc catgggtaat tttataattt atttggtaat atttcaaaat aattagaaaa     16500
     cattgcttta atcatattga ctaatgcagt atcattttta ttcatttata cattttcttt     16560
     tcggcttagt ccctttattt atctggggtc tccacaacgg aatgaaccaa taccattttt     16620
     aacattttat agtgatctta ttccgtcacg gtggctggtt cgagcctcgg ctgagtcagt     16680
     tggcatttca gtgtggagtt tgcatgttct ccccacgttg ttactccagt ttccactaca     16740
     agtccaaaga gatgtgtcac aggtgaattg ggtaggctaa attgtccaaa gtgtatgtgt     16800
     gtgaatggga gtttatgggt gtttcccagt gatcgggtac gcctgaaagg gtatccgctg     16860
     cttaaaatat atgttggata agttggcagt ttattccgct gtggcgaccc cagatcaata     16920
     aagggactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaatga atgaactgat taaagtaaaa cataaacagt     16980
     cccatttata acacaagttc gatgctgaat acactaatcg agcttgcttc gatttgcttg     17040
     cagaggtctt gtgcagtttg ctgacagtat ttatatttaa agtctgattt acactattta     17100
     attgaatttc agtgactgtt tttgtagctc agaaataaaa ccaggggtta tacgttaaat     17160
     tcaaaatggc gatcactttt aaaggctttt gccccaacca cctccccatc tttccggatg     17220
     ggatggtggg ccaaattaaa ggttaccatt tgccaacttt gtcaattgac ccctactttg     17280
     tgcatctctg atctagaaaa ccaaataaac attgcaaatt ttttatttac actgacttta     17340
     aaagtgtatt tcagaggttt cctttgcatc agactgaact agaattgttt atgaaaagcc     17400
     aaaaatctta aaaaatggca gatgcatgaa aaaatggcgt tgcctgcatt gtctcgtcct     17460
     aaacacctgc ctacatataa aactgcgcca cccccatttc cattcttcgc ccctgtaaat     17520
     ccagttttct ttttgcattc ctcttgtacg tgcaaggatt agcactgcgg ctatgctatt     17580
     gtgtgttgcg cgttgttgct ttctagtagc actggtgaca gagccatgga aatttgcata     17640
     attttgcata accctctatc catttgtggc tcagttaaag ctgacttcct ctatcagttc     17700
     caaagtccgt aatctgtcta accctccttc cctctccatc tttttcttgt tccccatcag     17760
     tcttttcccc ctgtggtctc cctgcagttt tatttagtga tattgcctgt ttctgccaaa     17820
     gagcttggag aattgtgacc tcgctgtggt ctctcgttag ataaccattg ttatccatcg     17880
     ctctgctttc atcgccagcg actggccatt gtttttctgt cacgacaccg gctgttgttt     17940
     gacaatcccg cctctctccc tctggcagag tctctcctga gagccagtgt acacttttgt     18000
     ccctcattcc tgcagattct tttaagttgc atcatatctc tgcgttcaca gggatgcagg     18060
     tttactctcc attgaatggg gggaaaactg tataaatatt tttttttcta aagaaacaaa     18120
     aagttcaggt attttttgtt gcactctgag atatttagat acacttcaac ccatttcctg     18180
     actcatttta cttttaaaat ttgttgaatt ttccacatga agtgtcaaca gggtagagaa     18240
     aaagtcccat aatgcaattc ataactttaa aatcctaaaa tatggatact gttaattaag     18300
     ttatattttt ttacagtgta caaaggtctg ataaacattt taacattatc acttgttcta     18360
     tctatcaagt tacaaatgaa aattaaaaat cataatgaag acagacataa tgcaaacttg     18420
     gcaaaacact acctaaatag ttagttctgt atttgttaac attagccaat agcacccagc     18480
     aggcacagga cgtcaacatg acatcattgc attttgtttg aaaatgaaaa tcgggttgac     18540
     gtcagaaccc aatgtcaggc cgacatcaat gtacagtgtc agacagatgt tgtattttag     18600
     ttactttcca acgcaaccta aaaacaacaa aatttattca ttcattttct tttcagcttc     18660
     ttccctatat taatcagcag tcaccaaaac taaagtaaaa ctaaaaatat caacgccgaa     18720
     tgatgttaca gcttgacgtt gtgtggacgt taccaatatg atgtctatca gactttggat     18780
     tttggttgtc atacctgata aataaatgtc agtatttgac attaatataa tgttgtttta     18840
     agatgttagc tcgacgttgg tttttggtca ctttccaaag caacctaaaa tcaaccaaat     18900
     atcaacatat gatgttacag cttgacatag tgcagacgtt accaatatga cgtttatcag     18960
     acgttgaatt ttggtcgtcg tatacctgac aaataaatgt cagtatctga tgtcaagatg     19020
     ttggtttaag atgttggctc ggcgttggat tttggtcact ttgtaacaca accgaaaatc     19080
     aaccaaatat caacgtctaa tgatgttacg gcttggccat gtatggatgt taacaatatg     19140
     atgtttatca gacgttgaat tttggttgcc atacctgaca aataaatcaa cacaacctaa     19200
     aatcacccaa atcaacgtct aatgatgtta cagctgggcg atgcagtggc acagtacgta     19260
     gtgttgtcac ctcacagcaa gaaggttgct ggttcgagcc tcggctgagt cagttggcat     19320
     ttctgtgtgg agtttgcatg ttctccctgt gttcgcgagg gtttcctccg ggtgctccgg     19380
     tttcacccac agtacaaaga catgtggtat aggtcaattg agtagactaa attgtccgta     19440
     atgtataagt gtgattgagt gtgtacggat gttttccaga gatgggattg cagttggcag     19500
     ttcattccgc tgtggtgacc cctgatgagg gatttaacca aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga     19560
     atgatgttac agcttcacat tgtgcagact gcagacgtta ccactataac attgatcaga     19620
     cattggattt tggttgccat acctgacaaa taaatgtcag tatttgacat caatatgtga     19680
     tatgatatgt tggtttaaga cgttggtagg acgttgaatt ttgatcactt ttcaacacaa     19740
     cctaaaatca ttcaaatcaa attcatttga cggcaaaata acattgtcct tagatgctgg     19800
     tgacctaaat ctaacctaat attagcatct tatgatgtcg aacgtctgct gagcacaatg     19860
     tcctcagtga cattttttta ttttacatta ttaaagcaat ttattcatga atagcacact     19920
     gatgaaccag agtcaaactt tacaatagta tgttatataa tacagacaac atgtaagcct     19980
     tgaaggaata gttcacccaa aagtaacctc ataatttact ctccctcatg tggttttaaa     20040
     cccttatggt gcttctttct tctggtaaac acaaaagaat atatattgta gaatgctggt     20100
     tgctggcaca catcaacttc catattagaa attaaataac tatgagtgtt aatgtgtgcc     20160
     aacaaccagc agtattcaaa ttatctttgt ttgtgttcaa taaaagagaa gaaaatcaaa     20220
     ataggtcttg agcaaggctg agtacagaat taaaattttt gggtgaacca tccctttaat     20280
     gtaaatgagt tgtgtgacat ttacactgac cccacaaata cacaaatgtg gatgtttacc     20340
     cagggtttag gattttacca tgtgaaacat aaacaaaatg attaccctgt atcaattgtt     20400
     aaatttggct aaattgtgtg taacatgaag cagcattccg ggttatccag tattcggttt     20460
     acctgtgatt tacaatgacc tgatttaatt tagtgtagaa gtctaaaaac acaggacgtt     20520
     cctaataggc tttttccaac tacacatttt gttgaatcaa taaaaagaag catgcaagaa     20580
     aaagttagat catcaattta gatgtcatgt tgactttaag ctcttcttac acctgaacat     20640
     caatatagca gcaggacaat aagcactatt gagaattcat tacacaaaat aatgattgca     20700
     caataaagaa gctgcaagct gtcttagctt tgacgtaaat acttgaatca ttgtacgcac     20760
     cagtgtcagt gttatgcagg aatggagata ttttcctgtg cattcctgcg cacttagcgt     20820
     gggatgtgtg atatggagga gccaagctgc atctcaccaa agagaaacgt tttcacgctg     20880
     ctcagccctg ctgagactgc atgcgtcctc ttaattgggc taatgtggct tgatccaatc     20940
     aaatgactaa aaaaagaata ttttatgtat catagactct ggatgattat ttaatagggt     21000
     gctgacttat tgattaaaac agagtttgta atgcatcgct ctatatgttt gtgtttttct     21060
     ctcaggttgc aaacctgctg cggttgtttc agatccctca gatcagctat gctagtacca     21120
     gtgccaaact cagcgacaaa tcccgctatg actactttgc acgaaccgtc cctccagatt     21180
     tctaccaggc caaggccatg gcggagatct tacgggcctt caactggacc tacgtttcca     21240
     ccgtggcctc agagggagac tatggagaaa caggaatcga agccttcgag caacaagcgc     21300
     gtttgagaaa catctgcatc gctacttcgg aaaaagtagg acgatctagc gcaaagcgtt     21360
     cttcatatga ggccgtggtc cgccagctcc tccagaagcc cacagctcgc gtcgctgttc     21420
     tttttctacg tagcgacgac gcaagagaac taatcgccgc tgccgcccgc ctcaacgcat     21480
     ctttcctctg ggtggccagc gacggatggg gggcgcaaga gagcatcgtc aaagggaacg     21540
     aattcacagc agatggtgca atcacgctgg agctagcggc tcatcccata ccagatttca     21600
     accgttactt ccagaccctc acgccccaaa ttaaccatcg caacccctgg ttcaaagact     21660
     tctgggagca aaagtttcag tgttcattgg gtgggacgtc agcaacaggg gcaggaaccc     21720
     caaagccacc ttgtgaccag gaactggtta tcgacaagtc caattttgag ccagaatcaa     21780
     agattatgtt tgtggtaaat gcagtgtatg ccatggcgca tgctttgcat cgcatgcaac     21840
     ggactttgtg tgccaacact acacgtttgt gtgatgccat gcgcagtctt gatggcagga     21900
     aactctaccg ggactttctg ctgcacgtca actttagagg taacctgctc tgttttgtct     21960
     ttctcctcgt ggttcctctt agactagtac tgtatgagtt tacggcatat ctgtgtcagt     22020
     ctgtggttgt gaagcgatgg gtttacaggc tctgtaatta gagactctgt gtgtcttgat     22080
     tgcgactggg agaatgaggc atcttctgtc agcgccgctg agaactcggc attgactgac     22140
     agctgaagga gagaaagcca ggtaaaaata aactatgtta aagtgctcag catgctcagg     22200
     tttgccgcgg caagtagatg ggattatgcc acacttatct gtgactctgc acaaacacat     22260
     tcaaaggcaa actcacagag ggagagagca aatgatagct agaagttttg agagaggaaa     22320
     cgatgcagaa aactccaaac ggggatgata gaaaaggcag cataattata actaatgctt     22380
     taagaataat gtggagatgc aaaataaacc tcgtaagggt aatcaaaacc ctcacttgaa     22440
     acagagaggt cttatttgat actggagggg cttattttgc aataatgacc aacagactgt     22500
     gcataattta gttgattaca cgagtactca taaaataaat aaaaaatgca cattaaatat     22560
     tgatttgagt tgaaatttta taatgtgaga agaggctcca gaattatgca agtaaatgtc     22620
     atgatgcata gtaaaggaca tttatgaacc tactagttct aggctactaa gttagtatca     22680
     ggtggtgata gaatatatta gcaatatcac acgagaagca gtgtgatatg gctgcatata     22740
     caaaaatacc ccactgctac gagagtaata ctgcatttat acaacagttt aagggcatga     22800
     taatgtatat acaaatgaaa atcaaacaca gagagtctca aaaacctttt ttgtaagagg     22860
     aactactttc ttccacctct tattcacatc tgcagctgac ggtcagaaca gtagaaaccg     22920
     ttgccagtac acaaacatca ctttagagct agtatttgaa tgatttttct atcataatgt     22980
     ctaaaaaaca ggtgactttg ctcacattta agattataca gctgaacggc atgatcagtc     23040
     tagactctag agattaggtt aggctgccca gtatttctct gttgcaatcg ggagatcaca     23100
     ttaattaacc ccgaaaaagc caaactacca gattactgtg gtataataca gcactacaaa     23160
     agagatcgac tcagaatgcc atttaccatt tctataatga tttggtcggc tgtttaaaat     23220
     acgaaaacaa aacgccgagt ttttctcccc taagcactta tgcagtctct gtcgccatct     23280
     tgcggcggtc aaccgtccat ttctttgctc aacatgctct ccaaaattat aaatatttta     23340
     aaataggcac catacttata attaactgca gtttcaatcg aattaactac atttccgcct     23400
     aaaaaaggca ttaaaagtac attacgttgt ccaacagtta caatatttgt caaactagtg     23460
     agtttattgt catgtgggcg gagtaataca caagagtgaa gaagctgttg gagagctgtt     23520
     ttgtaggaag ctgaggagtg cagaatttcg cacggctatc agccaatcag attcgataac     23580
     cagacagaac cgttgtatat taatagtgat aataataata aatcgttcac tcactcattc     23640
     atttgcatcc gcttttccga ccgcgtcgcg gtggcagcaa tcttagaaga gaaccccaga     23700
     cttccctctt ccgggggaat ccggaggcgt tcccaggcca gtcgagatac atagtccctt     23760
     taataaataa taataataat aatactagta atgtttaatg ttatgcttgc tatataattg     23820
     tccaaaatta aacagtaatt tttgcaatta ttatttatat atatatatat atatatatat     23880
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     23940
     atatatattt taaaatctca tttaatactg tgaattttaa gcatcgttac atcagacttt     24000
     agtgttacat tttttataga atgcatgcat tattctaata tgctactatt atgcttgatg     24060
     aaaacagctg cttaatattt ataaaatatg tctacaataa tctggttaat ttaaaaaaaa     24120
     tgtatatata tatatatata tatacataat gttaaaaata tccccacata gtaaaaacaa     24180
     gtatagtaaa aagtatagta aaacaatact acctgggcat attctcagta aaaaactaaa     24240
     tgaaacttta tgccacacaa catgttctga ataacaatac catggtatcc atacccactg     24300
     taccaccaca atattatctc taagcatcat tgtgtgcatg tatatgtatg aaagacagag     24360
     gaaggtagaa caagtttcac acgcagaaaa gagagaaaca gacacaaaga cagatggaaa     24420
     gagtgagcga gggagaaaga tggggcagat aaaatgacgg cagagaggtt gagtgggctg     24480
     gttcgcatca gcagaagaac attctctttg aagttcacca tcttcatttt tcaagcgcag     24540
     aatcaaagac gtgtggggtt tgctgtctgg ggcgattgag agggaggcag gaggcaaagc     24600
     catgctggag aacaggaggg gggaaagcgt catcatcacg caaagggagg aaatgctgag     24660
     agagagggaa agaattttaa aaatacattt tattacaatc aacattttaa actattacaa     24720
     ttcttaaaca aacaaaaaaa ctcagtatgt tcttatacat aaatatatac agtaaaagtc     24780
     agaactatta gctctcctaa attattattt atataataat ataattatat aattatattt     24840
     tccctcagtt tctgttaaat ggaaaaaata tatattttct ttttctgaac ataatagttt     24900
     taataaccca tttctaataa ctgatttctt ttatgtctgc cgtgatgaca gtacataata     24960
     ctttcctaga tatttttcaa gatactagta ttcagtttaa agtgatatta aaaggcttaa     25020
     ctaggtatca aaaaaagaaa aagaaatatt gctaaatatt ggctaataat attgacctta     25080
     aaatggtttt aaaaaaataa aaactgcttt tattctagcc gaaataaaat aagacttcct     25140
     ccagaagaaa aaatattaaa ggaaatacta tgaaaaattc cttgctctgt taaacataat     25200
     ttgggaaata tgataataat aataataata ataataataa taattcccta catttatata     25260
     gagcttttca ggacactcaa agcgctttac acattgaggg aatctcccca tccacaacca     25320
     ccatattgcg ccagactgca aaacagctga ttggtggaga ggagagtgat gaagccaatt     25380
     ctgatgtggg gatggttcgg aggccatgat ggccagagac gagtgggcaa atttgggtta     25440
     aaccagggtt aaaccctgac actttccgaa ggacatcctg ggatttttaa tgaccacaga     25500
     gagtcaggac ctccctgagc agtataaaat ccccatcaat atactagggt gttaggaacc     25560
     acacagaccg catctgcgat taccctaaat tttatcaaat tttataaaaa catcaattta     25620
     acagacttta ttttattttt ctatgtttac atccctttat ttaaattatt actttaaatt     25680
     attaaattat tactttaaat tattaattaa aacttcatca acagcataca aaatgttctc     25740
     agggtctgaa acattaaaaa ccaagttatt cgtcaattta taaaaagtgt gtgtgtgtgt     25800
     gtgtgtgaga gagagagaga gagagagaga gagagagaga aagagagaga gagagagaga     25860
     gagagagaga gagagagaga gaatgaaaag accaaattag atttcacaaa aacattttca     25920
     ttcattaact ttcctttgga tgagtccctt cattcatcag tggtcgccac agtggaatga     25980
     actgccaact tatccagcaa atgttttaaa cagcgaatgc ccttccagct gcaacccagg     26040
     ccaattaata ttatatttaa gtcacccata gcgcatgtct ttgggggaaa ctggagcacc     26100
     ctgaggtaac ctacgccagc acggggagaa catgcaaact ccacacagaa atgccaactg     26160
     gtccagccgg gactcgaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag gcgacagtgc taaacactga     26220
     gccaccgtgc tgcccacaaa aacatttgat caaatatttt tttccactta aaatataagt     26280
     gaccggatct gggggaaggt caatccattc aaaattgacc caaaacaaag cattacaatt     26340
     ggctaagatt ggcaatgaaa attcagaaaa ctggcatacc aagagccgca gaaatttaaa     26400
     aaaataacaa taattgcaag tgatcaaaat tttgcagaac aaaataaaga aaatacaaaa     26460
     acagcagctt atttcccatc aagtaatgac aataaaacta tttccagaca cattaaagta     26520
     caatcatata aatcaagtcc ttgtttaaaa aaataaataa aaaaattgtt ctccttaaaa     26580
     agcaaaacat atcactttct agttaacgtc acatatttca aaggttaact cattggctaa     26640
     agtgcaaaat caatcaacac tcttgcttta aaaatcattc aaaacaacag acctaaaaat     26700
     cttttttttt cttccactgc ttttccggct taaattgagt tgaagtcaaa attattagcc     26760
     ctcttgttaa attttaatcc ttttatattt tttcccaaat ttctgtttag tggagagatt     26820
     tgtttcaaca tatgtctaaa cataatagtt ttattaactc atttctaatt attaatttct     26880
     tttaaatttg ccatgatgac agtacataat ggctgtttct caattccacg aatgcagaga     26940
     acagactcga gttcttgtga agaccggtct tgccaagtta cctcagaaga accgtggtgc     27000
     gtgccctgcg gcccgtccgc tacgccactg ctctaaactt taacaataaa tctatttaaa     27060
     atgctgtgtt tccctccccc tttattcagc cgaaatgact tctgggactt ttcaagcgag     27120
     ttttgcactc aagtctgcgt cgatgcgtcc tcaatatcaa gaacacatgc gggaactttc     27180
     acacgtcctc cgttcttgca atcttgagtt ttggaactga actttgatgg ttgatgatga     27240
     tgttacatga gaacatgctg acgcgagaac aatgaagaaa gcatattgag aaacagccat     27300
     aatttcacta catatttatc aagacactag tatttagcat taagtgcaat taaaaggctt     27360
     aactaggtta attaggttag ttaggcaagt cattgtataa cagtggtttg ttctgtagac     27420
     aattgaagaa aaatgcttat ataatataat atattatatt attataactt ataaatatat     27480
     aatatatata atatataata taactaaata tgactttaca attttttcat tatttcccaa     27540
     attatgttta acaaagggcg acgcggtggc ggagtaggta gtgctatcgc ctcacagcaa     27600
     gaaggtcact ggttcgagcc ttggctgggt cagttggcat aatataatat aatataatat     27660
     aatataatat aatataatat aatatgatat aatataatat aatataatat aatataatat     27720
     aatataatat aatataatat aatatgatat gatatgatat ataatataat attgatttta     27780
     aaatgttttc aaaaaattta aaaactgctt ttaatccaga taaaataaag caaataagac     27840
     tttctacaga tgaaaaaata ttagcataaa tgctctaaaa atttcctctc tccattaagt     27900
     ataacttaag aaacaattga aaaaataaat atatttcaag ggaggactta taattttgcc     27960
     ctcaactgta cagtatatag acatctcagc ttgaaagcca gaatggagga gcttgtggag     28020
     tgatgatgac tgtagatgtg ctctgaatca aaagaagggt gttgctactg tatagatgat     28080
     ctgccatgga gaaagagaga aaagatggaa aagatgtgaa caagcccatg aaggattttc     28140
     ggttcacatt ctcctccctc tggtggagaa ttaagtccct ctgtgcttca aactcaaagt     28200
     tcacacagct gccccggctc tggctttctc tctgtctgtg aagagtttat tatcactgca     28260
     gtccagtctt ttgtcatttg tttgcttggt tttcagaaga ctgcacgttt tcaggatttt     28320
     tggatgacca gtggcaactt tcatattaag atttgctcat ttcagaaacc tagtgagctt     28380
     gggatctatt catttcttaa agagactacc ctcatttcta aagagtcaac tacactgtac     28440
     tgtgtcaact ttatcaaatg aaatgagtgt agttaactca aatttgctga aaattaattc     28500
     tactcatttg aagttttaaa ctcagtgttg aaggtaatga gttaaatacc tcattacttc     28560
     aactaaaatg gagtaagttc acagtactca tatagattag tttttttttt taactcaaat     28620
     agtgtgttgc aatcggtttc ctcaaaaggt ttggcttgtc ttaacttatt gggtttaaca     28680
     gtactcagtt ggtttgagtt tttttttcat ttattgggtt ttacagtact cagttggttt     28740
     gagttttttt catttattgg gttttacagt actcagttgg tttaagtttt cttcatttat     28800
     tgggttttgc tgtgatcaaa ttgctttgtt tactcaaatg gattaagttc acagcactca     28860
     ttagagttag tttttgaact taaatggttt gttgcaatcg gtttcctcaa gtgtttgagt     28920
     taccttaact ttttgggttt tacagtatga acaaactgct tcacaaatta gcatattata     28980
     tcacattatt atatcttact tgagcactgc agtttgcatt atagtaatac aaatacattt     29040
     ttatttaaat taaaaagaaa actccaataa attattaata ttaccaaatt tttttattta     29100
     cttctaattg taaatcagat acatagatac aaaaaagtat atatgtatat atatatatat     29160
     atatatatat atatatatat actgtgtgga gtttacatgc tctcgccgcg ttcacgtggg     29220
     tttcctccgg gtgctccggt ttccccaaaa cagcccaaag acatgcggta caggtgaatt     29280
     ggtaagctaa attgaccata ctttatgtgt gtgaattagt gtgtatggtt gtttcccagt     29340
     gatatgttgc agctggaagg gcatctgctg cataaaaaca tgctggatga gttggcgatt     29400
     cattgagctg tggcgacccc agtgttcaca cttctgcctt tggatgtctc tgggataaaa     29460
     gcagctgttt aaatacttaa gctttgaata agagtgaaac catcaacaaa tgcccgaccc     29520
     ctattatgtt tacaaattat attaaattat attcaagcac aaccatttat aggccatggt     29580
     taatgatgtt agaatttact ggtattttgg aatggatgtg tgaatggtct ttcctggaaa     29640
     aattccataa tgttcttgcc tgtgtgaaca gcactttttt gaacttactg gtaaagtaac     29700
     ttcaaaaagt ttcggaaatt ttctgtatat attctggtaa attttttgaa ttagcaatag     29760
     aacaaactac tgttgtctaa tgaattgact aattaaccta aattaaatag cataagggca     29820
     tcatggtggc acagtgggtt caagcctcga ctgggatagt tggcatttct gtgtggagtt     29880
     tgcatgttct ccccgtgttg gcatgggttt gccctgggtg ctccggtttc gtccacagtc     29940
     caaacacatg cgctataggt gaattgggta aggtaaattg tcggtagtgt atgtgtgtga     30000
     atgcaagagt gtatgggtgt ttcccagtgt tggattgcgg ctggaaggac atcagctgcg     30060
     taaaacatat gctggataag ttagaggttc attttgctgt ggtgtatgaa taaatggact     30120
     acgccgaaaa gaaaatgaat gaatgaataa atagcataac atagttattg cacttttagc     30180
     tgagcacaag tattttctaa gaaattacta ataaaatatg atgtaatgta ataatggaaa     30240
     atatatttta aaaaacggtt tttaaaaata ttatgttaaa aaatgctttg aaaaaacagc     30300
     acttgggaaa cgtggaaaaa taattaaaat ttcacaggat agctactaat tttgccttta     30360
     actgtgtgtg agtgtgtgtg tttgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tatatatata     30420
     tatttatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     30480
     tatatatata tacatgcata cagtagctat gcatagtccc atattgactt tctaattgaa     30540
     ttatcatgac acttaatttt tatgagctct tctgtcaaca tgatatctgt gaattgaaaa     30600
     ttgcatgcaa acatattcat atcactataa tcagaagctt tctttgccat ttctcaccat     30660
     tttgtcacat atatttaaat agtcatctaa gtgccacttt cagcagttgt agattgtctt     30720
     gatgtttctg ctatagtatt attctgccat ttaaaatgtc aacctatttt tacatattaa     30780
     aaaaatagaa aagttttgtt atgagtatat gagaccaatc taatgagttt tttgtatatt     30840
     tgtacatttc aattacatac agtataatgt cagccaatat ctaaaggtga cttaaaggga     30900
     tatttcacct aaaattaaaa aaaaaatgcc attctcttgt tccaatacaa aagaagatat     30960
     tttgatggaa aaaagctgaa tacctgtaac cattaaattc catagcattt gtttttctac     31020
     catggaagtc aatggtaaca gcttcccaaa aaagatctca ctttgtgttc aacagaagaa     31080
     agaaactcat aacgatttat atttttgtgc gaactatgcc ttaaacatcc aacagtgtcc     31140
     ctaatagcaa gtatttcttc atctctacat tgcatacatc tacatctaaa ttgtacatca     31200
     actgtagccc cattcaacat cagtcatact atctattaaa gacttcctcc tcctcacaga     31260
     tcgtttctcc agcaacagga actgttcatg gctcactgta tgttaaaagt gtcaaaagtg     31320
     gtttgttgga tgtcacaaag tgctattcac aggcagctct cagtgtcagt ggtgttgtgt     31380
     taaaacctta ccctcggcgt cagagcgttt ctgtgcctgt cacatctcca atacccccaa     31440
     cacactgtgc caacaagccg tcgctatagc aatcaggtcg ccacaagcgg tgaggtaatc     31500
     tagtaggttt acatggaggg gggtttctgt caacagagag aaaacgaaaa caaaaagata     31560
     gaaggattca gagcttccat tgaggcactc tcatttacac aactacactg caaacaaata     31620
     ctggttgcct taaagatgct gtgttcttct tatgcataaa aataccataa tatgtttgca     31680
     gatatttaag aaacgtgcta agtgaacatt cttgtttatc tgaaacgcaa tgctgaagtc     31740
     agatgttctg ctcttaaaat gtgcgttaca tgccggaata gctgtctttg ttttggttct     31800
     tttaacccac ccactgccac ttcagccaag tatacagtag ttcagcatac cgggttgcct     31860
     tgctggaaaa cagcgtattt cattcagtca gtcaggaagg ctctcaaagt atgtgtctgt     31920
     gaccaaagtg aagtttataa actaatgtgg agaggagcac gtgatatgat tgagcatggc     31980
     tggattctca tccgtaatta gtaataatcc tatcaaatta atccaagttt acaataaata     32040
     gaccaatttc accctacgtc cttatcttcg ttttgaaagg atcccgcctt ccaccccatc     32100
     tcctcctttt cctccctttt ctatggggag ctttcaagac ttaccttatc tcggaccccc     32160
     tttaaatgct tattgaccag atgggagcct tgagctcaat tatctccaag ctcagggtcc     32220
     tcttcaggga cagacctgct attaatgcca agcatatcta agtgtgaact cttgaaatgc     32280
     aacctccggt ggacagtagc cgaaatgatt tcgattaagg taactcaaag gggtaatcca     32340
     cagtgtatat atgtatacat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     32400
     atatatatat agttggttgt gtttgtaaga tgcaaagcaa tgtgtgctca tgcttgttga     32460
     aaatcacctt tgttttttca tatatcttac tttaattata tacagctact cagctaacat     32520
     gaaaatgact gtcatatttc ctagttcctc aagaggttct gattggtcag ctaacataat     32580
     atgctgtgat tcgcgtatta gctctatgtc accacgtcac gctcctacaa gcaaacgctt     32640
     tgcgctgtgt aaacagctgt atcagttgcc tgaatcagac tgaaaatgaa gaggacaaag     32700
     ctgaactgaa tgtgaaaagc tgcatgtgta agtaaaatga aacgtatctt ttgcgagttt     32760
     gttatttgag atgtttaatg catggaaagc agccgcatag agagacactg aaagcgtccg     32820
     caaagagaga ctgcagcgct gctcaagatt gtgggtgttg ttagaggtgc caaacagcat     32880
     ttcccattgt ttacattctt gcttatgtcc tcgctacaac attcccgtta acgctagaca     32940
     ctatgcatgt aattgatcaa ttttaacaaa ttaaaacact tgcaggttgt ggctcacaat     33000
     ccacagctgc agcagttgaa ggggttttag ccaaatccgg cacgaaactg ggagagattc     33060
     tggacgttct cctttgtcaa atgctagcta tattttttta taattctctg gaacataatt     33120
     aaaataaaac agtaagctct tctctctttg tgttgtgtcc tttggaagcc caaatacaga     33180
     aacagaacaa gctcagtgga aatagcagct ttaggacggc attttagctt tctctactgc     33240
     aacattacag tgcctctggc catgcccctt tgctgcatgt ggtaaatacg tgtaactgga     33300
     aacacctttg tgatctcact agcctggatg tatttttttt gtagccccca aagttcattc     33360
     gttgtaggct ttgctaagtt gaactttaaa cgtattgcat ttagagatgt tgtcacacag     33420
     ctacattaca catcaattaa agtttaacat gtgatatcgt agtggaccac cctattaatg     33480
     ctttttacaa ctttaagtgg acttgacaca gagttaggtt gtccctagaa acccagacaa     33540
     ctgtgttgtt tcagcttatt ttaaatagga agttggaaag tttgaacaag cagcaaaata     33600
     tatatttttg agtgtagtgt atgttatcct aaagaacagt gtttatttct ttccgaaaac     33660
     gtaacttttg agctgaagta cactcgaagt acaattacaa taagttcaaa caacataatt     33720
     tttcagtttt ttgggggaca acttaatagt gaaacaactg ataagttaac ttaattcctt     33780
     tatgttgtcc caacacaaag tgattgtggg gaagccagca tttttaacag tgtacatgca     33840
     aatgtaacgg aggccagcta gtgtgtcctc tgacctctaa aggtgctcta gcgacagatg     33900
     ctagaggcca tggtctttag cctccttggt agagcacccg actcccatac ggaaagtcgc     33960
     tggatcgata ccagctcgga gcgggttggg tggcgtaggg ccggtgtggt tacattggtg     34020
     ccatgacctg gatgggagtg aggtttaggg aggtgagtgt tacggaggcc agctagtctg     34080
     tgctgtgcag gtaaacccca ctcctctgac ctctaaaggt gctctagcga cagacgctag     34140
     aggccagggt ctttagcctc cttgttagag caaccgactc ccatgcggaa ggtcgccagt     34200
     tcgatagcag gttgggtggt tgtaggactg gcggggttac acatataggg cagcaaattc     34260
     tacttacctt ttggaaaagt cttcctcgtt tcggaaacac ctatgacgct tcaaaatgct     34320
     gtctaggtag gcagcgcact agattttgga aatgagcaag acacacaagt gcgcacacac     34380
     acactcatcc acagagagac acaatgggat atttgtgttt ttccttttct cagacacttt     34440
     caacccacac accatgaaac aaaacaattg ctcgtccgcc cacattcgcc acacaaacac     34500
     acacatgcac acacacacac acgcgcattg agagctgaga tttaacaatc gcctccatcc     34560
     gcagccacta gatcacttac aactaattaa ccgcctctca aattcacaga tctggagtaa     34620
     atatttatca tgcctcacaa caatagatta ttattttagc gatggcgtat tttggggagc     34680
     agcgagatgc gtgtgacact gagcagatgc agaagagttt tcaccttgct tacattctta     34740
     acgcatacac acacaaacac acacacacac agcgagatta taattcacta tgaaacaaag     34800
     cgatcgctca tccacccacc attagcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacat     34860
     acacacatac atttaacagg cagcaaagaa agaagagtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     34920
     gtgtgtgttt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     34980
     gtttgttgca gtatggaaga tttattgtca tgtaaacagc gatgtgggga aagtcaggca     35040
     tggatagcat ctctacgctc attcggcaca ccgttttaca gcactatcca aactgctgta     35100
     catttatata gctggaaaga gttgtgcttg tgtatctagc agaggcggta aaccaaaagc     35160
     gagccaggag tctttacagt agtacactgg gtttgattaa gttaacttaa ttgtttttgc     35220
     taatttaagt ggattgaaca taaaacagtt aagaaaaaaa aaactaaaca attgtgttga     35280
     ttcagctcat tttaaataag tagtttgaac aagcagcaaa aatccttttt gaagtgttca     35340
     caaatgtcaa gtcagtggct catcttgtgc agtcacacaa gtcaggttat ggtgcaaaaa     35400
     gggctttata ttacttattt atttcccttc aggaaatgaa cttttggatt tatgaattat     35460
     aaatatgcga agaagaaaaa aacatgctta atctacatta atatctaaaa actgattttg     35520
     tcagctgtag ttaacctggg tttaaaaaaa aaaaagagtt tgcaaaaaaa aaatgtagta     35580
     gcctaaatag ataacaaatg aatttataaa gatttagatg gatgcttata atctgaaaaa     35640
     aatattacaa atatgtttta aaaattatta tattaaaaac ggttgaaatg tgactgtaat     35700
     tacaaagcaa tgaaccaatt gatcaatacc tctaattttg aactttctat tgctcagatt     35760
     gcttaaaaat aatattaata acacaataat gttcacccag ttcacccact gaactgttat     35820
     taattttcat atagatttat tactgttatt atgttatata tatatatata tatatacata     35880
     tatgtacaaa cacggtacat tacatcctta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     35940
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatataca tacatatata     36000
     tatttttttt tgtgtgtgtg tttttgcaag tgttttacgg ttttgaattg cattatggga     36060
     tgttgatctc tgctttgttg acttttgata ttgaaaattc aacagaatta aaagtggctt     36120
     ttactgacat tttagttggt tgagacaaga tattgtttaa gaaataatat atagagaacc     36180
     tagtttgtaa agtaacagaa atgtactggc agtttattac aaggatgtta tgtaccgtaa     36240
     tttaccgtgt ttgtaccata atatacaaca ccaacatcag acaatatatc acatcaaact     36300
     attaaaaata tcaaaaaaag tcactttttt gactttttaa ccacaaaacc ttttggagga     36360
     aagattaagg tcctataaaa acatgaatca caaaagagca aaactgttaa ttaaactgta     36420
     aaatatttta aatacaaaaa ggtcactggt cccagcccca tcatttctgt gtggagtttg     36480
     catgttctcc ctgtgttggc gtgggtttcc tccgggtgct ccggtttccc ccatatgtct     36540
     aaaacatgtg gtataggtga attgggttag ctaaaattgt ccgtcgtgta tgagtgtgaa     36600
     tgactgtgtg tggatgtttc ccagtgatgg gttgcagctg gaagggcatc tgctgcgtaa     36660
     aacatgtgct ggataagttg gtggttcatt ccactgtggt gaccctggat taataaaggg     36720
     actaagccga aaagaaaatg aatgaatgta tgtatactgt acactaataa atgataggtg     36780
     ttcaaaaccc aactttgggt caaatatgga caaatccaag gtttggttaa tttttccaat     36840
     taatttgaaa ttaaagtttt taactcaatg gtttgtccat atcagaccaa acgttaggtt     36900
     accacccagc atttttttca agtgtacata ctatcagtaa catcatgagt agaagacaga     36960
     acagacagac agaatccaga cagaatctgc agactttttt tttttttgct gtttctgtgc     37020
     agtattttgt aaaaaaaaat ctgcagattt atgcggaatg atattaggag aatcgtaact     37080
     aaatacatca tatatgaaat aaaaataata catttttaac tttctttaat gtttaaaatg     37140
     caaatccata tagatccact tatttggtaa acaaaggcaa gtctctcata taatatatct     37200
     accaaaagac aaaaaaatat gactttacaa actgtattgt aaataaatca aatgaacatt     37260
     ttcatattag acaataatat tactgaaatt aattcaaaaa ctgaacaatt ataaatttac     37320
     acacattaac agaagcaaat aaatagaccc aatgacggac taaaaatctg ctgatttctg     37380
     cacgctcaaa ttccatctgg gcctcctcag tcataattaa tttggacact cgatgtataa     37440
     gtcaagttaa aaatataagt gtatttaaaa ttgtaaaatg cctttctgtt agatgcagat     37500
     actagcatgt ttttaataga ctctgatcag cagttctgtg gctttcatgt attgttatta     37560
     taacattgtt gagtcatctg ccacaagtct aacagagtcc tgcgtcatta tattcattta     37620
     gtcaagtaag tccaaacaaa tccttaaaaa cgcaactcca gtgaaatcat ttaacagtag     37680
     tcatccacct ctatctactc atgacacacc tctttatcat gcctttcctc tctccttttc     37740
     tctgcgtaga aacacaactg tcaaactgtg tgtgtgtgtg cattttcttg actgggattc     37800
     tgtatctgaa tggcgactgt cagtcgaata ggtgtgcacg gcagagatac gttgtgtttt     37860
     atgtcgtgaa tgttttttgg aattgtctcg gttgccagat tgacatgttg tggtacctca     37920
     gagtcaagtg gatcatgcgc agaggtgatg tcacatcgcc agctctctgt gtctctgtca     37980
     ggatggaaaa taacgctaac atgaagctca agctggaatt gacaagcgtg tatcacctga     38040
     gagacagaca gaaaagacag actgcacaag ttactacaat aagaaaaact gaagctattg     38100
     tggcattttc tgagcataaa agtatttcac ttacaagtca aaagtgcatg atccgcatgt     38160
     gagattccaa caacgcatta gaacaattat actttagaca ttagtttgtt tgtattaatt     38220
     attttgtaaa tatgcataaa ctttagtcat gtgtttgagt gaaactgttt tttattttat     38280
     atggggtact aatgatgaca tttccttcaa gtttaattct ttttaaaaag gtacatttat     38340
     ttatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacatacac     38400
     acacacacac atatatatat atataaatat ataagaatga tatcgcactg gtgagaggtg     38460
     tgttgactcg aggccacggt ccgagtgcct tagtgtccca caagtgatga tatacagcca     38520
     tattgcactg ctacgaatgt gatattgcac ttatacgaca gtttgtacac ggaactactt     38580
     tcttacgcca ttcattcaca tctgcagctg acgtcagaac agcggaaact gttgctactt     38640
     aacaaacatc actttaaagc tagcgcttaa ataaatgtct agcgtaaaat taataattaa     38700
     ataatataaa ttataaaaat agtacaaaat aatatttcat aatttataat tatataataa     38760
     tcatatactt gaataatttc tctagccttt atctaaagtg atgacaaaac cagtgatttg     38820
     gctgacattt taagattata aggctgaacg gcatgaaatg tcatcattct gcagagattt     38880
     cccagtattt cccttgcaat cgggatttca caataattaa ccccacaaaa gtcaaagcaa     38940
     agcaaacact atcagactgc tgtggtataa atacagcact aaaaataaat aaatatacaa     39000
     aagcacgcac ataattttta actgggagct cagccaaaac gcaaaaatgc tgtttctccc     39060
     ctaagaactt attatgcggt ctctgtcgcc atcttgtggc cgaatgtcaa ccgcctttgc     39120
     tctgctcagt atgacagatt ggccaccaac ccgctgaatg tctgaaatga tgaatatttt     39180
     aaaacagact ctatccttat aaataaactg catagttgca atctaaacaa ctaaaccctc     39240
     acctaaaaag cctcgaaagt acattatgtt gtctaacagc tacattattt gtcaaactgt     39300
     agtcttctgc ttgccactag tgtgagcaga gtatacacaa gaggctgtat gagtactgat     39360
     attactttaa aatctcacgg gagtcacggc tttcagccaa tcagattcga gaacaagaca     39420
     gaactgttct gtcatattca aaacattatc agccatccag ataacatttt gaacccctat     39480
     aagtgtggtt atttgtgtaa ccaaaaatgt ttctatgaca tcattaatgt aatgtaatgt     39540
     tattttagga gttttcatta tacaacagtg aaaaaactaa tgtagcatct tgcattaagt     39600
     actattgagc tattaaaggt gttcttctcc ttcaaaaagt acattacagc cctgacctgc     39660
     atttccacaa tcatagtcag ctgcatatag agaaatgctc tttatgcctt aatgtgtcat     39720
     aatatgtaaa caacttctcc tacagtaaag cgaaagagag gtaaattata tattgatgtt     39780
     catcctcagt tggcctgtga gtgttgatgt ccctccgctt cacgagtctg agtgatttgt     39840
     gtcgagctgt aatagatgga agcactctac tcaggttaaa ctgctcttgc tggatgctca     39900
     gatcaataga gttattttaa ggcactgtca catactacaa gcctgatttg ttgatttact     39960
     gtacctgtgt gtaaagcatc ccatgacaga acatgtaaac atctgtcagg gatccgctcc     40020
     gagatttctg actgacactg ataacctgtt attgtaatgg tggcatgtaa ataatgtgat     40080
     ataaataccc tattttttgt ggatgactga acatcagctg tagtgagatg aggcatggtt     40140
     aaaaaaactg gtttgtagcc tattaaaaac aacagatttt gaaattggtt tgaggattaa     40200
     gtcaaagttt gactaattta agctattttt taaatcaatc tcacatattt tctttaatat     40260
     atgatcctct tatttcttaa atacacactg taaaagaaca gctgtagctt taataacaag     40320
     tattttgtca ttcgtgtttt tatttttcct tttgtacact aactgtaaaa tattgtcgtc     40380
     aatctcattt gtaagaacaa caaataataa cttgacttct agttgatcat ttggtagttc     40440
     tagttgatca agtggcagaa ggtagatttt tctgatgaat tctctgctga gctgcatccc     40500
     aatcatcaca aatactgcag aagacctact gaaacctgca tgaaccaaga ttttcacaaa     40560
     aatcaatcaa gtttggtaaa tgaaaaatca tagtttgggg ttacattcag tatgggggca     40620
     tgcgagaaat ctgcagagca gatggcaaca tcaacaacct gaggtatcaa gacatttgtg     40680
     ctgcccttta cattacaaac cagaggagag gcaaattctt cagcaggata gcgctccttc     40740
     tcatacttca gcctctacat caaagctcct gaaagcaaag aaggtcaatg tgcttcagaa     40800
     ttggccagct cagtcaccag ataggaacat cattgagcat gtctgggata ggatgaagga     40860
     gaagtcattg aatacaaaga atcttgatga actcataatt tgccattcca ttgactcaaa     40920
     atatctgaga cactgcaaag atgtatggat gcagtcatcc aagcacattg gagtcataca     40980
     caaaattgcc tcttttccca ctgcaccatc actttatatt ttatactgga cattatttct     41040
     gttaagtgac aaggcttttg tctaagcaaa gtcagacctt actgtcttaa ttaaataatt     41100
     aaaaatcaag gcataatcat attttatttt ggtaaaataa gcataatcta gaggtctttg     41160
     cctttcatat aagccactac tactgacatc aaatgatcaa ataaaagtca agttatttgt     41220
     tgtttctaaa acttggatag gtggcaaact tttgtcaggt agcgtatata gtcttttgaa     41280
     ttgcattatg tgatcttgat ctttcttcca acattttata acgtttaaaa gtttgaataa     41340
     gtgatatata tttacgtttt tattagtttg aagtaatata ttgtctgggt tggtgttgta     41400
     tataatgtta caaaaaactt gtaataaact gccagtaatt tttttttttt caaatttatt     41460
     tctctatata ttatttctta tacattatat tatttcagat tactaaaatg tcaacaaaag     41520
     tcactttgtt aaactgtaga gttgaatttt caacatcaaa aatcgacaga gcacagacct     41580
     aacttttttt tttacataac acttgtgaat cacaaaatgt ggaaactgtt aatcaacaaa     41640
     tactttttta cagtgcaact gctcaaaaat ctatgaaata tagttagaaa aatagagcaa     41700
     tatgcagaaa aaatgataga tagaacagtg gacagacaga cacagataga caaacaggat     41760
     agataaacag acagacatac atacatccat cggactgtct ctgtccactg aaccacatgg     41820
     aaagcattta cccaaaacgt atgtccatat ccttggagtc tcagcgcaaa gctaattaac     41880
     tgcaattagt gtttgtaacg ggtaattata ttacagttaa ttatcctgtt accagatgct     41940
     gattatttaa tacaggggtg tgtttggcat ctgctgccaa tgagggatga ttacacgcta     42000
     tagagcgttg catgccatca aatcgctgga cgaacagacg agctctgaaa aaaatgaact     42060
     acagggcaca gaaggttaat ttgatccagc acacgatgaa gttctccgat tcaacaagac     42120
     cggtgtgcat ttctttgcac ctcagctgcg tacatatgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgaagtgggt     42180
     gtgtgagtgc atgggtgttg acattgacgt tatttttgtg aatgatgggg ttcataactt     42240
     ctaacctgct ttccttatct gatgaatcat catccagcag cgagctccca gagaccctct     42300
     gagcaattac actgtcagca gaaaacgcac cgctccaggt ttggatgtag catactgctt     42360
     gtgtgtctgc atgtagttaa catggccaaa ataagtaaat acttaacatg caaattcctg     42420
     acagtacaga atgactatgt gtatgtgatc agaaaaataa aacaacgcta ttttatacgg     42480
     atgtattaaa caatgctatt ttcagagatg gattgataaa tggatggata gacagaacaa     42540
     cagatgcaga tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga tagatgatag     42600
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     42660
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagactg     42720
     aacaaatgat agaacaatag acagacaaat tgatggatgg gtagatatat tgatggactg     42780
     aacaaacatt agaatgataa aacgatagat gattgacgga tggacagaca gacagataga     42840
     tagaacaatt gacaaacaga tggacagacg gaaagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga     42900
     gagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     42960
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata ggtaggtaga     43020
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     43080
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga     43140
     tagatagata gatagataga tagataaata gatagactga acaaatgatt gaacaataga     43200
     cagacggatt gatggatggg tggatatatt gatggactta acaaacatta gaatgataaa     43260
     acgatagatg attgacggat ggacggacag acagatagat agaacaattg acaaacagat     43320
     ggacggatgg acggacagac agacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagacagac     43380
     agacagacag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     43440
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag ataggcaaaa     43500
     caatgtgaat ttcatattaa aaatttttcc taatacattt tcctgccaac tcgtcaacaa     43560
     ccctgcacct tcaattcgca ctctttctct cgccactata gaaaaataat cacttgcaca     43620
     aacagtagtg acagtttcac catcatccct agagggacat tttcttctcg tcttttctct     43680
     cggttcacaa tatatcattc tcccttaggc caaaatgaga gacagaagca tcagctcctc     43740
     tgtgctcatt tgcccgtgtc ttatttttgc aatgtgctga ccaaggacgc ttactcccag     43800
     agccccgagc tacagtacag aagtgtgtgg gagacttcat atgagcgata aaaccaatac     43860
     ctagcacata aactctgaca gaaagacgcc cgattcctca tcacacactc agtacgttct     43920
     ccgctccgat gccattgtgt agtcattctg tttagaggct tgatgatact tttctttacc     43980
     taccataatt gcttcatgag cccgcagccg tttactttct tactgataat aaccaaagac     44040
     agtcataaag ggaactatct gttcttgagt taataatgtg tttcgtcccg cttgaaatgt     44100
     gtgaattaac ttctcccccc tctttctcgt actctctcca gctccattct cccctgccgg     44160
     cttagagagt caagtcaagt ttgatgcgta tggagacgga gtgggccgct acaacatctt     44220
     caattaccag agcgtgccag gaagtgacaa gtttgcttat gtacaagtag gagaatgggc     44280
     agagagtcta tccctaaatg aaggcttgat tggctggcca aggggagctg atgtgcccac     44340
     atctcaatgc agcgaccctt gtgctccaaa cgaaatgaag aagatgcaag caggtgaata     44400
     ctgttgctgg atttgtactc cctgcgagcc ttacgaatac cttccggatg agtttacctg     44460
     catgccctgt gcaccaggtc agtggccccg tcctgatctg actgggtgct atgaccttcc     44520
     ggaggactac atcatgtggg aggatgcttg ggccattgga ccaatctcga ttgcatgcgt     44580
     tggcttcatc tgtactttaa tggtgttcat cgtcttcatt cggcacaatg acacaccact     44640
     ggtcaaggcg tccggtcgtg aactgtgcta tatccttctg ctgggagtct tcatgtccta     44700
     cgtcatgact ttcatattca ttgcaaagcc atcacctatt gtgtgcacat tgcgaaggtt     44760
     aggcctcggt acctcatttg cagtgtgtta ctctgccttg cttacgaaaa ccaatcgaat     44820
     cgctcgaatc ttcagcggtg tgaaggaggg tggggctcag cgaccacgct tcatcagtcc     44880
     cagctcacag gttttcatct gtctgtcgct gatatctgtt cagctcctgc tggtgtcggt     44940
     atggctgctg gtggaagtgc ccggtacgcg gcggttcacc acgccagaga aacgccagac     45000
     tgtcattttg aagtgcaatg taagggactc tagcatgctg atgtcgctga gctacgatgt     45060
     ggttctggtg gtactctgca cagtctatgc cttcaagacc cgcaagtgtc cggagaactt     45120
     caatgaggct aagttcatcg ggttcaccat gtacaccaca tgcatcatct ggctggcctt     45180
     cctgccaatc ttctacgtca cgtccagtga ttacagggta cgtctaacac tataaattca     45240
     atttattttt ggcattattt acagagaggg gggccagggt gggaaaaggg cctggagcca     45300
     agttcacata ttacaccttt tgcatgctca agtttatcaa ttctaatgaa aacttgtggc     45360
     aatgatgcac actcactttt ttagactcaa ctttttagat atttagaagc acaccacaca     45420
     tcatgacaag aaccaatcaa tcagcttcac attttgtatg aaaaatacac atttcagtaa     45480
     tgatggtaag caaattacct aaatgcagag cacctaaaca ctggaagcgg tgtgccttcc     45540
     acacatgtga tatgtgaatg gcccccaata gtatctagat gcagacttgg ttttgttatc     45600
     tcagacatgt aatgtcagac acaattcact aaatggaatt agtgacctca ctgtgagggg     45660
     taggattagg ggcggggttg tgtgtgcatt aaagcattac atgcagttca ccttgcaact     45720
     gctcctggtt tacatctaga cccttctgca atggcccttt aaaaagttca tataattgca     45780
     attcaagagt tcaaacttag ttgatgattg attataaagc atgtttggca tgctgtcccg     45840
     ggaaagtgcc ctgatctcat aagatcctcg aggccagggc tccctcccgt tgcagagtga     45900
     gaggggagtt tgagctcagg ttgatcttga aactcccctg ctgttgtagt taatgaaaaa     45960
     atagggattg ctataaatag ataactactt actagtagca tgcttatggt gctcatttga     46020
     attagtcaat tagcttaagt tgcatgtttc tggacggtgg gaggaagccg gggtaccagg     46080
     ggaaacctgt gcgagcattg ggagaatatg taaactctgc acaggaacgt tgactagctt     46140
     gaaccagtga cgttcttgct gtaaggcaac agtgctaacc actgggccac tatgccaccc     46200
     gtctaggaaa ggaggaggag taggagtgga aggggggatt cttcaaaacg aagatggctg     46260
     tggtatgggt cgtctgattg gtgaatcatg aattggctaa tgccggtcca gctgcgttca     46320
     attaaaagca tgtgatcctc tcaaaattag tttataaata aacttcacta agtgtaactt     46380
     taaaaagata ttaactaccc caaaatacaa ttccttcacc attttcaaac cttcatgttg     46440
     ttccaaactt gtatgaccta cactttctgt caaacacaaa agaaggtcat ttgaaaattg     46500
     atccagtgtt ttgttttttg gtctatacac tgaagtcaga gggttcaaat atagtttagg     46560
     caacagtcct tcagatttta gctctaacca gctccaaaac acttccctct aagggtgcac     46620
     ccacactagg ctatccgaac catgcccagg cacatttcct ggttagatgg acaagtgtga     46680
     gagctcagaa ttgggcccag gcacggttca gctggctggc ctggcctggt tgtacaaagt     46740
     gtggcaaagt gcggttcggt taagctttgg cacggtatgc ttgtaatgtg agtgaaaaag     46800
     tgtgcctgag cccgaaactg aaaatgcaac gtcactatta agggacagtt tgatatggat     46860
     ttattaatca ttcttacttt tcaatgaaga caagctgtca gtttattata gacgcaaacc     46920
     gctcgctgta catcagctgc accttcagca aaacatccta atacatgcag cacgatgact     46980
     tatgatagtt tataagcgtc aaaagttgtg gatctgttct gcaaaatatt taaatgtgtg     47040
     tcactgcatc ccaaatgact aaaacgttat aaagcaatcc ccactgtgct gagtgagatc     47100
     gcttctcatc ctcctaaact gaacagtcga tggagcgtgc tcagggtcag aaggaaaatg     47160
     cagtgtgagt gcaggccatc ggaggagagg gaaggggata cagtcatgca ttagcatggt     47220
     tcatggcaac taaacctagt gtgagtacac ctaaggatct agtgattaac tggctcaagt     47280
     ttgtacgatt agggttgaat tagctaaatg caaagaaagg gtctagtcac ttcgggtttt     47340
     cctagaggca caccaacact acacatttcc cagctcctcc ttttcaaaac atctgaatca     47400
     actcatcagt ttattattag atattccaag accagacata aatgggtcag ataaagagaa     47460
     aaacctaaat gtcgacatta atgtgttctg cagtgaaata atgccagaat ttacctaata     47520
     atacttgtca ctgtacaaat tattatgaat gagtctccct ttggggtgtg gataaatcaa     47580
     taaaacttcc aactcttgta accagttctt cacaattttg cccagtactg tttgacgtaa     47640
     acagaaacac cgctcagatc aaattacagt acctgaagct aaatgaagat ttaatctatt     47700
     tgtgcgaaaa cgaatcaaag tgatctgagc tgaagagtgg aaccagaaaa aaagccatta     47760
     acatgcaaaa cagacaatgt tgtcttgtat ccgtgcttgt gggaatgcaa gacgcctgct     47820
     gttcggatag ctgttacgtg tattaggaat tacaccaagt aagcagaact gtcagataga     47880
     aatctgttga caaatttaaa tcttcagcaa acacatagcc tcaacagaca acttctcaat     47940
     agctcattga tgcagcaaat atatcgcata gagtgattca gtgtgacagt gcctgagcat     48000
     ctctttaact gagtttgtca ttcaccacac ccagcgaatc catctcaaag ctgaagtact     48060
     caaacagcgc tgtaggacca gactggttag aggcacatag atggcccgct gacgcaggga     48120
     ggaattcttg ccgggagagt gacgaaaatg agtcttacca ggccacagtc aatgaagtgc     48180
     gaacagaggc tctttgctca agagacccgg ccctcagaga ccactcgctc agaatgctga     48240
     tgtctgtaga accgcaggat agtggaaaga tatagaaacc caagtgaaac gcttgcagag     48300
     ccacgaacca accaagcaga acacaattga ataaggacag ctttgtagat ggctcacgct     48360
     gattccattg cagaaatata tgagcaagac taatagaaaa gcttatcagt ctgcatattt     48420
     ttatcagtac atgtgcatac acacgggaaa cttatttaaa cctgacgata aagcataatg     48480
     ggataaaggt ctgaaactga tcacacggtt aatttggctc tctgtgaaat catgctttaa     48540
     gcggatcatc cttgagttgt ttgtaaaggt ctaggttccc ttggggttga gatattcctg     48600
     ttctgtttag cgttatatct gtcctcttat ccattggctc acagcagcgt gccttgacgg     48660
     gggaccatag ggagcaacat gaagatctaa aactagaggg aggaaaatta cgttcctaat     48720
     gggagacatt cagctacttc taatcaaatg ctatttacgc agcacttcgc taaatgtcac     48780
     tgttattata cccccttgct ctacctcttt attagccaag gggatcttga tagttacgac     48840
     taatagcttc tgattatcgg aatgaatggg agtcactgta gagacaatga aggataagaa     48900
     atgaattgtg tttttctctc tgtctctctt tctcaggttc aaaccacaac catgtgtata     48960
     tctgttagtc taagcggatt tgtggtgttg ggctgcatgt ttgcccccaa ggtccacatc     49020
     atcatgttcc agcctcagaa gaacgtcacc agtcatcggt taaacatgaa ccggttcagc     49080
     gtgagcgggc cagcaactag ctatgcgtcc catggtgaga tctacagtca aacaaacaga     49140
     tatattagat ataaagattt aaaaagtgaa tttttaagtg ttcaaaatgt attgatgttt     49200
     tgatgaatag acggatggaa gaaaataaca gtggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat     49260
     ggatggatgg atggaagaaa agaactgtag atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat     49320
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggaaagaacc aaagaaaaag aaatagttgt tcatttgttt     49380
     cccactataa atatacaaat tatattaatc atatgattga tggatggtag aaaggtgaaa     49440
     gaaaagaaca gcagatagat ggattgaaaa aaccaaagaa actggtaaat ggaaataact     49500
     aatgaagcga aagagttttt catgtttcca ctataaatat acaaataatg aataatatga     49560
     atggttggat ggatagatgg atggatggaa agaaccaaat agagactgat gaatggatat     49620
     ctatcttacc ttttaaatgg ataaatggat caatagatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg     49680
     atgaatgtat ggaagaaaat atttatggat gcatggatgg atggatgatg gatggatgga     49740
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggaaa aaatagagac tgatgaatag atatctattt     49800
     tactttctaa attgatacat tgataaatag atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat     49860
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg gaaaaaaata gagactgatg aatagatatc     49920
     tattttactt tctagattga tacattggtc aatagatgga tggatggatg gatggatgat     49980
     ggatggatgg aaaaaatagg gactgatgaa tagatatcta ttttactttc tagattgata     50040
     cattggtcaa tagatggatg gatggatgta tgatggatgg atggatggaa aaaatagaga     50100
     ctgatgaata gatatctatt tcattttcta aattgataca ttggtaaata gatggatgga     50160
     tggatggatg gatggatgat ggatggaaaa aattgggatt gatgaataga tatctatttt     50220
     attttctaaa ttgatacatt ggtcaataga tggatggatg gatggatgat ggatggatgg     50280
     aaaaaatagg gactgatgaa tatatctatt ttactttcta gattgataca ttggtcaata     50340
     gatggatgga tggatgtatg atggatggat ggatggaaaa aatagagact gatgaataga     50400
     tatctatttc attttctaaa ttgatacatt ggtaaataga tggatggatg gatggatgga     50460
     tggatgatgg atggaaaaaa ttgggattga tgaatagata tctattttat tttctaaatt     50520
     gatacattgg tcaatagatg gatggatggc agaaaaaaac agtagatgaa tggatgtata     50580
     gatgatggat agaaggggga agaaaaaaca gcagatggat ggattaaaag aaccaaagaa     50640
     aaatgaatga atggaaatca ctattgaagc gaacaagttt ttcatgtttc ccattataaa     50700
     catgcaaata atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatagaa gaaaaaaatg aatagatgag     50760
     gaatgtacga atataagatc agcaaatgga tagatggctg tgtaaacgga tgaagggaaa     50820
     aaaccaaaca gagattaatg aataaaaata aaaaaatgga taaaaaagaa acatagatag     50880
     atggaaacaa caactgacgg aagtacaggt acttggatgc ataattggat gatgggaaag     50940
     aaccaaatag agactgatga ataagaataa aaattggata aaaaatatag atagatggaa     51000
     acaacacttg acagatgtat caacagatgg atagatggat gggtaaaaag aaaaatggtt     51060
     gaatggatgg acgaatggat gcatggaaca agagaacagt ggatgttgac tagagagcgg     51120
     tatagtttga ataataaata aattgataga tacaatattg gatggaatct aaactacatg     51180
     actaaagtct tgtcccctat ccaagttata ggaacaacaa ataataactt gacgtctagt     51240
     tgatcatttg gtatcagaag tggcttacat gaaaggcaaa ggcctctaga ttacactcat     51300
     ttcaccaaaa taaaatatga tattattttt aattatttaa ttaggacagt aaggtctgac     51360
     tttgctttag acaaaagtct tgtaacttaa cagaaataat gtccagtata aaatataaag     51420
     tcatggtgca gtggaaaaag aatgaatatt gtgtatgact cccatgagct ttgaggactg     51480
     catccataca tctctgcaat gactcaaata acttaataaa gtcatatgta atggcaaaga     51540
     aagcgttctt acaggactcc cagagttcat caagattttt tggattcatc tttaatgcct     51600
     cctacttcat ctttcgctca ataatgttta aatctggtga ctgggctggc caatccttga     51660
     gcaccttgat cttctttgct ttcaagggct ttgatgtaga ggctgaagta tgagaaggag     51720
     cgctatcctg ctgaagaatt tgccctcttc tgtggtttgt aatgtaacgg gcagcacaga     51780
     atgtcttgat acctcaggct gttgatgttg ccatccactc tgtagaactc tcgcacgccc     51840
     tcatactgaa tgtaacccct tcgccctttt tccttcatta aacttgactg atttctgtga     51900
     gaatcttggg tccatgcggg tttccataaa tcttctgcag tgtttgtgat gattgggaag     51960
     cagctcagca gaggatgcat cagaaaaatc taccttctgc cacttttcca aatgatcaac     52020
     tagaaatcaa gttactattt gttgctctta cgactgagat tgacgacaag acttttgtca     52080
     ggtagtgtat gtaaataggg tttatttata gaattgaaca tttcagatgg cattctagca     52140
     ccaaatcaac ctctcaataa ccttacaacg ccatagcaac cctacaacaa cacttaagca     52200
     accatcaatg catcaacatt acggctgtgt ctttcacatt gcatcttcag ggttatggta     52260
     aaatgggaat ctaatgtgat gataaactat attacatact tgcttcataa gcatgcaaaa     52320
     ctgcaagcca taatggcacg agtcgcaaaa aacactgaaa acagcacaaa ttgaaaaaca     52380
     ccctgcaaag cagttcactt gtgctctgaa tacatgtgac acgcaaggcc aactggatgt     52440
     caatgctgaa ctttctgcag tgcttacaca ggcggtttgc agtgattaca gccctttgat     52500
     atgccaattt acacagagga ttttaatgtc agcattgtca cacagaacag ttgtgtaaga     52560
     gcccagagga aaagtgcggc cgttctaata agcccatgtg tgcacagaaa cccgcttctg     52620
     ctctgatgca ttattcacga gcacaaaaac agatcaggta aacagtttca tctttattta     52680
     cattttatcc atctaataaa taacatgaca gacactgcaa agaagagaag acacagcaga     52740
     gcagagatca catacagtca ctcgctagca gagaaaccag ggggaggaag gtgatgagag     52800
     gagaatcaaa tcggggggaa agcatgtctg ggaacttttt gaaaagtttg tgctgccttt     52860
     taagtcaagt tggccacatg taaccctggc tgtgttctct gtcacattct aacaactgtt     52920
     attatcgctg cagtataaag cttgcatact gtatgtagta tttatttgtt tttattatta     52980
     ttatgcacag aatagcttga taaatgatgt gtactgccta ctatatgtca aaatgagcaa     53040
     ttttggattt taaaagatgt tctaaaaggt cttaacctga cagtttagtt tatgaatatt     53100
     tattaaaatt gaaacaaata aagtgttgtg gaaagttact ttagaaagta atgcatgaca     53160
     atattgagtt tctcagttac tttttatggc tagtaaggcc ttaccttact tttaagttac     53220
     ttttgtgtta ctttttatta tctagctgag gcttgcaatt aacataaaaa aaagtcattt     53280
     acctttgaaa taatttttgg ggataaaggt atctgagagc tttctgaccc tagagctata     53340
     catgcccaat atagaatatt gcaagtttaa agccatgtgt ttgctacttt tgtacttttt     53400
     gtcttatgta aaatcattgt tcatagagac gataatcccc ttttcctttt cttccatgcg     53460
     ttccaaaata ttggatacat tctcattgac tgcatgattc atagtgatga tcacttaaat     53520
     taattgagaa atgtattttt taaaagcgaa ttaatcaaac taaaaactaa ctcgtgttac     53580
     agtttttaaa aagtaactca aatatgatta cttatttttt taaatgcgtt acttcacatc     53640
     ttacttagaa aagtaatatt attacataac gtgcgtgctt gttaatgcaa tactgttaac     53700
     aacttcataa tatttgttat atttgacaac ggtattctat gttattgtta gttgactagt     53760
     taaaaataca atatcaataa aataaaacaa ttaaaatact aaaataaata cttctgaatt     53820
     acatttaatt ttattaatta ataaatttac aaatatcttt cttaaataag tcattttaaa     53880
     ttaaataaac taataatatt tttttttagt tttcaataga atttttgtaa aggtttttgt     53940
     cattttagtg cagattccaa tttaacgaca aaactaactt tttccaatgc aactagcttt     54000
     cagtcacaga acatctttag aaatagatac tacatttgaa ttcatgcaaa atattgcaaa     54060
     aaaaattaca aactacaaca tttcaacaat tgttttctat atatattttt gtttcacttg     54120
     atttttgctg tttttaaaaa tgttatttaa tatttttacc taacatataa atttggcctt     54180
     ctaattttta agctattatt ataagttatt ttgttagata accttcagat ttggcttcag     54240
     tactgactaa tctactgtac agtaaataca tatattaatg taaatgagag atttgcggag     54300
     ggtgtcctca tatatgctgt gtactttata tatgtacagt tgaagtcaga attatttacc     54360
     acccctttga ttatatattt tttttctttt ttaaatatct cccaaattat atttaagttt     54420
     tttttttttt ttttttgaaa accattttaa ggtcaatatt attagccttt ttaagctata     54480
     tatattgttt tgatagtcta caaaacaaat catcgttatc caataacctg gctaactacc     54540
     ctaacctgcc tagtaaccta attaacctag ttaagccttt aaatgtcact ttaagcagta     54600
     tagaagtgtc ttgaaaatat ctagttaaat attattgtca acatggcaaa gataatatat     54660
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atataaccat     54720
     acttattcaa ccttattatg atattttact aataaatgta tatatttttt acatgggtaa     54780
     tctaaaaaac attaactgca ttacaatagt atttactata ttgatttaga tatttatttt     54840
     aataaaaaaa taactatgta tgtatggtct gtggtgattt tggggcccct gttttgacat     54900
     gccccgatat ttgtgcttat ttcagctact tattacatag tattggccaa catggaattt     54960
     tttgtatttg tatttttttg tattcagcac aaactgtgct acaatgatat gtaagaaata     55020
     ttgatgtaca tgcttcgatt ttttttagaa aaaaaaaatt ttgcgaggtt agtaggtttt     55080
     gggaaaagaa gtagctgaaa taaggtctaa aaaaaaaaaa taatactgaa atggcctgaa     55140
     taagactttt gagtaaccag ttgtgtaagc taaaatattt acttcacgat tatgtaaaaa     55200
     tgtatttgtt ttctcaaatc aaagaaaata tttcagtaat ttacattttg aaaagtctgt     55260
     ttgaagaatt ctatgtaaat aatttaaaaa gaagcatgag ataaaatgct ataacttttt     55320
     aacatccatc taattactct tttgctgttt cttttcaaag catctgtgag tgcccactac     55380
     gttccaacgg tctgcaacgg gagagagatc gtggactcca ccacctcctc tctgtgacct     55440
     cgccccttcc tccatactcc tcctccttag cgactgttag ccaatcagca cacattgtgc     55500
     tctgcccaag aactaggtct gcctacattg tgtagaaagc gtgtatgatt acgatgaata     55560
     ttaaattatt tttagggctt gtaaatatta actgacattg ttgtagagaa acaaaagaac     55620
     aaaaaaatcc tttatagaaa gattttggaa ccttttgttt tgatagcttt attatgtatg     55680
     ttgtaaacgg ccatgatgtg atgatgtaag acgcaaagca gtttctgatt gggccatggt     55740
     tgatagaaac tgatagagac ggctccgcct gcaatactgg acacaatttg tggtcgtttt     55800
     tattttgtag gcctcattgt aataatctaa actctatgta tttctatgtt gtacattttg     55860
     tacagaatct taaccgatgg ttttaacagc acaagtcgac agtattagag tcttcgcgag     55920
     gtccagagga ggaaaaccat cgagtgactt cacgtcgtct catcacaggc agtgtcttga     55980
     tgccataggt taaaacatcg tttttagtaa actgtcatga cacctgaaag catattacat     56040
     tgactgcatc tcataagctt cgtttgcgga tgattgatgt tgcaacacag atatatgcag     56100
     tgttgagatg gtatatatat atatatatat acatacacac atgttataaa tgtttacatt     56160
     gcctgtgatt attagaattt ttcagggaca gagagtcttg aagatgagca tgtaaggtac     56220
     tgtgaatctt gcaaagtcaa catatccttc ttttccacca tcatggtgcc gctgccagtg     56280
     ttgtcacact ctttgataat ttgatgaaac acaaaggcgt tttataagga tagttaactt     56340
     caaatcaaac aggttgggct gtttatttac tcaccctcag gtcatccaag atttaggtga     56400
     cttttttctt cagtggagca ttaaaggaga ttgttttagc ttaaatagtg gggcttgatt     56460
     tttgacaatc caagtcaatg gctattggca ttatgagaat taaaaagata atgtgacgtt     56520
     gcattttgaa ttaattcaaa aatgaatata attagtactg tcatcatttc aaatgcagta     56580
     aatggttaaa catttcttta tattccatgg acctcttttt atttatgctg taataaaatt     56640
     tctagttaaa tctcaaaact tttactgttt gtaaaatcct aaaatcatta ataaatacct     56700
     caggcctaat tttacaagtg gctgttttag taaatggcat ttctctatcc atatatttct     56760
     tcaagagttc acacttagat attgcttgac aactgttagc aggtttggca tgctgtccca     56820
     ggagagaacc ctgagctcgg agatagttga gcccagggct cccgccaggt ccatagagca     56880
     tgtgagggga gtacgagatc aggtggttct cgagagctcc ccttttttaa aggaggaaag     56940
     gaggagaaag gggtggatgg ggggtttcgt cgaaaaacga agataaggga gtaaatctag     57000
     ctaggctact tatagtgagt taggatagat ctgattgact aactaatgag tgtagatggg     57060
     aggccagctg cagtcaatca aatcacgtgc ttctctcgaa attagtttaa aaaaacttca     57120
     ctaaaaacaa atgtcctctg gtgtgacact ttaggttgat ttcaaatcag cctattccac     57180
     tgaaaacttc taaccaactt gaaactaagc ttacacttag atattgcttg ctaataacag     57240
     cagcaggttc ggcatgttga agagaaccat gagctcggag attattaagc ccagggctcc     57300
     tgcctggtca atgagcatgt aagaggaaac aaaaacaggt agttctcaag agcttcccct     57360
     ggtaaaggag gaaaaggggg aggatgaggg gattcatcaa aaaaatgaag ataaggtaga     57420
     tgggctactt atagtgagtt tagaataatc cgattggttt actagggatt aaagatgaga     57480
     gaccagctgc gatcaaatca tattacgtgc tcctctcaaa attagggtgt gaaacttcac     57540
     ttccattcaa aatcatgtga ctgaagcccc ctgttaagcc catgatgtgc acctgttaag     57600
     tttttatccc agaactgttt atgcattttt cttttatgta accactataa aattgttaag     57660
     ctttgttgac ctttggttta acaaccttgt ttactgaaaa tgtctaacaa gtcatagcga     57720
     aaacaatcct atattttaaa taaaaattaa ataaataaaa tttaaataaa aattaaataa     57780
     aatatttttt tttgctccgt cacaccatag gacattttta cggtattgac tatattcttc     57840
     aatgaggaaa tgtgcttgtt ttttgattgt tttagaactt ccgattcagt tgcctatggg     57900
     agaaatgact aggaataata aacgaaacgt ctaaatacgt ctaataaacg tcttagaaag     57960
     gacatggatg gagggtgtct ctaccaatat acacatatta ctgaaatgtc cccacccata     58020
     atttaaacgc cttcaaaata aaataatgct ctgtcaaccc ttgtgaccta gatgtgctca     58080
     aagggttaaa tccatagaca cgtataatat atagcaggga taaaacttgc gtcacatgcc     58140
     tctctaaatt tctgtatatt catacctcct caaagccaaa ttgaggtgct tcattaactt     58200
     gtattattgg tacttgtatt attatgcgtt taaaaccttt ttggggatgt acatccccac     58260
     caatatcaag agcaaaccta cacccttaaa taaacagcag aaaacagtca aattacttgc     58320
     tctataaaca agtgttcatg actatccaga caaagtagaa taacataata agaaaacatc     58380
     aagcagctgt aagagctgat tttaacatca agaaatgaat ggaagtgaat ggaacgggaa     58440
     gtctcaagct aaaaagaatc aaatggccat atccgcttgt acctgaggaa taagggcaat     58500
     agtaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aactaagtga aagaaatgac ccattataaa ttctcaaaca     58560
     tcagaatctt ttcatcaaaa attgttttac caaaaaaaag agataataat ttactggcta     58620
     tttgtcaact actcatggct cctaatgaaa cattgaggtc ttagaacatt gctcaatctt     58680
     taatccactg cccattgaca cactcaggac tgttttccca tagatgatgt tatataatag     58740
     caaaagttga attttcagaa taattacggc agacttcagt gtcataggat ccttcagaaa     58800
     tcattccata cactgatttg gttttcaaga aacatttctt atcatcacca ctgctgaaaa     58860
     cagtcaatat tttgtgggaa aactctggca ccggcaccat ttcagtggaa agctattgat     58920
     aattggttgc atttttgatg tgtgaaatgc tttgtgatgc agtgaatgta aaatgtattc     58980
     tgttgttcaa tatcggcttg ttgtgcctta tcatttgtcc tatagtttta ataagagagg     59040
     ttcctcagag tctttgggct ggaaggggcc gggccatttt ttacagatgt ctttttttac     59100
     atttcagagg ttttatacat ttctatgttt tttcggttgg ttcgagagag ggatgcttgg     59160
     tttctttgac aagctgacga tttacagtac ggagagttaa aatgttaaaa gtttgtttgc     59220
     ttgttactag cttgcggcag tcgtgctgcc ccaagagatt tctgtacaat atcgcgttac     59280
     ctaatgcaag tgtcagactg tattcatgtc attgtaggat cacccattgc tggcccgtca     59340
     tgaagagaca tagtaaacaa acatgtaaca gtaacctaga aatgctacag cattcataat     59400
     tcattggcat ggcagcaaag gaaatcattt gtgtgtcggg ttaacagtac cgagaggtga     59460
     gcgtgcacag caggaatgat tcaatcagat gacggacaaa cataaatcat aaatcagttt     59520
     tagttttcca atggagacgg agttgcttac aggaacacaa aatatgtagt ataactacaa     59580
     aaccatacaa tcaatatgca gtccatattt atgatatgct cacccagatt ttcttcaaca     59640
     aattagttat ttctctagct gaaaaatgga attagagatt tcaacaaacc cataaccctg     59700
     atgaaatgtt gttccaaaaa ttaattaaag tataaggatt caagccatgt ttgacgttca     59760
     gtaatactga ttaaaacatc caagtaactg aataataaca atcttaaaaa taaaaataat     59820
     gaaatgaaac attgcataga aattgttcac actgatcaac taaccatttt aacagctgca     59880
     aagcaccacc ctgaaaacca ccttagccac tgcagtaatg taaaacatat ttaaataaat     59940
     caatgcactc tatcaaatac acagcaatat gtgggaaacg aacatcccag aacatcccag     60000
     acactagata gtaaatatta aatttataaa taatacaata ataattaaaa acccactcag     60060
     aaaactacag gatctacaga gcaacatgct agaaatactt tctagcaaat gcaaatcaac     60120
     actcaccgac ccacatataa acatgctcga aaacagcaac agcaccacca tgacttggaa     60180
     accataacac cccatcaatt gtacagtaca tttttaaaat tcataccata gcaactgctt     60240
     agcaacaccc tggaaactcc caacaactag caactggata ttgtaataaa gtggaggggg     60300
     gacgcagatg aaacaccctg gaaaacaccc acaactccct agaaactgca taatgaaatg     60360
     tggatggaaa ggcaagaagc tgctgcatga taacattgtt aaaaaacaac tcctaacacc     60420
     ctagcttaaa aactgaaaag caaaattcgg acctgatcaa caacatatta tctataggac     60480
     caaatcaata cctcaacact ggcatagcaa tgccttagaa accacaggac caaatcaatt     60540
     gtactgtaaa attttaaaat caacacagaa caccatagca aagtcataca ctccagcacc     60600
     aagaatattc gagtggttcc atagtaaaat aaaaagcgca ggacaatgct cttttagaaa     60660
     gtcagtaaaa aggcagtgca gtgtgccttg cgttttcaga cctgaaaaac acatatggtg     60720
     tgatcagggc ctgaaaccac ttatcaattg cttagcaaca ccctagaaac cccccaacaa     60780
     cagattagct aacaactaca taccctagta aaatagaggg aaaagcagat ggatcactct     60840
     gaaaaactgc ctaacaactg cataataaaa tgtgggggaa agccaagctg ctactgaata     60900
     acattgttta aaaaacaatt cataccacct tggcctagca actgcaaagc agaattctga     60960
     aaaatatatt agcaaatgaa tagcaacacc ctggaaacca ctaacaatac ctctacagag     61020
     taataaaaaa caccaactat agcaaataca caataatatg ttcagaaaca ttctagttgc     61080
     tagatctgaa caaataaata aataaataaa acattcagaa aactatagga cctgaagtca     61140
     aaaactcaac cactgcatag caatgcctta gaaaccacaa gatcaaatca atagtaccgt     61200
     acaactctac aatcaacaca gaacaccaca ttaaaatcat acctgtacaa atcagcacca     61260
     ttagagtggc tgcatgctct aagaggcagt gcagtgtgcc ttgcattttc agacctgaaa     61320
     aacacatgtg gtgtgatcgg ggcctaaaac cacatatcaa ctgcttagca acaccctgga     61380
     aacacctcaa ccaacacccc tagccacgac atactttagt aacatggtga aaaagctggt     61440
     ggaatgcctt ggaaaacatc cactacaccc tagcaatttc atagccataa gatgctgtgt     61500
     agtaactaaa aatattttag caaattaata tgaacattct ggaaaccact aaaatacacc     61560
     caattaacta acaacatgcc ttagcagctg cacagtcaca tcttaaaggc atcttcgcaa     61620
     catctttcac aacaactgca tttagaacta agcaactgca tagcattgcc ctggaaacca     61680
     gtactgtggt ggtcactttt aaccaggatt ttagactata taaaacccct tcacgaccta     61740
     caaaacaaag ggtagcagca gaaacagtct gtatgtaatc tggacagaaa gttaataagt     61800
     aagtgcatgc agggagaaaa acagcatgag gttatgtaaa gcagttcgct gccccataaa     61860
     ctccagcacg atgctcagca actctgtgct tttgtggcaa ggcttacacg acaccctcca     61920
     aaaatctgca cacatcctct ttcctcacga taagttgcta caggtcctcg ttccagcctt     61980
     agcctcttta agaatgtttt tgagggaaga aaaagtcaaa tgtggcggtt tcgtctgagt     62040
     ggcttagaaa cggtttagga gggggacgag actgcagtct gcgcagaaac acaaatggag     62100
     agcgagcctc cctcacccca ctgcagcaat ctcattcaag tcagagtgag gatccagggt     62160
     cttactgcaa aatcagccgt ctgtgtctaa acgcgtcact gcgtgaggag gaagtttaaa     62220
     gccaactttc agagatctgc tcatgtgaca gaaatcttta caccacagtg tgaaatgctt     62280
     gtcatgtctg tttggagtgc tacagtaaat atggtttggt ttataaagac tttggtagtt     62340
     aaagaaagtg acaaccacat cctttaacag gagtgactac tttacacttt acaagaacca     62400
     cgtgtgaatt tgaagggcat gtttggtgga ttgggaaaaa aactacaaga caagactctt     62460
     atagaaaaga tgaagtaatt cacccaaaat taagctgtcg tcatttactc accatcatgt     62520
     catgccaaac ctgcacagct ttattttctg aaactcaaga agatatttta aaaatatccc     62580
     ttcttttttt attacactga aggtcagtgg ttctgttgtt gtttatgtct ccacaccagt     62640
     tctactcaca ctgctccaag caggttttga cttggtgact ccagtatgga gcacttctaa     62700
     ggggttaatc acaccgaata caatttccca ttctgagaac acgaggtgca ccgcgctgcc     62760
     tttttgttta caagaaaaaa agaagtgcgc tgtcctttta atgttgctag gaaaccactg     62820
     gatcagctgc atattgtgcg ctagccctga tgttgacatt gttagaattg aaatatatta     62880
     cttagatcct tactaaaata tagtactttg ttacttactt ccaggtcaat gatatttagt     62940
     ctcactatgt tggcattttc tgacatctca tttttacgag gtgggtcgtt agctcaccac     63000
     tcaaccccca acctgcagga ccaggacatg cacacataca ctatggacaa tttagcatac     63060
     ccaattcact taggtctttg gacaagtgag ggaaaccaga acacatgaac acagggagaa     63120
     catgcaaact ccacacagag atgccaacag ccggcagcta gctctctgca actctcacat     63180
     ggtcgcccac tgaatctaac cagggctgcg cctggtcagt acctggatgg gagactacat     63240
     ggaaaagcta ggttactgtc ggaagtggtt agtaaggcca gcagggggcg cccaacctgc     63300
     aatctgtgtg ggtcttaatg ccccattata gtgacgggga ctctatactg ctcagtgagc     63360
     accgtctttc agatgagacg ataaacctag gtcctaactc tctgtggtca ttaaaaatcc     63420
     caggatgtcc tctgaaaaga gtaggggttt aaccccggca tcctggccaa ttctgcccac     63480
     tggcctctgt ccatcatggt ctcctaaccc tccccatatc ataattgact tcatcactct     63540
     gtctcctctc cacaaatcag ctggtgtgtg gagtggggtc tggtgcaaaa tggctgccgt     63600
     cacatcatcc aggttgataa ggagattacc ccctatgtgt aaagcgcttt gagtgcccag     63660
     aaaagtgcta tataaatgta aggaattatt attattatta ttattattat tattactgac     63720
     ccagccaggg ctcgaaccag tgactctctt gctgtgaggc aacagcgcta cttactgcat     63780
     caccatgcca cccaaaatat attgaacaat attgtaaaaa tccagatttg tgaagacgta     63840
     catctctgga taacccaaaa cagcaactgc aattccctcc tccatcttta aaagtctctg     63900
     taggacctgc tgtcacctca acagaaacct catccctgtt ttcatttgat tggaggatga     63960
     aaaagacgcg actgatgtag tgtgcttttt ccactaagag ttgacttttt tcaactgcag     64020
     gcacaatggt taaaacacga gacgtgcaag gtgtatacac agtgcacaaa atgctcacgg     64080
     ccattagtaa acccttcaaa agatacacct ctcaatgcaa agagtgttca gtgtgatcag     64140
     ggcgtaatgc acctcttgag gtctcactcc cattcgggta acagcacctc tgtaacccct     64200
     tcaattctag aaaaagcatt aaaagtagga tttaaactgg agaatatgct tcatgaggcc     64260
     tcaattgaat ccaggtttaa accctctgat tctacttgca cataagtggg attcaaacct     64320
     gtatatcaga catggaagat ctctgttgca catttttaat cctcacttct atcttgtaac     64380
     ggtctcactg aaactaattc gagcatttaa actaggatgt gaaccagtac atatggaatg     64440
     aggcacatct aaaaacacca cctgagtcac acttccatgc tgcaacaatt taatctctct     64500
     ggttctactc acagaagaca ctctaagatt taaacctctg tctcagtaat gggacacctc     64560
     tgaagcactt tgtaacctca ctcccattca ggcaatactg ttacccctct ggttcatttt     64620
     gcacagttcc tgtgagaaag ccatcttcat catggggcat ctttaatgca cctcaaggcc     64680
     tcactcccat atgggtaccg gcctctctgt atcccctcag gttctgcatc taccaattcc     64740
     aggtggagtg caaatcaaca tctctgccat tggaggcaag catgccaaca aggacactaa     64800
     ctagcctcta gttcacattt cgaggcctgg ggagtgaggt gtgcttccat agttcattca     64860
     agctggcctc agtttagacc ttgcaacaat cttcattcta tccccttttg gagtcatcat     64920
     aataaaaaga tcatgcaggt ttgaattagc attggggtga gaaaatgatg acatgattaa     64980
     tttttgggtc aactatccct ttaaatgtcc tggcaacagc agtagttgcc aaataggtaa     65040
     taaataaatt aataaaatag tataagtctt ttaatgtgga tacatgcatg cctgaagaga     65100
     aggcctcctg tatatggaat gtgcccattt atacagtttt tttttttttt tttttggaag     65160
     tgtgtaagaa tgtgttaaat agagctgaga gtattgcagt attgctgaaa gcattatcaa     65220
     attaaacagt taaacacgat ggtaatgtat aaaaccatgt ccacaccaaa aattccaact     65280
     gatgataaca tctttacaat aaatgtgcat tcaagtgttt agtctgcctc tttaaatgcg     65340
     caatgaacct cagaatacat tttctgaagt agtttctaac aataatgttc ccatataaga     65400
     ttccttatta gttgtagtag ggagttcctt tataattggg attattatgg ttgccatttt     65460
     tggtgtgaac aggtcttaac tatataggag aggcattcaa tttcgtactg accccaagtg     65520
     gcattgggag tttgggaatg agaccattta tttttctgtt ttatgtacag gacaatttac     65580
     agtcacatct gttagtaaat agagtgctgt tgttaatcct aaatactgaa tgtgtgactg     65640
     gagaaaaggt gtgttggatt tatcaaaaac aacttgggat gattacaagg ttgtgtttag     65700
     atttctttaa aaataaaaaa ctccttcaaa tctgtcatag aggtacacat atgtgggaca     65760
     tgtacaacag gaaggcactg aacttctcga tttgaacaca agcaatagaa cagtactcat     65820
     ggtgcagtgt gcaataaaaa aggacattat tacatcataa taaacaaatt atatgatgaa     65880
     ttgtgcattg cttattcatt tggagtttgt tgtatcaccc tgaatctaca ctcaaaaaca     65940
     ctgaatctac actcaggata aatggagatt ggagcaatgg gttggacttc agtttttagg     66000
     aggctattca aacatcctta gccttgtgat ttattaattt gatgtattct acatcctatt     66060
     gtattttttt aatatcacct tcaactctaa acctacccca tacaataacc tattgtgtgt     66120
     gttttttttt ttgttttgtt tttttgacat gtacacctac ccaaccctaa acctaccctt     66180
     tacagtaatg caaaaaccaa attatgttaa gttatttaat taagcatgtt cagcagccgc     66240
     agcagtaaag cccccttcac acgaccagtg accaaatgac tgatgaagtg aaaattcata     66300
     aaattttacc ttctggcact ctgatagagc acatgcaaca gtatcttgac cacttgatac     66360
     aaccaaggtc tgtagaagag cattactgaa cacaaaacac atccaacctt gaagcagatg     66420
     agctacagca gcagaagagc actccagaag cactgctgtc agaaaagagc agcaaactga     66480
     agcaaacaca ggacaattga agattggaaa aaggtaactt ggtctgatga gtcttgattt     66540
     ttgctgcatc attcaaatgg tagggcctga aatttagttt tcagtgtaat gtgtcgactt     66600
     tgcgcatttg ggtaccaact gagaattgta taaacaccac agccgacacg agtactggtc     66660
     ctgactatgt ccatcaaaca gtatccatat tttgatggca attttatgcc atcccacaca     66720
     gctcaagtaa tttcaaactg gtttcttgaa tttgattatg agtttactac tcaaatgacc     66780
     tacagcaggg gtggccaatc ctgttcctgg agatctgcct tcctgcagat ttcagttgca     66840
     acccttatca aacacacctg tctgtaatta tcaagtggat ttcaggtcct aattaattgg     66900
     ttcaggtggg tttgatcagg gtaggagcta aactgtacag gagggtagat ctccaggaac     66960
     aggattgagc acccctgacc tacagagtca acagataaat ccaatagagc acatctatgg     67020
     caagtggtag aatgggagtt ttccatcatg tgtagcagtc atgctattat atcaatatga     67080
     accaaaatct ttgcaaaata tttcctttac aaaatattac ttgctgaaac tatgccatgt     67140
     aaggagtgaa gtacatacag gcagttatca tcacataata ctggcaggcc gaaaagctta     67200
     attctgctaa aacaaccaca tggttgtatt ttatctagct tattacatgg ctacttgcca     67260
     caaaatgtaa aattagtcac aaaacatagc tctgaagctg taatatataa ttatttacgc     67320
     acaaaagtta ctgaaacaaa aatttctaaa ttgaaataat gaagcttaca ctaacatgtt     67380
     attcagtcac aagatggtgc caaacagtca aaaacaatgg agtaacagaa aaattttaat     67440
     atggaaatat aaatatggat gtaaatgtac tgattgagtg gcggcacgat ggcttactgg     67500
     ttagcacaat cgcctcacag caagaaggtc gctggtttga gtcccagagt ttgcaaattc     67560
     tccccatgtt tgcgtaggtt tcctacgggt gctccagttt ccccaacagt ccaaagacat     67620
     gccctatagg tgaattgggt aagctaaatt gtccgtagtg tatgagtgtg tgtgtgtgga     67680
     tgggtgtttt ccagtgctgg gttgaggctg gaagtgccta agggactaag ctgaaggctg     67740
     aagaatgaat gaatgaatta attaattaat ggttaaaaga attcaaagta cccacaagtg     67800
     cctgtgttat taagtttcag gggttttctg ggaataacat accttggagg gtggatactg     67860
     accagaatca aggattccaa agagctccaa aggtgaaaag tggtctaacc cactaacaca     67920
     aggcatactt aataaagttg cacagcatac acgcaaaaac accccagcac accttctcca     67980
     cactttccag tcaccatgac cgtgatggat tcagatgtct tacaaggacg aagcaggtta     68040
     gcatttcttc actgcaataa aataacttcc ccgggtgttc tctcttccac taaattattc     68100
     tgctgacatc caatcagctg gcttctggct ttctaaagag gaccaagcag cggagattat     68160
     gagcgaggaa aatggaatgc aatttttgcc agggattttc tggccagaat aatacatcgg     68220
     aagtgctgaa gtgctgaagc ctttgaaaac cctttccttt tatcagccac atgagttcgt     68280
     ctaaaagaga gagagagaga gagagagagc gagagagagc gagagaggac aggtgagaga     68340
     acagcatgaa tgagagtggt aaagtgatgg ctgagggata gagatagtgg agtttttttt     68400
     ttttttggtg aattgtgcac atcacacttc ctccgtcctc agtggaattc taatggctgt     68460
     ggcacggagt caaggctttc atgagagata tcagaaccgc tgcacttttc caggttagac     68520
     acgacctcct ccacctacaa ccacaatatt tctgaagccc tgagagacga ggtggcatat     68580
     gggaacgagt gagagtcgga ataaaagata gtgagatgtg acattcagag agagcgagaa     68640
     ctaatgagga acgtacaaag cttttgcaac actgctgcag cattacttaa agcaatactt     68700
     cacccacaaa tgacagatct gtcatcatct actcaccgtc atgttgatct atgcagttat     68760
     tttttgtctg tgcagcacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     68820
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     68880
     acacacacac acaaagattc agaaaaatct tcagcttgtc taactcattt taggcacgtt     68940
     taaaacaata acagcaattc agtaccacta cagctatggc tattgagggg aatatatagt     69000
     atatgtgatc ctggagcaca ataccatgtg ataatgttgc tctagtatat tttcggcaag     69060
     aaccaaaaat tcactttttc aacattatta ttttttttta tgttacagta ttattccaaa     69120
     atggaataaa ttaatttccc gaaaattcta tacacaatat cccataatga caatgtgaaa     69180
     tattattttg aaactgttga aaatttatta aaaataaaaa acctgaaaaa tcatatgtac     69240
     ataagtattg acagattttg cagtgaagct ctaaattgag ctcgggtgca ttctgtttcc     69300
     actgatcatt cttgagatgt ttcagcagct taattggaga tcacctgtgg taaattcagt     69360
     tgattggaca tgatttgaaa aggcattcac ctgtttatat aagctcccag agttgaccgt     69420
     gcatgtcaaa gcacaaacca agcatgaaga caaaggaatt gtctgtagac caccgagact     69480
     ggattgtctc gaggcacaag gctggggaag gttacataag aatttctgct gctctgaaag     69540
     tttcacagca cagtggcctc catcatctgt aagtggaaga tgtttggaac caacaggact     69600
     cttcctagag ctggccggcc atctaagctg agtgatctgg agagaagggc cttagtcatg     69660
     caggtgatca ataacccaat ggtcactctg tctgagctcc agcattcttc tgtggagaga     69720
     ggagaacctt acagaaggac aaccatctgt gcagcaatcc accaatcagg ccggtatggt     69780
     agagtggcca gaagtaagcc actccccacc tggaattggc caaaaggcat cagaaggact     69840
     ctcacactat aagaaacaaa attctctagt ctgatgagac taaaattaaa ctctttgtag     69900
     tgaatgcctg gcgttacatt tggagaattt ttttttatat ataattatat aataatataa     69960
     ttcccaaaga caggagtgcc acgcttgtgg catcgtattc aaaaggactt gaggctgtaa     70020
     tttctgccaa agatgcatca acaaagtatt gagcaaaggc tgtgaatact tctgtacatg     70080
     tgagttttca tttttttttt tttttttttt ttataaattt gtaacaactt aaaaaaaaaa     70140
     aaatcttttc acacattgtc attatggggt attgtgtgga gaattttaag gaaataaatg     70200
     aattgaatac aattacgaaa taaaactgta acataaaaaa atgtggaaaa agtgaaacgt     70260
     tatgaatact ttccggatgc tattgtgatt tggtgaaagg catgaggaag ccaccaaaca     70320
     cacttttgtt aaaatattca atggcagtta atcatcactg cactgtttcc tgcctaaggc     70380
     tccaatgtga tcttaccttc ctctgtgaca catttgctat acttaggagt aaaactaaac     70440
     atcatgaact cctttatttc ttgtgcgcta aatttgttat agataacttt aatttatggt     70500
     gttagatgtt tttaatgatt gtttttactt tgctttctac tgttatatag tagtattttt     70560
     ataagtcaaa tattgattct agtgcgtgtt tgatgcattt taggtaattg tgctgcaaat     70620
     tttaaatgaa ctaaactgaa cttaataaaa tacaaaaaaa aattaaatta aatttgatac     70680
     cgaaaaacaa tcatttataa catttttatt acccacatca ataacaaatg tatatcagta     70740
     attgacatca gttggacaga gcggctgctt gatttcactg taaaaaaaaa tatgcaaaaa     70800
     aacaaattca atcaaataat tactgatata ataatagtgc ctattaaaca cgccagagtg     70860
     gagtagtgaa ccaaacagaa caacaaaatg ccagcagcac agcaactgta ggtttacact     70920
     tggatccaga atcaatacaa gcctcaacag atgatttccc cagaattcat attgacaggt     70980
     cttagaactt catgaattaa atcccaccgg cagttcagtg ggttcattaa ttagacagca     71040
     aaggtttcat cagctcagtc tgcctccgat gttctggagg aaaacagttt ctccttaatc     71100
     tcccgtgttt gtcttgaaaa tgacacagag gtatgtcaaa caaaaaaaca aatcataaaa     71160
     atagctgcgc agaaatgtct cctgctttgc cgtaatctct ttattcatag actttaatca     71220
     tgtcgtattt cattcggaac gtcacagtca cagtcaaata ggttactcaa gtaaaaggaa     71280
     acgcacacac tattttggcc tcgctcaaac aacacacttt acatggtttt ccagtgccgg     71340
     gattggaagc gtctgtcagt aaagcttaat gtctgggtgt atttgtgtgt ttcaccctga     71400
     ccctcggcta catttgctct gacaagcagg actcatgtaa gtcgtgcctg acgctctata     71460
     aagcttccta ggcgctggag ggatagggaa attttcacgg atttacaata ggaaaacaca     71520
     cacactcaca cgcatgcatg catgcataca tacatacata aatacaaaca caatcataga     71580
     tgcacacaca aacatgtaaa tacagacaca cacacacaca cacacataca tacatataca     71640
     ccgacgtgca aaagcacaat catagataca cacatacata cacacacaca cacacacaca     71700
     cacacacaca catatacaca atcatagatg cgtgcataca tagacaaact acatacagac     71760
     acgcacatac gcacacacaa cgcaatcata gatataaaca cacacacaca cacatacata     71820
     tacacataca gtacacacac atacatacac aaacacacat actgtacaca aacaaacaca     71880
     caacacgcat atatacgtac acacacacac acacacacaa actacataca gacacgcata     71940
     catacacata catacataaa tataaacgta cacatataca tacgcacaca catacaatca     72000
     tggatacaca catacacaca tgcatacata caatctgata cacacactaa cacacacact     72060
     caaacacaca cacacaatca tagatagaca catacacacg catacataca aacaatctga     72120
     tgcgcgcgcg cgcgcacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72180
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72240
     cacacacaca cactcaaaca cacacacaca atcatagata gacacataca cacgcataca     72300
     tacaaacaat ctgatacgcg cgcgcgcgcg cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72360
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     72420
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatatata     72480
     tatatacaca tccatgttac ataactgcat agtgacagaa atattcaacg agtaagtccg     72540
     tgcaggttcc tgaggcgtca atttaaccct gttccttcat cggacacttg tgcccttgta     72600
     ttcttaaggc cactgcgtgt gatatggaac ttccatccat tcatccttct ctccgctcgt     72660
     cttttatccc cacacagact tgtctgtatt ggagaatttc agctggacgg cttcagcgct     72720
     catcttgttg ccctagaaac aggaacacgg tttttgaaaa cgcagctgaa acaggagcaa     72780
     atcattgaac gcgagcgcaa caaatgtaca caaacagaca gcagaatcgg cctccgcgtc     72840
     aaggtcgcct cgctttgaaa agcctgccct gcgaaggcca aggactgtca ttaccaggac     72900
     aaccagtgtg caaatcaaac agcgcattga ggtgagctgg gcctgttaaa cagaaagaca     72960
     aatgacccgc gactcgagct gcaaagcaga gattgaggag cgctaaagag ttattcacat     73020
     gttcgtttgg taacacaaca tagttgccga catataatag taaaagaaag ttttcaaagt     73080
     gtgctcacta tacgtgaaag gatgacttta aagggtcaca aaacaccaaa acacattttt     73140
     gacagtcata tacatgtccc aggctgctaa aaacactaat aggatacata tattacagaa     73200
     caaatgaaaa tgttccgttg ttttgagcaa attcgttctt ccgggtttga aaagaaattt     73260
     taaagctaca tcacggcaat gaaatcattg cgtaaatacc agcgtgtaga ctggctgtct     73320
     gtaccagcga gtacaatatg acatatttga tggatggatg gtctcagcgc ctatttagct     73380
     gtaacgcccc tttcacattg ggtgtcagcg tcaatgcttc cgattcactt tgaatgggtg     73440
     acgtcaggca ttgcctaact gcattgtgga tctgtctgcg ccgttttaga gccgttgctc     73500
     actgcagaag ttgggacaag ctcaacttta aacgccgacg ggagcgtcag ccaatcagat     73560
     cgctgtatgc aaatacacca gctaggcagt ggcctattgc tggctgaatt tcatttgctg     73620
     acgctgctat gacgattgcg ttagccccaa cttcagacac accttcagtc aagcgttgat     73680
     gctgaagccc ctgtgtgaat ggggcgtaag agcgctgtga tttgcagcaa tttgtattat     73740
     ccaagatcaa acttgatgca aatgtagtag gttattaaat acattttttt acatcagctg     73800
     aaaggttatt aaatacgttt cgatatggtt aaatataaaa ataatatatt ctatataaat     73860
     aaacaacact gacgcacccc catgtggtag tattgtgtat cagcaatctc acagggggcg     73920
     atatgccaat ctgaaaattt catatatcgc tcaacacttg tgaatgaaaa agaattgtta     73980
     ggagacatgg gtcgtcagtg ttgtgtttac aaatgtgctg caatgaaggt tttgtttcca     74040
     tttccccgtg atgaaagcat cgctcgtatg tggatccacg taagtggaat acagtggttt     74100
     gctaacacac aacaaaaata tgtgtgaaaa aaatggtgaa atacggattt gccacttgtc     74160
     ttcttttaaa aaaaaatgcg gttccagttc gtgttgatcg tcctgtctct atggatttgg     74220
     taagtgtgtg atcagtggtc tttgtttatg tttattcaga gacaaagtta gtattatcag     74280
     cagtgcgcct ttagttttta aagacaaacc taagacaaaa ttatttagtt aatatcacta     74340
     caatattatg ggctgaaaga tgcgttgtaa atgctgctct gcgaatgtaa acatcttaat     74400
     ccaaccatta ccgtcgtgta ggattttcac agcgtatcat tttcagcgta taatttttga     74460
     cgcattttgt gacaggacag tctatacaca catagcggtt tgatgctatt ctctgccccg     74520
     accaagtctt tgcatcgacc gagaaatgcc aaagtatttt ttttttttta tcgaactcca     74580
     attaaacaac actctcctgg cagttcatac tcgcatccaa tatcttgttt gtcactgcgg     74640
     gcatgcataa aaatgttcct gaatgaaagt gaaagtgcca aactacagtt aaagttgaca     74700
     aattaaaaat gaaacgcccg aaattacatg aaactatgga cgaaatgtga atagtgcgat     74760
     gacggaatga cgttaatcga attatgtgct ataccatgta aaatgggatc attcaaaaaa     74820
     caactcaggt aaacacctaa ttatattatt gtcttatatc ataatatatg tgaaaatcag     74880
     ctgttgagca cgtactgaaa ctacactttt catgcaaacc cttcactctt tcgccactca     74940
     acactcccac ctaaacaaag ctggactcgc ccactttcct gacttttcaa agttgagggg     75000
     tgaaaacacc ctgctgagac ggggggttac atggcccttt aaagtacaaa tgaaatcaaa     75060
     actaaccata tagcttacat ttctagcttt gtggtgaact atctgtgcac gtcattaata     75120
     atataaaata aaaaagtttg ccattctaat ctttaattga aatctgaaaa ttcacttcct     75180
     gtttgatttc aattaaaatc tcagattagg cttgtctgag gtttttgggt gtggctaaca     75240
     tacaaaacca cgcccctcca tctgtcagtt ttgacaacag aaatggtgag caggaggagt     75300
     ctgttaggtt gtaataactc ttctaaaacc cacttcctga tctacggttg tacagatggt     75360
     ggttcacttc ctaattttgg tacgattgca ttcattccag aatcggacca gagtttgcgt     75420
     gaaccatacc caagactacc tcttttaggc agactctgat acggtttgca ggtgagctcc     75480
     tgagttcgta agacatcatt tacactagct aaacgcacag aactgacgtc aaacgaattc     75540
     gggtgtggat cgaaagggct agtgtcaaag catgctaagt gtcatttgct cagttatgtc     75600
     attttaaaag caaagatgat attgttggtt ttgaaaactt aacattacca agactacaga     75660
     acttgtcata aatctgtcat aaacatgact gttaagaggc aatataaccg tgtcataaaa     75720
     tattttgctt tgtgtaattt gtaacccatt atttcactaa tgttagctga actgctctcc     75780
     ttggcattta gtaggtggtt cagctagact gtgctttaaa accaggctaa aagatttaca     75840
     aaagttttat tcagggttta tctaaggcaa accagtcacc aggaacatga ctgatcaatt     75900
     cctcttgatc aggacagaga atttatttaa ttaacttctc tgttaaatac aagagcaaac     75960
     cggactgcat atactgcagc aaagctccac tgggaggtcc aaactgcatc tatcaggagc     76020
     gaacgctgga gactttcagt gaaaaaaaac agttctgaag agtgatgtct gaaaacaacg     76080
     ctcttcctct taaactcgct tctaattggc tgtgaacaca gtgtgacaca cagcatatgc     76140
     tgatgcagct ccatagtctt taatcttaca gatgtttcta gaggtccctc agcggctcct     76200
     tcaactgccc cgagttaaac atcaaggcac actcacactc tctcacacac acacacacac     76260
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     76320
     acactgaatt ttctgagagc tagcgcaggg taagagagag acagacaaaa aaaagacaac     76380
     tgggttgaac tgaggtcatt tttaaaagca acgctgtgga gaatttgcat atttttttat     76440
     aattaattaa caacttgcat attttcaaaa aaccctatgt tgataatctg tacaggccat     76500
     gcatttgaaa ggcactttta cattgtccac cccaaatatt tagcaagtaa cttcgtaagt     76560
     aacagggaag ctcaaacaaa ataaacagtt attttgaagt gctgttgggt ttggtgccac     76620
     tagaggcata taaaataaac ggcactttaa aaagcaacta tttcatgtca tttcaatgtc     76680
     ttcatttcat tagacattag ttcatgttgg gtttagttag catgataaat ttaaacgaaa     76740
     ctaaaatggt ataatggatt taaaaattac caagactgca atttaattaa acaaaaatac     76800
     acactttgtt ttatagtgaa gcgtgacact ttgtttttag acattggcag cttatttgca     76860
     ctttttggta tatataaata tacacactca acggccactt tattaggtac acctgtccaa     76920
     cttcttgtta acacaaatat ctaatcagac aaacacatgg cagcaactca aagcattttg     76980
     gcatgtagac aaggtcaaga cgatctgctg cagttcaaac agagcatcag aatggggaag     77040
     aaaggtgttt taagtgactt tgaatgtggc atggttgttg gtgccagacg ggctgatctg     77100
     tgtatttcaa aaactgctga tctactggga ttttcatgca caaccatctc taggatttac     77160
     tgagaatggt caaaaaaaga taaaatatct attgagtgcc agttctgtgg acatccaacc     77220
     ttgaggcaga tgggctacag cagcagcaga agattaaatg gatgccactc ctgtcagcta     77280
     acaggaaact gagactacaa tatgcacagg ctcaccaaaa ttggacaact gacaattgga     77340
     aaaaggttgc ctgatctgat gagtctcgat ttctgctggt acatttgaat ggtagagtca     77400
     gaatttggcg tcaacaacat gaaagcatgg atccatcctg ccttgcacca ttagttcagg     77460
     ctggtggtat aatagtgtgg gggttgtttc ttggcacact tttggcccat tagcaccagc     77520
     tgagcatcgt gtcaacacca cagcctacct aaatattgtt gatgagcatg cccatccctt     77580
     tatgaccaca gtgtacccat cttctgatag ctacttccag caggataaca tgccatgtca     77640
     taaagtgcaa atgatctcag actggtttct taaacataac aaggagttct ttgtactcaa     77700
     atggcctcca cagtcaccag aactcaatcc aatagagcac ctttgggatg tagtgaaaca     77760
     gtagatttga atcatggatg agcagccaac aaatctgcag caactgcatg atgctataat     77820
     atcaatatgg accaaaatct gaggaacatt tccagtacat tgttgaatct atgccatgac     77880
     ggattaaggc agttctgaag gcaaaagggg gtccaaccca gtactaggtg tatctaataa     77940
     agtggctgtc tgtgcacact ctgtacacac acacacacac acacacacta caactattaa     78000
     tactcaactt ttacagtgaa attgttttta cttttgttta ttttattgtt tattttgttc     78060
     atttttgttt actttcgtta ttttatttat tattattttt attttttcaa ttataattat     78120
     catcattaaa taaaaaataa gcatacaaat aaactttttc ttacgagtga atcaattaat     78180
     caaccaatca accaactagt gcagtttagc taaccttagt agcagcagcc tttagcttag     78240
     ccagaaggga tgacttcttg gcataaacca cttcctcttc ctcctctgct tctccctcca     78300
     taatggcaca gctgtcggcc gccggtaact cgcattcttt attggcagac atcaccagtt     78360
     tggaatattt atactccagc ctatcagagc tcaaagataa attagcataa ataaagaaaa     78420
     atgggcaaac gtttgcaaaa ctcaaatagt aacacacatc atactttttg tttttcttcc     78480
     aaaagtagca ggtcagggag acgagcagag cagcacaaaa cgccccgagc ccagcgccca     78540
     ccttcagcca gaaatcaatg gcctcacatg gagacgttct cttcagaggg agagtcaggc     78600
     cactggtgca cagccgaggt tcagtccaca cataaattgt gtccttaaaa atggaaacac     78660
     gcatgcatac cattacacaa acaaaaataa aagcagggta cgaattatgc attgaaaacc     78720
     caggagtgag gggtcaactt ttccggtaat gttagtttgt gtaatacaag cttcagtatt     78780
     ttgttaaatt agatctaatg tattaataaa acacatttaa gttttgattt gtggttcgta     78840
     aacttaaacg tagttaagtg ttgagggata ttcagtgtat tctgactaca gtatcctctg     78900
     attagctatt ttagaggtta ctgtaggtca acactgcaga tcttgatggt caattccgat     78960
     tttgtgactg tatccgactg ttttgctgac gatttttaat aatgcgtgac aggtgaaaat     79020
     ccgatctagc tgcttacact gcagacacga gagcactgat ccgattcata tcggacaaat     79080
     ttccccatat tccacaagac ctgaatctga tttgagcaaa tcggaatcca tgtgatttgt     79140
     tcctgcttac acgatttaca tgggctatat ccgatctgtg ccacatggaa gaaaaaaaaa     79200
     aatttgcaat tgagtcactt gaacagtgca gtgtaaatgt ggcctatgtg tttaatttga     79260
     ctttactttt aggctatatg tacaaacaaa tggtcttaca tggctctaga tctaccagtt     79320
     tcagactgat gaatgaatat tttcttgcat agactggcag gcgcgattat gcatccccaa     79380
     tggtatgaac cgttaaaggg gtggtcaaat gtatatttat attacatatt tttttaaaaa     79440
     ttatcattta aaatcagaaa aagctatttt tcacaataaa agggctgatc ccaccatgca     79500
     aatcatttta acatccttca gggggaatca agcgttaatt agggggggtt catttccccc     79560
     tttttgagtc caaaaagttg ctgttagagc ataaaaaaaa aagatctacg ctttttctga     79620
     actccccttt ctgagttttc ttccatgaac gaacatgtca cattaccaag aaattaaatt     79680
     aaatattcaa atgaagctcc aagaacattt ttgtacacca aaaaaaaaaa agactatttt     79740
     cacccatgtc ttacacatta ggtcagggaa gacatatgct gtatccaaaa tagccaactc     79800
     taccctcgtt tacttttcct tacaatagtc cactaatata gtcctcttaa aggaatggat     79860
     taaatgagca ttaattaatc tgcattacaa aagtatttat agattacaca ttagtattac     79920
     ctatttgtaa agtattattt aaaaaataaa tcttattaag gctaaatttg aacagcagtg     79980
     tacttaattt gtattattcc tttttacatt agtgacaaac aagctgacaa gtgttttgtt     80040
     ttatcaagta tggtatcatg gctcaaacag cacctgtcac aaacacgtga acacccactg     80100
     tgatttttgt tttggtgctt ctttaatgtg aggaatattc cacatatgca ttgccacatg     80160
     gagttctgca gaaaacaaac ttaccccaga taaactcctg atgataaaca tgagtcacga     80220
     cagacgcttc cagactaatc ggagtagttt gtatttttta catcagcaag cctagtattc     80280
     ctactgtttg attaatattg tgcattaaat tgcaattcca catcaaaacc agtttttcat     80340
     agcatttagg tcctgcaaat gcacacgcac agtcataata aattatttct cagtcattta     80400
     tataaataca tagtcactct tcaacaggca tatgcaataa ctgctgaaat tcaggtgtgc     80460
     attattttct aatattttga gttaccacgt ctaaagacat tgttcacggt tgacattgtt     80520
     aaaacagcag actgtattaa tatagccagt gaaaacaggc acctgcactc cagctttaca     80580
     ggctccctca atggcgtggt agtcagcctc agtacagcgt ggacacacac tggagctttc     80640
     ccacagaaag agaaacgtac agccgtcgca ggtgcctgca ggacacgcac tgacagacac     80700
     agacagagag aaactaaaac acagccagag cacagcagac tgcagacact ggctagaaaa     80760
     ggagattcaa agcaaatgtt ttgaaagaat tcagatgata aaactgctga ggcatattaa     80820
     atgatttcat cttttggatg gatggatgga tggatggatt acaaaaatta aaaaagaaat     80880
     aaatgactga cacatgttgt ttatttgtaa aattgtaaaa ttacttgtat tttattctca     80940
     ttttattttt gcattaattt taatttaagg tatggttgtt ttttgccttt attcttttta     81000
     attaatttat ttattcagtt taatatttta atatataata caataatatt atttaatttt     81060
     tttgaaaaac caattttttg cagtaaactt gaattaaagt gcaaagttta ttcaattcaa     81120
     ttattagccg gttaaaatgt ggtggcacag tggctcagtg gttggtacag ttgcctcaca     81180
     gcaagaagat tgccgtttca agtcctagtt ggggcagttt gcattttttg tggagtttgc     81240
     atgtccttcc tgtgttcgca cgagtttccc tctcagtcca aagacatgcg ctacaattaa     81300
     ttaggtaaaa caaattggct gtggtgtatg agtgcgagag tctgagtgtt tcccagtcct     81360
     gggttgtgac tggaagggca atcgctgtgt aaaatttatg ctggagaagt tggtggttca     81420
     ttccgctgtg gcgctctgat aaataagcga ctaagccgaa taaaaatgaa tgaatgaaat     81480
     taattaaaat caactctaca tcatggtatc aagtgatttg atatgacatg atgggatgcc     81540
     ctgtgccaca tttagactgc attaacagca gtgtttgttt gtgtggttgt gtgtgtttgt     81600
     atatgtgtgt gtacctgggc acagatatct ctcccctctc agttttctct gggttacagc     81660
     gcagcgagac cactgcattt ctgcctctct gacacgaggc tgtgacctgt ggagatcttt     81720
     acaaacaaaa ggaggccatt aaacccatcc tggatgacag caagcaaaga acaaaccgca     81780
     cacctcatta caaaaagccc taaaacaaaa accccagaca ggcatgagag agaagcactt     81840
     taagggtctg atgacgtata tctggcagta ccggtagaag aagtggacgt ctgggatctt     81900
     ctcggatgat ggagatggga atagttctgg tctagcggtc actccgttaa gtgatttttc     81960
     cacagtggct cctggagtac aaacacacac acacacacac ccttagggag cgacacacag     82020
     caggtaccag ccgcagattg aagaaattaa tcaaattgat cagtaaacaa gaagttgttt     82080
     tagatttaga aatgctcgct ggggtttata accaagaatg ttaatatata tatacatttt     82140
     tttttctggt ggtgcaagtc tgtgcgttca caccaaaggt ggcaagagcg tcaaagtttg     82200
     ctttggccgc cctggttaca acgctttctg cctttacaag tccactgaca agagcgtcaa     82260
     aattcactac attgtttcac atatttaaag gggcagttgc agcatatcca atgcaatctc     82320
     acagcaattc gtataacgta tcgatttagt agctagctca agtgaattag cacgatttaa     82380
     ttcataacaa tttaaatgat actataccag ctgaagtatg ataccaagta gtattgtgat     82440
     actgtaattc ataactaaaa ttataaagaa aattgtcaga aatactgtat tttgctatta     82500
     taggcctact tgattttagt tcataattct tgaaaaaggt tttgcacgta acttcaccaa     82560
     aatgttatcg attctttttt tttattttgt agataactga ccaacaaaaa aaacattaaa     82620
     ataaagacac aaattatacc aaataaaagt tattataaaa agagcatttt cttccaacaa     82680
     aattaggcta tatgaagtgg tcaaaaatgt ttcaatgttt cctgttgcta ttttgggttt     82740
     ttcatacatt gtttttttcc cagtcttatt aagtaacaat ccaaatttaa aattttactt     82800
     tgtgagtcat tattttcaaa agattgtcac agttgttgta gctactaaat catattgaca     82860
     ggaacacaaa tgaactgatt cagatgtttg ttcgaactga agtgctggaa aaaattcaat     82920
     aggctcccat aaaaggtttg aattctacac acttttgcaa ccttaaaaag ctccacagat     82980
     aattaaaata aaaaacattg taaataaaca actgaaaatc cagcggccgc aatattaaaa     83040
     cccttgggaa caattgtgtt cagaaccaca gttcacagga ctgttcacag gaatcgtcac     83100
     aagtggtgga catctgcatt ccaattgttt gctgccgaaa tgagtcatag ctcattacca     83160
     tgaagttgac ttgatttcaa ctctcctcaa tgcccacacc agtgaagatg tgccaagccc     83220
     ggcacttatt gaatataaaa aactcccggt tactttaaca tccacgccac ctttggtgtg     83280
     aaagcacagt aacactgtaa aacatgctgg gttccacaca attccttaat gtcatcctaa     83340
     cacaaattga ttaagtgaac ttaattgttt cagcaaattt aattggactg aagataaaac     83400
     aattaagttg tcccaaaaaa cccacaagaa tcgtgttgca gctcatttta attaagttgt     83460
     ttaaacaaga agcaaaaatc atgagttaag tgaatattag tacttacaag tgaaactgag     83520
     ttttttaata cattaagtat gttttactaa aaatatcaga aaatcatgaa aactaataaa     83580
     aaagtatgct ctaaatgact acatacagat aacggatgca aaaaaactaa aattaatgaa     83640
     ttaatatgtt acataactgc cacagtcccc tggtgatctt ctcattaaca ttagcagcac     83700
     tcttactgtg gtttgctcat aggtgatatt tcatacttat tgagctctgg tgattaaact     83760
     gcaaattact tcagttaaaa gtcccgtcgg gatttcattt ataattaaat ctattatgga     83820
     tgtttttctt cattatttac tgataacaga atgtctaatc tctcaggtta gaacagaaag     83880
     actgatctca caggttacag atttcatttt ggcatccttt aggaagcact tcaaatggat     83940
     taaatatgga catacacgtg ctaatttgtg ccctcctcac tgtgcgtttt aaacatttaa     84000
     acattttcta gcataacaaa actgatagta ttatcctacc agccacttta acactataca     84060
     gttgaaaact aaatgttatt attattatta ttattcaatt atcattatta gtgacattta     84120
     aattctttta attcatttta tttcctaagt gctgttaaat gaagacgatt tttcaacaca     84180
     tttttttttt tacttttgtc tttgccacga tgacagcact taatatttta ttagttattt     84240
     ttgcaagata ctagtattca gcttaaagtg caatttaaaa gcttaacttg gttaataagg     84300
     ttaactagat atgttagatt aattaggcag ctcaatggaa aacaattgtt tgtcctgtag     84360
     taattgaaaa atatatacat cttagcagtt tttttttttt tttacatttt ttaaattaag     84420
     ggctcagctc ttccctatac tttgaagcag taatgctttt ttttttaggt ttgagattat     84480
     gagttcatct cttttacctt gaaaagtgtc cgccaggctg atggactgcg aggaaagggc     84540
     tgttcttaag ccacgcccat ctgatggtat aatggttgat tgacagagga aagcgtccac     84600
     tgaactgcca ctctgacctc cctctgtgtc ctcattagat agttctgtga cattatctct     84660
     gcaaactgct ttatggccct gacaaaagac agattcaaga ataaatcata ctatttgatg     84720
     tggattttgt ttatttctgg tgtgaacatt gttgtacctc agctccacac aggctgatat     84780
     tgaagaggtg gtagtatttt gtgcctttgg cagtgaaact gggcccgttc atgatgaagc     84840
     cagcagatgc cagagcgctg aagtcaaact gaagggtctg attgaggtca gtgtgtgtga     84900
     atgagcagtc attaaaacac acactgtgct cctgtgaaat taaacattca agacagtaca     84960
     gtcccgatta ctattcaatt accactatca aaaatgtttt tgattttatg tctgtgattt     85020
     taagttcttt tttttttatt agttctaagt ttggctttgt aactgactaa tcttatgtac     85080
     agagcatccg taaagcattc atagtgcttt attttttccg cattttttat gttacagcct     85140
     tattccaaaa taaatttaat tcattgattt cctcaacatt caatcattca tttatttttt     85200
     cggcttagtt cctttattaa gcgaccatcc tgctgtgagg caacagcact acctactgcg     85260
     ccacccagtt gccttcctta aaaattctcc acataatacc tcataatgac aatgtgataa     85320
     aagatatttt gaaattgttg caaatttact aaaaaataat aaataaaaaa aaaaaaacat     85380
     gaaaaatcac atgtacatca gtattcacat cctttgctaa atactttgtt gatgcacctt     85440
     tggcagcaat tacagcctca agtctttttg aatacgatgc cacaagcttg gcactcctgt     85500
     atttgggaat ttttgcccat tccactttgt agtacctctt aagctcaggt tggatgggaa     85560
     gcaatgtgta caggcatttt cagatctctc aagagatttt caataggatt taggtctggg     85620
     ctctggctgg gacactcaag gacattgaca gagttgttgt aaagccactc cattgatttt     85680
     tagcattgtc ctttgggtca ttgtcctgat ggaagatgaa ccgtcatcca agtctgaggt     85740
     caagagcact ctgaagcaag ttttcattca ggatgtctct gtacattgct gcattcatct     85800
     ttcactttat cctgactagt ccttcagttc ctgctgctga aaaacattcc cacagtatga     85860
     tgctgccacc accattcttc actgtaggga tggttatagc ctggtgatga gcggtgcctg     85920
     gtattctcca aacataacgc ctggcaatta ctctaaagat ttcaatttta gtctcatcag     85980
     accagaatcc ttctgatgcc ttttggccaa ttccaggcgg ggagtggctt acttctggcc     86040
     actctaccat acaggcctga ttggtggatt gctgcacaga tggttgtcct tctgtaaggt     86100
     tctcctctct ccacagaaga atgagttatt gatcacctcc atgactaagg cccttctccc     86160
     ccgatcactc agcttagatg gcgggccagc tctaggaaga gtcctggtgg ttccaaacat     86220
     cttccactta tgaatgatgg aggccactgt gctgtggaac tttcagagca gcagaaattt     86280
     ttatgtaacc ttccccagcc ttgtgcctcg agacaatcct gtctcggagg tctacagaca     86340
     attcctttgt cttcatgctt ggtttgtgct ttgccatgca ctgtaaactc tgggacctta     86400
     tatagacagg tgaatgcctt ttcaaatcat gtccataagc tgctgaaaca acttataaat     86460
     gatcaatgga aacagaatgt acctgagctc aatttagagc tatttggcaa aggctgagaa     86520
     tacttcttta catgtgattt ttcagctttt taattttaat gtcattaatg tcattatggg     86580
     gtattgtgtg tagaattgag aaaataaatt aattgaatcc attttgaaat aagactataa     86640
     cataaaaaat gtgaaaaaag ttaggcgttt tccagatgca ctgtaaatta catataggaa     86700
     taaattaaat tttaaaacgc attaatacag aaaacagctc tttttaatta aataaatata     86760
     tctatcaaat aaaatgcagc ccttataagc aaaaactctt attaaattta aattttgacc     86820
     tgtatagcac aaaatcacac acacaaagaa aactagaata taaggtaata ataataataa     86880
     taataataat aataataata ataataacaa cctcatctgg aatgtaaaac tagacaaaca     86940
     gcatttgaaa taccttattg cttttgctgc caggcccaca cggctggcac atttctttgc     87000
     cataaatgtg gtgcccagaa aggactgtat taggagggca ctcgtggcac tggttggtct     87060
     ctttatcaat gtagtgtcca gctgggcatg gcacacagga ggaaccagcc tgctgagact     87120
     gcagggcaca ggcccgacat gcagacgcca ctccatccat agcattgctc acagttatgg     87180
     agtaaatctt cacaacgtca tttgcatact gacgcacctt atggatataa gcaacaaaca     87240
     acactatgat ttacattcta taaacacatt catacaactg ttcttaaatt tgattagctg     87300
     aaagccatgc gatattctgt aatatcagca ctcgtactgc ctctacaccc ttgtgtatta     87360
     ctccacccac acaaatgcaa agcagatgac tgaactcgtg cagttagaca acatgatgta     87420
     cttttaaggc tttttaggca agaatgtagt tgtttagatt gcaactacgc agtttattta     87480
     tagggatagt tccttatcta aaaatatgtt tgctgcgcat tgatggctat cagcctgtcg     87540
     tattgagcag attaaagaaa ttgacggtta aaacacagat aaatcacact attcgagcat     87600
     aaatagccgc acgaacattc atttcatcca cttcattcgc gcatcaaatc tgctttagaa     87660
     cagacactga ttcgcgtgat gggcagggct tctgtctgcc cggtgattct agctttgttg     87720
     ctaattggct aaaatgtatt ttattgagaa aataactgtg tttatgtgct ttatgaaggc     87780
     tgaaaacagc gtcgattcat tttgaggatt tcagcgatgc ttctgactga gcagaggcca     87840
     ttcactcaat tcgcatcatt cgcgcgtatc gtgctgcagg atgtcttttc gctcctttgc     87900
     attgagagaa aaacattttt aacagcgcaa gtttaaaact ataactgaac aaatcataag     87960
     agtacaggta agtgacattc acgtcgatct gttttgtttt tttaccataa taatagagta     88020
     gtgattgctt tgctatggct tttttaggat tcatttttgt aaaaaaaaaa atctgtttgc     88080
     gaccacaggt gtaaatccca ggggggacag agaggacatg tgcacccaaa aataaaaaca     88140
     aaatcaataa ataaaaaacg cattctctat tgtgaaaaat atatgcatgc atacctaaag     88200
     taatcgtgta agtagaaaaa aaaaaagcaa aataaaatgc atttagatac agttgagttc     88260
     cccctccctc acagtggttt gacccactgc ctgctttcct agctcatctc acctaccacc     88320
     cacatggctc aattaatgtt gaactagagt agggtgtttt attcccttta aataaaccaa     88380
     ttctctttaa tgtagctgat gcagactcat ttataaatta gttgtggcaa aaatgctgat     88440
     tacccaggta attttccatg aatctgcttt atttgcgatt taaatattac ttatctagtt     88500
     aacgttagct tgtttgcaat agctagtgca ctgcaactaa cacgaaaagc cacgccccat     88560
     gatacgtttt atttgtaacg acttggcata atgttaactt aacattagcg gtgaaaatta     88620
     gcaaattgct tagctgtgca tttactaaat gatcactgag ctacatccaa actgacccca     88680
     atgtttgatt ttttacaatc aatttatatt ctgttcttaa gtgtcttaat taatgtggac     88740
     actttggata tattgaaata catttataca tgtataattt aactatatta tttgtgttcc     88800
     ctttaaaaat tgctcatgag aaaattatat atttattgtc ccccccctcc tactgttaaa     88860
     ttgaatacac gcccatggtt gcaacagaga aatactggga gatctttgta gactgaagct     88920
     atttcaggtc ggtcagcctt ataatcttaa aatgtaagca aactcacccg ttttgtcatc     88980
     acttagacat tacaatgctc tacattaggc aggagaatca ttcaaacact ggctctaaag     89040
     taacgtgagt gaatgagcaa cggtttctgc tgttctgacc atcagctgca gatgtaaatg     89100
     aatgtggaaa gaaagtagtt actaatacaa aaggtttttt gagactctcc gtgtttgatc     89160
     ttttaatata tatacacatg attataccat taaactgttg tatacatgct atatcacact     89220
     catagcagtg caatatagct atatatcggc actgatgggg cactcaagcc aatgcatgcc     89280
     taccaactgt gctgatatac aagcatattg cgctgctact cgtgtgatat tgcttattta     89340
     ttattataca actgttctgt ctggttctcg aatctgattg gctgatagtc atgatatatt     89400
     taagtaatat cagcacccgt acagcccctt taccctttgt gtattactcc gcccagatac     89460
     agccagaaac aagcagacac tacagatcta aagtgtcaat agaatcttta aaagatgctt     89520
     gctcagctgt ttaactgtca gctaatgatt tgaatctaac gctgaagaaa gtagttcctc     89580
     atacaatagg gtttttgaga ctctccatgt ttgattttgt ttttatatac acaattatgc     89640
     tactcgtagc agtgcaatat ggctgtatat tggcactggt gggggcacta agcctcccac     89700
     cattgctgat atacagccat atcacactgc tactcgtgtg acattgctca tgtgtggcat     89760
     tgcatgcatt tgtactgaca tcactggcct gactggttcg ctggaaagcc caggtgaagg     89820
     aagccgaagt gttttcagtc atgatgtgcg tgtaactttg cttggcttta ctcccttccc     89880
     atgattcaac cacattcgtg attcttttgt ttacatcctg gaatgagaac aaaaatcaat     89940
     aacacaagca attaagtgtt tgaccttact gtatcagtgt ttgtttctgc atacgtttca     90000
     attggtcatg aaagtgcatg attaagaaca ttccacctgg tctcaggaga aagtgtaatg     90060
     cattgtgtga aattatttat agcaaaactg caactctcag tatctaaatc taatgataaa     90120
     gcacaatcct tcacctgaac cacggttttt aaaatataaa gatctgtcat tctgtctatc     90180
     tatcatcatc atttttaact gtaacttgct taattatttt agtggggaaa aaaaagtgtt     90240
     aaaacaggga taacattaat ttgttaatgt aataaactgc ctgtgggctt tctatgattt     90300
     taatatttcc ttttatatgc tttctttgaa aaaacctcat cttcattttc atttatgttt     90360
     gacatttttt agcagagtta aggtggggag aaattacatt ttattttgga tttatgcttt     90420
     ttgtaaagtt gccttgcttt cagatttatt tgttctgctt tgttttagtg aaagggatta     90480
     aagtaaatct tttattatta ttattatgac cttcatgtaa caccatattg ttacgatgtt     90540
     agctttttat taaattttct taatactatt ctggacacct tttaaaacaa tttttctact     90600
     actcatgtta tattatgaac aactaatctt tatttgtaat aatttgtaaa atgaataact     90660
     tattacagac tgtcatgaaa gtgtgttgac atgtcaaaat aacccttatg tatgtttaat     90720
     gtagggatgg ctatagattt tctagacaat aacataatga aaacactata tatggaagcc     90780
     aataaccata taaaccaata aatgaaaatt ctgatataat tattttgagc ctgactacaa     90840
     aaattaaaca attccaaatg aaatggacca ctaattttat tttaaaacta cagaaaacaa     90900
     aatagcaggg aaggaactga acaactccca cactggacaa catcttgtct ttcttagaat     90960
     aacgcatcat ttatcagctt aaaatgtatt tttatcagac tgaaaattat aacattcaaa     91020
     aattaaatat gttatttgtt tgccaatatt gttataggca tgatatataa atgactagtc     91080
     acacatatag ttgaagtcag acttattagc ccccctgtat gtaattatcc ccattttcgg     91140
     tttaacagaa aatttacatt tctaaacatc atagttttaa taactaattt ctaatatccg     91200
     atttatttta tctttaacat gttgaaagta aataacattt tactagttat tttgaaagat     91260
     gatagtattc gacttaaagt gacatttaaa gacttaacga gattaattcg attaactagg     91320
     caagttaggg taattaggca agtcattgta taaagatgct ttgttcaaaa acaattatag     91380
     cttaaggggg ctaataatat tgaccataaa ttgattaaaa aaaataataa taatcttatt     91440
     ttttttccag aagaaaaaat attatcaaaa atactgtgaa aaattccata ctttgtaaaa     91500
     cataatttgg gaaataaaaa aaataaaaaa cttttgattt caactctata tccatataca     91560
     ttgatagttt cacaatccca tatgaacaca ctcaccatca taaagtaaaa ctcgcagtcg     91620
     gctttacagc tggtttcaaa ctcaaacgtg atccggccaa actcgctgcc ggacgcagct     91680
     cgaactgaca agggcaacct gatattataa accacacaga ttcctcttta cacagagaga     91740
     cgtgggtaat gataaacaag tctaacgtac tattcaatta atatattctt ttaataccat     91800
     cgcaagcagc agaagaggtg atgtacaagg cttaaccatg ctaaacatac aaggctttaa     91860
     tgagctttaa tgagcacttg aacgtgtagt tgtgaggagg tggacaagtg cttgaagact     91920
     cacttgaaac cgggcactct gagagttaat atgagataat cattatccga acgacctgct     91980
     cctgattgga tgtgatcacc ggctacttcc caacctaaaa cgcacaagat gtacaagata     92040
     tgaagatctt taacacaaat gtgcaccgaa gctgaaacca catcttaaat atttttggtg     92100
     gggatttaag ataatgaaaa ataaaacaaa caaaaaaata ataagagatg agaggctcaa     92160
     gaaaaaatgt gcagaaaaac aaaatggatt caattgtatt ccattaggtg acgtaggatt     92220
     tacgctatac atttaatgtt aaactgcatc acaaaagttg tcagtgtttt aaaatgtcca     92280
     tgatataaag ccgctctaaa atattacata tttgctacca taattcgatt tgagcttcta     92340
     tgtgatcgct aaagcgcctt catttgattg gtcatctcag ttattttaac attgtcagac     92400
     tattaaggca aagcaattct aaaataataa ttctaacaac aagttctcta taagcaatat     92460
     cagatattgg tgtggataat tttcagtttc agataacagt cagtttctaa tgattccttt     92520
     cccctcatga tgttcaaatc acaggaatgt gtaaaaagca atgtagaaaa agccaatttg     92580
     tttatcagtg acgcaacagc gacatctggc agcaacaaga tgataagatt cgaaggctaa     92640
     atatgtttga ttgggaaaat aaataacaaa tatgactgaa cagtcgacag aatgatagaa     92700
     caatagaacg atatatagaa caatagagag aatggcagat agatggaaca atataagttc     92760
     aatagaacaa atagaacaat gaatagaatg aaagaatgaa aaaacagata taacaatgga     92820
     aaataaacaa tagatataca gaatgaaaga acgatagata gaatgaaaga acgacagata     92880
     taatgaaaaa acgatagata gaattaaaga acaatagata gaacgacaga acaggaatga     92940
     tagaacaaaa taatgacaga acaatagaaa gataaaacaa tagataggta gaaggataga     93000
     cagaatgata gaatgaaata atcatagata tgacaacaga tggaatgaca gaacaataga     93060
     tagaatgaaa ttatagatag aacaatagat tgatagacag atagaatgat agaatgaaat     93120
     aacagatgga atgaaagaat gatagataga aaaacaataa atggattgat ggataaaatg     93180
     aaggatggat ggattgacag acagaacgat cgattgaaca cagaacaatt gacagaacga     93240
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tggatggaca gaatgataaa tagaccacgg aacaatggaa     93300
     cgataaatat aacgatagat agaatgacag accggtagat acaatgaaag aatgatagat     93360
     agaacaagat agaatgaaag atagatagaa caatagatga aatgattaat agaatgaaac     93420
     aatgatagat tgataggtag aatgaaatta tagatagaaa ttatagatag atcgatagat     93480
     tgatagacag atagaatgat gaatagaatg aaataatgac aggtggaatg aaagaatgtt     93540
     ttatagaaag aaagaatgat agataaaata aaagaatgat agatagaaaa atggatggat     93600
     ggacagacag aacgatagat agaacacaga aagattaaaa aaaaacaaaa tgatggaatg     93660
     ataaatagaa tgatagataa aatgatagaa cgatggctgg atggatagat gtatggatac     93720
     acagacagat agacagaacg atagatagaa atcagaacaa ttgaccgaac gatacataga     93780
     atgatgaatg aatggatgga tggaactaca gtaagtgcac tgctagcatg ctaacattct     93840
     ctagctagag aaagctagtt ttatttcata ggcagcatgt tcggtcactg cagcagagaa     93900
     gtttaaaatg ttacgcgagc ctcaaactga gcagcattaa tatcagatat tgggatgaac     93960
     attttgactt ttctacttgt cctcctcaag gtccataagt gaatatacgg ctgtgatgta     94020
     cacataaaaa gagaagaaca tgtactgtct attttagttt atcattaatg caacagcgac     94080
     atctagcatt aaaaccaagc attacagcca tatgctgcaa cataatccca cagcgttctt     94140
     cttgtgtaat ctctcaccat tcaagccatc acaattgttg ttggccacgt tgaagcagga     94200
     tgtcttcatg ttggcaggca acacgttcca ccacttgtac tcatacccga ggacaggctc     94260
     cgtgccagct ggacaaggct ggcatgctac agatgccaca caatccgttt aatatcttgg     94320
     caatttattt taaaattatg tttgtgcttc tgaaataatc acggtttaaa cgtcttcagg     94380
     tgatttatta cctttgactc cgtcagagta agatccgggt gggcacggag aacaagtggc     94440
     agtgtcgttg ttataaaaac caggattaca tggtggacat ggcttgcgtt gaccagaagg     94500
     tggcagtgtt actgcatcag gagcagaatc caaacagatc tgaggttcta cccacttata     94560
     tatggcccga gtctataaga aatacaaagt ttatacattc agttatttca ttgataactt     94620
     gagtacagat gtggttgttt ggtatgtact tttaattatt tgtttacctt tccatcacta     94680
     tcacaggtgc tgtaggtctg aatgtagtct ttctcggtgc acggaggtct agttttgcac     94740
     atggcagagc cttctgctgt ttgttgtcag aaacagaaga gtgaaacatc acacacatag     94800
     cagagactga aagacaagat taataaaagg gttttgctta aaggattttt tatcatactt     94860
     ggtaaaaact tgtgttgaac tttatagcct ctaataaata tatgcaaata ttcaagcaag     94920
     caaaatgaaa tatgatttta tttagcattt atttatcatt tttctaatta caattattta     94980
     ttaaggaaga aataccataa aagtcctaag aggccactca ttaaaatatt ttttctcttg     95040
     ttttctcgtg ataacaaact agtaatttta gtaatgtcaa caaaacgtgt ttctcgtaat     95100
     catgactttt aaattcttgt gatctcaaca taacaaaaag ttgtttctag ttaccacaac     95160
     ttattttttg cttttaataa taataataat aataattatt attattatta ttattattat     95220
     tacattacct gcccaacttt ctgttatgtc aagatcacaa gcaaattaag tcgttattat     95280
     gaggaaacaa taaagaaaaa cgaaaaacat tttattgcat ggcctcttag gacttccata     95340
     aaaaaactgg taattaaata aaaataaatt taaaatgtga tcctggacca caaaaccagg     95400
     gttatgctgc acaagtatgt gtttttgcaa tatccaaaaa tgcattgtat gggtcaaatt     95460
     tatagatttt ttttttcacg caaaaataaa taaataaata aatagaatat ttagtaaaga     95520
     ttaagttcca tgaaggtatt ttgttaattt cctactctaa atatataaaa actattttat     95580
     tagttataag aatagctaca aacttgattt agactgcttt tattggaaag tcatagttgg     95640
     taagcttttg tatgatttgg aaatgttaat ttccaaaagt tgacaactct gattggtttt     95700
     gtggtccagg gtcagatata aactttgaaa aataaaattt aagtattaag tattgataga     95760
     atgacatgaa cataactcga ataaagattg aagggtagat cgatggaatg acagatggat     95820
     ggataaaatg ataaataaaa cgacagatca atggatgaaa tgatagatag atgaaaggac     95880
     agatcaatgg atgaaatgat aaacagaaca acacatggat ggatgaaatg acaaatggat     95940
     agaaggatta aaggatagac ggataaaacg atggatggat ggatgaaatg actgatggat     96000
     gaatggatgg actgatgtaa cgacagatag atggatggat ggataaaacg gcggatggat     96060
     gaaatggcaa ataatggata aaatgataga tgaatgaaat gacggacagg cgaacgaatg     96120
     gataaaacac agttggacga atggataaaa caataatacg atagatggat ggatggatgg     96180
     atggatagaa agaacaacag atagataaat aatatataga acgacagatg tctgtgtggt     96240
     tttcataagc ataaacttta tgcacttaca ggcgtagtgt gtttttgtgt tgcagggtgt     96300
     acaggagctt gccccacggc cagagtatgt gtcccgttga caggaatcac acgaggacga     96360
     gcctgggctg cgactgaaag taccaggctt acatgggaaa cactctgatg tgtacgccac     96420
     acctgaaaga gagaaaaatc accccgttgt ataaccttct atgaacattt tcagattaga     96480
     atgtagcaga atgaatagaa tgtcctcgcc ttcaatccag atgttcttca agagcacagg     96540
     tttgactgct ttagagccta gcaagattct agtagttctc cagtacagga tattagtgcc     96600
     agatttaaga ttcacctgat catatgagga agaaaacgtc aattcaattc atctgtattt     96660
     ctatagcact tttacaaatg tagactgtgt caaagcagct taacataaaa gttctagtaa     96720
     attgaaactg tcagtccagt tttcagagtt gaagttcagt ttagttcagt tcagtgtagt     96780
     ttaattttca ctgctgaaag tccaaacaca gaaagacaaa ttcatcgatg cgcagctcca     96840
     caagtcccaa accaataaag ccagtggcaa cagtgaagag aaacaaaact tcaccaattg     96900
     acaaaagtga agggcgaaaa aaacttgcag aaatgactca ataacagcac tgagaaactg     96960
     aaaataaccc tgttaaattt acaagtttaa agaaaggaat tattgcataa tgttaaaagg     97020
     caattccatt aaaaatatgt tgtgttgaac attctcttcc cactttcatt taaagaaatt     97080
     tgataaaaat gcatcagaat ttccacaaaa aaatactcaa cagcacaact gagttaagaa     97140
     aagtgcaaat catcataata caatgatttc ctgtggatta tgaataattg aaaacaatgg     97200
     aataaatgct actttagttt caggggaaat ttttttttta aatctattag ttataattag     97260
     agacagacag aatatctgag gacattttct gctaatttgc acaaaattca gtaaaaaaaa     97320
     aaacaaaaca aaaaactggt ggatttaagt ggaaaaaatt agatttatgt ggaatgattc     97380
     tttgtagtaa ataaaaactt aatatattac agtttagcca attatatttc agcaacccgg     97440
     gttgccttag tggaaaactg tgtatttgat ttattcagtc agaaaagctc tcaaagtgcg     97500
     agtctgtgac tgaaatgaga cccccggtgg acagtagcag actccgaaat gagatgcaga     97560
     ttcacagttc cacatgaggt ggttattaat tagcaaataa tataaatatt ttaggtaagc     97620
     aggtgacttt gtaatcccgt gtcctaacaa acagctatgt gacatttgca gtaataagca     97680
     atttggctgt ttgcaccaga caaaacacga ccgaaatgta aatacagcca ttcagaagca     97740
     cagaatatgc acttgctcat gaaatggtaa ggttaataat cttattaata cacattaaat     97800
     ctctttgaca ttattatttt tacatgttga atgattgata tttgttttgt aactcaagtt     97860
     acagttctaa agtttaattt caaacagttt attgtatttt caagatctga ggtgaactat     97920
     ctgctgctgc aatcagtagt atggcaataa atttcatgta aatttgcatt caaattcaca     97980
     atattagcat ttaacacaaa gtacatgagg tgtacctgag gtgatcatag ttcatcatgt     98040
     ttttactggt gagaaatagc tgtttctaaa atataatttc aggtcttggt tagggacaaa     98100
     aactcctttt agtatgaaaa atattccttt tattgcgtgc cgttgctttt agttcaaata     98160
     agcctttaga ctcgatagtc aggcacactc acataaatct ggcaacctgc acttgcatgt     98220
     tttgatccag gagtgcaaca cctagtttat ccactaggtg tcaaacttac atactgcacc     98280
     ttcagataaa caccacgcat tcatttaaaa agatttttat aaatctgaca gaatccaaac     98340
     ttttgacaac aagtatgcaa tttgcaagca tgagtgcaca caaaactaaa attatacatc     98400
     aaagaaataa gatttttttt ttacttacac tatgtgctcc ccactctcca tgattagtca     98460
     atttgatcca tttattactt gaatcctggt ccatctcttg acactgatcg ttctgaatct     98520
     gtccaaaaaa aatatgttca tttgaagggg acatattatg caaaattatt tgtatagcgc     98580
     ttttacattg tagattaggt caaagcagct tcacataaat ggtcatagta actggattag     98640
     ggtatccatt tttaaacatg atttaaattt gtctataaaa gatatatttc tgtatttctc     98700
     ggatgatggt catgctctcg atcttattgt aaattttttt tgtgttacac tgtaaatttt     98760
     tttatacaca aaaataagtt tctaaaaaca atacctgttt ttaatacttt ccttgttgaa     98820
     atttcgtata atattgaatc tcttaagctt attaataata agaaaaataa taagtttctt     98880
     aaagcttatg acaatctttt ttgttaatgt ttgaggctgt gtatttttta ttttttttct     98940
     ctctgtcttc tttcttattt tttgttattg tattttttct tcaatgcagt gatgttatta     99000
     tttttgtatt caataaaaaa aaaaaaaata gtaactggat tagggtagtt cagtttttag     99060
     tgtttaagtt cagttcagtt tagctcagtt cagtgtaatt taaaatcatt actgagagtc     99120
     caaacactga agagcaaatt catcgatgcg tagctctacc gatcctgaac catgcaagcc     99180
     agtggcgaca gcggagaggg gaaaaaaaac ttcactgatg ggagagtgaa gaaaaatagg     99240
     gaagtgaaga aaaaaatccc tttcataagg agtttaaaca gttgtgtggc cacaatctgt     99300
     gaatataacc agcttctaat ggtaaaaatg tattcatttc atttttttat aaatcacacg     99360
     tcgcagaaac actttgattg atatcacccg ttgtatgtgt catcagagga agaaagcccc     99420
     gcctattagt gaagatctct ccctcattag catagtaaat tagtcttgtt tttgaatttg     99480
     ccactatgct gacacacagg catttgtaac tccgccctct tttgaaaaag agcacaattt     99540
     tatttgaatt taaagcaacg gtccccaaaa tggcacaatt aggatcaaag cctaaaatgg     99600
     gcggttttaa agagttataa aacattatac aggtaatatt ttgagctgaa acgtcacata     99660
     cacactctag ggacatcaga gacttatttt agattgtgta aaaagaggta taacaggtcc     99720
     cctttaaagt aaacaacact gatgtagcat ttaatgcctt aaaatagctt ccgcactaaa     99780
     aacatcaaag gcataatgag atccaaactt acaaagaact caaagaagat gctgttatcc     99840
     acatactggt agtcaaagga cactgagcct ggcttcttca agtgtacagt gtagatcaga     99900
     gaaactgtac actcatccct gttggattcc agatatgagc cctgagcagc ccactttgca     99960
     ctaaaagcaa acaaatacac aagacacata aaaaaacagt ggtgactgag ctttgaattg    100020
     cataacagga taaaaataaa tgatcgcttt aatacttcta ttgtttcata tccctagaag    100080
     tgcatgtgtc atttaatctg aatgtgtgct gatttgatat taaataaata aaggcatagg    100140
     gtaaaataca gtgtttgttg caaatacttt gagggggggg gggggggggg cttgaattca    100200
     agacagtcat ttcacacatt tctgactgcc tttaaataaa tctaattctg atatcatcaa    100260
     cattgtccta tatgacttta ggattacttt agtgtttaga atttcacact gttttaaatg    100320
     cagtttcatc aatcagtgtt gaagaatttg acaacataac taaccaatta attaaaacca    100380
     actaacattc tcaacaaaat aactaaccaa ttaactgatc aatcatacaa ttaaaaatga    100440
     gaacttaaaa agggaatggt catttcagac atatctcata ggctatgtca aacttaatca    100500
     gatgtgttct ttatgattgt agtattactc tatttggtgt tgcccaaaag agccaaacct    100560
     tgttaaacaa ttcaagcaaa gcaatttgtt tgaaaaatgt aaattaattc aagtaacaaa    100620
     cttaactatt tactttataa ccaattaacc aaccaaccag caaacgaaca ctccaactaa    100680
     tttaactaat caattaatca gccaataagt caacgagtta tcctaactat acaattattc    100740
     aactaaccaa ctcaacaaag agctaactta aatatgccac taattcaact aaccaactga    100800
     actagccaac taattaacca agtagaaatc ttaactagcc aattgaacta atcacacggc    100860
     caattcaacc atccaacttt tgtccccata gacttctatt catacgcacg caaatgcgcc    100920
     agatcaaaaa tgcaagctca tgcgttaatt tcagaattcg ctgcgttaca aagttcatgc    100980
     ttggtgaact ttgacctgcg aaatcgcatc acttaactgc attggactaa ccaaggatca    101040
     acacatgacc tctctggaca gaattttaac atatggacca attttttaaa tgtctaatca    101100
     ccttgtttaa ttccacccct tttcgcagca ccgtactaca gaattttgca agctcaaact    101160
     ctagtttgac ctcagcttaa atcaaccaac caattaacaa accaggggcc tgttccatga    101220
     aactggatag gctggcaagc cagttaaact gcagtttagc ttgcatcagt cttgggtttt    101280
     aggtaacatg aaggtaggtt gactttaatc aatctttgtt gccatgatgt tattgagcag    101340
     ctgatctgag ctatactaca atacatgaaa cgcagaattt gtgcaaacta aactgaaaca    101400
     taactggcta gccagctaat ctggctttat ggtacaggca ccaggaatct taactatcca    101460
     actaatttaa ctaactgact aaactaaaca tccagctaaa gtaactatcc agctaactaa    101520
     actatccaac taatttaacc aaccactgaa ctaacattac taaccaacct accagctaac    101580
     ctgactcaaa ttatttcaca aaatttaact aaccaactaa acttacaaac taacgtaact    101640
     attcaactta actaaactat aaaacaaaaa agggtttgac acacttcatg ttatcccacc    101700
     acagattgat aaagttaaag tagattaaac ataaaacaat taggttaata atctcaagaa    101760
     ttgtgttgtt tcggctcatt ttaaatcagt agtttgtaca agcagcattt tttttttttg    101820
     agtacaacaa actgactagc ttaaccaatg aaccaactta actctccaat taatttaact    101880
     aaccaactaa cttaaccaac caaccagcta acttaaccat ccaaatcatt taacccgact    101940
     taactaacaa cgcacactaa ctagtctaac taatcagcct aactagcaaa ctgattagat    102000
     gaactagcta atcgactaat ttacaaaccc ccttaaccta ccaaccatct taaccactac    102060
     caactaaaca acttcagcct aaattagcta gctgaactaa ccaactaata agtaatcaac    102120
     cagtgttact aatcaaccaa caagataaat ttatacagac agacagacag acagacagac    102180
     agacagacag gcagacaggc agacaagcag acaggcaaac atatccacct gctgcaggag    102240
     gttgagttgt cttcattggc tgagttatca gggttggtgg ctagactgct gaatccagaa    102300
     ggaatgtcat cccactcatc aaagcgtagg ccgctgccca gagaataagt gccagcagca    102360
     cactgagtgc actcctgagc agacatctcc agaaactccc ccgccttgca ggagaatgct    102420
     gaatgacagt tcagtcaaat gccattagaa aattacactg atcaggtcct tcacaaatcc    102480
     acacatccat aatagatata gataacatga aatatgtttg cccatacaat tatctcatat    102540
     ccaggccact gatgtacacc ttaaatatat gcatttgatt tttatatgct gtcagatttt    102600
     aaagatttca taaataaata gttgctttta aaacaccatc atgcgacttt ttctatttaa    102660
     ataaataaaa acaagttggt tgtgtaatac catcatgcca gcttctttta caacttacaa    102720
     aaaataatac aaaaaaagaa aaaaaattaa caccaccatg cctattatta agtaacttta    102780
     acaccaacat gccagctttg gctatttaaa attaaataaa atcaagtttt ttatgccatg    102840
     ccaagttatt tggcttaggc tagttaaata aatatgtttg cttatgccag tatctttgat    102900
     tatttaaaaa aaacaaaaaa aacttgtaat tccatgctag cttaagttac agtatatact    102960
     ttaggtagac aggtagaaca taatattcat cctgaaaaca ggtgataagt aattgtatat    103020
     gattccagtc tgagtcaagt tgatcaacca acaataataa ttgtagtcat tctggaatac    103080
     aaaaattgtt ttaaacaaca tttaccaagc ttttcgtttt catgctgaaa ccatttccca    103140
     aaataacatt cagacatagt taatggatct attttatttg caaatatcat tttcttggct    103200
     gaagaggcag ataattgata tgtatgatat gcatgtatta atgtcctgac ctataatgaa    103260
     aaacagcacc cattttgatt tcagatttcc tttagctgct gagaactatg taaggttggg    103320
     aacggttagt aagaggccat tgcacatgtt ctgtcgaaga ggaaattcca ctatgctgat    103380
     aaggagcgta aagtatgctg ttcaaataca cacacttgcc atttaaaaat gcaccgattc    103440
     atattagtgc atgaacatcc acatcaccac acatgacagt tcatcccaaa acttctttcc    103500
     tatttacact aaacttaaac gtcccatgaa gtgctttaaa atgtgcattt ttttatgtaa    103560
     cgtttgacaa tcttaactac aacatgaaga cagggcaggt catgttgtag cccctcccct    103620
     ttttaaaaac agccaatagc agtttgtttt tatcactgct ctgcgcatct aatcaagcgc    103680
     atcaaattca aagcgtcttc aaggggcggg gcatgttaga tactagaaag catttgattg    103740
     gtcagaagat ttatttagaa actgaagtat gaggtgatca ggagacagga aaaaaacctc    103800
     cagcacaaca acaccatgtt accaacatga aaaggcatgg tttgagtagc agagctggta    103860
     cagatgtaaa gtatttggat ctttatgatc gctcgcggaa agactcagag gccttcacac    103920
     acccgacgag aaccacaatc tcgtcacacc acatctaata aagttctaaa catttggtgt    103980
     ctgtccacag catatataaa gcaatgtggc gcttcttgca tggaaggctg tttgccagat    104040
     gtttatgaaa cagccatcat tgttgtgttt agcagtacac taaagcagga cagcacattt    104100
     aaaaccctgc ctactgcagt gcgggctgtc agaatgttca gaaacagtat accatcactc    104160
     agttttttct aacttctttt tcccttaaag ggatgatcca gagtgcatct ttaatgctaa    104220
     gcaatttcat gctaagcaat gtgtgctaat gcttcatttg taaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa    104280
     aaaaaaaatt acgttatttt ttttttatat atcttactta tctgattata tacatttact    104340
     cagctaacat gaaaatgagt catatttcct ggttcctccg aaaggcccgc cctcaagagg    104400
     ctctgattgg tcagctatca tactgtgctg tgatttgtgg atcacacagc tttgtctatt    104460
     atggctggag ctgctccttt gaagagtttt tagccaaatc cagcactgaa ctgggagaga    104520
     ttctggaagc tgtcctttgt caaatgctag ctatattttt ataattctct gaactgtaaa    104580
     attaaactgt aagcacttct ctctttgtgt catgcccttt ggaagcctaa atacagaaac    104640
     agaacaagct ctgtggaaaa gcagcatttg gacgccattt tagctatcta tgagcattac    104700
     agcgcctctg gcatcgtccc tttgctgcgc ggggtgtgtg cacgtagtga atgcatttaa    104760
     cctgtagccc ttgttatctc attaacccga atgtattttt gtgtagttcc taaacttcgt    104820
     ttgctgtagg ctttgctaag ctaactccat aaaagccaat gtctctcctt gcattgaact    104880
     ttgagtgtct aacattcaga gatgtttggt ttacacagct acattacaca tcaactaaag    104940
     tttaaaatat ggtatcgtag tggaccatcc ctttaaacaa agaacttttg ctttagcatg    105000
     ctgataataa catcagtaaa tatatattat gatttcacgg gatctttaaa cctaaattag    105060
     taataacaag cacactgtgt gaacctactg cagtcggtgc ccttcacagg gtctggtaat    105120
     cctgtacatt ctcctggatt gagaggaatg gccaccctcc acctggagcc agtgctgtca    105180
     cactctgtgt actgaaagta gtagtctgtc tgcaaaaaca agcaatgcat ctaaatttaa    105240
     caaggcccct gcgtattctt agtgggtgtg gatgtgtgaa gtttgactgt aagaaatgta    105300
     aaacacatgg acatttgagt attgtgaggc tttaatgccg agaacagtaa aacaagtcgt    105360
     aacagaactc taataataca tgagtcagtc agtcatctgt cctcagtctg ctgccgccgc    105420
     accctttcct ctccagacgt cggcctcagt acacttttaa atgcaaacta taggatgttg    105480
     tctgttgtct ttcacattca tgcacttctc gtagccaaac aaaaagaaaa tgttaatttc    105540
     ttgggtgcta cattccagaa tgcaaagtta acttacagta ccatctgcta aaccttaagg    105600
     ttgattaacc ctaaatctgt ttactcaagg tacgtcagtt ccagaactgc ccctgggatt    105660
     aagttcagtc aactcgcagt atattaaccc tgaacacatt agaccctctc aataaaagaa    105720
     gaaaccatga gtcacaatgg aaacagatgc cataaaagca tgccacctct cttctttctt    105780
     gttgtgttta acggcgagtt gcgagcttat tgcaccctac tggtattgta cattattcta    105840
     taatattaaa tctttaattt tctttattat tgtgaacaag aattataaat gcttgttaga    105900
     tgctagctaa ttattaaatt gatgactaac tgatgcttgg cttaatggtg tgagacactt    105960
     tgggtccatt agtatcaatt gagcattgtg tcaacgccac agcgtacccg agtattgttg    106020
     cggaccatgt ccatcccttt atgaccacag tgtacccctc ttctgatagc tacttccagc    106080
     aggataacac accatgtcat aaagcgtgaa tcatctcaga ctggtttctt gaacatgact    106140
     attgagttca ctatacttaa atggcctcta cagtcaccag agctcaaatc aatagatcat    106200
     ctttgggatg tagtggattg ggagattcgc atcatgaatg tgcagccgac aaatctgcat    106260
     caactacatg atgatatacc acaatgaatt aagccagttc tgaaggcaaa agagggttca    106320
     acctaatatt ttcaactaca acaacaacaa caacaaatgt tcctttaatg tgaaacaatt    106380
     aaatacacaa ataaattgta cacaaataca gtacatcttc aatggctaca ataagctttc    106440
     aattattgca gatttattga ttttgctgaa atcatgttga tttttcctgt aatgtttggc    106500
     cagaaaactg ttcagtaatt tctttactgc agctcctcca gcacagactg agtgatcggg    106560
     aaggaaagaa agccatcagg aggaagctga taataaaacc cagaatgccc tgcgggtcaa    106620
     cacactgtac ggcagggcaa agacacagga taaaacaagc tctagactca gatttaacac    106680
     gcattaccac acgaaaccct agtcaaagca tgtagtaaat ccattgctat ttaacttgac    106740
     cccgattagt cgattacaaa gattcaatat tttaagactg tcaaatcttg tctaatgaga    106800
     aatcaaatgt gcacagtaaa cacaaaacgt agatgtactg tatgtaattt cctaaaacct    106860
     attaagaaac tcatattaat atatttcggc ttgttagcat tttataattg acttgttttt    106920
     ttattcccat gccattttga accaccttta aaagaacagt catctcattt tttatatatt    106980
     cctgagccaa atagatccaa ttctgcaata gacagacact gtagtcaatc ttttgcttta    107040
     tgggacacac aatgatttca cagtcacagt ttttccatgc acaaagtcca gaggaggtgc    107100
     tgagcgctca gtgaaagcca tttcagagcg gctattctta gcatcatatc accaggctct    107160
     tgagatgggc atgcagggct caccatctct gagaaaagca ccactcagca ctccactgga    107220
     acctcgttga gcccttagca tagcattaga gattaaacac acaccctggg tggattctgg    107280
     cacactattt aagagatgag aaaagcatat tttaaatggg atgcccaaca gcaatctgac    107340
     accaatcaat atacccagac aaaaagcata tcagctgcta aatcaatatg caagttggag    107400
     agcttggaaa aacatgttac aatcaaacac aaaagaatag acttgtattt aaaactgctg    107460
     ggggcctgaa taatggggta tagcaatgac aatacacgta taccaagaca tgtttagcag    107520
     aaaaggttta aattaaaatc taacaaaaca taaatattat caaatcaata ataactcatc    107580
     tgctattaaa ataataataa atcattcacc atgagatgtg atgtaccaga aggccattaa    107640
     tttgatacat catgcaaaaa tgtgaacatg gatatttaat acaagtattg tttttcttat    107700
     taaaatctta acatgtttgt gactctaaaa cagtttgaaa cagttttatt taagtcattt    107760
     atcctctaca caacatagat ttggatacat tgatttatga aaatctaatc ttcagcgata    107820
     agctccatat atccaaaagt gactatgatt taaactcttt gagaagactc ttgcagtacc    107880
     gtcttttatc aaaagatgtt tagaagttct ccagagagat ttcgttttaa atgacaaagg    107940
     gatacagcac acaaatagca actaaatata ttaatattcc tattaaagaa ttcttcttaa    108000
     ttcagacaca tacaagaaaa aggactaact taatttaatt gaaggcaggg tttccatcca    108060
     attcatacaa tatatatttt tcatttaaat taaacctttt tattttgcta aaagtaaaat    108120
     atttaatcta ataataatta tttttttaaa aaccgcaact tattggtaca ctcttataat    108180
     atgtttttaa aggtgtcagt ggtttcaaat aaaaagtatt ttgggtatat aagtttatat    108240
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    108300
     aaattcttca ataaaaacat tttttaacta ctagaactaa aaggtcataa tctaaagaac    108360
     catttaccac agtaaagtag tttttgtaga aataaattgt aaacttcttg atgctctctt    108420
     aaaaatataa ttaaaaaaag tgttagtgat ttcatacaag aaccattttt acttactttt    108480
     aaataaagca aaaaacccat tatatttttt tacacaccat ttaatttcaa aaccagcagg    108540
     tcaacctaaa gaaccatttt ctatgtaaac taccttttgt agaattaaat tgtaaacttg    108600
     taaactcaat tttctcttaa aatatatttt ttaaagtaag tggttttata agaaactttt    108660
     ttgttcctcg aagaactatt ttcttaaaaa atatattaat aataaatcta aaaataggct    108720
     cttcaataaa gttttacata cttttaaatt aaccaaaaat gtcatataaa atgttttaca    108780
     tagcctagaa ttaaatgtca aaaccaaaat gtcaatctaa agaaccattt tcgctgtatc    108840
     tttgtagaat taaatggtaa acttcttgat gtactcttaa aatatactca aaaggtgttt    108900
     gtgatttcat ataagaacct tttttgttac tcaaagaacc attttctcaa aagaaatacc    108960
     taaaattaag ttcttcacat ttttacatac tattaaataa accaaaaacg tcactgtaaa    109020
     atgtttttac ataatattaa atgtcaaacc caaaatgtaa atctaaagaa ccattttcca    109080
     ctataaacta cattttgttt aattaaattc catgtatggc aaatattagt tattggacca    109140
     taacttattg aggtgaagtt ggttttatat tcggacatta gttcatttta gacaacttgt    109200
     gacacgctcg ctatatttta caggctattc tgaatattgg gtctaaaata gtataagtac    109260
     gacttcaaaa cattagcaca attaattgac tgttgtactt tgatagtcat tggctgataa    109320
     taagatttga ccatttagaa tagttttctg aaattatatt atgaaggaaa aagtccaaat    109380
     gtgcgaatat aaacccaaat tttcctcaat tcatagtttg accctctatg gttaagtgat    109440
     cacctggcgc acctgttact ttggatatta tgagtgtcag cacgtgtcag caaccagatt    109500
     gaccccaaaa gtacaaataa acgcatgtca aacaactcag accctttaaa cacagaaacg    109560
     tgtgcaaaaa cagttataca aactgaatga gtgaatcaaa cacaatgaac gtcaacaata    109620
     aacgcagcag caggaatgat ctctcacctc tttacactga cgcaggttaa ccgaagacgc    109680
     cacgaacgcg ttcaggatga aaacccaaaa tatccatcct aaacaattcc gtataaaacg    109740
     ctctctgtgg cggacgatga tgctcctcgt gcgctccatt gcttgccgaa cggattaacg    109800
     ggaccgtccc atcaaatcag agagcgacgt caacacggaa cgtcatctga cggagcctgt    109860
     ttgaaggctt agaaaatacg tcacagctgt tttacccaaa acatgaccaa aggagtagca    109920
     taacaataaa agccttcata tcttcagcag atttaatagc ttactttaag tgggtgatca    109980
     ttaaataaat tgcatgactc aaacgcactg atatgcacag tatgtcatga taaattagtg    110040
     tagcacaaaa caattacagg atattgcttt tgcattcaat taaaaaaata gaaaggggtt    110100
     gcaaatgtta atcatctaca caccactaga tgtcagtcgt tacagagaaa tatgaaggaa    110160
     tatcaataat taattgttaa taattaaata atatcctaaa atcttttaaa tcatttaata    110220
     aatattatgc atattcccaa aaaatatgcc atgagaaata aacatatgac ataaacctaa    110280
     aattaaacaa tttcaattaa aaaaaaaaaa actaaaatca cagtgaaaac ttaacatgta    110340
     attttaatca catagtgaaa acttgaagtg tttattttaa aacttaaaaa taattaatat    110400
     gctacattct ttctaacccc caaataaata ttatgcattg tttccattac atgaaatgcc    110460
     ataagaaata aacatatgat ataaagctaa aattaaatca ttccataaaa aagtgctggc    110520
     gttacaaagt ggaaacttaa aatgtaatta tttcaaaact tttacaatta caataattat    110580
     tgcaaaacgt aaaatatatt aatatcttac attctttcca aactttaaat aaatattatt    110640
     tgccttcaga aataaacata atataatata aacctcaaat taaatcattt ctatttaaaa    110700
     ggttaaaatc acagtggaaa cttaaattgt aattaattta aagcttaata atgattaata    110760
     tcctaaatcc tttctaatcc ttaaataaat acaaaacata ggaaataaac atatgatata    110820
     aagctaaaat taaacaattt catataaaag tgctgcaatc acaaaatcag aacttaaaat    110880
     gtaatcattt caaaacttaa aaaataataa atatcctaaa ttctttctaa tcctgaaata    110940
     ttatattcca taggaaatta acatcatata aaaacatcat ataaatctaa aattaaacaa    111000
     tttctatata aaaagctaaa actcacagtg aaatcttaaa atgtatttat ttcaaaactt    111060
     aaaaatgata attatcctaa attatttcta tacttcaata ttatgcatat tattcccatt    111120
     aaaatatttg ccataagaaa tgaacatatg atataagcct attttatata aaaatgctac    111180
     aatcacataa aagaaaatca aaatgtaatt attacaaaac gtaaccatta tgaatatgct    111240
     aaatactttc tatcccttaa atgaatagta tgcatattat ttacataaac atatatgcca    111300
     taagaaataa acatatgata tcaacctaaa attaaatatt caaaattaat tataaaatga    111360
     agtggaaact taaaatctaa taatatcagc ataaaaatgc taagcttgta tggtgaaaac    111420
     ttaaaatcaa tgtctaattt cagcacataa atgttcgctt ttacttagat attcattaac    111480
     aaaaattatt tgtgaatcat tcggtcacaa ggcatgtata aatcagacta ttgcaaattt    111540
     ggtttaattg gtcaatgttt tttcttattt attttaattc ttaaaaactc atttgcaaac    111600
     tcaggcccat cacaatagtc acaaatagcc ctcattaaac agaacttcag tttcacatag    111660
     attttattta ttaacaggat ttagatattt ggcaccagca ttgttcatag aacaaaactc    111720
     acaatataat ttaatacaac caaacattga aataggctac atttgcatgt caaaaaataa    111780
     tgcacaaaaa gtatttagca cataaacatt gatatttaga aaattacaac aatgacaaat    111840
     gtacatcgtc taaatatcaa tgaaaaaaaa ctaaaagatt tgaacaaaca aaacatttgt    111900
     aaaatcattt tattcttgtg agatttgctt atttaaagtg gtctgctgga ataattttat    111960
     ctgccgacat catggaagta cagattggca cataaacaga gaaggacaac gagacctgtg    112020
     gaataataaa tcagaccacg gaactttgga tccaggtcac cttgacgata ccagaatatc    112080
     tgcaacaaac agagaagcca tcttttctga tcagatcaac aacagttttt catgaacgac    112140
     acagaaaaca gttagactaa aaacagacac taacagacac taaaaaacag ttaggagaac    112200
     taaccagcac caatacagag gagcagatca ttatgatgca gaccacaaag aagatgttta    112260
     aagctattgg aggaggtgta ggaaagacga acgaactgat gacagttacc tgtaaaggaa    112320
     atatgtttat tttaaaaatc tattctgatt tcaggtacaa ctttcatcaa tttggatttt    112380
     tagtaatagt aaagtcatat ttaaatacac tgtaaaaccc gacagtcaac tttatcaaat    112440
     gaaatgtgta gatacctgaa aattgactaa aagttaattc aactcatttg aaaagagttt    112500
     tgaaatcagt gttgaaggta atgagttaat taaacacctc atagggtcag acagaatttg    112560
     cggatgtttt ttgttatttc tgctgagaat tttggaaaaa gtctgcagat ttctgcggaa    112620
     atattttggg agtatcataa ctaaaccctt aatatatgaa ataaaaataa tatcttttta    112680
     acttttattt aatgtttaaa atgcatatcc aattagattc acttaatttg gtaaataaag    112740
     caagtttgtt atatattatt tctagtaaaa gacagaaata ttactgtaca aactgcattg    112800
     tacataaatc agatgaacat tttcacatta gtcaataata ttactgaaat taattaaaaa    112860
     actgaataaa tatagattta cacacagtta ctcaagtaaa taaacagaat taattatggg    112920
     ctaaaaatct gcagaaaatc tgcggaattc tgcgcgccca gattccgggt gggcctactc    112980
     attacttcaa cttaaatgga gtaagttcac catactcgta tagattactt tttgaaccca    113040
     tggtttgttg caattggttt tctcaaacag tttgagttgc cttaacttat tgggttttac    113100
     agtactcaaa ttgcttcctt tattcaaatg gaataagttt tttctttttg tgattttaca    113160
     ttggtttata ttttatataa aactatattt tatatatatt tataaaaatt acaaagctta    113220
     tttattatgt tagggctttg tcaaaataaa acttactctg cactattaga atgattaaaa    113280
     taaacaatga tcatattatt aggctactat attttattaa aaatattatt gctgacaaat    113340
     ggatataatt attagaaagt agcagcaaag tactgtatac ctatttaaaa tgaataaatg    113400
     atattacata atgatttagt attttgaggt tgcactgtga tcacttaaat attttttact    113460
     tgtcttcaaa tgattgcctg ttgttttttg aggtacataa aatacactac actgaatgac    113520
     attttgtttg atatcctcag taaatcatag taaaataaaa caaattaaaa atttatatat    113580
     attaggctta gtaaaaaagc aaatatatag ggagcacatt ataaagctgt gttttatttg    113640
     atgcttgaaa actcattttt gtctttagtc ctgaacaaca aacgtctatg caacatcctc    113700
     ctttatacgt caagccaaaa tttgaatgtg gtgaatagta gatactcaca aggaccaaca    113760
     aagatgtgag tccaccaatt gccaggttag caattgtttg ctgaaagaga ataaaaacat    113820
     ttaagacaat tttatttcat tcaaactatc catatttcca aacttacatg ctacattact    113880
     tttcttaaaa aataaaataa ataaaaagtt tgctccatta aatacagttg aggtcaaaac    113940
     tgttagccct cctgtgtttt tcattctttt taaaatattt cataaatgat gtttaacaga    114000
     tcaaggaatt tttcccagta attcctataa aaaaatttct tcaggaaaac gtcctatttg    114060
     ttttatttag gcaagaataa aagtagtttt caatttttta aaaccatttt aaggtcaata    114120
     ttattagcac cttaagcaat atttttattg tctaaaaaac aaaccatcat tatgcaatga    114180
     cttccctaat aaaccctaac ttgcaaagtt aactataagc ttttaaatgt cactttaagc    114240
     tacacatatc ttgaaaaaca tctagtataa tataatgtgc tgtcatcatg gcaaagataa    114300
     aataaatgag ttattaaaac taatatgttt agaaatgtgt tggaaaaaaa gtcttaacag    114360
     aagatgggga aaatatctga cttcaagtgt atttatctgg aacctttagc cgatatttaa    114420
     agcactagaa aatataaaca aaattatatc ttaaatataa tcacagacgt tgtaataaaa    114480
     ccaaaaagga cttttaaaat ctgctctcac ccgtgtgaaa gtctctccga gcagcgtgtt    114540
     gtgtgtccca ctggagcgcg tcctgaaatc atccatgttt ctggattaag gtaaagttgg    114600
     ttttatattt cacacattca gactttatcc ttaataatat atatttttaa aaggtgaact    114660
     catattagca gccaacgact atcaaagtag ctataacacc gtaaacggtt aattattaaa    114720
     tagcgctgtt gttttccaag tgagatttcc gacccaacat ataaagtacc atggtaaacg    114780
     ataaagggag tgtgtcacaa gctgtcaccg aacgaatgtg cgaatataaa accagcttta    114840
     cctcaatggt ctgagagggg ttttggtcat gaggagcgga tcatcaacgc ctcctgcact    114900
     catgatcatc tctgaaagga ctttctcatt cctccacatg cgtaaagcaa ctctcatgcc    114960
     tctggccgaa acacagctct cacaagcaca aagggggtat ttttacagtg tttattttat    115020
     aatctacaga aacgcatgaa aactgtcacg gtcaagaagt tatattaaag aaagctaact    115080
     gctaagctaa cattatttca ttaacaatgg aattaatagt ttatcccgaa ctcaaatgat    115140
     taaaatgcag ctagaagtgt tctgaaacta attatttcga ttgccccctg gtggctgtag    115200
     gtcgttaaat aaagcgctct gcataatgct acttcaagca atcttaaaga tggtttcgta    115260
     gtttgtttat tatcgttatc attaagttca agtatctgta tctatttgtt ttaagttata    115320
     tacatgatta ggctatatta atataggatt cagccgaatt tagatggcca tgctccagct    115380
     catgatcact aactcaggct ccaaatgacg tcatccgcgc aatatgtccg caaaaaccca    115440
     ggaaattttg gcttcaccct tctccagaga tataaagtgt acagcgttgt tgttgttttt    115500
     cttctcttac aaagtcagct acaaatatat gtgtttcccc atgttttcaa ttttaatatt    115560
     caagtacaag taattgttca gacagtgaga agtgactatt agaaaagcat tgtcatgagg    115620
     catttgagat tactggatca taatgattta aaatcaattt accaagttca atttcacttt    115680
     gttttgttaa taaaaatcat tgtaaaatga ttgtttaaga caatgtaacc attttaaacg    115740
     attacagaat tagcctaaaa tgtcttcaac tacagctcaa taaggattca gtttttgaat    115800
     cttcaagcac cattgaaaaa tcaagtaatt taattcaaat tttatcatat tgtactttta    115860
     gtttcacctt atattaacat ttttccattc atagaaaatt ttcattattg cataaacaaa    115920
     taaagcacaa tattatgtca tttgatcatg tctctgtttt gaaatttaaa atgtcaaatg    115980
     gcttaagtag agaagaccta agagccgttg gattatactt attttaaaat tgtcatttta    116040
     ttatgttgca attatgacaa aacctggggc ctttactatg aagtcaggtt agctagccac    116100
     caatgaggta tatgcacttg gacttttaat ttcaatcagc cagccccagg gcttccagtg    116160
     aattgtcatc ccatacaaaa tagctgcgtt taagatcgga ttttcttaaa aaacaaaaac    116220
     aaaaaaaaaa acagccaatt tcactgcctg gctgagatac gatataaagt gggtttcaga    116280
     ccaaacaaga agcactgcat taaattatgt ttcaccgcgc catgtcttca aaatatggaa    116340
     atttatttta ccccggtagt ttcaatggag tttaaactat cttacgtctc tttttacgct    116400
     ttaacaacca aatgaatgcc taagtctatt taactgatta tatttgaact acatcacagc    116460
     atcgatgctg ttaaaggaac cttaaaagtc acattaagct ttcaccaata gtgcataatt    116520
     ggctgaaaac actagctgtg tatatagccc attctggttt taaggtgcca tgaactaagc    116580
     tcaggtcatc tgctcggcaa catagagtga ttaaagtcaa gctgccttca tgatacctaa    116640
     agcccaagac tggtgctgaa cttaactggc tagccggtta atccagcttc atggtacaga    116700
     cccttgtcga gagtaaaata aaacaaacaa aaattgttat tgtgagtttt tttttttcat    116760
     tttatacggt ttcttttaca gcatcgatgt tgtaatgtaa ttacaataca atcagttaaa    116820
     cagactttgg catttattta gttgctcaag cgtaaaacga cacaaaaagc catttactcg    116880
     cacgcgcccg tcaggatcgg caggctagcg cagaagcttc attgaatata gtggggtata    116940
     ataaatgctc attttgtaga catggcgagg aaaatgtaat tcaatgaatc ttgtacaatc    117000
     cgagacccac tttatttcag atatcactca gccagtggag atcgctgatt tttaaagaaa    117060
     aaagacctta aacgcgccga ttttgcattg ccatacagtt caccggaagc gcttaaccca    117120
     ggctactggc aaattaaaag tcctattagc atgcttcggc atatgctgta ccctatagga    117180
     ttttaaaata tcatatccat taaactatac agaacaaaaa catagaaata tgtaatacaa    117240
     aaggagtctc acctaacttg tattcaccat atcttctagc taaaaacatt acagttagga    117300
     tttaacagtg atattaacaa catgaaaaat atattaaata tttaattcag attggtgaag    117360
     aatataaact atattaaaaa tgcatcattg aaaacctgaa caagcatttg ggtggttgtt    117420
     cttttgagga aaacaatgca ttcagatgaa caaactagat attaaacatc atttcaagta    117480
     tttgtgtgta tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatata atatgattta    117540
     ctactgtatt acccaaagat ctgctagaca ttttaaatgt gtaaatgctt taagtgctta    117600
     tcatgtatct catatataca cacatacaaa cacccacaca cacacataac aaaacattgg    117660
     agcacccaag gagctgtagt gcaataaacc aaactggtca ggcagattgt aaagggtact    117720
     tcacatcctc aacagattgt ttgcagtgtt tcacagtctt ccatccctcc agcagcatga    117780
     tctcagagag aaaaaaaact cttttcactc ttcttctgga ctagctgtga atattttttg    117840
     gcagaaaaaa aaaacagatt tgatgtagtc aacagattga agccaaatac atgagaatgt    117900
     ctatataaaa ccaggcactt tagataactt ctgatgatta aggaaacagg agatgaccag    117960
     tcacattttg gccttcaatg gcactatatt gagagactgc acaaagttgt ccagggtgga    118020
     gaggtattcc tgaggatgtg tgcgcagatg acctgcatga atggactctt tccacttctt    118080
     gctctcgaca gtcaaacctc ggcttctcca gagctccacc accttctcca aactcttgta    118140
     atcacacagt gcatcgttct cagagtagaa gaaaagtgac ggtgcattta caggagtgtt    118200
     ccagaagaca tcgatcgcag agttgaagta gtcgaccgtc tgatgtttaa acgcacggaa    118260
     gtacagaagg ctaacagccc tcaccagact ttccatccgt ggcatcatgg ttttaccaag    118320
     acctgaacaa caaacgaaac aatcaaaata attcaaatga aagttaatca ggtcaacatt    118380
     tcaagacata gtggggaaaa caagtattga acatagggct gtgcaaaaat attgaaatat    118440
     ctaactatcg atatatctat ctatcgataa tttatttcac gatagtgtat cgatagtcca    118500
     acctgaagta tcaactcatg ttgtgccaaa caacctcctc ctttgctcca gtagatgtcg    118560
     ctaactcgct attaacaaaa cgctaaaggc tgatttatac ttctgcgtca aacgctggcg    118620
     tatgtacagt atgtacgtcg gcgtagctga cgtgcacctc tcaaaaaatg taactacaca    118680
     tcacaacgac gcgtagcgca agctctgtga ttggtcggct tggtagcgct gacgagtctg    118740
     ggcggggccg agagccgcgt taaaggtgcg agcctaatgg agtgattgtt tacaagtgtg    118800
     gagtgccgtg aaggagctcc ggatggaaag ttttgttttg tgtttacctt atagttaaag    118860
     ttgttgcacg tccgccagac agagacagcg cgcagaagta taaatgcaca gctacgcacg    118920
     ttgcatgcgc cgtgggttac gccggtcact tgacgcagaa gtataaacca ggcttgagta    118980
     gtatggtatc agcagtaagc aatgtgagca tagtggaaaa tataaaggag cctccagctt    119040
     ttagagctga cgtgtggctg cactatggct ttaacactat accagagtac tgaattagac    119100
     aaaaaatgcc atttgcaagc tttgcaaatc tatcttaaaa tatttgggaa acactacgaa    119160
     cttgtgttat cacttaacaa gacacgacgc agatgactta gcagcactgt ggcctcaact    119220
     gaaacctctt gattcaaggc aaactacact ggataacatc atcaacaagc ttctgtttgc    119280
     cttaactaac atagcagagt tactgaaaac tgcataggaa gaatgggaca tcaattggaa    119340
     ttacctgtcg ttgtaacaga caacgcgtca aacatgacca tggcagcaaa gctggccagc    119400
     atgtggcatg taaaatgttt cgtgcaagcc atcaatttat ctatgtgcga ccagttttca    119460
     cagcaaaatg ttcacgatgc tgtcagtcgc actgtcagtt tctaatagcc tagtttactg    119520
     catattagag cactgtgttc cagttttaag tttacttgat gcgttttaat tttttttaac    119580
     ttgcttaata aattgtttat ttaatttata tgtgacttta gtggcatatt catttagttc    119640
     agtgttaaat aacaatatgc atttaataca gttcagtgag ttctctgttc gataacactg    119700
     tgcagttcta atgaattgaa atggatagaa aataaattgg aattggaatt ttatttgtct    119760
     gctgacttca ttgtatcgtg acccatgtat cgcccttgcc aatacacagc cctacacgta    119820
     ttttttttac agctttaaca tttgacagtt aaaaattaag agttccagca cattacttag    119880
     ataatacaca agcattctga gcacacacag aaagaaaact gtaaataaac actgtacata    119940
     ccaatggcca tatgttccag tgaccctatg accaagctgt cgtagatgtg acccctgatc    120000
     ctgtttgtca ggctctgata acgctgggtg tctttggcca catgaacaag aacctgagta    120060
     aatgtatatc cccctataga gaaagcatgg accagtaggg ggcgttgtga gaagcgctcg    120120
     ctctctaaca agtccagcaa atggccacca aaatccaaac cccagcgggg ccacaaaaac    120180
     tggctcacct cgctttctac aacaagcaca tcaaaacccg tgcgaaagta aatctcacag    120240
     tatttggcaa tggcctgagg tctggagccc aaccaaggca gcaaaatcaa tacaggtttt    120300
     gggtgaccag gtgaaaagtt acccgtagga gtcccagaca ggagggtgat gtgtttactg    120360
     atcttgttcg cagtgacccc agccatagcg atcgctctgg aaagcatgac agcaggtgag    120420
     ctataaaaaa agcacagtgg gaaaaatagt ggttaatacg tcaaaggcac agctggttta    120480
     gacttactct ggtgtctgtc ggtggccaag aaatctgctc aatgctgctt gaactctggc    120540
     aatctggcgc ttgcagaaat atctaacctt ctggactatt gacatgctgt attgcttttg    120600
     aattcgggta aattaatctg atcagaatta aaaggcgtgt ttctcagctc cgctcctgtg    120660
     aaactgcaca tttcagatct ctttatatct gaatgactca gttcaggccg tggtgaagca    120720
     actccgtctt gacaaacaca tattttagtg ttgcaccatt aaatttgatc aagctataat    120780
     gcaatatttc attttttaaa aagcctaaag tctctgaaca gaagagattg ttggaataca    120840
     gcagacacca ttgcacaagt ggtgtgttat gaaataagtc tgaagcaaaa tttactcttc    120900
     tcattttaaa tgtttaattt agtagaaatc tttaaaaaga tgtatctgtg cacttctgtg    120960
     aaaatagatt taatcctaat ctttttttag gggcttttca cctttattga taggacagtg    121020
     aagttaagac gggaaagcat tgggagcaaa cagagaagag agaaatcgag ctggaaattg    121080
     aactcgggct gctgtgagct agagctgaac gattcatcgg aaaaaagatt gtgatctcga    121140
     tttgacccct gaacgacctt aatccagcat ctccccaatt ctgtcaatta tattttcaag    121200
     ttcggaaaaa gcataaatgt ggttgcaagt cttaactaac agtagaccta cacataggca    121260
     tgggccggta taagattctg atggtttgat aaccttggat aaaaatataa aaaacagggt    121320
     ttctgcaggt ttcatcatgt caaattaaaa ctttttaaga ccgttttaag accattatca    121380
     atgaaatttc caaccatcac agggcaaaaa tgctaataat tttctgtaat taccagtgga    121440
     ttttttttac ttgcccaatt aaaattaaaa tttggttgtt ttttttaacc gcatatttta    121500
     aataatgttt caaaacaagc aaactctagt taaatatata catttttatt agcacctttc    121560
     tcatacgcta tggccaattt agttaatcca atttacctat agcatgtctt tggactgtgg    121620
     gggaaagcga agcacccaga gcaaacccac acaaacacgg ggagaacatg caaactccag    121680
     caaccttcta gctctgaggt gacagtgcta accacttttt attaattaaa gtttttattt    121740
     tgctttgcac tataattatt aaaaatgttc tgcatcatca cgtctacaat ggtttaattt    121800
     atttgtttac atttttgagg aaaaagactt ttgtctatgt gaaatgtaag atttttcaac    121860
     aacgcgttta caaatttgag gacttatttt tggatcagag gaaaacaatc cattcagatg    121920
     tacttttacg tagggcttac aacctgatag tcgagtctta tctttcaaac taacagtgca    121980
     accaaatcaa aaagttgaag agctagtata accagttgaa tacaaataca aaccacttag    122040
     aaaacacttc atttccaata taaccaagaa acctttaata agaccaattg ttgtcctgca    122100
     ttaatcaagt aataaaaaaa tctaataatt tgcttgcctt gcaccttttt tagcatgttt    122160
     gttttataat tgaagatatt atgactgcag ctgactgaaa taaacccaaa gtggcccttt    122220
     aattgctgtc tcactgtctc actaactctg tgtcaaagac tttgcaattt tcttcttatc    122280
     aaaaaggatt tgtgtcacag aggacagata aaatatacta ggttgggcac ctccagaggc    122340
     aggattgaga aatacagaca aatgctatct aagatataca gataaatgca tgtcatctag    122400
     tggatgttct ctattatgtt atctaaggtc aaagaacata cacttctaca tttgtaaaca    122460
     aacacacgtg gataatgatg cagtggtgtg tttgttcaat gatgcaacca ctatcaatct    122520
     agcactgcac tctcagtgta tgtgagagca aaacgtatat ttacaaattt ctcacattct    122580
     ctcacaaagc tgatttacaa ttcttgagtt attgatagtt tccattccag ctctagattt    122640
     gtgtcgcttc agtattatac actttatatt aatttgtagt gctgattatc tttccttttc    122700
     agcacattaa aagttattta attctggtga gcagacaaag ccagtcaatt gaaatcctgt    122760
     ttaggattct gctaggagag ctttcacact aaagaatcta ttgcttccaa agtatagcaa    122820
     ccagccaagg gcaagcatca ttataaaact tgctaacgat gtggtggtaa aacattacag    122880
     aaatatatac tagatatctc atacggaccc taagcatgcg tcaatactgc caccagattt    122940
     gttcagtgct cccacaaatg tcactcaacc gcactagtca agactaaagc caatctgaat    123000
     atgctagact tctgcactgc gtacaggtgt agtgacgagc aaataaagca aaatggcaga    123060
     acatttcata ggttagattt tgttttttaa gtttttgtat gttacgaact tttgtacaaa    123120
     agtctaagtg aattaacagc tagtttttta agtaacttat gagggtggct gataacataa    123180
     cagtacttac acctcaattt agatactttc catactaaat tactaaatat tacaaatgtt    123240
     ataccattta gatcaggggt ggccaatcct gttcctggag agccaccttc ctgcagattt    123300
     cagttgcaac ccatatcaaa cacacctgcc tgtaattatc acgtggtgtt caggccctaa    123360
     taattggttc aggtgtgctt gatataggta gcaactgaaa tctgcaggaa ggtagctctc    123420
     taggaacagg attggccacc cctgatttag atcacaaagg tggatatgca cactgagacg    123480
     catggaactc acgcgagtcg ttcataacag agattcattc tcaaactaac tgctctcagt    123540
     tagaattaga agtgaataga aggctgctgg ttcgagtctc ggcagggtca gttggcattt    123600
     ctgtgtggag tatgcatggt ctccctgtgt tggcgtaggt ttcctccagg tgctctggtg    123660
     tttcccacag tccaaagaca ttcgctatag gtgaattgga tacactaaat tggccatagt    123720
     ggatgtgtgt gaatgagtgt gtatggatgt ttcctaattc tgggttgcag ctggaagggc    123780
     atccacagtg taaaacgtgc tggatacgtt gtatttcatt ccgctgtggt gactgtaaaa    123840
     attattacgt tattattatt atttctatat tttataaggg attattttat tgctttatga    123900
     tgattgctaa gtgattataa atataaagag cagtgcaaat tcatttgact tgtaaacttg    123960
     actcattagt caataataaa tattaaaaaa tatgttttgt gttattgtga catgtttctg    124020
     tccgatatta catgtctctt gcatactgcc tctataaata aaagttattt tttaaggata    124080
     tgacatgtgg cccttcactt ggtttgcaaa acttactgtg gccctcaggt ctataaagtt    124140
     tgcccaccac tggactaggc caaagaaaaa tgaatgaaag aatcgttatt gtgtattata    124200
     ccaaaaaatg caattagaaa cagcaactag cctaaagttc cataagattt atttgactaa    124260
     ttcattatgt cttgcttgtg tcattccata tgttaagatt atgtggccat attcaaaaca    124320
     ttcattgccg taaagttggt tttatattcg gacattcatt catttttgaa cagtgacaac    124380
     ttgtaacact gtcattatta acgctgtttt taaaattggg tctaaaatag atgccagtgt    124440
     gacttcaaaa caacattagc actatttgat tgactgtgaa cagtgttgta ctttgacagt    124500
     cactgactgc taatatgatt tacctattca gagtttacaa agaatacttt tctaaaatat    124560
     tattaagaag aaatcttaat attattaaga agaaatgtac actaaaacca actttacctc    124620
     aatatgcaat tcaaggtcaa atatgctact cgtgttttca ataacaaaac ccaggtctaa    124680
     taataaaatc agatctcctg gtctgatcat ccccattgtc tagtgatgat gatttcatgt    124740
     gatgctgcat aatatcatgt taaataacgc ccatgcattt atttaattta actatgctat    124800
     cattagccgc aatagcgcaa ctgtcttaac tgtttcaact gtctaatgac acaaatatat    124860
     ttggaagcta aatcttgtac tttgctccac attataatta catattcagt catgattagc    124920
     agcttcgagc agtttagaag agcagtttgt tacgttactt gtcaaaactg ttaacgttag    124980
     ctgtcaagtt agcaacgcca aactaaaagg ggaaaacaca atgattcgct tcgctacttg    125040
     ttagcccaaa tgtaaaagtt tactcgttta acacaattat cctccaaaac acgccagtaa    125100
     cacagatatc gatttgttct tacctgctgc tagctacaaa ctcgcaaact gtggttgatg    125160
     ctgacgtgca cgagcacctg tgaatcggcg acgcgctgcg cgtgacacct gcatgcacgc    125220
     tagcatgtaa gcgagcaaat aattacgaaa ataatataca ttttcgttta tttcttcgtc    125280
     ctgacaaagg gctgcagtta attaactaac taaataaatt ataatgcata gatagcgcat    125340
     taagatcagt ttattattta ataatctacg aaataggcac atatgtgcaa tattatgtgt    125400
     caccagctag tggagtacga gcactgtggt ttttcatcaa gcgcattaaa aaattaataa    125460
     aacttcagga aagttcgaat catttccctg aaacaattcc tgtggtcagt tcaattttgt    125520
     catttcattt ttccagttat ttttgtcatc aggcaagtct acactatttt tacagtgtta    125580
     aatttgtttt tttaatcgac cctcccttta tcgtttacag tacattacag ttccacaatc    125640
     atttttttgt tattataagg gaatatgtct tgacaatcca cacagacgtg acttagtaaa    125700
     gcgtgaagtc atgtagcata gtctgaatgt aaatcccctt gtcaggcagc gctggagcag    125760
     cgcgagagag tggatcaaag cgtgtttgat gcaaaggtat taacaaaaga aaaatacaca    125820
     acttaactta tttgttgtat ttgcaccagt tctgcgatgc atgcccacaa cttcatgcat    125880
     tgggttaaat taacctgtct agtctctgtg ttcagtccgt ctaccatgat tgaaacccag    125940
     ataggcagat caggcaaagt aacacagaga gtgtatggag acagattaga ctcaatcagg    126000
     gctggactgg ggcaaaaaat cggccctggc attttgggcc agagcggccc actacattca    126060
     atcaaaatgc tatctatcta tgcacgttca acattttaat caactcatga tttataaaac    126120
     acaaaagcca tatatatgaa ataaataaat aaatacaaac tttaatctca atttaatttc    126180
     tgtatactgt ccataaagat atttgttgag ttctaaaaaa tacactattc gttcatttat    126240
     ttttcttcgc attagtccct tatttatcag gggttgccgc agtggaatga actgccaact    126300
     attccagcga cttttatgca gcagatgcct ttccagcccc aacccaatat tgcaaatcac    126360
     ccatacacac tcattcacac acactcatac actacagcca atttagctta ttcaatacac    126420
     tattcactca gcctatattc aataataaac ataccaaaaa ccgcctgctt atgcatgggt    126480
     aaatcttcaa agggaacagt gtactttata acctcattca cctcatcctg cttgctgttt    126540
     cactatctaa acaataaaaa cataatataa ggaaatttgt tacattttga tattatgatt    126600
     aacagacacc aaacagcctg tagcgtgtag ctacacattt atatgagcgt catcttcact    126660
     ctgcatatta ataactaaac agggcttaaa tttaactgcc tccattcatt ttctttgaaa    126720
     ataacaaact ttactccgtc tcttttgcag aatatcagtt ttaataatca ataatggcca    126780
     ttatgacagt ataacgtaca atacatttat ttgataaagg taagcaatca gtcagggtgc    126840
     agaatcagtg tatgtggtta cataaatgaa tatattagct tatctttgca ctcagccaaa    126900
     acaacaagat gaattcaata tcacgtttaa caactatagt gagatcagat ccagcagatg    126960
     aactgtctga catgcactat actctcacct ggggtttatg ctcacccgct gaactacagg    127020
     ctgaaggtct gggcagagag tgtgtggtca cgtgatttgc gtttttagcc gtgtactaga    127080
     atgaacggag aacttttcag aatcactaaa tgaaacgccg gtgtatttcc cgcgatttct    127140
     ctgcacctcc cttgcgtttt ttctctctga ctctcgacta ttttgacaaa tacacacaga    127200
     cgacgcacgc tcacacggag tccaaaatag gagtttgtga tttggccagc ccaatgtcaa    127260
     taccgaaaag agccaatggg ctgcagagtg tcacatgggc cagcccggtc tgtctgtccg    127320
     gaaaaaaaag catcttactt tcagagagtc acagatcaca gcagcgtcaa ttaataaggc    127380
     agaaaaaaaa cgataggctg caaagccttt tatgggccga tcagatcaca agacgatgat    127440
     cagcccggcc taaaaagtac atcggcccac cggaaatgtg cccggtctgc cagatggcca    127500
     ttccgcccct gtctgtagta caagtaattg tgtgtaaaca actaagaaaa actgtgattc    127560
     attttcataa aaaattttac tttcagaatt ctcccagcag gctcaggaca tcaacagact    127620
     aacacacccc agcactgtgc gacattgcat attgtttgga aatgaatatt gggttgacat    127680
     caactcggac ttcaacttcg ggcccctgcc cctcaaaggt ctctgcacac cactgcttga    127740
     aacctgcagg taaatgtata gaaggaggtt tgggactata ctatgcaggg ctctccagga    127800
     gatgagtttg actcattttt ttattatctt taaaaatgaa tatgccatct taaaatgaaa    127860
     atgccccctc ttttgcacaa cttcaacttt gcatacaaac ccatccaccg cactccccct    127920
     tcctccgatc ttcaactttg catacaaacc catccaccgc actccccctt cctccgatct    127980
     tcaactttgc atacaaaccc atccaccgca gtcccccttc ctccgatctt caactttgca    128040
     cacagataaa caaccaaccc cacctgttgg aattcaactt cgagcccctg cccctcgaaa    128100
     gttctctgca cacaactgct tgaaacctgc agctacatgt gtagaagcag atttgggact    128160
     aaactatgca aggctgtgat cccccaggaa ctgagtttga cacatttttt tctcttgaag    128220
     agaaagttct tcaagctcaa aataaaaaag cccacttttt catccatgca atcaccccac    128280
     tgctctttaa ctttacgcgc agatcctacc aacacaacac accaaagacc acacaaccac    128340
     cctcttcaac ttcgtgcaca gatcgcattc cctccccaat acaccccccc ccccccctcc    128400
     ccatgttgaa gcaggtttgg aactaaacta tgcagggatg tggcctccag gtgtttgacg    128460
     catttttttt ctcttgaaga gaaagtgccc tcacatgcaa tcaaactccc acttttcatc    128520
     tttgcatatg gattccaatc catccaccaa ccaccctctc tcccctccct gctctttaac    128580
     ttcgcacata gatcatccac ataccccact ccatccaccc tcagaattca atttcgagcc    128640
     cctgcccctc gaaacttctc tgcatgccac tgcttgaaac gtacgggtaa aagtgttgaa    128700
     tcaggtttgg aactaaattg tgcagggctg tggactttta ggaactaagt ttggtaaaaa    128760
     aaaattctct tggaaagtta cccctcaaaa taacagtgcc gcccattccc ttgtgtatgc    128820
     aatcaccaac ccaaaaccac ttcctcccca aaacccctgc tcacactggc tctgcaggta    128880
     aggtttttgc ttatttattt atttcaagtc ttgcatacag gcgtctcctc cttatgccta    128940
     gttcacacta gaggatttta agcctgattt gagcccgatt tgaaagttaa cgagctcgcc    129000
     gacagatcgg gctgtgatcg ggaagaaagc gatcgccgct ctttatgtgt gaactactga    129060
     gcaacgcatc aatgagtctg cgttagcaca gacatgagag tagactatat taacagtgga    129120
     actagaattc tgtaactatt agaattacca tactgctcat tctgaccgtt ctcatataaa    129180
     acgccatact gtcacaacat atttacattc aaagctatta ttgagatatt aaaattaagc    129240
     tttgaatgtc tggcatcata tttaatgaca ccattaccct aaaaatataa tcttttttgg    129300
     taatacagcc tttaaatatg tagttaagat actaaaacac ttaaaggtct tgctcagttc    129360
     tttactgttt tgtaataaaa aaaataacaa tgtcagaaag aaatacactg atagttagaa    129420
     aacggcaggg tgttattaat atgttagttt tttttaaaga gttataaaat tacaaaaatt    129480
     aaaaactctc tgtgtatctc tccatgcgaa ccttgcagat gagtgattaa tccgctcata    129540
     aatcagctga tttgacgatg tttttaaatg ctttctccaa agcttgaaac gctgtcagtg    129600
     atgtaatcag cacacaagca gccaatagtg ttcagctttt tttgacgact cctccctcaa    129660
     attttcattg gctgtggttt agtagcttga atgagctgat ggggaatgag atgttgtcag    129720
     atcatgtagt gtgtgacccc cctcttgtgg atcgttcacg gagtgttgcg tagtgtgaac    129780
     accacagaga ttaaaagaca caaagtcaag tcatgtagtg tgaacagcac agcgatctgc    129840
     tgatgtttaa aatcctgtag tgtgaactag gctttacagg tcttcaggca gttcttcagc    129900
     caagtcatct ctgattcagt taatctgagc ctcctttgct acggactggt aatctgttac    129960
     tttaactgtg cagatcataa cacaatgttg ttaaattaaa tcattttaat tgatatagtg    130020
     ctgtttgctt atttagatta agtaaaggtg tttgcattga cctattattg taatgtatgt    130080
     ggtgtggact aattttaaac ctcaagtaca tttctttaaa aacatacaca ataccttatt    130140
     aaaatattat tcattaaaaa aaaatatata tatattaaaa ccatctagtc atgtccgata    130200
     tttttcactc agtcctgtta tcctaatcca tccctgcgtt tgaaaagctg gagaatttcc    130260
     ataacaatag tttttaacag gaagttacat catttcgatc tttggaaaac cctggaaaga    130320
     gctaaggtaa gttctatcat ttaagatttt acatatttga tgctgaagta gtaagatatt    130380
     taaaatggat agttttctca aaaaaaatga catttctgca acacactgat aacaggtttt    130440
     atttggccag catgtgaaga catcctttgg tatttatttg aggacactgt gtttttcatc    130500
     ccacactcga ggacagtcgc agatcatcac atgacaattg aaaaaaaatg tttgggccaa    130560
     acaagagaag gctttttagg aatttgtttt tttaatgtat ttatttttta gcaatgaaac    130620
     tattagtggt ttgtagtcaa gtaataagag agggacctgg tgcagtgcca tctgagctgc    130680
     atccaatgct ttttaatgca ctcactcaac cctacccatc acagtgacgg cactcaatcc    130740
     attgagtgca ttgtgtgtga tattgcattg ctgagtgatc aatctcttct tgcatcataa    130800
     aggctgcatc cagatactat tgagtaatgg ttatagtaac agttgttgtt gttcatgtta    130860
     aatagataga gaagacccat actataaaaa agacaaactc ttacatggca tgctgcaggg    130920
     gaagaagcaa ccctacatac atataccaaa tcacccaaca ccacacactc ttaaaagaaa    130980
     cggttctata tatatccaaa aatggttcta tcaagcgctt catatatgaa accccaaaaa    131040
     ggttctaaat agaaccattt taagggttca ttaaatagaa ccccaaatgg ttctttcacg    131100
     cttaaaaaaa aggttctata tagaaccaaa aatggttcta tcaagcgctt catatatgga    131160
     accccaaaaa ggttctaaat agaaccattt taagggttca ttaaatagaa ccctaaatgg    131220
     ttctttcgat cttaaaaaaa ggttctatat agaaccaaaa atggttctat caaacgcttc    131280
     atatatggaa ccccaaaaag gttctaaata gaaccattat aagggttcat taaatagaac    131340
     cccaaatggt tctttcactc ttaaaaaaaa tattctatat agaaccaaaa atggttctat    131400
     caagcgcttc atatatggaa ccccaaaaag gttctaaata gaaccatttt aagggttcat    131460
     taaatagaac cctaaatggt tctttcactc ttaaaaaaaa aggtcctata tagaaccaaa    131520
     aatggttcta tcaagcgctt catatatgga accccaaaaa ggttctaaat agaaccattt    131580
     taagggttaa ttaaatagaa ccctaaatgg ttctttcact cttaaaaaaa ggttctatat    131640
     agaaccaaaa atggttctat caagcgcttc atatatagaa ccccaaaaag gttctaagta    131700
     gaaccatttt aagggttcat taaatagaac cccaaatggt tctttcactc ttaaaaaaaa    131760
     aggttctata tagaaccaaa aatggttcta tcaagcgctt catatatgga accccaaaaa    131820
     ggttctaaat agaaccattt taagggttca ttaaatagaa ccctaaatgg ttctttcact    131880
     cttaaaaaaa ggttctatat agaaccaaaa atggttctat caaacgcttc atatatggaa    131940
     ccccaaaaaa gttctaaata gaaccattat aagggttcat taaatagaac cccaaatggt    132000
     tcttttactc ttgttacaat cctatgtttg tcttgtctca tctgtttttt tttcttgttc    132060
     ctgttttgct tagaacacat ccaattggcc acttccagct tgcttgatcc tgattggcct    132120
     acagtgtttt aaaaagccat gacaccactt ccttggcagc catcttgttt ttggtcactt    132180
     gcttgtgttt gttgaaatgt ttgattgtgg tatagtgcag agtttttgga tgtgttagga    132240
     ctgagagtat tgagatttgt gagtactgtt tgctttgttt gacttctgag agaatattga    132300
     gatttgtgag tactgtttgt tttgtttgag ttctgagatt atattgagaa ttgtgagtac    132360
     tgtttgtttt agtgtttgct ttgtttatga tactttgttc caccggcttg tttgaccttt    132420
     gttgcctgct gacattgatt ttggattgtc cttcaaatat ggttgcctgt ttttgtaaat    132480
     agattgtaaa tagtgtatat attgggatag taaggagttt gacgccattt tctttgtaaa    132540
     acctttttgc ctctgttttt gtgttaggta gttagggaag tgaattgtac tttcttttct    132600
     tttatttgtg atcaggtaag ttagagattt aatataaagg aatttttgtt tgttattttg    132660
     gccttgtcag ctcccgaatt caaaccccaa taaatctttg aattcatttt gttgtcttgt    132720
     ctttcatgtt gtgcaccatc cctagacggt gcgtaacatg aaattggggg ctcgtccatt    132780
     ggttatatgc tctattagct gaatttattt ggctcatttg tttttgcatt tgtttgtctg    132840
     gggtttttct tttgataagg gaggaaatat agtgattggc ccaactactt tgattggcat    132900
     ggcatcaaaa tttgaacttg ataaatttac aattgcacca acagaggagc aattagataa    132960
     atgtcgcaaa gatgatttgt ttttgattgc agattttttt gatatagtcg tacctcgaaa    133020
     tgcactgaaa aaggagatca gagaggcatt gtacatggag cttgttaaac aaaagatctt    133080
     acctgatgcg aatgtgcagg gtttgggtgt tgcaaataca gcattatctg aagagttgga    133140
     agctgctgag gcagagttca aacctacgga tgttgcgagc atggatccca ttaatccgcc    133200
     ttcgctaaca gatccacagc tggcaatccg gttgaaagaa ctggaggtgg agttaagtcg    133260
     acagcagtat cagagccagc ttttacatgt tcgagcagtt gagcttgaga caaaacgaga    133320
     catccggctg aaagagctgg aacttgaatt aaagactgga caaaatccat gtccaccttc    133380
     ttccctgaca aagggaagca ctcctgtgca gagtccagta aatgcctcct ctcctcttcc    133440
     tgcagtgccg tctgtgacac cggtaagtcc taacactgat tttgatatta gtagacaaat    133500
     ttcattggtt cctacattta gagagagtga agttgacaca tatttcactg tttttgagcg    133560
     tattgcagcc acgttaaagt ggccaagaaa tatttggcct ttattgttac agtgcaaact    133620
     ggttggcaaa gcacaagaag tatgttctgc actgacactt gagcaaagtt tggagtatga    133680
     ttcggttaag gctgctgtgt taagagctta cgaactcgtt ccagaagcct atcgacaaaa    133740
     gtttaggaag catgtgaaaa accccagtca aacatttgtt gagtttgcac gtgagaaaac    133800
     cacactgttt gaaaagtggt gtgctgctag caaaattacc acatttgagc agctgaaaga    133860
     actcatttta gtggaagagt ttaagaattg catttcagaa aagattgtag tttatttgaa    133920
     tgaacaaaaa gtttcatcac tatctgaggc tgcgattttt gctgatgagt ttgtgctcac    133980
     acacaaggtt gcattcacgt ccccacgttc atctcgtgct gttatagatc gcaggggtag    134040
     ctctagaaca gcagtagctg tgccaaaaga tgatcacatt gctgaatctt caacagggtc    134100
     ccgcgagtgt tattactgcc atgaaaaggg gcatttaatt gctggttgtc ctgtgttact    134160
     gcgcaaaaat cagagaaaag ctcaggatgc atctaaaact gtggcctttg cgagtactca    134220
     cacttctgaa ttagtagact ctattgatcc ctctttttat ccatttgtgt ttgaaggtat    134280
     agtgtcattt tctgaattag atcaggagca aaaaccagtt cacatccttc gggatacagg    134340
     tgctgctcag tcttttattc tggcagatgt gcttccattc tcttcacagt ccagctgtaa    134400
     ttcagatgta ttagttcagg gaattgaact tggtgtggtt agggttcctt tgcacactgt    134460
     ttatttacgc tctgacattg tgactggctt agttaaagtg gctgtacgta ctcagttacc    134520
     actgaaggga atttccctta tccttgggaa tgatttagca gggaacaaag tttcttgtct    134580
     tcctgaggtt actgaggtac cttgtgtgcc agaagaggat gtgttgactc gagagtttcc    134640
     cagtgtattt cgttcttgtg ttgtgactcg tgcacaagct cgtaaacttg ataaggaaat    134700
     tgatctttct aattccttca tgaattcaga tttaccagat gttgagaaca aaactgaaga    134760
     tgcttgttta cagaatctga gtctagaatc taaatttgac tttccttttg acaaacagcg    134820
     cttgatagat gcacaacgtg cagatgatac gttgaagtca tgttttgctg ctgtgattga    134880
     gatatctgac ttacccaatc atccagctgc ttattttttt gatggcgggg tacttatgcg    134940
     caagtggagt ccagaaaaca tgaagggtga ctggagctct gtatttcaag tagtcattcc    135000
     aaaagattac agagaatatg tgctaagtgt ggctcatgac catgaattgt ctggtcattt    135060
     aggtataagg aagacctata acaatctttt gaaacatttc ttttggcctg gaatgaagtc    135120
     tacggtgtct cactattgtc gatcttgtca tgcttgtcag gttgctggca aaccaaatca    135180
     ggttatttcc ccagctccct taaagccaat tccagtaatg actgagccat ttgagaaact    135240
     tgtagttgat tgtgttggac ctttaccaag gactaaatct ggtcactcct acttgttaac    135300
     tttgatgtgt tctgctacta ggtttcctga agccatccca ctgcgttcct taaaggctcc    135360
     aaccattgtg aaggcaattg tgaagttctg taccacattt ggcctgccaa agtttattca    135420
     gtcggaccaa gggtcaaatt tcatgtcaag aatcttccgt aaggtcatga aagagctaaa    135480
     cattcaacat tgtgtctcta gtgcgtacca tccgcagtcg cagggtgttc ttgaaaggtt    135540
     tcatcagacc ctcaaaaccc ttatcagaac ctactgtgtc caacgtgaga aagattggga    135600
     tgaagatgtc ccacttttat tgtttgctat tcgcaataca gtacaggaat cacttggatt    135660
     cagcccagct gaattagtat ttggacatac tcttcgcgga ccactgaaac tgttacaaga    135720
     acagttactt tctacaggtc agtcagtcac tcctcctaag aatgtattgg accatgtgag    135780
     ttcatttcgt gaacgtttac atttagtgtg gaaactagca caacagtcgt tagcaacctc    135840
     tcagtccaga atgaaaagca gatatgataa gaaatctgtc caacgctcat ttaaggttgg    135900
     tgatcaagtt ctggtattgc agcctttacc cggctctgct ctacaagcaa aattcacagg    135960
     cccttatgtg attgaggaaa aattaagtga aactgattat gtcgtacaaa ctcctgaaag    136020
     aagaagaaag actcggatat gccacatcaa tatgcttaaa ttgtatgtct ctcgccctga    136080
     ttgtaaagac tctgtcagtt ctccggtggt aactcctgct gttgtaacat ccatagatgt    136140
     ggtttctcca gagtattctc cttgcctaga tgatcttcat ttaggaagtg cttatctttc    136200
     tggtgctaaa ttgcaaaatt ctgaaacttt agaatctctt gcctcaaaac tttcccattt    136260
     gccaagttca tctcaaagtg agcttgtaca cttaattgac aagtattcta gtattttctc    136320
     agatgtccca actgtgacta gtgtgttgat gcatgacatt gatgttggtg accatcgtcc    136380
     agtaaagcag aatgcttacc gtgtgaatcc agtcaagcgt gaaataatga aaaaagaaac    136440
     ccagtatcta gttgagaatg gtttggcaga gccaagctgt agtccctggt gttctccatg    136500
     tttgttggtt ccaaaacctg atggaacttc ccgcttttgc acagattacc gaaaggtgaa    136560
     tcaattaacc aaatccgatt cctaccctct tcccagaatg gaggattgca ttgatcgcat    136620
     tggaagtgct aaatttgtga ccaagttaga cttgcttaaa ggatactggc aggtgccgct    136680
     cacggagcgt gcttctgaaa tctcagcctt tgccacccca gactcctttt tacaatacaa    136740
     agttctagct tttggcctta aaaacgctcc agctactttt caacgcttga tgaatcaagt    136800
     attggctaat gtaagaaatt gtgaagcata tctagatgat gtggtatgct actcagatac    136860
     atggggtaat cacctacaaa cactggagga agtattttca agacttcaag cagctaatct    136920
     tactcttaat ttagctaaat gtgagttctg tcatgccact gtaacatact tgggaaaaga    136980
     agttggtcat ggtactgttc gccctctagg ggctaaagtt caggcaattg ttgagtttcc    137040
     tgtgcccaaa actaaaagag acctcaggcg attccttgga atggctggtt attacagaaa    137100
     tttctgtaaa aacttttctg atgttgtaaa acctctaact gataaccttc gcaaagatgt    137160
     acccttcagc tggaactcta agtgtgaatt tgcctttgaa tgtcttaaaa atttgttgtg    137220
     taatgctcct gttttagttg ccccagactt cacccgacct tttaaacttg aagtggatgc    137280
     cagtggtacg ggggccggtg ctgtcctgct acaagaagat gaacaaggaa tcgaccatcc    137340
     tgtgtgtttc tattttaaaa aattcaatcg tcatcaggtt aattacagta ccattgaaaa    137400
     agaagcacta gctcttttgt tagcattgca acattttgaa gtatatgtcg gatccagtcc    137460
     aaaacccatt gaagtattta ctgaccacaa cccacttgtg tttcttcagc aaatgtgtaa    137520
     caaaaatcaa agactgatgc ggtgggctct catttgtcaa agttttaatt tacaaattaa    137580
     gtacaagaaa ggtactgaca atataattgc agattcattg tctagatcac atttgtaaac    137640
     ttgtaaccat gtttacactt atgtgtgggg gtgttacaat cctatgtttg tcttgtctca    137700
     tctgtttttt tttcttgttc ctgttttgct tagaacacat ccaattggcc acttccagct    137760
     tgcttgatcc tgattggcct acagtgtttt aaaaagccat gacaccactt ccttggcagc    137820
     catcttgttt ttggtcactt gcttgtgttt gttgaaatgt ttgattgtgg tatagtgcag    137880
     agtttttgga tgtgttagga ctgagagtat tgagatttgt gtgtactgtt tgctttgttt    137940
     gacttctgag agaatattga gatttgtgag tactgtttgt tttgtttgag ttctgagatt    138000
     atattgagaa ttgtgagtac tgtttgtttt agtgtttgct ttgtttatga tactttgttc    138060
     caccggcttg tttgaccttt gttgcctgct gacattgatt ttggattgtc cttcaaatat    138120
     ggttgcctgt ttttgtaaat agattgtaaa tagtgtatat attgggatag taaggagttt    138180
     gacgccattt tctttgtaaa acctttttgc ctctgttttt gtgttaggta gttagggaag    138240
     tgaattgtac tttcttttct tttatttgtg atcaggtaag ttagagattt aatataaagg    138300
     aatttttgtt tgttattttg gccttgtcag ctcccgaatt caaaccccaa taaatctttg    138360
     aattcatttt gttgtcttgt ctttcatgtt gtgcaccatc cctagacggt gcgtaacact    138420
     cttaaaaaaa aaggttccat atagaaccaa aaatggttct atcaagcgct tcatatatgg    138480
     aaccccaaaa aggttctaaa tagaaccatt ttaagggttc attaaataga accctaaatg    138540
     gttctttcac tcttaaaaaa aggttctata tagaaccaaa aatggttcta tcaagcgctt    138600
     catatatgga accccaaaaa ggttctaaat agaaccattt taagggttaa ttaaatagaa    138660
     ccctaaatgg ttctttcact cttaaaaaaa ggttctatat agaaccaaaa atggttctat    138720
     caagcgcttc atatatagaa ccccaaaaag gttctaagta gaaccatttt aagggttcat    138780
     taaatagaac cccaaatggt tctttcactc ttaaaaaaaa aggttccata tagaaccaaa    138840
     aatggttcta tcaagcgctt catatatgga accccaaaaa ggttataaat agatccattt    138900
     taagggttca ttaaatagaa catcaaatgg ttctttgaat tcaagttaca tggttctatt    138960
     tagaaccatt tgagggttct ttatttatta ttgaattaat gttatttatt attgaataaa    139020
     aaataaaacc aatgcagaaa attcaaattg tttaaattta ttcaatttat ttaacaaaat    139080
     aacttgtaaa taatatttaa aattgcacct ctgcaatttt actttgtata agatctacct    139140
     ctaaacatta tacattttac tatttaatta gtaaacataa ttaacagctt aatggcattc    139200
     aacaatctaa ttctaatgat ttcacttttt aataaacatt tgtaagcttg tttactgatt    139260
     gaacaaatac aaaacttaac tttcaaacat ctgtaaaatg tagaaaaata tatcacaatg    139320
     cagatagaaa caatacacaa acatctatta aataacatta caatttcaac aagttgacgg    139380
     tacatgtatg tattggtcat ggcaacatcc atgtttatac atcattttca atgaaagtta    139440
     ttgaagaaag tgcttaatgg catacaaaac atcacaaaat gattagacaa aacactgaga    139500
     acagccattc cacaacttgt agcatgtcca tgtttgccgg cctctcttaa aacaaaaata    139560
     gttttgtcaa tgggtggcac agtggctcac tggttagaac tgtcacatca cagcaagaag    139620
     gtcactggtt cgagtcccga ctgggtcagt tggtgtttct gtgtgaagtt tgcaagttct    139680
     cccagtgttt gtgtgggttt cctctgggtg ctccagttgt ccatacagtc caaaggcatg    139740
     cgtatggtat tggtgaattg gccacagtga gtgaatgtgt gcaggtgtat gagagagtgt    139800
     ataggtgttt cccagagctg ggttgcggct ggaaagtgaa aagtaattgc taattcattc    139860
     tactgtggtg cctctgataa atgagggagt ggaaggcaag tgagcgagtg taggccaacg    139920
     taatgctgac acttcaagcc ttgacggaat caggagagct gttaggacct ttggatttct    139980
     gtaaaacaat attataatgc tgagtacttt taaccaatga acataagtca aatagaaata    140040
     cagttataat taatacaatt aaagtgtgtt tttatggggg gttatgtcta gtgtagttac    140100
     cttctgtggt ttcctctgct ggtccaatga gactagcata gagcacttcc ttctttcctt    140160
     cccttctttt gggccatttc ttttaaagat gtttctgtgt tcttcactaa gtccttatat    140220
     gcagcatcct aaattaaaac attttgttta ctttgtgtca gtttcgaagt gacacatttt    140280
     cagcagtaca agtactttaa agtcatcaaa aatacataaa tacagagtag acagctgtaa    140340
     tatattttct atttaatctg catttcattt gttacagaat ttaatgaaat tgacatttct    140400
     gagtgacctc aattcagtat gtacattaaa caaagcaata aaattagaat aagaacaaaa    140460
     taactgtata tcaaataaca tacatcacag gtgtcaaact aagtttcaaa atggccgcag    140520
     ctctgcacag tttagttcca accctaatta aacacacctg atcaaactaa ttgagtcttt    140580
     caggcttgtt tgaaacctac aggtaagtgt gttggagcag ggttggaact gaactgtgca    140640
     gtgcttcggc ccttttggag ctgagtttga cacccctgac atacatcata tttagcagat    140700
     acttttatcc aaaggggctt agattgtgtt taatctatac atttattaat atatgagacc    140760
     tgtaacacat taggcattgc taatgcattg ctttaccaaa tgagctttaa aacgtcatat    140820
     acacagattt ttcatatcta tttggcacac aatataacag tgtttggtta ctcacaagct    140880
     gtggcactcc aagaagaaga aactgctcca ttagttttgc agacccttcc ataatctgcg    140940
     ctctggaaaa tagtgtttca tttggttctt gacttattcg taaacggtgt tgcattctag    141000
     gtccatcaca atctgaggta ggaagacagc atttgtagag tgtgtaaata tgaatttaaa    141060
     tctcataatg aatcttgaca taaaatgtat tgaaatgaac ttaccttgtg ttaagttcct    141120
     cagagtccag ttcacttcct tttgatccca tcattatgag ctcaccaatt taatgctttc    141180
     atttttacat ttgttttgaa gacattgcaa caaggaatcc tgtaggcaaa tttacacctt    141240
     tcaatacata tttcttctct gcaggacttt ttatttagca acaaccttaa tattcttact    141300
     gtattaaaac agcagaagta agcaatagaa tattttttgt gataaatata ttatttcagt    141360
     acacaacaac caacaagtct gaaatatgca tgttataaaa tacaatactt taccaggtgt    141420
     gcttgaagat gatgtcaaac aattatggat gtgacacgtg tttttcttta agctggaatc    141480
     cttcttctgc aaagctactt gtgtcaagca aatcaaagtt gggtacttaa tatgggtccc    141540
     atgacacttt tctgtaatga taaatacaat cttgaagtct tttataatat tcatttcatt    141600
     ttactgacca caatacagtt tgtttggatt ttaaaacaac gatacatacc aagcacaagt    141660
     tttatgatgc agttcagttt tcaggctgtt aaaagaaaaa taaaatatac attaaaatat    141720
     ttattttaaa cttatttagc acctgatctt aagacctttg ctttaagacc tgatctttcg    141780
     tctatggatt gttaaaatat gtttggcttt ttaaaggttt caataatatt caggggcgga    141840
     ctggccatag ggagaacttg ccaccgtgac tggcctcccg cgcgtgcaca gactcaaggc    141900
     acgaatctgc ccgtgcgggc acgagcgtag cactgctacc ttgcggtttt acggctacac    141960
     ggaccgtctc aaccgcgggc agttatgtcc actactttgc agagtttagg tcaattcctg    142020
     ataaaacaca catgaaccaa gctaaaagtg agcgtttgtt caaggttgga gctaaaaaca    142080
     acacgaaaaa cacgatgaaa tcggctcata tcaagttact tttaaaatca cgtgcacacc    142140
     ctgctgaaaa atccagctta aaccagccta ggctggttgg ctggttttag ctggtcgacc    142200
     aggctggttt tagaggggtt ttggcccttt tcaggctggt ttccagccat ttccagcctg    142260
     gtcttagctg gtcaggctgg aaaatgacca gctaaatcca gctaaaacca gcttgaccag    142320
     cctggtttaa gctggacata gctggttttg gctgggctcc cagcctggct aagctggtca    142380
     agccggtttt agctggtcat ctcccagcct gaccagctaa ggccaggctg gaaatggctg    142440
     gaaaccagcc tggaagtggc caaaacccct ctaaaaccag cctggtcgac cagctaaaac    142500
     cagccaacca gcctaggctg gtttaagctg tttttttcag cagggcatgc ttcattcacg    142560
     ctctctcgaa gctcgccttg aaataacaca gctgtatatt gttatcggta atttaattag    142620
     tagtactggc aaacaagtat agcaatattg taacttattt cgaataaaaa gcagaacaaa    142680
     ttacacttaa cagatttctg aacagaaggg tgacgaccaa ggtcatcaca agcacagtgt    142740
     ttatccatat taacgctacc cccattcagt ctgtatcacc ataaaacacg agggattttc    142800
     tatcaaatag atacattact tcataataca aaatatttca ctatatatat taaatgtact    142860
     tacatacctg aatgatgaag ctgaaataga ggacttctcc tttcgaaaaa ttaacattca    142920
     ctctcgaggc tcttcaccgc cggtccatga cgatgttctt gtcaatgact gacgtcacca    142980
     gagggctttt tatgattatt agtttaaaat taattattaa accataacaa catgttactg    143040
     cacagtctaa ataaattggt cattttatgt atttcactaa ataatttgtc aaaaatgtta    143100
     aacattgaat atatataaac taggcctata agttatatgc tattgtacaa acctgcatga    143160
     aaaaaaatcc catcatactg tacactgatt aagtttctga ccacagcatt cattttatta    143220
     ggttttgact caaaaagctt tgtctctctg tgttgtagct tataattatt ttataatctt    143280
     tgctacataa ttatgttatg attcaaaaat tatagaacca ttttattcaa aaaggttctt    143340
     tgcagtcaaa gggttctaaa tggaaccatt ttttgggtaa aaggttctac tggccaagta    143400
     taaacccaag gttctatata gaacctcaag gaaccttttt tttaagagtg cactctccct    143460
     ccaccactct tcaactttgc acacaaatta accaccaacc ccgccccctt cggaatttaa    143520
     ccaagttctc tggaaaccac tgtttgaaac ctgcaggtat atgtgttgaa gcaggtttgg    143580
     aattaaactt tgtagggctg tggagactga cacatttttt tctcctagag agaaagtgcc    143640
     ccctccttcg cacatgcaat cgccacaccc catcaacccc ccaacccctg cttgcactgg    143700
     ctctgcgaga cgggtttttg ctttttcatt gatttcgagt cttgcgtaca ggcatctcct    143760
     tttcactggt cttcaggcag tcattcaacc aagtcatctc tgattcagtt catccgagcc    143820
     tcctttgcta cagactggta aactgttact ttaactgtgc agatcataac acaatgttgt    143880
     cattttaatt caaagggcag tttgcttatt ttgattcagt aaagttgttt gcatggcata    143940
     ttaatgtaat gtatgtggtg tagactacaa acttattgta agaatgtttt caagttgtaa    144000
     acagtacaga attttttaaa gatagaatat gaaatataca agtaaaagtg agcatttaaa    144060
     atgcgcccca atacttaatt tgtgattttg tattttttaa atgtcactgg ctgcatgcag    144120
     tgatgtgttt tatatgacta aacatatttg tgctatttct gtccccggga cttaatatgt    144180
     ataaattggt ttggctcatt tcttgaaaca gaaattacat tctcaaaaca acatggacaa    144240
     acctccaaac cacttggaaa ttgttcacaa cagaattgaa tttctcattc agtacatctt    144300
     tgcaaatgat taagtacaga tagcctacat ttagcacatt ttccaagtga ttagatcttg    144360
     ttgatctaaa ctgattacac aatagtttgt tccattgtca aaattagtca agaccatgat    144420
     accatgaata ccatacagta ggtgaatcct tggaacaatt gatcattgta gaggatagtt    144480
     gtgacattca caccgtttct ttccttgttg catcgcaagg gtgaatatac gctgtgatgt    144540
     ggacaagaat ctgtggccac acagactgca gcgtgtggat ggtcagaagg gtgaggacag    144600
     caggcagtaa agaactgtta tgaaactcaa gctttattta tagcactagt tttttgtttg    144660
     tgtgtttata ttacagttta ttatgctgta tacagtttct ttttgctctg atatatggaa    144720
     gttactttgt gtgtggttga tcatcattat aataaaaaaa aggacttacc attttcttgg    144780
     cagtatgagt gcaatgagtg acgtcaatcc taggaggcta ctcttaccct aaaatcctat    144840
     ttcttttttt ttttcttcac ttttatacac aattgtattc tgttagctag acagaaacag    144900
     tacagtaacc attgacaata aaggactggg ctgagactgt aaagtggaca tgagggatat    144960
     tttagtggtc ctttgccata gtgacagaac atctaaatgt tttgacttgc acaatgataa    145020
     agggatgaag cattttgggg gcactgactg tttaaatgag aaggaaattt agttttgaca    145080
     catgagtgaa ctgttttggg aaaggtatga gctgttgcag gtgaaccatg gtggtgtgcc    145140
     gaaccattca cattatttta gcaaaagcac taagagtttt gagaatgcct ggtccgtttc    145200
     aagaaatgag ccaaagcaat tgagaaggat atttgccatt tttgtggcat tgacttttta    145260
     tatgggaaag caatttagtg ttgatgcatg agtgaactgt tttgggaaag atatgagctt    145320
     ttgcaagtga gctatagtgt tgtgctaaac tgaaacactg ttttgccaaa tgattttaga    145380
     attttgagaa tgtaatttct gtttcaagaa atgatcaaac ccatagagaa aaactgtaag    145440
     tgccctttat actgtttaaa ctactaattt aatctataac gttaaaaggt tagttaaaaa    145500
     cagcttaaaa cacagaaaag ttgcattttc agcttgtaca cactctttaa ccctgcattt    145560
     cactgtaaaa tataatcatt aaaatctttt ttgtgcattg ttgtgtaacc ccatatcttg    145620
     tctttgcctc aaaaacattt atttaaagac atacataata ccttagataa aaaaaaagca    145680
     gtcgtgtctc ctatttttct ctaagtcctg ttattcaaac tgtacactca cacaaaattt    145740
     cacgagactg tcaaagtagc agaaagttat tagttttcaa tgggagccag cggcaataag    145800
     tggtcagaat cagcgcatct tcgccggtgc gggcgttgag gagagttgta atcaagtcaa    145860
     ctttatggta atgagatatg acgcgattcg gtggcaagca atcagaatgt agaagtccac    145920
     cgcttgggag gattccagtg aacacagtcc tgtgaccttt agttctgact acagttcctc    145980
     caagagattt gaatattgtg gtcaccagat atacagttat ttacaatgtt atctttcagg    146040
     gacaaacatt tataacaagt tactggcgag ttactgatgt gcattaatga tttgatgctt    146100
     cacaaaagtt aaagacactt ttaccattat caaaatgctt ttgtgatgca aaattaaatt    146160
     gaacatccag ttattcttta catcaattaa gaaaccggct acaataatac tactatggtt    146220
     actataataa agaaaatcct gtaaaagtaa ctaaattgct aaatactctt gacacatgaa    146280
     aatgtaaagc atgcagccca caacaaagtt ggaaagttat ttccatcata tttaacaaac    146340
     cgtttactat gaattttatg taattttgct cacatggata attgaatatt aatcagatga    146400
     tgtcagccaa tcgctgcatt gctgatcatg attttgagga ttgatagatc agtccttctc    146460
     aacacacaca gcgatctaag atcagttcat ccagacattt taatctgact cgcaaacttg    146520
     tttgaagaac caaataaacc aaagatcagt tatcaagatt acaagatcca ggatctgcca    146580
     aatcatctca gatcatttaa gtgaggtacg aaaagcggac cccagatctt cagtttagtt    146640
     tgtccagtgg gccagcacta gggagagtcc ttgttatccc aaacttcatc cttttagggt    146700
     acatggacat gtaaccattc acaaatcaaa taattgtaac aaatttgact gcaaagtcag    146760
     ctattcagcc gtttttttct tgttgttttg tttttacttt tttttttgtt tctggtaaat    146820
     aaatattgta atcataaatt tcagatctac accacctttt ctaatttgac tgtaaattta    146880
     atttggataa agcttaatga tattgatggt cttgtttaaa gacagatttc gagttgacag    146940
     agcattaatc caattattat agaatatgtt gtttttttgt gtatgtagct tgtgagaact    147000
     ttctttatac tgtttggact ttaacagcat tgtaacaatg attttaggat ttttttttta    147060
     ctttaatatt acaaataatg tatttattta tatttactta ctatagatat ggcatcagat    147120
     tatattgttg tggcagctct tggaagacct ctgtttcctg gaatgctgta tgattgccgc    147180
     aaagattcct tcattccagg tggtgtgcct agtcttatga aaagattttt actcagtttc    147240
     acccatttgt caataaacaa acagtacttg tggaatttag ttaatagtca tgaaatacat    147300
     gagctggaca tttacttcaa cagttaatta catctgttca tctgccacat ttctcctcag    147360
     gtgtaactct gtgggataag aattcactgt ctgaaaattt ggacagtcat ccacagcccc    147420
     agacagattt gaagttcagt agctctgact cttttgctag taagtccagt ctcctggatg    147480
     tgagtgcttc gttaaaggcc agcttcttgg gaggactggt ggaggtggga ggatctgcca    147540
     agtttctgca tgacaccaaa tcttcaaaca gacagtccag agttacaatg tactacagtg    147600
     aaaccaccaa atttgaacag cttactatga accatctgga caacattacc taccctcagg    147660
     tgtttgagca gaaaactgca actcatgtgg tcacagctgt actgtatggc gctcaggcca    147720
     ttatggtgtt tgatcggaca ttttcagaag aggagaacaa gcagaagatt gcgggggaac    147780
     tgaatctaat ggtgaagaag atacccacat tgtcaattga aggaagtgga gctgtaaata    147840
     tgacagatga tgacacaaat atggttgaga acatctcctg cacattttac ggtgactttc    147900
     atcttgagca aagtccaact tcttacatcg aggcccttga tttgtacaag aagctcccct    147960
     ctttgctgaa taattcaaag aatgcagttc cagttaaagt gtggctttat cctcttaatt    148020
     tactggattc aaaggcagct caattacagg caaacataag cacaggtctg ctttcctcca    148080
     ttgaatttat gatggaggat ctagaaaaag tagagaggac atgtaatgac ctgtcccaaa    148140
     atacactggt aaatgatttc agcgacatcc aagagaggct gcagtcattt cagaaaacct    148200
     ttaataaata taaggcaaag atgctgaaag aagttggcag aattgtgtct gctattcgag    148260
     gaggagaaat aaaggaaaca tcaatagaag aaatgttgat ctaccatgac tttcttggca    148320
     tgtttaggca gtggttgaaa gatgcaaagt ctgaatttaa cctcttgagt tcttacatta    148380
     aggggatcaa gattgaagat tcagacaatc tcaacactgt cctctttgat cctaatgttg    148440
     actttgtggt gtgcttgatg ctcacatctc tgaatgaaga cccatatctt gaaagcctga    148500
     agaagcttct aaaatctgac aagtctaata agttagatga agaacaaaac aaagtttcag    148560
     tgacctgtga gacaaagtgg ttcaatgatc ctgatgtcaa aacaaagatg agagataact    148620
     tgtccctttt caaaggcttg tcagtggcaa ataaagatga aaatagaatc tgcttcatta    148680
     tttctgcaat atctaataca ctcagcccag gatcctccat ctatctgtat gaaaaaggga    148740
     aactgaaaag cacagatttc cagccagtgt ccaaacctcc accactgata gtgaaggatg    148800
     tccatgaaca aaccatgtcc ctgaaactgc agaagtcccc aactggagaa acagagcagt    148860
     acagagtgga gtacaagcag gtaaaagaag aatctaaagc tgaagaacag tggcttgtca    148920
     taaacacaac tgatgaagac tttactctat ctggactgga gtctggaaag cagtgcatga    148980
     tccgctacag gatagtgagt agagtgggag tgagtgaagc cagtgagacc gtcaaatcta    149040
     taacatcacc aggtaaatgc caatttttgt gatcatttag agaaacagta ttgatgttga    149100
     aatatcatta atataaatat tgcaatcaat gcattacttt tatgtagatt agtgcattca    149160
     ttgtccccag ctatatcatg cattgaatga aatgaaataa caactcagta gaatattaat    149220
     aaatgaatgc aaatgtgcaa tgcattatat tgttaaaaga aaataacttt tatgtgaatc    149280
     tgttgaaata attagaaaat ttagatgaaa atagccattt ttaataattg agaccactaa    149340
     tgagagacaa gcatgacaca gcctgaaatt tgcttcttcc actcatgatc acatggagaa    149400
     gaagcagtgc tgctttacca ttgtaaatac attttaggct gttgttatag cacatctctg    149460
     tttacccagt ctaatagaac acaacatatt catagctctg ttaaactctg aaacatttgt    149520
     gcgtgctata ggtaagcttt gagacagtct atttctttag gtcctagtgt tgttagaaat    149580
     gttgttatgt aaactcttag gtccccatcg ggcctaagct gaagaacaaa aatgggccaa    149640
     tgagctggcg gcatcagcat gcaaagctgg catcaataac aatcaagctt gtcataaaag    149700
     cgttgcacgt gccaagctga ggcaaccttt ttactccaga gcttttcaaa aaacttctga    149760
     gagagtggtt gagggttttc tccaactgtc tacagagaga gaacgagaaa gcagctggct    149820
     tctctctgtc tagagtgtgt ttttacacgc agtggcagac ggtcaacctg ggtttctccc    149880
     ttgcctgaca ttctttgggt ccggtcctcc agagcggaaa gttttcctaa aagaccaaca    149940
     tggttgtgca gcacgtcttt ttcaagatgt cactccgtgc gtttcccggg ctgctttggc    150000
     catgggtctg gggatgggct atcccccagc cccgcggcca gaccaacttg atgggtgcta    150060
     tgtggaggat ataaagaagg caagaccttc caagcctttc atccccttct tcgcggaagt    150120
     gcatagtaag ctcacacagt cttggagggc acctttttct gcctgatctg cgtgcgcttt    150180
     ggtcctcacc atccttggag ggtgggctgt caatgtccaa tgaggattcg aacccgctcc    150240
     ctccctccgg ggtgatgagc gcgacgtcgg atctagaagc agacttggtg gccgtgcttt    150300
     cccaggctgc tttggccatg ggcctggaga tggtttatcc cccagccccc tggccggacc    150360
     gactagaggg gtgttatgtg gaggatgtaa agaaggcaag accttctaat cctcccatcc    150420
     ccttcttccc agaaatgcac agtaagctca cgcactgcgt gcaccttcgc cctcatcagc    150480
     tatggtcacc taccagtgct accaagcgca ggtgctggcc cagctgcacg aggatggttc    150540
     tgacccagga ctgagcatga gctttgcacc gcaaccgact atgctctgcg taccaccaag    150600
     ttggctgcat gtgacctagg aaggacgatg gtcacattag tggtccagga atgccacctc    150660
     tgtctaaacc tggctgatat gcgtgatgtt gataaagttt gctttttcaa tacacccata    150720
     tcccaggctg gcctttttca cgccagtgaa gaagcagtcg aaggcgatgg gtgaggtcat    150780
     ctattggcgg gatccgagat cttctccgcc gcctgcacct ccatcccagt gggccgctaa    150840
     gtccggtaaa cagaccacaa agcatccctg agacgggcca tctggaaaag agggaatttg    150900
     ctctttcccc gagggccggg ctcttaattc aacagcgtta aaaaaaacac aaaaaaaacg    150960
     gcatcaaatc cttagagaaa gagatgtgac agcccaaaca ctgtcaatct gggacgctat    151020
     gccttccagc tcacaggatt ggttcacttc gccagtggct cgcggaatgc aggagaaagg    151080
     tctcctttgt ctcacactcc cagcctctcc tccggagttt gggtgcaaga cgagagtgaa    151140
     tctctcatct cctgctgtcc cgtgtgaccc cagcactaac aggttgaacc ggcccactac    151200
     gcgctgcact accgctggtg catcaatgtt cgtgcaagta aagccatctg cgggggcgct    151260
     gcctgcctag ttaacgctga ccagcgcatc acaacaggtc attcgcacaa tcaggctcgg    151320
     ctatgtgatt caatttgcaa aacgacctcc caagttcacg ggcgtgtatt tcaacagggt    151380
     cagccctgtg tctacccctg tcttgcgaga acagattgct gtcctcttgg tgaaatatgc    151440
     tgtcaaaccg gtcactccag ccgagatgga gagcgggttt tacagcctgt acttcattgt    151500
     atttaatgtc tccatacttc cacgccatcg tcagtttctg cgttttgcgt ttgaaggtct    151560
     agcctggcag tacaagtcct ccactttggg gtctctctgt cttaactggt tttcaccaaa    151620
     ctcgtggagg gtgccccagc gccccctcgg ctcgcgggca tccgcataat caattatctc    151680
     aatgactggc tgatttcaga gcactcgcaa tatcaattga ttatgcacaa agacagggtg    151740
     cttcgacact ttgacctatt ggtgctttag gtcaaccgag aagagagcaa gctcgcccct    151800
     gtgcagagca actcttttct cgggttggag ctggactcga tcactatggt tacgcgcctc    151860
     ccccaagagc tcgccgagct aatgctgacc tgtctgaaag agttcaacag gaaaactgtg    151920
     gtctcactga tattatttta gaggctcctg gagcatatgg catctgcagc cggtgtatag    151980
     ccactcgggt gctccatatg agactgcttc agcactggct tcacaattgg ctgtcactcc    152040
     gatgtgtggc cgtgccctta gccactggat ggaccctgca tttctacagg cctgcgggcc    152100
     actagaacca gagtccaggc atgtcgtcgt ttcgacggat gcttccagta cgcgctgggg    152160
     ggccatgtgt tgcgggcatg cagctgtggg tccatggtag gaacctggtt gcattgccat    152220
     tttaactgcc tggagctgtt ggcagtgtat ctcatgcatg ctgatcagaa cggacagcac    152280
     tgatgatggc atatatcaat cgcacggggg gtatctgctt tcgccgcata tctcaactag    152340
     ctcgccgtct gctcctccag agtcatatac ggcaaaatcg cagcatccca ttcttcccca    152400
     ccgagctcaa ccatgcagcc gatgcgctct catggcagtt cacctaaggg aaatggagac    152460
     tccactcttg gctgaccagc tgctatgggt gcgttctagt gcactggctg tacagctgac    152520
     cccggagcgt gcgtaatatg catttctcca gtgagcctac taacacaaat actgtgtaaa    152580
     atcagagagg acgaggaaca ggtctatgta ttgtctatgt atctctggct caatctgacc    152640
     tgtatttcag ctctgtactt gtgatggccc ctccctggcg catcccctgg aagaagcttc    152700
     ttctctggga caggcaccat ttggcaccca cgcccagatc tatagaacct cacgtgttgt    152760
     ccatagatgg agcgcggagg acttaggtga cctaccgatt aggtggttaa cgctgtcact    152820
     caggctagag caccctctac aaggcatgcc tcagccctga agtagagtca atttgctgtg    152880
     tggtatactt ctctccgaga agaatccccg aacatgccag atcactgtcc cctccgcaat    152940
     taggggtcgg gattatgatc atacccgctc tgaggacgcg gcgatggcgg cgcactggga    153000
     aagcattgcc tcatcatcta ggaggtgcga gacgtggatc ttaattctat cctgcccccc    153060
     tctcataccc atttggagat ctctcttagg agagcatttt cccagccctt atcacatcaa    153120
     cataatagta gtagcattga tcaaattaag tattggggtc agcaaggtta acaacatttt    153180
     cccagccctg acctcatcaa atttatcaac aaaagggttg ctttggcctg aaagcatcac    153240
     ccgaacacaa gggcacagtt gttaagactc tgcctatatc atctgtatca ctttggctca    153300
     gcctgtgctc aggaaacaaa atgtttaatg tcacaaccta actagagttt taaatgaaat    153360
     gagctaatta aaaaccaaag aataaaaaca tttttattat atatagatta ttgttaattt    153420
     agaacaagat tatgaaaata tatatattcc cacactaccc gaatacggca atgagcaggt    153480
     tgtggcaatg ggatgcgaca tgcccaacat ccacacactt taactcatac ctcaatgtct    153540
     gaaactggtg aagcctcatg ttgatgtaaa tactgtgaaa aaggcctgtg ccatgctggc    153600
     caaagagctc ccggtagaag caaatgttca tacccaatac tctaggaact tgagtacaca    153660
     tgccaccagg agggtccctg acaaccagca caccacagtc ttaaactact cacccacaaa    153720
     gctctacaca taattttgaa ttaccaatat aaggaattga aaggccattt gcagcttgat    153780
     actgtaatca tgacatgatc taagatgttc ccacagatca aaattaatgg tgcacggatg    153840
     gtgcacagac tctcgctaac cacaacaatc tcaggcccgg ctggtgatat cttttacaaa    153900
     tgattgcatt aggtttacgt cattgcaaat tgcacagata attgtgaaac taggccatac    153960
     tcttggctaa ctgattcagt tgctgttgct gcttcagcaa catatgccgc aattcactaa    154020
     tttctgacct agccccacca ccatttatgc tctgatgtcc ctgcacccca tactgaatgc    154080
     catatgttca gtgacagaca gacttcgacc ctgtgctctc ccaggcatgc cctctcgttc    154140
     ccaagaaaga gctttgaaca tcatacaaaa caccctcgaa caatgtcata aagcaaactt    154200
     taaaattggc ccattcagtt gagttaaaaa tcatgttgta aaacatgtaa taacgttaat    154260
     caatttaagt actgaaacat gtaaaacagg aacataaaaa gaacatttta aaaggaactc    154320
     agataaactc agaaatagtg gaactcagga acatcagatg gtggaatcct gacagcatcc    154380
     ctttctccag gggtagcttc tcacaccatt ttatgtagct gggggcatcg tatttacagt    154440
     tcttagattc aggggggcgg gggggttaag atatcacata gattaattgt gtgaaaagga    154500
     aagttaaggt tagagccggg tgataaaata gtcataaaat aataacataa tgtttcatat    154560
     aattcagtat cgataattgt tgaatattac tgaaatcttt ttttagcaat attgacagtg    154620
     gtgtaggtga ataaatacag ataccgattt attgcccaga attagttagg agtctagatg    154680
     ttgtagaagg gagccatatt acatttcttt tttaactgga gaaaggcttc agttgtccag    154740
     gagagggttt cagcttgccc tttaggagat acaataagat ggctctgata agtatcaatg    154800
     tacaatatga aaaagcaatg gaggaacccc tggaaacctc gttcataaaa gtctggaaaa    154860
     ctgttgatga gatggacact cacctggcaa cacccagcat tcttagtggt tggaaggact    154920
     aaggaaggcg tccactgatc tcctttttct taatacaaat gagattgtac gtgttctgca    154980
     gatccagtat gaagtagatg catgtcctgc agagttattc cagagctggt gggaccagga    155040
     gaagtagata gagtatctgt acgatctgaa acttcatcag atgataatcg atgcaggtcc    155100
     aaagaacaca tctttcttta cacacaaaaa agaagctcaa agcatttagt aaagatgatg    155160
     aagtgataaa tccttgatgt aatgctttct gcacatacac ctccatagcc ttgctcttca    155220
     gaatggacag gagataaatt ctttgctcta ggtagtttga caccagatag cagattgatg    155280
     gcatagttcc atgtctgatg agacggaagt tgggaggctt atttcttatt aaaaatgtcc    155340
     tggattgcac agtattaagt ttctattaag tattaagtat taagttaagt tccttttgag    155400
     tcccaggaat ttcagttagc atgaatgctg ctggaacagg taaggatagt aaatgtttac    155460
     taagttatca taattataat cataaccagt aaccataatc atggttttac tggaactggt    155520
     ttaggcagta ttgggaaaat taattttcca aaaatgctaa aatcaatttg aacagctgag    155580
     agcagttgat agttgagtag tttttgtagt aaaacagaca attgctcaca ttaaatttgt    155640
     gactaataat taactcttaa ttctttataa tttatcatta attaatagtt tgaaaatctt    155700
     aggccaatta tattcagtaa tttattcatt atctacaatt acttatactt atttcaaatt    155760
     actacttatt atattatact tattgcaaat gactatttta aaaagtctaa ctgcacaatt    155820
     tatttcttca ttaattctat ttatttagtt tgtcctgatc ctgcacaaca aactttcctg    155880
     tatgatgctc ctgaagaaaa accaagagtg cttgtgagat gttttactct tcttaaattt    155940
     gaacataaat gtattttact cagtttgaat gcctagtttt aaatgttgtg tatatttttg    156000
     tttctgttgc aagactgtgc catgtgaata cctactagac aatggagtct ataacatgat    156060
     gatcattacc atcaatggaa aagtcaatgc tgatgcaaac cagtaagaga aaagcacaca    156120
     ccagtatggg tcaaagtaaa tatattccac caaaaatgtg atttagtgta acttgtttag    156180
     aacaaaaatc agttgatgat aaattaaaag actctaaaat gattgtaatc agtaatacca    156240
     cttaatattt ttcagatttt agtaatcaca gtacagaata ataatttccc tacacaagat    156300
     taacaatgat ctgtaattaa tcacttaata ctcagaaaga atgtatgtaa aatatataca    156360
     tttgattcac acgaaaaaaa agtttatcca tttggattgc agttaaacta ttaaaacagg    156420
     cttatgttcg caaattagat tgaatatgta aaacaggtaa gatttcaagc ataaattcta    156480
     attattttca ggtatttcat tttcattaat agttttttgt taaagcatta ttgctgacta    156540
     tcagtattaa tgtgttaatt gtgtacagac aatattattt aattgtatgc ccatgattta    156600
     aataatttta gctatagaac aattcagttt gttgaaatgt atgaaattaa aaaaggtaga    156660
     tttattaaaa tcattttaca aatctctata tcaaaccttt gacttgaact attttatagc    156720
     tgacttcttg ttctcgttcg tggtcaattt tagtgtagct tagcataatg acttgaatca    156780
     gatttgacaa atataattta ttcaaaaaag acttttgata attttcttat tcaaaaactt    156840
     gagtcttctg taattacatt gtgtaataaa accgatggca cgggcagccg atctggtggt    156900
     tatgagagca taatcggttg ctgtgcgaag cttgtgtatt aagacaggga agaaccacct    156960
     ttttgcatct tggccaactt ctttgattgg cagtgttgat aggtggccat agcgtgcaga    157020
     gcggaaacag cctggctcgc agcggtgtag gctctggctg tgagagacta agacatcctt    157080
     tgcggagccg aacaagccat ctccagtctt acggccgaag cagcccagga taacatggct    157140
     aacatgttcg attttaaatc cggagcctcc aatgcagcaa tggacatctg gtcccttgtg    157200
     tcatctaatg agagcacagc catcccagat gatgaactag cgcccacact cgaagctcga    157260
     acagagcgca ctgaggagga atgacggcaa cggattagcc cccactgttt ttacatacat    157320
     tcagaaagaa tgtatgtaaa atatatatac atttgattca cacgaaaaaa agtttatcca    157380
     tttggattgc agttaaacta ttaaaaaagg cttatatacg caaactagat tgaatatgta    157440
     aaacaggtaa gatttcaagc ataaattttc attattttca ggtatttcat tttcattagt    157500
     agttttccct gctgaaaaat ccagcttgaa ccagcctagg ctggttggct ggttttagct    157560
     ggtcgaccag gctggattta gaggggtttt ggccatttcc aggctggttt ccagccattt    157620
     ccagcctggt cttagctggt caggctggaa aatgaccagc taaatccagc taaaaccagc    157680
     ttgaccagcc tggtttaagc tggacatagc tggttttggc tgggctccca gcctggctag    157740
     tctggtcaag ctggttttag ctggtcatct cccagcctga ccagctaaac ccaggctgga    157800
     aatggctgga aaccagcctg gaaatggcca aaacccctct aaaaccagcc tggtcaacca    157860
     gctaaaacca gccaaccagc ctaggctagt ttaagatggt ttttttcagc agggttttgt    157920
     taaagcatta ttgctgacta tcagtattaa tgtgttaatt gtgtacaaca tatccgattt    157980
     taaatccgga gcctcgctaa caaccccgta tggtggcagt gggtccggat catcatcaga    158040
     gcatgttagc cggccctccg atgcagcgat ggacatctgg tccctggtgt catctaatga    158100
     gagcacagcc attctagatg atgaactagc gccctcactc gaagctcgga cagatcgcac    158160
     tgaggaggaa tgacggcaac ggattagccc ccactgtaat cctcaggcct gccattgtgc    158220
     taacagactt gcagggaaca acaggggtgg cgcaccctaa tgctagagta cgtcaattcg    158280
     accaccgctg ttacatcttc acccgcactg gtgaggaaac tagtttcttg gagaaatcag    158340
     gatgcagatc aggagctctt atttcttagt cagaatgttt acatgaacac caataatttg    158400
     attttaatgt gattaagaca aagcaatttt tgattcattt aatccgatta aggtcataat    158460
     cgaatcaaag agaaatcgaa ttaagacaaa tggagtatga cgatattagt cgcgttattg    158520
     aagtgcagta tagacatgta tacaccttaa tcaaattatt accatcatgt aggacttttt    158580
     gccgcgattt gtgacaaaaa agtccacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca    158640
     cggctatttg acttttcttt gcacctaccg agtcagtgca gaccacagac acctgcatcg    158700
     taaaatgctg aggttttttc taccattcag catgcagtat gaacttccat taaaacaaca    158760
     ctcttccagc agttcatagt tgcatccaat atctcgtttg ttatgggggg catgcatgaa    158820
     atgttcctga atgatagcga aagtgccaaa ctgcagttaa agtcgacaaa ttaaagatga    158880
     aacatctgaa attatatgaa actctggagg aaatgcggat agcgtggtga cgcattgaat    158940
     tatgtgttat accatgtaaa acgggatcat taaaggaaca ttcaaaaagc aactcatgta    159000
     aacaccttaa ttgccttgtc ttaattaaat caaggcaaat attttgattg ctgatgtcca    159060
     tgtaaacata gtcagtgaga ggtctgaagc aaagaatctg atgcttgctc cgcagacgct    159120
     actggtatat ctcacttatg actaatcact cgcacctgca gagccgagct ctgctcactc    159180
     atttggcatt cattggccct ttttctttct tctcagagtg attgatcatc tagccagacg    159240
     cacgttggag ttcccatgaa ggggaacttc taagcagctc ctcatttgtt ttggtggttg    159300
     gcaaaagaga aacgccatat ccaaacagag gttggcccaa tagattgtgg attcaatcac    159360
     ccttgcattc taaactcagg ggaagccatg tccccagggg tgagagtgca ctcaacaagg    159420
     agtgtagtct tcttctgagc attagcacac agtacttcaa ttcattggca gttttcatac    159480
     attttagtga ttggtcttct aagtgaaccc caatactgtc attctgacat aacgtcttca    159540
     ttccctcttt tggggaacaa gggtacatcc gctaccggaa tgttttaaaa actattaatc    159600
     aaatcatagg tgtatgactg acacatatta catttaatat ttacaatgga tggacaataa    159660
     aactgaaaca ctggtcaact tagtgttgga ggtttgatgg ctaaatttga ccagccattg    159720
     attgaaaatt ccactagtag gagcaaagtg tgaaggttta atcagcggag taatagaatt    159780
     gttttgctct aaatattgca atgcaaagag cattaaaagt aaaatatcag cgttcaaaag    159840
     aggacacatt gttggtgcgt ctcgatgtga ccaagacacc aagtcttgtg atgtatcaag    159900
     agcccactat tcggcaagaa agtttggcta aaaatacttc tggccactgt gttgtatctg    159960
     tcattttatg ctgtcaaaat taatgctgta ttggctgcaa aaggaggtcc tatactttga    160020
     aatacactgc ccgaataata aattattgtg gtttaaatcc tttgctttaa aagcaaaggg    160080
     atttgctccc tttttaagtc aagtgaaata ttaaaaagac acatcttttt gcccataatg    160140
     tcaactatca tttcacaaga ccatggatgt ccgaccatgg tgtattactg tccggatcct    160200
     accttttctc attattaaat tcaattgcac tttattggtc aataaacaac aatgctgtgc    160260
     actaccctat gtctgttgta tttggagtat catgacaatt ctattgtgat atataaaaca    160320
     atgaacatgg cctgattttt tatcatcaat aatttatgta agtcttcttc tttatcaccc    160380
     ctgtgtattt caggcatcta attacatgtt ttgtcttcta aataggtttg ttgttgattt    160440
     aagtaaaggc ccagacattg catgtcatgt aaacgttagc ttcagtgaag atggaaatcc    160500
     aaggattggg tgtaacagtc tgattggatc catctggggc aaagaagagc gtggggtttc    160560
     ctccttccat tttttcagag gaatgccttt tgaggtgagt atgacaccaa acatttcttt    160620
     tattttatat ttcactagtt ttattttgac ccaaaagtga aaagtctgta attaatcact    160680
     cacccgtatg tcttccaatg ctgagatctt cattcctatt tataacacaa attaagatat    160740
     tttgtatgaa attcgaaagc tccctcaagt tcagaaaagg agccaaacat tgtcaaaaca    160800
     atccttgtaa cttcagtggt tcaactgtaa tcatacaaag ctcacacact tgagcacttt    160860
     tgtgcaacaa acacaattac tatgggaaac aatatcagat agctggatgt cagtgtggaa    160920
     acagaggtaa aagaattc                                                  160938