EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX248244; SV 7; linear; genomic DNA; STD; HUM; 54146 BP.
AC   BX248244;
DT   04-FEB-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-DEC-2012 (Rel. 115, Last updated, Version 15)
DE   Human DNA sequence from clone DASS-312M4 on chromosome 6
OS   Homo sapiens (human)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi; Mammalia;
OC   Eutheria; Euarchontoglires; Primates; Haplorrhini; Catarrhini; Hominidae;
OC   Homo.
RN   [1]
RP   1-54146
RG   Genome Reference Consortium
RA   Wood J.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (13-DEC-2012) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests: Geneservice
RL   ( and BACPAC Resources
RL   (
DR   MD5; 0a62b2752209ef6a618f92f1d9ec23cb.
DR   ENA-CON; GL000256.
DR   EPD; EP74443; HS_CLIC1_1.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204410; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204420; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204421; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204424; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSG00000204427; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Scaffolds; BX248244.7:1-54146; homo_sapiens.
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DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000435007; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000436030; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000437153; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000437889; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440063; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440095; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000440843; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000442105; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000443533; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444404; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444699; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444818; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000444880; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000445381; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000446062; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000446529; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000447101; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000447504; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000447587; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000447811; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000448386; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000449633; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000451411; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000451549; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000452856; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000453044; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000454138; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000455185; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000455632; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457366; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457450; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457795; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000457884; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000546528; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547161; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000547325; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000548592; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549543; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549722; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000549853; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550556; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000550719; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000551038; homo_sapiens.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENST00000552042; homo_sapiens.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   This sequence was generated from part of bacterial clone contigs
CC   constructed by the MHC Haplotype Consortium and collaborators.
CC   DASS-312M4 is from a DNA-arts SSTO human bac library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..54146
FT                   /organism="Homo sapiens"
FT                   /chromosome="6"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="DNA-arts-BAC.1-SSTO.1"
FT                   /clone="DASS-312M4"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:9606"
SQ   Sequence 54146 BP; 13241 A; 14142 C; 13905 G; 12858 T; 0 other;
     ggccattcaa gaacccttcc cacttcccac tccttagctc accagaaaca aagccagctg        60
     ccgccgtcca tctgcactca tgtcctcccc tgcagagagg aggcgctcaa aataggccac       120
     acatctgggt attcatcccc ttcctaggcc cttcccaccc tctctcctgc cccaggagct       180
     ccttacccac gctccagggg aagtcaggcc cgtgttctgc ctggtaggag cggaggacag       240
     acagacacca gtcctcttcc acctcccatc ggctataaat tgaggctggt cagggagaga       300
     gatgacagcc agtcagcaac ctgaccttgc tgggcccccg ccccaagcct cactggatcc       360
     cttctcacct tcctccagct gtgaggaggc ctccaaccac tgcctcacca ctcgaagacc       420
     ctcctctgcc atcacccggg gatacctacg gaggaagtgc caggacaggt cagggctgat       480
     tttttttcat tcaccatccc tgaaccttcc tccctccttc cctgtgctgg tatcagtatc       540
     tgtgtgtgta cactgccccc agcgcgcaca caccctggct ctcaccgatg ctgcaggagc       600
     ttcagcagga ggtcattgcc tcggttggac atgatgtcct caggaaccct gggggtgaga       660
     agaatgtacc ctggaggggc tggaggttag gaggaagggt ctagataccc aggtttctgg       720
     tgggcagagg tagaagggac aagttcctgg ccatctctgg ggttcctgag ggccgagatt       780
     cccacgcacg cactcacgtg gtggtgatga tctcatcctt ggttctccgg atcagcagta       840
     caggaccctg gtatcttcag agaacagagc agtgggaagg gagagctcag agggagacgg       900
     gtgacaactg gcccacccct atccctgcac tggtagcatt cttaccctcc ccttgctata       960
     gcacagccct tgacctagcc cttcactcag gggtgagagg ggattattta aggggcatgg      1020
     ttcagtctgg ccctgctggg agacccctgc cgtgccaggc cttaaccctt tggttgccag      1080
     atcctgaggt ggtccagagt cccaggggac ctgggagggg ttaggccagt tgaggtggtg      1140
     gcagggtcac tcaggatgtg agccagtggc cttttaccaa cttgcacttt agtactagtt      1200
     tcagggtttg agcgcccagc agagctgtat ggggggcagg tgttcaatgc cggacgctgg      1260
     ccggccctca cctgcacagc tgctccgcgt tgtttagatt gagatgctgc ctcacggtcc      1320
     tggtcaccag gccccctaga gtgggataaa ggtgaaggga tggcagagac aaagcccttg      1380
     cccaacataa aggtcctcac tattcacgga gaaagaaaac tgaggccccc agacaaagga      1440
     gtcctcctgc ttccaacaat ggggcgactt actccccacc caagaaaagg gagccatctc      1500
     agaacagttc ccagttccag cccacccctt cccaggaagg gcaggcctgg gagctgcact      1560
     cactccagct gtctggcatg accttcaagg ccaagggcac caggtcatca aaggaggcat      1620
     ccaggatcat ggcactaaca tctgggtagg acatggctgc ccacgtggct ggtaccaggg      1680
     cagggaagaa gagtaagaac tgagaaaggc tcctttctcc ccaccaccca tgctctcatc      1740
     ccactgaccc tataggccaa ccccattccc cctatgttat cccttgtttt tttcttaacc      1800
     tacttcactt ggttagggaa ctatctggag aggatgggga tagaacactg gagatagtgc      1860
     actgaagata atgggcagga aacattcact ttccctgatc tccccaccca ggacctgggt      1920
     ctgcttttcc ttttaatgac tgggcacaag aggggaagga aaggtgaagt gtatgcaaat      1980
     aggatagctt cttccaggcc cactcagaga ttctacttcc tctctcttct tccttgagcc      2040
     tccaccccac cccatttccc cacctctccc gggtggggct gggtggtcat gaatgtgtct      2100
     acagtggggg atgggaggga ggctggtacc agtgaagccg ccgatggacc aggcgtagat      2160
     gatgatgtcc tggggctgga agcccaggcg gtggatggca aactggacca ccacatccat      2220
     ggcattagcc tcattctgcg ggaatggcac cccctgcagg agaaagggca aagtcaggag      2280
     tgtgtcagca ccaaaggcca gctcacctgt ccctcccaac gtggacccct cctgcagcca      2340
     cctatgacag gcagagaagg tgtagaagga agggatggta ggagaggttg ttctctccag      2400
     aagacggatg tgtacaatga gatctacctc ctcctctcct gctagccccg cactgtgggg      2460
     atgggggcat ggctcccaat gctgccttca caacctccta gaccccagcc ctcaggtgag      2520
     tgggaggcct tcaagaaatc cacagcccct ctcctccctc caatggctga ccagagggaa      2580
     acagacataa ttcaggaaaa ggaagggatt cctgagatgg tctcaccgtg cttccagcaa      2640
     agcctggatg attccagccc aggactgaat atccagctgt aacacagggg gaggagggac      2700
     tgagaccttg tggcccacag ccctttctcc atccctgggg gaaggaagag cagaagtacc      2760
     ccccagctta gatgcaaata actccaagcc ttcccagaaa taggagatga caccagaggt      2820
     tctgaggcag cacagggagc agcatgtgat tgtgtggggt gtgtggtggg ggaatggaac      2880
     agaatgaaaa gcataatagc tagggacaca ggccagggga gggatgtaag gttatcaaag      2940
     caaatggcga gtggactttt ccctaaagct gagagactca aaacctcacc cagagaaagc      3000
     agaggccagg ggaggtcagg tcagtgtggg aggcagggac attccctttc aaagggcgga      3060
     gataaggagg ctgagtcacc gtcctacctt ccaggggcgt ggagacgcag cccacctcat      3120
     aaaacccagc attcccctca cagcagatca cctaggaagg aggcaggaag gaagggctgg      3180
     ggggccaagt tgggactgaa aaactccctt tgggcaggga gggcagccca tgaagagctt      3240
     tgcagggaag aggaaagggc aggtttctgt tttctccaag gggaatggaa gcttctcatt      3300
     ccacagggtc cataagagga gaagcaaagg gattacaaat actcctcaga ggctgacctg      3360
     ctcgaccacc cagccatgtc ttttccttgg aagattacca gctggatctc tttcaggaag      3420
     gggactatgg agatgttttt cctttctcgt tttcgggtct gttatcttct gtgaccattg      3480
     ctattgtgtg gtatgctgat tgctctccct atccctctct gagctccagt cttatggtca      3540
     gataaactgt aatgccatgg cgccccaagc tgaaacccac gaatggtggg atttgcatga      3600
     actctcataa cagatgggca gagccaggac tagaacccag ctccctagac tcctggctta      3660
     gcgctctttc cacggctgct tcatggaggt aggagacttt gaggccaggc tgcctgggtc      3720
     caaataccag ctctaccact tactgtgagg tccaggaaag gttttctgtg ccccagtttc      3780
     atctcctgta aaatgggcta atataagcag tacctatctc acgggattct tttgagaatt      3840
     aaatatatat gcttcatata tatatgagaa ttaaatatat ataagtgtga agtgctgtca      3900
     aagtggtaac tattaatatt agtttctcgt ccttgaacgt ctctcctact tcatctgttt      3960
     ctctatcaca gggtttcact acatcacaag gtctttagcg tggagctagg acatgagatt      4020
     atccccagta gtggttcctt cagggaggtg ctatagcatt ggggtcccca gacctctact      4080
     gccttcctca cactcacccc acctctgggc tctctgctcc ctcttaccag cttctgtccc      4140
     tggggctcag ctgtcccccg ccggtccaca aacatggtgt caatctcatt gccatcacag      4200
     gccagcagct ttgcccggcg cccattacac tgagtacgga agacgcaatg gccaagatgc      4260
     aagggtcagg aggccacatc acaggggtgg ggcggggtgg gtgggggtga gaggggaggg      4320
     ctttagggga tgtgcgggca gggaagcctc acctcttcca ccagtcgggc ctggccctgc      4380
     agcagcacag gcatgagggc cttctgcagc aggtacacag agcctggata cagcatccgg      4440
     cgccctaggg tgtgcgccac caggtagctg tggggaacac aggttaacaa accccaaccc      4500
     tggtgaggcc tggggactgt gctggggacc atcccagccc tagcactcac agactgtaag      4560
     gcctgcttta cccctgacct tcacagcttt actttcctct ttcaagcctt aatgaaatat      4620
     gtaccaggct agtgttttgc aaacttttct tactgcaacc tttgtaagat aaacatttta      4680
     tattgtggct cagtgcacac atatcctgta tgtacagaat tctgagagtt ttatgatgta      4740
     actgtctata cataataagt aaatgcaaag ttatcatcag attatgattc tgttaaaata      4800
     taagtacaac atattaaagg tccccaaata aataatgctt taaaaaatga tggttataat      4860
     tcaaaacctc aaatatggct tgcctccctg actaattagc acactgtcaa caaccaacca      4920
     ctaagtccac cctgttcctt ggtattctag aagctgcctc ctaactccca gcaaaagaaa      4980
     attcccagtg tctgttccac tataagatat aggtggttat ttccgttcct tctgacatca      5040
     tcagtaccca cgactgagct ttatttggga tttaccatgt gctctcaagc acccaggcaa      5100
     ggcaggagcc cttcagaaca tgttacctta cttaatctcc tcagcaacct tgcagggcag      5160
     gttcatcaca ggtgcagaca ctgaggcaca caggggcccg gagccaaggt ggaataacaa      5220
     cagggcagag gggccacgat gggtacacag atgctaccag agcctgccct agctacaagt      5280
     gtgtgtcctc cccaccccca ccccaccccc actgctcctt ttcagcctca ctgaaggagc      5340
     ttttgttcat atcccagttc tttacttact acatttgaga ctccagacct ctctgagcct      5400
     cttttcttca aacataaata tggataaaaa tgactttgcc ataaatgatc tacacaaacc      5460
     atacagcact aggcccaatg agtgacagct attttacaat ggagcgccca ctcccagagc      5520
     actcctgaaa tggcccctcc accccagtgg gcctctcctc gctgctgttt cccacctggt      5580
     gatctgacaa ggcagcttct taacccggtt gaggagggtg tctgctgtcc cccggtgcag      5640
     gggctctggg cgaagcaggg ccacaccccg gcgggaaggg ccccctcgag actccttcct      5700
     gaggaaggga aagatgcagg gaaggatagg gtcaggagca gcaagctgga tgtctgaggt      5760
     ctggagaaca gtggggtcta ggaacgacat aatggcattg gaaggcaggc actgtgacct      5820
     gagagggcat ggaggtggga gggcagagca gagattttct ggaatggttc taaggggaga      5880
     gatacagcaa aagaactggg gcctcaccgg ctgctgggtt cttcccagtg gaagtcgact      5940
     ggccagctcc ggaagtcaaa gttgtagttg gcaagctgcc tctgcagtgg gcacgagagg      6000
     caaaggggta ctgagaactc aggggaggct ctcctaccca ccctcaacaa caccttcgtt      6060
     atccaggggt ctgatcccca cacatcatgg ggaaaccaag cggaggtcaa taccctccca      6120
     attctcagat ggaaaattct aacaggacca gaaaatcagg ggagatggta tgccccatca      6180
     ggtatcagga ctggcctgtc tgccctcttc caagctaaga acctaacact ctgcttttct      6240
     aaaaaactaa gtctgaccca cccccaggag gagtggctga aggtgctagt gcttttgagt      6300
     gacgggtagt aggggtcgct ggctggtcac ggtctattcc ccacctgggt cccttatagg      6360
     gtgctgtctt agaagcttag aaatctccca gcagatcaca ctgacagacc caaggttgag      6420
     tgagacagag aggagggaag tcacgcccac agtgggctcc tctgccatgt ggggccaccc      6480
     gttgaaggaa gctctgactt ccatcctcac aactacatcc cttcctcaac tcctgcagcc      6540
     atggatcagt gttgccctac agcccatccg aacctcgggc caccccactg agccagtcca      6600
     catgcctttt tttttttttt tgaggcaggg tctcgtgctg ttgcccaggc tggaatgcag      6660
     ttggtgcaat catagctcac tgcagcctca aactcccagg cccaagtgat cctcctacct      6720
     tagcctctgg agtagctggg actacagaca tgtgctacca tgcccagcta atttttaaaa      6780
     ttttctttag agacaaggtc ttactatgtt gcccaggctg gtctccaact cctgggctga      6840
     agcgatcctc ctgccttggc ttccgaaagt gctgggatta taggcatgaa ccacctcacc      6900
     agctccacgt tttttgacgg cagtgggagc tgtgtctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt      6960
     ttttgagatg gagtctcact ctgtcgccca ggctggagtg cagtggcgcg atctcggatc      7020
     actgcaagct ctgcctcccg gcttcacgcc attctcccgc ctcagcctcc aagtagctgg      7080
     gactacaggt gcctgccacc accatgcccg gctaattttt gtacctttag cagagatggg      7140
     gtttcaccat gttagccagg atggtcttga tctcctgacc tcgtgatcca cccgcctcgg      7200
     ccttccaaag tgctgggatt acaggtgtga gccaccgcgc ccggcctagc tgtgtcttaa      7260
     tacttgacta tattcgtccc ccaccccctg agctcctagc actctatttt gagggttttt      7320
     attttctgca cagaaatttt ttgacatttc aaaaataatt tgactaacag agagcaatag      7380
     aaaaattata caaaaaggta aatggcaaaa caaaacaaga tgactaaaag caaatttcag      7440
     gcaggctttg ctcagacctg ctctcaaatc tggacttagc cactttcttg ctctatgact      7500
     ccgaatgggt cacttaacct ctttttgcct ctgttttctc acatttacaa ataaaggtaa      7560
     taatgccacc tcactcagct gttgtgagga tcagaaaggg tgtgtgccaa atgcttcagc      7620
     cagtagcata gtacagggca tcattacgca gctccatagt gtggagtagc caggaatgtg      7680
     atgatggtgg tcatagctgt ttgatcctag aaacctccca taacagaaaa gagctttatg      7740
     gggccccaaa gcccatcctc aaagataatc acagtccagc accagccggc ttggcataat      7800
     tcccaagaca ctgagcccta gcttttctcc ctcctggcac catgctgtac tcccaggcat      7860
     aggagtggac acacctgtcc accttgtccc atccacaaac aaggatagca tggtattcaa      7920
     tgcatacaac aaaattaaac atttatagaa ctgagctgct gtgatacaga gaaaactacc      7980
     ttctaagaaa cattgtgggc tgggtgcagt ggctcacacc tgtaatccca gcactttggg      8040
     aggccaaggc aggtggatca cctgaggtca ggagtttgag accagcctga ccaacacagc      8100
     taaaccccat ctctactaaa aatacaatat tagctgggcg tggtggcgca tgcctgtaat      8160
     cccagctact tgggaggctg aggcaggaga atcgcttgaa cccaggaggc ggaggttgca      8220
     gtgagctgga atcatgccat tgcacgccag cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa ctccatctca      8280
     aaagaaaaaa aaagaaacac tgtgggccag gcacagtggc tcacacctat aatcccagca      8340
     ctttggaagg ccaaggcagg cagatcgtct gcagtcagga gttcaagact agcctggcca      8400
     acatgatgaa accctgtctc tgctaaaaat acaaaaattg gccaggcacg gtggctcacg      8460
     cctgtaatcc cagcactttg ggaggccgag gcaggcggat cacaaggtca ggagatcaag      8520
     accatcctgg ctaacatggt gaaaccccgt ctctactaaa aataaaaaaa ttagccgggc      8580
     gtggtggcag gcgcctgtag tcccagctac tcagggggct gaggcaggac aatggcatga      8640
     acccgggagg ccgagcttgc agtaagctga gatggcgcca ctgcactcca gcctgggcga      8700
     cagagtgaga ctccgtctca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaatta actgggcgtg gtggtgtgca      8760
     cctgtaattc cagctactca ggaggctgag gcatgagcat tgtttgaacc cgggagttgg      8820
     aggttgtagt aaactgagat tgtaccacta tactccagcc tgagtaagag tgagactctg      8880
     tctcaaagaa gaaaaaaaaa aaaagaggcc aggagtggtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag      8940
     cactttggga ggctggggca ggcagatcgc ctgaggtcat gagttggaga ccagcctggc      9000
     caacatggtg aaaccccgtc tctacaaaaa atacaaaaat tagagggtgt gggtggtgcg      9060
     tgcctgtaat cctagctact caggaagctg agacaggaga atcacttgaa cctgggaggt      9120
     ggagagtgca gtgagccgag atcgtgccat tgcactccag cctgggcaac aagagcgaaa      9180
     ctccatctca aaaaaaaaaa aagaaaaaga aaaaagaaac attgtggaat gtttctagtt      9240
     tagccagttc ttacaggtga gggaggggga agattgttct agcagaatat tccattagaa      9300
     gtggtaggga ggaaaaattc ctcaggtgga cagttcacta atggaggtga gaagggatac      9360
     agcaatgtgc aagcaaacac ccagtgtggt gggtggtaaa acacacctcc tcttcctgca      9420
     gaagccagtg tctggtgctc tgagggacaa ctgagaaagc tgctattggg tgcctgtgtg      9480
     gcacttttcc tagggcctct caccttgttt tctgaagact ggttccgatg tgttgcttcc      9540
     aagatggtga tgaactgccg gtactggggg ttggtccagc ggccaatgcc tggtagaaaa      9600
     aggacaggaa acagtgctag gaaaactggg aagcagaaag cctaggtttt aggaaaagaa      9660
     ttggagatgg gctagaagaa ggccctgtaa gaaaaagtga aagaaaaagg aactgagggc      9720
     ataggatgcg gagaaataga tgtgagccaa cccccttcct ccaaatccag caactggcta      9780
     caggacgctt cttctcccta gcttctgcag tttgtgtctt tatagacaat ccttaaccta      9840
     ccatcttcca gaatgttcct cttcctcagt ctttaaacac tgtcatataa cctattaaat      9900
     gacactatta aacactatca tataatacta ttctcccttg cgaatatcaa atttctctat      9960
     ttttcactgc cactcttctc caatgtttgc tttctgcctc ttttctgtat attctagccc     10020
     cttgccatct ggcttcagag tctccgactc ctgcccataa ttacttcctc actgaattcc     10080
     tgactcttct atcctcattc tcttcaactg tactactcag cattctccct gtccctcaag     10140
     attcttcctg cctctgcttc ctgggcccat ccttgactcc ttccagttcc tgaacagttc     10200
     ctctcctgcc tcctttctgc tttcctttct gaagcagaag caactctcag tgctgactct     10260
     ctctcctctc tcttttcact tacacagtca gtgattgcat ccactctcct ttcactgctg     10320
     agccacctca aaccctaact tctctcctca ctgacttggc aggtgtcgtg tgtcagacag     10380
     gcaccgtact acacacggga gactcagcag gaaatgagat acacagctcc tggctctcag     10440
     agagctggca ttctggttgg ggttaggtac agccaggaga agacaataaa caacatttca     10500
     gagagggata agtgctacag agaaaataca acaagaatga accagaactt tatgtgtcat     10560
     caatggtatt cccccaaaac gatatgatga gagaatgatg tgtgctgcag aatgatttgt     10620
     acaacattta tgccaaaaat gtaaaatgtg caaaataata catactgctt atagatacca     10680
     tatttcatag attctaaaat gtatattttt taacccttga aaactctgaa attagaattc     10740
     attttacaat tgatggcagc ttagacttga ggaactgagg tatatgtttc ataaaagtat     10800
     gtgccagaaa aaaaaaaaaa cccacaccaa atgacaatta ttacttctga ggaaagagga     10860
     agatgggact gaaaggattc caatgggaac tccaacccta actgtggtgc tttagtattt     10920
     tgttgacaga aagcatttaa agcaaatatc acaaaactat atataaaaaa aaaatcacaa     10980
     aactatacat caaaaaattt aaaaaggctt ttatattttg ttctctggac ttttctgtat     11040
     tttttctttt ttcttttttt tgagacagag ttttgctctt gttgcccagg cgggagtgca     11100
     atgatgtgct ctcggctcac tgcaacctcc gcctcccggg ttcaagtgat tctcctgcca     11160
     cagcctccca aatagctggg attacaagcg cccgccacca tgcacagcta attttttctg     11220
     tattttttct aaattaaaaa taaataaaat aaaaaactaa gacaaaactg agcagtggga     11280
     gctactttta gacagggtgg tcagggaagg cctctctgag gagagagccc agccctgcag     11340
     agatcagggg gcagaacacc tcaggcagaa ggtcctggac ccaactgtga ccatccagcc     11400
     ctgaccccac cacccccatg ttgaagcatc gcccatcacc tggttgtcat cttatgtacc     11460
     cactaggggt aggtgatctg tcctctttat ttttttaaat tgcgagatac aacatatgta     11520
     cataaaacat atattcagtt taaaaaatac aaagcaaaca ttcatgtgac tatcacctag     11580
     gtcaacaaag agaacacagc cacctctcag cagggctctc ccccactctg ttctccccca     11640
     ccccaggtaa tcactctcct aacttttgag aaaagcatgc ccttgctggg cgcggtggct     11700
     caagcctgta atctcagcac tttgggaggc cgaggcgggt ggatcacgag gtcaggagat     11760
     tgagaccatc ctggctaaca cggtgaaacc ccatctctac taaaaaataa aaaaaaacct     11820
     agccgggtgt ggtggtgggc gcctgtagtc ccagctactc gggaggctga agcaggagaa     11880
     tggcgtgaac ccgggaggcg gagcttgcag tgagccgaga tcgcgccact gcactccagc     11940
     ctgggggaca gagcgagact ccgtctcaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag aaaaccatgc     12000
     ccttgttgtc ttcggtgttc tacctcaaac atgcacatcc cttttgaatt ttatataaat     12060
     gaaaacatac tgcatacatt attttgtggt tagcttcttc tatttaacac aacatttgag     12120
     aaattcatct gcattgcttt tgtttatctg gagacagagt ctcgctctgt cacccagact     12180
     ggagtgcagt ggtgctatct tggctcactg caacctctgc ctcccaggtt caagcagttc     12240
     tcatgcctta gcctcccaag cagttaagac tataggcatg tgccaccatg cccagttaat     12300
     tttttgtatt ttattttttc tgagatggag ccttgctctg ttgcccagga tgcagtacag     12360
     tagcgcaatc ttggctcact gcaacctctg cctcttggat tcaagcaatt ctactgcctc     12420
     agcctcccga atagctggga ttacaggtgc tcaccaccat acctggctaa tttttttttg     12480
     tatgtttagt agagacgggg tttcaccatg ttggacagac tggtcttgaa ctcctgacct     12540
     ctggtgatct gcctgcttca gcctaccaaa ctgctaggat tacaggcatg agccactgca     12600
     cctggcttca tctgcgttgt tgagcgtagc tacagtttgt tcatttgcat tgctatatag     12660
     tgttctcttg catggctatt gcatggaact tttttttttt tttgagacgg agtcttgctc     12720
     tgttgcccag gatggagtgc agtagcgcaa tctcgtctca ctgcaacctt tgcctcccag     12780
     gttcaagcta ttctcctgcc tcagcctcct aagtagctgg gattacaggc atgtgccacc     12840
     atgcccagct aatttttgta tttttggtag agacggggtt ttaccatgtt ggtcaggctg     12900
     gtctcaaatt cctgacctcg tgatccactg gcctctgcct cccaaagtgc tgggattaca     12960
     ggcatgagcc accacacccg gccacacaga acatatttta tccatcctac tatttgtagc     13020
     cactggagtt gtttccagct taggattatt acaaacaatg ttgtatgctg tattcttgta     13080
     catctatatt gtttatacat gtgcaggagt tttcctagta tgtatacata tatagaattg     13140
     ttgtagggta tatgcatctt ttctagataa aagcagccag gcatagtggc tcacatctat     13200
     aatcccagta cttcgggagg ctgaggtggg aggatcactt tgagttcagg agtttgagac     13260
     cagcctggac aacatggtga gaccctatct cttaaaaaaa aaaaagcaaa cctttttgtt     13320
     acttttcagt aattttttat atttataacc caagtctttt aaggaaaaga tcatgcctta     13380
     aaccattctc aatgattccc tctcggaggc ccatcactaa aatgtatttg cacaaggtac     13440
     ttaattttta accagtgaca gtgacagata agattcaaac caggtttcct ctccacctac     13500
     ctcggaggca ggccacacct gccagaagta gcagcaatgt cccagcatag tgagaaaacg     13560
     gcaccacttt ggacaaactc aagtaacctg ggaagggaga gggacaatgt gagaccctct     13620
     ccgcaatgtc cctcagctcc tcttcccagt tcagccccaa cctccacccc acactccctg     13680
     tttggaacag ccatacccta agaggaagaa gatgcctgat ggaagaggga agccaagcca     13740
     tcttcacagg tcccctctcc tctttaggga gctggctcat ctgccaacaa cctgcccatt     13800
     tgctacccca ccacctttga aaccacactg acctttcctg tacaagtaga agaaggcgaa     13860
     gggagaggag taataagaga tggaccagaa tactgaagcc tgcagcagag agacagggac     13920
     aggcaatcaa tacacacaca cacacacctg ccattccagg catatactat acactctgag     13980
     caagatggac aacctgaggg atatcatatc atatttggtg tatgacacca tgaatacagt     14040
     aggtgctcag tatttgttga aaagtagtgt gtcaatgtaa tggaggctgg gaaaatttgg     14100
     tacaggctct attttcttcc tctggaatta tggaagaatt atgtcttcca tctccagaca     14160
     taattccatc acatttaaag gcagtctctc tgtctactca agttaatcaa gccttttcaa     14220
     ttggccctgc tcaggacagc ccctggcctg gtccccaaga gatgcgcaaa cgtcaccaca     14280
     ggaactgtgc cagaaagaac agctgtccct gcagccaaag aggttagttg ccagggagga     14340
     caggtcactg gggaactgca ggacttagca cctgcagatg gtcccaagag taaacatgtt     14400
     ttccttacgg ctcaggttgc ccccagagaa agcagtgcta cataccaaag gggagtgcca     14460
     agtatgcaca tttagagtgt gcctgtgtgt ctgtgttgga gaggtctgct gcagagccca     14520
     gggcatcccc caaccccagg gcactgttgc tcccaagtta gggagggcta agttcaagag     14580
     gacaggtggg tctgaaagat gcagagtccc agatgccagg gtagacatac cagtgccagg     14640
     atgctgtcag catgtttctc cagggcacgg ggctgatagt acgtatcctg ccaaaacaga     14700
     tggcctcctt aaggaccctg cccactggca ggtcctttcc cttccctttc agaagccctg     14760
     ctgtgtgtcc tctggttcta gtctcgttga ctatctctct tgaaacatcc ctggccccca     14820
     cagaaactcc tcttcctcac cctcactctg aacctaattt cccacccctg accatgggaa     14880
     caaacacagg gagctggatt tggaagcaaa agtgaaagca gcattggacg atttttgctc     14940
     cttttccaca gcctagtttc aaatggattg caggcgcgtg catgtgggga gaagggttag     15000
     tttgagaaga aagaaaagac acctagacaa tctaagaagg aaagaaaagc atcagaaata     15060
     agagtagttg actaagaaga gaatgtgggt aggagcgggc agtttgtagg agacagtaac     15120
     acaatgagac aactgataaa aaggaagaga atatttagaa cagcctacca ccacccgcca     15180
     gctctccaga atacaatgac tcgggtctcc aggctaggtt gggcgggggt tgaggggagg     15240
     accgacggat acaggatctg taaaagtcat tctgaaattc aaggcgaggg taaagggaag     15300
     ataaaaacag agccggggga ggcatgaaga ggcactgaag aagaggaaac tgggagtctg     15360
     acagcaaaat tcaacggctc cccagtccgc gcagggtctc ttcccgggac tcaagactca     15420
     actgggaccg gcacgaacca cgacacacag ggtcgggggg acgcggagag gaaagaacaa     15480
     agagtggcag tcggaatgag aaagcggtaa agagcgaaaa agaaaggagg cggccagtcc     15540
     gtaggcgtga ctttaactca ggaagcacac agagcgcaga ttttgcggat aactggcttg     15600
     acaagcaggc tccccttatt tcccattatg ggcacttctg gggagcaaaa ggccgtaaag     15660
     ggtttggact gtaccacgtt cttcggtggg gaggaactcg actcacccag gagctggaat     15720
     ggggggcagt gactgccgtt ggcgtctcag ggacgctggc cggggccctt tcagagtccc     15780
     tctcccggta gattttgtag agccgggggc ctaggacgca gctcagcagc ttcgccatgg     15840
     ccccggctcg ggccgctgct cttccagcag caggtccccc tgccggcccc gccctccctg     15900
     cctctgaggt gttgtgtgcc cttgacgtca gcccgtaccg gctccgcctc cgggcgagtt     15960
     gcgacatttt cagtgcttcc tgagaagagt ttcgcgcagt tggagctacg ggtacagcag     16020
     tggtccgaaa ctagtggaag accactagaa cgcggagaat cagaaaatta ccgggcatgg     16080
     ttcaataatt tttttctgtc tcattattgg cagactctag agcgacagcg gaaacgaggg     16140
     gtgagattag gagtacttga taagagtaac cgaaaacata aggtgtctag gaatgtatct     16200
     agtacaagaa atgcaaggtt ttatgaagaa aactataaaa agttattgaa aaggcaaact     16260
     ggcccggccc ggcgcagtgg ctcacgcctg tagtcctagc actttgggag gccgaggcgg     16320
     ggggatcact tgaggccagg agttcgagac cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccccatct     16380
     ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agcctggcat gggtggtgcg cgcctgtaat cccagctact     16440
     cgggaggccg agacgcgaga atcgcttgaa cgcgggaggc agaggttgca gtgagccgag     16500
     atcttcccac tgcacttcag ccttggtgac agagcaagac tctgtctcta aataaataaa     16560
     taaaggtaaa ctggcccagc gcggtggctc acgcctgtaa ttccaacact ttgggtggcc     16620
     gagggatgat tgcttgcgtc caggagttcc aggccatgac tcatgcctgt aattccaaca     16680
     cttggggtgg ctgagagagg attgcttgcg ccctggagtt ccaagccagc ccaggcaaca     16740
     tagtgagacc ccatctctac acaaaatacc aagggggaaa aaaaaaagac ctagcagggt     16800
     gtggtggtgc ccacctgtag tcccagctac ttgggaggcc aaggtgggag ggtcgcttga     16860
     gcccgggagt ttgagatcgc tccatgcact ccagcctggg tgacagagcc agaccctgcc     16920
     tcaaaataat aacaataata attgaaaaaa taaaaaaaga aagaggtaaa cgaaaagctt     16980
     ttcaataaat ggaaagctac accatggtcc tggatacgaa aattcagcac agtaagatat     17040
     gcggaatatt tgtaaaaaga aaataaatga atcattactg ttatgcatga actggatctt     17100
     aaaaccatga tgctgagtga aaatagaaag ccacagaaga atgtatacgt gatactagta     17160
     tattagattc aaaaacacat aaaatttaat gataaagcaa gtggagaaga aagagaaaat     17220
     tcagaattgt ggttacacag catagaggat ctctgactga aacggaatat tctttttttc     17280
     tgtttttttt tttttttttt tttttgagac agggtctagc tctttcaccc aggctggagc     17340
     acagtggcac aatcacggct cactgccctg atcctccacc tgctgggctc aaccatcttt     17400
     ctgcctcaac ctcctgagta gctgggacta taggcccaca ccaccatact cggctaattt     17460
     tacaaggtct caccatgttg cccaggctgg tctcgaactc ctgggctcaa gtgaacctcc     17520
     tgctttggcc tcacagagtg ctgggattac aggcatgagc cactgtgcct ggcctggaat     17580
     attctatttc tttttctttt ttttttttcg agaccgagtt tcgctcttat tgcccaggct     17640
     ggagtgcaat ggcccgatct cggctcacca caacctctgc ctctggggtt caagcgattc     17700
     tcctgcctca gcctcccaag tagctgagat tacaggcatg taccaccatg ccctgctaat     17760
     ttttttattt ttagtagaga tggggtttct ccatgttggt caggctggtc ttgaactcct     17820
     gacctcaggt gatccgcctg tctcatcctc ccaaagtggt gggattacag gcatgagcaa     17880
     ccgagtccgg cctggaatat tctatttatt tatttattta tttattattt atttattttt     17940
     ttgagacgga gtctcgctct gtcaccaggc tggagtatag tggcatgatc tctgctcacc     18000
     gcagcctctg cctcctgagt tcaagcgatt ctcctgcctc agcctcctga gtagctggga     18060
     ctacaggcat ccaccaccac actcagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtagag acagggtttc     18120
     accatgttgg ccaggatagt ctcgatctct tgacctcgtg atccgcctgc ctcagcctcc     18180
     caaagtgctg ggattacagg cgtgagccac ggcatctggc ctttattttc agagttgggg     18240
     tcttgctctg ttgcccaacc tcaaacttct ggcttcaatc aaccctccca ccttggcctc     18300
     caaaagtgtt aggattgtag acatgagcca ccatgcctgg ccaggcttct tttactctca     18360
     ttatattgtg agattcaact ttgttgcaaa tcactaggtt tgttcattct cattgctgtc     18420
     cagtcttcta ctctgttaag catttatcca ttatatagtt gtacttcata tagtttttgg     18480
     tatgtatgga atatttcatc aaaataattt taaaaataaa taaattacac attaaaactg     18540
     taataactgc atgaagatct gccttaggag tttttgccgt tcagaaggat gaatcagccc     18600
     gttagccttg tccctgagta ataatttaat acacttatta gggtttcagg agaggtccgg     18660
     ggtatgccag acaaccacag ggaaagtcat tccaaatcat ttacgggaca ctgactcgat     18720
     acacagtctt gtgctgggtt ctgtggagga ccaacataaa aactcaaact cagtttcttc     18780
     actcatagct gacatttctt ttcttttctt ttctttttct tttttttttt tttttttttt     18840
     tttgagatga agtctcgctc tgtctcccag gctggagtgc agtagcacga tctcggctca     18900
     ctgcaacctc cacctcccgg gttcaagcga ttctggtgcc tctcagcttc ctaagtagct     18960
     gggattacag gcacatgtca ccacgcctgg ctaatttttg tattttttgt agagacaggg     19020
     tttcgccatg ttggccacgc tggtctcgaa ctcctgacct caagtgatcc acccaactca     19080
     tggctgacct ttcttaggag tgaaagagac ctcagaatgt acttccagac tgacaagagc     19140
     tagacaggca ggaccacttc tctgcatggt tttttgcatg gaaagtcttt atttgagccc     19200
     cttagctgat gtggaatcag aagagcaaaa aggtcatctt cagagtggcc tgggctgggt     19260
     ccttttctct ccaggataga aaagtggtgg tcactttatc cctagtagac atgctgctgg     19320
     gctttatcgc cccagcattc ccatcccctc cagagcccct tgtcactcca gaccagcgag     19380
     tgtgggcctt tatctggact ctgcttcctc cctggggaca ccaggtcttg gagcaagaga     19440
     acttggcagg ctctccccat ggcagtctta ttcctcctcc tgttcctatg tggaactccc     19500
     caggctgcag gtaaggggca agaggtacgg gattccttag ctatttgcaa ggttggggag     19560
     ggactactgc tctttctcct aggagcctgg cgaaggcatc tgactcaaga agatagaatt     19620
     accccaacca acctcctcct gcctctgaca ctagggaaga cccagaggca acgagggtcc     19680
     aggttatgca gtttccttta taaaataaga agaatgagta aatgcttcca gaaaagtaga     19740
     aatgagtaga agagatgtgg gcatttgcca actttcagcc ttttccctct tgccctcaga     19800
     ccccctcact ggctggggga gagaggagga aagcccttac cctcttctct ccacctgtct     19860
     tatttttgta gctgtcactt gagaaatgtg gtcaccagcc aggcctgtgc tgggggaccc     19920
     cagaagggaa ggaagccagg gttgaagatc aaatgggggg ttattgatct gatggaggtc     19980
     tctggcctca tacaaccctc ttcccacaga caacatgcag gccatctatg tggccttggg     20040
     ggaggcagta gagctgccat gtccctcacc acctactcta catggggacg aacacctgtc     20100
     atggttctgc agccctgcag caggctcctt caccaccctg gtagcccaag tccaagtggg     20160
     caggccagcc ccagaccctg gaaaaccagg aagggaatcc aggctcagac tgctggggaa     20220
     ctattctttg tggttggagg gatccaaaga ggaagatgcc gggcggtact ggtgcactgt     20280
     gctaggtcag caccacaact accagaactg gagggtgtac gacgtcttgg tgctcaaagg     20340
     tgagtggggg catgcagacc aggggctact gtggcccagg aagtccaggt gaagaactga     20400
     ggaatccctc tctcccctac aggatcccag ttatctgcaa gggctgcaga tggatccccc     20460
     tgcaatgtcc tcctgtgctc tgtggtcccc agcagacgca tggactctgt gacctggcag     20520
     gaagggaagg gtcccgtgag gggccgtgtt cagtccttct ggggcagtga ggctgccctg     20580
     ctcttggtgt gtcctgggga ggggctttct gagcccagga gccgaagacc aagaatcatc     20640
     cgctgcctca tgactcacaa caaaggggtc agctttagcc tggcaggtaa actgaggaag     20700
     gagacggaaa gggatgttct ttcacttcag cctcccaagt agctggaatt acaggcgcct     20760
     gccaccatgc ctggataatt ttttgtactt ttagtagaga cgagatttca ccattttggc     20820
     caggctggta tcaacctcct gacttctagt gatctgcctg cctcagtctc ccaaagtgct     20880
     gggattatag gcatgagcca ccgcaccttt aaattttttg tagagacagg atcttgctat     20940
     gttgcccagt ctggtctcaa actactggcc tcaaatgatc ctcctatctt ggtctcccaa     21000
     agtgctgggg ttacaggcat gagccatcac atctggctat tttttcttga aagaaagggt     21060
     gaattactat aaagggtgtg aggggaaagt gtggttatgg ctggtggtct gctctgtagt     21120
     tggttgccca tgcgtgagca gggggcattg ccattctcta ctttttattt tattttattt     21180
     tattttatta ttattaggcc aggcatggta gctcaatcct gtaatcccag cactttggga     21240
     ggccgaagca ggcggatcac ttgaggttgg gagttcaaga ccagcctgac taacatggag     21300
     aaattctgtc tctactaaaa atacaaaatt agccgggtat ggtggcacat gcctctaacc     21360
     ccagctactc gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tcacttgaac ctgggaggtg gagggcgcag     21420
     tgagccaaga tcacgccatt gcactccagc ctgggcaaca agagcgaagc tctatctcaa     21480
     aaaaaaaatt gtatttttag tagagacggg gtttcaccat gttggccagg atggccttga     21540
     tctcttgacc tcatgatctg cctgcctcag tctcccaaag tgttaggatt ataggtgtga     21600
     gccaccacgc ctggcctttt tttttttttt tttttttttt ttttgggatg gagacttgtt     21660
     ctgttggcca ggctggaatg cagtggcacg atcttggctc actgcaacct ctgcctcttg     21720
     ggttcaagct attctcccat ctcagcctcc tgagtagctg gactacaggt gcctgccacc     21780
     acgcctggct aacttttgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtttttttt tgtttttttt ttgagacaga     21840
     gtctctctct gtcgccaggc tggagtgcag tggcgcaatc ccggctcact gcaacctctg     21900
     actccctggt tcaagtgatt ctcctgcctc agcctctcga gtagctagga ttacaggcat     21960
     atgccaccac gtccagctaa tttttgtatt tttagtggag ccggggtttc accatgttgg     22020
     ccaggatagt ctcaatctcc tgacctcgtg atctgcccgc cttggtctcc caaagtgctg     22080
     ggattacagg tgtgagccac agcgcccggc ctcttttttg tgtttttagt agagatgggg     22140
     tttcaccatg ttggtcaggc tggtctcgac ctcctgacct caggtgatcc acccacctcg     22200
     gcctcccaaa gtgctgggat tacaggtgtg aaccactgcg cctggcctca atttttatac     22260
     tttcagtaga gatgaggttt catcatgttg accaggctgg tcttgaactc ctgacctcaa     22320
     gtggtctgct cgccttggcc tcctaatgtg ctggaattac aggcatgagc cactgtgcct     22380
     ggccgccatt ctctatgggt cagggtgaga ggcctggaaa ggggcagagt agggtggagg     22440
     atattgtggg cagggaagct tacaaagtct tctgttggaa gagcccacca gactgtggag     22500
     gggaagcctc tctttggggc acagggacag ggcccctcac tacctccctc ccatccctct     22560
     ggtctggccc ttactacagc ctccatcgat gcttctcctg ccctctgtgc cccttccacg     22620
     ggctgggaca tgccttggat tctgatgctg ctgctcacaa tgggccaggg agttgtcatc     22680
     ctggccctca gcatcgtgct ctggaggcag agggtccgtg gggctccagg cagaggtgag     22740
     tccctccctc cccggggaaa gaagagggca catgggtggg aggcaaaggg ctaggctcac     22800
     accctgcctc tgtaccccac ctcctctagg ggagggggcg aggaacacgg ctctaagttg     22860
     tctgctgact tctcttctgt atccctgatg gctccttctc cccagatgcc tcgattcctc     22920
     agttcaaacc cgaaatccag gtctatgaga acatccattt ggcccgtctt gggtgaggaa     22980
     cagctaggga acagaggctt aaatcctgga ggggactggg gatggagagg aaacacgggt     23040
     tgggttgggg atgggccctc gttcctgagg atgtgaaaag tagaggtatc cttaatctgt     23100
     ctctctggaa aaccccacag cccacctgcc cacaagccca ggtgattttg gtgacatctg     23160
     ctgggaagtg tgacctgctg tctcgctggc catctggcac ctggaagatt cctcgacaac     23220
     cttagcaagg ggggcgggac tgagagttcg acttcaccat ccagctggcc tccagcagcc     23280
     accaagctgt gtatggggag gggtggggga ctgaaggaaa ggaggagcat tattctgtga     23340
     tgtaacctac aaaaaggttt ggtctcctgt cttgtagcag cagtggaggg atggccctga     23400
     gcccatagta ctgtggggtt gaggggagcc tgaggttgct ggtgggggca aggaggatgg     23460
     gtgtgcacag ggaggagaca ggaatctgga gacttgagca atggtgggga atccattgca     23520
     gtggagctga aggacaaatg gggaaaacgg gggaagagag agaagggaag agactcaagt     23580
     cagagaaagt ggaaagagat ggacagaggg agaaaaatag aagcacaaag tgggaggatg     23640
     gagggacaga gaaaatggaa agcctcaacc catctctaaa ttaagccaga cccccactac     23700
     cccatgtctc atcctcacaa agaagagagg gaacaggcat atttaatcaa ccccagactt     23760
     cctcacatgc aaggggaggg aactgagtca ggatagagat gcctgtgctc agctcccacc     23820
     cggggccccc tccttatcct tccttatcct aggcacacac tcttccctgt ggcgccttac     23880
     cggggcattc agagcatgtg agcagctatc gccactctgg cacttccttc ctgctgccct     23940
     gaggtcacac cctatttctc gggggcagag ggagtgtcta ctcaggctgg caggcccagt     24000
     gggggtatgt tatttattgg gccggggcca tgctgggatg tctgtgaacc atgggcgagt     24060
     ctgggctggt gaagcgaggg aggatattga tgctcccaac ttggccattc cctagtctca     24120
     ggcagaaatg agctgagctc cagccacacc ctcacaagca gctccactgg gtgccctttt     24180
     gtgtctctgc tcaagcttgg gccttactgg aaaaaagctt tctcagaagt ctcacctaaa     24240
     ggcttcaggc tgcaggggct taaactaagc cattggcaag aaaaaggacg aaaatgacac     24300
     agatggagaa tgaggggagt gccgtggtcc aggttccagc tccagcccaa cccaccaagc     24360
     agctacagtt tgctcttaga gcacacacac acagacacac acacacacac acacacacac     24420
     acacacacac acactgcagt atctgcagta ttactggact cctagataga ccttttatta     24480
     aaggtactct tcatagtccc ccaagccctc catcctgagt tcccgaccta ccacattagt     24540
     ctttcctagc aagactctcc tccttaccat acctgatgct cctttgatcc ccttgcctga     24600
     gatccacagt gtcatcaaaa tgcctgcctt gccagtgacc tgggctgaca cggggcatca     24660
     gcaatgggca tctagaaaag acaaaagacg cagaataggt gttctttatg aggttggact     24720
     ctgggcaggt gcctccccag gccttgtgag gggtctgtga ggggtctgct gagagatctg     24780
     gggtctctgt acaaaattag gttctcgggc atgtctcaaa gtgtctgtgc aggtgtttcc     24840
     agggccgcag tgatggcggg gggtatcctg ggttgggggc tgcagatcca cggaagctag     24900
     tggaggaggt gtcctctccc agcgaagctg gccacaaaga ggggcaggga ggcgaggagg     24960
     ctggtgagct gctgtgggga agcggctatg ttgcacaggt cctgctcgca gcagtggtgc     25020
     cacagagtgt aggagtgcag ccagtaggtg gcatagcctg gcagagggca ctgggccctt     25080
     gagaggcagc tttttcactc agtgatctca ctctggtctg tgggatgaaa gaggcatgct     25140
     gaggcggggg ccacaggaaa ggccggatgg atggaggtag ggagcctcct ggagaagggc     25200
     cattggacca gagtcctacc tgaagtgcca atactgatgc cacaagcttc atcgtcccga     25260
     cactcggtgg gaacagggtg gcagggtttg gtgaagccac agatgtagca gcggagcctt     25320
     ccccgggcag gggacatggt gagacctgtt gaggcagcag agattaggag agcaggagag     25380
     gcaaaccctc cctgtggggc aggcagaggc cagatccgga gagggatcac agagagaggt     25440
     gacacatgaa gcagagagag gaaagctgtg gaataaggga ggaaagctga cagaagtaga     25500
     aaaaatagct gggcgcagtg gctcacgcct gtaatcccag cacgttggga ggccgaggcg     25560
     ggctgatcat gaggtcagaa gattgagacc atcctggcta acacagtgaa accccgtctc     25620
     tactaaaaat acaaaaaatt agccgggcat ggtggcacat gcctctagtc ccagctactt     25680
     gggaggctga ggcaggagaa tctcttgaat ctgggtggct gaggttgcag tgagccgaga     25740
     tcatgccact gcactccagc ctgggtgaca gaacgagact ctgtctcaaa aaaaaagagg     25800
     gagacgatgc aggaaaagaa acagagatgg aggcaagagg ggtacaggga ttgagagatg     25860
     cgcagacatg aacagaagcc acaagaatca gagaccaaca taaaaagagt gagacaaaaa     25920
     gccagaccca gcagcaggga agttgagggg gtcagtgaaa aagttaagta aatggcacca     25980
     gagacagata ggaaaataga aattgacatt gaccaaaggg cccagcacag aagcaacacg     26040
     tgaaataagg gataggggag acaggggcgg atcaaagatg cagcaagggg gagacagtta     26100
     ttctcaaatg ccttgaaagg aaactcttcc tttcccacct catcaggctg gccttcccag     26160
     tggctggtct ccctgaagtc ccccactccc ccagctctct tcttggcctc ttccagcacc     26220
     cacacccctc tcctccccag ccctcaggtt cctccacatg cccttgtccc cacccccagc     26280
     cccctgacca ctgaaggttc cccagcccac ccttacccag tgccccacag aggaacagca     26340
     cgcagaggaa gatgctggag gtgcccatgg ccagacacag gctcaggaat ctgggagagg     26400
     tgatctgcac cccgagatcc cgggatttgt agagttggag catttgagca agacagtgag     26460
     gaaccagtaa acaaacacac ctagggagtg aatctggggg gcggaaccat gaccagattc     26520
     accagcctga cccagcaggc agcgggggcc cccagcctgc ccctgcaagg agtctgccct     26580
     tgcctggagg gtctcctctg ctctctcagc atgttgtctc tgtaacttag cttcctctcc     26640
     tgctcctgag ttgtgtctgt cgccttccct cctactcctc cccctccctc cccatgtctc     26700
     aagctgctcc ctggctctct cagcttctct ctgtctttgt tttctctgtc tttccccctc     26760
     agtgctttca tgtctctcaa agtcaccctc ctaaacagcc ccggcgtgga tctgtttgag     26820
     tgtagaatca acaatacccc cacccacaca cccacatgca cacacaaagc ccagctgtgt     26880
     aagggcggac cccacccagc ttcagatccc tttgatcccc ccaagcttca acattcctac     26940
     cctgtaatta tccctgccag ctttactacc ttggaggaaa gaaataacca cgggtggggc     27000
     tggagggcct gctgatgtgc ttgcactggg gagaaatcac tagaaaggaa ggcatggatg     27060
     ggatttgggg taggggggtg gtgatacagc ctggaaggct ggggttgaag agactgggaa     27120
     ggaggaaggc ccatctgggg aatcagagcc agcatgtacc aggaggagta agactaggaa     27180
     cagggagtga agatagggga gacacaggtg cccaggagag cagctctttt caaaaatatt     27240
     gatctcagga cctctttaca cttttcaaag ttacttaaga ctctgaagag cttttcttta     27300
     tgaggttata tcaatattta ctacattaaa aattaaaaca gaaaatttaa agtaggtatt     27360
     tattgattta tttaaacaat aaaaataata aagtattaca tgctaacaaa atacagtttt     27420
     gtgaaaaata actattattt ctccacagca cagtgagaag ctgagcattg ctttacattt     27480
     ttgtgaatct agtgtcaggc ttcgtgggag atgcctgggt tttcctatct gcttctgcat     27540
     tcagtctgtt gggatatgtt gttttcgttg aagtccagta tatgaagaaa atctgacctt     27600
     acacagatag ttgcaaaagg aggaccctca aggaccctgt gaaagggtat cagggatcct     27660
     caggggttct tgttggtcca cagactgctg ctgaggataa aggagtttga ggactccaga     27720
     ggatgctgag agcatgctgt ggggcccctc cctgtcccca ctggggccct tggtgcctgc     27780
     tgggggagac tctttcttcc ttttttatag ccctataaag ctcaaggcac gggggatata     27840
     aggcaggcag agccgggctg gggagggggg tgggcaggag gtagaggcgg tcctgacacg     27900
     ggcagactgc gatgaaaccc cagtttgttg ggatcttgct cagctccctg ctaggggctg     27960
     ccttgggtaa ggaggcggcc agctagcttc tcacacaggc cttctgccag ccggctccac     28020
     cgagggccca ggtccagcgc ctcttttctc ctgccaggaa accgaatgcg gtgctacaac     28080
     tgtggtggaa gccccagcag tacttgcaaa gaggccgtga ccacctgtgg cgagggcaga     28140
     ccccagccag gcctggaaca gatcaagcta cctggaaacc gtgagtcctc agtttctccc     28200
     tcttccagca gcctttccct gcctccagcc ccatgtcaat ccttctggct tccagaaccc     28260
     tccaggctca gtctggctct gggcagatgg tgcagctgtt agaggagagc agtctgtacc     28320
     ccttctggct cctggcacgg agcccctgag aggcccacag tccttgtgcc cccacttccc     28380
     cacctcctta ttctcctaaa agaatctcat aggcccatta gctcacaaat gaagagctct     28440
     ggccctgaaa ggccaaagtt aaaaccaaac ttcaaatttt cggcattagt taaggaccag     28500
     ggaggggtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtacat gtttttaata     28560
     ttttatttta acataatttt ggattgacag aaaagttgca gaaatactca acttctccta     28620
     atgctaacat cttacataac catagcacaa ttatcaaaat cacaaaataa ctgatacaat     28680
     actactaact aatctacaga ctttatttga tttagcaaga tcctacattg catttagctc     28740
     tcatgtcttc ttagtctcct ctgatctgtg ccagttctgt ttttctttgt ctttcatgac     28800
     cctgacacat ttgaagagcc ctgataaatt attttatacc tggagtttaa aaaattactt     28860
     ttagggccag tgcagtcact cgcacctgta atcccagcac tttaggaggc caaggtggga     28920
     ggaccacttg agcccaagag ttgagaccag cctgggcaac atagggagac cctgtctcta     28980
     caaaaaacaa acaaacaaac aaacaaacag attaaaaaat tagttgggtg tggtggcaca     29040
     tgcttgtagt cctagctact cagggggctg aagagggagg atcgcttgag cctgggagat     29100
     tgaagctaca atgagccatg atcacgccac tacactccag cctggggaac aaaatgagac     29160
     cctgtctcaa aaataataat aataataatt tttaggctag gcttggtggc acacacttgt     29220
     aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggctga agagtcacct gaggtcagga gtttgacacc     29280
     agcctgggca gcaaagtgag acccccatct ctacaaaaaa tgtttttaaa aaattagcca     29340
     ggcatagtgg cacacacctg taatctcagt ttcctgagag gctgaggcag gaggattact     29400
     tgagcccagg agtttgaggc tatagggagg tatgattgca ccaccacact ccagcctgag     29460
     tgagagagca agatcttttc tctaaaatta aataaaatca tttttagatt aaacaaaaat     29520
     tacgtgccgg atgcagtggc tcacgcctgt aatcccagca ctttgggagg ccaaggcggg     29580
     tggataacct gaggtcggga gttcaagacc agcctgatca atgtggagaa atctcgtctc     29640
     tactaaaaat acaaaattag ccgggtgtag tggtgcccgc ctgtaatacc agctactcgg     29700
     gaacctgagg caggagaatt gcttgaaccc aagaggtgga ggtcgcggtg agccgagatc     29760
     acaccattgc actccagctg ggcaataaga gtgaaactcc gtctcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa     29820
     attacagata cttgaaatac taaaaattat tttatagaat gtccctcgat atttatttat     29880
     ctgatatttg ccatgatgag attgaggtca tgcattttaa gcaagaatac tgcagaagtg     29940
     atgttgcatc cttcttgctg catcacatca ggagtttaca aggtcaatgc attaactttg     30000
     atcacttggt ttcagggagg tgttttttga gggggctgaa aatccctttg ggctccttga     30060
     aatcacatct gctctgcccc agaaggcaag tcctgaagcc aggagtccaa caccccagtt     30120
     tcattctctc tctcagcccc agtgaccttg attcaccaac atccagcctg cgtcgcagcc     30180
     catcattgca atcaagtgga gacagagtcg gtgggagacg tgacttatcc agcccacagg     30240
     gactgctacc tgggagacct gtgcaacagc gccgtggcaa gccatgtggc ccctgcaggc     30300
     attttggctg cagcagctac cgccctgacc tgtctcttgc caggactgtg gagcggatag     30360
     ggggagtagg agtagagaag ggaacaaggg agcaagggaa caagggacat ctgaacatct     30420
     aatgtgagaa gacaaacatc cttctgtgag tcattaaaat ctatgaacca ctctacagct     30480
     gactggaaaa ttacatctat ctttggttga tgggagggct aaaagcgtaa tatggggcat     30540
     ccaggttcta gtttgggggt taccaagcaa cagcgggctt aattacagtg gtgcactcct     30600
     taaccaacta aaccccaaag ggcaatggct tatctgcctt ctgtggctcc tggatcctgt     30660
     tgctgggttg aatcttcctt agcaatgaga ttcattgagt ggggttgcca gggttttgtg     30720
     agcctgagtc tgggtttgct cccctatttc ccatttgcaa gttggctccc aataggacta     30780
     ttttgaattg agaaaagaaa tgtaaaaact gtgataggta aaaactgctt gatgccctac     30840
     ttactaacta ggctaggtga ggcctttgac tctaacctga gagaaactga agaaacaggg     30900
     tctcaggccc catctccatg tacctctcct atcctttctg gagagccctc aagccaggcc     30960
     gcaccttctt cttggcaata catcaggggt gtggcctaaa tttaggatat gagttgttgt     31020
     gtgccacctg gagacactgg aagggaggat gaagacctga aaaacctgtt tctccatttt     31080
     ccccagccca gcctcccagg gaacctccct gaaggattcc tgtgtaaggg agggagattg     31140
     agagtattat ttcctgggag gtgacctgac ccttaggtct tcttataata aatgtacatt     31200
     ttatcagact cagacattta ttactcaaaa tggaaagagg tgagtatggg ggatggggta     31260
     catatgggag cctgggtttg gggagtcagc tctgtacagt gaggtcatca ggtccttgtg     31320
     ggagccttca ctggggacaa cacagaagcc ccatttcagg cccagatccc aatccctcct     31380
     caagtagggg acagcagagt ataggaagca aagtggggag cccttctagg agccaatgga     31440
     ggtcctggaa ggaagtggga agggacccag aaaaaggaga gtgaagggtg tgaggtggga     31500
     aggatggatg aggagaccac tcggaacagt gtttaattaa agaaatggga gctagggaga     31560
     gacgattctg taaagccagg ggatacagag acacagggag agaggctcag gccaaggcag     31620
     gtgggaggag gggcagccaa tggaatgagt ctcagtgcag cagccagagg ccaaggccag     31680
     ccaaggaggt aaggaagaca aggcccaggg ctggagtggg ccggggtcct gcgctgttgc     31740
     agttgtcctt gttgcagcag gtggtgttat atgtcagacc cagcttgcgg ttggtttggt     31800
     tgaaggcctc ctgacagggc tcttctggtg tgccacagcg cagattggag aaaacccaca     31860
     tcttacctag gggtgggaat gggcagggaa tcggccagga tgggcacctg gcatgcctgt     31920
     gtccacctcc ccaccccatc cacccaccta ggcttccttc cttcccaact ctgtccctgg     31980
     ccctcccctt ctcttttctt agtctgatct tccttctgca catccttacc caccactccc     32040
     ccagtcctgg ttctatcact tgctggccat ggacctgtta ctgtctctgt tttttgtttt     32100
     tttgtttttt ccaagacaga gtctcactct cgcccaggct ggagtgcagt ggtgccatct     32160
     cagctcactg caacctccgc ctcccaggtt caagcgattc tcctgcctca gcctcccgag     32220
     tagctgggat tacaggcgcc cactaccatg cctggctaat ttttgtatat ttagtagaaa     32280
     tggggtttca ccatgttggc caggctggtc ttgaactcct gacctcaagt gatccaacca     32340
     ccttggcctc ccaaagtgct gggattacag gcatgagcca ccatgcccgg ctgtgttact     32400
     gtctcttttt gaggccgttt tctcagtata ataatagcac ccacatcaca gggttgtcat     32460
     gaacattaat tgaaaaaaag gcatgcaaag acataggatg ttgcctggca cacaaccatc     32520
     tttggccaaa tattatcatt gctataatcc tctgcttctc catctcagtc ttagacccat     32580
     ttgggcctca gtcctggtca tagaggctcc cacctccctg ttcaccccac taaggaaggg     32640
     gatgttacca aggtatgcat gtgttgtcag gcattgctgt cctggctcca ggcggcagga     32700
     ctgccggtcc acacagccca gcacagggac cttgtagcag gagtgacagc gaatgtcagc     32760
     tgggaagaca caagtcaggc tgaggtgatg gggtctctga cttacctggg gataagctga     32820
     gctgggggca ggggtggagg gtggagaaga gcccatcccg taggtgctcc aacctgtttg     32880
     gctgtttggt ctagcaagca cagagcaggt gagtgatgca gggaaaatgg aaagtgggcg     32940
     gcaggtaagg gtagagctgt tgctttgtga aaggcccacg ccctacatat cttccatcac     33000
     tccaccccgt ttggaggtga gtcaagaggg acagaactat gaagaaaaac atggggctgg     33060
     agatagatgg aatgtgagga agataccatg gggaaagaat gtggatggtg aaggaggaga     33120
     tggaaacttg aaagaaggag aaataataaa aatgaaaatc atgagggtta caacactgtc     33180
     agaaatgcct tggaacttga ggctggcgag aaagccatct gtggccagct ttagcaattt     33240
     acaatttact cttcacctcc tggagctggc aagagtgtgg caagaggaac cagaccagaa     33300
     tagaatcctc tcaccccagt agctcttcag cagaaaggaa tgatacctga gagacagatc     33360
     accagattcc atcttagcac cttatcaaaa tggagagggt ggatacagaa ggtggcaccc     33420
     caagtttcct gcttcagtta attcaaggtt tgggcaggca agatttggtg acgcagggtc     33480
     cgagggtgga agagcctggt aagtgtacct cagtgaaatc cacttcaccc tggaggtaag     33540
     tggcccagtt gtcccctctt cagaaggctc aagaaaacgc tctgtttcca tggaggctct     33600
     tagatgtcac tgcaaccatc tagaaagttt gtatcccctg tatgggagga ggtatgcaac     33660
     ccaggagggg agtagggggt atctaggaaa ggccatggct gagagactga acatgtgagt     33720
     ccctgatgga gtagatgggg agggtaggtt acaaaaggag cctggggctg gatgcctagg     33780
     tcttcgagag gacaccttac tgagcacagc agatagagga gaaggcaggt aagctagact     33840
     ctggagagtt gcatattgaa gtggggctgg ttggggaact ggataccaga gtttccaagg     33900
     aggagacacc ttggagtggg gaacagggga cccagagccc tggcaggtga gagaaatggg     33960
     tctttcttgg aggtggggag gatggatgga gacctggctt tttgagaaat agagcaagga     34020
     ggctgtcata gggaagcctg gtcttggtgg cacaggagag ctgagccagt tggggctggg     34080
     ggtgttggga tcccgagtgg tgggtagggc cgggaagtgg gtagagcagg gtgtaaaggt     34140
     cctgaccagg caaaccaggt ctttggggcc cccaggtgct cacctgagac ccagcagagc     34200
     agaacagaca gggtgagcag cataagggct ttcatggcga gggtcctgag aatggtggca     34260
     accacagcag ctgatagagt agattttcaa ggatccagct ctaggagttg agtggccttt     34320
     ttggaattta taaacccaaa ggctcctccc ttccctgcct ctggtagccc ctcccttctc     34380
     acttactacg cagctgacca gagaaaagac aaggggtggg aaggcactga gcaggactga     34440
     gtggggagta gggatgggag agagggatgg gggaaggcag gtgccactag tggccaatgc     34500
     cattgtggtt cttggtttca ggccaagatg cccttcctgg tccccagcta agagtcctgc     34560
     tgctcagtcc tctgaatgag catcatcaaa ggcctctgtg atttacagtg tccatggtgg     34620
     cagcttctgc tggttcctgg aaaatggaca aaaggatgtg gcccaaatta attgctgaat     34680
     ttgggtccct gggtccctgc tgggcattga taggggcatg ctggtggaaa ttgggggagg     34740
     aatgggtcaa attaatctcc attcagcccc cactcggtct ttccaatgcc tgctcagcaa     34800
     taagtgactc actgatggct tctgtgatgc cacagcagca gaggcagggg ctggggctac     34860
     tcatccagga gagccaccac aggtctgcta agtagggctg cctcaggctc ccatgaaggt     34920
     tctcaggatg tcacccgtgc tccacttgcg cttggtgtgg ccttgttgct ccagtccagc     34980
     agcagcaatt gtcctaggtg tggctgtgtg cacctgctcc aaagcacctc cccagtcaaa     35040
     acctgccaac ttgggcaggg taccaagcca ggaggaacag catgggcaca gagaggtgag     35100
     gtagaagcta aaataagaat agaaatagta ggccgggtgt ggtggctcac acctgtaatc     35160
     tcagcacttt gggaggccga ggtgggtgga tcacaaggtc aagagatcga gaccatcctg     35220
     gccaacatgg tgaaacccca tctctactga aaatacaaaa attagtcagg tgtggtggca     35280
     tgcacctgta gttccagcta ctcaggaggc tgagacagga gactcacttg aatccaggag     35340
     ccggaggctg cagtgagtcg agattgcact ccagcctggc cacagagcaa gactctgact     35400
     caaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa agaatagaaa tagtaataat aatggcaagc acttacatag     35460
     tgatcctatg tattctaagc agtttacatg tattacttta tttcgttatc acaatcccct     35520
     acaaaacagg agtttttgtt gttgttgttt ttgagacagg gtctggctgg ctctgtcgcc     35580
     caggctggag tgcaatggcc tgatcacagt tcactgcaac ctcgacctcc tgagctcaag     35640
     cgatcctccc tcctcagcct cctaagtagc tgggattaca ggcgcacctg aaaagttaag     35700
     caggccaaag catttgtgta aatggcccga gcacacattt taagtgagaa ccatttgaag     35760
     actccgagtt tgcctgcgag gattcccaaa gggatctggg cagctggtgg ccccgccccc     35820
     tctcttatcg gagcccccca gcccctccgt tctccccacg cctaacttcc ctccggtccc     35880
     cccccaaccg gccccacgcc gctgattcgc tcgcagcttc tcctcaccac atcctaacca     35940
     tggctgtgtt tctgcagctg ctaccgctgc tgctctcgag ggcccaaggg aaccctgggg     36000
     gtaagcgatc cctgggagag ttgtgataga cgcagagggg ctgaagcaag ataagggccg     36060
     cctagtaggg tgggttgtgt gtgggaagat ccaggatggc tggagtgcag aacagagaag     36120
     agaaagagga gacgggatgg agggtcgtct tgccctgtgg acgtgcccta accacagcct     36180
     ccggcctctc ctagcttctc tggacggccg ccctggggac cgggtgaatc tctcctgcgg     36240
     aggagtctct catcccatcc gctgggtctg ggcacccagc ttcccggcct gcaagggcct     36300
     gtccaaagga cgccgaccga tcctgtgggc ctcttcgagc gggaccccca ccgtgcctcc     36360
     cctccagcct ttcgtcggcc gcctacgctc cctggactct ggtatccggc ggctggagct     36420
     cctcttgagc gcgggggact cgggcacttt tttctgcaag ggccgccacg aggacgagag     36480
     ccgtacagtg cttcacgtgc tgggggacag gacctattgc aaggcccccg ggcctaccca     36540
     tggtaggtgc aggcctgtgc gcacaagggt acttaactcc gacacatacc cggaggaggg     36600
     aagagggcct tggctggggg ttcttgagcg ggactgctgg ctgtccctcg tcaaacccct     36660
     gacctcagca tccctccccg ccacgccttt cccccagggt ccgtgtatcc ccagctcctg     36720
     atcccgctgc tgggcgctgg gttggtgctc ggactgggag ctttgggcct ggtctggtgg     36780
     ctgcacaggt gagcaggagg gacccggcct cgttaaatgg ggagtgacca gaggtggaag     36840
     gggcaggacc agaaccttcg caaaagaaag agctagacct agagctctgg tcctggcttg     36900
     gcgaagaatg ggagaggtca aaggtgggag cgaggccgct gactggtgag tagagcccca     36960
     ccagagcaga tgagctggaa gtgcagcaga gttagagcct gggctggact gtcggtgggg     37020
     tagagtctaa gttgtttccg gtctgagcct tcaagttgct gggctgtcct tggcgtggcg     37080
     agtcccagga gaaccagtga gacaagactg gtggttctca aagactcata tgtcccttac     37140
     aggcgcctgc ccccgcaacc gattcgacca ctccctagat ttggtgagac taattccacc     37200
     ccattttctt tctcctacat gcccactccc cacccctcaa ttcctgagtc tgagcccttg     37260
     ctgggagcag acacgttggt caccttctct ccatccttca gctctgtccc ccccacatag     37320
     ctccacttgt gaaaaccgag ccccagaggc cagtaaagga ggaagagccc aagattccag     37380
     gggacctgga ccaggaaccg gtaagggcat ggggatggga aggggatagc cagaatctct     37440
     gaggaaaatg gaccaaaaaa aaaaaggcct gaaccccaag gaagactgtg gagaccatct     37500
     tgtcttcctc cccttcctcc tccagagcct gctctatgcg gatctggacc atctagccct     37560
     cagcaggccc cgccggctgt ccacagcgga ccctgctgat gcctccacca tctatgcagt     37620
     tgtagtttga agggaagccc ttactccaaa cctcccaagc taggggatcc cagctcccca     37680
     taatccctct cccctccttg gttcctcacc tggaagagga aggcaccatg gtatagaaat     37740
     aagtgctaga ctgggagttg ggagacctgg gttccaggct gtctctgcca ctggtcttac     37800
     ttctaaactt actcccatct ctcctataac ctccatgtct ccctcaccac cagtgtcctc     37860
     tctataccca atcaagccct agctcctttt tttttttttt ttgagacgga gtctcgctct     37920
     gttgcccagg ctggagtgca gtgacaccat ctccctcact gcaagctccg cctgccgggt     37980
     tcacaccatt ctcctgcctc aggctcctga gtagctggga ctacaggcgc ccgccaccac     38040
     gcccagctaa ttttttgtat ttttagtaga gacggggttt cactgtgtta gccaggatgg     38100
     tcttgatctg ctaacctcgt gatccacccg ccccggcctc ccaaagtgct aggattacag     38160
     gtgtgagcca ccgcgcccgg cctgattctt taagctgttt ttctttgttg ctggtgtttt     38220
     ctttttggac tcctcttcct tgctccatat ccctacagta tttcccacca ttctaggttt     38280
     gtccctttct cttcttctgg gacactctca tcaacagtca gtcctcagcc ccctcctctg     38340
     caaatgacac tcagaactct ctctggctca gatctcagat ttgggattaa caaacttcca     38400
     cttagacatt ctgcctgact gacctcaggc atttcgcact ctgaatgtca aacccaactc     38460
     attgtcatct ctgaagctgc tcacttaatt ctcctctgta ttctctttaa caacccagtt     38520
     gcccaaccca gaaactggga gtcacgcaga cctcctttct ctcttactcc cacacaatga     38580
     gccatgaagt ccagtctttc tatcttaaca tcactgtcaa acccacactg tattccatgc     38640
     ccagcgctgc cacgtgaatg tactctgctc acttccttcc tggattaccc atagccccac     38700
     ctcatcctcc tacccttgct ttcctccctg aagtcagaga gatcctactc aagagataac     38760
     tgctcctgac agcccttatt acagaactga agtactctcc ttagcttcag ctctgtgccc     38820
     acgtgccttg gctttggata caaggtacta cagcactttg tccactctcc aggcttacct     38880
     gtgtcattcc acatgcacat cttagaaaat gccagcctta gagaattctc cctagcccca     38940
     aaatgtcttt gcccagtgca attccttctt cctgtattac ccctttccct ccttcacact     39000
     atctgcctgg ctaattctta tttatcctta gttcaagtat ggccttttct gggaaggtga     39060
     ccctccttgg ccaccccttg catatacttt gatgccctag ggcacacccc ctttatttcc     39120
     ctcatagaaa cagccttctg taaattgttc catgacaacc tgtatttcaa tttgtaagaa     39180
     atttgcatgt actgtgagct ccccaacgtc aggagactga cccttttgat atcattgcta     39240
     agcctcatta aatgaatgaa tgaaaatgaa tgtccctgga agtgtcattt ctttttcttt     39300
     atcaaatagg ggtggactgg taatctacca gtctctgaat catctaacat ttagataaat     39360
     tcagtgagca atccacccat acactctttt ctctgccctg gacacacttc ccatgataga     39420
     aattctgtct tgttcatctt gtgctcaagt acctatgaca tggttgggca atgagttgat     39480
     aagtacctaa caagattttt gaataagagg ccttcttccc tgcactgacc ccaaactcag     39540
     gtttcagccc tgccctatcc ctttgcccca gtaagacacc agtcacagcc cagtctaaaa     39600
     ggtcaattct attttattgg ttctgagagg gaggattcac ccagtggatc cttttcccta     39660
     cactctcccc tcccccaata ttgaggctct ctcccaacta ctgcctattc agcattctct     39720
     atctaaccct ccttcccctt ctacttccta tactatccta cccctggcca gcagtacccc     39780
     aaggccaggc cctcagctgt gggggcgtgt gctgagcacc aagcagaggg agctgagccc     39840
     ggcgccagcc ttctccagtt ctgagcagga cacaggtacc agggtgacat cagagagctt     39900
     ctgcagtgcc tgcacaggga agacatggag tggggagagg ggagtgagac ctcaggctga     39960
     gccaggccac tcttccagcc agctcagagt ggccccaccc aggcttctag agaaggtacc     40020
     cttccttcct cccactagga aagcctgaaa ctcttttctc tgatggtgct tggtgttgga     40080
     gttcctgccc tctctcacct cctggctgtt gggcagatcc ccacctccac ggtgcaggag     40140
     gaaagggggc acaccaggca acccaggacg aagaaagaga cagtcagcag ctgcgtcatc     40200
     tgggagggtc agggaggcat atgggtgatc tgtcagcact gccattgcct agaggaaaga     40260
     ggaagtgttc gagtctcaga acctctccac agctgtgtct gcctgctcaa ccaccactaa     40320
     gggctgggga cggactgaca tttgtggaaa ataatgacag caagcacata gagcttacga     40380
     tatgtcagac actaagtact ttagttacct ttgctaattt ccaccttgga atcacatgca     40440
     gttattttca accccctacc ttccccagcc cctcctatct gtcctaccca tccttagagt     40500
     cacagtttag gtgccacctt tggggtttcc tgaaactccg gaagagcaaa ttaatcaccc     40560
     ctgttcccag tcctgctgtt gtaacttctt attttctcct gtgttctttc atgtaagatg     40620
     gacagcccat tgagggcagg ggttagggct aatttcctaa gcctcccagc tcccggcctc     40680
     ccgggcccag aactgcgccc actttcgttg gccccgcccc ctcctcaccc ggacagcctt     40740
     ttgggcagcg tcgctgctgc ctgccacaac agtgcgaggt ccccccatgc cgcagagacc     40800
     gcgcaggtgg gagggacccg agactggcac agtggagacg gcgaagtcct agggagagcg     40860
     aagggaggta ttcaggggcg cgggaggggt gatggggtat cttcaaacat aggctgctct     40920
     ctgcctctca tttcctcagc gggcgcccag gcccttccga cccccacctg caccccctcc     40980
     ctccctaggc tggtcccgct ccgcacccgg aacgtgtccg ccacgatctc agctcctcgg     41040
     tgattggtcc atttggagag gcctacgaaa aactcccggc ctgagtccgg gaggccgcgg     41100
     aggtttgagg gcgggagtga gttagaaaca aggctccaga cggccgagtc tcccaaactc     41160
     tacttccctg tgccaagacc tatgcctccc cccagcctca ccggtgaaga gaacgtcagt     41220
     gccatccagc gtcgcgttct cgtctcctat ttccacaatt cggagcccca ggtcttgcag     41280
     ggctttgcgg actccatcga ccttaggata ggagaagagg gcacggagct gtgacacccc     41340
     catcctcaat tcttccccaa agccccgaca tccagttcct tctgcctttc cccataccac     41400
     acccgcgcca cggcgctcac ctctggccta cgagcggggc tccagggccg cgtgattagg     41460
     gccgtgtccc cttggatcac ggccgtgtcg ccaagcagcg gtcccagcgg caatgactcc     41520
     tcaggtggca gttctagcag ctgtagcccc agtcgttgcc tcagtttacc tcccagcacc     41580
     ccgtgctccc tttgagcttt ggccagatcc agagcgggaa ggccagcccc cgcaccttcc     41640
     cccgacgcca ggctctctgg gactccccgg atcagggcat gggagcagcg gcccagcccc     41700
     tcccccggcg tccccatccc atccacacag actccccctc caaccgctcg gatttcttag     41760
     ttttcttgtt tcttcacctg tctgggagaa gaaacagaaa aggaggagac agagaaaaag     41820
     acatgcagac aagggcgttg ggggtggtta agagcgccca ggtcttcctc ctgccatctc     41880
     taggcgtccc tcccactccg ccccacccac tccagacctt ccgctcctgt cgacctcact     41940
     ctacccagca ccctcagggg tcagattctt taagaggagc ctgaggaaca aggctagggt     42000
     ctctaatctc caaaacacct gttgcccctg cttgggggct tgtgaggtcc ctgtcgggcg     42060
     cccctcttgg cagccactag gatgcgctca ctccccaaaa atgcagcagc cccgccccct     42120
     taaccctcag ctgctcgcta ccgcagggac tggaagtcca gcccgcgacc cgcaggggtt     42180
     atgggacaga aggagaaagc tggagaggca ggggctgggg aatggaagtc ctgaataccc     42240
     gaacgagaag ggagagaggt gggtaggaag ggaggagttc gagcctaagg agttaagcat     42300
     cctctctccg ccctggctgg tcacgctgcc cctagcgcga cctagtataa accagaccga     42360
     gtcccgaagg actgggagag gtctaaaacg aaatgcgagg ggcggggtaa cagggggcgt     42420
     ggttccgggg cgctggcact actcccggct ccaggacccg gttccccgtc tatgtcccaa     42480
     agtccacccc gcctagctcc gcgcccaaat accggctccc catactctct gtctggtgca     42540
     ggcatgggcc cggcaccccc aaactccggc ccccacacgg ttcagggccc cccacgcaag     42600
     actcacctcc agcggccacc cccactcctg tcgcgctgtg atctcggctg gggccccacc     42660
     ccccgaggac agagttggtg gagaagggag tccccgtctt caagcctcgg ggactgggag     42720
     ctctggcttt tagcgggggt ccttgtgtag gcgagctcat atactacgat ggggcagggg     42780
     cgcgacggtc tggcggctcc ggggcattgt ctaagcggga cggggcgggg cttcttcggg     42840
     ccacgcccat tccgccctgc taagcctcgc ccattacatc cagactgcgc cccccttgcc     42900
     agaaatcggc accgcccagc gagcgctgcc caggcccacc cagatctggc cggccctggc     42960
     gacggggctg caaacgcttc gtagacctca gaacagcgca acggcggacc ggcggaccgg     43020
     cacgaaacat agcagcccca ccacaaacat ttcccttctt aattcctggc ttctgccctg     43080
     agctcaagat cactgaccca cccctcattc catgtcgccc acactttaaa cccccattgc     43140
     gtaaaaacac ttgattttta ttctgtattt tattactgaa atatgttgtc ctactcatcc     43200
     caccccacaa taaaaatctg acccaggccc cccatttctt tccctcatcc cctcttccac     43260
     cacaccatcc cggaacaagt gctccaggat tccctgccca ctggccattt tggagtgtgt     43320
     ccattgggta gcaatgtgga aaccaccagg gcctttgtgg agaaaatgga gggggttgag     43380
     ggagtcccag gaggggctta tttgagggcc tttgccactt gctcataggc gagctcgatc     43440
     tcctcatcat ctggacaggt ggaagcgaat tcttcccggg cgtaggcatt gctcaagtac     43500
     cgatgcactc cccggaaggc ctcggggatg gtgaatcccc ggtacttctt acacaccacc     43560
     tgaggatggg gagaggagag ggaccaacat gttagaccca gggaagccac cttggctttc     43620
     ccttctcccc aggccgacat gataaaacca gctcaactcc tcactgtctt gtactgtcgt     43680
     tagccttcct tctcacttac tgaaatcctg gcttttaata accagccatt tttcctgagt     43740
     ttttaaaact tgagatataa tttacttata aaattctcct cttgaatttc cacagtgact     43800
     ttttccccct ataccacttc aggcactgac acaggtgact tttgtctcta tatttttcat     43860
     cagacttttt tttttttgag atggagtctt gctgtcaccc aggctggagt gcaatggcgc     43920
     gatcttggct cactgcaacc tccgcctccc gggttcaagt gattctcctg cctcagcctc     43980
     ccaaatagct gtgattacag gtgcccacca ccatgtgcgg ctaatttttg taattttagt     44040
     agagatgggg tttcaccatg ttggccaggc tggtctcgaa ctcctaacct caggtggtcc     44100
     accagccttg gccgcccaaa gtgttgggat tataggcgtg agccaccacg cccggcccat     44160
     ctgacttttc atcatatatt cttaactttc atgtgaatat tttattgtct cagatttcaa     44220
     ccctttgaga gcaaggccca gtcaccatac acttgtgtat ctttcaatgc ttagtacaca     44280
     gatgttcact acatagttgt gtggcagact gatgtcaggc ccatgttgca caaactaaac     44340
     catagctttg agactatgac aaaaacatgg gaaccagcag ttttgatctt ccacaagagg     44400
     aagtgaagac tgaagttata aagaaagtta aagctttgac tttaggaaaa gcctgctctg     44460
     tctaatctgg gaatttggca gtgataccga gacaggaaga gcattcttca aaagtaatac     44520
     tgggatgtat tcctctttgc tagtctgttt gcacccatga cttacatcat ggaatataat     44580
     tatctcaagc agtggtcttg ttagcaatga ctgctgcaaa ggactggggt ggggtctgcc     44640
     attggtagca atttatgaaa accaccctaa gaaagaaatc gtctttagag tggttgtcag     44700
     gggaagccca tgtgggagct ccttaaaggg ccactccagt ggtcatcctc tcctcccgca     44760
     ataaccacac acctgtacta tgtgtaactt tggcaacagg ttgcagtcag ccagggtgag     44820
     ctcgttgcca tccaaaaact tcctctgaga gacaccttca tcttcagcac tggtttcatc     44880
     cacttcttct gggagggggg atgttaagta attgtctaaa accttcaggg ctttcaggag     44940
     tcccttctcc agatctgtgc aagagaggga actgattaga acttcaggaa aagattgaca     45000
     tagtccgaaa aggcccgttg ggggtggata ctaatggtga gtccaaaata ataatagcta     45060
     acactcatgt agttactttt ctatgtgtta ttctaagcac tttacatttt attttatgtt     45120
     agacggagtc ttgctccgtt gcccaggctg gagtgcagtg gcatgatccc ggctcactgc     45180
     aacctctgcc tcctagattc aaatgattct cctgcctcag cctcctgagt agctgggatt     45240
     acaggtgcct gccaccacaa ctggctaatt tttgtatttt tttcagtaga gaccagtcat     45300
     gttggccagg ctggtctcca actcctaacc tcaggtggtg cgctagcctc ggcctcccaa     45360
     agtgaacact ttacatttta caaactcatt tatatcgccg ggtgcagtgg ctcactcctg     45420
     taatcccagc actttgggag gccgaggcag gtggatcacc tgaggtcggg agttcaagac     45480
     cagcctggcc aacatggtga aaccctgtct ctactaaaaa tacaaaaatt agctgggcgt     45540
     ggtgatgcac gtctgtaatc ccagctactc aggaggctga ggcaggagaa ttgcttgaac     45600
     ccggcaggca gaggttgcag tgagctgatt gcaccactgc actccagcct gggcgacaga     45660
     acgagactcc atctcaaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaaaaattta tatcaaccca tgaaataggt     45720
     attgtcatcc taattttgtg gatctggaaa tggacttaca gagaggtgaa atgattgctc     45780
     aaaattatac ggctagttgg atttgtactc aggtagtctg gatctagagt gatgactgtt     45840
     cttaagcatg accctattct gccagaaaac aggccagcag ccaactaacg tcctcagtgg     45900
     ggcagaagag gctagggaac aaatgagaaa agcttaaaag tcttggccaa tgaaaatgca     45960
     gggaaatata gaggtaaagc aaaaatggga agctggggga aatttacgaa catctgcttc     46020
     atctccctga tatctgaacg tccaggtgcc cctaatgtct cctacccgct gggtcctctc     46080
     tattcctccc aggacccagg cctctgaccc acaagactca ctgtcattga gtgctgggtt     46140
     tgaattcttg atgtaggcag aaaatttggc aaatatgtcc agcccagctg tgttggactc     46200
     agggttcaga gctgccagct tggggtacct gaaagccaat gggaaaaatg aggtaagatg     46260
     tcttcctggg aggaacctca gctagctctc ctgccccagc cccaccacca tctctgtttt     46320
     ccatttctgc aaactgtctg tttcccagaa tctccctgct ccacctctcc actttctgag     46380
     tgcccctata cctgggaggg cacagcactg cctccagaaa ttcctcaatc ttgttggtgt     46440
     ctgtgtgcac ttcagtgcca tacagcagga atgggagctg cccccctggg cacagcttct     46500
     gcactgtctc ggtccgcctg gagaaaggat caggaatcag gactggaaat gggggtcagg     46560
     aagaaccaga aagggggaat ggaggacgtg ggataagaaa gggactccag ggggagggca     46620
     aaaatgttca tgacagaagg actcgggtgg gtgtgtgttt gcacacatgt gtacaccagg     46680
     ggtgtttcaa ggaacataag caggcctacc ttttggtgtc aacggtggta acattgaagg     46740
     tgactccctt gagccacagt accatgaaca gtctctggga gaatgggcag ttcccaatct     46800
     tggccccatc actgccagcc tgaaaagtaa ccccaaccca aggttatgcc tgatgcaccc     46860
     cacccatccc taggccagtc cctgcattcc cactcccaga ccagctgttt tctgcctagt     46920
     catgacacat acactgtccc ctcactatgg gctctttgcc cttgggcctg ggtcaaacct     46980
     aaggcagatc aatgggaaac tgttttgcaa aggcaggctt ctggttcccc agacactgag     47040
     gacaggtggg aggtaggtag agggaggagg tcctggagaa cttgggagga tctgaatcct     47100
     agagagggaa gggtgtggaa cttcagtgag gccagagttg taggctagaa gcctggattt     47160
     ctgggttcct gaagggagta gagtctgaag acaggagagg tgggtggggt ttgggagcca     47220
     gagttttggt tctctacacc tccaatccaa ggtgtctttg ggtggggagt ctagtcaagg     47280
     ggccctgggc ctcgcgctag agatgtggag ggccctacag agaggggctg ccctctaatt     47340
     agcaagtggt gacctcattg gcccaaggga cacctccccc taagctgagg gtgattcatc     47400
     tctctgtctc cggcttcctt cctgtcaagg atgtggggga agggacagtg aggatgaggc     47460
     ctgggcagct aaggctaccc ctaacctgct gccagggtct cccagcacaa gtcctctgac     47520
     tgcaataacc atcctctcac aggacacagg gccggaatct ctgcggcaca gcctcaccca     47580
     cgagtaaaaa tagccccgga ggcgaatgtg agagtgaggt ggggaccaca cctaaggggg     47640
     cggacccaag caggctccga cttccctggg cccagggaga gggaatggct gcccgagaaa     47700
     cccaagcaga agggagaggg agacacaggc agagacacac aaagatgaga gaaacaaaag     47760
     gggggaaggg gaaagaaagg cggcaggaaa gtggagagtg gggagacgtg cgtgccaacg     47820
     gagagacaca aacggagcgg ggagaagagg acactgttaa ggaagggagg gaggggcaca     47880
     gccaggaggt cccaagactg ggaaatgaat gcagcagcgg tagggagggg agcggccgct     47940
     gcaatcagag aggggctggg tgacaccgag aagcctgctg cctgcagttt tgctacccaa     48000
     atgccatagg accatctctc cttacccaca cccgcagaga gaggagagag ttggggcaag     48060
     tcttctactt ctccaacccc caaatcccaa aatgccctaa ccgagctctt ctcctccgtc     48120
     tgatctctct cccacccatc cttgtggtag ctacgttaaa ctcacgtctt cttgccacct     48180
     ccccttctgt ccctttcccc agtcctgggg atattcaatg ccacccgatc acctctccag     48240
     ctctgctttt caaactccga tcccagtctc ctgttttgtt ccgcccctcc aaagcttccc     48300
     aatttacttg ctctcactct caggcctccc tcaacacacc gtcttccctg aagcgtctcc     48360
     atccacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acctctccta     48420
     ctgcactact caccctcaga tcttgtaggg acacatgtcc taactgaggt tcccctctgt     48480
     cccttctaaa ccctgctggg cccccactgt cccttcacca gctcgccctc taaccccacc     48540
     ccagtctcac ttttgggaat tctccttttt ctccacttcc cttcctttag tctgctagaa     48600
     acttgcactt ttacaaactt ttcagggttg atcctagaat tctcattact tgctaacaag     48660
     ttaatgtctt cccctctcaa aaccacccct caaccaaaga gtgcacgtgg gattgggggt     48720
     gggagtcaag gagggaaggg attggggagt taaggctgga ccgggggaaa ggtgagagtt     48780
     ggcttccagg aatttgggtg gctgaggaga gaagtgttct taccttcacg aacaattcga     48840
     cctgcggttg ttcttcagcc atggttgcgt cggggaccag gaagtggccg tccctggggg     48900
     aactgggagg ggctgggacc ggggaaggcg ggtctcacac tcagggactc tctcccctag     48960
     acccagggct gtcccttcag cacaacacaa gctcaatcag acctacttgc acccaaacta     49020
     ggcctcccca ccagcccaac gcaccccaca cccagctcct ccagctcggt cctctcccgg     49080
     gctggatcag agagccgctg actcaccgac cggccccgcc ctgaacctgg ggaggggact     49140
     ggaggggggc gggactcgac gatgtaggga gtgagtccgg aaggggaatc ctcggatctc     49200
     ccacaggatg gggatggggg tgttaaggag gagtcctgaa aacctccttg tttctccgac     49260
     ctctcctgaa cacaggactc ttttctgcct cagtttccct gcttcattaa tctgagtaca     49320
     acccgactga ccctcatata aaaaacttga cactaacagc ttgggcacac ccgtgaagat     49380
     tcagggatgg ggacttcaaa tggaaaggtg gtcgtttaat cattctgcat ttcttccaga     49440
     ctccaatcca aattctgggt tgctgggact gtggtctgag agaagaactc ggaagtggaa     49500
     ggctgggact gcagatagga accgttagcc atgcagcctg ggattaggga aggggtgacg     49560
     ccagcactcc ctgagctgcc cagactggtg tctcagtagg tcctgtgccc cccgcagtct     49620
     actgtctccg ggcccagctc agcactagga cttgcagtcc ttgtggccta cacttgggat     49680
     tgggcatagg aaatagagtt aggggccggg tgaggtggct cacgcctgta atcccaacac     49740
     tttaggaggc caaggggggt ggatcacctg aggtcaggga gtcaagacca gactggccaa     49800
     catggtgaaa ccctgtctct actaaaaata caaaaatttg ccaggcgggg tggtgggcac     49860
     ctgtaatccc agctacttgg gaggctgagg caggagaatc aattgaaccc gggaggtgaa     49920
     ggttgcagtg agctgagatg gtgccattgc actccagcct gggcaataag agcgaaactc     49980
     catctcaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaagaagaa gaagaaaaga aaaagaaagt agagttaggg     50040
     atgggaaggg agatgacgaa gtcttttgcg aaggaaacat aaagccgagg caaggggctt     50100
     tgttgcaggg aggggtctgt tcctgtagct tggtcagctt tgtgcttcca cttatgtttc     50160
     ctattggggc cccttcctgt gccctttgtc ctcgtctcac tgacaggttg ccttggagat     50220
     ggggcagagg ggtgggatta tcatggcccg atcctgaagt atgtgtatag ggggtggggt     50280
     aggggtgttg ttagctggtc ctgtcatggg gataaagaaa gatcagacag aatagtggga     50340
     gtagagtcct tggggacacc taaataaata agcagggagg acataggagg agcagctctc     50400
     tctccagtaa ccttgatttc tattaaacct ttatgacctg ctgaaaaaat aaacccagaa     50460
     ttccagcctc catatcctga atttctctcc tgtccaacca tcccttctct atcctcctca     50520
     tcaccctctg tccaacaaaa gacctacagt tccagaaaac catggtggag tgcaagaaca     50580
     cagaactaaa acagagcttg aaacttaaag aaagggagag acttggggga ggagtggggt     50640
     ggagtgacgt gatgtgctgc tggaaaccag cagttggtgg tttcctcttg tgcttcctct     50700
     tctgtgggtt ttctcctgct tgtgggaggg cctttttctc tcctcccgac agaaaggcta     50760
     tctttggtgt tcgttccctt gaactgtaac atcctgtaag ggtatgattc catgcctctg     50820
     tgtgggtgtg aattccctca tggtgaccct caaaatctgc acacaggacc ccttcccatt     50880
     gaggggaggg gatcaaaaca actctacttc tcagggtcct ctcctgttcc aactggtctg     50940
     tgtccaagag aagccttagg taaatggggc cagcttgaag atcaaacagg tttggcagcc     51000
     tctcccggcc tctcttttct ctcctacagc tttatagcta cagctgcctt gatatcaata     51060
     ttgactttgg ctggctggca tgactaccca cagggtatcg tgccttaatt taccaggtga     51120
     caggcaacgc tgccctctcc tggaaccatc cagcagagcc agggctgtac ccccaaatcc     51180
     tgcaacagag gtttccctcc atctcacctc cctgtccctg catttctcct atctcagtag     51240
     ctcctctttc cctctctggg cttctctttc cactccctcc ccttcctggg cttggtaaac     51300
     tagtccctaa tctcttcaca ccccagattg gaaggtgggt ccctccctga cactccccag     51360
     agctgtcacc aacctcctcc aagtttctat agctccattg ctcaacagat ttgccagggg     51420
     taaccattaa cccagccctt aactctgttc ccccaccttt cttgctggag gggattttcc     51480
     aattactggt tagcacagct aggtcatctc acccccacca tctttcctaa cttcttgggt     51540
     tggggggctg gggaggaatc tccccatctc agggtactag gaacaaagct ggggaggatg     51600
     gtgcatttaa agggattata tatatatata tatttttttt ttttctttct ccctcataac     51660
     cccacccccg caacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacagac gcacaaataa     51720
     gctttatgga gcagtgactt cattatgttc accgctttga gtccaacccc tggcccaaaa     51780
     taggcactaa atagttgccg aatgcatgaa tgatagatac ctctctgtct tcaggggtgt     51840
     gtagaagtgc gaaggggtat gggcatgtcc cagtaggggt gtgagtgttc tgatcagaac     51900
     tacttctctc tgccagaatt tgatgtaatt cgaatgcttc cacctctgct tgaagggttt     51960
     aaataataaa ttaggccctg tcgtgccatt atgggggtgg tcataccctg tacccaggaa     52020
     acaggcacgg tagggctgag acagaagtcc tgcttgtttc cgcttattta tttgaaacac     52080
     cgctcattta ggtcttactt tgtttgccag gcactgttct aagctctgta taaatattaa     52140
     ctcagagggt acaaatatta acttaagagt tgttgcagga aaaaaaataa gcgcctctgg     52200
     ctctttaagt ttggcctccc cctcaaaacc cccgcaacgg tcccaaaccc cttccaggga     52260
     ctgggactac ggaccctggt ccgaccttct cgcgggcttc ccactgcgcc aatcaaatcc     52320
     cagaaacagt gagtgctaga ggcccggctg ctaagcaacg gcagagggcg ggaagtttga     52380
     acgttctgga cccgccccga aggcaaatag gccaatcagc gtccagactc ttcagctacg     52440
     gcagtccgct tctcctcctc gccctgtcgg atctctaggc tggatccggg cctctccaat     52500
     caacagcggc taggagggcg gggcgcgtgc gcgcgcacct cgctcacgcg ccggcgcgct     52560
     ccttttgcag gctcgtggcg gtcggtcagc ggggcgttct cccacctgta gcgactcagg     52620
     ttactgaaaa ggcgggaaaa cgctgcgatg gcggcagctg ggggaggagg aagataagcg     52680
     cgtgaggctg gggtcctggc gcgtggttgg cagaggcaga gacataagac gtgcacgact     52740
     cgccccacag ggccctcaga ccccttcctt ccaaagggta acctccgcgt gacaggaatg     52800
     agggtggggc gcgtggagtt tcccacaatc tgtactttag ttaaataccc gagaattcac     52860
     ctcctgtgtc cacagctctc cacgcccctc agccctgccc cgcagccctg tagcagaagt     52920
     acttagtgct ttgcattctg cgcgccaccc taccccggcc tcctctgtga atcgttgctt     52980
     ccgaaccgcc ctcacttttt gcatccgcag agcctccaag ctcatggcct ccttaggagc     53040
     gaacccaagg aggacaccgc agggaccgag acctggggcg gcctcctccg gcttccccag     53100
     cccggcccca gtgccgggcc ccagggaggc cgaggaggag gaagtcgagg aggaggagga     53160
     gctggccgag gtctctgagg ggagtagaaa cttgaatgga gagttgatgg gaagttagaa     53220
     taaaagaggg ttgggagccg ggcgcggtgg ctcacacctg taatcttagc actttgggag     53280
     actgaggcgg gcggatcacc tgagctcagg agttggagac cagcctgggc aacatggcga     53340
     aaccccgtct ctactaaaaa tataaaaatt agccgagcgt ggtggcacgt gcctgttatc     53400
     ccagctactg ggaaggctga ggcaggagaa tcactgtaac tcgggaggcg gaggttgcaa     53460
     tgagctgaga ttgctccact gcacttcagc ctgggcgaca gagcaagact ccgtctcaaa     53520
     gaaagaaaga aaaaaaaaac agggttggga agagctgggc aagtctctta cctcctgagt     53580
     ggctgtttca cattcactaa atgggggtga tgatgcctat ctcagagatt tgagaaaatg     53640
     attaaattat ataagacatg gtaaacccta cacttatgag tgattctaat agtgatttcc     53700
     tttcttcctt gctggacaga tccatctgtg tgtgctgtgg aattcaggat acttgggcat     53760
     tgcctactat gatactagtg actccactat ccacttcatg ccagatgccc cagaccacga     53820
     gagcctcaag cttctccaga gaggtgggga tggaaccatg aattcctctg ctctctggga     53880
     ttgcagatgt gttacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca catatttttt     53940
     ttttctagac agagtcttgc tctgttaccc aggctcaagt gcagtggcgc aatcttggct     54000
     cactgcagcc tccacctcct gggttcaagc aattctcctg actcaacctc ccgagtagct     54060
     gggactacag gcgtgtgcca ccacacccag ctagtttttt gtgtgtgttt ttagcacaga     54120
     cggtgtttca ccatgttggc cagggc                                          54146