EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX248242; SV 5; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 104779 BP.
AC   BX248242;
DT   04-FEB-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 14)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone BUSM1-205D10 in linkage group 20 Contains
DE   a novel gene, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   cyclin-dependent kinase 5 regulatory subunit 1 (p35) (CDK5R1), the 3' end
DE   of the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate myosin ID (MYO1D) and
DE   six CpG islands.
KW   HTG; kit.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-104779
RA   Holt K.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 8f8895b42e1495b154321d47634d658a.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000017321; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000049204; danio_rerio.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone BUSM1-205D10. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone BUSM1-205D10 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone BUSM1-205D10 is at 104779 in this sequence.
CC   BUSM1-205D10 is from a Zebrafish PAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..104779
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="20"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="BUSM1"
FT                   /clone="BUSM1-205D10"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    129..104779
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(AL691516.5:31061..31179,AL691516.5:41318..41578,
FT                   AL691516.5:45337..45621,AL691516.5:46676..46815,
FT                   AL691516.5:48935..49103,AL691516.5:49248..49434,
FT                   AL691516.5:50907..51022,AL691516.5:51457..51571,
FT                   AL691516.5:52387..52571,6934..7040,9559..9685,10097..10201,
FT                   14022..14132,14218..14356,14441..14523,14783..14913,
FT                   18964..19086,22593..22704,22783..22882,23004..23109,
FT                   24854..25575)
FT                   /gene="kit"
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-116L04.1-001"
FT                   /product="kit receptor"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK026979.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AF153446.1"
FT   CDS             join(AL691516.5:31125..31179,AL691516.5:41318..41578,
FT                   AL691516.5:45337..45621,AL691516.5:46676..46815,
FT                   AL691516.5:48935..49103,AL691516.5:49248..49434,
FT                   AL691516.5:50907..51022,AL691516.5:51457..51571,
FT                   AL691516.5:52387..52571,6934..7040,9559..9685,10097..10201,
FT                   14022..14132,14218..14356,14441..14523,14783..14913,
FT                   18964..19086,22593..22704,22783..22882,23004..23109,
FT                   24854..25027)
FT                   /gene="kit"
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-116L04.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004699"
FT                   /product="kit receptor"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q9W755"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q8JFR5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001824"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008266"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR016243"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020635"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027263"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q8JFR5"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-980526-464"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11525.1"
FT   polyA_site      25575
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<90374..90516,91615..91720,91841..91940,
FT                   92651..92762,92855..92977,93378..93469,94773..94938,
FT                   95221..95309,96830..96943,97020..97124,97611..97746,
FT                   98163..>98269))
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-205D10.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate kinase insert
FT                   domain receptor (a type III receptor tyrosine kinase)
FT                   (KDR)"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<90374..90516,91615..91720,91841..91940,
FT                   92651..92762,92855..92977,93378..93469,94773..94938,
FT                   95221..95309,96830..96943,97020..97124,97611..97746,
FT                   98163..>98269))
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /locus_tag="BUSM1-205D10.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000004701"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate kinase insert
FT                   domain receptor (a type III receptor tyrosine kinase)
FT                   (KDR)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P35918 Sw:P35968 Tr:O42570
FT                   Tr:Q8MI23 Tr:Q8VCD0"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q5GIT4"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000719"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001245"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001824"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003598"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR008266"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009136"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009137"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011009"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017441"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020635"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q5GIT4"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041001-112"
FT                   /protein_id="CAI11526.1"
FT                   NAPPLG"
FT   misc_feature    98311..98316
FT                   /note="1327 bases of IS2 transposon (V06610) removed here.
FT                   This sequence represents the duplicated flanking sequence
FT                   of the IS2"
FT   misc_feature    104651
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: BUSM1-205D10"
SQ   Sequence 104779 BP; 33757 A; 18889 C; 18638 G; 33495 T; 0 other;
     gatctatttg taaactttca aacaggaact taaaatattc aattttaata acaaaaaata        60
     ttaaaccatg aaaaaaaaac caccactcaa gccatgagtg agatagaggt ctcttggtgg       120
     tacaagtcta tagactttac cggtatgttc aaaaaagcgc tgttcacaca ggcgaggacg       180
     ttacggaaat tttccggaaa agagcattca cacatccatt ccaaaatacc ggtaaattct       240
     gacatcattc accacaaatg agctttaaac ggctgcgctt gtatttgtaa acatttgact       300
     aaattacaaa ctcttttgat gatcaatatt gtaaacaact ttcacaggat cactttcgca       360
     tgtcgagatg ttcataatat gtgcgtgtgc tgccgctcac aggctgtttc atgggcacac       420
     gcaaagcttg aaggtaaaca aacaacggct tatcataagc atcttatcga tgattatttg       480
     cacagttggc attaagaaga acatataaac gttatctgac taacttctag cagctaaatg       540
     cgtctggaaa aatattcaaa ggcttttatt ctcagaaacc gcgcggacgt aaatgcgtct       600
     gactgttgtg attggctaaa gcagaagtct tacgtcagca cgttctagac gtgcacgcgc       660
     ttattccgga aatattcctt ctgcgttcac acagcgcagc attccggcaa attgccggta       720
     atgttacaac ttctctctcc ggaaaatagc cagaacgaat ttaccggtat tttcaaaaag       780
     aacccgttca cacatacaac ctttccggaa aattgccggt aattttccgg aaaggtctgt       840
     atgtgtgaaa ggggctaatg tctccatcag tctgagcagt gtgctgtgtt ctgctgtccc       900
     attgactaaa agaatcccca tcatgttagt tgtattcccc gacttgtatt tcagcacagt       960
     ctggcagtcc cctttttttg cataaccttt ttttctgtca ccttttcttg tttcttttta      1020
     gagagaaact gaaatgcttc cacacatctg atttaaaacc cgctttaggt tcgaccattt      1080
     ttagctcttt ttctttcccg ctactagcag caccctccat ttctgcatta ctgaatctgt      1140
     agcgacaaca gactgcaaag gatgatggcc acacctgggc tgatgaaaat tgtagtttcc      1200
     gctacgtcac attcgctcca ttcgcttgag caaacttttc accaaaagac ccatgatttt      1260
     attgagtcac aaccatggta atactgaaag aaattgctat tgcgatatga cgatatttac      1320
     aatattgtta catcccaaat agttactgta gtatttttaa tactactgta ataaaataat      1380
     tattgttagg tctgaatttt ataatttaca gttgtacact acctgacaaa aatcttatcc      1440
     cctgtccaag atttaggaac aacaaataat aacttctatt tgatcatttg gtatcagaag      1500
     tggctaatat taaaggcaaa ggcctctaga ttacacttat tttaccaaaa taaaatatga      1560
     tcatgccttg atttttaatt atttaattag gacagtaagg tctgactttg tttagacaaa      1620
     agtcttgtca cttaacagaa ataatctaca gaatataaag tcatggtgca gtggaaaaag      1680
     aacagatatt gtgtatgact cccatgagct tgtaggactg catccataca tctctgcaat      1740
     gacttaactt attaatgatg tcataagcaa tggcaaagaa aacgttcttg caggactcct      1800
     agagttattc aagattcttt ggtttcatct tcaatgcctt ctccttcatc ttaccccaga      1860
     catgctcaat aatgttcatg tctggtgact gagctggcca atcctggagc accttgacct      1920
     tctttgcttt cagcaacttt gatgtggagg ctgaattatg acaaggagcg ctatcctgct      1980
     gaagaatttg ccctctcctg tggttaaaat gtaatgggca gcacaaataa cttgatacct      2040
     caagctgttg atgtagacat ccactctgca gatctcttgc acgcccccat actgaatgta      2100
     atctcaaacc atgtaattct ttcaccaaac aagactgatt tctgtgagaa tcttgggtct      2160
     gagtatttgt tatgattggg atgcagttca acagatgatt cagtggaaaa atctaccttc      2220
     tgccactttt ccaaatgatc aactagaagc caagttatta ttactattat tattattttt      2280
     gtttttacaa ctaggatcga caaaaagact tttattaggt agtgtacaag aaaggcagaa      2340
     taaatagtaa agtatttttt atttaattta gatctccgat aatggttata ttgcagtcct      2400
     catagcaaaa tatcagcata ttaaataaaa taatatcata atatttaaat aaataaaatt      2460
     atatgtatct aacatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata      2520
     tatatatata tatatactgt attatcatgt taaattgttt tttctgctga acacaaatga      2580
     tgctataaaa taatatattg ctatataatg ctataaaaat aataaacaat tatttaaaat      2640
     gtaatgctcc cttgtaatat tgctgtttta ttatgtatga aataaatgaa aaaacgaata      2700
     tatgatatat aataatagca ctgcacacct acacaaagat taagcaacct caacctcaaa      2760
     tgatcagttt tccagtgtct aaaaactctt tcacctcata gaaaagcatg aagcaaaata      2820
     aaacctcgac ccaagtgctt ctagtttccc aggaatactc aagcaaccag ccaagaggaa      2880
     acgttcatct cctcacattc actccagctg tgctttttga aaaaatctga accagctgcc      2940
     aactcacagg tcgccgctcc tgctccaact caacctgtgt aggcagactc tcttttgaat      3000
     aagaccagat aacagcagac tattatataa acagaggtgc tgagttttat ccctaatctt      3060
     gtttcttttg taaacctagc attaccaact gttggggatt atctccagag tttagggggg      3120
     tttcgtttgg gtttgtttta aaaacaccag gcttttccac ctcagttatt gctgtattat      3180
     tgctaaagac agtggttaac caaaggtcat ccacatcctt tttggatcga ttgctacgtt      3240
     tattatttct actacgtttg tgtatgtgta aaatccttgg ctacattgtc ttcatttagc      3300
     attttccctg tattaattat taaagttaca ttcattgtac tttaacaacc caattgttaa      3360
     tattattaac ataattaata ttaattgata caattaaggt aacacaattt tgcacaaaat      3420
     tatataatta acaattttat aattgaattt aacaaattta aaataattaa aatagatatt      3480
     gcaacttata atggttatca tttaactatt ttatcatcta gtttagattg tttgcaacat      3540
     ttattttgtg tgtatgtatg tgtgtactgg ttttggtggt ttacaaggac acaaatttgt      3600
     atgatgacat gggaatgacc caggtattac attgttgagg tttatgagac catacccttt      3660
     gtccttgcaa ttcaaaatgc ttatatatca tactcaacag gtgtttttga cattcgaaat      3720
     gtgagtaact tgtattcatt acattgtggg gaccaaatgt ccccacatca ttttttggtc      3780
     ccaatgagga aaagagctca taaatcacac agaataaatt atggtaccac tttattgtga      3840
     aggtcctttt attgaactta agttacattg catctacatg ccaggttaga gttagtgcaa      3900
     gatgacatgt acagttgaag tcagaattat tagcctccct ggattgttag ccaagacccc      3960
     cccccagtcc cccccccccc ccccccccca gttaattttt tccccaattt ctgtttaact      4020
     gagagaaaaa ttttacaaca gcttttattc tatccgaaat aaaacaaata agactttctc      4080
     cagaagaaaa aaatattatg agacaacatg aaaatgtcca tggtctgtta aacataattt      4140
     gggaaatatt tagaaaagaa aaaaaaattc taaggggggc taataattct gacttcaact      4200
     gtacgtactt gcaaagtttt tctatagtca gttaaatgtc tgtagaagga gcttattaac      4260
     aggtcttaag cagacagtct attaatactc aaatgagagg taattggcat gtagttgcaa      4320
     tgtcattttt agtcaacaaa atgtgcaaca gtgaccatca atggtgacca gtcttaccta      4380
     aattattttg aaaatggcaa aattcagaag gattcctctg agagttggat ttaagcatag      4440
     agttggaata gggggttaga atatacagtt tgaacagtat aaaaaccatt gtctatggga      4500
     agtccagatg aagacagttg tacaagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg      4560
     tgtgtgtgtt tgtctacatt tagcattttc cctactaaat tagccagaag taaaaaaaaa      4620
     aaaaaatctt ttgctagagt tcatctagat ttggactgga ggtttttaag tgttgtagag      4680
     catgaacttt acagtcgggt tgccccagga aagcctgtta ggtgatgtgg gagcttctca      4740
     aggtttcgtc tccagcagga aaaccagtgg gacaaaaaag cctcaggcag gagctattca      4800
     acctcggcta agcgggagtc agaaatgcct gttgttcggg agagagctgc ttttgtggga      4860
     gtgctggatg gatatgcttg gatgcagtgg gatgatgata gatggatgga tgggcaagga      4920
     agagagagag agagagagag agagagagag agagacggag ggctgtgaaa gccagtggca      4980
     ggtttacaag ggattacttc ctgcagagtc tgcattcttt gatttgaaat ggagagaaag      5040
     cttcttatag cttaagagct ttactacact gctcagaaca acacagaaaa acaataacac      5100
     aacacgcatg aacacataca cacagcaaaa cactgctaca gtttcaaaag tgcaaaacaa      5160
     atgagtcgcg gtaaagcgtt ttagtgagga ttattcacac atcattaaat acaagcaatt      5220
     atgacataac tgtgaggcat gtattaagtc atgttgatga ggttttattg ctaatgaact      5280
     gtttgttgca tttccagcaa cactgtggtt ttgtctcgat gtcaaaacct tgtgcggttt      5340
     ttattatttc cattgggatt ctggctcaag ggctgagact gacatgagat agagtgtgtt      5400
     tttctgtgtt aacagaattg atcctcaggg atgagccgcg tgtattgatt atccgccgat      5460
     gcctgaaaca gattgtcttc ttcacacgaa tgcagtgatt cccaacagaa actaatctca      5520
     gggcttaaca agcttaacat tttcaagtac tatataaaat aaccaaatta tgctaataag      5580
     ttttaaaaaa tatttgaatt gttaattaaa taaatattaa ttaatgtaat gtcatgtata      5640
     gtaattctaa atctatctac aaataataat aataataata ttattattat tattattatt      5700
     attattatta ttattattat tattattatt aactaataat atttcaatac attggcaaaa      5760
     tataagtgtg gtatttggta acatcaatat aattgatcaa atgaaacaat ttaaataaaa      5820
     ttaaatattt aatacaatta caataaaatg tgttgttaat attaattgtt tttatttttt      5880
     tatttttttg aaatttttct atttgctcaa gtttaactaa gactttaaca ttttaaattg      5940
     taatatattt gctgtagttt ctttttattt tcttatttca gtcaaatgtt ggttagtttg      6000
     aactagagat ctgcgcggga ctaaattttg aatcccgttc ccgtcaggtt ttagtccaga      6060
     cctaacccat cctgcttata ttcagcattt gttgtcccgc tgcccgatcc gcaccgtttt      6120
     ctacccgccg cacccgatcc tgctaacggg gaatggtggg gacaaaacca aaaacctccc      6180
     agtgatacag agtccagata gcctataaca agctgtcggt ataaacacac acacatagac      6240
     acacagcacc aagcaagtga cacatagaca gcaccaagct ctctctccct catttacgca      6300
     catatacaca cacatagaca gcgacaatta agctgaacac agcatcacgc tctctcattc      6360
     atacacatac ttgcgcgtgc tctggagtcg ggagcgattt cgttaaaccg cccgctccag      6420
     ttcaaattac accagttacc aaccgctccc ctgctttatt cgtaaattta ttcggaatgc      6480
     agacctctag tttgaacctt attttgtcat aaattattgc attaattaat taatatttta      6540
     aatacatttt tattgtaatg tttttaattt atcttaaaat attagatttt ttaaattaat      6600
     tatttaaata tttttatcat tattttgcgt aagtaatgtt cccctggacc tcagtttgaa      6660
     aatccctgca ccatattatt tacgagtatt acataatatt attatgcttt gttacaaatc      6720
     gttatttatc taaattgtct gtcatttatc ttttatgagt cataaaacat atcctcttat      6780
     caagatatca tcaataatca gctggaaaac ttactattcg tgcaccacta ttaaaaggga      6840
     cacattctgg agtagggctg atggaggagt agatgcacgt ttttcatctt gctgatttct      6900
     gatgtccgct gtgtgttgtt ttaatctcca cagagaacac tgttcctcat gaactcttta      6960
     caccgctgct catcggtttt gtcgccgcag ctgttatcct tgttctcatc ctgatcgtcc      7020
     tgacctacaa gtacatgcag gtaaaatagc attaatttca tagtcttttg tcaaaggaaa      7080
     gacatgctga ctcactgagg cacttaagta atgaaattaa attgaatagt tttaatcctc      7140
     gccatattat agcattcaat actgcaacat gtattgttgt tctagcgcaa cccattttgg      7200
     gttatttgat attgaacgtg atactcgaat gcagcgcaat ttacctatca cacctggcta      7260
     cactcccaca catcagggga atagaaacaa tacacgctta aggaaattat ttacttagtt      7320
     tacttagtca ggccataaga cctgatgttt atctgcacag ttttgcactg ttgcacagag      7380
     gaacgaccac tgcaattact gtccacactg ttgtttgaat aattgatgtg tatttacact      7440
     aaacttttat agactccata aactgtaact gaatcaaatg taaaaggttg tctccacaca      7500
     tgtgaagtgt ttagaccaat ctttgtggat ttaaaaactt aaaatgacct taatgtagac      7560
     ttgaatggaa atattgtgtt agttattttc atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat      7620
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat ataaagaaat      7680
     ccacaaagtt cagtctaaat acttcacaca cacatatata aatagtactg tcaatcgatt      7740
     aaaagaatta actagttaat tgcacttttt tttgaaaatt aatcacattt acaggactga      7800
     aacttgtaat tttggctatt caaatgtaaa attaatgtaa acaaaaacta taacaaaaac      7860
     tatttaaatt caaaatataa ttgtttgtta gtatttttta ttcatttgta acacagattt      7920
     cttcatgtaa acaacatacc caaaataaac catcaagatc ctggctttac agccatattt      7980
     attacaaaaa taaaaacaca ggcatgttag tcctccttta tacatttagt atatctttat      8040
     acatttatag ttgctaagac agtccagtct gttgacatta tcaggggaca atgtggaact      8100
     atttttttga ataatctcac gtaatctcac aacaattcgt aactttttga tttagtggct      8160
     acggacaacg atgatttggc aggtttgttg ctaagaacac acacagacac acacacacac      8220
     acacacacac aacacgccct ttcagacaat gactgaagac tctgttagca attacgacgt      8280
     ctcattctca gatgactcct cctcttcgcg ttcatcaaat ttgccttaac taagcgtatg      8340
     gctgtatttc acaaagcttt tgacacaaca gcgcgaagca gacacttgca tttatagtgg      8400
     aaaacacgtc aaacttaata aaacattgaa gggcacatgc tgaaaggcag aagaatgcgt      8460
     gacttcatct ggcacttcat gtacatggac accaatactc tggttttaat atgataaaga      8520
     taacactctt attaagagtc taccatgtaa tcagcgattt ttgattacct taaaggacca      8580
     ccgagtcatg aaatggtgag tttttttttt ccgttcgcca tgtggtatca aattccatta      8640
     aaacagtcga aagttaaaaa tgaaacaccc gaaattgcaa aaaactctgg aggaaacgct      8700
     ggagagcctg gtgatgcgac attaattgct ttatactgaa acttgccttt aaaaagtgtt      8760
     tctttggtct tatccatata tctttgcaca ataaacacac gtcgaccaca acagaaaaaa      8820
     aaaactgtaa ctgcgttaat tgcgtaattt tttttaacgc gttgaatatt taaaattaat      8880
     cgcattcgtt aacacactaa tttaactata tatatatata taatttttaa ttttattaat      8940
     taaattttat ttaattatat atatatttta aatttttaaa tttaattaat ttatcttttt      9000
     tttttgtttg ggaactaatg ggacagttac ccctatcatg aaaacaactg tataatgagg      9060
     ataaaaaatt gtataatctg tctttccagt tctttttttg tttgtttgta atttgattta      9120
     atttaatttt cctttttact ttgcattgtt cgaaggttca ctttacaata aggttacatt      9180
     agtttatgtt agttaatgca tttgctatca tgaattaaga ttggacaata catgttcagc      9240
     atttattaat cacagatcaa tatttactaa tgcattatta aaatacaaat actttctgtt      9300
     aacattagtt gctgcactgt aatttcaaaa aataacaata aacaacttta ttaccattag      9360
     cttacataaa aaaacgaata aacaaagcaa taaatgtgta gtttatggtt tcttcatcat      9420
     aataaatata ttatctgatg ttaaataatg cattattgta aagtgttatc gttacaataa      9480
     agcttaaaaa gcaggttatg tttctttagc aacattaatc ttattttatc cctcttttct      9540
     catttccatc ttctacagaa acccaaatac caaattcaat ggaaagtcat agagggtatt      9600
     catggaaaca actatgtgta cattgacccc actcagcttc catacgacca ccagtgggag      9660
     tttcccagag ataagctgcg atttggtgag tctttgaaag tcttctttaa aatgactaaa      9720
     tcatattcca aaccacttct agatattgaa atatttcttt tgtttggaaa ggtttattgc      9780
     tccagaaaaa ataaacacat ttcacacaga acaaagcttg cttcttttca ctgttggctg      9840
     ttgcccagtt tatgacaccg atagctgccg ccttccccgt gaaggaatag ctgtatccgt      9900
     caacaaacag gatctaacag gatctagcat atcccacttc cccacaagcc acacctcttt      9960
     gattcaaaaa caagtttatg ttccagttga tagctggttt tggatcaagc cccaatgact     10020
     gtaaacaaaa gtaaaactga tgtgtgtggg gactgtatca atattctcaa tcagatttgc     10080
     tttctttcat ttccaggaaa aactcttgga tctggagcat ttggaaaggt ggtggaggca     10140
     acggcttatg ggatgtccaa agcagacact gtgatgactg tagctgtgaa gatgctgaaa     10200
     cgtgagtgaa aagcaacgta gagtatgttc agagttttgt gaaatacgag ttgaattgtt     10260
     acaacaaggc ctgtttgacc agcacgttta tttaagcaaa tgaagcagcg ggtaatgaca     10320
     caccagaaag tacacaaacc tgcctgatga gaagagcaat ggttaaacat ttgcagtaac     10380
     ccacaaattt tggttcccag aacactctgg gattgttggt ttatgccttt gagccataat     10440
     acctttaaat aaaacaaaga ttcaccaatc tgaattacaa ggtgtaaact attgtgagaa     10500
     ccaaacattt agaattatga tatcacaaaa acagataaat tttgaggaac aaagacagat     10560
     cagaattcag agttattaga atggttttga aagcagggct tattcttaaa gtcggcgtga     10620
     atcagaaagt aaggttgtcc tttcgctgtg aattgacaaa aaaactgtat gatttcatcc     10680
     attgggaacc agttgtatca tcggaagaag tgcattgcta acaaaatgga ggaagattgc     10740
     taaatgggtg aaaacagggc agaaacatga tataccccgc cctatgggca ttccatggga     10800
     ccagaagtga agaaaaatat tttcaagaaa gaggaaaact cccgtgtttt gtcatgtgac     10860
     cttcccccat gtttccatgc tccatgtgtg tttatttgta tcatgtgacc cctttgttct     10920
     agttcccgct gtttgttaat gtcccatgag tctcacctct gttcctcccc tgtgtgtcgt     10980
     cagttccatt agtccttgtg tattaatacc ccttagttta gttaactcct gcgatccttt     11040
     gccattctgt gagagcccag gtgtgacagg tatttgatta aatattacaa gggcaaattg     11100
     ttttttacaa aattgtacat tgtttataat aacaactact ataaactagg gttgggcatc     11160
     taagctataa tgccgatccg atacgcatct cgatacaaag aatacgatcc gatatattag     11220
     cgatacattt gtgacatatt gcgatgcaac acgatacgat tcacacccat atcacgatac     11280
     aatgcgataa ttcagcacta actaattaga tcaagtttat gagattatgt gaaagaggat     11340
     gctgtgccat tgaatgagtt tgattattta ttaaccaagc aaaaccaaga atttttttta     11400
     caaacttttc tcttggagcc agagtgtcag tttacagtag agggccattt tagaacatat     11460
     agcacatatt atttaagtat tttcaagata aacagaatgt atgagtgcaa tatatattaa     11520
     aatatatata tttgcactct ttcaacataa aggtttagca ttgcacaaca agaattgtga     11580
     tttaatttta ttttacaaag atattttgcc actgaatatt caaaacttaa ggtcgtgaac     11640
     tagcagtgtt atgctgcttt gaaacatcac tgtcactgta aacaacaggc taataaaaat     11700
     ataattaaat acaaattaac aggaggaggt atttaaaacc ttcgttctcc gtgacactag     11760
     gctgaatatc tttgcagatg aacaatgcaa taacatccgt ttttggcgta gagcgcacaa     11820
     aactgttgca catggaaaaa aacttgcaat gcttttctca ccacttttgg agctggtagc     11880
     tacagttgaa gctgtgcagg aagccaggga tgcaggaaca ctggaagatg cttccaaaac     11940
     aacaccgtgg cgccgcttca agtgagatat cagattagtc gtactgctgc ctgtgtattt     12000
     tacagatgcg cggcacattt tgcaaattgc atctgtcctg tcaagtcgtc catccttaaa     12060
     tccataatgt tgccatactt tagatttaaa actcagtggg gaataaaatg tttgttttgc     12120
     ttctcgcgct ttctgagggc gcaccactat cttcatccgc acacctgata cactgagttg     12180
     tagtgtaagt gtacacatcc gcatgtccgt tgctaaggca tactttatgt agttcgatta     12240
     aattatgcgc caaaaacagg ttgacaacac ttgttaataa ataaaaaata cattctatat     12300
     taaaaatata agttgtatct tggaaaaacc gatgcatctc gcaaaaaccg atgcatctcg     12360
     atttgcttcc aaaatttcat tcatcctctg ctgctctaca gatgcactcg catcgtgcac     12420
     gcgcatgacc gcgtgtcgat acatatcggt taatcttccc atccctacta taaacataaa     12480
     aataaggaga gtaaattttg atttcatgca cctttaagtc aaaattaggc cttaaaatga     12540
     cttgaataag tgaagtttat ttataaacta atttcaagag gatcacatgc ttatgattgc     12600
     ttgcagccgg tcctgcatta ttcaatttat gattcaccaa tcagatgatt cctaagccac     12660
     tataaatacc ctaagttcca tataacagcc atcttcgttt tgaagaatcc ccccttccac     12720
     ccctactcct cctcctttcc tagatgggtg gcatgggtgg cccagtggtt agcactgttg     12780
     cctcacagca agaacatcac tggttctagt ccttaccagg ccagccaacg tttctgtgca     12840
     gagtttacac gttctccctt tgctcacgtg ggtttatctg ggttccccgg gttccttcca     12900
     ccatccaaaa acatgcaact taagtcaatt gactattcca aatcggcacc atagacatgc     12960
     tcctagtaat tagttatctc ttaagaacaa tcaatatctg tttctgtacc tgatatctgt     13020
     ttatgtacct caatatctgt acctgagctc aaactcccct ctcaccttgc aaacgggagg     13080
     gagccccagg atccgctcta tttttacatc tgttacatac agtagcttgc agttttcttt     13140
     cttctgccta aatggataaa ggatttttga ggtcacctca tattttagtt tctaatcaaa     13200
     tacattgaca aatcaggtta aaattatgtc aaatgattca aatggttgtc ctctactatc     13260
     ggaaatgtgc tttttctttc aagatcccta ttgctatatg ggcttgtgtt catccactct     13320
     cactggcagt gctgtgataa aaactaaatg ctattggcag ttttctagaa aggggagggg     13380
     ttactatatg ccccacctcg ttttcatatt tcagacattg agcaaaatat tctatttcca     13440
     agcacttcat gggattttaa gtgtggtctg taaaaccagg ggaatataat tcttgaattt     13500
     gagggttttc aattgtgaat ttatgtatct caatttaaaa aataaataaa taaaaaatcc     13560
     gaactgtgaa ataacttttc aaatataaat aaataaatgg ataaataaat aaataaaatg     13620
     atcagaagat tgtatttcac aataccggca attttttgta aaaaatcctt aataaatatg     13680
     caatcgcaag aaatgcagtc agacttctga aagagatctc agctataaat tctggcttat     13740
     tgtcttgcaa aaatgtgtat aataaaaata catttttggg aaacaaagtt gcaggtttga     13800
     aaaaaaaaac tttcagaact ctgacagttt cttgcagttc tgagtttata tttagcaaaa     13860
     attgcataat gtatttattt aatcctgtag cagaaatgga attgcattta tgtattataa     13920
     caaaactgcg ttttatttat ttatttttat ttatttattt attttttata tttatgttct     13980
     gtgttttttt tttttttatt tatttatttt ttttcctata gcgagtgccc atgcaacaga     14040
     gaaagaggct ctgatgtcag agctgaaggt gcttagttat cttggcaacc acattaacat     14100
     tgtcaacctg cttggggcat gcactgttgg aggtgagaga ccaacattag atattatttt     14160
     tgcaggtttt tgcagtgaat tgtgtgttct tcattgccaa actggtctgt tgtgcaggtc     14220
     caactctagt tataacagag tactgctgtt tcggcgacct gttgaacttc ctgcgcagaa     14280
     ggagagtata tttctactac actacactag gcgaagatgc ttactataga aatgtcatga     14340
     tgcagtcaga accaaagtaa gtatcataag tgcaactggt gaagttggat agcatgaaga     14400
     ttcctcctgg attccctaaa aaaattatat ttgatcccag tgacagcaga aatggataca     14460
     tgaccatgaa gccctctgta ctgggaatcc tgtcctccga aaacagacga tcacttaata     14520
     aaggttggat ttatgtcttg tgacttcttt actgtaggtc ttcttgtctt ttaacttttc     14580
     atgtcatctc atctcttgtt ttatctaatt tcttcttagt tctccaattg ttgtcttgtc     14640
     tctttacttt ctaagagtct tctcttcagc tcaccttgtc tcatctcttt ttgtatttta     14700
     tttttgtctt tagtgttcct tgcacatttc ccatctcgtc tcagcatgtt tcatgtctta     14760
     cttgaatttt tcacccttta aggggattcg tacagtgatt ctgatgccgt cagtgagatt     14820
     ctgcaggaag acggcttgac tctggacact gaggatcttc tcagcttctc ctaccaagta     14880
     gccaaaggga tggattttct agcatcaaaa aacgtaagtg tttctttagt gaatgtgttt     14940
     gggaggagcc taatctttcc tgtcaatcaa tattatcaca agtgtgtata agcagtgtac     15000
     cagcaacaac tcttctggca ttcgggtcca gccaatcctg tgaaaaatgt ctaaaacaga     15060
     tgaactgctg tttttaactt tgacaatgaa ttttcgtaaa gctgctttta tgattgagct     15120
     ttttccaaaa ccccccaatc gctggtctcc caagtagaga gaatatttag gattggggcc     15180
     acccctctag gcatccttct gcaaattcgc taaggtgccg ccactaactt cgatcttctt     15240
     cgcctccgtg taggcatcca tgtaccccag ctgtttcaac ttctccatgc acttcagctc     15300
     atctggtttc atctggaata tctcccatca cttacataaa aatgagctgt taataggttg     15360
     tggcatgtgc ttgccatgtg ttgcttgcaa atgtaacttt tttctgcaca tccttggatt     15420
     taaattggaa attgaatttt ccatcctttt attactggac tattcacatt ttggttgctt     15480
     ggtaatttac ttttcggggg tttagcttag agcttaaatc aaatattggt tcggagccac     15540
     cagaaagcca agttcttttc cattgtgtta caagttttgt aagtgttagg tcttctaaaa     15600
     tgacaaatta tttgattaat tacttgcgct catgatatat taaaactttc gttcatcttc     15660
     agaatacaat tcaagaagtt tttgttgaaa tccgagagct tcctcatcct tcatagacag     15720
     cgaggttttt gacttgtaca aagagtagga aaatgtttgt aaaaaatcct taaaacacac     15780
     caaatgccat cagtagttca gtcgtaatat aataaatcta taagaatact tttgtggaca     15840
     catacaataa aaataacaac tttattcaag cacttcttct cctcagtgtc agtatattgt     15900
     gcacattcaa aacatcacca tccatgactt catctgtttg aaagaaagca caggtgtatc     15960
     tgaggtaata tgccagcggt gcgacatgtc aacactctta ataatattca ttcattcatt     16020
     ttgcttatgc ttagtctcta tttcagaggt cgccacagcg gaatgaacca ccaactattc     16080
     cagaatatgt tttatgcagc gtattgagag tacattcatg cacacacatt cactatggac     16140
     aattggttta ttcaattcac ttatagcaca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aaccgtagca     16200
     cccgttggaa acccgtgcaa acatagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaatgccaac     16260
     tggctctgcc aacttaaacc agcgaccttc ttgctgtgag acgacagtgc taaccattga     16320
     gtcaccatgc agcctactct tgatattatt ccaggtgaaa tacttaaggt atatggtttg     16380
     ttttgagaat gttttagtac aattctggac tttgaacaag tcttaaccat ctgtggagaa     16440
     tgaggcatct cctagatttc acctaaaata tccttatttg tgttccaaag ataaactaat     16500
     agctcaaagg tttggaatga tgtagatgag taattaataa cagatttaga attttgtgtg     16560
     aactaaccct ttagcgggca acttgtgaaa ttaagttcta aacaaggagg ctagatagga     16620
     gccagatcat tgagtcctat cacacagtat atgtgcagct tcaattcttt tagcatacct     16680
     ctacctccta tatttctctt ccaatacgaa ggaaggtcta gctcaaaact tgagcagaac     16740
     ctcgggtttg agtgtcttcc aaggaactca agccaagatt gcttaccatt atctaccgag     16800
     gctcaatggg caggtgaact cgttaatcat ttgtttgtgc tctgtctctc taatggatag     16860
     taagttttat attccgagtg tttgcagtaa tcccataccg cagatcttct cgctcttcct     16920
     ctacaatgcc acaggctcac attccattac ctctgtccag tcaaggattg ggttacgcca     16980
     ggtcacatac aaacccacac atgttgtcag gcacatgcac acactcattc actgaggatc     17040
     atgccgagaa atatcacatt tccccacttg gtcagcaggt ccagtattca gtttagttga     17100
     agagctctaa attagtcaca ccgagtttac tgtcagctca ttcatttcag cacctccgcg     17160
     ctaacttaca tttgggaatg cgcaacgctt ctctgctaat gaggttttga attttggcac     17220
     tgttattgta aatacttggc actttgaata gtcctgacat ttgaaagcag atagttcatc     17280
     catagataac agttcaacca tcctttattc tccataccat cttctatact atcgaaatta     17340
     aaactattga aatcactcat ggtgaccaag agctaagagc tagattttcc aataatcctc     17400
     agtggtgctt tttatagccc ttccagccca ctgtttttat ctacaacaat caatcaaaat     17460
     aaaataaaac accctgtact acgatcaatt taattttgta tgggtggtcc atccttgctt     17520
     cctttaaccc ttatgtactg ttggggatgt ttttatccac tctggggtga ttttatatct     17580
     aaatttggcc ataacttatt ctgtatttca gctagcagaa tgaattttgg tgacatctta     17640
     ttttgacaca tattttgaga aaatgctttt gaattttttt ttttaaaact cagcgataca     17700
     ctctggacaa atttactacc cttttgttat gttcgggatg aaaacatcca ctaaattaaa     17760
     ctactgtaaa aatgcatttt tagatatttt tttatttttg catgaatctg ttttaaacct     17820
     cattcctgat taaaaaaaaa aaactataaa aaaaaaacac taaattcttt agaaaattac     17880
     aggatttttt atttatagga actttttatt tgccaaattc ataaatcatg ttactaattt     17940
     ggtgaaaaaa aaacaaaatg acatattttc aatataaaaa gtaattgtcc actggatttt     18000
     tttttgtcaa aaattgcctt tgacacattg tttttgatag attttcattt ttatcccccc     18060
     taatttactg ttggtggctg tttttgcctc attgactttc attataacca cattagtttg     18120
     aaaccatgac accaatgatg catttttggt tgttggtgct tttccctgtt ggaaagaggt     18180
     aaatttagta atttttactg ctgatgatca gttagctcta ttgacttttt agatagccct     18240
     gtgcaaaaaa agcttagttt ctggattata tatgaagtat aacagtaaat taaagtgtgt     18300
     atgtgtgtct gcgtgtgaga gtgaccttta cacacttatt ttgatgtgtc tgagaaaatc     18360
     taaatatgca tctcagcttt cagaactaca cggagtaaat aaaaacaaag actgtgtatt     18420
     tatgcaccat caaaaaaagt cgataaggaa aacagccacc aacagtaaat tagagagaaa     18480
     attttaaaat ctaaaatagc atcaaagcca atgttgttat taattgttca catgtccaag     18540
     actgtgataa aagctaaaaa aaaaacaaat ccagacgaca attactattt atattaaaag     18600
     tacacccttt tgtgtgtgtt tttttagcaa atcagcagaa tcatttgtga atatggcaat     18660
     taaacatcct ataatttcct aaacaagtta gtagttttga tcaggactga ggttgataaa     18720
     cagatttatg caaaaaataa taataattat atatatatat atatagaaaa aatatttacc     18780
     tcatgcattt ttatggcagt ttaatttagt ggatgttttc attcttaaca tacagtaaca     18840
     aaagggcagt aaatctgaac agtgcacaag ggttaatgtc tgtgctctat tccataatat     18900
     atttgaatgt atgttgactt gcatttctac atgagtgttt attgtatgtg tgtgtgtttt     18960
     cagtgtattc acagagacct ggctgccaga aacattctcc tcacccaagg cagagtggcc     19020
     aagatctgtg actttggact agcccgagac atcacaactg actcaaacta tgttgtcaaa     19080
     ggcaatgtaa gtcattactt gttcctcaga aacaacttta atctaaatgt tcctgtggat     19140
     tttctcacta gattttacat gtcatacggt taagtaatta tgggattaag tgaatggcat     19200
     gcaatccaga ttgaagacac ttccttgagg ttaaaagcat ttaattggca ttggcatcag     19260
     ggctaaagac ggactgtcag cccaacataa gttgcatccc aaatgacaca ctgtacacta     19320
     tgcagggttg tgtgtgggtt ttatcgggtt aatatgtcat tcatcattgg agtctaaaag     19380
     ccctgccctg acaccatgca attaaaatgt gacagttgag tgcattccac actttgctgc     19440
     tttttgttgt tgttgttatt gttgttgttt aaataagtgt ctcatacaga gcacataatc     19500
     tttttggatt tctcagtgaa accgcactac ttgcactaaa tgaaatggaa tagagcaaat     19560
     gtgcatatta gggtaaaact acagcataaa gatttgcatc aagcaagttg ccatgttgcc     19620
     tttaatgcca aatacctatt atttcattaa ttaaataaaa tatataatac aataaaatga     19680
     tttcaatact gacaacccat ttacatggat aataagacaa aattcataat agtggattat     19740
     tgctttttaa tttgtaatat tcattcattt attttctttt tggcttagtt ccttttttaa     19800
     tcaggggtca ccacagtgga atgaaccgcc aacttatcca gcacatgttt tgcgcagcga     19860
     atgcccttcc agctgcaacc tatcactggg aaacacccat acactcccat tcacacacat     19920
     acactacaga caattcggct tacccaattt acctatacca catgtctttg cactgtgggg     19980
     gaaatcgaag cacccggagg aaactcacac ccgcacaggg tgaacatgca acctccacac     20040
     agaaatgcca actgacccag ccgaggcttg aacctgtgac cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca     20100
     ttgctaccca ctgtgtcacc atgcccctta tttgtaataa tgatttttaa atttggtgaa     20160
     tttaatttaa tttagtttct aaactttcga atcaaacaaa atcggcattt tttcaggttg     20220
     ctcaagctaa agcgcattcg cactcaaatg aaacgagatc acgacaccaa cctcatttat     20280
     ggtcgttcta cacattatta tgctctaaat aatgcttcgt cagatcgtgc tgctcttctg     20340
     aagtaattca caacttggtc ttgatggtga atctcttcca gaaatgacag cgactctttg     20400
     attacaagtt tgtgggcttt tgagtagtcg ctgctgtcat gagacaggac agattgtacc     20460
     tcgcgttcat ttcatacaga ttattaaacc aaaaatcctt cgttttcaag tatagttgtt     20520
     taaaagtaca aatttcacgc tttatttaga taaatttctt atgtctgtga agcaagtatt     20580
     tgctgagatt caagtgtgtt tgttgtgaaa gcacacgtct ggactgagct tttcccccgt     20640
     ccgtcagttt agaatgatca atgattggct cctgtactag taggcggggc ttcatttgcc     20700
     atattgaccg ttacactctt ccccattcaa aactatacga gtgacacatc ttgtgcattc     20760
     gttagtcttt ggttttataa agcagatgtg tttccagccc caacccagca ctgagagtat     20820
     aaccctcagt gctgggaaac acccacacac tctcccaatt acacactaaa gtcaatttag     20880
     tttatccaat atccataaac tagagcaccc agagaaaacc cacgcaaaca tgcaaaagaa     20940
     aggcaacctt cttgctgtga ggcaactgtg ccaaccactt agccacctta atgccactca     21000
     atagaataca tttattataa tttataacta tattttaatc tttataatac aatacatcca     21060
     ttataaatag cacatcataa tctggaaaca tagacaaaac atatactaaa tacaaaatct     21120
     cttttttatc atctctaaag ctgctaaata aatatcttaa atcgtatcag cattctgttg     21180
     ttgaatttga agaagggtgc agaattcagc caataaactg atttcaatca tgacaactgt     21240
     aatacattag cttagtttat cttggcccat tatcttggat ttttttagcc aatatttgtt     21300
     catcctttca tccttttttg tattattgtg gatgagcttt ttgtctaaag acaattttct     21360
     aacccatttg gggacagaca ataaagcttt ttgaatttaa tcaaattaaa cttttttgcc     21420
     acaagcccct gtaatttatc ctgatactct atgtgtgtat atgtgtgtgt gagagagatg     21480
     ggttttattc caagagcact tagaaaggaa atccccctta aagcactatg accatattca     21540
     gtataaaata caagatcttt tatccatgtt gagacatgca ctttaccaga atgttaaata     21600
     ctgtcaagag atccatgcaa aacaagctga gaatagggtg atttctgcca tatcaagaca     21660
     gttgatttat tttccaggat ttgcattaac gagaacacta atgttgctat tgctggcttc     21720
     aactacagat actcaatttg catccaggtt ttcatggtgt aaacgaagcc caaagcaaca     21780
     aacagtcatg acaaacatgg tttacagttc aagccttcat agatattttt attctctaca     21840
     tttacagtac ttagagcttt agtttgaaca cttgaaataa ttaagcccta ggtaaattga     21900
     atactataat catttacccc ttttttaact gattgctgtc cttctaacag attaccgtgt     21960
     tgatttgttt gttttgggtg tgtctcaata cactccctat aggtcattag tcagtgcgct     22020
     tacctgacag ctatttctag ggcttcattt ccatgaaata tccaacctat acctgtacat     22080
     aaaagtcagt aaaaacagtg atttatttat ttatttcagt ttattgtata catttaaagg     22140
     accctaaaat gaaaattgtg tcatcactca atctccactt gtttcaaacc tctttgactt     22200
     cctttcttct attgaaaaca aaagaaaacc tttaaaagaa tgctggaaac cagtaactat     22260
     tgacttacat agtatttcag tattcctcca cttatagaaa ttgatgtcaa ctggtttccg     22320
     actcaaaaga tcttctcttg tgttcaacag aaaaggtttg gaaccaccgg cagcaccttt     22380
     taagcactgt gtgaaagacc tcaagtcatg taacatcaat ctacaacttg ttaataacat     22440
     caaaaccaca cggttggagt ttccaaatgt gtgttttgat tgtaaaccgt ttctatggga     22500
     gtcacaggag aaatgtgtga tgcactgcgt gtttttaagc tgtcggtgct gttaaggaag     22560
     gaatgtgtgt aatgagggtt ttctctgcac aggctcgtct cccagtaaaa tggatgtccc     22620
     cggagagcat ctttgagtgt gtttacacct ttgagagtga cgtctggtct tatggcatcc     22680
     tgctgtggga gatcttctct cttggtacgt tcagctcatc tcataataac aatattatta     22740
     tatgataaac tgcttgttca ttcaaccatt gtgctttaaa agggagtagt ccatatccag     22800
     ggatgcctgt ggactctaaa ttctataaga tgatcaagga aggatatcga atggagtctc     22860
     cggagttttc cccaagtgaa atgtaagttt gagatgtgag aagttctgta ggaagataat     22920
     gacaagataa tgaaaccatt tacatgctac aaaaatgttc ccagacatac tgaaaaaaac     22980
     attgctgtgt tgttgtgttt caggtacgat atcatgcact cgtgctggga tgccgaccct     23040
     gtcaagagac cctcatttag caagatagtg gagaagatcg aacaacagat ttcagacagc     23100
     actaaacacg taggctgctt tctttatctt ctcttttagc tctcaaaact ttgtaaaagt     23160
     gcaaggatta ataacaaact tgttttgttt tccaaaatag ttttttaata cacaaactat     23220
     aaacttttac tataaacttg tttaaaagca aatttgcttg ttatagttaa cttaaaacca     23280
     tttttaaaac cataaagtgt catctcaaaa aataataata ataaacctgc tttctgccaa     23340
     ggaaatattt cccattttca ttcaggctag ttaaaaaaaa taacaatgta accaaaataa     23400
     aaactaaaat gtaaacaaat caaaaataca cacatacttg agaatttttt cagtacaaat     23460
     gacaataaaa cgcaacaaaa taacgaaaac ttaaaaaatt aacataacac ttttttttat     23520
     gaatttgttt aaatacatta aaaaatgctg aatggtttga aacatgataa ccatataaag     23580
     cttgttatag ttaaaaagtc ctctagagat tgtgcagcac cattgatgtg atctaagatc     23640
     tgaagagttg atgccgacta cagagcactt ctaaacgtct ccataatcct ggaccaggct     23700
     gtatcctgag cagattctgt gttggtcatg gattagttga gagcatgaga ccccaaaaga     23760
     aaggacctga aaggacccca gtgaccccgt gggcctgtct gaacaaccgt cagtgactaa     23820
     ctcataccta cagcttctcc acgatggaca tccagcgtct ccagccttca gcacttagac     23880
     tgcagctctg cacaagaagt ttggtcagtg gagaaatgat ctcctccaac tgagcctggt     23940
     ttctctcgtt ttttttttcc ttcactttcg tcaattggtg taatttgttc ctcgccactg     24000
     gattgcttgg tttgggactg cacatatatg gatttgctct tcagtgtttg gactttcagc     24060
     attgaaactt aaactactct gaaataaact aaaatttaac tccaatcatc gatcgctata     24120
     tggcgaataa agctcacctt ctaaaacaga agccaattat tgatctctat atggtgaaga     24180
     aaccccacct tctaatacag gagccaatca ttgatcgcta taggctaacg atcctctggg     24240
     agaggtactt ggaccaaaca tgagtttctg cagattttgg gtgattcaaa catttagaaa     24300
     tgaaactaaa gagttagatg ttgtttaatt ttattggtgg ttccttacgc tttgcaagta     24360
     gttttggaga atttgatgtt tccccattta aacagaatgc cagagcatac tgcccaagag     24420
     acatttcaaa gatggccgca gagtaaaatg acttgtctta aaggtctttg actttgacta     24480
     aacttaaaac cataaaataa taattattat tattatttat tatataaatg taatgttata     24540
     aaaaaataat aaagcatcag attttttctc aggaaaatgt tctaattttt attcagttta     24600
     gctcaaaaat ctgaaaccaa aataaagact aaaatatacg ttaataaaaa atacactggt     24660
     tttaaaaaag ataacaactt aattagtcaa aatgtaacaa ttgtaaaata aaaacagaaa     24720
     aagtttaaag taaaaacagt ttaaagaaaa acagaagtca tttctgtatt tttttctgaa     24780
     aataaaggtt tctaaaagtc atttttggag aattaagtag taaataaaac aatatcttct     24840
     cttttctcat cagatttact taaacttcag ctccaggttg ccagcagcac caggcccccg     24900
     tgaggaatcc agttctcatg tccatcggct aaactcagtg ggcagtcaca gcacagccac     24960
     tcaacctctg ctctccagca acgacgtctt tttggataga tcgagtccaa gtcaccctgt     25020
     agtctgaaaa tccactctca gcaaaaagcg tcatcttcta agactctctg cgtcattgta     25080
     gctgtttgac atacgtgagg actttggtga aaaacactga tcgtaaatct caagagctgt     25140
     ccggctcttt ccacctttct tgcagactgt gtatataaga aaggacagtg atggtgtgct     25200
     ttcctattac catttcatgc gttctttgga actgtgggac actgagtttt caagaaagct     25260
     aataatcaat gctggcatca ttccatggta ctatatctcc aacgcggatc tgcaggagat     25320
     ctgaactcgt tttatataaa atcccttcat tacttgggat gtataaacat aataatgctt     25380
     ctttttgcta gtcgtcgagt ctttacacat gacaaagtca aaagtcggag acaagatcaa     25440
     atcacgatga gaactttgga aattcgacgt cattttgaca tgatctttta gctgaaaatg     25500
     cattatatcg cacctttaac actcgtgtgt tgaatatgac tcactgagtg tcagtagtaa     25560
     aagtgtaaat cgctgttatt ttcatatcga atttatcatt tctgctcaaa aatgaaaata     25620
     tccaacacat ataaggctac gttatctgga aatgtatgta taagcagcaa taagtccgca     25680
     ttgtaacttt gacagcatga tcatgcgcaa gccaaaaaac aagctacttg atgcatgttg     25740
     cgttggggct agtattttgt ctgttggcag ctgaatctgt aagtttatgt ttcgatagac     25800
     caaattaagg cacaattcat ttcactgtca ggaaaggtgt tgagacaggt agaggcaatt     25860
     catcacagct catcatttac tcagtgatat tttggttaca tagcagtatt atgttattgg     25920
     cttgtgttgt cttctttttt ttcctttcaa catggaaacg taatttggga cagcaaaatg     25980
     atccagtcaa gtggtaattc aagcttaagg catcaaactt ttagacagtg tttcttttag     26040
     ggatcacttt aaaccgtttc tgtcacttct acaaggaaaa tatctggtaa aaaaaaatac     26100
     tggtttcatt tgtacggctc ggtttaaagt agttttaaat aggacgtggt tccttaatgg     26160
     tggaagatca ggttgcttct gtagcatcag ttctgttctt tattccacaa caatcagagt     26220
     gaaaacatat ttttttgaaa ctggaaggca tagcaagtag tgctcttttg tacatttgta     26280
     aatgtttcgc tagctctttt tattttttgc atgaaaaagt aaggtggggg atgatttgtt     26340
     ttaagtaaag acacctctta agttacagta cgtttatgca acaatgacca cgtttacatg     26400
     gacatcaata atttaaatat ttgctttaat ctgcataaga caataatatg attaaagtgt     26460
     aacccgagtt gctttttcaa cgttcgtttc atgatcccgt tttacatgtt atagcacata     26520
     attcgattaa cgttattgcg tcaccacgct gttcaggttt cctccatagt ttcatgtaat     26580
     ttggagtatt tcatttttaa gttgtcgact ttaactgcag tttggcactt tcactttcat     26640
     ttaggaacat gtcatgcata cccccatgac aaacgagata ttggatgcga gtaggaactg     26700
     ctggaagagt gttgttttaa cggaatttgt taccgcattt cgcaatgcag gtgtctgtgg     26760
     tccttcaatg acttggtagg cgcagagaat agtgtcaaac agccgtgtgt gtatagacca     26820
     ttctgtcaca aaatgcggtg aaaatcctac acgacggtaa tagtttaagt tgtttacatg     26880
     tatgtactgc atttaaataa tgcgactaaa atcggcatac tcttcgtact actctgtact     26940
     gcacctcaat aatatgacta aaatcggcat actccacgtc gtatttcgat ttatgtttaa     27000
     ttcgatgatg accttaatcg gattaaatga attaaaaatc gatgtttaca tggtagactc     27060
     ttaatcagag tattgtctta atcatattaa aatcaggttg ttggtgtcca tgtaaacata     27120
     ctcatgtttt tcacctgtgt atttgaaaac tttcactaat gacaatgttg tcaacatggt     27180
     tcctgaggaa acaattgcta aacaacactg tattatgctt gccagttggc aacgaaacaa     27240
     aacactacag ctctgttcac atacagctct gtagtgtttc ttggtgttgt tttttttaga     27300
     ttgtcagtca ctcacaaata gataaatgat atctggactg attagtgggc gacatcatca     27360
     tttttgcaaa atcacgtttt ttgttttgtt gttattaaaa gttggcattt ccagactgct     27420
     gatttttgct aaattttgtg taaacattac ataattacat tatgtaacta ctttacctaa     27480
     ttacataatg taattacatt acggtaaccg gcgatattgt aatcgggatt aagggtgctt     27540
     tcacatctgt gattcgattt atttggttgg gcagcaaata atacgtcgta gttttttttt     27600
     ttctgcagtt tttttttaca ccacgctgat tgctcttttc cgaaagttta aacaatccag     27660
     aatgcagcca tgtgaccaca ttcacatcac tcgccatatg tcattgaacg tatttcctaa     27720
     actccatatt cctatgggaa cttcgagagt aaacagagta ggaaaatttg gctgaaatga     27780
     cttgcccaat catactccgc acaactacag caggtggttt agtccaaaaa tgaacagtat     27840
     gttttttagt tgggtctgtt tgagttcaga tcatattctc agctcataga acagctctag     27900
     tgttcatttg aaagcataac tggaccacct ctttaaacca gtctgtatac tttttggtca     27960
     gattttggtg tgcacttgac tgtggttact gcgatacaac ccagttaaat gaggctagtg     28020
     taaaagcacc cttaaacaat aactatcatt ttattttttg ttgtttgttt gtttacttgg     28080
     tcacacttta ttttgatggc ctatttgttg aatttgactt acattacatc tacatgccaa     28140
     ctaattttca ttagattata tgtaaactgt tagtttgggg agtgggttgg ggttagggtt     28200
     agtgtaagtt gacatgtact tgcaaatttt cttatagtca gttaaatgtc tgttaaagaa     28260
     gcagtatcag caaatagtaa gcagacagac tactaatact caaatagacc atcaaaataa     28320
     agtcttttat aattagctga atatatattc aaaaggtaaa attttggacc agcagtgggg     28380
     ccaagttgga gtacttactc tggtccctcg ggctctgcgc tggttgggga aattctaaat     28440
     tgaatcaaaa caatccataa caattggctt gagattggca agcaaatttc gggacattgc     28500
     aacctgcaga acctggttag ttaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaagt tagaaaaagt aaaaagtatt     28560
     tcaggcaatg tatggccaaa atacctaaat catgctccat tttcatttca ttgttgtgta     28620
     aacgtactct gaggttgtgc ggtctctctg cgttcttgtg tttgcggaaa tggcgggtta     28680
     ttgtttccta cagacttgac tcagttactc ttctacacca actgttgtgc ctgaaaggtt     28740
     atctctgctc tttagccaat gagaatcatg ctgtcgatgg ttgagccaat agaaagctgc     28800
     cgctggggtg tagaaacggg tgccaatggc ttcttgctct atgtaggaat agccgacgaa     28860
     ggatctgcca atagaaaggt ggctttcaga tggaggacac acacacaaaa aaaagagcgg     28920
     ctttctgtta cttagatgag ccaatcggat tctcattcca ttgccaaagg gaaaagggca     28980
     gagtatgctt ttgaatatga gcaatgactg agtcgagctg agcaaacatc agtagtccag     29040
     gcactcagtc aggagctcgt ttcccaggtc tccctctgtt ctttgtgtcc agctgcttcc     29100
     tccgccggat gtctcacttc cacaaagtca gccggggaga tcttattcag actgtccctc     29160
     atctccacgc cacactggga cattgttcct gttaggcact ggctcttgct tccatttgcg     29220
     ctaatgtgtt ttgcgtgtct gcatgagtgt gtgaatgtgt aaatgcaggt catttgctgt     29280
     taaaatagct gagcactgat ggatcctcca gtagaaggac tgtagttaat gaatttcaga     29340
     tttgtctgaa gtcaaatgct gaagccgctg catacatacc atcactattt gctcttttct     29400
     ttatgtaaat aatatatata tatatatgtg tatgtatatg taaatcatat tgttgcttct     29460
     tattttatta ccatggtacg ttctctcatg tgctgcaaag actttgtttt gtatgttaca     29520
     gtttgtcaat tccatttaag tttacttgat catcttctgt tatcgtcttg cctcttgatt     29580
     catttcttca taagtgcagt tttcagacac acggcaggca cagctggtta tacatttaat     29640
     ccatttacat tatattcgcc gttgcttttc tgtttcagta ttttcggtgg tgtctgaatg     29700
     aacgatgcca ggagtatacg tgaaaactaa acgcagacgg tccaggactc ccatttgtga     29760
     ccgctacagt tctcatacgc atttttctat aattgaaagg ttctttgccc ctaagaagat     29820
     tgtttgttta atgtatttta ttgtatattt attttacagt ttttattttt aagacaaatg     29880
     tgcaaatcct gtgtgtagct cttgttactt cagtatgtaa ataaataact gaaaccatga     29940
     gccttgtaat cattgaggtc tttagcttga agcttttatt ggccatctgg aggaagatta     30000
     taggtgttct taaaagaaaa gcagaccact gctctgcgtt attttgaaaa caacatgtca     30060
     tgtgaggaaa agagtggacc aattgtgatt tcgaactggg acaaagggaa gaaaaatagg     30120
     tctgttggtg gaatcaaaat tagagaacaa tgctggaaaa cttgattttg ttttttatca     30180
     gaaatgtatc catccgtcta aaaggattca cattgttgct acaacttact agtaaaaaag     30240
     tgcattacaa aaatcgctga ggaactttaa ttgaaactat gatattagct ctactgttat     30300
     ccgaatacac tcttcttaag tcatttttca gttgactgac tgtagtgagt tcaacactta     30360
     ccaacaagga ttttccagag atattcaata aggtttaact cgggactccg ggctgccatt     30420
     taattatgtt ttcagcttga aggaactgat ttgctgtgtg acagggctca ctgtcctgca     30480
     tgaaaattgg tggctaattg agtgattagc acaggaaagc aaatacattt gttctgtcat     30540
     gtaactaggg cttaatttgt gccggaacac gcagtatccg aatccggcac ctctgaaatc     30600
     tgatcccgac cgtcatttta ccaatccccc tcctcatctg ccctttcccc ccgtttgctg     30660
     ttcactttta ttttcttctg cgaccttcaa accctcttca cttttgtccg caacaccctc     30720
     gccccgatta ctttcgtccg cgacacctct ccatcctcgg gtaacatgcc ggatcagtta     30780
     ccctgatcta ttccaggacc tcgcaattta caaattaagc actgcatata actgtagatg     30840
     aaacaaatac tctaaattaa gcttgctatt ttatttattt attcattttt attttatttt     30900
     tttgctgttg agaggtttgg tcactgcatg gttttcagtc taaattctct taaacattga     30960
     gacactggat gacacatccg taccctgttc agagcggaac taatgctgca gcattgaact     31020
     ggttgagatt ttctacatta gcctgccctc atctgctttt gtattttgca gtcttttgag     31080
     gggacttgat gagttggtga cagtgtaaag atgcaatatt acaatttata gatttgaaac     31140
     gaccagcttc tcttgctatg actgaaatgc tctttttagc ctttatctag acaagcagca     31200
     ctaaataatg taatcaatac acaggagaaa agaaaaaaaa tcagttatga gcgtttatca     31260
     gtgtcaggct tatctagaca acctgctgtc tgagggtttt ggcctacaaa aacaatcaaa     31320
     aaaatacagt aaaaatactt aacatcttta gaaatagcag gataatacac ttaaatccaa     31380
     gtgaaatatt gcaaaataat tacaacattt caacaaattg tatatatgtt tgtttctctt     31440
     gatttttttc ccccttttta aatgtttaat attttttcct aacataaatt tgggtgtact     31500
     aaattgtcac cagatttggc ttcagtactg agtaatgtat atgtacaaat attatactgt     31560
     atatgacttg tgatggtgta ctcaagtatg ctgagcagta tacatttcaa gtggatcaat     31620
     acctttcatc aaagttgtga taaaactact gaacaacact caaaatccta cacgattttg     31680
     aaaaatgttt ctaatccact tcaaatgttg actacagtat ctattttaca catttgtttc     31740
     aagggttcaa gctggtgaat gataataaag ggtgtttggc atgctttcct gggagagagc     31800
     cctgagctca gaagatcctc aagcctgggg ctccctccca gttcattggg agagagggga     31860
     gtctaagttc aggtaggtct cgagaattcc ctgaattcat tcatttggca tattccttga     31920
     ttattagggt ttgccacggt agaatgaact gccaactata ccagcatatg tttatgcggt     31980
     gaatgccatg tacttaatgc tcatttactg tgccaatttg gtttattcag ttcacttata     32040
     ctgcatgtct ttggactggg ataggaaatc ggagtaccta agagaaaccc acacaagcat     32100
     ggggagaaca tgtaaactcc acacagaaat gccaactggc ccagccgaga cttaaaccag     32160
     caactttctt gctgtaaggc aacaatgccg ccatgccacc ctgtcctgga ttaatctaga     32220
     aaagatgagg agtagggata gatgggagga ttcctcaaga taaagatgac taaggtaagg     32280
     aaatcaggtt atttatgtac atttggattt gtttgatagg tgagcattgc atgagctaat     32340
     gcgggaccag ccatggtcaa tcataagcaa gtgatcctct caagattagt ttataagaaa     32400
     cttgacttac agtaaataga cagtgtttat atttttggga gaggtagata atgatggttg     32460
     acaaagtact tttttaatac atgcatagta tttatgaagt gtcgtgcaac attcttgaaa     32520
     taaatccaat cggaccatgc tcgtctaatg cttgcactaa atgattttgg accatattgt     32580
     cagccatctg ttggagcatg cagtagagtt tctgcagact acagcaaatg caactgtcta     32640
     tgaagaaatt gtgtcccatt tatgattaag cccaatgggc tgaaaatgat gtaaaagctt     32700
     gttgtcagag acggtctgtg attttggatt cgctgctgct ttggacatct gttttttaat     32760
     aggcgacaga catgaaccca cattacaatg agccttcatt ttgtttgcag agtacctcag     32820
     taaattgttt tggagtcctt aacagtaaga tgaagtgcat tgtgtacatt taagaagacc     32880
     ttagctggta ggctctgagg tgtcccaaag acatcacagc actttctgag catgtgaatc     32940
     tccctgcaca gtcagagttt attgtttgcc tatctgataa gaagcaaaaa ggatttccca     33000
     ctattgaaga tgaccaaaat acatacagtg agtcggcagc acctgaggac ttcatgagaa     33060
     agtgaaagag agtgaggggg agtaaaagaa taaagtttta aaacattagg gttttgatgc     33120
     catacaagaa acacctgcag agacgtccag atgttgaaga agtgaaaata gttactctta     33180
     gatgaagtgt gtaatttcca ctgccgttct gaaaggggaa ttgcaaaact aatgacatgc     33240
     tgccaggctt atttacaacc ccatgaatgc catcttaccg tccttttatc tgcataacac     33300
     actctaattt tttgagaatg tgaagaattg tataactttt taactctagc aagaaaaaca     33360
     tactaaaaaa atacataaat atatttttta ttgttgtttt tgttgcctta aaaaatgctt     33420
     taattttgca cttcagtcag agtggtttgt ctaataaaca tcacctccct gtggtttctg     33480
     tggtgtcgat gacagtttga cccgttcatg tgctcagacc acggagggtt gaatggtttg     33540
     agagctttat gaaagaagtg aggaaaactt taactgtttt aaacagatag ttctctcaaa     33600
     aacgcttact caaacaacac tttttccaat ttagtttgat tttgttgttg ttgttgttgt     33660
     tgttgttgtt gttgttgttg aactcaaaaa gggatatttt gaggaatggt taatactggt     33720
     agtcattgat taccatagag cagttttttt ataccatgga tgtcaatggc tgctggtttc     33780
     ctgtattctt taaaatatct tctttcatgt tcagcaggaa aaaaaaaatc aaaaatattt     33840
     aagcatctac tgtactttac aattctctga atctttgcat ttactgcttt tattaggtat     33900
     tagttggagt aaattgttat tgttctttgg tttttctatt ttgagtacaa atattcattc     33960
     attcattttc tttcagttta gtccctttat ttatcagggg tcacgacagt ggaatccagc     34020
     atatgttttc catagcgaat gcccttccag ctgcaaccca gtacagggaa acattcgaac     34080
     attcacacac atacactgca gcaaattgag cttaatcatt tgacaaagag aatggtgttt     34140
     aggattttaa agaaaaacat tttcttaatt attatgtttt agttagtgag gtacactgtc     34200
     attctacaag accgtgtata gcagggatat ttatcctttt agattcaaga gtgaatcagg     34260
     tagaaattct ttttttgtgt gtgtgtgtac tagctctgtt gattggaatg ttttgcccat     34320
     gatttttaag tgaagtttca caaactactt tcgagaggaa catgtgatat gattgaccgc     34380
     agctctcatc tgcaatcatt agatagccaa tcagattaat ccaaactcac tataagtagc     34440
     ctagcaaaaa attactccct tatccatttt acgaagaaac cccccatcca ccccttttcc     34500
     cccctttctt cctttaccac gaggagctct cgagaaccac ctgatctcgt actctcctta     34560
     catgctctat cgaccaggtg ggagccctgg gctcaattat ctccgatctc agggtcctct     34620
     cccaggacag catgccaaac ctggtaaaag cgtcaagcaa tatctaagtg tgaactcttg     34680
     aaagagattc aaattgagag tgtttttaga agggaaatca aaaagtgatt gttttacagt     34740
     tgaagttgag gatttggttg tgccgagttg ctgagctgat gaagtttgca ctccatttat     34800
     gatttgctca ttcatttttt ttaaaatatc gaggaccaaa atggaaaaag cctgtggctt     34860
     ttttgtgtat tttatccttg acagttttta aaatatgtat gaatttgtct aactggactt     34920
     gtttgtatat ttttgttaaa attgtaaaat aaaatcaact gacctatagc gcatgtcttt     34980
     ggaccgtggg ggaaaccgga agaaacccaa accaacacag gaagaacatg caaacttcac     35040
     acagaaatac aagctgatca aaccagcgac cttcttgctt tgaggtgaca gtgctaacca     35100
     ctgagccatc gtgtcgcaga ttacaaatct tgcaatttag aatttttctt tccgtaataa     35160
     ttattttatc ttaatgtttt ccatgactgt gtagacatgt ataatgtgct gtcttggttt     35220
     tccttgctca ttttatacca tgccttctgt cacattcctt gtgtctgtgc cgttacagga     35280
     aatgaaaact atcagacaag acagcaacag acctctctga ttcaagataa gactgtgact     35340
     tcatgtagat aaagagtctc ctgagggggc gagactgttg tttgggtcat aaggcacagc     35400
     ctaacattcc ggcatgagat acagtgtagc attagccaaa ataacatcaa tgttcaagcc     35460
     agattttatt tttattattt attttttttc ttttcttttt tttggatatg gcacaaatat     35520
     gagatctggg aacatcttaa tcctggatcc atctataatt cgctcatcat ttatttctgg     35580
     tattcaaaca ataatgtagt gctccattat ggattatggg aggctcatgt tttagttttg     35640
     ggagtcccca agaactggtt gacttttatc aggataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     35700
     aataaataaa taaataaata aataaaaact ttaattatcc tacagccagc atttatttta     35760
     taccttatgt gctcaacaac tcccaaatta attgctcaaa tttttcttcc atttcctcct     35820
     ttttgtgatg ctagtctgtt gtgtttggtc tactgtatgg taatcagtgt tagttgcagt     35880
     tacagtttca aagctgctat aattaaatgg cttatcctct gaaaaagtaa gaatttactt     35940
     tatttttttt tttattactt acaaaatagt cgctttagat acagtaaata aattcaactg     36000
     tgctgtataa atcaattcag ggaaacataa gatttgtaat ttttgttttt ccaatatatt     36060
     tttttccaac taaaaaaagt ttacatttat caagatgatt tattctaaga aacaatgaat     36120
     tcagtgagta attagttcat gacaatataa gataaatata tttattatat caatgcagaa     36180
     tataaactca gaaaagcaga gtaactgagt aagatattaa taacaatata tagcagggct     36240
     gcacaatata ttgattaagc attgatatcg caatgtgcac atctgcaata gtcacatcgc     36300
     aaatctgttt gttcacttct gctatttata atttgatttg catttcaagt catttatttt     36360
     ttccacttaa ctgcaaatta gaatagaaac ggtataaaaa gcacacaaac atactaacag     36420
     taatagatac tgtacattgt tatgggtaaa tgatgctaat atttggcaca aatccactaa     36480
     tttccctttg tcactgttct ttctgtgaat gaattatgta gaagcagtgc gtggttcctc     36540
     atcggttagt aactctatat ttcattgcac cacaatattc tatcaggctt tttggctaaa     36600
     aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa aaaacaagag aaatcacggt tttaattagt tattattaaa     36660
     ttatttgtaa atttcacctc tactgctgtg catgaactaa gctgttgaat ggtcagtgta     36720
     taaggcagct aggttgacct agattcaatt tcgattacca tgttattttc taattggttg     36780
     cctattatgt cctgaatata ctcctgtaat gcatgctgca atcctttttt gtctgtcttt     36840
     cttggatatc tcacctgttc gccaaaaatg actaattata tccctggtaa tgtctgacac     36900
     cgacgcttga ctgccgtagc aaaagtaact aaagagggcg gggtttagca aagggtcaat     36960
     tactcactct tcacatcctc atcctttggc agtaaaaaaa tgtatttacc ttcacagtgt     37020
     cgtctcgatt tgatgccatc tcagatctat gcgtaggtgt aggtggggac tctcttaatg     37080
     tttcattctg gctctttaaa aatgactcat ttaaatgact ctgagtcgac tctttctttt     37140
     agagacaacc actttaacac ggtacacttt cagatatcaa tctttgcaga atgtcttcat     37200
     ttactttgag ctgtggtaca ctctgcatga aagataattt ttcataatcc ataactgggg     37260
     cattttgctc aggtaatcaa aatatattaa gatttactga ctgtttttat ctcctttgcc     37320
     ttgggcggtg gattgccagc agtttaactg tagaagtgaa ggctcacgaa ggtctaaaag     37380
     tgtataaaca gggaggagtc gcttctggca atgtttgagc agttaaatga tgaagcaaag     37440
     ccccgggcaa atgaaactga acacacacac aaagattgtg aggcagattg gggttgtttt     37500
     taagggacct tatatgtgaa agtaaataaa gtttcaggga gggtatatac atgggaatat     37560
     gggttggcat ttcttgtcat tttatagtca agggccagcc tgcactaatg tcaaaatggg     37620
     ctgtgaagag acactattga tctctattta acacataatg catagcaatc atcaaatcaa     37680
     atgtgtcctt catttataat tattggttat tattactgtt aaagaaaata caataaaatt     37740
     gcctcgctag ttctccttca ttgtgttttt tgttctgcta aactgatttc tgttgaaatt     37800
     tctttcgcta cacgaggatc tgatagcata tttcgtcatg aaaatgtgct aactactttt     37860
     tgaattggag gtaggaaaat ctggcagctt agcaccagtt taaagaggaa aattagattg     37920
     acagttaata ctgtagatca gtggttctca aaagtttttc atcaagtacc acctcagaaa     37980
     aaaaatcttt gcaagtacca tcatcaagag cagtatcaaa cacagtagcg gattaggtcc     38040
     agtaaagcag ctaaaactct gtacagttca aaaccgaggc atattagttc ctattattaa     38100
     gaacatttaa attaaaatgt gcttttaaaa gttaaaaaat gtaggttact gttcttaaaa     38160
     agtaaaaaat cgaaaaaact cctggtttat gagcacctgg aaatgttgcc tggacctcat     38220
     aaatatagac tttatgtcat cataatcata tactgtataa atcatttttg ataaattact     38280
     taaatatatg tagcatgtac atataaatta tttcattaat ccgcgtacca ctagaaggaa     38340
     gcccacgtac cactagtggt acacgtacta cagtatgaga accacaactg tagatgaaag     38400
     ggatgacttg ctgttgcaag caacccaaca gttgtaatag aacagaaaat atagaacatg     38460
     tactgtattt tgtgccacca tttaaaaaaa aataataaat tatttatttt aatttatctt     38520
     gacaactttt gttgtgtttt tttctgagag tgtcagcaga aactaccatg ctaaacaatg     38580
     tcatgcagat taatggtaag ggttggatta ttggtaaata ttattacatt ttagttagtt     38640
     tatcattaat tttccttcgg cttagtctca tttatcaggc gttgccacag taaaaggaac     38700
     tgtcaactat tccgacatat tttttatgca gtggatgccc ttccagcctc aaactagtac     38760
     tgggaaacac ccatgcactc ttgcattcat aaactagagc caattatata tgtaataatc     38820
     aattcaccta tagagcatgt ctttgaactg tgggggaaac cggagcaccc agagagaccc     38880
     acatgaacac ggagagaaca tgtaaactcc acacagaaat gcctcggctt gcccaattgg     38940
     catttctgtg tgaagtttgc accttttccc tgtgttcgcg taggtttcct ctgctcagat     39000
     cagcgggcat ccactgtgta aaacatatgc tgaataaatt gtcggttcat tccactgtgg     39060
     ggacccctga tgaataaagg gactaagctg gaaaagaaaa tgaatcattg aatgaattaa     39120
     tagcccatat atagccttta taaaaatacg tatacaactt attacactca aatatttctg     39180
     tgatatttaa tggcagtcac tattcactgc caacaaaaaa aattttttac atttctgttt     39240
     ttgtaatttt aaagaatgaa taagggcatt tggcattaaa atcatgatca tgagaacatg     39300
     aataagtcag aatgttcttt gtgttttctc tcttttggcc aatcactcga aatgtgtgga     39360
     gaggcggaga gtgagttact aacaaacact gtacaaaaag aaattagcat tgaatggcac     39420
     ttcctgcaga ttagggattt tttttctaca gatcacaaaa aaaaaactcc tacactggtg     39480
     agcaaccgtc ttgtgtatgg gacgcatgct ttcatctgtc atctctgata tgaatttgtg     39540
     ctcagctcca caatgggccc ctttttctcc atgttatgac tggtggcaac cagcatcagg     39600
     agacactcag aaggcagttt tgcttgtttt taaataagca cacaaggtag atgtcccata     39660
     tagggacagt aggttttgac gtcataacca aaaatggatt tcacagtatg taaaacaggt     39720
     ttattttacg atagtcattt ttatttttta taaaggttgt tattccagaa aatgtataaa     39780
     gggctttata tagtaaataa gcttgaatat ttaagaaaag aaaatttctt tatattatgt     39840
     gattattttg tattttattt ttaaccttag aaaacaaaat gtgacattag ataaacaaca     39900
     aattctactg tatgttatat ttcacaattg tgtgtggaca gatcttttta tttatacatt     39960
     tcagtagcat cttctcacag atataaaata aaatccagat aagtaacagt taaagaaaac     40020
     ttaaatttga aaatatataa tatatattta tatatgtaaa atgtatacac taaacctatc     40080
     aaactcaaat ctcaaaatgt aaaaaattac aatacttgta gaaatattgg tcacattttt     40140
     atggtctgtt tgttgaacta agtaacattg catcatgcca actaattaat attagattat     40200
     aagtagactg ttaggttgag gttaggattg gagtaagggt taaggttagt gtaagttgac     40260
     atgtacttgc aaagtttctt atagtcagtt aaatgtctgt tgacggagca gtatcaacag     40320
     atattaagca gacagtctac taatactcaa atggaccatc aaaataaagt gttgatgaaa     40380
     tatttaaact aaatgatcac tttttttaaa atgtaaagca attggcaaca ctgacagtct     40440
     cctacagtat aaagcatctt actcagcctc aagcatgctg tatgtgagtt ggccatgccc     40500
     acttatttac attttgcagt atacacagaa taaaaattat ttacagtatg taaatatagt     40560
     ttacagtaca gtatttacag agattatttc atggtacact tttagaaata gctgtcactg     40620
     gggtggtacc tttttaaaag gtacaaattt gtacctaaaa ggtccatatt aatacctcaa     40680
     atatacattt tagtacccaa aaactacaaa agtgttcctc ttaaaacttt tagttactaa     40740
     tatatacttt tgaggcaaca atatggacca tttaagtaca aatgtgcacc ttttgaaaag     40800
     gtaccacccc agtgacaact catgtacctt tatttctgat agtgtacaca tttcatttca     40860
     cagtaatgat atatactgta ccatcatact acccagccca aagggatcat tcacaacaaa     40920
     aatgacaatt aaataatatt ttactttaaa aaaagcattg ttctaatgcc atttcctttt     40980
     tcaaattcta aaaggtttgt gcattttatt tgtttgtttg tttgtttgtc agtttttaag     41040
     ttttatgctt gactctagac tatccacttg ttaagtcgtg acgtaaggaa tactgtttcc     41100
     gggtccatga tgctattcat ttgaattgaa aaaatattca ttcatgatca atttttagtc     41160
     ttatcgctca gttaagtgaa ttttatataa aattatagag tacacatcag tctttggact     41220
     tgctgcatca caaaaaaatg aataactttc tggccatcgg atattaggca tgattcgacc     41280
     attattttcg aaagcattac attgctttgt ttattattac catttgatga gtctccccat     41340
     acagtttgat acagcacttg gacctagaag cggatatgga cgataccatg gaaatttcct     41400
     ttttactttc cttattttta atttctattt gcacatacta tataaaagag ctatgaagtc     41460
     caaaaaattg ctgacatttt taattactat gctcatattt aagcatgctc gtgtttaagt     41520
     ctatcacatt ttgatcatat gtttgtattc aaactctaag cgctgaaagt tttagtttgc     41580
     tatcagttgc cagcacactc gcattcatgg agggacgttt agcattttct gtttaccaaa     41640
     aatgtttaat gcttggcttt aagagctgaa acacataaac atatcctcca agcaaacatg     41700
     caaaagaaaa catgtactga agctaaaaaa aataaataaa atgtttttaa agtcattgca     41760
     aagcgagtac tgaacttgtc gtttactcaa gtcatgcatc cctacaagca gagaagctga     41820
     gaagcagaga agaccaaagc agggaaaaga ctgcttcctg gttttttttt tttttttttt     41880
     ttttccaagc ggctgaggaa gtgtgtgtgt tggatgtgtg catatatata tatattgagg     41940
     ggcaaattta ccacaagaac catcatgaag ccagtccgga acaacaccac aacccacaca     42000
     gagcgagtga aaatcaagct taagcaacag caatacacac acatatagaa ttagttaaga     42060
     aacgaccggt gaagaggatg gagagataga tgagaaggag tggggaaatg tgtgctgggt     42120
     ttatctctga tacagttcac ttcctctaac atccccacag tggtgtggta ataacagagg     42180
     taaggatatg tgtccacata cagtacactc tacacatgtt ctcatattcc tcttctaaga     42240
     atctacgtac ttgctcagta ctcaaaacag ctcagagcaa attaacccta aactggctga     42300
     acagaagaca aacatacagc gtttaggata tatgcccctt atgaccacat aaaatctttc     42360
     aaaatgatgg gcagaaaggt gtgatgtcaa aacctttatc ctagtctgac ctcatacctt     42420
     agacttagat gaactttgac cagccatgtt gctttgagga agactgaaga ccacatgaaa     42480
     ctgtttgaaa acagctttgc tgtcctgttt ttctattgaa ccaggatgct tgggtgaata     42540
     tggaaagtag ccaataggca ttcgttacat cacagctgtg aatcatgaac gagttgcagg     42600
     tggcattaag tggacggtca tgctcactgt aaagagaatt tgactgttat tcaactggat     42660
     tgagatcggg tggctgtgga gtaaagatga aacgattaac ctatttcact attaatcgca     42720
     ctttaatttg tcgcagttaa ttaatcataa aggcttctca acacagcatt tctgcacgga     42780
     acaaaactgc tttaactaaa caaagttaca ccaactgtag ctagtttgag gttccgagca     42840
     tgtactccga ggctaatacg cacacacaca catacatact gtattaacta tggctgaggc     42900
     ttaaactaag ggccgatcac atattgcatt ttggcgtgca caagtttgtt atttccaatg     42960
     gaggcacgca gtttgcgtgt ggatattgtg ataactggaa tgatcagttt catacttggt     43020
     atggaataaa cacttttcta cttaaaataa ctttctactt aaaattatta agtaaaaaat     43080
     aataagtaaa aaataccaaa caaggttgta atatagttta tcgaatgtgg cgttcagatg     43140
     gcatttgttc tctttaaaag ggagatactt agctaatatg tagcttagat ttacattaga     43200
     catttttttt agaatttaat cttattttta tttatttatt tatgcattgt tcttttaagg     43260
     gatgtaacgg atcacaaccc acggtttgga acacatgtga cccgcagatt aataactttt     43320
     ttaaactggt ttaaactttt ttaatacaac atttataaca gttgcagaga gatcgcctcc     43380
     cgcatcattc aaattgcgta tatgaaagca ttttggctta cttgtaaaat ataatgatga     43440
     tagaaaaatt tgtggtggga cctaaatact ttattaggat attaattaaa ggtgttttct     43500
     tgtcactgtt tgtttagcct gcattaatgc attcagtgta aagctacaca attaaacatt     43560
     aaaagattgt gattcaattc caaccaccgc aacatgaatg ataaaagggt atgatttgca     43620
     tatgtttatt aatccttaga tttctatatt tagctttatc agcaacagaa gcaaagatca     43680
     tttttcctat tgaatgtttt cctttttttc agctggttgt ttcttgattt ttatttttta     43740
     ttaaaattac aggttctaag ttctgtttgt taaaaccaat ggtttttgca gttatattta     43800
     catttaaagc aaattacatt tgtctcctcc cttttttgct ggtccaaaaa atggtctgat     43860
     ccgtgactca aaaaccgtag agtgatctga accgtgagat ttgtgatccg ttacaccact     43920
     agttctgtta ttcattttca gtgtaaaatt attacttatg tttaaatgtc acaaacgttt     43980
     ttttgttttg ttttttcact ttttttcact ttttttcaag tctaaagaga attggaatat     44040
     tgattgtctt ttataggaat tctgtactgt tttcattggt tactgagcag catatgaaat     44100
     caatgaatgc ataataatca tgataaccgt gatgattcct cagactataa tcgtacaacc     44160
     aaaacctata atcattgcat ccctacagtg gaggttattt aagttcagtc agtgagctca     44220
     taggctacat tcacactgtg agacttaagg ctccaatcag attttttctc agatgagatt     44280
     ttttattttt tatttttgca ttgcttttta aaacagattt caagtgtgaa ctggtcatgg     44340
     ttaaatattg atctgcatgc acagacacac accatacact ttctaagtat gtacacaata     44400
     agttcattca aatgcatgtc aagccgatta taattaatca gttgacatga gtaatgtcat     44460
     gtaaacatat tacccagatt ttttttgata gtcaaaattt atcttaaagg gcacctatga     44520
     tgaaaatcat cttctggatg ctgtttggac agaactgtgt gtagacatag tgtgtcaaca     44580
     gtcatattcg agtggtagaa acacaagaag tttttttttt tttttttttt tcctgacgtt     44640
     aaaataggat ccaaattcct cccattttga ggctgaccgc aacgtgacat aggattgcag     44700
     tttcccagcc catcgaattg attgacagcc gcatattgac atgtctcctt aagtaacgcg     44760
     tataatcaag tcaataagac aggacatgca caaaacaaca aggattaaaa gatctgttca     44820
     gctctatgtg atcatcaatc atcatcaaat gtgatcaaca atgagtttta caagtttaaa     44880
     acaatgcatg tttgttgtct ttacttgatc accacagctg aagtaactcc agccgaatta     44940
     aggcttcaat tacctccaca acaaatacat caaaaaatca ttgggaaagt tcttactgta     45000
     gtacttttca caaacgctac gtgagatttg ctttcttcat gtctgtcact gtgctgttta     45060
     tctgtttatc gcagccaagg cggatattac tctaacaggt gtgggagaac tagcattaaa     45120
     ggcacaggca acaaaaactg ctacattgtt cagagcagaa aattccaata ttctgtaagg     45180
     tataataaat aaccagaaac tttttagaca cattctgtac acacacaaag actcaactta     45240
     aatttcgaaa aaggggtaaa atatgtgccc tttaaacaaa atctaatttt aacgtgtagt     45300
     ttttttgccc aataccctgg tttaattctg caagaagtct aaattttcag tgttctggca     45360
     gtttattcat gtgccagagt agaatggtgg cacaaaatga tataaatgtc atatgtattc     45420
     caacagatca acagatgcat tggatttaaa accctgtatt aaataggaaa aaatcataat     45480
     taaaaattag atgttttcac attagtgtga cgcagtggtg cagtaggtag cgctgtcgcc     45540
     ttcaaagcaa gaagagcact ggtttgagcc tcggctgggt cagttgccgt tttggtgtgg     45600
     agcggttgcc cccacaatcc aaagacatga ggtacaggtg aattcaaccc aagctcaatt     45660
     tggaaacgta gtaccgctga cgtttctgga gagtgtgatt tatgtagcag gaagtacgta     45720
     tgacggcatt tcattttttt taagcgaacg ccacggggtg gtgtgacgcc gttcctcttc     45780
     gtgctcgccg actggccgct taccttcgta agggctttcc cgccgcaacc agtttatcca     45840
     gttagctcgt cgagtacgcc gacagagttt agacgtggag aggagctgac cacaacaacg     45900
     gcgacgatgg tgggtttatg caagaatagt gcgggcgcga acggcgcaga ttcgcaaaaa     45960
     taaaaactgc acaaatacat acctcccggg acgtatttcc cggtctccag aaatgtccac     46020
     gggactacgt tttcagaatg agcctgggtt gggtgaattg ggaaggctaa attgttcgta     46080
     gtatatgagt gtgaatgagt gtgtatgttt cccagctggg ttgcagctgg aagggcatcc     46140
     gctgcgtaaa gcatatgctg tataagttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggca accccaggtt     46200
     cataaaggga ctacgccaaa aaaaaataaa tgaatgaatg ttttcacatt attctgacaa     46260
     aaacagaagc gagtcacata tctgattagg gcctcagttt ctttagtttt cctgcagtgt     46320
     ggaccataat caagctcaag aaaccagtct gaaattatgt gatctttgtg acatggcatg     46380
     tatcttgctg gaactagcca tcacaagaca tgtagacgag acatggtcag catcaattct     46440
     caaggaagcg atgttgttta aatgacaccc agttggtctt taggtaaaca aatactgtaa     46500
     gtcaagaaat caccccctac accgttacat cagctccatt tgaacaattt atactgtcat     46560
     accactatta tgagttatga tttttccatg tatttccatt tttccaaatt ctgaccatct     46620
     caatgttacc ccagaaaact gaatcctagg cttactgtac ctgatttttt tatgctgttg     46680
     tagcccacct gattcaatgt ttgatagttt gtgtgttaaa atatgctcgt ctgcatccct     46740
     cagttctaat aagtagctat tttagttact gtgttatctt tctataagct caaacctatc     46800
     tgaacagcct ctcgtgttac tgcattttgc tcacaaaact gctgttcact ggatattttc     46860
     tcaaactatt ctctgtaacc ccaaagatag ttttacattt aaaaatccac aaggaataca     46920
     ctgcaaattt caaactacca actttcatcc atttccccca ctgcctcata agacaagaat     46980
     gccagccgca aatgtttctg ccactgcatt gtttttgacc aatcttttat agtacagaaa     47040
     gctttacaca agaccccagg cagaacgttg gaacgttagt gttgtaatag tgcactggac     47100
     cactggttac aaaaggatac tgttttagag caccacacac aatgcaatca caccatcaca     47160
     gaaatcacac aataaatcaa atcaaactgt tggattatgc caaacacata aaagtatgca     47220
     cacaaaacaa cctatcctca aaaaccctac tttacatgct tatacagcgt ctaatgcact     47280
     cctttattgt cctgcatgaa tatttcacca cacaaaacaa aaggctggat gcactggaat     47340
     cttagtgcaa cagacaagaa ttcagtcccg gaacattccg ggtgtgggac tatcagctaa     47400
     ctgctcatta aatatgcagc gggaggtgtg aggggtcaca aaggacacac tattatgttt     47460
     catttttgtt gtcctagtcc atttcctttg tttggctgtc ttgtgcttga ccagttgctg     47520
     acacttgaac aagactgcac tagttaaata ttctgtgcct caatcaacaa cactgcacag     47580
     ctacatttag caaaaggatg gagccggctt tcagcactgg atatagctgg ataatcatgc     47640
     tcaccttccc tgactatgat gtttgtcgga ataatctagg gttgtctcag gtctttggtg     47700
     taaatttatt acatgccaca aactcccctt aggaattatc tatcaatgaa tagataaaaa     47760
     tcaatctatt catgaggcat gtgtaaataa atgcatgaca aattactctt gtgcaacatt     47820
     tgacttgctc aaatgtacca attttaagtg atgcatgaat aaagggggaa aatgatggtg     47880
     gtctggatgt gtcatcatgt attttttttt atttacagtt tgatggacac aaatgtttcc     47940
     ttccatctgg gtttcatgtt atgcacagat ggtgtctggg tgaaagcatg gtataaccaa     48000
     agtactccat catgcaggac aaaaacagca tcaagtaaat tgagctttat ggttctttat     48060
     gaaacattct gagattcttc agaaccaata aatgcttcag gtgacacact tctagcatgt     48120
     aatgtataca tattcaaact ggaaataagc accttattaa gaatcttcta gtttaagcaa     48180
     tctggttaat ggaattagtt atataaccag gttataagag attggatgtg tctactttgg     48240
     gcttgttctt ttttgagttt ttaaaaagca tcataaaaag caacattaat gattcaagat     48300
     gtacttcctt gtcttttcat ccattccaca tgttcctcaa ggaacagttt tagctccata     48360
     tttatttaca ttctatacat tagattcaat acagatttta atacaactcc aaaaattttc     48420
     atatacagat gttttttgat ggcaattgtt gattatacag tgcatccaga aagtattcat     48480
     ccatacttat ttgatatttt atgttacagc cttattctac aatggattaa attgatttat     48540
     ttcctcaaaa ttctacacac aacaccccat aatgacaacg tgaaaaaaaa aatgtaattg     48600
     ttgcaaattt ataaaaaata aaacttaaat gtacacatgt actgtacata agaattcaca     48660
     gcctttgctc aatactttgt tgatgcacct ttggcagtaa ttacagcgtc aagtcttttt     48720
     gaatatgatg ccacaagctt ggcacacctg tctttgggaa tttttgccca ttattctttg     48780
     cagtacctct caagctatag tgtacagccg atttcagatc tctccagaga tgttcaatag     48840
     aatttaggtc tgggctctgg ctaggccact caagaacatt caccatttgg ttgtgaagac     48900
     actccattga tattttggca ttgtgctttg ggtcattgtc ctgctggaag atgaaccatc     48960
     accccagagc actcaagagc actctaaagc aggatcattc aggatgtccc tgtacattgc     49020
     tgcattcatc tttccctcta ttctgactag tcttccagtt cctgctgctg aaaaacatcc     49080
     ccacagcatg atgctgccac caccatgcct cactttaggg atggtattag cctggtgatg     49140
     agcggtgcct ggttttctcc aaacgtaacg cctggcattc actccaaaga gttccatttt     49200
     agtctcatta aaccaaagaa tttagtttct tatggtctga gagtctttca gatgcctttt     49260
     ggcaaattcc aggcgaggag tggcttctgt ctggccactc taccatacga gcctgattgg     49320
     tggattgctg cacagatggt ggtccttctg taaggttctc ctctctccac agaagaacgc     49380
     tggagctcag acagagtgac aattgggtta ttgatcacct ccctggccag ggcccttctc     49440
     cccctatcac tcagcttaga tgggctgcca gctctaggaa gagtcttggt ggttccaaac     49500
     atctttcact tacggaggcc acagtgctca ttgaaacttt cagagcagca gaattttttt     49560
     cagtaacctt ccccagcctt gtgccttgag acaaccctgt cttgggggtc tacagacagt     49620
     tcttgtgtct tcatgcttgg tttgtgcttt gacatgcact gtcaaccctg ggaccttata     49680
     tagacaggtg tatgtctttt caaatcatgt caaatcaact gaatttacca ggtgaactcc     49740
     aattaagctg ctgaaacatc tcaagaatga tcagtggaaa cagaatgttc ctgagctcaa     49800
     tttagagcct cacggcaaac gctgtgtata cttatgttca tgtgattttt tttattttta     49860
     ataaatttgc aacaatttaa aaaaatctta tcttttacat tgtcattatg ggctattgtg     49920
     tgtagaattt tgaggaaata aattaattta atttaatttt cagaataagg ctgtaacatg     49980
     aaaactgtgg aaaaagtgaa gcactatgaa tactttaaaa taaatttaat tatcttataa     50040
     aaagggcagg ttttgttgta gggggtatac tactcactat agaagagact acacatgatc     50100
     aaatgattga caaatttgtc agtatgatga aaaacgataa tcattccctt tttgatatag     50160
     accaaacatg tgcaagctct tttagtgcaa gaataattca gccctggtgt tacagaaaag     50220
     atacagaaag ttattttacc agttttaaca gtgattaaat tgatgaatta tgctgaattt     50280
     taatagtatt agatgtggac aaatgtctac tcgtttgaaa ctaaggtgca cagtataaat     50340
     gtaattttat tttatttttt tatctatctt tagtaaggag agctctgctg taatgtgaat     50400
     ttctctttgg gattaataag tctaacaaac atacatacag tatagtagta gtgcatagca     50460
     atactagcac atacagtagt agtagtatta atatttagtt ttcatgtgta aggaatccat     50520
     tcattcattc atttatttca gcagaatgaa ccaccaacta ttccagcata tgttttattg     50580
     tagcagaccc ccttccagtc gcaacccagt actgggaaac acccatatat tctcgccttc     50640
     acacacactc atacactacg gccaatttat tgaatctaat tcacttgcac cacatgtctt     50700
     tggactgtgc tggaaaccag agcacccaga ggaaatccac gttaatgttg aaaatgccaa     50760
     ctgtccaagc cggtaccaat cactgggcca ttttgccacc ctgtaaggac cacagtgttg     50820
     ctttaaaaaa aactcaattt ttggagtttt accatttttg aatctattca gcaaatcttt     50880
     aggtatgaca ggagcaagct tagcataaac cattgaatcg gattagacca ttagaatctc     50940
     tttttttata ttgatggacc attgataagt gaattgtttt aactctattc agaaaactaa     51000
     atcacaatga ctctcccatg tgttgtgtga ttggctgttt gctgcacgtg tcacactttt     51060
     atgtgctcat gctccagatt tactcactat tctaggttat accctgaatt atcaaagaag     51120
     gtttatatca agtcttgtaa aacaacttaa cctgatctta accagcttac atctctttgg     51180
     atttggattt tgaaactaac tctgcaaccc aaagtttgtt caacttgttt tgtgcaacag     51240
     gcctcaggtc agaaagtatt caagcagaag gacatacaga ttttgaagca tctcaatgaa     51300
     aagtgattac catgctgaca gaaactgact ttaagaatgc cctcaaagtc aatgctgtct     51360
     taatcacctt ttcaaatgca cacagatgcc acattctccc tgtttaaaac aaagtgatga     51420
     tcaattgcat gcaggtttac acaagatggc acatagctct ataatgacag gctactatta     51480
     taccatctat ccaaatgcac agggaggatc ttgagggctt aatcatggaa agtgtcaaga     51540
     tttgtatggt tctgcaaagc aggattgctt tccaatgggc catgcatagc agaagcttag     51600
     taaaacaaag ttttccaaag actttgtgtg tgcctaattt tatgtgcttg tgagcatgtc     51660
     atgagaaaat acacactgat ttatccactg ctacttaaaa gctgcacatt tcttcaaaat     51720
     gatctctttc ttgactagtt ggagagttgc tttttgttct gtcaggcatt ataaggctac     51780
     atcagatctg agagattata atacaaaaga gataaaaaag aaaatgtaat ttttaatcaa     51840
     acattgtctc atcacatgct tgaattcaga attcaagttg tattactgac attgttaaat     51900
     ttgtcttcat ctgcctaaaa attattttct ttctatattt cttcccattt cagatatatt     51960
     tagctattaa aaaatgctat tataagcatt aaaacacttg ttgaacacaa atgaagataa     52020
     actcaagact gttaggggaa aatagccatt gacttataca gtattttttg tttctactaa     52080
     ggatgtcaac ggctgacttt ttcagaagaa agacagaaaa cattcctaaa agttaagaac     52140
     cacttgagtg aatggtgagg acattttcag tgggctgagc tatcctttca agatttttag     52200
     taataaacaa aatcactgca aatgaagttg catacattta tgaactttgc ttcaatatgt     52260
     tgtgcattat taataaaaca cccatctgtc catccatcca tccatttatg tcaacacagt     52320
     aaaaatgaca caatattttt ttaaaccata tttgggtaca atatggacag actcaaaaat     52380
     caggtgaaat tacagctgta aattatatag actgcaaaaa ctggttttcg tactttgagt     52440
     tttggtcttg tttctagtct aaatatctaa cattctttaa tcaagaagaa ttttctagat     52500
     aagcaaaaat atcgttttga tttcctaaat aattagtcaa aactaagtgg gtttttattt     52560
     aaaacaagct aaataatctg tcaatgggct acgcaaaata atacagttct tggtgtgaca     52620
     tacgattatt ttacttagct gactgtaaga ttactttgct tgttttacaa actcgatttt     52680
     gatttattat ttctaaaaac aaacaatatt tttgctagaa aatgcttctt ggtttcaact     52740
     aatttatata tttgaaccaa aaacaagaca aatactctaa ataagacaat catttatgca     52800
     gtgtagaaaa aaatgaaccc agctgtatat tttgttcata ttttacacaa aatgggttga     52860
     aataacttag catttctaga atacatctaa cagttagcgt cagaagttgt tttcaaggtt     52920
     ttaaaactcc aatagaagga acatttaatt gttcatggca gggcccatta taaaataaat     52980
     aattgcctca gacaaatagt atgtctgggc aaacaaaaga aatgctgctg aactataaat     53040
     cattttatac tctgctgtac ttttacaaat gaacaagttt tcagattcta actgtttata     53100
     tttcctgtct ttgtgtcttt ttctaggccg cagaatgaca attgtttcgc cgttaacatg     53160
     gattcagtcg aacaataagt ttgccacagt cttgagtttt tcttcccact gtcatcatac     53220
     actcggtgaa cttacatttg tttactcaaa taccattttt gcaatttctc cgacttcttg     53280
     aatatgtcat ggctaacaca tcagggttct tttcttcttc atcttttgtc ttttaagaat     53340
     ttcctttccg ataatctttc caaacatttt ctttgctttt tagttgaatc catgaaatct     53400
     cttcctttat tacttttctg ccgagggctt tcaccttcac agtttgtcca ataataagac     53460
     gtgggtaaaa aggaagttgc cttctgagcc ttgcaaggcc atattattaa aacaagatta     53520
     agtcaggaat gctctctaga gcttcagagg ccacttggga tgctctcagg ctcaagactg     53580
     tgcacaagtg ctgccatgct ttatcaagtc cagccctctc attcaaggta atttattcat     53640
     aagactttac cttaagatcc tattaagaca ggttaaatga gctgcggatt tgattcatct     53700
     tcagaacagc tttagatagg ggcatacgtg aggggttgga ggcagattat ttgaaatatt     53760
     tgtgtgtttt cacagactac aagagatatt ttgtctacac ttcttgacca cacaggtcct     53820
     gagatgacgc acgtagcttc tgctaaataa agagcttgct gggaaacagg tgtaactgca     53880
     ccattaaata atgaacaagg gtaagttaag atgatctaaa gtgcacgatt tgccacttta     53940
     tctggaaact cggtctgcgc tgcaagagat ctattctggc tgttttttgg cattagagaa     54000
     caccaattaa aaatggctgt tgagaaatag attcttactc caatatattc agcataaatc     54060
     tagatattac aatattatgt tattgaggaa actgattgca acaaaccatt taagttcaaa     54120
     aactaatgat tactttgaac ttaatccatt tgagtaaacg aaaaaatatg agcacagtaa     54180
     aacctaataa atgaagagaa ctcaaaccaa ccgagtactt tgaaacccaa taagttaaaa     54240
     taaactgatt gctacaaacc atttgagtta aaatctaatc tttattggtt ctgtaaactt     54300
     actccattta agttgtagta atgaggtatt taatgaactc attaccttca acactgagtt     54360
     caaaacgttt tatcaaatga gtaaaattaa ctttcagtca attttagttt aactaaactc     54420
     atttcatttg ataaagttga ctgttaagtt ttacagtgta tagtaactac acactataaa     54480
     ccatttatta agcacttgca aatagtgaat tcattatctg ttaagcatta actctacatt     54540
     aacaaacgtt agtaagctgt ttataactgc agctacaaat gctctattct ggatttacaa     54600
     gtacatgtgt aatgtgccta atagctgtat tttcatactt tgttaatgat ttatttttca     54660
     ttactaaatt caatattgca tacaaaccag ttattttgga atagttggtg tttttttttt     54720
     tttttttttt gcgtaagtaa atgatttata agctatacta attaccattt ttaattctta     54780
     ttatttaggc atatactaat acttaatttg tatgttagta atagctaata actcagcttc     54840
     attcagtttt ttaacctaaa ctaaagcagg gactatttat gctttacaaa tcccatataa     54900
     atgagaatta aaggctcagt tatattctaa acaggaaaaa aagaaaataa atgacctaat     54960
     tcatttttat tcatttgaag atacacaact gaaactgtat caaatgataa atcaaacttt     55020
     gcaaacttat gcaaaaataa aattaatgtg cagtttaaac attgctaaat aacattgaaa     55080
     tgttgcatca tgttatattg ttaaattatt atattgttgt ttttttcgtc atttataagg     55140
     gatttacgaa gcataaatag tgctcacttt agattaggtc acaaaactgc atatagttgt     55200
     gttaacaaag cattcattaa catacatagt aaccattact acatgcctga atatttagat     55260
     atatgattgt tgatttcaat agtttattaa tcaattactt agtcattctg aatgatcata     55320
     aaacaccaag tactcttaaa tacaaatagt ttgaaaataa tgcgattttt tttttagttc     55380
     atgaaaaatc aatcattaaa gtatgaaagt acaattatta agcacattat aactgtgctt     55440
     ataagtcaag aatagagcat ttgtagcaaa ctgcatacta acgtcttgac tgtatttgtt     55500
     aatgcttaac aaataatgaa ttccctatat gctaatgcct aacaaatgat ttatagtgtg     55560
     tatagttaat ataaagtgtt accatatttt cttttcccac atacaggggc atctgtgcat     55620
     ttcattgtag ttaaataagg agatagtgaa cacaatgact ggaaaaacgg ttttcaaaac     55680
     atgaatatat tgaatactgg ccatatgcta caaagtggaa gtaacttttt ctgcgattgt     55740
     tttataattt ccgattcatt tgcctatgtg gaaatgacta ggaataataa actacttgct     55800
     ctataaacaa ttgtgtttat gacaatacat aaacactttt tatgtctaaa agccaatgga     55860
     agttaattat tttgagcaaa taatctttta atgactgcat ctgctcaaat atgaaaaaat     55920
     aaggtcatta gagttgacat ttgttattag tagtttaact gaactaaatg gtagttttta     55980
     actgagctgt tggtgctcac actgtacaca aaatttggga cagtgtgact atttttaatg     56040
     tactcacagt gaaattcaat tttttgttct ttgattagaa gtgaaaaaaa aaacaaaaaa     56100
     caaatgtcat ccaaaaaaaa gacgtcatcc acattgctgc cagtgatgtt tgggtcaata     56160
     tgtttacata tgtgctaggg ctgcacaata ttggaaaaat gtaactttgc aataattttt     56220
     ttattttgcg atatataatg tgaaatgaat acagtttcat ctgatcattt aatatctcta     56280
     tttggaaaga atttataatg tagatcagtt gggatgattg tgcagtggga atgcatctac     56340
     ataaaatcta ataatatcta aaatttttgt ggtcttccga cacatttttg tttgacgcat     56400
     ttctgcattt ttatcccaca gtccaaagac atgcggtaca ggtgaattgg gtaggctaaa     56460
     ttgtccgtag tgtttgagtg agtatggatg tttcccagag atgggttgca gccggaaggg     56520
     catccgctac aaaaacattt gccggataag atggaggttc attccgctgt ggcaacccaa     56580
     tattaataag ccgaaaagaa aatgaatgaa tggcgagagc atccaagttg ctagaagtca     56640
     tttgttttca atgggagttg gcaacgatgg gcgatgagga gcggctcggt gcgttttcgc     56700
     cagttaacaa aaattcattc attaattttc ttttcggatt agtcccttca ttaatccggg     56760
     gtcgccacag cggaatgaac cgccaactta tccagcacat gttttacgct gtggatgccc     56820
     ttccagctgc aacccatttc tgggaaagtt aagggaaatt atttatatta tttattaaat     56880
     tgcctattca tttttttaac gtctaccgcc acaccaaccc taagtctatt atatgaatta     56940
     ttgttataca gtgtcataaa aaagtttgct atattgatgc acattcagtc ggacctttat     57000
     cctatttaca ctttaccgca atcgtaatgt agaagtccac cgcttgagag gagtgcagag     57060
     aacacagtcc tgtgaacttg tgaacagttg ttcccaaagg ttttattatt tcggtcgctg     57120
     aattttcagt tatttatgat gttttcttac tgggacatac atttaaaaag tttctagtga     57180
     gctgatgtgc attaatgtta tatttatttc ttaaagacag tgagaatcta atgccagtat     57240
     tgctgcttca gaatatttca gacatatgga cacatattgg atatgtggag caaagccaca     57300
     ccacactcaa caacttgatc ttccacagtt aaaatgaatt tgatagaaaa aagtgtgtga     57360
     cattttcatg ctaaaaagca cattttatgc agaaatgtaa ctgatttgct gatatgctgc     57420
     aagggcttct ttaaatatga gatcaatgta gagaactttg atgctctgaa ctgtgaaggc     57480
     agacaacgtt gtcaccaggt aggcaagagt gaactttgac actctcgcca ccttcagtgt     57540
     gaaaacgcag taaggcttta tagggctggt tatacactgt aaaaaataaa ataaccatat     57600
     gctcagcaca ctgaactttt tctgtcataa atactaagag ttgtgaataa ttattgatcc     57660
     acataaaaat atatgttatg tcaacaatat tggctaaaat gttatgtcta catgcttaac     57720
     tgagttttct ggacaaacat ttttgtgttg aacaggaatg ttgatactca aataattcgc     57780
     tcatgcgtga cgtgctaatc aaaaactaag cttgtttatc tgttgcttat tagaggggtg     57840
     acacagtggc acagttggta gcacagtcgc ctcacagcaa gaaagttgct ggttcgagcc     57900
     ccggctgggt cagttggcat ccctgtgttc acgtgggttt cctctgggtg ctccagtttc     57960
     ccccacagtc caaagacatg tggtaaagga gtctgagtgt gaatgggtgt ttccaagtac     58020
     tgggttgcag ctggaatggc atctgctgtg taaaacattt gctgttttca tgtgcagttt     58080
     tgaactccca ccaatattga ttgaaaggtg catattacca gtgttcagta ttaacgcgtg     58140
     taaacatgtc caccaaacag gatttactaa aaatatggca taaaaagctg ttccaactat     58200
     atgtgatcca acactttaag aagcagtaag tgatacacat ttgtatttta tagcattttg     58260
     aaatactttc tgagctaact ttacaacaca cgcaactata aataagtaag cttcaaacac     58320
     acaacaagtc acagattgtg gatgttacat aagctatttt ttttgtactg taaattgtac     58380
     aatggatctc tatacagatg acacaatgac gcagtgggta gtgctgtctc ctcacagcaa     58440
     tgttcttccc gtgttcactt ggtttttcct cggatgctct ggtttccccc acagtccaaa     58500
     gacatgcgct ataggtgagt ttgataaaca aaattggccg tagtgtatgt gtgagtgtga     58560
     atgaaagagt ttgtgggcat ttcccagtgc tgagttgttg ctggaagggc atggaagttg     58620
     gtggttcatt ccgctgtggc gaccccttat gaataaaggg actgagccaa aagaaaatga     58680
     atgaataaat gaagtagtta gtttgtgttt atcattttta ggaataatga ttcaaaacag     58740
     aatgatatgc tagtactaat tatttaaatt gcaaatttga aaaaatcatc aactaaacag     58800
     aaaaaaaatt tatttactca atagcagtaa ctgttgcttc agttgatgtg acaagaatgt     58860
     cgttattagt aaaatacaat aatcaatttt gcatgaataa acttgtcaca tccccggctc     58920
     gttcctactg cacctaccac tctctctcac catcccgttc cctcagcacc aatcatcgct     58980
     ccccatctca gagacactgc tgagccactt gagctccagc aagggggagc ttgagctcca     59040
     actcctcctc ctataagctg ttttaatgcg tacacattgt tttttttttc tcttaattta     59100
     tttttacagt gtagtttaaa cttaattgtt catttaaaag tactttagtt ttaaatgcct     59160
     tttttaaact ttaaagtgtt tataatattt aaattaacat ttgaatattt taacactatg     59220
     ctaacacaaa tcataaacct gttttattct ttagcaaact ttccctttaa tgttgcaaaa     59280
     agagaaaata aaagtagcca taaaaaatgt aaaagccaac cggttagcac tgaaaactgg     59340
     aatagtgcat acttatttca ggaaagtagt tatacatgaa ggtttgagga atatttaacc     59400
     taagaaaaaa tatttgcatt aataagtaat agggaaaaaa acatttgaat attagcacag     59460
     gatgccttat ttttggttaa acattatacc ccaagttctt cctttcagtt atgcatgtta     59520
     atttgcacta tttataaaac acacacttgt ccattcatgt atagtaggcc aacagaaatg     59580
     tatcaattca aaatacactc atgacgtatg ttcacggcct aaattacact cttcaaatga     59640
     gataaagaaa atacgcacgc agcaaaaaaa catcctgcat cctggctaca tacagttgta     59700
     gagtcattag acgcactcaa aagaaaagtg tcacctttta tcatatctct gagcattctt     59760
     atggacagca tacaaacatc ctgtttctct agatccgcac aggacaagga aatcaacttt     59820
     ccttcctcca caatctattc acaagctcgc aacaaccaaa aaccatcaca gacgctaaca     59880
     agagagcaca caaataaaca tcggaagaaa aatcgtgcac gcacacatca cttatgcttc     59940
     aaacagtaaa aagacattca cataaattgc agggctgcag tctatgaggg tctaattttc     60000
     ctggaaaact ctggcagccc gtgtttttgt cataaacaat tgaagcgctc atccataaca     60060
     aagctaatcc aaagaactca atataatact ctcacactca cttcacaatc aaattcctag     60120
     ctgtcacagc cttcgcaaaa gcagaacaac aaaaaagtcg tattgttatc taacccattt     60180
     acgctcaaat agatcttgtt gctcaactca cgacttctga acacatcata aaaatgtcag     60240
     tctcaaacaa tacactcttt ttttgttaat ccacatatgt aattagtctt aatgataaaa     60300
     aaaattgtgc ttgacggcga ttacctcacc aacacctttc acacactgac aacggccact     60360
     caatgccagg tcctgactaa cacacagaaa tagggtcact atgcagtggt caccactact     60420
     ccctattctc tgagcatggg atttccattg aagctcacct caaaatgagc caccaacaac     60480
     gtcatcatac agagagaaaa ctcaagcctt caacatcaga ggagtgtaag atttaacaac     60540
     ataataattg gtattattat tagcttattt gtggctctgt ggttagcact gtcgccttac     60600
     agcaagaaaa agttgctggt tcgagtctcg gctgggccag ttggcatttc tgtgtcgagt     60660
     ttgttatgag ggtgctatga aagagtgtgt gtggatgttt cctagtgctg ggttgtggct     60720
     gcgtggacgg gcatcctctg cgtaaaacac atgctagata tgttgttggt tcatttcact     60780
     gtggcgactc ctgattatta ggggactaag ccaaaaagaa catgttgcgt ttggtgggca     60840
     tcctgttaca tttcgcaaaa acagccaaag cagctacgat tcatcctgac ccaaaaattg     60900
     gcactttcaa ctgggtataa ttaatcattt gatgggtgtt ttaacttgaa acttcagaca     60960
     cattctgaaa acactatata tatatttgtc cggtcaatac ctggatagga gactgcgtgc     61020
     gaaagctagg ttgctgccgg aagtggtgtt agtgaggcca gtaggagtgc ccaacctgca     61080
     gtctgcagtc taatgcccca atatagtgac gaggactcta tgctgctcag tgagcgctgt     61140
     ctttcggatg agacgttaaa cggaggtcct ggctctctgt ggtctttaaa aatcccagga     61200
     tgaccttcaa aaaaagtgta gggtttcaca ccggcatcct ggccaaattt gcccactggc     61260
     gtccatcatg acctcctaac ccttcccata tcataattgg cttcatccct ctgtatcctc     61320
     tccaccaatc agctggtgtg tggtgtgcgg tctagctcaa aatggcttcc gttgcgtcat     61380
     ccaggtggat gctgcacact ggtgatggat gaggagattc accctatgtg taaagtgctt     61440
     tgagtgccca gaaaagctct atataaaatg taacaaacta ttattactat ggaagtcagt     61500
     ggttgcaggt ttctaacatc tttcaaaata tcgtcttttg cgttcaacag aaaactgatt     61560
     ttcaggaagt tatgcaccaa cttgggaagg aaacagcgag taatttttca gtaatgccct     61620
     ttaactgtaa tcatgtaatc atatcttata ctttacattg gcaaacaatc atatacatca     61680
     cacaaacaca ttagaaacca tataaatgtg ctgatcttca tgattaaaac ttctgtgatg     61740
     aactctttgt tttgtttttt tagtcaaagt ggtggatctg aaatgccgaa ttaaaccaga     61800
     gtatttactg agttgtccac acagaagttc aaaagtgtgt gtgtgtgtct gtgtgtctgt     61860
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     61920
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgagtgg gactgtggag gcgggctatt gtctcttcat     61980
     tagtttgctt gtcttttccg ttcacgattg tttttctcag tcacagctgt gtggacgagt     62040
     ggaatatgac gtgggagtct cacactcttg gaactgacaa ccttagagcc actacttcct     62100
     gtgcagctgg acaagtgcac gcacatacac acacacacac aggtacaagc tccattcatc     62160
     ttatccattt gtcctcgatg ataaactata catttatgat ttttttaaaa aagcaagcat     62220
     gttgaagtcc agcaactttt ttcccacatg tatgacatca taatcaaggt ttgagatcat     62280
     cttatcactg accggtctta tcactccctg cagacgtcct aagaccagct gtggaaacac     62340
     actctcttaa atcagagaga gagaggacac atcctgtgcc gctcactgca tttactataa     62400
     cctgtggatt tgtattgttt gtggagcata attgcatcag tctgattgag gtaatcccca     62460
     gatcacagct gctgatagct ggaaaaacac taattgtttg caaaaagcct aatttgttta     62520
     gtgctgtgag agatattgag tgtgatgtca tggtgttttc tatagcatgt tatatattat     62580
     gttcctctgt gtcgagtttc tttgcaggta ttttgttttt gctgaatgct acaaatagct     62640
     aaaactcgct cattcagaga ctggaaccgg cgaatgtgca acaactttat tcataaggtg     62700
     aacacaaagc aagtttctat ttggagctcc ttcacaggac tcgacattgg caaacactca     62760
     ctacatcagg ctcacggctc tcagcacagc ctacactcgt cactgtacca agcccaccta     62820
     tcagagagct tgcgctatgc gttgttgcaa tgtgtagttg aatttttgcc aacttatcca     62880
     acacatgttt tacgcagcag atgcccttct agctgtaacc caactctggg aaacatccat     62940
     acacactcat tcacattcat acactacggc caatttagcc tacccagttc ccttgtactg     63000
     catgtctttg gactatgggg ggaaatggag cacccgtagg aaacccactc gaacatgggg     63060
     agaacatgca aactccacac agaaacggta actgacccag ctaaggctca aaccagcgac     63120
     cttcttgctg tgaggctaca gcacctactg tgctaccgca tcggcctaaa tcagccttta     63180
     gtcctttatt aatcagtgtt ctccacagca gaatgaccca gcaagtattc tggcccatgt     63240
     tttatgcagc ggattccctt ccagccgcat cccattactg ggaaacaccc atacactctc     63300
     gcatttaaac acacataccc tacggcaaat gcattcattt atttatttat ttcctttggt     63360
     ctgtcgccac agcagaatga aaaaccctta ttccatcaaa tgttttacac agcggatgcc     63420
     cttccagcca caacccagtt ctgggaaaca cccctacact ctcacacaca cacacactac     63480
     agccaatttt atttacccaa ttcacctatg ctacatgtct ttgaactgtg gtttaaactg     63540
     gagcacccaa aggaaaccca catgaacaca gggagaacat gcaaactcca cacagaaacg     63600
     ccaattggcc cagccaggat ttgaaccagt gaccttcttg ctatgagatg agccaccgtg     63660
     ccaccccatt ttgaacatag atgagaaaat gcactatgca tcttaaatgt ttgcaatgca     63720
     gtgatattta aacataatgt ttgtcttagt tgttggaaga cattcagctg attaatattg     63780
     attattatta ttattattaa aaacaaaaga gtaaaaaaaa aggtacactt aaaactaaat     63840
     ttatgataaa gaaaaagtat taaatattat ttattttata taaaaaatag ctctggcgaa     63900
     gctgatggag cacaaatgtt ccaactgact atcaagcaga aaaattacaa ttttaagata     63960
     ttacttactg tattaaccaa gttggctaaa ttaagttgtt aattgtggtt tatggatatc     64020
     agttttcgtt taattctgtg aacaaaaggt cacaatctga gttaacatca caatgagtaa     64080
     cagcataaag aaaaaaaccc tattgaattt ttctttctta tagtaatgtg aaaccatttg     64140
     ttcgatgttg catttccaat ttaatatctg atccagtttg gcttttaagc ttcattcaat     64200
     tattgtctga tttatgctgc cctagcaaac taatgtcaag atctaatttt aaatgtattc     64260
     ccactgcatc atattgtatg ttacaacata gatactgttt cttcttgttt ccatgacaca     64320
     aaatcgtcca cacaggttag cccttatttt tttattaaaa gcagacttca ttgctctatt     64380
     gcacttgttg attttaaagg tttagcaaag ttttgcatat ttttatttta aaaagctact     64440
     gtggaaattc agtgctcttt aaaggggtgg tccaaagtgt atttttaagg cttagttgtg     64500
     tttaaaatat gccaagcaat acgtgatcat gcttcatttg tagaatttgt attcatttgt     64560
     attttttttt tttttgatct tactttgatt atataaaatg aaaggtattt ggtcaacatg     64620
     gttaaccctt atgtactggg atgttttcat ctatcgtggg gtgattttga gtgttaattt     64680
     ggacataact ttttctgttt caactagcag aatgattttg gtgacaaacc tcattttgac     64740
     acatatttaa aaaaatatat attgcatttt tttttttaac taaaagatac actctggaca     64800
     aatttactac cctctttttg atttttgttt tacatttaat ttgcataaat ctgttaatca     64860
     acctaaaatc tgaaaaaaaa aattacaaaa acatttattt aacacatttt tacagcagtt     64920
     acatttagtg ggtgttttca ttattaaagt aacaaagggt agtaaatttg aacagtgcac     64980
     aagggttaaa aacagctcaa aaatactgca gatttcctta tgcctacact tgaatgcagc     65040
     ttttaaaggg atagttcacc caaaagtgaa atctttgagt ttacttttta aaatcttttg     65100
     agttactcaa catattttga gtgatgctac ccatcagttt ccaccgaaga aaaacaaata     65160
     ctatggaagt cagtggtgag cagttttcaa catttttcta aatttcttgt tttgcattca     65220
     acggaagaaa gaaactcaga catgttttga acaagtgaag ggtgattaaa cgatgacaga     65280
     attttccatt tgggtgaact gtccctttaa gttttcaatt tgttgttgaa aatgtaaaat     65340
     aaaaggttga acactgttca tgttttccat gacatgtttc tgacaataaa gaagtcatcg     65400
     gaaagagata ccgtcttaaa cacctcaaaa catcaccttt taacactgag ctgaactcta     65460
     aacagaccat cacaatgcga aaccataaca aaactgagac taagtgcagt ggtgaatgat     65520
     gcatagcgcc tctatttact tgggaaagga attcagtttg catgcttgaa tgtgaataat     65580
     cccaaataaa tacaaattca ctgtgacaat gtcacttttt aaaaagccac tgttgttgaa     65640
     caaaaattaa aattttgacg tctacatctt ttcaaaactg tttcatagat ggtcccaggg     65700
     cattacagtg tataaaaaga acattgctta aggtaaaatg atgatttatt tcggaatgca     65760
     tataaaatgc tgtgctcttg acgtggaagg tagagcaagt ctgattatgc acaccattaa     65820
     aagctctaca taattcacat gttcttgtgt tcagtagtgt ttaacaaggc ttgcctgaag     65880
     gttttggtgt gtcctctttt ctctgatcat ttaggcctca aaggaattta ggagcgagct     65940
     tcatgcactg taaaagttct ctaacaaacg gttaactgat ctggaaagtg agatacatac     66000
     tccctctagg ggccgtttca gcaagcttag ctccgacttc accatggaat ctctaggtac     66060
     acttttttat taatacaaaa aaaaaataag aaagataacc ttttacgaac ttttttcaac     66120
     ttctccacgt agatataaca attacaacta aaatgtaatt ttcatttaaa tcataatata     66180
     tcattttata tatgcggatg tactgtatgc tcttcttttt cagatactga tagatagata     66240
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     66300
     gatagatagt tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     66360
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagattga ttgattgatt     66420
     gattgattga ttgattgatt gattgattga ttgattgatt aacatttaaa catgttttta     66480
     aaaaaatatt tgagaacatg gaaaggacag agcttcttat ggataaaatc atacatctta     66540
     tacatggact tgcatcaaac aaaaaggcag atcatgcagt gttttaggga aatcgcatta     66600
     tgtgaataca tttgtactta tttgtacttt attcaaacat tgtttgattc aggatagaga     66660
     catctttgtt ttatgtgaat ataaacggac tttctttgga aagataatgc tttcaccaca     66720
     caggtatgtt ctgtgcaatt attttcatag aatgaaatat catcaccttg gaattatgag     66780
     attctctctg tgttcttaag atttacctaa gctcaaactc ccttctcgcc ctgcaaacgg     66840
     gaaggagccc cgggcttgag gatctcatga gttcagggct ttctcccggg acagcatgcc     66900
     aagctagctt attaccaatc aacagctaag tgtgaactct tgaaacaaga caaagcgaga     66960
     tattgagata ttgttattgt attattgttg tattattagg gggtcaagcg cgtagcgctg     67020
     aaaccctatt gtatttgtta aagtttttat tattattatt attattctgc cgaagtcact     67080
     attgcccaga ccaaaccgta agtccgagag agctgaaact tggccagatt gtagtactcc     67140
     ggtacactac atcctcacca aagatcagcc aaatcggacc ataggtggcg ctatggcgcc     67200
     aaaaaccaat attttggaca tttttgaccg ctgttcgttc accgtttgtc gtagactcaa     67260
     aaactttaca ttttttcaat ccttgggtta acctgaacaa aagtgtatag cagaaatttt     67320
     tgctctatga cgcaccgttt tcccgctaca tcgcgatttg tccgaaacct acttttgcga     67380
     actagtccta ggtttttcac tcaatctaaa ccaaaccagc tctcgaatgt tctctggaca     67440
     ctgaatatca ataattatca aaaaaaagtt taaattttta ttctcactcg aaacagtact     67500
     caacaatgtt caatgctaat tgaagctaaa tgctaattgg agctataact tttgaacgga     67560
     atgagatatc atcaccaaac ttggtacaaa catgtataag ctcaatttga tgtgacagtg     67620
     caaaaacagc ggactttggc cacatggtgg cgctataaag cttaaaaacc ataaaatgac     67680
     tctaacctta caaccatttg tccgatcagc ttgaaatttg tcatgcagtg tctttgacca     67740
     gtttgccatg acatactata aggacaatgg cacatctcaa aaaacatggc cgccattagc     67800
     caattaaaat tgtgcagcca tttagcaagg ttaacgatca gcgatcggaa cgaaactcgc     67860
     tgggcatgtt cgacttatgg acctagaggt ctgtaagaat tttgaaagaa atcggccact     67920
     agggggcgat tttacgcaat tttaaggtgt aatgggttgt gtatcacaca accttttgca     67980
     aaaccacaca aaatacttat catatgatag gcctgctcct accgaacagt ttgacactca     68040
     aaccactgct gtcactcgca ccgtttatta aatattcatc aacatatgaa aaacctactt     68100
     ttgcgaacta gtccctggtt tttcactcaa tcgcaacgaa accagtgttg ttagaatctc     68160
     tggactgtgt agatcaataa ttatcaaaaa aaagttgaac ttttcacttt ggctagctgt     68220
     aacaggctaa tttacaaaag gggcgtgtcc acacgaacct acatgcctct aaaccaataa     68280
     ggaaaactca caacatcaca gaaattggtg agcacatgtg ccatatcaat gagaagaaac     68340
     ttgcaaaatt ttgtgaagat caaaccatag gtggcgctat aatagcaaaa atagtcttaa     68400
     aaacatgcca aatggcttaa aaataaagta aatgtgcttc atttaaacac tatttcacaa     68460
     atacacttaa tctacatatc atatgatagg tctgcttata ctgaacagtt tgagactaaa     68520
     accactgctg tcactcacac cgttcattaa aaaaacatca atataaacaa aacctacttt     68580
     tgcgaactag tctctggttt ttaactcgat cgcaacgaaa ccagtgttgt atgaacctct     68640
     ggactgagta gatcaataat tatcaaaaaa aagttgaact ttccatttta gatagctgta     68700
     acaggctcat taataaaagg ggtgtgtcta cacgaaccta catgcctgtt aaacaataag     68760
     aaaaacccaa aacatcacag aaattgatga gcacatgtgg catatcaatg cgaataaaca     68820
     tgcaaaattt tgtggtgatc gggcaatagg tggcgctata atagtggaaa tggttctaaa     68880
     aacatcataa aatggcttaa aaatgcagta aatgtgctac atttacacac ctatcactga     68940
     aaggatttac aagttgttgt ttttttgccc atcttggatg tttaaatgtc ttaaaaacac     69000
     atattttcag tattctatca ttttagccac tataacacag acttttaact gtcacctacc     69060
     atttctaacc actagatgtc accacaagac cacttattta ttgttcataa catttgcata     69120
     cctttgttgt tttacatttt tttgagttta aagtcaggga aattgcattt aggatcattc     69180
     tgaatcacag tttgacatga tgtaaacact gttatgcatt aaacatctaa tttagtcaca     69240
     gttaacatct gtgtaataat tctacaaggc aaaactggtt ctataattaa acacctagtt     69300
     ttaaaacatt tgtaaagaaa atcacaactg tgtccactag atagcagtaa cagaccactt     69360
     atagtttata gtttatttta ctgctctgta gcaaagaatg taatgtaatg taatgcattc     69420
     tgaatcccaa attgacatga actgaacaca attaatgcat ttaagattaa attttgtcaa     69480
     agcttgtcac accttttact ctgtagattt ttaaattctt ttaataaaac acaaaattat     69540
     tagttcatat agttatatag ttttgtcatt tttgttggga agagctaaaa tagctaaaaa     69600
     tcatgaatgg attgaaatat ctacaccaaa cttgttacac atatgcagga ggttaatcag     69660
     aggtcatagc atgaaactcg tagacattgg ccacatggtg gcgctataca ttgtaaaatc     69720
     actgtatctg agtaaccatt tatctgatta actagaaatt tgacatgccg tgtctttgtc     69780
     taaggtgcca tgactcgatc tacacatttt atcttagggc tgcttatact ggtcactttg     69840
     acataaaagc ggtcactcga aatgttcata agaaatttgt cattatgtaa aaattgatgt     69900
     tgcatttctg gagtgtttaa tcaaacgttt gttagcttaa tctacaaact ctaacactgt     69960
     aatcgtatat ttcattgtca aataaactac ttacaggcgt cctaactgct atatgacctt     70020
     accctgctaa actgcttgac ccccgttaat tgctgcttgc agctatattt gttattgtat     70080
     acctctaggc atgcacattt tggagggaaa tatattattg gtagacctac aattaataaa     70140
     atctgttgtg tttcgcatgt tttgaagcat tgcattccat tggggacact tcaggtatgg     70200
     aaaatgcact tttgcagcag aaaatgctgt ttttctcttt taaggacgta ttatgcggtc     70260
     tcttttacca tcttgtggca aaacgtaaac cgtcactttc tttggtctgc tcaaacaggc     70320
     tgatggtggc tgatgcgctg aatccgatgc tccaaaattc tattttataa taggcacaat     70380
     ccttataatt aaactgcata gttgtaatct aaacaactac attctcgatt gaaaaagcct     70440
     caaaagtaca ttatgttgtc taacagcagc aatatttgtc aaactgtata gagtgtcctc     70500
     tgcttgtcgc tgtatgtggg tagagtaata cacaaaggtg aagggtgaag aggcagtaca     70560
     agtgctgtaa tttgcagaat attgcacggc tttcagccaa ttagattcaa gaaccagaca     70620
     gaactgttgt ataaatataa atatattgac atttttctca tgttattttg acccccatcc     70680
     atgatattaa acattttgat attctcattc gttgatgcat ttcttttacc tgtatctcaa     70740
     aattaggcca gtacatgtgg ttgacgacaa aaattaccca tttgcttttc gccagactgc     70800
     gtaaacactc aaatgccttt taaaagtaac acaaaacttc ctactcattt ggtatgatgg     70860
     caaaaaaaca cactcacttt ccaatcctga ttataattca acccacagtc tttagttctg     70920
     caggtagcct attagaactg taatggtgaa acctgcggct ctctatacca tttagctatc     70980
     tttcatttat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctttatt aatctggggt cgccacagca     71040
     gaatgaaccg ccaacttatc cagcaagttt ttacgcatca aatgcccttc caaccgcaac     71100
     ccatccacac acacattcac acacacactc atactcatac actacggaca atttagccta     71160
     cccaattcac ctgtaccgca tgtctttgga ctgtggggga aatcagagca cccggaggaa     71220
     acccacgcga aggcagggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag aaacgccaac tgacccaagg     71280
     ttcgaaccag caacccagcg accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagcactacc tactgcgcca     71340
     ctgccacgtc tagctgtttt tcaaattcat gtataaattt atttactaaa agtccataca     71400
     caagagctcc agtttatata cattctaaag tcatataaaa tttaactaaa tttgtttaat     71460
     tactttttaa agaaaataat gtgaacatat gtgctgttat gtttgtgttt tttcagttgt     71520
     ttgttgtttt taacgtgtga gataagctta atcgtaagta tttttatcca atattgttct     71580
     cagaacactt ggaatacaca actcatgtgt tagagattac tttggtgaca tttttgtgtt     71640
     tgtttgttta atgaagatta tctcttttca caaggctaat tcacaatatc actttcactt     71700
     ttttcacttc acattgcaac aattggcgcc aaccaccggc aacagacaga cacattgtca     71760
     ggttttgtca gaccaatttg ttccaccttt cagtgtctgt tggcatccgt tggcatattt     71820
     tggtttgtca gggcatggat tgtctgagtg atgtaattta taatctggta attgtttggt     71880
     aggcgtctca gtgcagtggg aattgacctt tatacatgca cacaaatttg tttagatgtg     71940
     cataaacaca tattacccaa catataattt tccgtttttc agggataata acaggttaag     72000
     cataaagatt tgctctgatg aaagtgtagc aaacttacca gtaacgttct tgtttgtttc     72060
     tttaagatag gctacagctg tcatcaggtg cacatgtacc tctctgcgtt cagtcattca     72120
     ttcttttcat gtacaataga gataaaagta agtgaaagaa agcaggattt gtgtttgtcc     72180
     ttaaggcatg acatgccaaa gtctttctat tgtagctgat gttttgaatg gaagacgaaa     72240
     ttaaatgcac ctaaatgaat tacgtaggaa caaaaccagt gacgtctctt ttctccacaa     72300
     aaaaaaaaaa aatgttttta ttcctaacgc aacgattgtt caaagtatac acattttggt     72360
     agatttgtta tcatgcaggt tttatcttat actgatttca tcaaatattt aatttttatt     72420
     tatgccctta aagagataga ttatgtcaat tgctcattgt acttcatctc acgcatatat     72480
     atcaaatcac atataggagg taaatcatgt aatagaagtt aaattgaatg tcactgatga     72540
     gaaaaggaag gatgttgact gtatgattac gaaggtagga aggaaggaag gaaggaagga     72600
     ccaaataaaa aacagaagta ttcaaggact aaacaagggg ggaatgaatg aatgaatgaa     72660
     tgaatgaacg aacgacctaa tgaaggaagg aacaaaagaa tgaagagagg aacgaaggaa     72720
     ggaacaaatg aatgatagaa caaacgaaca aatgaatgaa tgaaggaagg aaagattaaa     72780
     tgaacaaatg aatgaatgaa ggaaggaaag attaaacaaa tgaatgaaag acggaaggaa     72840
     gaaaggaaag aaggaaggaa ggacagacaa aataaacaaa caatagaggg aagaagagaa     72900
     agaaggaaca aacttgtata ggaagatctc taaatgcact acagaatgtt acgtttatac     72960
     atccacaaac tgcatgtgaa tgcattaagt tttcacagtg taatactcac tattcaagag     73020
     tacttttaaa agggctcata ttttgagtaa tatttacacc agatactttt gctctacttg     73080
     caagacattt ttggccaagc aatggtacga agggacaatg tttatacata aggaataagg     73140
     ggcccgacct atgccaagaa ccatatatta aacataactc tcttgtaaat tttttatcat     73200
     gtgttgtaaa aattatctat aaccttatat tttaaggttt ttacaggagc tacaatgact     73260
     agtggaacat actgcacata ggcgaggtgt gatcagttta aagacaattt cagcctgtca     73320
     gaaatctaag tagagcgcaa gagtgaaaaa gttgagagca tttgggggac aaaaggaaaa     73380
     atgagacaat gatcatgctt actggccaaa acacctatca gatgatgagc actgtgagct     73440
     tgttaagaga ggatctcttc agataaaatg tcatttccca atgaaaagta atggccgcca     73500
     attcacacac agcaattatt caatatgaaa catggtaaca agattagttt gatggattac     73560
     aaattaaatt tgtttaaatg ttttttgatt ttaaatgttt attggctcgg ctgggtcagt     73620
     tggcatttct gtgtggaatt tgcatgttct cccgtagttc atgtgggtca cctctggatg     73680
     ctgctgtttt ccccacaagt ccaacaacat gcactatagg tgaattgggt aagctaaatt     73740
     ttctgtagtg tgtgtgtaaa tgagagtata tggttgtttc ccagtgatgg gttgcagctg     73800
     gaagggcatc cgctgcgtaa aaacatatgc tgaataagtt ggcagtttat tccgctgtgg     73860
     cgacccctga tgattaagac taagactaaa acaaaaagaa aatgaatgaa tagagaaaga     73920
     gaatgttttg agttttaaag ctagggcacc atacctggaa ttgctaaggg ctcccaaatc     73980
     actaagtcca tccctgaata tgttctatag ccgtttcaga actcatccgt gcaaataatt     74040
     gacaatgtgc ttgaattgaa actaaatgat tcacatttca aatagaactt taaaaagccc     74100
     ttattaaact ttcaactggc cagatttcaa catactttag aacatctaat cttaaaccaa     74160
     catcagattt tcatgaagat ttaagatgca agaactacgc ccattggaag atgcctgcat     74220
     aaacacaggc acgttgcctt gaacacctga atggatgtat tatggctacc cctgtcgaac     74280
     attgagatta gaatcctagt cttttccaaa gaaactaact gcatctaccg ttgttttgtc     74340
     atgtgttgct ggcttttgct taaacgattc tctcatttgt ttattttcca gaaactcaga     74400
     tattcttatc gtgcagtttt agatttgttt ctgtgtcttt ggttaactga catcatgttg     74460
     ctaggcagaa ttagttatgt tgcacgtgaa tttatgtgta cagctgtatt taaaaataaa     74520
     atgttaagta gaagctcaga ggttagcaat gtcacctcac agcaagatgg tgcgaagctg     74580
     ggctagttag catttctgtg tggagtttgc atgttctcgt gagttttcaa agacatgcaa     74640
     tattaatgaa ctgaataaac taaattgacc ttgtgtgtga atgtgagagt gtatcagtgt     74700
     ttttttagta ctgggttgca gctggaaggg cttccactgc atacaacaaa tgctgaaata     74760
     gttggtggtt cattccgctg tggcaaccca ttataaataa ggcactaacc cgaaggcaaa     74820
     ttattgaatg tagatagtag atgtagatag ttccttttga actactttta ttgtaattta     74880
     ttataattgt taatatgctt gtggtcattt aactttgtta ctcacccatt ctaccacttg     74940
     gtggcggcag aacttaattt gtctatttcc ccccagaatt catgagtcca ctaacccttt     75000
     agaaatttaa ccaaggtttt cctcaatgtt ctataaaata ttaaaataaa agtactggtt     75060
     cttcacatta aagatgaaca aaactaatcc aaactttgca tacattaaac ctgagctttc     75120
     atcagtgaga ccttcaaata ttttcagtgc acataatcgt cttaaaactc ggcccttatg     75180
     aaaatgaact aaggttaggt ttaactacaa aaaaaaaaaa aatcttgtaa ttaaaaaaaa     75240
     aatagaaaat gaagatttat atctaatatg aaataagaac attgtttaat ctgaaaaaga     75300
     atatgatctt tgtgtaatat tttagcaata aatttaaagc aaataatgta taatgcattt     75360
     aaaattatgt gttactgaaa taaagatgtt acagaactag tagtctaaat tagcactaaa     75420
     ttagaagttt attcaagcaa aagtcacatt taagccgggg tttatttata gtgagaattg     75480
     taccataaaa taaagtgtga ccaatatttg gagatttttt gttgtagcct acttacacaa     75540
     ttcaaaatac gtcaaaaatt ttgacatgag gtgaatttgg aaatgtaata atttttatcc     75600
     tataaaagca aatttaaaca tcgcacagtt tccacagtga cgtgatgtca tagaagaacc     75660
     ttttttttgt gaaatgtaaa gattctttga gtgtcaaagg ttcatcatgg aactgtgagc     75720
     aagaaagaga gattctttaa attaatattt tatgataatt tttgattgat cattttcagt     75780
     atcaaaatat ctagagtcaa aatattttct aaactgattt tctacattat attctgactg     75840
     atcagtgctc cgatgcacct aatataaaga gtttaatata catgtctgtg gctgaaatct     75900
     tatttccaat aatgcctgat ctgtaaacta atatttgcag tttgttttca gaaacatcag     75960
     tagcattttg tggtaaatct gcattcatag aactaaatca aaaatttaat ataaacacga     76020
     gcttgcgaat caaatttgaa tctgaatcaa gtgcttcatc tgttcacatc cgcttatccg     76080
     cagtttttct gacgaggttc agtgatttag tttgttttgg gccaatttat tttcagtaat     76140
     ggaatacata aaaaacactg agctagtttt atagtatgtc attgtgttat tcctcataat     76200
     aaatctccat taaatatatt ttctatcgat ggctcaatgt cacaaaaagt gtgtgcccgc     76260
     attcactctt tccacattcc ccaggtgtgc cagtgtgcca gagtttgtgt ttaaagatat     76320
     ttccgtgcat tgcatatcat tgcaggacat ttcccccatt ccagaggaaa tgagatggag     76380
     ttcctgagac aaagaaggat atgcttttat catgaaatat aaacagataa tgctaatttt     76440
     tgattatctc cagctatttt tcaatcatct tgaatataaa ctaggtttta accatttata     76500
     agacactcaa tgaaatacgc atcagagaaa aaaaaaacct gagggttatt tcaaggcttt     76560
     gaacttttat gacttataaa acaaatgaaa aaattatatt gtaatcactg tcaataaaca     76620
     tatggtctaa gcacacaatg taactacaga agagtatagc tgctaatggt ctagtctgat     76680
     ttaatgataa cactttacaa taacagtaca tgaataatga tgtattaata tgtgaactaa     76740
     acattagttt attttaaatt aatgatgagt taaggtatgt actaatcatg aattaactaa     76800
     aaactacaac atgattcaca tgagttcatg tgaatgacag ctaccttaat tactttttag     76860
     tacatgattg tttgttaaat aatgtattaa ttaccacatt agtttatgct taatttaacc     76920
     atgatgaact catgatatgt taatttataa ttatattgtg actttacttg taggggcaca     76980
     tcatcattaa cccattctta actccccacg aactccttat gcacgtccat ctagagcgtt     77040
     tacattgaat aacaatagaa aagtgttctg tcaacatcaa catgaacagg agttcatgag     77100
     tagttaagga tgagttaata gtgatgtgcc gctccaatta aagtcattac ataactatac     77160
     attaacagct catgagttca tgttgtttac atttagctta aacttaaatg ttaattaata     77220
     cattaattaa caacatgtac taacaagtaa ttaagatagt cgttatttac acatgaactc     77280
     atgtgactca tgttgtagtt aaagttaatt cacaattagt gcatacctta aattaaactt     77340
     cccacctggg ctggcccgtg tagagtccac atgggctttc ccgcgtgggg tccacctggg     77400
     tctgcccgcg tggggcccac ctgtactggc ccgcttgggg cccacatggg cttgcctgcg     77460
     tggggcccac ctgggcaggc tcgaatgggg cccaccaggg ctagcccgtg tggggcccac     77520
     ctgtgttggc cagtattatt attattattt atttattttt tttttttttt ttgaggtggt     77580
     acttggtgaa aaaaagtttg agaaccactg atagttaata acgaaagcta ctattacatg     77640
     accttgtgtt gtttccatgt cacttctggc gtttgtttgg ttgttagaca tagtttggac     77700
     aaagtcgtct ttgattcttc ctattttaaa gttatgtaat gtgaactctc ctgtcactga     77760
     tccatcctac agtgtaaaca cagggtccgt gtatcatccg ttcatttgat taacccagat     77820
     agtcatgcag tgtgaaaaca tccgtgacac tactctaaaa gtcatgcagt ctgaactcgg     77880
     cataagctat taaggtctac ttgtcagggt cagttttgat atttttatca gtcagcacat     77940
     gttttgctgt gattgtggac ttgtattact tgtctcaagg taattgtttc catgtactcg     78000
     cgtttacatg tttctacaaa ctttcacgct gatattttct cagaatagct ctgaatgaca     78060
     aaacgatgtt ttatcacagt tggtcaaata atgtttctta tagttgtaga ctcatgttaa     78120
     cttgtgcctt tggactagtg aggtaagcac aaaaaggagt gtttgttttt aagatgaaat     78180
     gcagccatga ctacattatt ttgtgatctc cagaaatgtg tataggacta cctttacaga     78240
     atgagcctgt gttgttttat ttattatata aaaaaacact tcattaaagc tgaaaagcca     78300
     aaaacagtca gtaaaagaaa agaaaaagca tctgacatga ctggttacaa ttcataaaga     78360
     tttcatttgc agcagcatgt cgagccattt ctaatcacta gatggtgctg ctgagaagac     78420
     cagaactgaa agtactggaa agctgaacgc ttccatctat taataggtgt ttttaaccat     78480
     tttaagcaaa aatggatgta ttaatttgtt ttctgcctcc aaaatcacat acagtatgac     78540
     ttttttttct ttgcagtatg gcatttatta agcctccaaa cagttgtaaa atatgtgact     78600
     gatcattttg ctgtagaaca aatcttgctt tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcatggc tcagggcagc     78660
     cagtgtaaaa tcacatgtct aagtgtgtgt gtgtttggca gggggacttt ggtttgttct     78720
     ttgatgttga tgttctcagg agctgcaggc accagtaaag ggtaaattaa tgtaagcaga     78780
     gcttcctcac gcagtgggaa acagaacagg ggtacagcct cctattcaga cgcacaaaca     78840
     acagttatca agtgcacaca ggggttatga ggcacacaca agggttgttg gggacatagt     78900
     tgaaataatt tatgagaata taatgttcat tgagttctaa aaatgtttaa gattctaaaa     78960
     agatgaatgc aaatgctgtg cgaaattaat aaaaatcata tgcttcttga ataatgtcaa     79020
     atcaggctag aaattatgac cattaaatat attcttaagc aattttacac aaaatatttc     79080
     ataatatacc ctcagaaacc aacatagcgg ttactgtttg tttaaactgc ttatttaaaa     79140
     tgagctgaaa ctacacaatt cttgagtttt ttttaataac ttaattgttt ttttatgttt     79200
     aatgaactta aatctgtaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaagtt aaattaattc cttcatgttg     79260
     tctcaacaaa tcgattgtgt ggaacccttt ttttttctac aaatactagg atttgatggt     79320
     aacactttac aatatggttg tattagttaa tgtgagttaa tgcatttact aacataaaca     79380
     cacaacgaac aaatcattta ttacagtatt tgttcatgtt agttaacact agctaatgaa     79440
     aatacagttg ttccttgtta attcatgtta actcacggtg cattaactaa tgttaacagt     79500
     atgcatttgg attttaataa tgcattagtt aatgattaat aaatgctgta caagtattgt     79560
     ttacaatctc ttgttaagta ctttaacatc aactaatgag atcatattgt aaagtgtgat     79620
     ctattagaat caacatagca aactgcctta ctcttgtgtt gattttttgt tgttactgtt     79680
     tttgttttgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgggtgtta gctgttgttg tttacagtta ttatgaccca     79740
     tttccaatat ttggtttact ttttaatcaa actcttcaat ttcaaaacaa ctatgaaata     79800
     tataatctat atctattaaa acattgacac agtgaagtac tggtgtataa actagtttgt     79860
     aaagtacgct gaataagtaa caagtaatgg caaattcaga ttggattaaa cctgacaagt     79920
     cataacaaaa aagatatttt gtaaatgtac accaatattc atttattcat acattttcct     79980
     ttcagtgtag tctctatttc agaggtcgcc acagtggaat gaaccatcaa gtattccagc     80040
     atatgtttta tgcagcggat gcccttccag tcgcagccca gtactggcaa acacccatac     80100
     actgtcacat tcacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac     80160
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacgcacgc acacacacac acacacacac     80220
     acactcatac actaagaact attttgttta ttcaattcaa ctaaagcaaa atctttggac     80280
     tgtgggggaa agcgaagcac ccagaggaaa ctcaagctaa catggggaga acatgcaaac     80340
     tccacacaga aatgccaact ggcccagctg ggacttgaaa cttgaatcag cgaccttatg     80400
     ccgtgaggcg acagtgctac tcacgtgccg ccttacacca atattataat ttcaaattta     80460
     tttaatcatc cactccactt acggtgacct aaaaaatcct aagaactcta aaggctcatt     80520
     tttattctta aacaagttat tttttaaatc agaatatttt gtaactacta aatcacataa     80580
     atactatgta ctttcatcaa aacaaatagg tacaatgtat ttaaataaat ctcaactagg     80640
     gagtgcatgt ttgtgccaaa gcaatgacag ataagtcaca taagcggcat ttagctgtgc     80700
     atatagtcca ttgaggtagg tagatatgat attttcaaaa catacactga agagcaaatc     80760
     caacgatgca cagctccaca attccaaaac caaccaagtc aatgatgaca gtggcaagga     80820
     acaaacttca tcaataagct tcatgcttta tgtgtttttt tgaacttccg gtgaaaggtt     80880
     tatgtgactt ttttcaattt cataaggttt cttttacagc atccatgtta agatgtaatt     80940
     taaatatatt cagtttaata tactcaagca ttcatttggt tgttaaagga taaaaagaga     81000
     tggaagactg tttaaacaca ggcgccatca ttagcagcag actatcttag aatttctatt     81060
     gaaaacactg gggtaaaatt aatttcctta ttttaaagac atggcagggg aaaacatcat     81120
     ttaatgctgt gcttcttgtt tggtctgata cacaatttat atcgtatctc agtcaggcag     81180
     tgaaaatcac ggttttcttt aaagaaatca gatcttaaac gcagcaattt tgtatggcat     81240
     gacaattaac cggaagccct gatgctggct gactgaaatt aaaagtctgt atgcatttac     81300
     cccattggat taaaaaaaaa gacttgcaat tagccaaatc tgattaaaag tgattcagat     81360
     tgtaagggtt tctaattcga tcaataacac ttgtaaacac tcaactggat tgaaaaactt     81420
     caactgaaat gttttgagca tgtgcaattt tgtagaaatg ccatacaaac atatgacaca     81480
     caactgttga tggactttac accatcaaaa tgactgctgt gtcatttcag acttcttcca     81540
     atatctgtga aatgctttag gagtgttgta ctgactttca ttcttacctt tttttgcact     81600
     taatcaaaac ttgatgcttt ttaaaacaaa gtagatttca caagtaatat tattaccagt     81660
     gatgtaaagt aacaaattac gaattctcaa attactataa ttgagtagtt tttctcagga     81720
     attgttattt actaagtaca tttaaaaatg tgtactttta aattccattg agtacatttc     81780
     tagtgctgta tcggttcttt tactccactg ctttccttta aactgctgtc actaccttta     81840
     ttttttcttt tctggggatt agaaaaatct gtcctgtgat tccaggaaga tgttcaaaat     81900
     ctttacatgc attgacccag agacctttta gatgcatgtc actgatgaga agatgaagga     81960
     tgtttactgt atgatgaccg aaatagtctt aaacacccag caggcacaag aagacaacgt     82020
     gatgtcagat tggcattgta ccccaacgtt gtggggacat tgcattttgt ttggaaataa     82080
     atatctaaat caatgcccaa cgtccaacct aaaatcaatt aaatatcaac atctaatgat     82140
     gttacagctt gacattgtgt ggacgttacc acttcgtcta tcagatgttg gattttagtt     82200
     ggcatacctg acgtcaataa ggtgttggtt taagatgttg tctcgaagtt ggattttggt     82260
     cattttctaa cacaacctaa aatcaaccaa ttatcaacat caattgacgt tgttattgga     82320
     catcaaagtg aagtttattt gtaaactaat ttcgagagga tcgcgtgatt atgattgaac     82380
     acggctggtt ctgtattaac tatgtatgac ccaccaatca ggccattcct aacccactat     82440
     aaagagccag ggtttctcac tacagtcatc ttcgatttga agaatccccc tttccacccc     82500
     tactcctcca cctttagctt catagggcgg cacagtggcc cagtgattaa cactgttgcc     82560
     tcacagcaag aacgtcaccg gttctagtcc tttaagaggc cgtctgtcgt ttctgtgcga     82620
     ggtttgcatg ttcttcccgt gctcgcgtag gtttcccttg ggttctccag tttcctccaa     82680
     cattccgaaa acatgcacta caggagaatt aatcaatcta aagttagcac tacagacaaa     82740
     ctctcatcca gcagtatatc tcttcatagc aatcatttta gtcatcagct tttatcaaaa     82800
     agggggagtt gtcgagatct acctgagctc aaagctccgc tttcgccctg caaacgggag     82860
     ggagcccagg gctcaaggta ctattgagct cagggctatc tcccgggaca gcatgccaaa     82920
     cttgcttata atcaatcagc aaagtgtaaa ctcatggcat gacattctcc ttagatgctg     82980
     gctagacatt gaattttgat cacctgacgt cacatgatgt tgtgtgcctg ctgggcaatc     83040
     tctaaattca caacagaatg ttacgtttac acacatccac aaactacatg taaatgcatc     83100
     agtttttttt acagcataat actcactact ctttactctt gagtactttt gaaagttcta     83160
     ctttttactt atactcttta caacagatat ttttactgct tgcactacat ttttaggcaa     83220
     gtaatggtac ttttacttac tgtaagtatg ttttttcaga actctttcca ccactggtga     83280
     ttacttgatt aaaaaaggtg aaataaatga aaaacatgtt catccactgt ttgtgttcat     83340
     catgtgagaa gaggcacatg atataaatcc aactgaccta gtttttatta tcatcattac     83400
     aataataaat gcaaacaata gctgggtaaa agagtcaagc ccagagcgta aactggctgt     83460
     gctttgatgg ccttgtgcgg tctattctgg gcagccattt tgagagcaac actcctagga     83520
     aaacacccaa ggctgcgtga gcattgtttc ctcaggcctg attgttcaga ctcacaaatg     83580
     cacaaaaata caaactcatg aaacctaaaa tgttgaaaaa aaaaaaaagc acgtcttgta     83640
     cacaggggcc agcacgcatt gtcctgttct ctctcagacg cacacaaaac aactagagaa     83700
     atgagttcat tgtcccgcca gggtcgctga gaaacagata caggaagaca cgggtcagga     83760
     aagaaaacac gcacatggat atacagattt taactgacaa gagtgtttat taaaaaacta     83820
     attacatcat tagatgtgct actaaaaata atattaatca taattgcaaa aaaaaaaata     83880
     ctgatatttc ttttttaaag acaaaaaagg ccctcataaa ctgtacaatc aaagctgaga     83940
     aacatcagac tgttcgttgc gtggagagaa cacaaaagca agtcaaacgc aagacaatgt     84000
     aacagatgaa gaccaaagaa agaaagaaaa atattcacac acttgattgt ctgacattcc     84060
     agttgctatt tcctgtgtgg caggaattgg gcgtgtctgt atgcaggata tggcgtggac     84120
     gcaccgagag accactcaag ctcagcagtc tgagtaaaca tgattgtatt gcgaaggctt     84180
     tctcgctctg acatttagaa gaataaaact aaaacataca tcttatctgc tccaaaacag     84240
     tccgctccga cacaatatat tacatttatt tttaaagaag tgagtgtgat tgaagaaaca     84300
     gttaacagct ggaatgagcc agtggctcct ttacgcatac agttatgaaa gaagtgatga     84360
     cggagcacct caaatgaagc tcgagggtca tttaaacggt tttgttgttt ttggatcatg     84420
     tagttatgcc taaagtcatt gtgactaata gtgggaagaa ggtaacattt gatgaaaaat     84480
     taaaaggttg cattttggtt gttctgtcag ctgagatgat ctattatgag tattaaagga     84540
     aggttaacaa ttagtcatca tttacgcacc tttatgttgt tcaaaagctc tatgactcta     84600
     tgattgttct gttgaatgtg aagttgcaat ctactataca atgatagtgg atagtgacca     84660
     agggcttaca acatgctaaa cgcatatctt gctggcaaaa aaaaatattg tcatgacagt     84720
     tttatagaat acaggctcat tctgaaaacg taaccctaca tttttggaaa tcgttaatta     84780
     tgtagccaga gctatgtatg gctgtatttc atctttaaaa cgaacgctac agggcggtat     84840
     gacgccattt cttctcacgt ttgcaagctg accgattacc tcagtgtgga cggatttcca     84900
     ctgttttcat attgggcttg agatgcagag tggagttgac cacgacaact aggtttgaat     84960
     ctggtgaaga acagttccag aaaacagata agacaaaaac aggatccaaa aaataaaatt     85020
     aacaagtaaa taacagggtg agaatgtagt aaaatctgaa aatgtggtaa aaaattagac     85080
     gagggctttt ctttttctgg attacttttc aaaacactgc tgttgggttt agggaaatgg     85140
     gtgggcgggt cagtctgtgc ttttgaaaac actattggtt gggtttagga aaggggaagg     85200
     gtatcgggtg gttggtcagt caatcaacag cggcctctgg tggatttacc tgagaacagc     85260
     gaagcaaatg gcacttgcaa gaaaaaactg aaaaagtgta cacagcagct tctggtggat     85320
     tcacgaatac aaaaactgca aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaacgta gctcctggga cctatttggc     85380
     gctcaccaaa agtgtattta agtgtatata ttcagaatga gcctgggttg gttttatttt     85440
     taagtggtca aattttatac aatccgttca cgcccatgtg acaataatgt ttagggcctt     85500
     catgctttta aatgaaaatc atacattttc aaattaaatt gtacaaatgt aaacactttt     85560
     tctgatttat ttgatgtgac aagctaaagg atgtgcatgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     85620
     gtgtgtgtgt gtttcagcct aatagtgcca atatgtgaaa tttacatgtc aatgcaaaag     85680
     gagacaatag aaaataatgt gctctgatct gtctctttcg ttttgttttg aacaaaaaat     85740
     tatggcagat tttcgtatgt tacattttgg caaatgtgtt gttaatgttt atacagtttg     85800
     ataatgttgc tgagggggct tatggggagg tcccagtaac agttttgttg aagaatttac     85860
     tttctttatt ctaaaaatca tacataatag tcagaacttg tcataacgtt aaattatatt     85920
     ttaataatcc attactttta tatgcaaagc caatctaatt tgaagtcatt aacaaaacat     85980
     tttattgtca tgatcaccat ccagtttcac tgaataaatt caagcaattt acacattttt     86040
     tgtttaaata aataattcat ttgtgttgca cagaagaaaa tcagaaagag tctagtcaaa     86100
     cagttccaga gctgcacgtt taattgatta aaagttgcaa tcttaattaa aatactaatg     86160
     caatgtcatt attaaatgac agcaatgtag ctatatatca ataaaactga tttataaaac     86220
     aataatgttt aaaaatgtca aaccaataac tttatctatt agtcactgaa acatttgttt     86280
     aaatgattca ttcaaaaacg atgatttatc cagtgataaa agaagtgaag tatttatgta     86340
     ctgcatatta gataacaaga agagacccat gatttcagac agcaaagtta aaatcttgtc     86400
     tgtctggtgc acttacacag cacattccac aatgtttgag tattagttca gagggctctt     86460
     ttgtggcaca ttcaaccaca tgagcattta caccagagca atttagtcaa tatgtgtttt     86520
     gaaagtggat aagccttttt tggaaatagg ctcattttat aagtcgccta gagttaacag     86580
     attgagtttg ccattttttt taatccattc agcctattgc tggttctggt taagcggtgg     86640
     taagttagga tgattctaag gccccacaaa ctttgtgggc cccagagatc tgctttatta     86700
     gtacaaacat tactagcagg ctgctcaaac tcaacttttt tcatatcgtc caaaattgct     86760
     agcagctcca tgtgggcagg aacacttttt tgactccatt gaatcaggtt agaccattag     86820
     catattactc aaaaaatttc aataattact atttcatttt tagattcttt aaatccttta     86880
     gtcctgcatt tagcatcgtc catttgtaat caaactaata aaaacgcatc ctaaaaccaa     86940
     gtgcaaacag gacctgagtg cgtcattgaa ttatttactc agccaatttg tttaacatat     87000
     gtcattcaaa ttaaagaata gttcatttca tgatgctgct ttgttagcta gccatttagg     87060
     tttgttgagg aattgttatc attgtagtta aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa tcaaagcaaa     87120
     gttatgcagc tctgcattgt ttttaaacac aagggtaagt aaatgatgtc tgaattgtca     87180
     tagttggctg aactgataca ttacagttgt aaacaccaaa cagaggaaga cggtttgaag     87240
     ctctgtagat gttaaactgg aggtgcacta taacggacct ctgcactgaa cttgtcgttt     87300
     ctcttaggca gaggtggttt cttacgaatg tctctcttca ggatcatctc ctcgttggcg     87360
     tatatcgggg cttctgcatc gtcagaatgg tagccagact gatagccgct ggtctgattg     87420
     gacgattcag aagctaaaga ctctttactc ttgcagcgca gtaatgggct gtggacaaaa     87480
     gcatgaacat gtttttaatg ttagtgaaac tgcgttagtt tgtagctgta ctgtagtcag     87540
     gatgaatgtg tcacctgaaa ttgagtggcc tttgtgcctg acgatccaaa gctttcatct     87600
     gttcacgtga taaacccact ccacagtcca cgtggccatc ctgtagagag aaatgtcatt     87660
     tgttttaatc attataagta tttcggggtt ccaaatcaaa tagctgattt ccagggatgt     87720
     ccagatctga tcatgtgatt ggaaagcgga caagatcatg cggtttcaga ctcgatcgga     87780
     atcggtatga catcactttg ttacagagac gctgttggtt caatgccggc aaagaacaca     87840
     acacggaagc aacttgaagt ggaaagcgtg agtatgtctg tggtctggat gtattataaa     87900
     gttgataacg ataacattgc catagcaaac tgtgagatat gtaaacttgg gattgcctgc     87960
     caggtatttt aagttgaggt gctatttgtt tttatattag aattttttat atttactgtt     88020
     gcactaaagt ccaaaagtga agaatttatg ttatttatta cttgattgtt caagctatct     88080
     cacagaagtg ctctgtttgt taaaggagtt gttgaacgtt aaaataaggt gaattaaata     88140
     aataatatgg aacatactgg atctatttca tcactcttta ttagtctttt tttatgtatt     88200
     atagaagtat cagatcgggt ttcggtatcg gtagatactc taaataatga tactccaaaa     88260
     actattcgaa ctcggattcg aggtcaaaaa aacctgattg ggacatccca aagtaaaacc     88320
     taatatatta aaccaaaaat gatacatact tcagatataa tttttgattt tctaaaatat     88380
     aattttttaa attacaaagt cctggtttgc gtgaatctga cggacagcag ggagacaggc     88440
     taatgaatgt tgcaacatgg cagatgcaac atggcaaaac tatttaaagg cattcagagc     88500
     tattaggaag cacagaatca tacactgcac tctcaacaaa atggacaggt ttataatcaa     88560
     tgcaatgcaa ttcaattcaa ttcaccttta tttgtaaagc acttttacaa tttagattgt     88620
     gtcaaagcag cttcacttag aagactgaga agaattttca gagtttaagt tcagttcagt     88680
     tcagcgtggt ttattattta ctgctgagag tccaaacact gaagagcaaa tccatcgatg     88740
     tggagactac aggataatga gtctcagagt gtgtctgagc ctggaacatt atcaggaagg     88800
     ctattccaga gtttaggaaa cataaataag aaggctcaac ctcctttacc tgactttgct     88860
     attataggta ctaccaaaag acttttgaga tcttaaatat aataaatatt aaacatcatt     88920
     atcatgatta aaagtatatg atactttaca gatgtggttg gtttgtctga gatcttcatg     88980
     tttaaactat ctgtttgcat attttattct attttattac attataaaca tcacttaaat     89040
     tggtatttaa acttacattg gtagtgttta acaattaata gagtgcataa tcattttcat     89100
     aacacttttt actaatgtgc tagctgcaaa gtcactgaaa tagtaaattt tttataacat     89160
     acagttaaca agttgctgtt gcagatggtt aggacaaaaa aaaactcttt taaaatggaa     89220
     aagatacatt ttataatgtg ttgcagagtg tagttaggac acatgtaagg gtggacaaca     89280
     aagtattgat agatcatact aacggttggc tgaattattt ttggttgact gtaatctgtc     89340
     acatacagtt gaagtcagaa ttattagcct acctgaatta ttagccaccc tgtttatctt     89400
     tttcctcaat ttctgtttaa caaagagatt tcttcaacac atttctaaac ataatagttt     89460
     taacaactaa tttctaataa ctgatttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt     89520
     ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt ttattttatt     89580
     ttatttgcca ggatgacagt aaataatatt tgactagata tttttcaaga cacttctata     89640
     cagcctaaag tgacatttaa aggcttaact gggttaatta ggttaactag gcaggttagg     89700
     gtaattaggc aagttattgt ataatgatgg tttgttctgt agactgtaat agcttaaaag     89760
     ggctaataat ttgaacctta aaatggtgtt taaaaaattg aaaactgctt tttttctagc     89820
     tgaaataaaa caaataagac tttctccaaa agaaaaatat tatcagacat actttgaaca     89880
     ttttcttgct ctgttaaaaa tcatttgaga aatatataaa aaaaaaaaaa ttaaaaaaaa     89940
     tcaaaggtgg gctaataatt cagatttcaa ctgtactgta cctttctatc aaacagtttt     90000
     atatattcta ttgagatata cacctgtgtc tcacccttta agcagaaata taactaatat     90060
     tacctaatta ataacatcat aacatctaaa tgaactagct ttattatata attgaatatt     90120
     cgtaaagtgg ataaggactt tggaagtgta ttcaccatta cagtggtatg ctccagggga     90180
     atgtccacaa aacctgtcat attcactggc acaccgctgc tgtttatctg ctgaggaaac     90240
     ctgtcaggag atgcagaggt ggaccactgt taatattctc gtttttcaaa tgttataaaa     90300
     tctgcaatat ttcaggttga tgattctatc aaaagctgtc taatcagtag agagagtagt     90360
     cattacaact aacccgagag gcggagcgtt atcatagtgg agctgtgcct ctgtgttgcc     90420
     ggcgtagaaa gatcttttag acgtcacatt taggtgagga gccaccagtt cctcctccat     90480
     ctctccgttt gtcagcggga tgtagtcttt tccatcctat cagtggagac acagaataca     90540
     tgtaaaatac aaagatgtac atttcatcat atgaatgata aaatcattca tttttggctg     90600
     caaaaatgta acactgttac aaaacatatc taaccatcct cacaacaaca tacattttct     90660
     gtgtaaaaaa taaataaata gatgactaca accttactaa agtgtaacat tagaactaac     90720
     taaaagtaaa taggaatatt aaaaatgtat ataattgtaa tatatggatg aaaaactaat     90780
     aaaaaataga aataaaatga caaaagtact taaacttact acttgaactg aagtaaacaa     90840
     aatgagagga accatctact ttaaaatatg gaagaaaaac aaaaatcact gataacatta     90900
     gtaaaaaaaa attataaaat aataataata atatctttca ataagggcta aaactaacat     90960
     gaactaaagt ttgatgaaga actgtttatt tcaaattctt gctaactaat attgtcaaat     91020
     attgtttaac aagtggatag actacaaaat acagggtggg ccatttatat ggatacaccc     91080
     taataaactt attgggaatt tcacaagaaa aaacaatggt gtgcttaatt ttaacgtaac     91140
     tttattcttt catgagttat ttacaagccc cctcacatat actaatgtgc cacaaacagg     91200
     accttaatgt caccaatcat tcccatttta ttaaggtgta tccatattgt aaaagcgcta     91260
     tacaaataaa gctgaattga attgaattga attgaatata aatggcccac ccttttttag     91320
     attacataac tagattaaac agattacaaa tattaatcat atcttaaaaa tatatcaatt     91380
     atatttaaac aacagtcatt taggctcacc aaaacatgaa aaaattacta aattaaataa     91440
     aaaaatatat atgttttttt aaaccctggt caattttatc tatatcaaga atcaatttct     91500
     acttctaaaa aatgaaataa aataaaataa aataaattaa ttaaattaat taaattaatt     91560
     aaattaaatt aaattaaaaa ttgcaagaaa aatatacttg gaatgaagtc taacctgttg     91620
     agcactagct tgtagcagat tacccagatg ctcaactaac tgagtaaaag ttggcctgtc     91680
     taaaggtcga tcaagccagc agtccagcat ggtctggtat ctgacaaaaa aaaaagaaat     91740
     cacatcaaag tcactgtagg agacctacta aacaaattta gaaaccctaa aaatgtagaa     91800
     taatggggac attttaaaaa tgtgaaataa atttatgtac atttcaggcg tggcgtaatc     91860
     tggagctctc attctggttc cctctttaag tcgcctgcag aaagactcat caatgcacac     91920
     acctggatat ggagatgcac ctgcaccaaa gaaaaaatgg tcaacgggac atgtcaagca     91980
     aatactgtag gtttaaacta tttccagtag tattgtttat ataaagctta tttactgaca     92040
     ttaatggttc agtaaagatc cttctatgga tctttgttag agcacagaat ctgccctttt     92100
     caaaccacaa tgcttttgcg tgaattatta aggagcttct attaaattat aatcaatcag     92160
     taatgtgcta aaaaaaacaa tatactatga ggtgtcatta ttctccttac agttcaacta     92220
     ttggatatta aaaggcgact tattagaatg aacaaattac tttcagcaga cctagaataa     92280
     cgaaaaaaat aacttgaaaa gagtctttcc actaatatta tggatgagtt tattagtact     92340
     gttttccaaa tattgaaata caaagagaaa ataatctgtg agaaaaaaaa caaaaagctt     92400
     tggccacctt tatttaaact ttatttttat gacatataaa cttaaagcac aaaatcaaat     92460
     gtgccactcc ctcagctttc cctatgtata tgaactatag cttaacaata ttattttaaa     92520
     tgatttcttt ttaatgaaag ttccccaaac cggaagctga aatgcagtag ttatatgtgg     92580
     gaaaaagtca ataagaactc tgtaagctct gttataatat tatgctatgt ttaaaccaat     92640
     attatgatac caagtgagaa gatctcccag agcagcacgc cgaaagacca gacgtcactc     92700
     tgtgttgtgt acacgcggtc aaagatggtc tcaggagcca tccatttgag aggaagacga     92760
     gcctgtggcg atggagagaa aatattcatg tgtgggttgg tgtattttgc tcaataaccg     92820
     aaattaagtt tatgtgtata gtaagagtcc ttacatctcc tttacggacg taatcagggt     92880
     ctttatacac gtctctggca agcccaaagt cacagatttt caccacactg ttttcagaga     92940
     gtaggatatt tctggctgcc aagtcacgat ggatacacta aaatggatac aaagtggcat     93000
     ttagactgat gtaattgtat ttaaaggggc agttcaaact aaaatttata ttttggcatc     93060
     atttattcat tctccacttg tttcaaacca gttagacttt ttttttaaga tgatgtaaaa     93120
     aactcaagta ggcatgccaa gaaaagtcat aagttacaac atgctatgaa tgtcaatggt     93180
     tactggtttt caacattctt caagacatat tatttaaagt ttaacagaaa aaaatggctt     93240
     gaaacaagac aatagtaagt aaatgatgcc agaatattca tttttggaat gagctatcgc     93300
     tttaattaca gtgaatgcta aagttttttt gtagttgcaa tgtaaacaca gaaaaagacc     93360
     atgactgtca tttttacctt tcgagaggca agaaactcca tgcctttggc cacctggaag     93420
     ctatagctga tcaggtcctc cattgtcaga tgatcccagt ctgaactctc tatacatgag     93480
     cagatgacac aaaatacaga ttcaagacta gcatttactg taaaaacact tgatttaaaa     93540
     agcatcatga atatcttggg ccctataaaa gctttcaatg ccgttttgta tttgttttat     93600
     catttttatg acagtgaaga ctgaagtaat gatgcacaat tcagctttga atcatagaaa     93660
     tattttacat ctaaaatata ttaaaagatt aaagaattta gtatgaaagg atagttttat     93720
     tcaaaacaac agaacacaaa agatagtatc atgaaaaggc tgaaaactgg tgatcattga     93780
     ctttcattgt atttttttta ctaatgtgta tgtgaatagt tactggtttc aaacattctt     93840
     tagaatattt tcattgtgtt caatgaaaaa agaaacttga agctgactaa atagtttttt     93900
     ttttttattt tggggtgaac tatcccttca aattaaaaga gatattccac aataatactt     93960
     atttttctat aatatttaaa caaataaatg cacaaaaaac tttttaaaaa cattgttatg     94020
     ttccgaccag tctagagtcg gtgggaataa taacaaaagt ataaataaat aaataattaa     94080
     ataaataaat aaataaaact tttaaatact caatttaggg ttttcccctt ctcctgtccc     94140
     agctcacaac atgatcacaa ccagtttatt gagaaataac aaggttcatt ctttaaaaca     94200
     ataaagatct cagaatcatt tcttcgaaac ggaatccagg ccaaaataac aaacaaaaag     94260
     acagctaact tgcagggaaa taatcctaat ttacctgcta aaataaaaag taccccaaat     94320
     aaaatgacaa caaactttcc tttctccctc gctgccacaa accaggagaa aatgttctaa     94380
     aggaaatggc gattcccaac ctacagcttt aatttaacta aaaataaaat atagttttaa     94440
     taagtgaaat aaatttttac aaatttttaa atttttaaaa atttaataag tgaaaacaaa     94500
     gcacacaggc tcagatctaa tatggcgagc agtttagaaa aggaataaat tgtcagctaa     94560
     cgaaatcagt caatcacacc actacttcaa caaacaatct agggcaggag ataggagaca     94620
     aaaacttctg accgatcgca taactttaaa attatgcttc atatggttac atctgaatga     94680
     acttaatcat atcactttcc aaatctttga taaataccgc cattaaagtc ccattaaaca     94740
     acacagataa tccagcagac gaatatactg accctgctca tcctgcagag ttgtggaggt     94800
     ctgttccccc gttctggtgc acacagctgt cccggtgcag atatccagtc tagtgctggt     94860
     tcccagaccc agatccccct cacgtggatc ctcatcctgc tgaacctccc tcctgtttgg     94920
     cattcgtggc gtccgtttct gaaaaataag acatgaggat ctgtttacac tgctgtcggt     94980
     gtggctgtta agttaataga gatgctttag acaagaagta ctgtatcaac atgtcaatta     95040
     aacaccttta accttgaaca acatctatag gccttacagt tttttggctg atgcccaatg     95100
     atttatacta gactattgga tcaatcagac caccttagag aacattggta aaatgaagat     95160
     cttcaaaatc acacaacagt ctaacttaat tagttgtaat gttgttttaa aagaaattac     95220
     cttgtaggga ctgtactctc ctcttttgct tttcaaatag ctggagaggt tcccatgttt     95280
     acagtactct acaatcacca tcaagggtcc tggaggagtg agaaatagac agaggattta     95340
     aagttggcac cctgtgtttt tttcccaaca gtacacaatc actttgtggt cttttttttt     95400
     ttagtatgac gctatgtaca ttttttacta tgtacataaa aacatttaca cagttgctag     95460
     tgagcagctg tgaacatcat agaaagggaa gggtaggata aaaggtttta agtctgcaaa     95520
     aaagtggaag ttgtgatagt atgtttttct attagcataa atgatttctt caggtgagac     95580
     actgtaggtt aaaacttaaa ctttctgtga attttgacat tttgagtctt ccttgatact     95640
     cataagatgt tttgtttcat cattcattca tgtattcatt ttcctttggc ttagaccctt     95700
     tattcatcag gggttggcat acttatccgc caacttatca agcatattgt ttacacagcg     95760
     gatggtcttc cagctgcaac ccagtactgg gaaacaccca tacactctca ttcacacaca     95820
     ttcactacag ccaatttagt ttatttaatt catctgtact gcatggactg tagggtaaac     95880
     ctgatcacca agaggaaact tgcgcaatta tggaaagaac atgccaactc cccacacaga     95940
     aatgccaact gaccgagccc agttgttttt aaagaagttt taaagaggac tttgcttgta     96000
     atttgcctaa tattataacc tttcattata caaaaatgct ttttttttct ttcatttttt     96060
     tgctttttac acagtataaa ctgagtgatt caagcatatg ccaaattcca ttgagccaca     96120
     ttctagtatg acaaacagaa tagatttact taacctgttc aggtttaggg ctagaattat     96180
     gtgcaaatgt gtacatactt aatctgagaa accttgtaat aaaaatactt gcaatagttt     96240
     aatgtaatta attatctata aaagtatgat gataactatt agttcatttt caccctgttc     96300
     acctgctgtg ttttgcttta agcataaaaa aatctaatgc aggcttgatt tggtccatca     96360
     aggtttgcta ttggccaatc ttatgtgata agacagcact gaactagtaa acatcactgt     96420
     tgcatagtta gttaatcatt atgttgagtt taactagagt aatgtgctca tcgatataaa     96480
     taataattaa agagggcagg tcactttgag agctcggaaa aggtatgatg acgttgatgt     96540
     tagacaggat cacgagtttt ggtgagtgtg agtgtaggaa acagaaaagt gaaggacacc     96600
     aataaaagta taaaagttct atgacatttc gtgtcatctt tacgaacgca acaatcacta     96660
     taagagaaat gtcattgcaa gaaggagggg aaacttttat aatgaaagat tatgagggaa     96720
     catgaactaa aaaaagacat gcacatatgc aacaagtgtt ttataaaaca tttaagacaa     96780
     tattccattt aattttgatt tgattgtgac ttcaaaaaac agaactcacc tccttgtttg     96840
     gtgcaggccc ctagaaggtt gaccacattg agatggtgac ctatatggat gaggatcttc     96900
     agctcagaca tcaaagcgcg gtactcactg gaggtagcac cctctgttgg agattgagaa     96960
     aagtgctgtc agttgtgcac tatgacaggt tttgaagtct gtgaacagat gtctcgtacc     97020
     cttgagcatc ttcactgcta ctgtggtgca ggtggtggcc ttctcgatgc catatgcagt     97080
     cgcctccacg acttgaccaa atgcccctct gcccagtggc tctcctggaa atcatgacat     97140
     tataattttt tagaaatttg ctttcaccat ccaaaataaa taaagttatc caacatgtgc     97200
     acccgatagc tctgcccctt ccgctacgtg agtaaacctg cggtcgttga gtgcgtgaag     97260
     tgtccatcat cacacacttc attttactgg ctgaatgagt gcatcgagtt ttcagtgtaa     97320
     atgcactact tacactgttc atactacaaa atggcgtaga atagtgcata ctgtaagtat     97380
     gcgatttggg acgtagccag acttaaatct agctaacatt aaagattgta atgagtaagt     97440
     taactctcta aaacaagaca gggtgttact tttaaataaa aaataaaaaa agatcttgtc     97500
     tttcttatat tgaatgaact agaaagctgg aacagtcctg gtctgttgac atcttgtggt     97560
     atttttatga ttgcttttta tttcattttt aatatttagc caagtctcac ccagcttcag     97620
     tctatctcgt gggaattccc acttgcttgc atcataggtc agtctctcgc agtgctcgtc     97680
     cattggcata tcatctgagt ccagaataat tgacaggtag ccagttttca gatctccatc     97740
     attaggctgt gagggaaaga agaagaaggc atagaaagag tgagtttatg acaaatgagg     97800
     gtcaatgagg gtcaaaagga gagaaagaga atgactaact gcacaagacc accggttttg     97860
     tccagcttga gcctctcaca atcaagccct cattataaag acacccacta atgagttact     97920
     ggaagccact atcaggctca gaggcagatt tatagccagg gtacagcagg acggaggccc     97980
     acgactgacg ggtgtacgtg acacaccaca gcagaatgtg ggacgggtgt acaatagaga     98040
     cagcgtaagc aaagtctggg tggtcagatc agatgattcc gagtgtatgt gcctgtgcag     98100
     gtcagttaga gagagagaga gagaaggaaa acagaggaaa agggaaagag gtggaatgtt     98160
     acccgcttcc tgttgcggat gacgaagacg atgaggagcc agaggaacat ggcaatgacc     98220
     acggcaccaa taggcatgat cagctcaaca ttcatctttt cttctgcacc tgtgggatgg     98280
     attatgtaat tgatcagaaa tgcaaaaatt tgagatattt ttatgcttaa acacaaataa     98340
     attaaaaaaa ataagcagaa agacaacaaa caaccagacc attaaacaga gtgatagaca     98400
     gacagaaaga cagacagatg ataaaaagac atatagaaaa aaacagacat gttgacacac     98460
     aaataagcag acagacagaa agacaggcaa ataaacaggc agagacagac agacaaacag     98520
     acagacagag gttaaatgat agataggcag acagactgac ataacaatat atagacagac     98580
     caataaacag aaagttggac agactgatag acagacagaa agccagatca ataaacagac     98640
     agttggagag accgatatac agacagacca aaagactgaa agatagacca ataaatagaa     98700
     agacagaaca atttacagaa agacaaacta ataaacagac agttggacag actaatatac     98760
     agacaaacca attaacagac agacagatga taaacaaaca gaaagtcagg gcaataaaca     98820
     gacagacaga tgacaaacag acatatagaa gaaaaacaga catgctgaca cacaaataag     98880
     cagacagaca gacagacaga caggcaggca gacagacaga cagacaggca ggcagacaga     98940
     cagacagtca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaaa cagacagaca gaagatagat     99000
     gacagatggg aagacagaca gacataccga tttacaataa acagatagac agatgataga     99060
     tagacagatg aaaaacaaac agaaatacag accaatagac agaaagatag acagatgaaa     99120
     aacagagata cagacaaatg gacagatcag tattcagaca gaccaaagga cagaaaaaga     99180
     gaccaataaa cagacagaaa gataaagaga ctgaaagaca gaccaataaa caggcagaca     99240
     gttggacaga ccgatataca gacagaccaa tagacagaca gacagactaa taaacagaga     99300
     cagagagaga gacagatcaa taaacaggtg gacagatgat aaacagacat agaagaaaaa     99360
     acagacatgc tgacacaaat aagcagacag atggacggat ggagggacaa agggagagag     99420
     ggagggacgg agggatggac ggagggaggg atggacagaa gaaaaaacag atatgctgac     99480
     acaaataaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca     99540
     gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gatagataga tagatagata     99600
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     99660
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagacataga taaatcagaa agaaaaaata     99720
     cagttagaca gaaagaagac aaacagacag acagacagac agacagacag acagatagac     99780
     agacagactt ttatttttaa aagtcctgca ctgcttgaaa gaagctattt tatgggatac     99840
     atttgcttgc agctgagtgt gtactgcatg aaggctacaa gagcctggga tgtgaattgt     99900
     ttgctgccct gacattatat ctaatcaaaa taagcctaca aagagtatac tctacagcaa     99960
     catgaagcca aggacaaagt caaccagggt taaccaacat gacatttttc cttttctttt    100020
     gcatattttc ttttctgtat cagaacatgc caccagtcag caaaacacta catgccagat    100080
     gttccaatta atttctctgt tcctcactat tatttttttc agcagtcgaa ctgatgtaga    100140
     aacagtgaaa tcgagggaag agtcacgtac acactcagtc tctgttattt gtgtgcctat    100200
     gctcgtccag gcctttctaa atgtgagaaa gagacggaaa catatcaagt tgtaagtcat    100260
     gaaggaaaat atgtgacaga gagagagagg agagagagag agagagagcg agagaggttg    100320
     gaacgccgct ctcatctttg tattctggga tttttctttg ttttcttttt agcactcccg    100380
     aaaggatgtg caataacaga gccctcttcc tgactgactg aaaagagagc tatttttgcc    100440
     acaaggcctt gattaaaaca aaatctcgct gaggataaaa gccagtggaa gtctgagctc    100500
     gcctcacacc cattgataga gagcgtctcc tcttaaaata ggatccttta gtgaaactac    100560
     tacgtgatct tttacattta ctgataaaac tactacaaat caacatgctc ttattcaaga    100620
     aacatttata tcacactgta aattattatg attttacagt taaaaataaa tattatatac    100680
     agttgaagtc agaattattg gccctcctga attattagcc cccctgttta tttttcccca    100740
     atttcagtta aacagagaga agtttttttt caacacattt ctaaacaaaa tagtttaaat    100800
     aactcatttc taataactga tttatatacc tttgccatga tgacagtaaa taatgtttga    100860
     atatatattt ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaagcag gggtctcaaa ctcgcggccc    100920
     gcgggccatt tgcggccctc agtgcaatat tttgtggccc gcgccgaccg ctgtacactg    100980
     acagaatcag cggagcgggg agagagagcg ctccccgctc cgctgattct atccgtacac    101040
     agcggtcact ggcattcccc gcctgccatg ttaacaaagg ggcggggatg acggtgacgt    101100
     taccacgcac cccgcccctt tgttagacgc tgtgacgggc gggaagtgtt aggagggaac    101160
     tcgcgccggc cagaaccaag gtaagctgtt cccgcccctg cctgccactt agctacctat    101220
     ctgcagcctg ccacctacct agctacagcc tgcatcttat atatattata gggagataca    101280
     gactggtacg gactgatgtg actggagtgg ggtgggggtg ttttattttt acatatatac    101340
     gccttttttt taggtgaggg aatggaagtt ttgagtgagt tcccccactt ttttctgtgt    101400
     gagaagttat tctccacctt gaacttcaat aagtcaaagt acaggtctag acttaatgat    101460
     gatcatcttc aagccatact gagggtctca actgcttccg ctctaaagcc aaatgtggtt    101520
     cagatttgtg agatgaagcg ctgtgaagtc tctggcagca aggagtaggc aaaagatgcc    101580
     atgttcagaa gaactgttca taatcttcac tcattgttct attaatgttc aggacacttc    101640
     atgttcagaa gaaaatatta aaactgttaa taatgacatt taaggacttt tttttgtgaa    101700
     atcccttatg cggcccagcc tcacccagac tttgcctcct gcggccccca ggtaaattga    101760
     gtttgagacc cctggcttaa agtgacattc aaaggcttaa ctaggttaat taggttaatg    101820
     acttttgtct ttaaaatgat gttaaaacaa aaaaaggctt tctccagaag aaaaatatta    101880
     tcagacatac tgtgaaaatt tgaaaatgtc cttgctctgt taaacattat ttaaaaaaaa    101940
     aaaaaaacat caaagggggg ctaataattc tgacttcaac tatatatata tatttatata    102000
     aatgttacaa taaaaaagaa agtaaaataa cttattatta ttgtttttta tttgaattag    102060
     tttttaaata aaataattgt ttaacaattc ttttattcag catgtgtaca tttaattaat    102120
     tagaagtgaa gacaatgaaa atgtcataaa agatttctaa tccctaatct tttaaacttt    102180
     tattaatcaa ttattaataa aattaattat aggtggatta ccggttcata aacattcaaa    102240
     atgctcgtgc attaaggttg tagaaaaaaa aactgagagc gctagcattt acagcgaggg    102300
     aatgacatcc gatgatgtac agagtttgtt gttgtatcaa agataagttg tattgattac    102360
     atattatata cagtatatta tttacataat gctttcagca tattataaca gattctcacc    102420
     cagtgattct gcaaaattaa agttaaagtg agcggcgttc atctgacagg tccatttgta    102480
     atatcaccat cccaatgtat attggataag aagaaatggc caagcatcca gccccaaata    102540
     tacaatctca ttaaaactcc aagtgatttt acaagagaga agttaaaggc ctacaagtca    102600
     ttggatgcct acaattttgg gtaatgcttt cttttacaac ccgcaaagtg tcgcgtaagt    102660
     acagtgaaat aacgatgtac ttttctttat gtatagtata agtataaaga acgagaacgt    102720
     atgtgtaggt ataagggagc aaactgtaat gcttgggtaa taagggggta acaactagat    102780
     atgcaacatg caaagtacct gtaatttact tacaatttcc aagtaacaca gaatctgata    102840
     tataacactg aactgcaaat actttaattc agagtctgta atgcctgcac ttatacttaa    102900
     aattttcttg cttcacttta gtaattatca ttataaatta ttacaatctc ccatatgatc    102960
     tgatgatagt agttttggtt gatagtaata gtatccatat ggtatctcta aatgtgaaat    103020
     tgttggacaa ccaacacaca cgcttattaa acagcaaaag gaacatgtat agcttgctaa    103080
     aagcctttat gtctgttcgt attttttata taaaatgcag agcagcaaga cccatgggat    103140
     tccatcagct actcatcagt actcatcaga gtcctcagtg gaagttaaga agaagaagag    103200
     cagaaaaaaa gaaaccaagc aagagatgcc aaaaaaaagg tggaaaggga ataatgtgtt    103260
     tttgtttttt gttgttgttt gataacaggc aatgatactc aagacaatgt ttgattaaga    103320
     tgaagtgttt caaaatgcct ttttattaaa ataaaggtta caaaataaag aaatatattg    103380
     tgtttttgta tatttatttc actaccttca agaccttacc atgtaaacta tgtatttacc    103440
     atttaaccac aaggaggggg aggggggggg gggggatgct gagacactgc tggtggtggt    103500
     gagaccaaca actacacttt cataaggtaa gtagtgtatg gaaatatatt tttatattga    103560
     attgcagaat taaaatacat acagtataca atatggtttc atattttcat ttccatatac    103620
     tttcacaata ctttgcgtgt tgcatttctg tttgttaacc ccttactacc caagcattac    103680
     agtttgttcc cttttgccta cacatatgtt ctttatactt atactatatg tacagcaaaa    103740
     tacaatgcta tttcactgta cttacgtggt actttgtggg ttgtaaaaga aagcgttacc    103800
     gaaatgagag taatttcaga aatatcatga tagaaatgtg tgaaaactgg tacaacggtt    103860
     gaggaacatt ctgatgttgt gatcacagga ataaatgtaa tgaaacataa accagctatt    103920
     tcaaattgtg ataatctttt taaagatata tcaagcagta ctgcttaaac acacactcac    103980
     cgtccacaga gatacgagcc tcactggatt cacagccctg ctggttgcat gctgtacaaa    104040
     tgtacagacc actgtcctct tttttcaccc tctggatggt caagacacga tttgagcgtt    104100
     tcagaattac acctgacaac agaaaagcat caacatgagc attactgttt attgtagaaa    104160
     aacaattaaa ctcactatat caaaagatac acttgtttaa actgacttaa gtcattttag    104220
     aagtatacaa acaaaaagaa ttattccaaa aaaaaaaaac agattcacct ccagcagtgc    104280
     agcaaagtaa aagaaactat tcatcataca cttttgtaca taattcactt tctaagacag    104340
     aggaagagta acctgtgttg caaaataatt ttaacagata aaaaacagta ttatatatat    104400
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatataaat cagaataatt    104460
     attgtattat ttaattagca atgaaggagt aaactcataa aaatagttaa aaatactttt    104520
     tggtactgaa acaacctata caaatttaaa caaatacaga aatacatgtt ctttacacac    104580
     aattaaacaa aaacacacaa ttaaacctct aaaagtactg tatccattca ttttatgaag    104640
     caaaaaaaaa taatctgtat atgcgtctat cattaaatat gtatctaaga cagttagtct    104700
     gcagatgaac tgtttagcaa ataatgttca ctcatcagca atgttggtag tacgttgtat    104760
     attattattt ttaatgatc                                                 104779