EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX248081; SV 12; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 174325 BP.
AC   BX248081;
DT   31-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   13-JAN-2009 (Rel. 99, Last updated, Version 17)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-106H11 in linkage group 3 Contains
DE   the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate leucine rich repeat
DE   containing 8 family, the ddx39b gene for DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box
DE   polypeptide 39b, the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   cysteine-rich, angiogenic inducer, 61 (CYR61) a novel gene and four CpG
DE   islands.
KW   ddx39b; HTG.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-174325
RA   Martin S.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; f00fe3cea065fc8cb34bb069fbeb2d92.
DR   ENA-CON; CT991631.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000015111; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000019957; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-106H11. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-106H11 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-106H11 is at 174325 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-106H11 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..174325
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="3"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-106H11"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    1..174325
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   misc_feature    1
FT                   /note="Clone_left_end: CH211-106H11"
FT   CDS             join(5393..5938,7504..7806,11789..12039,17406..17783,
FT                   17959..18305,22575..23323)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.1-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019520"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate leucine rich
FT                   repeat containing 8 family"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q5U308.1 Sw:Q7L1W4.1 Sw:Q8BGR2.1
FT                   Tr:Q3TI70.1 Tr:Q3TNH2.1 Tr:Q3UVA9.1 Tr:Q5R7N1.1 Tr:Q63ZS8.1
FT                   Tr:Q658W7.1 Tr:Q659A9.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001611"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003591"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR021040"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S5F3"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13698.1"
FT   mRNA            join(5393..5938,7504..7806,11789..12039,17406..17783,
FT                   17959..18305,22575..23337)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate leucine rich
FT                   repeat containing 8 family"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DT306970.1"
FT   misc_feature    8064..8107
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Assembly confirmed by
FT                   restriction digest data"
FT   misc_feature    25507..25513
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   mRNA            join(27215..27344,34209..34417,38332..38459,41772..42048,
FT                   43797..43915,45992..46123,46845..46954,52724..52868,
FT                   53404..53551,58061..58280)
FT                   /gene="ddx39b"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.2-001"
FT                   /product="DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 39b"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC044169.1 Em:BC067555.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN170516.1 Em:CO814244.1
FT                   Em:CT626744.1 Em:CT642280.1 Em:CT647498.1 Em:CT651728.1
FT                   Em:CT670151.1 Em:CT680458.1 Em:CT699919.1 Em:CT724327.1
FT                   Em:CT728650.1 Em:CV111447.1 Em:CV482893.1 Em:CV487033.1
FT                   Em:DN765475.1 Em:DV593735.1 Em:DY567344.1"
FT   CDS             join(34210..34417,38332..38459,41772..42048,43797..43915,
FT                   45992..46123,46845..46954,52724..52868,53404..53551,
FT                   58061..58077)
FT                   /gene="ddx39b"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019521"
FT                   /product="DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 39b"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q803W0.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q803W0"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001650"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011545"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014001"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR014014"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR027417"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q803W0"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13699.1"
FT   mRNA            join(46045..46123,46845..47086)
FT                   /gene="ddx39b"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.2-002"
FT                   /product="DEAD (Asp-Glu-Ala-Asp) box polypeptide 39b"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT653486.1"
FT   misc_feature    47027
FT                   /note="Tandem repeat. Forced join. Gap size estimated to be
FT                   approximately 30bp by restriction digest data"
FT   polyA_signal    58260..58265
FT   polyA_site      58280
FT   mRNA            complement(join(67612..70731,72912..73060,76141..76530,
FT                   87029..87242,101992..102084))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   cysteine-rich, angiogenic inducer, 61 (CYR61)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC091896.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK685134.1 Em:CT609377.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(67620)
FT   polyA_signal    complement(67640..67645)
FT   CDS             complement(join(70426..70731,72912..73060,76141..76530,
FT                   87029..87242,101992..102048))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019522"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate
FT                   cysteine-rich, angiogenic inducer, 61 (CYR61)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:O00622.1 Sw:P19336.1 Tr:Q3ZC35.1
FT                   Tr:Q4RJ69.1 Tr:Q5BL74.1 Tr:Q66HT5.1 Tr:Q6FI18.1
FT                   Tr:Q9WTM9.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:B0S5F5"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000867"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000884"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001007"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006207"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006208"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR009030"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR012395"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:B0S5F5"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13700.1"
FT   misc_feature    108990..108998
FT                   /note="Single clone region. Sequence generated from a
FT                   transposon library derived from a single pUC clone.
FT                   Restriction digest data confirm the assembly"
FT   mRNA            join(114664..115183,115366..115461,121744..121997,
FT                   122080..122198,132958..133460)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL923078.1 Em:CK028628.1
FT                   Em:CK682211.1 Em:CO354162.1 Em:DT072095.1"
FT   CDS             join(114788..115183,115366..115461,121744..121997,
FT                   122080..122198,132958..133460)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-106H11.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000019519"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q501Z3.1 Tr:Q54TJ4.1 Tr:Q58EJ1.1
FT                   Tr:Q5U3I5.1 Tr:Q6DEF5.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:A8WG17"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000315"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001841"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR006574"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013083"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017907"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A8WG17"
FT                   /protein_id="CAQ13701.1"
FT   misc_feature    174325
FT                   /note="Clone_right_end: CH211-106H11"
SQ   Sequence 174325 BP; 53946 A; 33214 C; 33317 G; 53848 T; 0 other;
     gaattcttta ttttttcccc gctacatatc agattttgcc cactatttat catgataaag        60
     acaagtagga attatcaata agtttgtgca tcatatttta tttgcacatt tattgattgg       120
     aaatgtttct gattcacgca tgcaaattca tcttcagata gtgtctttat agcaatgtgt       180
     gtgcggtaga tcgctcagat tacattggga aaacaggcga ccgctgcaaa ttgtgcttta       240
     atgtttagct ggtcaactgt atggtatgga aatcttacat acctactata tgaacccgtc       300
     tcatacagct gccattgcaa ggatcagaca ctttgtagaa aagaatttaa cacaactgcc       360
     tctaggagtc gtcaatggaa ataaaacaca cacgcacaaa aaatgtgcgt acgcctgcca       420
     gaaagctgcc gtgaacctgc gcacattccc acgttcagtt cattgttagt aaatccaaac       480
     gtgagcgatt ctgagcgtga aacctggcgt acgcaaagtt tttgtgcgta cgcagcgttg       540
     atacatgagg ccccagaact ctttctagag ctggctggcc atctaagctg agtgatcggg       600
     ggagaagggc cttagtcagg gaggtgatca ataacccgat ggtcactctg tctgagctcc       660
     agcgctcttc tgtggcgaga ggagaacctt acagaaggac aaccatctgt gcagcaatcc       720
     accaaccagt cctgtatggt agatttgcca gacggaagac actccccgcc tggaattttc       780
     caaaaggcat ctgaagaact ctcagatcat aagaaacaaa gctctctgct ctgatgagac       840
     aaaaattgaa ctctttggag tgaatgccag gcgttacatt tggagaaaag caggcagcgc       900
     tctaggctaa cagcatccct acagtgaagc atggtggttt tggcatcatg ctgtggggat       960
     gtttttcagc agcaggagca ggaagactag tcaggataga gggaaagatg aatgcagtaa      1020
     tgtacagaca catcctgaat gaaaacctgc ttcagagtgc tcttgacctc agactggggc      1080
     gacggttcat cttccagcag gacaatgacc caaagcacac cgccaacata tcaatggagt      1140
     ggcttcacaa cagcacagtg aatgtcattg agtggcccag ccagagccca gacttaaatc      1200
     ctatagaaca tctctggaga gatctgaaaa aggctgtaca ccgtcactcc ccatccaacc      1260
     tgatagagct taagaggtac tgcaaagagg aacgggtcaa aatttgcaac aactctttca      1320
     cattctcatt atgggggatt gtgtgtagaa tgttgaggaa atcaatgaat tgaattcatt      1380
     ttggaataag gctgtaacat aaacaaatgc ggaaagagta aagagccatg aatactttcc      1440
     ggatgcactg tacctaaatg cattgagttg ctgccatgtc agaaggttaa ggagctggct      1500
     gtcaggtaca gtcacaacaa ccaggagctg aacatgctca aaacagctga gattatagtg      1560
     gacttcagga gttaagtgaa catttaatat aataatttaa ttttatgagc ttgagattgg      1620
     aatgacgaac ttgaactcct ataaaaatct atttaactct attgttatga ataatgaata      1680
     ttaaatatat actttaattt aaaatccttt gcaaacttgt cagaggattt catcatttgg      1740
     ctgttatcgt ggagtgacaa taactgcagt ctcaatctga caagtgtctt actgtaaatc      1800
     cccagcactg caaatgtgtg aactaataat aatattgagg ggaaacgggg ctttcctgca      1860
     caactacagc agggtttcca gaataaacag ctttccaaga gcgccctttt ggttgacatt      1920
     atgcgttttt acaagtgata aatcattgca gtagctctga cggtaagctc aaacaaaagt      1980
     ttttttagta gtcaaataaa aggcttaaca cagaccaagc tcacttgatc atgttgagta      2040
     tttagcgcca cctgctgctc ttacgctgca ttgcactctt atagttttct ctcaatgttt      2100
     tgatcaatct ttcatgtgca tagttagtaa ataaatcagt gcatttgata atttcatgct      2160
     gcttaatgtt gggaattact aacaaatcca gcctctctct ggcataacat gatgtcaatg      2220
     cggcctttgt gtgtttaggt caccatggag acttcaaagc agcttctggg gccccagtgt      2280
     gtctgcagcc agggccaaaa cactgagcaa accggcccgc accggagctg tgtacgtcag      2340
     gctgtccaag gatgaatgca gttgaaaacc ttggcatttt cagttcagca ctgtgagtac      2400
     attatctttt tatttttgcg tgcaggattt gtgttactag ttatatgttg cttatgagtt      2460
     ctgctgactg tcattaaacc taaatgcatt tgaatgcttt aatagtgttt ggatgtaaaa      2520
     cagttcagtt tgtgttaagt gacatttatt agactatagt ggatacactg acacttctta      2580
     tagcttggtg ttcttttaca tatgtttgtg aagtcactag tactatggct ataaaagggg      2640
     gatttgtccc tcaaattaag tctaatgttg cttgagagtt tagaggcgct attttactga      2700
     catacagaca taaaaggcat ggatttatat taatgttggg tgtaattagt taaaaaagtg      2760
     gttaatttga aaccgttttt ttttttatac atggagggtt ttaattgtat taatttttgt      2820
     ttaactcaga tttaatttct attgtctgtg cattgggatt tatgtggatt tttagcattt      2880
     agtaaagtaa ttaagtcact tactgatcat atgaggtgct tttcagataa agtcattgga      2940
     acatttattt aaatgcaatt ttaattgtgt aattagtagt tagttacttt tttgaagtaa      3000
     cttactgagc actgattcat gtctggatgc cggaatacta tcagtaagca agtaaatatc      3060
     tactaagcac attgaagcaa ctgtatgaga acacactaat accttaacac catatagcaa      3120
     accgctcaca accatacaga atgccaaatc aacaccctag caacatacta acaaccttgc      3180
     aaccacatag caatgcactc acaaccatac agaatgccaa atcaacaccc tagcaaaaca      3240
     ctgaaaacct agcaaccaca tggcaatgca ctcacaacca tacagaacat taatataata      3300
     acctagaaac acactaacaa cctaacaacc acatatgcac tcacagtcat tgagaatgtc      3360
     aaatcagcaa cctagcaaca cacttgcacc ttagcaacca cataccaatg cgctcgcaat      3420
     cataaaaaat gtcaaatcag caacctagca acacacttgg accttagcaa ccacatagca      3480
     atgcccacat aactatacag aatgccaaat caacacccta gcaacacact gacatcctag      3540
     caaccacata gcaatgcact cacaaccata atgcactcat aacattaatc taacaaccta      3600
     gaaacacact aacaaactaa caaccacata tgcactcaca gtcattgaaa atgtcaaacc      3660
     agcaacctag caacacacct gcaccttagc aaccacatac caatgcgctc gcaattataa      3720
     aaaatgctaa atcagcaacc tagcaacaca ctgggacctt agcaaccaca tagcaatgcc      3780
     cacataacta tacagaatgt caaatcagca acctagcaac acacttggac cctatcaaca      3840
     acatagcaat tcacccacaa ctatacacaa catcaaatca gcaacctagc aacacactaa      3900
     caccctagca accacaaagc aatgtattca caaccataag taatgtcaaa tctacacctt      3960
     aagcaacaca ttaacaccat agcaaccaca tagcaatgca ctcacaacca tacagaatgc      4020
     caaatcaaca ccctagcatc acattaacaa cctagcaacc acatagcaac gcactcacaa      4080
     ccatacagaa tgccaaatca acaccctagc aacacactaa caacatagca accacatagc      4140
     aatgcactta caaccacaga gaacattaat ctaacaacct agcaacacac taacaaccta      4200
     acaaccacat atgcactcac agtcatagat aatgtcaaat cagcaaccta gcaacacact      4260
     tgcaccttag caaccacata ataatgcact cacagccata cagaatgtca aatcagcaac      4320
     ctagcaacac acttgcacct tagcaaccac ttagcaatgc acttacaaga atgaaaatgc      4380
     taaatcagca acccagcaac acacttggac cttagtaacc acataacaat gcacacataa      4440
     ctatacagaa tgtcaaatca gcaacatagc aacacacttg caccttagca acaacatagc      4500
     agttcagcca tatagaacat taaatcagca acctagcaac acactaacac cctagcaacc      4560
     acaaagcaat gtattcacaa ccataagcaa tgtcaaatca acaccctagc aacacactga      4620
     caacctagca accacatagc actgcactca taaccataca gaatgttaaa tcaacaccct      4680
     agcaacacac tgacaaccta gcaaccacat agcaatgcac tcataaccat acagaatgtt      4740
     aaatctacac cctaagcaac acactaacac catggcaacc acatagcact gcactcacaa      4800
     tcatacagaa cattcaacta acaacctaga aacacactaa caacctagca accacatatg      4860
     cactcacagt catacagaat gtgaaatcag caacctagaa acacacgagc accttaacaa      4920
     ccacagagca atggaagagg tggggggttg tgtttggagt ggggttggct agttgacagt      4980
     cgctaactga agagtgggct ggagggtagg tgggggtttg ggggagtagg tggttgggtg      5040
     acggtcgcta tctgaacacc aggggggact tttttttatt tatgaagggc acttatctgt      5100
     gcacatgcat gctaccacca ctaacaccaa tgaactacca accaaacaga acatcaaaac      5160
     cacaacctag caacattgta acaccctagc aaccacatag ccacgtacta gcacaggaca      5220
     gaacaccaaa gtaacaacct agcaccatca acaaaaccac agcatattga tagtgtgttt      5280
     cagtgcacat tcatgctata acaagtgaga ttatcttgtt gcagaacttg ctgtgtgtgt      5340
     taaagtgctc aactgatgga taatgatgtt gtgtctctct ctctgacaga agatgtttgc      5400
     tctgtctgag ctgtggtcgg gtggcgagcg tcagggcagc tataagctcc taaaaccatg      5460
     gtgggaggtc ttcatggact acctgctagt gctaatgcta atggtgtcca tcctcgccgg      5520
     gactctcctg ctgtcccggg acggagtagt gtgtgttcct gtgcactcgt tccccactaa      5580
     ccacacctcc accattgatc ccatccctga aactgccttt acaagcacat ccgcaagggg      5640
     gcgacgtacc aacctggact tccagcagta cagctacatt agccaggttt gctatcatga      5700
     agcgctgccc tggtactcgc gcttcctacc gtacgtcacg ctgctccata cactggttct      5760
     gctggccagc ggctgcttct ggttccactt cccgctcact tccgctcgta tcgagcactt      5820
     cctgtcactt cttgccaaat gttgcgaatc gccatggacg accagagcgc tgtcgcatac      5880
     cgccaaactg gacactcgct tctccgaggc ggagccagtg gtgcaaccta aagctcaggt      5940
     aggctcatgc ctttatcgat ttgttgcagc ttgtgttgac aaatccacta gaggacgcta      6000
     tgtacatttt tgtaaatctc aaatgcgtta ctgggctacc cctgctgaaa aatccagctt      6060
     aaaccagcct aggctggttt aggctggatt tttcagcagg gtacgatttc tcatacatgc      6120
     aattgacaca tcctatcacg taaatagact gacttgcatc cttccttaaa cccaaccaat      6180
     agtgttttca aatgcaaaca agaagagaaa agtgcatagc cgctgtgtag ttttaccaca      6240
     ttcacattgc ttttttacct gatttctatc actatcaagt aagactcatt ctgaaaattt      6300
     agccctatat ccgtttctgg agatcgcaaa ttatgtagcc agaagtacgt agatatggct      6360
     gcattttgtt tttaaaataa acggtatgtg gtggtctgat gccgttcctt ttcgcactta      6420
     ccagtttgtc cagttagctc accatgtacg ttagtggact tgagacgcag agaggaggtg      6480
     acaatggggt tcaagtccgg caaagaacgg ttccagaaag taggacaaaa acaaaatcca      6540
     aaaaataaaa tagacaagtt aataacatgg tgagaatgtg gtcaaatctg aaaacgtgtt      6600
     aaaaatcagg cgatggcttt tctttttctg gattgctttt tcaaattttc tgttgggttt      6660
     agggaagtgg gtgggcgggt caatctgtgc tttcgaaaat actattggtt ggttttaggg      6720
     aagaaggagg gtggctcagt cgatcggtca gtcagtcagt caaacagtca gccgacagca      6780
     gcctctggtg gatttacgtg agaacagcag gcgcgaatgg cactcgcgag agaaatttga      6840
     gatctcaaat ggtgtacaca gcgccctctg gtggattcgc gaaaactgca aacaaaaacg      6900
     tagctgcttg gacgtattta acaatcatca gaaatgtata tagagcctgg gtatatagaa      6960
     actagtcata gataataaat taattaatta attaaataaa tttttgaggt tttgtaaaaa      7020
     tgtagcctcg ggaacatatt tccagtataa tgttgtgaaa tgtgttggtc aaagttgatg      7080
     taagctgcaa aaaagattac tttaacaggt ataatatcct taaaatacgt attgctttat      7140
     tttgtgtata tttatatata tatatatata tatatatata tactcccttt ccgtaaggaa      7200
     tctgtaattg taaatttgtt tcgggactta aaagtgtttt gcgttttcta aaatgtaaat      7260
     ttttattctc cttggtaaaa tagtatttcc tgtgtaattg tgtctcatga caggtaaaaa      7320
     tgttttccaa aatataaatt tgtcgcgagc tttgtataag tgttttacaa tttttaatat      7380
     tgttttgcac ttcctggcaa actttaaaga ataaataata cttcactgta ttttgacgtg      7440
     ttcactatac taatattgtg catgttcatt atttcaatat attgaattgt tgaatatgtc      7500
     taggtagctt catcgtacaa aatgcgcaag tcgagtttgg actcgggaac ggacagccct      7560
     ctgctggcag gaattgacac tgcatccaca accacacagc cgtctccatg tccctccaca      7620
     gtgtcccatt gctcagcgtt ctccactcgc tcactcacag agcctgtcca tgcggtgcaa      7680
     gtcagtccgg accgctccag accaggcgcc acgctggacc gcagtgacag agagcaggcc      7740
     agagcgctgt tcgagagagt gcgcaggttt cgagctcact gcgagagttc agatgtcatc      7800
     tataaggtaa caaattaaat tattttaata cattttatta ctctcaattt tgaataaata      7860
     ttctcattaa agagttttta gtgtgtttgt tttacctctt tgtcgccatc tctgtttgaa      7920
     atgtgcagtt gcagctaatt gtgaaagtat attttttaaa gttggcatca aataaaaaaa      7980
     gatttttgta tgtatatagt agtgcttgtt ataatggatg tatacgtttt tcttggggtg      8040
     aagggggggg gggggggaga tatcagtctt ttagggtgtg gctatcagtg ctttagggca      8100
     ggggctatca gtcgtatagg tcagggctgt ccgttcttta gggcaggacg attagtcctt      8160
     taaggcagat ctatcagttc tttagggtgg ggctatcagt tgtttaggtt ggggctgtca      8220
     gacctttagg gcaggactgt gagtccttta gggtaggact gtgagtcctt tagggtgatg      8280
     ctatcagacc tttaaagcat ggctattatt cctttagggt ggggctatca gtcctttagg      8340
     gtggggctat cagtccttta gggtgggtct atcagttctt tagggcaggg ctatcagttc      8400
     tttaggttgg ggctgtcagt gctttagggc ggggctatca gtctttaagg gtgtggctat      8460
     cagtgcttta gggcaggggc tatcagtatt ataggtcagg gctgtccatt ctttagggca      8520
     gggctattag tcctttaggg tgggtctatg agttctttag ggcagggcta tcagttgttt      8580
     aggttggggc tgtcagtgct ttagggcggg gctatcagtc tttaagggtg tggctatcag      8640
     tgctttaggg caggggctat cagtattata ggtcagggct gtccgttctt tagggcagga      8700
     ctattagtcc tttaaggcag atctatcagt tgtttaggtt ggggctgtca gacctttagg      8760
     gcaggactgt gagtccttta gggtgatgct atcagacctt taaagcatgg ctattattcc      8820
     tttagggtgg ggctattagt cctttagggt gggtctatca gttctttagg gcagggctat      8880
     aagttgttta ggttggggct gtcagtgctt tagggcgggg ctatcagtct ttaagggtgt      8940
     ggctatcagt gctttagggc aggggctatc agtattatag gtcagggctg tacgttcttt      9000
     agggcaggac tattagtctt ttaaggcaga tctatcagtt ttttagggtg gggctatcag      9060
     acctttaggt caggactgtg agtcctttag ggtgatgcta tcagaccttt aaagcatggc      9120
     tattattcct ttagggtggg gctatcagtc atttagggtg gggctatcag tcctttaggg      9180
     tgtggctatc agtcatattg gtcagggctg ttagtctttt agggcaggac tatcagtcct      9240
     ttagggcgga tttatcagtt ctttagggtg ggcctatcag tcgtttaggt cgagactgtc      9300
     agtcctttag ggtgtggcta tcaatcctta aggcggatct attcatcttt aggctggggc      9360
     tatgagatgt ttaggttggg gctgtcaatt ttttagggcg aggctatcag tcctttaggg      9420
     tggagctatc agtcaattag attggaactt tcaatccttt agggcggggc tatcagttgt      9480
     ttagttaggg gctgtcagtc cttaagggtg gggcaatcag tcgtttaggg cgtgtttatc      9540
     agtcctttag agaagggcta tcagctgttt acgtcagggc tgtcattgct ttagggcggg      9600
     gctatcaatt gtttaaattg cggctgtcag tcatttaggg cggtggctat cagtcgtata      9660
     ggtcagggct gtcagccctt cagggcagga ctatcagtcc tttagggtgg atctatcagt      9720
     catttagggt ggggctataa gtcctttagg gcagggtaat cagttgttta ggtcggggct      9780
     gtcagtcatt tagggtgtgg ctatcaatca tttagagctg agccatcact tttttaggtt      9840
     ggggctatca gtcctgtgga tggagttatc agtcatttat ggtgaggctt ttagtcagtt      9900
     agggcagcag tattagtcat ttagggtagg gctatcagtg tatgtctcat ttctggcctg      9960
     ctttcgtcca tttgtcaata tttctcaatt ttgttagcaa cccccaatct cccactcagc     10020
     taatcagggt aaagtctaga tcggatatgc ggccggccgg aagtgcgata tgcacattaa     10080
     taaagcagca ttttttatga cactgtataa caataattat tattttttca gtactgtgag     10140
     ggttgggttt agggttgggg gtaggcgtta aaaaatacat tttattgggt aatttaatag     10200
     ataagataac taatattcgg tacaacaact gtttttacat tgctgtgagg gttgggttta     10260
     gggttggggt gggggtagac gttattaaaa tacaacaaat atgaaattta ataaataata     10320
     gaaatatttc tggttaactt ccggccgcaa acgtatctgt tctagcaaca accgctaatc     10380
     agttaccaaa aaactaaatc atgcactgtc ctcccctttt atttctcagt tctggaccat     10440
     ttcaattgga tgtacgtcac aatgtgggac aaagagacca tcttaacttt ttttttgctg     10500
     actttaaagg tggagtggct cctcatcaaa gatttatctc ttgttttgct gtgtttgtgt     10560
     ggaattagaa aaaggatttt agagcacact agtttataga tacattaacc tgtatattaa     10620
     ctttatttta attttacagg acctttaata tagcattggg aaaaagtgtt cccattacag     10680
     tcccttattg ttagaataac tttcgatttc tgttaggaga actttccaaa acaaattaat     10740
     taaatatcaa aacactgcaa gaacgttctg gaaactaaat cctaacattt ccacaactaa     10800
     gaattggtaa tttaacattt ttagggtgtc aaaaacagtt tttctcaagt gactgatttt     10860
     ttctcgttgt caaaaattgt gtaagccggg gtaatgccga gttcagaagt tttcaaagta     10920
     gttgtgtcac agatgttttc acactgcatg actatctggg ctggcgtttc gtcgctgctt     10980
     tgtttacact gcaagatgga ttggcgacag ggactttcac attgcatgac tttactatag     11040
     gaagaatcac tgacaacttc gtccaaacta cgtctcacag ccaaaaacat gtcgtatatc     11100
     ttttgttatt aactacataa cgagtaagaa gcctttaatg gggtagaaca tgttcatatt     11160
     tgctcacctg ggtttaaagg gaattagcca tttctcctca acattaataa taaactaatt     11220
     tctttctgta tgaaacgtta aacagacacg gttgctcctg agtcctgtca aacctccact     11280
     agtttttcct ccatttcgtg ggtccaaata aaccgaaaat gagcgctttt aacttctccc     11340
     ctagcctccc gctggcttgc agcaggtata cacacacaca cacactggca agtgaatgcc     11400
     gctctctcat tggctgtagg cgatcgctga tgttattttc agtcaaaact caattcacgc     11460
     gccataattt gaatcgtcga cagctccaga tattcagcac gccaaatatc tcgcaggcat     11520
     agacgactca tcggcgattc tctcagatcg cgtctttgat cgttcatact gtgtgattgt     11580
     cactctcgtg cacgagcagc gatttgcctg tgatttcagg catttgtcgg cgatttctca     11640
     aaacctgtcg gcgagccaaa atcggggctt aaatcacgca gtctgaacta ggcattagag     11700
     tgtaccatgg gactaaagtc ataaaggact attaaaaatg gcacagaatg agtccagttc     11760
     acccaaatcc tgtcatctct tcctgtaggt gtacacggcg cagacggtgt tcaaagtgct     11820
     gaagtttgtg atgatcgtga gctacaccac tcctctgctg agctgcatct ccttcagtca     11880
     cgtctgccgg cctcactccg acgctctgat cggctacagt gagttccagt gcagtcaccc     11940
     gctgtcctct gtcctgcggc agctcatgca ggcctacgtc tcgctgctct ttctgttcgg     12000
     cctgctggcc atctacgcac tcttctggat cttacacaag tacggctgac ctcagaacag     12060
     aggattgtgt agtgtgtagt ccagcggtga ccaactctgt tcgtggagat ctacctccct     12120
     gcagagttca gttgcaaccc atatcagacc caatggtcta tgtgcacagc caccgataaa     12180
     ccgatttttt atttcatgac cgtattttca caccgaaagc ggcgagagcg tcaaagtagc     12240
     cggaagtcat tcattttcaa tgagagccgg cggcgaaagg cggcgaggag cagcgcggtg     12300
     cgtcttcgcc ggcgtgagcg tcgaggagag ttgaaatgga gtcaacttta tggtaatgag     12360
     ctatgacgcg gttcggcggc aagcaatcag aatgaagacg tccatcgatt gatagcagtt     12420
     cagagaacac agacctgtga actttggttc cgaccacagt tgttcccaag ggtttgatta     12480
     ttgcggtcgc cggatttcca attatttaca attttttcct acaggaacat taaataagtt     12540
     actggcgagt tactgatgtt cattaatgtt atatatgttt atcttaaaaa gcaggaatct     12600
     cacgcgatgt gacagtacaa aacagtactg ctgctatttc agacatatgg acacatattg     12660
     gataaataga gcaaagccac accacacgca acttgatctt ccattgttgt atgaatttga     12720
     taagaagtgc gcaacatttt cacgctggaa acatgtttta tgcaggaatg taactgataa     12780
     tgctgcaacg gctcctttaa atataagatc aatgtagcga gttttgacgc tctcgccgca     12840
     ggagctgaag gcagagagcg ttgtcgccag ggcggccaga gcgaccttgg acgctctcgc     12900
     cgctttcggt gtgaacgtac ggtaaggttt ctattatggc atcgatgttg taatgtaatt     12960
     aaaataccat cagttaaaca gacttaagca ttcatttagt tgttcaagca taaaacgaga     13020
     tgaaagacca tgtcaatgct agcgccgtca gtagcatcag gcgagggcag aaactccatt     13080
     gaaaatactg cggtagaatc cattttcata tttgaaagac atggcatgga acaactttta     13140
     aagaagttta atgcagtgct tcctgtctaa atattaatca ggcagtgaag atcacttact     13200
     ctttaagaaa tcagatctta agcattgtga ttttgtaatg gcaagacaag cgattgggct     13260
     ggctgactgt aaactaaaag tctgtgtgga tataccctat taacaagtgc tgtatagctc     13320
     ctaatcaggg ctttacatta acttttttga tcaccagcca ctgtggctag tagttttcca     13380
     atgttactag ccactctgca ttttcactag ccacaatttt gttgatggga aaatattttt     13440
     atacgcataa atgactttga catgctaaaa ttacttgatt tagattttgt gttatgtcca     13500
     catgcctcct catttatttc acattttgtg tgtcgtgcat gagtgaatgg gtcatggttt     13560
     cacagtgtta tactgcaatt attttttatt tcacctcact tttttagaac tcaaaacgaa     13620
     ggatttacct aatttatctc tgaccacacc aaacaaaaat tatttcttag ccacaaattt     13680
     taaatgtgtc aaaacaatat aaatatagct gtatacttat tatttaacaa aacatttctc     13740
     ttaaaaaacc aaagaaaaac aattaactaa ataaaaataa ttattgtcat gtttcaaaaa     13800
     tatgcacagt aatctgtcct cgctaaaggt ctctcagatc agttaactac acataaatag     13860
     agagttaatc tcatactaaa gcaaatgttg ttgtaaaaaa atgataatca agtcatataa     13920
     acaaaaataa ccgtaagcaa aagaaagcag gtgaaaaaca tactgtgtga tagggatgat     13980
     cacacggtta aggccaatta atctgttcaa agcgaaagca agcggtgctg cttacaaaaa     14040
     gacatatttg gagctcttga atgcagcaag actgtgtctg tgggtgcatt agcattactt     14100
     ttttgcctga ctatttgaaa gagatccgat cacagttgag ttcgaggcac gcgtgcatca     14160
     agtaagcaaa caggagcgcg cacgcgctta aaacagtcgc gcgcatcaca tcagctgtta     14220
     gcgccagtga ttatcctctc attcggtatt catctgcttt cttctgctcg cgcgaatgca     14280
     attttttttt tgttagtcgt gctgtttctc cattctaaga taacatttgc acgcatattg     14340
     ggtcattctt atagtcgaac tctgctttta agaaaaccct aatttaaaaa ttattttcaa     14400
     ccagccaaag tggctagtgg aggtgtctgt ctaacccgca aagctgagat ctacccgcat     14460
     ttggcgggtt ggcgggtgtt aatgtaaagc cctggtccta attaattgat tcaggtgtgt     14520
     ttggtcaggg ttggagctga actctgcagg aaggtgcatc tccaagaaca gggttgagca     14580
     gcgctgctgt agtctgtagt ctccatgagt gagtattaag tgatcctgct gagtgtactg     14640
     aagaacttca aacgcaattc aagaacaaac ttttttgttt aagagcaata agaaactgta     14700
     aaaggcttaa ttacaaataa tcaaactact gtaattgagt agtttttctc gggaattata     14760
     aattacttag tttttaaaat gtgtacttta actttccctt gagtacatct ttagtgttgt     14820
     atccagtgtt gccaactttt cagcgacttt tcagaccccc ctagcgacaa attttcagaa     14880
     aagcgactag cgacaaatct agcgactttt ttgtgtgtta ctggtgattt ttattgacta     14940
     tggtttgtcc atactgtacc gtccctactc ttctcaacga gctgcgggtg atgccgttgg     15000
     cccctccccg cctcagagca ctccctgctg aaaaatccag cttaaaccag cctaggctgg     15060
     tttaagctgg atttttcagc agggctgaca ggcggcccag tcctcctcgt acagcagcct     15120
     cacctgtagc ctgacagcag atcacccctc tgcgtaccga tggcaaatga tttagcaccg     15180
     gcagtgtgaa ggtattcccc ttgtacagtc aaagcgatct gcttctcctt cattttaaca     15240
     atttaatttg accgtttaat attttcttgt tcacaatcac agatatttta gagacaattt     15300
     cagaacttgt ctgagtttat tacgtctgag agattactgc aaactcacta cacatctata     15360
     ctgatatact gtattcaaac agcaatacat ttagacatgc ttgtataaag cgtagagcaa     15420
     atataaatac ctcttttatt gactaaaggc tgttaaacaa acagaattgg tagagcgtga     15480
     tgacgtcagt aatatgcaaa taaacgtatg acgtaatcta gcgacttttc gggcagagct     15540
     taccgccttt ttgttaaaaa taattggcaa cagtggttgc atcactactt ttacttcact     15600
     gctttccttc aacctgcagt gattacttat tttttcctgt ctgtggggat tagaaaaatc     15660
     agtcctgtgt attctggcca atcaaatccc acatagaagg taaacgatgt gggatttgac     15720
     gaactacctc aagacattgg cgctttataa atgcagcaaa ctgtttggaa gcattaaaag     15780
     tgtccaagaa gacgtccaga atctttacac gcattgacac agagactgtt tagatgcaag     15840
     tcacgtcatg ggggtgttgc attttgtttg gaaatgaaaa ttgggttcaa tgtccaaact     15900
     gaaatcaccg atagggacaa gctgcggtca atcatattac gtgctcctct tgaaagtagc     15960
     ttataaaact tcacttcatg ctcctctcct catcaaggat gaatgtaata ttttgctgtg     16020
     tttgtgtgaa attaagtaat tagaaataag aataatattt tatttttttt tttaatcttc     16080
     gcaacatgtc tgaaagtaca ctgttttaga acatttagac tcccccgtgc tacagaatgt     16140
     ggagttgtag atgcgtcatg ttaaattttt gtaaatgatt tccacatgaa tatatatata     16200
     tatatatata tatatatatt tatgtgtgtg taacgtcggg gagtgacaca aacaactgga     16260
     gtttggatcc acaatgcagg tttattcgtc gtcaggcaag caaaggtcaa caggtataaa     16320
     cagatatgtg taggcagtcc agaatcgtta tcggtaacaa gcaagaagtc aaaaaggcag     16380
     gcggcaggca gggagaacaa gaatacaagg ctaggtaaaa cacagggaaa caagacgagg     16440
     aataatgtca tctacagata aacaagaccc agcaacagtg agtgtttctg tgctgtttat     16500
     gtagtgcagt aatcagtcta gaagcagcat cagctgtggg agtctaatca gtggagactt     16560
     ggagcaggtt tgtgtgtgtg tggcatgact gaatatgtag tccatttaga agctgatttg     16620
     tagtcctatg tgtgtgtgag tgtttaccag cgacctctgg tggttagatc actggtgatc     16680
     gtaaaaaaaa aaaataataa taataataat tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     16740
     tatatataca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacaaactca     16800
     atgaatgtaa ccattttgaa gaagagagca tggctgcatc tgaaaccgca tacttccata     16860
     ctatatagtg cactacaatc agtatgcgaa ctaagtagta cgtcggaatt catagagttc     16920
     gaaaatcagt gtgagaagta cccggatgac ttactacagc cggcgagatt ctgaagtgcg     16980
     gatcccatgc acgctgcgct atcccataat gcataacgag agaattcatg aatgggagtt     17040
     aagtgacgca actgatgcag gtaggtcacg tgaccatgac aaaatggcgg atgtagtatg     17100
     tccgaattcc attcatactg ctcccattca ttcatagaac gtacttttcc aatggccgag     17160
     tagtacgttt aaattcacat gcagtaccta ctgagtagta ggcggtttca gacacagccc     17220
     atgtcttaca acagctttta aagtaagggc gacgccatct tggaatatca ctctgtctga     17280
     agtcaagggt tggttcggtt ccctaatgtg aacagataca agagaaatta tgaaccaaac     17340
     atggagactg gaaagcctaa tttaacccct gacctatcaa catgcatgtg tgtatgattt     17400
     ctcaggtctt taaggcagta ctcgttccag actctgcgtg agaaaggctc aatgctggac     17460
     gctccagacc tccacaatga cctggcgttc ctccttcaca tggcggatca gtacgaccct     17520
     ctgctggcac agcgtctgtc cgtgttcctg tcaccggtca gcgagacgcg gctgctgcag     17580
     gagagcgtgg agcgacgctg gggagccgaa cgcctgcgtg ccatcacctc ttctgaccag     17640
     caggggcgct ctgtcctgca gctggtggct ctccctcacc tgccgcccgc gctcttctcc     17700
     ttcagcacgc tgcaggtgct caagctggag ctcatagcag atgccaaact cactgcccag     17760
     attaccaaca tgagtgcgct caggtggggt tttaaagggg acctatttta ttacaagatg     17820
     taaaataagt cttggatgtc gctagagtgt atgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtatgaag     17880
     tttcagcgaa aataacagac ttgctttaca attgtctgaa actgactgac tttttaggct     17940
     ttaatctcgt tcctccagag agcttcacct ttaccactgc tctgcatctg tggatcctgg     18000
     agcgctgcag tttcttcagg agcatctaga ggtcctgcat ctaaccttca ccactgcttc     18060
     agagatcccg ggctggattt actctctgcg gggccttcag gagctccagc tgacggggcg     18120
     gctgggcagc gagggcggga tggggcgcgg atggaccctc ggaagtctcc gacagctgcg     18180
     gcacctccgt gtcctggtgc tgcgcgggac actgcagaaa gttccagcag aactgagcga     18240
     actggccggg agtctgctga aactcgagat ccataatgaa ggcaccagat tactggttct     18300
     tacaggtagg ggtgtgaaca tacattgatc tcacagttta attagattat ggtggttagg     18360
     ttatggtggt gttattaaac cgatattgaa caaataacat tggaaaacca ttagtatatt     18420
     ataaccagtt atggcatgtt attaaaccaa tatcgaacaa atgatatgag aataccattg     18480
     gtgcgttata atgggttatg gtgtgttatt aaaccgatat cgaactaatg acatcaggaa     18540
     accatcagtg cattataatg ggtttttatg gggtgttatt aaaccgatat tgaatagaaa     18600
     atacaataaa gaaaccaatg gcatattata atgggttatg gtggtgttaa taaatcaata     18660
     tcgaacaaat gacatcagaa agaccatcag aacaatgggt acattataac cggttatggc     18720
     atgttattaa atctatatag aacaaatgac atcaggagac catctgtata ttagaattgc     18780
     ttatagtggt gttataaaac tgatatcaaa caaatgaatc ctgaaaaacc atctgaacca     18840
     ttggtacatt ttaacaggtt ataccatgtt attaaactga tatcgaacaa atgacatcag     18900
     gagaccatcg gtacattaga attgcttata gcggtgttaa taaaccatta tcgaactaat     18960
     gacattagaa aaaccattag tgcattataa tggctatata tatatatata tataatggct     19020
     atatatataa ttatatcatg ttattaaacc gatatcgaac aaatgacatc aggaaactat     19080
     cggtatatta taatgatttt tggtggtgtt attaaaccaa tatgaacaaa ttacatcagg     19140
     aaactctcag tattttataa tggttcatgg tggtgttatt aaaccgattt caaacaaatg     19200
     acatcaagaa actatcagaa ccattggtac attataatcg gttatggaat gttattaaac     19260
     tgatattgaa caaataacat caggaaacca tcaatacatt atcatggttt attgtagtgt     19320
     ttttaaaccg atatcaaaaa actgacatca gaaaaccatt ggaatattat aattgtttat     19380
     agtggtgtta ttaaaccgat attgaacaaa ttagatcagg aaacgatcgg taaattataa     19440
     ttgcttattg tggtgttatt aaactgataa caaacaaatg acatcagaaa aaccatcaga     19500
     accattggta cattataacc ggttatggca tgttattaaa ccgatatgga acacatgaca     19560
     tcaggagacc atctgtatat tataatggat tttggtggcg tttttaaacc gatatcgaac     19620
     aaatgacatc agaaaaccat ctgtatatta taatgattta tggtggtgtc attaaaccga     19680
     tatcgaacaa aaactacatc aggaaagcat cggcatatta taattatata tggtggtgtt     19740
     attaaaccga tatcgaacaa atgacatcag aaaaccatcg gaatattata attgtttatg     19800
     gtggtgttat ttaaccgata ttgaacaaat tagatcagga aacaatcggt aaattattat     19860
     ttcttatggt ggtgttatta aactgataac aaacaaatga catcagaaaa accatcagaa     19920
     ccattggtac attataaccg gttatgacat gttattaaac cgatatggaa cacatgacat     19980
     caggagacca tctgtatatt ataatggatt ttggtggcgt ttttaaaccg atatcgaaca     20040
     aatgacatca gaaaaccatc tgtatattat aatgggttat ggtggtgtca ttaaaccgat     20100
     atcgaacaaa ctacatcagg aaaccatcgg catattataa tgatttatgg tggtgtcatt     20160
     aaaccgatat cgaacaaatg acatcagaaa accatcggaa tattataatt gttaatggtg     20220
     gtgttattta accgatattg aacaaagtag atcaggaaat gattggtaaa ttataatttc     20280
     ttatggtggt gttattaaac tgataacgaa caaatgacat cagaaaaacc atcagaacca     20340
     ttggtacatt ataaccggtt atggcatgtt attaaaccaa tatggaaaaa cacatgacat     20400
     caggagacca cctgtatgtt ataatgggtt atggtggtgt tattaaactg ataccgaaca     20460
     aatgacatca gaaaaaccat caaagccatt ggtacatata acaggttatg gcatgttatt     20520
     aaaccgatat tgaacaaatg acatcaggag accatctgta tattataatg gattttggtg     20580
     gtgtttttaa accgatatcg aacaaatgac atcaggaaac catcggtata ttataataat     20640
     ttatggtggt attattaaac cgatatcaaa caaactacat caggaaagca tcggcatatt     20700
     ataatgattt atggtgatgt cattaaaccg atatcgaaca aatgacatca gaaaaccatc     20760
     agaatattat aattgtttat ggtggtgtta ttaatccgat attgaccaaa ttagatcagg     20820
     aaacgatcgg taaattataa ttgcttatgg tggtgttatt aaactgaaaa cgaacaaatg     20880
     acatcagaaa aaccatcaga accattggta cattataacc ggttatggca tgttattaaa     20940
     ccaatatgga acaaatgaca tcaggagacc atctgtatgt tataatgggt tatggtggtg     21000
     ttattaaact gatatcgaac aaatgacatc agaaaaatca tcaaagccat tggtacatat     21060
     aacaggttat ggcatgttat taaaccgata ttgaacaaat gacatcagga gacaatctgt     21120
     atattataat ggattttggt ggtgttttta aaccgatatc gaacaaatga catcaggaaa     21180
     ccttcggtat attataatga tttatggtgg tattattaaa ccgatatcaa acaaactaca     21240
     tcaggaaagc atcagcatat tataatgatt tatggtgata tcattaaacc gatatcgagc     21300
     aaatgacatc aaaaaaccat cagtatatta aaattgttta tggtgctgtt attaaaccga     21360
     tattgaacaa attagatcag gaaacgatcg gtatattata attgcttatg gttgtgttat     21420
     taaactgata tcgaacaaat gacattagaa aaaccatcaa agccattggt acatataact     21480
     ggttatggca tgttattaaa ccgatattga acaaatgaca tcaggagaca atctgtatat     21540
     tataatgggt tatggtggtg ttattaaacc gatatcgaac aaatgacatc aggaaaccat     21600
     cggtatatta taatgattta tggtggtgtc attaaaccga tatcgaacaa atgacatcag     21660
     gaaaccatcg gcatattata atgatttatg gtggtgttat taaaccgata tcaaataaat     21720
     gatatcagaa aaccatcgga atattataat tgtttatggt ggtgttattt aaccgatatt     21780
     gaacaaatta gatcaggaaa cgatcggtat attataattg cttatggtgg tgttattaaa     21840
     ctgataacga acaaatgaca ttagaaaaaa acatcaaagc cattggtaca tataacaggt     21900
     tatggcacgt tattaaaccg atattgaaca aatgacatca ggagaacatc tgtatattat     21960
     aatggatttt gatggcgttt ttagacctat atcgaacaaa tgacatcagg aaaccatcgg     22020
     catattagaa tgatttttgg tggtgtcatt aaaccgatat cgaacaaact acatcaggaa     22080
     agcatcggca tatataatga tttatggtgg tgtcattaaa ccgatgtcga acaaatgaca     22140
     tcagaaaacc acggaatatt ataattgttt atggtgctgt tattaaaccg atattgaaca     22200
     aattagatca ggaaacgatc tgtaaattat aattgcttat gatggtgttg ttaaactgat     22260
     aatgaacaaa tgacatcaga aaaaccatta gaaccattgg tacatacaac aggttatggc     22320
     attttattaa acagatattg aacaaatgac atcaggaaac catcggtata ttataatgat     22380
     ttatggtggt gttattaaac cgatatcgaa caaatgacat cagaaaacca tcagtatatt     22440
     ataatgggta atggtggtgt tttaaaaccg atattaaata aaagacatca gaaaagcatt     22500
     tgtatattat aatccgttaa ggcatgttat taaaccgata tcaactcaca taattgatta     22560
     ctcctctact tcaggtctga ggcgtgtgcc agggctgacg gagctgcatc tgcagggctg     22620
     tcagctggag cgtctaccat cagctctgct ggctctctcc ggcctgcgct ctctggatct     22680
     ccagcacaac agcctgcgta cgttagagga gctgcttggt ctgcagcatc tgcgccgcct     22740
     gtcctgcctc agactggccc acaatcaggt gctgtccctg ccggcgagcg tgggcgtgct     22800
     gcgggcgctg gagctgctag atctggccta taatcagctg cagacactac catctgcgct     22860
     ctttacgctg cacagactgc ggcgcctcct gctggctggg aatctgctac aggatctgcc     22920
     agcggatata gcagctttaa ggcttttaaa tgaactcgat ctgagcgcta ataaactgga     22980
     gcgtcttcct gcagagctgt ttgttggatg tgttgaactg cgagtgctga atgttgcgaa     23040
     taattctctg tgctgtttgc cggccggtgt gtccgcgctg accctgctgt cccggctgga     23100
     cgtgcgcggg aatagtctag aggtgctgcc actggagctg ggctgctgtt caggactgcg     23160
     gggcgggggt ctattgacgg agggatggct gatgcacaca ctgcccccac aggtcaggga     23220
     cgccctgctg tctgaggctc cgtcgcggcc ctcatctgaa tgctttcccc gttttccatc     23280
     cacgcagtgg agctttcact ccgctctgga gtctcgaata tagacgtctg ctgcaaaaca     23340
     aactgacttt ggggactctt atggtacatt cacaccagaa gcagatgaaa cacaaagcac     23400
     aactgattta catgtaaagt caatgcatag atctgatcag acatcctgtg gtacgaattg     23460
     agagttgtgg gcatttgacg cttgaatcgc tcaagttgga aaatctgaac tttagccaac     23520
     atttgcgcca tgttaaccaa tcagtagctt gctctagtag gggcgtgatt atgatgtagc     23580
     acctgtagtt ggtgtcatga gagtaaatcc tcctgccaac aatagtttct ggagttgttg     23640
     atgaactcaa agaactgggt gcacctctga gaggatctag tggactcaga cacagcgcca     23700
     aacaaatcta cactattttc cagccttcct aacgccccat tcaaggggtg tcagcgtcaa     23760
     cgcttcccat tcgctttaaa tgggtgacat caggcgttgc cgaactgcat tgtggatccg     23820
     tctgcgccac tttaggggcg ttgcttgttg cagaagttgg gactttctca acttttcaag     23880
     cgccaatgga agcatcagcc aatcagattg ctgtatgcaa atacaccagc tcagacagtg     23940
     gcctattgct gactaatttc acacgctgcc cccacaggtc agggacatcc tgctgtctga     24000
     ggctccgtag cggccagctt ctgaatgctt ttcttgcttc ccgtccgtgc agtggagctt     24060
     acactccgct ctggagtttc ggatatagca cttctgctgt aaaacaaact gactttgggg     24120
     gttgctatgg tatgctcaac cccccctacc ccaacccccc acccccaccc ccctcacagc     24180
     agagggtcgt acttaatata aaatttttat tgtttataaa tatttggtaa taatggtcta     24240
     ttgaactaaa tatgaatatg tcctttatgg catttattaa tcacgattca caatttacta     24300
     atgcaatatt aaaacgtgtg cttgttaaca tccgttaatg caattttgag tttaccagaa     24360
     ttaaaagtga atgacttaat ttttaacaac cattaacgaa gatgaataaa tgtgttgttc     24420
     attatttggt catgttagta aatacataaa cttacataaa catacataat acataaacaa     24480
     tacataaaca atacataaac aatacataac ataatacata aacataaata tttgaaaccc     24540
     tataccaaag tgttaccaaa tattttatat ataaacaaac attttctcgt ctgtgcaata     24600
     acgtgttgac atatggtgca gtagaacggc agggcgtccc aggttcaaat cctggctcga     24660
     cgacatttcc ccaccctacc cacctctctc tctctccaaa ttcgcttcca gcttcaatac     24720
     tgtctcatct aataaaggat aaataataaa tcttaaaaaa aaaaataaac aaacattttc     24780
     tcaaataata tgcatgtgtg tatttacata cacagtacac atatatacta tatcaagact     24840
     tttatttcgg atgtaaataa tcatatgaca gcactaatat ctgactaaaa tgtgagtttc     24900
     ttaccctgaa agattaactg tgacacattt agatgtgtta tgtgaagact gacaatatta     24960
     aaaaggtttt aaaaatgtaa tcagtgttag cgtcttagat tatctccgtt atctgctgtt     25020
     tttctgttta tttgtaatgg gaatagtact attattaatt attaataatt attagataga     25080
     tggatggatg gatggatgga tagatagacg gatagacgga cagacagata gatgatggat     25140
     ggatggatgg atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     25200
     agatagatag atagatagat tgatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     25260
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagta taatttatag atggatggat     25320
     ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg acggacggac ggacggacgg acggacggac     25380
     agacagacaa atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     25440
     agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat     25500
     agatagtagt atattttatg gatggatgga tgaatggacg gacggacaga cagacagaca     25560
     gacacacaga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     25620
     gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata     25680
     gatagataga tagatagata gtagtataat ttatggatgg atggatggat ggatggatgg     25740
     atggatggat ggatggatgg atggatggat ggatggacgg acggacggac ggacagaaag     25800
     acagacacac agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     25860
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag     25920
     atagatagat agtagtataa tttatggatg gatggatgga tggatggatg gatggatgga     25980
     tggatagata gatagataga tagatatata gacagacgga cggacggacg gacagacaga     26040
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga     26100
     cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagaca gacagacaga cagacagata gatagataga     26160
     tagatagata gatagataga tagatagata gatagataga tagatagatt gatagataaa     26220
     gatttagttt taaaaagaaa tagtttatgt ataatttttg ttgtgaattc aaattaagaa     26280
     aaaaactatt ctaaaaattt tacaagatgc ttaacatgtt gttattatct tgcatgaaga     26340
     cgaaatgtag aaaaggagtg attgggtgat ataataatga tataaaaaca gcaaaataaa     26400
     tcaattagaa ataaattaaa gaaaaaaaaa agtgcctatt tagaactttt gggctccatg     26460
     ggttagggct cctaaataag cagatacaaa taaaacttgc aaaccaaaaa gttaatgagc     26520
     gtaatttgtc taaaagcggt aaaatgtacc ttactgcaaa aaactgcaaa tatacaaacc     26580
     tccctcttct tcttcaattt attggtgatt gacaaacaac aaaatggtgt atttccacca     26640
     ccaactggta tagagtgtgg atctctcgat cattataata ataataatta tacattttat     26700
     ttataatgcg cttttctaaa acccaaacaa tacaacatac agagaaatca aacatgcaat     26760
     aaactacaag tatacattaa aaaaagttat aaaatatgaa cacagaataa tcaagaatct     26820
     aaaaacgcag tcctaaaaag atgattatga cttccctccc ttatttaatc ctctcccaca     26880
     aatgagtatg tttaagatgc tgcaatgaaa aggtaaacat ttatatcctg agtcattttg     26940
     tagaatgtca tctaatttaa attgaacttt tatctcctct aaataattac taagagccct     27000
     cctttcatct tcatacttca tgcagtgtaa tataacatgt tcaactgtct cctctagtcc     27060
     acaaatctca tattatcatg taccatgctt gcccatttta aaaagtgcaa acctccctct     27120
     taatattact ttccgcaaaa tcaacgctcc gagcgccatc tccagcatcc aatcgcgaca     27180
     ctgcaacatt tgaaactgac gtgttcgcca gccaatgtgc gcgcgcgttg ttcaggaggc     27240
     tggacatccg ggcggtagta taaactgcgg cctggcgcgt gcggtttggg gcagcagcag     27300
     caccgctcgt ttaattcatt cttatctcgc accgtcacct aaaggtaagt acatatatta     27360
     atcccagcac acatgcgccc ttttcgacat gctatgtaga ctaaatttag cacgttttat     27420
     agttctcctg aggagtttgc tgggagatag aagcgttatg tcattggcgc gttagctacg     27480
     ctgctaataa gttagccgcg cgcgcgagag aaagcgcgtt tatttgttgc tcggtttgtt     27540
     tatttcactt atttagttcg ctttctgcac tggtaagcag tgtaaattaa acccaagttg     27600
     cttataaacg catttatgtg tgtaggtgct ttttattatg gtcactattg tctgagctcc     27660
     attgtctgtc gcacgtttac agcgtagcgt tcgtttgcgg cggatcagcg tttagtgtgt     27720
     tgtacgttta tcatatataa atgtatgttc atttatgtgt tgtggcgaaa cataacaaca     27780
     tcaacggcaa tggtgttgcc tggcaacata acagtttata tgtgggggtc gaatattaaa     27840
     tcaatagctg cttttccact atcgtgccaa accgttctaa gaacacttcg gtacggttac     27900
     ggttgtttct ccactgagcc tggaacggcg cggcacgatt acaaaccgtt cttggcccgg     27960
     aattctcggc acggttagac aaccgtgctg aactgtgctg acagattctg tgtgttgacg     28020
     tcgcgactcg gttgctaagc taccacagct ggctcagcag aagcgcgcta gccatcagac     28080
     atcctcaata aactacagta catttaatat aaaataatga tccaggtcta aacgatacag     28140
     tttgaaaaag gttttaaaac catagagcag tctctggcag agaagtgaat aactcatcac     28200
     attcttacga agatatttta ttcattaaag ttgttatttt attgacttga atacagacct     28260
     acttcgcctg cctgaatgtg agtttattgc acgcagcgct gtatttcaca gcacaaaact     28320
     cgctctgatc cgggagagac atgccagcga cttgcgctgc tgaccttttt tcctgctgcg     28380
     catcgaataa agcgaataaa gtcacgcttt gcatcatcga tgtccaaatt ccacaacaac     28440
     ataactaaat ccatggaaca cgaacttgca gactctttta acaacgagga aataattgca     28500
     ctttttaatt caaagccagg acagcttgtt aataacggcg agaccacctg aaggacggcg     28560
     tgttaatgtc ggccgtccaa aagactttgc ttgaaagctt tatggagcgg cactgtaact     28620
     gtccaaggta ctgttgtatg atttatatta tagcatatgc actaataaac aagtcaaaac     28680
     aatgaatgaa ttaaataaat atggattctt aaatgtcagt attgctttta ctcaaaaaat     28740
     atcaatacgt tttgacaaat gttttataaa aataaaatga gcaattttca tcatttcagc     28800
     tataggcaat tatatgattc agttatacat atgacattta tgaggcatgt aacatgtttc     28860
     tgtatttttg ttcttggtga tctttaatat agctacgcaa atattttcta aaacgtcaag     28920
     caataattcg cctgcagctt gttagttaat tatgaacaca aaataattat aataataaaa     28980
     ataaaattat caaaataaaa agataataga gcagaatttt gctaaatata atagtgcttt     29040
     atatgcttta tatcctgcta tatgtgttgt ttcaaatttg ttttttattt cacttgctgc     29100
     attcgttatt taatgtttga atagtaaaac aaacaacagc cattgcttaa ttggtttcat     29160
     tttaacatca taatgtagta tattttatat cattatcaac ttttgatata aaaacgcagt     29220
     gtaatttaat tgattgttaa aaatgaaata attaatgtgc tgtgttttta ttagtgaaag     29280
     tgcccgctca actttgacaa ggcctgtcca aaattatatt tctgccacta tatgcaaatg     29340
     cactattatt gttgtcttat cattccttat ttttctgtta tgttcagaga ttttaaatat     29400
     ttatttcccc tctaattatt ttcaatcatc acgttacatt ttggtaattt tccctccaaa     29460
     taaaatttag ccaaagctgc gcaacatata aataaataag ggtgcacatg tacctatatt     29520
     tagcacccct atttgataga gcggcataac agtgtttagt cacatggttg cttttgcttt     29580
     tatgaaaaaa aaaaaaaact tgtttcggct cttatttaac tttaattgaa caaagggagc     29640
     cgtttacatt gcgttaccaa ggcaactact gatgcgtttt gtgtaatgtt ttaaagagct     29700
     ttgtcgcagc acgacagtgg aaaatgaaac cgtatccgtg ctgtctggcc cggtttggca     29760
     cggaatggaa cagttctgtt taaagaacga ttcagcacga tagtggaaaa gcggctaatg     29820
     tttcgtagac cctcatgtct gaggctccgt taacgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gttaaaggcc     29880
     caattaaatc tagtttagtt ttttgattaa ctcaactatt atttggctca tggtttgtac     29940
     ttatgaattg actgttatgg tatttccaca tccacttcga taataaatgt attaaacttt     30000
     tattttaaca cactgtatga ttgctttcac ttagccttga acattttctt tcatgtgtaa     30060
     cgttatgtgt gtgattttta ttatccacga ttcatttccc atacaaaatc acaataatcc     30120
     gtctaaattt aggatttctt agcaaaatag cgttgttaaa caatccgata aaattgcatt     30180
     cttatacaaa caaaataatg tagcttccga ttattatttt taaatagttt ttcccacatt     30240
     atcgtgcagc cctagtttgt tattaaaggt aatattttgc tgggttgctt gaagatccaa     30300
     gagatgcata ataaagttat aaacactaga aaagcctaca tttcattagt tgttgcattt     30360
     tggaaaacca tttcaaacca ttaagaatgt ttaaatgtat atttgttcat attttaagta     30420
     attttcaaac aaactagttt aatgagaatc agcctaggtt ttgtttgtat ggtatcgatt     30480
     gtaaatttct ggtttctctt agccctgaac atttgtcctc gtgtgacact ggagcatgaa     30540
     attagtgttt tggtttttgt atatggccag cattatgtaa atagccaaca ttacattgta     30600
     cgagtcaact ggattttttt tgttttatgg caagccatta atgttaactt ttaaagtcat     30660
     cttccctgaa ggcatttcgt gaacttctta ccatgatata tcaatttaaa catggtacat     30720
     ccattttatg tatcaacaca aatctattag gttaacttaa ttgtttttac aaatttaagt     30780
     agatagaaca taaaacagtt aaattgtcct aaaaaaaact ttagaattgt gtttcaagtc     30840
     attaaataat ttagttaaac ccggcaatga aaattacttt tgctgctagt ttaaaggaaa     30900
     ataattgacc gtgatggaat gtagaaagtc tgcaatatga gggttaaaaa taatctaaat     30960
     attcaggtta cgtgttaaga aaaagttata aaagttactg aagtttgtcc tgcgcgcttg     31020
     cggttttatt acttctttgg tttggtgcgt taatcttatc gttactgtta ttcaaaagaa     31080
     ggtaatgatt cgcactcaat tgcttcgtac tgtttttatt tttttattat ttttactttt     31140
     ttatttaatt ttttttgtaa gaaagtacaa ataaaaacag tatgaagcaa ttgagtgtga     31200
     agcattacct tcttttgaag aaaaagttat aaacatggta aaattgcaat ttttggtccc     31260
     actttttatt aagtgtcttt aactaatatg tacttacaca gaaattaata attcgctaca     31320
     tgtatttgtg taaatacatg ttactctgtg ctgatgcttg attaaataac cgtatgtaat     31380
     tacatctgta atttaacttc tgtaattacc cattccacca aacctgttcc taaccttacc     31440
     cctatgaaca cagtgagtac attgtattta tttttttgat gcaagtacat agtagttaag     31500
     gtcacataac agggttcatt gctaaaggtt tttttctact ggtccgatcg ggccagtggt     31560
     tcagattttt acttgccctg ctaaaatttt tactagcccc accaaaaaaa aaggaaaaaa     31620
     agagaagtca gtagctattt ttacccacat attttaaata atttgtcgaa aataatgtct     31680
     gtaaatctag agtttaatta ctttaagttt tgctcattac acatttatta acattttata     31740
     gtgttatgct aacagaaaaa gcagtttggg aaatgtgcag gtattttatt gcagttcgaa     31800
     attatctaac aaaagcttgt caaaacttgt caaactgatg gcaaattgtg caaaacatca     31860
     cttacgtgtt gttcccacgt aaatgtctgc ttccaagaca ttagatacag acattttctt     31920
     ttagctttat aatttgatgt tgccgtcatg ttgctgtttc ttcgctatac tggttgttac     31980
     caggttatgg aaaaaaatag catgctcaac atcaaatcag ataaggggaa ccgaaaagca     32040
     agatagtgtt tacgatgtta cagagaaggt agcatttaaa gacttaaatg cacaaactta     32100
     aaatgcaagc aattgacaaa tagtcgcaga caaaataatc ttcagtgacc cccaatcggg     32160
     ccagtaatga tcctgtctac tgtcccaagc gtctcttatg ctggccatgg gccatcgggc     32220
     agtccttatt gttgagccct gcataatata aagtgggacc tatgtttctt agtaactgca     32280
     tttttgaaag taatcattat tattattatc atacatgtta ttacttttca gtaatataaa     32340
     aaatgtaatg attctgtggt tttattgata atagtagccc gtgttttgtt tgtatattct     32400
     tttaatgcta aaaataaata aaaagcatct gctaaatgac agtgtaaatc ttaaaagcaa     32460
     aatcagaaat ggcaatttga atggtcaaaa ttgcaatcag attacatcta gtaaatatta     32520
     gcatgtatga tattgattct gtatgaaaat gcatgcagta cttttgtatt tgaatgtttg     32580
     tttcatgtgt cactagtcat caggctggct tttgtttttt ttgttgtcca cctgttattc     32640
     acatgtgttt tcggtgctag cactttcaca agtggtcacc agattaccat gtccacctgt     32700
     gaatgctgtc tgagtgagct gaccagcagt ggcaaatggg ccaggtcaat tgcacaaata     32760
     gtgaattata agatcaaccc aagcagggct cgaaattgcg gccattttgg tcgcatatgc     32820
     ggcaaatttt atctatgcga cctcaaaata tatttgggag catgcattca cgcagaatgc     32880
     atctctcagc tctttgtctg cacatgaaat gcgaaacgca gcgctcagga atggtttcaa     32940
     acagttgtca tgtcatcttg ctgcagtaaa caaatccaag tccgtaatgc ttgccccgcc     33000
     ctcgcgctct tcttattggc ccacagctct agcactgaaa tatcagctgt caatcactca     33060
     gtcaatgcct tctggctttt gatgacagag agagctacta caatgaaaaa ttgtaaagcg     33120
     ctgaagatga gaatgaagat aacactgaca gatttagttt tagaaaccat ggcatctaaa     33180
     gttacaaata atgacacatc ttactagtga tcatgtgccg agtgttaatc caccatctac     33240
     acatttagaa gaatggataa aagacttcca aaggcttcaa gtccgctatg aaaagtctgt     33300
     gggatggagt tttcaagtaa cagtttgcca catctagcac aagagcttct gtttaatcct     33360
     tcatataatc gccagatgcc gtccgccatg caagtggcac ctatatgtca aatttaacac     33420
     catcggaaac gggcttacac tgactaaact aatatcacta ctcctaaaaa gtattgctat     33480
     taacatgaca tatgcatata ataaggtaca gtatatatat caaaaacatt agtgcaatat     33540
     cagacagcac ccgtgagaac agcacagtta tatcgttaac agattcatgt caagcagtgc     33600
     gtgcaggggc ggtgaacggt ccgtgtatgc tttggtcact cagttatgtt ataaaatttt     33660
     attttctaat gatagcggga tttcattgag acatgtttta cttacgcttg tgtgtgtgtg     33720
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtatatg     33780
     tatgtgtgtg tgtgtctttt aaaaaaaaaa atttattttt ttatttttta cttggtttga     33840
     ttactgtgat ttcaaatgca ataaatatgt ttgtataaaa cttgtagtaa cggtgcttat     33900
     aatttgtggg tgcgactaaa ttttggctga tgcgcctaca ttttcaaagt taggagcacc     33960
     ggtgctacta agcaataagg ctaattttta agccctgttt atatatatat atatatatat     34020
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acacacacac     34080
     acactgttgg tggatgattg ttgtaggcag tgtattgttg ttgagtaaca gttttagaag     34140
     tgtgatttgg tgaagatatg atttattatg gctctgcggt cttctgatca gtctttgttt     34200
     ttttgcagaa tggctgagaa tgacgttgag aacgagctgc tggattatga ggaggatgag     34260
     gagcctcagg gagccccaga aagcgccgct ccagtgggca agaaggaggt gaagggctcg     34320
     tacgtctcca tccacagctc cggcttcaga gactttctgc tcaagccaga gctgctgaga     34380
     gccatcgtgg actgcgggtt cgagcatccc tctgaaggtc agacacaatg aagttacaaa     34440
     catctcccaa aaaaataatc tttggggaat tttttcctct ttgtggatta aatggggttc     34500
     atacaggtgc tggaaaacct tgccaaatgc ttgagtttta atctgttgtt taaggtttga     34560
     taagggcttt ggttctgaat aaaatgcttg agaatgtgat tgtgttgctt ttttaatctg     34620
     ttactaaatg ggttataatt cactttaaag taatagattt ttgcctttcc ataagatgaa     34680
     aacttgtatg tgcatattag gggtgtaacg atattaaaac cgaaccgaaa tatcgcgata     34740
     caccaaccac gatacgtatc gcgaaactct cgtggcgtac cgcggtactc taacgtcccc     34800
     tgctgcccat tgttgaggtt gacgtcactt gtctctaact aattgaacca atttaaacac     34860
     atctttatta tcatatttga ttaaattgtt ttagtaatga tgaggatttg ttctaaatat     34920
     tatattctaa agttagtatt ttagtgcatg ttatgtcatg tgacttgagt aagcatcaca     34980
     ctcgttacta ctggacgcag gatggctgct ttacatagta ctgagattgg agatccccca     35040
     gacacattta agtcatctgt gtggaaacat tttggttttc cagttgagta caggaatata     35100
     gaattcgtgt cgtagacaaa gccttacttg taaggaaaaa catttaaaaa gtgtggtaat     35160
     ttcacaatgt gagggtgtaa gcaacagaac tgccaacaaa agtgatttaa tgtacaaaag     35220
     taaaaccaga ataatgccca aatatacaaa aaaagagaaa tgtatacact aataaaaata     35280
     atataataaa gtaacaaatt caaacaaaag tatcaaacaa aaattagtta acctcgagca     35340
     aggggtgata gtgaagacaa acaaaagaaa taaatataat aaaacaattc taactcatga     35400
     ataacccctc ttacctccct aaaactgata aaaagaaaaa aaaggtcttc agcgcagtgc     35460
     gccgcattct tccctactga ataaaataaa caaagatgac cttcacctct tacctgatgt     35520
     ctttaacaat acattttcta cgtgtttgca aaatagaaat cgtatgacat ttaccctatc     35580
     caccttacac taagactgaa cttgaggaaa tacagctatc ttgtcggagc taaaaaataa     35640
     tatacaaatc aattgaaata aaaatgtaca aacctcacaa aatttcttaa agtgggcaaa     35700
     agtaatgcaa aataatttta gccaaacgaa agttaagcaa aaacaacgaa aatcataatc     35760
     atgtcagaaa aatacacgaa aaacgagatc aaaggaaaaa gcgctctctc tcccgctctt     35820
     cctgacatgc tttatacatt cccgcgctgc gtcgccaaat gttgatagat cggtctcctg     35880
     accaatcagc tgtcaaaaag gcggacctac agtacataaa tgaccggcat agagagagag     35940
     agagagagag agagagatcg ggaggcaaac atacagccgg ctacaaccct aacattagtt     36000
     tcagacacaa ccgcaatgta ttttactggt gaatatgtca tgaaaaaaaa actttacaaa     36060
     cacatatgta tatttttcat taatttaagc ggaaacctat ctatataaat gaaaccatat     36120
     aatcaaaaat gagcgtctgt gtcagcacag agatccagcc tctcatcgga gaatgtggat     36180
     attatggtgt ttttgaagaa gatcttcact agtctacact gcagttattt atttaatttt     36240
     agtttacttg gttaagatgg ctgcactaaa gagaatagtt tttctgagta gtctatattg     36300
     gaggtattta tttaattcta gttgtttact cgggtatcct gactgtacta aaaatgcgat     36360
     gacaaagtta ataaagaaaa aggtaagatg ttcttgttat taagtgaatt gtcccttagc     36420
     attgctgtta gcatgacatc aaccctaacc ccacagcaaa cagaaaccga accgtaccga     36480
     atcgtggctc caaaaccgtg aaccgaaccg tgccttttgt gtatcgttac acccccagtg     36540
     catattcctg ttgcatgatc tggctgtcgg gatctgatgt tactttttat ttatttttta     36600
     gaaaaataag caaccaaatt acatattaac agtaaataac tctttattag tgggctttgt     36660
     ttttccctat acattgctgc agaatgccat aacaaatagc atctgaaata tcgtggagta     36720
     gtatgtgtac ttgccacact tttaaagtgc ttgaaaaaga aacagaatgc atctgaaaag     36780
     tgctttaaat tttacttgat gcgcaggaac tgtgaataaa tgagttgtct ttatagttgt     36840
     ttgaattagt tgtttgcgcc cttcaggtta agctacattg ctttaatttc atgtttaaat     36900
     gtggtttatt tttgattgct aatattttta atgtaagttg agaattaaaa gcactatatg     36960
     aggttggttg tcgccaggta tgtgtagttc tattgtaaca cattcacatt atttaataca     37020
     gaggtttaca aaatggctat tccagttact tgaccccccc ccctatcctc agaggtggtt     37080
     ctaaacagag taaaaacaag catatagaca acacaaagtg caacagccat agtttttatt     37140
     ttattttttg tttttaaagc cacttcattt gattcaatat ttaccttacc tgataataac     37200
     gtatggtaaa ttaagtctat ttattaccaa gcaatttaat aattatactt tattgctttt     37260
     atttttaata cttgtattct atggttcttt tatttttgtt tatgtgaagc atattgaatt     37320
     aacattgtgt tttgaaatgt gccctatata gactcatctt gccctaattc atcgtttgtt     37380
     catgttagca ggtgcatcca ccaatgggct gttattataa aatattaccc atttttataa     37440
     agtgaaaaac aacctttttt tttctcgtgt atttgttatt gctcttgtta tgtttctgta     37500
     aaagtctagg gattagaata ggaacaaaca aataagtgaa gaggggagcg ttttaaatca     37560
     actgtctcca gacccagaat caccagatga caacatgttg tcttgataca ggcaatcgtt     37620
     ttcgtttcct tttttttctc aggcaaaaag aaaattaatg gaatcaattt taaagaacat     37680
     aatacaaaaa aatatgggat tactaaaata acaaacaaaa cagtctagta actaaaacta     37740
     acttgcctaa caaaataata attgcccaag agaaaaatta ctttaatttc tccctgcata     37800
     ccaaccaata acagaagaga ggggtttaac tccaaaggac cccccgcacc tttctcatac     37860
     cttttacata aattgttcac gttattagta aaggtagcgc acgaggaaaa aaacgcaata     37920
     ctacaacact gcaacatcaa aactagatag atgaacgttg tgtgatgaaa cactctttaa     37980
     aaaagaaaaa ctcaattttt atctgattaa ctataggaat tattgtcaga gtacttgatt     38040
     aggtaaatga tggacatcta tgcctccagt gagagattaa gatgccagtt atgtttatat     38100
     ttctctgtgc atcgcctata tactatataa atttaggttt actatgttta tgtttaaagc     38160
     tgttaaagtt attagtacct aataaagtta taactattaa ctttttctgg ttttgattgt     38220
     gatgctttaa tgtgcacctt ttttaaacct gcattgaaac taattattgt gagcagcact     38280
     atgctaataa acctgaacaa gtctgaagtg aactttgtgt ttgtgtttta gtgcagcacg     38340
     agtgtatccc gcaggccatc ctgggcatgg atatcctctg tcaggctaag tctggtatgg     38400
     ggaagacggc tgtgttcgtg ctcgctaccc tgcagcaaat cgagccagtg gacggacagg     38460
     ttggtttagc attgtttgat gatattaggg ccgatcgagt tgagatttaa attacagcaa     38520
     gtcctactgt ggtttaggag gtgtttaaag agaatcaagt tgttaatgtc aaattaagct     38580
     tttttttttt tttcctcctt tacctgccta tggtggccat tagtaaatat cagttgtttg     38640
     tgaatatgca acatgccttt gtgaaattta ttattttaaa atttatgatt aatgttttat     38700
     tattattatt atttttatta tttttttatt attattatga tgatgtgaag tgacctttta     38760
     gttaatgcag catgggaatg tggtgatctc atatcacact aaatatgaaa ataaaaacta     38820
     caaaataaaa gtgcttaatc gtttagcatg catgctatgt gaaaattaat tgacttaata     38880
     gagcatgttt attgttaaat tgaatataaa taaaatccta atctgaaatg ttttaagtag     38940
     ctaatatcag atttctacaa aaaaattaat attttgaaat gttgcattgt aatttgtcat     39000
     tagagaacca ttactttatt ttgatgtatg cttttttaat attaaagctt ttaaatgtgg     39060
     tctttaatac ttatttacca tcaagctgct catcataaaa cttcttttag tagtatgtaa     39120
     aattaccgta aaacaagatt tttatcatta aaaacatcac caggaaagaa aataaaaatt     39180
     atattgaaaa gaaaaatcat tagacatttt aatgtacttt tttttgtgca tctcaattct     39240
     gtttatatgt ttgtttgtgt cgtagcttac taaaaatata aagttatgta ctattttgat     39300
     gtgcagcggg gttgaaggca ttgaaaacgc caccattttt ctgggtaaac ggatttctaa     39360
     aagtgctgtt gacttaaaga gcccatatta tacatgaaat agggtcatat cctggttgta     39420
     agggtctcca acaacagtct aatatgcatg caaggtcaaa aaacactttc atggtcttat     39480
     aatctgcatt tatttttagc taattatccc agcgactcct gtatgaatcg tccagtgatt     39540
     catttgttcc caaacccctc cttagcgtgg agctaatctg cgctgattgg accgatgaca     39600
     gtctgtcgcg attggtcgac tgccttcagt cagagaggga aatggccaat agctaatcag     39660
     caatttaaac gtggatttta gctgccacac tatggcgagt ggatagtgcc acggataacc     39720
     gaacgaagga gacagtcgtg tactcgccat accacacaca cacacacaaa aacacacaca     39780
     cacacctccg gatgacaacg ctcccgcttc cgcccgcacc cgccaggttt tagcctgaaa     39840
     acccgctccg ttttctgccc gccgcgcccg gtccccggcc cggagcggag aacacaacca     39900
     aaaatcaccc agtatacagt ccagacagcc aagctgtctg tttaggttta aacacacaca     39960
     cacacagcac aaagctcgtt cgttcgttcg ttcgctctct ctctctctct ctctctctca     40020
     tacgcgcgcg tgcgcactaa cacacacaca agcaccacgc agacgctctc tttctaattc     40080
     gcatagcaat atctgtgata ttgctagaca gcccgctccc gtcccaaatt aaacccgtta     40140
     ccgaccgctc ccgcgattta ttcggaaatt tattcccgcg gctgtccccg cgccagattt     40200
     ctgcggcgcg ggaataaatt tccgaataaa tcgcgggagc agaactctag cacggagctc     40260
     cataaacaaa cagcacgcgt cgcgttttta acgtgacttt gcacgcgata agataaaata     40320
     tccagttaac ctgatacagt acacgcggtt acaagtaaca aatcacaact aaatacattt     40380
     gcaagctaga gtaaacgagg caacaacttt aaccgcatgt acttacactt gagaaatgga     40440
     agaaacccat cctgacgtcc atcagttact ctttactgat ccttccttta acaaactcag     40500
     atgaagtatt ctttgtagca tgtagcttcc agaagtttcc aactgcttgg ttataatgct     40560
     gaggtttcat ctttgggtag agactcaata taatgtccat ctgcagtgtt acttcaatcg     40620
     accggcatgt ttatgtgcgt gtgtttgtgg gtgtgcgtgt gtgtctgggt ttctgcgtca     40680
     gagggcgggg cttcaggttt gaaatctccc gggtttgcgc gtgcacgtga ataacttggt     40740
     ttcgttcgta cgtcatggcg aaacacctaa tgaatcgata tcaaggcgac tcgtttgaag     40800
     cactatgagt cgactctttt atagatgaat caaccgtttt aaacactgta ttcttacaga     40860
     tttaagcctt agctggatac ttcacttcac ttagagctgt gttacacact acatggaggg     40920
     gaattttcaa aaacccataa tatgggctct ttaaagtttt ccctggatgt cgatcacaaa     40980
     agaaatccat atgccgtttc ttaatgaaaa attatgtaat aaaatgacag tgaaaacaca     41040
     tgaagaaagg gaggtgtagt ttggcagtga aagcccagac agctgctgaa atctctcagt     41100
     agttcttcag caagcctatg cacttcctcc attgtaaaag aatatcagct gcttcatcaa     41160
     catctacatt agcaggagga tgaagatgat tccagggtag acagccaaag agactctcgg     41220
     atggtttcag agaaggaaaa tcaagctgta gaatggccca gccaatcacc tgatctgatt     41280
     ccaatagaga atacaaaata aagctcagct ttgataggca agacccacaa aaatcaaaat     41340
     cttgatggtt ctgtgcaagt ctgtataaaa actcacacct gagcaatgtg tgtgacttca     41400
     ttctccatat gagcggcatc tttaagctga cgtcagcaaa aatagccttt tatatacagt     41460
     attaaatata gttcaggagt ttctcgttct gtcatttcat tgttaataca ccactcattt     41520
     ttccgattta gttttatatt gtttgtgttt tgaccaaaat ctggttcatt tccatgtcaa     41580
     cacgcctttg caaatattat tcccaggaca aaaacataat acttgtattt caatacttca     41640
     atacttgtat tcccacctgt gtattaatgc catgaaatag aaagttgcta atgtggcaat     41700
     aaacaaacaa gtgtgtgtgg tgcggagtgt agtcttgtag atcttgaccg tgtttatttg     41760
     gtgtgcccca ggtgtcggtg ctggtcatgt gtcacacgcg agagctggcc tttcagatca     41820
     gcaaagagta cgagcgcttc tccaagtaca tgcccacggt gaaggtggcc gtgtttttcg     41880
     gcggcatgtc catcaagaag gacgaggatg tgctgaagaa gagctgccct cacatcgtgg     41940
     tcggcacgcc ggggcgaatc ctcgctctgg tgcgaaacaa aacccttaac ctgaagaacg     42000
     tcaaacactt cgtcctggac gagtgcgata agatgctgga gcagctgggt gagtggacat     42060
     tgtgttaggt ttactcactg attcaattgt tcatacggag tcgactgtta atgactcact     42120
     gaatcaactg cttatcaatt aaatgatatt cgtggtctac gatgaaagac tctgatttaa     42180
     ttgtacatag tgtgtccaca gttagtgact cactgattca gttgttcatt aagaggacat     42240
     tttaatgact caccatttta gattgttcgg agtccacagt taatgactca ttgattcaat     42300
     atatgaagag tctactgata ctgactcact gattcagttg ttcatttaaa gtacatttta     42360
     atgagtcacc aattcagatg atgttcagag tccacagtta gtgactcact gattcaattt     42420
     atgagggtct acagatactg actcactgat tcagttgttc atttagagta catttaaatg     42480
     actcaccaat tcagatgatg ttcagagtcc acagttagtg actcactgat tcaatttatg     42540
     agggtctaca gatactgact cactgattca gttgttcgtt tagagtacat ttaaatgact     42600
     cgccaatttc gatgatgttc agagtccaaa attgactcat tgattcaatt tatgaagagt     42660
     ctacaaatac tgacatgctg attcagttgt tcatttaaag tatgttttaa tgagtaccaa     42720
     ttcagatgat gttcagagtc cacagttaat ggctcactga ttcaatttat gaacaatcta     42780
     cagatgctga ctcactgatt cagttgttta tttagagtat attttaatga ctcaccgatt     42840
     cagatgttcg gagtccagtt aatggttcat tgattcaatt tatgaagggt gtacagatac     42900
     tgactcactg attcagttgt tcaattagag tacattttta tgactcgcca attcagatga     42960
     tgttcagagt ccacagttaa tggctcactg attcaattta tgaacaatct acagatgctg     43020
     actcactgat tcagttgttc ttttagagta cattttaatg atttcaattc agatggtcaa     43080
     agtccacagt taatgaatca ttgattcaat ttatgaaggg tgtgcagata ctgactcact     43140
     gattcagatg tttaattaca gtactttttt tatgactcac caattcagat gatgttcaga     43200
     gtcgacagtc agtgactcat tgattcaatt gttcatttag agtatattta aataactcac     43260
     caattcagat gttcagaggc cacagttaat gactcactga ttcagttgtt caattagagt     43320
     atatttttat gactcacaat tcagatgatg ttcagagtcc acagtcaatg actcaatgat     43380
     tcaatttatg aagaatctac agaaactgac tccctgatta agttgttcat gcgaagtaca     43440
     gtaaattact ccctaattca gatgttcata gtctacagtt aacaactcat ccagtcacac     43500
     ttggttttgc cactgcaatt aacatttatt ggatctaaaa ctaggttgta aaaataggtt     43560
     gtattcattt gctgccttac atttttagcg tttattcaaa ccaaacgttc ttgcaaaatg     43620
     aacacagtaa tttctacttg taaaacttga gtacctttta aaaaataatc aagttctttg     43680
     atactctgaa gattgaaagc ttttatagtt tagtgattat ttcattaggg tgtctgtact     43740
     tttaaccggt gcctgatttg tgtgcagtgc tgagtttaat actgtttctc tgtcagacat     43800
     gaggcgtgat gttcaggaca tcttcaggct cactcctcat gagaagcagt gcatgatgtt     43860
     cagcgccacg ctcagcaagg agatccggcc cgtctgccgc aagttcatgc aggacgtgag     43920
     taaagctttc tgctgttcat ttatgtcgtg caatatttct caaactatta taacggtctt     43980
     ttaatgatgt gcaagatgag agcgcattcg tagaactttt aatatagatg tgatatcgca     44040
     agtaagagtg ccttcaggtt gtaagcacat gttttttttt taggctgcat ttacactgca     44100
     gatccttatg gtcaattccg atttttgtga cttgtttttt tttttttctt ttgctgacct     44160
     gcttgcatct tttagatgag actcgtatcc gatcgtcttc atttacacag cacacgacaa     44220
     aagtgcgctg actaacagct gataattata gagtgctctt ttttttctat tcctgtatgt     44280
     aatctgttca cagcgtttga caagctgttt tattatagtt tataacagaa aggtgctcat     44340
     ttgtccatct tcttttgata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg cttttttaaa     44400
     ccttttttaa acctctatct atctatctat ctatctctct atctctctct tctctctctc     44460
     tctcgacaca gttgaagtca gatttattag cacctctaaa ttattagccc ccgtttatat     44520
     tttccccaat ttctgtttaa cggagagcag attttttttt tcccaacaca tttctaatca     44580
     taatagttaa ttattcatct ctaataacaa atttatttta tctgtcatga tgacagtaaa     44640
     taatatttgt ctacatattc ttcaagacac ttctatacag cttaaagtga catttaaagg     44700
     cttaactaag ttaactaggc aggttagggt aattaggcaa gttattgtat atcaatggtt     44760
     tgttctgtag actatcggaa aaaaaaatag cttaaagggg cttataattt tgaccttaaa     44820
     agggtgttta aaaaaactgc ttttattcta gctgaaaaca aaagactttc cccagaagaa     44880
     aaggtattaa aagacatact gtggaaaatt tcctgaatct gttaaacatc acttgtgaaa     44940
     tatttaaaga aaaacattca aagggggggg ggctaataat tctgacttca actgtataca     45000
     cacacacact catatacaca ctacctgaca aaagtcttgt tcccagttgt aagagcaaca     45060
     aacaacttct agttgatctt tggaaaggtg gcagacggtg gatttttttc ccatgaatca     45120
     tctgttgagc tgcatcccaa tcatcaccaa tacagcagaa gacctactgg aacccacatg     45180
     gagccaagat tctcaaagaa accagtcaag tttggtgaag aaaaaaaatc atggtttaga     45240
     gttctatgca gtatgggggg cgtgcgagag atctgcaaca tcaacagcct gagtaatcaa     45300
     gacatttatg ctgcccatta cattacaaac cacaggaaag ggcaaattct tcagctggat     45360
     agcgctcctg ctcataattc agcctccaca tcaaagctcc tgatgctcca ggattggcca     45420
     gcccagtcac cagatatgaa cattattgag catgtctggg ctaagatgga ggcgttgaag     45480
     atgaatccaa agaatcttgc tgaactctgg gagtcctgca aaaaggctat cttccccatt     45540
     ccagatgact ttattaagca gtgatttgag tcattgcagt gatgtataga tgcagtcctc     45600
     caagataaca aaagttgtat ttagaggctt ttgcctttca aacaagccat ttctgatacc     45660
     aaatgatcaa ctggaagtca agttattctt tgttaacttt ggtaggtcac aagacttttt     45720
     tcaggtagcg tgtgttaagt attcaaaaac aaacaaagca ttgtagtttt tactgcctta     45780
     atgtcataca tatggagaaa ttggcgcatg cacagacatg atggtggtga ttcactgatt     45840
     caattgctga tcacggtcta gttaacggct tgctgattca attggtgtcc acagtatggt     45900
     tggtgactca ctgattcatt ggtgcacata gtgtaccgct aacgactctc taattcagat     45960
     tattcatcaa aacctttccc tttattttca gccgatggag gtgtttgtgg atgacgagac     46020
     gaagctgact cttcacggtc tgcagcaata ctactgcaag ctgaaggaca acgagaagaa     46080
     ccgcaagctc ttcgacctgc tcgacgtgct ggagttcaac caggtgactt tcatgctcag     46140
     tcattcaatg aacgaactgc caaattgtgt aacactaagg tcgtagggtc tgtggtgtca     46200
     cccacagagc gcatatgatg ctcaaagtgg gtggagccag ctaatgacat cacttctgaa     46260
     tcaacaatag gcaaaaagag gaatgtgggt ggagcctgag atggctggct gtattttcct     46320
     aatggaacac tattgctttg catttgcatt ctgggcgcat gagcttggct ttatactgta     46380
     gtaatgtgtt tcaatcaatg cattaagcac tttcctcctg tagataaacc atcataatga     46440
     taaatgtggc ttaagtaatt actttcagta aagtctgtta gtatgctggg ctattaaata     46500
     gagacggaac atcatgacag cgtttctggc tgttttatag cctacagcta atcagtgtcc     46560
     tctgttctgg agtgtagtgt aatttgaaga agttataaat aagttagata cctgatttca     46620
     atcatgtgac cactccttta tgcataattt taggcattaa tataatttgt gctgtaatat     46680
     ggactataaa aatatcattc actttgtaca tggcgattga ctcttttgca gcctctagtg     46740
     gtcatgtgat gaactgtagt ttcagtcttt tgtgtctttg tcaggagagg ggttgcatga     46800
     tttttttttt ttttctggag tgtaatagtg ttgtcctcct gcaggtggtg atcttcgtga     46860
     agtctgtcca gcgctgtgtg gcgctttcac agttactggt ggagcagaat ttcccagcca     46920
     tcgccatcca cagaggaatg gcccaggagg agcggtgcgt gcagacttat actgattaac     46980
     actgcaaacc gtacaacaca ctacttttta tatatatata tatatatata tatactttca     47040
     gcttggaata ttcttgcatt attaatatta ttattcaaat ccactgcata ttatagttgt     47100
     taaaagagat tcacatttta cagttttttt tttttttttt tttgtcggca gatcttagtc     47160
     ttaacatctt acatttcaaa agcaaaattg taggtcttaa agtattaaat tcacagaaat     47220
     attgtgttgt aaatcttaat gtccatataa aactactcaa aacggttgac acccttccaa     47280
     tcaccagcaa tccatctcaa agctatcaaa aatctatggc tctgtttcac agacatggct     47340
     tagactagct aggattaggc catggttcaa ttaggacatt taagtaattt ttataaacat     47400
     gcttacaaaa gaacattagt tgtgtgcatc ttgagacaaa caatggcact ggtatattta     47460
     aaaatcaatc agtgctattt tatttgttga agcagctctg acttatattt tagtttagga     47520
     ctagtcttgt ctttgaaaat aattaggggg tcaagcgcga agcgctgaaa ccctattgtt     47580
     tttgttaaga tttttattat tattattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattatt     47640
     ctgccgaagt cactattgcc cagaccaaac cgtaagtccg agagagctga aacttggcca     47700
     gatggtagta ccccggtaca ctacgttctg gccaaagatc agccaaatca gaccataggt     47760
     ggcgctatgg cgccaaaaaa acactttttg gacatttttg gccgctatac gttcaccgtt     47820
     tgtcgtagac tcaaaaactt tacatttttt gaatccctgg gttaacctga acaaaagtgt     47880
     ataccagaaa tttttgctct acgacgcacc gttttcccgc tacatcgcga tttgtccgaa     47940
     acctactttt gcgaactagt cctaggtttt acactcaatc taaaccaaac cagctttcaa     48000
     atgttctctg gaaactgaat atcaataatt atcaaaaaaa agttgacatt tttattctca     48060
     ctcgaaacag tacacaacaa tgttcgatgc taattgaagc taaatgctaa ttggagctat     48120
     aacttttgaa cgaaatgaga tatcatcacc aaacttgata cacacatgca taagctcaat     48180
     ttgaggtgac actgcaaaac ccgcagactt tggccacatg gtggcgctat aaagctaaaa     48240
     aaacataaaa attactctaa ccttacagcc attagtccga tcagcttgaa atttggcatg     48300
     cagtgtcttt gaccaagttg tcataacata ctataaggac attggcatat ctcaaaaaaa     48360
     catggccgcc attggccaat taaaattgag cagccattta acaaggttaa cgatgagtga     48420
     tcaaaacgaa actcgctggg catgttcgac tcacggtcct agaggtctgt aagaattttg     48480
     aaagaaatcg gccactaggg ggcgatttta cgtattttta gtgtgtaatg ggttgtgtat     48540
     cacacaacct tttgcgcaac cacacaaaat acatatcata tgatagacct gcttataccg     48600
     aacagtttga cactcaaacc actgctgtca cttacaccgt tcgttaaata ttcatcaata     48660
     taggaaaaac ctacttttgc gaactagtcc ctggtttttc actcaatcgc gacgaaacca     48720
     gtgttgttag aatctctgga ctgtgtagat caataattat caaaaaaaag ttgaactttt     48780
     cactttggct agctgtaaca ggctaattta caaaagaggc ttgtccacac gaacctacat     48840
     gcctgtaaac caataaggaa agctcaaaac aacacagaaa ttggtgagca catgtggcat     48900
     atcaacgaga tgaaacctgc taaattttgt gaagatcaaa ccataggtgg cgctataata     48960
     gcaaaaatag tctttaaata atgctaaatc gcttaaaaat aaagtaaatt tgcttcattt     49020
     acatactatt tcacaaaaaa cgcttaatct acatatcata tgataggtct gctcatactg     49080
     aacagtttga cactaaaacc actgctgtta ctcaaactgt tcattaaaaa accatcaata     49140
     taaacacaac ctacttttgc gaactagtcc ctggttttta actcaatcgc aatgaaacca     49200
     gtgttgtatg aacctctgga ctgagtagat caataattat caaaaaaagg ttgaactttc     49260
     cattttagat agctgtaaca ggctcattaa caaaaggggc gtgtctacac gaacctacat     49320
     gcctgtaaac caataaggaa taccaaaaac atcacagaaa ttggtgagca gatgtggcat     49380
     atcaatgtga ataaacatgc aaaatcttgt ggagattggg caataggtgg cgctataata     49440
     gtggaaatgg ttctaaaaac atgctaaaat ggcttaaata tgaagtaaat gtgcttcatt     49500
     tacacactta tcactgaaat gatttataag ttattttttt tgtccatctt ggatgtttaa     49560
     aggtctcaaa aacacataat ttcaatattt tatcatttta gccactatag cacagacttt     49620
     taactgtcac ctaccatttc taaccactag atgtcacaac aagaccactt atttattgtt     49680
     caaaacattt gtataccttt gttgttttac attgtttgag tttaaagtca gggaaattgc     49740
     atttaggatc attctgaatc acattttgac ctgatgtaaa cactgttatg cattaaacat     49800
     ctaatttggt cccagttaac ctcttcataa taattctaat aggtaaacct ggttctataa     49860
     ttaaacacct tgttttaaaa catgtgtaaa gaaaatcaca actgtggctt ctagatggca     49920
     gtaacagacc acttgatgtt tattttactg ctctatagca aagaatgtaa tgtaatgtta     49980
     tgtaatgcat tctgaatccc aaactgacat ggcatgaaca cagttaatct atttaagatc     50040
     aaatttagtt aaagcttttc acacttttta ctctgtagat ttttaattat tttaataaaa     50100
     tacaaaattt tcattgaata tagttagaac atgctcaatt atagaaggga tgtttatgca     50160
     cacctaaatg gctgtaatca cataaataaa ttacactgtg gccactagat ggcagtagga     50220
     gatcactaat agcttattca ctgctctttt gtaattttta ttaagaagag ctaaaatagc     50280
     cataactcat gaattaatta aaatatcttc accaaacttg ttacacatat gcaagaggtc     50340
     agtctaaggt catagcataa aactcgtaga cattggccac atgatggcgc tatacattgt     50400
     aaaatcactg tatctgagta accatttatc tgattaactt aaaattgaca tgtcgtgtct     50460
     ttgtctaagg tgccatgact cgatctacac attatatcat agggctgctt atactggtca     50520
     ctttgacata aaagcggtca ctcgaaatgt tcattaaaaa tttatcaata tgtaaaaatc     50580
     gaagttgctt ctctggagtg tttaatcaaa catttgttag ctcaatctat aaactttaac     50640
     gctctaatcg tatatttcgt tgtcgaataa accacttaca ggcgtcctaa ctgctatatg     50700
     accttacccc gctaaaccgc ttgacccccg ttaattgctg cttgcagcta tatttattat     50760
     tattattaaa actaattatt attattatta ttattattat tattattaca gttttgaaat     50820
     ggtttgtata taactagagt ttgcttgttt tacacctggg gtctgttttt cgtaggtgga     50880
     ttactcaatt agctggattt agatattgat gatttaacat gatccaggat cttctagttc     50940
     atcaaaactc atctgagttg ttgtcatagc aacagttctt gtagctcaaa gctggttggg     51000
     agcaggctca tttatataaa aaggattaga tcgggtcagt tcaagcaaag ataatactga     51060
     acgtatgtac caaacgctga tcttttctca cagtagttat atacacttgg gaaaacggta     51120
     attttttaaa aaattgtgta tataaattaa tttatagtta ttcctttcgc cgatttaaaa     51180
     aaacaaaaac ttcagtaggc ctaggctacc attataaaga aagtcttttc taaatgtaga     51240
     actaagtgca ttgatgggca ttgaaataca tgatgaatac tcttgacaca tgaaagtgta     51300
     aagcctgcag ctcacaacaa atgtggaagg taatttgcgc atcatattta acaaaccgct     51360
     tgctgctaat tttatgtaat tttgctcaca tggataattg aatattaatt agatgatgtc     51420
     attacgctgc tgtgccgtca gccaatagtt gcattgctga tcatgatttc gggaattgat     51480
     ggatctgtcc ttcacaacac aggcagcgat ctccgatcaa ttcatcctga catttcaatc     51540
     tgattcgcga acttgtttga agaaccaaat tagccagata tcaagatatc aagatgaaca     51600
     gatccaggat ctgccaaaac atattggata atttaagcga cgtaggaaga atggacccct     51660
     tatttaatat gtggctaaga atgacttctg ggatttaaaa aaaaaatgta atgctcatgg     51720
     gcatgtaaat ttttcctatg acccaaccag gcaattagaa aaaaagacct acttaactag     51780
     ccctgtataa gtctaaaact tcatttataa ttgtcttgaa tttgacttgg tcaaacctgc     51840
     aaaaaccctg attgaaatgt tagttatgaa gtcgttttaa tgattagatt ttattttcag     51900
     ttctaatctc cttgttagat caaagtagct aatttgcata atccagcctg ggaaatctgg     51960
     ggcgttttct gaaagtggtt tagaaaagtg ggaattaaag tcaaaaatct gacttcagtg     52020
     agccgagcta aacgtccacg cttaaattac ttccataaca gcaagttgaa gatcatttga     52080
     tccagctaat ctgagttcag tttaaatcta gataactgta cgtgtacatt actgtcgtga     52140
     aaccttgaaa gttgagtgta gaagcattga ttgtgttgtg tgctaccatg gcaactacga     52200
     gaactgaaag agctctgaaa tgagacagct gttcacagcg agttagccac gtttgtttca     52260
     aacacattat ataatatata aaactacggg ttgcaacaaa gcaagagaga agcttataat     52320
     aagcatatta tcagcatgtt aatagctgca gcaatatgca ataatcaaga ataaatgatt     52380
     atatagtgtc atggctttgc aatctaaaaa atataattat aatgaaagtc aatgggacaa     52440
     aaacagacac catatatata tttatttata taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     52500
     tataaataaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     52560
     tatatatata tatatataaa gcatttttcc aaaatatgtg tcaacaattt gtcagcaaaa     52620
     acttccgtct gctgaaacga aaaaagctgt gctcaaatta agattcaaaa tcaccccaga     52680
     gggcgcacaa gggttaacct gaaatctgca tctggccttg caggttgtcc cgttatcagc     52740
     agtttaaaga ctttcagagg aggatcctgg tggccacaaa cctgttcgga cgaggaatgg     52800
     acatcgagag agtcaacatc gtcttcaact acgacatgcc ggaggactcg gacacgtatc     52860
     tccacagggt gcgtttctgc tgggtttata tattcgtaat ggttgaattg accagtcatc     52920
     tcatatccta ataatgatat acgtcacaat atagtgccat tcctgtaaaa atcaattaat     52980
     tgatatagat agaccacatg taaagcactt atttcatttt aatatgtatt ctcttctcat     53040
     tcatatgcaa tcctatatat taatgcagaa atataaaaga aatatgaata aaatatcaaa     53100
     cacttcagct gattacagct ccaatatata tttaaataga aaaataatta ctaatcaatg     53160
     ccaaatgtaa accttgtact tttaaagatt gcaactcaat gctgttcatg tttctgtctg     53220
     catctctaat ggtgtgctca tataaattat gaaaatatta ctgtaaactg tgtattttgc     53280
     gatgttgcgc aatgacctat agagcataat atgaaatgat agacctttgt ttttgaccat     53340
     aacatgtatg cagagctctg catatagctc ccacattcat tgaaactctt gtcccgttcg     53400
     caggtggctc gtgcgggtcg tttcggcacc aagggtttgg ccatcacatt tgtgtcagac     53460
     gagacagacg ccaagatcct gaacgacgtg caggacagat ttgaggtcaa cgtggccgag     53520
     ttaccagagg agatcgacat ttccacttac agtgagtctg cagtcttgta atgataaatt     53580
     aaattagatc gttcatttcc attatgtcca tgactaagtt tacatggaca ccaataattc     53640
     gattttaatg agatgaagac aatactctga ttacgagttg accatgtaaa ccgatttttg     53700
     attaatttat tcagattaag gtcataataa aactaaagag aaatctaatt aagacgtgtg     53760
     gagtatgccg attttagtca cattattaaa gtgcattaca gacatgtaaa caccttagtc     53820
     gaattattac cgtcatgtag ggctttttgt cgcgtttttc gacaggatag tccacaaaca     53880
     cacggctgtt tgacactatt tgcacctacc aagtcagtgc agaccactga ctctggcatc     53940
     gtgaaatgca aagatttatt tattttttct tccattcagc atgcgctatg aacttctgtt     54000
     aaaacaacac tcttccagca gttcatagtt gcatccaaga tctcgtttgt catgggggac     54060
     atgcctgagt gaaagtgcca aaccgcaatt aatgcctagt tcacactaga ggattttaag     54120
     cctgatttga gcctgatttg gaagttaacg agctcgccga cagatcgggc tgtgatcggg     54180
     aagaaatcta cgggtgctcg gcgctcgccg ctctttatgt gtgaactact gaacaacaca     54240
     tcaacgaggc tcgctgacgc gtcgccgaca cctcgcagac ggaaatccaa cattcagcat     54300
     gctaaatatt ccagagcagt cggccgactc aaccccacgt gtggtcagat gtagtgacga     54360
     gctgcagcca atgagagagc agatcagcat gagctgaatg gctgtgtgtt caggagctca     54420
     gtaaaacatc tgtgattggt cagaataagc atcggtgcac tcgcttcatt ctgcgttagc     54480
     acagacatga gagtaggata tattaacagt ggaactagaa ttctgtaact attagaatta     54540
     ccatactgct cattctgacg gttctcatat aaaacgccat actgtcacaa catatttaca     54600
     ttcaaagcta ttattgagat attaaaatta aggtttgaat gtctggcatc atatttaatg     54660
     acaccattac cctaaaaata taatattttt ttggtaataa agcctataaa tatgtagtta     54720
     agatactaaa acacttaaag gtcttggctt tcattttcac tttcaaacag gagctattcg     54780
     gcacagaata tgctgttttg aaatatctga agtaaattga tgtttttgcc atcagaaagt     54840
     tttgtttatg ttagcaggaa gttgccaggc aagaaaatgc acacatattt aaagtcacag     54900
     tgaaaagtat cagacatgca tgcagtcatt ttgaccaata tggtaattta aggcagaaat     54960
     gctcagttct ttactgtttt gtaataaaaa aataacaatg tcagaaagaa atacactgat     55020
     agttagaaaa cggcagggtg ttatagatat gttagtttta tttcaaagag ttataaaatt     55080
     acaaaaatta aaaactctgt gtatctatcc actggaacat gcagatgagt gattaatgcg     55140
     ctgataaatc agctgaattg acgatgtttt taaatgcttt ctccgaagct tgaaaagctg     55200
     tcagtgatgt catcagcaca caagcagcca atagtgttca gctttttctg acgactcctc     55260
     cctcaaaatt tcattggctg tggtttagta gcttgaatga gctgatgggg aatgagatgt     55320
     tgtcagatca tgtagtgtgt gaccccccct cttgtggatc gttcacaaag tgttgcgtag     55380
     tgtgaacacc acagagatca aaagacacaa agtcaagtca tgtagtgtga acggcacagc     55440
     gatctgctga tgtttacaat cctgtagtgt gaactaggct taaagttgac attaataata     55500
     aaacacccaa aattacacga aacttcggag gaattgtgga tagcgcggtg acgcaatgac     55560
     gttaatctaa gtatgtgcta taacgtaaaa cacgatcatg aaaaatacat tcaaaaagca     55620
     actcgtgtaa acactttaat cttaatattg tcttaatcag attaaggcaa atagtttgat     55680
     tactgatgtc catgtaaacg tagtcactgt cattattcca ttattattat tattccatta     55740
     ttgtttctag ggcgacgtca accagtttgg cgttgtacaa tgtctaatgt gaaacattgc     55800
     gatggtgtag gcagcggtga atttatttgt ttatggatat ttcatttata atgattaatt     55860
     gtagtctacc gtttcaacta gttgacccgc atggtcttgg ttttaccctt gactaaatca     55920
     taaataaaga taaggtacac acaaatgacc actagtcaat cactttttct gcaggactct     55980
     ggcatgaata agcagagtga tgtgtcatta tggcgtccac aaacttggtt tgtaaaaaaa     56040
     aaaaaaaagg tgcacaacca aaagtatctg aggtttagca aaaatgacta agcgtgaaag     56100
     tgaaagattg aagcagtgta ctgacgttgt aacgagttac ctgatagatt caaaagacag     56160
     agtcgttaga tgtagaccag atgaattaaa tgtcatgttt aacaacaata gtgagacgcc     56220
     atccagcatg acatcattga taaactgtct gacgtgcact gctctctggg caggctctgc     56280
     atcgtgatgt ctaatggcca tcagtgatgg atgatgacat tagctatgtt tccatgcacc     56340
     tattgttatg cgcattttgc atatgcgcat aaacagtggt tgatggaaac accatgatgc     56400
     gcatatattt tgaaaatgca caaactgagt aggataaact ttttttattc tacaagaaaa     56460
     gatgcgcata aactgatgga aacgcttatc gcacaaattt cagtatgcgc attacaaggt     56520
     catgtgattt tgttaaaaga gatcacgcga ggatgaaaat ctgtgtaaat cgacaaacca     56580
     gcaggctgag cacactaaca cacctgagat gttttggtca ttctaaaacg cctaaccgtt     56640
     taagaattag tgttatatta ttaatgacct ccagaatcaa gagcatctgc gctctgcatc     56700
     ttacaccttc aaacgctacc gcgcattcac tgcctgtcag ggttaccttt tgaggcgcaa     56760
     ctcatttgtt agatgaagaa aagattgact aagcttcttc tactttggca aattaggttt     56820
     ttactgttga tatttggcgc cagttaatca ggaagtgact attttgtttg atttgttgga     56880
     tggaaacgct ggttcattct cacgtctttt atgcgataat ccagttcata cgcatttttg     56940
     gatgaagaca tggctagtgt ctatcgaccc aaccctaatg gtttcattgt caatgttccg     57000
     tgtcattatt ccgttattat gttccgtttt tccattatta tattccatta tgatgtcgct     57060
     tggttttgga atatggaatt ttaaaaggtt tggaatatca tggattgttt gtttttagtt     57120
     ttactgcaca ttttaatcaa tattgtgtgt attctctatt tatcagtgag gttttatgtt     57180
     ttgccaattg taatgacttg tcttttttga ttcttttcaa tctaaatata ttaaagcaga     57240
     tgatcaaaat tacagaattg tacaagggaa cttgtggatc tgtcaagtat aaatcggcct     57300
     tattctgctt caaactacca taagtgttga atactttact catgatttct gcaggataat     57360
     gaagaccaca actcccatgg tttcacactc ggttacgccc tcatcaaaat gagcttttgt     57420
     ttgttgtgaa tacatgccct ctagtggcca atgttacgat gctgtgccta ttaaacgttc     57480
     tagcagggtt taattggata tgttcggctt attacattta gaataattta ctggtgaatc     57540
     aaactattat agagtcaaac caatatttta catatttgag tgtctgattt atgtaaggtc     57600
     cctttgtttt ttatagcctg atcaatatat aatctcacct agttcacctt ttatgtaaat     57660
     aagcaatgtt tcacatcaaa agccatcata atttggaagt aattgactag ttctatttga     57720
     atgggcgtgg ccaattgcag actcccaagt aaacaactac tgctctaatt ggctaacagt     57780
     ttcgagtatt aacaaggcta aacgagcaat gaagtagaaa tgggtgatta tcttctctgg     57840
     aggtggggct tatccactgt ttacatcata gaagtagaat aattcagaag ttgtggtttt     57900
     gtcttgaata caattattaa aaaaagacat ttttttaaag aaccacaaca gtctgagttc     57960
     tgaaccttat aaaacttatt agatagtgag agatcaagga aattttggtt tcttagttca     58020
     tgacccattt taatgacttt ttttctctct ctctgtgcag ttgaacagtc cagatgaagg     58080
     tcttgacgtt ctccgaacag cagcagatgg atcatggcgg agcgctgaac ctccgatttt     58140
     aacgcctcct ttttacctca aacccacagt tgtttttacc gcttctctct ctgaggaatg     58200
     ggcgagatgt ctgttttatg atttttgtcc tgatgttttt gtttttgggt tttaatgaaa     58260
     ttaaaacttt ttatatacta cacattgact tattgtgttt cttccgagaa gtgctagtgc     58320
     agagatccgg agatctacca tccagtagag ttttactcca accctgatca aacgcacccc     58380
     aaccaattga ttaggacctg aacattttat tcattttctt ttcgagcccc ttttgataat     58440
     ctggggtcgc cgccaactta tccagcatat gttttaggaa gtggatgccc ttccagctgc     58500
     aacctatcac tgggacacat ccatactctc ccattcactc tcatacacta tacactacgc     58560
     atgtgtttgg actgttgggg aaaccagagc accctgagga aacccacgcc aacacaggga     58620
     gaacatgcaa actccacgca gaaatgccca ctgatccttg ctttaaggag acagcgccac     58680
     ccactgggcc accccaagac ctgagtagca cttgataagt acaagcaggt gtttgtgggc     58740
     tgcaactgaa atctacagga aggtagatgc ccagaaacca ggttgatcac tgctgattta     58800
     gtcaatagtg gtgtttaaac taaagtgtta ccaaatagtt catgcgaatg tgcaatgaaa     58860
     taagcaattt acagccgaaa ataagtttta aatcagttta tttgattgag tgcttctgtc     58920
     ttcagagcta aactgactga aacccatgac tgccgttgct gctccatctt tgagtgataa     58980
     atatatcagt aattggttta aaagcctgtt caaatatgtt ttaataaaag caactctgca     59040
     attatgctta attggtaatc agacagcaac cacatatata ataagggcat tagccttctc     59100
     aacgtttgta tttggttggt caaagttatt gagcagtaga ctatagatac attataataa     59160
     tttgcattta attctgtcat ttaagccctg ttgtactcct tcatttgtat gtgcttttag     59220
     taaaaacgtt aatataaatg catcctcgta cgtaacgtcc gccatgttga aacggtcaga     59280
     gcgtcaggcc acagtgaaaa gatgccactt tgccaacacg agtgacgtcc aaagattaca     59340
     tggagaaaaa ggcacaggtg agtgctgctc tcttatattt gtacagcaaa aggttttaat     59400
     ggtcattcct taatgttttg tgatgcattt aacttgttta gttgtatttt atttgcaata     59460
     acaataagct gaaatagtca tatattgtgt ggagcattca gaaatgaccc gttttgaccg     59520
     ttccaatatg gcggagtgct tattcggtcg atttaaaaac aacaacaaca acaaaaacgc     59580
     tataatatgg gtttagggat atagggctgt cttaccctgt tcaacaaaac atcttaaacc     59640
     agcctagttt aactggttgg ctgattttag aggtgttttg gcagtttcta gcctggactt     59700
     agccggtcag gctgggagat gaccagccaa aagcagctat atccagctta aaccaggttg     59760
     gtcaagctgg ttttgactga tcattttcca gcctgaccag ctaagaccgt tctggaaatg     59820
     accaaaaccc ctctaaaacc aggctggtcg accagctaaa accagccaac caattaggct     59880
     ggttgaagct gttttttttc ccagtaaggt ttaatgatgt tgcgtgccgg tggttgagta     59940
     aacctaaagg taaggtcaaa atagtgagag tccagacaaa agtacatgta cagtaaatgt     60000
     ttggctgctg ctttattggt tcttcatgtt ttggtcagga catttaggag agtgttttac     60060
     ctaaaccata gagttactgt agttaaatca tggtaattac tcggttgttt gctacattac     60120
     ccatatagtt taacccaggg ccagtccgtg gcataggcag tataggcaaa tgctaagggc     60180
     gttgtacatc cagggggcgc cagaaatgag cgggggtaag ttggttttgt cttcaatatt     60240
     cctgacacac attcagtgat agatggcaat aactcaaaaa gctggttatg tttcacagtt     60300
     gtctttttct tttttttcgc tcgatattac gagcactgct ccgtttagcc tggtatatgc     60360
     gtttagccgg gagagctgag ctcgcgcgga gtggagctct ccgtaaggga ccgtcggaaa     60420
     agtgcttctt ttttttcgtt tttttttttt ttttttttgc tctattctgc ttgttttatt     60480
     ttaaacacaa ctagttttct cttaaatgag cacaacagtt actaaagtag tcgaatgctt     60540
     cattcattca ttatagatct gtgaattctt acattaacac ctctgttatc aaacaaaaca     60600
     cagtaagaga ttaatttgct gctcttcact aaatagcaaa tacaattaaa agttaaatag     60660
     attttatagc tttatttatt ttctgtatag gccattaatt ttaataggtt aaacctttta     60720
     ttttattgcc aatattttct attgtttgct atgtattcta tcaattgaag ctatttgttg     60780
     tcccatattt taacatccca acgttgacag acatgacaac aatgctaatc attaaatagc     60840
     tatagtgcta tctgttagtt ttaacgtcag ctaatgttat ggaagggcat agatgttatg     60900
     gaaaatagta atagtaatgt aactacccca tcattccttc cttaagcaaa tgtgtaaatg     60960
     ttagatctat tcagcaataa tgttaattgc attggcatat ttatctgaca tttttccagc     61020
     ttgtagtagt cgatcaaaaa gctgtttagt ttcttttgac tttacactag cagtggaatg     61080
     tactgcaata tgacggggcg ccatctgaaa tcttgcctag ggcgccaaat tggttagggc     61140
     cggccgggcc tggtttaacc ttaagagcct atagtttaac tgtggttata caattggtaa     61200
     tttatctgtg gtgggaaaaa tggcagggct cgaaattaac cttttttctt ggtagcaccg     61260
     atgctcctaa ctttaaaaag ttaggcgcat cagccaaaat ttagtcgcac ccaccaatta     61320
     tgagcaccgt tactacaagt tttatacaaa catatttatt gcatttgaaa tcaacagtaa     61380
     tcaaactaac aagcaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atatatatat atatatatat     61440
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatgc aagtgtgagg     61500
     aaaatatgtc tcaacgaaat cccgttatca caagaaaata gattttataa catgactgag     61560
     tgactaaagc atacacggag cgctcaccgg ccctgcacgc actgcttaaa tgaatctgtt     61620
     aacgttataa ctgtgctgtt ctcacaagtg ctgtctgata ttgcattgat gcttttgaca     61680
     tactgtacct tattatatgc atacgtcatg ttaatagcaa tactttcttt tcatgagtag     61740
     cgatattagt ttactcagtg caagcccgtt tgcgatgccg atggtgtacg tggtgttaaa     61800
     ttttacatat agctgtccct tgcacggcgg acagcatcta gcgattaaat gaaggattaa     61860
     acagaagctc tcgtgctaga tgtggcaaac tgttacctga aaactccatc ccacagactt     61920
     ttcatagcgg acttgaagcc aacggagtct tttatccact cttggaaaag tgtagatggt     61980
     ggactaacat tcagcacatg atcacaacta agatgtgtca ttatttataa ctttagatgc     62040
     catggtttct aaaacaaaat ctgccagtgt cattttcatt ctcatcttta gcgctttagt     62100
     ttttcgcggt agtagctctc tctgtcatcc caagcaagaa ggcgctggct gagtgattga     62160
     cagctgacat taaccaatca ttcgcgttca gtgctagagc agtggtgggc caataagaag     62220
     agcgcgaagg cggggcaagc attacggact tgttactgta gcaagatgac atgacaactg     62280
     ttttaaacca ttcctgagca ctgcgtttcc cgtttcaagt gcagacaaag agcttagaga     62340
     gatgcattct gcgtgaatgt ctcccgaatc cgcgcatgtg gtgaacattt tgcagtaaaa     62400
     actggtcgca ctcaacaatt ttaagcactc gcagaaatgc tcccaaatat attttgaggt     62460
     cgcatagata aaatttcggg cgcatatgcg accaaaatgg tcgcaatttc gagccctgaa     62520
     tggtatacta taaattaact agactcaaac ctaatggtta ggttgcatga aatattccct     62580
     aaacggcagc tgtaatgaaa gctagtctca aatgtcagag tatataaatg caaaacagca     62640
     gtttctcttc atgattggat gctcgagcat ataacttaaa gcacaacctg tgtattatgg     62700
     tttttaactt tctaagatac ttcaacggta aaaaaagtta ctgtagtaaa actgtggtaa     62760
     ccactaatta ctcacttgtt tgctacatta cccatttagt ttaaccagga aagcctattt     62820
     gtagtaaaac tgtggctata cagttgctaa ttaatctgtg ggaaaaacaa attagtacca     62880
     taaatatact ataggctcaa acccatggtt aatttgcata aagtattctc tgaactgctg     62940
     ctgaaattaa aaattctcaa ttgtcaaaaa tatataaata caaaacggca gtttctcttc     63000
     atgattggac tcttgagcat ttaacttatc taaaaacatc acaaccattg tgtaacatgg     63060
     ctttttctaa tgtgtatatt tgtttctcca tgcctgttca aaccctgttt ttgggctaag     63120
     atggcatcac gtcacctccg tcagttcata cactggtgcc aggcagaaaa tagaggccga     63180
     tgcatcctat aaagccatca catggtagat tacagagcag actcgggcag cgtttcagag     63240
     agccgtccca cccattacat ccaaattaca tgtttgcatc agatgctggt gtttgaaaca     63300
     tatttttatt gcaaaccaag agggttactg ggtttctttc tgctccccct aaaagaagag     63360
     gattgtaatt agccgcgagc agaagagccg agcaaatatg agcaatacca tgcaaaagtt     63420
     tttaccaaaa tagtgaaacc tttttttctt gtgtatgctt gtattttaca gtaccgcaaa     63480
     atgtcgccgt caatgttttc aagcatttat atttgattta ccaaagtgcc aatttcacat     63540
     cagtcacttc catagtgaag atttcccctc ataaatgcac aaatgtcaaa taaaatcaat     63600
     gatttttgtt ctatagagag caactcttat gcttttgatt agcattgtgt cttttggttt     63660
     gtgtatgttt aattcacaat ttctgcaaag catgttgtag accgtaaact cagcatttat     63720
     aacagcgcat gcttattttc ctcatttaaa atattaaaaa tgttaattga ttgatattta     63780
     tctgaaccca taactcattc gggaaaatat aaaccgatgt tttaatataa cgttaacaca     63840
     cacacaccta ccggccactt tattaggtac acctgtccaa ctgcttaacg caaacttcta     63900
     atcagccaat cacatggcag caactcagtg catttaggca tgtggacatg gtcaagacga     63960
     tctgctccgg ttcaaaccga gcatcagaat ggggaagaaa ggggatctaa gcaggcccgg     64020
     cgccaggaag tcaaaactga gggggcactt taaattcata ggggggcact agacctggtg     64080
     actgattttg gtctcttgtt tctttcattt aggctattta ttcgcattta ttattacttt     64140
     gcattactgc ctaagttact gacctaaggc agtaatatag gctacgtttt aatagtaata     64200
     acaatacgca gtttcgctat tacgaatttt attaacgatg gtaatgcata ccgcttatta     64260
     atgcagacgg atggtggctt ctagagatgc gcggttggcg gttatagccg cggactccgc     64320
     ggataaaccg cggatcgggc ggatgacgtt acgaaaaaat aatattttaa ttaaattcgg     64380
     gcaggtggcg ggcggttgta ctgttttata ttcatagctg gcgcaccaac gaaaaagcct     64440
     acgactgact tcacagaatg ggaggtggaa tcggatacat taattctgga tgaagtgtac     64500
     agaagtattc ctctacaaac ttccgtatag acggatcagc agaggaaaac ctactttcct     64560
     tttgggagaa ataaggacag gcattcccac gattacagaa cctttccaag agaattctat     64620
     gcatttcagc aacaagtgct gcgagcgagc gctccttcag tgcagcaggg cgcagtggct     64680
     atgcaggcgc tcccgtctga atcctgacac tagatgctat tttattcctg cattgtgcca     64740
     agaaaaaatc aaactagacc taaggtcagg catattaaac caattagcct atgttattta     64800
     ggctacaaat atgttcaata taaacttttg agttcggtca gctgataact ttacgttcat     64860
     attggtttag cctattctat tctagacatg ttggcctcgc ttttacattc cgaggctaag     64920
     gttattttgc cagaatttct ttgtcgcaaa tttaatggcg tagtatttcg ttatgcttca     64980
     agtttgaggg gaatggggat gatcctaagt ccatgggtta ttggggcact tgtcatacat     65040
     gcactttagc ttggtcaggt tcgctcaaag agggatggca tatctatttt tctaatttaa     65100
     tttctaattg tgggggtgac tgagcctaca aggcttaggc acgatatgat gtttttatta     65160
     aaaaattttc aactgtttgc caaagcatgc gactatagcc tatgcctaca ttaagatatt     65220
     tatgttaata tttttttact gcctgttgtt tcttttggca tataaaatag gtattgtctg     65280
     atagagatat aaataaagga tcatctgtgt cgcagaactg tgttgtttcc gatttctaca     65340
     agctcaataa catccacagc aaaaaataaa aaatagttga aaaactgtgc ccattaatta     65400
     gatgtggaag gcaagcaggt acgtttttgg ggttgctatg gacaactaca aatgtaaaca     65460
     ttattaggct ataatgtaaa tgacttattc tatctattta ctaaaaaatt aagtgaaata     65520
     ggcatttagt agtaggctaa atagcagcat gttgaaatga tgtgtcaatg cgttttctat     65580
     taggctacaa taaaaaagtt gtacagtaca gtgcgtttaa tttaggctat ttatttattt     65640
     ttgtccctgt gcgccgattg gagacggagt tcactgctga tattctgaga gctcgggtgc     65700
     ttttcatttc ttatttgtgc atcctcgttt cctttccttg ctttctttcc tcgtgtttcc     65760
     accccaccgg gataacgtta cgagggaaag acgcaaggaa aaggctgaag gaccgaggaa     65820
     tcgaatcaag tgaaaagaca cgtcctcgta tctttagcgt cacttcaaag cgtcgtcaat     65880
     taatgacttg cacgtttgga ttaactgcat gtctacatta aagtcattct ctattctata     65940
     atgatcaata aaaaaacatc catttaataa aaaaaaggaa taagccattc aaataaagag     66000
     cccaatcagc agatggcggg cgggtgcggt tttaaaaatt gatcaaaaat gttactgcgg     66060
     atggatggcg gacggatgat gaattttgtc atgcggttgc ggatgaaata atagcccatc     66120
     cgcgcatctc tagtggcttc agtgccaaac gagtgcttta aatcatatgt tattctcctt     66180
     atttccgttt tatttcaaat aacagcccta tgaatgttta aagttttagg taaagacgtc     66240
     aaattatgcc cacacatgca agctgaccca cgatcagaca attcatttaa ccggtaaata     66300
     aatatagtga aatcagctta accgagtcat cacgcttcac aaccaacatc agtgttaggg     66360
     aaaagctaaa tgtgacaatc taatgtcatt caaaacaatt acttagttac attttaaggc     66420
     attagtgtag ccagaaaaat acctaaaaaa gatacaaaaa ttcacagtta ttaccgtgaa     66480
     aattggttaa atttttatat gctatataac ttttttttca tcattttaaa tgtaaaaaca     66540
     aagatttgtc taaggctatt ataaatgtgc ttttttcgtg atattgtaaa ccatcataaa     66600
     ccatatgtac catagtttct aggcctaccc gtcattttat ttattaatta ttttatttat     66660
     taggcctttt ttaatagctt gttttcaggt tattttcatt ttagggccat gagctaagtc     66720
     aaaacaaact cgatatgttg tattttagct cttaaaacag atctacaata tattttatgt     66780
     tgtttaattt tgcatgagca aatagcagta tagcctaagt tacatacttt taaaagatta     66840
     tcattctgcc tacctgcagc gcacgagatt tctcggttga tccgcggtaa atccacttaa     66900
     gcactatacc tattccattt ataacactgc aaacttgact tcgcaggccg atcatcttta     66960
     aacgcaaaat gcatttatgt gttatacctt gactgcagtt gcataatggg atgtttctct     67020
     acgcaactgt aaaagtgcac ttttcagcaa aatgaaagca aacattcaaa gggttctgcg     67080
     ttttgtcaat tttagcttaa ttgtaataat attaataata atattaataa ataaattaaa     67140
     atattattta tagtgtagcc tactgtggga ctgtgcagta aactatttat ttttattaaa     67200
     acatttttat taggctacat cttcccgaat aactaataaa tgactggcag ttgcgtctct     67260
     gctaaaatta atttaacagc aaatttctta tgtgtttttt ccttttagag ctcaagagag     67320
     ttgtgtttaa ataattagtt aaccaaaaca tgtaatgaat taagctgctc ctatcatgtc     67380
     acccattttc tcccttgtga gttgagtgcg cctccatcgc cgtgtgcgcg ttttaaaggc     67440
     tatttacggg cgcaccagac ctgacgcggg gaccggatct ctggactata ggactagctt     67500
     taacctcacc attttcataa tttaattgct atgtcatata ttttaaaata tttaaatgtg     67560
     tgttctgaag gttggaagga cgggagtgtt aataattaat gacagaaaga attttcagtt     67620
     tgagtgaaca atcctttata aaaactgggg gggcacaaac tctgtttgag ggggcaatgc     67680
     taccctttgc ccccccgtag cgccgggcct ggatctaagt gactgaacgt ggttgtggtg     67740
     ccaggtgggc tgctctgagt atttcagaaa ctgctgatct actgggattt tcacgcacaa     67800
     ccatctctag ggtttacaga gaatggtcta aaaaggaaac atccagtgag gtggagttct     67860
     gtgggcgcaa atgccttgtt gatgtcagag gagaatggcc agactggttc cagctgatag     67920
     aaaggcaaca gtaactcaaa taagcactcg ttacaaccga ggtctgcaga agagcatctc     67980
     tgaacacaca acacgtccaa ccttgaggcg gatgggctac agcagcagaa gacaacatca     68040
     ggtgtcactc ctgtcagcaa agaacaggaa actcatgtca atatggagca aaatctctga     68100
     ggaatatttc cagtacttta ttaaatctct gccatgaagg attaaggcag ttctgaaggc     68160
     aaaagggggc ccaacccggt actagtaaag tgtacctaat aaagtgacaa gtgagtgtac     68220
     gttctctacg agattttact gcaaacatta catccataac gctggaattg ctcatatatg     68280
     ctgatgctca aaccaacaga ctccgcagtg agtccacgag tcctgggtcg tttacaacga     68340
     cttcccactg agacagactt cccgttgagt ctccttctta tttgaacatt tgaatcgcta     68400
     caaaagaagt gcaatcctgc aatcagcgtc caactgaggc gttgtttaat tctccataaa     68460
     aagtctcatt cgagattgcg caggtgcctc agaatgcgtc actgtccacg acgaggactg     68520
     ctcagtcaga aaatccattt gtcatatata gtgtatatct tatatactca caactaggag     68580
     acacgtcccg ccgcagatcc tcagggaaag cacatctact ctaaaggtgc ggtcacacta     68640
     gactttgagc attgggaaaa ttgtttactt aattgcatta agcttctcta gtttcatgac     68700
     ttgaaacact cactcgcata tataacatta aatgtatata aaattagctt atctttattt     68760
     ggttctcatg acctgtttga ccttttcaag agttcacact taactgatga ttatttataa     68820
     agagataatc ccgggagaga ccgagatcct cgagcccggg gctccctccc gtttgcaagg     68880
     cgagagggga gtttgagctc aggtagatct cgagaactcc tctgctgtag tagccaatga     68940
     acagatagtg atcgctctta agagataact aattactagg agcatgtcca tggtgctgat     69000
     ttggattagt caattaactt gagctgcatg tttttgaaga aatcagggaa attcacgtga     69060
     gaatgtgtaa actctgcaca gaaatgtcgg ctggcttaga accagcgata ttcttgctgt     69120
     gaggcaacag tgctaaccac tgggccaccg tgccgcacaa tctaggaaag gaggaggagt     69180
     aggggtggaa ggagggggtt cttcaaaacg aagatggctg tcatatggaa ctttgggtat     69240
     ttatagtggc ttaggaatcg tctgattggt ggatcatgaa ttggataatc ccggccagct     69300
     gcacgcaatc ataagcatgt gatcctctcg aaattagtct ataaataaac ttcatgtatg     69360
     ttaaatagga tgatgagatg ccatttaaaa aagcactttt gtccatttta ttttgccgtc     69420
     aaaaggtcat gctaagacgc ttcaattatg cattttttta gcttttcttg acctttctaa     69480
     tccagcgaaa tgcacgccat gacattttct atccttcgct gatcgcaaag tttctaaaac     69540
     ttttcaaagc cagaaaaatt gaaattccac acaagcttgt atttaaagtc tagtgcattc     69600
     tcaaacatgt gattggaagg aaacgtgggg atctgaatct aaaataacag cccctttttt     69660
     tgtcctgtgt ggacttgcgt tatattgcgt cctctgtcta gcgtctacaa acttagaaag     69720
     atctggatat gacgtttcga tttttactga tcgcttggtt ttacctaatg cttgaacttt     69780
     taacgttttc ccctggcttc cattttaaat aattactata gaaataatta gtctttattt     69840
     atgacctttt ggacttatgt ttatattgga tgatatggta tggctaaaat tagcatgccc     69900
     tccattttta tcctctttag agaaagctca tgctatgtct tcacatcttt gctgatcgca     69960
     cactttcaac tttgacagtg aaatgtaaaa ctttgactct ggcttgattt tccagtctaa     70020
     agcattcgtg accaagtcat ttttcttcat ttgactctta ctagatatac taaactaata     70080
     ttttagcata taatatatta aataggatga gatcttgcta aaatgtgtac tctaccatag     70140
     agcaaggtga tgtgatgttt caatctttca ccgagatttt taagtactga ttgaactttt     70200
     tagcaccgtg aaatgcaaaa ctttctggac aagcttgtat ttccgtcatc ggagagtaaa     70260
     gtgcagtgtg accgcccatt aaggctcttg ctacaaaaga tctgaatcca aaaaaacggg     70320
     cccttttagt gtcccatgtg gatttgcgtt atattgagtg tctacacacc ttgaaacgct     70380
     actctactgg acggggaagg gcacaggttt tcagaggaat gcagtttaat caatgaactt     70440
     gtgcatgtct ccgtacagcc agcgctgcgg tgggagcgaa gcgtcgttca ggctcccgca     70500
     atcatcgttg cacttgcagg actgcacgaa catgacggcc cgctcgaagc gctcgccggt     70560
     gggacagctg aacagcactg ggaccgtccg ggtgcggcgg ggggagcagc agcgtccgtc     70620
     cagacacatc ccgcagtagt ttggacggta gagacgcgtg ctgcggcagc cggcgtaacg     70680
     cagacggaga ggctctggag acttctgtgt gcgggaacac ttcctcccct tctgttggac     70740
     caagataatt caggttactc tcacattcac actagaaaac tagtgcagtt aaagcagtgg     70800
     ttctcaaatc tcccttgcat acacattttg tatgttaata tatgaaccgt accttttaaa     70860
     aacacaacat gagcattcat agcaaataca caaatgtaaa tatcccgctc gctatgagcc     70920
     ctgtcgagcg agttcttaca cccctatgat tagtcaagtt ctcaaaagaa atgactgcga     70980
     ttgtctctgg ttctgttcac cgatgactga ggccagggcc ggcgcgtcca tagaggcgac     71040
     ctaggcggcc gcctagggtg gcagaataga aagggcggcg tctgcgacaa cccccccacc     71100
     acccgcgtcc tctgttatat ccgcgcctag tgtggcagaa tatagagggc agcgtccccg     71160
     acactaccct caccacctgc gccctcagtt atatccacac ctagtgcagc agaatatagg     71220
     gggcggcgtc cccaacacta ccctcaccac ctgcgccctc ggttatatcc atgcctagtg     71280
     cggctgaata tagagggtgg cgtccccgaa attaccctca ccacctgcgc ccttagttat     71340
     atccgcccct agtgtggcag aatataaagg gcagcgtccc cgacactacc ctcaccacct     71400
     gcgccctcgg ttatatccgc gcctagtgcg gcagaataga gagggcggcg tccctgacac     71460
     taccctcacc acctgcgccc tcagttatat ccacacctag tgcagcagaa tatagggggc     71520
     ggcgtcccca acactaccct caccacctgc gccctcagtt atatcatgcc tagtgcggca     71580
     gaatagagag ggcggcgtcc ctgacactac tctcaccacc tgcgctctca gttatatccg     71640
     cgcctagtgc ggcagaatat aaagggcggc gtccccgaca ctaccctcat cacctgcgcc     71700
     ctcggttata tccacgccta gtgcggcaga atatagacgg tgacgtcccc gacattaccc     71760
     tcaccacctg cgcccttagt tatatccgcc cctagtgtgg cagaatataa agggcagcgt     71820
     ccctgacact accctcacca catgcgccct cagttatatc cgcgcctagt gcggcagaat     71880
     agagagggcg gcgtccctga cactaccctc accacctgcg tcctcagtta tagccgcgca     71940
     tagtgcggca gaatagagag ggcggcgtcc ctgacactac cctcaccacc tgcgccctca     72000
     gttatttcct cgcctagtgc ggcagaatag agagggcggc gtccccgaca ctaccctcac     72060
     cacctgcgcc ctcagttata ttggcgccta gggtggcaga atatagaggg tggcgtcccc     72120
     gacactaccc tcaccacctg cgccctcagt tatatccgcg cctagtgtgg cagaatataa     72180
     agtgcggcgt ccctgacact accctcacca tctgcggcct cagttatatc cgcgcctagg     72240
     ggagcagaat agagagggtg gcgtccgtga cagctccctc accctcacca tctgcgccct     72300
     cagtgcggca gaatagagag ggcggcgtcc ccgacactac cctcaccacc tgcgccctca     72360
     gttatatccg cgcctagggg agcagaatag agagggcggc gtccgtgaca gctccctcac     72420
     cacccggatc atcagctata tccacgaccc ccgccccccc aacacccccc acccaaatac     72480
     ccgctttcac tttcgggtag agggcaacag ttcagctctc tccggccctg actgacgctg     72540
     atccataata gacgtggtgg agaaaactcg cacttcttac agaagtatag cctcgtacac     72600
     actgggacgc ttttcgtttg cgtttatcgt cagcgttttg gcaaccaaaa attggtttaa     72660
     aatgtcattt ttagtaagac catgtctgat ggaaatgtgc aaattgcata taagtgtcag     72720
     agagataagt gtgtttctta caggtggctt gtcaaaccca ctcacctgtg tgaggcacaa     72780
     ccagcttgag cttgtcatgt tatgtaggct aattgggatg tagcatacat tttcaaagca     72840
     gtctgagcag acatgcacta ctgttcatca ggattctgtg gtaaacatgc agttacttcc     72900
     caaacgttta cctttatagg cacagccgca gagctgcagg gacgaatgtt gcagagtctg     72960
     gtttccttca tcagtttgca ctgcctgttc tcattggtga cccgcgacga aacgcccatc     73020
     ccgcagctcc gcgaacagga cgtccagctc gtggtctgcg ctacacactg acgtccggcc     73080
     tgcttccatg ctaggaaaaa ccaggagaaa agacggggta agcaagcaca caggcaccat     73140
     tcagccaaca ctgacgcaca cacagagtga ttacgcagag aaacagcgtc cgcttcactg     73200
     gaaaacacac ccaacacaag ctcccactga agcgctcgct ggaggagcgg ccacggctca     73260
     cattgggagc gattgtcaat tgaagtggaa gccaaaggca gttcgtaaga gacgcattcc     73320
     tgcaactccg ggctattttt aattgttggt ttatgtcaac atgcacacta aatcatgctg     73380
     cttactctga gacggggtta gcagagttca caactaaaca aatctaaatc ctgccacttc     73440
     agagccgttt gaggagggtt tttatttcaa cacaaaggaa aatattctga agacttgcat     73500
     tgactaccat agtattttgt ttacttttgt ttctgctatg gatgtcagta tttttttttt     73560
     ggtcaaaagt aggacgaaat tcatggaagt ttttaaaaac tacttgagtg cgagtgaatt     73620
     gtcattaatt attgacaatt agccatattg agaaaattag ctttcatttg actcttttcc     73680
     aaaagaaaat ttgtgtttgt ttttgttttt caatttgatg cactaaaatt cattcattta     73740
     ttttcttgtc ggcttagtcc gtttattaat ccggggttgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca     73800
     acttatccag caagttttta cgcagcggat gcccttccag ccgcaaccca tctctgggaa     73860
     acatccacac acacattcac actcatacac tatagacaat ttagcctacc caattcacct     73920
     gtactgcatg tctttacact gtgggggaaa ccggagcacc ctgaggaaac ccacgcgaag     73980
     gcagggagaa catgcaaact ctacacagaa acgccaactg aggcgaggct cgacccagcg     74040
     accttcttgc tgtgaggcga cagcactacc tactgcgcca ctgcctcgcc ctatgcacta     74100
     aaatctttaa tgtaaataaa tattatcaca gacgaaaatg acaaacacac aacggtatcg     74160
     cctaaacttc agctaaaatt aaaatgaaac tgaagacttt ctgaagaaga ctttctattg     74220
     acttccatag tcttcaaaca tttctcaaaa tatcttgttt tttgtttaaa aaaagaaatg     74280
     taaaagttta cttgagtgcg agtaattgag gaaatttgca tttttgtgtg aacaaacctt     74340
     tttaagcata aggccactta aattattcat tcattttctt gtcggcttag tccctgtatt     74400
     aatccgggtc cccacagcgg aatgaaccgc cacattatcc agcacgtttt tatgcagcgg     74460
     atgcccttcc agcagcaacc tatctctggg aaacatccac ccacacactc atacactaca     74520
     gacaagtaaa tataaataaa tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     74580
     tatatatatt gatatattaa ttattggcaa ttggcttttt ttccatttta ctctttgcca     74640
     aaaggatttt tattttttca gtttaatgca ctaaaatatt ttgatataaa taaatcttta     74700
     tacggacaca caatgccaaa acacacagac tgtcagtttt gtgctaaaat ctgttttgcg     74760
     caaacgtagc agtattgata aaactttaac tgaagttaaa acgaaatgta actaaaataa     74820
     aatgaccatt taaacaaaag atgccaaatt caaagcataa tcttctgttc tgttaccaca     74880
     atgacaacga cctgggtcaa cattttaagt taagtttata gatggacact aaattaatac     74940
     atgattgata tcgccatact tgattaataa cagtacatta agacaaatgt tttacaaatt     75000
     ttctgaaaat gtgtattttt ctgaaatgtt ttttttttgt agtgatgcag tatttaaata     75060
     aatatagtta aatgtttttt tatttaatta aataaattaa attgtaaata aataaataaa     75120
     ttaaatgaat aaaacaaata gaaataaata gaaatattat ctataatata tagattatct     75180
     ataatacaaa tgttatatat taacattaac ttatttaatt ttatttaatg ttaatgttat     75240
     ttaattttat tttttattta tatttattaa tttaatttta aataattaat tataataatt     75300
     ttaatgttta attatttctt tttaattatt taatgaattt tatttaatga ctttttaata     75360
     aattaatttt atttatttaa attaattaat taaattaaat aattaaaatt taataaatta     75420
     aattaaatta actaaataaa caaatataat taaataacat taaataactg tttaaatatt     75480
     taaaatcaaa caaataaata agataaataa atataattaa attaagtaaa ataaattaat     75540
     aattaaatag aataaataaa tagaaataaa taacataaat ttaaataaca ttaaataaaa     75600
     gtaaataaat tgaaataaat aaataattaa caataaaata attaaaacta attgattaaa     75660
     tataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata aataaataaa taaataaata     75720
     aataaactga gtccactgga taaatctaga gttaaagttg tcaaaaaatg tttaattttg     75780
     ttgatctatt actgaagaga ttttagatct cgcctatgta gtgataaaaa gacaaactgc     75840
     tgtcaacagc cagaaaaaaa catgattttc accatgtttt ttaatttaga aaaaacatta     75900
     tataattaaa tgtgaaaaat gtatatatta tatctttaaa aatcagtaaa ataattaatt     75960
     tcataatata gtgggggaaa aatatcaagt aaatatgatt agttgacttt ccttaaaata     76020
     aagcatctta aaagaaacaa acttactcac tcattttagg tacaactaac tgttttaaaa     76080
     gcaacgggtt tactccttac aaaaaagtgc tagttgtgaa actcagaaag acgttctcac     76140
     ctggcaggtg ttttcggctg cgtggtttgt cccagcgttt ctccacctcc atgagctcat     76200
     tactcaggct gtatttgggc ttggctggag gtttcttgaa ggtgtgtggg tcggggagca     76260
     gaaacggtgg tggctgcggg cgtctgaaca ccggaggcag gacgggcgac tctccatggc     76320
     agtccaggct gaggcagcac tggccaggga ttttgaccag ccggggtttg ggacaggacg     76380
     gggaggacag cgggatatca gtgggacaca gggggacgca gcccactgcc ccgtctatac     76440
     aggtgcactg gtgtttgcag cccgcacgga agttttcccc attttgatac atgcggccgt     76500
     tatactcaca cgagcggccc tccagtttgg ctgaaaaaac aaaacaaagc agattgcact     76560
     acgtttatat tacttcatac acttattttc cttcggctta gtccctttat tcatcagggg     76620
     tctccacagt ggaatgaacc gccaacttat ccagttttac ataatggatg cccttctagt     76680
     tgcagcccag tactgggaac gcccatacac acacacacgc acacacacca cagccaaatt     76740
     agtttattca attgacctat agcatgctgt ggggaaaccc ctgccaacat ggggagaaca     76800
     tgcaactcga accagcgacc ttctttctgt gataccacag tgctaaccac tgagtcaccg     76860
     tgccgcccat atttataata caaaaatggt aatttgttca ctttgttgca gtgctgcttg     76920
     attctgattg gtttatgagc tcttattatt actttttgtc agataaaggc acagctaaag     76980
     tagttccggc aggtttaggc cccgtttaca ctagtgcgtt ttagatttaa aacggcgttt     77040
     tagaatgaaa tccacgaatt ataatagaat ggatccacgt ccacactcgc gttttaccca     77100
     gcgtttctga actggggtcc gttcttcgta cgtggattac tcagttagct ggatttagat     77160
     attgacgatt tgacacgatc caggatcgtt tcgttcttca aagctgatcc gagagttgtt     77220
     gtcatagcaa cagttctgct aggtcaaacc tgatcgggag caggttcaat tcatataaac     77280
     aggattagat cggctcagtt caagcaaaga taatacagaa agtatgtttc gaattctgat     77340
     attttcttac agtagtagtt atatacactt gggaaaatgg tacatatttt ttaactatat     77400
     atatataaag ttatagttat taataaaata aataaagtta tacatattaa taaaacgtat     77460
     gcaatctgca ccctcgaaat gaaagtacaa agactgccac ctggtggtgc aaagagaaaa     77520
     cttattgata tgaacttttt agatcacttt agtacaaatt gtgtatgata gaaatgcaga     77580
     atatgtgatt tttgtaaagc aataatagcc tacgtttatg cagactttaa catgttttga     77640
     tagttaatag tgatttgatg cttcacaaaa gttgcagacg cctttaccaa tatcaaaatg     77700
     cttttgtaaa caaccagtta ttctttacac cgattaaaaa acggctacta taatatatac     77760
     aatattttct aaatgtagaa ctaaatacac tgatatgcat ttaaatacat gatgaatgct     77820
     attgacacat gaaagtgtaa agcctgccgc tcataacaaa tgtggacgtt tattgcgtgt     77880
     catatttaac aagccgttta ctgctaattt gatgtaattt tgctcacatg gataattgaa     77940
     tattaatcag atgatgtcat tacgctgctg tgccgtcagc caatcgttgc attgctgatc     78000
     atgatttcga ggatcgatag atctgtcctt cacaacacac gcagcgatct cagatcagtt     78060
     tatccagaca ttctaatctg attcgcgaac ttgtttgaag aaccaaatta gccagagatc     78120
     agttatcaag attaaaagat ccaggatctg ccaaatcatc ttagatcatt taagcgaggt     78180
     acgaagaacg gacccctgct ctccgtccac accaaaacgc tgaaaacgca catcacgtga     78240
     ccacacacac actctcgggc aagcccatct acccagatga gagctctgct agtcagactt     78300
     ctcatcaagc atctcccgct ggatctaatc tcactatatt tattaaacgg gatatttcat     78360
     tcatcttgtt gtctttatct aacgacatat tccctgactt tggtcattgg aatctattac     78420
     tttttctcag gtaacgtgtt ttggctgagc gcaaagataa gttaatgatt aaaataacca     78480
     cgtagcctat tctgtatatt gactgatcgc ttgcctttat ttccgataat gtataaactt     78540
     attgtatgtt atacttttat aatggccatt atcgattatt aaaactgata ttcagcaaaa     78600
     gagaggctgt gtttcgtatt ttcactgaaa ttgaaaggag gcagttgtta tcggctccgt     78660
     tttgttataa atatccacac agtgaagatg acgctcatat atgcagcaca acgcctcaac     78720
     atttctgctg tctgtaagtt gctaatatta aaatgaaaat aggcagttcc ttaaatcatg     78780
     tttacatttt attgttgaga aagtgaaaca acgtagccag ggtgatgtga atgaagttat     78840
     aaagtacact gttccctttg aagatttacc cgtgtcctcg atatagtctg ttttccatat     78900
     caaactgaaa agaagacact gcagccttga tcaaacatgc gaagtctgaa cttacaagga     78960
     gaagattcag gactgaactg tttgtaggct acttaatatt gaggaaaagc cccaatcaga     79020
     ggcgaatgtc agcagccccg cctccgtatt cagatgtctc cgttttccat catccacact     79080
     gatacggagc agcagtgttt caaaatgaaa acggcctctc cagcgttttc gaaacgctcc     79140
     ctttccggcg ctcgagaact ccggcgtagt gtggacggat ggcgtaaccg tagcaaaact     79200
     tatgcgtttt caaactaaaa cgcactagtg taaacggggc cttagagcgc attagcttca     79260
     tattactcca ctgaataagt tattttacag ctacaacagt caaaaatcac atcaaaacac     79320
     aacagttgtg cgttttttta taatgattta aaaattcatg ctgttattag tgaaactagt     79380
     ggctaaatgc acagctacgc gcgttgcatg tgccgtgagt tacgccggtc acttgatgca     79440
     gaagtataaa ccaggcttaa ccctaaacca actggcctag ccaggactca aaccagtgac     79500
     attcttgctg tgaggccaca gtgctgctgt tttcaaagcc attcattcat tcattttctt     79560
     ttttccatca tccacactga tacggagcag cagggtttca gaatgaaaac ggcctgttca     79620
     gcgttttcga aacgctccct ttccggcgct cgagaactcc ggcgtagtgt ggacggatgg     79680
     cgtaaccgta gcaaaactta tgcgttttca aactaaaacg cactagtgta aacggggcct     79740
     tagagcgcat tagcttcata ttactccact gaataagtta ttttacagct acaacagtca     79800
     aaaatcacat caaatcacaa tagttgtgcg ttattttata atgatttaaa aattcatgct     79860
     gttattagtg aaactagtgg ccgttcagtg aactgcgata gaaatgtagt acttgtgtag     79920
     ggtcagacag aatctgcaga cattttttgc tatttctgtg gagaattttg aaaaaaaaag     79980
     gctgattttt gaggattgat cacaactaaa ctttatgaaa cgttttttat gtttacgatg     80040
     caaattagat cctctaattt ggtaaacaaa gcaagcctat catataatgt ctctactgaa     80100
     agacagaaaa tattactgca caaactgtat tgtaaataaa acatatgaac cttttcatat     80160
     tagtcaatga tataactaat ttaaaaactg aataaacctc agctcagctg attccggctg     80220
     attaggcgct gaacttggca tatacacatc atatttatgt tttgttttat gtggctttac     80280
     acagtcaact gcctttggga ttatttctta ttattattga tgaaacatca aaaaacacca     80340
     cagattcagt aaaaaaaata aaatgaataa aaaaacttag tctttttatt catcatggtt     80400
     cgccacatcg gaatctccaa cttaaaggct gatttatact tctgcgtcaa acgccagcgt     80460
     atgctacggc actgacgcat agcccttcgc cgtggccatc ggggtcactg acgtgcacct     80520
     ctcaaaaaat gtaactacac gtcgcaacaa cgtgtagtgc aagctctgtg attggtcggc     80580
     ttggtagcgc tgactagtct gggcggggcc gagagccgaa tggcgcgagc gattgtttac     80640
     aagtgtggag tcccgtgaag gagctccgga tggaaagttt tgttttgtgt ttacctaatg     80700
     gttaaagttg ttgcacgtcc gccggttcct gcctcaaaat gagtcacttg tacatctaga     80760
     aagtgttcag gaaaagcaaa acagaagcga agaaactcga cacagaggaa gatttacacc     80820
     tcactgccaa ctaagtggaa gtattaatgc agactgacag aaacagcgcg cagaagtata     80880
     aatacacagc tacgcgtgtt gcctgcgcag tgagttacgc cggtcacttg acgcagaagt     80940
     ataaaccagg cttaacccta aaccaactgg cctagccagg actcgaacca gtgacattct     81000
     tgctgtgagg ccacagtgct gaccactgag ccacagtgct gctgtgttca aagccattca     81060
     ttcattcatt ttcttttcgg cttattccct tttattaatc tagggtcgcc aacgtggaat     81120
     gaaccaccaa cttatgcagc aaatgtttta tccagcggat gcccttcaag ctgcaaccca     81180
     tcactggaac acatccatac actcatacac gcatatacac tacggaaaat ttagcctacc     81240
     caattcacct gtaccgcatg tctttggact gtaggggaaa ccggatgcac ccggagaaaa     81300
     ctcacgcgaa cgcagggaga acatgcaaac tccacacaga catgccaact gaaccatcga     81360
     ccttgctgtg aggtgattgt gctacccact gcaccacagc attgccattt tcaaaacatt     81420
     tgcactaaag tgttatttat acgttgttta taaaatattg caaaatgtta cagtagctat     81480
     gtttgcatcc agagacttca gagatcaata tgaattaagc acatgcacaa aactggaata     81540
     tggcataaaa cattggggaa taaagcagcg tttccatcca atgagaaact aaagagaact     81600
     aaatcatcac ttcctgttaa actggagcag atatcagtca gagaaattga gtcgagtgtg     81660
     ttgggatgtg ccactgtggt gtttttcttc tctaataaat gagttgcgcc tcagaagagg     81720
     aagatgaaat gcaatgaacg cgctgaatgt ggtgctttta aaggtgtgag acgctctttg     81780
     gtagcacaga cagatgctca agacagttct ggagggaatc ataatagacg aatcataata     81840
     ctgacgcact gtaatgacgg actgacggct gaggagtttt agaaatcagc aaaacaacat     81900
     ttcagatctg ccacaatgtg catcagcaac aaagtccatt gatgtgttcc tgaaactcat     81960
     ttatttctga tcatcatctg gtaagactaa ataacaaccc tttactgatg tgcatgctgg     82020
     agtttattca gtaaatgtct ttcatcgtag tttgtgcaca tttttttctg atcggttatg     82080
     tgcattttca aaatgtatgc gcatccttgc atttccatta agcagttttg tgtgatttat     82140
     ttcaatatgc acacaaaaac atgtgaatgg aaacatcgca aatgaaaaac acatcatttc     82200
     ttgtaaaaat taggcagttt ggagcatttt agaaaacgtt attttaaaac caaagtagta     82260
     acattaggaa aacattgctg agtctgtatt tccgtgctgg actccagtga aacgcattgg     82320
     gacatcctcc agatagactt gtgttggttt gatgtgttcc tgctgaatgg tgtgcagtga     82380
     gcagttaaac agcgatggac actcgatctc tgcttttatg agagcggctc tatgtttagg     82440
     gccgggtgga attttgactt gtttacaatg tcatggagcg tcagatagtc tttgggggtg     82500
     tgagagacgc ctcctaaaac cccctttagt ccaactcgaa tgccggtctt aatatagaaa     82560
     caccccgctg cataaaatct gctctgtagg agaggaagag tcaatgaaac tcacaggtca     82620
     aatataggac attattttat ttttttcttt attatttatt ttagttattt tttattttct     82680
     gttatttttg taaggtggca tggtggctca gtggttagca ccgaggcctc acagcaaaaa     82740
     ggttgctgat tcgagtcccg gctgggtcag ttgtcatttc tctgcggagt ttgcatgttc     82800
     tccccatgtt gacgtgggtt tcctccgggt gctccaaaca caagagcgat aggtgaattg     82860
     attaactaga ttggccgtag tttgtgtgaa tgagtcgatg ggtgtttctc agtactgggt     82920
     tgcagctgga agggcatctg ctgcataaaa catatgctgg agtacttggt ggttcattcc     82980
     gctgtgacag cctctggaat gtcgactaag tcgaagaaac taatgaatga attatacttt     83040
     tgtttctcgc tctgtgtgtt agctgtatat gattatcaat ggagggtctg aacattgttt     83100
     ataatatatt tgttttattc tttccctgtt aatctattta attacctttt tatattaagt     83160
     ataattttat atataaaatt agagggttta tttccttttg ttgaactata tttgttgaaa     83220
     tagaaagtta gggtgggatt tttattatta ttattattat tattattatt attattatta     83280
     tatgaggcaa cacctgaaaa cttgagtgaa tagaatagat tttttaacta taatatcaat     83340
     gctctgtttt agtcatggta tggcagcaaa gtttgttgat tattatgcca taatgagagt     83400
     acagttcctt gccatattgg tctataaagt agaaactcat ttttcatagt acacaatgta     83460
     actacagaag agtcgagctt taaatacgaa atttattaaa actctttgct catttttgag     83520
     cgagatgcta atggtctaat cttattcaag gatctatgct atgctaagct aaaagtgcta     83580
     ctaccatacc tgtcaaccct cccgtttttt ccgggattct cccgtatttt acttttctag     83640
     cccgctatca tcccgtgaag gtattttcct gtatttctcc cgtatttttt agttttctct     83700
     aaacagctga gcctccctat actcaaccca taccgccgaa ccaccagggg ttgccccttg     83760
     cactaaaacg tgagtcttct gtgcttttgc tttgtttaag aatgaaaaca ctcataaata     83820
     aataaatatt aaaaacggtg caattccatt tccttttgat tacaggtgcc gtcgcccatc     83880
     ctatacaatc atcaaaacag tcatatagcg gtgcatgact gtcttggttg tttttttatt     83940
     ttttccaaac acaactaatt tcgtcttaaa tgagcataaa aaggaaagca gtcaaatgct     84000
     ttcattataa cattagatgt gtgcatttct taagtgacac ctcttattta atgtaataaa     84060
     taaaatctta ataaatgaga gattcattct ttgctctttt tttttgttaa ggaaatccct     84120
     ttttatggtg ggaatatccc tttttttcaa atcccaatgt tgacaggtat ggctaccgct     84180
     aaacctgaag atcatctgaa tcgactcaaa aagtgtaaac cttgactctt taactgctag     84240
     gggagctgta aaatcataaa taaagtggag tgttatttta agactgacaa tgtatgctag     84300
     ctaaataaaa ggtgcagtgt gtaggattga gacctagtgg tcgaactagg gattgcagtc     84360
     caaattcaaa tgacgacatt gctaaaaaca tttcttagat ttttggtctc gtttcaagtc     84420
     caaataactg aaaattctta aatcaagaag catttttagg caagcgaaaa gcattgtctt     84480
     gttttaagaa gtaatgtcaa aagtaagggt actgtatgtg cctttttgac tcttctaaag     84540
     cataaaaaca ccataatatg tttacagata tttaagaaac atgctaagcg aacattcttg     84600
     ttcttgtatc tgaaaaacaa tgctgaagtc agagattctg ctttaaaaat gtgtgttacg     84660
     tgccggaacg gctgtctttg ttttggtgct ttaaacctgt ccacagctac gttaaccagt     84720
     tatatttcag caacccgggt tgccttggtg gaaaacagcg tatttcgttc attcagtcaa     84780
     agactcttaa agcatgtgtc cgtgactgaa atgtgacctc cggcggaccg tagcagactc     84840
     caaaataaga cttagattca gagttccaca tgaggtcaat aattagcaaa taatataaat     84900
     attaggaatg taagcattag ctgagcaggt tacattgtaa ccgcgtgtcc taacaacaca     84960
     ctacatgaca agatttgctg tgataagcaa ttcggctgtt tggctacaga aatgtgaata     85020
     cagccattca gaagcacaga atagtgcact cactgcactc cagcaaactg gtaaggttta     85080
     taatctagtt aatacatatt aaaactcttt accattatta aatgtagatg ctgaatcact     85140
     gaatgtgttt agttcttcta tttcaaatgg tttatttaat tctccagatc tgagatgaac     85200
     tatctgctgc tgctttcagt agtatggcaa taaatgtcat gtgaaatggc tttcaaactc     85260
     acactattag ctgcctcaga acgcagcagc acgagtggtc ttcaatgaac ctaaaagagc     85320
     acatgtcact ccgctgctca tccgtttgca ctggctgcca gttgctgctc gcatcaaatt     85380
     caaagctctg atgtttgctt acaaagcgac ctctggcttt gctccttctt atctgctctc     85440
     acttctgcag atgtatgtgc cctccagaaa cttgcgttct gtgaatgaac gtcgcctcgt     85500
     ggttccattc caaagaggga agaaatcact ttcccgaact ctcgcgttca atctgaccag     85560
     ttggtggaat gaactcccta accgcatcag aacggcagag tcactcgctg tcttcaagaa     85620
     acaactaaaa actcaactat ttagtctcct tcacttccta atctgcaatt gcctctctgg     85680
     ctccaccgct aactgttcta caaaaaaaaa ttactactgt tttccttctt agactttaca     85740
     cacctgaaac ttgcctacag cacttattca ttgttgctct tatacttgtg taagttgctt     85800
     ccttgtcctc atttgtacgt cgctttggat aaaagcgtca gctaaatgac taaatataaa     85860
     tgtagattta acactgaata aagcacatga ggtgtacctt agctgatcac tgtcagtttt     85920
     ctgttgttca gcttcaagta ataaaagccg tttctaaaat ataaatttca ggtgctggtt     85980
     aggacaaaaa ctccttttaa tgtggaaaaa ttccttctat catgtgcggt tgctttaatt     86040
     tagaacacga caaatcagcc tttagggtcg atagtcaggc acgctgttta tattgtcaat     86100
     ctggacgcat gtctgtcttg tgcatgtgtt ttgaaccagg agtgcaatac ctagttcatc     86160
     cactgggtgt caaacttgca cactgcagct ttaagtgagt ttttctttaa aacaagcaca     86220
     ataatcttcc agtggggtgc ttaccccaaa ataatttcat tttcatgatg tctcccaata     86280
     ttatccacaa cctgttcatt tcatacatag tcaaaatcat taatttagca actccacttg     86340
     ctggttactt caccactcct tcatcatgaa ggttacttcg agttgctccc tgttgttaca     86400
     aacgggtaca atggagagcg tagtcccagg cgaaaatata aatcagcctt tacactgtaa     86460
     gctgctcagc taatgtttac atttgtaaca ttagcatctt atgatgctgt gtgtctgctg     86520
     ggcaataact aaatgcacta cagaatgtta cgtttacaca catccacaaa ttacatgtaa     86580
     acgcatcagc ttttcacaga gtaatactta ctattcttga gtacttttga aaggtctact     86640
     ttgtactcat actttgagta atattcacaa cagatgcttt tactctactc gcactacatt     86700
     tttaggtaag taaaggtact tttaatggag tatgattttc agtactcttt ccaccactgg     86760
     ctggttatag cgatcaaagc aaagccagac attccaaaac ggaacacgca ttctaaaagc     86820
     agaataactg acttcagcat tgtttctcag ataaatttgt tcacttagca tgtttcttgg     86880
     atatctgcaa acatatgatg gtatttttac acttgagata agtcaaaaac tcacatacag     86940
     cacctttaac attgcacata ttgatctgat gcagacttgt ttatatttta atcagcttcc     87000
     ggagttttgt tttgttgtgc tgactgaccc ctgcagatgc cgtgcagact ggacacatca     87060
     ttcccatagt tacactccag gcccttgtga tgatcgcagg gctttccttc atggcagtcg     87120
     tcgttgagct gcgccgcaca cactttacag catccgcagg catccggtac tgcgctcaca     87180
     cccgccgggc acacgggccg ctttactgga cagcggcaca cttgagggca accccatcca     87240
     ccctaaacac acacacacat acaggtgaaa gcatggtttc agatgcatga gtgtttaaag     87300
     ctgaactttg cacatggaca actagaggtg taacggatca caaccaatgg tttttcacct     87360
     gtagattaac cctacatgta gtaacgaatg cagagagatt gactcattta aattacatgc     87420
     ttgaaagcat tttggcttcc ctgtaaaatt gaatgatgac agaagtagtt gtgggggcac     87480
     cttaggagca gagatgggaa gtaacgaagt acgaatattt cgttgctgta ctcaagtaaa     87540
     tttttctgct atcagtactt tactccacta tttattagtg atgggtcgtt catgaacgat     87600
     tcattcattt tgaacgaatc ttcaatatga ctcgggaact acgagtcctc tctgggagtg     87660
     atctgttcgt ttgtgcaggt ggtatcgttt atttcaagtc ttttgagtcc ttcaacgcgg     87720
     aaaggcagaa gccaatcaaa tgcgtttaga gccggaaaaa gaattgatca gttcatctct     87780
     cgagtcctct atcgggtctg agtcattcgt tcatcacggg ccaatcatat gcgtttagag     87840
     ccggaaaaag aattgatcag ttcatctctc gagtcctcta tcgggtctga gtcattcgtt     87900
     catcatgggc caatcatatg cgtttagagc cggaaaaata attgatcagt tcatctctcg     87960
     agtcctcggg tttgagtcat tctgtcacgt gatgaacgaa cggctcagga accagaagac     88020
     tcgaaaggtg aactaatcat catggctcct atcggctcag actgtgttca ttggttaaga     88080
     ttatatgtga ctgtcagtgt aacgtgaacg aaccactgac atttgaagac atgaagaggt     88140
     gagctgagca aagagacaac aatgccttca tagacaaaag agcaggtaaa cattgaattt     88200
     ttattttctc cttatagtct tctatttatg acttatttgt cgtttgatca accttttggg     88260
     ctagttgtag atgtgtttgg aatttgtaac attttaataa tattttgaca aattgaacca     88320
     aataaacgaa atgactcaag atttgttcat ctcgatgaac gagaatcaaa gatccgagtc     88380
     agtaaaatga tccgagcttc ccatcactac tatttatttt tctgacaaca ttttactttt     88440
     acttcttaca cttttacata aatatctgaa ctttctaatc attacatttt ttaaatcggg     88500
     tttgttactt tcgttttcat gtgttttgtg gtgcaatcta tattatttct atcattgcgc     88560
     aatttgaaag tctttttgat tcaatcaatc tattttggcg ttttacctct gatcatgcac     88620
     aagtagactt gtttactgag tataccatgg taatggcaaa aatggcgaat gtacagttga     88680
     tgtcagaatt attagccccc ctgaattttt agaccgcttg tttatttttt ccccaatttc     88740
     tgtttaacgg agagcgaatt ttttcaacac atttctaaac atgatagttt taataactcc     88800
     tctctaataa ctgatttatt ttatctttgt catgatgaca gtaaataaca acccgggctc     88860
     attgtggaaa cgtagccccg cggacgtttc tgcggaccgc gatttacgtc ccgggaggta     88920
     cgtattcgag cgtttttttt gttttcgcgg atccgcgaga ggccgctgtg cgcgcttttt     88980
     tgcgtctcgg gcgggtgcct ctcgggagcg tgcggcgttc gcacccgcgc cgttctcgcg     89040
     cgaaaagccg ccggatcgga taaaaagcaa aagccctcgt cttcgatttc gaccgcgttt     89100
     tcggatcccg ccgcgttctc gccctcattt cccggattcc gtttttcgtc ttacctgatt     89160
     tccggaaccc gccgttcccc ggactcgatc ccggtcgtcg tccaccgcgg ccggctccgg     89220
     ctcctcctcc tccggggcct ccgctccgcc gacgcaacgc tgtgagctag gcggacaaac     89280
     tgattgcgtc cggaaagccc tccactcgga ggcgagccgt tggccggcga gcgcgaagag     89340
     gaggggcgaa gcggcgccac accgccccgc agcgttcgct cgaaaaaaac caaacgcggc     89400
     ctttacgcac ctccggccac gtaaatcgcg gtctccagaa acgtccgcgg ggctacgttt     89460
     ccagaatgag cttgggttgg taaataatat tttaatagat attttttaag acacttctat     89520
     acagcttaaa gtgacattta aaggcttaac taggttaatt aggttaacta ggcaggttag     89580
     ggtaattagg caagtcattg tatattgatg gtttgttctg tagactatcg aaaacaaata     89640
     tagctttaag gggctaataa ttttgtccct aaaattgttt taaaaattaa aaactgcttt     89700
     tattctagcc caaataaaac aaataagact ttctacaaaa gaaaaaaata ttattagaca     89760
     tcctgtgaaa atttccttgc tctgttaaac atcatttaga aaatatttaa aaagaagaaa     89820
     aaaaatcgaa gggggctaat aattctgact tcaagtgtag atgagaccaa gaatcagcga     89880
     tatatgcatt ttggtcgacc ggatcaccag tggtgtgaag taactaacta caaacactca     89940
     gactactgta gttgaatagt ttttcctcag aaattgtaat ttactaatag ttttagaagt     90000
     gtgtactttt actctcactt gagcacattt tttgtgtagt atcagtactt ttactccact     90060
     tctgtccttc aacctgcagt cactacttta ttttttcttg taaaatcaga aaaattagtc     90120
     ctttgattcc tgtccaatga aatcacctca taatgaacta tctcaagacg tgggcgattt     90180
     ataattgcag caaactgttt ggaagcatta aaagtgtcca aaaagatgat caaaatcttt     90240
     acacgcattg atccagagac tgtttagatg caggtcactg atgtttactg tatgatgact     90300
     gaaatggcct taaacaccca gcacacacaa gacgtcaaca tgacgtcaga tagacattat     90360
     acctcagtgt catggggaca atacattttg tttggaaata aaaatcaggg tcccacttta     90420
     tattaagtgg ccttaactaa tatgtattta cacaggaatt aagtttgtta caatgtactt     90480
     attgtgtaaa tacatgtatt tactgtgtac ttatgcttaa ttacatttgt aaatacactg     90540
     ttgaccatcc cttacaccat aacccaccct taaacctacc catgccacca aacctgtcca     90600
     taacccaacc tctatcccaa ctcaaaagca tcacaagtgt tctcaaatac attttttgat     90660
     gcaagtacat agtagttaag gacacttaat ataaagtggg accaaaatca ggttgatgtc     90720
     agaactcaac ttcaggctga cgtcaatgtc caacgcccaa tttaaaacca accaaatatc     90780
     aatgcctaat gaagttacag cttaacgttg tgtggatgtt accaatatga tgtctatcag     90840
     acattggatt ttggttgcca cacctgatga ataaatgtca gtatttgacg tcaatatgac     90900
     gttggtttta gatgttggct caacgttgaa ttttggtcac tttccaacac aacctaaaat     90960
     caaccaaata tcaacattat ttgacgttgt tattggacaa caaaataacg ctatccttag     91020
     atgatagtta gatgttgaat tttggtcatc tgacatcaca acctaaatct aacctaaaat     91080
     taacttctga ggacgttgtg ttcctgctga gaaataactc actgtactac agaatgttac     91140
     gtttacacac acacacatcc acaaattaca tgtaaatcca tcaatattct tctacagtgt     91200
     aatactcact actcttgagt atttttaaat gtctgctttt tactcatact ttgagtaaca     91260
     ttcacaacag atacttttac tctactcgca ctacattttt aggaaagtaa tgctactttt     91320
     actggagtat gattttcaat actctttcca ccactgcaga tcacagctaa acaagacaca     91380
     ttcctgttca gatctggcat gttaatgaag ttaaagcctt ttgtccacct ctgaccgtag     91440
     tgtgcagcta cttctctgct cttttaatct aataaagcaa aacactttca aaaaaaatac     91500
     acatgattgt tacagttagt actacagttt ttcttgtttg ctttcacctg gttgaagaaa     91560
     ctaggttccc cttctttgtt cgctatcact atcccagcac agcagaacac aggtcttgca     91620
     aatgtgtaaa ccagaggtgg ccaaccctgt tcctggagag ccacctgcct gcagatttca     91680
     gttgcaaccc atatcaaaca cacctgcctg taattatcac atggtgttca ggtcctaatt     91740
     atttggttca ggtgtgtttg atatgggtag cgactgaaat ctgcaggaag gtggctctcc     91800
     aggaacaggg ttggccaccc ctggtgtaaa ccctttctca ttgggttgac acattttccc     91860
     caccattttt caaaacggtt aacaccgatg tcattcaagc agcccaaact ccattgtttt     91920
     agctatggta accaaacaaa acacatgtat tcctaaccat tagaaactac caagatcaga     91980
     atgaattcac tgaagcaccg gtttaacact ccttcacaca aatcttcaat tagcaatcag     92040
     tctgcaaaca ttaaaaacgg tggaaggtct gtgttgttct gtgccagcat ggatggagga     92100
     ggtcaatagt ggctatactc ccaatagatt tgactgtatt ttggtttaca tgtgtttaat     92160
     atttacagta ttttattact tttgtctgct ttttttttta tacagtattt cagctttcag     92220
     ccacagttag aaaaatgtca tgaattcaat ataaatttaa tcaaagcact tcttattctg     92280
     gatccaattc tttgcaaaaa gacaaatttg acagcccaaa ttgtaagata acaaacgcca     92340
     ttggcaatag gctataatgt caagcactgg tgcactgatt aaccctgagt tctgtatttt     92400
     gtatttagtt gtccattgtg taatgattaa ttgaaagagc tcatacactt gtacaagttg     92460
     tgttgtttga aggtaaaact agtttttgtt gcttatttta aatgttttga aacggcatgt     92520
     ttcaagagtt tcagttgacg gatgcatcct ttatatatat atatatgtat gtatgtatgt     92580
     atatatgtat atatgtatgt atgcatttat gtatgtatgt atatatatat attaggaatg     92640
     tgcggagcag ccggtatttg tatttgtatt tgttgagggg gggaaaagta tttgtatttg     92700
     tatttgtatt tgtattcgag taaaattcaa aatggcgcaa aaatatatat tttttctatt     92760
     acacttctaa tttacattat agtgaaagta ttgtttaatt atacccatta tataaattat     92820
     agatatgcaa tattggttgt tgcttttgaa catgtgacaa gaaatgtcat tgaaaagaaa     92880
     ataacataga agccattatc tcatccatgg ttaaaccaac aactaataaa ataccattgt     92940
     gaatattatg aaccccacca ccaccgttct tgttgaagga cactgaatag acagaataaa     93000
     aacaaataat acttaaaaaa actgttcttc ttctgaaaga acttttttcc aatggacaga     93060
     attccaaaaa ctaaaattaa ctaaataaat ctaaataaaa ccctgcccgg gagatctggc     93120
     agaacaaaag tattctatat aatactaaaa gatacagccc tgctattatc atctgcctgc     93180
     cacaaaacag acacatagtt tgtttggttt ttttgtttga aactgacttg ctggggcaga     93240
     atgtggctgt gttgatggtt tggtgcttgt gggggattta gcagaacata gctgtgctga     93300
     ttgaggggat tgatgcttgt gggggttcac agacagtatc aggagaggat gcttttagtg     93360
     catgtgataa tacattacat agaaggttgc gcggtggcac agtgagtagc actgtcgcct     93420
     cacagcaaga aggttgctgg ttcgagccct gactgggttc tccccatgtt ggcgtgggtt     93480
     tcctacgggt actccggttt cccccacagt ccaaacaaat gcaatacagg ttaatgggga     93540
     aggttaattg tccctattgt atgtgtgtga aagagagtgt atggatgttt cccagtgctg     93600
     ggtagcagct ggaagggcag ccactgcgta aatcatatgc tggataaatt ggtggttcat     93660
     tccaccgtgg caaccccaga ttgataaagg gactaagccg aaaagaaatg aatgattatg     93720
     catagaagat gttgacagat gtttaatatc tctgcctctg ctgatttcac ttttgcacac     93780
     attatacaat atcactttgt tttatctgca gcagcactga ctgtaaaatg cttccacaaa     93840
     gaacattaag ttttattttt ttttgactgg tggaggacca agaaatggct cagcagcact     93900
     ctcactcttt ttctattcgg gtgcccaaat gtatttgagg agtttcaagt taatagtgac     93960
     gggaagctat gctaaggtta actagcctat agcatataaa ttgctgtctg caaaagacag     94020
     taatgtagac gtaccatata actcccataa gtgcatacta ttcgacacaa ctgcacaagc     94080
     atcgttttaa cctttataaa cgacgttact ctgtcaacag tctattgtct aaattaccgc     94140
     gctaacagag ctaaagttgc gtaaacagag cacccgattg caaacttcaa aaatgcagcg     94200
     taatgtaata tcccgaacaa actccgctaa aagtttataa actgcatctg gaacccaatt     94260
     aaggtacaaa aatctattta acaaaaatag tgatgcagtg tagaattttt tttcgctcag     94320
     ccgagccttc tctgtctgta tctgtggaga agcttgtgcg agacggcttt tacctccgcc     94380
     ccgccctccg actgagcgtg tctctctttc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc     94440
     tctctctctc tctctctctc tttctctctc tctctctctc tctctctctc tctcactcac     94500
     tcactcactc actcacgcgg gcatgcactg tggtctcatg aggaaacgct gctttttgat     94560
     atagtgtttt tcttgctccc gaatacaaat aatttttcaa gtatttgttc gaatcaagta     94620
     ttcataaaaa cacgctattc gtgcctttcc gaataccgta ttcgggttcg gctccaccct     94680
     taatatatat atatattact atgattttcg gtactctttc cacaactggt gatgatgatg     94740
     tacatgttag ttgtcagtgt gaaactaaaa caggtagaag taatgaaaac tttttactca     94800
     agtacatatt ccaggctgta cttctttact tctgaggtgg ttataaatac agaaatcttg     94860
     tatccaatgg cgccatacct gtcaaccctc ccatttttcc caggattctc ccgtatttta     94920
     cagttctatc ccgttaccat cctgtaaaga tatatttctc cagtattttc agtgtttttc     94980
     tgaagggtgg caagaaacat taggagttga gcctcgctat atgcaaccca taccgccgaa     95040
     ccaccagggg ccgccccttg ctcgtaaatg tgagtctgtt ctgtgctttc gctttgttta     95100
     ggcacgaaaa cactttgaaa taaatataaa aatggcgcgg ttcccttttc tttcattaca     95160
     ggtgctgtca cccctcctat gcaatcctca aaacgcactc catagtgata aatcaacccg     95220
     ggctcattgt gtaaacgtag ccctgcggac gtttctgcgg actgcaattt acgtcccggg     95280
     aggtacgcat tcgagcggtt tttgtttttg cggatccgcg agaggctttt tcgcgtctcg     95340
     ggcgcctctc ggagcgcgcg ccgttctcgc gcgaaaagcc gccggatcgg ctgccctccc     95400
     cttcctcctt ccctaaaccc gagcgacggt tcgcaaaagc cgtcttgcag attcgcactc     95460
     tataacatca gaaaggtccg acccttccta tctgaacatg cagctcaact ccttgttcaa     95520
     gctcttgttc tctccagact agattactgc aactctctac tagccgggct cccagccaac     95580
     tctatcaaac cccttcagct gcttcagaac gcagcagcac gagtggtctt taatgaatct     95640
     aaaagagcac atgtcactcc gctactcatc cgtttgcact ggccaggcct gtgcagagac     95700
     cgtccaaagg gcatgtgcag gaataaattt ttgaagagcg ggggtggggg ggatggttgg     95760
     cgcgtgtact aaagagcgcg cgcatactaa agagcggtgt tgtcgcgcgc gttctgatca     95820
     gctgtgttgt tgcgcgcgta ctcaagagcg gtgttgtcgc gcgcctactg aagggcggga     95880
     ccgagggtgt gtcgcgtcgc gggggcactt ttgatcattt tggaagggca ctttctatcc     95940
     aagactaaaa agggcatgtg cagtgcacag gttgagccct atgtgtgcac gtgcctggca     96000
     ctggctgcca gttgctgctc gcatcaaatt caaagctctg atgtttgcct acaaagcaac     96060
     ttctggcttt gctccttctt atctgctctc acttctgcag atgtatgtgc cctccagaaa     96120
     cttgcgttct gtgaatgaac gtcgcctcgt ggttccatcc caaagaggga agaaatcact     96180
     tttccgaact ctcgcgttca atctgcccag ttggtggaat gaactcccta actgcatcag     96240
     aacagcagag tcactcgcta ttttcaagaa acgactaaaa actcaactat ttagtctcca     96300
     ctaaacttcc taatctgcaa ttgcctctct ggatatacca ctaactttat tacaaaaaat     96360
     aaaaaacaat tactaatgtt ttgcttctta cactttacag acctgaaact tgcctacagc     96420
     acttattcat tgttgctctt atagttgtgt aaattgcttc cttgtcccca tatgtaagtc     96480
     gccttggata aaagtgtctg ccaaatgaca atgtaaatgt acaaaaaaaa ttagattgat     96540
     taccagtgat attgagttcc tttcaaagaa taattcctaa aaaactcaac taaaatcaac     96600
     taaggctaaa agcaacttaa ctaaaattga aaatataaca gatttcagca gtgtatgcaa     96660
     gtctcagatg ccaccaagag gtttttgcat ctgaactctt catatacagt cgtcaacata     96720
     tgaagtggat caaattcttc atcaaagtca tcctaaaaca ttcaatcctg tcttagggac     96780
     acacttcagc ttcagtcatt cagatccaaa ccagcataaa gactgaagaa ctgccagata     96840
     atacagaact gcctagttca cactagagga ttttaagcct gatttgagcc tgatttggaa     96900
     gttaacgagc tcgccgacag atcgggctgt gatcgggaag aaatctgcgg gtgctcggcg     96960
     ctcgccgctc tttatgtgtg aactactgaa caacgcatca acgaggctcg ctgaagcgtc     97020
     gccgacacct cgcagacgga aatccaacat ttagcatgct gaatattcca gagcagtcgg     97080
     ccgactcaac cccacgtgtg gtcagatgta gtgacgggct gcagccaatg agagagcaga     97140
     tcagcatgag ctgaatgcct gtgtgttcag gagctcagca gaaacatctg tgattggtca     97200
     gaatgggcat cggtgcactc gcttcattct gcgttaacac agacatgaga gtaggctata     97260
     ttaacagtga aactagaatt ctgtaactat tagaattacc atactgctca ttctgaccgt     97320
     tctcatataa aacgccatat tgtcacaaca tatttacatt caaagctgtt attgagatat     97380
     taaaattaag ctttgaatgt ctggcatcat atttaatgac accattaccc taaaaatatc     97440
     atcttttttt ggtaataaag cctataaata tgtagttaag atactaaaac acttaaaggt     97500
     cttggctttc attttcactt tcaaacagga gctatttcac agcacagaat atgctgtttt     97560
     gaaatatctg aagtaaactg atgtttttgc catcagaaag ttttgtttat gttagcagga     97620
     agttgctagg aaaaaaactg cacacatatt taaagtcaca gtgaaaagta tcagacatgc     97680
     atgcagtcat tttgaccaat atggtaattt aaggcagaaa tgctcagttc tttactgttt     97740
     tgtaataaaa aaataacagt gtcagaaaga aatacactga tagttagaaa acggcagggt     97800
     gttataaata tgttagtttt atttcaaaga gttataaaat tacaaaaatt aaaaactctc     97860
     tgtgtatcta tcagatgagt gattaatcca ctgatgaatc agctgattga cgatgttttt     97920
     aaatgctttc tccaaagctt gaaacgctgt cagtgatgtc atcagcacac aagcagccaa     97980
     tagtgttccg ctttttctga cgactcctcc ctcaaatttt cattggctgt ggtttggtag     98040
     cttgaataag ctgttgggga atgagatgtt gtcagatcat gtagtgtgtg acccccctct     98100
     tgtggatcgt tcacagagtg ttgcgtagtg tgaacaccac agagattaaa agacacaaag     98160
     tcaagtcatg tagtgtgaac ggcacagcga tctgctgatg tttaaaatcc tgtagtgtga     98220
     accaggcttt atacctgcat cctgcacttg ctgctattgc tctactggtt agacctaaac     98280
     tgcatttcgt tgtcttgtac atgtgtaatg acaataaagt tgaatctaat ctactcatat     98340
     cgatattcga aaacacaaat aaacaagcag catcataaac tttgcaatag tgtgagaaaa     98400
     actttgatgg atgagcccct aaattctgtt acgtcctccc ctggactagg aggatgggca     98460
     gaatcaacaa caaatgagta aaataacaaa atacaaacca agaaaaaaaa aatacttgaa     98520
     tcaaatccac caccgacggt tcactcaata accactgctg gtttaatgca aaaaataaaa     98580
     ctgattttat tacagcagat caaataaaca taaggtaaag ggagcctaaa attaccttta     98640
     ggttggagca aggccaaaac aataaattaa tttattcatt cattcatttt cttgtcggct     98700
     tagtcccttt attaactcgg ggttgccaca gcggaatgaa ctgccaactt atccagcaag     98760
     tttttacgct gcggatgccc ttccagcctc aacccatctc tgggaaacat ccacacacac     98820
     tcatacgcta cagacaattt agcctactca attcacctgt agcgcatgtc tttggactgt     98880
     gggggaaacc ggagcacccg aaggaaaccc acgcgaaggc atggagaaca tacaaactcc     98940
     acacagaaac gccaactgag ccaagacacg aaccagcgac ccagggacct tcttgctgtg     99000
     aggcaacagc actacctact gcgccactgc ctcgcctaaa acaataaact aaagaagtta     99060
     actatttata aatctcaatt atactattcc ccccaaaata acgatgattt aaaggagaca     99120
     tataatgtaa aaatcccttt tagcagtctg taaatgtcag cagcttctga tgctaaaagt     99180
     gtattcattg tattgtttat aatcagactt gatataaaca gtctgcagaa acactttgat     99240
     gatgcgtaca aagagagaat gtcaatcata gaagcaaagc cgcggggcag catgtctccc     99300
     ttattagcaa aggacattag tctagttttt gaatctgcca ctgctgacac ccaggcatgt     99360
     gtagctccgc cttcttctga aaagagcgcg atctcatttg catttaaagc gacagtcacc     99420
     aaaacactac aattaggatc aaagcctaaa agggtcagtt tcagagagtt gtaaaacact     99480
     gtgtgctatt ttgggctgaa actacacact tgcactctag ggacatcaga cttattttat     99540
     atcttgtaaa aggaggactg atgggtcacc tttaaatgaa ttgacaattt taagctatct     99600
     taactaacca aaaacaagag aaaaacatta attctgctcg atttacgttt gcgaggaaat     99660
     aagtacacaa atccatccca tattattaat taattgttaa ttaattataa gtgctgttta     99720
     atcctaatag ctttgctttg tttttgcttt atttgtgaaa aatatttctt tatgtaaatt     99780
     aaaaaaaaat aaagtaacga agaataaaag caagagtgtt tgtagttgta attcatgcca     99840
     agttgcgatt tttggcaaat tgttatactc aaacagttca taatggagaa attgaaatat     99900
     gtacactgta caaatatcta taaattagca atttcccata ttttgtgatt gatgttttta     99960
     tttttcctaa tgtatttctg cttctcaatt ctattatggg agcttgatct ttcttctaac    100020
     agcttttaac cttaaagttc aggcgggaaa tgacttctct gcacatgtaa tagtttgcag    100080
     tgtaatattg tctgcactgg aaaaaaaaat gtctgcaaaa ttgttgcaaa caatttattt    100140
     gtgttgaatt taaacaaaca agtaaaattt agttatgttc aactttattt gtttgtttaa    100200
     attcaacata aacaaattgt ttacaaacac ttaacttaaa ttaagttaat ttaaggaatc    100260
     atctttgaat attttttttt cagtgtgtgt tgatgttgta tattacgcta caaacacctt    100320
     gtaataaact gccagcacat tttctgttat tttacagact tctttctcta tatattattt    100380
     cttattcatt atattattat ttcaaatgaa taaaatgtca ctaaaagtca ctttgttgaa    100440
     ctgtacagtt gaattttcaa ctttaaaagt ggacagagca gagatcaaca tcccacaatg    100500
     caattcacaa ctataaataa accgaaaata cacaaaaaaa aaattacgaa aactgttcat    100560
     taacagattg tttttacaca catttctatc ttcatggtct ctctccatag ctgtaatgat    100620
     acactgtaaa aagtttgact ttaaattcac agtaatgata ctaagagtaa taattacatt    100680
     actttcacag taaaatacgg tatgtaaatt cacagtaaat tattgtgttg tagttcacag    100740
     taatttactt tgattttctt acattaaatt actgtgaaat tatagcgttt aacgacacag    100800
     tagatagtaa agtcctttac tatgatttca cagtattacc ttgtacaatt aattatattg    100860
     tactgtgaag caggctttcc tcagctattt attctgacat ttaccctgac tttgaaatca    100920
     ttttgggtgt ttaacaatgt ttggttttat gaatcaatta cttttgtttc tagttagtta    100980
     cgtttttgcc tatggctttc atgtcgtttc aaaacaggat gattttcttt caagttattt    101040
     ttaaggatgt aaccaaatag tttttttcta aatatcaaaa aagtgccaat ccaagcataa    101100
     aagttcattt tttattaatg tatatgttga atgaaataaa gagtttgaat tactataact    101160
     aacatgcaaa agatgtagcc ctttttacag taattagctg taatcatgct acctggctta    101220
     atttcgcaat aaaattacga atacaacaca ttactgtgaa tttttactgt taaatccagt    101280
     aaagtgatac aaatgtattt tactgtacaa aattacagta acatgttgtg aaaatctgga    101340
     cgttttttta cagtgtatac agactgcata ttctgtcccc ctaaaagcca accctctcac    101400
     agaaaacaat ctgcatttca tttctacatt tataaagcac ttcaaaaatg tccccagaaa    101460
     atcaaaatat accagtaatg ctatatttgt gaagacgtgg tccccacgac attaggaata    101520
     caagtacaca gttgtcaaca tttgaagtga atcgtaatct ttcatcagag ctgtcctaaa    101580
     accagtgttt taaacaacac ttgtatttat atttaagtaa tatgcacgtc tattttcata    101640
     ttaaagtaat atctagttgt aaagtagatc acacacacac ataaataata tgaaattaca    101700
     tgcatttact gtattgtaac gtgtatatta ttgcatttat tcaaaaacta aattattaat    101760
     taagacgacc agtcattttt taaaatctct atatgcatat ttcttctttg tatgacattt    101820
     taagtgtttt atatatttag ttcagctaga atacagaacg tgtcacattc atctatttct    101880
     ataagtgtat gaaggcctac atgacagatc tgttcctgtt tgcgttgttt aataatgaag    101940
     tgagctgttc atatacacgc agattgttta catgactgtc tcttcactta ccgacgtgca    102000
     gaagatccca actaaaacca gcagacacat aaaatccttc atcttcatgt aaaccactta    102060
     gtgtccacga aaaagattga tatttgaaac aaaaacaccc ttgagtaatc cagatagcgt    102120
     gtttactcca gcacgtatgc gcgtgtgtga tatcagctgt gcttgagttt ctggcgctcg    102180
     ctctcgtgct gtactccgct tttaaaccgc tgtactctta atgtatgcgc ggccacgcct    102240
     actccgccta tcagagcgag agagctcaaa gttgggcgtg gtttaggact agaggcggcg    102300
     ttctatccgc atatgggcgt ggccaccgat gaatgcagtc attcataaaa atctgctcca    102360
     ttccagagag aagctgcagt ctgctgttta ttgacttatg ttttaataaa aatattatgg    102420
     atgctttaaa gtctctttca cacgcacggc cctgtccgct gtgtgctttg tgcagggcaa    102480
     gataaatata cccagctgtg tgatgtttgc tgcattaata gagaaaacaa gcatgaaaag    102540
     gccgctttac tgcacctcac ctctcattgt tttcattagt tttatctctc ctctcttctc    102600
     tctcaggttg tcatcagagg atgtttcagg ctgatgttgt caacagatgc tcgcatgagg    102660
     acttaagact gacgtgtaaa gcagaaaaaa ggcaaacggt gggtgttttc gtgaggacag    102720
     agatgatgga gtgatgtgga gagagcagcg ggtggaaaaa cagagagccg gaggcctgaa    102780
     ggaaacactc agcagaggta cgaacacaga aagtgcctga aatgcttgta gtttagagtc    102840
     actcatcata gaaacacatc agatatcaac atagccagac tttaatttac tttaaaagta    102900
     ttgcttatat cggaaagttt agatgttagt atccgtatgc taatcttaag gatatctaaa    102960
     agctagtgtg ctccaaaaca gacatttaga agatgtaaac atccaaacgg aaaaaattaa    103020
     atattttctt agaggatcaa ccaaaacatt tttcaaaaca tgggaccctt taataattta    103080
     tattgagact aatgtactcc tccaaccata aattccaaac cccacccacc atttttttat    103140
     ttattaattt ttatttattt atttaatttt taatttatta attaatttat tttttttgta    103200
     aatttatttt tattttattt tcatttttat tattattaat atattttttt atttaatgca    103260
     tttccttttc ataaaaaaat gtattatgtt aatttgtctc tttttcaaat tcatgtatgg    103320
     ttaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaaa cgaaaatacc tttgtaattg aataccttta atgtactgta    103380
     ccttttgtca aaaacacaat aaaaaataaa ataaataaaa agaagatgta aacatccagt    103440
     ttgccactta cacctgaatg gatcaaagat attttcgaca tcacctcata cttcagatac    103500
     tcatcagatc ttctgaccag tcaaatgcta catatcacaa acactttatt aggtacacat    103560
     ttctagttcc aggttggacc tcttctgccc tcagaactgc cttaattctt tgtggcagag    103620
     tttcatcaag gtcctggaaa tattccttag agattttgct ccatgatagc atcacacagt    103680
     tgctgcagat ttgtcggctg cacatccatc atgccaattt cccgattcac cacatcccaa    103740
     aggtgctcaa ttggattgag ctctggtggc tgtggaggcc atttgagtac agtgaactca    103800
     ttgtcatgtt caagaaatca gtctgagatg attcacgctt tataacatgt gtgttatcct    103860
     gctggaagta gccatcagaa gatgtgtaca ctggtcatta agggatggac atggccagca    103920
     acaatactca ggtaggctgt ggtgttaaca cgatgctcag ttggtactaa taagcccaaa    103980
     gtgtgccaag aaaatctccc ccacaccatt acaccaccac cagcctgaac cgctgataca    104040
     aggcaggatg gattcatgct ttcatgttgt tgacgccaaa ttctgacccg accatctgaa    104100
     tgtggcagca gaaatggaga ctcatcagag caggcaacgt ttctccaatc ttctattgtc    104160
     cagttttggt gagtctgtgt gaattgtagc ctcagtttcc tgttcttagc tgacagtagt    104220
     ggcacccggt gtgatcttct gctgctgtag cccatctgcc tcaaggttgg acgtgtcgtg    104280
     tgttcagaga tgctcttctg cagacctcgg ttgtaacgag tgcttatttg agttactgtt    104340
     gcctttctat cagctggaac cagtctggcc attctcctct gaacatacag cccgcgggcc    104400
     ggattaggcc cgcaaatggg tttaatccgg tctgcgaaat gattctgtaa agtataaaaa    104460
     tgagatgcaa tttttcaata caataaactg ctgttctaat tgtgtccatt ggatggcgca    104520
     agctgttgca aactgttcat ttcatccaga tgcccaagtc ggcttcattg tgacatcgtt    104580
     ctcaaagaga aagaccacat ctatgccctg ccataccaca gtgaggtgtt cttaaggaaa    104640
     cgaaactatt ttacgtttag tcagtttagt ggctaactcg tacaagttta gtcatacgaa    104700
     aatgtatgat atatataaaa aaggagcctt ggcacccaaa cgtcattgct ggatgagcaa    104760
     atcgaactaa attgtacgaa tgagatcgta tttatatgaa ttagccacta aatcaaaaag    104820
     attcgacttg ctatgagagc gtgttgtcct caagctcaag tttaatgttt tatgttgatc    104880
     aaataaaaaa aaaacaatct gaagttgttg ttttgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat    104940
     atatatatat gtgtgtgtct gtatatatat gtgtatatgt atatgtgtat atatatatat    105000
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtatat atatatatat    105060
     atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt atatgtgtat gtatatatat    105120
     atgtgtatgt gtatatgtgt atatatatat atatatatat atatgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt    105180
     gtgtatatta gggttcaacg ctaaggattt tttctactgg cccgatcggg ccagtggttc    105240
     tgatttttac ttgccctgcc aaaattttca ctggccccac caaaaaaaaa aagaagttaa    105300
     tagctatttg actgtgcgtg tgtgtgtggg tgtgtatata cacacacaca cacacacaca    105360
     cacacagttg gtttcagaat tattagtccc cctaaattat tagcactcct gtttattttt    105420
     tccccaattt ctatttaaca gagaacagat tttttcagca catttctaag cacaacagtt    105480
     ttaataactc atctctaata actgattaat tttatctttg ccatgatgac agtaaatcat    105540
     attagactag atattcttca agacacttct atacagctta aagtgacatt taaaggctta    105600
     actatggtaa ttaggttaac taggcaggtt agggtaatta ggcaagttat tgtataacga    105660
     tggcttgttc tgtagacagt ctgaaaaaca attagcttaa gaggctatta aatttgacct    105720
     taaaatggtt aataaaaaaa ctgtttttat tctagccaaa ataaaacaaa taagactttg    105780
     ttcagaggaa aaaaacatta tcagacaaac tatcaacatt tctttgctct gttaaacata    105840
     atttaggaaa tatttaaaaa agaaaaaaac aacaacaaaa gggggctaat aactctgtat    105900
     atatatattt acagtaattt taaaaatgtt tttaaggaaa attattcagt tcatcaagac    105960
     tacatttatt aaatgtaaaa aatgtttaat tgttaaatat ttatcaaaat tttaaataac    106020
     tgctttgtta ttgtttgtag tttcaaataa aaccattact atagacatta ttgatttgat    106080
     tactattacc attgataaat ataataataa ttaatattag tgatttctga aggatcatgt    106140
     gactggagta atgaagctga aatctcatct ttaaaatcac tggaataaat gaataaatta    106200
     aatgataaag tactttcgaa cagttatttt atagtgcaac ctttcacaat ttgtatttat    106260
     gatgaaataa ttgcagcctt ggtgagcaga agaagcttat tttaacatat ttaatcacac    106320
     tgaccccaaa cttttgacca gttgtgtata tagaatattt tataattgaa aatgtgcact    106380
     ttaattttaa caacccacag acatcgtcac cgaatataaa tcgaggtcag actttctcat    106440
     acagagcctc atttcaattg tcaggttttg tagatattta tctattgaat taatcaatct    106500
     attaaagaaa cgttgactat aattctgtat tttaggctta aattataaag agacatagca    106560
     gatgaaccga gactgcatca gatcgcgaag cagatcaatg ttgattttct ttcgagctgt    106620
     cagtgcggaa atgaacaaaa caacaggcct aacccaacat attgcaagat taaaacatgg    106680
     aaaaaatgat cagatattaa cttcggtcaa ttttcctgac ggataaaccg aaatcaggct    106740
     ggataaacag ctctcggtaa tatttcagca tgctttcact ttcgcattta ccggtaagaa    106800
     taaatctcgc actactcatc ttgctctctt catatagtcg tatatatggt tattacacga    106860
     tcataataca ctgtgatata gcctgggtcg ttagttcatt gcattgtttt gttttctcgc    106920
     tacaatcgat ccgctcaata ggacagagac cgcgtctcat tcaggcgatc ttggactgat    106980
     tgatttggcg ctgatgagag cgcaactgct ggatatatgc caaaaaaaaa aaacgcacta    107040
     acgggggaaa cgagacagat tccgaaacaa acgtctatgt gtgaaagcac cgtaagattg    107100
     tatttgcaca caattgacag acagtcgcag cacgcagctc tggctcgatc tggcaggcaa    107160
     aaaggcagca ctggcccaat caggccagta acattctgta cactggcccg agtgtctcgc    107220
     acgctggccc ctggccatcg ggcagtcctt attgtcgagt ccagtatata tatatatata    107280
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatatg tgtgtgtgtg    107340
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtatatata tatatatata tatttaaatc taccgtttag    107400
     acacccctga tgtaaacagg tcaatacttt aaaagtgctc aactttattt tcttaagcaa    107460
     tttatttgaa cattcagttt tcaaaatgcc ctacttttat ttaattaatg caagagcatt    107520
     caaatataca gtcatatgtg tgtagctgtt gcattgtcag gtgtttgtta gcctataaat    107580
     atgttcatta ttctttgaat tgttctgtag gcattgcttc tttaagcata gcacaaaact    107640
     gtaccaaaac cgtgacacta gaaccacgat ccataccttg cacccctgat gtagatctca    107700
     acacctcaac atcaaaaagt gcaaaatgtt aaaatgtctg gggtcaaaac tttgggattg    107760
     agtaacaaac tgctggactg tcttcacacc agagaggaaa agagagagag agagagagag    107820
     aggaagagag agagagagag aggaatttaa gtcactcatt tatttttaac tcagaacagg    107880
     aactgctgtg ttgactcccc aaatacacgc acgcattcac tcactttctc tttcacacac    107940
     tctctctctc acacacacac gcttgctcac ttgcttgcac actcttactc cctatctctc    108000
     tcactcactc actcactcac tcactcactc actcactcac tcactcactc actcactcac    108060
     agtttctgca gagacagtca tgtgatcagc gtatgtttaa taattatcat gacttcattt    108120
     gggggtcgaa caataatctg aatacaacag ggaaaacatc ttgaaacaga aaaaacaaat    108180
     gtttatagat ccaacaccac ttttccttaa tttgaaataa atacgtacta atttagagca    108240
     ttttgtttga attagttgtc agtttgaata agagttatta gtaatttgca ggattttttt    108300
     ttactaacac atacatttat tggaatttag agtatagaat gattaataat atgtaacgaa    108360
     taatagccca acaatgaata ataataataa taaaaataat gccgaggcag tggcgcagta    108420
     ggtagtgctg tcacctcaca gcaagctgtc gctggttcga gccttggctc agttggcgtt    108480
     tctgtgtgga gtttgcatgt tctccctgcg tttgcgtggg tttcctccag gtgctctggt    108540
     ttcccccaca gtctaaagac atgcagtaca ggtgaattgg gtaggctaaa ttgtccgtag    108600
     tgtatgtgtg tgtgtggatg ttttccagag atgggttgcg cctggaaggg catccgctgc    108660
     ataaaaaaac gtgctggata agttggcggt tcattccaca gttgtgaccc cggattaata    108720
     aagggactaa gccgacaaga aaatgaatga attaatttgc attttcagtg ttttgaggct    108780
     taactctgat tagttaatca tagataattt taggtcaaac tatacaaatt atgtgtctaa    108840
     tttgacttta cttttaggct aaaacaccaa ttttactaga agttgtcaaa tttgacttta    108900
     cttttaaata caaaaatcca ttttagctac taaaaaagtg tcttgtaaac atttacgatg    108960
     tctgtcgatg tccccacccc cccctacacc cccccccgcc cccccccccc cccccccccg    109020
     cgtattctga ttggcgcaaa tgatcctgca ctttacttaa atgcggtaga cttttgtagt    109080
     aaaaaaaatg tacaaacaaa gttattagat taatattttt caaaaataga gccttaaaac    109140
     ctagaggaaa ttttttttgg aatgtatatt tcgatgatat tgtgtggaaa aaagcttggt    109200
     tgcttccttg tcgtttttgc gtaggtaaca aatacaggga actacattta aaaattatac    109260
     ataacattta tgttagtaat taaacattaa ctacatttac gcacacggat ggaaactgtt    109320
     cattctgttt acatcaccca gagacgttga ttcatctttt ttatgattgt gaatattcaa    109380
     aaaatttttg ggaagatcta tcattgtatg tcaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaatc aggttttagt    109440
     tgcaatttga cccccaaaga cgttattttt aattttgttt caaacaattt atctgtggaa    109500
     ttgttattga atcttttaat tttgttcggt aaatttcatg ttcataaatg caggttaaat    109560
     aactctaaac cttgtttaaa ggttgctgtt acagattttc atttgtatat agaatcgctc    109620
     caatatatta acagcgaaaa atgtataaat acaattattg tggcaaagga gctgaagtta    109680
     attgattagt attcttgctg ttaattgata agttaaaata atatcattgt aaagatctct    109740
     gttgaattgt ctttttattt gtttaattta tgtaatttat tttttaattt atgttattag    109800
     ttacttttgt attttttgga tgtcatgttt aaattgtata tatatttgtt gttcaataaa    109860
     aaacatactg attggcgcga tcatgcattc acaatggtat gaacccttta taggggtggt    109920
     taaatgtata tttatattat cctttgatta ttaatattat tacctccgat aattatcaaa    109980
     gaaaactatt tctcactatt aaagagctga accccacttg ttttgtcgtc cttcagagag    110040
     gatcaagtat taattagagg tgtcaatccc caaaaccccc ctgtaattcg cagccttact    110100
     gtatcccttc taacaacctc tagtgtgcag gtcaatctct gcatcctcgc tccctcagta    110160
     gtgtcccact gtatgtttac cgcacttttc gcctcatgct gtcacagaga gccgccttgt    110220
     tcagcctcct tcccgccttt ccaccggcag cccgcaaaaa tcccagaaat ccctgttatt    110280
     tccgcacctg tgtttgtttg gccgcgtaaa cagatgtgag aactgaagcc gagtgttcca    110340
     cgcacaataa ccgcttctgt tccgctgccg gtcccgccac acagcgcccc ctgccggaca    110400
     actgcataca ctactgccac catttataga ggatcaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaggttaa    110460
     tctttgtgta tttttcaaat ttactgcatt tcgttgtgtt ggtggctgct tttgccctat    110520
     ttacgtccat tataatgact ttttagtgca aatccatgtc agcatatgat catgcattgc    110580
     attcattctt gattgttgct ggttttctct ggaaggctat acaagagctc agagtacatg    110640
     catacacgtg ggattaaagt aaacaataaa gtatgtatac agctgaagtc agaattatta    110700
     gccccccttt gaatattctt ttgtaagtat ttccttaagt gatgttaaac agagcaagga    110760
     aatgttcaca gtgtgtctga taatattttt tcttctggag aaagtctgat ttgtttaatt    110820
     tcgactaaaa caaaagcagt ttttaatttt ttaaacacca ttttaaggtc aatattatta    110880
     gcccctttag gttatatatt ttttcaatag tctacagaac aaaccatcat tttacaataa    110940
     cttgcctaat ttccctaacc tgcctagtta aaacctttat ttataaaata gccacctgtc    111000
     aaaatgtcct gaggtattta ttgatggtat taattagctt taggatattc tttttgattt    111060
     ataagaactg taatttatta agctgtgctt gagacggtca catcatagca cagttttgag    111120
     atttggctaa aaaatgtaaa gcaaaaaaat gaaataacag cagtttttat aataagaggt    111180
     ccatggaaaa tattttttaa ccatttactg catttaagta atgagaatac taattatatg    111240
     attttgacat cacgtcaaca atccacacta gtgggcgctg ctgtcgctgt tagtatggag    111300
     tcagtccagg gccatatata cctgcaacat gaacgttttg caaacaaaat ataaagtatt    111360
     gagcaaaaaa ctaaaataat acaaatctca aaaaatcatg ccccagttcc cgaccccttg    111420
     tcaaatcagg gccagaaaga caaatgcaca caaatgtgaa gtgcaaaaag aaaaaagcat    111480
     agcaaacata tagcaaacaa aattgagtat tgcaattgac ttaagaggtt ttgtaagggc    111540
     aatactagaa aaaacattta gcaaatatat gtatatttaa aaaaatgcaa atattaaatt    111600
     tattttttgc actacttgat tttttttgtt tgcaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaatatata    111660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattgcag    111720
     tttacttttt ttgtttgcat tattcttttt tgtatattat tattattatt ttttgtttgc    111780
     aaaactttct ttcatgttgc aagtatatat ggcccttgat tgactcgcaa acagcgtaaa    111840
     ttcagacatc agtgaaatta gattcataaa atactcgcaa ataccaaacc atatattgac    111900
     aaacgtttca ttgttttttc attgtttaaa ataaataaat aaataaataa atatatatat    111960
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtaatt aaattcagaa    112020
     ttattagccc ccctttgaat ttttattttt tttattttta ccaaatgatg tttaacagat    112080
     tccagaaatt ttcacagtat gtctgataat attttttatt ctagagaaag tctgatttgt    112140
     ttaattttgg caagaataaa agcagtttta aatttttaaa cgccatttta aggtcaatat    112200
     tatcagcccc ctttgagctt tatatttttt caatattcta cagaaccaac catcaatata    112260
     caataacttg cctaattacc ctaacctgcc tagttaccct agttaaccta gttaagcctt    112320
     taaatgtcac tttaagctgt atagaagtgt cttgaagaat atctagttta atattattta    112380
     ctgtcatcat gacaaagaga aaataaatca gttattagag atgagttatt aaaactatta    112440
     tgattagaaa tgtgttgaaa acatctctcc gtataacaga aattggggaa aaaataaaat    112500
     ggaggcgaat aattctgact tcaactgtgt atgtatatat atatatatgt gtgtgtgtgt    112560
     gtgtatcagc taatgaacag tttctgtatg ttgtatgttt tgtttcttcc cggttgtgaa    112620
     ttgcataata ttatgattaa gaaatactct tggccctatc atacacctgg cgcaatatgg    112680
     tgcaagacgt gtttccacca cgtgttgcta gtttcagacc aacgcaaccc taattttccc    112740
     attttctgcc acttgtttaa atagctaatt catttgcgcc actttgtgta cttatgggtg    112800
     tgctggtctg gaaaggaggt gtgttaaggc gcattgttga cgtgttgcaa ttttaaggaa    112860
     ctaaggccct gtttacacta gtgcgtttta gtttgaaaac gcataagttt tgctgtccaa    112920
     agacatgcag tacaggtgaa ttgggtaggc caaaattgtc cgtagtgtgt gaatgtgtgt    112980
     gtggatgtgt gtgtggatgt ttcccagaga tgggttgcgg ctggaagggc atccgctacg    113040
     taaaaacttg ctggataagt tggcggttca ttccgctgtg gcgaccccgg attaataaag    113100
     ggactaagcc gacaagaaaa tgaatgaatg aatgctgcag tttattacaa ggtgtttgta    113160
     gtgttcataa aagacacttt taaaacttta aggttaaagt tgttggaaga aagatcaaga    113220
     tcccaaaatg caattcaaaa gcagaaataa atgaggaaaa ataataacat gagtcacaaa    113280
     atatggaaaa ctgctaattt agggatattt ttaacagtgt acacagttgc tctgcttctc    113340
     tgaatgtata tttcaataaa taatggctca attcataatg ttcaatcatt ctgataaatg    113400
     tgaccttctg tagctaatat ttttcagcaa aacaaatttg tataacaaac aaatctgttt    113460
     actctgctcc tctggagtga tttatgcaga actgttaaat ttctacacag tgtttaaggc    113520
     aagtaggtta tgagtaactg attaaattgt ctggaatgtg aatgagggtg ggaggaaagt    113580
     ccttacccca ggtggaggag tttaagtatc ttggggttat gttcatgagt gggggaagga    113640
     tggagcttga gattgacagg cggatcggtg ccgtagcagc agtaatgcgg tcgatgtacc    113700
     ggtccgttgt ggtgaaaaag gagctgagcc taaagccaaa gctcttgatt tactgatcaa    113760
     tctatgttcc tactctcacc tatagtcatg agctttggat catgaccaaa aggacaagat    113820
     ctctgataca agcagtcgaa atgagtttcc ttcgaagggt ggcagggcgc actcttatgg    113880
     acagggtgag gagctctgac tcccgggagg agctcggagt agagccgctg ctcctccaca    113940
     tccagagaag tcagctgagg tggctcgagc atctgtttct gatgcctcct ggacgcctac    114000
     ctagagaggt gttccaggca tgtcccaccg agaggaggcc tcggggaagg cccaggacac    114060
     gctggaggga ctatgtctct cggctggcct gggaacgtct cgggatctcc ccggaggagc    114120
     tggaggaagt gtctggggag agggaagtct ggggttcgct cctaagactg ctgccctcgc    114180
     gacccggccc ggaaaaggcg tcagaaaatg aatgaatgaa tgagggtgta tgggtgtttc    114240
     cctgtaccgg gttgcagctt gaagggcatc cactgcgtaa aacatatgct ggaatagttg    114300
     gcagttcatt ccgctgtggc aacatctgaa agagacaaaa tcgaaggaaa atgaatgtta    114360
     aatgttccag tcttgcggtc gtcatcagac atttaattta ataaatcgtt catcaagtat    114420
     tgacagcatg tgggattgcc tgttatcttt tcacacactt taaattaatt ttaatccaat    114480
     taatcaaaag cagcctcgag aaatacggat gttttctgtc tgacctgttt taagaaagcc    114540
     gcatgataag aaagtactcc accctgttac agcactgccc tgggaaagac tgactcgctt    114600
     tctctccctt cagattttca gcaacaaaca gtttccgatc tgcggaaaac actgggacat    114660
     ttcctgaaag agagtacctt cagaattgac ggcagatctt tggttttgtt ttttccccct    114720
     agtgaattat ttttggaggc attgttcgga aagagaaagt taagctgctg gagctcaaac    114780
     agggagaatg gcttcgcttt ctgaagagaa tttttcttgt cccatttgtc atgaaatctt    114840
     caaggatccc gtggttttat cttgcagtca cagtttctgt agagagtgtc ttcagcagta    114900
     ctggagagct gcggatatcc aggagtgtcc cgtctgcagg aggagatcct cgagagatga    114960
     tcctccaaac aatcttgtgt taaaaaactt gtgcgagtcc ttcctgaagg agagaaaaga    115020
     gaaaccttca ccaggatcag aggagatctg cagtttacac ggtgagaaac tcaaactctt    115080
     ctgtctggag gacaagcagc cggtgtgttt ggtgtgcaga gactcagaac agcacgacaa    115140
     tcacaaattc agacccatcg gtgaagtggt ttcatcacac aaggtaagac ttatgtcatt    115200
     tattctcatc tacagattag ttagtcatta acactgtttt cttcatgtac atgcacttaa    115260
     gcttctctga gtttctactc aacttcatat gatgctgtat tcccatatca gatcattctt    115320
     ttcactgtaa tcaggacatt tatacatgtt tatatttatt tctaggacga gctcaataca    115380
     ggactcaagt ccttacagga gaaactaaga cacaaagaaa ccattaaaga agagtttgag    115440
     aaaacagttc agcacatcac ggtgaggaaa cacatttgag tgttattttt attacagata    115500
     cactgcaaaa aaaaggcttt atacttagtt tttctcttgt ttctagtccg aatattcaaa    115560
     aattcttaaa tcgagaaaca ttttctggtc aagcaaaaca tattgtttag tgttgagaaa    115620
     taatatgtca aaatgaagtg agtttttcct taaaacaagc aaagaaatct gccaatgggg    115680
     taagcaaaat aataagggct ctgttttaat gatctaggca caaagtctaa agcacatgca    115740
     ctgtaagggc gtactcacac tatgctatcc gaaccatgcc caggcccgtt tcccggatca    115800
     tttgagaagt gtgagtgcgc tgaatcgggc tcaggcactt ttcatttggc cggccctggc    115860
     ccggttggaa gaggtgggcc tgagcgcggt tcacttgggc tttggcgcgg tacgcttgtg    115920
     tgtgagtgcg aaacgctcca aagcccgaaa ctgaaagcga gacgtgactt ttaagggact    115980
     gtttcatatg tacttattat caatcttact gttcagtgat cgcaaactgc tgtagtttat    116040
     taaagacgca aacccctcac tgcacaactg ctgcaccttc agcaaacctc ctaattcctg    116100
     cagcacgagg gctttatgat tgtttatgag tgccaaaagt ggcgggatct gttcggcgaa    116160
     atatctgaca gcatgtcatc gcatccctaa ggaatgtttg gcgaaatatt tgacagcatg    116220
     tcactgcata tcaaaagact gaaactaaat aactagagaa atctccactg tgctgagcga    116280
     gagcgcttac tgaacagcgc agcatcgatg atgtaagcgt gcccaaaccc aattgtaatg    116340
     tgagtgcggg ccgttggggg agacgggagg gaggacaagc gtgctttggc ctagttcaag    116400
     gcaactgtac atagtgtgag tacggcctaa atcccaaaat gtcaaagtaa ttcaaaccat    116460
     ttgaggaaac cgattgcaac aaacaattta agttaaaaac taattctaat gagtactgtg    116520
     aacttactcc atttgagtaa acaaagcaat ttgagcacag taaaacccaa taaatgaaga    116580
     gaactcaaac caactgagta ctgtaaaacc caataagtta aggcaactca aaccgtttga    116640
     ggaactcgat tgcacccgat tccagtgtgg tgcaaaggca taaagggcaa atctgaatcc    116700
     acttccgcta ttttaaggag agaaaaatac actctgctcc ctggtgcttg ctctaacagg    116760
     gctgtgttta ttctgttaat gagttctggt tgtgttttga gcaaaacgtg cattaaacta    116820
     atcggactct catctcacat cccctttaag agtcagttgc gtcgcatggc gcatttgcta    116880
     tttacctaga ggactttgta agtgtaaaaa ccgagcacta acgagaaaac agttaaacag    116940
     agcatctgca gcgcaagaat aaagaacgag cctcctccat tcagcctctt tgctttctct    117000
     ttactttact tttacttttt actcctttac ttttgttgga atgaggaaac agtgcaaact    117060
     cactccactg aacacatcca ttagcctaca tatttaaaat cctttaagtg caaagatttg    117120
     tgtaaactat ttctaaattc agttctaatc tttagcaaac taataaatga acagtaataa    117180
     tgaagtgtat tcaataagtt atgttcaagc acacgtccgt ttctcatacc ccatatggtg    117240
     atgcagacgt ctccaaaacc ctacaggtcg acaaatctaa acctcattca ttttcttgtc    117300
     agcttagtcc ctcttttaat ccggggtcgc cacagcggaa tgaaccgcca acttatccag    117360
     caagttttta cgcagtggat gcccttccag ccgcaacccg tctctgggaa acatccacac    117420
     acacacattc acgcacacac tcatacacta tggacaattt agcctaccca attcacctgt    117480
     accgcatgtc tttggtctgt gggggaaacc agagcacccg gaggaaaccc acgcgaaggc    117540
     agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaac accaactgag ccgaggatcg aaccagcgac    117600
     cttcttgctg tgaggcgaca gcactaccta ctgtgccact gcctcgcccc aaatctaaac    117660
     ttgtttgtat taaaacaaat ataaatatac atatgataaa taatactgct actaataata    117720
     acattatact gatgcagatt atcatgaata aactgaaaaa gccccccgag gtaaagaagg    117780
     catggagacg gtggtgttta tgttgatgtg gaaaataata atttttatat cgtttgaatc    117840
     cttaaattgt tttcatcttt aagatatttg tgtattgctg tacatcctgt ctgtattaag    117900
     caatgtgcat ctgtttggta cataactagg tacgtaacta acacgttctg cgctggatta    117960
     ttattttttt tttatacata aaatttttaa aaaatttaaa cattttacaa attaaaacat    118020
     tcaatgacag cagcggttat ttaaaacaac aacaacaaca aaacaagtaa cactagaaga    118080
     aaataaaaac aaattatatc tgtgattacc tatattcctg caactcctcc agcattcctc    118140
     tgacggtgga ctgttagcat attttgatac caccaatagt gttccagtcg aactctttcc    118200
     agttatggct attgatcccc ttatgagatt ctgaacatat gttctcccaa atctcatcct    118260
     catttttttc attaagttca gatacccatt tgccttaaaa ggttgttatc tgttgagtcc    118320
     agaattagtc tgtatacagt tgaagttgtt gaattattag ctcggctgtt tatttttttc    118380
     ccaatttctg tttaacggag agcagattgt ttcaacacat ttgtaaacat attagtttaa    118440
     ataactcatt tctaataact gatttatttt atctttgaca tgatgacagt aaataatatt    118500
     agactagata ttcttcaaga cacgtctata cagcttaaag gcttaactag gttaattagg    118560
     ttaactaggc aggttaggca agttattgta taacaatggt ttgatctgtc aactatcgaa    118620
     aaaatacatc actttaaggg gctaataata ttgaccttaa aatggtgttt aaaaaattaa    118680
     aaactgcttt ttttcaggcc gaaataaaac aaataagact ttcttcagaa gaaaaaatat    118740
     tatcagacat actgtgaaaa ttttctgaat ctgttaaaca tcatttggga aatattttaa    118800
     aaagaaaata attgtgactt cagctgggtg tgggatgtcc tttttacttt tttatatcaa    118860
     taaaaatact gttccacatt agttgggact ttttgaaaaa tatttccttt aatttatgat    118920
     ttgtaatata gcttcttact tgcgagtatg gaaagaacaa cataaattgt ttttaagatc    118980
     agacattgag tgcacagcgt tttcattaaa taactggact ttagagctgc ttttagttgg    119040
     tcaaggcgca gtctatttca gtcaaaacgg cgccaacaac gcgccttaac acacctcctt    119100
     tatagaccag gggtccgttc ttcgtacctc gcttaaatga tctaagatga tttggcagat    119160
     cctggatctt ttcatcttga taactgatct ctggctaatt tggttcttca aacaagttcg    119220
     cgaatcagat tagaatgtct ggataaactg atctgagatc gctgcgtgtg ttgtgaagga    119280
     ctgatctatc gatcctcgaa atcatgatca gcaatgcaac gaatggctga cggcactgca    119340
     gcgtaatgac atcatctgat taatattcaa ttatccatgt gagcaaaatt acatcaaatt    119400
     agcagtaaac ggcttgttaa atatgacacg caataaacgt ccacatatgt tgtgagcggc    119460
     aggctttaca ctttgatgtg tcaagagtat tcatcatgta tttcaatgca tatcaatgta    119520
     tttagttcta catttagaaa agactttctt tattatagta gctgtttttt aatcggtgta    119580
     aagaataact ggatgtttac aaaagcattt tgatattagt aaaggcatct gcaacttttc    119640
     tgaagcatca aatcactgac atattaacta tcaaaacatg ttcataactg cataaatgta    119700
     ttattgcttt taaaaacatc acatattgtg catttctatt atacacaatt tgtactaaag    119760
     cgatctaaaa agttcatatc aataagtttt ctctttgcac cacctggtgg cagtctttgt    119820
     actttcattt ccagggtgca gattgcataa gatttattaa tatgtataac tttatttatt    119880
     ttattaataa ctataacttt atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    119940
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatagagtt taaaatagtt actattttcc    120000
     caagtgtatg taactactac tgtaagaaaa tatcagaatt cagaacatac tttctgtatt    120060
     atatttgctt gaactgagcc gatctaatcc tgtttatatg aatagaacct gctcccgatc    120120
     aggtttgtcc tagcagaact gttgctatga caacaactct cggatcagct ttgaagaacg    120180
     aaacgatcct ggatcatgtc aaatcgtcaa tatccaaatc cagctaactg agtaatccac    120240
     gtaccaagaa cggaccccag cacacccatg agtccacaac acggtgcaaa tagatttgct    120300
     atttaaacag ggtggcgcaa aacaagaaaa ttagggttgc gctggtctga aaatagcaac    120360
     aaatcgagcc aaatcttgcg ccttattgcg tcgggtgtat gatagggccc ataatgtcaa    120420
     aaggaaaaac aagattgttt tgtttacccc attggcagat tatttagctt tttttttaaa    120480
     gattaaactc acttaatttt gacattattt cttaaaacaa gatgatgtct agaaaacact    120540
     gtctagaaaa tgctttttca ttaaagagtt tttagtaggg gtgtcacgat tcaatttcga    120600
     ttatcgaatc aaaaaataga atcgttgatg ctgccacgcc cccatgtcac gtcagcttgg    120660
     cttgccaagc gggaaaaaac aggcttgttg aagtgcttgt taaactgcag aagcaggaga    120720
     cccgtcgaca gagcttaaac cctctcctct ttcaatgaag tcgccggtgt ggaagcattt    120780
     tggacttcca atgagttatg ttgacaacgt tcgtgttgtc gacaaaaaaa acacagtttt    120840
     gcaagctctg ctatgtacgg tttgtccgat agacaacaca ctcaggccct gtttacactg    120900
     tctttgtttt taaatggcat tttagaacga caacgatttg acatccacag tggcgtgtag    120960
     catttctgag cagccctcct tcctctctac ctctgaaaat gcacatcacg tgatcacaca    121020
     gacacagcca tgcgcttgag acagcaggtc caggcagtca gaggactgct tcaatctttc    121080
     actcactttt acttagtcat tttagcgaac acctcagata ctgttggctg gttcctgttg    121140
     gttgtgcgtc tttttaaccg atgccattat aacgacacag atcactgcct attcacgagt    121200
     cccgcagaaa aaagtgattg acaggtggta attatgtgtg tatcttgcct ttattcattt    121260
     actgtatgat ttgtttatgg gtaaaacgaa gaccatccgg gtcaggtagt ttaaacggta    121320
     ggctacaaat aattaattgg tcattaatta attattcata atcgaaaatc gaatcgaatc    121380
     atgcctttag aatcgaaaat gtaatcgaat cagggatttg gaggatcgtg acacccttag    121440
     tttttagata tttagacttt tagacaaaac aaaaaaattc ctccaacttg acagacacac    121500
     aggttgcaag attgatgaca gaattataat aggctaatct ggcagtgatc tggttataga    121560
     gatcaaagca aaggcaaaca ttccgaaatg gaacccacat tctaaaagca gaacaactaa    121620
     catcagcatt gtatgcagtc tatagggtca ttatgtataa ttacaattgg taaattagca    121680
     taagatattc ttggtttaga atgttagatg ttgggttatt cagggtatct gattttcttc    121740
     caggctcaag ccgaccacag cgagcatcaa attaaacaag agtttgagaa gcttcatcaa    121800
     tttctcagag acagagaaaa gggtacaatc gctgcactga agaaagaaga gaagcagaag    121860
     atgcagatga tgaaggagaa gctggaggag atcaacacac acatctcagc tctttcagac    121920
     tcaatcagag acacggagga gatgctgaaa gccaatgacg tctgctttct gaaggagttt    121980
     ccaggcttaa tggaaaggtg agtgatctgc tggtgtctct gctctctctg cttctgaagc    122040
     caaagccact gcagttctga ctcctgaatg ttcttccaga gtccagatct cacagccgga    122100
     tccacagacg ccttctggag ctttgattca tgtgtctcag tacttgggga acctgcagta    122160
     cagagtctgg aggaagatgg aggacatcgt ccactacagt aagagtctac actacagcat    122220
     ctgctcttat acagacagat tttatgacag taaatgaatt cagtttatag tgaagatcat    122280
     atttaatcac gtttcttatt tcttcaccta cttaagtcca gaagagactc aacaggttaa    122340
     aagtgaaaat atacttgaga ctcctttaaa aattcttctt actgaaacat tcattcattt    122400
     tccttaaggc ttatacacac cgggatgctt ttcactgatg tttattgttg acgtttttct    122460
     gcacagttga ttttcatcag cgttaagcag attgaacatg cagaatcacc ccctgtcgtt    122520
     agatgtctct tactaaaatt gcaagtcatg aaagaaacat gaaatgaaac tcacaaacaa    122580
     tcaaatgcct cagtgtatct tcttcctcac tgaaagatag tgaaactgtg tttacctcga    122640
     ctgtttcgct cttgagtgcc tccagggggt gtttactgta acttcagcag ctccaggcag    122700
     gtgaacaaaa gtgtcattct gattggtgga gaagtattta acgcagtgag catgaggggt    122760
     ttctttaaaa atgatctttt tactcctggc gttttgcgtg ttggtcacga tcacattggc    122820
     agcctttgtt tagtcacgag gcgttaaact ttgtcgaaaa aagcaagcta agaacatcct    122880
     gatgtaaatg ggcctttagt ccctcattta tcaggggtca ccatggagga ttgaaccgac    122940
     aactatcccg gcataggttt taaacagcag atgcccttac agctgcaacc ctgtactggg    123000
     caacacccat acacactcat actctatggc aaatttagtt aatcagttcc cctatagcgc    123060
     atgtgtttgg acttgtgtgg gaaaccggag cacctggagg aaactcatgc caacatggga    123120
     gaacacgcaa actccacaca gaaatgctaa cccagttggg acttgagcca gcaaccttct    123180
     tgctgtgagg ccacagtgct aaccactgag ccatcatgcc acccctctta ctgaaatatt    123240
     aaatcccaaa cattaatttg tgaaataaag gaatttgagt ttaaatttcg agttcttcaa    123300
     gacatgtgct gtttgtccaa gaatctgttg agagattctt gagttcacga ggaaatttga    123360
     ctttgtaatc gcatagctgc agccatgttc acgcacatta ggaataaaat cattgattta    123420
     ttctcatttc tgctcggttt tctcatttgt cttgagaaaa caagttcgag tgtccagaat    123480
     ttgtccctta aatcagctca tttgtagtat tttgactgct attttataat aaattgtgaa    123540
     aataacccat cgaaaaagtc tttaagacca agcgctcctg tgttggatgt cggtacagaa    123600
     tttggcaaat tcggcatctc aaattctaac tgaggaatgt tgaataggct ggccagtttg    123660
     ttagttgcct aataaaataa aaaaatgtaa catctttatt tttgtatttt aaaataagta    123720
     ttgtagtttt gttggcttca acgaacatgg acctccagca tgcactgggc ggtttgctgc    123780
     cgagtgtgac gtggctgaaa tgagaatcag caccctcaaa ggccatggtg ctccacagga    123840
     aaattgcaag agtatctgga tccagccttt atgatgcaag ctgagattgc attacttagc    123900
     gatgcaatgt cagacacaat gcactcaaat ggagtgagtg acgtcactgt gacgggtagg    123960
     gttaggggtg gggttaggtg agtccattaa aaagcattgg atgcagctca gattgcactg    124020
     caccaggtct gcatccagaa ccttctcgaa aattgtggtt tgccatctcc aggttggagg    124080
     aaagtccttg ccccaggtcc tccaagtatc ttgtttaagt atcttgggat attgttcacg    124140
     agtgagggaa ggatggagcg tgagattgac aggcggattg gtgcaacagt aatgcggtcg    124200
     atgtaccggt ccgttggggt aaagaagctg agctgaaagt caaagctctt gatttaccag    124260
     tcaatctaca ttcctactct cacctatggt catgagcttt ggattatgac aaaaaggaca    124320
     agatcttgga tacaatgaaa tgagttttct ctgcagggtg gcagggcgca cccttatgga    124380
     tagggtgagg agctctgaca cccgggagga ggtcagagta gagccgctgc tcctccacat    124440
     caagagaacc tagcgaggtg ttccagacat gtcccactga gaggaggcct cggggaagac    124500
     ttaggaaacg ctggagggac tatgtctctt gactggcctg ggaacgcttt gggatttccc    124560
     cggaggagct ggagaaagtg tctagggaga gggatgtctg gagttctcta ctaagactgc    124620
     tgcccctgcg tcccagcccc tgtaaaattg gtagaaaatg aaagaatgaa tgaatgtatt    124680
     gtttctttat tcaaaagatt taggaaatgc ttttggtaca taaaaaaagc gtggtcacaa    124740
     tgaccatccg acaagctttt gtgcaagttt aagaaaatag aatttttaga atgtcactta    124800
     catgcagtat ttaaaccttc taattaaata gaaaattagg caaaaaaggc ccacttttcc    124860
     agaaaacaaa aaaagaaata cccgttttac caagctggct atgggcctgc ttcatgtgtc    124920
     ttggtttctc cagtaatgaa actcaatgac tccgatctga tcagctgacg tgtttaccag    124980
     aagaatgtct cagtgaacat tgtaagcctt aaggatgttg agtcagtgtt gtgactcact    125040
     gccaggctgt gatgtgaaac acccagaaga aaaggaaact gattgtttat tgatgaagtg    125100
     gaccagacag gaatttgccc atccctcacc cgctgagaac aatcagtcta taattacact    125160
     ctgctccata caacttatgc tgcggtcaca ctagagtttg agcttgcgaa attctgttgt    125220
     acacactgcg aaaagggatg ggaataaaca agatgattag acatttttaa aagcaagtga    125280
     ttggtccaat attttacatt tctgtccaga gaggtcatgt tttgatcttt gagcagttga    125340
     gtgatgcaat ttcgcaggtc agagttcacc aagcttaaac ttttcaacgc aacgatctgc    125400
     gaaacgtgac gcacgagctt acgtttctaa tcttctttac aatgcgttaa aggcatttta    125460
     taaggatgaa caatatatat gaccaacaaa agagcataag agaacaatat attttttttt    125520
     gtcaaacata ttcactattt taggcaggta gcagactagt ggtacaatac tattgtagtt    125580
     ctagtttgtt taaacattat tcagatcaga ttaataaagt tgccacccag tacatttaca    125640
     tggacaccaa tactccgctt ttaatatcat taagacaata ctctgattaa gacttatgga    125700
     attaagacat gttgagtatt cctgttttag tggcattatt gaagtgctgt tcagacgcgt    125760
     aaacatggac accaaactat taacattttg gactactttt cactacattt tggcgccaag    125820
     acatgcacat ggcagttgtc aggcatttga cggcaaataa atgagagtgg cttcaagcaa    125880
     gagagcagat ttttggtgca agttggaaat tatgacgagg ctgagaatct gaaagaaatg    125940
     gacattaatt taattaaatt caaactattg tttatagagc actttaaaaa acagatgtga    126000
     gccaaagcgc agaaagaatc aacaaaataa gcataatagt acatagaaga caataaatac    126060
     agggtcaaat atcgctaaaa tacctagaaa agcaaatcaa ttaaaatagc tacttggtaa    126120
     aatcaggtgt caaagaccca gagcttaatt tgtgtcgtaa cttactggac ccgacacctc    126180
     tgaaatcaaa tctggcacct cattttactg atcccactcc tcaaccgccc ttctcttcca    126240
     tccgctgttc actatcttcc gtgactccct aacattcttc actgttatcc gcgacacccc    126300
     cgccctgctc actttcatcc gcgacacctc tccaccatcc aacactaggg atgtaacggt    126360
     attgtaaata ccgtcatacc gcaatattaa tttttttcga tattaccgaa gtcgcatgac    126420
     tcggtaaaac tataggtctt ctgagaaaat ttgctcaggc gaatgaagcg aacgggaggt    126480
     agcgaaaact acaatcccca tcatcccttg cggtctgttg tcgctacaga tccagtaatg    126540
     cggaaatgga gtgtgctgct agaagcgggg atcaaaaaga gctgtaaaac tctaaggccc    126600
     cttttacaag agtgcatttt agttttaaaa cggcgttgta gaatgaaaac gatccgcgtc    126660
     cacactcgcg ttttaccaag cgtttctgaa cagctctccg tccacaccaa aacgctgaaa    126720
     acgcacatca cgtgaccaca cacacactct cgggcaagcg ctccagcatt tctacccaga    126780
     tgagagctct gcttgtcgga ctgctcatca agcatctccc gctggatcta atctcactat    126840
     atttgctaaa cgtgatattt cattcatctt gttgtcttta tctaacgaca taggccaatt    126900
     ccctgacttt ggtcattgga atctattaag ttacttgttc acgggtaaca tgttttggtt    126960
     aagcgcaaag ataagttaat gattaatcca gatacattga ctgatcgctt gcccttattt    127020
     cctacaatgt ataaacttat tgtatgttat acttttataa ttatcaatga ttaaaactga    127080
     tattcagcaa aagagaggct gtgtttcgta ttttcactga aattgaaagg aggcagttgt    127140
     tatcggctcc gttttgttat aaatatgcac acagtgaaga tgacgctcat atatgcagca    127200
     cgacgcctca acatttctgc tgtctgttaa gttgctaata ttaaaaagaa aataggcagt    127260
     tccttatatc atgtttacat tttattgatg agaaagtgaa acaacgtagc cagggtgatg    127320
     tgaatgaatt tataaagtac actgttccct ttgaagattt acccgtgtcc tcggtatgtt    127380
     ttccatatca aattgagaag ggggagactg cagccttgat caaacttgcg aagtcttaac    127440
     ttacaagaag aggatgcaag actgaactgt gtgtgggcta cttaatattg aggaaaagcc    127500
     ccaatcagat aggcgaacgt ttgcagcccc gcctccgttt tcagatgtct ccgtctttcc    127560
     ccatccacac ttagacggag cagcagcgtt ttagaatgaa aacagcctct ccagcgtttc    127620
     caaaaagctc cgttttcggc gctcaagaaa taagtcatat aagtcatatc tctcttgtcc    127680
     cagaaacctc agtaccaaat gagaggtttt tttttctgtt gcaggggaca ttgtaaatgc    127740
     ccagagatac cagcttttac cagattatat ttatatgata attttccttt aaacccatct    127800
     ctatctaatt gagtgagtga ttaaatgttg aatgtgagga gttttcaaca atactaaatt    127860
     aaaaacttaa attttttttt acatggttta atattttttt tgttattaaa attgaagttc    127920
     ctgtttcaaa gcttacagat agatggctaa tttgtatgtc attgacactt ttggcacttt    127980
     tttggagtat tttcataagt tttgtttttt cctgtaaatg attcaataaa taccgtaccg    128040
     tgacattgat accgaggtat taccgtaccg tgaaattctg ataccgttac atccctatcc    128100
     aacacccccc ccccccccct ctgctcccca ctttcgtgcg agacacttct ccatcctcgg    128160
     gtaacatgcc agatctgtta ccccgatctg ttccgggacc ttgcaattca caaattaagc    128220
     attgcaaagg ccaatgaaaa aaataaataa atgaagtact ttgactctga agcgagtttg    128280
     tcgtgaggga atgaatgaaa ttggttaata aaatggcaaa ggctgctaaa gaatttgtat    128340
     ccaacctcat cgtctgtttg cacgcatatt gtaagaaata aactgcagtt gaacttgtct    128400
     caaaattaaa aacaaaatgg gcaaaatcac atatggtgct atcatgacaa acacaaactg    128460
     ttgttgcgtg aaacgccaga ggaaactagc gtcaaatact aacgtaatgc atgaacattc    128520
     aggaacatga aaggaacatt caaaaagcaa ctcatgtaaa caccttaatc atatcatcgc    128580
     cttgtgatgc catcacagaa aggctttaag tcactttcca aaccttttca tacaatgttg    128640
     cctgctggtt gaataatctt cccaatccca ttccctcaca gactactgat tcactggtat    128700
     ccttcaaatg aaatattaaa aacccatctc ttccaagagc actaatgaat ataaccaaaa    128760
     ctaagtatag aagtactctc tccctaaaaa gcttactcta gcactatatt ctgagcacaa    128820
     acaagttact ttgtatatct agcacttctt gtgtgtattg cctcttcttg ttgaatccct    128880
     gaatacctcc tcagtcataa gtcactttgg acaaatcgcc tggtaaatga ctgaatgact    128940
     tgtattattg tcatattcag attaaggcgt aataattaga tttctaatgt ccatgtaaat    129000
     gtaataactg ttgtaggatt atgcactgga gggcagctcc aactgatcac aatcaaagca    129060
     agctagacag gcaacagtgg caagaaacca aagcaacaat tgatggaaat agagaaacaa    129120
     aacttgtgta caaaccagat tcagtcaggg gaatagttct cttctggtca aatggataaa    129180
     agccagagct gcagtctaga aagttgtctg tgaagtgctt gcttggtgga ctcaagcagg    129240
     tagacttgac cgtcttttat atttattcga tgttcgccca agggctggtg tttgaatcat    129300
     atcatacact agttcagatg gacacgttgt actgtttgat tcaagcaaat gcacgaaaac    129360
     cgaagagcca aaccacagca caagaccaaa catgactcaa cacagaacaa aaaattaaat    129420
     gttcccaagc aaatgtgttg aaaacaagcg aggctatgac tggaggaaaa acattgtttg    129480
     agcaacagaa tggctgtcat aactcataac aatttgttta agggtgcttt cacacctaga    129540
     catgggtttg ggtgttttgg aaattggcat gttttccccc ttaacccatt tcatttgggt    129600
     atatgtgaaa tatgtgggca tatgtaatca tgctcttatc catgccaaaa caatcagtcc    129660
     tagatcattt aaacgagggc tcggctcgat taaaatgacc tctggagcgc ttgggttaca    129720
     gtgagaaagc aacacgatcc aatgaacaaa cggcccagac tatatcacag tgtattatgg    129780
     tttagtaata ggcatatata cggctatttt aagagagaat gatgagtagt gatatcattc    129840
     atcaatcaca aaagcaaaaa caggccctga ttcactgtgg tcatcaaaat cccatggcac    129900
     ttcttgtgaa gattaggggt acaccccggt gtcctggcca aattccctcc atcatggtct    129960
     cccaatcatc cccatccact gaattggctc tatcacagtt tctccattcc acctatggct    130020
     ggtgtgtgat gagtgcactg gcgtcgttct cctgtggctg ccgtcgcatc atccaagtgg    130080
     agacaccccc ctttgtgatt gtgaagtgct ttgggtgtat gaccatacag gataaataaa    130140
     atgcacgcta tataaataca cattacatta caagtattta aaaaaaatga ctatttcatt    130200
     acgtgcccaa tgatttggtt gtcgtggtct taacctttga ccaccacctg ttccactata    130260
     caccggcctc taatggctcc ccctgcaagt ggtaggcctg caggaggatg gtctccataa    130320
     ggctccttct ggctgaaccc agctagggtg cattggataa aaccctggat gcctacctag    130380
     ggaggtgttc caggcatgtc atactgggaa gaggcctctg ggaagaccca ggacacgttg    130440
     gaaggactct gtctttcggc tggcctgcaa acgccttgag atcctacttg agaagcggga    130500
     ggaagtgtct tgggaaaggg aagggtgggg gaagtctgcc cctgcaacca ggccccggaa    130560
     aagcatagaa aaataaacga atgaatgact ctctttcgta tataggaata catattttac    130620
     aaccccttga caattgaaat aacactatgt atgagaaatt ctcaccttta cctcaaaatt    130680
     aaagcacacc ttttatctta taaatctgtc atttctaatc ttcctaaatt aaaataagaa    130740
     cgtatgacag ctgagctgaa tcccgtgaac aaaccaaact ctgaccttca agagtgcaca    130800
     ctaggctgat gattgataat aaagcgtgtt tggcatgctg tccttgaaga gagccctgag    130860
     ctcataagat tcttgagccc ggggctcctt cccacttgaa aggcaagagg ggagtttgag    130920
     cttgggtaga tctcgaaaac tctcctggtt tatttaggac ccaagacaaa ttatagggat    130980
     tgctatagag agataaactg ctaaatgaag gcacagatag gagccagact aagacctcac    131040
     ctattgtgcc aatttggttt agtcaattca cttatgttgc atgtctttgg actgtgggga    131100
     aaaaaacagg taacccaggg ggaaactcac gtgagcacgg ggagaacatg taaactccgc    131160
     acagaaacat tggctggcct tgcaaggaga tgaaccagtg acattattgc tgtgaggcaa    131220
     cagtgctaac cactgagctg ctgtatcact ctacctagga aaagggagga gtaggggtgg    131280
     tagggggcat tcttcaagat gaagataact aatggctcat ttccactgac tggtacagta    131340
     cggttcgggt cgccacgggt cacctttatc aggcttgcgt ttccactacc aagggtaccc    131400
     ttttggtggg cgtggtgtat gacaaaggtt cagtcgacgt cattttcgct agagaaaatg    131460
     tctacaataa agctgcacag gtcgctttca tatcatatga aaagcacgtc tcacaaaaaa    131520
     gagcctttac acacataaat acttgtgtat aaatgtttat tactaacttt tctataactt    131580
     ttctataaac aggagttgtt tataactgca gatcaatgac ggtgcgaaat agcctactgt    131640
     aacgtctgta attatattaa ataaataaat gaacataaat gcacacatac agacccttac    131700
     agtctccgat atgttaccaa ctacattaga actacacaaa gcagacattt cgtcgttaat    131760
     taggttcaaa acaacacaaa gtatagccta cagtcagagt aaacctctca tctgtgtctg    131820
     taatcttcag cagcacatga agcctctgtt agagagtcat tccatcattc ccagttcata    131880
     ttagtccaaa aggtgataat aaagattaaa acaaggcagt ttgttcatgt ttgctgaaga    131940
     aataacgtgc tccttgactt cgcctttttt ttcgcgctcc actctcgcgt ttgtcctttt    132000
     ctttctgaat ttgtcactcg cgtttgtcag cttctcacag gatcgggttt ccaaaagctt    132060
     gtaaataacc aagtgcatgt tattatcatc agctcaagaa gtttgttatt tcagatagag    132120
     acgcgcggcg agcgcaagga aaaaaagcga aaccactcgg gcttcagact ggctcgtaaa    132180
     aaactacacg gcacagggta aatccactct tctccatggc tttgtggctg tttatcatga    132240
     cgatgacagg gtttgtttgc aggatgcata tggctgcata tgtatatata attccgctgt    132300
     aatctctcgt tgtgtatttc aaacatggcg ggtccttcgt ttacattctg gcttgttgcg    132360
     tctacgaatg acgtatctct gtaaaccaat agcgttcagc tgcgtgtagc tccacctttt    132420
     gggactcttt ctgcagtttg ggaccctttc gaaagggtcc cgaaaaagtg gtatggtacg    132480
     gtttggttcg gtacgccttt tgacagtgga aaaggccata aaagcttacc aaaccgaacc    132540
     gtaccgtacc actcagtgga aacgggccat aaggtaagaa actctggtta tgtatagtgt    132600
     gttaggaatc atctgattgg tgaatcatga tagctaatgc aggatcagcc atggtcaatc    132660
     ataagcatgt gatcctctcg aaattagttt ataaataaac ttcacaatgt caggagagtt    132720
     ttctcgcaag cgacttttgg tgtaactatt tttgtccgtt gagcaaattt gccatgtgaa    132780
     agtgaaccac accaagaaca aaaagaaaca ctaacaattt aaatccaatt tccaatttca    132840
     attcaattca attccaatcc aatttcagaa caaaacgatg catctgcatg tgtgtaaaca    132900
     gcctaattcc actcttgagc atgagaataa cagcagctat tgattgtgtc tctttagctc    132960
     ctgtgattct ggacccaaac actgcaaatt cgcacattgt cctgtctgaa gatctgacca    133020
     gcgtgagaga gagcgagaac aaacagtggc ttcctgataa cccagagagg tttgactatc    133080
     cctgtgttct gggttcagtg gggttttgct caggaaaaca ccgctgggat gtggaggtga    133140
     aggagagtcg atgctggagt gtcggagtaa ccacagcgtc aaaccagagg aagagagatg    133200
     ttttctttaa cactgatgtg tggagtgtgt ggcacgaccc gtacggacta atcaaaagtt    133260
     cttcgaatga gtttcatgtc gagcagtacc tggagtgtgt gcgagtggag ctggactatg    133320
     acagaggaac tgtgtgtttc tctgatcctg taaataacac acatctacac acattcacaa    133380
     ccaccttcac tgacaccgtc tttcctttct tgtggtgtga cttgttctct tcactaagga    133440
     tcttaccatt taatcgctag tatacattgt acatgttggt ctgtgccgag ttgtgtaaag    133500
     caccttacat ttattcctgt agggccccga tatacttcaa ataaaataaa agagctgaaa    133560
     ttaggtcatt ttgaacaaaa tctattttat tatgtacagt ttgaaacatc tgaccaaaac    133620
     aaactctttg cgttagtaca ttttaggccc tgtttacact aatacgtagg gatgggtacc    133680
     aaaactcagt actttattgg tatactctga tgttaacggt tctgctatca gtactggaga    133740
     attactgctg taaaaacatt acttacagaa gcataaatta actgaccatc cttttctaat    133800
     ttgtgaaatt tgatattcgt ctgcacagtc ggcaatctca cattagaaat gctcgtgttt    133860
     agtgcattaa ctgcaatgca aactgcctag ctactaacgg taactttaca tcatccacat    133920
     tgttatgtca gcagtcaatc acctaaatta gtatattaat agttaaataa ccacacacat    133980
     tcggttacaa tgaaaacagt attttttttt gcggtagcct aaataaaaaa aaaaaaatta    134040
     aaaatgcttt tatatcagct gtatttacaa atataaccta cactgtaaaa aaatgtgtaa    134100
     ttggtccaac tttatattaa gtggccttaa ctaatatgta cttagcaagg atttaatagt    134160
     tggttacaat gtacttattg tgtaaaaaca tgtatttact gtgtacttat gcttgattaa    134220
     atacccacat gtaattacat ctgtaaataa cttctgtaat tacatttgta aatacactgt    134280
     tgaccattcc ctacacctta acccaccctt aaacctaccc atgccaccaa acctgtccat    134340
     aacccaaacc cctatcccaa ctcaagagca ccacaagtgt tctcaaatac attataaaca    134400
     cagtaagtac attgtattta ttttttgatg caagtacata gtagttaagg acacttaata    134460
     taaagtggga ccctgtaatt ttatggttta tttccggcag ctggggtgcc ggaaaaaata    134520
     tgtgaaataa cggccgttaa attacagaaa tttactagaa attaaaattt gaggaaattt    134580
     ctgtaattta acgttcatta ttttatggta catttctaaa atttaacgcc cgtttttttt    134640
     tacgtttacc ataaaattac agattttttt tacagtatat aaatagccta ataataaact    134700
     gtttattaag attatattta aaaacagctt atttttacat tgcaaaatgc tccaaaactg    134760
     tattaaatac acattaacat ttaacaacat gggtcattta tgtgaatgcg ttaatgaaaa    134820
     atcataaaca ttatctcatt taactgcatt ttgcacctca aagagggtat tttcaactgc    134880
     agggagaaca ataaaccaag aaagatcccg acttctgcca gaaagtcaaa catgttgatt    134940
     tttttgagtc attttccttc gaactattgt acattctttt ataggaattt gtttaattta    135000
     ctctaaaact taataataaa ataatttatt ttttcattaa aaaaaataca aaaagtacag    135060
     attaagggaa ccgttaaagt actcaactga taagtcgtat cgctagaacc ttaaccatac    135120
     ccatccctac taatacgttt gttttaaaat ggggttttag aataaatata atccacgtca    135180
     tggcgtttca tctagcgttt ctaaacaact ctccgtccac actaatatcg ctgtaaacgc    135240
     acgtgaaaaa aatcacatac atatgaccat acacacactc ttgcattcgc tgaaagacgc    135300
     atttttgcgt cagctcctgg cagtcagtta aagctctaag cacacctgcc cgagagcagc    135360
     cgaccatcag ccagtccatt tttatacact gacattgtgt cagatagcct gacattagca    135420
     catattgcca aaacaacaca gtggaatgtt taatattttt tgcgatgaaa atgaaagaag    135480
     gcagttgtta ggcttagttt tgctatacag ttgcatacag agaagatgac agcaaaataa    135540
     atatgtactt attgatgctt ttacattttt ggtggctgtt atgtttaagt ttttaatata    135600
     aaaatgaaaa gagacagcgc tttggtcata tgttttcatt ttattattaa gccagggtga    135660
     atgacattat aaatgtcctc tgccgttacg cttgaagatt tacccaaagt gtcttcacgt    135720
     tctctggagt tcattataaa cttgcaaagt ctaaacttac aaggaaagga tgcaaatgtg    135780
     ctaattttgc accagatatt gagaaaaaaa cccaatcaga gaggtgaatg tctgcaacca    135840
     tgcctcagtt tttagatttc tcattttcag atttcgtttt ccccccatcc acactaacat    135900
     gaagcagcat tttaaaataa aaacggcctc tttaccgttt ccaaaatgct caattttcgg    135960
     atagcgtaac cgtggcaaac ttgtgcgttt taaaactcaa acatattagt gcaaacagtg    136020
     ccttaaggct gatttataat tctgcgtcaa gcacacgtgt atgctacggc gcagcctacg    136080
     catgagtgca aaagccctca ccgtggccat cggcgtcgat gatgcgcacc ttttaaaaaa    136140
     atgtaactac ttgcttgaaa cgacgcatag tgcaagctct gtgattggtc ggcttggaaa    136200
     cgctgacaag tgtgggtggg accgaaagcc gcgcgagtcc gttggagcgg ttgtttacaa    136260
     gtgttgattg tttacaagga gctcggtatg gagactgttg ctttgtgttt acctcatagt    136320
     tacagttgtt gcacgtccgc cagttcctgc ctcaaaatga gcgtgtttaa accacttgta    136380
     cgttaaggaa gcattcagaa aaaacaaatc accagcgaag aaactcgaca cagaggaaca    136440
     taaactccta ctgtcagcta gcgtttcgga aatgttattg cagagcaaca aaaacagcgc    136500
     gcagaagtat acatgtacag ctacacccat tgcatgcgct gtgggttacg ctgatctctt    136560
     gacgcacaag tataaaccag gttttagtcc taaatacctt tgacctacta ttggtctgtg    136620
     acgattacac aatctgtgtt tttaaaacac agctcacctc gagggtgtca gaagattcag    136680
     tttagcaaca ctctgccttt tcaaactctt tttaccttaa aatgaagagc gaaaaagata    136740
     ttagtttgaa gtatactggt gcctttaaat atgacattta ggccctgtcc acatgaaaat    136800
     gtagtatcaa gtgattaaaa acgcaacatt ctgaaaactc cggccagagt gaaggttttc    136860
     agaaactctg agtacagtgt ggtcatgtgg acactactag ggaagaaacg aatataggtt    136920
     ttggttgtat tactatgtat tactatttat aaatagtact atttactata acacgattac    136980
     tatgcattca ttagtttcaa agtggggttt atttttaaac taatttcgag aggttcacat    137040
     gcttatgatc aacacggctg gctcctcatt agctccgtac tctgccctat tagatgatta    137100
     cagaagcatt ataaataacc agagtttttc actccagtta tcttcgtctt gaagtttccc    137160
     cccttccacc cctacttccc atcatttttc cgatagggcg acagggcagc ccagtggcta    137220
     ccactgttgc ctcacagcaa gaacaccgcc ggtccaacct cctatcgggc cggtcgatgt    137280
     ttctgtgcaa agtttacacg ttctcccctt gtttgcgtgg gttttccccg ggttccccgg    137340
     tttcctccca ccatccaaaa acattcacca tagctaatcg actaaaccaa attataaccc    137400
     aagacaacct tagtttacac ttctctgacg gcgacaagca cgggagttct cgagacctac    137460
     ctgagctcaa actaccctct cgcccttcta ttgggaggga gccccaggct cgaggatatt    137520
     acgagctcag ggctctctcc cgggacagca tgcaaattac actttattga ttatcagctg    137580
     taaacgcagt ggcacagtag gtagtgctgt cgcctcacaa aaagaaggtt tctggtttga    137640
     gcttcggctg gcgtttctgt gtggagtttg catgtaggca ccccctcttc ccccagtggg    137700
     cactttaatt caattttgag gggtacttta caaactggat tgtaaataaa tcaaattaac    137760
     atttttataa tagtcaataa tatctctgaa attaaaataa aatttttata aatatacata    137820
     tacacaagta aataaataga ctcaatgata ggctgggaac ctgcggaaat cagcggattt    137880
     ctgcacacgc agattccgtg tgggactaat catgaccaat atttaattca atgtgaggtt    137940
     caaagtaata gctcttaatg ctgagcacag cctgacgtca aatacacaat cacattgact    138000
     aaactcatgc aagtaattat tttccctctg ctgtcttcat gttcagaagt ggatgcgcac    138060
     atgattccac atgcttccat atagtttaca gcttcacaca ctttatatat tcttgtgttt    138120
     gatatgttag attattgtct gagtgtgttt tgagtctgtc caatgttatc cggccaaccc    138180
     aaacagggta tcctgttcat gacaccatct aaccatgcaa agcctaaccg taggctgata    138240
     atccattgtt tgtgttgaat gtgataaaag aatggactgg aataacagga aatgtaggaa    138300
     agtgactcat tatgcatgtt attttgcaca gattctcaac atattatggg tgaaatatgt    138360
     gtatatatga agatgcagtt ctattttgac ttgtactttt ccgttttttg gtatgctccg    138420
     ttagagaagt tagatctcct atgtagatgg aactaagatc aagccgtttt gctgttttaa    138480
     taagcccatg gctgcgtctg aaaccgccta ctactcagta gggactgcat ttgaatttaa    138540
     acgtactact cggccgttag aaaagtacgt tctatacagt atgaatgtga aaagtatgaa    138600
     tggaattcgg acgtactaca tccgccattt tgtcatggtc acgtgaccta cctgcgtcag    138660
     ttgcgtcgct ttacttccat tcatgaattc gctcgcgggg catcatggga tagcgcagca    138720
     tgcatgggat gcgcattcca gaatctcatc ggtagtagta agtcatccgg gtacttctcg    138780
     catactgatt ttcgaatttt ataatctgga cgaacctagt cctttttgca aaatgattaa    138840
     atacaaccat ttcacaaact tactgttata ggtgggccag catttagatt tcatttcatt    138900
     tttcacactt ttttgtcttt tttatcttcc tgtagcagcc cttgattttc tttaaacgaa    138960
     gcagagagtc tctgacgggt gtaaagtgat ttattctgga accagcataa acaccgtgaa    139020
     aactggaagt aaacacacaa attgcaaagc aaatttacaa taaattacta cacatttaca    139080
     gtgcattatc atgcatctgc acacagaata acaaaggagc tctgtaaagc aacatataca    139140
     caataattca cttagttgac aatttcaaaa cacaaaagtt tccaaaaatt gaccatttag    139200
     acatttacat cataatttga aacacaaaca taaattacac acctcacttc gctcaccaag    139260
     ggatgctagc ctaaacagta gcttctaagt aatgtgatgg tcatctggct taacacatga    139320
     atgtaaacat gagataatgc aacaaaaaac aaacaaacag cattataatg cacacgatcg    139380
     tgcttagaga acttgcgtta acttacattt ctcacgggaa tttaagcaag cttctgggat    139440
     cgttttgatg agtgtggcat ggtataagta tacaggttcc agggtttgct ttaaagccat    139500
     taacctgaat aaagtgagtg acaattaaca acctatagcg acctcttgtg gccctttaca    139560
     cttccctttt ggacaacagt ggccaatata ggtttatgaa tttcatagtt gttcacagtg    139620
     gtaatatggc atttaaaaat atggactttt tagatacaga tgcatatttt aaaaaggctt    139680
     tatacaatct catctcattt tcatctgctt ttcgggggaa gggtcacagg cgcagcaatc    139740
     ttaaagggcc atgaaacccc cttgtttcag cagggtgttt tcacacctct actttggaaa    139800
     aagtcagaaa agtgggcgtg tccagctctg tttagggggg agtgtaggag gaactaaagt    139860
     gggagggtgt gggagtgtct atttgggcac gctcgagttt cagtcaaaat actcacacac    139920
     atgagaaagg gatggtgttt aacctacatg gacatctgta gtcgaattat tagccaaatt    139980
     attaaatgtt ggactttaac tgcagtttgg ctctttcatt cagggaattc attcatgccc    140040
     ctcgcgacaa acgcgatatt tgattcgagg atctgctcta agcgtgtatt tttcatgcaa    140100
     tgtttgatac cgcacggtga atgagagaaa agaaacctca gcatttctcg gaaacttaga    140160
     tgcacacggc aggtagtgtc agaaagccgc gtgtgttatt ccggtcacta aatgcggtgc    140220
     taacatttct gcactcagtg caatagttaa cttaattcga tacgaacaaa ctgaataaac    140280
     aaagagcact ggtcgctcac ttaccaaatc tgtagagaca gaacaatcac cagcaactag    140340
     agccgcgtct ttattaagag gagactacaa gcaaatccag atttcagcgt ttgcagatga    140400
     gaacagctct caggtaaaca ataatcctcc ttagacacgt aagttattgt tgtcgagcgt    140460
     cgcgtacact gttaatccac acgtgatcca gataagctct cacagagaga aaatgaaaac    140520
     gaaacttaac ggcagcaaac tataaaagca acacttcacg cttgttttgc caacacaacg    140580
     tggtgtgtct gtagtctaag cactgtgaca gtaatgaata ttaatgaagt tgcacaatag    140640
     agcgcgctga ttggtttgaa ccaagcctta ctcatgcatt aatgcaacac actgtaagac    140700
     gtaataagac tcactctggc acagacgtcc agtctgcaca ctggaataca cgctattatg    140760
     tcatgaccgt gacgcagctt caaaaattcg tttcaaacag gaagtacgaa tttgcttgaa    140820
     ataacgcaaa aacaacacat ttacactttt aagtgaaata taggtgtcct aatagtgttt    140880
     ttagcagtgt gggacacata tacgactgtc aacagctcaa acacatgtgt tttggtgttt    140940
     cgtgaccctt taaaagagaa acccagattt ccctctccgc agacactttc tccagctcct    141000
     cagggaggat cctgaggtgt tcccaggcca gcctagagac atagtccctc cagtgtgtcc    141060
     tgggtcttcc ctgaggcctc ctcccagtgg cacatgtctt gaacacctcc ttaggaatcc    141120
     aggaagcatc tgaaacagat gcccgagcca cctcagctga cttctctcga tgtggaggag    141180
     aaactcattt cagtagcttg tatccaagat cttgtccttt ctttcatgac ccaaagctca    141240
     tggccatagg tgcgagtagg aacgtaaatt gactggtaaa tcaagagctt ggctgataca    141300
     tcgaccgcat tattgctgcc gctacaccga tcctcctgtc agtctcacgc ttcatccttc    141360
     cctcactggt gaacaaaacc ccaagatact tgaactcctc cacctggggt aaggaccttc    141420
     ctccaacctg gagttggcaa accacctttt ttcagtggag cagcatggcc tctgacttag    141480
     aggtgctgat tctcatccca gtcacatcac actctgcagc aaaccgcccc agtacatgct    141540
     gaagatccat gttggaaaaa gccaacagaa cagctttgtc tgcgaacaac agagatgaaa    141600
     tcgtgtggat gccaagccgg acccccttca gcccaaggct gcactttgta catgtccata    141660
     aaagtcatga acaaaattgg tgacaaaggg cagccctgca cagaaactta gcacaatgta    141720
     tgataataga catgacttac tgaatagtat ctgaataata gacctgtttg gaagtcaagc    141780
     acacattttg acggttaata tgccggtgat tttgatgctt cgcaaaagtt gcagataatt    141840
     tcccatatca aaatgtttgt tttatttatt taattttaac tgttgaaaaa ttgtataaaa    141900
     ttgaatacta tcctaaagaa aatctgctgt taaatgtaaa atgaaataaa ttgctactct    141960
     cgacacgaaa agtgtaaagc atgcagttta caatacatgt ggaaagttat tgtgtataat    142020
     atttaacaaa ttgtttacta agaatatcat gtaattttgc ttacatggat aattgaatat    142080
     taatcagatg atgtcattat gctgctgtgc cagcagctaa ttattgcaat gcccttccag    142140
     ctgcaaccca tcactgggaa tcacccatac acacttggag cacctggagg aaacccacgg    142200
     caacatgggg agaacatgca aactccataa agtaatgcca aatgactcag ccgaggctca    142260
     aaacatttct caatcaaatt gatataatat ctgatcactg ttgcaatgtt gtaaatgtaa    142320
     actcagagag caatgctgtc agacaaggaa gacgtttgtt ttggtttgcc tgagaagatg    142380
     aagctgcagc tctcaaaggg tttttctctg gtttcgctgg tgtgtgttct cggaacagga    142440
     aatggttgtt tgtgctctgt acatttatag agcttataga atggaaaagt gaggtttagt    142500
     tcaagagaaa acaaacaatg tatgcaaagt tttttaaaaa gataatttag acaagaagga    142560
     tttgaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    142620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tttatatata tagttgaact cagaattatt    142680
     agctcccctt tgattttttt tgatttttta aatatttcct aaataatgtt taacagagca    142740
     aggacatttt tattattatt attattatta tttactgtca tcatggcaaa gagaaaatac    142800
     atcagttatt agagatgact tcttaaaact ataatgatta gaaatgtgtt gaaaaattct    142860
     cttcattaaa cagaaattgg ggggacaaaa taaacagggg gggaaataat tcaggggagc    142920
     taataattct tacttcaaca tagcaaccaa agtaatccac acattcaatg aaaacagaac    142980
     taattaattt agatgttaag ttgaaataac acattaaaaa atgaatgaca catggacaaa    143040
     ttatttaaca cgtatagctg tatttgaaac attagatgta tattatagaa cagtgctcta    143100
     ataaatcttt agtgatttga ttagacaagg tttccagaag agacaccaaa agagatgaag    143160
     cagaggaact gaactgcatc ttcccatgag aggatcatct ctaacataca gtagttgaca    143220
     catttacttt aaaagcaggg aataaagaaa ttagtgtatt gatttgaatt gttaatggtg    143280
     aggttgaagc tctaaatgta aagaggcctc agcaccattt tacaaactat acatccctca    143340
     agtcagaaaa acaggaagag gccactatga tatgtggctt tcttttgcat gcaaagttgg    143400
     tatagaaaca aaatgttttt ctgcttatat atcctatgta cccacaacag gtatgtactg    143460
     tatgcaagtt tttttttttt ttcaagttgc agcattagca agaaaagggt tgaactagac    143520
     gcatgtccaa aaaaggcatt catgctaact aagaaactgt gtccagaaga gtatatatag    143580
     caaattgtca gagtaatttc tgtcttaata atattttatc tgagcctgaa cactttagtc    143640
     ttatccagcc ctaagaagca gaacctgcct gtagctgtac agacaccaca gacatcaccc    143700
     agggttgctg aatagctgac gacactgtca agtaaaaggt gagaactaat tattttcatg    143760
     tcaattaaag cttaatgcat tgtggagatg ttaaaggcaa aattattcac cttattaaat    143820
     ttttttaaaa atatttttat atccatgtgt ggttttacag agagaataat ttttaatgca    143880
     tagatttttt aaaacaaaat tacttttaat aactaaattc ttctgctaca attatataat    143940
     attacactag atattttgca agattctagt gttcagctat tgtgtgattt aaaggcttaa    144000
     ctaggttaat tggttatatg cacagctagt ggttttttcc ctaaatgtct taaatgtctg    144060
     gtagaagctt aatgtgatta ttttcaattt caaaaggttt ctttctttcc ttctttcagg    144120
     aggtttctct cctgcttttc aaggttgcat ttatttaatc aaaaatacag tacaaatagt    144180
     aaaattgtga aatgttattg cactataaaa taacagttta acagtagttt atcattatat    144240
     ttatttgttt atttcagtga ttttaaagat aaattttcag cttcattact ccagtcttca    144300
     gtcacgtgat ccttccgaaa tcactaatat taattattat tgttgctatt attattatta    144360
     ttattattat taatattatt gttaatggta atagtaataa aagttcaagt tcaagttggc    144420
     ttaattgtta tttcaacaat atacagtgca gtatacagtg aaacgaaaca atgttcctcc    144480
     aggaccaaag tgctacatca aacaacataa attgacaaca tgacacagga ctgggcacta    144540
     ctataaaata tctatagaat aaaatgaaat aagataatat aaaaaataaa taagcaaatg    144600
     aaataactat ggataagagt gcaaagtgcg gtttgtacaa catttagtgc aaataggaca    144660
     ggacaggaaa cagtaatgct gaaaagcaat aatgactgga gtaataattt aatttgaaac    144720
     tacatacaat gagaaagtga ttatttacaa ttttaataaa tatttaacaa tttaataatt    144780
     ttttcattta ataaatgccg ttctgatgaa cagaatcatt aaaaaaaaca tttaaaaaaa    144840
     tgaataaaaa tgaccccaaa cttttgacca gcagtgtatg tatataaata aacaaataaa    144900
     taataattta attgaaaata aagtagaaaa cataatagag agtgttaaaa aaggaatatt    144960
     taaatgattg ttgagagact aaagaacaga agtaatataa atcaacaaaa gaacaataat    145020
     aaatgttatg actattacca gttttaccaa acacattaca cagaacaaaa acattttttt    145080
     gtcatatatt tacaattaat gagtgagttt taattttatt tttactgtat tttgatcaaa    145140
     taaatgacag ctttgagtcc ctgaaaactg ctacaggtac ttattaaata ctgtgaaata    145200
     cagtgtttcc atatgcagta ggtaaagcag gtaaattgca ttattttcaa aatgatattc    145260
     aggctttcag cacaccctaa aaaatgcttg ggttgtcata cagttcatcc ggaaagtatt    145320
     aatagcgctt cactttttcc acctttttta tgttacagcc ttattccaaa atggattaaa    145380
     ttcattgatt tcctcaacat cctacacaac tgggtgctct ggtttccccc acagtccaaa    145440
     gacatgtggt acaggtgaat tggataggct taattgtctg tggtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtga    145500
     atgtgtgtga ggatgtttcc cagagatggg ttgccgctgg aagggcatca gctgtgtaaa    145560
     aaacttgcta gataggttgg cggttcattc cgctgtggca accccggatt aataaagaga    145620
     ctaagaaaat gaatgaatga atatttgaca ctatagcgca tgtgtttgga ctgtggggga    145680
     aaccggagca cccggaggaa acccacacta acacggggag aacatgcaaa ctccacacag    145740
     aaatgccaac tgacacagcc ggaactctaa ccagcgacct tcttgctgtg aggctacagt    145800
     gctaaccatg agccactgag tgttatttat ctttgacctg atgttcatat ttgacccaac    145860
     ttgggttatg acagacttta taaattgtat tattgaaact aaagtcatac agcgagtgtt    145920
     atagataata ttattctcca gcctaaaatt acttttaagc cagaaggttc tttcataacc    145980
     catataatat gtgtgtgttt gtaggagagc aaaagctggt gtaaaatcag cacagcagac    146040
     gtgtgtgttc atctgacctt cagtctgttc atgtgagtcc atctttactt cacttctcaa    146100
     ccaatcaagg aataaaggag aattttgaca atgttgtttt tttctgtcct tgtgcacgtt    146160
     gttttagtct ggccggagga gaagatcctt gaagaaattg aagaagtgaa attattaagc    146220
     tcctacaaga gctctttctg ttcctgtaat ttgtgtccag atttcctcaa gatggcatca    146280
     gctaagtgca gtcatggtgg atctacaagt tcttcatcca tcggcatcaa gatcccactc    146340
     tcagagctgt ttggtaggga agccacctct aaacaaactg gaacagtccc atcagattat    146400
     aaattaatta atggatgccc ttcaagaaga gaaataagga gaaaaaaatc gtacgtcatg    146460
     tcatacaata gaaacaccaa gaatgctgaa tgggtgtatg agatattaaa caacgacact    146520
     ttagccatga agcaaaaaat tagacgtgaa ttaagtgtcc atagtaaagt cgcaggctac    146580
     actcgaggtc atcttgctgc ggcggccaat cacggttggt gtcaggaagc ctatgatgag    146640
     acttttttgt tcagcaacat ttcaccacag tgtgcggagt taaataaacg catgatgaac    146700
     gctttagagg aattgtgtcg taaaaacgta aaagacaaga tccgtaacat ccacgtgtac    146760
     actggaccaa taataacagc aaaatctgat ttccaaatat gcagtgcctt agagaaagta    146820
     gtgcctgatt ctttctttaa ggtgattatt aaagaaaacc gtgatggcac agtgtcaaag    146880
     ccgatcggct atctgattac caatgatgaa actacattaa aggaggatgc tatagataaa    146940
     ctaaaatata tgatgccaat agctaatttt gtggaaaaaa agtacaagaa atcagtcagg    147000
     gatatcgaga ggatctctgg gctgaagttc tgtgaaacgg gcgttcagat ggtcaatgag    147060
     gagatgagga gtgtgacgtg gacaggagaa gatgtaatag gggaatcatg cagagcttac    147120
     ataaaagtca gagtaggaaa acagttacag agaggatcct gctgagcctg aagaagagct    147180
     taagatcttc cctcattggg tttgtgtgaa tgatcagatc atctgtagct gaacagagaa    147240
     gatgagtatc cgagtgaatc tgccttgaat tcaccagtgg ctaataatag agacgaaata    147300
     tgtgattaaa aactaattaa catttatttc atatacaaga ttaacagtaa taatttgggc    147360
     accgaatgtt tcgcatatat ccagactaca ttcaatatgt gtgctataat aaaaggaagt    147420
     ttaaacagtc gtttgcattc attcacattt actatctact ttatatcctt ttacctttat    147480
     tcatttacat ttattcctgt ttattaatgt acatttattt ttaatgttta tttacttaca    147540
     cacattcatt tacatttatt tgtttattta gatttattaa tgattattca cttatgctta    147600
     ttcaattaca tttatttatt tttgttttat cttttatttt tctctgtaac aaaggaaaga    147660
     tttaatgcaa tgtagagaac agtgatcatg ccatgaaatg ttatatcctc tgttctgctc    147720
     tctgcctgat ttatggaata tattctcgga caaaactgaa atattgttct ctgacattat    147780
     tcctgttcat ctttgtgaat cagctttcac agtctaaaca gtgctgtgga aacaaagatg    147840
     acttgactaa ataaactctt gtgcttcttt gttttggggg agaatgtctt taaattgaga    147900
     tcctgtgatt aaagctcatt tacatgtttt atgtagatca gatacacaaa ggaaaaaact    147960
     accacatact tctgtataca aaacatttac tacattattc tgaattacat acatgtgtgt    148020
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtatttatat atatatatat    148080
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat    148140
     tcattcattt attcattcat ctttttcggc ttagtccgtt tattaatctg gggtcgccac    148200
     agcggaatga accgccaact tatccagtac atttttacgc agcggatgcc cttccagcca    148260
     caatccgtcg tgcccaactg agtctggttc tctcaaggtt ttttttcttc actcctatca    148320
     ggtgaagttt tttttccctc tccgctgttg ccactggctc gcatggttca ggattggtag    148380
     agctacgcat cgatgaattt gctcttcagt gtttgaactc tcagtaatga ttaaatcaca    148440
     ctgaactgag ctaaactgaa ctgaacttaa acactaaaaa ctgaaccaca ctgttccagt    148500
     tactatgacc atttatgtga agctgctttg acacaatcta cattgtaaaa gcgctataca    148560
     aataaagctg aattgaattg aattgaaccc atctctggga aacaacggta cacattcatt    148620
     cacacacaca cacactatgg acaattaagc ctatccaatt cacttgtacc acatgtcttt    148680
     ggactgtggg ggaaaccaga gcacctgcag gaaacccacg cgaacgcaaa ggaaacgcta    148740
     cacagaaaca caaactgacc cagccaaggc tcgaaccagc gaccttcttg ctgaggcgac    148800
     agcactacct actgcaccac tgcgtcgcct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatctat    148860
     ctatctatct atctatctat ctatctatct atctatatat atatatatat atatatatat    148920
     atatatatat atatatgggg agagatttat gctgttcaaa aatcctttgc atgatcttta    148980
     aaaaaaacca cttactgctt gtttttgtta ttatttttgc attaacagca acaggatgac    149040
     tagtattgtc tgttttacac catacatgac tctgatcttc tggttgaagt gaggaaaagt    149100
     caaagacaat gttagttttt cttttatcta gaataaacat ttctcagtaa aacagtttaa    149160
     ttatgctgtt ttcacttcag atcataatgg aaaatacatt tgggctgatt acgttgtcaa    149220
     tgttttccac attatatatt gatttgagac actgtttact tgtataattc cctttaaaaa    149280
     attcttgatc caattgaaca ttttctccaa gtcagatgtc aaatgtcatt tatttcatta    149340
     cgcacagcca cttcatatca taggccttta cctagtgaaa aataataatg ccattaccgc    149400
     ccccttgttt acgtctactt ccttcatcgt attacttcct tttttaaatt caccttggca    149460
     aatattcata acacacacac acacacacac acacatatat atatatatat atatatatat    149520
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat acatacatac    149580
     atgcaacagt tctgtctgga tctcaaatct ttaagtaata tcagcatgcg taaagcctct    149640
     ttactctttg tgtattactt cgcccacata cagccagcaa caagcagaca ctactgctgt    149700
     tacacaacaa aatatacttt tgagactttt ttagtgtgtt gttttttaga atgtagttgt    149760
     ttagattgca aatatgcagt taatttgtaa gaatagtgcc tatttaaaaa tgtttacatt    149820
     ttctgagaac ttgtcggcaa cggttgacgt tttatttccg caagatggcg acagaaccgc    149880
     ataataagcc cttacgctta gaaaatataa caatctgatg tctaactata gcagatcaaa    149940
     tcaatattaa actggtaagc aatacctgcc aacacttcca tttttcatgg gagtatcccg    150000
     tatttcagag cagtctccca caaacatccc gtttttattt cttcctaaaa aactcctgta    150060
     atttcacccc accctctctt tggtacagtc tgtaaactaa acacccccgg gtttccaact    150120
     ctggtacagt acccgatcga atcggccgcc caaaacctgc tgcatcctgt tctcaacctc    150180
     acccccgaac accctctccc ccccggtctc ctgagttttc agagacatgt ttgcaggtta    150240
     gatgatctct ctcttttgta tgttgtagtg ttgtgtttat acagatttgt gcgaatatca    150300
     ggaatgtgtg ttgtgttggc aaatttaaat aagcaaagtc tgcatgtgtt tagagttttt    150360
     ccttatcaca aacacaacag catgctggta acgttagtgg atttgttgtt ttttcaaggt    150420
     taattattgt gaaatcccga ttgcaacaga gaagtactgt agactgtaac actgtaagaa    150480
     gatatctctg taaatggact cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata    150540
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    150600
     tttcccaaat gatgtttaac agagtaagga aattttcaca gtatttccga tgatattttt    150660
     ttcttctcat caaaactatt agccccttta agcttttttt tttctttttc tcgatagtct    150720
     acaatacaaa ccatcattat acaataactt gcctaattac cctaacctgc ctagttaccc    150780
     taattaacct agttaagcct ttaaatgtca ctttaagcta tataaaagtg tcttgaagaa    150840
     tatcaagtca aatattatgt gctgtcatca tggcaaagat aaaataaatc agttattaga    150900
     aatgagttat taaaactatt atgattataa atgtgttgac attttttttc atttttatta    150960
     ttaattcatt tatttattta gtaaattatg aaaattgtac tatctttagc tatattaaat    151020
     tgaaagatca gaaatattag ctgttagatg tccatgtcgt ttacagtgcg tatgcacttt    151080
     ccttcattct ctttctcttt gcctgcactg ctgattcagt tggcactaga actagcaaaa    151140
     actgagcaaa attcagtcag atatcgcaca aaaagagcaa aacaaatttt aacttgtgta    151200
     taacttccaa atgaccatgg aataagcagt ataatcaaca gcttgctgtg cattatttga    151260
     ttttaaatgc actctgcttc gcgtcagggg ttaattgcct ccacatcttg catttaaaat    151320
     cctttaacac atgttaatct gtggattatc tcttacatat cctaatatag gataacttta    151380
     atatagtagc tactgtttac atactgttta catttttctt tgagtaaaat gaaggccagt    151440
     gattgagaaa tcaagcaggt tgacacatca gaatttataa aaagctttga gaaagagctg    151500
     aatctgagct gatgagagtt tctcagtctg tttctcaatc agacttaaat aaaatatctg    151560
     atcactgttg caatgttgta aatgtaaact cagagagcaa tgctgtcaga caaggaagac    151620
     gtttgttttg gtttgcatga gaagatgaag ctgcagctct tctgaggttt tttatctggt    151680
     tttgctgttg gtgttctcgg aacaggagat ggttgtttgt gctctgtaca tttatagagc    151740
     ttatagaacg gaaaagtgag gtttagttca agaggaaacc gacaatgcag gcaaagttta    151800
     gtttttttct ttttaaattc aaagagatca gaataacagc agacctattt taacgcatcc    151860
     caccagtgct gataaacaga cacatcgcac ttctacgagt gtgatattgt gtttatacca    151920
     cagttcaact gcataatcat gtatataaaa aagaaaatca aacatggaca gtctaaaacc    151980
     ctattgtatg aggaacactc aggttacgga agtaaccctc tttttcctaa aatcaaatcc    152040
     acttatagca ttggagttcc tcacccaaag aggaactact ttcttccgcc attcattcac    152100
     atctgaagct gacgtcaaaa cagcagaaac cgttactgct tcaccaacgt cacttcagag    152160
     ttagtgtttg aatgattctc tagcgtaatg tctaaagtga tgacaaaaca ggtaactttg    152220
     ctcacagttt cagattataa ggctgagcgg catgaatcac tctacagaca tgagtgctgt    152280
     tactggcaga atatcgaaca gctatcagcc aatcagattc aagaacgaga cagaattgtt    152340
     gtatgtgcac tattgcaaag catttgattt gcagttcaaa tccaatcctg cctccaatct    152400
     tcagtgctaa attcaccctc atgctccatc ataacatcac aactcacaag acaacttctc    152460
     acctcgacga taaatctcgc aagatctcgt catacaagat cttgtcacat ccctattata    152520
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    152580
     tatatatata tatatatatt agggatgcac gatatatcgg cagccatatc gttatcggcc    152640
     gataaatgct atttttaaga ttatcgttat cgatccgatg tctaaattag gccgatatct    152700
     ttaagccgat aaattacgta attgtacaga cctgcgtgcc gcgcacgcgt ggggggaact    152760
     tgttcagact tgcccagtgc actataatgg atctctccca cactgtttat tccttcaaag    152820
     tctgtcattt cttcatgtgg tattgctgtt cgttaataag tcagtaagta accacgttcc    152880
     ttatcattgt agatgtgttt gattaagttt cattgtgtat tttgctttaa atcgcctcag    152940
     gaaaaatatt acatgtgtga acctttcctg ctctgtctct ttgttgtgta aagatagcag    153000
     aggatcttaa cttattactc cagggccgaa taatattagt ttcatggtga attgccttct    153060
     tttttagttg cagtaggtga atgaacaagg atgcatgtaa cttggtccaa aatatttatt    153120
     attttccgtg tggtaaaaca aatgtcacct aaaaaagtct cattgcccaa aatccgctcc    153180
     tcctagtctc cctctccgct acacacacac acaccccaaa ctgcagctgg acccgcacat    153240
     tttacaacac gtgtaaacat agcggttgtt tgtaatctga ttatttgtta ttatcaacgc    153300
     gttgcttgtc atgtgttgtt gatgtaagat gtattcagtt tgatcggaat attcatattg    153360
     attaagatga gcgcgcgagc tgtcaccgca cacacacaca cacacacaca ctgtagcacg    153420
     ggggagaggt gaatccagtc atagaggctc tcgaccagcc tgtgtttgcc ataaagtcag    153480
     ctcaatgcag gttttgtatg aaaatctgac tctgatggca actctgcctc ttcagttaag    153540
     tgaaactctc agcggtttat catgaacttt tcatcgatca ttttccccgc aattgacagc    153600
     aagaacgagt gcagaatcgc tgtctgattg acaagcagca gctacataat caaaagaatc    153660
     taaaacgcca aataggatga atctgtgccg cattttctaa acttactata tatatttagc    153720
     tgttggcttg tacggtggct ctgaactgtc aaaacacatc taaaaaggct ttttcggaca    153780
     tgacgtattt gtacatgtgt acatcactgt aacacgtttt attcaagaac atttgagctg    153840
     gtttcagtcc ttagctcttt cattttcatc ttatttaaat atattttact tgcttgttga    153900
     ttaaatccca ttttgttatt taaccttatt aattttatgc aacagtcaag ttgcatgtta    153960
     atttgctatg aagaaaagga agttatgtat tttttgcatt gctgatttat gtgaaatcgt    154020
     gaatataagt ctataatcac catgcaattt tgaagttaaa gcttttttgc tttgagaata    154080
     gactattcag ttcataagag cagtttaatc gtttatgaag tttgctgtat aaaaatatat    154140
     catgttgaaa tatttataaa tatcggccta tacatatcgg ctatcggcct ccaagtctga    154200
     agaattatcg gttatcggta tcggccaaaa aatccatatc ggtgcatccc taatatcaca    154260
     cacacacaca cacacacaca tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    154320
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatattatat attaatcttt agttagtcat    154380
     caaacacagg atgagtatgc aggcatgggt cagaggcagg cgtctagtat cagagtcggt    154440
     aagcaggcca gagttcaaag gcaggatcaa agtcgggatt caggctgaag tacaaggcag    154500
     gtggcaggct ggactgggtc agtaaaggaa gcaggatcac aacgggaaag caggcaagga    154560
     tgagaacgct cagtagtgtt agccggggca gaacaagact tcgcaatgaa gcagcgtgtg    154620
     tgtgtgtgct gcttatatgt gtgtggaggg tgattgctgg atgcctgtca ggtgtgtctg    154680
     caatcagtgt aagtggaaga cttaatgtca atagtccggt gatgataacc tctgctggcc    154740
     agcgagggga atgactggga ccgagtcggt gacactgtga aaatttcatt gctctgttaa    154800
     acatcatttg gttaatattt aaaaaagaag aaaaaaatca aaggggggca aaaaattcga    154860
     gacactgctc gctgcagagc catttgagca gggctgagct ccagcgaggg ggagcatgag    154920
     ctctcgctcc tcctcctata agctgtttta atgagtacac caaccccacc cctaacccta    154980
     cccccagtga catcactcgt agaagaagtg caagaaagga ggagcgatag ctcaagttcc    155040
     ccctcgctgg agctcagctc tgcccaaatg gctctgcagt gagcaccact tgaaaaaatc    155100
     cgacttcaac tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    155160
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata attcagacct gtttgtgttt    155220
     ttttcttttt tgatgaacat gtaagaagat atttttgaaa agcataaaat gctccaaaat    155280
     aactttgttc ttggtctctt gtattcaaca acaacaacaa cctataacca ctttgaaaca    155340
     agcaaaggag taaatagtgg gagccccttt aactatctct ttaagctaac tgacaattgt    155400
     ttcctgatcc cattgaatag tagcgaaaag tagacagata gcatatactt taactggcat    155460
     tagctgtatg ctatctttca taaccacgag tgtctgatct gcaccataga tctgcatgcg    155520
     cttttcacag agataattta aacgctatac tgaatgtttg tttattcaca gtctgactga    155580
     ctaaccaatg catattgatc ttaatattga gtaattacgt aaaacattat attttagatt    155640
     ttgcatagct tagacaggcc tcatgtgaac atcatgatgt gaaactgctt gtttatgatt    155700
     taaaagaaag acatgtcata atacagtcag ttctgtacaa tgaggtgaga aatgaatgta    155760
     cgtttgttaa gtttttaatc atccctgaat aaatgtcata tttttaatag atactttgtt    155820
     caagtgatta attggtgctg aggaaattaa acatctgtgg cgtgtgatgg aacaaatctg    155880
     gatgttcagt ttatgctgct gtagaccaac attaaaataa ttttaaatat aacatgtaca    155940
     gtatgaatac tacattttaa acctagcaca ggctgtttct gtatctgaat ctttgtgcca    156000
     gtgtgatctc tgtgtgtgtg tctgtgattc attgattgaa acactgcgtt atttgagatg    156060
     taattgttta tattgtgatt tttctcaagt aaaaaagtgg atttattgcg gtcgtatcag    156120
     cagcacacac acaattatca aaattttgag tgaatgtaaa ggcattgaat tatattttca    156180
     ctcccacttt tgtctgaaga ctcgactgga aaaaccaaag ccctgggacg tccgcctacc    156240
     agattttgtg agccatgata tatatattat atttcaacac atttctaatc ataatagtgt    156300
     taataactca tttctaataa ctgatttatt ttttctttgt catgatgaca ttaaataata    156360
     ttagactaga tattcttcaa gacacttcta tacagcttaa agtgacattt aaaggcttaa    156420
     ctaggttaat taggttaact aggcaggtta gggtaattag gcaagttatt gtataatgat    156480
     ggtttgttct gtagactatt gacaaaatat atagcttaaa ggggctaaga catactgtga    156540
     aaatttcctg aggtagttaa aaatcatttg gaaaatattt aaaaaagaaa aaaaaatcaa    156600
     aggggggcta ataattctga cttcaactgt agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    156660
     atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag atagatagat agatagatag    156720
     atagatagat agataagaga gtgttttcag agagtgcaga aagacttgca gtagatcacc    156780
     tgtttaatgg cctaaatctt gatgcaaaag gctaaatgta aaatctaaca ctgtagacat    156840
     tatcgccaaa gttaaaactg aatctgatgc taatgacaaa gaacagtact gagcaggagg    156900
     tcactgcaag attcctgtaa tgcaccactc atttatgact cacctgtttt tttcacacac    156960
     acaaaaaaat gtaaattagc gcataacgag acttagcatt taacatgaca caaaccaaaa    157020
     cctttaaaga gtggtagaag tgaaactttt cttcctttcc cttgttacgt tcttctcttg    157080
     agatgcataa tatgtttcta ttactgatga ccgctttgca gctttgaatg gaatgattta    157140
     ttataatctt atgtttatgt ttgtagcaga aatattattg attaaattga catgcatata    157200
     aaaacaatag tacaaaataa atatttcttg ctgcaatgct tcatttttgt ttgatgcaag    157260
     ccataaactt attttttaca aagtaacagt aggaattttt ttttagcaga taactctgat    157320
     tcaagcacat tcagggcaga atgataatga gaaatgtcat tcattgttag tattattgtc    157380
     atcatcaata ttttatagtt atttacattc attttggaat tattacgcaa atatcaggtc    157440
     atcacagcat tagtttgttg tttctggttt ttgttagtgc tgattgacgt tgttttcaaa    157500
     tacaataaat ctgttcatat acaatttgca gtggtactca ttcattgttg gcgggagctt    157560
     ctaaattttt taaggttagg agtaccggtg ctaccaagta aaaaggttaa ttttgagccc    157620
     tggctatgtt acttggtgcc ataaaaaata tttagtttgt ttgtaatcag tggcggttca    157680
     agcttaaatg gtaccctgag cgaatcaccc catacacccc ctcccccaac atcacccccc    157740
     aattttgttt taaccagact ttgggtaaaa tatggacaaa accagaattg agattattaa    157800
     aaacatttat attgattata aataaaatta ttattaatat tatacaatta ttattctaaa    157860
     taaataacag aaaacaatcc taaatgtaac tggagaacaa cataaagaca aaactggagt    157920
     gatatgcaaa gacctcgaga attgtttttc atggatatta atttgacttt tatagaatac    157980
     aaaaaatata tactgcatgt tttatagaat tttctgtttg tcttagagcc aactcaaggc    158040
     tgggaattaa tgttattaag tcttactact ctaactctat ccctcctttc tgcttcatag    158100
     ccatgattag tcaaaataag atcatcatct tataagcttt agtgtcataa aagtaacaga    158160
     aaaagccttt aacgttactc cgatttcaca gccatgagtg gtgtatattt tatcggtgtg    158220
     catgtaaaca agagcaggaa cagtgtgtga ggcgcatgga atggtgtgca tgcatccgct    158280
     tgtttttttc accagcgttg tttgggttgc acatagagaa taacaaactt gtgcatacaa    158340
     aagaggccaa tgcaaatgta ccctaacatc cttattctgg gataaccact ctaaattaat    158400
     acatttacat aaagtaaatt gtatttctaa aaggatactg gagcacagat gatttttact    158460
     gaggcatgat ttatactggg gatggtgggt gggggatttt gcaccatctc tcggtgccgt    158520
     ccacagcagc tgctcttatg tgctgaaaca cttaacaatt ttctttactt aagatcattg    158580
     aataatatgc aacatcctta aatgaagggg aatcatctat taagtgttat atagcctagg    158640
     gaaaaataat atgttttagg tctctgcatt tgggctgaat gtttgaagac gtctatcaaa    158700
     acgaggatat tgtgaaatct gtgtgctttt tattcaatta tacgtgatgt catttttaga    158760
     caatttaaat ataaagataa taataattat atatggtggc gactatttgc taaaaggaaa    158820
     atatagagtt gtctaagcaa tatgtgcttt tttacagaga aagagctact tttaataggg    158880
     catgtgccat aaatgttctt taagcagagc catgaggtcg gagaatatgg gtaaagcagg    158940
     acggctaaca ttgtaaatac aaattaatta tattaagatg tcgctaacat ttaacaccag    159000
     gtggaaaata actgtttata gaatgtttat tattcttaat atccttatta aatacccatg    159060
     agtcacttgt gactttatat ctcattttat atattttata ctttatttca atttttaaac    159120
     aaaaaaatat ttcctatcta ttaaaaaaaa tgtatgtcta atctgatgtg ttcaccagat    159180
     gctggattcg aaccgggttc atgatcgatc gccttatagc ttgttgtcat gcgctttacg    159240
     agctaggcca ctcactctgc tgtcagttgg gctctttggt tttgttgtct ctgttgatca    159300
     aatggtgatg gcaagaagca cttaactacc tatttccagc gaggtgcact atttgcactt    159360
     agcctaaata ggcactccaa aattggcatt ttaaacagtt aaacgatata gtataacaca    159420
     caaagctccc taaagaatgt catttttcac accgcttaca ggtagttcac acgctctggc    159480
     tgctacagta aatcagttca gtatgcccac tattttacat agccatgtat ttcttgtgtt    159540
     aaaccatgtt ttactgcagt ttactgcgga aatgtgcaaa ataaacaaat gaatgtttgt    159600
     aataattttt caaaaatatg ataaaccaaa tggttgattt ggtactttat ggtaaacata    159660
     agagagcaaa actaatgaga aatgagagtg aatgtaaagg ttaacgtgtg tttgctgaga    159720
     aatattcact tttgatcatt caataaatac gacaaagctt gttatttatt catgagtaaa    159780
     gtgagagaat ttctgaagta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata    159840
     tatattcaac agttttagga tatttttgga gtaaatatga attcttagaa ttaatgtgta    159900
     aaaatcacaa ttttcagaga tgattacgtc ttaaatggca aatgctggtg ttcgagcatc    159960
     agtacaattg taagggattg atgattgttt gtttgttttt ttgcagttat ttgattgatg    160020
     tcagcagttt ctatgctaca agaacgcaca tccatcaggt ccttttacca gaaaatgttt    160080
     ttttgtgaat tgtggggacc ttacataggt tacaattgtt tttatactgt acaaactatt    160140
     ttctattgcc ctaaccccaa tcctatcgca ataacccgac tcttacaggt acagtattac    160200
     tttctgaaaa acaagatcat tgattgaatg tcatatataa tgttcccata tttttcaatg    160260
     ttttatattg tttgaagaat gactgttttt aataatggct tgcacacagc attgattttg    160320
     gttttatcgt aaaaaaaaaa acaaaaaaac aagaacacat gtaacactgt aaattactgt    160380
     gttaaatgag aatctgaaat attttattgc atacttcaat aaataaaggt gatttagtat    160440
     ttaaaaaatg tttcattgtt taccataaac tgacatatct accatttggt aaagactgat    160500
     attttagaaa ttatgggatg cattgagtgt gttaactagc gacattagga gttaagaaat    160560
     gccatccaaa catgtttcta ttgctttttt cttggtgggg cagttaaagg gttaagttga    160620
     atactagtat aagaaaaaca agatgatggt actgatatgg caagcaaagg taatctccct    160680
     tcttacccac aacaggtatg tatgcatgtt tttctttttt cttttcctca agttacagca    160740
     tcagcaagaa aagggctgaa ctagacgttt gtgttcgtat gtacagggtt tgtagaagag    160800
     tatatatagc gaattgtcag aataatttct gtctgagcct gaacacttta ctcttatcca    160860
     atcttaagaa gcagaacctg cctgtagctg tacagacacc acagacatca cccagggttg    160920
     ctgaatagct gacgacactc tcaagtaaaa ggtgagaact aattattttc atgtcaacca    160980
     gagctttatt aaaagcaaga ttattcaccc tcctattatt tttttattct ttttcaaata    161040
     cttcactaag tgctgtttaa cagagagaag atttttcaat acattttaac cataatagta    161100
     ttaataacta attacttgcc atgatgcagt acatcataca ttaaaatata atttagctta    161160
     aagtgcagtt taaggtttgt gcaagtttaa ggcttggtaa gacaacagta gtttgttcaa    161220
     aaaaaaataa aataaaaaca atcacctaat ggggcaaata atattgaact tagcagtttt    161280
     tactttcatt ttttaagatt ttctttagaa gaaaaatata ataggggaga gcggggcaca    161340
     aagtaactct ttttggtttt ggccaaataa tgaacaaagt aatggggtta gacaaaccat    161400
     ttgtttttta acaacacaca agcctctcct acaaatgagc actgaatgta tgaacatcag    161460
     aactgttgtt tctgtgcagt attgccaaaa gtgccaggag taaaaatgtt actttttatc    161520
     ctacctgcgg ggcaagttgc aacagacaga gggttagttg taacacatgc ttaaaaggca    161580
     gatttcacaa agttaattta actccagttt acttaaaata gtagctatag tccctcagta    161640
     cttaactcat tttatttttt attctacgta gcacaacatg tttatttatt tatctgatgg    161700
     ataaacacat ttggatttat ttggattatt atccattatt atacaatgca tttagtaggt    161760
     ctattagctt tgaaacaaaa gaaaattgaa aaggaaagag agagcaaaac tggccagaaa    161820
     cattattaca gaccatttga tagaacatac agttgtgtat tgtattttct tacattttca    161880
     attataatat atattttcat tatctgttta atgttcaaat aagttatttt gtgtataata    161940
     tttgtgtttg tatgtatcaa aactgttgtt tttatgaatt ttattattat tattattatt    162000
     attattatgt aagccgtttg catttggaga acatatattt ttttatgtgt gaaatataaa    162060
     ggattttata gatacttgta ttgaacagtt tattcggcgc ccaatgtgcg cgggcgccga    162120
     gcgcgttcac atgagagtat ttaccaggct gtttgtgtgt ccaatccgcc tgtggaagcg    162180
     agttcaagcc aaacagtgag aacagcgcat actagggtca ttgtatgcga tggtcacaga    162240
     attttatgta acacctggac ctcgcaattc acaaattaag cactggttac atcttttggc    162300
     ctagaagatg gtaaacacaa caatataaga ttttacatgc atactttaaa ataaaaaaaa    162360
     tatatagact ataataaaaa aatactttta tgctgcaaaa atggtttctc ctgtgtttct    162420
     catccaaatt ttgccgaact ttttcaataa ttggcagaaa gacgtctgcc aacaatgtgg    162480
     tgaaaacctt ggatgctatg gttaaccctt tcctccgggt gcttcggttt cccgaagtcc    162540
     aaacaactaa attgtctgta gtgtatgtgt gtgaatgagt gtctatggat gttttccagt    162600
     gatgggttgc agctggaagg gcatccgctg cgtaaaacat atgctggata agttgctggt    162660
     tcattctgct gtagtgaccc ctgattaata aagggactaa gccgaaaaga aaatgaatga    162720
     atgaattatt atatatgatt attaactgca ttgtatttta attaaataaa tgaagcttgt    162780
     gatgcgcaaa tgatcaattt gatcaacaaa ttatcccaaa ctcttgagct ttgcttcaga    162840
     tttaatgatt ttaaaaatgt tttgatttcc catataagat ctgacaatag tgtaaatcca    162900
     gtaatcaaga aattcagtaa aatacagcgt ttttaggggc tgttgtaatc aggtaaagca    162960
     cactggtgtc acaataatat tcattctttc agcatttcat tatatacatg tagacagaga    163020
     gataaagtgt gtgtgataaa tactgtttta aactctttat aaaacatgaa catatttaag    163080
     tactgaatgt gctttgcttt attaaatagt gaatgtgttt ttgtgtgtgt gtttgtagga    163140
     gagcaaaatc tggtgtaaaa tcagaacagc agacgtgtgt gttcatctga ccttcagtct    163200
     gttcatgtga gtcaatcttt acctcacttc tcaatcagtt accatcctga atgaaggaga    163260
     catttgacat taggtttgtt ttttccatct gtctgcacat ttgttttagt ctggtcagaa    163320
     gagaagatcc ttgaagacct ctgagaagtg aaactaaatc acacaagagc tcttcctgtt    163380
     cctcaaattt gtgtccagat ttcatcaaga tggcagcaga cttacctgag gactctttag    163440
     aggacatggc tgagtgtttg ttatcgttta agaatacgtt tcagtggttt gatggcatta    163500
     aagaggagat agaaaaaaaa tgtcatatta aaacagagca ttgttggaca tataatgaca    163560
     ttagacgagc ttgggaagaa acaccgaaaa ttgaaataaa ttacataaga taccaatggg    163620
     cgtatgtaat aacattccag gagatgaaaa tgtttgatga tgataaacat gattcaacag    163680
     agtctgatct tactgaatgt gaacaggaag agcagccatg tagcagtgtg acaaaaaagg    163740
     attcatctga tagaccggca caaaaagtat ctcagcgcat tattgcacgc aaacgtagtc    163800
     tagaagaagg tatttctgaa agtaaaaagg cacaaaacct agctggtagt tctccaacca    163860
     tcggcattaa aattcctctc tcagagctgt ttggtagtga agccacctct aaacaaacta    163920
     aaaccgccac atccaaatat aaattaatag atggatgccc ttcaagaaga gaaataagga    163980
     agaaaaaaac atacgtcatg tcatacaata gaaacaccaa gaatgctgaa tgggtgtatg    164040
     agatattaaa caagggcact ttagccatga aggacaaagt aaaacttaaa ttaagtgtcc    164100
     atagtaaagt ctcagactac actcaatgtc atcttgctgc ggcggccaat cacaggtggt    164160
     gtcagaaagc ctattatgac acttatttgt tcagcaacat gtcaccaaag cgttctgaga    164220
     ttaatagagg tgtgatgaaa gctttggaga aaatgattta tgatgacata acaaacaata    164280
     acatcctcaa cgtccacgtc tacactggac caataatcga ttcaaaatct gcaacccaaa    164340
     aaagcaaagg ctcaaaaaaa gcagtgccac attccttctt taaagtatct attgtggaga    164400
     ataaaaatgg gacagtatca gagccaaagt gctatctgat tcacaatagt gataagttta    164460
     aggctagaga ctataaaggg agtgaggacc ctaagaaccc tgtttacaaa gtaggcactg    164520
     tgcaccttaa gaaaattcag gagtgtttgc agattgtgga cattgagaaa attgagcgcc    164580
     tctctgggct taaattcaga agtactgatg ttcagcagta cacagatgag atcaggagtg    164640
     tgacaggaaa ggacggaaaa ggaaaatcag gatataaagt cagaataacc atcccagaaa    164700
     ttaaagataa tgttgtgacc aagcgcagaa aattactgta agatctcgtt gaacctgaag    164760
     aagagttttc tattaatctt cactctttag gtttgtattg atgatcagat catctacagc    164820
     tgaacagaga aaaagaggaa tttgattgga tctgcagtaa attcactagc ggctaataat    164880
     tgagaaggat tatctgatta ataactaatt aacattgatt tcatataggt ttaactgtaa    164940
     tattttgatg acagaatttt tgtgatatat ctacaccagg ggtgtccaaa ctcggtcctg    165000
     gagggccgat gttctggaga gtttatctcc aacttgcttc aacacaccta ccaggaagtt    165060
     tctagtatat ctagtaagag cttaattagc tggttcaggt gtgtttgatt agggttggag    165120
     ctaaattctt caagacaccg gccctccagg aacgagtttg aacacccccg atctagacta    165180
     aagttaaagg tgcagtaggc aatctaattg gttagcaaaa tatgtttgaa acacaattcc    165240
     tgccatccaa agcaaaatca cacacgcgca cattaaggat aacagaggcc cactagatct    165300
     tgtcattcgt cagttagaaa actttatagt attttataat actacaattc ccaacaaaaa    165360
     aactgtatta tatcagcacg cctcattttc agttgtgtag cagcaaaact tatattacat    165420
     aatgtgcaat atttcatgca tgcaaggatt gctggtctca ctctctcaca cgatttgtcc    165480
     taaagccact actgtatgct tagtggttgg ccggtgacat gcaggaatta cacttatgac    165540
     taagtcatac ttgcatgcta tttcagagca aatattctga gtagcggtaa acaatatcag    165600
     gagtgtatca caggctgtca ttgaccaaaa atgacccaat gtgaatatat aagcaacttg    165660
     agctcaataa agcaggctag gcggaatagc gctattcact gatgttttgt tgttaaactg    165720
     aatataaatt gacattatcg atactgtaaa aggaccttat gaaactgaaa atagtcacat    165780
     cagtctatcg cagagagatt tcagtggcta aacaacactt ctgtgcatat aacctattca    165840
     taacaacaca atctatttca gctttgagtg actaaaatag ttttaaaaca gaatacctgt    165900
     ctaagggaaa tccttcagcc atggtgtcgt ccttcctcca gtgcgcaaaa gtaaccccaa    165960
     tattgattca ggattttaac aagttttgat ttagcatttg ttttcaccag cagttaaacg    166020
     gcggatctgt gaacagaggt gcgcagttat acaaatctac atttgctgac agacagtttg    166080
     agctacttat cagaattatg ggaattatca gcctgactgt atttaactgg atgaacatgt    166140
     tttagtcttc ttccattatc caaaatataa aaatacatat aaacacattt agatcattta    166200
     ctttaatcag tactattgga ctgtgaggag actttaaacc agcacaacaa cacgtttctg    166260
     aagacaatca catactgcac ctttagtacg tgtgtgtgtt ataataagaa tgaaaaaaag    166320
     tagtttagac aatcgtatgc atgaattcat ttacacactt aataatttag tcgacattaa    166380
     ttaattgtac ctttattcat ttacatttat tcactcacgt tcattttata tttgttcaaa    166440
     acgaatcatt tatgtttatt catgtttatt aatttacgtt tattaatgtt tagtcactta    166500
     tgcttattca tttacattta ttcacgtttt tattatatat atatatccag ctgcaaccca    166560
     tcactgggaa atacccatac actttcattt acactcatac actacgaaca atttagcttc    166620
     tttatcaaca aatacctttt ttttcctcag taacaaagaa cagaatcaat gacatttaaa    166680
     gaaagtttta agaaagtcat gccttgtaat gtgaaatgtg tatatctatt atatcctata    166740
     tcctctattc tgctctctga ctgatttatt gaatatattg tcagacaaaa ttgaaatatt    166800
     gttctctgac tttttattat tgtcctgtta atccttgtga attagctttg accatctaca    166860
     gtgtatagag tgctgtagaa ataaagatga cttgactaaa taaactcttt gttttggggg    166920
     agaatttctt taaatggaga tcctgttatt aaagcttatt cagatgtttt atttagatca    166980
     gatacacaga gaaaaaaaac tacctcgtac ttctgtatat atacttcttt atatagagag    167040
     agatttgtgc tgttcaaaat actctgcagg atttcataaa aaacactcac tgtgtgcttt    167100
     tattttctca atcacagcaa cagactgaac aataatgtct gttttacact atacataaca    167160
     gacaatctag tgttcactgc actcctttac cctttgtttt acatttgcta ttgtaatatt    167220
     aaatatttcc tcttcctggc atttttgtaa taataataat aataatatta ttattattat    167280
     ttattataac attgctttgg caatattgta aacacaatca tgacatttta gcaacaaact    167340
     gttctggttg aaaatacatt tgattaaatg tagtgaggaa aagccaaaaa caatgttaaa    167400
     ttgtttttct tcttctaagt agaataaaca tctctcagta aacgggttta attatgctgt    167460
     tcattaattc agatcgtaat aaaaaattgg cttattacat ttacttgtca tgtcctgttt    167520
     ttttttattg atttgagaag actgacacca tgtttgcttg tttaattctc tttaagaaat    167580
     ccttgatcca atttctccaa ctcagactta atgtaatttt taattaaatg taatttattt    167640
     aattacacaa tctttctagt tcatccctgc agaaaaatcc agcttaaacc agcctaggct    167700
     gtctttttca gtagggatat catacgcctt agcggaaaaa ataataatgg cattactgac    167760
     tccttgttaa cttctacttc ctctattgta ttatttcctt tcctaaatcc accttggcaa    167820
     gtatccatta tatatgcaga agttatgaac ctgcctcttt attatgtaat aaatctgccc    167880
     atgtaacatg cacatccctt cccgtttagc tctgaccatc gagtctgtgg cacagtgtga    167940
     aactactgct gcgtctcaat tagcatacta tctatcctaa attgtattcg aaaatataac    168000
     tagtgcgtcc caaaccttag tatgttgaaa tagtatgcca aaggttccgg tcgagtattt    168060
     cttgtagaag cgtccatatg taattgccat gcattgtacg ttgcacgtga cctcgggtaa    168120
     aaagtgtaaa caaaaccaat ggcggacatg cgggaccaac agcaaagagc ttgctctttg    168180
     ccaacagtca ggtagggtaa agatgtttga atgactatta tttaatatgt agcaaactgg    168240
     aaaatattta aattacattt tcattgttat atggcaacaa tgtgaacttc tataaagacg    168300
     tgtttggaca ttaacttctg attataatta tctaaacacc tgagcagatt tatctgcatg    168360
     aaaggcgcgt gaatggcaga ttaacttgct ggtgatgaat ctacaataat aagataggag    168420
     attaaatatg acagaaatgt ggatgatgtg ttgagtggat tgaccggtct cgtaagcaac    168480
     ataattgggc taaagtttgt cccaacgttt gcaagtaact acttttcttc acgcaaaaaa    168540
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa cagggggtcg gatggtttct gcattgagag    168600
     cacatagtgt aaatgtccac tagaggtcac tgtatgcatt tcattcttag ttcatcaata    168660
     gctttatgag gagaaacccc agaacctgta gacatacaac acttcactca tctcaaaact    168720
     cttatcagct ctttgatata tgtcagtgac atacgtaagt taacacaagt cacatttcaa    168780
     tatttgtcat aagatttatc ctgtttccaa ttttctgctc aagcaggtta aatgtgacag    168840
     gacgggttgt gcttttactg atgaatcttt agaccgctca tattctgcct gcttcatttc    168900
     atgctggttc tggagtgatg ttagagaatg gctgacaaac atccctgaat ttaacatcaa    168960
     ctactatacc gataaacttc cagtgaacag tcaatgagac tttttcaatt ttatatagtt    169020
     cgttttacag catcgatgtt gtaatgtaat ttaaaatata atcagttaaa tagacttcag    169080
     tgttcattta gtcgcttaag tggaatacga gatgaaaaga tgtttacatg gcagtcagaa    169140
     atgcattaga aaacaataaa ttacatgaaa tacaacctga agtttcacac agaattttaa    169200
     gacattttaa gaatcgattt gatcaagtcg ttttaccaga tgtcgtattg ggcatacgag    169260
     aataacacat ggttttttgc tccaaggtga aaaccctact cagtgtttgt gctgcaaaac    169320
     tcctcttact gtaaaacata ttttacagga ctgtcctgct tttactgatt ccagaaggac    169380
     tttttatgaa atgaactctt ttaaggagat ttttgacaaa gtgaaaccaa aaaagatttt    169440
     agaattttta tcatgtatta acacaaaaaa tcttatttaa tttttgtttt attttgtttg    169500
     ttgattttta aattgtatat ttattgttga aagattcctg ccatgaagat agccttggtt    169560
     gctgacatgg cactaaataa aaaaatacat tacattacat tacatggcag tcagaattag    169620
     caggtaaatg cagaaacacc tttgaaaata ctggagtaac atgtactgga gtaaatgttc    169680
     atattttaaa gacatggcgg gggaaaatgt aatttaatgc agtgtatttt gtacgatatt    169740
     agacccactt tttatcggat atcaatcagg cagtgaagat cattcatttt taaagaaatc    169800
     agatcttaaa cgcaccgatt ttgtaacggt acagtccacc aaaagcactt gacccagctt    169860
     actgacaaat taagtcctgc atataccttt tagtcacatc gcaggatgtt gagttgggaa    169920
     cttgggatta caattaacta aaaatcacag tttagcacac atgatctgtt gagtcatttt    169980
     gaatttcaac catagtctat tggtgtgaat taaatgaatc attgatttaa tgattgaata    170040
     attatgaaaa ttgtgagatt taaagggtcc cgaaacacca aaacacatgt gtttgagctg    170100
     ttgaccatcg tatatgcgtc ccacactgct aaaaacacta ttaggacacc tatatttcac    170160
     taaaaagtgt aaattggttg tttttgcgtt atttcaagca aatttgtact tccggtttga    170220
     aacgaatttt tgaagctgcg tcacggtcat gacataatag cgtgtattcc agcgtgcaga    170280
     ctggacgtct gtgccagagt gagtcttatt acgtcttaca gtgtgataca ttaatgcatg    170340
     agtaaggctt ggttcaaacc aatcagcgtg ctctattgag caacttcatt aatattcatt    170400
     actgtcacag tgtagacgac agagacgcca cgttgtgttg gcaaaacaag cgtgaagtgt    170460
     tgcttttata gtttgctgcc gttaagtttt gttttctttt tctctccgtg agagctcagc    170520
     tggagtcacg tgtggattaa cagtgtacgt gacgctcaac aacaataact tacgtgtcta    170580
     aggaggttta ttgtttacct gagagctgtt ctcatctgca aacgctgaga tccagattag    170640
     cttgtagtct cctcttaata aagacgcggc tctagttgct ggtgattgtt ctgtctctac    170700
     agatttggta agtgagcgac cagtgctctt tgtttattca gtttgttcgt atcgaactaa    170760
     gttaactatt gcaccgagtg taaacatgtt agcaccacaa ccttaacctt aacaacaact    170820
     ttaacctcgt gtagggtttt taccgcattt tgtgaccgga ataacacacg cggctttctg    170880
     acgctacctg ccgtgtgcat ttaagtttcc gggaaatgcg gagttttttt tttctcttat    170940
     tcgctgtacg gtatcaaaca ttgcaagaaa atacacgctt agagcagttc ctcgaatcaa    171000
     atatcttgtt tgtcgcgagg gacatgaatg aattccctga atgaaagaac caaactgcag    171060
     ttaaagtcca ccatttaata attttgcaaa taatttctcc tgcgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg    171120
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtttg tgtgtgtgta ttttgactct    171180
     gaaacttgcg cgtgcccaaa tagacactcc cacacctaac agagctggac acgcccactt    171240
     ttctgacttt ttccaaagta gaggtgtgaa atcaccctgc tgaaacgagg gggtttcatg    171300
     gccctttaaa gggtcatgaa acaccaaaac acattttttg agctgttgac agtcgtatat    171360
     gtgtcccaca ctgctaaaaa cactattagg acacctatat ttcactaaaa agtgtaaatt    171420
     ggttgttttt gcgttatttc aagcaaattc gtacttccgg tttgaaacaa atttttaaag    171480
     ctgcatcacg gtcatgacat aatagcgtgt attccagcgt gcagactgga cgtctgtgcc    171540
     agagtgtgtc taattacatc ttacagtgtg atgcattaat gcatgagtaa ggcttggttc    171600
     aaaccaatca gcgcgctcta ttgtgcaact tcattaatat tcattagtgt caccgtcttt    171660
     acaccacaga gacgccacgt tgtgttggca aaacaagcgt gaagtgttgc tttaatagtt    171720
     tgctgcagtt aagttttgtt ttcattttct ctctgtaaga gctcagctgg agtcacgtgt    171780
     ggattaaaag tgtacccgac gctcgacaac aataacttgc gtgtctaagg aggaacattg    171840
     tttacctgag agctgttctc ctctgcaaac gctgaaatcc ggattcgctt gtagtcttct    171900
     cttaataaag acgcggctct agttgctagt gattgtccta cagatttggt aagtgagcga    171960
     tcagtgctct ttgtttattc agtttgttcg tatcgaacta agttaactat tgcaccgagt    172020
     caccgagtgt aaacacgtta gcatcacaac caaactttaa cctcgtgtag ggtttttaac    172080
     gaattttgtg accggaataa cacacgcggc tttctgacgc tatctgtcgt gtgcatctaa    172140
     gtttctggga aatgctgagg ttttttttct ctcattcgcc gtgcggtatc aaacattgca    172200
     tgaaaaatac acgcttagag cagatcctcg aatcaaatat ctcttttgtc gcgagggaca    172260
     tgaatgaatt ccctgaatga aagaaccaaa ctgcagttaa agtccaccat ttaataattt    172320
     ggcaaataat tcgactacag atgtccatgt aggttaaaca ccatcacttt cttctgtgtg    172380
     tgtgggtgtg tatttgactc tgaaacttgc tcgtgcacaa atagacactc ccacaccatc    172440
     ccactttaga tcctccgaca ctccccctta aatagagctg gacacgccca cttttctgac    172500
     tttttccaaa gtagaggtgt gaaaacaccc tgctgaaacg agggggtttc atggcccttt    172560
     aaggtaggcc tatagtgcag agatctggtc gccgcgtcag gtcagggtgc acccgtatat    172620
     agcctttaaa acgaagtagg cacactctaa tccaggggtc accaaacttg ttcctggagg    172680
     gccggtgtcc taaagatttt agctacaacc ctaatcaaac acacctggac aagctaatca    172740
     aggtcttact aggtatactt gaaatccagg caggtgtgtt gaggcaagtt ggagccaaaa    172800
     cctgcaggga caccggccct ccagaaccga gattggtgac ccctgctcta aactcacaag    172860
     ggaaaaaaac tggactagtg agtgacgtga aggcaagcag cctaattcat tttatgtttt    172920
     ggttaactaa ttctttaaat acagctctct tgagctcgaa agaggaaaaa cccagaagaa    172980
     atttgctgtt aaattaattc tagcaaaaac gcaactgcca gtcattttca cattagttat    173040
     tcagttagag gataaatatg tttagttcac tgcacagtcc cacagtagtc tgcactatta    173100
     ttaatattta aatgtattat attcattatt aatattatta aaattaagct aaaattgata    173160
     aaacgcagaa gccttttaaa cgtttgcttt cattttcaaa tcgctaaagc gcacttttaa    173220
     gaaacatctc gttatgcagc agcattctca agttaggaca cctaaaaatt tctttgaagt    173280
     cttaaaatga tcagccttca aagtcaagtt tacagtgtta taaatgaaat atagtgcgta    173340
     agtaagtgga tttgctgtgg accaacttct cgcatgcgct gcaggtaggg tgaataataa    173400
     tctttcaaaa atatgcaata taagctactg ctagtgtaac ggaggccagc tagttggtgc    173460
     tgtgctggta aacatcacta ctctgacctc taaaggctga tttatacttc tgcgtcatac    173520
     gccggcgtat gctacggcgc tgacgcatag cccttcgccg tggctgtcgg cgtcgctgac    173580
     gtgcacctct caaaaaaatg taactacacg tcgcaacgac gcatagcgta agctctgtga    173640
     ttggtcggct tggtagcgct gacgagtctg ggcgggaccg agagccgcgt gaatggtgca    173700
     agcctgatgg agcgattgtt tacaagtgtg gagtcccatg aaggagctct ggatggaaag    173760
     ttttgtttcg tttttacctc atagttaaag ttgttgcact accgccggtt tctgcctcaa    173820
     aatgagcgag tttgaaccac ttgtacatcc cggaagtgtt caggaaaaca aaacagcagc    173880
     gaagaaactc gacacagagg aacatttaca cttcactgcc aactagcgtt tcagaagtgc    173940
     agaccaacag agacagcgtg cagaagtata aatgcacagc tgcgcgcgtt gcatgcgcca    174000
     tgggttacgc cggtcacttg acgcagaagt ataaaccagg ctttagggtg ccctagtgac    174060
     aaatgctaag ggccatggtc tttagcctcc ttgttagagc atccgactcc catgtggaag    174120
     gtgacaggtt cgataccagc tcggagcggg ttgggtggcg taggactggc gggcttacac    174180
     tagaaattac actgtaggtc tattttacca gctaaaatac aggttgcata tcgattttat    174240
     tttgactcgt tagctcatgg ccctgaaaat gaaaatgtag cctaaaatag gttaaataaa    174300
     aaatgtaact agaaatgcag aattc                                          174325