EBI Dbfetch

ID   BX247907; SV 8; linear; genomic DNA; STD; VRT; 169530 BP.
AC   BX247907;
DT   30-JAN-2003 (Rel. 74, Created)
DT   05-MAR-2015 (Rel. 124, Last updated, Version 19)
DE   Zebrafish DNA sequence from clone CH211-232D19 in linkage group 8 Contains
DE   the 5' end of the gene for a novel protein, the gene for a novel protein
DE   (zgc:103442), the gene for a novel protein similar to vertebrate
DE   TAK1-binding protein 3 (TAB3), the gene for a novel protein similar to
DE   human and mouse transmembrane 4 superfamily member 10 (TMSF10) (zgc:63990),
DE   the gene for a novel protein containing a vitamin K-dependent
DE   carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain (zgc:101601) , the cpox
DE   gene for coproporphyrinogen oxidase, the gene for a novel protein, the gene
DE   for a novel protein similar to vertebrate fibronectin type 3 and SPRY
DE   domain containing 1 (FSD1), the gene for a novel protein (zgc:77021) the 5'
DE   end of a novel gene and three CpG islands.
OS   Danio rerio (zebrafish)
OC   Eukaryota; Metazoa; Chordata; Craniata; Vertebrata; Euteleostomi;
OC   Actinopterygii; Neopterygii; Teleostei; Ostariophysi; Cypriniformes;
OC   Cyprinidae; Danio.
RN   [1]
RP   1-169530
RA   Heath P.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (12-JAN-2009) to the INSDC.
RL   Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire, CB10 1SA, UK.
RL   E-mail enquiries: Clone requests:
DR   MD5; 5acc20b89dd8427ab3759515b8aabfb3.
DR   ENA-CON; CT992378.
DR   BioSample; SAMEA3146246.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000043281; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000043283; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000057317; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000057322; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000062017; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000062021; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Gn; ENSDARG00000062025; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000063518; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000063539; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000079936; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000089141; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000089161; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000089172; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000100516; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000100562; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000122725; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000123917; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000127364; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000148802; danio_rerio.
DR   Ensembl-Tr; ENSDART00000149506; danio_rerio.
DR   RFAM; RF00001; 5S_rRNA.
DR   RFAM; RF00436; UnaL2.
CC   -------------- Genome Center
CC   Center: Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
CC   Center code: SC
CC   Web site:
CC   Contact:
CC   --------------
CC   This sequence was finished as follows unless otherwise noted: all regions
CC   were either double-stranded or sequenced with an alternate chemistry or
CC   covered by high quality data (i.e., phred quality >= 30); an attempt was
CC   made to resolve all sequencing problems, such as compressions and repeats;
CC   all regions were covered by at least one subclone; and the assembly was
CC   confirmed by restriction digest, except on the rare occasion of the clone
CC   being a YAC.
CC   The following abbreviations are used to associate primary accession
CC   numbers given in the feature table with their source databases:
CC   Information on the WORMPEP database can be found at
CC   Clone-derived Zebrafish pUC subclones occasionally display inconsistency
CC   over the length of mononucleotide A/T runs and conserved TA repeats.
CC   Where this is found the longest good quality representation will be
CC   submitted.
CC   Any regions longer than 1kb tagged as misc-feature "unsure" are part of
CC   a tandem repeat of more than 10kb in length where it has not been possible
CC   to anchor the base differences between repeat copies.  The region has been
CC   built up based on the repeat element to match the total size of repeat
CC   indicated by restriction digest, but repeat copies may not be in the
CC   correct order and the usual finishing criteria may not apply.
CC   IMPORTANT: This sequence is not the entire insert of clone CH211-232D19. It
CC   may be shorter because we sequence overlapping sections only once, except
CC   for a short overlap.
CC   During sequence assembly data is compared from overlapping clones. Where
CC   differences are found these are annotated as variations together with a
CC   note of the overlapping clone name. Note that the variation annotation may
CC   not be found in the sequence submission corresponding to the overlapping
CC   clone, as we submit sequences with only a small overlap.
CC   The true left end of clone CH211-232D19 is at 1 in this sequence.
CC   The true right end of clone CH211-232D19 is at 169530 in this sequence.
CC   CH211-232D19 is from a CHORI-211 BAC library
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   source          1..169530
FT                   /organism="Danio rerio"
FT                   /chromosome="8"
FT                   /mol_type="genomic DNA"
FT                   /clone_lib="CHORI-211"
FT                   /clone="CH211-232D19"
FT                   /db_xref="taxon:7955"
FT   misc_feature    3653..167530
FT                   /note="annotated region of clone"
FT   mRNA            join(complement(7710..7852),complement(6791..6943),
FT                   complement(6428..6542),CU041402.9:177..308,
FT                   CU041402.9:1043..1341)
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.1-001"
FT                   /product="novel transcript"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI672052.1 Em:BI673069.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<10551..10610,14703..14788,17426..17497,17671..17790,
FT                   17905..17961,19134..>19288)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-003"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CO812250.1"
FT   CDS             join(<10551..10610,14703..14788,17426..17497,17671..17790,
FT                   17905..17961,19134..>19288)
FT                   /codon_start=3
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-003"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018423"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY13"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2540"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04609.1"
FT   mRNA            join(14335..14483,14703..14788,17426..17497,17671..17790,
FT                   17905..17961,19134..19288,21538..>21633)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CD600421.1 Em:DV591221.1"
FT   mRNA            join(14480..14788,17426..17497,17671..17790,17905..17961,
FT                   19134..19288,21538..21675,21953..22025,24993..25095,
FT                   27777..27872,28030..28080,28195..28260,30101..30154,
FT                   31110..31217,31301..31833)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AA658639.1 Em:BI888834.1
FT                   Em:CA975649.1 Em:CK016817.1 Em:DN833225.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC066612.1"
FT   CDS             join(14696..14788,17426..17497,17671..17790,17905..17961,
FT                   19134..19288,21538..21675,21953..22025,24993..25095,
FT                   27777..27872,28030..28080,28195..28260,30101..30154,
FT                   31110..31217,31301..31347)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011783"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q8R0L1 Sw:Q9UGK3"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001849"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY12"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2540"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04610.1"
FT                   KVINSRRPIQE"
FT   CDS             join(17426..17497,17671..17790,17905..17961,19134..19288,
FT                   21538..>21633)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.2"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.2-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011784"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:77021)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000980"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR011993"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY11"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2540"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04611.1"
FT                   QDLS"
FT   polyA_site      31833
FT   polyA_site      complement(34409)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(34409..35564,40491..40579,41752..42003,
FT                   42082..42164,45007..45160,46705..46803,46885..47094,
FT                   49005..49126,50663..50685,50970..51071,53510..53641,
FT                   53815..53910,57509..57598))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.3-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate fibronectin
FT                   type 3 and SPRY domain containing 1 (FSD1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BI476516.1 Em:BI476785.1
FT                   Em:BI710328.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(34427..34432)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(35454..35564,40491..40579,41752..42003,
FT                   42082..42164,45007..45160,46705..46803,46885..47094,
FT                   49005..49126,50663..50685,50970..51071,53510..53641,
FT                   53815..53910,57509..57523))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.3-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011786"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate fibronectin
FT                   type 3 and SPRY domain containing 1 (FSD1)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q7TPM6 Tr:Q9BTV5 Tr:Q9BXN0
FT                   Tr:Q9HAG4"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY10"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001870"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003649"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003877"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003879"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003961"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013320"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017903"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/Swiss-Prot:Q1LY10"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-218"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04612.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(46731..46803,46885..47094,49005..49126,
FT                   50970..51071,53510..53641,53815..53910,57509..57582))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.3-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate fibronectin
FT                   type 3 and SPRY domain containing 1 (FSD1)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:DT271226.1"
FT   polyA_site      complement(59138)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(59138..59353,60366..60523,61425..61571,
FT                   63291..64211,64773..64909,66140..66304))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.4-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:BM025862.1 Em:DV589366.1
FT                   Em:EE315896.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(59160..59165)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(59188..59353,60366..60523,61425..61571,
FT                   63291..64211,64773..64874))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.4-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011789"
FT                   /product="novel protein"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q4R6Q9.1 Sw:Q5NVK0.1
FT                   Sw:Q5TID7.1"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR026687"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY09"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-312"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04613.2"
FT   mRNA            join(68155..68837,70565..70708,70927..71037,71124..71265,
FT                   72805..73023,74693..74797,79908..80604)
FT                   /gene="cpox"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.5-001"
FT                   /product="coproporphyrinogen oxidase"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI974203.1 Em:BI876275.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:AB180841.1"
FT   CDS             join(68294..68837,70565..70708,70927..71037,71124..71265,
FT                   72805..73023,74693..74797,79908..79992)
FT                   /gene="cpox"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.5-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011790"
FT                   /product="coproporphyrinogen oxidase"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Tr:Q1XIH8.1"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY08"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001260"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR018375"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY08"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-030131-9884"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04614.2"
FT   regulatory      80526..80531
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      80551
FT   regulatory      80583..80588
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      80604
FT   mRNA            complement(join(88861..89454,92016..92176,92666..92709,
FT                   93268..93345))
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.6-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a vitamin K-dependent
FT                   carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain
FT                   (zgc:101601)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CK361057.1 Em:CN321851.1
FT                   Em:CV487211.1"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC083456.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(88981..89454,92016..92176,92666..92675))
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.6-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011788"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a vitamin K-dependent
FT                   carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain
FT                   (zgc:101601)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:P00743 Sw:P25155 Sw:Q9CQW3
FT                   Tr:Q8CI01 Tr:Q8JJ40"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY06"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000294"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017857"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY06"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041010-20"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04616.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<89215..89454,92016..92176,92666..92675))
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.6-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018427"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a vitamin K-dependent
FT                   carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain
FT                   (zgc:101601)"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY07"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR000294"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR017857"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY07"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041010-20"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04615.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<89215..89454,92016..92176,92666..92709,
FT                   93183..93288))
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.6"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.6-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein containing a vitamin K-dependent
FT                   carboxylation/gamma-carboxyglutamic (GLA) domain
FT                   (zgc:101601)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CR930424.1 Em:CR930440.1"
FT   mRNA            join(102789..103237,115048..115188,115637..119826)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.7-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse
FT                   transmembrane 4 superfamily member 10 (TMSF10) (zgc:63990)"
FT                   /note="match: cDNAs: Em:BC057424.1"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AI588333.1 Em:AI943179.1
FT                   Em:AI943183.1 Em:AL910594.1 Em:AL910595.1 Em:AL910596.1
FT                   Em:AL925219.1 Em:BF156407.1 Em:BM342542.1 Em:CA472065.1
FT                   Em:CK016136.1 Em:CK147465.1 Em:CK400101.1 Em:EH543648.1"
FT   CDS             join(103012..103237,115048..115188,115637..115815)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.7"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.7-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011787"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to human and mouse
FT                   transmembrane 4 superfamily member 10 (TMSF10) (zgc:63990)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q9BQJ4 Sw:Q9JJG6 Sw:Q9XSV3
FT                   Tr:Q6PBE5 Tr:Q6PFT6 Tr:Q8C0H5"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY05"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR004031"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR015664"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY05"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-040426-2644"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04617.1"
FT                   FGGAILYCLNPKNYEDYY"
FT   regulatory      119804..119809
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      119826
FT   polyA_site      complement(122185)
FT   mRNA            complement(join(122185..123033,126265..126336,
FT                   126444..126537,126987..127147,129427..130588,
FT                   133044..133212,137824..137971))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.8-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate TAK1-binding
FT                   protein 3 (TAB3)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:AL915293.1 Em:AL915294.1
FT                   Em:AL925946.1 Em:BF937791.1 Em:BG306310.1 Em:BI879969.1
FT                   Em:BM102566.1 Em:BM102776.1"
FT   regulatory      complement(122208..122213)
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(join(122906..123033,126265..126336,
FT                   126444..126537,126987..127147,129427..130588,
FT                   133044..133148))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.8-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011785"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate TAK1-binding
FT                   protein 3 (TAB3)"
FT                   /note="match: proteins: Sw:Q7ZXH3 Sw:Q8N5C8 Sw:Q99K90
FT                   Sw:Q9NYJ8"
FT                   /db_xref="GOA:Q1LY04"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR001876"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003892"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY04"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-408"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04618.1"
FT   CDS             complement(join(<130140..130588,133044..133148))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.8-002"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028386"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate TAK1-binding
FT                   protein 3 (TAB3)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003892"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A8WHQ3"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-060503-408"
FT                   /protein_id="CAP19410.1"
FT   mRNA            complement(join(<130140..130588,133044..133212,
FT                   137299..137576))
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.8-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein similar to vertebrate TAK1-binding
FT                   protein 3 (TAB3)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EH495070.1"
FT   mRNA            join(145234..145338,147082..147453,149655..149846,
FT                   150250..150334,150456..150604,155587..155787,
FT                   155901..156080,158368..158556,159259..159450,
FT                   160338..160385,162783..162977,163059..163280,
FT                   163362..163550,163708..164071,164230..164906)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-001"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CA964748.2 Em:CB366237.1
FT                   Em:CK708238.1 Em:CN324264.1 Em:CO918209.1 Em:CT624591.2
FT                   Em:CT708036.2 Em:CT733030.1 Em:CT733031.2 Em:EB831950.1
FT                   Em:EB835231.1 Em:EB845071.1 Em:EB896773.1 Em:EB899274.1"
FT   mRNA            join(145240..145338,147062..147453,149655..149846,
FT                   150250..150334,150456..>150595)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-004"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN019053.1"
FT   mRNA            join(145246..145338,147062..147453,149655..149846,
FT                   150163..150334,150456..150604,155587..155787,
FT                   155901..156080,158368..158489)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-002"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CN506930.1 Em:CN509720.1
FT                   Em:CT590229.2"
FT   CDS             join(147088..147453,149655..149846,150250..150334,
FT                   150456..>150595)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-004"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000018419"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020675"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY03"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041114-92"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04619.1"
FT   CDS             join(147088..147453,149655..149846,150250..150334,
FT                   150456..150604,155587..155787,155901..156080,
FT                   158368..158556,159259..159450,160338..160385,
FT                   162783..162977,163059..163280,163362..163550,
FT                   163708..164071,164230..164243)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-001"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000023269"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020675"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A2BEV6"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041114-92"
FT                   /protein_id="CAM14086.2"
FT   mRNA            join(<155910..156080,158368..158556,159259..159450,
FT                   162783..>162833)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-005"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EB887711.1"
FT   CDS             join(<155910..156080,158368..158556,159259..159450,
FT                   162783..>162833)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-005"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000011791"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020675"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:Q1LY01"
FT                   /db_xref="ZFIN:ZDB-GENE-041114-92"
FT                   /protein_id="CAK04621.2"
FT   mRNA            join(158409..158556,159259..159471)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-007"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:EE210877.1"
FT   mRNA            join(<163128..163280,163362..163550,163708..>164156)
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-006"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /note="match: ESTs: Em:CT653277.2"
FT   CDS             join(<163128..163280,163362..163550,163708..>164156)
FT                   /codon_start=1
FT                   /gene="CH211-232D19.9"
FT                   /locus_tag="CH211-232D19.9-006"
FT                   /standard_name="OTTDARP00000028242"
FT                   /product="novel protein (zgc:103442)"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR003599"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR007110"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013098"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR013783"
FT                   /db_xref="InterPro:IPR020675"
FT                   /db_xref="UniProtKB/TrEMBL:A8WHQ4"
FT                   /protein_id="CAP19411.1"
FT   regulatory      164885..164890
FT                   /regulatory_class="polyA_signal_sequence"
FT   polyA_site      164906
SQ   Sequence 169530 BP; 54642 A; 30005 C; 30567 G; 54316 T; 0 other;
     gaattcggga ctaaaccgaa gaatatagtg cgtgtgtgaa cgctgggcat ttaacgcttt        60
     gactaggccc atgtctcact tcagggcaat tttcctcaaa cacaaatgtt ctgttaaaac       120
     ccccataatt gatttttttt ttttttttgg gttagggtta tgtaacgtct cttttgtcat       180
     ttatacatta ttttaatatt ctaatagctt tttctgtccc cagttttaat cattatttta       240
     aaccatagac aacttgagtg tttgctgact gactcaccgg ttgttttctc aacattaaca       300
     gagaagggct catcaagtgt cgtactggca tcagacgccg cagtacattc ctcgtccatg       360
     ttttccagca ctggagccac ctctccgttc actccttcac caaacacagg tactgttgct       420
     gccatcgcgt ggacaaccac aggctgtgtc gcttcactca gaaagtcttc gagttcactc       480
     atgtgttcgc ttgtaaaata agtcgacaga tgttcgttat ccattagatt tggtgaaaat       540
     ctgttaacac gtccaaataa tgatccttac agtagcttgg atgatcactg aactgatgta       600
     agaaatgtaa gttatgcgag cgtttatgtt ctatcgagtg acgtcacttt tggaatattt       660
     cgaacagcgt ctcagggctt cgtttttttt tttaataaat attctttaat tattactctg       720
     cttagaccgt tttggggtca tttttagtga attattcatt tacaatatat cgtcgtaaac       780
     agtaacgtaa acaacagtcc ctgtcatggt ctgcctcaga aatgacagct agctgataat       840
     atcaaaatgc tagccaatca aatcaacgta ggcgagcttt atagttcgcg gagagtttat       900
     tacatattat gtcctaaaat acaaaattat taaagaaaaa aaaacatttt ataatcagta       960
     agttttagac agacgtttta gtgtacacaa tactgtaata catattaggg ttttataaaa      1020
     gaataaaaag gacatcacat gcaaacattg atatatttta tagaggatta tttttcattc      1080
     ttttagaaaa gatgtagcta tttgatatat atataatttt attattatta ttttactata      1140
     tttacatgta cttttccccg cacacacata catatatgtt ttatgtttct cttcattttt      1200
     tctgtttatt actgtttcat tttatatata ttttcccccc aaaattttcc catattaatt      1260
     taggggtact aaatgttgca ctgtgattta agtctttttc ataaagtaac tccagttttg      1320
     gctttggtat tgactaatct aatataaaca aatatattat tgcaaatcat cataaagaaa      1380
     acttttagct aaaagatatc tgtgagaagc agctggggtg ctggaaaaat ggtaaaataa      1440
     tgggcacatt aaattaaaga catttcttgt aatatacaca gtgaatgtga atgtttttac      1500
     ccatttctca gtgaatatta atgaatttta gtggatgtaa aaacagattc attaatcaga      1560
     tatatttttt aaaataatat tttagtcacc aacatattta gaaattgaaa gataatacaa      1620
     ttaaattcaa gcaaaatatt gcaaacaaat tacaacctac aaaagtttag aagcgcatca      1680
     cctcaaatgt ttttcgttat tcttgtttat agataactga ccaacaaaat cacgataaaa      1740
     atgatagcaa acaaaatttg tttcaaaaag atacttttta caacacacaa attgtatttt      1800
     tggataattt gatttgctct gtggaaaata aggatttaat gaatgcttca ctgttgtgcc      1860
     actaacttca gttatatatt tgctaatttt ttatatgtta ttacttaaaa gattatgtct      1920
     tgagcatcag actttttctt gctgctgctt atttgctttt attttcttcg tctccctcgc      1980
     agcaagttca ggtgagggag tgtttaagca accctggcag gaaaatatac atttagattt      2040
     caaagaaaat attttaatat taaacaggaa tcataagttt gatcctatcg ttgaaaggaa      2100
     tgcacttaaa taatgtagtt attagttgtc agcaagcatc agtgtttact gagattgaag      2160
     taagatttta aaaaatgaaa ttgagataag aaatgtcgtt ctagcaaccc tttggcaaat      2220
     aatgctcatc atagacgtca caggatgact gattgtgaag gaacgtgtaa tctggcacat      2280
     ttcttaccca agacaagtca agattttatt aaaaaaacaa atcgcataat ctttttttaa      2340
     agtcatgaaa acaatatcaa gaaattttta tagtcaatat tcatcttaac aacagataag      2400
     caatgaaaat aaatgtgacc aaaaaagcaa attatcagaa actattactg gcaagatttt      2460
     cttttaggcg atataggaag atctgacact caacgttttt tctcaatcat tctttgtctg      2520
     aaatctttag tgattaagtg aaaggtttta gtgaatgaat cttaggactg cctgcctgtg      2580
     gtctttcttg atgtggtctt ctccatcatt catcttaaaa aggagcctgc tgaatggaaa      2640
     taaaaccctt agtaataaaa catggactcc gtcatgctct aaaaatgttt taaataacag      2700
     cagaacaagc ttgtggtgtt tgctaaaaca acattgagaa gaagtttgtg cgtgacagac      2760
     tgagaaggtt acaagagagt gtgttgtgtg aatgtgtgtg tgaggatgta tgtgtatttg      2820
     tgagtgtgag gatttatttt tgagggtgtg tgtgtgtgtc agtaaaataa gtatatttta      2880
     agaatgcatt tatgagtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgta      2940
     aatgtgagaa tttgtgtatg cgtgaggatt tgtttgtgca atgtgtgcat atgtaggaag      3000
     tacctttgaa agtgtggatg tgagtgtgag gatttgtttg tttgtgggac tggatgtgac      3060
     agagactgag tttttgtgag tgtgaggatt tgtttgtttg cgagtttgtt tgtaattgtg      3120
     tttgtgagtg tgtggatttg tttgtgaggg cgtgtgagag tgtttgtgtg agtgtgagag      3180
     tgtatgtgag tatttatttg tgatggtttg tgtgagagtg tctgtgtgtt tgtttgtgag      3240
     tgtgaggatt tgtttgtgac ggtatgtgaa attgtgagga tgagtgtgtg tgtgaagacg      3300
     tgtgtatgtg accatttgtg tgtgtgatga tgtattttct ttttaccttt tgcacaaact      3360
     cctgggtatg aaaagttcaa gcggtagttt gaggcaaact tcaacttctg agcatcgctg      3420
     gagacgatga tgtggctgtt acctttgact tggtcgaccg aaaaaacagg aatttcctac      3480
     aaaatgtaaa atagtttatc tttaaaaata ttgtaatgta ctacagaaat gatgcagagt      3540
     gtactttgac gtttgtcaga gtccacttca gagggcaaga ttttcccatc cactttctgg      3600
     aacatctgct tctatatttc attgaagtag agaagtattt gagaacaagc ttaagaacaa      3660
     ctgctttgca tgtgcaggtc aattaaggtc taacagagtc aagttgttta aaacaatttc      3720
     caatgattaa atacttgctt acccatagat agatgtaaag ggtgtagaat aggcatggat      3780
     ggaggggatg tgtccccacc gatatcaacc aattactgaa atgtccctac caataattga      3840
     attgacttca aaataaagta atgctccgtc aactcttaac ctagacgtgc accaagtcaa      3900
     gttcgctacg tgttcaccgt aatactatta cccaggcagt gcaattaatt acaattcagt      3960
     ttcgattttg gtctccatga tatgaagaat aacaatctgg ataaaacagt taaattgcgt      4020
     cacacacctc tctaaatgtc tttacattta aatcttctta aagcccgact ggagtaaaat      4080
     tatgtaattt gacttttgca gcttgggacg agattgttat ttgtattatt aagtgtttat      4140
     ttgatattat taagcacttt aatcatgttt ttaaaagcga gaaacataat ttgtgctttt      4200
     taatgcgttt gcggatctat gtccctacca atgtccagag cgaatctaca accttgaaag      4260
     agtgacaaaa taattcaaat gtgaggaggg atattaagaa cgtacaaatg gtctacagaa      4320
     ggaagaaaat atttacttta agcatcaatc ctaataaatc tttttttgat attctgtttt      4380
     tgtttttgac agaaattttt tgtagggtgt actcacacta ggttttctga accgtgccca      4440
     gaaacatttg acccccattt acctgtttgt ttgacaagtg tgagtgctcc gaatgtcaga      4500
     gtgcagttcg gttaggcttt gacacagtac gcatgtagtg tgagtgtaaa gcgcgcctaa      4560
     gcgttaaact gaagacacaa tatcactttt aagtgactgt ttcatatgga tttattaatc      4620
     attcttaatt ttcagtgaac acaaactttc atagtttatt aaatacaagt tccccgctgc      4680
     acgtcagctg cacattcagc aaatctccta atatgtgcag cacgaggact ttaatgaata      4740
     tttatgagcg tcaaacgtgg tggatctgaa aagattaaac tgtctgtcac tgcatatcaa      4800
     acaactatat gaataataca aaaacaatat aaataaagca atctccattg taaggagcga      4860
     gagcacttct ctgctgttaa ctgaacagtc gcatcatcga tgacgtaagc gtgctcaggc      4920
     ttggaagtta aaaaatatag tgtgaatgca ggctgagagg gcacgaggag gggggacaat      4980
     catgcctggg ccctagagat gcgcggatgg gctattattt catccgcaac cgcatgacaa      5040
     aattcatcat ccgtccgcca tccatccgca gtaacatttt tgaccaattt ttaaaaccgc      5100
     acccgcccgc catctgctga ttgggctctt tatttgaatg gcttattcct ttttttatta      5160
     aatgaatgtt tctttattgc tcattatata atagagaatg actttaatgt agacatgcag      5220
     ttaatccaaa cgtgcaagtc attaattgac gacgctttga agttacgcta aagatacgag      5280
     gacgtgtctt ttcacttgat tcgattcctc ggtccttcag tcttttcctt gcgtccttcc      5340
     ctcgtaacgt tatcccggtg gggtggaaac acgaggaaag aaatcaagga aaggaaacga      5400
     ggatgcacaa ataagaaatg agaagcatcc gagctctcag aatatcagca gtgaactccg      5460
     tctccaatcg gcgcacaggg acaaaaataa ataaatagcc taaattaaac gcactgtact      5520
     atacaacttt tttttttgta gcctaataga aaacgcattg acacatcatt tcaacatgct      5580
     gctatttagc ctactactaa atgcctattt cactttattt ttttacttaa cgtaaaatta      5640
     tcagctgacc gaactcaaaa gtttatattg aacatatgtg tagcctaaat aacataggct      5700
     aaatggttta atatgcctga ccttaggtct agtttgattt tttcttggca caatgcagga      5760
     ataaaatagc atctacagtg tcaggattca gacgggagcg cctgcatagc cgctatattg      5820
     cgccctgctg cactgaagga gcgctcgctc gcagcacttg ttgctgaaat gcatagaatt      5880
     ctcttggaaa ggtgctgtag tcgtgggaat gcctggcctt aattctccca aaaggaaagt      5940
     agattttcct ctgctgatcc gtctatacgg aagtttgtag aggaatactt ctgtacttca      6000
     tccagaatta gtgtatccga ttcctcctcc cattctgtga agtcagtcct aggctttttc      6060
     gttggtgcgc cagctatgaa tataaaaaca gtacaaccgc ccgccacccg cccgaattta      6120
     attaaaatat tattttttcg taacgtcatc cgcccgatcc gcggtttatc cgcggagtcc      6180
     gcggctataa ccgccaaccg cgcatctcta ctgggcccag ttcaagacaa ccatgcctag      6240
     tgtgagtaca cgattagatg acgccaaaat agaaatagag tgttgatatc tagattatat      6300
     tttatattca atctgcaaat catttgttgt gaaatttata cattttacat ttatgaatga      6360
     ccttaattta gcatatgcat gaattagaat aagactaaaa tgatggcaca gtgggtagcg      6420
     ctgtcacctc atagcaagaa ggtcgctggt tcgagcctcg gctgggtcag ttggcacttc      6480
     tgtgtggagt ttgcaagttc tcccatgttg gcatgggttt cccctgggtg cttctgtttc      6540
     ccctacaaaa gacatgcgat ataggtgaac tgggtaagct aaattttctg tagtgaatga      6600
     gagtgtgtgg gtgtttccca gtgatggatt gcagctaaaa gagcattcgt tgcgtaaaac      6660
     atatgctgga taagttggca acccctgatt aataaaggga ctaagccgaa aagaaaatga      6720
     atgaatgaaa acactatgta gaaaatataa gtcagacgct tatcagatgt ttttacctaa      6780
     aggcacttac attaagttca atctatacat ttattagtgt ggttccccag ttccagttag      6840
     ttcagctgca gatccctcca tagtctgtac tctggaaaag attctgcttc attcgattct      6900
     tggcttaaca gtaactggtg tagcattcca ggtccatacc aatctgcggt tcaaaaagac      6960
     aatatgacaa aaaacgagac aaatatgaat acaagcctta aaataaaata tgtaaaggga      7020
     tagttcttta aaaaattacc attctgctat tgttttactg tcctccactt gtttcaaacc      7080
     agtttgattt gttttgtttt gaaaatgaat gattttatga tgtacggaag aggagtagta      7140
     aagagaagtg aatttcacta acagactgtc ttgtgtccga tattattcag agtctttagc      7200
     taatataagc aaagacgcaa cactatcccc ttaagtttca agtgtcaagc atcagtctta      7260
     cctcctctga acaagcagaa tcactatatg ccattgtatt caatggtact ctttgacatt      7320
     ttgcactttg aaattataag cgcaacacac aatccatgtt aagacaaatt taatatactt      7380
     ttgacaatag ataccattta ttgaaccaaa cttgccttgt gtccctcaga cactttgtct      7440
     agctcacttc ctttgaatcc caaacatcca cttattttgc ggatgattga ttgattgagt      7500
     tcagtgatcc tttcattttt aaatttgaga cattttctca atttctttta aaatagattt      7560
     ttttttctgt ccaagatttt ttaaataagc aatgacctca atattcccac agtactaaaa      7620
     taacagtgat aaataacaga atattcttaa taataaatca aaataaatga tattgtttaa      7680
     gtagcaagtt accaattaca aaacagtacc aggtgtgctt ggtgcatcga tgtgagagtt      7740
     gtccttaaag acgggagagg ttcactgcac agccgctgga cagtcaggtt gtatcctgca      7800
     ggccaagttt gggcatctaa tgggtcgcac gcttcttttc tgtaatcatg aatacaatgt      7860
     tgaagtcttt tataaatata taatatatat ataaatatat acttgccaca gtacagtttg      7920
     tttggactta aaagcaacga taaatacaga gcacaaggtt aatagtataa ttcagtttcc      7980
     aggctgtttg aagaaacaca ttaagatgct gattttaagc gtatttacca caaattgtta      8040
     taatcataat taacacctca tgtttcactt taatattttc ccgttttaat gcagaccagt      8100
     ctcaacagta gacggcaata gagaagggga atgtatcgta acagaacaaa acattctggg      8160
     tatttaggac aagagaactt gatatctatt gatttactgt aacatacagt ataaacactc      8220
     atcagcaata aactgtaagt tctcacactt taaataactt caaataagaa aaaaatatct      8280
     ggaactgttt tcttgcagca gctcattgat actgttatta acgttagtta cgtaaactgg      8340
     ttcatttatt taatccactc cagttctgct gcctctgcat cttgagttac acttcaccat      8400
     ttgagactgt tgttgaatgc atattataga gaacagggta actgcagtct ggagaaatag      8460
     gtgtggcaaa aggtaagggg cgtggcaaaa gttatttttt attggttaaa ggtacccttt      8520
     ctggttaaat gcatggccaa tcagctgtat ccaaaagcat gaacaatggt gatggttaga      8580
     actgggcgat taatcaaaaa gtaatcaaaa ttgacattct gaacctataa tcgataaaaa      8640
     attttattgg tcaattttta caattacttt ccctaacgcg tctggagtca cgtcacccct      8700
     ctctgttaag gttgatttat acttctgctt tgaacacacg ggtatggtct ggccaacaca      8760
     atctcatgac agttcgtaac tttttgattt agtagctaat tcgtatgaat ttgtacaatc      8820
     taatttgtac aatttagtac gatttgctta tcacccaatg acggttcggg ttaggggtgg      8880
     ggttgggtgc catgcctcct ttttaaaatc gtacattttt gtacaactga actcgtacga      8940
     attcatacga attagcaact aaactgtcaa aacgtaaaat acttgcgttt cctcgtgaga      9000
     ggtggtctgg cacagccttc gtgcggtcaa atatccctcg cacttctcaa aaaatgtaac      9060
     tacatatcgc acgtttgtat tacattgacg atgattggaa gctgcacaag agatggcttg      9120
     agatggcata ttttctatta caataaaatt attatttatt tggttattga tgtcgcctca      9180
     gcaagaaggc cgcaagtttg agcctcggct ggttcagttg gcatttttgt gtggagtttg      9240
     catgttctcc ctgtgttggc atgggtttcc tcacgctgca gtcatgtgtt gcggctgaaa      9300
     gggcatacgc tgcgtaaaat atatgctgga taagttgccg gttcatttcg gtgtggcgag      9360
     ccccgattaa tagaggaact aagccggaaa aaaaatgaat taatggatat ttgtttacag      9420
     aagatgcaag aactgcactc tttaaaatat tattcacagg atatgcaaaa gttattttat      9480
     ttagaagaga tcctgcttat ttttactttt aatatgaaaa actttgaaaa caattaattt      9540
     tgtttccaaa agttatttat tgtcactttt ttaaaagaaa aaagtgaccg ttttaggcaa      9600
     tgtgtgtttg aatttcagtt gttcaacatt caaaatctct cacttgtaat gtgtgtgcat      9660
     atttactgta caaaacttat cagtgaactg tgagagcaaa aaaattaatt aataaattaa      9720
     tcgttcatta atcgtaatta aggaaaaatt ttttattaat tggggttttg attttaggcc      9780
     aaatctccca gcccgagtga tggtaagatg tgcttttgac agctttaaac agacgtgtag      9840
     cataatagtt ttgtttttta attaaatcat aatttattat ttgttttgtg atattttgtt      9900
     gaactgtaat aattatttta tgtaacctgt ggtttacaaa tgcatgttga ggtgagaagc      9960
     aaggatggct gcatttctat cgaacagtag agttagtaac tttagtttgt ttagatgtcc     10020
     atttagtgca atattttgag acctctacac atgaaacaaa agtcacacgt aagtagcaat     10080
     tatttgtttg ggtcatattt gatgatctga acagcgatcc cacttagaaa tctgatatat     10140
     ggcaaaatgt atgtgcaaat tagaaaacat atatgacatc catgttcatg tgtggatttt     10200
     acatgtaaaa tatgtcatat atgcaacatg cgtttaaaaa tatagcaaat ataattatgc     10260
     actaagagaa aaaagaccac taaattgttt tgtagtattt cacaaaatat gacacatttt     10320
     atgcaagtaa aatccaaagt aggatttata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     10380
     tatatatata tgaatcattt atgctctttg cccatactaa ggttcaatat tatcagctgc     10440
     tcgtacacat aatatataca cgttagccca ttttattgtg tttatgagat gtttacaaaa     10500
     gatattacta taaaacggag gtttattctg ttgtaatttg tatttacatt gagcgctcat     10560
     gcgtttgtcc acaaacatgg ccgaccgcaa ctcgtcgtta ctctgcagag gtaagttaag     10620
     cttaaacttg ataaaattaa cgaacaagtt aatcatggac tttacgatta acgttactgc     10680
     gaagtggccg ttttattagt gttcgagcca aaaacagcaa aaatgcggaa attggttcct     10740
     aatcatgaat ttatcactaa aacagcgagc acgcgcattc acgctcctgt ctcgaagctt     10800
     gtcttcatga aacatagctg tcttattgct attgacaatt ttattaaaat tgacttgcaa     10860
     ataaagctga ttgtaaaata tttcgtatac aaccccgatt aaaatcaact taaaaaaagt     10920
     ttctaaaact atggctgacg aggccagtcg tactgatcag ttattcccta tgctttatca     10980
     gcgctgttaa gttggttttg ttttcgatat tcctgacaca ttcagtgata gacgacaata     11040
     actcaaacga caataactca aaaacctctt accctaaaaa gaagtgtttt ctacaaaaag     11100
     acaatgtatt tttagtctat gtattattgg catatatgtt agactattat cactatttaa     11160
     gagctttcac ctttacctga aacaaaacat tttaataaca tgctttcaac aatgtaataa     11220
     cgtacctgaa tttatgaagg agctccgttg aaaaattaac cgtcactcta ctcctttgct     11280
     ctaatcaatg caaggatgaa aaacacatgt tcgccaccag gaggcagttt tgtgatgatt     11340
     tgttttattg attaaaatca taacaacata gtaggatact gagcagtcta aagaaaactg     11400
     cttagtttat ttatttcaca aaacattttg ccaaaaaaat tgaatattat gtattgggaa     11460
     gtccgcttaa tgtcaatgta caaacgtcct ataatcatac attgattagg tgttttgacc     11520
     ctagcagtaa ttttgttagt tttggatcaa aatgtttgag atgatgatgc tgtgcaggtg     11580
     tacagtcatt gtgtaatctt agtaagtatg taatgtgcat ttagcctatg tttattgtct     11640
     atgaccatac acccaaagca cttcacaatc attagggggg tctctccact ctccacacca     11700
     ccactagtgt gcagcatcca cttgggtaat ttgactgcag ccacaggaca atgtcgccag     11760
     taagctcacc acacaccggc ttttgtggat tggagagaca atgatagagc caactcgatg     11820
     ggtagggatg attgggagac catgatggtt aaggcccctg ctggcctcag taacaccatc     11880
     tccaacagca acctagtttt cccatgtggt ctcccatcca ggtactcacc gggctcagtt     11940
     ctgtggctcc tgcctagctt tagcgagcaa ctggtcttgg gctgcagggt gatatggctg     12000
     tggccatgta taaaacccca ggggttcaat atagaacctc aaggaaccct ttatttttta     12060
     cagagtagtg tttacactgg atatgtagcc taaatgtagt ttacttgcat gtagccccat     12120
     cagcctaatg cccactctga gcaggacgca aaccactgaa tttatggaag ccaatttttg     12180
     aactgaaata aaattaactg aaaattgcct tttgaatatt atatgtcata tttttcaaac     12240
     gggactgaat attttggaag tgaataggcc tctactggaa ttcagtgaat atgaagatat     12300
     taaatttaag aatgaaaatg tgtgtgagat attttaagtt tccaataaac agctatgtta     12360
     aatttcagga cctaaaaata caaactctgg caatccaagt cattaaaatg caaacaactg     12420
     attcaattat ttatgaagaa tcatttgaca ccatcaagta atgttaaaaa ttaatctttg     12480
     aatcacagga gtaaattcag ttttgaagta gatattattc attaattcat ttattaattt     12540
     tccttcagct tattccatct ctatttcaga cattgccaca gtggaatgaa tcgtcaacta     12600
     ttccagcatt ttacacagcg ggtggctttc cagccacaac ccagtattgg gaaacaccca     12660
     taaacactca ttcacacaca tgcacttata cacttagaca atttctttta tttaaatcac     12720
     ctatactcaa tgtctttaga ctgtggggaa aacctgaaca ctcgaaggta accaacgcca     12780
     acacggggag aacatgcaat ctccacacag aaatgccaac tgtcctagcc aggactcgaa     12840
     ccagcaacct tcttgctgtg aggtgacagt gctaaccact gagccaccat gtcaaataga     12900
     tattttacat gtagtaaaaa atgttttttt ttttattaat aaaatagttg tatgtagcct     12960
     agctaaatga ctaacatagc ctatagtcga gtagctattt ggggatttag aagttcagca     13020
     aatctgttaa aaaagattaa ataaataaaa aagatttggt agcaaaaaat aaaataaata     13080
     gaaataaaac aaagaacagc aacctaacgg taaaagacaa gtacttatta aaaatactcc     13140
     tagcaaccag taagaaaact gtgactcgaa agtggctaca actggaaccc ccttcaaaat     13200
     ctgaatggtt ggatatcata tctaatgttc aaaatatgga gaggatgact ttttatttaa     13260
     aactacaaat ggacaaatac ctgcaatatt gggagaaata gattgtactt atgcctttac     13320
     agagtgtaat ctgatttata tatgtatttg ttcatgtgac ctgtaaggaa atatgtgacc     13380
     tgtcaaccgt tcatttaagt tctggtgttt tattgtatta tttacttaat tttattattt     13440
     ttttaaccta ctttttgtat tttttccccc cttgttttat ttatttattt ttttcttctc     13500
     tccttaaaag aaataaaaat aaagtataaa aaaaaaacaa agaacagcct atacaactag     13560
     taacacagct cctaacctga gttagaagcc tcccctgcat aaacatttac aatgtattgt     13620
     aacgaactga agaatccagg aagcatttaa cagttcaact tgtcttttta atcaactttt     13680
     gcacgttaag acagattaat ccttgtgttc actcctgaac ccacactcca ctcacagaac     13740
     aatataactg tctcatccca tcggaaaacc cctccctccc tttttcccca aaatctagcc     13800
     ccttacaacc caacattgca aatacagata caccccaaaa tagaacacag gaactgtatt     13860
     aaactttttc aaacatgcta cagtatttaa tatcttgtta ataattttga attataaata     13920
     tatagaggaa taggctgtgt aagattttat gaaacttata caaacatatt taggcctact     13980
     taatttttag tgtatttaat gatagtaata tgaatgcaaa tatgatgttt gcacacaatt     14040
     ttaatgaaca aaattataat tgaacaaaaa tataatattc aacatttatt aaaacattac     14100
     tattttatac tgttccatgg tatgtgactt taatatgttt tcagtaaact ttgaatcgcc     14160
     tataaatgtt tttatttgct gtacttcatg agagggattt aaatttaggg aaaactcgga     14220
     tgattgcagg tttcaagagt cccccttttt aagatgaaac cctattgaca aaatcaaaag     14280
     cgttttgtcg tcacagagtc ggattgccga aagagttctg ggaagctttg ctattttgat     14340
     gcgggttttc cccccgtgcg gtttcacatg cgtgcccacg ggctgagatt tgatagtctg     14400
     catccagttt gacgtgcttc acaaaaggcg gggtttcgtg tcttccggca accctcgctc     14460
     gcacctgact cacctgtgga caggtaaaga gctcctagat taggatgtcg gcacgtagac     14520
     cttttcaaat agacagctgg cggcggttgt gatacttcgt gcacggcgtt tgctaacttc     14580
     ttttttcacg ttaacttggt tatggtcaac gcattaaagg cgctggtgga catttaagcg     14640
     tcttctttca gagagcctac ctgaacagtt ttataagttt gtattatctt cacttatggc     14700
     agcagcaaat cgcaatagac gaggaagagc tcagctgcca ccatgctatc acgaaggctt     14760
     tctagagaag aaatccatca aagacaaggt gagtcagcgt gtttatgtac agtagtgcgc     14820
     gcctttttac acctttactt ctcaagacaa tatttttcat aattgtttag gggaaaatgt     14880
     ttaatgtttg acttttaaag gatttaaatg ttttaaaagg tgcacactaa aacccttaaa     14940
     tcagctcagc ttgtttaggg tcgatgaaga tgcttttttt tgtcagtttt attgaagaga     15000
     gattcagaaa gaaatatatt ctctgtttta cacactttgt ctacgtataa cataggcaaa     15060
     gcaaagaaaa agcaaaaaca atatgaaaat cataatgtaa atgaaaaaag taaaacgccc     15120
     acaaaacaag ataagttgtt tacaaacacc tgtttgaaca gcagagtatg atgataaagc     15180
     atattaaaac attacagaaa ttttgcatca ttttacaagt tttttttttt tcaagggaac     15240
     caatataagg attacaagtt ttgtcaaatt attcgtgttg tctttttaaa tagtatctaa     15300
     ttcactctaa atgtaacatg gagataatct ctccaagcca cagtttacat gtatagggga     15360
     ttttttttcc cttttttccc aaaacagtag cagtagaaaa aggttctatt agttaatgat     15420
     aatgaattta ctaacatgaa ctacaaatga acaacataca gcatgtatta atcatattaa     15480
     tgttgaattc atcatttact aatgcattat ttaaatctat agctaatgca ctgaaagcaa     15540
     gaactaacaa tgagcgacta tattttcata acattaacaa agatgactac tgtaatatta     15600
     tgttcatgtt ggtaaatgta tttgtgtaac ctatgtaatc atatatattt agcaatataa     15660
     actagggcta ggccgataaa caatattata tcgaatcgcg ataaaattga tgtcaataac     15720
     aataagctct aaatgtttta ctctatactg atttaagaga caatcacagt gcataaatgt     15780
     gcaacaatgg gaatctaaaa gtgcattgat attagagatg taccaaactt ttggccaccc     15840
     aaaattgatt taccgaaaat atgttatgca gttaattgtc tccttaattt ttgtggcttc     15900
     agtcattgtt gggatactct tttaaatctt gaagcattaa caacaatcaa aatataaatc     15960
     gttatcgatc aatatgaaaa ataattatcg agattgcata tttgccatat tgcttagccc     16020
     ttatataaac tacatttcaa gttgatatcc tgtttatgta aataaaaata atcatctggt     16080
     tttgctacat gctatactat acttaagttg gggtttagca gtttggacta acttattata     16140
     atcattcttt tacagtcaca catgtattta ctcaggactt atctcggtat ttctgtagaa     16200
     aaatcatcac tctctaattg gtacaatatt tgaattcctt tcaagttaat cttcaacata     16260
     gtatattcaa tttttaactt atttaaccta tatgttttta aaaatgtatg tgcttattgt     16320
     aaaactatta atactttttt acacctagaa agatcttatt ttagacatca atttacatgc     16380
     aagaatacaa taatttgact ttgaacatat tatacccata atgagccttt ttaataccgt     16440
     tttgcagaac aatatatatt gtacccttgc atactcaatt gctttacatt taaatgtatc     16500
     tagatggtag atagtctcaa tgtaaaaatg tgaccattga tccttaagaa acagaagtgg     16560
     ccaataaaag agtgttgcac aatcgtctgt cgcaacatgt aaattgtctg cttacagatg     16620
     tggaaatgtc aacaaaactg gtttgcttac gtacttgcat gcagatttaa caatacagtt     16680
     aaaacatttg catttagtaa aatggtaaga gggttttctg ttttagaggg ttatgttctg     16740
     ttcacagcac tcatgagcta ggctatttgt ggtaaatttg tatttttttt agttcatgat     16800
     tcaagcaaag aataaatatt ttgtattgtg atactgtaga gtatgcactt tgattatgaa     16860
     cctgactgta acctttatgc aaattattac aactgttaat ccatccatca aaaacagatt     16920
     tataagcttt aaaatattaa ttaaaattaa aatacaccat gattacttat tttaatttgt     16980
     taagaatgtt tttttaataa atatgctaca ttaaacagtg tccatatttt gacgtttgtt     17040
     cttcacataa catttaagat gaaacattta tatctggcat ttaatatgct ttctatcttc     17100
     agtatgtcta taagatcact ttgtaaattt aatttgatgc cgaaaccaga aaccaaaaca     17160
     tcttaagcct ttcacaatct aatttaattg gaacttgatt ggaaaatgaa catgaaataa     17220
     aatcaagcct ctgggttatg tcttgtttca aagtgttctt aatgaagagg gaaaaattcc     17280
     tttgttttcg tcattccttt ctttctgtca aactggtttg gtcgttactc gtgtatgttt     17340
     tataaacaaa cagaaaacgt atgctgttga gaaaccacat atccagatca catttaaatg     17400
     caaaatgcaa tttctctttg tacagatggg tcgtaaactc tggaccagtt tgtgtggaga     17460
     ttcacttttt ttcttcaata gcagcaaaga cagtgtggta agtgtatttt acaagctgca     17520
     tcttctattt aagacattgt aagccataac gttttcagtt tatgtgtatt tcttaataat     17580
     atgttaaatt gcatggttaa aatctgtttg cttatgtatg tttgacaaga caagattatt     17640
     tatacatcaa ctgtttgctt atgaatacag tatattgaga agctggagct gtcagatctc     17700
     aactcagtgt cggatgatgg ctctcgtgag cgaaacctgg atgctgctgg tttcaccctg     17760
     cacatgaaaa aagaagacgt caggatgatt gtatggcttt tgtcattttt tatccttttg     17820
     tataaatcaa acttcttgca gttgattaat attgagttat ttttaaattg gtaacactca     17880
     cccaatgtca tgcacttttt tcaggctccc agtcttgaag ccagagagct gtggaaaggc     17940
     tacatgctct caattgctaa ggttggttgt gcttttaaaa atatcctgtc ctgatcaata     18000
     tctgatatac agagggtaaa atcagatatc actgtttttc actataaatt catatctaaa     18060
     ggcactgttg acttgaaacc ttcaccagat actggtaaca aacaaataac gcaaaactta     18120
     tgcctaattt acactagcag tgactttgta gccgcctgtc gctttatgct ggcgacttgc     18180
     tgcaaacgca ggtatgtgta tgtctacagc atggagaaca caacaggcct ctaagtcagc     18240
     agtgagagga tcatgtgagc tctactggta ctcctattgg ctgtcgctca aggaagttgc     18300
     tcttcatttg cataaagttg aaggattctc aagtttttag catcgctcaa cacacccacc     18360
     gggtcgccaa aggtcaatgt ggctcacgta gacagaggtc ggcagaagtc acttattctt     18420
     ctttgaaatg aacggttgcc tgtcgctttg ccactgcgag tagctcatag tgtgaatgag     18480
     gcttaaaaag ttcagaaatt aagttagctg taatgaaaat agaattgcaa attggatgaa     18540
     gatgaaacaa gggtggacat ttcagcaaga ccaatgtccc aaacgcaggc aagaacactc     18600
     tagactaacg atactctagg gcaggggttc ccaaactttt caaagtattt gcatttcaaa     18660
     gatggccgcc aaatgaaatg acttgcctta aagggacttt gcttgaatta aatagaaaat     18720
     aagaactagg atcagagttt atagaaggaa cccacagaat cttacaaaat attaattcat     18780
     tttcagttat ttaataattt ttaacacata acaacataat ttatgaaatt gtttgttcag     18840
     ttattaggtt gttgttttgt tacccattgt acaatgatat ctgaaatcta tatatatatg     18900
     tatatgttga atgttcttca agtttatttg cagttaaacc cacattgctg aataataacc     18960
     ttgttttatt attaaataaa gataacagtt tgagtggtca ttttttatac gtgtcttatt     19020
     catcatctct ttattatgga tctccaagtt attgattacc caatgagaat gtttttcact     19080
     tgatttaatc ttcgtaagca tgttagataa ttctcactgt ttgtgtctct cagctctctg     19140
     tgccagtgtc tctgaacctg ctgcctggac agattcacgc aatgaaggaa gtcatcgaaa     19200
     aagagaaaac acgacaacgg cttccttcag cttcaccgcc agagcagaac tttgacccct     19260
     atgtttgcgt attaccggac atgcctatgt aagttaaaac gacttgattt aatagcgtaa     19320
     tgttgaagct gacttgactt tttttggtgt taaaatgctt tacacaacat gagctcaaag     19380
     atgcatgttt ttaagaaagt gtgtatgtgt gaaaatgtgt gtaactaaaa tttagaatac     19440
     agcttaatga tggctctttc ttttaagctg ttattaaaag gataatttac ccaaaatatg     19500
     aagatttccg ggtgatgcgg tggggcagta ggtagtgctg tcgcctcaca gcaagaaggt     19560
     cgctggttcg agccttggct gggttagttg gcatttctgt gtggagtttt ttatgttctc     19620
     cccgcgtttg cgtgggtttc ctccaggtgc tctggtttcc cccacagtcc aaagacatgc     19680
     agtacaggtg aattgggtag gctaaaattg tctgtagtgt acgagtgtga atgagtgtgt     19740
     atgtatgttt cccagcgatg ggttgcagcc ggaagggcat ccgctgcgta aaatgttttc     19800
     tggataagtt ggcggttcat cccactgtgg cgccccaaga ttattaaagg gactaagccg     19860
     agaagaaaat gactgaataa ttaaacattt tctaatcgtt tagttattct aagcttgagt     19920
     ttctttcttc tgttgaacac taaacaatag ggctgcacaa aagattgttt cagcatcggt     19980
     attgcaatgt gcacatccac aatagtcaca tcgcaagata tgcaatgttg agtctggttt     20040
     gtagttgacc aggagctaca aaattgtatt taattgttgt atttaatcaa aattttcatg     20100
     tttagaattt ttgtcttgtt tctagtccaa atatctagat tttaacaaag cgaaaacaag     20160
     attatttaga taccccactg gcagataatt taattttaaa ttttgacact aaaacaactt     20220
     aattttgact tatttcttct gaagttgaaa acaaaacaat atttttagtt gatcaaagtt     20280
     tttttttgat atttggacta gaaattgaca aagcaaagta agatttggaa ctaataaaga     20340
     aatggtaatg aataaacttg aatttaattg aattggggcg acacggtggc tcagtggtcg     20400
     cctcacagaa agaaggtcac tggtttgagt cccagctggg tcagttggca tttctgtgtg     20460
     aagtttcccc cacagtccaa agacatgggc cattggtgaa tttaataaac taaattgtct     20520
     gtagtgtatg agtgcgaatg tgagattgta tgaatgtttc ccagtactat gtgcccagta     20580
     cttgtgctgg ataagctgtc ggttcattgc gctgagacaa cccctgatga ataaagggac     20640
     taagcagaag gaaaattaat gaatgaatga attgaattga attgaaagaa aatcatttgt     20700
     tgcattgtga ttatgcagtt tctgtacctg aacactgtta aactcctcag aaagctgcca     20760
     aacagtgcta tttaaaccat cttgtgaaac tattcacaat atccgatttt tccaaaatct     20820
     tgcagcccta ctaaacaaat tccgaagaag ctggaaacca gcatccaatg acatccatag     20880
     taagaacaaa atattcaatt gaagtcaatg gctgctgctt tccagcatac tttgtgttca     20940
     acaatagaag gaaattcagt tctggaacaa gtgaaagttc aataaatgat gacagaaatt     21000
     taatttctat ctctttaacg tgagttttta gtggcctgat cacaagtggt cagctgagag     21060
     tttacattgc ttttgtttag cgtgaccatc cactgaatga acaatcccat gttgcatgtt     21120
     ttgtgagtgg taaagcatgt gaatgaaagg gatgtgaata gcaactatga ttttgattgc     21180
     agtctgcatt tttttttttt tttgtaaaat gcaccaaagt acaaaccctt attttggtgt     21240
     ttctaacaac atacaacata aaggtcagat caatagactg agagtgcatt tgagagtgtt     21300
     tacactacac aagcaatcca aaaaagacat tttcaatatg aactcatttc agaccctgtt     21360
     tacacctgca tttactctca tgatcagatt taaaaaaaca atgtaaatga gattaaaatg     21420
     gtttaataca tttcatgtaa atccaaacac cacttttgtt tttttgtttt tcatgtacat     21480
     ctaaataagc catgcctgtt atgtaataat acaataataa tgatgcatat ttaacaggtg     21540
     ttttcataaa gtgtctcgtg tggaagctga aattttgttg gaaaggaatc ctaatgatgg     21600
     aaaccttctg ctgcggccgg ctcaagatct ttctctttcg tcgttctctc tcaccactcg     21660
     gcaagaagtt aatgggtaaa acacactctt tcatctctac tcaatacaga atcatgttga     21720
     atacatacgc tggacagcca gcttccaaat gcattatctg atgcactgaa gaacttaatt     21780
     tattgctatt tatcttctga attgctccct gtaattcaat agttttgaac cttagacctt     21840
     gatctgcaca atatgacatg ttacacaatc acatcttctg ggaatttctg cttaatatag     21900
     ttgtgctggt taagaacgta tatatcctga agaatctttt tgttgctttc agcaaatcaa     21960
     tatttaagca ttatcgagtt tttcggaggc ctgaaggagg attcgtcatc aatctcgact     22020
     cacctgtgag taatgcattc tttcgtcatt ttctgaacgc tttaaaatca aaaccgcaga     22080
     taaataatag atttttttaa acaatatccc cagtaaagtg acactctgaa cttctaaaga     22140
     ttcagttaat tttaggcttg tagttttagt gtgagcacaa agctctttcg aaagcacttt     22200
     gtacacatgt gattgctctg aaagcaaaga ggaagttctg ataagaaatg agttttatgg     22260
     ctgagtgttg ggaatccgac gcagtggctc tgtacagctc atgcgttata cattaaacat     22320
     ttcttgaaag agactccaca gttttattgt aggtgagtaa gatgttttga gagccctatc     22380
     tccacattta tcttaaacca catcccagaa gtattcctgg ttttcagttt aagattttta     22440
     ggggtggaaa aagtgcatgt aatgtcatat gacttttatt tgtgcataca ccagttgaag     22500
     gcaaaagtat tagccctctt gtgaaattgt catttatatt tctaatattt cccaagtgcc     22560
     atttgactta ataactattt ttttctttgc catgatgaca ggcagaatat acataatatt     22620
     taagtggttc acatactagt attcagcttt aaagggcacc tatgatgaaa atcatctttt     22680
     gtaagctgtt tggacagaac tgtgtctagg tatagtgtgt ctacagtcat aattcagtga     22740
     tataaacaca ataagtcttt ttttttaatc tcctgacata aaataggatc caaattcctc     22800
     ccattttgag gcccgcctca acgtgttgta ggactatggt ttcctcgccc acttatttga     22860
     ttgacagcca tgtattaaca tgtatccata gtaacgccta taatcatatc aacaacatag     22920
     gacgtgtgca aagcaaccag gtttaaaaga tctgttcagc tctttgtgat catcaattat     22980
     cattaaatgt aatcaagaat gaatttaaaa tgttaataaa acagtgcatg cttgtaatga     23040
     attacagcca ttttaccgtc tttcaccaca tctccacagc cgcatgctag tacaaatata     23100
     aaagaaggca ctttaatcac tgtttgtgga tgttaaatct tgttattttg tacattaaca     23160
     taacggatat ccatacagca gtggatatga acgtgtatcc tgtcacattt gcatgcaaaa     23220
     acagtgcaag agtgtgcgtg cgtgtgtgtt tgtgtgcgca cgtgcgtgca tgaactttgt     23280
     atcgacattg tgtgtgactc attgcagaaa gactccacac caaatacatc aaataatcat     23340
     tgggaaactt cttactgtag tgtttcttac aaacgttact tgagatctat ttctttcatg     23400
     tctgtcactg tgctgtttac tggacacagt tgaggcggag gatgaggcac actctgacag     23460
     gcacaaggga acaatcggca gggagaacta gcattaaagg cacaggccac taaaacagct     23520
     acatattgtt caaagtagag gtcttcattc ccgcagctgt cccgcgggcg ccgcaggact     23580
     tgaccagatt tttgcggcgc gggaataaat ttccgaataa atcgcgggag cggtcggtaa     23640
     cgggtttaat ttgggacggg agcgggctgt ctagcaatat cgcggatatt gctatgcgaa     23700
     tgagagagag agagagagag agagagagag taagctttgc ctgtgtgtgt gcttggtgca     23760
     tgtgtgtgtg tgtatgttag tgtgcgcgcg cgcgcacgaa tgagagagag agagctttcc     23820
     cagatagcaa aatacactcg ggccagttcc ggctagattc tcgcctgcca gagacttacc     23880
     actctggctc cggctgccgg actctggatg cttgtggact cactgcccga ttccggcccg     23940
     aatcaattgg gccagatgcg gcgtccgtaa gcgagccgac gctgccgcat ccctgccgga     24000
     atcggcccga gagtaatgtg cgctgcggcc cagagctggc gcgactcagt atttatacac     24060
     ctttatataa aaccttttgg tattacattg gtacttgata catggtatta caagcctttg     24120
     agttgatata acagcaaacg cctgtgtgtc tgcttggtgc ttgtgtgtgt gttagtgcgc     24180
     gtgcgcacgc gcgcgtatga gagagagaga gatttgtctg tgtgtgtgtg cttgggtgct     24240
     gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtttat acagacagct tggctgtctg gactgtatag     24300
     ctgggggatt ttcggttttg ttctgcggga tcgggcacgg cgggcagaaa acggggcggg     24360
     tcgggcagca ggacaataaa ttcttaatat aagcgggagc ggtcaggttc gggctaaaac     24420
     ctggcgtgtg cgggcgggag cgggattcaa aatttagtcc cgcgcagatc tctagttcaa     24480
     agcagaaaat tctaatgttc tgaaaggtat aataaataaa ctgatgggtt ttttgagctc     24540
     atcttaaatg ttaaaaaatt ggtcaaatag tttcccttta aagtgcttta aaagcttaac     24600
     taggttaatc attggagaaa agtgtttgtt ctgcagctaa tttaaaaacg tcttaagggg     24660
     ggcaataata ttgaaccctt aaaataagtg ttaaaactga aaaataaaac tgcatttact     24720
     gcagcttaac tagaagaaat aagactttta gaaaaaaatg ttaggaaatg ctgtgaaaca     24780
     tgtctttgct gtattaaaaa tcacgttcac ttacaatttc acctaagggc ttataatatt     24840
     gcctttaact gtactccatg ctttgccttg gtgtgtattt attgtgcagt cttcaccact     24900
     gatgaaacat ataccactgc tagctgatcc cagccattga ttcctttact atggcattgt     24960
     gtactgatca cacactgttc tcaaacacac agatcaactg tgccaccctg cacgatgtgg     25020
     ttaacagtat ggtggagaag accggtgggg ttttggtgcc tttccatatg gagaaacact     25080
     atgatcaagt tctaggtacg actgttttgt atttactgta aagcaaataa ggaaaatcct     25140
     gtttgtcagc cacactggca tacttgttgg tatgaattaa tcatctggaa aatgtttact     25200
     ataatgaatg acctaatgac atgaaagtta tgaaacaaac cttcatacag taaatcactc     25260
     cttagacatt ccatctggct gacggaataa aaaagcttga ctgttttgtt ttttttgact     25320
     gacatttaag ctgaaatggc aagcagaaac ttgtttgata gctgaagcag ctatttcact     25380
     gtgaacacag tttcttaaca taacaaaact gaaaagtagt ttgtttggtt gcgtgaacta     25440
     atacttgtca ttccattctg gtcgaagctg gtagttttag ttctcagttt ttaagactta     25500
     atgaatacct gctttttagg aattggtttt aaagtcaaat gatttacaat ttaaacacac     25560
     acataggttt ggttctgcag tacacttgca aaagagattg tatttgcata caaagctttt     25620
     taaattcaag tgaagtttct actttaatgc ttcaaatgaa aatgttaaca cactagaatt     25680
     gggtaagcta aattgtccat agcgtatgtg tatgcatgag atgtatagat gtttgccagt     25740
     gatgggttgg agctggaagg gcatcttctg cataaaaaac atgctggata agttggcggt     25800
     tcattctgct gtggcgaccc tggattaata aagggactga gctgaaaaga aaatgaatga     25860
     attaatgaac atacattgct ggtcaaaagt ttggggaaag tagaactttc agatgtttta     25920
     aaataagctt ctcctcctca tcaagactgc atttattcaa tcaaaatcca ttacgaatag     25980
     taaaacggtg aaatggtatt gcactataaa acaactttta aaaattagtt tatcatttta     26040
     ttgaatcatt tattccagtg attttaatga tgaattttca gcttcattac tccagtcttt     26100
     agagtcacct gatctttcag aaatcactct aatattaatt attattatta ttattggtac     26160
     aaataataaa agcaaaaatg actggattaa taatttcatt ttaaaccaca tacaacaaga     26220
     aagcagttgt ttaaaattgt aataaatatt tacaattgaa caattttata aacagaacaa     26280
     cattgataaa cagaatcatt ttctataaaa ataaattgaa aaaaaactga tgccaaactt     26340
     ttgactggta gtgttttaat aggcatagga tactcatcta aaaataaaac agctaaccta     26400
     ttttgacttg cttattaaaa aaactggata atttttttta tggtttcctt gttagagtct     26460
     aactatacat ttaagtatta tttattaact tgtgtattta ctgtatgggt agggttagtt     26520
     gcatgtaatt atggataatt tgttattact atagtgagta catggaacat gtggaaacag     26580
     agacttaaag tgttccccta agtattttat ttatcatgac aaattggtaa aacctactct     26640
     gtaaaaagat attcataaat tagcagtttt ccatatgttg tgattcatgt ttttattttc     26700
     cccagtttat ttatgctttt gaattgcatt atgagacctt gatctttctt acataaaatt     26760
     ttaaccttga aaagtaaaaa aacagtgact tattaacatt tttaatagtg taaaataaat     26820
     attgtctggg ttgctgttct atattacctt atatatttta ttacctgtcc tatattaaaa     26880
     ccttgtaata aactgccagc acatttgctg taatgtaaca gactcatttc tcaatattca     26940
     ttcattcatt tattttcctt caacttagtc cctttattca tcaggggtcg ccacagcgga     27000
     atgagctgcc aacttatcca gcaaatgttt tacacagcgg atgcccagct gcaacccagt     27060
     actgggaaat atttcttaat atattatttc tcctacatga cataattctt aaactactaa     27120
     aatgtcaatg actccctgtg ttgatgtaat gtagctaaat tgtgtgtgtg tgtgcgtgag     27180
     tgagggagtg agtgtatgga tgtttctctg tgatgggttg caactggaag ggcatccgct     27240
     gcttaaaaca tgctggatag tttggtggtt aattccgctg tggtggttcc agattaataa     27300
     agggactaag ccaaaaagaa aatgaatgaa atgtcaataa aagccacttt gttaaactgt     27360
     agatttgagt tttcaacttc aaaattcaac agagcagaga ttaacatgcc ataatgcaat     27420
     tcacaactgt aaataaacag aaaacacttg taaactctca aatagcaaat attttttaca     27480
     gtgtagtcgt ttaaagaatt gtggcaaact ctaaagattt aaaatgacgt ttaattaata     27540
     tttgcaaact gaaatgtgat ccaaataatc ctcgttctaa acagactctt tattagtaca     27600
     gtatgtttgc taatgctaca ctgacagaca tttgtgcttg tcttctgtta atcgttataa     27660
     aaatgtagtc agtatttctg gtcagaaaaa gaataaacgg gagacttttt aattttgtat     27720
     ttaattctaa atcttttaac agcagtaaac ctgattgtta ttgtcttctc tctcagtata     27780
     tgttgagaaa aatgaagaaa acggtgagct gagcacacac tgtgccaaac cagacgcttc     27840
     atctacacct ccagtgcccc cacccaaacc tggtaacaca tcatcctcat aggcacacac     27900
     actgttaatc aacgtatcta ccgtttcaaa cagtggatta gctttaataa gtgtctaact     27960
     taaactgaca gctcgaccta taaaagttag tatgaataac tctttttttt ttttcatttg     28020
     catgtttagt cacaaaggct caaaggtcca gttcagaaaa tgaataccgc aatatcccac     28080
     gtaagtcatc atccggcaac tctctgtctt cagcttcttt tagcgctgca actgcttcac     28140
     tttgaggact tgtatttaat gttgctgttt tgttgtgtgt tatttgattt gcaggtggag     28200
     gagactatga gcaggatgaa gctgcatctc ctgcacctcc agttcaacca cgtgttccag     28260
     gtgacacaaa aagtagatca ataatgccct atatgttctc gcatgatttt cccctaaagt     28320
     gaaagttcac ccaaaaatga atatgttctc attatttact cattctctgg ctgtttcaaa     28380
     catttgtgtc tattttattc tggtaaacac aaaagaagat attttgaaga atgctgggtc     28440
     tcaactattg atctaaatag tatagaaaaa aagatactat gcaaaccaat ggctatgggt     28500
     agggccacgc agaatctgca gacatttttt tgctatttct gctgaaaatt ttgtaaaaaa     28560
     tcggtggatt tatgcagaat tattttagga ggatcatacc taaaacctta atacatgaaa     28620
     taaaaaatat tacctttcaa cgtttgttta atgtttgcaa tgcaaatcca atcagatcca     28680
     gtgtttgcta aacaaagcaa gtttatcata taatatctct actaaaagac agaaaagatt     28740
     actgtacaaa ctgtattgta aataaataat acaaatacat taatagtact attatttgta     28800
     tcacaataat ataagtgaaa ttaattaaaa aactgaatca atataaattt acacactttt     28860
     acacaagtaa atacatagac tcaatgatgg gctaaaaatc tgtggaaatc tacggatttc     28920
     tgcgcgcgca gattcagtat gggcctagct atgggtaggc ctgtcacaat caatatattg     28980
     agtaatcgtg caatacttgg agatggcctc aatcattttt gatgttgcaa tatatattta     29040
     cagattcaca aatagcctta aagccatttt ataatgacat ttacattcta cctcactggt     29100
     gtcaaaggtt aataatgtca aagtcagctt tattgtcaat tcaaccacat gtacaggaca     29160
     tatagagaat cggaattacg ttactctcag accctaggtg cctaacaaat aatgttaata     29220
     caaaaagtag agttttaaga aacaatttac aataaataca attatacata aagttttatc     29280
     taaatatatt cataaaatgt attctaaaga ataaaaaaga aagaataaaa tttgtaaacc     29340
     atataattgg acatttatct aataggacat ctaatagtga ataaaattgg gcatttacct     29400
     ttttaatgtc gaattataga atctaaataa gcttaagaat gataagtatt ttttaaagtg     29460
     ttcggctatt tgaattatta tgcttttata taatctgtgg cataggatgg tctcaaaaat     29520
     gacaacaata tcacttatcg caacaatttt tctgactaaa tatatcgcac aacaaaaatt     29580
     gcttttggga cgggcctagc tacaagcttc caacatattg ttcaaatagt agtaaatgca     29640
     aatgtttacc ttttctcctg ctggtatagt tcatttctaa catttttgaa caccttgtat     29700
     ttagattcag ttcatttaat tattcctctt ttcattgtta cttcttgttt actagtaata     29760
     ataaaatatg aaatgtctat ttactcacac tgcacattct aaaagcctgt ttgactttcc     29820
     cctgttaaac acaaaagaaa atgttttcaa atatcttttt ttaaacctgt aaccattgac     29880
     ttctgtagta tttgtttttc atgccataga agtcagtggt tacaggttcc aacattcttc     29940
     aaaatatctt cttttgtgtt caacagaaaa aggaaactca taaagtttta taaccacttg     30000
     agggtgagga aaaagtgagg acatttcatt tttggctgaa ctatccatta aagtactgga     30060
     ttattctaat tattgtttgt tgttgttgtt gttttaatag cacggcattt gccgtaccag     30120
     tattcaatgc ctcaagaaac aaacaccagt tcaggtgagt tcaacttttc tgaacatact     30180
     gaacagttga gtattttgtc taaaatagcc atatattacc atctgagatt atgtgtgtgt     30240
     gggggggggg gggggggggg ggtttcagtg aacatctgct gcatagtttt tgtaagagca     30300
     ggtctacatc tgaggtctgt tgcacaaaac aggtttgtga tctaggctaa tatacagtag     30360
     gcttcacagc taccctgctc tagaacaggt tttatttttt gttaaagatg gcaaacccaa     30420
     actcagctat gaatcaagtg atacacatat ctgatgtaat taatgaaaga ctttcacact     30480
     aaaagcattg tttagtcaaa ttgatctttt gttgctaata attgatttaa aatacatgaa     30540
     ttatttatac tttattttat acatttaaat agttttgaat tgtcagtgaa tattaattag     30600
     tgtcaaatgt tcaattaaca tttaaatatg tacatataaa ttagctttta atctataaag     30660
     cttttgagct gcctgcgaat caacattaat aaagcatttt cttttggaaa tgttatatta     30720
     aacataataa tataaatata aacgtaatgt tttcagcaat gcggtggtgc agtgggtagc     30780
     acgattggct agcaagaagg ttgctggttc aagcctcggc tgggttttta attggctgtt     30840
     agtcaaactt tcagctgtat ggcgtacatc acaaactctg gaggaaaccc catgttaaca     30900
     gagcacgttt atatcaagta ttgtaaaact acttaacctg atcttaaccg ggctgctttt     30960
     ataaacccaa aacttactct gcaaccctca actcttttgt ggaacaggct tcacagttag     31020
     ttgcaaaatc tcaaaccctt ctccaatgtt acactagaca gattgctgga ttgctaaata     31080
     atcataatgt tttctccttt gacgtataga ctgtgaacga aaagctctgg ttcctcctgg     31140
     ctatggtaaa aaacccctca gaagcaacag tctatcagac atgcctaaaa atgctcccaa     31200
     gcagcaaatc gtcatgggta agagcacgtt catgcttcta ttccacaata ttttctgctt     31260
     ctgacacatc cgtaacccgc tgtggtttca ttcttgacag atgagctggc caaggttatt     31320
     aatagcagac gacccatcca ggagtgatta tgtgatgacg ataatgatgg tttcactgtg     31380
     gaacgaggag taattcctat taagtattaa gctaagtctt aaatctacga cacatttata     31440
     aggcttttat tgctgagaaa cgagccctcg aatcaagtct tctttatcga tccttgtagc     31500
     aatagatcag tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tctgtaaatc acttctgctg tttgtgtagt     31560
     ttatctcatt gacatattat tgatttatgg ccatttcaga ggttagtcag atgtaaatat     31620
     tttcccgtgt cagatagctg gtctacgtct cctgttttca ggcttgatgc gatgactctg     31680
     aatgattgtg actcaagttt gtggggaagt tgcaggtctt ctttctccag atctgatcaa     31740
     atgaatattg ttttgtctgt tcctgttcaa ctttgtatgt tatttgtttt ttatattgtt     31800
     tagtttgaga acaatacaat catcatggaa aaacatttta atctgagtca tattttcttc     31860
     cttttataga tgtgcaagac aataagtatg tttggcattt gttttattga cgtaacagga     31920
     agtgtaacag ttttggtgtt tgactagaag cactgcgggc tgtattagat tttccaaaac     31980
     aaaaaaagat gtccttgttt actcataata gcaaaattaa taagaattat gttgttccaa     32040
     aacacggtat gaccaacctt ttctctgttc tgagattgcc ttttcactgt atttgaatgt     32100
     ggagcagcat aaatatttca taaactgtat tcaccaaaat tcagagaggg ctgggtccat     32160
     aaacgatatt atatcgaatc gcgattaaat gaatgtcagt aacagtgata agctctggac     32220
     ttttattgat ctaagagcaa atcacacagc agaaatgtgc gacaatggga atctgaaggt     32280
     gtgttgatat tagagatgta ccgaactttt ggccactgaa aattcatcgg ccgaaaatat     32340
     gttatggcat tttatgaacc ctttaatttt tgtggcttca gttattgttg gggttctctt     32400
     aaaactctgg aaacattaaa aacttgtatc gaaaagtata tattgttatt gttcaataat     32460
     atggaaaaga ttaatggtgt ttgttagatt ttagtttagg ttttattttg ggaacactat     32520
     ttttttttaa tttaatctag attttgtttc ctttttatta gttaacagaa cacatccatt     32580
     gttgaccgga gcaaagttta atctttaaac ggcttaaatg aacacttgtg cgagcctctt     32640
     aatattaata attgaataat atctgaacag acactcaacc cacacaaatg caacttaaga     32700
     caagacaaac ttaatctcaa agatcctgca tgtacttatt gactagttta tttttgtttg     32760
     gcaaatgaag aaaggttaga gcgtgttctg tttatattga gattaaggct gcacaatata     32820
     acgtttcagc ctcgatatta caatgtgtga atccgcagta gtcacatcac aggatgacaa     32880
     gcaattttag gtgactttaa accatttggg caccagaaat gataaagttt tccactttaa     32940
     caaagattaa ttgtgtttaa ttattaatta gctctaccta catgtactga ctcttcttgt     33000
     ggaattgctg aatgactcct caattgtaat ttgctttgga caaaagcgtc tgctaaatgc     33060
     attgatttat acaatgaaga ctatagaaca ttattttaca ttgattattg aatttatgta     33120
     cctcaatact attagactcc accgataaac caaagcgctt catttcattt ctatctttgt     33180
     tctattttct attgtgttca tcttttgctt tagttttata tatatatttg tataattttg     33240
     tacattttat gctgatgcac cccagtaaac gattgtcctt atagtcctaa aattatgaat     33300
     tctttccaaa cggagtcatc ttgtaaaatt gtattcatat ctcaatataa attgcataaa     33360
     aactaattaa ttgcaatgtt gtttctccaa tatccaatat agccctaatt gaaaagatgt     33420
     ctaatcttgc acttcactga tgtgtttgtg tagcagaggc cagccagtga agtgctgtgc     33480
     aggtaaacct cactcctgac ctctaacggt gctgtagctg cagacactag aggtccttgt     33540
     tggagcaacc gactcccatg caaagagctg ccggttcgat caacttagag cgggttggct     33600
     agtgtaggac cgttggggtt acatttggct ataaaagtgc gtccttgggt gcttcttgaa     33660
     aacatttttt caacacagaa tgtgttatta atactgaaaa tgattaatat ttttgcaaat     33720
     tatattttca gttggttctt tagcgattgc tgcacgtttt agtttttgga tttttaaaaa     33780
     taattaatct tggctccagt aacaggtacg ttattaaaac atctgcattc taaagagaga     33840
     aaaaaggagg tcacagaggt ttggaacaag gtaagaatga gtaaatgatt acacaatttt     33900
     actttttggt caaattttcc cttttagagg acagcaatct ggcaaaaaaa tactgtaaat     33960
     gtcatctgtt ataggtgact ctggaccaca aaaccagtca tacgtgtaat gattaatttg     34020
     tatgaaataa ggtttgtaca tcatctcaaa tcagctttcc attgatgtgg gatttgttag     34080
     gatagcacaa tattagatga tctggaatct gagagatgct ctgtgaaggg ctaaaatcca     34140
     agcttgattg aggctagtgg gccgagggta aatatagttg ccattggtaa tttcctaatt     34200
     tactatttaa tgataatatt ttaaaatatc tttatattaa ctaatagagg atattttata     34260
     ttacattttg taatgaacat tataactcat ctgtaacaga atggagttac agtagttttt     34320
     gccttgattt gctcgctgat gtcttcatag tcctctatcc atcgagtgac agtatttaca     34380
     ttttaaaaac ccagattcat ttacaacatt tcatttcagt ttgcttttta gtagcccaga     34440
     aataaacaaa taaaaaattt ggctatgtca aaatagaaat gacaatctct gttaaagtca     34500
     ttctcgctct tctcagatgg atagtgggcc aaatcaaagg ttacaaaggg ccaactttgg     34560
     cctgcaggcc tcactttgag gatctctggt ctaaatgaag cacttagaaa tccagattaa     34620
     taaaaaactg ttttgatata cttacagtag gaaatagaca aaatctcttc atggaaaaca     34680
     agtccattac ttaatactcc aatctttttg ggcatcaaag gaaaacgttg acgcattgta     34740
     tatttggcta tttccaacac aagtctggtt ttgtggtcca gggttgcgta tgtaatacat     34800
     cattgcagca ggcgtacaaa aagtcagctg tggtaaatat ttgcataaag aacactgaaa     34860
     atgtactttt ctgaatgaac acacccgcac aaaaacacac acacacacat cattgaccgt     34920
     gcttgaccaa atgattagtt acaccgcctt cctcctcaga tgctggaact gctgaatgaa     34980
     tacattctat aaaaggcatt tgatctctat gatttagctt gcgaataatt gtgctacctt     35040
     gatactagtt taaaaacgtc gcagatactg gaggcatatc attaaagaca ttcagtgtgt     35100
     aaatataata cgctttcatt ggagatttaa aaccccaaca tgctgctgct gttgcgttaa     35160
     aataagtgtt gaaaatgtgg ctcgtgaatg aacaaatgct aaaacgtgta caatactttt     35220
     ggccctcagg ctatttaagc tggttgcatg ttgaaatgga gtaaaccccg tgtcacgtct     35280
     tcattcagga cactgaaagg cacaggatcc agatcagtga gctaaaagga atgaggaagg     35340
     ctatagcgag gcagcttctc ccttatactg atgaatgatg agcctccagg cttgttgtgt     35400
     ccaagttagc caggtgttct ccacacatgt gcagcagttc tggagaatgt gagttaggta     35460
     aggctggcat tagaactgct tgtgttactg tttcttttct ggccgctcaa cacgatactg     35520
     ggcacctgaa ggcccgtctg caccgagaaa ctcccattcc acacctacag ggggcgaaag     35580
     agagcctgtg agttagttca ccaataaaaa tgaacattct gttattaatt attaaccctc     35640
     atgaccttcc aatcccctga tacatttgtt catcttcaga acataactga agacatttta     35700
     gatgaaatcc aagagtgctc tcaccctcta tatatcgcaa caatcttttt tttttttttt     35760
     tttttaattg aaaatacaaa attcaaatac aacaaaatgg gattcaactt tacaacttgt     35820
     atgtcacact tgtgtgctca acacaataat atacaaagat acaaatgtaa tatacaaaaa     35880
     acattcaagc taaaataaat ccaagagtga aaggaaaaca cacaaaaaaa ataaataaat     35940
     aaaaaataag tacaaaatag atatcatcta tggcaagtta tatactgcaa ataaattgaa     36000
     cctttttaag gcaatttttg ttttcatttt agccagggca tctgaaaata ttttaaattc     36060
     ttttataaat acaatgagta atggaggtgt tttgaattat ctacatttat gaataaaata     36120
     tttggctaac acaattatca tatttatcaa atcgtgcaaa gcagagcaat ctttagtaat     36180
     tccatatagc acatcttgta atgtaaaagt caaccttcag catccacatt ttttatcttc     36240
     aaccagtctt gtactttaaa tcgcaacgat cacaagacgt tcaacattca atgtgacatc     36300
     agtgattcaa ctgtaatcat acgaagctcc aagaacactt ctgtgtgcca aaaatcctgt     36360
     aaaaatgaca atgtctgcca atttgggtaa atttggattt gggtgcgcat ttactagggg     36420
     taatacttgt gtgttctgca gctattacac agatgaatct atctctgtct attctatcta     36480
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatctatcta     36540
     tctatctatc tatctatcta tctatctatc tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     36600
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatttactag aacttctatg ctaagctgct     36660
     ttgacacaat ctacaatgta aaagcgctct acaaataaag atgaactgaa ttgaattgag     36720
     cctatatata gagacttttt acttttcatc tgcaccaaga gccagagcaa cttcctccta     36780
     agcggtttcc ttaacctaca aatttttata tcatgtagat catactgtat gctgtatgct     36840
     tctcaagctc atgagaagag tcattcatta ttgtcttttt aggggcactc ggaagacaat     36900
     cacctttaat accatgtgat ttttatttta tttttttgat tgtcagcacg atatatatag     36960
     taacaataat atttaaacaa atatagatgt aatgatattg tatctataat caattatgta     37020
     tttatacata atcaaattag tgtgcaactt aagcaaaacc gacaaaataa actgttttaa     37080
     atttagtttt cgtagtattt attgagtata ctgtatttgt actacattgt cattttttat     37140
     cgtaatctta aaaatcagtg gatattatca atgcatttat tgggtataat ttcaaccttt     37200
     tactgtcatt caatgtgttt ttggtcatga tcaatgcatt gtctctttaa ttgagcgtaa     37260
     gcagcactgc aaaaatagac ctgatggtgg cactgatcag ggcttaacaa taaggacagc     37320
     ccgatgggcc gggtgctcag ggcagaatca ttattggtcc gatcaggcca gtgctgcctt     37380
     gtcactaaat ttttatttgc cagcgactat ttgtcaattg catgaaagta gtcttagaat     37440
     tgagaaacag tttgttttta agtctttgag cgctaccttc tcagtgaagt cgtaaataac     37500
     atatttcttt tcggttcctc ttatctgatt ggatgttgtg agcatgttat tttttttttg     37560
     taacctggta aaatccagta cagcgaagag gcggcaacat caaattatga ggctaaaaga     37620
     aaacatctgt ttctaacgtc ttggaaatga caattagatg ggtacaacat gaagtaaaat     37680
     gaagtgatgt tttgcatagt ttgcattcat tttccatatt acaatatttt actgctaatt     37740
     attttgaaat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat atatatatat     37800
     atatatatat atatatatat atatatttaa attctagatt cacagacatt atttttgaca     37860
     catgatttaa aatatgtggc aaagaaatag ctattaactt ttttattttt tatttttttt     37920
     attttttttg ctgaggtcag tgaaaatttt ggtagggcaa gtaaaaatct gaacaactga     37980
     tccaatcagg cccaggcatg ggacgataac tgtttttaag atattccaca gtttggaaaa     38040
     gtctatgttt taaaaccgca aaaatgttct gcactctcag aaaaaaaggt agatggtggt     38100
     acaagtaagg tccctaagga ggagttttgt acctttataa aagttgtacc ttatatggta     38160
     cagaaaagac ctcttatgat actgttctgt accttttatg gtacaattga aggtacacaa     38220
     ttgttctcat aaaaaaggta caaaagtttc aacttagcga caacttcttc attacaatat     38280
     ctataaaaat aaatataact tttgattcat gttgaagttg ttttcattct ttattgtgaa     38340
     tggaaaagct gcatttacac aaaaacaaaa taaaaaaaac actatttata aatgtatttg     38400
     atgttttata tttaatgaaa ataaattgac gtattttgga taaagcaaaa ttcctttaaa     38460
     tagttcttga aggaacacat ttgtactcct aatgtacaaa gtgtccttcg ctgtatagtg     38520
     gtaccttcat ggatcagatt tgtacctttg atgaaggtac aatattgtat ctgcaggttt     38580
     taaaaaccaa aggtacattt agtttcccat gttacaaatc atgaccttaa aggtacaaac     38640
     tgctatggta caaatttgtt tctgtcttaa agtacaattc tgttccataa aaaggtgctg     38700
     ccccagtctc aagtgtttgt accttctttg gcacaacatt atactacttt atctgagagt     38760
     gtaccgtttc taaggtacag gatgagtaac aatttttaat ttatgttttt tctttgtttt     38820
     tgttttttag gacaacagta tctccagtac aaaagatatc caaagatgct atttcattca     38880
     aaaaaatctg tgtttttgaa gcaaatattt agcctgacaa gttatcattc ccaaatattc     38940
     taaatatttt tcaaaataaa atattttgtg ctcaaaagtg aaaaaagtag ttgttttcta     39000
     cccagacatt taaaaagatc atttttagag cagttaccac aataccatga aacagtgaca     39060
     tttttattca aggttatcat accgtcagaa acttttacca gcccatgcct aatcaggcca     39120
     gtaaaaaaaa atccttagcg ttgaaccctg ctgacgcttt aacgctactc actgaggcgc     39180
     agcttgggcg tgcgatatga aagcagtaat ctgttaacat ttgcactgaa aaaaaaaaaa     39240
     catgcgctgc taacacattt ttcttgctca tgtggtgtga aagaggcata atggcaatac     39300
     atcatactgc tattagtaaa cagacaatca tgacctgtta ctgacgagaa cacatttaaa     39360
     acatgctgtt cttaccgttt gtttcctttt ttggcacaca aaagtgttct tggagcttca     39420
     tatgaatata tttaaaccac atggaatgtt ttgacaatgt tttggtttct gggctttgaa     39480
     catcacaaga ccattgctct ctaagcatga taggaaagtt tatgaatttc ttttcaaaat     39540
     ataacagaat ttacattttt gggtgaatta acccttttta aatcaacaaa aacaatggac     39600
     tggtgtgaca gtttctactg aaatcagggc tgtttttgga agtttcaaag tacttgctgt     39660
     aacatatttc actaccgctt gtaaaataaa aataattttg tcattagtat aataaagcct     39720
     tcatacgttt ctgtagaaag atttccagga catgcaatag gaacaagtca tgatggtcga     39780
     ctagccaagc atggtagatt ctgtgctcct ctatcttata cctaaatctc ttgatagtaa     39840
     atcacaaaat gtaacttccc tcattcactc atgaatgtgt tttagtttaa tactgtttac     39900
     atttaaacat gttacaatac agcaccgtta cagactggga gaagttgtat cttcaaaatc     39960
     actgtgttga gagcactgca cttacatctt gtacatgcag tcaaacatgt tgtgacatct     40020
     ttatgatggt atgtcaagtt atatttagac ttctgcattc ttttccagtc tattgcactc     40080
     aatctagatg ttttgcaggc aagaatgaaa cctgtaaaag actctctgag tcacttctta     40140
     ttatacacaa caagctaagt tatcttcatt cattcatctt ttttttggtt tagtcccttt     40200
     attaatcaag ggttgtcaca gcagaataaa ccgccaactt atccagcata tgttttacgc     40260
     agcggatgcc cttctagctg caacacatca ctgggaaaca ttaatacaca ttcattcaca     40320
     cacatacact gacaaattag cttacccaat tcacctgtac cgcatgtctt tggattgtgg     40380
     gggaaaccgg agcacccgga ggaaacccac acgaatacgg ggagaacatg caaactccac     40440
     acatgtgtgc tttaggtata aagtgcaaaa ttgactgaat cacatcttac cataaaggct     40500
     ggtataacag gctgctggaa cttggttcta aaggtatgaa ggagagtttt atttctggag     40560
     ttgtagaaag acaatgtgcc tgaaaagaat caaaaggaaa aaaatctttt aacaacttta     40620
     aagagcataa atcaatctgt aatctatata aacaaatgat gaatatatgt gaaaatgatg     40680
     gtgataattt tatcggtcca tatactgttt aaagacagta aatggggtat atgccgaagc     40740
     atgctaatag gacttttaat ttgccagtaa cctggtttaa gcgcttccgg cgaattgaat     40800
     gccaatgcaa aatccggtgc gtttaaggtc tgttttcttt aaaaatcagc gatctccact     40860
     agctgagtga tatccgattt aaagtgggtc tcagattgta caagaagcac tgcgttacat     40920
     tacatttccc ccgccatatc tttataatat gagcatttat tttaccccag tatattcaat     40980
     ggagcttctg cgttagcctg ccgattctga cgggcgcgtg cgagtaaaca gctttttgtc     41040
     tcgttttacg cttgagaaac caaataaatg ctaaagttta tttaactgaa tgtattttaa     41100
     tgacattaca acatcgatgc tgtataggga accgtataaa atggaaaaaa gttcacaata     41160
     ccaggtcacc gcaagtgtat cagcatggga acagcactag ctcggcatat accctattac     41220
     acatgctcca gttaataatg tttttaaact atatttgaag agttctaaga aatgttcttc     41280
     taagatttct gtttttcctc aaccttccat gtttatgttc agtcatttta ctttaaatgc     41340
     aatgaaaata acctattatt tgcataaata gtaacatttc tgaaatgaca acaacctgag     41400
     aaaactgctc atttcagatg aaagtttcag acggcacttt gcatctaaac tattgttaat     41460
     atttttgcac tcaaactgtt tatgtgctaa attagaaatc aattaaaatg aattaatgta     41520
     taaaaaatta cttgaaatga atttattgac aattagtcct gtaaaataag tagtattttt     41580
     atattgattt attttcatag cggaataaac tcctgcttac aacatacaga tatatatttt     41640
     tttaatccaa ataaagtcaa catattggtc aacctcagac tatctgacac catcacctag     41700
     ccagttctga aacagtagac atctagttac acaggcagca gctgaactga ccctcttcat     41760
     agttgcagta gatgccgatg cggtcaggaa tggagcagtc cagtgttctg gctttattat     41820
     tgtgcttggc tgtgaggctc tgctgaagcc agttgttcag atggatgcac caggacgcgt     41880
     tgctcttccc gagctgatca aaacgaccca gagacctcaa ggccactcct gctgcaaacg     41940
     ccttgctctc cttatcaaag cgcacctccc aataatgctg gcccgcgtcg atcatggtgt     42000
     ctcctgcaca gacagacaaa ttgtggcgtt ttttgaataa acttatagtt ttgattgtta     42060
     tatacatttg tgtcgactga cccaggacgg tgtaggactc tgctgtgaag cgatctcggc     42120
     ccactctagc agacggcgct cttttaggag acatcatggc tgtcctgaga gagaaaaact     42180
     attaggagat gcaggacagt ttatttgtga aatgcacata ttctatttca gattctccga     42240
     aaagtcaaac tatttatttt catatactgt attccaggac ctttctaaga acgggacaca     42300
     gagccaaata taataaagtc agagtttgtt ttttttgcca cctcactttg tgtcttatta     42360
     tacccattag tgttgaataa attactttaa aagactaatt aactactaat tacatcatta     42420
     aaatttaatt tcaattactt ttctaattac tttgtctgaa aagtaacttt aatagatcat     42480
     ttaattgctt gactgaatac tacttttaat ctttataaaa ctttcaaacg caagaattta     42540
     actaagggcc tgagaatcct tgtagcaact ttgtgtgatg tttcaagaaa gcaaccattc     42600
     atttgtgttt ttttttttca tttgtttata ttcatttatt cttcatttag ttattttatt     42660
     taatcatatg atcattagtc atttatataa ttatcatcat atcagacaca ggaaaagttt     42720
     ctttcctcag gccatctacc ttataaacag tcaaatattt ccctactgtg caataaacat     42780
     gcaatacttt ctcatacgca cttgtacaca gcaccttata acaatacaca atgcaatact     42840
     ttctctattc gcatttgtac acagcaccgt ataagctgta tatttataac aaatctgtac     42900
     atacagtaca attcagcatc cagatttttt actagctgca tctctgttta atgtttatca     42960
     tctttttttt catatttatt ttgtgttgtc acttgtcact ttatgtacac gaagcttctg     43020
     taaccaaaac cagttccttg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtgtgtg tgtgtaaagc acactaatca     43080
     ttttattgat cattagttta ttatatacaa gattattatt tttcattttt tatgttttta     43140
     attttattac tatgattttc ctataattat tgctttattt ttagttcatt tttccatatt     43200
     gttatgatct tatgactgtg gatttaagcg acacttgttt tcatgagaac gagataagag     43260
     aatgtctccg tttcaagatc tgtatggtct ctggacaacg ttgtgaagca gtaactttct     43320
     attgctattg cttacattgt ttacattgac gttgtatttt gcactttctg tagtttgcac     43380
     tgtctgtatt ttgctctgtc gttgtatttg cactatttgt attttgtgct gtctggagtc     43440
     agcacttaag cttttcactc atcatagcac acgtgctgct gatgatgtga caataaaagt     43500
     gatttgattt gattcgtggt ctcctgcttc tgatcatctc tggttttctc agtcaactcc     43560
     tatattgatt tggctctgtt aattcagttg aatactggta aatgggtttg ggtattggaa     43620
     actgctgact tgttgtccag ataccagaaa aaactgacat tttcagacaa gatctggcgt     43680
     ccgatgtgat ctgacagaca acagaaatta aactcttaat ttgagtcaaa ccaggatcag     43740
     accagctttt ttcacactta aaaatgttaa acatcactgt aaaaaaaatc cgtaatttta     43800
     tggtttattc ccggcagctg gggtgccaga aaaaaaacgt aaaataacgg ccgttaaatt     43860
     acagacattt accgtaaaat aacagaaatt tatctgaaat tttaatttaa ggaaatttct     43920
     gtaattgaat gtccgttatt ttacagtaaa tttctttaat ttaacggccg ttatttaaaa     43980
     aaaaaaattt ggcacctcag ctgccaggaa taaactgtaa aattacggat tttttttttt     44040
     tacagtgtat gtattaaaac aaagacaaaa aatctaatta attaaccata tttcacatac     44100
     tctactgaca aatttcttac caatttcatt gtttcttaat catactattt ttgaaaccaa     44160
     tctaaccttt tttagatcta aaaaatctga ttattgtgca aactatctga ataggaaatg     44220
     tactgtatac atacacaagc acatacacaa ttactctgct tctctcaatt tatagcgtat     44280
     atctttatga attcctttct cacaattcat cgtttaagca tcttcatcca tcttgacaaa     44340
     tgctgaatta ataatcaatt taatatcaaa tgttaaataa tttagtttaa ttatataaaa     44400
     acatatttga ataataaaaa atacaattat tctttttaga tgggctttct gaactgattt     44460
     atatacaagc gttgaaatta tttacagtat ctaaggcaag tttattataa gtaactattt     44520
     aaatgaccta aatatgaaaa gtaattcctt acttgacttt ttcagctttt tttgttctaa     44580
     ataatctagt ctaattatag aatataatta taaaatagtc taatagtaat cttatctctc     44640
     tctaaaagta attacagtaa ctagttagta tcaacactga tatctatgaa catcaaataa     44700
     agggatccct aatcattttt agaagtataa ttgttataaa gactgtatcg aataaaaaac     44760
     ggaataaaag atcaaattta atcaaactaa cagtgcatgt gaatcagaat gaaatagagt     44820
     cgggacatgt gattcgatac agagccctga gccccttgtg taaactagac acactgaccg     44880
     tctgttttct gtctactgtc acagcgatga gaagcaaaga tcaaacagat gtgtctcaaa     44940
     cggcagcagc tgttcagtag cagtgctgtc ataagatctg taggtgtgtg tgtgtgtgaa     45000
     tctgacctgg caggagaatg cataggagag ttggtcctgt tcttctcctt acggatgtcc     45060
     tgaacagcaa ccttcccacc actgctgtcc cattctacac tgaggtcctc taccttcagg     45120
     ttctgatggg acgaacttgc gtccagctta aagacgaatg ctggaagatc agggtaagag     45180
     gttaacgtat gtttagtttt cagagtaatt caacattttc aacacttcca aagttatact     45240
     cttatgtatc acaatctggg aggaaaatct gactttttcc tatagaaatt gtgattgcaa     45300
     taaaaaatgt catttaccag aaaatattca ggtttgtgtg tatttatata cagttgaagt     45360
     cagaaatatt agccctcctg tgaattaaat atttgtcaaa tgatgtttaa cagagcaagg     45420
     aattttttca cagtttttcc tataatattt tttcttctgg agaaagtctt atttgtttta     45480
     ttttgcctag atgaaagcag gtttgaattt tttttaacac tatttttatt atagcaatat     45540
     tttttttcga ttgtctacag aacaaagcac tgttatacaa tgacttgcct aatttccata     45600
     acttgcctaa ttaacctagt taagctttta aatgtcactt taagctgaat cttgaaaaat     45660
     atctagcaaa atatgattta atgtcatcat ggcaaagata aatctgttat tagaaactag     45720
     ttattaacac tattatgttt agaaatgtgt tgttaaatag aaattatgga aaaaaataaa     45780
     ccagggactg ataattaaat ttagactgca aacatattga ttttcacctt ttgaaccatt     45840
     tgtctttata tttcttttac atttttattt agatttttta tgtattttgt tccgtagttt     45900
     tgtagtggaa atttttttta gaccaaactg tatatagcta aataatatgg cagaaaaata     45960
     tcacaataac agtatatgca gtatctgtgt ttcagagagg tatggtaaat tacatttatt     46020
     ttataaacta actatttgtg tgttgcatag gttatttatc caaatcagat caggccttag     46080
     tatgtatatt tccaactccc cagtaggtgc tgttattcaa ttagctagac tgaatccaaa     46140
     tgtgaaccta gtgcctcaga cagacagttg agcataaata ctaatggctg gagtagtcag     46200
     tgtttttaag tccaaacatt tataccttga catagttttt tttttttttt ttttaattaa     46260
     ataagatttt attagataaa tattttatct attttcacag tattttgcag accctataat     46320
     aataataata ataataacaa caaaaacaat tattattatt aataataaga atttttgtta     46380
     aatttgcttt gttaacatta acttacatat gtttaaaaca gctttagagc acagagttac     46440
     tggcacatta ttgttctttt agcgttaatt acactaaaaa tacattaaat tgacaaccat     46500
     aaatagtatt tcacaaaagg gcagacgtgc tacatctgtg ccctttgaat cagctttagt     46560
     ttagtagggc tagtgctttg caactcgtgt aagactcttt ttttctatgt gagaagaaac     46620
     ctcatgcctc attaccctct gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt gtgtgtgtgt     46680
     gtgcgcaaac attaagctac caaccatgtg tttctagagt aaccggctct gagaattcac     46740
     ccgccactgc tttattacat gccttcactc taaaggtcat gtagcgcgtg tcaaaacgaa     46800
     cgcctggaaa aacaaatgac atcatgatta ttacatcttc atttaaacta tcggatccag     46860
     aacatgcgtc agcatttact gtacctgtga gtgtgtactc agtttcttta attccctcca     46920
     ccaccatcca gggatagtcc tcacgagccc gcggtggacc ctcatgattg gttttccgat     46980
     gctccaggat gtagtggtcg attttggagt cgggttccgg taaggtccac accactgtca     47040
     ctgtgttatc aaacacctgg caatcggcaa catgaatttc gggagtggct ggcactgaag     47100
     gtgaacaaca cagagatctg atatcataga gcttcacaca tactaaccag aacttttttt     47160
     ttttactttt tccgtatgag tggccaaaaa ccaaatatca ttgagagccg tgggccaagg     47220
     gtaaatatgg caaactattt tacattaaaa ttgccatggg taatttccta atttatttca     47280
     taatattaaa aaaagaaaat attgtgttaa attgtattat ctaatgcagt atcactttta     47340
     aaataatgct gaatacacag gtgagccgaa tctgccactg acttgctcac caaagtcttt     47400
     gtcaggtgac agtatttaat caaaatctgg gtaatttaca ccatttcatt gcaacattta     47460
     atttcagtga gcttttaaca ataaaatata tacagggtta cattttaaat ttaaattgac     47520
     aatctctaaa ccatccccat cattctctct ctcttctcag atgggatgac gggccctagt     47580
     ttgggcatct ctggtctaaa acatgggcaa ttctgaaagt atttatgttt aaaatgtaaa     47640
     caataactat tcaatgacat ttgtcaatac atgacacatt ggttatgcaa attattacac     47700
     agtatagcaa aagaacaaat taaaagacta tgtgaattag ttattttgaa ttcggacaaa     47760
     aaaaaaaaat tatatctaat atatatatat attagaataa atgttatcag gcttttatat     47820
     ataaaacaaa tattaacatt ttgagctata aaggtatgtt aacactacaa aagttttttc     47880
     atagtaaaga tttcatttat aattgtaaac atatccttca aaataatgac ttgaaataac     47940
     attagactat tattttgtta ctaggattag gaattacttc tgttatggtt tattgaaaac     48000
     acacagagct ctatttaacg atctaggtgc aaggttaaag cacggtgtga aaacatgaag     48060
     ggcatgtccg aatccacttt cgctatttta aggatggaaa aatacgctct gcaccctggc     48120
     gcatgatcta acagggttgt gcttattctt ttaatgagtt atgagtgtgt tttaagcata     48180
     acaagcatta aaccaatcag agtgtcatct ctcattccct ttaagagtca gttgcgtcgc     48240
     gccatagcac atttgctatt tagatggcgg actttgtaag tggaaaaact gaatcttcaa     48300
     aaaaaactga gtctccaaaa accaacaggt agaaatatct taacttggtt ttaataaaac     48360
     aaattaaaat atgcatataa taaataatac tgctaataat aataacatta tacaaatgct     48420
     aattgtcttg aataacccca aacacccccc cacccccaca ccccacccac ccccacacac     48480
     acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac acacacacac aaataggtaa     48540
     agatatttgt gtgttgctgt acatcctgtg tgtattaagc aatgtgttta aacctgcata     48600
     tgtgcataac taacgtgctc gggcgaagta gcgcaaatgg atttgctatt taaacaatgt     48660
     ggcgcaaagg tgaaaattac agttgcattg gtctgaaaat agcaacaaat cgcacaaaac     48720
     aagtcttgta ctttattgcg ccgggcgtat gatagggcca acagtgtgtt ttcatgcaca     48780
     caaaaaaaaa cctgttcaac caatttccag gaaaattggt cagcatttac agtatgtgca     48840
     atttggaaag tactagttaa aactgttaca ccatctgaca ctcaatagat tgctatgacg     48900
     ccagtaaaac catgtacatg caaagtaggt gggaaatcta ggtgtgtgtc tactaggctt     48960
     tacttgaatt gtttatggca tttcctcatt gattcgacac cgacctggaa gaaacgtgat     49020
     ggactgaagc aggtttcttt cgtgagtgaa gtccaccatc atgtgattca tactgtcact     49080
     ggcctttgct ttcagggaca gacgaaacgc tggagccata gtcacactgc agacacacag     49140
     acccacagta aacactcagc gtcagtctac aaacacaatt aagcccatgt gatggaatga     49200
     atgggaatgt gggaatgaca cgaaaatgtc acaataaatc actccatgca tttgtacaca     49260
     cacttaacat acacaccctg ggggggtcag acgaaataaa cagagagtaa aacaactaat     49320
     ttactaagga aaatgactag tactttgcta aaataataat aaataaaagt ttgggattag     49380
     aatttagttt aatcattaga atttaaaatt aatgattatc attattatta ttttaaagaa     49440
     gtgtctcctc ctcaccaagg cgatatttac ttgatccaaa agaacctaaa tataacattt     49500
     tttggacatt ttttttccaa aaatgtacta tttcaaatat ttttcaattg tcatgtgttt     49560
     tctaatgtga tttatttctg tgattcagag actcatttaa tccagccttc agtgtcacat     49620
     gatccttcag aaaatcatta tgatacacta cctgacaaaa gacttgtcac ctatccaagt     49680
     tttagtaaca acaaataata acttgacttc tagttgatca attggtatca gaaatggctt     49740
     atatgaaaag caaaggcctc tagatcatgc ttatgttacc caaataaaat atgatcatgc     49800
     cttgattttt tattatttat ttaggacagt aaggtctgac tttgcttaaa aaaaagtctt     49860
     gtcacttaac agaaacaatg tacagtatat ataatataaa gtcatagtgc agtggaaaaa     49920
     gatgtttcct tcattaaact taactgattt ctatgagaat ctttggtcta attgggttcc     49980
     aataggtctt ctacagtatt tgtgatgatt gggacgcagt tcaacagatg attcatcaga     50040
     aaaatctgcc actttttcca aaattctgcc actttttcca aatggtcaac taaaaatcaa     50100
     gttactattt gttactctta caactggttt acaactgact tttatcaggt agtgtatgtt     50160
     gatttgctat ggtattatga ttaagttaaa tgttaaaaac ttttttttcc tgcttgatag     50220
     ttttgttaaa gcggtgataa atttggcgtc ttttgattct ttgatgaaaa gaatgttaaa     50280
     aaaatgcatt tatttgttat attgctgttt ccacaaaaat atgaagcagc ctaacagctg     50340
     tttacactga taatgataat aataaatgtt tcttgagcag cagaccatca tattagaatg     50400
     atttctgaag gatcaagtgg tactctttaa atcacaggaa tatattttat attgcattca     50460
     acacagttat tttaaatggt aaaaatattt ccaaattgta cattttctaa ctatattttt     50520
     aattaaataa aaagaataaa acatcttact gatcccaaac ttttgaaaag taatgtatat     50580
     taaatgagta aaagatcaaa aatgaatgga tgttcagggg aggagtgttt ctacactgag     50640
     ctcaatcaaa gctgtacagt acctatcctt tatgtctttg gccgcctgca gcagaaaggg     50700
     aaaagaagaa gagagagata gggagcgaca gaactgagtc ttattgaatc acaacaaaac     50760
     acaatacatc agtcacacca gcacgagtgt tagcgggaaa aacaagtgtc ggacacaatg     50820
     ggccactttg ttagagctgc aatagcagtg ccaaaaagtt aaaagcacac cggcaaataa     50880
     tcatcatcaa tggtttaaca tagtaaatgt ttggtcaaat atactaacag ctttttgtaa     50940
     aatataaaaa ggtaactggt gggtagtacc tgagtgaagc tgtcattctc tgatgagcag     51000
     agcgtctgat tggcaaattc cagcagttct tctgagctct ccagggcttt ggtgcaggcg     51060
     cccaactggc tctgaatgaa tcattacaat aatcacaata ttactagtca gttacatgtt     51120
     ttattatgat ttttcccact aattcaggta ttgagtatat caacttttta tcagtttact     51180
     agtagtataa taaatgttgt agtagtgttc ttgtattttg catactgcag tgctgagggt     51240
     tcacctttgc aactatagtg actttttttt tttgcatttg atttgaatac ttttgctccc     51300
     tgtttgtttg cttgttctag taattgctat gtgttctaaa agcataactt tatgtaaaga     51360
     atttgacaag aatataaatg cacattactg gaaaaaagtt tgaaggcagt aggatttttt     51420
     aaataaacta ctgattgcta agcagagatt tatgagcagc aaatcaacat attttttatt     51480
     atttctgaag gatcatgtga cagcttttcc atcacttttt gttttaaata aacttaaaaa     51540
     gctgttttaa aatagaatag atttcacaat attacagatt tttttttcaa atgaatccag     51600
     ccataataat tatatcaaaa ccttataaaa attgattgac acaaattttg gttgtgaatg     51660
     atcaaccata ccattttaaa aaatcagata tgacaaaatt atttcttata acaatttata     51720
     acttacataa tatatagaaa ttgtggagga caatataata cagtgtaaaa ctaactttat     51780
     taaagaataa ctcgcatata agtaggccca catggaatct gcgcacgcag acttcctcag     51840
     attttccgca gatttctagc ccatcataaa ttctgtttat ttacttgagt aaatgtgtgt     51900
     aaatttatac ttattcagtt ttttaattaa ttacagtaat attattgact aatatgaaaa     51960
     tgttcatttg atttatgcac agtgcagttt gtaaagtaat attttctgac ttttagtaga     52020
     tatattatgt gagacacttg ctttgtttac caaataaact gcatctaatt agatttgcaa     52080
     tttaaacatt aaataaaagt taaaagttat tactttttat tttacatatt aaggttttag     52140
     ttataacact cccaaaataa ttccgcagaa aaccgcagat ttttaccaaa attctctgca     52200
     gaaatagcaa aaaacttccg cagattctgt ctggccttgc atatgtgtca caaaataaac     52260
     taatcatgaa aaacaactag ttttcaactg taaattatat atcatagaga ttagaattag     52320
     cacaaatgga tgagtaaaac actataaata atttaaaaag atatttaact taaactttgt     52380
     gatttcaagt ttacacttca aactgaagtg ccttgaaatg atacccttgc acgaaagaac     52440
     atacagtatg tgatagaggt caaggtaggt ttaatagttt gaaatgtgtg ctgtaaaatg     52500
     ctttgttatg caatctggat tatatacaca ggcgctgtaa tccttaagga tttcttatta     52560
     tccttctctc taaacatgac acattcaagt cacgcgcaag cacttaagcc atctcattct     52620
     gccttttact gatatatctg atcattcaat ctagcatata aagtgcccct ttcatgaagt     52680
     tttgaaaatg acatttcatg cagtgtgtaa cagctcaaag tgtatgaaaa cattacgcaa     52740
     agttttaaat ctgaaagtgc accttgtata aagttattga atctcaaaag aacagtcaac     52800
     tcagagtcaa ctcttgtcat ttcaacaagt catttttaaa actcacttta tttgctctct     52860
     aaagctgtac gctgttgacc aatcaaaaca gactgggtcg tcagaccatt gactgcagat     52920
     tagcaggttt ggaaaaatat attgttgagc tactttgttt ttgagtcact gagcaaaaat     52980
     ggacaaaaaa aaaagttttt ttgcagtgat gtacagtaaa gcattttact ttactactcc     53040
     acataagtgt atattttaaa tatttgcact ttatttttat tttaagaaac tttgactatt     53100
     tattaactct attacatttc ttgactgatg cagagtaaaa atgtatgttg aaaaggagaa     53160
     attgtgacct tttcagagac gagaaagtgc tgtttaattc gtaaacaagc tgtattttat     53220
     cagttaacct gttaaatcgg tttacatact acactgaaca attagtattt gaataggact     53280
     ggtgtctgtt cagacgtcaa caaacaattc tgatgcaaat gattcattca gagtgggttt     53340
     ctggtaaacg actcactgat tcaagtgatc cattcagagt gagtctccag taaacgattc     53400
     actgatgtca caaactgatc tgaatggggt tcagcatgtg aatgtggttt cacttgaatt     53460
     gtaataaatg gctgtcagag tacgacagga atcttcacga tgctctcacc tgtagctcat     53520
     atgtgcgact ggctctttct tgcttgatcc gtgtaaccat tccctctttc aggtcatcca     53580
     ggaccgaatg cagcgaacta aactctgact ccaggtcttc ctgcactcgg tttgaattcg     53640
     cctgcacaca ccgtgaccaa gagttcaagc agcatgtcct caaacttatt gatgttttgc     53700
     gaaattaaca ctgtgcttga aacatattaa gagctgacaa agacatcttc tcacttatca     53760
     aacagtttga taactaagtg tgagtaaaga gaactggcct cctgtagtgt ttacctctag     53820
     gttctccaga ctctgcttta gagagcaaat gaaattttga atttcctcat ttttcagagc     53880
     cagtgtagtg ataatcttcc tcagtgactc ctgaaacatg aaacacaatc ttaataatca     53940
     tgaaatgcca catcataacc agaaaaaaaa caataggtta gaggatacct gatcataaaa     54000
     agggtaaaac atgtcctgtt ctgggaagca tattctaaat aaatgaagtg cttaataaat     54060
     gaagaattgt accattgttt ttttgtaacc gtttagtgta gcagaagtga ccaaagaaaa     54120
     aaaaaacaaa gttcacacat gaccatggtt ttcggtacat tcattcttcc atggcggggc     54180
     gccacaccaa atttcatccc accacggcta cattacagct tcttattaat tcaaaacatt     54240
     cattcattgt tgttgttttt aatagcgggt aagtggtaag tgaattataa cagcacaaac     54300
     ttttctgtta ccgtagtagg gctgtgcgct atttgttaac cctttagtgc tgacagactg     54360
     actgacttac tgacaggtgc gcgatgcgtg aggccagcaa acatgacgta gctttcagtt     54420
     aagatgaaca cagtttccat tactatactt aatttataga taaaggtctg tggttctgca     54480
     tacaaatact ttaacgttat cttgcttgag tagtttattg ccttttcact taataaatat     54540
     aaacataaat atttctagca aatataatat atgttggaga catactcact acataaacac     54600
     actaaatcgc acttcagcag tgtttatttg agagcgcaca agaagatctg cccttgtgca     54660
     gcgtgtttga gtgcgtgcat gaagtttagt gcacgagcag aggaaatcgg cgcgcaagca     54720
     gagattggca tgctcgtatt aacgttacat aaatgcgacc ccgacgttta ctgcgctcac     54780
     cacatttctc cttttgtcat tgaaatacgt cataggtagt tcgtagattt gtgtaaaaga     54840
     cctgccacca cagctggaaa aaaatcctag aggaaacact gcatgaccat ttatattttt     54900
     aaagttttat gaccatcata aatattgaag tcatataaat atttaataga gttaatgcat     54960
     aacatgttaa aggttttatt actgtgctac tatatatgga tcaaagagga gacctttatg     55020
     gagtccaaaa taagttatat actaaaaaaa gatagaatag gtctacttgt aataaatatg     55080
     taaaaatgtc tgctttcatg tttcattaaa ctttttgtga aaattaaatg taaaaataat     55140
     aaagaatgtc ccatcattat tcagcattac agatatatta atgtgctaaa cagcagaagg     55200
     ttacgcgggg gtgcagtggg tagcatgttc gcctcacaag aaggttgctg gttcgagcct     55260
     cggctgggtc cgtgtttgcg tgggtttcct ccgggtgctc cggtttccct cacaagtcta     55320
     aagacatgtg gtacaggtga atggggtaag ctaaaattgg ccatagtgta tgtgtgtgaa     55380
     tgattgtgag tttcccagtg atgggttgca gctggattgg cattcgctgc gtaaaaccta     55440
     tgctggagaa gttggctgtt catttcactc tagtgacccc agattaataa agggactacg     55500
     gcgaaaagaa aatgaatgaa tgaatgaata aaacagcaga aataacattc ttattctgat     55560
     ctgtacttat ttttacaaga taaaatctaa accatcagcc tgaaccgttg atacaagaca     55620
     ggattgatcc atgctttcat gttgttgaca ctaaattctt ttgaatgtcg cagcagaaat     55680
     cgagactcat cagatcaggc aacgtttttc caatctttta ttgtccaatt ttggtgagcc     55740
     tttgcaaact ttagcctcag tttcctgttc ttagcttaca acctgactct taatggcacc     55800
     tggtgtgatc ttctgctgct gtagcccatc agcctcaagg ttggatgtgc tgtttgttgt     55860
     tcagagatgc atttctgcag acgtaggttg taacaagtgg ttatttgagt tactgttgcc     55920
     tttctatcag ctggaaccag tctggccctt gtcctctgac ctctggcatc aacaaggcat     55980
     ttgcgtccac agaactgccg ctcactggat gttttctctt tttcagacag gtgtacctaa     56040
     taaagtggcc agtgagcgta attacaccaa gcaatgtttt tttcatttaa attattgtta     56100
     gactgattga cagtgcatct aattcatggt gctaatttac aatactaatt accattttct     56160
     caggaaaaat ctaattatca aaactgtatt acacctattt tctttcattc attcattttc     56220
     ttttcagctt agtcccttta ttaatctagg gttgccacag cggaatgaac cggtaactta     56280
     tacagcatat gttccaagca gcccatgccc tttcagctgc aacccatctc tgggaaacat     56340
     ccatacacac tcatttacac ccacacacta cggacaattt agcccatcca attcacctgt     56400
     accgcatgcc tttggactgt gggggaaacc agagccccca gaggaaaccc acgcgaacac     56460
     agggagaaca tgcaaactcc acacagaaat gccaactgac ccagacgagg cttgaaccag     56520
     cgaccttctt gctgtgaggc gatagcatta cctactgtgc cattgcgtca cttacaccta     56580
     ttgtgatgct caaaaagtcc ttagattcac atgtctttga tctcacagta ttaagtatgt     56640
     gatttgaaca gaatattgtt ttgcttttgt tgaacagtta gtcgctgttt tatttagaag     56700
     agtgttatat aattggaata cttgtaatat aactcaaaag atgctgtttt ttctcaataa     56760
     aaacaaacta aactttagtt ggcgatgatg aagtgcacct ttatcagttt gatgtcattc     56820
     agatgacact gacgtcatta tttccttgtc tattttgagt gctgcctcag ggcacaagta     56880
     cagacttgca aaatagattc agctgatatt tatttttaac tcattcaggg ctgaccagaa     56940
     atgacatgtt tcattgtcat gtctaccagg ccacttgcac tggattaagt gactgatgca     57000
     gagccgcaca gaagcggctt tatatccggg gcgcctccct gaagcctgac actcctaaca     57060
     ataaaggccg gttcagggtt accctgtacc aaaattcgct cttacttgtg tcttttcata     57120
     tgtgaataaa cagcaacgtt atttccttgc cttaggaatg agtccagtat ttaatattta     57180
     acatgactcg tttcacgtaa cagaactgca agaaccgggg cgtttctggc gatttaaact     57240
     agctcttggt gaccaacttg gagcaatttt cactcacacg tcacaaatct taaagatgcg     57300
     acgttgttac ttctgcactt tgttacttct acactttctt ctttataagg acacattttc     57360
     accaacacaa tgggcggagg acgtttggaa gtgaagctac aagctaacgg catttcatat     57420
     ttagtgtctc ttttagcgca gcatcttcca cctttttcat cttaaagatg tccgacatcg     57480
     tttctcttca acgatgattt cctcttacct tctggtcgtc catgctgtcc gcatgcagca     57540
     cctgtttcag agattctctg gatatttatc ccaggtcgtc cgctacggcg ctcctccgtt     57600
     ggtactgatg ttgctatgga gcattgcatc ctcaacgact cattagcggc aaatggagtt     57660
     ctgcgcaggc gcactataag aatgccgggt aatgtagttt tccttgcaat ctacaaatga     57720
     gcactctggt tttgtgtcta tttatgtcat gatccttttt gtatatgtat ataatattga     57780
     tacattttaa cgtgaccctt aactgtagca tttatttggg agatggttta atccaaagga     57840
     acctataagg aaggcatcaa gccacacatc aaaaaggagc aatattcaca tgtaaacact     57900
     catagtttca agtgtacttt gtaattgtaa cttttatagt attatttgac atatttataa     57960
     gtgtaacttc tgcaattttc tttattagat ttttttttta ctctgaacat ttatataata     58020
     cagtaataca ctaaacttat tatagctctt catgataaaa acgtcaatta tcacggaaat     58080
     atcagtcata tgcaaacaca agataaatat tcaaaaactt tacttttttt attttgagga     58140
     gagttgtgaa atcaaccatt tttgatatcc tgatttctag tacaatatca aaataagaaa     58200
     aaaacaggat gatgaacatc agacaaggac caacaattta caatgcctgt ggcacaaata     58260
     ggatgaataa ccgacatttt catcaacatt cagatatcaa tgtcaatcca tatgaatgta     58320
     taaggcaaag tataggaaca gtggttggtc atgatttttc tttcatgctt tcaccatttt     58380
     aaacacatca tccacagcat caatcatcca gtagatatca agtatatttt aaaaatgcaa     58440
     aaaaaatcta tatagttcag ctataattaa tataaggggt ataattacat gctaattaaa     58500
     attgttttag agggaataaa acatttacta tcccaaaagt gttcaagtgc aacttcccac     58560
     aaatactata gatcaccaaa ctgctgcatt aatatagttt cctctgtgta gctgtgccag     58620
     cagataagtg gcaaatctag aagatagcca gctaacacaa aatgaagata tctgatgatt     58680
     cagcatttta tgcaaaactc cattaaatca tcctggagta tcaattattt taagtgccta     58740
     aggccgctgg aacaggaaca tccactcaag cacctgtttg atctctgaat attaaaaacg     58800
     gctgaatgga aaatgaataa aagagagctc ctgtttgtgt ttcccaacca catgctcttt     58860
     catccactgt atcaagaggg atgagacaac tgtactcacc acatatacag atgaataggt     58920
     ggttcctgaa gcatggtgat aatggctgaa ctggaggagc ttcaggctgt gacagtgttc     58980
     acgtgcactg aaaaaatact ggattccaca caattcccaa cacaacacaa atcagttacg     59040
     ttaacttaat agtacttaca catttaagtg taaaacaatt aagttgtccc cctaaaaacc     59100
     tgaataattg tgttgattca gctcatttta aaatatgtag tttaaacaag cagcaaaaat     59160
     atatttttga gtgtgtgttt ggggtgatca gtagcggtat gggtcgctaa atcggaaggg     59220
     tttgatctca ttgacggtgc agaggaggtc atgcatgcgt ctcgctcttc tctcctccag     59280
     catgagcctg cgggagcgct ctcgagccaa ctgatgttcc gctcttttct ctgagcgctt     59340
     ccgtctcaac cacctgttgc gcaaaagagc aagagaaggt gcttcacgtt ggttttaagg     59400
     ataggcgctg cagatggatg gggaaaaatg cactgattgt tatcaccacg acaccaaccc     59460
     agttgacaga atgcattgaa gggatatagt tcacccaaaa atgtaaattg actaactatt     59520
     tactcatcct caggtggtta taaacctttc tgtttctttc ttctgtggaa ctcaaaagga     59580
     aatatatatt tctaagaaaa aagctggaaa cctgtaacca ttgacttcca gagagaaaaa     59640
     caaatactat gtacagtatg gaagtcaatg gttacaggct tgcagttttc ttgaaatatc     59700
     ttcttttgtg ttcaacttag aaaagaaagt caagtcagtt agaaacaagt aaagggagag     59760
     taaatgaata gtgatttttc attttttggt gagctatcct tttaagggtt gtgaacatta     59820
     cttttacaac gtgagtttga tatttaaata tgcaaatggt tcatttattt tattaaatat     59880
     gcactaattt gcatattttt caagaacaaa aatctgaaca tcggatgatg ccgcatttga     59940
     aatgttcttt tttattcatc ttagagtcaa aggcatttac agatgggatt tcggctgtct     60000
     ctttttatca aatatttatc atattcattt ctgaacactc agaaaataaa tgtatgaata     60060
     tatccctctg ttaaaaaaca gaatacaaat aggaataaaa ctgtaacgtc tagtctgtgc     60120
     aggtgctgct gaaatgtata tttgtggctc agtgcaggag acaaaactca ttttgagaaa     60180
     tcagccttta aataaatgtc ttgtatatga aatctccaga cataaatgta taaagtgtga     60240
     gaaaagaaac atttaaaagt gtattctgga tccttttgga tcacaataca ctgaaaaatt     60300
     tgtttatgaa acatcaaaaa tcagggtctc aattgctctg tatactgtat gaggtctgaa     60360
     ctcactgtct gaaggccttc tcgctctcct cccggctatg caggcaaaag ccgctgtctt     60420
     tttccagtct cttcatgtct tctagctgct tgtctttgaa ctgctgttct tgtttcttct     60480
     ggagccaaat tttaaaagcc tcctcggggt cgccacagtc cctctgccag aacaacagca     60540
     gcaattatag tgacagtctt ttaatggcat caagccagtg attataattg ataagtcaat     60600
     ggacttatga atgcgttctt aattttctaa aataactgtc tgcttaaaca ccaaatcagc     60660
     atattagaat gatttctatt ggatcatgtg acactgaaaa ctggagtatt gagtctgaaa     60720
     ttttagcttt tagaatttga ttttaaaata tattaaattg gaaacatttg ttttaaattg     60780
     taatataatt aatctttaac tctttgatcg aataaatgca gactaacgat aaaaaaaact     60840
     attttacaaa atccaaatga ttgtaaatct attaaaatta aacattttta aattattaag     60900
     ccattatatg gaaaacaatt agctttaata tgaactatgt cggagtttgc atgttctccc     60960
     tgccttcgcg tgggtttcct ccaggtgctc cggtttcccc cacagtccaa agacatgcag     61020
     cacaggtgaa ttgggtatgg taagttgtcc gtagtgtatg agtgtgtgtg tgaatgtgtg     61080
     tgtggatgtt tcccagagat gggttgcggt tggaagggca tccgctgcgt aaaaatttgc     61140
     tggataagtt ggcggttcat tccgctgtgg caaccccaga ttaataaagg gactaagccg     61200
     acaagaaaat gaatgaatga atgaactatg tctatatact gtctatcttg tccctaatta     61260
     taattaaatc aaacaaatca gaaagaattt aaaaataatg aaagtatgaa gcttttatat     61320
     tttagactga tgatttaatt tggctgttct tgacaactaa atgattacaa actccagtta     61380
     aacatctatt ctaatggata cagggctcct cctagtggac ataccctgca gctcatcctc     61440
     tccatttcct gggctttgtg aactctcctc tcctccagca gctgctccct cttcctcatg     61500
     agccacgact ggaaggcgat ctcattctcc tgacgcttct gctcctcctc ttcccttttc     61560
     ttcatctcat ccttaaaaag aaaaccaaaa gatgcaggga aaaattcaga aaatctaatg     61620
     ttaatcctca ggccaaaatg taaatcaact ttagagaaga gttttaactt aaactgaggt     61680
     cctctctgat tcatgaaatg caaatcaatg gatattgcca ctttgaaagt ctatataggt     61740
     ttgaacatat acagctaaaa taaaatgaat acctgtccct cctgaaaata cagtatgact     61800
     attattagct tcctgtcaca taataatgta tgtgcgcgaa cacttatgaa ctgatgttgt     61860
     gtgtttacag aggagaggga ggacgtgtgt gttgtaatgt acaataaaat gtcttaaatt     61920
     tgttaatttg acgattaaaa agtcttaaat ggttaaacac gaagatattc taaagaatgt     61980
     tgaaaaaaga gccatttaca tccacagtag aaacaaaaca ttttatagaa ttcagtagct     62040
     gttttctcaa aattcttcaa aatatcttcg tgtttaacca tttaagactt tttaatcgtc     62100
     aaattaacca atttaagact tttaaagacc ttttaaggtt gccacaaaaa attcttatgt     62160
     aattatttct tagcaacatg ttttaatgtg tcaaaacaag aaaattgtag ttgtacagta     62220
     tacactattt tcaacataat atttcttttt ttaaatgaca cctttagcat taaaagtaaa     62280
     tttattgtag aggcatttac ataaataatc aaaagtatat acagttgaag tcagaatttt     62340
     tagccccctg aattattaga ccccgtttat ttttttcccc aatttctgtt taacagagag     62400
     aagatttttc tcaacacatt tctaaactta atagttttaa taactcattt ctaataactg     62460
     atttatttta tctttgtcat gatgacagta aataacattt gactagatat ttttcgagtg     62520
     acatttaaag ccttaaccag cttaattagg ctaactatgt aggttagggt aattatgcaa     62580
     gttattgttc aatgatggtt tgttctgtag cctatcaaaa aaatagcata aaggggctaa     62640
     taattttgtc cttaaaatag tgtttaaaaa attaaaaact gcttttattc aagtcgaaat     62700
     aaaacaaata agactttctc cagaataaaa aatattatca gacatactgt aataattcat     62760
     tgctctttta aacatcatat atataaaaaa gaaaatcaaa gaggggctaa taattctgac     62820
     ttcaactgta tttgttggtt tttagtccaa attgattgag tgtaacttct attcaaccta     62880
     atgcattttt gttattatta ggaggaactg tgtaattgtt tttagttttc tctccctgat     62940
     tttattaaga tgtattgtga tgctggtgat tggatggatg tcggaccaag ttttacttgg     63000
     acaaaggaaa atttaagaca tacaacaaaa tattttaatg aatttaagat ttttaaggcc     63060
     taaaattttt ttttctgaaa tttaagacac tttaagactt tttaagaccc tgttaacaga     63120
     agaaatagtt aacgatgaca aaattgtaat ttttgagtga gctatacctt taatgttcta     63180
     catctaagtc acaaaggacc agagagtggg taaattaaaa gcctaataag caaatgtgta     63240
     cattttgtac attttaattt caatacaact gaaataattt ttatgttcac ctctttggct     63300
     tgcctctccc tgcgctgctg aagtttggcc agtaattctt tctgctgtgg cgacagggtg     63360
     aaagtggcat gtgaaggagc tccatttgca gactggaccc ttcgcttggt gccttgcacc     63420
     catgttcccc tttgggacgg cctggcagaa ctaggcctat ttctgtgctt cggtggaggc     63480
     ttgggaatgt acagagattc attacttggg ggaaaaggtg aagtcaaatt ctgcctcggc     63540
     gaggacactg gacttttatt gagatgctga ccagactcag tttgtcgtaa aggcgctcgt     63600
     tgattgtcgt tgtgagaaac tggcaatgga ggaagcaacc cttgactttc tacttcctta     63660
     agactcacca gatcaaactt tccatctttt tcaattaaaa ctcgtccttc ttttcctccc     63720
     tcattgtgct catcctcagg accgtccttg ttctggttct cttctctttg agagatcctc     63780
     agtctctgca tttgtccgga cacctcttgc tcttcctcta cgtctccaaa agaggcgatg     63840
     ttgctttctt gagcatcaaa ctcatgagca ggaaccacca ggtcaaccag agtgtcttta     63900
     aactggaggc gtctgcgccg catctggtct ggaggatcct ggtcctggag ttgcttgtta     63960
     gcctcttgaa ttttatccaa aatatacttc ttttcatcat caaggtcttc atcgtcgttc     64020
     tgtaagtgtg gagatgttat aagctcgtcc ctgtcaggat ctaccgtatc ctctaatggc     64080
     tccataggcg tcggccacct ttcaccccct tcctcatcat ccatttcttt gtgctggttc     64140
     agcacatctt taaaatcatc ttcttccagt tctttgtcta tctgagcttc aatgtcatca     64200
     tcatctggat cctttgttga agaaaataat gtatgagaaa ggcagaataa gaaacacaat     64260
     gcaaaaaaat gtgccatcaa gtggattaaa ttcatgatat actctccctt cacaaaacct     64320
     gtttgggttt ctttcttctg ttgcacacaa acaaagatat tttaaagaat gtagaaagcc     64380
     agtagacttc cattgtattt tatttccact acacctacca gtctccaaca ttcttcagaa     64440
     tatgttcttg tgttttcaac agaggaaaga aactcaaaaa ggttaggaaa caacacttga     64500
     gggtgagtaa atggtaaata aattggctga attaatcctc taaggagagt gtgttctctg     64560
     aaggccgaat cagatacata gagtgtatgt gctgaataat gcaacgcaat gagacatagt     64620
     tctctgggtg agtgaaagtg tgtatggatc tgtgtcagcg gggtggattt cacacacacg     64680
     cacgggtacg gcgtctgtgt aatgcaatac caaacacact gtcttcgaga tatgaagctg     64740
     tttctgccat cattgtgtat tcactagctt acctgttcct cgctcttgct ctcctcgctg     64800
     ataagccagt ccagatcttt ctcaaagtca tcctcatact catccacagc gttttttact     64860
     gcagaaacac tcattctgtc cccagtttct caccatggaa ggatcctcac taaaacaacg     64920
     gagaaaaatc actagattat tctaaaacaa aaaatctact tatctttaaa tgactattta     64980
     gaaatctgaa ttttactaga cgagatttag aattatttga aatgataatt atttattaat     65040
     gattttattg acaaatttga tcagtattaa ttctcaattt aacttaatta catcatcgca     65100
     gagattaaaa tcacataggg gggacataaa tatgttagct ggtttgttga ggtggacgtg     65160
     tatataaaga gataaagttc attagattgt gatgtctctt gaattgagtg tcagatctgt     65220
     aataaaatca aacaaaaaat atgcatatac ttattttagc aagttgccaa ggaaaaaaat     65280
     atatttagtt tgatttgatg tgctaaagaa acgaaaatgc aaacaatctg ctaaatctgt     65340
     cagtacatta tttgttatag tcaaattcta ttattccaat agaaatttct ccacataaaa     65400
     atactgtaat ttgggcattt tataatgaca atttgtccaa ataacaaatg ttttagtttt     65460
     ttttttcaat atgtttattg attttatttc ccttttctcc ccatcaacaa ggcattcaac     65520
     aacaatgcaa actacacagc acatatctac accattctta tatatgtata cataaaattg     65580
     taatatatag aatcatgacc tctttctttt aaattttgga tagttatttc ctcttatttt     65640
     gataaaaaga tggtatacaa ctaatctgtg tttcttttga tgacatgtaa aatgttttag     65700
     ttactgagtg tggatgaata ccagggttac tccattaaac gtttgttttc ttaacattta     65760
     tcaaattggt attgtgttgt ttaacaatga atatattttg agacatggca tcttttgtta     65820
     ttttgaccaa ttctattttt catgttcaaa catttattat attacattaa gaaaaaaaat     65880
     aaccattagt ttgcagaaca aaacaaattt aacgttttgc tcatacacat aactttacat     65940
     tttacataca tacaacttta cattttaaat ccaaagaaat ggacaatttc caaatggttt     66000
     gttgtttcag tttaacatgc agtgtagtgt taatatgtcg acataaaccc tggtggtctt     66060
     ctatgtttat agtaaaactg acctactcgt ttgctttcag ttatattatt ttcccgcgcc     66120
     tcaagatgca tactcttacc ttcagaactt ctgcacggtg ttgccttgcg ctgagggcaa     66180
     aaaattgtgt caattcatta tccgctctct ctatatatat atccgagagc gggtctctat     66240
     gcgctacacc tgtacagtag agagcagctc taatcctcgg ctgatcctcg ccttcaaagg     66300
     accatgtaac aggtgttgct atagagacgc acaacacggc ctgtcgtggt gcgcgcgcat     66360
     gcgcagactc tgtaaatgta gacgggagat ccagccagat ttttatctgt gatacagtta     66420
     gtggaaaaat aaaaaggcac aacaaagaca atgtggttta cttgtttggc caaatcgtta     66480
     tgcataaaaa tgtttattca tagtttattt caagtattta catagttaat aataatattt     66540
     ttattaccct gacacttctc tatttcactt tcttactgaa tgctcagcac ttgtactttt     66600
     aaatgtttgc agagttcccg cttaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaata tatatatata     66660
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     66720
     tatacaatta attaatacag aatatgtgat aaaaaccaag ggttcacata atgtcatgaa     66780
     tgaatgagtg aatacattga tggatggata aatgaataaa tgattggcaa gtaaaaacct     66840
     taaactgcac agattttttg ctgcttttct aaaacacatt tttatagcac ccatgcaaat     66900
     attcagttca attcatttca tctttatttc tatagcactt ttaccgtgta gattgtgtca     66960
     aggttgaggt tcacacatca catgtcagcc cgtgtttttg tggttcctga gcattctaac     67020
     taatttaaag gctgcagtcc atgagagtgg gcgattgtca tccaatcaaa tggcagtaag     67080
     gcttaataaa tccactacac tgaaaagcag catggcacca gttcactcca gacacaaaca     67140
     taagccacat taacaatgtt tttattcata tttatggata tgataaccaa tatttgatag     67200
     attgtatgta aaaaagaggg attgcactta ctaattaaag tttaaaatct tttgtaacat     67260
     tgcaagctat atcagaattt ttttccttca aatatgtctg tccattagga tgtacaatgg     67320
     gttcaaaatc tgtaactgaa attaaatctc cagtaatgct gaagaactga agcactaatt     67380
     cattgctgaa ccaatttcat atgcagaatt tacagatcct aaaattcttg agcacattat     67440
     gttgagtgat gaggaagatg aagataaagt ttgttgtaaa caagatgcaa tctatatttt     67500
     atttagacat tataatctat attataatct atatctaggt gcaacaaaaa acacaaaatt     67560
     aaagtaaaac tgttacagtc ttcattgtga ctttgaaaat aaatttcagg aatataccag     67620
     caattgtgtg tgtttttatt tttattttat tttttgtatt ttatattgat aaaatgttca     67680
     gtaagaactg ttctgacctg atgtccattg aaatggacaa cgaatatacg ctatgtacta     67740
     aaaggttgtt gatttttttt atcatttatt ggagcctcta gaaccgtgga aacatacttt     67800
     accatttttc agacacttgg aacataattt gggtctgaag gggttaaaac agatcctaac     67860
     atctttttga aagagagaga aacattatag atggctttca ccaacataca atttatgaat     67920
     aaacaacctg ccgatttata tatagataaa atacttgtca agtaaaaaaa cccaaaactg     67980
     catagaaata tataaattgt caaaacttgt cttttcaata atctcggaag tacacgttta     68040
     gcatgtcatt taacatcctt ggtatatgta gtccacgtcg gtctgaaaaa cgcgaagctc     68100
     aatggtaaaa aaactcgatt tcccataaca cccctcgacg ctcgctcaaa actcaagaag     68160
     tcacgcctcc gcgggcagaa ctgttggaga agctacgtgc ggaggcgcat atagttactt     68220
     tacacccatt tatgacactc ttatcaattg gcagctcgtg gacagactgc gtcgtgttcg     68280
     ctcagcagac agcatgactt cgttagcttt gtgcacaatt aacagctcaa cgagatcaat     68340
     agcaagactg tgccgagtgt cccactctgc gcatggcaca gctgatgtac actctttcgt     68400
     agcccgttac tcaaccctgc gtaattgtag tgcttctctt ccgagaggaa aatgctcatt     68460
     cataaaaacg gtaaccaggc agatgtgcca gtcgtcgccg aggaggatct ctctcggacg     68520
     gtacggtaaa ggcgtgtttc tggctgcagg agccgcggct gtcaccggtg ttctggcggc     68580
     tggtgtaagt cacttccagc gggcagaaat ggcaacgaag atctccagag ttgaggagga     68640
     ggacggagac attcgggaga ggtgcaagtc gttcatgtct ccaccagtca ctgacatcaa     68700
     gctcctagag cagaggaaag acgagatgtc gacaaggatg gagatgctca tcatggagac     68760
     acagtcggct ttctgcagag ccctggagca ggtggatgga ggctcattca gggtggatag     68820
     gtggagcaga aaggaaggtt ggctctttaa tgtatatata ttttttaatt tcatcatgaa     68880
     gctttcactg taaactgtat ttttttaata taatttttct tagtgtgttt tgttgttaaa     68940
     acaagttagt ttggatgaaa caataaatgt gtagtacata acttttggca cacaacaggt     69000
     tgaaagtaga acaaacagtg tgggctaaag tcctgatttc tgtttaagat atttccacat     69060
     aaagagcaca ggggtgtaat aattatgtta ccacctttta attatattaa gaatcaaaat     69120
     tttggagatt aaaaaaaatt aaagttggtc acacttaagg ttccactggt ttatttattt     69180
     aatgtgtttg aggaatttca gcgttatgga tgtgacattt gcagtaaaaa ctcaaaactt     69240
     aaattcacta gaaagtatat gttaaaaatt acattgaaaa atctgtttat attttccaaa     69300
     acaactaacc acagagtcat aggattagag aaatatcaac ctgtaaacat ttttccatat     69360
     tttccatgag gaaaataaac atgagttttg gatatgacca aaaaagtctg ctagtttaca     69420
     gtatacaaca ttcttaaact gcacaactca aaagaacaac gccaataaaa aggataagag     69480
     ctgactctct atagaacaaa aaatattgat ttcattttat tttttgcatt tatgaggttc     69540
     aagttttgtt aagaatgtga cttcattagt gatgcatcaa atgtgaaatt agcacttgtg     69600
     tctctttggt aaatcaaata taatagttcg gaaattgaga catttttgag tagtttttaa     69660
     atacagtaaa atacttgctt acaccaaaaa tgtagaaaag gtttggcttt tttggttgaa     69720
     gcttttttta tggaaaggtt gacatttgta tggaattgct catttactaa cataaacaaa     69780
     ccataaacaa tacatttatt acactattta ttattgtgtc tcaatattag tttgtgaaaa     69840
     taaagtcatt gttagttgct aacaagctta actttggatg tcaataatgc attagtgaat     69900
     actgaactat gtttaatgtt cattcttctt agttcaagct atcaaatgca ttacctaatg     69960
     gaaccttatt gtaaactgtg accaggaact ctaaatatct aatcagagtt atgagatgca     70020
     tcatacaatc agataaatat ctatgaaaga cattttagtc ataactttaa caaacaatga     70080
     accatacatt catgtcgctt aatattagtt aatgaaaata aagtcatcat tagttcttgt     70140
     taacgtgcag tgcattacct aatgctaaca agctcaactt tggattttaa taatgcatta     70200
     gtgaatgttg aactatgatt aataaaatct gtacaagtat tgttcattct aagttcctct     70260
     acatgaacca attgaacctt attgtaaagt gtgactagag tctaaatatt tcatagaagt     70320
     tatgaaatgc gtcatattaa atattagata aatatctata aaagacattt tagtcataac     70380
     ttcgaattta tataatttca acatttacat cataatttgc atcataattc atcataatgc     70440
     attcataata aaaaaatagc tttaactttg ttgaaaataa agataaaaac attcatgaat     70500
     gaagcatttt ctataatcct catgcagatt tgactttctc tgtttctctt gttttttact     70560
     aaaggtggtg gcggcatcag ctgtgtgatg caggatggca agatctttga aaaagcaggt     70620
     gtgaatgtgt ctgtggtgta tgggaatctt actgaggagg ccgccaggca gatgcgcagc     70680
     cgtggaaaaa tcctgaaagg aaaagatggt gagacgccga cttcccgttt caaagtgaac     70740
     ccagagagtg actgaaacca gatctttgtg tcttcagttc tgcttctaga tttatttctg     70800
     aactccgtct gaactatcag tggtctcaag gctgtttccc tgatagtttg tcatactagc     70860
     tcataaattt gacaggaagt tacgtcgtat atactgtttt acaatatcat tatctctgcg     70920
     ttccaggaaa gctgccattt cgtgcaatgg gtgtgagttc tgtcatacac cccaaaaacc     70980
     cccacattcc cacagtgcac ttcaactaca gatactttga gattgaagaa gcagatggtg     71040
     agtgctttta cagtcgtgtg aggagagatg ttgttatctg caagcaccac tcatctctgt     71100
     ctccatctcc cttctttcta taggcacaaa gcagtggtgg tttggtggag gaacggatct     71160
     cactcctgtt tacattgatt tggaagatgc cacccatttc cacaagactc tgaaggaagc     71220
     ctgtgacaag catcatccta aatattaccc agacttcaag aagtggtatg tagtcttatt     71280
     cagtgtgtga attatacatt gacaattggg ggggatgtga tgattaaaag gcttaactag     71340
     gttaattagg ttaactaggc agtttagggt aattaggcaa gttgttgtat aacgatggtt     71400
     tgttttgtag attattgaaa aaaatttgct taaaggggct gataattctg accttaacat     71460
     tctttttaaa aactgctttt attctagccg aaataaaaca aataagatct tctccagaag     71520
     aaaaaatagt atcagacata ctgtgaatat ttccttgctc tgttaaacat aatttgggaa     71580
     atatttaaaa agaaaaaaaa tggtaacact ttacaataag gttcattagt taatgcattt     71640
     actaacatga actaatcatg aacaacacat atagagcatt tattaatcat atttgaacat     71700
     ttactaatgc attattaaca ttcaagtcca tgcttgttaa cattagttaa tgcaccatga     71760
     gtcaacatga actaacaatg aacaactgta ttttcattaa ctaacgttta ctaacatgaa     71820
     taaatactgt agtaaatgta ttgttcattg tttgttcatg ttagtaaatg cattacttaa     71880
     cattaactaa tgaaccttat tgtaaactgt gaccaaaaaa atcaaaggag ggctaataat     71940
     tctgacttca actgtatatg tgtataggtc atcatctgaa atgtatcaaa tattaaagtt     72000
     tccacaaggg ttaatctaaa aactgcagtg ggcttgttat ttggtaaaat aaaagtagca     72060
     aaataaaaac attataattg ttaaaacatt tgtttgttgt taattattat tatattaaat     72120
     gatgattaaa tatttaacac ttaaacattc aaaataaatt ttattttata tgttatgtta     72180
     catgcagttc accacagcct aacatttgcc accacagttt tattgtgatc tttgtaataa     72240
     ttatcttgaa ttaattaatc atgcatagtt ttctgccatt aagtaaataa gcaaacatgt     72300
     aatttgatta taaactttag gattcgatta cgtaatccaa atgccatgta atcaatgagc     72360
     agccagcact gctcagtcgg gtgtgttaca gctgttatgg gtgtgtatgc gggtgtgtgt     72420
     tttttgtgag ctttctatct tctgggtgga tttgaactgt taagcagtga taacatttcc     72480
     cattatttgc agaatccagt gtggtatttt tgtgagtcga ctcttttgtt ttaaggcatc     72540
     ctcttaattt agtattttgt atcataaaaa gggcctattc acgcgtcaag aataatagct     72600
     atgatgaaca taagtacact acctgacaaa agtcttgtcg atctaagttg tataatactt     72660
     catcaggttt tattttttta ttatagtcat ccttactacg aagaagcttt aagatatata     72720
     ctcaattaaa gaaactttaa ttatgattaa gtgttgataa actttagatt agcatcacta     72780
     cagttttaat atgttctatt ctaggtgtga caactacttc tacatccgcc accgggggga     72840
     aacgagaggc attggtggga tctttttcga tgatttggat tcccctgatc aggacgaggt     72900
     ttttaatttt gtgaggagct gcgctaaaac tgtggtgcct tgttacctgc ctattgttta     72960
     caagcatctg aatgactcct ttacccctga ggagaaggac tggcagcagg tcaggagagg     73020
     caggtcagtt aaagagaaag agcccagtat atatcatact gttcattaag atttcttttt     73080
     aaatggccag agatgtaatt tactccttga atatatattt cagtattgtc taaaatgtgt     73140
     aattgctttt gtttttccct caaatacgtc tatcacatgc agaaaaaaag ctttgcatgg     73200
     cttaatggcg ccatctagcg aatatgtttg gagctagaaa ggaaggagac atctgcggcc     73260
     tagaattact tctattatta caaccataca attaccgtac aacaataatt actgttttta     73320
     cattgctgtg agggttgggg taaaagtata tgttatcaaa gtacaattaa tgagcaattt     73380
     agtaaataat aattcttgca gtaggttgca gctggaaggg catccgctgt gtaatattta     73440
     tgcttgataa gttggcggtt cattccgctg tggcgacccc tgatgagaaa gattaaatga     73500
     acaaattaat tcttgctagc ttttcatagc tgtatccctt ctagcaacat ctgctttcct     73560
     gagttcctta cttctcctgt tcaaaatgat tgaaatgaat tattgttaat gtgaagtagt     73620
     gaagtgatta gttacatttt tactgtttaa actaaaatcg ccagtcagaa cagagtaatt     73680
     ctaatggaag ttattttgtg tcaaatgttt attttatata tatgtgaatg attaatgata     73740
     gacacttgct gccttttaaa cttcctatta atcaaacaat gagggaaaag tgtttcattt     73800
     acaatataaa atgtgtctca agcatccaat cagcaaatta cttgatttct gtagggtcat     73860
     gtgaccaggg tttccacagg gacttaaagt cttaaaatgt cttaaatctc gagagctaaa     73920
     tttaaggccg taaaaagact tacatctact gaaaagttgt tttgtaggtt taaaatcttg     73980
     ttttaactgg tcttaatttg cctttgttca tgtatagcta cccaatctgg ccattaacac     74040
     ccatacaatc accaagaatc ccaatctcaa tacaactttg tttaaaaaat agcatttaat     74100
     tactttcctt acagtagcat ttgctcaaaa gttccttatt tgtttattta ttgctgagga     74160
     tactgaactc acctattttt ttattattaa attactatta ttgtagactg aagtaattga     74220
     cagctatgtt ttgttctaat cttggttggg gttatagagt ttatgaatgg atatatttaa     74280
     aaatgtatga aaaaagattc aaactaaatt tttaatattt tgttgttaat tgtattcaat     74340
     tttaattagc gtttagccct tacatactgt acgtctaaaa tttcatgcat aatggtcttt     74400
     gaaatgcatt taaaattctt agttttgact tgctgaaacc tgcagaaacc ctggtgacac     74460
     tgggcacaaa attcagcgta gccactacag gaataaaata agtaatgatt agaattgtaa     74520
     taaataatat gtaaaaagta ttatggcttt actgcatttg tcataaaaca aatgcatctt     74580
     tagtgcaatt ttagatctct ttaagtatat attatttatt tattttgatt tatttttgat     74640
     gttatttgtc aattgttcaa cagctaacaa agctcttgtc tgtttctctt agatatgtgg     74700
     agtttaattt ggtgtatgac agaggggtga aatttggtct ggccacaccg gggtcccgca     74760
     tcgagagcat cctgatgtct ctgccactta ctgcaaggta aatgactttg tgtgaggaaa     74820
     atatgtgtgt cacatcagct gctgcatatt accctcatgc cctgaatatt cttgaactat     74880
     gtttagataa ctttaaaaac atagtttcct gtactgaaca tttcatttaa aagctatttt     74940
     atgcttaatc atgactaatc atgtacaaat ctttatatca agttttaata tttaatgaca     75000
     attttacgtt atatataagt atttgtggac agcacggtgg cgcagtgggt agcacaatgg     75060
     cttcacagca aggttgctgg ttcgagccct ggctgggtca gttggtgttt gaataaacta     75120
     aatttgttgt agtgtatgtg tgtgaatgta agagtgtatg gatggtactg ggttgtggct     75180
     tgaagggcat ctgctccgta aaacatatgc tggataagtt ggtggatcat tccgctgtgg     75240
     cgaccccaga ttaataacga gactaagccg aaaagaaaat gaatgaatga atataagtat     75300
     ttatgtacat gtatacatgg atgtatgtct tttatatata catgctaata aatatacata     75360
     gtacacaaaa atatgtaagc aaacacccct tatttacctg ttccttcctt ccttcgttac     75420
     cccgatctat tccggaacct cgcaaattac aaatgaagca caggtgttac acaataaata     75480
     ataaaaaaaa atttttaagg tttacttata atttttcctt ccctaagctt ctttgcttct     75540
     agcattttaa gtatttaatg ttgctttttg agcatgaaaa ttccttccta cttggtttga     75600
     gttgccttta atagtgtttt gttcatatta aacagtctca gcgttactat tacactgtgg     75660
     ctgccaaaac ctgtcaacag ttctggccga tgctaagata taaacagaaa cctactggct     75720
     catttaagaa aggctaggag ctttttatat gactcgcctg tcttcctgtt tcagtggaaa     75780
     atacataatt gaataacgct gcatgtttca acttcagaag acctttagac tgaaaagtca     75840
     ttcattttta caggaaatca aaactaacca taatgatttt gtcagctcac attgctggtt     75900
     gttggtgaac aattaatctg tgcatgtcac taagaaaaaa aataatcttt aattgaaatc     75960
     tgaaaatgca cgtcctgagt acctgttttc agttaaattc tcagatcacg tctgtctgtg     76020
     gtattgggcg tggctaacat acttaaccac acccctccat ctgtcagttt tgacaacaaa     76080
     cagaaatggc gaagatgagg agttcggttg taatatctct cccgattttc tgatctttct     76140
     gaatgaaatg cctattatac tacatccaat cagcttgcag tataaaaaac caagccacgc     76200
     ccactgtttt ctcatttaat attaagtttc tttaggaact gcatcacagt actaaaataa     76260
     agcttccggt tcatgcagac tttaaaaggc atacaattgc tttgtttgtt gttgcccaga     76320
     gtaagcgctg cacatgctgt aaaagcttca tcttctggaa aaggggcatt gaaaagcaga     76380
     caaaaactct gtgcttttgc tttcaaccac aaaaggagca ttcacagcac atgatcataa     76440
     ataattaatg agctgacact ttctagcagc atgtgggact tatagttaaa aggcaaataa     76500
     tttgacccct taaaactgtc aggatattat tgtgccttca cataaatgta caaactcata     76560
     aacaaccttt aggcgatcag aaagcataat aattatgaag cagggtcttc tcataggata     76620
     agaaaactca gtctgggaaa aataaggaga tactgatgcg tcatcactcc acttgcagtg     76680
     aagagctaca tcactgattt taatttcgcc ccaataatca ttttaaaccc ggaggatgaa     76740
     attagctgac aaaagctcaa aatgatccag ttttgcccac aattaaagct aacaggtgct     76800
     aacgttgtct taattaatgc tcaacacaca caaatctgtc ttcaagtttt taaataagtc     76860
     tcaataaagt actcgagggt ttcttgaacc ttaaaatata tgcagtcgtt actattgttt     76920
     gctgttgccc agactagcaa atgtaaaaac actacaagct cctcctactg aaaaatgggc     76980
     ggggaacatc agcagctcat ttgcatgtct gcatatattt acagcatata ataacaaatt     77040
     aacctttaaa ggagattcac cgaaaaaaca atacaattct gtcaaaaatt cctcgccccc     77100
     aaacccatga ggcattcgtt catcttcaga acacaaatga agatatttga gatataatcc     77160
     gagagctcgc aaaccttcca tagacggcaa cattcctgaa aagatccaga aagatgccaa     77220
     aagcacttca gtggttcaac tatcatttta cgaacctata agaacacttt tgtgtgccaa     77280
     aaactgaaac aatggctgcg tcctaaatcg cctactacac agtaggtact gcatttgaat     77340
     caaaatgtac tactctgctg ttagaaaagt atgttctata cagtataaat gtgaaaagta     77400
     tgaatggaac tcagacatac tacatccacc attttgtcat gatcacatga cctactcgca     77460
     tcagtcacgt tgctttactt ccattcatga attctctcac tgtgcatcat gggatagcat     77520
     agcgtgcatc agttgcgcac ttcagtatct cgccggaagt agcagtccat ctgggtactt     77580
     tttgcatact gactttcgat ttttataaat taggacatgc tactcagctc tcaaactgtt     77640
     tttagtgtac tatatagtat ggaagtatgc gatttcagac ttttcttttc tgtgtatttc     77700
     aggacatgtt cacgagagca tgctaaatcg aaaatactgc cgattaattc tatatttcag     77760
     gttttattac cagacaaaat attcccatag cttcattaca gttgtctaca gaagtctctt     77820
     gaaattgttt gacaatgttt ttattttttg gggttttttt ttctggactt taaatgtttc     77880
     agtacccttg ctgactacat agggtcagag agcgcttgat ttatctaaaa taacaaattc     77940
     taagactttc tgaagataaa taaagctctc tggtgtttgt taagacgtga taattaatta     78000
     ttgacttttc atttgtgggg gaactaaccc attaagccag tgatgcccaa actagggcta     78060
     aagttggccc atggtaacat ttgatttggc ccaccatccc atctgagatg agagggggaa     78120
     taatgggtaa ggttggggcg aatgccttca acagagatcg tcactaattt aacataacct     78180
     tatatttgtt tgtttaattg atgaactaca aaaagcaaag tgaaatgaaa tgattcaatg     78240
     aaatgttgta aattaattgg atttttttaa agagtcatga aacccttgag cacattttta     78300
     gatgttgaca tactgtatgt gtgtgtggca cattgctaaa accacactta taggtaacat     78360
     ctgtttcact attaagagaa aaattgctaa ttttgtaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aattgtgtta     78420
     taaatccatt gtgttataaa ggagattgtt tatgctttta ttgtattgta aagtattgta     78480
     aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa gtcattatta ttaatacgat taaatgtttt tttttttttc     78540
     ctatttattt ttaaatatta ttattttagt aaagtttcca tggcaaataa tgtaatacag     78600
     tttggtttac agtttagctt cagcccacca ccctcaatca agtttggttt ttggcccttc     78660
     ataagaaaag gtttgggcac ccctgcgata agctgaatag ttagacccct ttaaagcagt     78720
     cgaaattttg tttctatgtg tccacaaaat aattgtacaa acaaacaaac tcttaaagaa     78780
     tgagtgtgta tggatgtttc ccagtgatgg attgtagctg caagggcatt cgctgcgtaa     78840
     aacatatgct ggataagtta gcggttcatt ctgctgtggc aaccccagat tattaaaagg     78900
     taataagccg aaaagaaaat gaataaatga actcttacac tcaaaaaaag attttttgct     78960
     gcttgttcaa acgacttatt ttaatttaat ttaatttttc attcattttc ttttcagctt     79020
     agtcccttta ttaatctggg gtcgccacag cggaatgaac tgccaactta tccaacatag     79080
     gttttcacgg agccgatgcc cttctagctg caactcatca ctgggaaaca cccttactct     79140
     tccattcaca cacatacatt acggacaatt ttgcttaccc aattcaccca tagcgcatgt     79200
     ctgtagtctc ttgtaggaat gagttcatcc gacgatagat ttgaaccggg ttcatgatcg     79260
     aatgcctcta aacaagttgc catgtgcttt ttgagctacg ccactgggcc tctgcccata     79320
     acgcccattg gttaatccag ccctgcacaa agaaacgcca actgacccag ccgaggcttg     79380
     aaccagcaac cttcttgctg cgaggcgatt gggctaccta ctgtgccaca gtgacacatt     79440
     tttttagggg cttttcacct tttattgtga taggatagta aagaacagac aggaaagcat     79500
     taggagagga gagaggggaa ggatctgcat agaacctcta atcgtgagca ccatggtgct     79560
     gtatgtcagc gcacttaacc acttggctat tggtgccgac caaactgctt atttaaaatg     79620
     agctgtatca acacatttca agagtttttt tttttttttt catgttcaat ccactcaaat     79680
     aagtaaaaac agttaagtga acttaatcga tttgtgttgt gacaacagat tgtgtgaaac     79740
     ccagcatttt tacagtgtac agtaacctta aacagcagaa gaattttgta ttcctcatga     79800
     tacgttttaa acttcaaagt attatcaaac agaacctctt ctttctttac tgggtctgtc     79860
     gactgtttaa tattttaaac ttacggtcca taaatgtttg attccaggtg ggagtacatg     79920
     cacgagccca cgaaaggcac taaagaagcc gaaatgctgg agatcctgcg caaccctaaa     79980
     caatggatct gaccgaaggg gaaaactcac tcatccatgg ggaatgcgaa aatggaggct     80040
     gcatcctcgc tgtaattcca aatatgtccg aagcttttag atattaataa ggaacacatt     80100
     tactaacaca gaaaacgaac agattcgctg tgcatttctg accgtcctca gctgtaatca     80160
     gctccctctc tctgtctgtg gcagtcatta tggatcgact ggagattcag tgtttcctcc     80220
     tgtgacagag tttcttggtt acagcttggt ttctgcttgc actgctttaa tcatgactgc     80280
     tgctgtatac taaacctgta atgagcctgc tgggctgttt ttgaatggac atgtcagtca     80340
     cgtatgccta aatggtcatg tttgatgagt gctgagtcga gcacagtgct gttgttattg     80400
     ggtttctaat actcttcatt ttctttgtgt ctttgtgttt gtttcttttt acatatttta     80460
     aaacgaggat cagattttga agtattctca ggacttcata atgagatttt tgtgtaatac     80520
     aaattaataa actgttttat acgttgtata atcttgatat tttatgtgtc atttacactg     80580
     aaaatataaa atacactgaa acatttccag tgcattttcc attaaatata cacaagtgtc     80640
     cttcaacact ggtgaactga tcagatgtgt ttcttttaaa cactctgagg tattatttac     80700
     tgatttcgtg tgtgtgtatg tatgtatgta tgtgtatata tatatgtatg tatgtatgtg     80760
     tgtgtgtgta tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata cacatataca     80820
     tacacacaca cactcgtagc agtgcgatag ggctgtatat cggcactggt gggaagtgtg     80880
     cgttggcacg aggccacagc catattacac tgttacgagt gtgatattgt gtttatacaa     80940
     caggcataat tgtgtgtata aaaacaaaat caaacatgga gtctcaaaaa cccttttgta     81000
     tgaggaacta ctttcctccg cattgaattc aagtcatagg ctgacagtta aacagctgag     81060
     caagcttctt ttaaagcttc taatgaaact ttagatctgt agtatctgct tgttgctggc     81120
     tgtatgtggg cggagtaata cacaaaggct aaaaagctgt acgggtgctg atattactta     81180
     aatatatcac agctatcagc caatcagatt cgagaaccag acagaactgc tgtgtgtata     81240
     tatattattt ttaaaaagta tttacagaaa attcttttat atattatttt tgtagtaacg     81300
     aattataagt aacaaaagtt atgtaatagt aatacttttc taagtaacga gtaaagtagt     81360
     aatatttgag ttttaaaaaa tgtaatgcaa gttacttttc agtataatta gcttttagaa     81420
     ataaattgct gaattgaatt taatgtagtc actttaaatc acatacacaa tgacagaatt     81480
     tactccctgt ggtaacagaa accaagacgg caggccagag ctttaaattt ctgcaatgat     81540
     tattttgaaa aaatgtaata aaaaggaaaa ggtttccctg caaagaaaaa aaatccctgc     81600
     aagttcagaa agagattaag cctccaattt aaaaaaaata gtaacacaaa agaaatgtaa     81660
     cgtattacca tataaagtca tttgtaacac aatgtaatac tttttggggg agtaactcaa     81720
     tattgtaatg ccttactttc gaaagtaact ttcccccaac actgtttata tgtatttttt     81780
     aagttgagaa gcatgcaggt ctgacttaaa acttttgcaa gtaaaaaaaa aaagatcaga     81840
     tctcatgagt attttacgtt ttgtctataa attcttataa tttaaaaagg aactgtggca     81900
     cccaacaatc attgggtgat gagcaaatcg tactaaattg taagaattag attgtaagat     81960
     tcatatgaat tagccactaa atcaaaaagt tacaaaccga ttgcattgga aatgctgtgt     82020
     ttaacttagc atttgatgca gtcaaacact gaaaatgatc caatgtctac agaaccgttg     82080
     tgtaattctg gccattgaaa gttactttag catgtaaatc tactcattaa gttaataagt     82140
     tacttagaat gacctttgtg tgcttgttta gaggtaggca aagcatgtta ggtgttaaat     82200
     gtggagcttt tgtatttttc attgtaatgg atgttgaaaa tagaaacctt taaaataact     82260
     aaaactaaaa actttgtaca tttaatcgct tttagaaata tattcttgtc aggcaagaaa     82320
     aacatgtttt tatttaatca aaaattctgc aaaaaaaaat ctagatgtaa ttaatttggc     82380
     aatttgaaat attcttcatt attaaagaaa ctcctctgat atgttgagtt tggttcttaa     82440
     gacaaatgtc ttattattgt tagaactatt agttgttttc cgattaaacc tacaattctt     82500
     tcatatcaaa agatcccaaa ctgtaaaaca agaccttgtg agaaataaaa ggacagaact     82560
     caaacaaatt agggccaaaa acttttatta caaataaagt tcaagctcaa tcgttacaaa     82620
     aaattaaatt tgttcttaat acatttatat atacacatta tttatctatc tctgagtaag     82680
     gcttaagcaa taaacaccac cacggtcagt cactctcttc actaccacag aaatatcagc     82740
     ctgcaaatgt acagcaaaat catcagactg gatttcaaac cacggtagcc ttatttcacg     82800
     ttaccttaaa aaaacacaaa ccactgtcgg caattgagac tgttaagatt tggattttca     82860
     caaagcttgg agttagtgct ggtgatgcat tttattgcat atttatgtac gatgagcttt     82920
     tccttgatga actgagaata gaaactgtag aaatccaaac agcatttgcc tgttttttta     82980
     gtttttagtt attcgtcaca tgtcgtctca cacattactt tacacatcaa ttaatattcc     83040
     tttacataga gcgatcggtg ccctgaaaat aaaagtgcat tcactcagtt actcaataag     83100
     tacaaactgt tttcctttat attccttttt ttcacaaccg cacaaaatat cacgcccaaa     83160
     aacactattt cctgatatat aatactgaat gtttcctcaa cggcttgttc ctgtaatttg     83220
     ttcctattct gaaatgttct tgcttttgtt tggggcctga ggtaaaaaaa caaactctga     83280
     gtaaaaaatg tagtacaaaa agtatgaggt aaaagacgac tgcccgacct gaaaactaat     83340
     gtcaattatc caaaaacaaa cataaaaaag gaacacttta cttgaaattt aacccatact     83400
     gcattcaaaa aatattttta aaggaataat tatgcctcgc aaccctaaat ggtagattta     83460
     tttagaaata acgcaagcgg atttcattat taagagtgaa aaacggtaag ctcgcccaat     83520
     aattacttgc ttttgttggc ctgttcaaaa acacacttgt gatatgctct ggctatattt     83580
     atttaagatt tgagattctt gatttaatga ttcttgaccg ttcatccaat ttcctcatcc     83640
     tttgcttaca ttcatgtggt tgaacttctg ttgaacacaa aacaagatac attgtagaat     83700
     gctgggagtg gaacatccat agtagcacca gtaaactcta tgcaagtcaa tggctgttgt     83760
     taatagaaca ttcttcagtt tagtgtttct gtatgttcaa caaaagaaac tcaaacatgt     83820
     ttccaactag ggctgggctg ataaaagggt attggtatta attgaccgaa cactattgtc     83880
     aataccaata aaaaacgttc ggtatgaagt ttcagtatga agcgctatag ctttattaaa     83940
     atgtggctgc tgagcatgcg cctttgaaag aatgccaata agctttacgc aacaagacat     84000
     ttttaaaatt taaatttaaa taaatggtta aataaattaa ttaatcctaa tatacttata     84060
     tgtattgtaa aaaaaaagat tcaagttttc gataccggat gatgttcaac agtatttcgt     84120
     gatgtttttt ttttttttta gctgtatctc ccagccctat ttgaaacaat ctagaacaag     84180
     cttgagtaaa tgacaaaatt ttcatttgag tgaactacaa cttttatctt atcttacaaa     84240
     acaaaaaact attcagggca tttttgttct catagcatga attacattga tctgcattct     84300
     aatatgcttc atttcactct gaaaacttta tattcaatta ttgataataa ccaaaaactg     84360
     gtttcaatta ttattaaaac atcaaaaagc aacccaggct cattgaaaat acatgcctac     84420
     atttctgcta aaagttgcta aatactttgc tctgagtacg tattgttgca tactttagtt     84480
     gacagtccac tagagggcgc tgattacatt tatcgaatct gaaatgcgtt acatagggtg     84540
     tgttttgttg tccatttcag atacacgtcc tttttgttca tgctcacaag acaaaggaac     84600
     acacgtcact gccatttttg ttgacaggaa aaaaagaagc gcggtgtgat ttttatgtcg     84660
     ataggcaacg actgaatcag ctgggtattg tccgcgagtg ttgctgttga tattgttaga     84720
     attttactat ttattaatat tgtgatattt aagaattgtg aagtcaagca gcaccggata     84780
     actcaaaaca gcgaccgcta gtctctcagg gatctttaaa aacctcggta gttgacttga     84840
     caacataaac acttcagaca cctcaatgga aaccctgcct ctgctttcat ttgattggag     84900
     aatgaaactg acgcgactgt cgtaaagtac tttttcctct cggtttactt tttttcaact     84960
     gcgagagcac ggcacacaaa ggcaaaaaca tgaggcgcag caggtgatta aaacgtgagg     85020
     ctaacagggc gcataagcag cgcagaaaat gctcacggcc gtgagtaaag cattcaaaaa     85080
     agacgttcag tgtgatcggc ccctaagagt acactacagt acaactttgt accggacaac     85140
     accgtacaaa gtgagctacc gagcaaacta accacaccag aaaatttgtc aatatagaga     85200
     tttaaaaaca tacaaatgat aaacatagat gtgcaaagaa ctgcatgaaa ataatcctta     85260
     attttttgat aatatgttcc tgtaactatc ataaaccctg ttcacatttt cgggtttctc     85320
     agtagcggaa gtcgtcatag ttgggaaaaa cttggagcga agtgaatacg agagtaaaac     85380
     aaacaattgt ttacaatttt atttactcaa ataataaaag gaaaatctcc acgatattgt     85440
     aaagatgttt agaaaaagga aataaataat gtgagactga tgacggcagc cagagaagag     85500
     aataacgtca aatctactgt cctgtccaac aaccgctgca taagaaaacg cacgagcggt     85560
     tatttattta attttttgta atttgaagca aagatgatat tctgcatgca taaatacata     85620
     taaatgttta taggttaaaa aaaatctgaa tattaaaaat taaggattta aaattatgat     85680
     gactgttaaa aacgtcataa caggcttgtg aaaagggtcc atgagtgtga aaaaagaaca     85740
     aatatttttg gcttcatact gcactctagt gtttatttta cataaaaact ggagtaaaaa     85800
     tgtatgttga agtacgtttt tggcgatctg acaaaaaaat gtaggctgaa gcactaattt     85860
     tcaatgagcc tgtgttgcca taaaggcttc aagtaaagtg ttacccaaca aatgaaatca     85920
     ctaccgttag gaatagagtt tgctttaagt agaccagata cggtcttgac cacatttttg     85980
     atacaaaact acaatgcgaa aaaaaggcgg aattaaaaaa actggaataa agtatgaaaa     86040
     cagcctttaa ggcattaaaa acacaccaga gatcagttaa aacaaccaga ctggttaagg     86100
     tagtcataat ggttaattat agcattctct aagaggttag agaaactaaa gttatttacc     86160
     ataaagcaaa tctatgagga accgctcaca acatacataa gcatgagcct tgctccttaa     86220
     ttaccaccac aggagactat tcatctcagc tgtcctaata ttcccagctt gggatgctaa     86280
     atatgccctg tttaatcctt tgttcacaat aagaatttcc acaattgctc cactccacaa     86340
     actgtgagaa gaaaagaaaa gcgttgttgc atagaccacc ggaacgcaac caaacaacaa     86400
     acctcagacc acttttgcac aatacagtat ttcagtactg tactttccca cagcagatat     86460
     aaacctaaac ctcacacaca ttgacttgct gcccgctggg gccgattcaa gattaacaac     86520
     catgatgcta cattaaatcc agaatttgtt cggtcagcac tttttcccca ccaagcatga     86580
     tttcccactg ctaatccatg gttaaccatc cagcggaagc atttccaaca caccaactga     86640
     aacgcacagt gtttaacgcc tcaactagag ggaaaaaatg aatcaattga acatctaaat     86700
     attgcataga gatgcctatg caattataaa ggttaaacag caatagccta agctacaacg     86760
     gttattatct ccaaaggcta caacgaacct gcaagtagag aatatcagta aacattacaa     86820
     ttcacaactt cctgaaaata ttgtgcattt gtttcctttg aacgttattt tgtagaatat     86880
     tctaggtcta aatggtccct aagagaggcc actagtgctg tcacagtacc agcatttcac     86940
     tagtcagtgc caatagcaca aaaaatgaca tgcttttgtt ttataaatca atttcgattc     87000
     tatttttatt agactatttg gaaatgactg ctgtatgtaa aaaaatgtct aaattaatgc     87060
     tgttaaaata agtaaacaac tcacaaacac atcacaggtc acataagtgg caggcctatt     87120
     gcacttacac tgcaaaattc aaacgctgaa atttatctgc attttgaaca ttcatttaca     87180
     cagcagctgc gttttgtggg cctgaaaatg tgaaattttg aaagcaatag tgcaagtttt     87240
     taaagccata ctgttaccat atgaccaaaa ctaaaaatag ctcaaatctc tgtataagac     87300
     tgttttgtac tgctaaagat ccttatcgat atttctaact attggataat tcttttttac     87360
     atttatgcag tatattttga catgaagtga agttggagaa agaaaaggtg gtgggattgg     87420
     taaaggtcct cgatttgtga ctcacaacac agctgcaatt taatgttctg atcagatcac     87480
     ttgatctgtg tttgccaacc ttgttcctgg tggcagacca acagtgccta ttttagatat     87540
     cttccttatc tgacccattc atttcaggtt ttggagtctc ttctaatgtt ctgatgagtt     87600
     tattcatgtg tgtttaatta ggaaaaggtt taaaatgtgt actgctggtg tgccttcagg     87660
     aaaagggttg ggaaacactg cactagacta tcggcactaa cagattcagc tcacatttta     87720
     atagggttat tactagaaaa tctaagtatt taaacttcac aacttcatgt ttatactttg     87780
     ctaaataagt tttgcgaatg tgaatgaatg aagttcaaac acataaagca cattaaacaa     87840
     tattcttgaa gtaagaatca cacatttttc tccatagcaa aatagactat tggaaaatga     87900
     cacttctaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaag taagtaaaaa agcacctcag attggcaact     87960
     gagtttacct gcacaacaag aatggctctg aatagctaca atgcttaatg cattgtaaat     88020
     acaaacaaac ctttgacatt ctttacacaa atacacaagg gagagttaga aaacaaccgt     88080
     ctatcagcac ataccagtta tatacacaaa ggctggtact gtagcatttc tcaaatttaa     88140
     gcaccagtac tactgacaac actagaggcc ataactagga aaaacatttt ttaggactta     88200
     ctaagaagaa tgtaattagt tgacataaca gtacttcatc gtcattagat gtgggcttgg     88260
     atttaagctg ccatgagttc tgtaatcaac tcagtactgg ggcgtattac agaaagttta     88320
     atatcttatg tctaaagtta agatatgaca cgttaaatga ggattttttg tgtgcaaatt     88380
     tgtgtcttga gggattctac cccatcttac aaaattacat cttatctgtt attaggaaat     88440
     ttaaattgtg tcatcaagtt ggacaagcca ctctcaggtc tgttaataag taaccaaaac     88500
     tgcacaagct gctgatgagt tggcctaaac aaaatggata aagaaaacaa taaaacgtta     88560
     atttgcacta ttgtcaagtt tagatgtttc tgtaacatca ccttcctatc tgtagataac     88620
     acacttaata aatcctgtcc tgtaatagct cttctcctaa ctgaaattac gacggtttcc     88680
     aaacagatat aataagattt aaaagttagg aactttctgt aatacgcccc ctgaagcatg     88740
     atcacattag ttaattttgc tgcatgtgaa atgaaatagc tattttacta gaaaaataat     88800
     tgaatgcctg tagaagtaat gaagtaaaaa ataaaagcca aaccatgttc acatcccaca     88860
     aagcactagt tataaaaaca aaccaataga ggtgaataat aaatgacaga gtttacagta     88920
     ttagcggaga cctcaaaatg catctcttca tgatgctgga taacatgcct ggaagatccg     88980
     tcactttccc tgggagatga caattgtgcc accgtggttg ctgatgatgt cttcatattg     89040
     aggaggaggc tctgcttcaa tctgtatatc cgtatggccc acagcttctt catatgaagg     89100
     gggtgggtca ccccgacttc cccgcccagg tgtgaggtca gcaccggggt aggcagggct     89160
     actgtgggca ctgatctccg agtgagggct tatgtcagga tggtagtccc gaccccattg     89220
     gtccattgac accacggaca gtgttgtgtc tctttgggga cgcccgatgg cagggctttg     89280
     ctgggatctt ttgcgggaat ggcatctcca aactgtgatg gagactgcag cgataagaag     89340
     caaaaccagc agtaggggta ggattaggta tagggaatga acgccaccag cgatggactc     89400
     gagtcctcct ggtctggggc tactctctcg ttggtactcc tcccaaaatc gcctctggaa     89460
     gagtcacagg gtggtaaaaa cccaattaga taatggcagt gtctcaataa actcacataa     89520
     caggtcaaat gaacttgttt gtggtgaaaa caaaccccac cctttccact gtactgacta     89580
     atgcgcttgc taagtgtgac gtcacctaaa gcagcttccg ggtcgaatcg ctacagtata     89640
     tcaaactgta tgggaagttt tgacgttatc aaagcgatgt aatactttcg aaaatcacga     89700
     ttgcaatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata     89760
     tatatatata tatatatata tacatatatc catgcctaat atcagatggc cagaaagtga     89820
     ttaactttta taaaatgtta caatttacaa ttttcaccag agactgttgc gtaaactata     89880
     aatttacatg aaaatcaaat aaaaaaaata ttatgactaa aaagtggtca taaacaaata     89940
     ttttctcaat ttaaatgagc agcggcttgg acccggaaac agtattcata catcactgat     90000
     atgtagggcc agacagaatc tgcggtcatt ttttggtatt tctgtgcaaa atgttgtaaa     90060
     aaatctgcgg atatatgcgg aagtattttg ggagtatcgt aactaaaaac tgaataaatg     90120
     aaataaaaaa taataccttt ttaactttta tttaatgttt acaatgcaaa tccttctaga     90180
     tccacttatt gggtaaacaa agcaagtctt tcatataata tataacttat agacagaaaa     90240
     tattacttta caaaatgtat tgtaaataaa taaaaggaac acttttatat taatcaatga     90300
     tataactgaa attaatttaa aaactgaatt aatatcaatt tacacaagta aataaataga     90360
     ctcaacgatg agccaaaaat ctgcggtttt ctgcgcacgc agattccgtg tgggcatacg     90420
     gatacgtcac gactttacaa gcggataacc aagactttgc acaacaaaaa acaattataa     90480
     cactatacag aaaaaaactg agaatacctt ttggattaca ccttatttca caagttaagt     90540
     atagttgaat tatagttgac cagaagctac agaacacaag tggtttgtag agtttaacca     90600
     taccagaggg aagtttatca tttgcatgtg ttttaaggcc tttgactttc aagagaattc     90660
     gggcacaata aagtatgttt ggaagtgtaa ctcaatttta ttaagttatt tacaagattt     90720
     atgcaacaaa aaaaaatttt cttacttaaa atttcagtct aaatacccac atttcaaagt     90780
     gaaaataaga ttattttaat taccccactg gcagataatt tagcttattt taagggaaat     90840
     ttctgggaaa ttttagggga catatcttct gaaggtgaaa acaaaacaat attttttttt     90900
     tttacttgat ctacaagtat ttttagatat ttgaactaaa aacaagactt ttttgcattg     90960
     tgattattct ccagaaaacc atctgtcaaa ctgtatacac atatcgcaat atttaacgca     91020
     gaggaaaatg tattaactat ttattaatta tacatttatt aataatagtt caacatttac     91080
     caatggccta ttaaaatcca aaatacacac attatttaat gcaccacgag ttaacaatct     91140
     aacaatgagc aattgagttt tcattaacta acatgagcaa atactgtaat aaacgtacat     91200
     gaactaacat taaccaatac agccttactg tatagtgtta cagaacaaat aattaaataa     91260
     taaacaaaca aaaaaatgta tgcctgtttc tgaagctttt tcccacaagt atccacagat     91320
     tttagccaaa acagcaaaca atatattgtg caccatttta ttttttaaat tataggtctt     91380
     cttttaacat tttaattggt gataatcatc ctcattacta ctaatagtaa taataatatt     91440
     aatactacta tattaatatg caactgcttg ctccagcttt tatttatgat taaaacaagg     91500
     tctgtggcaa atataaactg acagcaaact gatttttgta acaagtaacg acaaaagaat     91560
     atttgtggtg tgtgcgcgca gtttgtttta gaccaaaaca ctgacacact gagacaatta     91620
     tgtctactat agaccttatt ttacttatga aaatatataa aacaggtaaa tccccagtga     91680
     aacaagtggt gaaataatcc tgaaagtact ggacacaaca actacagcac tctgctagat     91740
     ttctttctca aaccatccag ccctttctgg aacattacat cattacatat tcagctgatg     91800
     actgttctgc tgttttgtgt ttgcacatac agtgtaaaca accacaagac cattccgaaa     91860
     cttgatgaca tatttaataa tccccaaaaa ctgtacaccc actgagcctt tcctgttgat     91920
     gttgctcact tccctgctca gaggaaatgc cacagaatgg aacgactaaa cggaaattgt     91980
     tcaagttcgt gcacaaacat ccaccccaat ctcaccgttt tctcatcgtt ctcgaatgcc     92040
     tccctggctt cttcataatt gcagatttcc tctctgcatt ctcgctgaat gttcccttgt     92100
     ttcatctcct ccaagaagaa gtttgctctc gggagcctcc gcagcaccga gtgcgcggca     92160
     tctgctggca ggaacactgg caaagataca aacaatgagc ctacagcaca caagccaaga     92220
     ggggggctac tacgaccgac attctttgaa atgcccgttt ctcccaggcg cagggaattt     92280
     gtgaaagaga agcccactgt tcctcactat tgagcgtggg agaaataaaa cagatgatat     92340
     attgtgtgat ccataagtat cggattaggc atggattaaa tattagaggc gctctgtggg     92400
     ccctgttgac aatctgtaac taatactaat cagaaattgc tgacagaatg atgcatcacc     92460
     tttacgtgac atccattaga tcactaggag gctcagtaca cacacacaca cacacacaca     92520
     cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca cacacacaca caatatcata     92580
     gcaacgtaaa gaaacacaaa gcagcatcct taaacatatc aaagactttt gtcacagata     92640
     tacagtataa aatataagga ctcaccggct cccatgattc ctgcagcttt tcaaacaggg     92700
     aatctggacc ttgagagtga caggacagac gaccagattt aatcatcgac cacctattta     92760
     tatgagttgt gctcatgctt tttccaaatt aacaaattta aaacagcaaa caggcgacga     92820
     attttgtcat gaagtactac atagaggcgt ctgtatgtca aggcacacta aacagctgac     92880
     gtaaatgtat gtccagatac ataaatcatc ctgtatagct caaggactgt tagcttacta     92940
     gcatttatag gacacattca accagagtca gcaaacgaat aaaaacggac acatttttga     93000
     aaagcataac gcactgttat cttatatcaa cccgtaaagc ttacgcctcg atgttaaaaa     93060
     acatggtaac gttaaggtta agcaacttgt gtcgctaacg ttaattcagt cccatatttg     93120
     tgatggatat cgactgaagc ttgtcgacgt tttgatcatt aaaaccgtac aactcaacgt     93180
     acccgtcgat gtgtccgaat attggcattt tgtatacaat aattagaaaa cactaagagt     93240
     ttaaataaca tttaaaactg tgtttacccg ttccgcccaa acgtgtatcc ccgttagtcc     93300
     caatgtcctg atttggcgca tgcgcacatg gtgcagtaac cggccagaat taactaaata     93360
     gaggtctctg cttgtaatga atcacagagg accgccgacg ctggtttcgg ggcatggggt     93420
     gtaattacag aacgagtttc tttctttgta aatccccttt cttattgtag gaatatgaga     93480
     cagtagggaa tgggtaatat atcggcttat ctgtatacat acggcttata atgtattgtc     93540
     agaacaggct aaataggaat gtgagaaagc gaatgatttc atgcaatctt aattgtggta     93600
     aaacaatgcc tcattattac attatattac gctttgaccg atagattctt tctaaaaatt     93660
     atataaaaac tatgttattt acattttagt gtgctctatt aactaaaata taaattaaaa     93720
     atattaacaa aatattactt tgtcaaagta tttagagaaa aatgtgtcat gcaaaaaata     93780
     gaaaaatgaa taacatttgg acaaataaaa gacaaagaaa atcatggaaa ataattaaag     93840
     taacagagag gaccaaaaga agtacaaata aaatgtagct gaacgagcta catttaagaa     93900
     tatgaaataa tatgatattg ttagagggac atccaaaatt attactttca aaatgtgggt     93960
     gactttttga caagttaatg tttaccagtt ctttgagaga gaaaaacaca cactgacaaa     94020
     actaaataaa attctgtggc tgcttatgca gttaagcatg cctttatgtg aaaggaagca     94080
     ctctagattg tttgaaatga aagcaagttt gttcaaggat gaaatgtaat aataatgtat     94140
     aatatgcatg aactaattaa tttaacaaaa atttaagcta aaaatgatgt ttgcaaaatt     94200
     attataaact ttatatttgt tgaatttaaa cattcatttg gtcatttgtt tattttattt     94260
     ttagtttagt tcctttatta atttggggtc accacagcgg aatgaaccgc caactcatcc     94320
     agcatatttt tttacgtagc ggatgcaacc aaccttccag ctgcaataca tcactgggaa     94380
     acacacacac acactcattt acacacatca attcagctta cccaattcac ctataccaca     94440
     tgtttttgga ctgtggggga aaccggagca cgcagaggaa acccacacaa acacaggaga     94500
     acatgcaaac tccatacaga aatgccaact gacctagatt gggcacgaac cagtcacctt     94560
     tttgctgtga agtgattgtg ctacccccac tgcgccaccg tgccaccctg aatttaaaca     94620
     aaaaaaaatt tatttagcac gttcaacttt ttttttttgc ttccaactac ttaacttcaa     94680
     aaaattagta aataatcatc cttgaatatt tttttcagtg tatttagttc tgctacatgt     94740
     tttatttttt gtttgctttt ttgtcagttt gtttggacta ttaaaaatgg ccataactgt     94800
     cgacctgcat tttatgaata actaaaacaa acagtttcag ctttgacatt ctaaaggaaa     94860
     aaggcaagaa aagacaaata attcgactca aatgtgtttg gcgcaacaca gtaaagctgc     94920
     ttcttttctt tgacgtgtat attaatcaac aaggactcac aaactcaatt tgtgtcttgt     94980
     tcactattat cttgaataat gactatttag agggctctag cgttctcttt tcttctcttg     95040
     gattacaatc ggtaatcaat gatgctccaa gagtttgcta gaaagcacat ttgccctgat     95100
     gtcctcaaac atgcttttac attcagtgta aacatcagat attaaccagt gaaactacaa     95160
     tatgtacatt tgttgtcttt gaggcgaatg ctggatttgg aaaaaataag taagtgatta     95220
     aaaaaactta taaataagca atatcacata agtagcagtg ggatatggct gaataatggc     95280
     actggaggga gacatgagtt gcacaaggcc gcagagtaca tacataagag aaagaaagaa     95340
     aaaaagatac atatacataa acaacatatt taacagacaa tgaatgaaga aaataacata     95400
     gatataaata aaaaatagat agaaagagac caatcagtgg tgaagagtgt caacaattaa     95460
     agtaatgtta atgatcgtaa taatgacagt aaaaagaaaa agggacaaca gtaatataat     95520
     aacactgaca acaacaacaa caacaacaac agcaacaaca ataatagctc attcattttc     95580
     ttgtccgctt agtcccttta ttaatctggg ttcaccacag cggaatgaac caccaactta     95640
     tccagcaagt ttttacgcag cggatgccct tccagctgca acccatcgct gggaaacatc     95700
     cacacacaca ctcatacact acggacaatt tagcctatcc acatcacctg tactgcatgt     95760
     ctttggactg tgggggaaac cggagcacct ggaggaaacc catgcgaagg caaggagaac     95820
     atgcaaactc cacacagaaa tgccaactga gccgaggttc gaaccagcga cccagtgacc     95880
     ttgctgtgag gcgacagcac tacctactgc gcccaataat aataataata actaattttt     95940
     caacatatag taaataaatg ccacacacac acacacacac acacacacag tctcaatcat     96000
     acatttcagt ctccattatt cctgtctctt cttcacaaaa cccttgataa taaaaaaaaa     96060
     tctaattgac ctgaatagat gagtagaaag aggtgatcat gtctctttgc agggaaaaaa     96120
     aacaagccat cagtcacctt gagactgcca gtctgtaaca ttctgaatat gttcttcact     96180
     ctcaaagcaa gcagtatttt atgacttaag caaccatctt caatttgtct caaaatgaat     96240
     gatttttcaa tccttcccaa atgaaaagct tattcatgat aaactggaaa ggagaacgag     96300
     aattcaatgt ttaatcttcc tgtgttatgc acagtggagc aaaggaagaa tattattttc     96360
     ctttgtgcgt gcaaatcttg agaacagaac aaaagatgta tttagggttt tatctttttc     96420
     tgcatgaggc aaggccaagc tgttgattat gtggtgaaat tccaagtgac ttttgttgtc     96480
     agacttaata gctcatgaac aatgtacagc ttttcaggct gaatgctcat gttgatcata     96540
     accttttttt tttgacaaca atgttttaca actcagtaat tgtatgaagg atgatactga     96600
     gtcatgtttt ttctcttatt tctttagaga aaatgaaata tattttaaaa tgaagagttt     96660
     ttggatgcat tttgtaacat cttctggtta aatgtttttt ttccacccca caaattgtta     96720
     ggatagcatt catatctttt acatgcaatc cagcactaag gtatgttgca agtatgctaa     96780
     tcttagagtc tggaaagtgt ttcatattct aattattaga aagaaatgtt tcattatctt     96840
     tctgaaaaaa gacagattgc taaaatgtgc agaacagtga cagctcaaaa gatagctgaa     96900
     tagagagaat aaacaaatga gggaaaatag tgtgagagaa ataggctaca tgccacgcca     96960
     gttgaggggc agtgatcgaa tgtctggctc atattgagga atcgatactt ttgaacagaa     97020
     ctgatcttaa gaaaatgatt cagtgattct ttttctgtgt aaagttatct ttattttact     97080
     attatatatc atcaaagttg tatgataaag ctggcagctt gctcttttta attctcacat     97140
     ggtcactcac tgaagctaag caaggctgag cctggttagt acctgaatgg gagaccacat     97200
     gggaaaacta ggttggtgcc agaagttagt gaggccagca ggggatgctc aacctgctgt     97260
     ctgtgtgcag cctaacgccc cagtatagtg aatgggacac tttactgctc agtgagcact     97320
     gtcttttgga tgagatgtta aaccttggat gatgtgttcg gtctggtgca atatggtcat     97380
     gtcatccagg tggatgctgc acactggtgg tggataagga gattcccctc actgtgtaaa     97440
     gtgctttgag tgtccagaaa cacgctatat aaatgtaaag aaatattatt attttaagtt     97500
     ttcagcttat acatactagc ataacaaggt gcagcaaaaa aggctagaga acatgacaat     97560
     taatggtaat aatgtagtaa ttaattttcc agtaaaaact tatgctggat aagttggcag     97620
     ttcattccgc tgtggcgacc aaagattact aaagagacta agcagacaag aaaatgactg     97680
     aatgaacgat ctagttattc atgttaaaga tagactggtt attttgcttc atataggatt     97740
     gattatatga aaaaatttca tttatatttt catatatatt ttcatgtttt ccctgtgttc     97800
     gtatgggttt cctccaggtg ctccggtttc cctcacaggt tcaaagacat gcggtatagg     97860
     tgaattaagt tagctaaatt ggccaaagtg tatgtgtaac ggaggccagc tagtacgtgc     97920
     tgtgcaggta aacctcactc ctctaacctc taaagatgct ctagcgatag aagctagagg     97980
     tcatggtctt tagcctcctt ggtagagcaa ctgactctta tgcggaaggt cgccagtttg     98040
     ataccagctc tgagcgggtt gggtggcata ggaccggcag ggttacatat gtgtgtgaat     98100
     gcaagagtgg gtggccgttt tccagtgttg agttgcgact ggaatggcat ccactgagta     98160
     aaacatatgc tggataagtt ggcggctctt ctgctgtggt ggcccctgat taataaaggg     98220
     actaagccga aacgaaaatc aatgaatgct aaaacaaatg acccaatctg tagttttcta     98280
     caactatatg gtattacact gaggtacacg acagttgttt actgtagtat atctataata     98340
     cagtagttat tattacagtt tatcagttca atataaaaca atatattcac taacactgtt     98400
     gtaaatgtaa tacactttac tgtggtatag ttcaaaaaca ctaaagtatt aactataaat     98460
     caatatattt ttttcatggg cataataatc aggaaacatt tgtgtttttt attttattag     98520
     cctgtaggct gtttttttta ctatgaaagt gcaagtgtcc attgactgct gaacaacaca     98580
     ggctacaacc atcacagaag ttcactaatt gtttccacca ctacataggc tacccataaa     98640
     acgttatcaa ccatcacatt gtgaatggcc cgagttttaa gaaacttatt aagagattca     98700
     attagcgaaa tttaacaaga aaaatatcaa atggtaaaat atagcctagc tctgtttgtg     98760
     tataaaaaaa ttacaaaatg tgttgaatcc agctatggaa caaaatcaat gcctaaagtc     98820
     ttgaattaaa aagcttgttg aatatcacaa actgaaaaaa ataatacacc gtattaacaa     98880
     gttcttgcgt tttaatgact tgaattccag ggtttgtatt tttaggtcct gaaatttaac     98940
     atatctgttt atttaagctg tgaatatttc aacgaaaaat atttcaaaca cgttttcata     99000
     cttaaaaatt caataattca tattcaattt tcagatttca cttacaaaat attcaatacc     99060
     ctttaaaaat acgatgtata atattcaaaa ggtcattttc agttcatttt atttcagttc     99120
     aaatattcgc ttccataaat tcagtggatc aaattcgact gttaaaattc aacattacat     99180
     ccgggaactg caggagaagc aatagattgc agattgaaga tcgcagctgc tctagctttc     99240
     accagcaggt ggagatggaa taatgtaaga tttttaaccc agtaaacagg cgagaaaaag     99300
     gctaataaag gcacaaaagt agcatttaat tttaatatca atgccttgga cattataaat     99360
     aataaaaagt atgagtaaaa tgagtaaatg agggtttagt catttatatt tgcccttatg     99420
     taacggaagc cagctggtga tcgcgtaaag ctcacccctc ggatccaggg acagacgttg     99480
     ttctgcaatc ttatcggagc ttgtctccca tgctggctcg atacctgctc ggaccggtgc     99540
     ggttacttgc acataaaccg tcttttgatg aatatgatgt tacacattgt ctatctttat     99600
     tgactctttc ttccatagac gcgaagtatt atattgacag ctaaagagta taaacgtaag     99660
     agaaacagga gaggaaatat aataataatt atacaaaata gataaacatt gacagggcta     99720
     agaacaatta cgaacaaaga ttttcaaaac cagagagatt ttatgagaat gtcacaaaac     99780
     agtttacttg gaaatgttaa acagagttca ggtatgattt aaggttggtt atggatgggg     99840
     cgtctgattt aaaataattt aacatgcgaa tgcattaaag gggcgtcttc agttattcac     99900
     acagaaccgt ctaatatggc ataactataa ggagtaattt tgcgctgttt aaacgcagct     99960
     atgtcaggat tggcataggt tatacatttt catcatttaa attattatta tgattgttaa    100020
     tattattatt gtatgacatt ttttctaatt tttggggttc tgccatggtt aaacgtttgc    100080
     caaatgtctt agtttgtcca gattattgtt ttattgttat gtagcctgta ggcgagaaaa    100140
     aaggtaataa cgcaaaagtg gcaacgtcgc agccaatgat aactaataaa acgagtcgcc    100200
     tgtggtttga taataggcag ttataactga ctttgttttt attaaacgag aaaaccgtta    100260
     tttataactt ttcagcgacc gtttgtattt tatgattagc aatgttgatc ttttttgcag    100320
     ttattaaaca tataaactta tttaaactgg tttaaactta atatagttgt cacttgagct    100380
     agtttcataa gattaatgtt tataatgcgt ggtttgacat gcgtggttga ggggttcctg    100440
     caaagcagct caattcatcc tcatggggta ttactgagct ttaatcgcca tctactggag    100500
     agaatgtatt tgctcattta taactctttt ctgcaagtct gttttatgat ttcacaaagt    100560
     caaaccatta tgtttttatt ttatattttg agatgatcat atttaaataa acaattgcta    100620
     gggtagctaa tagtttcttt tttcttgttt tttaaaaaaa atcagtagct tataaaatcc    100680
     aaatttttgc ttgacaaagt tattagttta ggattcttga tgcatttttg ctgtgttgga    100740
     aactcataag ctcacactaa atcaattata tcatcagaaa tgacagatat aagaaatcca    100800
     ttaatattca tcactctttt tacaattata caagcaattt cgcgccgacg tcagctccac    100860
     tttcggaaat ggtaaacagc gaggtgttat tcatataagc ccaagcatga catatgtcat    100920
     gattaatata ataatcgaaa cactcttgta ggctattctt atgcttggcc aaatgtcatg    100980
     actttcactt tcattttaca ttattatgca cacgcccaga tatcatctga aactttggaa    101040
     gaattcctat caaatattga cagccatcca gcatctctta atcagtttga tatgtggcgc    101100
     tggctctgac tggccaccgg agctcgcggc cactcgttcg actttgtcgt gagcaaaccg    101160
     cacaccacat gcataaaaac gtcaatcatt tcattaattc atcaattcat tcattttcct    101220
     tctgcttcgt ctctatttta gaggaaaagc aatattctgg acaaaccaaa gacattttgc    101280
     aaacgtttaa ccgtggcaga accccaacaa ctagaaaaaa agaagagaaa gacgatagca    101340
     aagtgatagc taaaaaggat aaatagaaat attaatttag aatcacggat gacttattta    101400
     agcgcaatag cccaaataca tgtcataaaa taataataac aatcataatt taaataatta    101460
     aattataacc tatcccaatc ctgacatagc tgcgtttaaa cagcgcaaaa ttactcctta    101520
     tagttatgcc atattagacg gttctgtgtg aataactgaa gacgcccctt taatgcattc    101580
     gcatgttaaa ttattttaaa tcagacgccc catccataac caaccttaaa tcatacctga    101640
     actctgttta acatttccaa gtaaactgtt ttgtgacatt ctcataaaat ctctctggtt    101700
     ttgaaaatct ttgttcgtaa ttgttcttag ccctgtcaat gtttatctat tttgtataat    101760
     tattattata tttcctctcc tgtttctctt acgtttatac tctttagctg tcaatataat    101820
     acttcgcgtc tatggaagaa agagtcaata aagatagaca atgtgtaaca tcatattcat    101880
     caaaagacgg tttatgtgca agtaaccgca ccggtccgag caggtatcga gccagcatgg    101940
     gagacaagct ccgataagat tgcagaacaa cgtctgtccc tggatccgag gggtgagctt    102000
     tacgcgatca ccagctggct tccgttacat aagggcaaat ataaatgact aaaccctcat    102060
     ttactcattt tactcatact ttttattatt tataatgtcc aaggcattga tattaaaatt    102120
     aaatgctact tttgtgcctt tattagcctt tttctcgcct gtttactggg ttaaaaatct    102180
     tacattattc catctccacc tgctggtgaa agctagagca gctgcgatct tcaatctgca    102240
     atctattgct tctcctgcag ttcccggatg taatgttgaa ttttaacagt cgaatttgat    102300
     ccactgaatt tatggaagcg aatatttgaa ctgaaataaa atgaactgaa aatgaccttt    102360
     tgaatattat acatcgtatt tttaaagggt attgaatatt ttgtaagtga aatctgaaaa    102420
     ttgaatatga attattgaat ttttaagtat gaaaacgtgt ttgaaatatt tttcgttgaa    102480
     atattcgcag cttaaataaa cagatatgtt aaatttcagg acctaaaaat acaaaccctg    102540
     aaattcaagt cattaaaacg caagaacttg ttaatacggt gtattatttt tttcagtttg    102600
     tgatattcaa cgagcttttt aattcaagac tttaggcatt gattttgttc catatccagc    102660
     cctctaaatc accatatttt gggtcaaaca tgttcatata agtctcggtt cttgttcggt    102720
     gcgtcactga actattgact cgataacaga ccgtgaatca tacatcaggg ttttgtgaaa    102780
     gggagctccg gcgaggcact aggaccctgc aggtgcagca gagatttttc aataatgtgc    102840
     agtgcagtcg cgttcatagg agcgcgaggg cagctgttac agcgtccctc tcgcgcagct    102900
     gttccacaat ctccaaaaca ctgatcgcgg atacggatcc aaagtgtgcg gatagtcctc    102960
     tttttcctct ccgagacgca gcgcagcatc agcccagcgc atccagccga catggcctca    103020
     tccgtgagcg gagcagagga agtgcgcgtg tcggcgttga cgcccctgaa gttggttggt    103080
     ctggtgtgtg ttttcctcgc gctgtgcctg gatgtcgggg ccgtgctgag tccggcgtgg    103140
     gtcaccgccg atgaccagta tcacctgtcc ctgtggaagt cgtgctcgaa gcccgctgcc    103200
     tccgcgacct ggcggtgcaa cagcacactg ggaaccggtg agacccgtta cttttgtaac    103260
     tttgctgtaa acaatgttca gacaagatga gctgttcatg catattttag gatgcaggga    103320
     aaacaaaaaa agggcgcagt ctttttttaa gttagtgagc tgtaacgtgg ccctggaggt    103380
     gcatatttaa tttatgagat gataacaaaa ggggcccttc gctccctggc gcatcattat    103440
     tatcactcat tgttgaggtc gtgcttaacc agctctttct atataatgag acaacaattc    103500
     tataaaattg tcaacaatat agtcaaaaat tcgtgtttac gatattctat cggatttgaa    103560
     tcaatgaaac aaagcatttt aatgttattt gtctgtttca gcattaataa tttagtaaat    103620
     gctaatacct gatagtaacg agtgtctgtc ccagatttag ctagcttaca tatttgttgt    103680
     tgtgtatttc gcatgtaatt aggctagttt aatacaaatt aacaaacgaa taaactagtc    103740
     aactttggaa cagcttgttt ctaatagtta aattaatata ttttataaat actacaaagt    103800
     taaaagatat aggctactag ttacacttgg gtttattcgt tagcaaatac ttaaaaataa    103860
     gtcctggcta gtttaaagga aacagcttgt gccaatggtt ttgggggaaa tcaagcctga    103920
     attcattctg ttttcagcag acaagactct ttccagccag gattaatctc attactgagg    103980
     cagtgtttgt gaagaacgct tcattaatta attgatatcg atcctgaaca tttaacagga    104040
     cgctgtattt tattcacagc ttgctttggt ggaagggctt ttggatgatg tgggaacgtg    104100
     tgatggaatc ggcggtccag ctggggtttc attctgcttt tgttgtccac aaaatgagcc    104160
     tttgttaaag tctcctcacc ggccaaaagg agtgaggtta agtttgagag gagagctccc    104220
     ttgaggccct aatgtggaca gattagttac caaggaaaca agtgctgcat tctagaaatg    104280
     tcattttgct ttgaaacaga aacttccctc ttggcatgca tggaggcttg cttttgcgag    104340
     catagcttta cttggaaatc cattttcata tgttggtctt gaggtattcg ttggcacatt    104400
     tttacggcgc ggtctcggat ggcctgaagt agttaagatt taagatgtta ttttatgcct    104460
     gctttccatt cacaatgtgc ttggttctgg actcctttaa aaagcccagt ttgactccat    104520
     ataaagtcat gaagctctag tcaaaatacc aaggcagagg ccttggtgaa tggcttccct    104580
     cggcagcgca ttattgatct gggggctttt tttgtaatca gtcactccat ttcctccgtg    104640
     tgtcatgccc tgtgcattaa actcaatctc attagcttgg caattaccgg ctgactcgag    104700
     taccggcgtc tatattgagt ccagggcatg gttttaaagt ttatctgtgt ccattgaaca    104760
     acacagatat gctaacataa acaacactcc cgttttacac gcacacatcc accctaaatc    104820
     cgaggttgtg aaagctcttg gggaaagata atcgtaaaca agaggaatgt ggcgaaagtg    104880
     tgtgagtctt tttgtgctga tgttatgctc gactggagag gaagcagcgg ttgaatgtgg    104940
     agtccgcgtc gcacactgtt ttcccatctg cggacggcga ggaatgtgga gacattgagt    105000
     cttattggcg gaattcagtc gctcgtcttt gacattggag ttcttatttt cccccctcat    105060
     catggtatca gattgaaaga actagccaag aggcactcgc ttgccgaaaa acagattata    105120
     gtaatgaatg ttttgatttt tatctcatct cctcatttcc atctgtagtc ctgtagggga    105180
     ttttggataa gctccattct tctggaaacc cctcagacat ggagctcaag gttacataaa    105240
     gtcgaaattt tttctcagat gggggaaaga catgtttgtt gacgattcgc aggcttttgg    105300
     tggctatcca tagaggttga agtgttaggg gttctgtttt catgtctctc ttcaacttcc    105360
     tgcgctgaca gacgtactta taaggttgaa tcataaacct ttaaaggctt tgtttatgtt    105420
     cgaaactata gtacggcaga atggagctga agtagcctag agctgctctc agccatcact    105480
     gaaaatgatg ttttgacatg atttagtact agaaatgatg attttctggc tgagaaaatt    105540
     atagatcatt ttcccaggct gatgaaaatg cttctattta cagatatcgc tctgcaataa    105600
     caaaaccctg cgacaggatc cagcgcattt atgggtttgt ttaaacaaac aagtatcgag    105660
     gtcttatgaa atggagtcct ttctcgggtt cagtaattga atcatttatt atgagacgac    105720
     tgcacaaaaa cgctaatgta gtgttttgtt tctttgtaac aatgtgtaaa gtcatttctg    105780
     ctatttttat aacttcctaa agcaagtcat tgcaaaatgt gaaaatggta tgcagtagtt    105840
     tggtgtttgt aacaattttt tttagtaata tctaataggg ctgcacgata ttggaaaaaa    105900
     atacatacat attaacatac atattttgtt tttctgcgtt atacattgcg atatgaaatc    105960
     tattttaacc aaattgagag gtgaaaagta acaaattaca tttactcacg ttactgtact    106020
     ttttttttct agtttttttg ataatttata ctttttagtg tagtgtttaa aatctgtaat    106080
     ttaattttga cttaaatatg atttgcctaa agtattgctc tttgctacat tttaaatcat    106140
     atccgtttct atcagagtaa aaaaaaataa atgtataaag caatccaacg aaaaataaga    106200
     aaatcgcgct cggaaatcat gtcattgcag cagcagcatt tgaaatattc tgcgggtaaa    106260
     atagtctatt tactgctgga gttagattta taaagatcat tattatgcgg aaataaagca    106320
     gtgcacatga tataatccag tacacgatgg atgcggggag acttctttcc catcgcatac    106380
     acaaggaaag ctaaagcagc gcgtgcgccg cgcattgcac ctgatcggcg gcatgtgcag    106440
     ataaatctat ctgtctgttc tagttaccca tctatctttc tgttttattt taattatttt    106500
     atttaatatt taataatttt aattttcaat tgcaccaagg cctatgccaa cttcatctca    106560
     tgtttcctta acctgcaact ctttatttta caaattttta tatatatata tatatatata    106620
     tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatatata tatatattat aaagaactgt    106680
     atgcttctta agctttatgt ggacaatcgc ctgttatatc ataatttttg ttgttgattg    106740
     tcagcatgat gtaggccttt ataataaaat gtatacgata tagctagaat gacatttgta    106800
     catgatcaaa ctagggtgca acttcagaaa aaaacaatgc taaaacggtt ttaaatttgt    106860
     ttttgttttt ttagtttggg cccaaacaaa tatttgatcg tgttcgtaac attgctaatg    106920
     ttcgttagca ccaggattag atattaacag ggacttaaag caaaattgtc tttgcacaag    106980
     ttagctaaca tagacgttgc attagaattt gtcaatttgt ttaaagtgtt aaataggcta    107040
     atctgtgaaa tattttaaat aagtatataa ttttttgtct taaattttta aagttccata    107100
     aaaacaacta attgaagatt tatatcctct tatgcctttt gagaaataga gactctttac    107160
     tcatgagtac atttttaatg agttaatttt tactttttct tgagcagatt tatagacatg    107220
     tagctttact tttacttaag taaattttac ttatactttt acttgagtag aatattttat    107280
     tactctttcc acccctgact ttggactgaa taacttttct tttgtgaaga attcactatt    107340
     tcagaacatt tggggtgatt ttataggtga gtgcatctac ataaattatt taaattaaca    107400
     ttaaactcaa ttttttagga tgggaaaaca tgagaggaat aaagtggttt atttttttct    107460
     ggtaagtcta aatgaaggtt ggacaagtat atttacaaat ctaaagtaaa atgacactat    107520
     aaaaatgtga ttttattagt ctttgtaact gaaaaaagtg attagttact ttaaataaat    107580
     gagtaaaccc gttgctttaa aagtaacatt gattttactt ttaaaaatcg gtaaacccat    107640
     caacttaaat ttgaattaca cagacggttt gtttgtgcgt aataattata taataattat    107700
     aaggcaatga ttttaattaa ttaatttttt tgagtaaagt aaacaaatca cttttttacc    107760
     atgtgtttaa cagaaaaaaa tgcaaacaaa tgcaattaat atattttaaa tccacaatat    107820
     cgccattaat ctacaagctc ctggtcaaca ataatttata cttgacattg cagatccagt    107880
     aatgtgcgga tggacacatt gcgatatcga tgctgaaacg atatgttgtg cagtcctaaa    107940
     atctaatata agtcctaaaa tctaatacta acacttccct tcttagactt tacagacctg    108000
     aaacttgcct ttagtactta ttcattgttg ctcttagttg tgtaaattgc ttccttgtcc    108060
     tcatttgtaa gtcgctttgg ataaaagcgt ctgctaaatg actaaatgta aatgtaaatg    108120
     taaatgtaat atttcagagc aatttaaaac cttaaaaaac actttatgtt attaacgacc    108180
     agcattaatg ttcttgttag tgtaacttct gtaactgtac aaagatgttt ttatttgtga    108240
     tgcatggtgt tgcaagatta ttatgtcact gaatagtaca aaacggatga aacctttaaa    108300
     atttgctctt gttttggcag acatattgta aaatagagta ttttgcatgt tgcattgata    108360
     taccagtagc tgcagcaaat gtctttagag tgagtcactg aacaatacat tcaaaaacac    108420
     ctattcattt aggaacaaag caactgattc actcaaaatg attcatttat aagtcaaaac    108480
     acatgactgc tctaatgagt gagtctatga atcattcact cagctaatgt gctcacgaat    108540
     acggatttat taataatcac taatttacct agctgatata ttgacaagca ttgattcatt    108600
     catgaactgc aacgagcgac tcaccattgt cattgactaa gttgagtaaa aacactgatt    108660
     cgttcaattt atgattagta gtaactcaaa taatttgctt acattgattc actcataagt    108720
     caaaataaac aactgttcat agtgagtgag tcattgaatc attcacttaa ttggttcaca    108780
     tacacatatt tattatttaa aatcaagcat ctacacttgt aagtgggtca ttgaatcatt    108840
     tactcagcag attcgtttac aaaatctaat taattcatta tttgacagtt cattcgaaaa    108900
     cacttattca ttcaggagca aaaaaacttt atgagcaagt cattaaataa tttattcaac    108960
     acaattcatt catgcgtcta aacggatggt ttcctgaaga gtgagtcact gaattattta    109020
     ctcagctaat ttattcacaa acactaattt actaattttt taaaacaagt gactttactg    109080
     gatcagtgga tcattgacta aatatacacc tagccaattc attcatgact ttcaacaagt    109140
     gattttcatc acattaaaat caataactga gtcatgtaaa aacactaatt tattcaggat    109200
     caaaacatgt ggaaatgtat aatgtataaa tcacttgaat cattaaaatt attatgaatc    109260
     attaaatcgt tcacttcacc tttttttctt acactgatta attactgagt caaaacgaat    109320
     gactctccat atgagtgagt caataaatca tacagattca ttatttgaaa acaagcacag    109380
     attctcataa gcaagacact gaatcattta ctaagcagat taattcacaa aaaactgatt    109440
     cattcattat ttgatacaaa tgcataaaag tttgataact tgcataataa atgtaatact    109500
     ctgagtggtc tggatgcttg tattttgacc tgatttaaaa aaaaaaaatc ttgtaaatgc    109560
     caagtttccg ttttgtattt aaactggtga ggagacacat ctactgaccc atcaagccat    109620
     ttcatttaac agatttttgg tagttatcag agcgtgactc tcatcctatt cagatcatta    109680
     aataattcac tggtttattc aaaaacactg ggggctctat ttttacgatc taggagcaaa    109740
     gtctaaagcg catgtcaaaa tccacgtttg ctattttaag gacggcaaaa tatgctctgc    109800
     gccggggtgc agagtctaac agggttgtgc ttattttctt aatgggttat gggtgtgttt    109860
     tgagcataac gttcattaag ccaatcagtc ttgtctccta ttccctttaa tgctgtgttc    109920
     acacacttca ttcgcgcgtc aaatccgctt cattcgctcc tcaaattcac ctcacaattg    109980
     acgcgtattc aagtcatggg cggggcttct tactgctcgg ggactctagc ttcattgcta    110040
     aatggctaac atggatttta ttgagagaat aacttcgtta atgtgcttta tgaaggctgt    110100
     gtcagtttgt ttggaaccgt atctgagtcc actagatcct ttcagaggtg cacccagctt    110160
     tgtgagttca taaagtcctc cagaaactta acctggatga tggaggcttt cagctgtgct    110220
     tccaactgag ccgagtcttg ttcggtgtcg gcagtagtat ttcctctcga gacaccaaca    110280
     acaggcgcta cgacataagc acacccttac aagagaaagt tcctgattgg ttacgcaacg    110340
     cgaatgtcaa attttcaaac tgaagcaatt atccgaaaca cgcgttaagc acgtcaatta    110400
     cgcaaaatgc acaacttgtg ccgtttcatt cgtgccgtag gatctctatt cgcgtctttg    110460
     cattgactta agatgtaaat cactcgcgct tgacgcttct tccgcgtctg gtgtgaacgc    110520
     agcacaagag tcagttgagt cgtgctgtgg cgcatttgct atttaaatgg cgactttgta    110580
     agtagaaaaa ccgaacgctt tagaaaacaa ttaaacaaac tatctgcagc acgaacaagc    110640
     ttcctccatt cggcctcttt actttctctt tacattactt ttactcttta ctccttttgt    110700
     tctgtagata agtaaacggc actgttgcca actattttca atgaaaaggc actaccctcc    110760
     gtccgaaaag tcactaaaag tcactagatt acgtcataag tcaatttgca tattactgac    110820
     gtcatcaagt tctacgtctt gtttgtttaa cagcctatag ttaataaatg ggtatttgta    110880
     gttgcactac actttatgca agcatgtcaa tttaactaaa tttattgctg tttgaataca    110940
     gtatatcaat atagatgtgt agtgaatttg cagtaatctc ccaggcgtaa taaactcaca    111000
     caagtttcga aactgtcact aaaatatcta tgatagtgaa caagaaaaga ttaaacggtc    111060
     ataaattgtt aaaataaagg agaggcagat cagtttgact gtacaatgaa aatacctccc    111120
     actgccggtg ctaaatcgtt tgccgtaggt gcgcagagcc gtgatctgct ctcaggctgc    111180
     aggtgggaga gactgctgtt tgaggacggg ctgttagtgc tctgaggcgg gggaggggtc    111240
     gagaagagta gggacggtac agaatggaca aatgacagtc tataaaattt ccagtaacac    111300
     acaaaaaagt cactagattt gttgctagtc gctttttgga aaatttgtca ctaggggggt    111360
     gctaaaaagt cactaagtta gcaacactgg gaaacagtgt tgtacacact ccactgaaga    111420
     catccatcca taataagatg tctggtcaaa aaaactgagt tatatccaaa cacacgtcct    111480
     attcttatgc cccaaatggt aatgcatgtt tcctaaaccc gacagatgga caaatctata    111540
     cttgttttca tcaaaacaaa tataataaat ataatattta ttatataata aatgcaaata    111600
     ataactaata atgctaggta ttatttaggt agtggtaatg gtttttatat ctatatagaa    111660
     aatattatat tttgtaacat tttaatcctt taatttgttt ttatatgtaa agatatttct    111720
     gtattgctgt tcatcctgtg tatattaagc aatgtgtatg catttggacc cacacaggtg    111780
     cataactaac gcactctgca atggactttt agagcagatt ttagttggtc aatggcgtag    111840
     tctatttcag ttcctcaaaa tagcaacgca caaacaatgc accttaaaac tgctactttt    111900
     cagagcagta cacccatgaa tccacaaagt ggtacaattg tatttgctat tcaaacaacg    111960
     tggcacaaag cgtgaaaatt agggctgcgc tggtctgaac atgtcttgcg ccttattgct    112020
     ctgggtgtat gatagagccc tgaatctttc actagccgca ttattactga gttgctggaa    112080
     agtcagactg tctttcggct ctgtgtttag ctgacaaatg aaaaatgcaa aacaattatt    112140
     aacattgtct ccaaaatatt aaaatgatgc ctaattatac attactcatt gaataagtaa    112200
     atattacctc agccaacata gctaaagaga ctttgcaagt cactcctcag agaccgtcta    112260
     ctcataaccc atttttcctc tgcctaccta atgagaatgg tcaggagttc tgaagtgcat    112320
     gtgagattcc acacatttac tgtcaggtgt ccagatatgg aagcaggcgt agtgtttcag    112380
     gcgactcttt actgcttgcc ccctccctct gtcctgcgtt ccacagagga ttcagtgcta    112440
     tttctgggct ctactctagc tgagtgtctc agagtgcttg aatgaaaggc agaaacaaga    112500
     gggactgaag gagagagaaa gggagggagg aatacattat gcgatgcccc atttagccca    112560
     gcagagttgt cgataagctt tctgctgccc ttagaggttc attctttcaa atacgcaaac    112620
     ccaagaaatg agtttgtgtg tcagctgttc tgagggcatg tgcattgacg gtttcttaaa    112680
     aggaatagtt cactaaaata aattttaact ttaactgttt aaaggtttca cttgataaga    112740
     tttgtttact gccttggtta atatgaatca acaataaaaa tacttataaa ggatttaaaa    112800
     aggtaaaatg gaaagatggt aatattctat tatgtatttg cgtcaaaatt tgttcatctt    112860
     tgaagaaaaa aaactaggtg attctagtat tacgagtaca tttttgcatc tccttgataa    112920
     atcttttttt ttaaaaacaa agtctaatga aaatgtcttg aatagcaaca aatcatatta    112980
     agttatctct gcctataatg cttgtatatt atgtgtatgt atatgtttat ctagggacat    113040
     tattttctta aaaaaagatt accttaaaga cttccacaat agctattttt tgactttctc    113100
     cacctcctga atcatacatt cagcttctta tttacatttt ttttgtgttt actctactga    113160
     aagtctcctt aatataaaag aaacgtttgc atgagacgta agttttctga attacttgta    113220
     attttagtaa taaaaaaaat atacattttg tgtctgtctc tatattttgc tcaacttggt    113280
     tacatcagtt gtaaaaagac taaagcactg atagagatag catgtgactt gctccatgta    113340
     atgtcacttc ctctggtggg aaactggatt tttataattt atctctcatt aatttaaaca    113400
     aacatttttg gatacaccaa tagtagatta attatttgtt attaatgatg caatttttaa    113460
     ttattaactc cgttatcgtg attgatattt cagtgtatct ctcattcact ttttttaaaa    113520
     caataatgaa aatacataaa actgttattg gtttcaagtt gaacaataat taaccacagt    113580
     taaagtaaaa tgatcaaatg ttctgtaaca catttaagca ttttgaattg tttcatatca    113640
     acagtcgatt tggctcacag ttattaataa atttgttgaa tataaatttt gtaacaaata    113700
     ttaacccttt gatgcacaag ctataaaata tatatagaaa aaataaacgt agacgggtct    113760
     ctttagaccc atgtagtgta tcgacaggtt aaaggtgcag tatgtaagtt tgacacccac    113820
     tggttgaact aggtattaca caacaggttc aaaacacatg caatagcagg ttgccagatt    113880
     gacgactcca atagcagtgt gcctgacagt cgtgccgaaa ggctgattta aatctttcca    113940
     tattaaaagt ttttgttcta tccaacacct gaaatttata ttttagatac ggcttatatt    114000
     tttgctaaac aacaaaaact gacaatgata acctcaggta cacctcatgt gctttattaa    114060
     gtgttaaatg tgaataatat gagttcacct tagatcttga aaataaaata aaccattgga    114120
     aattgaactt tagaactgta actccgtaca agccaacaca tatcagtgat tcttgaacat    114180
     ttaatagttg taaagaggtt taatatgtat tagattataa attgtaccat ttcgttggag    114240
     tgcagtaagc gcactattgt gtgcatctga agggctgtat tgaaatttct gttgtgtttt    114300
     acctggtgta aacaaccaaa ttttgcttat caccacaaat ctcaacacat agcgtaatgt    114360
     tagaagacat ggttgcactg taacctgctc accaattttt tacattcata gtatttatat    114420
     tatttgctaa ttaataacca cctcatgtgg aactatgaat ctgcgtctca ttttggagtc    114480
     tgctactgtc ctctggaggt tgcatgggtg ctggtgacca aaaaaagaca cataacgcac    114540
     atttttcaaa gcagaatatc aaactttagc attgtttatc agataaacaa gaatgctcac    114600
     ttagcatgtt tcaaatctgc aaacatatta tggtattttt atgctttgga tgagttaaaa    114660
     acttacatac agcaccttca acaaagatat tgtataaata atatgagaaa aaatgattgc    114720
     caactcttaa agttcaataa tatgcaatgc aaaaatgaac tttcatgaaa caaaaaggga    114780
     aattcagaat tctgaaatac tgctttacaa tgattaaaaa gaacatttga tactttattc    114840
     agtgtgttcc aaaatgcatt acatactctt gtatttgaaa caagccattt ttagccgtct    114900
     tcagtgcata aacgaggtat atatgcaatg agcttttatt ctgctctgat ctggtgcatt    114960
     aatataatat gaatacagtg catgcagtgt aataggatag gagactgatc ccccatctgt    115020
     gttttttcct ttattgattt aatgcagact ggcagatcgc cacattggct ttgctgttgg    115080
     gtggagcgtt tcttatcctc ctctccttcc tggtggccct ggtgtctgtt tgcattcgtt    115140
     ccaggagacg cttctaccga ccggtcgcga ttatgctctt cgctgcaggt gaaccagaca    115200
     caactgtcta cgcacacaca tacactaaca ttgtagacat taatgacttg gcttcccatt    115260
     tctgttctcc atgcacatta tattaggctt catgtattat tgaatcgaaa atatgttgtc    115320
     gcaactgccg cggctaatgg agcgggaaac agccgatgca ttatttgcat cctaacaaat    115380
     tttcttccat cgcacgctcg cttcattaat caaccgctct ccgtcacagg gaaaagatgt    115440
     aaggtgtatc tgaaacaagc atgttcgcgt ttggtttgag aggattttta attcgctttg    115500
     aagtcgggtc tcactcaaga gctttatcaa gctgcaaagc ccattgagga tttccaagac    115560
     ttttaatgtt cttaacctac ttttgtctct ttgatgatta caaatttcat tgccagcgct    115620
     cttctgtttc tcacagtggt cctgcaggcc tgctgtttgg tgctgtatcc catcaagttc    115680
     atcgagacca tcagtttgag aatataccac gagttcaact gggggtacgg tctggcctgg    115740
     ggagccacca tcttctcctt cggcggagcc attctctact gcctgaaccc taagaactac    115800
     gaagattatt attaaaccac agccacaatg cacttcgatg tccctcttca ctgttgtgat    115860
     agcagctcac gcactgaact gacacaaaga ccctcaaaat gcggggcaga cgccgagctg    115920
     atagatccat attttgattc tccttcagaa tgctctatta ttcaattaaa ccctttcgtc    115980
     acactctttc tttttccgtc tgtcatatct ctctctgctc gtgccgtttt aacacgtctg    116040
     atcatcttct gactgtcaga tgagcgtttg actccagatg tcagtctgcg ttcgcaggag    116100
     agctgctagt ctgtgatgta atcagcaggg aaacctccat ctgtggtggg atctgaagcg    116160
     aggcagacag atgcctgcaa atctgacact atcaaacttt gccatgagag acgcagcatt    116220
     tgttttggga tttgacagat gcaggagaga aggtttaaag gcaaatatag tctctggaat    116280
     gcatcagaag ataaaagaat aaacaagctg cgtccgaaat tgcatacgtc cctactatat    116340
     agtatgtgaa aaacagtatg tgagtcaagt agtttgaaaa acagcaagcc agaaatacct    116400
     gaatgccata ctgcttctgg cgaaattttg tagtgcgcat ctgatggatg ctacactatc    116460
     ctatgatgcc acatttgaaa attcttgaat gtgagtaaag caacactatt gatgtggatg    116520
     attcatttga tagtcacaat ggcagaatgc tgaaaatcca ctcatactat ataaaacttc    116580
     cttttataat ggtcgttttc gattccatta tatgttcgtt atatcgtata atgcagtgtt    116640
     tcccaactct gttcctaaag gcacaccagc agtacacatt tttaacctct ttcgaatcaa    116700
     acactcctga atcaactcat cagaagagac tctaaagctg tttaggttga tgggtcagat    116760
     aagggagtta tccaaaatat gtactgttag tgtccttcca ggaacagagt tggttaacac    116820
     tggtataacg atcgtgcaat tttggaagca gcaacatcat aggtatcaaa gtcaattcct    116880
     ggagagccgc agctctgcac agttaccttg aacatcttgg ttagttgcat cagctgtttt    116940
     gattagggtt ggagcaaaac tgtgcagacc tgcggctctc cagaaattga ctttgacatc    117000
     tgtgagttac agtgttatta gtgcacaaga gcagtcaaac ttttgagtat aatgataagc    117060
     ttgtcaaaaa cagccttgag gtggaggcac attcacaaaa atcaagcaaa ctttcacaga    117120
     caaaacggtt cattgcacag ttcaccaaaa aaaagaaaaa aaagtctaat ttaaaatcaa    117180
     gctttgtttg atttcatgtt tgcggtcaag ttggttttgt taataaaccg ctaaaacgtg    117240
     acacacatcc cacaaaaaat cccatagaat cgatctaatc agattgtgac tttgaacctt    117300
     ttgaagcgtt tctaattttc tgtgcctttt gcatcagacg ctaagccaac aatccgtgga    117360
     catgacgtct gaggccgaga ctacgttttg ttggtcaaca cagcaaattc acgcaaacag    117420
     tttttaatcc tctgcaaaat attttgctga ttgaaattac gcagacaaaa taaaggacta    117480
     tatgtagcga agtgtgaagt gcagatcaga tcaagctaca ttctgttggt caacattact    117540
     aattagtttg accagttttt gaactcattg cattttttca aacgcgtgga atcattttga    117600
     gcagaatttt gtctagtctg tagtctagaa gtgtcaaact cagttcttgg agggccgcta    117660
     ccctacacag ttcagttcca aatacttggt cacactgccc tataaacatc catttatacg    117720
     catacgagtg cggcagaccg gatacgcaac ctcctgcgtc aagtttcgct attcactgca    117780
     ttgaaaaatt caagcttggt gcattctgac atgtgaaatc gtggttgtgt aagactaata    117840
     catgaccttt ctggacagaa attgtctaat cattgtttta tcccgcccct ttttgcagcg    117900
     ctgtacaaca gaatttggca tgctcaaact ctagtgtgac cacggcttta cctgtaggtt    117960
     tcaaacaagc ctgaatgact caattatttt gatcaggtgt gtttaattag ggttggaact    118020
     caagccccgg tcacactgca ctttttgccc catagacttt cattcataca agttttgcag    118080
     ttcgctgtgt tgaaaagttc aaacttggta aactttatcc tgcgaaattg cgtgagacca    118140
     atcgaagatc aaacatgtcc tttctggaca gaaatttaaa atatggacca atcgcttgtt    118200
     tttaaaaaaa aaattactaa ccatcttgtt taatcccgcc ccttttcgca gtgctgtgtg    118260
     accgcggtat tacctgtagg tttcaaacaa gccttaagga ctcaattagt ttgatcaggt    118320
     gtgtttaatt agggttaaaa caaaactgtg cagagccgcg gccctccagg aactgagtcc    118380
     caaattgcgc acactataca cctccacact caacagcata gtatatgaat gtagtgtcgt    118440
     cccaaatgga acactaatgt tttttttttt ttttaccaag cggaaattca aattgtttcc    118500
     cgtttgcttt cacaatccaa aataaaaaaa gtaatccaaa tggttgttgg tagatcggat    118560
     acggttgcgg ctggaagtta gcgagattta tttatattat ttattaaatt tcacatttat    118620
     tgattttgtt aacgtttacc cccaccccaa ccctaaaccc aactgtcaca gtaacgtaaa    118680
     aactgtagct gtaccaagta ttatttatgc tatttttaac cctaaaccca atcgtcacag    118740
     tactgtgaaa atatgaatta ttgttataca gtgtcataaa aattgctgcc ataataatgt    118800
     acatatcgca cttccggccg gccgatctag actttaccaa tccagcgtca gtgcccgaaa    118860
     gctccacccc ttccgctaca tcagcaaagc agcggccgtt gagtgtgtga tgtgtccaac    118920
     aatctacact tctgtttaac ggttgaagtt ttcagtgtga acgcactact tacactattt    118980
     atactaaaaa atgccataga atagtgcata agtatgcgat ttgggacgca cattttgaca    119040
     cttgcgctgt tgtctattgg caatagcata tcgatgtatg aaagtcttaa aaatcaagca    119100
     aaactctgta ggtcggtgag gtgaaattaa acattttgca caaaagaggt tcttgttcag    119160
     tgacagtaat gcatgaagca tcaacatagt ttgttaaaat gaagccacat tttgttgata    119220
     aacagaatta tatctaattt aaaccagttg taaaatctgc tggagaaaac attttacgct    119280
     taagcagatt ttcacgcagc atcgattact attgaaatag catatatttc aatgttaaaa    119340
     acgtatcaca catttatgca tagataagca aagcaaaact ctcttaatgc taagaaacag    119400
     caattatttt aagcacaaat catgtacata gcacacaaat agtttcttcg tgcacatctg    119460
     aatacatgtt tcatttttag gggatctggt agaagatact ttgcattgta gagaacctag    119520
     gtcttgtggt gtttcgaagc cttgcatata gactagtgtt ttgactggta tctgaagagt    119580
     gattgttagt cttcttttgc atacgtattc aaacaggtag tcaaaagcag actgtagggt    119640
     tgtttcttag cactgtcggt ctgttgtgcg catgttagtg tgtttgaacg aggatgcatg    119700
     tatcatttga atgcgtgttt gagtgattgc gtgctttctg ttgggatttt ttcctgtccc    119760
     gtatgcagtt gtgacatact gtactaattt atatactaac caaaataaag agataaataa    119820
     gaacaacgct gttccgtctc catgttttaa agtccctgtg aaatcattca ttctcctttg    119880
     gcttagtccc ttatttatca ggggtcgcca tagcagaatg aatcgccaat ttatcaagcg    119940
     tctgtttaag gcaacggatg cccttccagc tgcaacccat tactgggaaa aatccaaaca    120000
     tacactcata cgcaacagcc aatttggttt attcaattcc cctatagcac atgtattcgg    120060
     atttgggggg gaaaaaggat gacccagagg aaaccgtcgc gaacacgggg agaacatgca    120120
     actcctcaca gaaatgccaa ctgacccagc cttggctcga accagcaacc ttcttgttgt    120180
     gagatgaaag tgctaaccac tgcgctaccg tgctgtgtca cttaaatgga tttctttcaa    120240
     cgatttcact tcagtttctc atctaatcat ctgaccaatc aaatgctcta tagtatctga    120300
     caagtcccgc ccccttcaag acacacttga gccactccac tctaatgccg agttcagact    120360
     gcatgatttt caaagtagtc gtgtcacaga tgttttcaca ctgcatgact atctgggcta    120420
     gcgtttcgtc gctaggggct ttcacattgc atgactttac tataggaaga tttgccgaca    120480
     acttcgtcca aactacgtct cacagccaaa aacacgtagt atatcttttg ttattaacta    120540
     cataatgaga aagaagtctt taatggggta gaaaatgtac atgtttgcta acctgggctt    120600
     aaagggaatt agccatttct cctcaacact gataataaac aaatttattt ctgtatgaaa    120660
     cgtcaaacag acacggtagc tcctgagtcc tgtcaaacct ccactagttt ttcctccatt    120720
     tcgtgggatc aaataaacca aaaaagagcg cttttaactt ctcccccagc ctcccgctgg    120780
     cctgcagcag gtatacacac acacacacag gcaagtgaat gccgctctct cattggctgt    120840
     aggcgatcac cgatggtatt ttcagtcaaa actcaattca cacggcatga tttgaatcgc    120900
     cgacagctcc aaatatttag catgccaaat atctcgcagg catcggcgac tcatgggcga    120960
     ttctctcaga tcgcctttga tagttgatcg tctttgatag ttcatactgt gtgattgtca    121020
     ctcacttgca cgagcactga tttgcctgtg atttcaggca tttgtcagcg atttctcaac    121080
     ctgtcggcga gccaaaatcg gggctaaaat cacgcagtct gaactaggca taagggtgct    121140
     ttcacactag cactcttggt ccgcacccgg gttcattgag tagggtttgt ttgcggactc    121200
     caagacaggg acataacttt tagtacgcta gaggtgtaac ttgcagttat ggagacatga    121260
     caaaactggg ttgtcggcaa gatagcgtac atcacagtta ttgatgtcta tgaccacaac    121320
     cctaaaccca actatcattg ttattattgt ctatacctta ccaaatctaa acccaaccat    121380
     cacgggtatt aacgtctaca cttccccaac atcacagttt ttaatgtaca gccgcgaatt    121440
     gcagatgctt tcatgttatt tgcaaccaca gggggcgacg ctgagtaggc taactgtcat    121500
     gacaaaacgg atgaggaagt ctgccagtgg agttgctagt tcaatgaatt taataatata    121560
     tcaaatgaat tggttgtgga tatatttgga gaaaactcat gataacattt aatgaaaatg    121620
     ttctctggta agtgtttctg ccatcttggc aacaacatct cattgttaca tctcgaatgg    121680
     ttttatgtat aacagcaagt tgagcccctt catcttaagc cccatcttgc agtccacaga    121740
     tacacttggg ttcatttgac gtcaaagtac ggtttgttta gctactgtta aagatgtctt    121800
     ctgaactcaa gtgcgcaccc acgaactgta cccatgtctg cctgtaagag gtggttttgg    121860
     gtccagttca cttttaatat gaatgcaatc gtaccataat ggaaacgaac agtcaactat    121920
     acaaacttta gtctacatca gatacgtggc tggccagaag tgcacattaa tattgcagaa    121980
     tttttcaaac ttgggtttgg acaaggcaat tgagccgaat gtgaaaacac cctaagataa    122040
     attctattgg ctgttttatt aaaggggagg agctaatgta tgccctgccc tgtcttcata    122100
     tttcagttca aattaagtca cacattgaaa aaaaaaaagc acatttcaaa gcacttcaac    122160
     acctttaaca ttccagcgtc agcatatcgt cacatagaat cagatccttt attaagtaca    122220
     gcaacttgag gcatttgcac aggaaatcaa catcttcaac acagaataca gtgtggcata    122280
     aaatgcataa aagtaccagg tataggttca tatgcaggtc ttgtagtgtt cttcattcat    122340
     gagaagggct cgtggtgagc acatacagtg taaagtctac attaaaatga atcagcccct    122400
     gcttgtatct ccatacaatg aacgtgttgt gaaagaagcc ctgtgcgagg gattgtttgg    122460
     gccttttctt gtaaacgctg cagtcttatt ctgcttggaa tggtagcttg gtaaaccaca    122520
     cctcctcctc cacatttgga agtcccgccc ctcctcttaa aaaccacagc ttctcggtcc    122580
     acttcaacca atcgatcaat caatcaatca atccctttta cttgtttgtg tgaagtcaag    122640
     tcaccctcct tccactttta aagcatcttt cagtagaaaa aagtaaatac aagtgcagga    122700
     agctcctcaa gaggtaacac agggtgagtc cgattggata atatttattt gttctgtgtg    122760
     gtacggctca gttattgctg ggtgaagctg agggcacaag ggaaccgaat cgttggttga    122820
     taggagggaa ctgaatgttt catgatggaa cagaaaatta ggaagaatga ggttcatggc    122880
     cggtgggaaa gagttgtggt gaagctcaag tgttgcgcgg catctcgcat tgttcacagc    122940
     ggtgcagagc agggtggtta agaaaagtgc agctttcaca gttccattga gcgccttcga    123000
     aatcctcgtc tcgttgcaca gccgtaggtt tagctagtta gaggagacaa cgggttatga    123060
     gatggcacac atatttattt gttgcggctg tgagctaaat ttgaaggctt gagggagctt    123120
     tggcggttct gtcacaccca ttgacaattt aggccactgg ccccgcatgg caacaaaaga    123180
     gtgatgaaaa tagaacgagg gtgcaagaaa cactagatca taacaagaaa tctaaaaccc    123240
     tccactccac aggagtagtc agaggtcagg acgaatttga caggatattc agagagctaa    123300
     gagctaattt tagcacaagg aaggatggtt tagaaattac atgaggtatt ttggtgaaaa    123360
     actaatttag tatgttgtcg agtgtagcag aggaacaaaa ccggtaagtt tagattcaac    123420
     tcggtacgat taattggtgc attaaagtga tagtccaccc caaatcatca tttattcacc    123480
     ctttacttgt ttaaaaccta ttgagtttct tccttctgtt gaacacaata gaagatgttt    123540
     tgaaggaagc ggtattctag ctttcttcaa aatataaaga gatatataaa gccgtctgaa    123600
     ttttcagtcg aaaacaaata tttttctcaa cctcctttgt ttatgttgat tatgtcactt    123660
     taaagaccat aaaaagaact gttttggcat aaatgtgaaa ctactgaacc tacacataca    123720
     gatgaagtca gaattaatgg cccccctgaa ttattaacca ccctggttat tgttttccct    123780
     attttctgtt taacggagag aagatttctt caacacaatt ctaataatag ttttaataac    123840
     tcatttctaa tagctgattt attttatctt tgccatgatg acagtaaata ctactttact    123900
     aaatattttt caagacactt ctatacagct taaagtgaca tttaaaggct taacaaggtt    123960
     aattaggtta actaggcaga tttgtgtatt tagggaagtt attgaataat gatggtttgt    124020
     tctgtaaact attgaaaaat atacagcaga tatactctgt taaacatcat ttgggaagta    124080
     tttgaaatag aaaaaaaaaa aagtcaaggg ggggggggga ggggggggct aatatttctg    124140
     actttaagga ccatgagacc cccacctttg gttcaggtct acctcagaag tttttttcaa    124200
     gtattgtcag ttagctcaca aaatgagaca caaactgtga ggagacgcat gattttatag    124260
     tttacaaagt taaaatgcaa agaaataaac agtaatttaa tgccctgtta cattttttat    124320
     ttgtaatttc atatacagat aaccacaatt tatttcatta taaagataat tgtgttcata    124380
     taaacactag aaatttggac ttttccttca atccccgggt ctgaatgcag actcctgcct    124440
     tgtctatttt aaccattagc cctattggta atctagaaga tttaggcgaa caaagcagca    124500
     cggcgatgtg tctaaatgta aacaaactcc tgataaaaga caacgtccgc catttcccaa    124560
     ttctcctact gctctcccaa caaaaatgct tgttgcacac aaacaggttt gctgtatcgg    124620
     ccctgatagc aacgcaggga aaaacatgca acaaatcctg tggatcatcg aaacaaacac    124680
     ataccaccct tcatgaacat ctaaatactg tgtgccgtag gtctgtggac gcagtctcac    124740
     ccagtctcac agcttcgcac tcgcaggtct gtgtcttgcc ttcggaaagc acatgcagtc    124800
     atgaataatt aagcagccgg ctcttctcat aggataagac aactctgcta tgaataataa    124860
     caagaaatca tctttgcact cgcaattttg cgctacgtcg ccgattttga tcctgcccca    124920
     aaaatcattt taaacccgga agctgaaatt agctgacaaa agctcaaaat tatccagttt    124980
     ttccaattat taaagctaac aggtgctaac attctcttaa ctgatgctca acacacataa    125040
     atctgttaaa atctcaaaaa agtactcaag ggtttcatga acatttaact gtaggagcct    125100
     gagaaaaatg ctaattttag aagaaaattt cagatggcga tcaacagaat taaaaaaact    125160
     caaaggtttg aaaccaaaca taggagattt aatagaaagt gcattaaaat tatttaggcg    125220
     gactaagtat aatttgctaa caatacaata ttattttgat tgtatttatt acacatgtaa    125280
     tgatgatact ggacacaatt cttgtcgcct atctgagttt taggaacaaa aaataatgac    125340
     ttctagttga tcatttggta tcaaaatagg cttatatgaa aggcaaaggc ctctagattt    125400
     tattttacta aaataaaata tgatcatgcc tcgattttta attgactttg cttagacaaa    125460
     ggtcttgtca cttaacagaa ataatgtaaa gtatagaata taaagtcata gtgcagtgaa    125520
     gaattaatat tgtgtatgac tcacatgagc ttaaaggact gcatctatac atctctgcaa    125580
     tgactccaat actttataat aaagtctgga atggcgaaga aagtgttctt gcaggactcc    125640
     cagagttcat caagattctc tgaattcatc ttcaatgcct cctcttccat ccatgcttaa    125700
     ttatgtcctt gtctggtgac tgggctggcc aatttccagg attgaccttt ttttctttca    125760
     gcaactttga cgtgaaggct gaagtatgaa aaggagcgct atcctgctga agaatttgac    125820
     ctcttctgtg gtttgtaatg taatgggcag cacaaatgtc tgaatacctc aggctgttga    125880
     tgctgccatc tactctgcag aaggtccaat aggtcttctg cagaatttgt gatgattggg    125940
     ctgcagttca acagagattt atcggaaaaa tccaccttct gccacttttc caaatgatca    126000
     actagaagta attagtagtt gctcttataa ctgagattga cgacaaaagg tagtgtattt    126060
     atacctatca ttttcattac tgatatttac agatgtctac tgaataaata gtgtggtttt    126120
     tgaatgtgta catgtaaata ataatttcaa caaataaaaa aaaaataatc ccagatctat    126180
     tagcctagga tgttttggct gaaatgtgat gtttataaat gcaagcattg gttgactaaa    126240
     taaaagtcag aattgaattc ccacctctcg gaggtacaac aggaccaggc tgaatattat    126300
     cataaaagtt gttcatggtt ctcaagtcaa acttgcctaa aagcaaataa aaaagaagac    126360
     ataaatgaaa acaatgatag tctttcatta tcagcaaaat acacatgaaa taatgcaatg    126420
     aattttttca gaatttattt tacctctgga ctgcagcagg tccgtctcct tcaaggtgca    126480
     atcaatgtca atctgaagct gtctgttttg tgaccgaatt ttggtcatct cctcgggcta    126540
     gtaaatacac acacacacac acacacatga agtacatgaa tttttcacat caaccgcaca    126600
     cataaaagca gtttatctct gtcaaactct tcacagaagc ctgttgaact cggatgaaag    126660
     agatgacgct tgtactggat ggatgcatta tttgcagcag tttaacctat gaaaagagat    126720
     tcattcaaag tctgtgaagc atgcagaatg agcaggaacc aaatgaacag atgtgattcg    126780
     tttccacctc atcgttattt gcacattctg cacgtacatt ttaggtatgt atgcttttac    126840
     gtaaggctca tttgggggat ttgatgagga tttattcatc tcctttatta gtgatgaaaa    126900
     gcgtgggggt gtgtgtgtgt tccgcgcccc ttcaagatga tgcattcaca cgctataaaa    126960
     gccttgtatt tttttctctc tcttacccga gggatcaggc tggtgctgtt cacccgtctg    127020
     aagcgtctct gcagggcgtc gaattccatt tcattcactt ccgccttcaa ctgatccagt    127080
     ttctggcgct ccagcatgag ttctttcatc agacgctcca tccgagcacg ctggtgcaag    127140
     agtagcgctg aggaggagac atatggagtt agatacaaga ttgaacagca cttccacaca    127200
     tacacccaat attgatgcat agaaacgcaa taaccaaatg cagaggagtt gaatatgcag    127260
     gtctactctg gactggaatt gaccattttg acatggaagg gtctccacaa cctatcacta    127320
     gctttcataa atgatgtttg aagatacatc tgctacaatg gatactgact cttcaattat    127380
     tttaagagtt tgatgtcaca aacctttcaa acattgtcag attcattaac tagttctttg    127440
     gatagaaatt acagggggtt ttgcaccagg taattaagaa ctagccaaca agtgggtgcc    127500
     tttaagaatt agatttcccc ttgggccgtt tttcggttat attcccaact tcaccactag    127560
     gatctctgaa gtgacttttg ctagctgaca gtgacatcaa acgtggcatt caaggctgga    127620
     gtaactcatg gctgaagtgg tgtttgtgtt gtgtcatcat gggtttcttg atgatggaga    127680
     tgaaatgaag acacaagtta ttgtagggat gctcatttcg gttaattctg ctgaatatta    127740
     acagttaact gctcagatta aaataaaata attatttaat taaaaaatga tgtctatttt    127800
     gtgtctgaca cattaaatat tgcatttaaa aatacagatt tattttaaca tgcaaacata    127860
     ttaacaatag aacattttca cgcacatgca gtgtttccaa cagcatagaa taaaataaat    127920
     agtcctgccc tagatatttt tcacttaaat aacaaattta caaacaaaaa cactgactga    127980
     atccttttta agaacctgcg taggctgttt ttccccatca tatgcttttt ttcttccacc    128040
     acaacttctt ccatcatcat tattataaaa ttttacaggg aagccaacat gcttttatac    128100
     acgtgatttg aacgcgggag gcgatctctc tgcagttatt ataaatgtta aattaaccta    128160
     caagttcaaa aaaggttatt aatccgcagg tcacatgcat ttcgaactgt gggttgtgat    128220
     ccatataaat cactgattaa ggctgattta tacctctgct tccgtaaaat ataatgctac    128280
     ggcgcagcct acgcgtagac gcatagccct cgccgtaacc gtcactgacg tgcacctctc    128340
     aaaaaaatgt aactacacgt cacaacgacg cgtagcgcaa gcttggaagc gctgaggagg    128400
     gttgggtggg accgtcggct tggaagcgct gaggagggtg ggtgggaccg agagccgcgc    128460
     gagcccgttg gagtgtttac aagtgtcgac tgttttacaa ggagctccgg atggagactg    128520
     ttgctttgtg tttaccttat ggttaaagtt gttgcatgtc cgctggttcc tgcctcgaaa    128580
     ttagcgagtt tgaaccactt gtacattaag aaaacgttca gaaaaaacca aacagcagtg    128640
     aagaatctca acacagagga acataaacac ctactgccag ctagcgtttc agaagtgtta    128700
     ttgcatagca acagaaacag cgcgcagaag aatgaatgta cagctacgca cgctgcatgc    128760
     gccgtgggtc acgccgatca cttgacgcag aagtataaac cattctttaa ccgtggtcct    128820
     ttacacccct atagagtgcg ttcctaaaaa cacagctgat tggccattgc attcacatgc    128880
     tcgacagaaa tgactaagat tggccttgaa ggtcagccac tcttcatctt cacgtcacgc    128940
     caatcagcaa atctgtcaac gagctgacac acgaacgatc tgctaatgga ttgccagatc    129000
     taagtggctt tgaaacgctt catgtccctg tagctgtttg aactttgtga atagtggtga    129060
     actgatgacc tctacagcca atcacagtca tttctgctgg gaaaatcagc tgtgtttaag    129120
     aacgtgctca aattttagca ggaaatcgat gtttttaaaa tttcagtact aattggtacg    129180
     gaagtcagta cttttaacaa cactaatcta aagtagaagc taattaaaaa tttccaaaag    129240
     atgttcccat aactaaacct gctaacagct cctgcagtgc aaacataaaa aagtgtgtaa    129300
     aacttaaacc aattgttctt ttggaatagg ctataaaatt catagaaaac acatttggat    129360
     ttttttattt catgcagaca ctaaaatgga acatctcatc taataatgtc ataagcagat    129420
     ccataccttg agtatatgca tagtcatccg agccggagct ggaccgtcta ggcatgcagt    129480
     tgatctggtt ggcgatgctc cccggcagcg cagagatggg caggatcgga ggaggggcac    129540
     catgccgctc gccctggtcc actatgttaa gaagtgattc tgtctctacc ggtggagaat    129600
     ttgatgaacc ctgcacctgc ctcggggaaa ctttgatctt aatgaaggcg gagggggcag    129660
     gctgaggaga ggatgtaggc cggggtctcg ccacagcctg gtgggcatac attccttgat    129720
     gaatggaggc ccctggaggt cctgccatac tgatggcccg cgatggggag ctcggggaag    129780
     ggctggtggc catatagagt gctccctgtg gagtgtgtac tggggaattg ctccttggtc    129840
     gctgtccctc caatgtgatc tctatctggt tcttcatggg gcctttggag gatataaaag    129900
     gcctctggga cacaggggtt tgctggtagg acagccccgg aagggtggga gggcttatgg    129960
     gtagaaacac ctgtggcggc tgctggacct gatgttgggg agagctgtag ggggactggt    130020
     acgttggggt ggcgtaagga gactgctggt acatggacgt tccagatgtg gaccagggag    130080
     tgggttgagg actttgagac ggtgatggac gcatgtacac agtgttcccg ctggtacaat    130140
     aggtaccagg tgggatttgc agagcttgtg gggcagaagg catgttttgg gaaagggtca    130200
     ctgttatagg agtcatgtaa cgtgagactg ggtggtaagt gggcgacatg cctggaatgc    130260
     taggtggagg cgtggggatg tttgatcgtg attgatcagt tttaaagaag gggttatatc    130320
     cgggtgatgg agccatagta gcgggagcag agagaggctc ggagaagcca cttcgaggat    130380
     gctcgatatg cccgtcgctg gaactgtgga ccaaagctcg gccaccagga ttatttttga    130440
     ccccatcagg aacagggtag cctacactga tacgcagcat gtggttccgg tttaagtgca    130500
     agtcatctgg gctgtggtac tcctcataca ggtatcgatt actctcctga gccagcaggt    130560
     ggtagcagag gtctgcatta ttgttgttct gaagaggaaa tttaagatgc gagttaaaca    130620
     ggttcttgca cctgacacca ctgtgacaca cagtaaaggc attcggacag gatgacacag    130680
     caaaaatagt cagcaataaa acttcacact cattgcatac caggtgtaca tactagtgtt    130740
     gtcaacatac cagattttta tattatagtg gggaaaacaa ctaatttaat atatatttat    130800
     caattttccc agagatgggt tgcggctgaa agggcatccg ctgcgtaaaa acgtactgga    130860
     tacgtttttg gttcattccg ctgtggtgac cccggattaa taaagggact aagccaaaaa    130920
     gaaaaagaat gaatgtatat ttattaattt ataagaatag caagattttg atttcataca    130980
     ttttataaat agtgtttgaa ataactttct actgtgaact gttttggctt tgtgtcacaa    131040
     aataatgcag aaatgataaa ggctatgtct attagcactg taatgaacgt tataacgaaa    131100
     actctgggat ggcttgacaa tcacaataaa ccatatagtt tagcaacatt ataaagtttc    131160
     actgggagac agtagatctt ttgtaacttg ctcaaagaaa aatagataaa cgctgtgttg    131220
     cattttattc ggagtgacag attaatgaaa acaacaagac aataaatgcc ataaacaaaa    131280
     atgttgaaac attcgctggt ctaaagcccc gtttacatta atacgtttaa gctttaaaac    131340
     acataagttt tgctacggtt acaccttccg ttcggagttt tcgagtcccg aaaatggagc    131400
     attttggaaa cgcagaagga gcgttttaaa acaaaaacgg cctcttcagc atgtcagcgt    131460
     gaatgaggga aaccggagac atctgaaaac gaagggaagg ctgcagacat acctgagtgg    131520
     ggctttttct caatatcaag tacacaaagt tcagattttg caagtttata atgaactcca    131580
     gtggacacat caggtaaatc gtcaaatgta acggcagttt acttttataa cgtcattcac    131640
     cctggcattc atcttaacaa taaactgaca acatgacaaa gcaatgtctc ttttatttta    131700
     tatattaaca gcttaaacat aacagacagc aaaaatgttt aggcatcatg tacatattta    131760
     tatgaccgtc atcttcactg tctgcaaatc aatcacaaaa cagagcctaa taacggcctc    131820
     cttttatttt tattgaaaat atgaaacatt agcttgtgtc actgtgtgtg gttttggcaa    131880
     tatgtgctta atgtcaggct atatgcacac aaaaaagatt atcagacgaa atgcatggtg    131940
     aaatatgaat cagccgactc ttttgctgaa cataataatc aaaaataatt ataaaagtat    132000
     aaagtaaaat aaagttatgc aataaaggaa ataaagacaa gcaatcggtc aaacgtacga    132060
     aatcagtgta tgcagttaca tcaatgaata agtatatcac cttatctttg cgctcagcca    132120
     aaacaggtta tctgagaaca aaaaggctaa tacattcaaa agactgactt attagatata    132180
     agtctacaca agatgaatta tagatcacat ttaacaacta cagggagatg agatccagtg    132240
     gcagattcgg gattgactgg ctgatgtttg gctgctctca gccgtgctcg gagttcctga    132300
     tgattgcctg gagctcagat gcaagattac gctgtagcag ctttcagcgc atgccagagt    132360
     gtgtgtatgg tcacgtgatg tgtgttttca gcggtgtagt gtggacggag atctttttaa    132420
     aaccgctaga tgaaacacca gtgcgaatgt ggatcgtttt tcttctaaaa cgcggtttta    132480
     aaatgaaagc gtattagtgt aaatgaggcc atgattcaac catataaata cagatatcaa    132540
     aaaaacatgt cagctgacta gccacttgca ctaggagggc cattatttgt ccaccgcctg    132600
     ttagtaagaa agaaaatgct ggggaatatt cctaaaatct atatgtcttc tgtattgtag    132660
     aatggttctt gttaaactaa atgctttaaa ctcaaaatga aaaaaaaaac aaaaaaaaaa    132720
     acaaagcatt taagaatatc gctgaaatct gaaaaacaac aaaaaattca aacattacgt    132780
     aaaaatatta caaaataata tataaaataa tgttaacaat aatattttgt tacaatattt    132840
     gcactagaat ccaaaagtaa tatattttca cttagccact aatataatgc attatggata    132900
     tgccatttta gtaacacaat atttatgtga aattacatta taacactaaa ggcttttctg    132960
     tcattcaaat tcatttttgt atcttaaata agtcaaagta ccttgaaatt atgtcacagc    133020
     caccctattt tgctggttct cacctgaaga aggtactgag aaactactgt ctctggaatc    133080
     tctgggaagc gctgcctgag gtcctgcagt atttgatagt ccaactgagg ccctccctgc    133140
     gccatcatga gcccaaagag agagtcaatg agtccgcagc caggagcgca gcacctgctc    133200
     tcctctcatc ccctgacaac acacaccagt aacatcatgt cagacactca aatcaagcct    133260
     gaccactcac atacattgcc aaaacactac ctaggggtgt ttgccacaaa tagaaattat    133320
     ttaaaaacgg atggttctgc tatcagtcac acacgattga cagtttactt tcactttcac    133380
     tgcatggaag acgcattaaa aatgtaaata tgaaaaactg tataaatgtt tatatatgca    133440
     tattgctcaa tcacgtttta aataaacaat atgttcagat tcacattaaa acaacaaacc    133500
     taagcaaaaa gggatttttg tgaccaaaac ataaaaaaaa tcttgttaaa gtactcaaga    133560
     tgtagatgac tttctcccat gaatagaata ttaaagatga ttttggtctt aatctttggt    133620
     gacttataaa tagaaaactg acagatattt tgtttgttta atcattaaga taaacccctt    133680
     gagatgtacc atctcatttt taagagggtc ctaaaattat ccacaatcac ataataacac    133740
     aagacaaaaa caaagcatac attacataaa atccaaaaca aacattaaaa ggggaagtag    133800
     catacattta tgcgtataca tggtgcaaaa agatgtaaag atcagtgaat ctaatcacca    133860
     cataaacgac aacatcctca gaaaaaaaaa aatagtacag tccaaagtaa aatatgacag    133920
     caaagtttgc ttaaacacct taaatggtgc aatagatcta atgttagcag gtaaattatt    133980
     cctttctatg ggacccttaa acataaaagc tcttttacca atagattttt taaaatgagg    134040
     aacaaaaaac taagtctgaa aagaatgtct cacttgataa tttaagggaa aaaaatacaa    134100
     aatattgttg gaaataataa ggatacttaa aatgaataca tttaactata aattaaagcc    134160
     agtaaatatg tcgtattgtg tgcaaagatg gccactgcag tagatcatac attttacaat    134220
     gatgtgtatt aggcatgggc tggtataaga ttctgacagt atgataacct tggataaaaa    134280
     aaatcatggt tttacggtat tgtgctcact gccctaatat gtgttttttt taattgtctg    134340
     ggtaaaaaac gaaaactttt ttcccctttg aacacaatct attttatttt aagaaacatt    134400
     tacaatgtta cagatttctt tactatttaa aatggcatct ttggatattt tttcttctgg    134460
     agatactgtt gtcctaaaaa atgtaaataa aaaaaactta caaatacctc agaaacagta    134520
     ttacagaaaa ttttggtggt tttaaatact tgacttttca aaaccacggt ataccttgaa    134580
     aacggttatc atcctatgcc taatgtgtat aaaaagaaag atatggtcag tggtgggaag    134640
     agtacaaaaa aaaaatcata cttaagtaaa ataccattac ttgcctaaaa ttgttgcgca    134700
     agtagattaa aagtatctgt tgtaaatatt actaaaagta tgagtaaaag tagctcaata    134760
     gtatcaatca aatagtattc aagaataatg agtattacgt tgtaaaaagc tgatgcattt    134820
     agatgcaatt tgtggatgtg tgtaaacgga acattcagta gtgcatttag tcattgccca    134880
     gcagccacac aacatcataa gatgttaata ttaggttaga tttaggttgt gatgttggtt    134940
     gaccaagatt caatgtctag ccagcgtcta agaacaatgt tgttttgatg tccaataaca    135000
     acatcaaatg acgatgatat ttggttgatt taggttgtct tgaaaagtga ccaaaatcca    135060
     acttcgagcc aacatcttaa accaacatca cattgacgtc aaatgctgac atttattcat    135120
     caggtatggc aaccaaaatc caacgtctga tagatatttt atatttggtt gattttagct    135180
     tggacgttga acatcagtac ccgatcaact cgattttcgt ttccaaacaa aatgcagcat    135240
     gcccgagaca tcggggtaca atatcaatct gacgacatgt taacgtcttg tgcctgctgg    135300
     gtgtttaagg ccatttcagt catcatacag taaacatctg tcatcttttt atcagtggca    135360
     tgcatctaaa ctgtctctgg gtcaatgcgt gtaaagatct tggacacttt taatgcttcc    135420
     aaacagtttg ctgcagttat aaatcgccca tgtcttgagg tagttcatta tgatgcgatt    135480
     tacattcttt gtgtgatttg attggacagc aatcacagga cagatttttc taatccccat    135540
     agacaagaaa acaaagtagt gactgcaggt tgaaggaaag tagaggaata aaactatcga    135600
     caaagcacta aaatgtactc aagggaaagt aaaagtgcac atttttcaaa ctatcctgag    135660
     aaaactactc aattacagta gcttgagtat tttgttactt aacaccactg aatatctagc    135720
     agtgagggtt aagaaaacat acagaggcaa aacaaaatta ctacatgagg ctcttgatga    135780
     aacattgtta ttaaatgaaa aatgctttta aatcaaacac tcttacaaag tgaatcaatc    135840
     agtgtttgct agaaactgca attatttaca acaaaggcaa actcaaatgt gatcaaacac    135900
     tgtttgttta cagcattcag gattagcact atatggttta aaatacagta catgccttta    135960
     ttggtctcta tgtaaagaac tgtggattaa gggtaataat gctttaaaat cacgttcagc    136020
     ttcttccaca gactgataac tattcttcaa aatacctcaa tgtattgtca ggagcctcag    136080
     ctattcattt tgtattgact ctgtgttttt gactcccaaa atgctgctag tggtcgactt    136140
     ccattcattt atcacccaag acctacggtt ttagctaaca aactgttatt gtcagcaaac    136200
     agagtcactt tagtgttaga tggccagagt gtgagaagat aataagctaa ttcttatttc    136260
     tgggtgaact acccattaaa ctgtaatttt attaaaacat gtacattata gagtgttctc    136320
     tgatattcat aagcactttg tagcatgtaa aaaagctcta attattaaca tacatatgat    136380
     tgtactataa gtggctataa aataaaaatc agcacctaat tgcagctttt ggctaagttt    136440
     gtctttaatt gaaacagatg tgtgcttttt agatgttttt ttcttctcct cttttataca    136500
     caaaagacat gagcaaacct ttacattaaa aataaactat ttcaacttaa aaagaataaa    136560
     tcccctgttc tatctgttat ttcatatgtc aggctgtaca gggttaaggt cgcttatgca    136620
     ccagacggcc ggagactgcc tgcgctgccg cagtgtgagc atggcgcgct gctggacgga    136680
     agctgagcct tcatacctgc acctgaataa actgccacaa tggtacctca caggtgaatc    136740
     gagtgttaat acaaagctaa aagtctcgtt tggtggtggc atccttgaag agtactgtgt    136800
     ttagcgatct caccacaggc aacgacctgg atgaaacctt agacgtgaac agcgttcacg    136860
     tgcacaactc acagttccgc tccacctcat ctatccagtc atatgacagg tgcaacggtc    136920
     taaagcataa ttacagcgct gttaacacct tattaaacac agcacaagca ttttcaaaga    136980
     atgaaacgcc attctcaaac tactctcagt gacacataag catataaaat tgaaattata    137040
     ctaaatcagc ctaatatata aggttacagt aacaccgacc agctaaatta taaaccctag    137100
     tagtttagtt tttatcgacg acctcaactt catgaagaac tgaaactgtc aagggaaagc    137160
     aacccctcat gacaacacaa acaaagcgca ggttcggttc agttcagcac tgtctgctag    137220
     ctaagcatct atataacaca agctgcaagc aaaaactagc aagaagtcca gcagtgacag    137280
     ttctgcccga taagttacct gcgtttagtg cctcctgatc gccgtgaaag cacgacgagc    137340
     cgccggtaaa tccgtttaag agctacaact caacgctatt tttaagtaca tgatgacaaa    137400
     gatagaaagc cgcggatcaa cacagacagc agcagctcat tacaaaacaa acacttcctc    137460
     gtcgttttta ggacatgtac atactgtgat ttacacaata gtcgcccatg cacgttatca    137520
     tccacaggat gagaaagaga aagaaaacac acactggttg ttcattaaac gttagcttta    137580
     gcatagtagc taaccgtccg gtttttagct gcagggtaaa cggaaacggt gcgcgcgtca    137640
     ctccagcgtg tttatctgac tgacgtctaa gtaatcctgc acgcgatacc cgccgaaagc    137700
     ttgctgacct agtaaaaaag aacaagcagc agtatatgca agcacttgct gtcagtttcg    137760
     gtgcagtgaa agcggcagct ggctgttcgc tgtgctgata acagtatgtg tgcgccaaca    137820
     taccgtgtgc cggagcctca cggccattga ccgtccaagc aaggcttttc acagggggtg    137880
     tgtcaccgga cgggtgaagt gatcggaaat gacaacaatt caccgggttt ctacggggaa    137940
     cacgtcggct agtacagtcg caacaaaatt gtcgtcttca cttacgccta tttctcttcc    138000
     tctctcgttc cggttagaag tttctgcagt agcgattgac ggcacatttg tgccctctgt    138060
     cgacctgggg cgggaattaa aacattgcca aacaaaaact attatcgcag tcaaatttag    138120
     tagatatttt tgtcattatt aatgtggaac attacaaata tgtgcgaact cgttaactct    138180
     atggaaatcc agtgaatata ataggatgcc tccatatcgg ttgttgctag attagataac    138240
     ttatggttgc gccgcggtac ctattattat ttatggtatt tattaaaata ccttataaat    138300
     cgtattttat taaggcgtac ctccacctaa acctaatcgc cgcagcactg taaaaaatgt    138360
     attattgtta tgtagtatta caaaaaaaag aaaaaaggat gctatagtga tgagtgtatc    138420
     cgcagctgta tcaagacttc cccatgtctg tctgagtaaa gtagatctgt gtgtctaagc    138480
     gttttaccac agactgtaaa atatagcttt ttaccgtgag taaaatgttc atatattgtc    138540
     atataattat aaaaaagtaa cacattattt gaaggtgtcc acatgttaaa tgtattagta    138600
     caattaatta tgaataacta catgcaacta acccccacat tttaaccata accatttatt    138660
     taaaatgctt catgcttaag tcaagtgaac agttacacta taccaagaac accttaaaat    138720
     aaaaagcaga aattatatat tagtcaaaat aacgttttca tttgtgactg aaaatcaggc    138780
     ttcttctagt aaattgagtt tcttaactct ttagaagttc aaccattagt attgtgctgt    138840
     ctaaaacgaa tacacaaatc taaatttctt tttgtaatct tgactaatta tcattttgtg    138900
     ttgtaattac gacacatata aaattacaaa tacaaatcag ttgtccaact ttgtcatttt    138960
     tattgtgagg caaaacttat tttgcaatac aatttagtct agtgtttgtc ctaaaaaaca    139020
     ttcttaaaaa ttgtacacgg taaaatattt cagagaaaca gcctacatgt aatttgttta    139080
     gaatatactg aaatgttaaa gtataaaatg ttttaaaata atcaaaaatg tttttttttt    139140
     tttgccaagt cgttattaat ccagaggtct ttgacatttg attgctatcg cacaccagaa    139200
     tttatgttta ataaatcatt ttcagtgtag ttatttttca aagcctgatc caggatatta    139260
     aaaaagcatc aatatttagg tgtcaaattg cattgcactg aaatgaatgt cctacagttc    139320
     accagaggag ggagtcattt acttcagttc agcttcagaa tatttggatc tggattcaga    139380
     gtcagggtta tcttaaacca ggaccaggga ttgactaaat taaggtatta tctttaataa    139440
     aacacattac cggtgtgtgg tagtgtttcc tgtaggattc ctgcaagttc cctgtaaaga    139500
     gtcctgcagg agtccaacag gaaaatagtc acacaatccg gtgggatgct gcaggaatgt    139560
     gtaggtatgt agaatcctgt gagggaagac attagtttta aataaaagaa acaagtaaag    139620
     tattctagtt ttgaagtaac ctgtacatca ctattgtggg ataatagtgt cacatatcaa    139680
     tttaggatct cagacacaaa tcaggttttt ctcatcatag caaaggtatt taaggttgat    139740
     aaatcaacat ctttgagttc ctgggcacca gccagttcac aagccctaat ttagatacct    139800
     gatagtgaag atatcagcta tctgtaagca gatatggaac tacagctctc ttcagaccac    139860
     gattagaaat ggatgttaac gttctgtcaa caatacttga acattgtgcc aacatgcatt    139920
     ttgatataaa ttcaaaactg tattgatatt ataccagtcc tataattgtc ttttaacata    139980
     ataagtatga ttgtgtattt gtagtaacaa taatgacatg ataaattact gtacagaagc    140040
     ttgattttag gtcttgtgcc aggtaccgtg ttgcatattt catcaattgc gaaagaaata    140100
     tacaagaaac acatattttt tttcaagtgt aacagtttct ctttcaaacc tactgtaaac    140160
     tttccaccct gcccagtgtc ctgctgtggt ctgcacctgt tcctgtagta gaataaatgg    140220
     ccagcaagga caacagctga cttgatgaga gagagagagc gaagcagaca ggaaaaacac    140280
     aataaacatg caaagaggag ctcatgaata aaacagaact gtaggtatag atatcttttg    140340
     atatttcctg catgattaga aaattccaat taccgtaagt caagaaaaag agcaacaaca    140400
     taatgcagtc aggggatcca tgatttgtgc ataagcttaa taaccctcta aaatatttat    140460
     tcattttcta catctcttaa cctgaaacct tagatatttg taaacgttct tagatgtaag    140520
     cactccaatc acattttgag tatttattta atttaagcaa tacttctcac aatttgcctt    140580
     ttatctaaat gcatcttgaa gttttgtaaa ttattaaatt attcaaaaat taatttgacc    140640
     ttaatacagt tttttttttt ttgccttaga atattataga tatgtcaggg agtgaaatga    140700
     caagagattt tgcccacaaa gctgtcagtt ctgacacgga ccacagtcat gtactgtagc    140760
     cagcctggtg aaaggtttgg ttcctttttt actctcaaaa gtggaccttt ttgcaattat    140820
     tcgcctcatt atctttttaa ttatgaaatt taaatactgc atttaagtga cattttaagc    140880
     actattctga atttgcctgt cgaatggtca ttataatcac accttttgac tattttagcc    140940
     aaactatcaa ctatcaattt taatgtggtc tgcttttggt gcttcacatc tttttattgg    141000
     tcatttattg agaggggtct ggctgcagac ttggctcaga tgcaatctga gctgcatcca    141060
     atgcttttta atgtgctcac ctaaccctac ccttcacagt gacgtcactg gctcgattga    141120
     gtgcattgtg tctgacattg catctctgag cgatgcactc tcagcttgca tcataaaggc    141180
     tgcatccaga tactattgca ttttttgctt caagaataaa gtccaagatt ttgaataaaa    141240
     gttaattgta aaatgttttc tctatttaaa aacaatacag tagcgaaaga agatttcact    141300
     tacatcagat gttttcttgc acagctggat gaaaaatatt tgtaagaatt ggccaaaact    141360
     gattagaggt cacactaaag cgacagccaa cagaggattc cgcttggtct taaagtcttt    141420
     tttaatgggc tattttcatc ataatggcac aggagtcaaa ataggagaaa tgagcgcatg    141480
     tatggaacaa attccggacc tttgtcagtg aggtgtgggt cttcctattc acttccccac    141540
     cccccgctat gggcctgtac caatttttta ttttatcata attctatatg taagtaaatt    141600
     aacagtattg acactgttta taaaattagg ggaattttgt cagtttaaac tggaaccctt    141660
     tctgcaaacc cacatttaaa tctgcctcta tctcatcaat aattcacaaa tataataaga    141720
     tcatgcccaa ctccccacac tctttcataa taaggtttta tttcaaaaac aaaaatatct    141780
     acacttcatc aagcacaagc ctgcaacaac aaaaatagcc tttaaatgaa tagaaatact    141840
     tgttacctgg ttcgcttggc atatgtttgg ttcagaccta cacccccaaa acagttttgc    141900
     cctggttcgt ttacatgtca tttttaaaac taaatgaaat ccccaaaaaa acaaacaaac    141960
     aacccaaaaa tgctttgatg atgcagattt tgcaacagaa tctaacaaac attcaaaaca    142020
     attctgtgtg ctgggctaaa caaacacaat tacagtacat atgtaattta ggttgattcc    142080
     ttgtgaactg gtttgaaatt tagaaatgta ctgaactgaa atgcacaaca tcataaatat    142140
     ggccagcatt ctatcatttt taatggtcac aacttgtaat atcatgtact gttttgggtt    142200
     ttggatgtct ctggtctgtg ttgtgttcat acttcagttt catttggaag caaattcaaa    142260
     aagcagcact catacttatt caacagaaca gagcaacttc agtcaagtgc gaacacacgc    142320
     aataggcctt ctccaatatt tgaactatac acttaaggtt ttgtttcagt gtaaaataac    142380
     ggaaaacatt ttcttttata agctgctaga catgttaaaa caattatcac cacaataatc    142440
     cacataaaag ggacaaaaac agtgtagcag tcaccacttg agaaagcgcc aaactgcctc    142500
     cactccacct gtatggagaa gtcctgctgc tgtagtgtcg tttgccacac ttggagcatt    142560
     gagctattta tatcacccct taccgcactg tttgtcaagt aatgaccctc tgaaagaaga    142620
     tacatatgct atactcccaa caagcctgct ttaggcctga tttctgaata aatagctaaa    142680
     ttcggcatta taatctaaat aaaagataac taaacaatgt acaccacatg taaacaaaca    142740
     gtacagatca gaaaaataaa cataataaga cacataagca ctgattagtg gtcttcggtt    142800
     agtaccacac agcagtgagt gttagctgtc tccattactc tgatctctgc ccacaggtgg    142860
     gacactattt caggcccttc cttgttgtcc ctgttggtct tcccaagtgg agcctcaagt    142920
     ataatacttc agcttttagg ttgaataaaa gttattgatt ttagagagac tacaagcagt    142980
     aataaaagga ttggagccag aactgtacag tgtttatcta ttcttcatgg taggatgaaa    143040
     tgcaacccct tgcatgacgc agcaaacatc tcatgctagg atcctccttc tgaagctttc    143100
     ggatgctcct cagatcaacc ccttttaccc tgagtatgag ccttccagca ctgaaggaag    143160
     gaagtcaaaa gggaggcaca tgcatgctgg gtctaagctt gagttacaga tgacagtgct    143220
     gtccttcagg ctgagggggt ttccaacaca ttttggcact tgctgtttga atcatttaaa    143280
     aatatgaaca gaaaatgcac taaattatca ctaaaatgca tcaattacca accaatgaat    143340
     gaatgaatga atggattgat tgattaatta attaatttat caatcaataa atcaatcaat    143400
     gaatcagtca atgaatcaat caatgaatca gtcaatgaat gaatgaatga atgaatgaat    143460
     gaatgaatga atgaatgaat gaatgaatca atcaatcaat caatcaatca atcaatttat    143520
     ttatttattt gcactgcctg ttcatacttc atccaaagta tattaaaagt atattattag    143580
     tcttttgtaa tataaataca ataaatgttt gtctggaaaa agacatcaga aatgttcatt    143640
     ccaaaagcct gttgttgtca gagagcaatg agccaataca gtacgtccac tgcaatgaca    143700
     aaaggtccga atcagcatag caccaagccc tgttggagta agttatatat ttagaatttt    143760
     aaacatcata acaataacat taaatacaag tatgtttgtc taggcgtgta taaaaatttt    143820
     ttaatgaata ctgtttctgt attctgtctg gattttagag cgacccattg agatttctgg    143880
     gttatcacac acctctatgt gactgtgata agtgggtcag aactgactgg atgagccaca    143940
     gactctcaag ataaagccta ctggctccaa cggccaacaa tagttccatg taaacaagct    144000
     gtgtggaaaa tatgaatcaa aacaaatcaa acctaatagg tgcttacgca aagcgtatat    144060
     atgaaaaaat tacagagtgg aaaattgcaa tacactgtca tggaaacaaa aagtaaataa    144120
     tggaaaaaat tctaaagttg tattgaccta acttccatta acagaacaat ctggtcctca    144180
     gaaattttgc tccatattga catgatagca ttacgcagtt gctgcagatt tgtgggctgt    144240
     acagccatga tccaccatat cccaaaggcg ctctattgga ttgaaatctg gtaactgttg    144300
     aggccatttg agtacattga acttaatgtc atgttcaaga aaccagactg agatgatttg    144360
     tgctttatga cacaacacgt catcttgctg gaattatcca tcagaagatg ggtacactgt    144420
     ggtcataaaa aaatggatat ggtcagcaac aatttaactt ttttaggtgt acctaataaa    144480
     gtggccggtg agagtatttg tgttgttttt ttaattacaa aacaaaaaag actgttttta    144540
     gcatataaca tgaatttcca gtatatgtgc accgtattaa atataagtgt acagtaaagt    144600
     acatatacag tattaatagc aaaaaactgg tttgatttac tcagtagtac agtataattt    144660
     aatatagtct acagtgaggt gttttatgtt cagttttaag taaagcatta tgtaagctgg    144720
     tcaatgtcac gtgacataat ttaacatctg tagtcctatg tgttgttacc tgtatggcac    144780
     aaaatgtaat ttaataataa aagcttttat taacactcaa aatcatggtg ctgttttttt    144840
     tattatagcc atgtgaataa aggcttttta actttttaaa cttttgacac tattaaaacc    144900
     attagaccta accattagta aaatatacaa acaaaaacat gttcagtccg cataaaacta    144960
     tcattcgtaa atatatatat gcgttacttt aaacaaacgg taaacgagtg actaattaat    145020
     cacttacagg taaagtgtgt cgttaacaaa cggtaaataa cgattatagt gtcaaaacga    145080
     ttataaattg gtgtagaaga cggtgagagt cggagataag cagacatatg tggtgcgaca    145140
     gctgaggccg tcagccggtg gcgcgtgtgg aatgcggtag atggagaggg gcacggatat    145200
     ttttatggaa agcgcccacc gacacccgac tgcgctcatt tgactctctg tcgcacggga    145260
     agagaagact aaacctgtgc tttggggatt tagatcttat cttatgaaaa acaaagggag    145320
     aatatcactc taaacaaggt aaggtttgta ttttttaagt tatcgtttat atgaataatt    145380
     taataaaccc tctggaggtc aaaaaatgtt caaaagggca agatatgcgg atgacggcct    145440
     gttttatggc cgacctcatt tcttcacttc acttgctgaa aatcgtctat tgtaaaggga    145500
     tattttatgt catcattatt ttcaaattat tttattaatt aatgtttaga gaagatcgtt    145560
     taaaatgaga aataacacat taaaatgcta aatatctaaa tattgaaagg tcttcttcat    145620
     atatctgaga aattactgaa aagtacatta ttcgttcgac aatgtttagg ttccattctt    145680
     tgaaatacta cctaaaataa aaaaaatttc agcagctaac aaactctgta agcaacttaa    145740
     gaaggatggt acacccaata atgaaaaata gctcattaat tttctctcac ttgttcaaaa    145800
     cctattttag tatgtactgt aattggatat tttcagatat cagatatttt caatatccga    145860
     tattcagatt tttgaagaat gctgaaacgc cttattgact tccgcaggga aaaagactat    145920
     aaatcaattg gtgccactta ccagcattct tcaaaatatc ttcttttttt ttcaacggaa    145980
     aaaaaagaaa ctcaaactgg ttttgaacaa gtgaaagatg aataaatgat gacaaaattg    146040
     ttatttttgg atgaactatc attaagttga actgctaata cagatgaatg tctatagtga    146100
     catttatgtg gatgaatgga tgtttagaac acaccatatc ttatcagttt tatacactgt    146160
     aaaaatcctg gttgcctcaa atttttaagc tgaatcaaat taaccattga acttatatta    146220
     tgttcaactg acttaaaaca gcttgcataa ctaataaaat taagttagaa catgattaac    146280
     ttagtaaaac aagttactaa aaacatgctg tcatgactaa ttattcaaat aattttttac    146340
     agcgtaagaa aaatgcatac ttttaaagag acaatgcatt caagtggtga cattgtttgg    146400
     ggggccatgt tgtctgcgtc atgctctaaa agcgaggtgt gattgcacta gttgtgttat    146460
     atatgaatag cagagtgacc atgcgtcgga atttagatta ttccacatgc agtcatgcct    146520
     aaaattatgt ttttctgtgc tgcatggttt aatgctgctc tttttgtatt ccagtttgaa    146580
     tgaatgatgt cagatgttga acctttgaaa tgtaaagatt tcatttcata acatgcatga    146640
     agtggataac acataacaca cacatacata cacatacaaa taaagtaaat atcttagttc    146700
     tagccaaact gactgacaaa caaaacacat cttgtataaa gaaagatgta gaaatgagtt    146760
     gtttagtcag gggtctcatg tgtgccatct gggtgctgac ctcttcttag actcgtatct    146820
     ccaggtaaaa atagccctaa tcacatgctg gacccagact gggtgtaaaa ttagggcctg    146880
     tgagtcccat aagtctctag tggaggtccc acacacattc agctcatttg tccctttgta    146940
     gaccaccaac taacacttta cacacactta aagctgacat ttctgtacat tttaaagata    147000
     tataaccaaa tagctgttcg tttgcagtgg tcattactgt atgtctatct cccaatgtca    147060
     gcttcatcta tcttacaaca gggcaacatg actgaagtga tgagcatggc ggatgtgtca    147120
     acagacaccc atatgaacaa cacagaaagc atgaacgata ttgctgatgt tgattcagag    147180
     aacacagtta atgaggaaaa tcacaaagaa gaaacacacg acatgtgttg tgcgcctgaa    147240
     gaggtggaga tgaacagcgc ggcagatgaa ccaaaggaga cagagttacc cgagaaggaa    147300
     aagccaaaac aggagaccgg cagggcgagg aaacgagaga gagttcagaa aacgaaagag    147360
     gaagacacca gccagttgga gaatgaagaa aaggctgatg aatcacatga tatagatatc    147420
     acaaacatgt cagatgtggc actaaaacaa gaggtaaagt atgaagaggc tatcacaata    147480
     tagaaattac acatgtaaat caatatttta aaaacaatta agtacttaag taacttctaa    147540
     aaatgcaaat gaatacattt gggttaatca ttaacaccta tctgtgcaat aagatgatac    147600
     gcatataaac tgttaatgat tttagtaaat tacacagtat ttaactgtaa tgtgaactgt    147660
     aatttactgt aggacagtta tacagtatgt tactgtattt tgaagttgta ttgggaaaat    147720
     gactgtatat tttactgtaa agatatacaa cattgtaaat acatagagca aaataaatgg    147780
     tgctgcactg taaatgtaaa tacagtattt ttgctgtttt acaataagtt actggcgaac    147840
     tactgcccca gtaagttact gtagattgta caggaaattg acaacagcgt atggtatgga    147900
     ccaaacaaaa aatctatggt ttcatatgct ctatctttaa tttcgtgctg tcacaaaata    147960
     atttttttac tgtaatacat tttcattatt taacctaaaa taacacgcaa ttctggttat    148020
     gcagacagaa acatgcataa cagcattgtg agaaagttaa aaccctgaaa gtacattagt    148080
     atcgatatcg caatgtacac atccgcaata gtcacattgc aggatctgca atgttcagtt    148140
     atgatttaat agttaaccag gtttaggttg aaattgttta ggacacatga gaattgtgta    148200
     gttaatgcag agttcaacca ataaatgcag agtttaacca aaaaagttta ttatttgcct    148260
     gtgtttttaa ggcctgacac aataaatttt taccattttt aaatttaatg aagaatcatt    148320
     tttatttatt tatacagtta aggctgttgc agcgttattt taaatttgat tattcaaatt    148380
     ctgcaactta atactatttt attcctccca atactataaa acacggttta tttcacagtt    148440
     ctctttggtt ttaattagtt aataattttt aacattacaa tgcatgattc atgtctctac    148500
     aatatcagtc caatcgatct taatgaataa attatttcta tattgcagtt taagtcatcc    148560
     ggtgaaattg tttatatact gcaatatttg tcgcagaaaa ataaaatatt gtagtgcctt    148620
     atcatacacc cagcccaata aggcgtaaga cgtgtttggt gtaacttgtt gctattttct    148680
     gaccagcgca accttaattt tcacgtttta accacattgt ttaactatca aaagtaaagt    148740
     aaaaagaaag taaagaggcc gaatggagga gcctcattct tcattctctt gcagatgttt    148800
     ttttttgcta gtgaagcatt cagtttgttt atgcagtttt ttccacttac aatgtcctcc    148860
     atgcaaatag caaatgcgcc atggtgcgac gcaattgaat cttaaaggga atgaaagatg    148920
     agactctgtt tagtttaatg ccaattatgc tcaaaacaca cccataactc attaagagaa    148980
     taagcacaac cctgttagac catgtgccgg ggctcaaact gtatttttcc atcctaaaaa    149040
     tagcaaaagt ggatttggat acacccttaa tgcttttgcg ctttagactt tgcgccagaa    149100
     ttttaaatag ggccaataaa tgatattata tcgaatcgtg ataaaatgaa tgccaataac    149160
     aatgataagc tctggacttt ttactccata ttgatctaag agttaatcac actgcagaaa    149220
     tatgcaacaa taacaatcta aaagtatgtt ggcattggag atgtaccgaa ttttcggtca    149280
     ccgaaaattt atctgctgaa aatatgttac gccatttaat ggatcctcta atttttgtgg    149340
     ctttagtcat tgttgtggta ctctttaaat ttggaagtat taacaactca tattgaaata    149400
     catatcgcta tcattcaata tggaaaattt tggagattgc atttttgcca tatcgccgag    149460
     ccctattcta atgtacagaa aaaactgtat ttagttgtat ttaacttcaa ttgttttaat    149520
     actttagaca ctcttttttt gtcttggact cattttttac acgtatttat tttaataata    149580
     aaaaagacaa taacaaactc tttatttcac ttttaaccct ctctcgcatg cctccttttc    149640
     tctttcttcg gaagaaactg ctcaaaacat caaagcccgt acagaggagt tacattccca    149700
     agttggggaa agaagatgta aagaacaaat ttgaggccat gcagaaagct agagaggaga    149760
     gaaaccaaaa gaggagtcag gaagagcaga agaagcgcag agagcagtac gttaaagaga    149820
     gagagtacgg ccgcaggaaa caaatggtca gtaaagaaac cgcctttatc acttcatcca    149880
     ctgaccactc tgacactaac aacacatctt gagcttgata gatgaagatg aagatgctgc    149940
     ttgctgtgta tatgaagtgt tagaataaga tcaagcatgc atcaataccc gattccagat    150000
     atttaaaagg acacactcaa caaaaaaatc ctttaatcag taaaacagtc cctgtgatgc    150060
     tggcctgctg catgcaaact ccactgatcc cctgctcatg tcacgactga cggcccaatc    150120
     agcatccgcc tctgtaggtc atatgtgcct gtgtcttaca aggattaagg tctgcttgca    150180
     acgaccagca tggtttctga tcctggataa aaacggctaa cctcacaaca actgtcggat    150240
     cctccacaga taaaggagct ccttgcctct agcgatgaag aggaagaggt gaaacccaca    150300
     aagatagaga aatcctatgt tcccaagatc acaggtaggg gccaaacgga tgggatttct    150360
     gcatttgact ttgggattga agcggagcaa tcattgtaac agcactttaa tcccactata    150420
     agcaccaact gtcggctttc tgtctattga cacaggcagc gtgaagggga agtttgccga    150480
     gatggagaaa cagaggcagg aggaggagag gaagcgaaca gacgaggaga ggaagaagcg    150540
     agccgcgcag gaggccatcg agaaggccaa aatccagaag gagttggcca agaaagccga    150600
     ggaggtgagg cagtgtgtca ggataacaga ctaacatcct gataccggga tgcttttaat    150660
     gcgacttggc aggcggctgc tttatcaggt ctactattag aaaatctcca gcaaagtatc    150720
     tgtaatcact caggtaatcc tctgacatgg aatctaaagt gctattttaa aagctgtcgt    150780
     agaaatgtat agaagtgtaa ttaaatcctg gaaaggcttg atcatgtaga atcgcaataa    150840
     cagaactcga aattatctag aaatctctct tactctatat atgtacacag tacatatata    150900
     gtaggggtgc acgatattgg aaaaatctaa cactgcgata tttttttaac ctgcgatatg    150960
     tattgcgata taaatacaat ttcactaaat gagtttaata actatttgga aaaaaatttt    151020
     atcattttag attgtttggg atgattctgt agggaagtac atatgcataa aatataataa    151080
     atattctatt ggcatagata aattcaataa aaaaagagat accaattaaa taaagagcgt    151140
     ttgattacta ttttttttcg atgagtctaa atgtattcag gggtaattga atatttgaat    151200
     aagcaaataa aatagtaatt gaataatcaa acaaaataat acagcatagt tatcgtttta    151260
     ttaacattta aatagctatt catttgttaa agttaaaaac tgtactattt cttaggcctg    151320
     agtgctttaa aaattgtcac acagtcacag gccttaaaaa aacacttgtg aaataataaa    151380
     ttataatcca gacttaacat tgtgtatact cgtgatgtga catttgagaa tgaatgatca    151440
     cattgcgcta tcattgctga aatgatatat tgtgcagccc taatacatat atagtgcaca    151500
     gcatatttga gtacacccca ttatgaaaat atttttatcc atttctcagt aaatacaggt    151560
     aatatgtttg gtgcatttaa gcagaacaga tttattaaac agatatattt attaaaataa    151620
     tattttagtc acctaacatc tttatcaata gaaagataat gcatttaaat tcaagcaaaa    151680
     tattacaaac aaataataat taagtaaatt ttgtatattt tttgttcctt ttgattatta    151740
     ttattatttt aaaatttgga cttaatatct tccatagcat atacatttgg ctgtactcat    151800
     ttttaaaccg ttatcgtaag attttttgtt agattagctc cagatttggc ttcagtactg    151860
     actaatctga tgcatatgca cacatataat attgtaaagc ttcctataga aaatcttaat    151920
     ttaaaagaga gatcagtgag ggctgtactc atacagtata tgctaagcac ttaatactag    151980
     ggctgaacaa tattggaaaa atttgacatt gcaacatttt tttctctgtg atatattttg    152040
     cgatataaat gcaatttcac cagatgactt taatagctgt atttaccaag gcattacttt    152100
     agatgatttt gaaagggagt gaaatataaa tatattttta tgtcatttat tatacacatg    152160
     tgataaacaa tctgcagtca taaataaaca caatagtgca tactgtatat aacagtgaaa    152220
     taaaccatac ggttttctag agagagtaac ggaagttgaa tattcaacat ttgcatagtc    152280
     ttcatcatat caattattca atcaaattaa tccttgttag acttctttat gctcaaaatg    152340
     ctttaaattc ttttaaaatg ctcacagagt catgggcctt aaaaacacat gaagttattg    152400
     tggttcaatt ctgcagtgtc tccacaaatc tattgtgttt tacctctggg tttggacaac    152460
     tataatccca actcaacatt gcatatcctg cgatgtgact atagcggaca aaaacattcc    152520
     gatatggatt ttttggccga tatcaataac caataacgat ttggaggccg ataaccgata    152580
     tattagccga taaatataaa tatttcaaat ttatataaat atttttatac agtgaacaat    152640
     tgattttatt ttaaaaactt cataaaagta tgaactgatc ttaagaacca aatggcctac    152700
     tcagtttcaa aattgcaagg tgatataggc ctgtattcac gatttcacat aaatcagcat    152760
     gccaaaaaat aaatactttc tttttcttca tatagcaaat taacatgcaa cttgactgtt    152820
     gcattaaaat aataggttta aaccagaata cacaatgata ctctatcaaa catattcaca    152880
     atgataagga atatggttac ttactattaa cgcacagcaa taccacacaa agaaagattg    152940
     gactttgaag gaataaacaa tgtcaggaaa actccattgt acagcagccg aactggaaac    153000
     tttatgtcta tggacaagtc tgaattcatg ttcaacccac acatgcgcaa ggcgggcagt    153060
     tctgtaaaat tacgtaatct atctgcttaa agatatcggc ttaatttttt tttagcattt    153120
     atcggtcgat atcgatatgg ccaccgatat atggtgcatc cctagcgata ttgatgctca    153180
     aaagatatat tgtgcagcgt tacttagtac acatagttat atgttctcca attctctgga    153240
     tttacttgat ttattatata tgggtttgtt aataattgta ataatttata aaggtctgat    153300
     aactcctctt tcaaatttta gataagaata ttgtaattta tttatttttt ctccagaaaa    153360
     tgacaatttg tcagaaaaac aaatgttttg aattgctgtg acatttaatt tttaaattgg    153420
     gaataaatat cattatgtaa ttaagtttta ctcaaacaca taactataaa taggattcag    153480
     acacattttt accgtaaaaa ttctatgact ttttcagtac tttcaagtcg attttcatga    153540
     cctaatgttt catgtaattt ctacatttat gtggtaaatc attagaaacg tttaaattta    153600
     ttacagcata tcataaaaca tgcaatagtt tcaatttatt tttatatcta tgtaaaatag    153660
     atgatgctta cacagcacta ataatgtgag agcatatttt tggccaagaa aagaaaataa    153720
     ttaaaacaac taacctccaa taccattata tagttatttg tattaactaa ttttagataa    153780
     tcttatagtt tgttaaacta gtaataggta aaacccattc taaagctgga atcgcattgc    153840
     aattttcact caataaactt ccattattag gcatgccaat gcggcatgaa ttcttacctg    153900
     cgaaaccata tcaggtgatt gcgtgagacc aatagaaaaa tcatttaaaa taagaaattt    153960
     aaaatatgaa atatataaat atgaaaaata agaaatatgt aaaatatata ttttttattg    154020
     tctaattata tggtttaacc ccacaacttt tcgcagtgcc aaatgacgtt aaagttctag    154080
     tgtgaccgca gattaagtca ttttggacaa aaatgtctgc taaatgaata aatgtaaatg    154140
     taatttccat gacttttcca aaaccttgtg gtttttttca gtttttccag gcctgaaaaa    154200
     tgccatgtct aaattttgtg acttttccag gttgtccatg accgtatgaa ccctgtataa    154260
     aatgcaaatc ataaatccaa agagaattta caatttttat atttacatac agttaaagta    154320
     agacttatta gcccccctga attattagac cgcttgttta ttttttcccc aatttcagtt    154380
     taacgtacag attttttcaa cacacttcta aacatgatag tttcaatcac acatttctta    154440
     taactgattt atctttgcca tgatgacagt taataatatt tgactagatt ttcaagacac    154500
     ttctatacag cttaaagtga catttaaagg cttaactaac tttattaggc taactatgca    154560
     ggttagggta attaggcaag ttaatgtata atgatggttt gttctataga ctatcaaaaa    154620
     atatagctta aaagggctaa taattttgtc cctaaaatgg tgttaaaaaa aactatagaa    154680
     actgctttta ttctagccga aataaaacaa ataagacttt ctctagaaga aaaaatatta    154740
     tctgacatac tgtaaaaatt tccctgctct gttaaatatc atttggaaaa tattttagaa    154800
     agaagaaaaa aattcaaaga gggctaataa atctgacttc aactgtatat tctttaaata    154860
     taaagtctaa gttactataa gtacatatat accattttta acactgacat tatcaggaaa    154920
     tactgtaaat cttcatattg taagattaca tgacactgga ggctggagtg aagaaaatgt    154980
     agctgtcacc agagaaataa attacattta ttatgttatt ttaaatgcaa taatgttaga    155040
     tattattact gttttttttt actaatacaa ataaatacac ccttggtgag acttaaaaaa    155100
     aacatctgta aaaatagctg aataatatgt aaaatatgtg caaatggtgc actattcatt    155160
     acaaaggcat ttcaattcat atacaacatg gaagtggttg ttaaatttag gaagaatgcc    155220
     acactttctg gagccagggt taataagcat gaacaacatg tgactggcaa ctgtttccca    155280
     caccacttgc aggctgtgct ctccgactga attagcggtc ccctatctct gtctagtatg    155340
     acacaaaaga acacaactgc tccagaagaa tgtcttctgc tgtcaggcct tatctgaagc    155400
     ctgtctggat gtttgactgc agtaatgttg caggtcaaat attaacgcaa tcatttgttt    155460
     ttgcttcaga ttagacccca catttgtttc tgattttatg aaaaacagga agttaacatt    155520
     tcatcatatt ttaaatgata aaaccggcat tttatccgtc gcttctataa ttctgctttt    155580
     tcgcaggaag gtgatgacag tcttttggtg cgagtggtgc ctgcgaaatc gcagaaacaa    155640
     ccaggaagaa tcaaaatcaa cttcgaggac atggagaaga gccgagaaga ggaactaaag    155700
     aaacgaaccg aggaggagaa gatgaagcgg tatgatgaaa accggcggtc cgtccgagag    155760
     tctaaacgtc gctccgttgt tgaacaggtg aaggacttta aatagcaatg tggactgtac    155820
     tataaaaaaa tgttttttgt tttgacaacg tatgaaaaaa tgacacactt ttgactaaaa    155880
     aacttcaatg tttaaaaaag ctggacgatg gagagcctca acccaaagag aaagagcagg    155940
     tgactcctgg aaaattgcgt ctgacctttg aggaacagga gaaagagcga caggaacagc    156000
     agagaaaaca ggcggaggaa gaggcccggc gaagactgga agaagaaaga aaagcttttg    156060
     aagaggccaa gctgggcatg gtgggttaat tttgtaaaaa aattacattt ggggatttaa    156120
     agggttagtt tactccaaaa cttaaattct gtcatcatta tttactcatc ctcatcacta    156180
     catcattcct atcaataaca caaataaaga tattttttat caaataaatt caggaaaccc    156240
     atttccgacg cggtggcgca gtaggtagca cgttcgcctc atagcacgaa ggtcgctggt    156300
     tcgagcctcg gctgggtcag ttggcatttc tgtgtggagt ttgcatgtac tccctgtgtt    156360
     cgtgtgggat tcctccgggt gctccggttt cccccacagt ccaaagaaat ttctgtgcct    156420
     tgatttattt ttatttattt ttaaatcaaa cattttgaag tcagagtttt aggtgaattt    156480
     acattcaatg taaaatagag ggatagaaat ctctataaac acaccataaa ctttacccag    156540
     tcttgtttta ggacaatatt aaaaactttt ttgatccacc tcaaatattg accactataa    156600
     actataagtg tttttttttc acaatagttt gtctggcttc aaaagtttca aaaatcataa    156660
     acactgcatt agttcatgtg agcagatgta ctaaataatg taaaaaaaga atttattcat    156720
     tactttatgc agaacatttg tggaaaataa ccttaaagtt cccgtaaagt tctttaaaac    156780
     gtgcattttt atttgaagtt tgacataatc tcaactgaac cataaagaga gggtgggaca    156840
     tagtgtagct cctccccttt aaaaaaacag ccaacagcgt tttgtttaat caccgctctg    156900
     ccactgagag tggttgagca caagcatatc aaatttgaag tgtcttaagg gggcagggta    156960
     tatctcagat actagagagc atttgattgg gtatgatttg atgagaaact gcagtatgag    157020
     gacacgtgaa taaaaccgtt aatccattta ggcgaagtga caaacgtaca tgtttatatc    157080
     agttttatat ctccgttata taagcgtgaa ttttgtaact gttttaatgt aaactagcct    157140
     atagatatac taaaaacaaa caatactgat actaacatct aaaaaaactt taatttaatg    157200
     ggacctttaa gaccaattag ttacaaaata ctcaaatgtt gttcagtaaa gggcacctat    157260
     gatgcaaaat caacttttgt aagctgtttg gacacaactg tgtctaggta tagtgtgtcc    157320
     attgtcatat tggagtgatc caaatccgtg caattttaag tcccaccaca acgtgactta    157380
     ggactgtggt ttccctgccc aacatgtctc tcatgtaaca tgtaacatgt ctctgtagta    157440
     atgagcataa tcacctccac aaggcaagac ttgtgcaaag caattaggat taaaagatct    157500
     gttcagctct ctgtgatcaa ctgcacctca ggaatgagtt ttacaagttt taaatgtttt    157560
     taaaacagtg catgtatgta ataaagacag taaaattgct gtaattcatc accacagccg    157620
     caaagtgtca ctacagttat gaaagaagat gcttcaatcc tggtttgtga acttaaatca    157680
     ggtttatttt gtacattacc acaaacgata tccacacagc agtgtattaa aatgtatcca    157740
     atcacgtttg ccatgcaaaa actgtgtaaa gttaaaggtg tgtgtgtgtg cgcactcgtg    157800
     tgacattgtg tgtgactcat cattgcagaa aggcttgaat tataacttca caacaaatat    157860
     atctaataac cattgggaaa gttctaactg tagtaaggta gatctgcttc attcttgtct    157920
     gtcactgtgc tgtttatata catgaaggct acacagagca atactgagag atctctgtgg    157980
     ctcgtaggaa tggtgggcgg ggataactac ctcatttgca ttcaatatac aagaaacaaa    158040
     aacagcaaca atgtcctaac agctcaaata tcccagattc agaaagctat aataaataat    158100
     ctgataggta ttttaaactt aaactttaca gacacattct ggaaacacaa aaaacttcta    158160
     ttaaatcttg gaaaagggat aaaataggag cactttaagt tagttctgag gaaagctcta    158220
     acatttgatt gagtacacac actactttgt ttgctatgta ttaatttact tgaaaattaa    158280
     acatatttat gtgacgctta tgctaattga gcaaattgtg tgcactgcta atgtgtattt    158340
     tgaataataa tgcactgtta atcacagggt caggaagatg aggacactca ggacacacat    158400
     ggagagaagg aagaattcag accaggtaaa cttcgactca gttttgaaga gctggaaaga    158460
     cagaggctgg aagacgaaca taagcgggtt gaggaagaga ggaaaagacg cattgaagaa    158520
     gaaagaaagg cctttgctga ggccagaaag agcatggtca gtttgtgtgc tcgtaaaaag    158580
     ttacaatagt aaaatgatga ttagttgatt gtttgttcgg tggctaagtg ggtagcactt    158640
     ccacctcaca gacagaaggt cgctggttcg aatcccggct cgaaccagtt agcatttttg    158700
     tgtggagttt gaatgttctc catgtattcg catgggtttt ctatgtgctc tggtttcccc    158760
     cacagtccaa agacatgctg tataggttaa ctgaatgaac tagtggatgt gtgtgaatgt    158820
     gagagtgtat gggtgtttcc cagtactggg ttgtggctga aagggcatcc gccgcatgaa    158880
     acaaatgcca gaatagttgc actcatttcg ctgtggtgac ctctgacaat agagactaag    158940
     ccgaaggaaa ataaatgttt gtttgtttgg aaaccatgca tactttatca gtgtgacctt    159000
     ctgatatcat aattttagca tgattcctct ttattggaga gacccgcaca gtactaaaca    159060
     gacataaatt gctcagtatg ataacaaaac tgtcatcaac aagcatgcaa gacatattcg    159120
     gctttcaata taacacctac gatcgaaaat cagagagata aggctttgtt gacttggcaa    159180
     agttaaagat gtcagccgga tgccagatca aacttttgac taactaattt tgcgcaaaca    159240
     taatctattc actcgcaggt tataaatagt gacgatgaca tcctgctggc catgatcaac    159300
     tcagacgggg ccaaacccgg gaagttggcc attagctttg aggatttgga aagacagaga    159360
     caagaagagg agcagaaacg caaagaggag gaggctaagc gacgcctgga agaggagaaa    159420
     agactcttcg ctgaagctcg aaagagcatg gtaggacatg cacgagatat gtaacatgct    159480
     gtatttgtta atgtgcagtg tgtttgcatg cactaactca tttaatgcat ttatatttaa    159540
     catacagtgc tcaacatata gtacaccgct cacaaatctc tcatttaaat taatattttc    159600
     tataggaagc tttaaaatat taaaatttgt gcagaaacat tagattagcc aatactgaag    159660
     cctaatctgg agccaatcca acaaaataac ttttaataac ggaaaaatgt tgtacatcca    159720
     tatttaaata ttagggacaa atattaaata aaatatttta aaaatagcaa agtttaagag    159780
     aaaccaaaaa tgtatcaaat tttgtagaat ttttgtaatt tttaaaaata ttttgcataa    159840
     atttaaatgt tatctttcta tttttaaaga ttctgtgact aaaatattat tttaataaat    159900
     atatcagtat aataaatctg ttttgttcaa atgcacacaa atacattacc tgttcactga    159960
     gaaatggata atggggtgta cttatttatg ttgagcactg taattgtacc agtgaaacta    160020
     tgctgttctg gtaaataata ataataataa taataataat aataataata ataataataa    160080
     taataatagt ttaatttttt ttttcaaggc tatgcatgct tattgtaatt taatctgctc    160140
     ataatattta tatcattgag cacatgtgat ttagctaata taaccattgt ccattttagc    160200
     acattaactt actttaggat tctaacgaca gtgcatatat taatgtaagc acaacacatg    160260
     tttaaatgac cagtgtgctc acatggtata cctgctgcag tgcttgtttg ttatgctttt    160320
     cacgttgtgt ctttaagagc cctggagtgg atcaggataa tatgactgga tgtggagata    160380
     aagaagtaag aatcttttta tcaaacagaa tctgacatcc tgataaagag aagcattgct    160440
     acaatgactg attacagtgc ataaatagtg aagctttgac attaaaattc aactgttttc    160500
     ttactaaaca agtctgaaaa gggtcattta catagcattc attactcact aatttacttt    160560
     agcatttatt ttgtctcatt ttgctttgtg agttttgtct ttgctaatag tcacagactg    160620
     agtgataatc tatagtgctt tgcaccaggc aatcactttt tttatgtttt aactgattaa    160680
     agacagaaat gtcacgtcat attctacaat gattaacggt ttcagttcat ttttctttgt    160740
     gttatggatt tgattccaat tacaaacatg tcaattctta aatactgcat tttacacaac    160800
     cctgtaaagt aattaccaca aatataaaaa catgttcaga tagcattttt aagttatcaa    160860
     aacattattt ctgaatgttc tctgaatgtt taagttgtgg ctgcacaata tatcgtttca    160920
     gcatcgatat cacaaagtgc tgcaatagtc acatcacaag tatatgcaat gtccagtctg    160980
     aattgtagtt gaccaggagc tacacaactg tatttaatta aagtattttt atgacattta    161040
     tatgatttat gcaaaaaaat aaataaattc ttacatgaaa atgtttaaat atctacattt    161100
     caaagcgaaa acaaatcatt tcacttaccc tgtgcactgg cagataattt caaaaaactt    161160
     tgcaaagaac ttttttcaaa agcaaaaaac taaaaacttt tttcccccca catatttctt    161220
     ttgatgatga aaacgaaata atattttact tggtcttttt ctttctttcc ttttttttat    161280
     atttagacta aaaacaagac aaaacaaaga ttcccttttg cattttgatt attcaatttc    161340
     tgtacctcaa tactggtaga ctctcgagaa aaagcatcaa gtagtgctat tcaaattgac    161400
     ttgtgaaact gtattcatat tagggttgca cgatttaccg gtactattgt agtatcgtga    161460
     tattatggct ccaaaataca gcaggtgcca ttttaaattg caaatggtag tatcgtcatt    161520
     aacggtctat ctacaataga aaatgttgca tgtggaaagt ctctaaaatg ctcacatgct    161580
     tgtgcaacaa aagaccattt tatttgaata gtctgtggag cactttaagg ttgcaaaact    161640
     gtgtggaatt cacacctttt gaggtagcca gttgcacatt ttctgacgct tcagttggaa    161700
     cgcacatctg atcagttcat tattgttcct gtcgataaga tttagtagct acaacaaccg    161760
     cgacaatctc tttaaaagaa caactcacaa agtgaaattc tgaattactt tggattctta    161820
     cctgaaaaaa aaaaacaata gatgaaaaac ccaaaagagc aacattgaaa ctatttttga    161880
     ccacttcata taaactattt ttgaccactt catatagcct aatttcctct ttttgtaacg    161940
     aatttcattc tgtataattt ctatctttat tttaaagtat ttttatgttg gtcagttatc    162000
     tacaaaataa acaactaatg cattttaggt gaagtgatgt gcaaattctt ttttttttct    162060
     cgataataag ggacttatga attcaattca agtattacaa catataaaat ataatatttc    162120
     tgacaagttt ctttatttca tagatttgag ttatgaaata cagtattaca atactactta    162180
     gtatcacgat acttcagctg gtatagtatc gaaatgtgaa tgaatggtct cgcgacatcc    162240
     ctaattcata tgaaaaatat ttatcgcaga aaatttaaat attgtaatat cagatttttg    162300
     caatatcctg cagccattgt tcaccttttt aaatgtaaat tgagtaaaca ctccatttta    162360
     gaaatgcata gttaataata tggcaatctt acatttaaat ggtctctgaa caagttctgt    162420
     aagtaagttt taacatttag aaaatgttag atgagagtct aactaaatgt ttcagaaaaa    162480
     agctccatga aatgtccata aataatgttt ttgtcataac attttgagaa ctattattaa    162540
     aggccagagt actctggata aacattctgt aattgttacc agaagaatcg ttgttgaaaa    162600
     ctttgacaac tttggcagaa tattgtattt tgaaaacatt tcctgttagc tttgcacatt    162660
     gtatttcacg cttgttttaa taacacattg gcatgttcag ttcctattct gaaaaacact    162720
     gtttgcagtg taaaaatcac agtacacgcc attcactgat gaagtgtgtc ttgttcttat    162780
     aggtgctgga tgatgatgaa actctggtgc gcacggagtc acaggaagga ttgcacccag    162840
     gaaagctgga gatcaacttt gaggagatgc tgaagatgaa ggaggaggca gagcgcaagc    162900
     gcaagcagga ggccagacgg cagaaaatgg agatggagaa gaaagagttt gaacagttga    162960
     gacaagagat gggcgaggtc agctttgcca atcaattaat tattcacttt tcaacttgct    163020
     tatgtgttta ttattaaaat tcccgtgctt tgattcagga ggagattaat gaaagctctg    163080
     aggtggtgag cgcagagtac gaggagctaa ccaagttaaa gcgaactggc tccatccagg    163140
     ccaaaagcct gaaatccaaa tttgagaaga tcaagcagct cacagaggag gagatccaga    163200
     agaagatcga agaggagcga gcaagacgga aagaaattga tgagcaaatc aaggagagag    163260
     aggctgagcg ctgtcaggag gtaaaagaac aagggaatgc ctcagttttt aattcaagct    163320
     aaagagcttt gaaatgaaga gttttcctcg ttcttccaca ggatgaagat gaggacaaaa    163380
     catccccagc taaagcagaa gacgtcccgt tcagacagaa agtggacatg cgtgcacggt    163440
     tcgaacaaat ggcaaaggcc cgagaagagg agcagaagag aaaaatcgaa gagcagaaat    163500
     tacaaaggat gcaatttgag caacaggaaa ttgacgccgc tctccaaaaa gtaaacctct    163560
     cctgggctgc tttgtttaag agctaaatgg cggacctgca tggacatgat gtcaacaata    163620
     atgcatgaca aagctgcatg cctgtgattt ctgttgttgt gctgtatttt ttcccagtgt    163680
     gaaacacttt gtcatgtgtc ttgtcagaaa aaggacgaag aggaggaaga agagggaagt    163740
     attatcaatg ggtctgctgc ctacgaagac gaagaggacc atgccaggtc gggtgctccg    163800
     tggttcaaaa agcccctgaa gaaccagtct gtggttgacg ctgagcctgt gcggtttaca    163860
     gtgaagatca cgggggaacc caaaccagag gtcacctggt ggtttgaggg tgagccgctg    163920
     ccagactctg aagattatca gtacatcgaa agaggtgaaa cctactgcct gtacctgccg    163980
     gaaacgttcc cggaggatga aggagagtac atgtgcaaag ccgtcaacag ccgaggcacc    164040
     gccgccagca cctgcattct taccattgaa agtaagctgc tctccgtgtc aactaaccaa    164100
     ctgcatgctg ggatttccta tggcgtcact aaccatgaat ggatcgcatg cttcatttca    164160
     actcggttcc tcttcttctt cttcttaatc aaactgtgtc tctctgtctc gttgtctttc    164220
     tctttccagc tgaggactac tgatgctctc cttctctgga ctttcccaga ctttttttcc    164280
     ttttctaaag ttcatttctc acggtagggc caaaaaccga ggaggaagga gcggtgtttc    164340
     tttttttttt ttttgccatt cctcccaaag atacgctcaa tgatgaagtg caatctgttg    164400
     tttacattag atgctgcact tactgttaac aaaacaaaaa aaactccgta tttgggatga    164460
     atttgtgcca aaacacagat accgttccca tggtcttcaa acgtagcaca gttgaaccta    164520
     gttaaataca ttttatcatg aacgacatat acccactgtg atgctgagga aggttttcat    164580
     acctacgtta ttgaatgaat gagaagtaac tttagtttga tttagtgtct gtaaatgggg    164640
     ctgtggttac atttttaaaa ttccgttaag cacctctgtt caggctcaga tgtttgtttt    164700
     ttccacactg tgatctgagt ttgacagttt tgagtaaaaa tgtacacatg gagctttgat    164760
     aaccccaaat gtttttatgt ttcaaattac aatgtagtca aggtaatgta tggactgtgt    164820
     atgtaggcta gcaagatgtg actttaggtt ttaggcagaa tgtttgtggt atgtacaaaa    164880
     ttctaataaa attcatcaac tttgaatggt gttggctgtt tttatgttac tttttttctg    164940
     tgaaaagact ctataagggg tcttgcactc atagcatata cactcaccgg ccactttatt    165000
     aggttcacct tactagtacc ttgttggact gccttttgcc ttcagaactg ccttaatcct    165060
     tcatggcata tatttaacaa ggtactggaa atatttttca gagattttgg tccatattga    165120
     catgatagca tcacatggtt gctgcagatt tgtcagctgc acattcatga tgcgaatctc    165180
     cggttccatc aaatcctaaa ggtgctctaa tggattgaga tctagtgact gtggagtcca    165240
     tttgagtaca gtgaactcat tgtcacgttc aagaaactag tttgagatga ccaccagcct    165300
     gaaccattga tacaaggcag gatggatcca tgctttcatg ttgttgacgc caaattctga    165360
     ccctaccata cgaatgttgc ggcagaaatc aagactcatc agatcaggca atcttctatt    165420
     gtccaatttt gttgagcctg tgcgaattgt agcctcaatt tcttggacag gagtggcacc    165480
     cgatgtggtc ttctgctgct gtagcccatc cgtctcaagt tgacatgttg ttcagagatg    165540
     ctcttcagca tacctcggtt gtaacgagtg gttatttgag ttactgtgtc ctttctatca    165600
     gctcgaacca gtctggccat tctcctctga cctctggcat aaacaaggca tttgctccca    165660
     cagaactgct gctcactgga tactttttat tagcaattgg acaggtgtac ctaataaagt    165720
     ggccggtgat agtaaatgag acagatctgg caaattaatt tcctttctta aaacgctttt    165780
     ttgaaccagc tcaaatatgg atttgtatta ggtttatcag tgcgtgtatt tctgcaagat    165840
     attttaccta tcatttcaat tctttaaata aaagtgtaaa cattattatt agcatatatg    165900
     agatgacctt accattgatg aaaaattaaa acagcttttc catttggcag tcgctagaac    165960
     aggatattct ccaactttac attgaaatag atttttgtag ccacttttca cttgtgtcat    166020
     gaaataaacc gagaagtgta aagtaaagtg aaaagaatct gtaaatacgt caaaatacgt    166080
     gacgtgtttt atccgcacgg aggcgcagct gcgtcattat ccatgcattc accaacattt    166140
     tgctggtaac tatagcaaca aggcgaaaag ctagaccgct agttagcaag cgtcgcagct    166200
     atccttgcct tatcatagaa tttatctcct aaaaaataca aataaataaa attccaagct    166260
     gaaaatgcag tatgatgaaa ttatgaccta tattttgtcc aacagtattt gaagtgtgtg    166320
     tagtttggtg ttgtttacac ctggagctag caagtttgct agctctaacg ttatcttagc    166380
     accgctgtgt tgtgatctat gatgggcaaa gatgtggagg atgtttctgc gtctctagta    166440
     cgggaatatc tcagccgaaa ggtaggcaac acagattagt gtttttttaa cagactaatt    166500
     ctatttcaac gaaaacattg tattaaactg tgtaaacatt gtatttgggc tcattggcta    166560
     actacaacac tgttcctgtg ctactttagt aacgttagtt actggaatga aatgcatatc    166620
     gcatacttct ggatgaatca tcaaatgttt ttgcagggcc tcaagaaaac catagcttgc    166680
     atggatgaag aacttccacg aactcattca agcgtcaata acagatcaga cctgcggagt    166740
     atacttcatc ttgagggcct ttacaaaaag aataaggtat caaattgatc agcatacagt    166800
     gctgggttga ttacttacaa attgaagttt gtcgatgact acaaataatg cttattacac    166860
     tgcctattaa agggttaaac actgttggtt tatgagttga tttaaagcta ataataagtt    166920
     catcaaaatg catatttaga gtcttcgtcc ccaagttcag aattgtggat caacattgtt    166980
     ttttttttac atgaaattaa gatttattat tggcagtttt tcttgtgaat attcaaagtt    167040
     aaattgtatg ttattaaata aaacttaagg ataattttat tctacatttt tagaatctcg    167100
     ttacatattg tagattacac caaatcagca actacacagc actgtcttat aaccatattt    167160
     aaaatatcaa gaatgttaac aatgcagaaa ggtcttaaaa gtaatttgat ttttaggctg    167220
     aagagcatcc tctgaagtca atgttagaga tgattgtgaa ggacagaatg agtgaaggtg    167280
     gcaaaaccaa aggtcatcga caaggtgacg ttcaagcaca tgcattggat caaaccatgt    167340
     ccagttcttc catagatatg actgagacta ttaagagaga tgaaagttgt ttgcacaatc    167400
     tctcgtcgaa caatccaagg tatttgaata attaaaatct actgtagatt tcacgttcat    167460
     ttgtttgaga ctctaacagc tacgaacgtt cacttttgca caggttatct gaaagcagcc    167520
     gtgtgtcaca ggttattgtg tctccccaaa caccttctga aaagagacaa gacaaggcaa    167580
     agacaagttt ggacctttca tcatctagcc gggatagtct cttaaccatg tcaaaagagg    167640
     gatttctctc tgagacaaag gttgtagata ctgacagcca gaagaacaga ggcagcagga    167700
     taagacgagg gattatggca ggtcctattt gcagttcctc acaggtgatg aattatggtt    167760
     tattaaattt aaataaattc attcaaaatt caaatcctgc atttaagtga cattatacgt    167820
     tgtaattaat ttcagtattt gagttttggt tttacgtaat ttttttcatt ccatttttca    167880
     taggaaagta acagaagacg tccaacacga aaaacacctc catctgtcat agaaacaatt    167940
     gaggattgca ggcaagcatc aaactggact aatggcttca atactacaaa tacaaagtct    168000
     aaaccatcag cttttcttca agttgaaagc agttcaattt ctaatttaca taaaggaaat    168060
     attgaccatg atggacatga gaggatgaca aaagccaagc agtgagtttg tttgaatttg    168120
     tcttggtctc ttcattatgt attagaatta gtgtgggaca gtgggattgt catttaagaa    168180
     taatatttaa ctgcagatcg taattttctt acatattttt gtcttattta caactctaaa    168240
     tatttgaaca gtacagaaac aacaaacatt gataataaaa aagtacattg ggtagtacag    168300
     ttttttttta ttattatttt ggttaattta ctcgagctat accctatttt ggtattttct    168360
     ttaccttctt cagtagaaac taagaagacc tgaaactggt ccatggtgtt tcataaaatg    168420
     taaaacagtg gctaccagca attaaaaagt gaaaaataaa acctacaaat gtattcttgc    168480
     ttgatatgat agaaaagata tatctttgca tttaaactaa agcttcaaca aacagtcttg    168540
     agcttcaagc ttcagttcat tgaacagata aatatattaa tttataaagt aacccatcag    168600
     acaaactttt aataacttac attttagaca atttaaaaaa aaagaagaca tcaggcagaa    168660
     tattggaatt ctgcgattta atattgtgat acagagtatt ttcatatgat aatttgaata    168720
     gtattatttg atggttttct atggagtcta actgcattcg ggtacagaaa ttgaataaac    168780
     acaatgcaaa aaatgctttt cttacgttgt tttctctcgt ttctagccca aatatttaaa    168840
     aacttttagc tcaagtcaaa atattgtttt gttttcagct tttctttcaa cttttccttt    168900
     tcaagttttt tcttaaaaca aacaaaacta tctgtcagtg gggaaagtaa aataatgttg    168960
     tttctgcttt aaaatgtaga tatttagact aaaagctaaa atttgaagta agaaaaaatt    169020
     tttttttgta taaattccat ataaattaag tcattaaaaa caattctgca gctcctggtc    169080
     aaccattatt cagactcaac attgcagatc ttgcgatgtg actattgcag atgcatacat    169140
     tgctatatca atgctcaaac gttacattgt gcaactctat cttcattcat tcattcattc    169200
     attttcttgt tggcttagtc cctttattaa tccacagcgg aatgaacagc cacagctcaa    169260
     cttgtataat ataattagct tctaaggtac cgtaaatgta gcgatttaat aatgtttaaa    169320
     tatttattca ggtaaagaaa aatacagatt taaatagtga gttaaaaaat atttataatg    169380
     tctaaatatg tttcacagac ctattctgct gtttgtcaaa atgtcattgt atactagttc    169440
     aatcaattgt cgaaatgtat aaaagatcat atctagtgcg ctgagaataa ttctaggggc    169500
     ccacagaaac ccacaaccat ttctgaattc                                     169530